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Full text of "Hankinson news : marriage and death announcement extractions from the Hankinson News, Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota"

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AUG 2 8 1998 

ITEM #^3 

PROJECT and g S 


HANKINSON ^'-'^^f l4-2iJL__IojJ_i44, 







Film No 

August 25, 1949 - August 14, 1952 



Elizabeth M. Collins 

11638 SE 164th St. 

Renton, WA. 98058 



© T990 EUzabeXh M. Co^doLi 
CopyjUglvt 1990 by EUzabeXh H.CoZJUm 
kU. Ught6 Rt&eAvtd WonZdm.dt 
F^Untzd in thz UnUzd Stat<u> oi hniAicjx 


Om peMon uxu klttzd and ^ouA. oihtm, i.njafizd Wtdnuday niqlnX Jin a iwo ca/i 
coUl&lon one. and one. haZ^ mltt& iouXheoit o^ HanlUnion at the juncjtion o^ State. 
Hlglwoay No. II, and the county noad that, o^i to Hew E^f^lngton, SV. 

Kitted In&tantZy wai Kuthun. KoKth, SR., 54, ^afmeA. who KeMlded about ieuen 
miZeA> iouth o£ Hanklnion. 

The tut 0^ Jbn.iuA.ed: Ua/,. KoKth, tA.eate.d ^oA a (AactuAed back, ^AjactuJied Albi 
and pohlZbte ZnteAJiat Ajn.iuJu.ei>. 

AAthuA KoAth, JR., age S, iAactuA.ed teg. 

Vonatd KoAth, II, loAe knee. 

VoAotky KoAth, U, taceA/vtCons oveA. tye/>. 

Hovxuid PatmeJL, OAtomWLe, cut6 and bAuuUeA. 

ThAce KoAth ckiZdAen, VeJioAti, EtmeJi and Kt^Acd, and Sgt. MeZvtn Waht, pai^engcfi 
In the VaJtmeA coA, addJie^i, unknown, u'CAe shaken up In the accident but weAe AeJitated 
iottouilng medicaZ examination. 

M/L6. KoAth voai tiited ai "cAltlcaZ" at St, TAxincli HoiplXat, ZAeckenAldge, and 
AAthuA. and Vonatd and VaJbneA weAz ititZ being heJid loA luAtheJi tA.eatment. VoAvthy 
iMU, KeZeobed today. 

AccoAdlng to In^oAmed iouA.ceJ>, the mlihap occuAAed ahout S:00 PH., when kAthuA. 
KoAth, SR., dAyivlng a 1939 ChevAotet noAth on the Hew Ellington Aoad, {^alted to itop 
when turning Into the. highway. PatmeAl,' coA, a 194S KaliZA, tAaveZlng iouthwcit out 
0^ Hanklnion itAiick the KoAth coA on the dAlveA/,' ilde, puihlng It o^^ the. Aoad and 
Into the ditch. kAthixA. KoAth was, kUited ln6tantty. 

Va. F. B. Schtclnltz, Hanklmon, admlnliteAed medlcat attention and then oAAonged 
{oA ambutance tAJin&poAtatlon to St. TAjancld Hoipltat. 

HundJiedji oi caA6 ctogged the highway In the next houA to view the accident veh- 
IcZzd and knot&oi peopte gatJieAzd along Hankimon' main 6tAeet awaiting wond oi the 

Late. Wednesday ever\lng the coju, weJie hauled Into the used aato yoAd OjJ the 
Hankln&on Auto Co., wheAe peopte have been Inspecting the gAent damage that Ae^utted 
^Aom the cotJilslon. 

The KoAth can was bent In bowshape on the dAlveAs' ilde wheAe the KalseA hit It 
head on. liJlndowi, weAe bAoken and heati, oveAtuAncd. The ^Aont end o{, the KalseA was 
pushed back and the hood cAexised and cAumbted tike a wad o^ papeA. 

MembeAS 0|{ the {^amlty sold KoAth was bA^inglng the iamlty to town wheAe Mas. KoAth 
was to view puAchaseJ, heA husband had made exiAtleA In the a^teAnoon at a {^uAnltuAe 
Aate. In Hanklnson. 

HANKWSOU NEWS August IS, 1949 


HeZgt Ol&on Be^g wca boAn Jin UofwMij, coming to KmeJu-cajn at the. age. o£ one yeivi 
\alth ki& poAenti. They made thelfi home neaA BAxuiden, Uinnej^ota. 

He waj, baptizexi and con^Vmed in the Evangeticat LutheAon ChuAch. 

He moved to thU ttfUittoAy when the AeieJivation tuu opened in 1902 and had 
made hll home heAe ioA the pa^t 47 yejOAt,. He woi taken to the Tekawltha Hoipitjot in 
SiJiieton iotiA monthi ago a^teA 6u£leAing buAm when the intzAxoA o£ ku hoa&e amgkt 
^iAt. He died in a miAiing home thejie Tue.6day, Augmt Z3Ad at the age oi 90 VeoAi. 

He Zi iuAvived by tuo daaghteAi, fAu, HjaZmeA iilattin oi BadgeA, UN., and Mti. 
Wcttoun HilZ 0(J Falnmount, NV., and twin iom, EmiZ and ElmtA oi White Hock; thAee 
gAandckitdAen, Wu. Mnold Etadow oi TaAJimount, Wu. Lei, tit Roienkfianz oi Ho^hott and 
?vt. WatteA V. HiZl oi Tout Knox, KY., and iive gAeat-gmnddfuZdAen. 

FuneAot leAvicei weJie heJLd FAiday aitefinoon at the Auguttana LatheAan ChuAcM. 
The Rev. CeoAge Een&en oHiciated. Uu. Ed EkbeAg and Uiu SkOiZey Johnson iuAnUhed 
the miLbZc. Tnttfimeni uxu> in the GAaceJtand CemeteAy eaitt oi town. The ChuAch uxu, 
bejoutiiutty decoAated uiith iloAot tAtbutej, . 

PaZtbeoAeAi weAe: KxeZ OgAen, Ray NoPeou, TAank UuAAoy, TAonk GeAmaine, Hick 
GlaitneA and E. J. Stevenion. 

Those who attended iAom a distance wejiei Ma., and Has. Wm. HiXt and \lAi>. kAnotd 
Ztadow and giAJU oi TaJjmount and Ua. and Ua&. Le^stie Ro&enkAanz and iamity oi Roshott. 



Has. Etta VoAk, 81, slsteA oi Ray UaDeau, passed away at heA home in CampbeZl, 
MN., Honday. HeA husband pAeceeded heA in death by onZy a iew months. 

Has. James SoAenson and Has. VcjoaZ Rattunde and VaAyt oi Necedah, WI., weJie 
ThuAsday moKning caJUeAS in the ChanZe^ Thompson home. They stopped enAoute to EiZJUngs, 
HT., to attend the iuneAol oi theiA bAotheA, EveAett Thompson who passed away Tuesday 
evening iAom heoAt tAouble. The iuneAot wai heZd SatuAday, August 20th. They oAe 
cousins oi Chas. Thompson and axe ioAmzA FaiAmount Atsidents. 


AUGUST 25, 7949; 

Local FoAmeA Kitlzd, Wlit, FouA. Othzfu HuAt In CAcu>h AAthuA KoAih...iZ£. 

itptAjOtt ihctt 


John HAube. oi AuajjJL Lidgtnwood pa&izd away Wzdnuday a^ttfirwon out hit homz at 
3 P. M. FimeAoZ ^zavajcu taitt be held at LidgeAwood on SatuAday a£teAnoon. 

One. daughtex and a llbtex Ae^lde. at HanlUnion: UA6. EirUZ. Neumann and Hu. fAancxi 
HAdticka, AeJ>pzctLveZy. OtkeAi who AemoLn to mouAn kU poiiZng In addition to hit, uil^e. 
oAe. thAte iom, John HAiibz, Ja.., Adolph and Jamzt; and om gAanddaughteA; and a bAotheA. 
ChoAJieM HauBz, alio a AeZAjdent o^ LLdgzAwood, 



CaAt H. Slt^ken, who In the poit uxu lupexlntejndent, oi ichooJU in HaniUn6on ^OA 
17 yeaA6 died suddenly Monday in a TaAgo Ho^pitaJL. 

Jiut thAze. wzzki ago, Siz^kzn acczpted a poiiJUon a& kiitoAy teachzA at Oak 
Gaovz High School in VoAgo. Hz woi SI yejvu, old. 

Si£.ikzn waj, boAn in JiembAandt, Jowa, UoAck 21, 1S97. Hz attended RembAandt 
ichooli, gAoduated iAcm LutheA Collegz, VzcoAah, Jowa, and then taught ichool. In thz 
yeaju that ioltowed, hz woi a lapeAlntendent ioA 26 yeoA^, both at HankZnbon and Hope, 

He Z6 iUAvivzd by kU ui^z, thz ioAmzA TheJbna Zindz, whom hz moAfUzd in TaAgo, 
in 1931; thAzz ckitdAzn, John, 16, UaAk, 9, and Soni, B; two bAotheM, A. 0. Siz^hzn, 
0(J RembAandt and Vamon J. Siz^kzn, oi Rafee, Iowa, and onz iliteA., Ww. Roi^et blAight 
al&o o{ RejnbAandt. 

TuneAol £ZAviczi weAe held Wednesday a£teAnoon at thz IvzA NoAth&idz Chapel, 
ToA^o, Chaplatn W. blzitby oiiiciating. Thz body hat bzen iznt to RembAandt ioA intzA- 
mznt. * * * * ******* * 

UAi. Paul ?opp itayed at thz VzAnon Vopp homz ioA a iew wzeiu, whilz M/U. VzAnon 
Vopp HKU in thz hospital. ThelA baby ion boAn August Sth, died thz iamz day and uxu 
buAtzd at thz Evangelical United ZAothzAn CemzteAy at GAzat Bend. 

Nem wa/, Azcelvzd hzAZ fAlday oiJ thz death oi VAank Kzt^ch oi Vohtland, OAegon. 
Hz li thz hatband oi thz iomeA HoAgoAzt ElAchem. Ua. and Uaj>. Kz&ch and iamily ja6t 
AetuAnzd ifiom OAzgon aitzA spending izvzAal months vacation hzAZ. IH^. Kzich wai, a vzAy 
Young man and hl6 untimely death came a& a Ahock to thz zntlAz community. h\A. and M/L6. 
HznAy BlAchem, Joizph and Mathew and Ha. and t^Ai. UoAtln ElAchem Izit SatuAday moAning 
ioA PoAtland to attend thz iuneAal. 



U/a>. kKtkafi KohXh, InjuAtd iZAlooity the. ru^kt o£ Augu4< 24th in dn auto coZZ- 
ZiA-on which ciaumtd the li^t oi heJi ha&band and injuAed ^ouA othzKi,, wai> Kepofited 
in impKovzd condition, though ifie woa itiJUi li&tzd at cuitxcxd. aX St. FKanci^ Ho6p- 
itai in EKZckznAidge.. 

The only othtK victim itiJLZ. fizceiving tAeatment woA AfUhufi Konth, 3a.., age eight 
who iufideAed a ^fiactuAed leg, and Haxold C. PalmzK, OfUonviUe, MM., dhiveA oi the 
otheA cox involved in the mi&hap which occuKHed at the inteA4>ection o^ the county fvoad 
leading to New E^^f^ington, SV., and State Highway No. 11. 

TuneA£Ll texvice^ wejie held Sunday a^teAnoon, ^oA knthuA WiUiiam KoAth, 54, at 
thz Eimanuel Evangelical and Reiofimed ChuAch, Rev. A. A. Gna.^ oxidating. InteAment 
wot, in the chuAch cesneteAy. UoAe than 50 caA& weAe in the luneAoJt pfvocei>iion. 

AfithuA William KoKth wai> boAn Sept. 20, 1894, neoA Hankinbon, the ion oi Ma. and 
Ua6. Tfied KoKth. In 792Z, he moAAted HUl Elsie Newman, and they AeJ>ided on a {^aAm 
neoA Hankinion antiZ they puAchaied a ^anm lite exidt oi town. 

They had eleven childAen, thAee o^ whom pfieceeded him in death. SuAviving aAe hu 
wi^e, childAen: Al^Aed, Wil{,Ked, TAance^ {now Has. Lav eAne Schmidt] , Mice, {Ma4 . Jc^4 
Vfu.ce oi Getty&buAg, SV] and Velours, VoKothy, Donald, AAthuA., JR., and EbnzA who live 
on the Konth ioAm, his motheA, Uu. Vxed Kofith, Wahpeton, and thAee bAothzAS and iive 

HANKINSON NEWS SeptembeA 1, 1949 


The hoit oi inlends oi Mas. Elsie Konth will be glad to heoA that she was able 
to AetuAn to heA home hefie Sunday iAom the St. Fnancls Hospital wheAe ihe has been a 
patient ion. the past two months iolZowing a can. accident. 

AJUhough 6tiZl in a ca/>t ihe Is able to be up and oAound pant oi the time and 
is impAoving napidly at this time. 

HANKINSON NEWS NovembeA 3, 1949 


• v-t-t^^-v^ ■ ,;-. 

SEPTEMBER 8, 1949 


HtnAy Plnck, 19, o£ Hapotton, died Wednt&day mofLrUng />hoAtly af,tiA a itttt 
iuAvtylng pott he, was OJJtAijijnQ came. Into contact with a high tine. nejxA LidQeAwood, 
acting oi a gAoand and canAyZng the. cunfie/it thAcugh hLk body. 

He wai wonking with a itate. kighuxLy depoAtment iuKve^flng cJiew wofJUng on State. 
HZghoay No. 11. 

EduxLAd Ktlen, HaniujfU>on oAea lupeAJbitzndent ion. the. OtteA Tail. VoweA Company, 
laid the. mishap cut oH tights In Hanklnton and on a tim iJwm Wahpeton to Oafee^ ^oA. 
about 11 mlnutei. 

TKlzndi In the. community wtKe. iaddened 6zveAat we.eiu> ago to heaJi o£ the. death 
o£ E. A. SampAon at hli home. In tilebiteA., SV. Ufi. Sampson ^U(5^eAed a stAoke. a wzek 
eoAtieA iAom which he. ialled to KtcoveA.. He was tht {atheA oi Uu . Eugene BAown, 
iotmeAty oi this city, now oi Ctoquet, MN. Ua. Sampson madz his home hejiz with thz 
BAowns tost wlnteA and won a host oi iAlends white. heJie. who weAz gAltved to heoA oi 
his passing. 

SEPTEMBER 15, 1949 


TAedeAlck H. GAzeJi died Sept. 8th In the VeteAans HospitaZ, Hinneapotis aiteA 
twelve yeoAS oi illness. 

BoAn In MontAose, Ulnnesota, In 1892, GAeen attended the Manklnson schools and 
College oi PhoAmacy oi the Univ. oi Hinn., iAom which he gAa d uated in 1912. He managed 
a coopeAatlve dAog stoAe In HogeA, WP., ioA sevenat yeoAS. TotZowing his aAmy seAvlce 
duAlng WoAtd WaA I, he Aeslded In St. Paul, MW, wheAe he owned a dAug stoAe. 

The ianeAot mass was held In the Chapel oi St. TAoncls de Satei, St. Paul, at 
ten A. H., Sept. 12th. The six bAotheAs oi the deceased acted as pall beoAeAs. 
hliZltoAy buAlal. was In ToAt Snelting National CemeteAy. 

SuAvlvlng oAe his wlie, Has. Lytlah GAeen oi WateAtown, SD., his motheA, Has. 
SaAoh GAeen oi HarJUnson; six bAotheAS, Raymond, Edmond, John and Ross oi this city, 
EvenoAd oi So. St. Paul, and ^skJtdon oi hlLnneapotls ; and thAee slsteAS, Vas. HauAlce 
AfecA oi this city, and Has. HaAAy Budde and IAas. li'ltUam Huges oi Hinneapotis. 


BoAhoAa Lucy Hills was bo An at the GAaceville HospiXat In GAacevltte, MN., MoAc/i 
26th, 1944 and passed away at t!ie Coimunlty Hospital In bJheaton on Sept. 7th, 1949, at 
the age oi ilve yeoAS, ilve months and eleven days. 

EaAhoAa had been suHeAlng iAom a malignant tumoA since eoAly this yeoA. She 

undeAwent suAgeAy at the UnlveAslty Hospital wheAe It was Aemoved. AiteA sevenal weeks 

oi convalescence, she AetuAned to heA home and It was thought she would AecoveA. 


HouizvzA, iht lait poJit o{, Aagiui ifie took a tu/in doK the. ico^e and wcu> KeZuJintd 
to tht Univtfulty HoifUXal wficAe It wca IzaAnzd that htfi Zttntiti twu ^ataZ. She. 
KttuAntd to the. Wheaton Hoipltat on Sept. Ht, wheAz ihe pai>i,ed away. 

Sht lived viltk hen. poAentA at BeoAd^Zey, Uhl., until tht iaU. oi 1947, when they 
moved to White Rocfe. 

She li> £uA.vived by hen pan.ent6, Hk. and Uu. HeMnan HllZi,, hlbtexk, ShiAley, 
Janzt and Shanon and two bnothenj>, RogeA and JeAAy. She wai pteceedecf in death by one 

Romany wo* i,aid TnJidajy eveninQ at 8 V. M., at the AndeMon-Rannejj ChapeZ in 
Wheaton. FanenaZ leAvice^ weJUe conducted Satunday monrUng at nine o'clock dnjom the 
Aua HanZe Catholic Chunxih in Wheaton. The Rev. FatheK Knjaemen. oxidating. InteAment 
woi at the Wildvoood CemeteAy nonth o^ Wheaton. 

VallbeaneAZ weAe: Donald Hitls, Lavcnne. HowZand, Venn StneZch and Lawnence HilZt. 

SEPTEMBER 22, 7949 


Ma.. Chanle^ V. OUon polled away suddenly at Bethe&da Hospital in St. Paul, MW., 
ThuMday, Sept. 15th. Hit dexith uxu, attributed to a heanX condition. He had entered 
the hospital the pnevioui week, undeAgone iuAgery, and wo* apparently necoveAing when 
death occwied. 

ChoAltl) PeteA Olion was bonn TebntxaAy 23, U75, in Sweden and had attained the 
age. o^ 74 yexiAi,, 6 montiu, and twenty two day6. In 1i93 he came to the United States 
taking up neiidence in the HankuUton victnity and there iipent the gneateA pant o^ hid 
li^e. He {,anmed in both Gneendale and LeMan& towMhip^, netining in 192S at which 
time, he came to the. city o£ Hankinton and ne^ided thene until the time o^ hti, pairing. 
In 1909, Un. Olion uxu, united in moAAiage to the late Auguita Echandt oi Le Senen, hlN. 
Two chJJdKen weAt bonn o^ thli union;Unj>. Pudolph Wine{,eldt [Eva] and Uu. Edwand MaA4 
[PeoAl) both oi Hankimon. Hw. Olion pneceeded hen kukband In. death thintten yeau 

Tunenal ieAvice^ were heZd Satunday aitennoon at ioun-thlnty inom ThomeJUi and 
Son Tunenal Home and committal niteM inom the Wtppenman ChapeZ on Sunday at 4 PM. 
Eunial 1006 in the HiZliide CemeteAy. 

Be4ideJ> hiJ> two daughtenit, Va. Olion li iunvived by one gnandion, Edward Uam., 
Jn., oi Hankimon; two bnothoJU, Vavid and Oican oi St. Paul and mmeroui nieczi and 
ncphewi . 

PaZlbeareAi were; Henry Erb, Albert Lorenz, Bert Ztetlow, John Kath, William 
Wine-ieldt and John Wickman. 


OCTOBER 13, 1949 


....By UfU). Adolph TJ.ZQzJbnan. 

On Octobtfi 11, 1949, ouA. commanlty waa ladttj gfUtvid by thz lad newi that Ma^. 
Ida. HltiQlt tnee Lie.gttman] had btzncaUzd home. Hu. HZngit had btzn Zn iajAty good 
health untU. Tuuday, Oct. 4th, when 4fie laddzjnly took ill uuXh a tight iixoke. and 
Monday ihe. got ojwtheA. itfiokz and tonu ^ a coma luvUt ahe. pai4>zd away at heA. home. Tues- 
day moKnZng at 20 minutti to ^oan. at the age. o£ 76 yeoM, and 4 dayi, 

M/L4. Hingit um bohn Oct. 6th, 1873, at lAon ZLdge., m., and came, to NoKth Vakota 
with heA poAeJvU as a young giAl in UtO . She. uat united In moAJujage. to FeAdinand Hing4,t 
on Oct. 19, 1896, and then made. heA. home. 3 milejb V3ej>t oi GKeat Bend. She. wai baptized 
and con^iAmed in the. LutheAon iaith and was a iaithiuZ. membeA o£ the. Tntnity UxtheAan 
ChuAch and LadieJ, Kid. She. witt be. gKeatly mitiicd in heA homt, chuAch and coimunity. 

She. leavej, to mouAn heA pairing heA thAce. chltdAcn: Uu. Beald Bohn o£ AuAol 
tiankijiion, EZ^zda and Ewatd at home, and thAce. gfiandchitdAtn, two ilt^teAit and iix bAo- 
theAb, Uu. Txed ?a&6enhein oi HuAon, SV., tVu. TAank UaAtin oi VeAgui VaJUU, MW., Tfiank, 
TAed and HeAman ZLcgelmann oi CoAiield, UN., August, Adolph and Otto liegelman oi CAeat 
Bend, NV. 

HeA hu&band and ont 6on EdwoAd pKeceded heA in death. 

TaneAol heAvice^ will be. held FfUday aiteAnoon at the. homt at 1:30 o'clock and 
at the. TAinity LutheAan ChuAch. Rev. J. RejtgatoAi oHiclating. The. Aemaini, will be. 
laid to Attt in the. LutheAan CemeteAy. VallbejOAeAi will be. heA 6ix bAotheAc, Tfumk, 
TAed, HeAman, August, Adolph and Otto ZZegelman. 

• ••••««»«««t 


William Salzwedzl, 79, ionmeA Hanklmon Auident, died eoAly Tuesday moAning in 
UinneapotU wheAZ he hoi been living with hit, daughteA, Ha&. BeatAi.ce EAickion. Hli, 
death wa& attAihuied to iailtng health. 

FuneAol leAvicei will be held SatuAday at 2:00 P. M., at the Emmanael Evangel- 
ical and Heiofmed ChuAch heAe, with the Rev. A. A. GAai oHixUating. BuAcal will be 
in the ChuAch CemeteAy. 

Salzwedzl, ioAmzAly a section ioAzman on the Soo Line Railway in the Hankin&on 
oAza ioA many yeaA6, wa& pKeceded in death by his wiie and two sons. SuAviving oAe 
iive daughteAi and one son. 


Funefuil seAviczs will be held FAlday moAning at 11:00 o'clock at the Wippennan 
Funenal VoaIoa ioA FAzd Klugz, Hankinson Aesident who died Tuesday night at his home 

The Rev. A. A. GAai will oHiciate at the Kites, and buAial will be at Hillside 


OCTOBER 13, 1949 

Aged BoAbeA Vla> at Ccu£ Lakz 

Axed Ogfieji wca feoAit Zn KanJkitad, Sweden May 25, 1S6B. We tocu mafifu.ejd to UoAy 
ChAt6ttnt Swanion tn U90 coming to AmeAlca. loon a£tzK, wfiete hz ietttzd in Bolton 
untU 1197 whzn he. moved to Hinnexipollc, . Thty xe^lded thzAe. only a ihont time, and then 
came to White Rocfe w/icAe he itoAted hii bofibeA ihop and made hXj> Kej>tdence, ioi almoit 

S2 yexuu. 

M^. Ogfien pKtceeded kbn tn dejoth in 1923. 

He died at the home oi hli> liiteA, V^u. UaJiy Penney at Call Lake, UN., on Oct- 
obeA lit jolt ai he wai maiUng pKepoAotioni to fietuJin to hZl home heAt a^teA vliiting 
theAt £on. levefuil we-eki. 

He -06 luAvived by hii tuiin liiteA, Hu . Pejnney and a ^oiteA ion, UoAtin o^ Apple- 
ton, UN. 

FuneAol leAvicei we/ie held at the. Auguitana Lutheran ChuAch Taeiday a^teAnoon, 
Oct. 4th, at 2:30 P. M. The Rev. GeoAge. Bcnion oUixunting. VallbeoAeAi weAt: H. E. 
Ande^ion, Axed Bitciiion, Hajvuj Uagnuion, 0. J. Radde, A. 0. Linden and John OicoAion. 
Uuiic uXLl luAnlihed by Albin Vetenion and Vafttoin KndzAlon voith Vai. Ed. EkbeAg accomp- 

The many iloAol tAibutei and memofunli gi^ti ihowed the high el teen in which 
Hn.. OgAen wai held in the community. He vmi nzven. too buiy to itop and o^izA a cheeA- 
^ul woKd to eveAyone. He wai alwayi tiejady to viiit the lick at anytime. 

Retativei who attended the {^uneAnl ^Aom a dlitance. weAe; Va. and Vai. UoAtin 
Ogfien oi kppleXon, MW., M^. andVAJt,. HogeA Ulitad oi Glenwood, UN., Uu. UoAy Penny, 
twin liltdA, Va. and Wu. Albie Penny, nephew oi Caii Lake, UN., Uni. H. Olion oi 
ToAejt,t Lake., UN., and the ioZlowlng couiini oi Wheaton, Uk. and Uai. C. E. Johnion, 
Ua. and Uai. A. R. Pohanion, Mt.. and Uni. A. 8. Johanion, ZichaAd Johanion, Uu. C. ¥. 
Swanion and Ralph Selneil oi Vumont, Uinneiota. 

OCTOBER 20, 1949 

ChoAlei Haul, UantadoK, Paiiei Away 

ChoAleJ, Haul, 75, wetl known Aeiident oi the UantadoK aAea. ioA 34 yearn, died 
at hti homz in UantadoK Uonday, Oct. 17th. 

TaneAol leAvicei weAe. to have been laid thil moKning at St. PeteA and Paul'i 
ChuKch, UantadoK, beginning at 9:00 o'clock. InteAment ii to be in the UantadoK CemeteAy. 

Haul wai boKn Jan. 12, 1874, at St. Bznedicti, Scott County, UN. In 1896 he wai 
moKfu-ed to Ann Poll and they oune to the UantadoK oAta in 1915 to ioAm. In txiteA yeoAi, 
Haul moved to UantadoK and lived theAZ until kil death. 

SuAviving aKZ lix daaghteAi., Uai. HubeAt i Julia] UilleA, Sauke Rapidi; Uai. Theo- 
doKe Pink, Columbul, Uontana, Uai. Suian Blonigan, fHahpeton; Uai. TKancei Heley, UantadoA, 
and iouA loni,; Leo oi TeAgui Falli, UN.; WalteA oi EUzabeth. UN; AndAea oi UdgeAwood 
and Thomai oi UantadoA. 


OCtOfiER 27, /949 

Joe Mongovzn and ion Ulckof dKova to CAanUe. laJUU, MW, on Satufiday and KeMjJinzd 
home, on Sundaif accompanZzd by Wu. Uongovzn who had iptnt the. past two weeks theJie aalit- 
Ing uxUh the. house woAk ioUouUng the biAth o£ a baby Qlnt to heA daaghtfi and lon-ln- 
lau, M/L. and Ufis. R. V. Suianson, on Oct. 14th. On Tuesday Wis. Uongoven fiecelved voohd 
that the Infant had pas&ed away. M/t. and Ufis. iiongoven le^t ^rmexLLateZy to be pKe^ent 
£oK the iunenat i,efivi.c.ei. 

NOVEMBER 3, 1949...... 

VuneAoJL ieAvlae ioK John lOuxuse, 55, who passed auoay Tuesday, Nov. Ut, uxiU be 
held TfUday a£teAnoon at the St. John'6 LutheAan Rev. Co^dts witt have change 
oi the. lejivtczs and intejment witt be Zn the LutheAan CemeteAy In BeZioKd Township. 

WOfEMBER 10, 1949 UHITE HOCK NEWS ITEMS by GeAtuAde fJlatteuon. . . . 


John UaZm, White. Rock, SV., leAvlce station opeAatoK, laiiejied a itAoke on the 
zvenlng of, October. 20th, 1949 and weu taken to the St. Tnancls Ho4>pltal In BAtcken/uAge 
wheAS. he wa& conned untU the time oi his death on Tue/>day moAnlng, NovembeA Ut. 

VunenaZ ieAvlcts weAe held {,Aom the house at one-thlAty TfUday a^teAnoon, Nov. 4th. 
Rev. TheodoKe BeAgqulst o^iiclatlng. A musical /^election "Rock oi Age^", was 4tuig by 
Uas. RobeAt AkeASon and Gondon VeoKSon. Bu/UaZ leAvlczj, weAe. held at the St. Joseph 
ChuAch iouth oi Ro/tholt at two-thlAty with Rev. BeAgqulst officiating. A Swedish iong 
ojoi Aung by Rev. BeAgqulst and "Beyond the Sun/^et" by Uxs. Robefit AkeASon and Gordon 
VeaKson. He was laid to fiest beside his wl^e In the St. Jo4>eph CejneteAy. 

VaZlheoAeAS weAe filaZten. and BeAtlt Mo&i, WUlmeA and MdeA BeAQ&tAom and Dintst 
and CoAdon Vexuison. 

NOVEMBER 17, 7949 


Tfie host oi ^ends heAe o^ Heinle HeAman weAe shocked to heoA oi his iudden death 
on Wednesday moAnlng at about 4:45 o' clocks 

Ha. HeAman who makes his home In BlsmaAck has been woAklng on the Soo Line ioK 
many ytaAS and had gained a ho&t oi intends In this community dunlng the time he has 
bzen Aunnlng out oi heAe. 

AccoAdlng to witnesseJi, HeAman, who wai 6S yeoAS old, had j'u&t Aeached the Aound- 
house Aeady to go out on his AeguloA Aun oi the day when he was stAlcken with a heoAt 
attack, and pasied away beioAe help could be summoned. 

The body was taken to BlsmoAck ioA buAlal. 


„^,~-^.. _5.-t.t»— jrTsv.Ttr-zr. 


|U;i. I. B. Cotfigtn., Hick GoeAget and Ufi. and Uxi. CM. PaeXz attzndzd thz 
£imtfial iVLvlauM ion Wa>. UoAy Lux, tht yoangZA ilkttn. oi Ma.. Gton^zA., held aX. 
Sauk ?.apldh, iUnn, on Uonday. 



TuneAol iVivicu ioK ChoAZti Abbott, 59, who p<U6^ awcuj SatuAday, Nov. 10th. 
cocie hitd Tuesday a^tzAnoon at New Vock£oKd, UN. 

ChoAZti Thonuu Abbott, ^on OjJ tht late. Wi. and Ufu. ElmeJi F. Abbott, vxu, bofin 
neafi Rock^oAd MW., Oct. 17, 1S90. and pa&ied away a£teJi a tLngeA>ing UZneM at the. age. 
oi 59 yeoAi, at the. home, oi kii, iZiteA, Vji.and M^ti. 0. F. AndeKOon pi AmeAy, WI. 

On Pec. 20, 1915, fee «ku united In moAJUage. to Lydia. 7eA.ej>a SduioedeA o£ Vaynej,- 
vUle., MW. 

He fitiZded at HanlUmon, N. V., at the. time, oi hit, dexith. He uxu an employee oi 
the. Soo Line. Rot/wcur ion. the poit 37 yeoM. 

He It, ivJivlved by kU widow, 3 ions, and 1 daughteA. VeJtmaJi B. oi EKemeAton, WA., 
MU. H. P. EngelUi^ oi CAjeat VoaJu, Uont., ChoAZti, V., oi St. Paul and ElmeA Ftianktin 
oi NoKiolk, VA., 5 gAandchiZdAen, 2 ilsteAt, and 2 buotheu, M^. M. V. Stanley oi Rodi- 
ioAd, UN., M/L6. 0. F. AndeAJ>on oi AmeAy, WI., Ben oi Hinnejapoltt, and RimeJU. oi Winona, UN. 

InteAmejnt wltL be at the RockioAd CemeteAj/, HockioAd, MW. 

attending the. iuneAol oi John Lange at SteiMAtville, UN., on JrAlday weA.e Ua. and 
Uu. HenAy AAndt and bAotheA EmanueZ. They planned to also 6top oveA In UinneapotLs on 
thtVi way back wheAc EmanueZ wiZl havz a check up at the. clinic. 

WOI/EMBER 24, 1949 

M/U. C. K. Thompson Azcelved wond Uonday that heA. bAotheA.- in-law, PAin. K. Thomp- 
son oi Elbow Lake., UN., paired away at the Wadena Ho&pital at Waaena, UN. Uas. Thomp- 
son to attend the. iuneAol which was heZd at EAdahl, UN. 

Oa. and Uas. EaUz Schlelnitz ActuAned home Uonday evening iAom Ueadowlands, UN., 
wheAe. tixejy had been called because oi the sadden death oi Va. Schlelnitz' bAxstheA, CoaZ 
Schlelnitz who passed away ThuAsday evening. 


TuneAal seAvlces wene held FAlday aiteAnoon at 1:30 o'clock at the home and at 
1:45 o'clock at the Tnlnlty LutheAan ChuAch at GAeat Bend ioA Ua. August Schultz, Rev. 
F. Reng^^^^ oHlcljatlng. 

Ua. Schultz had been ailing and was undeA the doctoAS caxe. His sudden death 
was unexpected and theAeioAe was a shock not only to his immediate iamily but to all 
the community by which he was Aespected and loved. He was iound unconscious and was 

bushed to the St. PAancis Hospital at BAeckenfUdge wheAe iell asleep in Jesus on 

Uonday evenuig at 9 o'clock at the. age. o^ 73 t/eow and S monthi and 10 dayi, 

Augu&t Schultz woi boKti MoAc/i IS, 1S76. He. uxa the />on o^ Au^a&t Sk., and 
Ca/Lotlne. Schutz aji Sanduigy, WI. When he uxl& S yeafu> old We came, to UoKth Dakota 
TeJuUtofuj and Lived In thU cormunlti) even, lince. He woi con^ZAmed Zn the. LutheAan 
TaJith by the. 4>aJjited ponton. HA,nck In the. yean. 1890 and KemaJjaed a memben. oi thXj, cfuttcA 
to the ejvd, taiujig active lnteAeJ>t In Iti a££alfu>. 

On fiay 27, 1920, fie woA mafUu.ed to EZ&le Bohn. Leaving to mouAn kli, pa&4>lng one 
hl& devoted uil^e, one daaghten. [HazeZ] , Wu. WalteA. Uofu, one lon-ln-twi and nine gnand- 
chlZdAen, all oi FeAgiu TaUi, MW. 

He alio leaver one bnothen., ULchafid Scholz o^ Mooneton, one iliten. Um. Amanda 
KfLuegeA oi Cneat Bend and a ho6t oi otheA. Aetativei and inlendt. PaHbeoAeAJ, uieAt hit 
lix nepfiewA : Vojol KAiiegtA, WilbuA Schulz, Henny Bohn, UAban Bohn, HoAAy Bohn and Elden 

UemoAlal viAeathb inom inZcndit, and nelatlvti given In hli memofiy ion Lathenan 
HouA. Chlldnen'/) Home ChuAch Exten&lon Fund and Home puApo4,e/,. 

T/ioie attending the ianeAoZ inom a dl6tance wtne Va.. lillLiam HammeAmell>teA. oi 
Wliconsln, Un. and Hm,. Ga&tav Scknoeden, Unj>. tfrn. SchAoedeA and lAu. lydla BtAAJ>i>el, 
all oi Fengtu ?alU. 

Thli community extendi the. deepest sympathy to the. beneaved iamiXy. 

Un. and Um. Jot Relnkz necelved loond lait week oi the death oi Ua. Retnfee'i 
ancle at Elsnoood, WI. He vxu, 92 yeai oi age at the time oi hli death. Ua. and Wu. 
Rexnfee leit SatuAday and ianeAol 6eA.vlcc& weAe held Honday, VecembeA 5th, at Elmood. 

PECEMBER 15, 1949 


TuneAoJL lenvlceM ion Uaunlce Hoaow uxill be held In the JmmanaeZ Lathenan ChuAch 
oi Hankin6on on FfUday aiteAnoon, Vec. 16th at 2 P. U., the. ieAvlcti being In change oi 
the pa&ton. The. Rev. G. C. UlchaeZ. 

Ma.. Poiioui died at the hospital In EneckejinMige on Monday evening, VecembeA 12th 
ihontly beione midnight. Hli> pa&ilng came AotheA suddenly and unexpectedly, although 
he had not been In the beit oi health ion the pa&t levenal yeaAi>. 

UiWAA.ce RoA^ow utti bonn VecembeA 11, 1911 , In the Gneat Bend anea and woA bap- 
tized by the Sainted Vahton T. Hlnck. He uxu> moAAled to HUi LucJJile Annold, VecembeA 
79, 1945 at Hanklmon. 

HI& pa&ilng lb moanned by hli, uildow, luj, daughteA Sandna Faye, hlt> ion Enace 
Vean, hli mothen Mw. Gnace Rohom, hli bnothen VaZlai, all oi whom live ioath oi 
Gneat Bend and by hli poAenti-ln-laui, who neilde In Wahpeton. 

Intenment wlLL be In the Luthenan CemeXeny nonth oi Hankimon. 


DECEMBER 22, J949 


VunzAoJL iM-vZau votfue. heZd ^oK Gattavz Taut Schxittz on Monday, VtcunbeA 19th cut 
Itnmanutt Liuthtfuin ChuAJih, In HanlUnitOn, uxUth buJiiat btlng A,n the. LuthtfULn CzmtteAy 
noAXh o£ HanlUmon. 

Un.. Schuttz had laJitzn pzacz^uZZy cubtzejp at hU home. ThuJuday zvenZng, Vtcembtn 
ISth cut the. age oi 82 yejvu and 4 day^. He. came to thU countAy ^fiom We^t ?>wj>i>ia, GeJi- 
many Jin the. yeoA. ISSO, tivZng at AfiLington, UN., untU. thz time, o^ hU moA/uLagz to Emna 
CabbeJit, Vejc. 16th, 1892, at GZhbon, UN. Ton. a time he wofiked Zn Chicago, IL.> wheJie 
a bJLotheJL oi hJU, had itttJted. 

Tnjom Chicago they moved to UaJuhatt, MW. , coming to Richland County in 1905, wheAc 
they ^oAmed iouth o£ Hanlun&on. About thinXy yeau ago they moved to Hankin6on wheAC 
they nziided iZncz then. In 1942, they weAZ pfiiviZeged to cetebAotz theifi golden i/oedding 

Ma. Schaltz leavei to moufun. hie, pairing hJj> uxidow and hit, daughteAt,, (Eti-tel Uaj,. 
F/uinfe Hentz 0(J Hankimon, iTnieda) tOu,. HenAif Eladow oi Hankint,on, Lydia at home, cofung 
ioA. hex invalid mothoA, [ZveJiyn] Ufii. R. I. Schley oi Efiowni, Valtexf, UN., and hit, ion 
Cejofige. oi Hankimon and 6even gKonddnildfLeyi (U weli oi iiuo aged 4>i6teM living at 
ExeZtiioK and Anlingten, MW. 


TuneJiaZ AeAviczi ioA. Benjamin RobeAt 3oneJ> wejie held DJedneiday, Pec. 2Ut, at the 
CongA.e^ationaJt Chufuch i.n Hankinbon with. Rev. A. A. Gfiai o iiZciatZng . 

UfU. EtiZing Hauknzii t>ang, "BeaxvtiiuJL lilz oi Somewfeete" and "Abide With Me'.' 
She. vxu acjcompanizd by Uu. HaAolxL Knud&eji at the oftgan. 

Intenment uxu in the CemeteJuj &outh oi Hankintton. 

Benjamin Robert Jone/,, iamiiiofily known o^ Ben, poised away at the St. Ffiancii 
Hoipitat at Bfieckeji/iidge on Sunday, Dec. 18, 1949, at the age oi 72 yeau, 6 monthi and 
29 dayi. 

He. waj, boAn. on July 17, 1877, at Neenak, WJ., the tznth child oi eZeven boAn to 
Evan and HoMieJt {RobeAti) Jonea. He attended public i,chool at Ncenah and helped on 
hii iatheA'& ioAm. 

In 1896, at the age oi he came to Hankin&on, MP., wheJie he. vooAked ioA hii bAothzA 
John R. Jonei. In 1904, he moved to Kensal, MP. 

In 1906, he uxu moAAied to Etta Schuttz at Gene6co, M.P. and lateA that yeoA 
engaged in the ieed mitt buiinei.!,. He Aemained In the ieed buiiineJ>& until 79 15 when 
he moved to a ianm neoA Gene6eo,NV. In 1920 he ditpo^ed oi hit ioAmtng inteAe&t theAe 
and acquiAed onotheA in the vicinity oi Hankimon, 

Since that time he haj> engaged in. the ianming buj>ine66 in voAiout, locations, 

adjacent to Hankini,on. 

SuAviving to mouAn ki& loll oAe hU wlie, Ella, two loni^ Kenneth oi Hankinion 
and RobeAt oi TaAgo; one libteA, Kitty R. Novak oi iUhite Rock., SV. ai welt at, mmeAoui 


MepKew4 and NzZcu. 

ValZbtoAtu weAt A. H. MeCcfieA, V. V. Mecde, Wm. ScfUhneA, VtteA JaegeA, MoaZ 
Wo£^e and MoAJtoi BommeA^boc/i. 

Retcutivti ixom oat o^ town who wete able, to bt pfiuznt ^oA. tht ^untfiat /jictudzd 
Jamti Novak oi blfuXe. Rocfe, Ma., and Mal4. Vavid Jont6 oi GKand Toniu,, Stanlzy GKzzn and 
daaghtzA o^ Jutland, NV. 





TunzAal heJivlati, vuJJ, be httd on SatuAday, Jatwuviy 7th, at the. CongAtgatlonaZ 
ChuAjck in. ffanJj-tnion ioK S. l)lool6e.y, long timz KU,ldznt oi the. community, who pai6zd 
auocuj at hlM home. heJve. eanJty Wedmiday moAning, Januofiy 4th, a^teA a tingeAing llJineJ>i 
oi itveAjot yejofii. 

Rev. A. A. Ghai wiZJi conduct the. leAvlctt, and the WlppeAman FuneAoL Home Zi in 
choAge. o^ aMxmgejnejitl) . 

An obZtuoAy voltt bt pubtuhed In. the next edition o£ the. WEWS. 
HANKIHSON WEWS • *••«••»•»•• JAUUARY 5, 7950 

On FKiday tvenlng oi toit week, Mt. Ucutt KaneAa pat^td aujoy at St. Thancll, Ho4>p- 
Itat aittA a tlngtfUng ltbie/,4. TuneAot &eAvlceJ> wtAt held at St. TeteA and Paut'i 
Catholic ChuAch at HantadoK on Vednt&day moKtilng, tolth InteAment at LidgeAwood. 
HANKJNSON NEWS - UiANTADOR «••«•••••••• JANUARV 5, 1950 


FaneAol 6eAvlce>i we/ie held at the. CongAegatlonaZ ChuAch In Hanklmon on Wetfnea- 
day, Jan. 11th, ioA Howard Cox, 57. He paired away at the. VeXeAam, Hospital In St.PauZ 
SatuAday, Jan. 7th. Ufi. Cox, itepion o^ T, W. Robei^ 0(J thli city and a lifetime. Ktsld- 
ent o£ Hanklnbon until leveAoJi yeoAi ago when he moved to Hudion, WI., had been In £alZ- 
Ing health ioA iome. time but wa& moved to the VeteAom Ho/,plXaZ only two weeks pnloA to 
kit, dejxth. TuneAal seAvlceM nvte heJid at. the. ?Ae/,byteAlan ChuAch In Hudson, WI, on Mon- 
day, a^teA which the body was bfwught to Hanklmon on Tuesday wheAe It lay In Atate at 
the home oi tifu,. fiAt WebeA, daughteA oi the deceased until the iuneAol on Wednesday. 

Bunlal woi at the HlZlilde. CemtteAy In. Hanklmon bchlde. his twin bfiotheA HoAold 
and his motheA, Wis. T. W. Robcy. 
HANKINSON NEWS •«•»«•«««••« JANUARY 12, 1950 


TuneAal seAvlcez weAe held Wednesday mo fining, JanuaAy 11th, at the St. Phillip's 
Catholic ChuAch In Hanklnson, ioA little. Paula UaAce Mlpp, 1 1 month old daughteA oi Ufi. 
and Has. JeAfiy Hipp, oi iJils city, who passed away Uonday moAnlng at St. Luke^ Hospital 
In PaAgo. 

VeAy Rev. G. C. BleAens oHldjoted at the. Uass oi the Angels and music was by 
the. St. PAincls Academy mixed cholA undeA the dlAcctlon oi SlsteA Itmtfwdls with SlsttA 
Elizabeth at the ongan.. 

The child had beeji In pooK health ioK some tune and had been a patient at the 
St. FAancls Hospital In BfLecken/ildge. bcioKe being moved to St. Lukes on Pfilday. The 
baby was boAn TebhuoAy 9, 7940. BuJilal was at CatvoAy CemeteAy In Hanklnson. PallbeoA- 
eAS weJie Eugene and CuAtls Hitchelll and ChoAles and Thomas HegeA. 

Leit to mouAn oAe heA sofiAowlng paAents, Ua. and Vas. JeJiAy Hipp, heA mateAnal 
gnandpoAents , Un.. and Vas. Rlchand landeA and heA pateAnaZ GfunndmotheA, Vas. FAonk 
BommeASbach and otheA Kelatlves. 
HANKINSOU NEWS * * * * * *^*^t * *** JANUARV 72, 7950 

In a long dlitanct tzZzphone. catt Sunday, H^U. GtHXniidt ikaXtUon uxu> Zn^ofimext 
oi thz dzjoik oi htn cousin, Wu. Ray KAjouit oi SimneJi, lotoa. Wu. KnaiUtt ha6 b^tn ILL 
£oK Aome timt eolth a izvoAZ tuue 0(J dijibzixJt and pailoA away at the. SurnmA. Hoip-OtaZ 
SatuAjday evejilng. 


Solon Han/ili tfloolizy uxu the. ^,on oi Jothan and SabfUna Wool&ey. He wo* bofin 
C!uuJ>tJna& Vay o^ 1867, In WateAloo, Indiana, and padied on at the age o^ S3 yeoAj, 
and 10 dayi. 

M the age o^ sixteen he woa convejvted and Joined the WateAloo Uethodiit ChuAjch. 

In the yeoA lit!, he cxme to the Vakota TeAAltoAy wheAe he ploneeAed. He uxl& a 
graduate oi the f)!ateAloo High. School In the cZaa oi 1885 and ioK many yea>u> taught 
icJhool In which wofik he wo* much loved and vfiy ^accei&iul. 

latex he enteAed the UalZ and llallway SeAvlce, KztOUng at the age oi 10. On 
Nouemfae/i 4th, 1S96, he moAAled Ellzabedi Baldejuon. To thli union ioufi chltdA.en wexe 

He U luJivlved by hli wlie, thxee children; GeoKge WooUey oi Lo6 Angeles, CA.; 
Ada BeAnjVidy oi lUnot, fW., and CKace NeJL&on oi Onamla, UN., one btiothex, ZichoAd 
Woolsey oi Shakopee, MN., one 6l6teA, Uu. Ceo. Coppln oi Wahpeton, NP., and 4>lx gAand- 

Un.. and Uu. t'ool&ey ceJUhtuvLed thelfi Golden Wedding KnnlveAJ>aAy yeau ago. 
He l& a mejnbeA oi the Hanklmon CongAegatlonal ChuAch and a Hie membeA oi the Hanklnion 
Moronic Lodge No. 57. He took an active InteAeJit In civic, Aellgloui and educational. 
HANKINSON NEWS «t. ««•«««««» JANUAR/ 12, 1950 


Ua.. and Uu. John M. Hentz, Wa,. HoAAy Boldt and ElAoy WahleA. leit Monday ioA 
Lady&mlth Ulic. , to attend the iuneAjol leAvlceJ, ioA h\fi6. Anna fAankiouAth, uoho paired 
aiioay at Lady^mlth on SatuAday. She watt a ilitZA. oi Hu. John Hentz and a ioAmeA Ae&- 
Ident oi Hanklmon. 
HANKWSON hlBJS «»•»«••»•»•» JANUARV 12, T950 


We wlih to expAeii ouA ^InceAe thanki to thoi,e who a&iltted ai> duAlng the death 

oi OUA loving motheA and gAondmotheA. Special thankii to Rev. CoAdti> ioA hl/i comioAtlng 

woAdt>, to the cholA and the ladles aid ioA the nice lunch they leAved. VouA klndne^J, 

wlti always be AemembeAed. Ua. and Mw. EmiJL UoAohl and iamlly 

Va. and Wa. Edsain Henke and iamlly 

VlctoA Henke M/t. and Mw. At SteHem and iamily 

Ma., and Uaj^. Gait W-UlpAccht and iamily Ma. and UAJi. Augudt WlUpAect and iamllu 




HowoAd S, Cox, SZ, a. A.t&Xdtnt o^ Had6on, WI,, (OK the. pcut eleven yzoA/, ditd 
SatuAjday moAnaig Jan. 7th, at the. Ve^eAxin'i Hoipltat at FoKt SnetLing a^teA an ZZlnej>i 
o{ mofLt than a yeoJi. Veath axu due. to a heoAt attack. 

Vjl. Cox mxu bofm Zn Gltrwood, MW., on JanuoAy 28th, 7879. bihen but a £ew yeaA6 
oZd ht moved to HaniUnion uiheAe he attended school and teoAned the bafibeAing bubtnti^. 
He ftei-ided in Haniuni>on uivUt June, T939 when he moved to Hudson and accepted a po&AJtLon. 
ai cJtenk at the HoteZ Hud&on. A yexin. taten. he became aiioclated with hii, bfiothen., the 
late John Cox, Zn the banhcfUnQ buiZne^^, thejie. Ittne&i ^oKced him to KetJjie iKom act- 
Jive, wonk 4ome month/> ago. 

He uxu moMJied to Ella Taul&on at Uoofikend, UN., on Oct. 4, 1921. He hxu a Vet- 
eAon. oi WoKtd Wan. I, having ieJived oveMcai. He too* a membeA. o^ the AmeAA,can Legion 
and 0(5 the UoiorUc Lodge. He woa a pa&t UaiteA 0(J the lodge. heJie. 

VuAlng hli Ktiidence in Hudion he voai one o^ tiie ciXy'^ mo6t populaK youngeA 
bu6int&& men. He took an active inteJicht in ipoAti and wa& always an andent iuppoKteA 
0^ the High School and Community Athletic activities. 

Besides his ui{,e, he is by thnee daughteA, Uu. AAthan. {Jean) WebeA. o^ 
HaniUnson; Uns. Jostph iFay] Aucoin o^ Los AngeJies, CA., and Mas. Ronald iVat/Ucia] 
Sobottka 0^ Chiloquln, OR.; one son, HooxxAd, Ja. o^ Hudson; a sisteA., Uns . Thomas VeoAce 
o£ St. Paul, his step^atheA, T. W. Robey o^ Hankinson and louA gnandchUdAen. He uxu 
pAejceeded in death by a tuUn bhotheA., HoAold in J933; a bAotheA John, in UoAch, 1949, 
his ^atheA. in 1910 and his motheA in 1942. 

TuneAal seAvices weAt held at the Hudson PAesbyteAam ChuAjch at 2 ?. U. uiith Va. 
Efinest Wfiight oiiiciating. VuAing the seAvixies ChoAles Clapp sang, accompanied by Uas. 
HaAold WalhAandt. The pallbexiAeAS weAe John Hooley, Stanley Eeggs, WalteA UickZeson, 
JoAepfe Haimill, Adolph Holden and RusselZ NygaAd. AAAangements weAt in chaAge o£ Tfiieb- 
Poulton FuneAal Home. A^teA the seAvice in Hudson Uonday the body was shi.pped to Hank- 
inson ^OA buAial. SeAvices weAc held heAe on Wednesday a^teAnoon Januany 11th with Rev. 
Reese, oi Wahpeton o^i-cijating. Mas. EAling Haukness sang accompanied by Hiss BeatAice 

Hasonic Aites weAe tendeAed by the membeAs o^ Hankinson Lodge No. 57 and iinaJL 
gAXLveside ceAcmonies weAe conducted by the EbeAhoAt AmeAican Legion Post No. S8, at Hank- 

PallheoAeAS weAe UaivUce AkeA, HoAAy WoAneA, Edmund GKeen, James Tullock, HoAold 
Jones and ChaAles Templeton. 

HANKINSON NEWS ************ JANUARY 19, 1950 


No wofid oi thanki can eue/i txpAui oa/i appfLe.caition and QfuvUtudo. Ion. tht many 
ajuti 0(5 fexndne44 ihown m duKlng ouA. Kzcznt btfizavesntnt. We uaiih io ihank oujl many 
pLiejuU,, Kttoitivu, the. membtfu, oi the. MoaorUc lodqe. and the. AmzfUcan legion ^OK theln. 
htlp and comlofiting wofidi. Atio ion. the. beautliuZ ilonjoJi oiieM-nqi,. 

Uki. Hovoand S. Cox 

Jeanne, and Anthan WeheA. 

Fay and Joseph Kvuaoin 

Patnlcua. and RonaZd Sabottka 

HomAd S. Cox, 3k. 

Ufii, Thomajt PeoAce. 

T. W. Robey 

HANKJNSON NWS ************ JANUARY 19, 1950 


Ww. ZichoAjd landeA mceA-ved wond Uonday monnlnQ oi the. death oi heA. J>t4>te/L, 
Uu. Augti6t WeX.nkau.i at i)JateAZoo, Iouxl. Wu. WeXiikaai paiitd auay eanly Uonday monn- 
JufiQ. TuneAoZ anJiangemtnti have, not ai, yet btesi compteX.e.d. 

Un&. F. Witt Ke.ceA.ved wond Taie.e,day oi the. ladden death oi hzK mothtn, Wu,. Canol- 
ine. EhleAi at FanjUngton, MW. Maa. EkteAi, iaHeKeA a heoJit attack and died aJbnoit Imm- 
zdcateZy. Uk6 . Witt and chlZsiKen ttit Wexine.6day monnlng to attend the ianeAoZ. 

V. L. Melde. Ktcelved wond Honday zve.nlng that hit &li>teJi, Unj,. ChKutlna Hanwath, 
oi UlnneapotU had pa&^zd away that monnlng, aiten a Lengthy ltbiti>£. Wu. Uelde. 
Tuesday to attend thz iunenat ieAvlceJ>. 
HANKJNSON NEUS ************ JANUARY 26, 1950 

GUST LASOVA PASSEP AWAV SAT., JAW. 2Ut Gneat Bend ConneMpondznt 

On Januany 21, 1950, ouK community wa6 ladly gKceved by thz neiM that Guitav A. 
Laboda had bzzn caJUizd to ku Heavenly home. Un. Laboda had bzzn alting ioK a 
yeoK bat wai taken cnlXlcatLy IZt ThuK6day evening and pa^Lied away Satunday zvznlng 
about 9 o'clock, at thz agz oi 73 yzoKi,, 9 monthi and 79 dayi. FunzKoZ 6ZKvlczi, weJiz 
heJLd WzdneMday aitznnoon .at thz homz at I o'c^cfe and U50 o'clock at thz EvangeJLicaJL 
Unltzd Bnzthznn Chanch, Rev. Sttnllng Wznzzl conducting thz iznvlcz. 

Thz nemalni, wznz laid to nz&t In thz EvangeJLical CemzteJiy. Un. Laboda wa6 bonn 
ApnlZ 2, H76, In GeJunany. Ab a young man hz camz to thl6 countny and i,zttZzd In thz 
GKejaX. Zend vicinity. On Novejmbzn 26, 1902, hz was unltzd In mannJjigz to Cnzta Slmtzn- 
Ing. To thli unlxin A chlZdKzn wznz boKn. Hz woa a ialthiuZ membeA oi thz Evangztical 
UnlXzd BKethenn ChuKch, HIm pajti,lng Lb mounnzd by hU bonnjowlng wliz, onz hon Rzlnhand 
and 3 daughtzKb, Elilz and HeZzn at homz, [Vona] f^nt. Alinzd Thlzt oi Uooneton, and 3 
bll>tznj>, UKb. AmzUa Wlnziztt and UKb. Paullnz SzaizU oi Hankinbon and UKb. HerJiy 


UueJilfi oi VwlghX. and a hoit o^ otheJi A.eZcutivt6 and i)u.qjndi. Onz iliteA Hinniz and 
1 bfwihfu,, CafdL and Eduaxd pKtctdzd him -en dzath. 

KAWKIWSOW WBWS ************ JANUARY 26, 7950 


FaneAol iCAvlcu wzfie. hzZd lUtdnt&day aitzfmoon, Feb. Ht aX. 2 o'ctock, at the. 
EvanQQJU.zaJL Unitzd ZKzXhtnn ChuJich In GkhoX Zuid {^OK Mw. GEo. Woajim. wfeo paj>izxi away 
Sunday, Jan. 29th, at heA home, at the. age. o^ 8S yeoAj,. Rev. Wznzet o^ GKznZ Bend ha.d 
ciuvigz 0^ the ^eAvZcti. 

Hu. bJohneA was boAJi November 19, 1861, at iKon Ridge, WI., and moved uiiXh heA 
pa/ient6, at an eoAZy age, to the Gneat Bend vicinity whtfit 4 fie had made heA home, iinze. 
She wofi moAAied on NovembeA 24th, 1S79. 

Lz(t to mouAn heA pa&iing a/ie heA hiuband, iuio daaghteAt, [Hitda] UAk. G. C. ThieZe 
0(5 FoAgo and [Sadie] Ufu. F. Retag o^ Van Nuiji, CA., and i,ix. 6on6, OicoA, Etfioy, oi GKzat 
B^jtd} GevAge and HeAbeAt oi iUahpeton; blaZteA o^ Bi6maAch, Ezfia o^ Stzitacoom, (HA., ^ftcen^ 
gAandchiZdAzn and thiAty gAeat-gAondcSUZdAeji. Two ioni, ptieceeded heA in dexvth. 

hlAi. F. ReXag o^ Van Nuyi, Catii., and ExAa oi Steitacomt, IHA., wzAe unable to 

be heAe ioK the {^uneAot. 



A ion woi bofun. to Uk. and Uki,. Roy OJ. LoKenz o£ GeneJ,zo, NO., on ThuA&day, Jan. 
Z6th. The infant paazd away the iame day. The baby uxu, baptized and given the r.ame 0({ 
AAmand EAvin. 

FuneAoZ leAviceM weJie held ioK the infant, uxlth irmediate fielativei attending, 

at the Waiby FuneJtat Home in LidgeAwood on SatuAday moA.ning, Jan. 2tth, at 10 o'cZock. 

Rev. KoaZ ReuteA, pa&tcn. o^ Holy Caoi6 LutheAan ChuAcJi oiJ LidgeAwood, conducted the 

leAvicei. BafuaZ uxu> in Holy CAa&l LutheAan CemeteAy neon. LidgeAwood. 



h'A. and Wi6. Ricahnd landeA and Uu. RobeAt WeAJikauf, letufmed home K'lOnday {,Kom 
BAowni, Valley uiheAz they had gone to attend the ianenal oi hl/a. ZandeAi' 6ii,teA Wa. 
Sanah Weinkaui. »*••**»»««»« 

Wl. Fhank Knupple received wohd Monday that hii bAotJieA -in-law, Hfi. Otto 
StAege, pa&ied away Sunday, at the St. UaAy'i HoipitaZ. FuneAol leAvice^ weAe held 
WzdneJiday in LidgeAwood. 

HANKJNSON NBjJS ************ FEBRUARY 2, 1950 


M^. V. L. Keceived woAd Uednz&day evening of, the death o^ heA iiiteA-in- 
law, UAi. Rudy Peivit, who paaed away Wedne.6day evening at heA home in B/Lecken>iidge, 
a^teA a lengthy -LLtnei^i . 


FaneAot 6eA.victi mJUL be htld on VKidaij af^tzKnoon cut 2:00 P. M. ^fiom thz VeAtin 
ChapeZ -in BA.ecfeen/buige. 
HMKlhlSON NBIS ••»«t««*t.«« FEBRUARy 9, J950 


Unj>. CanZ Backhoiuz (nee ELUa Talk] uxu, bofui Zn GeAmany on Feb. 26, HSt, deed 
Feb. 'itk, at thz home, o^ htfi daughtfi, Hu. EmeZia. SchAotdzA, oUXh ichom ihe. madz hti 
home., ion. thz pcai S yexuu. 

M/L4. Bucfe/iouie wdi mafifUzd to Ktbvit Backhoasz In HTi . Thii tutcon vxa btzMzd 
Mcth two thlZAfizn, CaJiL and Emttia. Ha. Bu.ckhoii6e. paired away Zn US4. In JS77 ifie 
moAAZzd CanZ Bucfefiooie, bnothtn. o^ the. ionmeA. ThZ& anZon wa6 alio bZeM^ed with 2 chZtd- 
n.e.n, BeAtha and fntd. 

. hin. CanZ Buckhoiu,e pajiiexi away Zn J939. M^. Bucfe/ioa6e attained the age. o^ 91 

ytanj,, JI monthi, TO dayi). She znjoytd good hexiZth untZZ Kecej\tZy. 

Shz Zeave/> to mouM. heA death, 4 duZdAen, Un^. EmeZZa SchAoedeA, CanZ and Tned 
BucfeAooie oi HankZnion and tVu . BeAtha TeAwZtZe.geA. ol VonZZand, One^on, and one iZtteA, 
tJA&. CanZ Popp oi WahpeZon, 32 gnandchZldnzn, 50 gnejit-gnandchZtdn.e.n, 5 gneaZ-gneat- . 
gnandchZZdn.eja and many otheA neZatZveJ, and {^e.ndi . 

f^Ai. BucfeAooie wai, a chanZeA membeA o^ the. EmmanaeZ EvangeZZzaZ Re{j0nimd ChuAch 
oi HankZmon. ktio an hononany membeA oi the LadZzi Kid. 

FaZZbeoAeAi wene. 6 gnandthiZdAen, Howand, kZbeAt, EZmeA, Mvin Bu.ckhouJ>z and 

TniZz SchAoedeA. 

In the obiience o^ Rev. Gna^, Rev. BauchmiZZeA o^ BaAneJ>\!iZZe had changz oi the 


HANKIWSOW NEWS •»»«•«»»».»« FEBRUARV 9, 7950 

WHITE ROCK HEWS ITEMS by GeAtAude. Uattzt,on 

EdwoAd I. CZoAk, Jn., pa&ie.d away aZ Long Beach, CA., on Janaany 23, 7950. Veath 
uxu due to heoAt tAoable. 

He uxu bonn Januany 23, U91, at EveAZy, louxx, and uxu> 59 yexuu and 2 dayi old 
at the time, oi hZ& death. He icaveA to mouAn, hu> Miie, Kathleen, one. bnothcA, Bent Jn. , 
oi Kanboi CiZy, MO., fva Uep-motheA, (Am. Tony GWizt,pie oi RoiholX, iouA hali bnotkeAi>, 
I. C. oi WinncA, SV., IngweA oi Tacoma, WA. , VoAcy oi WahpeXon and LeRoy oi Olympia, WA. 
AZio two haZi iliteAi,, VeZphZne, Wu,. EoaZ Ro6e.nknanz oi faiAmoanZ, W., and EtheZyn, hiu . 
Reuben RobeAt^ oi BeAtha, MW. He wai a ionmcn nzsident oi WhiXc Rock, having lived thene 
ion many yeau oi a boy. :tt******** FEBRIARU 9. 7 950 



Tananal iZAvlctl, mil be hzld Tnlday, Feb. ]1th, at tht Emmamal EvcLngttical 
and Rt^onsazd ChuAch ioK 1>M, CzoKgz Bladoui, who pa^.6ejd away Monday, VebmmAy 13ih. 

hiu. Ro^e Etadow uxu boKn at Gfia^ton, Iowa -in 1S71. In U91 ikt uxu moJifUtd 
to kndJivfi Uofitin. Two lond and onz daughttn. weAe bofui to blt6.i tkU anion. Tht daug- 
hteJi and one. i,on pfucztdzd kzA In dzxith. Eduiin fiz&Zdtl at Humboldt, SV. 

In 1914 4he woi moAAlexi to GtoAgz Bladow. Le.(^t to mouAn heA polling oAt 9 gAand- 
chlldAzn, 5 itzp-chitdAeji, R. H. Eladow, AAnold Eladow, Uu. HznAy WuaI, tAu. Ifui TfUch 
and Uai,. Clydz Stout; alio ilvt bAotheAi, tVm. BoAk, Hanktmon, MbzAt BoAk, Humboldt, 
SD., and thAtt 6l&teA&, Ida OlAbatch, Emma SlmneAman and Lzna Hammond. 

BuAlal Mill fee at HUlilde. CemzttAy. 

HANKINSON NEWS ************ FEBRUAR/ 16, 1950 


- Ma.. John Kllmek and Vejmli Kllmdi, on Sunday ^oA HCUeAvllle. to atttnd 

the luneAol o^ Uai,, Ktanek-'i motheA, Vai>. VeAonlca Plnkowikl uAo polled auooy on ThuAi- 
day 0(J toit weefe a{,teA a tingeAlng lllntii. Ha. Kllmek oAAlved theAz the day be{,oAe heA 
motheA polled away. 

Hai. VeAonlxxL Plnkomkl uxu> boAn Teh. 4, 1851, In GeAmany and polled away at 
4:50 P. M. ThuAiday, Feb. 9th, 1950, at the homt o{ heA daaghteA, Mai. CtaAo Eoeitn, 
HilleAvllle, MW. The decexued celebAoted heA 99th blAthday juit 5 dayi be^oKe heA 
death but had been In III health ioA the pait 2 monthi. 

Le^t to mouAn heA polling o^e the (otlowlng: doiighteJU and one ion, Mai. 
John Ktunek, Honklnion; Uai. CIoao Boe/,en, HUleAvllle, MAi. Pete Boeien, Wahpeton, hW., 
Ma. Leo Plnkomkl, MltleAvllle. Sixteen gAondchlldAen, thlnty leven gAeat-gAondchlldAen 
and one gAeat-gAeat-gAandchlld. TouA chlldAtn and heA huiband, MaAtln, pAeceeded heA 
In death. 

The. body lay In itate. at the home o^ M^la. CloAa Boej,en at MllleAvllle {^Aom Sat- 
uAday until Monday with P.oioAy at 8 P. M., SatuAday and Sunday. TuneAol leAvlctl weAe 
held on Monday with FatheA Adotph Schmidt ol^cUatlng. Pall beoAeAi weAe: CloAente 
Boeien, Leo Hop^neA, John Plnkowikl, Paul Schmidt, Vennli Ktunek and Ralph Schmidt. KlAi . 
John LiniteA wai cAoii beoAeA. 

Final Azitlng place wai In the Seven VoloAi CemeteAy, MUleAvllle. 
HANKWSOM NEWS *«•»«*«,»»«, FEBRUARY U, 1950 


Fu.neAa£ leAvlcei weAe held {^ok Jullui Fnank Auguit Link on Wzdnej,day, Feb. 7 5;t/i, 
at the Immamiel LutheAan ChuAch In Hanklnion, the PoitoA., The Rev. G. C. Michael, con- 
ducting the izAvlceJ). BuAlal In the LutheAan CemeteAy at Hanklnion. 

j Ma. Link had iallzn aileep peace{,ulty on SatuAday of^teAnoon, Feb. 11th at the 
Kznt Reit Home. He had iu{ileAe.d a itAoke on the lecond ojj JonuoAy. He had mode kli 

home at the. Kent Rej,t Home llnce lait iall, having iperX the lait |$ew yeoAi with hli 
chlldAen. .^.. 

JulMu Link UXL6 bofin ApAXZ 12, H70, cut StzXtln, Gzfimin, coming to ihu aountAjj 
cut the. age. 0($ 21, icUZaig vxltk hl& bA^thoA who uxu captculn o^ a iiUp. He mliltd thz 
KttuJin o{, the. iihip and 40 ltajje.d on in thli. coantAy, becoming a citizen -In li95. The 
loULoiMjng yean, he came to Vakota. to the tzAfultony 0^ BowbelZi, wheAe he stayed two yeofu. 
TheAeapon ht moved to Zlchland County wheAe he ptled. the. thade o{^ hoAneJiimakeA., ^.out 
at GfieaX. Bend and then at HankAMiion antiZ 1914, when an accZdznt made thli imponibte. 
A^teA thaX he ^aJmed ^oA. a tone -In the TauUmount aJiea.. 

M. Link wot, moAAled Fei. lit, 1903, to WWieJbnlna Ball at Gfieat Bend, and thli 
anion wca blziied. with louA iom and daughteAi, o^ whom one ion, Louli, died In 
1912, doAlng a dlpthefUa epidemic. 

Ha. Llnk'i poiilng li mouAned by the following chlZdAen, Radolph o{^ BaAAetX, MW., 
WilmeA o£ Eait GAond ToAki, MW., ChoAlei o{, WeJ>t Boxton, Moote, M^. ClaAa VeAtlngeA oi 
fJeu) YoAk imZi, MW., M^. FAancli Hamlin, Oioge., MW., and HAi. KAthuA Elchmann, oiJ Sioux 
Falli, SV., 04 well ai by 27 gAondchltdAen and 1 gAexU-gAandchUd. 

Jalloi Link attained an age oi 79 yeaAi, 10 monthi and 29 dayi. 

HAWKIWSOW NEWS «»»»•««««•«» FEBRUAR/ 16, 1950 


FAlendi oi Hankimon wejie ioddened to hcoA 0^ the deaih o{, a £oAmeA old time 
Ae.ildent of, Hankijiion, HAi. Eagene Enfield, who paaed away on Feb. 16th, at heA home 
In Cltnwood, MW., a(,teA a lingering Ittneii. h^. Enfield wai 60 yeoAi, 6 monthi and 
1 day old cut the time of, heA death. 

EaneAcuL ieAvlcei weAe heZd ^Aom the Gaovz Lake Htthodlit ChoAch in Glenwood, on 
Sunday, Feb. 19th cut 2 ?. U. JnteAment wai in the GAove Lake CemeXeAy. 

Leit to mouAn heA poiilng oAe. heA huiband, two ioni, LawAence and Le.iteA 0^ M^nn- 
ejapoUj) and one daaghteA, Hu. FAed WoAd 0^ Hankimon. Two daughteAi, hkuile and Ollvz, 
pAeceedzd heA in dexith. 

HAWKIWSOW WEW5 «»»«»«t»»».» FEBRUARV 23, 1950 


FaneAal.ieAvleM weAe held Wedntiday, Motii/i lit, at: the Evangelical United BActh- 
eAan ChuAch oi GAexut Bend {,oA UAi. Wm. Popp, who paaed away FebAuoAy 16th cut 4 A. M., 
cut the home, oi heA daughteA and ion-ln-lnw, Ua. and M/t^ . Ed. KAouie. She wai 77 yzati 
o{t .age out the time oi heA dexuth. 

UAi. Popp WOA boAn JanacAy 20th, H7i In GeAmany and came to the Colfax, WP., 
oAea at the age o^ IS. She wai moAAled to (I'm. Popp in 1S97. They lived on the Popp 
hcmej>tead theAe until 1919 when they moved to Hankimon. 

HeA huiband pAeceedzd heA In dexuth eight yeoAh ago. S^nce then ihe hxa made heA 
home with heA daughteA, HAi. Ed. KAnjUuiz. 

izf^t to mouAn OAZ heA daaghteA, one ion. Alien o{i GAzat Bend, {^ouA gAandchiZdAen , 

two ilitzA, l-lAi. Wm. StAubeZ oi Van Huyi , Ca., liAi,. G. P. AJmitAonq oi Tuicon, AI., one 

bAotheA Rudoli KoveJt oi Kemal, hW., and numeAoui iiiecei, and nephewi . One icn, l-lUtcn, 

pAzczzded hzA In death. 


FimzAaZ leAvZczi wzJie. held at tht home, oi htn. daugfvttA hi Hankanon at ont o'cZock 
and ^Aom tha Gfimvt Etnd ChuHch o^ wkich ihz wcu a -ti^e long memfceA. at two o'cZock. 
Jnttfunznt woi in the. GKeat Bend EvangeZlcat CemeXtfiy. 

I Valt btoAeAJ) wtfit SXmon Voich, GiZbzAt Zacidnoatz, KtbeAt BtuifeAooie, kdolph Enh, 
HoAold Knudbon and Ed SchelZeA. 
HANKJhlSON HEUS •••«•«••««%• ^jj^,^^ 2, J950 


FuneAol iz/ivicej, witt bt heZd on SatuJiday, WoJich 4th, at the. WippeAjnan FaneAol 
Homt, ioA. Jottui Sfummond, 62, who pa^iejd away at hU home, on Tut&day, TeJshuoAy Uth. 
Rev. A. A. Gtvai mJit have, chxvige. oi the. leAvlczt, and InteAmejnt uuJU. be. In the. HUJUlde. 
Cejnetejiy at Haniunion. 

Hk. BJiwmond l& iuAvZve.d by hU chJUUfien, -t/iAee bKotheA&, and one hJUiteA. 
^{AKKZUSOH Wa;S •«««•««•»«.« ^jj(,^ 2, J950 


A loAgz numbeA {/lom heAe attejidtd {uneAoZ ^eAvZcti at BaAnty on Tue.i,djay a^teA- 
noon ^oK Ma. KtbeAt leJbn, wfio deed KzcentZy at TuAtte. Lake., MW. 
HAWKIWSOW HBJS «•»«««««»»*« MARCH 2, 1950 


; faneAol ieJiviceJ) wejie. hetd Saturday, WoacA 4th, ion. 3uJUiiJ> Smimond, who paMttd 
away at ht& home on Tatd^ay, Eebfuxofiy 2Sth. Rev. Reei o^ Wahpeton wa6 in cha/ige. o^ the. 
leJiviceM which weJie. heZd at the. blippfman FaneAal Home.. Ua.. BJiwmond wai boKn Wuj 21 , 


ChitdJiejn. who attexidtd thz iuneAaZ included; Ihrna. (Maa . Lynn Brewed), Vaj,c.o, WA., 
Tone, (Maa. Vincent Etiuw), Cte^e, WP.; Leona (Maa. Vhil Slebny) , tUahpeton, WP., and 
EZJioy and MoAocce EMumond, both 0($ fafigo. Two loni weA.t anable. to attend. 

He ii alio iuAvived by thfitt bnothzAi. One lij>ttfi pA.e.ce.ded. him in death. He 
aZiiO had twelve gnandchildKeji. 

HAWKIWSOW NEliJS ««t»t»«»»»*» MARCH 2, 19S0 


i hfJii. John ZAiumond /cecexved a teZegfiam ^AjDm heA. i^ij^teA. SatuAday in Ponttand, CR., 
with the iad newi that heA. hiuband, B. H. UadenwaZd had pa&ie.d away at theiA home, MoAcA 
3Ad, iKom a heant attack. He had be.eji in ilZ health ioA. many yeoAi. 

Ben wai, known by many o^ ouA citizejii. He ipent his ckLidhood days en a ^aAm 
neoji Hankiju,on. He leavej> a host o^ KeZattvej, and lAiejids heAe.. He i& suAvived by ka, 
widow and two sons, OAvilZe. and WiZbeA o£ VonXiand, OR. 
HkHKlHSOU nE!^S ************ ^j^j^q^ 2.1950 



FumAdi iZAv^cu we/ie httd ioK Htnimn BeZLin on ThuAiday, UoAck 9XJi, cut Xkz 
JtmaruizZ LatheAan ChuAch in Hankinson, The. Rev. G. C. HidiaiZ, ?cu,toK, being in ckoAQt 
0^ iht ieAvZce.. IntzAment wai in St. Jokn'i LutheAan CejneteAy in Bel^^ond Toivn&hlp. 
HU.. ZeJUUn had dle.d SatuAday moAyUng, HoAch 4th, at Wahpeton. 

HeAman Ztltbi w<u> boKn in CeAmcuny, fee. 7th, 1S62, coming to AmeAlca. at the age 
0^ 6 even, locating in the. 6tate oi ikinneMotJi. He uxii con{^iAmed in the. LutheArm. laith 
in mi, at St. Paul. He moved to Richland County, hlofith "Dakota duAing the. eighties o^ 
the la6t centuAy. 

Ha. BeJUin mxu moAAled to UfU. FAiedeAikz Pankow, nee Eladow, SeptembeA 22nd, 
IS9I, in BAandenbuAg Townihip, by thz tainted Rev. T. Hijick.. He ia/med ^OA many yeoAi 
in thii teAAitoAy. In 1924 he. moved to Hankinson with kii uii^e. She pAtcezded han in 
death, Hay 14th, 1956. To thtiA union eight chJJbdAen. weAe boAn, oi whom onz daughteA 
die.d duAing the influenza epidemic oi 191S. 

Wa.. BeXtin ii iuAvived by the. {^olloMing childAzn, WitUajn and HeAhzAt, both o{, 
Hankinton, TheodoKe o^ Vontland, OR., Eduxuid o^ AbeAdczn, SV., Hai, . Gex3Age Schultz o^ 
Hankimon, Lillian oi WahpeXon, Anne oi Roche^teA, MW, and by the {,oltowing chlldnzn o(, 
Uai>: BeZlin'i iiAtt moAAJjoge, Edioin Rankoui oi Hankin6on, Ua& . UoAtha Vaape oi Wahpeton, 
and\HA&. AZbeAt Moei^ oi HanlUnion. He attained an age oi 87 yeoAi, 2 monthi and 29 dat/i. 

HANKJhlSON hlBilS «««»«*•**%»* 

MARCH 9. 1950 


TuneAol izAvicei weAt held TfuAay UoAcJi 10th at tht LutheAan ChuAch in HiZnoA 
ioK M/L4. H. 0. Halvofaon, who poMzd away at heA home ^eAe aX. 6:55 A.M. Wzdneiday, 
UaAch 10th at the. age. oi 50 yeoAi, 8 month& and 19 dayi . HAi. Halvofiton had btzn in 
iaJJUng healXh ioA lome timz. Rev. E. 0. UAnz66 had choAgz oi thz iZAviczi,, with woAdi 
by FatheA F. J. Hlkoli^ky. 

Violet Hay EdmAdt HalvoAion woA boAn June 17, 1899, at CoAdiH, Walzi, GAzat 
EAikian, wheAz hhe g-^ew to womanhood and attended thz St. Honica VoAochial School, It 
uxu theAe alio that ihz wai uniXzd in moAAiagz to HeJimeA. 0. HalvoAion at St. Johni Ch- 
uAch, July 14, 19 19. Thzy thzn tAavelzd to thz Unltzd Statzi, oAAiving in UiZnoA CctobzA 
13, 1919, whzKZ they made theiA homz until thz txjnz oi hzA dzath. To thii union weAZ 
boAn tuo ioni, Vztoi and Billy. 

I Violet will be AzmembeAzd ioA heA love oi tiiz and ioA thz hzoAt AzndeAing oKdeal 
which ihz tnamgAZiizd to gKoip each iucczzding momznt to hzA heoAt. The loyalty and 
aiizction which ilowed ioAth to heA many iKiendi wai> exceeded only by thz lovz and dzvo- 
tj-on laviihzd on heA haiband and iom,. Thziz memoAizi will bz chzAiihzd ioAzvzA by heA 
iamily and a hoit oi ifiizndi. 

She iM iuAvived by heA husband H. 0. HalvoAion and two 4>oni, Vk. V. G. HalvoAion 

oi Hankimon and A. W. HalvoAion who ii a itudznt at thz itatz univzAiity; aZio iive 

bAothzu and thAee iiitzu in Walzi, GAzat BAitain. HeA iathzK, mcthzA and two bAotheAi 

pAzczdzd heA in dzath. 

^ (2A) 

SeA.v.lct& wzAZ hzld at tht CcuAzn FuntfuiZ Home, in i-UJinoK and cut tht LutkeAa.n 
ChWicJi thvit on ffuday and at the. WzylandeA-QiU&t HoKth ChapeZ, tUnnzapotU on SatuA- 
day, MoAcii 71^. Intfmejit uxu at the. Tofit Snelting National Ceme-tcAt/ -en Hinneapotii. 
Rev. E. W. Robe oi Hinneapoti& o^lcJjLtzd at the gfiavei-idt fU^zi and the CajUzn FaneAoZ 
Home, uxu Zn dutAge. o{ aAAongemtnti . 

HANKTNSON NBJS ««••«»«»»•» « MARCH 16, 1950 


M^. Choi, CaAjnen le^t on Thofuday o^ lait week ^OA. CfUppaun FaW,, WT., called 
thexe. by the. itnJjoui oi heA daughter.- in- law, Mu. Ralph Canmen who pai,ie.d away 
be.ioA.z Ufii). CaJmen oKfuveA. 

FuneAoZ leAviceJi voeJie. held at tht Lakeuwod ChapeZ and banJjJil wai, tn the Lakewood 
CemtteJuj. She aJ> iuxvtved by heA hujtband and two chltdAzn, Judy, who attzndj, the Unlv- 
eA&tty oi WJ., at t^adtion and ChoAtej,, who -U a itudent at the. UniveAiZty o{, Cklppawa 

HMKWSON mS ,,•••.,,,,.. ^^cH 16, 1950 


FAiendi heAz weAe. maddened tkii weefe to lexiAn o^ the. Hidden dejoth oi John kit 
at. EndeAJLun. on Wednesday evening. Ma.. Alt, who ii a bAakenan on the Soo Line, wai Imfing 
oveA theAe. and when he {^aZlzd to amwzA tht colt to AepoAt to woAk ^Aitndi went to hii 
Aoom to Znvtitigatz and ^oand him dexid in hii bed. VeaXh wai cnuied by a heoAt attack. 

tiA. Alt wai a {^oAmeA Hankimon AZMident and ii now living in Winneapotii and the 
body waj, takzn theAe. {,0A buAiaZ. 

HANKJNSON NEWS « »••»«««,,«, MARCH 23, 7950 


TuneAol ieAviczi weAe. heZd ThuAiday a{,teAnoon at 2 P.M., at tht CongAtgational 
ChuAch heAt ioA UA6. CoAa Ltavitt who paiitd away Tutiday tvening at tht Kent Hoipital 
wheAt 6ht had bten a patient {^OA iomt time, 

Reu. A. A. GAa{^ had choAgt oi$ tht itAvicti and buAiaZ wai in tht Hankimon 
CemtttAy. » ••«»»»«•««» 


MA4. p. W. CAtiiey Atctivtd woAd Sunday o^ tht dtath oi heA Uncle, Ua. Gait 
Holit, who paiitd away Sunday moAning at tht homt oi hii daughttA in flinot. 

TuneAol itAvicti oAt to bt held on SatuAday at LidgtAwood and buAial will bt 
In tht LidgeAwood CtmeteAy. 

HAMKTNSON NEWS «»*•«»«»*»«« MARCH 50, 1950 



FaneAat leAvlcu, wtn.t heZd Wednesday a^teAnoon, UoAch 29th, at thz CongKtgationaZ 
ChuAch ion. Ufu,. CIoaol Mae AlZzn, who pasieA auxiy zaJiLj Sunday mofi/Ung, MoAcA 26th, cut 
tht homz oi htfL daixQhtzA, \lfLt>. John. EAnit aittn a tingeAZng UJinui. 

ClcUia Hay AlZtn wcu, boAn In Blaz EoAth, WJ . , on June. 28, USO, tht dcmghtfi o^ 
CiZbtKt and Uafuj kndtfibon. Tht iamity movtd to Olonthington, UN., and mo-it o^ htfi qViZ.- 
hood wdk ipznt thtn.t. 

On Hay 12, 1903, iht uxit> unZttd in mofifUagt to Edga/i W. AUtn at WoAtklngton and 
thtjy K&itdtd thtnt and at SZoux TaUU untit 1915 whtn thty movtd to Pfdiam, MW. Thty camt 
to HaniUmon In Jane o^ 1932, wfieAe iht Ktkldtd until tht tcrnt o^ hcA dtath. 

Lt^t to mouAn htn. poi&Zng ant htA iokkcuumq and dtvottd huiband, tujo daugkttu, 
iLuxUZtt] Uu. Hichatt KtldeZ and [VoKothy] tVu. John EAnit, both oi tkU cJJjj) ont 
ion, WyUhan. oi Jamt&town, and iZvt gAanddaaghtfLi, and two gAond&oni,. Ont hon dltd in 
iniancy. Sht atio Itavti two iZ&ttu, UfU. Pttfi HzZnl oi Wattfitown, SV., and Uk6. P. 
N. Tyan oi KUmoAch and two bAxthfU , AAtkuA oi WoKthlngton and htA tuxin bKothtn, 
Ctafitnct oi itltng, Hinnt&ota. 

Reu. Cfiai wa6 in choAgt oi tht itAvict and bafiiat wat at tht HiZtiidt CvntttAy 
in HanhZmon. 
HMKTUSON NEWS «%»«•»«»»*«« ^^(,^ 3^^ jgj^ 


VtiOth camt ai, a fitliti whtn it calZtd homt Ua& . CoKa Ltavitt, who ha/> bttn ilZ 
ioK mofit than 20 ytau . 

FuntnaZ itAvitu wtAt httd ThuA&day aittn^ioon, HoAch 30th, at. tht CongA.tgational 
ChuAch in Hankinion. Reu. G/iai wa& in choAgt oi tht ifivitt. ZuAiat wot, at HiLUidt 

Cofia Hay itavitt wa& boKn in Amboy, MW., on July 13, 1819. Sht ditd at tht St. 
FAoncii Hoipital in BKttktnAldgt, MN., on HoAch 29, 1950, at tht age oi 70 ytau, 7 
months and 15 day£. 

Sht wa6 unittd in maAAiagt to HtZvin Ltavitt [who paiitd away in 1929] on Octobfi 
23, 7900. To thii union 6 chiZdAtn wtAt boAn. [FtAn] Hu . ChAJj,t Saixtfi, Ro6cot. SV., 
(Mab^e) ^l^. Rowland \liildtA, St. Jamt6, MN., EanZ oi Hankin&on, [VoKothy] Hu. W. J. 
StuAgti6 oi Hankln&on, EZgtn oi Winona, MN. Ont 6on, Hafwtd, ditd in iniancy. 

Alio Izit to mouAn hzA pairing oAt ont iiittn., VAt. Hantha OJittttt oi San Vitgo, 
CA., thAtt ioni-in-law, ont daughtt^L-in-law, iiitttn gAand chiZdAtn, itvtn gKtat- gfiand- 
chitdAtn and a hoit oi initndi. 

HANKWSON NEWS •«»%«»«»««»» ^p^j^ 6, 1950 


A^ GnitptntAog Ktttivtd wofid on SatuAday tvtning oi tht dtath oi hU ntphtw, 
HtAman GnltptntAog oi Tigtfiton, WI., who wai> kilZtd in an auto accidtnt. VttaiZi> oi tht 
accidtnt wt^t not known. He ii tht Aon oi HtAinan GAitptntAog, Sa.., oi TigzKton, and 
a ionmzA Ktiidtnt oi tht GKtat Etnd vicinity. 

UAVI^TKICOKI UlRilC »«•»»«»«»»«« APRIL ^. 79^^ 



FaneMU. i,zAvict6 weM.z htLd VfuAajj a^tsAnoon cut 1:30 at the. homz, and 2 o'cZock 
at tkt EvnagzZical UnUexi B^et/ieAn ChuAch at GKZjCUt Bend ^OK Ma. Gzjdkqz liioKnzA, Sfi., 
agt 94, plonzzA Zichland County {^afmtfi and buiinui man. He cUecf Uondny ai kii home. 
aitex a ihoKt UlneJ>i>. 

Rev. SteALLng WenzeZ omjUttttd at the iunejmt leAvlce. He wo* laA.d to A.ti,t In 
the. home tot, be^^ide hAj> vii^e, who died ta^t Januany 29th at the age o(J 8S. 

Ma.. WofintfL helped organize the EvangeLicat ChuAxih, many yenM ago, wheAe he kept 
active Xji Sunday School woAfe ^oA moAe than tJuJity yeoAi. 

He vxLi boAn at FAank^uAt, GeAmany, OctobeA 13th, 1155. He cxme to the United 
Statei, luith hU paAenti and settled Zn Pennsylvania. In 1877, at the age o{ 22, he 
came to Nofith Vakota on a homestead neoA CAeat Bend. In 1890, he opened the UoAneA 
GeneAAt MeAchandise StoAe. He uxl& one o^ Zichland County's iiASt cormlisZoneAj, and he 
was a mesnbeA o^ the House o^ RzpAesentatZve.s ^oA thAee teAms. He was the iinst post- 
mdsZeJi oi GAeat Bend and {lASt stojtion agent £oA the ^JonXheAn ?acJ.iic. heAe and organized 
the GAZjot Bend Bank. Ma. WoAneA neveA missed teaching a Sunday School class In 25 
yeoAS. He attended 2 blonZd Sunday School Con{,eAences , one. In Rome, Italy, Zn 1907, and 
the otheA In Kansas City, HissouAl In 1917. 

On NovembeA 24, 1879, he was maAfUed to Augusta BAandle at Kewaskum, WI., and 
bAought. his bfude heAe to Vakota. She was aJLso an active ChuAch membeA and the 1st 
?Aej>ldent o£ the Women's Hlsslonofiy Society. 

SuAvlvlng oAe six sons, OscoA and ElAoy oi GAeat Bend, HenbeAt and GeoAge, 1a., 
of, Wahpeion, NV., EzAo. oi SteZlacoom, WA., and WattZA oi BlsmoAck, hW. Two daughteAS 
[Hilda] Has. C. C. Thlele oi ToAgo, htV., and [Sadie] Has. Sidney BAeXag oi Van Muys, 
CA., 27 gfumdcJnlldAen and 51 gAeat-gAandchlZdAen. 
HANKWSOhl NEWS ««•«»«•«»•»# ^p^j^ J3^ J95(j 


FatheA Alois Jande, well known thAoughowt the Hankljison axea and TastoA oi the 
St. AdelbzAt's Catholic ChuAch at Wahpeton ioA the past 14 yeoAS , died at the St. Tfumcls 
Hospital In BAeckenAldge, on Sunday, ApfdJL 16th. 

TuneAol seAvlces weJie held at St. AdlebeAt's ChuAch on Tuesday and InteAment 
was at CalvoAy CemtteAy. 

Among those ($Aom Hanklnson who attended the seAvlce weAe Ma. and Maa. Joe Relnke 
Ma. and h'AS. Hilton Stein, Maa. VeAonlca Onsbach, Has. EAnzst Ambach and hliss Jean Relnke. 


F. A. Bagg, who has ioAmed In Zichland County since IS 86, and who lj> weH known 
to many oi the old timzAS In the Hanklnson oAea, passed aicay at Ivis ioAm home between 
Hanklnson and UooAetcn Sunday evening. He was 92 yzjOAS oi age. 

FunzAal seAvlces weAe to be heZd ThuAsday at St. Paul iuthzAon ChuAjch. 
HANKINSCN MBIS «»••«««».... ^p^j^ 20^ J950 



TcLuZ Klnn, accvmpanitd. by kU, A-i&tfLi, MA4. FAonfe LaQua, W^ . HeAman Bogtu and 
Ww. Ltlmn, Iz^t Sundiiy loA. Sha.kopzt, HW., to aJXtnd thz {^anfiaZ o^ thzJji tooiZn 
who uxU) fuIZed Aje.czntly in. a can. OLCcJAejit. 

Wu>. HaJwtd Knadieji cuttzndzd ihz ianznal ^e/iu-ccw ioK M/u . Jamei UuAphy at 
FcuAJnoant on SatuAdacj. 


Even Kjiiitlanizn Btfig, the. ion oi KAlitian BoeAtiion and HeZznt OZdidattzA. BeAg, 
UXL6 bofui in R^ng-jogeA, Hofmuj on MoAcii 2T6t, 1862 and dojpoAtzd tivU Zi^e. at thz homz 
ai hit, t>on, Einzfi BeAg, on kpnlt 17th, 1950 at thz age o^ SS yzAU and 27 dayt,. 

Hz UXU baptizzd at thz poKiith chuAch at RinQiagzn. on Uay 16, 1S62 and con^yiAmzd 
in thiJ, ttojnz chuAch on Oct. S, 1876. 

In 1883, hz amz to kmzfu.cjcun. izttZing at Hinnza.potii , MW., whzAz hz coAAizd on 
thz tfiadz oi a caitom tailoK on towzn. HicolZzt Ave., ioA many yzafu. 

On June 18, 1886, hz wot, unitzd in maJiAiagz to Othzlia knzta Afuizion. To thii 
union WZAZ bofin 5 chiZd/izn. HzZzn o^ HinnzapotU , Qhafitottz o^ Haniu.n6on, Chniitian oi 
thz New E^iJ^g^n tommnity, Eduiin oi Kztchckan, Alaika, and EinoA who {,aAm& on thz 
homz ion. 

Ua. BeAg camz to Honth Vakota. tzttZing immzdiatzty noKth o^ thz pKZiznt homz 
acAOAA thz itatz linz in 1893, moving ihoAtZy thzfizaitZA to thz pfizbznt {,aAm>,Zzaa whzAZ 
hz ha& made hii homz zvzK lincz. 

IfJU,. BeAg deed on Jan. Ut, 1929, In PecejnbeA 7947, Wi. BeAg i>aiizfizd a i,tAokz 
which tzfit hijn an invalid until kib pairing on Monday moAning. 

Bziidzi thz abovz mzntionzd chiZ.dA.zn, hz ij> luKvivzd by 5 gAand chiZdAzn. 

TanzAol iZAviczi wzAjz hzld Thiuuday a^tzAnoon, ApAiZ 20th with a dzvotionaZ 
&ZAvicz at. thz latz homz condvuctzd by kii VaitoA, Rev. GjzvAZ. ThU woi iollowzd by thz 
&eA.vicz in BAonvold ChuAch nzoA. VictoK, SV. kt thz homz PaitoA G/evAe 4ang a WoAweg-can 
6oZo. kt thz chuAch a duet wai 6ung by Uaj,. CZoAzncz Swam>on and t.li66 klvina Swanion. 

A vocal iolo woi ^ung by Ha&. Ray FAodien, who iang, "Behold a Ho6t AAAayzd in 
White" Thz CongAzgation iang two hymm, "Ju6t Ai 1 Am Without Onz Plza. " and "Abide 
With Me'.' Po^^oA GjZvAz bAought woAdi o^ com^oAt and hopz iAjOm St. John 3:16, ipzaking 
on thz tovz 0(5 Cod. Several UemoAial WAzaXhi wexz concentAotzd on the altoA in tAibute 
to thz vztzKan pionzzA. The inte/unent took place at thz family plot in thz Ty6on CemztzAu, 
nzoA the itatz Line, bziidz that o^ hJj> motheJi and hii wl^e. 

?allhesuiexi> n'CAe ChAjj> ChAZitoHeAion, Paul KlUbAondt, G<io. Knad&zn, GilhzAt Oitby, 
Wm, ?ettzAj>on and ClcaA Swani>on. 
HAMKJHSOU HBUS .»».»»»•»,«, ^p^j^_ 27, 1950 



FoneAoE ifivlcti wJtl be httd Tfiiday May 12, oJt 2 P.M. at thz ^IppiJman Timwal 
Home. In Ha.nkJjii>on ioK HaJvotd U/ZUxm Weumonn, 42, who ditd cut 2:15 A.M tJionday In BAXdgt- 
pofct, Conn., in the. iKelqht ycuid wheAz he. uxu uionJvLng. Keumann, an employtz oi the. 
Vattman Co., uxu one o^ ieveAol peMonal In dwAgt o^ an trkihJXlon t/uUn coAAAjig GEN- 
ERAL ELECTRIC appanatai on a nation-Mlde toafi. Hz and two ieltow wonkeAh had lef^t the 
tfULin to Qo to a neanbij ca^t. A ^Kelght tAcujn. blocked thexK fietuAn and Heimann attempt- 
ed to cZLmb oveJL it and in doing lo accldentaZZy bAuihtd again&t an 11,000 volt high 
te.niton uxUie. He died Instantly, 

He it, lufLvlved by hi& ^otheA, TheodoKe C. Heimann oi HankiMon, ^oua bAotheAJt, 
AAthuA F. 0^ HUJUbofw, II., E/tu-cn H. and ElmeA C, o^ UinneRpolii and Kl^Kzd A. 0(J 
ShaiteJi, Ck, 

The AmeAican LegZon unit oi Hankimon Mill have chaAgz oi the ieAvZce^. Thoie 
taking poAt oAe ai, ^oUouu,: ColoA and CaoAdi,: Joe KAump, Jake JoAiki, John Boll and 
'John Hippi TifUng Squad: VZck KAump, AlbeAt KAump, Ambfioie KAump, JeAAy Hipp, Leo 
KjelleAup, EveAett Budge, Hank Thoma&, Vave Solid and SaAgent Uath BoAn. BugleAi: 
Shave CAeen and F^anfe LaQua. PalibeuAeAi : Ted Stack, MauAice AkeA, Vick BeZlin, Vodo 
lAexide, Sam VeeAlng and BilJL RozdeA. CommndeA, Ed. SchelZeA. 

Rev. A. GAal, will be in choAge. oi the iuneAol leAvice uilth InteAment at the. 
Emmanuel Evangelical and ReiJoAned CemeteAy. 

Totloviing the ieAvlceJ> membeA6 o^ the AmeAican Legion AuxiiiaAy mZl ieAve 
a dinneA ioA the cloie Aeiatives at the John Hipp homz. 
HAUKJhlSOU MEWS ********** * * . ^J^^y jj^ j^j^j 


VuneAol ieAvlczi ioA AndAeu RydeZl o^ FaiAmount, UV., ^oAmeA White Hock Ae^id- 
ent ueAe held at thz Augu&tana LuthzAon ChuAch Wzdnziday a{,teAnoon with thz Rev. GeoAge 
Bzn6on oxidating. TnteAmznt wot, madz at the St. Joieph ChuAch louth Zjo&t o^ Ro6holt. 
Hz leaver to mouAn hih pa66lng hii wl^z, 8 iom and 4 daughtzAi. 
HANKJHSON NEWS ************ UAV 11 , 1950 


FaneAol izAviczi loA AlbeAt ChAiitlieb Glz&e will be held at ImmanaaZ LuthzAan 
ChuAch in Hanklmon on VAiday altzAnoon, Uay 26th, at 2 P. M., thz Rev. G. C. hlLchaeZ, 
VajitoA, being in. choAgz Oi$ the izAvlcz. 

Ua. Glt&e paired away at hit, home noAthwzit o£ New EUlngton, SV., on Uonday 
evening, Uay 22nd, at thz age oi SO yeoAi. He had bzzn In iailinq health thz la^t 
iejw monthd, havitig undeJigone an cpznRtion not />o long ago. 

AibzAt Glzie VXL& boAn t^oAch 24th, 1S70, In Wzit Vfuu^ia, GzAmany. He came to 
thi6 countAy In 1892 and 6pznt hzvenjol yeoAi with an Unclz in BzlUngham, MN. By tAadz 
fie wcLi a blackimlth, but on thz advlcz oi a physician hz engaged In ioAmlng, buying the 

ioAm noAthwzit oi New EUlngton, wheAz hz ipznt thz Az6t oi hii, liiz, except ioA a 


pzxiod oi ^^^cen yzax6, uhzn he. wai, vZiltinQ eJUmhoAZ. 

Wi. Glut woi moMlnd to Wvttha. EeutteA, cut Olbay, SV., in 1902. Tfvii union 
wai blej>izd with louA daughteM and {^Ivz ioni,, att o^ whom iimvlve. thzlA. lauthzA. 
Hii poiilng l6 moanmd by hl& uilit, hJj) daughttu, Lydla [Uu. Enuxin leJUi) oi BancAo^t, 
SV., Uu. f^zta Stzvtni oi Chicago, IL., UyAtZe., [Uu. HznAjy Sdnmlck] oi SejvUlt, WA., 
Eva, {Uu. Reuien Tl&di] oi CjLoOiz City, LcA 6on6, WULUam, Olatttn. and klbzKt oi GoAy, 
SV., and HiUon oi Chicago, IL., 22 QUandchltdKtn, I ^litzA., In GeMnany and a bfiothzA 
Ga6tave. at ToAihalZ, MP. 

JntzAjnznt wltt 6e In the Luthtnan Czmztzny noKth oi HarJUmon. 

HANKZUSCN WEWS .»•»«••»••%• MAV 25, 1950 


ChAl6tljan buAlaZ wai glvzn to the itJJUibohn IniarVt ion oi Ma., and UKi. E'luno 
HUZeA. on Wzjdnuday aittunoon, Uay 11 it, at thz LuthzAon CejnztzAy, noKth oi Hariujmon. 

A bfUzi iZAvlcz wai held ioA. thz Immedlatz iairuZy In thz chapzZ oi tht WlppzA- 
man FunzAol Home. 

Thz Iniant wai bofin at thz St. FKancli HoipltaZ on Monday, Uay 29th. 
HAHKWSOU MEOIS •••»••.*«..• jU^e J, 7950 


tAm. V. L. Uzldz fizczlvzd woAd on Wzdnziday that hzn. bKothzA., AlheAt VzZvlX, had paiizd 
away that moinlng at thz St. Enancui HoipltaZ In BKzckzn/ildgz whexz hz had been a pat- 
Iznt ioK iomz tlmz. 

EuneJial izfivlczi will bz held Saturday at 2 P.M. at EfizckejUildgz. 


EanzAal izAvlczi ion. Uu . Floyd TylzA who paiizd away iiizdnziday moAnlng at thz 
UnlveMlty Hoipltal In HinnzapotU wUtl bz held hzfiz Sunday aitzAnoon at thz CongKegat- 
lonal ChuAch. 

HAi. TyleA, a il&teA oi Uw. 0. A. OtiveA oi Hanklmon, hoi bzzn In III health 

ioA thz pait yeoA. 

• «»»««t«»»*» 


FanzAol izAvlcei wzAz held at thz St. Phllllpi ChuAch hzAZ on Wednziday moAnlng, 
June 7th at 9 A.M. ioA Van Swzznzy, an zanly day plonzzA In thli community, who wai 
iound dead at hli home In FeAgui Falli, on Monday moKnlng. Ma.. Swzznzy who wai 79 yzoAi 
old at thz tljnz oi hli death had bzzn iome^hat izzblz although ablz to bz up and anourd. 
He wai iound by Ma. and Um . R. W. SteALing oi FzAgui Falli who oitzn coiled at hli 
homz to look aiteA him. Vzath wai believed to have bzzn cauizd by a heoAt attack. 

Vanlel Swzznejy wai boMn In bllicomin, on Dec. 20, mO. Hz camz with hli iamlly 
at an eanly age to Elma towmhlp wh.zAz thzy homziteadzd. Ma. Swzeney made hli homz In 
that community until 19 T9 when hz wznt to FzAgui Falli, whzAZ hz made hli homz. 


Vi/iy Rev. 6. C. BLccAcni uxl& Zn choAgz 0|J -Che ieAv-Lcti and buJual vxLt> i.n CaZvafiy 
CamteAy. VattbejixAeAi, weAe Con Shta., JXm ValZon, UaJuUn Bomme.fu>badt , ycLul Klnn, Mifee 
WawiAi and Tnojik JoAilvi. 


FaneAoZ ieAvZczi mZL bt hzZd ^fUday moAning, Jane 9th, at the. St. Vhittipi. 
ChuAch, ioK Donald JatQtK, ion o^ U>i. and Ma4. John J. JaegeA, Sa.., wfio deed iuddtnly 
at hil) homt heAZ Monday moAJilng, June. 5th, oi a Ktiult OjJ Injimlti Kzcelved Zn an acc- 
ident white. woAiung on the. AaJULfvoad at ^oMkbuAn, W., on May 22nd. He waj> believed to 
6e KtcoMeAlng nA.ceZy {,fiom the inJufiZei A.e.ceA.vzd at that time, beJjng dUinU-ied d^om the 
hoipZtat on Uay 2l6t. He had come, to Hankin&on and woi vZittbig uiith kib {^amiiy heAt 
wfien he iuddenty ia{^^eAed a Ketapiz Honday moAjilng, dying aJLmoit ismedJjiteZy . 

Donald Jaegtn. uxu, bofin TehfmaJiy Hth, 192 J, the. oldeMt i>on oi Ma., and Uu. John 
JacgeA, Sa., oi tkli city. He gxew to manhood heAe gAaduailng ({Aom the. St. Trumcli) 
Academy In Haniumon. He leAved ^oa IS monthi In the AAmtd ToKceJt In Japan. A^teA 
hU diichoAge. ijAom the oAmy he continued woAklng ai> a bAokeman ioA. the Soo Line and 
continued In that capacity until hit, untimeJiy death. 

He lea\jej> to mouAn hll pairing hli ioAAxjwlng paAenti, one. bKotheA, Daniel, a 
student at the UnlveAiiXy oi DenveA, tkAte. iliteAi, loHAolne oi Woifi., D. C, and Kath- 
eAlne. and Kathleen, tuiln il&teAi, living at homz; hli tioo gAandmotheA, VAi. Anna JaegeA 
oi Hanklmon and Ma4. HobeAt SeJtlneA oi BlimoAch and many KeZatlveJ, and iAlendi by whom 
he. will be gKzatly mined. Hli iAiendly wayi and imlZlng iace gained many i^lendi dur- 
ing the nine. yeoAi he. wofiktd ioA tht Soo Line.. 

VaUheaneAi will be. Paul ReXteAAoth, CtiHoKd RetteAath, iKvln SahZl, Hoaaz/ Woa- 
neA, Ja., JeAfiy Schleh, and JeAfcy Hipp. Rev. TatheA Smalley wUU. have choAge. oi the 
ieAvlcei and InteAmtnt wlU. bt In CalvoAy CemeteAy. 


TuneAjol ieAvlcti will be held SatuAday, June 10, 1950 aX 9 A.M. at the St. PeteA 
and Paul ChuAch Xn HantadoA ioA MAi. Uagdale.n SchleneA, S5, who paiied away Wednesday 
June. 7th at the St. Pkancli HoipltaZ In BAtckejUildge.. 

Ma4. ScWeneA woi boAn JanuoAy 16, 1S65 at DyeA, 111, the daughteA oi Ma. and Maa, 
Linui Wllm. At the age oi 4 ihe came with heA iamliy to hUIleAvltte, MN., wfieAe ihe. 
gAew to womanhood. 

Cn June 5, US2, ihe wai maAAlcd to PAank SchleneA at VlZleAvUiZe. Tht couple 
come to BtlioAd Towmhlp neoA Mati/CadoA and homtiteadtd theAe. Ma^. SchltntA had lived 
In the hiantadoA community 67 ytoAi being one oi tht oldtit plontfii oi tht community. 
Sht wai a mtmbeA oi tht St. PtttA and Paul ChuAch theAt and alio a membtA oi tht ChAlit- 
lan i^oth.tAi OAganizatlon. 

Sht waj, pAtcttdtd In death by heA huiband In 1909 one daughteA, Anna, In 1925, 
and a ion PAank, who dltd when a young lad. 


Ltit to mouAn heJi poi^^g oAe 4 ^on&, Jot and BzAnoAd o^ Hinnta.poti& , Tfumk 0|$ 
ElimoAch and Gto^e. oi lUahpeXon; 4 daughtcAi , Mw. P. Vejttuckick (Magdofen) oi Hank- 
inion, Uu. HubeAi. Jacob/, iHoAy) oi kfiofua, UlilouJu.; Ufil. H. G. EuaaaJU [Tlttie.] o^ 
B^tea, CA., and M^. W. J. WJjuj,ton.l^ [ThJLcJJila] oi ElkmoAch. Ktio 39 gfiandckiidKzn- 
and 53 gAejit gfiandcJUldAtn and one. ilsttn., Hfu . Thomaj, SaazA oi St. Cloud, MW. 

The. body uxu takeji to the ioAm home on ThuA&day zvenZng wheAz Zt uULi tag .In itate 
ayvUt the. tine oi the iuneAat. 

Rev. FathzA Ce.oAge iUJU.eA mZt be In dioAgt oi the. leAvJice^ and the VzaMji TuneAoZ 
Home, oi WahpeXxjn Zi -in choAgz oi oAAangemtntM . InteAment uiilZ be. 'in the UantadoA CejneZeAxf. 



Ua, and Uu. Stanley Hougen leit laj>t SatuA d ay moAnlng ioA Ulnot, HV., to attend 
the. iunzAoZ oi the. iofmeA'^ bAotheA, ?.obeAt, who pa^ied away TfUday. 

RobeAt Haugan, 14, woi about to Atcei-ve. a medical duchaAge. the. oAmy. 


ChfuJitian buAlal uxu, given to a itUilhoAn daxighteA oi Ua. and Wu. Ben Sakutbach 

on Uonday aitzAnoon, June 5th, Rev. G. C. ULchael oHlclatlng. A bAie.i 6eAvlce wai 

held In the. WlppeAman FuneAal Chapel. BuAlal vxu, In the LutheMin CemeXeAy. Tka, child 

waj, a ticln glAl and the paAent6 and AeZative^ aAe. gAxteiul that the otheA twin and the 

motheA oAz gtttlng along ilne.. BlAth uxu, on FAlday, Jane 2nd at BAtckennldge. 

• •••»«t*t»*« 



FuneAol leAvlctt will be conductzd FAlday, June. 30th, at 2 P.M., at the Trrman- 
uel LutheAan ChuAch heAe ioA UAi. RobeAt Stein, who palled away Sunday evening, June 
25th. Rev. G. C. Ulchaelj, will have choAge oi the leAvlce. 

Ufu,. Stein, lELizabeXh HubAlg] uxu boAn on Pec. 2Ut, U95, In BAandenbuAg Town- 
ihlp. She. wai the daughteA oi Gottlieb and Chnlitlna HubAig and the thoid oldzAt oi 
ilve. chlZdAen. On UoAch 31, 7916, ihe wai, unlXed In moAAlage to RobeAX Stein and hoj, 
ilnce. AeJildejd In Waldo Towmhlp. 

M^. Stein uxu, a devot Ch>Uitlan and a membeA oi the LutheAan ChuAch being con- 
ilfmed by the late Rev. Hlnck in GAejot Bend. 

j Me death uxu, due to natuAol caiuej, and occuAed enAoute to the hospital. 

She leaver to mouAn heA paalng: heA hubband, thAee chlldAe.n, UAi. Eanl Condon 
ilAene] and ElAoy, both oi GAexit Bend, and UUUon aX home; heA aged iatheA, Gottlieb 
HubAlg, two iliteAi, I^A6. EAneAt Tl&cheA and Ua6 . FAed Fankow oi Hankln&on and Guitav 
oi Wahpeton and ieven gAardchlldAen. 

VaUheoAeJU, oAz HaAAy Guitman, WalteA PoibAig, ChanZej,, CoaI llegeZman, 
AlbeAt AAnold and Ben lletlow. 
mKlHSOU hiWS * ** * * *^«^. . * » . JUNE 29, J950 


FumJiaZ ieAvlct& wete hzld on Honday, June. 24ih at St. John'i LuthzAjin ChuAch, 
ZdJiiohd lovoni>hlp, ion. M/l. TAonk TIzqa, Sa. , who pa&izd auay on TfUday at tht Kent 
HoipHat in Haniumon. Rev. W. Cofidti oiilclated at the AeAv^cw and bu/Ual woi 
beM-lde. kU wi^e -in St. John'i CejmetzMj. 

fnank TltQi>, ion oi Htfman and Johanna JleQl vmj, bonn at TheMAa, Wl., on Ve.c. 
3, 1869. He. woi about H yeMAi o(, age Lchen kU poMjitJ, moved to NoKth "Dakota and 
ieXtted in BeZiond Tow>ti/ttp. He wtu con{,iAmtd in the. LutheAon ialtk in liiS by 
Rev. Robejvt KoehleA oi GKeat Zend. 

On JuZy 9th, 1891, he wa4 uniXtd in moAfUage. uiith Anna MoheniteAn who ihaAed 
uxLth him the hafuLihipi oi pioneeA tiie.. JweJive. ckildxen weAe boKn to tkii union, 
two oi whom died in infancy. 

— FoA. a mmbeA oi yeoM the Tieg& iamlZy tivtd on a ianm iouthea6t oi Hankimon 
but lateA. moved to a ianm noAthweJ>t oi Hankin6on, in BeZiond TownikLp, now occupied 
by Anmond Tiegi, a gAond^ion. In OctobeA oi 1935, Ua. and M^. Tiegi moved to Hank- ■ 
imon whtAz MtA. TiegA paired cuaay on VecembeA 26th, 1937. Since then he. hai madz 
hii home, with kl6 chiJdAsji. ■ 

Thz tait yeoAi oi hij> tiiz havz not been eaty oneJ>, bexng ipent in tht Wahptton 
and Kent HohpiXaJU. louck oi ciAcuZation in the loweA limbi made, it mctiiaAy to 
amputate iiAbt one Limb and then the. otheA tlmb, bat in i,pite. oi hU, handicap he Ae- 
mained chzeAiuZ and enjoyed the. ocaii>i.onaZ outing hit, chiZdAen made ioA him and thank- 
iul ioA the many vliiXi iAcm kii many iAiendi. EaAZy thU he began to ialt in 
heaZth and ioA a long time, he knem that death wai neaA. He. pai,ie.d away eaAly on ffU- 
day moAning, June. 23Ad, at the age oi 80 yeau 6 monthi and 20 day6. 

The Living dtkcendejitM mmbeA 89, including 47 gAondckitdAtn, 32 gfuiat- qAondchiZd- 
Aen and 10 chJJdAzn. The childAcn to mouAn kl6 pairing include: ThzodoAe, knnold, 
and FAonk, J/t- oi Loi Angele.6; HeAman oi Alameda, CA. , hiAi,. HeAman Wt&tphal oi WahpeX- 
on; f.{A&. Hugo Lentz oi LidgeAwood; Hac. August Tankow, M^. 04,caA KAauie, Wu>. CeoAgz 
SchelZzA and AlbeAt Tiegi oi Hankimon; onz ilLtzA, Ua6. Hathilda Heinz oi Vade City, 

Out oi town AeZativzi) who wzAz pAej>ent ioK the iuneAol included: HAi. UoAy 
Tiegi>, Ma. and f.{u. EAvin Hzinz, UAi. GeAtAudz iiJzdzll, oi Eilendalz, NP., and Ua. and 
fAAi. HowoAd Mc VeAmont, Sauk CenteA, MN. Va. and Wid. ThzodoAe. Tizgi, Sun Valley, CA., 
Ua. HzAman Tizgl, Alamzda, CA., Mw. Le^teA Tobin, Alamzda, CA. , hlAi. Omuji WzitpkaZ, 
t-iinnzapotU , MM., and Mc44 VoAlyi Tizgi, Sioux TalZi, SV. 

HAMKIHSOU NEWS «»»,«»«»»»,«««» JUNE 29, 7950 



FfUzndi, and KeMitbj(U uifit ihocktd to hzjiK oi the. iuddzn dejxtk oi Wa. RobeAt 
Sttln, age 56. Thzij ioJmzd iouih o^ Gfizai Bend. Mw. SteJ.n got mdd^rUbj UJi at hzA. 
homt about 7 o'cJLock. Sunday zvtnlng. hUi. StOAJi took htfi In thz cox and p^cfeed up Wi. 
and Ma4. EArUit TLicktn., a il&tzA oi VJik. Sttln and fuuhzd heji to HaniUmon, but iht 
poiizd away oi a hejint attack bziofiz thzy afifuMzd tktfit. Uaj> . Stein waj, J.n good hmtth 
and ZntzAz^tzd in hfi ianm wofik. She had plannzd to move to Hankln&on thJj> iaZt wheAZ 
Hk. Sttln had buWL a new home, which wZU bt complzttd Jin about two weefei . 

The. SteXn'^ havz thfitz chJJ.dA.zn. [I^enel H^. EanJL Condon oi fiuAal Wahpzton; 
ElAoy SteJji oi ne/vi GieaZ Eznd and VJJLton SteJjn at homz and lix QhxmdduJLdKzn. 

FaneAot afOumgemzntk havz not been madz at thU wUXlng. 
HMKJNSON NEWS •••••«••»» t » j^^g 29, 1950 


TuneAol ieAvZczi weAe held Sunday Jane iox hiKi, Ttoyd TyZzn., SZ, who pair- 
ed auoay Junz 7th. at thz UnlveM-ity Hospital at flinnzapoLii) . VzaXh wa6 diiz to a hzaxt 
attack du/Ung iuAgeAy. 

Vju. Tytzn. wa& boKn at Sacfizd HeoAi, MW., Jane 79, H9b, and lateA moved, with 
hzA. poAznti,, to EndeAtin, WP., whzAZ thzy lived ioK lomz tlmz bzioAz mov-ing to Hankln- 
6on. Shz wai, moAnled to Ma/oA. S-vigexint Floyd E. TyleA on Sept. 4th., 1940 at hiapa, CA, 
M/L. TyleA. wa6 latzA onAeJizd to thz PkWLiplnzi,, wheAz he wai taken pJilioneA on Ikuj 5, 
1942, and tibeJuvted In 1945. WhiZz Ma.. TylzA. c«u away Uu. TyleA madz hzfi homz in 
Hanklnhon with hex ilitzA and bfiotheA-ln-law, Ua.. and Ma6. 0. A. CtiveA. 

Thz TyleA' i lateA moved to Sioux FalZi, wheAz thzy madz thelA homz until Hu. 
TyleA'6 hzalXh ialled. Thzy thzn KztuAnzd to Hanklmon and madz thzlA homz heAz ex- 
cept ioA. thz tlmz that hOu. TylzA twoi In dlUzAznt hoipitalt Kzcelvlng mzdlcal attent- 

Maa. TyleA wa& a ioAneA membcA oi thz Congregational Ladlz& Aid and ChuAch oi 
Hankln&on, and oi luAah ChapteA, OxdeA oi Ea&teAn Stax hzAz and oi thz Cxocm, Lodgz 
at EndeAtin. 

Shz Izavztt to mouxn hzA pa^ilng. In addition to heA iOAAouUng husband, 2 slitzu, 
UXi,. 0. A. OllveA oi Hankln&on and Ma<5 . PeXeA HeZland oi FaAgo; I bKothex, A. W. John6on 
oi Glzndalz, CA., and J nelcz and 5 nzphewi In addition to a ho4tt oi ixlzndi. 

Rev. Reeie oi Wahpeton had chaxge oi thz ieAvice^ which weAZ held at th.z homz 
at 7:30 and at thz CongKzgatlonal ChuAch at 1 P.M. luAik Chaptzx, OxdzA oi EaiteAn Stan., 
had choAgz oi thz ieAvlczi at thz CemzteAy. 

PaZtbeaxeAi included: M. R. Lazznby, T. J. Lund, M. Gnanell, T. W. Robey, Haxold 
Knudizn and John Vettznga. Jntznment waj, at Hilliidz Cemelzfiy. 

Out oi town people who camz to attend thz iuneAal included: Ma. and Maa. EAncA^ 
TylzA, M. and lin^. Loul& TyleA and Ma. and MAi. GeoAge TyleA, all oi Sioux Falli, Ma. 
AaC/ioa TyleA oi Rapid City, SV., MA4. GeoAge Thomai oi hiinneapolli and Ma. and MA4 . 
WalXeA Blggi and son and inlend oi FaAgo. 

HANKWSON NEWS M^WTAPOR NEWS * * ' '^^^ ' »..»*. jUWE 29,7950 


M/i. and Uu. John LCneham /lecexued rnxd tku wtzk that thtAJi nzphexv, RobzAX 
VmmzntinQ oi ZivzA FalU, WZ., uxu> luZttd In a cxui nixm. PAa>cott, Wl., on 
SatiiAdaij night at about 11:15. 

RobeAt, who wai 23 at the. tune, oi KU> dejoth, vxu, the. ion oi Wi. and Ufu. Hikz 
VejmeAting. Uk6. VenmeAllng uiltt fee A.emzmbeAed hexe. oi the. iofmeJi LenoKe. Unehan, 
6t6teA. oi John LineJvxji. 

TuneAot 4eAv-cc&4 weAe. heZd Tuesday at RlveA foLU. 
HANKJNSON NBtS ************ j^^y ^^ ^^^^ 


TuneAol i>eA\jlceJ> wejit held Uonday, June 26, 1950, at the. WZppeAjnan FuneAol Home. 
ioK Wm. A. BoAk who dleA at tht Kent Hoipitat Thuuday e.veM/jig, June 22, 1950, iottouiing 
a ittjiokz.. He. had teen in WL hexxZth £oK 4>e.veA£Ll yenAi. 

Wm. A. BoJdi, waj, boAJi ApfuZ 8, 1876, in GAaitcn, Jowa. In 1900 ht uxu, moAAizd 
to QJjvm. GZa6ieZ and they tl,tabtii,he.d theiA home, on kU ^oAm in Gfizendalt Towmhip 
wheAe. he. Ke£,ided until the timz o^ his dejith. To tkit union 2 loni weAH bofm, both oi 
whom pAe.ce.zdzd him in death. 

On febfmoAy 25, 1909, ht cow moAAied to Amanda IcAling oi GAaiton, Iowa, who 
pAzczzdzd kun in dejoth in 1919. Va. BoKk woi 74 yzoAi, 2 monthi and 14 dayi old at tht 
timz oi hii death. 

Lzit to mouAn hit patting oAz six childxcn: Otto oi AlexandAca, WW., GeAda (M^. 
GeAold Vankow], (tlahpeton; Hazel, (MA4. Hubznt blagrnA] , Wew EHington, SV., Emma, WaltzA 
and William, In. at home. TheAz oAz alio 4 gAondchildAzn and onz bAotheA. 

Rev. A. A. GJiai woi in c/ioAge oi thz iZAviczi, and inteAmznt woi in thz iamily 
lot at Tyion CemeteAy. 

HANKJNSON NWS ************ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ 


hOii. John BAummond Kzceivzd woKd lait weefe that heA bfiotheA, TKed A. Thinyon 
had pa&izd auny ThuAiday at hi/, homz at Hilwaakzz, WI. Hz wxu 54 yeoAi old at thz 
timz oi hii dzath. 

EunzAol iSAviczi wzAZ held Sunday aiteAnoon ifiom thz Immanael LuthzAJin ChuAch 
with Rev. H. Tnjj oHiciating and thz AmzAlcan Lzgion unit oi that city held militoAy 
Aite/, ioK thz Wonld Woa I VztcAon. 

¥Kzd Thinyon, wai bofm f^ay tth, 1896, thz ion oi thz latz Txzd and Anna. Thinyon, 
in Summit Townihip. Hz attendzd thz Wahpeton Schooli and wai lateA employed by Lzvint 
BAotheAi VAodacz Company and Suiiit and Co. Hz znlUtzd in thz U. S. Afmy, July 22, 
1918 In Wahpzton and woi diichoAged Nov. 15, 1979. He movzd to Hilwaukzz 15 yenAi ago 
wheAz hz wai employzd. Hz had bzzn in iailing health ioA. izvzAol yzoAi and hoi bzzn 
hoipitalizzd iincz June. 


Uit to mouAn hli fXnUng oJui a bKotkzA, L. J. Tkinyon oi lUahptton, and iouA 
ill>Wi&, M^. John Eummond oi Hankuu,on, Unj>. LeJia. SoAznJ>on, ToM Vodgz, lorn., hifii. 
Ben \kzdznmld, Voniland, OR., and \^. Van CAyan, Hoaiton, TX. Hli> paA^ntk, a bKo- 
theJi and Xwo iUteAi pfitCLtzdeA him in dzjoth. IntzAment um In TaJjivlm C^meXeJiy 
beside, hlk bfusikex EeAnaAd. VaJUbzjaA^M, wzKt hit, ilx nzphei^a, Gofidon, f^oAvin, WalXeA, 
{Jlil{tKejd and HaAXy Thaiyon and HoAold Mei/eA. 
KAWnWSOW NEWS .•.•......•♦ JULV 6, 1950 


• TunzAoZ htAxiictlt ion Thank William Wentz wUJi be heM. at TmmanuzZ LatheAan 

ChuAck in Hankinion, on TKiday a^ttAnoon., July Uth, at 2:30 P.M. A gAie.^ iSAvict 
loA the. irmtdiAte. family \aLtt fee heXA in thz home. pAeviouity. 

TAank Hejvtz dieA at hU home in Hankin6on on Tuej,day evening, July 11th ihoAiJbj 
beioAe i>ix o'ctock. He had been aiZZng £oA 4ome time, but hii dexUh came AatheA ituddzn- 

TAonk Hentz uxa the oldest oi eight chiZdAen boAn to VtteA Hentz and hl& uii^e 
UoAtha. nee Schuelt. He uxu, boAn at Coliax, NV., UoAcJi 29, 1SS6, moving to the iaAm 
60LLth oi Hankinion uiith hU paAenti £,hoAtZjj theAeaiteA. He uxu, baptized and coniiAmed 
by the lalnted ?a&toA T. Hinck at GAzat Eend. 

TAonk Hentz uxu, maAAted hlov. 2nd, 1911 to EZiie SchuZtz at Hankin6on and they 
made. theiA home iouth oi Hankini,on. Tuxi chiZdAen weAe boAn to thii, union, a ion GeoAge 
who pAeceeded hi^ iatheA in death at the age oi 25, in 1939, and a daaghteA, Ua&. El- 

dAe.d [Helen] lUolie. Ua. and Uai,. Hentz moved to Hankin&on in 1943, and he began to 
woAk ioA the city oi Hankin&on oi uxtteA commiaiontA in VehtmaAjy 1944, a position he 

held to hit, death. 

Ma.. Hentz ZeaveJ, to mouAn hli pa&^ing hl& uiidow, hll, daaghteA, Ma^. E^ecf i)Jolie 

oi Hanklmoni hit, bAotheXi, VeteA oi VznveA, ZO., Roay oi Roihott, SV., hit, 6l6teAi, 

Lena, UlAi. John FAondt oi Enltton, SV., and E&theA, HAi . John Linehojx oi Hankimon; 

hit) motheA-ln-law, Ha6. Gutt SchuZtz, Hankljuon; at, well a6 many otheA Aelatlvej, and 

iAiendt) . 

He attained the age oi 62 yeoAt,, 3 monthi and 13 dayt,. BuAiat Mill be in the 

LutheAon CemeteJiy at Hanklni,on, the Rev. G. C. t^lchael being in chaAge oi the ieAvlce. 

HANKTNSON NEWS ************ jULi^ J3, 1950 


tJiA6 . John M. KAump Aecelved uoAd Wedne.&day oi the death oi heA bAothcA-in-law, 

Hick LambeAty, who died that day at ki.t, home at Hinkley, MN. FuneAal ieAviceJ, Mill 

be held on Thlday moAnlng at Hinkley. 

ji Thae iAom heAe who leit ThuAiday to attend the ianeAol included: M/l. and lOu. 

John M. KAump, Joe and Vick KAimp, Ma., and UAt, . WilmaA BaldneA. oi UooAeton, Ha. and 

MAi. WiliAed KAump, UAi,. HoAy KAump and AlheAt, Ma. and HAt,. lAa Keeyiey oi Wahpeton 

and John Theil. 

HAN/CINSON NEa'S * * * * * »^ »^ . * * * * juLV 13. I95C 


Guitavz Kfuune., w/io had made. ka> horn In Campbttt Townihcp In iiJttkln County 
ilncz 190), dle.d Sunday, July 16tk, at kU {oAm homz thvit. We vxu, 89 yzani> old and 
had ejij'oyzd good hmlth untUZ he. 4>u{i£eAed a cejiehal heimoAAagz ScutuAday. 

Ma.. Kfuuut uxu> boAJi In Wezt ?Au{,6la, GeAmany, June. 15, 1861, and came to ELiz- 
abtth, m., a{teA leJivlng thhze. yenXi aji thz GeAman fiAmy . On^e.cembeA 8, 1888, he. moAfUed 
hUnnle Boeck, at Etizabetk wheAZ tkejj iofmed untlt 1901 when thzy came to Campbell Toum- 
ihlp. *lw. KAaiue. died kpKll 10, 1939. He had been making hli> home, with hu ion, AAth- 
vJi, on the home placz at Tenney, pAzvloui to hl6 death. 

He li 6UM}lve.d by ka> chUdAtn, Ufa,, SheAman [Uantha] Robblju, o^ Hinckley, Mi., 
HenAy o^ EAeckerUildgz, fiJUhuA and Eduln oi Tenney and M/L4. EUlz Manocfe, UA6. Ida UeyeA, 
M/L4. M. J. {HaXtle.) UtyeA, WlZtiam and CoAt all oi falAmount, W. He aUo leaver 43 
gAondchlldAen and 27 gAeat-gAandchlldAen. One. ion. Max, died Hay 20th. 
-FunzAol ieAvlcci will be held ThuAiday at 10 A.M. ^Aom thz St. Anthony Catholic ChuAch 
In FalAmount with fathzA Lzo Stzlten. o^{/.clatlng. VaIoa to thz {^uneAaJi ieAvlczi thz 
body will lie In itatz at thz VeAtln TunzAal Chapel In Wahpzton. VzAtln funzAol Home 
In Wahpzton li In chaAgz. 

VallbejvieAi will Be ilx nephewi who oaz: Jamzi, Anthony, Atoyilui and ElAoy 
Mej/eA and SylvzitoA and LziteA KAauiz. 
HANKINSON NEWS t»«««««»*,,, j^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ 

Vam. John Linehan Azcelvzd woAd Wzdnziday ^Aom UAi. Edith BommeAibach telling 
oi thz death ol hzA iatkzA, Ma.. Johmon on Sunday at Vattzy City. Hu. BommeAibach 
will be AemembeAzd by many Hanklmon AZildenti oi thz ioAmeA Edith Johmon, who wai 
thz beauty opznatoA at thz Linehan beauty ihop heAz {^OA many yzoAi. 
HANHNSON MEWS •«•»•»»»»,», j^^^y ^^^ j^j^ 


FunzAot izAvlczi wzAZ held Tuesday, July ISth, at 2 P.M. iAom thz LutheAan 
ChuAch In BAzckznAldgz {,0A Mw . MztmeA Flaa, 49, who pa^izd cuvay at hzA home In B^ecfe- 
znAldge on Sunday, July 23, a^tzA a lingeAlng lllnzii . 

TloAzncz VoAklZl woi boAn VzcembeA 11, 1900, at Faltmount, NP., wheAZ ihz gAeu; 
to womanhood, attzndlng thz public ichool thzAz. Shz wai con{^l'imzd In thz LuthzAan 
ialth and hoi alwayi been an ac^ve membzA 0(5 thz chuAch guild. 

On Auguit 26, 1937, ihz wai moAAlzd to HzlmzA Elan, oi BAZckenAldgz by Rev. P. 
A. CliKjold. Shz hoi madz hzA homz In BAzckznAldgz ilncz that timz. 

Beildzi hzA huiband, ihz Izavei to mouAn heA paalng, hzA motkzA, Mw . Beiilz 
PoAklU o{i TaxAmount; t*}0 ilitzAi, h'Ai. GzAold UzyzA oi Wahpzton and Uu . Dean Cox oi 
MooA/iead, and one bAothzA, HyAon PoaJuH oi Ealnmount. HeA iathzA, Laiayettz PoAklZl, 
a iliteA, Mi/Aa, and a bAothzA, EzAa pAZCzzdzd hex In dzath. 

' C37) 

Rev. G-Oivold viiiL be -in changz o^ ihi. £anzAal iviviau iclXh (VUiangejneMti b^Jjig 
madz by Jo-i. Vafitin and ion& o^ BxzckzruUdgz. The body lay In itatz ^Kom 2:30 P.M. 
I^onday antZl the. time, o^ the {aneJiaJi ieAvZcu Tutiday. 

HMKWSOhl WEOIS ««««•»«»«»•« jyj_y 27^ 1950 


The Uoii o{t the Angeli uxii iald aX St. PkitUpi ChuAch on Honday, July 24th, 
£oA. EduxjAd, two monthi old ^on 0($ Mt. and Uu. Loud G-imbach, who poMe-d away 
at the St. FfiancM) HoifUtal on SaXuAday monAlng a6 a KeJ,utt o^ pneumonia. 

Rev. TatheA. Nuutch oi{^(ujxted aX the &eK\jJic.ejt, and buAial woi -en CalvoAy CemeXeAy. 
HANKIMSOM WEWS %♦»«*•»»*««» jyj_y 27, 19 50 


Ua. and M/la . John Sahil le{^t ThjuAiday moAning {,0A Hagae, W., wheAe they weAe 
called by the death ol Ma.. SahtCi motheA, HKi. FAank Sahli, who paired away at Vlck- 
ejiion, W., wheAe ihe had been vl&ltZng, on TueJ>day moAnlng a^teA iai{,eAlng a itAoke 
the. iome moAnZng. 

FuneAol AeAv^cei will be heZd FAlday moaning at St. ^oAy'i ChuAch In Hague. 
HANKJNSON WEWS •»««•»»«»••« j^^y 27, 7950 


FuneAol ieA.vlceJ> ^ofi UAi . Wm. UeyeA will be heZd at the JmrnanueZ EvangeZical and 
Re.{,oAmed ChuAch In Hankln^on on Uonday, August 7th. 

Rev. A. A. GAafi will be In dioAge o{, the 4>eAvice.i. Hfu. UeyeA paaed away at 
hzA home neoA Wew E{,{,lngton, SV., at about 11:30 A.M., ThuAiday moAnlng following a 
heoAt attack. 
HANKJNSOM NBJS • « « » t » « « t t « • AUGUST 3, J 950 


h{A. and UAt>. John SahLi KeXiiAned home latt week iAom Hague, UV . , wheAe they had 
bze:n to attend the iuneJial oi Ua. SahLi'i motheA, IViS. FKank Sahll, who poMied away at 
VlckeniiOn on Tuesday, July 25th, {following a itAoke the'.iame day. 

fJUu, . Sahll, who wa& 79 yzaA6 old at the time 0|$ heA death, leaver ieven chlldAen, 
twejity ieven gAandchlldAen and ilxteen g/ieat-gAandchlZdAen, to mouAn heA pairing. 

TuneAol ieji\ilcej> weAe held TfiLday, July 2S, at the St. UoAy'i ChuAch at Hague. 

HANKINSON NEWS »«..»*«.»»«« AUGUST 3, 1950 

FuneAol ^eAvlcti weAe held on FfUday af,teAnoon {,oK AlbeAt F. UmbfieAX, prominent 
(jOAmeA 01$ Richland County. SeAvlceJ, weAe conducted at the home at 1:30 and 2 o'clock 
at the IvangeJUcal United E^ethAen ChuAch with Rev. SteAting WenzeZ oxidating. The 
body woi loyid to Ae^t In the {family lot at th.e EvangzZlcal CemetZAy. 

AlbeAt UmbAeUX wa& boAn JanuoAy ISth, ISSl , In Ulnne^ota and came to Richland 
County oi, a young man wlXh hXj> paAent6 to th.e GazoX Bend vicinity wheAe he woAkzd oi a 


utti dfuJJiQA and aJUo f^oAmzd. Hii uxi^t pcaszd aioaij in 1940 and fie the.n madt hJj> home 
iniXh hJjt iioni), Raymond and VeAnle.. Ma. UmbieJjt had been in laiJLinQ hzjoJith ioK tht pa&t 
tu)o yznju but att the. mzdicat attzntion he. Kzctivzd Moi in vain. He uxu a patient in 
the. St. TKontuj) Hoipitat ^oK leveAat weefei bu-t ft-c4 ioii>h uku to bz at home. wheAe. he pa&izd 
away TueJiday evening about 5:05 on 2uly 25, 7950. 

He 1006 moAAizd to Anna. GnizpentAog , VecembeA 19th, 1904, at Gfiejot Bend. He Mat 
a ^aithiul membeA o^ the. EvangeLicaZ UniXe.d Bfiethxen ChuAch at Gfiexit Bend. 

SuA-viving oAe 5 ioni, HogeA, LoAen and HeAAiZZ o^ HUwaukee, WI., Roy and VeAnie. 
at home., 3 daiighteAi, [Violn.] Wu,. CV-HoKd WeZ6h, [FeaAl] U/u. Max leinen oi ^UJMoakze., 
WJ., (Mae) HAi. Jutiai Fenike oi EeJUeviXJit, Hick. Two bAotheA., VAed oi Wew OAZeani,, LA. 
and HaAAAM oi ^oli Point, Uontana.. Tuo liJ>teAZ, UAi. Julia MonAxe oi TaZlhAcok, CA., 
and Uxi. CAanviLte CgvuAg oi TheAmapolib , Wyoming, and 14 gAandchiZdAe.n. 

The deeptit iympathy ii, extended to the beAeaved iamitieJ> iAom thli vicinity. 

mnUSON NBUS - great BEWP ♦••««»«»••«• august 3, 1950 itAucii Sunday aiteAnoon in White Rock when Vonald HeAman, ion oi Ma. and 
Ma4 . GeoAge HeAman, dAowned whiZe. iuuimiing in the channeZ 6outhea6t oi town. 

Vonatd and itveAoZ. iniendi, weA.e. iwimming acAOih the. ditch when suddenly he itoAt- 
ed tjo dAiit downstAeam with the cuAAent. Hi6 iAiendi, thought that he. wai iooting until 
hz caLtzd ioA help and 4,unk out oi iight. Help wa6 caiZzd ioA at once but it woa 4ome 
timz bzioAz the body wai, iound. 

He tejavz& to mouAn bztidzi hJj, paAznti, iouA bAothzA, Ralph, Arnold, Stanley and 
LzonoAd and thtzz tiitzfu,, WiM, CoAwin GundzA&oniVoAothy] , MA4. BaIcz Olion [LoAAoine] 
and Vafilznz. 

HANKTNSON NEWS - WHITE ROCK ••••»•»«•••* AUGUST 3, 1950 


hiAi. John Holit Azceivzd woAd Wzdnz&day mofining oi thz death oi heA bfiotheA-in- 
laiv. Ma. FAonfe CaiAnzy, whv pa&ied away at kil, home in UofiAii , MN., Tuesday moAning. 

TunzAol ieAviczi will be held TKiday moAning at Moaa-cA. 

HMKJNSON NEU/S «»•««»*»«««« AUGUST 10, J950 


TuneAol ieAvicz6 wzAZ condactzd Monday Augu&t 1th, by Rev. A. A. GAa^, at thz 
Emmanuel Evangelical and Reionmzd ChuAch heA.z ion. MA4. William Mex/eA who ponied away 
vzAy suddenly at hzfi homz ThuAiday moAning, Auguit lAd, at 17:15 A.M., at thz age oi 
S6 yeau, 4 monthi and S dayi. 

BzAtha Louuz KaAolinz ButenhoU, wa6 boAn MoAch Z5, 7S95, the daaghteA ci 
^.Unniz and FAank ButenhoU. Shz wai> thz izcond child oi a iamily oi 77 childAzn. Sfie 
woi baptized and coniiAmed in thz Evangelical luthzAan Bzthonia ChuAch at Renville, 
MW., whzAz Jthz livzd and gAZW to womanhood. 

On NovzmbeA 7th, 79 79, ihz voai unitzd in moAAiagz to William UaJitin UzyeA oi 
neoA HamrneA. They )iej>idzd on a ioAm neoA HammzA ioA many yeaA& and hzAz theiA (ive 


duJLdKzn. weAe. boln. Lcuttn. jun. J 9 36 Xhti} moved XX3 xne f-aJULon £aAm moA. Hantvinton uiUaJ. 
tht iaU. oi 1942, uihzn they moved 8 nuZej, nofUh U3e^t o^ Uew E^^^ngton wheAz they Ke.- 
iJAed untU. the. tone, oi heA dexUh. 

Lzit to mouAn heA. poi^-oig oAe. heA haaband, ItiUJLLam and ({-cue duZd/ien, VeAnon oi 
fuiAoZ HaniUnion, Ethel [Ufu,. Lto WavAoXef, S/i.J, Uu. LoAAcUnt BakeA, EZdzen [Uu. 
HcLAAy Ktugz] aJUi oi neoA New EHZngton and Olbay, who tive£ at fiome. kUo eJ-ght gtiand- 
dtHdAen, iXx ilkteM and ilve btwtheA. She. was pKectzded In dejxth by heA motheA and 
iatheA and two J,Zi>teA& and thKee. bKotheAl^. 

WX.ppeAman FaneAoZ Home wad Zn change, oi oAAagnemejvti and buAiaJi uxu in the. 
EvangeZZcaZ and Utiofimzd CemeteAy. 

HMKJUSON MEWS •«««•«•««»%» AUGUST 10, 1950 


FuneAot ieAvZcti weAt held Tuesday, Auguit 8th aJt 1 o'clock, at the. thz Vlfu>t 
Engti&h latheAan CkuAch -en ToAJmount, ioA HeAman Hoti&, ^K wfio pa&/>zd away quietly In 
hit ilzzp at hli homz In TaJjimount Sunday moAnlng, August 6th. Thz chuAch chain, lang 
"Ailzep In Je4u4" and "I'M But a StAangeA HeAZ." 

Hzfman Hozii wat, boAn at TormeAan, GeAmany,July 11, 1869. Hz camz with h-ci paA- 
Znt6 to thli countny at thz agz oi thAZZ yzoAl,. They ilA&t lettlzd In Wl&con&ln and 
lateA moved to a ianm neoA CKeat Eznd. 

On VzcembeA 2nd, 1890, hz waj> unltzd In maMlagz to UoAy Eladow. Thli union woi 
blziied with ztzven chlldAzn, two oi whom {Hafiold and Edgan] died In Iniancy. 

Thzy izttlzd on a homzitzad In VueAA Township wheAz they fuzMlded ioK 25 yzoAi, 
lateA moving to a ia/un neoA Falnmount. EoK thz pait 17 yzoAi,, Wt. Hozi^ had madz hlb 
homz In TafUmount. 

Lzit to moufui hit, paj,6lng OAZ hlb chlldAzn, CzoKgz oi BAzckenAldgz, ZienhoAd oi 
LidgeAwood, Enna. [Hu. ChoAlzi Kath) oi Hanklnbon, Linda. [Has. Gubt FoeZtz], HznbeAt 
and GltbzAt and ZichoAd all oi EalAsnount, lienz [Wib. Jack Vlacz] oi HaniUnbon; alio 
36 gAand chltdfizn and 45 gAzat-gnandchlldA&n, and onz gfizat-gAzat-gAandchlZd. 

HAb. Hozii pabied away In JamioAy oi 1945. Thzy had ceZzbAatzd thzlA golden 
wedding annlveAboAy In 1940. He lb al&o bufivlvzd by onz blbteA, Wu,. Loulbz Sfumdel 
oi CtalAZ City, SO., and two btwtheAb, Augubt oi LidgeAwood and lillltlam oi Hanklnbon. 

UfL. Hozib wab alwayb a kind and loving hubband and iatheA and will bz gneatly 
mlbbzd by hlb fizlatlvzb and inlzndb. 

Rev. RabbeA-t had choAgz oi thz iunznal beAvlczb and buAlal wob bzbldz hlb dz- 
poAtzd wliz at HlUbldz CemeteAy at Hanklnbon. 

Active pallbzoAeAb weAe hZb gfiand&onb: Alvin Hozib, Kznneth Hozib, Cafil Katk, 
JfL., HeMheAti Vlacz, VeJbnoA Hozib and OfUiln Hozib, HonofioAy pallbeoAeAb weAZ tfHUlan 
BeAndt, CoaI Kath, Sk. , Otto UaAohl, William Bladow and Hznman Tnanz. 
HANKTNSON WEWS •♦•••«».»*«» f^^^Q^j^^j ^q^ J950 



UfL. and Uu. E. J. U(UU xttuAntd StLtuAdny i/tom Banw^U., NtbAxuka, toheAe. thzy 
had be.zn caZZzd by tht deaXh oi H>l. Mow' motheA, HfU. Ethzl Uafu,. 

TaneAoZ ^tfivicu weAe heZd at BtinweJLt on FfUday. 

HAWKINSON NEWS ••«««•«»«««« AUGUST 24, 1950 


Un.. and UfU. Tfizd Ctl&eA. and Rodney fiztuAntd home. Sunday ^Ajim Lan&ing, HicJUgan, 
wficAe ^ey had fceen catted the week be^oKe by the Hidden death oi Uk. GeJLkex'i bfiotheA, 
The.0. QeJjteA, who poi&ed auxuf Sunday, Auguit 20th, at hl& home, lottowlng a heoAt attack. 

Hz leaver to mouAn hlb pai^Zng hii wl^e and one daughter. 

HANKINSON NEWS ************ AUGUST 31, 1950 


Uu. VKexL Kluge hxm catted to ClaJjie City on Tuetday, Augu6t 22nd, by the death 
oi heA. bKothefL, HenAy GltbeAt Han&on who was kilted on Auguit 2Ht, neoA BeoAdiley, MN. 

Uk. Hanion, 68, who wa& the vixitbn oi a hit and fum dfiivefi, wai, getting into 
hU coA. when he waj, itAiick and knocked uncomclous, patiing away tateJi tixat day. The 
dniveA. oi the caA had not been located according to the tateat KepoKti Keceived by Ha&. 

The iuneAot wat> held at the Tifibt LutheAon ChuAch at ClaiAe City, Augoit 24th. 
HAi. Ktuge and Ma., and M^. EdgoA Quam and ShaAon oi thii city attended the iuneAat. 

HfL. Han&on wa& bonn in Wilkin County, MN. He woe, maAnied to Sanah Haage and to 
thli union eight chitdnen weAe bonn. He had Aeiided in Sts^eton and ClaiAe City wheAe 
he wai emptoyed in the TaAneM EtevatoK and he atto woftked in hii cAait a6 caApenteA. 

It wai the pfUvitege oi UK. and Uk&. Hamon to viiit theiA eight childAen in the 
iuAAounding itatej> and they weAe enAoute. to theiA home iiwm the. Black Hilti when the 
accident occuAed. 

HANJCINSON UEllS ************ SEPTEMBER 7, 1950 


FaneAo£ ieAvicei weAe hetd on Wednesday moAning at 9 o'ctock at the St. Philtipi' 
Catholic ChuAch ioK Wu. UoAgaAet Rettig, 75, who poiied away at Hoilyn, SV., on Sunday 
evening aiteA a yeoAi, iltnea. Rev. Joieph Huehich woi in choAge oi the ieAvicei and 
buAiat waj> in CalvaAy CemeteAy. Volt beaAeM weAe iix nephewi oi the deceased, Geoxge, 
HoAAy, and Joe WiAtz and Louii, John and Joe Schittz. 

UoAgaAet Rettig wai boAn on MoAc/i 4th, HIS, at HitteAvilte MN., one oi a iamity 
oi ieven chitdKen. She wai moAfiied in 189S to Joieph Rettig at HUteAvitte and the 
couple moved to thii community, homeiteading in what ii now known ai Etna Towmhip. 
fUne childAen weAe bonn to blej>i tkii union, alt oi whom iuAvive. 

The iamity made theiA home on theiA iafm in Elma until aiteA the death oi Ma. 

Tiettig, who poiied away twenty iouA yeoAi ago. AiteA hii death the iamily moved to 


tJiantadoK w/ieAe thty loAmcd a. t{cw yejcuu, theji moved to Hank^ru>on to makt thcAA home.. 
Uu. ^zttlQ iptnt the. toMt yejVU) in the home oi htn. daagkteA. at 1io6yln. 

About j,even monthi ago, t-Ou. Hettcg'Jt health began to ^aJX and in iplte oi aJUL 
tUnoJt «xi4 done {oK hex, heK conditLon gfiei/o itexuLHy wonie. K^ten. AeMvuting In July iKom 
UinneApotU wheAe ihe had fLe.cex.ved medZcat tfieatment ihe. wai cxuied ^ok by hex daughteA, 
Hits. John fZicheA at the TlicheM. home tn ^oilyn. She paired away on Sunday evening, 
SeptembeA 10th and 6he wai bAxiught to Haj/dUnaon ^OK bufujaJL. 

Wie>. Rettig uxu a devoted motheA. and a kind lAiend and nelgfdjoA. and Ahe hai a 
koit oi iKlend/, who extend theJji ilnceJiz iympathy to the ioA/uming iamily. 

SuAvA.vZng to mouAn hex death oAe heA nine chlZdAen, CaAl oi Wimbledon, WP.;' 
EtizabeXh, Ww. John TlicheA oi Ro-tlyn; UoAy, Wu>. Clofiencz ThoA&en oi Uountaln View, 
CA., EvangeJUne, HfU. Vave Ulttag oi GAeat Be.nd; John oi Chlaigo; EdiMAd oi FeAgui ValZi, 
and August, Raymond and BeAnand oi thie> city; and one iZiteA, Ulii Lizzlt TajuJbt oi tkU 
HANKJHSON UBiS ************ SEPTEMBER M, 1950 


U>u. HeAman Zi,egelman lEAna Eohn] oi GaAiieZd, UN, died Sunday moAning at 3 o' 
clock, SeptembeA 10th, at the St. UoAy HoipiXal at WahpeXon. She had been aiZing ioA 
oveA a yeoA. She had an opeAotion la&t yeoA and wai> a patient at the UeAcy Hobpital 
at AlexandAia ioA ieveAol weeki. Hen. itlne^h lingeAed on and heA laish woi to be neon. 
heA fieZative^ heAe at GAeat Bend. She stayed with hex £i^teAi 6zveAal voeeki iut heA 
condition got mAie and ihe ifxn taken to the St. UoAy HoipiXal at Wahpeton wheAe ihe 
paned away. 

Uu. liegtlmann uxu> bofm VecembeA 15, U91 , at GAeat Bend, thz daaghteA oi the 
deceased Ma., and Wu,. HenAy Bohn. On OctobeA 26, 1915, ihe was mafuUed to Herman Zlegel- 
mann at GAeat Bend and they then madz theJA home at GoAiieZd, MM. She iJ, AuAvived by hex 
hiiiband and one adopted ion, OAviZle, who lb stationed In VtoKlda in the Navy. Two 
ll&teAA, fifU. Void. KnuegeA and Lena and iouA bAotheAi, F/ianfe, Otto, Guitave and Richand, 
aJtl oi GAeat Bend. 

Tunexal leAvicei, will be held aX the Bohn home at 7:30 o'c^cfe, ThuAiday aitex- 
noon and aX 2 o'clock at the TnlniXij LutheAan ChuAch at GfieaX Bend, Rev. Bauman oi Gax- 
ileM, ifM., and Rev. RengitoKi oi GxeaX Bend oHixuatlng. 

HonoAOAy VallheoAeM will be lix bAothzfu-in-law, TAonk, TAed, Augu6t, Adolph 
and Otto IlegeJbnann and Tfiank UoAtln. Volt beoAeAt, wUUL be lix nephewi. Bufiial will 
be at the TxLniXy LutheAan CemeXexy. 
HANKJHSON NEWS ************ SEPTEMBER 14, 1950 



Uxi. JuLLai RoedeA, plonttn. KUidtnt oi tkli cormuncty, dltd cut hzA. homz htn.t 
Taz^day at tkt agt 0(J 91 yzoju. M44. Hoedtn. uxu, mat acXlve. In ipite. o{ heJi advanced 
yzjjJiL and itemd to be. in appoAtnt good health and hen. death came a& a QKeat ihock. 
Wheji hejL ion and daughteA, UK. and Wu. HeAman UejdenuiaZdt made. thexA daiJLj vlkit to 
heA. homz Taztday they £oand hzfi dead. Veath wai due to hzafut iaiZuAz. 

lexwL JoitAov, daughteA o^ U/l. and UK6. Augtut JaitAov, mxu bonji in Wzit Vnimia, 
CzAmanif, on NovembeA 9th, 1859. She uxi& baptized and con^iMmed in thz EvangzLicat and 
RzioAmzd ChuAch in GeAmany. She gA.ew to womanhood in GeAmantf and at thz agz o^ tuiznty- 
lix emnigfULted to AmzAica. She uxu employed in New VoAk £oK a yzoA and one hal^, at thz 
end o£ which ihz camz to thil community. Shz wcl4 moAAled to Juliiu, RoedeA in T8S6. 
Eight childAzn wzAe bofin to blej>J> thii anion, szven oi whom lUAvZvt. 

M/L4. RoedeA lzavz& to mouAn theiA loil, thAzz lom, AAthuA and RzlnhoAd oi thil 
city and Annold ojj UinneapotU and louA daughteA&, Uu. HzAman Uedemialdt, Uu. Ed Pan- 
kow and Ma4. OicoA KfuizgeA, all o^ thl& dity and Uai>. Ida Holtz oi TaiAmount. KUo 
^ouAtzzn gfiandchildAen and twenty gKzat-gnandchildAzn. Onz ion died in infancy. 

Vunenal leAviceM will bz on TfUday a^tzAnoon at 1:50 at heA homz and at Z o^ clock 
at thz Emmanuel Evangelical and Rziofimzd ChuAch. Rev. A. A. GAa^ will oi^catz at thz 
IZAvlczi. Pall beoAZAl will bz ^oua gJiandchildAzn, NoAman and GeAold Pankow, ElAoy 
and JAvin Holtz, and Velamn. P.oiiow and klvin Buckhotuz. BuAlal will bz in thz Emman- 
uel. Evangelical and Rz^oAmzd CemzteAy beiidz hzA huiband who polled away thAzz yeaAi ago. 
HANKJNSON WEWS «»»».»««»••» SEPTEMBER 21, 1950 


FuneAol leAvicei weAZ held at thz Jrmanuel Luthznaji Chufich lilzdneiday a^tennoon 
ioA TKzd Kath, long time Aeiident o£ thil city who died at hU homz hzAZ on Sunday, 
Septembzn. Uth. Rev. G. C. Hichael wai in chaAgz o^ thz izAviczi. Pall beaAzAi weAz 
A. H. UelcheA, Vijck. landzA, TAonk PeiXz, Choi. VeddeA, John Gfieen and HaAold Jonei. 
BuAial wai in the LutheAon CzmzteAy. 

Txed Kath wai boKn FehAuoAy 23nd, 1S77, In We&i PAullia, GeAmany, emnignating to 
AmzAica at the agz 0^ H. A^tzA ipendlng two yeoAi at PaAibault, MN., hz camz to Hank- 
ijtion wheAZ hz hai Keiided zvza lincz. In 1902 fie wai united in man/Uagz to Elliz Ebel, 
at Hankinion. ckildAen weAZ bofin to blzii thii union, ail o{, whom luAvivz. 

PoA moAZ than ionty yeaAi, Ua. Kath woAked ai pump AzpaiAman ^oA thz Soo Linz 
Railway, leAvicing pumpi on htz UillouAi RiveA Viviiion until hll KetiAement lomz yeoAi 

Ua. Kath wai an activz membeA ol thz ImmanueJi LutheAan ChuAch and it wai whilz 
hz wai attending leAviczi on Sunday moKning that hz bzcamz ill. He died at hll homz 
ihoAtly a^teA. 


He toos one. o^ thz oKganlztu o^ the. HanJvinion VotantzeA PZfte VepoAtmejvt, J>eAvlng 
the depaJitmtnt ^OK a tune ci6 chle^. He had been eZected cu> a ■U.^eZong honofuvm membzA 
and aJbmji, took tieaJL ZnteJieMt Zn the alialu oi the Vepofubnent. UembeAi o^ the VepoAt- 
ment aXtznded thz luneAoZ ieAu^ce Zn a body tn kU honoK. 

HZi hodden pcL6/>tn£ Ld mouAned by kii mdow, ki6 daughteAi, Agnei, Ma4 . Ray Gfieen, 
0(J HantUnson, EZJLa, Wii,. Jame/> Vowd ol VavenpoAt, Iowa, and hU ion, WaZteA o{i tku city, 
^oun. QKanddnUdfien and thA.te bKotheAi, KjinJL and John 0|J Honfeoiion and Guitave o^ Fond du 
Lac, WI. 

Among thcie ^Arm a distance attending the ^uneAxiZ wtfie; Vji. W. Kath, VavenpoAJt, lA., 
Ha. Guit Kath, Fond du Lac, Wl., Ha. and HAi. ktbeAi Kath, Woieca, MW., Maa. fAed Kauz- 
geA, ToAAhavJU, MW., M^. Joe Teyal, HUwaukee, WT., Ha&. Elile EbeZ, So. St. Paul, MW., 
Ha. and Ma4. Roy EbeZ, So. St. PaoL, MW., Hu. Alice CoAlion, St. PauJt,HN, Hli^ Edna 
EbeZ, HlnneapotU , MW., M^. Wm. KAlt&eZ and daaghteA. Erma, Hound, MW, and State Deputy 
TlAe HaAihaZ, Geo, Robln&on, BlsmoAch. 

HANKWSON WEWS ************ SEPTEMBER 21, 1950 


iiloAd wa6 Aecelved heAz tkU, week oiJ the death o^ Ma^. Kate Spottiuiood o{, Anaheim, 
CA. Maa. Spottiuiood pai&ed. away at the ho&pltaZ theAt a^teA a tingeAlng ItZnzih. She 
uillZ be AemenbexexL hexe by many having made heA home In thli city £oA many yeau white 
hzA. husband, the late. Va. Spotiwood pAactlced medicine heJie. 


Hai,. RlchoAd Kent, and the Hl6iei> Antonette and Agnzi HacheeZ AetuAned ThiAiday 
moAnlng {,Aom HlnneapoHi wheAe they had been catted by the death OfJ theln. iliteA, MA4. 
J. A. SmWi, nee Hlnnle HacheeZ, who paaed away at a nuulng home thzAe Sunday a^teA 
being IZt {,0A the paj>t ilx. and a haZi yeoAi. 

She. l& huAvlved by heA kuiband and one Aon 0)J Hlnneapotli and nine lliteAi, HfU. 
RlchoAd Kent, Hlii AgneJ> HacheeZ and H16.1, Antonette HacheeZ o^ thJjt city, HAk. Edith 
Walih, Mw. Wn. PeZke and M/lA. S. J. Neh.otte and HAi. LeonoAd Potda oi Hlnneapotli , 
HAi. J. M, MooA.e oi AihZand, WT., and HaJ) . H. J. SchusteA. AZt weAe pAzient at the 
{,uneAaZ except Mw. SchutteA. 
HAWnWSOW NEWS »•«»««»%«««« SEPTEHBER 21, 1950 


Hu. RlchoAd landeA Aecelved wcAd tost week c{, the death 0){ heA bAotheA-ln-taw, 
ix'oAd Beatty o^ Reno, Wl/., who pa&sed asmy cut hu home theAZ on August 31st. Has. Eeatty 
Is the iofmex Ida Odenbach oi this ctty. M/i. Beatty was known hzAe, the Beatty's having 
vlsiXed at the landeA home heAe many tlmts. 



Hu. HzMJLj WaZteA 0|J TaJUmownt p(U>izd away luddzmJiy Monday moaning, Szptembtn. 
ISik, at tht home, o^ hzfi daaghteA, M/w. ThUZLp Gfiay at ?.o4>hott. 

FunzftjCLl hZMiitKUi viitt bt held on Saturday a^teJinoon at 2:30, Sept. 30th, at the. 
Bethany Uethodibt Chanch, LeMaJU Toim&hAp, with Rev. H. 0. Nienoi o^^ZdatifiQ. 

HANKJNSON HEWS •««%«»•••••• SEPTEMBER 28, J 950 


Ltonatd Hot&t and Ole. VA.e/>daht o^ Van Hook vlilted hfie. Sunday and Monday In the. 
harm o£ the. ^ofuntfu, modieA, HfU. John Hot&t and aJUo in thz VuAk QJieMi>ey home. They 
madz the. tfiip in Lex}nafid'4> ptane and £tew ^Kom heAZ to FoAgo on Monday moAJiing to attend 
the. ^uneAot oi Tloyd Ttath, ComnandeA o^ the. Nofith Vakota. Nonthwe^teAn Humtiota xlng o^ 
the. Civil KifL VatKot. Ttath wxu> kilted la&t ThuAiday when hit, planz cfiaihzd nexui WateA- 
town, SV. He MLS a li^z long KeJtiAent o^ Ca&/> County and he lanrntd neoA Vavznfont and 
operated an implement bul.ine.&& in KindKe.d. 

Mn.. VfLt6dahl ii local (lommandeA o^ the. Civil Kin. VatKol at Van Hook. Leonand 
actzd a& OpeAotijoni OHiceA f^oK the. Van Hook oAza. ioK 6ome. time., 

Be.£oAe. taking o^^ ^OA FaAgo LexjnoAd tAejauted hi& tuiin nizceJ>, Viannz and Vawn 
CAeJiitejy to a Aide in kU ptanz. 
HANKWSON NBJS »»»«*•«•«•»• SEPTEMBER 2S, 1950 


FAizndi heAz Azctivzd woAd loit wzzk 0(J thz death o^ Van Goodhue lAeiand, 57, o^ 
Minneapolil) , who died in a Minneapolis Hospital Sunday. Hz had bzzn a la^^ztij contAol 
opeAotoA loA NoKthuizst AiAlinzs thzAz until Aztiningt two yzaAS ago. SeAviczi weAe 
hzld Wzdnz&day in Lakewood Chapzl in Minneapolis. 

M/i. lAeJbmd wajs bofui and Aaised in Hankinson, bzing thz 6on o^ thz latz S. P. 
lAzland, who was a {^oAmeA owneA o{ what is now thz SaZzzA LumbeA Co. Thz iamiXy 
Izit heAz In about 1914. 

SuAvivoAS incZudz his widow; a daughtzA, MoAy CatheAijnz, Minneapolis; a bAothzA, 
Guy 0^ GAand EoAks and a iistzA, Mas. Edith WoodaAd o^ VoAtLand, OAzgon. 
HANKINSON NEWS *********** * OCTOBER 12, 19 SO 


TuneAol izAviczs weAe heid Monday at 2 P.M. in thz LutheAan ChuAch at MilnoA 
($oA ThzodoAz H. Machzel, 62, a long timz Azsidznt in MiZnoA, who pas&zd auxLy unexptct- 
zdly FAiday in thz St. FAoncis Ho&pitaZ in BAZckznAidgz. 

Rev. E. 0. llAnzsi oHiciatzd at thz leAvice^ with bunial in Lakzsidz CemzteAy. 
PatlbeoAZAS weAZ EAnzst Edison, MoAtin GatnzA, EZmeA Wyum, HzAbeAt AbAahamion, Geongz 
Wyum and John Johnson. 

Fotlowing tliz iZAviczS lunch was iZAvzd to AeZativzs and ^Aiends by membzAS oi 

thz Ladizs Aid oi thz t-UZnoA chuAch. 


^^A.. MchtoJ- wiX6 boin -in Hcunkimon, W., Stpt. 15th, HSS, MhzKt he. wa6 A.eaActi 

and zdacaXeA. He. movzd to IWLnoK Zn 1911 and uxii ^n biiiAJizii theAz {^Axim that time. 
He optKotzd a jeweZ/m and con{,zcZLoneAy i>ton.e. at the. timz o{ hii death. 

SuAvlvZng aJit Wa. Uacke.eZ, a daughtzA, Ak4 . Atthe. HUli 0($ Loi AngeZe.6, CA., 
and thAze bKotheAM, FeAd and CeJSAgz Rackow and W^ittom Hachzel alt o^ Hanklnbon. 
ThzAZ oAz thjizz 6l&tzAi, Hu. UaXhZlda RoAn and Uu. John EAad(fOAA, both o^ Han}Un6on 
and MAi. CanZ AZhzAi od LidgzAwood, W. 

Thoiz who attzYuied thz iimzfial ^Korr. Hanklmon Incladzd: Uu. John Rahn, UijfitLz 
and LcnzXta, Hk. and Uu. John BAjuddond and LocuUz, M/l. and Rw. G.E. Rackow, fzAd 
Rackow, Kill Uachzzl, Uk. and Uu, Rldvvid landzfi and Ha>6 kntonlzttz MchzeZ. 

HAfJKWSOU WEWS »«»«««»»»»»» OCTOBER 12, 1950 


¥uneAxil i>zA\}jiceJ, weAe hzJid Monday af^tzAnoon at Glznwood, MW., loK ChviZzi Gaoujz, 
- -oi that cUXy, iofuntu HanHtlmon AZiZdznt who deed at BZimoAck on Thldaij moKning a{,teA. a 
ihonX iZtnzJii. SeAvlczi weAe conducted Zn thz GZenuJOod Union CongAzgational ChuAch with 
Reu. Waynz Bnadzn oxidating. BuAlat woi at GZznuood CzmzteAy with iZAvlceJ> at thz 
gAavz being conductzd bij Vattejj lodgz Ho. 174 A n S A.M. 

Ua. Gaowz wcu, boAn In FAancona, MW., Szpt. 13, ISSS. When ttUil a chltd hz movzd 
vilth hJj> poAznti, to thli vicinity. Hz g/tew to manhood hzAz and began woAklng {^oa thz 
Soo Linz. Hz wa6 moAAizd to Rci4 MoAi/ Altken oi$ Pollock, WP. One 6on, Vonald,uxL6 boAn 
to blzii thli union. Thz Gaowzz AZildzd at many otheA placzi . Ua. Gaowz being employzd 
aj, condactoA. Thzy AztuAnzd to HojiklrJion and ipznt many yzoAi hzAz moving to Glzmuood, 
izvzn yeaA6 ago. Ua. Gaowz woj, on a Aim {^Aom Bli,maAcii to VAakz and wcu at BlimaAck at 
thz tlmz 0^ hl6 dzaXk. Hz wai In appaxznt good hzaZth antlt TAlday moAnlng when hz woi 
6tAlckzn and waj> taken to thz hoJ>pltal whzAZ hz pa^izd away a ihoAt tlmz latzA. Ma4 . 
Gnawz had planned to ipznd thz wzzk end In B^moAcfe with hzA hLuband and leaAnzd c{j 
hJji death when mzt at VAakz by ^Alzndi . 

Bej>ldeJ, hit wl^z, hz li luAvlved by one ion, Donald oi thz U. S. Uavy, one 6li>tzA, 
^Iw . QloAa VeXzAign, 0|$ San FAanclico and two bAothzAi, William o^ Kallipell, l^^ortara., 
and E. A. Gaowz oi thli city. 
HANKJNSON WEWS »»»»»...,..» OCTOBER ?9, 1950 


MAi . Hinniz Jzntz, UAl> . JzAAy Schlzb and Ua. and M^i. Julim Roaow Oj$ tha> city 
and MA4 . and MA6 . L. W. Jzntz WZAZ among thoiz who attended thz lunzAol o^ MAi. . B. E. 
Eakkzn held at CoopeAitown and ChAl&tlnz on Tuziday a{,teAnoon. FuneJial ieAvlczi we^e 
held on hionday moAning at Coopzutown and on Monday a^^eAnoon at Ch>uj>tinz. 

I-Ou, . Bafefeen, waj, klZlzd In a cAOih whzn thz Eakkzn coA wai hit by a tAoln in 
h\ooAhzad. She l6 well known hzAZ, h'A. and Mw. Bafefecn having vjj>itzd hzAz many tlrr.zi 
In thz home 0^ Ma4 . Hinnlz Jzntz. 

HANKJNSON NEWS »»•»««»,.«»« OCTOBER 19, 1950 



TuMAol we/ie heZd Wejdnuday mofininQ at the. St. John'A Cathotic ChuAxJi 
Zn Wahptton ioK Raymond W. EoAZy, 55, who poised away Honday moAning at the. VeXeharu,' 
Hospital In TaJiQO. Rev. VatheA GejofiQZ LernntU oHlcUated at the icAv-cce*. PaZZbeoAtu 
weAe Max CameAcn, BaAjiey OZion, Clyde HatnlUm, John Qfjuinn, t^eZvJji Otion and HaMy Bu&ko. 
JnteAmejfit uxu, made In the EanJty FamiZy tat at Catvafiy CemetcAy. 

An AjnefUcan Legion HonoK GuoaA uxu, pA.e/>ejvt at the ianeAot and accompanied the 
body to the cemetery wheJie the fimzAlcan Legion conducted ^eAvlce/, at the gfuave. 

The RoioKy woa KexUted at the ^untfLoZ home on Tuesday evening. 

Uk. EoAZy MU, boAn In Wahpeton In 1S95. He was the 6on o^ Uk. and Uu. Jack 
EoAty, ploneeA iamlly, oi the Tyltn. vicinity. He attended the Wahpeton High ScJioot 
and lateA the State School oi Science, gfuiduatlng with the. claj>i, oi 1915. In 1929 he. 
(OOA mannZed to IUj>i HUdfied Relnke oi Hanklmon, who iuA.vlveJ>. 

HfL. EaAly woA a veteran oi WoAld Wax T, having lefived with the Canadian A/my 
ioK tMeZve monthl, untU the time oi the death oi hli bAotheA, Ralph at Camp Qieen. 
He then enltited with the U. S. foAce& and i,eAved twelve montht, ovcAieos. He cowiag- 
eoa&ly boKe an ltlneJ>l ioUowlng hli dlichoAge iAom the Anmy. 

Wl. EaJily operated a hotel In HlnneapolU ioK many yeafit until the ipAlng oi 
1949, when he hxu ioAced to Aetlfie iKom thU woAJi became oi ialLing health. Wi. and 
Maa. EaAJLy then made theJji home at OtteAtalZ, UN., until the time oi hU death. He be- 
came ieAlouily III on Sept. 18th, and had been hospitalized at dlHeAent tlmeA. He wa& 
a patient at the Wfught Uemonlal Hospital In TeAgui Tallt, ioK a time and was taken to 
the VetcAans Hospital In FoAgo wheAC he passed away a week lateA. 

Besides his soAAowlng wlie he Is suAvlved by his aged motheA, Uas. UaAy EaAly, 
the. ilASt Gold StoA UotheA In Wahpeton, one slsteA, Has. Ethel Lani oi St. Paul and one 
bAotheA, Uelvln oi ElectAlc City, ft/A. 

Those attending the iuneAol iAom a distance weAe Wis. J. O'Connell and sons, 
Raymond and Donald oi Glencoe, MW., Ray Relnke oi Delano, MW., and klAS. and tJlAS. L. C. 
KAuse oi ToAgo. A loAge numbeA oi otheA out oi town Aelatlves and iAlznds weAe In 
HAWKIMSON NEWS •«•«•«•««»»» OCTOBER 19, 1950 


E£nieA GAJimdt, iathzA oi Uas. kxel LandbeAg, ioAmeA White Rock Aesldent passed 
away at the LundbeAg home In Wheaton last week, VAaytA seAvles weAt held at the. AndeA- 
son-Ranney Fantfial Home on Wednesday evening. BuAlal was made at t^ienomlnee, WJ. Ma. 
and Has . Aze^ LundbeAg and Has . GAundt accompanied the body. Jh^ ioAmeA AetuAned on 
Sunday while Has. GAundt Aemalned ioA a longeA stay. 
HANKJNSOU NEWS ************ OCTOBER 19, 1950 



UoAd wcu, fLe.ceJ.vtd heJie. on Wednesday oi the. deaXh oi Ufu>. CatheAAjie ClcaneA. 0(J 
[klnnejipotJiJ, , who paitd away on Vesinej>daij mofunJinQ i.n HbmeapotLi . 

TaneJuxt ien.vcJ,eJ> mJJi be heXd hexe. on SevtuAday moAning cut 9 o'clock. Htfi Kc- 
nuUnl, vuJLt be. bAvught htfie. on TfUday and mJUL bt at the. Wlpptman FuneAot Home wheAt 
the. HoioAy mJZ be KexUted at i o'clock FfUday e.verujig. 

Ufu,. GtaukneA, a long time AUAjdent oi HankyUU,on had made hen. home in Hinnea.poll& 
(JoA. a numbeJL o^ yeau. 
HANKWSON NEWS •%••«««.»««• OCTOBER 26, 1950 


Wond uxU) KeceA.ved hem oi the death oi HeMnan StAvhel who paj)ied away at hU 
home. In Ulnnea.poti& Kecently at the age oi 77. M/i. StAubet aj, a iofmeA. KejUdent oi 
GKeat Bend and a btiotheA. oi the late. \}lUJUjom Stnubel oi thii, city. 


M/W). Uagdalene VeteAtchlck fije.ceA.ved wofid Sunday oi the. death oi heft &l&tefu 
hoiband, Lex) K^uiaie oi Lake City, MN. Ma.. Kfuui&e who paj^ied away SatuAxiay zvenlng 
at kU home, at lake City, had be.en III ioK iome -time. 
HAMKINSON NEWS ••».•«••••»» OCTOBER 26, 1950 


Maa. Candan. Eofidahl oi New EUlngton, SP., pai>ied away eafiZy ThuAbday mofinlng 
at the. VeJbtbi Hospital accofidlng to wofid fiea.chlng the New& OOlce. 

FaneAol ^efivlcti will be. held ifum the. Nidafioh LatheJian ChuAch at HammeA, SV., 
at 2 V. U. on Honday, OctobeA 23fid. 
HANKZNSON NEUS •**.••••»♦•» OCTOBER 19, 1950 


TaneAol ieAvljce^ weAz held heAe SatuAday mofualng at nine o'clock at St. PhUUlpi 
Cathotic ChuAch ioA Ma4 . KaXheAlne Glaj,neA, 79, oi St. Paul, MN,, ioAmeA fiAildent oi 
thU city, who paired away In HLnneapollJ> on OctobeA 25th. Rev. TatheA G. C. BleAent> 
wa6 In change oi the ieAvlce£>, with buAlal In CalvoAy CemeteAy beilde. heA ktuband who 
pa66ed away In 1911 . VallbeoAeAb weAc Paul Klnn, HeAman BoggiM, Leo Baga4, John A. 
Hertz, MouAxce AfeeA and V. L. Uelde.. 

KatheAine Bait woi bofui In St. Paul In 1S71 , In 1893 &he wai, moAAizd to Jacob 
P. GloineA. Ten chlZdAcn weAe bofm to ble^i this anion, eJ^ht oi whom huAvlve.. The 
Gla^neA iamUbj AZblded In Lake. City, MN., antlZ 1S95 when they moved to HarMnton. 
They opeAoted the BfUghtwood Hotet ioA a numbeA oi yexiAS. They then moved to a ioAm 
ten mlle& booth wz&t oi town whene thejy AeJ>lded at the tunc oi hU death. Ha&. Gla&neA 

moved to Ulnneapolll, In 1943 wheAC bhe puAckaied a home and Ae&lded until the time oi 


KeA death on OctobeA 25th. Uu. Gta&mA uxu, vzAy actlvt and made, many tfUp& feeAe atttnd- 
AJig to ^oAmlnQ intzKUti and fitnewlng acquaZntznancti and vZilting Jittativti . 

Sht uxu Zn a^poAznt good health untlt izvvmJi monthi ago and dtath come whtn />he. 
j,a££eA.ed a AtAokt on Oct. 25th. 

Mas . GtoineA waj> a dtvoted mothzA and a fUnd ^/ttend and neJ^ghbofi. She. uxu, a 
memfccA oi the. tocat camp o^ the. HoyaZ Nelghbofu o^ AmeAcca and the Hanklmon CouAt o^ 
the. OJomen'^ Catholic OfideJi oi ?ofiej>teAb , who attended the ieAvZce^ Zn a body. 

SuAvZvZng to mouAn theJji lo&i> axe. heJi ilve J>oni>, Roy J., Ralph E., Ray U., Jafee 
P., and Eduxvud M. GloineA, alt o^ UlnnejapotU and thxee daughteJU, (lAene) MA4. R. J. 
lUeZty 0^ Hinot, U>u. Lota LundgKen o^ HinneapotU, iLoKetta) Ma4. Ed Sc/uiicfee oi 
UdgeMuood. Two bJUJthtU.VK. M. L. Ba&t o£ Uanltowac, Wl., and Vk. E. J. Ba/>t o^ HU- 
tooufeee, WI., and 4>Zx gfumdchlldxen. S/ie mj> pxzceeded in death by hex huiband and two 

Out oi town KeZativeM pfLe/>e.nt at the. ianeAot went'. Pa. and Uu. M. L. Bait oi 
t^Kctowac, WJ., Ma. and Uu. John AZ^Aed Lundgfieji and &on oi Hicklgan, Uank EdiMAd 
LundgKen oi Wakington itatt, M'l. and Uki,. R. Stubbi oi St. Raul, Ma. and Ufu>. Cafil 
Baowh 0^ Wahpeton, Ma. and Ufu, . WZHiam GtatneJi, Ma. and M/tA. Uldk. GloineA oi White. 
Rock, Ma. and Uu. Walter. Johnson oi fUheaton. 

HANKINSON NWS «••«%••««•«• NOVEMBER 2, 1950 


KoaI L. HLkkelion, 76, who hoi teen Zn the county tAeaiafieA' i oHlce oveA ioAty 
yeoAj,, dKopped dead at hit, home TKiday aitexnoon at, he wa« fiaklng iome Leaver ifuom the 
laum. He cited about 5:75 P. M. FimeAoC icAu^e* wete held Tuesday iKom Bethel Luth- 
eAon ChuAjch. 

One oi the btit known men In the. county, Kanl had be.en in the CouAthouse ilnct 
1910, except ioA />lx yeau he. wa& on the. Koad ioA Leach and Gamble. He i,eAve.d mach oi 
the. tune oM county tAea&uAeA and when he. tttu dliqualliled ioA AimnZng by a law pAovld- 
Zng that an oHlceK might izfive only two con6e.cutlve teAmi, he illled In ai> dzputy. 
He woi) tAea^uAfi oi Richland County at thz turn oi kU death. 

HANKINSON NEWS ••••»•«»»««» NOVEMBER 2, 1950 


FuneAol ^eAvlceJi wexe held on Uonday moAnlng at 10 o'clock at the LoAien Chapel 
An hlumeapolU ioA AAchie. Clyde Payne, ioAmeAly oi thii city who pa&ied away at OuA. Lady 
oi Good Council Hoipital in Hinneapolii on fAiday, OctobeA 27th. 

Rev. Paul Neat oHiciated at the leAvice.. Six nephejM acted as paHbeoAexk . 
BuAlal woi in the iamily lot at Well, UN. 

AAchie Clyde Payne woe, boAn OctobeA 7th, H80, at KititeA, UN., wheAe he gAcw to 
manhood. In 1903 he wai united in maAAiage to Uie,i Amanda Nelion in Hinneapolil> . Eight 
childAen weAe boAn to bte/>i thii union, iivz oi whom luAvivz. M/i. Payne wat employed 

as an engineeA on the Soo Linz and in 1920 thz iamiZy moved to thli city wheAZ he woi 


ejnpZoytd antit tojn. yeoM ago when tVi. and Ufu. Payne, moved to HinnexipotU . He K<>XAAtd 
£f[jom activz 4eAu-cce on the. fiaJJbwad ij-tue yejotUi ago. La4,t FehfiuoAy hz wak 6eAA.oa6ty 
Jiniiuitd when itJmck by a can. white cAoMing a AtAtet in t^U-nneapotU and iince then 
had been in ^oiLing heatth. He became lexiouilij iJUi abooJt iix weefei ago and woi taken 
to the CenfmZ Hoipitat. He wai> removed to Can. Lady o^ Good CounciZ HoipitaZ whexe he 
pa^6ed away. 

He teave& to mouAn theiA. ton hti ioAAJXoing widow, ^ouA daughteAi, Ma4. A. P. 
JoA&ki oi HantadoA, Um. John WhiXe ojj HaniUni>on, Ufu. Wiltand Bohn o{, Hutland, and Wu . 
LeondoAd Schtenefi o^ San t^ateo, CA., and one iion, Ttoyd Vayne oi San ¥fuxnctico and i,ix 
gfiandchiZdAen and tuio gKejit-gAandchttdAen. Thxee ioni pAeceeded him in deaXh, VeAne 
who died tn infancy, Evan who dted in eanty chiZdhood and fiAchie Vayne, 3k., wko died 
i.n the ieAvice oi ki& countAy white leAving with the U. S. fiAmy in 1943. 

Ktt 0^ the chiZdAen weAe pAe&ent at the lunenaJt wiXh the exception oi Uu. Sch- 
HAWKIWSON NEWS •«••»»»•»«»• WOl/EMBER 9, 7950 


TuneAal leAvicei wexe heZd Taetday moAning ioA John BiAnbaum, 59, who pajtied 
auay SatuAday at the St. FAanc^ Hoapitat in EJiecken/u.dge, wheAe he wot a patient icK weeJa. Vety Rev. G. C. Bi.eAeni oHiclated at the i>eAvi,ceJ> and intenment wa6 in 
CatvaAy CemeteAy. Patt beoAeAi wcAe Uatt Etien, Hatt Schittz, John Witm, Henman Baggtii,, 
Anton Lenzen and John A. Hentz. 

John BiAnbaum wa& boAn at Hanktmon on OctobeA 9, 1S91, one o^ a lamity o^ ieven 
chitdAen o^ Ha. and Ma^. TheodoAe BiAnbaum. 

He gAei/o to manhood heAe and on June Sth, 1910 he wai united i.n moAAcage to 
VeAonica Novick oi Little Pattb, MW. Eleven chitdAen weAe boAn to bleiS thti union, 
titne 0^ whom i>uAvive. Following thetA moAAtage, Ua. and UAb. BiAnbaum moved to the 
F-tgge icinm ^outh wet>t OjJ town wheAe they Aedided {,oa thAee yeaA4>. They then moved to 
theiA iJoAjn ieven and one hat^ milei iouthwtit oi thli ctty wheAe they Aeiided eveJi iince. 

Ua. BiAnbaum' 6 health began to (,att a £ew yejvu ago and weeki ago he wo* • 
taken to the St. PAjancli Hoipital in BAtckenAtdge. Hti condition became itejadity woA6e 
in 6pite oi alt that woi done {^oA him and he poiied away on SatuAday, NovembeA 4th. 

Active in civic ad^aiAt oi Elma Townthip, Ha. BiAnbaum had held voAlouj, towmhZp 
o{i{,icei,. He wai a {^aith£ut membeA o£ the St. Philip' i Catholic ChuAch and a membeA o^ 
Men 'a Catholic OAdeA oi ToAe&teA6, who attended the ^uneJiat in a body. 

SuAviving to mooAn theiA £o44 oAe hlb loAAowing widow and nine chitdAen; iawAznce 
and Wik. Raymond Lenzen iRoiemoAy) o{, RiveA Talth, Wl., HAt,. AAthuA Eahte [LoAAoine] oi 
Sejottte, WA., HA6. Jarnti Hentz [Leona] oi Hankin&on and John, Cecetia, Agne&, Raymond 
and Jamei alt at home. A 6on EdwaAd and a daughteA, Lucitle, pAeceeded him in death, 
pacing away in iniancy. He alio li huAvived by iouA gAandchitdAen and thAee bAotheAJ>, 
Hike, TheodoAe and Joe, two lli>teAi,, Uathitda and CtaAa. 


Oat ol toum Kztativu and ^fLcejidit who attzjided the. ^untfuU lejivZcu vozKt: Vji. 
and Wt6. Lowtejice ZVunbcum and ion and Ufu. Haymond Lejizzn and daughteA o£ Zivtn. Fatti, 
WI., UH6. kJiiimA. EoAZe. and ion oi SexUtlz, WA., Uk. and M/u. Ffumcli Adami, M/i. WattiA 
Novak and Un., and Ua&. lU.cha.zt Novack o^ HinnzjopotU, Mt. and M/L6. LawfLtnce. Von Raedzn 
and M/iA. Max GzhbaKt o£ Hincklzxf, UN, Ma., and Hm. Tony WZdkatm o^ Hoihott, Uk. and 
UfL6. Ffiank Paztembo, Un.. and lAu. WalteA Uanikowikl, Ma. and Wu. Gltvzfut Fltkt, Un.. 
and M/L4. E. Uu/mck and daughttfi, Hfi. and M/u. John Kac.ZAju,fU, Sa.., M/i. and M/LS. John 
KaczAJi&kZ, JK., Uk. and Uu. GzofiQZ Smykouu>fu., Uaj>. KaAif Scn&IU and Uu. Knnjit Nogouakl 
aJUL oi Gzntizo and M/i. and Hu. T/umk Thomai o£ Cayuga and M*. and U>u. Ed Von Ruedzn 
o£ HZnckZzy, 
HANKWSON NBIS «••«•••».» «« WOl/EMBER 9, 1950 


TuneAol iZAv-lcu wete hzM Sunday at ktzxandJuxL, MN., ^oK Wut. 5. F. Suizzt, 
UyndmeAt vooman who Lived Zn Zichtand County iZnce 791 Z. She died at the St. Tfianclt 
Hoipital in BA.eckenKidge. 

Uu. Sweet wiZt be KemembeAed by many hzn.e ai, Wi.cnd \hu,. Svoeet Kejklded heJie 
many yeaxt ago. Ma. Sueet being a jewelZtn. heAt. HU o^^Zce woi locjaXzd In the 
WA^speAman bulZding. 

She it, iuAvJived by heA huiband and a daughteA, Maa. EZmeA LUchz^ki o£ BoAney. 
HANKINSON NEllS ************ WVEMBER 9, 1950 

Wofid wot, fiecelved heAe Tuti>day thai Ben Ue66 o^ SZ&itton, hKotheA oi Uu. HeAman 

mtU, waj, a£.(UdentatZy kJLZZed white hztping move a hou&e Jin Sliieton. 


Ma. and Uu. FAank GeAmaine attended the ^uneAat iSAv-ice/, ^OA. FAonfe HitteA 
heZd at the. Cathotic ChuAch In Roihott Wednesday. 



RogeA Bohn, aged 20, o^ LMigeAwood, died Monday night at St. FtamcAJ, Hoipitat, 
iottowjung an accident white woKking on the highway neon. WyndmeAe SatuAday. He wai, 
Aiding on the bwnpeA o^ a tnuck accoAding to AepoAti ^Aom ^ettow woAkmen, and jumped 
oil the tAack. In jumping he ieZt undeA the wheeZi oi the tAuck. 

He iuitained a ^AactuAed teg and oAm, ^AactoAed ikutt and ieAcouit injoAiei. 

He wai Au&hed to St, TAancii Hoipitat wheAe he pa&ied away Monday night. 

The LidgeAwood man wai emptoyed by a conitAuction caujo woAking on thz highway 
pAoject in that vicinity. 

He ii the ion 0($ Ma. and Maa. Ratph Bohn, o^ LidgeAwood, and the gAandion o^ 
Ma. and MA4. EmiZ Bohn o^ thii city. He ii iuAvived by hii poAenti and thAee iiiteAi, 
Vianne, VcAo. and CoAot, att at home. 

FuneAot ieAvicei wilt be hetd Fniday a^tcAnoon at the Holy Caoh LuthzAan 
ChuAch in LidgeAwood. * * * * ** * * * * ^ NuUEMBER 23, 1950 

no-f 7r>-7o 



The eri/toAe cotmayiiXy voat ihockzd by the. acddtrvtaZ death o^ VZc Hovatand 0|J Wheaton 
Aji a. can. OLCcMiejit nexvi Temiey TtUday nZght. Ua.. I^ouitand and ^airUZy Lived Zn UhLte Hock 
£oJi itve/Lot yeoM pfUofi to moving to Wheaton. 
HANKIKSON WEWS ************ w'oVEMBER 23, 7950 


J. A. McQueen oi EndexUn, iofrntfity oi thii city, poiieA oMoy at kit home on 
Sunday a^teJinoon, acconxUng to woKd Ktctlved heAz. McQueen wxu, wett known heAe, the 
UcQaeejfi i<mUy fcexng Kejbidenti, oi thJiJ> city ^ox many yeoAi. Hk. UC Queen uxu, employed 
ai condactoA on the Soo Line. 

He bzcjcme itt hi July and wo* a patient at the hoipltjot In Roch&iteA ^OA. ^ome 
timt, xetunjUng to kit, home Zn EndeAJUn a ^ew wteJa ago. He li ^uAvived by kU> lal^e 
and two daughte/a and two 4>oni. 
HANKWSOU NEWS «••««•»«««•• NOVEMER 23, 1950 


Taut StAubeZ, S1 , long time KeJ>ident oi ZichZand County died Tfuday a^teAnoon 
at the. home oi hlb daughtefi, lAu. Lillian Ult&e^, whefie. he had made hl6 home ioK 6ome 
time.. He had been III ioK the poit two weefei and death woi due to a itnoke. 

ViiL. Stnubel wat, bonn In EeAlln, GeJmany, on May 11 th, HS9. Coming to thll> 
countAy he lettZed on a ianm nean. GKeat Bend, wheAe he fitilded until. 1927, when he and 
hU wlie moved to WaJipeton. Hu. Stnubel died In 7949. M/i. StAubeZ le, weZt known heAe. 
having made. hU home with the Vo&ck iamlZy at dlHefient tlmti. 

He li luAvlved by two daughteu, Hu. Simon Po^cK oi Hanklni,on and Uu. Lillian 
mtzeZ oi Wahpeton and one ion, RobeAt oi GfueAt Bend and a />ll>teA at BlkmaAcJk, eight 
gfumdciUJidAen and one gfieat gnandchJild. VuneAal leAvlcei weAe held on Monday aiten.- 
noon at two o'clock at the EvangeLical United BKethxen ChuAch at GKeat Bend, with Rev. 
{tlemeZ oHlclatlng. BuAial wal, In the iamlly lot at GKeat Bend. 

Thoiz attending ifiom heAe weAz Ma., and Hk6. Simon Voich and Un.. and U/ii. Roy 
VoicJi and daughteA, Renae. 


Wond wal received heAe telling oi the. Ktcent death oi AAthuA ?Alce oi Hinneap- 
olli. Ma.. PA.i.ce l& the bhotheA oi the tote Ukl. Kate Spot&wood and Hii>/> KdeXhUid Vnlce 
oi CallioKnla who weAt ionmen. Hanklmon Ktildenti. 
HMKWSCN NEWS ,,.••».,«•»» NOl/EMBER 30, 7950 


Nick Rettlg died iiledne2,day at fiJtexandeA, MO., according to wond Kecelved heAe by 
xelatlvej,. Ma., Rettig ^ an undie oi Matt, John, Joe, Louli, Kick Schlltz and Mu. 
Henty KelieA and ha& vlblted heAe many tlme£. He leaver hl& wlie and iouA ^,onl> oi klex- 
ondeA, NT., and one daughteA, Sl6teA \r[lldn.ed, who It, a miue at the. hospital In Cnookiton. 
HAKKINSON NEWS • • * * . *^*^* * * * * NOVEMBER 30. 7950 


Nancy Hz^tkamp, ^Ivz yznA. old dauQhtzK oi Wl. and Uu. JzAomz HzyUiump, ditd 
at the. St. T/wjfiCAM Hoipltat in BJitckejVujdge., Uonday, aitvi a long UJinzMi. 

Tuntfial ivivlczi wtfit held at the St. PeteA. and Paul'i ChuAch In Uantadofi volth 
Rev. TatheA GejOKge iUltefi oiiZ(Ujating. She li lOAvlved by hex poKenti and £ouA 4>ZiteAi. 
HANKWSON NEWS ••«••»•••••» WOl/EMBER 30, 1950 


Ttmefial iefivZcti wexe heZd WedneMdasj at 2 P.M., at the flut CongfLegational 
ChuAch Zn Wahpeton, (oA Mw. E. V. Lum, one o^ Richland County'i moit Atipected tctczeni, 
who paired away toAly Sunday moAning at the St. F/umcXi HoipitaJi In ZAe.ckenAiAge, ioUoui- 
ing AuAgeAy on SatuAday. 

Ua. and Mti. Lum became pabtUheAl, 0(J the Rlchtand County FaAmeA-Clobe in Wahpeton 
in 7927 a^teA having owned and opeAoted papent, In KemaZ, CoAXington, Vionango, Staplti, 
Gfuand FoAki and Vatiey City. They woAked togeXheA in the neui&papeA ba&ineti6 £oA oveA 
£oAty yeoAi duAing which time they owned appAoximcxtely a hundfied neWipapeA& at voaJjoui, 

Following the dejoth o^ Ha. Lum in 1944, Wla. Lum continued heA active ilie ai a 
newipapeA woman becoming one o£ the be&t known and beloved ^iguAti at NoAth Vakota and 
Hinnej>ota pAtiA ai^odjotlon meetings, taking an active InteAtit in all ^oArni oi pubtUhlng 

She at one time (inanced the LidgeAwood HonitoA and too* aZio lnteAeJ>ted in the 
Hankijii>on NejM when it wa& taken oveA by the pAeJ>ent publliheA. 

In addition to heA avid InteAe/it in nejwipapeAlng , Ha6. Lum wwi an active and 
enthuiloitlc membcA o^ the Hinnt&ota Society oi t^ay^loweA de/>cendent& and o^ Vacotah 
ChapteA, PAR oi Fafigo. She had been a membeA oi the OAdzA oi the EaiteAn StoA ioA oveA 
ioKty yeofUi and wai> a membeA oi the Woman' & LiteAaAy Club. She wa& an active chuAch 
woAkeA, having acted ai pAzildent oi the Ladl^ Aid and ioA the. pott ievefial yejOAi ai> 
tAeajtuAeA oi that oAganizatlon. 

She l6 iuAvlved by two lonh, EdwoAd Vonald Lum and Vougloi Eldon Lum, oi Wahpeton, 
publiiheAl, oi the Richland County FoAmeA-Globe; one daughteA, fAAi. L. R. [Edith UofUon] 
Ey^tAom oi HinheApolli and 4 even gnn.nddaughteA/> and one gAeat-gAojidion; alio by one 
bAotheA, H. W. CoanteA oi HLnnea.poll& . One 6l6teA and one bAotheA pAeceeded heA In death. 
HANKINSON NEWS •♦»*»•«»,,,, PECEMBER 7, 1950 


LecnaAd Uackove oi neoA Falnmount, Wt. and M^. F/iank Lyonh and Ha. and HAi. 
UaAtln Hackove oi UdgeAwood leit ThuAiday ioA EexiveA Vam, Wl., to attend the iuneAol 
oi Ma.. 3ohn Mackovlch oi that city. In Hinneo-potii, they weAe joined by \Jaj>. IkaAy Uac- 
kove, who hah been staying with heA daughteA, Ro4e. They xetuAned on Monday with the 
exception oi UAi. Hackove who Aemalned in Hlnneapotii. 
HANKINSON NEWS ««•«•««»»««« PECEMBER 7, 1950 



M^. and Mw. TiobzAt Ho/ien^-CeAn l^it (Monday ion Ulnmapolli, whtxe. tkuj atttndtd 
thz iuneAol oi tht ^o'mtfi'i bfijoikeA--in-lau3, Hn.. Htfunan SteAn, lokLck wa& kzld Tauday 
aiteAnoon. Un.. and Hu. Uohzn&tzAn fueXuJiznd home. Wtdntiday mofUfUng. 
HANKINSON NEWS ************ DECEMBER 7, 1950 

M^. and Hu. HuiiM. Gtiaij aJttejndz.d the. iuneJial icAu^cea oi Uxi,. M. C. ?.oie>i 
at the. United WizXlnAen EvangeZlad. ChuAxih exut o^ town TaeJ>day a^eAnoon. 




FJied HzaJUj dtpoJited Tauday moKning Zn Atl,poni>t to a meiAoge that fu4 motheA, 
Uu. BneJiy HtaZy, 81 , o^ Uaptzton, MW, had pcu^zd away at tht ho/>fUtat in Uankato 
uheAe. A fie had bteji a patieM but a ^hoKt time.. 

FamAot iVivlcu vaitt be. heZd on TfUday a^teJuwon at Uapleton, 

HANKINSON NEWS •«%«•«««#••• DECEMBER 14, 1950 


M^. and M/u. hUck GoeAgeA and UaKJofiJiz attended thz £uneAat 6eA.vZcti, in St. Paul, 
£oA. Hfu>. Anna Neianan, Hodnty Ott,en oi TaAgo and HU-i, CeJmaine. Ot&eii o^ Uankato alio 
wejie. pfie^ent. Um. Neiman wa/> the. QfumdmotheA. oi tht Ot&eji chitdneyi. 
HANKTNSON NBJS * «•••«»•«••* DECEMBER 14. 1950 


KlbeAt J. labbe., 57, oi lake City SV., a veteAon oi Wo^Zd Wan. 1, died Tuesday, 
Dec. 12th, in a FoAgo Hospital. He vxu bofui in Uaine on Feb. 14th, 7893. He ii i,uA.v- 
vived by hU uil^e and />on& and daughttu. 

BufUaZ woa at Lake City, SV. Un.. Lubbt i& well known hejie, having been employed 
06 Soo Linz openato/i ion. leveAal yeoJu,. He aXJbo woa employed at depot agent at New 
Ellington {on. izveAol yeoAi, moving to Lake. City a yexui ox two ago. 
HANKINSON hlEUS ************ DECEMBER 21, 1950 


Wonjd vxu, neceived heAz that John blolti, 54, oi Kent, CA., had been buJiied alive 
and belizved killed in a cave-in 300 ^eet undeA gnoand In the Big 4 coal mine. neoA Sel- 
ecfe, CA. He wat> bunied undeA torn o^ Aock and coal. He. uxu the iatheA oi UnM. Velwood 
Vopp ofi Seattle. Hn.. and Un/t . Velwood Vopp vocAe. ionmeA Kejbidentk heAe. 
HANKWSON NEWS ************ DECEMBER 2«, 1950 


JMUAfLV 4, I95I 

jUt. ound Hu. TuancU Bo4,ch and cJtctdAjui depoAttd l)lexinej>day £oK ^adzna, MW, 
In KuporUtt ijo a mMAOfle tivaJt Alt*. BoacA'a ^cutheA had paae-d away. 

JAWUARy n, 195 J 


TuneAaZ AetuZcM uictt be ^e^ on TfUday mofuUng at nine, o' dbock at St. VhUJLLp' l 
ChuAck ioK Mti. Gtfthafui WlnXz, picnteA KuZdent oi thu coirmmlty, who paired away 
on Wzdntiday a^teAnoon at thz St. TnancyU HoipltaZ In 'BKtckznHldQZ, uiheAt iht had 
bteJi a. patlejit 4-tnce New VejOAJ, Vay. Rev. TatkeJi Huzback voltt be in cAa/tge oi thz 
AtfLvlce^. PaJUbextAtU vuJtZ bt lowit> SckLLtz, Mifee WaweA&, John Htntz, Tftank Altaic, 
Efintit Ambach and ffiank GcAeizefe. InteAment wltZ be In CaZvaAy CvntttAy. 

M/L6. Wct-tz woA bofm at St. t^oAtin, AW., on HoAcJi 17, 1868, tht youngzit oi a 
iamity oi ten chiZdAen oi Wi. and Hu. Jacob Zzanantz, She moved uUth heA paAent6 
to HUZeAviUt, MM. , wheAz ihe qismi to womanhood. She wai> united In wahALoQe to 
GeAhaAd {)liAtz on June. 11, 1901. JmmedlateJLy iolZowing theiA maAfLiagt tke coupte. 
camz heAe. to fieiidt on Mt. WaaXz'a homt&tejad ^ LaMaA& Townj>hip wheAe. they made, thzln. 
home, untlt 19 1 1 when they moved to thli, city. 

Mas. (ilintz had been in pooK hejaJUtk ion. many yeaAi> and on New VeoAi Vay woi 
taken to BAe.dienfUdge wheAe. 6he poMed away on l)ledneJ>day aiteAnoon. HeA thAce 
daughteAi, Ida, Vofiathy [Uai>. HicihaAxi HoAtteben], and CloAa [Ha6. Ed Smith] weAe at 
heA bediide when &he poi&ed away. 

Ua&. {lilntz woi pAeceded In death by heA haiband who paired away Jan. 15, /949, 
and one daughteA who died in iniancy. She was the. Ixi&t living membeA oi the. Ziemantz 
ianity, heA bnotheA, Ancttew, poiiing away joit beioAe. ChAi&tmai. 

HA6. ItliAtz wa6 a dtvoted motheA and a kind nelghboA. She woi a membeA oi the 
St. ?hijLip'6 ChuAch hince. coming heAe. in 1901. 

J. W. JaAi AeceA.ved wo Ad thijt week that kii bAotheA, Tom JoaL oi New Haven, 
MM., paired away at hii home. Jan. 3Ad. He wa& only 43 t/eo/Li oi age at the. time oi 
kii death. He die.d aiteA a lingeAing iZJtneJ>6 caused by a &tAX)ke. He leave/> to mouAn 
hJik death hii> wiie, thAee 6oni, thAee bAotheAi and two li&teAi. He woi boAn and Aaii- 
ed in TAaveA&e County, MN. 


hOut. SoAoh Etion, 91, ioAjneA Ac&ident and motheA oi Uatt Etion oi thii city, 
pai&ed away at a hoipital in Yakima, WA. , on Pec. 30th, accoAding to wond AaceAJved 
heAe. by heA son. 

h{A6. Et&on wai boAn in PoAtage, WI., or Jan. 10, 1859. She gAew to womanhood 


theAt, coming heAt in 1893. She. wcl6 unittd in muoujiQt to HichaeZ Etion and the. 
cjouple. komtitejOideA in Etna Towns, hip wheAe. they Azuded untiZ 1920 uihen they moved 
to Haniujuon. Hn. Elion pa&6ed awcLy in 1940 and Mj>. Etion continued to make heA 
home heAe until, iivt and one hall yeciAi ago when iht went to Yakana to make heA 
home, with hen. daughtxA, Hu. NeiZ BoAnts. 

She ii 6uAvi.ved by thAee ion&, Uatt o£ thli city, WiJZiam oi Tofittand, and 
HenAy oi Canada.. One daughZeA, Hu. HeiZ BaAneJ> oi Vakijna., ^ouAtcen gKandchiZdAen 
and twenty ^ve gA^jot-gfiandchildAzn. 

VuneAol ieAvicts weAe conducted in Vakima. ^oK Um. Et&on with buniaJL theAe. 


blond wa& /lejceixed heAe fitcently o£ the dexUh o£ Mw. BeJtZe Rood who ponied 
aioay at ClaAejnont, CA. , on Nov. 2Sth. M/w. Rood witt be lemembeAed by many heAe oi 
Ahe and heA hu&bajid, Rev. Rood, Aezided heAe ^Aom 1919 untiZ 1921, idien Rev, Rood 
«M pa&tofi oi the. CongAegationat ChuAch. 


Un. and HAi. fnank. BonrneA&bach motoAed to FoAman on Tuesday and attended the 
iuneAot oi John Bawmtad which wo* heZd theAe on Tucidcuy moAning. 

• •«•««*««««« 

JANUARY 25, 1957 


Ua. and HAi. TAonk BormeA&bach and h\Ai>. Anna Roth motoAe.d to LidgeAwood on 
Wednzi>da.y oi lojt>t week and attended the iuneAoZ oi MAi. HaAy Uataika., which woi 
heZd that moAning at the St. John Hepomucne ChuAch with Rev. FatheA KAiie oHitUating. 

Wii. IkUmka, long time Richland County Ae^ident, died in a Vickin&on Hoipitat 
on Jan. 7th. She had been making heA home with hex daugkteA and hu&band, Wi. and 
Ha&. Adam Roth at BeZiie/d, MP. 


Relativti and iAiendi oi Ha&. Louiie BAondeZ oi ClaiAe City, SV., weAe ihocked 
to heoA oi heA ludden death Sunday. FimeAoZ 4>eAvice^ wilZ be heZd Wednesday aiteA- 
noon at the LutheAan ChuAch at CZaiAz City. M/la. BAondeZ wiZZ be mined by many 
heAe 06 ihe made. heA viiiti heAe eveAy ipAing. 

M^. Gait BeAndt Aeceived wo Ad iAom White, SV. , Sunday that hi& bAotheA wa& 
kiZZxd accidentZy white, hunting. He cAowZed thAough a ience and ki& gun accidentZy 
di&chaAged and fuZted him. FuneAaZ 6eAviceJ> wiZZ be held on Wednesday aiteAnoon at 
White, SV. Wi. and Rw. BeAndt leit and will attend the iuneAaZ. 


JAW'fARy 25, I95I 

Uu. Uzzie BAoukZ oi ClcuUiz (UJiij, SV., ilktvi oi ^Ulicm Hoe.^, deed cut 
heA homz In. CtcuAz City on Satu/iday. TuneJiaZ iejivlcu wtKz heJjd. Thu/uday a^tzA.- 
noon cut ClcuAe. City. M/l. Hoe.^ ajid M/l4. and Uu. Jack Vlact atttndtd the. iumAoZ 
^m /leAe. 



M/iA. CtoAo. KjeZitMLp fLe.czZve.d wofid tait wecfe o^ tht dz/vth oi htK nvpheio, 
Hofvmn KjiZitAMp, 26, wfio d^d at kit, home. In Hinot on SatuAday TebfmoAy lOxJi. 

Hz viltt be H£jmjnbeAcd heM. by many having btzn emptoyed heM. by kl& Uncle. 
AAniz KjzJUtAup at KjeZitAapA' 4,tofLe. iofL itveAot monthi In tht yzoK oi 7939. 

Uonrran Kjcl&t/iup woA boAn at Vafuhat, HO., on ApfuU 29, 1924. He gAoduatzd 
i>wm the Uinot High School In 1942 and ioUcmjig ojvteMjd In the. KUi 
Foficz, AeAvlng in Wofild bJoA. J J in the Eafiopean ThexuUie. In the capacity oi navigatofi 
with the KIk foAce. 

He wai employed by the Uonlgan floofi SaJLej> In Mtno-t ioHovxing hl& dli change 
ihom the Afuned VoftceM. 

Re-enlUtlng In the ieAvlce oi hli, country, he had been In BlimaAck on Tfilday 
rmJung aAAongesnenti ion. hli fLc-enlUtment. 

Veath wait cauied by a ceJiebnal hemofiage. Hz ii iuAvlved by hli> mothzn, Hu. 
C. P. Kj'elitMip and a bnotheJi, Vonald oi St. Cloud, UN., and Cofiponat RobeAt KjeZ- 
6tMip who li stationed at Camp UcCoy, WI. 

HiA iatheA, C. P. Kjztit'iup, who pa&J>zd auxiy In 1947, woi a bnothen. oi the 
late AAnlz KjeZit/utp. 



Rev. TheodofLZ A. Kupka, 67, PaitoK oi St. HoAtln'i ChuAch, Genzieo, htV., ilncz 
Uafvck 1926, dlzd Tnlday In a Enzckennldge Ho.i,pltat aiteJi /,aiieAlng a itnoke. 

Requiem mciS,6 wa& oUzned In Genzizo Tuz&day at 10 with Mo4i Rev. Izo F. 
Vwofii,ch.ak, AuxlZlaAy Bl&hop oi Fango, ceZehnxuvt. Rev, VnanclM J. SmalZzy oi Honfe- 
Inion and Rev. PatAlck J. O'Connell oi LidgeAwood weAe chaplaini,, Rev. TatheA 
Hu.eJb6ch oi Hankln6on weAz among thoAz attending the leAvlczi. 

TatheA Kupka wai bonn at Oppeln, CeAirany, Oct- 30, 1883, and studied at the 
Gyvwoilum cut Cppeln cuid at tiit UnlveAilty oi EneJ^lau. Coming to this countny he 
complzted hli thzotoqicoL stuxilzi at St. Taut SeminoAy and St. Johi'6 UnlveA&lty, 
CoUegevllZz, WW. 

He was ondalnzd June 11, 1909, by thz tatz Anchblihop John Jfieland In St. Paul 

and was assigned as pastoA. cut SacAzd HeoAt ChuAch, t-linto, MP., until Pec. oi 1910, 


r ' 

utfien fee movid to St. Stanlitaus at WaMau, MP., urtU. MatcA 1926. Jt uoca ^en fee 
moved to Ctntito, tht poit fee heZd untit ku dtath. 

TatkeA Kufika. Lit iuAvlved by a hJUteJi, Wn. Joltph OnJLow&kt oi Winona., MW. 
BuAlat vxu> heJtd at the. iamity tot at Owatonna., UN. 

• «••««««««« « 


TuneAat 6eA.vlce^ wtnz heZd at the. kuQUMtana LutheAan ChuAch ThuA&day a^teA- 
noon ioK ShoKon hm, Inlant daughteA o^ f-{fL. and HfU. kfmotd Htnjvmnn with tht 
Rev. CtoKge. Etnion oiilciatlng. 

ShoAon Ann woi taktn lit Auddenly Monday moAjung and taktn Ajmtdiatzty to 
tht Whtaton Comnunity Hoipttat wfeeAe 4fee pa66td away toAty in tht a^tfinoon. At 
tht tint o( htA patting 6ht tacktd onty a ^ew dayi o£ being -CfeAee montfe^ old. 

Sfee .teavei to mouAn htA poAznti; Ua. and AttA. kAnold HtAAmann, gAandpoAznti , 
Wl, and Ha&. CtoAgt HtAAmann and Ua. and Uaj>. CoaZ Eggtn bti,Zdt& many auntJ>, uncZti 
and coaltZni. 

JnttAjntnt MU madt in tht GAacttand CemiteAjy tost oi town. Tht i,ympathy oi tht 
tntlAt cjommnity goti to tht btAtavtd poAjtnti. 

• •t«*««»»»*« 

HAi. Bti^tt Johnion Jankt, 6t&ttA oi l>!alttA and FAitz Johru,on, poiitd away 
at htA feome at VetAolt Lakti, UN., TAUday aittKnoon. Sfee had bttn ifUoaily -Ul 
ioA itvtAjot monthi uUth canceA. Sfee .teavei to moann, htA hu&band and a ten yzoA 
old ion. FuntAol ieAv>tce4 we^e heM at VttAolt Lakti on Monday aitcAnoon. 

• •**•«««••»« 


SeAvicei ioK Roicjot GaA^elZ GoddoAd, 70, ioAjntAly oi UlnntapotU, who ditd 
Feb. 3Ad at OtU, OR., mJU. bt at I P.M. Tuesday at WoihbuAn-McRtavy Chaptl, uxUh 
buAAJut In Sun&et. UemoALal PaAk CtmtttAy. 

BoAn In HaAlhoAo, hia&6., Ua. GoddoAd wai a AetlAtd tngintzA (oA tht Soo Lint. 
SuAvlvlng aAt ha> wl^t, LUtLan U. , two 6on6, Ralph OjJ OtU and John, Upli. and one 

Ua. GoddoAd wat> wttt known htAt having bttn tmploytd a& Soo Lint tngtnttA on 
tAoZn 250 and 251 ^OA many ytaAj>. Ht AttlAtd ^Acm actlvt itAvlct in Ftb. 1945. He 
and kU family AtJ^tdtd tn BLimaAck until 194S whtn thty movtd to OAtgon. 


FuntAjol leAvicu wtAt htld on ThuAidoy, Ftb. ith, ioA tht infant ion o{ Ua. 

and Ua&. ElAoy WahttA, who wa/> bo An that day at tht St. FAancll, Hospital In BAtcJi- 

tnAi-dgt. Rev. A. A. GAoi wa& In choAgt oi tht itAvlcti. Jntfjntnt wai in tht 

EvangzZicol and Rtionmtd CzmtttAy. Tht babt ii> ioAvivtd by kit, poAtnti and ont 

liittA, Connit. 




Wofid was fte.c.zivtd heAe. today, [ThvM,day] tilLing o^ the. dtath o^ ilfu. Tfiank 
SttckeJi oi Lady&mlth, WT., who had pa^&td away at a hospital in Lady&mlth tki6 
mo fining. Hu. SttcktZ li a iofimiA futildait oi thli city. 

• »«•»«*«»»»»*«• 

FEBRUARy 22, /95J 


Wii. Amttia GAub, mothui oi AlbzAt GArfa dizd Wtdntiday at the. home oi heJi 
daughteA, HU^ Emma Gfiob at faJigo. 

Mw. Gfiob 1004 a iofuneJi fve^ldejrvt oi thli community, having made. heJi home. hene. 
loK many yea/u fce^o/tc going to TaAgo to tive. uiith heA daughteA. 

Be.&ldei heA ion KtbeAt o^ thli city and heA daughteA, Erma o^ Tafigo, ihe li 
iuAvlved by a ion HejViy, o^ Uoofihexid and a daughteA, Hu. HeAman SeXte.nhaugeA oi 


ULii Leah Slrnpklm received a. cjoJUL at noon Twe^day that heA motheA vxn ieA- 
louity ill. She. MLi making pKepaAatiom to leave Immediately ioK Hazelton uhen 
ihz Azcelved onotheA call that heA motheA had pa&ied away. 

ma Siinpklni teit ioA Hazelton to attend the iuneAot. 

Ma., and Mw. Mvin SchubeAt depoAted Ffilday ioA CedoAbeAg, WT., in xtipome. 
to a me^iage that Hn.. SchubeAt'i iathoA, Un.. Anton SchubeAt oi CedanbeAg had paaed 
away at the home tkeAZ. 

ScAuZce4 weAc held a-t 9:30 ThuAiday ion h\Ki. HeAman Heyitkamp, 63, oi h'antadoA, 
MP., motheA oi Uu. Vuane. M. [Helen] King, 506 TkUteejith St., N. , UooAhead. MN. 

SeAvice^ weAe. in St. PeleA and Paul'i Catholic Chu^ick in t^antadon.. Rev. Geo/ige 
E. UUleA oiiiclaling. The body wai at VeAtln TuneAol Home., iJahpelon, and wai takeM 
to the iaAm home MheAe it woi until time ion. ieAvlceJ>. 

UAi. HeAlkamp died Sunday. The iofmeA KaiheAine. lOump, ihe wai bonn at Hank- 
inion, then Dakota TeA^iltony, Oct. 29, 1&87, and attended icJwoli thefie. She wai 
moAAled to Da. Heltkamp at IkmtadoK in 1910. They had ioAmed in that aAna iince.. 
She aJUo Laa-veJi thAzt iom, Edmund oi WyndmeAe., WP. , Lawfience and kdotph at 
homzi iive daughteAi, Wu. King, Wii. Leon [Mvina] Schloagh, St. Cloud; MAi. ClaA- 
ence [Leona] Cox, and Ma4. EdwaAd [VeAonica] Sdmit both oi EneckenAldge. and Hu. 
VlctOA [VeloAia] Kath, Tenney, h\N., and a bnctheA John KAwnp, Hankimon; a iliteA, 


M^. M. J. HainzK, Vzt^lt Laku, MM., and 14 gfLondcKUxheji. 

five. bKothzM and a AliteA pKe-ctded heA In dexUh. Active. In chuAxih wonk, Wu . 
Heltkamp Mil, a membeA oi ChAlitlan MotheJU>. 



TuneJULt leAvlce^ MeAe, held SatuAxiay aiteAnoon at one o'clock at the Eton lutheAon 
Chwich at ToKQO ioK \fJii>. hneJUa. Cfiob, {^ofmefity a he^ldent oi Gfieat Bend, taho pa&sed 
etuay Wednejiday night, Feb. 2Ut, at heA home In Foaqo. Rev. Satined LaA&on o^ilciated 
at the ^eAvlcti. 

Uu. CKob woA bonn ApAlZ 2$, MT5, at MtiiAa, MM., and moved to Gfieat Bend laitk heA 
paAent& a& a child. On Jan. 2i, 1S92, 4,he uxu moAAied to HenAy Gnob and they iafaned 
ieveAol yeoAi In hUjme&ota, fuetuAnlng to Toaqo In. I9Z5. HeA hu&band poi&ed auoay In 
Ueuj oi 1935. Wa. Ghjob made heA home viltk heA daaghteA, Emma, who li> itltl at home. 

She t£/ivej> to mouAn, -ftoo daiLghteA&, Hi&6 Emma GAcb and Ann, Mw. HeAman SatheA- 
hagen oi TaAgo. Two iom, Albent Gnob oi Hankln&on and HenAy oi Moofihead. Two bfwtkeAi, 
Guitave HueJileA oi Hankauon, HenAy UadnZeA oi Uoofieton. ThAex. iliteAi, Wu. Albent 
Stoltenow, Sk., Ufu. Amanda Bohn oi TyteA and HA6. H. J. Stoltenow oi UahpeXon. She 
alio leAveJi 35 gfiandchlldAen and 33 gxejat-gfuindchlldKen. 

Among thoAe who attended the iuneAol oi Hu. Bnella. Gnob, held on SatuAday at 
FoAgo, wtAt' Mt. and Wu,. AlbeAt Gnob and UaAtha, Ma., and Ufit,. HenAy Kfump and Aon&, 
leonoAd and UoAman, Wi. and Ufii. CoAl Gfvob, Ha. and /l/iA. Mo4e6 UpeAle. and iamily oi 
Teimey, MM., and VeteA VlHeAdlng and cJvUdAen. 


Mw. Antonla SheAlock oi UdgeAwood, motheA oi Ed WlUpAexiht pa66ed away Wednes- 
day, at the Johnion NuAilng Home In Wahpeton at the age oi 87 yeaAi. 

Hu. SheAlock wa& boAn In HambuAg, GeAmany, In Vejc. oi M69. In Hi! 6he was 
united In moAAlage to John WUHpAzcht In GeAmany. In 1902 they came to AmeAlc/i iettting 
on a iaAm nexiA Cene^eo. They lateA ioAmed neoA LidgeAwood, moving to LldgeAwood In 7919 
wheAe she Aeslded eveA since with the exception oi a yeoA heAe. at the Kent NuAslng Home 
and In the John&on NuAslng Home In Wahpeton. HeA husband passed aioay In 7929. 

In 7931, ihe was united In moAAlage to James SheAlock oi CallioAnla. They made 
thelA home. In LidgeAwood. Uas. SheAlock Is suAvlved by two sons, Ed oi Hanklnson and 
Hans oi LldgeAwood, two daaghteAS, Ma4. Alionso OAth and hlAS. HenAy EshaueA oi UdgeA- 
wood, ilve gAondchlldAjen and seven gAeat-gAandchlldAen. 

FouA ions and one daughteA pAeceded heA In death. TuneAat seAvlces wilt be held 
at the Holy QAoiS LutheAon ChuAch In LldgeAwood. The time oi the iuneAoZ had not been 
set at this WAltlng. 


U/kRCH i, I95I 

Tuntfiat itfivlcti weAe cjonductejd. tcu>t Wtdnuday a^Winoon, Feb. 2Sth, at t/oo 
o'ctock (pLow tht Utthodiit Cfiatc/i ^o-a Lib Vykz, wttL \inovin. Talfimount fi^ldejvt, who 
died luddznlij at the. home, o^ kU 6on CtoAtnct on Sunday mofining, Feb. 25th. Rev. H. 
G. tiiejiai oiiaUated at the. ieAvZce^. BafUal uxu made, in the. South TaVunount CemeteAy 
and Jo4>. VeJLtui and 60Ki weAe In change, o^ oAfiangementi . HonoioAy pott bzoAeAi weM. 
F. P. Nel&on, Cant SvMni>oti, Ktton Thttde., P. H. ^hite., ZeAt KuAtz and John Bo^tAjom. 
Active. VaJUL beoMM weAe VUZiam HitteA, J. V. Suxm&on, Tfiank Sfiamon, HaAley Swamon, 
EoaJL SchouuielZeA and OicoA L&t. 

Lib {>lUhuA Vyke imu bofm In HoApeAi, Iowa, on MoAc/i Uth, 1885, the &on oi Wi. 
and Mti. WllbuA. Vyke.. He uxu one. oi tioeZve. chlZdA.en and. ipen* ki& boyhood oAJOuxid 
HoApeAi on a iaAm. On Moi/ 27, 1908, he. moMled Hi&A ZLta BuMlt. To thU, union {^ve 
chltdxeji weJie. bonn, bUJiban. oi Tainmount, ClaAence. oi TaOunount, Klvln o^ Hejmphlb, Tenn., 
BeAnoAd oi the. U. S. Navy, stationed at GKSAt Lakti, IL., and UoAbhaJUi oi BofigeA, Te.xai. 
In 1920 the. family moved to Wattcott, HO., uiheAe. he was engaged In iaAming and tiveJttodi 
buying, flvt yzoM lateAln 1925, they moved to TaJAinount cotmunlty wheM. they have, 
ilnce. fue^lded. 

Ma.. Vyke. had tht miiiofitune. oi losing a tejg In kpfut 1942 but could always smile, 
with hii mli iofitune.. He aJbaays loved children and they weAe. hli ^filends. 

HfL. and Mw. Vyke. had spent the past two and one hall months In Hejnphis and BoK- 
geA, visiting thelA sons, Alvln and UanshalL and thexA iamilits. They fuetuAned to FalA- 
mount Feb. 24th and spejit tht evening at tht home oi theJA. son Clxviejict. He passed 
away tht ioUowing manning Feb. 25-tfi at 7:15. 

He Is suAvlvtd by his wlit, ilvt sons, iouA sliteAS In St. Vaal, MN. , one slsttA 
In Slblty, Iowa, ont slsteA In Sioux City, Iowa, and ont In KltxandAJji, MW; and etght 
gnandchildAen, UaAshall, 2k., and LaAAy Vykt oi BoAgeA, Ttxas, Canolint and Nancy Vykt 
oi Uesirphis, TN. , BeAnand Vykt, Jfi. oi Uoonhtad, Vlant BtveAly and Clanenct Vykt, 3k., oi 
YaUunount. Two slsteAS pntctded him In death. 

Hk. Vykt took an actlvt pant In community aiialns and will be missed by all who 
knew him. He was a mejnbtK oi tht TaJjunount Utthodlst ChxiKch. 

Tht chlldKtn weAt all pKtstnt ioK tht iuntKol and otheA Kzlatlvts ijAom a dlstanct 
attending wfut his slsteAS, Mw. Chas Ramsty oi Slblty, Iowa; Hks. VoKoihy Vykt and son 
GoKdon oi St. Paul and Mas. F. VoawUz oi St. Paul; his bKothtK and iamliy, UK. and Uks. 
VennLs Vykt and RobeAt oi MtxandAjji, MN. , and Has. Pena Vostma oi Sheldon, Iowa ( a 
SlsteA oi fJiAS. Lib Vykt). i^any othtK futlautivts who had planntd to attend tht iuneAol wtKt 
unahlt to get theAt btcxmst oi tht stveAt stoKm. 


APRIL 5, J95/ 

M^. and Mw. RlchoAd landzA Kzceyivzd wofid {,A£im tkiAJi daiigkteA, Wii>. E. A. E^ckion 
0^ ULami, FtofUda, stcuUng that hex ^athzfi-ln-law, Glihtfit EAA.c±6on, had poMzd aiMiy, 
MaAch 26th. Un.. Exich&on uxu, knowi by many Hankinion KuZdejiti hav-ing vtiZtzd heJiz 
6zveAat tijmdi, in the. pa^t yejoM,. 

MAV 17, I95I 

Ma., and Mw. Med H-iZman o^ VeAona. vl6-ute.d bru.e.ity at the. GKe.en-EaUi homz one. day 
txut weefe. They weAe en/ioate to SpfUng{^eZd, MN., being catted theAz by the. dzath o^ 
hoA. motheA, Mw. SnydeA. 



TuMAot 4eA.ut.ce4 weAe held F/Uday a^teAnoon at the. St. John' 6 Chufick in lilheaton 
and a ihoAt pfuiyeA 6eAvlce. at the home ^OA. Paut Laubtn. who pa&^ed away at the. St. 
¥fuuici& HoAfxitat in BKejckennldge, Uonday noon. Ufu LaubeA 4u^^eAed a itAcke on Wednes- 
day and uxu taken to the hoipliaZ vAieJiz he. remained untit hit> death. 

Ma. and Uu. LaubeA czLebfiated theifi ^^tth laedding anniveAiony thi& iatt at which 
time alt oi the dvUdAeji weAe. homo.. 

He li ^uAvived by kU wi^e. and att oi hii childAen. A compter obituary wilt be 
pfUnted next we.ek. 

MARCH 15, T95T 


Edwand R. Bunkomki, 59, Soo Line /ujJJboay agent at TeSienden, died on Uonday in 
the home o^ a daughteA whom he wai, vi&iting at Gfiejot ?alti>, MT. 

The, body was fieXuAned to Valtty City TueJ>day (ok leAviceJt at 11 A.M. ThuAiday, 
in OuA Saviofi'i LutheAon ChuAch. Rev. R. E. Tt&low oi Valtey City and C. H. Netion oi 
Fe44enden will oHiciatt with Hub PeteAion TuneJial Home oi Valtey City In chaAge. 
BuAtal will be in VeAgoi, iOi. 

SuAvtving oAe. hU wiie, two daughteAi, Maa. Calvin [GeAaldine] Ton, Valley City, 
and Maa. Paul (E^eanoA) ThAcnion, Gfizat TalZi, MT. , iive bfiotheAi and 4,iJ)teAi and iive 

Ma. Eunkowikt waj> iofaneAly Soo Line, agent at Valtey City and also in thi& city. 
Ma. and Mw. Bunkomki. moved to TeMenden thAe.e. yeoAi, ago. 

Wu>. GeoKge Schuett, Ma4. T. J. Lund and Ma4. 6. E. Rackow attended the ieAvices 
held ThuA&day noAming at Valtzy City. 

MARCH 22 1951 


Ida Lena MoAx [nee Jaeschke] wai bonn in Gtfutuny on Uafich 2, 1S79. AiteA the 
death oi heA iatheA in heA eoAly chitdhood, ihe enigJiated to the United States with heA 
motheA and made heA home with heA bfiotheA on a ianm neoA Blue. Eanth, MN. 

In 1902, ihe was united in moMiage to Otto BaAtels oi HoAihalt, MM., wheAe they 
made, thein. home until the time oi his death in 190S. To this union two chiZdAen weAe. bonn. 

In 1910, ihe was united in moAAiage to HeAman KAouse and they made theiA home on a 
ioAm exist oi Hankinson until 1911 when the.y moved into town. To this union iouA chitdAen 
weAe. boAn. HeA husband necedtd heA in dejoth in OctobeA oi 1933. 

In 1940, ihe was moAAied to KlbeAt MoAx, oi Vayton, OH., wheAe they made theiA 
home until the time oi his death in 1945. LateA ihe KetuAned to Hankimon and made heA 
home with heA chitdAen untit heA health began iaiting and hospital cane, became neceshoAy. 


Sht (Mi taken to the. Johmon Nuuing Home at ^akpvton in July o^ 1949 wheM. ihe. made. heA 
home, until the. time, oi heA dtath on AtaAcA 19th, 1 951. She. had reached the age oi 72 yean 
emd n dajj&, 

Sht l& iuJivlved by Ux chUdxen, hwoti oi Henning, MW., Ueono^ [Um. Ktined 
HilteA], Hltda. (Ww. EAne^t HubfuLq], GeAtAude. [Hm. E. H. BeAndt), AdeZia. [Um. Vivin 
Zlttlow] aJUL oi HankcMon; Alma (M^u. LeonaAd Gatl] o^ Hew Zoiton, UU^oafU. and one 
itepion, AAthuA KAmuz oi AppUton, WI. AUo 29 gfuuidckUdAen and a holt oi otheA 

TuneAal leAvlcti uxUl be. heZd Saturday at 1:30 P.M., at tht E. H. BeAndt home at 
i o'clock at the Enmanuel and Re^o-tjned ChuAck mXh Rev. A. A. G/ULi oHlcJjxtlng at tht 
i,eA\)lceJ>. InteAmtnt mil bt at Emmanael Evangttical and UtioAntd CemeteAy. 

MARCH 29, T95I 

Uu. Evelyn VuaatnhotggeA and daughteA, Janet, leit ion. UinneapotU, on Saturday 
to attend iuneAoZ leAvictit ion. Hn&. Theo. VuwenhotggeA on Uonday. JnteAmznt woa 
madt at Ulnneapotil) . Um. VuuoenhoeggeA had been in poon. health ion iome time andj In con: 
pony uxith heA haiband, had been viilting heA daughteAi In tht cltiti ujhen death camt. 

APRIL 17, 1951 

Reu. and Mw. W, M. O&bonn motontd to Si&ietan and PtveA, SV., to \iU,lt Mw. Oi- 
bonn'4, Uncle, Un. Reuben Anty, uAo uiai HI tn the CommunLty Hospital at Siiieton. 
M/i. Aney pa&itd aiMuj on Monday manning. The Oibonni Mtnt to Ptvtn ion the iuntnal on 
ThuAiday and neMmned home on ? 

APRIL 79, 7951 


Fni,endU> oi the Mtfee NeZion iamily hene Mtne ihocktd thii week to hean oi the 
death oi the iniant ion oi t-in. and Uu. AU-fee Nelion oi Wahpeton, Mho voeAt ionmeA 
Hankimon nt6identi. ' 

The iniant uias iound dead in hc6 bed Fniday evening and death wai believed to 
havt been cauied by a heant ailment. 

EuneAol loAvice^ went held htn.t on Mondoi/, Apnil 16th ion knthuA C. Knuegtn 

Mho ianmed in tht Gntat Bend vicinity ion many yeoAi and who moved to Manklmon in 

7938. Sinct 1942 ht woi employed by tht Swamon and Som poultny plant at Omaha, NB. 
A Hit long membtn oi tht Emmanuel Evangelical 6 Rtionmed Chanch and mtmben oi 

tht council ion rrany yearn, Anthun Knutgtn woi bapti&td and coniinmed at Hankimon. 

by tht Rev. Wathtn. 


Hl6 hzaJUk btqan to ialt In Jan. 1 95 1, and af^tVi i>tvzfuxJi opeArutloni hz poiizd 
oMoy on kpfuZ 12th. 

MembeAi oi the. itmzdiate. iamiZy to mouAn his poii-ing ate hli uaiiz and thfizz 
cKildfizn, ktixtd oi Omha, NB. , Wu>. GtofiQZ CoAlion (Atcce) oi Cokato, MW. , and 
GoAdon oi LldgeAwood, UV. SuAv4.vonj, include, one. i-i&teA, Hfii. Etiia PAJschnow oi Hank- 
Zn&on; a bnotheA, dcjOA. o^ Hamtin and S gKanddvitdAzn. 

Hl6 {ilfLit (ML{,e, ULnnie Hoe.ii, to whom h& woi mwu.e.d In 1908, pieteedzd kirn In 
dzath on Jtme ith, 1913. ThAte. ckUAfuin weAe. boAn to thU union. 

In Szpt. oi 1914, he. woi wed to Anna Enhzu. One &on bte^6e.d thli union. 

Tfie AemuM voeAt inteAed in the. EmmanueJi EvangeZicaZ and ReiJoAmed ChuAck 
CejneXeAy at Hankimon. 

APRIL 26, 1951 


MauAicz Btummond, 22, 0|J 1336 ThUvtzenth Ave. S. , dizd o^ a kidney in^zction 
tAondaij in a foAgo Ho6pLtal. 

UA. BAuimond had bzzn employzd at W. W. ItJaliwofik'i in foAgo about a yzoA. A 
bnotheA, ElAoy ZAusmond, a iofmzA FaAgoan, now xz&idz6 at LL&bon, WP. 

A naXivz o^ Hankin&on, NV., fit. Bnnmmond mu unmoAAizd. Hii, paAenti, pKzczdzd 
him in dzath. Bziidzi thz bnotheA at Lisbon thzAz axe. otheA bnotheAi and 6i6teA6. 

SeAvicz& viiiZ. be at 2 P.M., SatuAday, in thz WippzAtnan TuneAol Homz hzAZ. 

Mt. and Maa. V. W. CfLZ66zy &pznt thz vozzk end in FeAgtM laJULb, MM., wheAz thzy 
attzndzd thz iunzfuxZ. oi ha> gnmidmotheA. 

Exnzit R. Schutt, fte^ideyvt oi LoMoti Town&hip ioK moKz than 30 yzoAi,, dizd Sun- 
day, ApKit 22nd, at thz St. TnancU Hoipitat in Snzckznnidgz wheAz hz had bzzn a 
patiznt ioA. nejOAZy a month. Hz wai 72 yzaAi old. 

He wai bonn Jan. nth, 1879, at iHzb^teA, lA. , thz ion o^ ChAi&topheA and Eliz- 
abeth Schutt. He moved with hii poAznti to LaMaAi, Ik., wheAz hz giew to manhood and 
attzndzd local ichooli. Hz moAnlzd Ruby fond at Sioux City, lA., on Feb. lit, 1916. 
Thzy moved to Month Vakota to Langdon and in 1920 camz to LaUoAi Townihip. 

Hz woi a mejnbeA o{t thz HodeAn Woodmen oi$ -t/ie WonZd and izAvzd a numbeA o{, yeoAi 
on thz loMoAi ToMnihip Boand. 

SuAviving oAz kli wi{^z; izvzn dojughtzAi, M^. Clydz (Agnei) Motx o{, San Tzinando, 
CA. , Maa. Robert (Eunice) Smith o{^ UcHznAy, ^/Ai. Bznniz [Vofiothy] Ziiiky and Mw. F^ed 
{Mattel) SnydeA, both oi TatAmount, Maa. RogeA (BcAn^ce) FcAgoion oi VzviLi Lakz, Guzn 
0(5 FoAgo and Vonti oi Uinnzapolii; a ion Synon at homz; thAzz iiiteAi, Wii. LuetCa 
G£aien oi VznveA, CO., Wii. Emma GntHith oi Ctiiton, CO., and MAi. Clxvw. Smith oi 


HovilZz, lA. , a. bKotheA., fnank oi kkxon, Iowa.. 

VuMAjOit i>iA.\jlz(U> weAz held Tu^idcLy at Z:30 P.M. ^Ax)m thz Btthany HeXhodlit 
ChafLck In. laMxi, Toviniihip uxiXh Rev. HoAotd N<.ejicu, o^ fcuAmoarvt o ifyicLcvtinQ . ZuaJjoZ 
woA wade, in the Cojndtfuj at faVmount. The. VzAtln FumAoZ Homz o^ lilahpeton uxu -in 
cJioAgz 0^ oAAongemznti) . 

Hu. Jennie. Johnion, pixineeA fiziident o^ tkli> cormuyiity, died Tuidcaj monninq 

at 9 o' ctock at the Hamon NuAiing Home in Sij,6eton. She had been in ilZ health {^ofi 

4>ome. tune but had been able, to be up untiL Chxiitnuu time ia&t yeoA. when ihe. ieJUi and 

bfioke hex hip and hajt been bzd fUdden &i.ncz. 

Shz iMU, bonn at Cannon TaJUU, IM., and wu about 72 yeoAi old. 

HeJi ha&band, HeAmm Johnion and ievefuxt ckiZd/Len p>itc£.tde.d keA. in de/ith, ioni,, WatteA. oi Tintah, ^^N. , CtiHofid oi Whzaton and CJtaA.ence o^ Roiholt, 

onz iiJiteA., Mw. Vfied Wahl 0(J St. ?auZ and izvexal QftandckildAen oAe. leit to mouAn 

hex depantuAz. 

FuneAot seAvZce^ uiiJU. be held TueAday at the Aaga&tana LutheAan heJiz, 

Reu. BeAquZ&t oi Ro&hoZt, oHiciating. 

InteJment uxiZJi be made i.n the iamiZy tot in the GfiaceZand CemeteAjy exi&t oi touon. 

MA/ 3, 1951 


TuneAoZ ieAvlczi ioK MK6. CatheAlne Smith, 63, voeAe held ifiom St. Anthony' ■!> at FaiAmount on Wednesday oi tha> weefe. Wu>. Smith, u)ho up until a yeoA ago 
woM employed at St. Mexiu& Hospital In Bi^waxch, had been In ill health ioA the pa^t 
12 monthi. She paired away In the Ecimo/Lcfe HoipitaZ. 

PfUon. to hex employment at the HuAi,eJ> Home. ioK St, AttKial,, 4>he had been at the. 
nzception dz&k in the same hospital. 

Catherine GextAude SchAamm woi bofin at HameZ, MN. , July IS, US7. She vooi 
moAJvied to livin A. Smith at HeAAtod, SV., i.n 1905. The couple lived at FoyiAmount 
ioA ei.ght yeoAs whexe Ma. Smith was employed as the Soo Line Agent. Ux. Sntth passed 
away In July oi 1944. 

She is suAvtved by thxee childxen; lAvln oi Eij,maxck; VelmoAz oi Indtanapotis 
and Hxs. John Bixtel {Cathexine) oi fiinot, and a nephew, Thomas E. Schxammoi Vancouvex 
WA, Both oi the lattex weXe xeaxzd by Wis. Smith along with hex own childxen. 

Othex suAvlvoxs include hex mothex, M/ti. Ikitt Schxamm oi St. Cloud; ttoo sLsteAJi, 
SJjitex iKene, O.S.B., Eden Valley and Sx. Cleophia, O.S.B. Watkins, MN.; thxee bxotheAS 
John, Chicago, IL., J. V. oi hiantowac, WJ., and C. W. Schnamm oi Hinneapotis and six 


MAV 3, 1951 


TaneAoZ AeAu^cei ^on. F/ted KelZy, 78, weAe heZd Inam thz Cathotic ChuAch at 
Ro6hotZ, Monday mofirUng. BwiiaZ uxii at thz iaiMJUj tot In the. Sc44e;ton CzmzteAJj. 

KelZy, ucho pa66zd auay lai>t Fxiday moAjujig at the. St. F/ioncci Ho&pitat In 
BtzckznJUdge., had been employed at the Geo. BiAchem ^aAm ioK the pa6t 15 yexLU. 

He 16 iuAv^ved by tuo bKotheAJ> and a niece, Wu>. WeAJ>eA o^ Ro&hoZt, SV. The 
WtppeAman EaneAot Home o^ Hankimon uiai In chajige o^ ajuiangementl) . 



Jennie C. John&on um boftn In Cannon EaZti, MN. , ApxiZ 5th, 1878, daaghteA oi 
M/L. and M'li. Gaitave Adolphion. She came to White Hock Mith hen. pofienti, in 1887. 

In 1897 6he wa$ rnoAAled to HeAman John&on and they iettZed tight mitej> voejst oi 
White Rocfe. Se\}en chULdfien weAe botvn to thii> union, ^ouA. o^ whom died In Inf^ancy. 
hUi. John&on died In 1939. 

ThAee 6on6, WaiteA, Mo-vlca, MN., ClaAence, Roiholt, SV., and CtiHoAd, Whenton, 
MN.; one iliten, Hu. ¥Ked Waho of, St. Paul, MN., and one bfwthex, knthuA. Adolphion of 
BZanchoAd, Ml. , eZeven gnxmdckiMxen and a ho&t oi neJiativeM and ifiiendA axe left to 
moufin heA depoAtuAe. 

M'Li. Johnson vxl& con{^umed In the LutheAon ChuAch In White Hock in 1891. She 
1004 a membeA. of thl& chuAch heA entiAe life. She hiu, been a patient at the Hamon 
HeJtt Home In Sl&ieton foA 4ome time wheAe 6he died kpAit 20, 1951, at the age of 75 
yeaA& and 15 dayi,. 

SeA-vlce^ voeAe held at the LutheAon. ChuAch In White Hock KpAll 24th at 1:30 P.M. 
Rev. CloAcnce John6on of Clinton, IW. o fflciated. Intenment wa6 made in. the GAaceland 

Tmo beautiful hymni weAe AendeAed by Vanmn kndeA&on and klbln ?eteAl>on accompanied 
by Wib. Ed EkbeAg at the oAgan. 

ValZbeaAeAti weAe ElnoA Johmon, 06caA LundbeAg, Ray Nadeaa, Glenn LoAion, Knton 
TeteA&on and Wm. Magnaion. 

Tho6e fAom a diitance who attended the AeAvlce^ weAe: Maa. FAed Waho and daaghteA. 
St. Paul, MN. , H^i. H. E. TAedAlckMon, Hec^toA, MN., Ma. and Maa. Vfiank AndeA&on and 
UlldAed, FeAguJ) EalZl,, MN. , Ma. and MA6. AaAon AndcAion, Fegai FalZi., MN. , and M/i. and 
Maa. Axe£ John&on, Sli,6eton. SV. 


Leo Lertz, about 60 t/eoAi of age, woa kllZzd almoit In&tantly Wedne^dal| moining 

when the pick up tAuck he woi dAlvlng was, hit by the moAning Soo Line pa&iengeA tAoln. 

The accident occuAzd about 10 A.M. and the Soo poAiengeA, due at Hanklnion at 

10:30, looi con&equentty delayed while the county coAoneA wai, called to Investigate 

the accident. 




MAV' 10, J95I 


Ray GfLzeji and HaJwld Jont& cuttejtde.d the. iuneJial AeAv^cea ioK Vk. E. WaJUamjta, long 
time. Hankinson dentl&t, heZd at St. CZcud, MW., on Thivudojj oi thU weefe. 

P/u fikJtZlami Hankinion about {fivt yojvu, ago. A^teA having had a csMbftaJi hejnoK- 
fihagz, he. pa&htd away on Uay 7th, iolZouiing a long -iZtnt&A. 

VnjLofL to hli KttLAOKJit to St. Cloud, fuc4 o^^-cce tooi oveA what li now the. Uncvln 
State Bank. •«•,••,•«• 


Uu. Vlck BetUn attended the ^uneAol at TaKgo on Vedne&day oi Hfi. and Hu. AtifieM. 
R. Beciut^m, who weAe. iUtled In a co/i accyident neoA A/igaivltZe toit Sunday. U>u. Been- 
itfLom wa6 Uu. BetUn'i couiln. 

MAV 17, I95I...... 

Two Uankinion young men weAe. 'instantly kLtZed la&t TfUday mo fining In the wout 
Vvaiffic. aecl-dent oi the yean In Richland County. They weAe LcRot^ Uedenmldt and Howatd 

SeJiloa&ly InjuKed In the &ame cafi accident was Tloyd Best oi LidgeAwood and RobeAt 
Jacobson, (HahpeXon, dAlveA oi the otheJi coA. The otheA occupant oi the Medenaaldt coA 
wai, Ui&6 VenZa, alio o^ UdgzAwood. 

ContAaAy to fumoAS, no otheA iatalitlti, otheA than Hie Hanbln&on men, have Aeiulted 
iAom the. acjCyident. Mew Luzcii has been dlschoAged iAom St. Tnancls hospital, Bftedien- 
Aldge, whfie the InjuAed weAe taken ioZZowlng the acxuxlent, which occuAAed about 3: 30 AM 
as the gAoup was AeXuAnlng home iAom Wahpeton. 

TuneAol seAvlces weAe heZd on Tuesday, Uay 15th, at the local Lutheran ChuAch at 
1:50 ?U ioA HowaAd EdwaAd Johnson, who had mei. a sudden death on SatuAday moAnlng, Uay 
IZth, In a highway accident west oi Wahpeton on Highway 13. BuAial was In the CemeteAy 
noAth oi Hankinson. 

HowaAd Johnson was boAn Nov. 28th, 1931, at Hanlilnson, the son oi Nonman Johnson and 
his wiie, Anna, nee ScheHleA. He was a student oi the SenloA Class oi Hankinson High 
School and was to have gmxduated. on May 24th. 

His untimely death u> mouAned by his poAznts, his bAotheA Noiman, who Is w-cth the. 
AAimy In AustfUa, his bAotheA (ilitUam oi St. Paul, his bAotheA Eugene oi BuAnsvltte, NC. , 
his bAotheA RobeAt oi VanvlxZe, 1L., ku bAotheA Vonald oi VevUs Lake, WP., and his 
slsteA Maxine [fiAS. Thomas King] oi Danville, JL., and his slsteA VatAlcLa oi Hankinson. 

TuneAal seAvlces weAe held In Immanuel LuxheAon ChuAch oi Hankinson on Tuesday, May 
15th, at 3:? 5 PM ioA Le Roy Wesley Medenwaldt, who was a victim oi an automoblze 


accyidznt on SaXu/iday monjujig, May 12th on Highway 13, we^-C o^ bla.hpztx3n. BuAjCoZ woa 
in thz LivtheAon CemeXeAy noitk oi Hankuu>on. 

LzRoy M^zmxildt uxu boHn Vzc. Z4th, 1924, cut HanlUnion, thz 6on o^ Ma,, and M^. 
Otto A. MzdzrvMaldt. He woi a vztzAon 0({ isloilbd WaA. II, and &eAve.d anothzA pzulod o{^ 
entUtmznt ilncz thtn. 

He ll> iuAvtvzd by kU tsM chJLZdKzn, Lana LoAaz and 1'JaM.e.n LzHoy, hli, pofienti 
Hn. and Hu. Otto A. Me.dznualdt o^ HanfUn6on, kli> bfiothzA, NoHimn oi /luAoZ Foxhome., 
MM., ftc4 &i6teM., Wli>. Wiltiam [JudUh] W-Utcami, ha, ilitzA., Hu. WlZtLam WabzZ] 
Rogfii 0^ Vzt/ioit, Uiclvigan, IvU 6li>teA., MKi>. Vonald [ALicz] Wfilght o^ LaCxoaz, WI., 
kU i-i&teA, MA4. Raymond [Stztta] RztUg o^ Hankinion, hli bxotheA, W-UZaAd, itatlonzd 
uiith thz Ma/w.ne4 at Quantlco, ViAg-inia, kli> buotkoji, Vonald o^ HaniUn6on, kii iZ&tzA, 
LoZl, 0^ Hankinion and lUi gfiandmotkzK, Mw. A. W. Mzdzmxitdt oi Hanklmon. 


New4 woi -received tlvii> weefe o^ thz iuddzn dzatk o^ OkvWLz HiZlzfi, voho dizd 
0^ a hzant attack at Tacoma, WA. He was thz 6zcond ion o^ Rev. Paul HUlzA, ?a&toi 
oft thz t^zthodl&t ChuXch hzfiz ioti 6zvzKal yzaA6. 

t *********** 


M^. J. J. JaegeA and M^. Pe^eA KuttzA fiztzivzd woid that tkzin. loit Kant, 

Ufii>. UafigoAzt VanlzZ6, dizd la&t fnlday euening at thz Waboiha Hoipltal In Wahbaiha, 

MN. Ma6. JaegeA and Mas. KuttzA weAe unahlz to attznd thz {^unztaZ. on t^onday. 



TunzAat 6z>i\}lcz6 weAe hzZd Monday at thz St. PhiLLp'-i ChuAck -in Hankimon fjOfi 
Aticz Stzngzfi, 46, u)ho poMzd away ffiiday zvzning at thz St. Pfiancij, Hoipitat In 
BAecfeenAcdge, iottouung a twznty iouA houA iJUinzi>6. Rev. TaikeJi Jo6zph Huzb^ch oi$i$- 
tcUatzd at thz iZAvlczi and bu/Uat wa& -in CalvoAy Czmztz^y. 

PaJUhzoAzu weA£ Jim Fallon, Con Shza, EHjnzfi ZKz(>naJhan, HowoAd Bociiey, Matt 
EJUzn and Joz Chltion. 

Aticz Stzngzn. uxu boAn In Hankin&on on Oct. 30th, 1903, thz onty daaghtzA o{, 
thz latz Ma. aYui Ma4. John StzngzA. Shz Azhldzd on a iJoAm 6outh weit of, town and 
gAaduatzd ^Aom thz local high ichool aitzA which ihz attzndzd thz HacPhall School of, 
Mu&lc In Hinnzapotil) . 

Shz thzn AztuAnzd to hzA {^oAm nzoA Hanklnion whzAz 6hz Azildzd until a |$ei'J yzoAi 
ago whzn ihz movzd to liankln&on whzAz ihz had madz hzA homz ilncz. At thz timz of, hzA 
untlmzly dzath ihz woi ejnployzd at thz Cudaky Co. In falAmoimt. 

Lz^t to mouAn hzA pa^ilng oAz thAzz Aunti and two Couilni: liAi. GzoAgz Kutz 
and GzoAgz StzngzA o^ Hinnzapolli. 


MAV 17, I95I 


Idltt weefe ^e Newi coA/Ue-d a i,hoit noticz o^ tht dzath ojj P/l. Eduiin WtLtLcuni, long 
a dzrvU^t at Ha.nlu.n6on, and who dizd at St. Cloud, MW, , on Hay 7th la6t. The. {,ollomng 
obituofuj ha6 be.eyi supplied by hli ^fu.znd&. 

Vk. lU-UZlami cairn to Han}Union In 1916, 6hoAtly a^teA hJj, gAodaation £/wm the. School 
0^ Vej^itlitAy, oi thz UniveAi>lty oi \iinmi>ota. He zntutzd In thz Re^eAve Cofip6 o^ the 
himy In September. 1917, and imu, caJUizd Into active duty ai> a l&t Lleute.nant In July oi 
191 i. He i>eA.vtd tn the Dental CofipA at izvexal places in the UniXe.d States and In T fiance 
fLztiVming to thu county In July o^ 1919. In the latteA month, he vooi dlichoAged ^nom 
AeAvlce, and then Kziumed ku pfiacZice. at HaniUnion. 

He 6eA.ved the commKity oi Hankln&on In the. practice oi hi& pfio^z&ilon untiZ thz 
iaJU. oi 1946. He then ia^ieAed a ^eueAe ceAubfial hejnoMhage., k^teA treatment In pfUvate 
and Government Ho6pital&, he n.etuAmd to hit, £amiZy home at St. Cloud In 194$, wheAe he 
lived untiZ hU death. He woi phy&ically active, did imall cAo/iei about the hoai,e. Kltko 
hit, poweA oi ipeech woi taken inom him, he enjoyed heading, recognized hU, inZendi when 
the.y called upon him, and by 6ign6 endeavofied to communicate, uilth them. Death endued 
aiteA a minox opeAotion which may have induced complLcatUom bringing on hZi dll>eaj>e. 

tie woi banied at the Sauk Hapidi Cemetery on Hay 10th. The Sauk Hapids Legix)n ?oit 
conducted a iuZl militoAy Kite at the. gnave. 

He woi 64 yeafik oi age at thz time oi hli death. He leit iuAviving him 4 bnothexi, 
and one 6i^teA. 

He woi a membeA oi the Hanki,n6on Ua&onic Lodge, and oi the local po&t oi the hnefiican. 
legion. He &eAved and at,&iMted in many community activitieJ>. And in thoie activities ha> 
advice and a&6iitance wtw eageAZy &ought, and ifieeXy given. Vol AcveAol yejOAj) he wai> one 
oi the active managing diAectoil, oi the ba&eball team. But lastly ha, ifuzndi, XemembeA 
him, a& a ktnd and comideAote man, who met mettculxiu&ly, Xn the. IttteA and 6piAit eveKy 
social and bu6ines-i obligation. 

JUNE 7, 7951 


FuneAol ieAvices ion. Guitave HulleA, 71, mUZ be held at the WippeAman TuneAol Home 
on Vxiday, June Sth, at 3 P.M. Reu. F. W. Paul oi the JmmanueZ EvangeJUcal and Reionmed 
ChuAch wilZ oiiiciate. JnteAment wiZl be made at the Emmanuel Evangelical and Reionmed 

Gu6tave HuelleA pa&ied away Wednesday moAning at the St. VfiancJj> Hoipital. His wiie 
pAccceded him in death in 1907. To A the past ievenal yeans he had made his home with his 
6on, Zfuino IWULeA at Hanktmon. 

He is iuAvived by iive iom: AliA&d, John and BAuno oi Hanktnson; Ed oi Idaho; and 
Otto oi TZoKida; and one duaghteA Anna oi Chicago, ILL. 


JUNE 7, I95I 

Uoia TeiieA pcu>6zd caoay out the. Ada HoipltaZ at the. age o{, eight monthi a{^teJi a AJULyieMi>. 

Shz -C4 huAvlved by heA poAznti, Mt. and Maa. VonaZd TeMteA, a bfiothzA, fUakey, and 
a 6-uteA, VoneJUia, heA gfiandmotheA, tA>u>. hloia JuteA oi VevlLb lake, and heA gfiandpoAznti 
Ua. and Wi&. GilbeAt UzyeA. 

Shz woi boAizd Monday ^Aom thz Cathotic ChuAcih at Ada. 

HfL. and Wu. Che^teA SzttzAlund, Ua. E. W. AtZzn and Ma., and Has. l-UJiz Keldzl 
attended thz iunznai. in Wahpzton ioA John ToAgzion, ucho met a tAoglc dzath on Tuziday. 
Hz woi an OtteA Tail PoweA Co. tinzman. 

U{athilda CondzUja Vaht i/m> bofm on May 2nd, 1S77, at New illzn, MW., izcond 0($ a 
iamUiy oi 13 cklldAzn, boAn to Wi. and Wu>. John C. Vakl. 

Thz iasnity movzd to CloAk&^lzld, MN. when thz dzczoizd woa qoLtz young and thzAz 
6hz gAzw to Momanhood. 

At thz agz oi 15 shz taught a AuAoi school at CloAksilzld and thzn attzndzd CoaIz- 
ton Collzgz ioA a yzoA. 

On June i, 189S, shz uns noAAizd to Andtew H. Kolszt o^ LzsteA VaclLaLz, MN. Thzy 
Azs-idzd In CloAksilzld until 1905 when thzy came to Whitz Rock. 

Has. Kolset uxls always vzAy active -in ChuAch and community voofdi and had a gKzat -Ln- 
tzAzst In missions. ToK many yzaAS shz ujos a mejnbzA o^ thz M. P. ChuAch, iMs&lonaAy 
Soclzty, Woman's Club and W. T. C. U. 

Sfie plaijzd thz oAgan ion chuAch seAvlceJt and taught Sunday School ^on. oveA 30 yeoAS 
taking an active pant. In chonxil Monk and youth actlvltlzs o^ thz community. 
HeA husband pAzczdzd heA In death by elzvzn yzoAS. 

Thzy voeAz thz poAznts o^ two boys and two glnLs, all o^ ifAiom suAvlvz. Thzy ate: 
GoAdon od Ann AnboA, ULch, Hzlzn BoMleA, San Antonio, TX., Hellman o^ San Vlzgo, CA. , and 
GzAtAudz Young o^ AbeAdzzn. 

Also ilvz slsteAS, one bAotheA and six gnandchlZdAzn suAvlvz. 
FuneAal seAvlczs weAe held at thz Augu.stana LutheAan ChuAch ThuAsday at 1 P.M. 
IntzAment was made at leJSteA PnalAlz, MN., be.sldz heA husband. Rzv. Benion o^ilclatzd. 

Albln PeteASon sang two songs accompanied by Has. Ed BkbeAg. PallbeanzAS weA.e 
HznAy AndzAson, Anton PeXeASon, WalteA PetznAon, Pay Madzau, TAonk HuAnay and Axel 
Enlckson. *************** 

JUNE 21, I95I 

Ma. and M^. NoAbeAt MoucA and Ha. and Maa. A^Cex Hauch attended the ^unzAal o{, thelA 

nlzcz littlz Linda Konlnek, at EAzckznAldge, on SatuAday manning. 



JUNE 7, I95I 


The. moLny ifilzridi o^ M/i. and Uu. Jamzs JuJULock weAe 6addejfie.d and ihockzd heAz Tue.6- 
daxf vohoji ihzy ItoAnzd o^ the. iuddtn pai> o^ Uti. TuIZock, mho died at a Rochutfi 
Ho&fUXaZ a^tzx izemingty on thz waij to kzcovzajj ifwm an opzfiation. 

FuneAoZ Ae/iu-cce* iMLL bz hzZd In thz CongizgationaZ ChuAch on SatuAday, June 9th 
at 2 P. M. 

HzZzn {)Jat&on Tulloch woi boKn in Edinburgh, Scotland, on May 24, 1SS9. Skz gfizw up 
In EdinbuAgh and attzndzd ichoot thzAz. 

In 1922, ihz camz to WtnnLpzg, Canada, and on AugtMi 2nd, uioi moAAlzd to Ht. Jamzi 
P. TuZZoch. Thz young zouptz camz to Hanktmon ioon a^tzA and havz Kzktdzd hzfiz zvzn. 

Tu)o chiZd/Lzn weAe boKn to thzm. Etizabzth Illation TuZZock, who pa&^zd auxiy at thz 
agz o£ ^tfttzzn montk& and HzLzn Etizabzth Tuttoch, noui Mw. WAJUlam Aue/u/ oi Stzphzn, l^ii. 

Maa. TuiZoch was a pUznd o^ aJLL who fenew hzfi. Shz tovzd to hztp thoiz In nzzd and 
tuoi conitavxtZy doing tittZz dzzd6 ojj kindness. Shz tovzd ^towoAS and AOAJtzd many o^ them 
oAound hzA homz. 

Shz Zovzd company and was a membeA 0(J many di^ieAznt oAgantzations , among them, the 
OhdzA OjJ thz EasteAn StoA, thz AmzAican Lzgton ^uziLioAy, and thz Woman's LlteAoAy Club. 

Shz was a ti^eZong mejnbzn. oi thz P/uesbyteAlan ChuAch o^ Scotland and thzn o^ thz Cong- 
gAzgational ChuAch o£ Hahktnson. Shz was a dzaconnzss and taught ioK many yzaAS In thz 
Sunday School. Hzn. dzath -in a RochzstzA, Mn. , hospital u/hzAz shz had gonz {,oA mzdical 
suAgzAy, was a gizat shock to heA family and ^znds. Shz passzd away on June 5, 1 95 1. 

Shz Izaves to mouAn heA passing, heA husband, M^. Jome* P. Tulloch; heA daughteA, 
UfiS. Wm. AveAy o^ Stzphzn, MM., and thAzz sisteAS, Hisszs kticz, Chxlstinz and Hany 
PattzASon o{, EdinbuAgh) and a gKonddauughtzA, loan Elizabeth AveAy. 


FuneAo^ seAviczi ^ox ChaAles Hzdzrwaldt, nine month old son o^ h^fL. and fAxs. Nofman 
Hzdzmoaldt o{, Foxhomz, wzAz held in Campbell, MN. , on Tuesday af^tzAnoon. Thz WippeAman 
FunzAol Homz was in chaxgz. 

Little ChaAlzs, who had bzzn ill sincz binth, is thz gfiandson o^ Ma. and Has. Otto 
Uzdznwaldt. He passzd away at thz ChitdAzn's Homz, in Vuluth, MM. 

BuAyial was in RivzAdalz CemztzAy at Campbell and thz Rev. G. M. BoyeA oi ST. Paul's 
LutheAan Chwich, Campbell, conducted thz seAviczs. 

MA4. AAthwi EAnSt's mothzA, Uns. Bz&sie Slaby o{j Lldgz^wood, passzd away Thwisday. 
FuneAol szAviczs weAe held Sunday in the Lidgenwood Methodist ChuAch. Mas. EAnst spent 
£Aom ThuAsday until Monday in LidgeAwood. 




Unji. Jamzi P. HuAAay, WahpeXon n.eA<.dznt and ^ohneA xu<.dznt 0(J HankAjnon dizd 
Sunday at St. Tfumc^ Ho6p<tal in B^cktn/Udgz. 

Thz ?.oi>aXjj woi iOAjd ion. hzfi on Monday, Jane llth at the. Sckmltt and Ot&on TuntnaJi 
VohZjOK. TuneAol 6eAvicz& weAe held on TueJ,day, Jane 12th, at St. John' 6 BuAial 
IML6 at CaZvaJuj CejneXeAy. NoveXzke woi boAn Itth, 1899, in kuubVuja and moved to Hankimon uiUJi heA 
iamiZy vohen eight yzafu old. She came to Wahpeton oi a young woman and hxu, Ke^lded theAe 
ioK the pai,t 23 yeoAi. 

Uu. MuAAoy woi active In the ChjU&tcan UotheAi' SocletJj and the Study CZubi o^ St. 
John' 6 ChuAch. VwUng iiloxtd WaA IT ihe 6eAved oi volunteeA chatAman 0($ the county gai, 
Rationing booAd. She alio Mas an active mejmbeA oi the AmeAican Legion AuxiZioAy and the 
AmeAican Red Cfwa. 

Thoie ^fwm Hankim,on uoho attended the ^uneAal weAe tit. and hiu. John Roth, Maa. Lena 
Roth, Uu. John Wol^e, Mu. ClaAa ULttag and fAfi. and lAfii. FKonk 3omnKA6bach, Sx. 

JUNE 21, 1951 

M^. EmU. JaegeA and MoAlene attended the iuneAol oi little, one yeoA old Linda Lee 
KonJjnk, niece oi Mw. JaegeA, SatuAday. Linda woi ifie daughteA o^ Ha. and Hfu,. Ray KoK- 
inzk oi BxeckenAidge. 

TuneAol seAviceA ioi J. A. We^tpahl, we^e held on Wednesday, June 20th, at Hankin- 

ion. He paired auiay at a hotel, in foAgo on Sunday, June llth, ioULoMing an iJUnzitis o^ 

ieveAat yeoAi. 

He woi bonn at Hankimon on Nov. 14th, 1886, uihen HoKth Vakota. woi iitilZ a teAAit- 

onjy. He g-^ew to. manhood in Bnightuood ToMnihip. 

In the iatl o^ J9I3 he puAcha&ed a homestead at Valenmo , W., wheAe he ioAmed ^on. 

t>eveAal yeau. Vuxing the poit iouA yeoAi he made hii, home mth hin.. and f.\Ai. Chanter 

W. Bladow. He mu a membeA o^ Emmanuel. EvangeLicat and Re^oimed ChuAch wheAe he was 

coniiAmzd on Mo/ui/i 26, 1899. He leavzi to mouAn, ^ouA bKotheAi and 6ij>teA&; 

HeAman Wz&tpakl, I'JahpeXon, NP., Emma, lUu,. Iheo. Tiegi , Sun ValZey, CA. , Elite, M/ti. 

ChoAljii W. Bladouo, Hankimon, NV., WilLiam R. Wzitpahl, Hankimon, NP. , Ida, ,Ma^. Wm. 

F. Botei, BuAbank, CA. , AnthuA E. WeJ>tpahl, Pasadena, CA. , and Emain I'Jz&tphat, Efiecken- 

fiidge, MN. 


JUNE 21, I95I 


funtfiat ACAu-cceA weAz held {^ok Hu. A££en Coppln on Tuuday a^eAnoon, June 19th, 
in the. Immantie£ EuangeXicad LutheAon CkuAch cut Hanklnion, NP. Bunlat vooi in thz Luth- 
eACLn CzmeXfiy nofvth oi HankiMon. The. 6eAvicz& weAe In c/ioAge oi tht Paitoi, thz Rev. 
GznkoAd C. HichaeJL. 

Un4,. Alleji Coppin had pa&itd on to htn. eXeAnaZ fieswiAd on Satwiday mo fining June. 16th, 
iaZJUnq cu,lze.p pe.cic(iiuJULy cut thz home, o^ heA poAenti, Ma. and Ma6. Theo. H. ?Kocknou}. 
She had been in icuZinQ heaZth iince ihonXJLy be^oKe thz beginning o{, the yexJA, spending 
quite 6ome tisne in a hoipital at RocAe4-teA a^teA the {glut oi the yeax. Since heA fietuAn 
home iijom theAe, 4>he had been in the ho&pitaZ at Btedientidge ioi a lew day.i, a numbeA o^ 
diiHeAent timeA. 

Uu. Coppin woA bofin July 21, 1927, the daughteA o^ Ma. and ^<A4. Theo. Pnochnow and 
IM16 baptized by Rev. J. P. KlaualeA ai, LucaJULu Eliza. She woi con^iAmed in the LuXheian 
iauitk Uofick 29, 1942, and nvvuiled to Allen Coppin on OctobeA 23, 1949. This union wa& 
ble^&ed viitk one daughteA, bonn Jan. 3, 1957. 

Ma4. Coppin woA a iaiXh^ul membeA o^ the LutheAon ChuAch and ieAved ai> a Sunday 
School teacheA ion. a hhont time, then taking oveA the duties oi chuAch oKganlit, vjhlch 
po&ijtlon ihe held ioK ieven yeaxi>, at {^iAit playing iJoA both the Gefwnan and the Engti&h 
4>eAvlceJ>, and then playing iJoA the GeAman 6eAvlce6 a{^eA the coming oi AtA. IM. HelcheAt. 

HeA eoAly paitiing ij> mounned by heA ionAcuxing ha&band, Allen Coppin, heA daughteA 
BeveAly Jean, heA poAenti Mt.. and Hu. Theo. PAoc/inow, heA biotheAi Leonofud and Gondon, 
heA gAondmotheA, Maa. Wilhelmine PAochnow, oi well as by nany otheA fielatlve^ and {^nlendi. 

She attained an age o^ 23 yeau, 10 montJu and 25 dayA. HeA pAwence Mill be mi&ied 
by many {^OK a long tune. 


pAank Gaitman, 76, uiell known ia/meA oi tkU vicinity pa&ied away at hli home neoA 
Gfieat Bend on Piiday June llth. PuneAol ieAvlce^ weAe held at the Emmanuel Evangelical 
and Reiofuned ChuAch uiith Rev. PiAdl Paul oxidating on Monday, June Uth. 

TfLonk Guitman woi boAn In Gefurany June 18th, 1875, the 6on oi Augu&t Guitman and 
came, to AmeAlca when he woi two yeau old. He ipent mo6t oi hii Hie ioAming neoA Hank- 
In&on until 1942, when he letiAed and moved to Hankln6on. 

He woi baptized In iniancy and coniiAjned in 1889 by Rev. WoAnecke. In IS95 he wai, 
united in moAAlage with MoAte Salzwedel. To thii union thlAteen childAen weAe boAn, thAee 
iom and ten daughteAi>. One ion and iouA daughteAi paj,6ed away In childhood, ^{a. Guitman 
wai, a membeA oi the Emmanuel ChuAch all hli Hie. 

About two yeau ago he became aiillcted with a heoAt condition which bAought about 
hl& death. On PKlday evening, at ilve m.inut(ii, pait seven he pa&ied away at the age oi 
seventy ilve yeau, 11 monthi and 26 days. 


He taavu to mouAn hU, poMinq ha, cuci^e, ti^io iom, HudoZph and HaJVuj o^ nzoA Hank- 
In&OYi; 4-cx daughtzAi, EZZa., M/la. Ftzd Emde, of, Hanklmon, Uouttit, VA4. Wm. Kaih, James- 
town, Habtl, Maa. ChoAlti Ullbfiandt, Hantlmon, Ula, Mw. CoAl lizgzlmann o^ TaJjimount, 
Hannah, Mw. LzonoAd Kajuhz o^ Cayuga, and NeZtiz, H>u,. OtimeA Woe|}4 o^ Cayuga, ktbo 
onz hlstzn, Hu. Anna. Kozpuick o^ ffuL&ze., MW. He alio Itavu 22 Gfumdchitdxzn and ^ouA. 
GKzat- g^MfidckitdAzn. 

JUNE Z«, I95I 

M>u and hlu. RlduxAd landeJi tzit Tuesday ^oK CtUhzAal, MN. , ificm thzAz tiity weAe 
a(icompanyie.d by Wi. and Maa. WiXZiam landzA to Uoia., MN. , wfieAe thzy attzndzd the. {,uneAat 
0(5 a bfiotheA-in-tauo, Guy Johnion, a lonmeji HankAJi&on fiesZdent and huiband o^ the. ioHmex 
klma landzA oi Hankln&on. 


Ted Knaak, ^ofmeA Hankinion Kts-ident, pa64ed auiay Wednesday mofming in UinneJipoti& . 
Hn.. Knaak tivzd in Hanklniton, at f/JUtt on a {^anm wzit oi$ touon and lateJi -in toim, untiZ 
Zatz in 1947, whzn hz and ivik iainily moved to Hinnzapota>. 

Hz woi boArt Szpt. 6th, 1906, and maAfu.zd Anna Gfiohnkz, Uaxch 5th, 1929. Hz li 
iuAvivzd by kit, uotf^z, two daughteAi, Eztty and ShinJizy, two i>Aj,tzJti>, Wit,. VeXeA KMjump, 
0^ Hanium>on and Wu,. ktinold RozdeA o^ hilnnzapota, . 

Tho6Z attending thz iunzAoZ i^m Hankin&on axz MA. and lAfu,. Vetzn. lOump and iamiiy. 
Ma. and Ma4. Ted Stack and HobeAX Gfiohnkz. 

Thz ^unzAoZ aAAangzmznt6 havz not bzzn compZeXzd. 


Stzvzn Motli was faoAn neoA LoMfuf, MN. , on kphJJi 26th, Hi4. Hz woa 61 ytaAh, onz 
month and 29 dayi, old at thz tUjnz 0($ hU dzath. 

Hz camz to VeMion, SV., -in hii, young manhood, wheAe hz woi engagzd in iJoAmcng. He 
maAAx.ed Jo4,-iz Abiaham&on, Mho pa.i6ed asMUj in 1921. To tkii, union weAz boAn ^ouA. chiidn-zn, 
thtzz ofj whom iuAvivz. 

In 1926 hz maxnied CiaAa GzAzsxzk o^ Stllzs. Hz hoi, been In UJi hzaZth ioK thz pait 
{,i\)Z t/eoAi . He was taken to thz St. TAxmcyU, HoApitaZ in EA.zckznAi.dgz, two wzzkj, ago a^tzA 
iufif^eAing hii, second itAokz and pa&i,zd away at 9:36 f^onday moAning, June 25th. 

Hz ii> iuAvivzd by hii mI^z and eight chiZdAzn, Agnei (Ma4. LzondoAd Macfeove), FoxA.- 
mount, NV.,Wm. L. o{, Viochz, NU. , John S. of^ Bingham Canyon, Utah; MoAfe; AquiZeia (MAi. 
Gzo. JaegeA); Luke; (^oAgaxzt and Allen o{t Hankimon. Hz alio IzaveM iouA gAondchildxen. 

Thz iunzAol Mill be hzZd at 9 A. M. FAiday {^Aom St. PhUUp' i ChuAch and intzAmznt 
mWL be in CalvoAy CemzteAy. 


JUNE 28, I95I 

Hfi6. PauZ Kinn Aecexved uiofui on WtdneJiday that ksA bnathzA, ChoAle^ Hzin, 3k. 
pa&6zd away Tatiday -at kU home. In Chinook, MT. , a{^tn. a llnazAxng UJLntiii,. The. ianzKaJi 
^zAvi-ceM uiiiZ fae heZd In Ckinook Ffiiday. 

Ma., and Hfii. Andy Nelion and Uu. Van.Jone^ attzndzd tkz iuneAoJi oi Wu,. Uetion'i 
iatkeA, Cant NygaaAd at VtlameAt lAondojy a^tennoon. 



Hu. WaJLttfi Schultz, and M^. and Uu. Rlju>6cIZ GAoy aXtzndzd iht iumAxil o£ theJji 
Gfuxndi^aihzA, John VaalMon at Vovmttt, MN, , Tazidaij. 

M/i. and Wu,. 0. J. Hadde. and Ma.. OtivzA. Kaddz aJtXzndzd thz iuntnxiZ o^ Hu. Moaa^ at 
WahpeXon on Thu/u>day. 

Ma. and Maa. GeoAge Stztton and Vzan o^ GKzzn Lakz, Wl., catLzd on pilendi hfie. 
Wzdne^day. Thty come iJoA the. ^umaoZ o^ irvU, iathtu, Wm. StdUon. 

JUL/ 5, I95I 


TuntfiaZ 6zn.vlce^ vizfit hzZd V>u.daxj aitzAnoon, June. 29th, at Ckinook, MT. , £oK 
Chafdiej, Hqaji, ^ofmeA HankuUton n£^i.dent, Mho paazd away -in Iti6 home, in Ckinook on 
June. 26th, a{^teA an ll£nti>6 oi £ouA yexvu,. Ma&onlc AeAuZcei weAe conductzd at thz 
Ckinook Czmztfiy and £uZZ mititaAif honofil, weAe accoKdzd by thz total VeteAam O^gan- 

ChaAteM Hzin wa6 bofin Sept. 4, 1SS9, at Hankln&on, tJiz ion oi Ma. and H)U. ChaAteJ> 
HeJjfi, Sk. , both 0(J uohom pxzczdzd kirn -in dzath ^tt 1946, in VancoavzA, WA. An only &on 
Glen, u)a& killed In Oct. o£ 1943, on a ilight miMlon oveJi thz AndAui, J^landi, wkiZz 
6eA.ving in thz ajmzd {^oKcti> duJving \)loKld WoA IT. 

Ma. Hetn ti\izd in Hankin&on ^ox many yeau, a^teA leaving hzfie. hz Mznt to Velva, 
NP. , wheAz hz wai zmptoyzd ($oA hzvzial yeoKd and in 1934 hz and kii vai^z movzd to 
Ckinook, Hontanta. 

A vzteAon o^ Wonld blaA I, hz wa4 a membeA o^ Elainz Po&t 48 kmnlcxun. LzgLon; Ua&onA.c 
Lodgz 57 oi Hanklmon; VzMolay CommandeAy o^ Havfiz, MT. , and ShAinz Tzmplz o^ Valuth, 
MN. , Royal AacA Ma&oni o^ Ckinook, and Ckinook Council No. 7. 

Vu/ung kii youngeJi yzaju> hz wa4 an outitandi^ng boizbalZ ptaijeA, playing £oK Vuluth 
in thz ^oAthzAn League and alio with thz Ckinook team. 

SuAvlvoii, in addition to kii, uii^z, MAi. Jznniz Hexln o^ Chinook, includz 

6l&teAJ> and thnzz bfiotheJU> Mw. Vaixl iiinn, Hanktmon; Uis^i lona Hzin, Ma4. Kenneth 

Gfuaham and klitzd Hzin ail o{, AbeAdzzn, WA. , HichoAd Hetn, Bemidji, W., and Lou-ci 
HeA.n, Tacoma, WA. 


MA4. Amanda KfuizgeA fizceXved a teZzphonz call WzdnzAday ^Aom Banaboo, Wl., that 
heA Aunt, Ak4. WiZLiam HammeAmettieA poiizd away that day. FuneAol izAvice^, Mill be 
held Satufiday, June 30th at BaAaboo. Ma4. HarmeAmeAJ,teA (,zil and bAofee heA. kip 
Kzczntly. She woi oveA SO yzoAd oi agz. MAi. KKazgzA wa4 unablz to attznd thz iunznal 
bzcawbz oi illne-i>4,. 


JULY 12, ;95I 


FimeAod 6tn.viczi mAe. held at 2 P.M. ThuA&day cut iht MeXhodi&t ChuAch in LtdgeA- 
u)ood £oA. HobeAt CatkbzA^on, 22 yzax old LLdQdJwoood youth, usho woi kJJU.zd In an auto- 
mobiZz accyidtnt nzoJi LidgzMfiood ejonZy Tuziday moAning. 

The. accldejfit took place on NV 18, &lx mLle/> noith. o^ LidgeAwood about I A.M. 
HZghiMy patAolmm hdt AndeMon oi Wahpe^n iaid the can. fujlled oveJi tifxLce on the 
highway. No otheJi auto woi involved. 

HobeAt CuthbeAion died o^ hkull injuAie^ 6oon a^tjen. being taken to the Zfizcken- 
Kidge Hospital. Oxvii, Oath, 21, dfiiveA oi the can., alJ>o o^ LidgeAwood, ii in cAiXi- 
cat condition uxiXh a ikuiZ {JiactuAe at the SAe.ckenAidge Hospijtal. He hai be.en uncon- 
icioait moit 0(5 the time, but ku puLie. and bAzathing am. impAoving. Hi6 chancej> £on. 
AecoveAing one &tUil pnetty 6tim. 

The thiAd occupant oi the coA, Tnank Vakl, 3k., 20, o£ LidgeAwood, woi not itnioai- 
ly injuAed and wai, nelea&ed ^Aom the hospital. He went to faAgo on WedneJ>day jJoA. ^uA- 
thuA check-up. 

BoAn MoAch 19, 1950, the -ion o^ the late Vnank CuthbeAion and HAi. CuthbeAion, 
RobeAt Lived in LidgeAwood alZ hii tile.. He attended thz IocjoI High School and en- 
tiitzd in the Anmy Augait 26, 1948. He uxn given a medical diichoAge in TebAuaAy o^ 
1951 and ha6 been employed at diHeAent tijmej> by the CanpenteA Pnoduce. 

He ill iuAvived by hii motheA, A^ii. Alma CuthbeA&on o^ Hankin6on, two 6ij,teAi>, Mw. 
Vudley [Vivian) VeXtz o^ Hankini,on and M/l4, GAoct EckhoAdt o^ Antington, CaLi^. 


M^. and Wii. Andy NeZion attended the luneAol oi hii bAotheA, Adolph NeZion, at 

UilnoA Fniday. Mt. Nelion poiied away Tuesday at the age oi 52 yean^. 



TuneAaZ. ieAvicci loeAe held ioA Uai>. R. C. SchelleA, long time Hankin&on Aeiident, 
Tuesday, JuZy 10, at St. Vhiltip' i> Cathotic ChuAch with VeAy Rev. G. C. EieAeni lay- 
ing Ma66. Intenment woj in CalvoAy CemeteAy. 

Has. SchellzA died SatuAday evening at the St. FAoncii Hoipital in BAeckennidge 
iolZouiing a lingeAing ilZnui. 

Anna GottiAied SchelleA wa6 boAn on June 24, 1891 , in AuitAia and came to Amenica 
togetheA wiXh heA iiiteA in 1907. In 1909, ihe moAAied R. C. SckeZleA at Hankinion 
and ha^ lived hem iince. Thii moAAiage woi fa£e44ed wiXk louA iotn, and two daughteAi. 

SuAvivonA oAz heA hu&band, R. C. ScheZleA, {^ouA Aon6. . . .EdwoAd, John and Leo o{, 

Hankinlton and Jamei> 0($ ToAman, t^o daughteAA Aiw. GeoAge Wallock o^ HankJjiion and 

Hai>. Le^tie J. Man^tAom o^ islyndmcAe and one iii>teA, fAAi. Paul Fi^cheA o£ BAowm Valley, 




JULY n, 1951 


¥unzAaZ izAvlcu weAe held ^oK HfU,. Ffizd Backhaul, l^onday, July 9ih, 1951, cut the. 
EvangztLail and ReiJoAmed ChuAch uolth the. Reu. Paul oxidating. 

Shz pa&ied away FfUdajy manning, July 6th, at. the age o^ 63 yejvut, ten monthi, and 
15 dayi. About 6e.ven yejVUi ago ihe iubmittzd to majofi iWigeAy, but nzveA iulZy lecoveA- 
ed iiom heA iltneM. She had be.en axAzd iox at home dufUng heA long -ilneM, except 
^o/L -two weefei In KpuLl u}hl£e 6he uxls a patient -In the ST. HaAy'A Hospital In Wahpeton. 

M/Li. Backhaul) um, bonn the. daughte/i o^ M'l. and Uu. HeAsnan BAummond o^ Bnyightl^}ood 
ToMnhip. She wa4 baptized in Infancy by the. Rev. Hink o^ the LutheAon ChuAch and wai 
con^iAmed by the Rev. UaltheA. o^ Ermanael EvangeJLical and He^oAmed ChuAch, ApAiJL Sth, 
1900. She. uioi united in moAAAjige uiiXh TAcd Knaak, July l&t, 1909. One child uxu bonn 
to thii> union. M. Knaak pa&ied auay MoAc/i 7th, 1910. On Pec. 11th, 1913, ihe woi 
moAAled to FAcd Backhaul,. Tuo ciuXd^en weAe boAn to thli union. 

She uxu, a membeA OjJ the Evangelical and Heionmed ChuAch iince it woA oAganlzed, 
being a child o^ a chaAteA membeA. ToA the pa&t 35 ijejOAi, i,he mom an active mejnbeA. o^ 
the ladles Aid. She belonged to the HomemakeAS Club and the AuxlllaAy. 

She. ll> liUAvived by heA hu&band, Ua. FAed Buckhaui; one daaghteA, Ethel; tuo i>on6, 
Alvin and EZxneA; and {^ve gAondchlldAen. 


FunzAol 6eAviceJi voeAz held ^oa AtbeAt Bladow Wednesday, July 11th, at St. John' 6 

LutheAon ChuAch in BeZiond Townl>hljp, uiith the Rev. W. H. CoAdti> in choAge. Family 

AeAviceA weAe held at the Ed Bladou) ^anm. 

Ma. Bladoui died in Hiiwaukee iotuAday evening in the home oi hit, daaghteA. He 

attained an age OjJ S7 yeau, 5 months and 13 days. 

Bonn in GeAmany, JanuoAy I4th, H64, he came to AmeAlca at the age o^ 12 and 

lived in HoAicon, WI., wheAe he woa conilnmed in the LutheAon iaith. At the age of^ 

n he came, to Honth Dakota and in 18S6, he vjai united in maAAiage with Helene Bellin 

at Hankln&on. ■ Hli, maAAiage wa6 bleJ>6ed uxLth thAee Aoni and -ftuo daaghtzAS all oi whom 

6uAvive him. 

SuAvlvoAi, oAc hii wi^e, two dau.ghteAJ> ; Mas. Robe-^ Hoeii> and Maa. H. }UJLbAandt, 

both oi Milwaukee, thAee 6ons, Al^Aed and EdwoAd oi Hankimon and WalteA oi Vuluth, 

15 gAondchlldAen, 11 gAeat- gAondchlldAen, two 6i&teA6, MAi. Wilhelmina PAochnow and 

MA4. UaAy WuAl and one bnotheA. and i>ij>teA-in-law, Ha. and Wu. Auguit EZadow. 

PallbeaAeAi weAe RobeAt H. EZadow, HenAy WuaI, August Bladow, Ja. , Edwin Pankow, 

HeAman Pankow and R. C. Bladow. 



Ma4. Wiltiam KoehlzA ThuMday moKrUng ion Vouglas, HV., to attznd the. 
^uneAol 0(5 heA bfwtheA, Cant Oitby uiho paaed away Monday. VuneAcct ieAvlceM uulZ be 
FAlday cut Vougla&. Un.. O&tby woa a {^onmeA Hankimon Kziident. 

JULY 19, 1951 


FuneAxit 6eAvA.ce^ wcAe heZd ^ok Eduwid MkeZ. O'HeaAo. Uonday mofiyung {/lom the St. 
PlviUp'i ChuAck in Hankaiion mXh the VeAy Re\>. G. C. BleAeni oi^cicuting at the Uai,6. 
BuJujxZ MU> In the. iamUbj tot at CaZvoAjy Cemetexy. 

EoAn June 2nd, 1S6S, -in VeZesMAe County, Jovoa, he came to za&t Hankimon and 
i^ettted on a {^ajm in 1905. In 1933, he moved to the Fa/Jmount vicinity wheAe he 
Kulded untlZ he paaed auay July 12th, at the St, FKancUt Hospital In Sfiecken/u.dge. 

He WOA anlted In moMlxige to UoAgafieX. Holtz, Sept. 4th, 1913. Eight cKULd/ien 
weAe. bofm to thl& union, tao o^ which died In ln{,ancy. 

He l& iuAvlved by hu nol^e; tJW dauughteJU, Wid. Lavl& UohteA oi St. Paui, and 
Uu. Raymond LundbeAg 0(5 MlnneapotU; iouK 4,onl>, WllbuA o^ FaOmount, Onman o^ Tlntah, 
and Jame^ and John at home; one AliteA, Hu. Jutia UlZZeA o^ FalAmount and eight 
QKandcklidA.zn . 


Wu>. John Hfiuby, Sa.. , oi LidgeAMood pa&6ed aiaay Wednesday a^teAnoon at 
o'cZock In the home oi heA. ion, Adotph. 

FuneAaZ 6en.vlce^ uiUZ be held at 2 P.M. at LidgeAwood. Mou/inlng heA pai>6lng 
oAe one daaghteA, fAu. Emit Ueuirann o£ Hanizln6on; thxez ionit, Adotph, John, Jfi. , and 
Jame6, aZZ oi lldgeAwood and one gnandchWi, Vlane Heummn, o{, Hankimon. 

Mw. Rudy Hoe{,i>, Hu. L. E. AldAlch, M^6. FAonk Moaa and Ua&. Van L. JoneM 
attended the {^uneAoZ o^ Hu. SuAvce In FalAmount TaeAday. 

JULY 26, 1951 


Hfu,. FKonk MooA Ze^t Tuesday moKnlng ^OK St. Paul to attend the ^uneAol oi heA 

Uncle, Jack Flanagan. The iuneAol woA held Wednesday. 

*t* *********** * 


AAt GnlpentAog deceived a teZegiam ThuAiday manning RockioKd, JL., telling 

OjJ the death oi hli oldest bfiotheA, RelnhoAd GnlepentAog, who poAied away eoAly 

Thwuday manning at a RackioKd Hospital ialloMlng an lltneJ>-!> ai ieveKal yeau. 

FuneAal 6eAvlczi Mill be held SatuAday. 



JULY 26, J95I 


WoAd um nzcKUVdd heAe. ye^teAday that PFC. HaJiZin KAump, 4 on oi Mu. Anna 
KKump oft nzoA HanfUn&on, uxu, kWitd in action in Kofita on July 13th. 

MofuUn Kfump woi inductzd lcL6t Pec. 2nd, and u)a4 homz on a iufiJioagh in ApAiZ 
folZoMlng hi6 bai>ic tAoining. He KttuAmd to hii unit on ApHit 7th and Iz^t fofi 
oueAieoi on f^oAy Sid. 


FuneAot 4eAu-cce4 fox Hfu>. JuJUai Vfuie.QZA weAe hzM Tat&da.y af^teAnoon in tho. 
EvangeZicxil and Rziofmtd ChuAch uxWi Rev. Paul officiating. JnteAmznt woA in the. 
Evangelical and Refofmtd CemeteAy. 

M/16. VlazgeA paired auoay Sunday mofming, July 22nd, at the. age of eight ye.aA6, 
tzn. moYvtki> and t/oo day6. Shz woi being coAzd fofi at the. John&on Home in Wahpeton 
at the. time of heA death. 

maXhlldz Augaitz Cafiolinz Janks uni> boKn Sept. 2l6t, 1il9, In GeAmany and um> 
baptized Oct. 15, IS79 in thz Evangelical ChuAch. Shz vm& united in moAfiiagz with 
Julius VnazgeA July 21, 1S93. ¥oua ioni> and onz daughteA weAe bofm to thl& union. 
In 1900 thz VnazgeA family come to AmeAlca and ieXtlzd in thli> community and became 
mesnzbzAit of thz Emmmuzi Evangzlical and Reformed ChuAch. Maa. P.^egeA was pxzczdzd 
in dzath by heA haiband, who dizd July 1th., 1937, and by two 6onA, HoAAy and RobeAt. 

Shz Izavzi to mouAn heA pa66ing, two son&, Paul of Chicago and OicoA of Hankin- 
6on; onz daughteA Ma&. Helen TltzgeAold of Chicago and onz iiiteA -in-law, Maa. HaAiz 
Jankz of Hankin&on. 


A loAge numbeA of ladies belonging to tliz ChAi6tian UotheA& Society hzAz attznd- 
zd thz funeAal on Mondat/ monning at Wahpeton, of Hu. Ffiank Rel&doAfeA. Maa. Rzi&doAfzA 
woA a fofmeA fieJ>idznt of thiA community and a membeA of thz Society. Thz sympathy of 
thz community ii zxtzndzd to Ma. Tfiank RziidoAfeA and Ma. and ^^AA, Ralph Rzi&doAfeA. 

AUGUST 2, 1951 Wfu^e Rocfe NewA 

WoAd hoi been Aeczivzd heAe of thz death of Maa. fAonk PeteAion in Minneapo-tu. 
Sfie woA an Aunt of Ma. Wm. Magnuion. 

GAeot Bend Newi Item 

Ma. and Maa. Paul Bohn and Ma. and Maa. Ralph WoAneA and Paulettz Izft Vhlday 

foA RockfoAd, IL,, MheAZ thzy attended the funzial of theoi Unclz RelnhoAd Gnlzpen- 

tAog who passed away eoAly WedneAday monning. The GnlzpzntAog's weAe foAmeA AeA- 

Izdnts hzAz, and have many Aelatlves and fnlends in this vicinity. His funeAal was 

SatuAday afteAnoon. 





TamAot 4eA.u-c.ce4 iJoA. Lachilg Paa&ch, plonteA ianmeA, wzHd held TaeJ>day moaning 
In St. VttQJi and Vcuit'^ Chu/ich. in Uayvtiuion. mXh the. Reu. Tatktn. MctieA coZtbiatlnq 
the. mui. JnteAimnt woi In St. Petfi and PauJt'i CemeteAy. 

Un.. Pau&ch, age 90, pa66ed away on FfUday a^teAnoon at. St. MoAxr'i Hoi,p-itjat In 
Wahpeton. He had been In {^aULing health ^OA. the pa6t 6zveAaJi yeau. 

Ux. Paa&ch wai a ploneeA ioAmeA. in the HantadoA. vici-nity, coming thexe in 1902. 
HiJ> Mici$e pa66ed away in 1934 and iince then he hai, bezn iraking ki& home vnith hid 
daughte/L, Hu. HeMh WeppeA, ojj MantadoK. 

He ii 6uAvived by two 6on&, Henny o^ f^ofieton and John o^ Seattte; ieven daugh- 

teAi, Uu. BeAt Gifia and UfU,. John FoeAtich o^ WyndmeAe, HfU>. Joe. LugeAt, Jn.. , o^ 

Hanklnion, Ma4. HeAb WeppeA o^ Mantadon., Uu. HaAtzt Hattle^on, Ma6. EiZl Pil^chke 

and MA4. Hay Lenn o^ Seattle; aJUo 40 gnandckiidxejn. and 41 



M^, Clayton Teifee took Ma., and Maa. E£meA. Teifee and CheAyl o^ UndeAwood, MN., 

to VeeA HiveA, MM., wheAz thzy voeAz callzd bzcaaiz o^ thz dzath o^ AAdviz StiyeA, li, 

who wai killed ffiiday at Camp RucfeeA, Ma. Hnj>. ElmzA Tz&kz Aemainzd at VzzA HiveA 

with heA iiMtzfi and family and the othzAA AetuAnzd homz on Monday. Ma4. Clayton 

Tzikz AetuAnzd to PaJjvmount Monday evening. Thz ^uneAal aAAongzjnzYVU havz not yet 

been madz. 

************** * 


TuneAol 6eAvicz6 wzAz held in Szattlz, Taziday, July 24th, ioA John GzoAgz 
Phimi&tzA, ioKmeAly oi thiM community. He pa6izd away July 22, in Szattlz. Thz 
AejnalvUi wzAz ikippzd to Glen UUin, NO., {,ofi gnavzAiidz &eAvicz6 and intznment. 

Wt. Phlml&teA, wofdzzd at Gtzat Bend in about 1S90 i$oA J. P. Jonei, when JoneJ> 
ownzd a haAdwaAz itoAz thzAz. Hz woi a chantzA mzmbzA o^ thz local Moionic Lodge. 
In about 1905 hz movzd to Glzn UZlin, MP. 

He i& iuAvivzd by two daughtzAi, Mti-i Blancz Phimi&teA of; Szattlz and MA4. Zona 

Johnion o^ Evznztt, WA. , a bnothzA, Chanlzi) Phimj>tzA of^ Lindzn, WA., and a gnand- 

daughteA, MA4. Raymond Jngold, o^ Taylon, MP. 


AUGUST 16, 1951 


A gnoup of, pzoplz {^nom Hanktmon attzndzd thz iunzAal o^ Ed BommeAibach, age 
34, at LaAimoAz, MP., on Tuesday. 

Tho&z attending {^unznal AzAviczi> ioA thzin nephew and coa&in wznz Tnank Bomm- 

eAbbach, Ma. and MA4. MaAtin BommzAibach, Tnank BommeAAbach, Sa. , Ma4 . Ben HeAdinq, 

John BommeAAbach, Ma. and Ma6. John Roth and Gnacz, Maa. Lemi Roth and VoAothy Roth. 



AUGUST U, 1951 


TumAot ieAvZcu ^OK Mfu. Loli Vafuett o^ faujmount, MP., wcAe hzM Thufudcuj 
a^zAnoon, Auga!>t 16th, £Aom thz Jo6. Vtttin S Son& FuneAot Home In BfitckejUu-dge.. 
IntzAmwt 1004 in tht Tcuifunount CemeteAy. 

hUu. ?a/u,eZL paired cawiy A.ugai>t 14th at tht St. Tfumcli Hoipltat In BKcckejuUdge.. 
Sht woa pKtce.ded tn dexUh by heA ku&band, HaAZon 8. PaXiztZ and tuo bAotheA&, Ltoyd 
and Eaht Ewtc4, who dltd in Zniancy. 

Bofin on July 10th, 1872, i/ie uku, fcaiscd on a ^oAm neat EJbwoood, 11., She. attended 
High School thexe and moAAled HoAlon B. TaA&eti oi that community on Nov. 27, 1890. 
They lived on a ^aAm neoA Elmoood until 1900, when they moved to Zichland County and 
settled on a ^oAm one and a haJLi miiti iouth oi Tainmount wheAe Uu. Vafu>etl lived until 
the death o^ heA. hiuband. She hxu made hen. home voith hen. daughteA and ion-in-loM, Hn.. 
and jH/t4. GnoveA lililZiami,, 6tnce the death o^ hen huiband. 

UKi. VaAMeJU. iett that heA main puApose -in li^e woi to devote hen. entifie time to 
heA family. She had many Iniendh and woi beZoved by the entine community. 

She ii 6uAvived by one ion, Witttam ?axs>eUi oi fainmount; one daughteA, Um. Lill- 
ian WHtiami oi Tainmount; gnandchildnjeni gAeat gnandchitdAen; two bAothem, 
Aaguitai Emmii oi Stockton, CA., and OAAie Ennii oi Yatei City, IL., iive 6i6teAJ>, Eeiiie 
GateJ> oi Oxiond, HE., Evelyn BlazeA oi TAenton, MJ., CoAa Johnson oi Veonia., Ii.., and 
EloAcnce Valton oi Gale&buAg, IL. 


Ua. Bitl Nadean, ion oi Ed Nadean oi Campbell, MM. , and nephew oi Hay Nadean, vxu 
iound dead oi a. heaAt attaxJi, in hii apaAtment, in Seattle tajbt ThuAiday. 


Ua. and M/i4. C. M. Vuetz, Ua. and M^. Hick GeongeA, Uaa. Rupt. GoengeA and UAi. 
Ed. GeoAgeA motoAed to Uayhew Lake to attend the iunenal oi theiA cou6Zn, Ed Loidolt. 


AUGUST 23, I95I 


faneAol 6eAvlceJ> weAe held Wzdne^day, Aaga&t 11, at 9 A. M. at thz St. VhllLp'i, 
Cathotic Chu/Lck In Hankln&on ioA. ChoAJie^ Fatk, 54, i/oho pa6izd away SatuAday, Aagait 
18th, at the. San Haven SanltonAjm ^oZZoMing a tingeJUng lUn&ii. VeAy Rev. G. C. 
BleAeni o^'Cciattd at the. Reqoctun ftcgh Ma44 and ^nteAment wai In CatvoMj CemeteAy. 

ChanJLeA Talk vni> bonn UafvcM. 15th, 1S97, at Hankln&on, 6on o^ the late Ma., and hiu. 
Ffied Talk. He. woi onz oi a family o^ iZxttzn c}UldAe.n, eZe.vzn o^ uchom iuAvlve. Hz 
QUeifi to manhood in Hanklmon, atte.ndlng the. piibtic. ichootl) he/ie, and lateA uoa& employed 
on thz Soo Line, out o^ HaniUn&on. 

On Oct. 29th, 1938, hz MU united in moAAi-agz to MoAjoniz GAzzn. ThAzz ckildAzn 
vizKz boAn to blzMii thii union, ChoAlzh, Jamz& and UoAy. 

In 1943 Ha. Talk znteAzd thz San Haven SanitoAium uihzAZ hz had bzzn a patiznt ^OA 
thz pa&t &zvzn yzaAi. On kpAil 13Kd oi tka> yzoA, hz undefwoent iuAgeAy at thz St. UoAy'i 
Ho&pital in Uirineapotili, and lateA AztuAnzd to thz San Havzn SaniZoAium. Hi6 condition 
uxu, QAeatly impAovzd until a hzoAt condiXLon dzveZopzd which cauizd hu> untxmety death. 

In addition to kli Mi^z and thAzz chitdAzn, Wi. Talk ii i>uAvivzd by {^vz bAotheA&, 
HznAy 0|J LidgeAwood; HoAAy oi Seattlz, WA. , Adolph, Kznnewick, WA. , HeAman, Hanklnion, 
and lAvin o^ UantadoA and by iix &i6teA6, M^la. Le^liz Veaton [CloAa] , Szattlz, WA., HAi. 
BzAtCollLni, [Elizabeth], BoAiboo, WJ., M/w. Tloyd Robzfiti [LauAa], BothelZ, WA., 
Ha&. HoAAy Boldt [Hlltiz) . , Ha&. E. A. Bladow [Ida] and UAi. Hoaajj ?oliai>6 (Mo/Lt/ia) 
alZ oi Hanklmon. 

VallbzoAeAi, f^oA thz iunzAol included Adolph EAb, Vavz HclluoaLn, VaZmzA Shzllzy, 
AndAew JoAiki, AlbzAt Buckhou6z and John Roth. 

In addition to AeZativzi and a ho6t oi ioAAovUng iAizndi, iAom this, vicinity, coming 
iAom a distance included thz iollomng: M/l. and Mti. HznAy Talk and family oi LidgeA- 
wood; Ha. David AUin, lidgznwood; WUt. Lzi>liz Veaton, Szattlz,; Ha. and HAi,. BzAt 
CollijUt and iom, BaAiboo, WI., Ua6. MoAgaAet JazgeA, and Hai,. GzoAgz Tzneii, MooAeton; 
Mw. Joizph Lznzzn, St. Cloud; M^. H. W. SmiXh, Hinnzapolli ; Ha&. GAacz BakeA, Vzlemziz; 
f^A. and Mai,. AliAed JazgeA and Tzd JazgeA, MooAzton; M^i. Uadgz BAown and M^. H. L. 
VzToAAeAt and chiZdAzn, BiimoAzk, Ht. and Mw. HowoAd Rawlingi and Ua. and H'l6. Jomei 

TogaAity oi Wahp^ton. 

************* * * 


AUGUST 23, J95I 

Tant^at 6eA.vlceJ^ ioK WUi. ^■UkeJbniYW. PfwchnoM, nee BZaxlou), o^ Ha.nkini>on, htV., 
we/ie held -in ImnanueZ LatheAon ChuAch ThuA&day a{^Winoon, Aaguit llnd, thz Rev. G. C. 
UidiaeZ, Pcu>tofi in c/ioAge. 

Ufi6. Pnachnou) poiAed away Aug. 21i,t, at thz homz 0(J htt daaghteA, Hu.L. 0. 
KfLztchman oi LidgeMwood, htV., wkejit &he. had bzen Wi the. paj>t AeveAoZ weefci, a^eA 
4>hz had been at the home OjJ heA. daaghten., Wn,. Pobent Sedle/i, iince the latteA pant 
o£ June. 

UfU). PfLOchnM woA bofin Jin PommeAonla, GeAjnany, Feb. 10th, 1866, and came to 
HofUaon, WI., at the. age o^ thxee. She 6pent heA youth theAe and woa moA/Ued to 
HeAinxnn Piochnoui on Jan. TZfth, 18B2. The ^oiZoMcng yeoA the couple, moved to Richland 
County u}heAz they fiented a ^anm {^oK tuio yeafii, and then homziteaded the pfieient ^aAm 
o£ Theo. H. P>wchnou), ieveAal mlZ&i, noAthuit&t 0|$ Hankimon. 

In 19 15, Hn.. and Uu. Pfiochnou) moved to Hojikimon, wheAe i)he has lived 4-cnce then. 
HeA hu&band pKeceded heA in death on Sept. I, 1926. 

Thii, yeoA to celebnjxte heA SSth biAthday, Uu. P/ioc/inow gave to ImmanueZ lutheAon 
ChuAch a beautiful pain, oi candlelabfia in memoxy oi heA hu&band. She woi a ^aithiut 
membeA o^ the chunxih and an active membeA o^ the Ladies Aid ion. mone. than 26 yeanj,. 

Wii,. Pnochnow uiai, pfizceded in death by heA husband, by heA oldest daaghteA, Helen, 
who died ai a young giAl, and by heA 4on4 Alf,Ked and Exvin, both 0|5 HankJ-Yiion. 

She il> iuAvived by heA ckildxen, HeJman oiJ Hankini,on, WUt. Ann HohnebeA oi B/iouma' 
Vatiey, MN., TheodoKe o^ Hankin&on, Uu. RobeAt SedleA. o^ HanfUnson, AnthuA o^ Hankin- 
&on and Uu. L. 0. KKetchman o^ LidgeAwood, NV. She ha& one living biotheA, Augui>t 
Bladow oi Hankimon, and one 6i6teA, hVu. HaAy Wufil of, Hankin^on. TheAe. aAe alio 
29 gfuindchildAen, 35 gftejot- gnandchildAen and I 

The following gnandchildAcn teAved ai, pallbeoAeAi ■• MonAce SedleA, LeonaAd 
PfLochnoM, CloAcnce Shley, Geo. Pftochnouo, Vavid KfLttchman, and Vavid Pnochnow. HononoAu 
palZbeoAeAi we/te Alvin Pfiochnow and O&cax Pncchnow. Bu/Ual woa in the LutheAan CemeteAy 
at Hankin&on. 




John EAadiond le^t Thuuday evening to attend the iuneial 6eAvicti> ion. hij, 

bnotheA, Tnjave Znadiond, who pa&ied away ThuAiday manning aaconding to a teZegnam 

KeceJ-ved by Wi. Bnadiond. The leAviceM weAc held at fonAc^t, IL. 

He died at the age oi 60 and ii iuAvived by iouA ititen^ and one bnothen. 
************** * 

SEPTEMBER 13, 1951 

Wi. and M^. M. GnxineZi wene maddened TueJ>day manning by a teJiehpne call received 
inom heA bnothen, John EdwaAdi, oi Spningiield GaAden^, NY., telling that hli Miie. 


SophMi EdbioAxL had poMzd auiay that morv/iing. 

WUt. J. P. Cunnignkam jointd M^. Cunningham at St. PauZ, Thunj,day mo fining. Tfwm 
theAz thzy wen^ to Taxibaatt, MN., to atttnd the. iunttaZ oi kU ilsttt, Uu. Philip 
kdmouxZ., oi Washington, V.C. The. ^uneAoZ ieAvlceJi weAe heM Ffilday at faAlbuait. 

Ufi. and Hu. MbeAt Tlegi attended the ^uneAol o^ heji bfiotheA, HouioAd leldtke, 
heZd Satu/iday at AfaeAdeen. H^. LeAjitkz died In San Pfumclsco at the age o^ 49. 

Ma4. V. L. Helde, Uu. ElmeA Melde, M/i. and Uu. John JazgeA, Si., and Mn.. and Hu. 
Vztzn. Kutte/i attended the iuneJuxZ oi Nick RetteAoh held SatuAdoj/ moKnlng In LidgeJwoood. 


FunzAxiZ &eAvlcz& weAe hztd Tuesday at TalAmount, (^oK Chfili, KvuLefu>on, vatiey Ploneet. 
SeAvlces weAe Kead at thz FlAit Engllih LutheAon ChuAch at tioo o'clock vxith 3o&. VeAtln 
& Sons, BAeckznnldge, In chaAge. 

SeAvlces MeAz held at the home at 1:30 undeA the cJioAge o^ Rev. F, A. RubbeAt o^ 
TyZeA and InteJment was In the iamHy lot In the czmeteAy 6outh oi FalAmount. 

A fiesldent o£ FalAmount, Ma. findeAson passed auay at the home, o^ his son Rxiymond 
AndzASon In PalAmount, SatuAday evening. Hz was boin In Hvofislev, VznmaAk, Jan. 24, li62. 

Hz camz to thz Unltzd StateJ> {,fwm VznmaAk when hz was 26 yzoAS old, coming dltzctly 
to Richland County wheAz hz wonkzd ioK a ^ew yzoAS In thz vicinity o^ TalAmount. In 
1892, he puAcJnaszd a ioAm 6 milzi south o{^ TalAmount uohzAz hz iaAmzd untUi Oct. 1,1949, 
whzn hz KetlAzd and movzd Into ToAJmount. 

Hz voas moAfilzd to Mathilda Swanson oi TalAmount on UaAch 30, 1S99. Hz Is suAvlvzd 
by thAzz sons, Raymond AndeAion, Hagnus AndeAion and Vlcton AndeASon oi TalAmount; and 
tUJo daughters, Wis. William SpalnhaaeA o{i TalAmount and Hk6. HaAold Smith o(t HlUsbono; 
iouA gAondchlldfien; one bKothen., Andfies In VztvnoAk and two sl&teAS; Wis. Anna Jensen 
and Wis. miszna Johnson both o({ TalAmount. 

Hli, poAents pKzcedzd him In dzath as did ki& uil^z, Uathllda, two daughtztS, and tjxip 
sliteAi, UoAon and KuAitzen. 

Hz had been In good health up to thz tlmz o^ hli death; whljch loas unexpectzd, 

Wi. and Wis. John BAwmond attended the ianznal oi hel Aunt, l-'AS. John Holthauszn, 
hzld SatuAday a^teAnoon at thz lutheAon ChuAch In Wahpzton. 

SEPTEMBER 20, 1 95 1 

TuneAal seAvlczi weAz conducted on SatuAday af^tefmoon {,Kom thz LutheAon ChuAch In 


WyndtmAz ^oft EZJJi EAA,ckion, iathnA oi AZvln o{i Hanklmon, Mho dizd ThuAidcuj 
cut thz Johniton Rei-t Home, in Wahpzton at the. age 0(J S5 t/eoAi. 

Reu. Lund oftiZclatzd and bafUat woA made, -in Elk Cxeek CemtteAy at WyndmeAz. Bofm 
Zn Su}e.den, hz came to HiZnoK, than Dakota JeAAltohij in HS8 and maMled Aagu&ta VeteAion 
in 1S95 at HiZnon.. They homejiteaded in Homestead Towmhip and hz leJiidzd theJiz antil 
fiZi hzalth began to iaiZ in 1950 when he came to Wahpeton. Ma4. EAAx.k&on died in June 
0(5 1945. 

He wa6 a membzn. o^ the Homestead ScJiooi. BoaAd and Towi&hip Accziion. {^ol 40 yeoM. 

Su/Lviving axz 12 chiidAen, 20 gfiandchiZd/ien and 4 even gKeat-gfiandchiJLdA.en. 

************* * * 

SEPTEMBER 27, J 95 1 


F. 0. Hzaty teit Taz&day moining ^on. Uapleton, MN., to attend thz £unzAat o^ hii 

Unctz, Witiiam Heaty, who pa&^ed au)ay Sunday in Glznbufin, MN. 

WiJUiam HzaZy had bzzn a visitol in Hankimon izvz^aZ timz&. 


Sgt. UaAtin M. Lund, 20, o^ FaiAmount, mu kiZZzd Sunday when thz automobiZe in 
Lohich he woi aiding coZZided vxitk a fiactofL-tAaiZeA tAuck on VixA.z Highu}ay, 4 even mc£e4 
nofidi 0^ EZlzahzthtown, Kaniai. 

RFC. Vztnon A. CZank, 24, Huikzgon, Hcchigian, and RFC. WaZJiaAd. Giay, 24, oi Colz- 
man AL., lazAz injuAzd 6z>Uou6ly, 

Lund and CZank, both itationzd at neoAbii Tont Knox, vozxe in a can. that tuAnzd onto 

thz highuoaxj. Gnmj woi thz dAivzn. 0(J thz Viuck. 

Sgt. Lund i& a bAothzA o^ Ma4. AnnoZA Ivzn^on 0(5 FaiAmount. 
************** * 


GnJX\Je^idz 6zfLviczi> voeAz heZd Satu/iday, Sept. 22nd, at 2 P.M. at FaiAmount, ioK Alw. 
Nzttiz Ona. StanZzy uiho dizd zoAiieA Za&t weefe at \U.nnzapotii>. She wtu laid to bz- 
&idz hzA huAband, fnank. Rev. C. H. Me^eA oHiciatzd uxith thz VzAtin TunzAoZ Homz o^ 
Wahpzton in ckaAge. 

Ma4. StanZzy ii> the ii6ten.-in-Zaw o^ Mm. Flo WztheAbzz. Thz tv)o daaghtz/u o^ Mw. 

StanZzy vozAz hzfiz SatuAday and thzy oaz Mm. Lo-ci Gzuthzt o^ Chicago and Mm. F-^nfe 

Vonan o^ HinneapotU,. 



Mm. JoDiei Fox, S7, dizd \Aonday, Sept. 24th. at hzi home doHoMing a b^izi iZZneJti. 

FunzAol izAviczi wiZZ be hzZd ThuAdday, Szpt. 27th, at St. Anthony'^ Catholic ChuAck 

at 10:00 A. M. 



OCTOBER 4, 1951 


FuneAol ieAv-icu we/ie hzld ThuA^day moAjtcng, Szpt. 27 ih, {^on MA4. MoAgoAC/t Ann 
Fox, aged i7 , who dlzd on h\onday, Szpt. 24th. Rev. TatJizA G/u.e.ndQji oHlclattd at the. 
taUit Kutz^ which voz/lz heXd at St. Anthony' 6 ChuAcJi in Talfmoimt OjJ UfL&. Fox uxu 
a choAtzA. memfae/L. 

She. uxu, bofm in Iowa arid camz OA a qViZ. with hzA paxexvU to VaiA^ax, lA. , whzfie. 
6hz gAew to womanhood and was mvtJu.zd to Jomei Fox, Feb. ith, 18S8. Shz and heA hu&band 
ZaXeA camz to FaiAmount whzAz thzy homz^tzadzd wz&t o^ thz pfiziznt v-Litagz 6-Ltz. Thzy 
moved to TaAJmoimt In 1919. 

Ma. and tAu. Fox czZzbnatzd thzOi goldzn wzddlng in 1938. Ma. Fox died in 1939. 
MA4. Fox who woi a chaAtzA. membzA o^ St. Ann' 6 kttoA Society and St. Anthony's ChuAch 
enjoyed \izAy good hzaJUh untiZ thz last {^ew days o^ heA tiiz. 

Shz i^ suAvivzd by thz ^ottoMing chyiidAzn; NeZLLz, Hu. Mo4e WiJIiami,, ExczZiioA, 
UN.; GAacz Fox, FaiAmoant; CaktzAinz, Maa. HeAb Vanckot, San Vizgo; FloAzncz, MAi. Roymon 
MeAgeni, FaiAmount; and Aticz, Wis. LzRoy GziszA, UiZan, AW. S^^eAi who suAvivz aAz 
MA4. E. J. VaAvzLi 0({ Spokanz, Uas. P. E. TAuemm, llinnzapotis ; Maa. A. E. CoAueA, St. 

JhzAz aAz 11 gAondchUdAzn, and 13 gAzat-gAandckildAzn. A ion, FAoncii, pAzczdzd 
his mothzA in death tost yzoA. 

Out 0^ town Aztativzs and iAiznds attending thz iuneAoJi weAz: AlA. and Has. Rex 
WiZZiams, Mas. Jacfe Hanas, Maa. Al GKoboA, Wis. RogeA Roddy, aJUL oi Uinnzapotis: Maa. 
HaAoid h{icklzsson o^ St. Paul; Wi. and Wis. Jamzs FogaAty, Wis. FAonk Caszy, o^ Wahpzton; 
Ma. and WiS.FAzd Fox and ckUdAzn, Wis. Vada Fox and Wis. Otiz Panchot o^ EAzckznAidgz; 
BZanchz Bt/Ane o£ EndeAtin, Wis. Sadiz GziseA and Wis. HowoAd BendeA o^ Whzaton. 


FunzAoZ seAviczs wzAz held Sundau^ a{^eAnoon, Szpt. 30th at St. John's LutheAan 
ChuAch in Szt^oAd Township ^OA EmiZ KtausittzA, pionzzA Azsidznt. Thz seAvicz was in 
choAgz o{t thz Reu. W. CoAdts, PastoA o^ thz ChuAch. 

Emit HznAy KlawittzA, son oi John KZauitteA and hJis wi{^z, HznAcetta., nee Lucht, 
was bofin in Wzst PAussia, GeAmany, Hay 12th, 1S69. At thz age o^ thAzz hz zmigKotzd 
to this countAy wiXh his poAents, seXtting in St. Paul, MN. In U7S, thz iamUbj 
movzd to Dakota. TzAAiXoAy, taking up a homzstzad on thz Wild Ricz Rivzt, in what is 
now EzlfiOfLd Township. 

At thz oAganization o{, St. John's lutkzAan ChuAch in EelioAd Towmhip in 1&&3, hz 
bzcamz onz of^ thz choAteA membzAS, always being a {^aiJthiul and active membzA of^ thz 
chuAch. In 1S&4, hz was conliAmzd by PastoA KozhleA 0|$ GAea^ Bend. 

Pec. 15th, 1S9S, hz was united in moAAiagz wiXh Alvina WintZA, who suAvivzs him. 
Five childAzn wzAz boAn to this union, thAzz ddughtzu and two sons. 0($ thz daaghtzAS 
Etsa dizd in infancy, and Hilda and Helen in xzcznt yeoAS. 

. C89) 

M/L. KtauiitteA woi blz6iejd Mith. (ma&uaZZt/ good hexUUh. He mveA ipent a day In 
hli Liiz in the. hoipitat untiJL hJj> toubt iZlne^i Aoo weefei ago. Thli iumrnA luj> appeX- 
Itz began to ioJJ., and he. become noti.cea.bZy weofeeA and tkitmeA. Having enteAed the 
hospital hz began to ^aiJi fiapidly, and it woi i>oon evident that the end woi neoA. 
Ffiiday monning, Sept. ZSth, he ieZZ a&leep qaleXly, attaining an age o^ t2 yeofu,, 5 
months and 16 day4>. 

Among thoie who moann his pa6&ing we mention ku wit^e, u)ho had been hil, ^aiXh^uZ 
HelpmeeX: ^on. aJbnoi>t 53 yeoAS, kU 4on4, Otto at home, and EuxUid o^ Hinneapoti&. MW. , 
£ivt gfiandchiZdAen, one gfieat- g^andcJiiZd and hij, bfiotheA. Chanter oi Hankinion. 

PaZZbeoAeAi weAe; HeAbeAt Eeltin, VanieZ SteAJi, BKvin FaZk, WaJUeA KixmitteA, EZmei 
Gaedcke and VonaZd HoheniteAn. 

HononoAy patibeaAeA& weAe. HenAy KAoine, WiiZiam NehmeA, John Pol{iU66, TKe.d Gaedcke, 
HeAman WebeA, and Ediain Gaedcke. 

TuneAat oAnangementi voeAe in choAge ojj the. WippeAman TuneAoZ Home and inteAment 
woi in the cemeXeAy oi St. John'i LutheAon ChuAch in BeZionA Townihip. 


WiZtiam F. Kath o^ Hankin6on, poiied aujay iuddenty ThuA&day moKning, at the home oi 
kii> AiJ>teA, Wi6. John HanJiini) o^ VaAibautt, MW., wheAe he woA & the night be^ofie 
fietuAning to hit, home i^iom Hoche^teA, MN. , MheAe. he had been hoipitoLized ion dayi 
at the Mayo Ctinic. 

TuneAat 6eAvice^ voiZt be held at 2 P. M. Satatday ^Kom the EvangeticaZ and Keionmed 

WiJZiam Kath wa4 bonn TebnuoAy lit, 1905, at ToAibauZt, MN. , the oldest ion o^ 
John Kath, o^ Hankimon. In 1925 he woi united in mafUiiage to Ueta Gaitman, daughter 
oi Wi. and UAi.PKank Gtii-Cmon oi Hankimon. 

He ipeYit hit) mviAied ti{,e ioAming in the Hankimon and PaiAmount vicini.ty. About 
a yeoA ago hii health became poon. and tuo uieeki ago hli ^atheA accompanied him to the 
Mayo CZybiic at. RocheiteA. 

He li iuAvived by hii wi^e and &ix children, WilLiam, Ji., oi CA. , Wu>. WiZLii 
EZadow [MoAia] , o^ BfLecken/Udge; and liLa, RuiieZZ, VioZet and Jamei at home. 

He aZ&o Zeavei to mouAn hil, paaing hit, age.d ^otheA, John Kath, iix bKotheAi, and 
iive iiiteAi, Hm,. Ike EoAAigeA oi Chicago City, MN., Wu,. A. P. UatheMon and Reuben 
Kath, EAeckentidge; GeoAge Kath, GAeat Zend; Ed Kath, Wn. leonaAd Smith and Wu,. 
John HaAkim aZZ o^ foAibauZt; AnthuA Kath, MPLS., LeonaAd, MAi. AnthoA Hamon and 
RobeAt o{, HanklnfiOn; one gAonddaughtet, the daughteA o^ Ma. and Ma!>. WiZtii EZadoui. 
HiA motheA and Zittte iiiteA pAeceded him in death. 

CompZete iuneAoZ oAAongementi have not been made at thii time. 




Hn.. and Hu. ffumk PsaXz, Mw. John Veltz and Ufii. VadZzy Vqa^z attzndzd the. 
£uneAat &eA.viceJ> iofi Jutim BoAxiantche. hzJLd at Havavux. WzdneAday. M^, Bo^donecAe 
VXL& the. onZy fiemaJjiLnQ UncZz o^ Hxi. John Veltz and Wu,. Tnank Pexiz. 

He died Sept. Zitk at the age o^ 90 -in a Znltton, SV., Ho6p-Ual. 

Hn., and Ma4. M. 0. Knudion attznde.d the. ^uneAol o^ hil, Aunt, M'ti. EfuX Tonrntion, 
at NewbeAg, NV. , on SatuAday. 

OCTOBEn 11, 19S1 


VuneAaZ leAvlceA wenz conduxitzd Monday monning MAJtk Rtqaiem High Ma64 at St. Anth- 
ony' 6 Cathotic ChuAch -in TaVmount {^ofL PeXeA. hluZZznbach, pKominznt (,afmeA and long time 
fieJi-ijdejfit oi bJilken County, who dltd Tfiidaij at the St. Tfianou Ho&pital in Bh.e.c}iznKidge 
ioiZouUng a heant attack. Hz woa 76 yzojib old. 

Rev. John GfvzineA. o^^icAJxtzd uiith SchmiXt and 0l6on TuneMaZ Home o{, i^ahpeXon in 
cJaoAQz oi oAAangzmzntit . JnteAmznt woi madz in CalvoAy CzmzteAy at FaJjunount. Thz 
Ro/>aAy urn, KzcXtzd Sunday zvzning at thz ^a/un home. 

Six gfLondiom u)eAZ palZbtoAZAi . Thzy anjz Clement, VlctoK, Hznnjj Jn. , and Vlnzzwt 
SikotiMkA. and VeXeA Jx. , and LzonoAd UulZznback. SzAvzu at moAA weAe RobeA^ and CloAzncz 
Jk. Hutlznback and John SikoKiki. 

Ua. MulZznbach woi bonn HaAch 29, 1875, at John&buAg, MN., thz son o^ Ma. and Alw. 
Anthony MueZlznbach. He moAtizd Anna KtozcknzA Jan. 17th, 1899. Thzy Aziidzd nzoA 
FatAmount in Wilkin County since 1903. He AztcAzd ^Aom {^oAjning in 1947 but stiUL livzd 
on thz homz ianm. Thz couplz zeZzbAatzd thziA golden wedding antuMZASoAy -in 1949. 

To this union 15 cklldAzn weAe boAn o^ whom ninz OAz living. Thzy oAz'- six sons, 
Lzo, Aloyslus and Paul o^ Whzaton, AlbzAt o^ UooAhzad and Jakz and CloAzncz o£ Tainmount, 
thAzz daughters., Wu>. HznAy moAgoAzt] SlkoAskl o{, TalAmount, Mas. Raymond iCloAa] Ho^f^- 
man and Mas. CloAzncz (Anna) Ho{i{,man Oj$ Campbzll. OtheA suAvivoAS, beJ,idzs his wif^z, 
incJbidz a bAothzA, John oi$ JohnsbuAg, 32 gAondchildAen and ^ivz gAzat- gAondchiZdAzn. 

Mas. WaZ^Azd LoAson and Janlcz and VzAa Kolbz spznt Monday In ToAgo. WhZlz thzAz 
M^. LoAfton attzndzd thz {^unziaZ 0)$ hzA Aunt, M^. MaAtha GAavzlin. 

OCTOBER 18, 1951 

Ma. and Mas. John Boll Azcelvzd a tzlzphonz call latz Monday zvznlng tzlling that 
hzA youngest bAothzA, RobzAt Rzhm, had been itiZtzd in action in KoAza on Oct. 7th. No 
othzA details oaz known at this timz. 



HfU>. MoA.!/ A. Bznton pailtd auxuj cut hzA home In TaJjmowfit at 5'-10 Sunday 
monjilng a^teA a thxtz weefei ltZm^6 at thz age. oi 93 i/eow and one. morMi. 

UiaAxj kmeJUa. Pecfe mj> bonn on Sep^embeA Und, IS5«, at BeAveA Vam, WI., the. 
youngest duZd o^ MonAoe and Uanx) ? 

Thz e^oAZy dayi oi hex tiie. weAe. ipejut In thz &tatt& o^ Wlicomln and Iowa. 
/U the. agt oi 16 6he moved vilth heJi paAenti to kuitin, MN. , and it vxu, fieAe that 
4 he meX. and moMltd WinileZd Scott Benton in 7S79. Six chltdKen weM. bonn to them, 
iwo oi whom deed in iniancy. KnotheA daaghteA, Ua&. f^abeZ ZieAy pa&6e.d away in 1947. 
In 189i the. iamlty moved to OtteAtail County, MN. , and tocjoted nexui FeAgui Talti. 
Thxe.z yeoM tateA thejj mo\)e.d to Tal/mount, lateA moving to Mc.Caule.yviZtt, MN. , wheAe 
Ma. Benton imu, engaged in (Jotming. He pa66eA aimy in 7975 at the age. oi 59. 

A^;teA the death oi heA ha&band, Uu. Benton fieXVitd to TaiAmount wheAe ihe ha^ 
fue^ide-d 6in.ce.. 

She le> iuAvived by t^o daaghteAl, Ma4. EtheZ lilLgitt oi falfmount and U;ut. I. 
A. Vantetkon oi AbeAcAombic who weAe uiith heA at the time oi heA death. 

A &on, AnZie. Ka>id.eJ> in WonAovia, CA. Six gnandcKildAen and iouA gfieat-g^and- 
chiZdAtn aJUo iuAvivz. 

Wu>. Bentjon hoi, be,en a membeA oi the. Hethodlit ChuAch of, TaiAmount, ion. oveA 
ionty yeaAi. In addition to heA inteAje^t in the. chuAch 4he hai, aJbrnyh maintained 
a feeen and deep inteAe^t in the. ifu.end6hip/> iofimzd oveA the. many yeoAS. The^e, 
togetheA itilth a love of, the. outdoou, have been AouAcea oi gfient plea6uAe to heA. 

TuneAoZ teAviceM voeAe held TusJtdajy at the. Hethodit ChuAch in TaiAmount at 
2 PM. , Rev. MeiA oi Wahpeton oOicated. JnteAment woi in the. TaiAmount CemeteAy 
bziidt heA huiband and two daaghteAl,. Tht J. VeAtin and Soni> oi blahpeton weAe. in 
choAge. oi iuneAoZ afUiangementi> . 

HANKIWSON NEWS Oc^obeA 25, 7957 


TuneAat ieAvice^ weAe. held TueJ>day aiteAnoon in the. V.etkodij>t ChuAch in Lidgefi- 
wood ion. ChoAteM Uznic, bnothzA in taui oi MAi. knthuA Ehne^t. 

Mn. Blznic poMed away SatuAday in Cnookiton, MN. , at the. age oi 52 yeoM. He 
ijt AuAvived by hij, wiie and iouA bfiotheA6, Ben and Victoh. oi lidgeAwcod, EfineJ>t oi 
hneJUux, NV., and WiLUam oi OnA, NP. 

Tho6e attending the iuneAol inom Hankimon weAe Ma. and Maa, hithuA Din^t and 
Hn. and Ma4. John Enmt and Maa. Condon Vibbet. 

HMKJUSON tiEWS NovembeA Ut, 7957 


. '^■^ 


Atti. R. 6. Stock pcutizd away cut the. home. 0|( heA. ^on, Vote, In UadA.i>on, WT., 
Uzdne^day, Oct. Slit, 1951. Shz wcu, 67 ye.(im> o^ age at the. time of^ heA death. 

_M^. Stock icoi Soo Line. Agejit heAe. iofi oveA 30 yeoAj, movZns to Gttnrwcood, ML , 
4, yejvn ago. 

TuAtiieA dttaJJii, afie not avaZtabZe. at thiit tAjne.. 

Hankiruion Wew4 NovembeA l6t, 1951 


Ma., and Hu. Cha4>. Thompion and ion, VoAyt, att:ejnde.d the. ^aneAoZ on TfU.da.y 
oi heA UJiteA, Hu. Amanda Beifee, 63, who dizd Tuesday, Oct. 13Kd. TuneAaZ 
ieAvZceJt weAz heZd at the FVut EngJLuh LuXheAan ChuAch Zn FcAgai Fo^-tA with thz 
Rev. ?Aae^ oifficJjvUng. BufUat vxut at the. Mount Taith. CemeXeAy. Uu. Bzikz 
wa.i preceded In death by heA haiiband who died Jan. 3fid, 1951. 



AZbeAt HeAman pai4>zd auxxy at hit, homz heAz on lllzdne^day a^tzAnoon, Nov, 7th, 
^oZZoMing a heoAt aJXack hz had iu^{tZAzd zoaLLza in thz day. 

A/iAjongementi wzAz not comptetzd at thz timz oi tkU vofUting but ^uneAoZ 
iZAvice^ voiU. be eJithzA SatuAday oK Sunday at thz LuthzAxm ChuAch in Hankin4>on. A 
compZeXz obitujoAy uuZi bz pubtiihzd nzxX. weefe. 

HMKWSON NEWS NovembeA 8tii, 1951 


TuneAot AeAviczJ) wzAz hzZd {^on AtbeJit HeAAir.ann in Irmanuzt LtuthzAan ChuAch 
0^ Hankimon on SatuAday a^teAnoon, Nov. 10th, thz Rev. G. C. HichaeZ, Vaitofi, 
bzing in choAgz. A bAiz^ pAivaXz izAvicz vxu> heZd in thz homz ion. thz immediatz 
iamiZy. BuAiaJi woM in thz LuXheAan CzmzteAy noAth o^ Hankinion. 

AtbeAX. HeAAmajin, uioi boKn in GeAmany, Feb. 15, liS3, and died in Hankinion 
on Nov. 7th a& thz KeJiutt oi a hzoAt attack. He zmigfuitzd to thii countAy in 
1906, comijng to Aihippun, Wl., wheAz hz made liii homz with hi^ coiK,inl> and hJj, 

bfiothzA, F/ied. In 1 90S fie ccuiie to thi& tzAAitoAy, staying with hti> Unclz, John 
Radkz, lateA on wonking ion. hii cou^in, Wm. Rodfee. 


M^. HeAAJnann woi unitzd In Holy UaVumotuj viith Ubuiiz Schuttz 0(J LidgeAwood on 
WovembeA 9th, 1911, tht icUnted Rev. Jot. CtxittVi oOlcAJvUnQ at tht iiAvlcz. TkU 
union woi bttt>6e.d laith tnoo daughteJU and one. 6on. 

Tofi tijoo yzxuii tht iamity tivtd at Gaiton, OH. , KztuAnJinQ to thz UdgeAwood vicin- 
ity In 1913, ioAming thzAz untlZ 1927 lohzn thty moved to tht GfieAt Bend ttfOuXoKy. 

In 1938, KtbeAt Htvmann KttlAjtd ^Axim ^aMning, moving to Hanklmon, vktfit ht hai 
ilntt Ajt&ldtd. Hit ivddzn pairing l& mouAned by hli widow and hL& ion, liUJUxm o^ Vtnt, 
MN., hli daughttA., EitheA, at homt, hU daughteA, Roit, Uu. Ed. Tttzt oi GKond fofiia, 
HO., hli bfLotheA, T/ved oi Aihippun, WI., tight gfiandchitdKtn and by many otheA futlatlveA 
and ifiltndi. 

TuntAat oAAangementi wtfie. In chaAgt oi tht WlpptAman Vunthat Homt oi Hanklmon. 

HANKJNSON HEUJS ««••••«••• NovembeA 15, 1951 


EuntAol ifLvlcti wtAt htZd Saturday UovunbeA 3Kd, 1951, ioK Uu. Halph G. Stock, 
who poMtd aujoy on Oct. 3Ut, 1951, ioZZowlng a htoAt attack, at tht homt oi htA ion 
In Hadlion, WI. SeAvlcti wtAt htZd at two o'cZock ?U., at tht CongfLtgatlonaZ ChuAch 
In Gltnwood, MW. , with Rev. Waynt Bhadtn oHlclatlng. Ha.. E. M. Wottan iong two btautl- 
iul itZzctloni, "Face to face." and "Abldt bllth Me." Mw. Gondon Cta/ik accompanied him 
at tht oKgan. JnttAjntnt wai madt at tht Congnegatlonat CemtteAy In Glenwood. 

VaUbexJAeAi weAt Ma.. Louli HoboAdi, UK. T. R. Thompion, Ht. Wlttiam OgoAd, Ufi. 
BuJikt Von Wald, Vk. Jamei G. Gllman and Ma.. Glen Vavli. 

Ada. EAma Selltck wai boKn on June 3/uf, 1911. Sht wai united In moAKiagt to Hatph 
G. Stock oi Uinntapotii, MN. To thli union ilvt chltdAtn weAJt bofin. Until 1935, tht 
iamity fue^lded in Hanklmon, NV., whtAz Ma^. Stock wai acilvt In community actlvltlti. 
Sht wai a Toit HatAon oi luAah ChapteA No. 46 at Hanklmon. foK tht poit ilxtten yejOAi 
UAi. Stock hoi bten a Keiidtnt oi Glenwood, MM. Slnct tht dejith oi keA huiband In 1941 
iht hai madt heA homt with heA daughteA and ion-ln-lauo, M/t. and Uu. N. C. CatZaghan. 

Sht ItAvti to mouAn heA ton ilvt chltdAtn, all oi idiom weAt pAtitnt ioK tht itAvlcti, 
VoAZi, UAi. iti. E. ZuZe, oi SchentcXady, NY., MoAlon Stock oi Upli, MW., VaZt Stock oi 
Hadlion, WT., MaAjoAlt, MA4. W. C. CaJUaghan, oi Gltnwood, MW. , and Ada, Uu. E. S. 
ElchoAn, oi ChoAteiton, SV., and nine gAandchlZdAtn. 

A numb tA oi out oi town iAiendi attended tht itAvlcti. 

HANKli4S0N NEWS «»«•«•»»»« NovtmbtA 15, 1951 



AUfee UtyeJi pcnitd away We.dnzj,day, UovzmbeA 14th, cut the St. FAoncU Hwp- 
^tal at B/ie-ckejuUdgt, MM. 

UfL. MeyeA uxu, 49 ytau old at the. tont oi kit, death. TuneAat onAangejnejvU have, 
not been compteted at thU time,. 

HANKJNSON NEWS ********** NovembeA 75, J95J 


UlUtxuiy iuneAol ^cAvlcti voeM, heZd Thiuuday, Nov. tth, at I PM., iiom the Tlut 
Engti&h LutheAan ChuAch at TaOmount ioK P^c. Vvuane Augti&t ULtteA who wai kJitteA In 
action on June 6th, 1951 in Kofiexi. Rev. T. A. RjubbeJit o^^Zclated. Jo4. VeAtin and Som 
o£ EfLe.cken^dge weAt In chaAgt oi the {uneAat and the. AmeAican Le.gion o^ TaVunount had 
duuige. oi tht mLUtoAy position 0(J the {uneAal. TnteAment uoai made. Zn the. South TajA- 
mount CemtteAy. 

?£c, Vuant HitieA was boJtn on Hay Hth, 1951 , on a iaim home. In TaiAmount Totm&hip 
and MU> fuUied in tkii vicinity. He. helped on the. iaAm oi hii poAenti and ioAmed. He 
enteAexL the SeAvice. in June oi 1950 and wai, i.n the US knmy and went oveAieai) in VtcembeA 
oi 1950, with the TiUbt CavalAy Vivliion. ?ic. UitleA uxu wounded on Teb. U, 1951, and 
woi In the ho6pital in Japan ioK about lix weeki . He the. VuAplt HeoAt. 

?ic. Vuane HilteA it, luAvived by kii patents, UfL. and Hu. Auguit HUteA oi Camp- 
beJU. Town6hi.p, nine. bAotheAi, CaAl oi Wichita, KS.; LeAoy oi Wichita, KS.; Donald oi 
Talkmount, NV.; GfuanvilZe., US hany, KoKext.; VaWu, liS Amy, Camp RobeAtk, CA.; Glenn, 
Ha/iAy, Auguit, JA. , and Vale., all at home. Two il&teA&, Betty Ann U&tleA oi UinnejopoZli 
and Linda Lou at home and by hit, gfiandiatheA, WilZlam HUleA, hli gKandpaAente, in GeA- 
many, Ha. and Hu. CaAl MuHeA. 

He waj, pfutceded in dejith only by his gfumdmotheA on his iatheA's lide,, Ww. HafigoAet 
TAimom NWS ITEM ....•«•..* ,,,^b^ n, 1951 


TuneAat i,eAvicjti> ioK Hike. HeyeA weAe held at St. Philip' i ChuAch heAe. at Hankimon 
on NoveirheA nth, at 9 AM. The VeAy Rev. G. C. BieAeni, oHiclated. Ha. HeyeA pa&^ed 
away iAom a henAt attack on NovembeA 14th at St. TAoncld Hoipitnl in Zfieckennldge.. Ma.. 
HejyeA was bohn on ApKil 11, 1902. A ihont time laJteA his paAents moved to a ioAm iouA 
and a hali miles southejist oi Hankinson wheAe he. has Ae^idtd eveA since.. Surviving to 
mouAn his loss oAc his motheA, Has. HoAy HeyeA and 10 bfwtheAS and slsteAS, John, at home 
with his motheA, Hn.. and H>u. Nick HeyeA and childxen. Ha. and Has. PeteA HeyeA and iamily, 
HfL. and Has. Anton HeyeA and Hath HeyeA oi Hopkins, Hinnesota. , Hks. CatheAine Gillespie, 
Has. H. C. LinameaneA, and H^. TKed Schwandt oi Hinneapolis, Has. EeAnaAd GoAnan, Kenmake, 
NV., 11 nieces and nephews and many otheA relatives and ifilends. 

HANKINSON NEWS NovembeA 11, 1951 


Ma4. Ann KAump hca bteji ^n^ofumd by die. WoA VtpoAtmejit that thz body o{, PTC 
UoAtAM M. KiMmp l6 znAMute. to tht Unitzd Statu. PFC. MaAXA.n Kfump wan, kJJULzd In 
action on a Koizan batZttilttd on July 73, J 95 J. VeXaJJii, conceAnlng buAcal futeJ> 
oAe not avaitabZe. at tJvil, tune.. 

HMKJNSON MEWS NovmbzA 22, 7951 


Tun^fiaZ icAv^cei weAe heZd Sunday a^teAnoon Ion. Bztty UahZz Eladow, daaght^ 
oi mtton Bladou) and kii wt^e, the. {^otmeJi lavtnnt RozdzA. Bfiie.^ ieAvttti weAe 
hztd at the. Sladou) homz nonXh oi Han\Uni,on and in the. EmmanueZ EvangetlcaZ and 
Rzionmtd ChuAch uuth Rev. F. W. Paul o{{^cU.ating. Two iolo6 weAe KzndzAtd by 
Ma4. EfiZinq Haukne^6, accompaitcecf by Ua,6 Joann WiZZtfit, 0Aganl6t. LittZz Ettty 
pa66e.d awaxj ejVdiLj Vfiiday moaning a^tzA a bHiz^ iZJbiUi at tht age. of, ninz monthi. 

Bei^dei heA paxenti, one. liMteA, JudZth iuA.vJ,veJ>. She. vxu, the. GfianddaughteA 
0^ Ma., and M/ii. C. W. Btadow and Hn.. and Hfu. ltd RotdeA and the. Ghejat-GKonddaxighteJi 
o£ Ma. and Uu. RobeAX. VzddeA and Ma. and Ma6. Auga&t RoedeA.. 

HANKWSOM NEWS hlovembeA. 22, 1957 


FuneAoZ i.eAvl(ieM ioA Rev. Pa.. C. C. WUZLan\6 weAe hzld Ffiiday, Nov. Uth, 7957, 
at Cogswell, NV., Rev. EmmeAion oi the. ChuAch o^ Chnlit oiilclating. TuneJial axAange- 
meitti weAe -in choAgz o{, thz FAonzen Home -in FoAmon, NP. 

Rev. WiJUiam wai boAn July 27, 1S56 in HiddltpoAt, OH., wheAe Tie fiec.eA.ved 
hi(> zoAZy zducation and texiAntd tht watch.- making tAadt. He fjiteA managed kit, own 
jewtViy itofm In Hiddltpofit. When hid htaZth ^aiZtd ht enteAtd tht miniiteAol iitid 
and woi, oAdaintd at CZtvtland, OH. A^teA. bting oAdaintd ht camt to NoAth Dakota in 
1S90 and acctpttd tht poitoKihip o^ tht TiAkt Bapti.i>t ChuAch in Thompson, NV. While 
thtAt ht mtt and maAAitd EttanoK A. RobeAti iji 1S95 and i>hoKtJiy a^teA ht was coIZtd 
to tht BaptUt ChuAch in Pagt, NV. WhiZt in Pagt ht iapplementtd hii wonk thtit by 
waXch AzpaiAing in tht E. P. SunbeAg JeweZty itoKe in Taxgo, NV. WhiZt at Pagt ht 
pAuchxiitd pAoptAty at BAampton, NV., and a ^tw ytau latex laAming until ht 
acctpttd a call to tht TiAit Bapti&t ChuAch at ElZtndalt, NV. , whtAt ht Aemaintd untiZ 
ht wa6 called to Tioga, NV., aAound 7920. TAom theAt ht wtnt to EKtcktnAidgt, MN. , 
and lateA to TaJjunount, NV. He woi a fie^idtnt oi NoAth Vakotu. ^oK 61 ytaAi. 

Ht l6 iuAvivtd by a daaghttA, Ma^. FAonc^ G. WiXhtU, 1901 TkUid Kvtnut Nonth, 
FoAQO, NV., and thAtt ghondchildAtn. 

HANKWSON NEWS NovtmbeA 22, 1951 



HoAny GtoKQtL WofLnzJL uxu boKn Jan. 15th, U95, cut HankJjuon, MP., and dizd Sunday 
mofining, Nov. IStk, I95I, at tkt age o^ 56 yzjou, 10 monthi and 10 dayi. He wo* bap- 
tizzd Feb. l^t, 1S95, by Rev. Hinck and con^Vmzd in the. EvangeZicaZ and Rei^oAmed 
ChuAch on MoAcfi 20, 1910 by Rev. Kunz. 

He. tMj) a tiit tong Ke^-idejfit o{, Hanklmon uiith the. txce.ptM)n6 oi two yza/u i>eA\)lce 
In Wontd WoA I when he ieKvtd in the h\edA,cjiJi CoKpi oveMe/u,. K^teJi hit, duchcJiae ifiom 
the. oAmy in 1919 he uxii engaged in tht goAage. and automobiZe fiepaiA basineM uilth hli 
^atheA ioK a nimbeA o( yeoM. LateA he. wm employzd ty the. ZichZajid County Highway 
VtpaMmznt wheAt he uioftked untiZ he. bzcamt iJUi ta&t JanuoAij. He 6abmUted to an opeA- 
ation in Roche^teA, MN. , but did not iuZJLy KtcoveA. He. wot, a mejnbeA oi the Han\u.niiOn 
TiAz VepoAtment and ha/, been a {/iAeman ioK 41 yeoAi. He. wai, Chie.1 i^"^ ^934 to 1939 
and a li^e time membeA o{ the. HoKth "Dakota FiAemin'i Aj>6ociation and the KmeJiican 
legion. He woi o membeA. of^ the EvangeJUcat and 1ie{)0funtd Chu/tch and leAved ai, an EldeA 
^oK a numbeA o^ yeoAM. 

On May 2nd, 1925, he. moAfUed Coha. M. Hzdenwaldt. Five. chiZdAen weAe. bonn to tkii 
union; M^. A. C. GeAundo, Loli, o^ ktamtda, CA.; Hu. Bob CameAon, Vonothy, o^ VeJUa, 
CO.; UKi. EdwoAd KueJit, JoAnn: HaAAy W. and VonaZd o^ Hankin&on. Ht leaver to moafin 
hit, pa&iing, hilt wtije and (ive chiZdAen, ^ive. gHjondchildAen and two &iiteA&, W/W. CoaZ 
.Goodnight OjJ ZiZZlngi>, WT. , and Wik. W. C, ThoAnton o^ fJ^inneapotU . 

FuneAoZ 6eAvicti weAz heZd ^oa. Hoaajj WonneA at 2:30 ?M. , Nov. 26th, 1951, at the 
EvangeZicaZ and RcfJoAjned ChuAch uilth Rev. F. W. VauZ o^ilcZating. VaZZbeoAeAi weAe 
Ted Bladow, R. C. Eladow, Augait HaeJileA, ThiXz SchAoedeA, Txed Buckhaa&e, and R. A. 
BZadow. JnteAment mu made at the EvangeZicaZ and HeioAmed CejneteAy. 
HANKINSOM NEm NovembeA 29, 7951 

TuneAoZ ieAvice^ voeAe. Cjonduted SatuAday a^teAnoon ^ok F/umfe L. BnanJton, 65 ytoA- 
otd TaiAmount ioAmeA, who died bledne^day at the. St. EfiancZi HoipitnZ in BKeckenAidge. 
Rev. HoAvey Cook oif^djoted at the. nitti {)Aom tht UethodZit Chafich in faiArr.ount and 
buAiaZ wai made in the TaiAmount CejneZeAy. The. VeAtin FuneAoZ Home 0|$ ()!ahpzton 
woi in choAge. 

PaZibexiAeAi weAe. CoaZ and HoAlzy Swan^on, CloAence KutzeA, EJbneA Naggatz, h\agna& 
AndeA6on and Va. WaZteA fi. 


Tht dzctaatd wca boKn Auguit 27th, 1685, at UarUng, lA. , the. ion o^ UWton 
and Emma EAamon. He come uiLth ki6 paAe.nt6 to Zichtand County to FcuAirount Town6f-u.p 
lohen he. uxu U yeoAt, old. In 1916 hz moAKled ^uby KULen 0(J TaJjmount and they 
^oAmed man. theAe. M/la. ^fuxruon died in 1933. 

He woi a membet oi the idnoot and town&hJjp boaxdi ^oA. a numbtn. o^ yeoM and alio 
a fuiitti o{ the l^ethodl&t ChuAch. He had bten in itt health ioK the poit tvoo months. 

Surviving oAe tsw daughter, M^. Paul AAdelt [ShiAley] o^ BuAlxngame, KS. , and 
UfU. ElmeJL BeAnoAd (Jean) oi liapid City, SD., two bAotheAl, Hoy and Thad BKonson, both 
0^ TaiAmount; a liiteA, HAi. klbeAt UoitA oi Aimt&, lA., and iix gfiandchildhen. He 
alio leaver hii {,iancte, Ulii StlLa Whitehead oi TaOmotmt, whom he. had planned to 
wed thU {,all. 

He 0)04 pAeceded in death by hii wc^e, poAetiti and a bAotheA. 



FimeAol ieAvicti ioA P{,c. UaAtin M. KAump, who kxu killed in action neoA Sabang- 
go-fU, KoAeji, on July 13, 1951, will take, place Uonday, Vec. 10th, at 9 m at St. 
VhiZLLp'i ChuAdi. 

PFC UoAtin KAump wu bofin June 9, 1927, and died July 13th, 1951. He enteAed 
the ieAvice on Vec. 2nd, 1950. Be^oAe. that time he farmed at hii home *fo mileJi toit 
and two milel iouth oi Hankinion. Hii motheA hoi been in^ofimed that he vill be poit- 
humouily owaAded a bAonze itoA medal with thz IttteA V a^^xed £oA gallant ieAvice to 
hii countAy. 

Hii iatheA pAeceded him in dearth ^ouA yeafii ago. He leavei to mouAn hii paaing 
hii motheA, UAi. Ann KAump, iix bAotheAi, VAoncJj, oi GAeat Bend, HenAy oi WahpeXon, 
Leo, U.att, GeoAge and Konneliui oi Hankimon; ^oua iiiteAJ>, M/l4. Moai/ f^anikouiki oi 
BAeckenAidge, Uu. HaAvey Baeck ol Wahpeton, Joann and Lucille oi Hankimon. 

The VeAy Rev. 6. C. BeAA-em will o^^ciate. The AmeAican Legion EbeAhaAt "Poit 
No. 88 will have ckoAge oi mllitoAy ieAvice^. The VallbeoAeM will alio be iuAniihed 
by the AmeAican Legion. InteAment will be made at CalvoAy CejneteJiy. 
HANKJNSON NEWS VecembeA 6, 1 95 1 


Loit AiteJ> ioA PFC. MoAtin Kfuimp weAe held f^onday, Vec. 10th, at St. PhiUip'i 
ChuAch, the \JeAy Reu. G. C. BieAem oHicated. 

The AmeAican Legion EbeAhaAt Poit No. 88 had choAge oi the militoAy ieAvicei. 
The PallbeaAtAi weAe alio iufiniihed by the AmeAican Legion. PPC. UoAtin KKump wai 
killed in action in KoAea on July 13th, 1951. InteAment wai made, at CalvoAij CemeteAu. 

HANKJNSON NEWS VecembeA 13, J 95 J 




A tdLoj^fum woi fLtceJ.vtd by A. E. G/iawe on Tu^day a{teAnoon that kli bhcthtK, TKed 
W. Gaowz, had pab&td atoay at KatlipeZt, Mi., on TueJ>day mofirUng, KLtl, who uxu, a. KeJ>l- 
dtnt oi Hankin&on and li wtiZ known htfit, had JUL ioK iome. -time and tittle, hopz 
was held £oK hU fitcoveAy. 

He ^eavei to mouAn kU pai6lng, hl& wl^z, thAte. duldAjtn, Tfitd, Jk., oi Hinot, Hat 
o£ San TfumchUcx} and ChaAlotte. o£ KatUpell; and 6tvtn QfiandchltdKejn. Ont ion, who 
pfie.ce.ded hJin In dtath, wai hUltd In an oax cfuuh diuUng itioAld WaA II. He alio hai a 
iliteJi, Wa4. CtoAa. ?etzfu,on and a bfuothzK, A. E. Gfuuoz, oi HaniUmon. 

TuneJuU. ieA.vlcu will be held FfUday a^teAnoon at KatUpell. 

HANKJNSON WEWS • PeccmfaeA 20, 7951 


Zichand H. Hecn dltd ThuAsday, Pec. 20th, at Bemidjl, MM. TimzAal ieAvlcu weAe 
held In Hankimon on Wednesday a{^eAnoon, Pec. 26th. 

Wi. HUn wai bo/m in Hankln&on Pec. 24, 1891. He attended HankA,n6on High School 
and lateA wa& a ialt&man ^oA the Hankln&on NuAieAy Company. Ha. Hein wai a iUoAtd (UoA 
I veXeAon, Aeceiving kU diichoAge iAom Tofit Dodge, lA, , In 1918. 

In 7925 he bought hli pAe&ent home on Elg BoM Lake, nine milei ^Aom Benidjl, AW, 
He enioyed outdoor activltcei and many HanfUmon Aeildenti ihoAed the ilihlng and 
hunting at kU place. 

He wai a iofmeA membeA o^ the Masonic Lodge at HanfUn&on and an active membeA 
0({ the AmeAlcan Legion at Bemldjl. 

Hl6 poAenti, who pAeceded him In dexiXh, Ua. and M/u. ChoAled Hein, weAe ploneeu 
o£ thli community. Hl6 iliteA, Ha6. Emma SckuiteA, alio pAeceded him In death, oi 
did hli bAotheA, ChaAlti, J/i. , who died ilx months ago. 

SuAvlvlng oAe thAee iliteAi, Hai>. Paul Klnn, oi tkc& city, Ha&. Kenneth GAahojm 
and f-ilii LoAa Heln oi Aberdeen, WA. , two bAo^tJieU, Louli Hein oi Tacoma, a'A., and 
AliAed HeJji oi AbeAdeen, WA. , thAee nlecei and ilve nepheua. 

TuneAol ieA.\}lcej> wene held iAom the Emmanuel Evangelical and Reiofmed ChuAch oi 
which the Helm weAe all iohmeA membeAi. 

The pallbeoAeu weAe all couilm oi the deceased: ZichoAd Bellin, Vobent Bellln, 
TAitz SchAoedeA, EbneA SchAoedeA, Anton Lernen and AfithuA WebeA. 

EbeAhahd Volt No. 88 oi the AmeAican Legion oi Hanklmon, conducted mlLLtoAy 
homoAi at the cemeteAy. 

JnteAment woi made at the Emmanual Evangelical and fleioAmed CemeteAy. 

HANKWSON WEO/S PecembeA 27, 1951 



SeAv^U weAz httd Tat&dmf at 10 o'cZock ifiom St, Anthony' i CathotLc Chioich at 
Falmount ioK Emit E. SchAcedzA, 70, Zichland County ^onmeA. £oA. many yzaxt,, vAo ditd 
Saturday, PeccjnbcA 15th, at St. hUxAy'i HoipiXal In blahptton. 

Rev. John B. GJielmA oif^Cyiatzd at the. ieAvlce^ and buAAjat waj> mads, in Catvafty 
CemtteAy at TaOwiount. The VeAtln TuneAot Home oi WakpeXon Am handUng the oAAonge- 
menti. Six nepheuu, weAe patUseaAcA^ . 

BoAn on January Uth, Hil , at MyvWie, WI., he. came uiith hli paAzntt> to the 
UantadoA coimuni^ty wheAe they iafmed. He noAAled BaAboAa Net«baueA on ApfuZ Mth, 1906, 
at Wahpeton. They ianmed In the La Mo/la Towmhlp, ne/xA FaVmount. 

When jiUtt a imaZZ boy he had hi& Itg hvAt when stepped on by an anJunat on ku 
FatheA'i iaAm, Because oi the injuAy It woi necti>6aAy to amputate, it about 30 yeoAi, 
ago. He had been in pool health the pa&t leveAat yeaAi. 

In 6plte. oi hit, mliiofitune and iJUntkl he voaj, a congenial husband and iathex and 
had a ho&t oi iAtjendi in tkz cormunity in uohich he lived. 

SuAvivoKS oAe WU). SchAoedeA; iouA. daughteM, Ha6. Rudolph RaMe [Uabel] oi TyleA, 
VifU,. EaAl Leavitt iJuUa] oi Hankintton, Hm. LauVience BfumkhoKit [Lillian) oi Wahpeton 
and Uu. Roy BeAg [Loulie] oi VaiAmount; iive ioyh, Daniel oi HaAvey, HaAold and Will- 
oAd oi TaiJmount, EJbneA at home, and ElAoy oi Hankijuon and 11 gfiandchildAeJi. 




FuneJial 6eAvlcti ioK UcDvUn KZtln wtfiz. helxi cut 9 o'cZock cut St. PhWUp'i 
Ccuthotic ChuAch. Reu. TathzA G. C. BceAeni oiilclat^d. 

UoAtin Kt(un woA bo/un. VtaAdn. Ut, 1900 and dle.d Pec. 29th, 1951, at the. agt 
oi SO ytafU), tight montki and 2i day6. 

hVi. Kleyin, a iafmzA who fieJ>Zdzd iouthzait o^ Hanklmon, paiitd awaif SatuAday 
a^ttfinoon at St. TfiancJU Ho&pltaJL at Rtecfeeitttdge. 

He lit i, by hU wc^e and {^vt childMjn, Atdtan, Eugzm, UaAcelZa, 
La Vonnz and ShoAjon; hit iathfi. Hick Kltin and bfwtheM and ilittu . 

Iruttnment wtu wadt at CaZvofiy CzmetzAy. 

VuAtktn. iniofvmtAjon li tmavaiZable. at thi& tint. 

HANKJNSOH HEWS JanuaMf 5, 1952 


Tunfiat ittvlczi iofi Voyle. B. GKztn o^ WaZcott weAe heZd in JnmanutZ Luthfian 
ChuAck oi HcwOUnson on WtdnzJiday a^ttAnoon, Jan. 2nd, the. Rev. GeAkoAd G. Uichael, 
PoitoK, conducting tkt itAvice.. BuAiat won in the. Faifimount CemeteAy with the 
VeAtin EuneAol Homz oi WahpeXon in chaAgz. 

Voylz Gfizen woi boHn July 25, 1908, in Oakland CUy, IN., the 6on o( Voy 
GAten and Winnie. Sullivan. He came to the FaiAmount vicinity and uoonked on the 
EAed Kingdon ioAm. 

He uxu, moAAied to Eliie Buck on Sept. Sth, 1940, at Hankimon, NP. In 1944 
he and {^amUbj moved to Colfax touinihip idieJie he hcu> been fiOAming 6ince. EctAly 
thi& &urmeA he became ^eJiiouily ill and died in the. hospital at BAeckennidge on 
Efiiday, Dec. 28th, 1951. 

UfL. GKeen ii iaAvived by hU wi^e; -two ion&, HobeAt 10, and Vavid, 8; one 
daaghteA CoAol, 4; hi& mothzA, Wii>. Hinnie Amelment o^ Gonvick, tW., and a 6i&teA 
M/ii. Van Chniitian&on o^ Gonvick, MN. He wa& a membeA o{, Irmanuel LutheAon ChuAch 
o{, Hankimon 

HANKJNSON NEWS JanuoAy 3, 1952 


TuneAol ieAviczi ioA Ma4. HeAXha Bohn wcAe held. Monday, Pec. 24th at the Tfiinity 
LutheAon ChuAch at GAcat Bend, Rev. J. RengitoA^ oi^iciated. 

Uu. Bohn died at St. fAoncil, Ho&pital in BAeckenAidge, MN. , ScutuAday a{.teAnoon, 
Pec. 22nd. She had been in ailing health £oA iome time and hoi been in the ho&pital 
iince OctobeA. 

a 01) 

M^. Bohn wa4 boAn Aagtut ISth, 1SS7. Shz dltd cut the. age oi 6^ ijtaJik, {ouA 
montki and {^ouA dayi. Shz woi uyUXtd In moAAlagz wjth Loluj, Bohn on Jan. 29th, 
19 OS. Thii, anion wa4 btuitd uxUh {Ive. ckUdAzn. HzA hiiiband p/iecederf heA In 

dzath on Feb. Sth, J923. 

She. Zzavti heA ckiZdAzn, two daaghtzA/>, M^. GzoKgz Kath (MabeZ) 0(5 OfitaJ: 
Bznd, and UAi. EJbnaA StoZtznoui (Tua) o^ Ginat Bend; thxtz ionk, Ufiban, o^ Wahpz-ton, 
NoAman 0)$ GKzat Bend and {>!.cibuA oi UantadoK; two llttzKi , M/r4. H. C. Bohn oi, GuzaJ: 
Bend and Uu. khnold WofmtA oi Vank V-apldi, MW. , and tzn gAondckitdAzn. 

?aZL bzoAtU weAe 4-cx mpham, HaAAy, Paul and HznAy Boh, klvln Schulz, kUb^fut 
Hoziii and El6mKth StzgeA. 

InttfmzYvt wou, made aZ tht LatheAn CmtteAy loath oi Gfizat. Bend. 

HKUUHSOH MEWS JanaaAu 3, J 952 


FunzAol ieAvZcu wzAz hzZd ThuAidaij mofuUng, Jan. Ifid, at ton o'clock f^Aom 
tkt St. Phlllp'i ChuAch In Hankyinion {,oK Jacob Hzntz, pconeeA {^ofmeA o^ tkl& comm- 
anitij, Mho pantd away Monday monning, Pec. lli^t, at St. UaAy'i Hoipltal. in Uahpzton, 

Jocob Htntz woi bofm In Wzldtnthal, Batun, GzAmany on July 11, 1S64, 6cn o{, 
Roizna LottAeH. and PtteA Hzntz. He camz to thz Unltzd Statz& In thz i^o// oi^ UE2 
at thz agz o^ IS, with ka, bAothzn. PztzA, hit, hlMtzA, Wu>. Etizabzth WawzM and 
bAothzA, l^ath. Ma. Hen^z al6o had a bKothzA, KaAt and a ilitzA, WiZhzImlna, In 
GzAjmany. Thzy havz aZZ pKzzzdzd hJjn In dzath. 

Ma. Hen;tz wo* wtutzd In maAAlagz to Mas. MoAx/ BagoA on Feb. 10th, 1S96. To 
tJvii anion woi boAn tkAzz ckiZdAzn. 

Ma. Hen^z iJ-oW-t izttZzd Zn Col{,ax, NV., and latzA izttl.zd on a ^oAm ioath o^ 
Hankln6on, whzAz hz made hii homz (,oa many yzoAi. In latzA yzafu> hz movzd to tiank- 
■in&on, whzAz hz u)aj> a ckaAtzA mzmbzA 0)$ thz Catholic OAdzA o^ ToAAZitzAi and onz o^ 
thz zoAlif cJiuAch dlAzctoAi. Hz hztd vaAloai o{,{ilczk In Ebna and BAlghtwood toMnihliDi. 

FoA thz pait izvzAol yzoAi, Ma. Hen^z ha& bzzn In {^ailing hzalth and at thz 
tlmz oi hJj> dzath hz had attalnzd thz agz o{t SI yzoAi, 5 montki and 30 dayh. 

SuAvlvlng to mouAn hli loih aAz kli thAzz chlldAzn, John A Hzntz, Ma4. tJ.ath 
Hzlnkz, Etizabzth, and MA6. An^on IznJ^zn, Rzglna, all o^ Hanklmon. TliAzz i, 
Azn, HzAman and Lzo Bagai o^ Hankln6on and MA4. Al BAaiakz, Anne Oj$ StAatton, CO., 
zlghtzzn gAandcJuZdAzn and nlnz gAzat gAandchildAzn. HI& Mi{iZ pAzzzdzd him In 
dzath on MaAcfi 9th, 194S. 

IntzAmznt uxu madz In CalvaAy CzmztzAy at Hankln&on. PallbzaAzAA wzaz GAand- 
thlldAzn oi thz dzczaizd, CzoAgz and Jome* Rzlnkz, Jame^ Hzntz, MauAx.ce and Anton 
Lzmzn and Jamzs Schultz. HonoA/Vty pallbzoAZAi, wzAz BUZ PAandt, PztzA KuttzA, John 
Salvti, Paul Klnn, Ted BiAnbaxim and Matt Schllltz. 

HAhlKlNSON NEWS JanuoAy I, 1^52 



fimznal ^zAvicti weAe heZd I)ltdnt6day monyUng, JanunAy 2nd, 19 S2 cut 9 AH cut 
i}it St. VhW-pi ChuAch {iOK ViOJitin Ktzln, agt SO, u)ho poiizd away on ScutuKday a^ttK- 
noon ojt thz St. TAancU Ho6pLtal in BA-tckzyitldge.. Vzjxih beXng duz to a. he.cinX. attack. 
Thz V&Ay Reu. FathzA G. C. RieAeni oHlclattd at the. izAvlcu. 

hioAtln Kliun waj> boln on MoAch Ut, 1901 at WlUtz Rock, SV., onz o( a {arnlZy of 
zJ.ght chU-dfien o{t Ut. and UfU. N^cfe KJLzAjn. He gAew to manhood at iUkitz ^ock and in 
Uay o{, 1928 he. uxu moAAled to ViZJUa BeAgitAeJiiZA. o{, Tlaxton, W. The. coapte. moved 
-to theAA pKeMent iam ioathexUit o{^ HankJjnkon wheAt they have Kulded 6lnce. Vive 
chUidAen weAe bo fin to thU imAjon, aJUi oi whom iafivtve. 

SuAvtvtng to mowin hLt, pairing dfie hJj> vxiie, titio loM, ?vt. kMean KZe^n o(, 
Font Knox, KY., Eugene, at home. daughteAS, MoAceZta o^ HinneapoJ^.u>; La Vcn 
and ShoAon, at home. Hli latheA, Utck Ktztn o^^ White Hock; 6tx hnotheAi o/id one 
6i.6teA. H-C4 mothzA pnzceded kim in death in 1940. 

Among thoie u:ho attended item a distance weAe hij, i,on. Aid eon (Kom Font Knox, 
KV.; hti> daughteA, UaAceZta ^Aom ULnntapolii; b/iotheA, Leo KZetn liom Spokane, WA.; 
AZiKed and OicoA BeAgitAeM^eA, and UAi,. Ted Olson ({Aom Hoxton, M). Ma., and M/l4. 
CloAence Ze>igi)tAeM,eA ^Kom Sauk Rapids, MN,; M/l. and MAi. WilZiam AndAesM, Ma. and 
Ma6. Otto Hod^^man and Ma and *it6. John hloKenbeAg OiJ GKaceviXle, MW. 

Tall beoAeAii weAe Anton HeAdtng, Sk. , CoaI PfUbbeAnoM, AAthuA AndeAion, Gectge 
GabbeAt, Geofige B-cAc/iem ajnd John StuAgeM. 

InteAment woi made at CalvoAy CemeteAy. 
HANKIMSOhl HEWS JanaoAy 10, 1952 


Ma. and Wus. 0. Vybdahl and damiZy attended the ianeAal oi Ua. Vybdahl' i 
motheA, HA6. CoAAie Vybdahl-Uoen, mhtch woi held SatuAdaij, Vec. 29th, at Elbou.^ 
Lake, MM. Ma4. Moen died unexpectedly on ChAlitmas Day. 



FuneAol i>eAviceJ> uieAe held Jan. 29th, ^OA MA6. FAank Gillgenbach oi Isle, MW. , 
at the Emmanuel and ReioAmed ChuAch in Hankinion with the Rev. F. W. VauZ officiating. 

MA4. Gillgenbach poMed away on SatuAday Jan. 26th, at the age of 6S ueaAt,. 
She had been in failing health foA some time. 

Ma6. GiZlgenbach uxu> boAn on a faAm south of Hanktnson on ApKil 6th, ISSS. 
Hiss BakeA mu, untied in moAAiage to FAank Gillgenbach on Sept. 19th, 1912. TheAe 


weXt no chltdJim. boKn to ihi& union. 

ShofitZy a^eJi tkeJA. moAJu/igz, Ma., and M'lA. CiJ[JLge.nbach movzd to Ittt, MW. , loficAe 
fieA huMhand ^ itAJiZ opeAoting a {fOnm. She. lzavz& to mouAn hzn. paniZng hzA kiaband, 
Tnank oi lilt, MN.; a. bKothzfi, Ofu.e. BakeJi o{, Hanfujiion and a iJUteA, /Iw. 
ChaAZej> GKznbeAg o^ Jamtitoim. 

JnteAment woi madt at HUJikldt Homt, who had ckoAgc oi liAvicu. 

HkHKimOH MBJS JammAy 21, 79 5 J 


Ma4. Uofiy Schmidt paj,ie.d away In heA itttp e/vdiy WzdneJ>day moAnlng oX heA 
harm in Han.\>on. Veath uxu due. to ln^lAmLtieJ> oi heA advanced age, at ihe had 
Keackzd thz age. o^ S2. TuAtheA detaZti weAe not avaXZahtz at tht time o^ thl6 
iM>uJujrig and {^uneAol aAAongeinejiti) oAe. itilZ pending. 
HAfJKWSON UBIS TehKuaAy 1, 1952 


FuneAnl leAvlceM weAe. heZd iox Hfu. UaAy Schmidt, 82, at the. St. VkULip' 4> 
ChuAch In HanlvLn6on on Feb. Stk, uxcth the. VeAy Rev. G. C. EicAeni oUlciating. 

UaAij Studney luu bo^ In HbmeapotU, Mi., Nov. I&t, U6S and pa^6e.d away 
on Feb. 6th, J 952 at the. age. o^ 82. 

HaAy Stiidnejy wtii unJite.d In moAAaige. to Ffied Schmitz at AdAlan, MM. , whcAe 
iht had gone uiltk heA poAents when a inaJiZ ckJUid. To thii union weAe. bofin ten 
chlldAen, oi whom eJ-ght iuAvlve. heA. WUtLiam o^ Hotlday, MM, John oi l^antadcn., 
Joe, at home, SliteA M. BaptUta, O.S.8., Yankton, Maa. Jo^tphZne. V>u.e^>ien oi 
WUmot, MN, and Magdalene, and Etlzabeth, at home. AJUi o^ whom weAe able to be 
pKe.6e.nt ion. the ^uneAat. 

Mfu. SchmlXz had been -en ^o-ctcng health ion. many yean.6 and heA death on Wed- 
ne^day manning woi attnlbutzd to lnilnmitleJ> oi heA advanced age. 

VallbeoAeAi, weAe John M. Knump, John SahLi, ChanZeJ> SackneA, MoAtin BormeAi- 
bach, Tnnnk KaneAA, and Jot LugeAt. 

TnteAment was made at Calvany CemtteAy at UantadoK. 

HANKWSOM NEWS FebnuoAy 14, 1952 

a 04) 


MK6. EtLlt Laboda pa&ied cwoay cut heA home, on Honday, FtiMmAy llih, 1952, at 11 AM 
at the. age o^ 80 yeau, 4 monthi and 11 day6. She. uxu, />eAZoa&ly UJi ion aboat thxte 
dayA pfujoK to heA de/vth, although i/ie had 6uiieAed iAcm a he/vU aitjntnt (JoA. a numbeM. o^ 
yeafu and had been in ^aJJUng health dwUng the pa&t yexui. 

Eliie HUtag uxu bo^n In GeAmany on OctobeA 25Ad, 1871 , the. youngest oi eJight 
chlZdAen, and celeb^ttd heA. tenth bJifiXhday while. enAoute. to thU counfiy ulth heA 
paAeJiti, Mt. and Hu. CaAl Ulttag and otheA membeA6 o^ heA family, oi which 4/ie Zi 
the. la/,t to pai6 on. They settled ^oA anchile. neoA Gfveat Bend untii heA ^atheA home- 
itejaded the. lite, which ii now known ai the. city oi Hankimon. Ma.. Hankinion puAchaied 
thii land, inom heA motheA, a^teA the. death oi heA iaXheA. Eliiz Hittag lived heAe. 
until. UaAch Sfid, 1903, wfien ihe wai moAnZed to Cafil laboda., and they moved to the. iaAm 
loutheait oi Hankimon, wheAz they lived the KemaindeA o^ theiA li.vt&. 

To thiJ) union weAe. bo^ iix childAtn: UaAtha, Efint&t and ^eben, at home., Ida. o^ 
BayoAd, hlB. , and HenAy, who fveiided neoA Whexvton, MM. The. oldeJ>t ion, Wittiam preceded 
heA in death at the age oi thAce. yeaAi. HeA huiband paiie.d away on JanuoAy lit, 1954. 

Ufu. Laboda. lived a good Chniitian Hie. and wai devout in applying theJ>e. pAincipleJ> 
to heA Hit. HeA daily de.votionl e.ven duAing heA illntil, will alwayi bt a gfieat inipiA- 
atijon to heA iamily. 

TuneAol leAvictl weAe. held ThuA&day aiteAnoon, Feb. 14th, at the home, and at Z ?M 
at the. Evangelical ChuAch oi United EAeXhAeji oi GKeat Bend, with Rev. SteAting Wenzel 
oiiijciating. HeA iavoAite hymnl, "Uuit Jtiai BeaA the. Caoii Atone." and "WondeAiul 
StoKy oi love" weAe lung and "SunAiie" and "Tell HotheA I'll Be TheAe." ai a ipecial 
Aejqueit oi heA ion, HenAy. 

TallbeaAeAi weAe William GabbeAZ, TeAn Caulkini, Alvin PfubbeAnow, John Stu^eii, 
Emit leavitt and ElmeA SchAoedeA. funeAal oAAangementl weAe conducted by the WippeAman 
TvLneAal Home and inteAment wai made at the GKeat Bend CemeteAy. 

HANKIKSON UBilS ««»«•««•«» TebAuoAy 14, 19S2 


Ma4. louij, J. BleecheA, 72, oi Afilington, VA. , and a ionmeA Hankinion Keiident 
died Tueiday, EebAuoAy 26th, at Arlington, VA. 

SeAvicei weAe held at 3 Pt^ on SatuAday in the Methodiit ChuAch oi Lij,bon. BuAial 
will be at Liibon beside heA huiband idio pfiecedtd heA in death on July 31it, 1942. 

Hni. BleecheA wai boAn at Wahpeton on SeptembeA 17th, 1879. VeoAl VatteAion wai 
united in moMiage to Louii BleecheA at Wahpeton on June 6th, 1900. 

She leavei to mouAn heA palling, a ion, Vonald oi Liibon, heA daughteA, Alice oi 
Gnaiton, thAee gtandchiJLdAen and two gfLeat-gfiondchildAen. 
HANKJUSON NEWS • » « • t » t » » « ^a^t^ 5^ ;952 



Hk6. ZzAtha. Wo-iwocLie. oi UantadoK pai,&td away taxty ThuA&day mofmlng In heA 
hlttp at hex ioAm komt wei-C oi HantadoK. FumAol izKv-icu MiZl be heJ.d at 9:30 
SatuAxiay no)vrung at the. St. VztzA and PauZ'6 ChuAch at UantadoA. iclth TatheA UJM^A 

HeA huJiband, John Wo^uxidie. pKzczdzd heA In dzath 6zveAaZ yeoAA ago. A complete. 
-obltuoAiy viLZZ appzAK Jin ne.xt week' 6 l66ut o^ tluj> papeA. 

HMKWSON NEWS UaAch 6, J 952 


TuneAot ^eAvlcti weAe. hzZd Monday mofufUng at nine, o'ctock at the. St. Vhlltip'i 
Catholic ChuAch ^ofL Kwdolph C. ScheJileA, 65, uoho poMed away TfUday monnlng, UoAck 
7th, at the St. Tfiancii HoipitaJL In BfieckenAidge. VeAy Rev. G. C. EleAem oi{slc- 
tated at the ieAvlcti. VatlbeoAeAM weAe. Cant Wol^e, hiaAtin JaegeA, HoAtin BormeAi>- 
bach, F/Lonfe BormeAibach, St. , KitZlan lentneA and John Jaukt. BuAtaZ woA in 
CalvoAy CejneteAy. beJiide hti> wiije who poM^td auxiy eight monthi ago, on July 7th, J95I. 

Vadolph C. SchelleA wa4 bonn on MoAck 17, 1886, in AuStAia. He Ktiided in 
AuitAia imtit he ww ^even^een yeoAi o^ age. when he with. leveAal oi hii ifu,end/>, 
came to AmeAica and settled heAz in Hankin&on. In 7909 fie wai moAnied to Uiii 
Anna Got{,^ed oi thii city. Thejy weAe maAAie.d at St. VhiiZip'i ChuAch by Reu. 
Joseph Studnicka. Six childAen weAe bonn to bleM thii union, aXZ oi whom iuAvive. 

Mt. ScheZleA wot, employed by the Soo Line untiZ 1950 when he fietUied ifwm 
active AeAvice. 

He was in iaiting health ioA. the pa^t two yeau and about two weefei ago hJj> 
condition became leAioai,. On Tuesday, MoAc/i 4th, he wa6 taken to St. Tfiancli> Ho6p- 
itaZ in BfieckenAidge, wheAe he paired away on Tniday manning. 

A iaithiuJL membeA oi St. Vhiltip'i ChuAch, Hn. SckeZleA woi atso a membeA oi 
the Men '4 Catholic OtvdeA oi FoKeMeAi. 

He leaver to mouAn hij, paaing iouA 6on6, Ed. John, and GeoKge, oJtl oi Hanizin- 
6on, JameM oi fonman and two daaghteAi>, Hfu. Geofige WaZlock oi Hankimon and Hu. 
Leslie HanitAom oi WyndmeAe. ThiAteen gKandchilAfien aJUo suAvive. 

The. sympathy oi the entifie community goeJ> out to the bereaved iamlly. 



Attofiney and Uu. UauAice AkeA and iamity leit ion. Chicago, IL., on Wednesday 
evening to attend the iuneAot oi Wu>. John S. AkeA, motheA oi UavAice Aken, who 
died on MoAc/i 10th, 7952. FuAtheA inionmation U unavailable at thii wfUtina. 




TuntKol 4eAv^ce4 ioK ChMleJ> VWt mWL bt hzZd on Maxell 21 at 3 TM luUh P.zv. G. 
C. hlidvizZ oiilcAjntLnQ. 

Ufi. Witt had iuiizJitd a itAckt tanZy ThuAJ,day zvejujig, UoAck 6th cut hli home, htfit. 
He pouiitd away at the, St. FAancx^ Hospital at E^tck^ntldgz zanJiy Taa>da.y mofmlng, HoAjcJi 
16 th. 

ChoAla, Wcttoun F/Lonfe W-ctC woi boAn ftbfwuoMjy iKd, HTl at 0o6tAun, MecMenbuAg-Sc/i- 
wcAn, Gejvmny, the. ion oi John Chnt6tian Witt and kU uii^z WWie/jnina StteA. Wtth hU 
poAenti hz came. to. Wew Vofik at the. age. o^ one. yeax. Some, time tatoA he movtd, viltk hl6 
paAent6, to Scjott County, MM. 

In 1 891 ht came to UoKth Vakota, htttUjig in BeJtiofvd Townihip, neafi UantadoK. On 
Nov. 15, 1895, fie uxi& unlttd in moMAJige. wiXk OliMitbncna SandeA. ThU union wai ble^itd 
vaith thKne. 6on6, HeAbeAt, HoJiotd and WatteA. liK. and Uai. Witt tivzd in Bahney townihip 
untiZ 1924 wfien thexj move.d to Hanklmon, wheAe. the.y have. Aejkidtd lince. 

Wi. Witt iM luAvived by hli viixiow, hit, loni, HeAbeAt, HaAold and WatteA, A even 
gnandchiZ.dA.en, a bfwtheA, Efmt&t o^ BeAtha, MM., hZi i,ij,teM, Wii,. Hinnie Jentz oi 
Hankimon, Lena, Uu. John SchMnkt, 0(5 Uankato, AW., Emma, Ha6. AlbeAt Lofitnz, and 
BeAtha, UAi. JuZioi HoiAow, both o^ Hankinion. He voai, pAtcedtd in dejoth by tux bfio- 
theAi, WiJUUam and Tnank. 

Ma.. Witt attaintd the age oi 79 yeaAi>, one. month and ^(Jteen dayh. TuneAaJi 
oAAangemejiti) oAt in thoAge. oi the WippeAman FuneAaZ Home.. JnteAment -a to be made 
at the. LutheAan CeyneteAy. 



Mw. Chanter W. Bladow, 57, who had bzzn in failing health ioA the past {,eiO yeau 
paired away at tht St. FAoncii Hoipltat at BAe.ckejfiAi.dge, tatz WedneJ>day evening, Matc/i 
19th, 1952. . 

SeAvice^ uxUZ be heZd ifuom thz EvangeZicat and Re{,ofmed ChuAch with the Rev. F. 
W. PauZ oiiiciating. No time hoi yet been 6et ^OK the leAvicei. 



TaneAoZ 6eAviceJ> ioA Uai>. C. W. Bladow weAe held on UoAch 24th at tht Evangelical 
and Re(,oAmzd ChuAch with thz Rev. F. W. Taul o{,{,ica.ting at thz ieAvice. Hz woi aiii&ted 
by thz ChuAcJi ChoiA. 

Etia Loui/iZ Wz&tphal, daughtzA o^ Ua. and Mw. William Wzitphal, waj, boAn in Bfiight- 
wood Towni,hi.p, nzaA Hankinion on Aug. 16th, 1S94. Shz (ioa& baptczzd on Szpt. 30th o^ thz 


6ame. yzafi and uxu> conilfmzd on ?aZm Sunday 1 90S -in ihe. ImmanacZ EvangeZicaZ and 
V.e.{tOfmzd ChuAch w/ieAe ihe. hzM manbzfU,kLp all. thAough heA ti^e.. 

On Oct. 17th, J 933, 6hz MU un-ctzd in mafifuRQz to CkoAlu W. Eladow. Thty tivtd 
on a ($aAm ntaJi HanlUnion imtAJi fyoo yzoM ago wficjt thzjj moved into Han\iiYU>on. Two loni) 
we^e bonn to the union, fUlton o^ fwJiaZ HankirU>on and Gzfuxld, who pKzctzdzd hii mothoA 
in dtath, duAcng infancy. 

HAi. BtadoM became aUticttd with canceJi ahout iwo ytau ago, all known mzanii wzaz 
ase.d to iavt hzA ^Aom tht diJ>QAi>t but 6hz succumbed to it on MoAcA 19th, 1952 at the. 
St. TfLoncii Hoipital in SKzckeWiidge., MM., at tht age. oi 57 yejOAS, 7 monthi and 4 daxji,. 
She. woi pAeceeded in dejitk by heA poAejntd, iouA 6iiteAl>, one ion and onz gfianddaughteA. 

Sfie teo-veM to mouAn heA pairing, hzA huiband, Chanlzi W. Bladow, one. 6on, IMtton, 
heA gAanddaughteA, Judy Bladow, all of, Hankin&on; heA two 6i6teA&, Emma, Hw. Thto 
T-cegi 0(5 Ro4coe, CA., and Ida, Hu. WiUiam Batzi oi BuAhank, CA. , ^ouA bfiotheAb, KhthiA 
oi Va&adena, CA. , ^iXtlajn oi Han\iJini,on, Eav/Cm oi BKeckenAidge, UN., and HeAman oi Wah- 

TuneAol oAAangemerctk weAz in duiAgt o^ WippeAmm TuneAal Home. InteAmeyit wo* made 
in the. Evangelical and Rei5o/uned CejheteAy. 



M/us. Choi. Thompion 0(J TaiAmount A.ececved woAd that heA nizct'i huiband, Alvin 
Sundblad oi Stattle woi accidzntly killtd V> a{,teAnoon, He i6 iuAvived by hii 
lai^z and thAte. childfien. Ma4. Sundblad iM thz ionmeA Etols>e Ready and heA poAerti 
weAz ^oAmeA EaOunount fiz&ide/it6. 


Mw. Jo^ Shaw Atctived wonk SatuAday that heA liiteA'i huj>band. Hath P. Moffi, 
70, 01$ Richmond, MN. , died unzxpectzdly SatuAday, MoAc/i 22nd. The iuneAol wo* held 
Tuesday and WUi. Shaui wai unable to attend at ihe on the iick iJj>t. 


a 08) 


TuneAoZ izAvlcti {^OK M^. ErtuJU-t Efvn.Qj)t wzKt heJtd cut thz Jrmana^ LuthiAon ChuAch 
on Monday, ApAiZ Itk, with ihe. Rev. G. C. Ulchati oHicA-cutinQ cut tht ctumony. 

M^i. EnUJUz EAnt6t dizd In heA 6ltzp at the. St. Efumcli, Ho6pltaZ In Sfitcktnnldge. 
on thz zvznlng o^ E^Uday, kpfUt 4th. Shz zntzAzd thz ho-ipLtat on Mo/lcA 17th, whzn hzK 
hzaZth bzgan to iauUL. Shz had znjoyzd good hzaZth thvoaghout hzA zntXAz tiiz until 
about a yzat ago whzn hzt zyzilght bzgan to iait, ioAclng hzn. to glvz up hzn. dutLzi 
and ^oKzgo hzK pteji&uxu. 

EmLilz WzbzA woi bofui on Jan. 6th, 7869, Zn lAon Hldgz, li'I. Shz attaJjizd thz age 
oi S3 yzafLi, 1 monthi and 29 dayi. Whzn 6hz woi thfizz yz£LU old ihz moved, Mith hzx 
poJiznti, to a iaAm onz mllz iouthzjut o^ Uantadofi, whzAz &hz gfiew to uoomanhood. Shz 
WttA con^Vanzd a mzmbzA o^ thz Lutheran ChuAch by thz Saintzd Rev. J. Kozhlzn. at thz 
Tiin^ty LuthzAan ChuAdi o^ GAzat Bend. 

Shz was uniXzd in moAAAjogz to EdimAd Em&t in 1S92, who pAzczdzd hzn. in dzath on 
Oct. nth, 7974. To this union weAe boAn 6ix ionA and onz daaghtzn., all oi whom 
6uAvi.vz, zxczpt HztbzAt, who dizd in infancy. 

hUii. EAnzi>t^6 pa&iing li mouAnzd by hzA chitdAjzn, Klbztt o^ Vahk EalZi, WI., 
WlHiam oi Jiutland, Eduxuid o^ Hidmond, CA. , MA6. blilZiajn Eahzxj [Kdzlz] oi St. Paul, 
MN. , and WaltzA and John oi Hankin6on) by hzA &li,tzA, Alw. HznAy EAb oi Hankinion, 
hzA bnothzA, Hzfman. WzbzA oi HantadoA; iix gfumdchiZdAzn and iouA gAzat-gAondchiZdAzn. 

Ww. EAn&t wai a liizZong mzmbzA oi thz LuthzAan ChuAck ai, a dzvout pioui ChfiUt- 
lan. Shz bzlongzd to thz Ladiz& Aid oi thz ErmanuzZ LuthzAan ChuAch zvzA iincz iX wai 
activatzd and wai, vzfuf activz in iti iunction6. 

AAA/mgemznti wete in zhoAgz oi thz WippzAman TunzAol Homz and IntzAmznt loai madz 
in thz LuthzAan CijnztzAjy. 

HANKINSON HEWS Apful 70, 7952 


EunzAal 6zn.viczi> ioA HznbzAt Lee VzEoAAz^t oi EamaAd^ and a iofimzt HankinAon 
Aziidznt wzAz hzid at thz CathzdAal oi thz Holy SpifUt at Bi&moAck on Tuzsday moAn- 
Ing at 9 AM wiXh EathdA WilLiam GaAvln oHiclatZng at thz czA(mony. 

Ua. VzEoM-Ut wai boAn at FzAgui Talti, MN. , on Apnil 14, n94 and dizd on fnl- 
day, ApnJil 11 th, 1952 in thz EiimoAck HoipUal at thz agz oi 57 yzoAi. 

H. L. VzEoAAzit wai thz zngi.nzzA oi thz Soo Linz Tfiain involvzd in a waihout 
accyidznt about iouA milzi out oi WaihbuAn and plxmgzd dovM a 79 ioot zmbankmznt, Hz 
wai admittzd to thz Ziimwck Hospital about Ho' clock on Tuzidaij mofintng iuHznlng 
iAom itzam buAni oveA hli zntiAz body. 

Thz VzEoA/izit'i Aziidzd in Hankinion ioA izvzAal yzafii, whzAz hz wai vrployzd on 
thz Soo Linz until about zight yzoAi ago, whzn hz tAonlizAAzd txi ElimoAch, whztz thzy 


futve madz theJA home, iince.. Hz tzavti to moiuin kU pa&i^big hU> wt^e, ^e iohmtn 
Vlolja. Shza. 0(J Haniunion and itven chiZdxtn, one. bfiotheA and thxtz ititeM. Hti body 
aJOu.\je.d on the. t/uUn on Tutiday evettoig, ApAit 15th, and wa& taken to tht U-ippeArnxn 
FuneAot Home. 

Jnte/iment woa madz at the. Calvafiy CemtteAy at Hankin&on at 2 PH., iiledne^day , (Olth 
VeAy Rev. F/i. BleAeM oi^cJjiting. Tht AmeAlcan Ltglon had chafigz o£ the UJUUXoAy 
iuneJuxt and paUtbejoAeM weAt John VoitneA, Joitph GeJunan, JeAAy H^pp, WWUam Coppln, 
Louli 6-014 faoc/i and Jo^epfi KAump, 

Out oi toim pejopte. pAeJ>ent (ok thz buKlat weAt Mti. H. I. Ve ToM.zt>t and 6zven 
chitdxeji. Tat, Kathlzen, HeMheAt, Lee, Jamtb, CaAot, Bznnadttte. and TKanktini, hli 
6liteA6, Hu. Thomas GKodem oi VeAhy, W., ii/u. Paul Honde., oi HiUcn Junction, Wl., 
U>u. HeAnan ScJvUZeA, LakeJ^idz, CA., and tux) bAotheAi, HontgomzAy Vz VoM.z&t o£ Pins. 
City, MM., and Donald oi VaWu, TX, 


Pudotph Henfuj Kovzi, 76, a Kzi>ldent oi Kzn&al, and a io>meA AziZdznt oi Hankimon 
died VfUday in Jamz&town, having been Ht lincz OctobzA oi I95I when hz iuHeAed a itjwkz. 

TunzAol J,eAvicz& weAz held on Wzdnzsday at 2 PU., in thz homz and at 2:30 PM., in 
thz tiethodUt ChuAch at KznbaZ, with thz Rev. blaJUeA LoAion oiiiciating. 

Thz Eddy FuneAat Homz woi in choAgz oi aAAongemznti . JnteAmznt wot, in thz Kzmat 

UfL, Kovzs MU, boftn kpnil 17th, 1875, in Hoitnziitz, GeAmany, thz ion oi Ut. and 
M/t6. HznAy Kovzi. Hz attzndzd idnoot in hij, nativz land and amz to thz United StateJ> 
with his motheA, iouA 6i6teA6, and onz bnothzA. Hii iatheA and txoo bfiotheAi, died in. 
GeAmany when hz waj> a imaJU. child. Thz iamiZy izttlzd on a ioAm neoA GKeat Send and 
Mti. Kovzi wofikzd in that vicinity. In 1895 hz moved to Hankimon wheAz hz opeAotzd 
a hotel and tiveAy baAn with hiM bfiothzA-in-law, Wm. StAuheZ. HiJ, moAAijiQZ to Elizabeth 
TazhnAtch occuAAzd on July 17th, 1902, in Hankimon and latzA they moved to a iafim nine 
and onz-hali milzi 4,outh oi Kzn&al, moving into thz town oi Ken&al in 1947 when hz was 
ioAced to AztiAz bzcaiuz oi ill health. 

SuAvivoAi oAz HAi. Kovz6, iouA daughtzAS and a />on; Wu>. E. H. FAaadz oi EndzAlin, 
M/t6. Otto pAzdAick&on, M'la. Tzd TAzdAlckion and Has. ClaAzncz PAzdAtck&on all oi Kzmal 
and Roy Kovzi oi HzbAon, HB., 17 gAandchildAzn and iivz gAzat-gAandchildAen and two 
ii.&teA&, Mw. Itlilliam StAubel oi Van Nuyi, CA., and Hu. BeAt kAm&tAong oi Salem, OP. 
Hli paAzntk, two liiteAi and thAzz bAothzAi pAzczdzd him in death. 

Va, Kovzi woi a membzA oi thz Hethodi&t ChuAch and &zAved on thz ChuAch BoaAd at 
Kzn&al ioA a numbzA oi yzoAi. 
HAWnWSON WEWS ««•»«••»»« y^p,^ J7^ j952 



TuiieAot 6^vlceJ> weAe ^eW ^oa Maa. ChanZu {EtiZe.) Roblion Satmiday, kpfuZ 
19th at 2 PM. , i^om the. UzXho(Uj,t ChuAck at TaOmount mXh Rev. E. HoAvei/ Coofe 
0){i^co^t6ig. Tht hymn "In Tfie Golden," "Abide. W<Xh Me," onrf "Jeitti, LoveA oi My 
SouZ," wejit 4ung by Wl. CoaZ SchoiaoeJUieJi and Ufii>. Tnzd Mawden laUh h{fi6. John 
Ea/meA a6 oKganlit. 

Joi. VeAtLn and Soni oi VoAjmount wcAe in choAgt o^ the aAAangement6 . The body 
Laid In itate at tht TuneAot ChapeZ Room at the Lafmon HaAdimAe wntU. the time oi 
ieJivlce. InteAment woi In the GfiaceZand CemtteMf at White Rock, SV. PalZheoAeM 
wcAe Jomefi Ctufieij, WaJUeA Ctanzy, ktbext SauteA, CloAejice KivtzeA, V. R. WetheAbee 
and WWLiam HahdelbfiJink. HonofioAy palZbeoAeAi, weAe F. P. Nelion, Thomas EeAtetion, 
Roy TayloK, BuAt KuAtz, Hani KitAup and RaZph Boncne. 

M/16. Robl&on iMU, bonn Hay 25th, 18U at MontAoie, MW., wfie^e ihe gfLew to woman- 
hood and Kenalned theAe until H yexiU oi age. On June 14, 1904, 6he moAfiied ChaAlej> 
LeRoy Robl&on at Wahptton and Living then at Elackmofie. noheAe. heA hu&band opeAated 
the. gfuxln eZevatoK ioK 45 yeoAi. They Lived In Wheaton, hfN., ^oK a &hoAt time beioKt 
coming to VoJjwnount In 1951. She died kpnlL 16th at the. St. Fnancli HoipltaL In 
BAeckenAldge, UN. 

She wai a veAy active mesnbeA oi the Uethodiit ChuAch o^ FalAmount, a Voj&t membeA 
0^ the Lodge and a Pa&t Uatkcti oi the EakteAn StoA. 

She wa& preceded In dexith by one daaghteA, HaAif, who paired aifiojy at the age oi 
two yeoAi. She li> iuAvlved by heA hu&band, ChaALeJ> LtRoy Roblion, thxee daughteAS, 
Ma4. WalteA i)loLk [fiAdli) oi Omak, WA. , Atw. Arnold Rundgnzn (Ang^e) oi BaAntim, MN., 
and hlu. AudAey QAxw^lond oi St. CLoad, MW.; Aoo iom. Jack of, Wheaton, MM., and 
Afvdn.uA oi BfvidgepoKt, WA. , and ^ouA gAondchlZdAen. She aL60 Jbmveh to mouAn heA 
{rive bAotheAi, YKed KAeltZow o^ Loi AngeLeJ>, CA. , HoAAy KAeltLow oi BuHalo, MW. , 
HzAman KxeltLow o^ UontAOie, MW. , KAeltLow o^ Lawton, MI., and Roy Kfieltlow 
0^ l^ontAo^e, MW.; one iliteA Loul&e KAeltLow o^ UlnneapoLii . 



FuneAoL ieAvlce^ weAe. held Monday, ApfuL 28th, iofi Mhi. Emit Bohn ^fiom the 
ImmanueL LutheAan ChuAch o{, Hankimon with Voitoi Rev. GeAhoAd G. t-lLchael in choAge 
o{ the leAvce. 

Hinna Radke wai, bohn Oct. 10th, 1S7S, In Vodgz County, Wl, the dmightzA of. John 
and Henrietta Radke. At the age oi eight yeoAS, ihe moved, with heA paAenti, to 
EfumdenbuAg Towmhlp, Living iouthea&t of GKeat Bend. 

She waJ> united In maAfUage with Emit Bohn on May 13, 1897, at Gfieat Bend. The 
iamiLy Lived on a foAm untlZ 1930 when they moved Into the town of GKeat Bend, moving 


{)Kcm thzAe. to HanlUn&on -in 1939, fiulding heAz i>lnce.. Thty obizAvzd ikzAJi Cotden 
WzddLing hiru.vzA6aAy Zn 1947. 

Mti. Bohn poiizd caoay AcutheA 6uddtnly cut htn homo. Kpnlt 24th (U a fie^att o^ a 
hzcLfit attack. She. had attalmd the. age. o^ 73 yexvut, 6 moYvthk and 14 dayi. She was 
pfue.ce.ded in death by one ion, Efivin, who died Zn AJi{ancy. 

HeA deatJi li mouAned by hen. hiuband, EnUZ Bohn o^ HanlUnion, heA cluJidAen, Rud- 
olph oi Hanklnion, WalteA oi TeAgvJ, VaJUU, VH., Leonand oi Har^ru>on, Hatph o^ 
LidgeMiood, HKi. Gecige [Uyfitte] Vhochnow oi Haniuju>on, EtmeA of, GaJiden City, MKf. , 
CZoAence oi Hanklnion, Maa. UaAtin [EAma] MedemxUxit oi Hankimon, M^. ElmeA {Linda] 
Ste/jneA oi EuAeJia, CA, heA itepion, HobeAt oi Hankyimon, 18 gfumdduJtdAeji, one gAeat- 
gAondchiZd and heA bAotheAi WZtUam Radke oi LidgeAuX)od, Otto oi Hanivin&on; heA 
64j>teA, Wit>. RobeAt Bohn oi Gfueat Bend, Knna. Vxidke oi Hankinion and Has. Philip 
WoAneA oi WahpeXon. 

The WlppeAjman TuneAal Home woi in dvxAge oi the iuneAal aAAongementi . InteAment 
luu made In the LatheAon CemeteAy at Hankyimon. 

HANKJNSON HEWS Uay 1 , 7952 


M'LA. UoAjj WalZmxn, 62 yeoAi, old, died at Kenyan, W., Wednt&day evening, kpfill 
30th. She MU bohn at LldgeAiwod and lived In Hankln&on until thAjee yean/, ago wfien 
6he moved to Kenyan. 

The next iMue oi tkU, papeA villi aiAAy a complete. oblMmAy oi Wu,. Wallman. 


EuneAat ieAvlceJ) ioA Wu,. V.aAjy WaJUbmnn, voeAe held In the JmmanaeZ LutheAan 

ChuAch at Hankinion on Monday aiteAnoon, (^ay 5th, valth the Rev. GenhaAd C. Hichael 

VoJitofi, conduxitxng the leAvlce. 

Wu,. Wallmann died In heA ileep at heA home, at Kenyan, MM., duAlng the night oi 

Hay lit at the age oi 62 yeoAi. She had been In ialting health ioA the pait ieui 

yeoAi. She moved to Kenyan ifiom Hanklnion about tuv yeaAi ago. 

HoAy Schultz mu boHn Sept. 6th, 1889, at LidgeAWoad, HV, the daughteA oi WltUam 

and Johanna SchulXz. She wai moAAled to Emll Wallirann on Nov. 6, 1909, and thli 

union woi bleiied uiiXh nine iam and iouA daughteAi. The iamily lived an voAioui 

ianmi In the LidgeAwood and Hanklman aAeai and ioA a time at Hlllhead, SV. , moving 

to Hanklnion In 1931. 

HAhlKWSOM NEWS «««»»»«».»«» Uay 8, 1952 



Gtofigt Ga&t, 53 yeMA. old TcuAmownt Township ia/imeA., dlzd Ffilday cut kU ^afm 
home. He had been -at cujUng htatth i^nce .fait Sep-teflibeA. 

TuntnaZ itn.vlctl> weAe fieW £04^ Honday aittnnoon cut ont o'cZock {,Aom thz. 
iajm homz and cut 2 0' cZock ^Axim the. St. John' 6 LutheAxm ChuAcJi at TytzK, uilth Rev. 
F. A. RubbeAt oiiicMiting. Jntznmznt uxu made. In the ChuAch CemeXeAy. The VeMln 
TimeAaJL Hone, oi Wahpeton had chofige 0^ the. aMa.ngejnenti . 

PattbeoAeM weAe M^Ked HzgeJbnann, Kenneth Hoeii, GeAotd Gait, Glen Koppel- 
mann, HcuiZan Vaman and Cti^^oAd KoppeJbnann. 

f.'A. Gait uxu> boAn Uandi 13, 1899, in Surmit Townihip, the 4,on o^ Txed C. and 
HeAtha Gait. He attended ichool and g/tew to manhood theAz and on Nov. 12th, 1934, 
maAActd ChAUtlne Vaman at the St. John' 6 ChuAch at TyleA. They {oAmed in Sujnmct 
Townihip until 1934 wfien they moved to a ioAm in TauAmount Townihip. 

SuAviving one hii Mi^e, at home., iouA daaghteM, Uu. W. E. {NoAma]Holjnan o^ 
Sejottle, WA. , Uu. EveAette [Vonna Hoe.) Thiete and Ufa. Wioy [Betty Loa) VahneA, 
both oi Wahpeton and Anita, at home. 

He alio leaver 5 gAanddUldAen, ^ouA bhothtAi, AhthuA and HenAy oi EnhaAd, WN. , 
and Allen oi UUuxLukee, WJ., ^ive iiiteAi, M^. Adolph 2ie.geJbnann and UAi. Augtiit 
liegeJbnann both oi Gfiejot Bend, fAAi. Wiltiam MeZZeA oi Wahpeton, Hw. Alf^Aed Kopptl- 
mann o^ BAezkenAidge and Ufii. HeAbeAt Hoz^i 0^ FaiAmount. 
HANKWSON WEWS •«»»»•»«»»»« May 1 , 1952 

a 13) 


FimeAot ittH.\)i.t^ loK VanieZ Lange.VA.n 6on o^ Hfi. and Maa. John LangzvZn o{ 
HcLnkAjiion, wcAe hzld {^fwm ihz St. VhUJiip'l CaXhotic CfuiAcA on We.dneJ>daif moKnlng 

May 7th, 1952, uiith tht VzAy Rev. 6. C. RceAcnA, o{,ilcA.atlng at the. 


VanleZ Langzvln woi bonn at Nonthioood, NfP., on May 26, 1937, and dlzd at the. 
age o^ 14 yeoM, H monthi and 4 dayi at HanJU-nion, M). He had moved htfie (tilth kii 
poAenti -in 1947 ^Aom theAX lonmeA home, -in B^e-cken/iidge, MN. , wheAe they had made. 
theJjL home. ioA. &e.veAaZ yejoJU>. Vaniet uxu, a 6tadejit at the St. FfumcAj, Acjodemy at 
Hanlu.nion and uxa a membeA o^ the. fKeJ^hman cJia&6 at the. time oi hJu death. 

He lejiveJ) to mouAn ha> pa&itng, kli poAenti, H>i. and Mxi. John LangevZn and 
one. bfiotkeA, David, voho li a leiu-on. at tht St. T/uuicJjt Academy, aJUL o^ whom Ktbtde 
-in HankAJiion. 

Volt beoMM jJoA the ieAvlceji we/ie Btuce Bfuj/ikman, ChoAteJ) Smith, Lee. AndAew 
MouAeA, GoaJ. GaheZ, PauZ Blggi and RobeAt Zlchttd. 

Out 0^ toMi KeZativeM pAeJ^ent at the. &eAvtceJ> noeAe., Mu. Ed Neumann, NlagaAa, 
MP., Ma4. Bennle Engen, LaAlmoKt, HO., Mw. HomeA BeeceA, Edtman, W., Hu. Stanley 
Bang, Gooduiln, hW., Mai,. Vivian Kaeding, EcJvman, NV.,MfUt. Kenneth Kiuten, Gooduxln, 
SV., Efiic. VfUn&teZ, Echman, NV., Mas. OicoA 0l6on and chlldAen oi NoKcAoil, W. , AliM.d o{, Tklzi RlveA TaZta, MN. , Mn.. and Mu. Vic KaJUnoikl, Gfttenbuih, MN., Ma. 
and MA6. HaAold AndeA6on, Thlt^ RlveA EaJUU, Mhl., Ma. and. Ma6. Andy Langtvin, Moofihead, 
MW., Maa. MeA^ RoUand, Thief, UveA TaUi, MN. 

The WippeAman TuneAal Home had choAge. of the aAfiangemznti and inteAment uxu, 
made in the CaZvoAy CemeteAy at Hankimon. 
HANKJNSON UEWS ************ ^y ^^ ,952 

Vaniel Langevin, 15-VeaA Old Son Of, Ma. and Maa. John Langevin Vfiownl, Sunday, 

May 4th, While Attempting To He/xch ShoAz FAom VfUftlng Raft 

VanieZ Langevin, 15 yejiA old Aon oi Ma. and Maa. John Langevin of tkii, city 
lo&t hib life la6t SatuAday at Lake Eltie when he failed to Aeach ihoAe at, he. 6wam in 
fAom a dnifting Aaft. Hi6 tuio companion , RlchoAd AfeaA and Allen Motii, iwam back to 
help him when they AeaJU.ze.d that ht wajk in tAouble and pulled him aihoAe but in ipite 
of alZ effoAti,, he failed to Aegain comdouineM. 

The boyi weAe out on a Aaft neoA the. noAth 6hoAe of Lake El6ie and weAe out of 
the. high wind that woA blowing out of the noAthwtit, when suddenly the wind caught the 
Aaft and they began dnifting out into the lake.. The boy6 decidzd to 6wim back to the 
4,hoAe. AatheA than Aide the Aaft acAoib the lake. The otheA two boyi had neoAty Aeach- 
e.d thz 6hoAe. when they heoAd Langevin call foA help and AetuAned to help kirn. They 
AepoAte.d that he had panicktd and woi hoAd to handle and by the. time they had putted 


him oyvCjo a tog and towed him to ikoKe. ht had Zo&t coniciouinu^. k& icon ca the.y 
KzcLcktd thz ihoKe. thty notiiitd Va.. Scktzinitz, who cqpptitd oAtifJ-cial Kupfiation 
uxith thz aid oi Mti. Max Wipptfunan, Jk. , and the. KeMpeAatoK that wai> caULtd in ifwm 
WahpeXon, but uoeAe unablz to Ktvive him. 

VanleZ. wo* a ^Ktihrnan at the. St. T/umcJji Academy o^ HantUn&on and uxu> the sec- 
ond 6on o£ the. Langevin iamity. fic4 otdeA bnotheA, Vavid, witt gfiadaate {Kom the 
Acjodzmy thli ip^ng. 

Thli woi the iiMt dnowUng to take place at Lake Et&le ioK oveA 31 yeau, the 
tait, taking place when the ion o£ Vk. Mac Donald, thejn. oi HankJjibon, dfiowned In the 
lake. It li> alio the ilut dKowning oi tkt yejoA in Zichland County. 
HANKIHSOU 14BHS •»«•«•«»»»•■» ^^^ J052 

0. H. Cautkim, ploneeA. oi Zichland County and iofmeA Hankln&on Ktildent died 
Thu/u>day mofining, May 22nd, at St. Moax/'a HoipAJjoJi 

Surviving beilde^ hli, wl^e., ifiom thii vlcoUty oAe.: 0. F. CauliUni, oi ToAjmount 
and Ufu>. ?.. H. Mauh oi Hjoiholt, SV. He alio luave^ 12 g^anddUldJien and itveAol g^eat- 
gfiandchildAjen. Two ioni, Halph and CloA^nce pA.e.cede.d him in death. He wai 88 yeam 
oi age. and he. and hli wiie celebKated theZfi 60th wedding annlveAiaKy tut month. 

HANKWSON NEWS ********** May 29, 1952 


funeAal ieAvlcei ion. MM. Anna MaJiie Betg oi HatJunion weAe held at Colmbui, NV., 
on June 10th. 

Mm. BcAg iuiieAed a itKoke June Vid and wai taken to the St. TKoncii Hoipital 
at SKecken/Udge, MN. , wheM. ihe paaed aioay the ioUowing day at the age oi 79 yeoM. 

Mfii. Beng hoi been making hen. home with hen. daaghteA, Mfu. Vonald E^iandt oi 
Hankinion ioK the pait iew yeaxi. A ihoht iuneAal ieAvice wai heM at the liiippeAinan 
TuneAol VaAloJii SatuAxiay, June Itk at. which Rev. Wm. OiboAn, Poiton. oi the Congfiegat- 
ional Chwuih gave a ihoAt ieAmon. HeJi body wai taken by tAain to Columbui Monday 
moftning whfie inteAment took place on Tueiday moAning at the Coluirbui Cemztfiy btiide 
heJi huiband. 

Ma., and Mm. BeAg celebAatcd thelA Golden Wedding AnnlueJUoAy in June 1945. HeA 
huiband pAzceded hex in death on May 29, 1949 and an Iniant ion at blnXh May 2, 1917. 

She li iuJivlved by ieven chlldAen; M'li. Vonald BAondt, Hanklmon) klbeAt BeAg 
UndeAwood, MN., Mu. CaAl Eldenwlck, WildAobe, SV., Otto BeAg, Spokane, WA., Uju>. 
HoAAy ZA.enno, CotumbiH, NP.; MAi. AlheAt BAondt, Vayton, OH., and Mm. kdolph Jyitad, 
VancouMeA, WA. Alio IS gAandchiJidAzn and two gAexit-gAondchildAeji. 

Out oi town people pAe^ent ioA the iuneAal weAe MKi. AlbeAt BAondo, ^Oi. and MAi. 
C. S. Hagen, TeAgui faZZi, CaAl Bent, TeAgui Talli, Ma. and MAi. AlbeAt Welciond, Eagle 
Bend, MN., Ma. and MAi. ChaAlei Loken, TeAgui Ealli, MN. and M^. and f>[Ai. kl^Aed loken, 
CuAUit, m. * * * * ******** June 12, 1952 


Thz Rev. Hcufi6 0. JzuJU., 75, nttUi^d ConQKt^atioYiaJi ?ai>tofi, dlzd Monday mofming 
cut Vankton, SV. EanfioJi 6ZAvlct& wcAe httd cut Ivu lent pcLStohate. at Lak^ TfizeXon, SP. , 
iiJzdntiday aiteAnoon at 2 o' cZock. 

Rev. Je.ulZ 4eAvecf oi ToatoK ion. tht CongfLe.gcutionaZ ChuAcJi oi Hankimon ifwm Oct. 
oi 1914 to Stpt. oi T918. He Kz^Oizd about ilvz y^oM ago and had KU-idzd at Tajigo 
moit oi thz turn linct. Hz ttavu to rrounn kU uxiie., tuio iom, and one. daughttn.. 
HMKINSON NEWS ************ jum 12, 1952 


TuntfusJi hiMlcu ioK HfU,. EVwy Stotttnow oi HankAjiion mUUL be httd at tht Evan- 
geZicaZ UrUttd Bn^thMn ChuAch oi Gfvmt BeJid at 2:30 ThuA&day aitfmoon vxith thz Rev. 
R. C. StAutz oiiiclating. 

Ufi6. EVioy Stottznovi, iofimeAly UabeJt Oibonn, daughtfi oi (^. and Hnj,. H. H. 
OiboAn oi Wahptton dizd on Sunday zvejilng at tht St. FKancti Ho6pitaJL at Efczcktnntdgt 
at thz agz oi 40 yzoM. 

Shz Itavti to mouAn heA pa&i'lng heji ha&band, EJUwy Stoltenow, one ion, Lee, age. 
20, and heA poAznti, Hfi. and Um. OiboAn. 

ObltuoMj vxitt appejVL In ntxt we.ek'6 papeA. 
HAHKZNSON NEWS ************ jj^^ j9^ ,952 


Ww. ChoAZei WhlteheMd pcrned avoay quletty .In heA itzep about 4:30 Honday 
moining, June. 9th. She li AuAvZved by heA huiband and ten chU.dA.en. 

EuneAal ieAvlce/> weAe held ta&t ThuAiday aiteAnoon at tMo o^ clock at the i-\eth- 
oda>t ChuAch in FcuAmount. 

Anna Mantha GLbion wa4 boAn ApAJJ, 3Ad, 1S77 at Cotumbu4>, IN., the daughteA oi 
EduUn and Hannah Glbion. When ihe uxii 12 yeoAi old iht moved with heA paAcnti to 
Chicago uiheAe ihe attended school and g^ew to womanhood. 

Pec. 3Ut, 1902, iht moAAttd ChaAlti Whitehead In Chicago and they came to NoAth 
Vakota In 1905, iettLing ilAit in tht Hope and Colgate communititi. They camt to 
Rtchland County in 1901 to tht Ealnmount viciniXy. Ha. WhiXthtad opeAoted an elevatoA 
at VtVillo iAom 1907 to 1932 when thty moved to VaAAmount and AeJ>idtd theAt tvtA iince. 

She WOA a mtmbeA oi the HeXhodiit CchuAch theAt, tht (USCS, a Fait MatAon oi the 
Ea&teAn StoA, and a mtmbtA oi the AmeAican Legion AuxJJiiaAy. 

BeJ>idti> heA huiband ihe Itavti to mouAn heA paiitng ten cKildAen. They cAe-- itven 
daughttAi, SttUbx and Wiblt Whitthtad, Haj,. HalvoA {HoAlon) BeAtttien and MAi. V. V. 
[ULtdAtd] HiUeA, all oi EoAAmount, HAi. VauZ [Helen] Schmltn and Wii. EdwoAd [Ruth] 
HolbeAg, both oi BAtcktnAidgt and HAi. Vonald [LauAa] AndeAion oi BoaAdman, HI.; thAzt 
ioni, J. Ediain oi HooAhtad, ChanZti oi TeAgui VallM and RobtAt oi TaiAmount. CtJizA 
iuAvivoKi include a bAotheA, Guy J. Cibion oi Oconto EalZi, W7., and Z9 gAandchildAen. 


TunzAol ifivlcu io/i Wu,. Eluoy Stol;t^now weAe heZd ThuAbday, June J 9, 1952, 
at the. lion EvangzZiaiZ Unittd Bfizthfitn ChuAch at CKtat Bend. 5cAv-cce4 weAe Jin 
cJiaAge. o^ Rev. Robe^C Stfmtz, Rev. Lowe^ Bu/ikhaAt and Rev. Gidton EbeAhoAd. 

Hu. Stolttnow poiizd amy on Sunday Evzning, June. 15th, at the. St. TfumclA 
Ho&pitaJi at BA-tckejuUdgt. 

She uxu, boftn June. 15, 1912 in Havana, IL. She. mvu unlte.d In maAJiiagt to 
ElAoy Stoltejwuo in Kpfut oi o^ 1929. TkU union wai btzcitd viith one ion, Lee. 
Wu,. Stottenoi/O uxu a iaithiul membeA oi the EvangeJiical United BfietJvien ChuAch and 
woi alio a membtn. o^ thz Laditi Kid. 

She. leaver to mouAn htA eoAty paj>6ing, hex ha&band, EVioy, one. A on, Lee, heA 
paAtnti, U>L. and Uu. HaAfiy Oibofun oi OJahpeton, heA bfwtheA, Ho tan oi TyleA, HoMXAd 
of, Wahpeton, one. ioitzA bfvotheA, HenAy jKeJ-chZ o^ ToAt Bfuigg, WC, and one. AiiteA, 
Gfiace, M^. Uo^eM. Piatt o^ Ktnt, Finn. 

VaZZ-bejoAeAJ) wcAe iix ntphem, Joa. GJiitpentnog, Roy Hittag, Uanvitte Stoitz- 
now, RogeA Gtejfiz, Jacfe ScheneA and EoAl Stoltejiow. InteAment iMi> made at the lion 


Uu. EeAnoAd Rouie, 27, ditd iuddenly o^ a hexLfit attack at heA homz at Coat. 
VaZZzy, IL. , Tuesday, June 24th. Shz iM huAvivzd. by heA ha&band and tsw chiZdAzn, 
BzveAty, 7, and Waynz, 3. 

TuneAol i,eAviczi> wzaz heZd SatuAday at onz o'cJtock. ?allbzaAeA& wzAz AtbzAt 
Rowe, ClaiA LindbzAg, Vzan Ti&oA, Lzo Ro44ow, Bud Sim and LzonoAd Vz VildzA. BuAial 
wai) in thz RiveA&idz CzmztzAy. 

Ha&. Roaz -04 thz gAonddaughteA oi UA6. Ida RobeAti o^ Oico, T.L. , iofmeAhj a 
Az&idznt oi VaJjmount, and a nizcz oi Wu>. Kznnzth Wzit o^ l^aiAmount. 

Thoiz iAom heAz attending wzfiz Wi. and hiu. KznneXh Wz&t of, TaiAmount, Joe 
Sundz and Lzo Rouovo oi CairpbeZZ and Ua. and Ua6. Jai. Kubz o{ WzndeJU, MM. 



TunzAjaJi 6eAviczi wzaz hztd on Wzdnziday a^tzAnoon, July 9th, at 2 PW, ifwm thz 
Jot,. VzAtin S Soni EuneAoZ Homz in EfLzckznAidgz ^OA Ma4. F. M. MzyzAi, 72, long timz 
Aziidznt 0)5 Nonth Dakota and o^ thz TaJjimount vicinity who poiizd oioay SatuAday noon, 
July 5th, at thz St. EfianciJ, Hospital at BAzckznAidgz. 

klizz EZizabzth Knapp, daughtzA oi WiUUjxm and Klicz Knajpp, woi bonn MoAcfi 19, 
HSO, at Kalamazoo, MI. HeAz 6hz gAeno to womanhood, Azcziving hzA zducation and tatzfi 
tzaching school. 


In H96 ihe. cane. uxUh heA paA(mti, tc HofUh Vakota.. On JamwJuf Sfid, 1$99, ihe. 
wait unltzd <n maAAiagt ic FfumcO) tkiAAxn Met/eAi. TkLi uyiZon wai, btz^i uUXh. 
chltdfiz.n; Lylz Mei/eAA, Huby (Mw. Roy Hivtchini)) emd ElnoKa loul&z [Maa. EiMld Jlteue) 

P/tecedoig fieA In dtath wa6 htt huiband, F^ancxA, who died OcZ. Sth, 1929, heA. 
6on, Lylt, one. daaghteA, Ruby, and two gKonddviZdAen. 

Ske. tejxveM to mouAn heA pa6ilng one. daaghteA, Ma4. EuxiZd Rieue, FaVmount, 
thAze gfiandchUbdAen, Wii. EVwy Holtz o^ FcuAmount, with whom iht made. heA home ovzK 
the poit yeoAi, Aiutin Hiutchbu, oi Cook, MN. , UoAgoAet Nev-ox o^ ZltLLngi, ffT. , ihAee 
gAe/xt-gfLandchltdAen, one. iliteA, Hfu>. UaZteA ZichoAdion o^ HannaloKd and thAee bfiotheM 
GeoKge, Tacoma, WA. , Bot/d, oi Glenileld and Clay oi RevXeA. 

JnteAment woi made at the. h\ethodiit CejneXeAy at. TalAmount, HV. 
HANKIWSON WEWS ««»•«»»»«»«» j^^^^ jO^ ,952 


ElvZna Enntitlne Aaguita Hoeffi woi boAn JuZy 5, 1887 In Zichland County, the 
daaghteA o^ KtbeAt Bladow and hJU wlie HeZenz EeJUln. She woi baptiztd by VobtoK 
Hlndz and condinmtd by VoMtoK HltqendoKi at the St. John' 6 LutheAan ChuAch in 1901. 

In 1907 ihe maAAle.d HobeAt HoeiJ-4. Thty le^ldtd on a iaAm ntoA heAe antU. 1922 
when the.y moved to a homz In Hankin&on. In 1929 they moved to Hilunukze wheAz they 
havz Kzildzd A-incz. 

Maa. Hoz^i wa& Aaihzd to thz hospital on thz moKnlng oi July 2nd, but. died en- 
fwute. Shz wait 65 yeanJi oi agz Izii thAzz day^. 

Shz 16 iuAvivzd by heA huiband, HobeAt Hoz{,6 oi Hilwaukzz, onz Aon, LeonoAd 
oi Lo6 KngeZzb, thAzz gfiandchlldJien, heA motheA, Uki>. KtbeAt Stadow oi Ultwaakzz, 
thAzz bAotheAi, KLifuzd and EduoaAd oi Hankinion and WaJLteA oi Vulwth and onz i-UteA, 
Hw. HeAman WULbhandt oi UlZvoaukzz. 

InteAmznt wa6 made at St. John' 6 CemeJieAty on July 7th, with Rzv. Cofid-ti oH- 
iciating. Thz IDlppeAman funeAol Home had dwigz oi thz aAAongzmenti in Hankin^on. 
HMKWSON mS ************ j^^y ,7^ 7952 


Si6teA M. EdeJbaine, OSf, pasizd aimy Sunday, July 20, about 6 PM. Rev. TatheA 
Smalizy, Chaplin oi thz SiiteAi, waj, in chaAgz oi thz iunzAol ieAviczi at St. Tnancxi 
Chapel and thz inteAmznt at St. FAoncu CzmeX.eAy on July 22, at 9 AM. 

SijiteA M. EdelJWinz wai 54 yzoM old. Shz had bzzn boAn at AmeAbach, Gzisnang, 
on Nov. 1898 and wai, fizzzivzd into thz Convent oi thz SliteAi oi St. TnjoncZi at Vill- 
ingzn, Bavania Aug. 1 , 1927. She came to thz U.S. in 1936 wheAZ ihz woftkzd iiAit at 
St. Bznzdict'i CoUegz, AtckiMon, KS., and then at St. John' 6 at Collzgzvillz, MW. 
Scnce Szpt. 1950 ihz was coniinzd to bzd heAz at St. TAonca, Convent. Si&teA EdeliMne 
/suiieAzd incm a vzfiy painiuZ incwiablz bonz dij>zai,z, but heA last moments weAz calm 
^ '?'^^- ********** J 

ai8) ^ ' 


A Chn^itlne., NP. , man zndtd hii own Zlio. oxudbj fnldaij manning by hanging 
luMieZ^ vxlth a bttt on a dooK knob In hii one. fioom houiz, a^teA. he. had made attempt6 
to cut hit, threat with a ia^ety fuxzon. 

ChtAjitine. li located noKtk oi Wahpeton. TUchZand County SheAZ^ HenAy Wunl 
&aA,d that IveA Moe, 59, vxu dUcoveAed by {^AZendi about 11:30 AM., a^teA they had 
not noticzd him about that moAntng. 


fiAnotd WoAneA, 61, o^ ?aAk Ropcdi, MN. , a ^ohmeA Gfiexxt Bend Ke^tde-nt, died 
Monday zvenlng at the St. ?fiancAj> Hoipttat at ZfieckenAldge.. FuneAal ieAvlcei, weAz 
heZd at Z ?U a{^eAnoon at die. Walby Chapel and 2:30 at the. Holy Cfvoil Luth- 
eAan ChuAch at LldgeAwood. Rev. ffiy o^ Wahpeton of^^clattd. 

Afmold iUoAneA woi bofm KpfuJi 13th, 1S91, at Gfiexvt Bend. He moAAltd IveZyn 
Lzi>ovi,ky -In 1916 and iht pai,6td awajy in 1911. In 1927 he moAAyitd Hulda. StAege oi 
LldgeAJWood. He wai employzd in LidgeAJWood a* a coA iole^man until 1940. Since 
that time, fee had Ktiided in BoAney, I'lahp&ton, Nomz, NiagaAa and OtteA Tail, MN. 
He KetiAzd in 1950 and settled in PaAk Rapids. 

He lexive^ to moufin hij> pa/>6lng, hli uil^e, one daaghteA, lonAOA-nt, iouA bfio- 
theAJ>, Ed and AnthuA o^ Wheaton, Reuben oi Malley City and Via 0|J VilZon, MT. 

Many ifile.nd6 and fielati.vz& {,fLom Gfieat Bend attended the. ^uneAol on FAiday 
HANKINSON NEWS ************ 


funeAol 6eAvice^ ^ofi Hu. Theo. Good^eZl, age 42, weAe held at the. WippeAman 
TuneAoZ VanJiou Wednesday a^teAnoon, Aug. 13th, at 2 TH with Rev. WilJUam OiboAn 
{^{/.CAJitlng at the leAviceM. 

MA4. GoodseZl died SatuAday August 9th at St.Lukz's Hospital in Tango a^teA 
beAng ill leMS than tuo months. 

Wilma Etlzaheth Scha AmmeA[?)h agen was boAn at Whitz Rock, SV. , in 1910. She 
was unittd in moAAiage to ThtodoKz Goodsell at Sioux Tolls, S9., Szpt. 30, 1930. 
Thejj moved to kfithuA, NP. the same yeoA and lived theAe until 1939, when they moved 
to a £aAm outside oi Hankinson. In the iall oi 1947 thzy movzd into Hankinson. 

She is survived by heA husband, Theodore and thtzz childAen, Glen, who Is 

working at thz HaAlzy AndeASon ^oAm, Vean at Kenneth KAuzgeA'S in Leonard and CaAol 

who iJ> staying at the home oi heA Aunt, Has. LzRoy StzgeA at BAzckenAidgz. One bAo- 

thzA, ClzAy o{, VzAgas, W., and {^ouA sisteAS, Uas. IzRoy StzgeA, Has. HenAy NzubaueA 

0(5 VoAon, Wis. EoAl , \)lhltz Rock, SP., and Mw, TAzd Kela (?) o^ h'i.nneapotis . An 

Inf^ant son and hzA poAents pAzczdzd heA in death. 

{Name missing abovz could bz... hOis. EaAl Bztlot) 


Iwttnmznt wu, made at thz CejneXoAy at Whltz Vock, SV., beside. heA poAznU. 
The. lUlppeAman FuneAol Home, uxu, In cJwige. o{, the oMangementi . 

HANKWSON NEWS ************ Aagast U, I95I 


Ch<viZeJ> A. liJkite., 70, {,oK 36 yeaJii> a. nuAol maiZ. caMleA at Talfmownt ditd 
Tnlday at hli home, in FaJjimount. He. had been In ijo-ctoig hexdbth the. paj,t tiM yeaA6. 

FuneAaZ ieA.vlceJ> voeM. heZd WzdneJtday at 2 ?U iKom the. f^ethodlit ChuAch theAe 
with Rev. HoAvty Cook oi^clatuig. InteAmejvt vxu, made In thz falnmount CemeXefiy. 

He woA bofm Nov. 16, 1881 at HuhbaKd, WI., and c/me vaith ha> paAe.ntl, to ZLch- 
Innd County neoA TaJjmownt when he. woA 14 yexiM old. He attended Achooti and g^ew 
to manhood In that vlctn^y. ToK i,zveAxil yejxJU> he taught 6chool beioKe becoming a 
imJUi dOJOdieK. He Ketified In 1948 and movzd to TaVmount. 

SuAviving oM. hit, wiie and thfiez iom,, HobeAt in the. US AAmy, Raymond at 
HinntapotU and WiZbuA In Japan mXh thz LIS KOi Toice; thAte daughteM, t^fU. Wlit- 
oAd [Alva] SchAoedeA OfJ Talnmount, VAl,. EVioy {OUve May) SchAotdeA oi Hanfunion, 
IJiAi. RobeAt [RobeAta] Jadman o^ EphAota, WA; and 12 gfLondchitdAen. 

A ion who died In infancy, a il6teA and hii, poAenti pAe.ce.dzd kan -at deat^- 

HAWKINSON WEWS ************ Aa3U4;t U, 1952 



Abbott 11 

Abrahamson 76 

Adolphson 68 

Admiral 87 

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Aker 106 

Anderson 26,87 

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Bellin 24,80,118 

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Berg 2,28,115 

Bergstreaser 103 

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Bladow 21,40,80,86 


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to Film # 1585 - HANKINSON 

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