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>r f 


Vol. XXV [i.e. Vol. 27] 

August 27, 1992 


May 14. 1993 

The Harbinger 


August 27. 199^' 

.Akis &. E\ 






S*« pages S and A 




for fall 


S««pag« 12 


Here lies 






AITS ■ KfVSnCWIiVfil. 





Campus construction will be 'L' 

Liberal arts building scheduled for completion January 


rUtemgw GuWI MMw 

, , u c Tirst of J lw>» pho-W . 

SIX 3 iniltHffi building plan 

"The building will blend in 

very well with ihe cxuiinj! 

InnUlings." siud Vctnon F. Mankc. 

lircrtidcnt of atinimMtTdUve 

kcs. "Howcvci II will be 
diftcfcm it K> ill tijvc two ainums 
at ctUh-r cnj And it will (wovidc 
ncedrd t. Uunxxn ipacc." 

J iii;;. . (" itt*an tit 
litvi : 'V 

Srr Kutliiliait, pg. 2 

Don't fence me out! 

A ion* itudanl M »r m •• gam a itag mi o> pmocy Ham the conitnjcHon IKncInQ at m* noitttwMl cofnci 01 
luUdkig r CoraUvciion cH luiilng t b*gap Aug 30 and will coniinu* trwouan 1993 OffickM gioundDnaking 
c « i »rwa n l wo »««cWdut»aicrfi«aoy.S«pl it Th«r*wt>uil<«ngwin>wuMttwiitwcilorHdivlw>nglaMeM.wv*«ii 

dOMrooMH Ofld »*• Horn*"- r,r^ll»r»# »■' .-.. ;'^^» 

Celebrate Harper! 25 years of Excellence 

,117 That 

mnemlNin the begiaaiiiiis t^hcn 

' ' ' . irngs in her tivmp 

■IKXtdir the College 


^^i« ftudenic Khowud dtar 

tM)o tme y«s»r by prcsenlMt 



began, gra^biai 


.. .^1..!. 

.5(; the awarJ 
....... ,.,1 ■.:i.jv..Ls. viK tcplieil A" 

wjs irui> I'luvhctt." 

\, i,: .,,., •>, ,t|| Ihe oiiKi 

: rota-tfcti i«. 

u.. *.. ,.. ..^caratHaifrr 

>nd>diMciL Lahti and (be Board of 

''ni. ! ....i^->td(st«dlliean;{Meicti«fKl 

:Ncic«i-n etc. 'uadtsutttMcanpufaiie. 

Kleven Student .Senate seats will be de 

Cliicjmu. Hand I 

tided September 14 and 15 

KiitkofcUcr. H.iJi<r. hiv iJcas and 

: . '. :' ■ . ■ .!■...( 

, Marptr kiilk'^c 
urn ftai. the studrniv 

•riti'llmcnt lud 
; iod It. V700 
l')f.i). again the 

; -r- to 5.^50 

's Haiper 

..K<L~al tending 

' ,' --ihiHil madf 

.^l^,}■i:^ .ilkT J 

the years 

..... .:.c people 

'fiimuniiy TheCottege 
-lu.l.Tin III iakc an 

, \tVlCl) 

i jiii'wih 

..ncs Harper 

i a Lommunuy 

1 1 muniiy college 

. . :ptinf hacktoihe 

HtxbryQm Slofr Wtiw 

^lu-I. : ;^»^H^ will 

bi:tKM.V|)ii.iiiUi ■'•aoJ l^.tium 
9ii.m. k>ilp.m..mButldiniii AJiS^. 

Suidews iMcretied m ramuii 
for out of dw 1 1 Siuta* Scmk 
«c«i itvaifaMe we cacamn^Rd le 
puck lip aCviilkucy Porat Kw. « 
Uw SuieM Acuvitiei OCTkc. 

A ' ^^ I an Jala. > \ tirms 
JkcicnitH I ■» al ! p m. 

All itudcnts arc enowcaged 
lu apply umI Director of SludMtl 
Activities. JeannePanlcanm 
QueiticMM may be directed to 
hnkaiunai cm 1242. 

Ekveii of 1 2 lenaie posttioiH 
wffltedecKddiubll. The S&MkiM 
TnuMc wai ebcied Im ^m^ 

There we representative 
poM a Ja w ftanMElMrfibeKadianif 

due vlii ! ivriihnu'iil 

a>!- ■ Bu5"ine*s 

■ \rtSL 


in, ■■Mnicin.y.iBid 

I ethnology . 

and Pbysiv-al 


.iubs and other 

organi/aliuns. one Ncnator 

rcpteicius the OuaMcd Siudcm 




■"v Student Senate 
.tie viudcnt body and 
tkiiiks »iih the lai.ulty and 
a(bn im.vtnucn on ailtegcpn>grams. 
policies and issues. IIk Senate 
recommends audems fur imponam 
college commituxs. budgets more 
duin S?IM.).tK)0 of suideni acuvily 
funds, approves club and 
organuauon chanen. and itviewa 
poliiriea ikImcIi aiToci iMdMt lib. 

1»wHart]rigar.AijauBt?7 1W2 

Harper provides information on privacy rights 

The (allowing iwukt and m- 
formalum n given by Willuun 
Raincy Hanicr <' >Uegc. Dmntt 
Numtxt *! 1 !! k) advTtc its itwkms 
«rf then rights undct iJk- t-aniil> 
EducaunalRiKhiAanitPriviicy Airt 
o( W4 (TV Atl") 

The Act cstaMuhcd the nghi 
of sMdem* to of^oxx and nrvirw 
lirv cd>K3tion nxiitds, pnnidn 
that pcric«ull> KlcnufiaNc tnfai- 
nution will mit. wiih>:c>tainrv,'<rp- 
uon. he disclosed withinii ihc 
sludnH't wnura permistMin fn* 
vkJcs Uv gukk.'ll^c^ fVir the iiimx 
tniof inaiciirak'ormi'Jejding Jju 

ihnwiEh tntmnnal n ttimut hcvimtgs. 
grants students ihc nghi ui fik inm 
plaims wiih Ihc Family FduLamvul 
Right!! ami l>ri«».y Aii ofluc 
(l-'ERfA) oMasiMit alietKxl IjiI 
uKu ol the Ctillett ID comply with 
The A<;t. Md niltti (vmuunH liii 

William Raincy HarperCnikisi: 
has adiifiml pol)>. >es ami pci vctluro 
unplemcming Ttie A>.t. whith se 
conuunod m the Willijm Kainey 
liarpcr College Stutk-nl lUntBvoA. 
L xfneM III whk.h arc avaiUiMe in the 
t HIh c (il Student AiUviuev 


hl^ tier OillK.r; -ik.ti i.miuv Miu-'* 

, iHi-[>ii i: iri,' .in!f.i|iriaK liirm am) 
.iihnui iiiiiUw.- Iv.iniif Imnllmcni 

ITk .likk'nl will he lumlied in 
wiiiiTV "t a itaie and uroe he/she 
may hiok- u> tevicw the rtvimfc. 

The IMIawmg MiKk-ni 4iu l-. 
heicbydc«gni«e<>ai("Diia.tur> In 
{ofmuiiin" ami as such may be dut- 
chsed (« feleascd by the college (at 
any puipn<>e and ai im dtscmion: 

S iLuk-M name, dales o( ■nnMlWK.e 
ollui-dlv nvi>)^»/e<lai1»MUe», 

ritiine addres. iepecfAieibfiata, 
cjmcd. dale and pbce iiT hmh. 
nM)i»ansi<>l study . awards rwaved, 
htvnie u-lerhiine. latt atUegc at 


Tohavcany i>ralli»lthe "t>mx 
uiry Inf.irt" "■•>"■ ^"ihhirkl Ihc %lu 
dent ri ;un wttKC. in 

pentun. ■■; - : .• ---iil. hv certified 
nuul iwum icccipl rcqucMcd aii.1 
Serv iics hy the firn day (>f ihi- h- 
mesuf they enroll 

Initial nauccurchangc^nuv hi- 
niadL- Many imw. however nDtifitj 

txm imra he done in wntmg and K) 
thi- Dean of Kraiillmfni Servica 
(i>!l<ming Uk dmxlxms above. 

fhis nolKC will he puMi^Aod 
Mnuall> a( .1 puhlit. Board of Tru.4 
ec* nwcung , m the College newsfa- 
per •* hctkile and posted on an offi 
tial hullcun hoard «( the I'ollegc 

Copiex o( The Att, the HFW 
rcYulaiHins. Wilhdfli Kaincy Harpet 
< . •IKfic jxiIk. k-s jndpnx.e<luie.s. the 
W ilium RamcyHarpcrCollegc Stu 
tk-m I landhook and fivms fat us; in 
impk-iTH'nting The Aaafcavailjhk- 
upim request, in the Rcgisnar ' >t 
IKC BiuKlmc A. Room 213 

Harper College offers new courses, services 

Film Festival to feature 
Harper Professor 

llarpcT Colfcge so. lokigy pro- 
{csscr Frank Oliver will prciieni a 
multunedu jdri 1. statement about 
life in modem society ai a Fall liim 
Festival, sptinsored hy the 
Transpcrwnal Psychotagy Network 
(ITNi. on Sunday. Scplemher 1 3, 

Oliver ' K pmgram w ill hegn M 
2pm folk)wcd bv the showing of 
concurrent videoupeii of several 
well-known k-adcr\ in the Ikkl at 
transper^mal psyihology 

I rv I ninspcr4«uit^ycnuiogy 
Nctwoti u a not (or proTii argam- 
mum cMibfati e d is a (onm for 
Ikme imeTcsKd m ttanspcrwnal Ls 
sKs. ThcevenitsopeniulhrpuMic 
and the cost of admu&ion is %'• for 
TPM members and audeiMs aw) 
$10 for nonmanher^. 

Career transltitin 
center offers series on 
personal effectiveness 

Without pionHXing a "iiuick 
fu" method, the Harper Ccillcge 
Caner TransitHW Center will >tiow 
you how ID gain control ova when- 
y\Hi are hejdi-d through a lenesi of 
eight Personal tlTccUveness Sim- 
egies Wortdtops. 

The lira sesaunn n the xnes. 
"Sciung Goals" is being hcU Satur 
day. September 12 <) a m to ni«<n 
The value of having aperiunat nits 
sion ur purpiMe. aiciimpanicJ h<> 
ck-^irly deCim-it nile>. .iikl j. , -1 
he discussi'jl iijis 1(11 iil:i . .- 
poal-aelting and practice m "ctung 

goab wiH he pan «( Ihc sesaon alKi. 

The Ice fc» this sissKin is $40. 

for more mlomuition or ki legistet. 


Harper Weekend Col- 
lege plans open house 

Weekend CoUeite. now offiw- 
mg ov«r VldifTfictM wixkcnd c la!»rs. 
wiU hold an Open I kiuse (it studenLs 
eniollod in Fail Weekend College 
cUsiusonSalliniiy. September 12. 
ban II Warn to Ipm 

Sttudenu witt tuvi.- .ui iipr><nii 
nily 10 »e the lai iliues designed lor 
dieWeekendCoik-geprugnun Sialf 
mcnibrrs and iisiutleni development 
nutjckw will he available 10 amasi 
mudcnLs and ms*ia tfoesuaoi a-- 
ganltng dv Weekend Colie(e eipe- 

Those studenLs wishing Ki en 
mil or needing intiir inf otTnatMin on 
the llarpcr Weekend Colk-gc pn> 
gram may c^ ctlcnMon 2 Vi< 

Career IVaitsition Cen- 
ter offers free services 

The Career Timsiuon Cciitii 
oiler'. J *ide satiety iil resources 
free Ui iJk' n-sidents o( the Harper 
CtlUegc tommuiuiy The Cenui 
hmaM two co^1pulet^ wiUi W.iril 
Pi-rf«l "i I, Uiuu I 2 1. llon/ons. 
Ii>i i«i u(uuonal rescaivh, flan is. Ii» 
|\unng an indivuliial's <viupalH«ul 
I i.'ld w ith corporations m piiriK 11I41 
• iinms; andaResuri' 

The Center mini.i 
ijtbusinevk|>enoil«.iils ^.. 

in die lob Maili£t. (Xcupational Kc - 
search. Career Devek^mcnt xd 
JohScjBch. AddibanaHy.iabptace- 
mc-ni Uriings arc updated weekly 

Intlis idual canxr counseling is 
availabk on a foe tasu and by ap- 

" " irecf Tranution Center. 
l.irpei ( olk-gc's North 
cast c cnur. H?". S Wolt nad Rd . 
PnKpntHcights. unpen daily Irnm 
S ■'O am 4:4!i pm and same eve 
..ilU*^'! S211 

llarptT l-eamin-i .Assis- 
tance Center tilTers help 

Harper's Ijaming AisaaaiKx 
Ceniet Ls dedicated to the prin»i>ii 
Uiin that all studcms can succectl 
wmctmies all 11 lalns u a tinle entra 

In September tin- Ci-nu-t *ill 
hold Irce scjninars loi enrolled 
Hjrpcr sudcms on die faitowng 

I rsl Prrparalinn Stralrgitii. Tues 
iLis . .September H, 1 4S • 2.45 p m . 
f-m. WedBoday. September 9. 
2:25- V25 pm, F .«< and Wednes 
Jas.Septrmbalft ~ Spm H 2.''l 
tips to Test Takini: M. .n.ln •^.f 

Kxtmiqi* ■ • ■ 2! 

I 45 MSpm.f VIT. jmllkw to 
Baome Motivated. WrdncMlay. 
SeplcmbCT MX 7 K pm. H 22 1 

To nrgister lor die Ircc scmi 
iiafs. call exicnsK>n 2210 

College offers new 
course on recent social 

IV Harper Colk;gc RcsouKcs 
l(M Womi-n isoHcnnga Nl- W eight 
week cxaimi; enwlcd "Singk ui the 
Ws". designed 10 !ihi>w how recent 
social vhangcK have allcxlod die at- 
titudes. hdiavKirs and rclatiomhips 
of single pcopk- 

find out hnw cultural ethical 
and logistK tactors inllueni.e these 
pattenis and how 10 make carctui 
dcvisHNu for your lutme a.s a smgle 

The clays K ill he hckl on Mon 
days. August M thniugh fXtober 
1**. Irom 6 ui X 4S p m in BuiMing 
A. Room 242h 

Tunnvi isSSOplusaSIUIee 
To register . call the Continuing bdu 
cauon Office at W7A\77 Ptcase 
givcc*>ur«e nuniK-r 1 WW(l6r>-070 
lu insure pmpa registriiLoii 

Health enhancement 
seminar to begin 

kisicrol 1 n-Hi 
1.->nn.iti\c « 

S[» III 


HunianPcrfannanccl.aN«alir> en 

Congressman Phil 
Crane to hold tov^n 
meeting at Harper 

Constrc.sanan Phil Cianc will 
hoM a Town Meeting at Harper Col 
fcgcon Monday. August -M. l'>92al 
7pm m dK Fireplace Lounge ol 
Buiklmg A. 

T wt) caseworkers f mm Crane ' s 
stall will be present at 6 30 pm in 
order to consutucnts with any 
individual pniblemsdieyarecxpen 
enc mg widi the ledcral government. 

Ilic Town Meeting is spon 
stried by die llarpcr Colkge l\)liu 
cal Science Club F-or furtha infor 
malHnconiact Molly Wailc. faculty 
advisor for the club. cJilcnsHin 23 1 1 

"How to start your 
own business" offered 

To gain piactKal "nuLs and 
bolts" kmswWdge fnxn an expert 
about starting your own business. 
cniT)ll in HarperC ollcgc'>"Tlo* to 
Stan > iHa Own Basinevi" course, 
ollcred on I^ndays from September 
1 1 -Ocuihcr 2 Irom 6: Mt to* pjn., m 
Ituil,lini: C. Room KVV 

'is course is one ol a y;rKs 

i hy Uk- Instiune liw Small 

l.>evekipmc"m at Harper 

and IS avommended lor 

'un up businewics. 

I uitHKi IS VM plus a SI4 lee 

I o ugister, refer 10 course nunihcr 

! 1 \ii'<iMil foraddm.wilinlor 

, " ■■ !■ ...I, :'-'(i 

'L' Building construction may cause parking woes 

corHmMd from poQSI 

die new buikling. 

'Having a buiklmg dedicined 
10 tiheral arts w ill alkm the uniqui' 
contribution ol Uie prugnims to be 
highlighted.' Clupmai snd. "it 
will give u-s more spuce for ctwrscs 
and solve a kn u( prohk-ms 

Some ol \hax prohk'nis .ve 
inadequate classrooms, over 
crowded office!, and ind deccntral 
u-d facilities. Chapman saHf Al 
dtotigh liberal aas divuuunal of 
fices md some clasmnnu aic to 
caied » Buildmg F, liberal >«is 
\ aR heU n wveial buik! 

"The new budding wiU help 

10 centi.i 

Thei, ..;. !-. 
benetK lar i<"s nl ttu 
con>trustion When the 1,^ „ 
buililing IS occupKd, the sasaleil 
space in Building i will be 
ivaovaied. creating more space tor 
the library and <sthcr u.tiam» ol die 
existmg buikling. 

With acnmpkuon dale pegged 
lor January. l'W4. ihe WI.IKHl 
' juiirc foot structure wdl house the 
liberal arts divisumal oIIkcx 21 
ibssrooni. three in stutlios. M 
.1 bbotauiry and U 
Iksides the liber:il 
arts lacilHies. ilh building vciil .ilsn 

arklit.. h. 
the - 

Ihc lit 



Iirat) ,. : ■ ....: ,■- , .. ,_i._:^ ... 
kit I to lake «iinc culm sle|iii. It> fM 
U) where iJiev .if-.- cme 


![piice(hast ■ 

lor ciiiisuuc iK>n Inttlic And al 

' HTal arts di V I s« m iic«ls 

<. e. M wdl khc siime 

"1 ; 1 . toraKnit 


ii> tin- esisUiy. huiUling 

School olftciols said accevs to 
exLsting buiklmgs. lor pctipk with 
(iLsahiliues wil! nK he affixicd. 

■is -cm P King, supervisor of 
(HiWis -aleiy . doesn 1 aiiUt ipaie an\ tJTilfic (Wiiblems caased ' 
vimstrut uon irallic . hut he docs .1 
ticipaie piiriing problen 

' P.lrkirK' I;-', t iv.ihr.i\ ;1\ ii-j-.liciii 

gcthMtH. People an: gDM^iohas 

to adfusi iJieir parking haltiis ami 
alkiw a littkL- mon- uine " saitl Itiere is adc-»juale 
|<ariing on die northwest side ol 
camiHis in lots4..S.and6 He said 
1>uWk salely officcn will suictly 
enforce parking rules, irnludinf.- 
those prohibiung parking on ihe 
grass and ui fire lanes. 

In siimmmg u|i the planning lix 

ih. . .m-inii II. in M-mke said olli 

,'■ many things 

.: lu make Ihe silua 

luwhW frK as posuble and 
as [KRsihfc;." Mankc saiil 
Is ginn^' uitakc die full coopera 
"O aiid uiiderslandine of esers 



Viw H*rt>in|!«r. Au){u»t 27,1»»2 31 

Cafeteria food, prices are 
difficult to stomach for some 



•dllowcd ti' 

Fiflwr . 
rhe cafctrna load thtiuld bt ein|>t<»i'<r« 
|la> »»p«i»ive it (I con»imie» M «»p*i' 
I remain at the %»mtf qujl.'y »«1 "^r 
Ivanely TKi< t th« opknson ot ^1 
•-rnlol',<'i ttudctuiand >a(l 

' pcrieni . 

t> pikllcd w.- 

rn^r IP - ' . '■. ' .' '/' 

>' tluJaMII 


-.lOM and 


J "flwn 

The HwhhSwvice. loailed in 
AytO, atten nudeni* frae mtdkal 
tervlcm adminislifred b-y 
ia|||Maf«d nun* tmn 8 a Ri lo9 
B^m on Monday through 
Thurwlay.ana Sam lo4J0pm 
on Fnday The taWowing mrtkx* 

Cu nl Hl iiii i a l Iwritti Miii iiil lm 

Urinal yw 

MMMnManuM* at «l«iy 

. . l^uM' mlunnjun and 

• •MS' 

11 frr«tn»*^i 
.•>9i»al •uminnK M' Itrt 

. .»i*r«ii«» ,M>4 Irw wwllng hn 



rarl-liine phyikiia* provtili 
nMdualcartfarane aindone-liaU 
hoon jMrdity daring the iall and 
ff>rii^ iiiiiiilin and two how* 
par week during Ihc >uinmer 
MBHrtmr. They dlignawand ttad 
aymplomt, in addition to 
preuribtng medication*, 

laboralory le»U and x-ray* a* 

The lltaKhSrrv'Kf i> alto the 
nwMne lorall wettnefaprugram* 
an cimput. including the Dru( 
AkirtKil and Wdlnei* Network 
(DAWN) OAWN i» a 
comprchi-niive pro-acttve drug 
and ak-ohul piwenlion progrm 

' -Handothermntasaf 

' Colkgtcimnuiiiily 

\ pnmiilm cduolkm 

•upporl group*. 

rr^cmrrr /reJerral 

■ .^dviwr* 





Recycle Harper! 


'.in' l>Ofc- 


In iv-vpon^* ui M'hat'% Icjst 
do»irable aNiut the caft'lerij, 2(* 


IV ' 
^!th ni.i 


ni t' n I A I 

M-ii, .mjiy-ing 

oiiiiisd lu health, 

-■-i'lhiv, and the 

iH'nt have 


doMfaWe aN'ut ttic cah'lerij, .:r> wmi ni.i; .... ~~ 

Student Development helps students help selves 


How mjny Sii/'.I>t 
evelopmcnt advisers tiix". .t !-'■ 
It mu!ti want tu be changi^^i 
In 25 year* ol ''; 
Hopmrnt advising at I ' 
f thing which ha- 
.'d constant is >.' 

n v.r.iwlh -1-1. i .1.1 1 

«'tv iii-sollctixi hy 1 Urpcr 4. t.lU-^.. 
V* much 4^ the*e lti:jl pt-nnts jre 

k In .iJ.ii'.'.r lu ti-ms 

N 'n-vl^cjhie 



nngtoatpur . 
. tvordx "Th* . 
.1 K, was »urti\l Miih a 
•TulmenI to academic 
■ •\ite* 

w. rt -.f'rt'jul anuitij; the vj- 
Ji'^urlincnt*; thus il yim v*. 

■ ■ '..\t With inc 







'..l.-.i by ihv 


.itV ' 


.wt utters 
ip counseling 

n>ur oltici' 

KatUiru.! ahiiul tht'cimpijs it might 

,,iii'.ji ilui Student DrvelofMnenI 

.imewhat deientrallied 

^ to Troycr. however, 

u cvi-tnipenandrcadyliTteta* tram one "cenlor" 

t.i jrwilhct In lact, an im(5.>rtanl 

part ot inv ioun>elor'i job i» to 

i.tiTmine it a given situation t» 

rhjp<. within their area o< 

. ; i-iiiw and to make rvlerral* 

.ordingly Such relerraU could 

X u> anotU-r "omier" or simply to 

jnothei. ■: M'.ihcpii-n 


T1-, . ..piiulU^Ult 


. 'T vabilitiesdo 

. .mjiihandthatastudont 

' .'VCT hrtitatc u> request a 

.J.ll. I. r.t ii>unM'...i ..r In "shop 


li-iunsclin^ !' 
|rom the tr.! 

thoul app' '.Ji. f 
late* bjkk Wt thi' 
^t theivimm jri!. 

k»rn s*>mc ^' vi. 

Ti unity 



On. • 


J J\ Jiijb.V f'T .1 

With all ih. 

. ,. ,,«• ,...►, ,1. ..„.u:i! 
.menl are ready and 

.._ ,., sometimes like M"A*S*H 

unit* amidst Ihc atademic 

battlogrvmnJ, sumetime* like 

lishlhuuses, guiding student* 

thniiish the mist and ma« ot 

rule* and 

i other lime* 

■ ' >;<• from 

' .It Iile 


■ 4 AugMl27. iw; 



I ditorial Boiird 

Fruits of knowledge ready for harvesting 

Editor in Chii't 
BiBincm Mjiwgrr 
Maiuging Editor.. 
Section Editor* 
Photo Editor 
Copv EditiK 
Facuhv AdviH-r 

Laura CKri^tun A)iKl«v' 


Twenty I i\e v ears ago on a large 
grass filled prairie, a small 
painied w hue sign ap[X*ared ii 
read "Future sight t)f WiUiam 
Rainey Harper G>llege" H we can 
use a line from a lamiliar nvA le 
we can almost capture the 
excitement (A' r'.Mv It \ou 
build It thev will come and 
the> did come Harper enrolled 
I'^iS students in l^^'Cw and 
lodav It has o\-er 2■*^ (HKI, 
Striving to meet the demand oj 
an ever-growing enrollment. 
Harper college moved out of Rlk 
grove high schix)! and into ih 
a)niemp<H-ary buildings and 
soon we will expand to 17 .ifier 
the cDmpietion in 10') ; oi ihe 
new I. Building I am ver\ proud 
lo dedicate this issue o» the 
Harbinger to all the people who 
have made Harper Gil lege what 
it IS lodav IxH us hope that our 
facultv , Administration, stall, 
and students carr\ <.n tfio 
legacy oJ" a Harper t-ducation In 
the words of The fJarper 
President i Thompson, 

"Promising futures begin at 
Harper The quality oJ" our 
programs and services will be 
imptrtant to you in vour college 
years, your career and \our 
personal interests for \ears id 

I.aura Chri 

Geof 9« Simon 

E«th nafu ihc s < 




: ^w ha 

rtiihtrn: wxeun "Seedh^jiVs of 

knov> Iciigc". ihc faimcn usually 

undcTMana ihai wh*>k fieidf md lorcsu 

can be hcM in one 'ft hand in the fonn or 

uoctk- And Ml. Uus tne rH«paCuUc|T ) 

««uc Sj^iin hear* fruil md we come 

^ w reap ihc harvest. One tree. 

miny (ruiU. our school offers 

ix:rycar Stxncfnay heUeve 

Biii the fmjtofooctnx. 

■ m>i\ be. pn>v»4e» only 

Wiih ihfti m mind, 

rcap<>ihcf "fruiu 

■ •trv'.-r lltcy niiy 

- . "■kiii^pjWh 

.■':,i J iubiSc and 

■ ' 111*,! ihc 


- lA ihtMwr 

ih. -■ . 

crMr> Such 
Tiiay *pna^ 


"^ ,. : ; Uk- fJXt. 



- *) ufU ^(Hcc and *uch u the smw 

-vn Uii&Maaxmfirum 

Ihc ■ Alcd^c. Somsumc 

1 piHiTi forth fnwn 

:.* tvtmn »on*e 

<>( Miiiioro «nd 

- -p- ... ;.ijuiiIUiat.whilrthc 

Iran ojtttc irec nitfy mil >cUx. rijic. the 

>;v"M »ff iht *uic may be iiMiun- In 
i-. iflndture,lhk-rt- ;^ jiu jivk; 
rx- harvcsttvl 

u.w»»i (hc'Tjomcn" 

^-w-Rf. cVUfi ,. 

i . 
\ J > 

Tlie Harbinger - 1%7-1992 

Dead at 25 of student apathy 

The student publication of Harper College cannot meet Its 
publication schedule with out student cooperation. The paper needs 
writers, editors, designers and more. 

All positions are open. See Susanne Havlic A377 to make a 
ditlerence. Or, call ext. 2562. Just do it! 

General Information 

ThrHirrnna,. i.ih, vi,,.i,...i..,.hii- .i„.„i,,riK..n ■" -r . '.%^>£;4mpu!.>.onununity.publi!ih(xl 


IfHcTv rolic>' 

TlwHjibillfrr"''.. ,,rvi..^i.-f.-rvt.,tl^...(:i ,. i',.lr,...' .-^1 , 

and include J v • 
"vuhif^ t J, •tilirini;, 


r [kMrdoff>^r^^tl>r^ 

-' ''■-•\ I ■ ;. . ^ j|lh<-di,>«.Tvhi.inoi 

liu>njls U-<tcrsmu«lhesignr<! 
.1 u|V>n requcs* All IctUfit itl 

CafiyHthi 1*K, Tht tfaiMtmn^ ali f%|m mmnl 


TheMcrt3ingef.AuoiJSf27. 1W2 51 

Jugglers to perform at Harper 

c m Palium' 

The Iwii m;,m Icim 
flaming !•>' •'■• '' ' ' ■ 
and nii(! 

' tiiraduttt. 

. ol.l :m\ 

The Harbinger 

Program Board Presents: 
Toad The Wet Sprocket 

HI Haipcr C'ollcfgc rn ("a-jiatr m 

I V'. 

. \ii«l<'ircu»'vlVi(''i,Tak- 

il K- "Cm »li<- 


slici'ol Am: ■■ \ .':■ ■ I n'-w^ ," 

OtlvTil ,«,lniiv»hKi liUi- 
rtsrorthconcciliHe 12$aid 
Hi r«r Hwpcr Sliii)cm5. Bc^ 
cause ol (he limiml nuinbi:i 
f>f tickets dvailablc, Har]«."f 
oinciols ^suggest rexrving 
scan '«>nn hy calling 7(1R/ 
^>)1.?OPO. exU-nsiMi ;M7. 
VISA anil' 

Author to speak on September 16 

Musical Instruments 
For Sale 

clarinets ^M" 
trumpets <&^ 
violins ^^- 

9^^ (3 


•^ 25tfc\ 



UaMlT.VMklv.llMlMvMm f r»t OtHwfy • W4I* 



Autlnir J. 

mil spi-jl kI ! 

ti 'f flh- niu\ II" I •( lin.tu! i/f :> 
t iK urrmt' VU tui'l J 1 m 

A,;jjii 1 '11 iJic bCilsdlUJJili-Sl » lUl 
lie* csi novd "BiightMU Fails." 
' Incnvy i. hfixuclcs fast-bn: N*w 
■tklitc\tvlipni>fu>lh<; I'WTaock 

f <w IKkctN. S7 gciKi^l ailniis 

'I iMjKt <audciit<i and 



Ambassador Catering 



• ««»OHAunD MENUS 


• COW»UTI «T*rf INQ 

I 6n>©MCi!t)inoer.Auous»27 1992 



•1 ■ *"'= /'?!'w^'> 

»9i ^' 




• .,.../ y^^ 'Ay 1. ♦■# 




^.^ '■_?it^'r~- 


I — . 




V 438-1808^^ 

OfEnf>*lMCTM(S HAND no 












1N< Rt ViF.S IN vol R 


W \RI) llIM 01 NT 



■ Wm* WwWaM* • c«u 

-*Ha aauwBtr to mimama m alimiak i 




\^:^|* Hairiooffl'Sui 
•.T"/^ WiMftMd Or 

Dolphin Water6eis 


Quality Eumiture For 

Conventional D«cor 

^^, o.n^ h Cuttom Oak And Lamlnata Suitat 
*""*~"" • Eip«rtt In SolttWa Floation 
«d "TJw WatarlMda Ot Tha Wf 

t'lnanttn^ Antl Lttiri*i«i*t ^'o-k^i 


I1MI GOlf HO / M»l 111 \ 



(. 'ainhndiii' 

■' ,;iJLJf:.'rhj/.vT:':,'.> 




Call {312} 201-8378 




. lU-fi k;n)»ih iNcinmlfKralpart <>l th»- 

\iiiiv Kim r.f\r 

Ihink .ilxxil iL Kiiiilhink .iIh-ui ii~ 


^ IBt^ M^ X^ in«Hatb(no«f August 27. 1992 7B 

^ HARPER co-LEGEs'SlLVER Cyjwiw^ 

■ • nwHatilngwAueurt27, 1993 

Where CJ14 Uo.cc4\Pn juv^aWSl iiv 

WwHottngtf Au(m»27. 

'. *• 

♦ ••» 



fi^ Texas 



V! i; 





Ih»Hart»ig« Augi«t27 1W2 || 

leip Wanted 



! 1 

1(11 Su9«nn*H«« 



al 397 

000. •iltns 


460 oil 



3S7 to mak* an 



lor an 


• rvitx 

For Rent 

fait timt Babyaitlar 
Itadad OatPlainas 
III Protpact aiaa Tuts 

Vad. and Fri 9am lo 4pm 

child •(• t yaar $40 

fSO l4»l to' mora in- 

oraiaiion call Daborah 
I312I33S 2S57 ml I 
Ipm or ka«in(70g)299 
1616 attai Spm 

^oom availabit looking lor 
a sludanl lamalt looinalt 
lo «hara lomnhouia 
Hollman Eilalas naai 
Higgins and Rottlla toad 
1310 par momti ! u1>t> 
lia> a'a mcludad m it | 
iaS'7043.aiklOf H*i»-< 
call atlai Ipailmon sit ) 
moining tt good on 

For Sale 

TjnChiysllti La Saion 
Convattibla, wHila oilh 
tad inlaiiot. laaxng 
counlty taill taciilic* al 
I2S00 Call Lauta 397 
3000 ail 2460 laava a 

$T*aa>ao Cl<>»tilD 


t la>oaB*t>oa 
Commaioal clasti 
liads aia $4 SO lo' the 
lirsl tout linas SO S5 
lor aactiaddilional Ima 
Oaadltna i» Friday »i 
noon lor publication in 
tba nail Thursday's 
papal All adi must ba 
praoaid by cash or 

Tha Haibingai will not 
ba rasponsibia for ly 
pograpliical tiioit in 
ads lakan by pfiona 
For moia inloimatian 
conuct Tha Haibingat 
in A387 Call (70Si 
3»; 3000 a«t 2460 
or ta»d tai aitth covai 
shtof 10 f'08' J<» 



Education Students 

" Part time afternoon work with children " 

■ am prCife 

-,,-iur':.='i .-■ 
■ - . ■ I C?'tt''iPCt k-i! 

ana school age classes ::■ 

CMlcT'-" -■-•■■ "■■■■ "-■■• - '" 


curric'.<!'in' V J '■ ■-■'''■-- 
For more information please call or send information to 

Jeff Free 
1017 Hawthorn 

Itasca. II 60143 
(708) 285-0512 

Children's World 

: porioriily tmpiove' 

lEJkRMNr. 1 rvilRS 

The Harper College Theatre anilOUIICeS AudltlOnS fOF 




lueMti}. SeplcmtM-r I' i-Mpm 


\\idn«'sda>, S»jiUnif>»r 16 7r«i(l |>in 


('■lltHKksun lhll^^dJ^, Srplmilnr 1" 

^l>pi«•^ (if tht xtripl »rr on riMr^ir in 
ihi 1 ihrjr>. 

I or informaliftn coaliicl: 

Mar> Jo Williv. 
Tits »><' .VHMI. tvlmvlni. ::h5 R.. (A- Harper Co««9» 


llnlXUii \\JLA\ ui v/ivi 


■ >! 

, .„ „ 


Revised telecoursc 
brings new AIDS, 
heart disease info 


1992 Volleyball Schedule 






.Aut, 2^> 




1(1 air.. 

S . .- S 





HrjU: "'•*• *"" /^»'^-<f 1 

* 1 riton 

Kner < irnse 

*• p.m. 

illiT imporuni 
tw-alt ibwasf 

ll.tUli- !.>!. - 

mfsur. III.- 
has iKvn 111 

fcr ' ■ ■ 


K , >■ 

\l^^ ami new uiuiinnf"- 



^ hour 

t cum. 



'1 a-iii 

s ■ ■ i s 

1 IICN, 




s p. in. 

scpi n 

•I ,u,, . :' ,i'.lL\' 

(lien l-:il\n 

s P ni 



!a\ W.^'t'V linik- 




Women's Tennis Schedule 

s ■ . 

1 Ul'^ 

with liilict and 



.■^ pin. 






s.p! 24 

1 liur\. 

Sauk Vallcv and 
Carl Sandburg 


7 p.m. 

SiTi >■ 


\ jllcv 

IK All 

; ;ii 
p in. 

s.p'., 2S 




'i p.m. 

Scpi. 10 




p ni 

Scpi, 2" 

1 UCN 

♦K.Kk Valley 


S p.m. 

Sl'}>1 1- 


IlVKl'l K 


1 :!i 

Ov' ' 


llithlaiid Tmirnev 



Sept, 15 

I uC-. 




( K i <> 

1. .■.'-. 



■^ p 111 

(kt. 8 

1 luiVs. 

'lllirwuN Valles 


> p.m. 

Sept. 16 




(K! ! ^ 




S p.m. 

Sept. 17 




: (I) 

a, I i^ 


lake Coutttv 

<iray slake 

'^ p in. 

Ovl, 1? 


r.'ileiieul DuPage 

(Hen i:ilvn 


Sepi 22 




lourney 1 

1 1. • '!> 

1 UfN 

\\ aub<>n^ce 


5 pin 

Sepi 24 


College o\ 

( '.Ion 

1 li . 
p m 

1 1. ■ .\," 


Ki^hwaukee V.iliev 


S p.m. 

Sept. 26 





tkl 24 







scr. -" 

i ijfs 


IK All 

2 >(i 
(> 111 

1 1^ ' .' " 

1 lll'v 



5 p.m. 

tit! 2'> 


1 ake ( 1 Hiniy 


1:M) p.m 

(Vt 2 '^ 





.1 m 

().! >l 


Region IV 
lournanient Ki<und 




(Vl. 6 


( Jalkioii 


2 Ml 
p m 







" \,n ' 

1 ut> 

K.iund 11 



a in 

No\ ■■■ S 

Irul and Sat 


C.len I-llvn 


The Harbinger 

September 3, 1 992 

It Lives 



All the 

movies fit 

to see 



Bookstore woes? It could be worse 

G«a««t Sawcw 

.tT..l tj, > , .„ ! 

■,, I in.u II, ,■ iK-ijrco aii.: 

.11. alllHHii-h itu- A >.jH i„ ,(,.■ 
' ■ ' ■ •Una jnd a rtvullu, 
'ilh Rtih:iri1 S^■||, , 

Top Cops! Grads say the> Ve happv 
Just ask 







make the 

choice|vr (>ar Mu' 
-KiL i .1/, cr .ihinuii .i: 

lul rn ,.^l.| 

'.i,.-nt »iih jn H' (.. 

,>"rl<'--"".-ni tJie. A itinK) r;; 


JWenaNtinihcnillliniml ntviTMU 

..■ -,,,, ,,iiii,is,-<t ,.ririniiiH-iil l.hiivis. Ill 
>™^ lUntKllurr. n J 


Last Call! 

Applications for Student 

Senate Candidacy 

Due Friday, 

September 4, 

2 p.m. 

Student Activities Office 



Sexually abused males are often overlooked 

15-20% of boy s arc sexually molested by age 18 

Next Week 


rise again? 





Art* 4 inlmiainmmnt 


Count Moon. ft» , 
SniMNi DfvnonwNi Couwwiot 

IlH- past decade has hn Hi^hi j 
driimaiii HKrva-se in a*iucncs\ c>( 
ibc c\icni i.f childhtHid sctimi 
ahuw traunui In the t ^iiiu-d Suie* i>nb\ jn csUnuik'd 12 u> 
M millii.n »()mcn have iikcm 

It ' <-<:limaK-d jn addiuatuil 
• '" iiuli-\ an; 

.1,1,1. ,.jj-(| y^.^, 

■* ^1 itic mak- w»ual jliusf 
V until ha.s nni m yoi hi-i-n iho 
vuhjcti «>» udcquaic mvcsiigaiion 

One of ihc fc» n-p.ifiv 

,ltlompll^^■ i(. c^rim.M,. if,i- 

"! mil,- .. ,„.,| .ih,,.^. 

.rii ,.( jll 

:,,! in lllis 

: !l IS 

v>iinijii- Kis,-,ifih 
intufTTUInm ,ir,. ,>nK 

(>r,. I, lie It 

Vklims 41 

.ihii . 


'X M,.,l,. vKuii, , ..hMn,- ,,| 
■ hjvinji tyvn > n. liiui/,',1 

r.,>I ^ , ■ ■ 

'"■• •"■ --y "1 f,.i.t i„ , , ., , r 

■ his lorilui (v il niM K 
tvU-vfd or \»il| K- ' ' 

■ K'lu'vini; mi hi ; 
all cimtnhuli: in ti 

And vKtims 
ahiKr mcm.T-- • 

"Smtc i 
thitd I .1 

ahuvu -, . 

*h« h;iv MIL, 

Iho cflcviMl :.., .1 ,.„ 

"Bi-cauvf<il ihis,. I Ird J lit ,, 
nHTipleic ik-nial A<i I pn older aiv 
more know Iclncihlc, 1 kiw» ihi , 
*,ls s. ,<:,.. tS-r... ,u ,M. .M, . 

Ill llle %ay I d.dn'i 
'. I,nhink I ia;i^ ,th,i.i 

Who miilivis |l,,^s ' 

• Itu- , hii.l 


in a 

vWiciuli,,:, i,. 
*hi-lhi-t wiihin , 

"i,-i:,:!,.I ,lfu, 
n,iilcsUouni;Ki>s i: 

' Niys an- jhu 
>ual nMrn or oldiT i 

^ ntH di^vfiimiuii 
v> ,11 , riD.ivc whoever IS rn,,si 
V ulncrahk- aiuVor avail iM... 

"" ' ■ .^ aiiracicd to Kn 
iiov'rcuninui. .i,a 
•i Ki'uiMii n, ' ' 
'alionvhi)^ a 

ii'iiM' ,, 11,11 rr-ulls 
' l.imagf In iK- Un 

anilfly i 

1. 1, n,.,, . 


*•"■'> >'- s. .,,J h^ J 

»cman || he iniovcd Ihc 
I- xfxruTK I- y\\\ vK ally . Uicn he may 
ihink II ivn labuwand, il hcdidn I. 

■•.■ n,.n , ,,11. Ill, U hi- nuisi he 


li'i a man lo admii ii) mn hai im; 

'■"loycd any lurm j>l sex wiih a 

'lan Ttii- vnum iv (atial with 

.xpccuiHinihal he should t-njoy 

■ iiUmi/ation 

I (Tccts of the 

Hixjusi .,1 (iial ahusf ixcurv 
during ihi MLiiins thildhtH>d 
'usualls jnmnd lh<- jgi-v of cighi 
and ninii ii ilrasinallv inllucnco^ 

I "I> ihf-*' i-xpcm-mos 
inlliuim- and hiiiinif inicgralod 
iniiilhoir iK-rMiriahlics 

"I hm\ I'iiili i-iiiharrassnifni 

vhamc and a lOfium ahoui my 

,j.ilily As tmir wcm on, thc 

i , " si^ MAHijier and t didn i ki«m 

*haltado»iihii I himk-d II up lor 

i.ll ,1111111 1 Im.ilK l,-ii|,>,|( 

' ■",' 1.1,1, hi 


Il s a myth Ihal ^,^ 
iraumaii/cd hv ihi- ahus. 

Si-r \ husi . p( 3 





Editor in Chief 

New* tditar 
A k E Editor 
Feature* Editor 
Photo Editor 
Copy Editor 
CraphK* Editor 
Sports Editor 
Facuby Ad»t»« 

tdiir» Chn>lwi> A«hl>-y ■ 
open I 
open ! 
Din Bcy«r 
|,fn WiUiti* 
Suutint H»vbc 


rower to the pwiple C.ive 
p«ce.t-h.m« B«rt.hrf> 
Ym It MH.r»h »» ■• » <"™' <"«>"•«■ 
tut been tunwd oo. and we are 
hack m the Utet'W' 

But the taying* ha ve bm»» 

inearonflh*'"'^' They 
rejmwnt that people. partkuUrly 
™,n^ p«>plr. cared about the 
world arcnirul They let 
future fsimttMMm know that th»>y 
wanted W maU- a chang*. 

howewr mmute 

Fa!.t forward to modem day 
Amenta No more maw ve 
demoTOtratton* »gatn»« pu^if 
policy No more voicing iwl 
ifijimt what we (tcl i» wrong 
»T* our country We. the ne.t 
arneration, have vet to let the 
world kmiw how we fcrf ahoul 
any mafiriMue* Our voter 
turnout IS among the «•>"< >" "* 

rartKipalKW in govenvmenl 
*<tivitie»i» minimal l>>weiu«i 

t>. wc |u*t not care about 
(Oth other and how we all are 

•HiKtndby ruk* and policie*. 
whether we agree or disagree 

Why' ^ , 

Sfflnewheie akmg the path ol 
mvok-ment a Utum wa» mad* 
and we have backtracked 

It down'l Ukc much to get 
involved Call local pol.ticiai« 
and let them know how you l«ri 
about a biU about to be argued 
Ce» petHion* together to voic* 
your a ll«!ivc opinion about any 
number ot i*sue» We |U»I have Ui 
pet involved Then maybe we 
can make that one word that the 
mx of the wxirld kerp« ulkmg 
about, happen change. 

Get Off your _ 

_ I. 


3* • • 

A study h..s rtvoaW that many students 
SU« anrfacity pc^s... an excess.v. amount .. 
epidermis upon thetr gluteal re)',uin 

While th s phenomenon is not limited to Harper 
Colk^ the study did reveal both thc-contaguiu. 


virtually all d us are am-ctetf In hur- : 

primary vi-ctor. proximity and rqv , 

rontact' mtnv .is brt^cding grounds 

obseryat.on,wasconduu. ^^^ZmA 

1 led to "Rluteal-epidc^ic n.x.pla.m, an t xcv s«ve 

Lx-Wetbtx* can reduce fnctK>n and thereby 
contribute to the condmon_ t,le to the 

While no physica. deaths are aiiru uv- 
condition. Ze'advanced ca«s showed symptom. 

th J^^ttKe cause is .*y.ou. We aren t getting 
SyS wuTeach other and the outside world, 
mvolveo vvun ™'- ^ ^^ direct 

Too oacn if something dt.ies "»' "^* , 

TaSude ApathyVuns rampant in our mvi-.v -,nd 
we .uvcpl mediocrity as the status cju.. 

^ vou Rotng to do alvul lt^ I. vou ve 
, . ,A tiu> at least you'ye thought about apathy 
nd m^dilxrity to some e.ent But. what^re V- 
really going to do? Will you take a chance. Will 
LofwU' off with the r... o. the ^?^-^ 
slaughter, tcx) busy growing skin on thcnr butj o 
Sllize the>r heads are about to be chopH oft. or 
will vou lump the fence and pursue life. 

iCflct il, "no skin off my ass" ,ust doesn . 
work S.x.ner or later we are ^^^-"'^^ . 
everything like it or not, we cannot escape the 
wS in which we live in Whatever we give, we 
geX-k This IS esjx-aally true when we give 
Nothing, that is exactly what we gc. back., 

I G90tg» Simoo / 


N«„ lodL l*» •-*«•. l- «^-*'- "^ '^'^ 


ami .tvludc a scxiaJ smrnty i»ttn*cf btgnatu 

«.b^^-tU>« AdvtrtittaS ^nlvcnvlc««lbythc-cxl.tors 




T^ HoftciQef . September 3. I9i?; 3| 

Who Ya Gonna Call? ...Public Safety 



No Acc*M 

iMlnmi Monogar 

hiHc Safety is ctmunuiusly 
monitoring an ihc ton. If a k» IS full 
Hicy will pu ocaop cooes or signs 
tfiai read -IM full." m tfw cmnmce. 
Please piticcci) lu the ncxi Im over. If 
you arc cuofuwd Aeiv H muaUy an 


fonanued fn>n\ page I 

o»[wncncc than Ihe girh 

Jusi because a ho> mighi ha% c 
had an cnxtKn. c)aculaluin and 
cipcfcnccd pAvwi j| pleasure 
K^-sn't moan iho experience was 
fiut abusive 

The emotional pain and 
psychological confuMon caused by 
the coercion, manipulaiion. 
imimidBtion and betrayal ihc hoy 
feck are what slay with him for 
many yean 

"I Mimetuncs fecllhaithc yors 
of iraumali/atmn. shame and 
Ktrecy for year* alter the abuse 
were far worse than the abune." 
I explained one victim 

inie rnis of emodimal react Kim 
I and tell peri. cpiions luw ^cll 

officer mlhe area ihal you can ask 
whew k) |!o. Ou nM parit m the 
vimcr kJix They are for vtstwr^ 
only An ioudenu ihc suiiiix-t to a 
fine or having ihca vehicle Iihk^ if 
they refuse to lolfctwpolic) U*.»1. 
•4 and « 1 1 are uMoiiy open and 
pnwidt ample pwting while «ill 
tirii«c)u9Ck>niuilc[f the tiuiMingi 


ciHitmucd friJiT) page I 

IS UMially rtgutcd m 
t>cspite the input and 
deduction invoKtd, ihortagcs 
occur and steps must he i^>n lo 
remedy Ihe situation In such 
instances, icithooks are often 
shipped, at significmcapenc. via 
second day services u> meet the 
needs of both students and 
I insiiuctors 

Presently Ihe methods 

I employed lo remedy shoruge 

I situations are manual and ivme 

I consuming, {inrollmcnirigumare 

reviewed on a regular basis and 

uiveniory u adjuster] based on aiy 

signiricamchinics M (he numhrn 

lowever, when Sciler was 

-nniacicd he had just etnciged from 

I a ■Mcuag wkcre m tmsmmtA 

cMccm and Iccling ol beinj! 
different and is..lattsd »c the major 
aftcrctlccis of the aiwse. 

Self dtstraciive ideation ant) 
hi-hdviiifs. emuiKmiil reactions ol 
cstieme ansK-i>. guilt oi shame, 
ami fbshhiiclui of Ae *use are 
very common 

Male vtciims nrpoo a higher 
trct|ucni> of dillKuliy rclalini! to 
menandrcpiin tcetingsof betrayal 
generalized lo ihcr ihiNu i.i 
develop and m.innain iniiiii.ik 
relationships oltcn arc tiud 

The survivor might ci>pc 
through sinual withdrawal or 
Ihnwgh KlmtificaiHin wiih the ira 
d«o«y mrie sleioatype and macho 

How to get help 

Ml>r I rcili/cj I ,1 K<-n 

prixess hnktRg cnroltmcni to 
testboi* ocderatg wan dHciimcd 

One additional serv hc that the 
hsxvksiore provides is ihc 
Mnpfcjyineni of a "special urik-r 
sysicm " This system is avaiLibk- 
to alt ftudcnis who tmd ihcir 
mttnotal anavailahk H> lillmK 
<xil a simpJe lorm, the hniltsuifc 
personnel will place a spiv ut order 
f>» the needed u-»t and lolkw up 
by contacting the student when the 
ho<4 ts available About «»! such 
requests arc processed each 
semester hut unlonunately many 
students simpK Uavr »iihoul 
completing such a form when 
confronted with an empty shelf, 

There are many steps mvotvett 
n the process ot bringing a ic I iNiod 
to the shelf and there itt many 
reastms for students not lo have 
thc» lulfeaaiui. 

During Ihc high uank houn of fie 
en arc siatMMKd at Utc main entrance 
on Algonquin Road U) control traf- 
fic Be sure u> pay stnct aOenlion to 
them Fooling aniund and trying to 
get out faster will only cause acci- 
A-nisanddclay you lot^rthanevef 
If you have any questions rcgwling 
purling please call PiiUk Safety « 

sesuallv abused, I knew t neediid 
tKlp I delmiiily had lo lalli lo 

I didii I know when- to xtari 
rcvalli-d Ihc Hai|vi ■■luilcni »ti,, 
shaied his csjxricmc 

I nionunaiclv. hisdilemma is 
commim Male sesual abuse sKtims 
an- an und>-rservrd group. 
But help IS available 
flarjier s siudcni dcvelopmcni 
divisMw has tmltsidual jvrsonal 
. iiins< hne .isailaWc to students. 

IVdiv i^Hio would lilu;»«ta« 
a support group for male siciims 
Call est :.S77 |„f mof.- 
informalion on how to gci help ,>t 

AraHher source of help and 
ci Hinseling is the Northwest Action 
Agamsl Rape social service agency 
NAARcan be reached at <|7-44KH 

esien-sKin :i.W.Public Safety has 
many funcuoos on cvnpus. They 
iMtK*. iral IW ctaimrf. kw and found 
nem«» crowd control and making 
«i«r things nm smuoih on everyday 
detail s and hol idayv They at on duty 
365 days a ytsaf. 24 hours a day. So. 

you- They arc tnunesJ profcisioUBls. 
If you have a question or concent, 
please feel free to address h widi an 
officer They arc on duly underrated, 
fder paid, and over worked. 

Noo EinergciK » .' ! ?(i I 

Emergency., 22\ 1 f 

News Rrjpfc 

Small BusirKss 

Center Offers Free Help 

The Continuing Lducation 
t'cpanmcnt of the Business DivLOon 
will sponsor free business 
counseling for those needing expert 
•dvice on new businesses or 
■aaiWMcc with special business 
prableais. Through the Scivice 
Corps of ReiiicJ Esecutivei 
(SCORE) business jieople can 
receive help by calling the Small 
Bustncsi Dc vclopmcnt Ccnicr. W* 
IMI, for an appuintinent lu nKKt 
with a counselor u one of the 

InicmaiKMial bustiKss 
classes anmiunccd 

1 u iiKci Ihc needs of business 
ps-.ipic iniercsted m the global 
fcoiioiny . ll.tipc-r IS offering wvcral 
courses to he^ business people 
prepare for internalioaal 

"Exponmg to the Worfd." 
(LMMfMfr-OOi) IS a nmc week 
Kfietof seminars bcinggivcn by a 
number of eipeiienced 
intematKmal businexspcrsons wtio 
will discuss how to enter, dcvekjp 
and maintain cxpun nuvkcu for 
products and servica. Theclau 
will meet Wednesdays. Sept 16 
through Nov 1 8. from 6 30 pm to Winston Park Junujr High 
School, Palaune "niecostisSK)? 
"E»poiungBasics."a SSOU 
001) will help business managers 
gel HKted ui iMematKioal eipott 

Resources for Women 
Offers Worishop for 
WfflTien Who Worry 

Harper College Resources for 
Women IS offering a new 
workshop. The Sky is Falling!" 

on Sauirday.Scpt. 12,9am- 3pni. 

Doyou wony loomuch? You 
could be worrying yourself sick. 
Discover how worry alfocLs yoi» 
health and lelatioauhips, how to 
determine what you can change 
and what you must accept and 
how worry affects effective 

Tuition IS VH) plus a S 10 fee. 
To register, call VHMJl and 
specify course number LWWU7 1 - 

Stuifcnt Allies Wanted 

The Center for Students with 
Oiiibilities is kxiking for student 
■ides to work with Harper students 
on a one-to-one basts. 

Typical duties might include 
reading test questions to a visually 
impairni student, acnbmg (wnting) 
for a person with limttcd mobility, 

The starling pay is S4.yviKlur. 

Applu:ants must be Harper 
aiudenls enrolled for a minimum of 
sia credit hours. 

To apply, or for more 
infonnauon, coouct die Center for 
Students wiUi Disabiliues. Dl 19. 
eu. 2266. Ask tor Lauren Whitman 
or Judy MacPhcnon Schumacher. 

■ 4 TheHobinoer.Septembaf 3. 1W2 


Coming Soon to a theater near you 

Fau. rims offer a variety of exciting entertainment 

"The laaof Uk Miihican*" isan 
adventurr and tununce set dunng 
ihc war raging hiT*<x-«i tngland and 
Frame and each sidts Indian allies, 
atORv iho InxiliCT tv>i»<d Alhany. 
Nc» \ ork Iho ( t>>iUiofsman 

Mawkcyc (Daniel DanLt*is). 
ad<iincd ion of the Mohican 
Clungai.hgaakcRus.'irl MaKH).and 
G)ra MunnH Maifclinc S»we), the 
daughter of a Bnush Offica. he- 
come kttcrs, wd the faie« M iheir 

familie<> become inlenwined as the 
Kar :aid the Hunxi war o^Man. 
Magua (Wes Studi). ttiRaten lo de- 
stroy than. 

Will tie relenMd m Scpmriw. 

Twcnuelh Century Fo« prc- 
sam in a.v>ia.iauon w iih tency 
Film* an bJward R. Pitssnan 
PnxhictKm of a Danny DrViio 
Film. "Hoffa" The film is pn>- 
duoed by Edward R. Prrssnun. 

Danny DcViioandCaldecal Chubb. 
The cxccuuvc producer it Josefih 
Isgro. and Harold Schneider is the 
cu-produccr. The screenplay i> h> 
David Mamet. 

Will he rekjMid m DocCTTihet 

Home Alone "2 

!«. 80l><iJ»l! «» *u»i *«"•(«»•)"'»•■»«••<»""'■••'»••'"•"" '"^" 

Set in the Bnmx , "J um{M) at the 
BoneyanT nohoui Ntanny ndDn. 
bruihen! who have htth traveled 
dLiwn the nudsloiielf desuixuon m 
the three years ihey hase spem apart. 

Manny, newly- divoteed, is de- 
preswd and unemployed, Dan. who 
ku a long hitlnry of drug problems, 
u deeply ravolvod with awck. Re- 
united when Dun auempls k) rob 

MiMiy'i ^Mnmeni. ihey ificnd the 
next fifteen hewn logedwas Manny 
despcmely mes to turn iheir lives 
vound by reviving d>e hood they 
once had. 

Will be rckwad n Scpuxaba 



Cues wiw't gomg to be 
■kne in New YoA this Chn«- 
mast Ui "Home Akine 2 Lost n 
Me* York." Kevin MtCaUisicf 

•(jMtMcOiij»i«(MM>aA< Ca«.) 

(Macauly CuUun) » back, and this 
tune his playground is New York 

Will he ictcwed m Nnvrmbcr 


TheHc»ttngef.Sepremt)ef3. 1992 5 1 

Presenting Robin 
Williams in "Toys" 

WhcnPfcartBonworQueow. prae* nrt only henctf. twi her iw x;*!! Pteoplc." « cumcdic drama 

Nc* Yoil, a ronWBMd by ■> «!■ ijuiity dausNcfi. who hcgin W six about (amUK-s. ronumcc and sximJ 

mircrt)f33ycaRonihcd*yo(l» Jhctfmoite-andilicutwnlivc!^ ctanLT-. from 1 jf g» [ nkOamiicnL 

hustandsfuncral.hCTre8|wiiai!»- iImwi#> nr* md drffcim eyet. » waihrrclc.MxJiiiDo.emhB 

"Night and the City" 

To»».~ wliKii Rumm Rohm • umwdy ihool a whimsic*! »y 

Wiionund Academy Award-win m^durr. ptiycd by Riibin Williamx. 

ningdiicitiYBafTyLcviiwinforthc whomusnavchisraUwr'tloy ' « 

fa* lime smcc die ho»oHi« juc k»y fnwi ittc clulches of lu^ i, 

^cM'OooaManmi.Vkmam,' » meMcd uikIc 

WiB he rrlranl at Dn:<rfi ' - ^ 

AM^ A*«l ^A "« W 

"N,gN and dw Crty." «Mtli« tod-lwwijt. gn^ potWW oC *e mgotUi 
R(itvn IVVin> jmt li-*».a Unce *iiiiaen*ofN<:«Va«ksurefcibclt> 

i»mU!.iL.Ut!ln Uuin Winkler, IS a pi«WBigU>c«rdrcani»d»-.vpiU-il3un[ 


IUmbc of Cjfifc" e dr *»• wy of her dM«lM0'9 myaenouN 
maic.bcunlchttwyo(acincenicd widi«lra*alinKih«t»w!i!iiiM«worid. 
rmidvf \ itrugglc u> Mi'K dw my»- 

WiO he t>lr»«l m NtMcmher 



Musical Instruments 
For Sale 

clarinets <nj# ' 
trumpets <?J^ 
violins _ "'S^ 

9^^ (312)225-0613 


Apply at A367 


V!*% ^^'^T 


AMD cOMnkraifS 


U«Bilf,»Mkl|,MMMrltolM FrMMkMryM4to 





Ambassador Catering 

GOURMfTSP(C....;-t . oUHSftClrtl TV 
FUHMAl. OH fAMIlY blVll 

TOR '"" 



C0V1.rt 6''*" ".3 

r Vi NT. I'l Aum I 

The HaOnoer. September 3. 1W2 


Help Wanted For Sale 

Volunlt«ri n**()td' Poplar 
Cr»*h Hutic CtAlcr to idl 
ttlrcihmints al Enc 
Cltplon Concdl Stpltn 
bar tt Will bandit agtncr 
Ibal pravidai allordabia 
bousing and •aririco lor 
tha aldarly and ditablad 
Contaci Studani Acti«itiaa 
(A33(| a>lan>ion2242lo 
lign up! 

19(3 Chrirtilar la Baron 
Con>arltbla. Oaod Condi 
tion. Whila aitanor aiih 
radintarior a m, I m cai 
salla ilarao put alot ol 
■ or I into. Mutltall laa> 
ingCounlry Will aaeralica 
al 2.S00 or bail ollar 
Call anytina |70()3»7 
3000 ail 24(0 


Harbinger Staff. 

all positions are 

available"! Only 

you can make the 


Call Susanne at ext 2460 

Tlatshall TizlA 



Please apply 

in person at 

the Woodfield 




Open Mon-Fri 10-5 





N;:;— •!;,.) 'h.i! 

»:r.ii [ •■; 'ii. 

Sraaataa ClastiFife IbTii 

( hfoaaiTio* 

Camaarclal claiailiada ara 14 SO lor tha 

tiril lour linas^ tO 5S lor aach additional 

Una Daadlina ii Friday al noon lor publication 

in iha nait Thurtdar'i ptpar All ad> muil ba 

prapaid by cath or chack 

Tha Harbingar aill not ba ratponaibla lor 

irpographical arroii la a«a takan by phona 

Plaata call II reui ad it ailsprintad 

For mora inlotmatioR. conlael Tha Htrbingat 

in A367 Call (708) 397-3000. a>l 2460. 

or aand lai irilh covar thaat to (70S) 397- 


Education Students 

■ Part time afternoon work with children 

:; £~ r •i\ i ■-■. r 

Jeff F ree 

101 7 Hawthorn 


Itasca, 1 1 60143 


Children's World 




■ I' 

■ I 

■ K. ^i» . 

■ I lpp»'r' 

Vimlli i ...1 


Kf^iliz*' .1 ' 

Think abitut it. thtn Ihtnk abttut u%. r).tii > all 

(312) 243-9327 



n« Big Kobutio It gaing jontoitan (very Thivtdoy Niohl. We col it 
the Caribbean Cornivol. And it includes on evening of live reggo* 
■WMt, « bviiii Jeniikai buffet ond priie giveowoyt. Register to 
^l(tk^ , , , ••*■ y*" *"^ Tburidoy, April 30fh, yo« im 
3||^^., A\ rejiittr to win o trip lor two to Jomoico. « 

^i-'fTiivl So tome oot lor the fiHi. Tke bolfet itorti ot " 
•tKD-j'-UM 5:00 «nfli.dlkflH»d.l 7:30 p* WtlJtt , 

•^tll*- ' ■■■" , •' 

>° -^^ /no 

MbflM llai|kti rtl-41t-4)t4 




We're ui'rkingvmaner, 
tcx\ St you Jon't have 
to work harder. 
For us, it means an ongoing rela- 
tionship with educators and profes- 
sors, stri\-ing to understand w hat's 

needed to he!;-? tho:- 
concepts come alive. 

It mean- continu.iliv u.^rkir^g 
vvith students \. 
firsthand -a ' 
calculator , . 

The a-^u'f '^ 

that are perfw tlv n 
major and 

TheTl->i 1^ a fvrlcM 
It offers the mo>t compr^ 
easy-tvvQM.' graphing features 
available uith e\tfn--;\e priv 
gramming capahilinc».. 

Arid there arothcr--. 


Like the T1-6S, an .idvan^ ed -i len- 
tifk •' -Lilta- 

nec>us e4'>-i:iti* ■: i-, pv; ii -i ^ii- 1.1 implex 
numbers and offers formula 

n.i- .1 uhole k't more. 

No matter u hat your major, no 
matter what the course, there's a 
n scientific ot business calculator 
that's right for you. Do the smart 
thing: make c^ne of them a part 
c>f your professK>nal personality 
now, ,.nd for the years to come. 

M'u'l! be on your way to work- 
ing -marter. Instead of harder. 

Try the entire line of Tl scien- 
tific and business calculators at 
your local T! retailer. 

'^ Texas 

T-hen-36X SOLAR, .. 

;\i: ; > •■<' u v>rkhorM.' jxnv cred bv 
ANYLin ■■ ' " 

never net .: 

Th.-BAnri' - 


It h.ln^I,^■■> '•■: '"J 

offer ^.:?-htl -nal 


value l.\r'\ 1. 

^S5« M.\IUNREB.ATE ^5^ 


L I 1 L- 1 ■. 


TO H WK lo -V H> XU \nA\Wi OFFER 


■ tThaHMtMigarSafilamiMf}. tM2 

Harbinger Sporis 

Tour de Harper 
coming soonl 

An ovM bicvcist pr*po)«s to tam tot lh« Tour d» Hcapac 

: **.»* ■:. 'fn-p/Vn .*JI*. 

Harper Intramural Program 

.•-■■t^ci" Ai'tr 

iilg»-.i)'rniwillhciin( I'luiac 

whcn needed no things 

, jre paav Gafnraik-. and 

(iicJuuU Jiirninm \h<iulil aruime 


li'^ ■■rmx. 


A riKTiirii: will tx- h, ij p,„» ^, 

iImi pjriictpams ma\ hjv m 
i'n hi an mrnrmaunn paiki-i 

lial to iK' pamtipanLs 



'I'd anycwK wisfimj! U) 

". do VI by calling W7. 

•'""'.M -■ 'W and .nkin^: fi» Mr 

Jim Bla!ik> .ortalloi :a41landasii 

Mr Jaik tJinkl'.. Nnh ol «h.>tii 

•.in h, [pitting 

«ill . ■; .l^ul i!^ ... Ii,:!', ,■11 ;;■;;■ 


■^ inlrjnii! titnir^ iliA .lii.!. i • 


fr.-'Hi 111 .1 III 111 -i I 
liul il«; Liii,. li.ji ti,^% Mil li'iK- ilurmc ItiK r*" niui:il I 

Hawk 1992 football 

Harper's Fall 1992 Intramural Schadual 

'ifiJ'M'^i; iSlff 



Biri." fe« 

Stpl 1 

Mrm taaiirhall 

TiW'iUv .t rtiuiMUv 

Scpl » 

:!<-2 WjllvKillliiililer 

TiirMiiiv A Thufitdity 

Si-j.1 1>» 

'fP ("»i rtl ^»».■trT 

S«uritji> $L Sun.U> 

Si-pi ;i 

Killiaidt lourTumrni 


S<T. ." 

»"<» <•») ir«m irami 


(Vi 1 

CV «1 n<i.w trnikrv 

TucvtUv A. r'hur>4l;iv 

<Xl »'iiv volihjl) 

S^Iur.Uv ,V Sijmli> 

<Ki i 

Mcnv il..|f l.«jh..ll 

Sjtui.U^ X Sumlay 

<Kl ^ 

rr.K k jiiui lull! n«-rl 

M«n>Uy K 

iVl M 

IHnd^e li)un«imml 


<>n l< 

KiixiurlKill Ukk-i 

Thun*lay ^ Sjiiufd^y 

tVl .'J 

BillwrtU U'tiridnu'ru 


iKi :!•' 



N.>v < 

I'lfM |!v«l bulling 


Nov I 

■«;.| VollcytMll 

Salutday Jk Sunday 

N.n 10 


Tm-»aj> \ IIiiumI.h 

\..^ .M 

KilliAril>^ hmnMmcnl 


\,.> > 


Dm ;»:, 




\r' ■ 



" ' '0 


\:- : 


Grand Ripids 


1 rm 

V,""-. ■ * 




i rm 

S:*"! '^'^ 


i ^iirt ;\ 


' r- 





■ Jr." 




\ n i> 

<■ *, : 




1 pr. 

' :. 

^ : 

*^ l» Vi!:cv 


! pin 


V !■ 



V' '•,■■. v-iri\ 



V-- ',: 





N.- :■ 







T>ffi Harbinger 

S«pl«mber 10, 1992 

Volurrie X,X'vl Nu"'ibet 

SiudciU Senate 








Profiles of 

all the 




\C\! IssUi' 

Sept. 24 


Artiand Entwtainm«nt 




Recycling program: 
Something old 
Something new 

MuiMnun can »»c» c «i>g. avoaatu* (o> •(>»<• Hm* en eanwui. 
«nly on* part of HaoMr't •iponiMd lacycUng pfoyom. 

Recyclint hM fiaiily amvcd 
u Hwper. HiMk* ia pan lo ite 


- ^ 

»ipimHlBlli>w Mm ca »wi » ur< m mat am vox ol lh»pWt 

MndlM of wcvOlng. SkMMMt, Hal OMI MBUly on OMM IB 

and Sately Camaiillee. ttideMs 
can now recycle plastics, 
aiuinniuin. polynyrene aid glut. 

bi an eflan to lower com, 
bins have twen mstalled at bodi 
ends of the dniBK aiea of *e 
akmia fat tmtmtt to pm my 

The pnqeci hat beta mihe 
milks ror liie past two IB Ihiee 
years. AM pcnmbilities were 

The profraiB now beiaf 
ini{)leincmod has been proves lo 
be mMt cust-effoctive. 

it helps lower cottof larbafe 
hauling that die adnol hai to pay . 

U alao is being financialiy 
kaaeficW 10 UK KhooL 

The coapaiy dial takes away 
the recyclable product pays die 

la an flOan tt iiMher reduce 

coH, (he cafetBfJa is now buying 

taa^iakiNw racycied napkintind paper toweb 

I, fnn Wiacinsin TiiMie. 

Trustees approve '92-93 college budget 

Education fund increased 7.33% to allow instructional 
technology upgrades, employee costs 

The tlarper CtJUegr Uutii iA 
iruMtvs, kHmally adopird the 1 **.' 
iw; kKal hwlgrt for the coilrge 
It has been available tot 
inifKviMn t»i ihc publK »iik e June 
2i dHtiugh ihc puMk meeting on 
August 27 

The iw: l<W.l operating 

It rcHa bi the buvd' sauenuun 
U) Tucal responsibility and 10 dK 
correni otimima: ( lumuc 

Through the bosfd's self 
inqiosed Tive pcnx-nt tux cap. dvr 
t-olkge will receive lejs revenue 
than the atkiwcd legal IrniiL 

The legai budgM consMl* of 
IOM|maicfiinds.The two primary 
apciaiing daub aa* eihicalKin and 
op.MKin md maimenance 

Tic education fund moeaaed 
~ V<|wiccmmerliMiycjv.aiesull 
ofaiiiMHay KcianiQgy upgraiies 

i.n in%iru.:tiooai (Ntipoies and B«ianlMcillyN.>rw<wd!Miid.'Utd»c 

iKteiuedcmpiayeecanii. budgcil rcrkni* the realitk* of 

Opemioni and mamtenant c mday ' v cxontKHK and arrifms the 

bodgcfs incieaaed J.'Mi {Krcent. hwtl ^ v^wnniiunem u.i ptudcni 

After Ike bwiHM laaolKioa mi at rm i f w of laspayer ' » dolliin 
was apfnmO, Oiaifniaa of *« "Ob lieiialf of the boafd, I 

Law makes colleges accountable 

hope we can continue being fnigal 
«ilh our dollars, careful in 
managing college asieu and 
diligent in requiring admuutfration . 
facttliy and utaff to be lesponsive 
lo the needs of the community ." 

Gov Jini fcdgiir lugneid muj 
lawabiB for theitaK'S conanunuy 
college dntncts. House BUI int 
provisions include several 
addilio«!i lo the cwTem duties ol 
the Illinois Communiiy Ciiilcgc 

They aUoai Ihc hoard lo: 

■ DiKontinue programs that (ail 
to relliM the rtlucauoniil iwcds 
of lite cuoumHMiy bruig servoi 

■ Approve or (bajvpraive 
conpeiaiive agRcmenn henraea 
conununity colleges : 

cduc^mnal inioitutions 
■ EtiaMtnh uflirurm fuianciai 
accounting and reponing 
standvdsbyJuly 1.19<>7. 

Another measure ts^en by die 
ICC 10 incica.^ accouniatnlity was 
the Stan ufcduuMKKUlguaramcc 

The programs guaianice 
employcnpiolVcicncy kveh will 
be nchicvcd by studenis in 
pariicipaiiag iKCupjiional 
pragfMl«Cirlbeaudcnl)> return 
ID lake coanes ai no COM. 

Student senate is revolving door 

No participation, no representation 

KuMmt DuUB 
Kiartxrg*' Now* [<l>'oi 

lliuper's audem senate will 
be bu!>> shaping die course of die 

It will be held Fruliy. .Sept. 
2.1. at in the board loom. 

With no one w nn Cor dK 
I ifacial Alts divtsiin. the icaaie 
will appoint somaooe lo fiJI the 
vitcaocy. They also begin the 
nommating process for club 

a-prescniatives. which will have 
(our instead of the u.sual dirce 

kanne fankanin. die director 
of student activities, is 
" . encouraging all interested 
students to attend die Tust senate 


in Student 



Hand 15 

See page 2 



2 TheHortDngef September to, )W2 


student senate candidates give statements of goals 

Prashant Rawal 


Mathematics and 

Physical Sciences 


Pnsiiani Rawid. rngmccnng 
major. aq» up to toxome -icnaie 
irpicscniauvc for ihc Tcchni)k)g>. 
MathemaiKS. wd Phystcal Sc lOKCS 

Cmrcnlly in his wcaaiytmu 
■I officer in dK Hmdu Sttidentti 

He would like 10 MC molt flex 

"I w«M la have moR time nex- 
ibility and inaoMd Otsaa for tn- 
gineenng and malh." 

Eddie Balderas 

Latinos Unilos 

Starting as a rounder. EMtc 
Baldens takes ova dtc role at tcp- 
[C<ieniauvc ctl the Launot Umlos 
division o( the audera senate. Eddie. 

who feels llui mimmties have same 
nouMe being acceptinl. focls that 
Hvpei could ux "moce culuiral di 
vCTsity " This IS the fiiM ume he ha» 
parucipaied on any lurm a( student 
govemnieiiL He » cunoitly m his 
leawd year ai HMper as M English 
education major. 

•'The Harin lUdents need a 
mmocity point -«i(-»>ew." 

Hardeep Komal 


Enrichment and 

Language Studies 


Komai IS the icfxeiientauve lor the 
Ei«lish As A Seixmd Language di- 
vision Ibis year. 

Pirv HMsl y having served on a 
student uiuon . Kankcf) feels that, 
due to bureaucracy, many lUMlenut 
have a hard tune being admioed to 

"I would bkc lo uqjrove the 
English as a Secoad LanguaiB ex- 

Lisa Smith 

Physical Education, 

Athletics and 
Recreation Division 

Wuh previous expencntc as a 
treasia«r, and student trustee at 
Harper. Usa Smith now begins the 
year as represenuuve to the Physi- 
cal Educauon. Aihleiics. and Rec- 
reauon division. 

For the last two years, she has 
played a crucial part o( gemng a 
men's nccerieani lo Harper 

As rcfmaemative, she would 
like 10 bnng a women's soccer team 
and try lu improve the iniramiaais 

"I'm very oMcicited in corpo- 
nte sponiurship for pmgiams m the 

aanaa make at Harpi-r Colki^c 
lagnrai aiBbdicves that then: ni usl 
he changes m peitepuora and ex 
pel tauons of mimnly studcnis. 

" I wouU like lo make a change 
with alkicaung nrsourcres to unpad 
students. Last year thcte was no 
financial backbone in sunnrting 



MeUMla Neuhauaer is lunniag 

Christine Boydell 

Business and Social 
Sciences Division 

Wuh three years expenenoe as 
an amtn.v<iadar for the Business and 
Social Sciences division. Oinstine 
Boydell now attempts to assume die 
representative rok. 

Chnsune . who m her previous 
aU suns o( student proMems. feels 
that she would he a good asset, since 
she Ls familiar with all of the new 
procediaes recently enacted. 

"Hlie main concern for soidcfiis 
It thai there musi not be any student 
activity fiee I 


Sheiscmhusiasuc about meet 
invoived m 

Jagtaron Singh 

Life Sciences 


While lagiaron dacs not have 
previous experience in the student 
govennnera. he isnKmtniereaiedin 
providing a voice for minonly »u- 
dents. In napect 10 the impact mi- 

Thc anucipaiion of College 
roghu at kjcal high schools (college 
arobaMadon promoie) is an cqie- 
ciaOy cxciiiiig prcvea as it lKlp« 
pramow Hazier CoUege 10 p(M»Me 

1 think it's important that stu- 
dents be a pan of the decision mak- 
ing process of Ihc college." 

News Briefs 

Monthly nursing intor- 
mabon <ies.sion& set 

fjiih month Haipcr CoHege 
oilers uiformauon sessions and for 
individuals inuaesicd in the RN nr 
LPN programs and for IJ^s inter 
eiMxl m the coroplcuons program to 
(mpvc for RN licensure. 

The infurmatioa awtons are 
heldm the thud WedMadayoTeai* 
month at 1 W pm in bukkng E. 
Room lObaiiheCoUegc.Aifniquw 
aid RoaeUe Roads. Palatine. TU 
next seauoo dale is Wcdnesdqr. 
Sepieroiio 16. 1992 

For aknission infonnaliaBMl 
^iplicalion maienato. call "KB/W- 

Hundamentalsol Casual^llliBa ■MT . 
PMdaraennifaof Ufe buwMce and 
FiaataiKMalt oT Heakii and Acci- 
dent Inauianoe. 

Haiper also offisn camwumg 
odutatiofK liises fur those * hii have 
mcivcd ihcu insiiani.c prnduurr's 

mjt prDfcvuoul ioi suh«quml c x 
amis m the »c8 *)f property /uisualiy 
or hfcAcallh 

For the nsurance agcn who 
wiihet Ki complete aiur«es tcadmg 
10 te d wi g n alion ut Ccruriod Fi- 
naKial Planner (TMl. Harper offers 
the nctcs-sary -laTes ol aHBses. 

The fee fareath courw mchid- 
ing study maienats is $I0(). For 
dates, tunes and legistrabin. phase 
caH 197 WOO. cxicnston 285} 

Harper offers insur- 
ance certification 

In onkr to sett insurance tn the 
Stale of Illinois yiiu must uNaifl an 
iiKuani.e piuiucet s Ita-a'C by paa»- 
ing a statt' exam The UUmii.s De- 
mg before ukin|; this exan and for 
f our yeas af 119 oMiMuic a licemc. 
Hapcr CoU^e is now a ccnifiad 
provider of ticeaae exam numng. 
FApcneiKed trntrucuis prevm a 
{KKiicat vpenoc h lo help laoncb as 
succcMrfid insurance camr. 

Cknaae offcrints include PlofK 
cny «id Casualty prelKeataig 
which mint be uken lo 
r far Ike naie exam TVyare 

Tom Thompson 
named dinxtor for 
center for students 

with disabilities 

Tom L. Ihomfrnm. fanuei co 
ordmauir, w« mxndy ^ipiaHRi 

dmsclM ol the ceMcr for taudeMS 
wnhdi-tJihitti^ :CThnafd 


Thiiinirf ■'■' 

Haver "Mtif ■ "'" 


TlMii niMiiin i»io oisateacan- 
pvlMMive KseHHMe cnviionmiwt 
for pt»pic wHh dMtiilMies and hi 

provide the services noceaaay far 
students to paiucipalc m aU aipeca 
of campus life. 

Auditor Agrcsta 
earns CIA 

ThoodereC Agitasia.CtA,was 
nx emiy named as a Certified Inier- 
luuoiial Auditor by the huuiur of 
tmeniaiianal Audnors (IIA). The 
a A diSigMgian is awanted to mw- 
nal audu prnfcssuimls who have 
met the requucmcnu of the UA's 
CIA progran. including afuur -pan 
examination, as well as character 
and experience requaemcnts. 

Agrcsta joined Harper CoUefie 
in May I9»l as Ihc internal auditor. 
He performs all rmancial. opcta- 
uohI and conptaance audits and 
wn one of 23 hoaonHe menaon 

Ayctta wifl iKcive ha Ccru 
lied Internal AudiMrCemfiaMDTiim 
iht: North* 1.3,1 Mcii»<rhi«aig«»<5w 

Rc-svmrccsFoi WoiiKMi 

otters worfcslKipon 

career choices 

Itaij* I r,t)Uj;c R.-^oine* lot 
WVwt-ii «.:!' •i!-T :^'- .<->fi"!t«ip. 

tireei ' 


h' ibuiUiOgA. 

H- '^ Atgumium 

Roail. l*<M(>iic 

As the job madet becomes in 
creasmgly tompcuuvc. workers 
netd 10 dims then careers. Idenufy 
wM joiw are right for you and leam 
how K) evaluate companies, the 
economy, demographics and your 
personal work values. 

Tuiuoi IS $40.00 plus a $10.00 
fee. To reguur. please call 708/ 
W7 3.177 and spctify coune num 

Attention Poets 

The Nauomi Ubfaryof Puetry 
hasannounccdthaiSI 2jOI»inpn«» 
will be awarded dits yea iDOver 250 
poets m the Nonh American Open 
Ptxwy Contest. 

The dndbne (or the cornea u 
Sc|nBnilicr30,IW2. Tlicconiealis 
open wevcryoneandenny is FREE. 

Any poet, whcAer previooity 
published or noL can he a winner 
to he published in a deluse. 
hanfiiuind anthology. 

To emcr. send ONE origmal 
poem, any sut>|OCt and any «yle. lo 
the National L*»3«y of Bxtr. I Uiy 
Cronndgc Dr. PO Box ' "^ /k 

The mem should he no more 
than 20 Snei, md the poet's name 
.uul aMoa »hi:»uldheiiomare rtan 
::i) ltni». and ihe poH's name and 
«ktais shcKiM appear onihc »p ol 

t->iurcs must he piMamaiitxi by 

A new unustopmsOLlofaiar 1 . 

Dalvinder Saini 

Business and Social 
Sciences Division 

Dalvinder Sami. a Physical 
Thcnpy mtioi. is abo running for 
rtie rate of tepieaeniative in the 
BwiMts and Sociii Sciences divi- 

Unavailable for commeai. 
Saini. aKording ID his appiicaicai 
(ortandidacy, woaklUkeioataie 
npn i ptm dia tc oi J d w c ccirfuUy be 
social sciences students He also is 
winmg 10 "Yeadily Usien to any stu- 
dents questions.-" 

"I fed tha I will bnng widi me 
the experience of cooidinaling and 

Listening Posts 
ofler opportunity 
for dialog 

The coUege community is wd- 
comc ID come and talk dungs over 
wsftcottesBadnumsttans The next 
Lmaening Posts are scheduled lor: 

DAmTiodiy.Sepionbcr IS. 


TIMEIflO 2:30pjn. 

LOCAnON.BoanJ Rooms B 

PERSONS: President Paul 
Thompson. 1:00-1:50; Director 
Frank Aaic. 1 W2 00; VP Vcm 
Maike 2:00-2^^1 

DATEThwaday. October I. 


nMUOW II 00a.m. 

lit -\;!i I'v ii '.?i 


' PCk'i'tjsc 


Hear. r n Milirni Paul 

TTlOitv '':«> 

V>c «>.(.-».<•■»: your liucstionf 
Pkac come and join ns! 


IbeHoitanger.Sepiemoer 10. 1992 3 

Resource program helps women sort life choices 

Karttrygu Staff W*««r 

her story » toil 

LJke many women, ihr wat » 
nam of (kmicmc viofciKc. Kv 
yean. Karm mffcivd at ihr ahuKtvi- 
lunife ii< hcf huvhand, A imnlan >il 
three. Kancn never held a jot) and 
the never aaendsdcaOqie^BaaMM: 
hive ihe nnancol wppon (* ihc 
enuonvil ivenght lo leave hri hu% 

One day. Kjuen's life ihanf^. 
The fRX|uenl ticaung^ hcianH- imc 
no many She i<vikjn>k and left hci 

Accompanied only by her twn 
children. Kjrvn fAcd Uv lehuiMing 
uf her life She had the coui:ige Vi 
walk away, but ihe lackad ihe ■i|i> 
port shedc'iieratt^nMideidiasiiy 

Fwtunaicl). Karen learned 
dNiuI a HaqxT < '■ Ik-ge pnigram - 
Kcsnurn-s U>f V^'imen. Thi-s pro- 
giam hocomc ihc helping hand fuc 
Karen and o«hCT di.splaced h<i«i)c- 

Today. Rcwwicea tor Women 
has M cKlenMvc pn)gnun dM M' 
«i«u a woman with chuicei aboM 
her lifcrtyle It helps a womjii hsJ- 

■KC her bvnily.caren.pemnai tela 
tiomfhips. finanics ami pcrMnul 

TDc pfogfHR evolved m «iie 
N7(K from an inasvaiivc gmip oC 
women who undrrskmd *t»nK'n'» 
un<i|;nlLrnneed« IxinmTtyluniwniii 

proisnim grew 

CuiTrMly umicr the dimctKin 
m Dancms Rewl. the pnitpim Mil 
maaaaa K) amicipiiii: (he upL inn 
«Tv H.eN lomcMlhoDe ncndi. Roid't 
j<'>b I* IKK an e«y one. csiiecatty 

low. A* llic UMinfaer i>l iinttk- par - 
aibi' aa:aine«. m duct ihe com of 
Qiiiian. chSM eve Mid iniw|nn>' 

Keid hit% deah wub many caaes 
of abuw She ha^ hern able to rca: h 
OK 10 hiip winocn achieve iheir 

RcMmrLCs lor Women offers a \ariety of scoiinarN 

(Vtolxi X \'*>1 tnnTi v am ^ pni *t ihc PiUmic canpiu. 
I^KIW Alf«K|iunK<>«l 

MAIUNCHIMTIHY IIVI . •crtilwpfiwiBK'lwn 
and pvciiu iti >Ik>« panKtpcnu h»w l»<lcvcU>! 
iTOiliKimiijtiiMry afifrcacli lu icachmg. •! Wv. 

which fociuo cm die rmtunmal ncr.ti and cani»T» ill 
ilmircni men mut woanen « well h finantiaJ manafeninu, 
uacxnu and imfk pamiimf . »l.*1*ir77 001 

WOMEN IN VIEW, a wurk.>l>*5) atxiul hiiw autludci 
ham iRccicd wamtn and how iJic ml« of muCtiR. wwkcr. 
and nuiM«r ill ihipod hy nur culluml viJum. iLWWOtS 

ainiinwK«iian|WiMam thai aiistMtw«en mount w«nwn 
anil«/lM(,i*peift»niaiiM.»l*'WI>«4 WH 

WHAlfMPTYNEST', »bi«ih<>wti>m»iBtatni™fc 
pciKlrf'!' rct|iiKUn|ilifo(ylc<iifli:ieiKesai>d 

(celmp- 01. 

v«» dcxijincd for women with Ihncc i» inme 

ycaraof Mk>Mpcr> »-W(lN»«>l 

TuMiiiR tiki (ou (iK ihcjc »ii>luln|lt niif c fmn S45 
tSO ami bkUkIc hmck To rtgiuet. pleiiw i-all »7 nrt 
«Mis|iDCifythrc%i*nH: I ^*ur«c maltha farfurthcnnfiirma 
win itnul ReaoMTwa for Wnnien. W> MIK). eiiauHn 

Harro' C°ulfe(t Reaouicct hw Wnnicn is t<ffi7ing a 
more women are ^pcarmj on icIcvuKm — m ncwH-am. 
vidEiiKcnIwmMaatn-hnwniningviilnM Ciancioihit 
iw»|wi wnriuhnp (kvacd id pataofMic m a iapin( 
!ic»»Kin.LWW>« two -Mondays. Ocmhcr 12 mlOsiiiber 
l<il. ffum ly JO 1 p m in ttisMing A. Rum 2424. ai (he 
rulkic.TuilHin 11 MOphu a $10 fee 

To reglaltr fcr any of Ihma wwliahnp*, call die 
( iMitlnuInK rduraikM (IBIct at WI-MTI. P^m» fivt 
»1>rk^hl>p numlMrr tu Inturr proprr ngMrittion. 

the Women's Pnjgnim, it wa.s urigi- 
niiUy disiiiMid » help women with 
cantimiint! educaiKin With an over 

» ht Ijiiing rospiwiac fiiim wtWKii ilii^ 

when it cunics to funding the jircv 

ThcproeaiB icteangDV- 
erratiieni funditandollefi d»ey're uxi 

i:4Wbiliue4 and tegam ih<'ir yll 

One of ihc nio'4 frequcnuxl 
seminars I ifferKd by Ri-miurc fiir 

Women ls "Women and Scl: . 
\etm" Va* ywrtaftop consiiti tx 
kKliaGs. ifiioisAnf. group aciivi 
Msand a self -ducovoy asseaMKoL 
The warfcdinp n desigiied 10 gnide 
wwnen lowaid hiflKr leif-eiMen 
Men an; encaungHt K) loend. 

The courses tovcr all «5pcc^.^ 
Ufa wuman's We Topics imludc 
women in the workplace, women a& 
parents, and women on the 
homefmnl The programs cover all 
the avpocLs of a woman's life 

bnponant issues .sir. h us health . 
fmince, and perxwal growth arc 

The teachers of die courses and 
seminars ait: not only formally 
ininod. diey aic also caring women 
«id men who smve to make a ddTer - 

Today's lifestyk:san;ciiircmely 
demanding People must faie their 
«wvn challenges. 

W he ilKf dM challenge IS over- 
cimnni; a Failed manugc. returning 
Ui the tktwkpkiL'r after a long pcruid 
>il uino iw dL^iovcnng one's own 
(»iu iiii.ll aiKl aLliicvmg il. Resource 
fur Women is there k> assm. 

Although it's named i'<> 
women, men arc always welcome 

h» utfurmaucn on c<iunsfling . 
financial atd. or available courecs 
and seminars . ctiniac t ResiXBces for 
Women ai CXI- IVH), 

'Ask Jim' has the answers 


Mattnoi CoUrrwt 

Now you can ask Jun. 

AA anyliling you w«M. 

(lave ynu ever woadnedwlio 
put dw paiting km » br away 
6«n Ihe buiklings a Harper'' Ol 
maybe ytm'd like to know jual 
what diey put into die cafetena 

fbtidfUicnaiiain.raitybr you don't). 
If you'd like die answeri to 
tfciae or any other qftoMm you 
hmr ihn petttMi m Harper Oidege. 
.submit your i|u<.-9lK>n along with 
yoiv name, borne pbonc number. 

your MHie uaod m dK newtvaper. 
Dnftiolfiii Biukhnf A, nxan 379 




M A T T E R S 

Be Min- iL. 

>ji,.rlW ■,!.■,.- a. r. 

yiiunccdnotheinwjivnd Bui. you 


jic needf«l tohelpaUeviaie achnmic 

anilbE' ap . 

hicaxj sbiirtage' 


One in five ol us will need a 

jinand i *t>i'" 

Mtiod irar«slusion before die ape 7(1 

Petiple. I- 

We can't civalf synUtcin ' 

*lier»-, iJiiiHJi:!' 

can only come from a ^ 


; .iml hk»»l [iukI^ 

blind ikmxir Widiout an atk^uuc 

..Nv ihoughi dial 

supply of bk<od. many surgcrie-s 


h people dtinaung 

wm;l<lmi«hi'pi">sible WccOiJdnot 


x>w needs and dial 

Nip tMipak- »idi aplastic anemia. 

Of leukemia, oi cancer, or {iea(Ae 
who need an organ tran^ylant. On 
u|».<Nning Harper College blood 
drive IS your i. Iiance bi help dvise iii 
need dunng this Mood shorug It 
. yiwhavc.iiskoneofyoiaficndsU' 
join you m tiikmg Ons opponunity ui 
help someone in nood 

Lei's hit dus bknd shortage 

New scholarships offer $2000 in aid 

Donors honor 25 years of excellence in education 

The Doriaiin 

Thompson: Friends 

of Harper 


The Doriann Thompson: 
Fnendt of Harper Scholarship hat 
be«ncstabli.shcd duough die grner- 
outy of die Knends nf Harpci and 
hulThompsun.pRsidcntifl liarpcr 

The Fnends of flarpet are \x- 
bevcni ui die concept of a "sotmg 
commumty" and beousc of dlis 
belief dwycreaicdaSKMl sil» 
ship in honor of Marpei (\Jlcgc ^ 
Sdver Anniversary 

RcquirtiRciits to apply 
*CuiTem nstdcntof HaiperCuikge 

•Cituen of United States 
*Retunung Adult Student, i.e . out 
of high <ii:h<x>l at least five years 
*FuU tunc student for FaU lW2and 
Spring l<M3 

* History of cammunily service 

Tbe sekxlKin of die scholardiip 
mcipienti will he made by die Sv.hi>) 
arship Committee, comprised ol 
Fnends of Harper members and 
Harper College staff. 

The Ktiotantiip awanl will he 
ukU toward tuttkn. foes, books and 
educational supplies. 

Math Lab 

Through die gcneiatity of m 
anonymous dtmo. r a SJOO achoiar- 
ship has been eiaWidied for Maaii 

Rcqu^mnti lo apply 
•Enrolled ■!> a full Unie student 
*Cunciu enrollmcm m a Madi Laib 
■Successful cimpkrtion of one M^ 
•Relauve flnaacial need. 

Deadline dale for application b 
September 25. l'»2. 


MantynA.ConxT ».^wn\if^. 

Al|;iun|uiii Kiad. Palatine. IL 


William Walsh 
Scholarship for 

Insurance Students 

Wdliam Walsh a actively in- 
virived in the imptememation of 
Ihe CoipofilKin Caitcrs Pnigrain 
dmxigh &K Northwest Suburban 
Career Cooperauve. 

estaNi4ied luencoarage a parlici- 
pant m TFCH IKf? at Wdliam 
Raims Hao[icf College. 

U » hti a student miercstrd in 
puTMimg a canxr in dc miiunincc 

KrquirrmcMi lo iplll;: 

•Currenl cniollincm in Ulc 
Cupotaie Careers Pwignini and 
■cccpwdai Wilbwi Rainey f laiper 

*Ciniduaic or graduating lenior 
If am a higli schoai in Mnncis 


• t ppa Sbw -<|a««ers oOugh school 
cla-vs (v at a 2-0 grade -pouil 
avcraftc venficd by a high schuil 

•Cm/en of die United States, 
'Application must be typed 
■DeaKllMK fur submission of 
appticdtkin is September li. 
•KixummendatMn of counackw or 

•One leuerof reoommendation from 
first-year internship e m - 

pk>yer. submiuedby September 30. 
d not prevwuiily submiued 
•FinalLsts must be available for per- 
sonal mk-rvrw 

Tbr sefei tion ol the scholarship 
ro. ipKJit will he made by die liAoc u 
uvc I>mxtor of dc Nordiwest Sub- 
urban Career Cooperative and 
Harper CoUege teprcaentativat. 

The «-h<ilatship will be $5(1) 
awarded annually to a Corporate 
Careers Icch-Prcp -MiktiL attend 
mg liatpcf CoUcge 

The award wdl he atlmmis 
terei) by die Educatkmal Founda 
two ol Harper Coilqie. 

Fret - SKMINARS - Free 

Impmvc your skills Im 
prove your self with the Student 
SaccfS Scmiaani oficred hy die 
l.eanung Assistance Centerl 

Dav Sminars: 

Miwday. Sept 21.2:25-3:25 
FW * Memory Tahniques 

Tuesday Sept 22. 145-2:45 
F W7 Memory Techniques 

Monday Sept 2«. 2:25-3:25 
- F543 Conccnuation Strategies 

Ti«itoySept2'». 1:45-2:45 
F307 Ctmcentrauon Strategies 

Monday CXl 5, 2 25-3 25- 
F34 3 Cutting Tea Anuety 

Tuesday Oct. 6. 1.45-2:45- 
FT07 Curtmig Test Anuety 

MondayOct 12.2:25-3:25- 
F343 Tune Management 

Tuealay - Q-U 13. 1:45- 
2:45 - FW Time Managemem 


Wedneaday SepL 23. 7 8 
Tips 10 Tot Taking 

Wednesday Sept. 30. 7-8 
How to Become Moovaied 

Tuesday Oct. 6. 7 H - 
Time Management 

Tuesday Oct 13. 7 S 
Curbing Test Anxivls 

All evenuig seminars arc of- 
fered niH221 

To regisler. caD Terry 
Dooahue, cxtcnsMiii 22 10. 

4 Th«Hoit>nQef.Sec#err*)«r»0 1W5 


Jazz banjo is one Hawking film gives viewer a 
smooth musical treat brief glimpse into the infinite 

Hartir>g*t Sal Wn>«> 

't)'nih-ai( drumilv; Howurd 1 .rvy 
on hann>mKa». puna. lyMfcen/- 
en. penny wtu«lc aidaavnK Vk- 

ThuiccaRlnt wavpurckMBd 

■ tK jm Mciiiat of ■ local mMK 
Ao|h bM I haw: lo admti I hwl 
fame lesicTVMinm icginlngjKi/ 

Bui my ircpiiiiilion proved lo be 

TtK music u IM. 0^ moi> 
vauve. and' »' Mjr MK «a> lOM, 

TTs: muiK » an pcrf i rmal liw 
mihestuUio Ttuumi-iUKitulllieR 
was no ovenhiMmg ur iniftOK- 
mg. Levy dMt lilty luryttwrd mt 
harnHnca. MnakamsMBJy 

Then are fuwliMdmeroliefic 
BcUPVxIi uniKn«WC,shdc.dec 
erK and nylon itrang haniM. He 
ilmajmfoim% lOof Hw t^pacicai 
UR Hm reconluie. Rm Winnfn on 

nt-anng liaH. fiwe-nnng (Mm 
bntat. and acno ham. 

liMh «>nii has a dnlMclivc 
Dfcam" and "The Yoe-tiaw f-'at 
tw" ihcR n a very drfiniM Mue- 
(rast influciKC "Bonnie Md 
Slyde" (iffcn «inw dittincl lla 
nuenui nfls and "I'nie Nnnb" has 
MX Rioia m Gaelic folk mutic 
" ndefaMCily a bkrx pKU . 

ki kKn ad dwi ita u Ae 
only acally Amenon Rwmc fnm. 
Tlien Beta Fleck and die Ftacnne* 
play pa mKuw§,iy «ell. hnvinf 
pnMMDd a mwdini ilH NcMh 
mulii-iultural nxm w«li a tmti 
andunu)uc4>lc "Jaitzcanihanitt" 
IK indHKl a uoe-tif -'a-lund nnmcal 

Volunteers needed to 
work with terminally ill 

Kaiirfi(>w IhxiMcc. In. . M kiiAing lu> pc>]|ik HMciCJilalui iiiluMDcnng 
»fewik>Uiiw-t»w<awwk helping icmiinitayiapMlcmi and daartainilieit. 

Raint«>w (kspKc. inc.. sams ihr nmlWMM «dc of OncaflD and 
sumiunluiii suNirtK Hnpne ii affibaacd wnfc Hnly F-anaiy Hai|Mil. 
Lmhcfan Cimcral Ha|iwd. Om Lady of die Rexuinictkin Hn^pMri. mdi 
ResimctxmMedKalOmia. lfycMaKCiMenMBd.llalnti»w l^ja^Hic will 
be taMmf a 2» hew Mil vokiMMf tnimi« prainMi a dicir Park Rm%c 
affiw(inOc«)liDil7.(n]m«un mVni anJaawiniinnOciiitef H.»and 
Novwhber 2. 7. 9. 14 and Id Odtri mtas of voiumacr (ffmlviily widi 
Wailifcoat Hoapice aichak otfKt niumxtx fund-«aiaMg. amoMMily 
edMMioa<ir|iRife»uanal cxprrtiiic Fi«ci|En ipcakmg anopretenaKataD 
needed. Fur dn« aucemod in te nmnf pnigram. ur hx lanba aiAnna- 
tioB. pkaat Mmiict Sonne Rcndl at Ike RamlKm HtwpKc oflkc m i XW) 

CcMnedy juggling team to appear Sept. 17 

TTus us a ilw* fi* ihc whole tiinily lu oifuy The PhKung Zone n • 
juKgiing inim thai won ilir Ink-rTuijinal Tca«iii(slmgCha(n|innriH|iin 
I9II4. Their aniKs in. ludr «u (i ii<( unt. yclo. (Ivniiiit lilKhe)i,|Aingc<i and 
tewhng ballv mmg music .c(«nedy an>tai:ri>hdtiiA They aie hoc al Itoper 
CoBefeanThunday.ScpiemhLf P u 7 Ui|;«ti in Building] Theatre The 
pnceof iKkec^arriOiMrrn I :joauf«,k-t. S.?. Harper .'OuilcnCi.iiii.uli) .Maff 
and Ktutir citi/ciH. $}. Odier audenu. S4. (ieneial adnuKno; $5 For 
licketi and infixmiuon. phsaie nn«i ihe Ikirficr Caflege Box OOicc ai 




i ^ ,. 'U ■A.tlif ih- vil,* 

,j... I ; 

,■ ..Mr 

• lilt 

rtiKl o\ix 

GONklKK '■ 

mCltUi JlMllNiUK'-^ HI tiK ^ 


ihlS piTWHJ WC h4VC isl.1^' 

-•III »nh 

tnif -^Utl diHl *iih .nit .!kwi^ 


Klli^' t> 

If .in 

<irnMninmt:ni t*t sh^jc \.air sl^ 



wliti Afiprct. uic v<Hi Kh «»h,jt 


.1 i.l 1 


,. ih. 

p\mc Uv \\m 

>fcc fu^i J ■■>.trt-, ' 

■ -tt- 



in I Ik 


ii-.i^ .'t 

Direct t are 

Hm (Mil ItKI^N \M> \|)| 

1 IN 

li \"vi .11, f.H«kirtv* f''r 


• rvwjidti^ vk.'fl. 



• mil iiiiu- .■' pi'i iHi , 


ciFXkiKk IS nn ri 

U / lt)K 

)I>1 • 



pit)' ( /«' 



Hatinoaf Siijft Wnrw 


Sirphen Ha^kinf ii a 

"iGan:licr" ThrdrsmrlhathakiMife 

nmdlheelDexplancdieaaR. lUwi 
ing K a vr •— ■ -• — twawlic faneol 
Klenn: ', defsnemnve 

atKax *u..o. ..~ <^«»iinl ngnwH 

ii hai kA him cunfined k> a 
(na.luni.'o) whorl ihair. h» budy 
isubic k> R^nd loany axmnandii. 
tfawewi . dWMih Ihr UK of • .ipc- 
ciahiicdctnipiWDr anftwaie lyam. 
he H «iill aMe lit commaniaBe. 


undenaand ihc dvuniical mechan 
verae". dm Tdm offen an ca.5dy as- 
■andaad alionauvc lu hu hooia 

TVribiMdaKn.-ur.Emil Miiint, 
usctflashhatluar Hawking* yaudi 
(neadii.andpeen. taaenvenMl wMh 
HHervicwY of hH teBow Kiemists. 
While wc waich the hi.<il<wy ol hu 
life unltiM. he » (VdcMing die iheo- 
nc% hrhifltl hi<i Rvetaxw fcfanhng 
ihe hisury of ihe nntwene. 

Yaiihe vicweru iefttt) wander 
wtMdHt Hawkws would have Riale 
the wicnce ol anmnlagy his tifc'i 
wort had M ncn been (or Ihe dueaae 
Bell (tx iildkiugl) hm genwii tic- 
cane otwiuu* early on. w4ia wa> 
eqnaHy ipfaMni was ha lack uT 

of iihulilc'f wi»k. 

The nfan's audttory and i 
provaking We hear Hawkmg'f 
voKc at il n now pnaluced by a 
voice tyndiesucr and we lee ha 
face icflccieid on die momiar of die 
ampmrr thai Yw, hKomc his only 
Imk Willi die leai world 

The lamaus namralia John 
Muir(inL-r said. Ihe power of unagi' 
raliuD makiM ut mTinir " llawking 
hat ccruinly pnivcid [his uaicinem 
loheuuc Htir duuugh the power of 
ha imagmauiiR akme he added 
' til (he ihctry u( a 1. loaod 
. tiul hait Icfl hu m md {ree to 
(nMemplaie dK^ mf iniie 

"4 Brief liiMory iif Timr," is 
fkown dady at the l.<«w't fmr 
Arts Tkmre in Chicaita. 

Have Dinner with Alan Bean 

4th Man to Walk on the Moon ^^KM^ 
Commander, S/cy/ab2 World Renowned Artist 

Saturday, October 3, 1992 

Mayoral Ballroom. Woodfield Hyatt Regency 

Reception and Art Show begin at 6:30pm 

Dinner begins at 7:30pm 

A special presentation by Mr. Bean will follow Dinner 

Proceeds will be used for the construction of the Planetary Studies Foundation 
Ptanclarlum and Science Center on the pounds of William Rainey Harper Gittege in 
Palatine Tickets are $75 00 pet person Make checks payable to Astronaut Dinner, 
Planetary Studies Foundation" and mail to Planetary Studies Foundation, 1520 W 
Algonquin Rd., Palatine. U. 60067 

Call (708) 359-7913 ^ 

For intormation. z' ' 



jhe HOfbogec. Sep»ert«©flOJW*J 

Modem Jazz Quartet 
to appear September 12 
1 at Prarie Center for Arts 

Tte SchMnburg Pnunc Cen 
W ta ihe Alts opens hs IW2- W5 
MMon wiita Ihe warid-icnownod 
Modem JaKQuan«.appcanngM8 
p.m on Salurday . SepKwIw 1 ; 

Tnje ID lis narocMkc (although 

pmua k*m Uw« says iJic i»iKin irf 

the groups name haJ nothing lo do 

wNh the dcttnpuon a* "he ""»«: '■ 

the Modem Jaa C?uan" f"^"* »' 

Uday. The emeniWc nsxnUy eel 

ehraiBd *> -Wlh anmvcisary, mak 
I MgihcmlhemtMiaidunniiticroupin 
^ Ova ihc years, pwnta John 
I uwtt. vibraphomsl Milt J^kson. 
toBMl FteKy Health and ilninuner 
Comie Kay have played uigcUx* 
I w«h»yinphonyi)r<.hejarA'ianil«W« 
i quwteisaiunivcriiucs.onTVcani- 
1 mefcub and «» filn> soundBKks. 
The Modern Jiu Qtiarw"* fo^ 
lecemClucago appearance was l» 

^prmg »l (TiK:ago ^ ( Xthestni Hall 

aUkcihe laf¥|iu»w<jUJ» 

,1 ha» become aciasMned » play 

mg. the Ptairvc Ccnia toneert wiU 
alkiw p«i|)lc u> hcaf the MJO in a 
more munrviu- «-itmg TTvc cnvmble 
will he pei1i»ming an aeoustn. i.*m 
cert la the iheMies four hundred 
twenty two «ai sWeof-thc an au 


After 40 yeari. the Modem J»M 

Quanct has b« <»"<■ tme ol the mo* 
ai4.ompli-4)cd »nd a-vcrol masKal 
«us«i today They amtaiocio-ound 
forever yourvg and invenovc, Mlhc 
Nc« Y«k Tiines accurately wrote, 
•they've tiached 10 piMiH where ev 

Tickets to the Mo«tan la/v 
Quanet are M* <'» adult*. S:? («« 
suidcms and jcnmrv. Titkf ts tan Ix- 
onkMdby ufitog ttic PiwncCcntet 
box of (tee M <7W) SW 3600 
wwkday^,tOn"»2p '"'"*'*"■ 
ne Ccmei forilic An* is totaled ai 

m Sthaumhurg a, Scnaumburg. 

U. iNc»t to the Sthaum»>urg Mu 

iutii»l Ccnier at fchauniburg Rd 

iwd Summit Di ) 

Noon concert features 'One^ 

Ice cream Sundays on Wednesday 

.n,xrf<>m.dur».«afr«-ci»KfnM 1 ^P m Scpt^mto 
.,! in the Student (ViiuT 1 J Hinge , Building 

September 14, 15 

A hand that muc < iw W iiwl >««»« "'^ 
Ih duru«iheHa.TW«>'«f 2S*Amvr. 

|=or nnurv mformaiton 


October 12- 16,1992 

„u» c^l the Suidcni Acnviiy OflKC « e»iemwn . - 1 j 





!•-: rk Bole 

tari Wcsl 
1 2-4pm 

T>.^Mn,w.QBf.Sep»fKT>oe»iO. iq^ 


Help Wanted For Sale A,„mbier» 

Volunl»»n i»«d«a' Popl»' 
Crttk Mutic C»nl«i 10 »•" 

Cliplon Cone»ft Stpltm- 
b*> 11 Will b»t>tlit l«»<<c» 
ihal pto»id«i «(1oid»bl» 
hsutmg tnO »•'»'«•« «" 

tiffl up' 

r Wanted 

! - 

f •mil* 'oom»l» Hug* one 
bedroom in Wti»«li<t« c»l' 
Shdly lor dol«il» 394 
S20«.^1M»»» '•»»•"•*■ 


1»»3 CnrytUor L» 8»io« 
Co«»»ll*l» <»••* Coivdi 

lion- V»t!il» OJl^rtOt •ritl 
ttdinH'ior ami"! «»* 
soil* »Ur»o, put not «t 
■ orkinto. mult »•». '••»■ 
mjCounttr WillMctilic* 
(I 2,S00 or l>««l otift 
C»ii in»tnr» i;ea^3«r 
3000 ml • •• ■ 

Fo> Sil»Cho»» 9« C».» 
lior jZilRodtJCoHont con- 
ditron N»» tiroi 2?ti 
milii loadod l'»00 «' 
b*<t ottor 398035S 



Earn credits m humanities Of 
continuing education 

Open to the cominunity- 
14 day Harpei Coiieqe study 

tour toMP«iio 

information, call the 

leral Arts Divsion. 
.•envon 2285. Room F3 13 

the Art Department 
.tension 2S68, Room P206 

In The 

of Cor 

A Mexi 

■■1, fout "^of^e 
into iO««««-'"<' 

Earn Extra In- 
Earn S200-$500 

wtekly mailing 
travel brochures. 

For more into. 

• and a lelt ad- 
dressed envelope 

to: Travel INC . 
P.O. Box 2530, 

Miami, Fl 3316t 


& Information 

CemmircUl «iit»m»il» »'• 

14 SO tof H>0 fl'»" •<"" ""•*■ 

JO Si for •»«•' •dditioftil itno 

Onfllmo '» F'id** »' ""'" ""■ 

publication In lH* "•«' 

nuf.dty » p»f*< »•' •*• '"';•' 

ba prapiid by eaib or ctiaeb. 

Ttit Haibinjat •ill not bt 
ja«»oB»ible lor typo«taphle»i 
,,ror> rn ad* laliart by phona. 
Piaaia call i» youi aa la mi»- 

for mora inlormailon, eonUct 
Tna Hirbins" '" *^"- '^•" 

(701) 3«7-3000. ait 2««0. 
or aand !ai •ith eo»»r ahaat to 

{708) 397-5210. 

ml m f ridoY. 5 


can Holiday 


WKUam Rainay H«ni« C^oHng* 







1 VieiKjIt it'' sejsonii • 
„ftjsin '^» to: 

tng i t*^i 

. RtST*UI>*"T 
. BlCtlVtNC 
. wR»P»P»Clt 


rant Tiitf 




for pe'«in»i con>«l«.'Jl>on m'o 
m prwn Monday ttiru Salu'da. 

Sctiaumburo- <""""• 


Woodllcid & Oakbrook 

Strapping Centers 

Wanw ero» Studio Stwmkaiw;^ 

wiiw n anwtammern ™«*"*fV' 

: rrToMfiro^-- 

SDOpping Cantaf •»« 

H you boliwa " »up»not euilo<y.' ^ 

•.p«r.«ne«. ara anthunatbc and 
jX.«»d 10 eiBrteoM •• ««"' «> 
hear tiom you 

ttBr«.l.t», plu«jj« oppo.tunjl^ ] 

S*or MOd 8 rB»um« loWamer Broa 
SSoSloce* Attn Sto« MajaflW. , 

240 »«o Eoe 



That s aUtei'' 


itwHobrtaar s«p«wnt>w lo. iwj 

7 ■ 


I diforial Board 

rditor in Chie*. 

Uun OwMten AiMry 

^ Ir E Editor 
r raturrs Editor 
I'holo Eiitlur 
I Copy Ediior 
I CnphK* Edihir 
■'port^ Fdiior 
K«c\>lty AJvlvr 




I>in Bevw 

Mm W*l«in* 

SuMumr Hivhc 


Don't vote!! 

We are not only on the edge of a national 
election but also a student senate election right 
• on campus. 

But, PLEASE, don't votet 

Remember your tack of action allows thoae 
Iwho know best to have their way Your vote 
Pcould well impede progress and pevent someone 
from acting in your best interests. 

Too many voters, that is the problem here 
Too much input on issues tends to blur and 
liffuse the needed structure What we really 
Ineed is more uncontested elections For example, 
|th»s tall only eight of 1 1 student senate openings 
even have candidates running And, only one is 
^(.xin tested. 

For what it is worth, your voice is small! 

insignificant and not in the least influential 
laybe that's why only abinit ><>(' studnfis ot 
nore than 20,000 voted m the studnet si-nate 

elections last fall. If you think fur a moment that 

yrour vote really counts, look at the world around 


What do you see' The result ot >rt>LR votes! 
■ rather yiwr lack of votes! Apathy runs 
rampant on campus and in society Apathy has 

en voted in by the majority and apathy i<. in 
tontrol' Your lack of vote for a candid jti- 1>! anv 
Iffice IS a vote for apathy. 

So, DON'T VOTE By not votmg you too can 
pip maintain the status quo Why rock the bctat? 
iMaintain the steady-state of comfortable .ipathy 

George and the boys singing an old tune 

FMMly ««|iM%. Ili*l'» whM 
&u% ruuntry mscdt. a rrtum in 
iwiuty v«lu(»' 

PnnUanl «ii«^ tnd j 

mttiim to Urn Am^autaUm 
cMldhnnd, tnKli to ihc '«)» and 

WaiurupMr Buali' Bm«w 
ClMvcr ha» ipotvn up. Hr'tncmr 
• rncOTvnng drug •ddid, and 
can't find t ph. |un« CIniwr i* • 

widow and can'l mirvtw on hrr 

SacMl Sacumy chack. 

fcon Wanft company only liclpf 

loMrsy tha con* ior Mar 

mux buy and Ilw iMidaralMn 
that MnlKam docan't pay (>'» 

AiMncai. il'* ttnw tu «. kmt 0» 
dooriinteaMiibnmmthe Ttk 
wf* llwy liad a faufjti tiinr Thay 
Uw Ifarointh ttw Cjgal Da pi ' i aion 
and World War II 

hit It'* |u«t lor that ttnaon 
thjt we n0>d w mow nn miw 

Tlw DvpTirwian and the war 
iwiMadttiair«ind*,U||tuiw' It 
oeioritlwti' ftOfprnrnM ultO 
"^4ow<y i* powfj MM AmeTiKa 
ftntir arp thnr tk>f(an». 

CMy thit M>rt at mindHX 
cmM alhmr a l*t«aid«tl lo lay 
thai tiw IwnifiMa naua t* imM a> 
wwafaat lh>- libcralt would haw 
you Wtrvr and llwrctoi* not 
worthy nt initutinK any wrt ol 
Mftruhcanl MonomK poiKy In 
doai with It. 

It aim sUommI litm lo deny 
for BKHillia Hw vary airwtafK* <>( a 


ii • nnw lt>ielc«.-(a CPDHdmt 
and Vke frvsiifani who gnrw up 
in th* 'Wt 

It » iiim- tu cjixi pniple who 
midv Ihr rrallv "lur\l i hokTU", 
Uw group that loKkt-d ji all thai 
had t«<cti and mhI N»' ' 

In tha wordk at AMae 
HuHman, a vocal rrprawntaOv* 
ttl Iha 'Mh and catty TtK and a 
naUMT a< my lionictowiv 
Wotcmln, Maiaachiairtts * We 
•ndatl legal aapNUfMian 

WcandMiJlhc idea that ynu 
can wtvi a iniUkKi sutdirn. Ipn 
ihoutand milo away tu fiKhi in a 
war that pniple do not support 

Wc ended thr idea thai 
woman ara ■acand<kM ctlucm. 
We ware rarklna, amgMl. tffly, 
and haadatrang — and wt wife 

VcM* in Navcmtwr. 


. .F '> 

^~y^ \ 

f i %ll^ii^^ 

^ ^nX' ".,.'>'"'"'*«• 


Are You Registered? 

George Simon 



\ ' .rruiai iniorination i 

Tk«Hatt»iivatistht.'studmtpublicatK)«l<<riK>'! ' 

*»«»Wyiiievp««luringh«>ltday»anif'" ■' 

and adrntnismtlon TK* Hari»tngr 

. ■.■ camptisawnmuiuty, ptibiuhod 
' 1 hiili\l trcv tuall sttjdonts, faculty 


,»tkl iriiiiidfa -«• I.,' 


M.niri\ii!>'n.iK li-ttiTimusfbcsigtwd 
.vithtu'ld iijMin n-qiK-M All U*ttiT>arr 

• luctsdixlxf Thi-Haifcin> 

, Ul!h -' •■■••'" •■ ■ '''.""•'•■>• • 

■ , lni!iiin*'*.shvmK1(x*lii»rvKdrcled 

1 4»n- 





iiiiam' toirwy Horp€» CoHieg© 

SflplMniMM 10. 1992 

Volume XXVI Ni^nt 

•Eye on the Hawks' preparing for changes to sports 



'^lci•ltfh•tCIrlIaiIUCI^£L&k^,:,T,.Hric,N.iUiii).' ■>, ri.-.!! cMr. InocJtokJk'* Uiai swichocty 

I b> ••■i,(.u^v .»k)i. --.;.. s,:,«v^^ ., HruK uatmi a wonky ct e%fn wiB hcaf Show you 1( you w«u 

Mdl One tlMiiBc Ihili toi ahta* cowewic puMKHyfocyoMflMm.younoodio | 

wimM lake to «« AC' iWllWl fCt ItanieaKxl m Ac tne of iIm!I|KM» Oiw men- dangcUxuM like »iicli wiitiusjiai«gaiR(lus! 

TlKic'i wmme «e* tMrm moht^ «•» I *••« man dun Iwic* •• K)iecta|i|KiiciniiMtKiiiailrwiih- Mayhc I'm wnng.but I (toni 

«w dun on itir Hatiiwer Snail h iwe «*<*» •• «•«•* Bwiy «f«nm«ijnf wilhiBcau* oul rtie ol«K«».UB«>«B.I«<e ihinkrm»skiiigrcira*hofc;lo«. All 

BMtftt»«lii(aiief frnJutiWataJU'. tea icmaMf )«JB WW*) lAr i«> w tli*.rhcl*iaed.K»»uid.iiKll|»taHp eoiftto Itmii many Hifpo sjwm I mirying w do is make • ipnre 

*enewS«Bn»luli»«*ih»nt'>«v .« il«e H«»ttJ«Wriio» ' »!.« ahw iwlhc-mjai laws rmi«l wy little ««« (or p«c*.nhkxAinKl(w»anJtDe«Ji 

Md I plw w iw*e «inc iM4CTvicw«'WlMli«(i»»»ii*l)<«ii Hliwif»wn«(i™idit»iiaii» nBumgw Mmtnagif wiwan. I 4) week. Willi* tittle help ti«ii(Hhcrs 

iwkdernilKM yuitjutxpvmmmimkmrr') *nir matofle ««■«• a* » |»*«ii have oar won) of advtcc far tear md » ipod deal a* my c>*ii umc. 1 

Pim«f«B iMMnmlw* ■wwai? Tel «e •*« j** •** earn «. • MHie rf Hk H«*«iw. who fii (te <fciw»«w<Ji> ihc mart h^* w give Haqjcr Spom (am 1 1 

te k/fdKHr kmmMv Ni*. can h. *un»«d ciB • Ifcr IB do « wiAml #»«» H«»» yon bA witfui*. the mare peopte sharp eye on ihe Hawks. 

FaU '92 BuUding M schedule 
for students, faculty and staff 



MON l?<Hip'" ' ^<'P"» MON II 



12:0«>piiv c. uipm 
6:0C>iMH ' (H>pin 

11 IS 

\\ M) 12 OOpiii I AOpni \V ID 

1 I twi.uii I 2 Mtpm 
JOOjMii lO («»I>ill 

J I tMIpiil ! (Klpill 

IHl K 12 (M) t ^l»(>iu 

6 txtpiii ^ (M»pm 


SA I • 

1 (UK II (Hiini I : M>pm 
I (M)|uii !0 (H)pm 

l2 00|Mn 1 :30pm ITll 

12 0<>f*m 4 00pm ' SAI 

I I (Ml. III! I (M)piii 
12 OOpiii 4 (N)piii 







I Rl 

1 1 00am I :(K)pni ; MON I I (Ki.mi I (Ktpm 

1 1 :00am I OOpm 
7:00|>rn KKIOpin 


I 1 (H)an» I Ulpin 
4:00-10 (H)pm 

IhOOam I iHipii. wri) 1 l:O0am-I:O(»p 


1 1 :00ain I (X)pm | THIJK 
TCDpni 10 (Xlpin 

12;UJ|Mn I UUpm . IRl 


I I (N lain I (Klpiu 
4:(H)pin KKKipm 

ll;(M)pm I iKlpin 

SAT* 1 2 flO|M" J OOpm SAT* 12 nOpm t (nip.,, 

$5 per hour raquetbait court 
time and $1 raquetbati rental 

You MUST have a CURRENT Harper College ID. 

'The facilities wiU be open on selected Satudays. 
Please check schedual in "M" Building, or call 
397 1771 

Unanticipated closures may occasionally arise due to 

instructional needs and special events. Advanced 

notification will be posted whenever possit>le. 

Harper football 
opens season on 
high note vs. COD 


TIk tUr|icr (ixHbatI 

wMi a 21-12 m-tury imr ihc C<i- 
'leae or DuPi^i!:. Salaniay'* fame 
pitted two iBatnt deiUKd ID hMilc it 

'HMpcr fM fH m • iiHKk «(ift 
■- i-nan wiKhd>>k-K an thcv Um 

\*K< praaanKim 'Die litw'kn wetc 
tvliml uH h> the Chapunib on a 
toal M14) un C'0()'« riTM pMM al- 
irmiH. \><i/^ti icco«l»MtlMi .||wc 

up Ok battoa their ami9)nwitMt. 
taikdniHtchMt kv Hai|>B'> khn 

K4mplo,ainnhiBan mmm *»^ ■ 
•u (Moch II a tRm ihr I yard hue. 

the Hawks daki'i «WK any 

wne «• dam Mraad pniaaaana, ci- 
iher Tiewr Rspn. a MffeaMcav 
lUMMDithadi. •coradota 17 yard 


Ibwkf woe iHcKseiiied dBCfi w *e 

Oapainl ead cif ihe twM. mtat 

Themiamm— iiPdwfteihrt 
<iuana wi* Jaaon 9matm ummt 
m m cwcHm I** (nun COO'f 
<piaiicitek. tlkw |uiM afhr m- 
h-' . ^ • '..<.'.lwMielelt.lei*Mi 

Harpcrinicared k.) be in WMMe 
afka a oouik at moat rum ^" 1 
COO'i Owayne Gray who fmuiv . : 
dwday witfi2a7yard»aa26caine». 
Even m idi a Tivc yard toucMown 
ninm Ihc fini(lli4|uancT . die Chapar- 
mlt remaned down by two. 

O tl > i\-(!ame»l the hall iw thcw | 
IwoKy ).aii Imc » iih ); 1 2 irinain- 
ing. kxikiqg lo make the tanc a j 
bulc HHonimK. Harpo'ii defenae 
wdhMDod die d^Mcfe. atippian a 
(Da* dDwn qaMErtHEfc aHMk « I 
die % yard hue. 

HieChaDaRaltanieiqianiiic I 
OB dcieme. funaift ihe Ibwfcs lu 
aiaempl a V) yard I'lcM goal The 
kkk went w nk- leii. but Harpa wat { 
lamed by a pcaatay Haf COU h 
had twelve mcmandK field. givini I 
Ibipcr a flm and fMd fnirn the f> | 

Onloonh and iKhes.QB Eric I 
im»diecndamelopulihr (ante | 
away widi :)9 wcondi left 

TImi waa the aHond tegular I 
victory over COO in Ihe laal two 
y«an The two leaim lad « the 
RcfMMlVSttleChampiindiiplaji | 
year widi OlAcc »innini! JI II 
ludgaag trot die way di ey ph y ed.u I 
knks Uke dejt VH al vm afiun { 

Harper itayvm the road wHh a I 
dip ID Onnd Kapidi. Mm higan on | 
SepMaaber \i. The Hawks will re- 
■— »die « ta rn wdhagaweatamiil { 
ItaMK Vtdtey M ScpMfdicr t V 



'mE Harbinger 

win torn Ratnay Harper Cot l*g« 


Volume XXV. Number 4 





Zoo TV 

from Chicago 




(w)rite way 

to success 





tee page B 

ArtAEMvlaMMnt ft 

ctMtmMAai T 



[pus to receive new building 


Hup« CaU«|c B<M(< if I 



■oiai k KkaMid ■• ka eon 
mtim Piiiiiitiil9W. 

raMlP TV 
tlMO aiMn Ini WUii« oiO 

OIBim, iaa An SkMbi, A lA- 

Otak. CoB- 


1M* MWat ■ <l» Bni af • 

ii—niiiM ■■■!)[ «—ty<l fti « < tyliwi—Wwc- irfyiaited 

m «• MMiM If M IMw tac Ata* *Ut *■ yiiiwn'i ai^ Hm ac* Utori Am twUiiii oMnanpia ApnniMkMi 

l«*«<^ jiiUliiL iiw— iiiiiiiiiiMli mil* ronmciyriiy— 1iifciiHiiinii»«»" tini act for Ike Hfeqr of AIMS' 

■Mlidawalfcr ai.«kk».»illh(iMM<liMb«*ta dMi.Miffai4«WM*. AmI- 

lyaikaMiii*. aanrimWatpavaM. i mi um I — < AiaiiMiniiwiiiail iiiiHlniiiai 

Hapv Coiha* ka D«rii« *• in — ii rim itaib mml» ky vfllit^ pirt. Mhaol 

( *•■■ fnpaw hi tariaMii««aaa«a((i4*>iaapak- >■■>< wi ■ ly ■on-fwifinn*- 

hsbMi4Hta*«M- k«knlM*. ton arf five. oMck l i i rt wi 

Meeting of thie minds set 

Iiw IfaipB OAft ««« 
I of Mdm ilMn. Or. ■ 

initJU I iiiii I hipiii I — Il l 

< IWlWIII IB 1MB tfHir 

wd to iafw Rfadat * - 


cnmofhcrjott Mw in i i y fmi i q t » — « will « 

TktunihaKkniiii'nMndqF. winr Bliiiai w llii l iiny « tnt 

OHak0t.bHiNaMittlpji Tla Iwich* the tint mbcoMi 

ifctiMiiiw iin IM infiwil McCimy or lum takaw m Ok 

AS ■■*■■■• tlitJMc w |Mr- Swtfaa Acbviiia uffic* (A)M) ■ 

■LilMMtl1iil>lyiiil>»»ait»illi>«Ml oMMia 2342 f«r fwAcT mfarau 

vacttinandi MflK. 

Register to 

Student Lounge 
A Building 

Sept. 24 and Ort. 1 
3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 



HCB mW ■■mm MdM l» *i Uwi 




««lt*kMTka*v.OMfe«t.S «*«(*• WMM»OiMrCMlMl 
pn ai Ifaifv CMh«i Ib f^ikai. ThtakawTaOaCklatari. 

' aaaaarlBt 

^ Ca«eleria( 

■rii ai iMHiM *aH Haipar'a To eoatria *• aM rf qpm- 

Lart TMMriMT AaaalMB Db- iiaik *■ aMMaia laaMla* epaa 

iWB.— kBa«g>. <iall'wllb»T»aJiBtflfcil>yjfc 

Election is (a)pathetic 

86 votes cast in ho hum turnout 

BiMlliof aw !fiii<cM 5tmm lif^mn Jay Singk. 47 

HiwirjIKH AlhlrtirtMUl 



and Plivw «l ScMicM Div. 

Liijaat Uium- 
Eddie Baldnt. 3S 

Vulrmif Farrtimmi ml 



Chmine Boydell. 22 
Dilvwler S Saini.6l 


Ti»Mw»timr %mmmra4. 








Copy Ed) tor 



l>««rg« Simon 


It's a sad, sad world for the Willies 




4pathy wins! Again!! 

The total of voles cast in the Studem Senate 
elections last week was 86. Thais out of 
22.000 possible voters. We were going to write 
an editorial about it but decided not to bother. 

WaiK MOMtd Uh, tit iniical ». 
jmrn-nU M>lhr|a MMilau He bal • 

'iVtt* Htimm ttyrteil 

t««i«r or, Ht ■«* », ^,piCTl nm- 
WMlM i m . a — iw ri w s lifc- Amllit 

l*fc. <M)riiMitfMn|iilMiUfe»«iiM 
•«m-^ WmicMimlMeaB 
bMMf ai *r •iMifc 'VMM 

WiHk (Aunmn imiH lw*t kmi • 
«««»»<»•«»■■ tamt^ tut ikM •wt't w 

■ftoi iht cMiym ImJ Mated ^aitit 

wwiwl Hw*o«, lit nwit lor It 


. t «ci»—MinB.»e 

•UoWtMwwxklttlkkxhcpmun li 
•• •• pMHM phn he had cv«r 
Ikmihiat TimiMliidiifa-|.<M 
ita« tkt (MM now. B ii)c nwn- 
te §0hma, WittK 

praaufiqr.aiyiif ' ' ' 

■••rtlimoiKmiiiuA.. »mlm, ^ 

<kM ••)> hn wkolt life Ib Ilium<«»a«niM<t«M h 

'K' *iiiMllim Mwiiiini <bwiai«inilct- 
^J*"*«l •« foUowmj umma. 
w1» nwllBipliul mht aetl He 
«» iHMKfeiMg ttr OKI <r ht rapt. 
Hw Bay M« ipoid *« Am low 
mmkiat "M" «» -Tknc-i Cum' 

l*rih> HHacanKdicruulnm 
Tfce WW — f—nil hu mak- 
nm. MMl WiUic on 
If kroouJdn'i pay ha 
:.hc«aiMlDwlu>^ir Tlus 
cnMtfkimiomap Ocnu( omo «« 
ot-m»my. Wai« A^ i^^ , ^ 
«« w-wJ Ike WimaMi iMder 
NaoM't (ure of wluilK kad piMMd. 
kw MiK he WM iMe iDnacMi aw 
■Mrfij— ...jti — i-jM^at»uijL 
CramoriMiB »mrm$mmmiimii^ 
oiitk. hw car ilwiij nu aiadHr 
•md-oi. ca«m to* ID niikide m 
limma WiUiewMdud AndaUni 
■Mto to imwy. .11 iH, wcojiMKm he 

*" *°".* '.*'*°°' "'■• • 1<<* «w^ 
" ' ^aidKliiMp^ar 

*«i«i>».id — i.>,>w<i i.— — T^iiiit JI'iTiiI 

^^mnaocaiai^lH hi ■ ■ ■■ ^^rl■lll iiiMinbiiiiiii .iijiv-.i 

awhetMMt Htey n . wj i 
fed imii^ iluiium - - 

■'■>— flM hi a^pf mm m 

i*ii<t.l%fc«ri— wrii»t»>rt. 


"» —>■* - t1W>i*liW.htlHfc«iy 

■WvaandKidBd Tht |it« far dia 
lim*«i>he*jawr Hevwip.^ 
•ojBM aqr chAoicaiVa May 

The nml to Ihu uwy ■ umpie 
l^opk hi¥e fot lo ««t (eoay ihev 
PWUMI nrw«hi ui Ufc Ifihcpn^ 
WiUic hud net would have bca aaan 
<Va lo fricndUi^. he'd he aine lo. 
■'•y AUhewaniDdwMubiowaaiiw- 
OM lo do lh«ti widi. or jMt h«« out 
o^ He had hoinl u> imotey ac 
<|ii«ta|arlfakBMIuo. TVaeaciiai 


Soooiy aaMiMm aawkd WiUc 
«■ aaywf. "Yoii'k a Htiafit Yoa 
dB»-i kxit like a modtL ywi'ic noi 
rkh. aad yoy'n aa oool amifh " It 
•" B04 a coaacioaa dKuion <m 
i^'we-ipaw.haih iri aa jp aap h a m 

•«ii|»fc "»»<»■•* Tib Bii**. m 

nH%liadB9MahiL' ~~ 

•a* madd tei li aan hia or har hit. 
<■• iiMi ■ aia »Mb Ian 

*^— -*-*-^-*-- ■ I .,i,_ .._ 

I for Willie- -nu fricadi aal 

«l«* (h>fcia |l i ht oat a Oct 

wafihaMdit. Aadaioacliclakii 

•dn<< Md ay k «,.«. •« HMM 
ckaagea. aanalr.Ua m^m. 

So. I"- "^Ttiii iiaiilliil Under 
a «~«ia»»airi<;aiTy«,|,^ctatai. 
hchtdaiie»uica«iilKMa> meM 


- ia *■ life h 

MOW if fm don't haw low aw 

>ncly ari|iaal quaiilir ak 

want oatUat take HaymoR 
Hia (tadaa aacfead. he had BO tcaac of 
■nhnltfe H«;itiicaiiMfiaiMe|iitaf 

« SfltaOMafonnof duchmtfiatjan. 
Il*» liaK »c all make a chanfe m 
~ " Whea 

, doB'ibe 

iohmarher Ifiumeone 
•OMM ipatym. tK open and litien lo 
•taftaiperMnkaiiDtay. Bcwttw( 
•• aiake frxndi vah aaw paaple a*, 
itydajr. If vcalluy.wccaaiWnB 
paaaidagf. laaiiakeahHkanimdaai 
laaa jfoi'ic riWi la ttx loiin{e m 
■■''*■•*• AajrpBwai you ler uamt 
ataBecattkl.iiiracl.heaWinK Tniw 
me. I faico WiUk hetw ihai myanc 
ll'i a hanbic burden lo he« 

•««^lnl,tnillanTh«i«i,,„«. orf.ce.sloc«teZl^67 *^ "^^ 


____^ o^n»»nBtni>w »|| a ^ irij n, MMiad 


1h*Hcablnoar.S«ptwT*>w24. 1992 

Science fair bonanza 

Melee at "C" 

Lmi yMf (WW UO 




punwqr IB alk dhwiy «Mk (aahy 

■cknal wkick a km for 
OMlrtta u 
ad »Kai carea 

yMl «•■« }KN1 

Mciny iw Wffcly miMi KMUiiU 
nd iw | »w « n . «m Ind ID Nnow 

Ikm mnm m.tla 


IW IWI Fw. -'-- ^ll^< hi 

■ioa villi !■■- 

Tk* IMvMtUjr of llliMM. 
^^ n ^ u i| Vttommif. Yah Ummt 
t huHi i m alTmcit- 
■i* m . W W ii m i m Uiii«VBi]r. 
OMmta i MIi lyl i oT T«clMta». 
T i Bfa iM i tm l M i rf 1 

mlvad HI • fi(kl. Qmi 

uk«ii ■» NarikwtiMni Mwimt— itiirhiimaiilf 

Contniutiljr.vlwrc he received uiadcm *m •ppanMty Iknwra 

HWciia (driBjunct ID hti laud nd rtmrn^twrniam. 

uic Cmb^w AMk S^tf mmmt 

Tim ritm Widi» ii»'mii»i»d i ■ ikailir itaT dK Sfhi «M*d «id 
aor iliaMi M dM SifL V t 

IoIm M«i|«, Fasiaky ad Snt- 
dtftagmul t i d i r ei tu^mtmmi 
of Ik* Fan. |»MB ma 


■dvMIKI MUli)t 

"I'l -lilt iilmiiMj.i 
D ii ya a m f i wi K) ! facaaf. » !». 
taariMa ii l rai— d n i M iatChmto 
•nd CM te w i r l n d kgr ului« fciM 
tUI* $J KCM pM dH IW TlvSlMC 
Tollw^jr la tm CaH A«aaw SaMk 
e«M 1fT--H"fniiMl»naaniiiiaM miB 

A mdaM csadiKi hceraif wiU 

1 1 44»jn. dM iliidaeli.iia hiayn tiliddittdWwiBrdMcytaietyai:- 
of two, Hancd » latvc HaM •ank uun 

Looking for a Job? 
See this xveek's... 


» 9mmm m mm^mmmmm^ 

(acalqriaiMFiir. FifUvkidlvjB 


pliynci. t>iola|y, 

eagaiccnBi. ad 

TV* day'! aoiiriiiei »itt l«|iK 
vMaaanharortncr fieu «i»cilk 




A degree 

for people 

on the move. 

Ti»M»rtt«g»r,S«pt»mMr24, 19M 


MAP grants available for 
qualiFied first-year applicants 

Interior Design students 
receive 2nd annual awards 

The MuMUry Awud Prafnm 
(MAF) inna »ill amumm w to 
aoMxkKl ID i|ualirMd fnAaua iiftt- 
cwaiMmicliOa I, Iiiriiie 1WZ93 
whool ye«. •» » ittull o< tc tnn ukai 
l)y Ok PiNM SlidcM Awdancc Com 
miwiniiOSAO***"! n wwui i n 

piKUKM wtn ako to axciiiad 

ISAC. (to •daununior «f MAP. 
K f Kol with Ac Moaid mi^ y«« of 
raranl numlicn oT qi|itKMiaiu far 
MAP «ii>uncc 

Afior ciptncwnt • fUK percent 
uwnac iMt y««. MAP tjipliciiMii 
ratowfarte 1992 V3«:«hiB«c)i«r 
M cwimiljr naaiinc 5 A (>««>■> •to*d 
erf tiK nomtor of ippliMtKWi ■ «ki( 

LMkiat fimdt u meet <h» itMiply 
I. ISAC had uniio- 
iwily nuimdsd ■moiaicint MAP 
•wvdi fw ill llvlUHn OR !■■* 30. 

Ain992 93MAP«i>anilciUT la 
onkrioprcvnu ny imnMdulc niun 
c«l durapun. ita Ml Mm panm of 
oatatti' (raiB win ■M to iKkioI 

IUmh. Uw •uv odMr Male*. i> 
npenencmi Kvtii budfcury pnib 
tenu, which have icnoyi impliuuaw 
far dw finaicutl ud pn>|rinu •dnuRU 

Thou(h ISAC wK (orniiuic un 
ccive • iub«untiml uktcmc in MAP 
fcadB^forilw 1992 '9]MwkanK year. 
Ike iMtidBil dnlhn pnntded w<r 
coaaMMd aliwM onjnly by iMini 

ditt to *t iMDvy of <to MAP pro 


Diane BaduD |rmmmI Gm place 
tmmtt m PMi Anfiwia mt Smm 
Halhii. aaaaid ptaea B Siiaai (Mo* 
Md dwd ptaee M KaMna Orinan 


I live piogeiis par claw 
_ J wa> done by five ink' 
I from pnifeMKinal deugn 
Mary Ancu. Nadinc 
Hmnu. l«c bvm. Chnaiac Builcr 

utdtoMcondiBMUiibnliiM* »eWadin«»ptoi.fiiiiuo«layoui. TTi«j»diaii» 

mieh«da«|»a—*<«Tu«day. f<««.fi««h....le»««»««l.p« 

^•P'™**''*^ o . ''"'eI^Ii iwBacw *•• UniMd to ««•«»*««»«■••«»* 

Inlcnw Deu|n Coordintlor ""• ""»«»» "" ««»» -» 

Al iu Aii( 1 '' meeunf. die Com 
miuain n oamawd *c ■dun ii look 
m June and wnad lauiumoialy lo re 
lone mpendad 1991 9) MAP appli 
caatait for trtrlunai ipplicaiiu wbo 
^iply pniir lo On I. 1992 and far 
oimctMaM applKaMi vto wfenuinl 
theif iniiial apphcauoni pnar lo dw 
June 20 Mapenaini; diaw caeMctaon 
^■pbcaoorw • ill be pracciaed dmufh 

The cuH of pimidii« (ram U dK 
addmcaul 5.000 wuitom capacted U) 
raceivt MAPawMdf ■< a rcsull<i(du» 
acoun ii projecied w be S6 million lo 

ToDMCt dui coal, die Comnuuian 
may oeod u fsdace dK iprinf leiin 

Widiq«vi(-ienn a«ad reductnaa 
Hkcly. MAP paM racipwai iKiiuld 
tegin praparini for die cuu unmedi 
aicly by aoononiniw Bov locover die 
pnaai. Alao. 
I cnuuli with the fi 
lit oHioc aboui alicmaiivc 
BDan«aarfinancialad(i.c .wottoidy. 
loana. other (lanB). 

The Monetary Award PRigram.d>e 
iccond largcK >iaie frani profrm of 
lU kind ui die nation, is a needbaaed 
Tinancial aid protram dial will award 
over S200 million loqualiTied Illinois 
laideaadunnt die 1992-9) aeademic 

flindu Club meets 

Garba. Raai. Hinch and 
Bhangara wdt be feaairsd at dK 
Hndu Club meetinf on Friday. 
Ociobci2frara7p.m iol2ajn ill 
ihc Buildmg A loaife. Admiaaioa 
u SI for members and S3 lor nan 
members For uiformalion tall 
Dhaval Vya* 924. 1221. HenMU 
ThakkarMl 2>5lariayPalell64■ 

j^ ROAD 


1 I iffi-. W-^ •*"'^' 
*lkf<u|Mi« S- ■.— -> 

•%«» (PitVUbUl 



Tlie Ii; XotHMio ii )tiii| JiHMicw tvtry nurtdoy Ni«l<t. Wt can it 

iKc Caiibbeofl ConuMl Awl H iMhtdct n t»««ii«9 of li»f reqjet 

moiit, a la»iili JrniMiw W!«l oii4 priie jvMwayi. tejulet U 

^ - win Jill*. And irea tan ftyitti id *« • "«P 

IME^ " J^f, (or two It iamotta. 
»r VMI «<j,;f 1, „mt Ml lor )l» fan. Tilt ballet tlorH al 
-" $:00 p« ■nd itif btMd tt 7J0 p*. Wtt tet 

:^!!^ t'RQ 

MOST CARS Includes rilii-r. 
Lube & up 10 5 Ols. Oil. 


WITH mis AD 


• UHLM^M ft U&tM k t k: 


^^tNr. % firi«n V HWf 


-OPCW 14 hOUHS- 
= «• .— JiifiBi 


jui»i«q«»u"a8aoi.u»«i»a»oo«« MittOBOi**' 


T«»»Mtrtln9»cS»pt»fr*«r24, 1992 

Writer M cinerney tells all at Harper visit 





■ M ihc mtafn. hf tawi» IH 

tmmfWmn m t f m l f 

my »ciml n>r< — irnim . Wte lanw I bad- 

awmriutiwatqaarMBRlKiMtiit CMmt wmmml «<«> tancxiMi 

m»ht iwiinimi ■■ylwfc. SaOil- 'Ww'Tlirffciii m—f «.i«e."'TTi« 

im» « O i| ' *M y.»««Ml.Tiii*«ply' Cactairw ite Ry* (uritiic -tO't.- "A 

And IM MMt. -Uy, Imf. I HMl jmw WASfS rortsvy'i CwafteiM*. 

kaak.arcan«y«i'i«aitpa(y "Hw Ituky Bauncu Pan 0." "Sawrtagr 

— iHP— il»*«ml»— ■' Ni|l» F<«er villi Dn>(i.~ mtf 

Mc I m — ) aiariMd •• • r 

bet cAMfctr. 


TIm jnarmt 19M. lUadiai HcwK 
nlMMd iH fim anginal ptpartack in 
*■ \%M|* CoMmvenm irnt. 

rf f w hton . p my mw . i M iB ultol ii» 
•meet mi Mif dtaoovwy. 

A aMiMli bcfora pvbticMiaii, 
M i hai inj i WM wotini in • dtagy 
tuiaornoicaiSyncuK.N Y .(crmuit 
■vm «t|e. On* aiflu, • drunk 
■wnliliiriii inlim<— llj ili«>liij 
a houk of Wild biak Roaa ler a re 
diKcd price But Mdmney waa loo 
iMay to nocice; Hoilyiraod waa liter- 
ally on Ills Una offaring him a niavia 

The caller cUuned to be a oka 
prcatdciu fion PanoKuu Kcnma. 1 
rifured he wia calling from Loi Aiife 
lea hecauae he uid 'hy Babe' a hx." 
Mctacmey laid. "I waaa't laae if diia 
(iqr waa icrioua. Hie ibwit aianed 
aacaming about die bi«k of WOd 
ifiah Roae. Thenhia (riend came in wd 
aianad berating me aa t wai vyng lo 
latkknf dtnancciDLaaAngcka The 
vne paeiidem uid lomc. ' Whai'i thai 

»<MiM r<«ei*c 
rtm-claat airline 
uckcu and in 
quotd aihat he 
doa'i knnr any 
hnadt in Ua An- 
gilea ' The »ic« 
preaideni laid, 
'How atom iha 


Mclncraey ar 
rived in 

TiRaclioarn. he 
met with a Para- 
nnau eaecutivc 
clad in vhue whs 
led him Ki n of ' 
Rcc with whiM 
walla and hmi- 
nac "Tlienwnn 
ray giina on dM 
caffee lahU.' 
Mdncnwy aaid. 
"VU pnMkdy 

a w e d ii at me He 
cal wuh big pro- 
duction numben. 

"■r ^ l h i l n>Mi. B< Cily"waa«i»nn- 
««% afliawd by OdNmhia Kcams 

Mclnanaay waa aakad to wnie the 
Kmovtay HcwnuAnednfia tW 
riM ima ha waa iMclwd up M a hmnn 
mac in a Town Car. 
a cab. 

Aa *e aiae of die vehicle tinnh. 
an did hit rela 

budget aeon karf or b^nl - 
Wirfe t (iiM nowl and movie la Ua 
lor (Mae b> 

1 I han gh l *m wBtld aa I fcagw it 
waagoaagW fl f xi .'Mcl na n M y aa n l. 
Il waa not qant wtal he etpocied 1 
learaed ahpul the prca>. and how 

llMy niafcc hanau 
!■ <Ma B w a y — lanw tt^ lo tnoct 

Two ycata 

and ua writm 

i ta, Cohanbia 

n V I I c d 



fast draft. 
He aaid he 

liked dK movie 
but rcti UmiMd 
by dK mcdiun. 
"Only a 
fracoon a( Ihc 
alary ardianiatic 
mawrial in the 
novel comet 
acraai on the 

• c r e e » . " 

iaican wage war 
cr he can cany 
hi* chaiaclcrk 
and readcra over 
imc and apace 

• ilhanaahof a 
pcnurakeyof a 
word pnweaaor. 
The budget of 
the literary 
tmaimatiofl ii 

in a 

baat -aelkr bn due w (avonbia iwviawe, 
diemleaacafdie munc.ward'of nuM* 

Mclnaney pnwad he un'l a onc- 
hit wonder by tuhaaqaaady enMi« 
kewcO-nnmadaavala— Itnaaai,' 
-The Siary of My Lift- aad "Bfighi 

He aaad Ma iMaai aowcl, "Biighl- 
aaaaFaBa,'waaanatwalevohiiian "It 
(tenia moR dawily widi KKial. cul 

"I'm not a ktd in rebelbon any 

man. My charanera grow with me." 

Mdnamey '« work isnoi laniiedto 

He periodically wniea aniciea far 
EaquiR. dK New York Timea, VanHy 
Fair. Rolluig Sune. die New RapoMic 

Mdnemey taid wriiii^ ia not lor 
cvciyanc "I'm alwayi appnllad wtn 
I meet peopk who want u be wmaa 
and have luniled knowledge oTwhM'a 
been done bcfart." he aaid 

"Anyone who hasn't read 
Shaketpeare. lane Auaien or Flauben 
thaukbi'iprctumcio apeak for hif own 


"There are three ihingt that pae- 
paiT you to be a wnict — reading, 
wniiag and eipenentuig life." 

hfcJManay aaMt, "Wrung a novnl 
ia hart aaoa g)! . AMuhing M ii m a 
day at lie bench.' 

the only way to 
go for some 
Harper students 

Ahaig with geosig regia«f«d, buy- 
ing booki and paymg tuition, every clyi hBp iiin g .KMwalakiiidahea 
i i a d i n imuaifindawayiDgetioichool. htr backpack to carry grocxries. 
Two creaiivc Harper Hulentt aiilinl Living cloac lo 
dua dilemma by picking the bicycle aa Hatperwiaan 
their m«lc of tnnainnaim. • d - 

(noharmliil f i n nia aea 
bike 11 faat haciimiiig i 
meant of ginipwiitlii for 

Anne KowilaU rada har Bahigh 




1 Bike (rum die Univtnity of ^ -• 
North Cnkirado. ut Oreelry. Colo. ~I 

goaii« i >wha i» onniybik«."ahetaid. van 

Mat caaiidata die U i k^ her l a g id ar tagc fc* Lee Ctmar 
■i i n i of a n i a i aa i aiiiai w»i 

har two >okt.Wh«aaked •bout gn^ Waa Ma vaMcle. Carrier taid dw I 

iabenir for die envmnanantwid much ' 

HedaoownalwoMikyclea. "T^ "" *! '^*!"'»» 
ia aia teei h^ Afehoufh um Ahhaughhebikcfivemakalohia 

tewdoMMiHiai^ »obalAnifagtCyelBtiidRlMa.he 
date aaea die family , 

widi (rieiNla far fteaaufe. 



r raid. -Id 



Lnt«vMa tla n Baa a riii Paaaaui Umpvra 

Though ininois hu required niureri ID CDVCT tcnxmng nrianunograptiy linn 19W>, at faw aaoiB to tcvta digiMc 

■icn aie taking advantage o( dut lifeaavoii early dnacaon proecdm. 

Ilaiac were dwIindiafaararacamBhaaCtaniadBlaaSliaeUIBiaMiiady. which fotnd ihii «tly Mpcrrcnt of 
ayurediranica.«>aBdoidar.iikdclniBMfcrBiaHMmkyaa«iiBatiea»in IWOand tWI.SaniMy.dwuirvcy 
thoemd thai jnai U paaaamarinaaiad wnnaiaMw dun K> rikd manmofr^Ay claimi dinw due* iwn yam. 

"lUaaariy ia«anrdiitaMiit.apaeianyaMccniann»rvhy » more afrurdahle and aoceaaMeMwuMadwicvir 
hc^i»n.-aaidH*hnJenael^Ck^fc^»ofdl^^W■ ^d M lrt ■ t VJnitB^d»A^lc»lc«lCaalccaSo^i^^y. WaMhMfiddtal. 

'T-^'' — — ' I II— lllhanrii T aiii i ii n n f iiinin n iiM MpanrrfitMir n iM i i n«Miil* iin iiiif " 

°»n^ "" '*"'' • Amaaicaa Caww Sodeiy votaHaan lsfcfc«d (or iba Imi ikai now miAiie aoBMiag 
aununogtiphy cawtngt by pHvale innnnce In Dliaoia. aa weB ni by nUnoia MnSeaid taul Maul MuBci 
ftevinuely. ma a wing ia iA y waa covered (or diagnoaUt ptapnaea laily. 

A m t mi ai niM i ii«ttwpla.»o<»-doaea ray am can deiecihreati c a ncer be faw ahawpoB be fell, whim flwiMvival 
rati appsaikaB lOOft aad dtaaa ia an aiesBaa dhane* of aavng Ihc farcau 

The AnericanCancarSadaqricconnaadinaattalmanuTK •grim fur lO women atcMandoldvTiKiarbaiweal 

''""aao^dO— diB«limil«t !!»■.. —!.—«[.—— .^ — ^.„.-^ . ^Ti Jiniilrlhaglnin—iigi^iij li^ 

age 40. 

Many mamnagnpliy (aciliiiea win ofTcT rediioed-ptiae mammopanv daaoy Ocfafcar in obeervaica «f BnM 

Cicer Aarawnaaa Mondt 

fw a Uatofttmc facilitiaa, aa weU at aniaavcif all kx*l ACR -aoondttadiiiamiBagnviiy fanluea. RMmMnofllM 
HiliciR invited (0 call the Amcrktn Cancer Sucictyiotl-tiu at: |.«0tACS-2J4S. 

WMa aakad what he will do when 
d«e winter weedier teu m. Carrier aatd 
he ■ nai Mar if he wdl conunut h 

Whde dme two Harper i 
UK Ihea bikca aa an akcmativc todK 
auaoRiobik. aanatc 
auch aa Harper, 
eiihcr drive a car or uae piMic nas- 

A larger pcKcntagc of bikaa aic 
(ound at wuveniliet whoe i 
hve on campui 

Pharniaej Teeh 

Full-fiine. Kotulin<r |)a>^/im«. 

Luthrr.n C^arral HrallkStMnB. Mr of ihr Iradrn u ilv I Kiraif., 

h—hh e»r» rtmm m iliv. w d iji iiidii ii »» it> lehaaa utimw «f 
pradmlMiab ■• pmrndr ihr fi«M rerr M 

riirrTMl> . av mn w^kma • Tnh ohe f iiimiall laiiainain. ■■ IV 
•dwautgaiMll mllba- " n' ' ' t 1lr|iliiini I llS> -... 1 

t«rmm4 fmKjnmm. i. ^ancy Herti. R«bu RMawMi. LiMhniK. 
Cmmti HMhhSynm. ITTS Dewnmr Si . Park HUm. IL« 

Lutheran (:<-nfTa) H«ah)iSyM««l 

TfviH«r&in9*'',S«pt«mMr24. 1993 


Dick Clark will <ock ^^ ^^w in Skokie 
at world's largest music sale! 

Mask Collectlble&'Meiiionibilto on Sale Sept 24 to Oct. 4 To Bencftt ALS/Lon Gehrig's Wmam 

•ic>iMMM«»«-«cf»i«uiw I r iKntok m^hom «iw-fc «»t ii«-M»«i»— »?" ■■■*'■ I * . '~"*""""' -••——• —-•«»-■' 

»apiirfyM<»U.ciwafi««*. «i,,«*.d«M«J.M««.fc*.H« -•-^•»»*»*'»**«!;»^ .. - - ■ . ,_i^, 

2::;ZS— .*-,!-». ^.«.a-j^.«^3.i.i-. ^»^r.'^_:;^}r:st 2?2!:!i'rrr'm'^: .,*::: 

IJ_|]J..L- niin iwuhto n««*; JOjBW oMfKt > ft w » i w il»Tlp* ilw: mt I9W 

MMc * Itenxl Mat Si*t >• •> •»; MJ» -—I ■-• -< rt«i«i««i»EMt»«irtWl-U« 

Ou. 4 « Old OkOad C««« « " Mm i i p i | Ui mMlmk tItVmtm- 

I Thm uw i^i fitMiiTTT T— J.. •iilmii^m.ilnwilMii aiani«Oa]ra(illKM0«S(v>- 

M, 1 1 tJn. la * rM Vim u • tt 

gadnifKlMidiiy <■■>)>. M- 

,ni.).iii.»«*at«iM» »♦ 

, ._ , dwofteOnMliiiOM-tlmlVIO |M»».li»«.»*w«l*Oa Jai"« 

f-, iMMtm. UmI /Jvptta aoia 4S lotp*.). 

Anwnt dM imt Iw Mh ■!. Ita«il»iifr»i •»«■«. EJvaPr«»lijr hmmiili ^nm *> MaaMtt 

U2 still has 'Desire' to put on a good show 


• ayKWl 

■HHKal lunt M btfgiai pniM 
Dick CUrk. Anwma't "Mr 

MMiMitPMrtSocMyiiMNMrtraMlim { 

T>p)liMipfMta| ■!■ tlwiH 

Nhm Odtny ■ apa ««* 

dwi to UB w S pm ait SaM- 

Ml l««. • MiMl IMW CCMkl' 


MB«Mmi ky tM M«l»«w 

Tlw l««ni 0*Bat)r M *• 

ftoHtSMny k nrnMlOo. ID 

Dcftn A NanrM CMMni AM 


Cm* ■ hoMi ■ IM* OmImh 


u.. • kdr ■•■ M* itf ft. •• 

wmm.a0mm.a9mm. mm m 

(Mm* AwJ. to Sl CkirtM. hr 

■l<|MMiMl>IW »«lMi.«*« 

■Hn MMaatoa fliai wmm 




SorMmbcr I W2 Fifty naoMni' 
Buck* ptckad wrtii high lock wix- 
afdiy foiled uuo dn wwld Muik 
Thuac 01 KWih luiiwtNBi Tmiey 

For dnc lufhu. dw iiagc u il 
^MTifr**"^ wiih 1 200 loiu of ludio 
al^ vuual equipment, tncludinf 
nuluni muMic boank ad t hou 

i>r other c kcmaK ■■dlMq'- 

Fivc (uinl vid» KTcens md M 

uniUrrmauun Klevunht cvtnl— 

U2'i ZnoTV UHir— rifMly dubtad. 

"Ouidua BnMdcBL" 

The >how has cipandEd imo • 

teterjinxtucun uwc t'2'i rm kg 

of die luur Iw wmler 

'lae TV click* la Um vidm 
■cnaa. Cienrgt Bath ii 1 — r fci l 
iii( 10 • clevdly aliaiad an>* *idaa 
clip of -^e Win Rack Voa' ■* «k 

Suddoly • fignn it 
platfcnn. dwiriad bgp alH 
video KTccn li'i BoMi. ikm i il la 
Mack fceadwr aid atannc hit infa' 
moot fly Mai(la»Mi. U2 aback' 

Zoo Staum dcpmi and "TIk 
Ry~ laiuet oi.conplcle widl tluh 
lag nicuagn like. "Evctydiing yuu 
kiM>w is wnaig." and "Evttyanc is • 

The bawl paused brKfly M die 
end of "The Fly "as Bono grabbed a 
remcNe control unit and nicked 
dmugh teveral or/aiTV'i staiana 

>k oKkxl up SI IlK Home Shop 
ping Channel, an sppruprule place 

in btgia tm nipnlMrpA lEma 
BMW Itai tta Raai Iktm." 

TIhS la aat cai M ia l a d af i»Wi>- 

It's Bono, 
dressed in black 
leather. . . . 
U2 is back! 

turprucs One at dw hlghli^ilB at 
Om evening was Lany MuUm h 
smgifig a favonw Iniili fcdk sung aad 
Edge performiiig dw Ben E King 

V2 brougiM die mrf duwn widi 
iiuling acnuniral venuas of "An- 

|(liirH«taii."'WlM«Lv«cCaino id»s 

taToeia'aad-lBOwt" U d >— 1 '« Boaaa 

-SwtliM.alL0wirkarfMi«MM«rU iain(B>t.rtailqiaBdhaaaklwiL 

dM«|h i> ftawtom Bh*. 

Zaa TV Tow. «lHnat -40- lud al 
vayt bean ait^ in U7> Inw >lw<n 
since ~Wir* aiaa w laaa ad . 

Big Aadio Dynamiic II and Aik- 
Ik Enony ofitncd the A» TV Toar 
wuli KwrliiBg tcu m Chicago. 

Now dial U2 danrad die world 
die nches at dnr sawca*. ii wiU he 
inicfeMing iDsee whatlupiawactL 

It wookbi'l lie a mill ihock 10 
fcaiiji dial U2 kiat wamc Urn nace 
die dawning otftia new w ichnn kny. 
But it's Ukc die sont. "Heanland." 
Slates. °1}awn changes evoydung.' 

Ot dM leg of *a «■«• "*•'" " 
•idMi«id far a aavk of "WaT 
lom^ Uk* "New Year's Day' and 
"Sunday Bkiody Saaday " Ounng 
dw laiMt. toawonc hiadad Bow) an 
inah Oat aad ki rrasndad » aaa ii 
II midiidijd kHiiiiiiiii 

Am aMWlMWl ifcntun of "Rua- 
RHig 10 Slaid SltB' was perfonncd 
pnacucly as as Edge touck dK guitar 
chords » iih UuUing claniy 

"Wtiere die Suoels Have No 
Name" Dowedamiiaddy dam Boao'i 

I by expiosiam of 
SI bUk naaiii« acmat die firu IS 

Audition Announcement 

Ths CljisK*! Symphony Or Cliisical Symphony Hsll. TV Fine 

chcssi wiU huM audiuocu for die 
1992 93 (all season on SepL 26 and 
•27. The youih orchestra a dedicate<l 
10 ihe promuc of high quality musi- 
cal education, with strong cmphasu 
onpolLfhed pnifcss tonal am ami mu 
sical tlisctpline for graduate , under 
graduate and Advanced high si:hool 
students. The opponunity dupiicatts 
the atmosphere and wortJofacarocr 
musician. AuditHms will be held in 

Aru Building. 410 Soudi Michigan 
Ave . Suite 7 JO. Chicago. lU 

A concerto compeuuon will be 
held for members to jppeat as fca 
tuioi suluisu during the season The 
1992 9.^ fall season will run through 
April IS. 1993 

To schedule audiuon appoint 
incnt or further mformalion call 
Rt*ert Glen Chochola at (31 2) 341 ■ 

Civic Orchestra Seeks String Players 

The Valley Civic Orchestra, a days at 7:.30 p m. at Elgin Commu 

community orchestra spoctsoeed hy 
Bgm Community college, is seeking 
members for tcrtnin posiuons 

Needed lit aduh age string play 
en. especially fur violins and cellos. 

The arches tfa practices wi Moti- 

nity College. 1700 Spartan Dnve. 
Elgin Thefifsttonccrtisicntaiivclv 
schedukJ for Nov 7 

Inloestcd persons should con- 
IKI the ECC music department, 697 - 
ICOO. est. 7240. 

The Chicago Public library 
Harold Washington Library 

The Thomas Hughes OuUicn's 
Lifanry "^Siory Time Extrwsganza" 
progniiis offer puppet plays, sto- 
ries Old music Tbeslay programs 
■e fur atcs duo: to n-'f.Thiindsys 
fcr ages svt j> eight. RcscrsUioni 
ve re(|uired. P-ogram starts OcL 1 . 
roiftinhci infjKnalJanoonuciThe 
Thomas Hughes Chikkoi'i Library 
at(3l2) 747-4 200 


The m::.uan of Viunu Dance 

Tbeam: of Chicago IS lo perpeiuaie 

an awatiieat and undemanding of, 

a* wcU as an appreciation, (or the 

invigorating spirit of African cul- 
ture and history through the prc- 
%i nuiion o' African American 
. «,»n.r m'w '. andfoIkWe.Thccom- 
pany *ill offer a toctur^uemoii 
strauon of dwir work and will hold 
i qucstim and answier session af 
lerwanls.Piogiam offered OcL I at 
12:15 pjn. m die Audaoiiuin. Fur 
(unher ii.rarmatioo. coriii,cl the 
Visual and Performing Am dept. 

Oiiuigo Music Showcaae is a 
new series featuring kica' mu&i 
cians Uve. uii video and a music 
buauess forums. The Oct. program 
wil I spodight jaiz. Plogram ofTcred 
Oct. 3, at 4p.m. ir the Auduonum 

For further mfunnation. oon- 
lact die Visual and tofdrming Arts 
dept. ai(3!2) 747^850 

MR, Saturday NIGHT ' ' 

.■J»t„i;»Vl. HUU10»lM)ii ; .ii.:>.«i«. ] 

p^ f 


Vol. XXV [i.e.Vol. 27] 

August 27, 1992 


May 14, 1993 


TMlwr*M|ir,St»U«nMr24. 1993 

Writer Mclnerney tells all at Harper visit 


HgreingsrSltf » wnt»r 

Miut? Wlian MvjKW' 



Hminn M dM •■« of ita. 

WMii ID bt • wiiMr. Homtnm. nc 
can did ml oaiiM ««)r 

"ninmiiioitmiap^tpmmimiA iaMMd*inB|fkt 
hanUup ^||clllc^lcy mrkad»*n- vottM l«c«i«t 

w. fwa GkwkK. «diwr. imclHr. nm-cUu autini 

k hnmr, baniBdn . ottwrind li ticfccM md in 

r MDR Clark telont 

noilMCinMmaiHlwMyboali S^tfMlk' wMRThaOraiaMMaClaaMB.'^aa 

ta««aqrqHicfcly.luHl.TaiMapany.* Cmchmmtmtftm'^'Wt.'"'^ 

And ka MMl -l«r. lay . I iMd yw •*»'! W«iwqr'» Cyl i H f 

liaak,afanna)iai°maia^Mf]i 'Tka "••*> fciaiBaaa fl»» B. 

wm^imimOftmii^mmmn' Ni(ki Fctn ailk Dni(t." 

W» ■ ■ III d aai dNlw.. Tlia 
fiM lim k* ant pKlHd up ai • Umm ' 
at. dw- annid liaw ki a Tm* Cm. 

aNddwdlkdliaaK'ka waa aikadMii;^ 

A* tia Mia 'Of Itt takicla rimA. 
aa did Ut rali' 


wamkHaBraaodinapeMivaHopir dM't kati* an; 

CoUaia awHara laal awak. halatiiaUaAa 

Tkayaaraaa HM. Kmiimi I fc n a i |ak».' Tha *taa 

praaidaai taid. 


I i |kliiBi»Ci».*>iai » d i i d » 

C k a I a a u 


laid- 'la dHd aBMd? 


W k a n 
McliMrncy u 

rived in 

TiBKliova, he 

mm aiMi afara- 

■caaaadaaB-di au wiay. 

A aaiMk bafora puklicalMM, 
• araa laoikint m a im$y 
cinSyraaiac.N Y .fwiniiu 
iBttm vafc One ni|hi. • drank 
KuraMod in ind amtocnily damanded 
a book or WiM Irak Roae far a va- 
dncad price. IM Mcheniay oai b» 
knay IB noiaca; HoOywaad waa liKr- 
at)p an dai Um aOatinf bin a RKwic lad kim » m of 
deal ficc wiUi wkiic 

Tha caikr dwaad u ba a vice »alb nd funu 
pm ai d w d fail P i n a w ii Boaaea. "1 noa. "Tbore were 
fifafadhewMcalUnffeaBLaaAntc ray (am on dw 
lea bacaaue he laid 'by Babe' a let." cofrcc table. " 
McliKtney uid. "I veaii'i i«n ■( dut Mclaaraay taid 
(uy »a> lenoui Tha dnak aunad "He panidicaDy 
•aaaoum aboui die bottia of WiU ridHdonaapand 
liMiWaaa.'nwaihia fc iiiid B— i»id aimad it aliM- He 
MVHd baiatet OH aa I waa (ryiiif lo •aid.'liaaaHwai 
idkka«dta«c*loLoaAi«alaiT1ie cal arilk b4||n- 
II Mid Kinie. 'WhM'i Ihai 

I * « i 1 a d 


f li|rba a a d «ailiia "Hllf Skiry of My Ltfe' and "Hiifki 

fkMdnft oaaaFaDt' 

He aaid hi He laal ha haw aimd. ~Bn«fci 

■eaiFall>,''wa»anaii«alewohiu« 1l 
daali awe dauily wtd> MKial. cut 

-Oaly a mi. 
fcarlw a i of ihe 1'a m a bd ■ wtailiai ■»- 

■ a mim m die ktetiwniii 'faifciwiiilialwdla 

•oval cMtcf aowalaifiiii^ 

acfiwa M liw lto|MiadlnQ|r*f«eaanicl8sfia 

tcreen." Eaqaiia. <M Na« Yaik Titnaa. VaMty 

Mrlnemay laid. Fair, llailia(Siane. die New Rapuklic 

"ThaBoval' aadVafwc. 

MlciaBwagaw MdMmay lald wniiii( ■ m far 

orkacsianT aaayiiM.'Taahrqn«nMHad«>haB 

hi* characian I laaai |aapli ad» mat id 

"Aayoaa who kaaii'i read 
ft Ji cy a. iana A im ia «r Phafcan 

wtMaMMMdddtaHtAawMkKdimanaar (/lancAMdraMMiit 

widi • flaah cl a 
pen ur a kry af a 

Tka biii^ of "ThaR are dme ihii^ thai pa- 

the Ulcrary pare yon lo be a wrocr — mattkl. 
anagmaaaa ii wiiian and ctpa n e ac MH lifc" 
iiliiiiilad in a klclnemey uid."Wnini|aai»al 

aiay dfataa u hard enough NMudnnc M ia IM a 
day il die beach" 

the only way to 
go for some 
Harper students 

Aluof with tedinf ic|uia«d,biiy' 
■11 bndui and payuif ttuiiat. every 
fUdmrnwi find a way a>|ai iDiafceai 
Two cTcauvc Harper iiudanii mNad 
tfu> dikmma by pKkiR( the bicycle aa 

aaiy ikuppnn, Koat a l iki la i d Jia 
her bac kpack ai cany 

Living cl 
Harper waa an 

a d ' 

Stmt Wan* 

(■■ kaiaaM tanaa an i 
kifea ia fiM kaBoaiaic an a k a nm i o 
i ii ia iia of nataponaiiaai fat kndfei- 
Gonciaiw soHeia MidaMa. 

Ame Kowataki rada kar l lala i|h 
MoaMaoi Bika Ama dia Uttvarniy al 
I MHf iiilm,** aht Mad.. 



bar lam >lka. Whn aakad dkaal («>■ 

laga inr Im Cuna 

*feaikad»aaekuPac«MMMS«iaa waanag a kataa«, Caniar aaid. 1 al 
10 ai Ma vaMcla. Carter tail tekiia •niawaarayhakMlwhaBbdung." 

dbnia bikiiig OB dit highway 

AMwugh he bikai five Ruka to hia 
)0b « Amkag't Cyda iad FUaaaa, ha 
aaaa dia fataiily aMoaMhOa ar itfaa 
widi maadi for plaaaura. 

Whaiarivd what he will do whea 
an limn awadirrif II ai. Carrier laid 
ha il asi awe if he will continaa WUng 

Wkik dicae two Harper mriBM 
iiac ihcir bkea aa an ahmiiivc «a IM 
■■Maiabtk . moai <miiiiiaar ooOapa, 
aaeh aa Heipei. auraa laiitli «dw 
•idHr dnvc a <w <ir aie piiMic •«•■ 

A tots pmaaiiagc of Wka ■■ 
fnaMl ai aiivcnitiaa wkaaa i 


Ldfiavaa tlwnauno Peocnaa Umnrriiiac 

T h iw i k TI Ikaiii k ai f pti mt kHMii i ikii ii m ii laaak^aiwii m i kj lain IHW ai fiiTr ■ raai in ir in nUgit-li 
woaMa aniddM MlvaaiMa of didi UfNdviac daily dnacfioa Braoadkn. 

'Iliaac aiaa dtt flidii«a of a ncam BliK Cani aad Bto SMeMIOiaaia anaiy. •hidi ibaeid dial only 1 4 patnaw of 
iMMradwanaa. 40 aadoldar.Bkdclaiiai fa iiii«i»i«igiipliyr»«aiidriMia inlaw and 1991. SamMy.dMi^^ 
ihowaddMijyailtpaiiiaiiiatinaMnalw B—BB lilard—SO fll a dw iiMa n i n d ij cl aj n MdartigdaiaaiwgyaaB. 

wid Hak a i l i ii i m . ni a lwian «l'dB»W.W.i i M lw iba a U«ii<i<d*A«MricaBC»earSac»aqf. WkanhopaliildiM. 

■■dihilr id^fihiiaai baiiwia kicwfk^lyiaiawaf Ifcahaweftimf lhia'lilaaa»ii^iaati 
af H. aaaa a laai a»fll k«»« ic»aaia| iiiaiiiiiiiniwa aa paw el their muiaie I 
Dtartag dw IMO'a, Amciican Cancer Solely vohauaen tabbied for ibc laws (tun no* 
aMiaiwig(Bptiy aeMaaafi by pHvair inmrana in IDmn. aa well ai by mawa Medicaid and ladand 
n«viou>ly, naBBnefraphy *■ <ava«d for diagnottic [wpoKt only 

AaianaiainBi iaaita^^low-doaaarayihiUi; an drictibrr^i cancer beliacahaiipcaBliaIail.«kindH«av(val 

Maqr mamaninpiiy bcilkia villonkrnlhiead-yriia 
CsKer Awarenaai Mondi. 

For a liu of dieK f icililiBi, m aitB aa ania«r<irallhKal ACT-a wja dilii l BManaiagaplqr fat>ikii».a n ai k ii » gfdK 
puMic are invited locaildia American Cancer &KiciyioII-b«aal- l-WD'ACS-ZMS. 

Pliarinaev Teeli 

Full-tiintN Rotating Da}i««/IMN 

tmlMHrMi C«nM!iraI HrslihJ><r«lnH, mm af tW IrviAm m tlw rktfff 

iwrrmrS w arr vrvkisf • Torli vrlwi ■■mhiwh vinmmKV m IV 
m'lm^v '*-^ Hifli Mtftwl li|iliiiMw m CCP iyfc»d«t 

rr»iii- . i-rrwnr€ MM mu^f t f pm 4«n *4. tttlllMli Hflllirallai 

Vf <^4nr rnmiKHant Mlttmi ami l ui i ftm .. f«r c 

1>««r«l llMlffcSvMiiM. 177$ Oil ■ifiiiir St,. Pft Hkly. It <iOOtt 

I uthrran Grtirral HrakhSyMrm 

TMHir»Mfir.S«»twi««r24. 1992 


Dick Clark will <i^^^ and x^ *^^ Skokie 
at world's largest music sale! 

Mwic C«llectHil«/Me»««lillto on Sale Sept. 24 lo Oct 4 To Benefit ALS/Lmi Gdirig's DIaease 

■M.«Xn-tmt 45-IVIlMlB.'«.-«W:*V««Br. MmiiiMtmmttlmhm^mlm 

^ latiMDasai 

■ilMnrt.t.niBlnl ft— !»«. «» aC A Vkfcr. U— t 
W riwyi Sm Twfc i lw u. il WW 
^tmmmmm mO m t tm / kf 'ttmn 

iii|)ill>lliilililliini fi'ii MiTia*!' 

iiiirtfcnil^«.iliiiiw«to* OtmmOv>t»'Jl^m'f 

I : I. .. iiiiJmi ■< wl r tf tin- m. D •'>-<» *M>'11X"i** •' 

ar«KulMiNM»aMafB* iiiMi" - «— «-r «'■■-- •-» 

dIl«.«»»-ii»«M; *«rf*.o««o-r.i«nw ,M*i.*.»t»*«-jk«>«Jar- 

(45 l»»»iil» 



i> •di&Miri «* NMhMMB IM- 

l*MC A ■■!)»< I*M Sift M •• 

On. 4 M OU OMMri Chmi i* 

' UlriHi TTinnin »-«———— 



>—p >—— « U» Od»^'« *>* t'W-MAKT 

Society tpomon Pastel 1992 

Mti— II.— i— »Wro "«»» 0»">n' •» "V" ••k- 

OdaMlAmOMV|raHMiPl» d^n 10 ui to S pm ad Saar- 

lril«n.aMimi|iM<akikl ttf*\2rm io*fm 

MB ««■■■• If ia |illt«'» The Norrit Ckllcrjr M ikc 

niMllMlWi lir— rtl"^ '* OcBsri A Norm Odnnl Am 

_<i.«Miii*aKASr, CnMiilaMatatMOOainB 

. • iMtf •!• mM ariH. M 

Mtt lifc ffta* Aw ). n Si OuBto. F« 

loMMtiaB. tab Hann«i Laid aSM 99)9 

U2 still has 'Desire' to put on a good show 


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MM-i. OHf«iliiriikMa AMI- SMwItoiktRMi-MMC. 

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It's Bono. 


■how -40- lad ■> 

- ■ „ . .-_, -SLimm- Its Bono. o.*iii.i«f«itt««.-»id-. »»i««««;^^rr^ "^ 

*r*''grf*^^!T*»r' -.iifilSClTZlC dressed in black «SrS.-»t.r«.ov-— -t-««ii-*—-«i— ur. 

ThMm to Mi* •*>*» tUv 2!r!I!ri!lJZ!lirrrZfi! leather.... •alaw.a-MMfcMdrtfcM.M •■inli«ciiiM«|4eaUnii».Ai»™ 

Md ««<>Ml •viqaaM iKMMf "^ ■*"'**«3J*2~, -———-———-—— ,B|,,BSiM4S«i-w»pif«MM» •«»iia«*to«i«i«C*iMi». 

"f^TT;'*?''.'^***' !*''TTry«d-»ti^tZiri ^m«l-mmm$fU>>,'ttm»f- piMMr"«»»%»««**»l««»« No. d* in *m«4 *.<«»« 



H« AadwDiHMMK U Md Pli^ 

■U'"||^|MaaLMHalMi wM^BMh' .^_^_...._i_mm— mwmmhmmm. jm wim i w i ^^*w^ w •««•■ .» JMMV 4^JkW nc *0D TV TIMtf 

_._^M «rM.- aUFt—. OM«lteM((»iH|»»«< «li«idi»i«n*iii«»ctoi«)f. da lidai «#*«««»«•. ii«riUb» 

T**— "^ ■ i-ii.miaig da •.«*« w* L»» !*•• *• -Wha. da »««• H««. I*. i«w«i»iwwe.rt«la»|«a.iic.i 

^^^ ^IT^iZnf-IIZ^iLdT li-iimliKMitlnAiblfcaiBiMd NaM^agaddMMddyft»iaan»-i h Middiil ue • kmI itack to 

TJ*7 *^Zl,'''.'J! TZl Syjial— itH,*iBMEKa« brftoghMMaiMa-llaaint- «*■ *m UJ tad «« faa •«. 

MiMiM iMMol MM Md ■««»• ^':ii3l»l*r- tla— »irt-rf1>-.--il yad.«»,rfdM».«d-<*w. 

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M da nm 15 <i«n.~D«iniclaiiteicvaryMn(* 

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Auci mouncemciit 

Th. ,ft<My in aauHcalSyia|i(a9liili.Th«FiB« 

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mlmfnmmtdliH^iHim^mm*- laU inr awnlw* w ivDea a l«" 

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■>nl*ilfliMhrtr'*"T -if'if" Afn>»,l99» 
liiiinMB*dM|liadM«i Tii Kteduli 

I. Till uiipiiiliiiiiini'iiiii>*'"iiw aMM m tanfeai miaimmkm ctll 

aaakiM- AaiiiiaH «t8 ht h<M oi l$!t 

Civic Orchestra Seeks Siring Players 

Tia Vklfer Ci«K Uictetita. « <!■>« «t l-Wpn. M ii)|inC«aM»- 

r taclKMra upaaaand t>y luiy Cialkta. I'm* ' %MI M IMaa. 


WmiJid aw «*ilt -td » ar t l ll n i- 
an.aivac.«Uylw>iBl«i««derilak MadaiECCii nn ii i ii l i paM ia M .WT- 
TIaaiahniniaaWMaoMak- lOAattTMO. 

OM C dpWMlX* 

Ha«U WadMfHa Utraqr 
Caanr 4I» 1 Smb SL. Ckaain, 

jav^anni ipiM ml Alnca cal- 
MR aid kiiaify' dwagk *■ pt- 

I of AiriMMII 

ThtTlaaHi Ifci^aniildiai'i 


aa faf •■■ dma •oflm.llnnd^n 

bar agit lii to tigkt. RMamHlaM 
■ara^uind. iNatrMi>i««Oct t 
IteanaHaclMoauklnn't Ltoaiir 



tedta ilq*. 



34, 1993 


Lost & Found 

N« jM lo« bi( 01 idKri' 

Call N«nc; M 

|70l| J41 S040 

I ^^ Sa'e I I Help Wanted 



tupiof*ni n«l>a«MU»OAi your 
•'•« (1) lOS H2I090 fit 

GHl9l3ttf ci>fr«)i| r«po itK 


At>«mkl« pr«4Mett 

Inis 504 t4( 1700 
0«»l »t7M 

loii initfttt in ttiitfttil 
«cii»iii«t iMi iMii in May 

Angron* htvmi mck iAi*i«tt 
«i«*t* conuci Iti* apprspfiai* 



B n * « n 

Tni 4 tuppari | ie«« 
M I t W 

Or M iraur kalp it ippKcitUO 

itll Swfolii Scmwiti tiaci 
• '»»*» lola/ior 45 000 mi 
Stp*t4 lull AMirMc«t*ll* 
Eiolltnl c«n<<li»o |J 750 
Call Brue* Oiyt Hi 3ttS 
tta ;si»s> 

VW Jatta. l« oaivt. IJSMP. 

*!' $»«rool Alum Wkattt 
Ciuita coniivl rii|i campuUr 
C»i; Mil! tTOI)?S5-74»' 

*K>HD »»»u Up>t%t i»«o 
NC SO. 2K M,|«t E.e,ll»Bi 
Caniiilion lnctti««i Htlnci 
Baikal ana stka' accattsnat 
Call Pal }SI 4 7«( 

Naa4 aiira laeeaia? 
Me mHih)) 
Palatina mturanct companr 
naajt paapla lo (alhar 
Mo* -Thor S 301 30 
Satiir«ar t I 
Noa4 food tp«akifi( »»ic* 
long tarn pstaib to pafiaanani 
SnalliR) Parsonali S;0'7lt7 


Vaar clatxhad ad«artitanaal 
Tarjol your martai aiiii g 
elaaailiaa aa Spacialiiad col 
■«a kaatfiagt airailabia upon 

Standard Classified Rates 
& Information 

Clai».l..i( adt ara t( 50 •*» ika lirai laat lino« |o TS »or 
aachajdriional Imo Daadlir.a.1 frWa»al«»o« torp«W,eat.o« 
f« ma aail Thuttdar t papar All adi aiati b* prapaid b, caih 
or cnoch 

Tho Har»i«,or .iifi nol ba roapaaarbia lar upaaraahical 
arrort ,n adt lakar. b, pkaaa Ptaaaa call 11 .our ad .• 
niiipriRiod ' 

For Mara mIoraiaKon coniaci Trt. Harbmgar m «3«7 Call 

u iVo" nM^.V '*" " * "•' ' • 


Eara lit*. lit! ■.tlt| 

«atil*| irtxt krackataa. 

For InfomaliOR 

aand a iiampad addtatiad 

aaaatopa lo 

Traval INC . 
P Boi iSSO. 

Miaaii. Fl 33161 


Woodtield & Oakbrook 
Shopping Centers 

Wamw arm Studio Stom a (rand 
■Mk> n araartanuM amntiandHW 
» knng Miitr^mavalad n<tMik>aii 
.*?.»»* Pan Timo lor our na« 
wiMMaU Shopping Cantar Sura Md 
•awiio ajM« ti5/92) Oakbrook 

w mu kakaw ai MpMior CMkMW 
(•rvwa. pottatt apactaHy raiail 
aipananca. ara amhunattic and 

innmniNBd B awaiHKn, ««• irani m 

IMe oMk asialam eompamakon and * 
kanalili. plut Km opponur>it> (or 
proia«»«»al(|io«* »japi,«p„toft 

9k>dio S«9f«t. Ann SaaraManaoH 

JI02. Sc^aurxtlu<<g H 60173 iTtWi ' 

3MO?»40 EOE 

• WbiiUd • 

Folkt la kalp aith laroul ol 
Tha Harbmgar' 

Na aipananca nacattarr' 

Apply at A 379 of A37« 
•t call 1»7|000 atl 24(0 

That I at loHit' 


Witk Ika tladaal aelivtl|f ol 
rawr ekalcal 


- $7.00 PER HOUR - 

8:30 • 2 30 or 3:30 

3 to 5 Days per Week 

Absotutely NO sales or soliating 

Call Barb. 253-1100. 9 a m - 4 p.m. 

3150 Salt Creek Une. Arlington Heights 


See this week^s... 


The Harbinger 

Classified Inserjion Order 


^^^ aaataanium 


Food Servers 

Bar Staff 

Apply in Person, 
Monday-Fnday Anytime 


700 Lake Cook Ftd 

M * 


Ti>«M>rt<iig»r.S«pt»i»— «•»*■ »»W 

F^^SSTteam picks Moraine Valley tpjje^^^^ 

— s-it^"^-" ru'Tsr^n^ :^^*j,^ «.-_..^.».- 
„-'~-,„ -.-^AV >:> _«; s;:;:isirsr "Srri-ts w.;nw":^ffi.-^ 


h wm't «»«aly • ie»ibook»|t 
ioiy.b«*i*K'«'5"'"'' Tl'*'*''^'* 
Hswki look "" <•* M«r«B*B» •' 
Mo„me VJk> Uxmiat m »9* 
|M«lllPll»Ul>t Uw»»UM«*i»fc« 
ftiintMll 4 yon •«»» • H«rp« '«• 
Hm Hmb (kvtatod Ike Maaudcn 

4i B T m wiui caiitd bt w 

TlK NonhCeninl 
Collcp Cooltten" tN<C fat ikat) 
look! » bc> ha)> looch" *» >** 

Cnu Ol* MM iHt i«*i« Owi 
•keciOM iv«ndi ihnMtfMWMtT 

___-, tentJfyw* 

m. ll" **««■«» w* ovn fur • 
I o( UM bcfan 

nd HUM! •»•. "■ • " . . »in»io««.rnilwi"«ai""»»"^" 

dm* yariruBiAn •MonHM VtlkjF 


conwTbMk. .BWfMF««d «•» 

Maaiidit'ii QB ■x' '*■ ■' ^*''' ^' 

art <l( .)««pi*y *■ *• •*'»«'f^ 

■a lo ■*■)(••• I 

46^1 •tfh 1 2; 1 1 kft « *e |iiM 

kM(Mnc The only Ihim *!«»«"•'' 
aapnmt » •• Ok ><^**™ '"*^ 

rankoi (ou«b»ll WW •*•*» •*•■ 
the wMiiw w" ««*' "' ?•»*•*• *• 

iHBili *"• '*'*" **"" aMWa* 

tan Hafic lully. mofi will <»»« <■« 
OB *« 2601 ( ih» SMUHtay ) " 1 »» •• 
ICC Hwpo r»pi* *"•> ** "" 
(mm Bl»wi»*. lo«i li •ooJd be 
MK ikfiniir incCTlive for the l««iie 
icvn Htwhj k> ktck mow bun. 

SoorTs*"page considered perfect by readers 



1((« on IM »<•'"''»' 


to*t tan -"»«*•• ««*»•«• 
l^todto— III ■ < ■ * ■'«"*■ 

■Hlliiiy III — — — « 

I Mrtof iMimrf *« *»• ■« 
fisUnis. After «U.II>«iM>i<i»half 
tin ipom m tint idwjol einiod i»«il 
I i«cti««d dKir Khatuks ai itic bt 

Id *«p«t in" ""■—■"""■ ,«,r>l'n«ivcvuu«hi« vtnuwi"'** 

«-tol«r, of *.«*«»« !<«>««» "^•■""""^tlTZTZl^ 

i.«w»b.J«v. *«..?<«. r««a»«a >««*•" "»« 

*d«i«-a.i.ofitta»l«M<-«-"« ^^,^i„„.^^.i«,„«.. 

■lI.efUndiilBWf ••«»« 

^„. you MoUy *»■> *«»• *"» 

Doon-i thu »o*ar r»t D«ii y«" 
»«il»lilJfca«oi« •»«"«"*<»•»«• 

Volleyball shows 
improvement at 

wccoiM (Mn w ttB» Mteol f<^ 
UiM you t««c «! ii.** fa «»«««•• 
bdp to pubfciiinil yo" ««»"» 

w Hpart tkc ■«<*«■><> M'P'^' "* 
mhor MivK* «< oTo u >" (•*<: ("^ 
liciiy niiiw Kltooli team* 

I'Ubf lioM«i«iiiitOlli«rc«iin> 

dur 10 tfieipcn 
•nd iKk of 

by ttWM dw re«ll> SO"'"' 

mAc • (liffcrtKX. wc "> Hubinja 
tpuiu UtH die kiKW. how «nd dw 
■iMlily «« |r »t you • "tn J licw»p«|I«" 


Wcdim' itaiow U« ooiMtieiw- 
Bmrf *«««»• W«*«' *'«°* *« 

a»iA» ■«»»* ««»y'i«y ^^ "* 

do low* » >h" •** «*"•'*'? '""" 

Hupe' •r"'" ''*™' ** *'" *"* ** 
wtdmii help <•« hot o«» fMden 
tiB«im«f *««•""'»>'" '^■* 

Tiy «| «> •ill*' ""^ " *"~i.Ili, 
B»c«nb. "A» fiBM. *• « ' " 

■n» pMi oMtuMd. <k* i->*y 

|n««<iMn*l Tliry »lliU *m P»* 
pl^ . d.lMi«il*»«" t^"*™^ 

CoHh*.'""'"™*"'***" . 
«jH«iyFo-«C«Bii» ■n««»-> • 

dlUMM iT'imif — "-' »n»M«- 

«aib»t !! >» < » —■" ^ 

tiM Udy H«*» •»• " ••»> 

UU iLUIIIIIIMIIIW W ■» r»--*' - — 


lay. AOOM dM «•>». »»><»'' 


** Mad. Ttay ••" """^ •" •" 

Here's How You Can Shape Up 

■n good »ii»P« "'"> » company <nai 

r*«Hy iM|»»» op - ■ UPS' 

At < p*niini« 


M Unildd Pwe»l Stnrte*. »ouH enjoy 

Th«b«w<tto« a90«J*-clrti)u^«»ll^ 
low ot on tfw |0b «»<MC.siJ. Ana 
white y«Mi suy m shape youii ntaK* 

tt • M Ml timirl 

And took MOMMtMIMfitt 

modical, prtscfiplion. vision arid 
Oanial OMtraoa. paid vacai«ns 
and notadays- u**^ <»m on«f s 
Mudom loaiw ana yeai Kiorfc 


TNt vow, gm yourscit i'* Q^^* 

ihiM wiVt a paiHime oppotunilv 

in* • ». UK li«»«*MI CM«i 
llait»i«McuMk.l>aMM 1. 
HMIM - tWMai. I M - 4 It 

iijtijr. «to b«— ' '«"«■>■'' i»^^^^^^ 



WHliom Rainey Harper CoiBOe 

Octobers. 1992 

extras needed 
for filming at 





with Parkland 




Chads picks 
the winners 
this week in 
pro football 


aauOttii s 

fdKonoi } 

F«a(ur*t 4 

spoih. ,.„„.__ 7 a 

VokiTTve XXV, Number 5 

KrN*#f'». l>iii.AiiD 

Students | Veto allows new club 

of illegal 


The^^*»» May Ocfmumm 
hwrnwivixl aefcni «■«»!» irm: 

cmupm, «>in(iJn:r)> 


» -*i 


■ ■ 1 

Jl Vd-J*-,!! «P 


.. !y 

•cauti]! |>vcn lll£ ICfUCMMllI;- - 

cMk iar :giMg«ciiMt nriliK-iitn I. '- 

■ni««»i«ii»'iii(»»»oiuii». ■ . 

«rKi(Mn*<<|ti*cww.'mi.t'Jil.«f 1' 

Ihe Public S»ft 

irmincallillc))! m clKr 

limit vmdiift ififmncd K 
•ndrM acuvilMi ara linuicd u • < I 

fhttanaOnrnpa^mmamtit »<• nemtle* tmom loetal « 


Intercultural week to provide 
diversity for students, staff 

Annual event provide^ (»pportunii> lo experience different 


! K> k«m timui • 

A V'tficiy uf «. ! 
koM pimned ■» tsrmt j 
cukartl etiimmcm lo K<rp<v > 


M»iiU> ««ft> off »<«)« a V 3 ni 

kKMR in A]r41 tm Af^fch imMut hy 
ft H « «HI »H»),W) t','|].>wtn;th.>t >' 

.•ill hr 

•1.1 11^ tiirra d ^ p m. in 


■vn un ihc infliKmc nf mncnl 
. -uirc m tnity* M>nei> u) ronni 
*'l* Ai:piii Rnt> Paul ml) five 

i;..v, .luv ...uUiiii aiirail iIk I'mi 



Ai "? ^«» p m m the biuUini^ *J" 
Uxaitic t film entiilod Tlii: tlnublc 
lift at Vmaii^tic'. a fcircipi rdn 
Ihin K*mcf») Aclrr«> boic liuih < 
|N»I CO •wtrd « liK Cnnci Film 

m iJ^. 

■ t oilll 

Shnnty ihmtftcT. i 

to pnMmisd on «■ p;^. 

DM t.lV - - 

Or. Hibnui Ht- 

wwm ijhfmiith I p 


i (mcManiMini Ik - 
MiitflChe Inprnrv. 
TucmU)! Nr^ 
SKMt ttrkl h> Mi<: 


' n li tLhClJ ' *i 

•td l")! SiihMiim 1 1 (.in , p;iS 


lelJ rn 

li ■«rnin|j af*»(*l the no >h ^n- 
'':Jlliilll III' MidiUc EatI Ci<f; 

■ •-M «m IMItlvC 

. - . uUan m tmm 

■•iu»ni(itici-;.i .iW 

.»g* wludi ««• >cCT d«in< ihr 

Mail cwcnu HI! rnc and open la 

" ■ ttfid 

- ».»*Niri«ttMTipui 

." I.' t«r»lrt fh kru 

• iM 


'. - ...:^;»w*itile»i(nBi)i(i 
milif iIiMleittt imwr aurmr of ihc 
maiy ititlciim tnliuict dud Mp 

Former Czech 
tells of life in 

Amunf Ihc moic uiuqui i :( il.c 
prrwnuiHira iai[in( pliic .1 imif 
ini.TtulmriJwn:k involves IVilc* 

He '•ill he prcicnttnii " My 
CMc^mlo^ttkian Adventure" im 
M•laday.(Xio^a 1 2, ID 1 1 1 m in 
huililing A". Iniiiij niuM R >nd C 

Sluknt IX-vdufwu-ail Prtilct 

MK l.ivk«i*in ; -^- ■' ^ - \.r^ ,.l 

Myivji, S .,,ii 

C^/c%'l>i'*t.k»vii. ;„^ in 

iigha while bvuif ox] icwhin| 
Bttbah lo Engliiiii tcaclicn tliK 

Bduettlai luc Ucin< >.irai-y . M» 
IhIc. Alibamt. iptmMitcd Dr. 
Utkti Kaching and learning op- 

AnMhct iiwiduui imlixk-i die 

PiUtim- H. K.r. >;, i« . .; rH«.(vU hiM 

TKcy ^ gn: ruivi al 

Own...: .,!,.,,,. J. -^ - 

TV-y Ml .. • auuf> 

irfyounis li»l> ■■ ■ k>vc 


Th* Hcntiingw Octob«'8 




T 1 P r, E N E w S U P D I 

<-■ n I I E G E 

lYansftrs Sessions srt 
for 4>iar fi»Uc)ies 

|n« mt jttwluleU lo vim H«n» ' ' 

Essay awards worth $60,000 

Graduation petitions due Oct. 18 

jreeot cenicJkiic «« ihe l»ll 1 W2 
MTOCfWr BcmJ in penwm fw f"*" 

GraduUKm fnuiiuitt miy be 
ohtinni m the regiMrir* nfTicc. 

t,y^i««ifcMilni mlH . -WW «**'' 


VisBi miAed » T»«l«*f »» 
ttm" iBifc»«« *<i« *« '»"»•• **^ 
canriucuni ■ "•"« tomiJit j»»»m» 

n«iiD»jf»'l'«^i*™'^"** ""*■** 
nfcit Umw ..mj>»y •«««»« "P • «'*'• 
indie llal'lwfy NnmaeivMKiiMVC 

»M«l»«iy In •««»«•» ■^f"*'"' **•■ 
MOii,- YclurlKJp «««*"«« •■**"•» 
amwK of thcr.r „|^»tunil!it« il H(- 


Qutxtoaw con b« refcncd H>IM 
Siudcnt Dtvcl<n(i«wl AsiAWK 
Ad%ri tmi; •!«) CmiMwSnt €•«•« i» 

Student Ipadcw 
meet **ilh VP 

The Wtrpa Colte»t Vk» !">«• 
Jciii of «ii»kt« Atlaift. Or BMBWe 
Henry . ">«iM liU itim«i wiih T i«>9 
ibITticni lliirprrwiKkJiue''*' "»•«* 
Dr Henry wimiil like m mi«»" 
•nlh imcjctied MuJeim » >*•"• *«" 
apuMOM ad fnr i«|i«a «Bf ««»i»t*- 
cJMom rtw Iw w •«*»*»•» *• 
cnuncoriKf job. 

The He" luiKbenn n Thmtitojr. 
(kiiiibef «. fnw 12 P" » ' P"* 
The dii«;u»s«m will he mlcimuil 

AU kludenis <re cltgi^ Ik) pw 
li,.iIV««.h«« "i>l» «u« •>'»* •*'"««' 
each ffiiaifflh 

Jf youlmo* ••axlauwbo ""»»■ 
bke *e nfpomaiiljr l«> «««« •** • 
Mcmm admwuMraw mt'W' •*** 

••Webrl.«*«h„c«mpc«»n« -aH«» ««-_*.^ --^ -^^ 

,N. e««». .,— . sek.-^- - • "•::' :it^ ^ 

Free business counseling available 

The C«»tmu»i<it EdutJUtm D« 
pwimenl ol * eBuwncM D«viMnii 
„( HMtva CtMegf a pItaMd lo m 
iHwntc ftee hu»m«ii»«OM««elin« (« 

l|»«»ODdini •«*«"*'«»""»* 

Hgjlllllgflpe with KfKKlAl 

Thniufh Ihe Service CorjM of 
ntiial [ ««:uu«» (SCORE) Biui 

mglhe Sm»aBttiine«»DeveM»ne« 

Cerne.. 7«i:'.«.IMI.f««. ip 

pmntmeM In mew «iih a coWMelor 


Budgeting seminar offered 

•^ .. ^ . - _t _J _l .bam 

Suhuihan NiiMW»l Bmk o( 
P»l«ine » h««Hin|i • h« «*" 'f" "" 
(wdgeunt m Oku main hank !"«*» 
CW N llt.»;**ay ■» P»l">»e> "" 
Mmxlay. CVmhcf i. » 7 JO pj» 
Mt Siajnne Jewai wilt k"! • 

md diacaiaiiin on (he h«me 
ln^jclingpioctaa Thiiieminaru 
apcnlnlhe jeneril pubhc PleaK 
call Kami Kojgh or UuneGlamll 
ai 70« JS9 1070 lo n»cjve a K«l 

McOmiy nr Jeanne fnikmrn " *« 

Siu»li-»« *' ii«iiici oHkc I A)M>) at 
cMcMiim .'.m: «i« hmw iRt>in<»» 

Tlie iie»i 
.itlhcmihidiy.«. uwipwo wehn"!-!!* ...dMim. wB 

,tKM|iit-cw< »»«« of «l« >nf"ni.*»wi »**«*>«' «««*« 
iiinlmii •iO bec""* part ol w *« nearf uiaf >' 

Soactfk jnteinc cnwra uKhide. vkkI. 
,^j ^!^I cntaimv ■«1 un»i«Ml«<y. «!»"*■ ««<«"""» I 

l».iM«iiHl«>»e«ii<>t ■n^mmM.xim »u.).-.Uh.«^i«-«b»««" 

r*hi„ p»el o« »«.«»11> '«*'«^.!!f^ ";?: '!^ tIlOO -wJ. 


h|lMiMnain«t»> , ,^ ,v ■ i»v 

All einnra "«»< bt P"*"'"""* "> '*"'*^' ' 
taHa,, J . 19»J BuhCi ahewW he .eni totV: 

SelviV»U«.WM«h««*iA"«-Nc«V«»k.N'- ^ 

litKHAlbtwMniiHdwikwClynnA' '■ 
, mi tanily — mtow. «" -* et't*»« '^ ** "'""'' 

:?^?rN"ooy OPEN HOUSE 

.T mv^fi CK.C.OC, CAMPOS 0« 0'V.r^ «V«ST CA.*PUS 


A degree 

for people 

on the move. 


It's a fine line that separates the Univefslty 

from the Hospital 

f.„trri0mn^ Thrt't Mt»um jeu ** .""T-r^-T^-n roomw op«r««9 town, ro"™ •' ""* 

and pc.c*c.i ..«»«.• ^ »»«-«;»«" po. o. Ih. *«!«« 

rioapnaK m tw naton 

^^ «!.—«, itedieal T«cHnc*oo». P*rtMt«n T«ohnolot» 

Former. .-orr^Hor-Jo-b^r*;^^^ 

(312)»«-7100 _ -— — 

p7J-^-lhr> UNIVERSITY 


.,-, r-iwwww ■•M««Ji>*»«i» t>a»»«"«««>«c' 

»a« — «» lai— a*, m wa w 

We re serious 
;ibout success. 




Caftag, of MM* Sciw«« 


CHICAGOCAMPUS aB t f •••,«• u-lirt 1 "•« 

mN t«»(illl"l«t^»»— •- ICUWMi tTAin IWK II 

(312) 929-6SS0 (708) 953-2000^ 


Ih» Horbingot. Octob«r 8. 1W2 


EditocinChirf .. 





Four more years? Oh my! 

K .1 i . 

■ ilHtrcilfal »«> I 

•hr hcwt i»f <»w 


Education Is more than 
'just the facts Ma'am' 

Just what arc they trying to teach us? 

What is this thing called education? 

A concerted cftort hy a number of 
individuals to transfer knowledge from 
themselves to others... some willing, some 

lu-M's dig deeper. What is knowledge? It 
occurs on many levels and often what seems to 
be the objective is merely the means to the cikI 

What we are learning is not so much 
subjects. Not so much facts, figures and other 
data. Rather, it is the sum total of humanity 
from the dawn of humanity to the present Sure, 
we are expected to perform and show priK»f of 
our effort by any number of test devices. But 
the real lessons take place at a deeper level. 

What we are being taught Ls ways of seemg. 
Ways of thinking. Ways of being. Along with 
the facts and details that accom|)any any 
subject, ue arc taught the philosophy of tlie 
subject and, in nutny cases, the subject itself as 
a "way of thought". Sometimes this is a 
conscious effort by the insimctor and otlicr 
times it simply comes "with the package". 

If you think for a moment that you can go 
through a whole soitiesier without K'lng 
influencetl in some way by the subjects you 
learn and the people who teach them, you are 

You arc immersed in this fluid thing calleil 
life. You are your world and your world is you. 

G«org» Simon 

Inkn ihi.i.ii.- Mat OtriuiA IM f 

1 tft 4ifK-e the 
^VmefM: «n Kevi»tiiiinn. 

.' I' ii.4Mir<c<!l'W>. dviKruM 

• I'- '■! wih« «««»<■» «ii|) I 

.« ' : rnim ID jMfC'ml m 

' ■ |x-ri'efM m the I W»» 

' <!<- iliey totml >m1imt dlM 

■■ •;■ Ufxat •mimdl*^ 

- ;.<nri)icSlnctM«k>t 

1 Cine nearly Mf of hcW hy 1 pcwciu 
- ' Ynumiy nu 
. H*»* aSiTut 

.■-. » .;.jnlKl.n>5[«!t<:«ni 

miiM hold lodiy? wlltt dm dxi 

in |iM(i.»heiil«aa2Iami 

",thi tt*nu Ihc Kk< (then caikil 

. ii|<ply (kIc •t«iomKi"> of i"*"* 
nil tiM mmrir w fldi Nauaan iMMpIc 

^ U'tl I 

"iHlir It thr 

, -at** 
. 'd have 

I I nix4 aid 


cychalU m iltN cmi cafi'l alTofd u 

h,:, .nMhmil. The <iCllialKl fl» 

.1, t/am <tt««B, ao 

i«^i«f »4I ilw wurtMn wKommillHr* 
fit» » IHV IW the |lutiim> of 

ipouluii wkxh maik the oMaw 
rales k«> il»'iwn aiKi mj J«* iIw ynHtoC 
prafaKf Thmt^nch^WfM 
Ihc pni|«n» wiih >»<* inUiatnK* 
imtl hetrime nchci. and man! 

Tht (unher cuinirticitton » we 
iMwn't bMB abk » mm l«t* 
mdtutry w lake eai« of ihi tculntical 
dtnwUKin oT tlw imvcnM* dMy lurn 
tccciv«d- Suic. aoBic ctunpawM IR 
riuftiBi u> hulihKT pniducla ■>! 
envmamcnully lafc |i<tcka|in|M 
(ia|n»>in| intcUitaa* 

demand. »nd a frw tmill one e»eii 


.:i4ii>'i> h;t.l 111 way.comumer 
>li»m Mtiti prtJti'4' Ui in wtndd be 
* iniAAity t:tti till «» an "uiiiatt 
■(■((■MinncMlnixruiK'rcc " Dunng 
ihf k,-A.>ui.1)-asliprt5iikii<.ica.ilie 

. jt«»er«»u«ii of *t life 
lUf^Nt *>*M:jn Il»e » 
at «ir«:Ive». need )i.» 
tKiMcuiatcur idx" 
(Htly Ghc liers and an . - j' 1 1 -*"i 
anunab. Ihu the human hemfj liut 
ndutrti oM cuuniry and (hit fimM. 
You may find ihai unhafipy and 
untealthy pe»pk make ftir a vety 
mucnhle alin>i«phen!. the ngat) 
M the pRiphi in eaiau«l dni'i even 
raalin: they kdl ihemicKei «h™ 
they kill us and iiut planet We ne«l 
III teaiiyc that hy rmnn iptimt m Ihia 
icam «c air alH>killm^i>ui»elv«. 
What goud u an cducatam i( ><cw 
tew tw torn in which w toe it? I 
tay tiait utint ti no* Wecm"! 
al^ird fui» mure yean nf du». We 
need "a |;cn>cniineni of the (icople. by 
Ihl paopfe and Itirihe people" noa 
■BUR (ban ever. Get nut IhcR. open 
yam eyca, get involved and VOTH 


[i|7/^ Gffc&t^ lo H. J5°55 PP<^> ?R(SKXil\ 

We want to hear your views, 
so Write us a LetterTo The Editor 

TTt»IUibti«||«n»thc»ludenlpii ' .|HTConi!geani()usa)inmunity,publi.shfd 

!Mnr^holi>laysani1iin.iir><im<. I>w<papcTi$distribulrdfr(«toanstudml3>,iaculty 
..m. TWIIi>Ma|ptr(rfftciPiskica(<sJ in A3ti7. 
Lrttrrt Policy 
TlMHart>in§«woknn»'»lt'ttcr>hitt»i>vliU>rjindrvplieitoour«trt»nalv I ^■tllr•.rnllsl^x•slgtx^l 
.111.1 iix !uJr 4 «xul «oronty number. Sipuluns will !» wirtihrld upim n\)w>l All letters are 
viilrit tiutlitmit 

.1 WTvlcc»atlv(TDMnl in The Hart>ing«dn.- not necnsitHyemkned by tlw editors 
• r niirbyllieC(iUcg«.'adininislr,>tu>norH>.i>irdo(t>f«ct( ».tnquinc»shuuldt)cfc)rwanJod 
'hejHlvCTtacr.and all pun:has«s.arcal the drainrtion a( the amsumiT . 

Can^mb* Itft 1W HaMniafc aO fitbM mwrad 

Th« Hoiblngw, OcMbm «. 19W 


Parkland Society honors President Thompson 

t gn-ji mmty ftxj^ w mgauat and 
trin( tbrnN t nKcaifitl wd iiaaiita 
u»i c«>rainitiniv ...iictf Howiwr. 

m Hufct fV i ,«inn«4m 

did »)»k he » u •! r<rWI j(U CdUciie in 
CluHniMiftn. Ill 

Hcciiuc I'f hii cr(»Ri •• 1 RUIIh- 

ndmiiur (no- "• 

MMi WW rvccT 

in I9«* A V 

luff hrgan ihcir j»*»ignnic 
Thuin|M(in M^tmuMi 

Eiwiicr rood mm.' ■T>Kiit:pi««i • 




Ev«f5( five ycAi-^, '-' 
iMMun "iff !'>■< '' 

,... Ki7* n^M 




At *« IJ«M. the oilKfC Mivial > 

Thominaa t<ncnd<cn Ito lime 
of oniiii witti ■■ CM> Bnite w kc 
aptaiimtfKiaiiiiucclawnxim* ~<i:k>r 


"Pud IVamiMun •«>»■- 

bMiw Im w» an oab: 
KC'Mt Dan F«n>nn •»■•' 

iiJwhuman-tuinc* :twig*lParki*Ml 

TlMlRip«IMIR>l»IV«t»»M>lal)llMI al 

■I kman ewwnum* . ml • rrmfcrm .; 

iici«4ipl«ymU<cl.>!rCT.>iiiK. r«ti«.a w.ji«.'!i . 

CaJkgc ThMUtr . w*'- * • ■ 

numpMn Mid h« feci, he bat iirt«i«l<«i!»ni""»" 
nainad fat mnn ftiMi li» cipnMncei 

«»(»» CdHfl* *«•*»« *ou< »»io<np»on 

.-an t t ; t » r ■> I • a I ' 

Scholorship Opportunities available to students in 100293 academic year 

Vicdical F.nwTKfncit'S 

Alt injufHS and dlnian olhwlai h 

icn- • ■ '■ -^rf .ifih« 

HiKc Mmsoait accoiqwRy' die ill •> 
Kjurad itadMi or Hair RwnlKriii dw 
'kaMi Savn-eaiiffita. n»«T A >'■: I 
rau m DM ahk w noch Hcilui v i 

I |>«n«nl>cl. tall PuhU. S.uiy i 
ml, 2211 l(tr«7*iTlilit-uuijs iH jUrii:** 

HealiliSt :rim««m 

o9pm M Thun*l*y 

H am i«> « ■■' r "» ^'^i fmlay 

="ree Flu shots 

The Ci'^Jk c;'vrtiMi\ 1 K'paruneni ori 
>ub!ii Hi«!.ltir..>!li-i.pj •rrtinlhiaui 

hruHK J|!K 1- 4r 
fch*> hiivf !■ i-l I r .1 »!«■» tn un, (JAT 

R».n.u'.l I,|aicHiiiaM«('ltM 

HkSN%n«»N\l KH M)V 
llONVtK AH(>N.\ll.«\M 


f«an Efti NaBanl fmmOiBm m 
nni«Ki«laaclmh>itiip'*>'^»»'">" *'<" 

an; or witt1», cnmll' ' 

mM 'ht m a wucatinul' u( ia.b>u>.ji 
iVncnm. cutamaMii m a» a*Ma;tae 
iktm, difdonw, lar cafOikaB. !>ui 
.tcM Mnai )■ Vlkjiif al kaal IJ1wur> 


Ml.fki»sPH I Jl NKik 


IVaMi nn|iectJunK<r^uni« 
flit** l**? <»' m:lkm«- yrm 


... -iIUhh-i, "'u'l ;„.. ■i.i.ii. tun*!! 1 i. jtUin." * kl.iivT 
iiu"»itic*|iiwKmcm. *liMk-nt»mu«lhavr 
■,,., ii- (CA,.! :■* U).l «uhlt1ll « I lll>k< 1)1 S|^ !!► \l 111 

1 Ahi(h IMPR<>\>MK>rASS(KIM|(>N 
.,mi,(*c SIHOI \KSIIIPI»<I2 !»»,» 

iJent; cmolW m • health r. 

: I \MI Ussf (.iiHOV 
s( Mill \HsUII' 


fii iiM be 

ml Bll HIVIlM M<M 

• M»li»lMtl|i> 

tan Mnifciii.' 

• ,.i...up...i iim«i«ai»y«([hr 

,■ prufiaiM. de(i«c prapmi 

..»ri.AL-cmrni. i-«l1llfea<e pn^ 

lie I 


. r m uudcM nnancUtf Head in.) >• 

..,# . l..nli«i witfc 111. V t fv 

I'n IlK tietl Ifldo 
- .iiIaMe in die 

ill \;'i iM 1 ■ 

Appttiationvarr ii«4iljl<k In 
tCNIktiiriinandal AkI. \.l*4. 

A^pen ha» cwerylhing 
irou nred (or an 
•••citing yic»tioo' 


i < « nHwiili^l 

.isfwi «rf die mnm 


.ha and liiat» am 


' tm tcniHii 

.X :\ AS jfmtu 

mti ■ 


,1. Vmgl'ick 

hnvi.^r-..^ ,■: ^ , ,i 

r^n 1 uc<li i'ount) 

tuntjf i Vi.«St u 

.iNoranlm. F« 

Msv mltiimMdikin 

nsaidrfi" "f '">^" 

nmCw^ County aanuiiu a 

IcfwrtiiKnt's fluhaHiiw »f 







£u. u^ can or ^h*) 

h..c » Mid tow *• dqr o( Ac 1 


iMMted. 1 

JANUARY 8- 1 5, 1993 


*• * 


ThaHorbriaBf.Octobeffl. "W Sl 


Eas» Wot*' Etc*"*"' P»>' 

Tikinj Snapshots' 

Stnil S A S E lo 

P Bo< 25' 

P ut Ritft* I »00«ll 


lookinj tO' top l'»'t'<>'l» 

tofonly or »lud»nt efjtni 

lilion l^*l trotild Ilk* '0 •«in 

1500 H500 to' » OHO 
m*»k oO'Canpui Hia'lating 
piaiael Musi ba otgamitd 

- 3) 59? ?)?! >l3a9 

f»pint D»linqutnt 

.ip*rl» atpo»i»iJions Voui 

a.iia (I) 195 9S2-8000 E«l 

GH 1053 tor C\>"»M r«po li»l 


Help Wanted 




H»(»t tioiT 
Call Joy BSi ^b»« 

Standard Classified Rates 
& Information 



iMCtlfnl tncam* 

A»tmb)« producli 
m you' tiOffl» 

Inig 504-846 t700 
Dtp! p379« 


Head Typing dootf 

Lost & Found 


I J % 00 ••tk I > 


Pa'kmf »p»C«f tO' mo'ni'iil 
£l«»s»» H»«« you t»«n any' 


I c * 
Wttcon* back 


• b«ltl*d Hjippy 8°i>*y 2U 

Happy tiappy ■ Jo» fo» 

'^•1* Vocalisli. Modtls and 

Daftcos lo' * licantad 

•nl*rtain«flt agtncy 

Ratpond to SPE. Boi 13* 

Pollinj Maadavl. II 5000S 

Y9ut cia«»ili»iJ adyadisananl 
Ta'jat you' ma'kat •»»'» > 

issit.adad SpaciaiuaO ^d 

T,n tiaadings a»a<lab>« upo" 



With Iha jtudtnt »eli»>l» ot 
youi cho'ca) 

i--,,,.. -.r. ads are $6,50 fot lt>e fi': 

"S tor each aad«tional ^f.e. 
FnOav at noon toi publ'caiion 
■ -.1 Thursday's paper. All ads must 
.,„ o'ppa'd tiy casti ot check 

:;t be responsible tot 
aos taken Dy ptvone, 
Kg, wu( ad IS misptinted 

Fo, vou' -.^^ 'e"C8' a classified mset 

!,ofi order 18 localed at the bottom ot ttie 
n,r,^ P'ease co-a'ste tms ^-^i-^ "^.^'f'f. 
: f . 'le lournalrsni ott'ces 

g i.376 

contact The Harb ■ 
■ «,.,,,i, A.,.rj Call (708) 397- 
But 2460, Ot send fa« wilft cove' 
stieei to (708) 397 5210 

THE Crossword 



Ociobar ' rih 
Hafi G 

1»»B Suzut 
•'911) inl- 
i»paad.l«d.*MJM : • 
EicaManl coodilion $ 

CjiI' B'.*c" " •■ "' ' 

"i XT"' 

'• |g|< > 

k % 'i^'< " " 

rr "^ 

"■" w " 

rr "^ 









«r — 







_p - 

ft " *• ^' 


*,__- _» 

t - 

- -Mr 4 


: ■"li 

_ .„■" - 

The Harbinger 

Classified Insertion Order 

1 ! 

2 "-ma* KM* 
on a kuig" 

% OMan 

4 tMapotakHMl 

i Oaiupand'fla 

7 r 
• I 
to Da«ln8*aal* 
i< pii<a«t>atgM 
t3 I 

31 Ml 

jl -o»a« -"' 
M Mavniam laka 

M n»ife ptattann 
3* wmiaima 

44 Manw 

45 Cul» Ih'nly 
4« ■ - »no» lo< 
«• Matlat ot 

4t S.A rodani 
SO hiaitvart 

IP Catandar <•<>•• 

It AiMMinl* 
n -nm> Urn - 

am may eaaaa 

24 Nali<a WraaM 
n - andhunfry 

}« _ and panaia* 
JT Goal 
n Nam* 
» UfM*ua> 
ID -Carta 

51 OaltoiWuaial 

53 TraWCUOn 


M VatM 

55 Col »port» 

5«H<«I< pra' 

cost n f< 

TOTllL C' 
C*tt PA . 

>« (-rc*t)(r>g«r, Oclot)* 8 1002 


Alzheimer's fund-raiser seeks movie extras at Wrigley 

The I Im. -iKu-tcucluixcrarilic 
Al/hcuTRT 1 A«jtuBji«r ttiU htm » 
<Uy .»( i«m, ilKiiMmg far ihe an 
iiK».ii:."Ki»ikici»f ttw Yc»." Friday. 
Oi <J ,• ^>- - - f-.,M, 1046 w' 

'ImiMit ky UinMit Stem, ihc aur of 

"City Skkcri" ant lime akm. 
anluiihiiuK 12 ycaW''iiU(iny»i^. 
ftuft liKir ImgK ImmWI Ahw . tn,. I 
lntam:iunii>ri!vcmidi«lnyaiibu|> €■*» 

R«f€»wj(u«rfcw wh«. »nen>h iviivi 
itw ikiNiini. tl w>n he ibiniw.i -., 
*« OlwittO'''<irca chapicr irf 


■mug >ln||» are 
I ■■ MT •,ck->'icnc ki 


mcnuiry aikiahrMtrm^! »«-»..v<(-)r 



*™«HI*>«*'» "■■k.LWjj.c.KmcatoJ 
Like onuMici 

ForcKat;! uuks and hmliGr Wir 
nudnn call ()12) 587 low. 

"iiMtrcd FoTMat-inoioandhBihcrlnf,! 

St. Charles' Norris Gallery exhibition calls ftii^ entHes 

' a nxmt m aihilM 

' a ;u»cd an ailul>i 
•XCltDKjffl, Mihc 


■•""•Trnwartka St(i.».i 

"•';■'"* • -■■■"«<•( C.t.1. Kapia. 

"•'^'' maOfUm. 

m*^ p.„n,nt. p«HH.,|^.^j,. .««ii.,dii«»,rf|«c««»Oa|. 


If ... 

..-wu, I 

■ IM inJ It 

'■ (ialk: 

;ci( and he ihc j* m t. . ^ 


■^ lanplrlcaiat 

• 'i^tuuvnutintoa 
■ (nx Tile Nnmt 

Coming up in A&E 

Ain't Misbehavin'appearin' 


M nbcha,*-. *, oivui- of Fan Walk, ..«„,. w «« 
( cnw for IlK Am al a p m an Saiunla,. (\u*a 17 
^ «*•*■«., (uiwrakkW, lo.™ ,ri.. th, fam.«, o«.h« ™ 

• ^«»'A»y»»>fBMi.«««je«rf.or«>ur«.i*„ho«,„«,„^, 

.«.. Am. MM«fca.„ .- w« u»i (mm Mari.,,. . C««„ a«b 
luring liK Dcpntwwn lo H<il)y«««l dunng World War 11 

Fini indutat <• Bfoadway « Hm. »« |m mi-ical. haaofa,, 
Walter . m»« «« rtwt. Twy A.«* «i»«.*B, |k« M«..c.i .rf *c 

ni«l'M«,H«i,uH.iuf- — "wmraw. ma 

•eww. Ttiay t-.« «« «doB» by «»tog tf« tat cfficc a (7M| MM 
»««) •o.liaay. lr<TO 10 a.m w i p «. 

TiK Ptam CeiiUT •. IncatHi „„ ,o a» .Vhay»l*», M«K.pal 
' rti..»,<Klu„mh(ir,|,,^^jj„„^jj^^ * 

College presents Great Lakes vocal quanct 

■"B«|^l'.««w»5.l»0WAI,.««,,,i,||d.|.rt«;«. "^ 
TIN. »«Muk peif«fi«„, Jul« B,„»fc„tai,,„^ ^^^ , 

■■"^•'■"^■""■- T<«M Orri«. ia«. .«| Oi« 0™,JZ hT 

'■• -'ll aa jajt .Id Mnicl *<«„ ««^„ ,^„ ,.^ 

Harjvr Divcrsn> I'rooram features 
'Blue Iscs, BiDuii Eyes'Iecturc 

A iiiomj icourit. /,,. 
Shann t'mte'HanttmijDi., ■ 
•"l" '»«» Ellmu *»«(» 

>>» «• hank anntiaJ 

tacrvui.ujai «*ti»,Qi,m*«i, 12-111. 

EniMt i> tkt adatMui of ilic -^lac 


c.« •'><''>w«|MnM|nMiaM..iiWid 
inlcr^-r.w >Mt>cnu>hiiMdi<inil»«nl« 

i«l'l>icjr i-yc« 

Th.- r , ,,-;, ,.,r h»» h»ira {•anal"A( 

Mht . 

irf'tr<«»»li«Md .innin|[itk»i.i,», 

EIUmi n a rccifiMiM of the 
Nai«mal Menial IkalOi AKKKiation 
Award (uc E.>u:lk>Kc n Edwiaiina 
Sha hat liecn acampua lectum. vet 
CTiB imatMigi amMa die VS and 
Canada, and talk tikx* gtmi (m To 


dav. ncuitnr U ai J pm « iJk 

. Idiaala Tklwuarc Mfut 

■'Imuiom. M fm wudcnu. 

laf|icT iButoila and M f,it 

>■' t mfunmlnai wi Ihu procnia 
<«« .» n*»!r iMeiSMHwd Waeli of 
'"■'•■ •" "^ Harper r<*|« but 


VuUy ( OK Orchestra has new director 

IV C.'i nlti.;piiB:.i^'nt»-r, n 

mair.lain acUvc totMMtg 

tms con iurk.eM haDa. 

" /■" 

|i»iiw> Oirlicuta. HinninKlMin. En 

t !,tr; ! ,n,l Ihe I 'T„vcr.rty,rf »mnmt 



Since uinimi )<> Ike UntlMl 
' ' > a-s . he earned a Manor of Muak 
dcgnx Willi h»nr> tnm die Umvcr 

•ityofKimas al Ljmrence. ma).irmi 

rt^cnul umdui '- ' 


• " fuc.vai. mj)<>nn| n miiiinulu(y . 

Hi« dtreximg caiieriniw m Ihti 

'"-*'■■'-'« TofcjiwIKanmr 

die Unl<i>niiqr of 

■ -•■.»•» Symplainy CkKknlra. tic 

'"^I'v of Kama* imtgnmS 

' -■ horn* Im- 




S 1 nefimdahlc nwni dqmu 


$25 nnmiudau fw 

DATE- JmuaiylO'lS.lW) 

L«ich 1 amHvid Moutum and 
Candy Muuntam are luiaicd S 
milca aaiuili of Thunder Bay. 
• Intai-ai. thliif Hwyftl Liidtuv 
•lil he al Ule Real Wcawm 
NurWtaieti, Reaon H>«elan Hwy 
*l. .'0 milea riurlh of 
iheMinncauiaAranada binder. 
Ijitacn Mountan n lavaml K) 
mdca nunh oTDuhuh. MuMeaola 
on US 61. off ccwmy mad ?* 
lodging » ill he at ihc Village Inn 
Rcaim wn die Ui tkifx 

A pantal paytncni of SI 25 
■»aytKp4idhy(ku4<er27, 1992 
Oeaalmc for full payment u 
UocenilxiV.IWJ. l>a>Tijfm»may 
he ma«fc at the Maipcr Culkge 
h»i oTIkc kKatcil m 114.1 



- $7.00 PER HOUR - 

8:30 - 2 30 or 3:30 
3 to 5 Days per Week 

Absolutely NO sales or soliciting 
Call Barb. 253-1100. 9 a.m. -4 pm. 

3150 Salt Creek Lane. Arlington Heights 

' A« aui«iirii|in>ic>iar<ifiniiiii:ai 
i y<> WftHinar Uiuvoniy 


I Um this B«n«fit Day Slip when you shop at Dominick-s and the I 
^ Harper Pre-School Foundation w>ll earn a donation based on the I 
I total amount you spend on grocenes dunng your special Benefit " 
j Oaysl I 

j Just sign this slip and turn it in to your checker when you shop at 
I DomimcK's 


«jw<ttw. mso»T AND wtcmtiOAT, 
10/05/92 THRU 10/07/92 

*Bt 00*M»«C« 5 Bf NcTrFoAvs ron ~ 


»*CU)0€S SAlfS TAX 



_0OUiU«S cthrs 

! — r 


CUSTDMC n l-'iiCMixt 

Harbinger Spqris 


Jhm Hart*v»(. Octob«< 1 1W2 7a 

Volleyball heads 
to N4C tourney 

Harper College sports bits 


Hotungar Spcrii Wirtw 

Th. Hmya L«lic. VtMnftmU 

>*tN4CTMni«M«. Itajr 
IMM taa biaqr. |te)ru« ■ tamtt 
miM onar Ik tw ftii w«tki. 

On ScfiwintKr 22. the tun c«ni 
pawl agaiiui Miei mi KnUksc. 
kac an camfiui. wimwi( ww and 
lomigonc ThcMnKofnk.imThm 
day. the aimca nwM w Diaon. 
lUmou . » hen Ihcy mm OM ■>! km 
OK •(••lui SMk ViUqr iMl Cvi 
Sandhwi! On Mon4qr. SivMBbn 
2)1, the tean iHii imianm ia Cte- 
ca(o. pliymi Wnfhi CoDctc aid 
Daley Colk|e. bui came humc, m 
Tuetday. ml Im< i«k> afaiMI Rock 
Valky. Theieam°i»c«daaorSa^ 
umlKr 2<> »ulO wins ukJ lOkiain 
overall. anJ 2 ? n aaifcTcnoc. 

H««l Cuach RcoM BiMOBlt 
>uMd d« kar Mam cxaHiMiM u> |cl 
pl^edvcU Evecy tame Iticy riay. 
iticyainimuclofeilKtMT Tkanm 
lional HandouUun ihia icam. lankkc 
laHyeat. WVn ymt work mil. you 

play ■«0 ~ Oa|Me the lici Ami dtw 
ilMn an a» MaKkwa. Biaomb » 
vay |4eaac>l wiA the praOMi af 

aanarBack)' Sclmadi, vheuuaiiwia 

•adKHSlitlk -Wllanliaiilaji»»«n. 

Althougk then « oiaay Ntgiii 
•fiiu. Baowib ataiwad MM a (r» 
lMi|» aaad •■> ba maknl ga. ca|K' 
ciiilr lAH'IVMfday'i kwm tollaiik 
Valhy . The laam via iMid ID anat 
kaid let Ihctfiieu tame Wtha»ta 
Mam mia he tiwh.' 

The KM of dtt KMd will he an 
> to *e aam. AMwdint <n 
"Wc lu«c lani confitfaKe 
kit Wiah COD laaa« n 
ccady, « kBk* Nkc Ike iwaaa nay 
ccane down todwooifnence luuma 

Ha cnotenam anirnameni i> 
f« Oclohel M In lh» 
ie,tht Ijidy Hawlu "illiravtl 
I ViJky (or a amlctcmc 
anaal m Ike Vdi. and ihce final am 
fcnaKC tanc wdl la bin a Hanaer, 
(kwlMr t ]. acanal Motamc Valley 

fcnnis \Aiii.s! 

It »«* urn-" to ., rK-Nilt 

Hariwr t Kiiin* Mam Im» Ivan 
iirfciM eadi t««« «« Tkal'f why 
rt^«Uy 'i wMiftWCT It»trfi wwfrecaad 
»illi tm.h imftn Thr * ^ ducif mn 
»•> ih« firM »iii.>f< "• 'h' 
'uwkTwunMnod" u^uaJ 

"Theic werr (and kanJiluauM 
ill ihc <••)' ai<iund.''t«MlHaf|ief'Wa' 
u> ojacli Martha Lyna Ih*. "Wt 
Tilly wcntini»ih*inalBh.pdl*ictar 
'iK-klffiiumi EvGrynM<«tiiemiB 
ijd •«« c iL e|>i for hcT . Ac laM k*f* 
» liead in the fame and playd 

tcfinkw «eM dHM' Ml* wMi 
kiJicc'iNo l|>layCTDan«ftipe* the 
li«k»' xiphiiniiirr piic««>fcd4 *.* 

^ .''-' < Knmiar addiad «»i<ha 

.r^ . N,. 1 »nf[kii 'tWfteah' 

' Kituen 

(imelvi*. Everyeacci 
piagrfteat hjiMaaaa 

aawhilcvc ikcaMcr 

In fmaicc. Ike Nawki wot on 
mining SO fwfecl paaea in icvon 
raifWHit One jtaftr dooi* the job 
p«««in^ Hi »i»f»hoini»fe Mcnica 

"She u doBif an wocdilik p*." 

Volleyball insight 

In i«»R h i>l M> (xrlci |>a»>c* 
;iin^ oiih M tmamt pmm- ike 
li«.k> driifpwl a Unit'tmm MMieh 
., N-M" tipfwncni Riick VaOey on 

"lM<wtu>i*icly . 1* )uti ■eirai"! 
mmvat wrll ." taid H«r|wf wiUcyhaB 
•wh Ramie MiUiknIwx •■*>»■•« 

km imaer and aha |4ay« (IM da 
feMC ihc'iltamedluhitnu* wtih 
htr kit hand Andldimlihinkihe't 
had a hiiun* em« wiih her kft hand 
Sha'i imimwed no much ftnm taat 

C)>»Moi»kyiinh.H at ieri m i | ik il 
hoihWniki and Oaky TheHawki 
«eniihR<tMi«a>ndt(Mcy.l2 15. 
IS to. IS^ and <kn|i|a«l Wrx^ ■ 
iwo, 15*. 15 T 

Reeky Schmwli hii icntod imd 
flic trnei > pnution. "She §M tnm 
Bated when ihcy can'i fii <M hail 
wiikm IIW led o( her." the coach 
mMal "But thc'i domi wdl m * 

amek of (reihman bmt Kurn 

Intramural V-ball 

The iMiamwalf tJepanmcni it 
i^hcdulinf • terucaiBed Sunday vd 
leytiall pmpwm to he. |<>ay«d dunn| 

. Leaf ue play fa 
mat. aaman and eo*d pliv ai al 
•fciH kvck a (danned Open plaj 
lhrau(h(WI the monlh irff kinhte wil 
heheidfram inam ui4pm Tk 
prufram ii availaMe wHhoui chargi 
u> all Huknia thai are cummily en 
roiled a Harp« ■>d have a ttudcn 
anvny card Carda aic ia«i»l in ih< 
SMdeai Acliviiy Oflke on the wc 
oadflaarafdie A RuiMmg 

Hor addajntal miurmaiKv cut 
laci Jim Ryan. Coordinauw o 
Inaamwab. Room 202b. Baildini 
hi. Ell 2963 

Band Fall Bail 

A aemi f«nial rvcaunf vt ball 
nnm daKoif in the bi( band aouM 
ulViio Buffalo and hu 10 pace or 
cheava will lake place on Sanaday 
aett*erl7.IW2«i«m« W IIX 
pm in the knro levd of BiuUing h 
on fla Harper Colk|c cainpw. Pata 

Thacvan aco^qxnMiradby Ik 
Phyf ical Gducainn Aihklics ft Rsc 
reaion t>iv«mn and da Sladrni Ac 
ti«iUaDiviuanaflhcr«lk|:c u>:k 
eu aft S7 per pentn m advance am 
Mperpammatbedm iickettma] 
be purdwaed by phone. 7(I«/J97 
WOO. eaacwKin 2547. or in peraon a 
the Haper Calk|tc Rm (Xfice 

^^ ROAD j^ 

■J "V '"^ 


• ikM»wiMtfCX;i»<MW 


MO-ST CARS Includes Filter. 
Lube & up 10 5 Qts. Oil. 



I ap 1 

United Parcel Service 


At UPS. we recog' csat pressures associated wiin 

coH.'ge life. Finding a |0d ^r.w t-ts your school schedule can be 
d=!t.cuit, UPS has jobs that meet the college student's needs. 

Check our advantages. . . 

. Excellent Pay - $8-$9 per hour 

• Convenient Hours 

• Steady Etriptoyment 

. Full-Time Benefits for Part-Time Hours 

• Paid Vacations Holidays 

Appi,t.l.o«» Il»t« •" '"• U" E-P'oumtnl Ol-.ct 
Htnd »n« M.ek« H«i .?«'»"'»•• " 

Stt I UPS Btcruiier on cjmpu* 
Tuttday Ociobtf i3 & 8 •"•* Ottooai 16 '0 ' •"" 

Ff.dai OcloOir 23. 9 ■ 12 PU 

f. 0J» Oclo»»» 30. II 2 ''•' 

SDMIl *«illtbH «•«<•» 
} JO AM 7 30 PU 
4 PM - 9 PM 



' CiWufciiar WWUff* COHrvt «E JUifO MtFAM 
"liWUpi »OntiaM|iODM|«1K 




as •=!«■. '*"*- 



Unilod PaicttI Sorvica 

i« an tquai apwon>*^ •"V'oytr 

Mff V/M 

■ 8 

Th« Horbinow.Oclobw «. 1993 

Chadmandu, da' [Hawk ""ootball team loses to 

sporting fool, left Ellswort h 28-2 a t home 

with a 'sick' taste | ..'-—..„ "•^^ 

in his mouth ri 

\ mm b> 
<i tUriKr 
'X )m4 no 

Cm* I 

Mortxriflic Scent Cokjrnrnl 

I ji;i »;. k !..i4> Mm (mm ■!> 

tolrii" ■■i-mufcHllllKOf 

■Hi!.' !' . (jioner of )*>( 

Siiwtji3F'*By*f> v* Vijki]i|t««<«iilr<'! 
fJh. vefc ewnvthmg wjtt himk ■' 
<k>r> f -' tKn» <|i>«n<;r'' 

Grurii" pluyaillil* II' 

ofkn lidliKdclbiK. 

>t the team ««» 

• > LiK hcwJ f « r 

fourth i^amivs bc^jin. Ckc . -« 

Mvw* Itwlini 20-0. ma^flic ^tiimi; 
Mttft ciiuki Willi icMiffc 


And »ll II it<t* ••« H«1«ii|K, 
by Mime KK'li «cn«ic inhi» raumi ItxdQ 
n audiMt; «u he taiM pa* lo RB 
NulAndmuBinilKflai Mimcaiti 
umiu p u f><r • uiuhitKwn. Otiu 
toKmm hhMidy munkr ii Hurhaugte 
( • fini m « kwif bane, d) nflit, Iniit 
Miki:!). ml my ISf" iMkat me 
feci even imnt. Thcatilmtlll «•* 
tm. fiY every B<:«r«, and icmi Bctfi 
fan. Uf M«. and MmncMNa fcoanlnj 


Afauwi lilt Bun. 

Gee, wkai laiBitiaa Uw km teen 
diia year, huh'' Well, aihi jnw'R 
ouUMVcd IIMI U inllwiiKailllMf, 
n't tunc k> pa» ihc baffflinitf anMnrf, 
and fai OMc. n a hmg nme. feci 
difuaMi Ibr Ihe Beam 

I man. aflcnte fini ■■MS. 

•* alt teti ^ t:«au«T«e»i Aii«.i 

'imalla fuOtiw, iwi dim •!: an " 
nnf' A — ■'* tf^ct duM. ihc » 
an- lOdafWriliM' 

lt« - ■^fmtaT. A< 

"'Bean, «e. ihc kxval fann ty 
rajptli. »rr ■'^?ty-tefn[f' »it^ vi-^j" t 

vfciitiitg tiaffh««fe«ll )ta«Tw 
« ■ - ■ '•■■■n.Jl «iannj nmi- . • -■: 

•# . MI hfl^c t, :( 

Ithc I wax gimna ' 

' >.'i:\ t.»4tuj ik^ iAii- 
-niMI ipi lunif. F(w 
itvax n trtbtr *lu[I Ut »n*e «»* htrt*' 
Ban dm'l 'imfry !•» rntuh. ficii< 
I'uM.llMt wen* aiill he hcn« . I pr.»" 
ifl« y«iu The Bclin b«»l'( kmt' 

Why. ymi aiA^ 

nwy have dM *«<ck lilt Baal (he 
wact ■tltai, afainti Tam|M B^ay. he 
raady wid> ynw twfliaiti .' >^. 

, And New . Wlith llac (mnmen: <. < « 

■mn •( "^hadmamiit. Da' Sporun ' 
Fonli", we alai;« have "f'^hadmavKlu'w 
Rckji". |Hi;k)llf the f»viwile-i in (mt 
iMll.lMMitMtl. hMkiMhall. ice fi<hin|: 
(■aiFISHlMi "i.tiy thai ia(cirf Ihe 

t«kiMai)>.ti » "i«: '•Mil ■ iTUir 

(wol mckaamc. hoi diMi! 'den'i tail 

l.aM week, I picked dw Bean. 
RiUk, and Slainai to mm, Nmv yiw 
lami *kf I mliy iacli 

Piwhtit V . 
"tti th<- !•••»'• 

Ramn; a fivak unowvinrri 
;i> ii-m(w:rar«rr*, if viw are i 
- .'.1 fjn viHi shiiuKt haul y«Ht 
hull iml *(J rmM fif \i.Hj« H**k* 

tnmi k*Mn*' :'jU-i 

. M.. 


hktHJ i*t nk^low* «ii4 'idtmm^€ im r: 
tlWT»ii*r <nnmikC'dll>K«mc an-o^l' 

• Jilt* TThtCti 


-.. ■,..,. ....,- •»nmNiB|,-OB i 

( 'uJintf tyiiTt fn.ai3 him^iDf tlv 

it.', ^j'-niMin.i Un- vjui hif" ' 

A kind 

'A7HEcihi4kw4Lftltki; *ni.i«-' 
11WT t^n^ iiiui.; i«. vht- 

^nwimtiii^ l»> ihf 

\ F r C*hampKm 

.".-.'•aevcncai*'* Well. 

. (kail, I'll pkk die Rilli 

'' ;.:'*! .ru^i bri:'au«c diey haw 
the «trtin|;cT «4lt-n^ivL tram, ami imm 

IwcaiMc i)ii- BiiU «mri ihc wartts he 
IMwn ihcn. tml Ihey am* me a Kin 

1 \ K«|I: ■■ - 

Ihlcami I :> 

A leant thai almiHi wtai 
v«rn» a team dial abnwt wtm m a 
daRH ihat'i abwM deafaung ««dd 
he tliir dowiifaU K> die Ranu. The 
\Mm» «ufftiH.'.ctin|tdclenftc may have 
Ilk tfiHihk aKamm the Ram» poat 
"urmmi; fame, hut QB lim Eveicn'a 
.'0 24 hr Z%2 yanli day agaovi San 
fran laat xcek may make die game 
ifMcKuMitts for awhile Howevor, I 
laehcye Ifw SaMtt» foci their Kason la 
tliS (or a Mnawt nmaaMavt dtvi- 
fnn liik. and i heliivc thcai. um 


Haipcr spt>rts calendar 










5 7 





"1 t*iiriH"> 
•> (ll)«m 

v». Klgtci 




vs. Illimua 
1 fniver»ily 
(at IWl'l 


v», lllifi4Ma 


1 \ 

(at <:U;n 


r.>....n IV 

(ai i'arfc 
MilK (iCi 
M laiani 


VK "I'nuin thonir) 

1 «»pn' 

region IV imirncy 

College of l)ui>as« 
(iHMtic) WIMham 

l.-i.iu'. NJCAA 
loiiTiifv ^ onliiiLied 


12 ' 11 K. 




— _J '. 

1 .-'ilvlll 
vik Joliel 

1 :(l(>|>ni 


<-ollr|n- ..( l>ui'aKe 


lal itU-ti 1' Drni 

tiiiH- 1 HA 

WiKiam Rainey Howper Coleoe 

IBe Harbinger 

October 22. 1992 



needed for 



w* pages 


"Bo" knous 

politics as 




bid for 

office of 




results both 

a blessing and 

a curse for 



Covn \is 

Mt»i b 4mrt U itimt 

Commmrtkwf.-^ , 


.. 1 


Presentations offer new 
look at diverse cultures 

»anar;ffm Ovpodw 

HmpmCulkm colelraiwl ihc 
diFhraM vtkmn dM «it«d dw 
k'.lM>al wtti iMnnitamri Wh* Oks. 

nkwa MMl utOtbim m iwMii: i« 

•!■)» hiM and wkji ibcy wal.. 
Mi«*«l Nrpmm, ifanMrtafitH: 
I Ktfiritia <3cn«r. and' tmA 
Mam. ilimcicr el ibfi maiUatkmm 

•rfam office •!» u) etrnft of 
piinilillf ««> ycwi MSDJiia. 

S«!»n., ,,,,1 ,h« hiimie.1 ,m 
r>n*™ii:iu inatk iMm y<>« liat heen 
i-wMmn' Dk nitlirp- ^iiiRwnl 
.1 iiiiK ilinais)(li aw irikge matai ■ 
iii«! a»wii( In ■Mniin. Urn Atscu 
l,3w»m'l ran • TV npni ind iKc o,.. 
<••" ■'"►-•"■• •'■■ an •fticln <ai dte 

■■ •ntianiiafln.Mai" 

■ '■ »■'« MimiirKM «>. hKbd Bttmn 

Spmt. ihr« f«»u»« Amcifwat 

- "not ikmoiaiitainn. vlw MtfliMi 

: r audMaut in* MttiK and uUuMl 

MNy«f tlwoa hn«tBt« r>i 

laaii Ranicy llaifaR'ttoiut > 
tmt wm • Umk, Innt »i« •-igh 
IwMin iK«Kmi<no . wiulif a pwup u( 
'mitaiii.iMMM««ii mawmmmimi- 


Harper offers counseling 
and career guidance 

in| Ciaiicr pvvidM pqRjMlafK*! 
and c anset guHlam nrnen ID niiit ' 
tmitoM anBinMit) wiiilMu. at aHrO 
a* ui Hvper M wla wli. Tk* laiuu 

irffert pcnonal mi tmmt caiaani- 


Utvclopmem l>i<ri>Kn. the Com 
Bnamty (VwiKling Couar tiai ik 
The (niupi, ted hy capcmncad 
nwnul hcakh (nrfcMHinaJi. hc^ 
uknufy, adib<as and rcaolvc itaaan 
ihaicaiKaiittiaamlAtficM OaiMp 


mil ^tlwiun «Mil«idai»h««lli9 
• •>».>! ictrnm^ u Mhcrt 

Hc^alih)' E«nig u « |niu|i dt 
<i(iK<t fia iai|ividu*t» who Ittvc 

a«nag(kal to knac M nuinUHit <ra<(liL 
T)m (iKw of Uk inwii a (in |»y ■ 

«.i>iitatKal iHiiia.aMi amMtMial •«- 
■>( ' Thaa tmaiiiiaicaiiaai MnndqivM 

Fcntak' Viawitof Sc*ua< Ahwai 
«f<>u|> moMa Thundayi * »7:I0 

rhtl4HmHl «ciusl abuac h*a 
imiiiiiiiMt cUttAi la Id vkuiu iot 

laH iiMnBiulikoiaiiwilns iiUmnad. 
ITm fiDup <«*» «• hua dw* 

|>Mi «i|»na»ioc» aa< •fbcuag m 

h*lw« |0Ml atMW AramcNa «id 
vkM ttcycMilDiDcJaiirtkM. Ac 
to*! of Mt imv u tor nmiton w 
fed mm ompcMH aid weciiiiat 

IMc VktHH (rfStaual AbwM. 

IIMMB WntMiadavt •: » 9:X) |>.m. 

Mm dMt kwc boa* victammd 

oAan luvc mnrkcn u p> fcw help 

tlua group a lormcn U) gr4 Ki(eiha 

m mffon tKh vtm, mitkntmi 

eOm amn aitf Ho* » 'tegin lo 

dMB cndM hoan or nsR. aad <HR 

4^Wp.m Oftiiai Hiim ■ Mia paiaplti 
tal ovovMmad ■adcoifwadaclo 
Ima ugw dtw aMidiaBd vaaMa nwL 

haw ta tei (aai4 ikiai *cmjcl«e> 
■Id ham an Inai Ike iaB|Mcl thai iiOi 




Woaaot'i Sapfiim Gmav ■•■•§ 
uai Smnfaqr maamaigi^ I » JO aa. 
Tto It 1 paydiBtt wr ^ w iwy 
to' MiMma who are making hmw 
■naaiiKian « lite and Boh meiipiiiR 
die Mura dial have taca badAnt 

Tlw fMi «( die grmip tf m gain 
KU-aKkmaidiag «■< ■npRm it- 
wrpcrannal R!lHMiaaaiii|K 

Sell E (Iteming Grmip Im 
Wtanan mnia m WcilMadayt, fc JO 
« UOiMR. T1ingniii|i«dila)par<aMn 
III uteMiN vtMi incvaMi dMn fMM 

prow dK <)Mliiy of dttir »«« 

tV m i lii lai n i H ii H . «— a i—iaday* 

tliii (laup wiO pnnnak mfw. 
■MBwa dw ud a mpanalBg atiUa 

II anil aba pm*idc faamm dK 
oppoaiuiiiiy » alMR oaBafw aid 
(■pEticncei <ndi tahar pacaMa m 
mil M cjipkarr dw pmimal difTi 

Volume XXV, Number 6 

scary to 

Couaot hn tovKt 

t'riur.:ti i« k.wi't* 

Kxn '»m (km) 'araallu . 
winHUii Rim. 'Tlia' [IniiMe We ul 

Voi«iiyur„" Fradii)' ctnaed 'Widi • 

';:||l,K-<i|i atiat Swat 

•- >«iiigliiMaaiitrit'Wetk 

lUlkmrcti a i'.^ilU yea^dd 

- ' ' ' Um: aictaH 

'rctand and 
I ...». •■um 1-.W.11.I,;, andamiksd 

'-lie apmtt irf deal BNsittar* locniM 
^<:kl«Mr £>tl Mauvca <a>ct< tm 
•elcumr, and tcafy maib du 
I Miaragtxi dww ptr vt-mr 

While Oi, ■ „,, „ 

dea»i«. ii: . .. ;uhk-'»«wie, 

Simk: luiMiitm-nuumOiTOtuil 
UBilrBli liiid «vil tfinu, wiuini 

andgciMin^ rui hffhf n-i,r*.^ »i..l.. 

<T*lIien ' ■ 
diwiKrt oui tiiKKd U«a 1%, 

"ir» calM wnliaHiaidialMi. a 

'rm of Halhiwecn.' fcpnni ft 

. )iaialdI3itMey.|<[Madaaid|iTM 

■■■"■' ''-'*"*<alBaiiiu««!ffl(Lija 


■■"*- r» ■ •"•i^ Ul ft., mt' f 


-r M Tad ft>a> ■ . 


Time m die Hapar Colk^ To- 
day.anew arackly radHiihow feaaw- 
aag micrvKwa mdi faculi)'. aiaff aad 
aBMknuaHapcrCanave TTBaliow. 
•duth in evaay WaAnday after 
dw nio a'dock nean. li dMigiml ID 

. job Iraimng. aad all da pao- 
gnan* and aa>i :» dui Haqser ha to 

••• out du«Ki iw- 
d(M» icil ■• dia diay dadn'i kamr 

offorad m da CaB^gc. The laiw 
•hmr ia aaodar way (a «a u get our 
maaaage oiii aal alao lo apcntl a Hide 
mac lunc an partitula prugnnu 
■Id acnrioca Wc are uniMc lo do 
dia danigii our rcgula mulnga.' 
ceouBciiu Pally Roberta, 
9mm0mi. Maha Relabona Spa 
co-hoal of ihc (wouy 

Ite man mlnnutioai ataw 
Haqar't Camammty Coumcbng 

Cama.enB WI/W7 JOOO.cai »T7 
TIm Ckaar u locaisd a Budd 
ingA Rtnan KT 

IhednaviilmakaMan WRMN 
1410 an radb an a lively mamew 
fonnai whicfc givaa giHtb aid boat 
an oi^ntimuy for an iaaefatmg ex 
change AineFnit(.(ltolbngMead 
oariK Edaumd Svpcfviiar. Pubika 
nana aad CtammauLaiiaaia, actt a 
o^htiti The thoav » lapoi « da 
Mapet TV jtucjio by Tom Knoff. 
(Holfanan E>ui£>). TV piuluceiMi- 
recuv . widi [he help ul Sieve Lulljno 
( Addiun) and Kxk Will (Haiaiaie) 

Tt^HabiriQ9>.Octobm22. 1W2 

nb^s ' 

Recruit, transfer session dates are set 

Stv«fiy fc»w-yo« coltafra "lU •inmiiiniliciabtehck™ iiKbc^ic Uie Cm*.:' Studcm t*(»da|i«ii«iil 

iMimntiOTlii«Bwf* »c«iiiMiii«D(i«|m;Ove»tuiiciiu 

ViKU makad m tmmhi •» 

CetiKt. 1117. HI ail. fur man 





- - r 






to Ml 




Lewis I nn 

to an 





Rooievcil IMv. 


(S Mtpm 



Romevek Univ. 

6:30 pm 

A pm 








l.« 1 

t pro 



Cotumbia CdXkft 

9:30 am ! 

1 W)(ini 




Columbta Cottcfc 

saopm 1 

6 -W pm 



RocNtfvcH Univ. 


X ID pm 




.o« 1 







1 ptn 



Ebnliuiii CoHete 

6:30 iw 











9:30 an 





Columhia Coikglt 

12 IM 










Rootcvcli Uni*. 






to gel help Oct. 29 

PttaUm ntUic Ubny wiB 

line c<m|M*. Thi Hnn, 
Sdf Emoob md Sdf Effincy far 
HiglMt INrfwii . (LTCOIO- 
001) dhn wqn B 

Tickets on sale for Miser 

Tituu «Tj BOW OB Mk (ur aw pprf ,>r mance 

Harim Cuikgc ThofBC fmliKUnn 

at -nil MwB- -n* 17* awMry scliedule: 

(fcnck cMMdy. •!» vfiitni h» Hi4ji»,n." ;' 

MoKn*. TIM MhMi^. oliwh nkn 

pli«iiiPiMHillliM.t«U>«W!>u»V S«aR%.*- 

ofOTwaMiii. Ju ii iaw t ni UBMWuiad 

Ifaqpmim.wlwlimiaMtinanryiiHm i:dmiHrilMMni|HBk«t*«»ail>Mc) 


i)twiitMw.k)v«(i(iniim(|itnM|»iitiaH $„„,.. 2'^)I>.I>M 

may facicJiicMilnMaiaMivakliM 

rataRkw* famiht. trinft ant mt- ^nf^,| i,« the Mc»iii( mfdnS) 

■ The Vtaa" can he 
ptir«:n»cai umiugll tH bm oKtt*: m 

MUIiit*r. IWkfifmnt •« 
maiPM Ktf|iEr««KleHU/»u(f tS 




Gcncftl pub 

. _.^-_i faf SiMfdiy. Ntv 
I4|fc. Hmmrrmiam im he 

Ik mm lo fd v«h# 

S«unSav, \ 

' -Me 

The Harbinger: Your source for coHegf news? 

I Ml«tl» l> n\ I \i(i\rtl 



UarmM. PartkovMi andprn- 
gram cxxmiiMior of Syadnaiaii, 
tumei wuf — ii w Bii l il wtfw ii 
n> Ml. Pnapu. wilt fi«mm Ike 

of iMqitet ■apnuM UllB (iMM- 

01 wminKy wA diMy* Mcfc' 
tta walk u bnik di* >■■ 

Earty registration 
opens Nov. 9 


Na>. 7. hoB 9 ub. id Noob, jb 

Hick tafamam ThiakiBf 
SUIIi; Nttaril Crcuiviiy. 
(LTCDI l401)laaMMaa*>Bcli 


oo«f$40. To 


-wmtm. PardMaili.caa 


Career workshop to 
test style, sklUs 

TW eoB«|t wffl eflar a e«Mt 
opina BoAllMp Thaiday, Nov. 
12. 6:30 pjB. W «» pjiL. al *e 
C— Ti—itinBiCler.inSS. 
WaH Rd.. Fn^MX Hc«hH. 

TW* •otaiap ii tar dMM Bin 

Nov. 9. cancBl ar 







Loyola to htild 
radio conference 
Nov. 12-14 

dwy Ba(d»«««y Ike 
Owy kav* ia aiiBd 
-nwyl laan kB« le idmUfy aad 


TWdoa ia (40. To n(iiW. cdl 

Personal career 
planning session set 
for Nov. 21 


I Lnyolt Um- 


Hmji^i iitltilliwMkafcildSat- 
ia<dty.No*. ll.t:30ajn. io4pjgt.. 
at Hai|icr-> BVHI eaavoa. A)47. 

dw aprnkw imayiiaB ai die Ma- 


nmiy » ooBidaia • pMHaai pn- 
Bk.«ihBiilycaiMi i]kiaLi«w.lean» 
(Mi-aMaw aad da l iii ai -aMlt 

d[*.iiaiiiii' itiiiii mil* I 


The Friday 
Marcoi OoUcft Radto A»ai<di 
Ccmaoiqt aad Ok Radiii Hall of 

•01 he 

■ion. 7W wfciliap it apoBnndby 

dwiedby NksMaaaiBB of V 
n* kalal ia fcaaMid ai 171 W 

Seminar sheds light 
on new tax law 


aiifdyukHiiiMWB ptBaion:payDBia. 
il may 'alki« Ike fovaamnu 
b> naliMB yam diaaffiMlcm by ai 

A Snacial oaanilUMl aril) (u 
over twc- and It^'yaar a««a|ing. 

Dit taminat will he htild Saaa- 

(lay. No*. 14 boail aja, lot pm. u 
Uw PalBUBB c a m iai. Coat it S)) 
To naiMor, cafl »T- jyn 

Workshops on 
performance slated 


lar oitlkaklMoHw aaitikap* '■* 

IWMaafnrdK aiartBkafiaS7S . 
Il III! kaha liiiak Tn rnlt»T tt *— 
n.c*U 439423^ 

Celet»rate New 
Year's in London 

A Loadaa Kudy lour will nai 
Dae. 27 dmmili )an ) It wdl aHow 
a or 
COM ia S999, ftoai Ckicapo. 

F<xda<aai,caldMUhanl Am 

Call for Playboy 
fiction entries 

nayfeagp aiiaiiwii will accept 
oiawa iR ilt ci^Mk aanaal Playttof 
cuDcgc ficiBn coMaai laiiil lai t 

TV annual writngooaapaiiban 
ii opea lo all n^i a aa ad under 
graduaia and gradiiar aalk(a au 

Il ia y» aaly ooBafiate ficuon 
ad by a 


bar.BattwiDbakaldaadieMa- 3030. 

on the tmnmidoti, 
Maaly a (212) « 


Th« Hawngw. Octob*a^»9WjB 

tsome kids never outgr^wtrick-or-treat thrills 



Every holKtoy l»«» '" ""^ ■■<™=*" 
< - . nwni> «>> wh^" *" ^<'*^y 

Jwgof H.«o««nM «y ihc mi:»un».» 
note; Gel lU Oic cmly y«» tan 
To iBi»w« I" >>»• "< »•"•"• 
loo. hi HI. •«• JW <*«» '»' )*"• 
1 *H« I ••« "ek-o^ ••**«'"* *• 
LkK n my MitMnhnid. (I rwlin 
lihuiw** "WW orir •""•r*)' *•'**' 
Ikkhdumimck .» «»iiii(i,in.l«««W 

„<a(ihetoliita9f toii»iiiwi»««>»»»«»- 
1 1 . ho«*cr. a»4 *» •»^-*«»« •»■ 

-nKMtk !■»• iw»*w<»i"«<» ■*''» 

I and M«* •u«is« '»«'«■ ■n*!'-™"'*'* 
1 awljiwn. the o»»ceiie nmww of 
Kmly I re«..c every ye« •« -^i 
I worth ihe einl»ft»««nenl ) 
I I w» m*u>| [tM-mmm •djurt- 
iMtt to my ptf « a"-"* "»«'*' 
1 .hwbeU r«i» N«> ••^h »»^ ' - ''^ 
I pm e.Kily 15 mamta W'" th* 
1 . iiv imcuoiwl <ntk M owrtin* ume 
*T«n, I orcned ItK d^. ' »•• "^ 

Enty ycit.t «!tt*ekid>l»q'"«" 
iiiA« *«««"">**'•■'•"*•''''** "'"* 

M MWii, •«•«"•'• «n*^ '***^ 
IlKiM «*•#■•■••*«■*""• "** *• 


In f»i, my rw" «««»• ••• 

lody. 1, mpR • umi how • *«••' " 

MaOury . tO. Mi"! dau**"" «" "Jf" 
mc pmnu. •«« " "T>« CmnMH " 

S«iii««JM«.ryc« oW»J«««»' 
nam l«wl<«n. ">•* *« •«" "* **" 

liB«imli<fM«<"»»» •*»"*"■• ''^^'*" 

bl«»«l -"ft*. "«> !«*• • •*• ■f^ 

HetdniCiuy' ^^ 

To mike «« **•»«■■ •""•'" 

e,H my (hkiw •lttl« ' ■" •"*• ' "** 

Fat 111* neM |ii<oh«»«». ■« k"*^'')' 

*i ejck inrnt. •«•<» fflieik <» "» 
*e (row MBBP. h« «<" «« »«Wi^ 

ITC»t «WI)^«««». I*" •«•««• ''^™* 

•»Mld •w»»r rt Ik« <*«» ••«' •*!'• "**> 
Men- 1 •€ K»ry uMlay -^ » «•" A^IV^ 
the JelicK«« c«kI>o ml" "« Nl« 

|'.«.1K .ip<« wttni me, *ty 
»«i).i . ■ \i«n'iyoM«l>Uk 

"Ml'- '""•'" ^^ ^ 

Kanww^ «»•• my »»•*• »•"*"'*" ■ 
,«> ii.<l«»i*«iit«l«ke»(<wiii!«i«<«'"'i» 
(« cMnly ™ *» •WW *» "* ** y 


city 4.1»«lf . h-M'l'- ■■■ ' *»' *"" "*' •*"• 

lll<«»»l^l» '■ ""'* 

tunoiai'ltiir ' *** 

Jal mkoilnw i •»"• »•••••" ■"''"*■ 

el«ir»«M*ltor« *«»««)» "■«■"• 
tnM limp 'W —"**^ - "^, • "•" 

We,»»a«r».««*»krifO«- ^IjSS.'Xirfft^^ 

NoiiMn«f«l»""»«»««'*»*"*- —"•^ - -. 1— 1« 

^ «)w.yi UunkMl *« t4n<Jy r«»- 

Gaatnay.ionietraily mfut gtwp 

Mad *• e«i«y *«« -»• •*«>« »"**" 

Otmt •« «*lt> '*««». kiW". « *•* 
ilK duty uf e«ch wk « uc «« m «« 
(roup w i»»e • (iti m iJk »"••'' "'• 


Irfl .C |M Mutt *«•«■» ""f •• 
. ,. . „ lit.* « •*«• ikf "irM.*»" <:■« 
m n«-f«tlimew«fn«M'»«l">«i»"' 

liMirit* Ffy •*••• *^ "^^ **" "^ 
net wwl JUm touk^ """'»'*» "** 
•trnwl. "A*. I iot mcky M«k je"» 
(»,B» " By *«» •« *"" i"" '•' *™" 
iJie .»fle»»'"H! t»»« >" *' "y*"* 

The icaiitil ume. nancbody wh» 
iJ»»iBtii »i»i«»«i«««y ■»•'«**" •** 
f,wkKto(««a* !»«««'>"' «»*"»»" 
(,.1 <•{ riu««>» A» «*«>««« kmwt. 
kidt ««Ji'i •uppoM*' »» «* •'y'*™* 
(iitu! iliey (« txw •« *•«" P**"'* •* 

/^«1 M •>«»«>••<"» taw«- ** 

V^.^ I opened ihe A«r. 1 — * ;.»«».y« m™ "~~ 

Gritz runs as alternative candidate i" Presidential race 

..a. o( coune. fti mcely inio 0«1 UM 
Ijnwp. » dwufh rii»a» «)«">"<> "» 
e»i. • »•» f* '•»«» *™" ■ *"»«" " 

The lh»d twd ilnn|l *« F" "•» 
fn)R< umc lhri»«hll«M i«a>W» "«" 
g»w each ol m tnt peimia. Ptmw*. 
the hae of ■» ainency. «« « «» " ""h 
toi* lo kid» a ihey f lo jpwM upt. 
perh^ even more «> •<«* ""*' I"* 
iii«l«lhe»»<:o*10h«*« no "»«*»"'' 

or Ac drtvM.«)r. «■«*• ««■•«' *« 
hooK. ikoMiiit •» "»«*■ "T" **" 
wah yow *«* »«««««» ** "■" 
c«,dyt." «»1 *«e« ow !«««»» ••** 

Afta (am €MhmHmtt houn ol 
c«dy«rflKia«. «e r«i<d iBWait 
h^[, «.«« ho» «e •««*»» W« 
.me dl O^taJy dbW*^ "*" 
(•ui candy hafi wcte caUy o« And 


Wc «oukl h**' nc«k«l • minck 

10 <«( out candy »«|» fiH«> 

jtaddeniy . • Heishey. owk »d . 

^^)fL»^^»»in«A cnllldedllvlu«»M^ 

taMB. No o«<« "•» ku«. but Ihm •" 

fiQrtwv* *•'*' *'*•' 

\\-)«:.u»i»e AitemWy H«t» 

I to hex J«me. "Bo Gfrt/, t P"VMl«»« 
candiduc f« [«»>*« "* <»« ^""^ 
I Sum. 

Thnujli he » «uB qu* '■*"*"•"' 
ubhc. he 1. ((uKkW nainiin »■>«► 
.irtwn- ide ■• hi. iwm* . » »""^ 
1 14 «ooihcbilk««m«»«««"*" 

,!l hjKk «M Mnl 
itaey wJ te(;i»l««w« 

■ «Hf>fann~ 
tor a law w (iKilKl 

■ mtcm US prwo""" «' *• 
■e.p™* ttMM gmlty "'>»'»«'» 

-,,«,• m.nwyfwi*™'"^!*", 

T)»it aR imly • ponw" « *« 
animiM> tlrte ti» to«" »*«* 

Hi> iMwIkW''* !-"^"'"*" 
M w "nMcn c««ili»i««"^ »-■-•;- 

hKl«falfcl«««« <»«"»••■•*'"""■" 

Daigaiiae of dut, he Mud, ii M M- 
tdwly y«w KID •k ^■■" *** 


daiu. "f mamy «o •»«•"« "" *• *•" 
p«^al*«»l>«»« «»»•••«**•'' 
dii«tal»»««i««*<«»"»' .. . 

He .«)*iM»«d. -n««« >i mm^ _ 


_j,. Ml the dew* "T»K »y»"" "^ 

|ieai«ni*€»iioHO"«'k" hmmon 

tlK kidt nd ] vuck'y ntkd oar 
hija aid UMiiiBilh"""* "■•*<»" •"■* 
M*. Il «n« dM (icaiem Haltowcoi (ift 


I c«.mthc™»c»<o'«««««'t_ 

He K *i MB** dKorsBd Oncn 

I Be,e. »«u— * rf .-UllMwtdfCM»- 

Heh«»eiijeneK«iiith«tf S Anny 
I snecu»l=oi«».H«Bi«oie««i>«w» 

I „ai»i«i«. 100 «p«a»l ajim««Hi» "lo 

Ona »otk»leleaely with »« IHm 
»« and setnocd (o«« operitiow 
,iMD CoMUHl AM lo mem US 

He wcBi to tmrnt'* 
"OoMen Tinnjle" *■» ■■••. 


He niwii Alilwi Muiidudom 
aadoan fiihien m Siudi Anta* •* 
.joixwdU 2 «pyp<««. "»'«**"•" 
caund by cammunKB 

Gnlz «««1. "I'O «* • 1W*»»» 
MHK.-U hek-^-ihetww""'*' 
VW-hai oiJie* kim m>*^'^ 

Gnu Mcrai «> h« <>o«> *» 

aid mat anftman. very much i«f«» 
.enuiivc of ihe i«cim|e Amencan 

He h»» wntlc* »«••»»' •>«'» '•«■ 
\m«fic"io (K'T^! 


, h WC cm filM- ^ 


■ oUKi"^ 

.unoicy Bid clii»M»»i« ift. > «•! 

■ oupihcifwoCTE tu and te< -- ' 

the IRS ^ 

■ halt niiM"«y «!»>*"« "^ "" 

lu. «Ki IhM ht t« fMMUt W^ 

OrtO' ■■«»••*■••■•* f^' 



'aLd—k^— Healtncoifier ^ 

mdttM. io*»l».»- W*»- 

Ilo a. »wd loh« ti*c<d.««<«k« »«* 
hi. iwc hefcf «» m chjitgini «k« •»• 

Alter to moderate women's week 
political power forum Oct. 25 


Celehf.l« Naii«««l »»••■>"• 
W«ne«-.W«khy •««*»•*•''«« 

ioajno4piii -n-Hy-f-^S!^ 

.tnM* the di*««« o* peodutu md 
Mr»ioM rf l«rf»y"» "«*■« xaoim. 

^idadim ckiiihBi. «>«<«**»• l""'^' 

■BW »lft»1WI»B«l i« •>«>♦»*>*" *"*• 
cmmt lanct Davie •! W« *•** 
A hmc h<w«i from NoMnmnl 2 P m 


Tla, <«ram «i» •« modcrinpd^ 
Alter imileMo* ol " ' 

H«|«:i Colktt , «nJ • cMwdiaanr of 
die a>Utge««in<"»l *"«"*''•' *'''**'' 

PwMttM* •til tw't*** «»•«•"* 

OaMaitiii.«ai«iiiiiaM mdltht etoct»«» 


Shethi Smith. IlemticiaiK c««hdaK 
f« the H.KMC of BeprM-n""*" » ** 
»th DisOK-i. •nJ'l'y *«*=*• *"'^' 
can uietimhciM m the Slaw Hum* •>< 
llcaicMnulivet m ih« <'•>•< IHww' 
Theliinche(in»il5 hwn5M»*« 

The tho-tJiK ■«' !>»«*••" ••' 


Sii^ aod ri«f»«.'«<*l W"""" 

Oitinct III 

Palatine residents: Career transition 
scholarship deadline 

\\n. : 

«pe gr itM'dHptnMfc* 
Place B*>i« 0" «""•** *^ 



Apptyto Mfy " 

-lit »;»■!■.■•> jcliir'""' 


(.«w(V*^.*.ip ■ 

,>:..m«a«. nei-oi* de«k«pi««>' ■»• 

Bw*! tii*»i P«n tf J""***' 

! ttwacnc in <wM 

)0oi>~— — 

Keep allKied •« »•»«*»>« 

=*^-— -^- !!!2sr:r::::::* ;:^;=.r=:«. 

■ inaiiitm 

„aA&i«" * fcni o* 


ictvicc* and in<urm»ui»i ml 

||aipn*t C«««i Tian»oi«t Cl». 
Aaaticaiwa* ■"■■•* ^ KB***' ^ 

A|)|«c*«!n»«t w^****" " *; 
Fee ttotlKi »tfMr<i.«l»«.c»«0»" 
Miim, FMMaK Rotary Chih. •> *"* 

HoJd head apnghi Do not bend 


Muniwn nrway 

(jci unmediatt medical help 

Do CPK if no pulae or laapnauon 


4 n»»at>ing« Octob«22. 1W2 


Comedian Don Reese 
will perform Nov. 2 

Cultural arts film 

'High Heels'' will be 
screened Oct, 29 

ihe wiBBd m M irpcr Colkitc . Cul 

MiJ Aftt tiim Scnr» ti» \f2'iS. 

Atm.x».>«iii mi tiMTmt Vituwu 
^<t ant M01M Rndia. "H«>> 

dram •toM a kmcly mndicf. w- 
^ln mil ite^hli t in 1 1 — r^ •* '"" 
»iiK Iheix The 1 15 minuic film, m 
Sp«ni«»i with Bi«l>»h »tthuilc». hM • 
iurptiK ante* 

Ttckca It i! icwcril «<tau» 
»Mn.S2fc»ttu«fcaM»Bi<»«aunn hm 
infiwrnltom till ctl. TMI 

nni w ■■ ^iw»* ^^w ^^ .fc.j — ■ *■- ■haul ■Mi^iMf l>ll»m€r 

ilw W«». 1. hufc* » f * rt Cwtw L ""H »i ■■■ '■t *- 

Harper's one-week ski trip planned to 

•OMmpagne pt>wJer' for the advanced and intermediate 

leave Jan.7 


A ski inp u Aijm. Colo. 


ym pa pcTCT wc I iU m «i t l i i i liy i 
indMv«nni|lHi' Mpn(«*haii>T 

f»< AiU •kiafdqrt •■* lailKisM 

(■•By Beta** fcwr ■«><««■««; ■*»■ 

pen MmiRiaiB. BtttMrniilk 
Jtaowmau. aod Ai|icii Hiflihndi 
The five-dw lift ■*« a wW « •■* 
at Uw f«w a»«* i im i 'W" ' ! 

lUg I OtMIING: WooJndie 
iinivuni >ilfef pBwriniic 
nunnuui vkwi wd leeiw: ««rlu 

XU£JUU2U A*P*" •*■"*""■' 

iKknd w avciM* *» "•■■ ''*•'* 

Aspen gvMlihk «o *« «m*Mii«c«iv. 
iMh office 

To J.W1 ihe A»|>«i *¥. InwiiiBi 

««ty. w Um yeM'f mp KiM ml m 
tktiitw A»l<)"J<»qpm*»i 

:M7 or 25«9 1« nnn dculb 

Schaumburg Jaycecs haunted house 
operates Oct 22 to 31 

Xsmtnment of scary sciHindrels and ghastly ghoute 

toll T>«H"iiM«lHMK»i!lbr lteh<*<ln«-» 

hdd a 2J1 CivK Dn«. »"»• ho" f^* »'^" *" '^ "*' "T" 

A<Jm»«»»M50toA*ito.«far H«l«ci.0«^5l»«<)«0-Jl«. 

ctukkoi 12 »» ""to 0™» '"" 

U||M-an. No HiuMiiit M«i 
BKt •iBtellcUOct. ».Oei. 2S «d 

Od. )1 linn "<»"<» 2 P**^*"^ 

chiMren Ml *" vmm no* wx 
•HirrvilKioi !«»*«»•••' ***■"""'* 




'^fSS!^fNo"^S^ HWVjR. 14) * PALATINE RO WMT 


gg 3Sa-9703 Of 358-7968 


Make Your Car Smile 



All Soft Cloth 


TOWING & ..u»— » 


■mnV UNDER cu 

FREE "■si'E^o" 

liQBE • nLTER 


• Up To S Ots 

Of 5W-30W OIL 

• New Oil Ftltef 

• Lubrication 

• Most Cars 






\i>u\< vMirkcd li.irri 
lor your liSN You'd like 
to ointiiuif llu- 1 haUctiK"' 
lliat's what /Vmy Niir-- 
inu otU-r>- 

I'ltis m « MiKt\ 
>.|)|»oil\initi«-N, ^(lMtin^llfl^; 
Klmation. Iravt-l Aiui 
and i)n>liKc aimrd< <! 
aniilfuti inltul nii<<l 
siairs .Xriiiy. 

Il sduri' N*oikin>; on 
\iuit I'.SN "I alnady hav«- 
1 !'.s\ I, ilk lo Mini .Vmy 
\iii M 1, ,^r\>-~ K-'iiiiiIri 



T»»Hc«totno« Octob*2S »W S« 

Art alumni exhibit works through Oct. 31 

Z^r cl""!;"!!^^ years o. , U..I an.. wU. ,nu>.,-.ed.a d.sp.ay 

clay ml masi'--t»mBwta. 

yiW CM fMl *« ««»«*» "^ *■ 

' >i. .L ,,A.^_ I II iifc II HIIMB 

m wi M J i u a t 

Wheiha il »• .— , 

am. ,»1 .« cluwoA •li«l«' •• •■ " 

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«:M», 'Of *■■<•'■<■<•>( 

Don't miss 'Single White Female' 

Brings iK-» meaning lo the Icrm -roommaio problems 


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nuv hpw niMltiiiaicc inil tmtmm 

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ll«y l<««il « M««««t« »«"« "* •* 
(..rntcimc whCThcT to «»w«|«e 
Th< iJoKi - ■ ■' ■ ■ '"* "■ 

.*^t. pertMf* *•"''"■"• '"*■"=" 

Kc<Mi l<«««in»«», ••>»•» I*"'-' 

,«i «« fiwrt, •«« «»Mlw y™ «»*•* 

mickt mttaik •«»•«»• !«««««<« 
rase -ho hn • ««i (■»•»««• •« 't*"- 

jKiwihcT at Iw >• • <'!»«■"•' '"»•*■ 
I»«ll«l»lkMk» city ftaoficA 

of 4wli(<ind. or dwuinad. kumai 

tiara •111" • i»eli»«»» ""™' On* 
una Mum'* <«■*» iikIk* •" ««* 
glioimw. •nKlueufcip'"**'" •"•' • 


HiHxni ttmm makes <:k«hing 
pi«M, «uth a» ut m* "«* !»•<•■ ""• 

Ami l-aune Noito fotwra on 
iiciU|«"n» • Nivaio «»>•>«». •»* • 
iMiiiiuie tianie callod Xk»i»« 

Htf .HhCT •<«»» mctude "Re 

, <»|ihiic <w papa 
'.Uii.-ntHui«i*»»oA «»»"»»"' 
■,€«> and •*"«%*« """V"" 
iiiMHtc Tiber oie»K>d. 

Hyni •»»>»« llM"" •>*«»" 

ftory Mta* («f«» ■"»*»« 
thannal (>unung< «* *♦>■ '™*» •• 
Ik »ii«*e «ici« Hi» •«*» ■« 

Are««|«">'"»»'«'^'«* »«"»> 
is«tyUu»)i»«Jt W>«clliee»lt*ili«» 

Fiik Ike I 



i-»«!'..^ . ^*.t%«** 

In F«aMu«W 

M tit * *r* »ni» ineM ei»»lod h« . «■«* the 
Oea«t»«II. M.uh (Sicplicii 
TotiukMnky ). i« »tit»n «•»'• F"* 
dlngbcraimimutT im«|ingpnwa«i 
lawauaDy Harusnt he 

MtytK "»»y *** •'* •■■* 
Mm lU. ««■ in«"*«e» » «•< *t 

Us difficuU to 
tell the hunter 
from the hunted 

nc ncuMMin. at \MtmifiMt t" 
AUi«'» apaeonenl *^ ■ |fi««l«^pi». 
d«Uy Ui huUdim, »«ave««B» nii« 

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ianHM Mt kill Im vhut* (inuly. 


Hrfy 1.11. ADif*e penp- 
al «aly disa *« '«" "W-^l" 

4W M »»*■ **• "V*- "■' »*■ * 
Mtag a (wt of me •*• ■"••""•-' 
Sl»eainn»««»» ■■«» "•'»•"••" 

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wiy ruMiMat iiiMrt i|Hitafii||| ***• • 
J, . .MI rWMfklWty »P«»«««- A*" 
,( MlK htmm « taniAy. tMf 
will mrvi»«:. after an iha «• <iea^ 
once orphaned 

WMW* enlmi tif dWeiw •«*i«i 
&(».«*». «» ««tailt ■»*■« •» 

kU .he |M1I.1CI«IWI|(I»IMI«"<-I'*»<^ 

Mt Ui(li driiwsr tmliililMaiii P«- 
hamaieis •> the rniui MMi ka pay 

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mm Katet ua In l« canctul wtio mt 
mm orKiOty «*oi ■Kctuw* '« 
anmaMK- ll«w»i*«»„e.-«i aM«f> 
rttfpm* knk a-IAo «"*< to a «w 
tor Hkhb ten 

tkrm.lch ijocwtre' 


WorfciiiQ Your Way Through 
_^^J. i College? The Best Way 

^rtJnrj is With BEST BUY. 

T**, *.. «»i«y ".y -rr- -r* "^ircrrss^^ss^^^n::^ ^ 

praducn am) apphanoM W» ofl» a tun idi ««•»» •onwB w*"™- 


rrMTM. tn our Job Fair and mgatwj«»|Our>wpQ menaqers! 


noattMW unmn*i* MDn0tm Mw^w C»i»^p«i immm 

|»»Mr Wou«» tor Sr»««U"«>" -- •'"''•'"B •*'"■''■ * 
Not only do ihoMi Hixw a*! * l>u» •) *>««in« ««>"•» 

iccommixIMnB ™» "• •*•"■ 
dUt mmMhM and awtn**!} 
ci«M«» iJtfmii you » n**" 
iTOfwy, w)f«(ing pift-imt or 
«wn MMmw Each MninM, 
mow man 2.S0O ikKJunls anioy 
*••• aai^niaffit ««• !)«««*■ 

y«x. c^ (nm .»our bad*or'» 
or ma»m'S «•»•• a—ntf m. 
our Aftart A fkitm Campus 
m a yan««y o« tufiiact «wa» 

wciudMo B««i"«« **~**™' 
hon EduMhon. EnflMh. Pvirtc 
Admnmixm. and HMory 

So»i»MKivouconaidBr»(h«ai ,„^. 


long «.« ♦>***»'*«' •***°" ***"'*" **^ 

» 90 • tons way 10 your cawpua 

Roosevelt University 


SCHAUMBURG - 900 East Golf Road 

^.."^^BN, « •*.# PPI»ftun«,/«W-*-. -m«»y« 

HA ■••Cuafi*-. ■■■"■• -«»«»»i«»««*"'"9«*'***"» *■**''* 

Th* Huibtn g m. Octotm 72. 1903 


Political scene resembles fable 













Good-bye to an 
nspiration „^ 

"You got a <imile so bright, you kni)\v you 
:ould'vc been a candle." 

The voice that sang those swcci words has 
eft. Eddie Kcndrick.s. former lead singer fur 
rhe Temptations, died Oct.5 from lung cancer. 
Ic .lang lead on such Tirmps classics as "Just 
Wy Inugmation" and "The Way \'ou Do the 
rhings You [>o." 

Tm holding you so tight, you know you 
ould'vc been a handle." 

Tlie way he sang kft an indelible mark on 
Tiusic as we know ii Such groups as Boyz to 
Vicn and Color Me Badd have often remarked 
tow they were influenced by the Temptations, as 
lave Hall and Oates. 

f4e brought to the group a unique style and 
^ocal ability that set him apart from most of his 
:ompetitiors. I le also had the most successful 
iolo career of any fortncr Temp, scoring a 
lumber one hit with his song "Keep on Truck-in.' 

He appeared on stage with fiavid Ruffin again 
n 1986, along with Hall and Oates, to lead a 
nedley of Ii-niptjiions hits. 

Just bcfurc his death, he had been in the 
jrocess of recording another album 

Eddie Kcndricks will be surcK nii.sscd. 
-ew people can say they haven't heard a song 
\»h his lead vocals (tn it. Friends, family, and 
"ans alike, and ihe> are many, will continue to lei 
lis nuiMv live. 

Ami he.iver ■ "• — -.--.• ... •, ^(„,ir 

CkxKlhvc. I 

Cmm wfeftii 

The kinf<lDin'» unm crkr. Sv 

ilncc af»o\ « iintr in • qiiam liillc 
kmi.iM<m, ihcft so i tlnutvllcalfiW' 
cramcfiiunliliciny.'l lUMM.Ikoli^ 

Ii KM lunii Mtm! ilM uWMMH imfite 

I>ir ;uin <i(llw tani » WM akKUxl 

i" ':"*<rKKju||.l>i»u(titeTri|KiiMii 

'-V f«ui'yca>i.ititkaifdiiin'i 

wiiiiltl falltar and afiKiiM 

I'..,. .'' :*<cir «nni lu confuiit' Ikir ttit 

(^i>iin.i'i >it Suptain* MuMr. ticutly. 

!>.■ t>»»Kcmf*e lo»i|^ •■•••' '•"'I" 

. xFliMtaianuiiKiiipioifi' 

• 1, decMd 'hBciMt tpuo 
hf (Ik paufiit of die land. 

nut year wonwl lohr JM Hkc ny 
mhct. al tim The ni<i«fi|iuinic<:i «m 
tltcincumtauwiianottKrlwflK The 
UK- umtKM, Sw Buthalai, ■> M anman ■ 

* MitT man oiKt fck Ihc txiii «a)r Httwi 
liniinwwai wan to iiu|i|Kin hit *"**■ 
■MM at <dl OMtt. 

Hs taufmim, Sir ClmtaliH, wa» 
num Itatal-ininilnl'aiilltaiiKht >> »'•> 
hencr tp put mniHiy mud te handi irf 
' ■■■% BcMM'*«pcr«a|M«Mct4nd 
" aud kmgMi. ami Imh iiad 
umf, n: suo'iei «( tcrvtct ii> iWr kin( - 

Until A* Ian (ntmlh bcFwc tm 
The mo kfufha «n«lu>l day in and 
<]■> OIK HI (Mwc dial «acli ami ttie 
hmtt pcntm ,%! rtrM. « »t» • citm 
ftttbtt^-f • - ■ ■ • 



candiilaiBi tinui thrir mntxtmW/ki- 

•mwmaa andirpuned w«U]rp>n»an 

htm tfacy mm fanm to Ha am iMnmi 


So BiaifealM •«« hit iMirulaniy 
druftiin(, he htfan u qucitKin Sii 
Cliniakii*« loyaMy w tht fciaitduiB tac 
t^A^t r«r anydui^ hr ciohM ki kccfi 
iiipnimiu famit)' vakm aMlinitilar> 
urcngH) AtlaThitcflinrocawuMadta 
(■il 'nti.kiii(<li<ni'i»iaci|>n«lraBC»- 
taun and Sir BuahalM'i dmcic of ihc 
nttigc idiM (<» hii nmunt hum 
•aeatnd w la ini> much (nc kan k> 
(MeraiiM. Ttai Kiii|ii» of ttw Trap- 
in dw Iratniiip of Iht land, aid it 
wa iin ml atonoat t rare ihtnc >hai Sir 
Qiittaliil mmU mm One eloctiiin 

Then came a man frofli ihc 
oimnanfcilk who dulloKad die es 
laMidaul •ytaMi oT iha Kiughtt ot ihe 
hti em, cpi, .fuctadmik and t very 
tariie nwMili a nr i wini i t W* caadidacy 
fw Snpnanc Rulor Argotng dai the 
linighw had -\aa uwch ««h Ifce onn 
nwn liA,'hcrclihi;«iuUdi>ahetKr 
Jnto hnnfiii dK kM|dDni back lo ii* 

The nm aamiMiitim «*tic aaMf- 
(neaed at (mi, leannmg Aal a nanc 
anihcKmiMi'decnnn Stiipiumgly. 
dmigh. MinH: kn>|hu agtwd mih 
Ktfurlh'i utcat md txlnd wtdi him 
%1»k dioc »« MH nearly ihe fii(ipnn 
nantid lor ham K> wtn. IVraMh miiild 

play ihe n>lc nf a sfKHkr m the electjcm 
TKa i auaod Ihc two main oampeti k VI 

Sir BliiMhii tried dcaperaiely to 
fe< antwen (mm INroeih on how he 
would lundk lhm(i once in office. 
Yet. Penirlh tchuned every qmtioa 
Willi awiher quettion EvcMually he 
juM laid loiud a xmll he had wriaeR 
and die a na ai ea* wiiuld he Ihcie 

AMwqih Ihc ncroll* were nnt 
htfid)i fMbli rii nd. the i nfc im i a tw i in 
iionwai Aockint PcfwfhwaMHllo 
|WI a SO <hillin| taa. per hwhel. on 
h««e feed Fi(win| every oammaii' 
r»li had k> hiqr abow I to I S baahek a 
week. Ike U^jdam wouM aaak* ap in 
no tiaic. Thiwgh u waa prnpoasd as a 
Kmponry i«. dK pnpic knew 11 «NwU 
hecomc prtmancm pal u the tDll^dirt 
raidi4lid W ycart prevnuty 

Deipiie his evasive aitiiudc. 
^cmeth't support |rcw lar|e enxifh 
thai dK election was a dead heal be 
loeen die Mhcr two fawtidaln. 

Finally clectmn day came, and the 
resulu VCR: in The Knighn of the 
Trapcand Table (athcied wgelbet In 
Told out who won 

Did Sir OiMakil saKafe c»m(h 
votes to Stan hia plan for chanfc? 

tXd Sir Biartwhn msimam d»e ma- 
;«niy and win atadier (our yesrs" 

The end of diis swry i> Icll open 
You. ihe rcfistend voters ul this oiun 
By, will decide the cndinf on Nowcm 
her ) But tbcrc'i somclhaig to daink 
abmi hcfeac voiuig llf ivf yon kim* 
wAoynn'iv wtrngfor' 

You iiKl I are die Kmnhis al Ok 
Ttspc/imd Tahlc The fair «( diis kmg 
dam a(«m • ai oar haiHls 


ft ^ 


Lftttartfo The Editor 

Butts, butts, butts 

(MUatapanaiarlMnidiMislhc Well-StatCO, Jllll. 

liblKi of lidiaik. Kani, crtliianii nr 

Smnkcn, do yoii know iMt 

Bui. fc*;!\ ' Kutu ^a 

tr'^cAwhclr" l*ci->*S.rc Bl T 

where dley'rv siappKiand wbe 

WaftUif ftan ise nirtfl putni 

iMkiaaiiidcliMln AMiiildnf.liec (wOipKkiaf lip <■ boas peopk 

i.-i(aMlcbtiitB'liiMwd(wlai<le)ike 'taaMtosMlcimnd. Sinnk>n.y<"> 

seeds plaMad ■ a tatdaa. tjajylhaie omid diniiaatc aonc ef dmr wok 

»<llncveTbca>Min|M»(.'f«p The bypicUmtivy«wr<HMibwts. How 

«w)y hi«niparai]^i»abiMtt«tB|iof ahwMHif? 

ctcaKtics. AfiOMWaiiicr 

Trie MMimuffilll' SmnBIII 

TO Jin Walatlia. Sports Edim 

I hope some po^ie read yaw 
Scpianbrr 24. 1992, atkle abDM dae 
spnupatr I thounhi ii was well 

Hniauc Henry 
Vx l>residenl. 
Student ATTiws 

Thr I l.iitnn«ei i> tk-auJ.'til t'uWitdli. m (,>r lhi-1 tarivt d •Ili-ui. >.<imru«.amunuraty, publiiihcd 

' tixUstudients.iaculty 

Thf l|jrlnrii!<T'. ' ir ttlmmal*. IjCMlSSmuslbeMgtHxl 

■-iBTWituitOi will hi- mthhfU up<«v rrmicsl AU krWenarc 

•"r , riiM'dmTlieHarbinn»ijn-rHmii«cvsfcinlyet¥l(»scdbythe«dileiri 

. grddministratMiniwBiunitiirhittlim Inquitwkthciuldtwforwanied 
. - .indAU(Tjrch«K»drf>4tth('di!KTrlKin(i(thecoi»irner 

CapyHibl I wa. The MMbli^n. aU rlgM* laaaniad 


Th»Horttno«.Oclobw22. l«W 7 a 


Stutftnii 01 Orgtnlil- 

llsni. P'omor* aur Floni)* 

Senng B<**k P»ckt9»% Elin 

Kiontil and (ft* Inpl 

Organit* tmati o> laig* 

gioupi Call Campu> Market 

.(18 B0a«?}-5?t4 


DENTS Earn IJO cath 

paMiCipaling m al*a fioui 

narkti ttttaich 4>tc*i>siiin 

II you cutrantly oan a 

pattonai campulai of plan on 

ftuying ont Mio't ylu 

gradual* you may quality 

Call CsUaan at rot-94a 



trow S l(U 'tpai'J D«irn 


ta<pr9p«rty napost«><i«nt Yaut 

aiaa (1| 105 «S2-I000 Eil 

GH 10S1 tor currant raps 


£n:»i*»nl Incomt 

AtiamDla products 
tn your tioma 

Into SQ4-b4e 1700 
Oapl p373{ 


Scttauaburg Haltnan E>i 

Otiui* 1-2 Badroom Apt 

Condo Utilities included 

Poal Te»«ii(. No peti 

t54S - ItOO 

S»nt from caring loltit 

Call Joy 114 tt«4 


M**4 Tyf ing denoT 

No |SB too big 0' tmaii' 

Call Nancy At 

,701) i4IS040 

Lost & Found 

Parking Spacai norintid* ol 

ea'>«pus loll I4ts all 



German Club 

Nso loimmg il xou *'* 

iniatetled in lit* Gdman 

Cjllur* and aanl to nav* alal 

ot lun going to raitauranii 

ipeakmg lo ottttr paopl* m 

garman and m**ling n*« 

lri*n«t.Call ■?«6a and laaa* 

a meitag* •itti your Namit 

and a day lima piten* numbu 

Help Wanted | 



I , . „ J } 8 5 - I J i 
mining) 1 r 4 « • I b ■ 

"P*d *ddi*oi*d 

-'ap* to 

» e- 

• Wintvtf • 

Standard Classified Rates 
& Information 

Ciass-t eO adt are $6,50 lor the first tour 

i "es $0 75 for eacli additional I'tie 
V'-3C -e s Friday at noon tor publication 
- •->■• --eji Tnursday's paper. All ads must 

oe prepaid by cash oc check. 
Tne Harbinger will not b« responsible for 
iypographical errors in ads taken by phone 
Please can it your ad 'S misprinted. 

For your conyenience. a classified inser- 
tion order IS located at the bottom of the 
sage Please complete this form and drop 

• *.!ti payment, at the lournafism ottices 
m building A 376 

For more information, contact The Harbm 

get m A367or A376 Call (708) 397 

3000, e«t 2460. or send ia» *<tn cover 

meet to (708) 397-5210. 

For Rent 


Rooi«( lof r*flt in nic* ham* 

4 minults I'om Harper Call 

9]4tOS1 ali«r tpm or **rly 

m in* *n> 

Save a Tree' 

Famal* Vecaiiils, 

Medtli ar)d Oaticart lor 

a llcansad etiter tain- 

■nam agan:y 
R*«pond lo: SPE, Boi 


Rolling Moadoari, II. 

f 0001 




UM A Southwestern B*li Company 


S :?!"># 

:t ions 



b ■ 

~o i—-^ 

CcL\\ <^(x. <rcee I ofo It 

Just Phones, 

382-8303 Inc. 

' (O'/^'' 

120 S. Northwest Hwy. 


Football team splits two games at home 

OncBn*) •»* «•'»'»'"*'• *"* 

HartMBfo .Mil ammt «« «^I' 

thnoi once, •«•»»«••> ■"*•■ 

W.B. *«•»•«*•»*<» •'l"*?^ 
Ok Hiwllilxiwptajwd torn «••""• 

ffmn tint* iwi l«« I**!"*' '""'♦' 

iiM Ml «» *r, liJ« J» » •••»•' 


ini «w cullxi tot e«»y •*• "■•* 

. , . . if ft w *« f«"«- 


tine. ««i *«»«*• "f •"»» "* "' 
•1,™^. he •<-««*• Ml ■•«• '" 
pain « *«: (tikI kx* 

.«.. niimm* '»:'»>■"'"■"" " 

•■y ibr nm/a -nm <mi moth 

.«» .fi»»i R«* ViBey. H«iw 
inael Dlinoia 

. j«ic« Mi- 1 hiinxi i»h«««» H»' ; " ' 
1 I N-»t; nximl. 

Michael Jordan and 
his gambling debts, 
may they never meet 

Basketball trickster 
Spencer Johnson to 
visit Harper College 

take » »«•«» «•( • !-«n M 1" '■■"» 

,™: «>JiB™> llwl U» ««*• "■* • 

ctam Ve. .hillii* HW«««^ * 
hiniin anil hi* |iiiitMin>( ^^l" 
mates nor wm w •)>«<<••** I'l'l* 
OR • HCTMJUJ'IWl » «€«»» «»»•'«» 

Ok upcn • aam>» • "«»•*• ■••«»■ 

Tb reftiah 


Dnim Tcim llurmril m!" 
B,il. .:««u. Bdik Ihcn. h.mcvct 

w t tktu from o<» fntld w •» 
ad» m • iwniMl foir |m< 

ftow? Well. « wen" "Iw 
uiuauiMd Mol «( badMbkU r«t> 

mhittauac Bui cv« ilKMth I 
Kxnd »CTy tMn* ''» *• """'• 

fijurei. *«•• "»"«w>"^ *" 
ihi» enw involvinj iiwn'* «••» 
■11,1 gwiiWdii 


Orkov rinai An SckltcMn^ 
Imhe <««»»•». !««•■*«»»*• 
iu|iulii (ih«> Bilmnocc) Colw 
Mr»ly QB Now. •(«" c»ui«l'« 
.lk«Mwn> <»«•«»"«» f" >«"'»» 
limMittt «l IMM*. •••«» »«"« 

1 w*ie»t he ' 


eJHirl'* i' ' 

TV • 

li«* •« him »• !*«■«««"•''«■ '^ " ■'■ 
H.»»ir> hi« ih<i««> uilto *« «^"' 
Mng inue «»»« »««««»««• •'"'^ ^' 

!»« »«iiiWi«) m xiraeaiinf >» «h« 
M OIK lime Ml ma Vi»c» bi kifiJ»' 
(:,ti«,hi»iM«iei» «!•«>»'•«"«" •"'■ 
t1if«igii«liif Uw. **(MMn< . 
.irhiwBie!*-*"*'*"^"^ "^ 
liw ell. md »e ihiiuld let lurdn |i' 
,«»«ihhuhe«.iK«thediil« JuM" 
Maill»«*>>*io ^•»^lal)eo^■•.^» 
il«(unih»iBh«"i« t*"**"** 

T>«r prow «i >«•*«« ""^ "V™ '• 

,,.t»; 4rc««ll*!l«»««'«<'*"- 

-.1 .,. .l.r,l.l •JllM»l«I«m »l»*' 

i.n-»n He* 


Mien's basketball is 
looking for a few 
good managers 


Urn ••*: !-• ( "W "kI"*!"' 
KMiMqh mm CinciiiMU) 1 l" 
mctad HfcchHiii thd 0«' B«"- '" 
att^ M. ihoM' pieto. •»•»» "><•;• 
I pKJud Uhh* Ixi^ **y MV™*' 

(J.)i: li'U'heehifol'nMit*""** 
McD.>V<fne when *«»• wo <«""' 
c«lh*lly|><«n«»i«l *««•>*>*»»* 
lux » humeannini of w«» 

ji mallei. Head 


... mt il * 

h^-)a ». »■■! ft.' i*" "*™« ••»*" 
.pcU nn n»«hi »urj»Me the »«•" • 

Itiile. ^i• "■■" M»-''"««k> he » 

Ofc'Hi'lTTt" """ tlcnm^uh 

are»the<*i.'V-»n->ih .ih.imry 

^. c V«' »W»I 

Wilh shrup .>!(.. llheKJUndball 
,«a*.m "(hi irtMnd *t .«"««. ihe 
lew waidd like w cmplot yow 

■Hk Men't B«!*«*«J1 ie"> ■• 
l„ukin« far levwiJ |«d .i-JeTti. lo 
Iwlp ■» ihu year » C<Mth-> *>d> 
Thete «tuilcB«» tpart ism •« '"" 
lone) •«*> help •nhbrth F« "" 
am) »"« »i«i«fc»«»"- ■'^" "^ 

•uu ml winiin^w """"'"^ " 

practice and diimii ROW- 

The Co»ch • » aid lie an impon«"< 
panoluurprxKnnt Ifihercirtmy 
male at lemak Hudenu who would 
like III ulk UJ me ahiiul Ihu mallei, 
diey cat! call Rim CrcgKT. .i . ' 
24115 «» leave a mcinje ai Ihe PI- A K 

Thank you to muchteyow help 

mkJ awpwauoB I'll •« >» *" *« 


Harper Hawk sports calendar 



5 iAl|«it 




v« Ktick Valliry 
(M Km:kkit4> 

I tKI|M1l 

II M rtkiMniLt 
ifil«cc IT* At 

twn* rWA 


lime n^A 








t|!tl«CC 1 HAj 
urtMT r**A 


<htmM; > 
7 «>pit» 




v« UlinotK Valley 

7 Ot*!"'* 

St li. *■*■•■ 

irgHMi IV 
V hMnicmslup 
<p|«c« TBA* 

rvKKHi IV uwirnry 
rvwiju) 1 
(priacc n»A> 
uifMT 1*HA 


WMIiom Roiney Horpef Co»ege 

November 5. 19W 

Volume XXV, Number 7 




coining to 


► pop** 


Jane Elliott 

lectures on the 

effects of 

racism on 

college students 




Voters send message of change 

Clint on win sign al ^ 



pnudoM of ihc Umi*d Sum 

cl>c««)callc(«W)M. A«i|»M><™'* 
Kfula mScwm Ik nwivad 44 jm 
COM ui '»» iMal ooH. (utlowvd trf 

new Uirccuon in politics 

u% roB<ww«« tiy ■«••> «'* ■'* • •«' 

-' iM'im Man •• 
' . 

t»w»jU«B>». Otm rnut Mkhit»l. 
I«y>h • iatfcM clecuni «m cmc in 

i!i Ml ««!«. »«tic»t «> tun ■qt.lmilMd 


l«lpdiM|t*coMMry H« 

muck lik*MnF.itaM<«]>.M(M( die 

HimMirwil I'tiwti CUnm n Ihc 
flnijwrt** taw •«« W«W War n 

(d^MI oitt Ik* OonBcruk victoia 

in «K SoHtB. ad die DoiucraiK ma - 
joniy m Hk Ho««««I1i|»"i»««'"'"'»- 
|iv» Oinim • cli«iB« ■» •««•« *« 

dudlock in | |U » «i ii mCT>i cw fce two- 

Post ctocuon aiulywt MtnlNitad 
die Rcpubbcan Mat <o • mmiher of 
nmmm. kwitepnKiptJreH(iii.>C' 
caadintiolkepuniUtt «>»>'>'(»>>" of 
iIk •iliitiiii»««a<» 10 react «>* 

In ha cmccarim «!««*. i«^ 
pnmMd IM •dmwnnlKn would five 
M cmiientkm widi die inc«nin( 
^■■initaatian lo uniR 



Global Village presents challenge 









S<iiiM<imt •• )ut>penin( ai Hatper 

SwatiiiH new. aadnnt. imetaacwt 
mdlmr ically adwarioaaL h <a aeim 


^ ..1.!., 
ri • I v 

'"\: Play in *t 

nx. H w At nuditaur. ohich ilie laid 



foV iMIMMn, 

ir IftiT^- ^t: ™,nci.Uof' 

AcOMllVtlhwe Pninarily. die Idea 

hahiniawihiMMi audwa are fioe <h 
lanaataMnwflMtcflaci and inflaBnci 

In Ma ana ctaa. M«tefl)i. ffeiiM- 
ik^i ■« all tnafcMlbiraclaMar IOOmi 
Mumlayi and Wadwadaya 1>t tu^ 

2»-25, on Ti i cndaya mi Ttamdtjf*. 

Hw MaaJiyj Wi ii lB aiat l ii r dawaa 
an M «( imMnuimw. kHMiH, e«U 





TV ctaaa <h»aa MX Iwic any Kin <>f 
•pac ik ieallm*. tiui Ha* a Kadwt !»■ 

iinw «»t llM bnnts on die l»»i an: 

> > dntlf tM.|U<l**>>(>MIC> 

^'-.< >'Ufitw(liey'ain(MiticipM»inlha 

iv>.i»u '"Thne'twidmiM. Y<Ra 


< ifilaoied lint aka 

4di.'t t.%cu iwik <a tut. die fioM vd- 

tife *'«)> wlHin ihc ai^eal il]> (<• It 

My ...■Ml" " '^krttandii 

M»ui'»*ki.l i- ■■ *'*d I Kiak 

(-ruil AffilMicaac 

. - -.tft at?f>ui Nifoia. 

,.^tia>Ml iMHi k> fiaah m 

.'<-. wtA dHUHMt "niintt 

(■,.,. Aj'jii .\f».th«kaiii«/paB»«iHa' 

' 1. .t! I'v »i ■?-..• u ii" N»iOT» "ai apawlol 

iih.f nlinr'ofdia 

|>i.v . HMFh. Aiaia- 

' icdia 

Sonw or «■ acuvitwa dm povk 
in dniclani lia»» done fa oininnmiy 

wpricc are maltini in hamcleu ahcl - 
lAidi ia a Tiil bKOmlnm^ pm- 
and (m PADS, whidi « a homckaa 

A pom! wa> r*»cd by Su«c 
Aaamiiu dial Uie people nnvtvnd in 
die prapmi An'i ntcfvi witfi odmr 
pujpk m canpat. '^c aic m claat 

llnw Imwb a «V •"< *M ' <<- 1 <'"'* 

lake aiyadaeictaHcalMOHMdvclaai 

The nactton wai iwcrwhelming 
SmdeMi wlan worked on die homckaa 
pniao, wka had no kka how bad dM 
inidilwii WW. (M a fm hand look m 

MHfcnla. fftr** amcal iNridng 
■killa ani kraaaianMiiy PMtaoflqr 
I ciplaini dial 
, Inuk im <> 
■enicc. Suwe dtoac m nquimncnli 
Um tm daat. eoUtiaa ha* IwraMf 

tta pn|«a «a« KMiuMd to do a pic. 
liWiiai fill llii I lir • - - ■'--■*■- -' — 
nortd la»B bum die« eipenencea. Tlie 
t Ibi communiiy acfvice ■» 
lOlKan a aeineaio Activuiea fa die 
exranunculae proftwi get more ere 
■uvc SiMfaaaacananandliKiurea.wnie 

coraidintiad Mndiaa MfSIa •naaq' oT'tfec 

tmeral aakacanom mpBRmcfUa fa 


IbHiy IduntielL IfMudaMi Rgiaincd 

10 •one dua a»n»e»n». d«y i«>ei v«l 1 
imiMa cnxM The oinaAnated anidiei 
pngian wiB be unond fa die a|inii| 

Warming planet is topic of forum 

inci of die (mo* ain 
t—nm tai p iiaii i— ii l by aia.ll«wiB|>i» 
>ii rtn >l'<l».A — i aa n AitaocMUHBirf 
immm (AAUW). The 
;. wkieh ia bna and opin » Ike 
puMic'wiH ba kaU SB W a*M Hd »y. 
Kmnibat 1 1 inm 7 JOmVpjn a da 

P*r* Uatfw.. ijBifetMkwf 

'!-«iH»c. Lions D«»»'e tn 

...........4. AnmwnallsrMKotnuada'" 

w^«*p*wt*t *..ic«t<si,l>r,U»iiii A.Rtiiik, 

..f Axginm. Siuimal L»l»ie«aiy*ien- 
,ircM ItK owldwide t.lMiaa daaal 

til uiftHMidioikk andodm poUuianu 

in Ike. ■bhal aanoaphacJk. Rack ia 
da iMlpMU dt Ike Univnftily of 

awad fa kerpanaenng woik on die 
aflBco of poOiuMi Oil work) c Uanae 
Monbait «l *a weakiBf tM«inuiu» 
tedaAAUWiaawi l i n ai l fall ant 

littf Miller at Palamc; Amy I 
Wmemda, and LoTunc Tacke. Lonoa 
Eafla. Tern Tcppn. Gayk ktartc 
ABiaon. aid Man Haieiof Barnntm. 
Cadanne Quiu of Bamngian. iniar- 
natiiml iacueachAi!inai.canbeonn* 
iKiad a TOfU I -MM fa fiadnr in- 


■ 2 lhm»alUrQm.Ho>mrtmS.\9n 


C O L L E O E 

fi 6 YY ? 


Adoption Choicei 

DAY. • uippan troop for ■doptiv* 

cMt in il* MRh aKl MRkWM M^ 
«<■•, win nca TlHaidiji , )4o»«nilia 
IWiM? Wpjn uAKBuchtiTYMCA 
m Dm KkMk Kaktt Rum. 1 200 N 
NW Hi(h»ay. PiiMtne AFT » 
ple«»iMi lo prcienf Ml Kftthken 
Efgen (ram die wiufHKin ttnil of 
Luthcnn Child mi Swid Servkci. 
Ms. Eficn will be ipeakng on Ita 
lofK of "Talking lo yaw Child itaiMi 
Adxftioii aui Dnhng ERtcttvely 
wiih Community l^rccpiiow wid 
Rcactiom" Mt Etgcn ha> • MA. 
degree in ciMmKlmg and ii biMh am 
ada^iivcandtiiologicalpafiaL A F T. 
has a tbmy at rcaoum Ixnki and 
childna't Inmam which will be un 
duplay CdffinandRbcafanMniiwiU 
bcaerved. Th«i«iaa&3^«nunar$5/ 
couple (cc (« nomnaniicn. For 
mat i nlim iiM iu iiciH tOVSUItCT, 

rhanksgiving help 

Pleaac juin lu in providing 
Tlmilmivingdin— «nl» im «| y m t 

Semimn, and conferences 

way laidaMa taani nd iw ««y '*■'''- 
sv marh To kMp aaMh mdwri lap- 

CoUafe aa«d NoaDHn ntimM Univer- 
lily ai* iMMtMg a (our .day madi lacb. 
naiaijr oanfacacc. Novtmiict 12- IS. 
I W2 M dK Hyaa Regency Otlaic. 

Harper Maihcmaiict Ptnfeaaon 
Phil DcMaroii and Merea^a 
MM Uwvanily cuttugue Darttac 
WIlilkanMckwiBca-ahairthc nrih An 
aology in Colkgiaie Mathe iwt J CT 
More dun 1300 cdtKaunwiU man In 
diaciiai the cnaciivcncn of imrgrating 
uclmology tnta the elaaanmm Fur 
rwther inCormaaon, plaan can 1 -MO- 
4Tlt,2U aid aak fci te canfmnca 

bnportaM aoawgica for dealing 

What Wadnaaaiajr, Novamfear 
a.lIJO JOOpjfi. 

Food pnj^aliiin 
TiMinday, Novonbaa !«. 4 (W 
a.Rl '4;00p.m. 

Conking, Set Up. Sorving. Clean 

Where Sl liiaeph Chioch 211 
Divuion Smci Elgin. It (Mif* will 
be provided) 

You miy oohiaaaat tar aaiy laaglih 
t>f lane To ugn ap call tat. 1242. 

Ileal Moll far helping all cmfihiyMa 
davclop their fulku pounual ara law 
of iha taancTM manafen will raccive 
ly ■Hading Mmmtmf Diwmty m a 
I World. The lem inar >i be 
I by die Imtituic fur Man- 
I Dnxlapmeni u( Harper Col- 
kft in Palaunc on Fnday. November 
20. 1:30 ajn ■ 4 p.m., in Building C. 

ImporUM Hpica id b* pnaaand 
by Linda Winer, managcnienl and tn- 
lemalKmcl liammg ipc^ialiil with 
LhiUedAiiUnci.arc how mwurk with 
c l i aw gr . how lu devckip liiilU wh^h 
help cncciive cominunicaCMXi witii 

cmpk*y«c:i, how tu re^^>$nMe and re- 
•iiKc (uiimtal omflicu hcfore they 
impaci wavkiile <|iialMy and pmim- 
tv^ to uw ihrw t>kn{]i while recxigfuz ■ 
iii^ :i:tUn-r.^r^ :n . uliui*! uyle« and 

(Cnsi III the xmoiar u SI 12 and 
n.lud»niaicntl>andhifidl. Toicg 
iiii.T.|>lcaaecatl 3W7 Unindiiiadfy 
ciwrke mrniher LMMCNJWI. For 
adxHwmMi inltimwiion. rof aiduig the 
IiMtiiuae fof Mrt^cmtiu Dvoekip- 
mm eMVrt Vmo.eitrmionlWI 

Salc*|nu|>l<: » antmg u> team mott 
I pnMpct (tfif «kitU willhavcthe 
ini; medioda and icfmc their prcacfU 
tkilh at the Harper CoHege work 
ah«p. "IHoiifKcling.*' being held Fri 
day. Nuvonlm 1). 1.30 am • 4 (10 
f m . huiMing C, Roooi 103 

The who. what, where, why and) 
Imw mI pKMiMctiag and oamiiMin nuft - 
lake* made white pmspecong will be 
surac (if the kipics dincmacd by Joyce 
Brvjr. Sir<nit,pr««Hkntof lb StrtMii 
A ( o . Siiout. fimncfly with IBM. 
MukM Pay and /anaclifl Piuduc 
lium. will iharc iiwighu and lech- 
mquca »hc ha» diaca«trad over the 
bail \i yean Die eoai of Id* aMVk- 
ah>if> II %n and mcludci malcriaii 
nnd liuKk 

hi r.-,(.,.CT. pk-».t I all .W7- 3)77 
- - t.untbei LSSHM 


Pre-regisiraiion to begin for students 

Eafly registrauon for tpiing VS 
claaaea at H arpei College wdt begin in 
November Rcgiitration will be held 
n building A Currently urpaevnualy 
enn>IM ttttdenu whohavc an appoim 
nteni card, may it-giucr Nov 9.10,12. 
13. 16.17.11. 23 and 24 finm9ajn.uniil 
3 p.ffl. Apfniaaneni caida may be 
obutned m Ihc Regn irar i OITicc dur- 
mg mgular buitneu hcnari. I a.m 
Ihfaugh II |ijn TuUKin and feci (at 
caaty RfialntKin mun be paid by Dec. 
7. 1 WZar achedutu will be cancelled 

Blood drive two: the sequel 

CunoMly or previously i 
aludcMi without an ^ipainlnienl cardl 
may fcgtater Nov 30 and Dec. l-3l 
fmn 9 a.m until 3 p.m all new rtu-f 
dents who arc taking college ceditl 
counei must Tile an admiunn appli-f 
calaon widi the college and are le-l 
qucaied lo contact the Center for Newl 
Siudemaat397 3000,eM.220« 
is a aon-noiniabte appliralinn fee < 
SIS. Tuititin is $33 p ar i c a i inua t 

Lifcsource will he holding lU icc . 
und Mood drive at Harper Wednesday. 
Nuv 18 from 8.30 am through 3:30 
pm AsbefurcMwinbeheldiBtaaRi 

Thii is Ihc Mscond of live Mood 
diivei that Llfc»L*urce plant lo have at 
Harper during Uk tcinolyvar. 

Their goal is lo gee either 1 00 ■ 

They encouagc everyone i^ 
panic ipatc . Each unit of bkKid a p 
givea can be uaed lohelp lave the kv 
of thfve olher pel to n s , all of whici 
come fnim the metropulium ChicagJ 




gfijK*x-:.^> : 

Massage Therapy 

'Heatdi Beneflu of Massage.' a 
fnc wlarmalivc leminar. 11 being held 
alHvper College in Palaiine.anTlnB*- 
day. November 19. 7-g pm. IB Build- 
ing M. Roan 237. 

Meatage dierapy ii becuning a 
viable pan of wday'i healdicare lyt 
tern. UurcncDicht.masaagctlMcrapiit. 
will diaouu the therapeutic hoicriu of 
massage sod give a demtm^uatitm 

Tlic tcmiaar ia pan uf the Harper 
College Free Hcaldi Enhanc onoM Se 
rtea. To ncgmer.pleaic call die Human 
Ptrfiirmance Labonwiry al 397-3000. 
em 24«(l. 

Red Cross Chrisimas 

Few people can imagine dia hok. 
days withoiH many brightly aii mn ia d 

needy chikticn in n«lli CoiA GouMy. | 

Thii prmea fcliea on vo 
Help IS needed in several areas. SlockJ 
ingi Hand fflusl be out, aewn and deco I 

O^aniiatKms or busincssci 
aaadad Ki provide items to nil the nodi -I 
iags. Small toys, health eucnlials.hauj 
mittens, boviks and candy are ideal. 

If you or your organizabon i 
bkc more mfrnnaium. please callGv 
Marymoni al 25S U705. 

Nursing Seminar 

Here's How You Can Shape Up 

(in mora IHM\ r way) 

TM* yMr, gM y«ur liruMicat •nd yoursalf 

In geotf tliap* wnn a company thai 

really inafM* up . . UPS< 

At a part-nma 


«t Unitad Paroti Saraie*. yoult 

thaberwiitol a good woftout wiih 
lots oi on ihe )Ofi cxeicisii. Ano 
while you stay m shape you II maka 


And look m Hhkm benefits. 
mamcii, pfitiaipiion. wiston afid 
dantal ooweraae, piiid wacaioiw 
and NMIays. UPS <iiso ottmrs 
sludunl loans ana gittal aaorh 


This year, get yountsM in gwal 
•• .1 part tn»i« oppof hjnity 

Ai4ii>csiuRs uaan atna iM i 

Naadaal mo* A*. l>aHMa. 4 
waaasfTiitirMaf. ^nt-tn^ 



I H vper College of fa 
uifarmitian teanou for mdividiMt&l 
uiioTsied in the RN or LPN ( 
■nd f cir LPN S murcsted tn d 
Hon progrim lo prepare for RN 

The mfarmukin leuiiam an bck 
on ihc third We(lncad«y uf each n 

A»^ ^a^ <:M9k^;>C5r ^e^' -^ttJdk-^ 

Happy Holidays ^ 
Start Right Here. « 



Wamtf Rraa. Studio Stores m 
pisnning to rnahr the hatidays 
.«, . bnuf itian rv« t>v rnvamg you 

,^fl^^_^u» Ian iMite a part of the carit*- 
^fr nwnt <4 tin- ^a*i*n' 


H you'rr cndHmaalic and haw a canwMlinmt lor 
(■«. dlriK. r in maianwt service, pieaar afifdy In peraon 
- sKirr* liHow ur forward a naume/ltna 
-k hmaiy in the Shore Mana||rr: 

(laUiruuk Slmpplnii ( m»tr 

Warner Mrm Studio <mm» 

63 (haUmitik CraUT. <i|>a<ar Ml 

(Ml Hrwiti. IL Unil 


* oodlhrld slMipplnn (a 
Wariarr Hnai . ScimUo S 
as •wMinrU slMipplnslcMcr. 
Spacir ajiu.2 
iidiuoi.ll Ml ^5 


:ii--^^ ts^): 0!j8*-i;>c5J'*:^v' <:f.JS^^ 


n>«HarbtnQ«».Novwr)b«,5, 1W2 3| 

Racism can make those 'brown eves blue' 

UtlllHici. bMtCI I ____ 

*t banart ol {vcjudiccSlM) Mid Ih* 

dMl nunral oa the ran of »c urti. 
*t mwh of a rKnt, yoy wiS ht»« 

Ktatkd M U f nku vMh bte-cyad 
paivk ■comaiawlai mtarisc Thoc 


Tku KKiaajr wH fubty (bnoH IS 
ycai «|o *> 1« ihiRl inkn. laie 
EUioa. 1 faraicr laKhor. nplcmeMad 


pvtoby vataiBjr ml phyticaUy akut- 
iii| ftc Mm -eywl itudcnu "I omU MX 
believe kow nmtiiy ^y lovuu 

Ike nirhiiu . _ .__„ 

om li»«d K. MOT iMc nitaii^ •• 
HtanlilMn They «m loU *cy MR 
•wd nudcna. They won mtrni m 
r. A^ Ihqr edlMnd to liiif nir- 

r*m. Skei|HlMlMi« IM 
I dhaa ke diwovenci. Hci !■«■ 
■»• aBcmad paapit tn ciamuie ihejr 

|Mi|*: areolar in iIMmiIi My. 

IVtiple irf ontot m nkjacad w 
injmtice and aiiuM Inaed Mitiy a* 
llie»iknitaie.ElliiMiMnd llteyan-l 
•Kipe u. dtey haw wi place lo go. 
ThcK white peapic aren: aMe w uka 
off ihcir cullan u> aaeape. 

Raciain mttprfwtmt. I'maiac- 
iai.~ EilMMt Mid. If yon warn to aaa 
anndiar racM Nm M kaok al tla rmsai 
onynurrifhi Ob it nnw. No* hat ^ 
llw pcnufi im yoiv left IT you'ic IikA- 
in« « • while pcnun wtm wm kom. 
ntMd ml tclMnied in ih« Unimd Suwa 
of AmeTK*, >tni'K kiaUn( al a racaH 
kecauae Uui'i whai odMatton in diia 
cniimy la abuu. .. 

"No* rm*^ ymtmlmmtm 
lincoi muUKulnval, 

""aeiwi ia an anifkul ihmg." 
BUM nid. -b ia ridioUoui h If ins 
IKMI. Ii ia kaaad oa aonadwii » 

to pa«a aiMia pM|*i aic nqparior to 

•riMkaralaier HowMr.flwywaaM 
bave lo do M wiOnui dcc&iciiy . (NqxT. 
cMka cloih. ink. mmbm or dte alpha- 
bet bccaiiae poapla oT colar wcR in 
•«« »ay raatmaiida tar tfKir devd- 

canfnalmtaiMindMiKiday Ruioc 
"Mo^)' (o atom widi H, »c help u> 
r«r|MliaH il by doing nodung to lUp 

""h koamdena Ainti ifaai are 

l^'PIMaung in mt aocia^ wndd n« 

■ufVn if *« kad na iMaduced rac- 
ial While pnaidedriibanlclycKaMd 
uy. And iha paniadar teand «e eaer 
ciw ia dataamnly mad to keep while 
prapk ■■ power in this cDumry nd to 
P««l»«k»att die mydi of white tu 
praaasy. Il ■■ lane to get lid of iL' 

And rorgct atmii mackny on paa- 
nui bMWr. wearing ahoe.. riding a bi- 
cyck. driva^ can with rubber tiiea. 
'■won owig plaama hacaue pnfde of 
color are retponiibic for iheae 
■wamiorif -Now you have a problem." 
EBioB uid. "YoM ■« going to be un- 
conforuble and you arc going to live 

Ellion UHl we neeJ f.u tnatment 
•Bd aquiiy. not ■ culorbljnd lociciy. 
rnm thoK who arc difrcreni and icach 
*«» about ourKlvea in orda u make 
■lua a better ■ocicty." 

-■- — r— —»..•» !•«.■. jH no Of*. lluaabcnerK 

Alcohol is a major factor in sexual assault 

Survey of college students revoals 5% of college „,a,cs admit to rape. 9% say they've tried to rape 

CouMi INoi Snva 

Man and (bulking c«i be a poien- 
oaJly iaaiaiiuiH nia far wonm, re 
'- t'mvlmm dtmmtimantmaly 

Man*ai500dum.Faailiy and 
aannnsaaoarilypanannelnMfar dma 

4qn to ditcuaa leaual «aadi oi 

"Rapa ia an emMianally charged 
•aauediMcoBegaa can deal wiih.-MH> 
■toniee Sandler, who works M the 
Cwaer ftir Women Micy Sndiea n 
Wathmgion. D.C 

Tamfwi rape aflioiB woman who 
haveni been raped All women are 

"h 41ao haa an in^ieei 
Thay neul to have bencr rcl. 
with women.- the lawL 

Mary Koas. who wurka « dw Col- 
tcfa »( MadtcoM ai dw Univeraiiy of 

pnn dona al « ipaiaai New Yak col- 
lege. TlNKrKaybwIduitOfaieM 
""^"uli RaiHaakrwa—a pitt kidtani 
BMe a wamwn. enjoyed the cxeiqnawaf 
an and liad the atntude thai tome 
•WM« loiuk like they're ~jiaii aking" 
lobe raped. 

"Men an auractcd to iIm aka of 
*«> bemj; the acaual aggreaan. Men 
•o men can mtiiMcrpret inliimialiaB,* 
»*e rant -Rape ia an anger crime. Rape 
can infcr a daaiie to dommaie.- 

TWa an danMigiaidiK characiar- 

iaiitj m rnaka who rape, mchiding 
K-Mig iMMUlc to wtiRKn. hyper matca- 
hriiiy. atiiicwive belimiir. dni| wa 
•nil bring aJanficrouadrivBr.aka lad. 

In siiidict Koat did, TJ paacaaa of 
die date rape occunad and 50 percew 
of »he victimB had haea drinking. 

.Aluiliul iiiclf won't hndtoamBal. 
•a»-e «■» •depie»,««m,ah»»aitra*af. 


*•" ■ Wanic the aknhol. 

"'■ ■■ 'lon*. 

*'" "".nveipeiwiuaail 

iht «.,.,., T ..f,.., , woman. Nine perctm 
•-lul i>wy htd riad. 

*h»i t> impnnant » i 

•«>d lay fnadman, « a iecnne on how 
ihe media depta an. akahol and 
POWK. ia am -rape ia never, never 

-Man win feeoe . women to have 
a«i to prove he'i heiaaaeaiiaL Men 
I-oome mm pfcyaid wkeniheir Iw 
Ktonaa rage. Women warn onotional 
and verbal nippDri." he latd 

AidWHgh alcohol iia fattor m dutt 
rapei. Koaa taid fraMmitiei arc ma 
filled with poicniu) rapitu. 

■TT"* l«laoe of rendente doaa mH 
l''«>«i •caiad i«gn!aii«m. It ■ paofOe 
•ho ■« aggnaaive and not On «v. 
wnmeni." lite laid 

(uticr iciual aggreaiion ia tporu, the 
•aid, eapeaafly »«ch revcmie iporu to 

Athlete* tend id feel elite and jpe- 
cial. and live ut an environment thai 
-remfarceadaminaiwean aiMHherpCT- 
■on- Hiey can be inaenaiuve to body 

Sandler uidcoUcgea and tauverti- 
lira are a« legal nak if a,e„ „ ^ 
policiM negaidmg rape and actual ha 

'R*pc a a fidony Cut muat be 
handled difTcrent from other campua 
ludiciiJ pnKedurci.-(lie laid. 

Sdwob muit develop nd publi 
npa, have eiplicii nghii poaied for 
rapa viElinu and wiirk with the ojun 
tyalenia and police m nape caiea. she 

.\iroiBEK If 


j FlLLUi 

■ 4 Th«Hatilngw.Nov«Tib«S. IWS 


Night and the City 

Fish, ex-lead vocalist of Europe's rock trio Marillion 

^KrttnQB' Staff WrV 

> perched lii|h nop • BKnintaiii 

By far. NOT one of De Nero's best pcrfDrmances 

HotbClQBt SlolT Wl>t«« 

SiflUmitdllM Citf. lummn Rohm 
(k Nm^ JoHci Ijmfc md Alan K nil. 
eiMMMl Qo. 23 tnd a frtiyiiic m t 

tfHMHf nc4ry<iu. 

Afl Hmy Fibtan (Dt NiiDl WMU 
id4di*ii>Iic them Hcfmonct. •mi 
lolaiiMiaieaiiiv lM<imiiM>l]r.lMt 
■MB •tcoMM dial he » 
I— iwl -^(MnwKc w iht 
praM of ii liiimw ii aiM ii * 

Han> Fakian u a mamiy hiaiv)' 
lawjfw wtio a««Mi (nlag ID •id tlw 
■tepiaina. Wkm nipncM«tthB««r. 
h* tiKkkiily u iitikIi »iih die Idea nf 
Ufcuw a ilin « Ac hit (unc aidlMling 
iMo *• tmimt I — « ■ ■• ■- R«i« ban 
ihe fUR. iK'a awar Ma Imd Tile Unii 
of Ac "toniat" eiicla. Buaaii Banii 
(Kint), imtaM% |aM en IUm »ldt 

only B kc ii Imio^ amnntf vidi k» 

tall biewl't wOt, kc ta hanathnt 
■waay ftm kiM. And her. Andaanw 


Malaa W aaii r i in <tame>.die »ll«. 

wWe wj| tatninf itvpnn wife 
Amaiisa niitianect, Ftth't OHiak i* 
tlcfatnel)! vwili liumini lo. Lojral 
(ollowm at MOTtllon claaeira Kke 
Sehfl fm a /aatar't raw, F«(aci 
vfit^<n/( >iMkMrf.«>LB»MKcqiau 
: i^L !^tk «il> and mmicalfy wiih 
•M> w«rk. 

1% rifrlMlto|«uj<-< t Vtgtitna 

• irMi^M4min,p(4iiic<tc«iii' 

v» i»f Amcrsca and die world 

' - Tusl ih« MariDkei. dayt 

' «m im! f'l^rezi with 

'♦'</f» «nd 3i«aar ijf 



MA.Mi >J«(!mc- %MA iiKW (laiKw at dw 

aliNim pcfeei and dw ind««idaal *ntr 

»>»<•» iht ditkicKion of matcnai 

• -: i A- rhf! a>*«r ihuK* a man and 

Fiah divct iar dM heart of hmdr oon- 

■raa, a tang vhti.h ■^ct\% mdi pkytkal 
and menial ebuae uT uidiv Hhulity. The 
allium chiac* wuh Chrte. a knc ean| 
iliM dinwni die lincncr IB an oeaan of 
hranfclt >ttiludbt. 

Full's Msond. and mtBinocBlie- 
\um rn(maa(Ci>lr»plorea 'tokliec- 
lkin<>< a huy't own murk*.' 

Tlie album upena with 
<Skad<»/>fajr. • tuni dial demaralliMa 
Fuh't (wctic uccUracc, Hunched 
Fiwtai in the onncT of my KWl. my 
rnifcniai I* are l>lecdtn( (n>m c Iimbin( 
1^ dK wall. du> ame you htm me rifht 
down to the core and I'm dcapcraMly 
dyini lo Tind a reaswi lo furjivc you 
rer i( all' Or ko» ahcwi the Keif 

retwi.jMMgfiin *— rdrfy t eewryl 

Fiih'a dury conhmicf id unfoj 
Stmmftr and eapecially on Tamgmi\ 

Fiih )iai found himicif well nt 
r« uminued nicceu Hti n«i wa 
SmUt ii due for leleaic in early 19 

Fiah, etpecially ui hu I 
daya vai very abaSKt in hia a 
He wamedhiiaudiaice iDdiinkd 
at ID what he waa trying to eipreu i 
hit mtuic. T>ii> It why Manllion • 
afraid tt loalng lyrical cnnmunica| 

Since Fith'a dcpaiture fn 
Maiilliun in 1 <ttll, Sieve Hog tnh hai 
taken the irigns <>( lead linger Wid 
deyi /■ £d#ii, it'i quite obvimia i 
fpaik thai made Marillion an caeell 
lent. Infliiential band t> gone. Lm/ 
live the Harleijuin, ewer join ^uk.' 

to ham lar hubakd and Man km own 
herlifc She m m kwe widi Fahuai ani 
Witt do anydni^ Iw him. 

Mayte I jaai dni'i bkc mmict 
ahmil hming. paofiiB piltiag rank and 
doini whaawtr dicy can n mdke a 
hiKt. Many iim« dinng diia fihi. I 
mnMyiie gay m charge of Mg iKiney ' 
making induaary . Tile miwie ha* very 
hide pba, aaide tH idaat dui we've 

v« ^ ,'. \ .iid iifcc ahnut M(te ami Ikr 
I ... - 1. i(i« Kwnd tdrimg In the he 
(inflMig <rf the film. Fabian u ai hia 
rnand'i har. lalking nhtwi moiey 

When he 'laMnUKint a large mm et 

immey. the «'aili -legMer iw|>. An- 

V..- ill. 

< H-jiialui twuwatlahk 

«n video), hut it laemed to familiar, I 
found ii to he hnrmg and prodictaMe 

Thu II mxnne ol^Riihcrt (>e Nso'i 
hMM«chaf«tt«n Porhapttrtdiet(n|iL 
kfa^dMdiimuir. Maybe die ckanc- 
ut I waan'i imprcsacd Very linlc im 
teemed me ahool Ihu rifan . 

If y«u do decide » aec thii fiba. 
h«re am a (ew dnngt diat will make it 
Fkiy lOaiiliia to die 

tcHind and what i 
f ur what auenes Ci .e. a 
in die gym) (.nokfnrdiciwocdxlle: 
camew by Deborah Wade int. whupliJ 
the "nun~(waichihe window when t 
leavei). and John nricc. dx huuncc 
What dw hell. Kc the movie (mai 
nee, don't pay full prMXi and tell i 
why dwy dnae die tide M(ki a>i>f («^ 
Ciiy. I can't aeon » Ttgure it out. 

Fafciandnahiahaniewivkaagcw ttafilaididt*v|taBt,l|naldwi«ht 
Biaim Iknn'. htwhcr on hu aide » tXi Wetl.tgaeiadialwaiimimtMl.'' 


^2*** ^***'»*l''» *f*nBW ««"««<» C*riijui (Bq 
*••» houn tor gf«*i«kon- - (raviimg hooni. »i« « 
N« amy do ihod, houn add uft out » doM »• fnon»« 

you ««•. b^M* yqu can iB« at iwm. WNl-» hkw, oi 
•ccommodaiino mn t* mm- 

d^d amdand and Mdnng 

morwit aiorkino p«rt-lm» or 
•wdnfulMan* Idcfti 

Dm* adMMi«ta aaMtlMw 
•X) > dagiM at rkaoaawM:. 

Vbu can Mm your tiaclwiy'i 
or madwli dagpw antiMy at 
niAKling BuiaiMa Admnwlr^ 
non. Educahort. Engtw. PuHc 

A pregnancy test 

you dorit have to 

be a Chem Major 
to use. 

SowfianyouconMarwiiieh L__i:i::;v^l 
«3t#-yMr t«v«r«if y to atmnd nwnwftiw ygu can w a 

wiB. iKiy '(unhw m your .adueahon »*ian yoM donl t«wi 
to go a long aiay K, your eatmpMn. 

Roosevelt University 

MfetftA Ratlin CaniiM 

.■":•' s i:^mtm:fnM Mmfnn iiai«Mt. ii«o«)».|7ai|W »:■ 

• •«3DS .Mlciiifm.*mu« Cl«tif» %mm- 

The Fir*it Responne' I 'Step Pregnancy Te»t 
requires jii^l one easy slep — no cup. 

. Ii«~mi«t\ l.ih 

:.,IC |.lX||,..|.il|u- 

u, \oi( iv ptt ).:i. «i" I* If riin.HHv 
111! Ji hiHTitf piu;ii.iiK\ list. 
inu<ilt> minLtke pri«>l 
. . . . Mon-Fri >pni F'^T 

JHHt^^T*!™. " ™'"'^-«' «"«»«««» M"«i* nmm 

'" ' ! Sor«a "' ' 




So eaty, you can trust the resuk.' 


1h«Haitxn0ar.Novamb«r5. 1W2 $■ 

Farce, plot collide in school play" The Miser" 


RcIm«wIi (r m full swing for 
Tte Mscr'. whkk ■• Uopo) iMn OR 
.MVwNcx 13. 

-nieMi«r-iticinPknt« t«MI 
I ThiiPikoMMuryaiRMdy, vnilcnt^ 
I Molicre. n tdoul a tchemmt •"■«' 
I fiuned Hu^igon, who U>vci hii 
I monryorelhmhralifc.huchiiami.iw 
I inyihing elic 

All of MuIkto ;>l ayi have shown 
iKople wto hara ii>»nmniM ilui «« 

I ihc niMcr. ii'i ■ aun vto it am of 

Tyiwal n( Hkk play*, you kave 
teaciKaffaathmn. wtmc ruher 

•Mil ia Ac wqr of dwir kviMM nirf 
■kqr lMn« lo iKkeiM. wWi •• MTvaKi 
m |« aiMMt Am Mm in onigi ufti 

V. i,hac a > (cnim uylc dui Uw 
•a.T.hj*cK.le,ira ThcnlicaMlaci 

*■" '■"■■"" '■■■ ' ■'■■■ ■"'.mloiriii* 


As ■ pteywn(ht. Motiere mi al- 

■ "r* ByiBf IS poke hm. in > imilt 

<v. t pnplc whD Iwve «>inc<»<i> 

'vcanantMiakeOTerihca livct h 

• i> his tnienian itui pcufilc tee, Mt 

'^ uf »i»c*»Hfn anftuge. Ehmk rfniim 

E tn ihcir own life, tnd change. 

"The Muct' is high C(j4nc<ty M is* 
I beii, wiA t louiih ol luxx *nd ll^^ 

in -The Mua". HirjM|i»4Bi«te 
liw k« ■■ gimg lo nuny t yotim (M. 

hv at f*a«a mdy in kwc. tlte 
jmiiw |M 11 in Id«c with dte un M 

w 1 11 many At yowt giri. Mvunt. hi* 
n».ClMme.l>«»MifranlK Uihu 
il hil liiil l iii n . (leamc. ugijter wiiti hu 
MnnM. find mu dw Harptcan hu 
hMm hi* maty in dw gadai aid 

OciM* koMk *■ money « m- 
*an ID lnfM hi* latmnu chwiw kc- 
lw<ai.Mimiti»hiiMniy. Orcnaw, 
HaqMam ciaaam dK money. 

*>M Ike Mint* Am « higk oMMdy 


♦•tyhantiiniipoanm, MowAuraay 

n-»ij[mT. AoiM Ginger. 

't<f|Kr imleM vto hu 

N. ( •*« 'he I 

lane for oxer a 

'We're down uthc tut week now. 
ao I've Imn worfciiag aliiKM 24 hoon • 

dqitofattaaidanc.* Tlie'caMma 
•RctaraHoiHicarAe ITAeeMvy 
Women wia tic wcaritv low -oil. long 
Th<- men will he wearing knee length 
»i.xkin(;i»nhlm«'hit<Bi-he» Mounf 
the mem ciiwx ar« on lull and to the 
knee The men will <!■« he weving 



who m vying lo work ouilieir piaee 
inHxiety Baucally.dwdurwIenM 
• kigii comdy, kk« ~n«e Mws-. ac 




A X 

A degree 

for people 

on the move. 

"r*^ iw«iaiiiBii»o.«. »a»n|imi a iaa«i« p i»i i awf«ai««miw«i,tga», 
ea««a.»a. ««lif»»iMn.n»i.«a«Neii««aii«ai«««««iwe,^ 



•iijtr »xwf» to ar«)ua*«»- - iBwrtmg how* •« •». 

Nol only do iri«» hourt «« UR Out to flow Itw moiwv 
nouMM.becauMyoucaniiwvailwnw WtM'smom our 
accommoOMng mui of MMk- 
tWit MMiiand wd aiianino 
elMim (wrnuM tou to mrtia 
™oi»)miOft«ir\8 purt-wnt or 
•xdn lut-tm* •£«*< Mirmm a t. 
mor* Van 2.900 HudMiM aipy 
ttwM adMampt wNto purmt- 

>tW on MVn your McfwtoH 
or maMH"! dtfiw* •nteiMv at 
our AAart A nabn CwniMn 
<n ■ varidty of tubpcl aMMt 
•wluang BuwtMM MmaiMM.. 
Koft EducaKm. Engkaa PuWtc 
Adnmaamian. and Matory 

!>o ««i«n you conadW' wfMrfi 
faurytif ■iKKv.rwiy to anand. iwnwnOw you c«i go a 
Kjufl way !!*»•« « your adueaiion iKhan you doni Iww 
«o go « tong «av » your eaimou* 

A f»oo*»v»lt counaMor wfH b* irtalling your carripu* 
TlMir»d«y Movembm 12 fromSOO p m -8:00 p m 

Roosevelt University 

AlfeartA RoMaCampiit 

Biiiiii w itoaaai-cws 


We re leiious 

Wr <■■ llfM ufSfW ^MMMlMn ll fiMIMMIl Mtf to^HM 


mill c«i»iM*ciiic4«i amti 


ann tmmm »<aaim ftim 
(709) 953-2000 


»llit1« flMia Umaoi ■ . :." \ 'dtmmftkua. Im0mmi0m. aiWOI) 
2"* tinil «f twmm rm^nuam mt j wtmm of ddm t wi aMMwmg 

TIh filnca choaen for (he cm- 
nancs an ndtly hun) brocades nd 
t^eury wcavea m hnghi ahnda of 
blue, roac and aqtm. 

ThecauhMMmonhen Eighlof 
Ihem are Harper ttudoiu and tit are 
community residenu Of ihoae lit 
retKicntt. three of dien ate farmer 
Harper toidenu Faiihcp«i)6ye«i, 
Harper hu opened iu' fall pmdudion 
U) the community, m order lo involve 
dmn m die dieane. 

Willi* eiinaMd her graotiide and 
deep aniredaiMn for aJI whohelpedlo 
ffl*e The Miter" pnatible "The cut 
manhcn an very tpinuid They wort 
hard They have diev own creative 
idcu. whichmakcs II nch adclighl for 
roe u a ditectiv I'm very fortunate to 
haveiuchuJentedandgifkx) peopk u 
part.rfmyttaff I think ink we vc <o 
lonuntichaTai Harper hecauicpen|>le 
are citnordinanly anperanve and 

Sha aJao naaad "For autance. die 
fwid tcTvic« poople arc dinng die Din- 
ner Thean. The Honicultiac people 
are lupptymg die plant maicriali for 
die let The Faihian Oetign protrm it 
atwayt ciwperalivc. The people ui die 
L.R.C. (Library Reaource Center) 
hetped m widi reaeardi on bow the act 
Antldlook. Wecouldiimdowhaiwc 
da here widwu aU of dK wondetful 
nippan of die camput ° 

The pUy will be pRacmed Nov. 
iy\S tut Now 20-21 B buldinf J. 
ranm U). Friday and Saiuday perfer- 
maioaareaitpm Sunday perfcir 
manceti*i2 Wpm and la iigiied f or 
dtehcaniiganpaitad. Ticket pricaa are 
aihllowi: S5l<]rHaq»*tad>nunu 
nalT: S6 iorodicr ttudemt: and ST for 
(enenl public 








Viu I dii f.trii mort" than 
SI ;').iiOiidurmg»»tamtard 
Army Kixtw t-nltstment. 

qiialih' liirthf MimttjoiniTv 

flm it you have or obtain 
a qtialifir-H stiidcnl loan, you 
could gH hflp payiiiK it ofl- 


- lor part-time 
■*■) VK t-u>wtUy one wt^- 
••nd a niunlh plus two weeks' 
AnnuaJ Training 

flunk about it 

Thtfi think atxiut us. 

And call today: 


lA ThmHaitingm.HovmTtMtSJQVi 



Lditorial Board 

BdiiOfinCflirf..™.— ...™..„.__„.„.™,_-«_-«_„_.„ ,„.„„„„ .._ joptn 

^labwrnMimga ___„__..L»ur» AsMvy 

NcwiGdiliv KennUaid 

A«H»l»rtNcw$Edi»Dr. iMnMwThaouKn 

A&EEdKlir .. ,, „ ||M|| 

FntursEUiitiT . ., fipiw 

ItmoEdikir.... RoyCanrla' 

CopyBdilor- NomunBodi 

Ci^hksEdUar CteBcyw 

SporttEdttor JunWahilk 

FacuhyAcMis SunnnrHwfc 


Bush's loss our gain 

There will be a change in the leadership of 
the I'nited Stales. And while Bill Clinton didn't 
receive a majority of the popular vote in kist 
Tuesday's election, he slammed President Bush 
in the electoral count. 

Bush broke too many promises. He wcxwd 
voters in 1988 with promises of more jobs, 
protection of the environment, increased 
educational opptmunilies and no new taxes 
Each of those promises was broken. 

His contention the U.S. economy i> ilic ciivy 
of the world must hive .seemed a lie to the 
unemployed and underemployed, particularly to 
college graduates in those categories (estmiated 
at 5.8 million in 1990. up from 3.6 million in 

In the end. enough voters ignored Bush's 
"trust me" plea to elect Bill Clinton. 

Now Clinton has promises to keep, some of 
them very similar to the ones of the outgoing 
president, lliey involve an improved economy, 
an improved envin>nment. and middle class and 
lower income exemption from tax increases. In 
addition he has promised a health care plan that 
will embrace everyone. 

We have di.smissed a president who at one 
time enjoyed unprecedented pt)pularity. 

Ixt's hope that four years from now we have 
reinforced reason to trust Bill Clinton and that 
the electoral priKess is not simply an exercise 
inviting more broken promises. 

M«n BuntfOK AHm OiniuniL Iw 

SHnwCungal Ckni HtaaliMt. Oini 

tiMMHI Fldlfr, 


The debt is a problem that won't leave 

\ kiln in ihe Ocuihet I. 1992 
ilaii>tn(ci had m mterotint k«er(an 
iIk: diimlxitiun <if wiaJUi) by Rahen 
Umn (Studeni) ohich rttia icme 
itueiuura Rodcn u«K< ihu he ob- 
Uinctl hu inffjmiAiinn fnim Ihe Chi 
ca(<> Tnbiinc (i few utxkt tfiat md 
dui >• wlwu he fiHBut "The perccnl of 
»c*ith hrM by litu iwtion'i up 1 pa- 
ct-ni i*NiMW Itom 1( pancM in iIk 
l'>7(Hi.)Mfwi:«niini)ic I9*0»." 

I txnpwc ihtt in » Ku I read m the 
New Vmk Timcj on M«y 19. 1992 
bum fm$€ "In ihe amtinumg defauc 
ovrr '.hr ilnvihaiwn of wcajih •»! 
' He rtchcu I percent of 

^ ^mifiu ixnuiol more 

«cAiui LfiAnthchuOKicnWpcRent.'' 

I f (Kiili «ikIcs m ooneci, dien Ihe 
K,, I -'.rmmptedllietrtHiUingiitr 
;^ : ten y«.*f«, 
: rrcAll rcaJtnn ftn ] 
»iwicj (hat tl «U ihi» wealth wcrcaMi- 

fiKUed, Acre Hill wDuldfui be omigh 
tnoney lo even helance the budta. . . 
«nd ihu u.tin( the mcameofihe idlre- 
nch (« • higher level) wwld not tig 
nifkaiuly lohie iny o( nut pniMciiK. 
(Sony . I di> not have thai ankk. and i 
canuM be nwn >p«cirK.) 

1 ibd. however. piM oar naliaaal 
dcbl (4 : tnllion dollan) on • cKait 
akaiffMlc udc «Kh tnuJla fifuni Mdi 
our M|ei deficit, cic. which aonly n 
dwbiiliDai. WcD. if you place bUlun 
doUir fifiaia on die tame chan wiih 
oiOion dollar rifioes.ihebatiaa dollar 
rifuro haidly ihow up. 

Ii a inieRUinf to noK that aO our 
balance of Bade ri|ure< <>incc I97S) 
add up lo a deficu of 1 .3 inlhon u 
mtmey Otal never reached Antencan 
iNttintu. and amMqucMty Raulicd m 
agnatiHaorjiita. How come our 
IKdUeiiM avoid nwrniaiiint Ihii ai • 
nugor caaic of ow ceonmic wici? 

I have not licard one worfcaMe lo- 
Iwionio our national debt of 4.2 afl- 


b amowus ID a debt f>f 1 7 /no far 
e very American nuR. woman . w child. 
Ihu i« a ttemcndouf amouniof itKiney. 
Ihe inicrcii paymcna alone (aboia 2S0 
each nun, woman, or child) will k«cp 
ti> poor for u Umt u we manafe id 
enisL Ihe UMal ddx obvioualy caimM 
ever he paid back. 

A good m i r a ti i M ia, "To mkam do 
be Ihe conaetimiGC if vc just dedand 

Why doourpmadcnlial cmdidalea 
talk with luch •H« if dwy 
could repay ihu debut with jtin •ome 
minaradjiuimctuinecorKimy? Ilcan- 
nothcdtinc Votefordtelciaorofthroe 
evil»77? Never! 

Edwin I Kudalii, Soidon 

Litter causing frustration for some people 

I » my coKani and 

frii- !■ •;!?! inc ■RuNntofliticr I 

tct Aft Kinfl ihe p«rtim| Uii* «»f Har|Kr 

I,.-., T-i".'.. ■i.v.n'llecmilolMve • 
4nd I eammmd ihe 
'i*etf ^nlhe^:alete■ 

lee lillesr everywhere ! I feel thai evtry- 
hiidy IS at fault I iki recall Metng a 
mjumeruuKX pcrumncl c Icamng up Ihe 
parking k« at <me lime, but I do feel 
lhey<:»uU>lainote If we.lheuudcnui. 
MbniniMramn. and (JKUlly Kiinild uae 
the girhaer cant imdTI(ROWo«a|lK 
"(!"n'- ihenseded 

(oclean iQi OU R oath Bi (he rm place 
Ido realize that our luilMW supporu the 
mauitcnancc depanmcnl, il»ogh I do 
not thmk that juaafiet liiicring. I a<k 
yiwwhy they shouklbereipaniiblefar 
our irrespotuitMlity. 

Tun Aumuller, 


We want to hear your views, 
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li. .TWJ^* -iMiW »ou to •«»» W ti«»y «•"»!""« in»>^^ 
* iofmi>Md yn«9 pUn « mii lln p t a «»ou»' «>»«• <*« tiy Bo «nmlo»«r, ih» 
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COucaran oltaa Profym •moanwnl guioiiuwt Iw maioi «iMd at itdOy or cm* 
pragcam* nwK M mat 

C«)pM«w Wl««i» « <« * «<««Ma fcr a »»Qu«(» »«»mft« ••MMflip Of 
paaaeun «M «<<"<o' oa appncaiMiw ewiaw on* pnagnma 

To tMfn mora about Coopwrtlvo fiducrton com* to pn Intonnatlon 
SM««>n In auildmg *, Room 347 on ih» lodowmg €»»!•» 

WadAMday. Mowamtjaf * 12 noon 

Montfay. Moiwrnbar 9 •«> pm 

Tuaaday. Novamliar 10 12 noon 

AppHcMhMta Mng tahan now tor Sprint. 1803. 

Mora lnl0«wlion Mwy Ann Jrak, CooMinBia Coopa«*i«a t4uca»on or 

Kiam Sfl«K«. Caraw apaoaW ■ m Buaanfl *. floom 3*7 
Cal (7t») 397-3000 ant ITM) 



Harbinger Sports 

lh«Hatoino»>.Novmt>i5. iwg 

Sports writing by 
Heather Carroll, 
finally with respect 

Football team shows true 
colors in win over Joliet 

Hcrtuno** Six*'» **•• 

I never rcali/r»l htm h»d U 
wtntU IK «' bitunw • f cm»le t^fOa 
„,,«„ Tlw J«» I <»««»"«» *■ 
oamc OM « iccmBl ID <K i««i CMy 

lo !« • )>* •! ihc l«»l 5»|'«' ''••■ 
himiwiltiouteipcnciKC u timmx 
in hi»h Khool imirannl » »■«»•»- 
m([ I repntief . 

Th. ed.«i« m ih« MrHturji 
SufNcw. »■• fiuHd lo •«•■«« i« 
hu olTk« to talk itew ax pnhK 
MK of dw I»f« ■«> "V""!* I* * 

durmi ilK <iMBia>(. 

-ibm ymlUKlanf !*•*«*» 
,pcn»B»cii»ni«t *"«*'■*"'" 

dilfcnm iiMiWi •"» •**» ' **■' 
know I aiuM IMBB." ! iiw* « wM 

t> tpod aa •» ■»««» »iil>«"< ¥ 
in|. Then the Im| t^naalMB fci*- 
"Oo y** low« ahiii* fcaiiiilT" 
-Sw, ■■ -nia only *«• ' •"»>' 
knew ataut IkaiMI « Ik* umc «af 

M» pnvc myaalf vluck Innl lo <ia 

Whik wnlnii !•« *« cnll«f«'» 
,_^;. ih* Twun. 1 iJa:«J«J w « 
miJy iitlie iii"»i«('«» "•w* "»* 
alreatly wutltcd <ar I (ud IIMK»^ 
dul (h<> twl haoi K)vcnuin| fm 
mnrlcn m «"y fieW «" "*« P"*' 
(na ihKC muBiha. I <»««• «" ■"* 
lalkoil u> a dilTcicM adHor 

Havatimly taK^<Jy*tn 
aMaaidl!lallw«>ayl''n<u Bui 
«MkWii(tf«ayoui>fe*>«iiK oa'T 
nd. 1 twpinM! a fcmatt. I •• aa^ 
liflKi a« of die wcmda. Itan 
waaa'l an afsiinntaw *a< «a»i'l 
mdtm M) mika •» an Hall ihc time 
I date ■ t ••an |»i paid or my »«l*a«e 
•aaii'ifawilMnad^ Tlua oaailM HI 
■ac u ana plaws and *a genaral 
Ufittnnienu cdit<w wmM »««d 
Mimaxw ebc w Ike tama rimm tm 
(to MM adKle. »ci»t DM ite '« ' 
nri adilnt —* «««' •>>« ■"kc my 
a«*fc«iMi"ll«ii«i»d iMiaiaalikai 
a«A *ar «Nna'l 'aa* I «>mM *> •I' 
h aw wck tile aay pmma lim* 


rke Hawkui dtmiirtaud huth udu 

iif the baU on Saturday and <M«t 

,K..i™,«l.,».i.i.aWin5*14 Haipif 

rnndi >oaitk> 

vv I .1 V mo* «ii m iht rmhi d«- 

, , ..,. .4<.iH*r|xr((i>ilMI(»ack 

". OiinJwwIiiBa 

• «>yamimn<»( 

^ I daln't Uta 


. frawvvwlflnmi 

Ha«ka iiMiotfKid Johel quarter 
UtoOm hal *a way *>di i-n p>ckt. 
the Ni one. a )J yaid dnereeiiiion 
tctun tea a iniclidomi. 

R«a«iiit boeki Bd Fa»chiM and 

•Iwn rant*. Huryti't mmmt !•« 
nanfud 1(19 yank <m*«dqr. 

-Jotadl la a l(«»kmaB-dniiM«ial»il 
M«B,~ Bi»ik iwiBd- -Thay aw nM 

»ei lamr an«e!l Ihe 

Hmrnt »m mmmt M a 30 20 

il>« M«»kat»nuaaiMd nwiamnaaaa 

and had I » yard! m peaialtiea. 

■^Iial oai dK difTerenca taday," 
Eliaadt laid "We had a dinamw 
gmup o( aOkiak and iaiicrcepwd 
dnac five paasca.' 

Hmfa f oi an ika board via dia 
a« in Ike third cpiaiiarQuanerbKk 
Enc SKKklon (b^t. W yards) found 
Una Brown open fcir a 5-yard TD 
pH*. dui made d a 42-7 (inc. 

Faiichild »af U>e Unit Hatpaf 
back over KlOy«d».hmd>ei«arihad 
tktiance widi Paul Kowtalo (aning 
58 yarda and Roi«i». 44 y«««a. 

Harpar playi iu Dnal «•<» N4C 
(ana wi die road. TKia SMurday. dK 
Htmkt travel l» Ruck VaBey. 

Volleyball trying to 
shock region teams 



eadi «**r. 1 lD»* «kMi hmm af 
dM fMa.' H« waa waaciaadlkat I 

csuM amar foidknil lad 'aMad •<> 
makanaalhalloMdd. S»dM(«itt» 

ha Maignad ma to wasUt itt Baait 
(•«*«• TV »di«t aalorjr 0» H 
Now d waa Wme «i>|>a«fc. Alto o» 
luda ta» I tail** Utailld «»w l» 
a»Uimv ma amMid<M—n 
S«* thai i»»ty Had on fmdhaB i«d 
•{«n< tour lit mwt hnur» rtadinj. 
llmtmt. and »iewa«i dia »am«"t 
tauwddw IdwuMtkadikawiria 
Ha Naaded ma 10 covcf . al tka laai 
miMc.acilya»cilmaM«« ThM 

■. I IWI Hanger 'tvulley 
. kcsini ittt Ktvr- ^''>^ 
■ijiih»»»ait '■- 

HwaiaM anieli.iiif <ln>«M, 
niA iw ItaM |a«t or da pifai. 

WM a mM. iMi alto dmi )>• k^ 

«. on (maMR far iia ki|ll icinal. 

Today I feat dial I |«da» J* 

bccauK I w«»yo«|«d"ll*iM«rt 
•bnut joumalnm Md dM DdM* 
SUybe dirrr«kdiai«iaya«ii«aik 
me a:> « me Ihe <»ay OitJ'mmmtmi 
f»)in(ici "•'»> < *dy ikar k*i*"*- 
I The cJiW •»*»•>««'"«««•*» 
una kaataoia a fumd liwnd and 
taoi«Mnut>y ano«kCT«itai»pa««yi«t<l 
cvatyonc bui four titalT mcinhcn 
andlwcicriiwl The«diMrw««M 

n( die fmf Thiy ktl* "•«" ■•<••<■ 
«h«t londddOn 

I »ne <toy wkeii t IMIad » (»» 
dunti m a JUfcawd mawmt aftar 


lite die way I wmae.. TWy N-((» iw 

c«an)MM> iwy ♦•»"«• •'"* '■'*' 

, . i"« wnri» ind (a«« 11 aitijuWe 

bylte- Alter aoai<|>l*.(d wcdtsiMmi 
»ym»aniclaaw« » c l l|a.a»mi»dl 
thu diay Mid d dUkil PHftm t 
liylina. AtMrlMlildii- 
UpMamdniiiny rmtaapa*- 
Mr ai McHaary Onaty Collift i 
limed dK ncwapipa liafT aa a ^m 
npnna I. aa aaual. waa dH only 
female <m ike tpuoa »uft ' 
made ma waMHiKOTk 

Tk* leaaon I kfl »«» u«~ --• 

taeaiiaa 1 fcad ai*aK» »w«at.fa' a 
ki|a*r pif*(. B* NiiillnMal Har- 
iM. and' •« awilMad: IB *> a Mr. 
tat Wa* Teaaaa anidd Ini hidi 
yapm. I kal w iMk« a dmaiat. 
WhKk waaaon biifMMMT Waa a 
cluaiea » Btwrn IW » d» wwld u« 
aid VI Nowhera mnc anprntam K> 
me? J dwugtii d »a» Anytody 
mmU. i fiaaa. Whan dM stKl* 
wMftMadila StsNawaioMdcaU 
•Id waa i»a*l Tkcy loM •• « d«a 
hiMicaaiiwrorlalar.l waaMa Bd 

I *». I W» far «• cfcannna mawt 

Ilia N«nd»w»ii HerakI ntfciwJ 

ana a|ah. M>-wn* » die t»a a» . 
n^oiW. for die itm* I w«kad aa a 
MiMfil. Everyone dieir waa mx 
■idrtcaiMni unii! tall M W muni 
I kcfH csllini I" rind iiui "ken I 
«mM aian and dM afmna adnrn 
hBiN fnlM« ma 1*. tt«a daf 1 

■• OB it 

IS 11 

On Ow*er • . die« f WM -killBn 
droitfind die N». « ckA (ran mkwta 


MuAlcnkari uluudkarcgular 

indouu Ue Erm Hanlcy. khmm 
nwon. and Tbw KWB. The Hot*. 
aho fol a Iwaial bam aophooiort 
Mm Owm. Jim Banwi|Wn Hitk 

|r«|: ia • her flnt yarn oT N4C «•- 

-)ulie made a cnupk of <"■» 
bliitlii *»ain»i Moiame." 

MKUohuri Mad. -Iltai "a. really 

real imanMiKkar." 

H«,mr lilaya * Kiali»ai*'« "• 

KaiMii MaKicMohnson re-retires 
from NBA to cool off connict 

Eye on the 


JdOrtI (dtlor 

■ !•! 

hcaHkyWJw We i««l«4 widi ta«« 

•me Vil 


--<gi»r IpoiWWmft 

t.duMon had ll«««r keen 
< tMukdtiall r' 
I .M-«3watr(i«nj( ' 

;,!« Mel«».«i«'" 
.tttrr 4ttfniiHittm|f 

atmn IdafK and dia way he had 
coMnK'iad die v«va. Some n-cu- 
ligtd dial hr had baomnc mlacMd 
llHtmtk homoacautf mtwrawne 
. tutnMin diaHM danc f»- 

rtihi ihaii and dia» I may h«»« 
BdtodhimoffwMiKcdimf Halidd 
ma I ■» loH« kad die ;uk doe to 
cnlkacks Shtna.llkckmivdlirmd'* 

I tkaik wn! 

Beam dad ttwm •!»■»•«•♦ ' 
imla|iplid»ia««di«rhicalpi|ier. | 
-rke WtankWKk Indcpemknl. I ai" 
tka dwit Md love 11 li'renjuyal* 

II ia d" fi»t '»« "' tkr™ ft*" *" 
iMl l»» other leniale (jwiw reiajf 
eta.letakaetmc llelialailt txi": 
relief wh«» t found ttm out. Tk« 
imly lAint ». w dial diey are <ady 
[Mrt-iiwuwIieialwiiatt HW at" 
It doaaa't mallar. B"» aijaiiMM 
•Uhout Bymi «Bfn««« myaetti* a 

... . ... tt....^..Ltt^ji 

md tried w fo «■«>>* Ma 

.. i«M3niuMiff|g' 

OafarMMiaiyiaranaearui who 
tiveindieiafc Mia — y.ptoywke- 

iim-iin* d»a •«•«• f«"" •**«^ •" *■ 

I f th«« had been any mk BJ «i 
,1 TjirvMi John*"" "•""kl 

kd IP mane bartK It ts 
J sntKn »«■<> a |»«ar nhleie aid 
poMMiaUy gicatm Rde mede;) moai 
««|, .out ol iie aiBdiWd *«"« "• 
die i|Bam>c(' and pepStm of a 

U-i'« h(i(K thai diere ar"> 1 •>■■■ 

. ..haJjrtannedindwW" 

mmof the HIV vinai. 

m, f«i are i»r» MO fnfkiannd id die 

,„ri |Wirt>tt««a i ai »niirai li>|«»P"W'' 

It aaay have been a whik n 
y«w'v< heard from me. bw dtmi 
wary, your "Eye on Tfce Hawka" 
» hadi widi a grand deal 10 aay 

Fmt a( alt. my hal goea off to 

the work) ckampirm Tnrama l~ 

Jayi aid tfieir wartddmfiBat 

mdie« facet, die faaa»»ta»**a to 

ihow what iea|iBe« ia. anmeiWng 
Amatmaiadon » nii>eart»taiow a 

Neai. I wttufcl al«<> like 10 ray 
Uiadi you 10 Magic Johnttm ft» all 
the tncmiinct ke hat giwen I" bm 
kctball fane ihrott^KiMt die worM 
The man wa» in a «o-w«ai«ialio«. 
ad wet loKoi 10 do lakal ke 
dMn^ht od«« waaaed. inaioad of 
what ke fell WW truly nghL 

t widK|Kttdenlof Sup Ains 
Hitpa. and tor d»ae people who 
■c afnud of klagic «|itcadiit( die 
«d«a by Idtymg hariiadMll. I give 
dii>m«*a(e OETACLUE! 

TlKchMaaaaraBilhei addrte 
cwMnKBlig ** AUK vuvi m a 
tiMkinhif game ( fnp r ri a H y widi 
die gneautioru taken nowadayi) 
are kai ihai your chancca of wm 
itmg die toneiy diit Saturday 
One Imi meaaage ui M^pei 
Ha«k antheii. addalcs, tivl (au 
In die pau. 1 have Mfcnd tor feed 
back from die roadafa«oy»<ui fc«l 
mgi alHMd die Harbinger n«»» 
pag*. good ae bad I've only re 
caivad twoommeca.bndi of dun 
^«il|itimaitt. and nattm of diem 
)n*n addem or coackei. 

I gueta diote of you m die 
akktk pragram )U« kwe die tpoiu 
page, huh'' 

thB»» tod ■"«««■«»««*• >"' 
eo^pta of y«a« and kamtil loitand 


Bemg a (emak apawi fapnwr 
.iaiou(k|o«> Rut aa die oM laying 

■■'U'^;^^•■^'« {"«»'*» It'" 

M<>rf»«r Movirtem M« 

,w»tw»t»*r S«»or«» Col^tiaor j 


1*1 i»* 




rtrukia St 
(ll«n fUlyn 

iii«'k«> "m^ 



llTTlW TI»A 

l>la>o» XB^ 

1 liurmclay 

Mm* TB^ 

^' i 

« < 

The Harbinger 

William Roiney Harper College 

November 19 1992 

Volume XXV. Numher 8 


Coop program benefits student body 



tries to stake 

his claim 

at box 


sec page 9 

ll.AU kbs 



provides a 

mixhii t uf pasi, 

present and 



on in 


Find out 

sec page 1 2 


l|i«m •( M , . 

Aflcr iilw tttlfc«d lo ft ctNsn*' ' 

M..»l."- -. y: ' 

•CucthJ, wHi^hto ''■ 

mwMily t^tHiwoprr > 
v<mm, Vh t'im^ui^"^ ■'■■ 

n At Spring 

Tc fntJ (tt:! mt^r sthwW (in*, itp 
V KiMHm 

■ui; iw. UK' 1.1 <it a - 

ht-i.tfmc.1 «i!teith«: 

Registration goes 
high tech this year 



















; . 

L JWl 

Harper prepares 
for winter weather 

Oown Mow* o nudwn (M«» 01 Maipw. !*»*«««• to c«o» 

• '.-MhtT cuikHliiiam fxt ««- 1 

—■■■—■•■ ■'•>im. •«•*■» 

•lod imiMtii'- 

. . kiRi; a> tt ft leMtblc.. line 

Loan defaulters 
face harsh fine 

lUaKII* 'MUl<-Rl k < ' 

• hmamiimftit^ • 

iiliiunr StuJi-m AtM»ijini»- "11. ISAC hat 

„,„, . Imihcnithlit 7h.!V» t»»i."»<« whint «Mip«'.: 

. ■ -. •■■m «l «•!<■;" ' " ' " >■" ■■■ ■ -.. 


Aflik imwUnrrwnl 




mmnccnMiM will »»! mofa <»!• rK 

I wtti Ik ['taitwtvtMi'i 

hci t "Thc.i; 

<f-Ai«»i«>n The ■hriwrancnl oill IB ikii» ««fl 

.,,,,« , •►,. ... ...nil. l,.lt..; Intct ISArrfitr. 

A.(lrrtmT!r*M*«i kM 


•main Wn !.f>!»jni i!!iw: 

•OTBUJ- 1 '■ 

1>>•Ha«^^ng•r Nov«fT*MK 19, 1«<>2 








ITT Offers full Fellowships for Professionals - East 

tuition scholarships Central Europe and Baltic States 

■■/ «m 


t«win vkflillme » M»> = , i •*'' ^ 

in"< CiMnmauqf in<l JimnrCol 
\cfc Ttarofot tcadcnhipScUwiliipt 
«c » ul aHc mtinimiainf KiKilafo «hu 
arc mrmmMcd by their Ciimmui»it\ iw 

mhip. wimUi tinvi- tanjui rm* 
dtfficutty viinmuing ihcir stw^Mrt a? 

Mnnm seme^u-m or unit! fr'»ti,. 

«(h>etiltvcTt.«m-' '■"•' ■■'•■' 

» «(' 
(ml mj.- 

Ti1 L)-, 

2) I 

ca^k ^tmnc wiwkflf atlcau iSmnfMHi 

^! Bnf;metrmji^, malhrmttHs, 
V* if;u f .mil aTfTTputn- ti wrtf r tftwfrm't 

■gratk (h'nnt ^vrnkf^cif I.Riorhctliran 
1 iiU.i\v 

TV- *. . 

I. Shi 

or i, 

•ili-ni (Vti^i '( 

Looking /or a /ol)? 
See this week's... 




11/30/92 BffiU- 12/02/92 

ARf OOMiNiCH'S BENEFIT 0*vs ro« 




V^^^^MM^^^^WM^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ 


Wiltiam Rainty Hsrpw CoBag* 

< AK WW MgvwAn Hoatf 
PMUw. ainak aiwT'niM 





CoopersMt EducWian itowt you to gmn«-jot> Vainino «xpt(<tni» rvtiHd lo 
your carMT goM' in tflTwr ■ pan-(im« or lUH-Omt portion developad as • pwtrwrship 
wth •mploy«r< R •niblM you to iftphj th» l^•ory am) thill laa-nad m «m ciauroofn. 
* formalizad traifipng ptan is OmMlioftmd through a "!t»m* •"« bj Vm anpiojw. tha 
Harpar Coltga Co-op MaM. and Coop Faculty Advitor. 

trainino ti<p«rianca reiaied 

I Qam orvifw^ob 
to your enraar goaia 

• Earn CJa«W (2 - 5 hours par i«m«Mar) 
a Work M rr partwria 

• worti axm outttandina amptoyari 

PraraquiMe: App-oval of irtt Program CoordmaiQ'/Oapartmant Cfu* artd^ Cooperatiwa 
EdJCMion offea Program aoroHmtm guidwlinat for maiof SaW o» t*u<^ or caraer 
programt must t>« mat, 

CooparaMra £ducalkon It net a tuOMuta for a iai|u<»«0 iMamt/iip, a>farnf hip or 
(nmzbcum an<t w» not Im appHoaCMt ID caAlrfl caraar protfraffls 

To laarn mora about Cooparativa Education com* to an Inlormation 
Saasion In Building A, Room 347 on tha following dalaa: 

Monday, Novaml>«> 23 S 30 pm 

Tuaaday, Novambar 24 12 r»x>n 

Applicationa baing Ukan now for Sprirtg, 1M3 

Mora Mormalion Mary Ann Mtk. Coordinator Cooparalrvt Education or 

Knaim Spanoa. Caraar Spaoalat - ¥\ B^Mmg A. Room 347 
Gal (70t) 307-3000. ait 2720 

iy """ 




. f hie Av at 

II. . : I rs li,: :. 

• "vS N') (iir hniir 

• Mi)iKiay Iridiiy 

• I-ull-time bencfiis for 
pan-timc hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shilt\ avaiLi!>lc ior 
t.oadcrs/ Unloaders 
VW - 7:M) am, 
y(K) - •>:(X)p.m. 

• "t >f> pm - ?'«n a.m. 

Muiitio :i..rva..) I I'M 4 PM 



Unwd Parcii Sarvm 
•• •« tquai apocanuMir vniMy*' 


"* M«b«X^r. Nov«r«j« t, „,j 

— ^wciu5>, less money for oellorl^w^ 

**««"•**. ri««Bc«| art ,*„^„ 

"""""»"««"•. At rv» . 
^^^ • K'V.WB (•.trijitrt 


■n-W » f« (,!„, ^ S ,"1. . P,. ; ! ,™^ 

^"""t i*t Hwimct. Kic Mill-, 

li't fMK 

Cumimii,, -■ ;, , 

"Ilfn. - 


i«1 the 

-<»»€ ttuiSeittt 

- I>.,ly 

^iyoents ask for repeal of fiv..„ u . 

c^^r^x.. rr ^^^^f "' '^^ «n scholarshios 

■»* Mtmnktpi fare linte c* 

P*M»if ifcifl yew liiKaHit nf c^i, 

"It-. M ma fm Om fa, TV 

'"* ^*-» L^ty. «««.i« «< ,« 

pontic ai M(MH |g ^^„ ^ » 

■Hw iMMmal tcMiHic !Wvk,, „ 

^^^^^^Mm from nif ^jj ^^ ^_^ 
"T'* *^*' "■'>"»« tod Iwaftdl, 


-- "v< II Hiwrny HUM lav qb. 

i«viai c«|inM« and vn^ ,, ^^ 

«fcr IJiK act 

"*• a|i|K>Kd die Ml M Me lta« 
"Tmtmm. m m tmm ha m m „. 

«■« . 

Wan». wh> iM, a,,,, ^ 




«»>*• much PftofH. O. «,,«» ^3, cOttJtag 


•Hr. vomiin). ««ctefgM.(, - 

; ■ ■■■ ' '■J'MfKJiijol." 



. •■ • • «««^- *> «« ».!« „!«,„ 
r" "«*«»"" "W>n 11. iltoi I ,w «. 


' •«•»•»« i. HI him Jv.tKKj 

"l|«"»«ll»Kh*J»|,vt,„, ""' 

•'TTiemk, .ay y,., .,„■, h„,. . 
•wood lot, ,f »«,>, „ „ ""' • 

.3. ^ ***' *" •=•« ««di«, 


ll««nf a IM mt„ ,„„,^ ^^^ ^^^^ 
•no •III he payn^ ■""> h u«-, 



'••Oial 23 tw,. 



I'M M«-MM 

.\lit!.;.ii I - ,._ 

Thinh HtMiii) ji. 
•>»«n think .ilHtui u%. 




Rk/x '' ' '• ' '■""'""<•, .'.,ss,., 

312 939^975 

■»' m iNsiiruTF 


'■'•W II MIMn 

■ 4 

The Ha(blno»f . Nov«mb« 19. 'W2 




H F A L T H 

T H A T 


Moderation is the key to happy holidays 

I'., iniay MHun « «»fi»ii ux> 

iM.Kh ;-■ -.indh ti»m«iy n<'>B Wc 
spend iiJo much, mc cm and Aoifc "»' 
much, mdwc c»ii«».i !.«> mm h* 

To »wml Imiwtul «"«« 

uMspUn^M- t>«rn('«> ^<'«< AiHt.btiy 

. hMC fcwct mJ lf«» r > (M-n 
Make A Ust *ril use ;^ 

, .V. h , \ . -.u . n. t« imiiwtaidji 1»" »»»l> 

tpaa mti ham muck )f<»i 
■IkikI. Only at pluji' 
iilcK« »i<l fMly ilw <»•» "1 f"'i *'-■' 



.•tllMtn Uw- 

yirtlmirti <» himic < teinmf •im:*! the 
l<kKt cheer rtmnighout *c v»:«r TV 

k; • Meiiin«i» «t>a>»«4kJ>u«inm,«#i 
Italian ran 

GtiB »«> mwh »•« Iht *•**»> * ' 
lk«»fcm«inlJiBung«e(iJo»"**:(*i'> ■ 

i,*l ituvny profrnm. oy ««"«••( «!•■ 
i«uc||ic> m •"wl *« ••CTift «> ' 
IWMwJ MnUy gun 

/), « 1 • Jif hrratfaa Ih. : 

110 hour twliire «• oirti yu«> 
$t jrlwiiw at Ikt Imp- 

>M« cauaf duet iwi ciwjsi kkfnvauun 
Tike MwH (WtiiiB*- «•» llK ■«■■« 
ijiai ctmnn 

■ mi/fyoiiroipyB«BBth)>"li>i*«>i 


„,, au Kc ciirHhy™irh<»l«*«y»rMnni»lhuiW» 

,mm!xt mi. «. .. pti<<xi ml •cf»c.rfi.m«:nim<rni«..i,nful«-.. 

ihe (i<»lid«y »>- > 

I'lu flu inar 

■■^vs. ihll VlKt 


Mikc UK of Ihcw tagfMliam lo 

to V^ 

kffBr»JciKh,.t.Ui«wwii*»ilW.:»«»|ita)W ■««««»'•«« •''*'^'' 

■ n>»«wy. md W. R«»ky "«>"»'>• !»•«*«• "'" *•«" "P ''" * '^ "™ 
,.ncen.TlMmili>.D-%xmh«Vi: l^pm «H»ptrlMktc,B«.l<»«i«P.I»<««< 

•jLjlUiir. erihd Mm"- for *« '» "«" 'f^*^' ""I" ••'«'" » ctpenrtly 
re^mmaiJol for hauiriiiii impaired tistmcr* 

. ..-^MuMtDctMretk- '**■ 

Mentalist to channel 
powers to Harper 

,xj >-^ 


rrjhJ!T>4 JiuaietKx mcmtKo' ntimtii and maikinf 

■**•- svf% »w '^ctunhm^t tSc- ^i«if* <»♦ » p**' 


-;k7 Mhi umaiiiiciwi," 


1 >■ «' ??■»."! 

What you 

don t know 

H about 

heart disease 

kill you. 



It took Galileo 16 years to master the universe. 
You have one night. 

I( Mf m> unfair Tlu- K»-niu> hatl all ihat iiriH- Vlhilf v«hi \\»v a It-w 
shcMl hour. Ill k'ani vmir sun vjxKs ir«mi y<mr >au-llik> htlon- llu- 
dreaded asmmonis t vain 

(>« the othtT IluhI \i\jnii lu^^^ \('U ih<> (k-finrtc advantasf li hflp> 
kw"p \<iu avk-ak«- .irul nMiitaJIv alt-n tor hour. Sak4\ and ciMMim-ndv S«i 
ewn wtit-n thf suhHil nuntrN dull. \<>ur miiid will Ma\ rjyur shaqt 

If tdlJki) had ust-d Vi\ann xm^hv \w naikl h.i\f tnasim-d tlu- volar 

^ts»,.», Revive with VIVARIN; 




Newberry LibrarTii^^^iiiTh^n^i^^ 
with a cultural experience 

TV Ntwbnry Lj|)rw> . .to „r ih,. 
•wW' fuirM lihrimri, •! 
of llic WftrU't rincii ihtipi 
ew.-e.»l,cn40<rfChit«gol«Kl ,!uK„ 
miMum.. tulBirai cmun and Mher 
"on iwrfil nh shopi «TOt togedwt 
«■*» one Tool f(» Ntwhcrrv ■> Vcr\ 
*««liyB«/,i«r,N„v »;: lnjad«.„> 

he Bwur fcarure. Mrfj, criicnun 
>"«»« for Uw vhDiE r«ndy, ,>fi „,p 
F»>»g •od f hippinf lervice*. and ■ hak 
<ry and cafe The Buaar »>ll >« t^„ 
i«> the puNu Not ;i). „„„ u. H p m . 
Nov .:i.iru.m kiftpm.N,™ >:, 1 1 
1 m k> 4 p m AdmiMum n JJ p,, 
penon with chilttm undei 12 Kima 
'orf free In »«,ucm. a J-a,y p.,, f„, 
JieB«*»arc«nheputh«K»lfari5 f,, 
moK mformatHxi ihc public mav caU 

Nrwtmy; \,ry Mmy Brntmr. 

m* « IB leeiind tear. i« (he perfeci 
«..vio,unil>,H.>li<lay«.j,«,„ Slw,^ 

** '* '■ ' '•" trf the modi uaiiuuai 

•"..v,.i->i i- :'««mUwChKa^«,^j, 

cultural events 

Uilye«*c MarprTCIki.' Ujn 
in» and ,h„ tUrp.-, 
"«»«--h<»,lPara«j()rgam/ji«m »!,,,«.,, 
• pre K-hix.l m Siik-c K.^ct N,:,;^, 
Beli«a»»wjKrprt: vh..-: p.; v,« 
the Child UamingCcnicr «.ii fr . ..^ 
Imumg m« telaiKTOhip »,th ..or.i! 

cmiurcr, ml J,<: ^„ ^^„, j^^ ^^^^ 
may fcnn*. Bci^ i« not a uri. »,;airh, 
"■wny and the items thai '*rrr ,i.." 
»«e«IImye«rnKuliedmm„v ku, .. 
o* am^ {i«n UK cfcildm, « ih, „ 
traehei, bi addKM,, wc «,ll .!«,, i* 
•»n>i»Ullg a Wnm,„', py.„.,,„, .,: 
B<;l«« thtt u iviving 1. 

■ ' «id mafkcialv. 

"■ne erf ihi: 

':mj»1flc«f * i 

^flmc ijmc ^»^.^i 
^■l>K-*e«i«Kj', n:h i-utlural umm^ 
tuty. w •O Mtm htrnfu Ihc pw-.^ „. , 
ing nrnKii/atiimi 'S. 
t"U mc taut j-cai him 
ai>oui<(«iMiin| tticir II 
• oaylhuaupianidn..: 
BwnlifieW /.».■. Jw ' 
ntallj mpnnani lo *. 
•nmS' miuiuMim Ilia. 
"efjnitami itic; •»!. 
paoim in tWl 

The Bataar oill (aamt Hi,!.,!^, 
miiMiiniiuM and cMher x-rv 
*<i|»«Bi. N<w*Sli»p.,k., 
Gemain will ip^ain, , (^^„ j„,. 
luBUMxm (an The R... <sh._.,. ..._ 
Ntwth Avenue. » 

and ihippmi ,, , , 

Newhewv ■» lfl»*y , ^,^^ m *e Ba 
/aar. .ai he the ^M rf hokitay cmct 
ta.nim«UUw»h,*-f,m,(v Aiwwf 

M-»lon'» A rijri,,;^,. ,i.,r. -'i 
"nef««"i A : 


tluw and 

Mr, I\, 

' r'.im.IV 

"J Mi 


n Ntcny 


u! f ouivUiuin with 


■■..■l..i,r..i lr.A... 

•end to Bitutr, l.-u* yeaf *c »tl! (-c 
p»monSaiuiday. Dcecmhet U.talV,) 
■■OurFrim.l» mSiaeeRiv« 'Thu »n: 

•» a cham-c f<, !wh parcnn ,,n,( .hi 
dreir .,f ihc Harper ( ,,l|,.^c i-r,s. .,..,; 
PfWin to k am m.>rc jh.,ui ,hf ,„un 

»iU he ■epmdmg time durmg dajtiali 
'«« «hc«ii Belije and ihe mie, p,^ 

f»'»* «•« feoiraphy. *e f«^ 

theyca.andlhcirculnire Wr» 


I* Jack GalfaighcT rf Har,., 

"fy tkepartmcni » ho ha* tti.i, ■, 


FiiMBy. we will have a iu«i „„„ 

^«^J«i ihe funrt. «xc«ao to rti.p 
the d«i«i>«u we receive lo Beli/. 
However. ihi> w,l| profc,blv ,»cur ,■ 
carlv 1<»1 

IM: mull VtHiri >L^.(«r< -yu 1^ 


Satuniay. Ih. . 
I'^'lOam unuun 

' Imago. Tcr- 
An. a«! Thr ' 

n, ■ 


(.■iftfnwi, i!„ I 

"" ■ •— ■■^•"*>»rai wnn 

•W.i«».al .«,>p,mpr,„ Hlol hy Cahner, 

P;.M,«h,„, .-.^p^, „, Ta-han, 

KkV, ..., .,, ., ,,.„,. ._ . 

ihi. tiuU r., Uh Blmd. Kuuic. K, me 
IW. Bazaar will V .va.lihl,- ,n hraille 

1 iwarv .11. 


^1 «mJ LtiliuTitl pnrt 





"rr-ZrZZ^Z^A in anniversary ban 

KcxMW DolMC 

ritf BJt !»*>:. P'"^ ^^'''' " ' 

A« HIM* Of •*»*T.'2S^ 
,^1) loka o 

10 Wi a«««^ ''*™*^ 

KM of l>« ««'««'>' 

,'ivt ni^i" 

Local artist puts 
talent into print 

KlMMiw OmXB 

„„u.lWiUMiin ««>«>' Hi»p« 
i*|ecliif many *>«»"•' 

nwrt K»»K ■ 

rathst ili«> ■• ' 

b»«tii|l ckmt!!'.' !■' "■"' 

pnn! 'h« 



- i.llMir f<« »•'■ 

ro«nlK'>c^ •»'«»"' 

, h*i«v»*»»**"J^ 

AtummfotY to"' 




IW? 71 

Students display creativity at celebration 

Ball Just the beginning 
for school anniversary 

ol g t mu t lo ■•» 

o» #»• ontm»mQnr fto* 

r»r«Killiin« t>F WM MitMi 0*11011 cNM mmm ptmuml i* *<• taMM 

CwK^HS^remieres at 
Elgin Symphony 

holiday magic 

f u< the 

H«.m««. A^Kh""-" "^I*" 

, ... ll«hiir<l «"*«'' »'"*"■ 

" . !f,l„lllUVfTMt^"fMl'.lUt"«' 

..■n«Kk».t'""-'*"rL' **5-^ 


oioft.Bt"''"** ,; 

KKt. They <» *«^'' '"= ''"'", 

,,.,.i,,l.rhiUlwn"» /'«'•"■ 

,, ,,„lcH<«».-.»l>^''''" 
^ _it..^™Sc»tlV>'l*""""" 
lin*:Tw.ttTVK«.n«A>« »"*^ 


S" ^ TnSuie<»««»y 

Harper college lesuy^^ 
presents christnvas concert 


li^, ptrtntt you » "WW 
I^ Aicwft A nol>m Campus 


1h* HartMnow, Novambw 19 1993 9* 


["Dracula" proves itself art Vampire adds 

bite to movie 

Anm KoWAUi) 

This n a very «rti»tk ttbtt Sumr of 
■the BUM** may rM<( he rttkiy Un ihis 
|kmrt of wnrk *ttf^ (hi* iMrtKuiv va«. 

> nismc anJ i» mM 

aciiniic[> [mucti wj wrinii filiiM 

|i/ll>»w. ff A MPil &iiitttr . ifciwi ii lt .She 

|ptiyv Mm Hvfeer 'rv- vi.«^ . >>« 

"nnaccMl'*icliHKilmj.: >- J 

'i>Driattd»(01dmani ' \c 

' »|fe fff fif« ftttc w lie 

I ' 

perfnrmanibC. ag aih. fVn^fr*! me 

If yim drive by WundlHtld. ytw 

wKtliaediBtilwaton wlvoniiingOmriiia 

Itluii'i Ke fmnlwt He m tiitc naniMur ivh) 
Vk AhralfaKn Van Hchmn. the %am 
pure sl«y<i He hr)|«;4 put! itiv fitm 
liifcther with Uir cK|>ldin«ti0n m lK 
hcf mnifflit xmI end whudh wMn'i thcr 
umiil ihrait immA* lNrf«ifc iIm fiir 

■■i it I'i (»h» MMM thjU )l 

ttif ' nWIWfft ijll ICf Mff M JIMIRUI < 

V Hiift tjl iktwn ! 

t luwchccntiK^ing !\»n» nil ts-i' 
Ifthn «int-* fK'h>brr ii( l*W| 1 ^ 

war (]^ Ci«r> (^Htlniin I 

' rftiniMni'iet m Sui and 

y>..i\ m>,l ff<-\rni rani: i*n*i 

■istem are /Vij«i i KtwcmTiWH/ 1 

One »»l ni) 
tvtm m n0t m v 

HirkeriiKH>r.«. uijflrrKimi«^«>v. - 
pjiicnikiirfc uut there ts a msp ttf t^m 

diwi »«< art nvrttu-jiJ, (wnwi u-i) no (N 


i«ii \h'~ 


Ir ■ 

« twf drink the- hkNMl.' 

< >U3m«i thank* 

-ul Vlad 

Kc*nu Kcevc*!. 

he niu- 

lU' ■Ti.ikrJhetH'tn 
nutrv .t; . '■ ,.ri 
aiciiiii^'x ■■'.' 

"■■■ • ■■ !>rsvula 

'1 tiers was fEiMn t 

• • ■■—■■ ■- '■■ .' t:"-.- Il WM 1 

ch<>u r I made to m;iki' ihn miirr (tf a 
^tWTiAn'* fi]ni .irnl hnvc the rcmalc 

. - ■• . f I.. 

A pregnancy test 

you dorit have to 

be a Chem Major 
to use. .^ 

iJT,i^.ir, ■ t rai Ul I Kmmrt 9\ v i*) iJK helh*h * 

lmf««JcT. th)« failistu: rule? itpc»«d t»vcr|[M>» 

»h^ ■ ■ ■■ 

'1 TcfKH ftnifik Miwid He t, 

^ ^ '"((nre The 

:»■"' .»» ■ gira* 

**ri"-i .iMw :'.«. It' ■ '*t i u,n. ye.*r*. Ihc 
KUT>- af DtiHula hA* been remvewtcd 
fitf new amltcniT'^ of Liiiv 

I ^!kl wrrit ,. « n> ■' 
"Ih-^^nli'' hit tJi»-.i- 




VtmptR- ' •» Vnji 

Hclim^ (Amh.'!i\ n."j'kin>i ttatks 
t)riKul«io(k'«tmy thr evil cnr&mrc and 

t(c. ifii- \fc.«VMT.wti,i!.»Hinc*s Hijplunft' 
fjp i\ hntttanl 

' ' « :vrk\ t 

.J ;•. ily 

iiivii). mtclh 

• utHttfHC UY n 

■ n V uli 

■ ■»ini[. 

The First Rf>.p< HIM- I -Stt-p I'ri'unaru v lest 
requiri's jiist one eas\ step — no cup. 


t.-l lu. Il 'lit.-i: 

So easy, you can trust the rt'!»uh.' 


Jack Oodds 

Liberal Arts Department 


■ A^iiaiidt iur\ u' 
: a 25- word e» . 

f-encj us your work Detore 
December B 





Th» Hobinow Nov«T*>«f 19 1W2 



l.ii.ri V-t-'. 
. ix - 



Cartoon causes controversy 

,tn.i I 4<r ,!i .»pt»<"«^*'*^** >""'*"' P****'" 


i:h»i ftl'^wiKh t»c««ftk: alt 

. ■ rrav Nwh "^idc* tif ■hfrnaic aiiyoT 

:iii> ni«»»tnMn*>' 

! olUisaiMjJiy 

Reader corrects article 

Who decides what is 
"politically correct"? 

l„ tt„ I he llarblngcr ait 

editorial caiiCHm tan in-it tauNc'il sonic 
controversy. U showed ditlercnl people in litw 
ai Studotit Mlairs waiting to form tlirir nwit 
club endorsing sexual pretercncos Same 
people vkcrc apparenlly offt-ndcd by it and 
responded bv vknimg ihc sialt lo infonn ttKiii <'i 
Ihetr dislike of the cartinm 

The persons responding did not appreciate Ihe 
paper allowing the cartoon to run. thc\ Icli ii 
lwa)> a iK'galive nKssagc But wlK-re is \Ik line 
drawn' If one person is not alUnved to express 
his or her own opinion, or has to K- pohiually 
correct", docsnt thai create a problem in itself.' 

People arc going lo be t)f fended in one way or 
anotlKr by s»imcthing in life. Nowadays 
everything we s;iy or do is critiqued as in how 
sensitive il is to an issue. .\ fireman is now a 
flrcperson; a deaf pcrstm now ha.s a hearing 
disadv aittagc. 

The whole idea of having to please everyone 
with the right words just doesnt work It is mit 
wrong to call a manhole a manhole, nor is ii 
wrong to call a person who cannot see blind 

This is not to sa> tliat ileropatory remarks are 
accepted and appreciated But the> ha\e ilie 
right to Iv spoken Censorship on any level is 
unacceptable No matter how much it hurts, one 
person cannot be allowed to dictate how another 
pers«ni talks ^mt cm educate tlictn abt>ut your 
beliefs and try to persuade them ti> see your side 
of an issue But you have no right to expect 
them to cater t.> \oiir bcliets all ol ilie mite 
Here at The Harbinger, we let students 
speak ther minds on the opinion page. That is 
what il is ealle.l, .uid that is what it is used lor 
If MMneoiie is offended, we apologi/e. But in no 
way can wc dsallow a ptiint of view to K' 
spoken. If someone is offended b> someihing m 
tJie paper, w nie us and respond lo it, but pkwe 
do not expcci us to censor anyone It is their 
First Amendment nght to speak ihcr rtiiiids 
-Kenneth Oillard 

tm dtuMi'l nycT, imm »h« *»i 

[y ',ih}mm'i«tJ t'pin 

a, " Itle 

, i^i.ttifTM-l*!!! 

1 h»vc here 


of il« gnwimiUMwto rfow innr w* 
o«m««Wi «• *fJiteM «il» of «P 
iftt—im twk *a0Ay m dw Mmllwn 
I italiif l*««iHii*t> "THieiimutMr mil 

^t^, . ManllMio A* 

f,.r Ht,parth, he 

iiliH 4 nmcntMin itui Manllnm h»a 

1; Mr 

. * t IIK 
■ li'TtUlkC '■ 

■h«i in*l 1 

Um-.'. --..MUVC- 

*WH:t 1 . ,- 

Hrm»yi- in.,* thai 

r;»h'« nt«i J . '"«" <•« 

■• .4 hi wrote) will 

..^cf U5n(j» hr en 

! 1, II Trill II ihali ihr type iif | 

» «i<m MbiIIbw «c lacking, il'' 

.»lc m M> lhc>tr hclWT ofl »i*i>ut 


Mr Gun(d't «rt>ilc wwWI hive 
been > cnalya » turn people on lo • 
(rcMOUntMdhmii l>nfonunMcly.iI 
WM an emharrtAsmcnt to a «nall. but 
fcjyaJriH'P"*''" hard Marilliun/Fith 
f*m A wniicn apolog) would he 



I i.k. ><i]r. 

Wc want to hear your views, 
so Write us a LetterTo The Editor 

anil . 

'.•Mms Tlwpaperiidi'tlnbuhtllrivtoallslii,!, lUs l.uultv 

Iht lUrt>injirt . 'ilin' i> liv.iliil m /^'^'^ 
UIWT4 Policy 

■ •..rdridr.vlx.-'li"""'-^'"''^ "-''""'■"'"■ ''^ 
turx", will K' wilhMd I . 


...1 n,H.-K..inK i-ndt<r«ilt»v Ii ■ 

sh.nikiU-t.'-" int"! 

, . . .. ih, iUrh»B(i«. allnshw"' 

[Help Wanted 

• n!j or Ofg»nii»!ions 
latoit our Florida Spimj 
Itkptcliag*! Earn MONEY »nd 
IE Kips OfgiBi;t SM*H. o> 
iGEjfoupi Call Campus Mat 
ling «00 4?3 5J64 

*i naadait Notalla araa 
fc' iuatdaynighlt|o«*rni9tit) 
kt b* raliabia, laiih t»l»i 
■•9 135 00 a night 307 0951 

For Sate 

Bik* Rack 

« Bika Rool Top Back 

«»• 1400 00 askiDij) |?00 00 


Call 93«'092; 

Packard Boll ?«« Comput.f »,ih 
lotus Works. Word P.rltci 
pnnttr medaun and all manu- 
aU l»50 OOof bajl 7Ci»!M 

iNatd Holiday Ca<^'> 
' Prafarrtd Slitf^ r ^ 
■ as pos.lii;'... a. J j; ,. ,,, ^ 
jrilii: rtlail »p(»iorm»nii We 
1*1 FItilbia Sckaduttt 
I 25 per »>-,.• tc c«ni ptr 
I hour bar J. Ovarii ma 
I 3 . I ilfbl* 25 iffitdiat* 
'. in our Rolling Mtad 
■ c No tip nae Poii 
Im Ironi counter. cuslotn»r 
par»ica. kitchan prap and 
pcai»ing n you ar« loon'^j 
' a frlantfiy work plact 
|ll for an aBpon-'reni Mon 

9am-5pm ro8 94S 3S00 
^r ?0»»»1 8140 Am lor 

jii»ar)iH»lp»f pan iim. help 
bdad Sana h*a»f iiiiirg D». 
pdablai nansaiakar Uuit 
wa aieallant driving tacord 
|l Kathy at 843 3(>]( 


know ihj' 

ot »)iaiii 

and amino «^,u, cj-, 
prontparlormanta' Try F 
No Pills' (70g) (i5«.s.l9t 

P - 
.- '. ■. 

*dv»nca Coftctpi Rasaa'c 
70|. 351 -2979 
Promda lolulion lo your 
Poiai ratafad naads S»i) 
'om.-ad Ccimpuiprj up( 

fSur COBlpuItr 


WP by K.ffi Reports Tars, p, 

pars Rasumas tajar pr.nii-- 
Studant discount Call«70 O* 
or 6 70- 1409 

*m lypa any «ijt paptrs ru^n 
(Ob Bj tpaciality call Ann <.-.. 
• iiimatas 70« 255.5147 

Itt Fraa and Rasuma 

>arianca" Individuals and s!u 

|"i orgaftiratiofts laantad lo 

^Ola SPRING BREAK callih» 

in » laadaf Iniatcampo* 

•kaling Programs 1-800 


■•<* »'*» company has epar 
in shipping 'racaiviftg f .jii 

;art timaavaningsarithona 
■tkand day required Flaiible 
lira' days call Tpdd altar 
I- 593 2139 

Standard Ciasaitied Rales 
t Information Comrnar- 
cfal ciassitiads ara It so 
(er the lust to»i imas 
ie T% Idr each eddmonai 
Una. Oaadline is Friday at 
noon tor publication in the 
neat Thutadays paper An 
ads must be prepaid by 
cash or check 
The Harbinger irlH not be 
reapsnaible tor typo 
graphical errors in ada 
taken by phone Plaaaecall 
Ityeur ad la miaprintad To 
place an ad In The Herbin. 
ft you must use the torm 
lecalatf en this page AH 
adaeanbeeilher aent inor 
»roujht In NO ADS mil be 
accepted by phone 


Th* Morblrigw. November 19. 1<W2 ^n 

_ L 

Color a persons world. 

Teach someone to read! 

We Need Your Help!!! 

So, Pitch in and make our 
recycling efforts pay off. 

Without you Harpers Recycling 
program will not work. 

Try tne Country s 
44- Bulb triple face 
Tanner Monster-Bed 



The Harbinser 

•*• * * p J» «**■ i»»,. ,»,t'-l ■•; »■■- 

Harpers Racyciing Team. 
Cfassified Insertion Order * 


COST i-r J 

tortiC :si 

oart»«,o ., 

C««n Cn«ek 

a>»i«i» e>.t.ii-i, ^„rT7" 


m mu t n li vs-ssrstsw assaesiacsmmmmmm 


Harbinger Sports | 


DaTinal word 

Football team ends season 

on da' Bears: I 

with heartbreaking loss 


PfW ttHAM 


■: » Limn 


1 rc:.I!v ,1..:: 

l... ■ 

"-K .'II ihc 


i,,..niiK Soccer ends first 


season m ten years 




,;, .lu.ihf 



\!' ■ 

I II Vl>\1 


) .-".in. 

II. Ml 

,<-| 1 l..^v K --.f. M ^ ' ,1.-...I.M 


'■ ■ 


HE Harbinger 

WiBiam Rainev Horp©f CoBege 

December 3, 1992 

Volume XXV, Number 9 





presents "Feast 

of Carols" 


Kenny Horn, 





St net 




Part-time faculty run into problems 


seeks vt>icc 

A«mi W>u<n 

i« fcat ran «Ml upline f 
II, ,.i>..m.i ih^ ... 

Stress greater i>n 
part- lime teachers 

Pan (iKir }.h 


O'tlji HI' 1 • ..iu«, 


mm! n iurrcntij giMliiEnil«|i«l imw 


»KM>,|<uttiliuii 'ram 

in ibc iKv rWuK." Mid 

.», tt..^».. . .1,.... >,_ ..< 

dc^i*ft>n 'sjvingmc wjiuH'l r*t'ulty arv 
mn "nlMM Mm" '•Hi '■!« rcpcaiBiiy 

li UiJ u> <1k rx:: 

Mad I!. ,'-«htoil mftwmai. 

temng the I wc •)[:>« 

■"'''■■■' ■■ .1 l<«nt inluarit imKioi' to 
' 'ly HiJiw." Mil Dwani 

' ' fUtk 4nii l^uicklvltJIu! 

•>*- m*WK it'«n and rhrtf 

rck«Hd M «rt)r Nm-cmhcr 

RNiMpintaiKiriaKdittihpin umr 

<«1«lty«itn<iiiMiiwtiMiliw« mjkxir 
••■■ ■" — T--. '■ • ■• . ii<h»ik 


f - '- \ miki' 

'" ■ '^""' '" '-•■ k ii»b wm 

v.U mpul m 
'UMTLtnu* n- jnui««wnjj**kl«n.-n'l 

i>ic h«wi wiliiiy (tirpBi luncfKruliy 

1 J ^^. V; ncr v*«r. ami ulanci itngc 

" • - r ^ tnint- «! 

ItK AAl'P 41' 

ii.»t»,|i..: ;.,!. 
full iimi 


I'»und that 

: ^'f'critTiurf 

■'^. mikc up 

. ...' ' >-'■ it ;\ I'll «ii|;ilKtji 

•tj.l|;.M ruihatlfi 'TV pm- 


■ Tkir 

■'.' iMj:c 5 









Harper welcomes 
new Instructor 



Comic I 




SpOfiR — ,. 

^A Thtfi'cam. iRL-ntvifrtH'f r ' 

i .0.,- 

Hi. ■-u.H 

'"(I ** liocumg niiiur 


14 •?. 

5 ? 

2 3 

Ulrai: ' 

Vlilvi.-.' . 
... W wtmli) lili (4.) UL-t ir«.,ri: -.iii-iiiu ..] »;J 

■ 2 Th»Hart>ing«f,D«c«mt><w3, IWi 


NewsBiief s ^ ^ 


Harper Ccillcge U ork>hops < )n Hiuh 

Placement Totinj; For IVrfiirmancc and 
(JKIXIasMN \Uni\ati(in 

T>,, 11,.. 

Harper Now Offering Real Esfot* 
continuing Education 

Cours»« __--»__«™_ 


All «h«« k»cl» i>i 
Stan.. P*cOED and t;i 

claw pRpwing twakxi 

auHMKHiaii. All i*riho^'*>-<' •<""■* 
filti mA* mit MMiaw nwy nuntl K 
,.»....« wtlk At citGCfiMaeardK lliini 
* hidnniiteni* mi» mn «««>'.■ 
. . ■ !iK ••€»«• ••ek.Clji«»e» met; 
. . Ml *.in m) 6 V) <^■^e pm. 

*fuiV«l ""sv he ilMrfvmn 

for a 




rt.^..»I.J'^4' h tt.wh«h<K1 l« Vtf'* 

tn»1 imiim% hmm urmi M«iv h l"*** 
of mand*ttir> ftubjc-. 

I.,. \p 

h S ? 

emu i» S 220 The «»i i»f tl« wiiikm' ^ 

mv W■eit.V^ni!lv'i■u!t^.i■cf1^fk;Wr.«f■ 

.[.leu:* muh Uhtouiw* •' H»rpcr 
hud ttaned ai Miiper m ilK Fail of 
I W; •»! h» umlmued »> rw civc A '« 

wih- i..h,.f„i.. 



1 l'\ ^^■••.l(>n^. altered 

looking jofdjohl 
See this week^s.,. 

TV ivc«i«es 

- 1 m. 

Bij: brniti- 

-^ icciki! Ncvk i.nijfsc in spring 

\?..» .■i< .r.oK»pUitai»m." 

t'\ HarpcrCiil" 

. irnv an tipfiuftu 

' »lu;ihrTac*recian<) 
^hc markclmn indm 

viNHh ihrvMigH IiIm' Viiuili 
^.•ntfxmrr m TV Btwlfn- 


Th« Hortsinoaf D*c«mb«r 3. 1992 Ji 

Gang differences almost non-existent 


Diffcfcntei h*l*crri ^irfcl 
i'jrj.-i'-'VM-,!-.- ...:.. I!" r 

gmniBi tu nimiw 

The •««»)(< t|c i>f ()«( mrm 
ben n between 1 2 and M) ycjri i>f 
^e. However, these- peiifk- arc trivn 
afllueni, middle twcimc and Uvw- 
inctwnc htHwcholds S^wnc (if Uw 
(i<kI c«e (aii( memhcti ut: hum 
■nd nmd in (he ititMrtii- "The r* 
HufanK, Asian and AfrK an Aincri 
can." said tkuitivc Michael 
ilradey, nf the Ht>((ntan Eatales 
IMke Depanmenl 

Apparcntty. hecauic the mem 
ben begin at im^h a yt<ung age , ii t> 

U>gM.a] h- 

art fmnj^1{> displayed ammig * icn««r 

k'lo*-!! as '\yM^l il- '• »•"''' :'»■'' 't 


"OMer gang munlwrj. t»n»t «t 
■re Mid ID be cnmnig fnim (he t try i. ■ 
lei up safe tamae* l» w •■ ' 
money and dragi. The u - 
iiiiwillMcia rywipl eihaiii»cin.fir«t- 
MigMwhaodi ckn't kMXir the gang 
niembm "nie»eft»e. ihe gang mem 
ben can wl up hmt*e innnynvHnlY.' 
Bfadey said. "S««ne irf ibcie »l<k-r 
RMmbenwe wmetiino family rnesn 
ben irf fmnga gai^ mrmbcn.' *aiu 
the Ken UMKr 

Om i>tthe mt(atH.m ntuaU used by 
nnei cM» gangs >• »"> being loed by 
nitrihwcsi luhurban gangi iRIatk 

vmlihe Vkc 

><miniegangmei n l»tri>.hoia»»tr ' 
m*v vh<«« Healing m <by oetwr 
n:.t!c\> or have ieitual re]allcin« with 

T<«trun|{ i ^Ang b(K'«uae of (ear. imtmt' 
'Uii^m n.I hri' iu»e they feel itic neaid i» 
he ('■nKcfloJ." itv« Bradey H<>we*er. 

Bradey and Ihe leeri '- '">> 

^iimc ttrrm wifitit :' -'^ 


■ Ul 

■I » t«njt 

:hc ffiytb* 
'.V (Mflmenl 

4ikI :h<: ..■(iimiimly hai htm Ihal ttv ■ 


"Hi(»»«ti. with the lrin»fnTmd i>l 
snidenis tram ama «linult and I 'hi 

cagn area Hrbivlt, a gaig pmblcm has 

he«.<i«nc rw»e and mnrc e«id<ni. and 

*!V Vm umfinncd" An nlucalHinal 

IS been taken im by the |»»Uvc 

ni hum ano gang iirgani/a 

.1. _.. . .,-. -iiiUimg 

gang members wear Thit new inl'or 

:v.*ii.»n K'^<'^ '^^' f"'fi^c ^kpartmeni 

■>. * ii> Kwnbat 

Iht Uollmjii UvUles Polne tV 
parsmeni hi» iiaitoi an cwveaLh pn> 
grain u> educate faculty. PTA, Iwa) 
bium«>icM'<i. {>arcnt5 n Ima) apanmrnt 

^.>nu.■(■». -^ *;iJ . .tSTirTninUy gTinip* *in 

i: iiirtliUHhmj; 

(,■ , i - -Weali^'Ulli 

u» «tu«lcfil» at the ci-t-mcntary and high 
«4 b^ ii«l level abtiul pre went ton and c*ip 
. ltie«, Curehtf jaid""nien«n 
. Mn brtwern these griiup* has 
nt-rn a very pntjuvc rclatitmship. and 
the ptugrama leein » be making an 
un|iai:t im suTpmg tb<- .t.t,itr..ii,m .>t 
gangs in our hinhuf... 

Family voted into Phi Theta Kappa More 

Say Cmbwh 
Stow www 

I'hicr. like pafcnjs TV 
,;iim with Ai. 

< re mrrc iii rmwt Lx^ar: ^ vio 
ruaaiirwt ■■ esmnank* urn Fn 
.-..\..v 20 

"( had taken umie sauries at 
Harper, but never really Ihiwgbl nf 
geUftg a degree,'" Andrew Nmh la^l 
'tJur daughter I in «c<i«raK««l Rb 
bm and f III 
cMiKd in the 


' Ijsa Nm» iveeived an 
aasixiatc'tdenTecfriimMdrpt-r -n 1*>K^ 
and graduated friim lltimnA Suui- 1 ni 
vertity m I'M? whaic tkt miunMit m 
awraabam. ShchufnimnlBllaiper 
ID take RiDK eiiurMS. bi ikc gniMs* 
the wo ttuMitd bm memhenMp in 
Phi Theta Kappa 

"Til .|uahfy. a ntudent must he a 
cunrnl full time ur part bmc student, 
mutt hav* earned 1 5 m mute eredilt 
and mtm tarry a I < in beller grailt 
pinnt average." naid fatully aiKmir 

rtf mm Ibrmy. Ocff IID M0hO An<*»i« larbwo < 
Cmvlm or M rtmta tappa. 

Lany P Kcm, aatwiate protcsnv ..i 
English aal nadtng. 


a..uviiic« imem'bm can enjtn 

The theme *el by the natBmi! ..ry i 
ni/almB ol Phi Theta Kappa a 'l)i» 
tiivery wtd Envinmmeni " The knal 
ihapicr li in ihe |m»>-»i. .il planning 

» ol «ni«H of WW Mducllan raramenr of »!• M<"PW 

! IBcmpiirale Quilil '..nkB..:,,..! -.n 1 ;-i,,-ti.l' H' 

Tclephtinc rei:ivtr,ilK»n iot 
spnnj; U) hct;in 

TeiepbtMw registraiHin fiir tpring 
crolit clasiea at Harper College wtll 
be held Dctemher 14-17 and lanuary 
4-7 nd n . fnxn 1 am > p m and 
Dctembar IK and lariuary %. fram 10 
am 4 10 p m Tuiium is S H per 
wmester htinr 

r.i regitier by phtme, students 
<bouMtail7l1«im7 nilOandbcpR 
p««d w give liirir weul Mcta^ Mm 
ber, the crane preru and imntha, 
an<f ' ' ' ''nherti^iheiAeainNl 

.U. :!10 1. Heanng 

■::.;M,n-. .■.-.. :.,•,-■ • •• --Y-i.t? 

■-uUTTYs rv.,.;^ . - _ . . rr 
fundahk SI S apviiKaimn (cr 

Board appri>\f- rcvluiion 

The HarperCiHege Riianl.if Irusl 
e* agfve.i u> a !cv\ rcsolutKin wbiih 

1 111 t«es 
necctaaiy ■■> he raised by laaalion fee 
Ihe year 1W2 Uw intwaae cornea tu 
4 ) larn-eni ma last year which genet 

Ma ahmii I nulteai dullan f»r the 

The aKRaia it in kaeiNnt with the 
paramciert as dvcsaMlby the Ihiardiii 

Tnislrcs when liKy tnifnacd dKir own 
5% laa cap. Ths igiii^iaw MMnm iif 

V. t- ' — iv-Vv^ial far *e year 

an MEntaaa t>f 
^ M-ar'*kvy eaten 

The ni.mey *iM he iii.«:.J U' ..iv.r 
the > ipcnxis of iiu. leasing enraUneni 

la I ^"^ |in>)a:U:d incrfUM Wat year < 
lUkl Ihe uKRasol i <nM rffiqiplioand 
malertalfi fWiJUSe of i 
iMin ir •^" ••■"■■ ' *■ 

JWTilli I 


;■<■ nflk'tals 


B% rmotuiliin was 

iidiiptc'- - Hiairdatkaat^ 

>l,i> % per. .'.liiig ad^ipiwm of tile aggre 
gate las k-vv ..( the dlistnc't 



CouKM Pmi Snvici 

, :hc < ah 

!<iM-phMMi Institute "i 

,J iintervirwmg H,'"' 

* ide and f<«.-iueil 

'if yixmg peopir 

- iii'.ri.m 
•' 'hat other 


"Whclher ihrngn ate .».>r«e or mil. 
they vx ekarly bad aumgh." the r«- 
piirt satii 

Amcmg the finding* fnim *e sur- 

.lent* *ri,i .. jtrriTi "I fiititi t.ji."'i 
•ludcttu admiiiol m thoplifimg 

•Twenty iwe pencm iif colle,ge 
ttuilenli i-aid they wtHiM lakiK a re 
piin iJ mvcssary to keep a jiib 

•Sisiy line pcrccni ivf high uhoil 
snldcnt^ an.1 K pentenl tif college sui 
dci^i* •ImiHctI the V t be att-d im tfiesam 
in Ihc pati vcai 

• - ■ ■' ' - V\ hehavMw, 

I.Jems and 

.^ ,* p, - . andun- 

|iex»lrxicid %ex m liie pusl year 

Ih.HOtxnOW-D'C*'''** ^' '""^ 


Sports stars are human too 


Faculty Ad «»" 

ll^l VV'-l'ul*'!*- 



Sintim l«M» finmm tamidoii 

It II is true, *eo It « »«««»»mi. 
■IK t.;«i>ngl>'*»'°«»**"'** '» ?*•"'* '. 


Holidays are a time 
to be wary of alcohol 

As integral a> .clobrai..M,v arc to the rccctil 
tradition of the holulav -oaM.n arc the 
admonitions and lectures ahout the evils ..{ 
dnnk.nganddming. This is not another 
lecture or admonition- just some facts to think 
abi>ut before dnnking and driving or serving 
alcoholic beverages to .nhers il>e intomiatton 
was furnished by the BACCHl S ( luh. Ikalih 
Service and the Illinois Scerelarv ol State s 

• While a hlood-alo'ho! content of one-tenth 
of one percent is the point at the law m 
Illinois says that a person is drunk, lesis vhuu a 
bUxHl-alchol level ot halt ilial limit vmH K.vver 
alenne- and impair a poiM'H- ludgmonl 

• A duNU in an a.ctvkni mjuf> or 
death is required to submit to a hUnid-alcohol 
test or face suspension of driving privilege- 

• I he tact that a driver is not legally drunk 
d(H.-s n.n mean that ilriver is free from hab.htv 
for the injuries or death- nt others iii a iratlic 
ace idem 

mvoKcvt 111 a^i.i>l'^'n'. ■ 

as a result of injune- |o oitu i- ..- >-> 

injuries to the driver. 

• A IH'I Convictu>n can inhihit a (Visosi s 
i-mploN inent and earnings potential. 

riicve tact- are tme throuirhoiit the >ear. not 
jusi duruii: the holidav- 

Skip Chulester 

' „'■. "u., .■< ■!■.<: s»" -•■»'" •tW*- "■''•■* 

Si«K-» ii>t«Tii»» <*i4 <*m |«i"«"«*» 

t.*«w;im AixlilM »«««•'*•■'"«" 

uh««»l Wvcl » wdl «• ll« inwlie.**""! 
tevtl . 

lipkvwlawro"' 1>««:1>»11'»»'*«""*« 

,K.>..- ™.r..% '.^ .Il.«»«lu>i« oilCTlNe 

' rm-mJllMlWil»rit«n 

liMiimiiiiK »c« » 

•■»*.«nm.«l*in|t" iht" (Wtncm - ■> 
,*.yr.ll.«ur).Ml"«'f<»«^" iKtulltoitc 
A«dM«kcD«k». •*»«««»« •«">«*« 
htntioMt* Micmmt » >«•- pro' '•»"' 
l„m.«-If > r>--« m<«<v«tt"— <»nf'«««»« 

' IturcifM ■•Nl|:hilint"proF»«»«' 
,K«ir.n Re<l»lin H*)" •»» "■"'i' 
pl.ya «•»' "Imm ««> !«>"« fw*"" 
tity illiWTMe . »«i<l •'<»'' l*** •<*«»'' "" 
ih, wpwwt •*»««»•«•*•**•"* • 

MMC «( •^J«titlll»«- ■"« •«»*="• *** 

On ih*i *'"" pfonr.m, 
DcFotd >ud U* 1"^ »«* *« "*"' 

Irani ipnrtt. M iJI fc»«l» 

Xhtre n cvMkncr th« ihoe »■' " 

Al k«« ilw miwaliiv pro^.i 
mn't limiK-a u> u:«m spun MhWu-* 

And mcctliiy pmhlomi »rm"i lim 
iitd liUhc diKiplinc (rf Hwn» 

Rut the fiilure erf «|wro u m iIk 

iha i{nn> DulMi dm .plinc md ch»r 
maa. «nd m wlcrmn* mm-orpuW* 

TV>K who Hitoeod in • ipnn dn w 
iMcauK ibcy .fcvcUip Ihc ducvplinc, 
tImiciCT •ndik'Il' "»«««*> •""""•" 
A« »l«>ri Often vhn invotvei tW* 
«« . c|[utenB!t hduvMir ihudno nrt 
cuily amiitm «>» «»»»• » •"*''' 
■1 lirft. 

.,,,.,ih> H..nxf( .<lli-j;oc..mpuscommurotv,r>' 

. . . ),-.-,h,,i.-.Or.vti>allsHJ<it'n''' 

CafTtCM t»*i '*• H*rt>*M#K. »U "«»>«• >••»""' 

^ali Street Journal 
®i?.!!2!!l'cs award 

I *• Will SM-TtL^^***''"*-* 
I ''"-- n riijii u R'' ^***' *■•«• 

I ■»» Uir c.»-r "™"™'- *f*mm Hii», 

•— -HI ,T'~~ •*«-*. 

I •^i*~»"»&«i, 10, ^ ,„^ 

/«^**"*""^'*'"'"''"Mi h. 

«er Too Soon— -30 
Vears Later 

■* Slop C*«iDnrr» 








< . _, »i:h 



Church offers different 
•^'nd of service 

Move o'},op^/a-^t^7^px-ir 
•* « A = 1 .ir"'^'^^f°fe holidays 

"took Galileo lelS!?^; ~ 

■iK..«i, "•"'^ 'n«tttniiivh^i .11.1 ^ 

'' Mfrtis un/liir ih O *^ • 

=*•« hour, to |!^,„^ •'''*"'"^ '••«' Jil (fuc iH,,,. ui . 

*^s™."r- :-t:ri:-- 

system I 

wviw Wirt, viviuiiiv. 

ftw Horbng^r. Dac*mb«r 3 1i>*. 

i\ •^[XMkm■J 

•« MMKn Plan 

Ihe chacJi i> HI Ike nuul " 
IXi y*iM hrlicvc n^ 

(wyiheck irr ri-fundehixli you «ere uwneinf .01 1» Ml" l^- 

CtcUOC l« J vitull fih, i,n, iJui cTjtTO: ujm 

Oie |»mi» •!» Btt. Ae hw. »,,. to,iii of • fim«» «c«tt» « h» i,»rf ihr 




.>*!•. twwtfwi .^vlrMitm. If shu ,< mic t(«n .h., ,., !..:».„■« .,> 
•ppbcMU Iran I .,„^ (iMi (K , 

>***•«»«»«''- .'c»«w«npl... 

hWHUKinilichaiibaf anal' lawycmwiiov. 
madicilreoink. Wcrcn+JiiiaeMEiKiMM, ,,,^. ,,, „,,,,^. 
imwtnt e c<>ni|uRK» ktiw pkmy of mmey 


MOft3»19». C~<»' A- 

Mil wliai a la* 



FnMtt nrfincy t 
fomftma am hmnltmman 
n« *««yt Onillif»a But wc an 
vktlc bcii AmUuikwhiirlK.^ 

IvBiK I. amng MMI' w rWT.)n,7i 


tiOjtuhun WlM«h«|ii«iiMi»|iiB»til«m.a»(h««iij|u, 
ilK aaptaya vOTfiea ihc ,<* ajiplRjuwrn ' Wheo UK biaiiii! vj 
m hi* tic • ~ 

onpJa)«»k«*fafh»wiy«,o„pM)ree, ttsm^tmvl^mJlh.wK«<iK^ ..,11 
«... «nJ, *, repaiow fa, h^ hoKM. Ffwwb .«■ n. , .^ . , 

ofoicijwimiiifilwmiiny ^^ 

arc nutaiKo ahcn hafih rMO 

<:aiVHi( he u*M 
Biu i! » 

tUMK tt- 




^Fn^y, HoMnilMr a71h thni 0«cei>.ber 2«(li 


Vmencan » »i 
A law f»i>u 

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■''»<* tfmt 

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■>v: huvine»t cuanMiniiy 
•m cmphivniaH appln-« 


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liKlrerf.iht|,'itiiodSiairn»ari,i„«,.,n,.,. ».. , 
i!"" idrng p«»Km»l in, 
l4a«.t,.vapt Howcanim^.u: 

"••••"•' tfrtno-m and jimM(ic% :• 

•* !»■'•■»■* "-If !..^,«M,.m.,,.i „.. I ............ 

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plMtiudn tad Pr>l 

^ Rm dcsfnii 
.c^^ar\ ut l>. 

if ^ 

Happy Holidays 
Start Right Here. 



Warner Hrao. mvOao Suim m 
plaimmK <" ">*'" <*» t«:>Mav^ 
b*i»!i than cwf by uivnati^ v „ 
pan tif ihc cii •!< 


t m i i wiii i i i a ii i i|iph^ | rcMg 

«arnCT Htim SiimUii •Hum 

».< CMdmoik Omrr. Spacr Ml 

(hill Mraok. II. M521 

• onOnrkl Miuppin|| t cmcr 

•arorrr Hnm Mudki M»n« 

M ViHidlk'U Mi..(-(.iiiii I . nUT, 

%|M>< •J I.I.' 

HJuHratNirH. li Mil -".^ 

m a • ram »»«^. »_, 

:^-->«> ^6>); ^«M8k^^C5?«S^^ 

Heai giCpmer . 

c y a H ji » t T H L. " 

Holiday safety 
tied to personal 

FEAIURES n.M^v.o."'^^ "" 

Tips to make the holiday 
season safe and fun 

icu «•>» **y^> P"**" ''"'^ "" 
|^0*) i>f ih-:" '" •'*"''"' "'" 

Im »e«i o( MEC who w«»« ■»»«*•"«* '" 
IfMl o">«» "*« •«« »««»«««» 
ldropp»l tr^w. 31* « l"»«2 >" il* «• 
ligw) itatot^ *«»«»« "'"^■«' 

Iwhcn Die L!i"wJ «<"" "«"«l!' '* 

lpp«ca •-,»•., "'Tk-^J^ 

I W.OOOejch y«M From 1"«J " '*"• 

I I gV (WO Amenc«» Wwihctir li«ni» 

I C.1U.I w a<K d"* "" 2; minutt. 
1 TraRk CTMhCT i.»l*> "« '"" "* 

Tjc group »««««>« * -^ « y'"*- 

1 fn«i «ter *«»» « f"*" •"" "^ 
I daaac «.)f ll»>tc. .«e h»lt « «"«»««• 
,ce»H»f cimiump""" "f •'"**"' 

„ccl ol a cat. muu^yck. irv-k >■> 

Tte ««•■«*«:•"*«"♦ """^ 

I s Anwmm •>" •■ «"<*^ •» " 

.Knhol irl«"t "•**' •' «W*^ " 

'Xt, m* tmHy "«« 

.. imp«fw» *>«»* 

,.,m<- ini">'" - '»«!»«"'"«■'■""** 

I ural. 

1 tliete •• «« «»«« «>^*"* "" 

ihc only »«<«« f" *»«""*' "T* 

Alw. I* »"•« "" ""^ <•"*" •* " 
fmro w«r IM«y >n>l>»"«J < •"" * ** 
l^uol. oi: noi. .k«h<*c hcvernr'- 
phauy «rf lw«l. ■»* n t"'«'«» *»" «■*' 
everyone • ch«n« '" \^' •'^'*"' 
<»«i»nr«»" H.«.".m *nkcTdr,M- 

y«iuriim»>««»lf vUh.Hu. ^,HJ>J.- 

fm acni< lOi' 

!•■>« ■ . 

ipetid *rmgW •!»«»«»'»"*'■ ■■ 

> .11 •««»*««« v.-ui r- 
unncceiMiiy aiiutw' 

|>„.^ ,■■. ' rv,jv «»« • I'h 'Vny*'^ 


Eitubii >.mr 

,»iil.Mc Mmk If- '->'«"■' •" ' 
B«.M«« ml* ilw W""** «<« '^•"^ 
,„ A Biukhnil V.-'-'""—" "•■^'' 
ad Ptnfflwl Of" 

Tie one «i fo"*««y "*"*"" ' 

DrtBUac •ml <««*• ^W^* 
«4W. BtM ttan My "A^ ^^ '■ 
itH l» to » •§• <"«*••• *^^ 
4r„ta« ««»» *■••• *•*» ""^ 
M.MMti4vrte* f*" <"••'* »"• 
i» tl. oM Ml r«r «fct>. • »"t "f^f 


•f)n«i««r * BrtiWf. At lfc« *« 
irinnlnit at ««» fvenl^U <•«*•• "•"• 
will »i«y «*«'•■**'**• ■ 

MlB nd c«rb<*jdril» »«>«i«H U^* 

fllev *t*y *ii **•• siunucli toade't 
wkkh «l«iw» <l» f">» »' "W** ** 
body »l>«w*« ikMhol U «»<»♦ •** 
hwtr tin tke body to »*•«»•> !•» 

wlatnr U «« ■»*" **'*''■ 

•]i^w« r<MrlMii*i limit •!<«- 

iMlliiUkiloaMaiihiHir. Alimult 

,uur drtoli* ««» • •»•••»"*«* 


•/Vm* Aiw--«fO*<><«- ••♦I"'*- 

Mfft" (l»>t»d ««»»"» ^"*" *"* • 
«l»ry -.Ikl .» ••<V < "^ '■*•'"" 
( r.«Wrry i»k« Md 1i.» •«* » 

i»Mc>fltii«»<>'»" »«*•'*• ■^'"* 
(»«. iradidMul rtmfcuJf drinks. 
•t «f .4 SamtmrtmmmlrtI ««•• 
i«r» Aj Fr«a /"••» f '•'>''«' "™^ 

Ml ri««tr w««» -iifd «*fc C1M*«1- 

r»o,rt, ,r. ta» Wirfy Wdrii* »«»► 
U«tiy win* 'Mm**r* mmmum *n 

,*t»«rhdni«k. **«»«*' 

qukk. €»!*»•«** 

•S«ay infM- »»•)'•» P<>»- 
dblt—riiU owf Md W «1» drl%«r 

lb( dniak dri»« : Iw •>"*« "I*" 
«w«r%r Into your cw. 


ourd y«w, l«« «" "» '*'"• '**• 

h„„k yma harm Mid "mIi vw>r 


•As MM* M !»•>">*•«•"«*• 

tty Ifce H'^ "' •>'«''*"> <""*'• 
PruvM* ■ dncriplinn of the car 

and ibc llcriiw pl»l« immb"' 

B* mI^ »»d Vwp *•■•» ttiblwH- 

<» * 1 /• <rA6 <?^ 



NEE35 YOU » 

Women's support 
group offered 


p«.,rt»«.y w»«»W«"»W««' "^» 
Bnd «m •««?" *'''*• *«>*»** 


If • ptrKMi dotwl »■« » '•''^ 
dMit p««k tiw MiK. 

•<(«^ {JruOMC Meakii At-^ 

«„. «o>r body ««» «fr»*"dly «" 
atwirfc U» ••«»•»' '*•*•'' "*' 


Jack OodCs 

Liberal Arts Department 


•. ,1 fVdlUj!-''-"' 


December 8 

The Rc%..uivi . ;■< WumcnPni 
srm. B .(.«!«««.«. Ow"W ^«"- 
loKc Suppon Oiwip Tl"* P^P » 
ITO. 10 wamen who have enpon 
,;„e,d or ■« £««r«n«Jy eipKnaKin* 

n^e MdAa iclMiaiahip« 

The gnxV »iH *« "" H*^! "" 

_____ , fcJB-i ^> 

pm ■|C»«««P««"*'*™«*"*^ 
Wnnxn'jCeniei x Huvn CMci<:. 


Ft» mart inf «m»l»« *«" *** 

ginup.ptaBeaii;'. ■"'•*■■■" 


„^„„. <»ii*tr««l,ll!i»««»«« 


AfTHjf icon Heart |^ 3| 
AssocKjtion '^y 


C^k^n mWc-aTv f«wv Phor* o. write ^ cotatofl 

xmuarv 1' J"'" 
a,jouji7J '«^' 



iOI N WobOJh *"• 
I CTMCOoa «. «0<>" 

Wood«Wd Campus 
«06i I X iii iT ilw O 


i70« «♦ »«»0 

1 Madonna's "Sex" gets mixed reviews 



dtwMi'i wmt la ofltwt pmrnm- Th* 

m«n»|i(;r .>f the hnolttwrr m DrPin! 

M«kinu. like MMluan Kimm. 
tound »ui a lost OHM agp llMI ai wllk 

Rut hotaiM '<u>lliii(lMi>k'*Sea.*« 
ohic h ilw pup cuMm nw KW nN iHi 
MuMt fmUfm M iwim*. n fMiRt • 
miud iwww ■! oiiiii^» toofcMiire*, 
uyi Cmpai' MiriHiplM*. » •Mfcly 
Mvikittr of ft* NitiBml AoHKiMMa 
of C«tkt< SUMH. 

rm MiMlM. Ik* auH(« nf dw 
kaakMBM M RMidki AilMw IW*«- 
•i^ te ••«• RaoB. hM Mr aimdiMtr 
Iw wm'i wtl ilK t»wk kcciuM lit 

••Hi dun *»«« ll» h«M< m< t •!! fw ilw 
(aotifc and "Sm" w «(!iii«lMi>g ilw n 
wMthki'i cany 

TIm taiok. vWcli emit Vio 0^ . •• : M 
ilom m (*m TW f«« »ril«r of U 
iKwIu aiUKkly will. aiJ more •«* 
oMlnni A tuA huycr «■ Catuiaito 
SUtt Uiiiva»i> m h»i C'nIlMa *dB'l 
imhr "Set" tm-auw ol the pnm 

1 iMothi iJit (*KC mmtmmOy 

PttatoB kiU ilw mrvKlom 

Rudolf to perform holiday show 


WMiriHHillii Thtwl) t)tllad"i>By*iin( 
mh" will |icrf<vin "imu Oat Saack m 
lli«ai«infiey .■ -R ipimn Rudoliill." ««rj 
M^eral txthrr i->rtK>n«l numhm 

TikUM r<« ihf Ria>li>ll (amity hnh 
■lay «t»« arc II . t hiUtrtn 1 2 ytn okl 
ami ukVt m ihi- cuinpiii) ol an atutl. 
$: (ut Harpn »u>hiaMs<aadac»««. aaal 
t1 numeral ikfaili admaaaaon. Daanlitmi 
»illiv «i.-r«.-.( s.-(o»e*r «»■««< foi 

I . i-;>) larfonnMian. . n 

Aa ftio »«(«,« ai inH'W? W»i. r« 


• •.-•i^trmholxtoyionin MlliaaB- 
-: A a< 7 p m. Tur»<la>, Uacaan- 
ho n. m BuiMint I TheMw, Hapa 
CiMrtc Palatine Camfiu* 

Rudutt a vctefan pcifi^Tmcr wl«:i 
baa pJaytd Harpet, Cutimu Hall, 
Sduumtiwt Park Dntnci am) otiicf 
Ux-al itagci. will niaidaa hi> hilana** 
ling a l«»ig ftntam of [wjsilaf •«•• 

Harper Presents the Festival of Lessons 

Lake County 

Show and sale 
Nundii) I>«««nher 6. 1W2 

Lake t.ounlv Fair- 
groundK, Orayslalke . 
11. rouic \Z0& rnutr 

45 Free parking 
AdulLs S2 (11) vnth this 
ad. $3 00 regular 
admission ChiUlren 
under 12 are tree, for 
more info call (708) 
(M\.72h2. ftfinon- 
it fr«r software 
by Chicago 
Onliiw.Frec suftware 
rafne and huge 
savings on evTr>- 

And The Winners Are. 


The Harpt-; ■■ (vt»'nv 

i)ntM-ttta Mn-1 mnual 

>'i>iinit AllBtt l".>n^;«-iiii.«r' U'l y>-«jn|S 

tt.uiKsaiw m ttw Harpr Krvnt area 

WullMIt il» Uw "^ — " '" 

,(tailn9 l^tDKhaik ' 
nM Calhy Bauak. 1* 
Hnghl*. with a vi.ilin (TitimnaKC nf 
"loBudiacUiw an.jRii«vt>C»|jei«-»>Mi" 
h> Sami Sam* She •.11 (ictform a 
Milo wMh the t»»lra al ttw FcHuafv 

! 1. IWI cutKXfl ami rceivc a 4M)(> 

I S Savimi> Bond 

t . ,_.... u ..,. 1 • ..I Siiuik 

> ''!K«md 

*»»»>n ainJi her |icrf>innarat« <•'- 
anol'mkcTi.' irt F' Miiw»i"hy 0"i 

Tht Jill ^taik* N and 

undCT>i;»i>i . , winner Aki 

Fu|i»aaa. 12. u( H.>l!!:iiii fcviaiea. fm 
her rendmoo i>( Mo/arii "Piann otin 
icru) in l> MiiKjr" iShe »ill rneive 
S)On m US SaoMitt Bondt and per wilh ihe acchenra on Feticuary 
14 Siviimd plat* rn the limH-rttviBon 
wai awardni li> Annr Rahhal, 10. of 
Ml, Ploapect. •hii perd^rmed<>'» 
"Sywphmur I- >i>«f n-le" "fi her v >i>liti 
She will'. - 


All *inr*r* *in tv ri'K'»;n!/r»i «i»l 

awarded fwui% a( Ihc orchcura"! Feb 
niary Id. I W» tCTncert, J p m . Build 
fff I Theater ai Harpen Palatine cant 

Support your local 

Join the Harbinger 

and Carols 

Patu RitfaM 

Harper Swinf' 
rmdhell Choir. Mui 

1 ..Hwert 

imn i rheawr al Haqwft t "1 



M • -:!antyne and 

(■:,, • c Mk>*mK 

>ii*ifi,^ Ir.-m *.- M.iM., indThcaiet 
l)r|iannicnu Tom Bewk, Bammii-n 
Laura Diaon. Ro^cH * n-.-i:. 
Ciwipaiaii. Sthaumhiin; 

*U.ii!..ii,.i. «i.,l H:fr>.l 

tcwmi and iaania" ■> <I:k [i 
ftind raiwTfrrrmiHT «iMk"«o A. « 

Takcta are VI for fcncnd admit 
twin wd K !nr Hii|Mi «Bid(a<it and 

unKir ciii/am Tltc timcain will Iv 
ini<Tpreiedm<atRkanfiM|< Ftiriak 


Happy Holiday- 

A degree 

for people 

on the move. 

>'*»4n»»»«I«»i»«-ai«B.««I»H«W»li«»i.l*«^«>'»"*" "">*■'*" 

•iO**y t<i6iaa»«»M(i«i»-<».,«aa>»»«nan«t«ai«Bi"»>««iaM«Bi«ia««a»t<»>' 
"...f.jB.. ..«» an* ..(^ fwi^n i»i¥ii .faafuctw* m*^ '•at laww wip»w'*nce 



t(<%-*'>x*i»>i*w»«a»'<«"» tM»«m(i*i.'««»iait-> -V» 
r'tWI twv.awHat TBI* i»(IO tXWy O'aouale 

f Of l*»0«»'f»tw.-'Ti4l-.^ 


U ^ OtVr« l*i«UlB»A iM iltt'latlBfl B| »• * 

Wc re serious 
about success.' 



DM* CainDlMli • CA<cai)g il Wit 



1J?1 M S»* •»« • Mfrjoa II 66101 i 



Th»Ho»btngef D«c<»rT>b«f 3 199? 

Holiday "Feast of Carols'' 
to be presented bv ECC 

Kflppp J>cimv9 tvm all oe U9 
itvt at ^it f)avhingtvt 

fma BiuAH 

A Hniida]! rnaiu Han tmn pimnnl ant •il) 
ht pivfMrr ml xtvoi by Lmitrnm'i Raiau 
tmi. a (01 TTit mul «riB l»»m «mti cmihcm 
•n>lc Hiu|>. folknnd l»y nundann iir«n»t • il 
M Mlad Thccanm MHcoMMorducken im 

F««« rrf C«iDii. • H<>ixl«y gal* rf vmIommI 
.^H: of die Mum. will he (macmsil aawi dm 

u by Bgm C«m„u„rty C«llei.. Vm mmml. , H» F-n «« t«««»«li m»* 

.-«pmfr™.>Ub,p«««rtFnd.y«dS*» ««ll«i»« D«.»ll «» l»«, itai«<l «««. 

N De«mh«t4«4H l^rw>«Tm« Si Nk»i.,I«. -ill *, «*«l f« 

incpcrt«Tiunce»>lltMtinoiiFTul<yii7|iin dbtiot 

l"!^^""t"""''"" **"«'*'•■««>«'••»• Vric. he ..«lMc »«r th. 

|i.affer«lonS«unU,,«„lhdKdmnerbtfmiMnit«l (bmatmut t « JhiwM h. rwlW up urefcj 
I*!"": Ihrnainii^i 

BCtr» Stoo Cho» and S«cl l>ramv i (»m« 
IcihobMc ml ilw Bgm Ctniril l!mim\ Am Hh> 

will pani<:i|<atc in die mui«;al irtehranim 
■Many lra<luiuial carols *ill he |ierl<imwd, m ailili 
|lnn u> Holiday mmtL Intm iiUwt tounma. 

The pnicrwn wiU leaoirt bmli kthwi miili|lM 

iKr flag p>|n un die iwrdMiwiiiwdaiiriiidliluif 

'mim*nn> Himm and kiwuigr 
• >Jufned»idiHi>{idayde»ir> 

iiu!...„. — ;...^i(~)mstmaitrec<ncaLhn>nn 
A buic liflued wnMt will He Ihiii| m IW 
windiMr between die kamjer ami Fiamlrf t 

: hw die Seaann. itKlu<lHt| "Deil ihc M.II. - Cmm ITie utunyv.1 and the 

I on die Kuuic T<ip," "Lmk Drummer R.t; 
e French Chfumaa moicu by Franc i> PhuIoic , 
"l>nj Dung Mcmly «m H|jfc,""loy lodie W,i.M. " 
|and -We Wi»h Yuu a Mcny ChUtimaa " 

Santa CIm antt dn<p by a <»ma«mt tuutf 

The »how will lafctplaiw in die lounge ana tin 
c tower level nrhuOdkll A. l7(»S|wtM< Drive. 
|B|in The ddno wiH he tcivcd m dir Cammuniiy 
|Koum.ilM.a«ifce|i>wCT level «f hmhlutg A 

huiklmg A will he hrtghl widi H»hda> li|hi> 
Fraal i4 Canjtt n. deaifned f%n family 
cnicnatnimm and ttOm a f anuly rate •>! $ I n 
InAmikiallwkeia anc t4 x advanortw t^ at die 
*■»'■ Tin d w— t i lw um y«.lune atlf tKk 
•• and dwme iheaKr packafe can hr pw 
c hanad by caHint dia ECT Siudtm 1 1 (<< <>(Tk r . 
tTWtllMWI 7170umilTln»v.lay. tUtumihet >. 
•I 4 p m large gnn|» should > ill fi» (trinip 


Al UPS we Rcugniie die Cmwcial (xeuurei »< 
IWCfcaje hamller yoy will rcvnve gre« pay tv> 
gma dK licH work expmrmr iHHiiid Lie ihc a i , 

^'K^*(eJ »tth tolle|EC life Av 
hit- htniri, jnj oji i»i^onuivii> 

Chadmandu, theSportIn' 
fool'S last oolnmn- page 13 

Herc\ what L'PS has lo oticr 

• $8-$9 per hour 

• Monday - Jrid;iy 

• I'uU-iime benctiis lor 
part-time hours 

• f'aid Viwaiions/ 

Shifts .iv.iilubk- for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 

3:00 - 7: W a.m. 

.S;00 - 4:0(1 p.m 
•10:30 pin - 2:M)am. 
*Addi\on only 

AiiplicaiKNx Taken At 

wofl'iwt; FOB 5'.:cs's aic a"r« cos us 

European Tan Spa 

1020 South Arliniilori Hiits 

Road, Arlin«;t<tn Hcij>hts, II. 



Just South oK entr;il Road in the two storv prolessional buildinji. 

10 Super Beds with Face Tanners! 

No appointment necesNary 
!• 20 minute sission $r>.(N> 

% . " •• 


5- " " 




unlimited i month 



M(»n-Fri. 9-** 
Sat &Sun. 9-5 

Manicure %HM) 
Pedicure $12.(M> 

Tips Sculptured $34.(M) 
Fill in SIK.OO 

Stocking Stuffer Gift Certificate Available 

, 1 

I Free 20 minute Intro Tan I 

-g /\ />/ Ox 1 ^ TV» ■ Irree _M» minute Intro lani 

wvc dtudent Discount !*»'™«^""«'w»««j 



I no purchase necessarv | 
I »J 

• 10 T>» 

Hort*^,D«:."*»r3 1-W2 




U.P.S. Shipments O.Uy! ;^ 




R S 

K J 

^Route 12 Rental Co. i 
^ (708)818-8849 | 

Hanvr COIU-W Thcati 

e and Student VUMUcAwnoun..- 

w . inp«lav Uinuary 20ind 
...,.u,„, for B^ T^-n; ■;:j:;,tS^t^iub.cR will be Wd on 
Thur^ay, anuary 21 - At . ^^ t 
Friaavjanuary22.ath Mipn 

.. u L . 1 to read cold from the script. Copie»' 

the scnpt will bv .nandi^ 
K">;.nnin^ November 2-^. 


Sunaav)a.ui March 2^ and 27. 


The MortDioge* D«>c»rr,h«« 3 1W2 II ■ 

) Help Wanted 


For Sale 

Saltsptopli *>• n««<)*d 10 t*ll 
non-alchoKol b*v*iagtt in Wctl- 
ttn Suburb! It 00 p*r cast • 1 
ga$alla«anc*catlH«flr*l 7SB 
740-3388 Lta»t mesjaja on 


FItitblt. Pirt'llm* 
Patiiion kviiitbitT 

• ~'f tht U S Tobacco Salts »ti« 

■ atting ConpaR; Ttam ai a 

i-TliBt Stt»» Trilmaf 

work all^ a salas prolassional 

and jatB pfaciicil lino«il«dj» 

and bindt an liatning m 

Sales and Matkei.^; o'li » 

tertuna SOO company 

»pplicai>H must bt nH 

ttarltri, and «nioj 'niei 

acting Willi pDopIt 

Applicanii tiiould tint a valid 

:'riv*rs tictns* and own or 

nave accatt to a motor 

.•hicla. with apptopfialt 

Mtit» insuranct as spsci'ifd 

by 111* Compani 

To lind out won mlorination, 

ceatact our (eposanlati** at 

<708| 9«l-8606 ot 1 800 

934-4878 ail CS07 Doug 

Gould Applicani must b* tS 

yaars ol ag* or otdar EO'E 

Hata araa company hat opan 
ings in shipping /facaiving Full 
and part lima avanings ■ith ana 
*a«liand day raquirtd Flaaibl* 
hourif day> cat) Todd altar 
3pm 5932t3» 

Hava lom* timat balwaan 
tmjaj' Studani »cti*iiiai 
'■'H a Gaiaa room allandant on 
.-- jnasdayjtfom l2 00 to 3 SO 
ilsp by tha ollica in bidg a room 

.Cfiiltar natdad Rotalla aiaa 
musl ba raliabi* » 

enca«$35 OOanighl i>;. u j .. .^ 

$: . Jr-'-. ot OtgaB'jaiioni 

sii» ftarida Spring 
lagas Earn MONEY and 

fntt Oiei3"-:t SM*ll or 
LARGE group". C j; C impusMar 
i kating S00 4;)-<>264 

Dalivary^Htlpar pari urnt tiatp 

I naadad Soma l)a*»y tilling 0* 

pandabla> non-imokar Mull 

lia«a aicallant driving tacord 

I can Kalby al 843 3«3C 

Sttt Eraa Trtval and Ratwmi 
aiparianca" Individuals and ilu 
dant organizations aanlad lo 
promolaSPRINGSREAK calliha 
nation's laadat Intaicampus 
Matkaling Programi 1 800- 

Baach Condo-Souin Padra is- 
land Ttiat Slaapt Eighl. 20 
yards Iron BaachPooi ( 
JaceuJicontidarad hottaii 
baach rasott by cuiranl allairs 
and 20 20 37 milas Irom 
Maoco-H 300 00 pat •*»* 
t-«00 253-)i«69 Dtposil fi« 


For Sale 

The Harbinger 

Classified Insertion Order 

•. . .M".iii»maaling5 •<"■ ^» ' 

• i.»r» oirier Inday at t 
aveycn* is inmlad to av 
lind out ahaii tl>a n»i! 
iscaiMhe Sanata olli£» • • 

Tlia Iniarnatmnat Club aili t« 
ffitatmg on Saturday Oacam 
bartj at 6 30 p n in ttoni ol 
lt!« liiaplac* allmtarailadslu 
d»nn ara in vdad to aitand 

for ««»• inlormation about lh» 
Garman Club call ait 2460 and 
laava a mastaga 

Vidao Gamas and CD-ROM Muiti- 
nitdii club lot mora mlorina 
tion plaasa call 991 I9B7 ask 
lor Eric or laava a matsaga 

Slop *ids Harpai Fef mora m 
tormalion call 398 4968 Jim 
01 197 3000 att 2814 Ed 

*Ofi* Pr^O iocs *!-'•' 

antrif 1 art du» by *■••■!. 

0*c*^ter * " 
submit ai'k 1 

dapl plOa Lite.-. , • -••• 
South 1313 

Any club tn»t in^ha? to *d»<rf- 
ii»# »iiii it>» Harbmgar plaait 
■npra into t • i ' 

For Rent 

R C n'l * i] ' '■,■-'■ 

mtnutaj tio"- -a'f*' 
Non-Smakinig phona ": ^ • ■ 
41S4 Early a m or att*.- 4; 

I Mill typa any sua papars rui^ 
t> lay ipatialily call Ann lor 
iimatas 708-25S-S147 

, Word Parlact call 
aVonna A* Businass tor your 
[typing naadt tarm papars ra 
liwmas.atc f asl tumovar. gual 
Illy work and raasonabla rattt 
IP bona (7 08SSI9-9841 
ISchaumburg location 

IBik* Fla:x 

|4 Bika Root Top Rack 

|na« 1400 00 ashmi) 1200 90 


ICj' ' ' * '-2 

Standard Classi- 
fied Rates & In- 

Conmarcial classilitds o • 
t6 50 lor Iha tirtt lour tmas 

IB 7'i tai »at.h additional Ima 
0« 1 ■ • jy a! noon lor 

put 'I 1 h a n a 1 1 

Tnui»j4r i i>4fi»i All adi must 
»4i oi»f>»'« ti c»«»i 0' chack 

. ^f ad IS 
-i*y ptaca 

»i»«!i»"gi 01 It 

tft«:n 5 iinaii !oi : .-■, - -. • 

»* i cnaigt altar Ilia 4in ad 

fwrtmaintomwition tonxf^rnHxtm^ 

)amA»7 Call I W 






; 1 

« >l ■ 

I '3 



cost irtK 
oar{ PI h 


We Need Your Help!!! 

So, Pitch in and make our 
recycling efforts pay off. 

Without you Harpers Recycling 
program will not work. 

Harpers Recycling Team. 

12 The Hort>r>gef Dec«r*^_3_'9W 



I'vi' * ^-iT"'^- '":•■" 

-r--^ 1992 131 


u The HotWnoer. Dec»nRtoer3JW 


TAf^-- o^ 





Downers Grove 


Arlington Heights 



10' N *IW> 1*1 
•ns, 144 :^r-' 

Hoffman Estates 

.-.■.-■.ji.'.<' ■.. 

••W MU Mir 


► , 7*»*rf€ w^ ■lew*' 

St. Chartts 





M.. ••.-..'••■.■. 

Wheaton ' 





Viiiiiancarnnii.ri lli.iii 
s 1 . i.t KX > duririK a suixlard 
Army KrMTvr ►■nli-.lriwnl., 

1h(/.ii . ■ : '\\im 

I.I Hill 

/Iksil.V'.iiliavi iiroblain 
a()ualiti<'<l siudtiit lihin. you 
lould K«l Iwlp (Kiy inK it <>ff- 
ii{>l<iS3M*'"-ilv<.u ir.iihin 
II rl;unsp«ia!li. 
-iHi/thalVloi i 
•-•I viiriisuiUlv iiiH- »tt*k- 
.11(1 a inoiUh pliKtWDwef-ks' 
\ 1 raininK 

Think abuut it 

Then thinl< alMnit us. 

/\nd call UkUi>: 




The Hotxngef , Decomtie* 3 1992 


THE Crossword 

by Laula •abin 


14 3-1.1'l«le 
M Conirmidar 
M Kind <X c*l 

U tUrtiMniM 

4« teMSllM. 

«• t»«T ■»*)■■» 

sj OuMr.pml 

M Com tar 

m i»"nn»iin 

S7 TMCwHh 









B^abigwinnWwowoyi»»tlingyoi« bookifof coih Second by 

ptoying "Co* few ftooli Bononio * G* o free g<jm« cord wh«n you wll you» 

book* bock fh«(umply jcroich off** pfiJ»of«i«n«»* you're on m»!onrw>nn«f 

Slop by #» book«»o»» fe- o compM* tm o» pmn. ftiki and ragulolKxis.* 


Wt b«y dl bMks wNh cwTMl MNkd vdM 

Mil \()l K II MHOOKS IN IHl s I I DIM I (>l N(a. 

1 t i V 

\\ t 1 1\ 
I rii ).: 

.:(. Ill 

;' in -7 .IDp.m 
«ip m -7M)p m 

• '0" 111 

>sn Ki>\'. I'l ' I Ml- 

O .Oil 

Harbinger Sports 

16 Ih^HotvnflBf D»c«(T*)*f3 1992 

Chadmandu says *I 
am outta here!!!' 

Chad HufMii 


Ch v: -; , . 


Yes.fTifrkl*. ^ 

AcluMcr mtrmn my t»wn U m 

VYuJRm.JWryiww ' 

-A llwdhft}} lovri ' 

«(H Ibr mv imrT n.M.MW5. tfhl I «i]) t > K hv mr f t 

Uiu) my p' ' 

But I Mv'ii ; tcjvi- -, kill, i4)i' nn: 

Tciatiinr.wii.l'Kmi jiUnlriioiufL'ihi' , nrim 

hri"- - u, * 

Harper wrestlers ready for 
rumble to repeat reign region 


^Uit p.*n »i(iJM-t IV H^Mk^ Will 

who h«vr MinK- rvntttw naur.i i. j n Ihc 

'1 '*v»i;l>u>.Sicvt: B«k(y, r^iUwr 
•TTncrHarprrAil AmrrwanBnc 

'.iv » iiir '"I d I, :i( I cit.riH-fti v .■- 

'(■ hadn'i hurt htf linrc, He !•*«■ ' 

■ *v h«"«-n in A',: '\fTi*-»u im„"" f^'J*" 

■ *thcr\ art- aiihc I ^K !ft7 

■ -' Jintl l«rr> fVipp 

■ vruk «t the htfll 

•' aaid iftftittlJint v*»»Lh Dan 

\c'jir.whahM>aftRHHlv<rArf<vt» BtH 

i»(jM'ii tiw> KjB^l " 

Your ' on the Hawks' reflects 
on first first semester as editor 

M \|i\| •■\iil l>\ >|1IR||N' 

Women's basketball team blessed with talent 



1. . s . 



.h1 IIw ■ 


,,,,,, ;.,. 

M/ir tn B 

1 -ramtt 


^■tm<ik<i«.hi itHU\ ^ll.'l 

•11 tht: club KcturtK- 



mjf H fwfi ""^nh? 

II -J U. (ilo- 1 



Harper Hawk Sports <'alendur Uinlil the end of January) 

MBit ftM'K •>. ttA'tkt'ihiiJI SVV i^vbinitviiijrtiiE 

Wm* wonwn * hjt«*k»" WK wrrMlmif 

I>c. % 


n m SK V* 


2« 3'» 

J Ml. ^ 





\K Nil KIl.llL H ■.>. [ .. L. ,. 

"::... ' 1 ■ 1 ,,.-.. 1 ...,„ 



iptu fm»\ 






16 l^Jt 









\4 HU 

■.. :. ... ■ . ' ,. .. 

A |; 



^ll^ ii 

\ ^r. 


1 ■■■■■ 




■*,.M- HI* ,-. 

'**lfl. t^-iv 

'i ■■- 



W It It 

■Vt (tit 



''pt'n awi My 


1 'rm i»w»v 



* .Hit.*. 1 ih' !■"( V ■ 1. ..1 I *'. 

on «?vml'« lex 2At^i 



Wiiom Rainey Horpef Cottege 

January 2ft, 1993 

Volume XXV Numbe«10 

2 officers arrested in campus theft 

Department rec<ncr 

s S 2. 3(H) m stolen audio-visual equipment 

"Beauty and 
the Brier* 

makes its way 
to Harper 


rcKtcil tn'. 


li'jliantx iKnmK*' '^1*^ 'T^l 


TIm: PuWk S«ft«y Oeinflmoii tt % ; 

• pMHmaf iMiciMdiheli oncampw 

Silety ««««* f**'* ****" "'"' 
TH, iMSB. iMMh (mm E»fi». t** 

vcmaig f'«rt time .rfficrn are res""*"' 


Picwknt Vcmm F Mintt »»k1 Ik* 

1^ ifTtyvi i*«lt*t''" - 

men AC ' 
Ciiunty <. 

The -:■ 

^ull unw:i>!f»-«rn ire »uihi>n/c«lii> 

K tale, mi m ra»w«d •" <.«)m|;*ci» « ■»«• 
,^„„.. h«irSt»:«riIUiwi.Potaei%»*n>> 


HirpetCi'Mi^v*. - 

llttWC -klilU^tK* Will ^« ***' 

M. \1 1 RES 




Bezile day with 

festivities for 

parents ami 

students alike 


Hfwyeulwllw Ol 
j'-Chatm Janaatr. 

711^11 ■ f-^-«~.fc la 

J,* »«*«* ••1*0 *»*«.•»»«• <* 


Wrestling team 

tries to pin 

down perfect 



( o\il MS 





Tm eunwM H»|» CM*v *»• 

dBM SmaH it imx'inf *> ic< ">*"* 
twlnis lR««i««l in ihcikiciuiir Rufc- 

iftg piticeiw lh» ■cmenaf . 

c«|li« ^mi aU Hayn nwleMt to ■« 
mac activety omnnied ibiMt lilt 


lilllll MIMMllllMltf '"-— »">«« 


Du* lo Uck of coneara <*<x*n hy 
nmlaiu. ihe tenue hM I>"» •* ■» 

MMM wlKi rhey fad » pafadwde- 

•W* •• 0(«a« »w» !»»•••» •» 

IMMt af aw tfMlatk ao a^a 
iiafcpitu »«» »>»>«♦■•*♦ • 
,fc»- M iail rH n'o>»»ar 

■Hm hat M w a iml 

dad or 

M«ttitaaickakla>aqr«ln Fri 
day aiA14la.ii 1:30 pjn. 



Haroer appoints academic affairs VP 






•• III* »«• Vice IVcidieiilofAtaOeiiut 
..Vffiin HcwMihc«M«ia«««»<*i»« 
,.( Ok A(»> iMwy Soaanaif Comuimae 
„, the ikiiihCT ». IW2 nwatmi 

/^. »«;, prodKiu. Dr Dolm -.11 
be iht Chut At nJeiiiic CWicar r«|««i 
tiMt far pl w wiin . t»Mt*naan». mi 

*iwtmt *«•>«» all (utti:«»"<» "* ** 

«i«mici«m»I ««■» tif *e c*<lkf« 




u.„. -» ..- -. 'i««|r»"»*" 

hnhlyil«>u|!'«"' IjusiH"!^'""'"'^ 

Dr P»ul rht<m(»o«i. Htrperi 
|>)ctHkni. toA Ihe chMwuii of the 
umniiK **i telekwl » D"*"- •» 
ve«y ptoawd •«* Ihe thmte 

-|> tXilin «« Ihe imw MBiaWe 

(twV.PAA-."heiiu<l rhe 

^MMnioee put ii>»««h«t lorae tnic«» 
« . h t'MMlidale had It) nuke. 

„, wa> tlcjaly flic ho' »' 

All UK (.ajionlaltt- 

[)r.[hii«>i>a<«ne <"'"■"'<'* '''''' 
He oowel » Harpe. from Btllcvue 
Cofniromwy Crfltge m WMhrngum, 
where he nerved •• (»uli> member, 
icachifif piythnkitj divinan chtir. 
where he he«kd <4>th« acadnnic t*o 
(raaii urd then u ihc Dean of 

PwofDr Dof •«iot»hg«i»io 

f/a in touch with the stutatu U) help 
make <»)le|« bcuct "id ejticr 

-| ••« uido » ka <if lineiung, ukI 
find C1UI how u^ m Ac academicJ telet 
f« a>e Hudenu." Dr Dolan laid 

Acc«nlin«ii)l> Thunip««i.Bo'««' 
■bo want* k> ipend • kH of iimc » iih 
the faculty and H*B. at»e»ing improve 
ni«nis for Haipef . 

"I would like lo rwdoui about the 
imtnxlionai programi." tW"! "td- 
"Ii» aehaUen»e. hut a. Iob« aa I am 
<»>mhutui» u> the quality of the matt 
I kiK>w that 1 wiH do well." 

■ 2 T>wHcKt>»iga(Jcnuarv28. 199} 


Harper Celebrates Black History Month Featuring 
Danny Glover and Felix Justice in Lecture 

The t^KMim:! >i( i u{irntar Dwmf 
Ctnvcr « Hwjwr CBtft m Pitituir 
on Wctlneulay. Fct<niwy Id a TV) 
p m. mirkt ihc hrginnmg of ih* 
catkgt'i ccMnMHin of Black Huinry 
Mod*. S««tnl »v«mi ml Kii«iiiat 
am f lMH i t GhwcT. famcna fat the 
mont una "Is^ttt Wttf»m.~ ml 
Ktof^mdiKa Mtx lutiicc mm On- 
nuiin MM aof^i of Haritn pot* 

tmtxiiRHvgtiaandcivilnftinbadn «n«MimMcnii>m<iMmanlMiM(niai 
M<innL.iillMtKH^Ir.»nutlJiii>M t'....h v|.,k,.... i »,'-.< -,)„, x 

KcdnK-y.iolvihiHditodf jiih. . i„ „' 

mmm of ihc Vk~\ mm 
timfcm m 1 1 mmm. TlwnKtiy. Fctr 
«y 1 1 01 the Suadmi Cmut Lountr : 
ilinldtnt • Tlw amten n fr« .n 

TInndiy.Fciinuly li.m iikr Ruiklinit 
J ThritR' Thu ,-Tn^ 

m)«e« aid>ii<nal . .Jvn 

tniUaaf-- ■'•'■ 
<•«» TkIi,-! 

ikntt und ^- 
Hin<efrnlk«f It- 
*n) mfntnuuim ai 

College Students Cope With Changing Families 

Stmy. Dm Qatie. hui ttw "U«»« n 
lu IWavcr" mdiituiua fumtty ramaay 
dpcu't not m the 'Wt. micnlhif* 
Mudfrnu many of than c(i|iiiig wiiti 
coRi|i<icaicd tKpfamilieii or otundud 
r*inilic<. don't cnmprchciul ik* 
coKtiM-By Ike laiM • mn ntaclm 
caltotc Km fli Iw pmann inay k*.* 
AniKad ai ImM mux. linS llie kniM 
IWK-e. an) wine hcvt sud "I iki" ihtn 

Siopmoini, tiatiKluto md 
<l(|siMin(> am < |KN»ifi( (MM of cni 
■tfi hfe. ami wme mental health r< 
pvta say uiulmia are pay in| an rmn 
linMl pnca (iir iheit paicnu' lif «i> 1^ 

'^ohMoe that then u a treat dral 
trfpani in people whn cam* fk™ <li 
B lee, a meiual health nmntelor at 
MiXKitppi Stale Univeniiy nrar 
Slaikville "They nenae thai their (lie 
ema* aUegiancT » divuM. and lhe> j 

daafltng withuui a 


oAcn fad hMrajmt by ifeiKncal ptfonia 
and comiilani ih« ihcy in cMtlH in 
die cofM roe of a (eWoniMp tm » 

r pefcrfu! 

'•''■"'pif * hurt chikhen are 

never realty diii<iiiMid," Lee «>• 
"Oufrfren m c»21e|B* have 
groem Ihcir mai fi» itipponing t'.i' 
«ni>. and ihcy gntvc their Kitvei 
CMien a Mcoml mamatr lan taeu»w 
■wire alrenuout ihai the r>ni 

"t ace many new nepmnthcn » hi< 
an taatoat of aalfkfi-f <<aii|l»<-i' 
«%> Ml clota lo ilMar <lMti,~ the tat I 
•Ami I nften ••• die naaml paimu 
tnKkt a (real iteai of ancaa and «uieiy 
hH;aHW ikey am Vying umktsviry 

Wkile KMit ttMtgt akMlnm ka*. 
Kan ikatoit wMh uepfamitiea for yean, 
other have m fate Ike hnsakup of iheii 
lamiliei while Ihey are n Kboot 

"llflen (ludante fa in» a laUapan. 
ami faal Wplaia » dul with the wm 
umm.' mM toym ■nMhcn. a nanof 
ally known payckcdeitu who tiwlin 
family and mamafc i«ue> 

"V«u would Mtmk u wowM not 
alfai ihrm miK-k. hmauie ihey have 
.■.mn! imlepenitoK lives, but Ikn it 
the t-aae." nhe aaid. She <k 
!ie diteniina of Ike colkge an 
iw II . amthi up in a family hreakinp n 
havim ~tme fwx at home andam Amk 
m the woftd-" 

SiMdemt cm I«l deep iniiff at 
p«irms »ht» UM ihem a« pawn* afamvt 
ttieirpannerv Hrnhtfrt tuitgrvwd th^ 

l«W!i tahe iidvaniaiie i»f campin 

■■uw'Imi verwm a> a unmx of lean - 

;T"rt, ml not for^ to talk 

:> •turiRfihc twcaluiparikeir 

"'1('» vrrv uncupn: 

l,mr I. Mind Udei ).>u, ,j,.- ,„,1. 

invpki an mmr wmcenwd 

' unger cfiihlrm in Ike lami ly 

a<kl ,^» I thank atnui Om enuiional 

iwwl* M the coBcae «|« ctaMm 

.11 home frmptnit^ amwt 

' i ■< '1 > V w veaMu* (kmnaeivea Out fam 
■l> memlMti an diiMig wctl 


cken «fm iln nm laol }an imrvd a 

«e* uc'pmodwr m weiiCHkat. aid the 

in riptci ia M aMahMi a 

( •Urge tiualcnn •utfar cnmigh 

umaa wiihmii the additional IwRlan of 
parcnial dmme and family pniMem. 
u»d hntrti Sunlram. p«i>|«ci dirwinr 
at the iRsnniUt of HraitMaik. an owle 
pendeffl retearek tenter in ToiraiK-e. 
Califi^mia the purjUHe of a funt 
tuiwl laroily. he ukI. » i Hack young 
pnwpie ahcmi Mi(--inaMit«nMU. 

Itet mead m underuant that, at the 

tnanaKemnu. and wtihiKii thai, m n 

temaJ «ut«»» will ever ..ffci halanre. 

TV lani torn .t . . . >cm 

^- a< tu^ma, 4iHj many of 
i:r oiudrnM are children of 
^»^•> 'vnnMTS wko have ofnnl not lo 
•uiy in alHKiYe or iiinali>fai:ir>ry mar 
hage«,e<pen» ay. There alwmgrtato 
PuNk diaoutuin and awar encia of the 
raiana thai amci fnim brrdien fanii 
Im I>rmt)hcpi«iMirattali.Bntmgn, 
l>ie>idem rtmnn iifwnty diKtttMd hii 
nlaiiomhip with an akokol k and ^hu 
>»c liepfathcr and h<m thme i;hild 
html evanu ihaped kim » in aduh. 

!ianeparaia.itiBgky anawnaitc 
■iiviin:x.havc<i|iiHlti>(owtlo In fan. 
in 19N).oniy2(tprcmturil»natKin'> 
chiUmi and vena lived m fmiliea 
•here imc fwoH worketl and another 
parent .t««vf hone full tune. Kowd 
' - '.he Cemer for the 
» in Waihingtnn 
(;j!i...-r •»i>cTvTrm of all children 
and iaen» living wuh one m two pw 
eiM* did not have any pareni at home 
full imie in I9<H). the lepim ttnS. 

Add u> thu ciH1T(lleK (>i4-lurc UK- 


arc livinji m hoiMehirldt not headed K 

t m "vuh familiev" where 

' livev with a parent m a 

rrlativr'it ^Nxive 

Tht iiumben are dtamaiK , >aid 
Tom loe, dmKtae of ihc ( 'enter Inr the 
S«idyi>r .Social l>DlKy -Thenumhcrt 
of woitwg imgle panrm (anulies. and 
Ike two parent famtltei with hoih w«rk 
innaieahugepercenuge We need i 
Mop faetcnding famitiev are one w.). 
when they're not College! m^ lo 
change with the iimca " 

Ueapitc forcci nrvampntg the fam 
ily conexpc loint won to he coltegr 
«udenl« uy they wouki jeefer the ua 
hiltiy of (he "iraditionar fwiily'i 
hreadwinnrr dad and full ume home 
makCT mmhei l^vi year, a group of 
college hound high ichool uudenu 
itwcyed try the NatnnaJ Aosxiation 
of Snident Councils voted SHt, »» m 
favor of the "truhijonaJ" family 






Your stroke odd 






Try the Counlry's First 
44- Butb triple face 
Tanrier Monster-Bed 

Stnal*. Double. Triple 

SafMrsi* Supar High 
5 p— d f»c» Tsniwrt 


( 1 2 Bloch Ean of Mnchwn on Algonquin) 
1636 E Algonquin M Schaumburg 
PlAn 3* Cs Florx 


K.H h u .11 hunilnJ- nl Marpir «,s Irjnsid r to 
Ki«»».vt 11 1 niwrsily s A,|,nut„n fki«ht» campus tiicirmpldc 
Itu ir ha. he k>i s ilruno Kaun RouH-vt |1 is the northwrst 
vuhurb* lar»tc-»l. mi»l cunip,vlH-ni.i>v uniwrMty 

Harptr sludtnts Kjthv Hri*,l and Iton l.iu till why thev 
chojt' K»iM.-vrlt 

Kiirmull at,-J all mv Harpir injil!.. and rv|{t»tral«.n 
*■'• " ^'V' The campunlmatiDn was ideal" 

.1 Hhiilar.'chipr i>an txplain^ ".Xnd all 
m* t. uiH r . rcuiis wtTv aaepttd. I partnularlv liU Iho small 
c iaiH 4. and iht (mt that the catnpu.ii it. cIkm Iti htwm- 

If vim ft intmslid in tiMnin« KiaMtHrlt I mviTsifv s man> 
*uca-ss(ul Harper studi nl> c ..nn- visit uj i.r call an admi.v*Kin^ 
ciHtn». U al 7(18 i!" 92(Mi It. let as hilp «« plan yi«r transfer 

Alhirt \. RoMnOfflpus: 2121 .S i-» hhirt Kd 
ArlintftiinUiijjhl^ II hOiMr, • 7111K » i? 42()0 

RooseveK University 












1h*Hart9rig«cJanucxy?6, )9Q3 3 ■ 

Army offering 
specific choices 

Qual ifirJ «pf>licafU)i w h» cntitl in 
yic Upilcd Sules Army may nam he 
gtmilcctl • nny yc«r Msignmcnt al t 
spKifiad lucuiai or uiul al cknic* 
wiikai the UiuiBd Suws 

A pmpcinvt; lutdicf may •tnit 
iKt one of a number of jciIh ihat cany 
TIhm aWcal jahi •• iai rack nehli at 
CI iihal nniw > I iiig. StM mJkty. ait 
I raf I m ainlciunct , vanspMUtiuR, mi b 
<«y puiict. mihur> iRlclhfcn.e and 
<iipp)y nun^niMM. 

"WVn c)>c c^n a yowig high 
tchool sraJuale ruu) a job Ihal idkMM 
huiKskcT ID otiri m a kKainmof dint 
hoMin(. p<Y> a bonua fw acc<|*JBf 
^e joh, pay* i.ff out>l«nclin( llwlmil 
' -ina nf up ii> SA5,(>00, ^ir pitntdm np 
■ S25 JnO f<v college *^' luiitl Liculcn 
«ni Ctikvial Rot%t1 M Rilcy. CAwn 
■ oJ iht US Aimy't OiKaipi 

Rff«i rutting Baftalion 

The Moril|iimcT> G I RiD plua 
AniiyCullegt Kulld|)nwHlc9 quail rwd 
aoUbcn mcaiey fm c«ilkgr Th» tu 
ititmaauiitankY pa)r» S 1 7.(1CI0 [iir a iwti 
jrcar tnUaunM. S22.«CK) tm a ihiK 
yvattiibisninn an>t SI^ .201) fo a fm» 

(;^iricil apfMicana who have ai 
kmu one ytai in coHeg* and cairy 
unpaid muhM k>an> may <clnt any 
MM of <nci IX) jiiha m the Army and 
Ka«« up i» il'i^.OOO uf dimw hMK pud 
o(f by the A?ti»y 


dMMtaml dnilan," laid Rilcy , "dial i»ti 
uffieria very tnuf h til he at' " 

Fiw more to(aHfn4ii.'n on ihi- 
Anrty ' »enit<mKm imrltdvc* , * all ''I »* ' 
92fi 2Mt)«]ryiKir tiK«t Armv rein;.'' r 

Harper receives 
praise from ICCB 

^ ilun lUoiey Harper Oair|c 
i« w truHnriUivc and ■a»iun(*bk: imv 
vitkr ttf ihc prtiframt «*(t «crvurK u% 
Ihc (.ommufuty Ituiii^ 
ihiprotr mttncrmftct! 
li-nc<."tofnmen|»Hhiiio<Bi». timniunity 

i Acc««ittiiNttiry ConleitinL 
i h*f over 730 cntiunumty ckm 
k([e rcprc*mijtivcx 

acM" ai dw t^MH Ny cttlaMiidiing a 

Global Trade IVvc t^i|Mmciil CcMcr 

and diil4 U' ji»i,«f>ti'tijttrlv S*tO U&al 
UMftntry and vomrr\ur. 

In ciRlcr to oKTcaM 
't«4ofy md ID iH^^ruvc pniKUk.u^ it> . 
HjTper h» itevdki|MMi an auinmalCKl 
adMiMiDM syf«iin« degrar UMbi «vi 
Mm, MiiMmiiiH m ctmme (^jKcitK^nt 
tynem, and hai cslaMifrhcd the uic irf 
computer gcncrMad datii fnafkn tm 
pruccuing traraoripli at • total hm§, 
icrm saving* of <wrr $190,000, 

To «up;n»n «ij*lcntti m m^ademK. 

Stamkrdft -- ^ ^ 

flUileM' »Mi't€s» tiwitratu I"h.:M; nc 
trnik wlttclt imt^ mtAem* ttnavttan 
and MivngdMiii their acadhrmu tkilTs 
Hm cntk|;e haa aJ«o t:»uhh«hc!it * 

We!lnc«» Nciwork 
<«<rcbiiitcdruq| ind «1 

Ww»it ««>an:tM;ft» at^bvMiri ih^ti ;-■ 
nMiMbealdtM(ffbfe!Miyk« Thckwif: ^ 

g»-.«: ' " -v ■A'\- r» m inMfrair ■ ■ 

fuT. vMnpMKMimr'. 

irtt*^.. ..V ..-..,. .dum and nuiitui^-... 

ak.ktHtfiijibUit^ twrafl MiKlt,"! iSa( ih* 
mimibcT* rrf the HX B ncti'gTU/* tiid 

«f»|ircciiMcltHr %Kr««nt»hi:f lurtd n ifmrt 

iihiuri, n-iiM.hi;.-.* h\ ihi.- I ..:;.-»>c a^hJ 
ar' ' {Miri 

fic! . ■ . :<ni*fi. 

taiiijp«yv«ft <.iii*t>UiMltni|t. vt<ni <ll^^^-' ' 
ai»di|udbty<>lui>aiM«tal<ip(K-atuittt.. ' 



E-lgin hosis gra|>hic 
cxhihition thi<i m»>nih 

Bgin Cummnnity CnWegr * 
hitUI lU Nsiuli Anmul E>liiliitH»< 
< 'TapOu. I')cii|tn drnng lanuary an>i 

The cKhiKiKm fcsiiiK 

(•yMuhnta Thchi(Mitbii«ini»«rai • 

thtrn u the an arark the ftamota 

Hf in.T-ii iK'nilpengrima 

' »il1tK)ickiaiihe 
M ' m in itw t«mi-f 

Jan..: '<»ughlx-b 

r^r\ . ■ 1 r.»- 1 .4jcr> iM«p»-n M*«nda> 
thrini^h f rutjy, T a.m lii IJ p m and 
<..-..rXij ^i,m.ti'<!'"' 11 .' ""W.i M 


Transferring made trj'iifr 
dunnj: Planning Day 

^irihl^ [tArik 

Wmg mrtll It 
StudtcTtte J' 

iHiwtft an»«rrv>i s ihc Rti»bin Cafn|N» 
'- -'7- ''.'inmnj< 0*i> (*■■ W- *-^=— 



^|(l•flday,M:arL^ I .util 

' < w manaiKBri. fUpcrviMvik and humnt 

rcswwrvc proFccKinnaii ^Hty manage a 

divcr*c iwofltfiifce A tl (hrtx *cfn man 

wUI he HcKi fhwn 4li p m mBuiktmg 

A. RiMMn 24^h at ibc l^alattnc f 'ampua- 

Tuitit'Tt f(*r cuh witMnxt t» $20 

rtftc (.all 

I Liirrr*.! 

Two more wt*rk shops 

Harper Ct^llejir >- 
WtmKfi m offering tt> 
witrlt«bi)pa(vn *itaiufdjv>trr>rujrv ; « 
S»«m Ip.m .aflhciPWlaiifHrcampii^ 

'Uk-mt KpL-ncnrc PwtKipwntiL w dl kani 

'•«>* h» ppnviiKiite (hcm%cKes. tuiw to 

[ U f*. ho* to mAinuin it 

-t aruihum u»f«;*ii«'ndti) 

y urn )i*m ii» tic 
■V ihrui.>-h the 
^iv j^'f' ' 

■ *i,4 

coirtpanic^ sacking quiihty 

anil Nut*.o\s 

ihviKuwiol Ha-vtTT Health (.'arc Ctv 
piirauan. * it] he held tin ^ ednc»d«>. 
frhrinp. n.N Uttrn 4 V)p,fn .in 
HuiKiing f. K.m»m 101. ihe Palatine 

Drawiwi will prcwnt an overview 
ui IIT and diu-uss the Hmefiu <if Ihc 
K«.'him|uc« thai tupport the g^i*! of 
gaunnfif a ctimpettiivc advaniagc in 
the mafkctplatc m 1W.< ToUl qual 
iiy Lt)nitn>t. cmpk*ycf and nipplicr 
mvulvGmoU. the "pull « y%ton," group 
Mc4inok>g> and mi up reducunn are 
•oine Df die mpKt He will prtscni 

The tuiiKia ftir the seminar w $97 
per pCTMin w ith a fee or $2* ftw mate 
rial R, Cliff ce an* 1 - ^ "unii* 

avaiLaWeftwgTi)^ - -nore 

Tunfgiii.ter.plcaM-caii <'^ "*'■ \M1 
«ndspe*.:ifyanir»cniiimhtTl I M(tHM 
(w: »..* ..(.i,,..«..;iof.--<,:.,,,.*n tail 

iiarpcr lasluon design 
suidenis lake top honors 

Studi-ntJi fnim the Mjirper Col 
kge Fashiim L>c«>tgn program Kwe|M 
the awirdi prt^mu-vJ hv the Fafthwin 

<>:■ \Kn 

V Cmi 

mtmcy awarded Harper ^ttulcnu. wim 
miifr than hal! Then- wcrr fiHir hun 
tired (.ludoim entered m the conicH 

wilh (wif cash pri/e awarded per cat 

'It Harper ttudcnta 
wm tin ■ ififir rategn 

n<:\ i ■ WhctUni^, 

ilMMKI, i ,, . Acar. /ulia 

C>«i-nic<tlii), Sthaumhurg, $IMX), 
Meniwear, and Irnny Wttler. 
Sihaumhitfg. SKVNK Sepvatn. An 
J»ra I amiwmof St~h«miNifY Ran^rrcd 

s -- s:mK». 

' >VCT 


It), ivkl trii|wuv i-iti {Hi>ii. :nt><rTi'..i:u>n ahi»ui cnvi Harper* Fashion I>riijgn pn^gram. 

MWirdmaUH Sandra 

Different courses offer parental help 

Workshop presented to lielp parents Sateiv seat the subject of tree class for 

sort through financial aid mothers of ymnii: children 

Parrnt* wiih i«>nc(|ti- fxHunt ■<t\t 
I.Tiumay hetimfused'Acr^h ir^s.' n 
'iM'ial aid flfipfK..iiiort prmi ■ 
, fatntlicft und«!Tv[«ml it-. ^ - 
;,f tit«»*, arkl to heip them uwr: ; 

ntcp h> 4U:p ih- 


jiffm tmfivtdtMi! 






» i ncrMii »< 

MifMicitu tarm 


T»>«HQit).rvg«f.Jonuafv28 1093 








Stop picking on the press 

The p>isi vcvir hj>. K-cu pcrli.ipv iIk- rouiihosl 
in recent mem. ir> tm lounwlists. Many thought 
the presidcniKil canipai<:n was nin by the nieilia 
Reporters were Nevercly criiici/cit lot ii.tMn^ 
Nwarnioil [he \\\w]\ M Sniiialia u> ;j 
Marines. People ha\c i.i)niinui>usl> i-i^i^w 
IcK'al papers for how they covered the Palatine 

Fach of these mstances coulJ he ItHiked upon 
as cleplorahle. Or. tirey could he looked at as 
merely iiumg the public what it wants. 

During the presidential elections. a*porters 
did not "make" Gcorjc Bush Hub lines, or 
■"make" PrcsidviU Uill ( Imtxii avoid iIk 
The Somalia mcident. while it was pailietic. was 
only in response to people who were p<>ssib!\ 
worried aboul itieir !o\cJ iiiie'> uli" been 
shipped uvcrseaN The Palatine incident is ihe 
result of police not relea>ing enough 
information lo satisfy the public inieresi. And 
there is where ihe resptinvibiliiy fur media 
hashing should be stopfVil 

No one will acknowledge what is a most 
disgusting irutli. In our sih leiy. bad news -ciis 
If given a choice (o read aboul a man who 
murdered 1 .'^ people in a shopping mall, or a 
\oung lady who has |u^t K'cn a\k irdr ! .i 
scholar>hip to ctillege, the public w ill almost 
always pick the mass murderer 

The mass media iv lor all inteni pii:, 
scr\ent of the public We try to a-port wh.ii vvc 
feel people will read li is very disgmnlling to 
know that a newspaivr with a horntic headline 
will sell more than one w nh a heavllme on a 
nuclear test ban 

Remember, ihe media only report wh.i! ix 
newsworthy Hiat is to .say. what the public 
reacts lo. Sli"w some intre-resi in s«inie things a 
little more poMtive dnd you might imi have 
anything left lo complain abi>ut 

-Kenneth Dillard 


Book encourages boycott 

'^tfi»n. Mm^i ' 

. . «. .unii.t . 

» ,. v% , 



[iTftr 1 comjinnv'i pnltcv 

and U*ww uitucB- 

S vv I a) "aJcn" lymK »U v. all aitcn 

' ^••fnpanics. with niihiJin and 


<.iH.»^ wcufinn ccmtr*:t% The bw^ 

,:i(; ( tf w 

alsu calif Meniuin (o gtMMl fcaiurr- 

uko.. >Tnp«n*c»ih ill Awaicimc pencil- 

■ !i> |tT.n]p\ i*.iTkir.|:<»n pcit. -. 

'**, hcmi 

WithCtu mformatHm, ytmc WKup 


pnn cumpxriiics Ihjtl art liaaif. ctmd Jin> 1 

- 1 iluir iw *u[vnft fnim i«wnpinic« (h*! 

; 1 sjjpTtf w«,h your vtcw\ 

• ill 

M«ilin| *<•»-... . .«„„.,,v 


pTdtdcfiu arc - 


hwok *o lh«l \ 



■■ v htukk ^4X1 b*. 4 ^ui-U: iij iJii'p 

' :h twith \««ui hi-Ail ttnJ hcan 

We want to hear your views, 

so Write us a LetterTo The Editor 

--: • ^ — J \ 

Ra-'^soPRL*^ cajRT jiisna T\mcbmm-(^-^) 


General Information 

■ t<>rttH*H<»rfxf Ci»lk'j;cc.imposa)mmuntlv,pul>lish«l 

.rns Thcjsjpif isiiisTnhiiti\ifrt*'li).»lls(uafnls tjriillv 
Hirll.irt-(: i.xaUxtm A ' " 

Letters Til In 
ttvrtiitoi.i^ ;;!urijls Li-ttiTsmiisllvstsiwl 

■>. r Siv'.njtur I upiwi nxjufiit All U-tUTs art- 

■«inlvniiliTstsl bv lhct\!'i f^ 
'* ihf ai*r*' !'. .(iimtT 

CapyMuM l»«), llw H<rtMii««. all ngtu* mcnwl 



Th«Habing« Januofv28 '""3 

— Tj^^^^^^j^r;^^^ pen pals 


U.S. Mwvnc. Bsi»n«l lo my aim 
"^.v,n« per«n.1t> c.-.ihl«»rf>" 

uw m.p«< <« *« "'••^ ^LTn 

A,«n I find my«lf «.•»»••"••• 

whereby I. •» "«» •• „ k, .^ 

«™p-d «. my c.«,m»»l. -II •« * 

pU.,i«ni W.11 >« «> «««• "■ "^ 

Ma^f Mninr* kindled wi»Klatiil 
tang difflinct (r«™lihi»» ''"m *« 
medium rf IcOCT «T>iinK The kmth 
KM :«pCTicnced by »«vkc pcmmwl 
l»jn f.m«!tiKfcd pen«l» o* <»"« "• 

fncA indt-iulr ««« l^n^^f^' 

«d mil m-i *iiH he anirapn**"* 
.•..fc^-, .' ■■ ..indl)lJ«e««B 

rr : --^^ z: 

fflal One venue foerrkaimiihefnM 
iralxm ctufol fnm hem* iwigned 
anncu m m >«>l«ied cnvmimnctu » 
lendrng md retei*m(|i miil 

In uinclu»««<. «*■•« P**"*" •"' 
m«oit«i«n re^ue« i«> your c«llct*»- 
fjgecifKtDy. I*"** "' *' '""••* P" 
«,Bon. who cm find 1 It* nttuncnis 
indrof » I'M- re™ »"■' *'■" ■'^••''""» 

I.Mr rr 

Cirl I. CoUcue 

Miilm* Minn 
^nvl' S Mwint 

111 »•»: ■ 

HH). AP 'X<«" '"*" 


ii^f^^^iH]^ ^/4';^:t,tt 




M»9»W» WW*iT«^ .viHII^JBT 



■ « 

Th» Hart*>9»f . January 2S. 1 W3 


Renate von Keudell at helm of German Department 

Amirant auin*H MooiigB' 

tkKwnlMt lm«|tt « chMfi in ita) 
nrnnm depanmcni hat « Hvpcr 
Hemy Metn. wl» anrkin) f« 25 yenri 
•I H«p<T. All i>f thrminihe pnHOon of 
head i>( thr dtjMfimeiM, reurcd md Idi 
avKUwy fKcr KV)a|i^iiian*in>n 
rarciMal iml fr.<m dKni Ih* Btlil wf 
caKfailM* oM lumwad dam) to • 
MtoM poupo'K' •hw » folTOll '«»•!• 
and pef«4««l iMrrvwwi af ihe A rmmt 

<)iMMM<aididaia, < dtfltcnli 
clKik* had u> Iw nuik Inlbf 
•nl tat tuiw Hvpct iminK 
lor md FkuI>> mKikv ot Ihr 
C>emi«n Cluh, Rrniic vmi 
KeuiJcll. •■nhniCT i» thcc» 
dHlaie dm tat inci ihr nKi 
r.»l>rt<;L ni|iMiii D «li— ttwt 
Bom in Lutacfc. GmiuiRy 
Md adiKiicd m 

tjutiiick.HMntwK, Londun. bhI 
Pani. Ml •«« K«udtU Hn 
«<wll(,ed fcw ■ n«pVh»t of \>'.if* 
mTlwESt-iirt'lram.tlw h<T« h 

dEfinmaH aid the Grraiw 
dqwrammihcKuHviin Ad 

dilKm«]lv. vtm Kruikll wiirks 

kn|ui|f nuniciM and w m 
fbrnul ctdtwil aivtvir 

Her onmnJiaic |>Lmu se lo 

make icfadiial chanfpKs from die 

' piMt by 

K<mI ■> m 

iiiMv UK- i,.-;i-.«.. i(n|tua||c 

IhfvHJi'h Mi c^njiihltil .liJrriTij: 

.•! i.-. mi LO 

enuan for hoilt day and evening flu 
denu nfoH- Wr wekcime Ms v<wi 
Kmdett min h<» full ume pmiura iml 
l«ikfor«Bdui her open minded plaiiv 
•nd innnvtuvt tlyle 


^/c/b Deufsch 

for more 

informafion call exf 
2^60 and /eave a 

t"ior » rw •«««» o» ««ifr»Tnn<i tf»«en|B and •«mrIi -nr. fa. 

p^ ■'ran^^J"#o^ — the *vRay\ i laadar «i cflrtM*w crid« rtfcymabo^ 
Wt cijTtni^ rwM pe«lioni aiaiMM imnmt eixKdMMir ana " Mar j )Dr 

Acc«iM«f| Carta IS io« a"ip^ aiMntfni Ove'aa Accouniog 

• 4*liM«accourtf aapminaxa 
bu»<wn (Xvranmani a pw 

• <^:«tii>xlu<>r«Lts«j> >'2-] 

• EitaWK M«»n .and vaitiai 
commmCiKion Mh 

• M*«iiM»t|ipin|waa8y<V*rn 

You •»• « «> jtuiar » -w* Kr a eomoany »ia!nilhn a o«*aa«>nal 
r iwwman;. c«»npal«i»« ida'iii. 'l auj aa m aanafa and a tafmmm 
bamon naar «« twwwar van MMm ManMad eanodauB dvuu 

'-—«•« Kiur<»irfn»,«<i»>ial»y'»iK»v la 


ISt W. *4am«. Chicago. IL aoatl 
(lll)ltt-t7ITa>t Uei 

Ei»<al OKia>tm()< EmplO|W 

A DrdkeTransfer Student 

Scholal^>hip Will Pay Off 

Now... And Later. 

I !■ in iHilslaiMJuig 

. . jiiiiuiiiji; t.'Ik'se studeiH wxj 
^h. Mil.l * ^ xisider a|i()l\iiig kn >>rie <rf Drata*'* 
.hi|>> li>r»-r slncJents .\f){»)y fof 
■iir M5<M) OeskU-ntial Omimurtilv 
LiillLgi- St hi»!.irshi[)N 111 the $5,(XXt Phi Theta 
Kafifw S« h. il,ir>liip llw m liii)arshi()s lay off 

i> ir [Haked- ■ "ff later 

tcady to s' iriH'f 

•\ji[iln diit!. muM Ix' I 1 ^>\' • \' 11 

nr"i.T,ini at a ciiinrnuiii:- '-• i..iN' .i 

iRA of 3.25 (ir dtx/w-. t>e a lull time 
ring Drake I'liwrsiK' in the fall 
' >! !'''tv .mil Iww (i«Miii> k'.KJtTNliip 
For viwr ai>|>li( .iii' >i iiiftirmaftoii 

iallthff»tfiK-,>t,Vtiiiis.. ..; ,. ,.t.'.lS271 .-IIHI 

.wlH(Kt IIDRAKF". 


."j<)7 LlnnrtMD AHMiue [>> «*>»if». lona 50311 


Th« Hofbingsr. January 2«, 1993 

Dance club needs 
H new feet 

C*M>v Jm 

i^'iilm^ to ^ 

'Itr '.' 

haikciMI haJI umr ili:« .'. 
forniod on Fchrvun ' 
Aim. pbm m h. 

»4»nce»l»«wu>h<:lKi i,.ti ai 

ill hr r»rr 

•>d \\ in 
Cl4S. It 

■'1 every 

Snrnig. Comu/Otmaltemaitcago. itcmCNcago. 

•«>««< Miirtrv Mm Oor or Mbqw 

Preschool celebrates Bezile 

Exhibit displays .' 
Harper history :^ 

t"' ^as^ 

The prcKhool uMt. piroin aid 
> hikirai (iihercd logcilKr on Saur 
-liy.BK n.tomdllKicinriii-rliimi 
ing moiT ilMui tlw counvv of Bc/ite 

■Pw praclwnl ka> outtluluid i 
uMer KhoulicWnnMirwIihAeSiaae 
RrtcT pmdKwl, Bid Ite dkthlmi m 
)^ii«liKh(wl> h«vc cKluii|(ilpicna«i. 
Iciiwi and ^nmci 

'■ ■■■•■»l|!*n 

'» kun 

|Mfcm.$iic«iita*mliln-iti. W'UMyii) 


Tk Camucl <kiHiral Crun 
ChiBtgB. Edmn Smilmg. iliowal the 

umadtfir ' 

ttMchmg Bctvcan 4mcic%. IK- 
elirimi* atacMiid wuli vumc :*,., 
told mnwt in iIk cixMtry 

TTje pnacknl pmnw nid itaff 
!«»« (fflllwMd mmy toyi lu wnH mite 

*«»»ci Ounn|thcni4iniktii»h>chihe 

Hud rriwwBut.n-i (mm Ok CnUci-c 

ilont *!llh<*!,, Hbj,-. r,,;i,. ,„ :!i,.^„, „.„ 

Club a hotbed of controversy for area 

Discoveries teen dance club leaves d.ftcrent impressu.ri „n d.riercm people 

Wa(t«ng«f Stoff Www 


Diitovcrio Itcn n*n<.t 

• *mFlgml««ibe««i<hi:(nmpoifor 

HuhuiaauitnceiUupniini iJn 

•nuMtely. il lM» »1k> heoiihe huMstd 

■ oBWw^wjy. Tem k>w n. pvenu 

' If " «nd local polio: fcM w 

Chfcow«nes w «s a jowii vcn 
•«n Robert Laruu wd 
Anwmmjr ArliM «ho waned ki give 
tociM taoKmhttt tt><unfn(ait, mm 
l« to die dtnen or ihc l<)50> 

A >iKC (Mr umdt m i«w 
twner. i lew puot tablet an 
m ibc odier- • kitul i.f m 
Th« It unul inc imhkc* i 
ilmce none n the center Mur itim 
2.000 twra bump and grind to the 
■;»i hiphtip. runk *n<l jlicrruinr 

• ■ k* here each wce4eiul 

Ailw iwd team omic tnm 

'« a MiaM mi Wiiconm i.> 

~u\tM at DtMnvenci. iriMchcMnf m , 

clieMctc nntnt ia me rmm 1 4 lo 2 1 

"OtKOvenea a •(re« place 

<'« ow and dance. I Inve ii 

' KvTRCiircu.*rt|ul<f aiihe 

', die npnunn et 

.i-,i r-» 1 . „^ , , aid her fnencti ai tm 

• n the one «h«red by pirtK-e and lOMl 
.-.■.idetiB TW ru Maa w i a amaag llieiii 
>* that DncoHEriai it a tfM« Id iht 

«M<"n»i«miy mii, hhir nnpiinamly, a 

dtMtM wanimt <» NPfK" 

The ictidemi pmnary ,. m 
**m ia Ike mme levd twn the chib 
Ncartqt naklaita n> ih« on weckaxb 
dw aniM it !■> land *ai ttew hniMi 
vilnH r>M! nandoM who lua taken 
•L-txai M Reaatwa LvMcki. She hat 
ow al iev»r«( city wnaKil meeingf m 
■icffan ID tcmh* the vlub 

"Tile noiM on the oixlicnik 
uhoncndira. I can't even sleep, what 
with Ike hotiM ihakmg and all." 
Lcwacki aaid. 

She ciancaiity hii a caac 
pandtai m the arcuM Koun. She u 
MaRg DtKovcnn for the raptacemem 
afhw Uadm Ftrmaaa wMcii iha >ud 
M aadtvotic due a>dM amw (mm the 

Amilher cnnreni ti* the ran 
fJOBeia** luier m Itieirnnghbortuod 
HM«ti«>w«en Mimd the m«n ohtrc 
Ihe vhd> IS lni;aHid aay pimnt of dw 
•nd leave gartKge 

"THrje dernn kxia diink a '. 
*8riglM Kidauw die» ui/' 
pnfWly." (aid Alheri \i 
•fcoae hnne n ksned «nii,„.»-„ 
behind Duunenca 'Tvei.-oniednwn 
•lane mianngi and aacn die whole 
Mackcwcradingaitiage t'vctaml 
beat hnolta. anlnclmhaa. you luwic 


tMnisaRiMivnidtMi' ' Yrditi'rhaJ 
Iha Oc kidi ihnw .wff all over, but t 
can*! cnmnri what iSey *. witjwfc ijic 
chib " In m^mnte i, . . ... ..„ 

lhen.nielenl.Arlr jh 

•aaMpiuiglogctan) hmm«, i( ,•■! 

m («r u III fmhv' dicir chiUfcn ll<aii 
l<^«ng mlri the club Mary Trefay of 

"Lyw» rri«t«)''« ttaniftiCTl 
»«aay Nandilwfoteinlhamaiidtrtt 
imiwtBd cm by 19 and lOymrold 
««y«- lcai>'iiraiilh*mWHi(cnimi» 
fowi i«. me ihai nMhmi happetu.- 

Shanm Miibledi. Tregay't 
neighbor. iharefAcaeiwmiiiieiiM "I 
sum tbmk die «p gap i* inn wide." 
RitNedi taid "t mean, an 1 4 ynv «U 
kidi mature avxijih to i 
ptuple whiiareJI'*"' 

Lyim nay* dun i 

>» a gjeai plai.c and ilie dMBHi'i ihnl 

•yttung really bad wnuld happemJimr 
"I mr«n alt she pr.upt,, ,!„, „^ ,|^,^ 

'■ ■ ■ mdmy frMwfc," 

>*f>i'«- «;i ihoie c'lincrr. 
Memmtakepotodaiceiiitlicttimii ,. 
miy ihr Fl^,n ftilKe DepannuH h» 
>o«i<;ihm« lar gieahri in w<«ry ainw 
gang vOTleme While until now than 
hm* only bceii a few taolaaal mti- 
dMli,dltp(ii«Kiii||«iicanisiMtf dK 

pnaaibiUu .»* «*i#»t.-Ti.,n* i^-^^i^iiing 

my IikIm 
■hCRUn- . i MivcSgt. 

Auhrey Utjumn "rhcnr i a )<-ii uT 
Hispanm and blurU Umiwn m wiih 
the white crowd, and anyumc dieie arc 
monherawf wth ditene raeet an luch 
praaimily dien: a bouml m v> .: 
ikm. " Deiec'iivc Sgi Auhrey ' > 

He pinnkd out thai all kw oAan 
Hnuon kadi u hoitliiia Howew 
k* alto taid the management of Oia 
etwaiie* hat giaie > lung way u> help 
police oxnbal gang vnlence 

"They've nancd a iiD-kai 
rule and ihey arc very good abow ic 
•tnoiog clothing dial eaJubHtMomuai 
gang paraphernalia.- OQuinn aaid. 

Arlik* airwica dial Oiaeaiv 
ene» inei to wort with poticx. "W» 
^ warn 10 have a ipM where kidt c an 
*mm and have fun. and if ynu don't 
feel lafe yn* can't have lun." Arli» 

0giiii rcsidmu tiill aec I)» 
nivcnei ai a bad ekraemt n Ihe uan 

The pidice sill) wee DiM:<ivcriet at 

anaccKtmtwajtingt'ntiaiTivn l^s^dt 

' * ' ■ .■'•\ rhink 

nave Tim 

None ■>( die iidci aaenu 
raady w change aiutiaka And taml 

i}|«y do. llK twammny fMi (ML 

! J (niiji HatpcT over the pati few 

Ml rh. l-r„..T4m ■<.n«-!!,>allmcm 

■ «ti» would like 

- ' I. irprr College 

^"i "niidrnl Paul 

''^""•P*' .' T.,.|V,t<-rrp 

rrtemalivcA l,. btinj; u 

malum ahi-ji Harper i 

*■' ■'' ■ ' "iXClaiKirv Ihcy Jiivc 

'nuiuty college TV 

'.:■ ■ -.x.sf -. I'. '..-■:•■ HifpCT-, 

• AhanniA.iv- 

There i» n ^ , , ,|„ 

>< oimnettmg W«h Harper' pn:»«n 

"n m,-*.<- RSVP tn Viiiiiu,;! 

■ ..-itn 

siit^ju,"* «ki,i he wrrvol 

There are 

tMio kinds of 

heart attack 


and the dead. 

ijMKhlv isn make ihr dillrr- 
ent-c hriKMfrn Ult luwS iiewih 

Viii imm ihc \y mpfumv 
An ufHomlt>rt«Mt' pmuirr 
Hunvmit iw pmin »n fhCicrurr 
.►tiiH . t«vi ^'-iinibprradinstu 
' rii ^aw jirim 

*fc hen you Uxt ihrv \\ mp 

uiniuMkK M itHikl w>r vout 
all: Kit ir>..ic inJiirmatH»n»nir 
«fC»llv ^■ntrc*ft 

t \ 

'*■*! suit turn 

American Heart 

• Ih« Martxnsjw .Joriuorv 28 IW3 


Harpist to give 
free concert 

Vsfi ^, 



u Harper Cullcfc in a free mmManc 
cnnciai THimdaj , Fi-(»i»»> 1 1 . im ihr 
Pilaiinc Campm 

A frc^wrni ivrfiinncr »iih ific Si 
Paul Oiamha Orctwura. Kmuk has 
•on <<il> tnHrmuanaJ [m/ci m ha/p 
t«mj«iiiiniB and Hai held fclk«»»(iip» he I u " ! irl ScIhwI nf Muaic Md 

Kieiulc. vhnae prrmirr perf^w 

iif new w(wk\ Um hup mt 
' 'v hnwluHavrrtnia Nanona) 
■ Ktin and Aowncan Pliblie 

t^ rei'«WfkKl fltar alhitf^q wftH 

Ok tenownni Dak Wwfand Sin|>cn 
A (P**! perfncmer ai *e W.^IJ 

Harp (.tmgicm in hrit in July. I'*-;, 
Kitfl/k xonihefaoalMtafMKniail 

t i-nuT (>» Uk Alti, Macaieoer r.J 

IfRt aihl t^. ^" " . " ~ !~ - 

She n t unv ■ 

fViumuIaM_,» i ^»,. „,*,,, ,„„> 


Tlie winocn HtgiM all 2 nnoB and 
n free and (ifim to ilKpiMnc Fiw nunc 
uifriniwiwat, call itie Harrirr rolfir g, 
Muik: DrpMrtmem. TflH/f I ■ .- 

I ^ 

y / " W.I?;:: 

i'he Rain> Kitn.ii 

Student Success Seminar Schedule Spring Semester, 1993 

MondMY February 1. 2 25 3 25. Test Prvpi,ration Strstegms 

Tuesday february 2. T 452 45. Test Prepsratmn Strategies 
Monday ■ February 8. 2 2b 3:25. Tips to Test Taking 

Tuesday February 9. 1:45 2 4b. T,ps to Test Taking 
Monday February 15. 2 25 3 25. Merrmry Techniques 

Tuesday February 16. 145 2 45. Memory Techniques 
Monday February 22. 2.25-3:25. Concentration Strategies 

Tuesday February 23. 145 2 45. Concentration Strategies 

Monday March 1. 2:25^3 25. Curbing Test An»k:ty 

Tuesday March 2. 1:45 2 45. 
Monday - March 8. 2: 25 3:25. 
Tuesday ■ March 9. 1:45 2 45. 
Monday March 15. 2 25 3 25. 
Tuesday March 16. 1:45 2:45. 
Monday March 22. 2 25 3 25. 
Tuesday March 23. I 45 2 45. 
Monday April 5. 2 25 3 25. 
Tuesday April 6 145 245. 
Monday April 12. 2: 25 3: 25. 
Tuesday April 13. 1:45 2 45. 

Curbing Test Anxiety 
Tinne Management 
Time Management 
Strategies for Motivation 
Strategies for Motivation 
Test Preparation Strategies 
Test Preparation Strategies 

rips to Test Taking 

Tips to Test Taking 

Memory Techniques 

Memory Techniques 



^"x pitiying... 

VViM.dfield .»44 

W,K C..:,dMea 

HixMlfirld <-» 

II., d^ ■■I , .- , 
,V,i« ■ 
//(■«, . 

< htpiin 

One Sihjumhuri! Plac* 

I ht Bt,J\^ui2rJ 
^fprn Cxireiftf 

11,'mr 2 
: •,...) .^f^ 

TowB A CouBtry 

A Few Gihid .Men 
Body itf Evbifn. t 
Sowhert lo Run 
the Bodygitard 
A.tprn Eiirfme 
Kiughi Vf i,! 

Ridgt CiBcmas 

^ieni of a W.^man 



forever foimg 


Home Alone 2 


('.fed People 





A ftiver Hum lhr,>ui:hli 

'■.'!1 ■^■■•-i I II M lor I 

tI^T^HZuV S^ ^o^n^'^" ^^ '^^'""^ "^ '" """'•" ^'ii'ional information. caH 
Terry Donahue. 397-3000. extension 2210 


1h»Hertsng»f Januatv28 1993 9s 

"Beauty and the 
Brief comes to 
Harper campus 

Glover and Justice to speak 
during Black History Month 

' anrm«t rhriiind* Sfifftu 

B<awt> ami ihv Brict," m 

Harper V (i4k||C on S«nirday . Fcbru 

iry A. Palatine C«n()u« thiicvenitii 

eo-t^mmxnAhy the Htmhi^%t SuK 
ujhwi Bar AMOcvaMm. 

The anr.iuJ <h4'iw w'r.h iima 

<>1 ifac kaky 0»i-afaRivcf 

wlio icffacm im ttMr 




■n tn. iru: 

■ pm.. 

■n member fgnyu^ 
;»pci wyth rttythm 



ngs have changed: 


At UPS we recognue the tuwrK-ial pressure^ ,l^^.M,l!c.! iMib coUcizc ltd- N 

package handier you 'aiII receive jircai pa> . fkviHL- ' 

gain the best work exfjcncnce around for the "i\ m iiic pa^t^agc 

Here's what I'FS has in oWcr 

• $8-S9 per hour 

• Monday - Friday 

• Full-lime benefit«; for 
pan-lime hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifis available for; 
Loaders/ Unloaders 
3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 
5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 

• 10:30 p.m - 2:30 a.m. 
♦Addison only 

Appitcaliom tikm il liw UPS EmyloymeRt Otftce 
1M S. Lomtom Ave . AMiion. IL 
Tiwstfay « Tlwrstfav. 11 AM 3 PM 
Awtteations taken al the UPS Employment Office 
Rand and Hicks Rds . Palatme. IL 
MMnesday 1 pm - 3pm 



V"-'.ec Pa'ce^ Service 

IS an equal opppofiunity empicyef 

M/F - V H 

■ ■■'v 






Flexible Hours; 

days 9am 

• 2pm 

& 4pm - 


Sat 9am 


Sun 3pm 





for details 




fRifUBS oori tfl fRiW 

DRIt/f ORiK 


10 ir>«Hart*>(i»f JonuorvJe 1W3 



For Sale 

Help Wanted 



thru ptaducts uttd bi Irtincts 
alhlalas. tfectoi* »»«>9l>l lo»t 
vittisul drugt, dtHtil. sr d«pn- 
valion Ltin muscl* gtin> •'"' 
piovtn (lUctiv* non-tl*rordat 
lorwuimon 70»t5l 5391 
Nutrition lor !h» bi*\ii D'd »0u 
knoa t)i(l iti* light combination 
ol •itamint. fliinortU. Ito'bi 
and amino acids can f»a)p "t 
ptovt partoimanea'' TRY FO 
CU5 NOPIUS"70» SSi->391 

Na« Arctic Cat Snai 
nabilat] 9t Wildcat! i 
Wildcat Pncad to mo»»" 
call Kartt |1t 1149 


Gold Lion Martial Arli Supply 
<tll> It all at in* loatit itlail 
prictl in Cldcago land 70(' 
«27 0S17 

Wa arc looking tor partonabla 
triandty man t •owtn to an- 

taar phonaa tor our ctunu and 
typa mail raiponiat typing 
iiiillt and a goad tpaaking »oiea 
nact»«arj Part ltma\Ful)' 
limaDai'Evaning and Waaliand 
po«.tioni a.a.laPIt M" P'Oi- 
pact location Call 70«-J«6^ 
7094 lor appointnani 

To th« miricla 
»ofiiet(S2iO). thank* tot 

Ihf memories'" 
The Guys at the Gienyiew 

Naval Air Station 

Ijn'l a Toatt Masttr an 


looking lor summtr amploy 
want' Stcuia »o«r poailion 
aarly lor ouUidt pai nling ci»«t 

Gold Lion Kung Foil* a combina Eiptnanct pral«»rad' ••H 

tion ol powat and itlBfion, put* tram Apply No»' Contact 708- 

GoW Lion in itt o«n claji Thii ?31»360 

Chinata art u>t« lalaialion 

conlmion and dacaplion at pan 

ot tin practical and »ary dan 

atUling oiailial art Paiatm* 

ctast flarta January 30 Call 

Gold Lion 708 427 OSt? 

To Iha littia guy i»no kaapj hijl 
lighting iha miitakaj in iha Hai 
binger. culling lh»m out. and 
aanding Iham in What a »•••• 
Ihaail Ihankt u tary m uck 

OT » 

Rubba' Ouckia your Iha ona 
¥oo maka bath timalotJOt tun" 
May Batli" Hay Ernia''' High ho 
High ho 10 Iha muppal thoai ma 


BEN... :-) 

no »atlar hoo you «aa 
till! iiRilingx G 

Sia "ird in Dia Oautseha klasse 
jprachan' |a aichar, und aha ic'' 
mich variaha. Iliagan mir Allar 
aus dam hintarn 

A horaa i» a horaa ol eouraa o 
count abar wann tia nichi 
sichar tain dann tragan lia 

A R Till 


Christy Ring around Iha ' 

Daar Jim, I still havant lour 
your mind but a truck ran ovci 
your imaginary Iriend on ball 

Ha»a you hoard ol U G L I ' 

L M you tho«ad up lor your 
luasday. thurtday class on 
Wadnatday. but than again 
do«n undar it was alraady 
g-day mala 

Oh Fritj How is tha Spanisr.| 
Class Traitoriiii 

Four scora and sa»an yaars 
No* tiactly what did you 
to convay'' Aia you saying i' 
blah. blah. blah. 

ich haba gesagi oa^- 
•lallaicht haban Sia mich be - 
arstanmal nicht gahorl. S •' 

Kan. How is the application com ■ 
ing along' 

H I don't recaiva my lilly ■ 
lars by Sal 6a m Im callir . 
cartain parsons Momma and i«n 
ing har arhara to look lor a car- 
lain lorbiddan taloo'i 

Ring Ring 

Fraa to good homt Haibingerl 
Businass Managai" 

Dan thanks tor tha salt P3'- 

gaotgaorgaorgaor ar^d 
and going and going 


Nica hal. Graal mustard sta^n 

Dats all Folks!! 

Put your special 

Valentines day wls^ 

n The Harbinger'i 

5 cents per lette- 
You can dfop your ad 
o'f at \^>e Harbmgef 

o'*:ce 0' ffiail it in. 
AH ads must be p'- 

▼ paid The deadimi- 

▼ February 8th 

^ ThaMatbu', 

■ t;00 Wasi <l3c- . 


TheHortxoger. Jonuafv28. 1W3 M 

HcAiNfi Camou 

3po»ts Co tdrfw 

Thu week Hirprr ithktct will 
be ctMnpctimf m hnn( \cMicm Ttixwii% 
opm prcpartiMin of ihc v Ui«ing ot ih<r 

Suiting off ihe wedi a|;Mnfti iKe 
Caltefc of Dup*f« » both Uw Men ' I 
■id Women'! B«ilieth«Il trwm ai 
home Thondiy, Feb 4ih, they will 
be travcting W Thban Coitkg;c: The 
folUmtng Sutwdvy. Ihe Women'* 
feivn wilt he «! S»«uk Valky «t 2 p m 
Back M hiime on the *>iii biith icMnii 
will ctHnpcfe tiunsi lt>lici AM 
women** garmn lUit at 9 pjn. ««iJ 
Mea'f nght sfter ai 7 p m , (unloM 

Playinn away ffir the next three 
|«iTie« u the untkfcaied Hawk wres 
tUn^ lean. First ihcy travel lo Ntirth 
Central College. Then on to 
Muskegon Commumty Colkg c thai 
Salufday Awecklaieftltay wUlpIay 
at the College of OifMge 

—Htfpcr C»Oegc will he hmt 
tng the NJCAA Region IV Touma 
hmm for wrrulmg on the JOih iif 
MjNriMfy More (Htmnc" 

Now on lu the Men* and 
Women'* Swunmtng They pUy 
away and then at htune againftt the 
College of Dupage buOt times They 
Will he [here *-m the 2)*th and at Home 
on the >r<! (Feb > ■! 2 p m F<»lk»wcd 
by a game (m ihc OOi agnr.ii l'n^*cT 
s»iy o( Illinots, Cubk. ami IlimiMit 
Inatitiric of Tc«.hni>U^, 

Starting !»prmie Sc«uw training 
tiamng on Fchruaf) 'rvl (Miwulay* 
wiU hethe Mcn'i anl Wimi jn t Tratk 
luwii. The icani » %id\ Un^Ltng ftw 
OMsm throwcft and tprintcn ami 
women spiiriiers mi jtinifMrm If in 
lercstcdcnntactCoachReiwe AllricT 



Sports Calendar 

MHH mrm fxKkrlhull SW >v>|; WUIl 

wiimrnv bMAkcthall ^^'K '*rr*l(tn|t 

Jan 2H 

Jan M) 

I lltfMl.l\ 

r eh 2 

l-eb 1 

I hiifsilay 
J-cb 4 


I «l|)ni away 






7 (K)p«i away 


ConUct Ittc Physical fulu^atK>n 

c inf.trits.ilt**!! »rti c\C(il\ U*x ^-l^-*'^) 1 

Men's basketball 
loses big to MVCC 

Co-Srom foffoa 

Tlw Harper men's haskethaH 
icamtH 14.0frinc«mMtrm;c)i«mkl 
he ctHtM only find iwo good thmg* 
ihmu Tuesday nighi'n game agaiiMl 
Moraine Valley Oirruiiunity Col 

U ended and there weic ra< tnju 


Fol lowing m the tootxiepiK of Ihe 
HfonM^'a team who tHo {i^ayed 
igamKl but heal Mfwamc Valky . the 
Lhud ranked womm » junior catHqge 
te«n m the natmn juM W mnulet 
r«rltct. the men'» team wa» cmbaf 
r»BC«lhy M(VaineVatky{>4 It.} 2 
tn tiwiference ) IH> 17 m from of ap 
[irn*im4(et> ^0 finii tii th*-ir htwnc 

In ihc rir%t hdi . Sam D« * i»h jiI 
the Hawii^ \ul (he team with 1 1 of 
their Ihpomuu^thaipiNni Darwish 
eiMktl up bemg the high scorer for 
^larpi!3r by the end of thr jrame w»th 
16 pi)>mis Biad t 
icinond half arnt 
M«^«V . ■ ■■ - 

moment iw i»o Near the rrwi oi the 
game.tht M«wk»aci;ideAiJyhad«ta 
meti (*n ihr >.tiuii af^ a Urmb out 
N«ilxid> offiiMiing ev«n notkail 
until i>rir t)f the pt«ytr»tirMkNwin|| 

Moraine V alk y w Ni kd by A ' 2 
On-n BiM, a ftrtl tram all confer 
eme player who MUMcd 24 piMnu. 
Ai-t^irduig to Harper bead c«i»;h 
Kofi fiTciger thai wa» aciualty a 
positive ihmg comitdering Ellix av 
eragca M pmnu a game Grcigrr 
adRUlled quite honestly after ihc 
game. "He didn't even work up a 

rhr two hftceit pmMtma. a> 
cordtng ti>Gn;igiar. wetc iifleit»vc 
rehtMmding and an cMd priiMcm for 
the team . pammg inlcit hea v y irmf f k: 

(.knc mure lApott (htl v annm be 
ovcrknikrd wa« the fai.( thai the 
Hawk * srvfn playcn iu>t awKl 

no* tOmprlr tax-.nM !hcr 14 nljv^-r 

army M 

the par 

«.s>. Kid lIm 

< and 


• pinuire tyiie 
dcta •-' tfted uiung a tr«p 

ping dcfcnMT. ai<i4^ " 

li'k lOtc i>ircn«r that S4;«imi ^m 
pmnis f^ir the kam. hut. laicly. it's 
been the learn '« enemy Aeoirdingio 
leruen . the k am has rmi hDcn paMcM 
with li* %hiA ukction and have noi 
hem using the all tmpnrtant fthmt 
c lixk itt the4r advantage. 

The team '% chemistty ti also tm 
pnnanlkftheiritMxesi Kelumtngio 
the l.ady hawks diit year xk Ikamu 
he Inking the katkrvhip n*\€\ this 
teason The team alto wclnwuc^ 
Keify OTonrHM-. a uanster uudem. 
who tcwwed } 1 pill nil las>t week, t H of 
thorn cKimisig cm three piwit shots 
l^t«|uene«s i< a »"n! ilut dcM.:nhe«. 
the team i^ ' imlikka 

two l«p«f^<. lie ln«J)an 

player and a riK^Lhcr 

"Sach 11 iheir own untque. <lit 
fcrent perton." luud Ctiath Jcnwri 

The uimpciitwwi Un the iMiy 
Hawk It iow|:h in the N4C CoaL'h 
kmscri cspliim. "MiirawK Valky and 
TrtMJTs arc returning alm»w.: i who'ir 
leam They tan pn k I * i- 
» ««m'-, whereas wc \.«i, ■ 

-■'Mgame '"Hkmevci.iht* 
h*M/r* that the win over 
*vi(iir*int ^jiiky wml ahigtifi "Wc 
knew they wen; hcatahk." »hc >AHt 
•"W( u. ''I'M'i".' '■ ^»> HmtheftrM 
halt c thaikqy 



$25,200 FOR 


Nnw the .\rniy can 
hflp VI HI tarn nmn than 
cvfT bf'l»rf tor colleK*', 
if you (tuiilify. up to 
ifonifry (>l Bill llus the 
Army C olk'KC Fund 

ITiis could Ih' lh<" p*T 
Ift I iipixtrtunity to earn 
thf inont-y you nit-d lor 
c«»lk"Kf aiid dfvclii|v the 
qualities that will ht-lp vou 
s«ucci-«-<l om-f you jjH 
thfrr. For more inforiiui 
tion. call your loci! Anin 





ilien ihi- i< 

Daily Herald 




,1 SI5n lo S.^lKi jXT v>..-ck vwikiiip part lime s.-inui- 
/the |ob lv<t \.ni It \.hi p.w-.■■.^ an «tut(loinp per 
l^And rch.hlc Mr- Daily HcralJ I leld Sales Teaim arc i.^^^^uv^ ,, 
11, : 1 knock Muirscll out working for $5.(H) an hour! 


\ til Of) jvr hour during traininj;. then conirrtis'-ton 

I l,.>.h! • l.ourx S p. Ill H Ml p m. 

n,-!. I M.I.IS 

M..<U am. inruui;M I p ni Saturd.n 
( your choice ol all shifts or an! three ■ 

1 \.ci;.-ni Hnmis Incentive programs 

KoUiiij; \'^i^ I.K.iii.)ii 

I .t-) sales III 'here 

\Vcckl> i'.i> I'uis. 

11 you *ani to valuable sales expcneiicc and make a lot ot cast 
doing It. call Dave at. 870 3470 Monday through Thursday 12 5 p.m. 


r>t!r'i»i"r >" 

wmeiau unrr nmmnm^' 

At DeVry, careers take off. 


A'tiifVf »t.u-nNI^"t>iW-«W«9«pr'' 

Wc re serious 
xbout lucceu: 



Sati* <X) • addnon « 



12 Th# M(yf,.f,(3^ i<-,.,j,,T,.^ ^» i.-j,^. 

Two champs, two 
chumps, and two 
misplaced birds 

Division champion wrestling 
team begins season perfectly 



■■wr-r'U*' :■■■..■•;. r > 

MX (hem jjrK ■ 

IhM thought. I< 
tw yew. A t»i . 

lh.u t.,. 


iwtlMini Limkl'whiintnw. 
jrgcchimtr m.jrc«h.« jiAi-.hiiMm.niO:,- 

'"• Karpm 1993 win 

■ ' . :'n iTKi-i, Icjvmg l-«.«hcrtc«m« in ilv 

Imv (Jusi A Harprr •Alrit tgim hml ' 

t««i uuUiUiuJing fcTcsikr award ai li 

': thf> mmaiiooil, ihn imre Phil Mj- 

' >livci N*r»rcnc i;ni» 
\l ^ h r:Tfi in HariM 

■ .1 ami graW» 

I rn rii *f ij M 

VVomen^basketball team wins 

CMttt Pn»n.># 

n»c- tf4nri I'i .SI !hf * irmm« xut^ak *h,- 

■ nt» txitvh Si- 
*';^it iH»w we're 



|;ct (>.«■, ft ■ 

' ' ■ " t ■ 

rXikc H^ 

t IV. 

l-' Art • 

ie*ni »c ' : 

'"■«•*. .1 

r>ic\ r. 

Eye on The Hawks 

•iKl. a« I pTumiK.i 

clwntet on Jht Hajhrntei ■. «f„i> 

The mtw def iniUf chamitr if » 
mxit - ' ,' 
i ari: 

M I """ 

^ ' i"':.»;i-, ^m-n- <.nf m«- 

JonaJ m jnumil'.m and »„ ,„ he itie 

Inewjp^iert nc» <|m«i cdHtw. Sk .ime «> 
Harprr t.. ...r.:ma.- h.-. ,.uMf. (w,u%e itwn 
lake ai NtCl 

HetilKr and I .,|| he iMlmt man f.r.»H»>n»p««c» A« ihe lone apim. 
"»>«■» lot Mmeaicr foe ilw fnw time I did im 
have the kn<"» h««».rfiK*,p,ipe,cdmng mw 
Ni» »«'rc reaily nj nxk. 
If y..u «ish u. r,n<) aw ihc other iMf 
"JMnfWwi -lUmait loihe.ptmnpagr,,,,^ 


>««»<« <iuite frankly .Uwr^ruutl] y,™ m«e' 

mmU )u>i be icpciitMiui 

TV way ou/ailumnj will wirrk iftcTOm 

iMue u .imple. and wiih any link. quiir 
enimaimnd '« «•<« re«ler» Heather and I 
•ill he fuhl Mmcihmj m ihe >(i«u world wt 
have dirfcimi (jprnKxia on each week Thu 
»hatl<l»i I he aproMem.of count, hccamc wr 


<toh«*ei>uran:am>f i< 

>iJli^ lVj»,h I 
> Rankrihall >n 

At A Glance 

>hint( I 


t o u 1 (j 

Heather |xi« 


W c 
'ould alio 
easily at|;u« 
ah>»jl whKh 
g e n d r r 
•huuldhc al 

« »<» ronm are {liamiing 

'irchanfpiumytelf. I 

■ "■' '- '"'Tot the 

-,■"■■■ !'»«*(•» 

pagf I will he 

brmfini; my 


>dea> fram 

M t H e II r y 

<' .J n t y 

■-'-i-'-'* pa 

■ I fnun 

III my 


Soortj Co EOi'» 

Hiaim Camou 

lowed in whM* lender' J l.^kcr r.«.n. 

S.m,,-»,),„™u>e»anie»u|.,Kt.,nKiap«; I 

" dttcuMol i« whether one I 

•" ' "•»«> <»« the iMhiir m the f 

•p»n»ir)««im| Kmmew 

If anyN«Jy rwJms ihii L-i»!iimn fu. n.^ I 
ideal (iiru» any 
be own than w . 
"dueling uiiunau Ju.i dr.«n,ll i 


I am fully 

•ware that my 

' partner here 

at the Ha 

I y«» I 

li i^ moiimnej iJul he wuuJd he makmg chstgea 
when he hecame J»e tptaia editor l«« lemeaiei 
He tned. I give hii«i lh<t Nciw did he tuxxed nr 
n«' Pleaae k-ime kn»w. your opiniom help the 
ooiaimcaituture <*»«> hen «i the Harbinger 

A..«dhe(.«.hwih..tmie»rme«.it,wc „„ „>.,, .„, ^ welcoming all opinioa^ 

««(i™n,u.f«no*,hn«ghwithth<«ihang«. helpful hmtt.«ju.,p|.„ cm Jim Utherc. a 

[ ^ with many m.« fm. add...™, w.Il be B,y«K who .««ld he willmg to he a .poru 

-htaK.rrfc,„c»m,b.o,«. E«hweck .ei»ne,c«,do«byct,m,ngt!,^ 

will he „^«wmg alMtte. and the,, ofTice. A16T.«K) an .ppl,..„,t 

^.,mkU> Ai,v,.m- .h>, km.viv (,( Himcijm: 
whnihtmW Ix :n ..,,! m-. tpncu. 
bliifTlphy K-i :i.w »h. .uW nmuu ,mi- r.f m m 
Ihc Harhmgrr ii<ru.e 

New Ihll aefnettrr will he the ;..»cr4je 
Of intnmural athleun AUmg w.ih mim m 
depth coverage of »p.nis related evcnti 

We alio arc wckoming any Hawk athlete 
to he » gucit .wiKr <m the tpom page. Nith 
tuBegiatcandmtramural Ifyouw.»ilJl,kct„ 
A> w pleate c«ini»i i either fun or 1 

Other «m«il addiuom w ill he mi»e phou. 
graphk. coverage and an eapaniwn on the 
upi^aniing evenu .Such a» a phpti UyiM of 
"The Week In Sponi" Hpumiing cvoiu/ 
gimcj will he coveicj m an arUcle i ailed "A 
Step Ahead". 

AlKNhcr addllicm. as menlmncl m Jim '« 
column, we tn girnig u. he coming at y..u 
with our differcmcj ui ihe »p<m.i field in 
regards to which gen>lcr is to he allowed in 
wtech locker nwm we may agree m some 
iapwis of the wbincl hut we have nur limiu 


As Jim has menimned heforc we »e sti II 
and always will he welctming all opinioas 

The Harbinger 

Wiltiom Rainey Horper CdieQB 

February 4. 1993 

Volume XXV. Number 1 1 


Brookfield Zoo 

presentation is 

definitely for 

lovers only 







Dances from 

West Side 

Story in winter 


Mapog* A 



team fights 

rough current 






Student loans 
facing overhaul 

Repdrt iiulicalcs v^nrrnnicnl ravines 
ot 4.8 billion over tour-year perunl 


lWc«Wf>BMif Cofmotmier'' 

Mm *« "■ 

TiKfirtwiilloxcnwnenittwWjwc '"*'" "' ' 

MJtKUanovufllMnctlliwjrunH "«•»»•«' 

«to>i»)fil»fimB«*c«iiitt>lcii«mtr.i .■»mt»ies«*K*fc«i««itaM. 

fci»'i -.jid mil (iili>«|ifi)frjim<;iiiuklliBi«i« «!«»>« 

\m.:h»ftmamMmktatmi^tm '« Vnt^km Oaim kM|» to cm 

ludnu kt imtammlf iter ptymciu P«fn pn-mwe «•» «'•«> !»"■ «■« k 
-JMiiiliiainilMiiavHfailiiliiylfilinii (>ec Uttn on page ^ I 

nnaneial ak) c»ntut could 

Urn tmnoct m lf>» n*ar Mur» t m* 
a imm iKidtil loon program 

Senate implements new branch 

HouNe ot RcprcsciHativcs to help break co^^tanI griilU>ck in meetings 

«'<«r» OiuM* 

1 H, ■.,■., ,.' tt: ;«iv, ,.1,1IJ*C». 

I*«i|j'v4 hi Ttik the miKr fjuhi 

Ke|iff«Mnwi«itv«s «rtU he ihv firU-tWffttn 
amiiferaiitin nl Mill lh« wv ptnltnt 

tmiiMlcfU fivwcfnineM.. 

ClMirki I —to y ad I cm* ii|> 
Willi Mh MIn fat dit liiMi»«,' end An 
Wtmm, Srmivnt $«iMc wicr -jwrxKlaii . 

4:ifl|MMIIC' «>f llw i 

Thff *Kr fiifi-«Mkm i>* ihf S«-n*if 
': Ha»*t nf 

••wk), "Thtir 

' !o twlp kail 

eiccuit'vclirm:)! ind will hr tfn nuun 

•sioumi HI (he brad of dw Htmm.. 
QuMi^KMxwa far the Bam* aS 

RciiTMcnuiiviu m hcoif kcf* w « 

Any Miklciii who w mnAi (w « 

U-4a »nc •.-Rjit huui ciK'h mncatt it 
tligibk »>hr > "■fm.Vrttf theHomrof 


: •!! »>ill» that 

i*ifm: Wi«r Uir Senate . * ***-J Wrvu*n 
Tkty • ill hetp »> keep Uk Same 

m%wirfr\i and kc3rf> bR.aJ(. ifidltxk * 
n... ii,...„ ..,'! ^..^, .K .,^.1,, 


-„-.- *infw«ciii 

ihc Srrmu: mKcUriK^ 

"PuMtniM ire «lt! availiWc, w> I 
•noiMfiiti! all mKtRHvliD Willi ID tic a 
niantlat of ihit Hoaac of Rcfnaenta 
wtt* m ancnd Hie neti Srratt mectuii: 
»f Uicy a*r irM«fW*»e«l. Wc*wifi »aKl 

fni. ■■'•.^ 

hmt.: ' 

( "*MiiUl silt ,SUj4uuSfii*li:»l W 
Wnn tit 22** (m mote infanuMKin. 

House the new 
path to Senate 

Student Semite in 
ckiMr With («r«'Kvuft H ' 
wmiKrvcs aitivit> wiil be ^ualilioJ 
ui triply ftw ■ Ktl in the Kcnate 

"The docmon wu msdr u> a} 
km uiily pcfuoRi wholuHS Kimc ck 
pencnc* i tmAeitf tt wc wwu cn i here 
«l HjuT<cr to he ihlr to he nominaled 
Ut run." ii«)d An Wt^itw. SiiMkni 

Vtnntf.^ :uM fuvi not hcoi m 

Job mark et not as upbeat as hoped 

C'0»«g« (V«a Ss'jire 


viilkitc . 

MoR jot) (ipptKliBiiiiBt miy he iJcimt 
poMiiHt. bw mfacMMom (or (ilin<' ■ *' ' 

are 'bw«(. accffiniiif to t 'hsafaif n- 

■ '^■•■ri ■> ""KkafaitaitiDi' 

! in.4:u.«i,a»acK'iau;«lt.-i 
r-i * -ri*ci« al N«fthm 




fur l*^* » |^I*t.(j*tf , - ■[ . . ■ ^'.Lv'tl 

graduaie!! in dw pa.M ,V> y^jn 

Moti of Ifaf 2-M» >>u>inei«t aar- 
«ey<d ifii ciNni( tiack OR ixcntiHMM 

liiriim m KTvori! linrifiliMW.incliiiiint 
m> wi naa-cnfuwnnnf prntamm- 
"SiuJimii wiHha<^i»tna(tiHliici>i 

scutHtrn-ffcttudy andlia»«i««rt 
-! "Thejmuai 
-'b'm*> hem 
«nuiha : - . >» ilian 

IH.-U'! ;in».!i,ii(ti' .'■ -.AT irpwl 

1,1' u^ (cm* am) mitr-y -hc*.i t«Ju*JHMi»' 

anrfpattonployinmHTltireiK-e* Main 
rinm an now laMtf |»iy<-Mu(»c«l un 

*SaiibM> wilii Jcfran » an^- 

necnni can CKfaoct luuane' 

luglantlian IWlcnduatc v 
1 iMi-wimihinharianilniai?)'.--.- . 
;ieTtcm hiijhcT 
> 'ujiretr. dmrtar i>t' ihc 
ColfeitiMr EintttloymeM Reaeanh In 
tunM at MmIii^mi KuMe mifveralty ui 
Et»t '■ • • ■ ' 1 ' 1^ lur 

wcv ■ r.K a 

{IwrWAft*: in ijic ntf in^ i-i,k«; j^iad** 

ate* fm (He tnuRli Uniglit year. 

■ fV'^lutlcrk IV Uh; 
'itmaiiv an«4 (cm alt 

Oaduala: «iu.i. ^nnr- 

aUttic' es'imiitalitit: >''t 

Ajn<imf the m t '. 

•Iimpii»>i:tn a«- tw^iiminf mti« 
i!-!ct!rvr at««il ihtu new hirct, and 

' • ■• wtm'icnfisKkrapplieanta 
tic pmm »wagc lea> than 
' (-» 

*M> aoiilabiluy. wtiile amfMi 
tin nalKinwKtt. a hcner in (he South 
cast and N(»rth Central, ami irnire ttim 
peutivc in the SaaiihwcU. South Can 

■.fiU, Nwrlhejtti ikr<4 .\.tn>)»ctl 

•The «|ua!il'iv .«tn -n* cmpk^en are 
:«Hi4inL' Un ii; >.i>ilr}(c ■(tudrm« include 
.imwiwk aklUn Jiwl the 
I '.•v»dc i'uatcaner saiiifai- 

tMirt. Ctaiipuiei knowledge la iAWUid 
enid Riandakry . the r«|>nn laid 

*The CM imaiEd tie(iiHiinc talanca 
f<v I <I9> urikgc tradiuuea ranf* tnm U* chemical enicineai (o 
119.U4 (m jnuraalitin maj«iai, Ftir 

vltKlrn!* «* ilh fn^EMCr- .k'/rc<"». '.hv 

. ■ .*i*u alc L-lilT: 

iKMiple who have 
Hrfvr»jirr<tiHv Nil hive |Kefilaad<ifl€]r 
ire iwiii htniE ttimpaniea vg twcra. 

l>unn|: ih'- "»■■ '"^- y^m. 240 of 
the MOniTM |!an State 

havclnUani' • ■■"4»alaned 


LiMkiuiM cHmuMet Hut that rumi 
in IWI hind S^ peticni of new em 
phjyee* frtim people with pirvKjiia job 
atpaiaucand 4Apcfieni of the rimii 
now Mr oamrat:! pcrmnnel w fill pro- 



— ' — \rWkj ^ 

.. ^Ho^..»^<''" TTrrTTnter for students with disabilities 

womens history weeK 


The fini wimnn )>»1«' im ihe Scv 
««h Cm:u.l Court .rf Ap«»«l»- ""•• 
Di«««i Rw^- •""'«*' '"'™" 
«J«r fat H»T« Coltete W.««f. . 
H^ul, W«k «. M««<»«y- M-^K *■ 

1993. u « P n>- . . 

luiKc RwrtermMtrBcemly ■««« 

w • U S Cvnnui >i«l|«- ■rr<**^ "^ 
pj^aiden, Bwrii .f«t o»h» »'»» •» • 
U S I>l»BWl <'««)>«'«' t*^*" ■" ^^'^ 

„ m». .ht ind i« '"™>y »f^"7, 

^ a« hi-ikKmm. She »•» e«i-«««««l 

„^, Worn..-. H,.««> ^^l' •' 
1991 then w>t\ he (iTOCTi»t»i».«l>«« 

«,d lecture. highl'«»«"'i*' '**"*. 

lUebolu w,ll hr lop«: (« W«4n«.U> 

f„««««» W«n«.0«r« "«"« 

to* u* <toyt»« ««) ««»«>«^ "" 

I. pmel«. !««■■<>»» ■«» '»'^'*' •'* 

Ttinwt>> *" „. 

All of ilw «»'<«» dunng *<iw«n ' 

H ,Moey Week •« viw> «> •!' ""^'^ 

„t *.««»"""«» •"•'«"'"* '7' 
-nw««.ch«,e !«»«>««'» ' 

funher M^f.lm.•lWt> •»»« *"™'''^ „ 
History Work u H-per rolkie. c.U 

Two Arp«m««» " H"t"- ** 
Cenwf for StuJena *»»> D*rt»Uo« 

m„.C».ei.«.llh. ««'"'y""r;'^ 

.„.pn„«f.lh the l-''"*'^" ">""';' 


l,„,vm.t, i» m«>i<W">« ""^ *" 
«W«<l»««"f »•«»'••» '^r . 

» *.; Grew Lik« ><r«' The Iin»J«:' 

To micrvit* t««mef rtwJniu 
rf<»„ ,hr« ^»- <»«vel«rn«in «Kl 

,.,» .r.mie.pert«<:«.*n«A^»««" 

. fviluiit the cunrM •«v>«. 

jc'^.ci> «»•««« » <'" """^ "^ 
ommunitKi m onkt K> xkimf y »•»» • 

„«rtip,. iriid mvKWiirilw""*". 

[^i^nnagTGrea^ begins 
seasonal hiring 


To I»«««»e Hi»p« «•" ■«""• 

aCtol ouux-ne., ctBTrnl i«* "^ 
.nahal, «( wttiK""* <" «^'« * 

(« . «nn|M«««» M m«elvm«/F«' 

awA ouKunK* 

T<. help f«til'l«e *'* P™1«^'- 
„,„«, w,H b. colW««un« ««h the 

Wo,* CM»»t»"«« »«^* ^^ 
,,„„ (WCWC). • comnrnnrty bwoi 

King: they were 
security guards 

«waA lo KldBi. i«nn.ur.iy l»hDf 
Z^mi«mfl^-»r^^ o( .h<« 
«,th di-hiluw tnd devefcpment.1 1 

th«Bente*" . | 

TheKa{>pn'na>i>>e> tie inkee^l I 
wi* the .(nni of iJie Ameti ■•"»•* l 
.^ people -th &.-*«•-•" <*;«• 

h«b»ne«Wh<*.«.dcn«<rten F^ 

the H«p«rCnt>e|;e C -nier fat SttKtanU 

withDiMhtlrtte*.""'''**""*'™'*' I 
hcn.t.ely .cce,.ible env.mnmeftt 

S,. Fta».CitMi Amenc.l-uncht. 

m «ma.l t«.m,imm. efl.«. u> W' 

mi«ih«. Vl«»«eM«iJp'»'""™«« 

*e P»f» I *«'«»•"*'* "" 

(:«% « S«««»^'- '""^ *■ "^ 
,u^ ft. n ml 20. IWJ 

A vMirty of pMtew ««•"""' 
.He ,„ ^«..l S«r.«.-e. thfi. .na 
Sourvcnif »hnp». Secuniy. Ri* <»P 
„«cm..C«me..F.«><f.«r -xlC fcn 

«M» i*h • hu. trwifp.*""""- ' ■ 
plo^ KUviiK*. .pttmof e^CT'tt ">^' 
Khotanh* pn«ri»; « J'"' " 'j* 
e.,«itpta.uf ••«>■"*«»•'*"■ 

Memhert of min»»aw'- * ' 

U«- —"---- 

•^ F„,*«..-«W.i..-«««l'»«e** iht S.. I=1iii» e«plnym«»« «'•' 

MowUy l-ehru«y 1. l^l "fr»^e 
h^„9.m ^pm., Mu«a.y 



A««.«. E»ll -.Cnimee.lH.-* f'" 

SuFlafiTlw"*''^' '' 

. ,n.Uv««ilhiiiJn-«>i«'''""'"'' 

Fl,„,f)verrK»«gi«(All*"»'-'"" ■ 

vt,.; Omenta (Si I 

.lOUiwi* Si«f»»|>'«-»' 

&, Hut* W»F"n "* •«•***" 

M61 y*r Oiiral Aw 

Ciumee,, II. 
|0«-m 'pm 




The Harbinger apologi/c^ 
for last weeks mistakes. 
The photo of Art Westor 

and Dean Jt>nes were 
printed incorrecdy and 
should have been in each 
other's position 

. The country is called 
BeUie. not Bezile. 


ft.W» S.lcly SupL-r> i»« Kevin P 
K,M U.M TV H«hm«a Tue»d.y he 
.*«t«l the uie «f Uie lentt ".^'^n 
„\he hc-ll-r of . ..«> .bout «|.. 

he^.« .ppe»«l tfl Ihc l«.«-ry '« 

u»uc»f The Hirtxnt*' 

■•|f..loppy irMn»teni."l"n»"» 

In ( phone intervie* on 'mamy 

>7 K,n«tmph«tMdih«ihct«omeii 

*ho«e« moitea •«« («"""*'" 
*««. ««J lh« <hry «ere «tunty 

itu«f<ti Hcw«il««l«>*»l»«'"»*'««" 

*llt. boon, n* mmmi m *e Si«c *rf 

»■»■ . I.. . V tohnemienl «ii<.k t:le»1y 
OTc«i»l « >-»>P»» *'■'" " 
i ,T« prej» itle««. ■m *e «Tttti 
,t«l lu hmh P«« "* "f*^*^^ """^ 
tail time p'' 
n.-teaneil"- ' 
«»I»«Mk: «"■>'■»*"■■••■ ' ^ 

A„«t«d were 25 yeK^M P™"! 
Mycr mi 20 ye««W Stevat U.vM.I 
l,Hh(i.«El«m -n^y r«e*=l 
pn««i«nioic» lot felony theft I 

o( tetany ihell •!«« My" <»"^' ' 
cheiltr of 'ekmy theft md one ch« 
of««np««ie«t.mper.n( The merit 

KheduM » ippe" m •»« R"""^ 
ttulCoiiiforFe*»u«rylO ' 

D.VM hid heCT employe"! by 1 
coBege hit »i« «""*» Myeiwan 
employee foe two y««» , ServKCf Vied 
?««*»•. VemtTti F Mmke wtd *« 
men hive been »u.pende<l «id . recj 
omiwJXtalxm (i» tetm.n.lion of iM 
me«n anploywnt i» .w»tm| •ppiwtl 
by H«i<ef'5ho*niofintttcct 

H «rpcf < >n K Ills MiJ lliere h» b 
«, pmltem of mcrei'ta theft, ff 
tjBipu* huiW'nf^ ''" *' '"' 

for a 

</ub Dewtsch 

jf)e Ger- 

for more 

informaiion coil eti 
2HbO and lea\^e a 





Loan: several problems 

ui'iit frnin p.ii:<-' '' 


A vv -i- ' 

:ampus offers 
jsting for GED 

H«lKi t '.lie »<: o«f««» lte««n«« 
C^.) review clJiiio <» i»K »^'» 

l«lh<.N.»»>c»iCcnlci.1" N 
( RJ Pni*iw« Hii|(hw. ''■"■• 
"il9i-m mi'' ""r" 
^^ lo take ilw ifo •' 

ilMine C«i>F»» ""> •« "^' 

p3f«wiheNntth<:«n' --— 
All ilwrc Icvfl' >'' 

.r,T«iiig MWkim (•» ilw <**" 

on. ABcrf *««'»•»** ™" *"' I i' AV 1 

Im aid inuknH m»y enmll , , j ai > K !■ • 

.>yona iKc •trtiKKl »ccV 
„«<H:?0 U».m mi 

, „.» refunctahk f« «>f »* '» 
U for cKh iJ th»« «'»')«'» " 

L .he r.FP prosfim. Pl««« '•" 

4cw workshops 
Ifor women 

Hirprr College R«««C» f« 

Women.. 11 <»<rf«"«'»'^'"""* 

%. ml »--.«*«'"•"'« 

' rf. omen «>d how Ih. ">!"<.( 

dagad by nuf tuliur»l /iliK* 
T C«««A>"»'£'^''> **"'-'" 
L T*m To'. LW*w: «»1 . e»|.l«iii» 
Ln, » ded with ihe [*y»K«l- «<«» 
t«uJ. twJ ta"""*" '•^«" 

H'lwl W<"W^ fl'-"* '■' " "'•''''' 

. ,m |Mi« w *rvel<<r 



' -Oa«»ii> in 'he WorM»'«-' ";' 

.1 4 .^ »-t-f-«nid'\ - 


- •.,«l«(»"l'* rheh.|,*<"'l» 
:.«mm-rm» the r«*fi F-^'Iy 

»,a l«»Mie» "W"'" !"«"'"*«»*« 


"„,nw» ««« ciiwi»»ort mUtmrnm 

..111 «Ik ciwilli. 

KHi^nnsif""* '.IF. . . 

,n ifjOTenung the pl». .n tl« f .r^> pl- •■• 
1 Kl'MI. I'.«< 

" TV f.mi rrjciled ihc r.,i.«l'» a"" 




.Irntif > ihe risks 
.- M.uwkV vanl 


,a..l llic 

■ tliBi «hi> 

. ' ■ anil 


- 1, fiwlhe t)"- 

. ,„in I.I Rep V.-.Ul«n 

I, .1-.., nr-,.! l)|fll'«>»i= 


■ a 'ri'i" 


p . ' ' .. .. 

_ .ri nnviB-'i •>' •"=* 

h*i*iu ■- 

nemm4«iiW> W"' ^^ 

TwwdBV Fchruan ■ 
,„ B V) • m \ vtmui,ini..i >■.■■ iH»i 
,,„ ^, «.,^<J The niund >•!* ... 
— Tiih '* '"' 

Oi> Ml 0" !»•«•• •* *^ ■ 

„,.«*.!»«««>"*»"*«•■"*"'"'■ , 
v»k .ch«..ei«'"fl«''«"^*r^ 
hen (M».».Mc K>Ua>"n» •»" "•** 


E«h.««»I HENNA mert.n« 

pem-^ Wtenhm l«»e inp<« «> "« 

M«t.r». It held •• ^'^»'"' 
n.«..:»SM.mSt.M. Pn-pe. 

ABfinl time »'»""" •"'"""'"" 
;(,™d FREE. A r.« *»'l«r n*'""* 
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Th*Hattiing«(.F*bnx*v4. 19Q3 



! ditorial lioanJ 

BumcM MdrugTT 
AMUtOnt Buw ni-»» N ! 



AitE Editor 


Sparta Eilittir 







-Lam Ashley 

Ttim Fuller 

lirrmtliY ThniTumnn 





Message to President 
Clinton: Ignore the media 

It's already been almost two ueeks siticc you 
werv inaugurated Mr. Preskloiit Iv^u vvi\-k\ 
and a lifetime is what it must seem like tti you 

From day one the niedla have hecn constantly 
hounding you on your lierve smiu) to allow j^avs 
into the military. I'm tempted to ask why is 
there so much attention being made about it 

The public knew your stand on the issue from 
the out.set of the primarte.s over a year ago Hut 
since reporters have nothing to say relevant 
about really newsworthy cvcnt.s. they want to 
really highlight how "stubborn " you are aK>ut 

And they (the mass medial haven i stopped 
there. No sir. Instead of pulling some intensity 
into Somalia, or Yugoslovia. they want to tell 
the puhtic where your rumored Npetidiiii; l.llI^ 
are coming from. 

And to top it off, they have the absolute pall 
to get reaction from "eveiydiiy people know mg 
full well that any propt^sed spending cuts will 
get a negative response. 

Since when has a president been so ihaMiNcd 
during his first two weeks, let alone his first ICK) 

Never has a president been grilled or 
harrassed as much as you. Never has a 
president been put on the spot so much lor his 
beliefs, especially when they were known well 
in advance of your taking office. 

President Clinton, I commend you. You have 
the courage and the guts to face a situation, such 
as the national debt, and he honest about the 
sacrifices that have to he made. 

Do not let anyone pull you back down. Vkt 
not let anyone back you into a comer, or force 
you to compromise your beliefs. 

The Amcncan people have put their trust in 

you You deserve a chance lo show why >ou 

earned it. 

-Best wishes, Kenneth Diilard 

lady IndiMn. Alka CNnknl, t«i PMiiuan 
0«n. P«rr»ifv L«im Sdlwtari. Mmu VVi^Mr. Kjte VMBIam 

Economist warns of hectic 
financial conflicts in future 

tKm to • ptvceiMMl p i ifekjw fwruig dur 
<..>i<:i« Ofallihrimiiletmduicinhc 

i>ri .en l..cniUnjCT *t v«y ccmill 
joi iifc. ctuMiat of our taaetf. Otty 
■re f<-w m nmnlicr.. TliciMaMnMrwir" 

hy <UnK<T «f Ihn kMxl involvi* Ihc 
j«»«<hilit> of Rui'lc* «r»r mwrmUif 
^vciltmg tHU an Lhr planci. 

Hui then it niKillHr •tncar of Ihu>l » leMoni tlim|M of, tha 
ttaafcramilvn dM twiMikirimRut 
mmmm i i i W nfuiaMtniiuiwIacouMB 
Ktieiaiiini ami«. A tiK f>q>ku«n(>f 
lifeSiMMninaEcimtiniH. K>-9»un<:< 
IW n • <l«i|tcT Ktmhy itl inqitt; 
tinn given Hk (ici ikM iIm woM't 
ImHKiil maitcti «( umtitpimid t>y 
rinmt'iil futurei iMrkctt Tlw eini- 
ewx •nd ufr «f rm*m-wl fuftm mm 
ksM alftn i> ' rt fmancidly 

«i«il cndD» .« o( men 

could g^aut vc&Tci mani}'Hjj«l|ve iiwMIV>l 

of anwid fnancMl malsa. 

F<M« i»t (uRanN>in*ik«iii offer iMi 

pimilMluy due III Ok rnunriil kver 
igc thr> offer m«rtwt |MnK:ip«iu m 
«]nin>Ilin|; fmoK iil markcu Tliii B 
nmi*! lc»cTige ccmbiiHd t>tiili|n> 

eiK« of mnivc m maupulaic rmmu il 
mirkea. make* ihe (wnibtliiy of fi 
nanttal maiicts bcuiR ixcmly con 
nulled ■ reatiMc ime 

But *h«t *btna mttdvc"* Why 
would < rinwH iilly •rell cnJnord w 
gtnuMtan ever have Kun'iocnt mtKivr 
lo cmmfm In Mcmly cunm>l »iirkl 
rnuncial nuikrii'* Thctc ire i{um 
txiiu iliM nmh u the heart of in>' 
>amn( that iwnttHuiiiuauldtic wmnf 
yel mncognund. slwiii oui jienactvwS 

If Iht f/wmfSMVi nr any <i<hcT 

mtfot inhitmalimd cnutury vere to 
liwnite ait of (acal (wIh irt leading ii 
mmfrnfatMhrnkrupiLy m m cniirr 
nafion. « k pnttlMr that >n <-irga>i/< 
dtManfaft fliwnciil maiteti frnm un 
derlynif ocmofnto TWy t»uk) he 
c«iK XMHtoated i» dc> iH> nut <>) ivtfieii 
fiar a tietve m avoid rtpcrKnctng m 
ccnmiRUc calamiiv mulling fnim ihc 
hankrapK-'y "I their natum. 

t^unhcnnan. if luffKiemly po» 
arftil as an argani/ation. ihcy might 
find il pn«»iNr k> wcretiy tap central 
hmk rcanuTL-cs fiir uic in disengaging 
rtnannai matkeu fnm undcrlyaigacn 
iwmti:* - 1 ! »e of central bank fcaourcea 
oumhoKd with uic of rmancial fuiurr > 
■naikau would allow niirh an nrganur a 
iHwi ca|ubilj|y U) aecTellv ditcngagc 
finarHn a] marfceUi from under lying eco 
nomK'« (nr an mdcfmite period of time 

I hope there are peoi>le in the coijr 
try who take such a warning **ruHiil s 
If whai I have |Utl dcaiTihed should i " 
ha< (Kcurred. our mk leiy could he <)ii . 
•liy fheai an an eaimctnn path >' 
niilaice out of mpaci for immora 
yci powerful pcoplri' dcnirc u> avo. 
e«pcnencmg anccnnomK calamity i 
their «mgtc lifctimea 

Hawed, hinkrapi, yet highly n 
dmtrtali/etj ecom»Tnic^ (.anmn he it. 
Uiwcd lo ..ipera ' « i thoul 

endangering th. . - .'n^icnTt 

ahtlily m wrvive 

Sachccanimuca toereaauKet ii > 
ahundamly and (or loo Irtvoloui of 
purpnie to cupimn > «Kiety '> lurvival 

Give charities a chance 


Hi»t you evil heard the dumfiell 
nng on a ixiU wmtn mghl ' Vtw \aak 

wM the window *kI we a ijcjwifi wi* i 
I Ii(>hi»«r»! Y.w kntm ilwy waM dinia 
tum% V.iu viakk (ifien the. tlunr «id 
hi-liire tht' pctinn can my aqnkiiig. 
you Wufi out TniiHlniacaiatft ' 

hccame I'm the |KrMn wilh Ihc clip 
ivKard 1 wta-k for «m«i pruTii envimn 

ilMiual orfaniraium thai it trying to 
ciMBfc c«f>nraie and puhlic pntieies 
thai mt haimfu] lu life on earth 

The kmdof (mple wlio go door u> 
d<M «canvaasiQg) an: usually volun 
wcnngoi wwkiiig fn very low wage* 

Many ciT thaw imple. like myself, 
have oaik|^ 4^fut*. 

Sam kme giwm up higher pay 
mg "for prnfii" jobs 10 Oa work thai 
holda RKVC meaning fur them 

10 at auae dial incaia mnre dun nMwy 

When a canvasser come^ ■ 
dfKir. at least offer one or twn* 
out of yntf half hfe l» talk with incr' 
(:ven if they tepreacM a gnxqi Ihai yoti 
arr iimnni in at leaai hear what ikey 

.xTwai a chance It) dc 
(esidlheirgfoupaiidtheirBC1ion.i Nf«' 
tone you hear that Hell ringon Bchlll^ 
lughl, m n ci n tij thai canvaaser» w 

Oa away fwat thai TV' for aunqiic 
of mmuia and lalk 10 a real, bvc hu 
marl it*nn i^ie ismea! 

IW Harbinger isthostudt-iitptiblirjttcintiiriht-HdrptTCtilk'gt-rainpuscnminufUty.publishcd 
wtvkly f\ci'pl dunr^ h(>>.iixl firuk-ums The paper isdismhtitril frw loall sfudt-nts, (acuity 
and 4diTunistrdti(Wi Tk« Hutringrr i4fia- ii l(x:jh>d in .VV.r 

l,rltm Policy 

Th«H*it>ing;*rH'elc(itTit'>li'ftiTNiallx'c\ltti>rdiHin.'|^lH-sio(>iirc(lilorials Uili-rsrniistbcsigrird 
and iixluik- a wcul aecunt>' numtitT Sifcnatun-s will N' wilhMd upon request All letters arc 
Mibiix! kicHlifmg. 


I*njduct»«nd servioesadvCTtm'd in The Hai<>ing*r4rf not ntxx-SMrily i-ndoistil by theivlitiws 
oilN>pa[w mirtHih«'«ilk>gi>administratitwit)rBoird<jfIhrix1i)rs.lrHjuirH'*sK:juldl>e(«>rwardcd 
dinMtv II < thi' attviTHsaT. and all purcliases are at «l<e discn-tion o* the cwwumer 

eapyrtght Itn. The HaiMngai. all rtgtua reaarrtd 


1h» Hoblngw F«b<uon'4. 1993 

reedom of choice a basic right for all persons 


HoMngai CoiunrMi 

Wky a II dm r««» ne** " *«• 

jMy iMcaiiH Hio* ant • OK^I >» ** 
nak on good mwt. Hwimwo. If«« 

: 1 « falto BIO *« c«l»|(i>ry ij( '&•• 

. Winch mwnnrmftw ■»!••»«• 
I nl <a •bou wtuirver nmk oy bmt^ 
■Bat doi'i <rany . fvc |M )«» pl«u 
I RviWiai.jiiHMkinyMii 

IdMiwtMi dity think •bm Anlin and 
lyauH |ct my number o< laqiuiMri 

■k't ^vRfnac >n cocatdfiMKO 

-Kin*«m»ll lli^lfoalitiiiof 
my mo«i* >f yisa dooi " 

'I daMcm't dunk our luu diauM 


10 ci>«i«r»iiiv««. Km my mpM" 
wtmt nvikc ywu ti«>»«. •<»'• <•>•*« 
ytu Nacr ml ociumSy woni m*k« 
y«ia«Be«himil»«fPn •««""« V<» 
MC. I dunk yoy ahntki mind yimromi 


ihc r>((M«i» l)**"*-**^'*'^^* "' 

lv« ncvtf hecn ptegniBI. And •• 
FvwIkntm.imniKifMiX'yoi &> 

Wky ■• a lollirt lot pMldi lo andBi 
un« «Mi vtial t !>>«)> dncm'i omihT 

I dnn' I Itunk ihat I racrvc ite nslM 

u> ttll myonc "Im w htlievc 

Now . 1 lin»«> I'm <w (wmnl Ru< 
dM tintifd S««M» broke «•'•> (ffflw 
Entiaid bccauc ol u»MmB •mhui 
itfuncnolinii »nd *e »ii|p|«»w«i of 
Uk Imntom "I i«lt(i«>. 

In other «K»di . *« •wxdum «» be 

liTK wha oyw ««M K> balioi.. 

Y<.iu dndd br iMc to IMan w The 
Moiofh««> ot Qum ljHtt«h 
•onwcw aithot y<M dMi you 
ur .rung 

Wimg. WKai(alMtii«h«T 

lo do dim «^*«« alawi ■ "» tJo* >» 
Mm dua yow Gntu: m "Coke ii 
heita dum Pepei " 

Wed a be hemr wH iJ IIMiple 

•«»iU«iH»»yingiooi«»w» «••«•« 
wnnif Or heocr yel, Mnp «r>m» u> 
omvini* at trf mydicni 

li imayi me when MKiMonc'iioi* 
KtK ■mrnkt fUMta m my (we 

Bunri d juI hk* «. I (««< miwe my 


Ij hodwn mr e*«B mote »»• di* 
I *m ■< ci imnker hm yoM *«»•< h*" 

it fiiwn mc 

1 dnni h|«»e dir nghl i» lell »»« 
wheie w inwke Thelii. ui>le»« I nm 
«it of Idaian to pui my face 

Andiww Owe m uuJy dvaidioKM 
an raaofminu amouni «f petv'e ai-qiur 
ing cam er horn die wnell <» dw i.k«h> 
<if die hen fnendt of ym pall of <mek 

Coancoi Tha aa i lBdto cawtOTW 
make up it 

The heart of d«e matier really reliea 
on ho* muth you dunk you cm make 
od«er people Itkc you 

If I wva lo fire up a ciiafcOE, dicn 
II i> my preroiinvt 

Ha> die l«id uf ihe free and die 
hianc of die hra»efiw»<jnen diM tl » au 
hwll «B die liberty and protncwm of 
dicac and odiet matienabk nghu? 

I know whai 1 dunk, bui doa'l 

Sonwhow t don < bthevt dtal dw 
Ihac fRaa* ia capable «r breaking dK 

IK kw buiy dkac4u<g over die 
f.«.kri»ht» for Beliefj m die arma of 


Now, where didl put dial hwpoim 

L^tt^ rf " ^^^ ^-^^^Q^ 

An open 

'an for student participanon cuinc^ Ironi .^cnalc prcs.dcnl Charles January 

WckOMbadi. Imloidungfaa 

.ad ID iMlpiiW Snala« SoMM iCTM 

I yoa baaar. r-m baaai PmodeM In <»a 

■■■f nd bche«e we in Wu d it 

almh^ roka have nude aoM ng 

I mficMM changea m am Conatuumwi 

For yoia mfcamanun diey ale a> fol 

1 We die Sludenl Senate haw 
made dw < Wk* <•« Pw»»dcni and Vk« 

I Ml elcKied potilHm by Iha 

mi dwaa'poaidMit. ti aMHMB wahav* 

hrinth to Huilenl go-cuvment, whith "KhaW**' 
wdl ha cattud Saadaiu amaie hnuae o( 

,«,.«Ma>>«.Thubodyiat<n>|«> a« body He*, we awd your h.1^ 
X»«Ml.bril.«.h«a«iB*t AakaSludai«Senau»h««y«.tang« 

We have added aiuithcT 

NoMal SaideM Soiaic » men 
1 The book HIM and |«oaa o* 

2 Theeaf(Maaai>ll«»nvt..oiM. 

:< Pskinguncampua 

4 Facuhyandtianevilualiana. 

Theacarejuiiafew Cieinvolved 
nd help make a dtnefwse. 

Cliarka lanuary 
naadcM SnideM Sanaa 

New snident representative asks for help in making school government work 

*al(ienooaayh*«»afU«aaia»,t lo a lati of mideiiii 

awcmaanaai d[>»«a»aa.iByc«aiiiiiiB»H«i« tenia ha not baai« 
ndyaaMMiWa -a*.- «* aa«a a •■ h«d al Biy ,»«« have haai. 

igM fatanMaft 

Uia lime for uaK 

Ti It jpiii iiiiiiaiia m iH welt a my dtviam. 

,_jdBia I took Itarwa* ■•■>•"*» lwad«»adi«rta 

wwkmgwidida Sanaa, bmwtfli da nuakly and a einaend y atpaw a 

•MdenB. facuky aid advwwi wuhin 1 an aaiing foe aU inrtaaa » 

I i_ 11 1 I IB DiaaBaiiil iiivlvad in ha^tat da !law a » to ...- -___ , ti_-ij 

ItMunaaJvaaiaiiaa . . . . ....,■.;.,,: — ..^ .„ h isiaiiia ktiikaaaacallaniiR hateaHa»p«r 

Rma«««w M^^tt^l waMMi waa awaa or ••*■■■■» partartpaiMm la ii n v"^ ■» "^ •«— 

Baagnaw « MB ^w^ •"»■"" d.. •_i nf wu. ite a^aas lo <ndk« Wa 

iMMlwiOMOiWiio aclivity da pat o( yon. !«•——.» ""— 

WMnui your idna aad i 
wmi. we cannol flKMrmgWy do our 

Imt i»M<e logediet aid put die 

i,,.,^.hdp«, das— .tola l«.,d«fca^-««2t-«. """XI'**"'""''''*^ St^taT^. l^^w'^.'^ 
or.aataapat«.pa>.«i (a U«»«»li.«ka««a.«o..« '^".'Z!!.- *-«.«««» br-lg dang. id Haper a. wcB 

Beanie haiea 

give my 


i inr-tTfi rrl li--""-' diB»«Kai«laBiBi«»l«»«»ad«al daia»«yl««»«iJaW«^ urge you. 

g«ldailanfiittt«HlMatka< aqipta»iM«Hawaaa*M»aw*ala 


thai due 

Student Senaa 

We want to hear your views, 
so Write us a LetterTo The Editor 

Think big. 

mime weeks. 


\t-VbUM) 4i 


i.»jil ^ «>t ni»»Uiliui'. aii> .r: , 



Th«Harbinoar,F«bruarv4. 1993 





The H<r|Kr Sympbtmji OKliciiiri 
«tll prrxm then Wuwr Ccnccn ai ? 
pm ,Saiii>)i,Fct«wy H.mdtcBldg 
I Thnsc of itw Pilam: Cunpiu iit 
Harper CaOage. bi adduiea » Itw 
Uanrtafram "WeM Sufc S4ofy.~ the 
ujmai will tncIuJe iwy» very »pe4.:ta} 

]ianc% t" Kilcy. J\e»nieni M Sub 
uftMui Bank, nilUng Mc«dAiw%, wU) 
(vcicnt If .S. S«vuif> BciKkioilhe four 
wumen of the YoMg ARiUi Conqitu 
uon ai a ceranonsr dumg Ihc c<in>»n 
Vtotnuit Cathy Baarak. b. ArUnnKn 
Hciglua oill pcrfonn villi the <icvhK:i 
m as nm place annner in the toiio 
dkvmcin Pianisl Alu Fu|iw»i. \I . 
Hofbnan E>uic<. will atxMpi fintprue 
ifiihe J un M w vl I ^ t* nm and alio perfcwm 
vilklhetinJlaira SiillMiMnwi, >T, 
Sndi Bamnnttm aid i 
lO.Ml Pwapetiwilli 
Mceml place minen in the tonal ind 
fmim^^ntkmt mpccovely. 

Frank Winkler, caMlactar. will 
pfoodty lead the Harper Symphoiy 
Orchcalra as ii perfamisSyi^pikaajiMo 
I byJokiiDtmmry Thitiynpllaiy, « 
lan muvemenu, was ognpoMd at dtt 
reqaeai of the OKhantovommamt- 
rale the passing of Frank and Nancy 
Wnfcler's ton. The firvt mowcinem 
1 nMMii in a iyncal «ay die very pm 
tbm and opiimiatic aniiuik chancsfr 
iMic oC David at a young paraon TV 
I is cast at a knd of 
al |oy. a tori of tpirimal 
I asiening that all duct nul 
iMBy end trhere or « dw »ay dtlngt 

Tickeis an: SIO f« adalla. If idr 
ttudniu and tcnxvt and ft«a for cMI' 
<kai wider 1 1 T« puiehaae ikkali,iall 
the Harper College B<>< nfllc«.TMI/ 

wi .woo.cjl;m7 



$85,200 FOR 


Niiv>. 111. \imy can 

hi. ... it. ... 


it Viiu ;|i,,rii'. -ij' "' 
S25._li<i with ihr Muot- 
g(.i: ■ ' ".ill tlusthp 
Ar- i iind 

It. ■ ' 

the money you ntt-d lur 
I (^imp md drwibp tlw 

quatiti«"« will firlp vim 

SUClV«-l| utKI Vol I k,'"' 

th<-rf lor fiiiTt 1! ' 
iKin. e'al! >>>ui l<i".<. 



lwantyour*»x(ue<)awim<v«w:ichooipi«MnttactlvmMloprarnol«iaMyand kiwwladg* to tAxlanlf 

Haiper College pmcntt Ktual 
awtreneaa wmk K>|t<>c tmdau* die 
<i|<pnnunii)r n ImmnMii* ahntiiici 

the prt^grantarT hMcdliy name 
rni. fnUowed h> the tone and a 
ilMcnpiKwi of the agenda 

Tlnadny . Fetmiafy 1 6. 1 1 W a m 
us 1 p.m.. Snide™ Cewer 

Health V 

You kjui"* » r> V -^•.\ ;■ v..t.i ■.7)11* 

what and how " Thi\ n an iippon unity 
III gather mfacmaiMn, view sample 

Bid ask ((aeatiiins. 

Tati your knowledge nf safe tc > 

l«acticct and pan>< ipate m « piiaa 

Wedneaday. fchruary 1 1 

in»m lull »t.m ,AJ41a*h 

Invisible Minority Cay and Let 
^lan Pertoos on, Campus 

liihn Shaf ci , Dimcuir. Counseling 
SirrvKCK, Franklin College 

Thit imermtivc woiishup is dc 
itgnedlneduciMeeKliirfus ahnut g«> 
and leshian pwm and die issue* they 
f KA- •m t«wlsy'« Ltitlege campus 

Uthp Shsfcr. pnilcssHRial ooun 
\cU*f arhj college prufess^ir, will share 
perwmsl cipenences of growing up 

' un«i«:i%uii(lmg and 
\>*ns wh^i are gay or 

A tume for qucsdons nd answers 

will follow die woriuhop 
Wadneaday. February 17 
Ipjn io2 Wpin .A241aAb 
MnsqmUts. Grrrn Mcmtrys and 

Frrvi>Kts-me im Myiluamlfltaii 

M \ and Nancy 

Using a lively mieratlive format. 
pactKipanu anil esptim ihr felanon 
»hip hetwecr perststenl myths aNiut 

itKHI\"-M!>';i(ii.kmK «-i.lrf«i»iance 

rent ml'WTnaiMii on HIV tranvniMiim 
and pteventinn will he pracaed. 
Each participant » encouraged to 

identify and overcome bameri lo ut 
tng tafcr tcx strategics m his or her 
own life Responsible sesual hehav 
lOr ts the underlying theme of thii 

■niurKtoy.Februarylllll Vam 
to t pm . Sudeni Center 

fVactK-al Side of Safe Sei Oit 

HeaJltiServue Staff 

You know whvKil tio yim knovi 
what and hews ' 

This IS an .ip^vmimity to gather 
^iiftrmamm. view samples, and ask 

Test yimr knowledge of safe ics 
piKlioet and participate in a prirc 



At UPS wc recognize the financial pressures associated with coUegc life. As a 
package handler you wiU receive great pay. flexible hours, and an opportunity to 
gain the best work experience around for the #1 company in the package business. 

Here's what UPS has to offer: 

• $»-$9 per hour 

• Monday - Friday 

• Full-time benefits for 
pan-time hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 
3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 
5:00 - 9i00 p.m. 

• 10:30 p.m - 2:30 a.m. 
*Addison only 

Ap^Hcatiem ttkw « «w U« EB»lo»in«« Wet 
mi Lamtart Ave . AMmm. H. 

Tiwrai^r. 11 AM - 3 PM 
likMi •! Mm UPS EmptoymeRl Offict 
Raid mt Wcks M%. Patatim. IL 
WMMttf^r 1 pm - 3p« 



United Ptrct! S«rvic« 

IS an tqual oppponunity empioyor 

M/F - v;h 


1h« HortHngw.FabnMry 4. 1993 

Baby Boomers gain control 

Clinton takes office amid hoopla and spectacles 

CouNf faa Sotnci 

Ouraif ibc canptiiii. Cluiton "W«KK|gadllM«i)«.dlntlil.aid 

pranuMliontunilnMTV.aidhxiKL now n're gnii^ w dlin|e Ammca," 

MTVt Koct n Rol) Imniml Ml«ii|ii^tiawft«nA«cnnnl. 

"^^"■^""~~''^"""~'~~~"'^~ «■>>•!< of dK hoimiikkcii in Willi "htch rvm chicmd ha wife Ti|i|iai 

li'tofTiciiI ThcnKkfimUfoi infloa on maufuril luilu. Gore. ilUiu|ili ilighlly trsi 

««ian ha liken over dMWhiwHmit Chnian ail Ku wife dwwad ap rmtmtamally . 

AiPnudaiiClini<inniianllid)r IJncfyiilht(nunt:iclc«i(mflclu»Kr» Ttfifm Gom m^i:md mmtf m iht 

Hillwy Clmnn iwnofml dmiifh 1 1 |Mn> ■Hi Ink) ilw onwil thu he sitll mmic latkaWy widi hm canpu^ w 

■unfurii twtb Jan. 20. it biMiw a|^ Mie»ad in ihc Rack die Von cm )iu< winim|t> <in 

psca 10 inyoiie wMchmg the «a patgn that retnMml m maty young eiplii:ii i«n|; lynct 

■MWl 63.000 Mick IK iCTikn tuH voun Gun wiieriMd i 

tm ntwlniiiimii'iii w yiim in te 'I tnwgte ihii tiBi|i«i|ii tmtmim 1 kxnilwcullifi 

tfiffiBOH. wm yaw id hoe • hawr rMHW,'' he lit^- ml m hrlD vouni n>»i>lr fnul 


The uxoftofM pl«ytn( prcndni tad hebm inoiHliicing hi> wife mi 

delifhmtiliniatfiiiheiiiaiifHnibirib ilaoghMr. Cheliei. who miy hive 

hy )anmai( with five itiffenM hMiii- hMtttf hit filhcr In MniK of ludience >en k e ui hu >nau(ui«l sUteu, ( 

At the AfkuHU bill . he ir u ' Wiyii a l tafimm. ilw apfciM u> (he tudioKe to 

le)!en(larynxkmu»k.ianB«nE Kinf. ThefirMdnghMrhnikciMoawiilc Bifoivodtotinniialamijialilkaldtaigr 

who wme the wng. 'Yiuv Mnmrni jtnn M the (muM cnmd hefni k> 

Dcn'l Dmce mi Youi UkMy Dnn't chint. Thelw*. Cheliei. CHrbc*'' (he citin when ymi inv ind lh( col 

Racti'n'ltoU." Lmr.CluKanhiiifrw Eve»Vu.ePt<!iiKiciii ^KanxlaKc le|^ ohrreymimid*." )«■ uid. 

M>« noiei when he n>inr<i int ii tern nedio) with h« wife Tippei t vm RoKcinmuw; (h«t*r<iilml'« 

CbranccChmnnm wd leh E Sirrei « one hall ynungehrnther. pcrfncmeil ■ iwng « 

Bind on 1 venkm of Jinioi Bniwn t And. when the CMfat ihowed up M Ihe MTV hiJl. which femmid patot 

"NifhiTriia' ihcMTVhill.tfaevKefinadmwMkHi fluUKnt by pnpulit twKki 

CUnionwiiidf-dqincaMyitnul the ctdwiI like he wa tun cini|Mi(n- MTV'i (trifihKi logo f«i ihr 

llnibdKy.huinefninoMMidthepren ing. evemng wa the Whtir Houar. with 

ilaM ill it il right 1Htnodiokr»>wthii <lM«fiid<hcCl.niiiin (We ticket >imi Hcndnii veninn of The Stat 

hehaiMRieihingiufillbackanmciie wontacauMolyoungvMenlikclhaie Spmglcd Bumx' playing m Ifce hack' 

thtipraiitacyihtngiltteitn'iwaitoia." whoMMndadAcMTVNUUirwMchad flowKi 

Clemnicmc told repiifien Uie f«Mi«itMHi on TV 

The Heat Soeat CannKtion," a 
free infurmaiioe Mminw luned it 

:.<-ir hcai*. i> Keing held at Hapet 

KS m fttmne. im Woine«lay. 

, ..».«r) 10.»ii(p,m,»iBUg M.Rm 

For yam medw.-al eipeni ha>ee>- 
■wl-Z.Z17,„ JUmZ'r^r I»l«»dtheaj«marii,)nhetw«i™mn«t. 
m,e p^t ,0 n«d nw help m ^ ^^^^, ^ ^ *.A,.«™ of 

Ktilh BeiMbum. MD. will pmcm 
the liiru mftirmann on iha tanmc- 
(ion aid » plan fiir imnagii^ Man. 

Thu Mimna M pat of (he Haper 
I "llrfc fn€ Heailh Enhancement Se 

To regisur. pkate call ihe Htmai 
peritmnince UtwMnry a 7WI/W7 
mo, ni. 2M* 

-' \ 

f letH.ST 


Student Success Seminar Schedule - Spring Semester, J993 

Monday • Fabruary 1. 2:25-3:25, 
Tuesday ■ February 2. 1:45 2:45, 
Moffday - February 8. 2:25-3:25, 
Tuesday ■ February 9, 1:45-2:45, 
Monday February 15. 2:25 3:25, 
Tuesday - February 16, 1:45-2:45, 
Mortday ■ February 22. 2:253:25. 
Tuesday - February 23. 1:45 2:45. 
MornSay ■ March 1. 2:25 3:25. 
Tuesday - March 2. 1:45 245, 
Mortday ■ March 8. 2:25 3 25. 
Tuesday • March 9. 145 2 45. 
Monday March 15, 2:25 3:25. 
Tuesday March 16, 1 45 2:45, 
Monday March 22. 2:25 3:25. 
Tuesday March 23. 1 45 2 45. 
Monday April 5. 2:25 3:25. 
Tuesday - Apra 6. 1:45-2:45. 
Monday ■ AprU 12. 2:25 3:25. 
Tuesday - April 13, 1 45-2 45. 

Test Preparation Strategies 
Test Preparation Strategies 
Tips to Test Taking 
Tips to Test Taking 
Memory Techniques 
Memory Techniques 
CorKentration Strategies 
Concentration Strategies 
Curbing Test Anxiety 
Curbing Test Anxiety 
Time Management 
Time Management 
Strategies for Motivation 
Strategies for Motivation 
Test Preparation Strategies 
Test Preparation Strategies 

lips to Test Taking 

Tips to Test Taking 

Memory Techniques 

Memory Techniques 







AU seminars are free of charge. To register and to obtain additional information, cat 
Terry Donahue. 397-3000. extension 2210. 

■ • 1*>»Hat*>gmfi»bniarfi 1<W3 


The birds and the Thedam age of Hirtlng 

bees at Brookfield 

So)>nian(l>tiurpa«Mif.i)kKiw u 
•II when >i nmr* to Ma' 

Think «»«in* The fnlk< m 
BiookficM /oo (iiarmMt dK; can 
KJKh yuu > ihini m I'm* Omm H* wdij 
wwkl uf imKTeauan liimi^i Ac mo "t 
"Weekend for Iwoj." Friday Swi 
<%, Frhraar> i: 14. tcalahraiKinof 
VilctMsnc ' ( Oiy and i)K hinliilty uf tht 
faiher of iMUral tckxtxiti, Clivk* 
Dm in. 

On Friday. Frhniaty 13. • 7 VI 
pm Icciure. "The MatmgrianM," Kill 
ei(<kwc dK >r> htei uf p<«m> Md 
anaiMb Rcpmcniint die Mnmmw 
wartd of planu mill he t> Thomai 
AMonm. RaaaKhcr with the Oucafo 
Brtank Gankn Rrpreientingthcanj 
iMlkiRtdomvaiheOr Utter Fithcr. 
tarmef dnrcuv <jf iht Uacobi Put 
AnhcdicT rrunniilaMjiWi.aadlliMi 
who ha> wiKted ai RiDnkfkUZao lar 
]7 yean . w Jl ihare aneuluMf dMeai' 
vey the upa aftd dowiu «/ anaoaj ami 
•Jtiy played <Mt M Ao* two »i»|d 

A w»e and cheeae raccplKai will 
faOow die lecliiR Txktu an W (S4 
Im tmaktmU Zoo membcn. $3 fnr 
tMimi). Sudni ia bMMi ad ma 
valiaia an miiaiRd Fa* iKketa. call 
Brookneld /fw ai 4«^ 026 ). cM. Ml 

r>n Saturday. Febraary tj, 
Bmnkfirld /ao u^ will kid tmn at 
five ammab hniaea luaharc die Maany 
I abuui animal inicTKtHina di« 

r hehind cloud dnon (and tumc 

■ oneihibii'i Tlieac bw uun wr 
d ai the Mkiwuig (met - 

• tl ajn. The FragUr Kjnfdoni't 

• 1 2 p jn Padtydenn HcwK 

• li^m Aqualk Bn) Home 

• 2 pjii. Repok Houie 

• .Ipjn Trainc Wiwld 

What mt y^w likely to diKnver'' 

• The euKH. aSMe|iea dial alknt 
anakaa k> "do il' widmu arriM lo lc(> 

• "nie hwwhaelmg Ktcaiyk of a 
mak tapir, aptly named -Happy ." who 
regularly travel, from Pachyderm 
Honaot to Tropw Wiirld t an) hack ) »• 
•efVKc hia two fenuk main 

•The age-uU taga (if iomUv ynunj: 

• The liide known reality dial von 

omaraKteding dM aoo'aiww Sannan 
i'f>- 'i^a and «ww laopaRl eiiha). 

• r»« cold, hard facu ahnai rhoki 
(wcitnaneiea^ modHn live hMh In TO 
pound ha»<ca ■■ dM and oT 15 monih 
gciutKia perimfei. 




mrn and wonwn gait. 
of -K^ctrnfidmcr tjut Uau * 

Wf . .in Itmcit you how 

■Ilia;;!.. ^ 'KilrkanunirtK 
work **"il 111 A iraiti 

)™Mri-haM.Tolni"rt- ■.*»! 

ipHM)r<)>9>ik' ni<->i-.i>M't.. .11, 

' •u: tuturt 



( »> SmOtf. F«hnMin> I*, inmn 
can en^oy die "SwaaJ Myaleno of 
Un*." ai an elagaal champafm 'haflai 
hnaick laaate Braoklirtd /no't Oi> 
awwyCamiarhrtween 11 Warn ami 
I 10 pm Ticket! air tW (V* (» 
fkruokfirUI /*ir* metnlwr\i, ui .n 
cladad Kcaiaig la limiiird and ttta> • 
linm mt miiiind. fa ticketa, call 
Ki«MfefiaMZ»M4t5'03«^.c>t <«< 
ChampagK. Oanllc chnc»lair> 
white glove lorviir. and harp mu.- 
will put yKmi lover in the nviivt i» 
eaphac yow fiuiac tDgetha Gypiy 
pain leader AkaaMbwEau » ill aaaat 
y«i in daciptianag die myitenaa of 
hwc Thoae aaending die hniach cm 
wui andovermghl package ai Emlwiy 
!iuiiea. LotnhanJ, a pack^tr •■ dw Ftaaiy 
Font, which mcludeatHiketaandahMde 
ofc hmip a g n a . a make -over widi gifka 
ceamnca ham Manlyii Miglm C<b 
Mlwa of Oak Saaci. andadMe pnjaa 
Vmun an aakadloaMer via die .South 

FtvnwR aifannaiMiahnii Weak- 
end foe t.uven. call Bnwltridd /po al 
M^(IJ*J.e«i .15^ 

Bnxdtrield Zaa a hicaHd ai fxnt 
Avenue ami .M ai Saxi in tnoiirieU. 
IB jaat 14 aulca waai of di-wntown 
fTi a r n n . Tlla aoo u accoK ihk via the 
tla^ii— rt-SSl and Eiacnhowcr d 
2W) a*pR«a«ayt. Tn State loll way 
(1 24l).ll(irlin(iimNn>dKmct<mm>ii<T 
Ima. and PACE hua ktv., <- 


evcrytJungandycimMlMiig vn. 

widi «mk oOttt Pamat*. m One 
SdiaiaHhwg Ptaie and Flinmf m the 
Bnc Alt* Thcain m Oicagu BiMh 
who camoi he ugadm hccawa df 
tticir plaLc m ihe worU 

ft""-. 'ifttheidCT 

imytfiT" ■ p. <n affair wtth 

bn u'n'i iiaiivt. Anna ilulteiie 
Btnmhe) Anna ha> a Irmbk pj«— 
•■-i-f kilU hnnwlf wdi-t. <^' 
• or a ilwiMtnouii kwc r:'.. - 
Vi«i>n ■Kupert ^" .in, i\ 

anracudmihit' lehr 

haa come Inun i.-...^ »cil «] 

jualsd famly and ii faaanaaed hy her 
myWTKMa way* 

Ste^ihan ad Anaa'f af f airis f u' : . .1 
paaium and wat nngaully rair.1 .V 
I ' unul » waa edited u> an K raung 
IXn ' t k< the cati fool you. the movie 11 
MillcnHicandfullofpaaaion llkavca 
yon with a "Wcvw " 

Fbnmf u an Auttralian Hory of 
twii'cammgof age'prEp^Hhiinl teen 
agcn who fall in love wiUi each other 
dcapile Om m>a gtuddmea ae« iqi by 
diairactiiiola Rodliecnaanimiirwm 
Ihtir ichooli Danny ii an 
aioiaitiiiiaiod ncid whoanjnyi wafch 
mg naghy inaiead of idaymg it Hit 
(emale omiMfpan (whoae name a 
cape* awl u from Uganda. Afnca. and 
It alway> ciinceiiKd aliHil whal '< hap 
pcmng haik home 

Inatantly. dieit a m anraciwn he 

twien diem and rvcryunt finda icaaon 
tc» moik tlie4r relatiOft*hip Aa ihitlfi 
get moK icntiiM, owaie nika arc taken. 
ntmc dodge* ftnm leach-n. hall kad 
en and aacwity giiarda. Aldm^ m 
cianpanaon ID Stephen and AaiBa.die>e 
two have aopaaaHM. the fibn aBom lit 
M> kufh at uw nervouancai and fool 
I when we (Im 

Ai f«» the fini date rating 
f>iima«* Ahaoloiely not. Not un 
k*> you want to Mpuim when dK cfcar 
acien on the icTccn are tearing each 
Mher't clothes off. howling FUniim 
Ahaolutely II may hrrak the kx and 
allow you to laugh at younelf I give 
llMll r<bn> full price tickeu 

1^1 \ (ill Acquainted! 

What's going on on campus? What is 
there to do /j^rr ? Whai's up?! Find out on 
the What's Up page every week in the 


dful ilK- OKkc ■)! I nnillmcnl I>cvelopmrn( 

Incite V.iu ii, Attend Ihir 


StlluriAii fchriuirx yi, /VV.J 

'^ (HI a m. - I2:(K> ruHin 


• Rf|!i»"Jtion begins «i tt W , m , Pr..giam ^f:n- .,. ^ iki ,, ,„ 

• Mrrt Ijtulii. and turrem >iudenis 

• lev-" - ;■- ,• i\»iUhk majoiA 

• "'' •"»<) linan^ul aid infiirmaium 

• Tak< ur 

For additional mtormalion call 
the (»(!;>T ..I rnr,>ilmrnt r)<.ni ITM)*!?..^*!!. 

' " '• ' .1.1 II WI26 i.'w. 

A Drake Transfer Student 


Now... And Later. 


Ejith Wit. hundnnls <rf Har jht ftratitute^ Iranikr to 
IfcitMOf It I nivinity » Arlinaton HcigljU c^rotms to timipU t,^ 
llH-ir tvhhtliw s dvgnxt htckme RmMonlt i.« the ixwlhw,*.! 
iuliurhs Uotest. imitt cofnpn.-h«nstvi' univcr<.ilv 

H..rpir students Kathy WniNl ini |k,in l.iu tt il whv thu 
»Ik«»c KiuHrwIt 

-RowKwIf accepted all my Harper ctwiil*. and rujislrati. -n 
wa» a hit-e/c . Kathv wys The campu.o li«:ati»n was ideal 

' KrxMcvell gaw. tne a Kholarship Oan mpljinj. Ami all 
my Harp»r inrilits ivtre aciepfid I pj, („ >,l.j,|, i.k.. the small 
classes, and the lac t that the campus. . „«.." 

II yiHi'n- interested In iointn«t Komh i, ,iv« mjn^. 

iMKCetJhil Harper Mthknts. cuitk- visii u»or call an admtssiiiiw 
cuuiiKltir at 7(W 437 <r.»l«» to let i» help yuu plan v«yr tnmkt 

Albert .V. RoMo OtmpiH! 2121 ,S UiehKrt Kd 
\rlinut,.nMiii<hIs II filHWI.";- TON 4.J7 »»l>mi 

Roosevelt University 

ICipi . 


It \i.i; re ,111 (Tul.standing 
Kiliiimiiiitv colk'ljt' studf'lil vr)ii 
i>i<ler apf)l\ in« (<>r t me cl Drakf- s 

' • ■-tt>r simleiils .A(.)|>h Idt 

-■kI«iIi<iI roinniunitv 
.up Ttit" stholrtfship!, \iiiy nil 
■ I iwivs off later 
iHir larwr. 
V'l.lKaiiU must Ik- c*jlii|,)k'tini{ <] twtj H'.ir 
pt. 'tr.iin .il ;i t imnHiimfv o)llt'i!<'. have a 
.uituil.iin. itxnv. t)e d fullliim- 

Mu.lfiiifi:!. v'T'^ifv in the fall 

I'l !W:i .iinl li.ivf dt'iii'Mis' (ship 


Fid voiif .ipplnatioii diid iiKire inkiriiiatiori 
call thf r )fh. e < ^ Ai-lmisM. .ti i- m1,w ;« .'llf. _'7I iLSI 
or 1 mi4A t>R\M 



VtsiBirv 1.11*.! V)'li 



Th«Harbinoar.Fob<vjary4 1903 9U 

A & E editors offer a fresh 

What's up? 

Dumif ihe Clwuanu hiuk. i(iu>e 
■ few ch<ngc« mvn bcmg made m the 
Harbntti ii t w MMom . Om ai ihom 
chmga wu the acceiimca of Ame 
Kovtltki and myKtf . Mcbtu Rliodc. 
M Ikt cdikm of the Am A Enienain 

Bcint nx>kic>"iBliwjounwlnni 

dupotmnu. Anne Bxi I m l>n|iint lu 
hrmg « fresh §pptwth to A A E Oiff 
fnun gntl It tii pkjue yiw, md Iherv 
mi niffcstiau nn how w« on im- 

pfmctwrikilbandihacpit**' lOMi 
f mJ fm Id iknp jnmr uletn nff in the 
ncwiTOoni. hutldiiif A ^^'^ 

All around town... 

At DeVry, careers take off. 

,*T»J»-T- ■'jf'"<iMn- V 


• i^. 

about luccns. 

m cut *<H> >* 


(313)»2t-*SS0 (7M)«S3 2000 

Join a club or an ofi|iinizatlwit<! 

WhCM Sig« UngMir riirt Gay. UiitMi Md Buextial Sludentt 

•>( Hwpn Cheer1etd«r« (mat* aai fawalctl 

Th« Bazbinqar .-■'.erit..-^ Ou» Sp««ct) Team 

ivu.. tto» Ks:;5n8 soaatTT 

rOUTMU Miam ('in i-n;»<na tVw) 
Stop AIDS Harper TItMMf Geolc«y Club 

and many mani^ many moml'f 
See the Siudeni Actiwttes ©Mice m bMg A lof more into 

■ ■ . 1 .lr>nk 
sj». . . . ■ ;(Tt«m 

iMiii«i<Soihci«c*h^pf)cning> Hi-lp 

m fniding new placet uftcofntng 

■ -I'.ng ■tiilitMmaJ mfcw' 

' mtM:h If ifnret lalcd 

' -'-(VoulidMttnA.'Ml'i'dhc 
cr Office) 

.-■ !„^ f^A J 

^n E 

Ihe Hig Kahvaa. ""''■ ' 
Algomfuin RujKl. Arlmgtum i - 
ten « fww vivc uf enacftMniTicMi. 

with •'^ledtno rave' iMTiy aMliinan- 

Durfj Vat't Icnures l.*.- i. 

«<■ thi.tT^*^.K' njundtiil the M-« 

hegifl -t ' [Mn itirvi* rt««; mij rxvi 
i^ftutm *ho« he(m» •« W p m . <'>pcn i« 

,-* f 

. '. ..i.Ml«!W.l(?^W«MaiOf 
''.,'iir<'. Ifujiaumhurg. pincfUi 
H ■ KKTr. (I'jtm ii,tv ■' LhiiikSi 

TMr»Juh ; ■ 

WMirwali ■ T:h»c«l 

li - ,^^- '.jvr- .'nu-rMjIimeWl 

••..«- ..-i.,f#*, 10 
rkr Rig Kakm* hagw "tatlirt ' 
ai )£ ht ' T nicn h? aJftemauvT n hi Jafv c 

Honors Society Meeliny^ have '" 

I -,r -. 


Meetings are ai 3 00 prrt ►^v"''. w^-I'm-. 

Building F f 

Daily Herald 


On campus. 

frulayFth 5 

• itlliJMl.'i*— lt.B.wrdmi A^l^. 
I »I>m 

!iMiir*ty. Fth A 

•Cliri«Unj» spints rwiic. '*llea«ly 
WUt Hw BrW," M • UUm-tl rrvlie <it 
natKNtal and ChKago p«>litiit and 
pc4i(»lc . prrfiwTticd by the t'hit a|[o Bar 
Aia«KLaittm TH.ketiarrS^'Ludct 
dmncr prwe lu pcrformamc (all the 
HarfMir So* Office it >>^ vmo r.i 
2547 (or reKtrvattoBt. 

Monday F'*" " 

' Slam (he t'lvtt Rlghlt HtaWri- 

<iniipl>y.g<>mft<>nUtri<u|!hFeh 11. 
Hutdmg F 

• Heart Talk, a group for cardiac 
patimu. family and fnend» The pru 
j(raniheginaal'^ l.5p-m tnthe Human 
Perlottnantc Lab. buildinit M 

Trntday. Feb 9 

• Thi* wveit'c vidai" Artkle *• 
I K I Vtdrot art playc«l on Tueadays al 
4pm aid Wednesday andThundayat 
tpm onihebigicfcenTV,ti|Mitairftui 
building A. 

WrSiej<iay Frh 10 

• BkmlDrtve.inA:4:.« Miim 
\ Wpm 

• Danny (iitover wilt be perfortn 
ing "An K«enlng with l.angaon 
HngiMMa Martain l.uther Ktng. " m 
huildini; A a) "^ Ml p m 

1 Movie Times... 


In ill 

««>* I hinder Road 

■ ► , mil 1 45 3 4"; 

f r>rr¥er tamm ' ' 

5 45 7:45 <» 50 

/'.;ll««»« ?*>< '■ 

. .,<<erei,.ff*i;fin.i nofnoK'"' 

s fnj ,: ! .\ '- 



I tr.if- 

fi.«l> .»/ fviiii't .• 1 I'i';;il 

HamtAhmrZ 2 l-'^iKt 


'\.- ir,. rU 7 '" i W7 ny4<1 


KandhunI Shopping Cci.i.-! 

1 ■ 1" N A ( 1 M N 1 BV 

Matmet H» 1:055-107 l^'Ci' 

fjUlint A Kan.: ^ 

//rje.< 5<10»» 

llifBfdyiimir,: "M^ 

Alive I 3()4 15 7laiSi \0 

Atpen BMIremt ^ ^' • ■' ^" 

A «iwr Dims Throagk ll 1 » 7 (Kl 

AFrwCatniMfni *l^< 

Aladdui 1 flO ':«» 5 «» 7 (10 V («) 

8«fy>y£v«iwe <>'^> 

llitmrAlimrl 215440705 


,v,:»*<w i../fwi 1 w t :< < ."; •> :^ 

4'* M.. H.gan Avenue 

• >* 1;00 4«)7<IO|»:00 

/w... .,..J.::« 1 153 'in -511 'Kl 


fVCrywgCaair lM'>:iS445 

uNt -< M \i M.H R(; Pt AC*' 

7 15*45 

1 WAHiggintKoad 

1 l.rtmt 1220 ;:40 5:107 (On H) 

Strmci,!^ ■"■- ■ ' *•' ^'' • >" 

4^ . :,. 

iHKMisii mix 

Dowwr . ••'.-'■ 

("•UN f.-.> 

roeaarfyji-wd :-itj4 4«7aJ'*5o 


4.p«f«f«r<«ir ; W<«17 Kl<»^4< 

M like Xtmr 

t.-mirsMalmiaitMimiir : S'^iKi 

7 15*10 

1 . '■^ 


\n.,:. . . ;7M'*.4I) 

DiKtHini mi>v n: iHkct^ (.an be 

pwdMaMd m aih am. c !iif miiaHhoiM 

Timea may vary ai «f Thunday, 

in Ihe Hapei Km OSfux m Mdg I 


Call 444 FILM for moR deiaib 


f Sl.'^O to $300 per «cck viorWinp p.iri lime sound-i good, then this A 

the job for you It nou pos^-ONs jn .m.-'iino p-rsontliu ^irc niolivated 
l^and relnblc. Ihe n.iil> Hcr.iM I u 

Don't kniKk voursclf out worWinj: l>'r n-^ it' .m n.«iir 


$10.00 pet hour iluring irjininp. then coniniiv'.i'>n 
-Rcxibic hour!>: 5 p< ' 

Mon<l;iv throutt 

') M\ ,( in ihr.'iu'li 1 p in '■^.i' 
( your choice i>t .til \hitt% oi jih i -i ■ 
Hxccllent Bonu'« liiveniive progi.iin>. 

•Rolling Mcadowv ItKauon 

-Easy Mies in a rela5ed jimosphcrc 

Weekl> pay out^ 

II you want to gain valuable sale; experience and make a lot of ca5»^ 
^ doing It. call Dave at; 870 3470 Monda> through Thur^da> 12 ^ p m' 




Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanner Monster-Bed 


Smgle. Double. Triple 

•■paral* Supae High 
Spaod F»c« Tnnnars 



(1 2 Bloc* East of Moaeham on Algonquin) 

ISM E. Algonquin IM. Schaumburg 

Plata 0» Lu« Floraa 


■ 10 ihe Moit3*x»w.F«txv«rv 10. 1W3 


Hei0 Wanted 


For Rent 


W* art Isoting lo' pcrtonatil* 
Iritndly mtn 1 •omtn Is an 
tatr phoftci lor our cMonlt and 
lypa m»'\ rttpontoi Typing 
ikilla and a footf tpaaliin] toic* 
nacaitary Ptu umt'fuU- 
!im*'\OtytE'>a>iifigand Woatand 
poiiliofts avadaftl* Ml Ptct 
pad location Call 701 29t 
7034 lor appoinlmtnl 

looking tor summat amploy 
nam' Sacura your potilion 
aarly lor oultida pamlmg craai 
Eipananca pratanad oitl 
train Apply Now' Contact 708 
231 I3S0 

Paid lor shopping" Undar co»at 
eujiomari obsaiva amployaai 

M'F poi tlOOO Itoui iButt 
hava a car !S7 laoo 

Nutrition lor tha biaift Did you 
kfion iXat ttia (igM conbinaiion 
ol iritamini, mmartla, Narbt. 
and amino acid* can halp im- 
prora ptrtotiaanca' TBY FO- 
CUS NOPIltSM79l-6SI Siti 

lliru productt usad by Irainart 
athlalas. doclori Waiglit loss 
• itlioul drugs, daniai or dapn 
■aliofl L*an nuicla gams ■iili 
pfoiian atlacliya non siaioidai 
lormuialion 701 <S8-S3$I 

Gold lion Kung Fu Its a combina 
lion ol poaar and illusion, puts 
Gold Lion m ill onn class Tttis 
Cliinasa art usat ralaialion 
contusion and daeapiion as pan 
ol lAis ptaclicai and «aiy da> 
aalaling martial art Palatma 
class suits January 30 Call 
Gold t>on ;o».4?7.0S17 

Elaclronic la« I'linj ■illi tOlOai 
only Hi 9S laii-Financiil 
sariricas 708'ai?-Sgt8 

2S yaai old. non-snoliing SWM 
looking lor samt to shara 2 bad 
'ooffl aparlnant with locatad 
at S3 and Dunda* EXCELLENT 
location' CLOSE TO HARPEfi 
$272 OC i hati utihliat n>c* 
apailmani m a good araa. 2S3 
4703. ask lor John or laava a 

Saaking patsiin lo rant a room in 
nty homa Nan - Smoking. No ust 
ol alcohol 01 drugs Palalma 
(Dunda* and Routa 12> t2S0 00 
Plus daposii Cill35l-71I8al- 
tar tp in 

For Sale 

N#« Arctic Gal Snowwobilas 3 
91 Witdcals 1 '92 Wildcat 
Pficad to ntoira"! 8tB-8849 

Oi»a Faculty Adyisor inaiclianja 
tor a girltnatia lor tn* foitot 
and Chial aid a iistt prinl»! 

Harbtngar Nans Edilo'. make an 
otitr no saniibi* otltr wilt ba 
dtclinad. Fra* willi purchasa. 
niliy hji Willi grail mustard 


9 loVing aittmatilt u 

diffuuit timt. Dlcjst 

tonsiJcr pUcma wur haby 

tottl) m Wt un>€V8tanS 

Uk IoM ani strtngU] Oil* 

BiiJ ufct. tmi tK promist 

iintr babv totll tniop a 
ttitiimc of ioit ani bappi- 
nt»e U*e art (itidntullf 
«ture. committrt w tittf 
otiftv. faratlv anJ higher 

cducdtuTn ?U>i.ipitd big 
ttrotiKr jfi Ok II js adopted 
Musinsj wtJI tttlwmt iwir 
Ikibt'. flttSical, l^gal. an* 

C<>uti8tlmd PJid ^411 
l.uf^ and J^Tjjn 



E»a( batn lo Haidalbaig' Its 

•■sriRV ME"" 



9:15 P.M. 



EXT 2460 

ROGER ROGER on Tyanswaring 
mactiina i( you usa iha aihola 
lapa again Im going to scraam 

R D ■! wish I was m M build 
tng* now click your boots lo 
gclhar 3 i: (and watch out lor 

btokan ii ia;T. > 

Happy Trails to you 
Harper Ari» PROVE ITi 

Whoa Phil Watch out lor dat 


S . W« fflist you< Glanviaw Na- 
val Air Station 

Cbtiily Tha naw nights out ata 
Tuasday and Thursday'' Aran't 
you supposad lo ba m class Ihan' 

Lional A laca any Wutli could 
ba proud oil G'Day mala 

P ara you gatting good racap 
lion in Ihal room'' 

Oh Gloria (yust whan you 
thcughi it was sala lo raad tha 
Harbingar Again) Wa hoard that 
you wantad lo do your Imal ra 
port on Iha history ol Iha Iran 
sition tram Newtonian lo Nuclear 
physics and thair lalalionship to 
current social allairs in Gar 
many »K»atdOK We ara look 
ing lorward lo it 

Ml Pale, how sil gom Missd u n' 
klats last weak did u bring urh 

P T 


Harbinger Editor and Chiet. Itee 
to good home Cute tannble. 
Adorable little lace 

Adopt a Harbinger Sports Edi 
tor. Congratulalions its a boy' 
add a little laughter and eicita 
meni into your home Sports adi 
tor likes lo play baseball, ha 
just needs someone to teach hin 
how 10 catch 

Hilt Uii>< Ich habe gelallen und 
ich kann mchl herein gehen 

frit; Now does Ihal sound I. ke 
a Spanish name' 


The International Students Club 

First Meeting 

Friday Feb. 1 9 at 7p. m. 

Building A. Fireplace area 

1 1.5 a Small •"orld after all! 

Leave a message my 


Th»Harb*ng« f«bfuarv4 1993 !)■ 

Hawk Wrestlers 
still undefeated 


rt^mt m tlk*nMi Cmmu 

■A«* Clwan inmfa ««i *» rUMttor nViTi gonw ivolrMf Cefcv* Of OiAip* 

Women's b-ball loses despite 
big showing in second half 


Spo>tt Eaton 

Dm MM sf dK iNM. liM Udy 
HmtIs arftd TaHdrqr'i (anc « 
ixfydiMppDiMini Ini bCottcft 

the Kwe ««• 5«-M. Ai Ihe 
half Hjtpo WM MMd 25 7. IM 
Uiey cane back in die wccnd half. 

'TIm MGond kair wc dad natly 
idanmbcr 22. )uUc Cra«<n 

Laatf ntKocn fw UK |niK woe 
Krinn Rodm. 17 pomu. Kclt> 
O'Conner. woh 1 2. ml Craven, had 
10 DnmaLaabailoliadwianim 
to help oat te Man. 

~Thm •■• joM • IM cw ihc baa 
kct." Mud iim Ryan, rnrwlmawr of 
iniramuraia. ahoui ttic game 

Coach Jonifar loiMii laid ihai 
the um plqwd a gnsai MKOnd half 

e«cn llnash Oiey IKK halinl on 
rahnmdii^. -^e m 
ntaondcd 43 24.--<hea, 
Twaiiy of COD ratmindi wan 
fwmi *eir nfTengive ndl. 

TV Womoi't Batkcthall wain 
•ill hr playing lonighi ai Tnuai 
Cnllcgc al 5 p m 

Thu Sauiday ihe Lady Hawks 
win n«cl Id Oittn lo fla^ Sank 
Valky at 2 p in Tueadvy Ihey will 
play at •kirm agaiiM hibci ai ^ p m 

"nmHmrmwmttlmt turn can 
(riDw immk dK cnmpEii 
arnXmimmttm mmm. canfkkn) 
dial any foal tfiey lei can he reached 

Ttii* paa< ■iatwday. die Hawki 
1 10-0 m dual maca plua rwo nviu 
iinnal chimpicadupt) mvclled i« 
Muakegcin. hlidugan wKh a perfect 
her five jmnr onB^p iram m ihc 
cowmy. aadiwpath. 

"We have a preily good 
chance of aellin); 
everybody to nalinnals". 
Tom Raines 

They came hack id niinuii after 
fcav ngCuyahi^a n) iwoadn eann 
I (Vatd RaiHdi and Muriiegai I n dmr 

Acaadng <o Dan Lopran, at 
•lalan Hawk ooacii and fcamiT Harpn 
wraader hunrcll. "Saiinday wat Ihe 
haideal (cainipciiiian) all year ~ 

The wrciden uaned die day hy 
easily handling Grand Rapidi by a 
Koee of M V. and «ian aqiiaaked by 
M<uketan22 II 

TV lau and agughesi ji<h of Ihc 
day came when the Hawki. ranked 
munbs 1 1 in die cnunuy before the 
meet, finally mc I up widi Cuyahoga 
The mahrh up waan'i aa ckiac at 
wnuld be expncicd however, and the 
Hawka came out winnen al the end 
27 17 

Tom Raffle. 9 aa an individual 
wtaadn f« die Hawki. Iikea what 
Ike Ham hai been doing all leaaon. 
and hai wme high hopei fi« die neii 
few weeki •'We have a pirlty gmxl 
chance of gelling everybody k> na 
uonali." kjy< Rame 

T>iat'i<iuilc aprediaKin. bu dien 
agav.. diai'a qimt a team 

Track team begins practice 


Spwti [tJ.iO( 

Swimmers heading into 
end of long, hard season 

The Hapertnck team begin dicif 
ivKlicc im Mondky wuh (he largest 

Head cnach Rcmc /y:llner u ei 
pectally impRawd widi die numbers 
of kmg diaianct nancn and weight 
inen Huwcvcr. /cIIikt a ijiuck » 
poinl «w ika leani dgea have anne yean leanu 

weak arcM In panKular. Ihc lean 
couU uac more men s spnnicra and 
any female athletes. 

According to /ellnor (women's 
head ooach foe 10 years and mens 
Vadcnach for tfijee yean 1. die mens 
ami wianmt leamj . -v ho placed rim 
and sccimd in dw region tour cham 
pianahipt Ian year tctpu lively . kxik 
sannfer all amnd ornnpard lo lai< 


Even with snialler numbers ilian 
uaual , dK Harper I wiffl teams hope a> 
repeat at rrgnaial champsons as die 
>e*.<nn draws ii> a ckse 

Head co«h Uardm Aukeman 
defimicly likci Ihe taknt he sees «i 
dus year s Icam. even if Ac numben 
areni tw same "Wave (oi sonur 
((ualiiy on (hit team, htiier dun last 
year. " 

The iKancns leam n 4 whik 
the men are 11 Aii.mling t» 
Aukerman. die laama hodiuvld very 
ciaiN hecoaaalemdflBearihclteatn 
die nation if only noRjuniorciiIlege 
atadoua wia ikl come out for ipiins 

A» l«r « («i*lung in a jur 
IS unuemad, Aukennaa 1 1 • 
"You'K aJwayagomgU) !■.--.. ,,.-, 

Of die swimmen preaently .m the 
learn. Aukerman iay< the team has 
btlwcxniii amleighipKipk wh-vi an 
compeie widi nearly rvrrytmc tn ih*- 
legKWi and probahly m die naiioniK 

Cocaplains Iim Gieselcr ami 
Siaiy thns*. hci agree ihai aftn a Unig. 
iirmg seaixm (which began m Sep 
Kinhei>. dieae Irams are hndi beoer 
than lactyear. even wiHinnalkriiam 
hers Gieseler is tjuKk k> puiiM out 
dial die very heal pan »f die <ea*nn it 
yet m tame, hnwcvar 

Thoac on die warn who qualify 
willgoioFi PkRcFlundtMach l 
6 fur die NIC AAr 

Hawk Focus: 

Wrestling Is ramilv business 

J? step ahead 


Spofj foiior 

With die end of iV winia alh 
Ink scaaon coming c beer lo aa end. 
Harper addries are suit working had 
Uconpicie die seaun m gmal stand 

TV Women's BatkelbaU team 
playi Inughl a Tnun at ^ p.m . 
IbUowed by dw Mejii Baakethall 
game a 7 p m nayoig a Sauk Val 
lay a Diaon will be dw Woman's 
liuma2pm.o(iFetiniaryA Hoataf 
Mia. hMh baakataU aam wd te 
plignngaiaaallimaaorSpm ani7 

Holding dieu puaiuon in die up 
pan of die N4C die Wieatlmg lean 
will oompeie un Sanrday, Fatmay 
I } in da Elfflhuisi Uuak 

TV Swnnmaig teana wiO Vavd 
ID Oucaco to twim agaaai ia Uh- 

versily (if Chicago, rm.l<, aid ihe 
rUmoix IntdUle of Teatnolagy on 
da Buidi. Siaranf ume will V a 4 


TV N4r All Academk Kan 
memhora for Harper hat haen ai 
noaiced Franklin Hammond, font 
baO. and Robert Vonan. golf, ae two 
mambcrs of die All Acadenuc lean 
Lyneia Novy. viilleyhall. is on tV 
Htmai Lai. Harvey Culver, fool 
ball. Robert Mis. forabaO. aid John 
Randar/o. s<, all made die 
TnMec'i Lisi. F,nn Hanley. volley 
baB. Enc Kemp, soever, aid Nicole 
Lcglmno. Knna. are die members of 
da Deal's Lai To quabfy for die 
N4C All Academic team, a aaakni 
adUea muai paas a nunimum of 12 
hours widi a 3 OOOPA and a Icna m 
afaO tpon 

Oood luck ID all wmier aiMetca 
aid uiim win g tpnng aiMaaa bom 

.Ncpc«ttm i» alive anil well and 
" ak ! III! tnmads nn the Karpei Wica 
• 1 ,; nam There are pknly of ei 

Glen McOowan u 11 1 pniada IS 
die older hnidicr of I M pounder Pw 
McGowan. Lenny P jpp a 1 67 is da 
Cwm brodMT of Larry Pnpp al 177 

- '■ ' "''■ ' ' f ' ' '" ' '■■ '.1h- yvnuigcr 

" 'n-li.aHaiper 

■'■■■:■ '' ij. Sieve Bakey 

1 ^ I is dK younger tmidierof (nrmer 

I irficr sta EiK- Bakey. 

ferry Keams at lltOdneMi'! hsvc 
« txmhcToonnectjuBUikiimwi hui 
he did wresUe In Harpo - 
liwclace sik^aik t$r 

ll'saregula fwniit 
Harper And Coach L^^v 
cianiilainuig about u 

"W'etuve an awfully IixkIot' i 
lling cspericmi: im thii !<:»»., 
Uivrlace sanl "We have wrenleji 
who arc a lade otdcr and Uiey are 
more IlKiaed Theac guys are here 
heiaiMc diey want Ui V Vre Mtiti- 
vaium IS not a pmNem widi ihn 

Phil Man h II one of 1.4>velace's 
few recjmers TV sophomore will 
drv^ a weifhi down ui I5II to midic 
Rian for die lalenicd Imny l^lpp 

Man Haye* a a true heshman w 
1 26 and da (ormer Roll mg MeaJowt 

(annytonp. tiT pound 

High Schivl sur is "a f^iteniial All 
Amencan" acxTding to t^ovelace , 

TV Hawks are loaded a Heav) 
weight Frank Hammond. Mali 
Ruckonain. Mark Kadcr and Mano 
Ramirez Jason SUn. should Vlp 
oui al 190 and Tom Ranc adds 
support « 1 1 g 

'1 ' vc never had a leam get work: 
dunngdKyea Weal ways get tat 

Upcoming Harper Sports Calendar 

«B« m*n,Sut,lball SW twummuvi »«« m-ne, . Na,i,if«// WH ^rrslkng 






Feb. 4 

Feb. 6 

Feb, <) 

Feb. 1 1 

Feb. 12 




IwnTie rpm 

















home Spin 

Look at A Step Ahead for times and places or contact the physical 

education office (entcntion 2466) for more information on events 

»• • 



IhaHortMngw F«biua»v4 1W3 

Enough already! 
Chicago is ready 

*m[hl aijisr '' "I- iA^ ^ 'u tp« 
;:>l)y ItK l>kil» imm A UK "t 
po^ an cmi^ama^ of fyimp- 
loro: lamn'n.ufy ad vactfenaia' 
yahoDtnn « uiy BwW af •■ 
Coohoy*. •anna fcuJniiwy (w 
dull and tokoai team, md ««m 
M>uii«crwtM la laqi mitani w«iir 
Tkoc ti «■> knoom cure. (Ml WRM 
houKwio** n»tl**l wiKtint n 
IMM of TtButy S w i wihim . 

Lit !> 4>uwt-w 4 ^iAut rKai tfv>' 
dear to m> hmt tWkrj In »n> 
fivcn ye«, I'll pcJi thv B<»tiin Rru 
uu in •in ihc !Uaide)i Cup. bw I K« i 
tony ■»«■»{> tichaailkackrv lin' 
tTw BtacUMvl* k*«e iMni pli^ i". 
vtfy wcB ikk teaHM. ha mt\ ^ <i> 
peifccdat]«kMc«l> Ik'ukftvihn 
to wm ikMcur divtftKin Kj4 fadr m ih% 

cvoy WW Md Hmm, tk? WtO t cai 
ihaik nf a fa* Baltalolan «tio «« 
• liRk dqsamnl ( Md 1 ft« dolUn 
pana. I mi(lw kM) I'll idnM I 
undmtionMcd iJw onmsiw out 
put uf the rc»*Niy*. hut *tu> t\ 
pccitd ihcm lu K»n> 52 (now' I 
•rill p*i mytclf an Ihc hack for |M 
unf the Rilb Ktmt ri(lM 

I'm piTii> <UK y«ia R tick >if 
Itcanng tDnui die Super Bowl by 
mpn. *o I'll mm* cm i» aandMr 
iDpanriwo I'd tike i» tun wall • 
few prcdK'tKms im the fexl uf die 
spurting yen The t«o hsmwiown 
biacMI K«nn each ntadc wm* in 
MI M ^ m (df Mawa awoia. Tha 

Thia diciam it hMh inod aid 
bad On dM nod tida. Iht Cafea 
•avcd attack badof calk by attm- 
npiBifliaa They can lac the moBcy 
to pick up a (rw tnid ikill k«cl 
playcn ui uienf ihcn iheir rieUii^. 
The bad nc»i u ihM the AiImm 
Biavct arc no* • kxk u> win Aa 
NaHoml Ua(uc pennant Eilter 
way . die Cuba w ill du no baacT dua 
Kctmd 01 dies dniaiai 

Tht While Sn% ha«« baen one 
movaaway 6«n the Wr<ien t>ivi 
tion cnnn (or never al leaMUM. ami 
if Bo Jackxai can make a val>ial>lc 
comnbwkai cm due playni fatU. 

The moral of 
the storv is: 

Keep the pros 
on their own ply- 
ing fields and let 
the amatuers 
bask in the glorv 
of honest compe- 

I'm (omg to lawc dM KalU ami 

aiali af my nMndahnaiRiy vcrtkm 

TttllBMkaaiaicanek.I'd like 
lo ^kmt a ni|#u»iai« I had Mw iMtief 
cvcaang Due ta the nfliu nf \m» 
ana Ha: (Myaipac*. die KX- dccKM 
ID aciacit dH addeica ai a way dM 
aw iiaiitac ladle }«n^ ackeHaai piO' 
caaa. acKiaB* of Ike lack of auacai. 
Ike O aaaaa mm ram:clled. 
tlM nwnd of dua aury it 
Kaapthcpmi in die vown pla> 
taffiBUkand ki ib^eaUmatcuQ. 
baak wi ilaa glory Wj"^ 

At a glance 

To ■■» iir noi to wai'^ 

Tkai 'm die <|uaawai l«« (he RuIU dm 

After wimii»i|t •" *■''■ ' ■ u'«ai«*iip 
two i't«ii«4' ubi c ;. ' ' f hm* a 

ckaiKC ai uipmiibii ~ « siiielbcy 

kav* a ckMKa kM ail]| dicy a*s il and nai 


There arc many Iwaa* tcadiiig u die 
poafiMc fatlof ^)uca(o'towR"t>■fla>'• 
Onc dl dictn B (he fail thai wlicn any ic^r 
ma laH dw DuDt. »vu a iiikt twice bi a nm 
the team gati a Imlc ctaty. 

Tkey hc«««»w twcKiaifidnit and fcrliew 
or know that ihe> w ill captuic thai title again 
And dun's die pnibfena Bcmg at cnnfnkai 
aadiey are.ihcv tun »un't«ccm lownekai 
hard at dicy utually do a iIhiuM. 

Dnn'i get me wmng I like iIk BmIIi and 
tkey do play a gncal game, but they |uai have 
10 kaap their hcada m the ganaa and not 
tlHwkarc. They nead to be • IMe meat 
aoanaiaaa tliai't all. A lada kaid wait and 
an aitra puah haa never kan anyone aaid ai 
ikc end it pays off. 

Having a few at ttm aaai d a iit on dM 
icara njiaaldtcy'vchcgaaiBiirffaf Scmm: 

! o d » i j a of OiAiBa l>kiya<< 

Men's basketball plays respectable 
game, but loses to DuPage 77-55 


Wiih only utiXM i i na jk m 
on Om! team Ik* Men'a B a ak aWiaM 
kge af VUfft m Ttaiiday. 'Tkc 
Hawki were only down ky 22 pniMt 
widi a tmaJtMet of 7T.«.a)0 

Dunng die fint half Harpcc wa> 
out lehmaidid J3 1 1 . Tlic shut aelet 
lR«i wat good dantgh rcf ainmg dK 
ball WB> »ff A^cnedtng m Awiuani 
C'«'ia£-h Mak Hudaun. ihe liKiaiuwe auk 
of die game ■ dun they w«rcdna« hy 
m and came kack n kal ky liaa, 
diimg Ike fmi half 

"We muldn'i l>i:>kl iJiejn delan- 
•i»cly,"«udHoi..«(l n«>hadai: 
piNM kad at di* halt, when die Hawk* 
were waannc mu 

-Wc pla^Ml fiw gi>y« die faal 
half anil five maniiaca inui du: aetiand 

half it kiukad kkc 11." kc canMHcd. 
tlta Hani amid kaiely uac euksunaaa 

diBaif dw game wkik CHO uaad 
abnonapnnjicdeep Huwardaaal 
tJtai d ia aMgh w> r to. uic a game well 

The badMif pliyei f"» die Hiwk» 
onTamday waa RiaJy tluinhen . who 
Kiaed 1 5 pmntt. Noi far bchiml » i ih 
14 piiMlta waa IW' 
Sloan Btidt Sam 
Oarwith and kbkc 
poinB wkcipaai 

can do die name ai lac t time duiy 
ptayaddion '"rm kxikmg forward to 
a food game Tkanday." he mcn- 

Tonigkl't game at Triton will 
begn at 7 p m Un Tiataday dwy «dl 
mum home k> hoal kdtct after die 

Wiioicn'i game at '^ pm 

The oailook 
kioki pniiiiva fw 
Ike team aayt 
Howanl If yoa 
•lick with a gaine 
plan, you can play 
•ail." ke coaam 
uc4 in miigki'i 


See page 11 for 
coverage of- 

Women's basketball 


Eye on the Hawks 

every game or lo OTd it la iwt kcalin^ ..<. " 
ikcaild. Sbwdnaml 

AlaD«>Kk lohnKnaaniadof die gamadoi 

to kiwie Magary dat ckcmislry ^ the wam la 
daaaraoM. Tkaakaviag BI Armtamg itan 
w%, wkadl tikea away fmn thi hmt'h «< '<>>«, 
dursig a gamc'. 


npimi *»'iirti I '1 

to Chicago 
ihr* wm land 
and over 

worke4. «tm 

ply throw [Rg SHBHHnBSSwSSi^^S 

da: uxatc u( d» aaaam off tnu' I 

So, dat qoaaMai I am aak .' 
Baili*da«c-p«a«uinM?NooRr . .^ 

bal Ifca poaaikdidat cd faliut« weign hra< kt 
d l a ai M h u n ti'iuptodieteamandaiaikhanl 

HiAian Cmbou 

Spent !:»'(.» 

Dumig dat paal week. Headwr CariuU and 
I kaint keen syiag u> rmd a luhjcci for our I'iru 

ducKag erahaam dm we like «o cat) 'Ckic on 

Wcncadcd In find mmethmga^ ilia ag niad 
<! Wc naaded lo fuid aoRidhing uin laaikn 

""Jd be ialMMad iiL W« anadad in rmd 


.-*.^^t.41^ ThcaC a 


I Tuatedic 

' i u-am thai e vtryhoiiy otai 
ihlcjc^l U) tw iins. ol llie best ever laai year, 
dicre doeaa 't iccm lu be much conTideiax ui 

'DaB...'--;! -^v... 

Sara, dicy had haen a litdc bit Ktaud M 
Ivegm Ike aaaaon. 

It's idao not lougk K> ftgwc oui diey've 
|Oi Ike kmgcal cgoa in the NBA 

iUbmamiy diey'tr yred They've i^ayed 
mmc garoea die lati two aeaions Uian aiyimc 

Bid dieyaMthrag|aMi.aa>ianing Michael 
Ionian «ay t healthy 

1>iu paat .Monday m^ tiK H>.'l> piA^cd 
agaaud the l^iah fa» Li^ading up to dial 
cuaaai, Clucago hail loii datie out of four 
gamea Confuk-ncc had been the kiwrai of the 
N«aaiai. fi* the fam and the team. In thai 
MiaKUy evening in Salt Lake City . the Bulla 
vicre down by iwoiiy poinO lac ai the diiid 
fc{uaner Doea anyone rwnem b c r hcvw that 

How about 96 <f2. BuUi xm 

.Sure. Italian and Sknttie ft^tftn were oi 
the OlympKs thu pad •unanar and may have 
wimthonielvca down, but then agam. maybe 

1 5. imaih beat rtuad m die NBA and oed for 
Ike largeat lead over die neit divitwn oppn- 
MM. How miKh better do diey need to play w 
he ccmsideRid great? 


The Harbinger 

William Rainey Harper College 

February n, 1993 

Volume XXV, Number 1 1 

ARTS ^ f vlWTAlNMf>1 

Radio station 
tries to obtain 







places call 
for final 

entries into 







basketball team 



in final 



fitlmmei lot 9ngi*inefin. ' 


_ mr\M*ar.Holmm)in<on<mt*eCat».PHfmoiJohn 
PnHm-ot lairr tang.Pwt—e' tobmUmoi*!. Piat—oi - 

Awards ceremony honors faculty 

u:.n K.: itai iltdn' At»>«i •««) tmm^aA t 

-«n»c Ihc »»«« 



.. ... l;\m « 

laM ia Mm tanor no ij«iii«mhiw*» 

■Mkofthc IJSiMakcninM' 

„w««i«i»tf far a** «««•»*« 

Thma «li» vtiriud r>w «•«• 

iMtyi---- .lUiiDBtc*". 

md cntmliiuiw <4 liM wild nmf- 
iit». pa mtcihw Ac littmi!* «>( iB *• 

bv Ilk Wi jmin o' «n^«K'. 

lia|K M ca«ta» «• f« •"*" Ha 


(cri Am. wan aawng As (in* onp'")' 

-I «m dcefly lunnwed." 

MucIiJTKiiTJtKi. 'i^ftrno-MlMOk 
St ijv * !(n:ii. (1 win irtrmimtmeit* aTi 
liic (ooil !""«» I '>"•>' 'i*^ •otk'ii* 

Suaannc Haviic, tfi cmplvycK 
oTAaoolkte ««»*« pail 10 yem. 
«ai abo <ne of dK mmy hammxl 

affol alwar* aMte •« tod i««*" 



Tl» Smt^oym Service Award 
RMiqiii<»»wa»h.ld on Wcdnrwlay. 

Awareness may 
have led to arrest 

Student leaves 
hit-and-run scene 

Jimnt TiKMUuOM 

i:t^1!\ ihr 4li*( I III*" ' 

Wrnt h)-* name «r. ' 


.! Uininver a*»"i» 
(-1 "TVv'w wa 


Alls* tnl*rta«nm«n« 



« » 

1! U 

.. . ntcMMUifMl on <•"«?>•' 

\....«.-niH It.r M-n,tr>tv ifJ«fJ» 


.im-kl H*»» t,.*.. M" ..f 

!V<l.ldtt H1^ 


,f. iha tticfti h\ !ifni«f "* 

,; mem «« tclieiWMl •!» 

>.« ami kwi .lu<Ji.< - 


> j<uhlK' 
t! Uk: ia»i«an«e "< Mar*Min 
i-nic plaw numtn 

,; my CM he patamAed 

. ml «id till am* p<«t«<l catt. and 

.T. »<m sn*. a otw hmik. On thn:« 

h .» «ar B. «««•€■ a»d hit a««tie.T t a» m 

IB lawon •••«»•."*■««»•»' "'^■''<" 
he fmal!* m«,'i«"' Ki« ' « ' '"'J '»™ ' 

^ „■:.:■ "^rP" 

pallcil KTi. »« th*' 


"The dnvw dul aJniii in hiiiin| 
Ihe lotwuMoe. hw d«i m* offci m;.« 
iBrtiwicmlheuitrrt »i."P*l» '>•''■'> 
Cliwf Kevin Kmg M«l l^" driver 
admitted to hitiing the p«ked can tmlv 
after hem« ajked dir«-Uy *>% r'"'" 
uStty (*Ue€n. 

A hearmj »•«■»>«*''■ 
;j. tiVtm atih- ■ ' " 

iiui <.i«in. liiiaK ' ' »' 

2 Th« Hortsngw /•bfuorv 1 1 l"»3 


Campus judicial systems facing date rape difficulties 

Koran N«atoi* 

CottMl rWM SiffflCV 

A calk|c uudoil i* iKctiint dt 
npe. fowKl f^tf of Ike amm ky ■ 

VKt. H» KKUcr aid die untvirurt we 
ccnvuKxd ofhtigutl(,t<uihc munuuiM 
hu mnocencr Wbti a hn rcctinc'' 

in hniury. Mirk Mumir. t 21 
jwar old archuwimi catiwning uu 
dent. decidai Ions Kmw Sue Im 
veniiy on the nimiuli tfMtMtcaiisuni 
uanal n(hu ' 

The cwc 

pmiKiR of univcnity judKial ijwmw 
when dealrni with the apiouvc iMue 
of dale n^, • cnme dial can hnisn • 
•even to 10 year prmm lemtnce in 
the crwninal justice tystcm. 

Maunar. whet \»a> Kcuicd I»| laU 
of rape and a|tgravaied Hxkmy hy a 
female itudcni, contends thai the 
umver«a>'s polx-y af auut icauaJ viu> 
lencc IS ouuide the univentty t BUtlMir 
iiy. and dtc univenity denied han dIK 
litnccai m die judicial pmweedmg 

Cimiiul ckarie* tgauiM Mtaotu. 
like many lunilar dale npe dMifa, 
were dumuted fiw laek of cvidOKW. 

mveaiitaliin, nor waa he 
adoved lo he pnnwm wiian wtmeues 

Marour \\ Mtilt <m ihc Kaiuan St^ .' 
campus." ukI John Fainn«i. auuu.-. 
•we pmident (or univetvity relMimu 

h many catc*. if dH dale rape 
viotiMiKcaaai ftwnialchartai, tfMK If 
1 finuiltaBeaaa cnminal pncMduif 
fmaii on at the aame tifne of the 
campuaiaknt monihi lo |o to maJ 

Hoevcr. cttminal pmaccwon are 
Mmetbnet hetitini to ftvmxme date 
rafie am* hec-atxe the (mtica knew 
each Mher beliiR die aikaed meideiH, 

Aawaameai of gwli m a 
f<vwn lo a queilKWi «^ w hiMt (he nvire 
crenliMe wttncM 

Smdcnn who aie auruacd uf rape 
argtic thai a eamput judietal tyiietn 
c an ifnoR dKir caMiutinnal n(hi> 
die iiower to he pitiKeuUr. ftdpi and 
lury AndcdHcaunanccimcenKidttiH 
neiaMe to bwiuiu by hunttinf the 
praecafifif of rape caaea or failoif u> 
pnaact the vicunu 

And dierc alio an ihoae wlai «ay 
canipua juaiirc nni inugh enewgh nn 
raptnn Carol Botimer. toe mtcify pro 
feiMir at die Univcnily of Piilitiur|h. 
and iiuthm iif The Campus Rage Ch 
lu." naid Mhoub need In have clear ty 
WTinencodea of conduct d<*t inc lude a 
(mudiRUMnf eipulnon m the ^ lu- .<r 
faicjMf wtual cnntaci 

"Oflen the punnhm. 
the tTtnw.' Bcihmct caul Ij ra(>iii> 
were in the crnninaJ juituc system. 
■hey would be imprmincd. but judicial 
rammiBcca give dKm dmim unity kt 
»k«. pnihaiKni and mimir thing* 

l^vcrytiung depends im hti» *en 

.H..>I'i ih._- LT-nit t^ lak.-ri ^n :hr unevcr 

lit fur 

" i-aiwe 

itei: iva » idcly held auituik ih4i.«ii a 

daK. it a mK rape ' 

pntMct ihcntMlvd fnmi lawiuiu by 
nicticuioinlyf«ili>«>ng pnnsdurei ithI 
Kavmg nippcniw atiiim«^ nn nalT 

11 the imiveimiiy <locan i have de 
cent prtvedufn, an*l doran't foDow 
their own proceduret, ihcy will be at 
rak.' Rotaner mkI "Often dwy are 
Iwnding to pnwect the ngha of the 
atf uMd, and ignore lie riglM of ihc 
vwtim " 

A univenity has a higher uandard 
m uve up to then die aunnuil couitii 
hccauK diey an educating ciii<cns, 
Bohmer noted 

In a traditional way, we are ui 
Icac^h people hn* u behave I don't 
dimk college ptdicial aytieint ihould 
ihink at themachca la •riiertid down 
cnmNul couttt." ihe (aid 

N«'ni«eailiate juic lai ty>iems are 
die (amcMillierair no uniform proce 
•lure for ihc handling date rape caaea. 
Iliwevcr.campu judicial panckofirn 
(crve up a twifia ityk of pakm dun 
the cruninal uouRi 

" Yuu cuuld he dwown ntf campui 
m a maner <4 wrnks." und RaynKirHl 
»T«Te«a»Sl»lc I'mvenity 'And if 
yiMi arc in a big ciiy like Miami or 
Houaton. it could tidte two years before 
you go v> tnal. TV unjvcrtily can't 
afford to wai) twn years " 

At foulh«est Texas Slate Univer 
siiy. the rape suapeci mecu wiOi hi> 
accuser m the olTiees of the jiuiicc 
direcuir. who questiont hMk panact 
about the incideM 

lo accent the iMMvcfMiy penalty, which 
miv include t»pu!si<,m. and mn ui lalk 

agamai them in crwiinal court 

TV alkgsd rapiti may appeal k> a 
hoard. Mat Sdnflett. an.! u cmr imi 

venilMi. UicycaRa;': •.> 


Smcel ■>■ '.ctanfiui 

SeaualAuij. nfRighta 

IB 1W2, ufuvetMUrs arc rcqutied to 
Xm6tf die accuiod aid die accuser of 
the lEiuha of the judK tal hearing 

Hi«it»ically. a woman who filed a 
tape complaim through die camptu 
jwialt syaicm would mil be mnified by 
the uiuvcnity aa lo die outHxne of the 

~T1ae wonan would have no idea if 
Ihc guy wai found guilty, lined, penal 
I wd. whelher kc was still im ( ampus lo 
wtUM." laid Michaei HRiiand. an at 
taancy with dtc Snadeni l^eaa taw 

■TWieiheT or not the puMic has 
accam in Oieae hearmgs depends en 
lirrly cm die stale's open meetings 
law.' Hicsund said, noting that cam 
pus newspapers often have lo approach 
the two parties involved to gel a sttiry 

Kristinc CoHem, director of stu 
dent legal aervkei ai Bemidji Suie 
Univeraiiy in Mtimeaou. said thai afu-r 
titling through some of her s< h<»l s 
judicial hearings cm dale rape, it sias 
hard to say whsi die vu tim waa 

The jiuuce system u juai not pre 
paied to sit dmiugh. be said, she 
»aid."'Collem said "I ire! -«im lor 
b«>dip.i- " '<'iligctci«anisdin 
the pi'* 

Ai ; ,.. -.Ji partes are al 

lowed to have an advocate preaent, but 
that advtKMc camM speak for die 
aocanerof Ihc accuiadduring the heir 
mg SsMiK' univrrsiiies. ho»rvcr. .1.1 

allow an aoaimey k> apeak for Iha al- 
leged rapist 

CuOem def oidk the ideacif a apvair 
wniversily hearing. 

11 the ( die university) canmit in 
lervene, diere is no way to pmteci ih. 
viaun," she lajd "If you turn dK 
maner over lodwpoliceanly.diey (die 
suapectslcanlive right dosm die street. 
i:v be m class with you. 

"I do see how Kirne can feel diere IS 
unfair due process being observed. 
When using die conduct system 10 ad 
judxaie seiual aiaault, its very cxm 
trovenial issue." Collcm said "li s 
imperfect system " 

Coikm said she would like loesien 
lually see a racdtalian pniccaa for date 

Inarecem survey cnnducicd by die 
T%>wson State llmvenity Campsis Vio 
Icnce Prevention Center m Maryland. 
'76 percent of campus judicial affaire 
ofTiccn serveycd ihniughut ibe county 
favored cspeUing a pcrscm from die 
c ampus who is found guilty of rape 

Accused tapisu are nnl die <mly 
ones filing lawsuits against colleges 
Insome cases, vicumsare alsosecking 

A young woman recently filed an 
$18 VmdbsmsuiiagamstCieorgc Ma 
ssm University in Virginia, claiming 
that campus pohce bungled die invcs 
iigaiKin and thai die university admm 
istraiiun ined 10 whiiewash die cnme 

The worn an said she was raped the 
three former George Mason I'mver 
sily students who attacked her in her 
doim najm jml five days after Ihc 
fiethmin stulem amvcil on campus 
She said she did not know her assail 

Clinton inauguration signals a new direction 

Celcbratit)ns bring people from across counii \ a.s new president opiomisiic for country 

AiAH VamM) 

Conaga Ofoai Smyico 

oil lege i(t i.nrr'. ■»jr»ncd lo the 
nalKio'i tapirs: }\ \" Z\ ititel 
elvmie the mauguratitmulthc president 
they helped vo riecl 

An optimism emanated bum 
who squeezed into die huge 1 1 
caach a fleeting glimpse of '^^ 
Jefferson Clinion aa he became die 
42nd president of the United States. 

"I chaUenge a new gentraiion laf 
yosmg Americans to season ii< service 
— to act OB your idcalam by helping 
tntnlUed chiklren. ktrpuig company 
widi those tn need, reconneciing our 
lum commumiics," CltaBin said m hia 
inaugural address. 

'"lT»crt !* u> r.tuih 1" ^•' ■'•'"■■ 

tmm^t, mMcii. fm mxW. 


who ire ttiU ytning m «pi 

■ '.<m.** stm\ 

itKmMtvCT m »cr*>ic. luu 

A ho 

■ ' r iiTkJ 

Cmvlijntii ' 


Fli.iwni '- 

ouFugc people u> 

WalH: rnrc,'»i I nl>^^^^[I•, mS^iruT «n' 

liru i-cad i pDwvtrful pwrn that ihc 

■in of UW 

wTi.Ti f(iT iJic injiiKuiMKin 

- .... ». tiilk]{c« m 

i.nng Ok campttigTi , 

ih*i rvcn k« own 


RUrtlwi J*drt i Uurik he touM win 

Uk: i»hicn'JinLc al MiTtin I 

B tn he pmmtxi. amrting younger 
^•«>m wilh sn>c«r«nL eft < m MTV . ijKxy 


1 Wtilr ITT'!?"'. 

Kintg md h}* now f am«>u9 appcwwicr 



^•y«i|[ hu tAtiipHunc cm Arscnw 

Studcni A^'>>M 

H'jiT, an. I Vn/.n ( "rn 


tnt ijMk Anfc 

c*" Ha^iur Un- Humui 

Ami Ihc mm |M*Uik:»l 18 24 *fe 

liv )»nilf-M :,\ r 

"^' .. v.. .leruU Youth 

$IKnp> turned o\A m nxnxl numhrn ui 

Miffififl Uw fint ItetmK-nuu. prwhicnl 

'f ictwnmu 

nity servue jrwl natHmal renew ai." Ihe 
projec-l IS tfie hramchifcl of .Steve Barr 
andVanf»i.t..-. I. 11 .r. ,. .TO.„f((K 
foundi , Tiiupdiat 

c4loetJ:- I ' .TTTuCum 

dnvrcdiumj.- ; 

IS Ihc fiitinHrT 

service.'. i.rncj ai rcjucc 

natin^' ^ 

'^T"^!!: r« ^i w j> „, crcsic changc m 
this c.njnoy is by having gra«,srooo 
like us work with, not against, die gov 
iraneni." Bar said. 

■■pUhiK service shnsild come from 
ihe grasmmis up, nM from a big fed 
era! bureauciacy down " 

After irfurinhmg die agivl Adas 
rhcaia. which will eventually house 
die diink lank, die center will lunt iion 
as offices for Public Allies ami Rixk 
die vole and will serve as a ra.fc-«lMm 

center Ihal will permit young people a 
place lo meet while m Washington 

It also will asstci the ccimmunityby 
providing lolis fur neighhi.fl>,«| adi' 
lescems diniugh a cafe located in the 
. . i Jmu and wdl teach dKm skills in 
uved in operating a small bsisiness 
flans arc also in dtc makmg to use dK 
lacilily as a liealdl center lor the nir 
mundmg community 

Tlie center will provide ynudi sridi 
Ihe chancTIo be involved nationally in 
public service m heneru not only the 
ytiung. but the natum as a whole 

Barr said the agetK^ siilj sinve to 
break die apathy dial someutnes causes 
young adulLs u> sit back and let ndiers 
SCI die agenda, and will encourage tfiem 
to help create the ways in which ihe 
country will grow 

Looking for a job? 
See this iveek's.,. 



Th« Hobinoar Fcbnjory 1 1 1W3 3 

Student trustee 
offers opportunities 

The inidcM traiNc ■■ Mirprr 
Colltgc pliyt a mMiK role t» a man 
bcr nf the board at Iraatccs The tm 
dent hw the (ipfiMirtuaity lu pUy t 
sifniricKii pan m the fmrmmt "1'^ 
uutiiuuni Viwini •«•» and am 
ccraa ■> Ihc boani Irvcl Tbs hw an 
mpua not anty an ihc u(KTaii>inal 
aapect at ihc oHtcf r . but tin i}u: hnt*} 
policjo of the tiinituiirm 

AMy student who )« mirTr«'>. 

'nuBg aeaitdKtatr fii> ih<- (> - 

M«t:h rv 


tnntcc Hii- u-rtT! 

lWn> April 14. r'PM, 

Tht ntudoil miMcc » a mcmticr 111 
ihi- Hair|vr Btian) of Truuasai. at (»» 
I furliy lltiiMf Hiill 6:a pwti.'il 111 

Futtheiinfom 1, r 


' i>Ti|KiMaM iludrm 

Friends don't 

let friends 

drink and 




ScnaU- awardN 

!*»Tn A! Ir*«? tmc of 

lKnlTiatumn«f*.u)r\ v-f(.ik ' 

inlu srvnions 

.. 5*>»c» amJ*TKt:^ujj£rvkK*" 

'i?,^: "'^ K-Hcr an- 'lite (ieit««K 

' '• attytmc tai. 
iirvef in t}|« p-n 

fi-r fjT 'hr *tnf hi'urc «tTn 

' ' ■ jrccnfcr. c»t. 2MI, 

-.imtmtfiirihclefti a 

rtsumr antl M.iinneM«r|taal<th(xild 

(>e tiihnuncd lu ihc tuung center u 

tlK lunr of ihi: i^nniwe r< ini 

|{t>ar(J tiiuhlJKhts 

The Board oC Truatao met 

R^ j;u!jr Vi^iitn tan 2H an.f tmiL (• 

-,; , IV-V'!": 

way this 

Aith*njRh the stuUmts mayllavw 
rcftunod a iliflon-nt »4y Im mows 
ler. ibrjr may m* tiKm that lf>Bie ia a 
new re([i«T«tH>n svuon. 

Hitwcver. the untknli »h«> have 
icf Kieied tM* icineMer may he awar* 
of the nm lyiacm li apfilici 10 hm 
only new »tudeiM,«. hut inxudenK who 
have been at Hat^per tail lemaur 

tl I* a iimipulcn/cd ayvfcin with 
a bin thajK . and it ia9u to Mudcnu 
thnnidh the regiilratMin 

The system haiKUe< l« i^b at a 
time. phM the (Bxtml'i payntenl for 
the rr);i>tnitKili. 

It alui hat credu canl i]ff tern which 
works the same way. 

The la<t ihrnn the lyitem duea u 
help Ike students make chan|es l» their 

Tke uudent tan talk with the cam 
puter through the prtiKcts id fei their 
schedule changed if ixxetiary 



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gain the bc^i work cvp<:rierKc around for the #1 company in the package business. 

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780 W Euclid Ave 
(Naar Harp»' CoUwga 

* ■ ot Ouct". A EuCt<J) 

Palatine IL 
(708) 991-8282 


••jc! Parcel Se^/'ce 

ja CpppQTunity errp..- 
M.F VH ' 

rh« Hatbrngw. fabftjOfv 1 ligffj 




AwMml DuaiiWM Muv>,;kT 








r>if»y EdiltjT 


Faculty Advi>.r 

. ..KvntMUnl 


Ttmi fufict 

■nmirr TIvim*wn 


S uwnm ttovlic 

Finding the fun in horror 

Society IS loo hypiKntical when it comes to fact and fiction 

■•n'.nQiii COM*"** 

l>" ynu i«« the nwny in *!»' 
Thmwing ClmiUlint B» the U.mi 


Romance takes a vacation 

Well. Valentine >. IXi\ is here li\ supposeil 
lo be a time uhen l(>\ers ilispl.i\ their amorous 
feelings towards on another. Cupid slings Ins 
mighty arrows and lights the coals of passion. 

But latels. Inst among all ot the hvpo ol huytng 
things for one another, is the idea of romance. 

Romance, by definition, is ideal i/ed love. 
RomaiKC encompases a wide spectrum of itlea.s 
and actions that are used to display affection for a 
person for w horn one has a gitai desire or caring. 

How main ot us ean iraly say that we have 
romance in our lives ' Htm m.vii> o( us really use 
romance year-rouiul ui our K-lationships w ith one 

1 ask this beeause I ti.ui.' \et to realh s.-e 
romance exist lately. 

And what do ! define as romaike.' Buying 
someone a Jo/ii r.^^i n i,»r no reason 

whatsoever Liking the fvrson you lo\e .ni ,i 
picnie uiih a haskei of food that y*ni liive 
haiHliii uk A loiii; ualk in ilie park holding li.uuK 
by mcHinlighi. 

To me. these are rom.intic of course, the 
spectrum is op^'n i,.\ other ihm-s I am not 
trying to limit the ideaof romante. nor Jowngrade 
it. I would just like lo see it be put iiiio a more 
prominent display between per^le then it currently 

Tliosc of you whii arc lucky enough to have 
someone and take it for granted, think how lonelv 

life isuithoul that xonieom toiall aihl ^.u !u-!lo 
to. just to h:: ; ' 
hold them. I 
unknoun reasini. a lus taken a •• 
if eversoiie. like (His Reddine 
tenderness, tlK-n !-\ ,■ ,,hiKI iv m lull hi 

-Kenneth Dillard 

Sicf ii|>,lailiiM<wlc«Hlctn<ii. 
Icwt iDd lanlikt. nitii and 
pijfctnw; and (vwuter thii i iiunfuiiig 

*1 J ifheivnenJef 

City DiJinu-t «■■) 4r,i*»m> HafikiiHT 


1 ami 

v"" nice 11 IS to 
iinil thi-m 

■ 'me 


I > 


fcKsfcmtR. Ala* OwiluifNl kn Fft||u»n. 

llMmaiilmmifd. Aftnw W*|;rw. KMto 

n I • f^ I n » 1 1 a n * 

►•■-;. K'iluiMo ihe 

^^•--11, n-Tty 

Vicatj>»>,Hi> A 

prt tatiinttiA »|:it' 
t-ic^ imi ihmk 
inn ihuul ht> 

iii««il> on auix 
tlicmiiM mu 

Yt« fotki. It »•* timply itM pmd 
rai fnrni (iTixiMk entcntmncni ti the 

Bui wiil? Thert'i nrnn' 

I racoMly had ihc |>k*wiit nl % I > 1 1 
mt • caule «ylc mnaanni'i tanun 

I wMdtrJ m •ma/cmeiK a* a 
wmMntcaii U) hcT L hiiarvn i v^howen 
Kwyomii u> irai) fo Oiemwlvn) iht 

— ^— — ^^— . ptK|UC which 

dcicnhnl. m 
ilctail.hciw a 
pcu ih*pcd 

dCVKC i-iiukl 

cauic pun 
when et 

Mt>rbid? No, it's just 
another example of 
high quality American 


in ah 
hiMTcnix AniiMldiMill- dmc'tafMis 

u^i'M All a fu)r. juM IiIm Mm». 
U:-\ ■■.«.:■• h,Kjw» *»«m ftum you. 

' <rii>iruc.ihcniiMi|uv 

. .d >< w »• ynu left ym.. 
lu-mc. »cni Hi Out vulao Moa,. fwnt 
aivay ftmmcaity teaHatMljnwiMir 

trtTKC. (And 


oauhrd in 
funhrr aini^cnmi a< the kidt tatd 
thotf* like cmW ant mowdiaitmtiiv 

ha ID nwl Ac aeu one. I oiHud M* 

inf' Dn(ii«in(7 Mnri<id'> 
vi amithcr c<am(ifei>r hi|ih 
>4u*ui> AnHTKancnioiammeni 
Acjcanlmg im Che Ciumeai Bnik ol 

^i»lrf Keuvdt. the ivrngc thild will 
leclA.OOOnninknanT V hyiheage 
of 111 Mmmm Whoimimi: 

But a waa die hunwn who dro«c 
dKhudaloioctuncbon.dw gladialon 
who fought u> Iht dtaih, the loiviMi 
who went nn a Ihrcr hour iiwi A dine 
hour lour They were dw iinci who 

wrrr jujil plain nuts 

And what about dK ac tor who. ai a 
nip. kixk die law into hi> own hawii? 
Well. h<' waa (not ti wan dioac fmv 
LA cafit who weren't hcmj emer- 
lanuRf TVy muM'vc heen niiu 

Yoo could nrwnic Ned Young't 
"fam l>c»d IB Ohio" wi " Seven Oead 
in Palaiinc'and |c1a||aodmoviedeal 
And why' Bccauae are hke it dial 
way Whai't more, n't Ng liuunew. 
V,.iy hi • huSMiCM 

But moM people won't admit dial 
diey enjoy camiihalumf. dccipiu. 
iKau.tnitiriiKim.tlayingt dwHtngi, 
hangings, ttranglingt and gang 

ir you admit to die slightest in'lliauadlikc 
you're nuia. 

Remcmher to stipulate these 
dungs mocly enierum you (My dien 
•R you noma] and hy all rneam . 
amuse youTMir widi » haievcTcamafC 
ynv bait hcandaaim lustsoking as 
It diBaii*! Mfcc you away rmn your 
tave die rant kmmu lainpaign 

Sur to have ymi »idi lu Thank 
(•»l you're iwintus 

General Information 

■ itifnisrtiinmunity , publi-ilMsj 

tiiitris'lii.)lKlii.(...i>., < ..■,,!'■ 

Ihf lljrti. 


'^'iSl.ll st\ E 

■iinsliti'n.iN 1 .iliTsmu-sttvMKtH-J 
■I'lirlii ufsni risnirst At! IctliTs an' 


rtisixi in n>» tUrtiiniirr art' mi* ntxvittanly CTxIiirMxt by Ihi- tslitnrs 
! mini stT.i itim I >r llikird ii< fh rtvkirs. Inquiries shou Id be fiirwa rdod 

m- .1) It).' viixTi'ium i>t the ronsumcT. 

C«|iyn|lH WMk 111* HaMiaiVf . all righu fiMtwd 

Lelletfol Editor 


1h« Hart>lr>g»f FotKXjoiv n IW3 

Parking situation remains stuck in neutral 


I wuu U> onfmncad Harper tor ihc 
pc« job ilicy mt dMnf m ftmnt < 
mvi I in( inifnin WfniiBr and wwli 
"-«r TtwuaMfiiMipnMcaiillMiiimifai 
: ihttmdvoik 
There » an arat thai ncxth t Imk 
rcaunukiii. parkmg Thcnucim 
.V titm (omi on and ouK ifee <no« 
1 has at»i>cui iwnti on v*ikan Sui 
itij» i» nuciLusc fiu poifiklvhc park 
infiiuiiinN iHcjiaJly. btitdiutcmmty 

I" r«" -.ijik par* 


' ^an a«i if ytv. 

«nicim|t IT Kivinn ihc Im. ymmerOu-r 

can't ga mama Ihr cart widwwt (mnii 

•XMinht gra" •» v.». . .•,■..--..,.--.- 

'TV'n ? ..■. 

C^ If WHEN A Vto«i^6 
AND ?£e6 NO MufW- 


Participation the only way politics works 

'aw GtmnnitN 

H«r we arc al Ihe he|mnmg ul < 
M«MnMMcraiHafpcrCullc|i! Wc re 
not tehiMl on any naicnmeraa We 
have an arpnmauly M da onr hcu (ur 
Sprmi (cmeucrcrf IW3 

We have nc« leaden la Waalkini 
««» DC iiarmf tieir fcnir jrcarKmex 
Hr. li ihcrc hope (or our oorld? 

hnidcBi Omion uDu of cuOctt 
•dncaiMwa (or eocryona whu •mtim- 

lern i.rm- fiw ecimimaiity mrnwt 

VikC P»r«i.l*rnt <uif^ M^fllkx of an 

cnbclltaied > huAmefi 

WMJiW' fhcn»!K ' ■■.rneni 

Win (wr kmien keep Lhe'ir tarn 
pctgn promur > > I dtm t linim 

t ftt • lutie immitd when I Mit BiU 
Clatttm ipndiiag Ikiny nwllinn dnilan 
m an itiaogml puty (aikmatU 

tmmy Canarantyi^enillacc mil 

We'll never erate vhc darfKU wiik 
Uial kMid of fpencling' 

I hive a lililc nxiR cunriikn>.e m 
Mr. Qair. I icili/e dial he'i mi Dan 

>f^ Q^nm^ 

Thf mrani maknt fHofr . <.> 
»-riun( lencra. aitcndmi village bund 
morlmgj mi vwnng le|]nliM(irt 

hat ■— we gei !!:■ ,r 

mui ine ifiMiy i)il 

Wc muu take Umm Uj» alliwint 
duan m atttue then power and huid 
ihem auouniiMc m Uw Airwe' 

Death of customer service leaves bitter feelings 

Aaa* BuafncM Mrjrvjg^v 

T^lerc <*a» « Jcath im t«r^p^l^ 
The aeoii! riii.e Mit! (»lii.e i.f ihe 
death arr vet i.> f» tk-Wmmn:,!, >,..» 
ludmts have ! 

■f irtimjifw.w 

Thaa afl«ra<i«in. at the min «h..: 
hnitaJy' outSMtc. I fcHiml mvirlf i- 
leKumar'toffKetwinf ■ 
ijinr." «>cl "(irirW ,vi«.- 

The »er.Ke waa. «> «» ' 
untTientliv llavinf,[ai|ip|eu.< ' 
f.j..-^ r-.-. '..«k<indent>e<. ■ 

■'■r"'cr«t I,. 


vsuc^rn m K 1 


F Hcgm lu «q|w> 


1 ihal per 
■ T service 

■ > irc" em 



1 ,<uin 

ha< inde«d mei an urt 1 1 n 

N«. I could not wO aaactly wtam 
the ilnighier occnnEd. 

Kutici. I loiiad cvideaee »f the 
cnme Uucred about on COTipua 

In the tafcRn*. wlMn I made m 
intcrrogauve remark tbotti iIm puc€ 
lag f« my hnnicc and ttmatn Mnd 
a**. I vaa mci wiih (otluii rya. a 
•omewhal aaihinaiii rtpiTtti.m and 
informed, tut^tmoly by iJie .. ivKio. 
dial »hc "did not make the pmtj " 

At *e lone t ahauM have \m 
pacMd Ihc inaninem draniH 

However. I wmie dw event off u 
«iBicane'< had day and wail on wHk 
my week. 

It waan'I until Itac Foutdi. at that 
(aitful itaa. (hat reahiy tet >n. 

MiC'h a ^cnm^ 
• -c An i;jve»r»«V 

■*■ ~»t.tmin!( 

Ih«- ifirrrrngjiivc m m'. 
the iitui«toin 

Hwwcver. diM an twemje u nei 
citiaiy and d)at I wa> ln<»M««niancr. 
dxiwjh an error t« not to micli iIh 
Ltauc here Kt n icr\>,.e 

Had I bam mc i w idi a friendly face 
and Imm miiiBaMd » pnwidfe uiltor 
inaatan m iiffmmiA m \mw% adered 
ahui am) upoten to m wftal I michi lem- 
a {••enh.ieieiwd. lupeTKwAMtiimJiniii- 
cunmand fiirm. I mi|thl have teil Ulc 
re§»aarai''» i>fT»te fechnis m»we tike a 
•aappmnk-d luaaaaner and le»» like an 
ahoMBl. iMlMtrriiiM and ctpndaMc 
pwu: of iMpay mg fkih 

Kui wau, dtal't wx all 


-nrin;t,ra« tf*a Ib 

1 ihuptii r:: 
.iioni up the t-liaaii of tnffimini] a» lOe 
hfanMUoi pmnn had aswM me 
would he done 

ThtM. I pnKrcded up ihe pemmnrl 
■Vi'artmcni .T> !H>pe*of rlnd»lt•lam(- 

< hM iticjc 1 fiaind people 
I think 

1 »it«i»d iheie Xm « lean fi».e imn 
wo hcUwt .an cmpl'y .lc»k w«Lhinf 
pniple en human like n«tui«:«/<lrnte« 
move ihuui wiihin view, lafely pn» 






» »>ted i.> talk with nomeooe in 

ln!icuotpttbJi> ■■ 
nut pcTKinnei »imL-i- 
a "p." and. after all l.>:^.^ 
•kalinj; with all pemmnel 

Ip ,k- ,, ,, ,.„ , ,^,,^_ 

V .„„ 

mhcrdian lupuiinytlwuf:^ 
and hope m tlKii name re.., • 
tirike lime uwd 

TuHi(|iiai thaipcrtijpianuinmrr 
•ctvrc or puMk ictauoiu ! - 
neokd hac un camput 

Whm can we du.' 

viHj dun'l Kil ut. ccr 
Rim die power and am 

r'u'is .'! •).. pi-n cannot he dcnied. 

Wnie' Wniet.>ihcpre« Wntelo 
ilnaeinapiniiKmuiaLi Put it m Ma. V 
and while I ui|e yjiu u> lei >u«M«: 
kmiw how y.HJ feel 

Write a lelier ui f, 
: haimpwwi iRtTncmbei him. die pee*, 
dcm of Harper 'I 

Wnie lo adrpstmeni > :hainn«ior 
kan PtityourdioughumwminiMd 
;iai diem in front of lomctjoe 

Grumbling and ^itmplaining 
anaoni cai. h itiher only nerve* to revn 
force negauvity md apadiy 

Ai-tKin II the key and I urge you to 

We want to hear your views, 

so Write us a l^etterTo The Editor < 

1hm Hart3«no« F«b«vxiiv " ' W3 

seeking creativity 

•nie HwpCT roll<-|!t taidaa Utowv in autuim: toutl ^ Vi.« .* rt... 

Xi» Hup" .mdrat. •Imm.Hrtf.*. I «-ultv <» '• -.'( mm.ho c«. fuhmtt «»k 
loUl4»tlu<l««i«J'«"l«n"<'*' ■nwrf.l.i.wntel.... ■ -..wiilirt. 

The Sorint ««m»i«T Jtidlinc i» Fct* I"*, i***-' 

DciMitmcm SuKnii lit t.> ilv '• 

All -rrurg »h,».M he .>;■ ^ »<* •» »«*~»»"' 

K.«n|»»«> by • Kcl^e F.- ■"' ■" "■' *" "'""' 

iinglHli Depatmciu tnl Scud. 

F« more infiwmnion, ""T 

Print &Drawing 
exhibition to open 

TTk I7A Annual HMpcT Cullcue N»wim1 Pnnt ml t>«*.nr F»hihiii.jii » 
Much 1 2« «. dK «««d m«n oC Bu,tdms, C ,. « • ^^ 

ohibMKin fe*uioprofc.»i«« ■ti.i.lTOm»'"»>*' '™'" " 

lenld Krepp". wfaw«« uf «ri "i <l« I ">»■■'■-* "' ^ i.""- »<«»■ " "* 
mroc o( Kleclkm BiJ iwanta 

\n «m,un<.l.on wi* 1)k «h.t»u.«. Ihr Hin«t f.rfkjt Art Ocpirencnt 
tn.ile.thcpuhlu u..tlcmUrc*<T'"»'"<T"«aiy.M,.r.h:,fr.«.4 *.(. m mlhc 

iluplay ureaofBuildmjC. A**.l» «.« be uwiumi-J 
For funhctinfmunijan call c«i IW* 

Safe sex 
& more 

Express your 

Write a letter 
to the editor 

Hortjnow 8«eo>»» 

Si-«u»i •wiiwie««i»«kh««ii«» F«*- 
Ift >i Hirpct CaH«n«, HMMO wal by 

AP'.i. ■. - 

kjM»wl«idge «l '^ji' 

" ^«^rl.*> (.*j^ an*J /^* 
, ,- .,.11 «1 • m <m 

rciuypc!. and |n»««| up *■>■ " «»« 

M A B«i8h mlcnied ai Harper and 
have hetn crrtsfied by TV Red Cram 
The> • ai diMMi Cunew infiimiaiKm 
iiR HJV inraminion and prevenrioB 

Fur ihc pa«i 6 yean Uk Heal* 
S«rvite» 5i«rf and ihe Si<i(i Aid» Cli* 
have td up ihcM «enimar> 

"TTic purpive of Seiual A»a(» 
nc»» »eeli « W pKWide itudentt wilh 
inl.mrniBm ahiKii safe »e».d«i»e u 
V Day." iay« Rehraxa 

NuTMT Saniclrt al» »ayi mmx 
petjpta are •€!! infiwroed ihow fU 
tea. h»M le»» Ihaa 40 pciosnt practice 


*;.,.a •-..» .:',..i,-T,fi, >r<- cn(~(9ur^<9d 
. imci.rafflea. 

..!o(jy pn)f«iiir, and *> 

31} Ml MM.Ii) DO 


The Hotjoomftbiuav 1 V 19W 

Dream team 
succeeds at game 




Mr. C«4tq« mmtmmn nM Mm 

il 1MMf«^ vMnTt 

tali- r,n.M(lhr"0»-«T«n."».l«**n. -«".■«. N.n 

^riv «n.« -There « tmnr «i MM. »» Aon. •*« -i" "'« 
Hivwini Sonw were iiiuniKd.KHBewmil*"""" *""""_ 

^7a*' CROSSWi 

Cmv» Jm 

TV Hirt«t Colli < 

fMflV »!^' >»' (in ' 

h«lf iin>i 

^JImrv^ , ^ 

tbjrn* ««' f"*™™" »**1 ^"^ *''**' 


h<(i ki».i*>'^^'" - --'^Jf 

..;<• vat hippy itawwr 

stm u ml«»ujn i«>cm TVy wCTt > 
mm iuiJiWKC *'c ire plwmmi; u> 
viwi ihem «i»n« Amni *«' »r™>« " 

The D«Bt«C««ntM«> « «I«>-' • ■"■'' 
mi .HI • «h<« f<» AF'' :i ""^ •* " ' 
pm m Jl«3 

The llwroe of iV th..» *i:t hi- 
■TheDmce" Scvcril fw;' 
era • m he tmolved • it*' '' ' 

-Omk K-hedul'--'' 
VMS Vwrnn R»t>^ 
Ehmce Plwjeci. Kemi> i' 
llw KMh 0«i»te r<«ipK 
N«»il»««»« »«11««** «*'"'> - - 

■WHVPiwm?iwH w. €fi»i ummt -WW «o»oi* »■»«•«» »"» 

i..^.j .: ,w *.:« W..I ' :>««*'<, Cc*««|f SW"'. "^ ^^ 
«.D««D»« !«>«>« c<»n« lo MW rtjM p««« l«»omOflH« 

».«.. y«a K lwno» o» «••• "0« W"*" O""*"" •**••* 

^hemu «■«!,.-•«>•.•• »«««'< »«■* •*' "*"' '"•" " ' 

cMkktn ■MWed ih«iH. !»•«« n<*M ««. KOout o« 

oune !**«««' ,ufiu(JH«iniM*y «*«'«<«' 

(fan ■»< IW ^ "^'' ««"'•»■ 


■<»t ■**■—■■ 





A DrcdccTfcUisfer Student 

Schdai^hip Will Pay Off 

Now... And Later. 


t^jch vt ar hunJrvJs <>( Hjrpt r |JraJlutt^»«it I.. 
Rm»o«l! I nwnilN » Arlimit.«i H. i»tht» ^jmpoi I.. i.jmpkti 
th.rif lvKlK!..t > dtnav* hiiau^ K...«-wH » «Ih' m«th»t M 

4uhuThsUr«t*l 'n'>^'^"'n»P«'»« ■"'*■* "'"^"'**.. . . 
Harp« Jtudenls Kithv Wnibcl and I ton l.iu Idl why th.y 

R,«*^lt Ktepti-J all my Harp«r cnditv ami ««M»w««« 
•»» 1 hntw> «v» ■ rh* tjmpu* l,Ka»H« •»»««»» 

Ro,m:vtlt|WvvtiHa*..Manhip l>an.*plam» VmJjH 
my H..n»r creJ.l* wi-n: «iip»rd I parlKuUtl* like Ihc »mill 
tUsvs jnd th.' ba that the t^mpu* i» t !«**• h> l»i«»e 

If «Hi re inlrrr»lcd in cxnin* R.««r>*ll I niwTiihf* m*nv 
iiRii silul Harpir stmlcnti. u«n« vwit us .« till *n iidini«»«» 
counstkw at Ti W WT 't JIH) to Wl u» Ik1|) yiio pbn vtmi tran»k r 

Aftert A. Robto Umpu.: 2121 S ^"■'l!!*;'' **f 
\rlm«tonHci«htvll MHMH- ,(>S il. («.nH) 

Roosevell University 


■ Thumbs up? 
^Thumbs do^n? , 
Ishou'd ' pay '"'' 
iprice ior this 

▼Shou'd / fake a ^ 
^special "someone 
^io see ii wifh 

/ill of fhe 
▼ answers ure in 

i^tbe Arf% &- 
nfseclion of fine 


8 TheHcrtiinawftfcituav''"" 




Mcmii TixStMi 

. .at r^lrttntili' 

Ml anmoncK i»l»n«<l ••»*'»'«■""«■ > 
vcH cmwtedjan ini»i|ie«e». wh" » 
f.«:nl Ml op™ ti» »yn ■** •«•" ■" 
ihc worW vmmA htm A mm «rf 
,«(tB«i>«W ««««>«■«*«* on h» 
munc. he kjmi mmy. cifWcMly 


s ^f^t■ ' (■ A R T rlir 

Msknbn X S»Hr^ 

« I Vtjkoliv- \ , ' .. "™"" 

» , 1 Mtlmln> X'i BM>" m«m» 
iMilm. "McsMt' >° ***= '*"'' I 
Rooto" and "Brflw of *«: »«"" " | 
Vm Iter's petfommKc • ilihe IkM 
,m WcdncmUy . Fcbnuiry H. •• "^ » 
p m , >n *c A<J»«m:««1 Te<tao4o«v 
CenicT Midilimiim, ECC m»vn c ini 
pwlTWSpinin Drive. Elfo Thr 
sko« i«i»«ii«iut»ii>"f HTf Vi*u 
<;MK.ip«««>«<l»>y*'Sti«laiil ifc 

The. irm mcmhcr'. »( ihi« cfxir 
nu tridiuwul g<F.p<:l •nh t'mhi" 
Old bh»« ftw ilw «"»^ "< S'**'' 

They will f« p«tom««» >" 
nd l.Thundiv.fchruin '« 


1 ■ ■ 
ih.r m . .,.. ■■ ■—. " '" 

..*. I..TTY 


■tlUui:. **. 

■4 MjnTV 
4 lew .m CAI' 

BuiUmg A bHa'gv «"«» "'■ 
ilwniifllcfcMiltiiicMit. » » 

mmiJMii ain<u«ti '•«■« "•" 
n<t ihw ifidatt » )•>»« "' 
cukHbiI w> S*-Iw»-Iiir If all tfc* •» 

|W]inr« •unm « \i« -^ ' 

l>rrf>w*u>in f« ilw •r^ 
lilt KT twjm h«;l m !<^' ■ "■ 
i«B iUulK . »£'« icmdutHsd. •ml *n 
ntmxtmt «in»i>lunl *•» Imwit" i" 
I.I help *ilh *« !«»'"»» In**'" 
tcpi* wcigtwif ri»« puundf **■■ 
mitmtU'ilK Kl" *li«| » Khttir "rr" 

K hii\ limc empliwtr ■• N"' ' 
riunwl N . ""^ »^*' ■"• "' ^^ 
\m\. SchlKxki- »...( If .. 

in reiccw yew* i^'j- 
The M»u«)ii affititll* •*» uuu^i at 
Ml), •nd *•» iittri m kwi*! mo" 
li«itioii» «> cwnp"* *•" " " ""'•> 

( )vcf ihr yt;«r». i« •«» '"i ^'»" •''"" 
, • , . <» (or vdnnu* »»»«»• 

h. ..cai,4jM>d*0 •«*•»««•': 
l«q fci« ^u!'.«^'^ ^' *tTiH*wr.w<rneai« 
wmefi.i" ■ ' • 

jL , . h..miE iiirtftt**^ « 
■■.,- li»r*c nuJ«T,:- 

.,;iimoi« ihcy dewrvv ;■« in 

Ballet Folclorico Nacional 
de Mexico 

■ ii-»»ltnj<l«>t:iBf.«>k»- 

*. M umaldt 

. *hiilwiix) 

jouraeyite.,.., .CT-cpn-W 

mccimdir;.! ..uin^cn 

.',-. *hn-h •.!» I' '-f' «'* "« 

.. % md niMlicru.:"' nmv.hrt% ««*« 

„,«. <l«ms ■ '■•■" ' " «'»».«'" 

•fipcwair. ■.. AU.1.U. 

riMHnwFr.: -niKpm 

pnncnt >jf Me»»>« Wk d««« ind 

„.y,„-,i >of.i.gc, *e c«n»p«iy i» *<: 
M. . .' ' .rrtim«ir»ofrKTi»lrrj»i: 
urui.». • . WUmtut mnipt « home 

««H)cr«i'»i • I* Bf m'» HispmM. Fmc 

ElcM»' FB thi !».<■'■! •■••.■■ .•.-..-■ >. 
gmninu « * W. wiih M«««tin voidnr* 

„»...r.i \,)F? / rumi.vo' 

, .. _ -K •vMliWt (<ir pur 

TkJicW (or Ott Ballet FoIlI .•. .• 
•re S20 fm mxn fliMr «ml SH' tif 
balcony «i»l may he purchased at 
Cm»m«"i m t;i»in.Carv>nt M Sprm| 
Hill Mall, m ai The Hcmmrm Bo« 
•>ff« Hkiih: orvJm may call '*y\ 
.W Hcmmem Aadiiorium u to 
Di»<ii»wn Elgin 

.( ^.H-T 

K\ub Deuisch 



\ Rir vv hat vv Ik'iv aiKl \^ Ivii 

Get Promoted By 

« lurl ^luir < .Mirs«- 

()w;;s iKH srv 

Thursday Fchruji> ?5 

< 7p m 

Ni.rih I (-nlral i 
111 V h.iini»*.»iiK 

(^0H> J»0 1HH41 

I North Central Collese I J 

.n ^^_, J 



I3ME BMKI Ba»l. ArtH>ft— H«<flm. M 










Iha Harbioa«f .F«t5fuav 1 1 . 1 W3 ?■ 

After lut rnxk't primint of the 
H'Aor'mp column, mourfurpnM. we 
mtivtd a Ictier of >u||;ciui.itu frnm i 
inidcni who happent to he under ihc 
•geof^I. Hi made fame ciccllcni 
pmMs. inch a*, how diflkuli ii really ii 
foruudaUibirmaiAeveaarn 21 
lo rmd diincs » io. Alw, ir H«per 
campm, then maybe il shuuU hold 
mo* tonal type evenn, like mtxcn. 
Thia w i tm il abo lielanii lo a coaplt 
groMpa here, )M n onrmely dtfcnur 
aged by the pixir mm (Hit at the mewt 
ingi Thercftiee, we're kiiikinii mu> 
fifiding irwR infonnauun foe thtMC uu - 
dcnii ohu (all intu ihu age bracket 
We look fatward to reteivuif more 
laltan of luweuaan fmn uudcnu hke 
Rich&heflie ForiiMi>«ide«t.iiiKas 
Ikm oe commcntt. |)kaae fed (ncb 
dmpttietn by the HarbiBfr i Hewnmrn. 

Local happenings 

niurnJayf'fb II TutoXIwaled 
ai 1450 E Algnnijuin Rd in 
SthKonburi. la holding m event fat 
thuaa iHidar age people looking for 
ihu^ 10 do. It'i •^•t* NIglU,*' ao 
Ihey'H be havng an — der 21 tfaarr 

-DwtyN•We■>.!^N todnraam 
Palatine, preienu JliB IN Hlif fk'M, 
pubnxk Then > a Si coow charge 

FnJayFrb 12 WMlcwaier, ki 
ratnl K Ui W Nnnhwefl Mwy m 
Palame. olTtn a mghi rrf pn«tre><i> c 
tni-k. with Jak Uakral, h*e <m itagc 

!ilMd«,lacaHidal21IIMIN Hwy 
21, in UceifiicU. ia hoating The Bad 
Eiampla (gitm pop-tock tirigawtit, 
akmg with Rhaaita A CravMi, fur a 
S? uiwcT Lfaargc- (2U 

SmunlafFa. 1.1 TMn'tprcunn. 
ia Tlw riiik, ine of the (otimry ' > heu 
Pink Floyd nbala bandt. ahing with 
Aflmrkaw*. Thcfinauiwa (2li 

SumlayFth H Mil Fridat't. 
1193 WaWen Offue Square in 
Schaianlwg.oiren a gren Valaalkia 'a 
Oay ipactil. Fma a idwwd menu. 

eatdicoiiptocaiclKnK m aphi t ippc 
tinr. 2 Ml enfteei and a dtMcn, fur 
mHy $22 W Alio, a uirpruc gifl wjl 
be given out t» eath i.«uplc taking 


Moidoy ftb Ii TiM AtMMl 
Ct«lk,kKainlatt7l E Alg««|iiinRd 
in Stihaumburi . offeti a mghliy buffci, 
Mon Fn for J1 They alio play a 
variety of miuic fmaa dti M>'i, 70'i 
laidllieM'i. (23) 

Tmnday Frb If: IHirit NrlUe'i 
haa SI thxnettK himktl heeri all day 
kmg. plus they offer an f Ipen Mika, 

fram'M m la.m i2I i 

WttMtittay Ffh !' Tbt Big 
Kakaaa. Tm W Algimqum lid. Arl 

Hli . hai ihemalive tink night, akmg 
»iihS2 iinnk,»- 

Sbadia goes "Rcgfae.- Taaf 
Ban A KalcMc will be ptayuig. for a 
Wto*er i21) 

CampuK happenings 

/*iii'«ii.j> fth 11 t^'iwKCTt Br- 
gtocy, a five pcrwwi capeUagraaiplhsn 
Baltifflare. will be pctfonning at 1 2 
noon m bUg A, m horn* of Blatk 
Htskiry immth 

Friday Feb /2 tlacwIa'iMrlk- 
diy. tHiiUc«n' 

Everiiwc whii prevtmaly aignml 
up ri« the Ramcy Reoeai ihould be 
prejMrrd lo have a lot uT fun' 

.Vnndiryfe* f4 The Harper Mym- 
phany Orehtalra. will be playing m 
buldiitg}14).ai Jpm 

MamlayFfb /< PretMml'iDay 

Neaaal Awamts Week be 

gmi Ftirmf.irmaiM)n:E»iirm«jn22W 

Tut^Aiy Frb Id Tyii» week't 
v.Je« RondMontlng VWiaamiRi 
tlic V 1^1 wUI be uliuwn on Tucaday ai 
■Ip m . and Wedneaday and Thanday 
at Ipm 

By tnc»dingeampuan«nn,jHai 
ihmk, you mtgtii actaatly hiMatw 
people, leim uMKihing. make con 
ndrtMw, or even . have Urn' Tf 
would like k> tmi out murr 
SwdcRI AcBvttm A:I3h, E • ■- 

Catch 'Vanishing' 
before it vanishes 

AAf tdBcx 

Heren the mm le thai opened la<l 
Friday thaiuadocniHidwiiha'lhnllcT" 
undenone The i)ueMi«n that ran 
through my mind the enure tune wai 
huimir M<«l hum«» that can be found 
in Ihrilkri »wiMBt of one linen 

Thil nim hw a timple pkK with 
famihar Ihrmn Buy mem girl (be 
fmfibnl RoyandgirlgtninvKatuin 
f >iri get! pvaniid and wants ui p, hack 
home Girl ditappearn at vonvenielKc 
»«tire Boy otveuct o*cr misting gtrl 
Roy CO eti>u widi mad tciemnt wHh 
unidmtiried accmi Kverybody dies 
(fMi. I'm kMlding). 

The original FrmcJv'Belgiuni film 
wot a ihnlkr. a very gon) ihnller The 
people UKik that KTip« and Amerx an 
iwd It It 11 moR cometK and it hai a 
happy ending Thn u the very reatcm 
xmc will be dnaioragnt to see this 
mmie II it pun enjnymmi 

It nooi an micBectu.: ihnllcr II i< 
matkuig like "Silente of the L.amhii " If 
you want 111 tee a nxjvie like "Silence 
of Ae tamht." tee "Silence of die 

1*. k Hairunan iX lef it Sutherland I 

he Wiwid'* ha(n' !1iey go 

-. vaLttiimtti V mand 

-x'm: u ipvMikcd 1^ W71- •^(7KwtlvtH.ln and 

HMMi Umi ihey nan around and go 

borne Then, in a middle of a tun 
nel, they run out of gat Icff goca 
irff W get gat leaving l>iane behind 
m Ihe loep to fend for henelf She 
fcelt alwndoned and ihe two argue 
all they way to the gat tution 
Tliey retolve by making a pan u> 
never leave each other alone 
agam— and what does she do "i«ie 
Uraves*" And the never rciunu 

leff otiteaaca over her ditap 
pearance for the neat ihrec yean 
until finally, Barney Cousins. Ihe 
abifcictiir. ftept forward and mtuii 
thai Jeff expenawe everydung thai 
the eipencBced. Barney is just a 
guy expettmenimg with evU He 
haa nwhing against ihc two kmn 
penunally, he just wantt lo know 
how much he can get away widi 

Dunng hit three year tearvh. 
leff mecla RtU Baker, a grcaay 
tpooi waiueti who latches cm lo 
icff instanily It's your basic 
iwittedcoHlependeni kindof are 
laiiaruhip Niii a kx to enjoy 

After a while, I fell Idle I was 
nioiingliir Barney Hc'igreairHe 
and h» daughter are really the only 
two likable characters 

IVfilmitiec able I enjoyed 
II as a piece of enicruinmeni - 
Ihai t an I give the film a matmoe 
ticket and ture' bring a dale" 

THE Crossword 

Dy MMHVy 8 WfiMMn 


i Waaai 



* " 












































— ■ 


— ^^gi. j. 

■ ■ 















■ ' 












I TiaHiigaiaai Ml W 

iBhiibJi m 



nunn nHunn nnim 
liniini'i n»iiinrii tnnm 
II ini n\t irinni innnnnn 
iiitinrnti i:)»ih nnnHO 

iidium nnti 
iminmin [n\T) nun 
Diikiti »innniin kinnl 
Cii II in» irin» ii jni.innnr 
nrin nniinnii niint. 
tmvi nrin nnnnnn 

rinn niuKin 
»i»ifei»iri (iDfi n»i»inri 
»ifwr(u iiuiiinfinnnn 
nnnn imikinn omin 
nniHi Mtmrin nnnn 




■ad 17 —mmmm- 

W' ^HW^WP ^w 


Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanner Monster-Bed 


Smgie. Ooubl*. Triple 

I 3up»r High 
Sp«*d Fac* Tannara 



(I 2 Block EaM of Maacham on Algonquin) 
163S E. Algonquin Rd. Schaumburg 

Plata 3a Laa Flora* 


10 Th« McstolnoBr f •twuarv n iwj 


Help Wanted 


For Rent 


Wt at* looking tot ptdonabl* 
trxndly mtn t •omtn le *n 
jwti phonti lot oui clitnli and 
typt mail raiponttt Typmf 
skill! and a good tpaaking «oict 
ntctJiary Paft-iimaf «it- 
rimaiDajiEytning and W»»»tnd 
positions a«ailablt Wt Pros 
pact location Call 7SI'2}I- 
7094 lor appoifltmtnt 

looking tor lummar •mplor 
mtnt' Sttura »oui position 
• arly tor outsid* painting t'<«>^ 
Eiptritnca pralarrtd «nil 
train Apply Hd«' Contact 708 
231 8360 

Paid lor jhoppingii Ui»iJ»r £OV»i 
cuslomars ol)s«r»t •rrtploytti 
ttif pos ttO 00 hour null 
Davt a car SSTI800 

Nutrition lor Ih* brain Oid you 

kniDn that ih* rigM conbina 

tisn ol vitamins, mintrals. 

hvrbs and ammo acids can 

hiilp impront partorminc*' 


70lt5» S3»1 

thru products iis*d by tiamais. 
atht«t»s doctors Weight loss 
• ithout drugs d«n>i>l or dopn 
»atiori Itari mujclt gatni «illi 
prontft «tl*eli>i non-sltiptdal 
formulation 70t 65S-539' 

Gold lion Kunj f u its a cambma 

r ■ ■ 

C ■ 

SCHAUUeuRG Dtluia 7 btd- 
roan Apartiit*nt Ul liooi 
utiliixs. pool, •icallani loca 
lion- clos* tc skopping and 
Harpor CoUcga intar Rosalia and 
WisaRoadS) nopals rant irom 
caring tolks. tKOO 00 Call Joy 
at (14 ieS4 

Saakmj p»iso«i to rant a room -i 
■ yhoma Hon Sniokmg, Nous* 
ol alcohol or drugs Palatm* 
(DundaaandRis. • " !~'- -- 
Plus dapos't C I 
Ur 6p IT, 

For Sale 

Nt« Arctic Cat 


. • "Si A'lidca! 

--'" itess*? 

9 iMrmi xUttntat(l>( ts 
(vu struggle ttirougb Ujis 

aitficuii ttmt. 91ta» 

wnsiitr placing iwur habir 

tnitl) us U'( undcrsun) 

tiK loVv and strtngth litis 

tgtii Mkc. but tM priraiist 

»<our ba\n' *tU tnwy a 
iittumt of iot<c and liappt- 
ntss Uk art [inantuliv 
iifcurt. commttlcd ui tatii 
oihti'. familtrand InglKr 

tducaium atWpitd big 
hrotiKr is tttll as adopted 
tousins teill Bwltomc ivur 
babv Aitdical. Txgal and 

Counseling paid C-alt 
l,uri' and John 



Th» |nt«>m««tion«il SliJ«.l«»i ii ' ' 

Fw-sit Mooting 

Frid««y F'»fc> 1 91 «» ^p m 

B»jHcl»r>c}A. Firo|3t««c» Mro*» 

Its n Ssufs I "•.•■• I U aft »*■• Jil « 

^ on Mr:)M( iNt c > 

/■\l I 

.»r< lirflBrsnft In gtME your (ttvin: a gOauii wHuv 

U irMtrrrrKtni I itii iif lytjtne arid ■■••< tar !%ar> 

tr I .iftirajt .-at tiawnr. t mami n mcUMtny .m"! 

I wai i^t iKM-k to yuu an iMMtn aw ptM.xM.ilr 

Ptett up nmS drlwrry us rHBKI 

mwmn - »!».00 IMW fmur 
Donto #4 CX> fMrr fwitr 
I Kifrry tt\ircS |M»r <w r^nirvr t« f»xsr 


A 4-VK \R I)F(;RKF :? 


in Lakr f'omt. ItUnoh 

A C(K.-ducati«>nat lihcral art*, pnvatc n'llc>!c tor resident and 
tommutfr students. 

' 24 ma|»Ts in 13 depanmcnLs including:: 

Education/Psychology . Managemenl/Business. 
Performing Aas. and Studio An*. 

• Day and Fvcnin]L' cl.issfs 

* Child care >er\ ices 

' Part-time or full-time status 

Join Barai s man\ siudenLs who ha\e completed Associate 
degrees at community c(.>lleges 


lo Whom il may coi^tf rn Thanfc 
you tor ulurning my nateh 


Nicola Ou bisf mama l»iblmg 

Happy Valantmti Day Draw 
From Anna 

To Tanja. Hppt you had a won- 
dettul lima in Amarica, Wa will 
J' n:s$you, PlaasaWritasoonii 

ToRhaa. Suta»r>a. and Skip For 
all you do This Ptisonal is lor 
*ou'<Happy Valcniinat Oay lovt 
tha t^arbmgar Cra« 

\vif miKi- 

I call AdinissK>i^ 
. H KXX), 

ORlVf OfllJliK 


Phil, ba my valantma 

D arc you afraid at tha dark^ 

Young quit hanging around tha 
info booth G 


Pata. K*«p your promisa 

To Solij) 

Rosas ara fad. 

molats ara blua 

lake Euclid Road Ear- 

W» 111 miss you" 

Glanvieo Naval Air Station 


" iiantints day an.l 

, »hich guy yo , 

go-.'-.g to j}a out aiilh^ Snak« 
Ogra. Boll I4»ad or Squid 

.lOiial lW»r» ara looking lo' 
mard lo your 4S minuta rapon 
on Carman aconomics-^ All in 

Gaha dahin Ubtafi Kahra luruck 
in dame diackiga Hohia' 

Saa Ittara tha star 

In distant blua 

lit taitnkit almost di«s 

Its light took an atarivily 

Until It raachad your ay»s 

A thousand yaars ago parhap:. 

In ashas fall that star 

And yat. up thara 

III ganila light 

Kaeps shining 

sliH and tar 

Golllriad Kaller 

To Hanata von Kaudall 

Tha Bast Faculty Advisor 

m the World 

Htppy Valaittmas Day* 

Klub Daulsch 


An. Wa giva you thraa month:: 

balora you start saying 

■ nuttin" 







WTfllCreU UniY f IMWTMi 



Th« Hart»ng«ri«bruaiv > 1 '^3 


The truth just 
may hurt, but it^s 
still the truth 

Hgrbngof ooft» cQkgTtmtf 

for today it ihrrc peat Can >«* m> 
ihai^ Three pc«( I kni»r yottCCNiM- 

Thal wont u> he tKe noMidiiy 
ihai moMrahid Bulls fwi* have They 
take for grinicd the tupcmirtty <sf 
ihctf team . w hK h c(.nik! lead u> a kit of 
cmbwnwmenunnw lunr 

Dnn'i gel me wirmg. the BulU isv 
a greac team, but tiKfi tfc twenty 
»e^' en other miM in Uk NBA . U you 
«kani lo lurniw tfMl down a bii. you 
mi ^ht jiM biclMilc (he thnw d^herieams 
wiih a shp« «l (he tiik. Ni.-'ft ViYk, 
PHpcnm and Piirtl«Hl 

Chicafothoukln't have hM much 
trmihle with the Knickcrhoikcn 
iT\t;'u,»; :itffkivcOuttnam«'> Thcv 
! ' t f< . seem li* br pacing iKt-m 
wi'ci Uiriy well this HauMA. even 
imgh ihey iei the teodpmi « f«« 
tinea. TKe Eaatrm C uafamw fla«fa 
thuuld be Chicago's uiughttsiMail on 
the way ID (he Finah 

I^Kienii ismN fivortteU^ wmihe 
I *II find a levered hull hrad m my bed 
unc night Charln Bcrkky i> a mn 
with a mt^xiim. and thai is M,wtiwlhing 
JordMlacks 1 think MihtvwiMtobc 
I ikc thcr gulfcn ytw mw waatuif iheir 
ti the ImiLt all xummer M<- h*» 
;*ml lt» imKh time *in ih.- .."ir' 
ihic ia»i year m have mamLi - 
«. hampiamhipfurm I kiM3* ^ 
wit] Kl1mcii» just Lhei.k out hi«.«uu, 
and I'll Mhnii he mdinnf wr II. Ku t rhM 

w*m'i he cfMHigh [*> pult Oii umrn*» 
favflrikr thrcMgh th<r pity off it 

Now t^uH r m tkme "uniAhinf " (he 
Hull*. II 'i tune Um Da Bean In my 
ufnfuoii. Mdte DitiM ddha 't clei^^ 
h« Sffod Hti waa the coaiii, and s Kt«u)d 
laiwaBiMg i Ba p o naibitey forthc leam '■ 
K!MMHDa,niilit!H)n tremctnberhun tuin 
Ming tticbiUlmthfowing it away H 
ytm have ui Home lomeane. Mame 
the team ititeif h^odMnr ptayvrt can 
<mly play tliat way Yvmnetsdiothake 
ijf » the pliycn in awne way other than 
removing their leader Maybe 
VifmawuuA caR make a few change*, 
bwA tfic Be in rectir<i wim't rniTfiovr 
fNadi over (he fM- 1 1 »c umn (*r I M u 

Now itial I 'vr tmiaied ihrcr quai 
irri oC the ipnrta (am m (he Chwrago 
area. t*tt mtri/« on ttt MimrthHng cbe 
I A«^r <4rikiit-n<l IcalunKl two tpdcttftg 
cvrrtLn thji Lht'^caae tihe ijrfemji «( 
iwod)tlacr>i«ptinjiTU;. * '*' 
game waa quttc 0Hr i>fr 
dhfira. The Timid aciwe ul .:-... -^ - . 
laui^MHe. hui ti wat fun to watch, 
waan't it? Their wat only penalty 
caXUsA in the game, a far cry frum your 
average hm'kcy gnmf IMhkrh^**-! 
ikimcrthing el<tr 
iigii fans; wa.«ti 

hm th(vic I ■ ■' 

-VM" N'Ji if^v Sf ■ 

■ 1 .;*«T HiMfcl mcKwr 
^ fu>.r. u> wm a hr*> 
|li*w! ocr> r»>w «td Uten iti Um*k 

HcASTMFt C*aaoii 

This wook Ihe Lady Hawks wiil 
play liHce out of [h*ir lour mniimiig 
gamea for dw ncaaon WtmMit** Baa 
kediell will itan it off ai Rock Valley 
CoOcge m Kockford at ^ p m i^might 
AJ 1 p m. thry wiU hcMt Black Hawk 
EaUonSaturdavthc 1 1«h Playing (hctr 
laat home game of the itcaaoci they wiU 
come faLe hi fa» with lUmom V»Uey 
al 9 p m tn Tueadij* » February 16 

Ptaymg aftff tihe WCMnctn'i game 
will be the Man** lean at Ruck VaUey 
Colkge at 7 p m Then returning home 
on Tuesday. February 16, thry wtll 
play at 7 pjn. agamftt Hiwism Valley 

Thia weekend the Mcn'a and 
Women ' a Swimming will start to wriqn 
up their season at the NiCAA 
Kcgiunals KcuKmah will be held at 
the Coilege u( LXit^i^c inOlen BUyn on 
Fnday.Feh U and Saturday. Feb H 
Suffiing time wiU be 10 a m 

Bcfoiv hmimg the NJCAA Rcgum 
TVToumamcnt the Wrrvtlmg lean wiU 
compete in the EImhur\{ I>iiala dkts 
SanoJay at i^ a.m. Regionala »« m br 
heUon SiMilky . Mannry 30. at home . 

f%«m> •¥ ItuTMH Ctsaau 

Lady Hawks lose, but not without a fight 


'•.y"(^t Spofj Wi!* 

HtHTT Wimvrn'j B«»»it(H«ll Tc«n i» 
«k-u-ninnoi to make n kmiwn ihat thry 
.•r > '..r .. ■..►»- r,.ckcncd •-illi w the 

• ami Dm (imlefmm 

Itw lean hwiMiffieil >t> t«u f^t 

Inlhcitamc «f Aanut Jtilict.thc k-im 
wu down b]i Kt pmntt. hui mack: ii 
LkKc <St>wn liK tirruh.commjt within 
five HtTwrvcr. that wiMiltl he n tkme 
as (he IjmIt Miwlii wmild fet Heail 
C'tMk'h levmifet fmivn attnhuicd |wi 

0(lhr kl«ft !!»•*!«»■* VI jrl ■"\^.-h«t.. .!Iv 

tiid. "Unlnr 

larhnlcneriiMatlic tint hvr u. right 

mmu*»» of ifhr wwwmJ hutf. w-t we 

TTu- team i» mlt (nnnfiijeni tlwv v aii 
pull 4*f^ M mir««t<* wtlh tlieir iaM t<nir 

vrgular Acamn garner anti do wril mihc 
play >4fi. Acomlini; tiiC°i>aih Jensen, 
"Everywne pxn w uwfcrcncc. and 
we're ml) mtherr All of these teami 
are bcaiaMc; It 't gnmi uihc a maiierof 
genuif the ktnk\ (ml and working to 
eethrr a> a team They're «ill playing 
•ijid." »he uid 

To cloK out ilie neiMin. Sic Lady 
Hawlu will play two l»<fne games 
against Black Hawk But on Saturday 
iiul lllimns Valley ncti Tiutsday The 
trun'n fm«] rtgulir scasnn game is 
agamii M.>raine Vaitey on Thursday 
of nes! wixk Confe/encc linvci and 
Uh alMwvi a/e vet hi he BiwnimTd 

Hawk Focus: 

Joe Sl(»an. star hakethati player 

•> Mtam 

7'hc WKnivn'v Htf»ki:h4ll ■,!■«(.:■ 

llKpasU]onfl»h£«dM*l'ttWU4)*h {lie 
Ham had a Maann NMoril •( ' Ix U<< 
ynv and haw not had a wmnmf i«as.m 
•uK-fi'fH* ThtS..fih«ll learn will «an 
Ihcir new KaM*n *m Monday, April ^ 
agamii Tnion * huaw m t doaMe- 
header « J p m 

FoodiaUttgnaifsfiJiiieiix .u 
hcam maifc Lawn Young. ' 
ZTH pmatS lackla tiflMd a ktiri ••< 
inieniihn we«k w Hwad llif UiMvw 
sity iA kiiwa, Speody rmarnvn. Rim 
Bmwn, an S hxii 6. 1 y$ pnands h > 
signad t» play lt» Kaniaa Slate Be ir , 
Harpari leading lushcf in l<M2, Ed 
Fauthild will he playing fm PKuhurg 
Stala at Kanaaa Andy Ptkc will he 
antnding BaD Sia». S«e«c Rnchng and 
Duttg WiiMci ttM Eaatern llhnt>u. and 
I^any t>amti will play ai Applat hian 
Stale AwndingMiireheaitSuie.Ken 
tucky will ha Enc Smekum and Ian 
PmcawKr wilt ptey al the UniversNy 
of Nehra^a-Onaha. Hspcr FtmhaD 
awch, liAn Eliaaik. eipeeii Tive at 
nioR of H irptr's players ii> sign Iciicn 
m the neil few wcckn 

Jaw W>.j. 


5(;v~-- - 



'■ '■*■' 

^hmiHk full 




'- ward on ifttc 

M Ki. '. 

'.(■rii:..!.- " 


ijinc .1;': 

JU • 


inc htm 



waltti l^. 

>.>> ccmwKlcnad 

I one o* Uie ixMi in ine ummiy « die 
I tnie. 

He saw the eadmnfiii, tfw at' 
,: y, andihe {k»y (hnncplaycfi had. 
. ' e I he taw w ihai WW what he waitted . 
Afto hegmniog «> play haskci 
hi!! hiiweif . he fiwnil mu diat tpiT!< 
- •> loreceivean'" 
N»:: jnj fv»H'hiiuuai»»:«ifhhis«,h.«'l 
years U» his graduatuMi trum 
Bamnittofi High Sehoul m IWJ 
fv cry i.^uigm life »cein!wjfmef««r Joe 
until he hail prohk-m« while attend 
mg Bralgion At-ademy . a poM grada 
aitim prep lehnul. 

mg on hu hack f nun play tiw day after 
day. year after year kiokiu toll ShMR 
hail a ha>.k injury Ihai hu diKiiiii taai 
would n<i< allow him loplay I 
live spnrls ever again 


..I J 

Upcomina Harpsx- Sports CwlanOair 

1 ^>aB-«*.<*liSo// Wb" rM-i. 

itmm Wf»M <w-«»P«#«<« « fS«**«*tlN,«f/ M.'W **->-«p«if)i 

I t-H 1 I 


I rii«4«i.V 



let* w. 


I tita« 
I r-ls IK 



•alucattlan ^kftlr** r»r anor* lnC<»raaaaitl«»n on v^^mi* 


tt» do wmw ' 
Ajt bereali.' 
m»wt thalif!.^ !i^ 
Btrt ausc he appear 
withtmi vi>' pam «'■ 
tiuhtudiMttir t4»fm-! 
hehaiiJma»ii*i.!r.. c ' 
fully g«t th' 

en ti nt atM S l( ««n * « dtwln; ai « ' > 


I wt»rk .«y» 

Sloan Aiirr ».>rki.' ^ - •' iumni||[ JiUi 

biuriteibati gamr durin g i he €0 mmtin, 
Sloan Irwd mil lor the Bainr Siaie 
Gamc«ihrtpa»t summer He made (he 

■^i.irsh Sticrx' T(,rtfM «Ti*i v-'!1^:)i:c ha* 

. iih 
tlXi^duI; ojmictg utiids a»d the learn 
cmkd up winning the gold HMMlal 

Sloan joined Ak Harper team thu 
year m4 hm Imuobk an imuni xiar 

■r tcam't le-ading u^iarr 

.tt a ftune. iiet-ond m re 

biLHiiida with almoai eight a gianw\ and 

playt about Ii of 40 minuie^ each 

gsine Un the Hawk» 

When a&kcd whcihrr he wouUl 
conaMler plvyuig baaebttU ai Harper aa 
he dkl in hi|^ achool. Sloan'f anawor 
was Skhon and ■tm(!i4e."h*ip been a king 
iimc Mmc I've ieenacurvcball "That 
. nui'I iMo^»hty he taken as a no 

HMTij hc«tliiwa.hat BirrmgionH-S . 
H 1 u t K I M , "He wjiji like a lec'xmd fadwr 
T4.TTK itc kept mem line "SUwnuyt 
r«:m latight tiim tporta diaitpUnc as 
well the (AWTt-ct attitude towards «i;a 

Ani^her factor Skitan icei a> a large 
influenLC in hi» playmg career i» play 
mg at Bridgton Academy The all 
adifele achool prcaihes a total Ma 
demic fotua to iii tludcnit. whjHfa 

taught SUian om- unipk rule grades 
liiu, spurts Kxniirfcl 

Slo«i »>« this wasn't always the 
cascearliermhttichool days "When 
I was younger I didn't ^iply myself 
I've attualty dime belter m college 
than high Khool " Ai HMrf;ia. his 
G P A It } while in high school it 
wa«abnui 2-2 

As far at the future. Sloan is con 
ttdcrmg one more year at Harper be 
UfK transferring to a four year schncri 
He has ahrrady bccnrccnuiod by Lxwts 
ltn(ven>it> in JuUct. where he may be 
able tLi gel a fuH baakefhall scholar 
»hif» One of his other uip (.hoiixs 
would he Loyola Hnivenity. but he 
pnibdMy would not get a free nde 

As fsT i« s p*mI career wise. 
Sloan's numher tme wish is for a job 
with the FBI He My% the icamwork 
mvutved"wxmslikcafamity typeol 
thing and thu's wh4i 1 like to do" 
onTV. were dctcLUve shows. and hu 
fot'Uft hia never chjingcd 

As has been the ca»c the rest of hit 
life. Sk'ian'ii says htm career goal ia 
based on one commtm idea, *1 need 
eacitemcm ** 


Th» Hoitoingo* f •bfuory " "*3 

Still going... Hawk 
wrestlers still 
undefeated as end 
of season nears 


Loss to Inliet hurts- twice 


lom "■Wtoiil>UMtw«ama»:.. ^ 
d«y," twl < »CTy tiinwtii lio»cl»cr 
who ■tiniae«l."»tKnu« real lic»tih> 

In the doatdc-tiutl mcci. i>h 

uitonal champi«n*htp!) man 
hindkd COD -H 5 ind hem «i 
II. The only rcuMin the meet >~ 
C L C *i« M t. Ut^e as il crnkil uj: 
wit tK\«UK Mirrrr liTfciinlHIlmt 
AfterciU >«ei»hi» !•' pravmi frndl 
injurm from bccanuiK b<K imt' 

CoKh UjwIik* omlnhuic* ihe 
Hiwlu' winnmf wi>» u> • nninj 
tradition of wrenkt^ «l ihc oilkgc 
Run Bcimcr on Dm ontrail c<>Kh 
• ho hud the name ij«lk«tii»> «» *c 

hea.)«:<«diferaK|>M"2"y'»» In 
4ll itio«e von. IotcIkc smoM re 

I , > iinmc ii»dil»<n 

txhina IK- H-Jii'.. l.'veUre ti>v» a 

h)gKe»l v> ■ 

ih« trea must he stumi; ■ 

During <)u>t» pomltir lf» 

m» COUtI C0m MWWf|r 


ali uti *<: alwvc. and lhiTe!.'t. :• r 

An the tcaxM man an end, and 
ihc fo»u» <• Mnwt unranfci nttttm 
•J*. ilini|i> lank |[aoi« fat ahwwi !^■ 
•Miiv Wan. Of dw Kfti^ team. < " 
one m lw«-» wre^iWr^ an luK ait^uT ' 
crfmakwf Mxmiint 

A»..f ' " ^-''^ 

Thecmlicniti'nay t»(ti(»hi>»n ii. 
hiii die Hai|Mr men'' hmketbJI team 

Hill mjiy hiivc (ilayed a*w •«« «»•«* 

*it the '.<jt*"'n 

lolKi ma> have watked •• " '" ■"' 

(heaaapeniiKWwrtha HK' 
Ttte«dA>i Tiii^J'.i S"'ul ' 



•IlKSt 'rhBHP 

up {lie the leant, aid even 

lie vtu 

the di< 

kMt JumdoY ntgH- Jo* il°o" *•» <" '"*' "" 

. I all the 
uiui the 

si» I'lavct* *er'- km 

Ai the wvcw n- 

icKnimicn all ^rawK 

What this school needs are some good athletic supporters 

)ea»t two I'l the liiayet* <ni ii« 

had kwt (ouU cad! i«*enthe gsu 

won hy My€\ 

TViepliiycn werchappy withthcii 

p,-th>rm jni •■ n.vm- the Iras Acfordmi; 
leading «.om witli 
IK pmnli. Tur^dav 

Hi-.».; t ur *auiaJu.-T 

Ihegam. ■.rthaveaiked 

f.» imitv . ... ■ , .J>cr«,"{ll wa») 

luM a ureal Icain cffiirt " 

l-vcn d»mgh he was iwi cmlchet 
and ciwld nM put any weight ««> hi« 
ankc ycu Sloan gtiarcnietd Wodncs 
day monung that he would be ready to 
pliv by Tue»day. Febmafy lf>. m 
H ■ 't.wne %tcmc t»f the wa 

i',,v .d-,. .'.tiulir game of llie aea 
. *i will he Fehniaiy I » againM Mo 


r< Sid 

1 1 ,_,r" 

( ).K . duBC* inilMhIy kaA aliule 

I w vtn dm wwk t^ ine « 


oui j-i-i c V , 1 ■ . ► ' tulunnn I 
wdl|»wy«»an«fcrai"4"h»i i.Hin-n 

tt radly duappnnu rnc K> arc 
, tack <>( ttippon hmndia annkjua 
(Of the ipurts iramo hew ai Han^- 
MiM of the uudenu at ih.^ 

l.u: l!h »!■ ■.;: -, 1!"1 ■"" 

wi ancli ■ 1 nwtmmiiij lea; 
iiwld |iniM>ly comi" : 

.-lee-J »i* Ihete hir»>.l' 

...ukl fwil >»vrr..i.«Me 

m* ««imBiin( tri l l ' *w* »■«" 
Ihc hoii in Ihe -■— " 1"' »eai TV- 
I*,, ;i..uhlr 

4ila(|ailia.- 'fr-i-^k 

■ay llw men ftwoi tepeawig khia yen 
oiidd he lact <if ntanhm (diie id Wk 
of ml*?" '"' 


The n ai ,*-. - . ^ :: 

tideted ime i^ the he« m *« nawm. 
and the Back team lomMleiilly iiewb 
iiui a «n»»|i iiaii e»di year 

Wiih an iihieiie iwifMiB »*« •« 
thM nolindy (« at leaal 
>;-nu aJirnd the Hawk»' 

e iltcK tt Hiailoefininc 

Ik) Harpei wntaflta lltaid alt of 

ihnr ir.t 'ime ««ijyin|. wn havuif 

' tfrfe irarm! <1 ths* 


Majthe dMW jutople who actually 
aBcmW »|»«>iw event* «n high »ih<.»>t 
ha»c pme «« In "real" ai!lcge»'' 

!« It ha-Mm Ihe «»ei*«e Modem at 
HariKi Krwici tattMr fo nM mhI P* 
hiuMd than (p» 1» a apiirti^ e«en«» 

<» tl a«M jaai be that the a-, trage 
«Hiil.-r.i •! Itmwt docan'l give adanw 
.. . .viiu««ina>lIn*«lMnl 

1 •at-tl c«.;lirgc »port» "-1 ick-v„»m. 
and ••nine teama prohahlv ..1r«« mine 

(Rldmlt to ta* iwli* id'ial event dian 
am «•«• *><«>•• evewa (mm aJJ 
tiaonf oombincd ■■ year 

Of ormrw. if the team* atinind hen; 
acuially began diawiilg tTi»d»- lliete 
omM tw M301C gl«y m • mnmg If yuu the lr«m« gltiry. theirs a ptriiy 
gtKid chanee heiiei- athktci "nil fin 
and mule*! of hemg one n* the beat 
athkuc umiot c<>llege« in the annwy. 
aie cnuld be Ik* bfXI 

Bm then again. I'm a dieamcr. 

K tnewagc to joumalnm jtudcnu 
and athletes (iir anyone who likes u. 
wnte)- We al the epoiu page are al- 
ways lookmg fi« t<ora wnten. If you 
would he iiiicTcitcd m wnting for the 
Harbinger sports page as a feporteT 
<hey . jcmmaliim students, can you aay 
•hiDWn mi»e-)« aguest wnier(ath 
Ictoi. tm yvav^ 'get myself no 
ticHt*?), •untad tne. Jrni Walaiiis al 
llH HarbingCT offiee, A»f.7. or call 

[^w-^oo^).r^ ;4f.i 

THE Harbinger 

WMftam Rojney Horpef College 

Februory IS. 1993 

Volume XXV Number 13 

Justice and Glover re-live the dream 


\ I ■ r<IAiNML\r 



brings act to 


Fl AH KfS 




civil rights 


<h ■ 

Black iitslur\ 



.Sl*( )K IS 


teams end 

home season 

with mixed 


Huiwi Camou 

OKt " "I'Kni It itmaAmi 

1 rixdir/M.'tof VtUt 

WcdfKiKiay ItuttvL- «ml atuir TV 

' irtui 

M«Mh licrc u Hwpct 

*l^ wdirricr wa* «inn««f «. ' ' 

' ■^u he WW vyint id ga 

! ),ii'h*4fi>rii\i-r 


itngatonHuglwtandtk Mailm luthm King Jr' la^ W*diwt4kiY 

pakt un ml 

CVjotimuitini; Uiw > 

Accused officer arrested at hearing 

Paul E„ Mrycr. ihe (HjbtK safety 

kkwty ihcfl Us' n«>r.:!i u llar|<cl, wai 

KKji inl> Sh«nir> m 

fkcn jwn-*u-t! vuycr im ahimd (orfo 
l«m wamiit f«« failure ut «ppt«f in 

>,. iu/tiin«pm» •■•••» Iff 

**McycT 1* J , ■ ■ 
wilJN dnvwf '■ 

Mayo ttemcil tnaekwi wkI iia 
prood mhctt ke •» oin^kr.! ;>■• .-v 'rif 
imiit'c He »«• lau^ i 
mcni Hr «■> rclM» 
txsnd and Iw u kIk<>uI<-<) in apprai 
uxliy n the Roiiain Mcadnw* htindi 
uf Cooli CuuMy CiKiiil Cflun. 

MrjcrmdSma [>•«», huh !xjm 


«IKt Dav • .. ■ . 

nxiMjaik ltiinn»xt»cdmliinnju«i<ilwi 
led ii> ilico aiTMW 
"'tt w imr ^' - 

n » oil i a i iw tm g »an«rii ^rn>: I'm 
A mcmit timtk «•» done nn M<:ycr 
HKi !)•*«■ a cnaptc a( d^r* Mare the 
pirliininary hcarini; lomiurc thai ijicre 

■ itry iKafing Uv thr 
M-iirvr. tv<ih Meyer 


1 s AUhe 

IM 4/tn)^. M> Uk 4.«»urt api^>inu:J t |;nit> 
hk J«-(ci«)ct Mcvct i» rcsvhululcd tp 
•l>jKar Marth I » .m lh«-: llKfl cha»|iti 

Apti\ 11 ttixauM- hi% atttwncy liad a 
Limflici with ihc twin uhcdulc 

Rtith ctLv. »i-rt' ht-anl l» Aioact- 
aielucl|:i *• .mdcll. 



AfteA Enl«tairwn*nt 













Part-time students 
get little help 

Air squadron the 
subject of video 

Couiw hm Stmci 

awtaiia. d«rta( dw |H« 20 
ycwt hat uvci1wnlcn>d dit Miiknl fi 
mocial fyticm, whkh ncoda adjuM 
mentt inTcfW t ih» nro mnd in hi|h« 

caoon. a rcpofi Mqn 

BciwenlVTOandlWn.pan unu: 
aadcrttaduaie iiiKlcnu m(ifT than 
dmMttl. from 2 1 million lo nearly i 
miUkai. aumdint » *e reim tqr Itic 
AmcncanCcmnctlan Educauon Full 
linK •■nillnMM al» trew by M per 
cent, frem ^ 1 mtnun tn 7 millwn 

H««fevef. ihcf' ■,• ^"< 

6 *1k» uid *»i pan ^ tk >!;K».-n!» •cit 
ku likely ilsan liw ir lui) time t>ii«ie)' 
(MTtt u> ic<.c<ve rusanoal tttuianc-c 

iKua liie McTil' fmtnmeM. dut iiatr 

Ceuja Am Snvia 

ume itudnru received finjiiiial aid. 
I andt 4) pcKcm «( lull iime 

'Dm npan fagftan (wt aaftm/ 
tn 'may Se a rnvm Imitful UHVce i>f 
financial aid." panKukrly if they awe 
(iven mate mcoHiMs fnim Ae federal 

fowmment femw ao 

Win id Vku II hiu tuned, and an 
t> iaiR<n%hlOK|u«!ninlcadt Amen 
«m < w miaawM n u M iM Wi y KniMry 
tnarn N«ih Afrk* ID Sidty 

The only caKJi » thai die pi km an 
Mack . and they are forced w tmnpleM 

Thaii ihe lUny of the Tuakegee 
Aiimcn. an all Mac* fighMr aijuaAni. 
laUdsiiUck avideoiiiKianeMity and 
in««lin( uhilMi dial kKli> off a na 

iHinal UHir at ifeic Sm iihafmian NatMinal 
Air and Space MuKum in Waahing 
u«i, D.C .aapanal Fchrujrvs Blatk 
Hisliiry Miauh 

Theductanentary aji.. 
•pnnaimd hy McDmuld > rcHauranli 

"We foci It u kmt. overdue and 
voy impount uediKaie ynunn pnv'' 
ahnui dtcac taknied Mack piku wio 
fought for ihcir country, and 
unfonuneately . an nui even menuoned 
in himnry hi:«ilt>.' laid .Stephanie 
.Skurdy. director of education for 

I 2 Th« Ha(t><ng«f fatxvjorv 18. 1<»3 

Family & 
Medical leave 
now a rcalily 

[«;n«,l^«ida«BitU■ll^l.T. V.,:... >: 
inw 1»» iIk F«in>l> Miil McJr. *) 
Lmvc Act ii( IWJ liui FTKlay m i 
Rmc G«te« eefmwrry 11 the WTi 1 ii 
Howe. "AmeKinw«)n:ri»ill !»• 
tunfct taw *» ctioBK te«t«»i iV 
|oh ihcy iwrd md the family ihr> 
love," MM* Pre»»kni riuium ai he 
thmkcd the Vitc P»rti*fcnt. mcrn 
bcrs of CoiifiMi md onbMiji 
Amencai fimidm mhat comiMHni 
cfforttuwiBedlhc^ "■■"■""■■ ' 
think >n nf in ttxnil' I 
UmiiwBAmmn ' 
lam hown ihe gn.Jl<«:k in *»h 
ingm Ki pan family k-^vc I'm 
very imjud Oi* *<: firu bill 1 ■m lo 
Mgn « f»re«iaimi truly pu" pc-jik 
firti ■' 

rhimc* finuly leave tegnU 
tMimwdaicttlMten>|>>»>en »iih 
at rem Tifiy «»*ot» fnwidc ^yw 
I ; »«U of unpaid leave lor grate l> 
fi.m, :, '. j.'i :i»«f>ewliomuriicc»l'. 
.,. !. ..-! ; ' • : ,1 « • family munKt 
. M < . r ..uiinrdicalvonilitiiin 


begins at 
ihe top 


Four-year degree a myth 




wwe «,«<; imacnT>(;i.tnu ■ m^!' •" 
craw has had m ch«n«e «. meei in 
ciKMolaJRqKiKnn Andi.i!.>- ■•■- 
(OMDnuiKMniiMiloinnt: . 1 
do, wilk tc<» 

"Duriiit- ^' • ■ ' 

nU-Jfifd 11" '^ II. 'ii-- 

■ ... 1 am ai»n«<ii»--in|( a 
re«<ig*iiuj!i<»> nf the WhiK Hihji 
thai ke<i» my pn«n«ic «• the \mo 

Tltt»»wir|«fii/ai««i "ill led". 
the \uc of l>>e While If."""- ■! 
r... .iii.t(3(Tn.e.iftlK:IV 

...,.,■,. "'.(f) that 

,, . .. ■ ''H' ttfCOt 

Sfchilf Mini*c.ilali 


.1., r^r;«.iu.^i^ .>. fr,i. 

....,!, .11., ,j!.ren»(!lii.-.- 

! pctMmai pies 

.t k.-af* III rr 

■ *)l. 

cT a mandati- 

■-.11. r, 



mrjiu . ^ 

HtliaitlMte IS wni'^' ' 
\i»u .Iim't ii^radual'i: 

■r (kIiik i~ '.li'- i-'iirtr.rJ 
■,>e»fna!'«iJi y«*"»<e'ee 

I !.»f thi" 

aiMiuon i<i fim«(im« eaiH . rtu 



..rjl ihmc lh«: ■ 

, jaie in three yi 

. ihc> would rather ^ 

vl prumtcarlieTOTi- 

.T ITMlM itlKlcnllt 111 

u\ and <we seme*- 
ume The college. 
; tcr* ik-grcc* in the 
;l mm iraditKJnal It 
.,1 (.iiiiiwi 1* Wi,-VK) 

indimcillwiTwmey uiUleKhiiot The 
li hiKil scni mil letter! ui Ihcm lo find 
,Hii why they ditln'i KOim. and l)ufl 
» lid m<>»i of them laid ihey had U) take 
the term off m earn miiney 

However. m«iy Khmili e»pe 
.illy tmall liheral aro mnuiuiiora 

, .nirase <rildcm.s Ki grailualc m the 
,t«lilKii>aI fiwr year pervid 

f>wcns S jnunelMin. » n-e jwemleni 
lor adminnira'i"" •' Ou»'a""" 
Adtilplw- ■■• IViet.Mmn 

said mill. .* >ith<-in...inii.- 

., , xirmtingtheu 

- .can 

I -The; 

l<,>i IK ksiul thai . 
\ . lolptnw 11. immafiK 



mamtnii U 


■• Yourself At Applebee'tl 

Grand Opening Job Fair 


1 '•■*; 

I ..11". r;.ijl'*- 


' AJTiA i> 

*t.o ..(It 

■ ■ ..! .ml 
Jic^aid ■■Wt'r> 

it y.maieloiil. 

■ ,ihji';«tray«".r 
■u- jiliffcreti. 

V. i.mtiii'!.- 1 f .I'lViiK' 
. l>iM .iunlril \1^.l]^ 

• H.m:.;. 111.., . 

• Ilt-ahli lt!^i!'.i;:. 

Hi' onj^nal. B< 


««« ITOWII.' ' Hlf*«»TO*B 






iljx-ffltrtl Rii 

' MonlKiiii.. 


ftlalQfltMMncMQ GmB ft Hi 

[;aiul(iiii(i>n>HM> ('mitbjcT 

Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanfier Monster-Bed 


Single, Double, Triple 

Separate Super Higl) 
Spead Face Tanner* 



n 2 Block Ea»l of Nleatham on Alflon(»om) 
1636 E Algonquin «»d Schaumburg 

Pta/a 3e la* Flore* yi 






MIHtlCU sifm rWOMNi 


Th«Hait)inoef.Febiuarv'8 1W3 J 

Workbook helps 
students perfect skills 

Hvpcr Rintnoi Pratcun RoiMn 
ADuiwiki ■ « worti beak, WordPractxi 
mgEiereuts AfiftticatumifoiWora 
PncttsKt- AttfOiKtii Kryboanlmg. 
mi lUctrtMc Typrwnurt. ht |UM 
vicen rclcucd by Bciyii tni fuexs Pub 
lishmg Compiny . a Divuion i)f S«>ulh 
wCTicm Puhliihing C"<'mpjiny, VtA 
>cge OivuHm, CifK-mnuu <>Km» TIw 
wort honk haiheellllwovciflilniro* 
luve fur ilic pmTcsiiar who his been 
hciT for o%«i i5 yein. 

The wwkhcwk pmicntt a tcrici of 
haoA-un e>cntae> daigntd i« hrip 
■*«Ap*t« perfect dietr tkitls 7>)c t«xA 
wa> imRcn lo help «iu<lcn« week w ah 
realutM.- wofd protesting ^r*lem« 

tiich « (how ihc> mi(ht nnd in the 
nwidcm wortptnc Puorly humlwrtt 
\m ruti dral^ uf fcnm, rcpnu and 
mcmaraiKlliim, tonOuntnu rmm in 
fiimtal « m •peUinii. are iypK»l of 
many ij^Htc pn»jceu Thw SmA rrpli 

/ikoviiki ducmem) ■ need for a 
wnrkhnnk Itkc ihn >fler neaihmit lyi» 
ing and «h<irthand rlagMcn and ii>irdt 
naling *e wor.1 prtitcsimg pn>|r«m at 
Harin "Thctiimm<ieiitint*!i.Mnoi 
h«wcicdeaenne«, with reaJ harnlwiii 
injf .the kvndof citmplci thai ttudcnu 
tate no the f *." he commenled 

fue mftirmai««i about ihe t««4 
conuci til. 2555- 

Scholarship furxjed by Motorola Cellular 

IKM,. Vnki Steffy. iniitily trainmjt 
tpct iall»l.h(ipc< k> invt^e nuire >ccu 
rKy pcnonnel in dv follow upuwiw. 

MotoniaCellular and Haipcr Cut 
lege have enjoyed a fiKccuful buii 
rx%^ r.'.:„ 4ii,<fi panm-rthip fnr mure 
\t\4!. i ■'.' 'ic The colkp and Ihe 
dvporwHin I onimue to wok tofelhct 
to develop mnuvaiive appniaLhci to 

One uf the rhmi rcicni c«»nptes 
nvoKes ihe tninmg of Monwol* ("el 
lular security empkryrcs at the Arling 
un Hcightt,Clray»lakc and Uhenyvtlk 
|flrHi^» HarpcrCullcge often an m 
diMial Kcuniy certiruaie throu(h i he 
crumnaljuitKX program Harper A»«o 
Liaie Profeuoc Phil Stewan custom 
laed Ihe industrial sevuriry cumcutum 
to meet the tpcciAc necdtofMoloiuta 
Cclhdar Mcuniy emph>ye«s 

Hi I IMS Ott concB wc actually 
being taagkl hy Musmla't km pn 
vention and aeeuriiy manaf emeni per 
ioniKl. the company ■•frfrcsenuu»«s 
offered to .kvaac die Bonut HUUUUUf 

fee B set up a Ml >lillW|l tald fo 

ttodents in Haipcr'a 

paoinni. The ichutanhip will he av ail 

abk lo nynne mieniauid m put^utng 

an annciale dcgroe m cnminal )usticc 

Criteria fn the icholarship is bcin( 


There were l^ MoKmla tecunly 
dnpkjyccs who completed the iifst 
course, C'nfnmal Justice Adnmusm 

mvettitalive priKess Surffy com 
iiHnied dut Itac coarm allnw the em 
pitiyaes lo upfrade die> skilU. k> gain 
cnlkgc credit and lo keep up with die 
lalrst deveVipmenii in *« fiiM 

The educatHUMl irffermg^ fii well 
nun the Mutunila umimoous mialily 
phikmiphy and offer 
IS fm Ulekmt kmtmt, 
ClHtki aiamheflin. hat pnrven 
mm managrr for Mi*m>la CVIlular 
has worked wiUi Hirpi-i dw « m.i- '- i 
of year* Chamherlin i^ ii»] th*- a»!M v>'\ 
hnaid (w Ihe cnminal jualtce pni(Tam 
He. akxi)! wrth ««-ufMy and Haud 
Managci 1 v>xurity Train 

ingS(»:« 'vandMaggie 

Mnaacn an.! -..i-.. - •ii.ioi. phyncal 
sacvnty HXKiahsla shared instnicuun 

Mwy amiiiiBjiaaa m the cbns ea 
! their ealu 
cawai and an voy i mt ro alii d m knk 
mg SI dK new acWanlltp prugram 
Miw availaMe in the Haipet Ctwimal 

For further inbinnatiaii abiaw the 
cnminal juitkcpngnn at the cnmi 
nal luaucc KhalinMp. coiiiKl the de 
partment. ckl. jMH. 


Vkh \\\\\\ wlvrc aixl when 


Get Promoted By 

I ^ &^' ^ ^^ " 

'J Br<^ Efc-' "k^ E^ &! 

chart Vrstir < 4»ur«r.. 

Thursday Tcbruary 25 
►H Thursday March 4 

5-7p m 

COH) ^i^lMHIM) 


North Central College 



Prrigram promotes 
positive future 

r.-riKi.' f' 4f ■..■««» Tenttw IS 


pamcipana utelily dsuightpanenis 
ihiii limn in»icni!jl arvJ fciKcesi. ami 
ui learn !■ ' "■ 

dcf lo CT : ^ui:rr Ami 

illttease ••■ 

Theciwti or tne wor ssheip is $40. 

K > kam man ahout dw wifkihcii). 

.. („,,-,£.... -r »j^»M.*«Mi Kjn 

New vMirkvlitips 
for wDimn 

ki-^.Hjn.-^ !..r ^'■ 
„,;,,;,^ ,.„. .,„•..>.„,, 
shr^w or; i 

^/* r. t-^k « '" ■ 
panu Itam hi»» 

mg duDentai and mcrentinti «(»i 
mum, awifidrace. f1eiibilii> and m 

\ ■*,■■. ," ■Jks pcvifite u» 
trade mlormaiion. ies<iiiree». and 
lupynn tystcon wiA wdien in IM 

^ajnc rw'-* 

(■i,r; -Vn of Net- 

...!i,,h. •'!. presents 

' lip panic ip«ni» lo 

■rt pic-ase lal' 

;v the uimx-t ■*-::^ 

tnadsuntmi;. P»w,)octnsnhei-n-aicd 
on BBha film «ie vi<let*»pc. but dKy 
BiualbetubmillcdonVTISof < » ■■■ >• 
caneUconly A<ompl«ic«l 

cntr% fiwn; niu>-! in, i .>rni^»tr,s 

tenter offers adult 

infii scvsions 

Pi, 1 ,:i.. ■ '. . •• ■'.'.•■ tni 
tjncniationt*!' ■' ^ 

for Ulose over - iM- 

never been locA»Ut:j;c,hui»i'u;-l M,t ui 
inve«l>((ate Ifaipci 1 ol 

M :iluf« pnwnlial tiwlciils arc in 

wu.i »>7 moo,. -SI 12m and 
ask ihout Ihe Adull Infoinialion Sci 

\T\ placement rate is 
">0'f; 4th straight \ear 

■' 'ictvpmrTttivf th***t'' ' 

1*^'; ^tz a»j*U"niji \';u art- r**t* -.-iti 
ploynl or in graduate uhi»l, au;«ri< 
tni; lo Ihe utj^'-'*"^ '■ ^'"■'"' "'■*• «■ 
mcni and saUr 
For ihe f.. . 
of lOHTgradiuibtsh.. ' 

job' iw have hpm aeo ■ 


MKl gtw*' ' •* m uvhii»l 

ogy ant! ^ with pro 

tram* ;r „ 4* anhlltfC 

,■11. liberal ans, and huii 
! 1* the Mii1»fvi\ 'irscjl 

ProfesMir establishes 

Hmry f Mcict. an As»ck:i»Ic 
l»ni(c»«jr of Ctcnnm here liw i^ yean, 
uteiinni; andhcadmisforihc llawai 
lan l*landi Bcf^irc he leases h*>w 
t-vrr, he \s c*l«fili\hwig a it h«ilaT^hip 
Un a sciiald virar Iterrrj^m .Siu>icnl 

UlloUi;,!lHanvr'' I ' - ■' il.'uri 


"l/uslwant'' ■ i-:.'M"i' 

hack u> the studenu lor givmg me so 
mm h over Ihe pan quarter of a ccn 
iur\,"' ( oomimicd Mcici Meier has 
laiii;ht all icvtrU of I rcrrnan over the 
\car» andhaSM"cn^han(;cK uicimdl 
meni Recetilly,lhen:ha»eheenmi»e 
^j«inr%s perwin* cnri»lUnj( m the 
\.i\\c\ Simc Fasicm Hunipc and 
>micr Russian ^alellitc couninrs 
. . (' btxi mic jh. t es^ihie , more Ameri 
,mi arc learning (icrman ft^ pir 
IHKcs of business and pkasure 
TM-rman sludeiHs imiuilc imrk^ 
■ ' ■ /'taj;c rnatoi. 
- ^c to round 
,..., „.. . 1 th-nc wrio 

are iiilcT v-uiticmian 


tfi*»Ii numim-r 

Video contest to 
lake place 

I ,,"i;h.«'-^.jJuiiawlMm 
mjkcT^, fr^ardic-\* i»l their ma>*s. 
Vi.korcint*:*! "IV -WaiiUrK u f^n 

.1.. »■ ' . '■ 

ihfTnc. "lie ixrvm \ aii M«»i « 
IhflcTtntc '" 

in Ihe past. smtksHa have used 

pun. daeMMatary. comedy ami 
ilrama mcapRiic them vawti of huw 
one pemm can make die arnrM a 


To oaqmc. calraMa muai he 
cuncBily enroHcd in college and in 


^npniy»»i oj iiT iii;i,iij*'" 

■ ling u die survey 

■>s ., .11 says dia year more ITf 

gnduaies have hccffl hired by small and 
mid sire conipanics tfian by large tee 
porauont Even ao. saJanes foi tn" 
engmeenng, cinnpuaer Kience. ardii 
lecture, acounitrig. and managemeni 
mformaiBW iy<iems were still hi(;ha 
than the naiHmal avcrai:e 

g7<ll onlT's '1-! b»i hckirs^gre. 
graduates fnm llle last yearrrtivmiled 
ui ihe survey Nine prneait of those 
fespinding ifHed for graduate school, 
w lUi » 1 peiwM rimlint empluyinciH. 

These plaiiemail stalitucs icikct 
dK maitet vahic oT an undergraduate 
degree ftimi HT and cmpfoyer mieitsi 
m tlTs pmgranu." says WaUrtem 

IIT IS a privale university dedi 
caHd lo eicellence in undrrgraduair 

( hancellor In speak 
at m 

1 in TirnAhaiKclUir 
V .<!< alitxmiaalRei 
I i:i hij news un "The 

I -.►ic 7Ui Tcnttiry" twi 

Feb 26. si.' pm aith* ■ ' 

lute of Technoh^ (II ' 

The free kctuie will K- hcl.! .n 
the Smith Olson Audilorium i-f 
Pcrlsiem Hall, 10 We»l > »n) Sireei 

Ticn'sloclurcispanofihe I'M! 
Trustee's Lectures at IIT. widi the 
dKine "New Paradigms in StieTue 
ami Engineering " The iCTiaming 
spiaken m die senes at Rnhcn 
Fiosch. vKC presidem of Gcnctml 
Motors Reicaich, who will ipcak i«> 
Apiil k, ai«d Ami) Pen/ias. vice [wcsi 
ilcniiifcacafchal AT&TT; Bell Ubi» 
raliirics, who will speak on April V) 

N * P E n K 

Looking for a job? 
See this week's... 



Th« Horblnoar. Manjory 18. 1W3 



I di tonal Board 

Buvin*-- ' 

< .'in ^ j!(<f 
(.r.irl'i- ' 



The dream no longer exists 

T\^cnt^ ti\i' \r.irs hA\i: pasM-vl miui.' iIk- 

assassination ot Kcv. Dr. Martin 1 uthir Kinj; Jr. 

His k'pac V sur\ i\ os icHta\. but his influence is not 

ax promiiKTit a^ h. ' 

l..)ok aroiiiul U'ssihan one ycarago, April 29. 

1*W2, loiii 1 i>N Aiijzclcs ptilicc ofliccr> were 

acquiitcil ol beating Rodney King. Rioiinj: 

eiiMicJ III SiHUh (Viura! 1 "n .Vngclcs uiusinj: 

csteiiMvc daniai;o lo business and homes m tlie 


Juxt a teu nionihx a^'x in laiiipa. 11. i . a hlaek 

man was abducted and burned b> iliiee v\hiie 

men in a racially motivated cnmc. 

\i',\i>ne lAho thoui.'hl that relations K'tweeri 

races were improving was wrong. It seems a 

terrible tragedv that hunuins still cannot accept 

oneanoilkT tor uhothev areas .ipp.'^i-il Ui a 

color the skiii. 

OK,i\. s.' ihis s.ninds like a sermon from a 

;'t'o\ lUil until racisiii is ». .>iii|Melel\ 

irradicaled Iromourplanet. then It isuhv loiis iliai 

these sermons arc needed. 

Whatever liappened to the vtvil rijihis 

movemeni thai called tor the i\)tialii\ ot all 

races.' It died the day Rev King did 

Aiu person w ho attended the presentation last 

week uith leliv Jiisiicc aiul naiiiiv (ilmcr heard 

a speech that Kev. King to a church Ci)ngregation 

in Memphis. Tliose words epitonii/cdhowinuch 

tolerance we all should have toi e.u h other. 

Rev. King did not sp«.ak to convince people 

tiiat any one race was KMler than another. lie 

spoke on the equality ut all fvople iVL;ardless of 

i^cc, creed, color or gender 

But apparently no one listened to his words, or 

at least did not agax' with them 

n.'. ide where >ou siaiut Itimk about 

discrimmalion and the words that Kc\, King 

spoke during his infamous "I Have A Dream" 

speech. "No, we arc not salislied until justice 

rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a 

mighty stiram." ^ ^ ,^ ,, . 

'^ ' Kenneth Dillard 

Do you know your ozone ? 

v«nu ami 

'ilrvTi «ru mit inf gh^ha! '■ ''»t: rithi 

:c twrt iivi*,hiilAh<i'ukl>'' 

inui jKlitin^ What Ljm vnu do? 

Hititm the puMii 

'i\.ii It t«fUlU 

.■*\i e Uw tttm 

All need to work together 

- M At; ^«iin 

al itmimufu 

.! yim iphitukl tKKni 

Kf jtK*nhf y<Mif mo 

■vT « hi Ic (lull lull v» 

si-.t.jiiiUy Mfi 

nhjtrjK.TTii ' 

Piul CUmknrn. •4iw»Cun«il t^wid Kk-ncr. 

A4b.-.xVl fttftfiiblbi^>TH»nf!RST. rWWtott^.HiRt./ 


m« Hart»ir\aw,F«*irn,jarv 18, 1W3 

Lettertfn The Editor 

SluUent idea lavors li»cal activiticN tor vtHinLici ».n>ud 

luM • Ic» fufiinUan* and tJku 
fioryuu . 

A ka of "mtltimar c^Mtfe lu 
I dcMihlwinyielfanehcraraniihcap'i 
I M in 21. and ried il iMrkuii u> firxl 
placeii when ii nn't ««imi{nt wi:! 
hi(h idnal innlBiM f» [>n«>*c>7 
Dane* CMl»— B(m) « piKct «wi ■« 
'•w2\ and aw 

1 know Tino'f tn Schjynbuqt hat 

ami uvcr nif ht vwi Sunla)i>. and alt 

I of Ac loc^ cmnedy placo aKlndiDg 

Ac Fumy Bom and /amoa and &< 

aaidray «c IS andtmcTUM Fkinm 

Bone. /.anictll Aowt SckickK a> 

iMW I uin c*rni.« Itw im- ; f . in 'up 

Harper thiwki tuvc M-«mtr W3fi ul 

ImiMni dX IRHMnl Ol' pr< ' 

Ifii UniaKaiiin. H«m«« bxiny atid 
KirtindMnt aanmit "itKn md mcci- 



Everywhere you look, TV 

'am fioem 

M«n»>g»' : 

Fw alma Mvtn nwnOu tail year I 
ta't watch any TV ai all N« dw • 
I didn'i have one, ccxildn'i 
rf ta <t M «t.dtdn'inreiloi>c.andiihito'l 
• •Mane Inihaiardct 

ti wai dw he<( *lvm<t\ t'vcewar 
<ce« UwMili (alont wtUi <Ut*mt hr 
Kk of fracwy (inda, (hm dw't an 
■ihar Lul i imii >. I <na finally (nnfaiil 
< nd having a life rulKi thai bving twi 
rriRit of one thnnjf h cHaratwn m a 
•tualjukdwi. Fteed tmnihc tanndi 
'I die black boa. I br|aniiaiat aoant 
hincnew livmii I now aae bow tad 
•at In be owned, mind and mnI, by 

■ ^k a nuKkaa nwdia mnt. 

Evwyow win ai lomeiiiiie know 

..■tnefine wh«t would mitwe ml himtr 
•5 ihecaMof <«'^ 
in lo go a'jt * 
livetrwihU UH •■ 
Odmc fncnil^ n 

Ii'i already ai!hc[»)ini »hcri- n* 
HiiiallyaecvpiaMciohrilMtway The 
»• «b tube baa ancunanilyMmngiiiill 
•n iociety and ndwe 

Wbkh ■ fumy tnn it a ataxmr 
r the leaat mandauiry fa a cuhuiv to 

■ LOKIian well and ihrtve. Bui we'w 

imoR ' 

\ cat the TV'. «m! it *m..M fw- 
if II waft puUisd nut from 

«wi«f . EuiiiiicanMamUy mi bairally 
Ac tntMt li'^nllad lam* maM cut' 

I tcalitie that many ihrngi I 
thMuM'vc (pwmrd ihmuir'i ifft- rt^wri 
cni ' . 
<)f I 

HI(tncaipnAFieih«;YtiHKt<pir\ >i«rmg 
bir hoort on end fflUB the wctt-bMad. 
cMmMMialndden, (anti* gmdiliaa 
hanMannal fRm a nomial hab« imo 
c {dk, now thai I know w hat n can do 

Paranxii I'vr aecnit, I'vehadit. 
I\ei-iMi44M^n:'«1ii Bw wiirtsim«t4K!the 
bm would Kim yuu hclarvc that head 
(iumNlpaufMc air pnihabiy Na/i 't. ihai 
tMi0|>i«ytr> ctaif UM nr altty' » xh tan 
taiy. and hmi haued ma)e« are tm 

Tltat if ]KMi WOK .an iwerModba*-- 
kcibdl team lackri. muf a vunw 

:cuyfw'|icM» > 
'■■ iitmjhanitrT 

fimgng dKaa: lu unfireMtifimahk ^hit 
dnmand h<- — ■ '■'- -''1 follu And 
paranoid i< 

Wtaki 1al( hour of 

enlyaiRi" Uufihcprc 

miaauie i- ■ ■ 'V tpet-i«l 

iiiin(« m a>c Cianer ^h MMm 'and 

Bm hey. ym't* II gimm up nnw 


I. waf«.,pI*nff'v^**^-r* tml 


acme ifin'jiicu hv TTtariinin^ vmtil^a 

wiw and w-r lfw u i wa w <K».% all •Ian* 

<hflnni«i..aackT W»!>. »- .r,i-^r,..-^..--« 


lauay I 


And hw:*wic^ I'm p-jjt 
j««nhl«: i,m thiKil *■ 
ncni f kihal diiiic»n;r 
he mxywhac' bani 
clBaa«iB«».f-''i" • 

ha«t :. 
i»wti • 


id TV 

Anyone ' ■ ■ 

Think twice 

■ai MK iO pcrcnM. 

VifthwrMrni \ iir\ 

\(iitiin<r S* v»HMi '» 

Ihiiik iir •»»im 

iia.r •iMltt»«Hir<iMr rrfJ* 


- toil .^** [Mnriii 

.11 1-. 

.. r.anl ,.« llir,. . 

f »»!■•' 

1 m tlliiikini; 

llii Vim-'tH ■ 

■*»aii!jMi ■ '■ 

^it^!-.:'.'- J 


IVwHattMngef febfvjorv 18 1993 

for HIV 

Cook C(wni> Boari 

CoBUy !*(>«''"«« ""^'•''"- *"^* 
<CCOPH) •« pWiMd WBWxiw-" 
ihc ivtiliNUiy of fw* «» ^IW" 
HlV-An>S ptcvCTiKHi e*ic»m>«i 
pn>|ci.-u m awnmui..:,.-v m tuhiu 
tm C«A Cmmiy l.\mg fwUTil 
funk. CCimi oiiciui* u> m»k« 
CVMllMC f«« »• "»•" ••■* <"' 
Sa.000-iJ.000 h» iWBJotU ton 
dacHd <liirai|| *« pcnoa M»> 1 . 

Gtwu wUI be •wKtfcd i» IKK 

Afman /wmc m md Ifa fic 
penom ihfo"th c«iwi«««» *•**'' 
tirtaiuxx'"' "'•*'" *• H«»l* 
0jy,n»»it jurodicouo A*™ 

eta thjihk » wty •»»='"* "^ 

nniiy cirt««»«»»» *•» "•> " 

AIDS •*«»« lo <*» «)*^^" 
an,; ^^ .cl^ mnlHl jjencie* leiv 
BigpretominjnUy m.n.)iii> ^Ikt"!' 
or cnmmumty m«mbcn. .« <«h« 
local «jmm<»H«y-*«»« <«I»»»» 
uw -hKh hw oMUnhnl iMi 
B>»> nAuAm t»ti«l •«*•«»"*<: n**- 
noniy conraunui" CotWhicMlw 
cflem «wnt dicK rypn of ••«« 

RNs begin 
with blood 

nml New •ml wi :-">-•■"? ••■--• »"' •"'I' 
fto«, ««l»« — «-f«»- '''^■"» •'^" 

ThfR N TuiiTins''' 


To mm^ fc» ""J" » »» «•«•»•"'"" ' 


Conijci B«!i> t"!' 

^ ' , Idq>l>«f '■ ''-' 


llK i )* Awu^ Harptr C<.llc|!C N«i«m1 

Pmi aid Dn«ll4 Eihibiutwi witl » Mvch I 

rojtC HBd P Th.. yr«r » cinprmivc f tKiNt»m 

Hiiutlmjfl' A»ii>: 

-Thn MUtan of c«M« of HIV 
jjM,iii and AIDS comimio i» 
incRwa wmiin »»*»»•>■< Cook 
CnM,. Til* |«»mw»i rf ci«» 

ctBy » die li«i fr. yc«."ii«l Or 
Kara U Scon, Dtreti". CCD™ 
Sims. l«W. 40* o( dl AIDS c«ie 
■ iwm«db»CCDl>HK.vr 
R African AnnicaM ■»* Hii 

-W« are «•»•*■•••«»«•* ■ 
c»koflheepid»m«: W€tialh»« 

imthcr • vBocuie nen • c«k P^ 

,i,li —^ai -■-———"• u 

■lo« ftiifMdormV isouf am 

wailir— * Mil " '^'■■■'' Caonty 
■aartPMMMlbchafd) PHcUn 

Ammknt » *«»*• •** P" 
poH of dua raw imv*" ■* *" 
oKOwatc *» dcvt> o|awaa« and 

laaad HIV fHoatim mogfrnm 
•1* ■»! ta racial -Id altaicini 
iwniKi dMt hawa *—m dia|irafnF 
uouMiy aHKaMi wi* MV d» 
caMi W a«aM»h callabnrnxxi 
Mung comnanKy ivr|am:t»U"n» 
•id) *« Cook 0«.iy OapMWXM 
af puN« Sealdi. •ndi«»a»aliial«d«« 
tnecnvoKM oj mV prevoiiWB 


All tia u i t a mw i l i awm t« " 

ntam of Putdk liaaldi. 1010 Lake 
St SkJOO, Oak P-t. 11*0301 by 
Spm .wFnday.Fth 26.1W3 

Foe imirt infiwmalMn i* llw 
pnqact. can Kadiyc Oormh. HIV/ 
StDAdm«i«irawei«««» J417« 
Slacy BJtCT. HIV l»i»-vrTM ..«> r.Ki 
caiiaii Condiiutt' 
Monday dnNigliF': 
m* 15pm 

laau lor • dwaWiiy thuuIJ i »ll 
4«»-3400 flt TDO (Teitviimmuin 
cMka DB««a ta ik> Oafr 44) 

MchiMquaa tMMM «M eompua kaf ■•••* 

1 ^ I 


A, IIPS we reco8n./e the financial pressures associated with college life. As a 
oac^e handler you .lU great pay. nexibk- hours, and an oppon^nuy to 
r.L *c S t;^ expencnce around for *e #1 company m the package busmesv 

Here's what UPS has to offer: 

• $8-$9 per hour 

• Monday - Friday 

• Full-time benefits for 
part-time hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 

3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 

5:00 - 9.00 p.m. 
* 10:30 p.m - 2:30 a.m. 
♦Addison only 

Hj^HcailMW Wten it the UPS Emptoyment OtIiM 
1M S. Uii*«< Ave . MWtoa. IL 
Totsday * Tl«w<i», 11 M« - 3 PH 

,^,-tteaam lihw •« «N U« Empto»meiit Office 

Raii« Mitf HMa Mt. Palatine. IL 
1 pm 3(»ni 



Umtad Parcel Service 
is an tquai oppponumfy employer 

M-f • VH 

Th»H»t>irvg»r f«t>fuary 18, IW3 


Display celebrates Black 
History Month in LRC 

I)\ro.. ■ 

,.!« «.iih 

iicim uuu 

i '• ■ 



^" i,.l Mi I • r :r r •- , ! . . 

Looli. then: I a ktusr to Maknlm 
X AndnclBovailKietoacivyaf* Rn. Ui M^nm 1 .. 
Imuk of poeiry nptei by dK MHhnr. BiBtry't t«lw< 

Lngilon HuglKt b liMI < pmtcr dc toun^l' ' 
wnbmiiilKRI.H.kl'Miien. u 

Thc« ucmv. md many <*•►•-" 
were di<i)7la>i:U hch, 8(1. in " 
Star*. u» ^ctibf.iur Blj^k M 

taaary. a> uppmt • ' 
ciilcrt«Rm«T)t a^pc^ i 

^ler uni;m»l 


c» *i UK IMAxMn fM> •n 

TH» lnt»t national Sttjclwnls c:(. il > 

Fust Me«ting 

FricJaiy F eb 1 9 nt 7p m 

Butldtng A. Fireplace area 

1 1. 5 «i S «ti a :: I ""oi- 1 d n f t »t I- .'1 1 • 

FOR MORI IMr c:> C.A,LL e-xt T'Ar.Ct 
Loav«» a message 



tlME RaM4R*a4. Afliatt***H««lMs, H 







IflVE 5.00 

Trwcks It Trail tn 


off any rental over Si 00 
with this adi 


> 1 0OJ 




y^ih Vfar, hundreds i>( Harpv-r »ir iJualcs transfer \<' 
Kmitewlt rnivt'rM(y<>.\rlint!t»n Hi'ishlsiampuiti>ci>mpii'ti' 
thfir bachelor \ diXret'S hi'iausv KciiiMrwIt is the northmsl 
suKurh* iarUt'st. most imnprehensivv university 

Harper tludents Kalhv Unihel and I>an l.iu tell whv lhe\ 
i hose Kuusevvit 

Koisevelt aiieptcd ail mv Harper crvdits. and registration 
was a hn'eie Kathy says "The campus locatHm was ideal" 
KiMi^iewll ijjn me a scholarship ' Dan enplains And all 
m\ Marivr ^ n dit> Kvn- accepted I particularly like the small 
classes, and the tact that the campus is close In home ' 

If you re inleri'sf ed in ;< Hnini; Rintsewlt I ni wrsity s man\ 
successful Harper students, come visit U'- or call an admissmnv 
counselor at 7t)H iJT yjOOtnUt u^ help \ou plan >-our transfer 

.Vlbrrt A. Robin Camptu: .'121 S Goehhirt Rd 
\rlintit.«i Heights. 11 ti(MM)5- 7(W 4;»7 Hl'tMt 

RooseveK University 



Migrate to 9ay Co«9ge of Design 


Hoao io«a*j v.i.'nj)ji.,'» uu;;>;.ji.Uriig a«i>gi i.o)l*ige StuOv —<>• 
too pfOlesiionaJs ftonster u(i to 60 Cf«cWs toward o 6f A or 8 A 

d«aio« Spec:<ataei"l rnoiori Coll tocfciy cm tiettet v»f visit us ot 
our OC«n house 





..>; („:ampus 
■ ' ■ . MJbath ^m 
1 II S06"1 

MKxx««ta Compcn 
10M BwKTieiw Dr 
Vnoumtnjtg it 60173 
|70tn Mf 34M 

8 >,« H,)rt-ur>g,>i f.->bn^(-iry- W ' .•- 


Local bands rock Harper .Untamed../ lame 

Fiv t> Kinmfi. th ^^ fn 

I«. *Um.}i *if.h ^^^ ■"■ ■•'. ■ 

^aj[n Tn*' Phanliwn Helomrn Hnir 
dynAnii-.r- •'■ : ■■•■■^ '■■ ■ ' ■■■ '" ■■ •■ ■'■•' 

•naRt-Mwiit. v«tr!v ;otniVtivuif.-*'i 

In iht->¥ ■•^. V^nranvm 

HelnumrT rt^.tlunng 

liaiul hmds. tnt luimg itw C«vv l,X>eH, 
Smjuthmy Plifnpkim. MatcriAt Ihsut. 
Dread 'Arppclm, Dnvm n" Crym and 
RUffty iyOten They aliwi ^htMnviucil 
twice al iHc Midwcsl Mumc. omit At 
South b^ Stmihweii in AtMOn. TK »n<i 
abo ai CMi Mmtc Mvalhun m NYC 
The i*wii yew has «xmiiiiiutt<l ihU 
cofuuntfrctu'yuf activity Conrhlral 
thiA lhc> c«iuli:l pn «.tuL e thi- ir imm rcmwti 

onthcir i>* " ■ '^'•■"^■' n '^'m,-t. ,1 

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North C. 

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this pact I 

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die autbencc diving the : * 

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Wl P\Y C\S 

H 1 OK: 

« Ccunpacf Discs 

« Casserres > 


* VMS /Vfowes^ 


w Games 


Your Video 



We Reserve Movies & Games 
Up to 7 Days In Advance 

& Audio 

780 W ELiclid Ave 

(Noaf Ha'W Coi'og 

Conner ot Quw"! n 4 

Palatine IL 



vi» turn atvAi 
Hfaen Sh«' k 
>f mendmf 
Omameii H< 

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^i;f , C .uiiiiiiK i!in't like ail &>< 
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iiiiNkiNc; OK c omim.ktim; 

\4-M:ARf)l (;rke? 


in Ittki I tin\l. Illinium 

\ ciK-diKalional lihtral arts priv jic ^olkgc tor rcMtlcni .ind 
inmulcr studcntv 

■ 24 majors in 13 Jcpanmcnis includinj;: 

fcducdlion/Psuhiilogv. Managemcrn/BuMne>N, 
Pcrtormmg Arts, and Studio Arts 

* Day and f-Acnin|; classes 

* Child care stTviccs 

* Part-iimc or full time status 

Join Barai s many students who have completed Associate 
degrees a( community colleges. 

Kor more mformatuHi ».<ili AUiuissioni Office 
(708) 234-3000. 


RockHous e open to_alll^ages 

TN»Hart)tngw.F«bnjarv18, )W3 9a 

AI(<]iii|iiriiRuaiJ. !>■ 
h« • conaniiiuiy rttm 


I " li.ippi tiinus . 

■W M. K»r your iAmi.. , g,,^ ^,,, 

— ■ tnm uTww. Uik™ «,«, ,^ ,^, ^^ 
'•I •"rtm>r ami »n|, n» .« „, 

>*>«H up anu ilettwrry Ml mKK, 



Wl I M \ll 



! Buflilii 

Scholarship Will Pay Off 

NcAv...And Later. 

' ■■ « okb ml aunty Ji ye««.l.: 
'MS'"'"'! "OkI uni»|tm») nxk (Kawn, , 



ifm ■*« lagr ImiM' aiilamii. w • 

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(nm Mtmaay ami Maifc:» - 

'«M"B» hcf MBttHf J" ■ 

I Kfb. 2 1 

f'rtt »ari. ■ 

Star '. 
mu •■ 


"•■dllt»*.j, fth. 

Juriy N»Ilir 
' I'Wi uabl I a m 




'.■uKgmiB. And 

•ill he it: 
'■'-^■4 "are aiM) 
«^i cfMrn Mtktr ami 


_AJ| t fewot 



'' ■pcnltiui.i.. 

tanMUfni money fii-< 
AawArtivityfcra.ihj. . 

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;-ikmiad*'ai»m»»f, li'a.n»«m». 
I« aw> ataan. ii'i luce farths 

itif ffcilitio an lc*» cmmkd i ic 

Ftir (hoae tnuwarc of »hsr 'i avt,) 
Mr. Dyen pud fat hy Slwlrnl 
Aciiv iiKi ane kept m iJw r«Jt» all 
.>*ct crnifw- Neai ,mt y.„ „. 
wailungby.pKlnmci;.. ■ 
■ nfotmaiiim call 

('.impil*. happi'Ili(ls.s 

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• ful 

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' Spring 

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aiihtW.irldSh.»ia«c Fuiuir 
*>»H fcaiurei B««ly Wan. a 
»<■»'«■; iJinwghihc human hi niy 

• Tfcr INiMy-MliM St»- 
iltai. Tfcm. ftirli. which hring. 
tlw- majit iif H.>lt>»«>l Mh(e. 
trfanr«4ulvpai»k- "AlaiMm-. 

U .. I , 

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! , ~« ..,.., <i >i k) 

•'< li. kci t> all., available 
. - iVUrcM.,ii,l_,„:..t„,,„„ 
"Vr» V.-a, 

< .ur»» mi»i he 1 « uiciua l>k« 
"Mr l«laji.lafiet7piB 

!(firi.ial I. ; ,,g 

•vailahk-foru ,,), 

I and Ajinl :, , ,,,,„„,a 

1K»I of a valid coUegr ID i. rt 
plural B«fw>B(«a|i,n|ieu»re 
availahfc (upwchasrai all daw 
Di»ncry Flunda theme parlii at 
tile gale 

fm man uifonnaiiim .» (■» 
j>4Ahi>un.c»ll(4«7)H;4 4U\ 

10 Th» Hcirt)(nQ»'-f«'''«*V '8 l''^ 


Help wanted 


For Rent 


Wt irt looHrng tof pttsontbl* 
tritnill)i mtn t «o«»n lo in- 
ta«r phontt lor our elltntt aftd 
l|P* mill rtiponitl T|rpint 
ikilli and « good >poali>ftg >oic* 
ncctiiary Pari lim» Full 
tim*iDay>Ev*nina and Watkind 
poaiKoni availablt- Ml Prot 
pad localion Call 708-296- 
7094 lor appoinlmani 

Lsolimg lor tummar tinplof- 
raanl' Stcutt your po$ltlOf^ 
•arly lor outs id* pamimj craaii 
Eipananca pratarrad mill 
nam Apply Now' ContacI 701- 

Paid lor shoppmj'i Undti ca»*r 
cuiiomari obtarva amployaai 
M'F pas $10 00 nour^ must 
ha«a 1 car 5S7-8800 

Nutrition tor Iha brain Old you 

kno* that Iha riglil tombma- 

lion ot vitamins, minarals 

naibt and ammo acids can 

halp improva parlormanea' 


708 65Bi391 

thru products usad by Irainars. 
alhlatas doctors Waight loss 
•itboul drugs, danial. or daprt- 
•ation Lain muscia gams vith 
provan altactiva non-ttaroidal 
l ormulalion 708-658->39! 

Kim's Computar Sar*icas. Tarm 
Papart. Raporls. Rasumas SlU' 
dant Oitcaunt Call S70-U09 
Elactror<iclai tiling aiiih lOaOai 
only 129 9S TaiiFintncial 
sar«isas 708-882-8888 

SCMAUMBUBG Daluxa 2 bad- 
room Apartmani. lit floor 
ulililias pool aicallant too 
tion ctosa 10 st)opp>ng and 
Harpir Collaga (naat Rosalia and 
l«ua Roads) no pats, rant trom 
caring folki, 1600 00 Call Joy 
at 884 1684 

Saaking paison lo rani a room in 
my homa Non • Smoking. No uta 
ol alcohol or drugs Palatma 
(Dundaa and Rovta 1 2) t2S0 CO 
Plusdaposil Call 368-7118 at 
tar tp m 




locking tor difcounilickats Ids 
ol lun avtnis and somalhmg to 
do on lt)a wirakandsT Stop by ttta 
Piejiam Board Ollica or tha 
Boi otttca locatad in ) building 
n»«t lo titt thaalot 

9 l>ol>rai) aittnutat 3s 
|vu airuajU Urrouflb this 

diHuult time. 9\tist 

tonsikicr platini) vow habi' 

ttttb U0 Wt undtrsund 

UK lol<c and strmstl) tljts 

tgill ukt. but tM prinni« 

ivur hibv toill mm a 
litttimc ot lolK ana ttappi- 
1KS0. Wt art tinjntulH< 
•cnttt. t<nnmttttd w catb 
otlKT. fainili' anS ftijbtr 

(duration. Sdi^iUd bill 
brcittKC Jd tttii as adopted 
tousmg toili nxltomt vow 
tubi* 4kdital. Itgal. and 

Counstltnd paid Call 
lufi' and Jolm 

Ona saat latl lor S days in Aspan 
during Spring Braak! 8460 00 
this inctudas transportation 
lodging, and litis Dava 382- 



7\ vmmnsm^mxntM. 

ttiac itMiM .a>«k«imNii9 , 


Ona Sophia. Kmda Tall Wiih 
short Ivair(blond) spaaks a 

coupla languagas anil is ■mssad 
alot Larga raaard 84 000 H 
found contact gar210 

Sophia Tall and SiOfid.Bluaayas 
and a graai atlituda REWARD 
810.000 call Iha Glaniritia Na 
>ai Air Station 



' aapj 

Cd yc;. f!aad soma halp' Do you 
n«ad somtona to lutt talk lo7lf 
you do cad Tha Counsalmg Can- 
lar a>l 2577 

Save 1 5X on the purchase of boxes | 
I and or packing materials | 

I with this coupon | 

Teams Forming 


y^tlHtr»il9* f-S0-93 


l"htf Hart'in/.- 

u.! rtpuMti-.ini'nt,>Tthi-M.iTX-T( clli-p . 



Lrttrrt I'olrcy 
l"hcHart>tii](|rf wolci.Tmi'»lrt»orslolh«>fditt»rdritl n-pin- ti ■ . <i ;r . 
.rrut irKlutk- a MXvA scvuntv niimhtr. SnjiMhiri-s will K v. 

Products an* I < ;.v rliMxl m l'h»H*«t>ing«.ircn«K>»i<'v»inlv ffi4»ir«\tl . 

ci< thispapCT, ncwby li»r«ilknc*lmiru»«T.ih.<niw Bturvl <« L>invtiiirs lrv|UiiK*« ihtiuld he k >rv««r\ltxl 
<lim:lly lo the advcntarr. and all fuahaw-k are at ifu- Ji» n-tHm iM llw ctmsiirmT 

C i p p n i n lii tan, 1W Martl mw. alt i^ j ki n mmmnJ 

. f. \ • -:!;U *»" all olju 
• 'js*at unSdannvavill ta* vich 
inguaga iu lAud laiit und \v no 
-lat «a «iil baa right, bacaut* va 
.I'ada Garmans la laauehg-ul* 

Laval 6 Laval 5 

Art. Having a nica tiffia aith 
you para htra R » K 

P tUiliy do Ilk* you not |USt 




A Series of Comedy Sketches 
Written and Performed By: 

Ed Brown, Sob Dossie, Ed Oossie 
Liz Edwards, Judy Fobjonce. Joy Sukow 

Directed Byi John HoLtson 

The Second C . t y 


(In UW Cantinancai ToaaraJ 

T70t West Qo\.f «d. 
Wo L Ling Meodows. 1 1. 
(70B) 806-1555 

^^ — • ^ 

•'T» On Lu t 

W a §3.00 


On Lu 14. 00 _ ■ 

.3.00 for Sluaen 

■ dOG' 
ts - 

For Sale 

Naa Arctic Cat 
S n o • m b i I a a 

3 91 Wildcats 1 '92 Wildcat 
Prcaa ta mova!" 818-8849 

1986 Uarcury Grand Marquis 
11500 00 call Chris (7081 537- 

1978 Camaro Good Condition. 

3S0 Engina. only eS.OOO 
miias Tintad windows. Rons 
GraalM custom nms must 

saa 82100 00 tirm 
call 934-4025 
l«a«a a massaga 


Tha Womans Soltbali laam is 
now forming' For mora mfor- 
malion call PEAR 
: NOTE Vou mutt carry at laast 
'■2 cradil hours lo play a sport) 

Was Halten Sia von aina Frau. 
Cia macht Ihrtm Mann dia 2ailung 
troll dam kaltas aisig wattari 

ins Hausabtingen' 

OK PETE, this maans war Our 
sojrcas tall us that you wara 
spollad wilh not only a Harbin 
gar in your pocktt but also a 
highlight*! Tisk Tisk Tisk 

Hey Lionel. Tha Naw York Slala 
Polica Dapl is looking for you. 
somalhing about 2S spaadmg 
iickati and running ovar a homa- 
lats transvastita 

lis Monday mghl Do you know 
whara Gloria ii7 

Art INall Disnaycalladandlhay 
likad tha audition, Thay thought 
It was auila raalislic you got 
Iha pan 

8111210. you ara nail 

OH BOB Just bacausa its 
Faschmg doas'l maan that wa 
won t tall your wila what you do 
on Saturday, and noia that whan 
iha ralurrs il won t ba tasching 
anymora so sNa if not obligalad 
10 <ha lorgivanast rula HAVE A 

Hhw^ Birthday 
Unole Rrtle 

Siava wish wa could (till ba 
iriands I guass wanavarraalisa 
jusi how spaciat tomaona is un- 
til Iftay art! gona 

Sony G did't maan il. you'ta 
Iha graalasi L 

Frit2 Va hal vays lu maka u 
iprich Dautschi 

Hay Nicola Isn't it graal that 
you won't naad a car whan you 
go to coiltga, you can |v>t car 
pool with your Dad' 

Hi a IM, No, Hi a plorMS, No, ii 

•ta uoy dibar 

Susanna nacktl waak oui yaw; 
Ihuh tpal cjach ok' 



M* CusroMCi Sctvict 

Altar a long painlul lila at 
Harpar Cotlaga It was unlor- 

lunata but not unaipactad 

naws ol Mr Sarvicas Daath A 

Mamoriai Sarvica in his honor 

• ill Oa held at Elgin Commu 

niiy Collaga whara hit rala- 

iivat ratida happy and 



''>>«> Hoit).- 

f f! .nj._.>rv 18 'W3 


How do you get to 
the NBA All-star 
game? It's the shoes 

Spring athletes begin practice 
for fresh start to new season 

ftatxn^Bt Sportt Cokjmnaf 

'■-.,■'. ' like to Man All week 
».ih j,„t...-iuanf<icourrc«lc»\ If 
yiKiiliml l>kkc«halt>{itiiiu»laalhc 
ipwu page cmh *Ktk. do Kwm: 
ihmg abiHM ii Th«; •u(T m ihc Htr 
binfcer » luuaUy open u» tufgtfn 
ii»n> I My unully tccuiM Otcf 
"►•Ti *» fomcthint bkc jtaqp oH 
the Seam Tiiwtr. unlcu «»cryt<ndy 
ciic did fir^i y«iu tArt l<«\tr 
Kkn/cumrmnWA: iih iJinaii ii iIk 
tl whinxa iirrn. c or lUM <upk ihon 
Id jmv cijiliw VTM find nwnimi! the 

I f... > : --, , 

inihecitcul«riW,ic ihr »a.vlcha^ 
ket. My bctf far the wctk u ih. 
huIlabnhwthoutltKNRAAII Mi<r 
jime Same Chujisu BulU f«n 
think (Wacc Grmi wn tmibK- i b> 
the fan by nut mikins ihr itam 
Sun:. hc"» • foixl pljvo hul >iiu 
havetobciuar. hcrwctVnjinu; A 
^uic «ijtn trf %tard«)m fhc^ d lyi i* a 
multi miliKiti d4tltxr »h<ic cootr«ft. 
and I haven'i «cen any Air H.ii*.t 
•di lately. He wuuki he r,i> thir 
ncnihiir frnrmnih pu. k ti« thr u-am 
bu) il'« up 111 tjw fiUH III p« k ihi- 

Speak n^ • 
secmtorigurrnui-iHK ,iH ', ■ , 
were at »hcn ihe> Shj.) ., > 

I ''wmidabic 

"c rffqmre 

rv.:"i 1. hut hL hjvli ,1 .v.:i pLivril«f 

lull Kaniri v«-i pji/nk r«ii,|t ii u, 

ira4i«hhallc«!«u[wnra7 4n4{ !' 
•tartim prKiiKm Slia,) . 

kwi^&an'cf i:.ri,.' \l( ^ . 


aoou*ui%.i ■ -K-MAniTii; 

linnuia Tl .rrunn un 

laki fig anioi* deter* ingp«iiviT»<i-.H 
t lit»m ihiK tiiun* t:im,:i,.r N.l I 

I WALAfltt 

pitihir^-, w 

Men** Track 

jw«-[>*iL«i kjr iij»if»g 


1 1 rmr 


Harper n: 
:• .11 ! Momrn's Iratk* ftmi; A'tii 


tile whtwiinji rnanh tK- |m - . . ■ 
Remie Milki- M*.h*«l*iw.i i- ,, 
rnamicr tfwtuit |h»iib b* the. h:ji|;u< 
■Id ihuukl m* bt |mll«i> HUD unnei 
eitaryriKhlini He defmiii ly tarrw w 
Miller »ilh wwie intertl. wether (u- 
meamt in th?--* ^ — • 
irrvkfcjMii I 
[Ju: t^ru- I'- 

i:tn^ n^^! iim 

An intramural report: A new 
addition to the sports page 

ii., 1(1 

ir..J a->ui;A ill' tht: ir.a* 

t ?'.«d iVIipT Ute it»«?r* ,^, Ko .\nlMTriini76 ,i,.,u 

■ ,-ht. ihc k»/ 

jihalf ).jr 

■..■ »!'-: ,1 !!'. "\» , 

.t(Tl M'HI Ifiv- 

■■ itu- Hcar» pL. V u.,, ..I.,,., i,,.,. 

■"'■■'*■ ""h f'lur men <w Ih* flinir nw 

Sl.i(enai:» ».■<:» Wt- Prime ,: ,,„i,in !..., „. ih.- v.n>r 

Ti»*25 l»ttpijjxrT»ilt»i'.. 

Showmf|i«lajiir»Knnnu(bf.nn[h iif »<ifr' '^ihii 


I mer> hij the h.K 

t h:i!f Tn put a*»v 


-^ Step aHead 

.nlfrtrvlj'^ iri t.Mi;tr."in(m 
''**^*^ the intramuraU i:jir ■ . art. 

mtramiirafciciiiririlii . .^al 

) niiiii(h4hulls55( ounJiiv .;. 


Starr iR J! 
and ' 

'Hk wifucr waum k.xp> tlowui^ Kegmtati . 
'»n here « Harper Tlte teaitu «, IV i> n^rr . 
(KcpartK): fi» their rcjiiWiiH u ' 
lintuU« WhiJc the teinier tear. 

ir wMtm. the »prmK ti-jnu 

Ihcy * lU hml the \ )( " V -V V 
• .'ittmank'n' 

^ 'heir lajit game of the 

f^t" ■' l«.h«h!hem<n\ 

Sid worncn'i Bukclball learn- 
■ravel lo MonuK Va:iey Sac, 

Harper Sports Calendsr 

..> .I-.:! W8 

Feb IX 

J\s . > 




■■• i;.,i 1 1 


hi If Ml' '.i 



V\ Hit 


I'.*. .IV 

tx- A stop ihcaJ lilt tinu's and pUii-. iir t.inijci ihi' pti\%K..l t,„ .,: 

inlncmalimt of lnchin 


^ next week I 
■inmcntlnrthi: 1 • 


■::> ,■..! 

■K (;.1I!,C 
.,PM «,|| 

likiiMl lues 

M- uamr. 

. 4rne ax a 


M^^*^^"^^^^^^ te^ms split results in end of home 


Uormn pull out win in Hmil mimitcs of thriller 

Aim u.»ijcgin 

ft the CITHm 


lc*ni. *jii ijK,fc »cTv (in ihcti 

«•„_ _, . . •»«««> auang iimulatr mghTt gam* 

Men plav tough game, hut fall u, Illinois \;,||,., 

•*'*'" *«» «m« (11 



KIWiTtl Ihl- (■ 


ITP""'— ' 

b.'«huffc«icm<Hiefcii(iemtlfc»*nii .■ 

■>:#«Bth»M;,»4,n ».* . 

Eye on the Hawks 


ntw^papcr. „m> u. the ^^ p^, ,^ ^ „^^ 
mg hulthr v.»t^«u) hinhli^hi, • The 
«t thi- r^ci;u t 

ITw t«ir. 

yuu haven ! t . 

, -lent' 

Journal I- 
cmenhcl«ku.. ;,,, =,,>„,,., „^,,,„, 

- •luJc «-, •■frr.h •■ TTi.. n»hi m«lie» ^la 
■.) good us»c lu me. hemj I journal!,. ™. 
Mlf. hwwBc the etm«,.>ro „f , ,:,„,j„ ^ 

•*i<n lo disappear « iht emi Bf ih* eveni 

Alhtcie. .hcHjil n-al,/e ihai hcm| m mwa 
even here alHarpe, )*-h,)e,,m.yhe,ffll«dli«il 
HKie to ■* i^.u,m. of a pemm umantady 
rcptmed Th« » the ca»e unle,., h.,.evrr (he 
genetml puWic .peak, d,rertiy ^ ^ p„„ ^, 
t-pmly ,m»a A^y Ami ».,., u, „,d ,h^, ^ 
"«.ghu. the duappinntment and the giani«.ir ,rf 
the ipnmng »i«|d 

«K ahuu. to happen Take a look « Jeffrey 
Dahmer. the Ba»n . ChKlen raimkr* or /Uny 
F.iher . •■»> TTwac aic wx caKi .>f the pres 
«wCTcovqnn" event* THe «e*,p,pct» and 


new* pn>»r»m« tan TV jiu gave the 
prew uMil imciMt di*a,iTK<rv«i 
TV' «ime lioutHin CI 
« »iTld Ripimrrs ikm'i cr: 

h<»:au»elhev»:imt,.'ir : , „, . . 

e «ctv« n«.-ydt, .iN , . , ... .;^„,|' 
' *aru*ncwi ihaf 

"Ik) cmcr ^»r 


■' ^~ ' pl*ts 

! K....d 

"•here !hi 
money '« 

'n my 

« caihier at 
't«el. I wai 
« " r k 1 B g 
day when I had 

mem thai the 
ni«.hiHddhciloicdonjnij.wholKlay. 1... 

honeullotd diem iha< if they «eTwt«h.w.n« 
I »ouidn-l be wwkmg Some pco,,!, 
ferae b the reply, but « ^^ ^ ,^^ 


Thi.- u.pK »hK-h J jn and I have ^ h.*cn ihi^ 
»<■! 1 1, "shiiuid repimen he alkm«i n. • : 
namii- The approach •hieh I have 
liii'lmiandttig and a repimer tan lak. 
'■•!« Both are argimitnubve, hut it« all up to 
j|j|^g;wma ndtheatMeic«a .io«hiih<nienoi 
Ihey are jlkmtd 

He. ^, 
l««t:krr riK 

At a slance 

""' ■■ ■ "lUmcv uilkinguu 

■ -iir jh.,ui ihc liiinc. »hcihcT|!nodi»had, 
- 1! will, my oulkiok of ihe entire gmc 
U-.itog hatk on irack. a Usker nxnn i« • 
l^ace for alhlcK -i, n > not a presv room 

Uwk at 11 from the l«in(; team's pomi of 
vie*, they doni even want u> he hochered 

c I..- 

., lu 

alttt a v*«iijicti 
(win. no n jumtr 
ihould he al 
loved m 

Whether ii tx- • 
or a female mio a 
^tlc vex.ilitmpl) 
_^^^^ f miiitrr 

■ 1^1 aji 
«hl«temy.elf,tpm.. ,, ^^ 

OXT, I Mr time lo MN„ .i.,.„ ami rru« aller a 

I- IneverreailyuMinlheraoudlo 

>» uniil after I hit Om nme alcme 

u^IcJm the linker n«im. juil 

■. lilt rcipia;-^ »....kl he ni,»c 

re winiid he no ruvh In push Ihcm 

- ■• .... m,»e huncsl anvwcrj would he 

H.vcn, rather than Ihoie out of agi;ravatirin 

Sinte I\i (v.-n . .^,„ ,cp„nCT f,^ J 

*•"''■■ ' '"' i-unutcs u muth 

hencriha-ih.a i.«krrnK«T.(wh.. i. 

I have yet u. A, . aid h<.ihCT«ig ihc icam I 

wail IS wt^rth It 

N<K» ,f ihc leam does win. (x-thapn repntl 
er» ihould cauh ihem before ihey enter, while 
still evciied 

V^Tial I am trying to say is ihM no one 
shouU he allowed m anyone's kx-ker room 
Reporters need in have patience t» tath the 
team hefnnr they go mlo Ihe locker nium 

I know Uiai lim ha< wailed ahoui that it's 
our nghi u ttjioncri to go into the l«ker 
nxan . hut he '• jusi jealous thai he '« never h-d 
a thance lo enter one (of an oppmile genderl 



WWlam Rdinev Harper CoMege 

February 25. 1993 

VcAjme XXV. Number 14 

January halts recent senate action 


I 1 '-:»rif«lir,iMr>Jt,.lira«bj'>«B' 


••<3"(/> <n '.,'^JC' 

> u :\t;i.» •■ ." real tM«.S»tih. 
■'t lenaK mmmm. liiucMMt »■ 

Enlistment for 

HUB hnvtiM ClMrin 
l,«i«u»» aiedl to »•»»« «rf •«» <•*«• 
dK pM vMk loiMkct-.lti»i(ei in MM 

new army just ^^^ 
a heartbeat 

R«««t(W to On lincf tniMtht fc 

My mAirMd itam KXMM 
mmlMmaMi qifVmMi 1)1)1 0H 1 



l-i \n RI^S 













susoir. Kim Hhmuir. 
famm Madma wutnt and Ornmk 
Yurrt. faima aMkau mtmm am*' 

"TliM {•>»«• till mflicln'Ciwwi •• 

•ace Iw muB n i mri mr ." i«Mi !!«»'«• 
ihii Itfmwv ■ " : 


.if Ok nenm* In tw Iwk! luc TiKiuiiy 

"Widi Dean twck in ilK anuic. «« 
halt • qiMtain. wWcti aUowNd at i» 
linki rav nHWUnt." lamufT mmL 

Ounnit dK. MHcnng. ilu! MnMi «(>' 
(Wtwal cliamtint flie HHcintt "•"■-• ■"' 
dK HiHce Cmm m «n(au: 
f-fctrv t*ih«ft Frwliv 1 "'Opn: 

iimIcm Imtf.' Jwiiary ><.«.1 

Ik* limea ID ■niMaiBadate IhoK mier 
euad in tacndint Ihc nMKimg " 

kamw Pwliwiti. wudrfU acun 
tiaa dncKir. couiil nm tK reached far 

In cKhci thangsi in dK icnMc. 

Htrttcrp Kimil watnc adnunniluihe 

^r,Mr .i/i.i.» !ir AELSpmgnBt.nulb 

iKifttiMin m il«r •male 

I im hirvc camed »«<m« 

vbM a> the ounitet nT pmHom thai 

II hji^'c 

W Ihc Un'. 

Alumni Association seeking members 

Students have oppniiuniiy lo become actixch involved in school events 


I t«l»o» 

: iht liu-vrtm- 

Hirper Afumnj *»•« 

iMoii h} lilt at w ia n -' 

•miKliKiBf Nadfi»a8i)V" ■'"■-■ •■' "•=■' 

liv i» hacooM t MMHto' ■ 

IlitlWnxa il it in ". 
•Miaa.'* (ay* MHw HMt. «<mitiw»J' 
nl' OMVW aaiaintalian mat (KiiHIo 

Mil who ■ Ibn a mamta. "•«« qililf c-h'»" « ;*iim»h>p «n»<»n mcmrcr^ 
ali(*|PBii|*eliiawalt«ai%ji>im>d'Mp;'» o(il»al«»»i»."»*a"*». 
« H>." he t *!r * TIlc fIntaigaBaaKHM 

H«M wyi am *a alai iB >a i nr> » »tehcMi««B«iP«! !«♦«•»« 
ii.ini»»«.a»fontoiwfcai»lo<«»- •late»iwa!iu«i»«!«««h*««fa»<«> 

ahtaii - 


,r..„». Mki ihcBnaiiJoJTniatMa. 

hal ifKiid Minioan 

S<< rniry l« that goa 


rjt:;;rjrzrii ";:^T«-i«i -i^'-'- .*«»-.*«..•* -..>^«.l^.o u,.^*....^-.^*'-— 


Art»* t nfil a lnmftt 8.9 

CkMlladAdi 10 

EdHortd * * 

FmIum* 7 

N*w> 2.3 

( Sports 11.12 





An amKMtd c«r of 
fcrs Ihc promise of a 
mrwdiy as itwailvout 
side Pksl Buy in l\u 
Town* Oninm. Ma: 
til .•\rl!nj;ti»n Jlciilu^ 

2 Th* Harbin0w. Fatnucry 2S. IW3 


College made 
more affordable 

CouHf fas tamo 

All full time MM kigmh iMe codctc »ladcftf» niKxtkt br eligiMr u* rct^-ivc 
SM.OOO m fMcnl imI Itaaofli *a«nbai«Mn<>( fraM* ■Id kMn>. awJtding lu a 
cciRfiauaml raidy <» hM lo nuke callc(« iHanlkHt ior fnofc AniCTKati 

Whik''M«km|CoOrtc Afl<ifd*t>t« A(iin"«iu<»i>ih«ldKniaiiUo(fan<b 
need md nutmi coOi Titc pninM ualniu would ncam mm y — i and 
> boa ridict (imilio vnold he eligible for ■miNUUwt hana. vIhr 
» tfanmiiKwt Ike life of liK loan, adaiiiaf <■ itaM tin nndiM i* 
in idioal. the pnipoaal uad 

The report, ihe reauli of nm yMn' Midji by Ike Naaonal CanniMHiii m 
RdpoasihiliiiM fuc FauncMl tmtmttmttuf IMf MiM. wlh m l a n iiniii n i i i t i- 
tioBSTEP..»tf>« 1l> ii m i'»TiiMl B (l w alCT»pa »i li^ I mUgM H A a i STEPiiiiM 
(BeamliiK ilw cmcM fadnal finwcMl aid tyileai. 

Under the STEP ncnmnendatKin. each tiudeni trauM be cUfiMt r«« ainut 
514.000 TIk prDgram luuines • fflaaunum (iderat (ram of WjlOO nd a 
opmbinedmMimmn w<wk waarfy and ficdBraOy im k ai dmri l«an awaidtift 10.000. 

The federal kxn lyiieni itMuJd cw di fmnrntcncy aid funiOt "uaer 
(rMBdly"rrpayiiMnia|iuarM (nniulei>ia.ll>»mpoW Wi ( «ii—w di hitoBwwiwtt 
PhandciuClinuin't umunufitiy --r-iiT -flinn "t niunrHrtg HiH WirTrrr ~f 
kMn proKtpet he givea (« every year of wivioa, widi a ■uiainm of tfivac jwan 
of KTvic* (viiliMa. 

"Many eaUc|e iliideMt today irakiav wttlidelMi thai exaad tkeir (aiitly ' t 
hu>nenioa1|a|cp«ynicau,~ (aid Daniel Clwe^ .fuestdeniorUic Aincncan 
Student Aatialanec, OK of the imimry '> btgfcM Mcral Mudcni guaranty agen 

Cheevar fvaiaed ibc lUdy. aayinit. "Hie ininniiaf kin'i Rim fomsfuUy md 
cnaiiveiy lackka one of Uw majw iftraau m dia wMuy of aurMiian'i kighrr 
eduMUon tystmi, dac afldidalitliiy cnaea " 

The report poinia nut that m Itie I4t0i. (he cciei of ancndiiit cnHefe 
UynKkeied 1 26 paieent. twtcc the rate i>( inOation ftir ihr drc kIc In faet Iheeiwt 
of fomg to coBege mcrcaaed even (ra^re than ^ ct-ni «if health f:are dunng die 
decade, the ttpitn laid. 

"llw nHKt prtiduciivc ile|i Ihe fedval gmaiimcM call lalu ill tlTcngthcnaig 
Ihi poauacaaidaqi eJwratimii riaaimiig panncrihip u u kad liy < tampk." the 

I ntMiiv^ Cuwrvbtl, • nun pwilvi 

r market ivgini^auoaia, 
fafla. but afliand a km cniicinm . a> veil 

"The wpan faili la onptiasusd the draniatK: rnipvo^rmenu tklivcffed to 
•atdoitt in laat year'i reaulhanuuan of the Higher EJucattni Aa.~ the owncil 

The coaicil aho eluded the ivpan't dmxi lending c<nc«|ii hacaiae Ike 
•ikninumtivc own «■« nirh a fmjiKt "wiB he tranafcrred lo cnllegei md 
umvmiuca md create upward preaoae on luMMa while mhKiiig a iiwlcfit'i 
rmancial upuoaa al the mric lame " 

School recruiting Slow 
hits low this year incline 

of aid 



refc-ruiiuig eff uete m cani|Riaei ale ek - 
pe\:led lo he k>«tr dtan m prrvmua 
yeaiv, a ttudy hy the Ccilkge Race- 
mcBI Craoit il found. 

"SnidcnM w II havr to be nmc 
fleaihlc m !>• "'iiitTn* ihcy 

want b^ tak*- ' >lwiman. a 

•tatinicaj wrkRu >|ii:i;iattii wMh the 
Colleg* W a tcn iMH OiMnsit "Many 
came iMo tcfcnol few yean af« in 
hopca of landing a job With a ma)4w 
cwpaiuin 01 a panicidar aica i>f the 
ixmuy They winhavewbtwdhnglo 
leloeaK. perhapa work f>» a imaller 
m y to yei and mw eapacl high ula 

in At Mnrey, ) I * tmplnyen uid 
th*y plant h> tun mom giailiiiiiii diia 
y«r*anlhcyMki IWI OvcnH.ihc 
ISn<»aaidA>ypntK'thi>m| 7 7pcr 
ami tnoac gnduilea dum Itiey did a 

Service* e<-f><-venw«Rplannin| 
ioincfea<r*>'i - -vrcem, and 

maDufariur were pro 

jocunga5-lpctimuin.Tra«« ("Wtrn 
mcmi and nnn pivifil organi/UHnit. 
however. w««v dncecaaMg thetf col 
lege htm hy 1 D 4 pcreait liecaiae of 
hirio^ fire/cs nd dknvnaamg 

Ohcimn itid hctaine »f vtvcl 
man and rurmtuig cuffaK k», employ 
en were planning K> cut hack both 
rcjsuiting enona and viaiia to eoBege 
and iniivemly t ■ nipu ni a Jut ifrtng, 

Neariy 40 paomu of *• amplny- 
en an decnnMig Ac mmbcr of cam - 
ptiae> they <»ill vtiit, tbe nrvty laid. 
aiMi will ywt 1 1 > pendent fewer cam 
pwea in the 1 9)2 91 lettuiiiiig >e«Hin 
Ihm Ihcy did laai year They will viui 
M avarage of 21 eampnaea Ihi* year. 

■wmpanid with an avenge of it cam 
puBca last year. 

Fifflu CM be packy in their hiring 
lhifyear.ilicicpaniaid"1VI'WI 92 
Job market Aw new colkgc gmduates 
waa a buyer'i maifcei — and IW29) 
pmwiia a a mbc more of the tame." the 

Part of the reaion n that with many 
ciimpanie* rcalrucainng and clonmai 
ingjoha. ihcie arc fewer job opcntngs, 
anaJyata aaid. And dcpmdutg on the 
m^or. ih<ee u a glut of vertam jnbi m 
the mvkei Salarieji and job availabil 
ilynlWNill mUledftctdaneiitillgrow 
ing. bM Mtaw areaa. vuch a* aorofpa^c 
engiiitartng and die humaninci. arc 

Oralnaiea fmn nurmif pnigranu 
can eipnct mttial lalaiy offert to n*t 
Tlpcncni lo$.«l. 32 Allied Healdi 
pnating a 311 

In an average of 

SlaUig aalary ufkn to elcctmal 
and nMehanical erigmecn ncrcaaed 
oily ibghtly (1 7peiccmawl I 4per 
can! raapeetively) became iheie is a 

age of job offen In a ai niap n u. cngi 
nccn rcpaiod to the College Place 
mem Council ha fallen In IW9 W. 
4.2 aeiean of 

ii^ flai and aic kwcr 

Suning aalary oltan hv humam 
lien gradoaiei are eipacwd to he 2 7 
percent ltm« than lail year, for an 
average of ili.'HI 

Social >ciaic*» gndualcs >aw dicir 
niHial utlaiy offen roe tbghlly la an 
avenge of S2lj623 


$ f 00.^ 




« Compact Dtscs 
» Cassettes y 

• C.vnes ^ ^^Cn-- 

Your Video 


We Reserve Movies & Games 

Up to 7 Days In Advance 

Qpcn 7 day* a we^h 




$25,200 FOR 


ill vuiir im.ll ,\ll!!\ 


& Audio 


a Euci«i 

(708) 991-8282 


Student Tans 

Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple fa<» 

Tanner Monster- Bed 


Single, Double, Tripto 


Saparala Stipnr High 
Span d Faca Tannnr* 



(13 Block Eatt ol Mnacham on Algonquin) 
IS36 E. Algonquin R<>. Schainnburg 
Plaia Do Lm Florm 



Cttlkge uutlcnu who etpecied 
rapid iinpnivctnena m rtnancial aid 
unkt Pieaidcnt Quikin's adnttninra- 
tKin will be disappmnmd by the moat 
roocni ncw« cvmung out of Jie nauon'f 

EdiKalion Sonrtsy Kithaid Riky 
•aid hudgri proMemi will prevent Ike 
lc«tvcmfTient from increaaing the ciM- 
rcni S;.:iOO (^cU granu u> mdivKhial 
•tttdcntA nght now. 

In addition. IVnidcnt Claiton'i 
play to kt undents work off college 
debla Ihioigh eommunity service, the 
pmpoaed National Servm Truit Fund, 
likely will he pbasevl in gradually over 
a period of tunc, ruber than launched 
m a Riauivc pnigran. While House 
aaaitanii said 

ncaa Secretary Dec I>9e Myers 
said die new admmistraiKin is facing a 
deficit that It IM) bitlKW higher that H 
was taxi year when Cluitun proposod 
the National Seivico TrasI Fmd The 
praaideni "had loincoasidei a hM of hia 
apuana based on Ihe higher deficu num 
hcxs." she xaid at a February 4 news 

Riky didn ' I make um many friends 
on the c«>llegiale level in one of hi > first 
puMK appearmces when be warned 
ihn his department will ptobaUy he 
unaMe l» offer much rmancial aid im 
tnedtal^y because of budget defx lU 

"I dan*1 wnu lo hear said aduigs." 
fliky said at a moctmg of the National 
AasaciaiMm at Indcpendoii CoUegca 
and I Inivi-niiics (N AlCU ). which Kp- 
nsacnu about I ,MI0O pnvate oillegea. 
Bw that's ctatdy what he did. 

Kaismg the maxunum grant to 
needy college students from S2.)nO to 
t4.O0O. aa tc^-ent pnr^iotals have sug 
gesied. IS "mM pnssihk under the cur 
rent circuffisiance*." he said. 

Durmg hit campaign. Clinton 
pmniaad lo inacate Aamauc ally the 
amount of financial aid iiir higher edu 
(.atMm Chmun also said one (»f his top 
prwnties waa K> give any person, re 
g aidless iif income, the opportunity to 
gK> to oiUoge. Working in public ser- 
^ H.X after gfatluatKff) would he a meana 
'if jiaymf '*M i.(»llcgt loans 

Bui Riky ).a>J iho^ plant will 
have In be ptMiOd in more 4lowly that 
the new adnunistrslaon had aniicipatcd. 

"Idon'tltkcit — youdcn'ilikrii." 
he iaid at the nwctmg 

R)k> has not elaborated on his 
L.wnmcnis unccthc Fcbniaiy 4 ipmA. 
ami Depaitment of fidutracion odkinU 
smhI Ihcy had no new inftirmaiian lo 

Ri k> ' 1 soNrrmg Tiews t.:Ame on the 
heeh ol a congnc^uHMially mandated 
rtTpun duit called fi* a plan that would 
RN^uin: about $7 billion in govemmeiu 
funding ii> enable every colkgc stu 
dent u> ita sonie ftimi of fmancial aid 
^ rrpoitsinTheWash 

irif '>>.'atian{)apait>neni 

ha* :«^.> .nn. ... Jk- most ncgkcled in 
the federal govennncm. and aomc ^^ 
Its comfnuers ape so outdaMd they arc 
nearly useless 

Riley sani he iwemly teamorf tm 
^■«. .i<-;i*rlmt-fiir« budgel deficit was 
Su*^ iT.['.ti.t»i wiirsc than what he had 
r^[icctt:4ji twicauic ol nusadculatiofu 
I'm of thedepa m ae w t's Jumfall stems 
f„»« irh.. ••.'■ftvddMrmg Ihe last two 
yi- . ■ ii»i n»we was doled 

oKi: . '.uiia than W'as avail. 



1h»Harblngw.F«b>uairv35 1093 )■ 



Free seminar 
provides health tips 

"Hcdihy and HianSawn 

m Wkmmm turn trnk <iQii Ml—ini «iy hr bar B an *■! hdtiiy ■ 

{Awawtr - Oianw ■ ibiwwr 5^ 
Vflh*.M.WW0M4»l. wiling p« 

tow u like cturieafflMlr kMddk B 
bant held M«di 1. 1-9 ML ta . 

•fltocttelf i 

TuilMn far Mch «aiUlw|> u S2S 
phBsStOiH which nchdealincK To 
nifiMir caO )97' )}77 and qmcify Ok 

> wiBlaara how lo 
iMdlbodlitihfcH— ilkaialvate 
■a wen aafBrliiaidiodivmcal' 
■m. JudyScMwwI. iiD.wiadBm 
oaavaB how caay U ciB ha IS aoa- 
lya Iha faadi wa eai aad how ID 
HKke wnw ■apti iliiil«)i i h«nii 
thai kUI loifeiilHattydillanKc. 

Thu aaaiHr ii r*t <■'>>■ Ao 
Haakk IhhMMWtiit Sana To 
i^liiar. rieaa caO dM ItanaB hr- 
> Laboraanry auat 24<a. 

Women's worlishopt 

< tor WoM* ii oflMiw 
VndBni Id Sexual 
Rh 3 and 4, 7)0 

Mac than fifty penxni of Amcri- 
can wanen beheve ihty ha«c ban 
viaiiaaafwxaaidiacnmiiialtiin. Thia 
woriiahDii wiU adAoaa what it dii- 

cat SWiii." Hanara Mid. "In hi«h 
I iovad lalnmilin m I 

M) I 

loU hw a ladder woaldB't b* 

Onaaoarj knew of HwiBlliiad 
aw oaidd ha^ Hencn in her^MH 

lo be more aaaenlwe aid 

I for Waaaen wOi be ol 
tarini dK fonawng wakihaia on 
MaRh 6, 9 ajn. - 3 p.fii. 

tMtrnwwtmf with lim^mctt 
«LWW06»4QI. wig h(^ (MTIici- 


IWina ia S2S phia a tS ha. Ta 
w n i w ar, aaU W>i3Tt and ipacify 

Disabilities for one is 
no problem 


TlK Camer for Sudciu [X> 
•Minea • a (appon lovke fmy 
vidinf aaaaaaabitily fw phyeically 
and leatniiif ditaMod nudenit 

"We walk wiih d>c Miidami 
aac-OB-aae," iht uid. 

TImm ta a law ftaB m cITaci 
whM aaudaniicadieaan bhelp. 

"We fim cncaiin|e Klf-ad- 
«wicacy."Haaqaiai«fSoHi Mii iia « 
■ha*! an il take*. Sanctanc* it 


HeiTcn n a kamimg 

•peciahal. lima, ihe ii aGWcdr mwaf 

dn many baariaia i Ha a W a d fam i h fact. 

Hamrn knew Harper had a pool. 

hM wkk har diaabilily dicfe war no 


due we deal widi', die uid. ' 
una odMn who call in " 



At UPS we iccogniie the ruumclAl prctuiis utociaicd with college life. As i 
package handler you wiU r»te.« gre* pay. Ilrnble hourj, and in oppunumiy lo 
t-m Hie bcM work cxpeneme Jfuund fo. iIk ff| cumpany ui me p^Kk^ge bunrieu 

Here's what UPS has to offer: 

• 1iX-$9 per hour 

• Monday - Friday 

• Full-tin>e benefits for 
pan-time hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ L'nJoaders 
3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 
5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
•10:30 p.m- 2:30 a-m. 
*Addison only 

tH 1 LdMMra *M . *iMi|M. H. 

taaataii • TkarUai, Wtm-im 
WMd al M* un tai«M|M« (Wka 
Hani m* Hickt ftot., Palama. K. 




UraMd fticm S««v«* 

i« an aqwd ewpanMnMy anipicyar 

^*^ ■ v<M 



screening offered 

The American Cancer Society 

pr<i)CKUihalUlycjnc m lenwmen 
ruiu the rink at cnnlracuni brcaal 
catKct in her lifetime Hcacc. 
rtfuUr mammograini are man. 
maided— an outial mammnfram 
between igr It aid 19. every other 
year between itc 4(1 and 49 and 
annually after age 50 A 
mammufram a a pautkii. km n 
l»«uie I ny thai can delect bicau 
laricor yean before you or yam 
ik«.-u,w t Ml fuel II - tttually "hik tl 
u -iiill Imali/ed anJ wiih a hijh 
^hajKc of cure 

The hcjUth srrv ICC a pleaaed lo 
bnnj the Vulory Mobile 
Mammofntpky Sc^rtntitf Scrvkz 
u>vampu5 fiVKtudcntk.emf^kTyccs. 
family and community mcmben 
un the folktwing dam: 


VI 5 

S:30am ut4pni 


VI 6 

t )0 a.m ui 4 p m 



1 1 00 am lo 7 pjn 



R :30am tu4 pm 


VI 9 

8 30a.m f4j4prn 

The Victtwy mammography 
vchKk B a ttatcof ihe art aul 
(lafTodhy cinni prufoMunab (ram 
Victiiry Mrjnonal HiMpual. a com 
mwiiy hu^Nial u Wauke|an. ill. 
TV vehicle, which wiU he kcaied 
in fnini of A BuUdin|. ii ipecially 
desimed fur your onmfun. cunvc 
ntaicc and privacy. 

The enure pmcnhoe lakca only 
20 mtnulc* fmm entry ut c»ii. in 
cludmg icguiraujn nd abncf iclf 
eiamtnauon educaiianal video 

Advance achcdulng u lequmd and 
Vkury haa a mil free Klcptane 
numho for dm pwpoae / .Aao.«77. 

The L4JSI o( ihe eiam is oidy 
tM). inc lulmg Ihc raduiogisi ' s in 
Icrprclaticm. Victory Mobile 
Mammognphy ■ciepttcajh. check. 
at Ma«l«Card/Viu. and payment 
mutt be made at Ihc time of teivicc 
(not a Molicare provider) 

In addition, under new tllinoia 
law, comrocrcial uuurancc oiufi 
help pay Ihe cu>tnf mammognphy 
Kiecnuigi A nxcipiH given which 
may be tubmincd wuh your claim 

The exam rcsuiu will he read 
by ttilkdViriiiry Memorial Hih- 
piiaJ rAhologLsbandaoLmfidential 
rcpixl will be m ailed lo your phyu. 
Clan wilhin epprulimalely five 
wiirkingdayiof your exam 

Victiiry rccommendt you 
telephone your ikKlor ifl about one 
week lo obtain die rendu M«| 
of licet will be glad ki read to you 
over the phone wiibout an ap- 

IfafoUow upphyticaleiafflii 
nccenmendni . «r angonenu can he 
made widi yuur phyncian at diat 
nine FUiuthavtyoiirphysrtim'i 
mime, oddrtsj. ami trltphone 
numtvr nil* mm wAea ww a/nve 
/[le ytmf yp ui wawgii. 

Mammography is a simple 
exam thai can save your life and an 
inqnnani way u> take control of 

Two students receive 
NRAEF scholarships 

Two Mudenla ui die Hoapilality 
Man;^cm«ni Department have re- 
ceived icholanhqia fnm the National 
Restaurani AfM latwn'i EductHional 

SwioP La(Juan,EikGn>*c.anii 
Jaci|iatline Trick. Schaiiinb«f ■* 
piamiiig careen in hospitality man- 
ateaMM. Cniena Iw the acliaianhip 
iadndea grade pusM ivvfaie, cipan- 

LaQuakra omnplcMd the Btfftaii- 
laru Managemenl Devclapineiii Vny 
gram m Oecamber widi a 4 grade 
avaraf HeprevuuaiyattendadHsp* 
and raecixd a Biwinaat Managimiiii 
degree and ceaitaHied hi* studiea at 
OcPaul. Aflcr waking m butineia for 
a ntanber of ycait and ranigni ring die 
dowaiiaig Mad. he dacidad so nam 
lu acbtaol u study food and haapnaliiy 
mat^gemcni. He BciareMly mlesvicw 
mg and IS hupcfuJ about onphiyinctit 

Jac4|i«eliaa Tnck hat haaa aa a 
honkkaaper moai u. her waking hfe 

In 19113 she owned and operased a 
houhig stand which icinfoiswd her 
desire to sosncday open a lesiau- 
rant. She dectdod to puiaue her 
drum and ttaned by i 
Harper's Rcaiairaiil I 
Dcvelaptncm p r u gi a i n She defi. 
niic ly found her mchcTnck's grade 
E. a ).&. along widi her 
llo Ike Impilabiy field, 
wusi her a schDlarskip ham dm Ma 
will pay for tuition Ue 
Attociau m Appbed Sciesice de- 
gr«c She would IdM to leach in die 
field far a trhile and evcMuaOy open 
her own restaurasil 

The Hoapsabty Maaiagntstssi 

Devclopmcni Diploma 
ccrtiricate programs m Breads snd 
halnca. Cuiinary Aru, Hoapsiality 
masa g eme nt and die Aaaociate in 
Applied Sc mcc hoapilality degree 
For funher uiformatiun about 
thecouracoffennt;^ i::'i: ?X74. 

Tb» HatsdSjW. Ppbnjorv 25 tWJ 




Ait Wit. >f 


Spoi»B«Jl«» - ■ 


CoprDdta: ' 


T heHarbinger I Beware of User Unfriendly 

The byte in the hand that feeds your future 




AiwcKowaWu I 






Get your act into gear 

The opcranvc ^^ord for the laM year lias been 
change. For whatever sake it Ncrv es. fK-ople have 
used change as the reastm tor dump something. 
Now il is time for. yes. .harigc at Harjx-r 
Specifically, change withm ttu- student 

The entire school year ha> been a series ot 
internal ^ouf]wis. bickenng and unprixluctive 
sessions that have left no key decisions made. 
Obviously, this leaves the student Nxly ^^.th a 
lack of interest in v^lul llic Senate does 

The lack of interest has apparently earned 
over into the Senate itscrlf. as ilu-y have yet to 
prove any really disiint;uishmg merits to make a 
person notice their cMslcnce this year. 

The students who make up tlK senate are not 
bad people. ITiey put their lime and energy into 
trying, that's trying, to get some positive things 
done for the school. 

But kfs be honest If the senate can't get 
things accomplisht^d. then what is their purpose ' 
Maybe if there v.ctc a little bit of prcs.sure 
from the students, or possibly a little bit of 
negotiation, than the school year could close out 
on a positive note. 

As it stands now, they stand nowhere. 
lkno\v some of the student evecutives ITicy 
seem genuinely interested. And 1 really think 
they want to do things. 

So let's cut right to tiK chase. I lere is an open 
challenge to the senate 

Please work together to get something 
accomplished that the school can be proud of 
Whether it is a change in where student activity 
fees arc spent or a change in senate laws, work 

h this cant work, then we are faced w ith more 

kenneth Dillard 

All! *««M«»1 •»•«»'*»""'= "^ ' 

All 1 *«nie<J*i"l» I"* "*•'«**•*"' 

K«n«lv>ns •» wl'w* "«'«>"»' 
,h,r.k ,.«i»Ihc Iiay»«hmdUKtl».-li 

, ..«imiinlt«.»*iiw»ir"«»'v .1 
.toimiui-n It »i» then *•«•««""'» 
fr aiiA-' » hv rvxrythiB* ••«"•«"« ■> 
,l..«tv lliir»lh«l>«e|l»wi>i««»«»«* 

Si» frtMiwI w '•»» o« «»K ■'* ^"^ 

«nd arm ««IMIt tail t^m Sell-" "!»'»' 
.» •*!«»» lueH "»«» <»<l'n>»n- «** 

. ^a ijic ppsJ*! "«» • "I**' "* »'•*• 
»,ih !.Hk re4 m-vitSble l«l^ t»hei» 
«*:• 11, si:oW;-Nl.'V Uw mminm. 
m* *« h* l««««« ««"»*«"^ "* 

ll»i«Ill<l«IBW»«« n«-'*<- 

,,ih ihe tmrn ilem. dl ««h Ok how 

I led llie aiunlnr «cvCT»l l»|)« y*mt 
i^a. .ml) J neofcxl » «««»» •" *"'> 

umc utBxm tmmm m m* «« 
hloedm* I "ill"* »«»^ "^ '^' 
IWMiM if t wM volunuolv ("W* 
ihro««h All .i..i>. I* •!••« '" * 

I i««li««l II wiMi'i he* faun. « »•• 
Out incffkieM, M»l m«ff««t'«- 1»" 

■i\n ■aneomjWCT'l.'o'n""*)'''*** 

-n*, wM*. ilijn|» w ■»«* "*« 

prting ti|. • won. !«*« •" *« ^'" 
namlw. ■«k»» >>* '»«*™~" '■" *•" 
n»>nty -id »••«««« *«» '>*^'' "»" 

«liai|e. lii*H«Ml Commie "-'" 

tlKMi ttii* mta No* *« »••«« «"" 
MKcMly ei«» «ye* '"'J' •»»* "" 

Now rfw h«l (he lanc «> Hcoww "* 
wj* »U llitiK Pop T«m ind !«■« ll« »»■ 
«{ the tt'fo mtrwhcbn h« hem* 
Buiihew It « <l«rtu» "* 
Now Uk» I'nfntwlly md »»> 
haii*iiKiiA:rl"> ihtirrvil «*<■»«»» 
cnnufx ttuUroi md <k«f«i< >Ma hy 
l, *»• «»»" <«* "• ''* ""^ 
tmmulial maami') » «il« ««* 
ad cvoy pi«ta« ovb Scamct ihc 
tol •«»»»«"« limit' «•<"»• '""'•P^ 
jpiAkU «iiJ«htK«k»i Ihnn •Wh"^"""" 
lie«r »««>»«• Ik** ^'-'^''^ HA HA 
HA HA'" wluih u> hum«n». »»"*• 
likct»>it««l>i«i<*«''"^" <*.*»■' 
«u,T». mom ot *e !«>«•«*» •« « 

But l'«« •>•» ip""! "^ doraMti nl 

dJtlBUl »» 1 u » iht P<»Wk lit»i«> J"! 

Winn ><« *uMil« « ««» "i*' •" "'' 

•Tm ruMunt m u> (|«« • txi* •'""' 

t««ip>iiai Maney. lU »« "«•« <*"" 

. HI find yoo •»«»»"'•*""•" **"* 

.. ih Ihe iXltOT !«■>*««=•• ">5™""** 

Mvc »oi« •!»»»• wrohW bj *« 

»»«,-««-»i|S«t. r«d Ciirfot« ■" 

CMtMiMr M..u-r -r A' Liwuy 

BMW- Don- ■'■■»■ •h'*' 

i«*«»l«>»li*ir '-■'«""' 

Cud CtUloUK •»•' '"' l»"Sful Lifn 
pMivxi Da""? 0« '"""•'• *^'" "" 
whcic w h< (•wn.l Ow=« •««» 
InduH^ia Cixx'mt m«nm» m«k« 
ihinK<cui«f And.fUi««l><«»*«n 
UK mtl« l«f<« iht IMG P*'"™- ' 
ditcouncc y«»" f«>«> "impliimn* 
■n^ w.«'l rven rck«e tfie vidwupt 
of what llicy did u> Cifiam CX . •! 

Ilioiijli «» n«m<«t»l il"! l**"^ " '**'' 

ivumawnmt wiihUMi andhti (■<( 

Umt lfnfn<mlly «»*» le» ■ *« 

hcou of «ll »hi. «i««l e««wM««c». 
efr»ic».».«<«l»='»«n' H«'»hee" 
tatwn » «<«<: '•1*' ■•il<«™«'«' "' 
a«ciyuM torn ihe miUt*)' lo *« P" 

vitt«xu« He. .towed *wm video 
ganet tawing •nuioii* h«le megBnm 
K,preM«ih«d«»ihe tuntrollcrt ih«i 

Act need HBP' *"»«••"«• '"'•''• 
h«« Uier ukM iSe cluldren hMU»e- 

\n twifiwt •"»" "••'• )«•••" '" *"* 
p«»«»ed.lw«» •«-«««« •'*""» 

You tm run, »«« you <:«■'' 1"*^ 
l!srT will i?va«iJ»B> l«»«e y"" "^ «"=' 

tut «Biy «iri(*ott»nu»rf»><''i"'' 1*^ 

uu 19 convince ill *»« w>*<~""«" 
tiy diei Owy w«ni w miio'i;c *««>- 
kWcs •lUi »»« '"i'l "**• "P^' "^ 
iuic«' Iht (noquipnwil— ANDGET 
THEM m PAY K» TT All ihe 
whUc hrukmf diwwi. cjuhm* c«ra 
pntcf c«Mi. d«mj>«i« memory md 
mJum • modwry of hum«n iniilli 

cMi oonwa the *«y Peopl* *«»'' '" 
f«tl. l»e heen «'"«"• •» "*" *"* 
t»e .«. mem of • ttxnma bke Um: 

MK ■ SoweiwedWiqiiireteel 
ofplywrnid How m«ny « t»y H *"«« 
i< ihei''" 

KKM-. Will' I'll «" "" " "^ 
temhci (ot *"« cilculiuw 

Mf: -Two «he<.i» ihcn-Vd in; 
"Wirt, will OOH"" He xetyp" the 
didxilicalcquaion ' I'H cmepoBM 
r,w! idiBeU'" 

ME: "I «Ull (mf Usd chutkk > •>"<>» 
w« need iwo " 

reRPLEXED FOOL; -*«>i. 

Umm> d»' >i >«»«i ' n"*'* ^' • 
wrong hW ■■ 

AiihMpomohe '"»'»'**="' ">•' 
the checkoul wiA two *•«• ilreaJy 
He «nno«lie» hi«ay •«> "I-" •""' 
me imul he rdUM «h« he i J. indeed, • 

Bifl Umr UnfriOHily it ao loal 


B ew a re Ihe c>CTmalngKfcwnch»w 

Mewae the mutiny frtmi commo-- 
vtn.e BtwMC- my l'"'' 

MwxM hewHt- 


T*,H.Air«rr U-Hc«tothc«li.ora.KlrtTlH>sUun.rcyl...wi,.l -•'.r-.n-^tU.^^^^^ 

."^ ,^ T ' Sv!;n3lu,x-s will be- w,lhh.-U o,km. nMiu-.t All lHttr>dP 



l'«ul r.>ma'T»T:, ■♦■*•■ Car>r' 

Copvrt)^ 1*W. n>» lUrbmger. *ll ri(|h» ti»erv«d 


'.an lift: u, K.-i' 


Th« Habmgar. Fsbruorv 25. 1993 

Lflttertfo The Editor 

Commentary prompts sharp criticism from reader 


tnim m tm frti— ) Jut ti— « of and 

/M iMniitftf WOT |ivM iMtnnM lo 

inc. Laic UMaBcr of '92 1 cmat lo ihe 

Haitai(cr otTice Hid ipukc wuk you 

•bout tame infaniulion lo put m Tttt 

H»bmg*r h «a oifoniutiaBeDcaar 

■fiif praspc>;tive older i 

lo coRUct ihc Center (far Nn> ! 

A Ori—Mini ■bow 

i riii aa (vnlabk to help iticm pi 

iimad 1 Hvprr You Mcmad aiu 

M *■ Mn«, Mid yon ooukl adit 

the iMiclc. H«d mc ■ copy lo confinii 

f>atiimTfmHmtu>t*r Aftarihe 

iK>i iiuiK cams out und I kadn't iHwd 

flaw you. f calltaJ Kvcml unm aid Ml 

I tanc hy yuur ufTicc Mid you were 
not HI. I (poke with SutoBic HivIk Md 
the loM mc lu i^pc • nott ii> yaw dour 
Not iwtint you lu miu ii. I laiad it to 
y«* tumi ii mi t wmn No reply A 

■nd I (aw n^ 

About diis tame mnc ■ oo wtMktr 
dl mmn wm ilia Bytng tit ft Mime 
taiaiini liM in TV Harbmgtr mdmn 
kaoini the umc eapcrwme «ilii you. 
She alio |avt up 

So. what if you wnie ihoac "in a 
ptwtlioii lo ai-l" and they dim'l act? 

" Ac t»im IS the key and 1 uritc you 111 
aiLt " 

Ftan Lvalue 

Center (or New Smdmil* A (Inrai 

A response to the response 


Ami fcain— Managm 

Yep ll'ilrue 

The lack are there I fucaa 
I will ao) ditpMc Mi Laruc'i 
siaieiMali Mcc I have iw Kaaon tt> 
doubt h a m»ud w wl n o r her puaitivc 
uiieniiofui N(« will I deny that I wia 
Mmewhatdervbcimniydutica. lam. 
' after all. human aid. kks moat of ua. 
•uhjact to anon it judfOBcm aad aa 
occaaiiHllipattifcauftny Fwdw 
I offviny moat komhie ^totogiaa lo 
Ma Larue and a brief ejplaaaliint of 
Ihe uiuaiMii thai led k> my oieutia- 

My miercfti m pnmdmg the ler 
'- Ms Laiuc deaiiad vaa lOMiiDt 
^ aHeMMaia warU' lb aonftpMae my 
■lufi »« i»lla |> WMa M I to aavat. 

I lifctelcasadiMloiBakcapaaafiil 
I daciani at tm mm and ihtfl iny 

■liiaaa ban the pi>i ition of Buat- 
I aaaaManagvafthcHarhinfBaMny 

pilv fttO time job and aeholaiac 

Tta aitat doca not jnM^ aqi 
j lachirfiii y aa.i a i l ta M la— npaw 

I justify what iuadi aa Wwiilir aid 
I Maniih on holh mjr inMe aHl self 
luna(c. I would like lopniMoullhai 

daipiicM* LanKsrapralcidaimipiilo 
contact me I was not made awaiv of the 
stttuciiin until II wan wn lale H«r le 
prated incmpM m onMai i myiclf were 
. failad lortaeh 

pMaad a fcstlrf fi laii Ma i.j 
Na«amt<rrA<h t'#>2.r<preaun|iher<l» 
••UifaictaTa RcgteiiaMy.aithailiiTK.I 
was not ai:U«<riy aaanciataJ wiih Ihe 
Harbmito and did IHN impond Agaiii. 

piittmrmam I would tike to teuw 

tipiilfeant f artor in the onrcB lack of 
fcaponM by myiclf and the Hartiai(0 oi 
gaaMwl At diet tun*, "tale tiainwr 
oady a tkctenn am and wu mfrenng 
rnxn the imrrtng malady of tudmt 
apadty H ana iaoks bvk at « iaaus 
from thai ama, ana will aaa iial the 
or (llhal by "acting" penons Tina, 
napauitiiliues such as copy <id>lm| and 
uMooflke catnmiaucauan were bruii 
caoW ow by a mtall wanhet of voiun 
anead (sttill as nywif) and. qunc often 
OMnaieadad in iheif pcnunal nd aca 
Hmnwalr ly much of 

d ii.'<|>i»datl. '<*> 
eal turn* humMe pK and win |ii<3ty 
do to when I find I ^ - 
vhord and pruoolur.t 
SoMMMimes. nnfnrtun 
take a iwift kxk m 
pann to get Aom "m • f^n-.-t-, '..> 
K-i'iudoao. thdhaniispraafili'Mii 
canandmwtlHiliiM: Wnutu n- „t 
mg liKl leipntuliitit 
known ■■ citilof lie, tit. 
rvf i.iiinfniinR' ati&m si ci4 <i*iha.umW:W 
anpnnamc' A4la»««le<lfni«im«owii 
amn and «tiuri>.>iniT 4 
impmunccirwearek' . 
um of hamwny with mu iriHiw nu 
man brings 

Finally, while ihii has tiwm 
nxMly an iipcn hitwf caplainii« th* 
MuaUon IfajU occumd. I wnuid like 
lo remind <■■ tcadnt that it u of 
paramotai inpananGe lit taidasiMil 
ihai naponac aiHl mcoiaac ■« the 
keys w icauiviag diflefaicct ad 

■n an ptcaaad l» aac *al panpla aack aa 
Ms. Larue an reading andmapandii^M 

Chicc agaia. actwn ii (he key and 
lufgcyoiioai:! Ml Lame did and 
the result was a naponaa. Aad.irby 
chance, you find ynnctf in an m 
cnnifonabl* sicuation aa I did, accept 
Uie reality, napmid ammiiatly and 


I TIIIf fl lill Ukll l Mil 

Country demonstrates the hypocrisy of its law 

n Ihe trsdtttiinal 
l.«iuu< .^niui I people w die Piae Rtdfe 


Did you think toniire oaily hap- 

Wkaa you think of counnaa tkai 
a paople far dKirnlitiauaa 
views. I ho you ihink of Ihe 
Sovici I'nHm Welt, ihmk 
bacaoae It's h^ipenmg kCR m 
heme of b m rt al l . hot dugs and 


The mnnber me poiilacal pns 

t SI the llniicd States, aa prt^ 

■Tied hy the human rights orgam 

•n Amneti> InicnMlianai is a Na 

\mcnoi nanaillawanllNillat 

t is servmg !««> life aomccs 

<:icgcdly killing two FM agents 

:ig a shout oui in June. I V75 in 

"nr RidgcbuSianRcservalMinin 

u. After icadmg this, y<» 

t ■>ly daemed nstticr gudiy 

.ugnj The tally ftobkan a, thai* 

' crcdiNc cvHieBc* that he is 

y of anything! 

Has may goes back ID ihe early 

fw hifflly 

"nieac tradiUBtUt paopla wo* up^ 
paaad by others who ran die tribal gm 
anmni haUud by the t' S guvem 
mam The mhal kader. Dick Wdaun 
wanaad dw nunoig and he wm noe op 
puaad to (ur<:tog ha view en thaac op^ 
pnaad to dw numng. It mtdiiriaf iteae 
yean ofoonBacidiat the laaaaviiaaMd 
entire Undad Slaan 

Over a huadrad deaths have giaic 
unaoKwl k> dvis li^y Mum of ihuac nua 
daiad were uppumi m the mining 

Mcmhai* al the Ameman Indian 
Movnnenti AIM'I (Wkad •» FHne Ridge 
to help pruacci the tradibiMid peopk: 
The FBI labekd AIM aa ai mBmational 
tcmwui atganililmn »iih tics to the 

Thn Idea wai lidiaiiaaa saicc AIM 
and oMcs folks who didn't want m scB 
diar taut The FBI supplied Dsk Wil 
Kin and ha s» called CXX)N squad with 
mditary auauli weapons, lactstal sap- 

•bout tha AIM 

BiacaaifrontatKn bt i we e ti AIM 
Hippontn, includu« Peltitt and tlM 
FBI occucred trhan agnM allatadiy 
followed a Native Amgican attmad 
of itcalmg ci^whoy Khms onto a 
family • properly There wa abn an 
AlMcampoBilacpnipeny Ashooi 
out auptcd. with two agents snd s 
Native Amem; an man being kilkd 

Wiihin hmn. the largest FBI 
mai hunt in buuay was underway 
The hotnaa of naidaMs were torn 
apanby *a afOtu ad die paaplc 
w«ic Mb|eci w aeiiaia hamamcM. 
The dcaih of: the Native American 
man was never invealigatad 

fmu mm wrrr. csugKi and m 
•iKlcd liir ihe muidei of die afcnta- 
< hw was released due to uauflrKWnl 
evidence Twootbeii wa« ax|t)iBad 
when a was determined dun they 
acre shuuung ui acir-delease 

Lamafd Peltier waa ftniiKl in 
Canala and cMadiMid la Ihe UiuMd 
Sutrt m l<)76 haaed on sffidakiis 
iha the goverainem sdmnind were 
fsKncalcd in 19(5 Hk witness «dM> 
ga«« dam mfatmatxn saad the was 

dKidfidavitt Al 
l^tticr's nial, dicii was an a Ba o a pfc ai i e 
nf fear and auimidatian cnawd by the 
govemmoM. Higeihse widi ajudge who 
lejecied all ancmpis ID imwidTf e«i 
dciace of FDI culpaMUy Mlier was 
«nvii!iad of two counts of fast degne 

Today, die Justice Depalmou has 
changed la thoury onwhoihekillerwas 
and admits dia they have no idea who 
killed die agents! 

TV ooufti have iriettod many ap- 
peals for a le mal. Over fifly five man 
ban of Congroa ham shown dieit tup 
put fat MtasMilIicaisuf people auund 
(he world have signc*! (irmiuns csllmg 
fcrUsnciaaac. Mlia'i uury a earned in 
the foreign praas mui.ii mure dian here al 

The ItdiCin-uuCauniif Appeals ha* 
decided dial l%liin's in«l and ptcvwut 
appeals bad taan foil of FBI atwaes a«d 
judicial itupriapriiay.mcludintouaRaig 
the supprcasian of evidence dial would 
have proved his nmocemcc 

Tlie emm also uaied Uk FBI mis 
condia:! was 'a ckw abuse of Ike mvcs 

new inal (of iVlucr saying that tbay 
were "reiuc tail Ui impute further an 
pi«pneiiesu>|ihr FBII ' 

Pelber ' sancaneys filed anocher ^- 
pcal at Waae mb g 1992. The decisian 
IS bring aniimaly watted for by Mtiar 

LeiHiard IVIIier a more tttan one 
man fighting lor justice Hcrrpreienu 
s whok raccof poopk iha have been 
tm the haing end of a genocidai move 
BUM ^liitit them TheNauvc Amen 
can people have been survivmg op 
prcssioii fie the last five hundred years 
li 'sahout lime they (tansd ice aig some 
justice FlvcnifitMstamngwidi justice 
fuf one pcTstm. liconard Miicr. 

To find out more about Mtio's 
xiusiKin and Native Amencans today 
llWUlfclll « <7tklfc.a rdm produced by 
Robert Radford, in oanaectum with 
Ruben Denim ThanderheanclaiTinf 

a book by PctET Maiihietan and s book 
Imt MnsandiRiitlL. 

To faid out wha you can do aw 
help, call the Laaiard Peluer Uefenae 
Commillee/ChicagoSuppan Group at 

Th« HortJtno* U*3MMi 25 1«3 





Senate treasurer asks for student assistance 

. ... .>.-.i_i.<.r..hL However, 

Gu«l CdurNTM* 

»atkcil hml lo iidhiiBW jKWi ii«ri»«»> 
objective* Ihwclamhtl<)i«a>»>*<' 
fa yoiB rightt ■«* ta" ••'^ «**•" 
up. I iwiKt an NUdmu ovioiau axl 
do 19 btniD «lii«»« ill I cm f«i» TOO- 
TiBMBO. ibe propoHl iJ»»i »««*er 
rtiould be otIwwJ ■»•»•"■«* V""- '" 
.Itiwof cBiNeluMP<«MUy naMn 
tai, whK* ew tw" •«"'*"*'* *• 
CliiM»o Public Sch""! Sy»icm. I 
wlucval dK (lol »< b"""* •°^»'" 
^|re*«<l I <ki IK* pl«> ««:<«■»<>' l*^ 
■Bpanonil mimM in Mrm( *« >)»« 
alhrad. Ik>wc»ct. mwy <j( you <hi I 
IcM^ lor you Md yournght u )»«<; 

taena and oilm atiiviuo Uui imct 
aiMd ym eOand. ioMaad of JBM htv 

^ what aiiii«i«ni«> Ml «■* tcu 
tor y«M. When Hou^ to *• IMi*- 

I of t ymtay anoBar Ha* I 

i„„ „>_* to *a P<« >»•'«*«« «" 
nKccMlWI bacaMc lite Boatd of 

Tnnieei oond aja*"" ''■'*■'* *■' 
ude MlilKBaanl'tuikiiflkailliia 

■id knew Ifcai *« «•<« » had aa* 
heco acJnevnl inOK pwi » beewaeihe 

adauaamiMin wm »« k paMionMc 
(kaW 11 M *• »)>de»t> wcR. h WW not 

ten Tni«e« bM ya«. I onda it my 

Now 1 -Jn ri(hun|| far KmeUiui* 

dtOcmM aad I a»h ih" »«• *> "«« 

llMXaftaw"^**^^ '"''"*'"'*' 
iMwc^MicaadmyMll •ndiunc utiap 

raamtini yoa here •« Hariw when I 
owU h»*« bee" fa"""! P'*«Mf "^ 

gel eiaiipwwn i« kM>r>n« on be 
half of MHlaia't mantan. in (Kt t kK 

maaaiy i qoit a fi* COTimt ■><™^ 
t« 01) n Iww »*■•■>■•*■> HoV <*" 

for bran* • rejireKniauve, hui knoamif 
ihat I WMuM be ibk ID n hie* e iwa* fc» 
ym. (h«i »>«><■ ehe My rewirdit the 
erpenentelmjtiiiJBJ and die know! 
edge lh« we Med to lake • Mind at 
Hanepoimtowhai wcbebc« tihgK 
aid I am uking iHKh ""■''' 

We aHuylkatdMn ■> nudiuig we 
c» do » ooBwel wfcn >••"*>• •"* 
Ike >yMan WeO I hebevc wc cm. and 
■ ■Bdantian«liiW(i<><"'><*>yl>*«*> 
«. SiudiH O o . MM a wii . I m ■>•» 
elccigllheteiJgM Cu a uw — «^ri l 
dew and I <lc|Vad dotm *» haenma 
U(X).000 HaiiMr kaa caikKUd in •» 
dwlartwity tamp>*iimwritinvma 
■Hi chito dial dia ModnMi »a«L 

I hara hunt ome aid dme •gaw 

ii«WB DC « to* Ai«(in <"«"'*' ' 

ttan a wmO hanlliil of wurkfhoiw I 
ha«* hevl ban ycu dui Harrn doci 
not offcr wh«i yoa wam » peogT"" 
ming. or dial a dnea nm offer « wb^ 

0» awTH' ••«««»«'• *^ »"«• 
oM. ThoM tlode™ P") •'i'«"5' '<«» 
and wouldHtc HI he inv<il wed a Hrrpei 

There m • few pMplc who do «o« 

u> have Hanxf >*'■' ' 

i»t yo" ■>* <*Nt «•■«»*•*« ''■'^ 
ol *»««ni« •»««"- 

NoMidy h»» "■'>*'►■'*••*' *"" 
the ftadcM activity lee falfcii «i deaf 
vimmiMiauan am. diey ha»e choMn 
lo oucily me for powstjng ihiw •! t 
h««e laidiuig >" •!•*« ' *"" C""'' ""* '"'' 
•oik bare u Hirjira and ha«» facuky 
nl rnxknu lJi« "» l>»d iiiiaimoa i» 
fmaUy Handing up "> *• •*»««»••• 

I do n« wMli w fight the idmijm 
traliOR Iwufctowertiwilbthem The 
ftoblem ij *«t they have grt"<m mou 
tamed » gciung Ski' "•» •"* *= 
MHdmta md prngW* <*"«^-^ 
iwaii ■»«*•»•** "''"'I*""*"" 
■«> jiRigm* win HmV «"■'<>"" ■<> 
ter ideal ol how *>«• •««»*• *«• 

Nww a»*«ehai»pai»««ioldie bod 

PKudoa of SaakM Affain B<nme 
Henry and SwtaW Activity Duw^w 
Jeaaa Pankaoia) "Wi" ma o( aot 
oig for changioi du* wwMheaaUt we 

TJaiy oa ■«••»» w«* <•«» •*- 
emaitm hecama yen ihe dudna I 
n working for haoc MM t<M<i towohi«d 

lo dK e»ieii« dial you have choiea » 
nm fighi ihc m«e»« Voohavedioaai 
wbeapatheiM: and have giwuvlKil" 
I an willing wt^mmii ray low f" y"" 
and fighi (or yo" "d yiwr oghi* 1 

but I have made die u nn m ameai foe 
you. Wha I need U i "gn irf yow 
(ijliyaM 1 nead you. die uudciu lo icnd 
letun nr call or «ee me daring my 

1 an c««tt going » m«k« •<■» 
ra«ak on Moaday nghu w Ka a* 


t ■« hm to «« yo" ** I "•«»» 
«hal yoo hebeve m I need ytm » 

diowAcU die adaMBW»li««' ''°»y^ 

tativc and dDiaat thai. Hoawwa. We 

die SMtaK Oowanncat have heeai 
waM to nee diiBgW y«n» iwod » •« »» 
know dmu it hui yon abo haw » 
rhow i» you uiipat u> aid ow idqK 
itv«.or givemdierawiiale of why we 
ihoidd change «« ol>i«tive» We ate 
neiiMe or behalf of die in«|oniy 

daai Acavmaa leame PadiMun) haa 
ittMdIhMl an noliaikmg dw boat but 
,»kiag die TiWiic U I am not rqjrt 
I am here (<w yon Up «> dn» i»iii I 
have been aucmjiling 10 cearaa whal 
you have uiM me » wrong with die 
ty«cm 1 h«vc been here long enough 
iokiiuw the lyniem and I am a honefii 

of Smdcm Afl««i» Bonnie Henry and 
Oinx«)r of Swdeni Acumiei kannc 
rait anin) watua mc >o leave H«|>et 
■id uaca daiy eaaioi wall widi me 

t an «ahng » f»o»e » "by** *" 
I Ml willing ui wtiit *iib ifK •Amni' 
moon 1 Vice Pnaudcni .>f Snidcra Af 
f «r» BoMiie Haity aid SoKtaii Acov 

My OircKiur JeanK Pankinin) 

However, after the 

ahnini»lr»t»wi( Vke PreiidenI rf S«i- 
dent Aff au-t fUmrie Henry and DwDC 
tor cf Student Aciiviliet leanne 
PnkaniBt crucirwd me m frtail of a 
body of my pen* I am afraid dm any 
changn I may auceeod in getting (» 
ym will be taken away a> aoon aa I 


IdonolwaMIhiilohai^ien lam 

laood Kiitjiandia my fellow Senaaon 
■ai Rcfaaaealadvu apoke ap ha me. 

I am akiiwyou to rmd tMi ciactly 

what ■ t°«« '*>"*'**■*'" *"" 
kKci Don"! fct die adminiaralioo 
mate die docinon for y«u 

Wc die audeni pay die Madcai 
acuviiy fee. we are «H«»c to be the 
onea deciding where die mcaiey goe» 
md die ones bcnefiimg tnan H 

The Dircclnr of Student Activiues 
tudad a die Iwi Sudan Covemment 
macia^ that ihe it die >me widi dv 
power lo decide where die mcmey wdl 
get apeni and »be feeU die Soideal 
Cio» «iiin icalhaih)»im<»i=diMity*i« 
lo my praao of die pniiMt. 

FiwdMinore. the ttaHd ihe haa 
anplctt power to imp dK budgeting 
procCH away from the Student Oo* 
crrunem and will do no if U doea not 
regain itsc-redibilrty I mieriaetaaioiiu 
dial bodihs and Vkx PlwidertBomue 
Hcnrv wail me out and if I leave, dien 
the Stiufcni Ciovciranaii will regain it» 

I (eel I an dooig right by die Hu 
dciiiandwjntyouiomn»«tme There 
day Febfuary ^ ll pm when dK 
PrcMdeal of Student Government is 
gomglopediahooidiiaiaaue Bethere 
to voate your t^noKim 





•.f .iii>*n' *v 'x.--\. "- •' ■■ ' ■ 

Think twice 

wA mat i» pcrcmi 

Niiflh»r»lrm » nm-rvin 
Vunaarr Sc*»io« ^* 
Ihtnk or TOiia. 

tmr iii»lti..>»rvr rcflMraMa itMrtml 

*j»rv *ti« .tn (H-r\ral aa mo cnune*^ 

.« Ml diRT m man 

-jiiiW- mllan-ln l*r»rw«d*r 
_!- -=«w jw'idiml 

* SIIH!* 

l^4IUM»l nc«"T«- *41*iai «t»Tlf 

Wk-n you [mis 

I i>i < ■^uvai 

H^iiiial It* jJiiwtiitv 
IWf«iUn»«« >— i IW 

i4K»«4i :«!' 


The Hat*>g«»r, f •bfuav ZS"'^ 

WOW van rolls Call for entries by women 
throuch town writers: fiction and essays 

PttMK H»l*-. M«** *«***!!? 

V-. » ca««t B •• «»* aw- 

Aaanrai Cimw i wiii ' Can". "» 

Piid«y. M** llW »»"••*■ "• 

11 »..m Aim* *«•«»»«» »«» 

CtMOy Di|IMTOlll arPutilur Hc«l* « 
443 2S30. I;4i-4:15 p m . MoBd.j. 
FiidM faf am* ainimiiw 

-f BHIirit «i)h auK of dw •" 

. ii|iiir — -^ -"«-— — w^t^ 

niMhmi who miglit otf»e»wtt« "W* 
dUFtnitiy utuonRg 

lo Ridunt I nttlm. Pmtimi Cm*. 
WOW »» !■«»•*• *•** lawicM 

S.VKM ultoedl *»■#> *• wo* 
van inc»i«4llie<*»> cuumeluit. ■»» 1« 
awmim ml 4«hc«». I**^ preMujc 
md thoUiUOTl K;r«nm». <»«»«»• 
Kncmnf. tubratBl™" 'T' "**^ 
iHMHwiiiin"'^' lUiMly wh* "^ tooM 
«!,«* lMfnc«im. j«l»« ««•■>• «»>' 
p«p wnwOT tf m ama i. md pro"*" 
■nt imtjLuUi c &«fm fur nwi* H t he^fefc 

cVnl .« itfoTOl to •vi.Ubk (WviMi 
fur DcMmou 

S«MIC or ibBK •<»"«»» ■• P"*- 
wlrf by Cm* C<i»««» I>I»«IB«« «* 
rubik He»Wi |iror<»» •**"*' 


la uf Ihc MiUMul Or»«niM«i<»> '« 
W««iwn « i««l>«»«« «"»«•'"*" ^ 
uoB md MMjf «•*»>«♦"«'''«» '••* 


Mid • irif «lita«««». ••■■I'** ••*•_ 

CcMawM. »«« »«•■ 0» ''*™~' "• 

TV »■«»• of *=» O""" ""^ 

™««ii«iiiMy ■«««». W«»i«««i>« 

and pte«e call jn«»<>f*l<»""»^ 
„,ftarMtfmtmwmmitdmt*oiM«aiiind«»n Ei^uy-fivc 

I was f«c-«(v«d fKim *n ifca* of 


The h« prte (or fictoi •<« >» 
Jafc S«« of Elk Oniw. II»«» «" '«' 
rinn Moiy afciMl •"<* ''""c cnuilo) 
"ftnk R«m«n« BidO*" W«t»oJ 


M, Sui (wniain Iw ••we" »» 

Imum; wHtt. «««• ttoanh ihry « 
MOMiaMt VKaniUBd. Shr wnm F»- 

«iy •ddnon »iBrt» •«'<• ""**"•*" 

The MKtixd pnw WW «•»<« w 

for hei d«|»cl>« «>< i»« '"«'* "" 
doiii' weouow •!* vinhiwe m "* 

TIME twiidi for""" &<<*"***>^ 

»CM If Vitwra E Kmm>f U» Anjc 
k*. r«lifomi« «nd Myrk Miehin of 
KdL«H««.Bnn*Colum»»*M» ''»»■• 
r«itpn«c»».y." AC.11 1« ttm Ihufi 
taUUB u( Woraen." « • ihoughtf ul p« 
per e«j*inng ihe neol fur a>lU!c»ivt 
KUan m f»-r «f <•« («"»'« •"™' 
>{4ktc u( pnrjuiliu- •"'1 » uiIcki *hirfi 
ifietl Ihc Uvei *>( »ll •'■wnoi Teg«fllta» 
of tfc. rKc or oamomit tutm. 

With humor »m1 imight, Myrte 
Mtdun't Mcind pl»« <:»»«y. "l^"* 
CJoi It Toicdio." •«<«• *« "••"•^ 
pnAtenu on»inMc from c»poct»ii<»i« 
ih«l iiB"i"» "•'»"'""*'''" *"""*''''• 
h««c « fiiore tike DoJIy P«w«>. !»» 
re«il he»ui«o(Qi«« BiMhe*. "»« 

Knowledge can stop killer 

NIFID helps with knowlege of killer 

ai.iitlMt w h-t r— "^ ""'''** "" 
mil t vinit. TV ffopmn ••• P" 

i i idii l 1 "T -*-— *— diM die 

AMOciMBd CoUtfiaK Pw» (Af^^l 

The Heptfiiu B Cmipm IVcvai 

um PiDfrim. tporMWtd by *« '"• 

liaitl FutwUtum (or Infetuou* Oo 

MM (NIFID). oKludM MTV «yta 

■i,„M,, HKi cducaiurMl tuodwiw. • 

loO frtc txidiiK aad p«JapM»<" Ky 

Dt RudiWcithcmiw Sni4«i»«Bhc 

oKonted lo tte *« F«». Tta» 

Om d* V«»" far heiMUUt B. a »•«• 

ih«i» 100 •an"™"" '•«*"•"'"•*•'' 

the AID* »im» Mid can ht tfnmi 

ihnw^ omutt Willi bkwd m hadjr 

naidi F i«»t» »«.hMW «»»«a«>fc'W 

ho«B» »^»«y >»•»«*«*''*»"* *■ 

HeiMtiui B Ho«h«»; 1«OOHEPB 

1i-t oMHuil *m yoi«» i>«»v»« 

\cM« umu dm ym i rt i H y "^^y *' 
ns.'M>llljickatdl.D>a*M.M D .niD. 


h<:rv.lit» B 1» (MVlkfl' 

>nd onrthird •■ 
tknu ihBoMaw»>def vati inioom. hr 

wio.aiin«M4 al w»w l <lii » ftwNf 
Mu B. juM n»» ■««•• •"♦" P"*^ 

tath«ewo(M«r».iKdoi«« «hin» 

ol *oa« wlKHA *• ««« """n*" 

«,»irfaeto.l«Mi" "*««*■*'" 
wo Im* BiiKpl-" "O • Affi*"^' 
„««»,. Mm «rf« r""! P^ >" 

1 ahw dtod Iw fc ip rtm »• « 
ManMl'dlMWty !>«'«( K*"*^ 
wy (ihll»hc«ipenna»ai«Jy<*«>l^ 
liaii awi irf i' ' —"'»'" '*'*'''' >■»»» 
■^ diMw wM « vaocwc >o |)»tv<«tt <*"» 

■distiai.'' ""y *»«"• ■«• '* "^ 
vcakuif inSanFrancutxi "ItMjptniy 

Ufcncmx wachct ochm «> prv*''* 
llMMdvn t>y k«mi>« •>>»«> >'«"'** 
MM and dK i iin i u w —w of «ac«iM' 

HkJM. Saniee » n>«l»K« *«"»»«* "• 

|U|iaUIM B awaolh HCtMMtlMl. *• 

nnotwi'* »•» of mJcriwn ha» dcwNad 

m ihc |«»I(tc*.»l«. •"* «i»«» "™*« 

inavenl inlMUAi- 

Mac Hub oi* «•">» "» 
dn 30O.0OO AnKTK*" •» 
ftcudcack ycJB wiih Kejwi 

Divum Caaral (COO fif 
ant. Tl» A«»«rKan Cotkgc 
tic^di AtKKiMiun <: ATM A) 
kffc Mudeiiu ftmu twrwu 
lu B will ti»lp Jin^w" >>* 

"VaccantHin of ci>llc(c 
ludnu fdniWea ■ eical' 
mhinaMial rmmtxa of h«p« 
iii» B mfcvlion*." ««y» 
M>ik«ui« Cnllini. M D . 
CTuiiufOx V»i .r.i PrrviOT 
atok !>•«••>« <"< ■iTHTnHH! of 
ACHA "ACHAtMtlwtiKy 
>t*w<Mnl whith re**"" 
maidi iw|im»d »a«iiM«ic« 

jaMt li aliu umngly *«I*> 
dial al) college audinMt be 
omndMod f«« vacaiM«ioB. 
widi tfrnOd mmim. fitn 
B . hi|* rwk fBwtm. »" W 

ing «»>« «■•>» •T»y *» •^'"' 



n can •!*> twip you fBduc* yourw^gw. 



Miorate to (toy CoKage of Design 

out op«r> >»"•" 

CheoBO Compuj 

40<N »«*>a**» 
f-rrtcogo H 60*" 
0«2) 2W-M00 


)«C 28 " U--'- 


MC»c^ I. 4- 8 U"- 



iC&i nKimaMrOi 
ScfwurrOjro H aO^'3 

■ • Th»Hart*vw>«b«x«vM"'' 


The Evil Dead have 
returned for Ash 

KiviM CitMt 

U^^^rM rttUrtt the end of llW M*"""! ''""■ *'" '"•" * ''™' *^ .. 

r::;'. ct: ,.. *■ a.. » .h^.. «'r rr rm'Lvr*:T:2 
"■^r o^'.r '-^---^^^«™:^ n:^ 

^:^ „r .hi. Ash h.. uk.n .h. SK,K en - '»'P '" ^• 

iTf„. .he cv„ .rm, .n. u« .hv -.'" :;r.r:v. 

you cru.h . »kelcu.n .11 y.m »tl n 

household «ord .. I..^«.>'- M.«./.« 

■n>e biKk humor in,' ihe punniBi ..i'« •" 'I' "'" '" •"* 
,h.nV. m.,nlv -o ,hc o„.,„.n.l, com.. Nn.k p.dorm.n.c o, 

n,h. m .he eve. no m..,er «h.« « ihc h,.iy .h., eve ., I.k.u 
H*.;d ^c o.e, ,he u,. «„.he„ ccp ». . w«U. '""' ''^ ^^^ ';'.■,, 
„, ,„ du,nk you ,„ .he eye. A.h .Iw.y. ".«,.,.. .« ge. .h- h.... 
in front of hn n.,. •! the ti«ht liiric 

Uyn. ge. .nto the .«... of Num™, t... e» be . gre* ..- V^y 

t. ZI everyJ, .up of .«. b«, » enj„y.W. .». « *« "«-.e. 
OKcrtll : 1': "•" I""' «•' "> 

Historical music 

cnie««nei M*(tu »«»•» pnwwIM m mmemmi " . .j«„-i,_. 
Af™» Anw«««»«.h«m«*«»«..»««-««*"Pta^^ 
i„pw««d.,.«h«.c«.«.^««yr,.ii«wc Ai«nbm««n.rfn-T«.« 
in the gre- «c»yirllo «d.t««. mi «»«. dornmitrntng ih. »««» •« 
ft»m. wh^h h.*. hecn cre««l. tho p««nt«K«|»w«fcs «ciu««m«g 

,„m„g ..prr«n« (« .11 .f" H.ghhgM ""J« «««' *'™ ^J)!; 

^^^TdOmb, Pi*--. "0™*ototy." *-«-««»« b. I»P ,«/. 

rg-n.«o..«B»«> a-'-'»«'^'-jr """trti 

,.»ume.«dj«i d»««««.l«fiiW-rf«M«ipM«.««lb'«>»««r 

Talk about 

, on fflrtOV ftWJOryWof^JOprnirfhBflu^Ov^lXoqfe- 

A*E (<•)« 

So no one » udkmg tboui T»r 
Cry'xg <•<»«■ ""^ y"' «»">"'* •.•• 
hevd iMneihmg .houi iL The moil I 
cm ttU you rfwui the pkK u . Bniith 
wldiCT « IJdMP|»J by the IRA. he 
come, frkwh with h« cpum md 
hefofe he » etecuwJ. hu U»i wuh » 
ihii hu kwer tawwf Uiu he «« tfunk 
tng of hei when he wm killed The 
tH«». FergiM. cBTies through with 
the «*l.«r'i *Mre Bid f.ll» for ha 
hmnelf IflMymyihmgeUchouUhe 
pit*. 1. will nun the enliir film It is 
inicTcstmg how peofilc ■tn't go>ng 
■ound leUmg people "the big secret" 
The mtfK theme ihjnughoui the 
mm i»~p«K'n.l <««>«■" Y"u*>*'>" 
istnyownuurc FurgmtnuUJn'ikill 
1. rfy (the ki4l.ppe.l wWi" > *«^»>« " 
,■. in hit nMure E.ih th»».teT ii 
lit norejilihMi(te«inUieupcnoi 
_..lics. wc )U*t Warn imwc .bout them 
uid *oot then p«tt At nmes. the 
^ugiuncy o< their lives c«i he mnoy 
f They just do the »MiK thing over 
id over Mid over .gun 

MuR Bid mixe pwipk Be gomg to 
c films like this i«ie whuh uni mx 
.NWily'runirftbemiU ■|j«*«'«n<' 
itiiocniietiton Ij<a,tedWtar'M I 
luUffi oj t V Cm // ' This a pn* 
■.|y the <«ily intellectu.1 film th« it 
It m the««rs nijht now 
Cut to the chue Tha film hM 
euned high honon • fuU pn« »«*« 
\ndderm.t«:lybnnn.d*le Bull must 
..utuHiy.'Utohe prcpBwlfiiithe most 
mUMuU ph* 'wist you hsve teen m s 
lung, kmg lime. 



■• YowrseH At Appl«b««'>l 

Crmtf Ofn\n% Job Fair 

Com.- V r«ri .,f the fui. :il AwiWbce's Neighborhood l-nllji 
kV; ■ ■ .-Nlaur^ni concep* to hit Mount riosi»i ! 


• Competitive Pay 

• lifc" insurance 

• FlexibW" Houris 

• Hwihh Insurance 

Be original. Be outgoing. Be yourself. But whatever you do. be 
part of our incredible success story. 


• tomplolf'l raining 

• Discounted Meals 

• 401 (k) 

(LocaudI Right 






lakf uhxtktU 


in Lake Form, lllmms 

A .tKducatu>nal lihc-ral arts pnvatc college for resident and 
ciifTimulcr students. 

• 24 mah-irs in 1 } dtpartmenLs including: 
EducalionyPs ych.ilogv . Management/Business. 
Performing Arts, and Studio Arts 

■ Day and Evening classes 

• Child care services 

" Part-titne or full-time suius 

Join Barals many students who have completed Associate 
degrees at community colleges. 

For more informttioo call Admissions Office 
(708) 2.W-3000. 

Sumo^imSing coming to ^ ^^^^.^ up 

the northwestSuburb^ 

-S»mo" ..".l.n. ';;,'',; 

nol w "« f" , ,, ,, a.vnc 

• ,,-,0 •rc»<Un» " 

?W hy .ud.rti" (..riu.p. 

.inclly oy ""^ inturuwc 

,he «ola«l«.. c.-'ly *• 

"'" «'c hyVunC. .n "«" 
,„,0. «e hy.« ^,^k, 

„„. ,„ m«.i««> • »•« ^„„ 

rubbe. «.» "> '"P ''^ ' ,h„u 

..irv who »»••♦ '" 

„,, bccu.e .hey '""^^ ;\",^„ ^, 

,ou g«« » "PI" 

«,uh ihi» '"' •'';. -„ 1, 

fwniw* h»H««"' 

P,.msi Ntl't. 
perlarmmt * 

V,., .,.:,. -•'.''-'- '■ 

irldsj Sh.dc. 

u. s N.>iih*"' 
.,f Ctai^r '"• \, h„e ihc 

P.'P «->''■ '-''whi. .«.<•'• 

•"'""'•V H.y. 


=^' n 

t han V.nir < "urtc... 

,1, s.hau.iilx")' 

l-,m> i«" >«>*" 

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EdBCitio" Ollic* >n M Building 


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CduiutUna I>aid 

Call lutt an* 5^'"' 



What do you call an Auiinalian. 

• iih a cowboy Ml. Lib* dancing 

at a G*tm*n Patty'' LIONEL 

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you at SchaumOofj lanas 

Rock a by* Oivn 


Write for The Harbinger 

Call x2460 
for more 


Mno* Witcli ou' lot ll>« moo 
k«y that* climbing up th* •*«' 
■ all ol A Building 

iuD D* birttiday Unci* Atti* 

So f'lH. •• •"»*' "" '•*"" 
mat you t»k* Spunnh it b*caui* 
Ihty g>y « you » b'»»* 

BOB wbtr* ••'• ro« on Sat 
uiday night Tli« 5tripp*t» «*t* 

Happy Birthday 

60 years young! 

:-) hi Ben! Wow 






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.Nottonoly known cbents 
>Modeia professional office 
>Proaressive Bonuses 
>Pg3 tTdning/no e)ferience n^ssoiy 
>F»e«ble houis. day/evening/3 Shirts! 
>lmmediate openings 

ThpJelemQiketinq Conpjffl^ 

_J«gjft ynufteQm 

479 N. Business Center Drive. Mt. Prospect 

5 minutes from BondhmstMol 


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K !>()« ttat Jem 
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a ■■- N*n«««" 


1h* Hablngm. February 2S. 1993 


Pat Riley, world 
peace keeper and 
more All Star 
Game tid-bits 

hOfbrigse Scxv*> CoMrintt 

The tunc u mid 10 l*M hM. dM 
place Cmto. E|ypt. Th* occmimi t* 
Ik* aafMMdl RMnl of Ok MiikUe 

r«l|— mull Tliiil iiiilri |ir 

waiJir M eack odxr Md ■> cmpy 
•M « dM IWMlardM taMc TIk 
taradi dtlqpM gm up aid flan* 
■■B*«aa«aMty.''Whac itki rkc 
nfci nemoiiriy TitiraKaUhclIlK 
ka«' the iynm dclcfale tayf vdh 
■I laieaay tone in hit vtwoe. 

)& at the Uracil <fclct>lecvt» 
hu mouili. the ilMuMc duun iwinf 
open aid in ucpn Pat Rilay. N«* 
Ydck KsKkt head cMch/ HHOa- 


teens rarfndlad Nd after Ike way 
ha handled ih^Mi All Star uam an 
Sanday. I would My ii a puaadik 
Hi> handlinf of llw Puiick Ewnj/ 
ShaiuiUe ( VNaal nuauon «a> he 
yond anytme'i opactaiiaM N<ii 
only (lid Im: keep tnimbnaiMtgeidicr 
•alaadut day caHWacMilly play 
Higailiir RihyaapriwilnahynM 
uitaiituunf Ew u>( (or Shaq or vK« 
ocna. The Kmcki loadi da aa nna 
hi(k aafki Ita hu hMMOng of die 
■aaai. daapiK die mcnane bat 

Slam Dunk amuM mm held m 
SMuiday w iih •nme lactluam re 
Mtia Hanid "Jaidai JuBMr" Minct 
walkail Miy vMli flw lid* of Run 
aar Ur k> Mkckad faMbn. I know 
Imtm AAi'l pwliiipali. tw< he 
iKHM«f dunked Miner if givrn the 
a|)|^tiniauiy The ciaMeM ittell u • 
waMC of URw I mew hnw many 
diflemil w*y» vc dien: K» Jul k • 
haU a»yway ' The ical hijhlnhi ..I 
■kc AH Star •wakaad «M die »uq 

Maiyla. at riioidd Man caOing han 
MC S)Mq atiiamcthint. 

Tke ckcac* of kdm .teckkm 
aad Karl Mahne ai ci> MVPi aaa 
partaci. If a kaln'i taan lor ihtv 
mmaxattami a chnch <rt ney hy 

die Rwad mowd ul icImaMl, S» 
tttOy faflrni » htda* aMI Com 

Omatt. I aouki kam as uiy 
duM die fame waa m my ahtwi 
nan<ir> I iwiatly wnoU'va faBcai 
aakep i>y dir (imc the fliM i|uaFax 
wMovcT I wimU »ak«i)|>)ii>lai 
tma a> wc dK Twal Kime, wluch 
wiwld Iw like I W lt> 1 41 lit itant 
draif Tkaiianwkc^HK micnsied 
far da fun 51 ■anwn Okay. V) 
maniHs. I nttaaed *c Arm few mn 


»u who can. tk* F a l a k aiy 

am of die Mtund half luraiir I 
I djgna* Ai n all. it oai at cicel 
loll t 'l UM - For lk»e ul ynu who 
laiaiaiit ii, hiak for da >*i|iicl ncti 

Jl Step afieacC 


Learn will e 


Man^r^ i 

The wtnicr lifilflli MTlKir! Kav ^ 
•MM come til a Kfccchtni hall here i 
'laper. kfanyipawaRnobnger. 'lu 
c > I year and Miaii! « juat a d» peak 

' '*"'•' laae. So h> hr hnneit then 
nulanKli|i:Mi( (in adtktHalH 
"u u|«xanitt| week Bui yet 

'>'aiik k> lc**p "A Step 



N'lCAA NatHmall Ml thoUMt. Nurtti 

Alan ciiai(pcin( In da nmimuit 
• ", hr moinkan of dw mcn'i and 
«»kBaik>itcim« H;.- 

>:lllll| Mvch ,* vWU;' - 

!tw>«jh Mareh 6 01 ftwi Ftenx . KKiridt 
lalraai*ral hadwIkaH will pt<y 
TiMadfv «Tp m. Sttaiin(olidaeni(iM 
kill he i)M> Beam agaanH' da f^Mia 
Tmc trim lailkiwal hy C'latin luuwa 
v>. Siluicium;ii a i HigOawiiiiaadAn 
Want a»t Wl Si|uad Hte da onan 

Men's basketball team hopes to 
disprove critics in play-offs 

>iat>irgm Spoitt Wnisr 

Baikalbatl. a >pat where you need 
Ike tpeedaTCarl |j!W»aMt an eye lAe 

The playcn muM te nse w itfc eack 
iicher Cmck Ron Cttcger lay* dw 
tciin has been. "iluRim u«t and fhoft 
on depth " Bui die coach imit dui 
■key will be at nady aa Uiry wiU (*«r 

Tkay ka*c playad ««ry aoH cmtn 

daoafk da Imal of i 

n am i im a i ufciMilylHhi w ya w lP ib - 
fuary And day have atao kat inaa 
key playtn to dw wrah of aoMtank 

The num Uanatt fnr dw regola 
(caton were the rolluwinf: Sam 
Darwufc. km Sloan. Rudy Chantken 
and Mike Yaa<( Thuae five playcn 
have dKil a field (tial percxnU||c <4 
i% VI The Hawki have iii«((kid a 
ItfUe bit. hul all die playcn on aid ofl 
dw boKh have cuMnhuuid heavily 

Aa practice nau and da pkiyan 
taaai caafiAiM diai day haw tea 

well dumf dw rcfula icaiun and wiU 
coiunue to do well diinn| the play 

The one penna who londi out IB 
Iha i cpt a mi fflind u the Aaisanl 
Tiiaih Mark Hudum. whohai noi (tu 
ton dw puMmiy dial he doMTvo. Do ' 
«n ahaig widi dw head cnack and 
Mmft Jame Fakmey . 

Someof dw Hudeauherra Haper 
dun'i dunk dial dw aam wiU (o all dw 
way. and dw team u showing dui dwy 
want dw ckampioriahip becauac dwy 

tlaWk focus ! A Japanese connection 


SotVi Mtw 


kaG playott ka«« anm«Nn( kicaati 
■nam ddf cnM ftom aMial kaafccib ' 
p(«y*n in dw UiMUd Sua*. 

Yuka MinakiKhi and Muni 
TujkaitHiao biiih •larud pbytni; the 
|anc in Japan 

MwiaktK'hi. 21. tae(ai playni 


Uic <t>adi of kariaaa. la !9in, ata 
■n»v«d u> dw llmicd SMMt w anidy 
Enflak. She ananipud anplay ba» 

kedtall Ml Waihiii(l«i wkoi iki 
unfinally nunol ovancat. ta kc" 
cauM the had plaiaad M> aMw* to 
tllmma., «kc W'at i 

appioaimawly ^5 want Tocimuntaa 

caataacly aitKi widl dw playen u> an 
etiew dia woidd prokabty la uarmd 
cral thuuvc in Aiwrtw*. 

TV i:\ic iif the aitual i>iav Htiw 

tice «« lliw.h lalki 

TndtamMo he|ai pkqraif. haifcct 
ban in ttaawniaiy ickml duiini Rgu 
la clatt una llw pliyail on an ntfi 

Btnd awn for dw fim wkca akc went 
w aa AuMtkaa M|^ idMol in Fnace 
■0 H«dy ia(kdl. Il«ami«( u lapan 
halfway dmwik her icnior year, itac 
didn'i fat rnuek playin( lunr 

Whik in high H-kiKil Tiukamuii) 
ran both citaa wmmy mi mck. and 
playwd Md lackey 'She coynycd the 

AIWmo»in(loBamiif>iin lati 
year. Minakudhi was |p<n| lo be 
pai cd dw Hawk haskcdMll pni- 
fram.huiamis upinilMriraiiteor 
her naKTipi > auaod kcr m k* iatli 
(ibte fnr dw wam aid aac* a(ain 
•he was (caved In waiia ytaraiflay 

FinaDy maknn it In da Man 
il>u year. Mmakudu hai foand baa 
krtMl lo be i|uiie diffaoH kom 
whii the eaperHnced la fapan. 

Thr hijj;e»» diffetmx for har 
wasdwcoachuiftiyk faidtCMdwal 
av«nig«i. Ik* haikcikal wan w*» 
raiad niunkta ixw m a icgiun of 

anydiiNd kal'kaatcdiail a Hapet. 

Bacauac dw achaeil where tkc 

pta|nad kaakaflaali kan a not 'aw- win 

ai AiiMTic ai diac'Jwi at ddlnau (mm 
Miiukacki'a While she lect the 

laian, dw Met dkt alklalBi ■■ Aaanca 
aa dw ddftnwaiL "Tht |dd>ii»i here 
kwfcht»dic y a » kuwni>p l * yk »> w - 
halt." ike tatd. 

At far ■ dt* taan. kMk fliyan 
a'iiH M UH aaif wortdwide cxpcri - 
•OM* in daa eapBcir. 'Ikrv hndi t'amt 

n*a MkMdtiicM OMO and kdM 

!nini l«pir. u» learw Amcncsn till 
turc and hoik and probably hring 
h*ck dwir kBnalBdfe lo lapan widi 

All seaaon Ian*. MmakuLhi hat 
haddanara Tiakannto't hmae afar 
eack ijaae They kodl lay dw idea id 

confiifting when toimnw you're 
play Hi|t with » m the same iiiuauin. 
T d«»i 1 feel like I'm the only mw 
playmi dil fennlJy . " ual Minakudu 
They may ma hsvc even known 
of caLh iidier hcfivc the Ktmn be 
(in. bui dwir conuiMn •Huation has 
bKaifM daac tan lagedwr l«r wm 

Intramural b-ball bounces along 

ball l^Bague fkmimstrawu ijw *irvn|.ift 
of dw lta|iw widifiaitfani iftt|il<yi 

iff hrMk ollaiaa aid i^ttmm hv «^v«-fv! 

<^Kk)|MigMo! :- 
Kawk» bnl4m|f Mt * tkrtmmuwmi Hti 


Pnm* Taac aan Ibuad Ike iftina a bii 
loiatigh OR dw knanli alt ai|M wauliar 
a caw lidad bat at dw handt o( dw 


[fiwr ■"■ '•1. 



cna|>l)laaad<i(fii>tlt t rnw 
hall lead iha f 'nun luslkc bad a ddS 

■ u?: timt- (Wfcnweninf . The lakowd CJ 

■ 'Mil one (li'tkuatiugha where 

:tu-4 111 he placed upon ilncti 

iwtci itsttmg dw (ir«i am nunuai al 

dw |an>c. Stmt Weary 'a 

witk lc(T Andmcai's lamc ki(k 23 

Harper Sports Calendar 



Wrf>>tlini: NICN V riittion.iK 

1 IR'sd.lV 



\J< A \ 


Maiih 4 

isk.-tb.ill- 7p m. 

V It ■ .V ,\ 

Sec 'A step ;itK-,Kl loi Unics ,ini! pi uv, - . i v .>nuti.l the ph^NJc-il i. >; 

Muwk events 

f ritiay 

Manh 5 

Mart h ^ 

Swimmim- XK'AA 

i:. n o ficc fnr more inforinaiion nn 

I aid I >» S<iiii < itnvt board 
work paced ihc winners Rick 
Andeiaan't 12 sacaiad hair poaut w«ae 
im litllr liMi law 


Uciuus Ba^pujlc pumped in an im • 
bclievaMc M poiMi flam al I poma on 
dw lk» aid noeived fine mppon knai 
dw ouUide •hDaani <d Chnt Mona k> 
pia a*ay dw Beefy Beaglet m dw 
lc«|w oponer Lany Praucwicx 
ckippad in !l pnaas and Roy Bcu 
poppod n lour ) pomun for the Dawgs 



IIk !<<(• «■><> icams m dw ka(W 
last year tipcn dwu aeaton in dw lw« 
fanxrfOKRittd. Intfaiaediaiwat 
a back and fofdi |anc Itanuth die Tint 
half . ihc Hawks held a ilan 26 24 cdfc 
Lam- IVnns'L navt.' winners with 

lAponus:! i;i»pirkcdup 

hts game ■■ ^h to pui the 

Kamc inbi S^m^w .Si^vengers wm 
Airlunui lama Adampoilod I }poiait 
liirdw Hitmen 

Thr neii intramural hatketball 
tvirM wi" '-^ M..,f. ^ iviginnmf al 

';• >•. I (miaci lim 

Kvsn:nii> uuicmofricc 



ThmHattinoti.fulanta^TS W3 

Champions again! 

Hawks come from behind at home to 
repeat domination of rc.eit>n teams 



Thcchips- ■u-.i.mniwlniHinndi 

tunc wM kfi. bui Jx tUipo XTMtkti 
weic ibte lo »«lk ••>.)( fnim (at 
Smaday'i rcKu^n*! "k" »> tiamt •>* 
ihetfMcaKicaiMxuuvc NK'AA Rt 

Afwt *« pretaWBinei iht H»wk» 
■ruled WmhraiK* by 12 !»«»«». ""i 
CiMch bwcUt* •« IK* iBijiresMJ. 
-We're f^Mint «(» wcnml pliec" nc 


In the r.r»I much o< ilw fimb •« 

1 1 « . Turn Riino Im< tw l"^ *'• *"' 

WatitnoMcK ' 

«t 1 26 K«d b»5K .'"y '»-■»"":'""''» •* 
UK firiL M«ti H4>i » wi» detetttJ by 
htm Pucnw »( \A utxmne K- ). 

Ckn VtcCaMW «M Ar Hirpcr 
vKtun • *« *»"« «««•«* "f il* '"'«* 
wfcm aw Iwim or H«pcr'» .»!>«»• » 
refinicitwrtliio^cltK !»*•:*> h.^\ 
iJiiTd pl»c mjuh M.r« * 
Kn-ky R.*b .•! *"'»-■■•" >• 

Biewiiwer mVU-T"-!'- litii (.Mi- >«;- 
my. In Ihc Uwnl pl»-- "'-kIi >K«»al 
Mark Ttdelmmi of uwtt afum) 

Ci«y MittKcll M 1 SO ••»*<: «»«» 
Hawk m» to makt *« fiiJ». •Iiic* 
CMM M a ikock lu head coai-Ji Nam 
Lovalwa LovcIkc tmi ihM Miirhcll 
was OM of *■ mno omnci"" n-^* 
ikn ■BMHMi.kwjwilMd tb«iila> 


o( Ike cMw (nmamcM. Rnl k«««li 
MiBvly aKi^ «4lk a *«cia> ont 
TadPkduaofWaubimcc } t furduKl 

;»« The m«r»". 
V „,,•>-. »i. -"'i »j larfc •• L«v» ■■ 
»..ui.i hjvi i.iiia uijec mdhc l< 
laciiiii;* he kii»jwn."^<=*'" ■ 
thai 'tiM"' "' dwln'i •" 
„„ . - lining 

««i„i:t K»"s..- '-■■>'" lawirMHirpin 
whenl.«Biy Phpi- >'»T«I"h»«W*^ 
ncM »ilb » twad bull ju»l 42 ««c<iBd> 
inu Ow maKti Uft Kalf unaincKiM* 
on the IBM. 0<«f H*"* I**! fr«n '""' 
kfc o) l-*c Ciiuniy d«f ju:;;d by in 

fitmi Ihr 177 rcgmn ih»np»im»np 
mauh wuh • p- * " *■ ' ' """" 
|to|ct Wi«MiB» '■"■''' 

iMiiwdaitxaMU' 41 »*^ 

the imait tine Mdod manh Harper had 
been a pan of danB* *« o"'™ '<"''' 

me oxnetaek kid i»t Haper fi 
nally iau»hi up •i* b"« *'«" '" ""^ 
l<)C>fir«plaicm»Kh krry KtarMkad 
heen a io|> Blimwa orettler fiihl yean 
a(i>«)nlrMCBllilwaiilic<«n<: ttarn 
ICMn a* iw^ aasiaunt c«»a*.h Dan 
Leiairaa, jnttmiatint a Lham-i: a< t» 
in« lo natioHla He nriumcd lu ttr 
■ ' iwka tart y«« »' «»««tle. tmt wai 
..i.iiKd m hm (twih >neel and miwwd 
ilic rcat of the «t' > 

Omrnt ►"» ' ''"' '' 

■■«..« Keanw ••«» .™™ ,*««ul 
aw Kan Y«i* of Tnioo. TlK tmiy 
nmm Kcama awm'i (-vm lh< P« 
naiilJ^S"' Ml) *e maKh <*■* ihc nf 
amoMiiln'l nod a(>nd |iniM«(«ic» 

mMtyc irgional ihainj«iii«illlfl'i™«k 
Hammmd i.f i)w Hawk* imallMdIad 
Haky ibaal« ul Wautamw • te 
kMvyiiiijflM "MKtl Tl* (inil K«K<< 
l|ttiBW:h««7-4 buidK vicuvy »•> 

...And here are your champion's I uiry 
Popp (lop kfl) awtrols his imn during ihe 
177 chanipiop^hin miiich while Jerry Kcams 
(lop risiht) t i;4enicni from coach 

Dan Uipneno nciore hi> match Frank 
ll;\mmr«tid (Nwiatn) easily won ihe 
I,, • vh3i"P'""'''''P- '*''°™*^ ***"*"*" 

mtich larjer Una Am. -TTm a die 


-|>niik jiM puMol hn way 
rimla.~ laHl teammalc Mare ~ 


A» alwayn. Uivclaoe i»ai.'»d«i 
coa. ~Wc wnddn'l have been heic at I 

Eye on the Hawks 

■MKur adiktn iit the Mtaaof !>«»*%■« m dw 

IMica Howevrr. (he OlyiivicianetiR meant 


head In every 

body B Me The 


la dKHk Mat 


fmir year pr 

raid and only 

Thif |MH BcKkrnd matkad die haU way 
pmm (rjm ;a»i year't lo neii year '• wwer 
Olympks Very niUftitlydMe the tscamU 
HaalhcrandlhavechaacnaiOlyinpie theme 
for our ci>luina^ a* mwk ihc ixurnvm. 

The iiwcaitiW ■> wheilier m aM fnfca 
innal ahkici ihsuld be alkmnd Ki paltKi 
pale in the tmly me wofld cfcaaapt«tahi|^ 

coumry h» the n(ht •nd a ai leaM tti|hdy 
oMifed to put fonh riatr hm Mkiaaa f« 

ihaa(t«>e« liia«n««id »»"■«€ (•»«•- 

at»(ediuit BrfmyHaf odwiiMMiiieliidid) Af •»• *"'W 
dMlfcaCXyfn|iK(anwaiiHMlltetMwlaf hamvotved 
aMMoadileMioilMNrliiiririliintoani* The i>lyni 

Md)iiai«iaacli^laiitlibi'idi«mnKHMiR. torfw* A«« 

Ht«f«»n«»alruimih(lie£hali«n» »»dK«« ma^ 

ptayha.k«haa««ihe«)»ywpic»,l«««kl(e«l mt.tmmmiih 

(Why lobe aUnwadwonmiicicm die place oui caaualiico 

olhtithaellord«i»«i»h»caM«tdBiiHMk« .«!a«ar»h«»« 

moicy fcw ptay wt the gmm rverylwrfy « 

hm whai worid hafvoi nf »« «»« •» •o»»««' 'e" ^ ^^^„,^|^^^„^|,^ ;si 

iiindnwlanmi—'llMfxeTrhiliriami pMiod <d »bai 

M».Ty.o«jiiMiMyh«««iii«*«»Bli»*e A«,'.«*-».CJtli.r«»«hwaiciKtd«...«ihO 

M Olynnw-» Ho« dmil iMwa? U itmt hjwe tt the g« ,.1 Md «. «houW we lu>i be 

any ««•■«■ »he«hCT or fW -una Hiwt a»i«»whcMaaikM.feip«dfar-*iaiiheyA. 

cowMibMi 'CniU enw ta* the |Me» dMaiU o« tt a «<iMKi« » ««» ydd iMdal 

II iih | »ii d' iiai i i«ia h k n ii t tiP 

Have yno ever letaipaliiiyouf Me and then 

rtaliMd that mayiw it em* never be accmn 

— t^ — "^lyadream-Notaivalily 

Thai'* "hal 



ui, My dream 

was to play m 

Ihe 1W2 m 

lV<)b Olym 

I piii Alwrrwauhmuthctamciindhuildingup 

I aB po-ible hofn «■» dutif in«»e m* reaJue 

I am it MUM inm h». fn*M«»id alWaea 

; by one iMd u wa> a 

At a glance 

Tlie diawdM hndien me die moat ia Am 
•hey have »B die lane in die amrid id piajr w 
UMTOimcMi Why ahoukl Utey oep • T "m* 
leuf gnnmT They have die US Open. 
Wimheldan. dw Oav i. fup and many <»hei» 
li c«il he dunihcy » ani lo play a»aiiiiiato*w 

At dK ^pi a( U I caukhi't we foi^ "P 
^MMIprafcnionali Even after |Maia(0«a 
•even houn a day mlD my taama f*ayin(. I 
Mill M»nn hope. Iwaan»caiit»«rflodomy 
day lie i^aiaiiw di"«: who play Winn for a 
^ib. (inaKM) tarpon. bo« » play at a «jm 
peuiive level here nd dieie 

I auU daaik alani die fact dial I could 
pndwMy h»« mtiecdcd in tryinj out fcir die 

CXyniiiki nd MwnnimM wish I would have 
k««p dial goal, not jnal have made 11 a *Tam 
lhil<ii«Kale)y mm I don't wcm lo (eel quiu 
aahadtmoeareeenlknociuriiery. Iwaaiold 
I OTidd never play at a «>mpclilive level ever 
^am »« die |t»>al <•» ^o down » die 

Da dK wordi 1*omapaa»ng" me«i my 
in» fieWa At amammi ihouM have oun 

WilUam Rolney Harper Coflege 

Match S. 1993 

Volume XXV. Number 15 


the scenes 

as a 



New low 



13 swimmers 





Alts A Ent«(tainmanl 





a 9 


ft 7 


K9 cops show abilities 

i*wiir»ii*u>iii on flit Jul' 
AM) Mh am ana rimty May* 

■odotf dm ar* irwMrf IdIi^*( WM. 

Thu divtnny ww tn diqilay Tua ■ 

d«y u Kir», « feaaai iliciMml fmm 

luiuMKi mdTrmy. ■ MoodliMaid » iih 

ikimcncc in ilRi(diMciHin Ml* center 


Cinpotui Ocnnu Cnujw. Imm ihe 


I<d *c|imwtiuiinn. ukmi liw; dogi 

I'umfk a Miwf of <niaf ibiils asil 


lltc aunhi ictpimled wiih a|^ 
■•c ucli lime the do|t|Mif«m«d 


Eack dot In dK unit K nimd bii 
axicfi. which hi* hccn hanJkd in die 
pan by Ihe Chuafu Pt>li« Ocpan 

Tlwdcif t have not alwayi been a 
pan oT the thenrfs depaitnwM. 

The mul WW rarmed in I9»4," 
Oiulaasaid. Until thai lime, we had 
lo bam>w dogs frMn summndini 

'Kin arat Uk lannd dog raimd 
by thai dcfxnnciu fn our loitt" 

Tiuuy wai waa vainod. u all 
MoaflKWida m Dm unit, by Guzlai. 

cuncnily naetl by our anil, widi one 
pappy m Bamiag.'Gualaa taid. 

A fourth bloodaiund wainxcMly 

Rclcnuig to the imoani of time 
tpentwidi die bluodhoundt. Gutlai 
•aid duM he pmbably 'qxsndi mm 
tone irainiiif dicaa, dm wc (« » 
spead wiAoor (imiliea." 

It's twist time again at sock hop 



(>! March 12. tofflakbni' 
annivcnaty. Harper Colkiir 
mnf a tuck hup m ihc gym > H:4:.jii.f 
M) whKh "ill play mmx iif the W «, 
MJ'i and TO'i andrc inlrwlute dancci 

Sylvia Kmgjky. media Rlatiom 
aaiuianl, saya it will be a *efy ctMcr 

"Thu It the iLwd iifcvefii vhich u 
QfpKal or die arcc" Kingiley ual. 
**TTi«T will be a timbn cuntcat. a beat 
dantcr'i lunieit where the audience 
will deciik die winncn and dioc will 
he a hula hunp c«Mcit." the added 

AiKMilKr conical a where the per 
Kw mu«i idemify <M phuua oT Jtaff 
and fatuity mcmhcn thai have worked 
for Harper over dw 25 yean oT la 

"The phcfaM an being dwpiayid 
down m R uiUmi A .'• Jiyi fwy Roh 

«rt», madia rahUMna apecudiw, "The 
Of i« w ho idcRitf iea. du; mm) axrral y 
win win « Tim Lj-iuft W«e»ui,k«, 
prim." Rubcru added. 

iiobr^ t}vf . ti^ (hot wmjJd be 

iiiri'.-.K,..'. -, i!:,vii«t$2apK«;c." 

ihc Mid- 
There will ali..b«pnjw. but diey 

are bcmg kept a leciei and won't Ik 

divulged until iht mfhi rf Ihe ludk 


Cumribuiing lo ihe ^:vck h..p, 

Speead Eagle wi I he ■ 

which wdl be ttU ai 

Among d«B food !ieaig k.ui h pi«a 

andtatikltafw (I 00 and owlues 

and pnp fat a igaaiief 

F'lr die uud. nu cnuauaunem 

ihcnr will he a livr D 1 . Paul Dnkr. 

Omtoiuiiig EiluLMHVi PFugrani 

Aiiitlani and oiinraiace member. 

Ja>;<tw.-!ine B knuii i< m dwgc uT the 


"In home of H arpiir'i iWi ami 

VCTiafy, we 4*vn^ta u»v; io >m.a» ihf trui 

nc aikl dnc<n Ihat were pnpuim •. hrn 

Htrfa fir* ctKnciJ in .i.*-". " i 


SBmeofthniaii. -• - 
WalM*). iw iM. iw ml. jiuxiiicy , (xiiy . and 
die kxxinuHiuR 

"Every ume we play a retard Uui 
w«i a popular dance," tayi Bkwni. "I 
•illgclupciBilaiit w.thagronjof land 
Kcane Oancen and show huw ti wai 
dtine Then everyone t an pin in » Hrt^ 
they like " 

Blwunltay»lhalcvrr%iineiA ir* 
fc- panitipaic us die tuck hop. not jun 
Harper suidenti 

"A> long as dicy are juniw high or 
up. they art wckomc lii come." layt 
Bluum. "BuibKauaewedon'lwaniany 
hone p*iy. we can't admii babici or 

In memoiy oT the the seven pctiplc 
who were killed at Bniwn't Chicken 
last January, dowen will hetoidby die 
ttudent ambaaaadivt. 

The money railed will go to die 
Palatine Manonai Fund, which will be 

gi*cn U' L^c f«nil!c.i nf the vu 

help pa\ f;if '':^C!a1 v»HtS 

"the *U'kf.t a.- 

"We warned to dn joroeihuig lo 
showoar Mppon fn die vKiimj of dw 
famthet killed ai die Browru Chicken 
laal January." Hauenatcui laid 

The iiudera amhataadiaa will be 
telling coruigcarar $2.00 and boMUn- 
'■ "', hit SI .50. Abo to be sokl are 
iimgitan maea for $2.50 
' !■ i»der a conage. boutonnieie or 
knguan-iuw tnatvanccomiKi Amy 
Hauemiem at ett 2247. Otherwo*. 
y<iu can buy one when you go k> die 
Kick hop. 

TH-kcti for die lock hop will be on 
Mde March 2 .land* 1 1. at 11:30a.m. 
U) 1 OOp m at die ho« ofrice for J5 00 
per perum TickeB will alio be told at 
die dina .m the nighi of the tack hop f« 

All an enccmrtged ui drett up in 
50't and Ws style, but are ntHmtuonl 


Soviet advisor to address community 

' •'-.wiii Arbaluv. *,: 

'jicri KVuthchc. .. ,. v., 

,\n.)n5«.».CheniCBko.t}«rbaLhi:» and 

Yr'-..:r. ,1 rrjvclling u:> Wajhingmn 

^- ind hm agreed to v i«ii 

' 'fiWi-'inevlav.MBT-h 

pitsugnua diink 

i«i», imusumm •.» (h< USA and 
Canada. He has «r»ed as a member 
of die Central Ci^nmitw and has 
^'led as Ihe gove-ii 

larrt-toBimii TaltvjR.rormrrnxjm 

U 12 

Iflduidlcrmain Aihsiuv will meet 
widinicmbenuf Uic lllinou MtMcuw 
■ii-ti pcTSuns imcnstted m faialmun, 
and tuppramng wtniiog relaiaun*h>p< 
between die public and pmatc faclon 
in Ruatia nd die U S 

Arhanw ,a the rounckBraaddtnctnr 

itHTOi ^u aniaik cv 

and Hinigglcs m 

cent vt..jffv 

|llfeV+*J«:(!( CiinltKl 4A. 

die Amhaaiadm-at- 

:.worgi Atoatot, Attnta to 

Smmt ittOrm. «« atwr 

Mprpvr CoMff* on 


andfidtK'.tii')nir r 
arras i-oinn.| 

Altai* tvc act 
nwd tiorbaihev 


ririi mccimi »idi Pretideni Reagan oi 
■ 11 (he U.N.. and linally 
.. (icv ract Gewgc Bush 

.liniid a ii..p off Malta, 

When asked about the reasun for 

.Arbaiov com 

: an enemy is a 

.-.-«.). «».* c»|xTiCTuc f^e societies 

ind siaid dial wera through die coij 

..incnl will be easier if 
• ;i:i.f L.Ti,*l each 

.^r^su,.v • . -T ..-m;! 1 :.:av.,i huj aUtUi m,M 
hn tracrved and seating is on first 
come, firn serve bmu. Cmiaci die 
rneij:j reJaiwwts dciiartnwnt est ^r^V. 
:. • :.i.:f ::.;.>rmat»an about Uii- pro 
s ticket 

2 TNi Hart3lno« March 5 )WJ 


ILana Rovner to be the keynote 
speaker during Woman's History 

M;ui\ discrNe U>pics t(» he discussed iluriny Womciis llisiorx Week 

Two Harper 
students receive 
from National 

!••> scuAriM* m ihc Hvpcr Ci>l I 

l>ir)ntE the *ctk ft VW- h ^ 

hjr> Wctk Theft«ur 4a> ptt%rAi:: - . 
tatOK tfetkas (iKiMing <m •wviui 
■pBU of wixncn tn the am. puliUi* 

■MiifnMa0anu(hti!m<i wmmartanJ 

.i-Uru!!!l| In IMH',- 

.■ «|«r«kCT ttm» l>a I > 


Tuesday March9, the 1 893Worlcl'sColumb1anExposi- 

Wednesday march 1 0,Women's5ports:FromRacketsto 

*WednesdayMarch 1 0, WomenOver-*^: ChangingOur 

**ThursdayMarch 1 1 ,Express1ngCXrHeritagethrou^ 


***partofThirsday'sdayt1meprogram Isrepeatedinthe 

Intxjl IdingAboardroom. There is an$8charge forlunch. 

Simon hails College Aid Breakthrough: 

71mu»n etononiK plan .im h»ir» nruional sirrvicc lo new direct student loav.^ ^ nh inrorm- flt-xiblf rcp.ivntcnis 

f n whM wriukl tv ■ mijftir rcf « vm iM 
tudent till prograim wwl putke thtiok 
thcf f(ir workmji Ur-Sc*, Profuknt 
nmum'f tiKTHimK: p«.ksfe INIli tua 

CMLT ^ . ( 'ungK«i, the plan 

vi)u - ^c iiippi,irTunttiiirft i» 

ntlUm»ul tOMienuoiKdcniibillKiium 

uNsidte^ now pwcf u* hmnk* ''1*1 tier 

luuit The changmiver tu duvit toum 
wuh SKXimr tcTwiuvf rcpAymcnu ^ 
fimatcty wtll hcmrfrt nuUiuiu of iCu 
(knu. uur icIikioIi. wb4 ihc uipaycn " 
fie [Hititrd the Adminiilrttion of 
"stiiidinf finn Cor die puMu: mienMU m 
the face oC HMcnw «|i«ic lal mirrv m k^ 
hyiim; by thiMC whi» pntfii under the 
(ircMrm c>«tcm Thi'nc qieictiil mlrr 
— -— :i!ar*y Sdlx Ma*- -*»««« 
.: tunj fnwr the cleAticm 
I III iht- vra.l!i 

Kuh AiMtrcw« '■ • ^-- ^.,•>.r.^ w, ii.. Higher Edtuitioi 

Mk:htfait,ind' At-tcnauod list luiy after an uutu 

The I'rwwt. vck» throii by IVcsMkni Hitth 

plw mamcft u In h» addivtft k> the nauiin opi 

1[>SEA Cn-ff^^ Fehman- 17. the PhrAideni miied Uu 

itumr «r-' Ihc luNiii plan wiD give ttudetiu "ih 

naiKma; ^ tifttiim it* [i«> the batukhat^k.Nii aita: 

CnM(>il.llK PhriHWnt ii.jpi*nafIcnfci*T(; u«it.«»lhcy c»*ihejii Uic bill " 

prnymma hmed on «lMdK!nl»' vnoamn^ "We w uac fniUiim% tn the Mudcn 

afMr ffWiua^t^ - -' '.i-*-i- < - t »" i"-" .*...■»•«•. ■• %mid Tnrittur> So«t« 

kmgleanung ' " m trxtimtmy feb 

..:.■ S: 

: KtnpiUitily man 

'■\ tnduntry 
.' iir t <4iffinplcicd the Re«tau 
ram Maaaccmcnt Ov«k)cimcni Pri> 
gram m DrcemhCT with a 4 (trade I 
avemitc Wrivr%inu.iK attended Harper 
«id nxrivcd a Rustnco.^ Monagcmcm I 
iicgToCr and lontmucd hts studies at 
l>:f*Bul AficT *orktnf m husiweM ftir 
a ntutthrr ol yean and nx itgnuani; the 
dtrnTisiJcing trend, he dei'idedlorcfum | 
u> M h4Mi| u> itudv fund and h«i^tality 
maiu^cnicni HciKcivrmtU tntcrvirw 
mg and ts hoprful ihimt cmpUtymmi 

lan|iKiinc TrKk hak heen av « 
KktlLkccpcr most of hrt wiirfcing lite 
In I4K^ ^hr tfwnmi and imeraied a 
hiMduK ttaod which mnforcod her de 
iai:ioioinixla> upenartsiaurani She 
decided l»pun>uc her dream and ttaricd 
h> nm>Ilmg in Harper's RcMuirtni 
Managcnicm Lkvelcipnuml profrwn 
ShedefmiidyfoimdhernMrhr Trtck't 
grade prnm avcrajte, • *( A, ahmg with 
heTa)miriiitmcniiothehiitpiia]Fr> ftcid. 
wvm her a fKh>>lBr\hip fmtn the Na 
twtial ReftUurani AsMKiaium which 
wtll pay ftxr luiitcm lo cumpkle her 
AsJWici aie in AppJjod S«. lencc degree at 
Haq;icr Ct»llcge. She would Ukc to 
teach in (he ficM far a while titd even 
tualty open her own rr&uuratu 

Ihc HcMpitalay M«nagcmeni fVi> 
gram at Hairpct wdjucks the National 
Re«i«ffiaii AaMiciMian MMMfrmcni 
DcvekipmciH D^ilanw pfograsn. acr 
tirKaie pri>grams m BreadR and Pna 
ncn, (uJmary Arts, Hoapiuiltty Man 
agcment «nd the AatoduMc in Applied 
Science htwpitahty dqpree. 

For further (nformatMin a^MMS ihe 
Harper HtMpiuhr> MsiagemcnicdU'iie 


IheHotblngar. March 5. 1993 )■ 

Student sex survey 
conies to colleges 

pan M • mlMmal m suney of, ,4ltg* ttmirxK 

ii1ol*atctmt)uymlk»mf))iebrtrdpnMdfm.<iiirwwwrotn.. . ;'mtram^rarrr- 

<»ip<«ri»«i#.ti»idriMm»rf<;(f'i<it»n^/>«w»if'trrw'»!, I, ,i>iJ , .»»./,«,.,..•.. 

rornriwif %i»jKmi ffatl trtmil prn:^. 

llnni Itvr 

lluM tmnrf a 4nlkm»4 u> tkt eoMumrd Orrnkfrnm ^ nwfcr tonj,,-.,- b , 

Jrfimttom. Haufatub »"> '*»« fnfnmmmbi »ah n^i tmmte4tr m if „■ 

i>i*'itMhmk>UiatiiKn>>r.mmfmlfmimalimrmi:$ii.m Jht ui.-i.-nu .,1 ti..- 

Jjiataimalir ami akftttm atmn'mwm mAk* 4rc . 

ItmitolktamirmCrtrtt.tnt'l; •>• fn^f t^mv uittmmjtmdtirtviit^M 

ElaUt Stknitck Mitnmt. md »i^ » '»■•« ^i. .v wkw /;.. .. 

SKu rn h mmmikii/t (mitm* tfmMaatUy) tkt U ■ -rati. f ^mf. f ' 

.tlmwr*.Wania». <Mjrv#-.~ —. » - „.,...,. j »!««„■ J y,,,,^,,,, „j, \,, «,uu 

«*"«tr (*«lH«ftri<>^jrillBi..- ..irmi. ,i-",i/Tm,«>,./.^..,.J,...k.,...« •■•-'•■..ri 


tymitmn, pnipl' an mtrntl muM^Ui /*#« a»*|#a«^#/ . ..)i»n>Kt 

tmwkaikmdtifuMmilammait,vrilw AmtrKomCi^MrrUmlrm ,, ,anTi- 

CaUtife sKtdnm am wmiml i» pmttopmt m 
mrwy " •^"''^ "H-fmrniMt tmt ii mif Mom 

/»«<>"' ^n*MMnlMI<IMI<IWHWl<MU: 

:Vaii.,w«,j,t .'iit$tStmttmSK. 

Imm. JOIJO. (/<giMMiMkrt)i. iw /9«l .So A . 

nXMcteitriiii^l'-'A^wnMf. . w iyiii l . r»«K". 
/wrriKiuai farm hmi h> ikt tIMkm W 

• .•/i^;4«Mi«Mirriww.':J 

[■ li^i ■« h full, te^ 

HA?.Fm CDlilGS STUPEiir 

wants US ail to do our part for (he 

Tl> baafll tM faauUn a( tlB 
■ (iTI 


fof te 1:1 AKfCR HOT w l>Hi%. MAKk U 

•<0»diir tally tKllMtM^radif AliimMd«i|i|i[^<rf 
will far ««ttl>Mc M Ike (bnn. 

Canagm bv $J fxi 
■miliiuilirtwctl 50 

AapRQcamir>f>iaTWEPAi>TTNF-rAi.t^M.=M, fi,ift i n,i^ 



Spring grads must 
nie form by 3-13-93 

Srwlenu who ({uilify for • <k- 
tnt or ccnifjoiU far the tfrmt 
1 WS temeiui awd u> pctiiam (a 
fndtuthm liy M<nh )J, IW) 
GmtuaiiaB peiiboro can hr ob- 


1 1 Ihcrr n nqi ()■■(«■■«>. pinM 

cnntiKi Sujunne S. ■■ ■• '""■•■ 

NOW honor N IWI) 

In h->- .'• ;.' !. •. vr.,i,..n.l 

Wtmen't Oiy. ihr Im PUuMt/FMi 
RhIic Oapm tt iht Naiioiul Or- 
(!«!■/ .:•<«! fiirWiimcTuVOWiwill 
ptcM-ni iV>fcMi>r Paalint B«rt, 
noud trmmiM andm, Icriurar, md 
acnvm. Mvch 1 1. 7:30 pjo. Dm 
FUino Pufaltc Lifarary, Ml 
(<ra»ianil The frea cvrni a open 
•aihegwAlii; andduMcacii avail 

I>. Ran ka> lai^Bamd oiJcly 
■Id wnam pruhrKally rm a latMl 

in AmaKan tomry Hci Ivniia Ml 
elude: *Siii|i|it^g Raiac. SiKccaaful 
Survival SttlKpa' (19111 mdi 
Panieia O'Bna). "The Siudou 
Souoiafui'i Handhoak' (iww in 
in 4l!i vliiimi} and a ru«iiK:>aniin( 
cdwd «n*l»Bl«e cnlKled "Vrtcncr 
AluutWur: 1-^ 

19611 the hat rcfularly published 
pamc rape, punntraphy. violence 
nen, and the rule of a 
I in Kadcmia She hM aho 
done plonacrini rttearch on 
a'onien'i depveukai. adf-defcnae 
■achmqnea and dale rape 

Fnr ahnotl 21 year^. Or Bart 
held a dual appoiniineni in Ihc De 
parunenti of Psychiatry and 
Wamen'i StulKo ai Uk Univtniiy 
.)fI!Imi.ii»iCh.(.igo Inlu)wl9<»2. 
*hc w as inf fwme*! by the Ci>lle|C of 
UHeral Aiu Ihai ha appmnmaM io 
Women'! Studaca vouM ha Kinu- 
naiai hu auKcf aoanplaiM Indged 
hy a male Mudent ni one ol her 
•omea'i nudaca claaei Dr. Bat 
vicwt the OKite iniidctu a» evi- 
deaeenfaHimcii'ieucnual power- 
tin a male -ikmimaird mali 
1 apeak oul abuui thin(> u 
I ar^ 11 and wiih a certain arooum of 
Joding," die said nccnily. "t don't 
prtienil to he a diipaaamnaie oh- 
•eivtf ^Vn harm occurt. I lake a 
poeilion againai iL~ Scliohn aiach 
aa Catherine MacKmnnnorHarvani 
l..a» Vhcwil. ai well aa many >iu 
dcnu.haveuime luPiufeawrBart'a 
dcfenac Alihe.NOWdiapicf meet 
in». *he will hcdwcuKing ihc cur 
tent statuf of wianrn't ttudien m 
Americaa wuvcniuca and what 
pnihlian the haa cneoimend re- 
cently athaownuniveniiy purtend 
- ihc future «rf the disci[-linr.F-ur 
TnutimcaOeWI UIO.) 

Paul Simon on drugs 

A way to sohc the problem 

Wt ikouid l«t luufh an ttmf» m 

law eitlemnnaM-'tal •( ate'htw 
lo imaft a» ac iteal with diit pmb- 

Ahoul W pcicant of what iM 

ipcnd<ai (he naaiiBanHarardhiii 
» incait-hintpaivkaadinifnaan 
iaig Itaai. Wc qpead afeout 10 pet 

<iani«rai«tadaaRcdacati«i aid 

it nultca thoaa <if ua who wifle 

Che tarn buk (oad, hmk wagli « 

Bia Hare arc mitiliint with 

llakadu... .yahci 

•amml oa a jur>, attd I aiJuni huw 
■Aehkadlfeaciiicnawc ~liwwa 
(Kat t^^erMaKc." the napondcd. 
*0>d yioai find the pcraon mnEew 
orfiutly^-laalualtn "WakMaid 
him imtaixM even Ihaufhwc knew 
he WW (uihy He aiM ahuail ttO 
<ranh al dlcfa] dn<|i and had a» 
cntnnal nvmd If wt had liaaid 
hwi (uilty he wiadd have Rwetved 
atopurcdtcmcnixuf IOyt:ar> Wt 
ttawtki he deaervod aoan* taaw ■ 

Whca (he law paued laqumni; 

H> ycara. wcfr mt natty hcnif 

What di>addK.t>doin the meanimK 
k> twpixin dtcir cipcnuvc hahiit'' 

I have uuroduced Icgulaaon. 
a>h>di haa paaaod die Saaalc. la 
raquite dnif icalmg at prtao* and 
two ttmca after priaiaiicleaae. We 
want to calch people, tut we alao 
waru In help pcnplc 

Mini of the increase u hecauae 
of^ug a a n d yet out approach of 
■ p an dHi aiRMiM iB of ow <kii| 
dolbn m tnt tiiitwcmeni » coat 
■ng laapaycn hitNnnaaf didUn and 
nit peoducmii lood icauil* 

The ( M-ro^ articie icBa of 
• 2> year old haiA l^cr caught 
with a lanall anMMBt of diugi. wfio 
recmved dKraviired 1$ yean in 
pnawi Nnpreviautnaaaae liwiil 
oMliietaapayen $2X4)00 kihouac 
and bed Mm. 

Whmi(wtgm<itimdK€j a bole 
■wife diacreaaa n actaenrang. and 
apm aum aaawy an drag edoca 

The evidence loggealt that we 
wtHiliJ have maee « 

iiim wnh rtucagu IVilice Supcnn 
ii^idcni UKoy htanin ahnui the 

drag pnMaai. The fim iha« 'tm 
he caadBaftna Toiqr Vahdua.«Bi 
ihcU5. AiMraiy.ioMmcilKi 

la naay HMaa if yoa go ki 
audamitaa and asfl them you an a 

Ricni, ytai will have tu get on a liM 
and wan up lu aaic nandka bm a. 

Accndmg a:idK Bureau of iua 
iKi- SuiuiKt. m 19«1 there were 
*ft''.«t(i Amcncam m pntaa In 
IWI dtat rigure grew u R23.4U 
Onig arraau were 471 .165 ai 1910 
and lXIK.SaOin 1991 

Shmld we oomame usimg law 
enf an-«meiM'' You het. 

Smmluw raforaancat wdh 
out arnch of a piqgrani f ne educa 
tioB aid twia—iw wtetcd:' No 

Thoicaf oawhomakc dK lawi 
had haiitT aak nm what makca u 
hank goad In die ncw^iapert and on 


TYy Habmgai. Maich 5 1993 


I Jitoriai l^o.itd 



•,,nii ..;;,• 


There's only one way to live 

Convcmcncc Ihc latest substance to hit the country 

p«<-i r^intTit^su 


time lij^mg" «rfcd tl tliit* tww it 
/>c*tijt and tm in ii' 

N^Tiai cAn U. ... ,,.-*. .,..- 


illll,C«lui.Jlli \"l,>I^^l! Trtir Ji lAVv hen- 

il Miiqicf 

mail U ■■■ 1 


Student stupor 101 

CitHxJ nuintiiij '• ■■ ' ." N"ii .ill 

niadcitto. Mjjtiitoio iNNum 

()urconvei>aiit>ii. rather, ni> lalkiui: and your 
note rnkinf. will ileal with the «.uhic<.l <>( apailn 

Ap.ttlu 1^ a lack el mlervsl or cinoimn in 
soniclhin;;. 1 onv,implc,apalhycMsl>alattMrtbali 
game when the liomc team is Utstnj; Novk that wc 
know what it is, can anyone give nic an e\cr\klay 
e\amplo of a[\iili\ ' 

( 'onie lui now Speak up. 
Since no one wants to answer. III tell you. It is 
nght here in the i.lassr>>iMi!i roally c.ircN. 
or tries, to answer my questions. Nor ilo y ou like 
to put effort into outside projects 

Ah. I see eyes looking at me with an:^er and 
disbelief Well. I stand by what I say. Nootwputs 
time or energy into class w«>rk. 

it there IN a group prcseniation Jiie, you pn-ler 
to remain confined t»> your safe little world." 
behind your desks, rather than f.ct up in fn>nt of 

If a sp<.-eeli is due, of a question asked in class. 
I get reluctance for a response. 

DiKs anyone remember how to communicate ' 
You know, the process of exchanging thoughts 
and ideas betw een people. Judging by the a-spi>nsc 
in this class. I would have to say a resounding no 
My point class, is this. I>on'i he so afraid t.» talk 
in class, l^l others know where you stand on 
current events .Answer questions with no 
hesitance. Right or wrong, at least try .N little 
imagination and elbow grease aren't too much to 
ask for when doing schtwl work. 

Well, the ckKk indicates that it is almost time to 
go. l>on't limk at your notes and rememlvr what 
I've said. Really ilunk at>out it. It's strictly your 
decision, liither dare tt> be different, or stay 
stagnant and apathetic the rest of your lives. 

-Kenneth Dillard 

m.%imOmtiA. UivMKMMr. 
I. UowMmhiiA »*dMrf TanMnk Kaa* 

M\i(i\ r> 

I fMT %<j >* *Kt aitJ iiUhi mK Ivir > 
I t!iy out mm wtflm Wc a' 

ivliimv h»vi' <m the 

illJ ^^(tl^i* lUh" l"hi-vc arc fitvU 
*a\m.v% (tf ni'Ahthulnm «uppiin Uw 

i.rtkic S*» Kcl ^ "'p 
1 viMl ytntf 1<K > 


wM-kK'csivplilunnnMhtivsJnd final outre. ■nwfMpcrisdistnhiilisilnvlPiDshjdi-nN. I.inilty 
and *dministri»(ion Tlw IbifringitT altm is kvalnJ in A,V»7 

Lrttm Policy 
T!itH«l>hni«*<rt*:«nw»lcMCT5lothirtliU>r jnd iXTilii-.t»iiuredrtiiruli. UllrrsmustK'siBnrd 
and intlikic* socul s«vuril\ numKr Sij;n.ilurf> mil IvwiihlK-lJ u(>>ii ri\i|ui->l All liHiTvaro 

I 'nutiKl* «l»d SprvlnH ad\ lYttMd tn Tli» Hut>ingrr an- not nxcaunW endtirscd try the ediliws 
i>«ttiisp4p»T.norb\ ImmislratiiiniwBiMrddlDinvUir* InquirK-sShtnitdtvlorwaixtiAi 

dirivtly Uilhc*lv>-- ill pun.-hasi'»*«f*Mhfdi!*iftii)no<«twrtins«imiT 


Th« HortJingw.MatchS iwa 

o The Editor 

^ice President becomes caretaker ol recent •dcnusc* 

CarkH)nist piaised for efforts 

IkarMr Sanaa 

I »m wnimj m rMpnue IB |mi» 

jck miiUcd Vnth at fmumtr 

y 1 1 Htrlnngcr ediijo*. I tp- 

d teadifi( yiwr c I ttcracly ocB 

n ankle Alt pmotiKiviianM* 

> nmc of ihe ifeu aluded lo by you. 

|fczl niimely a|wk>gciK fm •n« 

r KTvkc which y«i miy hivi n 

. ImtpkmtdtBHX.hiomtya. 

■ « levtKancafyoareipEnavxi 

•CTC |)U»inv« Try w wc mjy. wc are 
•wire Aim our cwiucncr trrvKC w n« 

Wehivt «ntnipi:Jtt'pnnulei-ui 
wmer nrrvicr l/«insji(! aiMl arc htipmg 
ID expwd out c(lt«1i in that ■« In 
■ddttkai. « •Iw plan » implcnwni 
ccfUin ItMDU ol TouljC^uIxy Man 
•gcfnou whKh OK IiKk fectnmf cut 
wmcr ftcdttwk an ruaomcr iiUiifK 

UnriwtuMtely (>» you •») i*h« 
uukwi nM ail n< ihoa* nwchaniunn 

arc m place AIth>>.i|h I would (m In 
Ihac' (ioflTwewooltlheiir 

difr, :h<r wnaumcT. tir 

|«nitn| yinn (n •ucurcxmkmiMUin.t 
•m pleMcd Ibai yoB »nk Ihc tine la 
brmi your iK|tig<n:c looit aimlttm 
Wc reitly arc here fiw you. ihe Mi..l»t!i 
and ikapiK o«ir "had il«v»" *<: h>.j« 
liMI we <:«n dmnnsosu iJii« m • ion 
snlcnt (aahton. 


IkauiK Hetny. E4 D 

Vice Pnsiuilciil of Sttadertl All j. - 

Dear Mi Dillard 

I Ihink the ctftuon on page 4 .if Ihe 
Fctmiary 1 1* muc >» ""c he»< tartmm 
r»eever»eai m r»rHo'*>"Vte' dunng 

my:-lytjiishereilM«r}icf llo».T<hy 
111 (iuN».«t'* in »iy maji >t ! 

In jhort, II i> »uperb in every way. 

PIc«e pM» my compiimcma on 
Ihe caniKinwl (1 can'l make cW his 
name in ilie carumn 

Sincerely youri. 

Frank Oliver 

We want to hear your views, 
so Write us a LetterTo The Editor 

IHow about some apples instead of lemons? 

:onsumcrs need a belter product, not a better sales pilch from car dealers and manufacturers 


They know what you van 

You warn a fTJWO car A« l«t« 

I 20 milea ii> the (ilkm. hia a 

I ulereo. nww'l Nrak down a kn 

ice the 3 year warranty niro out. and 

a s alcntian with a hi j smile i(>i.on««nce 

.haithe one he wanK '" 

<« (Icai for your m»" 

Wclhfihat'»»h«iyou'«ii;v wani. 
ben II jiwi prwve* that the old pruwerb 
khiiui a fool «vl hu money Uitl hokh 

Bui you'ic not akmc. (ool 
PT Baraum hcl h:» colleague. 
|Bailey. Ihtl dtcre la atuckcr bom every 
a (inainiilhil that everyone » i 

Baikry nuAarad for tl 
InsHle the bi( up. juit paai the 
luckei uker. Banuim pUnmi uagn thai 
Ircad "ihu way u ihc ciirasa' with an 

mow under ii. 

Ejtrcsi » amaiher wimi Im c»ii 
EvcTytmc who paul ui ice the bij 
lop *ai day walked n and Ihen nght 
hai.k t>u« a^am followmj the fmilf 
whowcne followmi; then imtiTKi - a» 
well an the linn TSme who wirnol to 
»ee the »how . hail tti huy tR-kea ail over 
a^am.. Ihu« pirwrnf he w«» rifrM 

TW f«ml Trpef t uiiM«wi ' «• ■ 
i», now that yi^w've Ic4ni««' 
mn ikKinicd to icpcM It Rii(W 

Wt-n. if ih«i w«a nue, then .ill th«' 
cardea»ertoiiOci»ll«>«dw«-.;" »•■ •■ 
Of hoijnca* Iw^iiiK pta^ ■^ 
mflwi wliai ihcy w •«, and n< •' 
thrfianMe inviiKod m buying a new 
car. people wnuldn't KOle for the 

Maybe yon think dM Ih* 17.000 
ca> » (he heat tieal you car ' 
chawn aie you will fei » I 
(<a Eveiy day people arc »>» «rr i,n 
dcali |uii like thii one fiom 
cnrpaantwai all over the (kibe who 
cuidd can leai ahnw kAoi yow "tmi. 

They IT' 
mf yiw*' 

m Uw agr I'ui .'ii.>.ui-.» ... »..». 

A new' car tor u-^cn irriml i 
wnnh the .lins 
pnnltil nn t )^ 

NOW,!- ■ 

fx, and Iwi wiM 1* c*!^! for ^^ 
Xf\ jn.t iM fii^l will iinnu'. ■ 

S« ih> what yt^ iwiw i.^ 
mandonly thchcM. 

I don't know ahoui anyone <?: 
hut my Tint new car It (otnit ui he r 

' i;h «i imionili 
.. iime wKTanty 
,,... ,1..^ . ..: ...K .fr. IiAjmt^ie funnnif 
u.lhe uiM for the REST (» MY Uf E 
Any iTViney ipcrt i.m replaeinii an> 
lhin( other than ka coven, air (ruh 

..uupjir.) It.^u '1 '» iiT.!*-* 


• hut if I can't HEY 

. YS' nisladlypay 

_,, .. .,, ..••. (orthcRKIofmy 

naniial Kun IIFF to any agent willinj 
»,,hv-t»<!y ipcaking.owufeiuch 

( )i LCHine Ihu M ail hyjuttheiita!. 
buiiiisalioeaacllywhM/iKiiii Maybe 

.< ^■rr^.nr ilemtndcd ihr lamc lhin( 

.fury really want). every 

111 No k<n(er would the 

. n to manipulalmm by car 

,\nd if ewrryunr would 

iculc Kk wihinii k<« ifiOT the besl. 

mayhe tht i ar companio would lUip 

ikucning nwm modem c igarcuc light 

en and nan designing tan WORTH 


^ yiiu can'l pleaie all the 

Si>fiic ixc^i . . 

i sure 2' 

Once you inuic u. ■ >- lii. 

m»K> hot auw that'sjusi ihc way the 
wmMii.". youmayhavi iDwaiiawhile 
and put up with laughta from defcn 
live fociU who goi lakeri by the ly turn. 
but you have aim taken the fint aMp 
luwardi real progreia 

Towaidi bcmg comieW »«h yo« 

Towinii Ihe big lop 

Selective hiring is 
a new problem 

Go©5l Co-ur^f^o" 

Since the hinng of the new AlKie 
I General I've nccenlly noliced a 
cndinihejobmaitciihii will iniereti 
..real deal of itudcnts 

The diyi of cquatiiy in the job 
vket hai Tmally cona. w hat U. 

I've recently had achaiKXIolislen 

J uBt with a highly reapecudcoliini 

II.U and a (ports edikir fnm die Daily 

Two peofk dial have eaned dwir 
iititna in Ibe jtiunMliam cnanmu 

They both gave good advice tif the 

I'l and (kMi'i'i that K^umpany any 

, but what they itreiied the mcial 

wm dK hnt$ of mmontiei and fe 

When the ediinr said thai ihe had 

loiien anumherof jobs (V Ihe (ad dial 

y^c la a woman including her curmu 

n ai the Daily Herald I had lout up 

:u) take nonce 

Since then I've found a kx of dif 
rem empioyan have lakcn diu lUncc 
I the way thai diey hire 

I Kknowtodgc and mdcraand the 
eaaoung he dii>- 

Mwdnaa'l this raue die if i ttni i 
nf hirat die hrM qualified appiicanl- 

I know fur a fact dial there is • kil 
of racism and ictiun in die hnmg of 
low level and high k^el poatfams. hul 
do lwt> wrongs make a nghi m this 

I 'm netlher ammoiiJy r«m Icmilc 
and I have no (mibkni wifh not gen ing 
a job hoiauie I'm ma ctualified. hia 
when I can't gel a )tih bBcause I'm Ihc 
wrung gender m hec auae of ihe color of 
my skin 

Thai's wtien I begin u queamm 
whcdwr wc are goi»t barkwwdi of 

When a recectum u kaKRmg ovct 
our hcada like a datk ckmd 

I daa'i ■wk naa d a d i y c mp l a y c n 
are kaakiat ai race asid gendar when 
diey should be kMkmg al <|u«lirica 
iwaut and ei pcrtence 

la dIM the way wc come out of a 
lacMaxM? Hiring people who are un 
q^talafiad. |asi i« ngbi a wnrng Ihat haa 
haenimda by ignurani people over the 
pail diottaand year 

I dunk we owe it lo ooiaciva and 
to our chiMnn K) break die honds An 
haoa bacnholdiRg us back , and nt« fall 
inio dM tame trap dutt has been set lor 

I A lh»HatJino« March 5. 1993 


F O R 


A L T H 



New section highlights healthy, alternative courses and cuisines for kitchen amatuers 

Iwtaon of nKtpn imn 
Hayni OriMiy Aim 


b Doat Family Htffennc 

a? Aicyiiu 

I of <imaam ipaa ■ 

HflJIl iW* «aM tMM*T Vm 
■MM ■(■ • inamgr H awks. 

wift w MnicM. Madi 
MaoronatuT' Totci ^ 

Ibr *■ iU M«anaii pc- 

nwniL Fcaitmd lodiiy are i k 

l/3«p.whww bnn(lB«lnl.S«flMnc>Siii*iyia.AM p«ai 

t/3aiiptiraMpaniUn'MBEl» tlwioiiaid«iM|varf'hnn|B«bna 

icitodMaf mm- SliMly Mir i* tw osm Mrcft 

liM/aCauMv Wlqi aninm aMI Mir aMU *«^> di i rtow 

■iiiiA«y(Mrt<nilir<ir jmtm cahiy. pi|>|iiii. «»»io» art (liiiMly. GaMljr add *« ct| «Mim. 

ManiiinaaManiMr garfc ■ A* od vMil Mndn. Stir ia O— Mll«>Wl |> — ii a d w i- 
'ioaracy'iBalinn'iy renumint ngndknu. eicr|H iha S(r*ci44 

ammytfatmUntmt <diinM.anlMat«>a)>«l.ilixluc<lKM 
aftti«foad» t ai ii ili > >i> ■■inaaiuK.cnwmdl.tef 1 how Ua- VUtmaSalad 

dwariBaaandhiMaw mw .aid cinaMr an addttianal IS -<iU«aUlb«r 

naHtoitlMMiiikjr ■ ! — a i.— m adtwwd tu aii iw i T !' ii 

mtatatdM M mactad. ll«im«clMqrlca('*nd«piiiiikfe Adiil ilic a aw irf iii gw d tewi 

withchcoK. indK«Mnbcfo(Mrvin(>deuwi: 

The intliwiiii ■* Sc>v«>4 AnyoamtMRaDonorilwfalliMnni. Pnr<iKaia«aiK>45(rF Coui 

•OM ndpct w ifiat l>«!r M«wiii(; i*|mniinaKly 6 .6 ( •UcadcaHMte.tlKedanMm; rourxl pan with »«te<aUc od ipny 

Hr jnw TtrlT- -ft^' (al >|i|Krt; Cwnbinc ihc rm 3 ngredtcMt m a 

Baitil Bread 


1 1/2 1 
t/2t>p. Mk 

2 ikap. aanlMd bawr. melied 
t - 1/Z ot^a ana f al bunamUk 

Meiicaa Had 'Scaa Siaw 






;( ItaacckaaandUAavlKaia. 



I tkivi vaic viacfir 




3M ttf. ifoand oaaai 

! tt4> tcjl 

dia|ifadnauaaia;>tcad lar ga l w lnr y i uua a ui afilhadnugh 

n»miSamaa^ lia.awiljan.tiaailiaia»,nidiaitiai. knnk. Mi* m Uaad. tum m the 

pmim » tana, tangiadaata a^iV ihmly pmihnt 

"mmmaadaaflinttltbmn' ia*ataMBaflk.MsMilaaft.Tum 

4tattcdriadanHlw«ain.«i>dad Camtmt IR td *muit dnaft ammtft k m nt m af mmmdknad 

HMdaottandibcc foBiKn) mdi ihc «tua«i ml pcfpm iMJlaaoalk.Shapeinloaniundlaaf { 

It^ilMaalnoalwali aadmnuK I how ToMwilhraauai' ad place aiacpiaadpaB. Sfwwkic 

lltop. 'liiB'aairaaaia aitiatradkMiaaddRwii|.PMadK laptmmomtimiAnim Rtkcn- 

tctpuhktmtutk fefpamiU^ dOaaaHBiaitilBkclylxnwnol. 

•ab. white nvar u tanc 

l/4|DaadwH)rlaaalHB.<ilMfVcd Cknatnc Yield: I -7A" naad luaT (absal 

lcapHfc.a*ad 2pMilanaa|Me«il vanolivc UMraafi) 

)ikifi.M<«tM«lai«ar di 

lta|k«aM*«« Joaa f «cadU'dira(tar ii a na- 

Ifn«>Wwa.«li|lHlyhaaMi WMrii lofBdMr aB otgndiMtt. ii<rc at Wofoaalar. MaaudMiaMU. 

IfRa«niiin.dliwad »M«dheth«aband.Pk».n«ideia 

to mrii l i nB : co m l w acd ia a p»nair PdaunaJOinais. 
CambiMiherint6in(ml>aU»aiKi iiiill«q|iilamo«MiafwhiK.tvliK kuvi 

1 Month Unlimited* 

Reg. $99.00 


Eurotan Supcrlx-ds %v Huill In I u 


r ! .(H'K 1 ■^ 

fifntcti ,M<lr(i> ;W» 

I" il NX Algonquin Kd , Ml I'k'.sj' 
With rolhriCL- 1 1> 

!ts Apf^ 


1h»HaftHno« Marcos 1993 fM' 

Misunderstanding Taxes 

Tju-^ .i:- ['.'■■-■hi. 
n4*i s\V ' 

nlllM iMVi 1 

IRS Gets New Look 

• Ilips 

I thi- 

, ; I he 

1 b,- 

yiHjr mum »ill In 
,1 f.»rmjl !: , 

. Ihc IKS .' . .1111111 ! 

Suih af'pi 

OlUMl Jinl ! 



lukf II /(<»>i III 


m iMlt ttin\l. tllinitn 

A civducattonal liberal arts pnvatc college tor rcMvkni and 
commulcr sfuJcnls 

* 24 majors in 13 departmenis including 

Education/Psyehology. Managcmcni/BuMness. 
Perf«irmmg Arts, and Sludio Arts 

" Day and Evening classes 

■ Child care services 

" Part-time or full-time suius 

Join Barat's many students who have completed Aiisociate 
degrees at community colleges 

F« more mfoniution call Admissions ottice 

'•"• ' '■>■ '*"• scar 
1.1. Ici. 

mm Don m nifiiis oiini oiiuii 



Bm Yourself At Applebee's! 

6rMd OfMiiil J«b Fair 

t ome Ik> pari of tlu- fun at AppW)ee'» NeiRhborhood ('.rill & 
Bar ihf rw-wi-si rtstauraiit concept to hit Mount Prospect 


• Coniplett- [raining 

• Discounted Meals 

• 401 (k) 

• t omi>etitivc Pay 

• life Insurance 

• Ficxibk Hours 

• Hi'.ilth ln>urance 

I^' original, B* outgoing. B«- yourself. But whatever vmi do. be 
|»art of our iniTedible succe<is story 


li.<Kati-il kiKbt N 



■ • Th«Hart3lngw.Mach12 1993 


Backstage Pass 


Wuh B«]n J4» 1 uumui^ u> luwn. 

amMhcr crew . nilkkl the genie aKMind 

nd a craali drew neheanal i»ik pU> c 


Bfypmd Therapy m the wutlu «k1 

or tunk anMher tvcak 

We ran through the cuet Vi> «*c wine 


Puty Uweku m Uic rbv fiUuR. 

The wtiwt j«ib, in my opinjim. it 

just a Uuk bii aa^uajnied w iih the vl« »w 

Vint ve sotnc to be mlfudui:4id \a 

the ta»k 111 iighi hiianl iipcT JUT ! I .B< » 1 

I rat) sp>tltghl ft w Ihu shtiw . Ml 1 needed 


•hat gtKs on bchmd iJm K«nct 
f njfn ■ mmed Hag chind** |M»ni of 

during the fueua Yuu mi Uf> al the 
bgluing buMh and imcc tn a while. 

wknow Rty cuca to prevent any vaaiIu 
ii«n dwinf Ok ako* Wc then «•: 


.*->«■ i 


repwutMiR a tlider ur lwi> Rather 

around tunM ihc hoiac opened 

iTio^^Hrv b 


The au-liente piled in when iJh 

•1 S im Fini thinii. we ch^luul ui 

Meanwluk, sugc new tet up 

X*!:t:d Warnings and ^ all* *vh 

be call: Lhc jkrriMkl umr Ixr wkurk H 

MC wh« crew we were im— lighi 

the fcaaiery. urgaiitcd pnipi. 1. • 

tieadsct wiTc^ hum^t 

bift crrw: Uw ficopk »hi) »iffk im sx^pt. durmg the ■ 

ing « KHind, tiagc, pK>^ The irubk 

WA walkwayt and laid dirwit gk!>^ 

. , ,H <ns aN ml auil«^trc m,:T' 

prmitk'iHin 1 

pulkd mio Ok dotkmJ c»rnn»<e 


tvrs i^d * h4i hapjH- ' 

»r<»%: shiwi (itr "pniocrtMrii." ThuiKi iweJ tm Uacc B 

h«d gloves Ufl ll WAA LuU imt Wc 

Fw the Nylum, an acappclU 

party ^^ |^: pici,cs <>t ftlin placed m from of lighting instrument* | 

were all tuffwuetl by the <m<U of 

{toKp, dwn waa a huge aiiiine. 

The hoioe l^ls wt:n: (I, ti4i; «n,i 

lumakccotiir ■ 

the eihauti Wc unloxlcd the 

mayte 12' n dianaiaf, and a ■*•■ 

the audience began K> chest M» heart g„„ ,„„„: ^h: break : ■ mal m Ihealtm 1 

tnitli— •mued by how mutfi fit 

with IWiimnrTTwuu Jnim whi^h w^^T- 

•»■ ?«ii> pound Thiio the nnanentl unto* food: dunuts MemTxrv .i jk Stagehand Union ■ 

inio the hack uf Ihc vducle fcini 


'i in tlieater Tke n^mn^ 

■re aIw «y» m«(k fun t^f fl 

mandi wen (houUiJ lu tttm.) the 

U^.■ - ■ • - ■ ■ 

ii»kiUfe.theii«ffonnen»{mMo.l ipmitr electrician: the perwm in charge of all Ughung ■ 

niadlnict "Stigc left' Stage ngHl! 

We aU cftj«>)'«d an eniinr N^mt ut J ^ 

themsclvca op— itady to nill tacmn to («» us ancl uiMiumetit Also concideral "aim ■ 

Center sl*ge' Tpfctagc' You're 

«inie gu< the entire •f'emiwm off. 

Hniac woM out, the ctuuin went 



dcpettdngoDthe.i' - '.' '.»■ 

ufi.aKlighUillianmaiedlhciiageamI geale: .'hydmU hfi ■ 

(Hkc cvtrvihing wa* off the 

hnurwaaiiK'ddjrif: ■ -i 

Ihc show w,o«i« heaven: •rv.tvTf shove 1<' onstage ■ 

tni».k the red tvitrk began LigtUtng 

aflemiMmivap wtthtir!\ « \<* itim 

The show ran sin-- * ^ 

Hdcr u 'nchcncktof tichts ■ 

cfT* began h> dirccluig the ng% l« 

utcK drviMcd lu Kiarftng down Tai»> 

tiUnglowanAlhes' bU»klnv ■ ..Vnim rnovc' ■ 

the ir sj^-vtiprtatc piMitH:M TV ng,» 

luhiu whiiit helped ui thiuugh the 

(«1 of ll. knowing ,c,... ., y : , -.. drops:l«(. > :,JUlr.^ iiiactiedio votlcyhallpoka whKh | 

» . ••_ • . ':(iaiivby five t»!cjiiiotii>k 

icMuf ikcdiay. 

hi^ipeniicU Vouarciiicont'oi'iiitk.ii 

ihcnjtc Kcnry ■ 

ll' -^.c: .:|Tlghl ptBUail!, 

make It work In andonl: tjiedin*ik«»i>f the A^n" I" ndown,<«l u ■ 

<Jne pcrnn dvccicd llic nM 

luied. the van lighu were ■■. i i;. 1 

lilt. .CLiw»d cheers and yi>u knim 


"One. two. HVE'~ and, at iiniMai. 

/-.t; ; ,- ■ ■:.'■ 41 cheer :\\\^t \n-j vari Ikhts; llic It^hta usc4 in ciiracns Ihal nu^e, change ■ 

the crew rc<|s»Kkd, "Thfec. iir'" 

lor then |iul 

hajiee <ili,ii)e Nii( lasen 1 

li'i beauty cmly theater pe»f>le van 

(iDBol the > 




vcxyun|fftaK>: liiejx-iiie- 

■ '■ ^^f •^*' howsc. wlicic :,Sc audience sita. ■ 

All the L'.tv Ills wcK ccmied»d. 

i^he4itl«d tn atnvc aruumi 

■.«(K.-mUiv litrfiw: when evervihtng IS taken apait ■ 

geijvh.>k- ' » ' i<« 

The vtwnd check begai. -. ■ >-' 

p m and lasted a full three httun 

"MiHtMay "mn-Mnm. ji,ii,jicns f;vCTy ^^^ 


thing comei' divwn. gels put away . the | 

rtwmi >;;a ^. focidl T>ie 

Try mg to isMivc laddent anntfid dw 

Liiic tiw'ie^ L:r;rLciH«n-M»»l*s 

break unly 'wtoi 1 5 mmulei tiKn 

tag a aotinil cheek wat inme thai 



we all wen bat:k tu ^«>rit 

■ ^ aiid later 


'['here is 

The lighi.rsg tle*tgncr, tir maa- 

aftdihefini*facuic>u»ly It wasutnc logo 



fcaunodlcihcadtocis ThetoundclteK:k 



tmiliwu aid ftKuird thote ihal 

•ndad (ft* umc), and we break fair 

No mailer how eshauslcd we ail 


ncasdad to be adjusted 

dinnct Wc ail went home and 

were, we all went lo L>:nn> s. wawc 


poetry to be 

Tim genie was rulled canMr 

<chv«eili»la<wMKk> «d got bwk 

went lo MMicsmc's house fui a |wtv 


ujge and unnctme wa» ekcMdM 

JMI in tana la watch the end •>( the 

The MM day was leserval IVir sleep- 


c limb "to heaven" to aim wd fttcua 


fiady ^wlian the ncit vht*w loraei lu 


M w 

the ttgtiis Tke natafia cither he Ifiid 

The pertSianitn ««m kxtemcr 








Student Tans 

Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanner Monster-Bed 


Sinflle. Double, Tripto 


SajMirsla Supar High 
Spaad Faca Tanrtnrs 



(17 Block Caal of Maacham on AlgefNiuIn) 
1636 E. Algonquin IM. Schaumburg 
Plaza Oa Laa riorao 





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. Compact Discs 
. Casseffes > 
. WHS Movies/ 
. Games 

Your Video ' *'<^VVW' 

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Up to 7 Days In Advance 

& Audio 

780 W Eucl.O Ave 

-N'M- M I'fK- Co' "9«' 

■:, . • ■ j_. -• • « r 



downuiwn WatKonda 1 in S Maw 

Pnei, performer, and "Emcee 
Eaaaurdnar,' Man: Smith haahraughi 
natwnal aoeiHMin to Chic ago's poetry 
community withtheesialilishcnentof 
!;:i \'<\i\ \'.am — IhcRMHin'sniuat 
^^v,:>k. ^.xianiandoAcnatNtagcoua 
pocar) rtadinf cahriMson He has 
infiucsicexl and uupired Chicago pu 
CO to ihalu: otl the incaliaaut notion 
ihaipatayl)t)«t|iii>ttiehi(h mmdod 
fie IS the Orand Maairt nf OiKago 
Slvlc Slam fVietry. aid he's bnning 



perfotnaMct puttr; 

I^lt wtij be a })iano There will he 
enicrtammeni THciv wiU he atmo 
spheir Ctrrytmt it mviiol to bring 
lhe»ow«pacliyind)>anaipatt IW 
(oiioadi foai. aoiMcurt, s(ude,:i>. 
wivieas — ihii«)NMriin>onunii> so 
i»ur vouf noetrv w here ytsurmiHtth is" 
rceningt at 
(MX) March 3, 
iU.;'>.Aii SfMnsoml hy Wauctnda 
Area Library Call )26 (,2Zy for de 
tailt or dirccuom 

CoMarCharir DftrftnunfFfoe 
AdnuMaan if jnm diow yoia thow 
yoia Waacoadi Area Lihmy Card: 

Marclaii id i. a alia rt atly im o wned 
focay 'atan* giau and founder, ti 
caamt «> Wwooida in March to 
cmcw a (cna of tlanu fponiwed by 
the Wauconda Area Library Smith 
Uanad a movcman HI Chicago't po 
■ay aoaic ua yean ago in Oucago 
oflaa he came vp with the idea of 
rcGomMcung Antoicin pnpk id po- 

etry — my poetry by aanaf omung po^ 
eiry readings tnioenlcnaining even* — 
calksl "slants "Theideat>iDget|M(ipk 
relaxed in a aimfortahlc setting, keep 
them entertained, and demimstrate the 
emotional power i»( pixetK language 

Why Wauconda^ Uslie Geio. 
Waiaconda Area Library's program 
mmg coordmauir, aaked Smith after 
one of his shows she attended at 
(lucago's Oneen Mill Lounge, where 
the poesy slam haa hecome a Itaduion, 
if he would he rUenesusd in ckwng a 
poetry slam in down town Wauconda. 
Smith drove nut to Wauconda the lol 
low ing week lo check it out and imme 
dialely decided that the atmosphere 
was perfect Smith agreal lo emccc 
Icaff slanu spuiuoKd by the l.ihrary , to 
take place sttl'Traina's Lakeaule Em- 
ery and Tavern 

Tom Kem. Dircdoi ol the 
Wauc^mdaArra Library, sees thssM- 
ries as an ci(>;«>n>mity io bring enter 
lammcni and buamett lo WaiKonda 
while at the smie lane boiHUng the 
Library's image as an active contribu 
lor to the oiltur^ growth of the com- 
mtmity "This is a big event for 
Wancanda." says Kem "Although 
moat Wauconda itxidenu have proh 
ably never heard of Snudi and die nUKC- 
mcM he atarual m Chicago, dial't mn 
what this IS all shout— it's about uaing 
Ingtiige— having fiai with it— hctng 
uapoad by It and napinng othen wKh 
11. That's why the poe,jy slam mowe- 
■ncm c aught on m the fini plac* " Kcan 
eipccts the senes to draw lU audience 
nut cmly fnim Waiconda but (ram ihe 


Th«H<>btnga(.h4arcM2. 1903 9b 


The Iguuanas bring a little bit of Tex-Mex to us 

A piK* of muNc (Kim thr t(iuiu> 

hat «H hMic <lnmm> of Kwl f ul . r>uuy 
cxpnunn and cngafmj thythni. Nil 
any aacmpi lo iurpma m label the 
f>«:» OrlrifM hatol hand « un|X)Mthk 

\.,:,L -IhumonMarfiritjvilk 

■ »--» ti» i|;ii4n» muiK in e»«rm>in< 
(nmi New Oleant rhythraaiMt Muai it> 

Ir-i «■••.. »v:i^-.>.i'".nicaiiilaHpjiiii» 

■ > afru 

and ihtn imwf imme 

rure*. Viiur Uacn And Y.« King.'- 

f nmi itic I»m tcwx MliifiluiiM nuncl 

'■■■'■ ! TufTK"4 T« Yuu" ui iIm; acci^ 

' .kl tm "tJart And Dwjemii' 

'caicaliypiHilk aan» 

ndary New Orkant 

xiiai riMwsaiiu't ""Fortunr 

• cnntrMlalliaRKJunf pa* 

. . --L ici liaili n "Dan'i tnm Ha 

^ftm'LyneiSiji at wclininiMCiin}'. 

'''^' liuaiiaik i,oct) Hit Mxnoy diattgnt 

' ihe |«ictu.' ISpamdi 

. .1 Ml CamiKi S.AJufig. 

M> Way i" aiul Uk ranaiKc uf "Nu Tc 

(Jli.idare fl WoBi Fuffci Vmi)" wUk 

"mu and the udHr-Mnai aMiMkai 

TIk noiind of itic I(una< came u 
Ut in New Oricaiu la !W0. hut it it 
nntidlia acniaa Ntinii Amcnca m dw 

divcrv lMi.kfiuuiiil> u( the five band 

•J.w- ('«N»l.vcicaift, icjHW»*aand 
^« <icaiirfv>ihmguil«r). 

*■■ -niha. Sctwaska. and 

hi» i.i»; mu*i>.'ai cipenentTM came m 
hi» f.ilu-t's MeticantiaiMl In ixiUc|e 
"' '■■ " -"lana. he diHinvcroI 

'• "r (Meant R&B and 

*9f> • ' >. gu«ar and 

•»"*«" .--j^-,- ►i(iutarinS«B 

FiuK.iui> arcaMue4in<]nx:ih<n>l>al 
uSc agi' i)< U Ijiia, •fu'i- I'tai 111^ m a 
N>ie» hanil Hit', ',«iiv 

I iKti 

■ has pttfinined with 

'■■■ » )aiTic% Cutum. 
AIKti CuJ In* and Junior WclU 

•Rrnf CfiiKlan, *>as*, n aristtvf ,-yf 

a«diti include Alc« Ddlon. fmiai 

SlUTi Ir j.1,1 W,!lv 

I. v,i |ifxiiita;<id all a! 
hui:- " « Paniha Burm uf 

*Urn:kltolai.kn3r<ai mddarli 
(t'»Hi/Hl totals, gnm up 
urn, l>(_' playing kkh 
(kicani K&B and ru>.U^l::\ n, i k 
He m^iond m mutit ai Duke Inivrt 
uty Hid moved u Neia Orlcaot an 

In the )aie IWOi Cahral and 
Hodges moval uulh fhiin Cobvado lo 
pnnue iheir favonie muiic: ihe du 
UncUvt Nc» r>rkai» style of riiyihm 
and bluet Furmini; the Iguanat. they 
Played New (Mearii iiyk- mu»K. au 
Ualty. When Cabtal and Hi»l(c» threw 
atone musi>. fum ihcu Me »ican hen 
lafe. dteif fanii IikoI it The Iguanaa 
^uielUy became dir h»ncM new band in 
New (kleant. wumin* the 1*»0 Big 
Euy A ward ft! Betl EmcTniiii; Talent, 
and Ihe l»il<>wing year a Bii; liaiy 
Award fi» Bat Ri» k Band, a »piit un 
iheJa/^ indlicTttaKr Irkiivalartdtuur 
datei Willi Jir',;m It .'^i' nicirdcbul 
album was ji ■ nNichwilt, 

a veteran 01; :;<;ifoenc, 

IV /jfiMitMU uiUuJtaces a uni4|ue 
nc<* iitiiTMj, arul ti*r only rrmaming 


<krti-h> " utr 

M * nuwt 
J. il.l^int 

«. u Uie beu band m 
x:tJ member Hutlon tayft 
i>l Jictr rnii^H.. "It'« abutu dancmf. 
tliwl a inxwc and abuui havuif t hell 
«( gtnid uroe ■• Uke anythm* truly 
unmue. iheirmutit dcfiriei il»e!f. and 
in the future, mutie that ownbinad the 
hetiofNcw Orleans and Tet Me> ■«] 
everyilunj m hetweoi will be kmnni 
timply at Ifuanat miuK. 

The 70th annual MidwcM 
Beaiuy Show. -«H." unpa^icd the 
O'Harc Expo Center last weci. 
February J7 through March 2. m 
traducing the latcai m heauly neadt 
Over 300 profetaMoai haau^ 
corputaiiaii were t vytmanul in 
new- line product Ixwiiu and ymi^ 
valive fashion ptetcniatioiu 
Aaong *an wot tuch well known 
cotpMMiaw at Aveda. Clivoi. 
Ciauir. HdeneOnu. M«u.Orly. 
Paul MilchcU. Rcvlon, Ruik. 
Sabatuan and Tnusa 

Fiedenc Fekkai. the undispuiad 
matter of ttylcperiarmcalLvedtm- 
oitaatHins to paclMd audi tn cti. 
This charmmg. FioidikaiRkanr'i 
limiuc method al tmntanc ow an 
indnidMl'i uyle od beamy tm 
eanMdMn andiM innipaf rctular 
Carey, and a mp i c i m n New Yort 
ert. There It a three fiwnd) wamng 
list to undergo Fekkai'i aniagy al 

hn Beauty Cenice m New Y<irk» 
legendary Bergdiirf Cioudman 

( ktier higheneigy (RMntaliam 
featured ibe ematir— likMi of Iht 
internalionally known Xenon. 
Kutaell nrki ftuinlnai. Heidcmane 
from Matna and locally. Marjo 

The Beauty Show wm ii|)en » 
die puMk alihoufh ootmeulagitts 
beneruicii ihc miM fn«n the array 
In addtiion lo capuvannf. uaged 
tectuuc !ihft>wt, dnmnivpinltocdu 
caumal workihnyai l aa win iw Md 
knt ef thoppwf The Midweti 
dMM4iacaumed equipment fie their 
M<t«for their own perunal ncedi 
fimm acryhc aaOa ad hair dryen to 
heibai Indy WTifit and w^. 

The Sko* kat paclnd iu bng* 
and twcpi ikc hair olT the fknr. hut 
n'B he kack nail year wihow what 't 

I Jam uffn u 1^ Uj |^<-! yuui »la;aqi a Kbafu tirHnai. 
Thiai mtvrm ■» Kumrw-ttaeal. 
Wyeiu dotit Mbb Umi durwe. Umvi> w 

» mtaraNul cakU anytmiB •»« Mit tar afann. 
If I am rM3t at tmawg. Mma i m a mi 
I wrtU ttrt kan-lc te, yeju aa< wmn : 

PlBfc up and cteiannry M rraCBI 

708 «m« t><»4tl 

SSloaaa' S3.00 page laatr 
BemkiHi s^l OO fw<- fmtir 
nnay ttitnl pur CM- eitvne M rtw 






Ai UPS vt recognue die financial pncuum attttciMed wMti colkKr !i!c A« a 
pjckjgi- luuiclkr you wiU rr>ci»e great pay. Iktibte houn. and an oifonuniiy to 
t;ani ilie twu work e»peneik.c wiroujid lor ll« «t company m uk pjckujje bu>ii>»> 

Here's what UPS has to offer: 

• $8-$^ piT hour 

• MoatUiy - Iriday 

• Full-time benefits for 
pan-tinie hours 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 

3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 

5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
•10:.30p.m- 2:30 a.m. 
♦Addison only 

gnailcjktnt likia at Via UPS ImiiaMiiaai 
1M S lamtarl *«« . AMnaa. H. 
fkarUaf, 11MI IHi 
llfcM M MM UfS bHalaMMM 
HMd aad NNki Rat.. fataHaa. Ik 



umiad PariMi Sarvca 

■• *n aqua' opoponuniiy an.p.arar 

10 Th»Haiblnoof.Mcirch5 IW3 

Help Wanted [ [ Services 

Wt «r« lootiiA} loi p»tlonibli 
1n«ndl» m»n » »om»ii to »" 
s«*r phon«« lor our cli«nl» »"* 
typ* mill ittponjtJ T»piB9 
fkills iftd » gooil Ipoikiig .otcn 
fi.coiitry P»'l l.mtFuti 
timo^Oiy^Ev*"!"? »nd Wttkon") 
posilionj »y»il»bl» Ml f'O* 
p.ct loeaiiots Call 708796- 
T09« lot »ppoii>IB'tnl 

loskins tor »umm»r »mplor 
mtnt? Stcuti your position 
•irl) lor outs>i)t pjmlinj cr»«n 
K«p»rn«c» pr»l»rrtd will 
lr»in Apply No*' CcitiCt 70»- 
231 8360 

Paid tor jhoppi"5" ^J"**' "*'•' 
cssiomon oUs*'"* tiKployto* 
Uif po» It0 aO Hour Bu»t 
ha»t«c«r tTTIlOO 

Goldtn Appl» P'od *<:'o" '«" 
diy «ho«iJ, muH tiCB '<>«»' "» 
Auditions by appi Call Lt»u 
t9« «*1* 

Hair Models nMil«ll f'»* '•' 
«ic«J tor cuts. p»rms and col 
or$ App««r m o<ir sbo* CiH 
Waryal 708-66 g-?«<^ 

N..dr»lia6H '•«<»•• '»=»'•"" 
1.0 childrtn ag»» « »•»" »'"' 
10 monIM'tont* 9" 
Urr*d lnm»ho<iitOtpro»i4»' 
Fridays 8 30-6 00 o«n trans 
portalion pr»t«rftd Call 83« 
1872 ____ 

Nulrilion lor ll>» bram D.d you 

know mat Ih* 'ijl't combma 

tion ol »il»mi)V5. minerals 

htrbs and arnmo acids can 

Kalp i(npro»t partormanca' 


701 6>8-t39l 

thru products usad by Iramats 
ainMnas, doclo'S WaijM '«•» 
• ithoutdruqs.Hanial ordtp'i- 
nation Laan isusela S*"" »''" 
proton tllaclna non-sltrotdal 
lormulati an 708-658 >39t 

;riI''sComRu!«rS»r..c«s '•'-> 
Papan Rapo'ti, Ba»ufl«» Stu 
^.,.1 niic?.i "i Ca"*7qj ji01. 

only I- 
strticas /ili-ia; 8233 

Teams Forming 

Thd VKomani Sollball laa" •» 

no* Fc _------■-■-■• 


( NOU rouTiu! 

11 cr»dii ''oy * ' 



Do you ntad soma ha'p' Do you 
ntad soiaaona to 
you do eail Ttia Cc 
itr an ?i77 


Maw Arctic Cat 

3 91 Wildcats t 9J .'. 

"t'Ttf 'T To'a'" t'e.i-J--.. 


For Rent 



SCMAUMBURG Daluia 2 bad 
room Aparlmant Isl lloor, 
uiilitits. pool, aictilanl loca 
tion closa to stioppmj and 

Harpar CoMaja (near Rosalia and 
W>sa Roadsi no pats, rant Irom 
caring lolks, 1600 00 Call Joy 
at «84 1684 

Soaking paison to rant a room m 
myhoma Non • Smoking No ust 
ot alcohol or drugs Paiat.n* 
lDundaaandHoutat2'l250 00 
Pluidapoiit Call358-71i8at- 

j Events 

cooking lor c 

lots Cl tun »»«r.i^ I'd -o-v 
ttiing to do on th» ««ak«n«s' 
Stop t . '^" ° ' ^^' ^ *' 

locaiad , ■ ,; 


Mo« lar IS thai olhar Motal'ls 
Ihara anyway that sha can sa* 
us Irom ttiara 

So whara is tha pool' 

M Vou put tha pillow o»ai har 
lata and t'll gtl tha van kays as 
soon as sha pastas out -K 

A frog you say AhYas'butnoi 
jusllha run ol tha will Irog" I'm 
Karitiit Ilia Ntws Editor 

Oh ahara Oh whara has our 
Soli|agona'Oh«hara Oh whara 
can sha ba' 

Rock-a- Bya Davia Atraid oi 
tha dark' Just usa your wilila 


avar call ma SUE'" 


l»»S Mercury Grand Matqu.s 
JtSOO 00 call Chris |7i38| 53.- 

1578 Camero, Good CofdiHon 

350 Engina only 65 000 

m,ies Tmiad windows Runs 

Great" custom rims must 

sea I2t00 00 lirm 

call 934 4026 

latve a massage 

laJ, - youhjveihe 

c«l»„ ■ P""*' P'°"" 

ite m» ,ttu ,. iiiii swaelit 7ht 

evening was lat- Joe 

Anere is my memo'' memo Itiis 
jr--« T-f-^- 1^3* and memo memo 
- - 1 ita»e her al 
oe will lie her 
uP ar,,s :,i>' '•"• on lue 

H , K t «au!d Ilk* 10 re:()u«il all 

entences with numbers, i 

- (tales loo Ihanks Glona 

Dave l«>aye a message where 
can reich you. the hat is m lh« 
Harbinger otiice Anne 

Its a bird plane, phetgmacious 
scumwad, no its SUPER 

Hi Graham' 


a l^nng aittni4iil>t as 

ivu »tnJ94U ihrwiflh tbi9 

' Siftituli time. piMst 

tcmsiStr piatinfl wur hah' 

Kllb Utv 

tt't unJtrsunS iltt low 

anJ sivtn jUi this ttiill 

ukt. but tot proraist wur 

Uah'BiiUnwi'a lifttimt 

of kjl't anS bapptntas 

U't art fiwntulh' sttutt 

Mraraitua U tatJ) otlitr. 

familv anS 

hijljfr tavttJttijn 

Jto^tta bii) brotHtr as 

tttlUsaSopKi tijusins 

Bill totlcijmt iMuihJtir 

HUSttal. l^tfJl- anJ 

Cmin^itlind paid <£'!> 

lutv anS JiJljn 

R V K II il IS at all possible 

I •oiitd like to participate 

m class more 

li iin !o shy 10 ask in person 

c .'. leally want lo Ulk 

moie ) 


So<i)a there Ihats how you spell 

Phil I know that you have wha' 
you think thai I don 1 know is 
wissmg and ' have no clue 

Hotel sheets make a great 

bungy cord" Great demonjtra 

Iron Ken all ol us 

Happ.t Birthda.Y Ann« 

Kimber How about blasting 
Achy Bteaky Heart all oval A 
Building'" Munchkin 

I get 10 opanlhe meeting No. He 
said I can open the meeting (1 
hour later) I AM OPENING THIS 

Rich, areni you glad you go' '" 
kna« my uncle loveC 

:;pe thai your leelmj 

ken h,jve you seen all the beer' 
did «* leave it under the bed' 


'he people m ihe van go up and 
down, up and down upandd:i»i 
m» people in Ihe van are going 10 
be sick, going to be going 10 
be sick Oh the people m Ihe 
van Hay what* Itiat none'? Did 
you guys untie Ali 'rom Ihi 
bumber Belore we lelf? 

PuH Ihe magic Dragon lived ■' 
F building. Oh Pullthe magic 
Dragon lives mlhe library 
and you used to be able to n- 
all about him and travel to h . 
world until some moron puiies 
out some ol the pages trom Ihe 


¥.»n did Ihe guy al the Itoni desk 
lind out thai you were Irom 
Harper College' and do we have 
10 buy a new condom dispenser 
I Talk about tliess. Geeje it its 
empty its amply! Jim 

Still tree 10 good home 

The Harbinger 

Business Manager' 


T7h' nlcnutrf^clhtg Coniptiiiy: 
Wi'ic yourlfd"! 


'^f^\ 635-6050 

., '-; V Bu'.ir 

3 »;,--*-«* 

\tt Ptosftcct 

-*. "all 

Jimmy the Geek 
introduces a new 
column this week 

for gamblers only 

Mart»ng«K GuaM Soort* Comwwt 

Wc Rgm ii> infurm vuu that 
aurcr»i:krepnric-r.l«iFtTgtiuwi i* 
an v*L-Mi«n thu week in. I )' ■ 
leave us • Kltwy Wc »cft j^!.. t,> 
flnd • Imi minuic t ubuituic lot tat 

Hi. my name i» Jntmy die 
(mk. loral uddmukcr nd ipiin 
mt tfKiunoiti A hnk Mnwtfimg 
ullrJ Mtkiirenait cturgu |irc 
vliKks mc fn»m giving yau aps 
ind'iir hrtung infi«iniiKm i-n »v 
tuilly cvcnu. Ml riliiivk !o "hypii 
Ihctujl" niualHiiu 

tea tan oith Utc odib an the 
Red Soi |dijrin( the Cub« in the 
World S•ne^ nyumc in . Ici » 
uyllKnetl hundred yran or KJ I 
dunk M wiwtd he life io>«y itac Imc 
would ht •ppn>«im«icly 1 mlbtm 
loone InrvcrdulwcllsuhmBn 
hen. Ml I'll pui thai utiu kymw't 
lomi foe you. Tlic odd* ti tm 
inirKic occunng m Om unm tt 
■ny red bkmdud Amcruin male 
huymg Pl^boy for the mil k> uit 
any H«per«udcnin<iiwi>hingli»: . 
pafiung Um VCR a Imlc cUwei lo 
their t-lusa) 

Amrther intcrr«im]t wager 
could be wether m «a the Bulla 
can "thrcepeai" A couple of 
inontht agn ni> (xxkte, I mean 
oddsnuker. who valued thrtr life. 
wiHiU lake that hei Rut ih<w. with 
the addioon uT Ed Nealy. the hen 
are flow ing M«i pnipie ttiil think 

the Bull* an- • kuk (Of ttt^ Itmi 

champHimhip. but rrmrmlm dw 

tfld adage "A fm»l ami hw rmmey 

■rr MMm pajlv 

rule '"A Bull 

!»■»! Uwc anylhuij: m ijn- u*n\iaiit»ii 

HrtiK an wkttmakci ha> it> at 
wiolage* Ian wtCncM lotheihcer 
•wpidity al the avenge <|wra fan 
Miiat (if ynu will het a f avivMc. no 
m»Ucr»haiih«-.«ll» Take thu guy 
Ian •«» i-iamiiic Ht'll hei un the 
Red Soi u> the Bruira m almun wy 
litualKin Given (»>th their reeeni 
hMmrwi, I'd i«y he hw kepi nie in 
htninaMJlIliyhiRucIf Ai.ama>t<T 
of Imn, Ite might have iidirn thu 
"vacation" to avt»d p*> ing up iw 
hnlaatlwt Hca^tuaUyihiiughihM 
theBitd hrM('ellK>io«M Neat die 
Inrmcr Bc<aM bom the Eau, De 
tnni. OR the nuons' htme cnun. 
He'll never team 

I'd like ki flmak up with lume 
I "J»*''>'-'"""n«" T»o 
I will join dK league ih)9 
•ftraig The Cokndn RiKkiea and 
dK Florala Martint ae the Hknfi 
cial lambu thai are ut he •>( ferol up 
i« the Naiamal league leami TV 
udd> 1*1 iliem making die p(«yo(Ti 
iny of ihrtr lint five «eaMMi* arc a 
wee hit heiwr than itie afuremrn 
uunnl World Senopatrmg IwiiuM 
hei thai nne uf the eiptruwm team i 
will wui the Srrie* hefore Bmhm 
.» (lUfcagiitNl ) even make« it !i> 
ftnt in ihcs dtviiMai 

I hnpr I didn't tifrcnd knmany 
<>l thii !■> characlct'i readen. hui 
until he payi up. win cam! 

J^ Step akead 

HiAiMn Caatou 

NatiMials! Natwnalj' The mcn'i 
■idwimai'iiwimmmgleaim ve leav 
mg to compete in the NJCAA Nation 
ab dui weekend in FIhtkU 

imramml baikctball iimaiuea dM 
week OB Tuesday and Thunday On 
Toeiday die Bean will take on the 
Skilenags at 7 p m At K p m An IB 
lam win |D head tu head with C uun 
*m iu fallowed by HitS«)uadv»ftime 
Tunc. Ending the evening will he dM 
Utuouehablei nd Big Dawgi 

Starting off the night on Thursday 
will be Big Dtwgs and Skiicnagi at 1 
p.m. Tailing behind u K p m Court 
Juance and die Rear\ cunt|Ktr im the 

kouru ^UK Want aiKlJ>nine Tone play 

al 4 pm and I 'num. h.<Hr< and Hit 
Squad lake die court at 10 p m 

Seaxm openen (t» fall ipiin< arc 
aimtng up nmckK thu year Hinne 
oprncr^ are aa followt 

Men'i lennu wttl iipen their »c« 
MB againM Waubnmoc at 1 p.m. tm 
Maicli !KI. 

Softhill nana offiin April 5 ^a«H 
TntiiB M 1 p m 

natchall will play at hnine for die 
f«i tunc iwi Apnl « at 2 p m agamit 
Watituuee Their^caumiifiencruiun 
Marvh M ai Blat:khawk «d Ibey wdl 
travel over tprmg break 

Track will iiart the icaion off in 
the Whcalan Open at Wheaun at noon 

Ciwid hack widi dw new acaaon! 


lh» Hortiingar.Marcti 5 1993 


Intramural basketball teams 
continue exciting season 

AHve cif the I.M HaMic^iiwH i.c.a|.ii«- w a.. 
•I<l>anm (bran H>a«K inihc dttnl week 

'<<. the .leaann. One pv «■»". (-.' 
..■».■ . miithetilinwgh. 
till, f ihe rutvliiwr- 


nau time MTJwi, tlif 

> '..haliulkctoH 

:rmanii^ but 
' - long range 

th«c". in the ftrn h,«if and Oemek 
H«m Mfiipcii ap pli)i n the aamid 

f ui pull mil ihc wm 

IM leam 44 Hit Squad 57 

The IM Tc >m evened Uku rt»<»d 
tfutilieteaiHinwitfian impre»ivr 
\ r.»i..hi u»^ ..&..* ii... I. ...... 1 11.. 

Trani e*'' 

- ■. m llic « liiic up ail J pU> cd 

cm ilef erne when dw gooig 

(;.numj;n Mii«iMsli|^agreaic(T(irII>y 

die Hit Squad, they have been unlucky 

i...Vi»i«r.,jf«hcl|l>«lgtlr" ".i- 

' , 

The Bean jiaiiipcid out i« • ' 
half lime lead over a determir. 
Dtwgt and lud uikeepup die prccciir 
Itamttghaul the tceoiid half to keep 

diem at hay Tim bmgmon aid J.ihi' 
Schuki provided the offenae far the 
wiimen Larry F%ik icwtczpnaKd I ^ 

(«niM» for die Dawgi r<ames with the 
I )» » g> are nai » (Ik m 'Jh: pari ts dKrc 

IN no i|uit in Ihi ni frnm viart Ui finiih 

Civin ' 

■IK Timo 

the new u:aMin with wwnc great lir\t « 
half ihooiing hmm C1in» Sanagutim 
He imucd lour ilraighi ihrnet whiih 
*cnt »ith Mike l>»vitM.h'c strung in 

- I >:rvelhcCJ'si4^ WIcad 

■>c (ilayers improved their 

,..^, ■.-.- ALvk and a<ldcd sotne new 

playcri ui tiki more depth in the Ime 

up nuiFiMsciaitmuestuhcdieirmain 

.. uon man leading the leam with 

- 'inti, ! 2 commg from the dirce 
(uuil line Mark Cimco added 14 lor 

Spring sports hit halfway point in preseason 

Stxj^s ta tor 

Some arc building up. Kane imfor 
tunaicly are kMing gruund, md lome 
are curling tnim Kraich. but all die 
SpriDf leaim bcre at Hirper are well 
ink> ibnriiraaaKin practkei 

Here *s an oc-erv ic % of Imw ihutga 
cunid on Man. h J 

Rase hall 

he tiuTC pkased wiOt dw kram he's 
working widi. (.iamn taid he wcn't 
really know fau ho* die leain wtwts 
uigedier until the Spnng trip beginning 
in MoliiK.llliocHj March ;il Because 
..( Ihc- wcaitiiT. ttic Hawks musi pr»c 
ticc m die gym. severely cutting down 
on the actual '"real game" tiOiamns 
(jarrct: has learned to wort around the 
wcalhcr.though.Hatmg "You |utl have 


Being huih head women's bukct 
bell and die new head aofdwll coach. 
Jennifer Jemendonn'itiivcniKhinn 
ailmn tune bcnxodi icnana u get w 
kfKvw her piayen and dirir ahiltnet. 

!• nvcn does k)Kiw that Diane 

Charhausti, Michelle Oimwi. l.auren 
Kcrsling. nd Diana Loaniwrdo will be 
mumiiK Ikun ItH jnai nd that lasi 
ycaiMtaicidiidaiCicaaonwiiha ^ 
It rworri. hui if'i nill ion early to 
know imuch more 

After only one prac«ce, Icnsoi likca 
what jlie seta "ftom what I've seen. 
They all have good rumlamcnials 
Tlicn'i good ulcnl tficre," she said 
1 cmn 

While litmgs looked very pntmis 
mg fur die Hawks at die fmt meeting m 
October, head coach Hoger King 
duean't hkc what has happened lo his 
team since. 

The kiss of nine piayen dial tune 
has King lesa oonTideiil than Ian year 
bcliirt die scaann. °*Rigltl now we'ne 
jvtt trying to fin a team, rcganilcas of 
die lakni." said Kmg The leam was 
die legnn 's top laai year, but right now 
dicir cuach itunka they °re poiaiMy die 

TW team sull hat Justm Eggslaff 

and l>ave Motoiy who King believes 

are~at laknled at arybiidy." but mare 

talcm It nill bdng •oiifbi cm campus 


°*T1iit It the heat leain I've ever 

had." says Head Coaeh Retire /ellner 
of her men's team '/ellner says the 
overall numhrr» ler die highest they 've 
eva been and tfianks ui a fully return 
uig H|uad from last year, this team 
should he one to be mkfmed widi. 

The learn still IS shwtui the tprmi * 
mg depamneM widi only one true 
spniiicr (sorry Gary), what the team 
lacks m die shon dittamxs diey make 
up f<» everywhere else 
Women's Track 

Cnac h /r I Iner hat the revenc liiu 
tiian with her women's nan aa ihe 
doea widi die men 

The entue leam frcnt last year is 
gone, aiul this icascai en only he cun 
jKlercd a "ma/ur rebuild year" in the 
eyesof/ellnei With only (u adiletca, 
die team may not fair well in le«m 
ccanpelitHm. but die individual rctulu 
may be ((rang 

Sherry Hobnet hopes to qtiaUfy 
fuc naltonals in ditcuat. and /clbier 
says Amy Margai is "domg remark 
ably weir mkmgditlanix Also on die 
team are LauraKulmtmiddle distame), 
Ktm Swdnc (dirowcr i. Vanessa Marfil 
(spnnti and hurdlet) and Mtmic^ 
Piemu (thrower) 

HtxMng to fh» NJCAA Nationals an: flop row) ChritHan Schro»d9r. Jenny 
»•/*, Sfoey DmBchel, Celia Cox. Stephanie Citco. (bottom row) Jim Gie$ler. 
TUn Derma. Dan Garcia. Todd Derma. Cric Olle. and Brian Foerster 

Harpei Sports Calendai 

.•v\^ s»l 

..■V IM ir.i 



Niarth 5 

March (i 

Naiwali SWNkioiuIs W 


Stv ^ NlcpiNt'^d .^^u^r:AV•v;■^.■.,.J^'«5uatl^lnl^ifMlC» ■4'»" 



This wUl he die ie<xmd year attending die 
naiwaials for O'Bnen, but for Head Swim Coach 
I -tikm Aukerman and Trainer l>mg Spiwak. i; 
i»i!ISemxhm(!m-» Aukerman and Spiwak hav. 
I>an nf HarpCT'i many top placemenu al thc 
-.iiionalc and die leam is confidCTi dial diey 11 
.1" :l again 

AIiIk wgh ihaiKcs are slim of uking the num ' 
>»•.«.. ii» ,1 ttuc UI Imlian Rivers dominatioo m the 
■ shiMiUI have one monr Uip ten trophy 
> aicnimplishmcMii of it's outstanding 

Th«Marbifig« March 5 W3 

Hawk wrestlers put an end to 
successful season at nationals 

hwmk the grt»i«i « 

.,,,p«., .wrier t*. . («'tn« ft» n« - 

_— >>« rcalt'if •t"'" 

■vied ;a^^ -*^ ■ - 

iJi«fo« I"""'"'" '"''■- '■'' 

Hjad «Tir»ll<T> !• '■• J -••'■'- '' '' " 

Th« NKAA N«iw>»l lUMm*""*' 
WW hcM this p»«t •«»«»<•• f** -'' 
«Kl 27 m Bum«tt f*.«* «>Ji'!«». ■«» 
nuMt of H«n<« • wi«Mto>» i««" •» 

It wM .»M»h .inM«»« » »» •» '•« 
the H««t». who t'*! 1"" '"•"^ "*■■ 
Rdwn IV lououiTOW' •"«*«• *•** 

«vlia .... 

« Mwt of ilK »•»«• » *• """"^ 
!,»« . mo w«k *ii».«ii>«l^<»-» 
p,cp«, mcnulty •»<« »«»1 1*3™**' 
f<x ihc piKUrn* hcsi of live tounsry 


Hml Coach Ham l»»cl»M •«• 

««y pitiuJ of h» MBi •*>"* «* •• •" 
mcnnoned ihu aulMiJ 0« *« taw* 
niKc (of »11 mm IchotailBlit*!*). 
the HiwW* touW h»vt cwilf wiHwil 
tw>y wiih Tini i*« t •!•»>.>•)««"''*• 
MvcT hid • uxtnmnmt where wc hull 
K> mmy clow nuKhrt " 

Five rf *c «""">»'»'"•' '>"•'"'' 
ini H«wki ««»«« up "<»* A" *™^ 
cw Wi»lkb«k rtnjwJ. tmd vntana 
nMcly four o( IhoK k»i *" ""**** 
by cthrt one pwW of k»t m ovenime 
H»d .1 «« herai fi" «"« ""iw"! 

IX Ihc AAW mind m«u:he». T nm 

Rune (im) ta.1 9 » wd S«« »*«> 

(142) lo»i » nn'th d"'ded in 

*c«»Bi»eny. Nc« the cndof the m«th. 

mdlUkcywiraunf 2 l.h«h»r»ilr« 

were ofT the mn md «>*• *<• '"^"" 

.ICllut fl"< ■•*• '■"*■ 

-^> Pi-tT 

week earhw ••» ■' 

.|frai»i»t »' "^ •— - 

dwtag •• *»■«« '"•^ ""^ ™' 
Bji,, to ft. PW »»0' •» «»" •"" 
Ml Iwli •>«» wtiied ** »«« "^ 
HMMiuHi BMide • h«iY timuk* mti 
lamhe m«u:h by o>»« !"««■»«' ••"'"' 

,w.y With »•«* pi*' •««»' '" ** 

liMvjwcighl cUm 

-Caii»e»>«tk k""" J*"> ^"^ '^ 
Brily r* ti» khiwM *••«»>'*"» '•>« 
bMwimI tovel. iw *« re«utu wetai i 

h„ firw IMKk, KMfTB. Umi »»» •««>^ 
BiiKh by one pitw. endin« h» •««* 


-Th,t ••» » P** »-'^ 
L,, The to.l ««• >» "'" 

rcitmn»l». end !•«> "*«• 


itut Ihu leemit Biiely « Haw 

A> f « M lh» >«•" w«" "» "■" 
ccmed. Uwelatt -md he KwUIni hr 
mone pl«»«d. ■lU i«ke • *""' "' 

head to 



L„.>^«,^«jrL mole*. .rt»e««*cn«>.ycu* **>»*««''**" 

f »* Momrrwnd won •<«» Ptoc* '•onon « *• <»<nri»*B« CW» »* 
pmf wMtand m Kmiai* Noim Dakota 

(hii i.f the lf> mcmht" r>t Itt 

HmTw »»'"< >""■ ' ' •"•*' *•"'' 

f,r,i l,.r five lunfincd.iorrpctmve 
Us » m the • «rm FUmdi mn U Ok 
\..!..»nl Ii""'" t'<.>"<^l!' Adileiit 

S*m«idOwmsMcei.M>'vh' * 

lnlhep»l !«")«"•■*' •*""•"•'' 
were held m Oklihuii ( .ly »nd 
Oilmdt. FL .bm ih» ye«i the meet 

||i%m| the iMiB compeuiive jumor 
urflege. Indi» Riven, the home 

lifciM of the te»m «)u«lified Feb 

2(m « aw Colleje trf DttPtfe 
ic{iuntlf More ih«n h»If of die 
reji.»w winnen in thai meet «etr 
fnimHwper College 

■1 thmk d>e |irt» "ill •^ »"^" •" 
the rd»y»" »id ">•*■■*> Din»chcl. 
-*l«gion»1*d>ey hn*c two vih.«»l 

mxadt ftwn l»i >'" "^ '•"^ " 
MCvoi f>«« •! *« nttionJi 

-nie piyi hope u. hrck .1 k.«« 
1 thRE ithool reawto in the reUy».' 
.Ated HWI-. «»«» Cipuin l.r 


up U>c nWCT .rf HbP« •wimw'" 
ih.tqud.f>e«J»ire|ioo«l« Among 
t See SwminuK' on p«ge 1 1 ' 

Eye on the Hawks 

Nofoto.,«n»l»*«i«-« "l*^*^" 

U.I week Htrthef ii>d 1 h»l *"« • »»"" 
«y io««cli«*J« re»«xlm« *« l»««wpt""' ' ' 

P„^.«Mi »ihk» «- *<■ ™>'"«"'2. .."r'; 

. . h«l enough U. m *•' »• "^ **'^ •' 
. , .ntmue Ihc iubjt'^' *" "'"'' 

In the lut ..»« 1 ««« mi' '»«»«»«» "** •"^ 

theBMltoa(lbe.ll.«rfl»««««*««-;*r* .,„ 

bemihe«ympif ,a«.-w 

to he m t*c »«««. H-^"*-" "P*"*^" '''" 

In 'ht N< VA rmiil l«» ' 
incni. to my kn- > 

I SoMBneihrt"''' 
u>«nii *«•'•■"•'■' 

reJIy Am • H^ •"*■ 1^ " " ** ""* 

«nnnJly piwl t40 for i P«tf ■" 
hudarafiwiny ^a^a^m^T- 


lwh»ii«»>iu»iwn (11uBA»Tom';i 

Fml die ptw Bemil *" *« 0«y»<»«» » *' 
whi.: >.«mliy»tf« »<"»««« ■**™'«">!' 

— ^— ^ need lo teod 

iiurhe»i AndiB 
, ^..icJiiohal 
best But dKR 

At a glance 

eawtsy ■»» "nolb" "«»»^ wnd* •oi«jortty 


W»i« ever hflipeaod » good <.le«n torn 

peo,«„ m .« weld IDdey' *!«" -W •" *« 

l^ur. go^ WouM Ihe trae me«i«.g o« *' 


M«i trf them dnw*™* " '"""^ "^ 

. en>fe.««>o-J r'Hh"^ P™™* E.€luding 


,h., ,].«.■•. h.ivt . p«rfe»«iua «pe^i <~l"dt 

. To wme uhleiei m then 

.K • i» «»pri>fc«»>n«l •-» Ihey 

,.,i»cn a thante any 
„„« n«.earep«.-niyofgood«€.i 
,ng.«lonugll»*«»«. -deoll. »"lh-«xi. ! 
rtpirtent the VwmA Stale, n th« lompc.. 
,u« TW> F"** '"c h«d «K) gti Ihc J.*d"~ 

. i \,< Tcmatn al a 


, - ,il iihlrtri 

to; thing m mind. TIk 

1 *i»ifina!intcniKWi*a> 
:i,j[ to he Ihc he*' •■•• 


William Rainey Harper College 

March 12. 1993 

Volume XXV. Number 13 

Maddog has 



than bite 




it-. . 



Hiring data 
extended to 

' ■ in Vwi 

(; ,. .,;^ , 

• •' "m 2pM mBMi M 

* '■ ■ tt: fair '.;t :r,«rL jrr nhf^l 

'I'' ■' ''uhid 

i 1-1 -h ti..'.\y -. ., 

'' p m th< %ctru- ■ 

"1 knew I shouW have taken thai left turn at Albequrquc 

tall f»NM4Bctwfy Hem* tnAKin0lonH«if^iK ^ K—wBniiwwww 

■i-j '«ui more (how 

• li-r-. f.« Bk k, ...,„. ,., 

School de nies new meeting times 

N«wJRBciure: Compui 



TW cullttc adminiuiuitin Im> re 
fuwitl k> rcMfw^ Ac nc» S«ti«iteji 
HMCtnt lUMt mky (te aawkM MMM 
I <!• HOMU mi* y«t mm 

Men and 



teams finish 

seventh in 



SlMraii Mm, m^km warn ta 
>'<«<. mdUiyiaii Mjr ruiww dacinaw 
mxk bji Ac MMic 

"tte Itinn itMi nqunu • ranm Un 
clMbawiingi lia utiavc m tdkuci'i 

imtmnvAmOmKim Itiilivlanni 

<M «M Iww knr (Ike «*iruci"i) iigM - 
nil* «■ «. iwHarjiini flww ^cciwM to 


"1>r muMr n a .kiminf ttfKn 
OK*." Henry Mul 'Wiilmui iIm aj 
»>icT. tfwie u B«j •an.-h (tficnoK'C " 

"I »|f<j« c»ni(>letcl]i miih Jhc 
•*:fi«iol'i(l«ciiMun."'n«nm(»,,«n«iiJ -Ii 
im Ihr nfta •Iniwm " 

Stnwim mm mfiwin«J ihniu(ti • 
rikaw call, mak b> 1 numlKr of itK 
tmtttm homa. i«.i dtyt ttetan the 

Rcacunn tanwihi . " 

Itm SmtA.!namtnmm:i . v»a"Thc> 
f*« Mxuiunt <««?« ha-. 
Mtrnifintt liw iB«rtiii|t 
riicU m theii *i«k ■ 

ouuml to (W ___ 

u.^ "«-'' 1h,y a. bcMicoiry m-*o m 
A .1 d , d ••<='•'. oui o« ih« •y*s or ttw ' <• « >■ , 
ikJCtom body and )h*«(advnw- i'mk*r« 

->ry fotWKlt lulhrir ajvcr 

Tig lanes l^jii war pub 

;>>.heJu-,Uicioi<l>'''' .kr. 



Ik. Knmnag Ihary. <iii*)u 

*K.*|>M»«lcill. «M( t,1r P»ul 

I find ti a liEiJc «u>piH, t«tuA uiAj 
(Hct <• <it<cii m i ill until i«u 4«^ te. 
(ijfr ilic mcTUnt." i«ul Mtbtdtt 
NcxfctUMt. .1 toMtn. 
CkKlu Immary. mmm 

MnJ "I'm lapucf ttMIUI lllu 

N*«l««i»cr cMac'tat Haw) aftcf 
i»» |*«ie Ci« totanfom «)w (teeiMon 

twi ••• imHKcvMful in thmtgiitt 

Smirh, "W* 

ihr mftjing 

taiKt murt Ku-uihlir for UK 
nnman whu vouMn'i nnmiiily »it 
•Me k>niEnil • Fnd»y nwrnng ' 

Krfutuit liKK cicont. PvtUnm 
Mid "They are haMcafiy MMimg m 
Mtwi. uul <>* ilK «yc» of ilic itttdmi 
l>iid)r and ihcu adt >•« " 

fklMtritmr (tx tHangr .l»ic hm It 
lo • F«* i1 in««iin( in viuJ) ihns 
•cnaiun. in aifuonm. ilK'..i<i«d wnMi 
UakdKcluiitc Items dial mcKtinit. 
illK«<«feei MMien M iluc ti Ktedul 

J»ern» PcvAonti 

"Wc'v« iicliJ 

• I the 

tanuat) MM) ~S» I 
lundc u atmul " 

An Old lu Kk (anmiv cny does MM 
appear m •tghi, a> neiifcer lak m lull 
■ng *" live « m iIk lUher. 

Scnalan My *it> prefer to Ucp 
lilt Brv iRcfimf mnc. i.KWtiiuuii( ihc 
dKuain ">»i'"r'«»«»ui[hailhryhavr 
""■'i ■ • "hilt the Kh..J 

**"' ■ ' ■ -i* *lj»Th< u» ma 

^m» EnMNfuk a T i#nt 

Budget cuts could affect programs 



8 9 
II 12 

" -■ ■ ,««ia4 in 

u»'..ij «!,«.« jfiai,- 

Ccnn traira nianacia are iMctini 
•»i»i the »>« ftaaMienn. n atadrtitK 
tltam and iMebi Mwtcra upw » 
fMherpia l«gc..i.frt,jjBiiiMi»(i|ii«l«-Mi. 
tai'kmanafrr »il:vvi< appnniinait: . 

wvf ahxui I 


Mi,n» miHh imlitKliut ,.,..^_„ 

umiJd he hun bv ihc tuw itufM .|« 
.— *K«le«J im *e t-. . • ,« nm 

the tw.^fam .. > •.■[X-t;,! 


jnfiall prngrann vut ji *» .f.<urnaj 
Mm cntlii k. hurt iKEauM w Mudi c^ 
»* taMlfti ii ttni ')q> in lalarwa." 
Waiaw twill, i.i««ialitm Ptapmi 
rtnmin-.nm rtid •• Cnmr nfren«|. 

Hixacwr. Mankc tad lie iluoi mn 

lucrnrc ant i-r;., 
niti«aMial.K >'\ :.'it' ^ 
IM «l>ttlin( 141 i.ajM 




^ ..*fid. a lumi 
« jund My 

%»cr\. tuc r^«,ia,Mt)ec, k^mmiomg ado.' 
caiioR prapami. cMalil K«t pmpmm 

and aUiktK fKiffaiw . 

"W« an mam • dmanneaumi U 

• • ' . > '«( the It* 
<enm tcmiunj Urn ihete pnigranit 
«am*a dmwfli wuion and IWa, md 

>M 4,jr>l)im i> hi.* I,. ii..,i ijK 

•a«K««i»»«lamt(Mleaai."L«t' Vii^rl. 

••""•"< dMBoftaraiigKaaoHncJMKl, 

«■'■• Levmw Itewww Cema 

ttr*r» ,,.,1, 

i.ibra/ ' ^ fy^ 

"Thcectrutmii «-n\ininfT-irT»fpiiie» 
«uni«}Ur<lihr!' . > ..v,- 

ahtthdrmaii ,„ 

<ra»im «ilh • .,:.., t ,. „ .1 ri-ienl «n<»l| 

iim ti'i./rni> 1.. iKcit .» lower prop- 

ti:v »atc». larjtrsi meant of 

(coB« on 

2 Th»Ha*inoef.Mafchl2 1903 




( com. from pog* 1) 

uqipon." Puil THum|w«i. preu 
dcnl of Harper CuUcgc uid 

m jnmul Kuit nd me doumJImf. ' 
Minkc itiii "Li<.al ux.-! diis ycAt 
were csppct.1 on uuf «&ft«tMTicnt tn 
cruM Wc MiLicipMc that nc^i yc«f 
will be lame (orni of u> cap pnituM y 

now TTut^c l»o fdiU>r^ are koUli; {•' 
cxmtributc M^nkrh:.ttitl ! v lu buJ|(t: t |Xot> 
tana." Manltc mmJ. 

The ilectMuiu rcganlmi die cuu 
«d rcuKniiicadalwai m cupccloi u> 
come by March 15 bmn cixi center 
maiiagtm forihc Etctuu^cCuuiKil ti» 

A Hst of current avoilobl* ichoioiships that students may apply tor 

The John Fischetti 
Scholarsliip Award 

The Requuanena: 

The luhn FiKhcttt &hulanhip 
w pncKnied annually l>y Ihc loini 
Civic Canminec of Italian Amen 
cant 10 iludaito wh« are majoraig tn 
jmniaiianariH)mmunK.u>ns The 
•cfcutankip ia dwli c it w i w the laie 
Mn FMMli. dM BnxiUyn-twra 
Rtctieni w*f • eanoaiiai for the 
Oucagu Sun Times. Chicafo 0>3> 
N«w> and the New Yurii Herald 
IVibmbilWW.whik with Hie Dady 
■n». ha wa* awardad a Piibucr 

To he ebfiblc U* Om ickilir- 
tMp, *• a piili fi i i l nun be a high 


aa a imhiatc ia eillMr of ihaaa 

The mdaM nuu h«*c « Icmi 
OIK panM of luliaii berii*|c and 
hold a "B" awrafa or hi|l«tr. The 

l^lpllcallU are atenquired ktiulmut a 
oipy of their Bamcripi alnng with thu 
cnmpteiBdfann — Fan n. Pan 111 aid 
your stgnaurc lomhcr with a puh 
ne wipapcr it acM|Mahle. 

The deadbne for ih* applicaiKin i> 
Apnl 15, 1993 The recipienl will he 
iwufied by mail. The wholiiihip will 
be pRiOMad tt te Mh Civk C<an 
mttlec of hahan Ameriean'i Human 
Rclatum I>anie Awards Umcham « 
the Canxt Inn . Chicago 

Applicana may ciped u he per 
tonally tdervicwed by ihe canawMDe 
foUowmg nihmiaiiun and ivwiew of 
the apfiticatiuM. 

Tlie Dean's 

Scttolarship to 

Marqueile University 

Sotdeaia enrotlod in one of the 
following colleges are eligibte; 

William Kaincy Harpar CanKM- 
Riiy College 

In celetanUMi of the aiucuUimi 
MaWiWCTit M»|aelMt Uiuveniiy haa 
taaadfaraavanlaanmimty colkfat. 

Maniurtic hat eiithiifhcd the Dean's 
Scfauiarship Pnifnm The Dean (or 
Dcn'<de^naic)i>r the eligible awn 
nwnjtycaikgeamn' awardune i.'.tWO 
ichotanhip per academic year, begin 
nutf with Ihe 1993 >»♦ aeadcniK year 
The awtfd :% mcni based and tuiuon 
speciftcfSl 500pcTicmestcr)andmay 
be f; in m either • fall or s{ring Mmestcr. 
The scholarship is applicable only to 
full lime undergraduate tiudy at 
Man(aene University and is icnewabic 
piwv^dadlhe audem mamiauia an over 
aU Marqueile grade poaM avange of 
i nnnains ovoOed on a fUt-timc 
haul Applii anu for Ihc sclwlarship 
ihould have a cumulauvc grade point 
average of IJorbeOicr and be full lame 

The Alva C Todd 

company rcimbuncmem. The masi 
mum award i< $1000 per senietleT r«r 
each ofiwi) senseaters wilhm die same 
academic year 

Applicants should metl the fol 
lowing guidelines: 

'Have been aoccpied as a pan 
time undergraduate student u HT's 
Rice Camput and be daaaalied as 
eathcT I junior or (enior, 

*Bc a degree-Mdiing engineer 
ing ur computer acicncc student. 

*Havedcmunstraied scholarship 
I a minimum GPA of 3.0). with prcf 
erence given to thoac who have par- 
tkipated IT. research activities and/or 
design contpelitian; 

*Be a U.S citiienor p uiii a iiui l 

I who would bke to i 
DT't Rioe Caiapia any ariih to apply 
fiiranAUaC ToddSehotvahip .Siu 
dema majr ncctvc Ihc con of tuition 
imH covcmd by other fiMnciil aid or 

The icholanhipa arc awarded in 
honororUr Alva C Todd, who was 
the founder and fm pacatdem of Mid 
wen College of Engineering. MCE 
merged with ITT in I9(A 

The application tieadlmc is June 
KhnouTicalianotachotirihip awards 
willbcinadebyluly3l amuilly.Far 
more mfornMUon or an appltcation 
foim, pteaae oonlaci Barbara Kan ■ 

Financial aid offered to female undergraduates 

Foi die fitdi ccmsccutivc year, dw 
N.rnh»i;>i "^uburhaii Chapter of 
M ivticii ii< Managcmem anil he award 
ing a $1,000 schulanhip to a Icmtir 
adult student pursuing an widrrgrad.. 
ale degree in Kutncas. manageroet. 
marki'iinfxif aietaedatea 

Tiin»ialil> fi« *«■ «chi>lar\lini, the 
applicant ini*.ci 

*h. ■ H..fTgj:' ^ ) vcara of age ut 

!id»«»g. i» have 

aaeialad an actmitiud insutuuiwi 

*h«<ic t ciiircM cumulative grade 
prnnt tvtragr </ ? ^ i» Vtier <w» s 4 11 

Imam year 

''' Schularship 

«J Mippk"-.-- 


•Have acarwTBiMiIrrlalixll. ■ 

BWardaidt«if :: 

P*»'feTencie ■* 

If ban residtiUJ* 

- -xnpktiiidapi^ticatiaBsthauUbc 

nutted Uk. 

Ruhy Feeky.(rhaii|>eiiun.$clul' 

trvh.'t ( ttnitvitnre WiMiirn tr Mm 

J. hMS h«c«t ifiiajji- 
.,>;«<f1 of Ihc mem 

ben of NnrhwrBi Suburbn in Man- 


T>! Knen's pnifcs 

>. 'n-nituppantlK 

r Managenwnl 
M.ivn II.V ■.■..>.• ••» HiunMUKin of ptu 
ti.K . <tevcki|iRiail,«lic(iunwn<>cril and 

■-■ i«wn m M»nj|rr:rr.i a ■ ni 

itiMittisuppon'^' ' 

in Management pramMaa self growth 
Ihnmgh mfonnauvc pngtatm and at 
fen nelwrnking opportunities ui ci 
change eipcricncxi and ideas 

NatKHwidc. dWR arc 1 H chapters 
uf Women in Managemcni. with 10 
chapters in iIk- Chicago anra. 

ApplK atiims available mf Jfficeof 
Financial Aid. A«*»4 

Any 6" Sub 

A I 

745 W. Palatine Rd. 

Meil to 7 Eleven 
991 0969 (Fai 991 0969) 

Dailv Herald 


111 I T1\U 1:ARNINGS 
l'\Kl riNtr: HOURS!! 

•s.* ;in ouli:<vmg per>.<>n.i!ii> .it. i,h.n\.itcd 
J I K'lil S:ilcs Ttr:im^ are ItHikin:.'. 
- (M( .111 htnir 

Vvi t)lll-J<: 

■i.>KO I'l .til ''liitiv i>i .ml ihri-O 
^ ...1 n- .1, ,.. Ill, iiiii '. !■ pi.ii'^ 


■'-. ^ lllllrn^^slo^l 

.:..c' aiul iiukf .1 l-'l I'l ^J'>J' 
. through Thursd i i"^ 


lb«Harbing«(.MacM2.l993 )■ 

Scholarships available 


the tnud of oiuisa amuilly »( 
fen u> five ibidcou (mm iKc fottrti 
college pufwlaiiun • uuiiec icliulv 
ilu|> iliM coven uiliun. 


'Mm imait hi(h schoulfnltute 

•2 5 GPA H«}>CT tcfcfcmK ttw 
KTipi m<m he lulxiuBot with ^l^^K^ 

*SdWDl UK) cofninunii) m*olvt 

•DcmontPUol cduive rnuBcial 
new! (yoat ur yuut parenu' (mucM 

•Typed luxmenlofttlu 
cuxin |ual> Ocallme due 
fur ifiplauiajn >i Mereh Zb 



an ununyfTitiue duntir then 
haa keen eiubluhtti a (ctkil 
ar\hip for math lab iliaJcnu 

n>t> madi lab cuunei er 

*Ctirreni emoUmcnt in a 
mad) lab co-nc and uiccta 
(ul cumptcliun of unc malh 

MHaatHmtiirrm tV 

•Eimilkd Aa a FuUTiim Stu- 

•Relative ruuneialnreJ 
Dcadlincd«ir(aran>lKai«n i> 

For further 

information please 

contact the office of 

financial aid, RM 

A364, ext. 2248 

Harper takes 2nd; wins 
newspaper competition 


The H Kt>in(e> it»k Ki^nnd plan 
inlhcl yearcollejecait|iT> utihe 
tiudem iKwi|ia|)cr eampaMm at 
the AsMKHMi CMtim fKu' 
" Ben of itie Mid«mi*cai(anim ill 
Minneapolis un Feb 27. 

The oonfoence w a* aocndni tiy 
iludef>u and adMseri (nun 3} oil 

lefci CDvecmii ci(lM ibuea in the Mad- 

Thoac who attended were Ken 
Dillard. Heather Carroll. Ann 
KowaUu. Cand>Jett. Jim Walauia. 
Aliia Ounhad, Aitew Wafncr, an) 
SusaraK Havlic. 

TTie conliacncc waa held u odu 
caac wideaia in (he TKld of jounuiism 
and w nuke than mure a » are »r » hat 
|aa« into crciilin( a ncwtpapo They 
■bo f a«c the iltidenu the i^ipiinunity 
ui naccl. nd talk with. Mhcr ednun. 
advucn and itafl manbcn fnim other 

pant of the Midwcti. 

"I learned that cuntrovctty it Iwi 
la (uc die paper, and that vurrmg ■) up 
aiUa 'flavur' to ihc paper." said IMlani 

Manaiimi Editor. HcatherCamitl. 
Mid she teamed huw lo nerve the reader 
beaa by (citing a difTcrcni aspect un 
the uan to keep reader's lUentiun. 

"Afteraocndingihe nianagm|(ira 
iwo-ycaiiHwifaipaiaaaiai. I Itamnl 
to keep the paper humoRiua. hw inlet 
Citing and inrixmalive." she said 

All events took place im the Min 



At UPS we lecogniix the financial ptrssunct asMKiaml Mith eotitpe life. At a 
p4Ck.tfe hantlkr ytm wiil n-teive >rrrji juy. iTrsihle hour), aiu) aii c»(>f«Jnuiiity lu 

jMin ilic heM work (ipeneiiir -. - .: y m the pot*- ■- 

Here s V hat UPS has lo olier: 

• $«-$'> OCT hour 

• Monttay - Iriday 

• F-uU-ttme bcaelits for 
part-time hour 



I tns/ 

.Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 

3:t» - 7:30 a.m. 

5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
♦10:30 - 2:30 a.m. 
* Addison only 

Ml « M UfS [| 
tM 1 UniMrt Am.. MMimi. H 
1mvM« • riMrtda,, 11 M - ] M 
I >» 
kMUcaMM IWM ai w* un lffi»ll««iMI 
Hm* aiM Nms Ml.. MallM. li 
«MWtita« 1 »<* - Ip" 




positive approach 

Th« monthly Breakfast al- 
H«pei being heM Manrh U.TM 
ajn., (eaniraa Virjinia McMuui, 
tramci and human rcsi>urcc« ptvfca 
tiunal. piese»ting "C»ai.huig for 
liptinial Petfureianie." in the dol- 
ing room m BIdg A 

Thu c<MChiB( tiyle of kadcr- 
ahip IS apirefemd appnMBhbKaiiae 
u aanina the aair«ai*em of the <m- 
ployn HnoofhpiaKung for sutccaa 
and a true tnderiunduigarcipccu- 
liura Mi.Minn wiO diacusa cuatli 
uig aa pan of tba poatuve leadcnhip 
■ppioachby addrrMuig. aeltingper 
formancc eapccianans. diseiuaing 
pcffomiance icalitica. oiwhinf lor 
iinpn»«d pcsfonnancc. and dilTet 
ing needs from the cuaeh. 

Cuai of the birakfast IS St V To 
regialtt. t>le»se laU 5J7 5420 

Model railroad 
rolls In 

The Fin Valley Diviiian of the 
National Model RaifatMd Aaaocia 
uiai will |«csnit"Hif^ Whaetet '93. ' 
the annual modal nilRiad show and 
oiKii houae, fRim 9 tm to i pjs.. 
MtKh6A7.xBk)g. M Allafea 
are in« itcd to attend. 

The annual show inchidca dis- 
playi by private indivkluaU. cluha 
ing ana hobby shops, manufactur- 
•n and cluha will be reprcacnted. 
H die show's snack bur. and dnor 
pruea will be awarded. 

Adinioiua tu the show is $] (or 
adulD, K la chikhen 5 13 and se- 
nion &S and over. The Foa Valley 
DivisKKi la a non pfoTa organiu- 
tion- Duoaiiuna at liie dour aic nec- 
essary only lo pay show cxpcaaea. 

Calligraphy Is 

Just ui time fur piduatian. wed- 
ding mviuuwi; andaraiouiiccnieiitt 
umes CalUgr^ihy II which will be 
offered by Haipcr College no Mem 
days, beginninc Man;h 15, 6 7.30 
p-m- , . , , " 

the dasa, which mcctt at Otr 
Nonheast Center. 13755 Wolf Rd. 
in Pluapcct Heighu. wiU eagagc m 
advanced practloa aid study i>r cal- 
ligr^y with mn^iaaia on italic cap- 
tals. broad and small nib pens, and 
unical scnpL 

The col of fhacounc is S49. To 
RgislB. phaae caB Vfl-'iyn and 
mecify cawac iUJPIMl Ml For 
caa cat. 2591. 

I .irtitifri-i umliii'iv- v»"" iJmm-i- ;* j'.liifa-. lililrw 

THlti -. il 111 >r I- 1 >{iusr-t»r-tU?exl. 

ir you oJewit like thr titiir w, llinrrwalUjc lK>i^sairD« 

If tnt a ae a i te tl oall anytime: and niik tar !Xan. 

If I ;iiii tM«t Ml fvnwyr. Ir-ftw » mnA;;4lr iuul 
1 Witt }>,«-t IsfM-k to y«>u ni- ixnri £ftx (hjs 

IV-k up »nrt drilwry m l-1«KKI 

S'Y ()0 |»t |i»ir 
(Imti: »>l riOim. [Kllr 
HSvrry tHlrrt pair or iiTiTwc m trtr. 







At some schools 

gettiiigio class is harder 

than passing. 




4' MP 
Hfttl - 

W 111! 1\ Jlll^ li 



• ' tliiiik 

IMi'll. V.UH(H|S 
iiir ..ulllll itriirt 


North Rnrk College of Chicago 

1h* Hoibinoar Moch 12 1003 



J I—l t MiCafroa 

AMMantBusimwfchmgcr .. 

NcwnEditar ^ 


-SpofteEtStor „., 



Faculty Adviacr 



- TomFuBiv 

)nwuI(T THxrunui 






A journey for fullfilment 

The past two years, I have been on a quest. It's 
a quest to find out where I can have fun. 

My quest began in the bars across the country. 
I Tigured that these "watering botes" were the 
place to go out and be social. 

Strike one. Nothing but smoke and rude people 
greeted me each time I entered one. 

The next stop, according to my map. was the 
local mall, where I could hang around with st>me 
friends in the parking lot. 

Strike two. The police decided to interfere at 
our get-together and tell us todispersc because we 
were loitering. 

Finally. I looked to the M.hiH)l to let loose my 
joyous little self. 

Strike three . While I was becoming involved in 
a water fight, I was interuptcd by guard from 
public safety, who informed me that I was being 
rude and childish. 

So much for having a little bit of enjoyment in 
life. It's not as if I was harming anyone aside from 
myself and my opponents. 

Ok, maybe I was a little bit loud. And I do admit 
to being somewhat obnoxious. 

But does that mean thta I should be reprimaiKlcd 
for being myself. 

Everywhere I've been, criticism and 
harrasement have followed me just because I was 
displaying my feelings of happiness. 

Is there sonic great unwritten law that >iates 
that "Thou shall not have fun, anywhere." .' 

That is something that I have yet to find on my 
quest for fulfillment. 

One day, in the near future. I will grow up. But 
for now, I want to enjoy what free time I get. 

When I finally graduate college, and finish yet 
anothcrqucst. I will put aside my childish behavior, 

But until then, I'm having a blast! 

-Kenneth Diliard 

Iwn Bovcr. ]aty BndunHi. AIM Ounlunt Ian Htfmm. 
Onstacnon. UunrSdiwcgrl. MkIimI TtnBnnk. Ktor WUbaira 

Jack or Jill, it's all downhill 

'iatiTiQH Coktrfym 

<3nc« vpua • unit, in N«» Yort. 
ihm OCR two Inkvly Hill «Dm neifh 
hin— Jark.andliB 

T>K> wcfciliccfiiunKodiiifwnix 
ijUAlirWatmiru Im'hwHiMaLk.Nui. 
hmmnciiMl. V'ictiuin vcurai ml Jill 
<••• • bwlt. on Um piU. n:li|HM>. aiiur 
iivKli«i«Ui.i4m«i HkiiIowwh 

Om i»f. Imk mm mttunt I***"* 
fram * kuRiini uifi wiih bii dM 
Ikwlchcadfncnd.AIKfllktlK Sr .whoi 
ill! lan iVtn lMi> duwn. tpmduif to 
her ur >iflk eamniUa «aaMi( cliu 
k»c f« Jill on • more penonil l««cl 

When Itll cwK hajoic dui Wifht. 
JkIi Ucd til the ur out u( the UK* <ai 
Jill's cil>. SmmTmiI MUii tuimclf, ht 
wcw ta dM lii^aar man md bmigiH 
hinuetf • pMn mag 

Tht nci! RHnuiig. JtU * at laic Iw 
work. She humfy rancmbind what 
had hafipniad iIk ilay hriin but a a]4c 
line 4«^iElily made u uui(iufic.ani 
Whca iIm ciMiri a luw gnick . ibr «x-i 
dcMtlly kad dMan tarn ladi'i trudi 

lack. iKwcvct, »■> m die trULk 
■nd«i—'ii i i n» im d . HeluradHifnc 

local tam lwimn io j iii i iy ■■ df i in Ml 

iwakMarnuM} Wtwa die; jumped 
kar. ahe ndmd dton douMc lo kill 

But Jairk oas m lialin leaiiuief 
aBdhad)ikai>>rf|)njicciian Whaidw 
gant ilKwed up. he had dtcm all m 
KMed fur knienni 

And Uhb began die "war an Hill 
Micei~ lack aniuld ku Jill't ipan 
meni and Jill wauU thiBJI u lack widi 
an uri Thea kive « n paramounl. 

Tlien JiU got tome >rf her (nendt 
fnm ihc madia m {wMirly humiliate 
lack Shtw(«taidwairande«|iatad 
iKk (iir all he uraii "He'n wKked and 
cvd and dcKTvei cvcrydung he gra.~ 

SooB the mum cily waa divided 
Vietnam vet beer dnnken and white. 
Kay. lain) again, anned, drug addict 
tail driven The k»c ran rampanl. 

Chiidmi were luld sid hale waa 
loved. Kap cancau were raided by 
while college uudciiu md channel 
were bumiKd by radical, left wing, 
faicnt Amway disBibuum. 

Death ink in an a Mack hone. 
wa> killed lor hn hi wpi.aiidMivedBi 
a delicKy in a hole in dw wall Chi 
ncK Rtiauram The wiirld waa m 


Every TV a die wwM rKeived the 
u«M paenai bom an wikjwwn ■uumc 
At tint 'Umr wnv au 

cracklei. pHiurc pap> and general ui 
lerfeieTKC itgnali 

Baifwiani and gladiaion alUe 
pautod in dKinradu, lumiiig lo lee die 
■parking Uibca 

^liai wai going on? Who waa 
braadcauinglhii garbage'' Whe n wen 
die Bradyt? 

SU DDENl. Y . imly fur a momcM. 
the pKiure cleared up— and die world 
wa»of pnvy 

An alKfi ofTiGcr wHk bi| Mack 
eye«, a dragon aoac. nd a aMBnoiuh 
wid> no Iqit reported totui «apcnm la 
a munocofiaus. ctcited voice 'They 
have ahnoM eliminated dietiuelvca. 
Oupauh dK nunmg ihipt now. 

Wc arc fonunate Ihai dicy an: mx 
uilelligeni creaiura. we would have 
gone hrukc trying to buy dicir icdi 
mentary rocki lui fuel 

But ai die rate dicy're goiiig. (hi 
planet may be immhabiuble once dia 
mining ih^faihaR. «u we have com 
menced die oanplele diuipation of 
dicir ownc layer in an cfTun to aid 
dwm in die irciiincuon. while pmctv- 
ing dKir valuable reaouicca 

li'll make a meat, bw it't quick, 
and we're dimal out of ti. " 

The worM thnc in fear 

Nationa laid down die ir armt 

The hand of karma fisied 

And « a mooieni of dcsperiie u- 
Icnce, die world. Mamed Jack 



%vwldycxn'ptduringMidjysaiwlfit«lexjfm The pa per lidistribuled free loallsnidents. faculty 
and ailmttuitration Th« tiaifcingrr oKkv is localnl in A367 

Letten Policy 

Tli»Hait>i»g«wol<xwricslottt.TStotheeditorindriTilioshi(iiirt\litarialslx<1crem» be signed 
and include a social s,\-untv tiumlwr. Signatun>!. will W withheld upon retjuest All letters ane 


ProducH and aervicra adwrtisi'd in The HaitiinKer are m* necessanly ervdijrsed by the cditois 
lit lhi»pa|;xT,mrhythca)l lege admim.slratKXtnr{kurd(i<l>n.>cti)r!> Inquiries ihcxi Id be forvtrardtd 
dirtvtlv liMhi-uUiTiiMT .indall purthasirsarc jtlhedtscwhoniif thcconsuiner. 

Capyrighi I*n. 11w HarMngtt. all rlghu raacrved 


Th» Hoitxrxjsf March 12 1W3 

L^|^tlftrf^'> The Editor 

Smith comments draw criticism from frustrated student 

To ihc dinar: 
Hut a n 
• byUtt 
tfinOMi « ket. 

IB At atwl* 


Your tUMmraK •• qiMMHaMbta. 
-nwy Hc umfusmi and wK ccnwed 
Nm oac« have I (mn iMlUKt if ikcn 

I UwA itui you an whai't wfonf 
I fam my ofwiKK) (r«i> y*»* I***" 

ty MlLint iiaMWM ilMMi tht accim- 

Out ytm. m • uunlm npimiWMi ** 
luvc inlitik riiiaimjMi»f«lto*»«F« 

tcnubtci itutf J.* taw »«» •■obM 

Mjmi liM» if >w«l««««««»««^ «•»•»• 

II, aiii iuki purr nxi ck « 


U mcteif WBM *« jwmfecl »« 
•««" *« •BMM ABjmni with *'• 
uuttok will itMic ihc %f*»m w r<>u 

I vkMC by Mymf *« I •»« w* 
Bimu* Hcni> mA Icwnc hntwui 

M»yti> n »itl t-»u«« ytw w. ih.M 

«|KH« |H»r ynu lux hist Ihc <Tl'>l>'>u •! V 
of dWH »illl'K«i>y OWi k> Kr>< iKc 

Mulcmii af Valium R*inirt Hir|xi 

Eclilorifrj 0- nil D one 


The planet vs. the big-wigs 

Our future dedpends on current government decisions 

Tim* it • wv faint un w Xtu 
aauwy M<t It I* KM *■ • M on <lni(> 
llw IM> uda Mt Wmt awl onowi 
moMiiHi. WbM «« they fifkutl 
•tnol'* They 're fighiinf •hoM dH tdu 
Hum i.«j«ucr»iHon kitb j«*t Tht Spot 
u>l (>» I u( Ihc Nofthwot «aM> ID put 
iiTfjoi oui of ihrir jutn Mtf 
n»lM?Thttnjihri.t __ _ 
luM bwn u»m| the IMCU mchiMt u 

liramiiM piuducuon am Vfi* *"'' 
h«i hwi toy inj hvmm •«*«« off WKl 

'.iiing mac nuchino 

Th» (wnflKi hat bnw(ht with ii • 
nuiry ii( dMdi Oman nd Man tacacs 
HKh at Mchtwi o«tt an canjnai 
mniUllHi' doomcpi h liien • i»!u 
QcalMiiallicttixieijnlia aid Ihc earth'* 

ftmiillH 11 1 the munituuiial en 
mBMMMd aeuvwi «K(am<aaan. hat 
JcwhiprJ I yr.>pim tjjkd "EM»|y 
(.« Ejnplt'^mtni Fhn plan » baxid 
an Ibr idn ihM the lutuR dcpaadi m 
iiiipliiiailiiH III* iWMniininy tmimt 
HdnDtogn The ad««a«<if tta'trca 
afa" MuM hr4> cnaic new jui» ml 
radwa Ac 01 erfKb at pollawin Aal 
luBmiJIianicadiyea ThrpraMimm 
Amcnc* i< dun we WT rctmiag dut 

aw UBW . cwinirio Idic Japan and 
Germany He Icnimt Ihc way lo the 
fuiuR wtthremwthk enoty mJinuk) 

Otccnpcwc. ««• of die wueU » 
lajesi irern (niupa. ««>« u we the 
II S Guwnancni take * imy 

t(<, five rcramofdM WiMMedmiJilary 
tod|«l and dednrae die iminey l» m 
vcsKnt « eirKieiacy. renewable en 
ct|t aw) the iMlliaHaf jnis dMIooild 
tw .^feaial ihiniii#>diuciaapai||t The 

plaid (ma jot* aiitt ite diny. ana 

(Buudlechiwinty AUHdyhydicNcw 
Y«k S»ai« eneru Office m IW 

ilKHMd dut ••e»ci> doBif aimwd « 
cRkicncy and imewaWw cwattt « 
tnuil IWKX at mmy joh» at die lame 

aiWKinl m ^_^_^____^____ 

»om«idah«»ilhitpK>Otiiiafgm Atai 
ttt. if you miB the ear*, you ••-•i'' '•* 
aMc wcnjuy ytmi muncy anyway' 

awl monay inuaaHonal ittiinty. ><'! 
any wnd w unoee die faiti d>« >l •' 
dcwuy our own land, air and warn. 
war naumaJ lei-uriry will »w t-aput' M 
thai tune, the gvverwncm helpc wl 
othat hiMtl fuel developcTJ polhneiiiw 
e«tb with our ta« money ' They do nut 




Hitl lW»iv(:. 

evonom V 


"There Is no excuse for our 
dela>int{ using the ntw 
procissfs. The Uthnolo^) is 

l-ne'iy f" 

;>Ti ■(»■>.»! ■, .»!;'. 
I , .1 r ■ , ... • 

able. fivfUi^ 
lion lan vTt.) 
ili.lDNt aun 

new ifclccn«ffi>(.i»<t». wind, l>»«n»»i. 
dien wc face the diiaaanit cflactt o< 
(kdMl wifflunt "niM MMMlfkaSr 
pn>««ii cdCidiiKai conld dcaany the 
worhl't aetawnqr and hcatdi 

Hw nawta of ibhal warmmt in 
chide mora hMrntaiieii and mipical 
iioriBi, mora dnnifhu. dcM imatiui of 
coattal cuiav durupuun of fannifi( 
and eiiuKtiiinur many »(>«•»• of lilt 

Thii dianiB m ctoriaic i> »»«iu»ht 
ahuui by gwcidiBate gtmi thai are 
muuBd hy can and Mittiry 

Ike Uidwl «laiet > the mmher 
one pradiaccr of dietc laact and hat 
tttAtwmly turned vhafl«ift« >1» way* 
iMicauae ol Ac a»»MiBp««»i dial c Iran 
juht w>B hiM aw ecaouaay "* 
tliaik AM iMT plMei't hadA 
mow inipmtwii A«o««««CEt J • w. I. 

t»i fmaiKin*. Iff 

pun.haKci. Rwenua ikaiint ladiKaai- 


mnMiMitiipBifiiad " 

Thent a noewMie iivnardetay « 
oMig Acne new pfaraMMi. "Hit wh 
fioUigy lahetc 

'The praMcffl it a polmcat one, rm 
• wteMiTK aa*. Puhtkal will aiCab' 
fanta. w>A dw Mp of i«mr t^ei 
not.kiTy B»ini.knH«tlaMaih wind 
(rncratun u pnwar Aa eily rf San 

Sn, n><i time yiw hear atwil i'«n 

linatalMMi heiwvn jata and Aa cf H I 

•runaM, ■anaiiAai dwi jiwn mean* 

in' Md Ain'l l(it(H lo ■»« y«v 
K'«i>tai)f afcm aium% clean jiibtl 


W [ •« V 

t. waw 1 ixwi. 

^-^- * ' 

-—- — ItUCCiNO 

'Cl»« . 


lh» Hottwvsr. March 12 1W3 


Auction to benefit 
Crisis Center in Elgin 

Tlw Caininumly Cruii Ctmer Ccl«l>- 
ray AuciMxi w ai he pmcmtd <m Suantey . 
Much IXuilxCiyualLikeHoliaaytiifi 
The ftmlkma. inihecacu* theme of 'TiKfct 
liK Bi( Tup," beinu « 6 p m oitfi • ntcnl 
•ac'ticin imi cmetuinmcnl Buifeu at tux 
ml colli hun d'ucuvm end pic> pimidol 
by RAen S>)uin «iU be scivni Emceo 
foe ihc cvciunj arc Cruit Ccnta hoiid 
mcmbcn Paincii Pipertk>kicr erxiC imlyn 
O'Neal Terry Dunninf at l)unnin|,'t 
Auclim Setvwe wtfl conduci Ihe li« aw 

The publK » ui«iic<l. cmylM and 
■oiflci, anJ n»ervaii<»i a>t needed l«y 
Friday. March^ ihccouaSIOperperwn 

Over yOO iicim end MTvarc* have been 
donawd by area bUMieuca and ndivMhula 
and by eatoiawen aid iiHini tekhniiei 
Items range in phce from SI S » SJ.OCK) 
Tickets and niimiinilnl tpntit iicnu lunw 
been donawd by the Chicago Bulb. 
Blackhawks. and Cuin and nent playen 
Mo« >c %un and the catta uf TV thooi Mich 
a>"Evening Shade ." "Rcaaendtle DaabW." 
"HcniM Im ii H it a i icmi." atd'L. A. LaatlMMC 
trnl lukiirifihcd unpu and pnipa 

Chratian SLMrr. lX>llv Puun. lay lam. 
Jack Lemmun. WaUer Payvn. Joan Sae;. 
Wkoovi GciMheij . and many (Xher celetri 
laaa haw dnmicd fam "Born Show ik ji 
da am up far MtcBan. 

Tamni Nana include an aian|ra|A«d 
pruu rmni Michael Junta), a While S>n aky 
bua pany itaiiied by Xerox CurpiiraiMin. 
mi a fine alt fraoMd ^uilt "<>n anaga o( 
FrcadORi" handmade by Ftime Fncnali 

Quiltm. Sunshine Travel of Wen IXndec 
Md Carnival Cnuie Lmei ve ihanng the 
donalHm vif a leven day cnute u> ihc t^tem 
or We«cTn CanMican on Canu»al» ne»c«i 

Other ticim nc hade a hm air bttkiun ndc 
Uk twu. Kume aocufity fyMC) I lOI pocket 
waich. huuachuU denw, ifaning cenifi ca a ie 
ai.liheaicruJiru AncwfcanmsitaTanjer 
Day" iifrfuluntiy. a day an \tK juti wilh a 
profeiuunal. lu be purchuea) (or a Icen micr 
euad in puniitni a ipccirK career 

Vk ation spiitt include a lunnc fat a week 
inSi lahn.U.S Virginl>la»li.a<C<KalCnu 
Bay; geiaoayi k> Wiuuniin end MKhtgan. 
and a bed leid hrcakfaai gcuwiy ici trim 
Hedge m Dundee. 

All pniicada bcneTit the Ccnici. a ion 
pnriry dwBer Iwi int ii wamm and ikcv 
clttklrcn each ughl and prmultnu off tiu 
ahdN»-f<a maki and lannWs aiih make 

Since 1975. the CrwtCcnia hat lerw*! 
dK «ktim< of dumaiK vKilenci. k«ui1 ai 
tauh. and ofliei individuals and (amilict "tn 

Aavamd'the tkvk wrrvKci Lvwludc a 24 
hmt hMbne andcnaea miarvoilwa a> well aa 
tiapiiiin gnwpa nd mii«idual cuumeling 
The Craw Cmta ahio nanatea the Health 
CewMT. Ifct iiBWuihiHr'a onty fhac cUmc lur 
Iheae nithmii nai— icca Uicaied m Bgm. 
NitCriiitCcnKr lervea the nunhweu tutMrta. 
Kane County and Uk K» VaOey 

For infiinnatiiin ahoui the event, ancaiin 
iteina, m for reaavalMm. call the Center, 
6<I7 2JI0ot(TDD 70* U2 *mt) 

Campus Quotes . . . 

QaeMMiii by Jim Walwus Sporu Edilor Phoioa by Hcaihiv CmoU- MamgingEduoc 

What do you think of Student Senate's problem of 
not being recognized by the administration? 

" We pay Uie money it's kind of like the Ipay 
Ukcs' idea (Xir tuition ii (he tues and we should 
make some of the dccisiore." 

- Oiris Michalidet 
M^ Phannaceuticals 

"Us a jt>ini effort I doot ihink it's fair ihey 
come up vbiih ideas and the adminiiitrabve lakes 
them away." 

• Jennifer Simonsi* 
Major. Psychoh^ 

"What studem tenaie? I think every student 
organi/jtion should have aome iCGQgnition fnwn 


Major SoiaalWoifc 


lh« Hartxnget. Moich 12. 1W3 

Beware the dangers of a stroke HO&KhCoiIier 

Many peofilc axauia t itnlu • 
imMf nd devatoint occuncacc. • 
htood vcswl rupcure or bhickagc lh«l 
prevents hltwd from nuwrng io the 
brim. kilUnj bnun Mill, cusuif <il> 
ahilily or death. 

The (ki i> ihu mx alt urukei an 
MiJdcn"fK~cunem:vc Early tmervcn- 
iion can miiumi/c d«na|c and pre- 
vemive can may reduce Ac rak of 
lavkci, iccordint u Ihc Amencan 

There are fevaral majer lypaa at 
strokes The two moai canmaR tffct 
are caused by don or odar mitenalt 
thai plug in anery thai nipplieB bknd 
to a part of the brain Rupitjred MkmxI 
•easels cause Ihc other two 

"Three kinds of treatment are 
pra«in( very successful in pre«enun( 
airoke." saul Louis Cohen. M.D., 
prendcni ol Ihc Ancrwan Heart Alio 
cialion of Meuopoltun Chicago 

There aie two (ruupa ol new dru(s 
iha can akm <it ptcvcnl the (wnuuai 
of Mood c loa AiKMhcr iteaanaM. dus 
one surfical. can relieve severe 
bhxkafe in die neck anencs muitm$ 
htand supply l» the brain 

"Strokes need to be tteaiod with 
the lame scaK of urfcncy as a heart 
■Back." said Cohen. "And in order Io 
get immediaie Beabnem. people must 
be ahle toreciogivuc ihc wamin| sifiu 
ofMnk* " 

The waniiiic ngna of stroke are 
suMni weakneia or mimhncss iw die 
facc.amior kgunoncsidcuf the bixly. 
nKfckn dimness or loss of viuun. par 
IKuiarly in ime c>e. loss of speech iir 
trouble Uikin|[ or understanding 
Lsuddim severe headaihes widi 
I cauK. uneipiamed diui 
neaa, untmdmcss or sudden falls, cs 
pectally ak«i| with any of the previous 

' Wc mx only iimm more atutli 
how IO subdue a smke pauent aid 
he|m early dierapy which cm reduce 

The |0od news is that maior 
prngtcts has been made m bnih pre 
vention and trcanncni of stroke Bui 
because people arc now hving kvtf er, 
die iiHal number of urokes in Ameru a 
IS increasmt The esunuued VIO.Oi) 
peopk ishu suffei (nm a ttiukc ckrh 
year n the United States usually have 
one or imire of ihe following nsk fac 
um that can be changed or treated 
high bkMid presiute. hean duciK. or 
nransicni ischemic aiucks (DAV— 
lempmrysnukc Idicsyntpuimwhicli 
are strong pnxheiurs of stoke 

Ftjr more infonnaban on stroke or 
hew attack. ooMaa die Ajnenon Hean 
AsMiciaiiun at 1 «(I0 AHA USAI •* 
y<«ur physician. 


^ American Heart Association 

This recipe is intended to be part of an overall healthful 
eating plan Total tat intake should be less than 30 percent of 
your total calories lot a day - not for each food or recipe 

Spagtiettl With Meat Sauce 

VthfMi MKi partv 

Away at Tax Time? 








jM) 4IH1 .III' 

II. ai ^\ 

,iM,l,- !h.- 

siiinv lit iinic 

I i<ih\l Sl.*i<. 

>. (tit 

A(Jlil i' 

twr aHt»*ctl 

ti' c 

vicnd . 


U> liln 

Serxcc ("»' 
receive *n i 
m Ilk (h. 
rctum% l*jv 


,~1 Id 

... .l.L' 1J« 

111 JuUllKHVll U\C- 

ri\ Ihr liHIUCU 

' iiut 

ViMl yitut 

.11 f'oniulji 
111 Inleir. ' 
Dtvif ihv 

'T\ll^l .1. . 

:^*«. Ki.lui 

111 Ills- until 

,, CMlT. 

lunc i' 

\'h ;>iiun<l!.'e.:l'l Q'OU'' 

2 ' 

1 ■■■,.; ■ . ,i. • firl! > 
p- : 

t Uf<» .;i- 

Wiifcpstrrstiife sauce 

piU*"'"' tvT^'.t' 

• fiotoveimt 

Add OtlHXlv 

Nutrient Analysis per Serving 

lUi -■«) ' 9 




fij ^ \ 


A 4-VEAR I)F(;rf:e? 

in Ixdi Fun \i. lllimiis 

\ ..Kcducatii^nal IiKtjI ans priv.ttc ..>Mcfi. ii>t icMdctit and 
mmutcr studcntN 

.i ; ;MrtmcntN in..iudin^' 

EUucaiHin/PNVxhtitog) . Managcmcni/BuMncss. 
Pcrfi arming .\ns. and Sludn' Ans 

" Day and F.vcninj; k.las\c\ 

* Child care scr\ kcs 

" Pan-time iir full time status 

Ji>in Baral n many students whi* have eomplctird A\M>ciate 
degrees at communuv wollcgev 


2na Anniversary 



'.'ijA w luc'.iJ Ave -;'0i3t!r,e 
learner of Outntin I, Euclid. Rtjency Plan Slowing (cenler! 

PHONE* 934-06% or FAX 9J4-0053 



For more informaiion call Admiuiont OfTicc 

^ '^■^ A 

S. V J I \ 


L-^, j'lC get one '^£1 
Each aay a d<fferpnt daily soecial'"' 
Mj .'fjtn 


r ree 


■ • Th» Hatbmgm March 17 l«3 



Maddog" has no bite 

"Ho Gutt. No Gfcry " Thii 
moww t» no* • c«fliiK«l> .-in* 
dKxt IcMon m mkik^ 
tnuunf ThepnidiKcrv : 
bsrof ilu*rtlm rrtiol UM>mu«.h 
on hs4 cMt 

"Mad 0<ig '* »m Rtib^ 
en DcNiru it Mitl Vki$. ■ i»p 
wltu never auwrti hunicllf oi 
Uir )ut> H« mctli up and) 
Fnnli iHill Many) « (cnttw 
niau,c tioR. ohidi w (KM iip 
t<v t fuy ohu ■ KMBMlt w 

Mad Dug ccamnco rtw 
dfugi;ic i» k«ve the ielitc and 
^v^rtlni•lI frank 
l«ls tfiJtfiS! 
"gi*c«" him Hk»ry il mi 
Thurrrun). iint of fimk ■ ^n 
(knitfcd«cr%«vo.fLWih. - 
m "tfM (in tfw kcciK <-• 
int " So. Mid Dng cvcnUMuiy 
(till « l<j»t with CUiry. Ftjnk 
(cu mad and aanu ha ba>.k. 
Utey n(hi Blah Mah blah 

You tino« hpw m Ihc pre 
view s. il kwki Idle ON iro and 
Murry aie fifhimi uvtr 
Thannan * You kmM" Iw* il 
l<»*jrc»ny tunny' fTSNOT! 
The cdtun did s IK h a gool job 
with the previcx ihai ywt 
thouU only wakh ihnae Ri 

«it Viiu ^«;«r Riit 
M'lirry a> « faiw«t->T|K >nan 
onh lh(^ telniMl entry t uracl ' 
Hiihert DcNiro as a • m{>'" 
. i raaTln»m*na»».Jii/'l h, 

I haj a really hard iimc a|» 
pctciaiin(C*ckcliant.ici'> tiitie 
MvttiylMsctuKaUtrfllicn wcie 
w ptuheiK I am very ditap 
liiHnicdviihdudBiKic Iwkirc 
idt Hire* te«l»,>wt iliM M mK their 

Vat may mote thai Man.n 
Samctc IS one of die prudiH tr> 
ol dw fitm »o yuy oiuld r« pe4 1 tw 
ice luis o( intrrmini vinieta 
uiuiH cJ X 

'ufhiiui i^'t nilTirtijn 
MKONCi There asfflgiBiefcM 
. iiloct m the lahule film 
''le he|imiin|; i« ai hlai kaod 

. and drph;!! a drug deal 
rhc druggie tihe tane tmc <aho 
held tip Itw luae I ihoxi )w(h Ihe 
tuppliei and hu «<h><n fur the 
geoda T)ie«ccnemelt.i mu>aihw 
arhcn he bghu hu ciuk pipe 
Very ctitil I guc^i *c'k iu<i in 
Kanaai anymore' 

Thi» i« one oi ihoie mt?*ie» 
that Dad roita on Sunday ihn yuu 
iUfec)ubl«alcdlo»ai.:h Om'i 
araaic your money WaitfiwDad 

Anne's top ten {or so) 

) KowM-raiiatitdCmMiiauni 
an Demi 

TWgKaieitnMvKufalhune Start Gary 
Clldman,TimRti<handKKhainiDryfus lion 
kt tmCR frv«m the inM«k injt 

2. Ill<jnlyf}llu>n> riiell(.tfCrmliiTkt 

Tied tor temnd Monty Pythtm't hcM 
<«i«tia»ai!abje Bcnh Hal JeihnCleeae. Michael 
Ptim. Eric Idol and the rest of the MP gang. 

3. trtail 

MmKy Python » Terry GiHiam diretU hu 
vmmi oi Ike future Thi« rdm u full of 
«>ci>d<ia, eatrav agam icu and r««i haa am 
m» fioHi Rt*«:ii tXNiio m^ Hob ll(nki»> 

4 A Clai:lMvrk OroHgt 

An Englith clatsic hntycd m die l!$ uniil 
alMNUtenycartaga. AsturyoJulua viukiKe 
aMl g«ga (ha oiii make you >tu«ei am! 

%. AnwnttlCraiUrs 

TheManBimhenaiheirheit Indudci 
Ibc wlamou* "Ca(Hi:r. Spiuldmi" mng 

4 riitlmrr Ihitf 

JoimCuiicac't he«t, he and a woman from 
his En^iihclau raid out road npa can he hcD 

7 TKi fnKt»u tridt 

The clattK iangi»tai<iwck fitly tak 
Grand periotminrei from all 

t HatoUmiJMMik 

A kwt ilory of a oaiung «>f age 111 veal 
utdmanandvefCRitrie ^0 ye artild woman. 
Bud Con Han 

9 fm»floy<fjrVMjrt 

An«wad»enl«ireeveryime SceiiKilwr. 

to. VtoFwwrf «<«<■' XaMw' 

TlM Rvoiuiiiinsy fikn mcorporating ani- 
■id live KlioB. BcBcr than Cool 

II JlmfiskirK^ 

Tory GiUiim s latnt tfiuntfih A uary 
<'f a doiurhe4lvm)ekK:t man and the egotis 
ta>iDJwh»'u>eihirn "OidocatVnyMvc 

12. DttwuitsMfH 

A f^neh Maek-eomedy about a i;annt 
babsiM.' delKaiesaen French with Engliih 

U NifklamEanH 

The undergmiad. u»m to be ckitic. 
Mary ofwhal happem at tarns in lour differ 
eni comm el iIk earth at the ume ume 
Wntma Ryda ii fcatunad. 

14 llemhtrt 

The clasMc tak of high Khool eoofor 
may and huw fai uean go Star< Chri<uai> 
SUu:r and Wuma R>dcr 

And the worst.. 


My Demon Lover 

Makntg Mr Right 


Any Eameal movie 

Any Scon Baio movie 


Maraukifl Two 



'mvHabingw.March12.1993 9a 

What's up? 

'Comedy of Errors' 

Slat wilar 


Cwpw ka^yratiia . . . 

11iun4sjr Martk 11 WmrnK't 
History Wttk coilinuci Ptngran: 
EjiprctimgOif HcnUfc Thn>u^ An 
A315; 9 « m. 3pm mii 6 45 pjn 

Frtda}Mardil2 Thc.'5(A;«<wi 
ttnary Sort Hap oil) be hcU in 

rrUtj M«rck II NiiiontI 
Shlkapun: Conputy > pnxiuction u( 
"neCamettyo/rrmrtr uaiu*l7J0 


Salvrda; March I) CtxltutMiii 

Mmd*]! March IS Cuntcn. n* 
Dmtn (Iruh Folk) « lU pcTfoaa in 
Ihc Siudeni Ccnicr M 12 nucm 

Mesda; March IS 

O — iwi j f i<y*> jc fttxiAf beimsintl 
wiU be ivaOabk ilvoufhiiui Iha cMim 

Can l-«»tTTXRAY fo ip 
poHiaiMnii ScienuRf uMU StO 

Maaday March IS .Wdi* .4iui 
«<y5<|pp<MlCn>i^ will maci in F) 1 2 u 

TmttK) March 1*^ Thii oeek't 
vMlao lEiKinoMtn (PC) 

Wnlanda; March IT tfft 
11. rmtHtk'i Dmfllt 

Ttmndaf March II TV Omfy 

Som play >iiif • lun|. rwk pnp im 
•tage It Carlaa Marpbjr'* in 
&'haumtiurg 4(16 E GolfRd <:i) 

Friday March 12 Jk Salarday 
March 13 Oww; Bim^admr* (yi. 
dte |ii)r (rani Iht hnridfc Fainily) w ill 
be appeami at ihe Fimmy taiu in 
Napervillc Call lui ramvaiwro and 
mfacmatHm (21) 

S«l«r4a« March II "Moyo 


TTfC Teletnarketing Company. 
\\f re your team 



479 S. Business C nter Drttt • .W. Prospect 

S ailnutss f r ; - 

...rst rail 

/rawT' will tail IhcMiMsaltlictaf 
Chicago m PaUtne H«r nuiaic w 

deM-nhc«J u "t*«iiip funk in OMI- 
dnve ' and ilic'i oAen aM iparw l ID 
PaiuLaBdlc M .« Nunhwtu Hwy 


KioHlay March 14 H(imewwti^ 

MMday March 15 THtfmtfic 
Clm^ sn L m ntw il will Ikiat bvc jant 
matic, wiih The UmAid Big Band.' 

Tamtfay March I* Cuaniry 
Wealctn 'SkaJa afCmmuy" will 
pofumiaiSbadaainDiMraeU 2IHi) 
N H*v 21 (21) 

WfdBfHlav March IT Happy Si 
Pamckt Day' Ehirty Nallia. m 
PalaUK. •> M kK'k i^^f early wuh 'SmaU 
l^tMatoen" pnvviilmgniuiic.hcittfmmK 
at mnn AultKr;iK: Imk tUp tkm, m 
wiih bagptpc and an early iIimw hs 
TiMtrwdllallji win alio hr perform 
ng Ccktraiewiihlniihfondinddnnk 
alt day kng .. M N BtXhwetl 

"The C<medy o< Emm", dw fir»i 
omcdy penned by Shakeapeac. will 
be pvfonned ai Hatper Culkgc on 
Friday. Mvch 1 2i>i 

The walk will be dramatued by 
ilK NaMoal Shahespeatc Company. 
which it cantnlly axlebraiing lu KMi 
year. 1ht gnMp. which perfunm lo 
over I0O.a00peapiepeTyear.C4jn>ttU 
of 1 2 mcsthera who w««c cboaen hum 
amangCNCtlJDOOwhaaudilMned The 
gmup't mona m Xiwtict fur Every 

Fmi pcrfunned Occcmbci 2*. 
1594. "The Comedy of Error, u 
Shakeipearc'i moal nmplc conedic 
plot Then M no decepliiin among Ihc 
cbancicrt. for ihey are all completely 
ignoram of whai a going on indeed. 

Ihc aadiaHC it altowcd mucli mote 
inionnatun Ihan ihc chanclen. As 
Benrand Evana puu a, ". die gical 
mounc uf taughier » Ihc ciplaiiabia 
gulf tpicad beiween the paRKipani'i 
undemanding and oun." 

The idiow IS lighdicartcd vid rany, 
al liRio icmimKieni of early %xUa» 
Hollywoodcunwdia Itiifaii.bnghl, 
and funny, and ha< been called one of 
Ihc bcti ctamplct of larcc comedy in 
llw Engluh language 

The »how will be held on Friday, 
Ms..hl2di.u7 Wpm inBuiMmgA. 
Tickets are S6 fur Hatpci uudenis. and 
arc available at Ihc Bui OfTioc. e>L 
2$47 Houn are 10 7 pm Monday 
thniugh Thunday. and 10-4 pjn. on 

What's going on on campus? What is 
there to do here? What's up?.' Find out on 
the What's I'p page every week in tht 

H<fnn Ciiltctr Tbunc ami Jjradria Aciiviun Vmrn 

^e^oncf T\\erapi/ 

Think big. 

Eiini a fall >var't 
crciKl in riitM or 
niiir «rctkft. 

North* r«lm I nl<«r«il> 
Nummrr V«»i«wi ** 
Ihink or %aini 

llur iitun^itis til ihmHMr^ pInMt-ii 
Jnk4 bmffwigr* lira* uadraei fram 
jII mrr ibr tiwMn 

I in ihi.ik,, 








Hurpcr College students, will 
prcKni id sprins pUy, "Bcyund 
rhrrapy" u K p m . Msrv h 19. 20. 26 
■nd 2? A dinner thealer package t> 
■vfttlable SuimUy. Marth 20. and a 
malincc « ill be pnacnicd at 2 : 30p m. 
on Sunday , March 2 1 

An abuird oonwdy by OmMch 
phcf Dwang."BcyundThcnf)y**jDim 
icvcrai ctxcamc charaticr% at ihcy 
try to ducovcr what U«ve in ihc 90s u 
all about One of the characlen u not 
quiK suit of hit sexual uncntalion. 
He mecu a worn m through a ne wtpa 
per tingles ' iolumn who w ants a male 
comptnton w Uw doesn't rcjUly care 
abota hu confuiKin To help dma 
C4ipe with their ncuRiaes. they Mcfc 
the gmdanoc uf paychiaUHts. 4)n]y lo 
Ttml thai the p«ychiUrui& are alto be- 

Pitying the Icadingnries arc: EJ. 
Suiion, Bamngkm. as Bnice. Beth 
Quiglcy. Barlett. as Chatlotic, Tom 
Bcntk, Bamngton. a* Andrew. Mtltc 
Komen. Artmgtun Hcighu. at Bob; 

This play txintatru exphcit Ian 
guage and is not nxomincndcd for 
children Ttckei pnoet arc $7 with 
dmounti fur students and aeniorciti 
jRrns The dmncr ihealre package on 
Saturday. March 20. is M995 and 
bcgimal6pm Fur iickctt and inCor- 
matiim. call the Uarpor CoUcgc Boa 
Office at en 2547 

" i 


■ 10 TNe Hoifcir^ge' V'o'c'^ t '■''-' 


Help Wanted { 

Ht a't ieo«ing Id> »«'tondt.« 
ttiandly mtn t •omtn 10 an- 
t«*r phofltj lof out cii»rii\ j'-J 
lyp* mail ratpons*' 
iki»t and 1 3CiO-3 ssi'i- 

tima-Daj •• ' 

pojitiom a<i'.i6:« Wt '': = 
pact locaiton Can :o8 ; 'c 

7094 for appomlmanl 

Lqoking tot ium"*' amploif 
want'' Sactira fom posiuait 
aaMy tor out*ia» p»iniinj ;:'§»» 
E«pariar»c« prttaitad »•'* 
Ui n *ppiy No«' Cor^tacl 'CS 
23t 1360 

Thara ata only t«o StuOaril Bun 
Coiporalisnt m tr>a Nation Ona 
II at HarvafiJ Uni»ariity anil IHa 
ol^at i» liaia al Harpar Ccila^a' 
Formulitor Inc * diploma 
maan; nottiinj mlhout aipart- 
anca' Gai your aiparianca Kara 
ai Harpat t Slu<tar>i Run Corps 
ration ROOM l6Sa Bid J Ho» 
accaptinj Hudanls CiH t«t 
2970 or 397 s;;2 

Denial At«!il. Hinled 

Patt'trnia Must Pa »ary 
raliaPla. aiatura and tnandiy 
Will train tha rigtil parion 
y,an Pr, sella 577 7171 

Goldan Appla Prod Aclort tor 
day s^o»s niust smg local co 
Audilioni by appi Ctit Laala 
194-44 14 

$2 00a<- a month No aipari- 
anca naca$»ary For mlorma 
lioncall 1 20e 634 D46I a<t 


Hiring Ladiat lor MODELING no 

a>p nac CAiL LEE 9 to S 

i708)4«8 1373 

Help Wanted 

For Re^it 




- •■ -. t 


Promota c-u» ' 

Q.^^b ^. i-k .>^a^ 1- 

ijf. ■ 




ng ';g03i4jl-3j:t4' 



(tn >iiiir (-iiiiJtt'twnt 

I'.ni\ Ml 

tH\l Mistiis in Ihf fuiijri !! 

h4)pr jmi lij>i a *rr» bryv 


Tmo/fcaflriBm Two 5. 

Knoning itta quattiont dalera 

td* - . ■■ - iOj- 

184- 1 129 Ipr intermitiort 

Kimt Compittai Sar. :»i 

Tarm Papati, Rapo-'i 
Rasuma* Slgd*- ' 
Call 67C 

>t paan tcr you 

BONUS- no tioains- ' 

TiO !)' 'i^e W»«li 

' '3 5'. ocp up a 
~ wiiia dnvirg 
* .- . ■ ■ . joifig 

about i f:S '0 

PC* ;^__ 

3 Canny 1 mindi aqual aPsul ona 



Teams Forming 

TKa Womant Sstibali taar? 
now forming' For mora mto^ 
nation call PEAR 
(NOTE You mult carry at ;»i' 
' 3 cradit heuri la p 1 1 y a <p-' 


Do you naad «owa htip' Do ycu 
naad tomaona to •«•! talk lo^lt 
you da call Tha Counsalmg Can- 
tar a<l 2577 


For Sale 

li* Mtrcur* Topa/ 

13000 00 amlm pi p». 
cruiia S ipaad call 3$2- 
6835 or ail 2446 Oaorga 

-■an I you taHins ino»a 
• cKar gat 10 '■f'' 
itff Eiaclly "tiy did yot 'lta»a 
4 r^i'-.^^ituct'on cona at homa' 

.ippily ya? lait Ui« 

-ny I mt 1. ] (acll, yiC* 

Wa aouid liiit to thanli. Holy 

c ^™.,. «-- r*,' . Wi^:'« ►-ftn Pan- 

- sly $ 
- . -fburg, 
and Hotn Housa Cala. tor nalp^ng 
i;i «in iKa Sca»ar>jar Hum ■ 
Hay Kan Isn I tnara a laaasamsl 
Camg about 60 yaars old and 

uling a 15 yaar old'' 

,iisl bacausa G»aj (oolit tika a 
dumb Bikar. doain t maan ilial 

fa'i a Biliat' 

Danny 5 Oarnyi 

on M'laaukaa 

wtiara tha parvarit (Kani 

and ll<a drunki tkrifty) 

Ilka to play 

tMliara Laura ti«as 

and ft« tipt do m» givt 

^•cauta «a'ia all broka avary 


( 10 iha tuna ol Homa an Itia 


■ ■.'t *oi:a joes 

I'ound. Whan you lip 

rr (. on-' ' iTiiiy gat tpai*. oops 

all ovar you' 

; to Iha tuna ol 

Im a litlla la* poi i 

- ~ -i-iJay Kristy! 

Cm . . Trails m La La 

land v>on I look back and navar 
look doain Mitt you Paul 

Htather II you laiva Who it 
joins 10 p'Ci 0- on-? 

All alone. Dancing in tha nothing 
Hoo about a dinnar parly IWa II 
mviia. Sotiia Or Ruth and Iha 
Glanviaa Natal Air Station This 
may nobody will noiica how bad 
Iha leod it 

Frit2 Wa iniss you' coma back 

to it 

To Uncia Arl Ona chair with 
arnt as taquasiad. look in tha 
lall coinar ol Iha classroom" 


I am in lova with you. piaata 

nolica ma Wa sit to close 

only you saam to lai away 


Mad Kan mora bark than bita 

Happy Birthday 

Student Tans 

Try the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanner Monster-Bed 


Single, Double, Triple 


Separata Super High 
Speed Faca Tannran 



(1 2 Block East ol Maacham on Algonquin) 
• '6 E. Algonquin Ha Sthaumtiirg 
Ptaza Da Li» Florei 


Eaiti njr. 111.! ,';i. .! I M.iiiH I I'r.itliijU-stranslcr lo 
KiKiMtcIt I i i;til»«.jmpu»t<>c<«npUU' 

lh«irH.iiti' ' t -.stwllulhinorrhiiivst 

»iih-;i »»*l iiimnniKn»ni- uniwrMtv 

II. I - hjlh> V\riitH-l jnd l>an I iii Ifll >«hv thu 

wijIlM Hli»IM.*lit 

KiH'M-vilt ,K«i .ill rrn M.tTjx r u»dit>. .iiul n i:i-.ti.itiun 

v*,i.^ a hri-i-/* Kathv \.i\ inis li*at«»n*i,i> 1J1..1I 

Ki"iM-».-lt iI.iM rn. - l>.uir»r>lainv \nil .ill 

rn H- - .--■■,' " 

MHin>, ' ' i: , ''^ 1 . -'..."";■ ti I ij> iiniT ^"1 ;-■"' 

AJhtrt A Ki.bintampu»: JI-'l S l..»hK »i K,l 

\rliin:li.iilKi>;liN II '■'" "<'- ■ 

Roosevelt University 



Presents a senes of Road Rallvei 

Whst is a ftosd ffe^fe? 

A Road Palive 'S not a race A 
Road Ballye challenges vow 
ability to follow and interpret 
instructions some of which are 
hidden, so you have to seek 
them out 

To get more information and thi 
current schedule. call oui 
HOUI'MS Leave your name, 
address and phone number and 
where you saw this ad to get on 
Our mailing /isf 

24 Hour HOTLINE 
(708)450 8220 

•Br««l » a«My« T»<wn, OtW «■»¥• tf"" 
•■;. .... B(^i¥» T.xr- Whoul* Mlv* TiMW o'- 




1h»Ha(t>ing»f March 12. 1W3 


Intramural basketball teams give an alternative to 
LI Hawk fans suffering from the'off-season' blues 

THe mid w ly {AMni uf the IM Bu 
kc^txll Lcagur h« Iwcn reacttcaj oiMi 
the Sih Wjmi H<»K« h<>iiiin( on l» • 
unc game lead isv«r Ihe Bcjn- 

Th* Itafx "o* pl*y' "« Turadtfr 

•nd Tllundqr rv«niii|tt lur ihc momli 

Mirth »!* ih« Pl«y nffi listing «i 

.<til HcTc't a Uiti4 ai t^tuivi frtun 

lueiulay. M«n:h*> 


Tooof ihcleafw'i tmi muulcd 
liaaifh • IcmI changmt tame w uh i)k 
tan cuming bwk fnm • I9 2l( Half 
lane iVricii KMopilM win. Ton Cmantey 
and kfr Stiwkr uqipK] uplkciraf 
frfue w ihe socunlhalf b kc Ibc fiinc 
for ihc Bean, itma Adanu bad 22 
pouiuaid VicBiuwninMdm I7(<>f 
the Hii S^uad 

Sth Ward Hawks «t »«»■«» 

TIk Haokii >h>H • I -• II lead <n tin 
fni ten inuuitii»«f Ike lams andnroti 
kTotal Daiell. ittimm Antyad their 
Gnt <rf tie MMoa lo Ihr dtfenduit 

dUaniiMni who wen nearly nawlcM. 
ThtpeaMtkaMitallixMinfuf L«.T\ iXii 
nju w life M pivmu af«d Derrit ' 
pmnui aeaicd (tie game > 
chippiid m It iMnnu and Scuu Mew) 
and Dnuiu Haaluw had 15 fix the 

K| Dawg* *l friMt Ttot « 

Ik; Big UiogtgoKmlhc wiimng 
Mark f« (be firti iimc ibu icaMio wiifa 

Time To lead f- . 
ikrouihoui ihe 

PraicMwKi again puaX liic auin>:ii. 
with 19 (XNBU kn die evcmng Ouy 
FtiaattaiUiumUtheoMuCdle kaguca 
lofi KOKB pniMll 29 puma f«r die 

IVwne Timer* 

IM leaai m I BlaadkaiHitti *t 
la the ticn game of iheeveiMig, • 
»Bvng IM Teiaiii pnvaiM •"■• > ■•>» 
daianaiiwd UMoai'lialmBt (* 
alTur wat in doutt until ttic 
lunuii:^ i>( liw- g«ni; «ihcn Ihc Mak^ 
.4ji|kJ a (iviir .■( ■hi: IM (-■>.«■ IViii..« 

L'miiMcluMiit «• |KikK>i liie mMt 
deteroi^med five ai Ac kagw and m> 
bad i* aaic tgaaiat Ikcm 'nK> f>wce 
\>>u [ilo ihc 40 mmiKi end b end 

■cad Ida' ItattwiAatMU* 

ikti. -bf^.MigteofittciKiiaMftvm 
Man* 4 


The M Team (wcied (he* •anand 

Harpti Sports Calendar 

Maich 1 1 


I hjr<*l.i) 
VtirJi IX 



Apnl X 

Apnl >« 











vs. Triu»i 





S« A ML-p jhcail' 111 >.un(Jk.i Iht phyMtal edtKalwn olfitc (c« ^4f<i\ (oi imwc mfiimuiKin no cvcno | 


Hri .'Mivad 4V U«i Ua«gl4t 

In a tiaalc <rf uraiat aaniioaed of 
Harper fonlMI team maiei. Die Hti 
•t^uad (wl paced die ofTenMvc ImenKn 
in a ioffiiy cantpeiiuvc tttrnt The 

Pamin'Gdd cwnbtnauan putlcd I* 
poiaif earh k>r ttie wmnert LaoBatd 
Wilbami played hiv vmaif csi game of 
tlK year Ijuk king diiwn 1 2 poina and 
kid ouatapdinf Ihmr) wwk throiigli 
«ii Sm ganc. 

*(h U.rd ll«»k.'l (nun .Iu\- 

Die Hawlu picked up iheir locatd 
- ■ .>fl)K»cekbrceangio7| S6»in 
mcrahaid wtirimgCuun Juiiii>:c learn. 
I dm Dcant* lo^ipix) with 2i {ximu 
i&M«i liunn chipped in IH piiinu 
i4r»innen Chru Sanaguftlm pnaied 
; ■ - - • »nge 

afk.. ' 

year. Ihe deieiminad and mriappabk 
(.'nuxKhahuUs poucd a namiw S I -49 
win uver the previmuly undefeatad 
li«ar>Chn>lverMai°>naiU[k«hk eight 
firaight free thrmva withtiut atnist waa 
the key fur the ynun; 'Bulla The am 
leal w t> highly uailciled fnnn the )>c 
gmndig and Hawed by many fouls in 
CTUkal pinnu of Ifce game. 

J? Step aheCUC 'SyinmfurCanoa 

mm gear dir ii iMramvali IR ^ki gmng wung and playa^ hard hcfoc the 
play ■iJh the wcwid week tn Apnl Enhet way you Uwk ai it all aihkto here 
ai Harper are warfctng ai anpiovtng iJhea game 

Hub ff'-nhg week the t»tl>'(itie adikici will coniuuic to praeiit.e f<» 
■camnapcncn dui liegm ihe ft>lii>o mg week. 

iMramuralllaakcthall will play ueiManh l^end t« (tailing at 7 pm On 
the tiihKkiienagiplay Hit Squad ai 7pm beliire An IM Team playi 5th Ward 
at Sp m At 9p m Prune Tune will take on I'niiHk haKilb followed by Uk Rig 
Dawgavt CowtJtuucaeilOpm OnOKlgihthcReanandSdiWardwillatan 
off dK etentng ai 7p m Skuenagt and Uniau.habuilt w ill take coiiiul uf the 
oMtfialtpm PmneTiineaid AniMTuunplayai9p.m jusiticfartHit 
and Court losbce take the axiiT lu Finuh oil the regular Maam ai lOpm 

William Raiiuv Harper College '^ hours are suhjecl lo change. Pkmt check posted schedules. 

Student Computer I<abs 

Open LallM 


Special Purpose l.abs 

J Buikling 




Jay - Thru . . 


F n -.!.iv 





■ M 


l(M«i \M ' 


F Building - Room 303. Open Lab & Writing Lab, IBM 

Phone 708^ 3«»7- 3000 

Vjv have classes Chrck pcsieJ hi<urs. Word Pi-rfect and 
Nonon Tentni. 


Monday - Friday 
Saturday- Sunday 

See PasU'd Hours 

D Buildiiit - Room L31. Open Lab & IMPS, IBM / UNIX 

Phone 7im yn X)00x2669 

May havi- 1 lii<«;$. Check ptnlfj h/yun U i. 

Spa'^idshert. and Derive 


Monday - Fnday 



8;00AM llOOPM 
800 AM « ISl 

A Building - 

B,,.„, JK/I 1 

" ■'■MTi. M;tdiiltr>h 

May hj'>^ 



i:.*orM fe.iKiPM 

SI 3(1 AM - KKtilPM 

TTiUi .xJ^y 

:<)(IPM - lO.OOPM 


'/'«! AM - 2:(I0PM 
12N....n -liiOPM 

I Buitdint- Room 2(l9b, Secretarial, IBM 

Phone 708 W7-XHX))i 2810 
Hours. Monday and Wednesday 1:00 PM 4: WPM 
Tuesday and Thursday 1 U) PM 4 3o PM 

Saturday Sunday Closed 

I Building - Room 213, CIS, IBM 

Ph(w 708 397 MX) % 2372 
May hj Chnk pmied hours, Windows 

Hours .V Fnday 9.00 AM - 10.30 PM 

Saturday 9:00 AM 4:00 PM 

Sunday Closed 


IBM u>nipuu'rs with Word Proci-^ing and Spreadsheeu 

Businesi.'Prufessional Development Lab 

Rmin Hours: Monday ~ Tuesday 4()0PM 6;00PM 

CIS Lab 

Tuesday I OO PM - 5 00 PM 

wmmmiimmgummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimgmmmmmmmm imwmi^ jr mim miM mm mmm mm mmm mmm mmm mmm mmmmmmmi 



ThvHcirtMnow March 12 1993 

Ian Ferguson returns 
to work with plenty 
to say after a well 
deserved ^vacation' 

narb»is»» Sporti Caumrat 

cial hu found (onMiiif lo to <c 
vcTtlyliuwlDuiipyiutwildi fm 
tiMc datten wt Inkcn boMi/ ip- 
penl*|« and iineit|i«eud dnp ••• 
ilivoif BfM caily tiycoKMHonlio- 

I would like k> ufcc ttiu unc ID 
•Krk-omeinywif hi k U'Hmhmga. 
Myiiie week vK.aiK-11 a.iuixfUitUy 
■Am on (luin nowe, but cid cniy 
teducnkidMiKoanar)'. Myftwai 
fncad linuny the fieck wai nicv 
cnoufli Id fU! m !(ff inc nn thun 
natkx, and I un ««iy pWefui Im 
ilui. t'ln even raos luippjr ituu li* 
inK me fnint hwn ui I uHitd pi« 


Well. the laM w«ck w» •» an mscr 
c»un|t *""' >' y"*' ^^'^ bwkcthall 
fw The Almighl} Ouca|a Bulls 
Uhi Hn c juy unc u» Ihc %«n Arilunijo 
Spun. Surr. Mdic wm w the htMpi 
ul tilting dM eiMpmg <Tud icnped 
od hu Biuki miUiun dcltir feet . hul 
ihii u no cxcviw 

The once nu|hty BcMDiiCckict 
luuk «i ihc Spm in UK Ganten ad 
Khuukd dicfn on Itic |«inc E«a> 
wiihoul the CchKs mmiurc |>Uye>. 
Vtxggim Lvww, Ihe af mg Ic4m brm 
Ike yatMftf Spun hf 41 pouin. 

To add irnuli ID mjury . the a>|lK 
•f icT die BuOs kM in OT. dM S|Mra 
kw lo die Moind mm luiB ia dM 
MB A.da MnMwiuTunbcrwuKci 

Now IfcrSpur^ ni»v Save he«rn Ufcd. 
buliiudK ' luncatiiulL. 

(Jlu> < ' ' ht BuUt MX 

\ut) tile U:«i .1 Um: t^i Mid lokik u> 
lUy ih» wiy I wuuki irtue duii 
tein( • halt f ifnc up iiei dw KiiKlu 
um't much to brag abow. apociaUy 
ahn ntmt Nc* York ptay CMmdo 
aim oowtinic and only » <n by t w» 

Suw am i li eta nufht Of ue iliai 
luRlan leaiti Um IcafiK in K«nn|i 
Kd tlrih mi hnM^ a |aud lead kit 
S '^-inngupdie 

{>. vBuliuidir 

itH»i*<tr;) u.\.*rtLn( PijifCfvincakA 
in «i Zlni » <>f Sunday m(hi. Atidi: 
f mil three puiiu idiuMiBf. tike Bulli 
dctii'i have anyiaw tin n. the tnp len 
uf any MaliiMKal category 

What due* diit pnwe, sou aik * 
Abmtulely nMhtng The Bull< keep 
wuinmg and. widi a liide ka:* might 
make die fiiutlt "Die <mly icaxxi I 
hruMglH 1^ Ihaae iiau u u> pnrve. 
hone Mam The lin* kai come tnr 
evrryunc to mdlM IMt aad kwk inr 
real Mao) K> wm die cnnm I fafaaiii 
die nuiaua Slow •• ihai team. Son 
Barklcy n a >h<iwhoal.bui with Mam 
Bum like Kevin Mumm. Dmny 
Aingt and Tom Chamticn.lte Sum 
are mut-'h inore leant mwhukbAu 

1 knew I kinp Imi|im( on di* 
Built, km I ouuy ill I pmniiaa wn M 
Mqr anyikilit iIm dnnialiicy abiiui 
ikt Baib im it Ihh tan vMita ni- 
fciMi llwy Mow Mm tM gMtc dial tt 
dutiaad far dK win eoiMii 

Swimmers leave Florida 
seventh best in country 


In the finr t: . 
"vptiryi.lhcmenS .1. 

mm| anddiving icanu !!: U itw a la:aat 
hifhaflcr lati week'i NICAA Kalian- 
«1» meet n Fan fmrtn. Boida 

Gramn), dKy had m hoM dieir 
h«*lv hiijh Vurk wen under water 

llir ■*..•.. t ■, .. i < : i , »r FUmhU (Wt 


day. Man ^. 
munuy loUc^i- 
teams m IheoMuii- 

HeadCtwiehiti T»'n u *nu i .»« Jar. 
Aukerman ia»d "They hail > ireim-n- 
doin Rie«t. Y>Hi uwUn'i aak ftir any 
ihmg mnre." 

The wnall nunvlxn <» the xtm 
McmedtobrcaiMi :vin 

[he taaion. hut it . .; rtat 

keep ttiem from bcmg cu^mtii widi 
die heti Aukeman taid thin hMh dw 


"eacawtnl capCLta- 

tuni haMd Ml dtaaptoH" and ' 
nana lMdt*pcM(kal(j('pnde. Omar 

Bodi mcn't and waimn'i leami 
f inultad xvendi m die oniMry. a goal 
tiNh had headed ini» die waek aTMBI 
thine ~(The icana) eipncud lodo al 
leaal at welt Anything el<e would 
ha«« hcoi unauvpiabk h^ - . 

If wtwld haw hcen vc 
th* Hawki to fan any totm wan im y 
iceruuang tytmn 

AtHthctoniilainiuf every Harper 
cnach, Aidtemun etplauwd how die 
llai|Mr ifnti pnigrtiiit m»aM plaiw 

muchbeii«!r if Harper were 
I ichiilarihip o(lcrin| 

•chtail Of the Kami dial 
iy,- -I -i r . '*rrnmm, 

' lit tdiolar 
- >»n the mcn't 
•ide and (ivc <>(' die ui 
hamtod out •cMtnhipt 
i« dw wiwien't «rt"- 
Atdccrmanwer.' < 
«ay thai during ilw nai- 
maiEi )2 Harper •!! 
■^^■"'rTiuig rixiird* *.u 
• i:t>* the Hawk ii-jm 
'nth<.-m<«ipan, «>::i 
-rruig next year. 
^' vtpttint iim 
Ci i.c3,kr ml Slacy MikrliEll 
will he leaving It well at a 
third natKi<.i~ 
(swimmer, It 

While lU ■<.,.„.. 
thctetwirmiicri winjefi 
rulcly he kwi, Aukerman 
t«yi he It very f rueful i<> 
iiniy he k>tmg dime from 
thii ycart team 

It may he tough lu rr 
plaic die diree kxl iwun 
men. hui i) dnct ^pear 
thai pknty at panplr are 

Dlirint die iweR day* 
the tram wat gone, teven 
iiM^uinev by pervpcx live «w immen for 
ri«»t yt«f f^tuiid their way to 
Aukcrmst't dc&k. a dreani ft.v any 
Htrpeituath ~ldunkit'«indii'auvea( 
ihe job du< yeat't leant hat done lt'< 
defintlely gnilrn the prtfgram ( fiK next 
y«a») tn Ihe die nght d»«i«jn " 

Even widi die poaalMy mhintial 
laicm front high iduali pnwdii in. 

MiMho CoaMamon prMpcraa k^ dhfv 

Aukcrmin tayt he Mill bclieva The 
weretaof neuyear'tpnigiam will be 
predicaled <m Ifaii jiear't group train 

Eye on the Hawks 

Wliai makci a champun a chtrnpaiii? 

To nw die antwo' It impk. A chaaapiiiai 
thiiuM bt die heal piKiai (at Mam) ■« iit 
panwular area in whMl Ihcy ctiun lugjhctl 

Our *0n« oa lae' ipiattiiai dii* waati it 
whadiir or not die Built tan h» conttdemd 
"wotWchanqnaw ~ While I ik> ailmal dial in 
tpnitt 1^ tai i ta M where imh naamiat 
I Japan for eunplt) pw tllwt mM WMaig 
tmanglraditinna.inayhta'weirW rl i a i np i M i'' 
thftXtUnolhedBcidedbyaRMnr 28«ramt M 
of whtch amie frnn die I'nited .'Itaiet 

BatebaB hat tacn a ««> poipahr ipwi la 
diia iu a niy tocfaataKiO y M m nd dlwtig )!- 
out dw wutU ki decade*. The game hat tutu 
played lenwitly m Mhcr land! (or a kai| 
time, to maybe m chamiMai ai bat et iall 
ihuuU KK ba caauklttad Iht "wetM cham 
pam " 

Hatkediail • aei dH laae iffM. 

The ginic t»uf|M dMoagh i«t early IM 
Lticnee and neotr rtaily picfcad up tietin until 
die !»Wt. The gamie leaUy ■tint etren 
htetied wiib high tlliiaidiTr oi « legiite 
batit umil aboM 1 Wl (and Bar tamt Mantt. 

Today. batkcdMOayoyaarmiackwattilty 
f tme tt tny ipnn a ain mi tci i Ktdt from aB 
landa. tllhacbgiaundt. andotaBoitaitaia 
ncMa playing . 

The fane nwy <ton fton die fact it'i t 

flcsdaal catMi loplay haakcthail dian baacbaH 
a> faMbtll if kidt can get hi>ld oi a hall, moti 
ptaygmutidt have die huapt. 

nie piiMem wtdi atauntng dae NBA duct 
aoihavtdie~warldt.baBipi<ini"ud>» Therctie 
M> eouniriet 
wuh ttamt w 

could beat an 

NBA cbampi 

onafcipaHm. B 

'No aittMr I r 

how hard llicy I 


woifc. BO am 
lar huw aiacb 
ihty warn la. 
ibc gaiae ot 
baiketball it 
kaincw mudiar 
landt (iir any 
Uftdiei a for 
The bcti 

waylianpulil -— -^^^— — --^— — -^™— 
to yiou tt hkc 

dut- If ihcBidbccMiidwwiovvrMlfaMiatkaai 
atjtna adlMna daough Ok (day -aiai^Haini 
lb> beat leamt «i dw ""-^ w" "laMitltedl 
^A. cKarKea are th*- . xireti rca 

lonably well agawM . .,m tn the 



Surpruing itimg happened here at the Har 
ihit wT«k 

I wat talkmg with a reada and I wat given 
an uka tiM "i hie tm Chie" In fact, there wcer 
msit i>ic as iiuliommeMi made abow our cul- 
anmt but thii 
tlood out and 
had character 
The ncit »ur 
dial lun and I 
actually dit 
aaraad. $f^TfH 
ime din icmet 
ir, iKm' 

wat 'H an the 
Bull I really be 
con t ide red 
»«t' il Ihcy 
htvcn't played 
cva Kam in dw 
— ^^w— _^^ wofld?- 

They can't* 
How cm a team be Mauideieai *W«M Cbampi 
w in a wurld ttnimarnefn. 

Yeah, the L' .S City mpic team, cir m callnd 
dw l>«am Team, can he cema^Jmcd to be ihc 
^ ' a WU'ltampa lw«' aute diey ^wnfKltftl w « ^ 


At a glance 

The BuHi have not played in tuch tour 
namcnt ihut leading to the fact thai they are 
not the ' Wiirtd ChamiM* Why give a team 
all the gkw> of bcmg tuch a great team when 
they wen; never up agtiati all die cemipeti 
tKin tn die w-urUl. 

Dtai'l gel me wrtmg. they play a fv»»i 
etmigh gatnc to be cimaidcrcd the beat m the 
Wiakl,baldun'i In^cly give away die luk: if 
il dOBaa'l fit die learn comedy 

Bcwf mbnictl. lit Bialb aie die Na 
pKm Key w«d here it Natianal. Now a 
Bclgnun a pan ol out nauwiTOi it France'' 
•«.. 'it!' NcidKi uf ihcmareoranyodicr 
.''..!;r> iti Acia. EuiTipe. AfrKa. SiUith 
AmcrtLt or never ihe-kai iMfeer pant of 
N>inh AiiKtKa 

In die N8 A Toumamem did Di Built or 
myoillBr MB A team play any cuuMiy cm any 

If not why are l)a Built coiuiderad "TV 
World Chanqaiant'*' Could lonietnc pkate 
let me knnw bet idea lun. He hat aliead\ 
mentionad hit tale to die lefl of me. 

Sontedung new that we would tdie to 
tec hafifiea it marc reader inpui. Wc w am lo 
hear ycnir ulcaa and vicwt about ibtt weekt 
topic and any odwr topic thai aveditetitt Let 
iij know vtaar tide uf what it dtt<iMitial in 
^.t nil I Kic" 

Wlinom Rainey Horpef College 

March 19, 1993 

Volume XXV, Number 17 

Harper hosts employment fair '93 















Mnt% tflixloii m Kill 



TV 1 49) Empioyncnl For wUI be 
kcU m Buikbnc M hon 10 *.ni. to 2 
p.m. on March 2). 

Over 100 cmptoycn from various 
• ill tiM NstdiwcM Suburban 

Spacialiu. Knom Spcace. 
in dM ptii»n of die tmt. 
ina pHffpon flf (hia flmptoymaiii 

fair ts for people ti> come ma 
esn|>loycn k> ciiha mcur aa nMn- 
view for ihc future , or evcri MciBC ajlSb 
tin tbe day ofthe faa." Sfiaan aaad. 

" Aixxhcr purpoae u foenpkqma 
to be able lotooruiipeo^ ftnavariety 
of pmiiMjni." Spmct added. 

To ptepanc pcopie. Iwo aaa^lmir. 
pre fair •emaian are ichcdulad for 
Maidi 12 at 12 10 pjB. and 7 1MB. 

Spaan caaantaa audaMi M n- 
unl theac aamoaii ao day wiB ka** a 
baaar undemandini of wlial wdlhap- 
pcn dwm( dia actual fair 

"The pre wminan lell you how U) 
Avss. w hallo hnnjt and w hal questionji 
to aak." taid Spcnce 

"Tha aaminan ir fnc. but if you 
piailo aaead. you do need u call and 
re(i«rr.''Spenccalaouid. nVfavii 

To find out what canpamei are 
camin(. dierv la a lamativc lui avail 

Clihi Knnz. ow a ^ ti Mna of Utc 
the fair 

"Soadtnu looking br joba ahould 

take advamafc of dm fan tor ibar 
future career." Kranz taad. 

TV onplayera caming lo iV (as 
will have actual ]ob> available Krani 
taid "There will be rcpicientaiivea 
ban part; duincu, banbi. hoapiiab 
■nd many odicr orfanualiona al the 
fav." Kranr aaid 

Knau alio uid dial what empkiy- 
er» «ee n how Ihcy perceive you 

Sec "Prcpanng For the 
Far", page 3. for suggestions 
on getting ready for the fair. 

Loveless performs 

CtMinlry Wcstcrti singer PaUy 
U»vc!eM will perform at 7.,K1 pm. 
Man:h 19 Appe.anng with l.ovele«« 
• ill he Bij l.^n Ho»c!l and ihe US 99 

I .u'i-v,- *;4.^rrciwdcdfl*Talh«m5, 

hci rn<.'.i n. . r;l iwuv ( ;■ AgOlKtt My 

Hru ;. •'..•>.■.< -J/iiri.MjBarf 

l^: ■ -lUmx 

A ■ IfMy 

TV Kentucky naLvc. wh(« had wnaen 
V) umni by the lime iV wa> 14. haa 
.> ■rki.-d with nich aiunlry freaia aa 
< Uiii Black. Alabama. Gcoifc Strait 
af>« itudcnti and lonn cituem and 
may be purchaxd dnotifh iV Harper 
Cottege Boi 0«i«. E«t iM? 

Clinton service program a trade-off 

Aakng Iha naiaon'i yoMh lojain 
Mai in "a graal nauanal adveniuK." 
based lervicx program that evenniaOy 
would offcni|> ID 100.000 college us 
daaut a ckaKC » gal adacaitan aid in 

"Naiianal acrvice n notfio^ tna 
dMn Ibe Amcncah vi^ lo elung* 

iV Peace Corpa m iV IHOs One 
diffcraace IS dial Chnwn laid his pan- 
gram would alknv (or nihaiantial kicai 

"We make pngmu when people 
and dWMr govammeni w«tk al dw 

. vlNuvianiqriMNmlnnmridt. 
NJ> HitipeeichwaagnaMdwiifclad 
chHn by dK (tudenu who packed die 

*iiiwig Hfcir rail I, iinh iia w die 



Ipata . 





»Bf fa a gn w a— of ahiilaia l i i mi 
■nd lei in mMiM a na* nadoul cnn- 
miimcm lu »ervme. 

.^tademi mmU alao have an ' - 

uai i» mpiy ndkge hMW. by dr. .' 
ing • pamwaf* al Ike* talanat atiei 

S«M« donili sf dK pmgnm, aiBii 
aa hnw much sd • mpcnd cnnunmiy 
I u l iim i Mi i aieaddVpaidindhnwiBiadi 
of dicir tulkga loans w<Mld V kx 
fivan. have w« hacn workad oui ya 

The pRttdem likened hw pngrHB 
u die Gl liai after Wwh) W« I] aM 

•wreaucracy in WaahmgliM." 

getdMaibnniiapRirMitf. which endd 
cnai at caUnaied $7 bdliun during die 
aexiftnrycan It wtwU Vgm dtaa 
y«ar «n«h a "Hmmer «>< scrvicr" for 
1 .000 yowg piuiila who wonM |» 
ccive leadnndlip Vaiwng. wak al ^it» 
dwmghiMi dM awte aHi than HMM « 
d» cad of die v m m m bm a YaMk 
Service Samnil 

TV I. 
115 minwn niwnit i p 

ui Tiacal year I W7 al an amoal coat of 

SaidnitgEmally amid Bade ene 
arlwa yean of coanmaniiy aeiviGC for 
financial aasiaianca widi cnUegc A 
cap will V tei on dw hwna dial will V 
forgiven by iV gtnrenunenL 

"When people give annwlhing oT 
iiw a l u a h le wwrri » dieir eounny . they 
taid. TV (wn idi iM lalar made diecaae 
for is pngram lo aa nauonwide audi 
Oman MTV 

Sofiv, dac pmuhnl's prngraan has 
#awn|(aarall^fsvixaMrieviewt al 

lk'-tighaMiaipoH|» *■■«">•'•' deuilB. 
h WadHi^paa. gK Uttiad SiaHa 

AMttciaNM wvlciMBnd IV 

of die ngurea circulated minimum 
wage or as linte at S 1 00 a week might 
lanit panicipatiai only tu Ihoac who 
could live ai home while iVy icrve. 
TV siudenigniiipfcconimended atti- 
{■end of al kati SIO.OOO a year, widi 
highCT pay for okler. non traduunal 

' term ecmnnmic 
mntKuic'ed last 

dm it win raach oidy a at 

of IV iistKin'f 5 fmtlHin collisfe ini 

aatnl n dtit pnigraM lo sand km • 
pmcard al IV WhHe Hmk matkcd 
"nalKinal service " 

TV Ikliiie HuutcenvnHimIS JK» 

tnnienu (aiiKipanig in sanvwa piw 
gram w fivtal year !«»« at a fadetal 
omnfMOmitlain IWfiiiMitirarid 
gn>w»aa.oiiimal«l imjOnt'innkiiia 

~I diwk a k* of pc<ipte will V 
imiMRil by die idea of torvioe,* ttid 
Stacey Lryion. USSA'S peaatdam 
"But It will m no way lefdacctVaaad 
to f ircnghlhen die existing tadknl aid 

AmdHr lane « Ac dctait « dK 
ahpmid lUdtM* would ivctvc duraig 
tkatrynanefaitwica. USlA ai sdamne 

Aa adurs t n e whn tpecialiites in 
cannHBuqr scrvica alao wanted more 
detaib ahrnn CHntnn't plan . etpras- 
«g concern dui u laif airiy may target 
low inctinie students moat m need of 

'It's ■uKbet htap poor Madema 
Miichem. who hat helped baiU tup- 
pon f<> programs dial lacrail low-ia- 
cocnc and muioniy yoMk for coUege. 

Miichem, who heads IV Naiaonai 
CiMncil at Educatiorul Oppomauiy 
Aaioctauont, said V had "mitcd feel- 
ings" about IV plan because iV needi- 
est siudcnu are most Iduly ui pamci- 

"li makea a ditiiiKtian between a 
midiBe UKome student and apoorslu- 
dent." V sant 

For his p«t. Chninn said hia ser- 
vice and kan prapataii aiao wouM 
help raducc tV aoUcge drapaui raie, 
■diich V dcaciibed at twice as high aa 
I rsir in high Khoolt 

■ 2 Th«Mort)(ng«.Marchl9. I9W 



'\ Rovner gets praise for keynote speech 


l>n<t ' 


»( Iter imwncc u the na^im mi 
dnna ol~Onc WanMR'i OdyiMy' 
And m (Myuey u •«. bmihe 
■mmaiwa dui Ravnci left with liie 
■ttkoKe if duK >i *■• • pn«<N< ■»> 
haAialMapnicMMiMllifc Huwcvcr, 

imca iMwc atao pfaQfcd < |Mn iii 
kra>««t babnw and tcir-wnanMx 

W^ik «ieiidii« Imr Klwol in ilir 
eviy IWOi. Hovncr had Uttk or tio 
ink modch. fnm iimiBniailfiaKt^ 
poini. m took u» fn» gu i dii irt "h i»«» 
• difficuli wvttk ad ■ taKly uw 
ence Wc wen MMd diOBRMty. »< 
iba fumumly t>ciii( calM m by 
mnracton w b«iii( ifruRd all to 
(•iNc." RaoMt uid. die mty cviw 
nmuia in thoK day> wa> lo hMxam • 

In IQTl. RovBcf »«y«. US Da 

« bi« effort to luK • female taw tl«* 
By l"»74.R>3rvnawi«lhtofrit»»i4<et 
»uor. AltetKTunguivlei Judgel'« 
tola, I wtt given many oflvtt L>f cm 
piaynaou « the pnvaie tctfcn H«><» 
•^/«r , I ccrtmidy w a* ti mei'i mit to udie 
apnBilioBinpnvtteptatutt Toierve 

•dMi mmU b* dat KUMM rn«ilc|* 


KaviHr w« Mkad t^naiMiM by in 
audKnx nieai*crib«iiilMia(pin«i «< 
-■»hy duyott dMk ywyti « dMcoMa 
BBtestefoR daoi ""My pamuai 
way* aaid to da ■ ■ii ift i n emuntc- 
an Kidi yaw ian» UMb and ndat 
•en tcaa ama a dua (MMMiy than i« 
Bmfv" Kovnar aaid. 

mw >«M panoa aakad afeaw bar 

n ahe Idu wMIe paff(icinto« her it- 
■imaubili&es on the hatch "tW nte 
of jmaioea » m mtraptw ■X' •I*'*''* 
U« Mkm dian anylhuit la k(c. all I 
warn uio ha |m»i " Rovnet laid 

Ibmwr foca an u> kU dK Mivy of 
dui tau day ahc heard a caac " tbc 
(kn day 1 aai at Am bench aiy pamda 
H> die caac I tkottghi - bow am i loiii 
ID act. thouW I he «t«n>, louih. huw 
■huuM I aci? 1 taiiiiMm vban dK caae 
uattnl and m> tiehavwii wa< auth l^aI 
any pafcnla wundcred if Uncar what I 
araa doa^. Laiaa I ftxind out thu the> 
taMh W«ad dm 1 Mwld team " < H ei 
aO. Romcr waa wry winn and had a 
psanaweolbaanHr abomhaapeofci 
iMial and powaul life 

Bttl on a m«*rc M;ri(»u« note, 
'a daunt waa tanth maithlful 
laaabcuftctcdihcu wtinlt 
tyini in mamm't hni«> "If «« ^' 
aOmn drade tw fait, Utm mc will 
haexHne wctinw m twr own amieiy 
SiVtnca viti alkm trend* •» ct»l, « 
Itnic li the only «haim " 


• Last week wc ne- 
glected to giv« credii to 
Skip Oiidcster and Scon 
Young for their contribu- 
tions to the budget article 
by Jennifer Thomason 

• Vem Manke wai 
misquoied in last week's 
anide li should have read 
' I'm not going to say that 
because there could be a 
prograin hot ora program 
there, bu( it will be done 
cm ihe basis of whether or 
not the programis viable " 

Final Exam Schedule for day classes Spring 1993 

Final Exani 

8-9:45 a.m. 

9:55-11:40 am. 

11:50 1:35 p.m. 

1:45-3:30 p.m. 

3:40-5:25 p.m. 

Mav 17 

May 18 

A^ll Hnglish 
101 & 102 Cla-sses 


9-9:50 a.m. 

10- 10:50 a.m. 

12-12:50 p.m. 

All Accounting 


9:25-10:40 a.m. 


1:40-2:55 p.m. 


3:45-5:00 p.m 


3:05-4:20 p.m. 

May 19 

All Math 
102 A l03Cla.s.scs 


8-8:50 a.m. 

May 20 

8-9:15 a.m. 

12:15-1:30 p.m. 


II- 1 1:50 a.m. 

M W 

1-2:15 p.m. 

M W 
2:25-3:45 p.m. 

Arranged Exams 

May 21 

Arranged Exams 

Arranged Exams 




Evening and weekend classes 

Classes beginning at 4:45 p m. or after will follow 
the evening class schedule 

E'-.'0"*^g ana weekend '-i»cses wil! use the weeK of 
r'.,iy " Tor final ex? be held during regular 

class periods 

Weekend College Classes 

Fina! exams for Weekend 
College classes will be given 
the weekend of nay 14 during 
regular class periods. 


TJwMorbingwMarchlV, 1993 ]■ 



CTC offers a way to 
make carter dumfe 

Employment fair '93 



*- T~i llMiiil iif mit^ I 

l iWllMI H IIIIl lUJW1 lDa»< 

m iryoaa* htetlitocwwT An 


hn pre h> Mnaun ■• Hti^ 
M 1 2: 10 p.aL Ml t pjlL. Mr* 19 ■ 
U«.a.a>iMacli22alMOpjn aid 
7 p.iiL tw MNMn «ai Mp IM (« 
ma mmtt t rn trntm. 

>90l hy I 

aw 40 irMfwir pimi— iMliKfc^ 

Learn important 
skills through CTC 

■"«t-«re«tTM«mi«iCoi»t»Mo«««iii|(«nrild.v«iwijh.ii. Sowcik 
CifWT PtaomiiK." uo Mmh a), « 10 to 4 p m . M IhuUing A M7 

IWTp«ntt arUI tunc m, apfMmimy » conplttt • pcmm.! pnrfilc 

ctaminc wtirttfuttv amtk and cmw an KUm plan 
AAluwnally , tiudmtt «,,|| ampktc apcnonal 

!niarpie««S Atfmi llie *e»*Km 

Titiliiin lurtha vcvLilxtp ,s %nf mil inchxl« mfomuiionKianlini! the wurUmp. cji:' 

l«inc*> Tri rc|itKr. (ir fur 

l>. 4S»«I33. la Ian MM Am 

CCC helps students 
overcome probteott 


CtaB ■ •% A. Rn. S47. Oil «u. 

•~ *~* n rtm Bi»piim 

pMd M anOMi IkB dqr of Um hir 

I eat gradnafion 



Woodfieid Lanes hosts 
fang awareness 
caMldiglit bowl 

r at l.iU p n. Iha 

Preparing for the fair: 

* "*i ii fc) i ttm T*»pm na 
pav MMifla irif-MMiBg k» 
l»>am and MdM hnfekjr oa^ol 

I Brine nawnc* 


■ PnrfMR: quccimra fur r 

■ Takcjnuriune hrpMKM 
I Mauumi tpoaiiivc aninide 

I OiOmi taainm emb ihmuithaMi Uk day 

IScnddMofcyoawiMiDiH onployMymiMi 


Rosary Colfege boats 
open house 

faaarjf CoHaw, 7900 W«t Di*i 

la addWoi. nfllathkM* •« ta aiM. 


Call BiO KacfM al lOMimiXvm 
Ooniridi al m )9M Iw ta«v ■». 

'"""•"•^iT'ninifcaiiaiiiiiMiiM Om 

^^ J*«»«w.c4il«M«rSB0B 

Mnai M S 19- 1 731 or Taa QaaAidi 


See this week's... 

Summer at Loyola 


K- i4AVi*a yK'vt ilci 

"fy "I OK r 

' TTm SMtmoKt 


J UMURsrn 




77h* h'li-iuaikctiiiji < iniiftaiiy: 

Ul'ff Mtltf tt'fltU 


'^/^ \ 635-6050 

'■' .• • tfr I'r aspect 


Sheding light 
on taxes 

"UtKkrjiandm* I unqiSuni Ois 
mhuikmi." will he prtxr«tnl Wai J. M«n.h 24. 6 W 9.<0 pni . 
m Ruikloif A. B««d nmn )! 5)x 

Bcfimnmi )an I. 1941. anew 
la^ wrni mtii cffc^i (m lump aunt 
l»Tnun: pa>,.uti whH-h alkwa tfac 
i,. >\ » mmrnf u>rrvlun: yuurdislrilia 
t»nlmraannicliai20peiTcni Ixam 
Ow twH t« and iin>eunKiu alicrna 
iTvv< an well aa UK pcnaliiea it ynu 
•re aimmi iImim: onplaysea mnv 
itif a lump turn dixtnhuliun bea:amc 
of namment, ji* clun(t. w km of 

rmancialCumultam IMen C 
WiKiti. CPA. wUI diHuu fivT and 
KJi ye« «vcn|-ui|.. riillmrr IKAs. 
•nd jpttial u> treaimcnii He wiU 
«!u> perform an analytn of oidi 
V 1 lull Tettnmattneait 


Thm Hart*v« •'*»<^ 19, 1993 




AltE Editor 
Spoc« Editor 
Copy Editor 
daphKS Editor 
(Scully Advaci.. 



.IZI— .— — — UuwAihtey 

" l__ TooiFidhr 



_ — Cindy )«t 





Another senseless faction 

It's great, it's fun, it's the Y.W.L.O.M.M. 

Who pays the price? 

President Clinton is again the subject of recent 
conversation . It seems his tax plan has its backers 
and detractors, both speaking loudly on the subject. 

And while many in the public have stated that 
they arc willing to pay extra, if it cuts the deficit, 
others are making knownlhcir opposition to paying 
any new taxes to help curb the cost of government. 

These detractors say that they pay enough in 
new taxes. ITiey say that this is a typical example 
of Democratic tax-and-spend. They say that they 
know belter ways to cure what ails Amenca 

But they havent faced facts. The persons who 
are being directly taxed the most are the ones who 
got away with the most during the past twelve 


Clinton s plan raises the top lax rate on those 
thai make more than $180,000 per year to }t> 
percent, plus a 10 percent surtax on inconws that 
exceed $250,000 a year. Those poor babies may 
have to pay real taxes for the first lime. 

If ihis plan is tax-and-spend then the proposed 
cuts in government that equal approximately $246 
billion wouldn't exist, » WeleN> pro^rani> such as 
nuclear p<iwcr research arc being eliminated to 
divert to programs that need help It sounds a bit 
more like scrimp-and-savc. 

And they know *)f even more cuts than the 
president has seen. But. ironically, a grt>up of 
Demivcrais found some more ways to cut wasteful 
government spending 

Yes. It IS Republican bashing. But until they 
learn that ihc tune fur blame is over and that it is 
time to work together, then they deserve to be 

They dtjn't want to face up to the nation's $400 
billion- dollar deficit. 

It is time to share in the resptinsibilily of fixing 
our country It is time to work TCXjHTHKR to 
secure our future. 

If we don't, we t uulJ go ilie w av of the dinosaur. 

•Kenneth Dillard 

Hottnan Cakimnll 

Thu'i nt )4o itwR nu*r "^ 

I'vt kad II oMi ill ttme pray Itc- 
wlulc Mwunt "Ihw tnijor " kkmI 
pmifm f« iU Ukv idf mdicied per 

Womm iwiirncu wwli is rnuDy 
o«r Black miiery •««* is ihrtjufh 
Even tuumai otTOfcm w«k ht h«l 
ii'ft luncliflit 

Wtll. I'm dnitnflf Ihi* week 
younj. »hiw. teni hums, opprtued 
mitc iin>iniy week I hope I dcm'l 
OFFtNOmybaty rm4scl«iii«ll«i 
all V W L O.M "t ctUbrme by i»fu» 
ini to icknwMte tlKiM who rt«u»c 
m acknowladcc Ihi hcjrtai'lK ami unic 
<in > daily SwU. 

Im prejuilKoJliy dnrtiir»who«»- 
Kmnit allj aMumc 1 have uns of cadi 
ID givt away (<» ihcu "uptii" dia*- 

I ien'i waM OaaR »t go a(wi) 

I'm prejudicwJ »iy employr*! whD 
Idl me tfiey can't hat mc with Ion* 
hair, bui wlmi arfad "^Tiai u ihc rr 
iiuind lOTgJh'" *ey lay "<*, wrll, 
you know" 

I'mprrjudiaid by people whndiiBk 
I kxik bkc tomdmly m Amcrca't 

I'mpnjudicad by women wholUM 
mc bocaiuc I hebeve Hillary Chnkm 
•tKiuld gel ui ihe kitchen and make 
lame nandwKbca 

I dunk Ihc tunc hai come for 
Anwnca loMaod up and acknowledge 
u'a portMaU. perpetual, pummeling 
and pmpat of such ■ dxmmant clasi 
ofpeuple. IcalirarihcwulmgofaUthc 
yoMig. while, kmg haired apprciMd 
mdk m^iorily lo a greater cau«>-- Pu 
tai on fridayi ai the eapenac oT the 
giwcmment.m wt loocan educate the 
puNK ahuui thit atrouiy and gel our 
(OvcnKneiu lu take acuon agamn our 

\'m fnpOKtd by eopa who fi(pire 
I detov* wha't eomng lo mc. be 
came TBI "on dmii." Noi 

I'm pn^tdrnd by mdiuM y<tk 

pcfhap* a 1 WO number » an 
iwCT<iue»«»in»<l KOOifyou'reaoon 
dom) and a parade downtown with an 
air guiiar eapo can help lo alert the 
work! abou «■ real culoR. and el imi 
naac myil» aa u our afeuae of Riinun 


I hive a dream, that one day, all 
men will bt perfect tarbon copaea of 


But imtil then, the world win have 
U) be leniou to our cauie and try not to 
ftlc us in with other mcmal denomina- 
uont, allihe while geaing us loBonthe 
bandwagon n( "Hey look at ual Akme 
we m vutaeraMe. tagaim we are 


God forbid we ever pot down our 
arms and listen to each other because 
we're human (condoms) Then wc 
wouUn'l feel Ihai bclitnging— d>« 
squiahey hille oonttort tjjiw fedifig 
Ihtf aliowt OS Bcram nur beliefs down 
other peoples dmats under the guise o( 
education, w uh the world as a (no pun 
inmdcd) captive audieiKX. 

We need a way to vent our scsual 
frustrations on others without admit 
ting thai wfaal wc really warn is lo get 

We need ID tell off the world with 
eloquent wording so the world won't 
know It's being laid off 

We need to have camman enemiea 
lo we can be fnends 

We need (lata sioniaidv Ml wc c« 
tec with our heads up our atit*, 

Quiu frankly, I think we need to 
start ava 

P S "nK YWL OM Majority is 
accejHmg donatKin* in the sums of 
$100 u> go for iravellmg cupcnsca not 
relalad to die ficliliouf orgsni/auon 





, fcactaiaai, AJiaa Ctoataat !•» »ai»ia« Paul I 

t<aa > ia C Mi y t DfeaMKamar. 

OntorMiniaa.Lm'MHMiH Mk*aal 


4nd A4mim»«r«Uon TV KM^lngn <*''«■ '* l<«»»^ «" ^^"^ 

Ltnm Policy 

«WI iftCluTT^.*! -vninrv numl^r, S.g~t«.« w,ll t«.- w.thhekl upon f«,u««, AU W-^^w 



Proa,^,nd »rvK«advertfa«l in Tl.. Harbtntcran- tK* n«t«arily ""^.^f*;^;^ 

Jifvxlly K. th.' *dvcrtiser, and ail pjiT»u« arc al Ihe discrrtioo <j* the amsumer 

Cantlfhi MO, 1W HaiW*«ar. all r«(h«a rraamd 

President Clinton encourages student help 

To Ihc Muckni l»»ly 

I wnie ioth»lIcnitc tojoim"* 
„ • »«ii Amcncm tdvtmu«--«»- 

I nuke tht» th«IlCT||« *««>« '»' 
counuy wloui CMramiraws need help 
goyertiroau .kx..: c«ifH.i p.'-"* 
GmmmM cm m*kc ••«""• "'^ 
.bit » cMdTO. ►« •!>»« * '•™'* 

„„„ potto OB UK .o««. »™< 'k™ * 
cm««opehiK Uc«.«npr.««lhe 

ilrt^ .n.p« ch,M«i. .. h« op B 

ll IS ume f« Amtnc«v» <>r every 
bKkrnunJ u. "oA u.|eili« w I'fi »«" 
counuy up. neiihbnrh<») by Bci«h 
|,„hoodtndhk«:lib>W.«k lt»u«« 

o «h« m»k«» <u AjrarntitM 

Tl„„uifh iMeum*! •■■■ 
__i will t>*yx iht <VP " 

n.lm iciMJit »■■"<■**'"■ 

ett. he*!* •:•"' '""^'^'^ "' — 

c««;.w. B"« « «>» «^ •** "" 
(hoc KkM "• P"» Conp»» ■» '«»• 
„ teplcmcm thcni *<■ "•"•■ *»* 

""^■nuii I. -hv 1 H.VC tilW f«« • 
S,„^r of Scrv,« Ihi^J^nn,.- 

Mot *» l.M» >"^» I**^ """ 
«w m Kta.1011 »e» """^ *« "*" 
oy, kMrm$ w I«*l •«* •"""« '™ 
dren .ho »c « nik ««)y f« "h""" 
1te« «« rmny •>» hclievc Out 

.,,, ,0 «-,Km They .4y v™ «t V" 

~,c mxtmeluiatm at hm» j 

TV WhiU HouK- 

Your cfJum Bid yo" ra«»I«' <■"*' 
Irfi ih. irf oar nuiai mi «<m' 


iiLToac lii fe 2^11 tip ^ 


Sincere thanks for the return of a lost wallet 


K.n». Sop=^i»«« '-' •^M"-" *•'"' 
t,„u(ki my ""H*' "' "" " "^ """'" 
U had •ppwenlly ^l*!^"* '"*" "' 
Bockci IK ilw v^fevn*- 

h h*d tcl-ivcly ««»• ■»*«» """• 

mou«h *« ■< "«»•'» '»•'« •""' 


(X counc. II heklihe w"^ '«*»«' 

r««»«i Mid '""• *" *'"'''' *" "• 

«»li<c only mix; 

Anyone wh-j ha «>« had • ••"*« 
,um up miam* cm "««§"«! »*»« "|> 

Koic by • «ud««»« *»«»> Hjrpo. the 
nlividiul d»d m* pro** » "•«* 

ThcrtlufC.l ••«»><"*•"'""'' '*'**■' 

tor publicly. "d »«<»«»•• '"'T'' 

««,y«»»ly. «n«<» » *« t"*"' 
bf worthy of y<«" '*"^ 


Think before eating that cow 

You r«x your CB » die loud r»< '««« 
«,«, You onkt • |i««y himbuf f«t. 
)Zmf fr«. ■«» .duck lw«n •u«^km» 
ii^jjMht Youw d«u<J"P~^<»' *« 
b^jB waa op f»«o die l«»i Mtyo* 
j,^»dbyili»*»«d«ru' YouWB*** 
i(e» i)li iinirirr aboM dw ^H" o< 

«-«• ••* If JO" a* »■«• "^ 

Ho» ""Kh *«••'«"**«" " 
Jl, C0.1' AomdiM w •••y'*^ "^■ 

tfior H«r.«y D««»«»- *"*•' I"" " 
u» high » tak-idoe! The Bll on h» 

hB« •» m»y p«Vl« « "«^, **. 
,d«« 10 » e«ty dM*! TV M ««i" 

al detfh IK dK UniMd Sum KM* 



(■.1 diH tmnlamu »• fc^ng >i<««d 

0,„ ,. heai* done Wt « ■ B«» *« 
ICMOB b«:k 10 y«» kical ^•"■^ 
MilM SewiHy pcreem o( ehi*" 
titalon« t»«d n uMd l« oMt gm 
ttn Every ume yiw '"dra o«« c|u»im 
p^aider . you <:m he M^und IM «» » 

nSn five iiiiu»e («« "< '""V^". 
Ji««l ««d I k' p««nd« of •oode'nd 

iiKrtdiNe »ho« of detirwtwo hy 

Ai«ent«i «»»»«*' . _ 

B«e(eow»f an •««•"<»«.••""""" 

^^ iwn ihmIi 

m. hrfM... *en miybe y«.h.»iM »'•;« 
youmU die ««««"»>« '*'*"«' *^"' 
vi... . .U««h-*«-" • «!-««»" 
r«i h«d ho- yo» *«»" ■• "■« 

lonn-lB-. .»«W«*^'^" 
, rtrt> ,rf BMI in your wai* ' n» » 
iM himto* of cow* cW Mp ■>**•«« 
HK upcuk down while *«« Wood 
*•««• otii of dwi »■*» T** e»* 

a( »eieuii»» » "w«* '^ pn«M of 

„«^ « yo«H •* ' » """- 

acn* • yM» wui**"**- 

W1i«i « eom" » •• !■«"" " 

Kiacc of ••m. UveBCTck o«i iho** 

hilfofawtitihwiwtopply NuurJ 

^._ .^ iMiM* de- 

tioB » n««»e «"" •— — " •-; — " 

beiMuKOint Tilt «»p«cM»^w«»» 
hat t**" •treemlino!*»'»'***'*f*'* 
BOBi dwi illuw dw •"•■"'"'■P'"'' • "^ 

*, ,o«rai«n* » ""l^ *• T"' 
NwdlcH w M*. !«>*««*•■ *• ** 

„ nMC Idiely ih«. .*er »•"*»• •»"" 

yourdmneipUie' ^ 

The d»ee |oii»<'<*i»»«»<^'»«' 
eimMtp ••■ "HEWCE indivKhial 

tad mwM>«<>»» •* •' l*^!?!", 
,h,«.,Mia»0 «SPLACf.t-.l 

ni»«y' Foiialdi* w»«l*^"«'" 

^ fte pU^ue o( eatiBi MumaJ i«wd 

«*• . 


1„^ of ehoteiunof «««*"• «~" '' 
-«-|, •ouh»rea»i» Uul y«» can only 

7_| iiiHi ■ boB nHMl praducs. 



Yob «i*i" *«*"*'•' 
rfagMpolhiuaBiadwU S -' 


WM Ana ■■ clH*. M oaw a(a». 

«^ »aM wtiihi ■»»»»«^ 


How doo bea affeei hfc on e«lh 

iMhUii trrir >**<"■)' 

I US f«BI llirf »>»■«> •> 

,,. pmmtaliveHoek-T^M •«"<»»»' 
. J ui le«d every maam. <*dd mil 
^ meanh cachday! More *»f«ny 
hunger mdndaiBddiicaaaa. 

Im wrt dial y«i aia •••»• ol •• 



B«c( »l»" h»«« • t»ir«l(li«>of) m 
.|i*.|«iiTOin» lin«y«««**"^" 
i«»»«t«fc««iy).>«««de ?>«»*=«• 
tf a o<IBB*""« W *'«"*• '•''*'^ 
caiaH « <• OTOijoaad oJ me<h«Be |M 
ol aa of mUliOBa rf «•» A "-« 

I^ baaf a. « ah«n«#« *• ihaaa 

who taBlBda aamt b-f •"•««* **■" 
U y«B mniM B« » join * •» 
Beyond BoefedoeaiiMiefTon. they •« 
-^ io Aped and May of du. ye- 
Thw «iuW hke 10 |«i 1 .00" "am. of 

,„,»*.tr«».Ea«* «««'""•' 
|„h^«wn -.B »«« Ai^ •"* *• 

|»« 10 ^oiitoeffod «*—•"«• 
iBcnber of »eyo«i4 Baef, wriie 
todeyond »«l.nW *««»««!"* WW-lMBtlOB D.C 

2(iiivv Phiwe ----■••; F<»k> 

..ft. tall 
c«l i«mp»i( 

Th« Hart*ig«f March t9 1993 



What a fighter... 

AA«(nduuiii( from Duke Vm 
vmity m May. I W*. (»t»y onr rear 
old Wendy Uvi moval u S«i Fiat 
iiK» fnm her konw « Rye BroA. 
Nc» Yiiik. !i> pumw • cant tn ad 
vcnuini Five mmaiu laci. >Ih fell 
inio < cumi and wit fivca nnmy 
raw Ihiu» lo live ajan ilM Meci»«d 
had been diifiKiMd widi hepaiiiii B 
lUM Dvec weeks cttlici 

Wilhlhe help.rf her rricmi. ( Wytn 
(M athlete Carl lx*n. luminal aratn- 
ttun »u called i» Wcmly 't plight ad, 
wilhindayj, ihe underweM a iucce» 
(ill mne hour Irver vanaplani iifiera 
imn Bui her recovery ftwn hepaiita 
Bha» been long and difrituli Wendy 
lequiml ateumj liver cramplani wttm 
ha- liver » a» tc mfcued iviib die hc^ 
iiiu B vinu chai the tiUI cima 

"I aliiuti (hed fram hepuiiit B. a 
my life haa bacn permanently diai^Bt 
heeaiue o( it I certainly didni Inn* 
Uiai ihcre wai a vaccme to prevent 
rafecuan." uyt Man. now a nd 
•wkinf ai a markeanc company tn 
San Francnco. "You hear a kM ahoui 
MDS today, bat notody Rally talks 
ahnui hcpMiii» B. even though ii'« a 
much nifwc tionlagicHu vmu " 

Hepaiitu B u a poienuafiy deaAy 
vino ihai 1. UK) tunc, mac nailf 
gious than HIV. ihc vmv ilMicaiaei 
AIDS. Ii nfecti JOO.OOO Ametvam 
every year and. accuRling lo the U <S 
Cenien for Difcaac Cunctil (CDC I 

the leading m«k of mnMtiaani for 
l>q>aou< B » UmugK hcieniaciual 
cmtaci Huwevcr. m the eve of 

Wen<»>iMar»andni!arlyW|wver- ■ 
th«KtnreKled.theMiunenfmrat. ' 
nunaint unknown. SMi«manyi.if*,- 
I 2$ RiiBiiai dmnk camm m ihit 
fwawry mfficrnaiyiiipkiBu. ihry air 
capaMe oT apisadini ll»e dbcaae lo 
Mhan wAwrari^gly 

'The nad ingie dung abuii 
lUneu is that ii cauM have tmm pr 
venaed II I'd known thai hcpaiuu B 
waa loiienout and ihai anytne could 
get It. I would have twoi vatxmaKd," 
laytMarj "M.rfuwly ahouM have lo 
tutfer Inm ilut dutaa* iite I Ad, ad 
noone .h<«ldevtf (He Ihim «*»iac 

iraumptc vaccine can imveM mlw 

AMwtijIt WouJy and her I« 
have aulfamd anacniuualy fmm her 
iBneia. aba hat haan ionunate cam 
paiadkraiaNyiAan fnutMaiAmrn 
can die oery day (ram hepautii B 
telamd Ulnr»«» such aa cnhnau and 
liver c inter, deipiie Uic laci that tafc 
■ndeflwuvevaccino have hem avail 
abfc lo prevent hepatim B fur iiva a 

Leu than a year after her ioccaid 
""•phut oparaticn. Wendy a hm.tL 
at wt»k (ttU iiroe. although <hc uill 
live. Willi ilie comaquemcj erf hcpa 
taa B mitcuan "M) I,fe may never 
he «e tame aa M wa. hetore I got .Ki. 
hui laliltciinaidcr myneir very lucky 
I JMM hi^ my eiperiemc leachei 
othrii loiamect Iherawlves by lc«m 

How to survive a first job interview 

Sollkcvttnil t.hit' H«,< >...I.^TV... 

' wliea yon ataflbd 

S«Uicy!.»*u».tS.j! hufi'lVv 
Nmghl iha hi . T. vimt re mutk iKiui 
you really did was ffc.i che»-k; 
■■wrv,>d « hufm 
-»^rcJ tclrphonri. 
:^'i^rv rclatiiNu. 



^"u dtj It, Vim 
iheduur (w ai 
hiaa your big 

Me), and now 
it'a lone m Ian 

What \ul To I)o 
•CMBplloKal aa Inlervlrwcr 

«• htanr her appearaw* 
♦Ftdgvi with your hair or nai 
*Muablc or cover yavr bmim 

whea *ou upeak 
♦Kotk la >uur ilialr 
♦t 'hew gam or vmtike 
♦ lap your ftei ur drma yoar 


if ir> ir^ii I,. Himmirtfc )our uholc lile 
Wah dut aon of outlne. yuu'ic abo 
l»e»««»f f« die mfamiiua. "So what 
would you do m ihi> hypoihetK-al «tua 
lion'" Draw on your tkilb and pnrvnua 
eapenemei ki eiplam how you might 
n die preparautw 
proccti. laid 
KalMiMidt. i> to 
raaaan* die com- 
pany you're inia 
viewing with Do a 
to MK if Dk ctrni 
news tecently. and 

check '■- ■••' 

tmiA; . 

•nd. knowMae «f Ok cliar 

' J.'lilflDISIrmnio^rrvaM- 1.** 

ing tor and a ^ 

intute your K ■ - 

conling In corpmaK («».,«.,»» 

Emptoryen genetany are kiuk 
mg fur a cenun lype ,il pmtm for 
Diciriegam/jiiOTO. ih«; nxTUiKn sty 
'«« '•'leiimcdHnngtht anei 
' < ■* ^-■yjiiciofiBtim.iiwhatlliey're 
'*«*'»'«■■ ^umuwne 

y<»u'tcn.., ..Itllheauct 

. iHlt 

F^cparatKai for an imerview » a 
two pan priKeti. tayi Rtntcil 
Klaiachmidl. New Ytitk'i rcfMial 
aauungaiulracraamaM.nianafr: '" . 
[heChuM>Cinipaf faawmKr < 
The Tirai phaac it telf-aianmiei,,,. 
he Mvi Think <N<at your panmal 
uhI pniletticnal needs, aidhowthia 
pimtam fiu them at well u fUrthm 
your career goaU k there a match ' 
Be (wrpatcrf Kif the open-ended 
Huewion "S... leU me abmtl ytnit- 
>elf " If you've auicaaady«arci|M 
t>iliuethct4»ch»nd. ywBcaiiealmly 
reel oil an i:utline of paM accMn 
plMlunenu and itiaw how ihcy'rc 

aXkcofcaiccrMrviceo ^ 

Id know what flieir »u«:-|i Iminj 


Ok aanpaay re 


y<Mr intarcai m 

the mtervitwcr. 

and iHuwi you lu 

ul informed 

<)ueiiMin> about 


rem projecit 
Kaluchmidi uid 
»ith goal ori 
Contidcr prcvi 
<nt ftaib you've 
ft for younelf 

'lt>» V(xu 

' v-J [hem 
1 1 mliiighnheK Micccaaea dunng Die m 
tervic* "Htna ttaxeatlul a candiilaic 
ha« been m the paal in dK beu prolic lor 
of future pcrfotmance." he taid 

Harry Hamilmn. iciuar aaiactaii. at 
the mvetotieni ftai Mmpm SlarJey u 
inclinad umatd candalam widi high 
levela of nxmvaiujn and iniiiaiive, the 
ability lo analyar proMcnn aid come up 
with different loluiiana. and die abUiiy 
u>c<immunicaic (hoK ideaa eflecuvclv 

Wkat lo Do 
vRawarch the compani 
♦Drrm appniprlalely 
♦Be ynurvelf 
^Kaude enlhuviasm 
*Kmpha>lar tour be^t•vleU 
*Aall lafurmed quntloaa 
%C;ivt a llm haMbkake 

*iiciKl a Uunk-you teller 
•Follow up wiih a lelephmw 

caa Ifyou doB'l bear aayiklBg 

wMUa two weekft. 

Team ptaytn are emremely unporwu, 
Ik laid 

Paul Man-hand, managar of « 
cc uu ve recnulmeni for die depvtmeni 
•lore Una and Ta>l.ji. k«ik.i fm "ihe 
atnlily to juggle many Ihmgj ai once " 
E«»«y and endMaiaim are a muat. 
which ihmOd ipring ftxan die rocaivh 
you've done beforehand fHarchand 
encea reveatrng dcdicaciun. conanit 
"WBt anddaanmnation w reach goala. 
Act laofeaaiaatl hr. dmr your beat 
and mamuinfiMd posRiie, he adviie. 
~ltt»t bccaiaiw die miervicwci lakcj his 
i» her jackci off and iloui^icv doesn't 
mean you can lake y.>un of I .'• he >aid 
One lucccaaful iirategy to uac in 
an inttivie*. uid KaliKJmidi, iv lo 
youiuHervieworaadiecuiiiimci Your 
j>* i« lo kII your >kilU lo die inter- 
newer Appr,.*.h ihe inKrview with 
Ihc altitude. 
■ Hcret what I 
can do for \<»l, 
not whai , 3j 
ytnidofof ri, 

alaoMHl. "buei 
view wiih aa 
many compa 
luoasytaicar " 
That'll the (PI. 
way to gel St. 
he uid Some 
graduating te 
mora report 
feeling imccr 
tarn ahoui die r 
mterview per 

foimancct "Every ume you come out. 
you duisi you did weH. hut you never 
krww." aaidone .New Y«t Ifniveraiiy 
buauKiw itudcni whoiiuerviewodwiih 
Mtirgan Sianlcy 

Kaliachniidi taid amxig impiu 
•inna. OM way or dK olha. can ht 
"Watai. "You ahouldni come oui 
feelmg hk« you got die job or that you 
<lidn'i IfyoufceHikeyourevnIlinthc 
running, you've done well." he vaij 

tbaei's Tmiuitm Sniau 

$49.00 1 Month Unlimited* 

Reg. $99.00 

1 limkniL; '>\ i r.inst(.'rrin>i 

Make THE Ql. 

w v»th ( ,-iitr.d ( ..Ik^ wri4fcn 

-* w . 

«:^.KM4 ilmm 

\mm*itmfi .l|f 7^^A^^ 

->itti •".*"• 


Euri)tan Supc-ilx-ds w Hiiill In I.uc I.inncrs 

.„,.- 640-TANr<: 

V Algtinqu; 
Wnh CoUcae t u 


:>iu Apply *\ 

• ' i^^^-nj^kyauli^ ^vjrti. 

(~(>K> 4iO>||4 


North Central Collese 



Th» Hart»r>90f March 19. J993 

Help With Taxes 

ThM* «• lypcal of quMMm 

•*M by mpayan aid m 
iMMwaio at a puMe Mnnw or 
tnw punsauon ami nt IRS' 

Aon OwnffMr. piogiam apwMW 
•■ •■• CuAwrr A>> > 0«>ar*n*nr 



Fw dUM or )«M ■ Ml iMry of 
eMkii« fUi, 0>«i CriipMl fidi ti a 
e«jr i«ci)i>. Tkc Ihh a oaM imdi 

aa M|h far five nUMWt, MBiiac wv 
midnniaMiliaft Travhriafaad 
' Mcmkr ind mil amil 
L Add ihc imtk . piniCT ad MtL 


2 tbtf. iTUed PinB«»aa oc 

3 lip. Imrm aeM 

•J'^ ai^ BMijiaiiwi 

In lip. d^aaa 




a fcaw fci i C ii^) p w »i i i d tJA 
OanBik nidi fankjr 

.titaip dq^wMlci 

aai. Twaqr aaaMti a dH ima cK- 
Iha aadad ooiduiK laaa far 

8Kti of ihckiMit ■ 425Y. or DMil die 
firil flUm oiily «tai MMd Willi ( 
fa*. Hik Mm «rM mdasM IB 
opaqfK akfli il k (»okii(. 

Tin m iBW» a » « abo a a iicii 
oar 10 coek lUi aid kacp M nniM^ 
AUm 2-4 aiiwM oa Wgk fat «aek 


Yoa aditi np niadi nail wM a 
par Of paprika iMl eiwppad flnah dai 

"'Hinpijr ffagaal ' Mived vidl Had 

2 piMBdi 6ak QilMi. MQrqrp* 
I - ta capi dn* wWii mat 



naw firii ia ■ awaapmaf bika^ 
dukCIZil). Amr wine over Spradde 
wHk tanoa jaa». Coxr kioirly wiUi 

iUkai aiady widi • Ikafc 

loa aid pa Ay. ia ■ AiHmt pa, 
caMMac dir haaaa iMcc aad wine 
LilMsr ifnf a tltO pa w«li «« 
aiiinaB. dM ina die liirtiili 
niuwn aaia waV aoMad. ftoi Ml 
01 piqpmd pwu Dttek aadi 6toi 
aM a aHi of da: ofl. Ilka 10 aiia 
(Mi, <* aadl <bk IMm aaily wtdi I 


laaa ftaalii-OaBiittcr » taalmi 
of Waaceiar. Miai famiiai She 

Q. laNnytdaavaHmamnyieif. 
»<iilwediitiUelK)|>'>o>re<' 0» 
(he iMentil Rrwmjr StnKt hive em- 
|>4urcc> ««wliiMr lu ■•» 

A. IKSka 

luferipyaa VaaciniptlarifHiperHn 
m a local HtS orii^r Tu fiMl um m 

yow Me. caN die tits u*|<nwK min- 
laef tor jnaii ana, Mad • loar tea 
IvAiCt IV kKai MtiiiiKMe dimi«> 

If )«u <lu aui nam m |o law aa 
IRS oflk*. or tr Cne » au iiffiix aew 

,uu. ihe ayutic iW aanacn da Kk- 

l>tiuiic can fafip |nit> widiniwy of'yuw 

ui. i|«etua» 

la adteiua. Ilts "Tck-Taji" laa 
•actwM ui meiMim «> ■»»« topu 
Klf a liM uf lu|K> ana lltt feli^Tal 

Q. Iwmliaildq'daRaidieiwek. It 
daac aajr way I can pnlielp wuh my 
unci dalat dir e««aa« 01 mcicnd'' 

A. fa dwee «idi loudMoae lila- 
Idioaea. T<it-Ta> fccwdnl un inc^ 
ufnaRavailable24h<iunaday Alio. 
IKS nnu votuaaien whu help «idi 
lam in n>att> ncKMnrtuoib CaB dw 
IKS ID aa atxM VakMnn inoMK Tai 
AMHiaac* (VrrA I « T«« CoBnaelHif 
fuf Oie Mileit} av>4 kKHMM new 
>«i VITA aKlTCEvolunKm can fid 
(MM taw: incoaie uu maim (or pe>- 
•Mat wdi OmMmnk. IK aidBly. aon- 
Eaplii* apeakaf prapte aad dxnc who 
kan nm aiiun) puii picpaicn 

fik bdmiidwrtta-ailKlii'' 

4. RSIiaiaiMtdiaaiaOtmcpaHt- 
odMiaa on qaKife ui lupu. Aiis, 
■iaa> phHk Minnci haw u> famtt 
and pdilKalion avaiUhle for you K> 

Ite ana MonaMHa oa ftae ia« 

urrvicei, call MOOiia-UI* and 

IIT Open house 

lllmmt IraniiHte at Ttchnak>gy 
illT> »i!I hiKi an iipca Imkim for 
trarala uudcnu miemied m aiicnd 
mj the umviniiy ciOtcr full ur jian 

The open htxiae Win hcAfnl 17. 
^''■' ' mwn. tn Hermann 

" iJ Si , Oucaj»i 

^.,~^.,^. -ui anend tf<r open 
twine will leani atnui adnuuion 

>«|i»eincMi, raiancialaKi and nana ' 
ferofcredii fVnfeMon from different 
ma^»» will he avaiiahle loan»wcrm«s» 
Utmi Pn»pettiveirwijferMu<lenuwe 
aaked to hnn* c«pMt of diev caile(e 
■raracTifU Iw review Adnuuion and 
parkDi|>wefree Tomakcreicfvauans 
or (<» more mromuiian. call (312) 
SKT-WJinChicajo.l KIO^K 2<29 




2na Anniversary 




(camar or Ouantm k Euclid, ftattncy Plan snapping (ctntar) 
PHONE* 934-0696 or FAX 934-0053 



Buy one get one FREE 
Each day a different daily soectain'i 
March 1 5 thru Marcn 26tn 



Scalas Italian Sausage 


>i L6 Cnar -Broiiea Harnt)urger 

-imali fr\e; ■ 
del one Chj- 


r •>!n»ni»Wt »d* a » at *»>. n 

rniNKiN(; of coxiplkting 


Take a /«fit ar 


in Ijike Forest. Illinois 

A ctx'ducalional liberal arts pnvaic c(^llcgc for resident and 
commuter students. 

* 24 manors in 13 dcpanincnLs including: 
Educalion/Psycholog) . Management/Business. 
Pcrftirming Arts, and Studio Arts 

* Day and Evening cla-sses 

• Child care services 

• Part-time iv full-time status 

Join Barat's man> students \\ ho have completed Associate 
degrees at community colleges. 

For nwrc infonnation call Admissions Office 
(708) 234-3000. 

■ • Th«Mart*)gw.Morch19. >«3 


Harper's 'Beyond Therapy' 

Thit madoMi. Br/imJ Thnapy 
afam\¥at ammnfiutUw Hwa- mmi- 
out nm. tfyt"!^ Tkr'upy i» » iwaKil. 
MBk. ^tmAcanati ttmrntrntttofk 
aya^ H> find Imw m S» 'Wh. Belk 
Hik ititrnniHf ID Nslp mumiam ttma 
tngftrf but inxiuuaty. it'i ite dwn 
pw vko iK»i help n»ihcn|«u 
•low^ OMMpulM lti« ixKicaB ini> 

«B BeyoiKl Thcnip> 

-h'i a fun pl«y »> *>," Mid TmM 
ValoiiuK.Jircchv "Thito^M Mt i nti 

yCTuMaaula « 

Tht mwl ch»lknKin« HUUimnthe 
I ftcol wu rinlint lUMian chai 

1 oudanrfrth lUujiKmi Wiifi 

»Kh oazy ctunctcn, ii wu difCkuk 
u find bcltcvibk dMnOniHio m 
dc«cio|iniu>')talpanaa.' TWpin'- 

wW( *e iMUcnu' chanclcn « |M 

EJ. Siiupn fttyi Brace. Uie ml« 
lutfof ibeoMfilc whnKcbdaniiyio 
Mp IMH i)viH>(h Kis nslMtoMMft. 
PtadraK*. ItK lonik hidt . » f««y«(> 
by D>b Vykaa. Bni««"»to««*» !>»«• 
'Bob. i> played ^MktKt**!*"- Tlw 
iwopychohwuB weBahQuM^ ■> 

itKEffifNII, MB StMAt 

tiikniik T<wiB«iikiito»» 

You nuy li*»e mmkoiI ihc wira 

Thit IS h«:»m« uf arluli 
Mxual implicaiuim md bad iMinifr- 
-ThUi Uww a iKH lof eowyaie «>d 
Mine niy be oTfenanl." Mid Vikn 
UK TVi taift pokM fua al p«y»*al- 
iify mJrnmancc, how lh«y «il«liwia«i 
nd repel cmlIi ixhor. 

Vaienlnie alio ciptaiiiHt *« Ow 
tin* v (on a( cnenor bwMK of dK 
I mpwul B hibnee iht 
oMMdy Tlwptar'ft*"'!***-** 


far nadnwi Mit unor atucai. The 
dnmr (hulo paiika|c on SMBday. 

p m. Fof liUeu aid tnlimMlMm. <-all 
llw Hapcr College B.>t < MTHe w c m 

Cultural exhibit 
sounds interesting 

Tt. annptonenl dx apaiint at Knatrpupiibt .« «*»" «'»<"« 

//<«urit.».ah-l»y l>OC)-|«.>kiv,^«At W r«;.F«:UMu«iiniwil!hi»l 

kMrti*). Wa^Ji l*llw%k - feMure. V>».»k.<rf 

coMunpuiiry art by ihe M-mi 1x141k ol Nt» /eal«i.J 
i»l«lti'i»iieof!nedi«.*jk.»i>ilici-hmquctinilu>li»ig VI- 
patniing. vMk*>. KUlpiwai *nn»m«.-uon. hone and grecii.uj.» 1 - . n 
The pKce» •(K*k of a odfcint *al a finiily cmheddud in wadiiiim at 11 
icc*j> nr» -ay. w eip«eM *« 'alue* «««ral 10 *« Maoti paopk. 

The maw unputwi fanta of Mann an are walpnire , tometiroet m 
whiiklmiK. i»<Ky. «» jadc. Nil iirr.|..mmaiUly m wood The cajvtn 
■ ho ;.£■ iiivcijwt*'*'* •■ itawhatamlthci/btttn 

ihcif uaining as appi'Wll>«* -"■ 

llni>» k4|ie of can «« aiiJ ihe tlnluy 10 c«vt wen: meludod wtih 
IcadcrXnp. cour«jc. rchiKW. teanimg and fcneimiiy, rhe Ktctl at 
tnbuan .jf a peal chief The Unrnta. v iretmre. ibey aaaisd wat 
thuufhi K. atoanulaie pii««i ft»ou»h *af utmmn aid 10 liMk *e 
Iivrngwnhdiedual Tmmtamemmmyr'imdranmmanimiKdaam 
by anccHun ifKk«l«( dance. Infuafc. and vadmon. crafii. hiakay 


f r Wa*ii Toimikej ac»iolnbMUiin u>«ardi puMk ircogmuon of the 

viuJiiy and rnipnctaiKe of Ihc w.irk of cooiempoiary Maori aruttt The 
icopeofiKpaecei range fnira a*' carved Rom 
Ruldclt TV «li»U rcpccioncd m Te Waka Tm are racomind » New 
/xalind as kaders m ihrir field 

»uh rejiilai Field Museum aJmi.«Mio. M (i« adulu. $2.50 tor duMien 
( I !7). trwM tiutaa and srudcim ««h ID The museum is free 00 
Tuesday! ThweUidMtWBisprcscnfiaJbyTcWakaToi TheMaonand 
Soaih Pacific Ant Council. New Zealand and will be doplayed in the 
S|»ci«lEih.biiGaJlei7lo<awdo..Uie»roundnau« The Field Museum 
It open daily 9 t-m. » 5 p.m nd a located on Ltlie Shore Dnve ai 
RooaevcB Ru^. For hmha iiifcKnBtim. call (312)922 9410 

oHtartt^ tojflv- y«ur .>ls«» ■ B"-'"' • 

If y«u .*««\ «*■ thn ••»»«."«"'»««»»"" « 
If intercatMl €«■ ■nytJitw ■«! -8* 

If I am rxst Mt IvannK. 
I wtU Hilt lBK:ic ta> yn> 


Any 6" Sub 

for Harper Students & Staff Only 
( I Requtrca)) 

LimitedUme Offer 
GoocJOniv At 


745 W. Palatine Rd. 

N«xt to 7-Elevtn 
991-0969 (Fax 991-0959) 

A, UPS « reeofiuie «he fn-ncUl presiuiis usociaied wuh colkgc life Ai • 
package tandkTTou -U n-ce..e gnM pay. iV.ible houn. ««J an opponumiy 10 
glm iL best *wk ciperiencc acotwul (« U.. »1 company m Ok pttk-fie busineis 

Here's .vhat UPS has lo offer: 

• $8-$v per hour 

• Monday - Friday 

• Full-time benefits for 
part-time hour;; 

• Paid Vacations/ 

Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloaders 
3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 
5:00 - 9:00 p.m. 
♦10:30 p.m - 2:30 a.m. 
•Addison only 



UmMd ParoK S«n»ci> 

m an •qua) ofififoaui^f •»<(>«»•< 



1h*Hart3lngw.MarcM9. 1993 9a 

Stuff to do... 

I lickm ■« S 1 4 miiiduraunu 
fc far ilBfciili md tofiim cia 

21 M 3 pjB. -nimtriM of EMri 

■o dM pramiic of htgh quality imisinl 
, wiih tDoof cmpitMu on 
mimnmtt mn ai 
iliiili. iwilinniMin 


>■ iuM win il in P ii n ii n IntftTT f il' 


*i N«n^ Concfc B<M Office. Eii. 

IcMIKiM Dnikk fw *• B^MMM. 
OhUmFomu ml Laamc Lywi 

Dlin,*pi*w>Aia.*tU|>crfannMi: 1) 
pjB. MaRk 2S. n • frat conccn *i 
nOJ. Tkt oncan (a bw nd open u 

AcpoMiE. Forwiiin fui« i «i >i » .p<«— 

ciOalEal 2MI 

SK m the Mcactwn u Wn()> FkM 
nty m ihc nuid and make ftuif 

Mwicd KlacMim by The Clwa 
eal S)ra«lKaiy OMMm will iKliaite: 
CaltoCaKianoiiBaiiiDr.Op IM. 
Kefci Wang. CaOo; EKorak; Marck 
Slave. Op 3I.Tchailuiv<ky.My«cn 
on Mmnuui (Symptony No. 2): 
I and Fmbod Sue IV19-, 

U rt m nfurmaiion can IK <*- 
I by callint 012) Ml IS2I 
Ataiiawn t> free. 

Tiriw iIk •knheada bow bat 

Couniry Wcitem iin(ei Paity 

LoveleuwiUparlormai'7 .V^Mudi 

19. with B« iotai HvmU and iha US 

99 Bon » Raofi* taid. a«n«al •« 

Wfiie for *m Harimiiar 

AitoilmrWamm Mwli23.3piRii 
ibe Ouc^D CulDiral cento Cciia 
RawbaKli and Mia Famiw xar m dui 
liaydwkiitical drana III a wanan olw 
tMtin wtoihevMlly is. aidihai ihc 
IS Ml vha ikc ihouchi the vai 

Riwiandt pisyi a oolk|c piofa 
■Of. ntamad u a pliyskiaa. who has 
dehidad heneir into *Mki«f iki'i (M 
a voy (ood b(c Satfoly. liMm(h 
w i t iil WH e.ri B insi m at i 
aB bwonea isnvvW. 

TliaHlmMylnwaibsniii iiwi am- 
i«( fanily mt low* m i fattom ■ 

■nmuB't jooney al Mtf-duKovcty at 
iha is toeod ■> cadSmni bo* bet past 
and her picsant. Alao Haini« Oetic 
Hactaian Duecied by Woody Atlen 

Buy a new loasier 

Do your honteiMffc. 

L«Riii>|i)ay dMsilir 

Attention Pnets!' 

The N«»n*IUbiaryollHMiyhai 
tmoMKcd Ihai St2.00Oa prim win 
be aw ardnl IliH year ■> mcr 2S0 puers 
Ml Uw Hanln AmcrKan Open Poetry 
DaMcsL The deadline r« the ocmmi i% 
March }t . 1 991 The ctaiicM M open lo 
eveiyane andcniry u FREE. 

Any poet, wheihee prrvvutly put> 
luhad or »M. can he • winner Every 
poeni emend aito hat aUunceluhc 
puMuhed in a deliue. hardbomd an 

any lubject and any iiyk, to dK Na- 
tional Libf ary of Pweiry , 1 1 •• 1 ** 
CroBiidie Or. PO B..« '04X1. 
0«in|s Milti. MD 21 1 17 IIk poem 
ihcNiU he no mwe than 20 lines, and 

Jewish murals on 
display at Art 

^:f Institute 

appnconllKkipoflhapate Emnet 
imiHbepiaMMataitTMaKtt )1 . 199) 
Anewoouetlaiiem April 1.1943 








tillBlBI«iin« iMUMHiiii 


fuwannWNBS «Hcw«aai«lilfflMBI 
waanwaMKM&HIB >u luaHiKmiD'Mn' 
SHM p MER tERKl a MEUMi San 
IK in un ■null MMWI 


A famed Kt of murali. crested by 
of die Stale fciriafe Chan- 
bcr iheain m Moacnw m the e^rly 
I92(H travel tu The Art butuuie of 
Oucafo ancT closini at the SotaiMin 
R.Oii|tadicamMaB«MninNei« Yofi. 

On vwti in Chictfa (nan March 
l9dMai#iMay7. l993.M»rrh<«afl 
tkt JttMilt Thmrrv Munh prcaenu 
ncMy Claimed vorhi thai Oia(aD con 
sidered hit personal masierptecct. 
E^pkinnf ihenwf of music, danoe. 
drama, and liieraaire. these murals ■« 
o u «i i pte « e w edbypai ntint s.phn»ogra 
piMn. poavn. umii—s and te) de 
sigai. and pnnli. seme of vhich will be 
••■a only in ChicafO The eihibuion 
pieseMsafascmaiiitt kxA stihc dcvcl 
opmcm of the secular Jewuh ihcaier 
Ruivcmeat dunni the exlrawdinary 
period of fnedom. innovalian. and 
eatpirinanaiiiaimpnsi RevohiUnnary 
Jovial Ruests. 

Dunat the early years of the So 
via Union, Oiaf all was invcitved .,i a 
canqistfn lo fvoimilc a nsiHMisi kw uh 
artprogram Themcmberttif the Stale 
Jewish Chmiber Theatre, who were 
Bcuve Bi this missiai. set as dieit man 
date the creation of a genuuicly mod 
em nalMiul kwiah iheatcr Chagall 
created mursli f« the w^li. panted 
Uk ceiling, and designed die curum 
fur the ihcsicr ' 1 upcning flight produc 
txn nn January 1 . 192 1 , and Ihc small 
hui lucccssful playhiwac Isicr bacame 
lira»wii as "ChjgsU'i Bos " 

In 1924. the Stale Jewish chamber 

Theaoc moved k> a larger aadiloeiaai, 
ndCh^atl'imvals wefcraovadakng 
with It Because of growing anti- 
cal graups undes Sialm, the murals 
were taken down and hidden under the 
tUgeinl9VI lnl9!i0.thcywacBiav«d 
to die Stale Treuakov Oallery » Mos- 
cow, whese diey were held oi storage 
(or abnost fony yean They woe fi- 
nally reuirTt>.-t«l and restored in 1990, 
and made ihcir debut niaside die SovM 
Umun in Marugny. Swit/ertand. and 
Frankfun. Germany. Now un view for 
Iherinttimeinthe U n t i ed S t ai e .iMarc* 
ChataU The JewM TIkMMt Mwalr 
prcaenu the master at Uk height of hia 
powers. eiprettmgallhe wished to say 
as an srtisi, and actively relating hia 
uJeas tin the development of a national 
Russian Jew ish theater 

Advame iickeu arc available by 
tsllmg Tickeimaster at 902 ISOO. 
Same day iickcu. uibjed loavailabil- 
i.^.ms> hcpurchssedaithe Artbisli- 
tulc when the cshibitaon it on view. 
studenu. From March 20 dirough May 
10. 1993. Marr CliagaU The yewu* 
Thtalrr Murals will he on view con- 
currently with the MartrM* eshdai- 
u>m Advance aid tame day tidieu 
fur VKwmg both shows are SIO 00 for 
adults, and SK (10 for sennn. uudents. 
and duldrca. Ito tickci and per order 
•ervioediBrgai apply ifanJa«ddaiM«h 
TicfceinMatcr Both cdutaitkins are free 
to memben of the An I 

School art 
project bombs 

So what is art, anyway? 

Anna Kowolilii 
A«f fc*to' 

Did you hear what happened in 

Two hundred itudeiiij were 
evacuaml and esplusivc cspenj 
thuughi a student 't art project was a 

■■ She (kwn 'i leach SIT ." die pim 
cipaloftheichaalsaKl (Well.diat's 
obvious She doem'tknowMt when 
she sacs it.) "So we went though our 
nomal procedures, which IS to cot 
iKt police." 

An i.>ff -duly police ofTiccr at da: 
schtnl otmined die object and 
(jirUiably buisi out laughing) deiei 
maasd it may be a boaib 

A letcvttiiBi itatioa miemipSBd 
pragiamming h> amnunoe the re 

port of a bomb, tending frantic 
parents rushing to dx tchool 
Yes. the media tt csusmg loisa 
trouble . agam 

The bomb s^uad cvcniuaBy 
dismantled what was called a 
"junk an project." The h«iBb 
aiinadcanie WhatisdusworU 

"Ii really did look suipiciaus 
m »c wouldn't have contacted 
dK pobcc depanmcat." die prm 
cipalsaid "BwilwaaannverTe 
ac4ianbydiemedia(siaT«iK) It 
caused umur hccuc momenu up 
here for about 40 minutes (hey! 
Isn't dial die tame kxgih as a 
claat penodi Cnmcidence or 
prc-mediialod'*) " 

School adminittratort re 
fused to idenufy die student an 
lai. Alas, saaihar great work 
ugaad, simply . " Amxiymom " 

1h» Hoftsmg^Worc*! 1* '"3 


Help Wanted 


Looking lor lummor omploir- 
Bonf Soeuft »out pojilion 
ttrly (Of o«t»idt punting er»«» 
Eipononct ptotorrod »ill 
nam Appl» No*' Conticl 701- 

DonttI Ami Wanlod 
o«rt liini Mu»l bo voty 

3lo. Molufo. and Inoitdiy 
-. I Irani Iho nghl poraon 
Call Pmcilla 577-7171 

Ciuiio tliip Kinng- oarn 
$2000 00 plui a montH No •• 
pontnca noct«sar» Foi inlot 
malion call i 20« «J« 04«i 
oil CS699 

Nuttilion lof Iho bum Did »ou 
kno» Ihal Iho figbl combina- 
tion ol »ilaiiiin» «tn»ial». 
horbi and amino aoda can 
tiotp impfOKO porlonnanco'' 
Tpg gS« S381 

thru pfoducif u»od b» Iramatj 
alHIoioi doclon *oigM iot« 
• ilhaut dtugi, donial, or dopn 
yalioB loan muacio gaina •ith 
pravon otloclivo non slo'Oidal 
lotiKula lion 70l-ti»-S3»1 
Kiie »CoinputorSOf»icos Toim 
Paporj Ropotu Roiumoj Stu 
doni n,. count Call 670-1409 

A Loving AHemative as you 
struggle through ths drtfioitt 

time. Please consider 
placing your t^u^ with us. 
We understand the love and 
strength this wi« take, but 
we promise your baby will 
enjoy a lifetime of love and 


We are financiaily socure, 

committed to each other. 

Family axl 

higher educaion. 

Adopted big broiner as weH 

as adopted cousins wilt 

welcome your baiby Medi 

cal. Legal, and Counseing 

paid. CaH Lucy and John 

708 965 8763 

Happy trails to you or aat Ibat 
H appy Birlliday^ Unlia Arlio 
JiM bocauso vou didn t gi»» m» 
any cookioi you aro flo« on- 
gagod to All. Ha¥0 A Nico Day' 

Who olio hofo u on Iho Haipor 
19 yoai program! batidot Joo 
and A)i| ' 

To Ibo Audio' Thanlu lot tiio 
holp Laura 

Kon quit u»ing up all Iho cold 
•ator in Iho M building tho« 
ais »hal Iho boll It "long ■III' 
you anyway'' ^ 

To Iho guy« at tho into booth. 

You do a aiondorlul |0b. 

thanks, all ot ui 

Look »U a running bunny oh look 
thoro II a lilting bunny look 
minon lying down, no lU (Utt 
Iho way you hold than . thay aro 

all tho «aii<» _^____ 

Doar Eailf Bunny, I would liko 
aBICbaikot with lots ol candy 
toys and MONEY'", y»ah. 
tnaH Ihotickol MONEY 

A^na, SPEAK LOUDER bottor 
you than 1*0' 

Mttn Hund hat ffiotno 

Hauiaulgabon gogoston' 

WART Ith habo Koin Hund. 

Dot Horausgobot Dos Harbm 

goit bat moma Hausautgabon 



On* Joutnaliint progiam 
Mako an ollor 

To 8ill» fho haiflon 
wondor Mirror Mirror on my 
hoad usod to bo thoro now it* 


To «» pattnors in crimo( Ktifly 
and Kjol) thanks tor Iho momo 


Ooai Tina Don 1 worry it will 
gr ew back lovo Billr 

Doat Krisly How wat Oonny'i 

last tuosday 

Hop along virgin ( Kon ) away! 

Doaroil Joo I mist you thanks 
lor Iho wondorlul Hmo Lo»o 

and hissos Jim 

So do you all raally Ihmk I golla 

nico b ull* Jiw ____ 

Hay Jooy. Whon can I sao you 
no«l' K 

Susan Dennis 



Spring Vocal 


May 8th 



1h* Hoblngw. March 19. 1993 


Si step ahead 

<By leather CarroU 

PUy«i( ihroc umcs in eiflu 4ay«, 
dHbatelMll lean wiBMBt dKMOCTi 

Ai BiKklMwkCallcie m Molme 
u noon on the mcnbeiti. itic Hiwk* 
will brfoi ihe KMon ml ihc« iphni 
hfc^ tour The foncxvmg Friday in 
iniin. Harper will uke nn Shawnee it 
CoUrfC m Pklucah. KY allpm 

Alio over iprmf (mak. the track 

mm will ovnpcie mUK Wlieaiai Open 
■t won OB March V Men'a turn* 
bagm loiia afn tn ihor hone and 
aaaaoB ofioier afamti Waiilwnaa* «n 

TV wftball team, law M«iaiBen 
of Ha«kk <|inn( xMruct. N-gw their 
Mtaaon A|V>I 5 « mum i^(ain« Tmcn ai 

Good luck lu alt the idtleieimlheir 


Fjih year, hundreds irf Hirpvr Kraduatri trantfer lo 
RwMcwIt t niwTsitv <^ Arltiuitiin Hriithtsijtnpta tncompictr 
th«rir IvKhchir's tkitnrcs tntaiLw KiKMcwtt is the mirthwvtl 
tuhurhs' UiKrtt. nual cnmprvhi-nMw uniwrsity. 

Harper ttudrnU Kathy Wnihel and Uan Uu tell wliy they 
chose Kcntewelt; 

"Raoicvclt wxeptrd all my Harper credits, and reiiistratian 
vasallcnrrKatliy uy$. "The Lampu.s ItieatKMi wa« ideal' 

"Romewlt (awr me a schiilarshipr l^n explaias And all 
n»\ Harper credits were accepted I partKularIt like the unall 
classes, and the tact thai the campus is cli»e tiihume" 

llyuure interested in)>Nninii Kiaisevelt I niversitv s many 
MKceuM Harper sttidenls. ciimc \isit us iir call an admissmm 
counteliir at TtM 4.T7-92(M) to Irl u» h«lp you pian your mmfcr 

Albert A. mihlBC»iii»i«i: ?l " s ' ^ Miert Rd 
Arlimttun Heijthls. II. MMk : *)2iM> 

RooseveRlMversity ^^^ 






Former women's league baseball player 
visits during Women's History Week 

Harper Sports Calendar 

m^uM {M-iimnmlbiiMiil SBw^ifl Umis n^nd 

March 20 

SUr^h lb 

March 27 


March » 













S« A «cp iterf' « u«al it )l(«il «*ca« olfa te ■« ■*>«««■<■ «* 

«pmt itanMMd bt 
men Bxfiwn I'M} M.ikeAO Amen 
c'K Gifb niifeuwnal BaaeMtUHV''* 
owned the flcM 

It Wat thcu tinie at bai 

TVAACFBL waacnawditurtnc 
WixU Ww II hy chewu« (tan <n»e 
{jrcnriff and Chkafo Cuba' owner 
nmipK WngkytofiBannilinAincn 
eancuhm A{teTmaiiirlratuepl>yen 
w«te draitad mm the armed fann. the 
.<f l>a.^baU alive 

'■ -r-^ti lca|uc memtier Terry 
l»4<r during Womoi'it Hic 
.' A . c iNjut her day* o< gkvy 

Lkxiaiuat ' > cancr higm in tZanada 
wm before ilKiancd the Icagiw He 
cpiiru minded parara inttadUMd tier 
u<ihe hall field iKfoicaiMaaaidadriru 

'IgrrwiipdiKiiigilKDcfireM !>'<'. 
Llunahuc ca«t That vam't mu>.h 
money in the courary. There wa» no 
ihiraici I played hall htKaincllHrcwai 
r'>vfhm|;clxc lad» 

"The wlK^ family playid ball n|lii 
ta Mm backyard My biotlier tried id 
ihnw harder in mc and bailHPJer He 
ined tu make me miit llus «» <' 
advantage I tvcame prfiuy goo! 

In I^S. the MtKM Jaw R>»<r. 
iDmahue'i «>)lhatl tcafiic) ««a itK 
WeMereCanadMiChampiniMhin One 
M Wrigley'i amnu wa» uanai Utr 
tiiuted SiaMa and Canada w hJmh 
for lalemed ball|rtaycn He atkad 
OnnabiM Ki By ooi lor ihe kagiK. 

"The neit hnitday I WOK home and 
iiiid miJilter and fatfier My maUMr 
utd. 'Noway Thar'tanMlwroNntiy 
ll'>iui>fir 'lsaid,'LMcallH«tlut<> 
I've got lu know if I can maka it If I 
can't. I'll cume bacJt and be iMppy '" 

Teams were already caiahfiahad n 
iiitica inchKUai KeMMiia. Raemc. 
K4Kkfiird. Sov* BcmI and Milwau 
kee Trynuu fof nrana* umii. nnaM 
■nd Muskcgnn, hnia||il handndt of 
fcmakplaycrt mOl^ Lack*. Fl*.. fee 
•piiag «■!■■(. Only JOptqmwauU 
make Iha ieetnc. 

"On aBucMKia day . I waa unmg a 
a bi g room w idi liundreda nf gir la w all • 
ing for ma names u> be caUnd." 
[knafaue taid 1 gM (mac pimplet 
»hn»lm ii wiiliia i n yiin n i bain gr a ll a rt 
few Ike Axma Radwag*. t caa alio iael 
die lean lka> cam* lb My efia aid UK 
joy diaildida'lhsvelbpBtadi hone." 

TIm («b nngad in (fa ban I* ID 
2t aidamadtdwieaertMioSIZS a 
weak. nMm Aa* moat «■( ihm (adian 
Wmi Aa as* inHmc and reapniafliili 
Ilea can* aaatncliaiia 

''ibflffe wn no dnnkiing ar MHai" 
ing." DnaJiaa aaid. "We amid ani 
wearilacks WecnuldnaikaaaalHn 
kav Wehadcurfewi— yoMhidtDba 
m your nxan two koun ilkat « b*H 
gamLkwatvaeyatria Andliluakil 
hadiobrbecaaaawe wey wa^ aad 
iiwn»efimiiwnwniat»— 'ayfc— 


Dnnabiat taid "And every ytm. dw 
ban gilt tmalkar and tm tiaiat Imglti 
ened T1w» we gel aun Ike aadeam 
nkh I voxuady n waa awertund and 

tKi.aiT.1: iTfitlar hM ebtB'* 

The WMRCR had 10 teak fiMd OB 

n(.ikin.-n uvi t»m«)4ai dianpid, one 
ll-,:'. « tmm — d»e iBU 

(irv otRKaitalffleoklikc 

labaa and p% Ulc men,'* DcnalnM: 

Tmrf Domftu* ijkiyd fcx Iha ftoiu l!»<twing§ at m» At A/nancon Gttt 
MaMakmal goaatnf laopua tk^tng Wortd War « 

hick far the AAGPBL The league's 
lak laifoklBd indie hn movie "A League 

dnnighl it was a novelty Id wc « 
ptaybaaetMtlmaiaie piece ditaa They 
wen titn far a gnad langli. Bm when 
diey a«w how w«9 we playaii, dMy 

From 1 94A-49. DonalHie. a tiliKqr 
player r« die INaina Redwii^, w« on 
die field au days a week widi a dwMa 
header on Sunday 

D wi wr faaJy mn n nt i e w iil her 
fim opaiaaBc w acautan. She vaa 

caichet. wIh> 

ever caugihl and it waM IVianaga. We 
had Id nop at nidaiglii bacaaaa dMc 
waa a rate thai yon onolda't play aliar 
Uo'idiKk rUneva lorgetdiedaic It 
wai Augiiat 2 1 . 1 <M«The neat day was 

of Their Own" 

Before production iKgan, the 
league n umbci s felt laKamidrtaMa . 
abnui Ac catjag af Madaana. "^e 
anra tipaal whca we read tfiey had 
ladama to be in ttut movie,** 
taid "At die imc. we aaltad 
aCnhanbiaPKnircteaocuiive, °Whal 
■c you tiymg to do to ut? We kni>w 
■I. WehadaveiyMricI 
MadonM ID a ooana. She has a V 

Ool 'And we taid. 'You beoer have.'" 

hmy Manhall got M) or 60 le^ae 

members k> meat Ihe start 01 )uly 1990 

la aak qoaatiom, daow tialli «id talk 

19 a 

Iteletgaa aoacted amc Aan 1 
fans dniiV itt tvyday Yet it 

of Bdaviaad gamea, die nnnn of war 
veanm. an uptwaig la die economy. 

: of playen md die raaur 

Hw AACm. waa vimwBy laft 
am of Mneey bnnka anil fargooea. 1 

dunk we wtre left mh of luslnry be 

cawc wc'R wonctt.'* Dmahuc taad. 
"U wc w«R KK*, ac waall have bean 

Enaiiiially iha k^gaa was lanig- 
lUiBd aaid Hadadad imd Om BaacMI 
MiQ of Fame in tSaoiRMovn A per- 
- ta^HKagtaOi.aai- 

iictini c- vny gul w ho|iiayed IB dK AH 

American — ihuwcaaea tttcii acicom- 

«wi hoeaaie dtty "nw Miotf teman ntaa atao i 

"Whan aw saw dar mowic «8 ttoa 
vary nanaa," Dtmaiair tnM. "Ttay 
did give Mnkaaia a bigtar pan dian 
dHy had originally ptaanad. Bui we aa 
fck die dai a very good job All die 
acaeaaes did. We were very ivoad and 
piaaaed I dunk taaiy Marshall ically 
did riglu by aa." 

AAar lannng imm dw biaabaU 
iMyaara n t 
• finn before rearing tn 1990 
"I'm gra«:fiiJ lo kir Philtp K 
Wngley lor givaig ua die chaoc* to 
pmvc w«ncn can play pmfcaaianal 
bajlamiplay well.~[)unahucMid I'm 
1 to he asuKiuui with the 
> I play e d wuh 
"t waati love noddng haaar llMB 
IPtaeapiofcatwBtlwtiaiicn'i b Mc b a U 
Icaguekxlay 1hclle^cdleR are women 
■Mil IJiert "iho a-c quahfioil u> play. I 
dtm'tV: ■ ayaiwellaswe 

did-W. iridtupponiL" 

Harbinger Sporis 

■ 12 

Th« Hart5ino«». March 19 1993 

'March Madness' 
sets in as NCAA 
tournment begins 

Mdrtxigw Sc)0«l» Clogmn* 

I'd bm fselBif a link under Cu 
wcMlMrlMtiol wauioliKdacloc'i 

Mm » routine cuniiuiiaii ad 
what MoiMd like • dmc hour out. 
Ihc doc ftnoned wilh die mulu "I 
dwufhl you vcir ihcnnni cympttnui 
at lynnt fever , bui I could be wning. 
I ihtMwd your lUMdl* to a unUaagiw 
i>f muM and ha cnAiaod Mjf M^jn - 
CKKU YouaranilbriiiihaBaeem- 
inan vtnani of the fever known m 
March Madncsi The only (realmcnl 
1 can recummcnd ts w abihmg at kaat 
half ihe (amci m Uw NCAA uuma- 
mcnl over the net i four wtdu " 

IthankedDr Dk>q|Mandhaadad 
foe ihe local Seven Etevon lo slock 
up on »da. chip* and dip I knew tl 
«»aj going 10 he • long recovery 

My apologies v> Uick Viiale fn 
uiing March Madness, hul I'm preini 
■URhedidnlcomlhephtaiie Jmlm 
case. I'm reuintng a lawyer 

The umc antu m every ujlk|e 
haskcchajl scaiun h> tian ihc mad K> 
dicnauxiaJcHampHjnjihip Thin year 
loaini lohuld the pnimisc of an upsei 
filled tourney. Nil Im puking lew 
undeidDga lo ad« aiKc moR ihai one 

I'll tIan in the Em> Region, only 
becauac u Kcnu to tie the aaatesi id 
call NocdiCarolinadrcw the number 
cvie Mcd and aieaay fnt three minda 
Their opponcnu aren't evrai wunh 
mcMianing unul they meet up widi 
St. Jolin'i in the Reganals round. 
Look br the Tarhoeli to gu lo the tug 
dance m New Oleara after heatng 

Cmcinnau in itie Semit 

Kcnnicky hai what couU he a 
walk in the part if unleaa WakcFor 
eat and dicn Bonda Stale don't play 
iq> ID dlc> potential IpickedFStlto 
heal Scion Hall m the regional only 
hlic iim their achool't football hel 
■••a have die aatne logo aa the high 
kIiooI I graduand from (Now you 
Kc why I loae to many bctt.) THe 
Wddcan of Kcnnicky ihould htnk 
Ihdr nacrvauona in the Big Eaty 

TV Midwcftt Region ia loadad 
with power teami. and ihouM pr» 
vide fcir the best nialch upa Indiana 
and Louisville, the first and fiwuth 
laada reapcctively, ihould meat in 
llic regxinali widi die Hooaiert com 
ingoulnntnf) IXdwandKamaa.thc 
Ihnd aid tecond aeeda, dmuld al» 
nwci m Ihe legKinalt Youcan'icaU 
the Bhae Drviti an underdog m any 
game, and they'll prove that by heat 
mg the Isyhawks ami Uicn lioliana tn 
H|ueak inut the Final fwa 

I'm |Kktn| MKhigan i^t be Utc 
founh of the Four, but only bocame 
Ifecy ac to much fun i<> wai£h The 
WoKtsinciaretoplicavy wiUitaknt. 
but arc light at • feather in the e>pe 
nencedrparancnt They llpiay well. 
but don'l kxik fur than k> he c utung 
down any neu on April fifth I'm 
defcsrint ray picks foe the Fmal Four 
<ai the off chance that I 'm incwrecL 

I know I pronuted to be nice to 
the Bulls, hul afler kwtet to the Heal 
and I>eiraii. I coukta'i ihmk nf any 
thing luce to say 

I'll ki dKm o(T the hoik this 
tuna, but the nest umc they have a 
week like thai, no praniscs wdl save 

Intramural basketball teams 
head towards 'April Madness' 

Thaburamuralbwkctball leagne'i 
balance down dmwgh tsidi place it 
going ID Ml up an mamung Ic^ua 

A hoi thuoiBig. kiwet placeduwr- 
naineni team will pmit any iif the top 
tanked five The fnaJ place tlott will 
he deteTsnoKd with dus sreck'i play 

This IS how die gamea from March 


In one lough game for both sides, 
the Bears prcvaitad over Skitenagt o< 
the waili'il ten tame TV lead changed 
hank trnxghaiil the luasle. but Chns 
Schulcr'i 70 points and Tim 
Umgmoic't bee throw thooltng ai die 
wire [V Bears had enough lu hold on ai 
dieroittb Jeff Andcnon and EncScMt 
provided moat of Ihe offensive (amch 
for Skilcnagt Andersun'i last setxmd 
jump thn al die htm drew mm but 
rolled off t V relief of the Bean 
IM Team *l I oiirt )mUa 52 
After i*op|)ing their fiiit game of 
die Maaon. itw IM Team have iwi off 
five tiraighi wm« to move uMocoMcn 
mm wun Uw league leaden Chris 
Moor and Dennis Baitniile in up tV 
Niard for • ciimbirmi 47 fnimu Uj pat» 

"•' ■" !-•- 1 -. ..'>.. iMul 

■ ■■-led 

HdiHttHd** rrima liaii ii 
Wtvrw Pamw'n Jl prwnts !c*J a 
t^i tu Iheir 
■ ct an im 

■. ij 


t titauchakiilbltl BIgUawpU 

The well-tnkd rntouchahull team 
continues to impiraa all with tVir un 
selfish style on iV ofTctuive end and 
theiicnspdcfensivemovcmeni Kelly. 
Emery and Scagtkmi contnbule widi 
passing ami scaring while MarvVlu 
and Iverson do die heavy duly bosnl 

Lenny IVatciewicr canlmues to 

leaumg u'xwmg raiiki 
' for iV game 

iildaMMsa IS B«g ll«rgi4S 

aHauis caused IV Beefy Dogs 
■Diiranf Dmuhlc widt Hvkms. Weary 
arid Anderson com hinmit forftOpnmts 
ui not let die Doggies a chance to get 
iiuoiV game. Lenny l^taicaewici! nip 
plxd most of the K9 oirense wiUi 16 

S' Ward Hawks *3 PHbw tim 

In a bookend game, die lop leam 
va the cellar dwellen. dK Hawks 
ooasicd to a one tided wm TV hat 
ding Pnnie Tuners wen AiUof fight all 
Kighi, hul wbm Amp akooiaig Ouy 
Foas went doam early in liw fane wuh 

an ankle injury, dieir fulurc waa 
dimmed Derek Hams and Lany Den- 
nis again pnrvitkd tV lion share of Ike 
HawkuffenseandJ.D Dunnateaaon 
high of I? ^ piMntt. 

I nlouchabuHsM Hli S<|uad S* 
The U Bulls nilkd inio league 
heavy wctglu region with another im 
pressive wm over a lalemed Hd Squad 
team. Both teams needed good ef font 
lo be onnpetitive m diit game of dicir 
wheels woidd have been Mown off. 
Wayne Paaon and James Adams M 
die Hit Squad on iV offeiuive end all 
mght However. tV great learn play 
wore ilown die H Squad widi Greg 
KeUey and Joe Emoy hoUmg hot handa 
aU night. 

Eye on the Hawks takes time to speak his mind 


Sports fortes 

Sony, folks No 'One on one' 
this week 

As much aa Headm and I mdy 
odMr'a hriim in. We just csMiMn'l 
IkMi of anyikittg to tatt Arnil dMa 

So fc* any of you diree or four 

people who read die spora page last 
semeaut. it's die reuni of youi mil 
« tdual (but much leas whmey Ulan be 
funel "Eye on TV Hawks " 

It * t been a w hilc smce you ' ve heard 
fram me m an mdi V idual odiaim oakai 
ihm during HeadMr't aickaaaa. ao II 
try to make it entertaining. 

TV rvsi thmg I would like k> men 
tMnitdwiay I (eel n die tonn u^V 
hegnning baseball teaaon. 

It's a truly strange feelmg ki be 
kioking firward to the beg inning of die 
•caatm at a Cub fan. eapec lai^y i imsid 
erutg die fact dial die nearly •gcless 
AndicDawsen and ever wumingCireg 
Maddux have both moved on ui bigger 
and biciiB cdMmcu. I can't tay tV 
Cuba daaoved W keep cidier of diem, 
but Vy. what players .10 years ago 
would have turned down a cnniraci for 
a wam because of "a couple hundred 

WVn you think about iL dnean 'I It 
kinda make you ssck? 

1 mean sure, die Cuba oaalcsl boiii 
(dayeri with no reapeit what so ever 
Vea, diry hixh gave mtwe than dwit fair 

shan of Dmc and energy w die leam. 
But why. if diey warned to get away 
from die crgani/atmn so badly, did 
diey bodies with cuuraclnegoiiauuns'' 

If yon have plans to not sign with a 
team, you don't spend mundis at die 
bai|auang table just u> walk aw ay for 
pcanun (well, u is conpved u> wha 

Anyway, if die entire leam tuys 
relaiively healdiy , dK nunh siders ac 
lually have a reasonable chance of win 
mng dM National League East. tV 
weakest division in all of tpons 

I wuuldn'l eipact die team to Vad 
u> die World Serkt. but Vy. if a team 
like die Cub* hat a chance to win dieir 
division. I'm not giwig to ague After 
all, I may V a Cub fan. but I am 
realistK about dieir chaicea of Blic 

Now, I may have already have kial 
tV faid) of ume of my (dare I say it?) 
"loyal" reaitofs.. bu aa iV icaaon be 
which ieam't(CidM<ieWhiaS«)(ana 
arc bencr 

(>! tolV nesi lubiect, . 

At fa at tV Harbinger sports page 
IS concerned. I've got to say just how 
thankful I am lo Vve IV page I doeach 

I've Hscn die ollKr college news- 
papen around here, and lo say die very 
least. I'm shocked. 

I'd been complaining early m iV 
semeuer that I (actually at die tune A 
wat *we' for Heather and myself) 
needed more mom lo give quality oov 
erage of Harper's tporu TV more I 
look around and see what other ipotu 
edttois are given lo week with every 
week, die more I'm content widi what 
I've got. 

To Vgin Willi, having erne fill I page 
im a coDqc nesnpaper it a raniy. 
modi ki* two pagea each and every 
weak (Vsides tunos between seaaon 
wVn I don't have much to pnni). Sec 
omUy. I've got no choice but to V 
graicdd fm having successful teams on 
caniMt S«mc of our adilcies arc so 
fond dial no other schouU in die artrs 
will agiae aa oompela widi us becauac 
we're simply wwi pow e rfid. 

) do (uhac that accordinn to N4C 

rules Harper it not alknrad lo pnrvide 
scholarshipttoil'ialhleles. However. 
if we did, imagine jusi whu kmd of 
teams we'd have!!l 

TVre is a good deal of rchictancy 
ID hand out tdnlanliipt for athletiis, 
andri^nfttMyao. H ouw»».ifdiepecptc 
ntanccs. bmr srould m no problem. 
AdileiBt wnuU have no choice but to 
sQidytng dieir number one prscvity. 

Oie more tubjcct I srauld like id 
clear up Vforc my space runs out is 
this "Jimmy 'V Geek" buaness Juat 
what kmd nf an idiol wouU openly call 
hunscif an idiot, in jest or otherwise??? 
While I do admit tV style tit wnling 
did seem a bit tike my own, everybody 
teemed u have completely i gnoied tV 
fad that Ian Ferguson and I have simi- 
la wnling voices. 

Do you have any idea that it jual 
m ay Vve been aoneone other than me 
thai wrote dial ooluinn? 

GET A a IT' 

Ian Fert,u»<vi Id Jimmy dK Oeckl 

Thank you 

BiE Harbinger 

William Rainev Hcuper CoBoge 

Aprils 1993 

Volume XXV. Number 18 




to be 



l-EXn RES 



pi (Mi 


for sports 









and sports 


Five, four, three, two, one : blast-off 

Former cosmonaut to inform campus o\' life in Russian space program 


a 9 






/> 7 




OttSwiMUiiniMdaninirfUnw' Ok. Owdiko ta«ai I 

!■ U> MDiaii tmmtmmm M iht wwiM Mi iiUL H i n ii w w m mt i iit fot 

Siwiatliiwi'Pmi'Mi.wili'Wuil 111 tki dmiB tWRMi kuddd bf Soyn 

will iflicar A|>ra «. « 7;Mpm in profmn H« wmUd mi iKe ••jKWcjr 

•uiUJnfJTItuiR D> OncMn>.<<|v»i cafcuMunt iot %wnk. iIm vartd't 

umei hy ib> Aiminnniy OuK will rmitMcllilc.iml Vongk (.dK^NKC- 

iMivtri45<niMittpmMntn9a."llw- GfiAiiMiunMdVHhOi|inB.*«6nl 

■unifi>|aKC Hu wok mctiKkt hanar 

Sovki iiaiMcnM liicmw* 

Or. OiwMn wt> ducf eieK«aui;> 

(inuiMil htancir M the cunuif «%■ of 
dM Space Age 

PraKmly. Ur Gic^Mlo u head of 
Ihe UKiirauvy al ihc Runun Ai ademy 
of Sc rioicei wiih huca|*au« ■* UbO' 

H« k« tpBit a uui nf 1 M dayt in 
ipauteMOK dun tny Amflncan •> 
miuw. Ocvly. Or GnchkB dmm- 

AdmiMum lo tfw pmgrim ii fm. 
Fix funhci infunnUHin. call Paul 
S«w».Eai 2374 

Senate hammers changes in policies 

Precipitous decisions make their way through student govemement votes 


WiDi wvoi oamg mmbcn 
ftzvmt, die SukM Senate inati- 

Senate contradicts itself on deadlines 

Deadline to remain fimi says Studeni Aciivines Duvctor Jeanne Pinaknin 

dvanoM *mU te niifiad by Om 


Tuead^' lufiM'i iMMi MM- 
mf exMiidiBd tedeadHwIbmaml' 
i»>e« tar <p imtn$ etactiana. 

ChwMQy (dHihiM w cad 
Mank I7.dte i«ii al « a ti p n» i i 
* voM of (our K>-nn>, » allow for 

'in iMpad ■» dMM wtedid Sleai 

vdl nmam m til 


u aaad dM ha "blew of dM 


lo fa* • 

(or • I 

•una In tidMr Mm far or I 

m d iaam far M 

"I vcnfM Ii *idi iaanw 

Dean S{»a(ue kaiea. iliiihiiii 
mum felt dial du* t» a lack of 
cumfnufiKaiion. are iteiiMatMaid 
die deadline by 71 1 

: ancmaOy nub- wma'i nUiAad m iM.* 
bthadiB Diptnilwucaaitdnilc wriii 

die awdnlactivtiy calendar atdaiMi "IwaaM 
^•WMa.*Mif«> nublMlMM i t a a J liiii a Une. I)y I 

"THIaiaanodKTei ample of Mme aclivitief alike. dMI tay aiiii MMiirt 
MiMliifi haiim nil iinir|nrc iir nrd ■( ihadeailtiiic waaiialAnfirtodi 

iUtiif'tmtmtmtni- widaii inauee nanMCf mi mmtt 

-Ikv warn uid (■ fiik. 19. *ai p aai ^w i' 

iha iiaaa ataii iraWtr tr-^f - "kannc waa aiaam ikai day. to 

amyiKliaM wkk iha ifri^ inadnM »kat emld I do''" 

Charki Janaary. »«nate 
lneaiilBiil. laid litaneTiU Ihe tiuduiu 
da^adUae. adw wan ■laaraRafdia deadline " 

IdidR'ieMilaiawabcaiiadMd lifmalbanaclMwxiorun' 

iBie. MidIVa»h«llUwiLi«iiaior. Tlie alm dli wiw i i »nil i«d with 

"W«M|MRe«t«iMiw«uiuai dw daadtiat dw aaiutt ontiaaUy 
mm I wiiliain.' «Mad An Waam. aia>«d."hiitiiiiiiilim. 

Itmf mmmi k ■ iiak widi ilw 

IW amaM. ky a ' 
toe. ntoKiBd (ha dndUne faraia- 
tadu wvAMt u file K a candldMe 
m v«k-«iinf e!«ra<«a. TV dead- 
tUK w«> eiuaidad hun Masti It 
■mti A)7nl5 

CMhet actkn M die meetlMt ■"- 
>. Uided die qyrwal of the ooreni 
pandod Bid vlcc-fnudott u ii<i< 
dwa taai ofBc* apn alfietal ic 
aalttrfdia amaaa i l ani l da . 

Hk ««e •Uom dK vinm* of 
dw carraM aetanl yaar 

Fanlier action Idkcn by die aesi 
aK kHtiidad a i«qaa« by SanaK 
ItaMwiChirtci tanoary to ic>B' 
uaie Mkkacl Dotan and Ktm 
Hagaca K> acaaia poaiueBa. 

"I M dial I alicnaud diem 
wben dial waa nM my nuentMn." 

aaaaae a cbaacc » aak quennns of 
m> choiaea. radw Ibaa "raitoDad" 
dam tnui dietf 

A dacieim oa Dolaa and 
Haaaaa wid ba aiade at dH ami 


oa bsdi aidaa of dM. iaaaca. 

Janaary. chairint die aaating. 
•Bowed eaidi MaMor Ac oiqpaitu 
ally 10 voks bit or tar qpiaian 


liana cannataac "baa dM 

cataMiab ralaa aid lagalabaH lor Mf ' 

r.dtair or die 

on nominees 
for senate 
elections can 
be found on 
page 2. 

12 1h*Habino«r.Aprt 2)993 


Candidates in the 1993-94 senate elections 

Thaaa ara ih* currant candMalaa tor nad yaar'a •»nm: Nomlnaaa ai« running uooppowrt In aach potttlon mxeap» tor aludant truataa, which haa tour nomlna**. 
Nomlnaaa at* dascnbad balow.wlth thair nama, position may ara running tor. tialMa al Harpar, and a quola on why thay ahould ba alactad Into Ihair raapactlva 
position*. Voting lakas plica April 6 and 7 and ttudani turnout la ancouragad. (photos by Phillip Andars.) 

NonnA: Bonniv JofiM 
PotWon: ptMKtoni 
Sloiut: FfMhfTKm 

Tkc ktj U> sarcniir«l 

kmitrskip of tbt tladrnt MMW 

is hasnl oa Iradmhip whick is tonMa jonM 

car<futt« ciHistrui-trd sad 

orgaaurd. M) prrtMiuH mamntrial »prrif ore and mt acxnt involtnirBl 

witk Uh; ttudrnl vnalr and Ihr iiiiniir^ Sucirlr are wunt (uiinplm (Jul 

would rrllrcl ■; abiliiy to br (|ujlirird as Ihr pmidrni of llarprrS Slwiral 

StnjM ItnokftiwardiuwriinKthe tiudrnb or Harprr ( oilrfr <» i Iradtr 

who Ik dcdicaMd aad ytiUmt to rmiattt Ike itaalt tot Ifee proupcrily of aN 

Ibc Ktudratsi.' 

Nam*: CiMNyl Irandl 

Pocttion: vicv-pfMidsnt 

Status: Sophmor* 

"I would liit to run for vicr- 
prrsidrnl of MudrnI iMrnalf 
Chary* tnndf brc»u>« I brlwvf I ran 

pruvidr tbr lrader>hip 
■twdrd b« workiaii with lb* prrtidrni and uthrrt lu kH IbinKs accunpiubed, 

mtt cwourasiiic the cMirr ittsdcBl wnatr to work locrtbrr lo do what in 

brM for MadeM body. 

I wtHiM likt to Mc ttudratt makr Ihf mnut of thrtr cotlt||( ytan at Harprr 

by iciliaii iavdlttd in rUracurriruUr aclivim." 

Nam*: Kim Honton 

Potttlon: $«naloi kom 

Skidant D*v«lopm«n4 


Status: Sophmot* 

"I ftrl I woald bf a ||aud 

rcpn<iriiuu«f for Karpcr 

Cel tm bccamie I aa 

nvolvtd oa ramp«ts ia Ibc 

StadrM Drt etopawnl On'mmm aad woaild adt<|ii«M]i vow* ill < 

ciMctriM. I sai a dudnt aide in Ikt Carrrr and Pmnnal Dttrt nyw i i t 

Ccnlrr and familiar with tctrral ciHtntrk>r< and roiirdiRalurt. Tki« ii> M} 

tonrtk wnmter kerc and I fni I wowM lead a rralntic attdrM prnprcti** 

to lb( Harprr CoHfff Slatfnl Sraato . 



Norn*: Gonick YorgH 

PoslNon Senatoi from th« 
UbOfol Aft* Oivition 

"l tttt Ikiil Ike iiUid«B( body 
nredt to be represented 
properit by a ftudeal wbo it 
I tmgt willing tu be fair, level- 

. and it in lane wHk the tludentt' freiinE^ 1 hr <.ludrnl senalr miLst 
proitcl a pcuMtite altiittde lowardk Ike adminiklratian and the comnunil)." 

1993-94 Student Trustee election candidates 

Noma: Chfit lopw 
POiWon: SKMtoett TfuflO# 

StO t U t' ft # lt lf T Hg t 

'I woaU bkc to be a meaiber of 
Ike Harper (oOete Stadtnl 
Traslee. bri auM' the 
evperiemrt w»uU be new 
opportunity, and a bit 
ckallenie. I ani wtretary ol 
( ulkni'ile iUiaiits \v«iciatioa of 
Ike deaf, and ikt prekidrai iif 


$Mt" taniiuag* <.'lub at Harper. For a long tiaie. i ka>e been involved kt 
rommuniiy iervice. lown my own landM'apingbttMneiiaBd I'm iavolved 
in autay (omoianil)' aclivilin." 

Nam*: Manr Ann Crotby ■ 

PotMon: Student Ttuits* 
SMuK SoptUTwr* 

*l kereby pkdge to dedicate 
aiyirif to icrving Ike Harper 
rommanity in a prgfemional 
auaner. and lo dmalkcB Ibe 

Mcay Ann OD*r-Andnaan 

Norn* Alt Wwton 
PosMon: Student TruclM 
Status: FtMttmon 
" I would bke to bttomt a fiiMlenl 
member of the Harper .Student 
Trustees lo fuiritl a pertuaal 
objective to learn from the 
evperienre and lo rrprrvni the 
vtudenb of Harper College. After 
vr« iatft »>> \ irr-prrsidrni of Ike 
Harper's Student Senate. I have 
wi iiiaui grown concerned with Ike Setute's 

apalky and inability to ncromptisJi liigniricani guaK. I couM e«pre«k Ike 
ciMKerns of Ibe tludeni body to a group of afTlurni men and womaa wlio ran act 
ua innet Mid MttMBpiitb gonh." 


Potition: Student TiutiM 
Status: Fmtwmn 

'I bave attended past board 
meelittgv and am familiar witk 
procedarct aad aai prepared 
for dw type of npertate nnd 
atlentioa to detail tkal is 


Th»Hat>ino« Aprt2 W3 J« 


Early registration 

Currtnily enrolled or pttl 
Hvpct Con«t<: UmknO •» in»il«* 

coma !>■'■■« Af"l ^ *"' ^^ 
IfatttHotditcnunM IniciMicd 

♦ludeiw ni»y '^^•11 *« "'■"''"' '"^ 
;:,jaM nd (or •"'""^ ■^"'^ 

Walk for health and 


■•W«lkin» (« H«»1<J> "od t-ii 
ncM," • fr« ijifa«ni«i»« •cmm* 
umcd M atchmtrmtiKlfiim how 
u uke chwic of *«» •»•'*• *» 
bcn-t hew OB April n. « Buadtat 

M. lOlB 

Rcncc Wcuhcarfurd. ntUoMily 
raikcd rii.-««rtBte» •»* eimcii* 
leater M the N«wth»e« Cuduc 

na an how in DM mc walkait •• 
■leffKUve tool iB|f»iiMin»Wil' 
te«el cmiwacvim mm» mA 

on ho« » tmaam • "wre cfTitieni 

TVi mniniir i» p«t <»f <h« H«rpn 
lulkKC Free H«!«lih Fjih*ntana« Sc 
«». Torc«««» .S>lt»« '*!'*« M^" 

I niquc session offered 
by Career Transili<»n 

1b * lUiKjin «-««i.m .^""1 (T ttw 
C«rwa TtBwiiH" Cenitt. the «» '»' 
fsyclMihitKal •«« f"""*- '-^ ="" '* "' 

ninia Mptataed. «n«wo» comitetd 

■Ml dw tano of * walutii- plm »l 

Seminar provides 
hands-on approach 
to cost reduction 

a,^- .Iwiid hMBl. hMKb « ip 
hokIi K> («< luhaclitin, wtil he 
a<tafa4 on A|inl H.*Tf> • m t» 
4 Wpm inBu*hn«Ctaj 


ihMfumiteouii*' •" minufn n»mg 

mIduBilMlint: ' ''^"< 

tMninar •«» v ••'*'■'* 

«,th imiBttliMe .i»l»„»«K«'* "' « 
tre«t« pi«fi«» aw«»>«h loti»«t« 

RmcMw W. /<* low ftfmt'w 

l«««,Apr,n.*^' "■ - «*« 
NordicaU Center ""■■ 

|iRMV«rlHaKl»> , ,. „ 

CaMofllK wortuhnp « WO t ill 

Iht Cwn TramiW" « e<<*« « *'''* 

f2}:i (i« m.»r ,(>f<»TI<»lt«» «•»••§» 

how*, .il«loeiti««i.l»i« *«■*««»>» 
,„„Mrti. f retght sort redua"*- '" 
veMory mv^uwnl te<h»ti<» •»* 
liMi bl TwneilKlwttlegK Wwti*» 

Americans arrested for 
carrying drugs abroad 

mchMlH lunch m>A mwenil* A 

MtH^diMniaii It *vulaM( . taK% 


In I**:. «lm«i ».(««! Amcntin 
ciiiwni were »Te«cd «hro«l M»we 
ili« I .«<0 "' *«>»« »r»'ie4 »o* held 

*€ knam dul mi")' «•«••» »» 
dcnmpJm »» »»«•*""* *"*«**" 
inniig Mid MRunev brcA* ^i^*«P* 
you hi»e hega. huyioi ■«* P^kmi 
n«x«u> «CT» like • n«hticii»h,«in 
KTCcn. JunglMie*. eu: We hope y<iu 
«,ll thmk !•« hefwe p«;luii« ««« 
ihinf ih«i ".II i»« •>"'y *«liny S«" 
mp. but oiuU ewily dcmwr jwa life 
The iWmJ •«<* *»t» ••**"* "f 
and there «te intreKoJ efttjrtt by ill 
i.%urtnc« m iKip the "o* "f '"»«*' 
MTWtK* U yvw ihuA theif i* w><l«n^ 
fa in huyisi " »"»«« • "»«>»1'" 
imoiini of ilnnttM >«""«»*" ""f- 
>,Hj «re m f« m wpleaMnt vavrac 
■Vmrnc •!» !««• I"e»i «n«»te<l luf P"» 
•etmvt « hiUe «• one ftw*** ■« "«* 

I ¥i« mighl wiuine *«, M « 

proMoitm <IK*« fo«'«n '••" "*" 
th« the It S CoTOlituUuB will pimeit 
yoo Yo»nu«hii'hmk*«<T«i«ft»> 
BOMWurailF- -nusril 

i«*««»i)'mit ■'"»«< 

(c««ne» AineT«.«wu»I«-'^n>"'*»« 
vniUuoM t«i f»« •««*«• pa"!""- 
rvCT iiK Jc*i;h peWfcy.tB «»«'«»"«" 
i..u!itnc» It amaancomiiKWiiifpewl 

months or even yeBi m dett»>o«i. 
only » he Mnu»i<»H" ••««*> t™^ 
tuy without fmtAt. <>n« yo" 1^«'"- 
II S lmw« miJosBftrtutK"!*! nghu no 
kmnei ipply US eomaUr oirKen 
t*n vi«a )«led Anwncwtt Id lee Hv»i 
dicy «T heinj furly ewl humtncly 
oe«te(l.hulran»i« gel them out of jkI 
nn mietvene m ■ fiweipi c»unliy'« 
legil fyticm i«i ihrir hthelt 

Yoo riwuld he »«r> i>f perJOM 
•iMwkywmu iiry • p^^kt*": w*"^ 
lejracinwibucdei Onc»llvMp«k 
■tc or aiylliint » the c« it « yow 
inneMion. you bemme respocmble 
Yob Will he Mimed fat rt. no mHler 
who hM put It tJ«« ''"' ""*•" ** 
iome • n«»>Bc» trifTitler To kKil 
mthoniie*. iftnormce IS not m cxcuac. 
Y.w will hive lo pay Ihr fine Bid m»y 
even ipox) lime in jiil »<« • "line lh«t 
yuu iImI not c4MnmU- 

If idr inedid iwwim yoo man 
Ukt n««lk«tio" or other preicrijitioM 
t«M«inm| niircXK-*. nrry • *«*»"« 
t»«if.cii« utwimii wi ih« fict md 
keep •» nKuJicBiom «i wifili*! wd 
lihelcal aniMineti Gcni«« iiwolvod 
with itoi>«« twerte** can <Jo !"«« **• 
■pot) your vicitwn. it em deimjy y<«» 

ConiiLi BuitKi !■•* CuojuIb Af 
{mn. PuNit Affiin Stiff. <»3) W 

I ^ - 


Al UK wc i«»fn«» "« '""» jr ^^ ^ oppoounuy k> 

p«k,ge hUKMei you w.U «ft4l puy. ^' f;.'*^ :'^ ^^tLlThu.mei- 
^„ ,^ be« work enpemm. 4r««iiu« t« ««»■ •' '""»*»» * ** P**^ "" 

Here's what UPS hxs to offrr 
. $8-$v per hour 

. Moiuby - Iriday 
. FuU-time benefits for 

part-time hours 
• Paid Vacaiiofis/ 


Shifts available for: 
Loaders/ Unloadcrs 

3:00 - 7:30 a.m. 

5.00 - 9:00 p.m. 
•10;30p.m - 2:30 a.m. 
♦Addison only 

JjV- TWiMi •"««*•■ "*"■*'• 




Any 6" Sub 

For Harper Students & Staff Or\ly 
( ! Requtred)) 

Lvmiiea lime Offer 
Good On I V At 


745 W. Palatine Rd. 

Next to 7-Eleven 
991 -0969 (F» 991-0959) 

Mf VH 


If you cfcmt llfc» UiK .*»ir» , t»ifOr» w«B l» •» oHJMTje. 

yii-» l» »« «mK te«llT»3rtlme»ne»Mk»M-atam. 

If I aTT> not »»>««»»«'■ * ■ ■ ■■ ■ " ■ ' ■ '■^ g 'y?* 
I wtU »^ tKc:k to yeju ■" mtrnmrt t* p»» i i»' l 1 - 

PICK up «*[« ««eHM»y !■ n«: W 
708 «»* 4>M8 

akuni •aOOpM-pMir 
BinlM •« CX> |K.<- pair 
BBory UHrel pMT €»■ •*i»ne *■ « 

1b«Hart>ng«« Aprt2 W3 


Editor in Onrf 
Managing Edihir 

Nc«n Editor 


Photo Editor 
Copy Editor 
Graphics EdiUw 

H.-..'.tHT' i^.'ll 





The intent of tax-and-spend 

Lncic Sam wailing taxpayers money on military might 


Spaces, spaces everywhere 
but not a place to park 

Alnijhtl Who do I blame' 
Haw about Ihe miow ' How .ihmii ihc [vrMni 
who hail liic ljull\ tan of yellow paint' How 
about 1 just blanvc i\n.h person individually? 
Yes, that's what 111 do. 

The problem i> the parking: situation at the 
school . Only, this problem isn t the dt>tance people 
artr walking, or where they park Its how the 
people arc parking 

I drove to school one rcu-nt Monday nioming. 
attempting to park in front of building M, like 1 
mmnally do. Tlie walk to ii Mit bad. no 

matter where 1 park. 

So 1 pull into the lot, searching for a place tv) 
park my mode of transportation mio a completely 
(jpen space Bu/zer on that itlea 

As 1 drove a round. I not iced that almost everyone 
had double-parked their car That is. they double 
parked or angled their cars. 

Now, is it too much to ask for people with cars 
that look better as si\-packs to keep their car 
confined and leave the rest cil the lot for tithers of 
us who require only one sptit ' 

I'll make a deal w ith those ot vou w h<i arc guilty 
of this most heinous cninc Vou arn\r late one 
day. due to uncontrollable circumstances, and 
drive around to find a parking space w hile I take up 
a couple of places myself. Why, now that 1 think 
abi>ul it. I'll jusl park sidcu.ivs and use three to 
four spaces just lo ha'.c room lo pull out when 1 
leave schotil every evening 

Then you can feel the agon> ol lu'iiii; on itic 
other side of the wlieet. In return, 1 II have the 
pleasure of knowing that my car has it's own 
personal parking spot(s). 

So, to all students who arrive early, do the rest 
of us a favor Use the yellow lines. They have a 
purpiisc. Ihey let you k^^>v^ thai each car is 
entitled to one full parking space. I'nless of 
course, you own a space shuttle. 

Haittr'Qf Column* 

.cTU ^iftwr, -i' "Of course 

iviH. yiwj «»> ■ ' t'nitol 

St«l» IJUtpaye* . iftci* ytw irc guiliy of 
tuimt and at<cttiai| in iIk dcMia of 
^..r.Hrrh ..» duiiitiniififliumn^' 
-ic y«t napotmr w ihn 
-.««aro«i«riic' Bui I'm 

; I. Twirr-v ItBitwemHeKl 


luBd -emtea it^ 6<Mm% ttvt taen mei 

shwMfiiS t*)?iiiijjfi» AM our fw*"' 
m<ai(lui>wii«c<J<»fea|ikf«r !!»»>'- 
If ils» KnBMl* oMrmoHW W ytM. > 
lUffcMilM yoiirtiiuMej™*"'"*'"^ 

I' S ' ~.:.. . 

>.'« c Urn my»cll wtwi I m»' tun*! 

'.:rs 1>»-":« «' I ipKaiitBMSlltohiVe 

-■• TO W»lllil«|;tl:»l" 

...ivcmmoii • <e» 
■.;u •Kjnt Itui thoic people 

'. Sad hmmw ami intofniy 


W1C how to pay. ft 
•]lv.Mli||J<iiady ;- 

rfealy junificd m 

lK1^i»otI|e^H«»utll^ ,...rA . m'ltlicM 
pmpkiliordi. •■•'•■"»'" 

AnHnbgywHi Mllthrt 

(iCT«)n,tnarilp*> yi»iio,i,:i!' ■ Uthis 

M-r wandered where ill 
(«' <». ye» ''^1> 
^ . md pml nuliiary ct 

'•^ g<>c» tu humxn 
.,. jKWjKilih «*n«'n"'n 
tavwny ll*i<«»ioilie|on«m|iJ« 
cfmnenl ftii»*)a»Ui:e I>spi. 20* m 
itTcH im Ihe BaiKXul <leh< 1 llWgtie* 


TheiepeivcnUgc* •m«ini I" S.'l ^ 
;,-( y«i hemd ipcnl >m •. iirteni 
. <:«peme»' Th« atim U> Mb 
,.,,,„.i, jKi mimth, SHJIO milll"l! pe' 
d«>, 4'* millKir pet hiw. in>I %' 
liiouiMiiJ ivr setMlvr All «hi» moil. 
<kcapuM weA»'tiien 
MllmK ow fmun; to ww' 

.m ukawhit >'' 

.,.„,... ...... •.OXHl huv 

f«c«ilii|iki (»•.•. 

USMmei *!41miHi«we«i*«»im»'P« 

vi-!;;.'TrM^ wn^jgn mc s.*- ■*' i. >■ ii«»*l 
lumti l>i«||r<ni fct 1 yew, S;!"' mil 
lumptv '."«.v..~"«'-.' •■- .,«A ...■.„( 
iMf Of ■■ 

Ikn p«y« fc« i (tay «•( Ihe Vawn i .uil 
Ww ■« niimii«*ri »iin>Vm™i» m»l 

:..*. o ..,..*.« ihe Te«e«n-*» <m (he 
■ ■„,:■, ■ -.. nan: ones' 

Wmkl yaw tdllia p«> !<» •« 
"(ma*' c* piofimw ritU will make 

AnKTKi niwto ID » •ke up from H» 
^jgfcttk ««jpar md take HkIi our omu- 
try tie<«« oar nhon jighied "iMdet*" 

Whu um you. •> « AmerKn 
t»iip«ycr do^ Here »rt > few <u(Ke> 
twm File the f/ PEACE fonn with 
tlie Aliemiiive Revenue -Servioe. • 
pn>)c<.i "f the Wit Rcsuicn Lca(ue 
Use ihii fwrm u> rediicti money from 
tivt mibi«\ fci projoum Uijii *ervc hu 
mm need*, iroicad of dotroy humm 
needs Refu»« to pay the «•»■ feiteral 
encwelMonyourphuiKhilU Thuui 
ha« hecji uied Kymholically «» • war im 
iinccWorldWail Nonptymcnl doo 
m» tnrult in • i-M off of phone lervice 
Though tlie|;«l. mmiuymem of the i«» 
,, .I'.m^iM rnk free The ihousaidt oi 
« IC 1 U.1 mf lh» u» have made 
>, .,11'.. i»lle'-iiWe Refuse lo 

. • ,■ .,y n,,, 

pfoiein. Ciii«r>hiiieyuurrt»i«cd»ai 

...... ... an onani/auon workinjt ui 


«d bankkhoutinjt iwiignins I 

• u« an alicmitive ftHMJ whith gUhen 

n Joltarj lt«)m war U« rcMJtcrj aid 

•IKii^ie* fumting for human n««<t> and 

peace otjani/JBwnj. t>enKJilWaie»«i 

teafleiaRApnl nathetRSorapiKi 

odiix where retiirm air mailed d (he 

lasimamcia Developacwmmunityof 

luppnn fur ilKMie domit or coroidennn 

*ai iA% rrvisiMice TTiis movement i* 

; «-»pte foel nippon f nim 

. Write your publu "er 

vMiu and tell ihcm ui mppon *e I' S 

Peatc Til Fund hill i" 

. .m«re»««tiRI<O0. S6JW) Write « 

.11 f.» •nore mfiirmaiion WirRewB 

,r« Ulgoe 119 Ijitayette Si., New 

Y.»t, VY 1(1012 <JI2)2:(I 0450, Al 

icmaiivt Revenue Service 3J9 

IjlayciieSi .Ne» Ytxt.NY I(K'12. 1 

lllliiv« f1=AC'H712J>.C(m»rieiii.e* 

V' . impaijB4*.V» Ifllim 


TI»H«Wi«»«» b the studmt puWkalkw for the Harper CoJIegtJcampuscoinmtirBty , pu»>tish^ 
wwkly oxot^ duringMiddysand firulcwtre Thcpap«Tisdii»Til«it<\l tiw to all <inidfnts. laoilty 
and adminiiitritKWV Th* Haifcingrr cif h«' is located in A367 

Lcttm Policy 

nwlUifctngirwcfcamwIrtterstotheediltirand rtT'lH'sloourcdilonals IjeMwsmustljesigiwd 
arid iivUide a social »«^lf^^ numhiT StRnatutw- will K- withhi-ld uptw rpqui-sl AU lcttns«rF 
>ub)LXl to odiltng. 


PRxiutisand swvio-iadvwtteBd in The Harbingnan- ikK iwessanly omiorsed by the editors 
c>tthi*f>.«p»riKirKthctx>llcBoadtTiiiu»tration or BtMrdiift^rwior^lnquinosshtiuld be forwarded 

directly to Ihe advertiser, and at! purchases are at the diKTetion ai ihe awisuincT 

Capyrli^ 1«n 1W Haititngir. aU rtghu fTKnwd 


Ih« Hartxngef Aprt 2 19C3 


LetterffoTlie Editor 

Interested students can be involved in poetry slam 

I »H onfimMid and intemied by 
your evl> ohicrviiKC of thii muntlu 
poesy >Um<inW>ucctida YaHvpir 
Mwkati ihnuM be ••>■<: ihu ihcy cm 

will tx bniui\( • fwcoy linn k> Hapcf 
Cnilctc Apnl M) wiih Marc Smith. 
Kmiy SUni Founder and Uk pmcni 
Hmtonal Ctiampicm L.ub Biucwii 
Mnnnt oiktn on April W Any unc 
wmn m ai cm conuct nw ttwut dtu 
tvoM M III. 22'T4iirMiny hunw pliaic 

RupulfuUy Ymm. 

MKlnel Ptillack 

Program BuuJ Spociai Evcnu 

Angry student voices opinion of senate vice-president 


tiini53 year -old audemwhu hat 
iilBiidBd many fUKknt guveninteM 
nwtiinn krrwiw t am very iuiweroed 
•boM dw way the adRunjitratwii i> 
dealing w iih tiudcnu ind dtcir lutio 
tHxis fur change 

t am mM a (TMinbcr of itudent gov 
cmmait ml tluj latt Sauntay'i MaKli 
20ih mceimg that An Wenon diaiicd, 
I CS1 understand « hy a kx uf vtudema 
fed ihai Art is immanm 

Ai Saturday'a mcteting, Waaian, 
who waa ui chagc of the mauing. 
oimed mio Mr Hyde when h« cmiM 
HOC get his wa> 

An kMi Ku aHn^MMure.scfnanung 
and uaiag pi\ifanii> at Nut fellow aana 
ion who woe atltng toclmas a mm 
iuiiable tunc whac dl (wnMon could 

aaawl, OMMaii of a linK that he Idww 
mly llatr<)( Ik* icnaian awtd aoeitd 
laMtad of caMy cnmiiniiniitng 
an a time lliat wtwld work out Ivk 
everyone, he inaiatad cm Friday, and 
tcwirted todcmcaiung.jtji'ciuk hdkav 

Uiu Sauh, tie uliadcnl acnalc ma 
umr, ac:tuajtly had lo walk acruta the 
riMim and aak numcrtiua Unic<i for An 
IP nop h»a ■ wHi i n i n m htlwinc and 
gain hn ttatfmmt m ihu avoyonc 
ccmU wort kitMhac nMead «( agaoot 

It kwik a while for An lo calm 
down, hot (M^ «tiU kMt t-rcdihiltty due to 
hit untiahle hchavxir 

An>*rL rlaiu>altack 

ing the ut u tcr after the 

mfleimg aiijt»u/rH-Li rk dad n«M even 
h<«c the cottfteiy In (jMafc vilft ket 

heforehand to «anfy if ilu»|a he hai 

heard were live. 

Iiuiead. he ehoaa to ammaK u> 
proHiulgaic nimuun that had no tmi 
mg or foundation to theni 

ThcoiiMi lenaiim wire very uptri 
with Art's Ivhavior and how he waa 
railniKltng actum thnwgh the slialeiii 

An ulauiu he rcprcarMa atudBiU 
concerm. tm mttcad la ««atlag far 


Uat Saauiday *a mr* 

You need a ic» ^-^ o; 

opcrKiKc m dealing »>»h pnipk a* 
well m man nutumy titan you du 

playrul it> tar able u>pn)|>erly (un).itun 
aa a leader m any kind of caf^Ok Ay 

Peter GoHdmm 

Weston explains recent senate actions on Saturday 

T«> the aliiitf 
This leuer is m 
Siudeni Senate meetiag on Maish W, 

t>ae lo Ik* pnaadcM't ataance, I 
^lumd the maemf par gaocahnL 
Sonit iiiiiw vat bamigM 19 and 

After iwccivtng a Icov front 
Jcame hnkaaun, duecanrof Studeai 
Acuvitiea, on March 11 . 1 fch 11 

unfrrauvr that die nM4ursla hy tiuf 
advMir and admmuiratian muat he 

I piODecdesI 10 rvconunend the 
I dtai meeting times «h<iuU 
change back to Fndays at l:>Op m . 
as thai our advtHir w m 
and d» athnimavatiun would 

Snnwiir Choyl Brandt matianed 
for ilM naMiig* lo he changed lo 

Friftiaysat l.2Vp.m . andihe voae 
rcaulaad in a tie Aa chair. I imAe the 
IK in favor of Friday nneungt 

HofwMly ihit deciiion will 
tmd m thai our acuims ae 
legitmiMe. alkiwmg ua m eflbcUKciy 
serve dvc students at Harpar 

An Weann 
Harper College 

I can't believe I bought the whole thing 


Haitar>gar Cokarml 

fhntalkegenaari p a W i c aasiupsdaa 
the aiayor ai ^ i sa i ia a aa think? 
f^osn what I can Htt. yva 
I nMaeady had w gal a TV fce lay 
1 aa 1 can wtnat aay ootana I 

t thai Biilhia)! Vauag u an 

No lylB' Hia ads 

afl thnaa dungs aamcMfd wah 

', had ailiiigj puor acnpei. 
I kigo And 
aBlMugk I uaiaUy a* ««> luagur ui 
' on hauMly aay I km Ha 

a thry dooH nsull *y taaelh- 
ganoa. Aa ody tliuig I dm*t hka is ikr 
lack of lafonnawM, tut On antanaw- 
iaaa valw oaa oaty keauidMwiih'niB 

otmHMcivial which aafca iha haiaaie if 
he's iMving ten nsack for car mamaniu. 
(ken ndli tkc Ikamna *M w laae laa hand, 
to keep a cm tke wtnal andiaai halen 
Uke I'M tenowly gDUig to pool my 
1 pairaaeai widi a ompany Ikai 
aaaanes I aniwer can-way-aadw ipaBa. 
tuns with phyaioal gai— ai 
ike road? Unfa ikey anm\ aimkig ihaar 
adumaiag ribna ai the dnxn who are 
iBIanawiikKUUTr WkaikmdoflMil 
itaka laa aaoaay wiak a 1; nip aay diat 
■ who kdt other 

My «aia to Ow King of ika Cnp- 
•a w he dmaa I HfrOCN 
TUT aiiaawn'iili. la wkack a woaun 
whines ataiHii her ftteaAi e«i ka«>ng 
caangk infonninun akMI a faod dtaliaL 
faikrcalkdike aiiimhai aadif aaddB 

yoa asanl gal Ana inenda or dsmtna 
lake. kaahMn.ifhchkiakMla.eai 

OR BATES: '^ell ■■ an. I 
dmtlliiiikaa l%<^ onglt think I'ai 

I'm '— hanananway"Yanialn 
ngti away hhOmi. Okay niMhcr ~— ' 
PSYCHO" BatyoucwMlltkaalhold 

an CSNTAI,BaARO.-Vwyw<ildm. 

Han'i iha wponaoi pan -the t 

wonl enta aMailaa a to I KXVOliN 


NOonally I'd say ihi* aunkai » a np 
off. hM u's a ire* aanshur thai ai NO 
WAY will he raflactad a iht daaaa's 
kill ahlMigk ka IM 10 pay an ENOR 
h«ilS aaowa of aHney foa the I -«»' 

V«tk and Ye than ha iaa«ad 

vanund ai. w ^uaanen dw— if yea > 

a dog — woald yo« lad ka wagmg*^ 

If an. wad Bk they 'red 
If yiw wan dying laid y«« waaal ao itlj 

However, too many nnea da mt 
■aa aiB diaaalvad for das aaka of aaar- 

jm MnaB raaaana m Mik d. Ihi had 
onaa kaaig li'a a fwi nicfc*, "yoar 
nanda kka c" and My panannl nPHMK. 
I'ai bM niakiag due ii»— 'Ma you aaaly 

knaif adaanal. and my Iniar- 
dB. dm dec's ataMkng with dw denial 

Tht *aal haaid ian'l aBaaad w 
laada daanai anjn 

FRCSGIirtS. OnrruM of a t 

wkat da ad said, wwdd yau gt«* an 
tkiag «<vid hki 'SaaataMt Wniniiiaii » 

Sany, kal I woald 1 


B aa r a B y. ii all nami i down a» wkai 
Bdlyt«aardahkBd'nila]tmka~ C^ 

laas HI witk a* snamasnlag ihnaght and 
waH Ai whairvas voa waanaaio. 
Bat moa of dm IMM; I dank ihay '1* 

EdltOTifil cfirtooxic 
ata-rocc \h^ liHtiDxi 

MM; (KMMM'.i Vtet ftlPibiWlMis fUMS h Ti«£T 

TNiHortJingwApri? IW3 


Massage therapy rubs away pain caused by sports injuries 

^ "Ar:fnttilhetiiMnl.&llBfnfe7>N 


W>iy dor> It Kcm ai aMctic wtiv 
iiy you truly Imc eniti^ammgfm 
and frustrititm ^ 

Whcdwr you're 1 MMWono) uMctc 
or noGC«nnnil player, [moi and fnis 
BHion (aKnlly nwan y<«i'« «»« 
«Md yoot muKlci TV term ovruk 
win— wo muL-h km won 

B ut en tTcirt f*« miBunf iMi* t the fflily 
reaton [>c»ipk mffcr fmfn ovwmr m 

Some |t«i IwU Imwr m»H(cs every 

ibgr. ani nme my f<» ■> hn* "■*- 

■"I>m » mjary perveni 
(ofmarkc enhancemcfii : 

U'l uM <mly (MparK cthlwe aili 
tela «Ik> (MfHTtl {mm imacic therapy 

Rat Kta. » Mt Ptraipecl trnmi 
player ohnoilfcialllinMfltaw maaia 
r>f pun I n ihc kmn kg aid aiUr ftvim 
an injury luxtanml mlttk pUy mj, cur 
tCTilly mettvm therapy "Thert n 
hiipe ," fhe Miy» <ummin( up het c«pe 
ncTK-c m ihervpy 

Kiir had (ivcn 

-The fi«MHr» cicmd In ihe »•• 

1. ic*c [Knum. mnn(>ir)hc«!lHccAM[%Lii«t 

'1 ui]«kt leci dW' praMUK and fNun 
relrisMt •• I'Kr ih«rifi!f i 

Itf i>«h injt mralmrnt 

Hem tea • ilriing future ahcMi (•» 
spncu medicine chimpni tu. conen n 
mm athletei teim and expcnencc ihc 
benefits trf aportt riuen ami miKUlc 

-Wc nreiH « hnliaiw iffraadt. 

Muscle therapy 

It's that simple. 

Uck of 
pncr ctmdi 
tianinn, uju; 
of iitipniper 
equipment __^________ 

arc factor! 

ilial ni«y ccmmbuic u» mcru**- »f 

muiclM and (he patn anwcunid wiili 


But dtu pnn ia Ac lac rador HKMt 
IMph wiB i|iwa«. Sonciiinn tli«y'll 
com «Ba« kla aha teif Untyl* t« 

Paul, however ulighl, ii •HMUMItc 
It cawt* litnn loft lumc danac' <" 
lauKte apHin. Athktet lend to play 
lta«i(k ilui po*. hoputf it mS |ei 

Rut when pain pceveMa ynv fmni 
being eftrciivc at jwiB aOlctic atltvity 
or kecp< ytu front punutng atuviuci 
you enjoy, tt'i tuiw m face reality 
lust what can uini •U* atunil li ' 
Surgery, ihr - f treat 

moH. ha« oh^ \ni»ttA. 

Someumtti but n." i\*,i-^ it's the 
onlv altcmativr 

In wmc caM». phystcml Iharafy 
(aDa shun, tf lh> aammm Mnpa at 
rchahilitaliun willlnal <fia«wiaiim ll» 
reaaun for the injury and mays to a*iMl 
mnjuiy U pby^iKa! therapy doaMi'i 
iiKludr muK Ic ihcnpy. tine ncainKni 
nay not hnn|! the httfou bawrn lulhe 

Thcmci^tr tivrtrf IC tal IKJUnanf op 
aan u indtvKtiuli/al raaacb Acrapy 
and euKiac ivhabalitalKin h'< a il^ 
itamic concept offered at aome 
chmipractic offkaa and uacs the riper 
tvc of a chmipractar and a ceriirii^l 
•pots massafc and neammuaculw 
Iherapui The (oal in nniaclc therapy 

call ui|i; [V I > I 

ona taperi 

encf « irh hcT 

bean, re- 
fwml after 

iursi^ry In 

U o n «:■ r ' V 
Iw) phy-ii 

"This is 

injury-preventive and 


therapy." Tinimcr 

the patient 

"Don't wait 

until all else 

has tailed. 

Get treatment 

immediatclv," Kai/ 

Hcatlll 4lia 

Pimcs* ("en 

»er Int.. 
Wladinc. ihe songjM help afain. 

.Sue dlk mt thcnnr • "liMm (f^ 
(wV iMlmien CtummtM C- Hm. di- 
mtm of *• centB. *e apom nwi" 
„fe/t,eHninniiaiiartharapiti andtw 

Sandra Time, a (otfcr who hvcs in 
Bm-kdirtl. lived fur three yca«» with 
chnmi* pain hum clhow icBdtnii . 
fort die wasreferred lolhe (Turin- 
HeaU^ and FitncM renter lau sumn nf 
"M tunes the patn was au H*J 
washmf and di>u)t my (au was 
atony.'TmaMqn. IhadteenmuMd 
Ijdmama with oenwlt and mtt m 
nanunaMxy dnita Nothuit really 
chanieed.* she retallt 

tatpmisd vapiry » tno*a the ulnar 
nnvit aid laaMiBlt a auaclc.-*' 

TiBiailmcrilisa.hartmwfc.-it"*.. « 
nonaiifetianal altemauv 

ller level of itiiKtitv' 
craaanl dnmamalK SImt i> .i.n- ..■ 
jfigf ipitf pam litie Tunc is un « rrha 
Mruuive wel|fiinraMil(|Ki|ninaid 
now tayf ilw hi> laif* of htint 'paiin 
(rue " 

KauandTuntatcmypamaiM An 
eipcncacc unila l» Mleitt siawd fflc 
on iJM loadiohaEaMnaBsaspivtaffiiai 

Rammig and wcichi tramin( arc 

mysiMni Anowniae injury from rac 

mn bniu|(hl me w the (lufiipractK 

Spuds Medicine Oimc in Juliet The 

ihrnpy and fc 

_______^___ haMuatiomiR 

c*l»«d alkmnxi»py 

in her e«en:n« rchahiliislion. 
D«*city, a marathon rtawwi wl>« ^ ■>"•. 
peteil tn a BuJ Liie Trialhlim. was 
laaii^ the Aanai Mann KRkhmf loL-h 
ttiiiwIiirhipaBdiiiipet lecmiaKlaa 

Maaea it aii«inia% fnoiniait 
i«(«ilnml kineiinilwripial and c»ad« 
who »pe* laliiet in lehahihtaHM train 
ing and escr 

We *re secuig patient rrferrsU i 
smce aditini; >he fiim^s and ntaasaic 
thnrBiw ncgmcnis <»f trtatmcni ui our 
ranitt nf sctviccs," Hein says 
"l^nf maicnal andOlympic «por» teams 
aknady emhiaoe Aa caaa^K. It's a 
malia of liHe hrfntc mm aiMcioi and 
addnk wtnt learn Imm ihe capen 
•mxof ilic|aKM antlwcl thittirratmeBi 
for their im-n perfiwmaoce." she adds 

.ISC therapy 

her irsimnj 
schedule In 
time, the It 
prnbahly be 
joined by Mh 
en whn leani 
ihnul this 

"At limes 

the pain was so bad 

washing and drying my face 

was agony." Tune 

" Acroas die boani. all pntt^- 
ak and aihkws involvnd bi this c^m 
cepi of uanbiMid ncatnmt and cxi-r 
cite are vocal iboal in nKGCn and 


medicine b |*nint MVpo" o**"* ' 
maw haraiiac Ike prafaaunatt and 
Ihc aihkte ate wisriung a a team. 
Thai team atlinade procludea paauvc 
Bcauneni by the tharapisi Kchabili- 
lating injuries involves cducalmg the 

The educatsiinal praoBas leachca 
the paicMla be aware of aqr (huh 
m dte mechanics of how kit ea tat 
bodyworks and lansapnndlndiaiaca 
tn the body The reaaotn fur a me- 
chanKial bttakdown could be ai 
sanple as anpniper aiwc •ckctioo, 
momtKi piacement of am foot a 
(rim of the other while nnnin( or 

Paiicnufeam that hn)> awatmcaa 
« a key eletneni in ihcir health Ath 
leies mtait change ihcir hehaviw to 
heed to mcssagas the body sends The 
pam meatace ia kaud and clea Don't 
Ignore A. 

Kal/ aiam up one Icaaon she's 
Icannat. "Don't wait until all cbc has 
failed 0«i treameni immediaudy " 

CiitofiiHW SomlyGdilasMiyua 
jpovti rn an iate ani< ia»ii««ai»riJ«r 
Ikmpta w*r> m-e«/y waa Kradaatt 
fnm Harfter CoUfft tiuk am A AS 
ittm « ( arSae Fvnmt TethMit 
jifv SAe i« cmifird by Ikr lnUnf 
luMot Acatamy of NemroMmcutar 

the actionii 
that caused 


works It's 
thai simple 
Many ________^_^__ 

teams, m 

cludmg the Uaalad SUKs (MympH. 

Speed Skatmg Team, use it kierOMSHx 


"Spm maiagr •achnnpm oaed 
danig vtining atd coan^uiian can 
l i m ea ae jmni range of nMinon and al 
low quicker recovery from tw e nii e 
muung by decrea ing e sceaaivc aiirv 
•aaa." says Cheryl Tnnmer. a ptiyasal 
Aarapia and a member of the Amen 
cast CotleKc iif Hpniu Medicine "It 
gives Itie musiT-te greater abiiiiy ui <iiu» 
tamac«ntrac^«n."^^- - 

Koane. base tar ih 
asaffl la M ilw aukec . s 7 
are Ttimncr's paiier.^ ' 
ttve Edge Spnfia Men) . . 
twKty (vKi THim tn speed sk itung rcciu . 
the ability m siaKaai a convactiff 
Ttmmer says 

"Each skaacr reixtves nufavidiiat' 
uad therapy <le|9en<lmg on their FvaM 

I T1iep(» 
femionals diere 
apariied my dr 
srre to be in 

cpe of 
Bui my e> 
__„.«_«^__»__ pericnce. tike 
ihuac of other 
ailtlrsrs who'ct hoMfited fmn dua 
treaimrnt. i«n*t a (Take, nor is sports 
maisage ihcrspy a fad 

HcMcaUanthahihiainn "die trea 
man speciaiqi <if te pfasaaM and ihc 
pncariiy ipacialty of the futwe 

"Tkt apmu mataage ihcraptsl's 
nducatKin and ctpcncncc provide the 
paoeiu relief fmn the Ityisy," Hew 
ri plain* 

.^ atian tn a ralialMliia' 

< <.'leclea) to mistier itac 


pnnperly WenKilim 

yspicii wvjTIiin^ HI-*'. 
die dMt^ti woais « 

A 4 \ KAR 1)FX;RFE? 


in Lake fnrrsi. UUmm 

\ v.icducatK'nal lihcral arts pnNalc aillcgc lc>r rcsufcnt and 
ci^mmutcr siudtnls 

• 24 majiirs in 1 3 dcpartmenlJ. including: 
Educalu>n/Ps\\ hiiltigy, Managemi-ni/Business. 

PtTfcwTtimg Arts, and Studio Arts 

• Day and Evening classes 

• Child care sen, ices 

" Part-time w full time sutus 

Join Barat s manv students wht) have completed Associate 
degrees at ci>mmunity colleges. 

Students climb high to 
find a cure for AIDS 

lh»Hc«tiing«( Apfi2 ?0<J3 

Anme immte mmot'PhnccloK 
linivCTtit) itodmts HUH climb Mt 
MtKinky in Ittnetomw KmiiiimHBi 
of S2M,0no f,w KIDS mcmh and 
cdncKion and CO cull ittouioi ID dw 
■mwai uaUMiL-i Om AIDS hat m 
ereaatd by 62* in two y«an amn^ 

rhe Mudenli. twaded by (tm* 
t "» rv (iiw Foundcf and Dhwu 
A)cia»JcT S Fnetean. will hc%m 
ihorhtnarKdifflbiBimd JoK TV 
Climb u cipccMd u laal appmii 
mauly 10 di^n 

"Ml. MtKrnlry t> die ullcM peak 
» Nonh AaieTK.>. md danbnm n 
in» AIDS," uplamed PrtaAmn. 

"*'« are making this clanb im 
<mly to raJM funJj fiw AIDS re«r«ch 
aad educaoon. but aim h> lei pmfile 
oar age know ihu AIDS n a icnaai 
pnitilam. WevaniourpomiDicdiaB 
thai dwre are many neairve ways k> 
help combal Uie ptiiMcm CIM^ 
Mt McKmky ii jual one of dmae 

Climb Fur itm Cart luiakeaiiy 
rased nuiiT than Jl W.OOO 

Two majuc coMnkamn an Taw 
Warner. Inc rndtllaeiiiiiiaHtFoMi 
dauon. whu donaladSJSXIMaacli 

& Mnhilde %nm. AmFAR » 
chaimai.tatdihenincsnaJmts. Vp 
reaem whal ii die very bent ahoui ihu 
uaivenal and elenwl spini of y«Mh. 
Their rnayaiiun and kaderaktp are 

adniifaNe " 

Cbmlt for Ikt Cmw oaa cxm 
cct««d and ottanind by Aleaandcr 
FriHtaun Is %om4 «t Advuon oi 

futrnthflmi , manvy md weaicni 
•wpomar Bcmntr Km . and idacy 
4IS*aa . dK fiTK American woman lo 
climbMt Evef«al. 

AmFAIt m Ibe Ancrion Fmai 
daimn (m AIOS leaeach fKotb basK 
biomedKal anddnical 
canoR for AIOS pncvcw ton and wttnd 
AIDS rel«Kd]Mliliepc4ky. 

Smcc IMi. An FAR Ma fro- 
vidnl over $M nffikm u moK dun 

AmFAR mobidra die goodwill 
energy and |cnefiwiiy <rf earmi mrti 
vktaalf W i!iid *e AIDS qiiden 
in addmanal v> Tone U f 
fiK. and Itie EquitaNe FcwiuLaii 
adBranpanK^mtmitbip hw( limit 
Fm Tht Cart haa been emeiuive. 
mtluibng rnajiir gram fnan Memll 
lynch, die New York ("ity law r»m 
of Oatamaic md Hiniiuin. dw nrm 
«nkwdda<a>.La8uii* Jemecie, Inc 
md Anan:an Pauate. 

Amianal adcampufn hai been 
ow««d aa a pro bono imqecj by J 
WtHrr Thnnqnon. USA, md eqatf^ 
mem (panaiinlup haa been pm* ided 
by T>ie N«irUi Fate The learn will he 
um gutdei frma Dm NatMml Out 
door Leadcnhip SdMnl rNOLS | 


Something new for women 

CaMOn Jot 

The faM mjecuMc farm oT Mnh 
ajBimt, ihc Depi>-IVm!Ta Canamxp 
live hi^-tvm. !• nnw (vaitaMe lo 
"■•»te». Depu. 
-: tacduratKin 
„..« jt—mtittimraiepovepniioniisi 
ttn dace mon^ and » mme than f* 

<wi»laii.« (he produitian of m ttg in 
m ma\ {(vulaiwB a trif|arail by 
»mn*b tram the pituuiay 
ihebram. Suffi 

I>cpo pKwera foKHa m tnqmir 
i«i ncMl ra bwth comnil 
opiioBi available lo 
wamcR," said Anitew 
Kaonttt. M D , aaweiaie 
profetaof al CNtnevio 
and Oynecotogy ai d«e 
ll»iver<ily o( Florida 
Ifealdi Sctencc Center m 


To educate patttnu 
and phyticivm abouf 
CHK^FHMCTa and odKT 





R«tiir.i! (twTBorin 

r'luiiiirj buj 
monea. tfwn in 
hihitmg (H'ula 

■ D e p <i 

ih« fnr die fun 
iimr offen 
A m c r I t a n 
wnmen a highly 
effective, long 
\mi>sig and ea»- 
ilv reveriible 
binh uwmiil i^ 

inm." tjttd Jack Jickion. 

presideni rf pharmacettficala ai iha 
Upiolin Company 

■ eai;kyear. Itn«women 
ate 1 5 44 hectane prcgnaiH. 
f )f Oh 64 migHin prefnanciei 

• W unptannmlpK^m 
t-Mi. 4)% ended m butt 

■ WuBplamiedpregnannci. 
44% ended tn ahonion 

■ Of imphmmd prtmn 

cata. m MtimM t m ended. 

■ 47«oranplBnnad 


c i a 
i i on 
a f 


■ (W of wjoMn agad I ^ 
** have had mtncane at 
Icaatonce Mod of dieae \2 
mdinn wnmtai arecunenUy 
•eaually acuve. on avenge 
ttey have itHenoinc 70 
(■met a year 

■ T5» of Women have had 
i»«Bre«>«ine by ajte 20 

■ ■'mlOoflhe^lmiBKm 
women who have not yet 
married have had imeiiourM 

■ A ■< 10 women age 15 I9 
andtinlOagelO J4 have 
had two or more pannen 
wnoc faeoonng neiuaHy 


aad adiKator. m 
tiMMl campni^ k) 
iraith wtanen who 
Me phytkiant and 
narae praciitionen 
lor cmiraceptive 

he and "ARMP htbeve womeai 
need to 
have morr 
lion loo 
their con 
he added 
videos . 
and newt 
Ictlen to 
gi»«i. pfiy 

"Th« goal of 

ton ■> to menmc 
undemanding and 
awareoeaa of am 
•moeptive opiioiu 
amnig women and 
Dennit Barbour, 
I of ARHP -We have de 

ugned d«e pnigram iixrmutT die male 
tinh wdliuch the iruKmtv .rf ammrn 

family pianningdin*.iacniai die COS) 
oy These ma)enal> give nvwe dc 
(ailed informal nei. mludmg pmemial 
sidecffotu CTiangcaanhementml 
cyck. irregular Mffidit« md gaming, 
headadte and vci^ gna are Ihc mast 
cnwnonconqilaimi fmrn women who 
Me Dapo- ftwwcr a 

Some leu oammon, but equally 

^Unmii«g tide ■ffocis arc Moang. 

h»mi mndrra i i iai. nannniia. md fa 


Depo Pnivcra u not reummcnded 

foe women wh«> havt Iivct proMcmt, 

have a htticiry of bream caiKer m dieu 

family, « have had ■ tmike 

!>!» Piwvera .» available in moR 

dim "JO couninu, uKlodmg Fiancx. 

Swodcn. and Gennany li hat been 

used by niHioRS of mancn around the 
world tmce I9W 

■ • Th«Mo*)lno«>P*2"" 


Chicago Cultural 
Center open for 

Slot* Wi'* 

ural Ccfiicf IS •w»«oi «'«"B •*'*'' 
iMwc to ito •'* mipW"' ""••* * 

t»iiii«H'""l '"" "* """ "* •''"'* **** 

■t^iiiii i-"'-ir"^~ "*"**""**"" 

» poM rfWW *«« «»*^ » " *** 

•lacli ■« )«»f «•><>•• "" ''*•" ^**'' 

TV «fi«»*e«» ■•*«»"■• ""^ 
tjm« trt like *««« W«**l *• " 
TV «pr»km uSt iboutlKi" *« J«P» 

new Iwd IB Iw |»« »• '""^ ***"• ** 


nei«.Tlie« » ibocaBi^m ■ahuMitM 
Amni th. Hol<»«««. •«• *<*«=*" 
m».c T»i««iidi«»««««««»«^*»* 
Ch«>«* •»>>■ «*^ a-€t<mmtmm 
tftma M<r »H, m Am»m »» 

I feci *ti iJKM ev«ii« tit inirKM 

av feu I fi<M> I'M "«*•«» "• •" "**' 
iaHfOWl The n!»«i »•«««?«> 

g« to K« wlul unw "•»« 1*« *"*!* 
duiuinc I'lWtujnipk.srowM'**'*' 
r»r Hif m TM« *""•» •»'"' '"'""' '• 
aow Spike lj«m«kM«I»™<>i'^ «•>""" 
^ ho- I>«l* of jUtk and ••»"« 


.«* ctiwluiii "«•'««'• I™* ■" •*" 

C«MO m OlKnr' Thii movie «•»«" 

ho- Ai>lwFrink.i»l •«'(•"'"» <"""' 
nirvtvt dunng *« "■« "* *" ^*^ 

««|H.-h •■• KB""* (■"""■•T •"■» 

WofUWtitl Hn-tvw. «m» C*i 
ClfD Cu»u«»i C«BW il>o» » • P'*)' 

hawi M r»» »•»> «< -*"*■ '"^ 

ttay h*«« ■">*•» «"■• 
f>TMk *IUCl> AkMM* 


Km nmw •«« Ctmtt* *'**'*''?' 
Tnn«iii»c" Squnrt. lnjimM" F*"**" 

iRiml F*». v»lmm«mm. •»! 

fjady. I «Mwkt IJkt ID nam 

moidiniMBtwwi •teh •«« ne'e*"" 

Cutnaral Cotiw **«'' »<r«w« *«» 

There IK rw""-- ■ 

thtt <"ry f feri* •■ 

til fcuwe «li» •»••« "" ""•'» "•>■■■• 

(cMure *«■»«« M*l«»» f »• '*"•' 
^ On« If ilteWl • to* !»»•■« "!• •■ 
Afenii ««>•««»*» "^ *• **"'*' 
ywufc. ma ay «» Ja l»> fc* " "f* * * 

(W i lli—** I*" """^ rf> ^Mm*"" i» 
.»»«iSw(*et»RAo •*"<«""»•' ''^'" 
f: -r Ap«^iJ The m»>v ic «un K«»« 
KlHK. ml tkruie! Wmhmjhm The 

iiw»d JK Ctvjl W« -hen *cf« «•• • 
Msk m"""™ '"™^ md h<w tf«» 
Bteil w like Fon SuKMW TJi* "»"•>« 

mat. Md Otiml Wi»«iimW" 

CutlWil CMttet few I )"«•«»"" •*> 

mat At |W*I* •<» ■» i» »" *> 
^,^«il« • W itaMt *« pM an) !>« 
pMDh dMl |» OCX ■* ■W"'* "<" 

OMK to r-i* »•«""'«» '•■^ 

What happened 
to all the good 

AM tura* 

So wlut » wxh nil ^ ''>'** *" 
ta «,«• rtK tin* Of i«*t *» 


TV •ho-'' I ""•«•'«"••••'*" '* 
linnitii my (uih 

All 1 wt n"- »*«•>«* thtttcm 
ooBvUm .buul n«»y ««« to- l«>- 
II -•* -hen he -M ■ iimBMII* •"• 
KXTUed Liwpt* — feo — <*' 

Uieu MB«tMia«di«*"- A|««'^ 

Tht cwlmnHtriiM fitMtn« (or dK 

(Hy«iMMiii !»■ jrw^w^l* «"■" 

iiMlriKt*"!* !»*•**"' „ ,^ 
«nMa->ail<wr *rt-««ll»»»By 

dM mipid? U *o -h« -« -"" " 

-nek? b thi» • hM -« '«*<"'»'*''"*'' 

HKKty •kmg'' l» *» '»• "*** *"■ 


I m«l » enioj NorAmi EipB«»ire 

tiMkUK U w" mitllr«.iu»Ily »uniiilii 
iiu no-. I ju.: «e« A» mmulinaw "xl 
-h«mi«»li«'*« Cinoo.Wcneeilu> 
move lor-iwJ Brt •««»■»' 

And I Uob'I «»« i*"" ■*"* •*'" 
ia> SciBitt TkcMo »00 ayiiKKe 


Last wetk I failed to mention that 
the "School art project bombs" story 
was waearchcd from a story featured 
In the Daily Herald. Sorry guys. 



a Oraduatim Present 

you can really use! 

•J^ 7... 


,„ K. ,00-se. W I" yea», ,«, lja«y e»n »« deg»e. ana »tel do 

'^tS;,* ?rS.TS T^.5^ y- D<>-9e de«« o««^ . 
Doesnt seem WW lu » _„ -^a-, tnwarri the outchase oJ a rx 


tew suggestions 

Sdoity auMtm -weqwpprt 


til Extra Criitt'lScilliii 



♦™*'**" ^^..-.j. .t«*.*«i«ii<»o>iC*>»i«)nnVHW, 

The New Dodge 
xipfYouf Local Po dge Dealer Today! 


Th« Harbingw Apdl 2. 1903 ?■ 

The Art Institute 
moves to the 

The MuKuin Shup of The An In 
lunue of Chk*|o will open lU iturd 
uKilMi ihap M V/ooaCmki Shappmf 

April Z, IW1. Fntiawl win ha « «iik 

mifi of wtacaiinn relMnI ttemi ftvHi 
the man Mutewn Shap'i ciKmvc 
vinety i>f quality mcnihaadiK 

The An Insmuic it apoiing « ihiM 
pcfinanau Mtelliir ihop. the oM «f 
which was rmanced thnMi(h ' 
bnmalhmcHilapintanm. all 
to iIm Midimimii; iwblk ntciwn u 
the ikapa Am have hocn in u|>entiaii 
tanAiiciintWIaltkeiWON MKhi 
!■! »«. bnaldini, fifth flour, and u 
Oikhmok Ceaicr. new wuii At 
Waa4lMilSh>VPi«Ccnler— (hclaj 
e«i mall in the Chacago ai«a anil the 
fifth lar|e<t in the naixin- the An In 
UMw wiB h*»c Ihe nppntuntiy to m- 
iiuawMkf HilMf- 
h i M J U i tm . *n ihm 

vidag tabmuiiai <»ioaiii»( An la 
mmmdfMional ptotrma mdalu 
tKUooa. Itkit offenng fflcmtiCfiMpa. 

The WaodliaU Swp w»l sMa 

ttenu thai an h«ll aiqae md tnoni 

i'lc. nuBy alipwil ban ariual woriu 

in IB Mie mMuni'i pofmancnt cui 

^•ana- Hhm iaciud* An InauMic 

' ihe AM iMMMe lint of ngnann 
inmlMrtiar,|aiBlai».wJT-»hBli^ Alio 
availaMe will he wuaiMl dccoraliwc 
-;n> tiir th* home, ctchaixv >c<r«ci, 
• :Jc vanciy of jewelry, md wya fw 
L hiUren- Items foe talc m The .Muacum 
Shopa are caiefitlly chnsen fiir then 
edMCMaonalaf hialurieal v«hM and aQ 
■c <|lHliQi itcma in kee|Miif wuh the 
cnllarii— I «lf Tl» An Imtiniif of Ou 

IteoaiaasMdt Irucn ihc InMiUtte > 
■-:ail mcKhanAmat aelivitina nader' 
A rite ethilMMHM and pnignmi of die 

The new Mttieum Sht>p ii 
WaorifiaU Shoppint CcBiet wUl he 
pen mackdayt from 10 • m umil 9 
^m An Inaiinac memhcn will re 
ccnc a I M dncoiiiil on ail (MKhaac* 
ai die new limp 

For (tneral infonnaiuin . tmv.rm 
uifiheWagdficMShop.cain!: 44t 

by Ctiarlaa Spoka. a I4U ahimnaa ol 
IIm School a( die An buiiMis. and 
and Conpiay— « ipic* plaMMHf, iBM- 
caaona eeawulimf fmn Hn deiii* of 
TIk Miaievm Shiip af Oakhraok Ten 
ur wtm an an award n die I Wl amiMi 
daaign campMiliaB ifamand hy the 
Inaaaneof Siemnanncnd S P )and 
VM A SD Mi«a#ine The Museum 
Shcip'»(>at;tinMA sure locilt fir«i pn/e 
indie "HantOnudaaMdAx HoaiawaRa 
Sure Undo 5/100 npiatc bet" cid 
Cf«r)i in thu inicmaiawal ciaipwiliiwi 
amniid hy deiitnen and •ieaifii MaM* 
Imai vmnd dK worM 

Tkc new Mttieum Shop at 
WgnUkki Shuppui( Center will he 
span wwkdayt fram III a-in louii 4 
pm An btttuitne manbcf* wdl re 
cctvv a 1 0% diiKuuM nn alt pmhaaci 
aldwncw ibop 

lv» (eneriU inftnnati. " 
Wf DM Wiioilf «M Shiip. t J 

Campus happeninK.s . . 

TlwndayApriil Sprai( Break. 

fridai \i>rU: !iuaSpnagllmak* 
T>h ' .than)! OrchcMn 

«lllpi<' ,>ni 

SMda; AprHd Paton Sunday 

MMida» Apraf Oaawtn 

TatMlay Aprd t Thu week's 
Mijtau iitirr Ml (PC) VidciM arc 
played Tac*d«y at 4piii. ml Wedni 

day «d Thundajr n Ipn 

Fmc an eshiNi in hnddiligaC and 
H uiuil April Z» 


Local happenings . . . 

TlMwidsy Apr! I Thunday 
nights The Wislield Hoaaa in 

WmficUiiflers freeO)w#irryXanKi4r 

PirMaf Aprfl 2 In addituin u> 
dulydnnkspnialt.T O.l Priday'a 
in SehaundMrt now tiffersftat happy 
tear Itad weekday's ai die har he 
twecm4pm andTpm lll93Wa>dcn 

offnc s<)uafc <;n 

.<iaaMMIIvr/o*>l.l ThrflMk, will 
ha playing "Smokat' Bluck Guitar" at 
llica af Ckkaf a m Palatine ih S 
tHwy (21) 

fAprtli Hanliaitf*,! 

Itr plays "(jraleful tirad (TUtSKs' al 

Cocklailt ainaa * Sock HKghi 

> '«^> Kaid Rd m PataUK 

ivnomniK Arts fur Yuung Pboplc 
piaaaMallaaanl Jt Oiatal at Elgin's 
I toiu ' miiia Aadnanim ai Ipm 15 l« 
adiito. M Iwa midemi and scnisus. 

.■iaiarday April ) The aoiindaaf 
loumcy, B<Mtfm. Rush «id many moK 
can be heard Inim Infuuty along widi 
Mofpaenidr aiToU 'a m Schaimbiai 
I4S0E Algon^wnRd (21) 

Sanday April 4 Laic night 
Karaoke is aiw ays offcuHl at Slice of 
CUcaf o on Sunday s 

Monday April 5 rree Counoy 
dance lessons are oflered al Dvanaa 
Walker 'a at Upm I7W S Butsc Rd . 
Ml Praapo.'! (211 

FJgm Cummuniiy College hoels 
the lAZZ FEST ai 7 Klpm at the 
FIgui HemmcRS AudiWruim 

The Big Kahaaa m Arltngua 
Heights atTers SI drmk specials every 
Monday ?<»)W Algonquin Rd (21) 

TatadayApril* Whiuaratcr oi 
Palatine serves "Quarter Beers" every 
Tuesday M^W Monhwesi Highway 

Widnaiday April 7 The new 
ahemaltvc dance duh Venigo ofTen 
muad drink's, hrisM: wine and dhift 
Imr'srutSl V) ll<ME DundeeHd. 

^Jack the Bear Ms emotional outpour 


"lack the Bcar.~ a Matthall 
Hcrskoviu Film stairing Oanny 

Thern isaneiulii-raiice.anwgb 
and tkBEnhk iipini lo the ixary house 
hoM whaih luihn Lcaiy cuhivaies 
wtdi undynw enflMMiann Suuc 
OMsving wsijli tweKf vKMf iikl liu'k 
ami' dire* yaar-v'^ ' ■ - 

Virt toNonheit . . ■'■•■ 

has mail tsiniake tui« liui laughifr i* 
naver too (ar away siihcn llw hirah 
neisof R«l life hegim IcipwH a< his 
two tis>ys 

Kihn Lcaiy (Danny EttViio) 
might iKH (ita>y«n('»dna:npuanaf 
d<« perfect single falwr: aaanlimea 
hu sun Ink (Rohen I StctamUkr, 
Ir ) <)ue*tio«n who die imlna m die 
family is B«iil,ntMsny<)iieatMdm« 
tu u. inayhe y«M can'i auk amc of 
oui dnl than luknc you andhaipyas 
hoM hask t^« ilark 

hudiitlkaf 'de balawviiflMinior 
■ad MNhwai vhicli hnMflii Dan 
MeCai's novel us as cl a ww whan a 

.^i;i^ ..41^1:1. 

m IV" 
ipaauty l ap ri na ii d n si i 

Leary. an acior at 

waaoucnual TlatinltwatiiMniiadby 
•DOW nfihc indtmry'tiMMi aoclaimcd 

aitiin. huiBniccGiibcnaByidiaiin kadacantrduiueuian«iyr«hand 
Oanns !> Viiu die (Shaunaken haund vaeiad. Bw law) now ha hafei'l had a 
twdi Uw bglu and dark wpwedBi 

make John whole 

"\k1ien y«tt knk tt Damy's fdnu. 
«4ncbriii(a Anan daags Mus 'One Flcai 

CNar dat Cackaw'a Neat' and 'Tenaia 

Of a i di i — mW u 'Twim' and 'Ra 

Ihi SMne.' yaw we dial hr 's 

>in^li f»ic ohiciicwniniiedaJlofiiic 
c;i-nicni* to which he has proven 
himtcM lapahk I dunk 'lack die 
Bear' is gomg lo he a real hicak 
diniu^ pMnarc for hun " 

Ciatingtamyauni; activttoplay 
John's tons pnmed lo he a major 
caatiag challeage Hie mte o( lack 
was key. aa it is through his eyes thai 
wc view tile story Casting director 
Mary tioMberg embarked on laknl 
'■■ II' !■ » >' u h cndnl up emiompatt 

. > Llisandiheenwceaianiry 

hrlorciiiuovcnnglhtfleen year^rid 
Ri*en 1 Sicmmilks. Ir The Chi 
cago nauve had just made lus film 
drbui tnllK family cnmndy "Baigo!" 
and BriKC (iilbcn agreed with 
Oohlhag dial Botv - as he IS knosvn 
hyliiftnmds' ^capiuraijaatdienght 
(|lillua» of iniKKcnct and solonn 
aaaa which make lack au n. Ii 

Kaep an eye aw iur dus one It 
piovca lo be «»( timi|h to touch 
die Utt^hoH of hcati. 



D£Pin.H0l7<fNb FtB 120 A^l 

■ ■ ■ 

.^. r ... rtfii taauifrtiiidli Hi uMaall awKatauk- artfo. and 

■ v>-i^-'«ixi irai'*».%iMi^gnsnBa.rrvaik.plpars<iidcakak»-akfi|««'iif'ffdi! •■■'''' --'-k'- 

■ AMrMpid(iMiwsiiilUilaiMtaapiNii(ir«iM«.ada!«»iii.wdlilai«|.a^ 

■ Spi«nll'haap>!kii|aMw>n!iit««lMMni<«AWw<inriura|apattirs,<Rj^ 



Cau ttSMMK* Mwsi raa s SI am 1 
'IrnomilW'^aMivb'I'MI'mi'nx)' em(f4t^ vmt- 

W r aar mm4 sag a aaaaaarv irarii>in md iMmmmt ^^fftuwmmt 

» IW kuW" In lu luK ^ ; wuii««ii-r w^wlMlt 



Chicago's University 

Filming in 
Africa, evening 
on Safari 

loan du Bruiiklleki /.<^ br ai eaciimg oppiiRumty k> fo'en kxation" widi 
Bitt Kuttts m ACnca Sec leaMage of cheetahs, rtunos, md adm faacauuing 
AfFKin animal* a» Kiami take* you on iafari with hia oaiKaMlty tckviaed 
pngiam. Tike Htm Ei^lefrrt 

Bin Kunit ti a leJcviiuin jmanalut who has wtaked for CBis News for bvo 
2f^ years Ur it cimentiv anchor for Channel 2 News as well as hoal and creator 
of Thr s, ' ' c : y PBS educainnal aena* which bc^an iu diird 

aeaaun .: ' ipfiMirrr. arhich won dw Wca&nghouse Scieaoc 

Awanl ai >- >"< «•.»>■:. ...|..>^gh>s dKefToruuf suauisapunuiiigdwcavcry 
■RMnd the worU Tke tehta la die aire of a uuquc ediacaiianal naDgnni fur 
aaadaaa acms daa llniwd Sialea. 

While shoota^ (ooiaga for in apRming epaaude. Kims asid his Mew 
tiflonri crew Dwelled k> several Afncan caamnes. inchidnig Zimbabwe. 
Soud) Africa, and Nanibia. Om icgmcM of die episode features cheaaali 
reacwchers Lawie and Daniel Kraaka^hoapukc at BnnAfiekl 7iOo ui December. 

SeaungiflusuMdandraaervauaasaRiiecessary Members t6. N omm ai ibM i 
SKI. DiKcnia t3 A lecepiaon folhiws die fectuic To order twten or moR 
'— iTion.|*aae<an4«5«i?*» r.' '« 

10 Th« Hcxt*ygmMaicr\ 25 1993 


Help Wanted 

For Rent 



Loeking to' summtt tinploy- 
i««nP Sicur* your position 
•irly lot oultid* painting crtmi 
Eiptritnc* pr«itfr*(t aill 
train Apply NosI Contact 701- 


SCHAUUBURG Oaluir 2 b*d 
room Aparlmtnt tit floor 
utililits pool, ticollont loca- 
tion clos* to sttopptng and 
Harpor Collaga (naar Rostll* and 
Wilt Roads) no pals, rant Iron) 
caring loUs t&OO 00 Call Joy 
at 114-1684 


thru products usad by trainari. 
alltlalat doctors Waigltl loss 
• ithoul drugs, danial or dapn- 
vation Loan musci* gams ■illt 
provan atfactiva non slaroidal 
lormulation 706-6!iS-S]91 

Nutrition lor tba brain Did you 
tno« that tlta riglit combina- 
tion ot yitamins. ininarals 
Itarbs. and ammo acids can 
lialp iinprova partormanca^ 
70I-6JS S391 

For Sale 

Ona Journalism Program. Biua 
Liglii Spaciai Ctiaap'" 

Chunks ol dabris tram Iha Uar 
quia Call Phil anylima 

Ona Joa. Good singing «oic* 
Wall aducaitd ( btan at Harpar 
sinca ha had short hair ) 

Musi sail' Ona Busmass Man- 
agar Potty Irainad w up to 
data yaccmationa Ramambar 
sha s not old |u5l 'wall worn' 

A Loving Altemativeas vou 
druggie through (his diffi- 
cult tinv, Pli> collider 
placing yt>ur hah\' with us. 
We understand the kne and 
strength this will like, but 
we promise your babv will 
enjoy a hfetune of love and 
happims^ We are finan- 
cially secure, committed to 

each other. Family and 
higher educatiiw Adopt«\1 

big bn;vther as well as 
adopted cousins will wel- 
come your h«b\- Medical, 
Legal, and Counseling paid 
Call Lucy and John 

Oai' Mr Marquis Mashar Wa 
ha«a a Driving 099 class aith 
ona spaca rasarvad for you! 
A A A 

Al. I raally anjoyad last Iriday 
night I hopa to spand soma tima 
with you again Robin 

Oiatai aas in tha living room 
and tha liilchan. and tha bad- 
room Ho* do I linoar^ ha lalt a 
trail of (e$%%|>>ii 

Kathy Kalhy ara you ok '' Ot 
coursa not I maan ara you 


Bob ( A Poami 

Rosas ara Rad 

Violats ara Biua 

M you don't call ma soon 

I m going to shoot you 


Paging Ooklor Hoaiard Ooktor 
Schlaim Ooklor Hoaiard 

Think big. 

Earn a full vrar't 
credit in eight W 

V»rlh»*-%l*-m t nncrvitv 
MimmtT V-^^ion 'K 
TTtiiii* or N»im 

• tur iiihnvtii^ inilinnf«ln phx^H'v 
jnd lMi|(iuifr<^ dm* «liiarnti> fniM 

,|l ....-, Ih. ....inin 

Wanlad Cuta Pro Golt Playar 
oilhalargaincoma Call Gloria I 

Kan. tWa hopa that you anjoyl 
marriaga may it bring you manyl 
|oys that you hava nol yail 
aipariancad. Ramambar •hall 
•a told you. First put it on than| 

unroll It' 

Haathar. Ho* is Chris and Norml 
and Kan and Jim and Oava and Iha j 
Naval Acadamy Going i 

and going and going 

Joa IS going gray 

Natnar naanar necnar 


Ou slmkst 

By tha way. Oid you gat rid ot | 

tha inlaction Ifoin whan you 

had that cartain part of your 

body piarcad 

Roy why don t you just pull tha I 
answar pagas out of Iha back of 
tha book instaad of flipping back | 
and forth all night 


lAHMH a virus*" your computar | 
iust slapl with all tha othar com 
putars that Paul's disk has slapt | 


61 yaar old, Australian Coa 
boy thai Ima dancas al Garman | 
Partias to accordian music, an- 
swars to tha nana of Lional M I 
lound handcult and call Elgin [ 
Mtnui HospilaU Ha will prob 
ably '"i itiisu'. his ag«< 

Vocal Students 


Susan Dennis 



Spring Vocal 


May 8th 

.1 :^!riq A 7 00pm 


Kjel Hanson 
Wendy Martinez 
Norma Oester 


Jhe Telemarketing Comfxiny; 
We're your team 


'^f^\ 635-6050 

4"^ .V. Business Center Drii t» • iff. Prnspecl 

5 !r. 1 - . *. *• a ' r c - ; ' » .•."».. 

"\\^\TvVftTO\\onal Students Cli^ 

Wi> ure Koing to Frankrnmuth Michigan on April 2 and returning on 
April 4. If you are interested Please call Laura x 2460 


Th«HartJino« AprtJ 19W 


Soring fever running high for Harper athletes 

♦ 1 



wiD k« *> Mraat*l» o' '^ H'fV*' 
hAMI Mm n IW) Tbnc Hawk* 

Fint yea CaMh Jenmfn kmn 
nihenu • wftbdIiBMilhAihmM** 
— . lamcs^ I«M« OM clam ihna 
iB-MU hiflt Khuul pUcMn. 

Fnatntan. Kaicn Whila, midi • 
hmk id henclf ■« llie tct ol EBi 

|aadfonn."Ia>K»Mid "Al».««cr> 
good ctang* up ll ju»i *W|« »«J o* » 

Aiwihet bodwun . Mkiailk Bwl. 
I«*4 • fin* lu|h whool ••«« " 
BaiTiniUin "Forni wur. !*•■»•»■•»«« 
piKher. " ^aac^i *u>i 

The H«wkt itill h<«c OKMbct 
piKha ofnow So|*.iin«»» . MicWto 
Cicl»«.w»H»ir«»'»N«> ' J*'^*"''*" 

-HcT «p«0 « «iH *e«." hni" 

Whrte. »M<1 ""l C'cl"* •« »'*' 
lo help an ihc rwkS White 

ihad. ilfcwi «Kl «» "uilWM B»»d u • 
fjM tiiad h-mum ant pmrnw • 

■ifaiifd ilHNdd bt ow ormv ov 
hinni,-JciiMnwt "llaB*ttMi<«i»< 
«!» KMtw oui "»> Ixwi** *""■ •'^ •**■ 
Shtdidn'l lite ■»»<•(•«»■" 

•ifiniiB'**-" ■>'■•■■.■' ■ 

tA^ a ^'cry S^'**^ HiUrr *' 

SoiiKiiauKC. Ijukb K.«»iin« 
dMdd «■« dw maun •• •o^''*^ 1^" 
"SiK wM • oacund i>Mcm« in hi|^ 
ichooi" J««<«« •»«« "S»K'* ««"""« 
UMai HI H all «iw» ai»» "»*" "'""' 
gnnd uuntaa a« tlHt piM* " 

K«atiOli«a«atMar|>" ' 
dK«»m<cn'«tM>k<ribaitMam Sht-it; 
nnfflccmn f«M ifc« aprwit OiKlwr. 
Maun Atlnn. BUwi Fjdm indHaalwr 
Arnltmn » ill tianlt (.» *r ««ha« oat 

Men's Tennis 


Har|Mr'* ib»m> PMf* '*<■* ^*'' 
.,m an «»•«« *« Im tt>» •<«««». 


\<»,tlttmm ll»iii»ii«««»,«iU*twi» 

«<aiail«HMt (lMai|MiMihip, ton ««')) 

RwJy IkndMMu » « aajiJiuBiore 
>ho may ulie «M: trnu* apui C«»l 


niiUipU»a. Ryan Tiflany and Bh«i 
ScfBMckol NanKt to watch oi dw 
mHldk danancea an Eilvoi Alvaret. 
fed CuMmnn. Sirvt Dw/a. "Faai" 


1 im(lc» awl 

ifiM(«.' ..I. (•<««»«•. 

line hi'. -i! am tlMi pull'' 

an upicl m tlu. ic^unab- 

GflfUd will C" ct«"f*>»t<** *<* 
die No I «p»t «•««> Ent ^l**"^. "^ 
played at BuifaUi Grove, and Dave 
Mfiiniy . a (onnar PmapKB ftaym. 

Kii« »cautiauslyapiuiiH>K ahnut 
hi* wramt chant** "W« j»»*»N> 
•uoi htm laidi the eto»." Kim »»> 
"Hull diink •»'!) impniw 

■ vncTHomakt 

;;! ju » n;^:iiR> Mi.f« i^t*a ycBJ The 

■ .tntti"iw«* ■ant »■«*•«•'••> 

Coatd kiMj: iVlltiCTcan "WW tm 
•liiuJU *"' »■. (hr H«»lii 

mrai't L « • 

, . ,.ri«t»aid."llht: • 
KWK nn«>|*hi>win((»aiiriti.«>i vm 
mwu If Of 'Itti ««:» i«>«e>h« ■" 
will wm a icgKin chaoipiaaahip-" 

Harpci ntlunuKboal hiddwChip 
Hudhnau TMa m diwuiOT nttm ui 
the javcto Umjw Mare Radcf t» a 
taphnmutc who will jiw ffcildroaii a 
L-haSoafc <■> Ma aj^ialiy 

Thia mmn haa udou m hunihn 

Bran Sa moic y awl Mm Wali. 
(Mdi ftimn HolhMB fiaiau-v 1<-..1 ihe 
king dtstantr twmen ScuH Ml lAonaid 
and Mikf M.iehrim wiB alao hi hwt 

Bnd While. Paul MisUti.ElrovHill. 
Mth« Bm»u and Sal Saeramano will 
w«k m the distuj and «h« put Cory 
Duddlea and Gary /MK'Mtiii are two ol 
liic team* «pnnii« Caity Nagcl and 
Da«t Ptieraoo are liyirg to b« 

■Wc (1 like l» fri inn i»i> mil* 
relay m naiionaU." Zcllnci laid 
•Maybe ime or Iwn hurdten " 

With limited numbert. Ih» 
wmnen'% ttrnn will warKWiiraie cat in- 
dividual aciompluhmenu Shciry 
Holmes will try the heptathlon Amy 
Morgan » a daUBKC runner. Laurie 
Kuhhn a a quartet inila and Kun 
Siedna wdl ticgui a> a dvowct 

j^ Step ahead by 'Jim •u'a(aitL< 

Spring intramural teams forming 

■ ^ ....nnlavMlanSatuidavandSiaidn 

At king laal. d«e Spnng ipotu Ma 
uai 19 finally underway ai Harper 

The bacball leam began Ukv aea 
tun in mid Mareh. but don't have a 
game m the area i»itU Ihey play College 
o( DuPage April *> m Olen Ellyn The 
;im doem'i have ■ hiime game until 
\t»il II againsi Wahmaee at Ipm 

Hvper'i tufihall team hcgina the 
KHiB at home Apnl 1 agairut Tnton 
at J(Mi. The neat day Uiey travel to 
Colkge of DuP»fe far a 2pm Hart 
Their iw»i gamea are * home April <»al 
Jpm •! Wauhonaw They will also 
play lohet ih* n*»i day in a pair i>l 
home coiteau beginning ai noon 

T«aM 11 alao Ol full awtng play m| 
in SffMtGcId Aprd 2 and ). then ai 
Colkge of DuPage Apnl S ai 1pm 

IVt irai* team hnata (be Harrci/ 
Wheatm Harmmer Tlam* Apnl J be 
ginning at Warn. *•**«"!»« of "» 
WiTniattm < >pen oMinHng • ««" "• 
Wh*ai.«i April* 10 «« Bam irt»«la 
lu Napmvillc lor lh« Chica|«> Mean 


TVnwanuralhwIteitiallpLBy tifFt 

began Thurhlay. Aprd » at 'pm The 
rir«l game has die ^ih Ward H.»l» 
(rvihcd dl) agauiti The Big Dawit* 
(«) At Ipm, An IM Team (» ») play» 
Hu Si«uad i«ii The 4|m game findi 
The Bean (•l\ agamat Court hiatu* 
I »7 1 In the final game of die evening. 
Slu len ag» ( M ) !««' dK I.' nluuthahullJ 

Wimcn of dwa* gamea will play 
in die final* Apnl * 

MIltd iXMhirt * Ball T 


IjaOiu arc owouraged to find a 
a hat fli ifcrK pmt I bdtt Wlliarda 
tutinunmt on April 10 The tuuroa 
IB«M will nisUl at tl ISjwt m die bd 
liardt nnwi on die •et>nnd fluor of 
Hudding-A" The gam* will h* played 

•Mh altcmatmg ahott between pan 
».im. StgJItfl) wdl hem flK fpot and no 
icnma wdl be entered after the wuma 

Oatdnor latrnmnral Socrtr 
The IM Piwgt ani » planmng a «> 
ed noKCct teague fur April and May 

Tcntahvefy die league la ached 
uM to ptey on the w»e fcc i »di with 

garoea playedonSaluidayand Stoidtjr 
BKifRiiltlstamnga lOam. Ftdlndear 
icven •«tr teami are wmled im play 
Anyone p«tt mg tt>g<-aie» a team Aould 
timiact Jim Ryan. Coordinator of 
Iniramutab at Eit. 2%) 

Teaffli ihiwld he comimwd trf 
a)Ml numhcn of n«en and women on 
dH field at all tunoa 

Record numbers attend NWTF 
convention ands sports show 

_ „ ^. ■ ■ .. L fmrymtt imintl. hcUl 

H;:^r nfir Sports Calendar 


IT: away 




BB away 
re away 



SB .r., - 


IM ptar ««>• 


^» — » 



I'l- away 


^jTT'lin^'fU'-^ '•" ■^*'*' 

Student Tans 

Trv the Country's First 

44- Bulb triple face 

Tanner l*onster-Bed 


Sinole, Double. Tnple 



(1/2 Block E«*t ol MMcham on Atgonquln) 
1636 E. Algoiiquin Rd. SchsumbtJrg 
Plaxa Do ta* l^ofM 

The can of dw wild nahaj' ai 
iratiadatnawd t6.anaildiamen 
duwaaia w dtc 1 Tdi annual oinven 
um of die Naiunal WIU Ti«lte> 
FedtiaiKM.heldMieuary l« Jl «i 

They came loldk wild turkey 
hunting and to meet the lop cilkta in 
die ooumry . and diey wemi'i diaip 
puioted." Mio Rob Keclt.e»«a«Bv« 
vKX prr»..1eni M die TJ.OOOnian 
Ik t group, w hKh w u cckbritinf Ui 
:(«h year at a tonaeiviutm organi- 

Rc)Kal winner DKk KtJ** of 
. hthard Park. N*» Yiiti, won Ok 
■■*)J Cirand NaiKmal wUd Turkey 
I .ilmgOiamp«iri»i|».ip""on«>h> 
WMTivkeyBautn. HttHmtmrn 

The coBipetiiKin waawii 
nesjcd by an audiemx of 

1 .000 . and at Ir at led major 
tcicwt»ion nclwork* 
tnd nalKKial {ireaa. in 


Fintnuaver upWalier 
pwrtHi i>f Doe Run. Mu 
Hmn. i« a > time former 
champion He won m t«f. 
I<MIV and laat year, in Indu 
napniia. Indiana S«<Mnd run 
nrr up wa» Amlrtw PmA ol 
Ludlow , Maauduiaastta 

The Junior Grand National 
W,W Turkey Calhng Champwrn u 
Chri« Wadiim. 1 ''. of Cmuea. Ai 
kuuat He waa fml runner up m 

1W2 The nawcraujuhn year weK 
laxwi Conrad, 1 7. of Unioo. Miaaia 
(ipin and Bryan Ckgg. 14. of Ste, 
Cienevievc, Mtaaoun 

Tucker Cnap of Nataw, Mn 

iMtippi. calling widi hu natural 

wMce.tuok rwninhotftUteowlhoot 

mg and gobblmg cuueua 

In die Omid Nanonal Wild Tor 


Dm PKey al NormMi. Indiana, took 
top hoMort He won dte "Judge* 
(TiOM«' award. Tint m die "aongbtrd" 
laiegory. and hodi fint place and fitit 
runner -up in "lAoc^a^tive waterfo* 1 " 

Ta*id«nniat Jack Paoon of New 
Smcmlle. Ohio, won die ~fw^'* 
ChuKe~ award, and Sam UnHng of 
Wchaler. New Ytirk, took fint p»«« m 
ihc -flymg" caiegory for the aocond 

Scor "•« 

waa by 

Taxidenny AaiociaUon ndei. 

In dw Grand Natknal Wild Tur 
key An Comeat. Kalhy Dickjon of 
IVipla Bkdl. MwoMi. had die win 
ning entry, lblIo*«d by Ioae|* Mat 
lock of Dcrry, Pennjylvmi*. and Rob 
crt Klaamng of Ue°t Summit. M» 

TteiDptyiiKal whuatad iMCfctwL 
which tcored 171 1/2 Boone * 

Crockeu pomla. helunged lo Jo* 
ChoalculUpun. Kentucky The lop 
noniypkal miphy rack aoorcd 222 S/ 
« B * C and waa taken by Ronnie 
Stacy a*Ary, Kentucky 

At It* annual convcntHms. the 
NWTF. which has over V10 chap 
lm.rrw>gnt«»bi«h prof eaiiional Bid 
vtriuntcct conaervaiionmi. along 
widl the »>p perfortnera m dK chap 

The IWJ wamo ol dK Henry 
Moaby Award, whidh goea U) a w ild 
Uk pndeaiional. went lo I> Terry 
Link .>! l>e» Mmnra. ItTwa He i» a 
wddhfc burial widi dK Iowa 
OgpMnent of N aiural Mmagc 
mcnt. and »erve» on the 
NWTF"» technical com 

Rccaving Roger 
hi Latham 

Sportnnan'i Ser- 
vice Awaeda for 
iheir contfibutiani aa 
nc]riprofe<itianal coo- 
Mrvauortifl volumeat 
weieTerryA Hfll.Weai 
End. North Carolina; 
Timothy D Holii. 
Coudenport. Pennsylva 
nia. Sam A Man 111. 
Harrogate.Tenneaa**. Jacki 
Stieb. Cuba. New York; and\C. Vanl)yhe.Vickjhtiri. 

Wuoonain waa judged "Beai 

State Chapter. (Iva iSXfi Mem 

hen" m die LA Diaon, Jr.. h«e 

morial Outstanding Chapter Awartb 


Aikvuas won "Beat State Chil- 
ler. Under 3.000 Membeta". arul 
Pcnnjylvaraa'jLocal Chapter No. 1. 
(he fint local NWTF ch^Wr m die 
nation to otgarua. wai die "Beat 
Local Chapler" aw a«d f or an unprec . 
rfawad aevouh tinw, r>i«« b«k to 



Thti Hait>v>y<K Aprt? 'W3 

Your source for 
the NCAA picks 

Hamngaf Soorti Caiv»nnM 

H«U Talu the W.kkus 

) Md ."hwiiiwhii (FSU) iw 

ganm ani civk (nr dM Btf 

■Mi« f<« FSU-i Wad Mid Son to 

hMI. Rink i>iliM> ilMMid makx lui nu ' 

minimficihitpralKUnm wcR 

Halk) |>l> Mid hnyi' Wckumc 
to Ihi MGCMd WMk of dte NCAA 
liMtirtun naawmi. Tla fmi 
«Mt WW fan af twimMt, ««|Mr 
ci*l ly fot y«un Bul} . i •« 2 1 of my 
|Miic> in ihc Tint imnd. t could 
kivc done tliiiic iMi bcnn il I Hadn't 
picked « few ciTKiuinil f»tinu» la 
the tau. I pKkcd I 
Hoty Crau i» ufa t 
mty becniM I *•■■ tmm itew M* 
■unwe* (nan thcv canpaa Ntant 
lu Mton. 

In llir Soulkcui 1 pKkcil Mrr 
pim Stur. t tcnUt tMd. inkaotkoff 
mimtira 7, Wcincrn K»ti«-ltv I fif - 
imad wiy s< > - . 

Aivf cf1K»: I • 

wtnm l*t' 

I Juln'!.).' u. ■ 
•C4I. bui il»- Weil ,. . ,^.. ., ,v A ail 
ii|>MtK h> rki>rgc WMhtnftiMt. 

I Imt ihe man-r^H *<( f^m 
leflaMM. Ari/.«ij » iiis- 
lamtli JCMted "tou r!«» »».■. mii) 
wcnnd unw a numtvr mu seed Hia* 

Aftcriw* *t>»e*<»ndrowml.!"m 

teen I have two tcam^ ' 
Fast. North CaruUiui w>ii ' 
nu I 11 pKtiknnhDtti ■»<>>■< itu 
re(Hif»l (wnsi mi NC to kN v^ . 
lo the Fiiul Four 

In the Southewi. I have Ken 
lucky , W akc Fami and nundaSutc 
I nivauiv WcKcmKuMwfcy »ai« 
f<.>unh lean . «rt^«hm|t in widt a wtn 

I lad pkkal Dakc to ^hranct 
t Midncst, IHM liiry'U bt 
vaKlUnf dw |iinc twm dK cnrnci 
Imt UmAforlndianawpumnMlLiw 
Kvilk and Kanos <•■ manhandk Tali 
luvnia THtswiUtwairihchesimatLh 
upiif the knmcy ho f « tntiiaru thiHtlJ 
cilgo the Jayhawka tut ihc iknl lickci 
■o N«w (Mean 

FkiaOy *c nadilhcdiudad WcH. 
THt only acanu I have kft km an 
MiclU|an and V ukkriiUi. TIwk two 
icanu wittmaati tn Ihc ivgionala^ Nit tl 
wuiii'ic«cnb«ck)i« I'mfiiiauifatnii 
O) a lunfe and aay the Wolvcnnca *i II 
cat the Cmmmtant itivc Michi|an 

inclMtaat.'n»i«c(annaRa: ' 
cintr fta' na u <i:d. tni I'll try : 
t cktr <ma « « 

5th Ward Hawks end intramural 
regular season as champions 

'.uffikyv fwdbaMv un ■ b*»i | 


Uwur g*i'- 

fl..M, S. 

ih«; (mjf £*"^' '^^'nK 
uif (hoc pndkliant an* a dM I 
•■'<(>"lha'Vilt»hcii' •■>•».• s- .":.■■•■"■■ ! 
al aflct S(inr> 

afMi Ac lanc* w<ra o«t)r t( none of 
my ipicdwlwna ciinuc mxc. my moc 
tary will diMV4H» any kiw*w)ed|Ee tif 

my jit!rvtt»c» 

Mirnniril 'twakaibon laaim ara fci' 
UKi ■ few for die a^iamiilRf play- 

The Ml Waad lia.*tt niailr w 
ttam^tha acMon «rulkMi taowif dr- 
'faai iMtdkc* dtc nwRha one coda (« 
Ihr k*|iit aadini iintla «liiB«m»ii» 
tuumanwoi. IVa (iMniimlof diclciut 
nameni will Ik |>lay«J Aiptl ( aad <l( 
tmal niHnd Afml I ) 

Htrt't what tlie at 
lion kukal lika nn Marcli 
i s 

Hit S()uiMl M 

A riml op Stuanai 
■cam had ii all Ihaw «t«y 
afaagnt M am (umwd H« 
SqitailfcT M 

It waA one tif th^wa 
ni^llla M hm ail piiaacf 4>f 
ihc laRH cumc HifoUMT 
thai (r»lT the m pa w Dtt 

.■ dantc 

■■ ■"■-- (liiui aftii »... 


'"«rn>!l (BIT,) 

-(h\^,iI,l Hj^K^'H im 

t nltiuchabulbXVPriiw 
lime 49 

In a (ame thai left iw donhi aiaaHl 
dw oaikMnc frnm the aian ol #■ (■ne 

die IImoucImMIi inawid t Nf W -4<> 
mn war Pinmt timt. 

TV I I'huUi guoJbuMr rifina (Ran 
cvcryimr wiih Oit» Kclky and Sieve 
Scafikm laddK die way imiha one*' 


Team name WON 


5ih Ward Hawks 


















Cmm Juttice 






Prime Time 



Haying Ttir the fini tunc without 
laarting anaicr Uny Dennii. Denick 
Hanw aanied ii() iIk pace canoiiic a 
aeaann hifh 2S ixiau and gm a bi( 
game li<m laaon Oum in the aaoond 
half with Kmc timely < pmni almit 
Oirii Siliulci again paced die Bean 
«iih ZH pomti Kiinnt hum all pacuof 
Ac float. Akhough the Bean Iml for 
the aci^md tune of die 
year diey eamad dK 

ft II 



IVimcTiltir u:i- - ■- — 

^■vl /Till fa^t 

iM II Arri al] \'. 

^ 1 !iuv.. ntitiu 

I nliiiiihatiulls 50 

Hit Squud 60 

Tlic IMTraingma 

ki^uc hi^^ *'' p»in» 
fmn Ocnnx Ra):nolc. 
who nailed Jtmn the 
»c»nng tittle wiUl 176 
over the regularaeaaon 
play, lo Icef the pcsk\ 
l^imc Time at bay. 

Kcvtn Young un 
Uiadcd a great 2n pomi 
perfurmaixx in then 
lau game of the year 


tiial the bc\: 
^ »avcd tei tilt 

aOii lAcxncarjiia h -.n^ 

utnd a great dfta^ . uilaU 

ttomighiiul the 4«a:t- L'tuu .Vtxjrc 
i4»«««d in 3lpiiutlA (ior Wt 

!: At 1*51 

5lh W.ui] ll.iv.ks "1 

Ill li (i«N'l H'lJMHAl w «M' i.ftitlll AJIU 

rmiJ(K*n ihc iwo teamt biltled to i 
lUght 2N ::? lutr time k«i U» Ihc 

•( 'It:.! :i 

rt Hind iif the tLiuma 
muiUicii MLci withprumisctrfofthc 
game biem$ every ha w f iiud as tfiu 

"■<*«*r«Wr to/it. 

...-^ V , t. aiiArr 4td wM v^. ^ -»■ 
evtr MitHg Mmtagmg fJUnr Am 

Sit w*(i# jiAtf frst% al htmm ih. 

I utf t^ay imtfnmti ixUtu mv farm . 
miSprrfhifuyilopick the tueUam *:f 
(V Cfuiogtj Wlutf Sti* tmd thfif 

fans You .. :.m Om' 

coUtmns th. „ p4imd9<a> 

b€ j^ • --», n team'f 

pm.\ f^f better hut a,r 

*rrk i .tttffmla iftvw yr*m my Jidhr 

Qmte simpiy. trym^ u> ikctiir 
mhtch team /kJovv beaer tmsttmtt 

h« Lke tf\*n^ u. tu . 'i 

Will Utst Ihe ui-tfir-, 1 ■». . ^.. . e ,/i 
(Ar tftJ. M* H ^ iAjTr '■#'1*1 / ii. «• 1 ./ 

AjvytN^. the fMCJf Hwi ny^i^ iMhink 
tx this Which Chuag*/ Major 
Uagm BaubaO Iran km bmgt 
fans^ Headtmmdfimio^ 

What mAz% ■ good tpnu fan? 

\i could he the dadtcat w i n H> 

bccR fultiiwing 
Uu-Liuh .*MjmcrvcYiaff(urth(rpHi'ViU 
1 :ics anrmled haa fantcthmg 
•■ f, thr ciiuALMm 

Stu i««* **tni i»» thinJiL it'» fi« 
MMrrwthiiiit to >it» wiUi the amrHmi ot 
ntHKK-> Ajieni <.«i gang txikireil i..--i') 

Stifc,thGrch«vcheenkA»ut >*n» 
thflwtflg up ID wuch !Mn gamei E}kc 
laal cuupk of urawnv 1 figure ujt he 
catiMt of Ihc new tuwhum n«rnr>i 
''Ctiimtikcy Paik** by tihe u«ctI> ^ n- 
axyvt %ai% e«eculiyc» (g«. wherr h j v c 
I hetrd thai nante hcftwt^) My N:sJ 
jituckk >htiUti he iii4i (he far» hail bnm 
!(«> jtfr«ij ticNiTK u<(r4vcl luthcileef). 
JiTk i.mjU^i *»4k" luM uj "**ij^h a lc«T! 
;fici, k ,t* Moulfln'l he pUyiiig pa»l 
iimi ( ttuiher anywaiir I"ii rtaJlly 
fta> I'dhlamc them 

RsccnUy. ul' uHune. it'i a duffrr 
cm i«ur> The Sui anr playmg tnmc 
whim ntw and faiu an aanmg oui in 
diwcs I jtau dcm't ha«c ihc heart to 
ucll ihc SoJt fani t know ihai the town 

One On Bik 

j.'is,, maybe 
. la thin the 
.'^' fans an 


Sport! lafo 

«tiU piay* in the uunr run -down. dirty, 
danganua and tkadly neighhuthaod 
junacrow Ihe aUaet. Ilicn acaoL when 

c tram ixdinng. 

< :n ihe frtandmga 

Ihiai leain i»>lflu attend Ihegainct 

•n,al'.|t«! «..v II'. Al WAYS beet. 

4m! .. '• 

|. -.-I 

K.m ...» i»it 

»hi-'..' '^'wilnink 

viuv .. - '- ndi mmng 


Sure, my iwi comment may vol 
• m aity awanb (•» ttcaliviiy uelf , but 
the idea » iimple Cub fant attend 
ganur. brtauAc the team is fun tu watch 
anit Wngky Ficlii ii a lercat place to 
tpend an aheinuon 

Enter any one of the iHha 27 Maj« 
Lxague ballparks dun teaaon. t( the 
Icama <t*r piaya m ui in 20 iluinp, 
moM fant ate going ■> boo even die 
greaietuUugger out of the ballpark Al 
Wngky FicM. the biggest cummatHin 
made by die fan wtwld be the round uf 
ipplaute die phiycr (« after breaking 


CKet tm the wiulh tiik of town. 
Ihe feeling in Uk air i> jiat a litUc 
diOeicat. Sua fana have beam da 
coonfikl by dKir feanu inability hi 
make the play .oilt Ifac last few vran 
whentJiefaClof Ihemaneruthi » 
reaUy hern overachievmg Faii ^ ». 
lualtv allending gamea and buying 
large amounts iif merchandue (in 
gang ookn on Ihc HNUh side of 
Chtcagci. what a wftns*) has sfiarkod 
dte leanu ccvifKlence lo apomt above 
what It really should he 

Wait until lorocanc tells Ihc fans 
where die stadium is and just what 
Ihe leam'a mie potcnual is. and at 
lendame will probably go hati to 
die numhen dial uied to walch games 
at dK okl Cumukcy Fait 

Cub fam aiund games beeaiitc 
we know the ptayer< on die fieklpul 
their best fool finwaril We go to 
games toenjoyimirsi Ives, lo Id Umae 

Yoo can cnia Wngley Fidd 
knowing dial any womes you had, 
any problcnis that held you down, 
any work dial wasn't yet fnushed 
when you left the office means nodi 
ing. lot a few houn at katL 


tmcrummcnt 6.7 

Cllisifi fO 

t^ ^Spoia "''V 

AprN 9. 1993 

( Student survey-page 7 J 
r Hello dolly-page 8 ) 
( Play iMdlirr-page 12 ^ 

Volume XXV, Number 19 

Unofficial results indicate new look to senate 

Early indications bring fresh faces and new entusiasm to next year's student government 

{<*»«» -CvC«l,«f 

Sludem cloruont wen hcM Apnl 
6 and 7 wult early malu indKiimt 
Boaait kmm. CiMryl Rnndi. Kim 
HiiwiiiadGMnck Yarfir «iMH« 
fmmlkiiw on am yur ' • MMM*. 

All Cmacaididaia m i mm i yMHMl 
fa itmi iai|Mcli«c paittan 

Jotwt ficpi miD ^ pn»Kfeiir« 
potjiiun, Brandt into i)ic vii:c 
nncjidott'tpuBiuon HmmmmdYarpi 
vk ill bwooK <cniuin fmn dtt SBidcnl 
I mclapmaH md bhmd An* divi 

Vouag «« an M ckar cui on ihe 

■lai iMi m an clut cia 

WMMff iMIMMVpM Injail IjMljl fCMItt. 

An Wnun, CM laf*''> Mary Am 
Cniitiy AndcfWB nd Mbtd Nnnu 


TtanHMlUaalnaly nBpauiwltau 
fill'tciKumKiult. Vomluwytfie 
ftt a awfl ti i l y i —a n t , laa wrty laA-' 

dK F* Nuktaf iMlkM hot. only l» 
fcwa ihaa Ike conftat MUt boa di« 

OHkiii iMulHi mat te awuMlla 

Journalism students 
earn honors for essay 


'jrclW ... 
rU pVUC in due »« «> juiLiyMi^ m L|.?t: 

:nnaal lltiaiw CcimanMiir CoOcfi 
. ruaHi AaMnaiMn Eaaqf coMnt 
Eauy cmmamm mm aocad ■ 

>naauauy onOett anlilticiAr in 3Q0 
'imto or ICM "Hiw My rmrammir) 

^>lk|* ii Cluniiinji tor H u Oianitd > 

My Life 

Wade •«) receive a S lOD g if i tet 
ufKait from ihe HvpcrCnUege B«A 

agnl moiticr of ihnc lohu h» i di< 
covcnd her creative u<k. ' 

In amwer lu the eney (|Mnian, 
Wade leplio. Xoinmiinily coOeii ItM 
lavht iae...ilMi Inwe nf kamnt can 

SaGondyrm in ilie catay cvnieai. a 
S.^0 Haipcr BtnlMnR gift centlkaic. 
w I* awinkd to Shann Skine, Ocs 
Paiai. whoMhai her ctaay , 'n%rim 

She wraic that the i;halWn(e and 
encuuragemcni of Harper't <krmt lo 
cank tcachcn. hel]Md to imtiUknaol 
•dgc in her and ahe nno finda lexmntji 

The Harper ciaajr wanmt vifl (C 

! i'fimjx'tition 

lanut Widc'i aauy lti> heen «uK 

CotmnlJaM- '"wtlieMui 

llinamalec^ .•Lxrfm'itinf 

mk. grammar and puncttutHm. c tar 

m cf riprwiion and ielc««wy id the 

- ifier of the ttale mmpcu 
mm mm rract«t • IJW onh Mtprnd 

iWiniy Barry. 
Pidauae. and kmrnt Ciirm. of Rin 
oihuaini i» Oie >n-m Harper Anitwi 
ogy. a coOeclinn nf utuVm vrrtmgi to 
•aMtrclstbc aex.!' -g of 


nmiad t a««t anicic *DiMniKM>n in 
Redrvekipinent in Maliae' amlCarran 
. a mamliee id Devion't FcMiitc Wra 
the Top Adiec Dof m Fkmda. ' 

Curran I article *aa recently <oM 

For mofc mloniaauun wi die Joar 
nai>fmha|irian.c«lleM 25«2 

Harper happenings 

• Thf student budget eiimmittee k 
accepting applications from .students (pg. 2) 

• Illustrated riiurtng('ompan% to put 
on (irimm's Brothers Fair> Tales (pg. 6) 

• Track team gets running start (pg. 11) 

"1 <rani la pRIROle a [urnioi; tm 
a|e 10 dtc tnafcnl hudy loinaeaK ihctt 

awaraaeaa of m' Yofjd u»l 

•"Wt tirnuld like ici really paah tut 

dent nvolvcmcni at mu. h aapeaadnle." 

Hanatai awd. "li waa praok^y nan 

a«i««aai tan year " 

naaiiive Ihinkaic caRied ooB inao 

tlte admmistrarKwi 

Jeanne Paaknin. fiiidenl aclivt 

tief dtrtcMr. ssd "Dtaac near toHiiiin 

teem ically hard-anakiag andcaa^- 

1aa«i«By«««»edahDi«dM«ip- atandwd pracndant 

watfitlwiariilieannmcny and •mfe. 
Ctxutanl bndierinf and rrveraml« of 
detuiKim Ml moM tluiteMt gnaan- 
canaid adam-canii iknM ihc anieit 
iIm w(K feromhl Mote dw anuMs 

CaiB|i«i|»iR( prnacMad dae bag 
(CM hiaillca far t-jadaiaiea. 

Maay . iHMaac daent Jnaea, Waatan 
aifi4 Aiiii tm ii M aH ha rt l a p aiai iia lilaaaia 

i^kK«aaiaCanaaiiitec bcfcire diey were 
dvaiad » nai Ccnam pr u« j« dy i»a 
iartialii d gaaiing a poitum wtdi. ac 
cordiBag w the rukf . ~y> Harper mi 
dens' nfaanaei vidi kkuI lectinty 
maiiliat'' in addition lodacbraig their 

w all areaa ol i 

Nonaineca for aeaaaae pntManoa had 
lo declare dieircandadacymwrilint ICI 
tkeatudaMKiivKieidi^iaRmeM. S<» 

TraaMecaadadaaei al«.>hadi»iiaael 
a i|iialificaiaana cntcru that aicliadad 

lann ai ne laiiaia. laaadeaaca aealaii 
Omract 51 1 aiad couldiaoi have previ- 
oaaly ecTved aa Student Tnmee 

Vur iJudatinn ia taetng u vaie ei i 
fey dae Elactaoa CommiOae. 

Janes. Sraiadl aiad ' 

Environment becomes concern ot local summit 

Ilu Ttxia Kappa and ihc Hoianrt 
'^■•'-'xry. tn <tHipcratit:m with 

;• • .>««ic»,»itIh«iaBE>rv'»orB«ien- 

. ! if«j "Imatiw Yctut World," on 

■iuyuliv. Vpril IK, from U p.m. »> S 

pjia m Bi«ldai|f I «i.' «•"* ^ < 

A variety al rmunm^. ohnnu. etalogicrfc 
demtainratiiaui and eBxsaMaaalai f«» »>i«l>« infaraitatioo. cimact 

ipeAcr* •lit icT^t to help mil ilie dael%iTfceuKa|ipa«iflkeatrait. I7«J 

Harper . he <» Marilyn Perry at 3W 7175 

Here's the 
goose that 

laid the 
golden egg 

Mr. Goosea 

the most 



on campus, 

walks away 


after being 


his right 

to vote 

in recent 

student senate 


Hw Hoiblngw. Aprt 9, t993 

Harper Engineering scholarship Opportunities for 1993 Edgar announces corporate- 
High School graduates government internship Program 



Muu hifll Khonl fnihialct |Aa- 
■iRg k> cnicr ctdirfc hint loo ihan 
wiBftMlii — letottnf ttMiiglitcnOtt* 
and putunflBiBlltn Hit msieyki meet 
luMKin coot. WMIs Niirti*«M ntwar 
har tiikkiHi Had dm mmw finannal 
•kI cn'girMW f J »cwiin . <tey ■« 
■liobrgn ul l — t— n nnyniil iroio 
otKon uitmmial Kh(il<nlii|» 

The N uifciy Ccnynwlkw CWnac 
Synau Divitmii conumm u> oflcr • 
i*\ EngiMcnni Stdiofantup in pre^ 
vNk tinsnoAl wsutmcc lo ■ flwkftf 
for the ftnt dtfcc yean of cngmcanAf 
•aady Uw KhnUnlupcaRiM a$l .DQO 
par yurntpand ai Harpir Collq^ for 
nw yean tA oigiaaaraif propa m i— 
aadSA/XnrarjunH* ycarcipeiMaaai 
dW Uiu««rtil> of lllmml Colktc of 

To he cttfiMa far dw Nnthrap 
CopnraiHii 1* I Entaiaariag Sckolir 

air of a higk aclmal m ihr Harycr 
diaaict; rnuai ha in ihe offa l^vctvcm 
of dmr (raduaing tlat> wiih u Irasi • 
'B' avengeaaiae ai(inaanii(c«sac 
of timly. damnwMiaic mlcwat anJ 

tm mA oiHimiMm to prnkipair ta 
pta K> cMcr HaqniT rallef* at « f till 

unaaniriEM ii>diacii(«Moin(»'initbr 
iminm, and have plaia locaRiiktt 
•ttaiy ai die t>nivcnliy of MiMiia •»' 
Mig FiiMKUlMiidniii'iimnmainfiv 
dK aoard 

T>K S((iiai» D KHBdaUon w(0 <if 
ter >m«nl avarti daa jwar Mi an ai- 
Icmpi 10 reacti murv MtHknis, eat-h m 
the anwaM of VUO or SI jno a|<(>l> 
caM* lo Ac fwM jwar ac Hatpn A 
year tml a ymd anidam wUI leapply 
and wdl nwai bkety \ 

Tt> he «li(Ma (w die Squaie D 

imai ht IW) graduair* of 
M|tl Bchonl in dw HapcT itKiTKt i» I 
ranoM Ha>i^ anndcnt wtdi plan* lo 
^<implcir baualaaraate maily iaai^ 
neennil A high tdwui applkaM i 
he in die i^iprr ?1 pcrcrni of dwir 
gradmunt daa» »ilJi ai Ictm a "ll" 

anangc: « Harprr x|){>I><> «< muM have 

mnpkled i: ■■ ■ -i|ilM>anii| 

cunv^uhm ivn .. ^titat'liwit 

a H" avenji-- Hj»pr 

ilanai ■rid> ouittanil .' 
ranivt a mvcnd uppix tnie nx \mt 
M iiiai nii i '■ a mawb* inMiitaiMin. A 
damnnaixint .i»<i and ai*>e»tiii««« 
ini|ru "odiefaiKMrani' 

^;*tilm^ : <n*kt*:fwd (iavtjr- 

tnmcilc: ^ ->-iiiii»cam 

gel app)Mal>i<n.« mi I'unhxt infijuna 
hon (ram iJicu high u-hmA cmmRling 
dflieaa. April 19. tW) » the dcaiiinc 

cdiKanoiul goab. Md a oifqr (rf dKif 
high Khiial mnicript 

Harper <niilenu appiymg for Ibc 
S)|u*rr U Kholanhipcjia get applKi 
tkaiK and bvdier inlwinaiKiii ftvpnt the 
OTTirt: of rinanciai Aid 

Apnl 19 a akw dir deadknc in 
mHra dir <fiplk«diiii and a tvpo-paie 
docrihaig dKit 

' '"'igiviodiqrl 
Uiil a(i) aic avaiWik for a 
CTwponBr ■"ii-rajfup prngram m aiaie 
. hmwl latmol young 
^ t* «crvK'c 

Kigxtxiii Out iittiedunt year dtat 
mMCurp and ntaimRdi will iiwn 
nir dK pnvmdy bawkd Mti:n»tii|H 
Griduamg uauen ■ dl he «>cnd (nr 
die pnutiron* and will hrgHi dtrx one 
yearuManakipiiluiy I 

"We aic pkaaecd Hi niMimie ou.- 
parmcmiup widi biiinneai leaden at 
IBM mil Ilinoia BeD in dM* innnvativc 
Bm^ capahk people lo 
'Edgar saul. 

"Gmmmimcm hn much k> olTer 
yi iM H g| « n d i iia»ian«l»«dio«awnnmafa 
a diltbroBce Slaw gavrnimeni ntadt 
to* hr kadiing Um irayti lo aiirart a 
••nng mat iuree diM can he prrparrd 
io«:n>e die flair miodK ^ t » crniuiy " 

Edgar pratiod the foreiighi »f die 
i-eapntw irflkkb lian> IBM and nu 
nnia Bed in pawidiac die nppon for 
diegaocmneiitaliBiennJupa TVtwo 
cnrporaiioni »<!! hruihefuUcrmtinf 

■atary and hoiefiu for die menu 

Recniilmeni malenal« lor the di 
Unuhip pntgnon have hren diilrih^ 
mod to niiiwi* collcgei and imtvcni 
tiea Hie deadline for appltcaticaia u 

TwopervHiii will he vtric^iod, one 

tur die IBM Inftwmaliun Tcttomlogy 

(Mennhq) and the wcund far die llli 

r„... Brii r<«nmunii;«Uin( TedintI 

nship The poailiom pay 

■ I lOMUh 

llie inw ri iil Mpa aic deaagnol lu 
draw lakmed young people imo stale 
KTvic c . moutlute ouutandmg college 
gradualtri U) the workingi of slaie go^ 
ciwncnt and raue the overall quality of 
die pubUc work foree. 

Applicanu thauM he graduaimg 
•efiKm or pennm who already have 
iheu bachelor'^ degree. 

For additumal infoniuMn. con 
tatt Cheryl MaicjK.a. [>cpaRmeni of 
CcnliaJ Man4j^t-m«Tit Srrviccr, 120 
Wou kflenKai. S(inngfKkl.lL 62702 
VM'.ph.mci:i7i7«5 6«M. 


The withdrawal deadline for 16 wwk spring cn-dit 
classes isAnriH7hv l^p^. Dnip fomis aa- av ailable 
in the Registrar's Office, a:13. 

Student Activities Budget Committee 

Students who are interested in being considered for the 
Student Adiv ities Budget ( 'ommitte should notir.v Jeanne 
Pankunin, Dircctur of Student Activities, in writing im- 
mediately. rhi> committee will work on the 1993-94 
budget. The work will he interesting, and it may be 
helpful on students' resumes. This budget work will be 
done over the course of several meetings, most of which 
will be held in April. 

Final Exam Schedule for day classes Spring 1993 

Final Exam 

'.-9:AS ».rn. 

9:55 I I ;4t» 

May 17 

AM tinsHah 

lOI dk tea 

1 1 v» 1 \\ , 

M-W F 


II' HI Si > .. 

May IK 

A il \ - ^ - 'tiDtinfS 


NVf-» liiewilay 
May l«» 

All M,.il. 

in:? .<fc iin I u 

May 2(> 

*-9:\% a.m. 

1> 29 10 40 a.m. 

y Ttiu 
lO 50 I2;n» 


1 40 5 :2S pr.. 


I -^ I ;■ Ml i> 

» l^ s 1 HI ,, 

I :40-2 :3S |».im. 

M W I 

K H ".(1 ., It! 

M \V I 

1111 ■■'> .■ i.i 

1 ? 1 N |. HI 

T l-hu 
12 IS I Wlpin 

May 21 


I '!)&*.« I l'^<^m« 

'>|M?« (Ally 
V 1 1 .tnitCKl HitanMft 

J Spc'iially 

Evening and Weekend Classes beginning at 4:45 p.m. or after will follow the 
evening class schedule. 

Evening and weekend cla.sses will use the week of May 1 7 
for final exams, to be held during regular class periods. 

Weekend College Classes 

Final exams for Weekend College 
classes will be given the weekend of 
May 14 during regular class periods. 

Dr. Paul Thompson 
honored: education 

vTr!r«^«'">'»«™«»"'«°^*''^'' """ 

11, -t.-*«fciiMiioii«l»>Ml"lhe»«l««n>»"'"* >™*H«» 
TlM ••«* •ill •« ("wwl '" ^^ ■" "■ ""^^ ^^^ 


r n? TTg E " "^ ^ ^ UPDATE 

Nursing information 
Kssions offered 

IV tCCB iMHiMedllx M»o- 

I ai At RN Of 


ctf OL 

Staff and faculty 
increase donations: 
raises big bucks 

^ ««. -iy*iii» ■»>••» '»»aw u. »«i >i 

0»m n? colVe»« «mpl«->«' *«i*o w ^' "'"^ 

^. A»U. «p«»«l |ri«««* »•»««" ""S^ Z2!^«»id«»«»« 

Free motorcycle 
couran on safety 

CTC Workshop show* 

liow to prepare good ^ ^ 

resume: markrt-ready hh«i«mi«>"i>>»»*'^ 

TV, CwMt Irmmum Cmtm m ""Si^i2ia,iB»o|v«BMW<rf 

offctti^ IbnaH Ow Kf « "•» ^_^g, ,g^ miiiMWirj k«*»» 

ii,r,A|»«l5.fc»*»P*^»*» ^.»l.,«*».h.C»lkf. 

VORM W^w ■-•■— • 

■n^ ««• ■.»-*«•»-> advocacy award 


put ■Kl ■••*«■>*"•* "• 

Women in Management 
offers $1,000 scholarship 

far*. 61* wmMBiiow *««•.*• I***"'^ 

SahartiB Chiliw of *'«"*" ' 

Sports camps for 
boys/girls offered 

uJtiitwJ "• imp""" "«="■•■ m»i<aBn»«>B 

W jjr;. 


nw HortHngw. AprtI 9. 1993 


I t1itori.ll Ko.iri) 





Nnm Editor 



Sport* Editor 


Copy Editor 



I jiur* Ashley 


Ttmi Fiiller 
IninitiT rVmmimw 

i jnJvlcti 
- )*mW*Utt»«v 






Republicans delay plan 

li"s nine, once again, m iuto our ancntion lo ihe 
govcmineni and the big game H hasi sianed to play 
wiih the public. 

Currently in the Senate, Pre^itlent Clinton's 16.3 
billion propt>sal to stimulate the «rcom>my awaits to be 
voted on It waits and waits and wails 

The plan wails thank* to a nice idea called 
filibustering Filibustcnng allows members of 
Congress to make 'prolonged speech for the purpiise 
of delaying legislative acoon." In most cases, it is 
used for go<jd causes. 

But the minority Republican |»ity m the Senate 
has decided to turn filibustering into a tool that funher 
angers the electorate. 

They (Republicans) stale that they are concerned 
that the plan will further escalate the national debt, 
and they are correct. 

Ointon's plan docs raise the deficit, but only in the 
short term At the same time though, it holds the 
possibility of creaung approximitely 200,000 new 
jobs Is the pnce too much to ask for the pnvilege? 

In Japan, where the unemployment rate is 2%. they 
recently spent upwjirds of $*»() biUtiwi to "jump-stan" 
their ecoiKMny . They arc going to continue by 
proposing approximately $100 billion this year 

But the Republican minority, knowing that the 
unemployment rate is still over 7%, wants to delay 
action on the bill, claiming that they want nxwe tax 

This IS the most pitiful excuse for ftlibusurring the 
Senate has ever devised. Minority Leader Robert 
Dole, in his effons lo compromise, has proposed to 
extend uncmploymem rates by dose to $4 billuxi 

What a warped sense ol' logic We can't afffjrd $16 
billion tu put people to work, hut wc can afford $4 
billion to keep them reliant nn the govcmmeni 

It seems like some son of Republican conspiracy 
They keep those ihat need a job dependant on the 
government, raise the deficit even further with no plan 
for reduction ami blame it on ifK "lax and spcn,l" 
DenH^Ta!^ Si<\k \^ ho r» mi >rv typical ' 

President Clinton has blasted the Republicans ti»r 
holding up ihe bill, he has referred to ii as "pure 
ptilmcs " He couldn't K > typical 

greed aiul "- ■•■* '•' ■"■ mg u- ..i..jv .... -•<< »"■' 

simple \-' 

Some proposals for Clinton 

With Rill CteiBin 
mai> pni^ •• iiar^al of »»««*« 
aianic* 'm mi pwtmmmi't nund <m 
at n iiMM i i a W l mmt 

TItal opliffllMH ftvr-.VfO • Ik ► " 
ihc iceih rocoiOy wtten Chimm m 
mxnicod ihM he »M «lKif|»«« «!> re 
r<imi jitipmals aJ»aifinB* the mm I ! , 
Itveuocli. md timha mAama i- 
hit tndtti US UK^yo* (you tm 
me) piv f"* <*>***= ■oduMMi moploii 
orpuMK l»nd». Thar i» m« "!■•■>" 
the budts frani 11172 Dim i 
mg vompinn:* *» tnkr vim-. 
IhrI it diet lin^l unyihinj; they wmt m 

The muM nilKttkMS pMT m ilui 
Uw> fciKipay lll7>pn<«>l<)>tficliB)d 

AU IlKW indnmio « toaai^ 
(appoRtai ai Wakimian DC oMk 
mir naninl mourcc *tiai<--i*« ksc 
numcy by <lie mdliamt 

Tlie limchaicnnie torammd PKa 
(km Clinlan ml aw poWic termta 
•hiiut the urgent rased ((w envmnffldi'- 
itl reform! in public policy! 
Greenpeace. the i>iicm«»«in«le»w iron 
mcnu'i •tuvui t«t«ni/*u«jn. hw l*Kl 
.Mil ill i^cndi for ihrt ye« of impiir 
tml pi>liu>:al thange 

»ll .>f » hit h we viua » the fotar ol iHo 
home ieffih) md nuf»elvta 

PtACf, Alx>li!ih nuclear, themi 
, il Mill hitilogicul mct^am. amaol 
pii.lilcT« <i< ««ipull» of mat* de 
unKUon; end nd« mtimcmt phau 
n mm . end our depoidem. c imflie me of 

milu.n> bifcc (or caalllct nMntutnn. 
and cntuR Ihc lafe cantuioiKnt i>f 
mlioKUvc wane 


Futcal Manayemcni Ail and die Gn 
da«|«TOdSpoae» Aa(ESAi»lM«Mhc 
maiil»mm4 » oaawte ttonytvrmi 
ai wcU ai. jpeciei; mtrcan-J f ,m.ljii« 
="SA»9ailea«1'' ■ 
ui (It vodidaK ipoi;!Ct *iiil imimiwal 
frnmaiim fm thoai: baled Hie (kihai 
ninkiiiica! !>iv«miiy 
r..»rM-..-i Prweti all remairanj 
primaiy (oratu ln«n loiti;"'!!. nupP"" 
,«in .ummaMe fiireitry prujectt ai 
kt and mbracl federal 
uniha and RMdoua 

aWHE: Imnwtuiciy hwprudae 

nun of oaaac-drwroymi ciieinurali 
{{)0C») lOd it»e of aiviiimmcnully 
Hiund ahammvet for viul rcfnjeu 
tKwi, uiolm* and fumidaium mxOt 
Ban tm. inerauon «» a method of OOC 
diipaaal. aid enftwce «unn(a ncfula 
liooa lo emurc ODC* aie recaptuied. 

PAPER: OikicMie aae mihe pulp 
nd paper induniy thould he piiaaal 
out •!*« (iw yean Roi-yclod r*er 


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dw prmunt mdiutiy 

WASTE Ban all immeration of 

wutt. ptaueotu the lue of Ihc wont 

toaic chcniKalt, and han Ihc cjipon of 


PemCIDes E«d ihc iJnubkaun 

daid Ihat ponim V S compantea u> 

etpnrl poucldct banned m ihe U S 

EtpoRinf banned peniadet. known 
Mlhc "Cmk ii( R»»oB."eiipoac»w«l 
er» and the publK hmh hcf« and abroad 
lodanfOunaiKflieidea <tunn|pn>dui.- 
lion. me. wd «maim|«K)n of rcaidura 
on treaud (ondi. Velaicol ChemKal 
C'ur(Kieat«i«i. baaed in Vice ncaidem 
AI (iwc I home •»a«r of Tometaee. n 
ihcAcrld'iinkpmliKxr of the banned 
•mi highly u»»»( inneiicKlai chkicdanc 
and hcpuchlormaocticidci thai are 
niak almoM eiu.*iiiavcly for npon 

CLIMATfi Coowtiii tt. a ■»• le 
m CT),emi»«ioo» by the year 21100 

ENEKG Y All federal lupport for 
Ihe fiiaail fuel and nuclear power indw 
met thoM be •ithdrawn and reallo 
cawd to help caae our economy into • 
ckan.encrgy-cfficteni future Clinton 
•twuJd ei!«l the f ancai puisible pliaac 
out of the 110 ciMtmt L' S nmleai 
power planu lo avoid further rmancia! 
hDoniJomtlea, the creation of nK«e ra 
dii>atiivc waile and lo prevent any 
Cheraob) b tn ihit counny 

(K.'EANS Pniniaieandini[iiaiieni 
nulogicaUy baaed Tiiherio nuna|c 
matt m ntppon of healthy ocean*, en 
done the Aniaivac Whale Sancniary 
and the n»«iuirtum on tommercial 
whaling within the International Whal 
ing Comnuaiiian, and »eek tn impoae 
ttha coiurotii on iniemaliunal rither 
id » cauuie that ihcnr operatiom will 
not advenely impact ocean nmyt 

So. while lhi» infomiauon a still 
fl«»h m yow head , drop a note lo Phsai 
dem Clinuai and your Icgitlaioo. aak 
mg ibeni lo luppon ihoe ucpn to • 
heller envwiminau. a heller economy, 
■ heltcf wKicty and a belter world! 



and admiRislratKin ihemmmurr 

tnun aMma. nMy I1ik*«««i. Aliaa C3ui<l«i<d, Un iwp,i«'«ri 

t3nl»f^«TW» !• 

MMw't T.,«|lnr.» K«i.>MMha«w 

■ - i.irthcHarptTColk'gccampiisaiinmunity.publishcd 
n., nupapfrisdismbutfdfrwhiallshidcnts.facuUy 
Ki 1- HK-ati'd in A.*/ 

. . - ,. 1. .• , .iir<'dilorial> IHKTsmuslK'SigJied 
■ihi-ld upon rwiiJi-sl -Ml lel».Ts jrt' 

". « TOxvsjaril V endonwi b>' the cti i : • 

'ir», Inmiinos should b.-tsirvs,irdtsi 

,„,, ,„,, „ .v.Tin* thft-oruiumfr 

Ca|>yn(h< !»'*». n« llwbingrr. 'I' rifthi* rrtemed 


Clinton and Dillartl proless smu 

a: Souk the rich 

Ediioriiil ofirlooxis 


EAl« mOuef K«niwh D.H"<1 
hM taken • ?•!« <«' »' IV"«l«tt 
Oimm.! pli>h«* Uke Cl.nwo-. 
p„,,nnu. l>ill«rf« «buio»I m *e 
Mmrch 19, IWl/toNn»»' i»kiiM!>*> 
theuiTK mi »hon <m f »i« 

THcOimunocoiKmic P^Mi'-' <"'* 

m« . im pl»i. "up"* >»""'*" '*^'™' 

-iKnfict "ol inveitinatt'dncm'' •! 
ladKhcn It i.«U» foHB«Mi*c u» 
nocaia. ne«« (ovenniKni ipenaim 
p,o|nuii», md jfrcillcd «peii<lMi» cut. 

TTk »mik IJtmncf •til tcmuUk.! 
C«>trM. ih.i pnmami f^^ 
Rc^Bikpenrilini «"»"'♦''•' ""^""" 


ThcMc iiKadxill ciitt ncvet ouie 
ruli/cd •««• tKUha "ill ih^K 

ll bit »!••>» bien r^* M'""*' 

m.«cn»l K> •pe«i'"' >"•"«*' ™- '"^' 
|,vin)|U«l»«lu»mMWU: iindk,«« 

. lUiJ h.vr uwl .1 1«> >*«■' «*»»"*«'■ 
m.ddlt tiM. »M««h««« twf"« ">' 

!• y.v, l<i.*MihefKl».llwnt>i 

have «!»•>• p««* t><"' ♦•'•* *" '*'*' 
ll* lop f* «>( amm [»i»l 15* "f •J»« 

p«J 421 . «<d the lop 10* !>»■<! ***■ 

wtm o«ill«a»n«. it w.«M»« "" "f 
govrmmcBi tor many dii»« 

In ipitt (rf tht incnaiwl <»» "** 
ilK .prmlmc cutj, if my moa^thtt, 
ihc faknl del* win l«.x hren m 

. -f I he Oinion f < im ye«r» 

I, thai really joimiv and-iavc ' 

Ml lijughlm 

Floden was on target with remarks towards television 


I aucnd the Han«« Colleft Cai 
diac RdiatHliuiion Proffam I «•» 
encounjed ID read Paul Modatt f »! 

he U vnth TV fnpmnamt H' ""-t w 
Imow that wme of *e younicr cTO w J 

ihac my tecliin» 

Unfonunaicly ihii indusJry n run 
f«lini(> TViMi.ljy'twilMfmvinins 
,Kr *h.. arc siill 1. " yftng ""^ *'•"'■' 
Ihe vKKih. of the tni:«a«c» they wcw 

Regardmd ih<- fi"! amendment. 

w a» u the intent of i«r fuui*!"'* fa'"*" 
ihM het and untruth* >hould he pro 


In thii age of home atone ehil«>«" 
»d «.«kin« panmia. h»w can pnreiM* 

of the umc' 

YiKUtg poipit are B>»"« "' '''"* "" 
make cho«.T», that i» pan "f ma*''™*' 
ttui « It mtc(li«ei>i «• pa™'t "« '"K"" 
mhiairy lo eiKourajtc pc«'pte "> con 
>ume prodiM-U that •« dangefoua and 

1 am mn at alt h« pnihihili""- ' 
cnioy indulgm* ha only m nw-dna 

iwn Kniiimanehytheopcnditmc 
of huiKted* erf mil>««» thai "« 'an 
«n»iaMly hioadtaM imajea that re 
iaUKl alcohol uj ffclinf good, feeling 
htgh. to have frKnda. a> «wn a» ihc 
child i» awne of tancaage? 

Ii » only natural thai llic young 
icmn that ih»« ailivny n a nie of pas 
«gt l"hcadvcJi«mgindu»ti>»aH'««' 
he in for a rude .«aktnmg. *"'■ «' 
p..) uiS i>A. high • pnte to pem" thi» 
„f -fcw upctth" 10 CMntmue 

( 'if.wgc Sully 

The final comment on vinyl 

.vuUhk hy «aic .J the «t K«:hni.U.ty . 
md because of ihai, p»ople a««inK thai 
Ihe old vinyl LP umfenor 

TruUi i« thai a rtawd will «iap, 
cr»-kle. ikip. and hiM htcauw .if ne 
glotl ixi Ihe part of .« owner and not 

Rcl-ivVs ...trp from c^lrrmc heat 

1 jiim^ 1 

tiiffit ■-! the 


TwcBiy yean atomday. Seigcani 
PCfnc racanM Ma hnd on the ilhen 
Bwten', vinyl twonJ, and ht hwkad. 
nd he am thai It wa> gmivy 

Hovever. if you wouM like to huy 
bollMr gowg I" ••* ""^ '™'* """ 
r«cn if the wold "rooKd" n m UK 
name, hecauae chancea ate they don't 


Eiicep«fof dance and nplP "uMd 

eachiaively by Dli.iwnida air viewed 

by (He goieral publit aa a pnmiiivc 

medium ccw^iiwl »C<»np«;i 0>^- 

Alihoiith iwMria •« "ty*""! *~' " 

Wtting itcordi tuwe heJoee they were 
dtfMTiedinihe ihadowoftheCDrevo. 
lutum And foi people like myieM. 
„c«d» air rt««liim«»»J»«""«^ 
tia, they ' r« atota iW"* •"•* 


ihcjii oi 

RetMtb are bulky 
Ciee. leconl'i Miund a lot like CBa 
(no pun intended > 

I take gieai cafe in pieaerving my 
reeoeda, eitpec lally the rweunea. and 1 
cvcmm hy playing iheoj occa»i«ially 
In fail. I've reemded «iinc of my al 
bumi » tape and tl-.f only way to tell 
lllB raoading >.am« from a record i» 
between «.mg». if *e volume is at an 
car bleeding level, you can hear 
mmiaculc suik like d« whiapy fuJ at 
7 I IP when poured into a glaaa 

Baiically. a» long aa a rocon: « 
VtMid w ilh caic and reapecl. J'l! •"■"I 
jam » good » a CD. aUhough c»mg 
for mJreapeeimtwiorta laatatm a»k 

<rf f«, la/y. peopte ■• a i M"*^^ 
MKMty. which n why man peoplea 
imaiit KKOid Uke aap 

Aial Ihe «ame thing goea tor ipaak 
mtnn Ifycai'veahmedyourhirilike 
• kii of cullegi .iudent»do.chancc« m 
yciw high quatayCOia going locrackic 

and pop worn tfm any recotd Yet 
y<iull .Ul pay » W.W to aCD imtead 
d! S5 on f« a uaad icc«»d »iat (wanae 

1 fcimii ihai 1 like n lo»l- and I 
L.i..,....w.,^ „mclirvloreai)themmale