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Vol. XXX [i.e.Vol. 32] 

August 25, 1997 


May 4, 1998 

President Thompson discusses past and future 


Deciding to move un K) other 
opportunities. Harper Pivsudenl Paul 
Thi>inpson ha* aak«d the Boaid of 
Trustees not to renew hi» current 
contract, whK-h expires June 30. 1"**, 

Thompson has served m 

' jrper's prendent ior 10 yens and 

>tiU. some studeMs don't realize how 

important it n to know who rht>ir 

pre«iden( i» 

In i reci-nt inlcrv uw mti 
Thompson, ht- sht-d light on his past, 
present and future o( himM<lf atvl 
Harper Cotle^. 

Harhimger: What were you doing 
before you came to Harper? 

Thompson "I was Iht- pn-Mili-nt of 
Belvue Community College m 
Belvue. Wash. I served in that capac- 

Former senator Paul 
Simon to speak to 
Page 2 

WHCM is in need of DJ> 
and accepting 
Page 3 

Calendar girls .ire h.ii k on 
The Harhinb^er - p.iy^v- toi 
the 3()th iinnivi-rvir\ 
Page 4 


LiKal blues band 

Mississippi Heat to plav 

free concert in Quad 



Future of football 
resolved temporarily. 

Women have a soccer 
team despite last year's 
lack of participation. 

ity there lor 7 year* " 

Why did you ccMoe to Haipcf? 

'I had been in Illinois as a ptesi- 
tlenl, vice fnesident and a faculty 
member and kiww the Ulinou sys- 
len wcU..." 

havcaaew I 


What made you decide not to 
reitew your contract here? 

' \t the end of my current con- 
tract I II have been here for 10 years*, 
wluch i» a long tenure for a commu- 
ruty college president I think it's 
probably time for me to move on and 

a good time for the college to have a 
new leader" 

Did the opportunity at McHenty 
CoBuniinity College have anything 
to do with your decision? 

"No, the Board of TruKtees at 
McHenry were looking for someone 
else - 

Why did you drop out of the run- 

'It teemed to me that the dirvt- 
tion il was going, the fit for me and 
the M-tting was not quite what I 
thought It should be Iwasmrfwhat 
they were looking for " 

How does your family feel about 
your decision? 

1 think they have mivi-d ff«'iing> 
Ms children are all over the country. 
Ml thi» won't be a stnmg impact in 
terms o( a move fur them I think 

Freshmen support each other 


A« Melt«4 gnm •* 
giM* of tiMt mt tlw 


i|rt«y ai 

"Triangle" construction to cause 
heavy traffic for Harper students 



Harper students from the 
Schauntburg and Hoffman Estates 
area are runrung into some heavy 
traffic now that the construction sea- 
son has started The Higgms. Golf 
and Roselle roads triangle is bemg 
widened, causing an enormous 
anuiunt of blockage for the students 
who use fwrth-bound Roselle Road 
as a primary vein into Harper 


Physical Plant Directtw Bob Getz 
handles the traffic is.«ues for the 
school He estimates that 15°.. of 
Harper students will drive thniugh 
the road work 

The construction begins the first 
week of clas-ses and will ctmlinue for 
an estimated two years. 

The workers will be adding 
bypass pavement on the west side of 
Roselle Road 

Beginnmg m October 1W7 until 
SM eamtncnan on pais 3 

iMT/ Mi u m 

Music, comedy 
featured in Fall 
A&E line-up 


*41 fDf' OR 

Harper College looks ahead to the 
fail semester with many exciting 
events including free concerts in the 
Quad. ci>medians |ohn Stewart aiKl 
I>an Zevin and the showing of sever- 
al movies Here is the ivst of the 
planned A4E events; 

• August 28: The Chicago blues 
baivl Miuissippi Heat will l>e giving 
a free concert al noon in the Quad 

• September 3-4: The controversial 
him, Tlie Proffir vs. Larry Flint, star- 
ring Woody llarrleson and Courtney 
Une, will be shown for free m A336 
at 1 p m on Sept. 3 and 12:15 p.m. on 
Sept. 4 The movM- is t>ased on the life 
of Rmt, founder of the racy Huitirr 
magazine. This him is rated K for 
lanfpiaije aitd nudity. 

• September S: Former US Scfutor 
Paul Simon, now a political scierKe 
and (oumalism professor, will speak 
m tlw Black B<» Thea'i-r in Building 
L Vot more liilnnmatiun read 
Tormer US Senatiw to speak to cam- 
pus ivn S'ptfmlHT ">" iin (Mgc 2 

• September 10: Ihe music gn)up 
Fruteland |acks<m will give a frvt> 
concert al ruxHt in tiie Quad 

• September 23: Comedian Dan 
levin will give a humorous lecture 
on studc-nts' futures beyond college 
entitled, "1 ife After College " Zevin 
will offer advK-e on how to find a )ob 
and survive in the n*al world after 
college The lecture begins at 7;30 
p m in |IW Admission is %'< with a 
Harper student .i. tu ■ t $7 
for non-students 

• October 1-31 Artists tmm The 
Christ College of Canterbury, 
tngland. will give a Int- art exhibit m 
Huildings C ami P 

• October 8: Pink Flamingoes, the 
cult conu-dy directed by )ohn Waters, 
will be shown at 7:30 p m in J143 
This film received an X rating in 1972. 
Admission ls S2 with an activity pa», 
$3 lor non-students 

• October 14: The Scholars of 
London, a character vocal ensemble, 
will deliver a concert including music 
from English, Scottish, 
Stiakespearean, French atwl American 
Indian cultures. The performance 
begins at 12 15 p.m in P205> 

• October 17: ActcK Edward James 
OliiMM Will give a lecture m Building 
M at 7:30 p.m. AdmLSSion is $6-11 
with activity pass discounts, dmos 
starred in the hit television series 
"Miami Vice" and appeared in 
movies such as Selena, Sttttd and 
Drliiyr and Wr'rr All m the Same Cang. 

• October 23 The a cappella group 
Blind Man's Bluff will give a free 

• onpagsS 


Page 2 


The Harbinger 
August 25, 1997 

Former US Senator Paul Simon to 
speak to campus on September 5 


FonnCT I ■ ■ ■> 

i -1. i> 1 will adctmv Iht' 

) 1 HtNmcUticm mk) 

t: , , .ng. 

him»n retinxi lri>m tU- !:i«iulv m i<ir 
(It ItvB year *nd wci\ became a pnHir^ 
Si>utht;m Iltimits I. ni\ rrsirv m t 
wht-n? •*• currentlv Itjcht". polii 
diul rt>urTulis>m iinj toumleil ■ 
InKtituIr at tht> university' 

In a Rccnt mMmiew. Sinmn dt^oifami hi» 
goals » a Irachrr and his nwn id*-** h>r 
improMn^ (•ducation in America Hf 
exprrMmJ that thenr wa» a nevd to imptuvr 
the quality oi leMning in Die daNfooom ta 
Atnmc». and he bettevm the school year 
should be lengthened 

'Can we teach as much in 180 day* «» 
countries Uke lapan and Gcnnany (leach) in 
200, 220 or 240 days? The anawer is obvious- 
ly, 'no.' he said " 

in KMnc areas of ttie US, studanki aMnd 
sch(»l year-round. 

"1 don't believe in that," said Simon. "1 
don't think that'» necesury (but) 1 MO is loo 
Simon twtd office as US Senator tram 1984 
until his retirement this year Befoie becom- 
mg a US Senator, he spent two yean in the US 
Army as a special agent in the Counter- 
IntettigHKC Corps akw^ the Iron Curtain a\ 
Europe, and he entered politics aAer Ins dis- 

SitTu>n stTvtHi in Iht- lihn.n-. Moiis** *>f 
K«|irr»ml4liv«» MiU tUuwts :)enale lor 14 
yaars. The Independetit Voters of lllinins 
riectod him "Best Legislalar* every sesiuon 
during his tenure ^Mmcm also had the htmor 
of being the hn«t Ijeutenant C^wtrrKW in 
niirH>i» history h) be ekpctetl with a governor 
fn>m another poiitKal party 

In 1972, Simon taught dasaes at whji is 


Ummmmm nM f 

IMvaralty !■ 

now the Uraversity of DUiwjis at Springfield 
He also lectured at the )ohn F Kermedy 
School of Government at Harvard University 
during the 1972-73 adtool ywu. In 1974 he 
resumed his politicat caicar as a member of 
the US House of ReprvsenuHves. 

The issues m which he was most active 
include: educatioa disability policy aitd for- 
eign affairs 

Simon became a member of the US Senate 
after defeating ttiree-term incumbent Charles 
Petry in the 1>W4 ejection In I^S" he sought 
Democratic noaunalion K>r iIh- oituv of ttie 
President of ttie United Stales 

Not only has Simon had a celebrated polit- 
ical career, but he is abo an accomplished 
wnter. He has written aitd co-written 16 
books including: let's put Amenca Back to 
Work, We Can Do Beftff and TV CMIar Crisis, 
which he wrote witfi Ross Perot. 

Harper Festival Chorus to 
hold rehearsals for singers 

,\i. jM-a singers an.- in\ r 
ed to (O'" ^ Harpt 
F^val Chorus, a m>nli 
wcM suburban community 
organization of over 14(1 

The chorus will hold ii> 
rvhearf>als on Mondays 
from 7 30-10 p.m. in 1*202 
beginning August 25 

Space permitting, new 
members will also be 
accepted at the group's sec- 
ond mertmg on September 

Although no auditions 
are necessary to join the 
group, space in limited and 

llic t.horu.'s will bv 
n'h»Mr.inj; Mendelssiohn's 
I i . • n 111 I'raiMf," and 
K!i>,;s(jJ'» "The King of 
Li>ve." for its Decembt" 

lor more 
reyjarding membership and 
musK fees, students may 
call the Harper Music 
Department at (M7) 925- 

Non-«tudents may oon- 
tact chorus pnmident Marcy 
Heston (630) 289-6748. 

Harper sponsors Volunteer Fair 

Harper College faculty 
members are increasingly 
incorporating volunteerism 
into the curriculum; and 
many faculty and staff mem- 
bers are mvolved in volun- 
teer activities m the commu- 
nity. In order to provide 
educahon about volunteer 
organizations. Harper is 
sponsoring a Volunteer Fair 
on Wednesday, Sept 17, 9 
am -1 p m in the Building I 

biome urganizaliims 

invited to attend the Harper 
Volunteer Fair include: Little 
City Foundation, Palatine 
Senior Center. Northwest 
Special Recreation 

Association, Northwest 

Community Healthcare, 
Northwest Suburban PADS, 
Clearbrook Center, 

Spectrum Youth /Family 
Services, Northwest Action 
Against Rape, Horizons 
Children Center, Talkline. 
HIV Coalition, American 
Cancer Society, Lexington 
Healthcare Center, Buheler 
YMCA, United Way 
Palatine/ Invemess/Rollinp 
Meadows and nuwe. 

The fair is open lo the 
entire conunui'uty lluk is a 
gotxl time to find out about 
the volunteer opportunities, 
m the area. For further infor- 
mation, call the Commuiuty 
Relahons Office, (847) 925- 

Interview: Thompson accomplishes all goals during tenure 

won vr aiAM MMWKwc/ 
Aft*r • le-yMt t«M«. Nmpw 
Pw Mwit Paal Tlii«» n « I* ••t 
!■■■■!■< kto cMfTMit cMitract. 
N* •tM w iat m * t* h* • 
mil Hf fwltog* CIO. 

they kiu'w thjt thi-. h.i^ .i sihkI 
place Th»-y an vfr\ Mjpp»>rti\f ' 

What were your goals when you 
began at Harper? 

"The Board uf Trustees had certain 

idea<t about what the\ tilt hf tnlU-m* 
needed (.h\e of fKt- idtMs .ii .i 
requirement, was to have hf lollf^i- 
become mtwe involved with the com- 
munity and give the college mote of 
an identity with tfie business and 
industry sector m a positive wa\ 
That was one of tl%e chai|^, they abo 
wanted a more aibve person on die 
state legislative «cene " 

What have yon accomplished at 

1 think those are the two thii^ 
that have been accomplished at 
Harper We are much mi>re mvolved 
in deveiopmg programs and ser\ we% 
for the business community The 
North Suburban Associatiim on 
Comnveive and Industry, I was on the 
board and served as president for a 
year, so I was very much involMsJ in 
that kind of community actixi! 
was also more active in the legtsU:. . 
arerva I served <>n stale-wide boards 
in many different capacities. 1 think 
Harper s identification in this com- 
munity has gnmn tor the K-tter for 
the future W'f havi- nidiif great 
strides, it is very satisfying '" >*e " 

If you coald look back and 

change anything that had happened 
here during your tenure, what 
would it be? 

1 don't know There aie things 
that after you do them you flunk. 
Yeah, 1 probably could have dealt 
with that differently" I'm pretty 
plpa^ied with the way things were 
Jfjtt Milh the leadership provided 
Certain conflicts might have been 
smoi>tl>er if different adiims were 
taken .I'm very confident in the way 
things were handled " 

Are you satisfied with the oat- 
come of the avoided strike? 

"ies. I certainly didn't want a 
strike I think we had an unnecessar- 
ih king negations pentxl, but I think 
we ended up in a place with a mutu- 
al agreement That's when' a negoti- 
,itfd settlement ought to be, with both 
- getting what they need." 

What arc your feelings on Hie 
future on the football team? 

"A lot depends upon what the 
other schools in our conference do 
The football team at Harper is toUUy 
dependent one or two of the other 
colleges in the omference 

What do you think of Harper's 


It has a \ er\ bn>;hl future We have a 
lot of ctimmunity- support, a great 
learning environment lor students 
and a stnmg, capable faculty and 
staff Harper has fiuge potential " 

How can Harper position itself 
with competition from other four- 
year and community colleges? 
"Competituin is good, so 1 think we 
just have to be just as capable or more 
capable of delivering quality instruc- 
tion. We need to contmue to provide 
an environment that is pleasing to 
students 1 think we can match our 
compehtion In some ways we need 
to collatx>rate as much as we can. We 
certainly donl want to be such a 
strung competitcw that we find our- 
selves losing giKxl relationships for 
students who what to transfer." 

What are your future goals? 
■'I would Ilk.' to be a CEO of ancrther 
conununity college That would be 
my firs! priority, I want to amtinue 
working I'm open to other opportu- 
nities .I'm not Uxiking for a signifi- 
cant career diange I thmk 1 have a 
kit to offer and hope to remam active 
in educatioa" 

AuguM 25, 1997 



Ask your Harper Wellness Advisor 

Now is your chance Id ask 
those imporUnl. but awk- 
ward or sensibvr questioro 
that you've been wantinf; to 

Students can anonymous- 
ly submit questions on welt- 
ness-relaled topics, and they 
will be answered in futurv 
tames of TV Harhrtj^fr 

To see your que«t)i>n in 
print, simply drop It m the 
box located outside ot Health 
ServKe A362. The "A** Yimr 
Harprr Wribicw Adimor' col- 
umn IS sponsored by the 
Harper Wellness Advisors 
Ctub aivl Health Services. 

All questions are thor- 
oughly researched and 
raponacs will be provided 
by health caie profeauonais 
and aic no< related to The 

Is hand lotion addictive? 
i read in a magazine that lip 
balai was addictive, in that 
if yon use it regularly, you 
will need to continue to use 
it to keep your Up* froai 

Hand knion ia not addic- 
tive. However, I nvould pay 

attention to ingredieitts and 
avoid products with alcohol, 
iunce alcohol can be dryiitg 
aiKl irritating to itome peo- 

Those who have dry, 
chapped hands will find 
relief it they use hand lotion 
Hinvever. tfiey «hould look 
Uv the reason their hands are 
in this stale Perhaps thev to 
housework or gardening 
without glove*, or maybe 
their hartds are expoccd to 
cheirucals in the workplace. 

Basically, they need to 
cover and eliminate the 
cause of this problem 
Petrolcuai ielly, although 
meiay, is often ivcommended 
by dermatoligists 

There is a website devot- 
ed to lip baton dependency. It 
is called Up Balm 
Anonymous and is at 
http; // members / Li 
pBalmA/ www html 

You may wish to check it 
out, but remember this is not 
an authoritative source. 
Health Service is not aware 
of any documented studies 
on Ih^sub^. 

Rre you one of those people 
that Just want to be loued? 

Tlic Nardingn* Is fnolring fttr uirlters, pho 
tographen and editors. Call (847) 925- 
6Ma M246I ts Join an oUtist orgliUzatlon. 

Invest Your Credits 

Ifyoa iavt atUtp cndu ■ ust it. 

Tnnufir your lotUp countmork 

and compktt an aarJmuai d^nr 

Antmrni) ti — '»» fl^ji ■ , 






WHCM accepting applications 
for DJs, writors for Fall '97 


I PiwgrMi OlMctor Ckfto 


WHCM, "Palatine's number one radio 
!>tation', IS accepting applicatiore> for the 
Fall '97 sCTnfster 

Radio Htatian opportunitifs include 
news wnters, news readers, voice overs 

"WHCM has a lot of opp«;>rtumli»~. for 
spinng D|n. ' said L^ Sean Irudeau 

It's a lot of hm, a gtvat environment, 
>M n.- friendly and you can learn valuable 
"iinunitation krK«*ledgf " 

.\ HCM IS broadcast 7 am -7 p.m. 
throughout the Building A lounge aitd 
Cotkrell lAning Hall 

"We've added a lot more technology to 
the station, and we are FCC regulated," 
said Trudeau. 

Local cable television stations also 
broadcast WHCM over Harper Access 
noon- 1 p m. and b-7 p m as audio over the 
bulletin board of Harper events aiHi pro- 

For an application come to the WHCM 
office m A33» or caU Trudeau at (847) 925- 

Construction: delays expected to aggravate drivers 

OcioiMtr 19W. there will be 
ooralTuctian on CoU Road 
and the north ieg of RoseOe. 
Higgins and the south leg of 
Baaalla camstewctkin will 
begm tn CVlober tVW and 
will be done approximately 
by winter 1999. 

PIhw for Golf and 
HIgglm Road will kavc two 
tamH open in cadi difectian 
diirtng OMat a< the conatTuc- 

CMy one lane of RoaeUe 
Road will be open in each 
diicctxai during summer of 

"TraiiBc was backed up 
for thaae Hghte on Roaalie 
because ot the workers, and 
construction hasn't even 
natly started yet,' Amy 
Uutdabufg, a new student, 

Cook County will be 
erecting digital signs to 
warn motorists of the coiv 

stiitction in the area. 

To avoid construction on 
Roselle Road, students 
could lake Salem Road 
itorth to HiUcTVAt ra*t to 
Rosetle north to Algonquin 

An other option is to use 
Meacham north to 
Algonquin west. 

Students should plan to 
leave earlier to give enough 
tune for the new delays. 

Itoalth S«rvic« offers more than a placa to rest 

What if you mnd.Mtme 
Tylenol for a headaciie? A 
throat culture for a sore 
throat? Information about 
birth control methtids? 

You can gel all nf these 
services and morv m the 
Harper College Health 

Located in AViX Health 
Service offers students Iree or 
tin\ ti».i mt-dial can? admmis- 
tfrcd hv ifnisti'D'd nurses 
triim S a m -H p m Monday 
thri.uph f- '- t • >"cl 8 

The 1. . . iKtfia are 


•Confidentui iH'«iitn counsel- 

•First aid 

•Over-the-counter medica- 

• f-fealth education brochum, 
pamphlets and books 

•Student accidrnt illm-ss 
insurance information 
••Administration of allergy 

• Referrak tor health pnib- 

•Substance abuse informa- 
tion and referral 
•Rest area 

• Blood pressure scrccTung 
•Chtilesteiol scn!«nuig 
•Sexually transmitted dis- 
ease diagnoais and tnfatment 
•Confidential testing for 





-throat cultures for Strep 


'\ ision and hearing 

Physicians provide med- 
ical care for limited hours in 
the Health Service 

The Health Service is also 

the resoum <br all wellneas 
programs on campus in 
coi>peration with other cam- 
pus departments, health and 
wellness seminars, screen- 
mgs and sfiecial events are 
provided throughout the 

Upcoming programs 

include Cholesterol; 

tducation. Stress 

Manam*ment. Time 

Management and Sexual 
Awareness Week. 

Health educators and 
nurses aiv also available to 
answer your question*, about 
health concerns or assist you 
in making lifestyle changes. 

Health Service can also 
pro\'ide health information 
tor speech classes, etc 

For additional informa- 
tion, contact Health Service at 
(847) 925-6260. 

VMt t« kMMW imm about Harper College, read the Harbinger for 

Hirormatlon concemln)| the campus and Its community 

ieok for answers to the parlcing problems and find out houi your 

fauorite sports teams do tn Uit nent edition on September 8. 


Getting involved 
really pays off 

With the new semester upon us, 
all of us at the Harbinger believe 
that students should get mvulved 
in the activities our gri-al lollege 
has to offer 

For starters, everyone sht>uld 
know where their money i!< goin>; 
til and ri\ut about the student 
autivif. I. . Nou .Iff paving for 
the r iin Ui bi nn ihi- .111 

the act ii' aj'pear here and the 
newspaper production losls 

Along with the activities, you 
pav for the athletic learns in go 
out and partKipalt', tluhs to j;*) 
on trips and tor the nuu ics in 
building A 

Now what needs to be dotif is 
students need to participate f^or 
the incommv; trcshmen, get 
involved, don t go to ilass, hop 
in your car and go honu- i.rt 

All of you are missing out on 
what Harper College has to otter 
For one you could beionu' a part 
of the first women s soicer pro- 
gram Imagine being the tirst 
woman to score a goal at Harper 

CUih-- ■ ' • ni /at i><ns .1 No 

have a lot to otdr WHCM may 
be on the FM dial this spring, 
and the Harbinger staff attends 
conferences in different L'S iitu-- 

What really is shocking though 
is a question that was asked to 
the staff recentU ' What docs it 
take to get involved"" 

A commitment and in siimc 
cases a minimum CPA and course 
load, but otherwise all it takes is 
you That s right \\\\h on\\ 1 
couple of hours a wei-k \ t>u lould 
be building your resume vvitht>ut 
really trying. 

So think about it and then 
think about what you have to 
gain. It will really pav oft in the 
long run Belies e us' 

The Harbinger 
Attgiirt 25, 1997 

Calendar girls of the past come 
back to celebrate anniversary 

STAf! vVHilfR 

s-inl.! -.' Ii'hn 

rviui • ^ u' hip- 

pu- ^ S'ving 

advuf t<ik.mi clad calendar 
girb personal ads «eMciiing 
for "!*>iy women to partid- 
(Mle in promiM:uou» activi- 
tH«s. ■ what do the»e tlun^ 
h.ivi' tn iiimmon' They an- 
pj»t tiirper happenini^ cxv 
iTixl by The HtH^nger in Ihr 
last V' 

I*' the Mth 

anniMTsan •! Harper 
C (■llt-ge and ttic alv tur Hie 

Ihf HarbmffiT cgfat te tiH Bt 
b\ continuing to be the news 
source ot Harper Ccilk^. In 
evefy imur tN> year, we will 
revive some oW Har^ingfT 
features such as the first 

Studl-T" '^••" •'^' "~-' !,'"• 


tng i»ii • .ini^'iis .mU i>l*n-l 

interesting Harper events, M 
well as a spvcul featurr in 

Harper tentatively plMW 
to announce "the big ^-0" by 
adding yellow commemora- 
tive signs on the light poles 
iiiid <t.impni; iHif»;i>in>; mail 
witti birthiiJV sluRN in 

In the montiis fuUowing, 
Harper will indefinitely inte- 
grate ttw "celebrating X) 
years'" theme into anniver- 
sary seals, holiday cards, the 
late course achedule, The 
CoUt-gian and even gradua- 
tion and convocation. 

The Harhmgrt wtll c-ovet 
"i i-l<'bra!ing the 

Inspiration' i.ill Festival In 
tenfatn .U [,■ . «,, ur m 
t\'lt»tH-r. jN v\t!l js v»thcr 
events this vfjr 

Thf ILirhtn^i-' says. 
"H.i|'f>\ Hirthdav Harper'" 
And as VVilliam Kainey 
Harper said m IMOb. " know 
the past bi- m touch with 
ttie presfiit land) anticipate 
du* future." 


thtrint tti« first f M* ymr* of Ik* 
Htrbimgmr, calMitfar gM» w*r« 
clwftMi •«*ry IsMM to ran ooit 
to tho col m i o r of 1 

C—ip U » OVOMtO. 

Af tor « f ow yoaro, tko girl* woro 
pkMOd OMt. Fho Hmrhimgmr 
woHtfors whoro titooo girl* aro 


The Harbinger 

Sprir^/Stjmer Editor in Ovef OavidPunp 

/toting Editor m Chief Lauren Sctiubel 


S|»rts Editor. 



Staff Writers aMI Assistants 

Phil Vaiim. Brian Markiewicz. Amanda t Of fenbacher, Adam Prahl. Sandy Tang 

a s w srsl Psileiss 

rrir Hwtevw « no Mudani publication tor nw Hopat CoMft eonpus eonv 
nwMt. puMMKi ll>-<Mew> nwu|Mi4 the idvMl year e»«pt «»«<( holic^ 
and final Mm. Tnt pioK « iMtrttulaa fiaa to t« MiMnts, (acuity and 
aommttralion. Tfo NM^far'i Mt* purpOM s to prowda the HaaM> commu 
nty iwtn «#om«aiion pmonnt to IM conput and Its iumMidnc cgnnura 


LtttMt fMey 

rne Hvtw^ar MicamM iMtars to m* tdKor and i«iM> to our KMonais. 
LMters max t» sifnad. StpiMuiM «i« bt «Htra«M upon riquosi AH lelten 
and coniant are tJbiKi to MWint. 

Fatality Advisor ftowordSchlossberg 

(^t>duct« and sanrice* adutniMd n nw H««e«ir are not necauarity 
e««lorMd Dy irw edKors of tlw paper, nor by t«w roaefe admmtration or 
Board o< Oiraclafv mqurie* tnotad be (amMOM dractly to the ld«wtiaar. 
•Id al pmhMe* are at tne docretion e« in* conaiaw. 

The Hartxnger William Rainey hiarper CoHege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palalme.ll 60067 7098 

Phone MinbarK 

lusness office: (847)925-6460 
oTfilx: (847)925-6000 n2461 
far (847)925-6033 

copyn^n 1997. the Haitlnfar. 

The hUrbtnger 
Aagnrt 25, 1W7 


Mississippi Hsat to play for free in Quad 

CUmk Chicago biue* 
will be fwrfonned by 
Mii«»i|7pi Heat in a tnt 
noon concert on Thunday, 
Aug 28 in the Oudii 

Formed in 1W2. 

Missi>.sif>pt Heal has iccoid- 
ed three albums and consti^ 
of Kenny Smith cm drums, 
Charles Goering on piano. 
Mary tane on vocais. Billy 
Flynn on guitat. Roiwrt 
Stiagei on baa» and Pierre 
Lacocque on harmonKa 

Laructque, j B»ii; 
native and f ormef v 
pTofaMor and cum 
Harper trom !"»»-•»■< new 
loun with the gn>up tntenia- 

Wntmg m the Amencan 
Harmonica NewsteMer. Phil 
Lloyd said of tacocqut- 
" hocn players could take .> 
few teMMW fnxn hun aiKl 
the lrnaiheitM»* 

MiwiMip^ Heat plas'- 
Hues hum the SIhi and Ms lI^ 
the tradillan cMabti>hed b\ 
»uch Mum KI<Mt» a» Mudd\ 
Waters and Bo Diddley 

Hie coiKerl » tree and 
the public » welt i>fne In the 
..v .mt ,y( ram, th«.' ccmcert will 
<ld mdoi>rs m th 
.uiunl Center Umngr >.:: 
iiuilding A For more Mor- 
inatHm. i '" ■■-■ "Student 
Activity-. I .')'*Z'^■ 


Preview: Stewart and Waters 
to lecture on campus 

Lacoc«|u«. a fori>r 
Harper coiM»«lor, 

cartn«a trcm |M(a 1 

concert dt ruion in the lounge 

m Buildup A kntnge 

• October M: 
NalyaLalalayam Dance 
Company, an I asti'm Indian 
daivre gn>up. will perform in 
the Building I theater at H 

• • m Admi^Miwi is i5 with an 

tivi»\ pd»^ .»nd $7 tor mm- 

■ ■. ^.-mher S- The 
\jtional !»hake<.pejre 

( ompjnv's \tuth AJo Ahout 
\ , 'li ly will be performed at 
i "> in th«' Building | 
Th«Mt»T Admi!>*it>n <s $6 
with an aclivit> pa** ar»d $H 

for rum-students 

• November 14: Comedian 
and former MTV star Joa 
Stewart will perform at 8 
p m in Building M. 
AdmisMon IS $12 with an 
aitivity pass and $17 for non- 

• December 5: Movie direc- 
tor John Waters will give a 
leiture entitled, "Shock 
Value An ^v«>ning with John 

I h.- 1 \ 1 r><n>; lH');ins at 8 
p n< in the Building ] 
Iheator Admission is $7 
with an activity' pass and $10 
for non-students 

Student activity pass: What are we supposed to do with these things? 


Do yt>u remember Ihow 
student actiMty punch canh 
that were given out until the 
end of last year? There has 
been a change over the sum- 
mer that not too many stu- 
dents have realized The 
punch cards are out, aitd the 
student atlivitv pau is 
Harper's nrwi»st discount 


out as ol summer, said 
Director of Student Activities 
lewuie Pankanm "We no 
longer have the opportunity 
to give you the cards, a new 
machme handles distribu- 

Before, the activity card 
wa* a business card-sized 
piece of heavy paper with 
lines for your social »ecurit\ 
number Mid signatuiv 

Now. the newly named 
pass is the top third ol a pie«:e 
of paper with your name and 
addrefs automatically pnnt- 


The reason fur iho ^ hanm- 
i» an upip-ade in technology 
Harper has a new cmnputer- 
i/t-d mailif^ syiMent and is 
not able to produce and dis- 
tribute the previous cards 
efficiently, said Pankanin 

With the new system, 
actual humans are not need- 
ed to staple the old cards to a 
pieirr of paper m a mailing, il 
;--",'''. 'ludues a whote pice* >;iH-» in the 

The top third ol thi-> paper 
is the actual pass with ycnir 
name, address, SSN and line 
lur ,1 si>;ndturv The bottom 
tuit-ihinis IS a bnef explana- 
iKxi of the pass and examplw 
of Its use 

The new pas6 may not be 
as c-onvenient and sturdy as 
the pfe%iou» card, but it still 
entitles the holder to on and 
oft-campus priviiegf^ 

For example, rtie passes 
can be used (or discounts on 
on-campu» events such as 

plays. ■ipiirtinj; i-mii!- 
■*(-Htvh«-s .ind musiiaK 

It can al- ' : ' t.' n^ t 
discounts O' -hjy 

penings like ari-.i c in«(>lc'\ 
Odeon and Lowe--, mm ic 
tickets. jdmission tn 
Mediexal !iiiu-> ind »thti 
area sporting, amusement 
and theater attractions 

Most on tickets 

net-d t.' I . -ed in 

.iihaniv at the Harper Box 
( Mti, r iri Building I 

Ihc stud^it activitv paw 
,iIm' ,t>umls as a student ID, 
but tlu-re is no guarantiv thai 
It mil Iv accepted for off- 
iampus discounis since theie 
)s no photo. 

Pankanin had some early 
ideas lor her new student 
activity pass. "I ro i<> a lot of 
movies. *o I wi-nt i.> iht- 

Harper Bon Office and pur- 
chased 10 movie tickets for 
$4 50 each At about $7.50 for 
a full pnce ticket purchased 
at the theater, the pass has 
already saved me $30." 

There is a fee to replace a 
lost pass So when you get 
your new pass m the mail, 
tear along the perforatum, 
sign it and fold it so it fits m 
V Kur wdlU-t tor future- use 


Hamey H, 


Harper Coltog* 

Jam Q. it*rfT 
1200 Stit •! 

Is las« 
^sistlnt, II.'iOIM>>-7»* 


TIM tmrn statfwrt acUvlty pm»» ha* tha ••*• fMtarM ■« l«at yaar'a atiiiaat 

HSEA ''working for the common goal' 

•f Um m*» Mcyaia Mm 
fvairt cf iMlMhiC * Inr tka 


rhe HSEA, Harper 
Mudents for EnvironmentaJ 
AwaivnesA. is nrbuikimg after 
the departure of last semes- 
ter s president and a majority 
of the members 

The members have been 
,s >.. ■ on ^setting paper 

.. . >; bir«i in ev er> buiWI- 
mg, and already have them in 
building D 

\ew recycling bin> haco 

.n placed outsidt- in (ront 
ol buiUmg .\ The club is 
also Irving to replace the 
cardboard bins with plastic 

They are hoping to pnv 
mote campus awareness 
with sturdier, more visible 


HSEA amititn are sIm^ 

attempting to have additiorul 
ashtrays placed on campus 

One ol the goaLs of the 
HSLA IS to get the youth in 
the area involved in recc 
dii^. In order to be eftixliv t 
in the struggle for environ 
mental aw 1 - •'- HSf A 
needs Ml. i larp.-r 

student assistance 

•'Its |Uftt everyc»ne work- 
ing lor tfw common goal," 
s.iid HSF A member Heather 

Students mterestc-d in 
(oining the club should leave 
a message in the FISF.A mail- 
box kxated m the Student 
Ac-tivities OHice m BuiUing 


MlMtlf ^J^ 


Attention Day-Studtnts 
Night-Students and Faculty! l 

VWr* looklnfl for D/s for fall W 

ittw to broadcast ttiro«i0h f 

tho Narpar camptn. > 


H arpeCJCIasslff leds 

The Harbinger 
August 25, 1W7 

fMp Wanted 

Customer Service / Tetamar4«tin(. Various 
duties rnclude inbound cailc. order entry & cus- 
tomer service Computer use and phone stylls 
very important Fax resume to: 847/228-5195 
or send to: 680 Fargo Avenue. Elk Grove. 1 

Landscape Foreman & workers needed. Top pay 
If you do quality worit & are a r\ard wort<er. 
Expartance helpfut. Call 847 /364 7771. 

At Home. Toll Free (1)800-218-9000 Ext. R 
8715 for Listings. 

Delivery /Driver. Full or part time evenings. 
Arlington. Mt. Prospect area If you are depend- 
able with a reliable car you can eam $S-$15 per 
hour. Can (847)364-9400. 

General Office. SmaH office in south Arlington 
His. has opening for someone vi*x) is organized, 
has good phone slulls & some computer experi- 
ence. Other opportunity available. CaU 

Great Opportunity if you have interest in health. 
wealth & happiness. Call the number below. 
Flexible hours, free cassette. Ton free 

$1000% POSSIBLE TYPING. Part Time. At Home. 

Ton Free (1)800-218-9000 Ext. T 8715 for 

SEIZED CARS FROM $175. Porsches, Cadillacs, 
Chevys. BMW^s, Corvettes. Also Jeeps. 4WD^. 
Your Area. Toll Free 1-800-218-9000 Ext. A 
8715 for current listings. 

GOVT FORECLOSED homes from pennies on $1. 
Delinquent Tax. Repo's. REOV Your Area Toll 
Free (l)80O-218-9O00 Ext. H-8715 for current 

Great pay for reliable person to do light twuse 
cleaning 0«at opportunity flexible hours and 
days with time left to study. 847-776-0649. 

JANATORtAL Quality orientated individual with 
great attention to detail. To clean and maintain 
common areas of residential buldings in the 
Schaumburg area Must be able to work inde- 
pendently, part time mommg hours M-F 
Immediate start. Ciood pay. Wiil trala Drug 
test and background. 


Pregnant? Need help? Adoption is an option A 
secure, loving couple wishes to begin a family 
by adopting an infant We can provide a bright, 
happy future for a child. All aHowable medical & 
legal expenses paid. Please caN 1-800-292 
5363 or call our attorney coHect at 217-352- 

1800. Karol & Rob. 

Lonely? Call tonight! 1 900-656 7781 Ext. 
5543 $2.99 per mia Must be 18yrs. Serv-U. 

Lonely? Need to hear a soft smiling voice??? 
1-900-476 9292 Ext. 7255 $3.99 per mia Must 
be ISyrs Serv-U. 619/645-8434. 

Guitar Students Wanted. Teacher is fluent in all 
styles of guitar music. Call Tim at (847)392- 


Summertime care needed for three chiWren in 
north Hoffman Estates area ages 9, 6 and 4. 
Must be able to drive. Full time, five days/week. 
Call Jeanne at 847/697-1130. 

For Sale 

ELECTRIC BASS, hard case and amp. 5-string, 
tilack Ibane; Soundgear 405 series with hard 
case. cord, strap and amp. Mint condition, 
rarely played. $1,100 value Must sell for $800. 
Call Lauren (847) 991-7808. 

1995 CHEVY 1500 ext cab Silverado. Alarm 
system fiberglass cover, bedliner. fully loaded. 
35K. maroon and goW exterior, maroon interior, 
new tires. $ia7»obo. Call Sean (847) 885- 

Math lab named for former profossor 

Harper CoUei;e dedicated the 
Cunninghiim Rtxtm, i malhenul- 
ics labrMory, un ThunwUy, Auguil 


(csaor in Ihc Maiheiiuticm 
t>rpdrtmmt dl Harper lor 21 yaant. 
Rtirad in I99S 

Hit d w m m a faculty nurmber 
was to cn«lr a computenztxl math 
lob tfuit would be used to imtrucl 
students to test the math noftwaie 
programs and prepare math cur- 
ricuhuns that would be meaning- 

hil to students, faculty and the 

Cunningham bwgan his legacy 
by donatin>; j gift lo the Harper 
i ,itU->;*| I iUK.iU>» I itutHLitum in 
memory of his fatiwr, Han>kl L. 

The gift was used to ts tt Wiih 
the Cunningham Memorial 
MathematK^ Sch<ilarship 

Since Its establishment in 1986, 
It has provided fuvmcial assistance 
to students enrolled in mathemat- 
ics courses. 

Throughout the conhnued sup- 
port by the Cunningham*, the 
9cht>lar»hip has beccHne perpetual 
,md endiiwed 

The naming of Ifw coinpuUr- 
ued mathematics Uiwratory celr- 
brates the reality of Cunningham's 

The Cunningham mathenutics 
laboratory will continue to sup- 
port the future of students 
and faculty who are dedicated to 
the advancement of computer and 
matt>ematics careers 

Helper TheMer Annowxiee 

TuMdBy, Seplwnbw 9 7 pm 

Wsdneadsy. Septombar 10 7pm 

n (L109) 
CaKMCk: Thursday. SapMmbar 11 7pm 

in (L 108) 

AudHon oonaials ol ooU iMdhig Own iha 
■cilpl. Capias of Iha aotpl are on iMSMa 
m ma Learning nasouwa Canlar. 

OonHM Itoy Jo 

Nov. 13, 14, IS, 16. 20. 

was HS4«4a loi men mtomMMn 

Vacant senate calls for 
emergency Fall election 


With the dLsc|ualificati4ii\ 
of both the presidential arul 
vice presidential candidates 
in last semester's student 
senate election and a vacant 
treasuRT se»t all senaKtnal 
poaiticins ate open for fall 

"The student trustee has a 
position on lite executive 
board, and as the student 
trustee. I'm the only e«ecu- 
tive officer, the only officer 
and the only senate mem- 
ber," said student tru.«tee 
Pam Prinfivallt. 

"I've picked up the ball 
with CKir advisor Sharon 
Mim, md w aiv trying to 
hacp things RoioK until we 
have the senate election on 
Sept 4 and 10 We will then 
appomt somecaw at our Sept. 
12 meeting from a serule 
pool, that's how the <-«inshtu- 
tion woriu." 

Accotding lo the student 

ten.' itiition in the 

event tivat ttiei* i* no officer, 
tlwre Mill be a sM«ato elec- 
tion The officm aw nomi- 
nated and then appointed 
tram the pool of senaton A 
Mnator may serve more than 
one term, but need* to be re- 
eiarted every year 

"We would lit> 
some diverse, stnm^; >. .kUi 
■Jiip cm the serutf >4id 
Pnn/ivalh "The *i-nate's 
mtsskw n to represent, pro- 
mote getteral wellness and 
support and encourafpe the 
nghta and lesponaibilitics of 
ttw student body' 

If the chairs are not filled 
in the electum, all of the 
above would fail until some- 
one IS elected 

ApplH'alH>ns will be avail- 
able in the >tudent seiute 
office in Building A on 
August 25 tor one week 
After two weeks of cam- 
paigning, tfie elections will 


United Parcel Servioa has part-time 
loader and unloadar positions available. 


►>- No Weekend Work 

■> 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-F 

»>• Comprehensive Medk;al Package 

»>■ Stock Participatkxi •> Employee Owned Company 

CaH toll free 1 -•••-4UM-JOB immttw «.Miai«r4ai 
24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

LooaHona: Hodgkina/WMow Sprir>ga (I-5S & 1-204) 
Addietxi. Palatine. NorthbrooK & Westmont 

\^ Equal Opponunay Eflvloyar 




Experience key to soccer season 


SooM could call It a 
rebuilding mmoiv othera 
would caO it typicai at Mi 
' ikiGB canoMMltjr ool- 
hiM auch a hugt 
, bat aoeocr ooadt 
Sam Caraa i* kMUi^ tor- 
ward to anolhci 

With 6v« 
returning bom laat I 
team, Garda aaid thai he ia 
looking to thaan Id kad Hw 
way Jeff Hadafak, Patrick 
Hay, Rich Ivanidt. Thooiaa 
PMwk and Andwny Ruaao 
return, bul Pjiu'W "kiuv 
iBtwy) ««1 Hay (brok«n 
eoBaibone) *aw limited 
time last season as Itiey 
suffered usuries early on. 

*I am loolung (or lead- 
ership from their experi- 
ence from last season.' 
said Garcia about the 

Caroa will be Msnled 
this season by baac 
Mouihi a former five year 
pwfcas i tm al soccer player 

that pUyed two seasons in 
Chicago with theShodwn, 
two in the American 
Soccer League and one 
season with the Fort WkMlh 

'I will be his right hand 
flfMR. and I will step in 
whan Sun is jpm with the 
other iMm,' Moushi said. 

Along the way thr two 
coaches said that they have 
aat for (he team 
"Our miaaion is 
k> bring our layers to the 
next level," said Garcia, 
"1% kind of olier a soccer 

Iran'ilL'i trjinui|( LOur%e tuf 

the four year schools." 

Morraine VUWy and 
Praiie State could pose as 
the Hawks toughest oppo- 
nents, along with rival 
CoUegeof DuPage. 

Gwcia said. "Momine 
Valley had a lop seed 
akmg with us last yaar and 
half of their team is retunt- 
ing and we will be playing 
Prane State for the first 
time " 

Questions still remain as Hawks 
prepare for 1997 season opener 



-.,; ■*-■■■ 

• ; r* T "*• 


an* >' 





■ ire 




. h ).ihri 

'...: >, .. 

'■ ■■. r a 

■ t; 






lu imU 


js a 


ing irtaff " Adfust^ not oiUy 
to each c4her. die coaches are 
conttfKiing with new faces 
cm tJw field Wide Recpivprs 
lofui Lawlor arul Rodney 
Sessioa-i are fione altictg with 
a handful of otfier key play- 
ers from last seasons team. 
Coach Eliasik remains confi- 
dent tfwit wcMvl year men 
and freshnvan will step up 
and create a new identity for 
the team. 

We're in pretty good 
shape." said Offeraive line- 
man Pat Higgins. 'I'm back. 
Sam (WheeUrr) is back and 
Chuck aiul Ben (Sekora) are 
back I feel confident " 
Higgins alan mkI ihv ijpt<-n 

■ i-"-' '> ttHtkiit^ iiiiprfs- 

'.'i». .'itenuve tine is offer- 
ing protection to a quarter- 
back who is willing to step 

to fWIMMit 

into the stdrting role. 
Reluming QB Chri> Churrh 
has expenence and game 
JwareneH.<^ but he will be 
pushed by transfer Kyle 
Hughes who left Division t- 
AA Drake after one year "I 
didn't feel like leaving," said 
Hughes. "I knew I could 
come here to play." Also join- 
ing Hughes as tranirfiers are 
Brian Baker and Jeremiah 
Spurling who came here after 
COD dissolved there fool- 
ball program. 

Coach Eliasik is not can- 
reding any starling piMitian» 
to anybody jusi ye*, 
f n^man will hjvc (hf vimr 
opportumtiev u- surt .1- s*v 
ond year players Tm will- 
ing to start anybody as kmg 
as they pro%-e they deser\'e to 

Miri Mcfc ll Mt ley 4toctM« 

start * said I lusik 

Competition will be fierce. 
Coach Eliasik is hoping tfut 
all this competition for start- 
ing spots will breed leader- 
ship "1 can't choose who will 
be tfw leaders on the team," 
said Eliasik. "That has to hap- 
pen within the team. Players 
who want to be in that role 
will have to earn il from their 
teammates I have ito say on 
tf»t " 

Harper's first game will 
be agamst Waldorf, Iowa at 
WaMorf. Coach Eliasik says 
the firrt game is key to the 
rest of llw s e atm. ~ll wr can 
gft a win our fimt game, that 
will n-mnvt' th»' stigma o( try- 
ing to gft tfut first win We'll 
also gel a win on the road 
which IS always a bonus." 

TIM •ffMMiv* and i«fwi»l«« 
fir* w h ef prmtttf. 

Coop6f LiyhUny 

History: Garcia excited to 
initate women's program 

comnuM fnvn pa(s 8 

include |odi Condill who i-. currvntlv siil 
fenn>{ from j bruLsed lix>t HijiIht Hall, 
AnRelj N'lKK'-iiw jnd Yol.inJo Muru' 
\'igj;i,ini W:th torviariK Ktllv Bit'iinjii>, and Iiil [orskrv nninding 

out ■ 

■^id that he was liiokinj; lor 
thrw thmgs, Tm very e»cited 
about that' thu^. I'm glad to be back 
here at Harper, I'm glad to mitiate the 
women's program and I'm glad lo be 
workmg with a new coach." referring to 
: Moushi. 

Future: looks bright 
for football team 

contnuad riann pagi 8 

programs it wouldn't have made any 
sense for us to keep our program if we had 
to go out of state for all our games " The 
feasibility of maintaining a program Mrilh 
no intrastate rivals would have been nil. 
The cost of running a pntgram to compete 
against all out of stale learns would be 
enonnous. "We almost became a victim of 
circumstance." said BechtoU It would be 
a tough pill tu swallow if Harper waa a 
victim of circumattaiKC. 

Ellasik, Bechtold optimistic about Harper's future 

Football hero to stay for 1997 as athletos transfer from COD 


Optimism rwgns m the other* of 
head footbdll c(Mch |ohn Elusik and 
Aihletk Director Ri^er Bechtold 
Harper football bxf^ it» 27th ttimotx 
Auf;uit 14th 

"1 know th» won't be our last wa- 
son." s«td coach Elu»ik ci>i 
"I'm an optimist and uri! 
(Boud of Tru!>t«>e«) say foottMUl is can- 
celed I'm going to keep on doing the 
thmga I do as coach." And with a 
turnout of about 80 men the f«»ttiall 
pnigram shows no sign ot <.Kin>: 
Bechtold shares the swne vk-ws as. 
Kliaiuk. "This » a viable program to 
the Harper community- Ifi not onlv 
unportanl to Harpt-r, it s al-H" imp<>r 
tani to the suburban community " 
Many cbserver^ do not understand 
Harper may be the only option lor 
students who do not qualify academ- 
kalty or have the financial iMcking to 
attend a four-v»*ar univfT>iit\' Harper 
can .il-. 


to the nt'xl IfM'l but mjv mit be rtady 
physically or mentally to take the 
step. Bechtold ai!M> pomt> out that 
Harper is not yinir orrfinan commu- 


nits ctdlege. "We'ie not in the busi- 
neM of just producing athk^es," said 
Bechtold "Coaches and I ahke aiv 
mterested our athletes as students 
and people as well Many ot our stu- 
denl-athlete« do not f^ on to (our- 
vear univer»itK"« and participate in 
■ ' f them participatr in 

Iwiy them nwintdir 
r,» \i- ,irui (HTHjiecfive in theur acade- 
mic Mork BechtuM say> he is moK 
intm^trd m helping students set 
goals and atUin them "Sports is moie 

■ 7 

than fust going on the fieM to com- 
pete. AttUetics offers camaraderie and 
friendship and other intangibles peo- 
plc CHilside the athletic program don't 

This year Harper will be $2 million 
dollars over budget and immetlialely 

•' .1-1 . -- ,■ hijmi-d 

.1, sJld 

,.\>MNidm .■■\iiiit-iiv i>i(ivioi ^>usan 

Overland. 'U's unfortunate that we 

ivmain a scapegoat for budget prob- 

What many do not kjww is all 

I-,,., • 

students pay an activity fee when 
they register for classes which goes 
directly to the athletic program 
Another issue raised is artiletics does 
not |u>tify its presence on campus 
fmantially Teople want to compare 
us to [JivLMon I pnigrams and that's 
not right, " said Bechtold "It's a total- 
ly different atnu>sphere"Di vision I 
athletics IS no longer just amateur 
intercollegiale athletics It is a busi- 
ness with TV companit-. paying mil- 
lM>ns sometimes billions of dollars for 
tfw rights tci broadcast tournaments, 
bi>vs I y;ames t'tc 

Ihf liHitball pr.^rjiii i- in .i 
healthy slate." said hiiasik "We have 
strong support from the students, 
alumni and community." And con- 
trary to what many people have 
heard or believe. President 
Thompson is a strong supporter of 
tin- athletic pmgram. When schools 
were dissolvmg their programs A.D. 
Bechtold and I'resident Thompson 
wen> -A'anhing for ways to retain the 
pnigram "lie Clluimpson) was just 
rejiling li> the situation," said 
Bechtold. 'U all other junior colleges 
m Illinois would have canceled their 

Historic women's season underway 

s^^^F -'^ '"y^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 


oaa uu. 



j fir An* it. llUL 

Crystal MtdMll tahas a f taa kick f ra« 
I Safalawskl laaks oa. 


For Ae first time in history, rtiere will be 
a Harper Wi>men's soccer team, headed by 
second year coach Sam Clarcia. 

The team cum-ntly has approximately 11 
players, the mirumum number to field a 
learn is 7, so banng in|ur\ it Uxiks tike there 
will be a season. The Hawks histoncal first 
game will be on September 11, against 
Kendall College at home 

"Our goal tor this season is to basically 
finish the season. I want to say we had a pro- 
gram at Harper that lasted one season," 
Garcia said. 

Harper was to field it's hrst women's 
soccer team last fall Imt only three peupW 



tried out for the team. In the off season. 
Garcia was put m chaife of both the men's 
and women's program to recruit players f«w 
the tail semester. 

The oH season was a success except for 
one thing. He didn't get as many women on 
the team as he wanted. 

"We are still looking for a goal lender 
and there are probaMy a kM of freshmen that 
didn't know the preseason hai, sUrted and if 
ttwy (oin the team this year they will be a 
part of history," Garcia said. 

Already on the list to become a part of 
history at Harper are defenders Angela 
Bonfiglio, Kell\ C olidru and Crystal 
Mitchell, Lisa Viggianu Mid fielders 





iMDi nan aaamia 

S^l I ISa <nim»lMlinii* 

4 Ital fltn 



Ian ttlMff 



MB. ua. 

mm- » TkB 

l> Sa 

I) Mb 


a »B. 

Oct 4 fai 

i«ir«TM»« nut 

Open meetings offer participation in accreditation 


For the fourth hme in hislory, a 
team nrpivsenting the Coauniasion 
on Insntutitnvi of Hi)(hpT Education 
o< the North Central Aasocution at 
CxMefin and Schools wUI evahiale 
Harpf r for an accreditaUan at thr 
asMviates deKree level. 

"The whole campus has pnrpami 
|for the accmiitatiun) for over two 
yean," said Community KetatK)n> 
Manager Amy Hauenstein "Harper 
is a highly rej^arded commurufy col- 
lege. thi!> accrcditatuHi will validate 

Harper has been accrt d iled four 
times since l**?!. The accreditation 
will entail the evaluation of the enlinp 
campus. pfO|(rams and faculty 

"Every few years, an institution's 
status needs to t«e evaluated and val- 

Attend a kick-off rally to 
participate in the new 

"Sharpir J l.irj'i r" 
Page 2 

Exercise your right and 
vote in the Student Senate 
election Sept. 9-10. 
Page 3 

i irbiU'i^cr traces fho 
v.iruHi-. tJitorial> abnut 
thi- historv t>t abortion. 
Page 4 

Arts ft Ent*rtaiNNi*«t: 

Comedian Dan An m is 
scheduled to perform on 


Men's golf begins new 
seas<^>n with all new laces. 

Men's soccer wins opener 
despite being down early. 
Page 8 

. rag*s 2-4 

Pag* 8 



idaled," said Hauenrtein. "Our last 
accreditation was 10 years ago. Well 
wait to see what their recommenda- 
tions are Harper is a quality institu- 
tion and I'll think that's what the> 'II 

During the past two years. 

'Harper lss( 




Harper has been in Ifie process of a 
'••If'itudy to meet the criteria and 
requtnnnents for the accreditation 

The e%aluahon learn wiU visit the 
campus September 22-24. tf the cam- 
pus passes the evaluation, an acocd- 
italH'n mommendalion will be 

made to the Commission on 
Institutions of Higher Education. 
The CommLiMon will review the 
team s tmdmgs and take the fmal 

This is a schedule of evenb, a-s 
requested by the North Central 
AccreditatKm evaluabon team, to 
ha(^3en during the accrvditalion: 
Monday, September 22 
aVI a.m.- Introductory meeting with 
iNc evaluation team. Harper 
I 'resident Paul TluMnpstwi, the vice 
(residents and members of the 
I tarper NKTA Steering Committee 
Op«i Mcetinn 

1:30-2:30 p.m.- FACULTY L109 

6 p.m.- Dinner merting with 

Mississippi Heat melts Quad 


moro ST utfCN soua 



Parking imposes problem 

A * E 

Classlf Ictfs . 
•ports ._— 


Well, folks. It happens every 
semester The mad riish to the best 
parking spot on campus has begun. 
Harking liHs I 2 and 12 have 
jivkjss b»i"n thf most popular, fill- 
ing up quicklv m Ifie morning 

"I left mv house 10 minutes earli- 
er, and ended up parking further 
jwav than the dav before." one stu- 

dents said 

It will get better after ttie first 
three weeks of clasaes. when stu- 
dents start to drop some of their 
course load. 

"The first week or two of the 
sfmi-stfr thf major pnibltrns have 
to do with students ntil knowing 
where they are going," said Director 
of Publk Saiiety Ke\m King m a 

Pitch in for 
Harper" at 
kick-off rally 


The time has come for students 
and faculty to "pitch in for a sharper 
Harper." The Physical Plant and 
Marketing Team are attempting to the awareness for the need 
of a pleasant-looking physical 
appearance of the campus 

To start the new campaign, a kick- 
off rally will be held on Friday, Sept. 

"The whole idea has been kicked 
around between Physical Plant and 
the Marketing Team to improve tfie 
physical aspects of the campus," said 
Community Relations Manager Amy 

"lis time- to do something to 
stress tlw importanc-e i>f a clean cam- 
pus Harper slartnJ a small aware- 
ness campaign to help our campus 
look kihhI U-t » ktvp It th.1t v\ ay If 
wf ail pitch m together vm- un keep 
It looking great " 

Studies have shown that "the 
physical appearaniv of a campus is 
very imp<irtant to the marketing 
efforts of a college " 

A better-lcK>king campus could 
also benefit Ihe students' ability to 

If interested, join the committee at 
the "Sharper Hari^" Kak-Off Rally 
i)n Friday, St-pt. 19 from 2-3 p.m. in 
the area of Building A. 
rhen- will be a reception with cider 
and doughnuts tew those who attend- 
ed after thi- rally. 

"rhis IS a chance to gel people 
together to explain the campaign and 
take a four of the pniblem areas," 
said Hauenstein "People can share 
ideas and help pinpoint problem 
aivas " 

During the rally, the attefvde« 
will be asked to guess the weight of 
the "bag of yuckies" of garbage 
picked up outside of BuiUing L for 
one week 

A prize will be awarded for tfte 
closest guess Information will also 
be given as to how clul» aivd oigani- 
zations can "adopt an area" of the 

"Seven to nine diffeicnt trash tar- 
get areas will be given to tiiosc inter- 
ested," said Hauenstein. 

"This isn't to replace the Physical 
Plant's efforts, it's to enhaiKe tt«em." 

If mlerested in attendmg tlw kick- 
off rally contact Amy Flauenstein in 
Community RelalK>ns (847) 925-6279 
by September 17. 


A, Ml 


iM7/ta»-«4M Nwvs 

M7/t2S-«000 x24«l 

Page 2 


The Hartungef 
September 8, 1W7 

ASA enhances cultural awareness 


The ASA, A*ian Shuiont 
\-.siKiiticm. i» a network o< 
I irper sluderts JediCJled to 
fnhancin); cultural jwareni-.s 
in the ctiminunil\ and 

Cettiriji? in\oKi>i mth th.- 
public IS uof ot the ma|tw 
goals ot the ASA 

The club participated in 
the AIDS Walk May 4. W?, 
and tiwk part m AMan Pacitu 
Islander Month 

John Lu, pnesttlent o< the 
ASA. hopes to bring some 
new prugranvi into older. 

Some students have a 
hard time making the transi- 
hon into college Lu wants to 
make help available to bene- 
fit new students 

The ASA a, also intereNled 
in helping fellow §tudents 
with career research and col- 
lege selection. Plan* lor thes«r 
kind of programs are in 

Students in the ASA have 
been on outings to different 
cultural restaurants, muse- 
ums and more 

ASA members lebte to 
people with different back- 
grounds and communicate 
with a cUv«ne community 

Kveryone is welconn- to 
IttiiA ^v»v* K»hn I u It ■« nut 

(ust Kir Asian studente. |lt » 
fori any culture, any race, and 
background " 

The ASA ha» about M) 

tk* etCwrixatlMk 

..nt and 

titv lu»( clut> nicvtuig thitt 
not been scheduled yet but 
will start in the beginning of 
September Flyers will soon 



be pi»!f I 

sin, I. 'Ix- 

AdA Uiuuki c<iU Un citlivc ol 
Multicultural Affairs at (t»47) 
925-6861 or stop in A243 
Expect to meet great people! 

Women's Program offers new 
workshops in SeptemV>er 

Thf H.upT Ci>IU->;e 

VV..I1UI1 ■■ !' will be 

ti, f,ii»; Ihf loliowing wcirk- 

p^ during the month of 


Women and Self-Esleem 
(HVM0<11^-(11)1) meets on 
Saturday, Sept. 13, fmm •» 
a.m - -^ p m , in A241 I *am 
how self-esteem influences 
all aspects of your life 
Assess your Mtf-«sieem and 
explore techniques to 
enhance your self-confi- 
dence The cost IS $40 which 
includes lunch. 
Handywoman Workshop 
(LWM003'»-tX)1) meets on 
Saturday, Sept. 13, from ^ 
am - 3 p m in A242a You 
can fix it! Learn the nuts 
and bolts of minor home 
Impairs and save yourself 
some time aivJ moitey. 

This workshop will 
touch on minor plumbing, 
electrical and carpentry 
tasks m well as the how-to's 
of home decorating projects 
Presented by Ms Fix-It, 
Beverly Dejulio. 

The cost is $40 which 
includes lunch 
rresenution Skills: Never 
be Nervous Again 
(IWMOlKW-tXIl) meets on 
Thursdjv Sept. 18 fn>m 9 
an I .\2J 1 Le*m 

hoiv nize, prepare 

and deliver a winning pre- 
sentation. Discover how to 

comtMt stage tright in this 
supportive workshop. The 
ci»l IS $40 which includes 

Assertive Communication 
Workshop (IWM005MX)1) 
meets on Saturday, Sept 20, 
fn>m 9 am - 3 p m . in A241 
Have your message heard 
withiHit bemg perv-eived as 

Learn the different 
between passive, a.ssertive 
aiK) aggressive communica- 
tion The cost is $40 which 
includes lunch. 
Victim Prevention: Self- 
Defense for Women 
(1WM0047-(K)U meets 

Sahirday, Sept. 20, from 9 
a.m. - 3 p.m., m A242a 

Learn a practical, 
uiKomplicated methods of 
self-defeiue that stresses 
preventitm. awareness and 
confideiKe through a senes 
of simple and effective 
physical techniques The 
cost is $40 which iiKludes 

To register, caU (847) 397- 
3377 and speafy the correct 
course number. 

In addihon to the course 
fee, there is a $4 registration 
fee charged per term 

For further mU>miation 
about the Harper College 
Women's Program, call 
(847) 925-6558 

Parking: Plenty of parking, not where you want it I InVeStYoUr Cf^dltS 

commuad ftom pa(> 1 
Hurinngfr story published at 
the begirming of the last 
Spnng semester about the 
parking problems. 

The kits IcKaled on the 
south side of Harper are tlie 
most convenient, being clos- 
est to the buikJmgs 

It usually Uwks liki- tlu"ie 
are more cars than parking 
spc^, but there an- more than 
eiHHigh lor th«' amount of 

people on campus "It's just 
not where everyone wants it 
to be," says Kevin King, 
Director of PuMic Safety. 

There is usually plenty of 
space open in parkmg lots 3 - 
7, but it IS a kmger walk to 
the buildings, espiMjIlv in 
the wmter 

Students who want to 
avoid the hassle of seardung 
for a spot m the front of ttie 
campus should park here. 

now class offered 

Every Wednesd.iv. "xftt 
17-Oet IS. fntin 7 lO-** p m . 
those interested in herbal 
medicine can learn more 
about Aromather.ipv, healuig 
with the use I'l t-ssential m!s 
Classes » ill include 
eaacntial mis th»'ir and 
the way different .ir.>mas 
affect our mental and physi- 
cal well-bemg 

The cost of the course i» 
$27 plus a $4 registmicin fee 
To rrgisteT K>r the ctHine. caU 
(847) 397-3377 and identify 
the course number LPM135- 
001 For touchtone registra- 
tion, caU (847) 925-1010 and 

"We have plenty of park- 
ing on campus, it's just not 
where everyone wants it," 
said King 

Getting into the parking 
lots isn't easy on the 
Algonquin entrance. 

Students are backed up for 
hundreds of feet at the light, 
making the wait seem etui- 
Try to use the entrance on 
Rosetle Road for less traffic 

We 7/ Fay 
For Your 
Education ! 

•iiM.>» > Ai La&tfk. wc U (KC fot m 
111— itiMt ii|irnniM«f u §mm iul««M mti-a.^ i»% TvmoH Kom m mMsmf tt 

I III., nt J — .~.~. .~..»«Mr» 

U .eiiliwc »«»0«« tOMWKUM* •»*» tpw««i tax— «•«"•"" •*• 

UHiaf Mt «r ranMil Mt*M|i )MI M« ^w WW fUIm 

Mrf Mr«ii.« a »»WirM far !»« iw» «««l iiM »«i«^ !»«*«*'«<» IliB law 

CtUtmmmmM (OSHKf-tlB • Us _^— 

« |*M)4*7.1I«1 lu> IB 

Of In ii\r I A.Sdlw (.& »b 



\\ Mtipte'*«« m/Odhi 

ifyoa iavf rolkge cndu - use tt. 
Transfer pur rollege rourseteori 

and compteU an acaUrated depte 

\ gffflCP.SI} Omm. 
AJmn rn tnU—n OV- 

Tnmiir .S^toUntipt .!»>««.«*'' .\v-*l»lr f-r lJo*^>^ SlmiMi 


l»N UUktMS 




' mqrri^ 










The Harbinger 
September B, 1997 


Page 3 


The foOowM^ «• • UM (rf Sbxtanl SmM* candtdalM tor 
the hB 1997. 

Ufa ScicncM anil Human ScrvicM 
Center for Student! with 


ButincM and Socwl Sdcrme 

Studimt Ovelopinent 
BuMnow and SocUl Science 
Ttdaiolagy. MathematicB and 
nqrakal Science 

Election* wiU be heJd on September 9 and 10 from 9 «m 
to 7 pm at the BuikfiB^ A Inlormation De»k. BuiWing I 
Box Office Counter and the BwJding L B.x>k»tore 
You miMt have your Student Activity Pt» »«th you to 


RHahi erf the Elccticm «riU be poetod no Uter than noon 
OB SeptBnber 12 <• eMfptkm: in the event thwe any 
quertkiM or concern N«M«Hni the dKtion. poMIng of 
I will be delayed until molution of any tMUca). 

Accreditation: NCA requests attendance at meetings 

Stephen BHnat 

Jacqueline Guacra 

President Thoinp«>n and the 
Harper Bturd ot Trustees 
TucMlay, September 23 

The events this dJV will bi- 
clnemuned by the NCA eval- 
uation team when Ihev amve 
on campus PWase be flexi- 
ble, as the NCA visitmn team 
may request impromptu 
meetinj;s with groups and 'or 

inJiMdu.ils lhrvHishi>ut th< 

dav " 

Wednesday, September 24 

If you have any ipcationB. 

pkaae call the Senate Offke at 

The Harbinger is looking for writers for tfie 

fall and spring semesters. Are you literate 

and what to feel important? If so. join the 

award-winning Harbinger. 

ttarpri ThrJi-'f Vnnounie* 
Fall Auditions tor 

Tuesday. September <» 7pm{LlW) 

Wednesday. September 10 7 pm (I liW) 

Callback; Thursday, September U 7 pm (1.108) 

Audition comistk of cold reading fn>m the svn( t t o(m.s 
of the *cnpt are on reserve in the Ufammg Re«.uae 

Production dates Nov Iv it I'v Uv ;o, ;i. 22. 23. 
C.»i»i Marv |o Willi. (M71 *»**« Iw moie ti*if««»«w«. 

• How can I get my education 

* focused fast? 


H. Transfer to DeVry 
* to complete your degree. 

11 w« rt iDoiiH <"«'«- •K"^ •■>•'»*'" f* •"***'''***•■ ^?T!. 
liB<il«^»l«bii|)o IJiiteiiiiiWiiilaifcp""**^*!""""**"" I**^* 

year 'ig«4 KldMt ha jm Airt ><w' 4mn>«wt«i f 
u Af ml hotM tacMH ]«• lM» Inn rislHOT' ■• r 
DM) <i«m litWHS ilifiM pKWBWi^BKHMie 
'iniiiKNiSyriMWi.liiiMM'^ilHntKmi. Ace _ 
Me" a Mil • i IkMm • aitwi<»vMui >><>inn >• %<*•"■ 
mi I m^ Bit — ^r-" -'■^ rk<i > i.>in I" •>« 

D^V^^ higher degree of success. 

IIJO a-m Exit interview 
where all are welcome to 
attend m A238. 
The evaluation team will 
){ive their preliimnary report 
and make rvciMnmeiviatioas 
(or final accreditation This 
meeting is open to the t-ntitx' 
campus community 

"We stnmgly encourJi;f 
the community to attend thf 
i>[H'n meetings." »trevses 
Hjuervstein "Thts gives the 
cv>mmunit\ j chance to giv 

their valuable input We 
encourage people to kxik a 
the self-study It would be 
helpful to know what it i» ■ 

For additional informa- 
tion, contact Amy Hauenstein 
in CommunifV' Relations at 
(M7) '<2'i-*27>i 

The Harper community 
sh>'uld be triendly. open and 
as accommcxialmg to the vis- 
iting team as they can be," 
said Hauenstein. 


September is National Cholesterol Month In 
honor ot the event. Health Service is offering 
cholesterol screening and information for stu- 
dents and staff 11 you don't know what your 
chi>lesterol level is. or you are trymg to lower 
It, take advantage of these free or low cost ser- 

• Fasting Blood Cholesterol HDL, LDL 
icicening is available through September 
Call Health Service (847) 925-6268 for an 
appointment with a J» fee 

• Cholestenil awareness information Ubie 
on Thursday, Sept. 25 at 11 ami p m m the 
Cockrell Dining Hall A dietetic technician 
and tfie Wellness and Human Performance 
sUff will be on hand to distribute cholesteml 
literature and low-fat snacks and offer diet 


On Wednt- ' ' ' " "" ' " 

hold .in .•, 

AVv: Tiu-i. >-i' •■■ '--■ — ' ■■ 

screerung, bUxxl pressun- t.stinn and height 
and weight measurement TB skin tests and 
immunizahons will be avaiUble for $1 and 
hemi>glubm testmg for W. 

If that usnt enough, here are 10 o*er rea- 
sons to visit Health Service 

1 It's cheap 

2. It's confidential 

3. It's convenient 

4 Nurses just like Mom 

5 Real doctors, male or female 
6. No elevator music 

7 Wellness programs for extra credit 

8 Health matenal for speech class 

4. Free advice /health counseling 

10 Free aspirin, Tylefu»l. band-aids, etc 
The same test and screenings wiU also be 
available at the Health Service awareness 
table m Building L Inim 10 ami p m 

. ,v.- the gift .'I 1.1.' Donal.- blood cm 
• •dnesdav. Sept 10 m A242 from •* a m.-3 

?Ask your Harper Wellness Advisor? 

CMeaes. «. (Ml«-MM 

1231 N Swtfl no«d 

mttmtt. K *etei -aio* 

Now IS the chance »o ask those important, but 
awkward or sensitive questions that youve 
been wanting to ask 

Students can anonymousi) submit ques 
tions on wellness- related top«.-s. ai.d ih.A w ill 
be answered in future issue- ot 1 hf 

To sec your question m print, simpl> drop 
it in the box k>cated outside of A362 The 
"Ask Your Wellness Advisor" column is 
sponsored bv the Harpt W.lliu-s- Adv isors 
Club and Health Vrv ices 

.All questions an- thoroughK r.s.jr.N'd 
and responses w ill be provided by Iwallh care 
professionals and are not related to Tli. 

Is it tree that food turns to fat if you eat too 
much if it, even if the food is really good for 


Ye* Excess calories from an\ source- o» 
food aie sfon-d as body lat So you can get 
just as fat on a high-<alone diet of low-fat 
foods as you can on a high-calorie diet of 
hieh-fat f«xJs Calories fnwn fruits and veg- 
etables do but they are high 
m liber, vou iifl lull and are not as likely to 

overeat . , < t 

The\ are also healthier than high-tal f«)ds 
such as bacon, cake and ice cream or low-fat 
foods such as fat-fm- chips, Snackwells or 
reduced-tat pastries It is best to try and eat 
moderate portions ot real minimalU 
priK-essed fix^ls that are li'^'i in lat 

How do I know what I should weigh for my 

l.>ne way to detennine v our ideal weight is 
to consult a height and weight chart These 
usualK give ideal weights for height, sex and 
Kxlv frame For example, a woman who is 
SK- should range from 12h-154 pounds 
depending on bone structure A man of the 
same si.e . cmld have an ideal weight range 
ot 136-170 ptHinds 

To fmd out yiHir ideal weight, stop m 
Health Si-rv ice, A.T«)2. to get weighed and look 
.,t a height and weight chart Another 
itu-th.xl to determine your ophmum weight 
range ls the bixly mass mdex, BMl This mea- 
sure tells you how much of your weight is 
bivdy fat and whether your body fat is high 
i-nough to put vou at nsk for disease 

To find your BMl. follcw these steps: 1 
Multiply your weight by 700 to find A. 
(weight X 700=A) 2 Divide A by your height 
m inches to find B (A/height=B) 3 ttvideS 
by your height m inch«"s to fmd your BMl. 
(B/iwighf=BMI) II your BMl falls below 19 or 
over 25 vou mav be under or over weight 

Some peopk- may have a high BMl and not 
be "fat " Btxlvbuildiers whose weight is most- 
ly muscle will score high on BMU and weight 
charts even though their proporhon of actual 
body fat IS low Also, M>me people may be m 
the com-ct range on height and weight charts 
or the BMl, but have too much fat 

In this case they are not overweight, but 
over fat This can be determined through 
Nxly compiKition ti-sting such as skinfold 
measurx-meni, impedancx' tc-sting or under- 
water weighing All are available through the 
Human Performance lab (H47) 925-*468. 
Skinfokl testmg is free 


Our Vtaw 

Get out and vote 
to make a change 

With Student Senate elec- 
tions around the corner we 
encourage the Harper stu- 
dents to get involved and 

How hard can it be to take 
two minutes out of your day? 
We know that two minutes is 
a lot of time. lust think of all 
of the things that you could 
be doing... Sitting in traffic, 
watching a commercial, you 
get the point, its only a frac- 
tion of your busy day that can 
go toward eliminating school 

We have heard it all, but 
have yet to see a change from 
the majority of the student 

Do you all realize the 
importance of the Student 
Senate to the "College 
Experience"? Probably not or 
most of you would take time 
to vole 

The senate i** in ch.irm- of 
allocating funds Id or^ani/a- 
tions, attending important 
board meetings and is a gap 
between students and depart- 

Where would you go if you 
had a concern about a depart- 
ment' To the dean good luck, 
their schedules are so full 
they might see you next week. 

As you can see voting in the 
senate elections is a big deal. 
Remember your Activity Card 
or you won't be allowed to be 
part of the action. 

The Harbinger 
S«pt>mt>er 8 1997 

Abortion views cliange llttie in 24 years 

A look at tho Harbingor's covaraga throu^ tlia dacadaa 


A vng\e mother oi two became 
pregnant and did not want to 
hold the ivtponsikility fat a third. 
The woman wantpd to have an 
abortion. Norma NkCorvey lived 
in Teka», and like 46 other stale* m 
I97U, abortion. uiU«»t to save a 
wonun'<i life. wa» iUe|;al To pro- 
tect her privacy, *he became 
known as Jane Roe 

Riie filed a cJaM-«ctian niit 
against Henry Wade, a D»Bm dtn- 
iriit .itiomey who pfoawuled all 
Itxan abortion doctor*. As a 
re»ult of Wade* eiiort*. every 
woman wlvwe life was endan- 
i;eivd by her pregrvaiw>- m Texas 
had no accew to a doctor-attended 

In 1973. the court ruled Roe v 
WaJe m favor of Jaiw Roe on the 
grounds that the then<urrent 
state laws that made al>ortion ille- 
gal were in violation of three 

A pregnant woman "would 
disawer this nght (to abortion) m 
the concept of personal 'libeTt)' 
embodied m the Fourteenth 
Ammendments Due Process 
Claiue, or in pemonal, marital, 
familial and sexual priv ac>' said to 
be protected by the Bil! of 
Rights, or among thi>- 
rrwTved to thi- p>-or' 
\iiUh .Vnui. 

In Ih.' 24 
-»->iindtrim«->lfi <itH>rti«>«» have 
btt-n legal in the L'mted States, 
case* regarding repn».1uiliM' 
rights have made it to the 
Suprenu' Court, giving the court 
i>pportunitie«> to oM-rturn Rim- 
Sim-e \tT\, the pi\ . 
decision has itus.-*,.; ,, ,: — . . 
only one vote, twice 

In Julv of "«« >*"• 'i'.r""'T^' 
Court rulr 

K<7>niJu< tfii (It.,,., ..- 

The court did not overturn ' 
Riw decision: instead, it impvic^ii 
conditions on public funding and 

The Roe v Wait decitton was 
almost overturned agam in 1992 
in the Planned Ptr,.ithMd r. Casry 
dodakm. In ihif ane. ^w cowt 

surted an undue burden' stan- 

The social context of the 
United States has changed 
throughout the years since 1973, 
but the delate regarding abcntion 
has remained (ust as mtensf The 
following (|uotes were included in 
The Harhngrr dating back to when 
some current Harper student;, 
weren't even Ixim yet rhese 
arguments can still be heard 

In the January 26, 1976 »*ue of 
TV tUrbrnger, Mane Kelly, then 
editor-in-chief wrote an article 
entitled Abortiivn is a matter t>f 
death ' In il sht' states, "Our 
potenli.ll I- lor di-stnjyir^ ot pre- 
serving the air, water, plants, 
extinction of species of animals, 
and now we ate aborting our own 
kind, human lifie-beings " 

In the next issue. Kelly wjote, 
"abortion ir the creation of 
another, greater problem " A stu- 
dent, whose name was withheld, 
wrote a letter m tvsponse The 
student's words were headed by 
the title. "Abortion the ctioice 
should be there " Apparently, the 

anonymous stuUnil wa» "of that 
one percent that gets pregnant 
while on the pill " She chose to go 
through an abortum The student 
states, "maybe abortion isn't 
everyoi\e's solution, but the 
choice should be theie " 

A woman in any of the fifty 
states becomes pregnant. Sht- 
wants an abortion If she can p»T 
soTully pay tor a pnvate divtor t. 
perform one in a private faciln 
she can have a first or second 
trimester abortion, legally and 
safely However, that could 
chaiige If post<oital contracep- 
hves. such as RU-W6, become the 
focus of a future Supreme Court 
case, another opportunity exists 
for the Roe v. Wade decision to be 

Justice Harry A Blackmun, 
who wn>te the majority opiiuon m 
1973, wrote the dissenting opiiuon 
m the 1989 Webster case. 
Blackmun wn^te, "For today, the 
women of this Nation still retain 
the liberty to control their d*«i- 
tmies But tfie signs are evident 
and very ominous, and a chill 
wind Wows " 



Thto ea«t0«ii form th» Fabntary 2, ITTt I«ms* of rh« 
HmtUmgar daplet* Uw artlats rMi«tloii of abortiofi clhric* !■ 
Mm »««t M 

Editorial Board 

The Harbinger 

staff Writora 


Acting EAtorn Chief 


Lauren Sctut)e< 

_AiTwnda Of fentMctw 

A&E Editor 

Sports Editor 



Ted OanyluK. Kelli Hader, Brian ^4af Kiewicz. 
David Pomp. Kevm Shep»ie. Saixly Tang 

ttonaral Pollcias 

nw Hsrtiir«er 4 !ne stuMni iMtlBalian fw ine tttrpw C«Mt> canwut conv 
mrmi. puBawd t)t- m sii ) > tnnxOWM tiw taxxn yar sucapt dtfuummaay* 
am rnM man*. Tlw ewBi M dMtnbulM tfw to ad WuMnis. facuKy and 
aOnrastrMion Dw Hartwffir's so« ptfPM* >* to snMM tn* Hanwf comru 
n«T iKMtt wtaimMion panmnnf^ te tiw c*nou» ana pt» utJOMMSnt conwnn- 


m» <ls< lam w wa Hiw i i tsttsra ta t«« 

Lett art nuM «• sitnMl 9<trai 'M* «■ 
■rd coniani b« mtttet to scMnt 

FacuttyMvisor Howard Schlosstwf 

and rapMs to our MMonak. 
iMtl«wid upon r«)MS*t. M Isttar* 

Praducts artf swcm adwrtisM in n* Msrairwsr «e not nacmsarVy 
•ndorsad ttr !»■ aMora ol tn* psatr. nor Iv t«« ooMt* aAnnttraUon or 
Boaia of Oractm mqumn snaad b* «Dniaidad dhactty to ina adtactMr. 
m al puroiasa* ■• at ti« diacratKin of tta eonaunst. 

The Hartxnger William Ramey Harper CoMege 

1200 West Algonqun Road 

Palatme. H. 6CX)67 7098 

business office: (847) 925^460 

ne«« office: (847)925^000x2461 

fax: (847) 925-€033 

copyright 1997, The Haitlngar. 

The Harbinger 
September », 19<7 



Dan Zevin, self-proclaimed Dave Barry of Generation X, to speak on campus 

Author and com^un 
Dan Zevin will speak about 
"Ufc After CoUege" al 730 
p.m Tuewlay, Sept 23 in the 
Buiklinj; | Theater. 

Zevin. who graduated 
from NYU "with a major in 
joumalism and a minor in 
panic attack." it the author of 
a past-coUegr survival {juide 
Entry LevH: A Compleie Guuk 
to Mmqufrnd um as a ^Aemher 
of ttm Keti WorU, which 
became a #1 Boiton Glebe 

The >. J Dave 

Barry o( » . i X, say» 

the test at whether or rw>t you 
rtevd his book 15 askir^ your- 
aeU some qiu*stions, such as: 
"Do you save twisty taes? 

Do you ^ to the airport 
an hour early be<oie your 

Is your driver's license 
from the same state in whnrh 
you live? 

Do you read the newspa- 

per clipping* your patents 
servl you? 

Ale you hirinn mi'vcr- 
f^ext limf'" 

Zevin '^v> It you answer 
'no' to most ot these ques- 
tions, his book i» fur you. 
"Read it as soon m you drive 
cross-country, b^kpack 
through Europe, sow your 
wild i>at> and hnd yourself " 

A humonsl and wnter for 
campuv- related features for 
HoUmg itonf. Spy Us, CQ. 
MaiermmeUr, and Sef/ ma^- 
zines, Zevin has been fea- 
tured on TV TiWay Shew, and 
National Public Radio. An 
eight-year veteran of "The 
Real World." Ze\in lives in 

Tkkcts for Zevin's lecture 
are $7 for general admission 
with a discount tor Harper 
students, faculty and staff 
For tickets and information, 
call the Box Office at (847) 

taMiMibM* to 

•awlMiy of 





Blues musician to perform in Quad 

Acoustic blues musidan 
and revivalist Fruteland 
Jackson will perform in a 
free no«>n coiKert on 
VVpdnesdav, Sept 10 in the 

rvsearche* and ItU^ >li>rie> 
about the hiMor> ot tfie blues 
in Anterica. performs tr.idi- 
tional styles played by early 
Afncari AmiTicans, fn>m the 
end of the Civil War to post 
World War 11 

He plays tfwse various 
styles. whH-h aie categorized 
by region. such as 
MissiNsippi Delta. East 
Ifvas. Kaghme and 
I'ledmont. with a "slide ' and 
tells how the style* evolved 
from S<.nithem plantations to 
the urban cities of the North 

The Missi<>sip|>i nativf s 
repertoire ranges from stan- 
dard ballads, to )ait. folk 
and gospel tum-s 

lackson - w,>ri.^ 

tiunal blue'*. «tvii' 1 Si li.i- 
appeared in mam tt->li\al>. 
iriiludmg the fun-ka 
Springs Blui-. Festival th«- 
Pocoikw Blu»"> li'stival and 
the King Biscui! Blues 
FfstHal lackson was 

awarded the I "»«»*> 

Folk / Fthnic Hentage Award 
by tfie Illinois Arts Council. 
In the ev«mt of rain, the 
tree concert will be held in 
the Student Center Lotmge 
of Building A For mon- 
intitrmatHin vail Student 
Actjvitie* at iM7) '^25-6242 

Former Philharmonic clarinetist to 
give free concert on Thursday 

Clarineti>l Michael 

Webster will perform in a 
free mini-concert at Harper 

i .>ll...... .,„ I),,,,. I ,^ s-pl 

- ■""■ I'"" 
>i(Mi tlarinfli-.! with tin- 

Rii<:ht».ter I'hilhjrmDruc and 

thf San FraiKiscn Symphony. 

Webster has also 
appean^l as a with 
many orchestras, including 
the T'hiladelphia Ochesira 
and the Boston Pops 

Currently Ad|unct 

Proteasof' of Conducting at 
the UniveTHty ui Michigan. 
Webster has performed with 
the Chamber; Society 
i>l I incoln Center, the Tokyo 
and Cleveland String 
Quartets, and music fesiivabi 

such as Marlbon>. Santa Fe. 
Norfolk arvl Chamber Music 

Wi»tv,ier, wht>se pn>Krams 
range tnwn playing Morart 
on bas,>H".t ilannel li> lewish 
|a// in his "I ox and Ucorice. 
Bagels and Blues " pn>gram. 
IS conductor of tt»e Michigan 
Youth Symphi>n\ Oihestra. 

Wt-bster is .il-o the 
founder ,/mu>u director of 
Cfiamber Muchis Ann ArKw, 
Michigan, which presented 
Its first annual S^mngFest in 
May !'»«> 

The clarimtist s Harper 
coTKert IS free and tfw publK 
IS welcome For more mfcw- 
mation, call the Harper 
College Mustc Department at 
(fM7) 925-6568. 


l?F? AFT5K OiV.tA 

with Author'coff«%«di«n 

Th* 0«n-X Oav« Barry 

Tuesday, September 23 
1 7 30 pm 
Building J Theatre 

X-rated films from shoclcing director 
John Waters to be shown on campus 

lh«- Harper C olU-gc 
l ultural .\rts Film S«-ri«-s will 
feature three tilms fn>m 
director John Waters this fall 
Hiiir^miy, Wednetd-ty, Sept. 
Zi, Femalf Trowfi/r'. 



will [>rr>i>ndlii 
.11 Hjrper on 


Set in . -hometown 

of Baltimore Hjir-pay opens 
the film xrii-s on September 
24 with '.his nost.iigiL saliri- 
spoohng ti-cTi danct' ti^nipeti- 
tions. big hair-dtm, p!iychiatry 
and racism 

The cast iikIuJo N>nn\ 
Bono. Ruth Brown, Diviru;. 
IVbbic Harry, Ricki Lake, 

jerrs Snllrt, Ric Ocasek and 
Pi.i /adora. 

Hairspray runs 88 nunules 
and the 1488 film is rated PG 

The ficticious biography 
ot cnmuvil IXawn Davfnjx)rt, 
IS the sub(»\i of the second 
lilni m the seru»s. Female 
TrouNi- ( Vt 1 

-\ p*'rsi»nai t,ui>ri(t^ ol 
ivtor V\attTs and 
i .1 cult film It star. 
Divmf I'jvid I ivhar\ Mink 
Stolr. M.iry \'iMan IVarciv 
I Jilli Massey and t ookit- 

The 1974 film lasts ""i mm 
utes arul is rated X 

Ihi- film sirii-s IS Tiiunded 
out IX t r> with the sftowing 
of Pini / lamiri)^, a notorious 

cult/comedy lilm rect-ntly 
celebrated its re-release after 
25 years 

The him s last includes 
l>vine. David Lochary. Fdith 
Massey. Mary Vivian and 
Danny Mills 

1-asting "^D minutes, the 
1972 film IS rated \ 

All of the films will he 
shown at 7:30 pm in the 
Building I ITieater 

Fu kets are $3 few general 
idmission and $2 with a 
Harp«T student activity pass. 

No one under the age of 
18 will be admitted to the X- 
rated films Female TmuWc or 
Pink Flamh^;o$. 

For tickets arkl inlorma- 
hon, call (fM7) 925-6100 

Page 6 


- — — »— f II I, ■ r =^=.r— :. .- - - '■' " 

The HarbinRCT 
Septrmber 8, 1997 

Halp Wanted 

Customer Service / Tetemartwting. Various 
duties include inbound calls, order entry & cus- 
tomer service. Computer use and phone skills 
very important. Fax resume to: 847/228 5195 
or send to: 680 Fargo Ai«nue. Elk Grove. H. 

Lantscape ForemanA wortwrs needed. Top pay 
if you do quality vKork & are a hard worker. 
&«perie«:e helpful. Call 847/364 7771. 

At Home Toll Free (l'800-218-9000 Ext. R- 
8715 for Listings. 

Delivery /Driver. Full or part time evening*. 
Arlington. Mt Prospect wea, If you are depend- 
able vnth a reliable car you can earn i8 $15 per 
hour. Call (847)364-9400. 

General Office Smail office m south Arlington 
Hts. has opening for someone wfio is orgarvzed. 
has good phone skills & some con^xjter experi- 
ence. Other opportunity available. Ca« 

Great Opportiwty if you have interest m healt^ 
wealth & happiness. Call the number below 
Flexible hours, free cassette. To« free 

$1000*s P0SSI8LE TYPING. Part Time. At Home. 

Tolt Free (1)800-218-9000 Ext. T-8715 for 

SEIZED CARS FROM $175. Porsches. Cadillacs, 
Chevys. BMW^. Corvettes. Also Jeeps. 4WD^. 
Your Area. Toll Free 1 80a218 9000 Ext. A 
8715 for current listings. 

GOVT FORECLOSED homes from penrees on $1. 
Delinquent Tax. Repo^. RED'S. Your Area. Toll 
Free (l)80a218-9000 Ext. H-8715 for current 

Great pay for reliable person to do ii^t txxae 
cleaning great opportunity flexible hous arxj 
days with t»Tie ten to study 847-776-0649. 

JANATORIAL Quality onentated individual with 
great attention to detail. To clean and maintain 
comnrwn areas of residential buildings in the 
Schaumburg area. Must be ^e to work inde 
pendent ly. part time mommg hours M-F 
ln¥nediate start. Good pay. Will traia Drug 
test and background. 


Pregnait? Need help? Adoption is an optioa A 
secure, kjving cot^Jle wishes to begin a family 
by adoptir»g an infant iWe can provide a bright, 
happy future for a clM6. Ail allowable medical & 
legal expenses paid. Please call 1 800 292 
5363 or ca« our attorney collect at 217-352 

1800. Karol&Rob. 

Lonely? Call tonight! 1-900-656-7781 Ext. 
5543 $2.99 per rrm. Must be 18yrs. Serv-U. 

Lonely? Need to hear a soft smiling voice??? 1 
900 476 9292 Ext. 7255 $3.99 per mia Must 
be 18yrs Serv-U. 619/645-8434. 

Guitar Students Wanted. Teacher is fluent in all 
styles of guitar music Call Tim at (847)392- 


Summertime care needed for three children in 
north Hoffman Estates area ages 9, 6 and 4. 
Must be awe to drive. Full time, five days /week. 
Call Jeanne at 847/697 1130. 

For Sale 

ELECTRIC BASS, hard case and amp. 5-strinfc 
black Ibanez Soundgear 405 series with hard 
case, cord, strap and amp. Mint condition, rarely 
played, $1,100 vakje. Must sell for $800. C^l 
Lauren (847) 991-780a 

1995 CHEVY 1500 ext cab Silverado. Alarm 
system, fiberglass cover, bedliner. fully loaded, 
35K. maroon and gold exterior, maroon interior, 
new tires. $ia7K) obo. Call Sean (847) 885- 

Woman's Program offers first inspirational Dare to Dream success story on Wednesday 

The Harper 



tir-.t .■! thrc- 


Wednndav. Sept. 24 af noon 

Dr. Ai^lina Pedro»o, 
bom in Havana, Cuba, will 

speak about her inspiratiorval 
tile overcofnin(( bamer> put 
on Iter for bemg botii a 
r^ir,.,i->fv and a woman. 

fV*dri>Mi will bt* ' 
:.!*• nK-ti\wiln,n 
inspiration," saui Dif«vtor ol 
M^Hnen's Projjram and 
Special Services Rebecca 

'She will »ht>w tu how to 
achieve our goaU and dream-s 
by telling how the had done 

Bilingual Mudent Sitmh-!. 
Specialist Marilyn Hurtado. 

"She came from Cuba to 
the mid-wesl with her doc- 

loratf m law from the 
Havana University Law 
School She will talk about has m-spired her as a 
^u> .1 witr and a 
sh»' vmI! shjrt- who 
has be»-n a mtntiu in her lik- 
and career." 

"This would be good for 
anyone who has ever over- 

come a bamer, ' said Smith. 

"Woriung in the areas that 
she doer>, I think it would be 
really important for women 
to have role models so they 
can see the success rate for 
them as well." 

Call (847) 925-6558 for 
information on the Dwe to 
Dream series. 

The Right University. 

Right Now. 

Right Next Door. 

ll N .1 111;; vMtrU) out llu rt ' \( I ituix t iiivt tmIx \i)|i i.irn mmk 
(intltriff.iilii.ilt <»r .:r.Klu.iti Jii^rir \MtluMil tirltnv; lti%! til llu » n»\\«| 

t >iir MMtill t LiNs M/iA ttihl 1*1 r\«> U.h Umn \l> li iiii .in \ tui It n-i « n t- (li«- .itu iitiMti viMi (liN* fM Villi Ui.iiisi I Mir |)M*i;\ .in |imi 
\\*u II li-utn llH xkilh XMti II iKi-il to \ur\iM in llu lnlMni-^^ unrki 
1 IttMi^t lri)ii) Mur llir\-« itt|li'i;t> M.iiia);i'OU-itt .itul llii\iiu-\\. \ri\ itiiO 
V i» lutA anil i itlli yi o| I (Itit.ilMin k<"*'K *'**>« ' •»'" •" I**"' *•'"« 

I .ill l<t%l.i\ li*r viMK fn* I .mil Sl.irlii Kit 

1 888 NLU TODAY 

Think Quick. 

When you need help prepar 
ing for a test, think quick 
Cliffs Quick Review* guides 
are written to help you bet- 
ter understand introductory 
courses. They re perfect to 
use as general course 
notes and to review 
before quizzes, 
midterms and finals. 

Now available at: 

WINIam R«ln«y Harpw Coltag* 

.ou is University 

tMN- >i f» rt"l««l « uMn\M^» 

Current titles include: 

The Harbtnger 
September 8, 1997 

Women's Soccer needs players 



Uiili all new new or);jniyatkin» rtieri- 
comes grxiwirm p<in». The •atne i* happen- 
ing with the Women'* Soccer prv»j?rain a* the 
program is k>w nn numbers 

With only nine member-, cuath 
Garcia said thai the learn » •>till li»>; tor 
people to awne out tor the team 

"We don't have women's tixHball. but «■• 
do have women's soccer, we have mm- pl.i\ 
ers bill wi' invv) tvMi '•' •H;--' - tiM 


Dnpile bein|; U>w un numbt i 

said that he has a lot of conlidence in iht- 
membert of the team 

"We have nine pUven. and ' 
solid pUvers with a va»t amour.i ..-,.■. 
ence." he said 

One of the goals that Caicia has a»Wd al 
his players is to recruit one player a piece 

With the sfdscm beKiniung on Sepi U 
Carcu cKpects Crystal Mitchi-ll ajKl Hi-Jthir 
fUll to prvnide the team with le.jdership 

Anvorw interested m it^irunK the women's 
siKcer proj^ram, stop by or phone the 
Human Performance and Wellness DivisKWi 
in Huildini^ M and ask, for Ssm t'-ania 

Golf ready to get season 
underway with high hopes 
despite no returnees 

Volleybaii: recruiting and winning are Icey 

cominuad Irani pif> 8 

fun." Stauder exprwaed interest in the future 
as well Recruiting and winning will be keys 
to sustaiiung a volleybaU team for the long 
term and Stauder a opttmistK about her 


Stauder was a former stantkiut al Harper 
gainmg AU-ConfetwKe aiwl All- Area honor* 
and was the teams M\'P in the '89-'90 sea- 

Football: starters ready to come together as a unit 


The HarpiT mens golt 
team has just lucked oH their 
season and coach Jim Karras 
ha> histi hopes lor the team 

■ We have high fH>pes for 
the season, il should be fun 
e\en though we have a short 
season." said Karras. 

Unfortunately, Coach 
ICarras doesn't have anybody 
returning to the squad fn>m 
la>t year 

"lis been a iiittit.ult off 
season trymg to find players 
since everybody from last 
years learn transferred." 
enplained Karras Even 
though everybody is gone 
from last years team. Coach 
Karras has recruited some 
decent prospects 

"CXir mam ttirif playen 
are Barry Weed. Ciarry 
Holman, and Jiv Huppert, 
bul we hj\ e iither mam play- 
ers like Brian McMahon and 
Alex Linsey who are both 
consistent players Then 
there is Justm Birkley who 
was a strong player at 
Schaumburg High School 
and also Paul Wolf who is 
also consistent." said Karras. 

Harper had competed in 
tfu- Highland 'V> this past 
l^nday and wfien asked of his 
team's performance coach 
Karras said,. "It was our fint 
event, 1 was satisfied, it was a 
great experience, and we 
became a team over the time 
we left Harper's parkmg lot 
until the tune we played, we 
became a team." 

coMnad ffom pigi 8 
Eiiastk says Crump has 
shown the ability to be a key 
contributor to the oficrae this 

If the oftmar is not up to 
the task the iMnne a ready 
and willing to pick up the 
slack. However injunes to 
starting safety Nick Evans, 
out with a broken nghf ankle, 
and the impt-mfrs .irlfin^ 
scopic knee surgery to no«>e 
tackle Tenence Shaw leave 
the Hawks with little depth 
"We'll miss his intensity, 
sometimes he had too much 
intensity " said assistant 
coach \ehi\ Newcomb refer- 
ring to his fiery nose tackle 
Maintauung a consistent 

level of intensity is key for 
tlie defense. "Once we know 
who will be starting, we can 
come together as a uiut and 
raise the defensive intensity " 
said Lanebacker Jamar Kelly. 

With the loss of Evans to 
the secondary coach 
Newcomb is concenwd hiwv 
well his group of defensive 
backs can cope. "Fvan- 
I'liiugtit mjluni) and ^ «( •n 
ence." said N«>wcomb "We U 
need someone to step up aitd 
fill his role " 

Sophomore leadership en 
the defensive line will be 
imp«irtant early on for the 
Hawks, if the Hawks can con- 
tn>l the line of scnmmage 
ttwy can free up tfve lineback- 

ers and defensive backs to 
make big plays. Lack of atteiv 
dance is aitother issue raised 
by the players "We need 
them." said liflebacker |amar 
Kelly. "The fans help us get 
ready for the game Their 
intensity \wip» us raises our 
inteiuity We feed off of 
th«-m ■ 

to *.*,...*. »-wi ---r r ■ - ■ -■ 

team Folkiwmg the away 
game al Waldorf. Iowa, 
Harp«T will come home for 
two in a row Beginning with 
a mghl game at Barrington 
High Schixjl which is alumni 
mghl and the following week 
IS Parents Day 



OtL * 







►> No Weekend Work 

►> 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

►f Comprehensive Medical Package 

►>■ Stock Participation 

►f Employee Owned Company 
Call toll free l-SSS-4UP$-JOS 
24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locatiorw: HodgkmsAA^Wow Springs (1-55 & 1-294) AdcKson, Palatmo, 
Northbrook 4 Wostmont 

lTttp://www. ups . com 



Equal OpportiMty Employer 

oao. UU. 

■ ttm 

a tarn. 

4 Sm 

10 fn 

M IkB 

!1 Mtf 


UMt Dax 

C O D 1 




UnniM> IMpi 

"^■r— ""WPWi 

arper Sports 

Soccer wins opener despite siuggisli 

Defense and ball movement key to strong second half 

first half 


A come trnm ht'hiinl \Kti>r\ is 
nornulK .1 hu|^ wm ti>r diiy hram but 
fot the Hawks soccer team, it was. 
the» first win i>f the season. 

Down >1 in the «ecand half, the 
awn's deierae buckled down and the 
dfone was able to move the ball in 
route to a 4-' oxerlimi- win over 
Sprmgfield-1 imoln -.fvond year 
coach Sam Gaivia <>aid 

'In the first half we were pUying 
kick ball and they were full of energy 
as they attacked ib but tie second 
half was our ti^ai domination," he 
said, "We were able to pass and 
switch Aw ball and they (Spnn)(fteld) 
didn't have the same itaminj " 

The Hawks won the gaim* d<> rx>ug 
Am» scored on a 30 yard »hot (olJow- 
ing a feed fn>m Anihonv Russo with !) 
mmutes to play in the *>udden death 
second mertime. 

"The key was the leadership ■'* 
RusM) m iIh- middle and his abilii\ 

JiMriKilv till- h.)ll .-11.., tiv.-l\ t 

S pt in gf irid and the Hawks each 
had chances to win in tlie first ov«r- 
time but great goal keeping by Dave 
Oiertarowski and a Pat Hay <>hot that 
missed by one inch allowed the game 
to go the extra sewuon. 

Todd Bj!>table tied the game Late in 
the second half t>tf of a Ryan Reconnu 

Jeff Ga«ier began the scoring in 
the second half for the Hawk.s ckwing 
ttte gap to one. 

The firsit goal of tf»e Hawk.-, young 
season came from Rich K aniih on a 
penalty kick Gasner was taken down 
iivside ot the box for the assist on tfw 

"Rich was a big thi«at wiirn he 
started M-rv icing the ball and Dave 
(Gierlan>wski) nude some ti«n»en- 
dous saves to hold us close." he said 

The defense wa. led by Vintml 
Roslewski as a sweeper along with 
.Iffi-nse men Ryan R»vonnu Am>. .inj 

begin Jl 4 p ni .i>;jm>i Iriton 

Vlitc* ll*sl«w*kl woffia Ml Ma pm»»tmt 
IKactIc* ■• tw iMMiat** l««k on. 


Miring M ff#CMrt 

Injuries mental errors plague Hawks 
heading Into season opener In Iowa 

Lady Hawks open season 
with win, confidence soars 

P^«Mr NnHw ■ »ti v r g » on a JeM«t nmrn 


Many quotiaM stiU remain unanswered 
as the Hawks football team heads into the 
•leason Coach )ohn Biasik ls in a pnnran- 
ou:< position with hjs two quarterbacks 
Chris Churih and Kyle Hughes have 
shown they an> capable of starting. " 1 plan 
on playmg b»>th guys," said tliasik "I feel 
confident with either guy on the field " 
However tfw lamborve, whkh bnnighl m 
^otit^ and Riick Valley, exposed numtTv>us 
areas on offense and defense that need 
vy I rk Tht- offensive line is the main con- 
cern !.'> Lliasik "We had s>«m«' missed 
asiUgnments and menial errors " said 


■t tiM IMC r**talMll . 

Etiasik Mental errors and missed assign- 
menN on the offensive line can lea\ e the 
quarterback and running bat. k> in \ ulner- 
able situatKms "Those guys |usl won't 
play." said tliasik refernng to his players 
making excuses "It's unacceptable" 
Returning fullback Robert Davidsiin is the 
only certamty m the backfield Still up for 
grabs IS tfie starting running back spot and 
backup roles lor b*»th (josilions Mental 
errors and mi.ssed as.sigrunents also plague 
the backfield "We can't fiave thiKM- kind of 
missed assignments this close to the sea- 
son ■ said Eliasik One bright spt>t has been 
the play of wide receiver Dennis Cnimp 


KiWowmg a orH- year hlJtu^ 
the Lady H.ivNt^ w>ll.yb.ill 

*»otith 'sut'urb.iii -vvju-iii 

ich Shanm Staudei is 
; about her teams win, 
but reali/fs the team fus much 
w ork ahead oi them if they an- 
to build oft of their tirst win 
What IS encouraging to 
Stauder and itu- aihlt-iii. pro- 
gram is the ability lo field a 
team. An area that remains to 
be desiri'd is the teams 
enduranx' Coach Stauder is 
quick to yome to the aid of her 
ti-am 'We've only had a week 
ol practice," said Stauder. 
We're still coming together as 
a team Give us a couple more 
weeks and well b«-hne" The 
team is back and kiokmg to 
prove themselves They took 
their first step with a wm over 
South Suburban. "The first 
game we were a tittle nervous 
(dropping the game 15-10), 
but they showed some tough- 
ness and bounciil back with a 
win (I'i-M in the setond 
game s.iid Stauder Harper 
battled S>u(h Suburbans, pn-- 

yailing in fiye gami- two hinir 
match Providing leadership 
throughout the match was 
right hitter Krisdn Hollman 
■'Ih' It-ally stepped up and 
.e us a lift when we were 
■ d ' said Stauder Coach 
iuder IS also impressed with 
her teams ability to move the 
ball anmnd the- court with pre- 
cision "Our hitters and setters 
were in syru.," said Stauder 
"Pa-ssmg IS key to our team 
and how well we play" 
t reatmg situatuxis tor hitters 
ludy Rossol and Melanie 
Kwasniewski are Effie 
Zaharopoulos and Tracy 
Schader "Effie is a passing 
machine out there and Tracy 
adds stability aiwl strength." 
said Stauder Adding amither 
element to the is the feisty 
play of Bn»ke DiSano "She 
(Brooke) liad a great game, she 
was everywhere on the court " 
said Stauder IX-feasive spe- 
cialLSts Anne StyHJdard, Sandi 
iCramer and Bethany Sawatski 
add all around depth to a 
strong Lady Hawks' team 
Stauder has mtxlest goals for 
team this year "1 want to have 
a winnmg season, but I want 
thi- season to be en|oyable and 
see VoMlMi on page 7 


Tax caps create $2 millien deficit Jackson explains 

Tuition incraaso part of iong-tonn romody to cioso gap more than blues 


Despite having an 8 p«tcent 
increase over Ust year's budget, 
early figumt for this year's profxncd 
budget show a $2 nullion cMicit in 
the education hind 

Tax caps are bring blamed for the 

TWo yean ago, tax caf» became 
a ivalily. They are putting a lid on 
our nvcnue," said Vice President at 
Finance Judith Thofson 

"Property taxes account for about 
50 percent of all the money we coj- 
lect. Wr only get about 18 percent 
from the state and "SX percent from 
the students," said Thcirson. 

"How the biggest piece of the pie 
m being capped at the rale of infla- 


American Heart 
AsM.H.iJluiri iicfclb 
participants for walk. 
Page 2 

Craft fair offers a variety 
of fine art. 
Page 3 

A XooV. at the dirfiTonn' 
betwet'n pot o\ it thi' : 
• ars 

Art* ill 

An interview with 

writer/comoJian Dan 



Men's soccer ends lining 

streak with an overtime 

win over Triton. 


Volleyball returns home 

for their opener against 



Pag* 4 

tion. which last year wm 2 1/2 per- 

On the expense side, 73 percent erf 
the budget goes to salaries. This 
year, there is a 4 percent increase to 
the salaries. U the revenue a capped 
at 2 1/2 percent and salaries ate 
going up 4 percent, "it's easy to aev 
how there is a deficit." said Thorstm 
"Wf have about $11 mUlion in 
our hind balance, that's like a sav- 
ing* account We feel like we can go 
a year or two with a planned defKit 
while we work to bring down our 
expenses and amtro] our costs with- 
out laying people oU." said Thorson. 

"On the other hand, even with a 
planned deficit, we are looking at 
ways that we can make that deficit 
not happen by June " 

Last March, tfie board apprmed a 
$4 per cirdit hour inctvajie over finir 
ycara a* part of a long-term remedy 
to ckne tftr gap. 

"The «fi(ect on the students has 
already come," said Thoreon refer- 
ring to the tuition intTease 

Harper is going to be ktokii^ at 
what it does and how it does it. and 
.see if It can't deliver the same kinds 
of services in a more coat-elective 

"If you do something over and 
over, sometimes you forget why you 
are doing it. Or, things change and 
thete ftxA isn't a need for them any 
longer," said T^torson. 

"We ate not going to be kxiking at 
cutting out anything, but how to 
make things more efficient." 

Week of Latino culture to be celebrated 



Claaalf latla . 


Sept 22 - 26 marks the celebra- 
tion of Latino History week at 
Harper College Multicultural 
.Affair*. Studrnt Drvelopment. 
Program Board and the Latinos 
Unidos Student Organization are 
sponstwuig the cultural pn>gram.« 

Mondjv. Sept 22, Super Combo 
Manta will perf<>nii live at noon out- 

dotirs m tfie Building L Knuckle 
Ar«'a, weather permitting If it does 
rain, the concert will be indoors tn 
the Cwkrell Dimng FUU 

Dances will be taught, such as 
"pjlsa and merengue The live band 
will ^ak about where tfie danc(~> 
and music originated Hood vendors 
will be available 

On M^dnesday, Sept. 24, Dolores 

STUf F «MtrtER 

Award-winning blues musician 
Hruteland Jackson perfiirmed a free 
concert on campus on Wednesday, 
Sept 1 1 Because of weather, the con- 
cert was moved from the Quad to the 
CockreU Dinmg Hall 

lacksor, an acoustic blues gui- 
tarist, coitsiders himself a "blues 
activist." Dedicated to the power of 
the blues, Jackson made his perfor- 
nvtnoe both educational and enter- 

Before playmg an example of each 
style of the blues, such as Mississippi 
Delta Blues, Jackson spoke of the his- 
tory of each He also demonstrated 
the evolution from blues to modem 
axk and roll and rap music 

With his guitar perched like a 
small child on his lap, he spoke of 
blues k?gends such as Huddy Yuddy 
Leadback and Robert Johnson. 

Above him on the small stage was 
a banner with Kin name Fruleland 
lacksnn Fruleland w a name he has 
i.irrH-d all hi- liti' thanks to a tnend 
of his grandtdther, a name fie now 
carries proudly "like a badge " 

At one point during the show, 
|ack.son prompted the audience to 
ask questions After wiping the 
sweat fnmi his forehead lie said jok- 
ingly. "Come on, ain't noKxJv but us 
chickens" The audience laughed 

Iftt I ion. .) mombtT nt ttw audi- 
-.•nally saw I ■ -tiirm 

: Aric at ; -<uit 

m thf iudienciv 
■ ; iien- 
. n to 

II' , I Ik .iIh.uI I! ■ % hill' 

tn- '. ■.Iruiiiinmii; 

OriginalH trom Mississippi, 
lackson spent most of his life in 
Chicago Although he had been 
playing the guitar since his teens, it 
was only seven years ago that he 
started to play pnifessionally 

However, thnnigh his life expen- 
ences, Jackson realized there was 
more to the blues than simply per- 

"Just playing acoustic and playing 
in clubs wasn't enough So I put 
together a lecture on the blues and I 
started doing colleges," said Jackson. 

He began teaching his student 
audiences about the history of the 
blues Jackson expanded his educa- 
tional lonnat ti> include children m 
i-lfmentary school, (unior high and 
high school 

He now travels to schools leach- 



MT/ M i en o 

M7/t2S-MM kMU 


Har fffO!>i»w 

The Harbinger 
September 22, 1W7 

Celebration: Art, dance included in week 

An«rieM Itoart VIMk sMks 

McTcado hom the 
Mexican Fine Arts 
Muaeum will demon- 
atrale how to make hn 
skeletons and toy 
coKm for Q Dm De 
Loa Muertos (Day ot 
the Dead) cekbration 

The artistK dispUy 
%«riU be held m A.242 
from 10-11 am 

Abo on Sept 24, !> 
Angelina Pedrtwo 
cnranunity actovisr tor 
women, minonties and 
pnifcM ionals and (ac- 
uity at Northeastern 
Illinois Univervty will 
speak to students 

Dare to 

Dream. ..Success 
Stories will be hekl in 
the Building L Black 
Box theater 12-130 
p.m. Dr. Pcdroso has 
served a» 

Commissioner at tbt- 
nimcns Comnusaion ot 
Human Relatioi», 
Boanl Member of the 
National Conference 
on Christians and Jews, 
and vice presideni of 
the Cuban Bar 
Aaaociation of Illinois 
Diego Bonesatti. 

Immigration and 

C 1 t 1 / e n "s h i p 
Cixirdmjtor 1)1 the 
Illinois Co.ililion for 
Immigrants and 

Refugee Protection will 
speak at the Northeast 
Center on Sept 25. 7-» 
p m Topics include 
the histcwy of the areas 
immigration laws, and 
the changes that have 
occurred m them 
Friday, Sept 26, 

6:304 pm. is Latmos 
Unidos Family 

Celebratian, by invito- 
bononly Students and 
family members dis- 
cuss ptTM'njI lamily 
history and share sto- 
nes i^out customs and 

For moie informa- 
tion, contact Juanita 
Perez-Bassler at (M7) 


The l"W7 AnwfK«B He«« Wilk is sdwd- 
uM for Sunday, Sept M. from HO •.m 

The hMrt w»lk wiH be Md •» I** 
Prsine Center tor ihf Arts in Schiumbuig. 
kK-aKd on Schsumburg Ri>ad 

Harper CoUegP has h«n «pon»onn« »be 
Anwnc*n H»*r1 WjUi lor thr past Ihiw 
VMT* Thr go»l » to gH ihrr jrfudents 
iflvulvfd m watkir^ sU ovtt hearl durur 

Harper itudmts inlereslsd in supfwit- 
mg the American HeMi AMKicMBon can lain 
thr fun group of walkers, or make « dons- 

nurtrm will be MTvrd <l ft am . and s 
imnl-h«dlh Isir will lir held 

Emntainmntl »nJ w«rm-up» wUI tol- 
low The Sk walk (.1 mil«) will begm »l "» 
A m 

for mur* mfornMlum, lall th* 
MunKifMl t mier *t (M7) l»S 3600 

MRK GROUP LTD-Your Rental Connection ! 



MOID coumcsv OF timot tfiTOs 
(l«ft) and AIM •■■■1 
to »• La C*M la u l i fcia tl ta af 

486 color Laptops from $7(V month 
486 mono Laptops from $55/month 
(valid with Student ID. only 5) 

P166. I6mg. U Gig Hd. I6x Cd-rom. 316 modem. 

Keyboard/ mouse. Win."95 PrHnstalled 
$105/ month 
Phone 847-222-1900 ext.2208 
Fax 847-222-9415 ask for FRANK 



All weekend 



$5 weekend Pass 

Purchase on the train or at 
downtown stations. 

For schedule information 
caii 836-7000. 

web site- ltttp://www.metrarail.coin 


?A«k your w«iin«ss advisor? Women's program offers workshops 

Stud«rnt<> cdn aivinyiTU>u.v- 
ly submit questions on wrfl- 
ncss-reUled topift outeide 
the Health Service office, 
A3(i2. Ancwen will appear in 
hituie itanta of The Hartmtgrr 

The 'Ask Your WeUnen 
Advisor" column i» spon- 
sored by the Harper Mrllnns 
Advisors Club and Health 

All quetlkms are thor- 
ouf^hly researched and 
responses will lie provided 
by health cant prnliriii;»Mih 
and are not reiattd *o Tkt 

What i* wtUncw? U it 
the ume as lic«iih? 

Wellness is not synony- 
moua with health Wellness 
IS active and depends on ini- 
tiative action and cnmmil- 
menl. Good Health » a state, 
and MOietimes achieved 
without effort. 

Wellness is a process ot 
awareness of many different 
dimensions physical, emo- 
tional, spiritual, intellectual, 
occupational and social. 
Health is sometiung people 
have most of the time 
between illncaaes. 

Wrllitess is a presence of 
positive striving. It's 
than the abseiKe of illnas. 

Health often has ne)(ati\e 
associations and many 
shouldn'ts (ie shouldn't 
amokc, eat fats, etc) 
Health's emphasis is on ill- 
ness and disease 

Wellness is unique to the 
individual Health informa- 
tum always uses "averanpn" 
H> cummunicale (i e. the aver- 
age Anwrican should ) 

Wellness is purposeful in 
direction working toward 
one's potential. 

HcsMi tmds to be restnc- 
live and compaics people to 
other individuab and 


bidivKiuals self assess t>« 
need for a wellness goal 
Health relies on nthen. (ie 
doctors) to give a prescnptum 
tor what to do. 

One can be ill or disabled 
and stilt have wellness if 
there is a life purpose, a deep 
appreciation h>r lite aiKi a |oy 
of living 

The concept of wellness v 
health » most logical because 
it does not advocate any pre- 
determined prescription 
goals or standanfe for people 
Wellness is not preachy, it 
allows individual to make 
their own choices and devel- 
op a positive outlook. 


Axis Qroup from WiHow CrMrit Church suppbed the Pspst 
■I ttM MInJMippt HmM. not Program Board 

Hmm iintas «*M*i«a 

iu.,«.M Makr a difference 

in the s\strni. 

I.. h.«. 

.<MXII<l>|l If ,11. II!. ti 

' vfiut (ommuiiK .< 

t .trrr* Vi wV 


The Harper C ollege 
Women s pnigram i»tffrs the 
fivllowing Wiirkshops m 
Srptember and iVtober 

Tightening Your Belt 

aWM0Ot4-a01) mc«ts on 
Tuesday, Sept. 23. from 6 30- 
»30pm A:41 Hdvv v,.ur 
expenses gone wild' Do 
you feel y<ni could do a bet- 
ter fot) with your household 
mcome' Tightening \out 
Bell will give you practical 
tips i>n money maitageiiMmt. 
an und«*rstanding iM where 
and how hard-earned cash ls 
being spent, and a plan of 
actum to nrgulale the cash 
flow The cost is $30 

Ending Self-Judgment 
lor how to stop being your 
own worst enemyl 

(LWMO(V42-O01) meets on 
Saturday. Sept. 27. from 9 
am - 3pm. in A242a The 
"judge" is thai part of our 
persorulity that judges and 
tritici/es whatever we do 
and tyrannizes the "iiwier 
child." causmg much pam 
and bUKking our true poten- 
tial. Wv ail have an inner 
ludge. but we can learn to be 
aware of if and reduce its 

power to thwart us The 
cost is $60 which mcludi« a 
btx>k and lunch To register, 
call (MT) <»2S-3377 and spec 
ify the ctwreti n>iir><' num 
brt In addition tu Ihi' 
cours»\ tlwre IS a M registra- 
tion tif charged per term 
for lurlhrr intormation 
alH>ul the Harper Collegi- 
Women's Trogram. call (847) 

Caring for the Elderly: 
Who can 1 Turn to? 

(lVVMi)lN2(litlt meets on 
Wednesday Oct. 1 from 9 
am -3 pm., in A241. Are 
you resporvMble for an older 
adult? l>?am how to deal 
with the physical, jtnotion- 
dl. social and financial 
changes that effect the elder- 
ly and what you can do tu 
help people feel safe, yet 
independent You'll also 
learn the ins and outs of 
Medicare. Medicaid, insur- 
ance and pnvate and long- 
term health care The exist is 
$40 which includes lunch 

Stop Negative Thinking 

(LWMCXKM^Wl) me«'ts on 
Saturday, Oct. 4, from ■« 
a m -3 p m . m A242a Don't 

let rtegahve thinkmg hold 
you back If you are often 
angry, disappomted or pes- 
simistic, tfiis workshop can 
hi'lp Tind out how to get 
past these stumbling blocks, 
let go and move on. The cost 
is $40 which includes lunch 

Raising a Thinking 
Child iLWMU'S^-tWl) mi-ets 
un Saturday, Oct 18 from <> 
am -12 p m in A241 Raise 
your child to be an indepen- 
dent Ihmker! Teach your 
child how to think through 
and solve everyday prob- 
lems This program will 
teach children how to think, 
nt>t what to think Learn 
how to help your child 
explore alternate solutions, 
consequences, consider feel- 
ings of others and resolve 
conflicts The cost is $30. 

Memorization Magic 

(tWM0044-OOI) meets on 
Saturday, Oct. 18 from 9 
am -3 p m m A242a. Conw 
to this session to gain hps on 
how to memorize lists, 
series, names and more 
You'll find yourself trying 
them for fun The cost is $40 
which includes lunch 

200 exhibits for sale at 3-day Autumn Craft Fair 


Over 2(X) exhibit* will K- .it the .Autumn 
Wonderland Craft Fair on Sept 2»v2« in 
Buikimg M 

"There will be a wide variety of items at 
the show." said the craft fair's founder Lil 
Domzalski, who has been heading the fair fur 
five years now. 

The exhibits feature crafts m well at ftne 
art arwl seasoiul items 

During the show, which is one of tf»«p 
fairs Donrualski puts on annually, there will 
be a chance for one luckv Harper art student 

tit win a S*^)!' art •x.tu'l.irship 

"HcMs'ever," said IJomzaUlii ihi winner 
must be present at the show ti^ cUini the 
scholarship " 

The fair's luiurs will be: Friday, Sept. 26, 
10 am-H pm , Saturday, Sept 27, 10 a.m.-5 
p.m , and Sunday, Sept. 28. II am -4 p m. 

The fair is open to the public and daily 
admission is $3 SO lor .idults and free for chil- 
dren 12 and under 

Harper's sports program will provide 

For more information call I il IXmualski 
at (630) 293-3637 

Fal Into Great Savings at 



: Support Iftp National 
: Hofi-ir Society by buying 
■ a baud good at a bake 
! sale Thursday Sept 25 
: from 10 am -3 p.m. in the 
Quad, we s tf i er p e ra r u t ti ng. 
Oou^uwla, caokles, 
uwniss, other baked 
goods and taffy apples 
willbrtokl. Pracnedswill 
beneBt the NHS trip to the 
National Collegiate 

\ hionors Council. For more 
information call Trygve 
ThoRson at (847) 925- 

I |.>m Harper Hillcl for 

'sweets" for the Jewish 
I New Year WMamday, 

Sept 24 in the BuiUii^ A 
I second floor fireplace aies. 
I Contact Hillel Advisor 

Sturi Pergncht in the 
I Building D counselii^ 

office Iw 


Page 4 


The Harfeinger 
September 22, 1997 


Student apathy a 
campus problem 

After sMuiK the ■tands at sporting events 
and countin)( 24 ballot» cast ui the Student 
Senate eiectiun, it is more than iibvitHi* that 
students aiv beyotwl apatheti>. 

After the big deal made Utt year when 
fuolball was on the verge i>t dissolving, Mu- 
denls vowed to attend nunv game<< 

Theiv was a pretty healthy attendance al 
Bamnglim High SchMil for bM week's foot- 
ball game, but the ma(ority erf the stands 
were players' parents. 

U the students made such a big stink last 
year, why aren't more attending the games'" 

And It's not |u»t football games, all of the 
sports have a small cn>wd attending the 

Why do high school ar^d (tour-year sport- 
ing events have a bigger fan tunwul than 

Suie, It's understood that people work 
and have lives outside ol whool, but how 
hard is it to support cine game? 

b it publicity? TV HaHwi^ runs a full- 
tMMon schedule fur all sports. 

Is it the cost? There is no adnusuon to 
games with a Student Activity PJs^ 

U II l«> mu»h lo drive all lh«- way hjik 
to school? Vou dnve hetv M least twice a 
week for claw, what's onoe moic? 

The apathy exists way beyond sporting 
events. Out of a student po|>ulation of over 
25,000 only 24 people voted in the sanale 
election last week 24' 

Do you reali/e how important the senate 
IS? They represent the student b«xi> in 
maior decision making The senate also 
appnwes new clubs and twganizahons 

Right now our senate n^resenls 24 stu- 
dents out of 1,000 times monr peopk- 

The Harbingfr thanks those 24 people for 
taking two minutes out of their lives lo vote 

Despite laws, weed is still alive 

students' views remain tiie same for 27 years 

STAf f wmTBI 

How do Harper vtudents »•-' 
about marquana'' The laws 'v.i 
» illegal, unless used tor metiK.ii 

A doctor must appiv to Ihe 
state of Illinois for approval to 
ptescnbe dronabinol, soM as THC 
or Mannol 

rhr low-dose pilb increase the 
appetite of people living with 
HiV/AlDS and cancer, reduce 
nausea associated with 

chemotherapy and kiwer inner- 
eye pressure from glauconu 

In spite of that irn-dical rv^lnc- 
tion, the maiastream media <iends 
the measaf^ that it is acceptabk- 

From Cheech and Chong 
making movies, to High Timti 
publishing articles. man)uana has 
been accepted a* the "soft" dnig 
with the potential to be legalized 
In 1976, when Tommy Chong 
and Cheech Mann came to 
Harper, Chotig said, "We've got a 
big future ahead, I think the thmg 
that'll really spring us will be 
when they finally l^liie weed." 
This possible change hasn't 
been without debate 

Even on the Harper campus 
alone, students held vanous opin- 

In a 1976 p»>ll. The Harlnnger 
ftnuuJ that i>7 jierienl i>t Ih.- sur- 
veyevl students fell thai " marijua- 
na shouU be legaiucd;" M> per- 
cent felt that it should lemain an 
illegal substance. 

In that same poll, 76 percent 
also felt that alcohol and tobacco 
shtmld nrmam legal 

The maninty of people polled 
(85 percent) felt that the laws 
legardmg alcohol, tolMcco. and 
manjuana "should be uniform 
throughout the country ' 

Today, m an informal survey, 
the ma|onty of the studenN polled 
feel that maniuana should be 

The great mafority feel that the 
current laws on akohol and tobac- 
co should remain (he same and 
that laws regarding thtte sub- 

stances should be consistent 
throughout the states. 

A • '^■^1 the Cannabis Contnvl 
!!o Illinois Compihrd 
-.i.iiuii-^ ^lales, "cannabis jisl 
widelv used among the cituen.s 
of Illinois despite its harmful 

Marijuana may impair dnvers 
when under the influence. 
Drivers who are under the influ- 
ence of mari|uana act similarly lo 
those wfui are under the mfluence 
of alcohol 

They weave, speed, brake fre- 
quently and behave in otfier sus- 
picious ways 

"'Possession ol mari|ujna, if 

less than 2.5 grains, will be con- 
sidered a petty and will 
not go on a criminal record," said 
Officer Stopper ol the Buft.ilo 
Grove Police Di-partment 

A fine of less than $500 and 
possible supervision is at the dis- 
cretion ol (he judge 

"A prediction is that in five 
years vendmg machines will sup- 
ply marifuana," according to The 
Harhmgrr article in IVt 26, 1970, 
Trip to Nowhere by Don 

Almost 27 years have passed 
since thai statement was mad?, 
and the debate continues to lie 


ki mm Om. la, M71 


•f fft* miUrngtr, Sairta CImm »m 
l»tut Tkto pIctM* MflMto 
•tf tt» MM ki Mm tar—. 

The Harbinger 

Acting Editor in Chiet 

Lauren Schubel 

News Editor Amanda Oftenbachir 

A&EEditor JayMKUIeton 

Sports Editor 


FactAyAdvisor Howard ScMoaabMg 


Staff HIMtors MM 

Don Berber. Ted Oanyluk. Ryan Fretjnd. Kelli Hader. Brian MarkiewiC2. 
Mike Odahowski. David Ptnp. Kevm Shepke. Sandy Tang 

OMMral P0llcl*« 


Is «MHy imu#«iul t(» lOMOl yMT ocaot durmc hcMain 
nw papw It tttlr«u(M Ira* to •• sludwxs. facuRir ant 
n» Htoaniir't sole purpoM IS to pnxnde tne Hvpw cofmu. 
ntamaMn partanng to tn* campus am) its turmmmt cavmn 


Letters mist IM MfriM. SWwluM «« M oWnatd 
and content m sutjact toeatne 

tipim to our ■dttontfs 

Piwtucts ■« MTMcas aOMrtiastf ri rfvM«>Kerii«r 

•noonMd by OK aditars of on pvier. nor br n« coatte •OnnX'X'O" w 
•OM o( DMctora. mqurm itiouH be tonNrtM (Uractiir to me adwenisar. 

ana an purcnaaas He at tn* dMoanan 0* the consular. 

The Klartxr^ef William Ramey I4arper CoitoCB 

1200 West Alggnqum Road 

f>alatne.lL 60067 7098 

business office: (847) 925-6460 
office: (847) 925*000 )i2461 
ftBC (847)925-6033 

ecpyn^ 1997. The Harbinger. 

The Harinngtr 
S«pteBib«r 22, 1997 

Fruteland: Blues activist teaches 


> giMwtot FnrtctaMl imakamm wm w— < 
■ftM a Mwitf vf kM gn mt unuu . Ito wm Imm« 
' " 1 kat k* Mw cartM N Hlw * katfg*. 

conimsd horn p^c i 
ing undll childrm abi)ut 
the blues through stunn 
with chararten who have 
to overcome otetades. 

These itoriM aie lold 
with a baduirop of blurs 

For the okier childivn 
Jack'ion intrmliu. 
blues as an im(K>rUiii 
aspect of today's music. 

Jackson also pioneered a 
program in which he per- 
forms tor high school stu- 
dmts in the inner city. 

This program. "Blues in 
the Hotxl Trading 

Handguns for 

Harmonicas", encourages 
tlie students to get involved 
with the blues and its histo- 
ry. Despite Jackstm's grow- 
ing succvm he will always 
work with chtklrvn encour- 
aging diversity in music 

and another >>i\i aut- out 
before the holidays, 
lackson is uphmistw about 
the future lackson's CD 
and tour Mrhedule arv ji\ Jil 
able via the Intemct at 
http / /members aol com 
truteland / Index htm 


We're V-^ _.«. ■ 

FUN, puxmu 



and Mor^i 

Just bring In t copy 
Iff your schedule tnJ 
we 11 tcheJule Iwurf 
ammd your cksset! 

I • ■fflW'S. ■>•>• 


• WAITSTAFF (am/pm) 

W* oAw our H i ociat ia Riubt* tdMdulas. • com- 
pMlM*\M9*. uniwdWthMlhaiauanca. 40111 plan, 
pud vacalkMi tor tul-«MM atsocMlw and a dnmg 
ducount al in a pmnott-tivn-mftrm •nvtrofwnanl 
N ^ou'ra looking tor a tun way lo oam »«m cash. «• 
nKinl to hear Ironi youl Apply «i parson, or sandrFAX 
ycur rs« ui ii«<l1 H i ot w ls r s at to IMX • OIMA'S. 
(M71 lt«-3«». Wtt* an aquH oppotunDy anvtoyw 



Comedian Dan Zevin will give amusing 
lecture targeted at college students 


Comedian Dan /evin 
author of iJw tiesl-sellinK 

SUitjueraJm); j> j Member i" 
ihf Real World, will appear on 
Campus on Tuesday, Sept 2.T 
at 7:V) p m in the fiuiiding J 

/x-\u\\ lecture. lite 
.MU-r eollegi'." will give 
advKi* Ut stiidi'nt*. im topics 
ranging trom finding an 
apartment to "taking your 
resume " 

The speech will aildress 
the ciwwems of ct>Uege grad- 
uates just starting out m the 
real world" arui put tfiem m 
a humorous light 

Zevin graduated from 
New York University with a 
maior in joumalLsm, "and a 
minor panic attack." (wsays 

In additiim to his career as 
a lecturer, /e%in is a free- 
lance writer and editor. 

His articles have btvn 
publisfied in Rolling Sti>i>e. 
Spy, Us and Outside 

His book, published by 
Bantam books, b a manual 
for the twenty -something 
real world worker who i* ^llll 
wi"t K-hmd the\ 

dealing with tinanct". and 
tliete'* even a section called 
"Your New S»Kial Lite Some 
Assembly Required ' 

The book illustrates the 
differences between pre- and 
post<ollege life, both socially 
atvl pn>fvssuinally 

"It stiows you how lo go 
from a keg party to a cocktail 
piirtv." says i?«"vin 

The presentation at 
Harper will highlight tfie tips 


C o— < l— Oam Z*«ta !• (Mag ■ b w J Ib aiMMh •• 
eampin abo«t M* k**k * Ctm^ttm AwM* to 
mm»^t—rm4lmg •• m m n mtknt mt Utm Hmml NtorML 
TMMt* aw avaUaM* wHk a »te<iat «*e«Hrt. 

and tfie advice on careers 
given m tfie book 

An extx-rpt. found m tlie 
chapter "Entry Level Office 
Life. " ^talt~. "Few events are 
more emotionalU charged 
than receiving that first 
chivk, particularlv when vou 

an,: .>m- 

pei»>jtuMi f^novMi ds diiect 

"With this mettiod. your 
employer transfers your pit- 
laiKe directly into t>w bank. 
Combitwd with tfie 'direct 
wittulrawal" system youre 
already usmg, it's the obvi- 
ous choice for consistent 
motwy management " 

In a recent interview. 

B; How can I get my education 

focused fast? 

Kl J Traasf er to DeVry 

™* * to complete your degree. 

Ouf t^W Mi i wl M w l mwl oaunt* mt lontoMt bn'i taipi » aiA 

DEVXZ^ higher degree of tuccess. 

OMnp*. M. WnS-HM 

1X31 N SsM Naad 

■ ■■in H. tawi '•tss 
(7M)M3-aOM , 

Zevin was asked if he 
believed going to a conunu- 
nity college before a four- 
year college was a good idea. 

"Any college is a good 
idea," he said. 

"Go to college arvJ stay 
tliere as long as you can. but 
\ou d«» fuve lo )^et (nit i>f 
. mir pan-nN' ftouse " 

So how did A'vin txxiime 
su>h an expert on life after 
college? "Life experieiK-e," 
he says 

"(This is| all tfie knowl- 
edge I've acquired living in 
the 'real world'." 

I-or tickets and informa- 
tion call tfie Harper Box 
Office at (847) 925-6100 
Tickets aie $5 with a student 
activity pass and $7 for non- 

Performers cancel 
campus appearances 

Cult movie director John 
Waters and actor Edward 
James Otmos have both can- 
celled their upcoming 
appearances on campus 

Waters is in the middle of 
filming his next film. Pnck, 
aivi will not be able to make 
his scheduled appearance on 
Dec 5 

r^xigram Board will still 
sftow his films Hairspray, 
Sept 24, frmoif TrouWrOct I, 
and Pink FUmungm, Oct. 8. 

Olmos also gives the rea- 
son of hinung a movie for 
not speaking on campus Oct 

The award-wining Olmos 
has appeared in several films 
includmg Selfru and stand 
and DflK<er 

He also had a part on 
TV's "Miami Vice" 


llani#t a cia>slffl#ds 

The Harbinger 

HUp Wanted 

Hav« Fun/Moke Money 

Carlos Murphy's a 

now hiring Foodserven 

full Of Poff-Time 

Appty In Parson 

406 E. Golf Rood 



BOOKS. Pan Time At Home. Toll 
Free (1)800 218 9000 Ext. R- 
8715 for Listings. 

$1000^ POSSIBLE TYPINa Part 
Time. At Home. Toll Free (1)800- 
218-9000 Ext. T-8715 for 

Porsches. Cadillacs, Owvys, 
BMW^s. Corvettes. Also JMps. 
4WD'5. Your Area To« Free 1- 
800^218^9000 Ext. A<715 for 
current listings. 

GOVT FOREaOSED homes from 
pennies on $1 Delinquent Tax. 
Repo's. REO^. Your Area ToH 
Free (1)800-218-9000 Ext. H- 
8715 for cunwit listings. 

For Sol* 

aECTRiC BASS, hard case and 
amp. 5-strin|' black Ibanez 
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1996 CHEVY 1500 ext cab 
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lo«tea 35K. maroon and gptd 
exterior, maroon interior, new 
tires. $ia750 obo. Call Sean 

Roofn for Rent 

Housemate needed to share 
quad. $350/ month. 1 /2 phone. 
all utilities covered. Basement al 
cove apartment shar4« bath and 
kitchea non-smoher. Gender and 
^e opea Perferably quiet. In 
Schaumburg rwar Bode. Call 
Laurel at (847) 519-0004 for 
more informatiorx 



Typing of Term Papers. Thesis. 

Tables, et. 

Laaar Printing 

AMMabie Days. 

Evenings & Weekends 

Just Minutes from Harper 

Call Kim Andrews 

(847) 705-7488 

Canipua Bnptoymant 

Student Senate is looking for a 
secretary for their office, for 
more information stop by the 
office located on the th«rd floor 
in txiiMmg A. 

The HarMrMWr is k>oking for writ- 
ers for the Tall and Spring 
semesters. Call (847) 925- 
6000 x2461. 


Save another 



Caiw SlyWWfllM' 4SM 

—itWiiiiii ■ II 

cash back* 

Ntocintosh' 6500/35* 
uai» Bi n i im i m iM ai i 




Tt cash back* 

Now is iti* tignt wnt 10 1*1 wi Apple Poovr MKi«lo*>i or ffpmrSaoit. 
Bkjuw in aMmon to iMnnt Ow compulf HmH Itu you M mot ti<in 
*ou can InufDw. you am tm* bf tlm* Fat < iimitd) tint, lludtoB 
«t tUflbl* *B> ipKKI att> f«b«M 

•n* It a liiilM ItM* KkM aitrm <(kr. Can l^»ti Canfw Hi«a 


1 800 ^m 

24 houri a dsM 7 days a 

cash back* 

• (M# tM> eWMM dl b«M «M»«NMlei» 

mm mm hi wt0. «<■■>■ 1 — a m tm tvt^m^ 

1 w *-mt iM*> Mm M» « mmmm jmm m* • aAaa m *a# mmmtn iMi^ hihwmi mm w» mm>»m m w^ am^mm wew 

The Haft>inger 
September 22, 1997 


Page 7 


Men's Soccer rises to the occasion 



BiU. Otf. 




« IW* Pnt* 





FulloM-tng vicfiirie* over Trilcm and 
Kishwauki* Cotlege. the Hiwks gear their 
rftbrts toward the secund half o( the season 

"We want them to focus throughiwit the 
season, " Mid asMstant Coach Ishk: Mouihi, 
"We want them to pUy ftw *) minulw, not 85 
because the game is deckled in the bsl five 

To go along with that theory, the Hawks 
(^2 1 have had three gamt~« decidi><l in over- 
time Against Tnloo the Hawks battled to a 
scoreless tie a» both teams denied the other 
from Uking control of the game as the Hawks 
weie led b\ «i>.ill.<f}>-r Dave Cjiertantwski 

Sophomore mid-fielder Anthony Russo 
icoted following a lead pa!>» from Todd 
Bastable Moushi contributed that chance on 
the teams conditioning 

"We don't want them to be lopsided play- 
ers, they should be composed smce every 
posseMiion is a battle and if we win each bat- 
tle, we will the ultimate goal, the war" he said 
"When people don't dig deep m training, 
then they don't dig deep in games, but con- 
venely to that we have won games on our 
'second tank." referring to the teams rigorous 
preseason traimng.The team has had many 
leaders including Vince Roselewski, Andy 
Martinez and Rich Ivanich on 
def en.^' / s w iff >er 




•* S ^ STo* SZ SE Volleyball: Key games ahead 


WMHa*! VoBrytaU 


Ob I a 4 IkAm 

contlnMd twn pafi 8 
The second match was 
against Kishwakee 
they lost both sets IS. 
9. l»-lh 

The Hawks la-t 
match was against St 
Francis JV and won 
both sets 15-11. l5-r 

»^ a mm. 

Oa. I «w 

I M 

4 •■ 

* Ma 

* IIM 

» M 

Invest Your Credits 

Tramfir your alitff amrstwori 

nd cumpleu a» acctltrakd dtpm 

OUrnr Inm tin. hfmmt f 

wfki:i-\n CImm. 0mdimn 
« BsrttUr •/ Bmttmm 
AJmmmmltmi litpw. 

ill .. .1. \KI \l 


rnMt#r .<k*ain»^ lap i 


KA T>CrVl 1 i»..»JS^iun: 

< ' .1 ■ 1 / I ..Uffljhii. 11*01*: 


* U « , ^ '. ' • « t i s 

Coach SUuder says 
that the games agattiot 
McHenry and Illinois 
Valley are going to be 
kev games fiw us The 
Lady Hawks' next 
home game will be 
against Ulincns Valley 
at (I p m 

Mike Hirsch was hired as men's 
head basketball coach after Kent 
Payne resigned. 

•Joliet College voted to keep its foot- 
ball pn>gram for anodter year. 
• Kendall Faber and Ryan lavnich 
were named athletes of the week. 
Faber set a new lecurd with three 
interceptions in Harper's win over 

Women's soccer: Team learns from defeat 

contniM trtam {Will 8 

The Hawks got 2 goats from Mary Ellen Salas, 
and hrst time soccer player Nicole Herring 
tallied ani>ther in a 4-U shutout 

The Hawki deteure of Mitchell .md Kelly 
Cuffaro kept the oppo n e n ts out of the Ativn- 

Condill I' 
Hawks uiH 

The wonvt'n suttvn.'O their rirsi los-s .>! inf 
season 5-1 against Collie of DuPage as the 
Hawks scored only once, and were piesaured 
the whole game 

"They leally worked us t^ 
the frame game." said Ca; 

rttf to 

we had the baU they attacked and we had to 
attack them every time they had the ball, we 
worked twice as hard " l>!spite being do%vn, 
Caicia said that the captains. Mitchell and 
Hall showed a lot of heart 

"F.ven though when we were losing the 
,; • - '^•wed g»xxi charailPT amt oev« 
he NJld 
ih«' l.-ain lix'kin^; -horl oi' ) lis.r> 

ng in the tirst ganu- Hemn); and Jamie 
cUrk came out lor the team to fill gapping 
hole* "JamK* and NicoU- bnng aggn'ssive- 
ncss and athleticism to an already skilled 
team, and they are stepping into one of the 
hardest p«*iilions as mid fielders." Iv said 

TTuMf h«>me ne«t game is Tuesday, Sept. 2.3 
jgain-st Flgm 

If your answer is yes. United Parcel Service 
has part-tirT>e loader and unloader positions 
available Check out these benefits: 

.^lM/M ilmakh^ maJma 

-> No Weekend Work 


3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

•f Comprehensive Medical Package 

& Stock Participation -> Employee Owned Company 


Call toll free 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

*«■«' '^»<r KxMmsam **n 

LocatKWis: HodgkinaAVillow Springs (1-55 & 1-294) Addison. 
Patetfeie, Northbrook & Westniont 

;i /,'www V.1PS corr- 



Eciual Opportunity Employ- 

P^ i . WlWt—i Itetiwy Hmipm Collf • 

Hawks head into conference showdowns following strong start 

Eliaslk iiiid«f •at«d in Saturday night alumni gamas after 30-27 victory 


Harprr's football team has iwt losi 
its flair (or drama Following two 
come-from-bthind victories over 

After a game-tying »core by 
EUtworth to tie the scotr at 27-27 
|ohn Rogen returned the eivnung 
kickoff to the Ellsworth eight-yani 
line with 1..K) left in the game 

"1 got good blocks and evtwybody 
accounted for a man," said Rogers. 

Following three Robert Davidson 
carries, nmning the cloirk down to 
(W)5 ivtnaining in the gamt-, HdrptT 
called for time and brought out the 
field goal unit Place-kicker Tony 
Dellacqua ■s.-nt the ball through the 
upnghfc. with 0:02 to go m the game 

"I went out there relaxed." said 
Dellacqua "I've been cimfident all 
acaaon. I knew it would go through " 

Harper, howe>cr, gave up over 200 
yaotds on the ground for the second 
week in a row, but raised their reroni 

head toach lohn Cliasik \Vi- Jidn t 
get off the blocks and movt- to the ball 

well ' fllsworth committed lt\e 
turnovers in the game Kendall Faher 
set a gairor mxird with three intercep- 

"My comerbacks jammed them 
hard," said Faber "They slowed them 
down and gave me a chance to get out 
there and makenhe interception " 
Harper's backfield expU>ded. 
Leading the way was Robert 
Davidson with a 220-yard, two- 
touchdown performance 

"I |ust got out there and ran hard," 
said Davidson "The offensive tine- 
men held their blocks long eiwt^ for 
me to get loose " 

The offensive Ime and Davidson 
amended for weak a 106-yard perfor- 
maiKe in Waldorf the pre\iou» week- 

The game w^ like a heavywetf^ 
match." said Eliastk referring to the 
game in Waldorf 

With \M remaining in the game 
and Harper down 28-27 Quarterback 
K.C Church engineered a game-wm- 
ninp drive The kev pl.iv ii»ming i^n a 

M •« M« OWM M«fMptlMM « 

the cn>ui:ij; f't.jv *. hu' 
with Wide receiver Davi 

streaked down the sidelines for at 
apparent, but the backfield judge 
ralUii S»',iriv out at tfie 2-vard line 

il with 

game. Waldorf's option attack pun- 
ished Harper's defense for 206 yards 
on tfv? gn>und 

■ Tiwir offense had a solid metliod- 
K j| jppnuth,' said defensive coordi- 
nator Jotm Ncwcomb "The)- wore u-. 

returned for a toudhdown iced the down, we bent but didn't break.' 

Volleyball returns home after wdmen^ socclrfS& first 

two successful tournaments 

in team's history 

Ryan Frmmd 

.-ui M i.M-,! 

In, rrn" nr-.i in-nui-i .'t 
rt>e season they split tin- two 
games thi-v plj\i-d Th.\ 
delraled Inl.Ki \'- \: !''^ 
and lost to WautHHisife 

"Even llH^ugh we lost the 
tn-meel wo played together 
as a learn and i\ever quit. 
said Coach Sfwrtm Slauder 

Later in tfie sclwdule tfwy 
played another In-mwt and 
won both games 

"V/t were very consistent 
and stayed focused through- 
out the whtile game and that 
was very imp«irtanl," added 
t iiach Stauder 

The following day Ifiey 
played a tiHigh COD team 
and almost came home with 
a victory They lost the tir^l 
gjme l»v 14 won the second 
In- 14 jml lost the ImI two 

ivr i4-iD 

"The dcfiMe is aw 

Tracy t lta^ar aa4 Kr(ata« 
■ylha agalaat TritoM. 

stn>ng pinnt ot the gante 
They wi-re always digging 
for ever) Iom- ball and also 
kept their head.s in the game. 
" said Stauder 

"The only thing that real- 
ly hurt us was our serving 
VVe were tied 12- 12 and 
misned serves we can t do and expect to win t )ne 
pljviT in the name that real- 
ly fielpcd us when we really 
needed it was )ody Ronsol 
She Um been plaving great 
far u» atki i louldn i t-ven 

think .»f taking her out ' 

|(Ki\ Kossol added. " 
Everytime we play a ffttne 
It's easier to trust each otf¥^ 
and to wotk to^Hher as a 
te«m " 

last weekend tfiey 
plaved a toumamt-nt in 
COO and finished with two 
losses and one wm The 
Hawks ft»t game was 
against McHcnry, diry 
wiwi the first set \^% then 
lost the Ust two 15-<». 15-3 

Sav VqMqImM flft pas' ' 


The m oB u m 's locoer tmm 
not only played in Ihair Sat 
gtmrevCT, but in the ptooH* 
Ihry deferted Kendall 
CoOege 3-1 at home on Sept 

Kendall CoMcRe •cored 
tm first goal, in the fini five 
nunulet. but Hatpcr was 
({ukk to tally the «|iuU»r 
The Hawks defanee took oni- 
trol of the gMM. ABcneing 
•i^jr two riwk the scM of the 


"LiM aitd Angela 
Viggiano had gmu baU 

haad coach 

Sun Garcia said. AkMg wMi 
Lisa and Angela, Cryelal 
XBlrtwIl and Heather HaU 
•lao noved the ball weU in 
the Hawka' first victory of 

They canicd the moawn- 
tum of their ftral win over to 
the itext contact. Praiite Stale. 

NCA gives highest possible reaccreditatlon ^\q\^ Recht 

NliM-iiMiiilMr •vahMtlon tMMi aotos strsngtks, 




The n'dliution leun of repiewn- 
Utivrs from the Commi».«icin on 
InstitutionM of (higher EducaMon of 
(he North Central Avuvuition of 
CoUcf^es and Sch(x>ls concluded 
their three-day accreditation visit 
with a preliminary rFronunendaltun 
of alO-year reaccmiilation, the maxi- 
mum number of years possible. 

"I congratulate arid commend 
Harper Colle;^ for a very fine «id 
very strong instituhon," «aid 
Pmident of ScoMsdale Community 
CoOtge. ScoltKble. Az., Dr Aitfiui 

The accreditatKin team, cooi- 
priaed of nine college personnel frt>m 
cooununity collej^es across the coun- 
try, visited the campus Sept. 22-24 to 
evaluate the effKiency of the educa- 
tioful process and confirm that 
Harper meets all the general require- 

NHS partiripates in 
Adopt-a-l ii^liway on 
Algonquin Rd. 
Page 2 

No tuxedos required at 
Big Band Fall Ball. 
Page 3 

The Office ot 
Multicultural Affairs 
traced since 1992. 
Page 4 

Scholars of London 
perform free concert on 


Women's Volleyball 
anticipates upcoming 

Men's golf features Justin 
Birkley at end of season. 

ments to be reaccieditt>d 

Several strengths noted during 
di* nalualion were: the "compre- 
heiwive scope of programs and ser- 
vice** offered, the number of trans- 
fer agraements with other tnstitu- 
tions ao'i •►>•• ^^instbiltty of com- 
puter |ji Ills." 

! fDT ft very Am 

I ft vcrj stram 

Aiao mentioned ^^ 
dynamic array of progranu. dnd i*r- 
vices offered through student ser- 
vicot," "the commimient to emplov- 
•edevckspment." and the "high level 
of qualified faculty, staff and admin- 

The efforts of so many of our la>. 
uily, staff and admini>trali>rs owi 
the past 10 yean lo nuiu- Har^n-r an 
instituticNi of highest quality and 
serving to the best of its ability tht- 
residents of our district have been 
rewarded in a most deserving fash- 
ion," said Harper President Paul 
Thompson. "The fact that the evalu- 
.itiim team found more strengths 
than concerns is an indication of how 
w ell our institution is regardtxl " 

"There were a few concerns as 
welt," said Community ReUnons 
Manager Amy Hauenstien. "One 
was diversity Harper has made a 
commitment to this and has made 
progress m tliis area. That pnigrv^s 
should continue, particularly among 
the staff and faculty They also had 
concerns with continuing education 
Appiarentty rtwte has been an mcon- 
sislency with il being centralized and 
then decentralized " 

Soccer remains strong at home 


<iftw<«r la Om Hawk* 2-« 

Union rallies in Quad 

Members of the Harper 
Professional Techna-al Union rallied 
in the quad on Tuesday. Sept 23. 

A lack of pn>gtvss in contract 
negotiations birthed tfie protest. 

CiHitract talk between the college 
and the union has been stalled. 

"The chief issue m this negolia- 
lion is fairness We deserve the 
same salary increases as faculty and 
classified employees receive," said 

tmion chief negotiator Bob Breving 
At the rally, union president 
Mary Azawi outUned the key issues 
for the tw|p>tiations. and told the 
members they must stick together 
for a contract. Member, clapped 
hands and chanted for the equality 
and pay raises they want 

Cecw|^ Evans, Harper Faculty 
Senate president, and Phil Stewart, 
faculty grievance chair, pledged 
their support for the new contract. 

performs free 
Quad concert 

iay MMtftotM 

»ie fOITOR 

liilted Mmgwnter and performer 
Rick Recht Mxd Kls band performed 
the third installment of tree coiKerls 
in the <^ad on Thursday. Sept 25. 

The cnhcally acclaimed musicians 
are known for incorporating several 
different musical styles into their 
brand of hard-driven acoustic-based 

Recht's unique sound is a result of 
combiiung acoustic folk leads with 
harsh, alternative lyncs to give the 
songs a pop feel and a "shady" edge. 

His music has been compared to 
thai of Dave Matthews, Sheryl Crow, 
lohn Mellencamp and Shawn Colvin. 
Recht luts pop fixtures Billy Joel 
and Elton John as mfluences, as well 
as female artists like Indigo Girls 

"When 1 was younger. 1 was into 
guy s like Billv |oel 

(jot Itirxugh;.- I •■'•.-I .., ti..^^. 
into .1 lot 

ill! - ^1 u.itiiriHl Kixlil- 
V ibrani v ucals and clean guitar pick- 
ing backed up by keyboards, bass, 
Karmonua and drums 

RechI has played at numerous 
universities across the country, and 
It's not uncommon for the audience 
to be absorbed by the music 

As well as tounng colleges across 
the U.S., Rechi has opened for the 
likes of Jimmy Cliff, America, 
Marshall Crenshaw and others. 

Rechls 1<»4 album fUalily dis- 
plays his musical talent and song 
wnting pr»>wess 

"This was our first album as a 
group We are very prt>ud of it," 
said Recht 

A track from thai tl), "Blur", is a 
story of teen angst. 

The song itself is musically sound, 
with strong vocals and proficient 
instrumental playing. 

The lyrics are sullen and dramatic, 
and they create a grim picture: 

"Boy sits in the side of his room 
With his head in a pipe and his hand 
On his knee of his girlfriend 
Fix the last two years or a day 
Doesn't make a difference 
'Cause he never loved her anyway 
And she feels pretty much the same 
It's just one big blur. " 

Another track of} that recording, 
"Carmeleta", describes a 
where one can go to ^ away and 
gain peace of mind: 


October i, 1997 

NHS adopts highway, cleans up Algonquin Road ?Ask your ¥ltollii«ss Advisor? 


The National Honors 
Society sponaorrd the 
Adopt-*-Highway walk on 
Algonquin Rd. on Stovlay, 
Sept 21. 

Menbcn of the NHS 
ipaM Ihe day cteaning up 
Algani|utn Rd. fnMn RoaeUe 
10 Eudid 

for at teaat four years, and ia 
proud of Its success. 

A sign has been posted in 
thru honor at the corner of 
Algonquin and Roaelle 

**I wanted to hdp, to 
frt iBvaKcd." 

■lw. lt iianypenny 
NHS ami 

THeNHS has been doing 
the Adopt-a-Highway wall 

Btett Manypmny, a 
Harper student and member 

of the NHS said. 'I wanted 
to help, to get involved " 

Meetings ot the NHS 
usuaUy include discussion 
groups and outings 

The ctub has their otvn 
newsletter called TV 
CluUlengrr, which is pub- 
lahed four tunes a semestn. 

To find out mote about 
the Nabonai Honors Society, 
»udi as re()U]ntnentii, con- 
tact Betty Hull at (M7) 925- 

Dr. Franklin presents "Quarkgrrrl' 

Dr. Melissa Franklin of 
liarvard University presents 
"QudrkgrrrI The Big and 
Small of It" on Friday, Oct 

Dr. Franklin's appear- 
ance is the setond the 
Woman's Program's "Date 
to Dream: Success Stories,* a 
scries of inspiring speakers. 
each an exceptianal woman 
who dam to dream, who 
p o aa ewei the courage to 
venture forward and creates 
the realitv of success m her 

She Will diicuM Ac barri- 
ers she haa owcRoine as a 
woRvin icicnitst m a pre- 
dominantly male field 

[> Franklin ha» coBabo- 
ralKt With 4S0 fhyitdiH to 
buikt Ihe collider director tt 
Fenmlab. the data from 

which was used to discover 
the sixth and last quark 
(building blocks of all mat- 

Or Frdnkiln is said to t 
very humorous Shi- 

appears rrgularly <tn a 
Caiudian science radio 
show, "Quirks and Quarks." 

Franklin is a consultant 
for llw Children's Television 
Workshop, a producer of 
"Sesame Stivct*. and to the 
Cirque de Subel, a profes- 
sional Canadian circus with- 
out animals. 

In addition she gives 
physics lectures u\ this coun- 
try to dietitians, high school 
and college students and the 
general public. 

For more Information on 
this proj^ram. please call 

ntm caj»Trsv or mtw 

Students can Mtonymous- 
ly submit questions on 
Wellness reUled topics out- 
side the Health Service office 

Answers will appear in 
future issues of TV 

All questions will be thor- 
uughly researched, and 
ie9^)onses will be [»ovided 
by healdi care pr ofess i o nals, 
and aw not related to TJir 

Does Harper College pro- 
vide HIV/AIDS testing? U 
there a fttT If to, what docs 
it cost? 

No, not on campus at this 
time The followmg 

resouKcs are available: 
Cook County Health 
2121 Em lid Ave 
Rolling Meadows. IL 60008 
(7()8) 44^AIIJS 
Fr^e. ammsinous and confi- 
dential testing with counsel- 

Howard Brown Clinic 
»*5 W George St 
Chicago, IL 60657 

(773) 871-5777 

Fee of S60, anonymous and 
confidentaal testing with 

There are two common 
methods of testing. Before 
you chose a test site, you 
must decide by which 
method you should be test- 

Confidential means that, 
although your results will be 
recorded, no one can give 
them out without your per- 
mission, as required by state 

Anonymous means that 
your name is not recorded, 
and only you can hnd out 
your results. Whichever 
method you chose, be sure 
that you receive counseling 
both before and after receiv- 
ing the results 

If you think you hdM- 
become infected with HIV 
you should be tested. You 
could be at higher risk of 
being exposed it you share 
needles and syringes, have 
sex with anyone who injects 
drugs, have sex with mulh- 
ple sex partners, or have 
received blood transfuM> 
or components l>efore I%~ 

Protest: Union requests fairness 

contnjK) from |M(e 1 

The "(1 mpmbtri of tlw 
pr(it<^«.iiinjl-fechnujl unit 
work in various computer 
labs as programmers and ser- 

vice technirians Some of the 

c-mployees coordinjli- Lontin 
uing education programs, 
tutor students, and teach in 
the child care center 

Nation's largest Haunted Houses ^o^f^^J^J^^i 

7-10 P.M. Nighfly 





















IM^ iili i> w^Wrt 


tqusliltrt wiMiag trom S4kUT saiAcfa borr«r AIbmi 

Coll 976-7600 




ff wni my idm) lonci wm npwnw ■nmiifi 


The Harbinger 

Campus celebrates Unity Through Diversity 

Page 3 

To cvlcbrale the Harper com 
munity s diverse cultuieii and 
iifetlyks. the Eighth Annual Unity 
Through Diver»ly VNWk a Ott 20- 
24. All events are open to the pub- 
lic and. unitM noted othemrae, lie 
oAered fmeof chu^. 

Monday, Oct » 

Wkal to Diveruly? 9-10:30 a m 


In this expenmenul workshop, 

develop an increased awarenns of 
your Identity and beliefs and 
examine mdividual uniquetiesa 
and cultural uiufication 
Opening the Windows to Um 
World, 1130 am-1230 pm. 
Building A Student Center 
Students from the Langsion 
Hughe* School, Chicago, pieseni a 
multicultural variety pcwgram 
'inphasizing (onign langiM^ and 
intetruiticinal studies. 
Tuesday. Oct. 21 

IntemaHonal Criaie and il» Elftct 
on U.S. Busin«M. U a.m-nooa 


Agent William IC««fe. the 
Supervisory Senior Resident Agent 
with the Federal Bureau of 
investigation. *vill present an inter- 

esting and mformaiive discumon 
Understanding Cultural 

Diffemires: Fomnla Success in 
Global Marketing. 6 45-745 p m . 

We*»««day, Oct 22 
Celebration of Culturts Day: An 
International Bazaar. 11 30 a.m - 
1 .TO pm. Building A Student 

En|oy the excitement i>f an interna- 
tional bauar featuring the colors, 
foods and fa»hion.s of diverse cul- 
tures Harper students will pre- 
sent a takmf an fashion show, and a 
'tampling of arts and crafts will be 
available for purchase. 
Thunday, Oct. 2) 
Undmrtanding the Deaf Culture. 
•J-lOtSOam.. A242a 
lulie Sommen, Harper instructor, 
shares the basic aspects of tlw> 
American deaf culture mcludmg 
language, values, rules of behavior 
and traditions. 

inlcmaiional Study and Travel 
P»l>g mn . noon-l:30 pm Buildins 
ITlMler '^ 

Learn all about Harper's interna- 
tional study, travel and an;heok>gi- 
cal opportunities Spend a semes- 
ter, with homestay. at a campus in 

England. Austria. Mexico or the 
Netherlands Spend a week or two 
with Harper faculty traveling m 
Mexico. (Greece or Chma |oin 
international and local field 
schix>l!. in archeok>gical excava- 

The Many Voices of Political 
Mylh. 7 30 p m.. Buikiing ) Theater 
Professor Wendy Doniger presi- 
dents an ecWctic mix of ancient 
myths and popular cultures 
Friday, Oct. 24 

Natyakalalayan Dance Company 
presents Bharatanatym, 7 3(J p m , 
Building J Theater 
TMf 3,000- year-old classical dance 
style of Indu combines a %ense of 
spintuality with artistic expression 
usii^ precise hand gestures, move- 
ments and facial expressions. The 
admisuon for this performance is 
$5 for Harper students and $7 for 
geiwral admission All tickets are 
S7 the day of show For informa- 
hon call the Haqwr Box Office 
(847) 925^100 

For additional information on 
Unity Through Diversity Wfeek. 
caU Harper Student Activities (S47) 

Live OffelMstra 
provides dancing 
music at Fall Ball 


Put on your dancing shoes and find a 
dancmg partner for the 8th Annual Big 
Band Fall Ball Ballroom * Dance on 
Sahirday. Oct 18 m Building M 

'This will be a uiuque ciunce for peo- 
pte to dance to the sound of an authentic 
10-piece band," said lim Blasky. who is in 
charge of the dance 

Back by popular demand is Vito 
Buffalo and his 10-piece orchestra, who 
wUl pnwide music to jitterbug, waltz and 

Dress will be semi-format, "no tuxedos* 
or anything like that," said Blasky "In Kie 
P»st we've had participant^i m ttie ball 
range in age from |20-«) years oldl, so 
then- »h<juld be a really diverse group of 
people there" 

Refreshments and siiacks will be 
served throughout the night Tickets are 
$8 per person in advance, and $9 per per- 
son at the door The baU will start at 8 30 
pm. and end at 11:30 pm 

For Further ii\formation. contact Bill 
BUsky at (847) 925-6466 

Congratulations to the neiu senators elected 
and appointed on Sept. 9-lB. 

RuMell lohmort-Presictent .J««ufer Jack.son-Vice Prt^.d.nt • Vanna Ba/,-T,*asurer 
.Alexandra Sierra-WelUwss ai«! Humair PrflommcfbMMUe uii««-rsM~-«-^ --^„„^ 
anci Language Vocgeb-LWe Sd«K« aivd Humar, Serv,c«. Danielle Z«nol». 
Technotogy. Mathematka and Physical Science 


ittentlon 8tuiDlents~wfio1 
qualify for a degree or 
certificate the semester! 

You need to petibon for graduation 
by mkJterm. Oct. 18, 1997 Pet)tions| 

MAV^e fUlV/, 

IVljalcie firicxmds. 




i NtrtsvitLS. Ii.i.i"Oi» 

A lepiwenortive win be on your campus 

Wednesday. October 15 

Jobs at the brand new Target 
keep sounding better and better. 

1MB MW^it • UDMWH i fc«M«l IX" •»« •" l™* 

taii m yam waMofiLt. tit mti-Mkfmhm I 

hmptoftt And fun inMWW anund dw mw 


• i irK imSnck • l>»vtimr ( ajhien 

,S 1 .«' hf ihifi liflmniD • Daytime Silts FUkm 

Suniiif pay » I600/tu wiih 1 J :^ HiuraK tim » <fan. 

Whr« «« !«• *c T«»n T»>^ )«»* '"** "*<P«^ IW^!?^ 

pmomitai! Taf|P 

5SV 1 ibod Head 


f*»T, HJN » BWM'l--' 

9am - 1pm 

rnkoo • IS UaacMtpm Spora 

mtt m one of 'Amnct't loi Cokpi,* 

ru losJMt 

N^cnilc aha* «MM TOM 

Health W,itch 

Flu Vaccine 
Doot feel like gettir^ sick 
this year? Get a flu shot! 
Northwest Community 
Hospital wiU be on campus 
to administer the flu vaccine 
on these dates: 
Tuesday, Oct. 21, 10 a.m.-l 
pm , A241a 

Wednesday, Oct. 22. 2-1 p m 

The cost of the vaccine is $5 
To schedute an appointment 
call Hfalth Service 
Dcprcsaion Seminar 
Clinical depression slnkes 
about 17 million Amencans a 
year, but it is highly treat- 
able. Learn more about 
depiessioa its treatment and 
how to tell if you or a kwed 
one might be depressed. 
Attend "Friend or Foe: 
Understandmg Depies«on" 
on Wcdncaday, Oct ■, 1:30- 
2:45 p m , A242a 
Alcohol AwatcncM Week 
Oct. 13-17 IS National 
Collegiate Alcohol 

Awareness Wteek Student 
Development is sponsoring a 
seminar. "Akohol Use and 
Abuse: How does is Affect 
Students" on Friday, Oct 17, 
noon. U15. 

Foe more information on 
all listmgs, call Health 
Service (847) 92.S-6268 

r'~f T — imr~rrar iir::: 

Page 4 


The Haibinger 
October 6, 1997 

"Boring" stories 
written for reason 

It may not come as a sur- 
prise to many, but Harper has 
recently been reaccredited for 
the next 10 years (see story on 
page one). 

Without our school being 
accredited, ail of our hard 
work here would be pointless 
because the credits earned 
here would be worthless to 
transfer schools. 

An evaluation team from 
the North Central Association 
of Colleges and Schools visit- 
ed Harper for three days to 
evaluate several aspects of the 
campus including: programs, 
faculty and the campus in 

By taking the information 
from a two-year self-study 
and improving where needed, 
Harper has remained one of 
the best community colleges 

Office of Multicultural Affairs shares diversity 

Mlnortty StudMit L«ad«rship Conf •rMic« Micowag** uiMtorstanding 

mat some students consider 
news stories about the accred- 
itation to be boring when fea- 
tured in The Harbnij^er. 

If thuM' >torifs, and others 
of such importance, were not 
published, the Harper com- 
munity would not be aware of 
major happenings with poten- 
tially drastic outcomes. 

The next time an important, 
and possibly boring, story is 
published, read it and gain 
some insight to why you are 
spending two years of your 
life here 


Tucked behind thr tHtm- i>t 
Student Financial Amtstamx ut> 
thr (>f fior dedicalt>d to 'the adv< > 
cacy of minonly i&ium campu)^- 
Mridc," the Office ol Multicultural 

To encourage understanding 
of diSefent cultures, the MCA 
otfkt sponsors programs and 
Mrrvice« for the student and staff. 
AS well a» (or the tturroundinf; 

A tew upcoming event'- 
include the Celebration ot 
Culture* Day on Wednendav. 
October 22 at 11:30 and a perfor- 
mance by the Natyakalalayam 
Dance Company on Fnday, 
October 24 at 7:30 pm. 

Recently, the MCA office 
brought Super Combo Mania to 
Harper. Durii^ their perfor- 
mance, latinos Unidos members 
demonstrated salsa and 

In addition to sharing facets of 
African American. Asian, and 
l..atmo cultur». the MCA crffice 
supports student leadership 

The first annual .Mmurity 
Student l.eaders)up Conference 
took place last weekend, where 
minontv Harper itudents were 



LathM M*t*ry WMk la Om CmImN 

■■■>■ « •t LatlM* UiMm 

process of discnmmation. under- 
stand ethnic identities and devel- 
op leadership skills. Students 
r e p rese nting each minority group 

To further stimulate post-sec- 
ondary education among first- 
generatiim laliruis, Frank Solano, 
diiectur of Multicultural Affairs, 
dnii luanita IVre/ Basster, bilin- 
gual Multicultural Affairs as!>L>- 
tant. and [.atinos Unido> started a 
scholar^p for graduating l.atino 


. ii.t«.« .«. 

»S^nVHt n«Mi( 


I^Ch schools were awarded 

The CWuc ot MultKullural 
Affair* providfs ^.tudent^ with 
guidance in lran.<ferTing to four- 
year in.sniutians as well 

Steptiame Seav, advi«>r for th«- 
African-American Student 

Association and Bachelor Bound 
Society, advises students in the 
Minority Student Transfer Center, 
keeping minority issues in mind. 

Using the internet and a slew 
of other resources, Stephanie 
helps student* prioritize college 
goals and needs lor transfer. 

Student participation in cul- 
tural functions pmve successful 

The student organizations 
sponsi>red bk the Office of 
Multicultural .Affairs, the 

tratotf «arto«M teMC**. 

African-American Student 

Association, Asian Student 
Association. Indian and Pakistani 
Student Association, and Latinos 
Unidos Student Organization, 
enhance ethnic awareness for the 
student body. 

Since the opening of the Office 
.>( Multiculhiral Affairs in 1992, 
the minority population at 
Harper has grown fnim 15 4 per- 
cent to 21. H peni-nl, a 5 9 percent 
increase. No demograpluc infor- 
mation is available regarding: 

.«viJkl c-i c-tKnic crvrv'tltncnl pnr" 

to that year 

As it has been in the past, the 
goal of Office of Multicultural 
Affairs IS to "Ifoster) multicultur- 
al awan?ness and sensitivity (and 
recognize) tlie unique develop- 
ment and sooal needs of multi- 
cultural students" as the ethnu 
make-up of Harper shifts. 

For an appointment with 
Stephanie Seay. stop by her office 
at A243 or call (847) 925-6881 
Have potential schools in mind 
when setting up an appointmt^t 

For more information on 
Office of Multicultural Affairs 
programs and events, stop by 
A347 or call (847) 925-6861 Feel 
fnse to ask any queshons rpgard- 
mg cultural groups as new mem- 
bers aie always welcome 

■tfltorial Board 

Tlie JH|^^iiiger 

staff WHt*rs and Aaaiataata 

Acting EdttofmOief 
News Editor 
Features Editor 
A4E Editot 
Sports Editor . 
Faculty Advisor 

Lauren Sctubei 

... JayMickMeton 


. Howard SchtosstMTg 

Don Berger. Ted DanyiuK Ryan Freurw. Brian Martuewicz. 

Michael OdahowsK). David FHjmp, Kevin Shepte, 

Sandy Tang. Sean Trudeau 

Sa a aral Pollctoa 

nw NvtM^ir « tn> studinl puMicaiHm for ttw Mvgtr Crmw cwvus con> 

1!Z^.^!r^^S^ •««««) fmttem MudMs. iKUif M 
aamrotrwioa ritr »*rti»l(if-i tali pursosa » tc flnwtte t»» K»»w cisnwj, 
mi , wrtn ««omwiian pert«in»n to tl» canaus «* us ( 



WtvK to iWMHar aw mMM to our KMwiM. 
SitniMM «« M MtftaU ■«<» nautKi An anion 

^ojiels ««««>««, MwrtHMW ». nw HWii^iw aw not nwosMnly 
Morsv* ay th* odRera or tna Mwr. nor iv tl« eolhai tdrranstration 01 
^•1 of OMiMrs inquriM Mua M IbnHRM Oractly to tns aOMTtiMr. 
mi m f urt m n aw at tnoilqiwanor Hn comrm 

Mating Address: 

Tt..- Harbir^er A >;,,«'iRdiney Harper Collefie 
1200 We&t Algonquin Road 
Pmatme.! 80067 7098 

Rwna NtfntwrK 

tJusmess olfire (847)92564(30 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x24C i 

fai (847) 925-6033 

oopyrtaM 1M7. The Hrtlr«ar. 


Campus celebrates Unity Through Diversity 

Page 3 

To criebnte the Harper com- 
munity's diverse culture* and 
bfniyles. the Etf^hth AnnuaJ Unify 
Through Diver«t\ Week a CVt 20- 
24. All evenfet an ofvn to the pub- 
lic and, unless noted otherwiae. are 
o0Hcd frae of charge. 

Monday, Oct 20 

What u Diversily? V-IO-JO am, 


In this exprnmental workahop. 

develop an incrNned awaivneu of 

your identity and belieh and 

examine individual unk^uenesa 

and cultural unification 

Opening the Window* lo the 

World. 1130 am 12. TO pm, 

Building A Student Center 

Students from the Langston 

Hughes School, Chicago, prewnl a 

multicultural variety program 

emphasizing foreign language and 

intematiorwl studiett 

Tuesday, Oct 21 

Inlenutional Crime and ili Effect 

on VS. BusincM, II a m -noon. 


Agent William Keefe, the 

Super\Tsory Sernor Resident Agent 

with the Federal Bureau of 

InveMigatioa will pieaent an inter- 

esting and mJormabve ducuwton 
Understanding Callural 

Differences: Formula Success in 
Global Marketing, 6 45-7 45 p m 

WcdnwMlay, Oct 22 
Celebration of Cultures Day. An 
inlematiorul Bazaar, II 30 a.m- 
1 .30 pm, Building A Student 

Eni(»y the exalement of an mtema- 
tiunal bajJM featuring the cokirs, 
foods and fashions of diverse cul- 
tures Harper students will pre- 
sent a talent an fashion show, and a 
sampling of arts and crafts wiU be 
Available tor purchase. 
Thursday. Oct 23 
UndersUnding the Deaf Culture, 
«- 10.30 *m.A242a 
Julie Sonuners. Harper ifwtructor, 
sham the basK aspects of the 
Amcncm deaf culture including 
language, values, rules of behavior 
and traditions. 

International Study and Travel 
Program, mion- 1 30 p m Building 
I Theater 

Uam all about Harper's intema- 
iMwul study, tnvci and archedogi- 
cal opptirtunlMet. Spend a semes- 
ter, with homcstay. at a campus in 

Englartd, Austria, Mexico or the 
Netherlands Spend a week or two 
with Harper faculty traveling in 
Mexico, Greece or China Join 
international aivd local field 
tchoob m archeokigical excava- 

The Many Vbicc* of Political 
Mylk, 7 30 p m . Building | Theater 
Profiessor Wendy Doniger presi- 
denti an eclectic mix of ancient 
myths and p<^ular cultuiw. 
Friday, Oct 24 

Natyakalalayam Dance Coai|MUiy 
pirsents Bharatanatym. 7 3(1 p m . 
Building I Theater 
This 3.000-year-old classical dance 
styk' of India combines a sense of 
spintuality with arti.stic expmauon 
using precise hand gestures, move- 
menls and facial expressums The 
admission for this performance vs 
$5 for Harper students and $7 lor 
general admission All tickets are 
$7 the day of show For tfiforma- 
tion call the Harper Box Office 

For additional information on 
Unity Through Diversity Wevk, 
call Harper Student Activities (847) 

Uv« orchestra 
provides dancing 
music at Fail Baii 


Put on your dancmg shoes and find a 
dancing partner for the 8th Annual Big 
Band Fall Ball Ballroom 'Dance on 
Saturday, Oct 18 in Building M. 

•This will be a uruque chance for peo- 
ple to dance to the sound of an authentic 
KV-piecc band," said Jim Blasky, who is in 
charge of the dance 

Back by popular demand is Vito 
Buffalo aitd his lO-piece orchestra, who 
will provide music to (itterbug, waltz and 

Dress will be semi-formal, "no tuxedcw 
or anything like that." said Blasky "In Itie 
past we've had partinpants m the ball 
range in age fnwn |20-*0 year^ oJd), so 
there should be a really diverse group of 
peopk- there " 

Refreshments and snacks will be 
served throughout the night Tickets are 
$8 per person in advance, and $9 per per- 
son at the door. The ball will stvt at 8 30 
p.m. and eivl at 11:30 p.m. 

For Further information, contact BUI 
Blasky at (847) 925-M66 

Congratulations to tlie nem senators elected 
and appointed on Sept. 9-18. 

Russell Johmon-Pitfsident •Jennifer Jackson- Vice President • Yanna Ba/iaraw-Treasuiw 

•Alexandra Sierra- Wellness aivi Human Perfomumce^Stefanie Unger- Academic Enrichment 

and Language Studies^ Heather Voegeli-Life Sciences and Human Services* Danielle Zemola- 

Techn«k>j;y', MathematKs and Phy&ical Science 

TVttehtion Students who" 

qualify for a degree or 

certificate the semester! 

You need to petition for graduation 
by nr>idterm. Oct 18, 1997 Petitions 

nr€\ nvnilnKI/^ in thf* Rr>oi'5trnr''- 

(847) 925-6000. ■<» 

HAve aw, 

Jobs at the brand new Target 
keep sounding better and better. 

'tMK lob fUM t. 


npKt. a'l fitted wMh hm hm 
' itw mm: 

hMtM nrtj,tl chaM inmiiil 
nn|i^kfaorh(a)d ,^iid m you 
hm pcnplr And Km poMtawi 


Wc haw ikr t il w i m paaiiim oabMr 
* Fatly am Stock • Dtyiirierjshirn 

(SI .OMm Mi diflnniml) • (>.> >iinr Sala Fkwr 

Suraag piy ii tftMliu widi a $.25 iooeuc tka 30 dayv 

Wl— <M iM ihr Tuyi Tim. ;— 1 iiisy «■ 
wiMdubiandi Mwn tminfarr Ahbuml rerttm 

SSS S Rand Hcud 
lakr Aindi 




F«ST. RJM • (^ZftH, 1 

North CsimCoLLEGE 

Narstviiii. IiiiMoii 

Silmmhj • NkfmHk • St Owte 

A Rqwcscnutive will be on your campus 
Wednesday, October 15 

9am- 1pm 

BuHding J 

To MM 

• SlhcolMiatc •hnuwaiAid 

'*'•*■ . TnaAr SdHhnlMpt 

■ TnmtnnniCicito . I ma ntwf i 

■ AduuMioB rukan • It iMciaiScvaK Spem 


noh m rm dl'Amcna't lea ( ohfo.* 
cdmtaimm l-l0t-tU-UU 

■ tots 

Flu Vaccine 
Don't kel like getting sick 
this year? Get a flu shot! 
Northwest Community 
Hospital will be on campus 
to adminisler the flu vaccine 
on these dates: 
Tuesday, Oct. 21, 10 ami 
p m , A24la 

Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2-4 p.m. 

The cost of the vaccine i<t $5 
To schedule an appointment 
call Health Service. 
Depmaion Seminar 
Clinical depression strikes 
about 17 million Amencans a 
y«-ar, but it is highly treat- 
able Learn more about 
deptmsion, its treatment and 
how to tell if you or a loved 
one might be depressed. 
Attend "Fnend or Foe: 
Understandmg Depression" 
on Midn««lay, Oct 8, 1:30- 
2:45 p m , A242a 
Alcohol Awarcncsa Week 
Oct. 13-17 IS NaHonal 
Collegiate Alcohol 

Awareness Week Student 
Development is sponsoring a 
seminar, "Akohol Use and 
Abuse: How does is Affect 
Students" on Friday, Oct 17, 
noon, L315 

For more information on 
all listings, call Health 
Service (847) 925-6268. 


I The Wellness Center . . . 







^r FitnesSy Health & Recreation! p 

If you've made a resolution to get in shape, the Wellness Center is the place to 

keep your commitment. Our state-of-the-art facility offers medically-sound 

programming and equipment, including: 

' Strength training equipment-variable 
resistance and free weights 

* Over 70 pieces of cardiovascular equipment 

' Aquatic center — 25M, five-lane pool; 
warm water exercise pool; whirlpool 

* Two aen^ia studios with over 40 daaes 
a week, beginners through advanced 

* Basketball and volleyball courts 

* Cushionol indoor trade 

' Reflections Spa 
•Kids Club 

• G>mfonable locker rooms with steam and 
sauna, plus separate family locker room 

•Calif 900 

• Pro shop with complete workout wear 

• And much more . . . 

The Wellness Center 

900W«!C»olrjl(te*d. A(ViglOOH«ig»«».t 60005 2J73»«47 61S 3500 'hiif .»w 



^ For more information, call 847. 618.3500 or stop by the Wellness Center for a tour ^ 


' 4^ 

Summer Work 

Up To 


Flexible Hours 
Great Resume Ei^perience 
Scholarship Opportunity 
18yrs+ - Conditions Eidst 




Summer - CALL: 

(847) 884-1044 

• <^ 

The hUrbinger 
October 6, 19«7 



Chamber music ensemble performs music Recht: Lyrics evoke 
from 500-year span for free on campus pleasant images 

neiD cauMtisf of HMtPoi coluge 
Hm S«ImIm* vf !■■*■■, a a>- y » ■!< alMMtor 
Miwl« wwaMM*, >«f f Bfii M Motats Mid Matfrtgato 
freai vartoas caaatriaa ea eaaipas TiM*aay. Oct. 14. 






wnu couKJN 4 PuncuAse of 4 toic€ns 

mar am na p€»som f€» oay 


The ijchoUrs o! Umdiin. a chamber 
musk ensemble, will ptTtorm in a trw 
uncfrt Tui-sd-iv t\i W .w l\'y p m , in 

The Si.-hi>liip. 1)1 l,>inJi>n, whK"h begdn 
in VfPd as an all-malf ){n>up whtise ungi- 
nal nit'inbrrs \\aA won vhoUrships to 
CambndgF LniviTsit\ to ^ing in the ihoir 
of King's CoHcfgr Chapel, now include^- .1 
tifnal*" viMce 

V\;th nion thjii ^^sVA concerts in 
counlru'^ to it- ^n-Ji! the e""-mt 
include^ Ksni \ni(» socram 
Davidv'n >ounliT tenoi. Kiibin ii> -ti 
lemir; .»nd P.u ai \.in Xsch. bass. 

Their t\pi^.i! nnviTl rt-pt-rtoia" span- .< 
500-ye.i; pTUKi and includes madri^dU 
and motets, pieces lor huo or more voite?., 
from England, Spain and Itah. iolk>4>ng> 
from England, Scotland and Ireland, 
French chAn»an». Romanbc music by cotn- 
pnwr» such as Mendeluhon. Shak(^>eare 
S4ing», sacred music, and contemporary 
work& by composers >uch as Vaughn 

The Scholars of London have per- 
formed in the great concert halls such as 
Royal Testnal Hall London, Lincoln 
Concert \ev> NorW, and in small halK 
small halls such as VVigmore and 

III, .-rt 1-. trif .ind the 

(■ulii. , MHire intorin.itioii 

Call the Harslet Musk tX-partment (8471 


Ricii Kadit aataftalaa< a aatlanatf 
cvatrri at a fiaa eaacar t la tha 1 

contnuad fram paft 1 

"A heavenly valley escape in the desert 

Where you can lose your miruJ 

And dn^ your baggage for a day 

Take a break . 

And climb a free, " 

Recht's music can sober an audience with 
depressing lyrics, cw lift their spirits with 
st'aring i^uitar s»,lite. The intensity and emo- 
tion he puts into his wmgs makes tfwnn ctnne 
alive Keiht has been called the next Dave 
\l.ittlu.-v\ s .invl vritKs and tans acniss the 
vountrv ^.ontiiiue t\» sup^>>rt Iiin band 

Thc»>e who saw the fni'e show In the Quad 
were given a rare trtMt bv a ver\ talented act. 



• PWMKS 500 cure OF COFFK 











Page 6 


The Harbinger 
October 6, 1997 


il«v* Pun/Nak* Nonay 

Curios Murphy a ia 

aem hiring Foodnarvara 

full or fart-Tiaa 

JlfVly in Paraon 

40< ■. Qolf llload 



$1000^ POSSOLE REA0M6 BOOKS. Part 
Time. At Home. ToN Frea (1)800-218-9000 
Ext. R 8715 for Listings 

SEIZED CARS FROM $175. PorschM. 
Caditlacs. Chevys. BMWV CorvettM. Alto 
Jmps. 4WD^. Your Area Toll Free 1-800- 
218-9000 Ext. A 8715 for current Itstirtgs. 
GOVT FORECLOSED homes from pemes 
on $1. Delinquent Tax. Repo'S. REO^ Your 
Area Toll Free (1)800-218-9000 Ext. H- 
8715 for current listings. 

Upscale sea-food resturaunt has opening 
for food servers mterestod in maMng $$1 
Apply in persoa 10 L Algonquin M. 
Arlington Hts. No experience needed. 


Atwolute Bast Spring tHali Pnrlngii <l»1labH 


amaa GROUPS want edi 


l-8aO-327-«013 or mt|)c//www.K:ptxo(n 

N wded immediately to assist the alderty 
Join one of America^ fastest growMig 

oompanlaft WMork mritMn youi acMKluIn M 
ttw mtfj) I »• voui dntmsm. 
CaH 630/942-0109 


Males age 18-34 

needed for sperm 

donor program 

Can M-F 8-4 

394 5670 


ELECTRIC BASS, hard case and amp. 5- 
strmg. biacK lt>ane; Soundg«ar 405 series 
with hard case, cord, strap and amp. ^nt 
conditior\ rarely played. $U.00 value. 
Must sell for $800. Call Lauren (847) 991- 

1995 CHEVY 1500 ext cab Silverado. 

Alann system, fitwrglass cover, bedttner, 
fully loaded. 35K. maroon and gold exterioc, 
maroon interior, new tires. $18,750 obo. 
C^l Sean (847) 885-9333. 

Room forRsnt 

Housemate needed to share quad. $350/ 
month. 1/2 phorw. all utilities covered. 
Basemem al cove apartment share bath 
and Wtchea non-amolmt Gender and age 
opea Preferably quiet. In Sctiaumtxirg near 
Bode. Call Laurel at (847) 519-0004 for 
more information 

Roommate needed, big 2 bedroom Apt. 
5 minutes from Harper. Gas/water /cable 
covered. Call or page I^Mhan 359-2914 or 



Typing of Term Papers. Thesis. Tables, etc. 

Laser Printing 

OwUlBble Days. 

Evenings & MMlterels 

Just Minutes from Harper 

Call Kim Andrews 


We offer classes m Self Defense (AikKto) 
and mind-body coordirutiorv Begmng 
dataes are held on Tues-Tnurs-Tri at 730 

.1 rni* CWaa of WWtCtt MIMK.MM. O WOOK 

begiraiars dass $40 & a special student 
ratf'S therafter- The Oacago Ki Society 
926 E. Northwest Hwy. Mount Prospect. IL 
TeL 847-670-6945 

Pregnant? Need h^7 Adoption is an 
option. A secure, loving couple wishes to 
tiegin a family by adopting an infant. Vte 
can provide a bright, happy future for a 


^ $8/Hour 

•> No Weekend Work 

■> 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

4- Comprehensive Medical Package 

•♦■ Stock Participation 

•> Employee Owned Company 

Can ton free I^Sll'l'Sf*'^* 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Lxwartiorts: HodgKlnsM«ow Springs (1-55 & 1-294) Addiaon. PaMlne, 
Northbrook & Weatmont 


E^jal Opperiunffy Emptoyar 

chHd. Ait allowable medical & legal expenses paid. Please 
caU 1-800-292 5363 or call our attorney collect at 217- 
352-1800. Karol & Rob 

CanpiM Bnploymant 

Student Sertate is looking for a secretary for ttwtr office. 
For more information stop by ttw office located on ttie 
third floor m Building A. 

The Harbinger is tooMrw for writers for the Fall and 
Sprff^ semesters. Catn847) 925^000 x2461. 

Invest Your Credits 

IfyoM kavt etUtgr cndit ■ ast it. 
Trmufrr your coiJtgt {mrsemofi 
ami ampUtt an acakraud dtpw 

Cktmjnm Dty. kltmimt " 

WSttfyn CIma. n^wm 
m BscUtr t/ timmii 

A representative will 
visit October 13, 1997 

IMN USateim 

am ay liv 

crWCDT I o*u>M>nutKrAMrus 





The Hifbinger 
October fc, 1»*7 



Birkley: Works on mechanics 

inp^s bm bt nwdi tD concnMHli 

iltt'nui%tlbnilit a littk Wt nton cm •coring 

da Wt with tomr twto^ and get • Utk away from 

«HM>*. AateMOonfMtt- aMctanks «> h> can K»e 

llgn ma, I din*t Mnk tel rtw «wy ttai be'* capdbk ol 

wfll hold bKli Ma fwrfor- dotin l iacw i hahaaalo«o< 

bwauaa ham p«^ capdMUMw-' 

Soccer gets deserved 
rest following wins 

Fal Into Great Swings at 


FoUowoig a shut-out vk- 
toty over E^ the Hawks 
(S-2) get a well dewwved 
week off 

Todd Bailable acoivd the 
hnt goal (rf the |HHr •• the 
Hawks canlKiilcd the RHne 
from tlw openmg whistle 

Anthony Ru»m> <iCOfed * 
minute later as he kirced a 
turnover at nudfield and 
raced to the nH and deflect- 
ed a sho< in 

The whole team con- 
filibuled in the v icttwv 

Volleyball: strong 
home apperance 

•AMcle ai the week for the paal 
ZdwnpowkM fioin the Lady Hawrk* 
Todd BMtable from the Men's sooocrt 
• October 18 is aU the Stadium day far the f 

ccaninjaa from ptf/t 8 

■We've been pU>inn 
great recently, and I believe 
we're capable oi rlaymg 
much better,' added Sara 

The stats of the game 
were Zaharopouioii with 14 
Will* . and 13 difp. Hoffman 
had 14 ktlb. 2 aces, and 21 
blocks, and ChSano had 3 
aces and 14 aM4»t» 

The Lady Hawks next 
hnne game » Oct 21 i^tns.t 
McHenryat Spm 


^^^^ 4i Save •« 

^^' $5 




CatM SlytiWritM' 4Soe 

W^ $300 

cash back* 

fmm MuliiiKtsoo/ay 




cash back* 

Ho- » It- I** ttmt to •« a« *«* ftwtr Itemtaiii * 

mrnat m iiMlllon la ■MN« M camauMt that Ms »m do mon tx*n 

rm cm lnM^M. »0M can UM Ml itm. for « 

Is • MM aaw irtMi «•««• tflK Cat «*»!• CaafM I 

■I aw^n-tan ■«• r»J *• " *»'*■ ' 



24 houra a day^ 7 d«f> a 

cash back* 


■ iMtrlv 

Hawks rebound after conference loss to Rock Valley 

Will the W4l Harper foot- 
ball leam please stand-up'' 

Futlowing two kwck-to 
back 30 plus ptunl perftw- 
mances Harper wjs clipptnl 
by Rock Vallev > defensive 
asMult However, an 
Saturday the 27lh. Harper 
exploded for M point* m a 
route of M«» lunior CoUege 

So what give* with tlw 
teanvs sduiophrvnic behav- 
ior^ tiead coach |ohn Eliasik 
explains it w his tean\s abilit>' 
to hold onto the ball and 
avoid tiumovert as essential 
to winning. 

Rock VaUey's coiutant 
ptesiture and blitzing kirpt 
quarteiisack KC Church run- 
ning all day and forced him 
into throwing thrre intercep- 
tions. Dennis Crump also 
had oiie fumble in the 17-l> 

loM to Rock Valley. 

"Rock Valle)' f» a better 
defensive team than loliet," 
head coach John ElusiK >aid 
"Whenever you turn the ball 
over your diminishing umr 
chances ol winning the |i;,ime 

"tin the other side of thai, 
when were creating 
turnover*, there is a p<->sitive 
correlation to us winning 

More importantly the loss 
occurred in confereiKe. 
Harper ■» complacency was 
non-evideni as the Hawks 
p<iunded Miet evening their 
conferetwe mark to 1 -1 

Harper got back on track 
handing the ball off to run- 
ning back Robert Davidstm 
Davidson had 202 yards on 
27 carries and had a 25 yard 

Joiiet scored their lone 
touchdown in the third quw- 
ter well after the outcome had 

bcvn decided. 

Coaches will agree thai 
winning games. >Urt!> by win- 
ning in tht> trervrhes 

We pnitected well," 
Hijsik saiJ C"Kera!l our 
i rushing and passing) pertor- 
manu/ was gixxl 

Harper controlled not 
only the offensive line but 
the Hawks' defensive line 
iH'ld loliel to ! \ aril rushing 
"We tcK>k our cfvances 
Eliasik said "We overioadetl 
on the line, but once Joliet got 
in the red zone we didn't 
gamble as much." 

Harper's gambling on the 
line allowed )oliet to pass for 
322 yards Diasik acknowl- 
edged tfiat the yardage may 
loi>k deceivmg. 

■The> did throw ttie baU, 
but they didn't score." 

The Hawks wiU play at 
home on C3c1 U with kickoff 
gainst loliet at 1 p.m 

strctigflis to 
men's golf team 

Lady Hawks looking for consistency 


hM«n BMdty. a new coomt to 
Harper's man's golf tam. i» 
adpirtiiV to the mw atyW of §M. 
Justta 1MM «n IHSA McUcMl qual- 
iCicr ImI y«at at SchmalnRI ffi|^ 
School md WW ■!> nHM ort Ui M f y 
player. Tht hafdcsl thing for 
Justin It how to Mr agaimt Iht cot- 
1^^ cocnpcttlian. 

■Xwt year to *• preMrt «■«> 
it's all in the ritori gane, if s how 
you (Ml dMM^' mM KxUey 
"My acww ihBvtbKWpctttymmh 
Km jMMW M ihcT w«i iHi ywr." 

Hrtdcy it not Hit onijr on* 
who 1tiM» Hwpw wiB 4b vay 
wcU ^Jwit iha vu in pi M M i MV 
■ Kaow Mid he Hm Rood 
aiitky it up Hwii tif about win- 
JiyTf ewi ybody JtfHUyiw giheir 
'A' (■■■• we cm prabtMy gH a 
chMMptoMMp. . -mid we have il in 
iMto win.* 

BMdey thinka he •!«»«)« hM 
looitoh i w w: "My battDHw 
•o iw Mt MttCH it w n, nqr iion 
play it Iht bart |wrt of my gHM, 
bHita oader to giirt better I iiaad to 
fH ny p«iHlng and chipping done 
bacMM thert wheat tw cMpping 

Coacli |iaa Katnt aiao taid he 
hatatwg uwi idawcetntvtia 
-Ha kM a lot of 

.\fter winning the 
luime-opener tfu-> 
Hawk-s' traveled to 
RiKktord to play a ttnigh 
K.vk Valle% te.ini >-.< 
tough that Ihev arc the 
delendmg N|CAA Divistun 
III rtatiorul champs. 

rhe first two sets kx>ked 
like Ihev were di>wn for the 
lounl livsing 15-11 1^-*^ 
but vame right back win 
ning all thnv sets 15-11, 1 '^- 
13,15-6 To cap an ama/ing 
come-fn«n-behind victorv 

"This was a huge win 
•or us because they are in 
our conference and also 


the\ are defetvling 
champs When we were 
lacmg elimination 1 told 
our team to think what 

ltie> were going to do and 
we must work logetlier to 
get Ifus win." said Coach 

The stars of tfie game 
were Fffie Zaharopoulivs 
who hnished with 10 kills, 
Kirsten Holfman with rune 
kills, 16 digs, Tracy Schader 
with eight kills, and 28 
blocks, and Relieca 
Wierdak add«Hi with 5 aces 

Ihe next game was 
.igaiii^l SVIleiirv The 
l^dv Hawki.' lost in three 
sets 15-10. 15-7. and 17 !■; 

The leaders for the team 
wea> Schader with '» kills, 
and 31 bUxks, Hoffman 
had .x Wills Wieniak and 

Melanie Kwasnie%vski had 
2 aces a piece, and 
Zaharopoulos had 21 digs. 

"Our team fias been 
serving the ball great and 
Brooke [XSano has taken 
cfuirge both offensively 
and defensively The only 
thing that we need to 
improve on is mental and 
physical toughness," 

added Coach Stauder. 

In tlie most recent game 
tile Lady Hawk's played 
host to niinois Valley and 
won m four sets. They won 
the first two sets 15-3, ar»d 
15-8 k»t the third set 15-5 
and won tlte fourth set IS- 

Golf looks to bring back experience 


Sivr *WTtH 

Harper s men's golf team is about 
to wrap up their season arid Coach 
|im Karras is very satisfied with not 
(HUy his team's performarKe, but all 
of his players as well 

"My best player and moat consis- 
tent player has been Bnan 
McMahon," said coach tCairas. "Bnan 
will definitely be ot¥? of my best play- 
ers iwxt year Akrx Unsey has had a 
couple of very good events also " 

As well as ttus team performed 
duhtig the season, coach Karras has 
mixed thoughts cm wiiuung any 

'Right now we wiiuld have diffi- 
culty winnmg a championship 
because we have a young team who 

consists of one-year players We'i« 
looking mon at gaming experience 
Hus year, lookmg forward to next 
year and bm^tng back that experi- 
ance," said Karras. 

Some of coach ICarras's other 
prospects have been continuing to be 
coTvustent in their style of pUy 

"Barry Wieed has also been a con- 
sistent player I think he'll be a nice 
asset to tiw team next year Gary 
Holman (has] had a very good year, 
considering tliis is his first real expe- 
nerice in this type of competition. 
Paul Wolf hat abo shown a lot of 
leadenhip duFtcteristics as well,* 
said Karras 

Harper is now 3-3 in the confer- 
ence k»ing to CoUege of DuPage 
ihre* times and defeatirv; R«>ck Valley 
three times The season ended on 
Oct. 4 at tiv regional toumamenL 

. . J^ i^ V 

fik ^ 

Dual admission piogram established with Roosevelt 

Obtain dvgrMs froM both hMtltHtkNis with ona-ttaM appllcatlmi piocass 


College <>tu<Jenl> now have addi- 
tional incentive to tran»ter tv 
Roowvelt Univeraity after complete 
irtg (heir aMndalHdtgMe al Harper 

A duai a rtmJ Mi W M program ha> 
bOTft cstaUWitd (wtMmn the t«vo 
Khoota, gnRHng ttudents in certain 
prognnw aMurcd entry into 
Rooarveh when courtework at 
Harper is finnhed 

Students admitted to the Dual 
Admission Pmj^rim compietr hnh- 
man and sophomore year M Harper 
with a study pro|^am compliant to 
theu major. 

After the student leceives an aaao- 
ciates degice in arts or science, tiwy 
will progKss to Roowvelt 
Univeruty, either Chingo or 

A special secticm of the 
kvvelry I class is now 
being offered Wednesday 
Page 2 

The Harper Honors 
Society invites \ou to a 
spooky e%ening w ith 
professional ght>st hunter 
Richard Crowe. 
Page 3 

Campu .!l> Lnif\ 

thmugh l)ivtTsit\ VVtvk 
Oct. 20-24 with many 
Page 4 


Football tontinut?s 
winning ways with u ins 
over \'.i 1 pa raise's JV team 
and loliet 

Men's soccer prcparmg 
for playoffs tul lowing two 
straight home losses. 


Schaumburg campuk, with a luruof 

The Dual Admission Program is 
available to students planning to gH 
their bachelor's de|pce in several 
business progranu such as: biology, 
chemistry, envirtmmental science, 
computer science, telecommunica- 
tions, three difleicnt education pro- 
grams, various types of communica- 
tiam majors, mathematics, actuanal 
tdmoe, cngUah. social science* and 

hospitality mana)^ment 

Full-time students within these 
m^^ors who are considermg 
Roosevelt are encouraged to get 
invol«-ed in the dual admissions pn>- 

A student enrolled in the dual 
ad mi wio n s ptogram will have access 
to all Roosevelt events and aervicM 
whife attendmg Harper College 

The student will be assigned a 
coitfiselor at RiKwevett artd receive 
dual program planning from advi- 
•on at both institutions 

Students are free to use 
RooMvelt's library, attend cultural 
events and take advantage of other 
resources the university offers. 

Prices for coiKerts and shows at 
Roosevelt will be at the regular stu- 


olleyball stays tough at home 

Campus buildings get malceovers 


Students returning to Hirp.r 
noU semester will find ' 

hard fifl of Buikli- ■ ' :. i-u 

.vith v.ircviin^ and . 'ur- 

iiiiurv to soften the tee! ot Uu- large, 
i '.» o-story area. 

A large-screen TV » on the list of 
new tumiturv tii be added to the 
unpro\ii.i Buihliii^ A II !•. ruim>red 


th<il ' (H■rt^ap^ k-ave iIk- 

iip>ijirN ttk-Msion anN a ghost 

J mure 
uniting iicl ti ;hi.' jrva. nior»' >tu 
dents u ill UM.- this .iri'd In g.ithcr jnd 
>lijd\ ^.iiJ \uf rrt-i.idi'nl lit 
Admini!.tralivf Atirtirs Judith 
Thoison. I 

Construction on Building A is j 

lonpafeS j 

iM7/tSS-MM Mm* 

Blind Man's 
Bluff performs 
free a cappella 


Blind Man s Bluff, the fiiul install- 
ment of free cxxwerts in the Quad, 
will perform a cappella tin Thursday, 
CVt. 23 at noon m the BuikJing A stu- 
dent lounge 

The Chicago-native group has 
been honored with the Harmony 
Sweepstakes' Audience Favorite, 
Best Arrangement and Best Original 
Awards and took first place in the 

Their defining moment came 
when they opened for All-4-One at 
the Burlington Steamboat t>iyB in 
Iowa in June 1995. 

After their set, the 20X100 faiw on 
hand calk^l them bark for an encofc, 
a ranty for an opening act, especially 
»>ne so littU- kni»wti m tfv area 

All 4-t.>ne. themselves. lalU-J 
Htind \!.in'> Bluff "reallv fireat " 

Uu b iiiiis ^ffdti, "Clivers *\4»rth 

I'viTin^; and i«ii(;indl.s that really 

!iTS to their desire to add theu 

.Ivor lo hit songs bv otfier 

artists while writing and performing 

tunes that are tfieir originals at ttie 

-.mi«' time 

i :ii.iii i.wi.iihjn Minkotf 

■•' inthmgtoa 

. :.-^,. it our own, 

rid, then we don't 

..<..ii why bother? You 

.in l>\ Un, ri(;ht' You've 

■ - ■ ■ • ■ rhat's 

\.s iiir im- iirifjiiiji.s i rut goes 
double for our own songs," says Eric 
Bradley-, the groups low bas* 

People call nur sound 'Queen 
meets I'eler Labnel meets Alaius 
VIomssette.' but what is that real- 

We iuw our roots, but Bluff is 
mow the sum ol its parts. We try and 
hopefully succeed m making some- 
thing unk|ue," said Bradley. 

Songs you can expect to hear at 
ttH.' show will include covers like: 
"The LiiHi Sleeps Tonight", "RiKkin' 
Robin", The Knack's "Mv Sherona", 
C ountinj; C rows' Mr lones " and 
Vlornss<-tu> s Ironi. 

Bi.n.i \(.n% Blutt alsii pi-rlorms 

th' .-.mals like "Uners of 

i>t>,,.;.. tan You Feel it'", 

Belieye in love", "Run into the 

Ught" and "Dreamweaver" 

The concert is free jnd open lo the 

For inlomi ■(■»■ student 

Activities iythix at (M7; y25-h2-»: 

•47/M«-M00 xa4«l 

•^ % 



Admission: Students must meet requirements 
for both schools to enroll in Admission Program 

coMnuM mm paa* 1 
dent dncount rate 

Studvnlii who are awitinutnisly 
cfuuUed are guaranteed Kraduahim 
ici|uiiMMnti from both achook will 

Early financial planning and 
fuMncial aid estimates tor Roosevelt 
can be received 

To enrolt in the Dual AdmmkM» 
Program, students must meet the 
admission rei)uii«inents tor both 
Harper College and Rooaevelt 

It is a one-time appUcjtion 
pnoceas that can be completed in the 

Admi»»itm> CMticc m C 
The Roosevelt appli i> 

waived Both instiluiii'i-' "..< >>'"• 
tad the student regarding admission 
to the program and the schcxd 

"Wf re exited to have the pn>gram 
in i>peration." Mid Bnu:e Bohrer. 
director of admissnons al Harper, 
"and are waiting to see how many 
students talu< advantage uf it ' 

For mote information on the Dual 
Admission Program, contact the 
Harper CoUege Admissions Office at 
(847) 935-620t>, or the Roosevelt 
Undergraduate Admissions Offke at 
(847) 619-8*00 

Campus offers Jewelry class 

A ^MCial section of lewelry 1 i» 
Amd at Harper beginning 
Yftdniirlay Oct 22Wedn<!sday, Dec 
10. 7-9:45 p.m 

liMtructkm will include beginning 
and advanced techniques in jewelry 
and UMHalwro fi . 

Design construction, casting and 
sMme setliiv will be tailored to the 
individuals student's kvel at experi- 

The course will be taught be 
PhUhp Johnson, who holds BFA 
and M FA degncs in metalwork 
and iewcby from IMoithtwn niinots 

fctvMOix IS working as an artist 
and toacher and has participaled in 
many exhibits and shows 

His stufuung pieces have gamefed 
a number of awards and honors 
uwluding an Award of Excellence in 
many juried competiikms. 

He is a lec-unent exhttiilor in the 
Festival of the Masters at Disney 
VillagF in Uke Buena VisU. F)a 

To register for the course 
(LEW02<«82), which isn't listed in the 
course schedule, caU (M7) 397-MW. 

Tuition is $61 with a $25 course 
fee Students will need to purchase 
their own meUb, stones and blades. 

Haqjer Students 

If You're Looking For 

Quality, Affordable, 
Health Care Coverage 

CaU Humana Today! 1-800-463-6303 

We offer big iavingi on: ■ Docton' office vwjts, ■ Rouune 
physjcil cxims, ■ Emergency room viuu. ■ Hospital adnusiiofu. 
■ Prescription drugs. ■ L»borator> ind x-ray te«$. and much more. 

0..r network of 39 hoiDittb mclud« Lutheran General. Nonh- 
west Conuuunicy and Good Shepherd hospitals ifld gVtf LISP 
physiciim including Neoet Health Center. Northwest Coiiunumty 
Health Partners and Advocate Good Shepherd Health Partners 

for a brochure, tee the Health Center, Room- 362 or call 
14IO(M63-6303 for a full enrollment kit. physician luung or just to 
ask quesoom Appliciuom arc subject to tnedical underwriting, 

HumanaHMO Individual Plan 

You don't need to be pan of a group to be pan of the plan 


OfctdbvHiimiiuHfalthPljnCW7Hi«um.lnc '«»' 

Harper College Scholarship 

* One S500 Scholarship Immediately Available 

for Members of Phi Phi Chapter at Harper. 

* New members are also eligible to apply. 

* Pick up Application Form at L203 Lib Arts. 

* Renun Application to L203 by Nov.6. 

* Scholarship will be awarded on Nov. 21. 

Fou^liar College f«r 
JIINn««^y. NaveflRter S. 1 997 

t(\£Mf' ^Lmivers|iBfTom 

UntetfSies. Call 925-652^ more infoi 

Sponsored by Student Oeve 

The Harbinger 




nu RRT iNSTinni of cHicnso 

Construction: New furniture and carpeting to be installed 

IW» n » I— I 'Wt '■«" MM"— '»' 

It •■■ MOT r»U«. tmummr —Urn; mi* !««»»«— t 

.«OTMWr»^ T ii» f l » iiii r «l MmMt.*mmm' m 
lull imcawmm p* » t w »<. nM M « tj 

iaMk*M sf COT*«clw««lltM 

cat lli-«w-M*>.ar 

■■MB ana 


't^'tu Ml tMll 

tl t. -■■l^ir ciwata MMJ Mt U«l 

Fal Into Gnat Savings at 

csntniaa fnim aafi t 
ichwiukd to be completed by 
Idnuarv 1'*^ 

Butldirif: F* thrw Wtturr 
hAlls will alM.1 undergo j 
makecwer mcluiim^ repair- 
ing Itw acoustic nightmaw 
iMused by the ruoms' «m- 
crrte floors and cinder bUvk 

The Vi-vcat-t)Ui, i!X)-plus 
seat classriHjms will be 
improved with the help o( 
SI 4 million m funds 

We will be imprnving 
the lighting, and adding 
cabling and multimedia 

capaaty to the rooms," said 

ht •H)rov«4 at Iha 
October btwri 
■ad work wiUbi 

Jan. 1, wMi *c Wfrnet 

' Judiih Thixaon Vlca Vw m AfM 
of Achniniattattvc AMiks 

New carpeting and himi- 
tuR will be la-talled ti> pro- 
vide more cumhirt and 
improve the look of the lee- 

"3^ •««« 'SS™ 2i 

mgf MI«I<MH HJ41MHI — " 

TVlakie Criends. 


Jobs at the brand new Target 
keep sounding better and better 

Youl «Jlth ^» itlc ptrtRl (Ml i>mr fofc^lW MW •» "^"^"f'' 

«,,^JiBa».-d AiW J. «l <««*1 «»«.«• «W«»i'«« 1^ r>>*«» 

Fun p«np*c \mjfimf 


' Fjily Ml Stock 

tl (Ml/Kr titttt JitlrlrnttiJ't 

^ h«-n viHj !««« thr i«i8n u*"^ »^k.ii-'!-'^ 

pcrKM M caft Tl riTI' 

ttmtHa Sn Ju. 

of business. 


,t..r c^r^ » twtr^H. - 



lure halls. The constructiun 
IS expected to cause some 
praMems. including havmg 
to find places to hold clas^es 
prrviuasiv held in the halls. 

SchiK>i otficiaK have been 
working toward this tor a 
long hme and the problems 
w ill be dealt wirti. 

"The bids are scheduled to 
be approved at the October 
board meeting/ said 
Thorson. "and work |on 
Buildmg E| will begin about 
Ian 1, with the space ready 
tor use by the summer semes- 

! VUrprr Honon Society 

nvites you lo an evening 
ai tfoeky fun with 
aacago't prafaaakxial 
tor tUkat* 

Mark your calendar! 

On N»*. », 6-11 p m , 

Chica^ Snpenutural 

'bun teams up with 

^Honon Society for a pn- 

vatr tout of Chicago'i 

haunted places 

meterin mur- 

aml Indian tmnal 

ton. and money is due 
Oct 24 

OlWv 4$ »»>ot» aie «v»il- 

CaU Beth McKiUMn tor 
infonnatian (M7) 

Health Watch 

Wednesday, Nov. 5 noon-1 
pm , A2W The luggling 
Act: Balancing School, 
Work and Family Joyce 
Nolen. Kd D . Professor. 
Student tVvelopinent showrs 
how to take mventory of all 
responsibilities, get time 
maiugeinent hps and learn 
how to deal with the stress of 
juggUng mulhple roles. 

Oct. 20-24 IS Adult 
Immunization Week. If 
vour immunizations are not 
up to date, now is a good 
time tt) get this valuable pro- 
tection. Check your immu- 
nization records or bnng 
them to Health Service, 
A-ViZ. for evaluation. 

For infonnatian on all events 
call Health Service at (M7) 


Program Board and 

The Office of 

Multicultural Affairs 

sponsored the music 

group Super Combo 

Manta during LatirK) 

History Week. 


The Haibinger 

Take advantage 
of transfer week 

Okay, irantfer week it 
approaching. Thai means that 
there are going to be a bunch of 
college representaliveit sitting at 
long tables decorated with pam- 
phlets and papers containing all 
the information we ever needed 
to know about transferring to 
their school. 

This forces us to think 
about that thing that happens 
after Harper bigger colleges, 

universiiy life, dorm rooms. 
Greek parties, thousands of col- 
lege kids living and eating and 
breathing and walking all over 
the same place, day after day for 
whole semesters at a time 

Transfer week is just 
another reminder that, as college 
students, we have to make deci- 
sions. Those pamphlet-pushing 
reps are here to help us. So you 
walk through the building, past 
ihc taMc^. ihiuugh the crowd a* 
college persuaders shove paper 
at you. and bombard you with 
information on their school. 
You smile weakly and 
wander out of the area, arms full 
of colorful papers and compli- 
mentary pencils. All right, so 
maybe it's not that bad. 

As college students, we 
have places to see, more gradua- 
tion requirer.ents to meet and 
plans to make lor the future 
Transfer week is an opportunity 
to take advantage of. 

Campus celebrates Unity Through Diversity 

To cetebralr the Harper com- 
munity's diverse culhim and 
hfrMyles, the Eighth Annual Unity 
ThrouRh Divenity Week is Oct 20- 
24. All events are o{)«n lo the pub- 
lic and. unicM noted olhrrwiae, are 
oMnvd frae of duige. 

Monday, Oct 20 

WHal is Divcnilyr 9-]a30 am, 


In thi» npenmenlal workshop, 

develop an tncrraaed awaranaw ot 

your identity and betieis and 

vxamine individual uniquenem 

and cultural unification. 

Opening the Windows lo Ihc 

World. 11.10 *m-12.W pm 

Buildrng A Student Cemrr 

Students from the Langston 

Hughes School Chicago, pmeni a 

multicultural variety program 

emphasi/ing fonpign language and 

intematKmal studm. 

Tncaday. Oct 21 

International Crime and its Effect 

on VS. Busincw. U a.m. -noon. 


Agent William Keefe, the 
Supervnory Senior Reaident Agent 
with the Federal Bureau ot 
Investigation, will pnrsent an inter- 

esting and intormative discussion. 
Understanding Cultural 

Diffeiencc*. Formula Succcas in 
Global Marketing. t>4'v745 p m , 

Wa dn ea da y. Oct, 22 
Celebration of Cultum Day: An 
International Bazaar. UX) a.m.- 
1:30 pm, Buildmg A Student 

Enioy the ennlemenl of an intema- 
tiorxal bazaar featuring the colon.. 
foods aiKl faiihion» of diverw cul- 
tures Harper students will present 
a talent an fashion show, and a 
samplmg of arts and crafts will be 
available tor purchase. 
ThufMlay, Oct 23 
Undenlanding the Deaf Culture, 
9-10:30 am, A242a 
Julie Sommers, Harper instructor, 
shares the basic aspects of the 
American deaf culture including 
language, values, rules of behavior 
and traditions. 

International Shtdy and Tk-avel 
Program, noon-l:30 pm Building 
J Theater 

Learn all about Harper's mtema- 
txmal study, travel and archeoiogi- 
cal opportunities Spend a sefne»- 
ler, with homestay, at a campus in 

England, Austria, Mexico or the 
Netherlands. Spend a week or two 
with Harper faculty traveling in 
Mexico, Greece or China. Jom 
mtemational and local field 
schools in aicheological excava- 

The Many Voice* of Political 
Myth, 7:30 p m , Building I Theater 
Profcsaor Wmdy Ooniger presi- 
dents an eclectic mix of ancient 
mytKs and popular cultures 
Friday, Oct. 24 

Natyakalalayam Dance Company 
prewnis BharaUnatym, 7:30 p.m , 
Building ) Theater 
This 3,000-year-old classical dance 
style of bidia cominnes a sense of 
spirituality with artistic expression 
usmg precise hand gestures, move- 
ments and tacial expressions. The 
admission lor this performance is 
$5 (or Harper students and S7 for 
general admission All tickets aie 
$7 the day of show For informa- 
tion call the Harper Box Office 
(847) 925-6100. 

For additiorul information on 
Unity Through Diversity Week, 
call liarper Student Activities (847) 

7Ask your Harper Wellness Advisor? 

Students can anonymoualy submit queMtoiw on 
wcUneaa-idated topics outside the Health Service 
office, A362. An,<iwers will appear m future usues of 
Ifu lUrbmger. 

The -Ask Your Wettnos Adviaor" cotumn is 
sp«>nsored by the Harper WUbma Advison Qub 
and Health Services. 

All questions are thoroughlv researched and 
responses will be provided by health care profession- 
als and are not n-Ulcd to The Harftinifer 

I have been invited lo a patty and people will be 
drinking, i never have. 

This lime I would like to try drinking, but I 
don't want to get drunk. I am not going to be dri- 

I want to know how much I can drink wilhcnil 
getting drunk? 

The tact that you will not be driving is a responsi- 
ble decMion on your part, as well as the fact that you 
do not want to get drunk 

In experience with dnnking and driving is a dead- 
ly combinatuYi The state of Illinois has |ust kiwered 
the legal Blood Alcohol Level for dnvmg from 10 to 

The use of akohol is a penonat choice. You 

should not feel pressured to drink or aUow yourself 
to feel uneasy or embarrassed. 

Individuals with a family history of alcoholism 
may prpier not lo nsk any use of alcohol. Thelwttatn 
line Is ttiat you should never have lo drink to be 

Know your personal limit and resolve to keep it 
on every occasion that you drink. 

How you respond to akohol depends on your 
size, getider, age, race, genes and how much and how 
quickly you drink. 

One drmk equals one ounce of 80 proof liquor, 12 
ounces of beer or five ounces of wine. 

Subtract 01 percent for each hour of drinking 
BAC ,02.05 (1-2 drinks) Sight feeling of muscle 
relaxation. Slight change of mixMJ. 
BAC 05- 10 (2 or more drinks) Moderate impairment 
of reaction time, critical judgements adn simple mus- 
cle coordination. 

A good guideline to folknv would be to liever 
have more than one drinic an hour. 

Also, before you drink yourself what mood 
you are in Your emotional state is very imporUnt 

If you are upset or depressed, akohol might affect 
you quicker than otherwise. 

The Harbinger 

Acting Editor in(>i«f LarenSchubel 

NewsE(«tof. ArmtaOffanbacher 

Features Editor KeMHader 

AAE Editor iayMKkfleton 

Sports Editor SeanMcH^ 

Faculty Advisor HoMWd ScNosstorg 

Don Berger. T«j Danyluk. Ryan Freund, Jennifer Goii. Francase Haussemot 

Brian Martoewicz. Mtct^ael OdahowsKi. David Punp, 

Kevin Sheptte. Sandy Tang, Sean Trudeau 


The Hartmeer William Ramey Harper CoNefla 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. 1 60067-7096 

Phone NumlMre: 
buMness office: (847) 925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 
tea: (847)925-6033 

m* MsfHirwir IS tlw studsM pMcaMn «9r ms Hirpsr CoNsti canwus oom- 
nw»f y, puManad timmtitt ttvoujnout the sctXMM yssr axcapt durii^ nowtsys 
an) rmsl sums. n» passr IS (Sstriauted free to M siuosnls, tacuty *« 
admmstralnrv r?ieNw»>«snsao«tpun>osaislopranditnsl«rpercaTm«- 
nMy with itforrnMion psnannt to tns campus snd Ks sunoinliiV connaira- 

n«t n sr Wu iw—i com sslttars to ttusanof and rspsss to OMsaitonals. 
Lettan must b* slfiwl S«fialins MS as wimstd t«an iwsisst. M Mttsrs 
and contanl are sulasci to adttlnc. 

IXoducts and s«v«ss adMTtWad n nw HwMr«sr as not nscsssarHy 
•ndorsad by Ow aWors of ttw pspsr, nor by 0« calsts attnMstratnn or 
8oan) ol Oksctsrs. mqumss should bs ibnasTdsd dbsctly u> tlis sdMrtiasr, 
M Ml purcnssss m SI BIS diaasuan ol tm oanawnsr. 


1907. The Hatttngir. 

October 20, 1M7 


Halp Wanted 

BOOKS. Part Time. At Home. To« 
Free (800) 218^9000 Ext R- 
8715 for Listings. 

GOVT FGREaOSED homes from 
perYites on $1. Delinquent Tax, 
Repo's. REOV Your Area Ton 
Free (800) 218-9000 Ext. H- 
8715 for current listings. 

Upscale sea-food lesturant has 
opening for food servers inter- 
ested m making $$$ Apply m 
persoa 10 E. Aigonqum Rd. 
Arlington Hts. No experience 

Absolute Best Sprmg Braek 

TIONS, or 
small GROUPS wantedl 

CaH mter<:ampus programs at 

(800)327-6013 or 
http:/ /«iw« jcptxoin 


Needed nwnediately to assmt 


Join one of America^ fastest 

co mpanie s . Wort* withm your 

schedule m the area of your 


Call (630) 942-0109 

Porsches, Cadillacs, Chevys, 
BMWV Corvettes. Also Jeeps. 
4WDV Vour Area Toll Free (800) 
2ia-9000 Ext- A*715 for cur- 
rent listings. 

Males a«B 18-34 

needed for sperm 

donor program. 



For Sale 

aECTRIC BASS, hard case and 
amp. 5 string, blacldbane/ 
Soundgear 405 series with hard 
case. cord, strap arKl amp. Mint 
condition, $14.00 value. Must 
sell for $800. Can Lauren (847) 

1995 CHEVY 1500 ext cab 
Silverado. Alarm system, fiber- 
glass cowr. bedNner. fuNy 
loadea 35K. maroon and gold 
exterior, irfaroon interior, new 
tires. $1&750 obo. Call Sean 
(847) 885 9333. 

1989 MUSTANG GT 5.0 2Sth 
Anniveraary 5-Speed, sunroof, 
btacK fuRy loaded, new muffler 
and brakes. $4,300 o.b.o. Call 
Jim: day (800) 622-2738 night 
(847) 7980247. 

rroo CMhGrantd 

College. Scholarship. Business. 
Medical Bills. 

Never Repay. Toll Free (800) 
21^9000 Ext G-8715. 

Harper College Frae program 
with amial cataract monthly 
rale as low as $6.95 Call Chrts 
PhMio at MoHa Camm (847) 




Typing of Tenm Papers, Thesis, 

Tables, etc. 

Laser Printing 

AwaHable Days, 

Evenings & weetands 

JiAt Minutes from Harper 

Call Ktm ArvAaws 

(847) 705-7488 

we offer dasses m Self 
Defense (AHddo) and mind-body 
coonMnation Beginning classes 
are held on Tues.-Thurs. Fn. at 
730 pm to 8:30 pm & Sat. at 
4-5 pju Come and try a free 
class of DiMch special. 6 week 
begmrters dass $40 & a special 
Student rates thereafter- The 
CMcafD Ki Society 926 E 
Northwest Hwy. Mount Prospect. 
TeL (847) 67^6945 

Preffiant? Need help? 
Adoption IS an optioa A secure, 
kMir^ coupte wishes to begin a 
family by adoptiiv an infant We 
can provide a tjnff^.. happy 
future for a chMd. AH allowable 
medical A lafri expenses paid 
Pleaae cal (800) 292 5363 or 
caH our attorrwy collect at (217) 
352-1800. Karo* & Rob. 


I May 21-31, 1998 

< Join us and travel with a private 

nrx>torcoach tlirough some of the 
nrKJSt beautiful regions of Genrnany! 

Contact Renate von Keudell (847) 
I 925-6786 for information. 

roiint <Hi ii« 
ItM' VVil\ jolt 

W* afin rolkf* alwionu oppartoBily, (nnrtk, 
rfcaWmnB. uui actual work aperwBc* ia 
■May buMMMM, M ^ m lr m and profaaHMM. 

Caaat aa «i far »ff»nmmfm ia: 
a—a I hitalilriliin 



Atimiiiion ^16 
Nation's largest Haunted Houses ^Pi»i^^^ 

la tti «Hf ■•*§. aato tki T^te aaaria 
11a «a tMi Inal ii Ml*!, aM a 

^ ^ 


Coll 976-7600 

^1^ . ..u 


r li _ t — a-A, aJ JLJ — L— U — \ — 

Page 6 


The Harbinger 
October 20, 1997 

After all yoar hard work, you can afford to be diooqr. 

Think rarefully about wher- now, and vvh^-rp vou want to 

be Then you'll know that the right choire is Koi>s« 

f- niiirr ih.iti 1 'ill HariitT stiKieii! to 

Roosevelt. With cnmprefif'n.sivc . , m both downtown 

Chicago and S« huumhurg, koos«nf It has more classes in more 
majors (12U uiidtTtfriidi! ii.> m:ijors in ail. ranging from Accounting 
to Education to T^' morp cnnv(>nirnt 

And our transtcr a^rtfrnenls with Harper i • ,. _; mat 
your work will < omit toward vniir Roospv^^lt .1t»>;rtv 

Toget aporsr.n;il 'r , :.: .....i find nut riior.- nbnut 

dual a(trTii>sii ■ ,..,;: ., .,ii aid df-ii"-'* •-'■•■■ ■''■ <.■•■'■.' *,- 

stud.:.: (847) 619-8600 tor , ,.,.... ., „,...,,, 

Campus or iiif' "•'' '•■ - -i' TmuTsitv aoin v„nn cnunsetor 

at Harper Coll* s< >'" "n-- ><i im lollowin.iidati'.N 

IteMfaqr, Octobrr 7 
10:00 SB- 1:00 pn 

Wedncflday, October 15 
6:00 pa - 7:00 pn 

Monday. October 20 
S:00 pn - 7:00 pin 

'nwaday, October 28 
S.OO pn - 7KK> pn 
Boildiaf J 





^ ^ 

OctokOT 2011997 









k« iwy nop MiF? M M nM MOk M* 
nm p« of MVi « kOMori dtvce 
•nmOiVfy OuiuanBnncjn oui 
wndng tcaa ct i i n p« n iiii in urn 

Om dmhi m tmtt Om mi» m 

And ««i aw year iiuw i 

lEul »■» lou d(9<e r no OPiir 

Onar iDni iMnmi n^ui m 

vAr^vaDn v^n% AoofwiB konca 
M«rv ig i » i »»« or »mn i m moni 

vMn « tanwri o^n* ton ortAy 
irmeY ap no itappmg you 

Invest Your Credits 

If roK htn* .vl/egr artdu • uit n 

Tranifrr rm' i olli^t roumvork 
* and cumpltti an tKctitraud degrw 

CAmm (mm Dri. f.i»mmt or 

* HmMmr tf Basmm 
itimmuratfrn Drgm, 

> rMiWr .WtawnAf^ mpni^.-^VI tti tO am Jor IJtiakfin/ .M»^^v\ 


v:iN USiNcStran 




IXruml Pvt IS. tOtK 




Page 7 

• Sunone Titwt the No 1 tennis singles pUyrr. was named 
athlele of the week 

• The Hawks will finish their home season on the 26»h o< 
October at 1 00 pm against WuMrorain-UcreBsc 

• Men s basketball practice started on Oct 15 with the season 
starting on Nov H 

• Bears tickets were raffled off at the Oct 18 football game 


ami. DO. 


On II ftK j^»rv 
TSA ISA cmiMa 



luo. ua. 

Ok a «M 

• Mb ««»a 

(MDL. Ott. 


m*lnw ntneiu diAi 

jotf hiwt monf 

Laboratory Technidaa 

Two lO ttUeC )ff«k ^ Ul J ^ lit*i^ MMCftWl^ «■> VKCMC** t t J ^ l O WQ «MI» A 

n4u««;>HdMBil««nt«*i(*m«t Duun Mi iKluSt Mdnul uaU 
>Fial>i>( u rtir t*«ifi( ol im iiniaunt ID drtniMW (wiiilunn <mHi U <M 
u« (OMi ouMktMai «■ eaiKtnn rnit womimi nawn Mtk molii/M 

ntfRMgn. mil « (k t mtmt nlKMiit tt» posmoii of Mmii ami iMaiy 

Caopcf t^tmi 
An* OittaiClMi 

_^________^ Eft Craw V«J|C. It MOOT 

< » I • . .■ f •• (Mfl IM-lHt 

wooparuanang [o«im«a' 

Football: Hawks 
looked to Jordan 
for air support 

coniinuad Irani pa(e 8 
Searq, are other benefiaaries 
of Ionian's relubiUty in the 
passing attack. 

"We really needed anoth- 
er guv to go to." Eliasik said 
'He'll allow us to do more 
with our other receivers," 

Harper must finish strong 
to guarantee themselves a 
shot at the cluttered bowl 

WiscofiMn-Lacrasse, Rock 
Valley and Grarui Rapids 
stand in the way of the 
Hawks attending the RC. 
Cola Bowl for the second 
straight year. 

The Hawks must mam- 
tain amsistent play in the 
defensive backfield led by 
Deniel Anglin aivl Kendall 

Another key to wiiuiing 
will be how well the offen- 
sive line protects Church and 
allows Davidson ruiuiing 

The Hawks will need to 
get Davidson, one of the 
nations top rushers^ to a 
good start against Rock 
Valley, who shut down the 
Hawks' attack 

The running game may be 
iK>n evident against the 
Raiders of Grand Rapids as 
t)M>y lead ttie nation in rusf^ 

Sp«.-ial teams led by kick- 
er Tony Dellacqua, punter 
Dave Grand t and kick 
returner John Rogers late 
game heroics in previous 
weeks may be called upon 
again in Ihf upcoming 

Extra Cash? 

if your answer is yes. United Parcel Service 
has part-time loader and unloader positions 
available Check out these benefits: 

>>■ No Weekend Work 

> S8/Hour 

f 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

•♦• Comprehensive Medical Package 

+ Stock Participation •¥ Employee Owned Company 

Call toll fre 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 


Locations: Hodgkins/Willow Spnngs (1-55 & 1-294) Addtson, 
Palatme, Ntorthbrook & Westmont 

:tp.//www ups CO' 


Equal OpportunKy Emptoysr 


Volleyball stays undefeated at home with victory 



After two MKceiHiiul lounv»iTwnt» 
and a home ranfmncv win. thr Lady 
Hawks are flying hiRh and the reaian 
lor their succi-s* is. Mmple 

"V*e be™ playing urejt defeme 
and our pasMing u bnlliani With 
Ihoae two components we can't go 
wimg," said hrsl-year Conch Sharon 

The Lady Hawks played in the 
one o< It's the bigg<-sl lounuments Cft 
tw year at Parkland College with 
eight teams participating They Hn- 
iahed in aixth place with two wui» 
and three ksties. 

They tpht agaowt Thice Riven 
Md dcfcMed WaubonMc, but kwl to 
McHnvy and Vinccnnes 

Tracy Schader {31 kUb and 12 
blocking kills). Kristen Hoffman (31 
kills, six aces and 38 digs) and 
Ecbecca Wi«dak (su aces and 62 

K w1 > w ltf, tm*t 

Miists) were Harper's star piaycfs of 
the tournament. 

The Lady Hawks' then partic^>at- 
ed in a tournament at College of 
DuPage. They defeated Kithwaukee 
lS-7. 15-12. NOTth Central CIV) IS-5, 

15-12 and Joliet 11-15. 15-2, 15-1 but 
lost to College of Lake County 15-8, 
15-5 fiiuahing with a 3-1 tournament 

Leading the way for the team were 
Schader (22 kills and 20 digs). EHie 

Zaharopoulous (25 kills, seven acts 
and 41 digs) and Hoffman (26 kills 
and 30 digs) in the l^y Hawks third 
piacr firush 

Stauder said that it was the best 
we played in J tournament all year. 

"One player that has picked up 
her game to a higher level is Bethanv 
Sawatski She has given us a big lift, 
said Coach Stauder 

Lady Hawks' hosted |oilet in a 
key conference match-up Apply ii^ 
pressure throughout the match. 
Harper defeated the Wolves in 
straight sets 15-4, 15-6, and 15-6 to 
sUy undefeated at home With that 
win they improved their lecocd to 14- 
<* and 4-1 in the conference. 

"We have a couple of key tourna- 
ments coming up and I believe we are 
capable of coming in first," said Aast 
Coach Karen Duellman 

The final home game of the season 
IS on Oct. 28 against Morton College 

Hawks look to captains to lead way in playoffs 


The Harper Men s Soccer 
team is gearit^ up for the 
post MMon, and i» tooking to 
cn-capUif» Rich Ivanich and 

Xnthimv Ru>.si> in lead the 
vv .n 

The soplKimon" mid-fieU- 
ers may "«'« be leailm); Xhe in scoring, but bong 
. vpehence to a young tejm 

In recent gam« 
■ :7i Carii.i ^■- 
: inich ! 
ti' contro 


It w.j>. dii tJfc-u (hat 
(Assistant coach) Isaac 
(Moushi) brought up so we 
tried it," Garcia said "He has 
good foot skills that can help, 
but it's not etched in stone " 

Ivanich "iaid it is 
somrthinjt that tjk.-s gi-ttmg 
u^»d lo 

it makes it challenging 
.m<.1 It makes me see e%'ery- 
• >ni' << pi'inl I'l \ lew on the 
rield," he sjid 
In rcih'tHi' 

Wi- an- hi-nJ-< but we .itv 
competitive in practices," 

Ivanich agreed with Russo 
saying- "The harder v I'u gc in 
practice the haaltT \oii ^o in 
a game 

The Hawk- vmU need 
leadership lolli-w in^ tu k»sses 
at home against College of 
DuPage and Oakttm in the 
past H>-. '■ 

CO I> taiiK- to lUr^H-r on 
I VI 15. but the game ended 
in another los». 

The Hawks were on the 
deiensive against CO D , but 
on the off»-'i-i^<' tpw.ittK ih.- 

t>espiti' 'Strong play lor 
three-tjuarters of the game, 
the Hawks lost VI 

Rvan Rrconnu scored late 
in Iht- M-vonvi half after the 

. -...,. i. , i K...... ,1... ..l.-i 

i» out ol nsifwst awl they to a k»t ot whistto and . ai\i- 

RyM NacoMM figMs for 
a !•••• ball agataat a 
COB. t» t w$ t* * t . 

Women's soccer falls lo tough rivals Undefeated road warriors take it 

to conference rivals iiome fields 

to CoOcge of 
Uke County and Coilcgr of 
DuPa^, tlw Lady Hawka look to 
mmd their wounds. 

IM Alt tiiib ic u Ml wg 7-0 loM at 
the hands of CLC the teem ended 
Iht g*Me baUeitd and braiead, wMi 
te tMB bavins to tefdt aAv being 
dedaulMi to tewcn piayete. 

A^ant COD, the Lady Hawka 
played ««•« dcfenac for the first 
ItOTF-quwtcn of die game, but fell 
down die Mrrtch. 

Kdly Cottm, Crystal Milchril 
and Angela Viggiano all played 
•Irong in die defmuve cn^ of die 

On offenM. dte 
wci« limiied. but Lisa Vtgg|faD and 
Heather Hall did a go<xl job aervic- 

It^ Mmy BBn Stfaa in tngrt of die 
goal. The Lady Hawks .«<»lv«d 
solid gpal kce|^ in dte kas to 
CpUige oHWige 

Coacttes say an> time your teams 
wins on the nvid it is a positive. Head 
coach )ohn Eliasik and his Harper 
Hawks tootball team are now thiw 

tor thrrt' ri the r.sul after two con- 
s.^uiu. road vMri'. against Joliet 
Community College and Valparaiso s 
guruor varsity squad 

1 larper jumped out to an early 7-il 
liad .in a 35-vard run by ninning 
batk Ri>bert Davidson Valparaiso 
answered with a '*4-vard kickoff 
return for a touchdown. The Hawks 
uikfd on 24 more points ati.-r the 
kick-oH putting the game out o» reach 
alter only a half ot play 

Harper kept with its wiiining 
ways, defeating Joliet 34-7 marking 

theu setimd win of the season om 
the wolves The win over Joliet 
marked the Hawks third consecutive 
victory and started their three game 
homestaruj with a win. 

"Our defense played well " Eliasik 

Indeed, the Hawks' defense has 
not allowed their opponents to gain 
over 100 yards on the groutul for the 
past three weeks Davidson had 
another solid game, running lor 174 
yards on 24 comes 

The surprise ol tho dav w a- tishl 
end Marlon Jordan Jordan had tour 
catches for V5 yards Jordan's emer- 
gence as a threat not only benefits 
quarterback KC Church Wide 
receivers Dennis Crump and Davi.t 

Recent aute thefts quadruple norm 

Flft««ii on-campus auto burglariaa hava occurrad ainca Saptainbar 

The inciease m auto burglaries 
since Sept 1 S has man than quadru- 
pled the normal number for thi* time 
of year. 

"Up until S ep tember. w« wtft 
having a real good year We laually 
have 17-25 (aulo burglane>i| on an 
annual basis With as many cart as 
we have coming onto campu* on a 
daily basis, that's shll tairly low." 
said Director of PuWk Safety Kevin 

"But during the last part of 
September and the first half of 
October, we seem to have a big 
increase. We have had 15 reports of 
.-itfwr bfeak-ins ot attemplfii brtjl. 
tns to vehicles Mnce Sept 1 ^ 

Sevt-n incidi-nt> hjvt- iviurr»\l m 

lot two, and others have been in lots 
1. 5, 10, 11 and 12. 

The targeted property m these 
thefts has mauily been cellular 
phone* and tteno equipment 

Study abroad pn^gram 

{tfffTK intfm.ihoriri) 


Page 2 

TransUr Week provides a 

plethora of intormation in 

one place 

Page 3 

The face of the B<iard of 
Irusttvs could changi' 
with your \ otc 
Page 4 

Arts a iMtMtalwHMiitt 

Comedian \on Stewart is 
scheduled to perform on 


The futurtot Harper's 
women s sports program 
looks, optimistic 

1 imtball tinislu'-- hiniu- 
-tand undefeated 

"I don't know why pct»pW leave 
IhiAgs visible in their car They 
might as well leave it on the roof," 
said King 

C fl phones are very easy to UkW 

f.i <].r tnink .■! iiiurcar Weencour- 

storv \aluables m 

the trunk We would also like all 
people to report all suspicious activ i- 
t> in the parking lots to IHiblu Safet\ 

Public Safety antiiipjtf> the 
instaUation of 10 new emergency 
phones m al! of the parking k>te in 
tile near futitn" tii .idd to the twi> 
already existmg phon«.-s 

"It will be a direct line to the offi 
cers on patrol," said King "P«>plf 
can call (Hir dispatch center at b2\\ 
on campwi or 925-6211 off campus " 

There is no pattern to thf nii-nt 

All t\pr- of cars hj\t K.n 
entered during the day. 

No windows have been anasheii 
I,. >;.iin ftitrv. the cars tiavf rithi-r 
Ki-n utxliskttl or forced «ipen « ith a 
)immv, --Jid K-ing 

Hawks return to rankings 

Maintenance employees paid unfairly 






ipk»yee» at 

«:s'ru' <'t tht* ^ol 

ItU' ground^. 

.\iu! r>)jirin^ the campus, 

ihi Knk-r ri>om, and «t»twr- 


.ill; -.uppittting the college 

AlthiHiph the mi-mS-rs plav a 
Urge part in thf !un^tifii> -M H.irp»T, 
th»" empUn If •■ art ' 

.ibK k'-- • thjn othvr' 

V\ilh tilt- iO>t ol ii\ 
increastf estimated at 2 
thi- pn-sents an ob» lou- i 
hacultv and otfier »" . 
HarpiT nvfne a 4 perci-i 
iee Contfi* 

Wilder's drama 
makes campus 
debut, Nov. 13 


Interested in a mix of drama, come- 
d\ and tragedy? Our Tmim opens at 
Harper on Nov. 13 The Harper 
C ollege Drama Department, presents 
th.' l'*'W Pulitzer Pnze winning drama 
wntten by Thornton Wilder 

Theater Director Mary |o Willis 
described tfw play as being "innova- 
tive, uplifting and life affirming " 

i'u' Ti'Ufi takes place in the early 
I'JiKl - it> J lonn called Grovers 
c omers. N«tv Hampshire' 

"It's a kxA at life nearly 100 years 
a^o It adds a very interesting per- 
>pectivo. ■ Willis says 

rhe play is divided into three acts, 
and centers on two families who live 
next door to each other The first two 
ai :ts chronicle the love and mamage of 
the Gibbs and Webb families Their 
childnm fall in love in the first act and 
get mamed in ttie Kcond act The play 
relies hiMviiy on imaRery. and props 

•, oki-n 

There aren't a U>l ol props, and it 
provides an opportunity lor the audi- 
ence to react aivl use ttieir imagina- 
tions," said performer Bub Baker 
V onstable Warren) 

rhf other ri-curnni; theme in the 
he town and 
^ i> \-. th»-\ 

'.Vills Mid - 

,; V .,„..litv and dr ' 
and crew 

Th., L .isi nu'mh«T» viiJ till' 

j with 
r„> ca>i 

it i.i-t I am liiM delij;ht- 
,\i ,,, ,;„ .,.iirvstmg mix i>t student, 
.ind staff," WllUs said 

The cast expressed a newfound 
unificatKm with the gnwip Many of 
the cast merr-h-rv vi.ii.-.l that thev have 
never tell n-.. >n a pr.iduc 


The cast is very open with each 
trther. and it's very hanl to believe that 
have |ust recently met each other 

Our Tau-n will run on Thurwlay, 
- fday and Saturday. Nov. 1,1, 14, 15, 
•1 21 and 22 at 8 p m and Sunday, 
\ov Ih and M at 2 p.m. Tickets are $8 
lor Harper students and Staff, $f* tot 
other students, and S9 to the publw 

Our T.iuff will he running in the 
Building L Drama tab, and seahng is 
limiti-vl For more information call the 
t larptr B,.x tlffice at (847) «25^100 


The Harbinger 
NovMf^cr 3, 1997 

Travel abroad in international 
studies and excliange program 


The Harper Horwr Society's coordinator is Tryg 
Thoreson arxl the phone rujmber is (847) 925-6489. 


Ftir those students kkk- 

mR themseives Svt not going 

vay to school and leaving 

„ie fnendly ctintines ol the 

suburbs, relief has coow. 

Thioi^ Harper, students 
can enjoy lea and crumpft> in 
Canterbury, England, sing 
"The hills are ahve with the 
tourvJ ot mu*K ' m -^^I'txiri- 
Austria, i>r cm 
cerveza m fiihi-r ^».^,.. ,>,... 
or Mexico anu somewhere m 
between, try to >;et some 
studying doiw 

Harper belong* to thi- 
lllim>i» Consortium tor 
International Studu-s and 

Prognuns. Headed b> )ane( 
Intend Mestney, the program 
allows about 10 studenl!> a 
year to travel to the above 
countries fi'>r a semester, and 
take part in a lite ..hanging 

"One mother told me that 
ihe sent avt.n .i Nn and >;ol 
back a' -..vij \\r..!nr\ 



I hi- proifs^ bfcin*. by 

makini; an appointin.-m v^nh 

V\e<.me\ » lieie stuu. 

look at the pf-' ■ 

lompari' tht'n 

ili'nl ^ indu Kl-.-i. 

f fnar\v i.H ^.ituattori'^ tiimi' 

into pla\ next students can 

appiv tor loans or the Award 
lor Exc«dlcnce Grant, a $SO0 
dollar scholar- hip to cover 

the $7.00») (o 4«,i*lM> pme tag 
Rei|uiren»'nis lor -tudenl* 
are a muumum » T^ (..PA, at 
least 15 hours »rf college cred- 
it, and two letters oi lecom- 

rhi- idi-a ot ^.'ni!Tiunit\ 
vOll>'g«'> >tudviiii 
■.till \«r\ unu'";. 

Man\ -tiuU'nts ma\ not K' 
^ivatc Ol iru- initrnationai 
vihiinge pro>;ram or how to 
.;H involved in it for intcr- 
i-sled*. ■ 1- 
Iriond Weslney .i' 
t»5;2orathero«K» ... 

Contract: Uneven distribution 
leads to employees' unrest 

com mad tram Paget 

a sizable diMerence from ttie muntnunce 


Accc«ding to the salary assignment wage 
chart, the starting wage lor a custodian is 
only $12 14 «i hour while administrators 
make SdO.OtX) to over $100,001) a year 

The NEA-lEA has gamed the support erf 
the faculty senate at Harper, and hopes to 
»ein the support of tlw board 

As part of the Harper familv the phvsnal 
plant .•mplo' in' N-rnn tn-at 

vU unlairlv ., lor a »trikr ai 

the present timo i ho m.-nit'ers are kicdung 
for obiective tieatment. and hope to end the 
negolialions soon. 

"Learning aXfvIng" 

careers in the new millennium 

A Career Center Open 
House Event 


Students. Faculty and Staff 

Employers and Community Members 

Tuesday, November 18 

10 a.m. -8 p.m. 

A 347 

"Careers in ttw New 

Seminar at 7 p.m. 
A 238 
at (8471 ftzfreaao 


Tlie Rigiit University. 

Riglit Now. 

Riglit Next Door. 

irlil oiil thi rt ' M I oiils or i;l.tdii.ili l(«Kni imIIkhiI t 

voii lan i-.irii \ on 

llllT Mllalll * I - - , .illi illi'Ml NO" ll''>' '*' ^"d Ixt.lll^ 
\i<M II K.ifii till \Lill\ »oii II inul lo MitMH 111 I 
I h.N.s. IroiM i.iii llin. ...II, no M.iM.i«. ilMllI 
Vii !••■. aiiil< ■'lliKi ol Idm.ilioii •.!' 

I .ill I.hI.O I.'I vol" I'll < M .■!. I kil 


\. oiii i>i.>.,;i.iMiv .m pia, 

mil ltllMlll^^ Srli 

1 888 NLU TODAY 

FOl'NDiD 1161 

North CentralCollege 

S » I- k i 1 1 I i I , I 1 1 1 « o 1 • 

Open House 

Saturday, Novemt)er 22 
9am - 1pm 
Pfieiffer Hall 

Vo« art nn-iicd In viut gat amfm va kara inoec atww. 

SI iU..iU«rc*r • hniniul \»1 

l-ninfimi .1rimh-rS.r».!jfslii|.s 

h< mm aikmutui, ivm irjMtcmiit k> 
. ,4 IIS t. .u « l-MMtl-JMI 

>tanli Central Cdllq* 

rvjJt'^Ui* ii»inti,s (.*'>f^ TlftS 

Where did be find time lor •9.00 an hour? 

Rl •«> -W '"S <*• ••— ■' ("Ol-* "" -»• ■■.'".« 3^ l»< t^Jil ""^ -"*« " »"'■' 

<ra^ »naw n ««v •MHn.l •>. M k<a 

P tfM loi^« I** rov limd Irf rafc <"*V Uw to *M«r %«n ,ou Tlut a ' rtti ca«* Ana ew «i*i«' 
r. ■■ J- irl r '-—^ ' ■ ■■- —. 

sn mc » m •.tf apf«ni««*r ■' ii^ivi" 

The Harbinger 
November 3, 1997 

iiMMm T'jy ^ T ^^^^ "■ » 

Career Center helps chose major Transfer StepS revealed 

The Carwt Cenirr in A37* 
I can lake the conhaion out of 
I selecting « m^or thai will match 

their j nfc-tw l i. abiUlw* and vai- 
I uc». ThrCaieerCenWpKmdca 

individual rarerr coHnaeUnf. 

career tetting Mnunan, cwcr too 

caner mouion, compulinaed 
I caieer 


Student* can aearch for cot- 
leges or financial aid nn the CIS 
computer program or run a 
print out of the occupation of 
their choice from the HORI- 
ZONS computer The Career 
Center ivceives hundreds of pb 
listmgs from local employers 
every weeli Foe mow mforma- 
bon caU (847) 925-«>720 

Manjr atodanla don't know 


ThU ia BroadkaBd. Thta la Ih* way. 

Thm prmmmr pro^Omr of 

tatmaamrrtuniombofi mmn^omm 

wit bm on cmmpum 

Monday. NovemlMr 17, i997 

Com* viae our tab)* arxl axpior* t^>• many 
axcitana car**r opportunlti** i 
wHtty MmdttOnm: 

• Cumteommr 

• Flmid Omruii 
Tmchnldmn T^mlnmm* 
• ALdmlnimtermtehfm/ 

• TmlmmmHtmtelng 

..rnntl ntmny m 






Makt a dittereiice 

in ilu- sNsinn. 

Col lege 

wlMt to do what it coMs 

t<— ID Uiiiiii DoBowthm 

finpit '''P* di^lloped by 

1. Sn a oounMior in ni7 or 

educational pian. 

2. Nanow your choke of 

tour-yaar Khooto a* Mm as 

poHibie Tyamfer infocma- 

Uon matertala* workanofi on 

tnuaicmng and vWM by coi- 

you in this pioca» 

3. Obtain ihccaialag Ann the 

Khooi that you anr cnmidei^ 

ing and beoooie familiar with 

thdr smcral oducaUon and 

bilcHt you txaiiiilfari contact 

tfia tchool of yaw choke 

requesting n> application. 

financial aid and inioenailan 
on houaing. Note my dead- 
Unas for letiiRi a< appUcalkm. 

1 UpoaaMe.viritttte schools 
(hat interest vou the most; talk 
with the adm»SMins staff 
and/or advisor m the depart- 
ment tt your planned maior. 
6. Submit all ni ce ssiiy appU- 
(Miafw to the four-year ool- 
htge/uwiw riit i w of yiMir 
choke. B ay i ai l that the 
Harper CoUcte RagMrar's 
Office. A213. send liMWl.ll|ltt 
to them. 

7 File a pention lor gradua- 
tion from Harper CoOege m 
the Registrar's Office no later 
than the midterm of the 
acmaslcr vou plan to gradu- 

1 Have Bnal tr an acri p t s sent 
to the Khooi to wMdi you are 

Ask questions to get 
important answers 

Ask a coifege recruiler these 
questions to ensure full 
knowledK^ of the institution 
1 How many students are 
there: How many are gradu- 
ate students? What is th<- 
male/female ratio' 
2- What IS the campus like, le 
siie, k>calion to in a wal city or 
downtown area? 

3 What IS the makeup of the 
vludeni body, ic tnan wfut 
slates, commuters. iv«u)(Titi^: 
prliRiou^ h.ii' ii>t^'''urui mo- • 
popular nullify ' 

4. What i» the htiutiTi: 
lion' What are the resui»-i».<r 
haUs like' 

5 What percent of the stu- 
dents remain to graduate? 
6. What are the stnmg majors 
at your school? Do you have 
my maior? 

7 What are the class siMt? 
Are classes Uught by pniles- 
soes or graduate »nidrrit>'' 

8 What opportunitu's .in' 
there for resvjnh' Siudv 

4 Are there mtemships or a>- 

10 What kinds i>* tlub* and 
*.tivitie« do viKj h^vi; there' 
Is there » Greek »y»lcm or 
other social •«irontie«/fraler- 

have an honors 


11 Do you 

12 How IS the job placrnieni' 
Will I gel asststaivr' How do 
ttudents iarr m their applica- 
tions to graduate or p i u i es 
sKmal schoob? 

13. Do you have career plan- 
ning and counselmg services? 
14 Are thete special facilities 
tn mv m»«'TP*t i e radio 5ta- 

. \\A\ kind of stu- 
uvi.i nu ,,.„ kniking for' 

16 What IS the luitMm, room 
and board and total cost of 
your schtx>l' 

17 What knd of financial aid 
IS avaiUbk>' Are there ment as 
well a« need bawd schoUr- 
ships' Athletic scholarships' 

18 What arrans«"mcnts matt I 
mjk*' to \ iMt vour tampus' 
1>< What itv th«" admission 

20 Why should 1 chiise your 
school over similar <ines? 

21 Does each room m the re»- 
ideiKe hall have a hix* up for 
a computer' 

22 Are tfien- computer labs in 
all of the residence halls' 

Internet offers 
material to aid 

When It comes time to traiw- 
liT, take advantage of the 
Internet and the college-related 
information it tiaa to oftet 

"Gatfwring information 
trom the Internet hat enhanced 
the work I do," said student 
development counselor Anita 
Crawley "I have used the 
Internet ti> help students investi- 
gate loccupational research, 
transfer school home pages, 
majors, scholarship resources.)" 
Students can visit the 
Harper College Student 
DevekipmenI Homepage kx:at- 
ed at <http :/ / 
il js/stuser.h/studev.s/stude 
V html> to learn more about 
how Harper can help when if s 
bme to transfer 

.V4ast coUegis tuve a web 
page on the Internet Some 
schools waive the application 
fee by offering an application to 
fill out on the page 

For students vho are still 
unsure about their ma)or, tlicie 
are plenty of siles that can aiMt 
making that deciston such aa 
<http/ /www 
aff /career/ services4students 

'Hlus site IS probably one of 
tlie best caieer/major resource* 
out there," said Crawley 

Other sites tiiat can assist in 
deciding a ma|or are The 
CVcupational Outlook 

HandtHx^k ^^ 

htt(> , ,> 1>1> f;i>v 
ixofuime htm^. and tlte US 
News web site at 

<http / /u&news com/usnews/ 

When It comes to kiok lor 
scholarships, grants and loans, 
many people think it will be a 
diffwult task 

Visiting the Financial Aid 
Information I'agr at 

■chttp //>, pro- 
vides a large selection of sources 
to make it easier 

To find out more about com- 
puter assLsted college searches, 
attend the programs offered 
during transfer week such as 
Cixnpulenzed School Searches 
and Occupational Inlormation 
on Niw 3-5, 10 am- 1 pm , 

llloodfield milage 

I4«a soir Road 
Schaumburg. IL 6ai75 
Sunday thru Saturday 

Page 4 


The Harbinger 
November 3, 1997 

Face of board could 
change with your vote 

The Harper Board ol Thutem elKttan on 

Tuesday. No\ 4 wilt fill ihMe vacancte* out of 
five candidaln. 

Innimbents BartMra Barton. PaUHnr and 
RoUnd Ley. Palatine and challiniiteTs PalTKk 
Bonetman, Arlingian Heighta, l.eon Suiv. 
Buffalo Grove and Karan Stn.. Bamngton will 
be on (he balkrt 

Thne employee grixip* from Harper Uf 
endorsing Botterman and Sure 

Barton was tint appointed lo the boanl to 
fill a vacancy in 1916 and has lurice won riec- 
turn twice. She considert herself lo be • 
"behever m commumt>- ct>llen« " 

Ley was apputnled to the board one year 
aK" Hf thinks he can oMer something to the 
board because of his busineM backKn.iund 
Ley "worked as an accotmtani and M-rved on 
the Arlingtim Heights Mnnonal 1 

SWc, a bniogist and diiector of buamesa 
devciopment at Ameriham Health cat*, 
w«Hild, 'like lo do mon- community aersice-' 

Botterman believet he is 'qualified for the 
board because he has a background in go\ - 
•mitHTil Ivrvmii srr\ed ** chief deputy- clerk 

Sure has served on ttw Indian IraiU Public 
Library Board and worked as an altomev t»r 
the U S Railroad Relurment Board fie u 
"concerned about the college* futunr because 
lis mervM could be depletfd by 2000 " 

With tluee seats open on the board, it » 
crucul thai everyone vole* m this electu>n lo 
ensure a balanced outcome with the diverse 
demographics of the flarper oommunity 

There will be a new face to the coitr||ge 
nnt year with President Paul Thompson not 
renewing his contract. 

Make a wise dccinan whei> voting on 
Nov 4 Your coOegr is countii^ on you 

WHCM future may include FM airwaves 


In the fall of 1998, WHCM. 
'Palaline'i number one radio sta- 
tion*, may be bniadcaaling on the FM 

WItCM xritt not be the sole pnt- 
prielor al HH % FM, tiw tie(|U(ncy will 
be shared with the Church of 
Christum Liberty 4t Academy in 
Arltngton Hetghis 

For the past live yean. Harper ha* 
been petitioning Ihe Federal 
CommunioMiam Commission (PCC) 
to grant an FM bccnae io WHCM 

Howtrver thf Chuivh ul Chruiuin 
Liberty ha> also bren petitHwung tor 
the identical tn><)uency 

Appnonmately three years prwr. 
the FCC put a tieew on issumg 
broadcaat licenses for lrec|umcie« 
punucd by moie than one applicant. 

This left WHCM <u mane one of 
three choicet wi«l<drawal lf«e request 
lor the FM fiequrtwy, continue io out 
wail the FCC's freeze or to make a 



WHCM will 
Mondav-Thursday. and 
Liberty will broadcast 


Student D|» will ait musK'. make 
public annuurK-rmcnts, and air other 
programMdfally 12-14 hoursaday 

"Thb a the biggest step we've 
taken in five yean.' Mid WViCM fac- 
ulty advisor Tom Schencke 

II granted. 88 1 FM will imly be a 
100 watt radio station II will cover 
(ust about all of Ihe Harper diMnct 

Harper officiaU will know the 
KX's dedsion in lanuary On a pos- 
itive note, leanette Nowak. WHCM's 
station manager believer thai hiarper 
IS 9(1% guaranlred tht- FM frequency. 

Final "Dare to Dream" seminar 
presents "Daughter of Destiny" 


Or Jeanne L Porter will lielivrr ar 
insightful piesentation "On BeniminK .> 
Dai^ier of Destiny Unstxu un Unr 
Power, and Seii-Cslmii," on Thursday 
Nov 17 

She earned a Ph D ir 
Communications from Oluo Uni\ ir'.irx 

Dr Porter is aMe to imparl .i 
wrr of success to the teadeis of t .• 
mstitutum* and oifanixalians. with 
whom she works, 

The key word tlut makes her strate- 
gies unique and practical are "reme- 

Thremgh relevant caae-CKamptes. 
personal experiences aitd honest dia- 
lcif(ue shr inotivales parluipant t>< 

easier to icialelo and apply toiwl life.' 
said Minority Traiistrr Center 
Information Specialist Stephanie Seay 

Seay describn Dr Porter as a "pn> 
ple person" 

Bmd« dealing with >p<^ilK 
women's' issues, she talks on a personal 
level of diverse importance, such as 
tiRW management, self-ai'tuah/atian. 


Or. immmmm ^•rt«r 4«llv*ra la«t 
••minar apoaaersd by tlM 
Wo w 'a ffrngrmm Nov. 17. 

careers and apintualit>' 

This » Itw last seminar in the "Date 
Jo Dream series organized by tlw 
liarprr College Women's Pivigram. and 
the Office of MultK^ltural AHairs 

Dr Porter will speak at noon in 

Fur mon- inlormation, call tfie 
Women » I'n.nram al (MWZS-ftS'W 

caper resolved 


Onkticn ui the day caic 
program at Harper started 
growing a pumpkin over the 
■ummwiMtnn in the garden 
onferide Hikr chaanom 

Xhmf wese planning to 
carve it into a )ack-o-lantnn 
for Halloween, but were disa- 
ptianted when they found out 
it wasn't goii\g to happen. 

Before Halloween, WHne- 
one stole lite pumpkm right 
out of the ganlen. 

The children posted a ^pi 
where the pumpkin once sat 
"A wicked person ha* stolen 
our puntpkm We gi»w il 
ourselvfs We wanted to 
carve it We an sad." 

The pumpkin iMcf pee- 
vailed. however. 

Harper's third shift cua- 
todians read the sign and 
bought pumpkin* for the day 

The ctiildren wrote a 
heartfelt thaidi you note to 
the cuatadians for liwir gen- 
erous donation lu the day 

Country Collections Craft and Art Fair features 90 exhibits 

ST*FT \nr««rrH» 

The Country Colkictions Cntt * 
Folk Arts Fair will featuie nmety 
exhibiturs from a ten stale area m 
Buikiing M on Nov. 7-9. 

Exhibits iivrlude weavers, pot- 
ters, furniture makers, wood 

carvers. ck>lhier» and more 

Mike aiul Nancy Patek. founded 
their own ciMnpany, The Great 
NorthwiKid* Trading Company 
Which has been incorporated, akmg 
with many others, mio what is today 
krwwn as Country CoUection* Craft 
k Folk Arts Fair 

The Country Colk!ctions Craft & 
Folk Arts Fair will be held 
November 7-"* Hours Friday 3-9, 
Sahmlay 10-5, and Sunday 11-4 

Then is a $4 entrance fee per 
adult and children are free. If you 
have any questKms. contact Mike 

Mltorlal Boaf4 «»! 

The Harbinwr 

Actmg Editor nOMf Lauren Schubel 

NMsEittor Amanda Off enbacher 

•tuff Writ< 


Features &« or 


SportsEditor . SeanMcHugh 

Faculty Advisor HomardSchlossberg 

Don Berger. Ted OanyluK Ryan Fretmd. Jennifef Gdz, Francois Haussemot 

Brian MarktewiczXite Odahowski, David Pump, 

Kevm ShepKe. Sandy Tang. Sean Tnjdeau 


m* f«arlsnf»n* n» siuOsni putCiMien for tne Harpw CoasfS campus can> 
murMy. puHMhM bi-«is«M|r tMO^MUt tn* school year aKcpl aumg holidays 
and final mama. n» Mpar « MsUttuiad iTM to aH studsnis. faculty and 
admmstrstion Tin H wftngar's sola aurposa is to srotuda Pie Haipsf commu 

raiy wrth ntormat ion psrtamini to the campus and Its suTOtfrtnl cofmnmv 


rfie H mtn^t t —ic om a s Mttars lo It* sdrtor and rapUss lo our siMorials 

Lettars must Da Sifnsd and ncUM a phone narSiM to verify autnorsMp 

Si(nati«es Mil t» «wll«ickt upon ra«iasl. M letters and conter« am aufiiact 


Products an) scrvicasaiMirtiiadn Has HMwifir are not flstassarHy 
andorsad Dy the sdnors of tiss papal, nor Dy the coNsga attnnMralKin or 
Boara of Oesctors Mqumm Should da tonnardsd (kractly to mt aonariisar. 
am a« purchaaas art at the diactatian of ths consianst. 

The Harbmaer William Ramey Harper CoHege 

l30O WBSt AlgpnquinRoad 

Palatine.! 60067 7098 

ffiona NtxiAws. 

business office: (847) 925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax: (847)925-6033 

copyiMit 1997. The HmtH^w. 

N«««mb«r 3, 1997 


$25,000 reward if mentalisi is fraud Former MTV Star performs in Building M 

SIM f wf»ltf> 

McnUlni kraiK Kuf/et. a 
cruM between a p»ychic tnd * 
tivagidan. will perform a fnw 
<how Wedrw^Hlay, Nov 12 at 
noon in the Building A 
I i>uni;v 

)Urgv« will m4k« prrdH:- 
tions and rvad the minds ot the 


He ha* read th« tenal num- 
ber* irff of judiencv member* 
dollar bill*, while still in their 

If Kargn faiK hi* fees are 
rHunwd lo the spoiaor and 
often $254)00 payable tti chan- 

ty, i* anyone can fm>ve tlul he 
ui« 'ttoofpn' from the judi- 

In IW6. Karges wa* named 
cm of the lop five family /vari- 
ety performer*, by Prrforminir 

SuKe then, Karf^e* matl* a 
video/ audio tenes entitled 
UnJodtmg tim Pomr WKftin 

Kai^tPt also hi>ld» wminan 
that teach how to tap mto the 
unconsciou* mind Karget 
hope* to fuve a book out early 
next year 

Karge* ha* appeared nn 
The "ToniRht Sh<iw with |a\ 
Leiio ". and ' Ijrrv Kii\g I ivr 

Your Future Looks J 
Brighter «0 Rirt of ^^1^^ 
th« 0»co Drufl Team! ^^ 

N> •« «> ]^v» Ohm IXi kM •■•> M » M «iM <wpK*M ' 

IMK wit ■■<>»'«■"■■ ' ~ 


AMK imiWM #•* • '■•''' fttm tmmm Wttf wlMMMH^^^ M^tr 

i .<i«ti>i'i»i'««««i.»t J **m i ,«»ain l '«><— Mn%i 
WI*Mtt»*«.awaM*.ll«IN) Kb •>»«■«'««( Or «* 

Invest Your Cn^dits 

1/ you km* (olitff crtdit im it 
Transfer your aUiff amrumork 
and complete an attekrattd dtpte 

Cttmr fnm lUi f inmmt — 

Wf.tKiSb < Aaw. •W«iw» 
« B^tith' Id/ Hlti imru 

•tti « omnMnam w 

»«^ SnlMbrrtf^ f 1^ M HMVi AnMnMr fv (/Mafwtf uwIM 


Former MTV *tar Ion 
Stewart will perform his 
»tand up comedy act to tfie 
Harper cimimunify on 
Fnday, Nov U at 8 p.m m 
Buildmg M 

Chicago native Mike 
Luca* will open fj»r Stewart 
with hi* own stand up act 

Stewart has appeared on 
various MTV pnigrams, a* 
well a* HBO'i "Young 
Comedian* Special". "The 
Ijrry Sanden Show" and, 
more f«c«filly, a live one- 
hour comedy cpecial for 
HBO called "Jon Stewart 

He made a cameo 

appearance on NBt s News 
Radio last season playing 
Matthew'* dorky twin 

He has also acted in 
movie* such as The First 
Wiws Club as Goldie 
Hawn* boyfriend, and 
Wi>hful Thinking, a roinantK 
ciMTiedy teatunng Stewart 
along*ide Drew Barrymore 

Stewart has be«i called 
"Beavu and Butthead s 
aaswer to Da\ id l^teman 
K\ju>f i)f hi* cynical wit 
and Mimewhat immature 

He IS cunvntly the guest 
hi«t tor CBS's "l.ate Show 
with litm Snyder" and has 
signed a deal with Miramax 

^ LtSlDelMtl 

Robert ] 





Ortad tat. tL MMU 





stop now. 

ki •>%< laaB »«<T' MtM rHMnnM «• 

fmtf^iM-tmt mtMan «««f 
nan OiViy Ow m/ amn mt m oui- 
iundng lecartf of ani^aifnw ^H* 
qnouauen and «i 4ina 'HMon 

Oil atmn m vm Otr on J>r 
tMfiBa «» nttfw^ "■o at en** 
Kn rvwr maul lurm ««nw>cc 

AndMT iM«Mr vura KficduK 
youl rvair i<u oegwr r f« vnr 

cnoor tam aKMon argnei r 


L*Myi 0«JSP aflM a :^r» W»<«D II 
ou Aaaa< c«nu a M> %> AD 


MTV ctar Jm Stwrarl 
wWa w a w tH wy r 
C«a*g* M Nm. 14. 

to appear in and /or develop 
six new film* 

Right now, he is working 
on a scnpl based on the Jack 
Ftnney book The Night 

Lucas, who will warm up 
rtie Harper audience, is a 
master of impersonation and 

An example of the quirky 
humor Lucas will bring to 
iilage is hts proposition of 
such ludicrous questions as 
"How do they put the 'M's' 
on the M & M'»?" and 
"Where do lava lamps come 

Lucas ha* appeared on 
"The Tonight Show" as well 
as A & t"''< "Thr Itrjight 

Tk^ -■ ■'"■ 

S17 and il2 with j student 
activity paso for Harper *tu- 
(ienlB biribie the show 

Ticket* are $17 if pur- 
chased the day of the show 
For tickets and information 
call the FUtper Box Office 
(847) 925-t.lOO 


Unrted Parcel Service has part-ttnne 
loader and uMiloader positions available. 


»>- No Weekend Work 

^ 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

»>■ Comprehensive Medical Package 

►f Stock Participation »f Employee Owned Company 

Call toH free 1 -•••-40Wt-JOS i^mttsb »cm»wfMa 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

LocatK>r«; Hodgkins/WIBow brings (1-55 & 1-294) 
Addison. Palatine, rstorthbrook & Wsstmont 

wnwNG FOR STuqorrsjicjiMK F»^ 


Etijat Opportunity Employe 


The Harbinger 
November 3, 1997 


AJfler aU your hard work, you can afford to be rhooqr. 

Think carefully aixtul where wu art' Ji^nv, and vU\cr»* y«u want to 
be. Then you'll know that the ri^ht chouf is Ki»i-. ., r I i i.rr.sity. 

Every u>ar. mort' rhan 15(1 Harper Ntuiient.s transfer to 
Roosevelt With cnmprrheiisue (ani[)ij%es in both 'lownlcun 
Chicago and Schaumburg. Roosevelt has more (ia>Sfs in more 
majors ilJli undergraduatf^ in ;ill. ranging from Arcoiintiug 
t,^ r.iiH ,!ii.ii t,. ThiMV •■:i' tin).'- ;iii<! 

trai. . . .,-,. .. : ts with Harper College assure that \oiir work 
will luuiit toward your Kn,,s..-,clt i|ei'rf*> 

luJ.r' -. — • ■ •■ -'i »"-• '■-■ <'■'■'■■■ '''-Ml 

ilUdl a^ll^l^:^|llll .mil iiii.iiu i,ii ,i, : ■■' : 

■:\ (847) 619-8600 ;• r aii appouitiiifiii .u "im i(..|.in 

LalupU;> i;t iiioel With a !<(;' ' i'.fr>:tv aiillilsMoli I I ;,! M-Nir 

i! Harper ('< ■ l.iilowin.i; ■ ■■ 




TWsday, Novmber 4 
7:S0 pa - 9:30 pm 
Thuufer Fair 

TK«dneMla). NoM»mber 12 
10:00 am- 1:00 pa 

IMMtdi^ Novenber 5 
lOHie aa - 2:00 pa 
CoUffCe Fair 

Monday. November 17 
5:00 va-impm 



The Harbinger 
November 3, 19f7 

I kimiiKimwmmmmfm nmt. nBmmmTmxao p m 
, ■ ou ■ imnM Mwwr catd and gtv* I lo Vw MNMc MOMMy Vtou «• to oorMcirt by Ctmti lOng and • mM«ng w« b« i 
•wiM and «Mti to b* part o( a wnvng tadHon at Hatpar. plana plan on aBandng •« n waMo B . ^ 

• Hetoart Da»MMn and Tcdd O a wa b U waia nawad aihiaia a ot 9» wafc >of t>a paai b»o n iil ii ^It'S 

• WornanBaakattaltafcaaenRobailMcMrtaanNov 11 andfvrnan'aiaamialwaonSaukWalayanNaw ti ^S 

• Carto Angato can dunk! 

Volleyball keeps winning ways with strong conference play 
following loss to McHenry women regroup to rout Oakton 

home were deloated in thiw sets 15-10, 15-11, 
IS- 13 

■ 1 m v4-r\ pniud i>l my ^irr> Even though 
we k»t the game agjuist McHenr>' we still 
pUyed well." said Ctwch Shamn Stauder 

The l,ady Hawks' then played Oakton and 
defeated them in ttraight sets. Ifvl, 15-8, 15-7- 

"Marv pla\vr> ha\'e stepped for u«. espe- 
cially Anne Stoddard She's been helping us 
gieatly," added Coach Stauder 

The l^y Hawks' jieaiton ended with a 
high note Thev defeated Morton in straight 
set* 15-5, 15-10, 15-() The first Regional play- 
off game is at home j^jinst Triton on 
Tuesday, Ntw 4 at b p m 

The Lady Hawk» |i»t keep on rolling; 
After two outstanding performance^ in Imir 
naments and a ciHiple of key wtn> they arv 
ndtng high 

Fresh off ttie home win the 1 *lv )iawk>' 
twaded lor a major C- :mamcn! 

in Rock Valley aivi finj two wins 

and two losses and third piaLe tmish 

They defeated Triton ISV, \5a}. 15-4 and 
loilrt lt>-ll, 15-11 15-12, but lost i- R.» k 
Valley 15-10, 13-15, 15-*., 15-10, and C. liege iH 
DuPagel5-ll, 15-1. 15-n 

The Lady Hawks' then played McHenry at 


MtiiMiy t«w«laU l**lia •• a* Mal ari a Ki 
••ta Mn a play la a racant matdi. 


llll.|.-lr.i ,1. >.,; .■!<,■'_ ■ ,•■ 
Hfftl ll, 1m d JOiif lMil-l)l -i'vl 

In *> tniiK-lhmjE ?""■" •" ' 
llari»iif[rru(fi< r in Hiiililin:: \ 

MMHI«JU>I l>~l 







Undergraduate and 
Graduate Programs 



NOVEMBtR 19th 

- PM. 

Women's sports: making college revival 

does not give out scftolarship*, 
but Bechtold suggested tuition 
waivers as an alternative to 
entice more athletes to pUy at 
the lunior college level. 

Sports not only offers com- 
petition, championships and 
local notoriety Team sports 
offers camradene, friendship 
and much more ttut extends 
beyond ttie playing field 

"Being involved in sports 
h.->- made me orfianized in 
><ctiix>l and wttrk,' satd Kusch. 
" Sports has made me mcHC 
responsible as a person Some 
Lil my high school nvals aie 
ruiw my fnends, its weird " 

contnuM trom paft S 
coaches lor that matter- is easi- 
er said than done 

■'lunior ciillcge coaches 
must tx' ver\ d<^ilcatcd to their 
sport, " said Assistant Athletic 
Director Sue Overland "We 
can't pay them as much as 
high schools can, which makes 
it that much more ditiicull far 
us to get coaches " 

really that imp.: 
two sport alhi. i. ...:..> 
M.ihtor "We havf ni>b«>d\ tn 
look up to in ifxirts ' 

Molitor IS quick to 
acknowledge the WNBA and 
its asi'ent to popularity For 
many female athletes that does 
not )ushfy sacrificing work, 
social life etc.... 

"Scliool is a big pnorily," 
said two-sport athlete Krislen 
Wilson "The WNBA doesn't 
rven pay that much Also, a 
small percentage of attiletes 
■ m l i e TOio nal 
illMfc- goal 

i; incentives tor ath- 
,.i.^ ..niales as well as males. 
In an idea vvi>rth liKtkin^ 
into >aid Revhtold Rie N4C 

Help Wanted 

$1000^ POSSIBLE f«AD^ 
ING BOOKS Pal Tune. At 
Home. Toll Fre« (800! 218- 
9000 Ext. R 8715 for 

ov. T FORECLOSED homes 
from pennies on $1 
Delinquent Tan. Repo's, 
RED'S. Yotjr Area Toll Free 
(800) 218-9000 Ext- H- 
8715 for current listings. 

AMokite Bast Sprtng Braak 

Packages Availabia 
»S>N«»JM.S. student ORGAM- 
small GROUPS waited!! 
(800)327-6013 or 
trttp: /wwn(i( 

YOUR OWN - It^ian 
Past aria Hiring Cooks. 
Dishwashers. Dining Room 
St aff& Cashiers Day& 
Evening CAFFF GWA 330 
E. Golf RO Arlington 
Heights CalM847i758- 


Needed immediately to 
assist the elderly 
Jom one of America^ 
fastest growing 
compar»es. Workwithm 
youf schedule in the area of 
your choice. 
Call (630) 942-0109 

Leam to Make More Money. 

Part Time, 

tn The Financial Industry 

Call Bill Sherman 

at (312) 832 1390 

Earn $1000! 

Mm% age 18-34 

needed for spenn 

donor program 

Call MF 8-4 


For Sale 

ELECTRIC BASS, hard case 
and amp. 5 strmg. black 
ItMnez Soundgear 405 
series with hard case, cord, 
strap and amp. Mint condi- 
tion. $1J00 value. Must 
sell for $800. Call Lairen 

Free CashGrantsI 

College Scholarship. 

Business. Medical Bills 
Never Repay. Toll Free 
(800) 218 9000 Ext. G 

Harper College Free pro 
gram with anrual contract 
monthly rate as low as 
$6.95 Call Chris Pinek) at 
Mobile Cormi 18471 882- 



Typing of Term Papers. 

Thesis. Tables, etc. 

Laser Printing 

Available Days, 

Evenings & Weei«nds 

Just Minutes from Harper 

Call Kim Andrews 


Pregnant? Need help? 
Adoption IS an option. A 
secure, loving couple wish- 
es to begin a family by 
adopting an infant. We can 
provide a bright, happy 
future for a ct^ild. All allow- 
able medical & legal 
expenses paid. Rease call 
(800) 292 5363 or call our 
attorney collect at (217) 
3521800. KaroliRob. 


arper Spoils 


Hawks dominate fourth ranked team in nation ^^^ **^* 

Davidson kayad balancad attack to kaap playoff hopas allva ^^h^q,, ^ff 


Playoff hop» an now in tight for 
the Hirfrr hUwIu footbdll tetm 

Th« Hawks wrapped up Ihcir 
three game home stand undefeated 
and opened some eyes, with their 31- 
21 wm over fourth ranked Grand 
Rapids College 

"The win siv«^ them a chance li< 
have a «peoal season. Head coach 
John Eliasik !>aid 

The H4wk> (Till) extended 
their win streak to tm following i 
win over Wiscoreun-UCriwae's juniin 
\ arsity. 

The key to the Hawks' sxKxe** hj-. 
been the play of nmninj; back RiiN-n 
Ctavidsoa Over the jus^l ctimpUHed 
home stand Davidson gamed over 
6C0 yards rushini; 

"When you play b«g games, you 
have tiv fuve your roh) pljvrrs yU\ 
good.' Eliasik Mid 

Eliasik also ptnnted out in the 
Hawk^' lone U»s.*» i>f the M-MMtn. .1 1^ -^ 

KH ulivU-l U»i > ■ " • 

So m Dividicin goeit. so do the 

As was the case in the upset of 
Grand Rapidt Dovidson tirtaled 2^1 
yank of offetiae (6 yards carm- ott 4 
screen pass from quarterback K c 
Chunh Davidson caught thr tipjx-d 
passed and rumbled fi>r the touih- 

QMrt*ftocli KX. 
Jetot m* h««M. 

'During mv m 
lul and W4H ,ti'y 

kncK-ked back up UavhiMm »diJ. 
who eclipsed the I.IXX) yard mark for 
tfie *ea>ion and tHxamf i>nh lh«- se\, 
enlh rusher in H.i« k hinton to dii »o 

(. huff h also pijMvi 1 kiv rv»le m 
Ihf up«*-t I hurih thr>'« lor ^i* yards 
and two touchdowns and r.>n tor 

Wi' km'w if Wf I OS 


to M** in ttM S&*7 wlH ever 

Uil.t h.Mt 


Harpt-r wiil finish tfn- season on 
Ihf road against Rtxk VallfV and 
C ,rand Rapids Both games fiave play - 
oit implualiorts R V, CR and 
Harper all have ont* loss inn .nti'n-mv 

■ Ji-nl his tfam 

Teams need experienced players to have success 

Men return six players from previous year 

Ryan Fraund 

mg Irom last i«'as»> 
Vlik.. Mii^.h •>.,!.! " 
,, :. ! -ui to have tun 

Uiii. ..,._... L.'uhn. Tim Oas 
Andy Cfu>|nowski, Mike Maloru- 
lav Ko2ial and l\it Higgms retunm- 
aixf with a record of 1+15 lasi . 
the Hawks jin- kxAinK to h 
Hirsch lor o\ pi-n«-n. r it this UmI 

"It I had ti- pii k on> ' -•■■■■ 
tiands out It woukl pr. 
to bf lari-d Sfwrman 

He ;ompc'f«>> with ■ 
Urvel fKiwubk' aruf hus' 
best of tht^m 

players. to do Itv »jiih' tliiii|t 

"The main thing I want to a^vom 
plisd this year is that evervbinlv on 
out ti .iin makes it to a iini 
viTsit', iJrmu.ilh 

kfticali.. -i-^. ' I' Hii-.d 

"Wc have a lal. 
fennce and the pi 

»<ITO irr (Wkf© «M1»' 

Mika Maloa«, mm off Hw 
wtitnMfs f row last yew alaye 
def •«•• last year. 

ipin^ us . ■ 

inii' ol ihf \»'ar i<*T tin- 
• h.'Hu ,i>;ainsi Sauk 

All-American Kusch 
and Wilson to lead 
way for women. 

KevNi WiefHie 


!>!<•» (»!-('• ■ BasfcelbalHeaiTi 

apcomin<i »ea«<!n and en.)- 
■..• Jensen fwis many thouj;' 

.iKiu; !i 

It is«' -an kit'i iihI 

pUv litlhtir ilMhIii-- ..lui ^ikKn ii-Tis<n 
I think that v^.■ stunikt K- at thf tup ot 
thr pakk 

CivKh i»-nsen is als»i wn happv with 
th<- n>strr thai jJit tU5 n-tu' >•■■' '■■"" lasi 

III (unior i 

ptiints P' 

ami AllA- mUtii-nn . 

t>ur ntlier tup nrtumees are Tracy 
!rr. (enny Molitor, and ICristin 
n Wibon, set the Harper reconl for 

Di,' i.KK Hawks open i^> thnr «e«- 

I mtxT 11 


Harper's women's athletic teams 
are experiencing a revival. 

After canceling all fall sports for 
women last year Harper is fielding 
all three teams ttus fall 

Coaches and play«-rs alike are 
exnted and relieved to have the 
opportuiuty to compete However, it 
does run guarantee these teams will 
'" niund next year 

Were constantly struggling to 
ii.iJ women's teams " said Athletic 
Director Roger BechU)ld "I'm happy 
ttui we have all three teams. We're 
still a little slwwt of players on the 
s<Kcer aivl tennis teams, but we are 
taking steps in the right direction " 

Baby steps at best The women's 
^•mt-r team currently t\as eleven 
players The total number of player 
positions nf the fiekl 

The tennis team was un tfw 
verge erf caiKeling the program for 
the season 

lvvrtunatel> IkvhtoU s laith was 
i\-warded when the team found 2 
players to raLse tfie partiopant level 
to SIX "We'd like to have a coupkc 
more players," said Bechlold "But 
we're happy with what we have 
However we cant be satisfied We 
neeii to Uxik to ttie future as well " 
lam ek-meni to susuming 
proRrams is the schools 
.ir-i ' "We're ra>t goin^; ■ 

v;,M . . being pursueil ' 

!>,, ■ ".. ■■■■'■ 

t and athlftK ability. 


»r v.irunis rea- 

jH't tl IJlslfisl »11 

.in,-: ,., -11 as St. Viator 

u«.l and Bamnguwi High 

\iihnugh ni>l all ciwchiH. can 

,i.,iu..if iheir time to recruiting. 

M.u[-vi has a handful of part-lime 


It's nK-e to have that assurance 

iliat your coath will be Itiere when 

vou nei-d to Ulk to Ifiem " said twn- 

sport star and athlete of the year 

Heather Kusch "If players see tfvat 

tl>e their coac:fws aren't here full tune 

they may ncK be as dedicatnl to the 

sport and have as much n-sj^n t tor 

thi-ir f oach as tfwv should 

• Athletic r>mH-tor Wayne 
r i,r.vs ■ Rivruiting IS made 

much easier if vou have coaches wfio 
an- full-time The last three years 
\e instalk-d tull-time coaclies in 
• three women s programs we 
have, and that tielps tow ard building 
a solid foundation ' 

In turn Wayne king has seen 
female participation nse 
Landing lull • part-time 

see Woman* Sport* w page / 

Board of Trastoos oloction acc|uiros throo seats 

Barton r««l«ctMl and Bottarman and Sbara alactad to aix-yaar torm on board 


The Mdrprr BiMrd irf Trustfv. hj- 
» new, and perhaps impn>\ti.r Ixok 
with two fresh faces elected and an 
tncumbmt reelected 

InoumK-nr Barbara Barton, 70, 
ralatinc 14.461 viitcs; Pal 
Botterman, V^. Arlinf(ton Height*, 
ll.OtW votes, ami Ut>n Shure. W, 
Buffalo Grove, 11,.T62 votes ii«.k 
their atmti for a Kix-year tem\ .it Ihi- 
special board meeting Mondav, \tu 

With 10-year Harper l'resnl«TU 
Paul Thompson nut n-newmR his 
lontrait, v\huh cxpirf-. .>n liint V 
IWK, tht; Kuril i> Im using nn thi 
•learch for j new pn-sident. moru'l.irv 
problems and th»- iommunk.jlii>n 
between administrators and staff 

Campus clubs and 
organi^atiuiib h.i\ e niui h 
planrwHi ♦!>»«; month 
Page 2 

Ihn.. , ! ars unrth i)t 
condirms iwalkil t luiki 
vou K- .If risk^ 
Page 3 

Readers react to staff 
etiiforial in letters to the 
Page 4 

ljkd\ Hawks fall to Rock 
\alk\ HI voiU'\hall 

Men's baskitball k>ses 
home ofx^ner to Sauk 

DavidMin sets schixil 
rushing rtvord and runs 
over Raiders 

I am dciii^htfiJ thai tht- 
nitv fell the I was dwng .i i;.>ih) 
I'mmRh [lib ;c> roelivt me. said 

I m ltH>king livrw.inl !«• help 
devekip the new trusiits I don t 
have a private ageitda," »he and. 

Hal flu Hwper'* 

Barton UvU Harper nenU to 
.id|ust to the changin); m'v'ils ot th. 
' '■ ■ ii'mo){raphitally, s,hi.i1Is 
ilv and pt>liticall\ 

Ikirtiin , husband and sn ihildn-n 
.illi-nili ,t . iiiurunitv iiillc^fs and 
s>he IS a bi-lieser m svstem 

(krtterman is toncemed with the 
w<irk force and the Woman s 

"I would liki- to (<Hus on th«- 
shaping of the work torn- training 
progr.ims at Harper making sure 
ttu-v nuvt the standard that Harj^r 
has met." said Botterman 

"Atao. I'd like to N- artiM' in thf 
liilure of ttw Woman's Program at 
H.irper They are about to loose most 
i<t ihiir lunding with thf I'limination 
of Iht rarkjn-s l.r •"' '■ n,uj 

"I would als. rk on he 

seliTtion of a m-v. (i.^iint m.iking 
surt- that th«-\ h.i\<- ihi- >i.i..n ihat 
fits Harj-H-r s nile, and the iiTiinuini 
Kw TiuMaMonoageS 

Soccer finishes season at C.O.D 

Hop« Scholarship grants tax cradit 

Nl *<) ttXTOfi 

hlliKible Harper students cm get 
a new break from escalating coUegpr 
tuition and tm. 

rhe Hope Scholarship is ,i non 
refundable tax vn-dit tor the lir-.t 
two years ut ct>lle);e 

H aHpw* v(Ht to claim tuition and 
coikfgr Uxf- incurred alter |an 1. 

The Hop«- St holarship covers KXI 
percent of the tirst S1,(»K' sp-nt on 
tuition and tees 

It abo covers 5t) percent ol tfie 

Ihc SI hoLirship is tor students 
vstio' not ci»mpleti-d the tirst 
two yearn <rf colk)^. 

st>.,4.-..ts m,,.f i^. .,^.,,||(^ in a 

di>'J :m. 

I (•♦7) 

Karges astounds 
audience with 
mind reading 


Kraig Karges performed last 
Wednesdav in the Building A 
Lounge m front ot an audience com- 
poM-d of Harper studenN, fai-ultv. 
and Mi'VM-rs tn>m the lixal communi- 

Karges started off the show with 
mind reading using audience partici- 

ki'Mn HuTli'in was one ot the 
chosen I berlein was handed a !W0 
page ru>\rl. and was asked to open 
up to am in the t«»vel and 
mi'mori/<> .in\ ^-iven word of his 
■ hour 

kargi-s was then able t«i gu<-ss the 
chosen word "handkerchicl b\ 
n-ading Ft^erlein's mind 

Karges. while blindlolil.-J was 
able lo read information ott ot 
\ndrea Huffs driver's licens. \\h.n 

'I ' ^ >M. 1 ^t.itr \\ nil II ihi 

n , nntoil m and the dollar 

am. mm uItiI.- still double blindfold- 

Ihrcv dudii-ncc members otferi.t 
Ihi'ir rings to assist Karges in his nc»! 

■ 'ir letting w ifnesses check tt»e 

■ make sure then- w as ru' fraud 
to tlus stunt 

Plaiing the rings on a swi/el stick. 
Karges. w ith a rub of his hands, made 
all thn-e nngs interlcxk. formmg a 
ihain Lsing |ust his fingertipt, 
Kargi-s w tiled a wcKiden table across 
the entire stage No strings attached, 
(he table was elevated into the air. 

I or Kar)(ps' final astonishment, he 
called upon the assistance of four 
audieiKe memliers Participant num- 
ber one was asked to name any car he 
desired He chose a Nissan 300 ZX. 

Participant two was asked to 
name a color for this car, he picked 
tomato red Participant number 
three w as a>kc-d to make up a license 
plate, he decided on XM 5387 
Participant numt>er four was asked 
to give a price for this she siati-d 

Karges then removed a sealed 
envtHope from inside his inner jacket 
(K K ket 1 >.i\ e drant was called upon 
lo read the t;ontents of the envelope 

Inside was a letter wntten b\ 
Karges hours before describing tt» 
exaci i-ar. including make, c-okw. plate 
and price the players created 

l^jiding IW1 this final note, Kargec 
received a n>ar ol applauiie from the 



The Harbinger 
Novnnber 17, W97 

Hope: Scholarship used 
as tax credit for student 
college financial aid 


Students must tlsci be 
enioUrd in * nunimum ot 
six cmlit hours during thr 
time the student is qudlihed 
for the >icht>Urship 

They must incur cUuned 
tuition jmd tees paid fur 
after Dec 31, I'm 

The tuition paytnent 
deadline for eligible stu- 
dents will be extended from 
Dei 8. 1997 ti> |an 5 1998 

Students already receiv- 
ing federal grant aid or 
scholarship funds will shil 
be eligible for the scholar- 
ship, but will receive 
reduced amounts of tuition 

There are wme tcslhc- 
tions. Individual filers who 
earn in excess of $50,000 are 

■nei^gMe.a*arr|t>ini t.i\ ht- 
ers who earn mote ihan 

Student* who have been 
convKted of a felony relat- 
ed fo poasesision or distribu- 
tion of a controlled tub- 
stance are also ineligible for 
the Hope Scholarship 

DetaiK ol the Hope 
Sdw>lar»hip are still being 
worked out 

It IS possible that lax 
payers will be required to 
complete a separate IRS tax 
schedule to claim the credit 
for theu taxes. 

For more information, 
contact the Harper College 
Office of Student FinaiKial 
Aanstance at (847) 925-2855 
or stop in at the office in 
Buildmg A 

Trustees: Out with one old, 
in with two new members 

cation between the adminis- 
tration and the employees," 
said Botterman- 

Along with Barton and 
Botterman, Shure would 
like to focus on the selection 
-tt the nt-v^ pn»suit»nt 

bhure ieeis 1hoinpsun'i> 
replacement should be a 
'aeif-starter" and lead b)- 

Shure is "happy to have 
been selected " 

"I'm lookmg forward to 
working with ucultv jind 
board memb«.-r> and talking 

with students," said Shure. 

"I am very open and feel 
I can be a listener I hope 
students feel that I can be 
somecme they can turn to," 
he said 

The board made several 
pA«situ>n change* at last 
Monday'* meeting as well 

Sara Bom O Riley 
sbrpped down as chair, and 
vice chair Richard Kolze 
stepped up. 

Other shifts included 
Kn> Howard to vict- chair 
and ludilh Hess to »fcn- 


A roiiadtable (ll>CMwiiMi for 
all club and otgatiizatian 
ownAer* are invited lo par- 
tidpiali on Dec 5 from 10 
ajn.-floon in A137c. Student 
TYusMe Pamm PruvEivaUi is 
hosting the diicuaalon to 
unite the >larper student 
le ad wm to diacun campus 
J oul community iMues. For 
more tntennation call 
PrinaivaUi (M7) 991-4422 or 
RS.V.P with Shirley in 
Student Activities at (»47) 
93S4242 by Dec 1 
Mnt ol Vtew, Harper's stu- 
d«M liitratiitc/art maga- 
line, i* now accepting cre- 
ative work. Any Haiptr flu- 
dcnl or mifkiym it rtlgtile 
to iMhwill poMy, Adiaa, a*- 
ali«* «May*, art and photog- 
raphy for ptiblicatian. All 
subBiiMiona muM be aocom- 
pmM by a CkmIiv* maleri- 
•b MHMe Form availaMc in 
the Student Acttvitle* Office, 
A336 In addition to puHica- 
tion. two literary works and 
one art work «viU receive a 
SlOO caah awrwd. The dead- 
line for wihwilaainn if Dec. 

Tkt Stsdort S«aat* current- 
ly has vacMlciM for imaton 
for the Canter far Students 
with DiMbOtttek, Continuing 
Educatian and Student 
DrvtlopaHnt. Aiao oficn 
are itpiucniative poaiHons 
in ttie center for Student 

I Educatian. Student 

Development, Technology, 
kfath and Phyilcal Sdcnoe. 

I Liberal Arts and Academic 
and Enrichment Languages. 
To apply for a positian call 
Student Activittes at <S47) 


>f $8/HpMr 

►>- No Weekend Work 

►f 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

^ Comprehensive Medical Package 

•>■ Stock Partk:ipation 

*♦■ Emptoyee Owned Company 

Call toll free 1^SS-4|m-JOB 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locatior^s: HodglwWWIlow Springs (1-55 & l-2d4) Addtoon. PataMrw. 
Norttibrtx* & Westmoot 



Equal Opportunity Employer 




/Tlj NlVEt 


Undergraduate and 

Graduate Programs 



\0\ TMBFR IMlh 

7 P..M. 


Usji \f/here^ 




^^^^^^^jT Soon youl e#rt yoj Auoowr 



raaa luOk to iucceu d/ uudcnts h*« 


Sm ^tOuMo^ ^nd to good rtma\ 

CXf atari at mM Ou Ubi ik 


OdOKi •■•> n»«jmrrt Ard <u tr*» 


un rwe 0MU tunu c^nenor 


fn wm at mr nro ttPtoM 


)0u1 nae )a« agie* n no anr 


Oooir tam ttaxtfi aeyeo r 



1 tSopryson Vau<& Hxasw^ TwJnej* 


Mvugpnm or Tcferomnxnucara ' 


OBAy r» re «»iy 10 *) For ro» 

#0 doMn ev fosa 

Foi * h9»r deg«e tf axcm ol 


OMyS Ougo an(u a 77] V*«9S0 or 





— Ori/?Kdu 

• iWUIWy 


The Harbinger 

1 17. WJ7 

i,JJtSMUM[3UMi»3 lim ff^ .Tg ii .W. 

Page 3 

Recalled condoms tested for quality 


Araell P^ptsonal Products 
us one of the many manufjc- 
tums of contloink 

Toward the end oi 
October, the companv 
recalled a percentajte o< sper- 
micidalK lubrtcaled con- 
Jom» carryinn the brand 
names Conlempo, Li<eSlyl» 
and Prime. 

Ansell vKlunUnlv 

announced the cwall after 
receivini; rime calk fnnn con- 
sumers tept>rtinn condtim 

When tested, the ma|onty 

of the racaUed condoms met 

An»ell decided to call 
back all spermicidally lubri- 
cated condoim made durmg 
the last three year* to ensure 
thai Ansfll paKlucts met tht' 
hi|]lhesl standanK 

rhe condomii' cumplied ti> 
the standatd» of the FihkI and 
Drug AdmmiMration when 
made, but some (ailed to 
meet »tandaKls as they 
neared *eir expiration date 
Eight>' percent of the recalled 
condoms that would empirp 
m October had alread . been 

Ansell rurtitied the publu. 
by contachnu customers, as 
well as hroadcastmn on 
national television Their 
web sitv ••' 

<www lltl•^t>U"• I'lm ■ 
answertnl question* ab<.>ut 
the n>i.all 

A loll-free number hotline 
received over 7.1)00 calls hut 
lew Aan one out of ten had 
the recalled condoms 

The companv tests j-verv 
sit^gle corwiom tot holes with 
electnwuc testing Sample* 
from ev erv hatch ot amdoms 
IS tested for water leaka){f 
Thev must hold 10 2 oi ot 

water Mithoul leakin); 
Condoms are undergo infla- 
tion tests A condom typical- 
h inflates to tfuec fet't hi>;h 
.irni one tool wido bctori' 

.\n4ell coiHloms aie trave- 
.ible to the consunu-r becausi' 
ot idi-ntificalHm numlwrs on 
tht- packaging 

Ansell has some imptir- 
tant reminders for con 
sumers To get the best out t>f 
condoms, always check the 
expiration date, store con- 
doms at room temperature, 
and always i^ien the package 
at the tear strip 



Nil club and organiza- 
tion members are 
Inuited to participate 
in this shared discus- 
sion. This is a great 
opportunitg to unite 
with other Harper 
student leaders. 
CaM Shirleii at Student 
IS47) 92S-t242 

fiiaaiii 'ir ' ■' I --rf--^ 

WHtai« ««i<n flMyiH* M«r mMnul HfS 
ML *■ «*>idiiri Ml »• KifamMi in 1 lafli 


I aw fBlteM W 4H*MMW MMtiMB M* t* < 

1 Mi *■•»■«■ MWOM W* • 

IMMK1I aMMiu <nl bt pniMM M hmM 

I. aiMl B l« a ttww •*««« ■>>• !«■•«■ a* "icinl «•< uU>y 
u Ml 

7Ask your Harper Wellness Advisor? 

Cooper Ijohtmg an («fa,v 

400 ••»« *a^ 
tm (14') M* IMS 

Students can anonymous- 
ly submit questions on well- 
ness-relate<f topics outside 
the Health Service office, 

Answers will appear in 
future issues of The 

The "Ask Your Wellness 
.Advisjir" column is tpon- 
soKd by the Harper Wellness 
Advisors Oub and Health 

All questions are thor- 
oughly researched jnd 
np*p»ns*»^ will K' prtnivieii 

What are the ways people 

get herpes and how is her- 
pes spread? Is there any 
link between herpes and 

There is one Ihmg most 
people in the US share, the 
herpes simplex virus (HSV) 

Four out five people fiar- 
bor HSV type 1 . which is usu- 
ally responsible tor .oM 
sores, one m six has HSV 
type 2. the cause <^ gerutal 

Both strains can infect any 
parts of the bisi, 

While ix>W 

= .ir nn-.iu.i 
. nital hiTpi 
rvipt ' MU' s life 

HtTfHS IS most IMSlK 

spread when sores are pre- 
sent, both by sexual inter- 
course and oral/genital sex 
However the virus can also 
be spread during ttie period 
immediately before a sore 

Infants bom to women 
with gerutal herpes can be 
infeited with HSV when they 
pass through the infected 
birth canal 

The virus can also be 
passed to other regions of the 
body by hand conUct, partic- 
ularly in people who arc 
imdiT ROins .hcmivthiTapv 
or wh.i have AIDS or oth«T 
conditions wi'.ik-in the 
immune system 

We'll be talking about 

your career 

^on Wednesday night. 

,4 Smw^MdMlitdHitUi 

You ought t«) bt- there, wr « i» uik,„>; .1. ,« «h. h. < n..:. 

m.«».m' .,....l„.„. ., .I,l,.«.t>,«,,^nrn4k. l ,...„ hml .....,i....r 

llMiei *ttS Hnlldw "I s. ...... .1',:.^. .,»npl.-.» 

PratairiatMl Arts ' f nMunq >i»sr« nii 

^{H^ir.! ' *t»:.ini nwllt ■' HuMin 

■hf hrM. 

WkM. IfM. 
4 KM. 7 P.M. 

Meet with a representative., 

.,. I,,,,,.-,. »h»rf .j.rr-.S;-... ( jlHn,i«H ■•■ 

Great American Smoke-Out 

Thursday, Nov 20 is the 
Great Amencan Smoke-out 
If you or a loved one is try- 
ing to quit, pick up a FREE 
QUIT KIT Tuesday, Nov 18, 
n ami pm near the 
Building L Bookstore. 
Health Service staff will be 
handing out stop smoking 
kits, educational material 
and will offer support and 

Exceptional Life-Saving 
WANTED: Compassionate 
men and women willing to 
spare a few moments of their 
time to fwlp save tfw lives of 
ttieir classtnates and neigh- 
bors Great ber>efits include 
a mini physical exam, uplift- 
ed spints and treats. 
Position open to candidates 
age 17-80, at least 110 lbs 
and in good health. Donate 
blotxl on Wednesday, Nov 
!« 'tarn' p m., A242. 
Harper Hosts Fifth Deafest 
\.n I'* 22 I- Di-atfst, for- 
iiutIv known as Deaf 
Awaivness Week. The pur- 
pose i>l this e\ent is to edu- 
. ,iti> and increase knowledge 
alHiut deaf issues. 1 or more 
information call UeWn or 
)ulie at (K47) I**? ■'hOi' or 
(M7) '»2!>-t>2btv 

Page 4 

The Harbinfjer 
November 3, 1997 

School spirit can 
enhance your life 

TV Hurtwfijrr understands thai Hatprr » 
a cowmunity college, but whv is there 
aiw*Y» such a small crowd at our athletic 
eveids? Everytwdy used to c«ne to the ath- 
letic event* in Wgh school, but why don't 
Aey come hete? I understand that were 
not a four-year university, but shouldn't the 
•ludent body have wow school spirit? 

Students should have a little m«Tre pride 
in this school rather than |u»l the parents of 
the student athletes It s undersUndable 
that some students have (obs after schcxJ. 
but couldn't they tind |u»t a little extra tune 
in their busy schedule to came «•• at leaat a 
half of a basketball game or am Ml erf a vot- 
leytMll match' 

The student athletes need the support 
from their fellow students to cheer them on 
lo victory. Have pnde in the school you 
ancnd even if you think it's rert that gwat 

Many students ctime and go lo this 
•chool everyday Is it that diffKultlo stick 
around a little bit longer to ct«me and partic- 
ipate m an activity or come aiKl apectolF an 
athletic event? 

Instead of compUirung abi>ut boring Ote 
coOcge is. students couM be g«Ming 
in> olvwl and maWinK tvw tnvxvfs We rveed 
the student body to help »upfK»H lh«» 

Come lo athkKic events and participatr 
in shident activities. There ant many clubs 
to get invoK-ed with here. 

Sihix>l spuni not only helps your school, 
but II aUo boorta your abibty to do well in 
yi>ur «-\ervdav academic curriculum 

You will learn gixid (ob skills for th«» 
futun- foe whatever your fieU consists of 
Many schools do look at vour resume 
when you're kicking to transfer if vrni were 
involved in any activities or athU-tK- in M>ur 
(unuir tollege 

It you gel invol\ t\l with student alhietici 
and student activiln-. ^ i>u II »<« that there m 
a worhi o< opportunit\ at this colkgr 


Dear tditi>f 

Student apalhy a campus pn*- 
lem' 1 say no 

We are not a college or universitv 
dvit have dorms for the sludenisi u> 
live m 

I hit lives are not rrvptv i ng 
around this campus 

Wr are a community coBege, we 
live in the community and go to col- 

Many of uk work full-hme, go to 
school part-time, have spotmrs 
and /or cfuUlren U> bt* responsibU- 
fat. and have lull livm initside o< 
school to try and maintain 

Of the "student population ot 
over25.0«r (whew do you pull thai 
number horn') only 24 people voted 

I checked *ith the registrars 
alfice and was WM that this senwitler 
Harper had «ppn>«imately U,SO? 
students ttvtt weir eligit»le lo vole 

A kmg way from over 2S.000 Of 
the appn>«imately M.SiW eligible 
students, 10 JOS wen- pan -tune ■•tu- 
dents with less than 12 cmlil h»>ur» 

While not claiming to be 

dent*. I imagiiw Ihem tu be mote 
c o neemed about gettmg an inleresl- 
ingleacher, a good grade on the next 
test, and fuidmg a legal parking 
■pace ckne lo claas tlian the student 
senate eleclion 

Part-tuiw studanti ■■n't on cam- 
pus lonn «-noush to have a slake in 
the Student Senate 

Lets go hack to the 4,200 hill -time 

They w»w eligible, they're on 
campus kmg mough lo have a slake 
in tfie Studj-nl Senate Isn't il terrible 
that onlv 24 peopk- voted out of 

Coruuimng tful 24 out of 4J00 1» 
approximalrly halt of 1 percmt, that 
wtrnM he bad; if there was an elec- 

What I mean i» that then' was n»> 
ctMMce Theiv were h» position* and 
SIX people. No wntr-ln voles would 
aiunt to no ime could kne 

By n««t having any dioices to 
make, there was no nraaon to vote 
The same w4\ iheie was no reason 

t,ii tt). >., .■•iig»». 

rhc candiddU^i could have 1 
interviewed by TV Harfmijerr or the 
radio station. 

They could have abo hung 
piMlrTS on all Ihe bulletin boards in 
all the bwldings 

Grantrd, I normally only go to 
buiMmgs J. 1, U H, and D, but befcae 
Ihe elections I only saw three pasters 
(all for the same candidate) 

Smce the election, 1 don't remem- 
ber seeing any articU^ in TV 
HarkMgrr about all Ihe msfoi unpor- 
lanl decisions that Ihe Student 
Senate is now undertaking 

1 would have thinight with such 
an important organization that TV 
Har^ngrr wouU give them a regular 
«ip«e as a forum to send out all the 
mator decisHms they make. 

Um't gel me started on the fcwt- 
ball issue Hul one last ItMiught; if 
the SIX candidates voled, and the 13 
people on TV Hartmjfer sUH voled- 
who were the other five people tfuil 
votiJ in the electiiwi? 
Frank Kjnilek 


The f^otrssional and 
Technical Employees 
write to espreas support 
oi the Harper 51i 
lEA/NEA Custodian 
<nd mamlenance 

Empkiyees Union in it'» 
negotiation struggk> lor a 
new contract 

The currtnl negplia- 
bons. which began in 
luiy, are r»w stalled with 
i limitttl "^lary utter of 
h«> tfian 1 pemnt ami • 
pUn for a two-tief»d 
salary plars 

We understand dvl 
the Harper Local 512 has 
been toM thai they are 
HMwnonabU- in their 
icKpiint for a larger rane 
and tttal liiey sttould 
expect no retroactively 
ivilh regard to tlie ruie 

We wish to acknowl- 
edge and tvi-ogruze the 
important t ootnbolions 
that the labors of our cu»- 
ItKlians, roads and 
groundv irew> and 
maintenance workers 
provide for all who work 
and study at Harper 

We would be unabkr 
to work, teach and leam 
if altentian to our physi- 

cal environment 

becomes unreliable 

We have been sad- 
dened by reports Ifial 
LiKal SI 2 members have 
been threatened with 
replacement by outside 

When »uch aclHin at 
similar instilulions has 
proven unsuccessful and 
often more costly in kmg 

VHV-. 'rier e««ide 

employee morale and 
impede efforts to build 
the internal unity and 
support tttal Itw college 
need* lo furtlier its 
deveiapmeni and refer- 
endum proposal 

We urge you to 

duecl tfie administration 
to settle this negotulKw 
quhkly and fairly iio that 
Harper 512 employees 
lan be nmhrmed m the 
valued Harper partners 
that ttiey truly are 

Only then can we 
truly embark on a cam- 
paign of intrmal unity 
and support for the work 
that awaits 
Mary Aiawi 

Dear Editor, 

I am writing to express 
Itie facullv Senate's sup- 
port for the NEA/IEA 
Uiwrn in lt> negotiations 
on lis new contract 

Wr understand that Ifie 
current negotiatums, 

which began in July, are 
•taUed on a salary ofkrr of 

We also understand 
thai Harper UKal 512 has 
been told that they are 
tMwrawmaHIr in ihrif 
re<|ueal for a larger raue. 

Wr ant to empf\asize 
lliat the custodians, tfie 
mads and grounds people, 
tfie mamtenancr employ- 
ees—those wht) are 
rrsponsftile far Ihe utilities 
and Ihe boilers— are 
important to the owlinu- 
ance of llie college and its 
tiuiaion Teachen cannot 
leach m cold nor liol class- 
nxnns. and students can- 
not kfam in Ifiem 

Wr understand Hut in 
the discussions with UksI 
S12 that an unplicil Ifireal 
Itas been made ol out- 
sourcinK or replacmg the 
custtxlians with an outside 

We believe llial die effi- 

ciency of such an action 
has been disproved at 
other similar institutions 
and we believe that out 
sourcing of college ser- 
vices would rrsuh in a k»* 
of morale and internal 
cohermcy dial the college 
depends upon to fulfill its 

We . urge the admin- 
istration to settle tlus 
negotiation so that the 
nwfibers of llarper Uical 

1^ iv 

undervalued by the 
college, administrators 
artd (he Boanl of Tr u at te i. 

At a time wf»en Hie col- 
lege community is consid- 
enng a building referen- 
dum. It IS important tfut 
all employees lie involved 
in this* effort 

We must fiave internal 
support before we can ask 
for external support Wi- 
urge an equitable settle- 
menl of this contract with 
Local 512 

The faculty support 
lliese Harper employees 
an stand with them in 
tfmr effiMts to secure an 
equiUbk- wage. 
Irforge Evans-PrrsidenI, 
Fanillv S.-n^le 


Act»ig Editor r Chief 
News Editor 

A4E Editor 

Sports Editor 
Faculty fWmor 

Lauren SchuM 


. Howard SiMoutiarg 

Don Berger. Ted Oanykik. Ryan Freund, Jennifer Golz. Francois Haussemot 

Brian MartuewictMite Odafx>i*«lu. David Pump, 

Kevm Shepke. Sandy Tang. Sean Tmdeau 

r»» HBrtsrwr' » the stutwt PuWiMlwn tor «» M»ptt Coaaft ctmpui eon* 
fT»jn.t». puUksiwi !».■••*•» ttwmlNfct ti» scftooi yaar •mam Ounnghotoairs 
ml fkwl asms n* papw IS astrteiKi In* to al) sluMita^ laa«ty ma 
■drxrastmion rue Hwtonjw's sola pirpos* » to jin>»«l» tn» Hsww cormi^ 
nity mat miormalion psrtanng So t»» campus ana its atfrounUng e<immunn». 

latttrs to tf» editor ma rapsw to our sditonalt. 

^ snd«c(ua*apt«>neni»»«arle¥PifvaoWorsH». 

•«»»id*on.sqi»st WlWt«fsanilcom«oia«i*i*|»ct 


Lattars mMt M 
S«naturm wit D* 
to selling 

Products ant sarMCMaOsartMHn rtwHartiewir 
KXloriad by tn* sdnars of tl«* papsr. nor «y 0« 
Board of Dractors. nvarin slaAt a* tanMrasd 
aM W purtMws an It IM dtoOMMn ol 

•• not ixKasaaray 
colan aawnislfationcf 
dMM)|i 10 n* adMrtnar. 


The Hartwwer - wmiam Ramey Harper CoBeie 

1200 west Algonquin Road 

Palatine.!. 60067 7098 

Phone Nunbara: 

business office: (847) 925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fw; (847) 925«)33 

oopytftfit 1907, The Hathinger. 

^ % 

The Harbinger 
November 3, 1997 



Students permanently (and painfully) express themselves 



Tattooing tww invaded the 
realm of unrefuted codnesi. 

Once considefvd a trade- 
mark of Harley riders and 
convicted criminaU. tattoos 
have found their way onto 
the bodies of millions striving 
to keep up with the latest 
fashion trends 

It is estimated that one 
quarter of Americans 
between the ages of 15 and 25 
have at least one tattoo But 
i» a tattoo loo mucb? 

Go ahead and gel it, ya' nut 

You only live once, hght^ 
That's true, but before we 
decide, let's consider the rea- 
sons tome students at 
Harper decided to get one 

• "I got mine to symlwlue 
my Aztec heritage" Steve 

• "I wanted to put a piece of 
my own artwork on myself." 
Arme Siwv 

• "I wanted something differ- 

ent, so I spent months search- 

ii^ for the perfect symbol 

that personified my ideals 

and beliefs." Desiree 


• " Mysticism, spiritualitv. 

svmlxilism " David White 

There are many reasons 
petiple decide to get tatt«x» 
whether it be self expression, 
n-bellum, a sense of belong- 
ing to a group or )ust plain 

The sue and artistic ability 
iieeded will determine how 
much a tattoo is worth. 

If you walk into one of the 
20 or so "street shops" in 
Chicago expecting a tattoo, 
you better have at least $100 
in your pocket. 

It's not uncommon for an 
artLst to i:har);e between $100 

It IS impt>rtant to shop 
aiound to get the best price. 

George Papas of fade 
Dragon Tattoo Studio said, 
'You basically get what you Un in terms of safety and 

Of ronrse once v>ui \«' 

J>-vuUs) ti) U Ulltixail .1. 
hunI thon tliMtli' v%h.ii uiunt 
ii'u want to earry the re»t of 
MHir litf 

PoUillDIO \ti\ 


NtriaviiLi IiiiKoti 

A R^rcscntativc will be oo your compos 

Tuesday, December 2 
9ain - 1 pm 
Building ) 


r q yiitiuii s i nin t lii|- 

• Si 

• itn*dil .U 

• TwaiEt &liuuniii(« 
Tmsfemng Cradn . laimiriiB 

fior anc aibmrniv atrat towicnng to 

nakiaint d'Saaa't tat (.akfC 

iW Nonli InauRl Smo 

> af tatta 

Many females tend to 
sport various f1o*vers aitd 

Males usually stray away 

Many opt to decorate not- 
K> public parts. 

After yiHi get your tattoo 
you can impress your frieiKls 

lr«im "frooi . 

rt>;hl inii> u 

imam's such js lh«- tlamin^ 

sAull" or the dragon 

There are, ol course, many 
exceptions to this geniTaJ 
ohser%atu)n, but what vou 
decide generally reflects your 

(.hiH>sin>; J liKation on 
your body » ar\ im[mndnt 
step in the tattisun^ proct'ss 

Miist pts>pU' di> ntit want 
to be tuiTHH) down for a ftih 
because 111 years bcton- Itn'V 
tatttxHHt <V/s iVsluHirnts 
r. i.. 

m\ shitul- 
der hiadf Kiium' of the 
retus.ll ot MHicty lo break 
down ivid traditions of StelWO 
typing" said White. 

'I choae a spot that not 
everyone could see l».».ii.-.t 
to be able to choose th. 
pie who would see it .■<" 

The most common placi-s 
are the upper arm and the 

Agam. ci course, there are 
many exccpttan*. 

with tlw the rich history of 

l.ill.s.v l, h n . 
arouiKl lor about s 

Thi- word talii . . , :,,, . 
fn>m the I'olvnesidn word 
"latau" meaning both super- 
ficial body painting and per 
manent coloring of the skm 
pigments punctured or 
SI ratiht-d into the skin 

Ta tttx>s St' r\ t*d nvan\ pur 
piises thriHighoul time such 
as t>odv decoration for hunt- 
ing rituals, symbols of matu 
ntv and class differalons 

Are You Crazy? 

Befon- you grab your jack- 
et to leave for the tattoo par- 
lor there are a couple ivasons 
why a latliK) isn't the gn-atest 

Tattoos arv meant lo be 
permanetit IVrmanent 

means forever 

1)t leltrev .Altman, a Jir 
niJtologist said. "1 would 
urge anvom lOilsideriiig a 
latliKi lo ttimk about the long- 
term *;oo>.et)uences ot it 
Ihink about what piopU- 
may or mav not |udge sou bv 
with that tattiH. ■' 

i here are methods ol 
r«'m<'\ ing unwant^^l l.itti»'s 

quite costly 

A tattoo that originally 
cost $100 can be removed for 
over $1000. To lop it off, the 
procedure is not covered by 

The medical world has 
been removing tattoos for 
years, however, the methods 
in the past left scarring. 

Now dermatologists can 
lemove most tattoos with a 

The patient is left with no 
evideiKe of a tattoo. 
CVpending on the tattoo, the 
treatment usually takes two 
or more treatments to remove 
the ink 

The laser feels like a 
"snapping" sensahon against 
the skin and can ruH remove 
some red, yellow and green 

Ani>theT factor involved in 
your deasion is safety. There 
is no state regulations regard- 
ing hygi€?ne in tattoo parlors 
in Illinois. 

"Dr Dean" of Tatu Tattoo 
in Chicago said, "I recom- 
mend that everyone who 
goes to get a tattoo check out 
the sterilization techniques. 
Be sure the needle used 
comes out of a sterile bag. Be 
responsible for your safety." 

Dean explained that the 

people at Tatu Tattoo are real 

sticklers lor hygiene 

Altboiiv;h thrre .ir*- no exact 

I'd (hat as 

much as 40 percent of all 
Heptitis B and C cases are 
due to unsterile tattooing 
and btidy piercing conditions. 

Although there has never 
been any recorded cases, in 
thei>ry, the HIV virus can also 
be transmitted through tat- 
toomg needles. 

1( vou are stuck on getting 
|>ru ketl (with a taltiKi needle) 
Iv among the informed tat- 
tiKH-d population 

Do not be afraid to ask to 
see the sterilization pnKess. 

The tatt(x< artist should be 
eager to show you the ei^uip- 
ment If the artist stvms 
reluitant. it s time lo find 

'wever, the priKedure is another parlor 


The Harbinger 
November 3, 1997 

After all your hard work, you can afford to be choosy. 

Think carefully about where you are now, and where you want to 
be. Then you'll know that the right choice is Roosevelt University. 

Every year, more than 150 Harper students transfer to 
Roosevelt. With comprehensive campuses in both downtown 
Chicago and Schaumburg, Roosevelt has more classes in more 
majors (120 undergraduate majors in all, ranging from Accounting 
to Education to Theatre Arts) at more convetuont times and 
loratunis than any other \ir(iv(Tsitv in the Chiraijo art't And our 
transfer a^^rt-fiiu-nt.N VMlli ILirpcr (dill'. ir wurk 

will count toward your Roosevelt dt^ree 

To get a personal transcript evaluation and find out more about 
dual admission and financial aid designed esiienally for transfer 
students, call (847) 619-8600 for an appointment at our Robin 
Campus or meet with a Roosevelt University admission counselor 
at Harper College on one of the following dates. 

Monday, November 17 
B:00 pa - 7:00 pa 

'hieaday. Nfwvmber 25 
5:00 pa - 7:00 pa 

Wednesday, December 10 
10:00 aa - 1:00 pa 




November 17, WW 



Lady Hawks upset College of DuPage^ 
fall to Rock Valley in Regional finals 

J«iisen "satisfied'' witli first win 

The Udy Hawks' 
MiHon tnStd liir fame 
way II ttarltd: with * 

Rcglonals <tUrtod 
with a Hm round piay- 
oH fjune againtt Triton 
The l-ljwk* won coo- 
vincinfilv 1V7, 15-2 and 

"Thu was a team 
that we dMeated thne 
times bedwr. So I was- 
n't tvorried about this 
team at aU." aaid Coach 
Shafon Stauder 

With the win the 
Lady Hawlu advanced 
to the second round at 
the play-offs which 
paind them against a 
lough CoUe{(e of 
IHiPage team, who has 
defeated the Lady 
Htwka twice befofe in 


Tracy t tlia<»r g*«* up f*r tko kM 
agniwt Trttwi ki raglMMl play. 

15 and 15-10 l\ Iimi the match in four 

From the beginning of 
the second ti""*- ''l'^ 
Lady Hawks cantrotled 
the game and won in 
four sets 15-5, 15-4, 10- 

"This was t)w best 
game we pbyed all sea- 
scm and ev«Tythin|; just 
seemed to come lugrth- 
er and most important- 
ly we played with our 
heads," added Coach 

The wm o^'er COD 
advanced them to the 
Regional Champion- 
ship against Rock 

In ragutar seaion 
pliy Mch Maim spilt the 
h«a gMWs tftey played 

Harper unfortunate- 

sets 12-15, 10-15, 15-7 

TWo players from 
the Lady Hawks were 
«elw.-led to the all-tour- 
nament team Knsten 
Hoffmann and Effie 
Hoffmann waa aiao 
selected to the all- 
ivgion team 

'We had a great sea- 
son and our girl's 
showed great dedica- 
tion through liie whole 
year," said Coach 

^Uhn noQWi WM nwnsd MhMt ol ttw wwak ■Atr ootoding 4 intor- 
oapliont In ■ 41-21 vtdory onm Orand RapidB. 

tte Trip Off a LlirtlM* 

SO- J«l7 SOt 199S 

Study in Switzerland & Travel in Europe 
Bated at Lc Bouveret on the Shores of MagnificcM Lake Geneva 
Near Moaireux Dmiag the Inteniationally Famous Jazz Festival, 
And charmuig Biig m the shadow of dK Legendary Maoeihoni 


I to 

t up 10 MX senMHT hom 
1 ba 21 yarn of age « die liiae 


Fttr hvthcr iafa. coirtKl: 

lM«•nil^ 430 S. MicMgHi. Rmm 134. 





%r»ff WWT0) 

The Harp-' i^ ■"^-" - i^-iskedjall 
team defeaii Ca^tpi 

H-WTWsdjv -. ic Coach 

lennlfer Pavne Kmsen was very »ati»- 
'■'-i with her team's performance 

oaiin't bad for our ftn>l iHittng." 
>«,.i , "» few peopW wire slug- 
gish and fhe>' didn I get the numbers 
that Wf e»n«-ted ttiem to ha\ t- hut we 
also sat aiuund im an hour m jitm); for 
(he game to happen but it > a giHHJ 
thing, not bod, 1-0" 

The game was delayed lor one iumr 
due to R(4>«n Mom> getting kluck in 
traffic, but the Hawks came ready to 

Heatlier Kusdi and Kriolen Wibon 
led all Kom>> with 20 and 18 points 

respectivrl> Wfule Wilson stiooting 
SIX for se\-en from tlie three-point arc at 
85 percent on the lught 

"I wai> nervous craning out since it 
was the first game even th«Hif;h »ve 
weie warming up for 'approximaiply ' 
two hours everyone seemed n^ady to 
play We usually fall apart al Itw end. 
but we didn't ti\i» tune." ?aid Wilson. 

"The shots were tei'ling pretty 
good I'm not afraid to siKxit because I 
know I hav I' ivbuunders to rebound for 

kiivh dl<M> collected 18 rebounds 
while jt-nny S4olilor, Brooke Disario, 
and Tracy Schader each had three 

The Hawks next game is at 
Mc Henry Community College on Nov. 
l«at 7pm 

Hawks drop opener 93-87 

The Harper Hawks lost the season 
home opener to Sauk Valley last 
Tuesday but Coach Mike Hirsch is still 
happy with the team s performance 

The first full was not t productive 
one tat the Hawks, being outscoied 50- 

They made an amazing comeback 
m the second half outsconng Sauk 
Valley 5<>-43. but came up short m ttie 
end loung the game 43-87 

'We played a great game and widi 
a little more seasonmg under our belt 
we will win tlhne ckwe games." said 
Ctiach Hirsih 

Leadmg tlie way tor the Hawks was 
Divid HkIo with 25 points, a team 

Andy Pronto contributed 23 points 
and 4 rebounds while Mark Stahl 
chipped in with 12 points and 4 

"Our stiooting has gnsady 
unproved and it really showed in our 
game against Sauk VaUey." said Coach 

f^jr the test of November ttie 
Hawks will be on ttie road, participat- 
ing m two tournaments in Missouri 
and Florida Between the two tourna- 
ments liiey will play Morton College 
and South Suburban. 

Help Wanted 

homes from pennies 
on $1. Delinquent Tax. 
RepoV REO%- Yoof 
Area Toll Free (800) 
218-9000 Ext. H-8715 
for ct^ent iistir^s. 

Earn M ONEY a nd FREE 


Abaolute Best S«rM 

Break Packacaa AMMane 



smaH GROUPS wamadl 



(800)327-6013 or 

mtp: / /»»ww.icptiom 

MAN AT (312) 832- 


Males age 18-34 

needed for sperm 

donor program. 

Call M-F 8-4 
394 5670 

Your Own" Italian 
Pastaria. Hiring 
cooks, dishwastiers, 
dtrw^ room staff and 
cashiers. Day and 
evening CaffeGkia 
330 E Golf Rd, 
Arlington Hgts. CaH 

$175. Porsches. 
Cadillacs. Chevys, 
BMW's. Corvettes. 
Also Jeeps. 4WD's. 
Your Area Toll Free 
(800) 218-9000 Ext. 
A-8715 for current 


Needed immediately 
to assist tt>e eklerly 
Join one of America's 
fastest gronMng 
companies. VMork 
within your schetMe in 
ttie area of your 
choice. Call (630) 

tant for dynamic. 
Rowing comptiter 
company in Arlington 
Heights. Variety with 
flexible hours. Cait 
tt^aureen (847) 364- 

For Sale 

case and amp. 5- 
string, t)iack Ibanez 
Soundgear 405 series 
with hard case, cord, 
strap and amp. Mint 
condition. $U.OO 
v^ue. Must sell for 
$800. Call Lauren 
(847) 991-780a 

Free CashGrantsi 

College. Sctiotarship. 

Business Medical 


Never Repay. Toll Free 

(800) 218-9000 Ext. 


Harper College Fra* 
program with annual 
contract monthly rate 
as low as $6.95. CaH 
Chris PInalo at MoUia 
Cointn(847) 882- 



Typmg of Term 

Papers, Thesis. Tables, 


Laser Printing 

Available Days, 

Evanlnjs & WaaNends 

Just Minutes from 

Call Kim Andrews 
(847) 706-7489 

Pregnant? Need help? 
Adoption Is an optica 
A secure, loving cou- 
ple wishes to begin a 
family by adopting an 
infant. We can provide 
a bright, happy future 
for a ctnld. All allow- 
able medical & legal 
expenses paid. 
Please call (800) 2B2- 
5363 or call our attor- 
ney collect at (217) 
352 1800. Karol & 

Sophomores 'special' in quest for bowl appearance 

Rogers four interceptions and bloclced field goal key victory 


Cn'^> \»ur tinuert jnd hope 
tor tht- tH-st lyilf- 1% (iih-it maajt.t>t 
the HdTXT faithhil ami tiHrtKill 
pkyen will be dcnnn iwi \n\ 1 ~ 
Monday Harper will kmm it 
tmy will he «tt»>iHlm»5 a Nml 
game on D»-< 

The H.1W ', wrapptd 

up their ^t-aMrti wiih j 41-21 win 
over lUh-rankijd t.rand R.ipidt 

Himf\t>r, th«y Wl 
Roick \allfv Ci)il«i5<' fhv l««s 
gave thi- CUilden tagk-s tht-ir »ir<it 
N4C a>nk'rerkre titU- smcf I ''77 
"EvjTvbtidv -.teppt'd Lip 
a4id head coach |ohn HiaMk 
retrrrin); hi the Haw lk.>' druMnn|fi 
at Grand Rapids 

" iLiMvcd Uv ■-"'"'•■• 

oftrnM "Hi special f«'am- 

|»)hn Roger* led the deUTiM- 
with ' 

in Ihi- \<-.n ' 
lCend.ill labt-rdh 

V )r,t .. •:■.■ ••■- i • 

Wiicki'd punt all game 

"We chan^^ed formations and 
cut down on his (Dave Crandt) 
llgpt." said Elwstk. .. . 

Another surprise has been the 
pl.i\ <>l the .iitinsivf line 
Heading; into the seaMrti the 
l>t1ensivf line was the biggest 
concern for Ebasik and his staff. 

"They've progrtMed 

throughout the seaMm." mM 
Elidsik. The solid play of Ifie line 
hO!) enabled running back Robert 
l)av>d<Hm Davids«)n is currenllv 
leading the nation in ru&hing 
with 1,7W) yards 

Quarterback K (. C hunh 
had an unspettaiular i)a\ but he 
did thri'W. run and tali h a touch 

llu' iM\l\ blemishes on the 
I i '•'. Ivs II, ord arc fh«' 2 losses to 
. \.ilif\|'.T ,!n.ppt-d the 
oi-i imi'linK i" " 

In ,1 same " 

MVi-d i\llh .1 lo! 

'"" D«fwMl«* kMk lokN Kitfn (l«n) cmtri— i 
ImttvpHmm m KwiteH Fab«r look* on. 

■rtM 4MM Of Ms fMV 

Davidson breaks school record and arm in win; Church's homecoming a success 

SKWTSttHTOB i>t*f^*H|I[H 
• S,iph.-— - -: ,- »-• I 

Robert I 

r t '' i ; -u;t .Mi! oi inc iiaqH r 
Hsik. and tore it up 

Midway thnnigh the third 
quarter DaMds<»n, a possible 
all-american candidate frai- 
tured his rit-ht ann hut 
endun-d the pam and tin 
ished the game 

"He* about as lough as 
t>>ey niov and if we go to a 
K>wl game he will play "wid 
HfM^ Crvi. h lohn riij-ik 

Pi . .1 : ..! 

altern<s>ii -■,, -... , > Uit 

him with 1 .7m yards rushing 
on the season, vaulting pa»t 
l>om«o Butler s 1 ,746 sit^jle- 
seaaon record set in 1*<0 

'I feel gtHxl abut breakint; 
the rpconi." said Ltavidsan 
"Now I'm going for liMO." 

He already broke Ihi- 
ivcord for most attempt- in .i 
gime (5.1) earlier m tk- ^ j 
son agairwl Wisconsin- 1 .nsn 

The nation's leading n«h- 
er doesn't <wilv run He has 
alsi! thri>wn two touch- 
down», both to K C C hurch. 

in Ihi- pa-l lu" .' 
• tjiiaitt tb 1' t- K( tliur. h 
ri'turnnl to his honu-lown ot 
C.rand KapuK and did si> m 
i\iitm>; fashion 

I he Miphomorc -..nil 
two touchdowns, one i>n .i 
pass from Davidson, and 
threw lor arHitfier in the win 
but also turned the ball over 
tw o times 

He did enough gcxxl 
thin0 to couifM^felanop Hie 

h.iJ things. ' I liasik 
t hu.-ch s perlormarwe 
• llacekickc-r Umy Dellatjua 
mi.s!ied two field goals in the 
w in but almost had the 
opf^irlunitv to tie the school 
rts ord late in the fourth quar- 

With the IHawks leading 
bv 20, Cixach John Eliasik 
decided to run the ball on 
fourth and 7 at the Tjnslead 
of kicking the field goal 

KX. CiMrch «*llv«rs Um ball evar a Ri 
hi Mm Itowka 41-21 victery at OraiM ■< 

Presidential candidates sliow 
potential during interviews 

••arch conmiltt** r«comm«nds four applicants 

bachelor s drgm in iociology at 
ConwII Univenity HegotKisMAT 
at Harvard Univcnity and his Ed D 
atthrUiuversityofPtaMyKaiua. He 
is the president of St. Loui* 
Community College at FlorisiMM 
Valley, St Louis. Missouri. 

Dr. McPhail served as university 
prwoit at Pace Univetsity in New 
York and Westchnler. and Dean of 
Alts at Wayne County Community 
CoiitgF in Detroit. Michigan. He was 
atao president at UMoyneOwen 
College in Memphis, Tennessee. 

McPhail has over 20 years of 
teaching expenetwe and has pub- 
lished extensivety. 

Dr. Robert fteuder ac(|uiicd ha 
bachelor's and master's degices at 
the Slate University of New York at 
Att»any He obtained his PhD in 
Higher i-ducation Admimstration at 
Florida Stale Uiiivefsir>- 

Dr. BieudCT has spent almost .10 
years in leaching and student per- 
sonnei and administraMan. He spent 
17 ymr» m p — ii kn t of Penngylvama 
'ux l>i«auar>tiai aMran (in ;u||r 4 


The Pieatdcntial Search Advisory 
Cooimittee has recommended several 
new candidates for the pmideiKy of 
Harper College After a tO-year 
tenure at Harper. Dr Paul N 
Thompson has decided not to renew 
his contract in |une, 1998. 

One candidate. Dr. Richard 
Bchiendt, obtained his undergradu- 
ate and master degrees in sernndary 
education at the Lnni-rsity «i 

He completed his Ph D in hif^wr 
education at the University o< 
Michigan Behnendt has had exten- 
sive teaching experience Dr 
Behrendt has been the president of 
Saulk VaUey Communitv College in 
Illinois since I<ie6. 

Behrendt served as the pn~iident 
of Lincoln Trail College m Miuthem 
Ulinois before Saulk Valley He was 
the dean o( aiUege *)ervices at Clark 
County Community Ccdlege in Las 
Vegas, Nevada 

all spills at the Cola Boi^ 

Find out what's new in 
Harper clubs. 
Page 2 

Fall semester finals 
schedule offers a 
reference to find out 
when exams are. 

Reckless drivers beware; 
Public Safety is on call 
even during the winter. 
Page 4 

Bomb threat yanks 
possible first win away 
from men's basketball. 

Men's fix>tball loses Pepsi 
Cola Bowl, but wins the 

Stress during finals can be conquered with ease 

stair «M«TEn 

It's tmais time agam! Students 
know that meaits pulling all-nighbnrs, 
cramming pots of afifme into Iheir 
system aiui learning a semester's 
worth of fiMterial in a matter of 
hours. VM.\ not this year, actofdmg 
to Char Padovam in Health Services 
There ate ways ot hHulling preciom 
time and managir^ stress levels. 

Learn to live with situations that 
can't be changed Translation you've 
made i( this far into the semester 
Why contemplate dropping the 
couise now' Take the final and grin 
and hate it. 

Get organized i>y purchasing a 
moftthly/ weekly pjanner for a mira- 

mum of $4'*5 m the Harper 
BookstcHV. Relaying on memory 
akme causes errais, actlMcks and 

Mart iHpoftuiity, ftl 

"Mt one thing at a nme Do the 
most impcxtant things first If the 
History paper is due first, wnte it 

If music appreciation is your 
favoiite dass, and the paper ^'t due 
untf two weeks lator, stall %VT>te tt«e 

history paper fin>t! 

\Asualize positive outcomes for all 
occasions. Turn. "1 can't pass this 
final!" into "I can ace this fiiul!" 

Reduce the amount of caffeine and 
sugar in your diet. 

As teti^iting as it may be to drink 
a pot of coffee without any help, 
don't! Too much caffeine can nuike 
you tense and jittery. 

Most importantly, get enough 
sleep and nest Ideally six to eiff^t 
hours a night, especially the mght 
before a firul exam. 

No matter how much you may try, 
you cannot cram a whole semester 
wortii of material in one rught 

Good luck to all of the stressed-out 
students during finals. 

Jon Stewart discusses sex, masturbation to audience 


What do masttabation. 
holiday celebrations. 

Saddam Husjiem and drugs 
have in common' 

No, these are not the 
results from the poll of 
what Harper studtmts aiv 
doing over winter break. 

The\ weie all topics cov- 
ered b\ •.f and up comedian 
lofui Sli'w.irf M-hen he per- 
turmed .il Marjier Frkiav. 

Nov. U. 

Stewart kept his audi- 
ence enthusiastically cheer- 
ing thnnighout hi<. p«Tfi>f- 
marKe. Having been a 
stand-up comic for over ten 
years. Stewart was at ease 

Some of Stewart's rou- 
taw consisted of prepared 
material, howe\t'r, he left 
plenty ol opportuiiits Id 
show nM hi", cjuak wit by 
tjlkin^ to members of the 

audieivce and delivering 
instantly furaiy replies 

"He [Stewart} is just a 
really smart. %vitty comedi- 
an who doesn't talk down 
to his audience" said audi- 
eiKe member Rob Vega 

"No short-term memo- 
ry, so you can literally per- 
form for them every few 
wtvk>. and keep pilif>g up 
the money (he smirked). 
No, they aie probably a lit- 

#vT « 



Ix-MTV Star apmk m wHli 
tiwffi* hi tln Bh. 

(M7) •»«000 xlMl 

Page 2 


The Harbinger 
December 1, 1947 

land organiutiun mcmbm w an Dk 
Istian 10a.m. -fHxintnAi37c Student 
Prmzivaib n hating 
1 ID urate the Hamcr rtu- 
leeden io dnoMi ceanpui and 
L For mafv infanna- 
I catt PruunraUl (SC7) 991-M22 or 
SV.P with Shirley in Student 
t at (Mn «25^242 hy Dec. X 
PbM el View. HMfer't ahident M- 
e/wt iM|azin». i* now acccfH- 
[ CMriive wvk. Any Haiper ttu- 
I or enfuloyet ia cMi^Mc K> (uiMnit 
; flctioa cwaltve eiaayi, Mt and 
r io* ptiMkatton. 
AB MbMMcni iMMt be acocnifia- 
! by « CiMHve inamiala Retoaw 
avatiaMt to «he Siudeni 

Activitit» OMc*. A33o In adUition bi 
pubbcaliaa two liHraiy week* and 
one ait work wHi lacaive a (100 ca*h 
award The deadbne lor nibaii«ian is 
Dec. 19 

A faaMan thum apa naore d : by the 
African American Student Aaacxiilian 
wiU fcatuR iaaMon on Harpvr Mu- 
denM on Fnday, Dec S Thr iihow. 
'Fall into Faahion with Harper 
CoUctgr.' wiU befwAt ttw AASA schul 
arahip fund. Dtx>n> open at 6 pjn. tor 
the 7 p4n show. 

Come ear<y. Ihr Buiidmg | Theater 
WiU tiU up quK-kly TkVetk uv l") hw 
Haiper Mudimt* in advance and S7 fair 
nceveliMlMitiMlKtdoor CaltThebox 
oaks fat IkkMt (M7) 91V6100 or (M7) 
9254HI for info. 

PlEHSt H£LP TH E Mfl H ElES?; 

a ee» or ttied Mintol lo tl* cqUtcme labte ia tttt BuiMing 1. comJor tiy ihe 
boekMerefmn 7.10 aJB-Booo. Dee S II All Maaktts coHectol »UI he donaud lo dir 
lalvaiion army I 

%—»»< hf en dwnwi Cl«fc 1) ilK Mcllcii* iT iiii f i AammtM \ 




^ • I »»:(»<» am - Ntxi 


i^nir you nna to qd luver Ano j 
BMUmn degMe torn Or^ c*>v um 

Or iiuMrxs rwe jr> ounundnQ 
Tcord cr mviaymem ^rtt* yjouwan. 

Ckjr ctjem «r s^rut Ou MK w 
■QddEd wtn rquprcnt. iVm our (four, 

</T'. ^A^piscBcjitiuRnessnpnenor 
\-o Miri <hM yea ■•ai«3 sttwMt, 

□My) Chasp conu « 17711 «i««Sid 


We don't uke 



The bk« : rii* IniUrumcnts and GcncrnJ Moron 

were aimm >rporare rrcruttcn viuito); die camput r.i 

Roee-Hulfli > rcchnokigy this fall in search uf cngincr 

and Kicntnu " , Judee engioeering. compuier scimrr 

or marhcma! i<i want to continue your rducanur. 

R. iJr the foOowing (cMom: 


ritcnt ul out gmiuiUca each 
year with in annual i«Mnng 
taboy approaching $40,000; 

)( .', V sriecf coi 

U »■. ' r ^ -'iir.Tr',, indud 

• internship and cu i)p pii 

Uc^iit fit.jj^T-ams in 
chemical mginecnng. en il 
erig^tccting, cooipuiei engi 
neetif^ decaical eni^neer- 
tng, mechanical engineering, 
>.<>m(>uter science, applied 
t^piics, phyiics, chcmisrry 
mathematics and cconumics, 

< 'mc of the most up-to- 
'. .ic labk ind dasacoaim in 
.jii<ler|;raduaie engmeecing 
and KKiice. 

It ',*»> ai«, n. 

for more information, concacc 

jim Go«dcer, Associate Director of Admtssiont 

Transfer Student Liaiton 

Ro*e-Hulmafi Institute of Techoiwtogy 

SSOO Wabasti Aowiue 

Terr* Haute, Indiana 47803 

I -800-246- 7448 
•><nail |amei.goack*r@rose-huiman.adu 
web site. http://www 


'iNTriTuTe of TfCHNOLOar 


UMSoreaoecouaciiaeaDlianoiatiyhalp Sonaw'ioucKVt 
«x> hat> ta wel help vou 
Haw's wTa^ «M wont tor the tKMott 
» M and pQB-ilrT<e aon iiMnai.mla' 

• RasMMnlBsriao 

• Vlajal dapaiv nalp <v«Ma tonooortfaarino 

Hate's anot voul gat lor eie hoaoaie 

• &seo hcadatf uutf I 

• NaaUa hous t«c« ajr yoK KhactJe 

• 4M dttxa^ ce nw Conaanei 3tan> 

NOMA. ««'i* very ockxKCBte «buocr ««*aineaiaw«afes 

(Pe o etit t ?! - Jamov 10) or I? »«»ltt t>i«)toyau 

e »* lomk •• tw partact 011 tai yoa ndoay DudoM •eo by ov 

ai otM eoiea oi gM ui apift 


Oak brook 





van s7}-f 100 



taf ou MW CMrago eoe cciar«>a n Moctt )««•. 
Cce I -MD- 71 •- TWT tat deMk 

The Container Store 

Th* Cor*cmwi SKwm o^mo'M a v*''«:**'f<'«0 '»jq f*»« if^Lrr'-iTtaat EOf 


If your answer is yes, United Parcel Service 
tvas part-time loader and unioader positions 
available. Check out these tienefits: 


3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

•> No Weekend Work 

<¥ Comprehensive Medical Package 

►► Stock Participation •)- Employee Owned Compeuiy 


Call toll free | 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locations: Hodgtdns/WHIow Springs (1-55 & 1-294) Addison, 
PataUne, Northbrodc & Westnnont 

IP uMnuvntBNicaMM 

V^^ Equal OppoftunKyEmptoyer 

The H«(biiv|(T 

Pag* 3 



~ Roundtible Assembly 

Dm. S, 10 un. • mm. AlSTe 

iH club and organization momfeors aro iniiMotf to 

participata tn thit shared discuttlon. This It a 

groal opportunity to unite uilth other Harpor 

student loadert. 
C— SMrtm at tlud— t acttotUoa 1M?> 92%-U*2 

MaflH war ^tptm ji 
* l U HW in MHr coUrfr 

»«ii<«<imjp»«, »t 

ytrnn (jM M i i m • imw. 
IrT tf VMi nr If jd\ ' ' 
pul <iimn nH4». J. Mir 

Semester Finals 

MondH, Tu i rtM. 
DmU OmU 




f dbirwtan lf««iwM» 
MM al aw mmtkf <«wlrn« 
vo« awnl kiw Mt l»nr to nli nn 

U'vir aw brMUttui trrx- 
aJMlnl m w y i tt (Ou I* •xht 

jOmttwrimn^'rAt rau i*» mow 

vow dcfrrc >^V rr 

ilK Cham nriun «l ttv hhtnl wmI omiIh vnarwN pna 

College ^ ^ 

MO- MIEN6101. M MMTHOaa T-N 

5i6 uncMMM teoaiMkv oMoeT. aoo«is 




1215- tao 













MO^ »4»-SiS0 3<»4^ 23»-3d40 AmnfM 


i«a noiPi I t A\ 

SpKMly AmngMi Easm 

murm ««••■• 



Worid AIDS D<y 
A HIV7 AIDS Inlo tabU? will 
be di.>playe«l m the Hallway 
near the Building L 
Botikstore fmm 11 a.m.-l 
p.m twi Monday, Dec 1 A 
candle light vigil, spon- 
sored by STOP AIDS 
Harper and the Gay, 
Lesbian and Bisextial Clubs, 
will conclude a memorial in 
the Building A Student 
Center faim 4-«) p m 
Healthy Holiday Ealing 

Dietetic Tech Students and 
Health Service staH will 
hand out recipes and hps 
on how to make your hoU- 
days more healthy on 
Thursday, Dec. 4 from 11 
a.m.-l p m. m the hallway 
near the Building L book- 

Sli^-M Buelcn 
Andy Howe, M Ed., 
Counselor. Student 

Development hosts two 
seminars. I>eam intensive 
stress management tech- 
niques to change your out- 
look and reaction to stress 
on Thursday, Dec. 4 al 6:30 
pm. in A242a or on 
Tuesday, Dec. 9 at noon in 

MlDWfcSrhKN ijNiVLKMn 

OoM>Matl<«>>i liiiNii" 

Occupational Therapy Program 

(V,u«.k«d ,hm.M«. tn health ca« «.Am«»k c»»«-.ncd v«,K ™.,«.«.»| iftdepetHience. .mpn^.»g cp«1..v .^Ufe. """""'""8^"^ 


UiA.««»« L™v««.y. Ol l>n»»i olfcn Ac M«.er of <)ca,p..«maJ n«rvy (MOT) dcs«=c « o«rh«utiful «*urbaa campu. m 
D.^^::^!!^: TrJa^^oll^. a^ .« -«n»cH. medKin. pharmacy. phy«c«r. «.««,. -ud-. .«1 phys... tbcrspy. 

ftr /W»» »>>«anw. atf afcr Ckn.M'.^ ""^ '^V— 1^ " I'iO/m-em 
^ Vkii •» \M situtt mwmmidwmurm.*dm 

Pane 4 

Thf Harbinger 
December 1, 1997 

The beginning is the 
end is the beginning 

It begins almost the same way 
it ends. 

As the semester comes closer 
to the end, with finals just 
around the corner, it's strange 
how things really don't change 

When the semester began, and 
the new students rushed in, 
every one was stressed out. 

There were new teachers to get 
u!.ed to There were more classes 
to lake 

The list ut requirements for 
graduation seemed endless and 
overexuberant Parking during 
the first few weeks was absolute- 
'v ridiculous 

Well, things got easier. Things 
slowed down. School wasn't as 
hectic. Students were more 

Of course, everyone had those 
days when they forgot to study 
for a test, left their homework in 
the car and suddenly, they felt a 
lack of control over their life. 
The next day was fine 

All the new students got 
ii.~fil tn »hf lomrmiiMty lolU-gi- 

So the semester is ending in a 
few weeks. People are rushing 
around again. Teachers are 
tightening the schedules and giv- 
ing more work out 

Finals are coming up, and it's 
time to cram Were going 
through out notebooks, and try- 
ing to find every page of notes 
we've written throughout the 

The time disappears, and we 
survived the finals. We relax 
again, to wait for the next semes- 
ter Again, it begins the same 
way it ends. 

Ultorial Board 

Act** Editor fiCmet Lauren Schubel 

News Editor AinatidaOffenbachBr 

AiEEdtor JayMktteton 

Features Editor KefcHader 

SpoftsEdJtor SeanMcHjtfi 

Faoity Advisor Howard Schtossberg 

Winter conditions malce driving liazardous 


As the first stxidents are wel- 
comed back to Harper in JanuarN 
they'll look out across the empty 
parking kits covered in (now and 

Human nature will lake ov«t 
a* they gnp their steering wheel> 
tight, accelerate acrosi the kit and 
slam ttwir brakes while sliding 
out irf ctmtrol, providing (i«r an 
exhilarating expenence. but one 
that could hold stiff consequences 
with Harper's Safety Patrol 

•'The officers, at their d»cie- 
tiofv could wnte a tKket for leck- 
l«s» drivti^" says Ke\in King, 
Director of Pul>lic Safety. 

This citation couM kead to a 
sttident conduct ftearing with the 
Vice President of Student -\it.iir>- 
Bormie Henry 

"It would be a violatkin of stu- 
dent conduct to endai^ger the 
safety of any other people on cam- 
pus." says King Parking viola- 
tions will also tie dealt with on a 
caw-to-case tusis. 

'We (safety officers) will issue 
lictets if we feel they've btockad 

(omeone inlenhonally," 


'Hlic oflkcrs MTnot 
>and they 
! what is 
wrong wtth the cars... 
but we'll try for a rea- 
sooaUe time to Jump 
start the cars with our 
booster pacl(s." 

-OMdor at Pubic SaMy 

The college's kojds and 
Grounds Crew works en a 24- 
hour, oci<all basis where tfiey will 
respond to the varying weather 
conditions .inJ make sure the 
parking lot- -ind free of 


A trial program providing 
generator packs in safety vehicles 
will return this spring to assist 
students whose batteries are dead 

"We provided apprommalely 
100 tump sUrts ttus fall semester," 
says King. 

Although this program iiM 

says never been administered during a 
winter. King is optimistic that it 
will contmtie. 

"The offkjers are not mechanics 
and they cannot diagnose what is 
wn>ng with the cars ... but we'll 
try for a reasoruble time to jump 
surt the cars with our booster 
packs," adds King As the snow 
falls and students flock into the 
parking lots, the chance of acci- 
dents will increase 

")ust slow down That's basi- 
cally it,"says King as advice to 
students this winter. "Just slow 
down and uw; a little common 


Pliy*l««i Plairt cl*ar* mmw 
to aMho way for thoosaiMl* 
•f ears la tlM Iota. 

Presidential search: four 
candidates interviewed 

contlruad from ptci 1 

Colli-se ot Technolo)0' where he is curienl- 


11.- loi^i-.l iiu- merger l>«'H.^'-<-i> 
V\ t iimmunily Collcj;' 
Peruisylvama College of lechnoU > 
create Penn College in l^tW. 

Dr Carol Spencer obtained her bache- 
br's and master's degree at the University 
of Nebraska She earned her Ph D in com- 
prehensive vocatioiul education at the 
Ohio State University. 

Dr SpeiKer was district dean of 
Technical and Industrial Programs at 
Milwaukee Area Technical Coilegr 
in Milwaukee, Wi«con.*in She served in 
the same capacitv at Des Moines Area 
Ccimmunitv College m IVs Moines Iowa 
She IS furrt-nlK pri->iilont ot I i-Jjr 
Valk>> Colk^ge in Lancaster, Ifxa* 

Presidential candidates wiU be inter- 
viewed during the first week of l>cemt>er 
Everyone is invited to attend open itwums 
on Dec 1 and Dec. V5 m U09 {torn l\h- 
2:15 p.m. 

7Ask your Wellness Advisor? 

Students can anonymously 
submit questKms on wellness- 
reUti'd topics outside the 
H.jllh Service afhct. A.162 
\n..vMr- will appi-dr in tutufv 
is«u«4 oi the Hmrhinffrr Tlw 
\!,k Your WMlness Advisor" 
..iltunn is sponiored by tiie 
tiarper Wellness Advisors 
Ch»b and Health Services. 

All ipiestions are tliorough- 
ly letearched and responses 
will l>e provided by health 
cut profeisaonals and are not 
related to The Harhngn 

What is U»e correct way to 
use the pill? 

The birth control pill is a 
comtMnation of syntlwtic hor- 
mones almost like those pro- 
duced by the ovaries It pre- 
vents the wary trom releasmg 
the egg With no egg present 
for sperm to fertilue, a woman 
cannot l)ecome pregnant. 
Used correctly the pill is (* 
percent effective Choose a 
tMckup method of birth con- 

trol (such as amdoms or foam) 
to use with your first pack of 
pills t>ecause lh<- pills may not 
fully protect you from preg- 
n,m< \ dunnn this first cycle 

Tlw pill l» m«Nin« to be 
takAfi every day in a cycle At 
the end of each three week 
cycle, the user discontinues 
the drug or takes a placebo pill 
for one week. The drop in hor- 
mone level causes the uterine 
lining to disintegrate, and the 
user will have a menstrual 
peruid, usually within two or 
tfiree days 

U a pill is missed, take the 
tablet as soon as you remem- 
ber It You will probably not 
get pregnant, but it is a good 
idea to use a back up mettiod 
of birth control. 

Oral contraceptives can 
interact negahvely with other 
drugs Antibiotics, antioor*- 
vulsants and alcohol can 
diminish the pill's effective- 

Staff VMtf and Aaalstaata 

Don Berger. Ted Danylut*. Ryan Freund. Jennifer Golz. 

Fratcois Haussemot Brian Marktewicz. David Punm 

Kevm Shepke. Sean Trudeau 

eawral Pollelas 

Bsrtty. piaSisil t^»«t<v ti™#»ul ll» sclwol »«w •»!« ft^Jt 
m fM •»»«. Tl» pMMr Ik ostmutad dM to a« »tud»«i. teaiiy m 

■BTiinstratwiv n» f**»«»f« 10* eiaposa 1» to pro"* "•••'«>* "*^ 
mty »im ntomi^ion pmanrt «o tto cmrtut wd rts tunounsnt cam»»«t> 

. ii«t«r» to «» •Moiandiiflsw to (« sdrton**^ 

■« iKtmat » cnon* runbtt to otnfy mMtiemm 
t«on fsquasl All Wtors tn) contoM ai« «uli|ac1 

Lonort must Us 
to Mktnt 

The Harbmcer William Ramey Harper College 

1200 West Algontjum Road 

Palatvie.IL 60067-7098 

business office: (847) 925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 »2461 

fax: (847)925«)33 

(■roducts art swvicss s<Mrtis« in rw M^ti*^'' •<» not nw^ssirsy 
«jor.«l ti, tlis s«o™ o« tills B*». tw t* tt« eoll«|i adrnm 
■osK) of ttweto™. iwaros Should l» tcinwnlwl dwctiy to tns aduwtJSir. 
iM n puvnasas an at no dncMtHn ol tns consunsr 


1997, The Harbir«er. 

The Harbinger 
December 1, 1997 


Comedian: controversy surrounds show 

Invest Your Credits 

Ifyom kaut attkp crmbi • mst a. 

Tmnsftr yomr eoUtf cutrumgri 

A representative will 
visit December 3, 1997 





COLUEOCll (m'mum 



eomnuM fnini pafi 1 
tie more open to contrcwer- 
sial topics." Stewart Mid 
about pla\ing pnnunly col- 
lege-age venu«^ 

C<)ntTover»ai may be the 
only word to describe 
Stewart Off the top, Stewart 
asked the audieiKW who 
WUtiam Rainey Harper was. 

When an audience mem- 
ber shouted that Harper was 
the fit«t presidtml of the 
Ufuversjty of Chicago, 
Slewati rapUed, "Big deal. 1 
had a show on MTV, where'* 


Student Specials 




$105 montli 


• Daiiu WmMu 

■ Monthlu 

Present This Ad For Stuoekt Discount 

Call 80O-972-10O3 ExL 2208 

Fax 847-222.9415 

Ask for Frank 

my f**king collogf'' John 
Stewart University— Where 
studying comes last'." 

Many times, Stewart 
paused to allow the audu-nce 
to fuush laughing befoie he 
aHild continue 

After delivenf\g more 
than an hour ol betly-aching 
salive, Stewart left the stage 
alter a monstrous applause 
from a very satisfied crowd 

Paige Ehtman. a former 
Harper <ktudenl said abtiul 
Stpwart, "I think he is a reaUy 
funny guy, he's saiiriail. He 






Undergmduate and 

Graduate Program'; 


I MP wflncea 


AbMMa BMt Sprmg Break 

PackagM AMrtabte 



small GROUPS wanted!! 



(800)327-6013 or 

http:/ /www.icptjcam 





(312) 832-1390. 


Males age 18-34 

needed for sperm 

donor proi^am. 

Can M^ 8-4 


RESTAURANT "Design Your 
Own' Italian Pastaria 
Hiring cooks, dishwashers, 
dining room staff and 
cashiers. Day and eMntng. 
CaftaGhw 330 E Golf Rd. 
Artirvgton Hgts. Call (847) 


Porscfies. Cadillacs. 
Chevys. BMW's. Corvettes. 
Also Jeeps. 4WD's. Your 
Area. Toll Free (800) 218- 
9000 Ext. A-8715 for cur- 
rent listings. 

from pennies on $1. 
Oelirvment Tax. Repo^ 
RED'S. Your Area. Toll Free 
(800) 218-9000 Ext. H- 
8715 for current listir^s. 


Needed immediately to 
assist the eklerly 
Join one of America^ 
fastest growing 
companies. Work within 
your scfwdule m the area of 
your choice. Call (630) 

Pwt-tfma salaa assistant 

for dynamic, growing com- 
puter company in Arlington 
Heights. Variety with flexi- 
ble hours. Call Maureen 
(847) 364-9220. 


Dedicated, fun-kwing and 
hard-working irtdividuals 
needed for tiefore and after 
school care in a recreation- 
al setting. Immediate or 
January start. Arlington 
Heights Park Dist. (847) 
577-3000. 7-9 am and /or 
3J.5-6 pm 4-10.50 /hour. 


Careers USA wants to help 
you llfte your Christmas 
stockit^ with cash!! 
Wb have temporary assign- 

rvally n-lales to a younger 
crowd He's |u»t sohip." 

Opening for Stewart was 
Second City comedian Mike 
Lukas, who could easily pass 
for Bull, the bald guy on the 
80's sitcom "Night Court", 
combined for his routirw a 
unique view of everyday life 
and physical humor. 

"I thought Lukas was a 
perfect match for John, he 
was hilarious and really 
warmed us up for the test of 
the show" said audience 
member Dave Cafiertey. 

ments for office & ware- 
house work in the 
NortlnMest & Western sub- 

Learn valuable skills that 
wiH help you get a]0t) after 
Call Today! 

(630) 971 3333 Lisle and 
(847)843-2222 Schaum- 

For Sale 

ELECTRIC BASS, hvd case 
and amp. 5-sthng, black 
Ibanez Soundgear 405 
series with hard case, cord, 
strap and amp. Mintcoridi- 
tion. (U.00 vakje. Must 
saaforSaOO. CallLauran 

Free CashGrantsI 

College, Scholar snip 
Business. Medical Bills. 
Never Repay Toil Free 
(800) 218-9000 Ext. G- 

Harper College Frae pro- 
gram with annual contract 
montNy rate as low as 
$6.95. Call CMS PInslo at 
M0biieC0im)(847) 882- 



Typing of Term Papers. 

Thesis. Tables, etc. 

Laser Printing 

AvailatTle Days. 

Evenings & Weel«nds 

Just Minutes from Harper 

Call Kim Andrews 


Pregnant? Need help? 
Adoption IS an optioa A 
secure, kjving couple wish- 
es to begin a family by 
adopting aninf ant We can 
provide a bright, happy 
future for a cfuM. All allow- 
abie medical & legal 
expenses paid. 
Please call (800) 292-5363 
or call our attorney collect 
at (217) 352-1800. Karol 


Roommate wanted to 
share 3 bdrm Palatine 
twnhse with 2 SSF. 
Excellent locatioa 
$350/mo& 1/3 utilities. 
Available Dec. 1 Call owner 
(847) 726-7316 

Page 6 


- UL.ilL -IL ill ...j^^tit;! ..I N.iiiiMiiiillllUJii.ilii-.JMy f i iij itii III I I ^i | ^^j iiir ^ i ill I'v iTnTflmmiiiiiiimMOT^itttiiiiMi 

The Haittinger 
December 1. 1997 

After afl year kard ivoffc, ym caa afford to be ehwmf. 

Think carefully about where you are now, and where you want 

to be. Then you'U know that Uie -'' ' -hoice is Roosewlt University. 

Kv< !\ ypir. morf than 150 H,..,. .t,.!ei(ts inr '' • 
Booeeveit. With compr»h*iialve campuses in both a...... .....a 

Chicago and Schaumburg, Roosevelt has more claases in more 
mnjors (IIM undergraduate majors in ail. ranging from Accounting 
to Education to Theatre Arts) at more convenient times and loca- 
tions than any other university in the Chicago area. And our 
ttansfer agreements with Harper College assure that your work 
will count toward your Roowvelt degree. 

To get a personal transcript evaluation and find out more 
about dual adnussion and financial aid designed especially for 
transfer students, call (847) 619-8600 for an appointment at 
our Robin Campus. 



AUWT A. MOWN CAtmti - 1651 MCCONNC* PARKWAY. SCHAWVWUHG lUlNOS 60171 <U7t 61«JKm .mm 

The Harbtnf^ 
December 1, 1997 



Hawks look to rocapturo title after ^disappointing" 1996-97 season 


Many schoob would be eotatk; if 
they finished fifth m the nation. 
Unfortunately, the Harper f{awks 
wrestling team doe* not ahan thow 

After finishini; as Midwest icjtion- 
ai champion, taking; fifth in th.- nation 

and placing Ihrw n rentier", m the lop 
10, coach Norm Loi eiace wants more 

'VVe weie a little detappoinled in 
the way we finished, " Uivelace «)d 
"WV d like to ^ back to njtimi.ii 
championship status." 

It would be unfair to label last sea- 
son as a dt«appointment but 

"We've built a great tradition 

hrrt I o> i-l.n i sdid, "and we want to 
i.rtiii.a that tradition and win a 
liampionship like wi. Ji.i 
II ■ ; 

Lovelace* expectatiom ate not so 

t>«id MilWr plaied third m the 
nation al 177 pounds, Bynin Chandler 
took fiftti at the 150 pound clam and 

Brad Shanowski loiik eighth at the 
1 58 pound clas". 

Ciiach Lovelace ei^iawd some 
i:urta.em for his athletes academicaUy. 

The key to the seastm is. making 
sure the wrestlers are eligible ■ 
tie next semester 

"It everyone is eligible, wi-u oe 
comfwtitive " Lovelace said 

The Cost of 

Your Higlier 


at Dralfe 

Just Went 

Imi \.iii Vh^ .,.,-. . _ ^ 

.illnrftjhli ii. ttjiivfi) IM Or^ki StiitpK ,t\n>iy 
l..r jii\ ruiiiihvr ul «tliolurvhi|i<« - up Im %T.mNI 
i%4il4tili tml« lo t«*initiMnii\ itt|lt|;i ifitiisfrr 
I* III* ttK« *»Mi \\m wrltnnu irtttitfrr viuilcntx 
liiiL' ilitM vt h«ilrir ^ht|»> III 
I t-*uf it.tMviiion I,, lUrfki iiiMrr 

J tiu\. i) fittjn«iiil AHi i« \Ur« ti I. IV»»H. M. 
.i|)f»lv »..«' f iM iiton MtdirniMitoii. |ilrii\r ci«ll 
t XIMl JJ OM VK» ..r -i^ .'^1 *t%t 


Hawks still looking for first win despite Coach 
Hirsch's optimism about key players, opponents 

By— Frsif i 

The Harpr Hawks are lurt nfl to a gotx) 
start, but Coach Mike Hirsch promise* many 
more victcir . 

TheHav. ,; i,- MisMJun U'piitui 

patein theCuliege Ittumanu-nt Tt»'vpUvi\l 
(wo games and untitrtunately lost both. 

n-r ■ r>t game w» gainst Mineral Area 
i ..iiix«- MissoiBi. 

The Hawks lost 124-101 Harper faced 
tj»l Central College (Missouri! m the final 
game and gave a good effort, but was defeat- 
ed 81 -63 

•1 th»" tinjmament I believe in both games 
ime out tidt and eai-h team we played 
tud hij^her imi»nsit\ than us ^jid Coach 

The Harper Hawks then traveled to 
Morton College and were defealed 107-42 

"We have a good team and we an capable 
of scoring many points, but the only thing 
that I want to accomplish is to gel as a defen- 
sive team." added Coach Hirsch. 

.Another tough opponent tor Harpi-r was 
■^'uth Suburban, ranked UHh m the nation. 
!>!«• Hawks wen- onl\ down bv one point 
midway through the stvond half whj-n a 
bomb threat cancelled the game 

"Our whole team has been playing weU, 
especially m the South Suburban game and 
Jay Kozial and Mike Malone fiave been com- 
ing off the bench to help us greatly, and Dan 
Sui]^ and Mark Stahl have bec-n there for us 
all year" said Coach Hirs«.h 

"There are two things 1 want to accom- 
plish First I want to pick up our intensity, 
and lastly I want to shut down ttie opening 
team's offense. With these two i-omptments 
we cam't go wrong." 

•Matani* KtNMMMki was nwnao aihiaia of tha lor her outttanding oNansiva 
partoonancaa ovar ih» pma wmk swoftng a game htgh 22 poirta and toUo w tn g that up 
with anothar doubla figure game 

•The toottMtf awMilt banquat wm ba haW on Wadneaday. Dae. 10. For mora informa- 
tion contact W a »n d M wid Human Rmowcm Dept. in Building M. 

College G r a d r a r f s 

A part-tire job. 
A full class schedule. 
A full social calendar. 

* ItHmitfabIc fajr«v<>( >ou 
t VMM lo ^MtamM man 
y—ntifoiti Mtiainianc 
•■ilr W MIS up Willi an uanr 
ui« pfoteft«i«>««l fulurf 
aclen y«M tSoau. mjke 
■ yu« ittlll m ihe p*upl« M 
riK MM 

imlMaK B«.-ih>M Aa<»a>lHl WiiiyiMjIlatiSimiw^littyaM. 
"^ "* »«nw»h*Mr*Bc«M«ryssmiHMy 

ikM lot kn* kMs luaAMg («r 


<■■ MiM ifonMl . A tuo-jum. i i m is n l mm vt. 

Ma «r an km anikc imIms> 
ir oini iii n it nl in Mis 

Rtgional Rccnuief 

Ome Norrii fmntlm. Stiitr J50 

Chaato. IL «<«<» 

Fat. lJi:i b2V .1049 

Emml L£iutCHimm>ifim 

(^ Prudential 



Where did he find time for *9.00 an hour? 

IWfiH TiKlaiisaSaiaitfStiiiniaaa 
f B aai^ itMi ■ M>| ■> acu>ii<saBf|iS <■■«. 

•af? Handlers 


•t »M S* Mali ■ ar SaMSn anMiS « 
I Ma«t ■ «r Ns«a«a ami ■ (nib aa I 

«»• aa I JHJhn M i«1 «* h«i% *n^ 





By Kevin Shepkp 
student a^ssislanl 

On the nt^b< 
ttie I Urper mei 
team was scheduled tu play a 
game at South Stdnuban 
College in South Holland, 111 

The game started at regu- 
lar time and was moving con- 
sistently up through tfie first 
halt of plav Ho%«rever, with 
1 1 V) left in the second half. 
South Sutnirban, with Ifie 
one-point lead, called a time- 

Suddenly, everyone ran 
out of the gym According to 
South Holland's putHic safety, 
a phone call was received that 
there was a bomb planted 
somewhere on the campus 
and everyone was evacuated 

Tlte police were called in 
lo search the campus for any 
sight of a bomb, but fortu- 
nately none was found. 

What would possess a per- 
son to do such an evil thing 
like this at something as 
peaceful and as friendly as a 
basketball game? 

Our game , and poasibiy 
our first win, was suspended 
and will be made up at a later 
date, but sometfung like liiis 
IS totally ndicuious 

This night was truly 
bizarre and the events that 
occurred were simply 
uncalled for 

' ^ 

er hports 


Football onds soason with loss, but gains voto to contlnuo 

Ring back Rob«rt DavMson mwim AII-AiiMrican honors in M» rocord-MttIng last soason at Harpor 

Harper's hx>lt>«ll team end«d its 
MMfon the way it »tart«i>d with a tnp 
to Iowa to fare the Warriort of 

Unfortunately tha oukxane was m 
ttark contrast to the flnl gMM played 
between the two teams. 

Watdort dominated the lOth- 
raitked Hawks ui a 35-14 wm tn the 
Pepsi Cola Bowl at the UNI-Uome m 
Cedar Falls. Iowa 

The Hawks (»-.■«) were m the game 
well into the fourth quarter until 
Waldorf scored with 4 (>S lett T» jdd 
insult to iniury. Ih*- iTi->uing kickot< 
biiunced o« up linrman Sam Wheeler 
and was recovered by Waldorf Rfty- 
mne suconds later. Waldord ddd<Hl 
another touchdown to kill anv hopes 
of a Hawk comeback 

Entering the game. Harper was 

without All-.^mencan running back 
Robert Davidson, out with a broken 
arm, and startmg oflwisive linenun 
Ryan l-ang, who also suffeivd a bn>- 
ken arm during the week o* practice 
leading up to the Pepsi Cola Bowl 

Davidson's presence was sorely 
mused as the Hawks gamed only 00 
yards on the ground Forty -nine of 
those yaixls came from quarterback 
K C Church 

Missing Davidson also put more 
of a "burden" on the passing ^nmv 
Church responded by going 17 tor- V. 
and finishing the djv with ;7»i v.ird'. 
and 2 touchdowns 

"By-in-large our passing sami' 
came through," Eliasik said V\i- 
couldn't get our running gdmc 
gomg ' 

The melt-down of the running 
game was due in large part to the 
offensive line's poor pe rio trowice. 

The ofiensive line hurt us.' 
Btasik said "Wr |ust got whooped at 
the line - 

FUrper yielded 318 yards to the 
Waldorf rushing attack and allowed 
the Waldord offense to amass 426 
yard ot total often-. 

^Tht dccMon attowi (ne] 

to racniil firoaB a bctlnr 

I can look at a 


Ubb wt «n be ktre two 

years flron now.** 

Fmishin^ >ss 

should not m- 

plishments ot the Hawks. 

Robrn Davidson finished the sea- 
son as Harper's single season leading 

rusher Davidson was tiw first 
Flawk to earn AIl-Amencan honors 
since Tom UPak, Wilbur McDonald, 
Tom Cilson and Rtxlney McCollum 
did It in 1<N4. 

Tony Dellacqua's 61 poinis sur- 
passed Chuck Berieth's (59 points, 
\'iH4) single season record of most 
pomts scored by a kicker attd John 
Rogers' four mterceptioitt was a sin- 
gle game record 

If going 8-3 was not enough. 
Harper's Board of Trustees voted on 
\ov 2U, to keep the fiKittull program 

"Th«> decision allows |mej to 
recruit from a better positum." Eliasik 
Mid. "1 can look at a student-athlete 
and tell him we will be here two 
years from now " 

Thanks to the Board of Trustees 
and the Harper community, we can 
all look forward to manv more sea- 
sons of exciting football 

Wrestling begins after break 

New coach more interested in life than wins 


First year men's basketball coach 
Mike Hirsch i» not concerned with 
how many games his Flawks get 

He IS mt>re concerned with good 
people leaving his program 

After spending time at 
Northeast»Tn Illinois Univtrsity as a 
student assistant, Hirsch came to 
Harper and spent some time learning 
from Ron Krieger and Ken Payi«. 

"I feel lucky," Hutk+i said. "I'm 
surrounded by good people 1 appre- 
ciate being here. The school bends 
over backwards they do a realty 
good job. It's a very positive environ- 

Hirsch is not your typical coach. 

Most college coaches want full 
control of their program and will not 
budge on ttut <^nce. 

Hirsch takes a more laid back 
approach. He allows his players to 
run practice 

By doing this he believes he is 
teaching his players to understand 
the game and see what he is seeing. 

"You learn 10 percent of what you 
see. you learn 30 percent of what you 

hear, you learn 50 perctni oi whut 
you see atul hear, but you learn 95 
percent of what you teach to si>me- 
txidy else," Hirsch said "Hopefully 
they can see what a coach sees rather 
than what a player sees." 

By taking this approach Hirsch 
belie\'es he is allowing his players to 
team a tittle more about their coach- 
and themselves as well 

"1 gave my players a list," Hirsch 
said. "Athletics is about fourth on the 
list. They have five things they live 
their lives by One is faith, whether 
they belie\'e in religion or themselves 

then family, then school, then bav 
ketball and then your social life 

"We're at a community college. 
and some of my players work 20, 30 
40 hours a week. They don't want to 
come in here and be yelled at or 
demeaned. They want to be . . . 

Fiirsch wants his players to under- 
stand there is much more to life than 

However, Hirsch does acknowl- 
edge the fact that winning would be 
nice, but winning m the game of life is 
what counts. 

Lady Hawks head Into December with unblemished 4-0 record 



The Lady Hawks bumped thi»ir 
record up to a perfect 4-0 as thf\ 
defeated Blackhawk East m~*t> on 
Saturday, Nov 22. 

Athlete of the u.-.k M, ij; ,. 
Kwasniewski led alt Moa-n. with 2« 
pomts. shooting 10 for 1^ from the 
field .ind si» of seven from the free- 

throw line. Kwasniewski was also 
four of seven from the three-point 

Heather Kusch coltect»-d T4 
rebournls jnd krist«-n Wilson jUo 
vontnhuU'iJ with five asowts respec- 

IK" l.ady Hjwks vhot 38 percent 
from the floor ..onnocting on 3() of 
their 80 shots H.irjHT jIso out 

rebounded Blackhawk East 53-22. 

Flarper has defeated their oppo- 
nents by an averiq^ of 27.7 points per 
game so far this season, only allowmg 
ttieir opponents to score an average 
of 48.2 points per game 

"Everyone did a nice job," said 
assistant coach Jeff Jedd 'I think we 
had about seven out of eight people 
scorf jiid we did we wanted to 

do artd that was the important thing. 
Whether tfiey played zone or man 
(defense) we worked the ball around 
We got the ball to the open person 
and we got our runnmg game going 
early, and that's whal you have to 

The Ladv Hawks next home game 
IS Tuesf!. uec. 2 against Elgm at S 

Better student hangout in 
Building A offers more tlian L 

TIm iMart of campus has baan transpiamtadl 

Men's basketball starts off with win 


A hMTt tnuwfdant is tak^ place 
an campus The Building A *tud«mt 
center lour^ is betng tTAnsfornied 
into the new "heart and center" oi 
campus in an attempt tu redirect the 
trait'ic away ftom the naturally biisy 
Building L 

A formal rMmn cuttmg ceremcmy 
wiU Uke place to christen the new 
arwi at noon on IWsday, Ian 27 

"Prom my understanding, [the 
plan to lefurbish Building A| l\a* 
been in the works for a number of 
vear*,' said Coordmator of Student 
Xctivities Michael Neiman whtJ filled 
n for the projert'i director. Director 
>t Student Activities Jeanne Pankaitm 
'.>ra week. 

There are other reatsons lo redeco- 
rate besides rvR)utmg students. 

The btttklHig m 30 ye«m old," 
continutdNciflMn. "It wat becoming 
a (torehouse for materiab. Things 

had changed to make a conicioiis 
e*brt to keep it aesthetically attrac- 
tive It really needed a facelift It 
was a very sterile environment." 

The reiKivations to Building A 
ihouki bnng a plMtant change to iKe 
way student* spend their precioiM 
time bet«vc«n classes 

Students now have another option 
besides cramirung for a test in the 
library, catching a quick lunch in the 
dmmg hall, basking in the sun m the 
Quad or clogging a major traffu 
artery in Building I by standing; 
motioniesfi m clumps 

"Building A had always been the 
big heart and center' erf the campus 
when; students used to always hang 
out." said Nejman "When L 
Ihiikiing was created, that b> she«r 
placemeni becaim- the center of cam- 
pus. Building A liecame the one off to 
the side We observed thai students 
iwJiy liked to hang out m that ann 
' lC«MroniMas3 

International Buffet an 
option tor >tudi'nts iii thf 
Page 2 

Public Safety's youngest 
member talks about non- 
traditional roles for 
Page 3 

Opportunities offered for 
adult students. 
Page 4 

Pre\iew upcoming events 
for this spring semester 


Men's and Women's 
basketball start off the 
new year with v\ ins. 

Harper w 

dominate at home inv ifi' 


Fourtli president in liistory selected by board 

Amonda Offmabaclivr 

A> thr tall senu'Mer erult-d. the 
board of trustees was left with a d«a- 
sion to make about the open position 
lor the Harper presidency. 

Four candidates were interviewed 
lor the presidencv during the last few 
weeks of school, but the outcome 
was not determined until the begin- 
ning of the new year 

Ch, |an 8, ]'»8, Chairman 
Richard Kotzr annouiKed Dr Ruber! 
L Breuder as the next president of the 

"After considering input from 
vanou.<> college ton«>tituencM*s and 
conducting extensive interviews, an 
on-site visit and intense deiibera- 

"With the appoiatinent of 

Dr. Braider aad tfw leader- 

ship he «■ |M«iMe, we have 

every cwAdtM* Harper 

Coltgi wiB <»atinue lo be 

■ae or Hm nert oMtatawttiv 


Chritman of Iha Board of TmMM* 

Breuder recently completed a 
presidency at Pennsylvania College 
of Technology, after a tenure of 16 

■ 'ttii' ht- gttt the 
--.'.id added new 
academic p^^>^;^Jlu^ 

He raised salary pay and settled 
many contract negohations 

He acquired his bachelor's in 
Biolt^ at the State University of 
New York at Albany, as well as his 
master's in Student Personnel 

He holds a Ph.D in Higher 
Education Adnumstration from the 
Florida State Unuersily in 

Breuder began his career in educa- 
tion as an mstnictor of botany at Paul 
Smith's College in Saranac Lake, New 

Aunt Betsy brings sound home 


When onginal .Aunt Betsy 
members David Faro and Bruce 
Hecksei wowed audtenn- tm-m- 
bers at the IWl Regma lulk 
1 i->-ii\ a! they did not know wh«-n> 

•>.... -.. ,..,1.1 K> *'v.4 >. 

ini- ptTi's-iii.inii" i>n 
iJian Broadcast 


■ rubttion )ump-started 
\iii'i lV't-.\ •, ^anvr. leading to 
Ihi iii'.i ol thftf lull-length 
albums, entitled Water 

Vears to come. Aunt Betsy 
added two Qycago rtatives. lulie 

FleckscI and Hannah lan^ \o, 
this was not a coincidence at 
names. Aunt Betsy is compro- 
mised of two married couples 

l)a\ id and Bruce forged Aunt 
Betsy SIX years ago through 
encouragement by fnends and 

Aunt Beisv, the eclectic and 
original group will perfiwm on 
campus Krida\ heb << in the 
Building ) Iheater at " KJ pm 

Adding tu their credentials. 
Aunt Betsy pnixiui-vd th«>ir sec- 
ond album. Kind, which was 
reccmled live Later in l''^4, the 
band was awarded the 'South 
SM Awt aMaif on pafs 5 


■•toy •wsatoto mt t«** aMNrtotf 






The Harbinger 
January 26, 1996 

Student center More than just coffee and chairs available in refurbished area 

becauae it waa the ctnter al cam- 
pus and there was cofice shop by 
the bookstore." 

The attempt bnng thtr Ktudents 
back to the student center is fairiy 

To ge* people to come back to 
{Buitdmid K, «ve wanted to make it 
a bttle leu rigid and strnle kwk- 
ing," continued Nefinan 

"Now we have all ot this won- 
derful carpeting, colorful flags, 
new artwork. tnBBt, aicad<- 
, a tO-inch TV' a stage for < 
piano and Program Bowd's n«rw 
C ofl thou a c Serie*.' 

"We want it to become the cam- 
pus' front room now, like a livini; 
room where people can come and 
hang out." he aaid. 

The Heavenly Cappuccino 
machine will still be located m 
Buildii^ L for Ihoae student* who 
immI a qfiidt fix between dais, but 
for stow lippcrs. Building A will 

have a k>ung« area with tables, 
chain and other goodies 

"Muffins, scones, btscotti, fresh- 
baked cookie*, popcorn, hot cocoa, 
flavored teas, a cappuccino 
machine with t>\f ndvt>r>, a luuc 
machine, other cold dnnkj>. regular 
coffee and five to s» flavors of col- 
fee will alao be offered," said 

i really like the 

change, ifs nice. 

Before no one was 

here because it was to 

•terile and cold. 

Now, ifs cozy. I like 

the coffee shop, too. 

There can never be 

enough coffee on 



Supervisor ot Food Service George 

The new coffee area will servi 
between S a m -« p.m Monda\ 

'c the dvmge. it'> 
nice." said student Mike Hudet 
"Before no one waa here because it 
waa so sterile and coM. Now, it's 
cozy. 1 like the cofiee shop, too 
There can never be enough cofiee 
on campus." 

A formal ribbon-cutting cere- 
mony wilt take place in lite new 
student lounge area al noon on 
Tuesday. Jan. 27 Everyone is invit- 
ed to attend 

Complimentary popcorn, coffee 
and c-oi>kies will be avaiM>le from 
Food Service 

The Harper Jazz Ensemble and 
Multi -Cultural Affairs wiU per- 
fonn for those who attend. 

"Free food and entertainment— 
It will be a great way to look at the 
new space to see what it will be 
like." said Newman. 



•twitnti •twtotf to ■•• Mm 
_ A«l 

It* I 

International buffet program to tantalize everyone's tastebuds 


In caw atiidents have 
found aH rilcmalive to the 
cafeteria'* (cpetiiive menu, 
they may wish lo reconstder 
Iheir lunchtime optican*. 

As of Jan. 20. 1998. th* 
n,\ will bt-gin a new 

itt,> Huthrt pn*^ 

which allows stiKlenl* to 
choose betwee n a paaia bw. a 
Chinese bar and the ever- 


•Ian. 29 * Feb. 5 
Weight Lo 
Judy Sd MM Ml RD. noon-l 
pm., A242a. 


American Heart Month 

Fiave your blood pressure 

checked A3M, Moa-Thura. 

8 a.m.-8 p m., Fn 8 a.m.-4 


•Feb. 4 
Blood Drive 

"J a m -3 p.oi., A241 

•Feb. 9-13 

Sexual AwaicRCM VhA 

•Feb. 10 li 11 
Safe S«i Inle TaMe 

Health Service SUff. 
Buildmg A student Center, 
lOa.m.-l p.m. 

•Feb. 11 

Se«ually TrananKteii 


^^.ithleen Pearson. DO . 

Health Service Physician, 

10-11 am, A242d. 

•Relationahips: How Close 


Joan Durlacher, PsyD., 

Cliiucal Psychologist. 11 

a.m.-noan, A242a 

popular Mexican bar. The 
idea was qwwned by food 
service supervisor George 
Sipp and cfiief cook Shirley 

"Our plans are to run 
three styles and to rotate 
them on a 1-2-3 basis," says 

rhi> m»Mrv*> tKdl studifnt^ 
who only tiave classes one 
day a week will have the 
opporiuraty to experience aU 

kinds of cuisine 

"The menu on the bars 
will switch and change all the 
time," says Sipp, "which 
means if you have ^g rolls 
this time, you may not have 
tgg roH* next tune." 

A* with the Mexican and 

salad bars, the two new buf- 

•■ '■ ■■•" ■•-• ^'- .•»il% 4n 


;.i..i .. — J. „,i. .V Jill 

Amoi^ the changes in the 

cafeteria this spring, the ham- 
burgers wUl be meatier with a 
change to new doud burgers, 
whic^ produces tiuee patties 
from one pound of meat as 
opposed to the old burgers 
which yirided four patties in 
one pound. 

The cafeteria will also be 
tr\ ins ti» pii»h the M'rapk at 
th»- .l«-li this, semester. 

"(Students) can go 
through the salad bar and the 

condiment bar and load 
everything they want up and 
bring it over and they'll wrap 
it in a wrap," says Sipp. 

In attempts to meet the 
needs of students, ttie cafete- 
ria requests student input as 
to wether their new p rogra m s 
deaerve to be kept as well as 
new idtM> in implemcnl in 
the upcoming Mmiesters 

A comment box is in the 
Building A dining hall 

People are talking about 

The University 

Secure your future 

c<a M M MM) n»- 7iae w vHMaa as 

of St. Francis 

And with g<K>d reason. <)..rnc««,«u»«j.m.vrn,.wr.i,.t,„ur 

cimunHmrni tn i«it ilnrrw undrrgrailiutr jnd |!r.idualr uiKlcnl pi>(Kilitii>nt and llicir 
nmdt. Wc vt hr>i*<Jrtw-il r«ir furrHultitr (■■ inilmlr Inrward l<i<>king pcotruKMul 
pcflgraiman'l ^ilt Itjincr^ \^V tr brcomr thr wngiurJ 

ui lUMMKC Ir^i lung. )<i.» Hiiiiif .K-grtr pi'.^ <ip|>inuniim liif hrahh care prolruiimaU 
jtPOM thr mtHHry. And <i«« rtrcrni jDiluinm with ihc Saini |c»<:|->h Ciillrfit' .it Nurtiiig 
' ' miiMm jml allw.l iM-jlih r.lw jihhi wilhin Chtca|;ui..ii<{ \^ thr I ium tmiv 

"•'■"'•''' ' - >pirii ihjl ht\ tha^ml u» li« mnn 1I1.111 "S \cjn\ 

' r nr«l loht a »urrr%»ful aiHlmi iivl ihr 

I .< 



The Harbinger 
]aniuuy 26, 19W 

Student center More than just coffee and chairs available in refurbished area 

bcotiue it was the center at cam- 
pus aiKi there wa* coftw ittB^ by 
the bookstore* 

The attempt bring the situdmts 
back to the student center is fairiy 

"To get peopW to come back li> 
IButkiingI A, we wanted to makt- it 
a tittle less ngid and <itenle k>ok- 
tiifl," continued Ne)man. 

"Now we have all t>J this woo- 
derhtl carpeting, colurhil flags, 
some new artwork, tree*, aicade 
games, a 60-inch TV. a stage Hot a 
piano and Program Boud's itew 
Co«eehouse Series. " 

'We want it to become the cam- 
pus' front room now, like a living 
room where people can come and 
hang out," he said. 

The Heaveitly Cappuccinn 
machine will still be iocaled m 
Buildii\g L for thoae students who 
need a quick fix between claas, but 
for slow sippers. Building A will 

have a kMinge area widi tables, 
chairs and other goodies. 

"Muffins, scones, biscotti, fresh- 
baked cookies, popcorn, hot cocoa, 
flavored teas, a cappuccino 
machine with five flavors, a juice 
machine, other cold dnnks. regular 
coffee and five to six flavors of cof- 
fee will also be offered," said 

^l really like th« 

change, if s nice. 

Before no one was 

here because it was so 

sterile and cold. 

Now, if s cozy. Hike 

the coffee shop, too. 

There can never be 

enough coffee on 



Supervisor of Food Service George 

The new colfee ma will serve 
between 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Mondav- 

"I really lik* the change, it > 
nice said student Mike Hudec 
" Before no one yv as here because it 
was so sterile and cold Now, it's 
con I tike the coffee sfiop, too 
There can never be eivough coffer 
on campus" 

A formal ribbon-cutting >>n- 
monv will take place m the new 
student lounge area at noon on 
Tuesday. )an 27 Everyone is mvit- 
ed to attend 

Complimentary popcorn, coffee 
and cookies will be available from 
Food Service 

The Flarper )azz Ensemble and 
Multi-Cultural Affairs will per- 
form for those who attend. 

"Free food and eirtertaiiunent— 
It will be a great way lo look at the 
new space to see what it will be 
like," Mid Nc^num. 


S«««r«l stiitfMt* •tmitm4 to M« Om 
riy r— »«to< BiriMkig A i 


International iNif f et program to tantalize everyone's tastebuds 


In caae students have 
found an alternative to the 
cafeteria's repetitive menu, 
they may wish to VMOMidcr 
their limchtime optioiw. 

As of fan 20, 1998, ttw 
iteteria will b«T5in a new 
lnU*n"*.ttit»rLit Hutttrt pn»>;r.irn 
wtuch allows students to 
choose between a pasta bar, a 
Chinese bar and the ever- 


•Jan. 29 fc Feb. 5 
Weight Loaa Program 
Judy Schinunel, RD, mon-l 
p.m., A242a. 


American Heart Month 
Flave your blood pressure 
checked. \3ia. Mon.-Thurs 

8 ajn.-8 p m.. Fn 8 am -4 



9 a.m.-3 p.m., A242. 

•rcb. *-13 

Sexual AwaiMMM Wt«k 

•Feb. 10 a n 
Safe Sex Info Tabic 

Health Servae Staff, 
Building A student Center, 
10 a.m-l p.m. 

•Feb. U 

Sexually Transmitted 


Kathleen Pearson. P < 
Health Service 
10-11 am.. A242a 

•Relaiionships: How Close 

)oan Durlacher, Psy I ) 
Clinical Psychologist. U 
ajoiL-floon, A242a. 

popular Mexican bar The 
idea was spawned by food 
service supervisor George 
Sipp and chief cook Shifley 

"Our plans are to run 
three styles and to rotate 
them on a 1-2-3 bastt," say* 

("his mfdn-* thai stuJ«Tit* 
who only have classes one 
day a week will have the 
opportimity to experieiKe all 

kinds of cuisine. 

The menu on the bars 
will switeh and change all the 
time,' says Sipp, "which 
means if you have egg rolls 
this time, you may not have 
egg rolls next time." 

As with the Mexican aiv) 
salad bans the two new huf- 

huw much lh>-v w^it 

Among the changes in the 

cafetena this spring, the hafi\- 
burgers will be meatier with a 
change to new cloud burgers, 
which produces three patties 
from one pound of meat as 
opposed to the old burgers 
which yielded four patties in 
one pound. 

The cafeteria will also be 
tr\in>; tn pu>.h the wrap*, at 
Iho Jell b,u this -.cint'ster 

"[Students) can go 
through the salad bar and the 

condiment bar and load 
everything they want up and 
bring it over aivl they'll wrap 
It m a wrap," says Sipp. 

In attempts to meet the 
needs of students, the cafete- 
ria recjuests student input as 
to wether their new programs 
deserve to be kept as well as 
new idejN to implement in 
tile upt oming M*nw?slers. 

A comment box is in the 
Building A dimng hall. 

People are talking about 

Secure yout future 

The University 

of St. Francis 

And with g(KHl reason. HmnrwujIusj^juimtr'.ilvrrtldlM.ur 
oaniinirtrK-ni lo mii i '>;radiuic and grailtulr ttwicni pctpulatiom ami ihrir 

nrf ■■ N^ - '".u)r(.. i ' -n til incliiJr fnrward-kiuking profrtMonai 

pi . 'HU'N. CM,. ' f .iitiilt Icjrnrr*. We've bccumr ihr vanguard 

in tlMaiuc ir,iriiin>;, prmHlinK dtgrrr |ir<,>;t.iin >>)>|«iriuni(m lof hcalrh care pMnuoiuk 
aiT*»s th<- intjnir\ \n*i *t«r rrccor jtfiiutiof) uilh the Sainl finrph (>illc|fc ittNurung 
ha* t v|Mn.i( J riijfMnj; -in.i all km 1 hcjlih rtlut jiion wilhin < 'hicagiilaml Ks rhc UnivrfMU 
'A ■ ^l1ll h(4tf tavt to the spirit that hav vhapril uv for rTH.>rt than 7S yrar^ 
■ W iHiJ the Mipi*<'rt V'Mi nccil tti W j MUirs^ful vtu<l<1ll— anil the 

Htrringgradii.iu ■« lii>,l 

«ll ^ 

The Hdrbingcr 
Janiury 2k, MM 


Page 3 

Youngest Public Safety member does more than unlock doors 

Perhjp. vou vr stvn her 
in that cvvning tradituvn where 
HjrpCT nighl-cUft!> stuiient^ ir\ to 
ifjve the parking k* M the tSBw 

In Uw nvad rush tu );«■« out tin 
Algofvjutn Ruad to nfet hcww. wv 
pass her tMo n.> > k 

Hernanwi ^ art. and 

she is the youngest numt • 
Harper College Publu 

Mew irt \^^ !h»' 

exactly did she get the 


Safety, — w r » « ••> 

l*f tlMirMWM 

this tali 

It •. kinda Stupid. I was tn the 
lost and found Uxiking for a pair of 
shoes or something, and I |U.>t 
asked them if they ever hire. I 
filled out an application and two 
months later I got the job." said 

Since thei\, Stewart's )ob duties 
have included patrolling the cam- 
pu> liHiking for people doing 
things they shouldn't be doin)^, 
openmg and locking cl^srooms 
and brmgir^ order to the nightly 
chaotic rush of traffic m the park- 
iitg kit 

Although she is the youngest, 
she says ttiat she's been lieated 

fdirK b\ tfw ntfHT members of the 
patrol. v»hi' ■■• "•■ ns willing to 
help her »u. 

Stewart ^.i jv.ujI«-x] from 
Palatine High Schtxil in l**^ jnd 
f,,. — u .. . ._ J . .,j. ji Hjr)-*T 

ttiT iruri-s'. i!i !.ivv entorn-nient 
was vpjrktt) Jurmg h«T tir>l 
s«ne~' -Iw signed up tor a 

bak ttmadam 

"I wa«i in the lust and 

foiuid looking fur a pair 

of shoes or something, 

and I Just asked them if 

they ever hire. 1 niled 

out an application and 

two OMinths later I got 

the job" 

-Holly Stewart 
Harper PubUc Safely 

Her family has also been equal- 
ly supportive of her decision; espe- 
aally her uncle whti wanted to be a 
stale trooper but never made it. 
He has been the most supportive 
says Stewart. 

If she had to be described in one 
word, that word wouhJ be ambi- 


On top of h»T lull time school 
schedule and her Iwo nights a 
wtvk on the satpt\ pjirol Stewart 
work-- M J vl.u i.ire in the mttm- 
ings bi'lor*' Mhoiii 

Upon completion ot Harper, 
shi* plans Ui transfer to Western 
Illinois L'ni\ersitv where she'll 
continue to sludv law enforce- 

-»hnol, her goal 
: .1 -tale tnK>per 
.11 a K-^ otticer 

With this massi\.- -ib.i""! and 
.i rk load Stewart Aoek 

.i!'. ■ .\.t>k free tin :ning 

*.: .istom to 

'■^iri* jDii di-ilh atjon to 
■.umnvi lan nini|X'l and in-pin' 
f\en the mi>s( unmi»ti\att-d among 

WK«n speaking ot the historic 
vear at Harper with the first 
women's soccer team, Stewart has 
earned the nght to tn- included in 
tfu' same categivry, as she has hope- 
tulJN paved ttw footsteps for other 
wiimen to follow 

Her adxRi- to other women 
lookmg to break into male-domi- 
nated fields: "C«) for it Especially 
for women, there are a lot of 
opportunities |ust because you're 
a woman does not mean that 
you'iv handicapped. Ju^t go for 

tM» n*MI your inpuH 

Ten yooi r .endsi Teii youf students' Teli anyone! 

We're here for YOU!!!! 

President: Breuder to take office in mid-February 

Whrn yiHi're nr»d\ I" transfer — think Hit. 
— think Driikr I ni»ersitv Drake iillirs m<irt 
than (>s I'lrlils iif umit ruraduale \lu«l> and a ""^ 
jXTtinl ]•>•> plaiimenl ratr for uradualrs. VimI 
IransfrrriiiK I" I'raki- (list Kul lasur \Vr have 
Nprclal sihiilai>hi))> ~ up In N'^.IKHi. iv(Kilalh 
Inr iiMiiiiiunil^ iiilki.1 -Judenls. with addilMHial 
fiiuiki-ii aid iRKMlik' iikikuiu a l>raki' educiiiiiiii 
.in urn iH'Ilti »aliii Viid iKir liHUllv and slalT 

ill liilp oiu iiiaki .1 snmi>tli liansitimi. 
I III a|i|>liialHHi (k.idliiH' for sthojarships and 
lunlliasrd OnaiHial aid i\ March I. I"WS. mi 
j(»lil> in>»! bur iiMici- infiiniialMMi, pkasc tall 
l-S(HI-44l)K\h.l ..r-|sri MXI 


L)k\Kl I \M Rsin 
1 Ik- shirt t>t \/«/n /////(V iHfi 

\ ania College 

Bi^ard of 

,i the 

i-v .ind 

; :, !he 

;.\i w ith 
thi -i.itu-- ■! I'ri-sid. 
Intentus at the same io 

Hr.iiu. -.d 

;x]t Ml- 

h.i- .nd 

taught an imuiduvtion to 
Wme 1 1.1-- .!t hi> last college 
.•r\ .uid hunt- 

With the ap(X>i' 
Dr Breuder and th. 
ship he v\ili provide v\e liave 
I'MTV , , nt;,!. :i, i H.Uper 
Coi ■ le to be 

one . . ; . i-tanding 

commun - in the 

nation,' -^..i n>i,i 

Breuder will retene a 
salan, of Sl55.ail1 and take 
office in mid-February 
although current president 
Paul Thompson's contract 


Dr. Robert tfmdmt Iim a !•«< history In ■<ii c »tt— , 
boghHiiaC with ■ posltoa ■• • botany iaatiwctor at 
PaMi Swith'a CoNoga hi Saraaac Laha, Haw Yottu 

|ulv Harper Lki-s are things I 
already evpenenced. to one 



diH'sn t 


1 would hope thev whc>se 
me because I wa-- tht nio-t 
qualified." Breuder said, 
"but I suspect when all is said 
and done, they chose me 
because the challenges 

^legrtv or another in inv 
t.irii'r " 

Bri'Uvlir will K- the fourth 
president since Harper 
opened It's diKirs W years 

Page 4 


The Harbinger 
January 26, 1997 

Returning students face same problems 

Lemmings! Anew 
place for you all 

For tho»« student* who like to 
stand motionless in clumps in 
the major hallways of Building I , 
a new hangout has been estab- 
lished to accommodate jII ot 

It has become a ma|or imoriM 
nience for people trying to gel 
somewhere {like a class) with a 
sea of inactivity in the center of 
the campus. 

Instead of blocking the halls, 
doorways and stairwells mind- 
lessly socializing, go to the new 
and improved student center 
lounge in Building A 

You don't even have to go out- 
side to get there from Building I. 

A plethora of planning and 
effort has been put into the 
refurbishing of Building A. 

With Building As even larger 
selection of coffee and munchies 
Building L should only be used 
for a quick fix between classes. 
For those of you who like to 
sit somewhere, drink and talk, go 
to the new student center. 

Ihjt^ what BiiiUiinn X wa^ 
dfSlgnoJ ti>r ti> V Hit tu tin' 

needs of students out oi class. 
Besides, do the hallways of 
Building L have a 60-inch TV 
No. How about a cozy fireplace? 
Not since the last time we 

The Harbinger would like to 
make a suggestion to those who 
contribute to the congestion. 
Utilize the new student center! 

So if the head lemmings can 
come over to Building A, perhaps 
the rest of the pack can follow. 

We mean this in the nicest pos- 
sible way. 

Apart from ttie ubvKJUs diver- 
Mty arvd i.-hallenge of the cUmcs 
o«ereti at the ioHejje level one at 
the most *tnlang eiements of co^ 
Wgr Me for high scKxil graduate* 
to the vast age range ot lt*eir new 

A» a matter of fact, the average 
age of Harper students i» 33 
Most of the otder students attend 
i^onlinuing Education cUaaes, 
which ate non-ciedit. and a* wide 
ranging as crafts, tporia and com- 
puter training. 

Neverthelei*, Harper offer* 
many opportunities for tlie okler 
ttudent» who want to earn a 

Unda Frank, a coumelor at the 
Center for New Students, 
describes the "returning »nj- 
dents' as those who dropped out 
ol college but decided to go back 
to school to finish up their degjw. 
'liecause it is »i>mething tfval ttiey 
always wanted to do ' 

"It could be people who have a 
position wluch require additKWul 
training, or it could be people 
who want to (o«n the work place 
for the first tune," she said 

Eighteen percent of Harper's 
degree credit students have a 
bachelor's degree or higher 

Somettiing tfiat moat ol ttte 
netuming students Ivave in com- 
mon is the challenging icspcnsi- 
iMlity t>( canng for ^ family 

It I* prrtty li.i ' ' " 

atonal life and ».li.«.. 

To respond lo this well-found- 
ed concern. Harper has set up a 
Mride range of special programs 

One of the services Harper 
offers parents with young dxil- 
dren is a flex-hme preschool for 
tiHlet-trained children three years 
of age and up 

A visit to tJ*e Center for New 
Students could be of great assts- 

Frank says that t»»e Center, 
"can help students understand 
Harper admission polKies, talk 
abi>ut pt»>grains tfiat we have 
here in the college and help peo- 
ple get started." 

The Career Center also offer> 
great setvfces for individual', tn - 

ing to map a cansrr path for them- 

They can ubuin assistance for 
a )ob search, interview aivJ 
letume pieparation, and comput- 
er guidiUKe. 

The first *lep is to get through 
the fear ol Uking ttut first class 
Frank descnbes the typical 
teturrung student as being, 
"extremely e»cited but also very 
anxious about thm study skills 
and learning abilities " 

Some classes, although tl*y 
are not designed ipevifnally for 
the returning students, are a 
maior anet for them. 

•^Msre airf more people 


world we Hvc bi, orite- 

ply bccaaie, BOwadayB« 

older people have more 

tfane for persoMl 


The l-eamii\g Asristance 
Center offers tutormg, workshops 
and spedalued services for peo- 
ple with different abilities and 

Students can undi-rno diag 
rtostic mts auned at identifying 
their learning styles and their 
study betuvion. 

The detailed and focused 
analysis accompanied with pto- 
(esnonal advice for unprovement 
is wen by a kit of returning stu- 
dents as a nva»or opportunity lor 

Specific credit classes, such as 
PSY 106 Practical Psychology, are 
desiglted to help students in ttte 
areas of tune maiMgcmenI, study 
»kill», memory, concentration and 
test Ukmg strategies 

As frank states, returning stu- 
dents often need to brush up on 
their math skills. 

Harper often many remedial 
classes with individualized 

uistructiun, not only in math, but 
also in communications, reading 
and writing. 

Combined with the tutoring 
poasibitities, students can tackle 
classes with much better eaae and 

How to solve the problem of 
family life and work? 

Classes offered on the week 
end ami at night are very popular. 
Resf. Mills, assistant to the Vice 
President of Academic Affairs for 
Continuing Education, who also 
handles the Weekend College, 
says that these classes hll up very 

Although they demand great 
organizational skills and dedica- 
tion, telecourses are also good 
alternatives lo traditional dan 
settings for people wf«) iveed the 
flenibitity required by a busy 
scfwdule Most returning stu- 
dents will attend credit classes. 

Tom Will IS planning to jc»n 
his wife in Harper next semester 
to study architectural terhnokigy. 
Naturally, he is a little bit anxious 
at ttie prospect of holding a full- 
time |ob, having a young daugh- 
ter aiKl returning to sdirool. 

SiiKe Will has already some 
experietwe in architecture, he 
hopes that he, "will have a head 
sUrt " 

For returning students, enthu- 
siasm and assessment of one's 
strengths and limitations are 

Theresa Patanella recognizes 
that, "it i> hjrd li> make tune to 
Mudy " 

Patanella decided to see a 
counselor arvf Uke a career devd- 
opment class, and now adnttis 
that school "is getting much easi- 

As Mills states, 'more and 
more people decide to go baA to 
school, either because tfiey want 
to remain competitive m the fast- 
pai-ed, technological world we 
live in, or simply because, nowa- 
days, older people have more 
time for personal efwictunent." 

The prospects of going t»ack to 
school can t»e very lnght€?ning for 
most, but, as Frank points out, 
"returning students usually do 
very well because they are very 
motivated and conscientious." 

The Harbinger 

Editor inChief. .LaurenSchubel 

NevnEditor Amanda Off enbacher 

SportsEditor SeanMcfiigh 

AiEEdrtor JenmferGotz 

Features Editor DonBw|W 

Photo Editor Besiiee Corcoran 

Faculty Advisor Hw<i«rtSchtos$bef» 

Staff WMMiraWltostotaiito 

RyanFreund, Francoise Haussemot, 
David PtrfiR Kevin Shepte 

ni»>M>t>ifMyi»B»ttiiaOTSi«illc«wnto>lt»H»|» Coast* c»«pi <cor»v 

M fliM •■•»». Pw pwv « «*tr«Ml«) fra* to «l stuMMS «ni«ty and 
HViMWtraitan. ni»M>aw|fs«alipur|l»ie**topn»»«l*tW*H»rii»rcflnfTy 
tWY witti ntanwlion gwMintit to »• lawput ■«» «s «*ri»»dint can»>««t> 

The Hvbiitter - WiMiam fWney Harper College 

1200 West Algonquei Road 

PaiMine.1. 60067 709B 


L«lars nuBt be Bt»i«i and »icuit a «»ioi» iM*« W »;»5r««w^ 
S<fr«uras •« OS •Ktmatd upon i»»«si A» lattars and cfflwrt aie ii«|Ki 


Product* »«n«rvica»aai>s»tl«mBni»W>eim» aw n oinaea ssgiiy 
•Klofs«l b» »• i««» o» «* P«w. norbr »• coast* ai*i««tr«»> « 
Boirt of Olactars. *««M «MUH b* lonMnM «ractl|r to tM t 
•a a* »»(»«*« ■» at t»» awewtwB of 0» cwiwmr. 

Runs NtfiAiars: 

business office: (847) 925-6460 

news office: (847) 925^000 x2461 

fax; (847) 925-6033 

copyrtM 1907, The Hattincer. 




The Harbinger 
January 26, 1997 


Plenty planned en campus fer Febraary AAE Aunt Betsy: 



It's the start ot the sfmnf; 
semester, however, it »urv 
doesn't (eel like spring out- 
side Utstead of walchin|; 
VOUT favorite television 
reruns, check out the line up 
for February Stay tuned for 
more to come later in the 

•Patrick Combs 

Friday, Jan. 30 1-t p m AZ38 

Motivational author /lec- 
turer Patrick Combs, will 
leach you the "secrets to suc- 
cess," which will help you 
land your dneam |ob 
•Chuck D *Kace, Rap, and 

Tuesday. Ftb. 3 7J0 p. m. 

Fotmdcr and supenlar of 
the controversial, and 
renowned rap group Public 
Knemy, is here to examine a 
multitude of compounded 
social, racial and artistic 

•CflUefft Iranian film, with 
English subbtin (75 minutes) 
Thursday, Feb. 5 730 p m 

An adventurous tale of 
two star-crossed lovers, 
Gabbeth. a beautihil young 
woman from a ivomadic 
desert tribe, and a daahmg 
•Aunt Betsy 
Friday, Feb. * 7:30 p. m )143 

I tH j!^l .\ui\l B<'ts\ 
LOinbine> tunk. reggae and 

blu«> to create their uruque, 
multi-harmonic sound 

• La P rowe Ja r French film, 
with English subfitit". CS 

Friday, Feb. 13 730 p m 


Admiasian is free 

A sensation at the Cannes 
Film Festival, and many oth- 
ers A father and son in 
Belgium, struggling to sur- 
vive poNt-mdustnal. piv-mil- 
tenrual Europe 
•Harper Symphony 


Sunday, Feb. IS 3 p m |143 
•Passing Zone (musical act) 
Thursday, Feb. 19 7 30 p m 

$2 for chiklrm 12 aiKl under, 
$3 for Harper students artd 
ttail, $5 for general admis- 

•Citaiilaiianiera.' Spani!>h 
film, with Engbsh subtitles 
Friday, Feb. 20 7 30 p m J143 

Comedy /romantic road 
movie This is the final film 
by one of Cuba's greatest 
filmmaker, Tomas Ciutierrez 

• Richard Price "Readings, 
Uve by the AuthtK-" 
Ibtsday, Feb. 24 7 .30 p m 

S5 for Harper students aivJ 
staff, $6 fur i>ther students. $7 
for general admusion 

Riclvird Price is the author 
erf many novels Thf 
WanJrren. BlooJhrolhen. 

!.,./(, . \Un I'., (ir.-ilk-, 

C/<3»'trrs, TTirrr Scnrmplayi and 

Invest Your Credits 

If JO* have roliege cndil - ust it 

Transfrr war folltgt (oarsmwi 
-; tf W ivmpUtf an acfrleriiled depwi 


Ctmmfnm IMi. fttwmg tr 

wrmrvn rjmtm. <mlntn 

a BmMar ^ tiuians 

^iMNmansAiiM twffw, 
witt m ummunmam m 

l>arktiXi,ti (tu be publckhed in 
19W). Also he is the tcner 
writer for The Cotor of Monty 
Sta (^ lavt. titv y<»* Sfiwii - 
AW Dofi tHd Ciory. NigM anU 
the City, Ctodkrrj. Kiss of Death 
and Ransom 
'The Celluloid Clottt 
Wednesday, Feb. 25 7 .30 p 
m J 143 
Adnusston b tree 

A seky. absurd, mfuriating 
and enlighterung overview of 
a hundred years of inapt 
depu-tion of homosexuals m 
Hollywood movies. 

Clips from over 102 
movies are featured, as well 
as commentaries by Tom 
Hanks. VVhoopi Goldberg, 
and Harvey Fierstein 
•Coffeehouse Series pre- 

•Jonatha Brooke* 
Friday, Feb. 27 730 p m 
Building A Lounge 

A folk rock sensation 
applauded by BSlboard 
Magazine, "loiutha Brooke 
hat finally come into her 
own, both musically and pto- 

'The Coffeehouse Series will 
take place in the newly reno- 
vated Building A lounge 
There will be deserts and spe- 
cialty coftees available. 

Tickets, which can be 
picked up at the Harper Box 
Office, are free to Haiper stu- 
dents with a two tKket Umii 
All tickeiB on the da^ 

are i5 while they last 

Sex Awareness 


•Sex info table 

^TD seminar 

•Relationship talk 

Cal HeaNh Service for 

into (847) 925-6266 


oacaoo CAMPUS 

lati uMbSMM 









Eclectic sound 
to be heard on 

Sounds Standk^ Ovation 
Award fof Achievement' 
shortly after recording Iheir 
third full-kmgth album, 

AlMl Bmiy is currently 
workiftg on their fourth 
album, witti no known 
f tl s M * date. "We're trying 
to integrate all of Aunt 
Betsy's lidcnit,' said Dsve 

*^e*re trying to 

integrate aO of Aunt 

Betsy's talents.*' 

•Dave Faro 
Aunt Dctsy member 

Aiinl ■elq' Km coUeclBd 
over 25 iwtews of Hie tiand, 
ranging from Seattle to 
^4ew York. They aw pmud 
to say that Aunt Betsy has 
yet lo mccive a bad review. 

If a label OMiM be put on 
their miMic is would be a 
■MdMn day h i p pie bl ues- 
Mg|M band Divid Fwo's 
iMpifation towards Aunt 
Betty, "Ylng-Yaftg, we 
•ch other. My 
: inapiialion is play- 
ii^ with each other. " 

Currently, Aunt Betsy is 
playing local fjiftt tn and 
.iniund the Chuj(toland 
area Himt-vt-r, Aunt Betsy 
will return to the west com 
this sprii^ to continue tour- 


Check out Aunt Betsy 

Friday, Feb. 6 at 7J0 p. m. 
in the Buikhng | Theater 
Purchaae tickets at rite 
Harper Box Office (M7) 
929-6100. IkkelsareSSfor 
Harper students mA ttiU. 
and SS for general admis- 

slop now. 

■ui wiv nop noe ' M tw nM aok «• 

ta^ Itfr <^ »ax *»>o<aa\ anfer 
•an OMty a* auaranM*! <u- 
umong mart * •"»«¥■■« ^'•' 

Ox iSBin m HUM Ow UM ■* 

M»> fioT oKctca ijutrrti maw « i 

fniMg- OM ytf ■cu<aitf«ue 
,0, 1 fuw yo/ aav« r"<e •"* 


I Sf mwii'i %mm% faan% Tntnca 
M ■ MMfiis II or imumnttLMcn • 

SUP < ttcnEVi div** *»" l»**y 
mnrf nr no aappxQ iXS' 

^cir » tiifm opgpr at vjnm. cm 
anv> Chugs oxvu a cm VNaD a 


Chuck D talks 
about "gold 
brains" Tuesday 

to w > > eet to »»el> t y. 

Rapper Chuck D, founder 
of the rap group Public 
Enemy aiHi special corre- 
spoTvJent for the Fox News 
Chatuiel, will speak on cam- 
pus on Tuesday, Feb 3 at 7:30 
p.m. m the Building ) 

Calling his lecture after 
his book, fi^fct the Power: 
Chuck D on Rap, Race and 
Reality, the former radio D) 
will focus on the impact of 
rap music. 

Chuck D, whose real 
rume m Carlton Ridenhour, 
preaches a message of "gold 
brains, not gold chains," aiwl 
asks lus audience lo dwl- 
It-ngf iraditinoal forms of 
informjtion network.'* such 
as main.stn>am media 

"Everytfung on television 
nepie!>entative of black folks 
is pretty much one-sided If 
you look at us on televisiofv 
we're either athletes or enter- 
tainers," said Chuck D. 

"That imbalaiwe of char- 
acter is poisoning the percep- 
tion of us I try to add a 
counterbalaiKe to that point 
of view that's on TV" 

When Public Enemy 
retraaed its debut album in 
1«7, Chuck D said, "rap is 
black America's CNN " By 
1992, "rap music had turned 
mto young Amenca's CNN, 
and by 19%, it was pretty 
much a worldwide awuiec- 

The Loitg Island native 
believes that rap music 
"gave while kids in America 
the first glimpse at reality for 
Oieir black counterparts," 
and also unifK>d the national 
black community But the 
rapper fecb that we have a 
long way to go 

"Older while Amenca has 
no clue about black folks and 
they have little clue on 
Ainerica as a whole 30 and 
under," he said "They look 
at MTV, and you all kK>k like 
aliens." General admission 
tickets for Chuck CTs lecture 
are $7 with discounts for stu- 
dents For tickets and infor- 
mation caU (847) 925^100. 


The Harbinger 
January 26, 1W7 







Pick your okwi days-work 

with our crew as an 

independent contractor. 

WE CAN TRAIN! Top conv 

mssuxv bonuses arti 


Can (847) 427-4415 

Ask for Ricn 

Earn MONEY and FREE 


Absolute Best Sprli^ 

Break Packages Available 



small GROUPS wanted!! 


(800) 327-6013 or 
Mtp:/ /www 


Distributing phone cards. 
No experience necessary. 
For more information send 
a setf-addressed stamped 
erweiope to: PrImetime 
Corrmunications. P.O. Box 
694355, Mi»ni. R. 33269- 

SMMngCtf Donor 

Wb are a couple of great 
parents wfvj hope to have 
a second chiW to love and 
care for through egg dona- 
tion This well established, 
short term ireatrrient is 
done in our doctor's otiice. 
Earn $2,000 for a com- 
plete cycle and help us 

realize our dream of havingl 
achild. If you are a healthy i 
female 18 30 years old 
and ¥W)uld like more mfor- 
matior\ please cal our doc- 
tor^ office at (847) 884- 
9129. Ask for Eileen and 
mention our code number. 

For Sate 

aeCTRTC BASS, hard case 

and amp. 5-stnng.Wack 
Ibanez Soundgiear 405 

series with hard case, cor.: 
strap and amp. Mint condi 
tion, StlOO value. Must 
••I tar $800. Call Lauren 




1-800711 2604 

Ask for $200 room 

discount! Offer 23 

from Combs 
holps many 

Patncii Combs, a moti- 
vatiiMul .iuthi>r who a on 

Picasso sculpture moved indoors 




M «ave stu- 


sfxMk. in a Iree 

n . jmpus on 

ruiii i"t 



Typing of Term Papers. 

Thesis. Tables, etc. 

Laser Printing 

Available Days. 

Evenings & Weekends 

Just Minutes from Harper 

Call Kim Andrews 


Is school getting you 
down? Are you lonely and 
need sonwone to get you 

tnrough'' CALL l900) 25^ 
0900 or l900i 255 987 v 
24hrs. 18-f. $3.99/mia 

V . try Cixi 

U'b. a JiM> me title oi the 

b<x»k Cc«*s wrote to pio- 


mb» offer* career 

tips Midi J- ...n- 

tfie cieepe»i "' 

mind and ciinsitltr what 

mcwt interMts And thrills 

' ik.t thr** lists. 

; . ••rR*' iTUgazine 

state and dtoiwe the pub- 

UcaliaM you like best 4) 

Interview yourself. 5) 

Ifpule, fan and fuel your 

internal tire* " 

Combs will also give 
idtw on internships, turn- 
ing extracumcular activi- 
ties into resume material, 
setta^ up mteniews and 
cUaaes that are "worth 
their weight in gold" m 
the H* market 

(847) v25-«.;42 

TIM MtlMr.- «••• fUm»m» Mwirtw* ^^'y^fJH*^ 
CM««C*% kwaii wkrtw* to avoM fwltor ( 

Based upon the euunina- 
fion of a sculpture conserva- 
tor. Harper ColJege curator 
Rebecca Kelk?r recoitunend- 
ed to the Harper Educatior\al 
Foundation that Harpers 
Picassi> sculpture, "The 
Bather," be moved indoors. 

"Unfortunately, time aiui 
weather have taken their loll 
i»i (he sculpture," said Keller. 
"Whi-n 1 met with the conser- 

^^, .ippjri-nl 

ji .11 ■ • rt-pairinj; 

dania^. „,i,,.... .i.'iH-. wt 
would havf to iiiom' lh»- 

One, and Done... 

Give us (Mie hoif of yw time. Whenever you want, yw p^ 
Have yoir tnnscripts aid your dreams ready. Wei sbo^ 
easy it is to traisfer to Ainra University and firash your d^^ 

sculpture ir»door» to a pro- 
tected, mow controlled envi- 
ronment to avoid continued 

The sculpture has been 
moved into the lower level of 
Building L where it will be 
conserved According to 
Catherme Brod, Executive 
Ditector of the Educahonal 
Foundation, a permanent 
location for the sculpture will 
i-\fnlualK be established in 
tho pertomwng arts center, 
which IS part ot the proposed 
Building W. 



no i:i 

)Wi itu^ even be able to apply credit from a technical 
't riijht away aiid finish on imw 

vou work and do other 

► Ite credtts yw traiBfv 9 fvttNr at Ml. 

program to your (our year degree 

► Ibu cai dMMse the maior you wait. 

► We're tmmmk mi m mderstaid ywr Me^. . . yiti ua h.vs. 

important thirajs m ytmr life ila> aiid evening classes meet one e or t\s ^ 

► Wh fccK « pnpaiv fcf e««- • • ' "^pf ^ »*'^f «"' ^^ »"' ^'^^ ^**^ ^ '^"*"' '*"^***^ ^" 

education, they know the practK e as well i rv 

► «fc OB Bl*e it aUenUlle... scholarship and rinanci«l«idoj»t ,re numerous artd corapebtive 

vile C» Mate tasfenine as Hassle Free as PossUe 

To make .in appointment, tail the Aurora L ni\frsii> Office of Admisskms 
at IMI.PICICAlll (1.800.742.5281) or visit our website: 


Reid Education for the Real World. 


Soda! Work 





Criminal Justice 


Computer Science 

The hUfbinger 
lantiary 26, 1997 

After all your hard work, yon can afford to be choo«y. 

Think carefully about where you are now, and where you want 

to be. Then you'll know that the right choice is Roosevelt University. 

Every year, more than 150 Hiirticr .students lran-f»r t,i 
Roospscit W • , iM-huihi,;! I 

Chicago and Schauinburg, Roosfvelt hab more . 
majors (120 undergraduate majors in all, ranging from Accounting 
to Education to Theatre Arts) at more conveiuenl times and loca- 
tions than any other university in the Chicago area. And our 
transfer agreements with Harper College assure that your work 
will count toward your Roosevelt degree 

To get a personal transcript evaluation and find out more 
about dual admission and financial aid designed especially for 
transfer students, call (847) 619-8600 for an appointment at 
our Robin Campus. 




rper Sports 

Pmt»9 • wmUmt Mrn ymifm* 


Johns and Co. dominate 
Harper Invite on Jan. 10 


You nev«r fgel » second 
chance to make a first 

Hmpet't wicstlmg Imm 
did not need a second 
cKancr a« they rolled to 
dteir fint team vulorv of 
the »ea»*>n in ihrir uwn 
Harper Invilf Sjturdjy, 
Jan. 10 

The HawlkJ. pLtced all i»f 
their wrestlers in the top 
four or bftfer an J »n of 
H.irpfr ■. iiwn tiK)W tir>t 
place at the invito 

A^lete of the Week 
Iwemy Jotttn ()t8) pinned 
his opponent to start off 
Harper N dominamv 

With Johns at UM lb 
date, Paul Chandler was 
forced to move up to 12f. 
even lhou|^ he nimnal^ 

. h.iiuU.r 


Head Coach Norm 
Lovelace was iKit disap- 
pointed with Chandler's 
fourth place performance 
Lovelace was impre^ited 
with Chandler's "team ftntt 

"He's a team player." 
Lovelace said. *He't will- 
ing to do whatever is good 
for the team " 

Manny Rigatiw won an 
excituif; match 1 v n to uke 
first .11 ]M\b. 

\<.iiiM Lopa took iiist 
at 142 

Matt Moyiuhan defeat- 
ed Josh Cannon of Triton 5- 
2 to win the 1.S8 lb. class. 

AU-American Todd 
kttUer started where he left 
off fmishing fir^t at 177 tt>. 
and being named outstand- 
ing wmtler of the mvile 

**It's g<^ng to be 

a dog Tight 

between the 

three of us 

[Harper, Lincoln 
and Triton]. 

We'll be ready." 

-Norm Uwttee 

Zac l>rrrico defeatfii 
t)eshawn Burks of Iriton 2- 
1 to win the mi lb class. 

Mikv ki-lly (1=^)), Rl 
Coyru- llbTl and Robert 
Davidson (l>4n all fmuihed 
as runntTs up m thfir 
respivtiM' weight tlj.sM". 

Harper finished the 

mvit*- with 118 pointe and 

' closest oppo 

.■.1 .Mth ST 

llrili'nl Jfti 
nitc contenders," said 
Lovelace. "They'll be nght 
their with us come region- 
al*. " 

Harper will traxel In 
LirKoln, lllinor-. on 
Thuniday )an 2^ to face 
Liiwoln I olU-gc and 
Labette College of 
Kentucky in a tn-meet 

Lincoln is aiwther tou^ 
opponent Harper will face 
in theiegKHtals 

"It's goinf; to be a dof( 
fight between the three of 
us." UtveUce said leferrii^ 
10 Liitcoin ai«l Triton come 
legional tune. "We have 
three toun\aments that 
make j JiffeiciKC to U»- 
our m\iie, regional* and 

"We'll be lead', 
Lowwiace added. 

•The men's tennis team w ltH»kir\j5 for additional 
candidate* to participate on the te'am. Therv will 
be an organizational meeting i>n Friday, Feb. 6 at 
2 p m. Check with the Athletic Office in Building 
M tar rtxitn location. Thv fin.t practice will be 
Monday, F«b. 9 at 1:3U pm. m the field hcniae. 
Anyone wUUi^ to participate must be a full time 

• Any athWt* inlere»led in trying out for tth« 
HMn's or women's track & field team contact 
R«ne« Zj-'Unti at (»47) V25-MM or go to the 
Athletic OMce In buUdtixg M. 
•lercnty lohna was named athlete of the weak for 
the week of )an.7-14. Johns t(x>k firat place at the 
Haiper WtertUr^ bivile in the IIS pound cSaaa. 

Women earn another win, record stands 14-5 



Over the course of the 
semeMer bntak, tho H.jrp,r 
Women's basketball team 
competed in two tviuma- 
ments, one being m 
Baltimore, Maryland 

The ladies competed in 
their tirst tournament in 
Kewaiwe, itlirM>is at 

BUckhawk East 

rhev finished in Jrd place 
losing m the first round to 
Sauk Valley 6<»-61, while 
defeating host Blackhawk 
East '♦^-M to capture the ln.1 
place trophy 

Melanie Kwaniewski led 
all sailers against EUackhawk 
East with M point*. 

Kusch also coUcctod 31 
rebounds combined in both 
contests at BUckhawk East 
while Schader contnbuted 
with 24 combined rebounds 
as well. 

He.i*^'- v..< 1- 1,^1 all 
scoter- '. ,i;lf\ 


and Mel kvca^;.,^ .<, ,<.^ iuJ lo 

In die Frederick tourna- 

ment, in Balhmore. the Lady 
Hawks lost their first game to 
host l-r«slenck 7t>-.'W, but won 
iK'ir M-cond game against 
.\nn .Arundel 80-58 

The Lady Hawks also 
defeated Triton C C 95-«9 on 
Jan. 9, but lost to College of 
DuPage W-Sf? on Jan. 13. 

The Lady Hawks are now 
13-5 and are ranked 3rd in the 
nition among division HI 
junior college* and coach 
Jennifer Jensen has mixed 


"The toughest team were 
going to have to compete 
with is Cotfegr of DuPage in 
die l^pon rv tournament," 
said coach Jensen, "so we're 
Idling to have to get past them 
and 1 think we're a much 
more talented team." 

The Lady Hawks next 
game is Thursday, Jan. 29 at 
tfie College of Lake County in 
Gray slake with a 5:15 p.m 
tip-off tune 

iMka •« ki tiM «!■ agataat 


aa Kftotwi W W aaa (12) 
LVbCX. Taaaday, Jaa. «. 

Men kick off new year with wins 


Carta MaaWa ami Marti MaM (toft) 
batk go «» far a rateaad ki tka Hawk-* 
•4-tX kaaM wki agakMl Hikiaia VaHay 
ex. aa Taaaday, Jaa. •. Tka raautck •• 
SatiMday, Jaa. M ki <^laaky. 


Durmg winter break, the Harper Mens 
basketball team improved their record to 3- 
13 overall. 

the Hawks defeated Illinois Valley 94-83 
but Um to Triton C C. 99-95 and Coltge of 
DuPage 73-*9 

Andy Pronto led all scorers against 
nimuis Valley with 18 pointe shtHiting 7 for 
12 from the floor and 4 for 7 from the three- 
point arc 

Mark Stahl also contributed collecting 10 
rebounds for tfie Hawks. 

"Wp have to be one of the most exciting 
teaii» to watch," said coach Mike Hirsch. 

"We're averaging 95 points a game our 
last SIX games, and ikiw I'd like to see the 
defense pick up with it because sometiiites 
we thmk that we can come nght down aiul 
SCX1IV and that does not always hapipen. 

"We need to have our mentality and not 
iiist take pride m our offense You win 
>;.)m«-> by ciffense, but \i'ii win chani| 
■nships bv defense " 

rhe Hawks are now averagmg 8fe 6 poii ^ 
jtr game while averagmg 28.8 rebound- 
game and shcxjting 46 percent from the flo^ 

Also tfiey're 69 percent frvwn the tns 
throw litye and are 2-1 when leading at halt 

The Hawks' next game is Monday, Jan 26 
against Indian Hills C C in Centerville, Iowa 
at 7 30 p m tip-off time 

« 5r?-tl' '!Jf.* *5?."*"**!u ".vidson u,es new Student Center 
J:^.if ii!l''.'2St*^ „r "♦•!. "-"S *- «»• - "i* busy schedule 

•ay iMw pvMMMit fits cHt«fla 


Robert Bmidcr atcps lnb> office in 
Fetouary as Harper's fourth prein- 

Faculty and staff wait patkntly to 
see what will happen. 

With the estimated $2 miUion bud- 
gel deficit, and current contract 
negotiatiora with the physical pLint 
employees. Breuder has his work cut 
out (or him 

Breuder taced some of the same 
problems at the IVnnsylvania College 
t Technology, where he spent Ih 

George Evans, president of the 
faculty seivale, said ttut the faculty is 
comfortable with Breuder becomit^ 
the next president 

Breuder intends on -ipendiitg a lot 
of time walking around the campus, 
and mteractmg with faculty and staff 

Evans feels this wiU give the facul- 
ty a chance to communicate their 


HarfH'i nUr.'.iu-- 
American History month. 
Page 3 

Fitness Center offers Bally 
results at halt the price. 


It's Berger Time when it 
comes to Internet pom. 
Page 6 


Preview upcoming events 

for this month. 


Coach Loprieno leads 
double life at Harper. 
Page 10 

Ku^ch .still tin\o tor 
things tveskifs h.isketball. 
Page 11 




needs and address problems that ma \ 
come up. 

He tielieves that Breuder a pas- 
sionate about education, and will 
take over as president m a positive 

'It will be an inteiestmg transi- 
tKm." aaul Evans, "and (Bieuderl will 
be a very different type of individ- 
ual " 

Breuder was chosen out about SO 

The board members were kioking 
for KHneone with expeneruse in as ■ 
sitting pre^idenl, or at least in a senior 
level position 

A master's degree was requticd, 
and a doctorate was preferred 

They were kx>king for wmeone 
witfi leadership skills and an under- 
!itandtng of community relationa. 

The board wanted someone who 
poaaeawd teadership skills, and had 
an honest, open approach. 
w* Or. inMdv on pa(i 3 


tavMasa atoaps «i AM 

Sex Awareness Week provides infcurmetlon 

101 KIR rN CHEF 

S-E-X: These three letters might 
make tome giggle, squirm or grm. 
The tfung about sex i<> you can never 
kxKiw too much abtnit it. 

To help students answer some dif- 
ficult questions about <iex. Harper 
Health Service is sponsoring Sexual 
AwarencH WMi Feb «-14 

"Sexuality is a complex subject 
that mvolves many difftitent compo- 
nents." said Wellness Coordiiutor 
Char Padovani. "We are trying to 
address protectian fn>m unwanted 
^eg^nancy, preventum irf STDs and 
the development and maintairung of 
a healthy relaticmship " 

Health Serxicc staff will provide 

an abundance ot 

ticm at the sex miu ucn- ;v1i>ih1j> 
TueMlay, Wednesday and Knday tn>m 
10 a.m.-l p.m in the fiuilding A 
Student Center 

"This b • great dunce to 
get free material on every 
form of birth control you 
could poaribiy be interest- 
ed and the latest informa- 
tion on STDs and how to 
protect yoursetf.** 

-Char Padovani 
Wellness coordinator 

"You can test your sexuality mm 8m 

'' . " .;^i' with a quiz dmt wm 
pri/fs, said graduate intern Eiarb 
Jones, R N "We'll be giving away I- 
^irts and baseball caps There will 
also be refreshments " 

"This is a great cfumce to get free 
malfrial on every form of birth con- 
trol you ctHild possibly be interested 
and the latest informaticm on STDs 
and flow to protect yourself," said 

"It's the latest and greatest ki tex- 
uai awareness," said Jones. 

Free condoms and pamphlets will 
also be available at the info table. 

Learn how to reduce the risk of 
contracting a STD by attending a 
seminar hasted by Kathleen Peanon 

Passing Zone gets 'A' in suspense 


They comtnne their unusual 
talent* witti stx-foot unicycles. 
Ever see the movie Addams acrobatics, music and comedy 
t .^ ' ■ ". res a Hollywood hp. (kids, don't try tha at home). 
I om»z were not really One of tlieir more faanoOB 

>, U inch knives, tf was feat*, i* (hi home shopper's 
..;Kling team Pasmil^ Zone. dream 
World renowned luggUrv Morw and Wve juggle a C3iia 

Owen Morse and (on V\i-<- will Pet4), VVfi..iu..i. l.rv .ind 
bnr45 thinrtwiTitrH -Kt tn HarptT CurpiT' 
on Thursd.iv t«f !^* it"; m v *h-,-^ *• ., ,,, ^t 

■'Th<> Je.v: 

MariMf AAI. 


PaatiNg ZotM will p«rf ona tiMir worM- 
f MROM* *CIUilmaw Baltof «■ c a i n a ui 

CMrtMt m* 

iiraieBvee hi 







Dr. Bp^udeR President steps into office with a list of objectives 

_n iMvd Iranung wnv signiti- a compfarte icsunw a( proles- 

dannmn tetduni; e%pr- c»n« Idctors in chiwsing a siQiul, educational and coni- 
ritnc«. commurocalion skiUs, picMdent munily acocieiftltshmenls and 

and an und«ntanding a4 Ihr The ^ppii. •n.n pr.>.->x,« .'«mTU'nri' 
import jnor oi studcM cen- BtdtMied .. ' O**^* jnnuj 

..ibv h.- 

I\ M)ted 

nto ofticc in ferent reaMins, one o< them 

being hiN excetlen! rrferenccs. 

rhe vice chair also 

thiHii;ht |)i Biruder was an 

i> thinker, with gcnnj 

;'.,.i •( van: 


4-s(inu Irjiisilion. and 

lUniultrl «ill \h a 

\fi> clintnnl l>pf <>l 


The mjrk.i-( v,i: 

I'nvmmmeni that's changing 
in Iht- wjy education i^ deJu 
et*Hl. his abtht\' to be inni>\ 
■■' f and tt> think creativt... 
. , . . lit with a v»T\ important 

itnift'." ivjict Mi'wjrd 

Board of trustees voices expectations and 
identifies challenges for presidential office 

• Maintain a leadvrship poattion m acaOsmic a « crtl e nce and encourage educational 
innovaJion by loMwIno ■ ^^»Sf^ rtaponalve, aocountatta tamt c* admimstrators, 
(aoilty and ttitfl 

• Enaim tecai aiibi^, abidanl acoau and qijtfty aducaiionai and support aer- 
vicet tt«rotjgh soimd tnanagamanf^ (undraiaing and the idanlNicalton of alla^ 

tunding reaourcea 

• Expimd partner^>ips witf) businesa, mdurtry. community organizattons, the lagisla- 
tura and aducafiomrf inatMrtona lo reapond to changing educaUonal needs and to 
play a lead role in »» eoonomic dewelopment ot the community 

• Collabof atively dartfy and advance the goals o( shared governance wrth an 
emphasis on conaencus buitding. roilegiality, open communication and mutual 
reapect and tnjst among all constituents in the College 

• Encourage both traditonal and wmovative approachaa to taa<^ng arxt learning to 
meet the needs o( students ralativa to academic and vocabonal/iachnical programa 
and support services. 

bvest Your Crrdits 

■■-.m aSiff auk ■ u^f a 

ami fompuii hi ./. - tutaud drgttt 

.t Hm-kri*" -f /'a*f»' 


CMW pa lot * Ml «iw' h ■#* am 

t« M VKkal a>diai«HK, ««K. aid m 
imi.wmmmiMiiaamattbaiemOmmim HMmt tt 

iniHl «M« loa ant adma dl Ike )«^ KX iln't 

Se MB nw ia» Mii i ml ^ 1*^ <iaD'i P b ikt |<K Tn ONCi 

OfakoMEnofiiiiiBndaiitifai htajro*- 

^iS^lii rOWERBAR! 

r *'iAar«$JO.iX)ormo 



*'iA anj SJO.OO or more purdios* recoie ant. fret PouurBar. 
Cdupan 'ZStt. OIkt ainna March H<t. 1998 


For die GNC !«««« yoii. caU 1-800-477-KJNC 


The Hari>tnf;er 

Harper News 


Sex: Health Service provides 
answers to tough questions 

Campus celebrates African-American History Month 

DO.. Hfolth Servkf ohvM- 
cUn on VVedn«- ! 1 

at 10 a.m. tn AJ4 

For lhoH> involved m a 
rrtationahip, and for thone 
who arm't, loan Duriachrr. 
Psy.O., ctiracal psychologud. 
will explain thr dilfefincc 
between "wanting hesMiy 
intimacy and cloMnew and 
tfeling like you can't live 
without the other person" in 
the MMTiinar titled 

'Relatiunship«: How Cloie » 
Too Close?" on MMnesday, 
Feb Hatllam. inA242a. 

"Relalirmships are an 
important part of student 
bves," said Padovani. "How 
to develop intimacy is an 
important part of lUr For 
everybixly it* imptirtant io 
do that ' 

'Wr alt think about it, 
and m an ideal world we 
would like our partners to be 
mponsible." said {one*. 

"but sometimes that's not 
dwcaae. Respect youisctf if 
you Increase your self 
mptvl. your partner will be 
molt responsible. Show that 
you respect yourself and 
c-omc get some Information." 

Health Service also offers 
information during the rest 
of tfie year 
•free condoms 
•birth contnii brachtires 
•doctor referrals 
•ptcgKuicy and STD testing 
(for a feel 

"Senuahty is a part of 
who we are, " said Padovanl 
'lt'» like your teeth. If you 
don t bnoh and floss your 
teeth, you'ie tpm$ to run 
into proMcina. 

"Asking your dentist 
questi<ins isn't embarrass- 
ing. Take care of your whole 
self mn* so you don't run 
into pn^lems later This 
way you'll know and viw 
don't have to wonder." 

•The Stop AIDS Harper Club is tookir>g for 
new members for the Spring '98 semester. 
Our chief project will be the Second Annual 
Harper AIDS Walk. Join us at our next 
meeting as we plan the 'WALX'. Call Health 
Service at (847) 925-6849 for club info and 
location of the next meeting. See you there. 

I The Harper AIDS Walk w<ft give you volun 
teer hours to use for any courses requinng 
extra credit for community service. 

Is There A 

In Your 
Future ? 

If >uu'rr Ihiiikinc alMw* lr4iv>lrrnnie li> i 
liiurujr Mhi«i4. Ihmk BK. - ihink Ikakt 
i iiiMr\il\ Wfiitlii m<f\ Ihjii6* iimKrvrjiliiatr 
IWUK »l ^llHJ^ Ml Mill ijn iimtinix in \iiur 
m;i|<ir. nr i \|uiiil \our >lii<lirs lii nrw arrav 
\iiil >| MhiiluiNhip^ Iwi »iiiiiniunil> nrfkiit 
.luiit-iiU - up III ^' <ll)lt, xilh ,HMltk>iuMiii.imial 
aid )K»\\iW» - iiuki iiMiMii; nil I" I it At iiMm 
iIIiiiiIjIiIi Itun >ihi Mii;:hl Ihink 

Ihr j|>|iIk.iIii>ii ilrjdliiii Im m hii|jr>hi(»» 
jiiil nr«ii-lij»«-(l liii.imwl ml i* M.inli I. I****. 
Ml jppli hum' fur iiuin inluriHiilum. (ikjst ijll 
I HINl-44.|ll<\kl .If 5l.»yi IIKI 


/7«r' \bi>lii( \/ii>kthiin> l^f; 

African- Amencan History 
Month with lf»e following 

"A Salute to Amencan 
Trailbla.fer"» ' i» tfie ttieme of 
the celebration of African- 
AnwTKan History on campu» 
during the month of 

Aftioin-Amencan history 
instructDr Toin CX'Pjinu tell.<> 
a story of conviction and 
courage that Had tugiuficMKe 
beyond the ptaviPK fieklii ot 
ttie lution wfu'n he presents 
"lackie Robinson and the 
Summer of 1<H7: Basebalk 
'Great Eiperiment' 

Challenges Segvegation," on 
Monday, Feb 9. 12.»-I:30 
p.m.. in A241. 

During the sprin); and 
sununer of 1947, tf»e nation 
witnessed a profound drama 
on the bMCiiaU Adds ol 

AuM-rkd ISItLM tlu' iiiikiUyn 
Dodger's Jacnie Robin»on 
became the ma|or leagut-'s 
first African- Amerkan play- 
er, he persoiufu-d b«tth the 
promise and the cfullenge of 
the American dieam. 

During tlvat first season, 
lackie Robinso;i excelled as a 
ballplayer, but of even 
greater importance, he 
caused the nation to mnam- 
ine the s u|yi t to ns of racial 

"Madame CJ Walker 
America's First Black 
Millionairt-ss.' a program 
that celebrate* her achieve- 
ments and legacy, will be pie- 
sented by Harper College 
Assistant Professor of 
Student Development Rod 
Brown, iw Wednesday, Feb 
18. 121 pm ir A:41 

liin]^ N'tii-f ihf world 
knew t)prah Winlrey. 

Madam V\.ilki'r bla/i-J an 
entrepreneurial trail in 
Ameruan bujtirvfss and 
industry with her line of ctw- 
metics excluMvt'ly for black 
women. A» her a)mpany 
flouru>hed in the early IWO's, 
Walker extended her contri- 
butions to the black commu- 
nity tfirough social, political 
and pfulanthntpic efforts 

The Harpt-r College 
African-American Student 
Association will showcase 
their talents m song, daiKe 
ar»d poetry in "Young, Gifted 
and Black: A Celebration of 
Black History and Culture," 
on Wrdnesday, Feb 25. 12-1 
p m in the Student Center in 
Building A 

For more inlormation 
legaiding the month's pro- 
grams, call the Mulbcultural 
Affaire Offices at (847) 925- 

St. Joseph Mobile mammogram unit visits campus 

Breast cancer In our litr- 
time, one out of every eight 
women will get it. 

Is there anythii^ a woman 
can do to prevent if 

Reccfrt w se areh otdicates 
that diet akohol and other 
!itc~<tvle choices may be 
Imktii to bteut cancxr. 

an .;.». ...lusne and thf 

>ame of buRwt cancer is n.>i 

W hal 1^ known Mi that ..t-r 
tain latior* such a* a lamiK 
history of breast cancer 
increasing age and never 
having a child can put one at 
greater r»k. 

So what IS a wamtm to dir 
she can do mimthlv -ill 
[iri-i".! t'».Tms jnj haM' her 

physician esamine her 
bieasts legularly And if she 
is over .15, sfie can get a rjiam- 

Mammograms can delect 
a lump up two y«urs before it 
cim even be ieit. 

If breast cancer is detected 
early. 90% of cases can be 
treated successfully. 

VVI^il*> <* >^ rmt rir*,^-.*r>|i.^«> 

hfT hirasi 

tin \ :•■ 
C ..Ik-K,- 

M liiNC'f I I 

thfir Miibilr 
St-nui" unit tc 
pri'\ uii' 

i ' Harper 
ui' and 
... .vill bring 
campus and 
mammograms to 
student, emplovi-es, ami 
community members 

Th«' rm>l>ile unit is staffed 
bv firi'ti's^U'iu!'. from St 
liis«-ph an>i v» . i) in 

troni ol Buiki;: . 

The service will be offered 
Advanced scheduling is 
ivnuired, caU (H47) 925-6268 
for an appointment. The cost 
ot tile mammogram is S65. 

The American Cancer 
Society's breast caiKer 
scieening guidelines ant as 


• ■'. ■ .tk-i 



•Women 50 yeats of age * 
Mammogram every year 
If you have any posaSMe 
sigTLs of breast cancer such as 
a lump, amtact your doctor 

VVomi'n who haM' had 
breast caiKer or are at high 
risk for the disease may need 
rn(>r»- frequent exams and 

Our Greati 

Avu Rrnt *5 

t9¥0t ot a*cmon 
maktng and 


nprmfmnt mil 

ccmtntnf tAhmg 

aittcn to 

/.K»r of mm 
(>iov9 mvctv* 
mvnt snd 9*1^ 
emittor*** 1*** 

i9pfM>Tt>n«f)r to 

ch^ng* Cut' 
r^Mtif MW art 



^ .iMtl) a* auBtt, tram pmesung 

. ilMMIIRK wMn cu 
. ■- . ,..,.■.»..« arf (or Ml «wi ■ 
> o«i «ll tluln. W» h»» (le«.! • 
;an wne iwuikuMi . Camt-t;. . 
'Mr«wenI>aHM«snitfc1can<N*«'inginT]fd Abit 
'a wofk omdoon <^ #9«mtal 

• TO imort ewwingii. «M«*- 

.4lai s camptMiw Mlwy 

. , ,., ,., ;( MMI -'«■ inl«»f»'*l«'«l in 

•ming OHi M our gnxe" -' ' '* 

mr m 

PH; 773-825-4619 
FAX 773-694-S061 


We tr> harder.* 


is looking for 
editoiTi, staff writ- 
ers, photographers 
and artists to join 
for the Fall 1998 
semester. If you 
want to join an 
biw«?ekJy newspa- 
per, call (847) 925- 
6000 x2461,orstop 
by A367 for an 

We are waiting 
for you. 

\, 4t 

Page 4 


The Harbinger 
February 9, 1996 


After all your hard work, you can aflbrd to be cfaooqr. 

Think carefully alxiut where voli are now, and where you want 

to be. Then you'll know that the right choice is Roosevelt lJnivers.Jty. 

Every year, more than 150 Harper students transfer to 
Roosevelt With comprehensive campuses in both downtown 
Chicago and Schaumburg. Roosevelt has more classes in more 
majors (120 unfier^raduafe majors in all, ranging from Aeroiinting 
^■^^■^' lent tim. ., ; . ,1 

''■ 'tfier mil . ;, the (.'hieaijo area. And uui 

transfer agreements with Harper College assure that your work 
will count toward your Roosevelt degree. 

For a personal transtrii)! evaluation, more information 
about our financial aid designed es|iecidlly for transfer .students 
and to meet with the Koosrvt ii ! i, ., ...n \ imission Couaselor 
at Harper College (on the du:, ., .,. „ ,„„„.>. call our 
Sthuamburg campus at (847) 619-8600 

Moaday, February 2 
5H)0 im - 7:00 pa 

MoMlay, February 16 
SKM pa - 7:00 pa 


Monday, Febnury 
10:00 am - 1:00 pn 


Itessday, PelMraary 24 
10:00 aa - IKN) pn 



^ ^ 

Fcbnuu^ % IM 



ARE YOU LITERATE ? ' ©et Bally results at a Harper 

price at campus fitness center 

B ul ldi m M fitness center offers special discounts for students 

I Harper College's auiard-uiinning 

student neuispaper. The 

Harbinger, is looking for 

uiriters, editors and photogra- ' 

ptiers for the Fall 1998 semester . 

If you craue attention and 

recognition. The Harbinger is for 


BpplU today in fl367l 

United airlines 

fleuj Directions m Bxceffence 

w B <Mai tviiiitai .K*m 

Flight Attendants 



Dmfm. ffwwnlnga A wights 

IbnV rtmd ttAUAl AmtHttth!!! 

a prUBlcr lawiar la tk* kigkly competitive 

rtaw— taaaat larliin, la i 

I will hmn ncvlleal cuatomtr Knrlcf . 
I iMhMa aioni wKb baric PC 

CaB twr Jok Una lulasr! 

l-IW-IM4t41 Est. HTC-CBBA 

BatWMii dM hmm mf 7 anv 1 1 pm, 7 dagpa * arrrkj 

la a wnckt o« I m b a i * m 
peqiieinaiKr "' 


Harprr ha* a sKivt and 

:t •; time to tell it Oi the bo! 
turn tVtot o» Building M . 
workout haven dv>jit» all 
who wish to bulk up cr ton. 
lovsn A filncM Ctnttr 
Mth dozens of m.k' 

;u '' k.\irL. ..; lit 

.1^ vet ID be discovered 
>:. ,iuire thjn lust a few 
hedtth-ctmscious students. 
ia<.uity juid communit\ mem- 

'1 don't thirtk we re any- 
wherr near what we are capa- 
ble of handling." said 
Dinctor of the Harper Fitnes> 
Center lim Ryan "I wish we 
could have better >.tudent 

The Harper Fitness 
Center, open Monday - 
Thursday 10 a.m.-S p m , 
Friday 10 a.m.-6 p m . 
Saturday-Sunday 10 am -4 
p.m.. is nfi^ht here on campus 

So why bother gomg off 
campus to pay hundreds, or 
maybe thousands more, to 
get a complete wcvkout? 

As a port of tlie student 

activity fee, student'. h<nt> 

ari>M„. t.i ihe conxirunitv 

program whuh 

roooi «nd gym at no cost 
Itie fibMts center is availabU 
for an additii-mal low cost. 

For the Harper non-stu- 
dent communit), several 
package options are avail- 
able. One nwnth for S25: 
three monttts for $60; six 
montfu for $90; one year for 

Harper employees can 
join the fitness center for only 
$100 a year if tttey join tfte 
Harper Wellness Program. 
Students get tlw best deal at 
$5f> per semester 

Community members can 
also have accM* io the facility 
for $2 a day. 

MVy fli9MO#F J^MH AvI# f«S99 OMtt 0« 

' Ufa Cyel* •taUWMry Mtwa, ( 

H9S*s ^BW^WsWCf l^u VMV 

Compare those pnces to 
any maior workout facility. 
The same results can be 
n^ached at Harper for more 
than half the pnce 

"Originally the fitness 
center was used exclusively 
tor students furolled in a 
health class," said Ryan "In 
the past three or tour years 

mil. tht ■ 

; Iht' numt^T ol . .it 
.... .- It ular equipment All 
of the new machines have 
heart monitors. We've also 
turned our attention to 
weight reststance." 

Harper gets the equip- 
ment diivct from tfie manu- 

"Life Fitness is one of the 
better companies in the 
industry, " said Ryan. 

"All of t)ie Fitness Center 
directors from the local com- 
muiuty colleges are consider- 
ing purchasing more equip- 
ment in bulk to save some 
money. We're calling it one of 
our creative ftiumcing 


, gats as wMih axarciaa 
) aapaaalva haaHk ch* rigirt 
I •tariaat <li C Baat. 

M maaaa CaMtae • 

options "" 

The Urge two-room fit- 
ness center is equip with vari- 
able resistance weight 
machines, stationary bicycles, 
stair machines, treadmills, 
rowing machines and more. 
Also, a stereo with motiva- 
tional mu.sic and several tele- 
visions provide excellent 

rk nut atmosphere 

tte liarp«.r t-itness Center 

ii.i^ .t mofx' casual 

.iintM.Hive tti.di the more 

expi-nsive work-out lacilities 

"People aren't there for a 
fashion show," said Ryan. 
"They're there to work out. 
We're pretty liberal in what is 
alknved to be worn, but no 
jeans or street shoes." Cut- 
offs are also not allowed for 
safety concerns. 

Also included in tfie mem- 
benhip fee are: a photo ID, 
access to the locker rooms, 
clean towels and free assis- 
tance from the professional 

The people sitting behind 
the counter are trained to 
assist anyone who needs it," 
said Ryan, "in operating 
machines, performing exer- 
cises or atiytfiing like that." 

The fitness center is not 
concerned with making a 

vVere concerned with 
wur health and the educa- 
tional aspect." said Ryan. 
The morary from the mem- 
bership fee goes to the care 
and operation of the facility." 

In order to achieve the 
desin-d a*sults, a minimum 
■KVminute visit to ttie fitness 
center at least ttuve days a 
week IS encouraged. The 
walk to Building M makes a 
great warm up 

For a membersfup call )im 
Ryan at thi- Harper Division 
of Wellness and Human 
Perttwmance in Building M at 
(M7) 925^963. 

The Harbinger 
February 9, 1998 

Will the lemmings 
find a new sea? 

Do you even know what a krmining i»^ 
Accofding to the many dutionaries in 
print, a lemming w a rodent that migrates 
toward the tea 

The tea in th» CMe being Buikbng L 
Do you people even know who you 

You are the p«oplc who wtand in a line 
fft^ nowhere to gel nolhirtg, while oth- 
ers try to navigate aiuund you, M-anrhmg 
desperate for a Mche to get through and 
be on their way lo cUwa. 

You are the people who should car pool 
to Khool together tratead o( parking side- 
by«ide, each in your own car jtisi to Ulk 
to each other; when the rest oi the stu- 
dents get here and drive around for X) 
minutes and can't park anywhere near the 
buUdmg their cLaaft » m 

Every day we non-temmtngs get here 
tair bccaiMe we could not find a parking 
place. And there you are, • tea of people 
standing in the way of our education 

And every time we walk pa»t the new 
Building A Shident ( . . h was 

tJKI..U- '•IHH 'fU .tiiv '■ 

ih time 

between cUmm), there M«iim to ht- dn 
awful kx of empty chairs ainl plenty of 
room in front of the new dO-inch TV' 

The coffeehouse seru-N will hnpefully 
bnng more people to ihi- -.tudent tenter imi 
Fnday nights, but where ire yuu pet>pk' 
gomg to migrate to during the wivV 
Is It because of the o\ erwhflt' 

of smoko and thr Nmoll ot a^tliv in Un .u; 

m Builiiinj; ! ' 1> it ihe w«>ndrertui view i>t 

the i^uad' 

Whv t \ou tmd anuthtT pl.ue to go 

instead of making such a fight knit wall 

that others couW not clunb raw hght their 

way over? 

Picture a student 
entering the learning 
Resource Center, and 
heading for the internet 

As he sits at the termi- 
nal, maybe he'll take 
notice at the small, pink 
rectangular Mgn m the 
upper right comer of ttw 
monitor that »tate» e- 
maii and chat rooout nut 
be acccMcd traos these 
computers - 

Perhaps he fail* to 
notice that sig^w either t»>' 
choior or by stmpk^ over- 

The student begins to 
chat away with people 
from acroK the gtobe or 
he becooMS immersed in 
his lalHl e-mail delivery 
when he senses a pr»- 
ence nniind tnem. 

He turns to m« the 
disapproving frown of a 
libranan who informs 
the internet violator ttw 
web site has ito place 
within the LRC. 

He lowers his head 
and embarks toward the 
doors when he sees 
someone at a iMsrby 

Another student 

kiggcd onto a site that 
li-aturi"^ President 

found ttieir way to one of 
ttw many X-ra*ed sites, 
stanng at the monitor 
like a bad "Beavu and 
Buithead" episode? 

Can these »«tf» be con 
stdered any le** academ- 

Consider two stu- 
dents: one kigged onto a 
dut room and another 
logged onto flesh-o- 
tamaxom (it's not ically 
a site so dcsv t get eacil- 

Which of these two 
students utilize the ocan- 
puto for the best "ac ade- 
wiic' purpoitf^.' 

The chatter ma> be 
getting inftwmation from 
aiwOv>r student about a 
college, or they may Mm- 
pty be chatting 

The student on the 
nudie site may be enter- 
taining their juvenile 
sense of voyeurism, or 
they may be conducting 
research for a human sex- 
uality course (Hey" It » 

Even a student Uigged 
onto a university's web 
Site may be just killing 
time, or they may be 

ly riak-- 1 i r^f ■. 
Student rvtum^ 
computer where the pmk 
sign blares: 

"No e-mail or that 
rvKim* from these cimv 

But |;vrm>;{raph\ ' 
11 this student t(.«>k it 
upm himself to inquire 
:! ihiy, he would 
ne the tabncjted 
response which ' 
adapted a« ih. 
internet policy 

The computers sei ^ 
only "academic" purpos- 
es and the LRC don not 
wnwor web site* 

But then what about 
Ote students who have 

irdhing a college 
they hope to traitsfer to. 

Regardless of the web 
site accesaed. what quali 
fifs lor an "academic' 
wch site, ai«l wfio 
reserves the authority to 
determine this sites acad- 
emic qualifkations? 

Where then, do stu- 
dents go whcMe web sites 
have been deemed "un- 

Perhaps they could 
cioH campus to build- 
ings D or I and use ttw 
internet there But d**- 
ihis say that acidemia 
becomes defined b> 

Or do the LKC's com- 
puters serve only acade- 
mic studenLs. and Iniikl- 
mgs D and 1 serve stu- 
dents who wish to goof 

Perhaps the issue is 
space. The library hous- 
es 16 computers ttiat 
have internet access, 
whereas the labs in 
Buildings D and I have 
over 20 per room. 

But has anyone ever 
been inside the 

Bibliographic informa 

This room in the bade 
of the LRC house* 
appnmmately 20 com- 
puters, all with internet 

The room primarily 
serves as a makeshift 
claaaroom where LRC 
personnel teach students 
ho*» to use the internet. 

However, this room is 
mil utili/ed all of the 

It often sits vacant 
and the technology oi 20 
',rs goes to waste. 
.. nt access to this 
room, when it is not 
bemg uhlized by a class, 
may solve the problem of 
the academic information 
as well as the conserva- 
tton of space. 

Thus, allowing stu- 
dents to tog onto their 
web sites of choice and 
browse freely without 
(ear of persecution. 

The LRC shouM alK> 
make readily available 
their internet polky. stat- 
ing their definition of 
"academia" and how the 
computers should be ub- 

co«Mp*aaMy IM 
tar at HMFaf- 



• wkaa poMo^aphy la 

rho Harbinger 

EditormChwf Lauren Scfubel 

NewsEditor A/nantaOffenbacher 

AAE Editor.. JenmferGoU 

Feati«sEOtor. DonBwger 

SportsEtftof SeanMcHjgh 

PhotoEditor Oesiree Corcoran 

FactityAdvisof HotwrdSchtossberg 

Ryan Freuna Dave Piinp, 
Kevm Sriepke, Robert Vatadei 

il Policies 



Hart>n|w IS ti» Sludwt puWcWioo to Ihs M«p«r Coasfi c«ii|« Mnv_ 

,.„ jt,. pUB&iBJ ts«s*«» itwjurout »• •awo' »^ •«» **^ !II?^ 

n) flnrt aww. Tht p«»r IS Ostmuted Aw 10 at sludMS. taoAty anil 
«*iin»U8ti«v !»» MwtiMif '» sole |»«pos» IS to pwi«««» l»» Hwpw e«mm>. 
nrt» mWi intonnsuon pwtaSsn* to ti» tarnpus ma Its sirroirtwg con»i»nt> 


«• **rtMir ««*c«n»s Wisrs to ths sortor ■« iwaos to our sditofials 

tsttsrs must OS wipwil ■« «**» enons isrsjor to «»ity aitlwfW*!-»ii»»s ««ill to ««»i«d upon isqusst. All Wtsrs sno cortsnl ■» sun 


Prooucts «l larweos idwrttswl m Wie M»t*»w »• not iwcessanty 
•laof i«I t.y tl» odBors ol t»s iiwsf. nor B* the col»i» •*n««rat«on or 
Boam o« Diweiori SWUnss ttwias l» toiwanwi aiwctiy to the aiMwtisw. 
■v) an ptfcnasMi •« M the iMaatian o< tna - 


The Harbe^er Wtlbam Ramey Harper Collei^ 

1200 West Algonqum Road 

Palatine. IL 6006? 7098 


buainess office. (847) 92&«4€0 

newrs office: (847)925-6000x2461 

fan: (847)925-6033 

oopyiMit 1M7. The Hart*«ar. 

I rl^iU raaenad. 

F*bnwiy», WW 



F«braary AAE lineup still has fresh acts for students and conununity 

bMcad of watchii^ your 
favorite tetevision reruns, 
check out Harptr's AliE line 
up for February. SUy tuned 
fcw mcaie to come later in the 

•21st National ffint and 

Drawing Show 

Mn. 2ft-Feb. 27 BuiidinK C & 


This is a natumdl competi- 
tion showcasing a varirly of 

PMoto comsrr or >•««» 




Cmmt WH^m. 


arlisti currently worlung; in 
contemporary drawing and 

•U Promnm French film, 

with English »ubtitlc» (M3 


FrWay, Feb IS 7 30 p m JU3 

Admuision is hee 

A neftidtian at the Cannes 
Film FMtival. and many oth- 
ers A father and son in 
Belgium, struggling to sur- 
vive post-tndustnal, pte-mil- 
lennul Europe 

•Harper Symphoity 


SttitcUy, Feh IS if. m ]U^ 

•Paasing Zone Juggleri) 
Thursday, Feb. 19 7:30 p m 

S2 (or children 12 and under, 
%A tor Harper students and 
staW, i5 tor general admis«u«n 

'Gutntanrnmrrm. Spanish 

film, with Ei^lish subtitles 

(lot minutes) 

Friday, Feb. 20 7 30 p. m J143 

Comedy /ntmantic load 


TMt i* 0te final film by 
one of Cuba's greatest film- 
maker. Tomas Cutiemz 

•Rkhard Price 'iUadiiigt, 
Uve by the Author* 
Tuesday, Feb 24 730 p m 



S5 for Harper students 
and staff, $6 for other stu- 
dents, $7 for general admis- 

RichanI Ptkb is the author 
of many novels: The 
Wanderers, Bloodbrothen. 
UdHt him, TV Snub. 
Cladrrs. Time ScrttmplmfumA 
DtriOfmm (to be published in 

Also he IS U>r 

tor: The Cokrr cf Mone^. Sta of 
Uwe. New York Storws, Mad 
Opjt tnd Clay. N^ mid the 
City. Chcken. Km of Death 

•The Celluloid OosM 

Wednesday, Feb. 25 730 p m 


Admaakm is free 

A amy, abniid, infuriating 

•uul fnliKhtCTiirn! in.r\ i.-w ,.l 

IIH.\ ■,.■-, .in- I- ,vfll 

Hanlu. Whtiopi Loldberg, 
and Har\'ey Fi«!.tein 

•Coffeehouse Series pre- 


r(lMa)hi m* 

Bcnts: Jonatha Brooke* 
Friday, Feb. 27 7 30 p.m 
Building A Lounge 

A folk rock sensation 
applauded by BUIboard 
Magazine, "loiutha Brooke 
has finally come her 
owa both musically and pn>- 

The Coffeehouse Series will 
take place in the newly reno- 
' •'.li Building » I ■ •.■ 

Ih«*p will I ind 

i.illv .oil. ■ 

ll. I>1 K >» In- 

piik.-.! .,j< ,11 II , ^ _ Ikn 

IHtJii- ,ir<- tnv til stu- 
dt-nts with J two ticket limit 

All tickets on the day of 
the show. »tudi.'nts and pub- 
lic, an- S5 while they last. Call 
th«- Box CWice (M-^. u^.; j-ioq. 



Nuiulj\ • Ffhriun IMh • I:.iO pm - i:(MI pm 

You're baff 
way mere. 

nari » B«r«i» I dB^ ton »*>> 
Otf SutBti ntK m acundng 

^nd kv goQQisfian 

Oif ammm ma Ow w «f 
«>HR) ■»> tqicnwt AndOtfORto 
son niar (nou awvs apRKncr 

nvtmtu ^ tare untajt 
joul •»» |0/ ocgve •■■ 'K !•»• 
Onar tun e • 

IRtWIBBOn V"* ^::i/w», •-'O.* 

MaugEnun a 7«painrunuta« ' 
W*> < am«r i dcgmr ton Orvty 

fa * rn^ *yrr or sjctm tM 

'•W"! CHogo lanu a {771 'B*(aB a 



The Hait>ingeT 
Pt>nniy 9. IW 

Acclaimed author to speak on campus 

quM setting. Contact 
Robert (847) 857-4335. 






Pick your am days-work 

with our crew as an 
irK)ependent contractor. 
mission, tnnuses and 


Ca« (847) 427-4415 




Absotute Best Sprmg Break 

Packages AMHlatite 



small GROUPS wanted!! 


(800)327-6013 or 


Ostrttwting phone cards. 
No experience necessary. 
For more information send 
a self-addressed stamped 
envetope to: Primetime 
Communications, PC. Box 
694355. Miami, a 33269- 

Player's Workshop 
anrxiunces an audition for a 
musical improv revue at the 
MUk Pail Dinner Theater in 
Elgin Be prepared to sing 

= iirvtpmoo song a cap 
■ UTiprov 

K pieterred. By 

appointment only. Friday. 
Feb 13 and Saturday, Feb 
14 call (773) 929-6288 for 
appt. There is pay. 


Sales associate and frie«>d 
ly serve positions opea 
Then take your career as 
far as you wart with a great 
company orv;e you start 
here 3590190 

Part-time s ea son a l he^ 
School photography co. 
looMng for help at local 
dances /proms. Must 
attend one training session 
and have traraportatioa 
SBOpernitfn. Fn.and/or 
Sat CaHJacki(630)97l- 
2610 ext. 10. 

Public access kxal TV show 
caUed local Talent' look- 
ing for comediar^ singers, 
(lancers and rock bands. 
Ybu will be on Media One 
public access TV at a date 
and time tba Rehearsals 
will be at Media One public 
access studio 200 E. 
Wood St. Palatme. H. top 
floor If interested/want 
mfo, call Victor Ov (847) 
705-7224 or page (847 
2030898 no later than 
Feb 16. 


Seeking responsibte norv 
smoking roommate. 
S2SO/monthi-utilities. 5 
mirutes from campus m 


BlECmC BASS, hard case 
and amp. Sstrir^black 
ibane7 Soundgear 405 
senes with hard case, cord, 
strap and amp. Mint condi- 
tion. $1,100 value. Must 
sal fbr $800. Call Lauren 
(847) 991-7808. 

locatiortt. Florida $99*. 
Texas $1994-, Cancun 
Jamaica $399«'. Mazatian. 
Bahamas. Reserve rooms 
or be Campus Rep ICP 
(800)828 7015. 




1-800-7112604 I 

Ask for $200 room i 

discount! Offer 23 I 


Is school getting you down? 
Are you lonely and need 
someone to get you 
through? CALL (900) 255- 
0900 or (900) 255 9870. 
24hrs. 18+ $3.99 /mm. 

Mf Hxmt 

Riclurd Pnce has be«n 
dcKTitwd <s one of the most 

juiccessful screenwriters in 
Ameru.i Aifh >n novels (his 
seventh jue nul in |unr) and 
eight M rwnpuv » to back hun 

I'rirp wtll be al Harper on 
the ' 

v|uu».>s lightening 

nruilLf his works popuUr Un 

tr.m^^.itiim to the screen. 

* Love, N«c York 

Aad Dog and Qmy, 

Nifht XHd thf City, Clochtn. 

k,« .■» fVofii, Runsom. and The 

'.'ney add to hi* cre- 


Price received an Oscar 
nommatKNi for the latter 

Price was bum in the 
Bnin«, where he accumulat- 
ed many of the ideas used in 
hisnovelii. Prices first rvivel, 
TV Wtnierm, was picked up 
h\- Warner Brt» in the early 

• \l came Prices secttrni 

entitled Ijulvi .Vld», 

■iii>wed by BloodhrolhcT'^ 

.'5rrflt< Price's fourth 

lugh to be .luto- 


Xtiording to Harper 
rh-h professor t-rejt 

; I \ vT\ iiithor 

( ...;>nts in tn> ' >ia - 

••!-. which Mvm I. 

or her life." 

Writers don't gel the same 
type of rect>};nition that 
actors get 

Howe\er, Richard Price is 
■itartmg to become a house- 
hoki name with the amount 
of screenplays that have 
come out of that mind. 
Overall, Price »s a real "cool" 

v. heck out KuharU I'l. 
luesday, feb 24 at 7 .10 p rn 
in the Building J Theater 

Oder tickets ahead of 
lime at the Harper B<ix Office 
•,(447) '»2,'^KX) 

Tickets are S'' ror Harper 
^Ulcien^4 and staff, $* for 
other students, ar>d $7 for 
i^i'DtTjl admission. 

Jugglers: Passing Zone takes risks for entertainment 

To piac« a 

classified ad. 

Call (847) 


comnjM inim Ma> 1 

Also, they have per- 
formed in front of the Qi«en 
ot Lnglaitd. 

They spend their lime 
tounng college campus' 
lutionwide and competing in 
the Intenutional Team 
Juggling Championship. 

In l*^. Passing Zone took 
home the first place totie at 
the international competi- 


This will be Passing 

Zone's third time back at 
Harper. Program Board dis- 
covered Passing /.one at a 
corden?nce, being b<x}ked by 
colleges nationwide. 

Since then, they liax. 
become a favonte of student 
activities coordinator. 

Michael Nefman. "No one 
can be compared to Passing 

Tickets can be purchased 
• Harper Box Office (847) 

Ketik are iS lor adults. 
;.. .. : cfuklnen 12 years and 
under, and $3 for Harper stu- 
dents and staff. 

People are talking about 

The University 

Secure your future 

m ■eMlitiM»4M«fraNct».«*i fat tnmn 

of St. Francis 

.Xnd with gtXxi reason. IHimrwajimj. a univtr«ivrrncctt nor 

11 li,, rx iin<lrrKrj<iti.iir nut jifj.lii.iii ^Mlll^nl |«>fHiljlM>n'> jtoI ficir 

1 ■.)! . iiiru uiunil), intliMi' ' MKi; (tnitcssionjl 

1 I for atlull kJ^ntr^ \Si ir twttOTK- thr V4ngujrd 

i>f<j(irjin iifipiinunitiri tor hejith carr pri,|r*H.inal» 
iln Ami i,ui mrnt jllilulMtn with iIm Sjiiil |<.v pli I ■■lltf;r ..I 
i. . I iUird IwalliirtliKjium within ( huraptljrui ,\* the I'nivrrHty 

I faM to rhr 4p)r« th.« ha» »hapr\l u» liir itnirc than 75 yr»T%. 
. «ful wudrnt — ar«l the 

t nn.ti !"! ^ n: 

r.iilti.ilr M"hfw>l 

The Harbinger 
Fdmiary 9, tfW 

Harper A&E 

DoN*rfusT Transfer Colleges^ 



M Worth Gm ntrwl Co« « b m mm altmn 



TVcLwMdrKMcd • 14:1 wi i iiw i» baHi im»b 

» T il l ii f ii T il li n lii|iMdni -Ua 

nmbypiScMMhir* for .omm<kh,kt 

■udcKi Mil < i J CiTA or Aow 
00 > 4 Kak 


CiliaiNMlI 1861 
or (690)637 5800 


I L L I M I 




FEBRUARY 20, 1998 

11 ajoL-l p.m. 

Executive Boardroom 

Building A 

All club and organization 
members are invited to join in 
a shared discussion focused on 
campus and community issues, 
your club or organization news 

as well as an update from 
Student Activities. 

This is a great opportunity for 
us to unite with other student 
leaders over a light lunch 

Please RSVP 

by February 15 to Student 

Activities (Shirley) 

(847) 925-6242 

Jonatha Brooke to perform tracks 
from her latest CD lO-Cent Wings 

Folk-rixk !>in)^-songwntrr |on<itha 
Bfookr vtfUl Mnft Mng» from her iaicst album 

" " m cjimpu» on FriUay. Feb 27 

■f Building A Slxident Ceni 
L"unge Brooke's appearand 

will be the fiRft of ihe »pnng Harper Cotle^i 

A RoMon native, Brooke split from her 
StoMy duo partner Jetuufrr Kimball three 
ymn ^o. and bef^an finding her solo voice 
with a 1995 afinun called Plumb 

In that album Brooke earned over the 
melodies, harmonies and chomscB from her 
ijtory day*. 

The fonaer danorr't newest attxun 10<ent 
Winp. whkh feabiivs drum Mmpte* and 
much more electric gujUr, has been given 
favorable reviews in such itatioful publica- 
tkNH a* BmbomH md EnlertammaU WtMy. 

Song* from the aSHun include; "Secrets 
and lim,' "CnmOw," "Because I Told You 
So," l-andmine," «id "Anme " 

But Brooke has already «et her si^tte on 
potential album: "I'd love to toy with strings 
•oilieht»w— have a quartet in the band so we 
could do some cool arrangements. 

"And maybe do more a cappella kinds of 
things. I'll try try anytfung. I'm always 

For tickets and information about 
Brooke's concert, call the Harper Box Office 



' km Mw lack m M«ay, F«k. 

The Harbinger 

is looking for staff members for the Fall 1998 

semester. If you can write, edit, draw or take pictures, 

aCCly iQday in A367 or call (847) 925-6000 x2461. 

I m,x.M Make a difference 

in the sTstem. 

IMffT urn U» A < • 

ViMt'tl hr drHii|[ MMix 
KMt — tn» unMfiH' U- 1 
tatii Itdj^t vini niAkt lilt 

HlH»> .*m1 »ll,'rliT.Lti 

'iiiini"!) JiHMi 1 .tn fjrr- 
'iiitU litMiit tiitnmutiii% 

I w.MiUl iw iikt- 

f%tfi*m^t**f irtnH4i»/[ hrttlintatmftf nrr^lrn 



•Have Your Blood Preaaure 
Checked This Month 

Health Service, A362. 
Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. -8 
p.m.; Fnday 8 a.m. -4 p.m 

•Weight Training and You 
Doug ^iwak, ATC/L, 
M5.Ed., Licensed Athletic 
Trainer. Feb 17, 12;15 p.m.- 
130 pm A315 

•Developing a Positive 
Body Image 

Lisa Hollingsworth, Steve 
RoAs, Chhs Migalski; per- 
sonal counselling doctoral 
iniems/extems. Feb. 18, 2- 
3 p.m. A 242a. 

•Heart Healthy Eating 
Information Table 
Heart Healthy pamphlets, 
recipes and treats. Dietetic 
Tech students and Health 
Service staff. Judy Schunel, 
R.D. Feb 19, II ami pm.. 
Building A Student Center 

•Ottcoporoais and Bone 
Density Testing 

Information Session 
Receive information about 
testing from a licensed 
{rf.ysician Feb. 24, II a.m., 

The Harfcinger 
Febniary % 19W 

P.Keio Harper Sports 

Loprieno excited and determined to maintain standards set by Lovelace 


Many o< you may me 
turn around campus. 

Whether you see him in 

Buildings O or M. he always 
has a smile on his face 

Do not know who it is' 
Give up? ll » Dan Ltiprieno 
math teacher and wrestling 


The former Harper gr.ui 
uate ha* come hill circlf 
After receiving hi» bache- 
lor* and masters degrees 
from the Universtt>' of 
Wisconsin— Osh-Kosh, 
LoprietM) retunted to 
Haiiper CoUege. 

"The tuning worked out 


WiMtUM C aaali Dm Lo^Imo t* raapMtMl both «• 
•d ki Mm clasMooM. 

n^ht txirvs .it thi- nv;hl pl.i>i- 
.It !hi- n^iht timt, ■ Uipneno 
^iid 1 iarKird a fuU-iimf 
position at IHarptT) rh.>' - 
wherr I'm at that •> wh. 
I'll stay ■ 

P4ext year Ltjpneno will 
be taking over tcr Norm 
Lovelace who will bt- rt-iir- 
mg after 25 year* at Harper 
Lopneno seems well pre- 
pared to take on the chal- 
lenge of being hoatl ciiach, 
although many will ni'tuo 
the laid back stvk ol 
Loprieno a«. oppused to 
Lovelaces mtense in-your- 
face coaching 

Loprieno guarantees 
nothing will change He will 
•.triM to suNtam the c^ 
lent slandard^ wt 
1pm-. no and take those 
Niandards to armther level 

LopnenoS lirst f,iia\ i> to 
bring back the national 
championship to Harper 
He then want-s to win back- 
to-back national titles, 
something never accom- 
plished at Harper 

"We e«pect to win 1 
expect to win our regional 
and th< champi- 

onship .. i.> V«'>' 

l.opnen>> viiid ' ThoM 
iHir >;oj|s Anvthinn shi>n . ^ 
ii-.ii .\iii K' .1 ili-..ipp.'pt 

.r It-no, as a teactv 
liarper. recognizes the tact 
that his wrestlers are here to 
get an education Ho does 
acknowledgv that some of 
his wrestlers come to 
H.»q>«'r because ol thoir rop- 
ut.ifii'n as a wrestling p.>w • 


1 opnono>. to instill 
i!i hi^ v\rostlers the impor- 
,,,,.. ,t u-ing a student-ath- 
.vrestlers may rtot 
If tin- ^lodtest students, but 
they are going Ui work just 
as hard in the classttwm as 
they will on the mat. 

"Each student will be 
gis en the opportunity to get 
through," Loprieno said. 
"The ones willing to work 
with me and listen to me ate 
(;('mn ii> N' «.uc<"»"<*ful " 

1 Kprionn cvuiloN n>n(\ 
deruv He has a right to teel 
confident after sendmg all 
10 wiwttefS to nahonals last 

' nd he would like to 
MHue to send all 10 
wrestlers to natiofuls this 
year an.t th.> voar after that 
H he only way 

Ltjpii....- .".. achieve that 
gcNil IS by attending Uxa\ 
high school meets, Ulking 
to c»»aches and a.ssuring the 
high school coacht-s their 
atMcies will be Uughi the 
nece^ary skills, on the mat 
aiHl m the classroom, to be 

The cieatwn and pteser- 

on of a talent ptxil to 

IK k wrestlers from is criti- 

, ..| !,.r .in\ pr<>>;r.iiii to 


.latiun speaks 
lor itselt, Lopneno said. "If 
thev (high school coaches] 
send us 3 kid they'll be 
watchoii m I'l He's gomg to 
develop atadomically and 
as a wrestler " 

When 1 iipriono says his 

wrestlers will develop acad 
omically, one has to believt- 

As a teacher at Harper, 
he can keep a watchful eye 
over his student-athletes 
and make sure they ate 
attending classes. 

U»pnerK>'s ability to con- 
ivect with his wrestlers 
assures he will get the 
results he is seeking. 

Loprieno describes 

Lcnelace as a father ti 
and adds he owes Lovii i. > 
liir all he has learned as a 
wrestler and as a coadt 

"When I left |Elk Gn.vel 
high school I only wrestled 
hard for six minutes." 
Loprieno said. "My 
wrestling improved 20C per- 
cent when I came here to 
wrestle under Lovelace." 

Lovelace praises 

Loprieno just as much as 
Loprieno praiises him. 

"He's been just as much 
an integral part to die team 
as 1 have," Lovelace said 

Ijwelace is not blowing 
smoke when he says this. In 
1"«2 l,oveUce was named 
Region IV Wrestling Coach 
of the Year. 

Out of respect for 
l.oprieno's hard work, 
l..\ol.Ko had Dan 
Lopneno s name inst:nbect 
on the plac]iie. 

"I wouldn't trust *n\ 
body but Danny with m\ 
kids," Lovelace said "1 trust 
him that much " 

Lovelace adds: "1 wish 
him the best of luck. I know 
he wont skip a beat." 



►>■ No Weekend Work 

►>• 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

"♦- Comprehensive Medical Package 

•> Stock Participation 

">■ Employee Owned Company 
Call toll free 1 -888-4UPS-JOS 
24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locations. HoctgkirwAVtow Springa (1-55 & 1-294) Addison. Palatine. 
Nortl>t>rook & Westmont 



Equal Opportunity fc.t v*nf<« 

Do vou like 

Have you ever thought about 

writing or taking pictures for 

the siports section of 

The Harbinger? 

Thm Bmrtoinffmr is looklaa for 

writers and photographer* for 

the Fall 1998 aaBaatar. 

Get a press pass, go to games, 

n«et the players and coaches. 

get the inside story to 

strategies and more! 

Tha poaslbilitlaa ara andlaaa 
whan you work for rbm 

The Haithnger 
February 9, IMS 



Goal-oriented Kusch ready to take skills to next level 


Heather Ku-H.h was rwt 
-Lia' what she was gi>ing to 
where she vns goin^; 
:. f,.' after she I',.: 
trtwix Ciwant Hiw,- 
The Je» 1 
.isu-r w 

Lady Hawk;. offense : 
fourth in the natum is I!' 
team's tloM-ne-.-- KumI 
Kn-ti-n WiImx- in.l Ir.: 

i'iiiKj; M Harper 
Jjughfer was a 
hjiiketball alum 

,1 kii~ h Wn.'ii. th. 

hiT»«'lt 1 
l.iniil . 


l-iarper was the right pUvf 
t,. ,.■ sh. could not have 

Vl>IlV i(K fvj NllN< I ' 

nukie a better decmon. 

Kusch has not Kuiked 

bd. • enrolhng at 

}\.. finishing last 

tJ learn All- 

kctball pl,H'-> 

imed Harf • 

ihati team to a iiinti'n-nce thf t 
utleand hexoiui li s a ii.( « 

The ladv H.n\k^ .in v\ th teamnial. 

(iiurth in th< nation in (v>tal pl.ui-d with i 

.,.1..,.-. I..,' I,, k. ,1. h . ^' ^ ^, t, v.ii.i 

aviraginj; i"> nTKiuiHi>> jx'i wnr. ti 


Tht main reason the \,>i uiaiu |u:iior M)lle>;es 

have th>- liivun, ,•! thrfi 




H«alh«r Kttkdi maliitalRS har ttrntH— avMi t lw i H li 
Mr bashatball •chMbil* tab** mo moat of bor ttaHO. 

In UM tMiMtaig A 
baokotbail practlco. 

to iia M with bor friond* 
La— <o botwooH eolea amt 

kusth has vitnii 

talent liiaJ . 

len.sen said "sm- has Jesi-I- 
iiped inti> a ureal plaver ' 

Kiisthis Je\ eliipmenl 
ntki the plaver she is ttxlay 
lid not happen overnight 
' ,m>:ri; uit .'f Conanl. her 

!M ran 

ujii u- in.iK^ '111' 

I to man-toman 
ilclcnsc Jensen worked 

ountless hours honing 
kusch > delensise skills and 
.xtii.ding her range on ttw 

ittensiM' end ol the tioor 

.> hOt»i N(HS-tfl llMv li- 




kusih said Ihals whv 
I'm majoring in speech 
ctmvmunicahons She blew 
me away. I can not thank 
Iht enough. Until then I 
had no clue what I wanted 
to do " 

Alonj; with basketball, 
kuN,h uill throw the shot 
and lavelin in track & field. 
kusih also manages a local 
V ideo store in her spare 
time, which she din's rwt 
have muv h ot 

"There are |ust not 
enough hours in th< day," 
she sighed 

kusih Is i.urrentl\ vcork- 

ir-. ' her assis lale s 

si,.- IS >;.'ltin>; 
a plethora ot 
. ditticull (ask 
lU's in .. II. s'sing a schtwil 

One, and Done... 

Give IK one hoir of your time. VWienever you 1^ 
Have your transcripts and your (bams readjL Wei sh^ 
easy it is to transfer to Aurora IMversfty and finisti your de^ee. 

^ Ike creAl yM taMfV gB fstlW at NU. .. you m^ even be able to ^)ph credit from a t^^^ 

program to your four year degf^ 
^ \bi cai dietse Ihe nojor yoa inrt. .. no c^. no waiUng lists, start r#t an^ ami rmish 

^ Wi're GmMnMt and we indarUari ]!•» Miii. . . you can fmish 

importani ihiitgs in your life dav and evening classes meet once or twice a week 

^ ik foOB M piipili; for careers. .. over so percent of our faculty hove had careers outside htgber 
eilufatiofi. the) knovk the practice as well as the theory 

^ Vfe cai mkt it Mknidk. . . tdm^t^ and fuuiiciat aid options at At are numerous aiKi omipeutive 




Social Wori 





Criminal Justice 

We Can Make IhRsfenine as Hassle Free s PossHi 

To make an ii\)[>- lir.hneir i m itie \; " 'r.i Htuversity Office ol AdimscHis 
•"•""■'"'KAljltlMI ' " tour website: wwvi;nirota.edB 


Red Education for the Real World. 



Computer Science 

Lady Hawks Improve racord to 17-6 Mens' basketball ends road trip at 2-4 

Tlw Hautprr WcHncn'* baakcMjoU 
team improved thrir ivrotd to 17-« 
overall defeating )oliet. and Lake 
County while only toaoig to ntinout 
Vafley 87-76. 

But M the season dwindles down, 
and the Lady Hawks make their 
ptayoH run, «ome oU traditions will 
come to an end 

Tracy Schader. Heather Kusch, 
and Kiislen Wilson will nut be on the 
Mmm temn for the fast tune in »ix 
yMis after tfiis seaaon- 

"ItU be diWerent," said Kristen 
WUion, "I've got to get used to new 
people, but as long *s we're all suc- 
ccnrful, flul's the important thing. I 
don t krtow where I want to gQ yet 
but I'm going to Uik to some fchoob 
arKi ^nd out later dunng the pUyofh 
but I'd really like to play with them. 

"By losing Knsten. Heather, and 
IVacy %ve'rr loaing about 45 poutts of 
our offense." said head coach 
Jeiutifer lettien. 'And we're oiJy 
averaging 73 points a g<iine Not 
only are we losi;-,- •' — ive threats 
bill they an- . ■ ^rc.iit-i 

pcu^tc you vuuiu *.^... V... vviui uaiH 

"Abo, not only do they excel on 
tfie court, but as people they have 
good personalities, very easy going 
and It's fuat been a pieanii* coaching 

"Next year it's going to be a com- 
pletely different learn nt-xl year," said 
AMtstant coach fcH Jkdd "We'll m« 
what happens." 

Melanie Kwasniewski led all scor- 
cn as the Lady Hawks defeated 
Triton 92-77 

Kwaafurwski was five points shy 
of tyiitg Pascaie ODonoghue's single 
game mark of 50 poii^ set in tf«e 
1987-«8 season 

"I have no idea.* said 
Kwasniewski on scoring 45 potnis. 
"It just happened, my tarammates 
gave me the ball " 

As the season begins to come to a 
ck)se, the Lady Hawks aie ptvparii^ 
to meet the challenge of making it to 
the National tournament. 

"Right now we're pretty much 
where we expected to be," said coach 
lensen "We're in second place 
behind College of DuPage and wv'rv 
hopirtg to win against them <iikI that 
would help i» definitely clinch the 
second seed so we will have home- 
court advantage during the playofe. 
And nght now we're just ttying to 
maintain that position.' 

"We have to be really happy that 
we're 17-6 atwl we're still rated in the 
top 10 in the nation at number etj^t. 
but we know we still ha"." " "-"^ 
imp<wijnl part of the -wj 
■.jkI |ea.i 

"And we |ust can't sit back and be 
happy witfi 17-6 because we still 
have a k>t of work to do," Jedd said 

"We're doing reallv well right 
now," said Kwasnirwski I ihirtk 
we'll win and we'll do a gi^HJ fi* " 

The Lady Hawks' next home 
game is Fete. 7, against College of 
DuPage wl* a 5 p.m hp-tJtf time 

Wrestling looks forward to regionals 


The Harper Hawks wrestling team 
is gearing themselves up tor region- 
als, hekl here at Harper Colk-ge on 
Feb 14. with matches -itartmg at 10 

"Our conditioning is 
excellent right now. We 
always pick up our condi- 
tioning at the end of the 
season. We will he disap- 
pointed if we don't win 
the national champi- 

.\..i i-iati- 

Mhvstiing Itead coach 

rhe Hawk.s han- K'tii bu-v 

htm all seaiion 

As a team the Hawks placed third 
at Augustana, with TcxJd Miller tak- 
ing second Miller can Uke consola- 
tion in tlw fact he lost to the no. t 
ranked wrestler at the thv HI level. 

The Hawk-i took their road show 
to Lincoln College where tfwy defeat- 
ed Lincoln 39-12 

"Our conditioning is excellent 
right now," coach Norm Lovelace 
said. "We always pick up our condi- 
tioning at the end of the season." 

Tnlon was the next victim on the 
list Tlx- Hawks poundevi Triton ?* 


.Ml but two ^^ inied 

fxnnts lor thi- ■h^ujiI i o\,»'ijvf iipted 
lo keiy I krrui' ott the nut this lime 

Derricn was mur^^ a bruised 
thigh and Lovelace saw no point in 
IV rt-itling I>f"rrK'o considenng h«- K*1 


A record of 6-17 won't in^neas a 
lot of people, but tlie Ha wks' confer- 
ence record at 3-4 might. 

After a kias to College of DuPage, 
the Hawks played Joilet They pre- 
vailed "Jo-az. 

Jated Sherman led all scorers 
with 20 points and also collected 8 

After the wm, the Hawks had a 
tough task ahead them The next six 
games were all away and two of 
them were ranked. A tough task for 
any team to handle 

The Hawks unfortunately lost 
the first three games of the road tnp. 
Li>!.ing to Rock Valley «»4-78. 
Kankakee 99-M, and Indian Hills 

"You look at some of the teams 
we play and *ey're bigger than us 
But our kids are smarter and do out 
work people most of the time. We'll 
scrap, and it's fun to watch.' said 
coach Mike Hirsch. 

The next three games fared much 

■ ■ tor the Hawks Harper won 
• ih»' U-l three garni-* on tin- 
rojd tnp To finish with 2-4 rvcwd 
on the road trip. 

The first win on the road trip was 
against Malcom X Winning in con- 
vinang fashion with a 123-93 victo- 

Andy Cho|nowski led all scorers 
against Mak'i>m X with 28 pomts 
shooting 9 of 12 from the floor and 3 
for 3 from thi* three-point arc 

The secottd and final mad victory 
was agaiiMt Illinois Valley, with 
Harper wiruung 89-«>6 

Leadmg the way for the Hawks 
was Mark Stahl. He paced the 
Hawks with 25 points and collected 
8 tebouiuls- 

The final road game for the 
Hawks was agajist Tnton College 
and were defeated 98-89. 

"I'm v«y happy about our team. 
Especially our teams scoring. It's 
very balanced. A pniblem that faces 
us night ui and night out is mental 
lapses Every college team has this 
problem and we must solve it." said 
coach Hirsch. 

Shooting the three ball seems to 
be a common occurrence for the 
Hawks Through 18 games the 
Hawks have attempted 444 threes 
and connected onl68 

"I just look for the rim and let it 
go." said guard Jared Sherman. 

The Hawks' final two games of 
the season are at home. Tuesday, 
Feb 17, against Rock Valley and 
Thursday, Feb 19, against Kennedy 
King. Both games have a 7 p.m. tip- 
off time. 


C«rfe AgMM* (M) w i ns 
■bova Ma tmmmmmtmm tar mm* 
•f Mai 

•Zach Dcrrico was naoied Athlete of the Week for )an. n-28. 
•3 on 3 BasketbaU Laagnc 

The Intramural D qiaili lie nt is kwltn^ to start a 3 v 3 noon-time basketball 
le^(ue<sl during the tacnndaeinesler Play wiU be on IViesdays and Thursdays 
tw Mondays and WHinesday depending on class schedules of the pUyers. 
Interested pUyen can form their own 4-6 team leagues The league is slated to 
begm the week of Feb 6 Teams sitould contact Jim Ryan in Building M or 
Khool phone at (9*7) 92^6963. 
•4 on 4 VUteyhsB Uaguc (Co-Edl 

Teams ate wanted bv 4 on 4 voUeybaU compelilian wiU be scheduled for 
IVicadays and Thursdays evenings at 7 30 p m Play will be schi-duled to begin 
on the week of Feb 15 Teams should coniact lim R\an in Building M or by 
school phone at t847) n^^im^ 
•Intramural S on 5 Basketball 

Flavin the 5 on SIM Basketball La^ue is schedutod to start the week of Feb 10 
this year As in past years, teams should have njslers of no more than 8 pUyers 
per team and no additknal are aUowed after the second game of the season 
'" •• wit! he heW on Ibcsday and Thursday evenings starting at 730 p.m 
-Sould contact [im Ryan in Building M or by sdioal phone at (S47) 9^ 



"fWy bilHards tournament will he scheduled ever)' third Wedni-^l.^ 
n the billiards area on the third floor of Building A staitui): 
. .- .^umaawHrit* range from 8 baU and •> ball singles pUy to doubi. 
play j^HpfarliwHtlouimmenlswillbeonthespol 

I i 4|^, C-^ 


Campus recycling program 
lacks crucial participation 

Marketing study shows only half put forth offort 

VoliMM XXX • NMNtowr 11 . F«bni«ry 23, ItM 

Season ends in win over ranked opponent 


In the first vear i>t thi' Hjrprr rec\-- 

'^S pniRram. 12 to»u. of i!\.itrrul 
nftv c<»llect«l ptT month A. lordmg 
to Phywcal Pldnl, tiw lurTml aMT.igr 
» less Ihjn einht iDrrs fvf nrnnth, jiui 
the k»t fi>ur ti»n> ot rembhU- mjti-i- 
ul are tvlurnin^ inln the M%i!il<; 

"It iiists. iTh>re tor IHarpt-i] to ro \ 
cle than it doev ti> (iivt thrt'« il ,nv,n 
Kaid C olli'gf s»t-up ^uf>«T\ 
Chartk- H»'arn Iht- mon- that wf 
can rtvv* !<• the lea» that go«^ to the 

Harper ntartfvl lt^ ri'vMling pK>- 
gram in i^"**^ s.,,. . ih.-n ^^veral 
iletrui h.i !.> a list ol 

materiaLs ,,.. ,..>.i..k — imI, tin~., 
hydraulu lliiid .inti trtt-ze, battene!>. 
white and ii>lurt<d (Mper. magazines, 
jiewspaperN, ditfj-rent types of polv- 
styrme. Meet and aluminum can», 
four cokvs of glaas. and v antnjs pla.«- 


Sex Avvarviu-'N Week 
shatters .i I'l^ ' myth. 
Page 3 

t larper wants \o gi\e yini 
SUX1. Find mit how 
Page 4 

Pre\ ievv the upcoming 
Harper A&E events in 


Men's and Wonun s 
baski'tbdll ends regular 
season with wins. 

Harper wrestlers 
dominate at regii>nal 

pr.ii 1 1 .iiivi « t- rtn- »-v t '> Ml It, I'll li s.i 

t,Hiilt\ advisor ol the Harj-'i 
Students for Hivironmenli 
AwaieneiiS Karen I ii^lij; but we i .i 
alw,u«i impro\e reople ni'in) to !'• 
more ion>i-tent I Ihmk ui- m1^^ i 
educate people cm th<' importance ' 

lo.iid in the alneady «imp)e task < ' 
r.\ s , lin^. Harper ha*, placed sevcr-i 
bm> through out the campus on I \ t >! 

These bins are marked speiitii.ill\ 
for pap«'r. mns. pla!>tk or fiijif» Ira^h 
lho\iia n.ii K' dtopcKwd of in Ifiesr 
•ipiMjIlv markett receptacles 

'We would like thin^;s put m (i 
bins lo be ilean," said Heam, "bm 
wi< re not aftkii^ people to wash their 
matenai We fust w«tt people to 
recycle it " 

"One of the custodiara told me 

Non-traditional student talks about the past 

Amanda Of f aakaciiar 

V\h,r y,;~yu 
.li'Ill tlU-V li-.ui^,,, , „ ,. 

'Id. getting reads ti> start then liti- 
Sylvan Abbott i-- > '"- ■ • i 
ol Niuik-nl 1 II' iii-t tun sit sf.trs old 

\bt>.iit spoke .iNiiit the changes 

•tuii li.i\< ,K 1 um-d I'MT thr M'ars He 
Jo*-sn t v\.ittti ti'Unisii'M K...iit.^' he 
t»vl> lis a waste ol lirn 

Ml- iTu-ntions that .oi ...^.jia is. 

. i.'telv diHen-nt Abbott n-mem- 

1 iiriu' when "V'low |obs" arnl 

I ■ >'nin\i'iil^ uiTv- l.ib.10 in the 


• ir- 


Sylvaa Akkatt Macaaaaa tka 

^;o;vc to lull t.Ki, .\bbott s.lld. 
He s,i\s then' is no compariscio 
K'twivn his tirsl time in college and 

lie spuke I 'I how women have 

come such a long way Women were 

man\ other plan-s Me e\en went not allowed in the collej^e he went to. 


el stores lor nearh ^t years 

.After retirinR, Abbi>tt spent M>me 
time travelling; He - Kin to I uiopt 
the Kir Kast. the MiddU- ta>t and 

scuba divuig in .Austrjji.i when be 

Jonatha Brooke changes to new look 


(onatha Am4ie » sporting a 
rww look since her last \ isit to the 
Haq-H-r Camp js Her new short, 
s4'\\ tiair lUt, liny-lees and 
leatlui p.ints .ire ver\ Kxommg 

1 1. H\ e\ . ' the same 

lonatti.1 Bus ►. ..,,.. .iiside Shi" 
wowed audienie memK-rs 
before, she II do it aj^ain 

Brooke will kick-off Harper s 
COtfeehous.' S-ries on fridav, 
I et'' J" .It " '0 p m in th< 
HtiilJin^; A Student C enti-r 
lounge In l"^s Bi\<oke m.ule 
her solo debut with her album. 
I'liimh alter splittum vMth Umi; 

LMatotf ki 

tiflW duo partner lenniter 

Ih. ston kimball and 
Brtx'k !- wi'Tit astrav 

bec.ii iiive diffiTi-nces 

alter spending ten vears together 
tounn); and priKiu<. ing album^s 

Brooke's newest ri'lease Id 
Citil WtMys. IS riiemiiK pr,use 
at ross the board Such publua- 
tums as Hillhi<ard and 
f ntertammcnl l(\Wi/v have taken 
i\kU- of Bniokes talents 

According lo Bnxike " ITiis is 
pnitvibU mv boldest album )et 1 
made a conscious decision to 
inake U)-Cmt VVmjfs more guitar- 

I tin pilfl.f S 



iaaatha Braate Mcka aff Um 
Caffaaka w SaHaa aala. 


Page 2 


•CHleoporocii and Bone 

Density Twiing Info 


On Tuesday, Feb 24 

lla.nv-niK>n in.\241, tlvon' 
will be an mltwTnjtion i«»- 
»ion and i)sle«>p»)ri»sis test- 
ing. Hr l.iM-finl 
Medical Uirectur ul the 
Osteoporosis Evaluation 
Program, will {wesenl the 
•High Anxiety 
Have you ever wondend 
v»hal anxiety is and how it 
differs from "itre^s' Iht- 
answer to thi* and Kther 
que«tion» about armetv 
vmII be answered tbt- --'ini 
nar High An»u'- 
Wednesday, March > 
p.m. in A242a 

HarptT Personal 

Counsielling fXxloral 

Intern /tfxtems will be pre- 
senting informatii>n on how 
to cope with anxiety and 
what campus and axnmu- 
nity resourre* are available 
• Mammogra m and 

OsicopoTiMis Screenings 
HarptT Collem- Hoalth 

• 1 1 
rhe tee tff 


The Harbinger 
February 23, 1998 

Show dates: 

March 20. 21 
22. 27, 28. 29 


March 20 21 Littlc Shop of Horrors gl^tf 

Tickets on sale now! 

$10 General public 

People .irc ralkinu ;ih«uil 

The Universitv 

of St. Francis 

Ami uith '^uikI rx.isoii 

'■■■ ■'' T'T 

St I HI i youi JittuK 

CaK M M iiMi ns 7Me ■> >-«»■ <H 

Invest Your Credits 

It P'U 

ftmiiimptfU Hit uiitknMdikpw 

Thiak You'd Make 

« Gi«at Teacher? 

Ihtfikif^ ol Transfef f ing? 

Tmm^rr \ lull 'iiti»i tmf I* MJVC) tawMWr /m b » ilj fm t .»k*M 

rMic*oo CAMUS 

IRN LsSdIcMrm 







Tlien join Naii<>nal-l-i»u» Llnlvfrvtry lor an 
education inlormation sf^sion hi^jhlightinK 
1 lur Batrhekw ol Art* programs in Flieinentarv 
Mutation and i:arty (hikUiood. 

Iranffrr wholarthips are available. 

Kaculty mimbtr\ Irom National c;ollege of 
Iduiation, as well as npri'M-iitatives from 
Student Fnrollmfnt, 1 inamial Aid, and Student 
life will be present to answer your questions. 

For more details or to reserve your place, 
c-ontail the Office of Student Enrollment at 
800/44.i -.SS22, ext. 222.S, 

tasiq: March 11. im 



Evanstsn. H 60701 


Ncrtioiial-Uuis Unhrersity 


The Hdrfoinger 
February 23, 1998 


student: Class options decreasing 

cortmued ffom cage 1 n. .,,. i . i , , 

women Carol «^Wey-Br..un ^hv at .h. .-n^.m^rm^; J 

tetter counlrv novN ami th.T>- 

m..rf ..p,H.ftun.tus „^.h ■ t,,. .„ ■""""'"« ""' 

,»«.<„,. i^w 1. . . 1 Annott still lirm-N , Hid lovrsth.' 


Recycle: Saving the world is easier than you think 

Page 3 

[He used MrAaf excuse? 

that ht> uM.i to stand b\ 

th.' t(s V, lu\i' hins when 
• I 111 thr 

mI I li^Iij; 

III- iiukIi' suri' that i>h- 
stUiK-nts got It strairh! 
Hi'fH-lllJK with ■ 
sii;ns aboM- sonu- cf ■ 
t'lns v;u 11,,^ rxampl. 
whii i.. ;-'" in thin, 
rl >mII not 

it ..>-,u,.i I.., ir.p|,x<' 

'■ rl<' -onutinu's 

"UlsoJ S.llJ 

Mastic thf\ 

: thi' si^ns anvl 

•N f'lastu in th«- 

lhi'\ should 

h.ui- sli;tlv .lho\, ill 1." 

the hins iosIckI ,>t th<- 
larm- on,s (n ihf anas 
with tiH>.l Ahovi- all I 
think thf sihool IS 
doing pn-ttv m>>Ki 

"Somr (i«>plf mi^ht 



Motor oil. tires, 
bydroliv Ouid, 
anti-freezc, t>attcr- 
MS, wliite and col- 
ored paper, maga- 
zines, newspapers, 
difTerent types of 
pdvst.vrene. steel 
aluminum cans, 
four colors of 
r and various 

loi'l to thniw stunething 
m a ni\iU' bin 

I would like to 
adiciiisi- more; espc- 
cialK iliorr b\ th.' t.xHi 



I luTr should 

Ills b\ the 

1 don t know 

not tnoiigh 

thf\ dont 

■ lampus lo (;il 
I dont know 

Iv havinj; somv pr.>|i 
li-nis s.Mil pn'sidrni ol 
'hv Hsl A H.-.ilh,r 

Hut there are so 
man\ bins thev ri so 
t^>n^enlent it s not a 
big deal lo walk tour 

0»* rkpiVMMtattv* of tiM 50 parcmt of 
ttoa "aoi rt a •■ cai ia» •rke rocyctos 

•tiy tfMMMtratM Imw i l aipla it is. 

One, and Done... 

Gve us one Iknt (rf yoir time. VVhenever you want, yoir pl^ 
Have your transcrijib and your dreams readyL lllfel si^ 
easy ft IS to transfer to Aurora Univeraty and finish your d^ 

^ The credits ymi transfer go farllier at MJ. 

[>r()i?r,iiii Iit\t>iir fmir vivir deijrec 

> Ibu can choose the nyjor you want... 

! Ih,r,- 

tiKTll , 

want Ih, 
.Mud>. to do 

\ lordin^ to a 
' I .tvhpro(«>ctdoneb\ 
MKI IW students 
Muhille ClawT. \njr,- 
•sanli.iL-,,. and |ohn 
•s-ilemi :i)»J | ot 
lhi>s»' ol>s«T\td .ni a sin- 
kIi- d.i\ in the catetena 
thn v\ ever\ thing awav 
w ith no attempt lo recy- 

Malt ot the pwiple in 
the exfvfiment pixiper- 
!>' separated trash and 
retvilable material The 
rest ot ihtiM- (4>served 
got si)me, bul rkit all, 
ri\ \ > lable material in a 
rending bin 

Tm rurt happy with 
the amount of people 
w ho don't recycle," said 

I hi\ vvalk past the 

fiiviling bins and 

ihiow everything in the 

' ■ •"-■• 'he big 


. ■ iiM, , loet to 

I'lii ihings in the right 

bills' ■ 


■ ■^^<|^ 1 iiiiii ifiiiii ,1 lerlimcal 

• ij-. :h! 

^ We're convenient and we understand your needs. . . 
^ We feois on preparing for careers 


^ Wfe can mahe it afhirdjMe 

mte Can Make Transferring as Hassle Free as PossiNe 


Real Education for ttie Real Wtorld. 

riiiht itwiiv and finisli on lime 

irk and d<i other 

i!ivn.j\r iitiutj' 





Social Work 





Criminal Justice 



Computer Science 


Page 4 

The Haibinger 
Febnury 23, 19W 


Do you want to 
win $100 bucks? 

tiilk-iji "t l>uPanv iic«>n'l hjvf mw, nt-t 
rtier lUik-^ (.i'lli-j;i' i>t l-iki- CounK. Oaklim 
Tntim. ElRin Cunimumtv 1 .'l!.n.-s 

tv«n jrfiT "?(' vi'jis <»l exmhTK'e, HarfH-r 
does rert hj\e nm- What are these <khnt>ls 
lackirt);'' A nchool >ong. 

Thrvtr M'ns-tiw <<«^ad»~- hav«» pswrn) ««c- 
cesstulty. jn.l .ill I't .i -u.l.l.-!! i ...nt.-^i fi.i^ 
beer annouiuni with the ilvsircd outcimu' i>t 
an irffkijl school sort); 

The guideliMf^i tor thf molfst jrt' Ihf 
lyhcs should b»' sunj^ to Jti existing or orim- 
nal tune, include d(>pn>f>ndte Um^uage (i o 
Harper. Hawks, nunxm aiKl gold) and be an 
appmpriale l«>gth 

Thi- w cnnin^ I'ntry beconMS eoclwiive 
pn>fH-rt\ ot Hdrp«"r College 

Thf winning song will be advcled hvwn a 
committee irKluding a student leader, learme 
Pankanin (director of StiMlent Activities). Bob 
Tllolscin (Professor of Music), Ann 
Hauenstein (Community Relatums l>in\tor» 
and Reniv Zellrw-r (Wellness and Humjn 
Performantf l'rii(»-sM>r) 

Th«> winning s«>ng writer will receive Slim 
for their effort If scIvmiI spirit aU>ne doesn I 
drh'e you to go tmt and compoM* a stmg. at 
least the mone>' should. 

The deadline for application- i-. M.-nit.u 
M.irvh <J. UK1M Appli, jlum- • imUi.t 
on audio w vidw tap«> and t>e ■►iit'mitted i. 
Student Activities. \^M^ 

Tfir Harbxn^T would like to make some 
suugesbons to anyone who thinks it is too 
difficult to write a winmg song 
•Stwigs anm't fun to smg unleris thev rhvme 
(if you can even find something that rhv nn-s 
with Harper) 

•Th«- Ivru-s should K' .iU>iit Harper and .i .; nr win or something posi 

• \ sp(.nLiius>iis outbreak of the s»mg would 
be easier to achieve with an mtro thai in. lud 
ed fixit stomping or hand clappin>; 

•The Hawk is a deadly bird of prev— C AW 

• Make it memorable so that the -ong pop* 
back into vinir conscious mmd when viiu 
least exptvt it 

CkxxI luck to all who enter 

Paul Sipiera rans around the earth five times 

Harp«r Pr0f«*«or of PlaiMtary ftciMic** ratiims from Antartlca wltk storl** 

Don ■•rgar 

r.uil Sipicra. 

I'rotesMir ot I'lanelarv 
"xienn-s. missed the first 
dav ivl silniol thi 
ter w Ihtv his va. .. 
longer then expevted 

However, he did tioi 
slay in a tant.'v hotel 

He did not druo an 
expensive rental . .ii nor 
did h«' land in a bt^; jir 
plaru' .It .1 iiiiivlfm .iir 
port (or arn ..r... ,tt (or 
that matter 

"sipiera -. >.n.iiioii did 
not take place m any of 
the top 10 vacation Mle« 
on the gkiNv 

'*Wc waatcd to do 

a bask geoloi(ical 
survey. We want- 
ed to be able to 
what we learned 
to students all 
around the 



*^fpnr.i spent hi* 
ition in Antantii i 
.'vi wanted to J. 
rsisii gixakigical sur\c\ 
sav* Sipiera "We want 
ed to K- able to commu- 
nicate what we learned 
to students all around 
the world ■' 

Sipiera's team con- 
sisted of a geological 
mlU'ague. a retired aslnv- 
naut and his (amilv who 
handled communK.i 
tions and the vuits- 
rivordinj; ot Ihi- rntHf 

Ihii k.i'pt in loni.ii t 
with institution- in 
Japan, Caruda. Ilelgium 
.ind ihi- I nilo) 

I he >il>'' iiiHi to 
*J(lil,lK«) trip wa- tundix) 
per>*>nallv bv Sipier.i, 

Harper arul other prn 
Wmc pu- 
trip vvjs to ji-i owr 
meteorites tfval struck 

olht-f lull' iMilit mail : 

The task was ditficull 
emHjgh without addint* 
m Ihr wialher vanabli 

Antarctica van ea-ii, 
K' preconceived as bat- 
rrn winter wasteland, 
louihi'it b'l no one 
except jH'ngiiin- and 
polar bean 

Acct>rding to Sipiera 
that's not so 

It was t<m warm ' he 

Ihfv tvperien.ed 
un-«\isonablt' warmth, 
Ifirifuralurt's in the mid 

hnipiTatures even 
ri\u hfJ 42 degrees, 
which maki-s searching 
tor metis>ril<-- difficult 

Ihr iMMtluT also has 
to tv ideal in order for 
them to land on the con- 

Phe average wind in 
Antarctica is W mili- (ler 
hour, so It wimld h.i . . to 

ll>.' (Mlot- J|,,l II, .1 

land in a movlem, paved 
runway either 

taking off from an 
airfield in Punt .Arenas, 
Chile. affixtionately 
kiuns-n as "lands Erni." 
a small passenger plane 
will land on the 
smoothest -htvt ol ite 
pi'N-ible whuh I- whv 
w ind- have to K- ivleal 

-\nv -udilen k;usf of 
iMjivl ,ouKi lif'pl"' the 
pl.tne onli' Its stdt' 

I he pilot- have to 
have a 12-hour window," 
sav- Sipiera, "Six days in 
a n>w we didn t gel it ' 

Their lin>' 
\iitantii,i l.i-te 


Prof •••«? Paul l l|ila ra taachaa Ma I 
a»aal w< Aattaaway iOl boMoi 
fcaapa Ma atatewta Mtaeaataa. 

davs. iHif of a planned 
1(1. due to inconsistent 
weather cimditions 

The mission's suc- 
ii>s, howevfr, will not 
be delerniineil tor 

Ihe tew samples 
nvov erixi b\ SipH'ra will 
he passed along to many 
other institutions, where 
their geologic and ciiem- 
ical make-up will be 

These tests will tell 
Sipiera and the missions 
many followers an>und 
the globe if what he ha- 
h-<inerivl metisante- or 
merely earth minerals 

'"inie institution-l 
will pnibably get onto it 
nght away, so it will 

pnibably be maybe three 
to four months," say* 

"But certainly before 
fall term t>egins I'll have 
eviTvthing doiHv " 

Sipii-ra Ux>k foreword 
to his fifth trip to 
Antarctica, which he 
hopes will happen in 
approximately two 


As Sipiera waits to 
hear of the n-sults of his 
expedition, he can sit 
back comfortably and 
n-lish in a personal goal 
achievtxj on his visit to 
thr- k;eoIoL*i. .il south 

I ran around the 
earth tiv e times in 15 sec- 

Join The Harbinger 

I for some good clean fun. The 
Harbinger is looking for editors, 
i artists and writers for the Fall 
1998 semester. 
Joining could make you grow 

wings and fly. Demand 

attention and apply today in 

: A367. Little blue men may put 

turnips in your socks. 

We want YOU! 

■ditorlal Board 

The Hnrbinger 

Editor mOiief 
News Editor 
SiXHis Editor . 
A&E Editor 
Features Editor . 
Photo Editor 
Faculty Aihrisor 

. LaurenSchubei 

Airunda OffentMi^wr 


Jennifer Got/ 


Desiiee Corcoran 

. Hoiward Schlosst)ef g 

Staff Wrttars aMlllMlstaiit«j 

Ry«) Fieurw. David Pump 
Kevm Shepke. Rotsert Valadez 

Oanaral Policlas 

tn* MiilMWiw- » tne ttuiMni (MMaKwn iw tlw Haipw Coiia«> canpus con- 
murtt^ laMirMi t*-«M«Wv i»>ni|pi(W( rn* Klwoi ywv «M»pl dwH( tiiM^ 
ana fmM CMRK Tr» oapartsdiftrniiiad tim to all stuMnls. (KUtly am 
ai»ranistr«tiai Tim Mmtriteft wM* owsow a to ommOe tiw Haiwr coimxi 
rstv «iift tnttf^^-^ ■<-» v—^ •• •»» •- vrfui gnd it» surromlMC community, 

(attars PoMcv 

Tnr nartm^B' »w?ici)nii>i» imtws to ir» mmot ana ivplws to flw adttarian. 

LMtan muM be iHgned and (lEluae a Ition* numtMT to vwtty aitmralip. 
Si«wiii« iM M wtttiBH upon noMat. M iMtw* and cwttant am luDiect 

PfaJuris and sern<-»s advertised n The Hmtmivr an rot nacessanly 
endorsad oy ttw eOrtors o> ttwuaper. nor by Vm coHap adBiawtanon or 
Boaid at Oractors, inquirie* Mvuld tia tonnanM dvactly to n» atwerttMr, 

and alt piMiaaa* are at ttw diaoetian or nw conauner. 

The HartMTWer - WHbam Ramey Harper College 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. H. 60067 7098 

^lona Nunbars^ 

txismess office: (847)925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax: (847) 925«)33 

oopyrtght 19Mk The Harbinger. 

The Harbinger 
February 23, 19W 



March blooms with A&E ovonts on campus 

Brooke: Free show on Friday 


Its Manh, its •ipnnKlinw. Ih»' 
tun a »larting tu ciHiw out ami s>i 
shtiuld vini It* tinw to rpI nul i>» 
those wmlCT blues and thtvk iml 
the lineup Har^x-f hj> for mhi 
• Riilh EMermanidrt ovhibiti 
March 2-27 BuiUmns t ic I' 

In aftiUation with Wnnian s 
History Month. iJrawin|K<t and 
paiitling» hy Ruth F'SM-rman will 

Esaerman i* a taculty member 
M The SchiKil of the Art Institute 
of Chicago. 

Coffttkemf Stria fimttat •INietfy 
Slam with Marr Smith* 
Friday, March 6 7 M^ y m 
Building A I iHinge 

Featurin); "emtee" Marc 
Smith. Harper will host j pm-tn 
slam, which add^ mernmont 
competitiiwi and | a little wa^k- 
iness to unginal poetr>- readirup 
C ti gM tow f Strit* j^menH: •Carta* 

Friday, March U. 7 V» p m 
Building A I ounge 

C omf rn|ov Ihi- sm»»»>th 
sounds ot conteniporjr\ |.i// 
artiM Carlos Cannon 

• Harper Commnnity/Palatinc 
Cimcert Band 

Sunday. March 15 7M p m 
Cutting Hall. Palatine 

• Reamea McNeal "IXm't Speik 
My Mother's \am«- m Vain" 
Monday, March I* ~ M^ p m 
I l»W 

Tu Wets are V=i lor 1 1 

and ^tjff. and *^ . 


A play about the rape/si' 
assault of black women in 
Ameni.i told in right th.u i> trr 
sketches r 
blues and s 

I, ,.ff,-, . •■>. .'I' 


Friday, March 20 " H' )- m 
Hiiilding A I oun|;e 

Sit bai'k arid irlax with blues 
,- • ■- -tt AirLslH- 

• i ittic stiop of Horrors 

Friday h Saturday, March 20, 21. 

27, fc2», HtKlp m lU" 

Sunday, March 22 * 2<» : i « ' p m 


nckris are S8 for Harp«rr students 

and staff. i» kit other students. 

and $10 for general admissKwi 

• Colonel Nancy and Colonel 
Jerry |aa« l.«'thal Virus»>, Ibola. 
and TV Hot Zent" 
Wedncaday. Match 24. 7J0 p m 

Tickets, are W for l-iarper students 
and staff, $6 other students, and 
$7 for neneral admission 

Audiences will be familiar 
with the laaices due to the best 
selling b«ik The Hot Awif atK) th.' 
hit mosie OutimtA. This husband 
and wile team played real life 
heriws in a I**** outbreak of 
I lx.1.1 

In th«'tr Wtture/slkk- perfor- 
mance, science meets our darkest 
te.irs, ywl the (aaiuni recount their 
.•^ rt-riencvs with rh.irm ind 

'U'U^- ScTirs pri-~.n(- 

• Lncommon l^round Showcase* 
Friday, March 27 ~ '(ti p m 
KuildinK -\Kmnge 

^h!^ sh.<w in th. 

I :■ 

W., : '■ ' 


•Small Works Show i\hibit) 
March «)- \pnl :4 v 


• !• Mil tjkf 

pl.i. t- w; !M. iM^^jv fitunateJ 
Building A 1 .>un>;i- IhiTc w ill N' 
deserts and spiM,ilt\ mtliss 
available. 1 1 1 k .• i « 

whkh can be pitkevl up .it the 
Harper Box Office, are tr»v to 
Harper studc-nts with a two tu'ket 
limil All iKkets i>n the day of the 
sfhiw. students and public, are %•> 
while thev 

(HorooxjB'' ' ■ ■ 
Mara SMitk will ho*t • 
P*atry Mam on campwa o« 

comiuK) >'am pag* I 

based than previous aR>uim.' 

Many critK-s have been in debate over the 
theme of Bnxikes album BnK>ke believes 
that whatever is touching your life at that 
moment will somehow turn up in your 

"Seif-Uvathinx, self-growth and self- 
s«."anhing' aw tfie words that Brooke used to 
descnbe her interpretations of Mi-Cmt Wingi. 

Not only is Br[»>ke mu-sically irwlined. she 
used to be profewiotul dancer for many 
\fars Dancing doesn't pay as big a pari in 
her music as it used to 

"CharactCTs I used to liani ■• to vs ould usu- 
ally turn up m my music, she said 

BnH>ke's largest inspiratnms are Rtcki Lee 
tones lor song writing ability, and Elise 
Kegina for her singing ability, even though 
Bnx-ike cannot understand her (Retina only 
sings in Portuguese) 

Bn.x>ki- may seem like she's got her life in 

•rd<-r now How. \ef, she claims that she's 

>t as confused as she ever wa.s IVk up 

111 111 k<ts 111 adcaiKv tor tht' trcs' jonatha 
UriHike coiufrt at tin- Harper t ollege Box 
OHkv (H47) -^IS-tiUKI 



of Bette 

and Boo 

by Chnstopher Durang 


Wednesday throu^ih Saturday 

April at 8 p.m. 

Sunday Bdatinee. AprU 26 at 2 p.m 

PerformarKes are held in the Drama Lab Li 09 
Tickets on sale now: S7 Harper Students and statt. 
S8 other students. $9 puWic 
Material contains intense language and situations 
For ticket information contact the Harper Box 
Oftice (847) 925-6100 in J135. 







Pick your own days work 

iwith our crew as an 
independent contractor. 
WE CAN TRAM Top com- 
mission, twnuses and 


Can (8471 427-4415 

Ask for Rich 

Earn MONEY and FREE 


AbsohJte Best Spnng Break 

Packages Awa)lat)ie 

WWVIDUALa Student 


smaH GROUPS wanted!! 



{800)327«)13 or 

mtp: ' 

Cashier and Friendly Serve 
positions available. 
Competitive pay and bene- 
fits included. Once you 
start here, then take your 
icareer as far as you want 
with a great company. 359 

Part-time seasonal help 
Scnool photo^aphv co. 
looking for help at local 
dances .'proms. Must 

'attend one training session 
and have transportation 
SSOpermght. Fn. and/or 
Sat CallJackl(630)971- 
2610 ext. 10 


MB^T Fishing industry. 
Excellent earnings & bene 
fits potential. All ma)or 
employers. Askushonv! 
1517) 324-3115 art. 

Matix'e. resp. indiv. to work 
with a 7 yr-oW chiW with 
autism Loc Barrmgtoa No 
exp. W. mpsy/educ A* 
Flexhrs. Start $8/hr. Call 
Kathleen (847) 202-0312 

Telesales positkxv 
Arrar^ed appts for sales 
personnell. Local company, 
flexible hrs, pleasant work 
ing conditions, compensa 
tion negotiable. Will train, 
but re*«red pleasing tele 
phone personality and the 
potential for other duties 
as «^H as upward mobility. 
Call Howard (773) 753 

Part-time software 
installer /trairter. 
Bookkeeping and computer 
exp required. Up to $25 /hr. 
Mt. Prospect area. Send 
resume to: 5261 Deepwood 
Rd.. BioomfiekJ Hills. 
Michigaa 48302. Attn: 

"Part-time secretary. 11-7 
M-F Pay determined by exp. 
Mt. Prospect area. Mail 
resume to: 5261 Deepwood 
Rd, BioomfieW Hills. 
Michigaa 4830Z Attn: 


SaeMng responsible non- 
smoking roonvnata 
$250/month-t-utilities. 5 
minutes from campus in 
quiet setting. Contact 
Robert (847) 857 4335. 

Hoffman Estates Female 
to share w 'Female. Lg 
2br/2baapt. Must like 
dogs. $«utl. S200 
sec dep. (847) 884-0346 


ELECTRIC BASS, hard case 
and amp. 5 string. tMack 
Ibane/ Soundgear 405 
series with hard case, cord, 
strap and amp. Mint condi- 
tion. $1,100 vakje. Must 
se« for $800. Call Lauren 
(847.991 7808. 

locations. Ftorida $99+, 
Texas $199+. Cancua 
Jamaica $399+. Mazatlan, 
Bahamas Reserve rooms 
or be Campus Rep. ICP 
(800) 828-7015. 

Page 6 


The Harbinger 
February 23. WW 

After all your hard work, you ran aflbrd to hv rhootqr. 

Think I .iri'tulis' .ih'Mi' utiiTf vou ;iit iinu. .tiiil wIht'' \iMi want 
ii'll know that the ri)lhf ■ >-lt liip.- 

RiM)s»'Vt'lt Uithc^ .iiipuscs m t)o'fi ilnuritiiwii 

Chicago and Srhaumbur^. Rmist'M'lt h.j-> ^ . -m's hi mmi* 

iiiuj'irs I pjd iiiiiltTJr.iilu-if'' ni.iior^ in all. rancinc fr-irn \i rountitu! 

tn V,\n. .■■■■■ ■,;,., . .,,,; ;. , ., 

I , , 1 III I 'ii 1 \iiii Diir 

!i ... : ■ ^ v\ ith llari" I I '' ^i' 1 ' :■ -im' ■ ii >' ■ nir ui^k 

Ulil . .Hint 1,1', <. '■' ■ 

[•lir a i '1" -•' MUl ; li,-, I ,■ '•: 1; , I, •III, 1I-' II 1 i lil iJIIHl il)|( 

aboiii t'lir tiii.tiK' iiH) iti---i,L;i ■ ' " ' ' ! ■ s.s 

■ ith Uii- i • ,r 


(HIT) (>l»-K<iOO 

MoMtoy, Februar> 2 

Monda), Febraar> 9 

5.-00 pm - 7:00 pm 

10:00 am- 1:00 pm 

BuildinK J 

BaUding A 

Monday. Febniar> 16 

lYiesday. Ffbraary 24 

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm 

10:00 am 1:00 pm 

Building A 

flttilding J 




The Harbinger 
Frbrujry 23, 19W 


continjed from pdge y 

or better jf the rutum.ii 

rurra-nt to reach hi^ 

Jlaa»or SnAcia, 




TiHJd Miller I! 
Derrui' il4»!i 

death in,,,, 
Walter oj Tntcm to comt- 

with fhf \ • ' 

Burk.^ HI irri,„, i,,r ^,^. 
ttlTH' this st'.iMin and it 



.us lU 

Burk.s Miivi- hi«h N*hi.. 

I .i,,l.i I 1.1... ,1 , , 

"1 kiww I had the 
edge over him befort 
Ktepping out onto the 

ish IS mo-i ini(>rcsMM. ,i,,.- t. ■ 
• (u 




'••)'f'"i>; .'lit 

llit-i! n 
I- M.I 

r.iui (. 

tt M..W, 

.\ in 
Hi!, i~ 

I ;:- 111,1;; the o.ltu,,., 

' in sight 

■■'■ '" .M>-.||,T> ivlli ,„,, 
111 I,. I' .>( tlll-ll ^:,!" 


If you have 

school spirit, 

write the new 

i school fight 


The winner 

receives $100. 

Call (847) 925- 

6242 for details. 

Choose from our wide 
selection of electronic 
components, production 
V Offuipment and more! 

Joo Items not alreadv reduced] 


So you like 

Have you ever thought about wriUng or tak- 
ing for the sports secUon of 
The Harbinger? 

The Harhinger is looking for wrHera and 
photographeiv for the FaU 1998 semes- 

visrr OUR active store at 


1776 West Go« Road 
Mt Prospect. lU 60056 

Til: (M7)S4»-7713 Far (I47| 840-7613 



o lo games. Meet tin 
Get the Inside story to 
strategies and more. 

H» i tv 


The possibilities are endless v^en you 
work for The Harbinger. 

United Parcel Service has part-time 
loader and unfoader positions available. 

^ *8*VHou 

*>- No Weekend Work 

•> Conriprehensive Medical Package 

►f Stock Participation ►> Employee Owned Company 

Call toll free 1-SSS.4UM-JOB 
24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locationa: HodgkinsAA/illow Spring (1-56 & i-294) 
Addison. Palatine. Northbrook & Westmont 

I7 7i« 


m iMiHuvminiBmi 

^— ^ Equ* Ot«po»tuni»y Errxjioyw 


Soor val fir- yon AsvToate 
> ■/» ■ihc «wy r flu JO rxm'> One 
muea-jjiuifii. O/aUBtstwe 
m (usBndn) km cf mtifim 
^guSuaavftv la ^fMKuai 

Of dtBsa ar Sid! Ou tft «r 
tsaded tMffi eqtuncni An] Of pnAs- 

*«*«() on yt* nnJ KJWufe 
)Gul Rm (Of ife^K n no Biv 

Onw Ism SKMors itgnts r 
SanesAiliikuut fibum ConipuB 
I'Ai'nwn ^sm AoutQ TcmntJ 
M*agmoTt or l&cmruK»m' 

ftWy rs me My 10 go forno*. 






Women victorious heading into playoffs 

Li 1 , \l..l,i..r , ,vnlnhiil.-.l with ■^ 


the Harpt-r WbuK-n > boiUtball liani ai.t 
impnwv th«-ir reccml tt> H " mtfall kjv^king 

off Mirt ^-*^ *™1 •■ *'''*°" ^ '^ '''*■''' 

HMlhrr Kuich W all *eonfr* «gaiiv>t 

Oattian with 27 pt>ints shix'tinR 12 14 tr«ni 

iKt flnw and 3 of 3 trtim irw-throw stnpt- 


rf KiMdi fM« 9 tat ■ l^»«P «tth 
„.j Reck Valtoy tfaf wMtora tratltag 
hw In Mm L«^ H«wh»- victory on r«*. 

..hill- l.-iiin \!.>lit> 

kusvb ,ils.> >,.il,vtrvi !■» n-t>.> ,ls W,-Il 

iHhcr k-jd.ns M,..r.- ■■• ' - •> ^■■•■'- •'-' '^i' 

LtdK-. wetv M.l K - ^"'- 

.•.nni-ain>; on h' "i ' ' ' 

s,. fi.ul.r tim-ht-xl wilh 

i>n ^ nt h»-t 1^ ••h"!'- >IIHi t. i ; ,r. II.-. M - 

Kri>len Wilson Ad^.tt 11 riUmntt- r^■-(H^ 

rVu.t.KK H.iu. ,ri,nlfromth<- 

tl<H.r ctmrnvtinB on :•' ..i ih.-it h: sh..ts. hut 
fn>.' throw shi»'ttn>; .huI in%ia<- (uMiit- ».rt 
the Wi-v tor tho l.uti.-. 

nn-l.uh H.uvk-sh..l It !.. tromthffiw- 
Ihmw line tor H« jx-fK-nl while outM..nn>; 
Ctaktim 4K-2h in ih.. Not i.i\K thai but 
tht- l^> H.iwks .,K.> out reKumJea H.iklon 
■Wt-2.:' d.~*pile onU >;.tliiii; one olten-ue 
n^xjund m th»- N»xonii h.iit 

"Wp're >;lad to hjv.- the win -aid head 
a«ch lenniler lenM-n But untortun.itelv it 
wasn't tK- he^t ginie 1 ^e s,vn ii- plav ihiv 
sear We had a rute 12-i-Kiint k-ad and onl\ 
i-nded up wmmng bv thnv points We had a 
l.rl i>» tunHner> toward th.' i-r^ aivl we have 
io'rH that out ol our -vstem UvauM- regu>n 
iK vfart m tw w.-^-ks and it wr plas like thi- 
n i;.'in»; t.. lo-<- 
(•i,i\..|t~ 1 h. I a.l\ 
Hawks Iwne Ihi luirnlvi two >.til in the 
n-gHinal tounviment and have home-iourt 
,\d\ antage throughout 

I he I adv Haw k» n.M h..m.- k;aim' is to be 
announnvl at the N-jiinning ot th.- regional 

Men end conference season with 5-5 record 


Ther>- I- MiiTM" h • 
and there some ^ ■ 
tn>m th«- ha-kelball .ouii 

1-irsl the bail news I he 
Hawbi tinished the regular 
reason with a 8-18 rettird 

The giHKl nnw* tor th»- 
Hawks IS dtt« defeating 
College ot IXd'age arni K.h k 
Valle>' the-. ..-.^-.w.t 'heir 
confcfrenn- u hi 

addition ihe> j^ the 
fourth <i«fd m the playott-.. 

That means the Hawks 
will hi>st a plavott game 
against Illinois Valle> 

After losing to Tnliwi the 
Hawk» plaveil Kankakee 
With kankaki-e>; 

ranked 2^rd in the nation. th«- 
Hawks wen- faced with a big 
challenge Thfy unfortunate 
ly wen- deteat«>d 'M-72 

Mark Stahl k-d all scorvrs 
*»tth 1" points and David 
Hicltschipp.-d in !(> points 

Next iir '"r HarjHt was 
C OV I iriv .n lh> -..-ar the 
Hawks -A. ' • ■'-■d h^ 

them Uh- ' led to 

get a little revenge and 

till) III a tht 1 

«.is the first tir 

I's Ml. 


\liki- Mai.'n. s.oriil H- 
points sbootinv; f' ol \: troin 
Ih.- held and dishing oil 

"tHir team is M-rs . oni 
jH-ttti\e and when \ou watth 
us we 11 s,rap and its tun 
to watih" said iiweh Mike 


Atter deteatini; C i! D the 
Hawks traveled to loliet and 

David Hicks paced the 
Hawks scoring 1^ points 
shix'tinp 10 of !s tn-m the 

rh. tinal came ot the sj-a- 
s4in i.'i the Hawks u i^ 
against Riik \alli-v KisK 
Vallev rankid s in the nation 
and tirst in the >onterein.e is 
a lough task tor anv team to 
hanvlle Harper handk-d the 
nri"..siirt- .m.i won in o\er- 
tini. li: lo: \ »;ame in 
whuh Hill the tlutih 
kriitsihs ihnv-(-H'inter tusJ 
the game at the i-nd ot r.v,u 
lation MarpT hail a total ot 

our li ■'''' 

wi' shiuiid be J rnaior von- 
tendi-r in our lonference. 
~.iid IMm.I Huk~ 

Harper sends ten wrestlers to 
national tournament for 
second consecutive season 


:;...,vr Hawks 

wrestling team will l-'e 
striding all h> wrestlers to 
the ruilional tournament in 
Bismank \ D 

I he Hawks s,-i - 
ontl in the louma 
.men! with '*7 s points 
Iriton tiHik the team title 
hnishmg with lOti piwnts 

ti>aih Norm loselaee 
was not disappointed with 
his team s effort but would 
have iH-en much happier 
» ith tin- team title 

The Hawks would have 
accumplisihed their goal of 
winning the rvgional team 
title It not tor the hole left 
bv Kdgdt Uipe/ at the 142 
pound class 

1 dgar IS an exiellenl 
wrestler." Uivelace said "It 
was |ust a fluke that he 

lope/ was tortunate 

enough to nieive one ol the 
four w lid tanls given out at 
the n-gional tournament. 

Seven Hawk wrestlers 
\ led tor the first place title 
vMth lour coming awav vit- 

Athlete of the Week 
Mike Iselly evened his 
rei.ird with Allan 

t artw right of Triton to 2-2 
tor the season defeating 
I artwnght ^-2 for the first 
place title at ISO RJ 

Cohen (167) detealed 
C>eorge Spacek t>f Tnton in 
one of the utost exciting title 
matches of the day 

"1 was expecting to 
make the finals," Cohen 
said "1 was famuliar with 
mv oppoiH-nt. He was on 
the defensive, he was 
siarcd to lose." 

Cohen s confidence is 
obvious He b»-liev t-s tie has 
tJve ability and the talent to 
be an all-american. To do so 
he will need ti- place mghth 


■to to M** 


I V«ha t»fc«« *omm m u>n «iw t m Ms w«» to 

■ Mcwid ptoc* fMali at Um ragloMl t« 
■t H mi pmt am VatoatlM* 0«y. 

•The men's tennis team is seeking additional 
players. If you ai^ at all interested leave your 
name and phone number wi* the Athletic 
Secivtary in "M " building of see coach King 
on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday from 1:30 - 
3:30 in the field house in "M" building. 

• Mike Kelly was named Athlete of the Week 
for the week of Feb. 4 - 11 . 

• Bill Krutsch was named Athlete of the Week 
for the week of Feb. 18 - 24. Krutsch enabled 
the Hawks to defeat Rock Valley with a regu- 
lahon ending three-pointer sending ttie ganw 
into overtime which the Hawks pnevailed 
winning 112- lOZ 


<Wtll«wi W«<wy tton»^ C»tl *g« . P«l«tl— , I Wote 

Dr. Breuder sheds light on 
personal, professional life 

Roundtable discussion a success 

N*w Marpar pr««M«iit say* e 


Dr RiibtTt Bn-utfer ste^Mnl inl«> 
stTal wtvk.*. .ii;ii .In ll.irp.r ^ 
it. ,'n?«Klsnl 
\s J new advlititm !.■ H.irp« r ^ 

...iiiK, people mav r ■ ' " ■ 

\\ ant about Breudi-t 

!r -. . - . ^ w iu> ; ' 

".. twd i liUl. 

llghl .in I ..I nut o< ll.irp<t 

Tlw HaW'.'", ^\ho have you met 
with since your arrival? 
BreudiT I hdvf m<:t with f\.t 
efnpk>ye«- sroup. 1 mvt w ilh 
eroployves a.>. <> volUitivr wh. 
opptMed (o (uM griiiip> 

I met with the tacultv •<«'n,>l»- tht- 
unkm Ifjdfiship tot (jtcxtity, tot th*- 
pio-tech, and tor th«' cfnt-ral mti ice*. 
have mt'l mlh th< . m-^i 

and with each iruiivul.... 
dent CW1 a wp^ ate baiiiM 

I've nwrt with ttjlf pei>f .. -.u. . .- 
larvvr planning arul marw I'lhcr j>m 

Trusliv elections are 
mmin); up 
Page 3 

Look at the hoUnni nt 
your shtvs and read this 


Scott Ainshe returns ti> 

Harper this month. 

Harper assistant Fnghsh 
pn>fessi>r releases new 


Wrestlers finish third at 
national tournament in 
Bismark, North Dakota 
Page 12 

straagM Is aaiptoyaas 

I havf di>m> pnibaHv 10 hl>ur^ 

I. 'ny, y^ , 

What du vnu think Harper s 
"■tren^th* are? 

It 1 h.ui t>. (.1, i. 

v It t the pi'opii- v\ II. 

,.iu.i 111 llurpt [ in purlKuUi 
! > th»' p«S'plf who work htr. 

1. f^ .iik! t!ii I. 'ii- i! f M,(\ ^ in 
this I tin\iiuuMU 

iH^v K»aslv, thi-r* tri titilt'i-. *»! 
prognun excelU-n<.>- th ii M.irpfr han 
becoitw known t«r 

Where do you think Harper needs 
•he HMMt improverrtc"'' 

We shiHjId bt-Rj: .xik jt 

■ Mir imj){e. and imt u.^nn. im-nes*. 
«r« Or. ftnutm on page 2 

Ward quite possibly longest enrolled student 


With hi^ ! 

h*'t ' ^n-Hiuhi I'i.i. 

\\ t'a^ilv tH' 

l.a. ri.r 

M.uN -«'>ifii; him tH'hunl Iht- ur 
I'ulati. : ■ 

miptf^Ni.-ii ll>.i( ii» i-.i libianan 

H. nvi-MT >\,' IS n.'t ,il! (hit ditltT 

t.H 'Air : 1 -.tinlcnt 

H.iUTt iiT .:■ UN K"i;inm' 

in l'<"i whi-n hf NtiulicJ ari hito. tufi- 
ani) tj-x hrH>li>n\ until 1'^""'-' 

VVarii drDppivl 'Hit ot -»hi>i>l in 
jiCh rctumtil in l'*si> .imt h.iN -Uid 


tin- \ it>lin 

"When some students 

Clime into the class, they 

uani to };et up and leave, i 

want to stay and sec what I 

can learn" 

-Jiv Waid 
Harper student 

Wan), whii i.>niinuiHl t\tr\tsi!\ 
vhiijui liMm I.. rl.K .111 mNtrvimtTII 



his in,..;,.., .. .,v .,,. ... ,. -.-.^.-.^ 

in ttiivign lan^^uage trtim Itahan In 
trench, thi- phwical ^ ..••■ ■••^ •".< i^.^ 
pasMon musi, 

\Njr.1 h;.'.\i\t'r njIn m min v hinn«-n 
" :>. 1 not fh»' ordinary stu- 
ii-nt ana lan iM<nly be ctmsidervd 

■ S>mftimi-> student?, will ct>me 
up to nu' anil ask me it I'm a teacher," 
savs Ward who r«~>pin<ds to them, 
\i' I m a student, |U->t like you " 
irmally out-spoken, Ward 
■ . i-s himst'lf in das* as to better 
take th4- atlenlKin awav from thi- age 
ditti-renlial tvtween himself and the 
studentb around him. 
"- W«d on paec 5 

Brooke likes doing it with lights off 

a.1 llu sh.'w h.'»;.in vMth Ih. 

lights ,in It lilt niiTi' liki- a 

singri lonatha junior hi,;h .isHi.mbU than an inli- 

ndixl a hill house mal> onv 

hut (H-rformame ot rrnin ■ i.i.i h<t 



Marj^-r s new C iittet-house mtus 

i>n I ridav. I «+ 27 m th«' r»ew K 

iin.H it.-.t HuiUiinj4 A Student 

'\ .(uu't auM wmt 

tiviMsfi ■• • 'I'r^fr.itro 

lolftvh - ith 

taWfs iii.iirs ami rncsi inipcr 
tantiv 1 1 ittee arul pa.s.lru-s 

In an interx icw b<ton' ihi 
show Bn«'U' pr^sji. Ii-ii ihat Iht 
p«-rlori! 'I W n'lliik 

in>; K's ■ '■ "as rij;ht 


aiulii'iHc Ihi lij;hts were turned 
oil to );ivc a K'tter perlonTiinu 

Wt BR o;7 I \1 l)| lomm\ 
I <•>■ Si[T,.r.i i;,ni- Unn'kr an intn»- 
iiuction that s»>( ,1 hi(;h e»p<\ta 
tion shr didn't let an', uni' 
tlow n 

(iriHikc and her kt\ 
Kiariitst ha^k up singfr Ingrid 
(.•raudins cnu'r^iil trom back 

stage and imn'tt\lialflv be^an to 

Mw boat* on pag« r 


PHOTO BY i«uw( souia 
Folk i»ck gMltariat ioiMtlia a»— t m 

I fHll I 

(M7) t2f-«000 JI2M1 

^ % 




The Harbinger 
M«rch 4, 1998 

President: Dr. Breuder answers most asked questions 

coraimed rrom iMgel 

V\v ".houKI mirk within 

.»n>) n ).- v^i-ir ,v,)lK 

n . iicn- 

.IK- kl-iiii-i ~ . 

and bnnn td 

1 1,111 

Jttiiit n>n--iiliT.ibi\ li-s-, mt'rKt'd u itti I'lnn "-.LiU' .iiul 


the mrrvnt ? ^ rnilhun 
What kind <il liiiiL- ti-rr 
^OiiN h.i 

tt(I« I'tlrttlM- Ju vnu Ifi-i 

the lommufiil* colU-m- j-.. 
cDmpjrrii to i tirut-M'jr 
SI hn«l or uni\ iTsilv ' 


U p«Tmillfi! 

-. :i, v-t.^.- 


Wh.i( IS > our npininn on the 
,-: .'.el deficit? 

V\hjt I iitiit t-ni;i*s i)ii >uii 

feel you are facing here? 

Thv* bingi^.! or 
on thf hon/(>n i- 

irm> jinmrul. anu 

■Iv f»»«kd);*ij til' 
v\t- h.u I' ,K ■ vH Jir 
i-rt-iiiluir -,. !h,i' 
^n t>LiJ to i>t(U'rs to rrvjuosi 
Ihi- support ot .nir ^on 
stitufiiix lor thi- rftiTi-n 
iluni thi'v support It 

\lso hredkinj; j;rimnd 
.iHvi sx-^mnin^ lonstructnin 
i>n thi' pert.' • nn 

ter and tht n-n 


What kind ot thort term 
goals have you vet for tlie 

1 till' 

. propr. 

What is vtiui overa.l 
impression ol Harper from 
vour first two weeks' 

ViT\ Positn r I K-li.-\i- I 
niadf til. 
whfti iiirii 

1 was loriun.iti' lo h.i 
., ..I! ... ..r ,, J,i/('ii iollf>;v - 

l/.ltUlfW l|lti'TOstl\t 

: taiiiiv iviVL i.\ju.itK 

'>! prutt-ssioiLils in 

An<\ wc h.w (■ 

:iihuti' ol K'lnc. 

sin. ill 

What issues ate you look- 
ing forward lo being 
involved in? 
I think th.i- 
will bf in\oi\i o M> ' :>ro,i. 
di\ersit\ ot isstii"- mil 
(lom tho tinanvial end o' 
hoiis*. to ttic . iirni iilar . 

Ill ■ V\hal liavi' >iiu been doing 

ri • with vour spare lime -tince 

e^iablishuH', .uui maintain- vour arrival here? 
iiii; viii.ilii\ It'.'Vifi: f.T ,1 htiiis,- 

How does Harper compare Ih.r 

1., ». s. K....1'" 


the tiirrfo 

'Klgfl inio .( 

.iH'm' lit i«ie tijf u li r\i'is-:i 

. K . ■' + .iMt' .- t*tr:0«A*. 

Hmm H«rp«r PrasMant Dr. Mobart B f uda r ■tt«ii<«< 
tiM H«ip«r Weiitabto As»*MMy for c4MHp«a cMM 
■Ml orgMiizatioMS to aMal tlia atutfant laadara aM4l 
■■sarar aay ^aaattoNa tliay had alMiit Mm. 

One, and Done... 

Give us one tmr of yoir time. Vilhenever you 11^ 
Hanfe your transcripts and your dreams reid)L ifc^ 
easy it is to transfer to /krora IMversHy and fnsh your di^ 

► Hie U edits yen tmsfer CD tetiier at Ml. . . mu may even be able to apph credit from a technical 
protjram to vour four ytvir deiireo 

^ ta m cheese the mijer yen vant. . . no caps, no waiting lists, start r^t awa> and finish on time 

^ Wire cenvetMOt and we understaril yev lieedl. . . ymt ran finish at A(J white you work and do other 
important things in your hfe. . day and evening tksses meet once or twee a week 

► We feOB en prepnn fer careers. . . over 80 percent of our faculty haw had careers outside ha^er 
education, they luiow the practice as well as the theory 

^ m Cai imke it alferdaMe. . . scholarship and fuumdid aid options tf AU are mimerons ami competitive 

lie Can IIM(e Iransfening as Hassle Free as PossMe 

To maite an <^)po«ntment, call the .Aurora 1 


Real Education for the Real WbrU. ~^\J 









Criminal Justice 



Computer Science 

The Harbinger 
March 9, M 


Page 3 


After all your hard work, you can afford to be chooiQr. 

Think carefully about whcrf you are now, and where v«ni want 

to be. Then you'll know lli.ii the r\^'<' ^ fw.i, .• i. i-oscdt I liiwrsity. 

Every year, more than IF.OH.uj ,, >.. .^ ■ , uisfcr t.i 

Roosevelt With comivrehfiiMM' i aiupusrs m t»<iih liuwntnwn 

Chicago and Srh;iuinlnir>;. Hooscvflr has iiime dasscts in more 

majors fl20 i: Itiatc iii.jj.irs in all, ranging from \( counting 

to Education to Theatre Arts) at tiiort' ((jrive nit-rit tiriu's and iora 

ttons than any other university in the Chii 

traiistiT .igrt'eiiii'iilN with Harprf ' 

will I iiiiiit til'.' .;• ' 

Ft 'II. li 'r.iiiscrii't 

our financial aid 

to lillTt witii , . 

Ihiriii-r f'oilfi^f' (on ttu' 'li 

. . ., ai (847) 619-8«00 

11 iiMTe infortnatinn about 

raii--rrr stmitiits and 
Vliiussitm ( Miinscloi at 

;:i . i! M hauniburg 

l^Msday, Marrh 3 
5:00 pm - 7:00 pn 
Building J 

"nieMlay. March 17 
5:00 pm - 7:00 pa 

Tu««da>, March 10 
8:30 aoi - 1 1:30 aa 
Building J 

TtaecMlay. March 25 
10:00 am - 1:00 pa 



Page 4 

Harper News 

The H.irbinf;iT 
March 9, 1996 

Senate trustee elections to take place 

The !>tutirnt Irustw M 
Mjrper Collf^e pUys i 
unique ralf d^ mnnbiT at Ihe 
Bixird i>< Trusttvs BtMng im 
the lUrfHfr Colli-gf Board 
);i\fN J student the opportu- 
nity to pUv a iijpiihcant fmrt 
m the j»in emaru i- i»t the msti 

Ih.- -talus otter-, i^ ^ 
ppiirtunitv tor ^tn 
ilmt \ iew» aivi twnieni"' to 
be heard and discusM-d at the 
Board level. 

Thb has impact not onK 
on the oper.iHonal a»pe<.t ot 

Student Senate 
offers support 

'i- IS the or>;ani- 
i}>uslhal repri'- 
scnts the student body 

The Senate pr«>ftu>tes "ttu- 
Ifaiv by serxing as. a 

-,.,. tvtwet-" '*i' -todtTlt 

KhIv, the ind 

administratu ■ 
The SwMti 
suppt>rt* th*' rtgnts ami ine 
resptmsibilities <rf tfw «.tu- 
tli-nl KhIv 

the mllene, but on tl 
pohiies ol the in- 
The Student Trustiv will U 
elected m a campus reteri-n- 
dum Ktarxh 24-3 

Any siud«-nt interested in 
hecoannit a candiddie livr the 
rKwitkw Student 

(esenlatue to the Board 
,■: lru"»lts~ t..r IvPMMMu riuisi 

"Declaiatio.. .-i v,., , 
iotm in the Student Achs ities 
(Wk-e bv 2 p m on M - ' 
March 1 6 

The >tiKieni 

line must be 

,1 minimum ot 4 

vfcUil lu.ui- Jiirui); K>th ll«- 

lall and sprint s,n)c-!i>r- ol 

vient it H !rp 

Pi. Irusli<* 

nij\ n. 'I run I he term ot 'hi* 
..itK.- IS \pnl IS, I*«K- April 

Ihe Stinfetil Trustee t* a 
member i>f th*- Harper iVurd 

..I,..! t... 

Ill -^'j'l 

Campus Crime 


Six automaiic flush valvm «wr» vandakzMi m m* irwns 
wa^momon ttw nrsi and lacond iaora oTttw LMming 
Rmomtom Camar in BuMing F Tha coat o( iha dKnaga ia 
I ax $2,500. 


I Inh .111,! ...,. 
iui* li '>, iiit li i mi ■ 

ed »>n the studmi 

jp .in .ii'i'Ik.! 

\, I, 
will N 


ki two aapanMa incidants. unknotwn paraoo<s) ramovad a 
gaahal from a walar pipa on a unnal m tha Mcond fkx>r 
man's waahroom m Building H. tvNch cauaM 9m next per 
son flushing the urinal to gat wet. 

Anyone Mrtth mtormeHon invoMng past mcMartts or have 
knowtadoa of Mura vandakam plane ahould report the mo- 
dant to Public S^ety at (847) 92S-6330 
WHnaaaea are asked to leave their name and a means to 

CXKUMI lliein. 


Schaumburg Township voters 
elect a new republican 


PUNCH #149 

stop now. 

»«•. ■!»« «»•- 11-/1-. '.r. i»-A. 

< »0*ii ^ i i ii'i n fi Tr iM * 

■AMkmunm j>% 

Doesn't this weather suck? 

Co awoy to tomewttere hot tor Hiring breaktH 
•CotKun 'ioinoica •Montlan ••ohcwnot 

•Ooytono leech •Miami >Key Wetl 'ond more 
7 nigM* wMi qwoMy hotel accemmodaHora for only $3f f I) 
to dak* and reMfvolom col tobert at (647) 3*8-3577 


Harper College Scholarship 

•$500 scholarship 

available for current, 

active members of 

Phi Phi chapter. 

Harper College. 

•New members 

(1998) are also 

eligible to apply. 

•I^ck up application form at 

L203 Liberal Arts Office. 

•Return application 

to 1^03 Liberal Arts 

Office (Attn: Dr. 

Xilao Li) by 

Thursday 4/9/98. 

•S( holarship will bv 

.ivvaitlfd on Friday 


hivest Your Credits 


iiMr fi" i/mt- 

'"'■ ■" 



4 1 OrtAnJ SmiMt 






M 1 N 1 S T » A T 


1 N 

• .Jllii.v 

The Harbinger 


j TfH) Harbinger \% looking forstaff" 
members for the fall 1998 semester. 
If you are literate, apply in A367 
today. We're waiting... 

Ward: Veteran student says, "Stay in school' 

roi'wnin ll«i 

NoKmQNTiiu College 

•Stfmntf\i Oi0la 

A Rcprcsenutivc will W <in your ampiu 
TucMlay. March 17 
0:30 a.m. • 1:30 p.m. 
Building J 

To mima t^miaom f«f iwHay 


fn nut ntunaano, Auw matami le 
ttir .iAriff thii i ' .< Vx c 'AmM lUfm 

isue-rn ml 

>ionk ( <ntrd CMhfir 

contmuU (ran pa^t 1 

"I don't want to stand 
out." MVsWani "I stand out 
as it IS. lo 1 hav« to down- 

VVanl believe!, that his age 
doesn't separate him from 
the other >.tiidenl>. within the 

.-|,,Vv 1m, t r,.n..r th,. njy \^ 

■ngsl the 

denN s.n ^ V\ard 

V\h» -ludents. 

come ir> ,^s, thc-y 


!t I 

fan k-irn 

Alw Ward 
m hi» seal itu- May other »tu 
denb d<> 


teacher hjs tini-.hi-.l k\' 
like the other •.tudi-iits 

Along wiih hi^ l.l^■^ 
•tcheduk', VVaixJ work^ Iwo 
part-time fcim, a* a student 
aide in the I Rt as well iis .it .i 
kical Ii'vmI 

fxtrj tint. 

1. mj; 4.-, 
.rmv; t«»r 

'1 don't want to 

stand out I stand out 

at it is, to I have to 



A47-y«ar-oid student who 

has no idea how many coi- 

\ege credit houn he has 

accumulated in his 20-vear 

i'(>IJeji;e caretT 

VV,ird ^tmleNses Itut an 
a<>s<K'iates degree is not a goal 
he wishes to achieve, nor 

does he intend to transfer, 
"That's more for people who 
an' concerned with making 
mviney, I just want enough to 
survive " 

This semester Ward is 
iTinilled in 12 credit hours 
arhi is auditing four hi>urs. 
Me IS involved in the Student 
Senate and FierKh flub 

Ward conlesses that he 
has mi idi-j how many credit 
hours he has accumulated in 
his 20-year college career 
"Stay in school." uiges Ward 


^•,. orSlBfr CORCORAN 
Forty-**VMi-y*ar-old Harpsr studwit Jo* Ward lM« 
no Moa iKtw many cotlago credit Itours ha Itas 
•arwoif In M« M-yoar eoHaga caraoe. Mat* ha 
attoads tha Ctiib and Organtiation NotMdlatol* 
Ofg— If Uoa o« Fak. 20. 

Obvious Similanties. . . 

iii« ♦ 

t EHfFerenceSo 


IiiM«H« may t<r 4ir pnaeil tnn Of flmcry But « 
wl Ae pntrsi funn of educautin EMxnciitv is And at 
N^kiaal-UMts I'mversuv »e ht\t m« 110 yearv t>* 
■MKntUVC MadUllI tupenence Sunr. Ihrre are rthet 
itlMBylDiiowtial vtvdn Butwione 
1 «• mctalg mi mdiinf aduUi M«wc 
iiMM 30 ycani^D NtU ptrnweiwl mxekmti «»fci«.ji»in f.» 
adMllit Now yoa aw eiim » depw fcactehw ■» or mmiw s in 
a «Mttiy of f K ft mn j>m t>y )Mnin|[ itt fi« » htlk as aae 
M||H ■ «mli few 12 IH immittt (iive m ttK liiNc. ve'H gn* 
you Ihr <ireiini (Kn :M.(II*i pmymli frilrtliidfii. wfii leB yoa 
dM't cucilv l»m It happened 
r«a«««c.n: 1-H88-M.I -TC)I>AY 
Fa*: M7.2<l4-iU* i:-awB: HWlW«vHilJiil.«la 

National-Louis University 


• American Cancer Society 
Great American Low Fat 
Pig-Out Table 

Tuesday, March H 

11 a ml pm Hiiildinn A 
SfuJent CeniiT 

Stop by and get a variety ot 
low-fat nxipes, snacks and 
nutrition pamphlets from 
l>iet»"tic Tech students and 
Wellness and Health Service 

• American Diabetes Aleit 


Monda> -Friday, March 23- 

Buildmg A. I & l. 

Learn it you arv at nsk for 

diabetes with help from the 

American Diabetes 


•Safe Spring Break 

Information Party 

Wednesday. March 2.'> 

10 ami pm Building A 

Student Center 

Theme Having fun at 

home. l.eam creative ways 

to tvgniup 

•Ealing Weil with LiHle 

Time and Little Money 

Thursday, March 26 

12 15-1:30 pmA242 

Judy Schinunel, a registered 
dietitian will tell you Itow to 
make quick, easy ai>d inex- 
pensive meals with a mini- 
mal amount of planning. 

Page 6 

Honk if you hate 
the campus geese 

Ihe largest percentARe ot the pop- 
ulation here has got to he the ^eese 
Sure, we see student*, hert- .uui 
there, but most of the lawn i- >ii% 
ered with meeting spots for these 
ugly animals--not to mention their 

Ihf\ stand at thf i-d>;f ot the 
Mdewalk to screech, hiss and honk 
at people passing bv 

Their beads littlf ivc^- ■-t.ur vi>u 
down js If \iui rr tnMdin>; i<n their 

You'd almost think thi\ were 
intelligent the w .u thts t.Hu- on 
vnur t.uc vvhllr vv.uldling li>v\.ird 
\in> with .1 >avage hunger in their 

The cold -.(.irc^ (riim these \ lie 
. rciluri's arc almosl enough to send 
\iiu running back to vour car 

Just as you think the animal is 
about to chew off your leg, it simph 
runs across the sidewalk to eat a 

.4... >r.l,..< K.i. ..1 (,SO. No 

Kumor tijs il -,>nii' ^nultnt-. laki 
into consideration the heaping piles 
lit geese droppings on our campus 
when chousing a college to attend. 

Even the president noted that he 
\vj> unable to walk around i.impiis 
without keeping his ^oiu cntratiun 
on the ground 

Students have actually been 
.ittacked on this campus bv the 
!■ . : 'hirslv Hinged terrors 

We might 4» well dub them as our 
school mascot 

We can make up in geese what we 
Uii. k in school spirit 


The Harbinger 
March 9, 19W 

Dear Editor. 

I just recently read the article 
(aKvut the Harper Fitness 
Centerl in the February '♦th, 
IWS issue of Thr Harhn>it-r and 
must sav this article rvpa>sents 
things the wav administratii>ii 
wants you to N-iuvc \frsus tin 
stark reality 

What 1 am relerring to in par- 
ticular IS the constant lack ot 
lifeguards showing up (opening 
tfw p«Hil) at the nixin hour in 
Building M 

I am a longtime resident ot 
Palatine with a chronii knee 
problem and swimming ts the 
onlv thing I can do for my gen- 
eral fitness level In the last two 
wix'ks, I hav e expenenci-d a late 
lifeguard arrival and a no-shuw 

1 spend nn>re lime at wtirk 
purpooelv in order to ti( IIh' om 
hi>ur mx'n swun into n\\ s, hcd 

I do nt>t hd\ e the llexibilits nt 
nuist studi'nts in regard to w hen 
1 work init. The lifeguard prob- 
lem mav be caused b\ man\ 
problems, some being lack ot 
ctrnipensation and others is tul 
erating people w ho an> tardy 

I must now consider other 
swimming alternatives sm^e I 
cannot affitrd to wait a 1 /2 hour 
or more to do a 1 /2 hour swim 
Coasidering a gtxxl chunk ot 
in\ l\il.ilinc l.ivi's .III. going iiil>' 
M.irpir College. I Itvl |llar|H'rl 
shctuld either fix this program or 
be straight with piMple and ter- 
mirute it 
Ttwn Bryant 
IBM Global Services 

I Var Mr Bryant: 

Thank vou tor sharing a copy 
ot vour letter addr«>ssed to the 
tditor i>f The Harbiiijftr with m»' 
I have investigated Ihe lil.giiarJ 
pniblem vou mentioned 

I dcvplv rvgret tin imoinc 
nience caused vou as a result ot 
our staffing pn>blems. 

I assure vou that the prob- 
lems fiaye been corrected and 
you will not K' further iiuoiim- 
nieiiied Knaiis*- ot the unavail 

ability or tardiness of a life- 

It IS our intentiiwi to provide 
the high«-st quality ser\ ice and I 
a>gret tfyat this did not incur in 
this instance \oii tor hnn>;ing this 
matter to my attention. 
Robert I Bn-uder 
I larper College President 

Dear Fditor, 

Don lierger s article about 
Intrrnel use in the library 
ilobmary ^) raised stvme inter- 
esting and important issues 

Mr Berger «s corns, t when he 
states that e-mail and chat rixmt 
use has ni»t been allowed on 
library Internet workstations 
rhis policy was ongirully dri- 
ven bv Ihe fait that there were 
only eight (and later twelve) 
Internet workslatKins in thi' 

It was tfit that these time- 
coasuming applicatums might 
limit overall student access to 
the Internet. In the last few 
wtvks. however, fourteen new 
Internet workstatitms have betm 
installed, bringing the total 
number of workstations to 

Because thesi- wi>rkstations 
sfwHild allow tfu" library to more- 
lullv Jicomniojdte demand, 
restrictions on chat nxims and i-- 
mail have been lifted. It shiould 
also be mentioned that Internet 
content has never Kvn moni- 
tored, nor w ill it K' 

The other issue raisc-U bv Mr 
Berger is the |use i>l| 
Bibliographic lastructiiw Kixim. 
Ihe Bibliographic Instruction 
Rfx>m fu>uses sevenli-en mm 
puter w orkstations 

Ihe nH»m is used to teaih 
students in a classrcKtm setting 
how to use various library 
resources irwludmg but not lim- 
ited ti>, the Internet Thts nxim 
IS used extensively, over the 
last two semesters, over 400 
instrui-tion sest>ioru> were con- 

Given the vohime and the 

randiwn scfyeduling of sessions 
it IS not possible ti> open the 
rix>m for other uses 

The Internet is an important 
tool both in and out ot the 
library We m the library hav e 
striven to pmv ide access to as 
many students as possible, as 
fairly as possible 

With the arrival of new 
workstations (and more to 
come), we hope to be able to 
accommodati- greater student 
Thomas < .. k i/ 

library Sirvues IX'partment 

IX'ar Fditor, 

I am a prisoner on Death 
Row at tfu' Ari/oiu State Prison 
w ho would like mail fnim any- 
one who would like til write to 

i am without lamily and 
have been in this cell a dozen 
years aln-ady 

I would like correspondence 
from anyone who fias the time 
to write and who would en(ov 
receiving letters Irom me in 

I his lite has K-en a hard and 
loru'lv one and 1 would be grate- 
ful for any company anyoru" 
would carv to give 

i will uii-swer all letters writ- 
ten to me 

To those who do write, please 
feel fn>e to talk about or ask 
whatever you are cunous about. 

Being a condemned prisoner, 
1 am kept strictly isolated and 
liK'ked in my cell. 

I am not allowed to work to 
get money for stamps, so, if you 
could send me some it 
w ould N- a big help to me. 

Anyone interested please 

Michael Correll #51493 
Arizona State Prison 
PO.Box .T40() 
FloreiKe, A/ 
Michael Conell 

■ii''^~ unortal Beartf 


Editor m Chief Lauren Schutjel 

^4ewsE(llt(y Amanda Of fenbacher 

AAE Editor JermferGob 

Features tditof Don Berger 

Sports Editor SeanMcrtjgh 

Photo Editor Oesiree Corcoran 

Faixilty Advisor Hcmaiti ScMossDerg 

l?yan Freund. Steve Kelliher. Brad Michalak, 

Mary Kay Larson. Kevin Sfiepke, 

Robert Valade/ 

Il Polletos 

rrw MvMwer IS tt» stuMni putication (ot tr* Hwpar CoMaa campus canv 
innly. piManail tt m «« M y ttwougriout the tcxool Y—t mcam iJurng KoMatrs 
»^ final «un«. Tia ptnw • dntriBulad Irae to an studams. faculty and 
admmstralKin. The Hartwwar* sole iwpow is to provida tta H«p*r camn>^ 
nrty with mformation ocrtaiinin( to llw campus an) its auramWK comnnty 


SignMum ■* ba 

to adit ng 

lattacs to ll« adttar ant rapSss to our aditoruM. 

and nduda plww nuntwlo vwify authoranp. 
wiittaw upon nKiuaat. M laitars and comam an sutiiact 

Product* and lervicM aitMirtiMd n rrwHa>t)««erann>tneccuanly 
arelorsad tiy tha aditoft of tna 0apB>. norDy Hit coNafa admnstratWn or 
Board of Diraclank Imuinaa Hwid M forwardad (Vractly to ttw adMTtiMf. 
and ali|wcft«M« ai« a« Hw diaoation ot tne conaunar 

The ftarbtnget William Rainey ftarper CoWeee 

1200 West Algonqum Road 

Palatine. 1 60067-7098 

Rione NtfTOerK 

tiusmess office: (847)925-6460 

news office; (847) 925-6000 )i2461 

fax; (847) 925-6033 

copyrtgfit 1998. Tlw Hartiincar. 
All rights merved. 

The Harbin;^ 
Maich 9, 1498 


Brooke: Elated audience demanded encore 


contnad from pag> t 

fool armind to wanii up thetr audi- 
ence with d sarcastic excerpt imtn 
"Stairway lo Heaven" 

The backdn>p foe the stage was 
an enonnou» mural ot her tace ar»ijl 
CD cover painted by Harper 
Theater Mana)^ Ke\tn t*iR»T 

*Wow. I've ne\er had to lOand in 
tronl ot myselt before." laughed 

Memb e r * of the atidience com- 
menled on her tnitflt which consist- 
ed ot a <unall black sweater, black 
vinyl pants and grren sIhws that 
were knidif than her ampliHer. 

"Ya' like my sneaks' " she asked 
as she playtully kicked up her kit 

Between moments ol witty ban- 
ter, thev bwke mio a few son^s. 
BriMtke bn>ught her new Parker 
olectnc guitar with a "magic bo»" 
that had some high tech features 

"I heard that loanie had one >a 
know. Mitchell," evplauvd Br«H)ke 
"She hai> one, «o I have to hjve kth". 

Wid) Brooke on guitar and 
c.raudiru on keyboard, the 
mekxlies swept mer the audience 
.ind caused them to sway and stng 

Her voice was vibrant and songs 
'!<-d her broad rmge ot pilch. 
. iiiics and ttmbn- 

Brooke performed a crowd 
favorite. "At the Still Point", after 
mentioiving that a fn««nd thought 
the song was called "Stilt Boy ' 

She also f>erformed j niju«->l 
from Coordinator ol >tudcni 
\iluHK- Muhail 
Moments later stie *ang M,i(j> 
Birthday' a day late to hon 

I louldn t N-liiNf it fXiUimed 
Neiman. "a performer has never 
done that lor me before " 

After her encore, Brooke cheeretl 
back stage. "Oh my CaxI. my big 
night \\h<nvhoo. That was really 

' lonjfhj vsjs imniliblf, ' -Kiid 
Harper student Rick lr»>st sht- h.i- 
such a giKJd girl quality " 

"Th» was my premwr showing, 

and I kned it." said Niel Morris, a 

student from Rixrk Valk-y College 

i wish that pei>ple tould h.m 


Braoke will be perfiwming jt tfie 
Park Wiest in Chicago iwi Marvh 1-1 
with her entire band. 

JoaaUia •rooka wowMl m 
pmckm* Mi««ac« at Hmtvt 
iMt wMk aMI lM»«s to tfe Um 
I at Om ^arti Waal a* 


Little Shop of Horrors cast 
prepares for spring play 


"The idea i>f 'ensem- 
ble'-lfve visual picture 
that many peopk- come 
together to create some- 
thing far greater than 
an individual coukJ cre- 
ate on their own-is 
what I tr\ to get acrow 
lo mv students." say* 

I'ulio bnngs to 
Harper many experi- 
ences and disciplines 
that she passes on to her 


"Feed me SevTmnir*" 
can be he.inl. i\hoin>; 
thnmghoul the hj|l> ot 
ILirp«"r, .is Mjinli lir.iw. 
ni-ar ihf ■.priiiK pla\ 
cast dilim-nlK pr.KtKfv 
tui' to -i» timi"- J wts'k 
in pri'p.ii.ition lor 
1 illlr "shop .'t 


Si-vcnlis'n student-. 
and lommunitv mttn 
Kts rttll p.irt.ikf in this 
(■HTtormanti' Iriday 
.mil Xiiurdav, Manh 2l>, 

::i :" .md 2H,ii>tp m , 

^rni Sunil.n M.inh 2,!! 
inJ ?" il r p m in tlif 

1 iltl,' -shop ol 

Horror- ili.' spring 

isical, IS an ott-beaf 

■ ■ of aspirahon and 

love gone wrong, J 

very strange plant that 

a young florist 

verv rich and 

irmus, but demands 

,1. nfices in rrtum " 

The spring plav is 
t>pen lo HarpiT stu- 
dents and iomniunit\ 
memK'fs .ilikt' 

t I ittlc 




I \ nr, 

Bill i.lvnn 

who pl-i.Ns Mr 

Mushnik arvd Wayne A 
Soil who plays 
\udri\ II 

•\iidr<'\ II namfd 

''It's about out* 
cacts, people 

who don't fit in 
and feel tliey 

don't deserve to 

-Laura Pulio 

after Seymour's love, is 
the actual plant used on 

i.>rt openmg night i>f 
llu' Little Shop of 
Horrors" the cast will 
have ht'tn nhi-arsing 
consecutively lor eight 
weeks in preparation 

I aura Pulio, director 
ol the play, "really digs 
th«- music " 

Pulio IS an instrui 
tor at Harpi-r in Iht 
fipeech and Theattr 
[X*partment. and is alM> 
a graduate ot tlvf col- 

i'ulio savs that she 
always liH<ks fi>r » 
ilii-mv that IS impv>rtanl 
n ctM*»sin>; a play 
It s (the pl.iv> .ibcMit 
.'ul.jsis, p«-oplf wtio 
lion t fit in and tivl they 
don I disi-r\c to bf 


Come see Pulio do 


nima Skafi* ia a 
craativa acaaary. 

her stuff' at "The Little 
Shop of Horrors " 

Tickets are now on 
sale at the Harper 
College Box C)ffice, 
(847) «»2'i-*l(10 

liiki-ts are $« for 
f-larper students and 
slatt, S'' (or olhiT stu- 
dents, and SIO for gen- 
ffai admission 




Find Out Ml You f^eed to Know 

about Transferring to DePaui 

Meet with a Df Paul Representative 

Right Here on Campus. 

WHcript BvatutlM 
1 AMtafenMttai 
• Acadmlc Pra^un - Dajr, BimUag. aad 
t At IVra City aatf T1tt«e 

Ainslie to perform at successful Coffeehouse Series 

Make aa appotetwMit to meet with DePaari 
traarfrr ca —w tor or Ntep by at yoar eoawaieacc. 
Mark yoor calendar for OM of Omap datea: 

April 20 

Baildiag A 

10:00 AM- 1:00 PM 
10:00 AM-1:00 PM 

CAU (Sit) SCMtIf) 


For the past H years. Scott 
Ainstie has been playing 
blues guitar louring exten 
sively and bringing his 
knowledge of Mississippi 
blues legend Robert lohnson 
with him Ainsh,' will bnng 
his talents So Harper's 
Ci>ffeehi>us*' Series on Friday. 
Match 20, at 7;.K) p m m lh.> 
newly renovated student 
center in Building A 

Currently. Amslie is m 
■outhwest V'irgmia. partici- 
pating in a \ isitmg artist pnv 
gram, sponsored by non- 
pnifit organi/ations such as 
The tlks Club and The Lyons 

He performs m tront ot 
grades K-12 in a uiminunitv, 
where there are only 7S stu 
dents currently enrolled in 
ttie school. 

Ainslie plavs ns<ls blues 
and slide guitar m.ikin^ him 
• veT*ahle mui»n.ian Ainslie 
attributes much of his gn>at- 
iv?*s to a music profess*>r ol 
his "Not a day goes bv that I 
don't use some knoysUJui- 
that I gained from him 

Ainslie has been perform- 
ing in coffeehouses since the 


„ mm.m^ •« ptov • Mlxtwa vt MMa, ragthM 
aaa Ian wllli Ma aeaaatic aad aHda gidtar at Ma 
Caff aalioaaa appaaraaca aa March 20. 

young age lf> Some of the lohnson songs, Billie Holiday 

influences that indirectly 
help-d Aircslie mold his style 
are » lassie |a/7 artists like 
\rthiir Blake, Blind Bov 
Fuller' aiid Revererul t,ary 

Ainslie is kioking forward 
lo coming back to perform at 
Harper this vear "This per- 
formance will be a wider 
\arietv of music, and I'll 
stray Irom the traditional 
blues,' s.ns Ainslif As 
opposed to playing many 

songs will be apparent in his 

Ainslie looks forward to 
seeing the Chicago sky line 
again, and visiting Harper 
once more. 

Takets are available at tfie 
Harper B<« Clffice (847) 925- 
hiai), and an- frw to Harper 
students and staff, with a two 
ticket limit All tickets on the 
day ol tfH- show will be S5. 
Specialty coffee and deserts 
will be served. 




Th*- Harbinger 
March 9, 1998 

Harper English teacher Greg Herriges releases latest novel 

Coukl nxk li^tt-ndv s,)m 
Cooke. Ediiir Civhran i,fiw 
ViiKCTif. Ritihie Vjlen>, thr 
Big BtipptT Bridn |<>ivi'* all 
have been murdered' K it 
possible thJt BuJd\ Hi>IK 
survivrti thi- pljnr . ri-h 

Fnter n^k n rul' 
live KikIv ktvn 
spcikinn, tine-hi- 



M riMniiiii; 

.all.>d th, 

It's pretty mu. 
fiitiTtamment, thai- >v I ■, I 
lall It mII iin)iil^(«iit ' h.' s.ii.l 

tlrrno"- ■> ••ii-i 
M..- l\ 

Rmk n mil ha> been a bi^ 
part of Hemj^' life sinte ht- 
was a ihild Hf said hf 
learnovl the impurtann- t<l 
n<il. n ri>ll through hi-, twi' 
si!«ti"rs when 1 i>n a 

viipv I't Heartbri-ak Until and 
broke it V1\ siMer wanted t.' 
brv-dk m\ n»vk, ami I realized 
■ I,,, ,v fMirv.rtant »tviff " 

"It's tricky tn gri an 
acrnt. hecausv to gt^l 
published, ytni nt-t d 
Id Ki*! un aiienl, aiut 

%<Ki can't )>et an 

agrnt unless you're 


-Greg Hemgei 
AMWiam Enghab Protessor 


Breath Taker to perform on campus 

(HTlivrni at 

CarlivH I aniun h 
making himselt >■ 
aniuF'i. : 
over 1 

Cannon will 
Harper > l ctlivhiuiv -- ' ■ 
on Frulay. Marih 2" 
p m. in the Buildi, ,, 
Student C enter 

Canm>n is a naliie 
Chicagoan, who won first 
place m the Chicago 
linlandia Vodiu Jajtz Talent 
Search in I** 

SifKe th«T\, he has n'teuLsed 
hts debut c D. /" thf \ame ,<f 
Imv in Marih \^7 

Cannon is earning a nppu- 
tation intematii>nallv in 
South Africa Namibia and 

Cannon has atso per- 
formed at local Chu'dgo 
favorites such as The Tasir (rf 
Chicago, Nav\ I'ler, The 
lireen Dolphin Ihr i .>tton 
Club, The Bulls, l armines 
Clamhou»e and Tlie 

Clinic) ue 

Cannon man-nxt in mu\u 
performarm at lllinxis state 
Universitv and RiHise\elt 

He credits l,erald 
•Albright kenn\ l, Art 

I'lrlir I ».n id ViiidWirn and 

-. Ir jshl» 

\l,,r,. , 1,1 I 
K.-lun I . c-l I. h;. 

■fuT- will him Itii' Hn-.ith 
i iker ' 

Decide for viHirselt at his 
'r.-. !>.TforTnance 
•••ts can Ix 
.< . i.irprr Bi-s I i;,. , . 

Then' i- i * ' ■ t limit 
p«'r student ' l lick 

ets on tfve das 't ttii' show 
will be iS, students arid p«^ 
tic. while they last. 

■ *■ Ir.ul Wt 


ft'!«- \ lrrru;f** 


^h h<r .1 WAT 

an : 

hf O'ljlJ k.T- 

re. • 

•r.iU- ^uKJish 


' « ili.ilt'eti*- 


Hirrigi-s attributes some 
dt his luck to Kenmslv. who 
show I'd the book to publisher 
I'avid Vlemmotl at 


N h.iliilri) lor publication 

nleasf Apnl I, !*«« thn>ugh 
WiHxlcraft of iliegon. the 132 
page Thf WinfiT ntme I'artu 
MMriii-r.s will be available at 
Harp«"r s K>okslon' tor $1 3 "^^ 
and thmugh special order at 
other biHikstoivs 

wctoaMrrrsY or hww couia 
ifi >—>—«•■■< 


A»*t«tant Cngllsh pmr*»«or Or«£ H«rriC*a' tat«at 
nova*. TItm Wimtt Owte* Pmrty Mvrrfara, wtM b« 
availaM* at th« Narpar iMokator* on April 1 for eoly 

•Often talion 




or German Immersion Tag! 

Saturday. April 18, 1996 8 a.m.-€ p.m. •activities 
Harper presents a one-day German •songs 
immersion program for only $20. •presentations 
Calf FrauRenata von KMda«(M7)92S47ae •group WOrt( 


If your answer is yes. United Parcel Service 
has part-time loader ar>d unloader positions 
available Check out these tienefits: 


3-5 Hours f^er Day (Mon-Fri) 

•> No Weekend Work 

-*■ Comprehensive Medical Package 

*f Stock Participation > Employee Owned Company 


Call toll free | 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

'SWV'^r iAm*jMtUii 

Locations: HodgkinsA/Villow Spnngs (1-55 & 1-294) Addison, 
Palatine. Nortfibrook & Westmont 

fittp //VNAVW UpS COi 


im unnurammicimQi 

V^,^ Equal OpporkjnHy Emptoyw 

The Harbinger 
March 9, 1998 


March still has plenty of A A E events avamSTe on campus' 

•Ik lux 



i^ctocoRf Esy Of H*w>B» couea 
' — M wM Mag Me 
rtWay, Merck 13 


fc'v«i thinigh th«" iun i?. 
no longer nhtning, v,.u 
should check out the star-, 
that will shine at Harper in 

•Coffeehouse Series pre- 
«enU: Carlos Cannon* 
Friday, March 13 7 Mt p m 
Building A Idling.' 

Ctwne enioy the smix)th 
iounds of ci>ntemp«>rdr\ 
|a« artist C arltjs Canmin 
•Harper Community/ 

Palatine Concert Band 
Sunday. March 15, 7pm 
Cutting Hall, Pjlatine 
•Reamea McNeal "Donl 
Speak My Mother's Name 
in Vain- 
Monday March 16. ? M) p 
m. LI09 

Tickets are $5 tor Harper 
students and stalt, and $6 
for general admission. 

A play about the rape 
and sexual assault of black 
women in Amenca will be 
told in eight charaiter 


Mt SimI 1-, an aiti\ l^t m 
the anti-4n>lence muvement 
tor women 

Coffeehouse Series pre- 
sents: Scon Ainslie* 
Friday, March 20, 7:M p m 
Building A Lounge 

Sit hack and neUx vMih 
blui~. guitanst Scott Ainslit- 
•Harper College Theater 
presents: Little Shop of 

Friday & Satutday, March 
20,21,27,A28,8p m. J143 
Sunday, March Z2 A 29, 2 p 
m 1143 

Tickets are $K tor Harper 
students and staff, $<* for 
other students, and $10 for 
general admission, 

Seymour desperately 
tr.^ lo c,ti,fy the ravenous 

•'- UK ^"'' ' w 

*l tuM m*giht M youf ft/w. 


University College 


Tke Jaaji% reaMHe 
•tofles wer* feateretf la 
tke aevie OMSrasA. 

craving for human flesh of 
the unearthly plant which 
seems to grow before our 
very eyes, while trying to 
win the love of Audrey 
•Colonel Nancy and 
Colonel Jerry Jaax "Lethal 
Viruses, Ebola, and The 
Hot Zone" 

"niesday, March 24, 7 .10 p. 
m J143 

Tickets are $5 for Harper 
students and staff, $6 other 
students, and $7 for general 

Ajdieniv, will Iv lamil- 

H w ith the laaxi-s due to the 

t M-llini; lT,K.k Th.- H,>t 

"'■( ihi. hit movie 

ilii. Iui-h,inj .will Hid- 
• -im pl.ui-d rial iiti- hrroes 
in a IMH^ i>utbreak ot i:K>ld 

In their Icvlure/slide per- 
lormaiHi'. »ifniv mift- dur 
darkist lt,ir> yit the |,ia\i-s 
recount thur i^p.Tjiiucs 
with charm and humor 
•Coffeehouse Series pre- 
sents: Uncommon Ground 

Friday, Mareh :" ni 

Building A Un. 

This final show m tbi- tot- 
lifhoust- sent~. will K- pre- 
sented bv I'ncomnion 
t.round, a i of jcthousc m 

lop pertornuTs troni 
I puonimon I. round will 
gather ,it Harper to end this 
M-aMin with a bang 
•Small Works Show (art 
March SO-April 24 Buildings 

* The tolfeehous*' Sirus 
will fake place in the mwlv 
renovated Building ,\ 
I ounge 

There will Ih' deserts and 
sjwialty cottees a\ ailahle 

Tickets, which ^an be 
picked up at the Harper Box 
Office, are free to Harper 
students with a tu.. tnket 

All li>k,N ,>n the day of 
the -.luH\ siuJents and pub- 
lii .in- *«> uliilc ihev last. 

Harper Sports 

The Harbin>;fr 
March 9, \Vt» 

PirttkTWMMonaihtlp. School 
photography ca Kx>king for help 
at local dances /proms. Must 
attend one traMng session and 
have transportation. SSO/rtight. 
Fri. and/or Sat. CaR Jacki {630) 
971-2610 ext. 10 

Part tiiTW software instalter/ 
trainer. BooitKeepmg and com- 
puter exp. required. Up to 
$25/hr. Mt. Prospect area 
Servl resume to: 5261 
Deepwood Rd, Bloomf leid Hills, 
kMchigan 4830Z attrv Shelby 

Mature, resp. mdiv. to work with 
a 7-yr.old child with autism. Loc 
Barrir\gtorv No exp. Int. in 
psy/educA-f. FleiLhrs. Start 
$8/hr. Ca(l Kathleen (847) 202- 

90 customer service positions!!! 
WbodOate Earn $8.00 $10.50 
per hour. Answer m bound calls. 
Full and Part Time PositKXis. 
Flexidte Hours. Start 
Immediately. Must Have 
TransportatKMV. CaN Connie 
(847) 706-9180 

Part-time secretary, 11-7 M-f, 
Pay detemilned by expL Mt. 
Prospect area Mall resume to: 
5261 Deepwood Rd, BloomfiM 
NUs, Michigan 48302. attn: 

Employment opportunity for 
delivery /store help at 
Schaurnburg area flower shop. 
11-4. 6days/weet«. Paynego 
liaWt! No exp t>f«led Witt 
tram Cat (847) 884 8164 


'IN«j BnfcAn 

Packages aMUabte!! iNOivicxi- 
or sm^l GROUPS wanted!! Call 
(800) 327-6013 or 
http: / /www.icptxom 

ELeCTTUC BASS^ hard caaa and 
ampL 5 string, black Ibanez 
Sotndgear 405 series t>ass 
with hard case, cord, strap and 
amplifier. Ctaat condltloni Not 
a scratch on it! Must sell for 
1800. Call Lauren (847) 991 
7808 for mfo or to h^gie. 

ALL SPRING BREAK locations. 
Ftorida $99-f, Texas $199+. 
Cancua Jamaica $399■^, 
Mazatiaa Bahamas. Reserve 
rooms or be Campus Rep. ICP 
(800) 828-7015, «vwwxptxom 


Seeking responsible, non-smok- 
ing roommate. $250 /month* 
utilities. 5 minutes from cam- 
pus in quiet setting. Contact 
Robert at (847) 857-4335 

Hoffman Estates Female to 
share w/Female Lg2br/2t)a 
apt. Must like dogs $400/mo 
+ 1/2 uti. $200 sec dep (847) 


REVOLUTION of Dating Browse 
Tiwougri Messages From 100^ 
of COOL Singles. Call (900) 
285 9287 Ext. 3643 MEET 
YOIA MATCH onthe«l 

Diiteiirie 2.i»9/miti 18yrs+ 
Senr-U (619) 645-8434 



Sorry about the Ho+tos. Good 
luck bettering the ratio. Ill buy 
you some mote batteries. 


Your beauty is astounding. I 
want you to make me t>lossom 


How% this for 50 percent? Tell 
wifey we luv her writ's a meat 
whistle? Does ii have anything 
to do with that stretched-out 
Speedo you wore in the hot tub 
mFla? Jee-zus! 
The Swwathogs 


WIe have your duck. Youll never 
-et It back. Even 



Thanks for "beir^ there" for us. 
Your mom 

To place a 

classified or 

personal ad in 

The Harbinger, 


(847) 925- 


•Bill Knilach was named Athlete of 

the YkA. tat the week of Feb. 11-18. 

KnilKli hit a Aiw p oint shot at the 

end of ngnbtion to send dw Hawks 

Into overtime against nationally 

ipanked Rock Valley. The Hawks pre- 

llniled in overtime 112-102. 

•Eiffu lopa was named Athlete ol 

Urn Week for the week of Feb. 25- 

Mapch 4. Lopet finished fourth at the 

itttional wiesding tournament after 

rnoeivlng a wild-caid to the touma- 


Do you like sports? 

Have you ever thought at)out 

writing or taking pictures for 

the sports section of The 


Tifie Harbinger is looking for 
writers and photographers 
for the Fall 1998 semester. 

Get a press pass, go to 

games, meet the players and 

coaches, get the inside story to 

strategies and more! 

The possibilities are endless 

when you work for The 




M m M MMr CIlKli^ ■•• MlnB «•» >««ll •*itiaimm nmmm-matmSitaiAv 
jwH »« ton ol pmoMi «»Bfcm *«■ c-oi »w» hK nmaMp* 

B»mi»,»a<l«#iMiH*t<«ir«»lii»iiJuw« :*>««ll 
i£n)M;.:l«ninliti li(Mi»».iti™dil»iummi!i»r«»ii>«n«i 



r, ('>()lk'gc 

Malce the Transfer 

M tlu- North Park University 

Transfer Student 
Open House 

Ihtnm lytorih 19, IMS, frm 7-9 p-nt 
XhntKt May n t9M. fnM 7-9 pm 

• to North Park to learn abuut ntajon. and programs, 
"" admisslaa requirenMnU^ and financial aid. 

• If y« apply on tht spot your appiiioiinn lir is waivid. 

^ • Htyoi bftni! ir.msCTli)is. we vvtB.^begiii an cvalujikwi thai <;vening 

• If VW at' ' team about acadt-niic ailv ising 

jnd pi^' ' 'ti 1^" viasSCS. 

I . )fym hi iJiiirf transcripli, we will help you to have^ 




VNisi I ovKT Avenue 



The Harbinger 

9f iMv 


Wrestling: Team sends Lovelace out with third place finish 

'Last VMT Todd WW gunning for 

tfie all-anMTkan*." Ijoprieno aaid 

"This ye*r everv-body w«» (gunning) 

fiM hini When yim get lo this W\i'l 

■ I you nt!«d tu br J little 

-•••• 'he cjilb TodJ wan juit 

this v^^4r 

.1 liti 

mvittii !i> 

isn ri>urtii in in*" na'kin jt 
Placing fourth at natuwi 

tjtt Ihji • 
it(«lj 4t r. 


"You hiavr to be at the lop (rf your 
game," LoprwiMi iuid '>»»« t 
nuke nustdus* 

R |. Cohen pUcvd se\-enth at lt>7 
and Zach Drmco wa» AMi a< ]90 

"Th.Te'» a loi o( emotion now that 
I'm Waving," Lovctaor jtahi rrtlivtins 
on liw MNMon and his p>->i 
Harper CoBcge "Allthrk 


mat doing tht> same Ihir > 

lys do It s Danr- • •■• U .1 

I aiach He de*rT 1 .rtu 

!H)fiung jhtmt ." 
-<• inntiNl li' 

thjt imiMuil ahead at 
Bdn ■. i-n get out of the hrst 

round Ldgai pnwed ht- dewrved lo 
behere " 

PHOTO e» R08O»T V«LADt7 

mmt VMM to MM of Mm t»twlwg wr*atl«r* Coadi Dm L>)irt— I* 
t m mU»g to f*r tk* l«atf«r«M» tkat Mm ilMrk* will MAad aaat 


nmnwrdl cn wmwm i itv- w iiaw»ftK«w>g <Imi fan Wy nw l S» Jtit^ titU 

liar tlioar wfio dufic H. 



Hawks: Finish 
season at 9-19 

Mark Stahl with .167 point> 
and Bill KnitM-h 282 poinN 

Andy Ch«>)niiwski aver- 
aged 52 reKmnd'' per game 
Nenl was M.irk Slahl with 
4 7 ivbtHiiwls fx-r game and 
r,trlo At!nett>> with ^'i 
-.h,'ui\.l- , 

l.iriit ' i 

three pointer^ .luring; ii>; 
•eaaon play, lulluwed by 
Andy Pronto with 50 and Biil 
Krut>iCh with 4** 

"naymg for Harper was a 
griMl expenenci- tor me I 
tan t wait till nevt year We 
should be a force." said 
Dav id HKks 

Ihe Hawk> hnished the 
year with a mrtml of 'i-l<* 
and a confcrrence record of 5- 

Spring: Athletes 
ready for games 

conlinuad tram page 12 
nis will have to default two 
positions against regional 
and ixmleiemv opponents 

Track&Field. Men: Look 
tor a strong distarure team 
whK'h will on'er the 800m to 
l()K and steeple chase. The 
sprint team is led by football 
standout John Rogers who is 
extremely explosive in the 
lilll and 200m The team is 
shinving signs ot greatr>e^ 
Kdch athlete is working >\ard 
I"h«-ir w illingness to learn and 
prditice hard ha> created an 
atmosphere of competitive- 
ness and enthusiasm 

TrackAfwId, Women The 
team is not as large as it was 
last but the talent is otiVKMis. 
National Qualifier Heatfwr 
kusch will ttu' lead wonu-n's 

Women cruise to region iV finals this weeic 

STAff WR"fs 

With the »ip illinoi- 

Vallev Ap-Kht's • HafjHi 

Colle>;e WomiTi s bii.skett«.ill Irjm 
clinch*"'' ~i>miihiii^ has xw\ir 


bid h>r thi- '"^'^ ■> '( \ \ \.iii.-" ■'«Tii I 1" I "m^ 

New Yori, M.iri 

Not iMily th ' 
wh«> W tht- w j\ I. t I! 
with 2** |;>«nrit'- -irui 
bn>kf PascaUf O tXuuinhui ~ ■• ■ ■' i 
for the mtisl points *cc>rfil tn an 
individujl liver tu.< \iMt>- wilh 1 1^" 
point>. bfjting thf i>k1 •*'' s- r.n,.ij 
by thiw point-. 

Wen- pUvins riMlK sihkI Has- 
kftball nght iii'u iJ ni.ich 

iCTinitiT )en<#n 

"Wf IV pla>in>; as a tt.ini willi 
habrceti Mronns an»l our ililfns«' i<> 
looking n«xjd. There > 7h dn i^ion 111 

junior collejces and <?it;' '•■' 

to fh«' hmmamont -,. 

rf);ion tourtum.-nt in 

n.ilK>nj|s and thai ■- wi 

■■\i»r\Ki«iv i"vprettN ficitiJ. opt-vial- 

Iv the Mip*'*"""""* *^'*'''"'»' •*^*' *"" 

hdVf at loast thm 

plav in thrir imti < 

I , itus IS the lirM 

ji , , •' ,• national tourney 

. Hawks Ibfv rt- hnng- 

n, . A ilh ihini Irom 

ndtion.ll tournament 

'Aashin);ti'n Colle);i' in • i.., 

It s a great evpenencv said 
|on>en ol a national tournament 
ana 1 m glad that the girU will gtl 
the same opp»>rlunit\ that I had." 

Ihe lady Hawks are now 23-7 
K«int; into the national tournament 

This IS the hist time the\- have 
won 21) or mote games 

I heir stvdin^ in tlie national 
tournament will Iv Jetcrnuned on 
theoutctHne ,.( the Kesioii l\ iliam 

tii.trwhii^ V' mil K'.Mn^t I .>ilf);i' ot 



NMtiMr KMMk pirts M» ■ skot mmMm 
traffic. Mm I* tiM imw tmcot4 holder 
for wemoii coroor ^olnt* at Marpor. 

Men's basketball finish mediocre season, look forward to next year 



- .Muled 
. ii.ifnpu»n 

lull II. 
iii\\n with' 

Aiitfy ^iMrto lo*ti» to MMtrato Into tko aM«o of tho 

Wrestlers finish tiiird in nation 



Dis,!. ■ 'les Si is '^ 

lift- I 'rp«r H.n^ ■ 

wrestling team 

The Hawks traveled to 
Bismarck. \ 1» with high 
enpeitaliims li> sav the 
Hawks did not lultill then 
expectatlon^ would K- a*ni 
rak- but unfair The Hawks 
finished third in the nation 
and had tour .■\I1-Amencan> 
However when a team »et> 
such lofty Koabt thn- are set- 
hns themselves up for disap- 

Ihal Is n.-l 1. 1 i.pneno .in,l \. rm 
I .ni l.ue .ire n«<t happv with 


■■.I set hik;li eij-. ^l 
tmiis I I'pneno said \nd 
w lun vou set high goals 
vou'n- );t>inK to experierKe 
|disapp»>mtingl Uvsse* ' 

t>ne ot Ihe unenpecti-d 
|,,,N».s was at I7T pound 

,lass I.Kld Miller, 
placed third at n •••■•• 
previtHi". year, !• 
time match in tl 
America n>und ' 
the ev«* national v 


II. n 

W-^l hall- lime lead and 
never lookevi haik The 
Hawks won 'K'~~ and 
with thai win the Hawks 
hid to face Rixk \.\\U-\ 

Bill Ihe >luuh 

Knits,h led all s,,orers 


, , . ; in U 

pttints anil l>a\Kl lluks 

addixl 1 1 p< 'int- 

\Her dit.ating Illinois 
Vailev (hi- Hawks had to 
tra\el I.. K.sktord ti' yl.i\ 
i.' ■. I V il!e\ \ U>ugli 

tor anv team lo 

In the (m , 
regular season r larper 
tk-leatts.1 Koik Vallev m 
oM-rlimi With thai in 
mmd Ihe Hawks had 

»..(■ ■ ■ ■!• their 

.1, ■ ■ , thev 

i pa. .^i Ihe 

Haw ►- - .Ting 14 jH'ints 
shiH'ting 4 il "J liom the 
held an.: Irom 

behind Vlike 

1 in n 

lids iHvn a great 

■ oaeh I love 

.rper aniJ all 

(lect me I 

• next vear 

It all over." 

: .,.aih Mike Hirsch 

, ;,r reiord mav not 

show It hut .ire plaMTs 

h.oe the higgest hearts 

.111.1 !hev all have a no 

quit attitude Ihal 

I hope thes remember 

miwt abiHJt this basketball 

sea^m. *' 

Ihe Hawks' will losing 
me players this "seasim 
\dam Bruhn. Andv 
i hiijnowski. Mike 

Malomv lav ko/uil and 
I'al Higgins will he gra 

We had a tough and 
grueling s. hedule I think 
we made our opp<>nents 
work hard tor evrnthing 
lhe\ earn, said Adam 

lart-vl the gefu-ral" 
Sherman hnished the reg- 
ular s«ason sionng a total 
420 points, followed by 



Spring teams 
ready to get 



The same questions 
always >um>und the spnng 
sfwrts when will the snow 
.nd; when will Ihe team.s K' 
able to practice ii.'f. '■■ ■>•■■ • 
consisti-nt basis ' 

So without tunnel .11. .. 

the spring pn-view 

Baseball: Second leani 
•\1I-Ainerican Vine Rdwards 
heads up a young iiiexperi- 
enced club. Co-captains Rob 
I'oma/ak and Vince IJiVarto 
are also back Head coach 
Norm liarrett is showing 
cautious optimism for the 
season liarrett will have a 
new outfield, a new third 
t .isemen. a tH"W catcher anil 
.1 new second basemen 

I .arret! will be replacing 
nine players who either letl 
or gr.iduale.! 

VVe II ti- a got>vl deien- 
sive team, hul our oltens«- 
will be improved We won't 
t>e team that will move from 
slahon to station " 

Softball; Six starters 
return to Ihe LadyHawk^ 
ionleri-nce championship 

.\ jennv 

iabian. All-region Anne 
Stcxidard and AU-Conlerence 
Melanie KwasnK*wski lead a 
stn>ng offensive team Civach 
lim Ryan believi-s this year's 
team ls | a* giKxJ or better 
than last year's team Ryan's 
only concern is how well tlv 
sophomores blend with H" 

t>ne thing IS tor certain 
Ihe l.adv Hawks will N' 
swinging the bats. Rym is 
convince"!.! everyt>ne on the 
team w ill make key contnbu- 
lions throughout the seawwi 

VVe re going to go out 
and have tun and i-niov our 
success " 

Tennis: The team will 
have quality players at the 
t>.p thrix' [xisitions The top 
spot IS still up for grabs. 
Mik.- Ketihiim, Rommel 
Mangalindan and Joe 
Romano will vie for the top 

The team was deumated 
bv transfers, iniunes and a 
lack of freshman candidates. 
Coach Roger King will prob- 
ably play the schedule with a 
five-man team Unless the 
team n>ster is filled out ten- 
Sea Spfln( on pace 11 

*» ' 

Student senate, trastee candidates 
discuss essential campaign goals 

Voters roqulrad to bring student activity pass with 

Reginato throws it big 


Ilt^ii.n^ tor »hf Hdrpvr College SHklent 
>> . ir. i !i "^S) an- K'lng h«*ld Mjrch 24-25 for 
ttK' \'*^\^-^ school yrar (ikitni pmUOom *K 
president, vice-presklenl, twjsunf afid »•«»- 
.It-nt trasttt 

The student ■i.-nair ^ purfMs*- is !■' rt pn- 
<«nt dnd promtttt' the rights of thr »hid«nt 
bodv .It Harper t ollene 

Th«' senate re'new> and recommends 
changes in the a>lle);e p«>1k\ and rnvommend-. 
tht' budget for studenl dctiv itie» !«-. 

Thev are responsible tor r.ititsin>; uit 
appri>vin>; .ill iliib .iiiJ 
on campus 

The president ot the Hi hs tnuM preside 
over all senate me%'tings Hr .! >h,i must rep 
resent th»- HChS to the admi; uultv 

.«nd stalt ot Harper Collejje 

Senate president is n-sjxmsihU' l>>r ri\ uw 
ing and evaluating the periomuiKe ot the 
Me and muAl prepare 4§ifidla«, informatHtn 
and documentation for senate mFetinK.t 

The president must perform duties deemed 

? Ihi- ..<*Ti. I'- 
ll T -tu.l. 

iruhment and 

nevessarv bv tin' tiia|ortt\ • 

The rtinninji candidatt 
presidenl is Kathm ' ' 
experienci' .is the \ 
Umt;uage Studies N-nalor t,r • 
was th»' stvfetary- and editor ni 
the Honor's Stxietv newsletter. 

C t>wlev has dotu- community sCTv 
imolvtHJ in her thunh and hasfotne nsiliMrv 

"1 feel tfut this IS tfH' p<»sttnin m whiih nu 
I'xperienie and abilitii-. will tx' utili/ev) to 
m.iko a ditten'iiie a dilterini i' in H( >is ami 
111 -tiidfiil lile ' C ow li-<. -Mtr\l .in hiT i .hhIiJ.i 


The V Kt-presidt" rudini ^n it, 

would presidf ovi-r Hi s> nns'tings in the 
abst-ntv ot the pr»'sidi-nt and imhiUI Ih- r>s(><>i' 
-iblc tor t.ikint; over Ihfii ilnlii-s in t.isi' ol n 
i>;n.ition or ri'mmal fn>m otlKi- 

The » HI pfi-sivlinl IS responsible tor anv 
duties 1^1. t .1 li . ... i.\ the prcsi.l.'i't .-• 

loaruta V iur.,,..w . 



Silent halls in Building A: WHCM gets broadcast yanked for contradicting reasons 

, -. .» I 1 ^1 .-. I- ... .- :.. -hut 

..lown I wi> th.'iii;ti U Hi M i» not 
ttie tvpual IM radio station it onK 
broadcasts within the n.ilN ■•< 
Building A Its pn-sence, and now 
abM-nce. aMtvts our students. ta»ult\ 
and the school itself 

Director ot !»tudent Aitnit: 
leanne Pankanin. annourued lasi 
Wednesdav mommj; that V\ Ht \1 
1-, .. I. •:■.'■' . ni 

t.T irii' n V.I-)- 1. ■ • ':!. ■.'. . ■ ► .IS a 
two-day discipline 

"I'm WHCM s bingeat supporter " 
said Panianin. Hovv.mi I m .on 
CCmed about the ,t tl;. 

.,t will \l r 111 

Irom a in. 

areas that st.i.;,..; .... >i ; i ; . 
plaints from listeners 14. .th si 
manacers. s^-an Trudoaii .ind lean. a,. 
\.'\\.iV hai.- \el t.i or ms' pns't 
ha. kinn up the alU-gatKifB. ot sex eral 
V crbal complaints 

like ciminf; many opportu- 
nities for people. A.s >ou 
can say, the doors are siam- 
ming in our face." 

-tennv Bondi 

A ni»n-stiHfent .iiifh.intv is quick 

I. -,r, Uir -l.ilu.l. - iii.m.i).-.. l~ 
ha\e ha.) tair u.irnin>; I't Ih.- ir..punl 
ing lomplaints ' 

However Trudeau sa^.. .Iitteienl 
t low .ire VM' supjH'-.*-.! ti' kn.>\\ 
.■ui i.lx i-or I lorn Vhneikel isn I 
telluiv; lis .invlhin^ ' 

It there is a problem, wh\ .Ion I 
tfH-v work with us, not against n^ ' 
.(ueslu.ns Mike l .is.n , i.. \\ I It M 
tu u -.(-KTson hli in 

l)a\. DUigei \%IK\t I n^ineir. 
s,ns students have .n'atne tns\loni, 
however, thev are not allowe.l to 
sv\ear, commit defamation ot .>lhers 
or talk about sexual a«rtions 

Two WHCM Dfs have alreadv 
bei-n lerminalis.1, and orn- h.i- Ksn 
susf>endt\l |ust that 

"This is nut the appropriate 
image for WHCM, a station 
that cannot be turned off." ' 

-leanne Paniuinm 
Diraclor at Student Activities 

'Tuminn IWHCM] us off is like 

. losinu many opportunities for peo- 

(le says WHCM D|. Jenny B<indi 

\s ytni can sav, the diHirs are slam- 

minjj; in our facv' ' 

lentativ e plans have been made to 
buy WHCM a CD )ukehox This will 
allow 2s- St) CDs to be loaded so songs 
can play randomly on tfu* air without 
th»' help of a P| 

Pankanin believes WHCM to be 
havmv; an "identify crisis." 

Out of the Loop, a 
documentan abnut the 
underground Chic.igo 
music scene ti) be shown 
on campus. 
Page 4 


Women's basketball 
finishes forth in nation 

Unconmion Ground brews talent at Harper 



UiKoounon Ground started out 
seven years a^o as a drop in the buck- 
et sort of dive cafe. 

SiiKe then, it has evolved into one 
ot WngWyvilWs Hippest coffcehous- 


Uncommon Ground will take 
place in Harper's C off eefiotjse series 
this Fnday, March 27. at 7 TO p m in 
tfie BuiUmg A Stud«-nt t i-nter 

Uncommon t. round will brinn 
thnv ot their top pc-rtorniiT^ to the 
Harper campus Nora (> l oiinin 
Rose Poleti/ani and I ouretlj la>;li 

Ilu-M" female singer s..rigvvriters. 
Will (vrtorm stiU. a.oustK s.'ts 

thow ing ott thi-ir talents. Cf Coimor 
will headline this event. 

! artfrtai are very iai- 
I and tticy're all fan- 
taatic tkkgarhoug writers.** 

•metm mH Ounmon 
U i Mnn wi o r i Ground teundf 

CV Connor is featured on 
t,in<"*.»«'"'>" * .round s first compila- 
tiiii . omnion (..round has 

al^. ,,... ,1 ti l .inn. 'I - .lehul 

relias.', l eriilean Blue 

However, O Connor has )oined 
forces with a r»w l->and The Hl.kk 

CMitact rk« HarMmgmn Locat«4 hi iMlMkii A, 


(M7)MS-«4M Nwva 


B«ith Polenzani and Tagli aiv beirtf; 
considered for Uncommon Ground's 
second compilation CD. 

"These artists ace vwy talented 
and they're all fantastic singer/song 
wnters," said Micheal Cameron, 
owner/founder of Uncommon 

Uncommon Ground is open seven 
days a we»k at 8 a. m.. until 11 p. m., 
and midnight on Friday and 

l>n Wedra^sday, Friday, Saturdav 
ind Sunday evenings, live perform 
ers (such as those who will be 
Harper) take stage at I'ncommon 

see Qpoinl on page 4 

(•47) taft-MOO xMU 

Page 2 

The Harbinger 
March 23, 1998 

Senate: Activity pass needed to vote 

eoMmad fan) pafli 1 

p w ai d cnt <>< the «enale She i~ 

currvntiv a sludent sen.r 

member and wi»he« K> mnfi 

lie fo f«i>n-<T(t fh«- bi-^t in( 

est* I'l lh»' jtuUiMU , 1. . 

CrawforJ want* the lenate to Xmbj 

have ■ ■ — •^•■" " ■ " 


making >tudenl v 
nnfiectable Kircr i«i 
and betieve that th«- -• 

In, ■■ 
I- r<'^,'>': 

tvrtwds ot all fx^vn.: 
n>ane> hit the IRSs 

rhe tri-asurer must a.wi 
lip J budget and r«fH^ri thr 
bud);et »fatu> at f 
attend btitard mcvlinv. 
aaked and maintain a lurtvni 
back-up of all rtxi>rds 

ramm Prin/nalli i"- the 
runifing candidate tur tn-a- 
siirvr. She was the w-nalor of 
VVfllnes* and Human 
l'iTfi»rtnance in the pa»t. and 
Ls currently the student 
Irurtee. Prinzivalli designed 
the cuimit HCSS btxii keep- 
ing system. 

"Mv e^penencf a^ Tni«tee 
has prosidtii ni>- iMtli 1 '1.1 

Tru»tee* has a *tudfiii 

ivviro iir i!u-ui- .'• .1 -.r.',!'!" 
f piwitiiwi 

truM«' includf ni 
•■•.• Ht:»at »-\iTv mii-!ir.i; "■ 
• il or written U*m\ 

Ihrv. run 

mm; • -i>H' 

I .ill .i!U V'! tl-.' Jppll 

Student l>ni'nlJt!i'i i . .i.lrf 

-..•ii.itur 111 sdiiii-ii! 

piiii-ni .iiij i~ I nwm 

iivf mem 
!>, .ultT'.hip I 

jVo^rani id 'tii' 

. lull 

NMlfs JlHi 

■ K- part IM the Voi. 
> larpt'r studenli. 
R»*«Tl \ 

.lidate ti>r <.tud>i ■- 

mnnmn because lu' !-■. mtiT 
i-^tfvl m th»' policies whiih 
;<eT CoUtgr 
has been Invohfed 
in •»e\cral »tudr 
tum!>. intludin: I 

Amba»»adif», l.atiiH» 

Lnido*. the IntematKmal 
C lub and the MKCer tonii. 

m ieaaiT>-iiip jHr^iiHi- . i;i> j 
tot about dniTsitx 1 (i.ui 
not "ieen mu. ' sattil 

Voesvlli m hi '^i 

Balktt Ixixo vv 111 I-. widti-d 
at si-Ncrat UKatton-. ixi 
pus durrmn Manh 24-25. 

\iiiinn -itudents rnasH be 
able to pn-sent a current stu- 
dent activity paui 

slop now. 

--* -*. '' 1*-*^ i axrro \ J f y w 
--.1' J**. . v>,/ tfuJrm ntvf ir out 

9«u«Hr> »Ufcr »iu B w«y 

Our a<un at iXWi Our ■■» *« 
DMM ««i eojfjmrt fro 3J («*» 
un niM- prxtca turmi opcvxr 
*«i»«^ cn/yea •ctro »«3uE 

Cnoos* »on Kxnna « .KgieB r 

SutoiAimBacn Oamn rap«us 
iiftT-tuttn ^i f ifc \za/*io tnrvirji 

iirwy ir)a*i<#n»» a fOtl ?*■**»<» 
-II -n»^«»w>t» .*T»»a pm »2'-*BD 



to P^i*^**^ 

a"- . • 
aoced y 

hM IIHi*«rM>l OM«<tl*a<lMM 

I !•• c»r>l«t •l««*l« •■ 

I "humimn 


I Iwt f»M ina lt>r nmii^ wk> al Unn. wi 

I ■ TUM-caer sitA« sm> «* m- 

WliM •<> <l» SKAa olW A Ul '••W -^ 

a» i i i » w t a 

C « l ilr i * iil.. « i «. Sit*. M» » w .. «J«i « » ■>■*«—< 
liva y>ui nrfwy <>■ • pnnw laatk IV raalk' Mm 

•( TIAA-CltEr. ilv anU • W«m r 

Nh> M«« W<v. •• Mm Vmt CmI« 

Tiid^y TIAA-Cillll' >-•» Wp jmi •«« "v*. •»»• 
<i( row (nwod ««>»«««. •nh IRA. •mnuJ 
MMlMn Wall iMtpjnuMlKilla •»!«><«» itwix 

^KM mr t«ll u. a* 

I Ml MMTt u h«« nan 

iMMi n«« In*** liBr ymt 

Vt* IH M dK !•»«« « 


PERSONm j,.^ 


The Hait»tnj{eT 
Match 23, I9W 


Piirp.^:Take aire 

of business. 

The Harbinger is looking for staff 

writers, photographers, artists and 

editors for the Fall 1998 semester. 

Apply today In A367. 

Mntk dnr U hl fc M m atwn and iC- t>r,a>K)m iw* aM •< •*• 
'«W"««f li M> > M iawi Mm*. y«w ^««a mm- wMwtMy laom yw It m^mr 

. 40l(h1. PtNSIOM. ISOP 


• MT Oi^FItiNTUl ON SAT i. SUN. 
(I*r Ifi Star* l*<flt(«mc} 



wrrk kK t 

p4r*«- ..... 

■HMltuttlk, ' 

» <M umLw Nt »>m1 mil i 


'••»1NI«>M>*. I IM f . Ml.t K-I 

t^« r* w tin^ a»Mf*n« 4 mM i«K>««vaA>d Wlt»* 

~^6 CM*WHV MTMC* Vlp 4 9mt 

^b ca*>on iJkilt B«f4iM 4 
k *£• rtm%9m alt tfcelainoiwf I* 

Apply m 


Mat ^ 

■ IMS ka4 M. W O I I»l l«»HW 



•t 6 


•o^flWKiw inttvnnt 

M Hi SI MM mamu mnk km tAVMoTfrToo 

K 40^7 Hk (773) 404 2440 

StPaul Federal Bank 

^ ^ ForSavlngs 


• American Dijb«tr» Alert 

\lond.iv-Friday, Marvh ZV 

Build iriK A, I 4 I. 

I i-.irn it vou are dl ri>k for 
di.iKli". with help fmm the 

\miii. an Diabetes 

Xs'MH i.itum 

•Sjle Spring Break 
Information Party 
U,dn.-^l.u, Mjnh ;^ 
U> .1 ml pm Building A 
Student Center 
Theme: Having tun at home. 
Learn creative wavs to 

•Eating Well with Little 
Time and Little Money 
Thursday, March 26 
12:15-1:30 p.m. A242 
ludv Schimmel, a registered 
dietitian will tell you how to 
make quick, easy arnJ inex- 
p«rnsive meals with a mini- 
mal amount of plaiming. 



JL Get Real! 

All iiire«lc«ncl 



$5 Weekend Pass 

Purchase on the train or at 
downtown stations. 

For schedule information 
caii 836-7000. 

WHi Site- littpy/ 



The Harbinger 
March 23, 1998 

Fairness questioned 
in WHCM decision 

The >tudent r.ulm nLiIidh, 
WHCM, was kiikcJ olf thf .ur 
waves. The reasons behind this 
include offensive behavior anJ 
language, a dirty office, failure to 
secure the area and the growing 
complaints against the DJs 

WHCM is only broadcast in 
Building A. Several people who 
were studving in the cafeteria 
ufiit ii' lomplain about the sta- 
tion being too loud for them to 

Someone also complained 
the sound of a D)s laugh was 

These were the primary rea- 
sons given for the shut down. 
\1.inv of the D)s wtTi' not ropn 
manded for their actions, and 
were not given warnings befuri' 
the shutdown. WHCM was silent 
for two days. 

Now, they are not .illowed to 
have DJs for the time remaining 
until spring break Thev may 
play CDs continuoii-U, but thi'\ 
can't talk 

Our i)Ui'>-tu'n in f- M. 
'. Iiv stuJtUt bo^U li.i-. .. 
Ninall voice as it is 

To cut a student organization 
with about a five-hour notuc 
doesn't seem fair, evfn it it i^ 
considered a temporary shut 

Student activities are pro\ uifd 
to us so students have the oppor- 
tunities to learn in an educational 

WHCM mj\ h.)\." ottindid 
some people, but is it t.iir to cut 
them because of that' 

If all the radio st.ition is 
allowfil to vio is pl,i\ inusii 
where is th»' U'.irniiig fvpiTu-iue' 

What v%ill happen to The 
Harbinger if someont' is oltendfd 
by this storv' 

■dnoHai ■••ffd 

The Harl)inger 

«'* • •f<M*^*i*'$» ^^ 

Editor m Chief 

Sports Editor 
A&E Editor. 
Features Editor 
Photo Editor 
Faculty Advisor . 


Amanda Offenbactwr 




. . Desiree Corcoran 

Howard SchlossOerg 

Out of the Loop documents Chicago music scene 


SInJs^lln^ Pumpkins I r^i' 
tVerkill and l.i/ lli.iir \r,- i-nor 
mtms natiiwui musu sfi saiions 
but faih i>( ttu-m tv^an Ihtir ilimb 
up Itw proverbul Udder i'Iimhc 
sriiokv tluto ar»>unJ I. h 
nt-vt to iHtthing 

The barMl<> m the Sixalltst ' ■ 
w.)ve" of Chicago musu 1<».; 
RisJ Meat, The )esiis 1 i/.i-d. 'VuiTi 
Yum, Ihple Fast .Aclu-n .md 
Vpruca Salt, amimK ottHTs .inti.i 
tured in a diK-unH-nUirv Jiri\t<si 
bv Scott IVters»>n calM Out irf Ihr 

An t'vilusiv«> showing ol I'ld .' 
Iht- Ithtp IS tn-ing ottiTisi at I l,irp»T 
on Thursdav, April >< in thf 
HuildinK 1 TheatiT at 7 TO p m 

Chii-an>i l^-"* ^^ *" ailive, 
lhn\int; music sctrw. t-speciallv an 
underground music s«"i>nt' tor 
deiades." says nvording ingi- 
n»vr/musKian s.ti'M> Albini m the 

K<Kk ..ritK Inn I V'Ko^atis has a 
dittiTent opinion. Ihis business 
aKmt a scene arvd a hy p«' on a par- 
ticular scene — I think it's |ust 

The divunu'iit.irv v\a> award- 
ed second plat.c tor best tfaturt- 
d(x:umentary m ttw 1W7 Chicago 

L ndi'r);nHind I ilm K-siujl 

( hil .if thf lAVfi IS not ratevi but 
o'lUains ^ome pn>tar»' lan^ua^c 

KiKk cnlics. prixlucers and 
musicians are leatun-d in inter- 
views, and foi>tage ol ttw bands' 
live pertorrrunii's give an added 
explanation to the uncti-r^round 
I Iiu .ii;o music sc«H' 

il of the Loop al.«o compares 
..,.;. fHTulenl and majiw recording 
labels in ri'gards lo ^\/c money 
and fxposuriv 

Nina t'lOrdon of \tru<,i Salt 
sjys indefH-ndent labels can t>e 
jusl js comipl as the major ocu?s. 

Iiu- yiOls and KRlX s t>f the 
world impetujte ttv salabilit\ of 
this music I ptTsonally feel that It 
IS the tH-ginning of the end of cm- 
tain things Kvausc I've always 
iH'licved in promoting new 
music," said \oe Shanahan, theciv 
owner ot the IXiuble [XH>r in 
(. hu.ino 

I h.ii s what The Metn> arvd 
lloubli' IXHir aa- atniut Radio is 
not nivfssarilv about new music. 
Its wtiat tfwse programs think the 
kids will buy " 

The dissolves.! iiisfmlin' I ho 
WissU'v Willis Fiasco is also (ea- 
lurtsl in ttu' tilm Fhe group, lead 
bv J diagnosed schizophn-nic and 
(-hiiago street artist, has been 


L«ad nimft of Th* i*MM 
Usartf, DavM Yew, is om of 
tb* parfoniMr* f •atiMWd hi 
Oft of tha Loop. 

called ever>thing ln>m original, 
unique and charming to being 
accused of ndicule and exploita- 
tion of a man who doesn't know 
any bi-tter. 

l">ther gn>ups diKumented m 
( 'i/( i>i thf Uvp are Seam, The 
Pulsars, Die Warsau aiul Sister 
Machme Gun. 

Call the Harper Box C)ffice 
(847) 925-6 UK) for #S.VS tickets 

• National Collegiate Gay and Lesbian Pride GrOUnd: Talent COntinUCS 


I l.ujs • in K,.undt.ibl<- 

LXscussion » n y»iur own 

brown bag lunch anal )uin in un a diMUMiian of 

lh» year's hot tapics Mondays in A242b fcooi 

noon-I p.m. 

4/6 G*yi in thf military 

4/13 Same lex tnamagt 

4/30 CUy and tenbian poicnlinK 

WHCiM: Off the air for now 

. ontmued Irom pa(e 1 

'TTietv IS a defmile la-k 
ol pride m WFKM." said 
Pankanm. "Th«s is not Itn- 
appropriate image t >r 
WHCM, a sUtKin that i in 
nc>t be turned off " 

Bet»»re thi- radio station 
adviMirs will allow Ihe st i 
dents to continue on wr:h 
WFKM, the\ must prme 
ttval ttw pniblems will n,<t 

I'.ink.injp v\.tn(^ tile st.i 
turns managers to chti«>se 
and train (our n»'w man- 
agers Kvr the fall irf l**^ 

Haas have not yet twen 
hruili/ed aK'Ul what will 
happen to Ihe radio station 
According DIuger, he is 
h«>ping to tv back on Ihe 
air the Monday after sprini; 
break v^ i ., ,^ ]„y ^,,f,. 

cerni '!i>i shut 

down I'M Hie >ente»toT." 

Itaffff lMrif#f» 

^ .round Admission Is SI p»-! , , i ^-t 

Uncommon Cinnind is convenient I v locat- 
ed just two bUvks away from the Metro on 
Clark and Crace 

There is meter parking on the street and a 
couple of parking krts which are open on the 

Bis<\>tti and scones were a favorite item 
vears ago (and ttiey still are ttxlayl, but rMw 
the tn>sh vindwiches ate taking mer 

Uncommon l^round specializes in 
brunch-like items Although, they an now 
featunng items oft of their newlv expanded 
dinner menu 

It you're looking lor the colleehouse 
ambiance check out Uncommon Cinitind at 
Harper this Fnday. 

Tickets are free to Harper students with a 
two ticket limit per student in advance at the 
IVox Otfice (H47) 'iZS-^UW Fiowever, tickets 
will be S.'v tfie day of the show to students aitd 
publu: alike while they last. 

Ryan Freund. Brad MictulaK 

Mary Kay Larson. Adam Pactoa Linda Schubel 

Kevm Shepke. Rotjert Valadez 

nw NwMvv « IM *lud*ni puticaiian tor tiK HirtMr CoMfi c 
rmmt^.puDimnOtii iiiw M »throm)wuttti»icHpolii— r«w3a#dwnno*a»»* 
am rmai eumt Tiw p«p«r t% dtttrtwlad tim to Ml ttuMrtk. Iiciiiy and 
aanwrniiatian Ttm tMrtmggr's nit iw(»w » <o (VWAM llw Hwpar carritii^ 
nty m'h nformalKin p«rlaniit| to ine campin ■«) it* twromtinl cornrnmly 

LaAtara IHj(fc.y 

r>iB ) ii '& m tr w Mi i rm iMtart to tfta aditor anfl repiiw to at Mnonm% 
Letters mu»t be Mflnid ant mciuda a tKom ntitttr to Mrify •untmfapL 
Signaturei mil Iw MINWM t«lM nqunt, M letter* nl cor««ni am utfac! 
10 editing. 

noduct* and Mnnces aduartiMiJ n me MhrAntlir »• not neeaMarty 
•ndvMd Cv »« ednora of HH pwar. nor by the 
BMfd of Olraclart. mqMriaa Mmad be tanaRlKl 
•Id al purotiaeM «• ai tlw dnovtion or tna 

The Hart)ir^er William Ramey Harper CoHege 

1200 W&st Algonquin Road 

Palatme. IL 60067 7098 

Rtone hkfnftiersi 

business oftice: (847) 925-6460 

news Office: (847) 925-6000 «2461 

fax; (847) 925^33 

copyrt^ 19ea The HartNnger. 


The Harbinger 
March 23, l<)48 


lEmployment opportunity for 
{delivery /store help at 
Sdvuvtjuri ana Homer 
shop. 11 4 6days.we€l<. 
iPay negotiable. No expi 

(847)884 8164. 

Pvt-tifne ncntiOon staff 

Noflhvwst Special 
Recreation Assoc, is seek- 
ing staff to assist «wth 

I/ivesr Your Cmlits 

i^ ^"u kate mlltgfam.i »., „■ 

I'rumftr your .ullfgt omnn. ink 

and etmpktt gn mrtleruud lirgrtr 


ff^m /i*» f-tvnmii or 

MmmtUrwOMt Off. 

lrwmfrf\.».dm*<m">ln»S4./l,\>t UmltNl fur jjmii^ir^ Xmlmn 

cMCAOorAMnts „ ,^,, ,, ,, 



OKI AM) l'«IIK i 



' » A t I o \ 

Inching people with Ois 
abtlities and to recreation 
programs tn the North»»est 
SuburtM. Day. afternoon, 
evening and Sat. hours 
available. Up to $7/hr. 
t»sed on experience, call 

Resporratble reliable hard 
workup honest people 
needed to do household 
packing for tTX>vir« compa- 
ny. No exp nee. Call tor 
appointment. (847) 428 
2878. Ask for Susaa Fax 
resume (847) 8361655. 

Land surveyor's Office 

requires help part time for 
either mside or outside 
work. No experience neces- 
sary! No vehicle required. 
pay vanes. Call: (847) 382 


Mature. Responsible tndiv. 
to work w/ 7yr old high 
funct child with Autism in 
Barrington. No exp. req 
interest m Educ/Psy a+. 
Full training givea Start 
$8/hr. Flex. Hrs-aftemoor>s. 
wkends Long Term 
Commitment PT now & 
Sunmer FT days in Sept. 
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90 Customer Service 
Posit lonsffl WbodOale Earn 
$8.00 $10.50 per hour. 
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and p.if? liiTie positions. 
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Part-tkne seasonal haip 

School photography co. 
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$50 per night. Fri. and/or 
Sat Call Jacki (630) 971 

Telesales position 
Arranged appts for sales 
personnel. Local company, 
flexible hrs.. pleasant work 
ing conditions, compensa 
tion negotiable. Will tram, 
but required pleasing tele 
phone personality and the 
potential for other duties 
as well as upward mobility. 
Call Howard (773) 763 

Part time software 
installer /trainer. 
Bookkeeping and computer 
exp. required. Up to $25 /hr. 
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Michigan. 4830Z Attn: 

Part-time secretary, 11-7 
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Obvious SiiiiilMritie&... 



Imunrai iray Iw (he ga-jtrM f>mi irf diincry llui ii 
i^n t itie $nme^ fucm itf niucjMKin Kipmetkr in Aim! jU 
N;ili>inal l,»ui« CnivrrMtv »e have ovct 110 \Km\ iM 
innoMiiivi' icji'hing cxpcncme Slurt. Ihfrt .ire tulwr 
cdutiiUixul in<4t(ulHin« (hal tr> ki dn «1mi wr do Bw mi aac 
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duo 30 ycu\ ;ap> Nl l' pttmeeted atvelemed edmaHoB for 
aduiu Ni>« yiw can cam .i drgiw hachek*''. iir maMer't m 
a vwKlv III pnipjum >u<>i h> |iMiun|! \t\ IW j.% tHdr » oat 
mghl ii Vktvi (i« 12 IK niiinth% (jnc ai thr urn:, we'll fnt 
yiw die dream. (Her :?().tl(ll pr>jr»m paduawi will icit yuu 
Ihiil'v e\jLl>> !«>« II happened 

• adi:l-888-Nl.l-TOD.\Y 




Fn: SI7-254-M2» t.amU: pprtwrtMl.aUda 

National-Louis University 


NWHWKOM* UraMMHIr • ■ 1 

E vAiiNhm 


f % fW MurfK CWMI A 




to gain 




or just for 


Get a press 





and learn 

the secrets 



^ 4f 


Harp»ig^<vertls»M— 1 

March 23, 19W 

After all your hard work, yon can afTord to be phoo^'. 

Thitik i;irctiilK .il'"al vvhrrcyuu .11' 

lo l)f Ttifii yi'iill know thai the n)?l>t < Jidm > 'It i iuv.T>ii\ 

f'v».n. vi-Mr, riMTf !li:ifi I'ldlli!:''! si U'l''ll! ■> ' i '> 

t . . I.' 

\rf< I 

Xnd (uir 


our fuia; ' 

to nif'fl WItU 111' ! I MIU!sM\ km; 

HariitT ' " ui ilif ii.itf's tisli 

cunipu-^ a! (H47) 619-8600 

:(!i '!U( M iriiiili!iurS 

Iteaday, March 25 
10:00 (MB - 1:00 pB 

ir. April 8 
8:30 aa- 11:30 aa 

WHlaesday, April 22 
S:00 piB - 7:00 pM 




The Harbinger 
March 23, 1998 

Harper l8|iortiL 


Coaches Jensen, Jedd begin difficult preparation for next season 



Now that the sea<wMi ha-, 
ended for the Lady Hawlts 
head coach (i-rmitfr It-nson 
and asiiistant loavh Kti ]i-M 
have sornt- work 
them as thev los. 
>t'ven plaver* to gr.Kiii.iti.M- 

VVf h.ur J lot ut rebuild- 
ing; ii.vto said coa<-h feraen 
on losing tn !■ plas tTN tci grad 
uation "We M' f^^t mmth' 
tough spots lo till Kvaiw 
this stM-wiI\ »M' h.u) tUf plj\ 
Joubli' ti^urts, and 
Kitt to till th«ir shi»~. 
h>r ru-xl st.jMtii Hut ii'iruil 

injn, Ihank^s to ,.ii! -.uiii-sstul 
seavm this \ ,m pu kiil 

up KVJUM- .1 iol ol (Xs.plo 

that wouliln I tonsulcr 
HarjuT lh«'\ arc possihK 
ioiisuli'rin>; il no« K\jiisf 
thin have an opp»irtunit\ to 
CO lo ,1 mitionai tournament 
an.) >;v'! NO!!\r pl.uir'-,- lull. 

\\v M- got sofTii' work to 
do, m\s,'lt and It-nnifer 

llfnsfnl as tar as making 
siiri- v\i- gfl M»inr UkIu's in 
hiTf !hf idoal situation is ti> 
havi- about IU.t U uirls m-vl 

jH>ssii»ilitii's and M>nu' sopho- 

nu)re> who thought about 
playing this yvar, and will 
probably play next year So 
bftwwn th«' incoming frpsh- 
nu-n and tho playiTs that are 
tht>n- who didn't get much 
playing time this vear, hope- 
tulK we'll get a stan i>n it and 
get the fob done " 

Women: Bittersweet season ending 

United Parcel Service has part-time 
loader and unloader positions avaMfyste. 

^ ^S'VNowr 

*>■ No Weekend Work 

*>■ 3-S Hours Rmr Day (Mon-Fri) 

"T" Comprehensive Medical Package 
*♦■ Stock Participation 

*T" Empkjyee Owned Company 

Call toll free 1-SS8-4UPS-JOB 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locations: Hodgkina/WHtow Spiir>gs (1-55 & 1-294) Addison. 
Paiaitine. Northbrook & Westmont 


t aual Opportunity fcmjj(oy«w 

ith the 
:t cr ^ f sr livrmaru s 

i >\as f\tri-mii\ lu-r- 
voii» ,.)k1 kus, h on her lirst 
riMidon -tepping onto the 
lourl in Ihi' national louriia 

■ I couldn t IhIkm' It was 
happemng. but alter going 
through the warm-up. I 
think all my nervousness 
calmetj down and then it was 
just pun- exatement I mean 
It was all the pis>ple in the 
slarkls, there was a radio sta- 
tion then' It was overwhelm- 
ing It u as somi-thing that I'll 
aii\a\-. rememK-f 

1 )usl wanted to go out 
and pla\ like l\i- Ns-n pla\ 
0»g all MMson ■ s.iid Kusch 
"We realh starttii playing 
KRal basketball at the end 
Ihewason ainl im w anted 
1 »rrv ih.i! o\er l.> Ih.- natUHV- 

l{ I. ••,,,; .rilelll l\e plaVl"d as 

>alislh'.l now tl. 
);u M asiffi Is ov ei kusvf-. 
aui Rut going lo \.vv lorik 

One, and Done... 

CSve ifi one twur of your tine. Whenever you ivant, ^ 

Nave your transcripts and your dreams r^ Wei stiow you how 

ea^ it is to transto to Aurora lUversity and finish your di^^ee. 

was our goal from tne very 
K-ginning and we were able 
to jocomplish that I also feel 
disappointed that it's oxer; I 
mean it's bt-en a long season, 
but we've just lieen playmg 
~o VM'II together amsidehnf^ 
v\e only had seven people 
We showed everybody that 
we could do It. but I wish it 
didn't have to end 

"Being so clirae to mv 
teammates. I can not even tell 
vou how much it helped in 
critical moments in the 
game " Kusch said 

"They (teammates) knew, 
that it you were having a bad 
game, they knew |ust what to 
sav to pick vou back up. 
Wilson IS a prime example of 
that She always knew the 
rii;hl words to say to you 
vou were down or 

...>;ling in the game, she 
never made )ou quit ' 

n-ie I a.K lliwks finishe.1 

ih a 2Vw 

nish ever b\ 

a llari-HT Women s basketball 




you may even be able to apph < rttlit troni a technical 

► Hk craAs m tairfvp tefhar at Ml. 

proi<ram to vour four vear rtwtree 

^ Iblf OR ckMse the nojor yw wmA. . . nocaiM. no wa^fots,start n^tmayand finish on time 

^ MertCMVWMMMarimtMd)flWllMk...yo4ic^rimsti^Miwhiieyouworkanddootter 
important things in your life .. .d^ and ewning classes meet one* or twice a week 

► Nl INK Mpnpal||fvcmin... over 80 percent of (HirfaKii)^ have had careers oiitsktet^^ 
education, they know the practice as vwfl as the theory 

► Ne CM mIk it lIlMMIt. . . schotarsh^ and nnanaal aid optkxn at AU are numerous and con^^dne 

Wi (^ IUm faBfcni« as Hasdi Free s PtosUe 

To inaiie an appouitmenl, call the .Aurora Univer.sity OffK e of Admissions 
at 1 JOO.PiatAUl (IJ90.742i281) orvisit our website 


Real Education for the Real World. 

/iLl NlVERSnY 

Social WoH( 




Cnminal Justice 


Computer Science 

^■g«a . WWtowRliwyHw-fCoHf 


Lady Hawks finish fourth in nation 

K««ta . 


Imagirit' trMiij; m> hard 
y«ar afttr war in hij^h M.hi»>l 
to wm tht" state tourruimfnt 
for bdskethjil and i'\tr\ -m 
({Je hme coming up -hort 

Wait hi m-xt wjt v».in 
alw jvs muttPTvd until >;r.ulu- 
itp. >n iamv In .ill luur \f.irs 
u/ hi^h sihin>l thr never 
did it Yi>u nukf ttu Jccisitm 
toCDiTH' to Harptf t oil. 
your tirvl two vt-ars 
i^/e. and vnu i*.int I. , 
boalu-tball Vour lirsi .. ,,. 
is ail ri|{ht but thtn v.n 
sophomtin" >ea>on N-i;in^ 

'It s tmty oni 
M»d we're in th< 
championship .nul on o., 
way to the r> lourii.i 
merit, vou think to viHinipIt 
Well, ihdi drvam txvam*- n 
it«litv for the Lad V H.iw ks 

Tht f{,irp»T * ,>tt.,^.^. 

Sh.idcr .il^> helped out m 
Ihf Monnj; lolurrm with i 
tho tirvt s-imi' .mil ]h \n th. 

It w.iv h.irt) sj]d 
io,uh N-nniti't |i-ns».n on onK 
h.i\ in»; s,-\,n'" to loin 
pi'ti- Kith in the l.'umamont 
"l,N}>t\iallv the tirst i;.inii 
aj^UVit AniK.i Kjiusv Kam-\ 
►>*d n St kept 

leadership in tile 
tournament was 
very good. Our 
sophomores really 
stepped up. They 
reaHied the oppor- 
I tunity they had 

• h iti,) ,.iirv .r.. .vishm); 
. om- 
('■'•' .>!■..: .'. I .( u'urni'\ 
lh«-\ v\i-ri' the oni-s v\ ho h.ui 
the matih up problems 
t-H\ausf thev both i\eri ver\ 
sh.irt teams kuvh had .in 
eas\ time scoring, she |usl 
p.'si.^l up ,m their >maU i«n- 
ler .irid s<,,red NotxHly cuuld 
contend w ilh her btvause she 
had sui h .1 height .uU antj>;e 

4tliHuiwnieiUui - 
(f March 12-14. 

The ladin comprteiJ m 
Uwee games and pKned 
fourth in the nation Ihe\ 
lo»l to defending national 
d>«tnpH>n Anoca Ranisv lit 
8ft The Hawks also defeated 
Wfcrson CoUcf^ T?-"** ami 
Central Baptist 72 ■'i] 

Heather Kusth averaged 
27.0 founts per game m the 
ttHimament sconng Ih p.>ints 
the first game, 28 th.- M-vond 
game and ^7 points m th, 
fitwl game, while 
Kwasniewski contribuli .; .. 
points in the first game ami 

IS in tfh' ihinl L'lm.. I. . . 

'mhs 1 K ,rii,., .,,1; ,-,, r\ 
iigle dftense m 
1.111.1 lenM-n on 1 

'ens»-. th.' other te.lli: 

iin,f I i-.ri^.r Ir siilll. 

U. Ml 111 I! 

•s then s, 
1 K>v .inii 
■'!■.( in.n ihev vv.tuUt r 
hall-Kuirt mall b up m.i: 
man and that s what kqjt us 
on our toes. 

Ttu" sophomcre leader- 
' IP m the tournament was 

putting five fplayefs) in, five 
out, five in arHi the> wen- .ill 
verv talentevl players 1 
iiHildn t even tell the s<M.nd 
tive from their first tive «e 
hung with them thnuighout 
the fir>t half tMie the ten 
minute mark |ot the si-iond 
hall] I anu' around we started 
!.■ slow down .ind unlortu 
natelv lost th»- game 

I thought partiiipat 

CMM cMrtHkMtatf to a 
fMrth plac* fM«lk 

Pl' i lensin .idded 

on ii. I Ml I. Oil e\c>enenie in ,i 
national tournament Ihis 
- a smaller town |( orning 
V VorkI than the one I was 
II! in my hrst cxperienie Ihe 
town laid down Ihe nxl lar 
pet It was quite an evperi 

"It was ver> giKxi.' Jens4-n 
»«kl on the performante ot 
the p«»nt-gtMrd play m all 
three games, "Everyone did 
their job, Kristen (Wilson) 
and lennv (Molitor) had a 
hard time Anoca 
Ramsy but had a verv go«id 
ti'umament overall I think 
the plavcr who nMlly stepped 
up and plav.^^ .veil for us 
was BriH.k,. I,. Shewis 
a quiet pl.nei dut .i 
|<>b for SIS ili.u n the stret. h 

In the (ifsi garni Ihe 
guards in .i mismati h 
said Kiis,n ,.n detenM' li. 
offense matchups "Most irf 
their guards were 5'9' or 

up ilriv ii.iliyed tile opfH.f 
tuniiv ihev had plaving in a 
n.itional tournament 

I he last game there reallv 
was a sens,' ,.| i rg,.ruv to 
win s.iii) lensiii IV\.ius, 1 
think the supfv .mores k- this was their last i 

that thev were going to tv 
plavmg I, .liege basketball 
Ihos,- tlial aien t going to be 
plavmg when thev transfer 
tn>m Harper Ihev knew thev 
w.inled ti. g,. ,,iit ,.n .i u 
mng ruite I knew we w.ii 
to pl.iie in the lop li iir 

I was v.rv iv.iteii said 
JeiVien on tier first rt.iition to 
the opening tip ,.t the first 
game I wish I muid ve put 
on a uniform and plaved 
The knal taas Imed h.u ing 
the tt>unvament there It was 
a packevl hous«' and were 
usuallv not used to having a 
paik»\l houx' like that but it 
was fun ■ 

Head coach [enmfer 
(CTtsen was not the only one 
who thought the ladies 
steppetl up and played well, 
but assistant coach Jeff |edd 
had some thoughts ol his 
own as well 

"The onlv bad eftiit we 
had for onlv having siven 
plavers on the w ,is m 
the first game s,iid loaeh 
hxid Ir.uv (Sih.ideri puked 
up thriH' fouls m Ihe tirsf 
light minuti-s of the i.;,irm- 
and that made us us,. the 
Kn. h preltv evtensnelv in 
the first half I think in the 

Owing tk« MtloMl ti 

tiM Lady Hawk* la ■earii^ 
<■ ■■ avaraga. 

long run, because our plavers 
had to plav a little harder m 
the first half li. make up tor 
the loss ol Schader, that's 
what led to our problems m 
the second half of the contest 
"Other than that, we usi-d 
the bench m our normal rota- 
hon Erin Brown played well 
when she got into tfie game, 
and I think that Brrxike 
HiSano played the best bas- 
ketball she has all vear 

"Before the tournament 
even started,' coach Jedd 
added "We had a very btisy 
VVevlnesdav, because most trf 
us wen- up bv -J "111 a m and 
were doing things unhl 
almivst as late as midnight, 
but onve thev g<it on the fl<x)r, 
.md starl.ii pl.ivmg basket- 
hall all forgotten bv 
Ihe time the game tippeil-oft 
•\iid when that starts w.u n 


Naattiar Kaaaklad 
wHk a ZT aalata par 

going to go out then- and 
play basketball to the best ol 
vour ability 

"Having sophomore lead- 
ership really showed," said 
Jedd "Ijst year with the 
offease primarily around the 
freshmen, when it got doum 
to cruiKh time, they sort of 
had a tendeiKy to back-off a 
little bit last year a>mpared to 
this year 

"We lost about 10 ganves 
last year by about 6 points or 
less and the record showed at 
12-18, but if you Uke tticse 10 
losses and turn them into 
wins, you're iixking at a 22-8 
recorvl which was verv simi- 
l.o to what we were this 

Harper's lle.iilnr kusch, 
had mixed emotions about 
going to her first national title 

The Harbinger 

XXX • 

14 . OpHULttiW 

WHCM back on air with new DJ guideiines 

All DJs are to sifn and abiila to foimal contract bofore broadcasting 


A* you m^v have airv/idy 

tUtnu'vi i 

imv r«iio %(a(ion . has ht<rn 

fouf^ to come to an agrae- 

mt-nt With Ilirciti>r of 

stuilrnt \ituitiis Ifanne 

■k1 station i'ngi- 

VV'tKM had dttractrd a 

tvttistatedi on th*- HarfHT k>« of m<<dia coveraRf in that 

vamput airwaves. om' Miik 

Statu >n mana);en, |«4nrtt4- 

\owak and Sean Trud«Mi. 
,ind WMtM authoritM". Iiav, 
•>«eined h> cotTif lo J '■■ 
igreemenf I Si 

WHCM Ol-. wrn^ ttirms.) rddi 
'tt tor ont- week .»s ,»( il 
VVfdnoday, Manh I>* i. 

I.i'wd axnmfntv im~-^ 
ittur sp-icf ,»nd M-i:iir> 

"«' will 


■ hunt. 


• twvo 
. ! tor 

M 1>N .irui sij. 

■-■ 'h.i' .ill niu"-l 


•t Kris I 
M tmm m caNML lb i 
■t mN Ml ttST. 


trtmi I 


ri-lln-Aint; \l 

1 ramliimiv 

> C II pl.nct. 

VMH \I ni,in,it;i-rs 

, U'ar fii all itiat injppropri 
jtc LingUiiKc ""id innmn 


WNCM OJ MMtMl ItoMarta to MifNtod to 
bo bach on ttio air and ptona to atloh 
to tho now goMoHnoa. 

Stt when final exams are 

on the Spring exam chart. 

Page 2 

Wellness Week provides 

testing and information 

for all. 

Page 3 

Are easy claSMS 


Page 4 

Career Expo offers job 



How was your Spring 


Page 6 

Election yields three senators and one trustee 

sixty-five voters decide next year's powerful student leaders 

April showers bring 
oodles of A&E events. 
Page 9 


Softball ophmistic about 
this season. 
Page 12 

M arpar Co—rnitMy—Raga • 
Nwpw AM -___ ragai 7-t 

ClaaaiflMla Patfa 9 



The Harper College Student 
S'TUli' (HCSS) ek-vtions iiH.k pi.m 
Marcli 24-2.'> Three oltuers and a stu- 
dent representative lo the board i>l 
fru>>te»-> were ele< t«l 

Kathrvn towk-v was seleitevi .is 
Student Senate President with a ttHal 
»>l 51 voles. 

Cowlev' IS lurrentlN mviil\ed m 
the student s«'nau- is »h<- Si.idemic 
EnrKhment and I ^ludit-s 

Senator and is I." - .ird to 

making a difference in thf I it. SS and 
in student hte 

loanne Crawford ran for Vuc 
President aivd was elected in vs ith '^l 


(. i.u\toui Is .ils.i lurn-MtK .1 slu- 
ikii' s, nalt iiu'inhtr .inii vvould Iiki 
to .issi^t ihr Hess pri'sivli-nl in 
betominn a strong presence on cam 

Pamm Priruivalli was ch<isen lor 
the TrtMsun-r position bv '^^ votes 

I'nn/nalli IS prescntiv Student 
Imstiv and has Kvn the WellrM'ss 
and IVrtnrm.irui Nn.ilor 
and wants to prov ide a level <M lonli- 
miit\ to the senate 

Kotvrt \alade/ was voted in as 
student lrusl«« with a count of 46 

VaLidiv IS inM>Ked in many orga- 
ni/ations on lampus and is amfident 

Grammy nominee to ptay on campus 


TWo-tinvp Grammy nominee, 
Kurt Elling is making a name for 
himself in the jaz/ scene Elhng 
will bnng "ranting" style to (he 
Harper campus on Friday. April 
17, at 7 10 pm m th«- Buildi.ig I 

Ellin>; s Jebut aibin 
Y,,,,. t.... --.ourKcd tb^ i.Mii..>, 
.i| ind spirited |a// 

sin^f! I iri'u^h Stat sir\);iii^. 
pn>sf poen-s and iinprovisational 
■■ orks I lling continues to create 
i diverse and unprecedented 

t>rtginjllv, filing wanted tube 

"a well read pi Hi However, 
late m his i\>l:ege career, tiling 
was turiu-d onto the (ay.2 scene by 

Uling diMi'vered )aiz singer 
Mark Murph\ ard was instanth 
hisikexl, copviin; his niixture ot 
singing and K'.it pi»'tr\ 

Uling lontinufd lo do work in 
lit. I -irounJ the I haagoland 
.itid doing .in»thin>; trom wtti 
dings t4i appearing with (. hicago 
leijt'nds, sax pLi\ff. \on I rrvman 
and Id PfterMin 

Two years 1 itrr I'l'ttTson had 
given Filing a r'lt ot .idvice. thai 
he still us»~. ti>da\ I mtn iniisi 
seC' EMng art i>a|t« " 

that hi- vmII be able to truK repr^-sfnt 
I l.irpiT s student population 

Si\t\ tour \oles were casi tor stu- siiiati- otticeis., and only four 
wer»' invalid 

rhirtv-three were last in Building 
A. ft in Building I and IS m Building 

Sixty-five votes were cast for stu- 
dent trustee; 1'' in Building A. 7 in 
Building I and 25 in Building L 

The Student Senate will be 
appointing students for the vacancies 
in officer and senator positions dur- 
ing the Fall l^W semester 

Interested students should contact 
Sharon Alter, the Student Seiute 
AdviMir in 1110 or call (847) 925-6231. 


roHi rock giHtarlst iOMrtiM I 
wa a aiariiod a full I 


iaiptai !■ liiitilaj ft. 


(M7)92f-«4M Mmn 


Page 2 


The Hartnnger 
April b, 19W 

WHCM: Pankanin, WHCM's biggest supporter, allows students to broadcast again 

contimed fiwi pagt- " 

an- n. • 


U<! I!' 


WNCM stattM BMiMCMr* •••i Jmt»mt »•«) aM 
tosMtt* Nmah work MUtfMtly at th« coai^Mtar to 
liM witli OifMtor of fttMtfawt ActWHI** 
I riiilranln a« a a«w atattaa eaatraat. 




1 ?•■ 


MondM. TuMNlM. WMnMday. nu«d^>. 

Miylf Mwld Mw30 M«21 


l02ctMa«i «e«finr« 086.087. ftOa9-t5 


«t BoOOaSO 1215 1 30 
a:25 10:40 



1:4* M>W 

330 120&t250 1« 



liX>2rl5 Mnawml 


MO- MW M-W SfMoaily 

Sc25 3 4'. 5O0 141 23S-3:40 Anw«M) 

MaHl:20 Cnww 

jM istuuny itohediiad otan iim 

iMatwil of May 23 di#vi( rHular dau penod* 

■• dua no Mar IMn fio«n on TuMday. May M to 
«» Ratfatrara Omoai, A213. 

to now? 

Voon yoil e*R jour 
fit moi<My<B|iBu9»naH>0nr 

oaaaHlieaaES OwBtfvsna* 
jn OHBUnani <md tf ovfKywv 
AryiadMn And krjDOd Kaon 

Cuctetn4Kima Ouimh jr 
tajMiWh «>■»■!'. AM(up«*s- 
lon MrvHOUlfium oamnw 

And van Of »n> '«u« urart* 
#ul rvM- you 'IRTm n no arc 

nwaaw lap* Aaaaw» itanat 
tt mmpwt a TeanwKMiiaaant * 

■nisM'N tvN o 'hilt^ 

.inn' i;uiJtlini-- thai the K v 
lld-S N.'! I..r ill. ,ith.-r AM .T 

"It's diMtMiniKing 
that Me dun't have an 

adviMir I Tom 

St-hnei-ke] thiit cares 

tu do anything." 

WHCM RHWC ttticctar 

■■ will 

\i m- 


BuiKhni; \ \1imii.i\ Inil.n 
IX , upants 111 the huildini; Jo 
n, it h.m- thi- i>ptii>n nt turn 

"Hopefully we will 
not ha\e to take a 
measure like this 
again. But. I would 
do it again in a heart- 
beat if the station 
were to get lax 

-Ivanm- l'ank<inm 

L)irvctiir ot Stud»"nt 


iri^'. .itl thi- r.Klln NtJtlnn 
''i.itmn m.mat;crs .jh- tn 

IV.:: !i' m.ikf WtU M mon 

I" • ■)''. irii'iiilK 

N.ivvjk and Irudi'.iu plan 

ill . i!\ ulati- <iun»'\> thnninh- 

.ihoul th. 


Itu- «iil hi-lp to Miul I'lit 
wh.> WMCM'. Urgrt audi- 

incc l<8 

\n.irding to Trudeau and 
Nnw.ik lorn Sihnecke, 
V\Hl M > l.Kult\ advisor, has 
nut hern armind Idli'lv to 
• ilff hiN .id\ in- 

It s dis4<>ur.jginj; that we 
.l.iri t h.ui an that 
, ,,,-,.^ I,, 1 ,„> ihii.,' ■■ ^.tv. 


Tank. null ii.'c<-> lii.ii ii 
thf liNti"mTs thai lomi- ii' 
Building A en(o\ VVIKV1 

she would also like oir\ 
hinh to know thai she Mill 
lonsuUrN hi-rselt to K- thi- 
Nation > biggesi advocati- 

Yet, shi> intends to eiv.ii 
the protessionalism of th>' 
r.idio station 

Irudeau seems to think 

that WHt. M as a »vhi>le may 

have a pxtd lutuiv with the 

■ •nlinued support of 

Fikjmn and Dlu^ 

Mo{H-tull\ we wil .....> 

to i.iU" J measure like this 

•. im, Njid I'ankanm. "But. 

A iHild do il again in a heart- 

tvat il the station wen' to gel 

kk agam " 

moi ■ 

i.ii-.nliL!' t 


f • : 

■ i.iiti I 

until Hat; 


'n.ast in 

immt MmM, WHCM DJ, 
Mm atatioii waat kack < 

mOTD Br LMMEN 9i3«iaa 
I Um f Irat Mum alat < 
iM air laat taaak. 

4^ ^S'VHour 

►»- No Weekend Wcm1< 

►f 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Fri) 

►>- Comprehensive Medical Package 

•♦- Stock Partteipation 

•> Employee Owned Company 

Call toll free 1 -8SS-4UM-JCMI 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

Locatioos: Modgkins/W»ow Springs (1-55 & t-2»4) Addteon. Paiattno. 
Northtxook & Westmont 

FIR womNGFORSTuoerrsiDNOwoiKroRus 


Equal CSpporlunMy Employ*' 

J J V 

ift. % 

The Harbinj^ 
April 6, 19W 


Page 3 

Wellness Week includes Health Fair with free, low-cost testing 








h.-n .1 . ,<nyt « (i< iitannintf A Lt rTi{<<if 

■ 'vrrwHclm- 



and nrl.' 

P«|iTliiiir Yfw C«n Count Ot 

For RO v«" TI A A CKIK tw» m >.1ii. .-.( 


Find Out tor Yuurolf 

W f 


Kiuuring th« fulurc 
ftn- thiMC whn «lupc n. 

\Vfllni-N-. i> .1 (vrsimdl 
liliMvU' thmci' 

IVtausc fvt'n thing you 
think, ftfl or do .iHt"cts yi>ur 
HH-nUl. spintudl and phvM- 
cil wellivss, Hjrpor Health 
Sen ice ha*, planned an exal- 
inR array i>< programs to help 
thi- ciMnmunits learn mone 
aKiut thl^ important topic 
and how to enhance one's 
health and well-being 

Irom luesday, April 14- 
Ihursdav, Apnl 16, a series 
ot preM'ntations will be 
>'ffered t4> e\er>one 

TTie week include* an 
oxiitmg array of kvtures and 
workshops <in ph\ sjcal, emo- 
tional and spiritual wellness, 
including nutrition, mind- 
bt>dv healing, elder care, 
weight training, mentipause 
and much mi>n' 

All presentation^ jh' i>(>fn 
to th«' public and ar»' fnv of 
iliarge, except for the break- 
fast st-minar on luesdav. 
which has a SS fee 

In addition, the 24th 
annual Health Fair on 
Wedru-sdav, Apnl 1 S features 
m«ire than hO exhibits, many 
offering free educational 
malenal and fieallh screen- 

Some rxhibilors include 

pn>tevsHmals Nuch as a chinv 

praLloi, di-rmaloli>gi!>t. audi- 

; •■,■.1 1 . (I.Tiu'lrisi and 


\orthwest Community 
Hi^spital will also provide a 
bliHvd chemistry screening 
lor $2? b\ appointment imly 
Participants may call 
(M7) '<25-62<>8 to schedule an 
j^ipointinent betwcwi 7-11 
a.m on Wednesday, April 15. 
free or low<ost tests 
include: hearing, blixxl pres- 
sure, visual acuity and glau- 
coma, and screenings for the 
spine, oral cancer, skm aivi 

- i 

Pas* 4 

Harper News 

The Harbinger 
April 6, 1998 

With registration approaching, easy classes are not a smart choice 


A» re}5i<itrdtuin 

approdches K<th iniim)- 
ing fre^hmtTi and rvtum- 
in(5 students btT^m In 
hear, fhrouj^h word i>r 
mouth, which cUv«~. i jn 
be considervd an ea^y A 

Mainly to serve as 
etechve*. students may 
be tempted to pegjster tor 
anv class beginning with. 
Introduiljon to", h<>v\ 
ever, these claswes may 
not be as easy as they 

Scott Wiest a aecond 
year student at Harper, 
tc^lered for an intn>- 
duction to acting axirse 
(SPF 111) after hearing 
that it did ni>t reijuirr 
much effort 

"I heard it wa.s a fun 
class, but it was a little 
more get away fnnn the 
-It dtjwn-book stuff like 
that I thought it might 
be a little easier on m«».' 
-,i%s Wiest 

Howe\'er. the class dtd 
not end up being as sim- 
ple as he originally 
thought, offenng him a 
Jiltfrfnl ■ hal- 

lrn>ii' a-- ■ in4»r\' 

litumal -ivlt-" •>! i.!.!-- 

II s a diftem-nt kinvi 
• •I learning, but 1 would 
nf say it's easier ^.u ^ 

l,arrv Pncv fus been 

teaching IntrixluclHwi to 
Film at Harper ht the 
past tour years, aiul does 
rnit consider himself to be 
naive in the tact that 
many students partake m 
his class, under the 
assumpfu»n that it will 
ni>t ns)uirv mmh otfi r1 

i jMidt m iiMrodiu 
tion to music, art and 
film, students expect a 
straightforward, suivt\ 
course This rvquin-s an 
instructor that makes 
them work hanler. tfien*- 
bs elimmating tfie powu- 
bilitv of an effortless A' 

"I'm sure there are a lot of people 
who take this class with the idea that 
thb (Introduction to Film] is goin^ 
to he an easy dass. A lot of them 
(students) may think this, and then 
they ^et into it and realize. 'Wait a 

minute. I may have to do some 
thinking in here, and Vm going to 
acUially ha\e to read, and Tm not 
going to watch some film that I 
don't like because they're not simple 
films with some guy trying to stop a 
bus going 55 miles an hour with a 
bomb tm it'. . . A lot of them will 
drop the class or won't come in any- 

Lany Price 

Infrnduclion lo I ilm teacher 

With a lot ol humani- "I'm sure there are a 

i>u always kit ot fs-t-ple who take 
iiiTila' atti- thi-- ' l.i--- iMth the idiM 

m.if >. r-i. ■•il -ib.»iil It 
s,i\ H i'rKf VV«- rt- lis 1IU: 
Iti put the arts into ■« iiu' 
kind of s«icial contc I 
Vtwc .ivlniits with 

A I.. I nl ihcni ni.iv li«nk 
thi> .iiul tht-n thfv grt 
into il and rejli/> \N.iii ,i 

niiniilf I ma\ h.n c to Jo 
siiine thinking in hen». 
and Im going to .ictually 
h.\\f to ri'ad and I'm not 
goin^ to watih Mime film 
that I don t like t>evausf 
they're not simple film* 
with some guy trying to 
stop a bus going SS milegi 
an himr with a b<imb on 
if A lot of them will 
Jrop the I l.i-.> or wiMi't 
t ome in .in\ more 

Ph.- l.iK -III 
vlt-nl ' » .in k;,(in more trom 
.in\ t\ p of i 1.1-'^ tlH'fi |ust 
th«' credit It IIhv ^ an com 
mil themsel\i-N to the 
required work Ihe 
whoie point to am liK-ral 
arts cla^s as to someitne 
mon- rounded and give 
then a dei-per apprecia- 
tion ot the reality that 
the\ livi in 

f! it w hi'th.-r the daM 
m question mtvi-s as an 
e^y 'A', or is n-quired for 
■ particular ina)or or 
degrtre. thes«' classes 
shtniM he hamllisl with 
the -anie duotion by 
each indu idujl student 

"Ihey might take tK- 
class and not come to a 
lot ( ( the classes, but 
they re putting their 
mcMH-v down savs 

I'no- ■ 

me lo 

Ills ol 

tfK» class iIhn II- hurting 

themselvi-s in the long 

run " 

r Credit Touchtone 




8 ajn.-8 


8 ajn.-4:30 p.m. 



(847) 925-1515 

No AppoUUment Card Stcnmry 

April 29 & 30 


9 a.m.-3 p.m. 

May II -June 3 


1-7 p.m. 

May IS, 22 & 29 



1 p.m.-4 p.m. 

May Il-June3 


1-4 p.m. 

Fiiwl RtaJstnition for Sumag 

All .Students 
Thursday. June 4 

5-8 p.m. 
Saturday, June 6 


line, and Done... 

Give us one hoir of yoir time. WheneYer you want, y^ 
Have your transcri|rts and your dreams ready. Vfe^ 
easy it is to transfer to him University and finish yow 

> Hk craAs pi transfer go farther at Ml. . . yu n.n ,,i 

proi?rdn) to your four yCiir deart'i" 

^ Im CM dWOSe the major you WOll. . . do idps, no waitinci lists stiin r\^\\ away and finish on time 

NB re CMMHMR aM M MROMmM yOV needs. . . yo.'i giii fini&li al All while you work aiul do other 
important thinijs in voiir life, .(lav and t^ening i ksse^ meet ome or twre a week 

w Mfe foOB M prepareig for careers. . . over 80 ptn cat i if i lur facult) have had careers outside hifiher 
educabun, they know the practice as well as the thn^rv 

^ We can niake It affoniable. . . i hdldstiip and financial aid ut^ions at AU are numerous and conq>etitive 

We Can Make Inasfenioe as Hassle Free as Posabie 

To make an appointment, tall the AtiroM I'lmtTsiN ( iflii e of Ailmisswiis 

<tt 1 80O.PICK-Ali| ( I HOO.742.5281 ) or visit mir w.-bsite www ,iiir. TB"! TO/^D A 


Real Education for tiie Real VKirld. KJ 




Social Wor1( 



Cnminal Justice 



Computer Science 


Career Expo '98 offers Job opportunities 

The HarbinRCT 
April 6, 1<W« 


Carevr F.xpo '"*, which i* 
b«ng ht-ld April 21 and 22, fcs 
the resull o< a partnership 
between Harper College, 
High Schwl Distru-ts 2H, 
214, 220 and the Niirthwesl 
Education to Career 

It preaMtits a bnud 
resoufte <A career informa- 
tion and employment oppur- 
tuniiies ti' student* and 

The first event (>f Career 
t.xpo 'W is a career inhvrma- 
ttonal fair which will be pre- 
icnlcd on Tuesday, Apnl 21 
fromS-^pm Thi» event «> 
pUiwed to share inlonnatKW 
^bout a wide variety of caMcr 
anas with Mudenis choaaing 
a eamr and adult» contem- 
plating a career change 

Between 530-7 p m . par- 
tKipants may atteiwJ three 
"on the )fkr career sliill 
detnonstrationB: "Your First 
|o)> as a U>gal Stcivtary How 
• 'tcTview and What to 
\- "Cttale a Newsletter 
Using Deslilop Publishing 
SmUs' and "Careen, in 
Hoteb. Restaurants and 

A serin of pmi picMnta- 
tiorw by career niofc Mi imittli 
win offer information about a 
typical dav i-wi the t'«h. (ob 
lion» anJ i ' 

cartt-r aieas. will bf pt« 
in three segmenfe b«-»' 
at 6:30, 7.30 and 8:30 \ 

Building A 

in each segment, featured 
«pcalier |ame<< Malinchak. 
author of the nJtumally- 
acclaimrd book, trvm CoUrge 
K, tkf Rfl WorU. will offer 
uttighl into the strategics and 
technique> that are needed to 
obtam a |ob m his preM-nla 
tion "From Collejfe to tht- 
Real World Htm to Succeed 
in the Real Worid " 

A apecial three-part panel 
entitled Career Wayfarer 
Satan, targeted to guide adult 
career explorer^ jlong the 
path to a new carver, will b»' 
pru-M-nted m Building C 
Adults who have been suc- 
cnwful in tindmg m-w iarwr«. 
will tell lh«ir storH-s 

tmployers will diMUss 
the sktlis and characteristics 
that are needed to succeed m 
today s workplace 

Rcpn-senlativi"- fn>m area 
txlucaljonal institutwins will 
offer mformation aN^ut the 
broad mtiHirce of traditional 
and fiontraditionji learning 
oj>portunities that ate avail- 
able in the nt»rthwe»t sub- 

PerM-njI cirivr .isxhi.i 
tiom artd catx-er proiession- 
aia, tcpmenting traditional 
arid emerging careers will 
eshihil from 5 *» pm m 

will shan-^ mil" 

Ihroughoul thi- evening 
career software programs, 
which expU»re how an imli- 
vidual > abilitu'^ int«'r»—ts 
and values teiati- to caneer 
tipportunities, will be demon- 

The second event of 
C jn-«T 1 xpo NW o a |ob '■"' 
whuh will be presented m 
Wednesday, April 22 tnw 10 pm in Buildmg M 

Approximately 150 busi- 
nraae* from the ChK-agf>larkd 
area will bt- rwruiting ent'\ 
level and mid-can-er canJi 
dates f«>r |obs w iihin a variety 
of industries 

Hen- ate a few tips that 
will help C.invr Ivpo W 'ob 
Fair partu tp.iriN v;.iin h<- 
greatest advantage trom the 

• Prepare basK question* for 
recruiters regarding 'heir 
companv and the positi^ms 
which are available 

• Bring copies of yjur 

• Be (■><>-itiv»' and i-nthusias- 
tk- C .»m(X'ti' only with your- 


• Don't pWHjualifv at f>re- 
|ud|!^«ieinpl<>v''t I.ilk.t>ias 
many ntruiters .i- iimi- will 

• Smif viHi most probablv 
will m<t he hired on ttn- sp»>t. 



1*7 are cuo»«denHg- 

Invest Your Cfrdits 

r ■.■m kKfcoi/tgrtmiii Bit a. 
IraMsfrr yoMf mlkgf (mrummi 
and .imfAir an mflmMi <i)pw 


"*''( tr. O? "^ 

Cimw .-ewtw 


4 «*M<>' •>/ «lt.»r>.- 



ind a iwmmfmtm / 

III \i nil \Kt MwMfMr 

laD^ uuKMto 



4 > UrlMl S4U>c 




• t..>ii<M " 

throughout Ih. 

• It VIMI 


a revTinU'r -^-v.A ..i th 
iHjto immtMiatflv 
Career I v(^i '**^ 
( .miT 1^ 

tioth the 
I .iir and 
and open 


n>b lair 



.ill iH4; 

note mfor- 


ig Semester 





































Spadaly Atranfid Earn* 


or ttay 23 dirt« xagiiar daas penods 

nan noon on TMiia^>. May 3^ fc 

Speech team beats CoD, clinches 
Regional title for first time ever 

llvirlisTi meiiiNTs i.( the 
H.irfs-r S|>sfh T*Mm Iv.ive 

■ . h\ 

I hjiiij'iiin^hif i"f tne tirsl 
iiiTM' m TO years. 

I his IS th»> first lime we K-ah-n tfw College of 
I >i]r ij. -..lid Speivh team 

Kh I. tt I'r/vbvio RegKm 

\\ iiuludf". two-year col- 
lene> in lllimMs. Indiana, 
Michigan, Minnesota, 

Ni.rlh Dakota, Ohio and 

Mt'mlx'r". ot tht' speech 
t. .ini aiul their awaftK 

itu iu*,ie >t«** 
silver for 
I ntertain MtJi 
Duet Acting, 

I lalxTkjin I 
Speech li 

hron/e U 
Kan lone 



Permanent & Temporary Positions 

In Uike and Northern Cook Counties 

Specializing In: 

• Offic* 

• Data Processing 

• Accounting 

• Customer Service 


• Warehouse 

• Industrial 

• Technical 



847-367- 1117 847-244-6500 
an accuStafi* Company 

gold for Reader •. ITieate: 
silver for IXiet Acting anJ 
bnm/e for Prose Reading; 
Michael Ckm/ale/., bron/' 
tor Persuasive Speakin>; 
and Informative Spt-aking, 
River (>/gur, gold for Duet 
Acting aiMl Reader's 
Theater, silver for l>ral 
Inlerpn-tation, Mike Fgari 
gold tor Reader s Theater 
bronze for l>uet Acting- 
Ti>ny Mrotek, gold loi 
Reader s Theater, bronze toi 
Communication Analysi- 
Chris Lopez, gold i>'i 
Informative Speakiny; 

bron/e for Poetry Readini: 
Iruia \(H-ns, gold I. 
Reader - Iheater, silver !>■: 
Dramatii InlerpreUtum 
bn<n/e tor Du»-t Acting; R.i\ 
Hernandez, bronze ti>r 
Persuasiv.' Speaking, 

Poetry Reading and 
Dramatic Interpretation 
Frank Kmilek. gold lor 
Reader s Theater, silver t<'r 
Poetry Reading, bnwiz«' for 
tVal Interpretation: Hans 
Fleisihmann, gold for 
Readers Theater, Poetry 
Reading, Duet Actmg and 
Reading's Theater; Ri>l' 
Vargas, gold for Reader > 
Theater and Dramaiu 
Interpretation, silver l>ir 
Duel Acting, bronze (or 
Pn-s.- Reading; Kelly Peairs, 
silver lor l>uet Acting, 
bronze for Dramatic' 

Page 6 

What did you do 
over spring break? 

The time is b p.m on Tuesday. 
March 31 A normal college student 
would be out with his or her trieiuls 
ri^ht now hiil ,i t.u JiduMfd (and 
possibly insane) members ot The 
Harhinfrr staff are spendinR their 
~prinK briMk in A "<"" 

No, Alfi" 1'- nol ,1 v.u.l. new bar 
Its Tilt- Hiirhin;it-r ottice 

People usuiillv co sciniiulun 
v\ ,1 rm this ' 

So h.n o we in a twisted lonely 
vvay--our thermometer in the office 
reads a muRRV 75 decrees. 

V\i- ve h.ul to borrow neiKhborinR 
olticrs' fans to circulate the air-to 
avoid fainting 

"Why don't you ^o hoim''' asked 
several people at around ■< this 

•'i-rnoon Good question VVh\ 
i.iiin 1 we );o home'' For those ot \ou 
reading this right now, thank vou 
You are the reason why wi Jon i i;o 

Not too many people on this cam 
pu« r«alij!e whai ii>4 - i.c 10 
K c ,tuilenls Ik piil I li i -. ('.ijni out 
tver\ other week (Ihe ki\ word in 
that last sentence was student ) 

With most ot us having a full 
las* load and multiple |obs ii s not 
v.isy to balance this loo 

Sure Us ijre.1t >'x piruiu e and 
V'. . , . Ml' '-tiiii; tr U'nds. 

but It s lrus(rjtin>; to return to a 
h.iH tiill distribution bin when we 
< po( in .1 ot*\\ is^ui* 

VNeli \\ V h..('f 1 w r\ .'111 !\,i J .m 
eventful break Ihe itiost e^intlul 
thing that happened to us was 
cie.ining the dust Irom under the 


I lie Harbinger 
April 6, 1998 

Dear Editor, 

On Mjrih 24 1 wenl 
to the information desk in 
BuildinK A to vote f(>r stiiJcnt 

I was ti>ld that sum- I 1 
have my student .niiviis 
with me 1 would not W -il^U- io Ji* 


Ihe Muini; l.nli ."t itu mtor- 
matHin Ji'sk utnt nn to tell nie 
that tlwie were quite a nuinK-r 
(was this 10 or 110^, I'm not sun'i 
lit students that wanted to vote 
but they as well did not li.i\e thecr 
student activitv cards with tlu-ni 

As It turned out, by 2 p m t uii 
students (count them, four) had 
K"en allowed to vote (There had 
been more candidates than that!) 
Now to the point ot my Mier 
It does not take a psych«>li>g\ 
mafor to make the obs«Tvalion 
that therx' is a high level ot stu- 
dent apathy here at Harper 

If the kids wen- interested 
cT«»ugh to come out and try to 
vote, heavens to Betsy (whatever 
that means) Let them vole! 

Why in the world would m' 
not allow tfuin to gel involved in 
the pnKess rather than keeping 
them at bay due to a current rule 
that lor practK'al purpose^ may 
need to be made a bit flexible 

Now although I fullv under- 
slarKl the need to leach the stu- 
dents that they have to begin tak- 
ing resfHmsibility tor their ,uii"ns 
as well .IS ififir lives il's rieces~>rv 
to ^el them involved in mmtw- 
fhing anything before you can 
begin shaping them into what 
resembles a higher level of matu- 
rity than the position we re cur- 
rently at 

UnfortunaleK .-edto 

back up .1 few sii | mplish 


\ou Mill lirst need |4> get their 
attention then try ki hang i.mlo it 
long erHMjgh to begin helping 
them to develop 

I want to make clear I .im not 
suggesting that we should smipli 
fv or lower sijndanls tn^cause 
students an- unwilling to per- 
form, achieve or adh»-n' to reasiMi- 
able levels ot expiitation m a 
numfH.T of various areas 

Kather what I am saying is that 

cunently in place. 

Finally, as the supposed 
mature adults we must remember 
that It we have some sort of 
ABILITY' that allows us to 
KHSrX>N[)" maybe we then 
need to accvpt this RFSK)NSI- 
BIIITY' and help to teach 
younger students to work within 
the system and this is ruit to say 
that the systems may need some 
overtiauling itself 

Koberl l«<rlewski 
I'sychologv stitdenl 

■t might K" advisable to help the 
students to learn to walk Ix-fori' 
nsisting that they run 

I don t think thai the students 

!v understand what there is to 

lined Ithal is. "What's m it for 

m beiiiming part ol the 

(voting dubs the 

upcoming AIDS Walk Harper) 

But before they can be shown 
the advantages ot working with 
and within these various gnnips 
md strudures they must initialK 
be attracted to and drawn in 

"Vou were, in tact, successful in 
»it.iwin« a large number (whatev- 
»t number was, small or 
large I to the information area 
wanting .inJ willing to vole but 
because ol a system that they 
either don't tul!\ understand or 
possibly don't agnn- with win- 
rH>t able or allowed to 

It would have f>een easy 
enough to che»:k stHial security 
numbers and additional identifi- 
cation and iIhti allow tin' willing 
to vote 

We must ni.iki sun that our 
mli-s are tor maintaining order 
rather than excluding potential 
participants that may mereK 
need to be taught the imporlancx- 
of the "Rules and Regulations" 

Do you hove something to 

write about, but you don't 

wont to join the staff? 

Write a letter to fhe editor. 

Respond to a story or editorial. 

Does somettiing on ttiis campus upset, 

confuse or enlighten you? 

Tell us about it in 300 words or less. 

Be sure to Include your name and 

pt^one number so we can verify auttior- 

ship. We will not print ttie number, and 

signatures will be wittiheld upon request. 

All letters and content are subject to 

editing and must be in 14 days prior to 


Dear Editor. 

Can someoTK- please explain 
the significance ot Reading Day 
(.\pnl ID)' While many in the 
Harper Community understand 
why CkxxI Friday as a religicHiS 
holiday, IS rKi longer celebrated at 
this public institution, there is still 
real confusion as to the meaning 
of Reading l>i\ 

tan s*>meone from the 
Calendar Committee enlighten us 

Sahar Mikhail 

LRC r'n>gram Assistant 

i9ktltf WMtMTS 

The Harbinger 

EdrtormChier Lauren Schubel 

RyanFreijnd, Kevin Shepte. 
John Tillotson 

•mmtsI Pellctos 

News Editor 

A&E Editor 
Features Editor 
Sports Editor 
Rwto Editor 
Faculty Advisor . 


, . Jenntter Goli 



Desiree Corcoran 

. HoiMinlSchlosstKrg 

rht HmMMt I* lt« Mudwii pUMuNnn «or llw Harpsr OWa* camiu* eenv 
nuwy. putwtfiM lil'WiHMy tlMu#iiMl tha KMol year iKapi dw*i( twMoys 
■tf nmlasns. ThtptpwadWMButM'rMttoallttudiniii.laaity are) 

fW»iiMthn>Bmi«ti«y | itrt a i«nttot»i»e»i<»i»«idit»»>«»oundiritc<)ntTMi»t> 


Lettars mutt t» 
Signature* mH Iw 

letttrs to ttiB odKor and npMni to our aitilanato. 
•« (icluda pmna iwrtwr to «erMy aultnnlaii. 
iMn«iaUi«enfaiKmt. M lattars andcomanl •• nJliact 

Products an) tarvtcnaduannM (I ni»ilwW T iirar»nama c«n iiniy 
•TdorMd by tta odrtors ol t)M p9W.nar lir Ow callac> aAnniMnnion Of 
Boart ot Oractors. ImiMna* «auM «• •oraanMd (kractty to «« aOnarlMf , 
■M t« (ucMws •• at llw (MciMion ol It* c vaunar. 

The FtartNnger )Milliam Ramey flarper &>llege 

12(X> West Mgonqun Road 

Palatine. 1 60067 7098 

Phone NtfTtberv 

tXJSiness ottice: 1847)925-6460 

news office: 1847) 926-6000 x2461 

fax: (847) 925«)33 



The Harbinger 
April H. \vm 


Award-winning pianist to perfoim free concert 

I'idnist Thnxltxd SdUilid 
will appear in * free concert 
at Marper CotleKe 

Satolia IH a student at 
New York's fulliard VhiH>l 
and IS the winner ot thi- 1 '1^7 
Oracv Welsh I'n/e tor I'uno 

She » the first Creek lo 
win the award, named lor j 
102 year-old piarMi k-avher 

Satolia was featured on 
the "Younn Artist* 

S>jH>wiase on the \i.i 1. 'k 
Timfi' radio station VVQXK 

She has given ivntals in 
Weill Camenie Hall. Alice 
Tully Hall at Limvin Center 
and crther venues in New 
>ork and (.reece 

Satolia has Invn a siilinst 
with the National Ofcheslra 
..( Athens 

Satolia was the First Prize 
winner in the Maria Callas 

. t'rnp*'tiiion in lu-f n.itivf 

sfu' wjs .iJM* .trt.trvlcvl tft»- 
Cold Metljl Irom the Vtlun- 
Conser\'atory when she wa> 

Satolia will pierfoffii ,>-• i 
soloist with the I Ifjm 
Symphonv Orih<— tr.i in 

She will m.iki* si'\i' 
other appear 

.jiiii-s, inciudin^ the loiuvrt 
lit Harper 

s.itolij will .ippt'ar Jt tni' 
rut.>ritiint' n>ncert on 
I hursday, \pnl *< at 12 1^ 
p tn in ran; 

The comiTl is open to th«' 

i i>r more information, 
(.ill the Harper C (»llege 
Mu-K Departmeiil .it isA't 

EUing: "Ranting" artist to perform songs from Grammy-nominated CDs 



CMcagoaa Kurt fning 
pimy* many Iwtnwt n t*. 

cantiruM ftorr page 1 
clan can scat But when >i>u 
make up your own lyrics 
when you're singing, that's 

.s»l That's cool." 

"Ranting," is EUing s dot- 

iiition tor this unique style 
'Its band, which features 
, ini-.!, Laurence Hobgood, 
plavs songs that about love 
to philosophy and |ust aN>ut 
everything else in between 

Clme Your fyes, Eiling's 
debut releaw waii nominal- 

tsl tor .1 t.rammy in 
l**h It's always gn-Ji tu 
have vour pcvrs recogiii/e 
vour work, especially it that 
vMtrk 1-^ .1 *v*-ltprtvdui ivi 
di'ino, s.U'- the sin>;er 

In )un,- nl l^^Mh lllin^ 
p*-rtormed .it Carnegie Hall 
.It the |\'C la// Festival in 
New \ork Filing played 
i^posite ol Dianne Kivves 
and Rachelle Ferrvll 

Filing's second album 
The Minm-mc'i''. came aK>ut in 

■Vpril 1**7 alter an extensive 
lour pnor to that 

The Chicago nahve is cur- 
rentlv performing to his 
hearts content Is there a 
third album the works' 
(>nlv Filing knows this 
answer Check out his per- 
formance on Friday, April 1 7, 
at 7:30 p. m. in the Building ) 
Theater Tickets an- $10 for 
gctu'ral admission and $H for 
students and seniors, call 
(H47) 'i25-bltlO. 

Music from all eras performed at Blast From the Past 

Harper College is pre- 
senting Blast From the Past, 
billed as, "the party of the 

Travis iK'-^' Morris i» 
the featun ler who 

will pert*. (I.. M...i.> 
favuntes from the 5«>s .md 

Mu«ic tn>m all era s will 

be played, iniluding the 
disco 70». 

DarK-ert may |Oin in the 
pony, the stn>ll, the twist, the 
manhij'd potato and even 
cx>untrv tine dancing 

,\ J.iiKC lustm- •■" '• ■'■■ 
linn the gmup .n 
strate steps 

Thii' evi'ning v\ill K- .nfn 

plete with contests judges 
will search for an tlvis Unik 
alike and the person nios 
authentically dn-ssc-d lor thi' 

Contests will also be h 

r.., .t,. h.i.l... ,,i,t tl„- I 


the Past will 
Building M 

(.vninasium on Fnday, April 
17 Irom nM)- 11:10 pm. 

Admission will be $8 at 
the diKir 

Uif ct>st ot tickets pur- 

.^ J in advance will be St) 

■imri- inliirmjilon uti 

tj> ki-I s.ilrs i.ill the I l.up<i 

College Hoy Ottici- ,il iH^4"i 


Obvious Similaritie&. . . 

Impoitant Piffeiwcii 

Iinii«H«i nuv he the pcmat fmn ><< naii«> Bui u 
tsn I the lEnrami tnnn iif ntucauxi ktpcnencr i» And al 
Naii«ul t>>ui% l'nivrrs<i> *e have over III) >tars al 
inntnjior ieachin| etpenencc Sunt, there aw «>lh« 
«ducaiKiniluxliMwa»ihatlrylDdDwhiil oeiki BiKimcinc 
piib nwR cmphHis on itadimg aid ttaclwii akthi. Mcwc 
tlMl 30 ytm% ^B NUO ptawani a ocefcmal educatma fa 
■dulH Noiiiry«ic«i«aniadefi«r- bachekv'oviiiinarr'Mn 
a >anelv i<l pragniB - jMI hy >Mun|! us tiir as Imlc « iiic 
mghi a tceei fiic I!- It miMiH. Give in ihr innr. wr M ipte 
yew dw dream I Kn M.IHII) prx<|san fmhiMri mmtdlym 
dial's cc«tl> h»«k II lapfvniM 

ri»lbnn«l»«..dl 1-8H8-NI.I -TOD.\Y 


Fa*: M7-2M-ai.M K-mail: f>|ir(iAr»« 


National-Louis University 

tkmmmn Dnnfo fcvmwm 




Sci-Fi author to 
speak on campus 

Harlan 1 llisi>n tiilurist 
and author ot mon' than 71 
bo>»ks and thousands ot sto- 
nes, essays and articles is 
coming to speak at Harper, 
tllison s work crisscrosses 
the political, the humorous, 
the domestic, the cosmic, 
ancient histciry, mtxlem 
morality and the surreal. 

tllison IS the winner at 
two Mystery Writer of 
American Edgars, three 
I lorror Writers of American 
Bram Stoker Awards, multi- 
ple Nebula and Hugo 
Awards, the Work Fantasy 
lifetime Achievement 

.Award and the SilviT Pen for 

HliM)n s most recxignized 
works include Deathhtrd 
Stones, Strange Wine, 
Approaching Oblri'ion, I Hoot 
No Mouth and Must Siretm, 
Web of the City. Unt Ain't 
Solhtng Hut Sex MisspelW 
and MiirK'-. From Purgatory. 

Some of his work has sold 
millions of copies and have 
Kvn translated into 2h dif- 
lerenl languages. 

I \lavv No Mouth and I 
.Must Scream has been 
n'leased as a CT>-R<»m game. 
Fllison provided the voice of 
the ins.ine computer AM 

Fllison IS a conceptual 
iKiisult.ini on the Babylon 5 
scries, and also offers weekly 
commentary on the Sci-Fi 
(. hiinrH-l's "Sci-Fi Bu/7 " 

tllison names |orge tuis 
Borges was ,in mllueme on 
his wntings 

His mo^t recent works 
lean toward the fantastic 
realism style typical of the 
Argentinean writer he 

Fllison will speak al 7:30 
p m in Building ) Theatre on 
Wednesday, April 8 

Tickets are $7 for general 
admission with discounts 
available tor studenN aivl 
senior citizens. Call (847)925- 
6100 for more information, 
or check out the Harper web 
site at www us. 


n looliMii kw mK 


•J cJihm iur llw 

operieacx «ia| 

fUciahiili Of f tmra ■! a 

ftaJeat-nw mewifuf u . 

ftlflifiMwi mxtfttA 

iaAStf weal 


/^■I Niff iMirs 



The Harbinger 
April b. 1996 

The Marriage ef Bette and Boo to be performed by campus theatre 

Wilh divofce t>eronninf( a 
more prevalent steiM- m 
Amehcan M)ciet>, it's odd lu 
acr a (ong-term numafte out- 
lide ol ficbcm. 

' Tkr Mmrmge of Brttr and 
Boo. Haxper Coile|;e'» tole»l 
IhMtn venture, will be per- 
formed on April 2y-lh. 
including d student-only pre- 
mier on Apnl 22 

The pUy, written bv 

C hrtati>pheT Durani;, telU the 
Mory o( two dy»fuiW'tiondl 
famibe« ioined by the mar- 
riage at the title characttn 
Bette and Boo. 

The ilMy ipanft over inui«> 
than two decades and deal» 
with marrui|;e iisues such as 
alcoholism, madnem aiid 
fatal illnesft. 

These topic* make Bette 
and Bo«> que*lH>n their 
C alholic uptrmging 

Although It may souimI 

gnm. th»- Nli>r% h,i~ inmy and 
humor »lo\erK mi«i-J inl<> 
the plot 

The Marri., and 

Boo IS beint( •.tii...vl bs 
Harper asiaustant spitxh Ibt 
ater pr«<i» lodd 


He ha» also dirpcfed previ- 
ous Harper plavs irK'luding 
"The rVvimrs and 

"Broadway fWMjiid 

■ The Marna«;c oi Bette 
and Bix>' displays the scalped 

instifuticn called marriage It 
IS a comical look at ronlempo 
rarv Catholic marriages. " said 

Ballantyne also staled that 
hf did tH>t alter tf>e play's 
ongtnal form 

The onK Kjv t.i du 
I)urai>g justice is to do what 
he wrote." Ballantyne said. 

rh«> part of Bette is played 
bv Ri\ er O/gur 

Hans rieisrhmann i>. y*it- 
Iraying Boo and Matt 

l.irujerman will play the part 
of Malt, the son of Bette and 
Boo Tickets are available at 
the Harper box office ainl are 
S7 fcM- HarpcT students aiwl 
staff, $8 for other students 
and $■* fiir general admis.sion. 

The curtam will nse at 8 
p m. for the April 22-25 shows 
arul at 2 p.m for the April 26 

Call the Ni» office at (847) 
"^25-6100 tor nidre inlorma 

Out of the Loop documents Chicago music scene 


Smashing Pumpkins. 
Urge CXerkill anJ 1 i/ Phair 
are unonnous ruttonal musui 
MfHMions. but each of tfwni 
began their climb up the 
proverbial ladder playing 
smoky clubs an>und Chicago 
for next to ih 'thing 

The bands in the MxaUed 
next "wave" of Chicago 
musK: fled Red Meat. Th«- 
|e«us Lizard, >ium >um. 
Triple Fait Action and Vrmca 
Salt, among others, aw fea- 
tured in .1 Jocumentarv 
directed b\ •--. .-ti P.'iiT^on 
ilkslOuf ," 

oiti-rtvl .;! : , 
ThursiijN April 
Building I Iht'dii I ,11 •>. 
p m 

Chujgo has had an 
active, thriving music sum- 

(•vp*.^ 1.1 !!\ in lii- '. ■ 
ITU!.-!. . . r., ■ 
say> n I ,.r,;,!i>:. 

engint-vr mu^ sun 
Albmi in tfu' tilin 

Rock critic Inn lA'Ri<gali>. 
fw» • different opinion, lhi>. 
buiiineM about a scene an<t j 
hvpe on a partKuLir ^. m. ! 
think It'- iii^t bulKh't 

iinu-nt.irv. was 
.\i>nd pljif ti'i 

bf-l ti-ir 


I iKlfri'Ti 

liHiimfiU.irv in 

i hl...ik;i" 

I liiii t(-.ti\al 

Oul of the LMf IS not rated but 
coiiWw Hmr pnifanr lan- 

*1llaii0 hBot BMcs- 
aartty about new 
mittic. It's what 
tlwae prot;ram think 
the kid» wiU bay." 
Co-owner of the DDoUe 

Rock critics, prixiun-rs 

and musiciars are featured in 

mterviews. and footage of the 

h.,n.K live performances 

idded explaruitii 'M i< 

y.irvs indepeidenl and ma|or 
ren>rding labels m regania to 
sue. money and expomiw. 

\'ina Crtirdon of Veruca 

Nil I S.HS independent labels 

jnI iv lorrupt as the 

.'i« Oli' s.indKR(X - ■: 
tli> A.ikl iiiii>iujt«> th«- ^.' < 

bllltv I'l this music I ptTTsii.n 

alK (en'l that it is the K-j^in 
ning of the end of certam 
ihmgs betatst- I've alwavs 
Ivlieved in pnnnoting n. 
music " said !.»• '-h.iii.ll 
tfie iXi'iHvnei 
[Xxir in C hica^.. 

"That's what I! 
.ind IXiublc !Xv>r ii' i .hi 
Kadu" I- not iH'i I'ss.iriK 

about m» musK Its what 
these pn>grams think the 
kids will buy " The dis.solved 
ensfmble The Wesk'v Willis 
Haaco is also featured in tfie 

The group, lead bv .i di.ii; 
nosed schuophrenu and 
Chicago street artis-. has been 
called everything fn>m ongi- 
nal. uniijue arKl charming to 
N'ln^ .itLUsed of ndicule and 
exploitatinn of a man who 
iliiesn t know any better 

iHher groups liocumt'nt- 
fd in Out M the tiX'; are Seam. 
Th«' Pulsars. IJie t^arsau and 
'»isfer Macfune Cun Call tf«' 
H.irprr Box C)Hiu' <H-»ri y2=i- 
• iKi tor «i'<.S ti.U-ts 

FOV<«DtD 1161 


N«fi« villi. Ii 


A RcprcKiitative n-ill be on your campus 

Wednesday, April 22 

9:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. 

Building L 

To nMwtr ^mtioM rtgwiiag: 

• 40 lUuUireiB 

• IminnilAid 


• JnmkrSdlKJkr*^ 

• Tartrfrmni! ('^^■^ll^ 

• Immstupf 

' 1 ' tmciuiUci^ Spans 

kir (HR MumMiai. «a> molonif B> 
<aikffiim OS HmtrVSmMlbfiit 
rmfe » tint It '.^mou'i Rot ( 4iIc|iei,* 


.W \.*t'. Rrnnjrd Socn 





CDs TAPES LPs 1000. of 
,--,, \ OS low as 

IMS tiH 



as low as SI 00 

taMi _ 



usee TAWS 

.< - ... .... 

. __ 




Siilf E 10«9^^ 


(« i »mM Ht '» <MS) 

206 W NoittMvtt HigtNMy 

(Mn«ai)in«r(i«Sm«'(Ri •■* mnmtOmmt) 

Palabne 140067 


The HarhinstT 
April 6, 1<»8 

Harp«r A&E 


April showers bring plenty of A A E events to campus for everyone 



April showers mift^t bring 
May flowers, but Harpt-r 
brings a field t>< bUwistwninK 

Small Works Show (art 
exhibit) March :V)-Apnl 24 
Buildings CAP 

A vanety erf inventivi- n>n 
cepts will be presented 
Harper Symphony 

Oirhcvtta April 4, 7 10 p m 

Tickets arv S5 tor Harper 
students and sUft and *l() fiw 
general admiMian. 
Harlan BliMMi "An 
tnbndlcd Evening with the 
Author Apnl 8, 7.10 p m 


lickrts are S5 for Harper 
students and staW, i*> K»r 
other ftudent*, and $7 tor 

pneral admissHxi. 

ElliMWi IS ime at America s 
most celebrated authors 
ICnown to have a sarcastic 
style about himsel', he has 
pnuen hims»^lt as a writer 
Theodora Satolia Apnl -^ 

i: isp m r2os 

Satolia IS a pian si who {•• 
.urnnllv pertorming natum- 
ally and is the winner of 
many intematHmal fi>mpeti- 


Out of ffcr LiM/p (TH>t rated) 

Apnl >», 710 p m 1141 

Winner olf the Best Koatun 
Dotumentarv 1**7 tTiitago 
UndergnHind Kilm Fe»ti\ al, it 
features Chicago Ircal bands 
such as Veruca Salt, The 
lesus Li/aid, Sister Machinf 
CrtJn. Smashing Pumpkins. 
Urge CKerkill, TripU- I i^i 
Acton aiMl tu PKau 

Kurt tiling Apnl 17 " ^i (■ 
m INI 

rwohiiu' (..fjiTimx nonii 
nee, Kurt lllmg, will bring 
his unique )a// sounds to the 
Harper campus Tickets .m- 
SIC tor general admiss4»n and 
SK tor Harper students and 

Chicai^ laiz Ensemble 
April W, 7p m 1141 

Tickets .ir.- s'^ tor H.iriHT 
students ami -Lill it> .or 
other ^tud>-iil> .in>l $7 lor 
general .idmission 
lames Malinchak "From 
College to the Real Worid* 
Apnl 22, 710 p m 114.1 

Tickets are inv to Harper 
students and slaft. SI lor 
other students, and iS lor 
general admisMon 

t)ne o< the most dvnjma 
motivatu>nal speakers 

.inuiru) w ill l.-,u h you h»>w to 

package, market and "sell 

\ oursell" to find a (i* 

Harper College Theater pre- 

Mnl»: Thr Mamitgr of Brttf 

and Boo 

Apnl 22 21, 24, 4 2=. s ,, ni 


April 2^ 2 p ni 1 li>^ 

Tickets an- $7 lor Har^vr 
students and staff. iS (or 
other students, and if* for 
general .Kimtssion 

ni.(i|.n tollowsBi'tteand 
BiH> through thnv dtx:ade» of 
their life, as they corrfront 
divorce alcoholtsm, madness 
and fatal illness, however, 
this pldv i-s not all that grim 
Harper Dance Company pre- 
sents: "Rhythm in Motion" 
Apnl 24&2S, 7Vlp m 1 141 

Tickets itv %S (or Harp«>r 
students and sUff and $7 fi>r 

gtTKTal admission 

Annual Harper Art StaMtcnt 

Show April 27 May 8 
Buildings C & r 

Pn-senting artworks by 
students wfH> have attended 
classes in tfu- art department 
dunng the year, this show 
will include drawings, paint- 
ings, printmakmg and sculp- 
tures as well as M)me com- 
puter imagery and design 

Vladislav BUha 
Apnl X), 12:15 p m 1*205 

Guitarist VladisUv Biaiis 
has given concerts all 
Ihniuglnnit f urope, tfie U. S., 
Asia and Ijtin America He 
IS a First Pn/e winner of 
mtemational comfx>titions in 
(.reece. Hungary, trf'rmany 
and tfu- Oech Republic 



iMfMngwIthchildrwv Full 
and part-tune Elk Grove 
Township Community Day 
Care Center is seeking car- 
ing indh/tduals to work with 
a wide variety of age 
groups. HghScTtooidipto- 
ma IS required. Day Care 
experience is preferrad, tut 
wM tram the rigm people. 
Salary conmenHirate with 
■Rpetience. Immediate 
openings available. fJAEYC 
accredited Call Gtetchen 
,(847) 439-5577 

managerslbr the aumiief : 

fifing pt 

^o Palnlera IS rxm 
ingpamters and job site 

Work m your hometown. 
$6-$10 an hou. Call 1-888- 

Part-time recrertkan tta« 

Northwest Special 
Recreation Assoc is seek 
mg staff to assist with 
includtng people with dis 
abilities and to recreation 
programs in the Itorthwest 
Suburbs. Day. aftdmoorv 
evening and Sat. hours 
awilable. upto$7/hr. 
bcised on experience, call 


"wbrking honest peopiir 
needed t o do household 
packing for mov«ig corrxia- 
ny. IVto exp. rwc. Call for 
appomtment (847) 428 
2878. Ask for Susaa Fax 
resume (8471 836 1655. 

Land •wveyor's office 

requires help part time (or 
either inside or outside 
work, isio experience nee- 
essaryf No vehicle 
required, pay varies. Call: 
(847) 382 S»72. 

MHnai Savkas MrtitMi 

pu,i».s< Make a 


1 \\\v s\>ilfni. 

area Catering company 
seeks p»t time help (most 
fy weekend) to staff com 
pany picnics and corporate 
events. Supervisors, grill 
cooks, game coordinators, 
concessions Call 1-800- 
562 5660 will e-mail or fax 
application or write: 
Schaul's Premium Foods 
7221 NHarlenv Miles. IL 
60714. E^nail 

Part time aeasonai help. 

School photography co. 

looking for help at local 

dances /proms Kfcist 

attend one tratrtmg session 

and have transportatioft 
iBO'mght. Frt. and/orSat. 

ext. 10 

Part time software 
installer/ trainer. 
Bookkeeping and computer 
exp. required. Up to $25 /hr 
Mt. Prospect area Send 
resume to: 5261 
Deepwood Rd, BloomfieW 
Hills. Michigan 4830Zattn: 

Part time secretary. 117 
M F. Pay determined by exp 
Mt. Prospect area. Mail 
resimeto: 5261 
Deepwood Rd. Bkxmfieki 
hills. Michigan 48302. attn: 


ELECTRIC BASS, hard i^ase. 
andampL 5'String, Mack 
Idane/ Soundgear 405 
series bass with hard case, 
cord, strap and amplifier. 
Great conftkml t^ta 
scratch on it! Must sell for 
$800 Call Lauren '847) 
991 7808 tor info or to 


2^1oo». hdtcti Dack, light 
blue. 4 speed sttcK AC. 
AM /FM cassette. 92K. 


Fhrper Collej^ef V^Mvi 

heated in Buildmg V 
Harper Cotege 

• Op<r Mon*nr 
i«<nM||« Frld^r 
rO MTV-S pen 

■ l-lu(T w ll tt ow 



'Gan^lKept needs mmor 
exhaust work. $800 (630) 
837 8760. 

Gemini Technomester DJ 
MUar 2 channels. LCD 
Beat indicator crossfader 
in decent shape. 
Bass /Treble adjustment 
great. Asking fTO ($140 
retail) NEARMMT Karl 
(847) 253-0271. 

Omm Audio Sound System 
High grade speakers Model 
»SA12.3 Brand new-stiM in 
box. Retail $1195 asking 
$600 for both oiJ.o. Must 
sell. Call (847) 776 1251. 

Bonnaville Good Conditioa 
loaded with extras, new 
battery, hoses, belts. One 
owner $4500 obo. (847) 

HUGE 1 bed condo mHoff. 
Est. Beautiful location. 
Newer eatm-kit w/disfv 
wash. ref w/icemaker. self- 
clean ovea ceramic floor, 
counters etc. dming room 
has cell fan Lg. Liv m\ 
Spacious msfer w /newer 
berber Wash /dry incl. Low 
taxes & assoc tee. Pool, 
ter«s,ets. Monthly pay- 
ments as low as $593 
TOTAL! $64,900. COLD- 
WELL BANKER >jne Brock 
(8471101 3141 


Don't hdvc linie to type 
that big term paper'' I can 
help! $2.50 /page b/w2- 
day turnaround. Large vari- 
ety of typing fonts and 
styles. (847) 215 9846 

Calnow... 1900 407 
7785 Ext. 3457 $2.99 per 
mm. I^st be 18 yrs. Serve- 
U (619) 645 8434 



I am bigger tttan yoa 

m.- ^ 

Page 10 

_ _ as M. Thf Harbinger 

Harper Advertisement aphui^ 

After all your hard work. )o« ran afTord to Ix- rhomy. 

Think .arfful! 'v atid \\\\<-[r \-m w mt 

to be Thriivtnill k; n • n>;lit rhnii. 

Ever>'Vf»ar. mori ■ r '" 

RiM)sf\t'll With (n: ve campust's in t)otli downtouii 

Chicago am) Sch.iumlmrg. Rno-ievelt has iimrf ( Lissi s iii nmrc 
ni;iji)rs iTJi' uiiiliTUrniliKifc ni.ijtirs in nil r.iiii;ii . 
to Educutiori tn Thcatr.' -\rt- 

tions than anv other iiin\frsii\ in the Chicago ar»'a And our 
I • vMlh, Harifi (''.lli'»!<- a- vour «r,rk 

will i-r.Uli' 'iir IvOdS. !■ 

Fur ,1 i>i-isuiuil transcript (valuation. nu>n' i 'Ul 

our rmaiK i.ti alii desiiV" ■ -iinlfut.> ami 

to nic'' vv't^' ' ■ !Mtv Ailiuission to,, 

iiar; • -nimburg 

.: (H47) tfl»-8600 

Wedwuday. April 22 
5:00 pm - 7:00 p« 
Building J 

Hn«i«y, May 7 
lOKW an - 1:00 p« 
Building A 

Tharsda>, April W 






:iJNOtS 606- 


The Harbinger 
April 6, 1<>W 

















« Prane State 
O RocK Valley 
41 McHenry 
RotMrt Morrta 
@ Wauttonsee 
^. Xavler 
& Triton 
9 Lake County 



2 30pm 

3 p m 

3 30pm 

2 pm 

3 pm. 


4/7 a DuPage 

4/9 O Elgin 

4/10 Waubonaae 

4/11 Rock Valley 

4/14 South Suburban 

4/15 PrariaStata 

4/16 a Oakton 

4 '18 Triton 

4 19 @ Morton 

4/21 9 IL Vitfey 

4/24 HigMMKi 

2:30 pm 
230 pm 
2 30 pm 
2 pm 
2 30 p m 
2 30 p m 
2:30 pm 
2 pm 



4/11 © Lewis TBA 

4/18 e Marquette TBA 

4/25 ® Loras TBA 

4/30, 5/1 © Region IV TBA 

5/1 & 2 • Region IV TBA 

5/6 • Lewis TBA 

5/8 O North Central TBA 

5/9 ® Marquette TBA 

5/11 & 12 © Lewis TBA 

5/15 ©North Central TBA 

5/20-23 ©NJCAA Championship 

NIU alumnus Paul Sereno 

iscovered the world s . 
' Idest dinosaur, i 

The entire Sereno family 
discovered success at 

Nwtfwm Illinois Uravvnity wotkm* 
lar Mm S««ne family, ana it con 
worfc for yaw. Now is rh« p^rftct lim« lo 
•«plor» NIU and to docov#r wha» on NIU 
•ducettion con do lor you Com* to N!U$ 
opwi hou$« on PffUay, *^ 10 (Good 
Friday) from 9am to 2 p m W»ll giv« you a 
tour ol campus ond onswer your qumtions 
about odmiutons ond financial aid 

"Dun Has III) qiKsltDH afxml 

winn inif chUdnn uimldgo 

far till ir undi nsradnaU Hitrk. 

Tin If all li- ant( d a solid, 

basic (ditcatioti, 

and tluy kiim- tiny amldgtl it 

at ■ Vorthirn." 

Martin S«r«M. 

PK D Uni»«rsi»y ol Ct^cago, P i o i tt Of of 
Co»«itiv« Sci»>c«, Unrvw«tY of CoMomMj San 
Owgo f«jtur«i m Jun* % Daoavm 

fm^ %tnm. T9 %S^ MM 

PhD Columbia Univ»rsit¥ Prol^wor ol 
Plll»on»oiofly * Evotuhon, Umvwmty ol Ch<ogo. 
(knotour hontor; dncovwtM »«Jtor«l in Notonol 
Gw^ophc Natwv hrm NBC TVs rodoy 

Call us loli-fr*« ot 

1-888-CALL NIU 

1 1 888 225 5648! 

E mail ui at odmiisions into 'niu «<hj- 

Vkvl us on the Web at http //www mu edu 

74 NLS. M.. NHfc 

tndAm d V* NIU graduates 


m Nap*r»rfl» scfwol district '203 

pictured obova w^ Ker son Poul 

PKD , Brown Umvereity ProfwBor ol 
PsychofcnfluistiCS, Corrirf Unni«fllty 

Marvarot SocMia. tS »X, NW 

PhD Brown l>ii¥«ciify Prol»»CK of Psycholoay. 
Univ»r*ty of Oregon 

Ann* Smwim, U tS.. NW 

PhD Harvard Un.««rwt> Professor Center for 
Moleculor S BefwvionjI Neuro»ae«Ke Rutgers 

Sara Swww. 16 tX. NW 

Ph D University of Wossoctiosetts Professor of 

Psycfwiogy Umyeruty ol Glosflow IScoHondl 

Discover NIU for yourself on April 10. 


^ % 

Harper Sports 

LM^*_WW^ XMmjlHmpw ClMm m A»iW«.HW 

Softball hopes to repeat as conference champions 

aatMiMtM Mm 



The H,irp»T >c>llfs;< 

i . I l.i»vks limshwl 
their tpring tnp wtjh 5-2 
record m which Uwy OMn- 
pehKl with Chkagu Metghts, 
LuMTiilnland. fonrst P*rk. Flti 
V*lley, StCharlfs jnd Si 

"Thtf trip |'<prm>; trip] 
WAS morr iw l«;s-> ■•! 
kind ot co»np»'tili>>i\ vm 
wiiuld be facing during tht- 
•Mwin.' >iaid <>o<ttMll pl.nir 
Mel K«vd«niewski 

• HMrihar Kusch iwm 
nsnwd olhtoto of tfw 
week for her perfor- 
mance in the National 
loMnamenl leading alt 

rloorM lor aN 3 games 
Mtti 16 in the first. 28 in 
lie second and 37 
points in the final 

* Jermiter Jensen was 
named Ck>ach of (tie 
Iter amongst Region 
fV women^ tMultalbait 
eoachea allar her suc- 

"Wr plivfd >i dniMiMi I 
lunmf n> legf ti'jm (miii 
Kwest Park and we untortu- 
tutely kwt to them the hr>t 
time, but we defeated them 
fl-7 the second time .' 

"With tTe «ix starter* that 
we havf rvtummK from List 
year >i team. I thmk that we 
can reptvt a* timterente 
champiims. ' Mid 


It Mvm- th.Jt fveryiim' 

t>n the to.lrii IN nri-tf\ iiinfi- 

dent th.i ! t 

again " 

"Th«"rr ■ iii'Ki<.lv m tin-. 
^nnip that I ihmk st-ind^ out 
a« heinK a li-am teader. " s.)id 
Kwa«niew<>ki on the ni\ 
starter* retumin); ti> ihi* 
year's Imn to betngi a learn 

■ Weiv all t. 
because we all ' 

>;tH*cl rtK Wf t.Wi .111.1 

ni- v>,-p ., ,t ,.tii,. t!i. ■ . : 

wlwn 11 «i>m. 11- 


"What I hop*' to (set out of 
lh» seasiln personally, is to 
ke«'p playing; sjid 

kwasnu'wski on hi-r 
lht>u>;hts It' tht' stMstin o\rr- 

I hope thai i 

thf lonfi'nnci' iii- >. n uul 
C»» Id nalhtn.iK thai s I 
rr.ilH wans out ol this sed- 
son and to have fun also 
With all the '^uccvwi 1 had 

* Jason BaaH. one of 
Schaumburg High 
School^ premier tMs- 
HMbail p%srs, will tie 
—ending Harper next 
year and competing lor 
fw 1998-99 bastwUMl 
•aeson for the Hawks. 

durm>; the basketball se,i 
Min. I h«>pe that it can i.irn 
over into the Softball sea^>n 
and hopefully have th«* saiiM- 

"1 do hope to play msme- 
where jtter the st'dson is 
■ u«r lof solthail." ^id 
kwasiuewski on the future 
of her solthall car«>er as well 
M her tNHikietball career. 

"I don't know where 

exactly I m K^""K '" S" y* 
tor basketball or si>ftbaU. but 
I II pntbably have a decituon 
made up by the einl at the 
«e«!M>n of where it's going to 
he but I'd really like to keep 
piavmg ' 

The I .kU lljwk>. iHM 
l«>me f,ame is Moiujav April 
^ against McHenry C.C The 
game will start at approxi 
mately 3 p.m. 

J«miy MeHI*r l«ts 
•tt««pt !• •trite I 

M»HBINMR fl£ l»<m) 

t» ttmm mm mmmtt tm mm 
ter ■•at vtctlM. 

Track and field optimistic in ail areas 

Srwf «MMt[|i 

The entire track and fieUi 
team is ready lor aclxm 

With eight jthUtes 
returning and a vtrori); 
coaching staff, this team 
shtiuld bt' ,1 tone 

The men's track and field 
team has -.u n*tuming ath- 
letes and a good supportii\g 

The woriH'n s track and 
lield team has only two ath- 
letes returning m a team of 
only five 

"t^Hir team will be t\>m- 
petitive m all areas We m.n 
be a little weak in the Inple 
long and high lump. -uid 
head ctxch RerMX- Zellner 

The team will n'lv hejv 
>n!v on Heather>h .inJ 
|<>hn KiXigers for support 
B«>th athli'les have sh«)wn 
leadership in the past and 
both are expeneiHed 

There an- <-"»>,. goals 
that t hopt iplish 

this, season ..i-i i want 
each athlete to rejth thnr 
full p<>lential Next to bond 
.ind work as J team and 
finally to plaiv in the top 
four meets," said Zellner 

'^Oor team wiU be 
canpcCitivr in all 
anm. We may be 
a link weak in the 
triple, lonK and 
high Jump." 

-Renee Zelliter 

Men's and Women's 


The men s (tack .ind field mjn\ new I.ite^ this 
\ P.ui- Bv>iik.i*. uiH be 
handling the •■hot put and 
Randv Ro/nv «ill h.ive the 

lbi'rou>;h will 

compete in the pole vault 
and Nick Mirfcovick will be 
throwing the discus 

lonathan Marple and 
Craig C>mn will be throwing 
the javelin and Dave 
Andrews will a»nip«-te in the 

The women's team may 
have only five athletes, but 
.ill ot them are skilled. 

Heather Kusch will han- 
dle the hammer and other 
e^ent^ as well. 

Molly Magarian and 
Shann»>n McNamara are in 
the heptathalon and Hillary 
Hollowly will handle the 
triple lump 

"Heather Kusch is a 
dynamite thrower and a 
harvl worker" said ZellrH-r 

Harper s next nuite will 
be .It the lewis Invite on 
.April II followed bv the 
Marquette Invite in 

Milwaukee i>n April IS 

spends break 
in Florida 


is there anything bet- 
ter than spending your 
spring bivak in Florida? 
And to txHit It IS all free! 

The Harper Hawks 
baseball team will have 
spent the break in the cit- 
rus state 

This time anmiKl the 
Hawks will faa- teams 
from the North 

MilKiu\ C ommunit\ 
l.illege, eolleRC of Lakr 
V. ountv and I'rairie Stai. 
will be hosted by 
\alencia College 

Playing teams from 
the North will give coach 
\orm C.arrett a good 
idea ol where the team ts 
heading and what needs 
to be dotu- before the 
team heads into conler 
eme plav 

I he Hawks already 
have game experience. 
They played Moraine 
Valley Feb 24 splitting 
the double-header. M.V. 
got by the Hawks 8-7 in 
the first game. 

Chris Carlson pre- 
served a 13-10 lead to get 
the win. Coach Norm 
Carrett was not "real 
happy" with his teams 
performaiKe but he will 
take It against a M.V. 
team that has already 
played 14 games 

Coach Carrett is sick 
and tired of hearing 
about the cold weather 
and how much it affects 
tfie hitters. 

"Its [hitting) really a 
mental thing," Carrett 
said "You have to men- 
tally tougher aitd mote 
conhdent up at the plate. 
Hitting IS W percent 
mental Everybody 

wants to hit in warm 
weather but up here 
that's not possible." 

.\nd what if El Nino 
brings in cold weather to 

"My hitters we'll be 
able to deal with it, their 
hands will |Ust hurt a lit- 
tle more when they hit 
the ball." Garrett said 

Carrett hopes to 
return to warm weather 
when tlu' trip is over and 
get conference play 


-^ ■% 

The Harbinger 

I, , • |i r r <■ .. 1 '' V»>^ 



XXX . NMWfcirl l » A»fMaO, l— 

Second annual AIDS Walk Harper Track hurdles into record book 

Proceeds go to HIV Coalition for education 


Set' vvhi-n i\.ims 

arc on tho Spring I' 


Page 5 

The best jobs for 

community college 

students are in the 


Page 5 


Like It or not. its time 
to hit the books 
Page 6 


April showers bring 

oodles of A&E events. 
Page 7 

Softball team suffers 

loss of first and third 


Page 12 

Baseball team prepares 

for tournament. 

Page 12 

A w < « Off>wfc T l i *r 


AIDS Wjlk I i.irjHT w lil K- hiiUtinii; it •■ ■-«i 
ond annujl w jlk on SuiuIjv \Ii\ ' 

Slud>T>t rV>vt'l>ipnH>nt MiuUnt \>iiMluv 
Hfalth StTMKv and the l'svihiiU>>;\ 
Hepdiimt-nl will .ill pl.iv j pJrt in ihe HMmii- 
ralkm of All)*> Walk 

CHf-i.impu«- Mmrviin.iti.-n and suppoil i- 
pnnidol In th, m\ i .'.ilituvii ,<! Mt 

Vpjiii'xini.itrK .2=^1 po>pi. 
partTcipjti' ■' ' • " 

(■Urpi"r'<< p« 

R»t;i!.tratii'" i'>i in> ^^ hk i, 
I m nn Sunday. M.n ^ 

Mulhn- anil l.u K 
the ni>rth 
inV All)^ 

Ku-*>11 |ohnM.>n ,1 ! i'li! ""I' ■• 

U<nii list ot club and n mv.-K.- 

..., .,1 vmII .iho s|XMk. .ir IK- nT»'nu>n\ 
Mr M06 Wail Hvpw <j» u.>«e .? 

PMoio B> fwenit vn.totz 
atHM WkMtMi 

Asran Pride '98, a time of cultural reflection, education 

Ssian I'ri.: 

turn and rtluv.itMni. ,• i. ...i.. - i^ 

pndi* i-n campus wuti a thri-<- part 
ri^ . VVVdnt-.da\ Apnt .'- 

li,, rl :;s ,ind V\<Jn. -.^l.u 

M.n <■ 

ll ■• »;iiint. 
to >«■ Asian mill. 
folk d.-nttns and 

,.,1 Iv want til •<«• that, >-*ui 

\. .1 , 111 .^sMicutiim f'n-'iidt'nt 
lohn I u " Jh»iv will alM> N- origamt 
.ind am thing and «-\ en thiii); vou 
want t. kmw abinil \sian lulture 
Ih.- hrvl ,1.1-, i>t t<".tivtlH-.. Apnl 

;.; I tum-^' ii'ik >uch 4s ttw 

Svn.rd P.m..- thi snake I>ance and 
the Kuin fu 1 .in I >an.c will bt' p«T- 

"Anyone who attends will 
learn a lot about the cul- 
tures that are fast-srowing 
in .Vmerica. 1 here are a Id 
of immigrants these days 
from these areas, and a lot 
peitple don't have knowl- 
edge of the culture and the 
beauty behind it." 

Sadal khJin 

PMidmi of taMten Md PakMani 


A pair ii* Mongolian txin«ortioni.«ifs 
are also ((uaranlwd to wtound the 

ah then K>d\ pn-t/el 
i,-.e actiMti*'* an* in the 
Huildinc \ ..ili-leri.i tn>ni 11 4=^ i m 1 
p m 

The Indian and raki>tani 
C elebralion ot Culturvs l>ay, April 2S, 
will ifwludf a fashion show of tradi- 
tion.ll narmenls, poetrv rvading, tra- 
dituvnal d.init"S, Indian and Pakistani 
.Khu'\ors and a Mehndi demonstra- 
tion tnim U 4'i amlpm in the 
Building At afetena 

Mehndi is an ornate body painting 
.III usj-d to adiwn a bntle's hands and 
left with intricate lace patterns. 
Students will paint with non-perma- 
nent materials f<w a $1 charge 

"It lakes literally hours to get 
«>fne deM|9\i on a hand the day of 


Bette and Boo is not a typical love story 

I TiNoatan 


ters BeMe aiHl Bih> 

The »tofy sfwn» nu.rr 
With divorce becoming than two decades and deals 
a mem' pre>alanl scitw in »»-,th marruge issue* such 
Ameruan so(iet%. it s odd j^ alittholism. ma«biesi 
to see i Uwg-lerm marnage ^^j |j,j| Ulness 
outMdt i>f fictKin 

Thf MMrrmfie ct Mte and 
fJrt) Harper C ollege s latest 
theater venture will be per 
tormeil on \pnl 'l 2^ 
including a student on Iv 
premM*r on April 22 

The play, written b> 
Chrtst >pher Durai^g, lells 
the storv of two dysfunc 

These topic* make Bette 
and BcH> question their 
Cath«»lii upbrmgmgs 

.\lthcnigh It may s«>und 
gnm. the sttwy has ironv 
and humor cleverly |u»ta 

TTir Mtnmgf of Srtfr anJ 
B,i,i IS .lins'tnl bv Harp«'r 

iHinal families |«>inedb> the assi .h ilu.ii.r 

marnage i»f the title charac- pnHi-ss,., „si.J H.ilUini\T>< 

» hii has dlM> dins.-ted pn^ 
V lous Harper plays includ- 
ing TV LVfifii-rs and 
Hruaduwy Sound 

■'Tkt Marriflyc of Bfltr 
mtd ftiH> displays the 
scapeled institution called 
mamage It is a comical 
look at vontemp<warv 
{. athiilii niarriages," said 

Ballantyne also stated 
tful he did mit alter the 
plav's original form, "The 
only way to do Durang |us- 
li, , IS If di> what he 



The part o( Bette is 
played by River Ozgur; 
Hans Fletsichjnann is por- 
traying Boo; and their son 
Matt is played bv Matt 

Tickets are available at 
the Harper box office or l>y 
calling (847) 92S-6100 and 
are $7 for Harper stiidents 
and Ktaff, $8 for other stu- 
dents and $9 for general 

The performances on 
April 22-25 begin at 8 p.m. 
and the April 26 show is at 

(MT) •aS-MOO ii24«l 

The Harbinger 

Harper News -•"^'^''^ 

AIDS Walk Harpen Estimated up to 250 walkers for community awareness 

•It's lAIDS Walk 

Harper] actually 

modeled after AIDS 

Walk Chicago." 

Andy Howe 
Stuilfnl IX-vi'Uipment 

Walk H> 

||1\ \lir- ,•■. Ii 

fiumi-v thrv>ui;h lUxi.' 
,md pledge* Jrvan w.ilk. ■ 
U > *ctujllv mi>. 

,.iKi \iidi H.'wi- J stiidt-nt will 

I v. .'U'pnii'nl t Dunx'l.T Mu>|. 

iin..K,tl I" ■in^v. .11 >,. 1 

-. \I1)S Mill! TUh l.'llll! /.llKin- »l : 

iff J m 

Wu liiii' .Mill tlw iiu>--i 
.t Ml» ».ilkiT- mil nmS" .md thr 
V tub v\ ilti ' : ii'dct 

i\\ K-iMH imim-\ will 

^tudrnU ..m call Mudifit 
, ,r,;l„-. ,,1 .^r^'^r-'CV.'f 




The aoti excttiiif new 
tJte t«orM IS comtRg 10 aHa||o> We an knkai fcr 

m<tittKw.<!tK. custo«tr wmmfs ontaMd penult wko 
oyiy kmaf ftw nd are kmbni fcr ex(ik)si%c iniwth 


Apfltcalkm httrng acetpmdfar 

Full/parl time positions 

FhsiMe kwt'CiooJknt bcnelits 

T« atl HP an nivn icw c«H 

biirst Your Credits 


Hf U Hl( \R^ \|x\\».fMI.M 

U)KK S\>nMS 

:^CHO()! HK Bi si\r^s 

Unrted Parcel Service has part-time 
loader and unloader positions available. 

5 ►> No Weekend Work 

4-3-5 Hours Per Day {MorvFn) 

►>- Comprehensive Medical Package 

►> Stock Participation -f Employee Owned Company 

Call toll free 1 -S8e-4UM-J01 sm^im 

\ 24 hours a day - 7 days a week 


Locations: Hodgkins/Willow Springs (1-55 & 1-294) 
Addison, Palatir-»e, NortnOfook 4 Westmont 



UPS oajvos BMicimoi 

Equal Opportunuy Ern(Jloy«r 




SuillllUT s,h ■■• 

. vtruin liut wHj uiii iiiii'.li \<HH 
Nortli Park Uirf»e»i<ty. 




• Special diKomnd 

• Cbomc frofB OMtr 100 c<>un«* 

• If «a» »»« l«tcre«l«l in Irimfcrrinp l» \«rth Pjrk, ncnd TOOr 

tramcript* now. Wc will \\A\r \oiir i->jlujli<m i:x>,\ for yi>u 
41 lh» Open Kchik! Or brinp thcw with WHi i" Imvi- them 
r%altuili.-tl <>n «ht vp<rt. 

• Apph for »umr«rr whtn>t 41 ihc Ojhu H<Mue and wx will 

wxivi; %«iur a|>plt4:<iti(>n tvi. 

Attend an informative Open House on: 
Wednesday, April 29 frvm 7-9 p.m. & Thursday, May 7 at 6 p.m 

North I'AiiK 



Xpril :ii 

Harper News 


Correction: The front-page photo of Kurt Elltng 

courtesy of Harper was tncorrectly captioned 

last issue, identifying him as Jonatha Brooke 

Transfem^ to the iHiversity of Illinois ? 

Xvwww tChmmmoY Ill/Mil WW 

aliimlil'i. ■ ih< j^- "»— -^ 


It luBl fflMtflt ha WMir taiavt hruir 

Ml .«m « «nwm 

(PIT IMM mma 



"mm^-r^"^ tanwMw mmm 

University College 

Pride: ^ 

contnuM from page 1 
tfir weilding," Mid 
Bilingual Multicultural 
Affdirs A.'itiutant and ASA 
Advisor juanita Peicz 
HiMlrr. 'It will take a cou- 
ple of washes to get damn. 
The studerU» aren't doing 
the whole hand, juat a UMe 

An Aaian student dis- 
COMion panel will be avail- 
aMe for questions on May 6 
fioin noon-l p.m. in A238. 

"A dii crse group of »tu- 
dents will be there to 
answer any queatians that 

I the audience mi^ht have 

j about specific uNire* or 

|traditH>n<> that Uk< 

jsaid Bdssler 

"Anyone wh«> dttends^ 

I wit) learn a lot about the! 
^ ultufV!> that an> iaist-grow- ' 
in^ m America." ■-.lii) 
Saadal Khan, IVi 

jthe Indian .inJ I 
Studen ' 





V\h> do the- 

. ■• chopsticks?". 

.'. ■ . 

- 1 here so much 

> tiling 

III Karate""' and 


IS a San»" 

.Asian Pride 'StH ls »pon- 1 


bv The Office ofj 

",' ' 

iltural Affair>, ; 

Devekipmcnt and j 

rri> Boani. F>>r more 

fnlomwrion caU (MT) 925 



Page 4 

Harper News 

The Harbinger 
April 20, IWe 

L is for 

College Students 
Easy $$$ 


CKer winter break, th«? 
BuikimK A S«ud»Tit L.iit.?r 
Umni?*' WJ^ Rivi-n j U«i>; 
rweded nuktxner 

The jiectind fti»>r area was 
turrwd into a caJft^shop 
alimvsf>h«T»> with chairs 
Uhlt^. coffee and snacWs 

it students wanted to take 
i luad oH between classes, a 
(lO-iiKh tele\iMim surround- 
ed by ci>rof\- couches was 
aL<io hooked up. 

The third floor of 
l^ildin)!; A rvmaint'd tht- 
same with a smaller biR- 
screen TV, equally comfy 
aHi6l%, pool table* and pinR 

The usual crowd, amust- 
ii^ of Harper student actM- 
^ members and a few scat- 
tered k>un|!e«. convened in 
the area bt-tween classes 

"1 love hangmR out in 
front of the radio sUtwn di»- 
UTR my free time." »ay» 
WHCM D) (enny Bondi "I 
don't know why people 
hanK out in BuiUinv; I 

iliivsever, nul e\cr\.i.iiie 
j - the same enthusiasm 

jbt.ut hangmg out in 
Building A. 

On most day*. Buildmg A 
b as quiet a» it can be 

If tfwre are all of those 
tiwnpi tfu'Te, where is evefy- 

Well, they are in at»othef 
buildmg Buildin); 1 

**! tovr hanRtng out 

ha front of the rMVe 

station during my 

free time. I don't 

know why people 

luuig out in Buildiiig 


.Jenny Bomtt 

Building I seem-s to be the 
place to be The halls are 
, r,.wded fn>m thi- beginnu^ 
,.t the scf«)»l day until after 
tfw last niRht class U-ts out. 

It almost seems like fugh 
schtH>l during the passing 
periods.' says one Building 
I haf^ out opponent 

Some people have di0er- 
ent views on why tftey hwig 
out lfH>re 

it's tfw ctiilir >>i ^. h,«>l 
I mean the pertii I s,Hial 
place to meet .ill "I V'lr 
lri«-nd.s. and thev also have 
that great coffee plaoe." t«vw 
Kr 1^ K.'motos. a trecjuent loi- >l Building I 

Itie answer was repi-ated 
like a broken record by 
atoMMt everyone standing 


Full & part time work available 

this Summer for any Good worker 

No exp. Nee. 

We Provide Full Training. 

Scholarship Program is Top $$$. 

Daily, Wkly, & Monthly Prizes 

awarded tor top performers. 

I Our name and Comp. Training 

■ provide Excellent Resume 

Experience. Have fun & earn a 

ton. Call now, start immediately. 

(847) 364-6852 
All calls considered E.O.E 



Permanent & Temporary Positions 

In Lake and Northern Cook Counties 

Spocializing In: 

• Offlco 




• Data Processing 

• Warehouse 

• Accounting 

• industrial 

• Customer Service 

• Technical 



847-367-1117 847-244-6500 

•a sccuStaff Company 

Herc's Proof That A 

College Degree 
Can Really Pay Off. 

Right Now Recent College Graduates Get 4UU Off 
Every Nen' Dodge. In Addition To Most Other Current Offers.' 

Dodge Neon Coupe starts as tow as 

*/> g\^^ after '400 irrf/.-j-f f;rad 

^\M %J\ \ iuut '1.500 muiimtil 

I a\h hiifk 

U,rK,■ll,n^ 1.9 WFR 
f(tr up u ' f>(^ "f "tf'K'' 

Qt^tonma^eupL dni w<M«ts l<> valw. l.tMwnepowcr enpne Morr hor« 
pomtx and mlerior mom thM HauU Civk. Toyota Comlla. .» SMum Coafc 

Dodge Dakota Sport 


at m extra duuye" 

after '-UH) 
(«//«>:»■ xrtuJ 
cash hiu-k" 

jp hufi and 4iw>. uiu-f "MLrst Appealin,: Cumpiitl Pwkup "' 

Vim. Dakota Spi"' '^*'** *'* a'"^"""" *'»«''■• AM/R* cmatac neno, 

*V2<y-M( '«eai with mini Ixisincss cimsok and more. 

I)iml forvrt tn a^k ahmt ^collfve Kraduatc finame plans available 
u> iUmiHi' I us'iiimr\ ihniu^li ChrwUr Credil.w 

The New Dodge 

See The Friendly Dodge Dealer Near You 

__ akvMlioCaligaaiMuMCMnBH* 

EacWMMK tia^/M ma Immant - MZW pw me 



nr »i JCO >ni>««a tw »JI— ff'*!' r^ " * . rTlI— _ ,man Mc^ ^.Ai ii« M i««i «r ii 1 iii n i - ri 

im7»MM.mi»t. l » » a n m m ri''nKur m .fmi)mniM 


lh»- H.irbingfr 

prper News 


Best jobs for community college students are in «ie community 

fc - 1 I ,„ J .. , 1 11 -..II.. 

trom all 

rhf Jlltli.ilt l.ivk 

anting ^vhnol wiih 
plaKUt*"- -.tuilfnts 
wj|k> o( lihv 

B.»l.jmin>; vij^'- Im" 
slud\in^ mi'-ii'llan«'"" 

^,.t\.i.'l vM'fk .wul th.-t\ ih 
hurruin\ li' -i!! 

amsteiS, can dnvi- .-mti ih.- 
ITH-Mt calm pprMin in n -i ••'' 

,•( pii^tal in-^initN 

I hi- hring- .il'i'ul .in 
impi'itant i|in.-*lii'n K .ni- 
di .in >l>-i ' ' ■" 

What |.-t^> N--I 
lo^i-nidonl' lhiai-.»Mi II. 
nil l.irlhiT (hni th.- txHitKl 
i • r Coll«>;»" 

VirtualK all .>! H.irr. r - 
iirtin-- I'tnplin -tiKlini .ikI« - 
full tmw and part tinii- -tii 
il.'nt"- is ho tstht-r t>«'l<>n', alti-r 
,>r in h.-IVMi-n c]MM». assist 

11,. ■. irii.u-. dt"PJrtin«1ts. 

iiu' I \lr.i 

I taming KfM>urn- t onti-r •. 
p.THidual'. dfpartnmit 

I.T l.r. v.Mi .1^ VM-II .1- 
.•tlu'i -iLidint-- H.irpi'i -.TM-. 
as itu-ir imlv M'urn ol uu om. 
durinn thf >*h»K'l \<mf 

Vlan\ iumpanu- Imd 
adiu-lini; lo a nilk-j;f -In 
di-nl- Mhcilulf an inionvt- 

I in 'th 



Monlay. TuMdw. mtrntA 

Ntoyis mtii ttmx 

K»«»B| <K)e«n1unily tec you' 




103 < 










n toam - 3p«i Mantfty - 

S^ lOflOlOSO t« 11001150 *n«HM 
10a& 12)06 E**^ 

t46- MWF 

3aO 12«0 1250 








2J» 3:40 


IcwxMaM* iiinM 
•an ipni 1 Stm t 




SpdOWy Afrv^ed Eiams 


trte (vfiiisiiv srtwduwa class time 

aattwiay. Sunoay mi W a 1 « n d C o im a Oaaawi 
wMMm o« May 23 during regiiar dws perxjOS 

aMduarwMarUian fv>onanTuaada|bi*irMln 

«« OitfctiWs omc«. A2ia 

Michael s and a> a 411 o'llu- 
Ur telephiWH* operator, both 
of which shf hali'd Kton- 
diMdinj; on Ilarj-HT 

It - loni fnu-nt sav- 

l.nvcn a- lo her primar\ n-a- 
M.n tor vsorkinj; a- a studi-nt 

HowtMT lonMHU-nt 

.iloiic dot-, not influence 
1.1, \>n to lontiniH- on Kifk 
,iu r vMiW hill rather the lob 
. - ,ind the pttiple -be 
... : ^ .Mth 

VNhen I work hero Ulon t 
fivl like I m .It vsoik -u- 

lavven ''^ 'h'' ""'^ •''^^' 
nmment the pi-npU' hen an- 
reallv nm II it «asn t tor th. 
people. I woiildn I wurk 
herv " 

But that div. not -wiv thai 
the onK )ob-. at Marp»-r >on- 
-ivl ot -tudent .iides 

lAervi>ne uho posM'-ses 
the coura);e to naxiftate 
through Building I ina\ 
notice Heavenly C appuccino 
otten tvhp^ed by the >;ath 
eri\i mob ot .oinersini; -tu 

Heaxenlv I appuccino. 
although not atlilialed vvith 
ll.irixr employ"" student- 

s.indv Tang a fourth- 
-.emr-hr -liidi-nt devoti- 
.iboiit i; hour- a wit-k to 
m.ikiiiii an a— i>rtmenl ot be\ 

i.Hli\ ■- 

emplovitii •• 
do not dun r 
see WORK O" oage ' 


Get the strai>;bl story frinn someone on the invide 
<i N«irth Park student. ,^. 




Mn-linn tlw »«<r«l« .•• Ii«lj» > >"••«»' "" 

• 1 

.uut.-tk-MvtnJit md|(1r^ 


iikilli: .i:T.i |H>t>ll. 

t~ ;.4aMiaqiiH<iiMlwli««mli«: 

^ ..... 111.. iiLim t tui.M' .w J Ok ■ 



.)l (4 i-fwit 


^ 4f 


HarB^g N^w 

rhf Harbinger 
April 20, I4W 

Students still don't 
do it the right way 

It happi-ns .'\.r\ -. nil st, r 

nil's! '<[ thf •.i-mt-^liT .irui Ihi-n 
M \ \ 1 - ' 

I iki t I'f nut. tin.iU ,ir« lr-.s lii.m 

a month av,j\ It \ .u ■, i ^ 

i.iNt niiiuif*' It' vNTiii tt.:i!i p'p''^- And 
sludv tir m.)h>r t'x.ini- 

\\h\ a., u, ,),' this' V\h\ a,.n ! 
w I' lU"-! wi'rk sii'.idiH .ill -fnifNlir 

Thjt WDulil II ■ HI. h Niii-.,- 

When (indU .ind ti-rni p.iprfs i mm- 
.ilon^;, V, o pu^h ttum utt until ihi' 
List niiiiutt'-iJr m.i\h<',i .!■> i-i ■■.■ 
It v\iuiUlnt bf Mu h .1 ni.i, 

workfd on things .i littif Jl a 


VM,, • • ,,. ,1 

tm^'fi - 

■^lui .imn'-i '!.i\i po ihin.i' but 111 
kfi'p UC with tlu- I.l-t >J surtinii I 
s^ hfdulis 

Fake our .uU u . II i. \\ hi 

1>1>\1 I ii'n th.' bmm'vi sKi, kt-rs 

in i,>;o thi'ir v\.i\s Irusi us 

The flarbinwr 

Editor m Chief Lauren Schubet 

NewsEditor AmanOa Of fenbacner 

A&E Editor . Jennifer Gob 

Features Editor OonBerger 

Sports Editor SeanMcH^h 

Photo Editor Oestree Corcoran 

Faculty Advisor Howan) Schlossberg 

jobs: Students don't have to make commuting part of job 

contnuBd *Tom oant 6 


I.n vi-n\ 

s.ll.ll . 

■ (s a stu.Jon! .jidc 


lU-^ul.s thi- ' 

us iTtlT 

' iil\ I appiKunn. 


n ilh tht- lomp 


I'.fs Mr i-nifN U'\ 

sUi.l, Hi 




stop li' - : I .. .;; 

!«amplin)( the drink i>ho hd» in.4dr. 

T.inf;'s piMtuMi .i'-- •"■"- - *-- • 
t.i studv Ihi- d»TIV 
Ix-tuv lof lit Ihi- ditli-i. II! sui.i.-'ii - 
.1 Idit sh«' finds huni.iri'Us, Thi' 
niv;ht .rxwd i* Mt dtttonmt ihjn 
lh» d,n .r,.vvd" 

In .iddilion Jo Lms ■» ila«s 

s| rtt.»il KHiks«-llers in II 



skills -..ns Kt'tsi'k 

p.>rl ' ■ ■ 


and \ ■I'i. s 

■'1 t.. iimu-s 
hiht\ with htT 


NMVMly CappMChM bwista 
t4MMly TanC watt* on a 
a— toiar wMla wofliiMg oa 

sthtxJulf, sh«' jlso tutors I n^liidi school sihixUiU- riM-ixtil a pnv 

t» 1 hours .1 > iirs iriMii motion to suj"K*r\ isor within thnv 

MiaMtiK I ,1} . months ol biinu htr»\l as a Kmk 

AnotlHT .itlt.i. iiM iiMlurr tor -*.||or 

Laggards: Students explain the big attraction to Building L 

continwid *tam n 

"It's rtu- ; ;iiiTt 

trit>nds as well as niaki' nfw 

■ inis." s,j»d another laggard 

Mam o< th. propU- don't 

i-n come t' •• i •■ iiuvl 

londs. T'h' :lu'ir 

V t.i i>r Ir.'i' ■ - ■> 

tne to the loltis' 

iVi n-(\ hit'.ti.s 

U in 


: lain 

tl! 'ITU'- 


. ^., - ., • - .: ...;n- to 

> ilk all the « av to the cahie- 

':■• tollif snop i4t\t- ino v\j\ 

■ sets bus.) around there 
twauM'. "if keeps work inter- 
esting." said a Heavenly 
I .ippiminobarisi,! 

'With the niimhi'r ot stu- 
dents in Building I., the halls 
get rediiuloush mngested," 
complain a Building A pnip«>- 
nent "Tr\ing to battle yiHir 
way thri>ugh all of those pe«>- 
ple IS a |oke It's nice out Cio 
outside It you want to stand 

A graap af •tatfaata la 
Mtaftag aad MacMag 


It aff 

Milul Haidaria Ryan Freutxl. 

Kevin Shepte. John Tillotson 

Rotjert Vaiadez 

jgijS^ •> wr »i FolicI— 'Sli 

nw tMrtvrgar n !*• Muient putttcatan tortha Hapw Ca*aa> canpi* conv 
minty. pul>i«l«d bi-«aiMy ti«au0«u It* Khool «•« acaiM durni liotlilays 
•Id dna (Mnw. Tf« pw I* dMMbMd «iw to « ttUHMi. (KURy and 
ittnimitralian nwHattqfV'twIapvpoMktopnMMttiaHwpa'cannu 
nnv miWi mfommiofi M w ni « n w «m cawm» mt lt» mrwiunttng canttMWy. 

rtw MwturigKr Kwlcame* leitwt to tht Mitw aid rapliw to our adnonal*. 
L«>t«r« niu*l bt «i(tw] and aickid* Kiont nuntw to Mirify «jltnr«ii|ii. 
Sicnxuim DMll be wtniald upon raqunt. M )etiv» and ooniam arc Mtnact 

Aaduct* and servwa* ai»«rtttad m n»Nwl>«v>r*'*'Vnaca*santy 
aniiaraad by tnc adRora of nw iMpar. norby me eoieaa adnatctraMn or 
Boaid of Ov aciora inqunea ainuld be ftaraNMad dMctty to o« attiartiaai. 
ati ak punMaaa arc at me MeraMKi or mt eanauRM'. 

The Haftinaer WiOtam Ramey Harper CoNaCa 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. L 60067 7098 

Phorte NtfTtbara: 

txJSKiess office: (8471925-6460 

news office: (847)925-6000x2461 

tax: (847) 925-6033 

capyrl^ 190& Th* HHttngar. 
AMrl^its raaarvatL 

i The Wellness Center ... | 

I for Fitness, Health & Recreation! i 



If you've made a resolution to get in shape, the Wellness Center is the place to 

keep your commitment. Our state-of-the-art facility offers medically-sound 

programming and equipment, including: 

' Strength training equipment-variable 
resistance and ftee weights 

' Over 70 pieces of cardiovascular equipment 

» Aquatic center — 25M. five-lane pool; 
warm waor exercise pod; whirlpool 

' Two aerobia studios with over 40 danes 
a week, b^nnen throt^ advanced 

» Basketball and volleyball courts 

* Cushioned indoor track 

* Refleaions %» 

• Gjmfortable locker rooms with steam and 
sauna, plus separate family kxker room 


' Pro shop with complete workout wtar 

» And much more . . . 

The Wellness Center Ntrfbwtft C i Mwlt| HMMKara 




For more information, caU 847. 618.3500 or stop by the WeUness Center for a tour. A 


* 4^ 

Your Future 

Starts Here! 

Hir o♦^dv-^m^lt. friMvil^t 

Colkg* of Manigement i BuMn«» Otiign Tour Own Major in Ubtral *rt» Studies 

riM fU|0« >pli«n »• 

Hit MMMM *fit9n% mn 

N.iiional Collrgr of Education 

Collrgr of *rli • Sci«n<« 

Financial Aid A SclioUrihips 

Please send me more information 
about Naliiiiial-loiiis I iii\('isil> 

(Fiwt Caiiii»u»«> lo S«i»« Tom 

For Further Information 

(tlrt*l^*t*^ S**Jff'*** * 

Finish Wliat 

You Started! 

Complete Your Degree By Attending Class 
Just One Night a Week for 16-18 Months! 

At NalionaHouis University we have over 112 yeirs of innovative teachmg 
experience. Sure, there are other educational inititutions that try to do what 
we do. Bui no one puts nx>re emphasis on reaching and teaching adults 
More than 20 ye»n ago NLU pioneered accelerated education tor acKilts. 
Now )iou can complete a bachelor's degree— or earn a master's degree in a 
variety of pfogramv-fust t^ jomtng us for as littie as one night a week for 
'6 18 months. 

Choose from our three c<4^es-Nation.ti College of Education, College of 
: ind Sciences, or CoH^e of Mana^ment mwJ Business. 

Give us the time, we'll give you the dream. Over M.OOO pnogram paduates 
Will teS you that's exactly how it happened. 



tJL in Allied Ichavioral Science* 

I.S. in Management 

I.S. in Health Care Uadenh^ 

For Further Information 

■t«■f--i'-:^^».■l.i<^iJ 5 ni efJu 

M.S. in Human Resource Management and 
M.S. in Managerial Leadership 





WHEELING IL 60090-7201,ll.„II.Ml.l,.ll,„l,l„M..II,„l„l.l,l.,l 

Thf Harbin>;tT 
] April 20. lyw 


April showers bring plenty 

of A & E events 

A \ ant-tv i>t in\ onin o c«ir»- 
, ptv will bi- prestTili-d 
• |im*s Malinchak "From 
College lo the Real Worid' 
April ::. 7 Ttl p m |U3 

Iickt-N an- (iw li> Harpcf 
-.tiuU-nts .ind •iUtt, S.^ for 
,.lh»T studt-nt"., and Sf> fur 
RllMTjl admissKWi 

(.\n' »* th»- imxl .Un..mK spi>aWfr> 

anmnd will ti-ach you h«)w to 
p.Kka);!' market and •sell 
Miursj'lt" lo (ind a job 
• Harper College Theater 
presents: flir Mamasf of 
Brttr and Boo 

April 22 2^. 24. & 2^ Sp m 
I 111" 
April 26, 2 p m. LUW 

Tickets »tv $7 ft»r Harper 
student* and »taH. $H tor 
othi'r students, and $»* for 
(jmttal admi>>>uin 

Thf plav li>IU»ws Bette and 
B,Hi thnninh three dlvadt•^ o( 
tht-ir lift', as thev confront 
diNimrf, alcoholism, madness, 
and fatal illness. hov\f\er, 
this pl.n IS m>l all that Rrim 
• Harper Dance Company 
presents "Rhythm in 
April 24 & : 114^ 


KuvmnKi Tl V\ I KFK SRAi SUA. ^ •" 

I k., ,L., ,t. SR.\, Mt ' A M r««Mr "• " 

f dMM *•« ••ll» it* Stl»*wnc9 !«*•■'«■ 
Im*( aiMl hw( "rf ■• ••«!•■»"< 
C«MrihMMMtt «•» HKvU «r« < unvrnw 

,,,.gnngt M» M» <l«*^fF<Kl wll«»l y»u mw** lW« »» 

Suw Vl.«» «»>• 1.. \U»« \o»r l« 

,.<! Iun.1., 

Vluk ■• •• ih» iM Mf' •« wwwJiM <nf««l 

; tkc tauK 
for linK ate iM>* '*-' 

iiui.ll Harper 
ii shii« \pril ?' 



pilIlT im.i. r-,n;i\ 


• Vladislav Blahj 

April " rr-y m r2l« 

(,iiii,in-.i V i.iilisl.u Hl.ih.i 
has i;iM'n .onu-rls .ill 
throughout I uropi", thi- 1 S , 
Asia and l,itin America He 
is J first I'ri/e winiH-r of 
international competitions in 
l.reece, Hun>;ar\, (.k-rmanv 
and the C/txh Republic 

The Harbinger 

is looking for 

staff writers, 


editors and artists 
for the Fall 98 

semester. You will 

Ig^in valuaUe 
experience on a 
sludcnt-run college 
newspaper. Apply 
today in A367 or 
call (847) 925- 
BOOOext. 2461 for 
more information. 


Get resume writing 
help from author 

|am»~ M.ilinihak. mnlivj- 
hondl spt'aker jnd aultuir, 
will s|>fiik .It MarfHT on 
VV«lm>Mld\. April 22 

Malimh.ik !•. thf .mthor i»f 
From I iViirU. 

and VM iibtvts 

from the Knik -uv h .i- 
"Seven Tip> .1 K.iIUt 

Malimhjk will b» );i\ inK 
tip» on |i;raphK'5. byimt ami 
■>p«s.ifit .^.,..if« ,„ h...i.i,„., , 

rlt* V* m .MM' V t'\ tT v^ .tv> Hi 

l<.H>lung ti>r |ob^ m nbscunt- 
pUcc^ jnil fiiutirii; iiittrn- 

Malimhak bt'^jn hi* 
faiw?r as a stiKkhn>k<f in 
Calilnmia dnd 
I^but»r^ to thr ' 
for Ihr Soul 1 
editor of i 

Cdlrgf StuJtiii^ Hith .1 !•»'« 
reteaM' date 

Malmchak will Uiliirc on 
VVedni-sda\ April r^ .it ~ W 
p m in thf KuiUlini; | 

Tickrt> .ir l.irper 

••tudenlv ta«uii> .mti -.utf, S'l 
•r nim- Harper >tud(■nl^ ar»;l 
>3 for ((entTai admt^Kum 

F«r tickeK and intoima- 
tuan, call (MT) "IVt.HW. 


The Harbingi' 
April 20, 1998 

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M r- 

The Harbinuer 
April 20, 1998 

Harper Advertisement 

Page 9 


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to Kthn':itl('fl !'■ 1 li" !;■. ''■■ il lu.f i-iitr.i-l.i.|i' 'ilii!-- ., ., 

tions than .iiiv "ihr! ,,.. .: ; . m iti.- I'lm > '■• >" • Nml our 
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Page lU 

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• W)ES 15 'ALl-NIWTERS' 


I>ie Harbinger 
April 20, : 

llawiafc»»# rt s 


• Frank Guzman was named Athlete of the 
n Week for the week of March 25-April 1 . 
O Competing for the first time in the javelin 
t event. Guzman won with a throw of 161 feet 3 
I e irKhes, defeating 32 other competitors. 
I s Guzman also finished third in the shotput at 

the Wheaton Open and qualified for Nationals 

with a throw of 47 feet 1 inch. 



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© Lake County 



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2 p.m. 

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Harper Sports 

Pag* 12 • William Rabwy Hai|Mr C«ll«f* • April 20. 1998 

Hawks return with .500 record from Florida 

Finish 5-5 on trip, loolcing forward to conferonce piay 


Let thi' ^jiTH-s K-gin 
Now that fhf annudi tnp 
lo Flonda, v\hiih Ihf 
team finishetl °>-^. i> imr 
thf MdMk- can omkcti- 
trati- itn conftTpnoe pUv 

"Wr found Mime kii.{> 
whti can plJy." head 
ctvaih Norm C'ljrri'tt •niid 
"B«-^idi->. that it was a hn 
hum trip 

Ca-ttrng init .-nl.i thr 

fioki e\iT\.: 
t.arrvft Plav i; 
K'm-lits hi> 
multiplf Ma\^ 

Thi' plavtT^ U'.irn tn 
<l«fvek)fi a mtiiUl ti>u>;l' 
nes!> after playing - 
m.inv tNKk-li'-h.i. k 


"You have to be men 
tallv f»KU!*eil to plav 
("..irr»-tt saiit i 

tur>;i"t th«~^- 

athletes. Tht-y h.ivf 
•Khooi and hoincwork to 
contend with You have 
to be mentally tou)(h It « 
mit like a itMitch voti 
turn iwi and ott " 

The Hawk> hit the 
wait a);ainst Valencia 
Colle>;e tiarrett vva-> not 
unhappy with the perlor- 
manre his team Rave. He 
accepted his team'* ptx^r 

"It's not a Mtuation 
where I scn^m and yell," 
he said "You |u»t accept 
your team having; a bi:id 

day and mine .'ii ti' the 
next. " 

Cum-ntly the Hawk^ 
.ire ll>-14 ov«Tall and 'l '■ 
in . ontiTf 
(..irirti I- i: 
cemed how well oi jHHir 
his team plav-. in conter 
ence, but how his team 
prepares tor the Region 
IV toumaiTtenI 

He corKvdes i| t\iiuld 
N' "tiK«' tti win lh( . I'M 
(i-rencf but il ■ '■ ■ t ,- 
(heir si)(ht» 
the toumam>^.. 

Harp«'r s .'itcii-r i-. 
•. Ik km^ as usual l<.Hl>n>; 
the wav is Vmce l>iVarco 

■' 4S7 batting .m-r 
I ** runs. 

Ml American \im- 
1 dwards IS oH to anoth«T 
^pci t.icular year with 42H 
.iM i.i^;!' and dnving in Ih 
runs I reshman Brian IS .mother 
hitter with a baiting a»eT- 
a)5e over 400 "Wo<" has 
been sidelined with .1 
wrist in)urv and is not 
known whiTi hi v^ill 
return toactioi 

l>utlielder Dav.- 

WVwik and others have 
K-en prtniding the- solid 
offensive effort mt'ded 
tor the Hav* l> - ir -tji 

Ilftensiv eh the 

flawks jLiv the \o 7 rated 
defensive team amonn 
the \4t and Skywav 
ci>nferences. Ganvtt set-s 

his detensiM' unit unlv 
(getting b«-ttt-r jn the s»'.i 
sttn pro>:ri*^M.'s 

i uirrc't! v\ ill thrtnv ihii 
Ihf well tH' fllU' i(!n>lr 
|Usi lo let voii krMHH he i^ 
n.'t all th.i- I 

.tKtut It 

What t,jrn-t( 
temeci about 
iniunes Ins leaiti tia*- •.ii> 


V\f re iikf a v\aiking 
\1 \ ■- (I mill i.i.t h.Tii'" 

( .arrt'tt sjitl Lui^hm^ 

Ihf hrolh 
IT- |V1ikf and Kichl Atv 
■.lr\ii;>;tini' with na);ginK 
initirif*' and pitcher 
UTcin\ Iiiuhl ha- a 
-tr.nni'd ri'lalor viitl on 
hi- thii'u in^ arm 

With such a slvort sea 
>n C>arrett understand- 
the importance of getting 
hi- plaver- healthv in 
lirm- tor the Ki^ion l\ 

aiwa4. Uwarrfs Is Mtthig .4M 
tiM tMi* la IIMit. 

i^OTO BY ROeniT VM. ADtl 


Track teams prove they can run with top-notch competition 


The iw ro ber s ot the men's and 
women's track and fn-ld team are 
otf to a f^t start, and iv<thing is 
■lowing them down 

At the Wheaton t>pen on Man h 
2H, the mm finisihed sixth out of 22 

They wvnr only two pcnnts out 
of fourth place bein(( tme of onlv 
two conununity colfeip^ partici 

The worrwn tmisfied 12th out I'l 
18 scfHMib at live sam>> meet 

The Hawks qualified for »evtn 
events in the national competitKVi 
in Buffalo. NY M-heduksJ for May 

Hurdler Chn» Cap«iti(ine qual- 
ified in the 4lliVmeteT intermediate 
hurdles (56 IS) and 110 high hur- 
dles (15 4). 

In the 400, Gapavtiaiw fmiitwd 

MKond aiid broke a 13-y«ar-old 
neenrd by Oh 

Frank l.u/man c)ualified in 
three thn>w ing ev i-nls 

Cujtman won tlu' lavelin (l^l 
■<), was third in tfw sfuvt put <47-l 
1 4) and fourth in tlu> di»cuss 

I>ive .Aiiitri-w- tintsfved 10th in 
the 15*10 (4 14 V<) to qualify. 

Hillary Hc>lloway wa> tevcnth 
in the triple pimp (31-7). netting a 
sihool record and qualifying lor 

The mens 4x100 relay team 
abo quahhed |44>«2) and the 4ii4aO 
with a time of (•< V 15) 

•.■HfHT qualihers were Johnnv 
Rogers m the UX) (112). Molly 
Maganan tn the W» iZM) mnd Ate 
high |ump (4' 10) and Shannon 
McNamara m the MX) meter and 
the king |ump( 15 Uf) 

'For the fir»t tune out we w«c 

n-all\ lts>king to get tim<*s and dis- 
tance lor speed purpos«'s,' said 
head coach Ri-nee /ellner 'll 
turntsi I'Ul we had some people 
ijualitv (for nationals) and bn-ak 

After a strong show in>; at 
Wfwaton Harper travel«-d to 
Naperc ille to participate in the 
C hicagoland cf»ampK>nships 

Harper once again had a stnmg 

With Itl schcHvlA participating 
ifu' men's team finished in Hth 
place and tfve women m 13th 

t.u/nian set another schcxvl 
rfcoal in the shot put with (4*'4 
1 4i Matt Pilburough also fin- 
ished m hr*t plaa- in the pole vault 
with (1 37") 

Stepfun Polus had a high |ump 
of (5'0), and Magarian had a time 
of(2^2^)mlheHOO Bothnrceived 
firM place 

Softball teams run 
to championship 
slowed by injuries 

KavlN Sha^ha 


1 he Harper L ollege women's soft- 
ball team fvis bivn playing it safe' sci 
lar this season with a 2-2 nxrord, and 
Head Coach lim Rvan has mixes.! 

"Wei- ..leal tfjni, -aid 

Rvan 'We rx- veiv talc-nted. but wev o 
IxH-n treated poorlv by tfu' gods- Ihf 
iniurv gods We've alreadv lost our 
tirst baseman frin Mi-Swain and our 
third ba-fman Xnne Volon-u to 

"Thev were just having lerrihc 
seasons and thx'V unfortunately goi 
injured Wxtnberg, w fvvse oive . ■ 
our fn-shman fmm Hoffman Fslatc- 
hi4;h si.hix>l was hitting »>43 with an 
oii-t>ase percentage of 750 and she 
in|un>d fuTself during the spring trip 
in St I nuis but she's still playini: 
hurt S' as far as it's been now wv \ ■ 
been plagued bv a lot of in|uries -o tar 
this •^•ason. " Rvan continued 

"Ixfll tlKHlgt> Wc'Cf ^Ot Ihfff 1.1 

our SIX players injured," said Ryan, 
wf re still as giKid as anybcxly m the 
league, and I think that we can com 
pete with anvbcxlv in tfie league even 
though we've been plagued with 
iniunes I mean if yini liH>k at our 
-pring tnp down there in MisM»uri, 
w f came out 5-2 and we played some 
division I schix'Is. SCI tfu-n-'s some 
1 redibllity then' 

Right now wf \e changed our 
iiKUs rattver tfian what we fiad last 
vear wht-n we won the N4t 
Conference championship," said 
Kv an on if he thought that the ladies 
would rv(ieat as champioas. 

"I think our main fcx'us right ru-iw 
at this point in the season is to stay a- 
healthy as we possibly can so we can 
get things done at the end of the sea- 
son wfien it comes down to tfiat 
because once regionals start, that's 
wfien vou want all your players to be 
at Ifieir best so you have a shot at 
competing and getting five job done 
wfven it really counts and that's the 
important thmg 

"I think that the toughest team 
tfvat we're going to have to compete 
with is College Of DuPage," said 
Rvan, "because they are currently 
ranked number one in the nation 
amongst division 111 |unior college 
teams, but if we come out ready to 
plav against them I think tfiat we'll 
have a goixl chaiKe of giving them 
some competition. Even though 
they've got a gixxl team over tfveiv, I 
wouldn't trade my players for their 
team because we're just a good as 
they aie " 

rhe ladv Hawks next home game 
IS April 21 against Illinois Valley 

It will start at approximately 2 

XXX • m mkn r It . May 4, ItM 

Campus buildings to be renamed swrvNig up a smiie 

Some bring up otiwr it«iii» on list of prosidont's priorities HT" 

l>nJTO 8t OtamOt CCINCWAN 

««B<iaH ItoaMra* C — ti (MM) 
•ftac tMa MiM«t«r. 


in thf nation vMtti 
one national champion 


A5i>f thi' NJ.ii. .nmmencenwiil 
cervm. buikliim nn 

Harp»T -.....,... rtiU K-ar j m-« 
"Hpnenc ■ tume Huildin); A will 
now ho thi- ^* ■ ' ••' •• ' 
Admini>lr.i!n>n > 
Building I will N' . n,iii);i\i i.< in.- 
Liberjl Arts l cnttT (1 At) ami so 

AccflrdinK to a mt-mDrandum 
fnwn PrpMdtnt K>>tvrt Bn'udor fo 
tfw HarptT mmmunits II ne 
want U> b«' ilieni •^-rt-itivo and 
etttthvflv mark»'l our toHep-. 
we must m.ik.e it t-asM-r tur thiise 
[>li' n, ■! with llarpCT 
■• the n. h .iiiii 


Page 4 

Discover diverse places 
to hang out near a 
community college 

Campus events warm up 
to summer tun. 
Page 11 

Tlw Htir/'i«y<r receives 
award^^ trom ICCJA . 
Page 6 

I auren Schubel, Editor- 
■ > Im-t, -^avs goodbye 
attir two vi-ars with The 
Page 6 

Athlete> ot the Year 
Page 16 



"Thi- vi>mmunu Jlion-. that 
ilijl with thf Niudt-nls and low- 
nuinilv w 1" "• ■ .1 '•■ i"' uixl.itrti 
^iid ihr< iinini-tr.itivr 

'-■ ' ,,,,,, Inlorm.ilion 

i.Mij I'ckot It - i;i'in« 
I,' [^- ^I'liii' v\ ork likf Au\ other 
vhangi' thai luiiK li> K' done ttu 
tht> f'ubli. -I |u"t liki- 

anv othti »■ In ••■■ 'In- 

work ho^l^^. il - finibablv goinK 
to tdki- jNiut UK > hours 

Slim* pt-opW havf exfiressed 
the amccm that »tw ihange is 
inmecMsarv and cimlusmg 

"Il won 1 !«• ht'lplul. said a 
Mm; i|uc-sl»ii aiioin mi 

H . , ~!ill won I know 

uhrri- an\ thing is II Ihov n 
>.;oin); to ri'nam«- ttH'N"'-*'" '^ 'h' 
ikM UHkigt an pate 2 


A«y ««ffflM tmktm kiMW* Mm •mMimt 
fSM of MMVMty Cappwccine barista 
SaiMty Tans. »»e ptwo essay on p»ge e J 

". . ,, ' f— of Ha a ¥>iiiy cappacciwo u 

ini;> . y,om« to ri-nam.-tlH'N' -'■'>"■- h' «ail#y Tan*. »»e plwlo essay on 

mdps iie«»iMHg»onp«(B2 

In case you missed them: The top 10 Harper stories of the 


itfuttiij r.fooki 

'dfbut ( otl.rhi 

• Paul Sipicra runs aruund the 

Fearth Ine timi 

OavMson bfOlM Ma am. 
Ma aaaaon altoft. 


i.-d to plas i-ndurin 
.nrou«h "-■ ■• ' ol i;„ f, * 

I )a\ i.iMi ' atU-mtKHi on 42 

' iinii-nwiini.TWUardsrush- 
ihi' si«aM>n, vaullinK past 
. luo Uulli-i " ■ 
ord set in I' 

• Dual admission program estab- 
lished with Roosevelt 
Students hav e addetl incentive to 
transfer to RiK»se\elt L niversity alter 
. ,unpli-lin^ their asstxiate's degrt-e at 
1 l.irp.-r A dual admissitms program 
\\ 1- .'siablished lor studt-nts in ler 
lam dcj;av programs Assured entrv 

Hard work and practice leads to recortf-setting year 


i-ki-d Koa. h| Ken«s,<.i\ »\h>-M-t th. 

-flPB^sWR^^HHlE^^^^wF*' '*E™rS^R ■ 

Prank •NMNan •port* a •mil* aa 
ha p fn ataa to hurl th* disk. 

(•47) tas-totto xa4«i 

Page 2 


Building: Change attempt to better image to appear more "client-sensitive, user-friendly' 

continued from page 1 

l«ttvr( ihtHiM b«- in order A, 
B,C.D, f muM.A.P.C I • 

"II'* ^i>inf( »o he ctmfusin); 
for Ihc hr»» few rrwinths." >aid 
Mac-Ub assisUnl Ken 
tJillanl, bul they II jk1|uM 

S€»m« people have alM) 
commented <w the rmtre 
impurtjnl items higher »n the 
president's list kM pnontie* 

"While we hjve a k* i^ 
phoribe* at Harper Cottvge 
nght now. that ccmMy Iw'l 
one that Mime may Me » the 
most important thing to i.ik 
on." said Dt Breuder. "nei- 
ther was It very difficult to 
deal with to >implv say. Hey, 
let'* tust name these tniild- 
ings. give them a generu 
mane arnl get on with if So 
that's what we did People 
are »ayiftg this worlu. It's 
intended to make it easier (or 
people and maybe change 
OUT image a liMe bit to sug- 
gest to peopfe that we really 
aiv cKent-»efi»iti\ e arnl user- 
friendty " 

Vice President Bonnie 
Henry came up with the 
^1 iieric rumes of the build 
ing>. aiKl Dr. Breuder made 
tinal decision aHer communi- 
ty input 

"We ari' l<»>l^in>; hir -..>n>f 
thin>; i- visit-l, ,'Tr.i 'w 
and cwrt-effecttve." »>»id |ir 

Director of PiMkatiap 

.ind Lt< St\ h.-. 
foan Young has lound .it- 
artswer (hat meet» those cnt. 
ria. A new syMem of signs 
was dcs^pwd as buildings 
were being imovated The 
new led, engraved »igr» can 
be s«xfi m BuildirK'- 1 •'"d I 

"Wt are looking for 

somethins that is vbi- 

bk. attractive and 


•Dr Rtibert Bnmder 
I laiper CaUtft P n w i denl 

itenluallv. the whole 
campus will K' c^uippetl 
with the signn thai meet ADA 
staruJards with the correct 
height tor Braille Ut exteruw 
signs were planned at th«' 
same time to be planted in the 
lawn outside of the main 
entrances to the buildings 

"We ha\en t put up jnv ot 
those, bul they aiv siheduUsl 
to be done, said Young " VVe 
had them desigru-d m a flexi- 
ble way so we ctHild change 
pieces as needed Now, we 
simpiv > hange the original 
order li< read the new name 
of each building. This ti> not 
an additional expense.' 

However. Young notes 
sin i-ral signs already in place 

live l.irxi' isti ' 

tHMlds will nts-vl 11,1 nil >M 

locations and map replaced 

with the new names ,Als«v 
.u . 1,, ,pj ^.yj parking dint 
it each »»ntr.mii' will 
tHtM 111 be repamti'd li will 
cost over $7,000 to n' Iftter. 
r. ' repaint thi>si- 

J. ud >i>ung 

Ih. ■i^Il^ nutside ot the 
m.uji i-nlrjiKC^ will ha\e th*' 
nanu' on to}> with subtitles 
(or what is in thai particular 
huii.liPi-, -.lid IV liicuderlo 

ul.irit\ M'-\ ii'ntuMon as to 
v\h\ llu- thcaltr i- in the 
Busini-Ni Jnd Smial Nunn' 
C enter 

VVe had tlv sign* made 
n«-vible Ks:.iUM- in our histiv 
r>. weM' moved departments 
around trom building to 
building Now iv< ...m mi>v<- 
tlv -Lit with tlv n.inu' with 
the building.' said Young 

A subtle transition is in 
place now on some publica- 

■ VVe need to give first time 
stiid<-nt«. enough informatH»n 
so Ihev ri- not wandering 
around losi, s.iid Young 
"We need to be able to let 
them know. The diredones 
•JMiuld them that." 

THe faculty and slaff are 
ofilimistK about the change 

"It wiU take s<«^»' ••""• to 
get used to th«' 

can to make t)w transitii>n 



iMMil iD^MWl *» mum mmmrt iinitHfe' tei 
riMMIitiiHtiMignirMslnldaHRm ■■~—'-^-- 

Jol inn *■* mmi UiK.>^ MUM ouanu- 

Linn « IMamI ColMir 

iHfsirt*,^ jm1 stx- m KiK f^ ) 

t' i/tDll i'i.1 n,id]i»,i1 ^ ' 



rt>")l« *>«--mihW "" 











Sludanl « Mm MM n t Uor Cmmr SAC 

PubNe SafMy CwMir PSC 

New Student Service* & Art CwMar 
Science, Math A Health Cereere Center 

Inetructional OeUvery Center IOC 

Academic Reeource Center ARC 

Enginee r i n g ft AppMa d Itetmology ETC 


Buatnata A Social Scianoe Center 8SSC 

liberal Arte Canlar LAC 

WaHneae A SpoilB Canttar WSC 

Obeervatory O 

IIimIc Inelriirtlnn Canlar MC 

Ptont Sctonos Csfitw 





12 pes* Anporr «n09W - fncfudes S200 00 Savingg Otfw 

from Concise Advice Reports 

EndOMKi <• $1 00 Mr poMsga and handkng - plssss 
■w«d Report Moaeo and the $200 SMinos Ollar to 

M N Phillips 
1566 W Algonquin Rd «102 ORDER 

Hoffman Etttalae. IL 60195 FORM 

Make the Transfer ComieetiOH 

ai ihe North Park University 

Transfer Stude»it 
Open House 

Thursday, March 19. IMS. from 7-9 put 
Thwsday, May t\. 1991. from 7-9 pw. 

: Come to North Park to learn about majors and programs, 
adnnii«sion requirements, and financial aid. 

) • If you .ipply on the spot, your appliuitk»ii loc is waived. 

you bring transcnpu,, we will begin ai» cvakuititMi ilwi evening 
yew <irr acx-fpied, you can learn about academic advisinjj 

and r (.-s. 

If ytw .....V i.«. vw, 1. ... .'.ripts, we will help you to have 

ihem sent to us! 

CaH mt\ UA'9m *> R5VF today. 



3i25 V^cst FiiMcr Avenue 
Chkafo, llltrxii^ 60«2S-'t<95 

The Harbinger 
May 4, 1998 

Harper0!llews ''»'' 

Top 10: The Harbinger counts down the storios that afff octod campus 

. I'fti ri'vi ti) stu- 
pri*);r.ini wh«' 


motocouRTtSf or HMnatcoucof 
I StMMfft ffilMs BMMnf K 

to R«»i-.lMlt I 

dt-nth in Iha.' 
iiimpleli" ciHirsenvurk .ii 

^ WHCM back on the air 
with nrnr D| guidelines 
VVHCVI>|;vnt unv nook 
lift the air hecatiw »t j >u!< 
pettsKxi. The «.tat»<»n man 
afneis «nd ^^ •• v>oti.i\i wiih 
learme Pankjiiip ')•■■->. ,.t 
Student Activil in 

the stjtitio an*) fi'-K ■ >ih a 
new a>ntr.Kl tor .iir i;uiile- 

m Ion Stewart d»cus»e» «eii 
to audience 

t. omfdun jnd Uirmtr 
\n\ Ion Ste«arl 
l^nrnj-hl d ii«ilrnvt>rM4l act to 

ll.irfvi ..inipu> m lX\fmKT 
..( l'«7 Su-wart kept his 
.Hiiliiiuf enthu-ia-lu'lv 

i hifnx) throughout hi> f>er- 
tormarKe Some ot Slew art's 
routine was pn-parvd maten- 
.il however, he left plenty of 
opportunity to show otf his 
quuk wil h\ talking lo mitn- 
txTs ol (ht' audienii- 
. Board of Tru»tee« elec- 
tion acquires three seats 
Tht- H,irp«"r Coilejti- Board 
of Trustees st-kvlixl two fn-sh 
tace^ and nvlected artother 
member m \o\emher of 
|.*y- s.ira Born (VRilcy 
vvn as chair, and 
Richard KnI/e 
sUppni up as piwiition 
changes were made Kris 



1998 Summer Sessions 

Advance Rcgifliratlon: I inou^li Nl.u 7, I'.nm 
liikc six iiiicti-r^i.ulti.di- < i(-(lii.<k (iniiiiiiiiini <»f 

two < tKII»<-s) illul |>.IX ll'l llVt". 

Defci n-<1 tmtH'ii p.iMH4 111 pro|; s .«io .i\.iil.if>l«- 

Choose from Seven Sc«iS*ions: 

I Scifivu A: May «tt July « 

Sfisitmt tt- July 7 -August 17 
SestioM C: June 8 - AugiMl 1 

5rf«ic»> £>. MnyM'Auijufct 17 

New (his Summer ! 

Onr-tvfrh lutcnutr I'.urmet M«y 18 - May 22. J"*y " " *' 

Ftvr tridnys f'roffram: June 19. 26. July 10. 17. »-l 

Chici«f(o Campus: 

:ilL' :t II v. I". 

•I'M! S. Hill) Mil lnn.iii \\«iiui' 

Schaumhurg Campus: 

S )•, -I. I I ^.,1 M 1 

KkM Miiaiiiii.M I'.iikcs.iv 




Howard tnvame Mce-chair 
and ludith Hess to s«\Tetary- 
« NCA gives highest po»- 
sible accreditation 

The evaluation team of 
representatives from the 
Commi-ssitm on institutions 
of Higher f-ducation i>f the 
North t entral AsMViation of 
Cvilleges and Sihtxils granted 
Haqx-r a Ul-vear accredita- 
tion, the highe*if possible 
accmiitation, in CVtober of 
l*»7 A now person accredi- 
tation team, ciwnposed of col- 
k-ge persi-inell fnnn conunu- 
nity colleges acn>s» tf>e anjn- 
trv. visited campus Sept 22- 
2i to evaluate the effiiiency 
of the educational paKess 
and cimfirm that Harper met 
the gerteral requirements to 
be reacrvdilrtl 

^ Lady Hawks finish 
: fourth in nation 

The Harper Civllege 
Women's basketball team 
annpeted m thier first tuhon- 
al toumatnent in school histiv 
ry Maivh 12 14, 1998 The 
ladies competed in thive 
games and placed fourth in 
the nation They li>»t to 
defending national champitm 
Anoca Ramsy lll-«0 The 
Hawks also defeated 
lefferson C oUlege 77-S9 and 
Cc-ntral Bahtist 72-Sl 
lUkFmirth president in hi»- 
^Ptory selected bv board 

t>n |.inuar\ S I'^^N, 
Chairman Richard KoUe 
announced Or Robert 
Brueder as the next president 
of Harper ColWge Breuder 
was elected as the fourth 
president m Harper's V) year 
history. Breuder stepped into 
office in mid-February, 
although Paul Thompson's 
-contract did not expire until 
|uly of 1998 





ExccOeDt (MR-omc oppor- 

unei »e avulaUe 
iwiilmely foe dependable 
Ma pi yen to petfonn AeM 

•I «M.rk in lonl Mom 
Evaniion. Wifaaane, Monon 
Otove. Nile. Cfleoview mmI 
Mtroanding «u» We offiar • 
w^ of S800 per bow. wit 

t Reliable, 
MMportMioii a UMLO. 
No a^Hk no holidays aid bo 
weekends' Call now to w« up 
ai iaaerview time 

The Harbinger 
May 4, 1998 

Page 4 Harp^C^ows 

Speech team talks its way into 12tli place witli one national champion 


l'i'i>ple are mon- .itr !■ ' ■• 
•tpealung in puhlu th.r 
of snakes, falling or tb«- u.u ► 
Ht»we\'er. ttv Hji^xt C i>lli>;. 
ifieech lejm thrives im puHu 
«fWdlung. pbiinK l-th ihiI oI 
85» in thi> I'^H I'hi Kio 

■Pl N,1flon.ll '»p^■.^ li .\".i 

Ifam menit 

.>n lor hi't 
-. v^ .;-:.- '\t'vMtt\ I- 

ikxi\ ljn> 
top r.inkin>, 
rtiuntJ on ix>mp ' 

"I've always iii.-...i.ivi . ■ 
hdvin); a lutitnul chjmpwtn 
said sp«!«:h tejm oiMih |fH 
rrzvbvUi "i didnl rvali/f it 
\v ,iiiiii hu'i' ■ 'i m m\ 

, .in 'I 

RiMT tVgur jl>o plateii 
well, finishing >fvi-nth out oi 
147 competitors in oral mt«T 
prvtation and reieiving a 
gold medal for her speech 
called "Working Women". 

Coaching a nationallv- 
ranked speech is rnit an »ms\ 
|ob said Prtybylo. 1 ' 

takes an entire vear In l.n.t. 
we've started on ni'\t M-ar 
already Wehavenuw rvlum- 
ing members .ind h,i 

;l', '-. ^,--^V' pulllOi: il.. 
, ■ . .,r iheK are 

12 it'i^iil.ii sojson tinirna 
ments. and the>' use the same 
pieces, revising them, nuking 
them better and better When 
we get to nationals in April, 
everyone is all p»>lish4-d an<.l 

ready to go I hen we throw it 
nut there and s«v wh>> votes 
' - ■- " Prjrybylo said th«ff 

If penttn who makr- .1 in 
-[■■■■xn siuci-ssftil \ . 

l\.'r\bis!s 1-. Jn ' 
irtg, ttie team works together W. 
We all put in the same 
.imiMin! . ' 


-■■.,ii; ,tv,\: '. ■. i-u! i Jiir. : ~f"t jki 

IndiTldual award 

Name Medal 

SUcey Haberkorn Gold 
Ktrer Osgur Gold 

Michael Gonsalex Sliver 
Chris Lopes BroiuM 

Rick Vkigaa Bronac 

Tricia Noena Bronse 

Toay Miotek Bronae 

Bma Hotochmami Bionae 
Rival Os(iw BroBxe 

ihink jnvunc p it in nuire 

CHit ol the II events in a 
»peech competitKm. five con- 
sist of originaltv prepanxl bv 
the speaker and . vntributors 
l>ie other si. v per- 

tormances i , j>ri>se 

ar>d drama 

I .w^.i":' up wnh topics tur 

ivinine speechi- 

. T... - . ., .iiiv*';in.»lt»>i 

>u^e origuul speevh topics 

can come fn:>m anywfK-n- 

"Most ot the stuff tfH-v've 
louitd thems»-lves," said 
IV/vbylo ■■|Hab«Tkomlcame 
up with hers, reading C i>smo 
She saw an articlt about neg- 

alive bodv ini.ii;<' aiu) hins 
that affivis Kill livi"- ,inJ our 
p,Ts.m.iliti.-. 'she brought it 
in ' it vMiuld make 

,i ,- ■ I- .-'W. it.iin 

jii ■ -1 It 

imprm e I m not going to tell 
them the\ rux\l Ix- national 
ihanipions If I see impnne- 
nieiit .md leammg, that's suc- 
i ess II tfH'V win trophies or 
ihi top ten. then that s great 
;i,. 1^....., ih,. ...mmunica- 

ti>rs they Ijecome, the better 
the\ II b>' competitivelv \^• 
don't put the competitHM 
first, we learn hrst; and if w . 
learn well, then competitiM 
imr spetvhfs can K' K'tter 
than others." 

nv.ira v\ iiiing 
rrom ini.ide the 




Oral interpretation 



Oral IntcrptataUoa 
Dnet Actiiig 
Duet Aetlag 

It » like am ,Ktin>; tlie\ 
do ^Jid Pr/\b\U! Ihev 

develop ttie character think 
about the emotions " 

Pr/\bvlo was in>t expect- 
ing the outstanding finish 
thev recent\l 1 ".is hoping 
to W Ml thi' lop 2ii which 
s4>me people thought was faking 12lh was 




At Nortti Contra! CoHogo wo offor: 

• Omt SO AcatfOMc arcM nwkkSar ■K'ia*$f dm mt of 17 
BuiiacM. i'Jtiuiaiu, ( oif MK1 

Prc'l,M and TK-Uei 

• Traafcr S(MMtu|H »d Flu 
TlKta bfifa S«*i.lan*ijii- li« . y^ ^ ^^ ^ 
viiKkno m* J .? 3 <ir.\ a *«« 
on J 4 H.ik 

ndio fUUM WONC 

14:1 Muikai m faoikjr ratio 
It itacKaOt^MOfoni 

• Cmcr Hiaaint 

/ ■'■•• 

a« 1^100 411 1861 

les-. I r 'He sf>eivh 

team ha. - „■ '.ils si-l l,.r 

rtt-xt vear, "W^ ve set a to 
be in the f)»p 10 I exp^vt the 
returning members to take 
the knowl.Hlge ihiv \« 
g.unisJ arui build upon it .iiui 



N<ritviLi.i. Iiiixoit 

. .\o#|t^>HB,r-a tal»kS. Vipcr««)r. li«M«Oi«« 1«Aa 

...^ ■■ j^ x . jaAi rrr I fa liii ^ i M ' » ...i-*-*' '■ ■■ - " ■ * — — ■ - '■■ 

Carlos Murphy's Is lAX»king For A Few Good 

Men And Women. We Need Servers, 

Bcirtenders, liosts. And Hostesses. Kxperience 

Is A Plus, A Positive Attitude Is A Necessityl 






Apply In Fen>on At 

c j/7o> Murphy's Mexican American Grille 

40(> K. Colt Road 

Mondav Iridciy 2pm -5pm 


Mjljf 4, 199S 


Page ■; 

$1,250* CASH BACK 






Page 6 


The HarfeingCT 
May 4, 1998 

Our view 

The Harbinger wins 
first place in state 

The Illinois Communify 
College lournalidin Association 
has bestowed ils greatest hoinT- 
on The Harbinger Last vmk / 
Harhinger received tirsi plact- tor 
merit and first place overdll m 
the annual competition 

The Harbinner also rfci-ivnl 
^. .vind place fi>r lavoui Flevi-n 
members of the staff were also 
awarded for their outstanJin); 
contributions to [ournalism. 
Editor-in-chief, Lauren 
Schubel, won third place m niu> 
writing for "Campus recycling 
program lacks crucial participa- 
tion, " second place in news writ- 
ing for "Better student hangout 
in Building A offers more than L" 
and first place in feature writing 
for "Get Bally results at a Harper 
price at campus fitness center " 

Sports Editor, Sean McHugh. 
won second place in sports fea- 
ture writing for "Goal-orientated 
Kusch ready to take skills to next 
level," first place in sport- fea- 
ture writing for "Lopneno excit- 
ed and dflermmcd" and lirsi 
plaif in sports news writing tor 
"Foottiall ends season with loss 

Kail Features Editor, kclli 
Hader, won third place for photo 
spread with "Students perma 
nently (and painfully) express 
themselves" and third place in A 
& E writing tor '|on Stewart dis- 
cusses sen. masturbation to audi- 
ence " 

Spring Features Fditor, Don 
Berger, won third place fi>r opin- 
ion writing with ' Hi-rv;iT Iiim- 
\997 Fditor-in (. hiel, David 
Pump, won sectind place for a 
single photo "'Soccer tmi-hes sea- 
son at CoD." 

Hard work really does pay >'ti 

nil IDS Vint: SIKHKl IJ S\VS4;<MH>-itVI 

VMl I f(uev» tius is it. During 
\he past two years I've ticen a part 
of intt 30 Harbmgm. and new 
I'm saying fpiod-bye. 

-Ml i>f ttH- kmg days and late 
nii;tits really added up, and I can t estimate how many tvHirs 
I V e spent in the Harbinger office 

Havinf; a indge. a comty 
ciHH'h and, nH«st importantly, a 
cuttee maker, made it easy to 
practically live hen> (in fact I did 
«lc«p here a tew nigh^l 

I've gained hurHlred> ol mem- 
ories while betnf" a part of the 
staff Irtiing on road tnps to |our- 
nalism nmfen-nces. putim); all- 
nighters with last year's stall 
( lucWily tJwre weren't any t>f thoM- 
this year) and workmg with this 
years staff will be remembered 
for ever. 

St>me that stand out are: 
watching tXive Pump s imitation 
of JtK- Cixker at 4 a m Re«tin>t 
bounced' by Tigger and wanting 

to nde Space Mount. 'nd 

over, and mer at a . m 

Orlando: spendinj; -!• sir.iight 
htmrs in this offne i>nly to k>N«' m\ 
mind and buy a dress. Etwood. 

SHOtBua-s picnK 

Cm I iMv* a lleck oairT TM* I* kew rn protaMy 
going to bo rtfiwta r o^, boing • spu in tbo offlco. 

i>nf •'! m\ lal>s, n'lievin^ hersell but we did it 

down thi- hall alter viiasing the 
geese with her sister, Jake, and the 
view fnwn 2208 

Thesi- memories woukl mean 
nolhinR it It wtien't for tfu* great 
people I work with everyday; 
Mandy. Sean. |enni. Des, Ryan, 
IXm, Kevin and the rubber duck 

Guys, c-ven though 1 was diffi- 
cult to work with, I k»ve you for 
sticking with TV Harhnger for the 
whole year. It wa.s rough at bmes. 


. ^t rntt-iUu.My» 
.'..M'. h 1 UK 

.ii'.i mp( ti' ^R'lp hoii .-o- 

ple feel m»>re comtortable on 
Harper's campus. M^eral hard- 
working and compassionate 
muns»'lors mtrodut»"d the ""Safe 
Space f^igram " ttus M-mester Its 
staled intention is to improve ttie 
cluTute for gay. kfsbian, and bisex 
ual students, faculty and staff, 
and I think this ilulogxie i* impor- 

All Harper rnipl.i\.i-s vmh 
mxited tiv partKipjIi- in tfie Sale 
''pa<e Pn>nram's training relating 
to (.■! B p>s>ple and culture, and 
after p.irtKipaling, emjrfoyees 
. .illi'wtxi to hanK a "Safe 
II, k.t-r I'n their office 

1 h.. jr.>til.iii I- lor ■'p»>litKalU 

intorriM i-mplovi-es who ih<sis.- 
rwrt lo post a stiikei on tfwir door 
for any of a number of waaont. 
Then how "safe" is their space for 
tfiem'' It's like putting a buUs-eye 
on your diest as sonHsme ctvarged 
witfi mioleranoe, namnv-minded- 
ness aiHi — you giMMcd it— bomo- 
pluibia Isn't this setting up a 
we/thev mentality, and creating a 
hostile climate in the workplace? 

As professionals and employ- 
ees of Harper College, it is crucial 
that we treat All, students and 
si.iil tmniNTS with respect, and 
we must denwmstrate empathy 
and sensitivity toward those in 
ttie nay lifi-.t\ !<• 

But there s a difference 
between tfut, and approval of the 
gav lifestvle/'behavior Some 
empli>vei"s tn-lieic homosexual 
N'h.ts ii>r Is wriin^, and s<ime- 

We had a lot of problems with 
the computers, sources not 
returning calls in time, advertis 
inR not being on our side and me 
not having any patience, but 
despite that, 1 think we did okay. 

Hell, we won two first place 
awards and 12 individuals— we 
did better tlwin okay. To»j l>ad 
more pei>ple didn't read our 
hours of hard work 
see StoetMR on page 8 

tlllH-s ittcs«- iiii^-M.vt i'^ ^.tli (inU 

theinselv<» ridiculed or stereo- 
typed. As Dr. lefhey Salinmrer. 
autfior of Homosexuality and tfie 
Politics of Truth wrote, "A cam- 
paign has tieen created that makes 
It impolite to say anything tfial 
even smacks of cnticism of homo- 

There's no point to dei>atiitg 
morality in public But I think the 
stickers are a bad idea, potentially 
causing further separation and 

As for me perstmally, though I 
did complete flie training. I'm 
cboosmg to post a sign in my 
office that is a "safe space" for 
.All people, even lh»»e with 
whom I might disagree. 

learuH- Pankanin 
Harper employee 

Editorial Board 

The flarbinger 

News Edit Of . 
A&E Eoiso' 
Features Editor 
Sports Editor 
Ptwto Editor 
Faculty Advisor 

lataen Schubel 

Amanda Of tenbacher 



. Desuee Corcoran 

Staff Writers and Assistants 

f^an Freund. Alyce Halperta 

Kevtn Snepke. Sandy Tar\g, 

Rotjert Valade/ 

General Policies 

TTw H«rt»^|»f « tre itudinl cultteMNn tor it« HiriMr Coi«at carnpus oili» 

muraty. puDKtnM ntmeiMf Ifwougfaui tlw kAom yam mew dumgnoMHys 
and nnoi Mam. The papcf « igi(rt«il«lt Ace to al f tuttanlv tanillT and 

adminai ration. Thg n»t » vp w"i unit purpose m to piwida tm Wrpw coimiu- 
nty w(fi ntonnalMn portanw^ lo Ow campus and nt wvimnknt convruoty 


rnv »«M»t«ir««ie«nn Wtars to «» MKiir and (Wihet to «K« MRonaw. 

Lvttorm nuM M si#iM and mckM* elwiB run«*rio MTi^ au<»nrin<i. 
'SHPuMunts Mli l» •HtltiWdt«Mni««ifiH. W lell«s «id KimaM ara wtiiect 

Pniducis mi mtvics adMHtwad m Tt» Hnrtwigv are not nacts&Hy 
cndoiMd Dy tna aditorx o( tl«s papw. nx by vw cotMft attnrastrainn or 
lle«d of Dlr«cta>». InguiriM ItauM W lonrtntK) dinctly lo t*» advOTtqwr. 
ml an pwcnaam art at mt dMEfpton tf tt* ooraianr 


The Haitwver Wi»iam Ramey l«rper Codege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatne.1 60067 7098 

Rtone Nutibers: 

txRMiess office (847) 925-6460 

news office: 1847) 925«X)0 x2461 

fax: (847) 925 6033 

copyrt^ 1996, The Hartilngar. 
AH rights reearved. 

The Harbinger 
May 4, 19% 



The commuiilty has much to offer for community college students' free time 



When ■-• • ■■■ 

PaLitirif li 
1«) list .'t n..,, ...... 

places lit the I niled Statt-s 

nii> mav ir mav n. ' 
a* a -h' ^ k to Harper ^ 

upt>n myM^ll t»' t*« 
lour *onw oJ the jriM 
lishiTK'nts .iiul imd ciii w i 

«W» CallT to|HT ^ >! 


•Stadium Club Livalni 
+111 ■; Al^oiu|uin K.vul 
RoUtng MtMdows. two milf^ 
ea»t of HarpiT. the st.uiii •• 
Club has manv fralur*-- ' 
>tudcni's might find iHi 
hve, the most cib\HHi>. b' 

:.■ nwnu, th. 
■ vl NTN Ir ; 
H.irpiT «tuik:nl> 
..ttfii be ti-utui amimg the 

If- not lik.1' othir Kir^ 
with older people '^y> 
Harper student Alen 
I'oluihiwvic/ "It's not tix. 
. . ,. ...iK..r >,iu can reb« ' 
v-hl o< Sl.idmm 
\.lut' ">■"■»• luve to >" NI\ 
Interactive Iriv: 


11 .-.. t, 

,1 I i>;ht 

iwniis, which 

>i •(. hampp-- 

\mi ricana 


amitn«T i^ ■^' " 
on a natii> U- 

K-lp. < 

<■ >tv 

■ nduMit llul 

!i a- l>ara»>ke ev < 
iu>;ht which 1^ 

IMl to .1 JW 



_ PMOIOev *lYC€M«tPtRlN 

Ti^ «*>.itum ciMh sarvas MB a v«ri«ty of b«v*rag«» •• wall as food. 
Sr* i glSTt fiSnJrSld^no^W. pHc. It', a m«.t on tho.. day. 
whoa y«i mHUtt »ot mako It all tho way homo for the gamo. 

music, kIikI 
. irt tti 

tlOt I 

,-ihII.-^.K until liiri r 
Ihrvaten to quit, but rather j 
>tate of the .irt stereo system 
th.ii isic trom jH 

up,- t fiHis fn>m 

f r.iiik sii 

.»n■-I•^t ' 

t.^ 1 ■ 

. Iiiriunn .1 ."i 


.( ..;!.,... I 

'! .m 

Ah U\A t 

.-\\H ii' ■■ ; I' u1 K<l 

111- m.n K' in the miK>d tor 

■n,.- „ I'.ii J,, not ttvl like 
iitnI born 

,1, ,1 
; i "11 
i 'iinl. 



blovv-ott some su-am, and 
tvU\ vsith friends. The ar»>a 
surrounding Harper oflers 
manv different establish- 
nu-nts, each with its distinct 
enMnmim-nt. to »atisf\ any 
students MKial needs, re^ard- 
lis> of fx-rsonal prefen-nce 

I ri>m bars, to coffee Ihjus- 
<~ to movie theaters, many of 
lhi-s4- places sympathise to 
111.' Iin.imial shortcomings 
( main students evpen- 
■ H... niakmi; a ni>;ht out eat,- 
I fo toltill, Ihereb) reducing 

11,- ni,io\ -tUilcnts 

n. HarpiT KkV. 

ui nii>sl impor- 

1 lok and 



HSEA celebrates Earth Day in Earth Week 

Choose from our wide 
selection of electronic 
components, production 
^ equipment and more! 

■V (on items not a/ready reduced) "« 





gKmapimtktli t*W 


j 1776 WwtGoM Road 

' ML Proipwrt, ILL e0066 

\W: (147)640-7713 Fix; tl47)M«-78t3 


S'*f> WKiIi, 

(hi ' 

Buiiilmii r 


■shaq-H-r Harper 

s^ by HSJ A, vt>lunteers 
piiketi up many cans and ciKarette 
butts The dub n<:ruileii students. 



,ul' pUnli'U 
in fnmt of 

and staff to hi-'- '•■ 


, uttv 

(.■reen .Xcri-s proniN -ioie in 
AfiinRton Heights and the Sun 
ll.irM-st Warkei in Mount IVispect 
a.flwied apples to us. which "ve used 
to Ivlp n-ward people w ho h.-lped us 
out, said HSIA pn-sidi-nt Heath.-, 

•Itie stud«iil turnout icas about 
i» It was last year,' said Kami 
1 ustig. the club's advisor "It was a 
lur jm<nint for a omimuter sch«xil 

Ww club also awarded the people 
»ho collected the m.»st garbage 
around thi- school with pnAi-s 

IVspite the average turrenit, th. 
1 isl A and the students m the quad 
durinv; the .leanup, said they were 
having a really hm nme 

"Fvervday should be earth da\ 
Mid studmt passer-by Amy Sknerski 
This has been a great year for the 
club, and these have been one of the 
best gnnips of students I've ev. r 
worked with,' stated I uslig 


I ho 1 Urhinger 
May 4, 19<» 

siionu N s\vs<;<MMHm: 


What we've been doing 

Tkto U tli« l«»t l»M« •» '*• Hsrbtngmr for both 
Sf»erts •«tor S*a« McNugh and Edltor-li»-CM«f 
U Mif W SdMib*!. 

continued from page 6 

I Ihmk inv bittt 
bi.>:s.-vl t.m ,•! !!:■ 
bt'iMU-.) the f»tr.j 
enJfd up im ttw Ix't!. 


.Ml! • 

!l,>-.t el II' 


1 \ f Aonf 

I nv; -I I Vi'.iul JiiJ -:.i\ 

..,, ,,.. ■> fT.>ni iiilli'i;i.ilv 

Where has Harper College bought its 
Computers for the last three years? 

built to your 

Excellent pricing 
with complete 

All components 
and accessories 

Discounts for 
Harper students 
and faculty! 



Since 1 983 - Our 1 5tn Year 1 425 East Aigonquir Road 
Mon - Fri: 9AM to 6PM Arlington Heights, IL 60005 

(847) 952-6900 
(847) 952-6901 FAX 

The HarbinptT 
May 4. 19W 


and where we've been doing it 

Page 9 

a photo essay by 
Desiree Corcoran 

liming along in th« 

One, and Done... 

Give us one hoir (rf yoir time. Whenever you want, y^ 

Have your transcripts and your dreams read]|L W^^ 

easy it is to transfer to Aurora University and firash your de^ee. 

► Hie creAi you transfer go fsther at Ml . 

^ Iw can choose the mior yo« mnt. . . ik) tapv - 
^ We're convenient and we ynderstand jfoir Meds. 

■npor'.in' 'h;;.!,^ li; vnur lift,-. ^Lr. ji ! lAeniiigcld- 

J^Wte focus on preparing for careers... nmffitx ler 

1^ We can make It affordable... i>itH)id laDmiakiofttKman 

We Can Make Transfemng as Hassle Free as PossMe 

To niake an ap\> 
at 1 80()PICK.\1 

WAN'A 41 "il.1 '-''ill 




Social Worit 





Criminal Justice 


Real Education for the Real World. VJ 


ComfNiter Science 

^ % 

Page 10 


The Harbinger 
May 4. 1998 

College Students 

Easy $$$ 

Full & Part time work avail- 
able this summer for any 
Good worker No exp. Nee. 
We Provide Full Training. 
Scholarship Program is 

Top $$$. 

Daily, Wkly, & Monthly Prizes 

awarded for top performers. 

Our name and Comp. 

Training provide Excellent 

Resume Experience. 

Have fun & earn a ton. 

Call now, start immediately. 

(847) 364-6852 

All calls considered E. O. E. 

The Harbinger 
May 4, 1998 

■"—■"■ r"'-ri ji'mW'"""! "''•''''"TTiiitimTnrii i iii i Bitri^ ■in r aiggs a i r 

Page 11 

Summer sun heats up several A A E events on campus for everyone 


Even thiHigh schiml mjv 
be out for Mime, iherv r> tN- 
others who Jare to take sum 
mer school Your tinn- mi 
c«inpu<> may be short one. but 
step and have a kKik at what 
Harper ha.s planrtt-d tor the 
summer month> 
•L. .4. Confidential itilml 

Tuesiday. June << al 7 p.m. 

m the BuiUling ( Th«-ater 
Admiwthun is free, pick up 

vour tickets ahead oi lime at 

Ih.' Harper fkn Off HI' 

•Ihe Wings of Ih, l},ii, 


Wednesdav. luno 1" .it "" 

p m in thi- Building i Iheatcf 
AdmivsKin i>» inv puk up 

vour tiikols ahead ..• ■ 

the Harp«'r Box (Xti. 

•Sunset Sounds: Harper 



Permanent & Temporary Positions 

In Lake and Northern Cook Counties 

Specializing In: 

•Office ^,„ 

*^'*''*^"' •Profeeaiofwl 

• Data Procesaing . warehouae 
•Accountinfl .Induatrlal 

• Cuatomer Service . Technical 



847-367- 1117 847-244-6500 

•a accuStaff Company 

Invest Your Credits 

Ifjtm kwt ntitge tmhi ■ mt it. 
Transfrrmr m%r cotnmori 
OMJfmpbit 0» mrknmHtffm 

Okmu tnm ttm kttmmf m 

Wt.f,kL\0 Cimn. mdttn 

t $a itd$T V a««im 

mowim Ihffw. 

It! in 
v% tMth»'t 

ja// ( nsemble 

lhur-~d.iv. lutH' 18 at 7 
p m in the Quad Area 

t n\os .1 (ni- oiitdiKir lOn- 
i.iM' lit unl.norjbif 

thf ll'HklTt Will 

ni.>M- 111 lh<' Hull. liny; I 



••■ ^' 7 pm 
I Ih.'.iliT 

Adiiu-tMiin i> tree, pick up 
vour tiiki'ts .ihiMd ot timi' at 
the H-irpT Vu.'\ I 'id. , 
•Chamber Blues with t orky 

Ituirsd.u |un« .i!^ .it ■" My 
p m m Iho Hiiil.tiii^; I Ih.'.iliT 

' ■■•' ' 1 ihc HarfHT do» 

Office tor ticket*. AJmission 
IS $IS tor Sfnfrjl jihI SIO 
for H.irjHf sludi-nts .ind ■.tall 
and MTiiors 
•Wisconsin Tour 

rui-sd.iv lunr V, « J ni -6 

l:nn>y a day of sightseeing 
m Wisciirtsin Take a nde on 
I akf (.erwva Boat Tours, 
visit ThompMins Stravvberrv 
! i fn)uv lunih ,il 


I hf iiist IS S4~ iont,i>l 
Mudfiii \.!i.iii.'s tro moll' 
mfori ^Z'>-h2Al 

•SuHM't .>uui..i>. "Teresa" 

Tuesday lune W at 7 p ni 
m the Quad .Area 


MondM. TuMdM. 




103 c 


Accontinc oaaoe?, 
























3:45-9(00 T« 225^3:40 


SpaoaRy Airanaad Eiarm 



waaMm of May 23 during regular daaa iwrtods 

MftMlplriMMadMnoMarthan noon on Tuaad^. May 2ftln 
9m Wija tf ■•■ Otllo» A213L 

jiiMijL^ iJiMitftMi Smdmb 

u thKT 

u<n win 


* b M : S I ■, ! I 4 t : U S 



&< to a«) iWf an jmtl wn t* tug 

r,^- yju riertJ IP <)o W«l|^ Afd * 



4 Ma*fr 4rtnr ufimtrwm! 


|uly 8 at M 

I ni<iv .1 tris- outdoor con- 
.erl, in tase ot unfavorable 
weather, the concert will 
move 111 the Building I 

p m in the Building J Theater 

Contact the Harper Box 
iMitci- for tickets. Admission 
IS SIO. witfi discount for 
HarfXT studmts and staff and 
si-niors S^ 

•Sunset Sounds: Harper 
Steel Drum Band 

Thursday, Julv ** M 7 p m 
111 the Quad Area 

Kfw outdixv concert, that 
will make you feel like you're 
on the islands 
•Chicago Tour 

f-ndav, lulv U). 11 am. to 
II p.m 

Discover Chicago, while 
you see an outdoor coiKert at 
the Picasso Center, visit the 
Herald Washington Library, 
slop for lutKh at Szeschwan 
tast, nde the Weiulella 
Bcvat Tour and dine at the 
Roadhouse while w.itching 
Second City 

Tickets ,ire S4H lontdct 
Student \.li\iiii-s li>r more 
•OaiHl Will Hunting (film) 

Mondav, fulv 1"*, at 7 pin. 
in th<- Building | Theater 

Pick up V our fnx> tickets at 
the Harper Box Office 
• Sally Edwards. "Big 
People, LiHie People" 

Wednesday, Julv 1 "i and 22 
at 7 p.m in the Building J 

Pick up your tickets for 
thts one woman show at the 
Harper Box Office, 
Admissitm is $7 and $5 for 
Harper students ai>d staff and 

see SuTtnar on page 12 


wys tktrtS •• 

HKb Half « • l(W iMKtl! 

f Mi iMdrm bo&i M 
«fli « y»iii mill' 4 bank 
auauM aM < hn «r pm-<tm 
• (parlaiilty rifkl kii* in 
SMaaa AmMmmi liay (a 
M KOiM MaoaliM. mfM- 
(MUM ladtMl tnf^ 
nfa>t</f»>**4»liMi>. Mw- 
Kai| altt dMB a ««toniMiit 
imttil«nn(iir>dltii>. K pn- 
tkiMKr Mtill* CloMWwkt 
mtlta lu»9. A**« n l|Vt 
V» ovv 4 umii oHUmtt 

MwW la HVlan an CMIIM- 

iMi* tatviat, ttatm ttmHiv 
liKki4iat mad anmnca 4 pad 
ntallM. cawal n n a a m wai 
pkn adi—nwa M « |nit ii«i 
■lav wa4 nauaia M CMMiwa 

Ik., aaat 444C «■• li4* 
CMk M, taaa m. aaarihM. 

tW mHI4h, 

Page 12 






1— gy Tw^ 

' rm MWTEIt 

Alh*M^n Ii*«»r»h wntiT jntl 

•Mitul r 
i<» Apru . I 

Notdblf ; n hiT 

>'ddinK incliiui- 
MouMv Mi£k.«'V 
V I'usin ''(■H .i» 

ma\ ni 

l>ailv NUil .1. --^ribiii^ Un 

imposMhilitv I'l titfmi; !nri< 

arrogant hii;h u ^ i 

"Anjt. 1 Vkhiih 

fhf Harbingi-r 
Mav 4, IW» 

-incp the .H 

rmJ- I'.'. • 

lVp.irtimnl .■! m 

urklt-rgraduju- n iie 

iti>;r<>t' in Kngli-^h vv ith a 
(. ri'ahvi- Writing Iimi-. 

L>n ht-r past tedKhvn and 
hetM.'ll, losfph Hnd^ "fh«' act 
of leaching itM-li wluit j 
gi-neniu^ .lit it !■« 

Iwk* torwarii (>> llu' I i«l 
Annual Young VNnlcis' 
Workuhop, when- %h.' II laer- 
we the drv rUipmi'ni »t high 
school ituiifnt- in ircitiM- 
writing Visit 

<http .' / www jogi'lliri' mm 
/il/yww> fivr inform.itii«n 
on lhi> tivod.u pr>»gr,ini 

Harper A & E 

Summer: events for allto enjoy Have a great summer! 

Congrats to all grads! 


continued from (Mg*-- 

• Bu// suthi-rland mmj-- 


•Nin>>.il X'uiuJ.- i .II 

\tt( uiJ\ Jnti krjiK 
K«'nru> .' 




CUaiclMp MligkfMii 


OgkkMkUrrwt Mlawn 
(MNrii Hmk 


ihi.« i." thu opportunity of a Ufe time to travel 
and make mone\ QuaiifiimifkmmCamfm 
Advuor and «r< a f Me A^ to Kortra.'nwn 

you' II br ;it thf ct-ntfr irfa un«|UF markrtinR 
prtigram will launch Daewoo tnUi thf l'.** 
markit during 1998,** 

From thf miimt>nt vou anrive in Seoul, Katva 
this stumiiHT ^ ' ^<e cmramrd full of 

excitin.T ,„u. . \,,; Viiu li <(t' Daewuo pnid- 

ml ^ HI pnidurtiim facilitif!' and enjm 

Kur<..M .u.iuu Th<'''OianxirrOiifi(so''|>ragraiii 
k an eKpenencp youll ncvtr fiirj^ 

Then when you return to 
cdicfe as a D:i' ' ".is 

t unity to pom monry and purchaae 
a mew Daewoo car at a »ubHtantial diicouHt. 

Help build a new car company by hilping u^^ 
market Daewoo can during jmir spare unte 



Motor America 

«k. ^ 

Tin? H.)rbii^per 


Page 13 ^ 



Aflcr ftll yfomr hard worli, jroa can afford to ht dKNWjr. 

Think carefully aluiiit where yxM are novk-, an<l where you want 

to be. Then yuu II kn<»w that the right choice js RcKisevrIt University. 

Every year, raor** than 150 Harper students traiisrpr to 
Roosevelt. With coinpjvlif n puses in Iwth dcmnUmu 

Phic-^go und Schaumbur^. Room-vhIi has more classes in more 
tnajont (t^ undergraduate maion in all, ranging from Accounting 
to tklmatHiii U) Theatre Arts) at m< i • h tit timei am loea 

tions than a,ii', "lli'*r luuvcrsity in the Chicag<i area And our 
transfer aRreetn«^n{.s with Harper Colle(?e assure liiai vmir work 
will count toward your Kuoaevvrlt degree. 

For a personal transcript evaluation, more information alxMU 
our nriantifil aid designed ftsi>enii]ly for transfer students and 
to twe! wtt.h the Roosevelt I iii\frsii\ A.jfiMssion counselor at 
MariHi c;<.ltfge! (on the date listed below), call rxir Schaumburg 
campus at (847) 619-«600 

Thamday, May 7 
10:00 am - 1:00 pm 




CHiOGO cjmrm - <» south mkhigan tn^nnut. c»km,o. «xjmois mms <3i2i J4i-20oo 

^ Page 14 


The Harbinger 
M»y 4. 1W8 


. 60714. t-nwil 


Customer Service- Itasca 
compariy has 100 openings 
for part time days or 
eventoigs. Great for stu- 
dents! 18 35hoorsper 
week. Two Saturdays a 
morth required. Temp to 
hire possible. $8 /hour 
ExceWent commumcatioo 
skMs a nnust. Bilingual a 
phiS. For immed. irrterview 
ca« (847) 843-2222 
3333 Lisle. Careers USA 

Female models wanted 
little or no experience nec- 
essary. Must tx slender 
ard at least 18 years of 
age. Salary IS based upon 
previous experience. Earn 
extra money for tuition. 
Can Steve at (847) 657 


*Hott6St Careers* Utilize 
your skills Windows DE. r 
MatKCustServ Inmort- 
ga0B banking. (Qualify for ] 
freetrammg. Temp/Perm j 
$9-12 /hr SRSOoup (888) 

Spiaah into stxrvner with 
Careers USAI Make top 
$tt Gain experience & 
office sills working on terrv 
porary assignments in the 
NW & W suburbs of 
Chicago Great pay! 
Flexible hours! Call today & 
work all sunwner!! Careers 
USA (847)843-2222 
(630) 971 3333 Lisle 

SIMUB^XSS: Day Camp 
Cary. IL serves chikJren 
from a Skokie based corrv 
pany. Seeking Director. 
Aquatics Director, Nature 
and Outdoor Ed Speciaiisi. 
Cotftselors and Waterfront 
Staff. Competitive s^ary 

CoMef Pro Peintera is now 
hiring painters and )0b site 
managers for the summer. 
No experience neoeaeary. 
Work m your hometown. 
|e4l0 an hour. Call 1-888- 


Responsible reliable hard- 
working honest people 
needed to do houseNM 
packing for moving compa- 
ny. No exp. nee. CaH for 
appointment (847) 428- 
287a Ask for Susaa Fax 
resune (847) 836-1655. 


area Catering company 
seeks part time help 
[(mostly weekend) to staff 
I company picnics and corpo- 
rate events. Supervisors, 
grill cooks, game coordRW- 
Itors. concessior>s. CaBl- 
800-562 5660 will e-mail 
or fax application or write: 
Schauta Premium Foods 
7221 N. Harlem, Niles. I. 


ELECTRIC BASS, bard case, 
andanip^ 5-string. black 
Ibanez Soundgpar 405 
series t)ass with hard case, 
cord, strap ara amplifier. 
Greet cond W onB Not a 
scratch on it! Must sell for 
$800. Call Lauren (847) 
991 7808 for mfo or to 

Rolling Meadows ranch 2 
bedroom * den on cul-de- 
sac. Move-in ;ondition. 
Attached garige. heated & 
a/c Call (84:') 259 5946 
or (847) 827 6776 


Don't have time to type 
that big term paper? I can 
help! $2.50 /page b/w 2- 
day turnaround. Large vari- 

^:, „; ;,^.:-.g fonts axl 
styles. (847) 215-9846 

CaMnow... 1900 407 
7785 Ext. 3457 $2.99 per 
rma Must be 18 yrs. Serve 
U (619) 645 8434 
Live one on one call now 
1 900 884-6700 xt 2281 
$3.99 per minute Must be 
ISyrsoW Serv-U(619) 
Mr. Diamond 


I'm going to miss harassing 
you every time I pass your 
office; but don't fret, for I'm 
leaving a protege betwid to 
follow my lead. If you ever 
have anotf»r beer with 
Kurt, tell him I worship him 
(but don't mention the pic- 
t we in iTty wallet ). Dead 
angels make the best ones 
Its Hughes, not Heath. 
Your il fan 

Trunsferinfi to the Imversit}' ojUl'moh '.' 




i BnMlNm 

'> lliMnMrMllclia«A»ililik 

v MmM Ima 

V BtAroam for 'tmr Bcdnxm 

lb4HMMIIy 1BMW6I IPC«l<t 






.w\ \ LuMiln *^e. LrtMiu II i" wi 





towanl purchase or lease* 


1998 Ford Escort /XS2. 

You've hit th« booki Now it s tim« to hrt the road Ford can help College seniors 

and grad studems gel *W0 cash back' toward the purchase or Ford Credit 

Ftod Carpel Lease of any eligible Ford or Mercury Its academic pocket the cash, 

grab We by the wheel For more College Graduate Purchase Program inlo. 

ea* 1 800-321 1536 or va* the Web at www ford com 

l^fwry i^M 

«k % 

The Harbinger 
May 4. 19W 

mi rp*f ^port« 

Page 15 

Softball has strong hopo for national toumamont 


Focused' is the vnxd that 
the HaqHT Collejte 
Wiwnens sottball team has 
been coiwentratinR on 
thriHighinil the seastm .)n<.) 
into the Region IV fcHima 
mt-nt h^r .1 -ihot at the natiixi- 
il titlf 

rhe Lady Hawks are n«>w 
n-4> overall and 7-3 in the 
\'4C confefence, iiieco«>d 
..nly h< CoUefQF Of DuP»gfi 
in the iiinterence and head 
coach |im Rvan i> lmpr^~•'«^l 
with hi» baliclub 

"We're playinu rt-.ilU 

:i|^ht now." said Ryan 

t > rylxKly'* hitting the 

ball really well especially 

our first baseman l.iM 

Wnnberg. Over the anirse 

111 .1 h'v* (;.ini< ' - 

U.H 12 on hitting %h»' raised 
her batting aterage from 
Wlto 622 and ihi-'s pn'ha- 
blv pretlv clo«' to K-ing one 
i>l Ihf top di% i>iion 111 hitter. 
in (hi- nalH>n " 

The Lady Hawkit also 
have wen hitter* in the 
lineup hitting KH) or better 

N«>t only that, but Harp«-r 
lust completed a l"<-g.imr 
winning itreak that uniirtu 
nalely endeii m an 11-H l»>>s 
to WmaKmse, but included a 
victory over number one 
r.inl.i>l Collene Of DuPage 

(.Kiing into the Regnmal 
tournament . coach Rvan has 
(ttung tfKHights of advaru- 
mg to the NatKHuil tourrva- 

1 ;i l.iki- lhi> 
against anybiKJv <'l-<' - 
«aid Ryan. "W»- ri- \.t\ 
ented have excellent hitters 
and when the pitching i'- 
good, we re a ttnigh team to 
beat It's all about the en«'r- 
gy and the t.vii-. th.' 
plavers bnn>; to th«- K->n'' 
that dav, that ■- 1^ >;oin>; 
ti> determine how vscll wf 
dii lhrou>;hout 

AN. t.' ti.t ius< plaving to 
m-t iin.iK in 

Minii.^..i., .>, ,•>• pl.nmK to 
win nation.iU .ind that s 
what has t>een the major 
fiKus during this *eastin 

[he Iddv Hawks will 
plav joliet in lohct on 
Tuesday, May f in the 
Ktxion l\ tournament 



/' BHnginYour 

' c(KCASsemsALP« 

' to S«M or Trad* 

WE rar TSP MUMin/ 

i If your answer Is y«s. United Parcel Service 
has part-time loader and unioader posittons 
available Check out these benefits: 


4- No Weekend Work 

^ 3-5 Hours Per Day (Mon-Frl) 

i >♦• Comprehensive Medical Package 

! & Stock Participation & Einployee Owned Company 


Can toll fr€ ^^ ^ 

24 hours a day - 7 days a week 

U)cations: HodgkinaAVlllov^ Springs (1-55 & 1-294) Addtson. 
Palatine. IMorthbrooK & We-jtmon* 

http //\v"/i/w.iiDS com 

^ uPsMJVBmraucxniM 

Track and Field continues 
to break school records 

I rack and T'leld contmui-d 
to break mIhioI recorils and 
>;(t niorr n.itional qualitiers 
It ihr North t cntral 
Inv itatumal April 1 1 

Both shot put rr. ord-- 

Krank C.u/man snapped 
his own mark with 4'*-2 and 
lkMth.T Kusch threw 4t>IO 

Mark BurMi fmi<>hed in 
10 II SS m the steeplechas*' 
and launched the pi'le vault 
\XH til qualiK m both tor 

AIm) qualifying for 
n.Jttonals were Shannon 
MiXamara, sixth m th.' 
4()»im (632). MoMv 

Magarian. l.SllOm, (S IH.2K) 
and Craig Clinn, fourth in 

Not qualifMng were 
johnnv Rogers, who tcnik 
tilth placi- in th.' IdOm 
111 Ihl 

Harold (..oldsmith tin 
ished in eighth place in thf 
400m (SI 68). 

Heather Kusch finished in 
iixth plait' in the hammer 

I ' .Id (., oldsmith, | 

1 Chris t'.,ipstioni> 

,inJ K.himv KopTs tiniV, titlh 

in theltiliOm relay, .juality- 
ing Ihem tor nationals 

"l.'ur mile n^lay team was 
incredible," said head coach 
Renee Zellner 

The rru-ns team finished 
in sixth place out of 10 teams 
and the women hnished in 
se\'enth iHit of 10. 

After another strong 
showing the Hawks traveled 
to Mllwauki-e to participate 
m the Marquette Invite. 

(>ice again the Hawks 
wi'r.' competitive 

Lapastione broke his cdd 
record in the ■MlOm interme- 
diate hurdles finLshing in 
>t.57, en&uring am>ther first 
plaiv hni!«h 

C.inn also had a strong 
showing finishing second in 
the javelin v> ith a throw of 

HiUarv Hollow ay tin- 
ished in sixth place in the 
triple |ump 30-7 

Frank Guzman locked up 
hfth place in the shot put 47- 

Kusch finished in fifth 
place in the shot put 40-L 

"We really showed 
.ilrcjdv, signs of a really 
slnmg si'aMKi," Zellner said, 
".ind then- .ire s«>me mon- to 
K' broken 



Hton ii ii<t>uu ■ 

.."vl Mtrncrik <h) yoult 
:i I Ihr bra«(i>HiM^ P^^P*- 
rjnton nrt our\ lor 
mtn\ .*rwr*mih*' 
ilM irniur\ And >lhi11 
imt <Hir hrauiiful iivr 
>hiiKlrd campiM- )wm I^ imir^ 
tfofn ihr hr»n ctf < hhi^i CjiH 
.< tftK"M7 MOO *«iw« 
' ftlT^^WI or «■ miil u»*I 
.^(iMiiib»mr4iifoi mort 
MHT loEfanlnirM. 

* jtt+> vrrorsrtt |tn»» 

Cx)llege ^ » 

NOIS »<1U» 

eouM Oai>orkJn«v enw^w 

^ * 

arper Sports 

Athletes of the Year 

John Rogers 

Heather Kusch 

also qujiitv 

1 pvrli'rm In Ihf 
K>t i>i mv .ibilitN anil I 
Jn li> t-xiol in f\ir\ 
thine I ti'<- ■'^"■t Ki>);tT>- 
\nvthinn l> ^■K>^^l 
h' pul \4.>i,ir 


turn \M>rk i» »h<>l 
in <ill aKmt ami that s 

lul 111 itio , 


H^l-lWIlH 1 

av%.ird will ! 
to the I 


liir lh«' sMinvi vpar 

m d ri'w twosfiort ath- 

li-tc lliMlht-r KuMii was 

,. ..,,. A th.- Marbtngvr 

\lhl«^ of the 

i»n till- t\is».fif«.iu uMiii, 

Ku^Kh avfranini 20 

■ i J a>bound!> 

xiuiK th* 

I . M .1 tiHirth 

r- m Ihf 

nal tour 

SMFfWWTEB ^,^1 ; 

The H.irhini;<r M.iU K 

AthJrtci I 
RimircN. K 
N'lh Ux'i' 
I tn 
thi» hon<< 

~ta\ ing in 


J 111 
hi^h Ifvrl kuM.h suys 
with ciwivKfiim she h 
^tnng to finish 'hrel in 
tht- hamincT and shot" 
jikI .iHer thf waMm 
-i.. ^ h.i.l ihu". far 

I wdutt tu wine\i" 

Kusch has n^irrowt-d 
her dv>ices ot i.'IU>;iv. 
between ludsKin College 
and Dominican 

Ufiiver«.it\. She is also 
on schedule to graduate 

•!i a :«0(..PA 

Records: Four members of team break records in one season Baseball Streaking 

continued tion. p. 

1 1 iird-s arvtl b- 


CapasitiMi. [■!.'».» .1 1 • \i ' 
ok) iword in Ihv +>*,» motn int. 
mediate 'r< ' rinished in a 

time (>f II 

He brok. 
tmishms in s-J 

lo atleml 

.1 I 


briK>k the' 

!tt*T Ami 

>t put at 41 lilt -aid 

tinuf at I 

11.1 ,-i 

Hillary Halloway waniift i 
for li«r n«*t •v««t. 

••an McHhCIi 

swings tD(",« 

' (iawks baseball team are going 
.<! .. patented late wnonniM. 

I li. i lawks 122-16, ^i^l have won 11 out of 

"o'lT last 14 j^ames, almoM identical to the the 

sh thev had the pfeviou* year winning 12 of 

. ^ames to clone out the iea«on heading into 

ihr Region IV tournament 

Dunng the streak the Hawks have commit- 
ted i>nly four cmofs. Tlteir offensive output has 
remained above average Hnoughout the season 
Vine Edwards Is teading the way with a AV* 
batting average and 1^ KBI Third baaemen 
Brian Wo)tanowski is leading Ihi- ti-am with 28 
RBI and has be«-n solid d.l.-nsn Hv .ill season. 
Evervbodv hasdofu- It . i, 

. <rm <>am-tt sjid 
Added assistant coai t ..I- VV»- thf desire to win " 

np the desiif lo win has Uiii stning 

Rich (,.»s/\nski. who missed his last 

1 basi+iall dm- lo mononu- 

thnt- complttr )(aint?> en 


.i^e oppor- 

i-t-r has also liosro the »uip' between 
i-s ,tnil ptiwerhi'UjI^Tpton r«»lle)5e, 
1 m the la-'