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Vol. XXX [i.e. Vol. XXXI] 

[i.e. Vol. 33] 

August 3 1 , 1 998 


May 3, 1999 

Estimated $20,000 raised by AIDS Walk 

Money to be used for education, awareness programs 

Faculty, sludents jnd 
community mfmbcrs unu' 
••'v:tfher last M.iv tor thi' 
nwiid Annual AIDS Walk 

Walk twRani/iTs cstun.ii 
ed that thty tiKik n 
$20.1)00. in dimatu>n> ici un- 
HIV Ains t>..ititi..n. ,1 
>' '' '' •■ trmn List 

lunvtiii); i.imi' trtim 
pli'dfif-- the vvalkors 
ri'n-iviil ,)nd 
(mm liKdl buMrii-^^.-- 

"A» Iea-»t H 
montn' will b>- n-.m tm 
dw.ui'ius-, ,ind iiUuation Ix-ijusf ihi- mi.: 
to educ.itt' IS Ntill th»T»' 
said Hdrp«i iminsflur 
^ndv Hovvi' 

Alanv studriit-. .ire -nil 
hdvinj; unprotiiSi J -tx 

dospitf th»- nu*sNaj;t-«. warn- 
in); them against that " 
AIDS rfM.'.irchcTs i.I.iim 

"^At least 85% 
of that nMiney 
will be used for 
awareness and 
education pro- 
grams, because the 
need to educate is 
still there," 
•Andy Howe 

th.i^ riiui.ilton IN iiH !'<si 
" .u to light AIDS .ina s.ilc- 
riipaigns thdt i-nciiur 
mmI abstint-ncc .ind 
!i latex condoms 

liu mtiTcoursi- 

an' thought in K' th»' ni.>si 

S(udi-nt I Vvflopment, 
Ht-allh StTvin-N, the 
Psyihnlogx t Vpattnit-nt 
,ind the Hl\ C iMliluin uH)r- 
.linati-d th.' Walk 

Thf Walk Kgan with thf 
piir(>i)si nt txpandiiii; mm 
iiujni(\ awarcnt'ss i»t Alps 

jaiku- HiiUv.ik, will' 
iTgani/i-d thi' V\ / 
intivti'd with hi 
twfiving an inltvtid biutui 

Shi- M .mtrd tlu' Walk to 
rv'miiKi «'\rr\iim' that AII>S 
'•■ as prfst-nl in thf nurth- 
vstst suburhs including 
llarptr Cnlligf as m the 
bi;; iiik's 

'V\t' ail' siM'irii; .1 Uir\;('r 
nun)tH-r ol Hl\ (mlccti-.l) 
students (in campus 
H.>u< said whowalkivl the 
two iiiiUs annind lainpiis 
viith others wearing I shirts 
with n\) rihb»>ns attached 


mrom the Quad 


[ ^^^ '1 

■HMMi^ Na^Mli Ma^Mrt taM* siattoa, roclflPH 
ki tiM «B^ t* racMlt mam 9f *••« itm first 1 
w—k •!■•••• wf IM ••••Ion. ^^ 

Job hunting? Mavbc 
you've been Uxiking in 
the wn>ng places. 
Page 3 

Another semcstiT, iinother 
parking problem. 
Page 4 

Surplus ashtrays sprout across campus 

students smoking privileges tfireatened to be put out 



u-v\ stiulents 

The Fall lineup for 
entertainment is anything 
but dull. 


Womens stKcer hopes for 
a strung start with 
returning players. 
Page 7 

New faces tor ((Hitball . 


alike are taking iHilice to 
the not so subtle attempts 
of Harper ntticials to clean 
up nur butts Cigarette 
butts that IS. 

The CWan and Green 
Campaign is targetmg the 
smoking population of 
Harper. An estimated 90 
ashtrays have been set 
ihroughotl the tiarper 

With the combir>ed 
ettorts i>l Health s«t\hvs 
juwi the rhysu.ii I'l.Mit. 
every possible hiiim*; pla^ie 
ti>r .1 sm >ki-r has bewl 
sioutiil .'ul iiiit marked 
witli .Mif lit the new ash- 

Rodemar'. Murray. 

r>mili«r i>t I Icalth S»TMce» 
and ttie Wellness 

I'nigrams. believ»-s this to 
be a b»>tter arranginieni 

Ihis sevms nuiih Nt- 
ter Ml far lh»'re is a wn 
di'tiniti- iiTK'rineinent" 

I h*' C Ir.iii .ifiki I .rei'n 

tar»ipaii;r ip ul 

ni-ip\ - .iti'i-s 

: ■ 'i liiv student 

\. '1 , !M,^ rtn -1. .il li.nit 


t )n August 1st. there 
was a massiM- cleanup oi 
all the smoking hideouts 
on the Harper campus (all 
butts were removed ) 

tnter the new ashtrays, 
which are cleaned twice 

I aura Meyer, 18, wipho- 
more. says. ' I'he ashtrays 
are a great idea I used to 
gu 111 Wfstem Illinois 
L nnersitv where they had 
one dshtr.n in tnmt (ti the 
mam dtmr Ihere were 
iHJtts everywhere! " 

However, Jean 

Blackburn, a Harper book- 
store employiv said, "The 
ashtrays worked better, 
when the students weren't 

In early November, the 
campaign committee will 
meet again to discuss the 
progress or (allures they 
may have iiKurred. 

According to Murray, if 
all goes well, they plan to 
take the same actions again 
in the spring of 1999 

Keep Harper Clean and 
Creen ads, p«isters. and 
business cards will omtm- 
ue to pirp up next semester 

(>n the other hand, it 
butts are can'lessly littered 
about as in th«- past, all 
smoking privileges may be 

"Harper mav have to 
elimiiuite smoking alto- 
gether Students would be 
alltiwed to smoke in their 
cars only." says Murray 

"SnMiking shouldn't be 
legal on campus, because it 
IS bad l»)r their (smokt^rs) 
h«-alth,' viid Rina Patel. 21 

students opinions on 
w hether smiiking is a priv- 
ilege i>r not seems li> tv the 
cause of much controversy. 

freshman student, 

Mark Casiero, 2H, says. 




Campus News 

Financial strategy course 

to cov«r r«tir«m«nt plan concepts 

Entrepreneurial training offered 

I inaniijl StMlrKiet (or 
Sune«»lul Reliremcnl 

Is J tDur vMvk ».ourM' tittenni 
b) llarpvr Culleftr, will 
intnxiiK'ir fht k«-v t(>r>ivp«>» 
and praitM:i-> >•! '^■^ nu.iux 
mandRemfnt : 

lhi> class v\ill mtvt 7I1H- 
*i.M) pm, on rhursdays 
Septrmbrr 10, 17. 24. ami 
OetntWT I at the Northt-asi 
Cnrlvi. 1375 S Woll R.Md. 
IVispetts llpighls 

I'^rticipants mil lt<>rn 
how to i^merate a stradv 
income, pft>««1 awn-ts. and 
minimi/f taxes 

FinpUiyer retinfmenl 
plans, lump sum distnbution 
0|><iunH and fstatv taxi-s will 
br discuHsrnJ 

VarK'us up«rs of invest 
ments suih .i- 
K>nds.'ftirriil jnnu- 

llU's .Ulll vIisCUsmaI 

\.irii'iiN tvpi-s ol invcst- 
iiiiMits smh as municipal 
bonds, Ludelerred annu 
ities and mutual tunds will 
K' examined rx'latiM' lo 
retirement plans 

In additior, Sn'ial 
"siiunty, Medicar- and long 
term health carx- ci>sn will 
alv be topics lor disc"ussn>n 

lliithliKhtinR the si-minar 
IS the development ol a per 
sonali/ed hnancial plan suit- 
ed to each pirtuipanfs 
income, assets ind ot''|ev - 

Th«' ii>si ol til- n'urte i% 
$62 plus a W reKistralion t»"e 
Re|{istranfs mav bnnn a 
sptHJM' or mtfst .It m> exir.i 


I or .ulJiti.'ti.ii inl.M m. 
lion, .all S47 -j; 1 fvi'ij io 
register v.j1I M7W7 1.177 
and spetitv >ourse number 

have roieuevl nimpri-hen 
sive small irainin); busim~.s 
ltainin>> through the Harper 
C olU'Ri Mnall Busmess 
Inslituti s iMtrepremurial 
trainm); program 

B«forr Yoti Start i- ■< 
two-hour s»-min,ir di- 
to help (vUenlijI hu 
owners determine itieii 
readiness to becom«' thi-ir 
own bosA 

Discussions include 

as'H'ssment ot motivation 
tinanctai rreparation and 
the Mnmgth oi their busi 
new idea 

The seminar in m luilulivi 
f ■- '-— • —'■ ■ ' 

M>S|s >_ •• 

Along with iIh- tr.iinin;; 
programs. the Nniail 
BusiiHxss Inslituti- otters 
Vkti on. 'unsi.) 

ing wtfh '. --maii 

business lo help 

ssilli iiirnnt Inisim-ss prob 
terns as well as assists in th*' 
preparalion ol loan paik 

Entn.*prxTH"unal I raining 
i\ to / IS a "dl hour lour-M- 
whuh will nuvt i>n the 
I'al.iliiH' campus in the New 
Miidents StTvices and An 
nter. t KM 

Ihe two tall <i(<«inoivi an- 
scheduled to mii-t on 
1 ui-sda V s I li II rsda\ s 
Stptemb. r ;;iVtober 22. 
h W M '*i'pm and on 

sjturdavs. October 10- 
NovemN-r 14 ** am-4pni 
Hit' >ost ol the lOiirse is 

lor more intormation on 

•' ill biisiiu-ss pnigram 

cr College or to 
utany;e an app«»intmenl lor 
business counseling, call 
M7 >J2S hSXl 

lo rx-gisler toi 
vail H47 W7 J077 and sp, mi\ 
the appnipnate cxiurse num- 

Student Senate deadline for candidacy is September 10^^. 1998. 
Be A Part Of It! Pick up an application in A336. 

? AsIc your Wellness Advisor ? 

students can amwiymou*- 
Iv submit question* on 
Wellness related topics by 
placing them in the marlied 
Kix outside the Health 
Services CXitice m A>>7 

Answers will appear in 
future i*sues ol T/u- 

Ml questions will be thor 
oimhlv resc-arched and 
n-sponses will be provided 
bv Health Can? Pn>tessionals. 
and atx- rnit relatisJ to I'hc 
/ /jrhMyi'r 

Q: In a previous i<Mue. you 
wrote about genital herpe«. 
I've heard that «hingle« is 
also due to the hcrpci vinia. 
Is this the same vims? 

Although the two viruses 

related, thev are not the 

same The virus responsible 

lor genital h»'rpc". is h«"rp'- 
simplex, the one that caus«s, 
shingles-^iKl chtduen pox as 
well - is the vancella /oster 
virus (VZV) 

Like other hi rpc-s \ irus«-s 
seven ot which indvl 
humans - V/V has an active 
phas,' .ind a lorg latent pen- 
ikI during which the dor 
mant virus may K* rx-activat- 
i-d to cause symptoms 

chicken po» is a hii;hl\ 
communicable disease, in 
which V/V IS spread bv 
coughing, snee/ing, t»r by 
(imtact with open sore*. 
.\tter the initial inltvtion. the 
virus travels back along the 
sensorv nerves to site* akvn>; 
the spinal columns There it 
tan remain in a quiesont 
slate indehnitelv 

I .iti-r in itfr Ibr V irils ili,i\' 
ttasel batk down tin; nerves. 
produvini; .iloni; a smgli' 
rn-rve trunk a rash that is 
characteristii ot shingles 
The rash mav b.' awompa 
nifd b\ pain 

I'ev'ple over ml are two ti' 
threi' times more likeK to 
develop shingles than 
vounger people, pioplr 
whvise immun»' s\stems are 
depresstsj an' 10 tinn-s more 
likeK than lh>>s»' with 
heallhv immune s\ stems 
Q: How can I lo«e 10 pounds 
in one month? 

A realistti weight loss 
goal IS 1 2 lbs jH-r wet-k \oii 
.in' mori' likeK to keep the 
weight ott it vou lose it slow- 
K M'iyi vonsistenih 

Although lad diets ina\ 

boast ol greater lowies, a good 
(H-rcenlage of what is lost i* 
water I hen when people 
nsumi' normal tating habiK. 
thev regain most or all ol the 
weight bavk 

fU-sidt". lav! vhets an' ditti 
cuil tosta\ on over tune The 
K-st wav to loM- weight is to 
eat 1 balanci'd dic't contain- 
ing; lower calones and less 
tat, exercise moiv and make 
ihango m yinir behavior so 
thai vou eat in rt-spcmse to 
phv sical hungtT and ni>t your 

BriKliures on bealthv 
ing. weight loss and exercise 
are available in Health 
SerMve -WO or lall 
Nutrition SerMves lor .i von- 
sultJtion or materials at 
K47 <*2'^ hM>»2 

The Harbin^^r 
August 31, 14W 



Starting September 3, a oetti- 
Iried massage tht>rapist will 
adimnuler chair massages 
every first and third 
Thunday of the moitth 
between 4:00 - 6;30 p.m. 
There will be a $15 chaise 
fur a fifteen minute maa- 
sagr. For iiH>re information 
aitd Id sdiedule an appoint- 
ment, call Health Services at 
847.925 UM. 

• Health Scrvict 

Awareness Day 
What if you need Tylenol for 
a headache? A place lo lie 
do«vn if you (eel sick? A 
nurse to do a throat cuituie? 
Infonnaticm about birth con- 
trol? You can get ail of these 
services and mote in the 
Harper College Health 
Service. Located in the 
Student and Administralian 
Center A362. Health 
Services ofleri students free 
or low oo«t medical care 
atfaninistensd by reipatefco 
nunes. Office hours aic MO 
a.m. witil 8M) p.m. Moadajr 
thru Thursday and MO «jb. 
unbl 4:<W) pm on Friday. 
Some of the services avail- 
able are over-the-counter 
medications, health educa- 
tion pamphlets aitd 
brochures, health coun- 
selling, cholesterol screen- 
ing, dia);nosi<; and treatment 
ot ^ .icsinillisJ dii>- 

•kM ; t are by physi- 

cians, wrellneaa programs 
and a variety of lerting pro- 
cedures such as ptegmncjl 
urinalysis, mononuci«Mri> 
and many more. 
• To find out moie about 
He«llh Service, visit us dur- 
ing Health Service 
Awareness Day on 
Wednesday, Sept e mber 16 
from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 
p.m. There will be free hear- 
ing and vision screening, 
blood pressure testing, 
height and weight measure- 
ment. TB <>kjn tests and 
immuni2atMm.s will be avail- 
able for S2.00 and hemogto- 
bin Mating for S3.00. Slopin 
whenever if soonvenient or 
if you M«d tender loving 

Ha7f§TolIege Ifieatre 
Jinnounces AucCitions Tor 


l| Wail Cfcaw 

DifsctaJ h Man J" "*"■* 

AuJitions Will Be Held Tue%Jay L 
WeJnetJag September 1516 at 7p.m. 
in the Likeml Arh Drama Lah L 109 

Expand Your 



for Harpci 

TKe Harbinger 

August 11. 1*>8 



Infonnalion sessions offered for nursing students 

Smoking: campus adopts new slogan for ashtrays 

Kdch month Harpor 
CuilcKf otters miormr 
s**ssifins t(>r initi\ul\ 
inli"rt->liHi in Itu- K\ or I i'N 
prni;ram'> .vi i >■■' i l"^- 
intcn-sti-J in ' 

pnjgram li> pui'in . ■. .^'. 

Ttu' intorni.ttu'n st-^Nions 
hvid on ih ■ thiril 
:;v.".v1,iv ot iMih rnimlh Jt 
1 VI pm 

IHirjne (h»- r*rw .tlum i>i 
Buildin); I thi- ni.Hilb - ■.<•- 
sum >mII N- hi-kt in ),'lKfH 

tcnliT I h"^ i>n thf r.ilaiini 
lampu- i:i>«t W. AlglWKjuin 

(hi- n< •^t M—Mon lidtf IS 
V\ii(nf.d.iv Vpli'inN-r lf> 

lor jdmi>.vn>i 
ti,.:i imi applii • 

„o«it»»j<id fom p«(B 1 
Mor<- pet>pli- •.nii'ki- 

d..M I 

lh.r<- i~ -till some timtu 
M,>n .!•■ ti> li"v\ H.irpf! •■tti 

, !.iU IN, ml. I ,nloit<- thr n.'fv 

tH,)rp.r iitluidls) know?" 
•..ns tnn Viitmowen, 19. 

Smokfrs will |u>.t lind j 
lot .<! .iitlon-nl hidins plati-s, 
liki- wv did in high>ol " 

. i.'W 



Best Jobs for community college students are in the community 

, , . li.i.ii %vrl. J !.«r K>lh p«-titiv,' with thr mmpanie 

Don Utimt 

ih.- dirtuult t.isk el Kil 
ancinn Mh»ol with work 
p|,n:,u.- ■•■: !• •■*■- trom .ill 

BdlaniinK tim»- 
studving, miMi-ll.intou-. 

«chool work and ihfn thi- 
human necewit) to support 
cnwwlf. can dnvt ••vrn th' 
most calm per«*>n into a stait 
o< po»»4l insanity 

"rtiis brinijs about an 

inijxiiunl i^ui-slHHi thai k .»•!- 
to an important dtcision 

What )ot»- K-st suit 1 . 'i 
!»•««■ studt-nt' 

TV 1 
thfn It 
Harpi't Colli>;> 

Virtually all "♦ Harp«'r s 
otlic«-« employ .ikUs 
tti!) trnw *m1 part nnu -tu 
■r bttore, 
.n clas«t»i, 
a«M»t thr various depart- 
ments, while als»i oarnin); 


- Ill 
in ih»' 


s. II\t-lt I -■ 

i: houi- 

1 .arnnvi; 

lor 1.,. .. M .- - ' - 
i>tlH'i stiutfiits ll.irj 
•Is tlii'ir onK siiurit'oi liumiu 
..turin>; the sihisil vi'ar 

Mans lompanus tind 
adfustini: to a tulU->;i- stu 
dfnt> scheduU- an nuor, 

lliviMMi loiui-niint 

jloiK- diM-s no' inllui-nif 
lawi-n to lontiniic on VMvk 

'. ' • ■' ^ thi' |oh 
vU- sh.' 

She's a gang leader^. 

with a goal 

pMfVM WW lookinc tot aocwMnu tw( 
..II ^^ fnwids were m gar«s for Ttwrma. it 
,iU, fjV » T>««er ot WTW CN)0*«H O****" 
gang Ma and »oec«« '»m»^ ewy. But that*i 
w adult* iifce »ou and rf»» «hooi pro«r»rw 
.. '^if-w. tiM « now dwotsd to nar 

, -.tun warr.,1^ fl«r. »*iit» B»« 
^t»ooi and Itw cor^tKifficB to ttO 


NtahMyM — 

and ivo^MM ttia< «r«A. 

l.i'.i.ii %v rl. d lor K>l!i p«-titiv,' with th.' companies 
Miih.nis, ' ullu hiring students lor entry 

j,„ !, \ pi,. ■ both level i>»>sitions in the area. 

N tore This din's not say that 

hopes lit hassle-fnv employ- 
It s\on\enienl, sav- nun! sh.nikl K- abandoned 
i .M.n .is to her primary na oiue students deviate from 
r \Mirkin); is a student Harper s campus. 

Barnes and NiWe. one of 
the buyjest rt'tail bcHiksoller* 
iti llie lountry. hires Harper 
students lor both entrv level 
and supiTvisory positions. 

■" T"hey give me a chance to people and gam some 
I. idrrship skills." says 

KeK-kah |ol\ns,in. a part time 
1 lar|XT student 

lohnson, in addition t,, 

Harnes and Nobles flexiblliU 

ith hir sihiK'l sihedule. 

.leived .1 promotion to 

supervisor within thre< 

ipuxino months ot bi-ing hin-d as . 

to the Kniksi'ller 

III, . m MiiH>s| all 111, 

IIS are warthing tor 

,ip!.>vi.s at the start ol 

, onsidering 

• i>;e ol stu 

graduated !•, 

...I .i.ivk lor nH*ssdges 

111 posted outside their diHirs' 

When I 
don't teel 111 I 
says Tavven 

It - 
ment tin 
n."alK nice 
pevipU- I 



u iron 

If tri' 

It It v\ asii 

C**t l-SOO-Wrt PHtVWT. *»0 «« It *end 
fou « fr^ Doofct^t nr no* rtu can suOQOrt 
progr^ns in yoo' i4jmnvjr\iri th»» ^••p kids 

MM freffl crtffW vx) ^'>**^ ^^^ ^^^ ^'^ 

Qoi in Shape for 
Today's Job 

9«aaraAim(i<« iiui"' 

(WIJMmilWKjIwIo/in • 

jgh iffammMi cktd 
ml Ritben Uvrnt Cntlcie 
Wrrr plagfrii " '<> 'kf "«''' 
!i( r*i» ajd SuK'K'i' ' 

...... ..,l*»ft/M)i.,.,.' ,i<iJ>'iimilR**".'' 

.HtMlll. \KI CUNKi.tMIM • . l IMIl UK M I WOKK sNSItMS 
• sM\l i 111 sIStss MVNM.IMIM 


Pag* 4 

Thi- lUrbingeT 
August >l. 1948 

What's the deal 
with parking? 

VVhv is thiTi' .111 i'Mi'ssi\i' 
amount i)f parki'd cars this 
compared to last year'' 

If soems that cverv timf wo 
lunk !i>r .1 p.irkinv; sp.ut- v\hi'lhiT 
il (--i- 111 tho t-.>rl\ mornini; or in 
the mulitli- ot thi- iia\ ihtrc s 
never a -p.ue iiis where with the 
exieption ot HuilJinii I all 
the \va\ in the b uk ot the parkiiit; 

What happens it it starts to 
ram'' llovs can wi' ever i;tt tn I In- 
doors ot the huildin^ without ^et 
ling soaked' 

Its not that we re attacking 
anvbodv in particular, but mav be 
tht- v\a\ \\ 1- I .1 n sii!\e this pioh 
lem IS larpnol \S i- all h.ivi- 

friends rij^ht'' Si. vvhv cli>ii I vm- 
lUst ^et some ot our triends 
together and caravan to schoi>l 

We know that our schedules 
differ from our peers, but we're 
sure that at least one ot our 
triends has at least the same 



can be a ureal uav lo lake i.iie ot 
vour transportatioii needs 

Doing this would not onlv help 
the parking dilemma but it 
vvoiiUi also help the planet we 
live on I ess to\ii ^ascs would 
be spewed into the «Mrth s atmos- 
phere making evervbodv f-reathe 
. r , :■ I ill' env 1 roniiK'n' 

s.,. it u I- ^ .\i\ t larpoivl. *-. I I .HI 
alvv.ivs take the publo liois 
portalii>n that is provided t>ir us 
aiiil v\ I- lan live m a healllr. -ui 

■. .1 nd v\ I- will no' 
wi>rr. 'tie overhaul ol c.iis in me 
parking lots and we will be able 
to get out lit the parking lot much 
quicker we usual l\ do 
I'lease help us witti ihis issue on 

Ultofflal iMHtf^ 

rhe Harbinger 

Th0 Harbinger is trying to find tiM most obseur* 

places on campus to soo how wall our raadors know 

Harpar. Wa'ra starting you out with an aasy ono. 

Call us at 847.92S.«000 xtJt461, or drop by A3«7 If 

you think you havo tho answor. Tho correct 

location will bo posted hi tho next issue. 


by Boomer Cardinale 


II' i 

Siiado iniilli|i<<. IM. hy M nii Kowniski 

aAiaumiux' ivc sot au 

OWAl. ftePORT OM •'S<9UIC»S 

s<:«jipi. HUK? aee. wmv ro 


"«<auips Amf...uH..,AftE 
HumUMOOus. fiuaecfrv. 

«MP-EArMa S£A 



Noel Bagp. Ronald Porep 


Amanda Of fenbacfief 



Assistant Sports Editor 
Photo Edft Of 
Faculty Advisor 



Ryan Freuna 

Oesow Corcoran 

HoMnard ScNossoerg 

OmarM MomiMion 

«« >«« vunia. riwpi|MrM«m«ulM<" 
adminntratian Wig Hmbrn g^i warn Burpi ■ 
ntty <ntr> momiauen panamnt to IM ca- , 

, .. .«> 
'ij (.orrxnWii 

rn* NMKW'' "McwMs iMicrt to ai* «Ms> aid MpiiM to our wMorMi. 
Sig^t«in«HilM«lw«felunif<>««MM «llW(t«r«mlainMM»«aubt«ct 

Produciit ««Mrvc«> ailMMitittin Thg tWrtWi p w awfiM f»<««ll»% 
(mivMM t)« I>« MXar* o« n* MPM, not br l*» ooMtfR ai*nrm>r«lKan or 
■owl of I)iiiKl0i& InMm* *)«)iM «■ (onHnM dMcMf to t)w JiMrtiiMr 

ana a* iMvnMM am M «■ dmcnMan ol «w conoMnw, 


The Hiirt)«i»ef Wiltiam Ramey Harper CoHege 

1200 West Aigonoum Road 

Palatine. 1 60067 709S 

business office: (847)925-6460 

ne«fS office: 1847) 925-6000 x2461 

faic (847)925-«033 

copyrtfht 199a The Hartjmger. 
All rl^s rMarved. 

The Harbingrr 

Art> >sipnt#rtalwroent r^s 

Fall arts & entertainment lineup features hold 

Big names, hit movies, poetry readings, free concerts 


studi-nl AcfivitieN ha'» 
planned a n»U i>< ovents ii> 
make your tr»w timt- at 
Harper morv onit»vabli' 

ArtisN trum all nvt-r mil 

f(ather U> ptrform tur vmir 

KU>ckbu<t«?r movie hits, 
Miih ai: Ifhkie Hfown. 
U"'u<rr(rw Siivt Dif-., dh'J 
\f\ill Huntmif an<i miwt- will 
bv shiiwn im the big sirev-n 

J«lM MMMtta, racosnizabi* from SalnfaM's final 
apl > o<a. comaa to Harpor Soytamfear IS at tlO a 
pop for atiidaats at tho Sox Offlca. TIckata ara tl4 
for gaaaral admisaion. 


Preserve Our Environment 


Outdoor Campus 

Smoking Privileges 


Cigarette butts are not a 
ground cover 


Keail >>n loi (h< I 


•/<if4i«- Briiu'if 

V'ftfmK-f 1 12 r^ .• ni ,;vl 

Sept 2, 1 p m 

far! •■' •!' 

'Cluh^ and OrKanitalion- 

N I't, ■ I ,t m \2 

p iti BuiUliiSi; \ 

B«'l \ IHI in 

llarptT CvilU'ui' li-ii' ' '•• 
ThetaKapp.i i,. Vh> lit' A- .;- 

I his IV .1 , 
i-nt club^ .in ■?h»iw 

ti> Ralhi-r. al- ■ ".i-- (>' 

Cft mon' intnrni.itu'n .iKiu' 
jnv th*'\ n\A\ hf mlt^rcsl 

during lu'i tri-\' ^in>\\ in thv 

TTi.iin qu.i'i 

Lau^h \inir worru-. .in.n 

wht-n I'lmtii tak.1". llu- -•^•xiiv 

li.k, t^ ir. «.10 f«ir Harper 

•■' <■■"<- '■■■'■ V' 1 '"f the Ron- 

':2 p III l^Hi.u) 
\; , I k 'MUSK vMth punk 
itul voii \ I- ijiX the \ields 

uente iheir Miund 
1 Irw shiiw (lutside in 
!li< m.iiii quad 
•Slursbip Trooper* 
'K'ptemK-t -.- 1 2 I T p m ,nnl 

vpt ;■«. I p m 

r.irl ol the tree vid«i>, outsidi' .It Student 

• \ olunl*'t'i I Jif 

S..p(eni: :) I 

p in l>ii.i.. 

loin tttr llutn.init\ 

. tivitiev 
■ Kevin Cunnolh 

plemhiT ti' 12 p ni » 
En|t<\ Bostim s liilkriKk 
("iahon, Kevin t(>nn«>llv a* 


N-r !> !2 ' 


■\. 'ui- 

S-pl.-ii\ soul lih' uiih 

rlllev I .itHl nui^u ^MlI^|:.l^ 

La«ira Fyantaa y 
Calicanto ratuma to 
Harpor for a f otirth tiNM. 


■••t««% fplk-ffock 
favMlta KpvIn C a— eMy 

and olhiTs. and help u-<- ilijl 
extra tree time m your lite 
make a dilfen-nn' in someiine 
else N 

■Everest: Mountain Without 

SeplemK-r 2n. 7 ^i p.m ) 14.^ 
David Hri-ashears bnnfp> 
his ama/in^ stor\ about the 
trials and tribulations of 
Mount Tvercsl tti Harper 
thniugh a lecture and slide 

• TTif Big Lehowski 
September 2**, 12 It p m and 
Sept W, 1 p.m 

I'art of the tree video 
series outside of Studeni 

■Titanic: Special I A Show 
IVtober?, 7*)pm | \^^ 

Featuring Camille 

Leiludi. the visual ef(<»cts 
ciHirdinator tor Titanic, will 
show other spctial effects 
troin such movies as: Thf 
\f-i,-- Who framed Ro^cr 
Kjli'it. Cilv of Aii'fcl-. and 

• I i-Young l-ec 
Oviober l**, 7::T0pm (143 

■ynPwMmoti oat/it 


/nORA/X/v/^ WORKOUT^? 

<3efo^^ Work? 
L-ATe AT ^/X6MT'? 

^OO TO ^SO m ^ojn.'i 

■ ■-■ < "I j o»jf and v:onv«)nt#fiit schMiMvs . 




PiBUHfcl'O' ■* iL VwVP4 

iiiiiiii in. It mm 

>{.) an ha^f and dho^s** c*»e 


^n W>A' Company 


Page 6 


The Harbinger 
AagMt 31, 1998 

Preview: what's to come for fall entertainment 

An evening with tht- 
poet, l,eif will lettua' and dii 
"iorne >»• his red<iinK>< 

October 27, U |S pm jn,l 
CVt. 2K, 1 p m 

Part of lh«- triv Mdii> 
i«ra"» outside i»t "^ludtnt 

•Hailoween Fjmiiy Fun 
October:*). 7-3»)pm 1141 

Dave Kudolph'o spouk- 
taculjr fjmilv fun show 


Laara wlH M r**** iM« act 
Mle o« tM« vMt. 


■••tMi erlglMt*^ rolk-roch «PMp 1lM M*Ms wIN 
9t«iy Mm last of th« f r«« coacart* la tfca Qaatl on 
taptaaikar aa. 

• ip<n ti> lliir(vr -.tiidi-nls i.ut Sdu). 'i' \^tnitiiN ai 

MM and ii>mniunit\ SA~ •' tlic 

For mun' mformaticn tin i -i i'ltiir <tt 
.iiu iHi. .>! ilu-.<' .■vent*, con- »' 


The Harbinger 

We are now accepting applications for 

Staff writers, editors and computer 



Pwl Job Opportunity 

The Student Senate 

IS accepting applications 

for Sacretary Positioa 

$6.50 per hoiM. Contact ttie 

HCSS office for additional 

information « (847) 925 


Teachers- Read This! 

Children Deserve 

"Trained. Committed 


•Low Ratios. 

'A Child Centered Curriculum 

•NAEYC Accredited Centers 

Teachers Deserve 

'Continuing education 

"Real benefits 
"Exciting environments 
'Extensive resources, mate 
rials and support 
"Career opportunities 
Why settle for less? 
Positior^ available for infant, 
toddler, and tvw)s teachers. 
ECE cousevwyk and experi - 

ence required. Please caH us 
at our NJxthbrook locatioa 
(847) 326 9500 or fax 
resumes to (847) 326-9501. 

Babysitter Needed 

$10 per hour, 15 hours a 
week. Hours flexible. Must 
nave own transportatioa 
Experierx;e a must. Call 
Connie (847) 478 8607. 

NsedCNWcare In My Home 
Monday. Wednesday & 
Thursday. Part time. 2:15- 
5:15pxn. Contact Mictwile. 

(847)891 1783 



Loving couple lorrging to 

adopt an infant. 

Your tiaby will receive 

love and security. 

Confidential. Call MiKe and 

Julie Toll Free: 888-844- 


Htl\ T<-4 \ I It-tl I I Mk 4*1 1 III tlU'dll lilt \V < xltl |( > t lu I 

^ SB^ E9F 


lii'/)n-s<'iits th,- Stiidi'iit /><>(/^ <>f ll'ir/wr Collect', 

Pifinioli's stitdi'rt ncl/ini' 

^' ' - 'IS (I liaison Ih'tu f'i'ii stinlcnts nud tlw f<iciiltx (uul (uhuiiiistrutiou 

l'>'.,,,.iti-s ami supports thr iiahls and ies/i<)iisihilitics of the studout body 


• . 

^ n 


mIciiI Art iv it ic 

HIdL' .\-336 

The Harbinpf r 
August .11, 199» 


Womens soccer looks to lake their game 
to the next level with returning players 




(till liu MiJiii ihmi; w< I.M.I.' isdctiMl lh« ■ 

Tht Harper t I'll.,;. 
women's sihut ti.iin )-■ 

V ven though tht-n- .in- not 
an\ incominR tri-<hnu-n lo womti 
the team, second year awih i.,irvii i'- IimWim>; 
Sam Ciarvia io kxikinR tur- U>w ards thi- iv(h Tun> 
ward to the upcommg year pUvor. in itn" 

"We had a wmning M-aNon this vear utmpjritt u> l.i-; 

■I til. 
.t ttu 

\\,. nl.vl ■■■•vn 

t .Kf lium 111 li" 

;' 11 up till-- VI ,11 .Hid thfV 

,,l (■><■ h.ii.k tor u*. af(am at^d 
liuit > nivat tor thi>- iiam 

■\U ov.'rall thoU)ihl'< Jrnl 

v> I look tor this seaNon is 

I >r u'- to sli'p It up to thi- t«vt 

o.uh I .,11. 1.1 .iiidi'il 

-i.uts "^'pti-mtxr "v 

Golf Team returns two players 


s»f)«rs EDiroR 

The Harper tolkijo «oll 
team i» tt-adv to putt 
way all over the iomfvtitmn 
arvi new head coach Ro^er 
Bechlold » prepatvil tor thf 
aiming vear 

I ^.Mvhed p.M at H-irixt 
tnMn Hr2 U> l***) .»nd I i" 
very excited aKnit Kins .it>U- 
to coach •;■■" ■ • "" h.-n- at 

■\\. h,in- n%.' pl.uer«i 

rt'turniiii; thi-. yi'ar tn>iti la«.i 
yvar s.iu1 toach Bechtold 

Brian McMahim and 
Cars Holman, Brian has a lot 
ol [Kvlt'ntial and an fxcclliTit lilinoiN 
short ftame whik- Ho. man i-. Btthtold 

A. js<'\ ■sh'"" " ''■■^- on«' 

ill our Irishif .1 lot 

,.( pol.Tili.ii >'■.. Mark 

Mvt.ariH trnm Wislfrn 


sort ol a lat«' bloomer but his 
K"st golt IS ii-rtamlv .ihi'ad ol 

Not (inK dix-s ..o.uh 
Beihlold have the laltnl Irom 

Ihev botti luiw tin 
meihanio to do a IsikkI t>>b 
lor u- lhn'U);hout th«- sea 

The Hawks open their 

hik tt-tuminn players but he st'ds..n \\ iih th. Highland Vi 
alio h»* stHiH" aptitude lit the 
incoming tr\'ii 


school sea^ion 

•liill Knatech was named Athlete ot the VVei-k K.r tin- wetk m I . h 18 

- 24. . , 

KrutKh enabled the Hawks to defeat Rock Vallev with a re«iil..ii >n 
cndin ter wncimR the ^an- wh., I. tl,.- 

Hawk winning 112-102. 

Mens soccer ready to 
dominate new season 


the MarfHT t olleee 
men s stmer team is readv 
tor the I**H se.ison .iii.l 
vMth si\ a'tum«-es I ,>,nli 
1 in his third 
... .ad iv'aJi has 

iiimh to look torwatd to 

Our soal this vear is to 

make it lo the tmals ol the 

KeRion }\ t. an 1.1 said 

And Like It to the next 


V\ith an o^t'tall rmm : •' 
12-4 the Hawks will look to 
' improve this seas«>n with 
the imommg treshnian 

laKar iawrenee tn>m 
Conant High School is one 
ot the inioming treshinen 
that has (-Hilential to have 
.111 outstanding seaMJn," 
l.ariia viid 

■ He's has a lot ot speed 
that will be ven' helptui for 
us in the tr<»nt 

Vince TogniKivhi and 
V'liice Lama are als«> vnne 
ot our Irvshmen who k)ok 
like will have a Rixid sea- 
si mis .IS well." said Garcia. 

Ihi' Hawks open their 
siason a>;ainst Springtield- 
I incoln at home on 
VptemK-r 12 

Sports Trivia 

Q: Who broke Harper's 


single-season rushing 
record for football 
last season for the 

A: Find out in the next 














ThUJr* . 





Thur/Frl . 








Pri - 



Thuirin . iFx i 


Tuwa . 


Fl 1 SiSdC . 

Highland "36 
N4C M«ttC 
parlcland XnvlC* 
M4C Heec 
Rock valley 
DuPa9« Claaalc 
H4C Me«c 
t>ral.ri* St . Inv. 

L,inc-oin Invlt 

H4C M«ec 


Park Hllla/rraapor-C 8:OOam 

Blliott/RockfortS 1 : OOpm 

U of I/Blua/cnawpaigrn lO^OOam 

Vlllaga Llnka/Glen Bllyn ItOOpai 

Al«U«n/RockCoxrcl ^ : OOam/X : 30pm 

Vlllaga Uinka/Olan Bllyn -T -. 30am 

T.B.D. /Illinola Valley i-.OOpm 

Balmoral wda/Chlcago Hgca . » : OOam 

Uincoln Blka/Lincoln NOOH/8 : OOam 

Poplar Creek/Holff -KKC . 1 : OOpm 

L<«di9««/RockSrtt lO : OOam/9 : OOam 

>A1X To\XTnxmmmat.m ra<iulra aptkelaat 
fcll partl.cipa»ta 

mikiomm to ba worn by 

^ % 

Harper Sports 

• • William RalMy H«|Mr < 

Eliasik optimistic on football season with new players 



Thi- Harptr H.i. t 
ball team mav hi 
rwrw- t'di't^ on (h»' in wi m 
this is mii i^oin^ tn stup ih< m 
lri>m diung f'hc\ li 

I'm vi-rv fvutt'i it"i 
ifvi'minj; mm-> ■ 

I. I.l.., I h ...L . 

'ittfiisnt' irMiriMiii; 
,imi h.ivf vrru di-tcnsuf 
pl.ivers ivtum nR .11 w»-ll 

Ilnir liHik". like thfn- will 
h. .1 bjttlf bflwit-n kv \v 

H.u'h.s ,.,.{ Kith Sii'Ni (..r 
kjU.irft-rb.K k (■H>sr 

"I want to wio it all," 

-(ohn i-Jiasik 
Mr<it< FtHitball Coach 

■^lltHik tluiW liil iUlT 

1 "•I' \,iriN ,<t Biitt.ilii t.ros.- 
■^u'K'i k fi.i^ 1 Ntr*Mi^ .inn 
!U > (^iH a lur .iini IK- .lis*, rikkI htitiii ti>r ■) O I' 
•..ihI riiasik 

In ll.u^k-- tini>.tu-,l I.i-t 
><MM>ii i\ ilh .in ■> ^ n-cord and 
VM ri- inviti'd 1(1 ,1 bowl jjame 
in whiih Ihev wt-iv dt-feati-d 
h\ Waldorf CoIIi-rc o( Iowa 

A\f h.ivi 7t pl.niTs Iry- 
Hitf .'111 .ind In defiantly 
li'okinv; loruaid lor this 
iipnuniii); MMsin, said 

I 111' 1 1.\\\ k ■. iipin up their 
st'jMin on S'pt. ''. Jt home 
against Waldorf, lovs .1 

( ..nnt' tnno is M I ^^ p rn 

prepares for 
upcoming season 


Thi I.idv ll.iuk-, \..llevball 

l»-,ini 1- rvadv liir .utmn .tnd 

.M> rrtuminn pl.iwr-. on 

!l„,i i,.sltT 

HriM'kf I'lSjrio .ind |ody 
Ki>ssfl ,ir»- thi' onlv n"tum«"i will siippiv th»- It-adfrship 


V\<- .1 lot ot >;iH>i.l .ith- 
Ifti-son this team and ihty each 
haxi- iheir own style ol play I 
lovi' 11 -aid head coach 
shanm Stauder 

The lady Hawks vmII h.ivc .1 
17 )(anie sthedule with oppo 
nents like Rock \'alli»v .nui 
College of IXiPape Thev had 
tmuble with them last vear but 
this IS a n<w \iir 

"I want to VMM a lot Rames 
this vcar than last and I S'liev*' 
our team Iws the ability to do it 
this year,' said Maudir 

The Hawks ojx'n their sea 
son on Sept I Murame \ alley 
The home ojH'ner is s»pi s 
i.;ainst Morton l«ime time is 
.it '> p m 


• The women's "ioccor 
tvam is •leaking addi- 
tional players. 
II you are at all intor- 
etited leave \ . 'ur 
name and phmn. 
number with the 
Athletic Secretai>' in 
"M" building; of se*- 
coach Sam C.arcia on 
Mond.i\ throuj^h 

I ri.l.i\ Ironi .1:00 

lc>5:lH» p. Ill .It ill.- tiMii- 
bdll Held 
•John Ko>;i-rs,iMil 

Heather Kusch were 
named Athlete of the 
Year lor the 1997-98 

''We have a lot 
of {»ood ath- 
letes on this 
team and they 
each have their 

own style of 

play. I love it.*^ 

-Coach Sharon 


fU IWlT' ) 












. 5 


Waldorf , lA 





Rock Valley 

Rockford, IL 






{Barrington HSl 




Valpo Univ JV 






Grand Rapids 

Grand Rapids, 




Sac . 


Joliet, IL 




Ellsworth, lA 

Iowa Falls, lA 




Bock Valley 


1 00pm 




IL. Wesleyan JV 





Sat . 

Grand Rapids 



The Harbinger 

I ll •- » II I 1 . II 1 ii a r |t • r I .. I I >• » ,■ ^^^^ 


John Pinette to perform 

stand-up comedian brings act to Harper 



\l\ in ,iiul til. 

J«lMi MiMtt*, ■• straagM t* iMiywve^ wi 

>.ini;in^ mhh- like liin lim 
l»'hn Pim'tlf h.i*- \\i-r\ p.u ini; 
hi- way ti' vi'iruil', I.hih' 

At W pmiiuis rini !t< 1-, 
iKimou-- for hi- 'luu l..> 



•ppid ,M. 
kilt I.I i|,. 

»>« his MPV 

Chipmunk."- .... i.,.i, ...M 

without hfli, 

thi" ihipmiMik - - .., . -.-.,- 

b\ KiKi St, wart K ^ \1 .met 


•\lt« T ;;r.ulu,itlli)j tnun tht 

1! V rr-il \ (.f I '; 

lsv,H hllM'tts I', 

his Limily V 

■ Altft si\ iiiniilhs .It 

! v\j- !ikt' .1 

.Mifktr SviN s 

rimtli a.viJi-ii Ut i;i\.' 
st.uul up i.iiiu'iK .1 shut 

WithiTi 1 lu' v\.is ihi' 

In \Kk s t ill)Hli\ 

■St.; ^ K<».liin s wi-ll 

kn*>\\n i»>nioJ\ v kihs 

Sh..v\ nif ill. Unit.' 
I'lni^tti' s m vni\\ 

•\ t.' 1 .IS 

^. ! iiHii. ni-ikrs (un III 
his hf!ii>; thrown lujt of 
counlU-ss t him>sf hultots tor 
Hoins Ku k I.I nidHN tini<-s 

"toil ;;.« now ' niimu s 

show iiif tho Bulti't was 
I.iptil In I- .tt /-jinio CiHiK-dy 
s..>' Pkwtt* on pait 5 

Three artists to perform Concert in the Quad Series 


Ojn'l m.ik.- .11., 
lunch plan!! lur the m \i ii->% 
wcck». inttedit go out Jind 
ei^y a ^fie* o< free conciit". 

Student Activities ,irul 
PTi>gram Board an- s(vins»>i- 
mg the "Conci-rt in thf 
Quad" stTlfs. which an- held 
in tht- (jisitfriphii ll .cnu-r ol 

Bt>st.»n-biisi>d ki'vin 

Cimrmllv will K- ihe tirsi 
pCTfortm-r on S-pti-mKr It) 

I onnolK 

I cross txiv^i. ,. ,.-. .. , .....: 
ind Van Morrison with .i lit 
ilf t»it of irv>ur];t<nt countrv 
mixed in 

His Tiiusu spans tlu' 
ran^f .)t nt.un i;cnr-s. .inv- 
thing tniin [■•Im ■.• 

vountr\ rock 

I .lura ^u»*ntcs, wh.. is 
reliirnini; to UarptT lot ihi- 
l.rurth timtv will pfrtonn ..n 
Vptvmber In lU-r l.iliii 
Amfncan rhvthms .-n- sun' 
to spitv up your lift- 

RoiimtinK out th. 

will N- the- 
.i ..- i..'!' ^j.-iu I lie SiclJs 
('In*.' irilic thfin to 
the «. ranherries without the 
deluatc instrumental 


Ml shows will start at i; 
n.Hin and -.r- 
piihlh In ' 

I .Hiiiv;.- in 


Laura FiMataa ratMnw a 
foMrtli tliM* to iMrferM a 
f !•• concart In tlw tht**- 

FM airwaves for WHCM still wait 

J«nnif«r ••It 

WIICM, Harp.- 

St.ltltin, still .IW:. 

Irom ill. 

■ ' 1 \ I I leiuii'.i. \ 

Harper has hivn ho| 
l;o TM tor the past ii.. 

Student Senate 
I Pages 

.lei/e through Ihurs.l.n i.. 

...r, I ,h. .... 1, .„,l,( ... , ,,(n ll,,. 


-Pag* 2-3 

■ I iK-rty i.hut. ' 
ulington Hi?ij{hts .i: 
1 1 i; (H-r have K>th htvn \ v in. 
tor iheHHIF'M trt'queiH\ 

Having probkms 

finding your w, \ 
around, wait til 
next semester. 

CeaMMfrtar)'.— Paga 4 

. i.iipi-i m • 


on tl 

\\ i !(. M is 

\, .l.'U! dun 

. urr.'ntlv 

itt-teiiii .md 


'. Center. 


Check out the 
WHCM survey! 
••a Paga S 


Gt>lt ciMcli K<i>;er 

Bechtold pleased 

about the future of 

the season. 


Football team 
gets revenge on 
Waldorf team 



what a dillen'nce a \ear 

Harpi-r Hawks operuHl 
up their si-astin the same 
was It ended last 

I Ills lime, the Hawks 

,iv with a 27-1,1 vic- 

vv-ii-rf <lowa) 

It . .. ni.iuli ol the 

iMHi ending I'epsi Cold 
11. .w I l.isl year, which 
V\.il.lort won ■!';-I4 

■ It was nice to gel some 
revenue,' Michael Daily 

Ue rt.inted this one, 
.'spe. Kills ,itter thes tnat us 
list \ear 

Harper liHitball coach 
John tliasik wasn't kiddinj; 
around when he said the 
slrc-nRth i»t this year s team 
will be iN passing 

(liasik has named Ksle 
t lushes ,is slartinj^ .juarter 
back and Hughes surely 
didn't disapp<iint him 

He completed IH-cif-27 
passes lor 214 yards and 
thn-w tor thnv toiich.tow ns 
while also running lot ,i I 
v.ird 11) 

Hclorv the >;anie I liasik 
v\ IS mmerned with his 
ii tense ami comerrH-d he 

Fr»>m tlu- ..(XMun^ kuk 
\\aldort ran the t>all all the 
v\.i\ to the 2s yard line and 
two plays later they lound 
the end ^one 

"I was really scared," 
i luisik said. "I Mid, 'Are we 
mm FootMNonMMT 

^a^S-« SiMrts- 



Praria Wlaaa, a 
waetfwiaa aaiatat, wlH 
aa*farai a fiaa coa c a i t 
oa Ttaraaay, taaUwiii 
24 at 12ilS aja. la tka 
Ukarai Arts Caatar U09. 
CaM Hm Harpar CaBaga 
Maalc DapartaMBt fat 
aMra iafanaa laa al 


Campu sSSNe ws 

The Harbinncr 
September 14, 1998 

WHCNh FM airwaves nagotiations 
•till in prograss, procass slow 

CON^l'*JtD^HOMH»lii 1 

slot* on Hjrpt-r's publu 

1. . .".s cdblt' chanml 

AHCM nh arv currvntU 
tin the di' ■ • ■!! ti> '' 

p m 

The D)h wimlii . 
In ktfp ihf s<inif bf ■ 
in^ hours, dui' lo i.innm- 
iloNing timi-v 

^> 1 l\l w. .1,1,1 i,,.|..1 ,,n 

thtni);h i( would N- .ix.iil.ihii 

li>r hri'.ul, ,is( 24 btmr> 

Ih. i\HVM Maft dixii 
i.iti". .1 I.'! .•! 'inu- to maki- 
tills J priiirs-.K>nilly run 
o(vrdlH>n, ■ S.JVN Dana kritll, 
U f Ic \i station manager 

WlltM IS still hopi-tul in 
.1 uins thi' pn pos»x) HN 1 
I: \I lr<'.|iu in \ 

I larpt'i kaiini> start lOiv 
•truclion on the anteniu 
until won! IS givi-n (rt>m tht' 
U ^ 

7Ask Your ¥V»lln«ss Advisor? 

Studi-nls can <inonvminish 

subllll mU'stlKlls iin 

Welln*>s rvlaliti topiis by 
plaani; thtrm in th«^ markctl 
b<ix outMdf thf Hfjllh 
Str\iiv t"Hfi«.e m Building A 

Amwer% will appear in 
future t%*ue* of Tlv 

All ijuestion?! will he thor- 
ouf;hlv researched and 
responses will K' pnwided 
by Health (.are Pn>te<tsH>iMk 
and ar»' not related to The 

Q. What are the Harper 
Advisors!* Is this a rlub or 

\ ll.irpi-r VVvlln.- ■* '■ - ■'- 
1 club o» sh. 

He in the health tield .niii 
i-iiliante their 
skills and personal gniwth, 
and atsti U>t«k.s i^tHsJ on a 

IJw purp»)si- vil iIt 
lo .idvise Harper ' 
lb. 'Ut he.ilth .uut vsvliiicss 

nivds ot sludent' 

This IS diannplished by 
participating in the planning, 
pr«>motK>n and implementa- 
tion ol hi'allh and wellness 

VtemK'tship is op»>n to all 
interested Harpi-r students 

fo learn mon* about the 
liub. attend a ' no obligation" 
informal meeting 

The ilubs purpose atvi 
happenings will be present- 
ed arul explairted 

There arv two inlorma- 
lioiul st'ssKms planiwd lor 
this month 

■ Tuesday. September 22 

from II am to IT p m 

Hum l^> IM 

1 h(*st' s<'ssh>ris \\ 1 ! h. ht i.i in 
the lir»'pl.uc ar\'.i ut 'he stii 
dent lenler 

^led students > ,;. 
I iwof -hese 1 

■ 1. l',.-t..v . 


The Marriott is Hiring! 

T>i« Follotvin^ Po9iX.ton» are 

)-<ouS«l(«a ptnq««n 

•H«ci[*h Club 



Expand Your^ 
Horizons! m 



■pm^. < ^^JEFjj 




K Read The HarllltgK^^^ 

^., . for Harper ucuis aiuiwHIti 



MuMnliig Your Stadjr 
Allanii the *rmin« 
'MaiMtglnc Vour Study 
on Monday^ 
21 fran 1 - 2 
p.m in A242a 
• Bluad Drive Give the gM 
of Hie: be a blood donor. 
Participate in the Blood 
Dri«c on Wednesday, 
Sap l e wb ei 2X « am - 3 
pjn. tn A242. 

yoiw cl ml MMn il level 
diedud (hi* mondi Attend 
the C'hoie«len)>t AwwencM 

liifi' T.iMr on Hiursdav 

I at 


i.n M, 

p m and 

J-l pm (p 


«<«avAy fmt^Xvmgi J«M 

• .;*ri -t^V^ij* 



N.sK I'Up.Kook. 


Pk ! -?r?-n7-'56 U /: ce« f c^e 4421 


Thf ILirbingiT 

September U, 19W 



( tM I » ft 1 


A Kcprcsciit.iti\i will Iv on vour c.mipiis 

WMliMsday, September 23 

9 - 1 p.m. 



\/%^9 mn looking for mutuiv customrr ori 

Mit«4 inrfivirfuaU ro use our tompAny car* 

lo mAfcc light pickup* nnd 4«liv«rics of Ub 

specimen* An4 *upplie* to mn4 from merf- 

icAl facilitie* nccording to e*ti«bli*he4 

routes. 'Vl3u*t keep excellent record* %vhile 

mnintnining po*itive cu*tomer relation*. 

I^art time 20 to 24 hour* per %%»eek. 

'Vl^onilaiy thru ^ri4aif afternoon* 2.?0 

p.m. to S p.m. tvith rotating ^aturrfag*. 

^yt3u*t be at lea*t 1$ gear* ol<l with a 

%wli4 4river* licen*e anil gooil 4riving 

record. ^nclu4e* vacation an4 40lk plan. 

f9l9tf9 call u* toll free at 


angtime for more information/ 

Mow turnout for club an«l organization day] 

S«an Trudsau • , k. > 

'- H.,rr 

'W ship 


l>'nn.,iu.r, i ur^l.M -ii.l M.irVi 
Btinnmn, ILirfHT stuvlii I 

I >tlitr>. hiarm' tlu- p. • i .n 


■ u .IS J fHH>r turmml Juc lo latk 

! .1 sihkI khralion" sdid Chjr 

I > '■" It thv Health Scrvues 

would have benefited 

• "■" " M. \ h.ui It rn huildi".- ' 

lIU' ..|li,l.l ' 

I V-spilo thf poor turnout. .1 u-u .>i 
tlio btxitlis wi'tv von- well put toRoth- 
iT .ind .ittr.Kti-d J small .tiitount ol 
|>i<pli- l\w alien tlioim-d PniKram 
Bo.ird booth jttr.Kli-d\ peopU- 
who tiHik .ulvantaKt- i>f the Inv no\- 
'\ Items 

It W.1S put toi;ellier re.ilK prettv ! 

lid I m inipassseil bv the balloons ' | 

-t lli.ithor Sihubririt who w,is| 

Student Senate government officials 
to be appointed, no longer elected 

Lindsay Franch 

I l.irjHT 


.'US (!i..;i-- i 'II ill. , I 


V\HCM and t»ath 

I 1»'» ti.uls in . Kiss 

app»>intment. Fhe commitlw that 
makes the appointment decisions is 
made up ot the lour I ICSS oftieers 
president, viie-pnt-sidenl treasurer 
.md the student trustiv 

Then- are al>iu some tJiultv nH-ni- 
■irs that get invoKiHl. one ot them 
ivinR feanne I'ankanin. Direttor ol 
■studeril Activities i'ankanin "sup- 
ports the change' thai llu siiui.-nl 
senate is making 

The niiruns Community College 

S!i„i.nt Activities (ICCAAi meets 

■ ^vtth students ariLl 

:.>n,il statt mefnliefs 

'tef liirnout- 

H.»rp«>r IS ,,11, ,.| tlu 11 

■• lo tr\ elitlion b\ 

■ It I'ankanin is "pleast'd 

rid exnted that Harper is slipping 

III jn.l tr\iiic 111 ih.inge lor the K't- 

:' - '- -ij ^ ' ^:. :;:;'. ilI^ are sums^s 
lul, there are hop<>s (hat the HCSS 
will travel to other comniunit\' col- 
i;i-. to inform them of their suca-ss. 
! larper student senate m.i , '- 
ider in Illinois on this 


■ i i SBiiM y M i flBiSfcS i ^r ^ 1 W L 

The HarbmRtT 

Where were we 
going, again? 

Dr. Brufdtt waiit'» In );i\i' 
Harper a iacv titl I his is unilcr- 
st jnddblf in toil.i\ _■ 

k\ I • r ! li 

L p d J 1 1 ■ ' iv k 1 1 1 h I- n 

dftnir : in the 

riy;ht , 

rjintinc till dt.ib H,,itls .1 nuf 
itt'sh. Iim-n v\hiti-' color is ,ilso .i 

Rood idiM 

Kendmin>; the butidint;s hi'w 
r\er wasn't such a hi^ hit 

l>r Briii'dcr ttioucht hi' would 
be helpinj; ni.ikip.H it easier tor 
iiicoTiimi; treshman to lind their 
w .u jrounj lampus il the build- 
i'is;s were '' iim..,< •, , . .,^ . ...,., ,,,d 
ifh the . ht 


\- :<'■ ihi- rest o» 
h • f -liv;h: 

W Ik : . IX ; shoU Id ^1 • I I'll t -Ml 

ence ilass is supposed to he in 
Buildin>; I) Aiiordini; to t>r 
Bru.-dfi i! s 111 tlu- sMM Bii i Id i n .■ 

M.iih A! lUMl'h . 
Center' Could so?iieon»- h-i nu 
v\ here th.W is .iv;,o'' ' 

!-^ till 

it. i he iniildi;u;s ,ii.,,i -.iid tiic 
line letters ,ii! it .is did our 


lii'i- ,ji \\ iiKi\ 

take pi .It I I'll 1 ,1 Ml pus during; v\ in- 
ter break When we conu' back 
will the buildinj^s .ill ditfer 
ent iiames^ 

Will i>ur s^lu'duU-- lot the 
spniik; semest.T s.i\ sAc XS.A, 
i IC Bssc O \K or l'\(. ' can 
\ou i;uess which buildings these 
iniRht be'' 

Ma\bc well stil! continue to 
'V the studc: ■",) 

..Iniinistratioii C entt i 
kriovs n as Huiliiini; \ 

Who knows. we certainl\ 
don't I'erhaps somethtni' uil! 
Il.ippen xi.MU 

Ultorlal Board 

The Harbin wr 


..Amanda Of fenbacher 

News Ed"tof_ 

. Jenrtfer Gol7 

Sports Editor... 


Assistant Sports Editor Ryan Freond 

Photo Editor Desiree Corcoran 

Faculty Advisor. Howard SdHo^berg 

Can yoa t*ll us wiMr* this is? Call us at 
•47.928.6000 xt.2461, or drop by A367 If you think 
you havo tho answor. Tho corroet 
lo— t l o » will ho postod bi tho noxt isi 

Last issuo: 
Did you know 

whofo this 

was? This is 

tho aroa In 

front of tho 





known as A. 

staff Wrttars 

Noel Baga Lmdsey Frenrtx Jose Lacdan 
RonaW Porep, iohn Ttllotson. Sean Trudeau 

Oawa rai Pollclaa 

Tne HartMngmrtttm stucMm piMcation tor tr« Hanw CtDtaci camma com. 
rrunty. outxnxm) DOMMMti wnuffnut mt *cnoot y«ar meatu dunf^twMay* 
aw fnai etmm. Thv tMp«r « dtttrltiutaO Hm to ak ttudent&. tacufty and 
aumrastratian rh»>4wttfy»r'taotBpinioMi*topKwid*tmHi>p«rcnmiu 
nitv win mfomsHKin partainnc to tfw campiM ml it* t u ffO M iUnt conrnunt*. 


r»> Harbmgm m Mum m t WW* lo tt» «d«or and mpm* to our «d»ton«i», 
tmtars rmst IK iHCWd arai kiduite a llwne nurnbcr to «enry au«wrtt«p. 
Stgrmtunt wM M niwtiatii upon ragu*»l. All lettccx and cantem am lubiact 


Prsduct* an) scrvic** aihwliMid r> Tt» mrt rn g ft «• not nacnsurtty 
andortad by ttw aditors of thn Mpw, n» t>y mc collie admnctraiion or 
Board of Dvactonih intiuiries snouu t» fonwnttd dractty to tt« adtcnocr. 
and ad purenaiM arc at tiw dncratun of tt» cansumar 

William Rainey Harper College 
1200 West Algonquin Road 
Palatine. IL 60067 7098 

Phone Numbers: 

business office: (847) 925 6460 

news office: (847) 926-6000 k2461 

fax; (847) 925-6033 

copyri^ 1996. The HartMnger. 
AM rights reserved. 

The Harbin)j«rr 
September 14. MW 

Arts ak Entertainment 


John Pliiii«tttt: comedian f creed to leave Chinese buffet 

Chib m ChicaRO A p«»rtKm i>t 

CCcd<i tnwn ffw llhum .in- tx-ini- 

to The Wiirld I i 
Cumic Rflu-I 

Pinetli" ■• r<-»urnc Jih-.: 
ht' h** been in jrnd out ■>! il 
M.<-ne tor quih' •«>««• tn 
i in film* ^iK'h *s K 
ot the Nt'Til 

I>anm I ' 

?■"• <■■ ■ ^ 
Remember ho* I V n ' 
I'mettf was the alWehc 

owned A dim-r ^nd ha-, al-o jppeJirii.1 
tin- pnv on the net works Comic Mrip LiV' 
■ l,.ii.iKs:l Pimtle held * cjmeo appearance on tt- 
>>( Seinfeld firule a* the carv>» ked i • 
an and wa» ihtwia-ied at the M- 
'<■: Ciimedv ttnlra! 
■ ' riiH-tte ha-. Ktm li-ti'i"-! ■" 

lUlf-dour Comedv 
nmn at the Impn' 
■ d\ Hour, Sh«>»> 

vIllUl., Ill 

,in iipmrninn Colunihi.i Ir. M.u puiurr 
' Nmiin Se/ 

riis Rodman. ChinKo BulK 

Kt. plav"- an mterpolice jRenl 

re>i,ni(' !hi' didn-ippixt daughter .tn 

:14S( h.ippons ti' 

I 1 

' WHCM, Harper s student radio station, would like to welcome the 

students back to another fun tilled year The statf at WHCM has 

-compiled a quk* and easy survey tor ycu We want to have your input 

Ion what mustc we will play over the atr So nows your chance or 
forever hold your piece (sicl All surveys will be tallied and the results 
will be pnnted in a later issue of the Harbinger, Thanks for your help 

land feel free to offer any suggestions. We are also looking for some 
local musicians to promote on our local show. So if you know a local 

I act. serxl them our way Thanks and have a great year, the WHCM 

I staff Please return to A336. 

|l) Your age 







Who is your favorite artist 

Do you listen to WHCM and how often 
If WHCM went FM, woukl you ture in 

What is your current favorite FM station 

What IS your choice type of music ^ 

If you could pick one artist who would tragically die in a horrible 

accident who would it be and why 

H there was a band that you would love to see here at Harper, 
who woukl It be__ 

How many stickers do you have on your car 

What, if anything. coukJ you change about WHCM 

Have FunT Make Money! 

Wc Need Servers, Bartenders, Hosts, And 

Hostesses. Experience Is A Plus, A Positive 

Attitude Is A Necessity! 

Apply In Person At 
Carlos Murphy's Mexican American 
40(^ K. Golf Road 
Monday -Friday 2pm 



ivi.v iMtKi- at 

lAttentton Fall Grads! 

who qualify for a 
degree or certificate 
this Fall 1998 
Semester need to 
petition for gradua- 
tion by midterm. 
October 17 1998. 
Graduation petitions 
can be obtained in 

the Registrar's 

Office A21 3, in the 

Student and 





The Student Senate 

rs accepting applications 

for Secretary Poeitlorv 

$6.50 per ixxjr. Contact 

the HCSS office for addi 

tional information ® (847) 


Attention Accounting 

: Need part time account 
! tng/adrmmstrative assis 

tant. Flexible hours. 
i Saturday mommft, Sunday 
; irwnmg neccesary We 
i work arourxl your schedule 
;PC sKilts helptul. nwth skills 
a must. $8 lOanfiour. 
depending on expenertce 
and ability. Apply in person 
at Carlos Murphy's located 
at 406 L Golf Road tn 


Advice arxl nfwre! Surf 

Chicagoland's premier high 

tech job resource website 

at *ww, 

Looking tor a responsible 

individual that is interested 

m the club business. Very 

part time with minimum of 

4 hours weekend night 

work $8 10/hr. Perks and 

• ••tended Opportunity, Easy 

, job. great pay with cool 

people. Please contact KG 

Saint John at kcsain 

tjohni' or 

(847) 301 1952 

^aie student looking for a 

room to rent in 

house /apaiment in Harper i 

vtcmity. Prefer close to \ 

trata Call John. j 


88 Ford Tempo j 

Black. 5-Speed A/C. 

Great ctieap transportation! 

Well rr^intained 96K miles 

$i;WO (847) 381-5676 

Moving Sale 

1 leather ginger cotor 

recliner chair. 1/2 price. 


Ivory color chaise lour^ 


Wood hall table $25 

China cabinet $300 obo. 

Must see all. Call Maria 

(847) 640-8982 

Sears Organ FREE for the 
taking. Other reasonable 

miscellaneous items. 

toys/games. N.Hoffmaa 


»'(- tiriOt^m 


I thif* you're sexy. 

lU JJIJCe d 

classified ad. 
Call (847) 



Tho H.irbinjjor 
September 14, 1W8 





kivnCuu Ti 

1-800 826CARS 


The Mdrbinger 
September 14, I9W 


The Harbinger is looking for sports 
photographers. Apply toda\ in A367. 

You telTus and VeUl GIVE IT TO YOU 

FOOTBALL: Eliasik 
impressed with win 

f,— >ii,ia u> ih.' 

kids thi>u>;h I rom, ilu-\ 
t.imi- h.itk ,11x1 pl.iM'ii ijmHl 

llif ll.iwKs di'lcns,- i.irrii' 
alive .ind onh .illowi-d H 
pi>ints ti.r the wtuilc );.iiiu 

llu' di'tfusuc ih.irci' 
li-d tn liiu'b.ukir \1ike ^nd di-tfn'.i\c Imi 
m.iii K.mdv Kri'ili Both ,ilh 
k'liN .issiNtfvl on iii.inv Liikli-. 
and both rtvordiil j -Muk 

The lidvvks hr>.t sion' i>( 
the game idTiH' on .1 quartiT 
back sneak h\ K\ \v HiJi;lii-. 

HuRhi-v then inniu-iUM In 
wijf riM-iMT [Vnnis I rump 
few tKii liiuihdown passt". 
One wjv tor ei^ht vj'ds .ind 
the othir vs,i- a iw v.ird 
louihdow n pass (. rump hn- 
ishitl with 9 nii'ptions tor 


Ih.' tl.ivvks had a HM 
led at halt-liiiu' 

I .iliT in the third quarter 
MuKhi-s found wide receiver 
David S'jrvN in the end /uxw 
tor .) !>* s.ird touchdown 

N'.irr\ aKo caught the 
luo point conversion to 
m.iki- the smn- 27 13 dnd that 
I-. the i\ ,n the game ended 

^S hat v\ e wanted to do 
was spread them out," Eha-<ik 

"They hke to Rang up on 
thi' run until vou prove to 
them that \ou re wlUing to 
throw on lirst down and 
vou re able to throw And we 
did that. We excvuted |u<it the 
wav we wanted." 

Harpers rn-xt game is at 
home against |ohet. C^me 
time IS at 7 p m The game 
Will be held at Harnngtim HS. 


Com* cfM«r th« HariMr Nawks 
Football toam onto victory as thoy 
host iollot on Saturday nigtit 
Soptombor 19 at Barrtngton mgh 
School. Tho gamo will start at 
approximatoly 7:30 

Future of the season looks 
good for Golf team 

K«viii IM iilf 

SCi»v'^ ^: ■■ 1- 

1 ! n ollori-. to 

lome in the lulure o( this 
vear's Harp»r l«ilt team and 
in head loaih Ko>;er 
flechtold s mind lliose 
illorts appear to tx- worth 

in the Highland >h 
which was the tirst iiuvt of 
the season we shot whal 1 
thiHight we wen \;om>; '" 
said coa>h Heihtold I was 
ven pleaM-d with thi- first 
mivt overall lx\.iusi' of that 
t'uf there s alwavs ro<>ni to 
itnprove Kvaus.- Im hoping 
that we lan improve t.> ,i 
level where we lan K' com 
petitive in the lonferenn 
htvaus*' that s a level that wi 
can be strong at All the ^Km- 
leremv teams that competed 
in this mivt there reallv was- 
nl niuJi ol a difference 
i ' ■ -^ and the surpris 
11-,; ;;-:,; that Colleeeof 
nill'.ige \^ ,ts n,a 
ri'.e ,1- ih.A h- 

b\ the Hawks 

Kob Keinske shrt verv 
well at Highland, which was 
w hat we mi-disj, but he still 
can impnne which is always 
good K'laus*' he has [xrten- 
tial to (h- a wr\ i;,Hni golfer 
and I'm sy: . ,,i|, 

bei <tmi' on, ; >_oach 


Ihe H,iwks als4i compet- 
ed in the \4C Meet w hu h 
was lield .m September X, 
wlmh lonsisled ot tour 
teams loinpeling and each 
team plaved e,ich side and 
the team that ended up with 
the tx-st n\ord in the mivt. 
w as crowned the N4f cham- 

N. tar this seastm as a 
ulu'li Its hard to say how 
things w ill look at the end of 
the season." said coach 
Bechtold "It just really 
depends im hard everybody 
works and how much they 
imi<r..-, , iiiii I Ml hoping as 
thev get 

,,.,,•,.. v.„, ,,■ we can hv 

'cimpetitive tiMm tt»\\ards 

,.. I ■- 

i I.1W ks nevt met't 

t .leii riK n on 

ptemher I s, 

"npefe in 

!,irts at 1 

Harper Sports 

Volleyball wins home opener, improve to 1-2 

"hing'. miKhl hjv.' 
lunwtJ init ilittt-nntls l.ii n- 

M tht" ••nd l>l ttlr ,iiMli-.l •■!' lluir^J.iv ni>;l-.l I m 

. «.il rii. .11. ) .1 i\ t .) '\ , v^ . rf 

* in;; \ I f \ J,. V HI irui 
i' tf.ini tinit\ 
\\i li.ur iit> sl.inJi'Ut 


TIM Latfy Itowk* ce«gratiri«t* aack etiMr af tar 
wlilag tiM » l<a« « t «Mrt«g oim of tk* Mt* of tha 

We Kave tt> w»trk l(«|;;i-lh 
ot *i >i tt'dm and i^frvthin>; 

ik. , Ist- vmII iiU into pUtv." >«inl 
Ih.uI ci'Oth Shamn Mauder 
un what \wr ti-am should do 
lhn>u);huut the tourst trf tht 


I hiTf - :li' pi u 
Komr Iu">l J>K Ihi 
Lady Hawk,* volk'yb.»ll 
after a dvoding I'^'J, 15 11, 
and 15-5 vutory ovvr ihf 
" . .i-rr* ot Morton I olW,- 

v\inntnK (he homc-opi-iH*r 
hc'lpt'd th«' I .ut\ Mawkt 
improvid thfir retiird to 1-2. 

I hi- 1 .idv Hawks prr- 
ma-ml tht-ir st-ason with a 
trip to Moffiirw \ ilU'\ in 
Pali>s Mills > M(>.mi 

ruitflv dot. .. uf mIs 

15- 111, 15-H. UHS, 1V4 

One niphi latorthcx lost lo 
South Suhurban in \Mlt-nr\ 
in two straight sfts |il-|s .uul 
; r-> and lost to MiHt-nrv 
CoiiiiTiunit\ t olletff m tv\o 
straight si't-. s I , ri.i ; ■ - 


"We havt- to coim .u'. 
stronft fVfr\' ganw and ixrrv 
match 'xi that will ht-lp us 
mn mon- );itn<~. ,ind^ I, 
lur.- !lu' 

Mi Hinr\ m- ivally lamt- oui 
stront; It it wasn t tor a lOu 
I'll .■! .Md l-llls h.ip 
fi'iu'd in iht ,;.iinr down tli>- 

■ l- 

tin S4-I1 .1 

' .iiid I 

' ak M»MU- butt 

it! ^ 

Ik it up 

:.ilk «.Xji 

co iilrttK'n Is \rr\ ivi-.ik VW 
niiist improM' in .ill ot thi-sf 
an .IS to N' suvifsstu! ■ 
kath- V\att 

"Wf havi 
su I n,"-v out hi'l' *'M -i-l ^^■''. 
lilt*; IS .'Utsuiiiuill^ IHll VM" 
sh.Hild lonn'iilr.itc on loin- 
inunii, .itmi^ <\iT .ittitudf is 
imiih bitlir s.iid Brooki' 
PiSario on totip.irinf; this 

It s tt'ani to l.isi s 


VV.- t.ilk inoif it \ou h.iv.' 
.Ill .'pinion p .«plf ilstt-n 
III. It ilidn ! .iU\ .IX s h.ip 

. i vmII on 


Tha latfy Nawh* haar tha pap talk from tkair 
ceack kafaia tka atart of tka naxt matck of tka 

(Millonrx t I ) verv ner- 

We almvist pulled ot an 
upsrt," said awistant coach 
karen Duellman on the per- 
torpjance ot the l.ady Hawks 

"In a U>Mng iaus»' wi- did 
\'er\' well " 

rhe l-ddy Hawks next 
contest is at h«>me Tuesdav 
night. September l^i against 
llie CHilden Eagles ot Kink 
Valle\ IIh first s,'r\e is tiivd 

.it s p Mt 

Wf h.n. 1 gnat Nmd the 

It ut .ill I lick together we 
iMJl be unsloppablt." said 
Miihelle kilpatrick on 
tur team should lio in order 
to impnne their skills out on 

tlu' ll.S'l 

i thought we plaved a 
.1 match against Morton 
In (act. we were awesi>me 
and each ot us contnbulixl in 

iht V Ktor\ 

Ui in.ui.' lluni 

Women's Soccer wins despite player shortage 


sI*^^ *«i!iH 

thiouijh nnuh ot lli.- hi- 

With only nine pi iMT- ,,.: ri.uin^; in 

Its nister, the H.i' duces tins 

Woiiu!i\ Ski.i . V(1 It halttin.. 

i.mnedwheii t»ur delens* 

ii , , ..n Sept "I in no-man's Ian ■ 

KeguUtion ruli-s reijuire said atlei hap(>enevi to 
11 plavers to N- •■" '^- ' • ■ ' in- 'e..lli .it ih.- h.ill 

but the H,iwks "Our defMwe fot 

rnUi h I . 

!.!. .'11 our ^"H 

Head Coach 

n-UnUtl-s against 111. i nun, ; 

ot Moraine \..iiex in I' caught In no-man s 

Hills, but 1 - iMih a land." 

■»•' ^l''*"'*' -Sam (Garcia 

still the g.ime did 
sitme positi\ f signs 

We plaved tlu' game w. The Hawks plaved a more ii 

v\ anted to plav" io.i, h .igKr>-.sive game in the sev 

s,ini (..111 1.1 slid ond h.itt st,.pp, t II.- 

\Ne pl.iwi: h.ird IP ill.- s.'rh. -1. r. \ni:i-!.i ^^ .is i l.i-\ ■•:■ 

first Ml minut. s 
team was more ...„:. ... ' ■■"•-•is. (I.irp.-i tin 

Ihe Hawks struggl.-vl nui teed tr.'ni ished VMlh a resj-.i-ilable l'< Muii.-H. 

' ! .1 deieni ouling 

lollei;.' di+>ut 

s.i not.-s 

iMi;n! n.'w v\ t- .- 
;et .1 tull le.lir 

111 IS most pi'i'. 
pi. i\..n^i i.itlier VMtrk than 
pl.iv stHii-r 

it s init .1 lot of stiidi-nts 
lUiinh. r on.- priority 

I to win a lot 
\ iggiano said 
on her oyerall thoughts . .t tlie 
lulun ot the season. 

Ue ve bt-en working .i lot 
i.n our skillwork, and vm- 
ivpect to be way over SKI 

Ihe H.iwks ni'\t i;anH- is 
Monday .itternoon 

N ptember 14 in l.len I lly n 
ii; .insf the t rusaders of 
I ollege ot Dul'age 

(..ame time kicks-.ttl at ■> 
p m 


• I lie Harper 

hootb.ill tfcim held 
Waldorf U>wa to only 
eiKht firi^t downs 
while- they complet- 
ed 2*5 first downs. 
Also, the- 1 lawks hold 
Waldorf scoreless 
throughout the last 
thrvc quarters of the 
contest and were vic- 
torious 27-1.1. 
•The answer to last 
issue's trivia ques- 
tion was Robert 
Davidson. Robert, 
despite breaking his 
arm in the contest, 
broke the single-sea- 
son rushing record 
with 1,780 beating 
the previous record 
by ^4 yards with 261 
rushing yards on the 

WIWaM llaiN«y ltefp«r Coll«g« . P*tatliM, llltaMto 

* • ••»»»w>>r 2 >, !>•• 

Football gets win in close game 

HMk WMta 

St«FT W«ii- 

call, ihf MjrpiT Ci>li. 
Foirtbjil liMm i.irm' Ut J": 

rhi lljwk- h.lit 

twatMwt »w^2hiit • 
W.1S net ,1- ' - ■ ■ 
mill. .It* ^ 

llli t, .-, , ;■ :, ' 

; . • ■ , (t J l.'iiil , 
I. ri.:; .: il l'» \.iril 

■ -..■ SJm.- 
: t »i< th«' di I. 
sin- liiw till pr«"%>urms tti» 
quarterback and fi)rvinf; hini 
to hurr\ his pas* 1 |u>>t cjith' 
acm** lh«' (h'U and tippt-d 
the btill and was ahk- (o niaki 
the plav s,iul "^t, rlir 

McCoy luv .1 ,. .... . :.... ^ 

firJ M:orin); Jtnw with kc\ 
run* i»f 11 and 1.'' ■ - ' 
McCoy plunged in ■ 
jonrfnnn tHi> vaaisiHH irt. t 

.1 |. 

dii-pT inli' I 


Iht Ml and wai able 

tifid >;«iai » ' 

in the h.ilt .■ 

Ihf HaukN li<i>k iivntml i>f ti> \^-0 

irm- in Ihf Mvond quar Dv 

ith qiiarlerh.ii k kvU' tht'Mi 

,M^>. In (htl-W <i > . 

■!\<-n -l«'('p-ii )<>li. 

, „., . 1^! -M 1.1.'),! , ,..! ■ 

VI hi'n It I 

^pjiUci-lUi ^,...-. .; . ,. , , 

tumWe which wa- riMivoni) Inh. 

'■■ '' :r1(>n Hovin ;- ' 

■iniTKtMi k I 1 

K,.t.insc»n was pill in t' 


lokN a— H« c a»oiilo> kicks tiM •xira point t* gHw 
th« l««4 lat« in Mm gam*. 

1.. Mit 

r- ' 



mt-ri'd b\ the Haw'k.N 
Hu(;hc~. throw hus third 
(n-n stramhU-d It'Uihdtiwn ut thf ^ame early 
' reach the first in the tuurth quarter hndm); 
1. Il I'nded receiver IX-nnis Crump in the 
,iin K..S* i-nd/ork- f»>r a 24-vard pass 

The Nirlds NVB in 

The Quad 

Proposed budget referendum to cover technology, grounds needs 

Lindsay F ranch 


niiiii.»n I 

thai It 

iJiim ptijpi'M'^ 
>.rtv ta»ts. Th«' 


• itv hy 
■I tti kcvp 


the col 
up w ilh 

Antan\la I 

vi'Ke*. etiiui.iU'O 111. Ill 

Quad as The \ields plaM .1 
thv third and last 
nwtit of ttu- trtv vi'iveit r 
cm ^ ■ . 

! he rixc b.At^J I- 

:ii Mass.»ihusett-^ 
sound all lh«"ir own. ,.>ni 
bininn folk and p«>p in .i 
w^uctno wa\ 

l>-.pite th«' vhill in th( 
air and a threat ol 
crowd of atHvul M>-i' , 
pie •iwayed to the mu^ic 

Nertiwa \u-ld. >;uilarwt 
and vtxdiisi r»\iii\i a pis , 
by Imily IVkimMvn rtl.u 
inK In lh«' surplu- ot tK m. 
"" >'s amund campu 

I he \ields, cimi( 
the Cranbernes anii th« 
Murmurs, will S- back in I 
town October Id at 
Martyr's in Chicago I 


IVt-W I 

K- .1 .-»,ienif ,ifvt lixhn. 

,11 pil ^lix 
■I iTurkel \ali 
( nir.iii', 

I..WH (l 

Ml Ki.n r .1 

i IKH>. lou would pay 

."' 1ST NlUlllllll Vvhl.h 

1 tw last tinu- property tax 

.. I- r.iisix1 for Harfx-r was in 

!""'• ,1 debt Mt <.I2 million, 

Il h.i^ -inn- lonn Nvn 

VSithout the funding, pro- 
ji<»M>d renovations will not 

.t into action 

\iiordtnn In I 'i Knuder, 
Harjvr will alsii b«- re^tnct- 
isi in offenng more countps 
i\ hi n (s-opli- Iht-ni " 

Men's soccer on a downside 

MUrtln Patric 

I- .1 kick 111 (• •- yl.n 

!'i. I i.ii,s K.^ fi.n <■ hojs- 
ih r.irh in tfw N«-aM>i> 
•■■ 1 IJ4 riMTd la-.t MMMifi i^.ipt.iiM ImlJ H.isi.iblr 

till Hawks Itisl fhre»' i>t its arguabh ifn ht-t 
tir^t lour htitne games plaver at the lenier rTiidtit i.t 

In an t<ra of speciati/atHW position, think.- tn'- itMni ■ •' 
in the scKcer world, the comp«-ti- iMth tfii 
I lawks, weak in detense ami nents 

The President's 
Gala will provide 
fundinj; for a new 
IVrrorming Arts 



VVh\ can't we park 
I li>sc'r to imr 
c lasses? 

ro— iitwy Mg» 4 AML 

i-'i'II i .Jl't.lill O.isl,)!'! 

>nk: le.ini 

,1.1111 can 

. I her the sinkin,); ship 

I ^els toi* late 

•ugh th»- Hawks lost 

iS first tour games. 

Harve)' production 
will be performed 
later in the 

111, f .iliii lU'tillti^tu .ll'iHit ill". 

^quad's chances this year 
He shows confidence in 

the Hawks ability to compete 

v\ ilh the bi-sl teams 

SfH-ed IS the k> \ In 

I larfH'i s attack 

Ihe mori' ui- jr.iilm-, 

sm MBTS SOCCOt on pant 7 


Golf coach Roger 
Bechtold hopes to 
see post-stMscm 





The Harbinger 
September 28, 19W 

*Adalt ImmunUatJon Week 
October IM7 i* Adult 
I— uiiliiliwi Wfeek. Uyour 
toiaiiinizjUoat arc not mf to 
dale, now b a gnod HoM !• 
gtl thi* valuable peotacliML 
Slop in Health Serviot KMO, 
yoar inamnizaHoa 
an evaluation. 
TlM following immuniza- 
Umh are available in Health 
Service for S2.00: Meaalem, 
Munpe, Rubella, Tetanus, 
Dipklherta and TB testa. 
The Hepatitis B series is Ul. 
The Flu Vacdne is available 
for 95 on October 20-21. 
Call Health Service at 
S47.92SA2M for amie infor- 
I schedule an 
These immu- 
nizations are important if 
you will be going away to 
MOB or plan to travel 
hi the near future. 

Performing Arts Center: student senate positions niiMi 

President's Gala ticket proceeds 
to fund proposed new building 

Ihf Harper ( ollrnc 
I'tlucatixnal lourvdation will 
h«' hi»tinn the Presidenls 
Gala, a formal dinner and 
dance held al the Bilmore 
Countrv C luh on Saturd.n, 
CXrtober '^. in raise mimev tor 
the new ll.irpcr [Vrtornun>; 
Arts C'enliT 

"Anybody who wants 
to hdp the Performing 

Arts Crater, the 

community, faculty or 

stodenu are wekome,** 



ia a 

it, it's 
and where to pit 
kalp during the seaiaar 
"•Mting the Blues," on 
Octabci 7 from 2-3 p.aL In 

•Mediterranean Ceoktef 
Learn to cook delicious, 
iMalthy and reduced tat 
■■■Is Coaw to this cooking 

IS, 12-1 p.m. and taste 
Mediterranean cooking at 
it's best Call Health SaiviM 
*l M7 92.<i.62«i8 to reaerve 

vouf *p»c* lor $^ 
•CItaif MasHfe 
Therapeutic cliair massa g e is i 
available the Isl and }rd ' 
Thursday of each month ' 
from 4-fcM p.m. There is a ' 
$15 charge for a 15 minute i 
■uaaage. For more intonna- { 
lion and to tchedulc an 
appointment, call Health 
Service at M7.«8SutUB. 


luk.el'. jre 'iil7'^ a pio e 
and rattle tickets an- alM> 
biMnn sold tor $2^ each or six 
for $101) 

The committee is exptvt 
ing anywhert- titjm 175 t»> 21X1 
p-ople to sihow but there is 
ntnii tor 220 peviple iiist in 

V .is,' 

I he l-t pri/f in th«' r.ittle is 
two titst class tKkets to anv- 

H hirr m the world whuh 
was don.itiil In Mr .ind Mrs 
I jrrs t l-jri. 

Ihe 2nd pri/i is t.nltinj; 
I'ar.KJise s.'M'n JaNs .ind sn 
nights at the Palmetto Dimes 
Plantation iiKludin>; a tnv 
orH'-hour ^t>lt lesstm and tne 
rounils ,<t f!,K\i. donatiil bv the 
Harp-r i. I'liixr (. nrporale 
Ntv lies 

^rd pri/e v>as donatixl bv 
Harper s ov\n President 
Robert Hriuder which 
includes some tine and rare 
wirn-s tn>tn his [vrsonal ..ol- 

All of the pron-eds from 
the rattle arv ^oin^ to the 
Harper Pertormin>; Arts 
t enter 

ln\ itatims are being <ic«t 
to companies, corporation^, 
lacultv and people that have 
donated to Harj>«'T in the past 

f athenne lirml 1 hnvlor of 
Hevelopnunt and I xternal 
Atlairs, IvecUtiM' Hiretlor, 
Harper Collide Khuational 
FoundatHHi sa\s any 
Nxlv who wants to help the 
Performing; Arts C enter the 
communit'. I. nulls or stu- 
dents .ire WfLiime- ' 

lixpand Your 



• l«u»»€ i.THmnf^^r- 

, »*eWH. ^s«fiM V/ %^« 

. «>«ars» '.«« taUtm^t 

* As.w,A^ t*.l#1 


(IXCT f /M~r T.«,l »<; 
. ^«|^«liiil».1»»lJr- 

• 40t(U 


fAUIrrmc i(K»«-rM»«ook 

:Hcln i toil (A.: amikr~^ t>»A 

r#M^ l^m* » t^s t^^n «<«v Mf t* mgU Wewlw^' 


C«* -rcU.'Tttt ? tli<Tt • WMk. W lta,n • 0<ay <*- 


Ihe Harper College Mudent Senate (HCSS) 
appiMnted the following students for senator posi- 

Academic Enrichnml and language Studies: 

Desmtwd Lane 

Businesa and Social Sciences: 

Samantha Gereg 

Continuing Educatum: 

Midiael Marzalli 

Ubrral Art»: 

Joe Ward 

L^/Sr Sciences and Human Services: 

Craig Ginn 

Student Deirlopment: 

Ken Gill 

Technology, hAathematu-<i and nysicttl Science: 

James Skyles 

Wellness and Human Performance: 

Heather Vogeli 

Center for Students With Disabilities: 




rctail tabnte at the 
(Stnouds Open Hoise! 

Wito'rs MMIng 10 (lac»«« 9MI now «nnclcv*a«. ShOM us yxj 

sMtr your cMM aiqjananc* customer serve* (MKt. or smpty 
adtii<«iowce' lyou've got <t. were rwpartiictDtK* icy you 

Dent rnas our Ooin House 

tWe liave regular ful and pait-Ume oponlnQa, and ■■■o M 
and part-time ttokday pooMions tor 

Sales Associates • Fkxx Managetnent 
Stock Associates • Head of Stock 


l^'GoDC bo one of pur Open Haines 
11 :00«n - 7:00pm. October 15, 1 6 & 1 7 

•1500-t le^Avo. 

tn OoktMOoh 


• 374 Old Olotwti Camai; IM1S 


• CompoMlvo utter * Flwcible hour* 

• Qraal bona potential 

• Advancement opp o rtuntliea 

If jiaCw fi ana-u. caM!« '^4 MOI HO-am aML SH tor rnoie 
rtonnaacriatSLCinKyairdauinetD Skoudi Copaiato OiiM, 
MM: MR. 7M S. ttoflitM at. City of MuMry. CA n 74S. 
FAX: (826) 83»-4afle Or viat «iy Skmids •«»■ on Monday* 
trom 4;(X)pm - 7:00pm lor an imm^dW* Intarview vntli our 
maraagamanl staH. lvA 




The Harbinnf r 








WKi-n ll . lu ).' ..mlori.ifiU- 

till, In- ,tiul l)ri{{hl<>t iiiin to 

tlK-,-\|Hii 11 \ \ (. Kl t Willi. .V. ■^•''' KlIll.Ml in 
.i>-t.'l- uiiilfi (;;fmi-iil , \>- 1- 1 1 i i- >. . -i lil ^ l.uirf.1 
ri'liii-iiifnl -\ -li ni llu- n.iln.n - l.'...i, i ir . ii-lmiU'i 
N.(lis|.ntion. ,,iul ilw ..X. iuIh'Imip ,.I |i.u(.k' 

in cilui.ilMiii i..i,,mIi .111.1 1.1, 111 •! Ii. 1,1- 

1' \iMi iiM' Ni'ii I ■<" ' oiiiu ()ti 

I ,,, S.) ., v.n - I I \ \ I. Kl-I li.i- mlimiii.. Ill mli-lli- 
:;i-tu , i.i \i\iiri..i^ l.ini.' i<i m I'i.miiini; lu-.-.l- 
\\, piDiiii-i..-.! llu ( |.< n->.in. .ii\,-nl<-.i llu 
\ .11 i.iMc .iiimiilx. .mil iiuiiul.iii/fij llu- mi\ i.i>ru.|il 
,,| -to, k : 'Hii 111 l.ii I. "1- in.m..::> 

llu- 1,11 t; 1-1 -t,n k ,1, - mini in llu. wm lil lli.i-i ,1 on 

Visit us on iho Inlernfl al wu 

.I--1-I- timli'i iii.iii.itfiMTO-nl ) 

|,..i,,\ 11 \ \ (. HI I- 1.111 lu-ll'MHi .1. lm\i- i-M-n 
imm lit \.'Ui iro.iK l-'iuni l.i\ ■,lcti-iiiil .niiui- 
itii-v ,111.1 IK \- 1.1 liin.l- Mill 11 Im.l llu- ll.-\il.illl.\ 

.111.1 , lull. ,' \,H1 lU-.-.l. Il.l. kl-.l K\ .1 |1I11MI1 lll-l.HV .'I 

iHi 1,11 111, ,111 , . u ni.,1 k,.i.l\ 1.1" .-s|iin-.-- ,111.1 (K-iili--^ 
mirunnmenl In (hi -.< miakc. 

Viini < >iil I oi ^ .1111 sfli 
J„|i-.i!„ ,u llu- Will I.I- )iiiiiin.-i ii-lni-- 

II,, .'.moil I. ilk 1.1 .'lu- ,il .nil 1 rliiiiiu-nt 

jil.mnn,^ , M'>" -•' I HS« 'i I •»-Ko 10 ( )i I icU. ■ -1 ill. 

■ . oiii , nil, 1 ii I in, I ,,iil w li\. 
•,v !u ii II , ,.iiu I,' |ilaniiiiij; U>i inimn r.iw . ill 

Itiniil- llllllk ,lllkl' 

Ensuring the fiiturc 
for those who shape it. 

n M I 

Otir Vkkw 

Why do we 
classify parking? 

What s thf d«'.ii .•. ,iu \ j'.ii k.iii; 
i>r B p.irkiri); pt-rmif lot-' Win ,ir>' 
thf ^fuiienl-. nut jllowt-it tn pjrk m 
lhe>«> lols' AtltT all, we art- thi' iMit •. 
who pay thi- tuition that pays the 
ii\ji.h«T* and other faculty mfmbfr<> 
pavth«"ck*. riRhf"' The other dav. w f 
saw a public -.atoty otiicer taking 
iii>v\n Ihi" lin'n^f plale ntimhor i>t ,i 
. II Ihat did not iarr\ thf H p.Hkim; 

ker on it* windshield What in 
iii« hig deal w ith p.irking in one ol 
tho"te lots an\u.u ti usually »eem«. 
that everylime we try to get a park- 
injc space in the so-, ailed C lot, 
there is always t>v i- spots 

open in the B li'i i.lents .in\ 

less important than lacult> nuni 
bers'' The students make up a lot I't 
vvhji thf N» hiHil IS H.iipiT College 
IS ,ill about il s students We are not 
-.1' ing that faculty shi>uld give ihi-si' 
spaces up to the students, we are 
)ust saying that all the parking 
spaces should be shared hv both t,i, 
ultv and students 

I et us tell you a stor\ Il is rush 
hour and one needs to get to their 
class quickly and does not want lo 
be late before that .Lis, -i.irts \ov\ 
if both students . I . muld 

share these spots i,,.i> .>i>uldbe 
less of a problem Does one think 
that a student wants to be late tor 
class any less a leaihi-r' 

We think, here at /7)<' Hjrhui);fr. 
that the parking process at thi» fine 
institution should not be under a 
totalitarian system It should be tree 
to any student, teacher, or v isiior to 
park wherever Ihev choose In park 
After all, thi^ i luinlr \ \v .■ In t- m i - 
free, ri^hl'' 


ITif Harbinger 
September 28, 1998 



i You Can Live With 
A Workir^ Schedule 
! for Living Life 

I Only Denny's can offer you 
j fabulous career opportuni- 
ties and the freedom of a 
flexible schedide. Asa 
Restaurant Manager at 
Denny's, you'll expenerKe 
not only the rewtwds of join 
ing one of the largest food 
j service companies in the 
U.S. but also a working 
schedule to fit your life. 

If you have previous supervi 
sory Of management experi 
etxie in the restaurant indus 
try. we want to talk with you! 

We offer the following: 
•5 day. 50-55 hour work 

•full corporate support 
•comprehensive benefits 
including health/ 
• tuition reimbursement 
•a quaHty, full service 
restaurant atmosphere 
•bonuses at all levels of 
i If you're interested m a 
career wfiich provides not 
only oppoituiitieb. txil ftcAi 
bility as well send your 
resume to; 
Denny's MR Dept. WRH P.O. 
Box 417. Cary.lL 60013. 
Fax: (8474621405 
Paid Job Opportunity 
The Student Senate 

IS accepting applications 
for Secretary Position. 
$6.50 per fiour. Contact the 
HCSS office for additional 
information »* (847) 925- 
Attention Accounting 
Need part time account- 
ing/administrative assis- 

t»it. Flexit)le hours. 

Saturday morning. Sunday 

morning necessary. We 

work around your scfiedule. 

PC skills helpful, math 

skills a must. $8-10 an hour. 

depending on experience 

arxJ atjility. Apply in person 

at Carlos Murphy's located 

at 406 E. Golf Road in 



Advice and more! Surf 

Chicagoland's premier high 

tech job resource website at af f solut 

Part time $10.00 per hour 

4pm-8pm mon-thur 
Earn up to $35.00 per hour 
Schamb. (847)330-9595 


Ask for Andrew 
Male student looking for a 
room to rent in house /apart- 
ment in Harper vicinity. 

PfffcT rinse to tram. Call 
Joha (847) 526-1897 

OR SAlf 

88 Ford Tempo 

Black, 5 Speed A/C, 

Great cheap transportation 

Well maintained 96K miles 

$12001847)381 5676 



Cancun, Florida etc 

Best fwtels. parties, prices. 

Book early and save!! 

Earn moryey + free trips! 

Campus reps and 

Organizations wanted 

Inter Campus Programs 



2bdrm.l.5bth,apt A/C, 
newly redecorated, pool, bal 

cony. Plum Grove & 
Algonquin, immediate occu- 
pancy. $900.(X) 
Pager: (874)346-8190 


Attention Veg"ns 
Do your omnivorous fnerxls 
call you "Tofu-Head" or -Too- 
Nice"? Are you proud of it? 
If so, I invite you to com- 
mune with your own kind 
here on campus - on either T, 
W, or R afterrxxjns - to prac- 
tice the lost art of conversa- 
tion. Hippies, preppies, sXe"* 
all welcome alike. Email: 
ThemeadowduchessS and say hi. 
(Don't have EmalP It's free 
at the library.) 

To piacfc a 

classified ad. Call 



The lfarbin!i:< 

Editor m Chief 


^toel Bago. Adele Botha, Lindsay French. Jose Lacdan 
Maitin Petnc. John Titlotsoa Sean Trudeau Herb White 

OMMral Policies 

Nemrs Editor- 

.Jennifer Gdz 

Sports Editor. 

■ Kevm Shepig 

Assistant Sports Editor J^yan Freund 

Faculty Advisor itoward Sctitossberg 

rne HartKig<H .« ihe ituMm putilicWiiin fcir tlw HMp«r CoMft canvM cwTv 
null y. oiMtUwid tx «««My tlvnutfiout It* KtWOI «•» cioiiol durvil l«^^ 
and fmal euir» Tlw gopcri* itatnliitail In* to M MuOsntt. taoMy vid 
admnslriKion, nmHtrtmitae**t*»itjreomi»loiiixmiltt»9miimcarnmt- 
nit|i vrnt informMKinpcnanng to IM cwnnus ind >ls Mjmiuiaing cotnnnty. 

Ttte Haromgm awcames lettaf s to tne mtnor ant rapliM lo our MMariM. 
Letten must M MgnMl and ifKiu*> a pimt* lumbar to mnfy ajthanNpL 
SI|nMiinsiiM«M«im«wii)ui»nra<|uii«l Ml«n«n««lcani«nia»<uiiiict 

f^oducls ant ««fvlCM advarlawd m Tut H mtmtmam rm rwcesswily 
•nduTMil by me Mil or* of n«s (M|i«r. nor by l»« coNm* admmirslnn or 
Board ol Dracton. mqurws ttrnta b* tonianlM dnctly to tt» ad«»nt<Mr. 
ana all purehwc* <■• at n« dncfvtnn of t 

William Ramey hiarper CoHege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. L 60067 7098 

Phono Ntfntnrs; 

txjsiness office: (8471 925*460 

news oifice: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax: (847)925-6033 

copyright 199a The Harbinger. 
AH ri^ns rvMrvwl 

The Hdrbin>;or 
September 28, 19W 

Arts A##ntertalnmewt 





\^ art looking for niACure cu»comffr on 

mct4 iniliviiiuMU to um our companif c<ir» 

CO mttke light pickup* and 4eliv»cie» of tub 

ftpecimen* «n4 »upplic» to an4 from me<l 

icMt fueilitiff* ftccorrfing to e«tabli«he(i 

routes. ^u»t keep Mc»ll«it record* virile 

NiaintAining positive customer relations. 

;^nrt time 20 to 24 hours per week. 

iyr)on4Aif thru ^riling nftemoons 2:?0 

p.m. to 8 p.m. with rotating ^tur4«igs. 

<>t)ust be At least 18 genrs oM «vith n 

vnliii drivers license snd good driving 

record. J'ndudes vncntion mnd 40iU. pinn. 

I^ense csll us toll free nt 


nngtime for more information! 

Upcoming Fall play to bo porformod 

John TlltottMi 

\. 1 «VH)1fW 
i iiv , m.KJ.-f 1 

,lfi\n .mJ <'n|in liii- 

Uh.iL i-kid .il-i>iil the hnH-U>>s 

-,.im' ol ihi- pl.n, Willis fvmarki-d, 

ill,. , '.-j^ili' h.'VN bii-s .mr lni". (•iM. wi- 

.\i\-'. h.i\ .■ t,i Tn.ikr tinu- liir .-.Kh iith«T " 

,l,,u lb.- liilf i"li- I'l nvMHKl is K-tri)? 

•|>! IU^.^..I pl.ui-vlln Iimrhilbiii 

,..,,, \lsr11iM.i. -^iiKni -ii» i-.porti.iv.-J 

I iiuls.n .ind lin.i 

i ,^/^nl.' '" V.-tj l.uii-*' 

', ii-U-d in \v.>rk 
.isU-vi ti> lonl.Kt 

\v,t\ |.. i\,iii- .11 ■^-^;'l2=;«>♦48 

Winn Ihi- tinjllv nfH'iT- iIh-. 
i,>rs uiHild hj\o put in 25 hiHiis i>t 
'i, timt- jvr wi-i-k lor oinht .iiiil 

,1 tl.lll Wlt'ks 

1- r.ibbil ■«' Ihi- pl.u will run \.'M-mK-r i; l-> 

■thi-r pi>pl<' .inj \o\>-mb»'r lS-22 

VVfiini-sday-Solui J.n p. i i.r 
: ,.-. I.Hvk ni.imi-s will ivgin Jl H p.m Uh- 
. 111. I Sund.i\ pi-rlorman>i-- will start al 2 

,,. in.-nuu. ■*'' -liow-. uill l>' held in thi- 

' '7h.-'"pi'>'^ "'"'"••'">; ' ■''- ' "" '"'^'■" '"■' ^" ^Z 

M„v|,.U,n,~ ..l,r,Mo,... .^ •i-r-: -'■*•—■ '"•'-'"' '^^ <>" •'" 

ll.up, l,.il,-.;, .'«h.-. - ^ ■>^'""- 

Wtlli- ha-, l-.'i-n .lire, lu-.i; .it -wn 
H,,r(^-f lor -•! w ar- .in.l h.i^ a.r.M.-a luk.-t- .an K- pur.hasf.) at th.- 

I l.irjHT t olki?i- B.>x I Htii 1- or b\ I all 

". ing H47 «2S feltX) 

Visual effects producer of Titanic to speak 

I K\oo.l i 
mii,h ll 
o, ,. H ,. 

I am 
pro»hi. 1 

ill,' I .-111 

, ll >. i-iial 
him Iitani. 





'(- ■■'■•' •■■" "" 

a.1ujt<-d from thi-\ ot l ahrornia 

' ilm inii 


lonipanii-s who worked to creali- 
owr iVi \isual eMivts. i-aminR the 
hlin Iitanu an t">s<ar tor B.-st Spetial 

1 tll\ts 

Ci-llum, who ha- lu-r own 
fn.tep-ndfnl proiluction ,.>\. 
V,i Kivi.i PniJin liiOt^ ha-i ,iIm^ worked 
,,i, -11. h III! 
RuM'if. i\ 
ami Vie uhosf ii'fJ ( >i.' LMtknr>> 

Tiikets tor C'ellucus lecture are $7 
lor HarjH-r students other students 
and senHW ciH/i-ns lor tuktHs and call M7-'»2>*UK> .w \of, 

•n to the Harper web -ite at 

A WW harper ll ll us 


\ • tmtMtr -—/ Hitt^frl-r 

^Lm The Illinois 


/ ><-<rc» Pnr.C'.""' I'lillitii 

/mA Institute ot Art 


• ( 1 .mpuii r Aiiini ir i. .n 

•Ttw iM InupMii^** l-^^fMiw*-- " 


• C.raphu IXMjjn 


• Muhimeiln 

Si li.uiniluii>: 


• lim rii )r I >« -luii 

HXm Hl.ntj Drive 


• Fashion M.iikitin»{ 
jk Manaf{ei»»im * 

Sthaumbiiii.:. II. f'l>l~ -> 

1 S(H).^I J V»5() 


• Fashuin M> -iv;ii' 


• l*r*.||r •!*««.•. 4 i .^.- *»'■ 

1 ( OUT 


1.* lifc lir 9mt wr^ etr^ii*'^ ;....»».»*.. 

1 )rlt-dii- Nt 


V/>// our r< eh<.i$i ,il 

« 11 la^ii, 11. f.O(>'^ i 

1.800.35 1.5 iSO 

^ ^fl 



The Harbinger 
September 28, 1998 

$1500 CASH BACK 









The Harbinger 
September 2>, 14W 


Men's soccer: a kick in the grass Voiieybaii loses in close call 

cantnjM from pa(( 1 

the brttirr weH get became w« 

have d «peedy oiMtnae th«t can 

outrun opposing Jelenactt," 
said Co«ich (»ircid 

"Wt- an ^DinK »i> bt- pUving 
a lot harder in ttte future jrtil 
with much i^nde." 

In Its season opener, the 
Hawks dn'pped a +-0 deiiMim 
to Spnn)(field-l inc«>ln, where 
&te home team <lrufg;led to 
control mtd-fieid plav jnd 
looked lackluster at )(t>.ilie 
play, the p«>sition that requires 
the most leadership in the 
sport of •Kvcer. 

In a physical ccsilest, the 
decidin>; Roal i»v SpnngfK-ld- 
Lincoln hapfx-ned at 1 1 >t) in 
the tirsl hjit when the opp«v 
r>ents stole the ball from 
Harper s K^ialkeeper driilinK 
It horm- for a HI lead, all ffH-\ 
tweded m a four );»al shut(>ut 

The Hawks roared back 


!n the next ptme Harper 
defeated ludsim College 4-2 
fcur lis tirsi wm ot the xMstwi 

"We are noian 

to he playing a lot 

harder in the fulurv 

and with much 


•Sam Garcia 

In two other hi>nM- conlt'sts. 
the liawks lost a 2-0 decision 
to lake Count> and a baik 
breaking; !-(> hard I 'u^ht loss 
t»i Morton t olleyse wlu-re the 
devidin^ noal ag.iinst the 
Miwk- was si<»red in the 
t*i MXKnds of plav 

Some s<x-cer standouts for 
Harper include captain 

Ba»tabte . . >f oix- p>.il 

and Doug Am^, ihi- H.n^k^ 

Coac-h (..ania is placing his 
faith in the leading ^oal s<.iir 
en>, Taul StoUnos {2 fnvth) and 
I '-var I^aurence (I «»«!), wivi 
I lid provide a K'^xJ one-two 
(umh IS the season proj{tt"s»r- 

I he c*>at h's s*»n V^ince 
(•arcia is trvin^ to help the at goalie position, whik- 
\rmando liamboe and Virne 
l<'>;niHi)hi are working cm 
iiiiJ tuld play stivngth 

CiMch <.>arcia stated, "Th«' 
early going was tough btiaust- 
we played our tirsl games 
in tfie span i»f a «is-k 

We need to exploit .mr 
p<»t«"ntial hetauv we h.iw j 
lift of strengths mt .nir l»Mm 

Ckx>if luck Hjvsks. txs.nis»- 
soccer is more than just a kick 
m the grass 

You're half 
way there. 

Come Join the 
Harbinger. UJe 
are currently 
accepting appli- 
cations for staff 
uiriters and copy 

"--Burr mm mimi i 


PullSbrfy ^O'^ 
Ptomcr umfy^ 

r [^ o m IKWI 

I] ••» 1 Of— at ■«» p«to« artMi : 
|S IK** ami l« n » *inl> amt 9*t • ■ 

4 kifkrr ^ (p i i ■ i/iMKTrr** 


l<M W N « M»f I 


\l!iT uinnin^; the 
ht-nu- opener the lady 
lljvsks traveled to Rivet 
Cinne to face conlen-nie 
n* al Tnton attd came aw a\ 
with .1 ts 1(1 Is H i:-!';. 

"(Kerall v\e played 
wdl. but we had a little 
breakditun imi ^.'ur serve 
rtveiNC, sjid coach 
Sharon Staud<-r 

Vlartha laskus and 
|i>d\ Kossol each Uxl the 
wav with nirw- kills while 
Bnxike l)iS.irio addtxl 16 

Sara I'l'i ■ i.n 

tributed with sn an-s help 
ing Ifw Ijdy Hawks to the 

t>n September 12 the 
lady Hawks participated 
in the- lOth annual t ollege 
of DuPage Invitational 
which featured a total ot 
eight teams that consisted 
ol both the Chaparrals of 
COO and Rock Valley 
Both teams an' ranked 
rutKmally and participate 
in the lady Hawks a>nft»r- 
ftu >- 

I he I ad\ liawks 
played in three matches 
each lasting two sets 

The first match leatunsl 
llir|>.r dgdinsi McHenrv 
>. ii: i.iunily Cc>ll«"ge 

["he lady Hau k 
dfteated in two -.. 
and V 1 s 

The I .id\ ll.iw k- h>ni .1 
t'.ilanced olfensoi- attack 
inJ OiSjrio added tour 
.ii^!«'nNi\ I- kli^^ in .1 Kvstn^ 

I ht in\t match teaturtsl 
M irptT \ Kishw.mkis' 
^. .>rn!miMit\ C ulii'^i- 

Ihev wer«' defeated in 
twosets VIV and UV|5 

The stars of the game 

were Sarah Bach who went 
four for su on serve 
riveive, Rossol, who added 
M'ven kills and Briwke 
l)iSarii>, who finished the 
match w ith nine aausLs 

Th«- last match had the 
Lady Hawks against 
I'niversity of St Francis 
luiuor Varsity squad and 
the Hawks cante away 
with a IS-r, 15-10 VK-tory 
lo fiiush with a record i>f 1 - 
2 in hnjmameni play and 
an overall n^cord of %^ 

"In a ample of matches 
tfiis year we stopped talk- 
ing on tf>e court and h.iv e 
misst-d some key serves, 
hut now that inir commu- 
nication has improved, we 
get along so well on the 
court everything else falls 
into place," said Roasol 

The Ijdy Hawlu then 
headed home to face ci>n- 
lerence rival and nationally 
ranked Rixk Valley Ciolden 
Tagles and tful is » tough 
task for any team to fun- 

Rock Valley ttxjk control 
of the contest, stealing the 
first tw 11 sets (V 1 5, 4- 1 !> but 
the l,ady Hawks tied it up 
with tfie next two sets 1 Wl, 
1V13 llie Udy Hawks 
unfortunateU lost the last 
si-t of the match 15 11 to 
••nd the thre«-- hour game 

"When we won the two 
^ets against Rtxk Valley, 
v\e finalh played Harper 
volleyball," said coach 
Stauder "We had a lot of 
enthusiasm and determi- 
nation which was nice to 
MV, But the first two sets 
»l the game it t»X)k us a 
long time to get prepared 
and most importantly we 
must learn how to finish." 

The lady Hawks next 
cixntest IS at home Tuesday 
night. (Vfober 6 against 

Transfer to North Park 

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FOOTBALL: Victory over Joilet 


October 19. 1998 

Bfofson Lounge 

;-9 p.m. 

(flOO> 888-6728 



Admission and Financial Aid ^■«' * 
3225 West Foster Avenue MfF 

Chicago, Illinois 6C625-4895 1 ' 
(773) 244-5500 or (800) 888-6728 
email: admission($ 
web<,ite: www 

contioueO 'rorr^ pd^ : 

With a 26-p«nnl ,t' mi. 

liH)ked to K- out i>t rtjth lor |i>liet 
But fullback Ross kx>ked to tvdeeni 
himself with a 2«-yard run t.i 
Harpers eight-vard line 

f lliol t.rav caught an eight-yard 
louihdown pass frcwn Cawthon 

joliet then converted on the two 
piHnt conversion making th>' score 

With '^'^1 left in the contest 
Antoine Ris-il scon-d off a 55-yard 
'.Ml. h.l'u n p.iss jnd |i»ltet cimvcTtisI 
■> 1' !i'. : tu.v p.Mnl ...nviTsion cut- 
tin,; ||.. I. to 111 

( then »i>iuuvlis.i on itiu- 
more touchdi'wn pass to Reed dos- 
ing tfu- gap to ^2-^ and ttu-n failed 
on an onsule kkk but M.irjHr 
able to scviirr th»- \ i. tt'r\ 

\\.' h.i.l 1 time getting lo the 
ijii.irli it\u k when we blit/ed him he 
hit IIh' o(X-n risen ITS but shutting 
down the run .-.irK was key to beat- 
ing them, said coach John 


I he Jetense did an excellent )ob 
.igainsl the run. 

joliet's fullback was stymied, he 
onlv rushed for AX yards 

They shut the run down, but we 
were hi>ping that the would 
i>pen the run The\' had eif^t and 
nitv- man fronts at tfie line and we 
tned them but it didn't work," said 

lb,- liawks held the ball for V 17 
riimutes <vf the game. 

fred Robinson camt\l the ball 15 
times for t<3 yards with several long 

I Sim trill rirr\ .ind the offensive 
liru' did a very gixni job blixking, all 
I needt\l was a little hole and I was 
able lo get through," said Robinson 

I he Haw ks rx-xt game is Saturday 
iX-toIxT y against Grand Rapids in 
C >rand Rapids Michigan. 

kuk.itt starts approximately at 1 

awks Sports 

JNi(f|^| • WHItamRaliMyHwp«Celt«K« • S«ptwnlMr 28. 1998 

Women's soccer comes up short 

',tM.rv I 1 

«< • I BV »oai SOTKA 
A ltafp«r aocear play«r «atckly ntn* to Hi* b«N t* 
•COM a Coal. aMtng :a Mm Hawho load 

lunny gam. 

.,.>.h ( ...1 i 

SI if' •f.m^i" 

Ih.- ^.„„. ,.. 

i.,->;c in I - 

I Urpir I. ■. 

Ill ih.' tir-i h.ii 


.-♦.inv bri-.ik.- j;,ul ' 


\\iin».ki .iiki Lull! 

k ^hi.t 

.in.! .>! a.u 
>.tul \Vt' hjxi- ill 
h.h k .hkI kivp try- 

lU .ithiT H.ill v\js J kev 
Ac mvJiJ t.i i.fHii lip nuiti- iimtrihiil.n i-n ,lfl>Ti-.- n 
tht'friinl mur^ 

I Hir irflcnsf dtdn t ..•iih- NjI.i> and Vig^idno paii'J 

' ,\ ifh iTunif-h .iH);r»">-n'ii the H.ivvk,- on uttiTiM.' with > 
trvips (111- \\j\s k^ -lll>I^ nn gi'jl jpiivv 

Vliihi'lU- I md>;n,>n nude 
1, .■mini; .•!! .1 disj}>f>iunl- si-vi-n'> in v;.>.il lor llir 
' ' liis-. Ill kt-nd.ill Hdwk> 

li v.mMonI HarptT rht» ladv Hawks next 

• ^ , i...i,'li II nil I'.ime )•> j| honu" IVtciber 3 

iinst I l);in Community 

, ^ ,„ ,,j,.i, I ."llfRf Klik-off I- ■■<■* for 

ll » heartt>n<dktn>; .ind 4 Ulj-' m 

(M)I0 8> *DUf BOTHA 

A Uitfy Nawk look* (• piiali tiM kail tfowa fiaM ta 
•COM a goal aiMl p«rt Har|»or on top 


• I"hf Sfah.iwks, 
Diie itf Harper's 
newly acijuiml 
tlag fcKitball 
teams, unti>rtn- 
nately lost their 
first game i»t the 
season 28-0 
against the Ix- 

• We woiikl like 
to lakt- thi-> 
oppt>rtunily to 
thank Bill, who 
graciously gave 
us a new moni- 
tor tor our com- 
puter and even 
though it did n«i( 
work, we still 
think your n)ol 

Golf team looks to improve their game 


III .1,1 ..-.Kh Rom't 

li, , !,i..i.! -i-f r T fh.' 

^I.1V in llii' ni.ilil 
hf.ld iii.iih 
IV. hti.KI 

Hut «f r. ni'l >;il 
Hnf, Ihf othir tun 
-*.>n>v 111 h.Kk ti» up 
jnd th.ii - what Nivm^ 

li. b, t't. rr.ibl.ri thus 

siijiil f 'iTlorni.inii's 
troni lh« »\ I (ulm-ui 
(. d>f s Shi'rr\, .ind 

llii ll.r.w 
III in Iw \ ll 


•htfii iti tht ^* 

I "; IT. 11! 

11, .M .!,! 

in tiw 


Hni Ihinn h.ip 

. _ ,11 thi ■•••. I'll.! 
fi niivt 111 
,, whii h v> 

thuil s.ii : h.i- 1,1 pii-' 

H.ihl,-l.J >;.-l tn 

I ,,il,i;, ..1 Ihir.i.;. It (Ihi 

wli ■ ' 


I, HI till 111 ■ 

\inv it v\i- 

Mii-nd m thf n. vl \4i. 

ttHvl VM- h.i\ !• ( fi jIK 

^mivi .( niih- iiilctUttld. 

■11. h.i- 

: ll \\ iM Ihi 
,.iii) i.Mih 
"TKit unli'T 

•■''■ .»i-|\ put'' 11^ '■■ ' 

■n v\ hcri 

'llipi'tlllVi- .l,,i, 

■ >nlinu>- wi' 11 

, 't );,'inn III N- .1 n>n 

indms tf.ini llii- 

. .-.,■11 ",1 thr 

' till- s,'avi>n 

r. si uii tli. Mil th.ll wi- 

hjM' to impruvi' thi>M' 

t\M> ■^nti-^ .-tnil It \M' 

I'.n . .1 tr.ini i-llurl wi' 

liili licm- 

.l,<n I ihfii 

•■i-tf ni'iiij; I,' h.m- 

.!,■(■', n,~ 

r din's pl.KC 
■''■ ■■inllT 


I'.. .1 '.'- !">;••• t" 

!hi^ KrKinn l\ liium.1- 

:,f v\ .i\ it ll ■itks 
;,i'\\ is ll «i" n'jch 
,<ur gtml which is the 
Kr>;t,in sjid lO.ich 

ti...hlold "VV'hKhi.'n 
•ts i>t the tour li-jms 

' •'■• in our cimter- 
iid wc win our 
iiv;iini. wi" can reach 
the Salional touma- 
nii-nl But at;.»in we 
h.i\f ll, show impri>v«^ 
nwnl m our ^amt- in 
order to net to that 
pomt and once we 
reach that gival. then we 
ijn tivus on that it or 
when It come*." 

The Hawks next 
meet is the Lincoln 
Invitational in Lincoln, 
Illinois on IV-toK-r Isl 
and 2nil in I mcoln 

The tiv time lor the 
first day will begin at 
IZlUlpnv while the tee 
lime for the next day 
w ill bej^in at 8fl0 a.m. 

The Harbinger 

I ll \ ,. , . . ..I li .1 r p <■ r r- (I I I o ■; (• ^^^/ 



Ordinary art professor, extraordinary taient 



I tKCdsiorully like to go 
xpli)nng flarpt-rx v.impu* 
I like to discover the Ii"smt 
known jriMs ot the mHixiI 
Onv d.iy I saw a -.iRn Ihdt 
rt-ad "Thiw Dimensmntil 
'■'tudm-. I dt^idt-d to >lmll 
.'II in w.i* tho time I 
ran into tli. 

1 w.ilked into this rimm. 
It v\.is not an ordinary vlas%- 
nxmi Then' was tui tile on 
th«' tl«>r I walktnl Kirther 
aful nofu'ed ri>ws .-t Libit- 
with s|iH>ls rH'xt to Ihi'in. 1 
went down a corridor and ir 
an oltue I saw a turlv haired 
man with a riKk in orw hand 
and a chiM'l in the other 
From the many strapes on 
the nick. I could tell he had 
been working with it for 
awhile. Me finally n<>tit«"d 
rr»e standing there .md 
looked up fnmi his work 

"Hello. ■ he said "Can 1 
help you''" 

"I was |ust p.issin>; 
throuKh." I nepHed "Would 

soil illlOi-t It 1 '^.It \\)tl^ \"<,, 

tor awliili' 

"Nn, not .It .ill '^l.iti'ii 
the stranger sii tii;hi 
dcnvn The naiin' s \Iiki- 
Bn>wn " 

"My name is John. 1 
said, shaking his hand as I 
sat across htim him "W'hrfi 
do you do hetv at HarfXT' 

"I've been an art prolt-s 
sor here at Harper tor 2.'* 
yean," he said. 

Harper Collega 

So who's running 
I this joint, anyway? 
I This issue, we focus 

on the Student 

Senate President, 

Kitty Cowley. 

Art Prof •••or Mho ■town toko* prMo hi hto oo n ob j o c tlvo 
•root l O M . 

.frt- \. II .i.Mii^ I n;!*' bill it-- still rfvvii;ni/ 
.ible \i>ntihtft.tivi' (ht.Tr 
|usl isn 1 ,m\ -.iil'ic, I ni.itti 1 

As I ivjtihoi hiTii tlu'ri' 
iluppiri); jvv.iv .11 hisstuni' 1 
pictun-d Mount Kushmon', 
fh<* t.Hi»s of four (if this loun- 



"What ,irr \. 11 ,i,Mii^ 

Ulth sl,.TH' I iski.i 

1 111 wir\ ini; ii he 

kc.ilU I -.lul s 
It supp«>sed to be' 

He liM>ktHl .It nif Ami 

on tht-M- liiii;!- nionunicnts. 
.in- li.u in^; to turn them o\ er 
ti. sonusinc else to finish 
Ivi .luse they take t. 

1 lo continued 
aw.n .It the stone 

Wh.ti i,i,,,f. v.. II ,l.-, Kie 

It in>; llijl .1. la 
sn I t ijt- "Have vou ever thought 

in nniid v\ lull .t % being of working on stiinething 



1 sluKik m\ he.i 1 u-tlett 
lllg i»li the midget .»( ni-u 
information I had |ust 

■(lb)ective wou id be. you 
i.irve .in eagU' " he contin 
ueit \bsir.Kt iv.HiUt be 
V lu appK .1 design to IIh 

like Mi»unt Kiishmore 
.iskeJ htm 

lor me lie s.iid I 
don t h.ue the time to work 
on J big monument I |ust 
don t have enough years 
left I lan e*pt\t Most 
ot thi pmple. even when 
they re starting out young 

u. ;►. i:.J .ii.i V\ lieii 1 gol 

ou! ot .itl school, as an 
uiulergraduate I was work 
ing. tarvmg wtHv^i 1 h.uJ 
only done .-ne sione\ mg 
at that time I hen I went on 
tt» w*>rk in other m.ileri.iK. 
plastics, glass Iwerity ti\e 
vears later, storw cn>pped up 
again as a material that now 
was mow accessible to ptT> 

I tvt stone car\ mg has- 

n t . hanged much over the 

rs." I said. 

\ctuallv." he -.t.ued, 

stone cropped up as a 

mafenal that |js] now more 

accessible btvause ot a f\-vo- 

lution in the kinds of tix>ls 

pe. .pit use.! 

I ike Ihe dianioiid 
bl.ides," I c+iifiH-d in 

The diamond blades," 
he said, "coverundum- 
lip(>ed chisels, pneumatic 
tiHils. a lot o< use of water 
grinding equipment so \ou 
don t get Ml much dust 

Interesting," I said 
I anv of your students 
here at Hdrp»'r gotten into 
the sfiine siulpting'" 

■^ince I've gotten senous 
lit 'out the stone, several of 
m\ students, usually Ihe 
older oiu-s, have gotten inti> 
tl .IS well I'm working with 
ih. in on in independent 
There isn't a 
'i.^... v..;wng I lass here at 

"I never tln>iiKh' llu-re 
was so much involved with 
i.nviM^ sl..n«' I s.ii.l will) 

'■\,lllon\N ute \\i- s.lld, 

there s ,i resurgence. 
Iheri s ,1 lot symposium in 
slone car\ ing where you can 
go for a week and they'll 
Icich vou how to do it 
I hey re all over the country 
and all over the world." 

"Have you ever been 
luikv enough to get yuur 


Financial Aid resources plentiful for students from all walks of life 


We have all h»-ard Ihe 
time old st.itement aK>uf 
h.'vv tn.uu hundretls ot 
ihous.imls ..| di-ll.irs i;,, 
nil. . '11. . i.'v) e.iih \ ear m 11.) M ivK' it's 
time thai we the students, 
.1.' something aN>ut if 

Instead of working hard 
all summer long to p.n tor 
the upioming semester .i 
ll.irper makin< th< 

monthK i.n pn meiii 
insiir.llue rent .revlil t irjs 

Are full-time or 
part-time teachers 

,ind an\ other misiellanetuis 
payments wh\ tu^i try to 
help ourstKes out' 

Har|i.r i.inJ the tederal 
goveniiiieiili otter a ciniple 
ot different options lor Nith 
new and old reluming md 
transfer tl.irpir students 

*stiidents wh.» wish to 
ri'ieive liniinual .ud i.m till 
out the 1 nv Applualion tor Student Aid 

' ^ \). naming Harper as 
school i>f ch<»ice 

.-\pplii .ition di'.idlme tor 
this! s,-m«'st*-r juiu- 


Harper has como a 
long way in over 30 


T<Hh .\iiording to M.ind 
Molen. Ilarjur s Director of 
student (manual 

Assistance It's mtt to late " 

fill out and turn in the 
I AiSA as Mion .is (s.ssible 
Applications t.iki SIX to 
eight weeks to process 
t veti though It IS past the 
tii'.uiline siiuients t.m be 
reiniburs<.d lor this (all 
M'mesler, .md retene .lui tor 
th»- ujvonim^; spring s4.m1.s- 

Ihe lAls-y will help 
deleriiiine the amount of 

Titanic F/X 
pnxluoer visits 
Harper and shares 




need tor the student and the 
expected family contribution 
(IK I The EK is the 
amount ot the students 
tuition that the family is 
eypected to help out with 

hamily income, the stu- 
dents backgnnind and area 
ol study. hous»' hold size, 
p.ireni s income and the 
numK-r of children in col- 
lege are all factors taken into 
consideration when deter- 
mining lh«' need of a stu- 

sw nwcM Md on p^ge 3 


Lady Hawks 
Volleyball score 
major upset against 
rival C.O.D. 

SiMrto PagMiO-U 


Stone carver: shares 
artistic techniques 

Campus News 




HHlM Bfown. Art Prof«s«or at 
H»tp»t for 2t y«ar». tsaclM* atoiM 
sculpting to atwlMit* on Ma 
paraonal tlm«. 


Join The //ijrl'/uxt - 
Join The Harbinger 

1,1 1'i. 
HI p !n 

1 ■■,>;, '.r 

• Wrecked ( ." I xtiihit 

l\« 1 "v*rr\ Hum V' '" ' ^'"^i 

I'ruky*," VVoiirH' 

Jl \i-\ Ml pm . \. «> II. ■ 

ind dniL; 

•"Drug Ircn4» jnd V*e in 
Jh» "Wv" I hursdav IXIiiKt 

■; : • ; j -uipm. '\2ila 
\i. ,1111, irv will be held ' 

thl- SludtTll -liul 

XJirini'.lr.itmn C I'ntit 

• Flu Shot* Ttw- t1u 
will Iv JivjiljWe on li. 
IVtobtT 20, tnmi lUa.m.- | 
lp,tr in nx>m A;42 .ind on ' 

iV\'ednesd*v , October 21, ; 

• - -- "• ! p m in A241.1 The 

'U<- shot IS $S 
<in jppDintitK-nl 
llt-alth S»T\K<- ^t 

-, ^n open 

Create Your Own Schedule 

East Meets West 
in Northbrook! 

PI. (hang's China Bistro is a culinary combination of 
traditional Chinese tuisine with American st\le service. 

vour work to ihc next level ot cxi itcmcnt! P.F- Chanps ( hina Kistfo show you the 
Irom mdn.ii^fmcnt to st.itt, .ill ,i i on\mor>.goal ot uruompromisod c|u.ilitv. 

A pl.ii r to tfcl p,/ss/<)/M/r.' A job to hi' proud ot! 



our new location opening soon at Northbrook Court, Outside NW corner 

Best ot the Best uili he rew^irdcd with i;roat pav .md .in cxiitini; atiiiosf)lH'a'l 

.\[)pK Mond.i\ S.ifurd.iv, 1().inv')pm 

• si'iAcrs 'I lost t lost(".s •l>u''M'rs •Hartendtr's 

• Prep ■ (Hiks 'Wok t uoks •! iiif ( ook's 'Dish Washers 



pf. CiJAN(;6 


S T ■ O 

The H.irbinger 
October 12, 149 



^ Ask your wellness advisor ^ 

Students c^n anuny- 
mtHisly submit iju«?stH>ns on 
Wellne«A rvUtrd ti>pic«t bv 
pUcing thnn in thr marktHJ 
box cnitMde th« Health 
Swvicps Oftic«' m A V>~ 

Arawrrs will iipprar in 
future issues of The 

AM »|Ufslu>ns V, ill he th«>r- 
uughK rest^archetJ dnd 
responses will be prtn-ided 
bv Health C. arc 

['rotesiunjls, and art' not 
n-lafed to TJie Hai+inyt'r 
Q: In a pwvKNM (Mue, vou 
wrote about ((rnital hrrpvs. 

I've heard that shingi«« 
is alio due to the herpet 

virus- U lhi« tkt **mt 

Atth«>ui;h the twn v .rust's 
arv tvlaird thev are ivit tf» 

rht- \irus resptmsibU' f*»r 
genital hfrfH-v is h«'rpes sim- 
plex thi' iTH- that lauses 
shiniKtes-aiul thicken pox as 
well - Ml the varKrlla ijsmin 
virus (V'/V I 

I ilu- other herpes viru«e« 

s<'ven ol which inftvt 
hi^mans • VZ\' has an active 
phjM- and a long latent peri- 
<«, ilunnj; which lh«- iIit 
mant virus may be n < 

I'li til iaus4- s\ rnr»tt>iii- 

^ hit ki ■ riii;hK 

communicable diseasi- in 
which V/V IS spn'ad hv 
coughin);, snevzin^c. or h\ 
contact with ctpen mw-. 

After the ininal mfecinm. 
the virus travels back along; 
thi" stusorv iHTve^ to siti-s 
along the spinal columns 
There it can remain in a qui 
i-stvnt state irulefinitely 

Later in life, the virus 
may travel back down the 
nerves. pn>ducmg along a 
single nerve trunk a rash 
thiit IS charactiri-lii oi -hiii 
i;li-s Ihe r.tsti nun ht 
icnnpanitil bv p.iiii 

P.stoU- iH fl 'A' tfi *;s .. *. > 

develop shingles than 
M'unger people. pei>pli- 
v\hi>M' immune systems are 
depriss,-d are 10 tim«"s mor\' 
likely than those with 
healthy immune systems 
Q; How can I Iom 10 
pound» in one month? 

A realistic weight loss 
gival IS 1-2 lbs per we«rk Vou 
are morf likely to keep the 
weight ott il you U>se it slow 
Iv and cimsistentiv 

AllhouKh dirt'- iii.iv 

I'.M-t ,.l ,,M-s J 

losf Is V\ .Itt T 

Ih,:, vvh.r, !> 

thev regain most or all of the 
weight back 

Besides, tad diets are dif- 
ficult to stay on over time. 
The best way to lose weight 
IS to eat a balanced diet con- 
taining fewer calories and 
li-ss tat, exervisi- more and 
make changes in your 
K»havior s»> that ViHi eat in 
response to phy sKal hunger 
and m>t your emotions 

Brochun's on healthy eat- 
mg, weight kws and exercise 
are available in Health 
•service, A.V>2 or call 
Nutntion S-rvices tor a con- 

.siill.lluin i>r m.ilrri.ils at 

Financial Aid: many opportunities for those who take the time to look 

contriued (ram Mg> i 

larants are alv 
brst of ill options 

■ st.itcor litter 

•Is anil do nol 

h.ive tt> K' repaid The 

lederat IVII t.rani is the 

most pi>putar 

Other grants imlinK the 
fllinuts Student \»sisi.uu<' 
t ommissu'n Mon< • ■ 

\ward .ind the ti,i 
Supplemental Kducation.ii 
I >pfH>rtunitv Grant, which 
both r»\)uire the >i>mple! 
otthe l-Als\ 

'trs some •'(■' 

ints till illirtois : 
tf»' SurMvors ot Tolice 
and Firemen KJlled m : . 
I ine ot Duty, the Illinois 
Veterans I. rant and the 
Illinois S.iti.'ni! 

CiUard \jv.ii Mihti.i tiT 
more inhvrmatKin. vimI the 
Otice ot Student Finarwtal 
\<sistance at Harpvr or the 
'--AC. 1 HOOK** 4""^ 

Scholarships ii 
itig freshmen arvd luiieuui 
enrolled Harper students) 
are another option The Lou 
Buchenot Htwpitalitv 

Scholarship is for currently 
enrolled full time students in 
the degree program 

..I I ri I 

- , nut I he 

Chicago \orth4\esi 

SubMrban chapter I't she 
CPC'U Society Scholarship 
are both awarded annually 
lt> full time students enrolled 
111 the leih Prep>i- 

r-Mci.i 1 

1 III 1 ugenia s 
'in. Ill Memiirial 

p IS avail.i^ 
Harper s. 

.It W-asl iMW 

'i i(;p\ ot 

Memorial Vhol.irship i- 
a\ai)able to full time ^lu 
dents enml W in th«* I larprr 
HcTlnwiiis I'mgram • •<>' ■ 
minimum I Ci V A 
SharletH- Mjum.. 

Scholarship is available i 
Sinh sch«x>l graduates ot 
i )isiric1 211 and enrolled in 
the Harp^fr Nursing 

Project Escalera is .i 
scholarship tor bilingual stu 
dent!) wh«i wi^ to piirsut a 
career as a teacfu-r in a bilin- 
gual clavsnKim l-or moiv 


Bright Minds 

Strong Bodies 

Generous PBTsonallties 

FtiH C f tnibl* positmrn a v a il at *? 

It yaw jn lt n» <l>, lo>r ttnad. wo^ ««• aMli * WMB. mwv < ■<>• 

Mi«a MiMMgtan «o>k ImM >W liHIO iiwm *«>• lo 

wtt immt « ittani w <nrk 


1 4pph<jt»on. flit It t-Hif 4nri brmi} <( Unk ^t> w* ' 

intorrn.ition t' V 

I u»? 

S4;"^^r IHK' .. _ 

The h>lk>winB tour \ ear 

institutioivi have i- * 

scholarships excti; 

Harper transfer siuoent- 

Barat College in lake Hirvst, 

Rr.iJle\ !,.'nnerNit\ in 

ri..ii,i llhn,.:- hwntule ol 



I in 

Hope ■-. 

- a tax civdit available toi 
•le first twi) y ears ol colti-gi 
ill J degnv-granting 
^ram It v. ill K- •'Ifeu 
studeii' pa\ 

HlllHWl ,...,. ;. .- ,1 llM'v 

•r part titiH- students 
"-■■ iifft- Scholarsh';- ■• 
revtil that 

iliiei 11V suht' • ' :iu 

tirtal federa; ' t.iy 


The Federal Uork studv 
Program (F\VS) is available 
'.' ~[.jdents with at least six 
semester hours Students 
can obtain employment 
thmugh the college, and tin' 
earnings arv paid bv the fi-d 
eral government 

Loans are ar»olher iiptmn 
It all else tails liMnsi.mbe 
i>btaiited either bv the stu 

SWl RandRd 


M/ S90 nn 

'nimSf- Ask tor BriK* 

.• llieii (Viuiit.s I he 
■inilv I ducattonal 
ui^r.itu'. f < JiT.ii 
■-•ut'sidm'd I 

' .,t,.Kt,.t. ,...* ,, ,,,, . 

ill .iHii part 

i.rn Niu.uiw^ rhi'M- loans 

ire tv fit II .ible anmi.ilh lor 

;■ inic \eat with the 

11 of the I Al SA 

ILir^nr i. ollece otters 

slii'rt term loans IS] I I 

students who ,e i \n 

.It rhns* St .irs 

IS lor defs 
■- offered 

then [virents IKi'. iiMii is 

'i T>. v^ tt^!. ir.iiij.ilh I he 


\ eiltMUl 

, u. ., .,,vi, 1- the 

internet \iMtllar(si --i.imi 
v% eb site, 

www harper ci il us. thev 
list numerous sources and 
valuable information aKiul 
grants, loans and scholar- 

Harper offers links to 
various web sitt-s Oru* of 
theni being 

ivww lastvseb com Ihev 
utter J tret easv comprehen- 
sive seanh t>M-r 180,(1011 

pnv ite M'ltur siholarships, 
lellowships.grants and stu- 
dents loans are listed. 

You can log i>n and per- 
sonati.'t' ■ ""rih to vinir 
own I . 1 study and 


(ill out ih. 1 \|s\,Mi the 
web \isit their wil- site at 
wwks tafs<i fd gov 

It the idea ol distussing 
vour financial aid matters in 
tront ol others, schedule an 
appointnwnt with a hnan- 
i lal alii assistant 

sr.iitiHj:* in I. I ! 

.1, v.ill !»■ 

to help go 

>n pHHl-SS 

io brill); with vou that may 
K- helpful are: income infor- 
1 student'- back- 
1 ui .in<) ,irva ol study, 
household si/e. parent's 
incomi". number ot children 
111 i.illei;e tax n-tum items 
.iiitl ,iiu tnlorm.ition on 
.issets ^uih .1-. u lilies. 
-tisks or blinds 

Approximately W sihol- 
arships were granted this 
tall serru-ster All were based 
on merit, cx«nmunity service 
and nei'd 

There are more than SO 
aid opportunitHSi alone list- 
ed on Harper's web site. 

If you have any further 
information, contact the 
tWice ot Student Financial 
Assisiaiiii .It K4- 4;=. fi24« 

VI 0& ST 

c »r FS s 

I . 







I ConvMMion PIsn A 

Wth riuGiMn*OhaniL«a(t, 







nw zmn aam graal monayl 
Wck up tn phona tor a 0ml 

i»««i -»«t •-w 

r*« ar •wcfca* «*m*<M r<u-«TM>«. ik •••«* 

Cat »» locaion t wwaai yuu 


T luGnan « OwnLawn 
twMl Owortumiy (mploytr 


Page 4 


The Harbinger 
Octol>er 12, 1998 


Full Of part time. FlexiWe 

hcKffS. Oil changes and 

checkout cashier. Cleaa 

independent Qu'cWutje, 

Northwest oilers 

123 W. Northwest Hwy. 




Career Advice arxl More. 

Surf Chicagpland'S 

Premier High Tech Job 

Resource Wetjsite at af f solut 


Part time 

$9.CXD per hour 


Earn up to $34.00 per 



847. 3309595 


Rit your career in motion! 
Laidtaw Transit Services. 
Inc. IS the world's largest 
private.specialized trans 

port at ion management 

company. We're looking 
for reliable, service 

oriented men & women 
tojotnus,part tlme/full- 

tme bus operators for 


the Greater CFiicagotand 
21 yexs ot age or okJer 
-clean drivMig record 
(bring MVR check) 
Pass Physical, including 
drug alcohol testing 
Driving experience pre- 
Please apply in person: 
Laidlaw Transit Services 
510 Westgate 
Addison, I 60101 

Tutor Wanted 

Harper College Student 
as homework coach and 
sitter for 2 boys, ages 8- 

10. M F 2:30-5:30 

At Schaumburg home. 5 

10 mm from Harper. $7 

10 per hour on exp Fax 

resume to Randy. 


References required 

Come Join Our Team 


410 East Gdf Road 

Schaumturg. 1 60194 


• Part and Full Time 

• Generous 

• Competitive 



Secretarial Work 

no experience 

Flexit)le hrs 

Part time 

$9.00 per hour 

Ask for Julie or Matt 





Cancun. Florida etc 
Best hotels, parties. 


Book early and save!! 

Earn money + free trips! 

Campus reps and 

Organi/ations wanted 

Inter <:ampus Programs 

1800327 6013 


November 7tli 
9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

1 the Fncli Cecrter 
at Dmhurst College 


2 bdrm. 1.5 bth. apt A/C, 

newly redecorated, pool, 

balcony. Plum Grove & 

Algonquin immediate 

occupancy, $900.00 

Pager (874)346-8190 

To place a 

classified ad. Call 



Hk- KlmlmiM (■x)lk-gi- fall Rotpiion 

II ^..ll |)I.1II 1.1. .11.1 .1 (..Hi I.. »<«llll 

hk. I-, until MMi I...1 l-.ill K. .. I '"II Ik.iihiImI 

;» .. T.|.ii» N.iii mil Ir.iiii .il».iii "III r>in.i|.ii 
. L .!x .; vtuih \\H A 1.1 jtliiiiw.m . .niiiH I....- ...ii't 

,|,M..Mi I .. 1,11.111 il ( iimtiiliiiii 1 ,111 liilp >. .11 

1,, t, . I . .{( ^-K i)|,.| ,.ini |K t^ (Mil ■.;...ll* 

( .ill liKJ.n til lev l\( .1 N|l.lit <(>Wl) t»l7 'illKI 


/'i../' ^Mrlli. 



rf^ Guaranteed Credit Cards with Credit Limits 

CJC^^' Up To $10,000 Within Days! 

^ No Cridh , No Joii, No Paki;nt SioNiik, No Si:curity Dkfosit! 

no credit • bad credit • no income? 


If You Think You 
Cant Get A Credit 
Card, TNnk Again. 


Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 







i I want Crcdil Card.s immetliatcl) 

; CRA, PO Box 16662, ATLANTA, GA 30321 




Tired of Being 1\irned Down? 

Guaranteed M0,000 In Credit' 

October 12, 1«« 




MVUMOlihl tiauDOM 

1-800 826 CARS 



rage 6 

The past and the 
present of Harper 

I hf di>i>rs ul H.»r(ir College 
opened in \'itt7 tor an estimdted 
1 1100 tull-time sfudentx and r»()0 
p.irt-timc students a- a tempti- 
rary campus in Elk C.rove 
Harper now has an tshmntod 
:4,(>00 students pv r 

Harper ii.uiu.. ,i i 
VNilliani K>iini-\ H.irjor prrv, 
i>us president o» the Lniversitv 
ot Chicago and the father of the 
two-year college concept 

Before Harper College v\ds 
actually built, soil Irotn the 
University of Chicago and Vale 
Universit\ was mixed in with 
H.uptr soil sihiuvls H.irper 
worked jt 

Harper's tirst nillei;e vehule 
was either a I'ihh or 'h7 baby 
blue Chew station wagon, a 

Irum the passen>;.'r v. ins 
with the nitty Harper li>gi> 
painted on the sides 

In early 1^6K. mir ll.iuk 
mt was selected b^ .\ sindont 
t.K tilt\ i.i>minitU>- i>t si\ 
C>riginal entries consisted i>t the 
Hawks, Hounds. Jets. Hornets 

! Eaglets. Maroon and gold 

:•• ihi- sih.xil ^<>K'!-. ,it iln>ui' 

\ll-.l 111--' , I -. , , ,1 : . . , ., luiol 

siiiii; v\ .1 s ,i-li > i,,J I'v .1 ^.iinmit- 
lee ot students A lot ut things 
have happened to our school 
and for our school spirit over 
the ve.irs 

The lampus buildings were 
recent l\ nnamed to compliment 
the departments thev hinisf, 
which is fine 

\ttii the t.uultv li-.irii till- 
iievN njiiies .ind the returning 
students memon/e where 
they are gi>ing. the uKvi vsill 
work fine 

Almost all the nevs signs on 
campus ,ire blue and grav hnw- 
evei n»>l ni.irniin or gold 

Which kind of confuses us 
V\hat colors do you like better^ 

The Harbinger 


Hie 1 iarbtnger 
October 12, 1«W 

Edit orm Chief- 

News Editor- 

Amanda Oftenbacher 

-Jennifer Gol2 

Sports EditOf 

-Kevin Shep*e 

Assistant Sports Editor _.„Ryan Freund 

Faculty Advisor Howard SctHossOerg 

Letters to the editor 


ir Edilcit 


SotlMils I,. 

thf I 

■'What sihi 
iw 'B' park 

You \ 1 
tmivsi >t 1 
dtm ' 
bf\' I 

I . ■ '.in >, ,!l! V 

fd|S«\i Itljt, Hlf pjlKinU pt:K*s^ 

at this nrK- inslitutKin sixnilvi m-i 
bi- under a h>tdlitarun system 
A tiitatilananistH' svslrin would 
be one m which one pers*>n (as a 
monanh) pt»s»»-sses unlimited 


It M>u were jbU- lo Imd anv 
one person whom you thouKhl 
had at this institution mv ^uess is 
that It would come as a surprise 
to ettlwT her or him 

^>ni ni.ivif thi' st.ttt-mt'pt 

' Ilus ci>untr\ til i: IV. i.i , 

ttw. righf Edit 
ptaiH-t did vou ...i. 
no, I am rtol reterririg ■ 

. .isWinj; li. 
■\r<' v\i' iriv to do arninmg wr 
wish'*", then tfu? answer is no. 
We an' tree, within the parame- 
ters that have been st-i up t>v lair 

s*h.U'f\ .IS .1 v\ h' . 

^\ Isil 

Jlw p.. 
fcH- « nunii 

mighl be U> livlp csUblish orJii 
.Amrtfu'r may be to sIkiw vhih- 
sort ot respect tor .iulhoril\ or 
.iuthont\ figures 

>ou .iski'd thi' ijuestnin "tXies 

one Ihinlk that a student want<> to 
K* late li»r class any le<« than a 
teacK-r' " 

tt we wi-nl into the office and 

tf«cktsf ifv- ptTcenlage ot stu- 

s against the per- 

I. her at>sences, what 

\ I'u ihmk we might find' 

!' ! ut :< viHi 1 would rart K- 

.■ Ii.irvi I'.irned 

in-,1 ,.i llvll 

' ■■■•■ -1>">K !l>Jl 

i!tv should give up ihesi' 
~) .Kis but sfkHild shari- tf<»— 
mis IS t.HTI\C. Sll IIEK 
\\l CAION' Ttw taculH shouki 
m»» give up any space's |us( 

shan* them."'" If the spaces an' 
not uiviii up. how do vou ulti- 
niatelv share them?''''" 

Next, ".^fler all. we <iri' the 
ones wIhi pav the tuiti" 
HUH"? Do yiHj have . 
how man\- students are hen- 
(with mom and dad paving> 
N'cauw the paivnfs said, "You go 
to scftool or you'll need to t-.-f i 
)ob and stdrt paying rent 

It vou tix>k a vote am.>.;^ s^., 
.indents WHO ^CTUALLV I'AV 
"IHK nil ION .ind I'm -. - 

\ sure that nothing. 

Id like to tinisli up hv tirst 

saying that I leel that tht- hii;sesi 

as<et that we have iH-n- at I l.irjH-r 

I doiibl i>ur 

-li Ui.i! tii»'\- .ire nil" 
,t than many (NO. fSiJ ' I 
-M.L) ol our sludenN' Yes. I do 

Fnim my experience, these 
pts>ple an- mon- canng and tak<' 
on mon- n's.ponsibilit\' for the 
outiome •>! the s|n.)enls 

some ot the students deserve. 

Allowing them tfu- privilege 
111 closiT parking is a very fimall 
way lo say, "Thank You," for 
your effort and dedicahon. 

Secondly if the students luve 
slninR livlings regarding the 
parking pn>blem I have Um> sii>; 

t>ne IS to l>ea>me active in the 
student sc-nate as well as t)>e var- 
iims clut<s. bircause tfu- only wa>' 
to ettect change is to K'v ome p.irt 
ot the system 

'. implainin); tmni the outside 
' do a bit ot koikI 

second, we have a referen- 
dum coming up for approval 
during the Februar\ elections. 
Ihis would bnng in money for 
much nivdix) impruM'mcnts to 
the lacilitv 

And who knows, tlie parking 
t-niblem may be Milved by some- 
thing as simple as a reconfigura- 
tion ot tfH' already allotted land 
(It may already be then-, it's just 
not laid out in a convmient way) 

Si' wh.i! ,im I saying 
isvMtcfK'rtH'lliachin and go d«> 
something " Make sun- to legis- 
'-- "l.i Vllt 


>tvrl ^. I. new ski 


S|iail«» IMiilli|»5< IM. Im ffii#l Koniihki 


Nod Bago. Actele Bottra. Lindsey Frencfx Sarafi Keely, 
Jose Lacdan John Tillotson, Sean Trudeau Herb White 

il PoHel«s 

r.t>. puwrwiea B. MwWy mrou»wul the sitiwot ff^ ■. ». ^-^. .*. j,g noMays and 
fn« miifT<«. Tnn paper « AMritiuiM ItiM to an stiaMras. faculty and admim 

tration. tfte Hmtmgifi toMi (urccrae « to pKhPule t»» Harow commmty with 
"•omwior pwtamng to tt» campui ana it» •urroun*n|{ con»»»«iy 


nw NMw«r iMlcanim iMtar» to tt» adNw and nplMMi to our ecMwiai*. 
Lctiar* RUM «t wfnaa ml Jnckalt ■ Mm (unMr to manty aullwrmm 

Si£iMw«* Mi lie iiMOtMl upon nquMt. M lattars and oontani ar« iti«act to 

Pwluct* and Mfvice* adwrriMKJ m tihv HvM«ar ore not nace&swuy 
•nOorted Dy trw aAtors of ttn pomir. nor by n« coMt* aamnnlration or 
Boanl of Oceclort. inqurim ttam w fon»aWd DHactty to ina advartMw. an) 
ail iurchaa«« ara at OW itacfation of tne conairwr 

Ttie Harbinger 

William Rainey Harper College 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine. H. 60067 7098 

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The I UrbinijiT 
Octol>cr 12. 19« 


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hoto Opinion 

Who makes a better teacher, full or part time faculty? 



Full timers aa» 



Jim Brust 

I don t care. 
It ooesn't effect 

Matt Stachura 


Full time, they 
know more about the 






rull time. 

iy'« mtmd Special FX producer for Titanic, 

Loolnnu tor oulBOlnopwMntfttM to joki our mobile •fl»*t«nni«rtl^^ ramillp rplllicri canlivates HarOCr 

•EjBrtanlPcy -S»t your own «e»»«Jule •WVork m a fun •rwironitienl *to V^amilie ^^CIIUCCl CapilvaiC!* ndrpci 

•m.fiMdwJ 4»a«Hr*nln9 <Dp«» u«» to our woordinQ studio •CorUaci . ._^__. , ^ 

DM »»47-aiM330 '•••^"'' "•~* 

Mtnetlvm Danc»n Wmnltd 

LooMng i* txAgewrg FM»«:*^ns»»H" i" irwt »>tif iT»o«>itp ©ntwtiijnmert danc* 
tMm. Oancars will pertorm at holiday parMs, bm/brnt mUvahs. coip 
•wanlB. ad to twip Da's a EmoM't pramola an feUBfadwa Mgh aiwrgy 
anvironmani 0«»oa &«p. a imaJ Contort Racha*» • 847-618-8330 


Campus News 

Octol>eT 12, 1W8 



Vftfr all \»iir (larfl work, von ran aff"H •<> K* r^^fH>v% 




'y\'. t til'' M.llll 

WM am tO::)0 wa 
BuikiiiiK J 

MofldHv. 0«ii>brr 19 
S:OU pm TUN) pm 
BaUdiiii J 



KMAUMMMG CAMPUS - 14D0 NOKTM ROOStVtlT eiVD SCHAUMtimC. llltNOH t0173 (B4n 6I»«600 

The Harbinger 
October 12. I99t 

Arts &.Cnt«rtalnm«nt 


Transfer to North Park 

'HfCMl on nrlwt DDu'vt taen 

404 *n«i<! r^. fr ttmiai. (md out mm about •)»• Hortti 
fart Uniwiiftv »rv« the SMcill nwdl mtf intVWits a> 
"initw sttKtmii. 

■ f»ff tMrtifn (ittit ruMuitian 

■ TtanMoi Kholvihipt. up to M.OOO ptf yea*' 

' ftmoMtind tducatnn: the aven^t cUu »i* ii l« 
* CoflKCnitnt pnlrMi mt puMk IftraportAtton 

>nng yow CamoifKs fw m> 0O'tli*-itpa«Mifaalten! 


Ort<*e< 19 199K 

Bror^on Loufiq' 

; 9 p.m. 


1800) 8««-672». 



itn Wnt Fmttr Avenue f 

''3) ;m 5yx) Of (aoo) m-tm 

tm^ irinmmMfnarthptrt.f*! 
iMtailt: mntnertttptrtLedu 

Need Extra Income? Can you work: 

Monday - Friday, 3 p.m. - 8 p.m 
Saturday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 34 year old 
home improvement company looking 

to add 4 more people to our staff. 

Some sales experience preferred but 

not necessary Competitive hourly 

plus twnuses.Cail Miriam 


QQot in Shape for 
Today's Job ^ 

. :p'JKlJum !,ir , 

CluotefrmDa'f. E\inuiaf or WEMEMD CIoms aaJ tan, m Kmckrla, 
tflutiitu A^uattTonim Dt$fn. auA a coKtittnaion m 

• HEALTHC.^RF MA>*r,r.MEVT • lOM«T« N(m»0«KSY5T1LMS 

Sfttnnai) CAMPUS • 3 101 Mownb Dim • Syn^lMI. L UIW • 1 2 17) n) ISM) 


:ION UMtcSum 







Who's Who at Harper College 

katkMtM Cowtoy. StMtfMt Ummf pwiK—t, 
•• atap k*r faverit* rock ky Haip«r1i 

>■■■<■ Off>wfc«cli«r 


Shidftit Senalf Pn-sidttii 
Kathcnne Cowk-v, 20. nyn- 
wnK thf scn.iti' 1,1 tlif 
jdminiHfrdtian t,uult\ .uul 
Mart lit ILiffxT I. iijk-si' As 
prvMvJcnt her tumtions .in- 

"I ni'ViT ' "' It this 

p«Hiti<»n en. such 

.1 \,)st numU I ... M.,ks, hut 
h. \ ii\i t\pin); skills .III' 
iniproMnk; l.mlvv sjid ,>I 
tin- lotij; nttur hours .ind 
\Mf,i- hulk <>t niciiH' wnfing 

.'VllhtiU)(h 4u- h.»-. ^ li>i oi 
ri>p«»nsibilit. V 

l»?f positldt; I, I, 

hi-lpifiR hiT onhancf skills 
sho caii uv later m litf 

to be." 

-Kathcrine Cowley 

Student Senate 


C I'VN U-\ Ivfii .itti-inl 
in>; ILirfHr simv shi' moved 
!u'r\- IruiTt C^^Tmanv in \^7, 
w iwTf ht-r paaMits ,ind di>K 
I iirrvntlv n-sidf 

In prin iiHis si-nd-slcrs. 
sill- w I- i;i\(iKi.d in Htinor 
"^i " .;ram H»ard. 

' .»' ulits, Atrit-rfn 

Metabolife 356™ 

Independent Distributor 

Three Marketeers, Inc. 
(847) 428-7096 

l-lerM tonnuij iti enn. 
Call now fo 


iTovidf energy 

P I F A S A N T I 

American (. ill Pkitv 


A uirdnlni 

(>pfnini4 NovfmlxT m«»« 
on North Michigjin .Avrnut- 

i •♦ .Assistant Risiaunm! M.majjtT •♦ Host* 
* w.m Staff ♦ Ri, 

. hi!. 
Ii. , 

.4\-nA4fli. .«ti.1 . r..^:^ fv. 

...»..,.H-,.». —(..,,;. 

For employment opportunities 
call 312-640 5896 

Of irtopby 

Cuyimr risumt- to .112 <>4lll>li>l 

ow emplinmi-ni <ifni-i- al 1 Itk' Mi«nifl<-fn« Mik-. 

Suiii- 1 KM) 

•wo \.„ih Mirhiiyiii \i.riu, 

Ihicatfo. II 

i 1 

American student 

AsstKidtion. Excel, 

PsycholoKv Club, VVIKVt 
AIDS Walk and mon- 

"In high schoiM, I ni-\ei 
Rrasped the oppurlunihes I 
had to excel, iterv. I t»x>k 
«lvanU)te ol the n?soum« 
av.iilable to me." Cowley 
s.)id ,iK>ut her past involve- 

This vi'.ir L .u\ U-\ s ittn- 
centration is ttH.-us<-d almoKt 
i-ntirel> on the senate. She i* 
also on Harper s srncer 

Cowley works at Life 
Source as a phlebotomisi 
and IS a care provider for a 
quadriplegic This is her 
third year in the Army 
National Guard, where 'iie 
began as Military Police aitd 
IS curn-nllv a medic 

C owk"> was also a fine- 
lighter in Maryland, where 
she grew up 

As for the lutun-. she 
plans on going to medical 
schiH)l and getting Into 
emergeni-v or family prac- 
tice In the tar and distant 
future, Cowk-y might marrv- 
and have kids. 

Its rH»t what I w.inl tn 
W. Its who I want to be," 
t owiev s.«ys of Ikt plans 


Intel net 
Nticrosofl Word 


It'i never loo laic to take 
.1 .1.iss in OfTicc Careers 

irses Stan at 
i, II I. MIS tmYcs dunnu the 

inlnmi., II N 

Room J2-4i A pm 

For More Informainm: 

Peg Smith 847-9:5-6351 


proceiting tnail lor 
national companyl FrM 
supplies, postage! No ••■- 
ing! Bonuses! Start imine- 
diatcly! Genuine opportu- 

Please ruth Long Self- 
Addressed Stamped Enve- 
lope to 


204SMt ZionRd 

MORROW. GA 30260 


Page 10 


The Hart>inRer 
October 12, 1998 

Golf Team looks forward to next season 


Even tKouf^h the season 
m ciwimg to » ckxe. the 
Hat|ier C.*>lt team hope** to 
sen<i twc pLivfrs to thf 
National tournament 

"Wf h.m- tvvo imlividu 
ah that twvi' an opportum 
ty, bd"«t1 I'O Ihfir p»rtor 
maiKe thi- simmhi. to quali 
ty tor th«- national tivurna 
cnent ami that would Ix' 

t,ar% llolman and Brian 
McMahon ^-iid hivut 
coach RoRiT B«xhiold 

"What tb.\ Ithi 
NIC AA)do tor thi 
tournament is that lht\ 
take the top team in ihi 
region and the top five 

What I m hoping; is thai 
v\e I an >;et MtMahon .mj 
llolman to viu.iiitN s.iid 
I oath Bcthlold 

gimt lo work «vidt 

tf«i» seaaon and I like 

cadi one of them" 



UnfortunateU h.ilh the 
1 iniolii ln\ ilalioiuil ■iini 
the N4C mtt'ts wen" lan 
celfd due to weather tondi 


s»ott Holmes has had a 
);iH>d \ ear tor us in terms ol 
lo>ikin>; at the sias,in over 
all saui loaih Bevlilold 

But he mt'ds to work a 
his i;ame a little bit and it 
he diH-s hi' I an beiome a 
ij.hkI v;oUi'r 

Ihe other tv\o plavers 
that uen nev\ i-Jitions to 
the t<aiii this vear and have 
had .;iHKJ seasiins are Kob 


Join an award-winning 

newspaper and gain 

experience for 

the future. 

is currentty accepting 
applications fdr staff 
writers, copy editors, 
and graptiic editors. 

Apply in A367 
call 847.925.6000.x 

Reinskc and Casey Sherry'," 
said coach Bechtold- 

Brian McMahon was 
also named to the All- 
l, onlerenee team tor his 
pertormanie this s.i^m 

Ihese kids 
to work with nil- si.ison 
and I like e.n.h one ot them, 
but I'm |usi hoping that we 
<.an quahtv i>ur two golfer* 
to the national tourna 
meiit,' s^id coach Bechtold 


Mike Hirsch, head 
coach of the men's 
basketball team, is 
conducting tryouts 
Thursday, Oct 15 at 
4 p m. 

Before tryouts start, 
you must have a 
physical turned into 
Health Service and 
bring ttw receipt with 
you to the tryout. 
You also must be a 
full-time student 
(minimum of 12 
hours) and must 
brmg a copy of your 
tKHJrs to the tryout. 
Finally if you are a 
Uansfer student, you 
must have your 
hours determined (or 
athletic eligibility. 


D(n■l>l>t^■Ml^. THCrvrtK 

from the director of 

from the author of 



■A«,lillfSM.«'«f\Fm»t H\ty'\ 


rhf H.irbingiT 
October 12, 1<WS 

Hawk Sports 

Page II 

Intercollegiate Athletics: 
Love it or leave it 

Kavin Sh«pk« 

From the Scorer's 

Kavin Snapkc 

whn i.i>mi til k hivr »m ,111 


^iHi iii.ik. Ihr ilitir: 
ILirpcr Sports 

Wo -If 1: 


• MH' whti 

,..v WNBA lU,.;... 

Haskftbdll AsMifiatioti) 

Division I tollin;i- 
•ioc It in thf pr 

VVhv cm t , 
port at till' l>i\i-i,n: II! \k \ > 
level ^ 

Thf -.piirts al; 
at that level o< lomp^ 
colleges .ind the pri>s. hut thv 
Rjme<. ->"• pl.iv.i U.r. ,.. ,,,,• 

There hit\f iH-t-n jtrueti's m.i! 

iiHitiMi; LiM^ 'ii. ^'^ ■' ' ■ ■ ' '■''■" '<■■"" " 

V\orld Olympu pf" ■ -<• isoii ,.t vserem-inft 1. 

Not everyone suiits, It tivuU.p.. I ■> >^'" ''i'- 'i"- «ereslill t! 
(h. list, thev have to work ^^*i^ is ii ii C-: 

>v u up l.> the top 111 pl.n v\ ith ihi 


lid 01 suppiMt ' 
>M- lack thi Tn.iin 
thini^s other s<.hmi 

student .ttii 
on. It uill make their pnm-s-. conw out ol this schot)! and getting then- * whole lot more dit 
have made it ti> the rH'xt level iiiult 

What It right now there s .1 y>U\ |t s n v ou lu.ike it 

ttleni tMtl tlurr i-. ,ilv\ciss hhmvi 
more (X'ople to lOine and watt li 




Mt Km ng* M wd pBt-IM 
vd 0VMn* tuid^r poMHW (liF 

Sales Associates • Floor UanagemwH 

Stock Associates • Head of Stock 


Ccet b ac oFor Open tbna 

n A)Mn - 7«)pm. Odobar TS^ t« & 17 
Msg»-tir/iNL •v«(MORiiMiCMiKMra 

■tOMmli Ir9bM> 

SOCCER: battle 
hard but come 
up short 

WRHR'WS NtfMnSl CilfOtMduNrtiCA»t?« 

MK m OMM » «« ■» SMwdl MM 00 MM«t 
kgn itMpii • MMrm lir « MHHMi iiMMW •in> M 



caMnma from pagf 12 

and to stop the tkyv" sfv-*^ 

Harper coach Cahbir l . 


Dimpilr beiim pesteivd b> 
a furious array of •>hot«. 
Harper goalie Amy Wrt>rtski 
held her own thnmghout the 

Wnnski stopped !<> <>hota>. 
including a spectai-ular nave 
during a crucial one-on-one 
situation with ^esavadhana 
late in the game 

"Amy did a great |ob," 
cxuch Guiliano -wild 

"She was very aggn-vjtive 
and made MmK" big savi-- 

Fre->hman mid lioMi ' 

Roxanne Stime sent the gaiiM 
to overtime after drilling 
shot past Bntidecke with k- 
than two minuti-s nemaining m 

Ihe game wen' ■ 
minute sudden-i1> 
KIgm mid-lieldcf Mvehj 
MellicV landed it ijuKkh as she 

• '■ ■ ii Vv Itll 


th.- s.-tl' u !.. th.- I 
'-■ ' •- .■ ■ .rth ,... .., i,,^,, 

tvmnn- -Anderson, Kell\ 
Ci'ttaro Alivah Kivken and 
kiltv Cowley were out nurvii\c 
injuries, but the Hawks Vepi 
the game closi> despite K-ini: 
outnumbered 1 1 to "J 

"W»" kept Irving to 
rtw ball." Hall said 

"It's one of the gami-s vs. 
plaM'd with the mi»sl! 

t \Mth .1 

i H all our );.imes itiis w is 

(Hit t-S-~' ■<<■<" !■> 1" - " t 

V .uih.i' 

" ■ ,,.,r,u-u..,. -,. -.1.-.,.^ 

rist- while s*»phomorf 
■ Andersiin had tn. 
I Voungman addl^l tv\ 
jtJJitiorul steals 

Standout inut tuljt r 

' Viggiaru) didn't sa>r>' 

lis. but made two k»'\ 

Ihe I adv llav^ks lOiKludi 
ttt. ir tour game Ikmih- stanv) 
M i. ! u CXt.iber I? .in.iinsi 

■1: ,inii eriiiivi 

•; 2s-m and the 

uiiloriuoali tiling was that thev 

could hari'lv draw 10 people to a 

home g.iini' 


I )i«'sr that puts up 

">■'- ' :• ,..i-.^!'<Ts ,il's»TVe .1 

: ■ . ' It lut teams are not doing 
s. . \\,-]l liiin ! \i)u think we should 
suppiirt them'' 
Ae do Io\e our ~i i, 

k St 

rf t.iH'- .i 


1' -.tudeills 




,;,inu-s nei-it the s 




i.nU t 

Ken p.uints 

but til 

r stud 


,1s V\ t 


should t'< j 


•t ,.UI 

dent athletes ami 

Lonu- t 

hivr t 


iin to 
c * 


ini- support 


Come be 
a sports- 
writer on 

We are 
tions in 

Hawk Sports 

Volleyball st ays perfect a t home 


S'nu-timt- .'lu- win m.ik, ■ 
s,>n II that 1- ■• 
Hawk> ari'utt lO'i 

The ladv H.i«k^- iii'.'''^ 
m th«' win lolumn u uh i ; 

12, isn. ."h' 

LollcRe t>l Hul - 

si-v»"n-Rjm«' It'-'i'K -■''■''■''' 

COD lanif mK> iIh' M>nt,-.l 

rankvvi 4lh in tin- luit.on ^^itti .1 4-0 j 

rt-vorvi in nmtoriTin- p' ■ j 

All llvil w .i-h"i n^ '** 

jtam.' .in.l -"vfvl uiuU'lr..l.-vl at | 
horn.- < 1' 

111.- I'lsin^ -iiiMk Nc.iii .r^.iinst 

iiiim..- v.iiifv ^-r. ■: Tv 1-" I; '■■■ 

tlgin LiMTimunits Li<lk>;i. " 1 ■• ' ' 
15, Colk-si' "t l'^'- *■'>""«>• "^'•' 
12-V=i. hli s,.uth Suburban 
Communilv Colk-nc. lilM'^ 
Sauk Vdllfv tivmmuniK I olU-s*' 
IS. VIS. loliot Communitv ColleRi'. 

s-is n I'i "^ 1^ '""J '' '""^^'"^ 

Iu.~..).u ..>;.HnMi. tM> 

■Ih.s «in ,i>;.iuv,i I. on >N.i- 
an-at win toi u-. bvcau-» ti vv.i^ .1 
c.«i«.r.-ni.- w.n ami .• Nm—I ••"■ 
nmhdentf, said oM.h shan>n 


"V\V Kvn diunn quuk.T drills in 
praclKf and that alw.ivs r.ii-s our 

We did a great fb ad|ustin>; to 
new posihtww, betaust- we lost s,.ni. 
of our plavers 

This v%as .1 i;.»k1 lo 
plav t OD Ki.jusi' I know wr will 
havf to play tluni J);.iin in th,- m ..r 

It was a huge win Brook 

tr^mii''- - PHOTO BY RYXNWRWD 

at IMHM aM liivrwfe to 4-U •wall 

Dis.ino .iiui Nir.i I'l-tk-v pl.nod );r>--'l 
tor us 111 Iho vKlorv a>;.iinst I, O D 

H.irv^r ox.inpliti.-vl trem.ndous 
pnst- and .ontid.-iKf in thf s».iond 
s»t .omint baik Irom a bis d.tuil 
,,r,.l won! on to win th.' n.-xt two 

e OD ralli.ii m tht- lourth set but 
I..I1 .hort dt-spiti- a si.lid fiioti Irom 
.aptaintollivn IXmWv 

VVf .am.- in h.n- .■xptitinn to 
vsin but w.' didn t ha\.- tho drivi- or 
int.-nsitv that it takt-s 1., win Marptr 

^vrni-d to want it mort- than wi- did 
IhfV di-M-nod to win Hopt-lulK 
this' loss will bt- J make-up call tor 
us," said I>K»lcv. 

This win will go a UwR i^a\ 10. 
th.- Hawks, t-sptviallv when th.\ 
m«t up with DuPaRC asam This 
w,n sivms to havj- a hugf effect on 
thi- Chaparrals 

■This is a bis blow V\e .ame in 
hen- Iwkinfi to w in 

We werv a>nfcreme .hamps but 
now wen- 4-1 

We tell siK<d about our .h.inv>- >'t 
wmninfi this gam.' but we lo-l. s.iid 
Sarah McC alx- 

I his was the bifiKesi win e\.t 
thought possible 

We really communicati-x) an.l ^^ . 
plavi-d together as a team 

We finally clicked and we finally 
sot the W ' s.)id Sara IVOev 

■The win against nul'age was 

i; . 

Ii -.s ,-, , x.utly what wc wanted 
and Its bcvn a while sinc-e we w on 
a game and it |ust telt nallv ureal 

W.- wanl.d It morv than PuPase. 
s,, we pushc-d ourselves lo the limit 
and did whatever it tcx>k to gel the 
victory, ' said )odv Rossol 

Ri,>sel had 12 kills and Katie Watt 
omlnbuted W assists Sarah Bac* 
had 22 digs and three serving aces 

The Lady Hawks are now 4-12 
overall and 2-3 in c-onlerenc-e action 
llieir next contest will lake place 
at .<n luesdav, October 20 
against WabonsiH- Community 

rhe hrst s.Tye is tired at 5 p m 

It was a huge win Br.<ok. ^ ^-^IT' 

Lady Hawks battle before fall ing in OT 

r--i I^^H ^V— '-■^"■' —"—^ '•'''« .?..,„..„.,:. ^.Mel. in the first P^C^^i^^i^S 

Women s s,k..-i I.'.hh l.u.-d a big 
challenge Iuesda\ atlem.-on 

In addition 10 haying ouK nine 

..vers suitc-d lo plav. the Hawks to deal with bad weather condi 


IX-spite on. ol the sea-i-n s more 
imprvssue .ttorts tlus IfU ^2 to 
Hsin ConuminiK College in oyer 


The Kai.u- w ,.-. l.;;btly Im' ■■"!" 
ihc- tinal iniiuil.-- as boi^ 
mi»'**^lonseyeralbri.ikawa\- ■ ■ • 

second hall 

"With the weather it 



t leattMT 

b-Kly s ftam. 
Hall said 

Th«> Spartans pul Harper ( 1 s I ) 
on the d. tensiy e .nd through nni.h 
cvf the game s tirst 4"^ minut.'s 

Spartan lorward April 

Kesavadhana gave Elgin an earlv 

Afteral4-dav lav ^itt the Harper ^^ .,lt.r sending ihf ball p*»« 

PHOTO B* 1€1« wmit 

AM, WnmM loolia <* wWM 
after maUmt a savo. 

STitff «MrrB< 




Ihi' Hawks 1 wasl. a; 
,„ne setting; iM.k into the contest 
Harper lorward Mary lllen Sal. 
had her shot detle.led by t «- ^ 
,;..alkivper lenniler Hrendecke, but 
Heather Hall laicised in the rc-b.>und 
to tie iHe omt.-st at 1 I with W^7 
reni.iinint; until halttmie 

\1.,.\ J.I 'It iross oil and 1 was 
p, M H.ilU.iKi 

Uausht tlu-m.'t) guard and put 

" '" 1 1 

However, th. I ^ i """'^^ 

.mswer as 1 Igin torwarJ l.-nniler 
t.rabowski nailed a goal with 7 i>4 

temainms in the tirst halt 

After a dominating display by 

the Spartans in the Hrst half, the 

Hawks h.-ld t C I. s.orek-ss in the 

second halt. 

ttatport Maatlioc MaM »•••• t^ 


M7.«».«000 rt. a4*l «•!€» k» «••«»«»•■«»•*'*** ■* 

"At halftime I told our defenders 
10 let them take *ots from far out. 

CMlar, *St7. 

WIIHoM llaiiMy Hai»«r C*n«C* • ^atotliM, HNmIs 

Men's soccer showing great offense, lacking 

Mld-rt«ld«r Annando Q«it«« has b««ii • k*r 
off •«•(«• vlMMMt ft tk« Mmrka IM* m«m«. 


The Harpt-i \lin - 
t««iii amid bi' 
kni»;ht thj»b»i.».t-. 3 pi'wiiiiii 
.uidvk , but (iKhts Kittli's 
without d ".hwld H.irptr has 
line i>t the nuul«.i"<t i>lti-nM-> 
m th«' rfRHjn. but has sut- 
Itfivd fmm A wfflk itcft-n^M' 
fSfHVI.lIK il !!'-. 

>.iin I. .Ill ' 

miiih i<( the se.js«>n 

Iht Hawks mentiv 
dii'pptil .1«^ppmn"ins 4-1 
.1. urn Mali- 

I uttt-ns.) .i 4- 

.1.11 1 

; \cx\ ui'll, Ihi- 

\V ! ... , 

'.•isHin«\l |thi- 

IvVlds th. 

ran <«aid. 

md has h. 

,.il with 

l'l.i\..r Mni!i.-n'-h 

VMl vnnditMins, but >vi- st<ll 

tain H,,-,!.i!, , 

I'll! I.irlh .1 j{ihh) i-f<i>rt 


ihan the pri>t'lim in 

ti'ar» s [. 

.:.,.! Ivh..'. .s id, It 

inrnu'Tstm nn 

Strdlatiis ;. 

finals with i-i- 

iderKi-d 111 

M>fl, will'. " 

( ^..l• ..,., 

thi' lu'' 

B. OctekOT M, itM 

in defense 

; til lapilali/f im our 
tunilifs <nd wf invil to 
-tart K'inj '' ' 

inindfd " 

While the tram mt-ds 
iDpnuoiTient in takinR 
idv ai>lai;e ot their ottensix e 
v.ipabilitifs, (.arvui still feels 
;li.ii ihi- team r»eeils m 

'IIipiOM- l".l!> •.iii-illi in 

iithniial ^1 

... I i .1 ... 

-n'r\^ I tor lhi«« 
-. ,1^. .p. J w rTt r^asi-il ' . 

I\(T». ol p!a\ irs u. 
ixitita saui 

,A lol I'l "HI 'IKll-ss IS 

basei) on ovir delense There 
have been players who have 
lome out from the ranks, hut 
»vi' still need more t»vhnital 
skill, .md we ne»>d more tatti- evperieme Our next 
remamint; jjami-s will tell us 
.' "•■ a- rt'ady tor the Kegion 

.iirnament ' 

111' Hawks tiiisf "I'l '^'f 

lar sea<<on todav 

... \1, I l.-nrv 

Off-campus eating offers alternatives to the vending machines 


Th«v are man\ thin^js in iili people nii-d 
things that we cannot surM\e without 

Take tixid tor instance, its sonK-thinj; vou mi-d 
there's no question ab»nit that 

The quj-stion is ra>t aiway-i what to eal but 
where to I'at 

There aie nianv placiw afound campus lot stu 
dents to eat I larper is in the midddle ol a million 
diftement restaurants, ranging fn>m the dow nslairs 
cateterui to Vie de 
France in VV.HH.Ituld 

Il IS 

Vkem Hiis at 

narper i^oiiEge rw.iHit.eid ... i. u 

bar .1 s.ind. 

ar>' served, ai.'iv ■'■ ''" '■•'■"'' '""<'' <'••' 

reasonably pr.i.d 

At hll t t-olt Koad next to House ot hndi-s .s 
I'ortillo's Hot Di>Rs 

Inside Portillo s is a salad and pasU pUce called 
Barnellis. which has tantastu ribs 

fven ihoufth rortilloH is ,i bit pricev their 
ihivs.- tries. n% $16", larjje s! '^4 .\a- a lavor.le 
anions I'l. H<jrhiii<«'f staff 

1 he nevt strip mall over contains Kiratem Brt>s 
Babels t«S t Coif Road Einstein s is a reallv a>ol 
plate that dot-s interestmn things to babels 

Theie ait- aKnit tin dilterent kinds ^.| cream 

!re dtvens ot 
: ri"»taurants 


iiidwich >hak 
'h. ^...ikKm.Ii M. il. 

cheeses, not in. I".'"> 
Ihi- (jarlu 
loeat It m verv smm i 
smell lor a week) 

In addition to the 
■ilt«<-n different tv jh-. 

..11^ made, il w li 
I I.e smoked ' 

-nil,. ■ 

\L\t t.. W.h 

■, -''l~ ■ 


ni.ii. lliK.ter^ an exCK-nsivi' Italian n-slaurant, 
Italianm s, I'anera Bread, tonnerlv known as the 
Saml louis Bivad to and Piz/rr... I. n."- .>n the 
lomer ot ( .olf and Meacham 

B.'sides havinit a-allv cute waiters, Unos also 
boa«.ts a vanetv ot lurM+i specials including a per- 
sonal d«fp dish pi//a, i^T^ and a couple of differ- 
ent chicken platters, both $■; W 

The I'anera Bread, at C*jlt and Meacham < 'tiers 
ever\ thinR ransmR fn>m b«geb to speciallv soups 
to signature sandwiches 

One of our staffers particularly likes the soup in 
a bread bowl, $4 2S 

The manager of Panera, Dustm Bowen, recom- 
mends the Italian t ombo Sandwii-h, $'>'»'>, and the 
MjRO Koasi I ! l.eri- IS als,. .i . .it.- inside 

t nrstauran! 
Inside WiKHltield there is a plethora ot different 
,, si,Hir.ints l.lms Carafie and Vie de 
I !,.n. . 

lohiis l.atane 1..., ^, client all vou ^.m eat 

,id bar. %^h\ that has a little bit of even thinfi 
■, ' appeti/ers go, they aa» called Jump 

: the maiiontv ot tlrnn atv good. The 
iiisl. \a.l...s $.S<», Potato Skins, M 4"^ ■ - ' ■'-•' 
I hi. ken I infers. $,S.45. ate ven, gcHnt 

.huken meal by far is tin- i .riiiea 
.\aki, 47 nS. and iIh- salad bar is only 

• e Good Eats ori page 11 

Can you g,uns where 
this is on campus? 

847.925.6000 cxt. 
2461 if you know! 

MmIo OpintefR 

What would you 
Sdv about the 


Late nights on 



November line up 
of events brings a 
lot to look foreward 


Harper names new 
Sports Information 
too Pa<o 14 



lO-U Sport* — Pa«oolS-M 

Pag* 2 

Campus Nmira 

Thf H.irbinj»fr 
October 26. 


*A lu^glinft Act: BaUncing 
Mallipic Drmand* on 
T«ca(Uy, November 10 
from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m ia 
A242a. People, events attd 
■mltiple prorilie* create 
•be«s in our lives. Thi* can I 
lead to unhealthy ways of 
cnping which can get us off < 
kaUncc. Tllis seminar will ' 
•dress strategies for balanc- j 
ing multiple demands in i 
our lives and managing the { 
ttre«» that comes with { 

* Student development | 
counsellor Andy Howe will 
be doing a STRESS 
BUSTERS seminar an j 
Monday, November 10 1 
12- 1:30 p.m. in \2A2i 

£a Ask your wellness advisor ^ 

nuiusiv submit i|ut*stn>n% 
nn WVIIm-sv n-latt*d ti>pu-. 
bv placing thorn in tho 
mjrki'd bi>« oiitsuli- the 
Health in 


Vri^wiTs vm!I - 
lulurc iss u's ,.i 

All qui'stinns will bo 
thi>riiushl\ rc-soarthoil .im) 
ri-sfiDnsos will bo ; 
bv Ho.iUli 

I'll >k---^l. '11,1 i 
ri-Lllovl li' I' t n..'-- ■: 
Q. What's the different' 
between 'good "and 
"bad' cholesterol? 

*. hiilos|,Tol I- ,1 toriii lit 
iiriul.jtiri^; iii llu- bliHKi 

I. h.ilosltTllI IS ONsiTltl.ll to 

viiur biHi\ s toll mom- 
br.inos "ho insul.ifii>n ot 

M>u: nd tho pri> 

Jin- . f M- l>,,r 

V. Ml Ml-suii 'I I, I MlH-s t Tl llll 

t»vi> sKunos bliHKl soriiiii 
cholo«>tori»l vvhiih is pri> 
ikicvd in vour Kh.I\ 

Ihot.irx chvilfstorol 

r. tu, li i> i.'iirui in thi> rtni- 

'iT'i tf.ncis ti> 

s ictjs lliri'unh 

(ill in i>n sfvii.ll N 1 d lipopn)- 

1 horo ,iio tiM' m.iiur 
li[H)profiens lnu ■.ii'iisit\ 
li[H)protoins (I t)l ) jnd 
hi^h ilonsitx lic»<>pa>toins 
ilini ) I DLs tr.insp«irts 
fho>rit\ "t , luil.-ston»l 
lhri>u);hoir ikU 

dropping i[ .Ml i.u n-ll 

If thoro IS an ovoisuppiv 
i>t 1 1)1 s, Iho oncoss chi'los- 
torul K-Rins tu depoisito on 
.irtori.ll walls, lonninj; l.n • 
Its ot waxy pidique. 

I his buildup of pl.iquo 
blinks Iho artiTios. which 
rodutos tho bkxKl flou to 
Iho hoiirt if brain can load 

111 hoart disijsi'. lu-art 
tittflck iir stmko 

This IS whv LDLs are 
known as "bad" cholos- 
fonil HDL IS primarily 
ronmvod by tlw liver and 
IS iimsidorod "Rtxtd" chcv 
losterwl because it removes 
ivcoss cholostorcil friim 
.irtorv walls and brings it U> the livor where it is 

The best combination a 
[■HTMin can have in termh 
I it chiilostort)! Is low LDl 
lovelsand;i)«f. HOI IomIs 
at K47 92S.W92 

Free film screening offered 

Unlor ill!. 

k.lVlotnilHVsl.1 in.i 

Pi'tilh <i« liHi, Inch 

will K- screenou .it i i.irp«-f on 
luosdav. tXlober 27, 7 M\ 
!!i in the Ilio.itn- .)( •' 
; .inoss Ariii Shm! Si ,. 
Li-nlor. tI4' 

11m* tilm IS .III ,1, . 
Ill mHod Hnlish film iriln 
v.illHTt Adair s novel of the 
s.iitic ti.iiiu- ihiHit a «»uff\ 
i\'riti«r M .1 rtittt..h n(*rni*i:iti«^" 
'.. . prKli-.* tmn'-t'l -n ► 
.; i>(>thmg to ill- »i(ti 
sci-called adi ' ol 


But when t.ilos IV -\tti 

'wd b\ tiihii Hint V i,iK .1 



nil'*t.jkl!ll'. t'!.'. -. ! ';.».' ■ M 

!■• ■ I. , . . ^, . !u :- 

I "tv ,1 bi/,iri> |\ilii i"! 

Its ^ ill* 
Konnie B«>si.. 

K..imi4- Bostmk is initiall) 
^ii(^Tlicial, primarily con- 

img ot watchmK his film 
vidot> .jnd rt'.idinn t«in 

When (.il.-s ir.iM'N w 

Come join 



We are 




in R367. 

I'l'ifn I'* ms lifsiir It s J 

aInHKl as if he's dimbod into 
the >.im-ma" .mord j 
intt to KkMotnimvski 

lor liHY 


Iho till i.i 

Is in I ni;hsli 

Iti.T. I. r... J. 

r.f ihi 


processing mail tor 
national company! Fraa 
supplies postage' No sell- 
ing' Bonuses' Start imme- 
diately' Genuina opportu- 

Please ruth Long Self- 
Addressed Stamped Enve- 
lope to 


2045 Mt 2ion Hd 

MORROW. QA 30260 

www Iwrjuni, il us 

yjot in Shape for 
Today's Job 

I /k . 

■ • *ff''**f"'M"*«*" ■■ 




AmencanGirl Place 

A trkfdulrd srating mlaurant itrvtng Lunrk. Afternoon Tm 
and fhnnfT 

()|M'nin>i NovemlMT I1»^>H 
on Nortji Mk'hiitan Avenue 

Now Miring 

♦ Hosts 

♦ Wait Staff 

♦ Bus Persons 

Vr oHh' a km. 4naiak. and crraijvr minriwmrfii with a>nipni<nr 
(Irjirbl*- fichrrfulrs and Rri-ai Iwnrfii*' 

For employment opportunities 
caU 312-640-5896 

nr in your rraamr tn .11 2 C>4004i>l 

or Hop In our o rep h ymenl offirc Mon Fri, H:.'i(>an)-6pm 

One Mi«BHIcctM Mile. Suite 1400 

9N0 North Michi»n Avenue, CMci^D. II. 


Transfer to North Park 

ii-pend on wfiere youW been 
3ul iwjie jb«ut txjw No'tti 
i>*l neetii »nd intetF^ts of 

' ftif ttans^*r credit evalu»t»on 

• Trin-.f-'l , ..U »(. 56,000 D»-f VCd'' 



October 19 1998 

Brorton Lounge 

7-9 p.m. 

(SOO) 8SS-e778 



n and Finamwl Aid 

The Harbinger 




'My I 

i«uM«.iu»t»eo«lltoa»»,et.«tr7r^CiL>^. fc^***» 

MaKe Your mARk At DRdKe. 

Can you get where you want to be from where you are? Consider 
transferring to Drake, where you can achieve VDur dreams At Drake, 
youll be a part of a community that lets you use what \ouve learned. 
You" 11 have professors who know you by name. And you can take 
advantage of the many opportunities in a capital city. Then, you'll be 
ready to make your mark. 

Call toil free 1-800-44-DRAKE (or 271-31H1 in the Don Moines area) 
Or visit us on the Web at www. drake, cdu 




T"3l^-^"-WMMBKJBBL3ll^ ^BK3K3Bf mm HBL 

The f iarbinger 
October 26. 1998 

ce sculplufe melts the hearts of TitamTTovers 

Several men carried 
the Mocks of ice 

thv entrance 

by the the- 
atre build 

ClMfJaae Luaa Ureal the 
I Park HUtoa created 
an ice sculpture of the sinking 
Titanic with help from bis 
aiwiiitant. The Kulptiire 
wcBl op by the Boflding J 
Theatre oa October 7 in 
honor of Camille 
effects in the 
■ovie. The show 
mM out. with 355 ^ 
people, 17 over capadt 




(liiaranteed Credit Cards with Credit Limits 
CftS*^' Up To $ 1 0.OOO Withi .1 Days! 

NoCkidit. No. Ion, No Paki:m Signhk. No Sixukity Dhkxsit! 

no credit • bad credit • no income? 




If You Think You 
Cant Get A Credit 
Card, Think Again. 


,u;',Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 



i I want C'rcilil Cards iimiicdiatcly. 

• CRA, PO Box 16662. ATLANTA, GA 30321 


( i!) 

Si, lie 


Tired of Being Turned Down? 

Guaranteed M0,000 In Credit! 


The Harbinger 







Page 6 



The HarbinRiT 
October 26, IWS 

Wake up witli titc 
sunshine staff 

I he i.impii'. ru'u bicn 
clofil tor throf lu>ur^ IIii.h ot 
our editor>« h.ivi- nini- .1 m li.i---- 
es. Looking at the amount ot 
work on our computt-r scrt-i-ns. 
v\, -ii;h. knowing thirc is .U 
least another three hmii- •'! I,i\ 
out work ahe.ul ot us 

Why are we here' All ot us 
are craving a greasy pi//.i witli 
extra cheese L ntortunali l\, ".' 
one can leavt- until this bab\ is 
put to bed. 

One ot our staft writers is 
wonderint; the einpt\ halls ot 
Harper \\i > .ill Ins n.inie but 
there is no answer Old the 
Boogie Man get him' 

Twi" ot Us .ire wearing our 
winter |.uk.ts shivering from 
the I hiil oiitsuK- 

C)ne ot our ser\ 
computers keeps "free/ in.; ^'■• 
have rebooted this une seven 
times in the past half-hour 

1'.' V. . J.iri- i;o h(iiiu' ,il ti\i' in 

the morning and lu>i' "I^e it 

to our J.tss.'s'' Ox .1 up 

bed h.f" I '•'•r'- 

III .» tiiii -.111-., 

' ' ivl>e vv f H ii. i»l> ■ 
i.v\ and find tiuf ihi 1 

bad drr.nn 

At least we get to walih ihe 
sunrise over the Harper geese 



I was .1 bit dis 
Irauglit when 1 
read the Photo 
I )pinion Poll in the 
iVtoKr 12 
H.irbm^' r ^ *l 'In 
t.uir I larper students 
polled, three of them 
said, in one wav or 
.mother, that tnll- 
!ime t,Kult\ m.ike 
iH'ltir leathers 
.■>art-time tacultv 
The other one didn t 
.are.) From lonvi-r 
satuins I had 
with fenm\ students 
since. I tcvl that the 
poll did nt>t necessar- 
ily repreM-nt the 
viewptunls ot the 
students as a whole 

.Mth»>ugh I would 
personally agree that 
tull-time taiult\ liere 
at Harper irv r.ith.T 
evceptional (at liMst 
from mv xanta^e 
point 1. 1 siv tlu' |Mil 

liinc I >.. ill!'. I.iil^n 

i 1 tlie s.nm* 1 ritfk' 
r\ I rom the classi- 
that 1 have taken 
thus tar at this u,ui 

L«H«r« to 

derful institution, I 

don't remember 
being able to lell 
whether or not nn 
teacher was full or 
pait tune unless thev 
told uu- 

'so 111. ikes .1 
giHivl tcaclur .in\ 
x\,i\ ' In my opinion 
1 [H-rson's heart 
teachiiii; st\ Ic, moti 
vation, knowledge 
and exp«'rieiHC .ill 
itimbine lt> create his 
or her i)ualitv ol 
Icuhini; it noth- 
ing to to lio Willi 

whether ot not the\ 
.ire lull or part lime 
I ull-tinii- lacullv 
don t bigger 
hearts or molic.ition 
for the teaching than 
part-time, hi tact, the 
aMMins are probabh 
ver\, it not 
the same I hex re 
paving bills, ni.iking 
some extra cash or 
they |usl pl.un iniov 
il Are til. 4 

sfvles difterent \iil 
111 mc opinion I It i 
die same cnthu 
!\ and kcvp the 
stuiKnls' .ittenlioii to 
llie s.iine degrre 
1 hex tfud to usv tlu 

tiM Iditor i 

same qualify ot visu- 
al aides as well 
[^o part-time 
teai liers liaxe less 
education? No 
What abcHit Dr John 
Much more who 
taught Hptvch 1111 M'.ir^ lie s ,1 
retired speech 
teacher who comes to Harper to 
tiMch one sptvch 
class f-rom the \\ ax 
he teaches he pniba 
biy came back |usl 
K'causf he loves 
leaching. What s 
wrong with that' 
Was he a lesser 
teaclier b>ecause hi- 
was ,\d|unct faculty? 

I le IS certainly as 
experienced, it not 
more so than many 
ot the lull time 
spivch teai hers In 
tact, this is probably 
the only area that I 
would venture to 
day that full and 
p.irt tiriic t.uullx .i.' 
ditler Part-time 
l,Hull\ croerallx 
haxc i.atvvis outside 
ol Harj-H-r and >>tten 
times are wurking m 
the tield in which 
ihiv If.u 11 I roni 

this, one may infer 
that the part-time 
faculty would bring 
experiential knowl- 
edge to the class- 

This, in my opin- 
ion, is a strength of 
these teachers 
Knowledge is 
derived not only 
trom Ihe classriHim, 
lectures and text- 
l-MKiks, but from 
experience (meaning 
both our experiences 
and those which oth- 
ers have shared with 

us I 

Why should we 
stratify, anyway' 

Lets not put short 
change into the 
hands of fht»se who 
deserve much more, 
and let us remember; 
We are only as ginxl 
as tln>s«' who educate 


1 hank \ ou, 



itty CowTev 

tudent. and 
student Senate 

Editorial Board 

The Harl)inger 

staff Writara and Aaalatanta 

Noel Baga Adete Botha. Lmd&ey French, Tracey FUler. Nicole Gaston, Brian Goodheart. 
Sarah Keely, Jose Lacdan. ktn Tiltotson Sean Trudeau Herti White 

Oanam Mcmation 

Oanarai Poilcias 

!» the HBrp«« Ciwegr i artipis '.ij"»'«»' 
...i -010 iBCiUlHIWtitlloMWIilMU'u.ii 
■ »,!i«lii.n'p., f,»-i,;tv» ami ivmrntrv.-v- 

-\,<.t t» iigniKl antl r,- ,a<- .1 i»i>»-* r»,r •.•».-■ • 
w.>r»»(|ju(i«»!re«»je5.i «» i»ltw» ««W caraw! 


#^ ■■ 

•: .jiO*<a. j«J *i (Mtfas 

MafHng Address: 

The Marbingei 

Wiiiia" Raney Hafpef College 

1 200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine, l 60067 7098 

Rwne Numbers: 

ousmess oti ice : 84 7 1 925 6460 

news office: 1847 9-J5-6000 »2481 

fan: (8471 9256033 

copynght 1998, The Harbmger . 
AK rights reserved. 

Ihi- Harbinger 
May 4, 10% 


Page 7 

Halloween season kicked off 
with ghost stories galore 

Guitarist to perforin in free mini-concert 


iVi Fridav 1 VtiiKf IMh. 
thtf Libefal Arts l>rama lab 
wat trarvsform«'d inti> a 
spooky s«>itinK whfn- -'■■ 
dents and trionds gathi : 
hear trishteninR taUs ,m 
vs'itthi~>. zombies. );hi>sls .ind 

This year ^ i ■ . ' ■>(<""> 
Undft Vu- ltiir.i-^1 VUi'n was 
the Mh annual priKluftion. 
. Iv of(tani/ed arid per- 
i.tiud bv members ot the 
Drama and sp,.,\ h 


It included storu-s told bv 
students, faculty, and e\ en a 
tormer faculty- member who 
IS iK>w retired 

The evening was intend 
ed to put th«i^' in the audi- 
ence info a "Halloween 

The sp*mky atmosphfii 
was created with the help i>t 
tfie decorations done by the 
Student Chapter of the 
.^me^can Institute of Floral 
Design and their avfvtsor 
lovce Grattoni 

The h performers told a 
variety of stones. ranginK 

Inim lh<? lomical to ihi- yir\ 
Inghtening! The e^emntf 
alsi. featured a traditional 
Mispanii ghost story, to'd bv 
1 mda I ani; 

\,,.,ll,..r hl.'tl!u'll! .-I Ih.' 

ptTtor n 

■ - on 
1 In 

Iruia NiH'ns 

While they v\. i, 
sarilv nhivsl stun.- !iu \ 
were definitely ^uiU- tvri.' 
and haunting 

lohn Muchmore u.l.l ■-.•v 
rral short stones, uuljding 
.•m' ab»>uf a nasty old woman 
tthn Wills her husband 

Mania I itrenta told an 
amusing ghi>st story fmm 
the p»)int of view of a cog 

(eff Pr/vbvio reiounted a 
true Morv fn>m his chil<lh«xid 
regarding his grandmtther 

The evening endiV with 
the song Pi>ss<s>.ii»ii b\ Sarah 
Mel auchlan perfonn.-d by 
Laura I*u1h>, while accompa- 
nied by Lois Cudenan 

Th<? Mh annual Ghi>s( 
^lorie-. llndfr The Harvest 
\toon was an even ng of 
rather frightening entertain- 

(.juilarisl |a\i.r I aldenm who toundixi 
and heads llu- guitar pio>;rani at th. 
L niM-rsity ol Uis^onsin Madison ivill pr 
ti>rm in a trif mini-ioiuert at I larper on 
rhursd.iy \ovemb»-r s at 12 1=- p'" '" ''''' 
Musk Instruction tenter, 1*20=. 

t .ildenm has performed his s..!,. u\iial 
at C ariH'gie H.ill v^ith a imisu intu distrih 
mg his perlonTuime as virtui.s.. wilh p.^^! 

K M-nsibilitv ' 

.:y K.,.,l.r.i ..( l.-gen.iar\ miit.ins! Andn-s 
v^(,v 1 ua- aivaidrd a stholar 

ship lo -.iiJ. .....lai with Vi;oMa in Spam 

I aldiT.'n «ho lours e»tensivelv 
iIuourIiouI the world, has pi-rtormed cham- 
Wr musit loncerts with cellist Yo Vo Ma and 
has btvn leaturvd al many international 
niusii festivals 

His conierts have been bnvadcast by I'BS 
m the United States, Radio Television 
tspanola in lrun«pe and b\ the None of 
.Xmerua in Latin America 

The guitarists Harjx-r concert is tnv and 
the public IS welcome For more informa- 
tion call the Harpir Musu IVpartivi.nt at 
S47 i»2'^.hs<v< 

Information session for Careers In Vouge 

Clubs and Organizations 

A nmndlabW Sicmuiom km all chit 

K..r,. v^.n b.. h.-ld on V>¥dnes<fj\. O. (. ' 

formoKit^MmaKioi\KMl\*iMii^ ai 

Aiiordiii); to a siud* 
dom in \ugusl 1>«K bv the 
Illinois Department ol 
Employment SiHurily 

Fcimonui and Intormation 
Analysis L mt v iK>k C ountv 
unemployment remains 
steady at a low rate of 4 '^■ 

As the o\eiall demand 
tor nualilied employees 
iiuriasos individuals ni>w 
have the !eveta>;i' to nmsid 
er sc.cond careers and . nti r 
indusfrH-s whiih N'llei iir 
their lifestyle and inlen-.ts 

In response- to the trend 
of second careers 

Nordstrom and I larper ha\ e 
partnered tor the first time 
ever to host (. areers in 
Vogue, a tree int..rina'ion 
st^ssiiin on iu^'sday. iVtiibor 
2", f> piM .... th* itiir.l tl.H.r ..( 

lormauon sossit.n 

mli .xplori' the variety ol 
|obs available in fashion, 
including sales, illustration 
design, display, copywrit 
mg, buying and store man- 
a(;ing The seminar will 
include interai.-ve pri~.enta 
lions bv a variety ot 
Nordstrom department 

Distinguished lashion 
designer Ceil Aurand will 
.list, share how she succeed- 
ed in the w orld ot fashion by 
transtirrin^; her skills from 
design to management to 

The lashion induslrv 
has Ml muih lo otter said 
Cheryl lurnauer. program 
cvxmiinator tor tlw Harp«'r 
t ■ ' • Design and 

V Program 

1. .,,. ,,, 

„„.,„.. h. . ,..■-. .;. -..v' .<"d 
inerihandising is a siudv ot 
trends I rends ocvur in 
almost every industry 
including brand manage- 
ment, pnxluc-f development. 

\ . .... .■,,t, .tut/ H.tiht t'lr 

• < loiTipiller \iuiii.ui««n 

• ( irapfiic Oisicn 

• Muliitm-iti.i 

• Interior I >i-sij;n 

• I islii. .11 M.irkc I iii>i 
Ac M.ii>.»Kv'>"^ '" * 

• FuNhmn Desinii" 

' l*n.Hr«m* j^ji!.il.l. . ..I. .' ' 

\iiit our uthiil€ tit 


The Illinois 
Institute ot Art 

s, i...unii ...i . II ' ' 

1.8(M)..^I i.VoO 

( hi. ac;c, 
App.iri I < I lilt t 
\'^(\ N t )iltaiis St 
CKica>{o. It 6lK»'S4 


automobili-s. home lumish- 
ings and advertising 

Many fashion design and 
merchandising employers 
increasingly recruit those 
who have had previous 
canvrs in some surpnsing 
industnes such as architec- 
tutv, accounting and |our- 

Fmplovees use their 
expertise in past careers and 
transfer their skills to fit the 
needs of the fashion indus- 

Nordstrom recogni.'es 
and supports Harpeis 
ettort in educating the com- 
munity on employment 
opportunities which offer 
individuals a creative as 
well as business outlet ot 
expr.— ion said Ellen 

Itcils.iJi. Il..m.ui Risourii- 

Managi-1 .'i \..i.Nti..ii> 


1 Ol siininars or lashion 
design and merchandising 
canvr information, contact 
K47>'2'i f>707 or e-mail lavh- 
ion«' il us 


Bright Minds 

Strong Bodies 

Generous Personalities 

fuK S f lextWe povtiom awiU* 

It you an tti«n(»y. low bread, work well wtS a team, «iDO» 4 last- 

paiK) jtmospter.. work hard, a« LOUD imnK. wM to 
wear )tam or ihorv to ■otk. 


Wtite down thi^ number (847S90-1111) ot stop by tor 

ar application, fill it out, and onnq it back w we may 

■.:hedule an interview 

JWE-RandlM. ft< 

fekforBnict • 

PaRe « 


I 111' I l.irbitn;i'r 
October 26, \9W 

itUtiKliU i!ii :■ 
.iriii rht 1 *.uv> 

hor lux niiiih nmfi tii.iri wmi 

VX'ith .ovrrii:i M. iitvluMvc. Miui fiisi ihitvvtMr 

l«> Icirii nnirc aUuii Hji-wim. I'l 

and iiur >(H\ ^ulki^i Ihi.i(\^ iiiL- pan, 

Chcik out WA»V\,il.U'«.tHi(l- <tOB 

NXe 11 makf Mia- 

vi.ii J, in- t,, I 

Used books. 

Used furniture. 
Used jeans. 

Ready for something new? 

Introducing Daewoo. 


Daewoo of Ariinfpon Hrigjhu 

Ihi' H.irbinfser 
October 26, \<im 

Campus l^eatures 

Page 9 

Good Eats: short trip off campus 

Continued from page 1 

TWf only b.iJ thir\v; M 

(,>K., V I .,r,,.. ,. .1,..- ll„ ^r 

Franop. i l-nrnh n-^ 
Thfir Frenth C>nii>ti soup 
S^ >>9, (•■ "imothfn'J m nifltiil 

to warm up in lhf<« 
wtnlt^r rromth- 
Xhe Lhivkf! 
whflhiT you Sft it in : 
sanjwuh i>r v>l.ii} foriti 
\ ^^ 

I \w I riujiif M 
jrfi "^^ rN bJi k. In 
ileni4n<i Ih«' . 
KhA It Av> av tor j \n i i 
the cuviiimf f". kept' lor 
it •«> thfv bnxii'bt ii !' >. t 
lucky kit ycni 

Vie »li* Fr.nHr i- 
to (?p thf .ittft 
ynur pdvih. -'■ 
everylhinK jJ 
quickly luTi' 

On ■KM'- \li;oiH|mn 
m Kiillin^ Mcailows !•» .i liltir 
pidci- v.illixl Ihf Madmm 
S-. .• I iiih Ami 1*1/ ■ ■ 

I .. .I'.itU- Ilk. 
Mddium N-i.uiM i' 
shidftils i.m itrink 
viHinntrr s»udent> van waiih 
ehi-m drmk. Ir-. pI.k. itu- 
)(cls busv artt ' 

Av 1 1 1 )> 'k to v^ -It 
ii'rniiHin bartti>Ji'r ■ 
.•«i/tT^ art" r»'all\ >;«h»1 

it.- Ittti. li -^nf 1 III. ii' ii ■ 
,.,,-.1..-. .■■ — .. , 

•k«M and to* .11 1 1.1 I ' 
imtv W '<=i 

!H.i- limm-i »p'> iil i- it"- 
•wiinf. tor only J ' 

rhrv i'. .1 s;riMt dr 

I.'\,r% V In. kt:l 



• ■.I i> 

.. ik'vvai\ 

■i6,>m. tl . 

n:i': i;iH>ti tiCt thi Ch.i 
^ti!:. .1 f, «.«t •*» instci.* 

smtlms liuddli 
iZ2^^ Valk-y i ..► 
in s,hdumburK 
i' !.• a kutt>. authmti. ■■■ k 
nii; (■■vUuranl. with Rrrat 
l.K'kini; l.imp->. The C hitk«-n 
1 Ck: KolK .irv iwo lor $;>»=<. 

■iir I 'iK' 1^ I'lK' 
' prrMWi. It you i 
1 .1 to lonrinuc, thi' I ^ 
. .p ^.mp •.mill *^ ?^ ail 

i i.KiUv ■> i- J p lb di 
'. '•. oft of Knsdflk' KiMtt t 
v Inn An 
thi« mjn. . 

lato H. 





vKs* ' 


.'<l«5» TKtKn K<5»««* 

Photo Opinioa 

Wkat Is your opinion on 

tiM proposod budgot 


ollom Flick. 18, say* 
"lf\ a ^rvM h*lp far 
our rheatrif dfpart- 

'andy Widwm. 18 

/ y If we tan u**- it tJwn 


ke McFlak, 

%ton is good." 



November 7tti 
9 ajn. - 2 p.m. 
in the Frick Center 
at ElmlMnt CoNege 



Ih. I linltiiiM ( «tllc"j;f I ill R<»v|)ti(»n 

{ .ti: '■ " IJ'' i< > MM f \ (. .1 

K'i»i i;i7 '►HM* 


Page 10 


The Harbinger 
October 26, 1998 

After all your hard work, yoa ran afford Ui be rkooiqi; 

Tdink i.trffiji; u are now. and w 

Then ynu'll knii« ; ;li>' rijjhi ( hmr i-. kiKiM'\ii| I riiu-rsnv 

Its nil siir|ins.' il ,ii main II 
KiMJM'Vfli cvt-ry jpar Aim) with giyini r>\iM)ii our Uuai Aimisaoa 
Agftrnttm t-rmii's you to full iweofBuosevrlt fudiitirv mtmhv iiuj 
jMtlvities jriil pnnid.'s a M-aniless transiilioii when >ou tfaiksfiT 
Consider tli>-.r .nl.lit fu.u luiufii^ 

• 1V(i I ,ini(iiistN ("hii u(?o and Schaumhurg 

•The Niirthw'i \iitpi)rti>' ..nlv full mt\!i"<> i!ni\t'r-,il\ 

• Fast-tr . 

• tAcnii 

• \ounj{ Lxfi ui \f t riiKraiii lor 'ju.iiihi'il |iiliinr 
and senior business majors thai >!ij,iraiii.fs 
dcxree ( iimpleliDn in fimr semesters 

• Generii tiips 

•fhililt ii. r IS 

RwusjAel' ■ 
la.i.r .1 .,. 


MaiMta>, MovTMber 2r> 
MOaai- 10:30 ua 

Wnterwdajr. Omt. 2 
8:30 aai - 10:30 Ma 




K WH iMBua c tmma- MOowoarwaooMvnTiivD, tcHAuMauao. Aum» um (U7)*\*mK 

October 26, 1998 

Harper A & E 

P«»e 11 

Come out and see what November has to offer on campus 

Traccy Fuller 

Sr.\'- .SI-' ■ ■ - 

■>fa>t.n .trnves, there are j 
numbiT of evcnift ftomg cm al 

M-irptT in \in«-niK*T to Iwi-p 
vivu tnmi i;i fiiMi; -.rre^swi 

rhf muntl) III Xi'viniKr 

■ iris i»H with a U-ttiir.- h\ 

KiitHTt Ki-NsltT. lit whom vvj- 

the inspintum for tbi' stit 

''Mller Thf si/ii:. : 

wjs also tlu- 

inspiration for th«' hit Ivk-vi- 

■-Fon show Du- Xfj/f* He iv 

rll-known for his e>p»Tlis,- 

I "tetidl kilters .md si-\ 


Rt'^sler str\i's js an .inj 
l>st for the (onBtTiet Rjms,'\ 
murder case in B<iulder. l.l> 
on ABC T\ This letfun- will 
be held on November 2. at 
7.30 p m . tK'kels an- almost 
sold out 

The An fyliibil ,.| 
Dimensional f^b^eils tsilj 
come to (larper on 
November X and will displ.u 
the three-dimensional works 
of in Chiiajioland artists It 
lontimies ihriniw'fi \i'v,iuber 

tv is in\ ited 

l)n \ovemK'r s, at 12 !'> 
p rn in tfie Musu Instruct I'P 
i. I'lUfr tiirm«rK known .is 
HuiKlirit; I' mni.,- f!i|o> lit' 
niusi, il styling of |avier 
V. 1 Ivii.n as h»- strums awav 
'•n lii-. .■.iiitar 

I .ildiron performs .iv ., 
n-gular solotst in onhe-t 
suih js tin- St U>uis ., .; 
\tl.inla SvmpfMmu-s I his 

tht> kids 

len' of tfn- f'ulit. fi 
' I > »\ inninc tomejy\r\ wMtti'M by M4r\' 

■ ..I II ,.,, . 
luiit) !!■ iIms u.'nu miiu'dji 
about .1 in.ia ii.inud Tlwoid 
(' l)owd. who's best tru 
Klieve It or not, is an m>.i 
narv white rabbit He. t:w 
t.ibbit, ntfuses to J.-al with 
ri-.iliU .iiiil , -n 

th.T. .. . 

.ipj 1- 

student- .ind ,!.iii 

otiwr students .n ■ s . __, .. 

eral admissitni 

The show evtends itsell 
lhrou)(ht>ut mid November 
With show dates , t. I ; p, j | 

^<m. „ . ■• ■ Pill lijli ii jli it i glip i. 


li sii.>w. st.irl .it S p m 
I' Is .1 pTtormaiin lur 

the hearing-impaired ..n 

fridav'. NovemluT ''0 

I here will fs m 

( Muhif ,ll.-f.l,, , 

[Mrtkipatr in ihi 
.111 loiiiniunitv 

Ivso films will Ih- li-.iliind 
in mid-NoxemKr The lilm 

Wc-liin wil! hi- shown mi 
N>'^ p ni II,.' 


n vv i|. ..-.ix I III.' .ipp.rrlLiiii 
li lor sliutrnls a-, well ,is 

■ Ml ll lllllf. , 

■ ri-.un HI tns.hen upon 

i r«TKh, bev.iuse like am 

■!'. r toreiKn film, this dim is 

111 it* own lan);uaf;e 

•uSh. there will K' 

-li subtitk-s ti. help the 

I rrmh-impairevl 

The film \1, r, . 
ratisj "R," Mill K- shoun on 
Nov 19. af 7.!Vl p m li i- 
alviut a diKlor who travels to 
a tain tori-st. m an unnanKtl 
( Vinentan amnfrv. to 

S |S1( th* Wllltlli ITl.'.ll. li ^».,- 

r.uili J 

I li lliuis th.f 
IhvI) mufdeteti ami miievi-s 
that they wetv killed by "men 

■ i-h up on 
■, iiur sp.inish lor this one. or 
Hist livl Ireii- to read the 

f ni;lish subtitles proMdi-d 

Added to November's 
listing i>l events is thi- Tree- 
rrimminR Fest The Fest is 
o|-K'n to rill III Harper's rom- 

Hie Iiff- ininmin^ fest 

Hows adults and kids to 

'■ ind displav ornaments 

trees to hi-lp Ret the 

i^ liristnias spirit in Rear 

rhis event will take place 
on IXveinKr 1 In .J i- pin 

Then, on Di'iemlx'r 4. 
jump and |ivv to the sounds 
.it The Minhtv Blue kinfis. 
1 his griHip plays a mixture of 
blues, country, and jivin' 
musK all wrapped up into 
one, for a night of swingin' 
fun! The sfH)w starts at H p.m. 
Tickets go on sal>' Monday, 
Nov 2, at 10 a in 

Tic-kets are $« tor ll,ir|x-r 
-indents .ind S12 tor general 
.idmission liikets will also 
be scild the d.n nl the show 

for si; 

Contact the Harper Box 
iHtice at K47'*;ShlilO tor tur- 
ffu-r informatinii .iboul .in\ of 
thev events 



hours. Oil allonges drtcl 

checkout cashier. Clean. 

indeperxlent Quicklube. 

Northwest oilers 

123 W. Northwest Hwy. 




Career Advice and Moie 

RvsuuK.t.' m-nsite at 
www.staf (soiut ions.cof^ 


Part time 
$9.00 per hou 


4 8pm. roon thur 

Earn up to $34.00 per 


Vehicle Operators 

Put yfxjr career in iriotion! 
Laidlaw Transit Services. 
Inc. IS the worWs largest 

to now? 


\ hli/lf I i/i (;/ 

private.sponnli^ed ti. 
port igement 

comt . ' looking 


oriefv, en to 

join us. ptif t ! in Hi , full 

time txjs operators for 

the Greater Chtcagoland 



21 years of age or older 

> Oiin driving record 

Dfing MVR check) 

Pass Ptvysical. incltjding 

drug alcohol testing 

Driving experience pre 


PiCii- ■ person; 

: ... , • ^...vtces 

'"*',-Ji D^U. 1. 'L I.H li .'1 


Tutor Wanted 
Harpei College Student 
ds homework coach and 
-tre' '..I 2 txjvs. ages 8- 

1 ' Vf 2:30-5.30 

A! Scnauiuxirg rwme. 5 

: min from Harper. $7 10 

per hour on exp Fax 

resume to Randy. 


References required 

Come Join Our Team 


410 East Golf Road 

Schaumburg, N. 60194 


> Part and Full Time 

> Getierous 



Secretarial Work 

no experience 

Flexible hrs 


$9.00 per hour 

Ask for XilieorMatt 


847 9101352 



Cancuix Florida, etc. 
Best hotels, parties, 


Book early and save!' 

Earn nwney + free trips! 

Ca-npus reps and 

Organisations wanted 

Inter Campus PrograiTis 



2 bdrm. 1.5 bth. apt A/C, 

newly redecorated, pool, 

balcony. Plum Grove & 

Algorxfuin. immediate 

occupancy. $900.00 

Pager: (874)346-8190 

To place a 

classified ad, Call 



Page U 


The Harbinger 
October 26, 199S 




1 I V \ ' 

Stipcrior MrcitKtll 

I I \ \ I H I 


ilfKlll ■ 

tiifi ratmf '- 

Sulitl, lonK-rcrm pcrforiBaac* 

We !M."*k out Iwnf-tcrm o|i|«>riuiiiiir» tkjU i>thcf ■ ••m|umt» 
m punuti M ijuu k giin*. ot«e« nim. Tlioufh j 

nunct cmn't gaarmum hatur • • i«iM-m )>lni.i«..(.l-.v 

Imw proven rKtiwwIy nwmd...^ 

Eoanring the future 
far dKMe wtio tKapc k.' 

MMM* I, ■ i« Kw i»l fe ^ lilMl II ll«H|k ftt MM* .I l lll lyto l W M^l 

SwrprfoioKljr low eipcnaes 

n \ \ ( i< 



E«sy diversifkation 

: tn«i|£i'>l iin t";trttcnt tifrtHMU 

I i \ \ t !■' i 
I'nrivalcd service 

I ml (lutrc. V 1*11 I 
.1 I tiSS-iH-a^li' 

.,!,.. 11 i.-....i.ti ..r i.lal.-.l li. I,i whv 

'.liaa-iTef.4iCf ur ijJI us 


^Wi'ftfc HBP tttllMI 

I . * *ri -J t i ii» . .i« i i i « p . . - < «.iiii »« c«a - 


The Harbinger 
October 26. 19W 


Page 13 

^u' \i>ui I Hfi I 

North CF,NTR.\LC()i.LEff.: 

A Rtprcscnt.itiM' will Ix on vmir campus 

Wednesday, October 28 
A Building; 



Saturday, 1 -><!l 

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 
in the Frkk C«irtcr 
at Dmlninit CcHefe 


llu'Uniliiiisi Cnllcu"' I ill Kid j moil 

( ,,!' 

i.aij «ii"-:H()u 




In thtf October 12 issue the Women'f 
Soccer article it was stated that 
Heather Youngman had steaU in the 
lady Hawks' game against Elgin. 
Daniella K<itas was the player who 
should have gotten credit for the 
steals. Youngman is no longer with 
the team 

Also in the October 12 issue, it was 
stated in the Women's Volleyball arti- 
cle that team was undefeated at 
home. The Lady Hawks had actually 
dropped i>ne contest at home against 
Rock Valley and their R-cord should 
have been 2-1. 

77if Harbinger staff apologizes for 
any confusion as a result of these 

Why we need sports 

1 sihiml and n>llim' 
.ithli'ti-^ Iv .(bir ti»j;it 
where thi'v vv.»nt U< 
be in .1 prolessHindl 
sport' When' wivuld 
Harper Athletics b*-' 
VVhtTj' uiiuUi till' 
1 peopU' who tiiki- i.irf 
! i>t Ihr bihind tho 
sti'nrs .ittutns i»t .in 
.ilhlttu r\i'iit K' 

\\..|fI,I ll.. n li.iv. 

n VViR SnvpHUP 

u ., It 


ivn.n .ii'i'Ljt ^t'mt," 


'.'. ' ,. mid -Hi 
m t.ill 
^.iturJav jt'< 
o! Salurdjv : 

When- VMmta th. 
prostv'" VVi>ul<l thin- 
be an NBA 
Nf 17 VVoul.i 
i.'mi- touithi! .iiul 
..•i!i|H'(r in JiltfU-iit 

>.hf\ iii-<l M-tlif itu'ir 
prubUiii'- in'' 
I low W4>uld hi);h 

. ith 


,.( M.'1>-11- 

i.m n'liili 
,inil -.l.i\ !• 

till' sltll.lll' 





Hiving pvsiplf the 
tipp»irtunitv ti> i;ivc 
thfir all in a partiiu 
lar liinti,''-! Wlion' 
thi'V on riso to the 
^H^asutn and be a 
Ikto in tlieir own sort 
itl wav Sport's bring 
us •lul ot depression 
v\Ihi> v\<' r«' tfetinj5 
ihiTc isn't any hope 
:. w ,iiu thini: 

ttvt u - 

Sptnts .ir*' the 
happy part ot the 
news, asl when the 
weal tier is had and 
'■\ .1 \ tllifli! rlst' IS 
■■ thr 
.,-...;....:..:. 1Ih\ 

bring our spirits up 

Sports not onK 

»;i\e ptsiple the spol- 

liuhl t<> e\n-l on the 

plavinK held, bul il 

■ ■■ Hives jobs to iIh- 

iMi- who Ivlp put 

I r and make 

■ .uui the alh- 

1> les who pla\ il 

what they ar<. I 

mvself am one ot the 
people who uc.rk 
behind the scenes 

Sports not only 
bring strangers 

together, but it also 
brings lamilies 

together dunng holi- 
day times while eat- 
mg a heavy dinner It 
i;ives (hem Mmu"- 
' ing to talk aboui 
'liT than politj. 

.1 wll.ll lli'l I' 'il. 

imwr table 
Sports givi-s cer- 
tain people Mtme- 
thing to watch on 
nights when there 
n-allv isn I an\ thing 
else til do 

I lu-se are st)nn' ot 
ihe reasons why we 
nivd sports. I'm sure 
thai I could come up 
vMth some others, 
tvesaus." that is a ta«-t 
<»t thi- matter that ihi 
world ntvd sports 

I I v.>u ask me, 
we d have more 
problems in the 
world than we do 

Interested m Sports? Are you a 
social person? Would you like to 
learn more about sports, and 
improve your writing and photogra- 
phy skills... come work for The 
'Harbinger. We are currently accept- 
ing applications for sport staffers in 


Pa»e 14 


Tht' Harhinger 
October 2fc, 1998 

Athletics name new Sports Information Director 

Dwight Esau, th* imw 
Miditiofl to tlt« Athletics 
tf«partin«nt, works on on« of 
Ms many prass ralaasas. 

Ravin SiMpti* 

|i>b i>m- Nvi>rkm>; mlh till I 

lui> marki-ting thi" alhli! 

thing«> «; miinu tn hi* tuliin' .< t l.up i 
i. dUi'Rc 

Hf hi'iH-N 111 h.ivi lun with hi- 

"I'm UmlkmR loriv.iiil li- o ''ihl; 
.uquJinlt-d ntlh the H<irp<r 

I ,„..l. .< ill iK,' . .. 

thf pl.uii- whom 1 hofH.- ijn i; 
.iiiiii.itnli'J v\ [iti Mt 1 i.iin K' a ir>*-tti! 
r.^iMit. 1.' iluiii .uid ini- tlu'in 
txVi>i;iH'|iin till 'hi tliir,i;s llii'V 

Thjt s what >tvms n 
turn lin • hi-n* is to p\i 

nm in thi'ir ri>«,|;HMiv»- HjiMrt'. 

■ It th«> otht'r thiiiRs I liKik tor- 

iim' I in siivh .1 sports iiinkif 

-..SI- IS tlijl this pn«.itK»ii pvt". 

mv an 'pfHirtunilv to work around 

........ ,. .1.,. ii.iieg,. u-M-l lor th-' '■>-' 

' do something I c 
I s.ui surprist-d M tirsi on m-w 
i^UK'klv h«.' rtvt'ivvU .1 ri-«.pim>t' to thf 

"It \ ^ITlsf," 

IS km. I III .' 
n.Mil th.-: 

Wi-ll, .1 m-u .i.Ki 
■' iH-d aiimtly to Ibi 
l< p.irtmi'nt on t.impiis 

Mis iLirm- is l>%vj>;ht rs.iii .iii.l hi 
^ ill! ;n'u Spoils Int.irm.Xion 
Uiivvtia ot 1 l.irptr t oll<;>;c 

Dwight v\ho IS ,ilso a sports n>iir 
nalisl. hopt's lo improve M.irp>-r 
Athlrtics .ind put tho I l.iwks t>,uk on 
lh»' athletic' map 

"Thv wav I lound out .iNuit this 
jt>b was that Ri>j;cr Bt'thtold put an 
act with a numlHT m thf J'ui/v Heraitt 
tor .1 position as thf Sports 
jlntorniation l>irt'ilor .it V'biMiain 
iKaiiitn Harpt'r Collfgi-. and I was 
I'lH- ot thi- applicants to a-sfH>nd," 

.1 1-s.Hl 
Wht-n 1 was mfer\iewcd tor th' 
pcwihon, RogiT was ktoking Kir sp«' 
cihf charaitfristiis I " s.nd 

"(or insl.iiur hi- >• anted me to 
upgrade the level ot relaliims with 
thf media, >-speiiallv the print metlia. 
and partirularlv the iVii/v Hi'riihl on 
K'half v)t Harper Spi>rls 

He alM> wantt-d somebodv !.• );i i 
involved with all the Harper loathes 
in i?\'ery' season writing articles and 
featua-s aK>ut the different coacht-s 

.Am>lher thing he wanted me to do 
»\.is to make contact with cabU- tele- 
\ isi,i!i M->d VM>rW w ith them tor tiitiin- 
r. ii !. ,'. . 

Roger als<i told me aN'Ut the long 
Ivrm n«?ed of pn>moting the differ\'nl 
athkrtics on campus ti> the campus 
and annirHl the I'alatine communitv 
as well as the Northwest Suburbs 

The (i)b itstlf IS sort of a twt>- part 

some things doii«' right .iwa\ while 
worrying .iNmiI other things .i little 

One ol ihi' things will take a 

little time is that we are going lo 

upgrade or remodel the Harper Hall 

of lame wlien' all the trophies that 

111. Il.iwks have n-ceivt-d tor their 

■lishmcmls in athletics an' 

.(■ hiriii .in assistant t(> ht'lp 

S that pro|eil in 

.. hilp Us upgrade 

make it look much 

;■< n. 1 in.M. n right now 

(iH'tb.ill IS the mam prtorilv righl 
iiou tor that hallwav K-cause the\ 
,m I iirrentlv in st-jwon. and aa- doing 

alhlelKs, said Bechtold 

Si with his (ournalislK 
gr«>und and love of sports he stviru-d 
like he W.1S a natural lor this tvpe of 


What I was liHikmi; at was the 
availability that he had and it seemed 
that he had tin- time that other appli- 
cants lacked which was a plus 

Because- this |ob is not oiiK about 
(ournalism, but it als.> is about mar- 
keting the college and he <iivms 
he has a very' open minded atHNit ■ 
mg lo do that for Harper." 

Owight did, iKiwpver, dccording 
to Koger, have an affiliation to 
Haqxt m the past when In- wrote for 

i- kind ot 
"11 Ini I didn I think that wt' Imc 
,.iiui Ki'giTi vv iTi' i^oinv; 'iluk lis 
ijuickK .IS u.' ijul l>ut so 
happen. 'vt 

Bui nn ticst !■ 
let s ^o but then i! u .i-. \m ii v\ .in a 
minute w. w i;ot lo think about it a 
little bit what were going to do here 
that s how It W.1S a first 

■| hope that we'a- getting on our 
Itvl and get going i»n sonie things 
(liat ncvd lo K' done but it s going to 
lake a little while 

"It's just all 'hr s 

•I took forward to meeting 

new people hecau«>e that is 

alwajrs a lot fun to do and 

is always a plus bei-ause 

that's the only way you get 

to know anyone is by get- 

ting acquainted." 

-Owight Eiidu 
Sport!« Informatkin Dwectar 

going irto if nght now ' 

fsau thinks that the nib is ihal 
lengmg with all the other thin>;s !u 
has going on but he |s still reaih loi 
the challenge and wh.iteMr <ts,. is m 
lome up 

I he |ob vifsvriptiitn that Ki»k;ef 
made out is r.ilh< i > h.illengmg " said 
I sail 

"for the time 1 have and for tfw 
time that Im involved with other 
things, r>ut we ve agrivd that v\e ri- 
gmng to set some priontie^ and gel 

U"OT o BY Kf VIN Sl«fKE 

Dwiglit Esau writes a woman's baskatball press release that 
will go to tlie Daily Nerald as well as around the Palatine 
community. Owiglit's first Job that involved Harper College, 
was a stringer Job many years ago with the Herald where Im 
covered a Harper football game. 

vcell right now and we want lo l.iki 
every advantage of that st-astm 

But the n>b itself looks a little 
ambitious and we (me and my assis- 
tant I have lo kind of evolve oursi'l vcs 
into It. but It's a new approach 
the college is taking 

llopelulK. in the mar tuture we 

. I .n.i|uainl<d with each other 

... .^1 1 St "f ''>♦■ li»p priorities 

I-. ilH 

thai IS v% n.n wt- are liNiking .it 
right now C>veraU, I'm ver\ happv 
u ith the p«tMtion that I have and 1 ve 
. ii(oved meiHing evfryorw I have m* 
Mr I liH'k forward to meeting new 
people Ktause that is alwavs a lot 
lun lo do and is alwav - 
liecaus<-'s the only wav 
to know .mvone is bv i;ftting 

\ol onh IS Puij;hl happv with 
Ills position luiw at Harper College, 
tnit \thletic Dirt-ctor Roger Bix"hlold 
IS happv tiK> and thinks he made the 
right choice for the position 

The candidates that applied, 
comparing [Kvighl's backgntund lo 
the otfiers, was that his (ournalislic 
background was excellent and he had 
.1 tivmendous inten-st m athletics and 
s»-emc-d to have a gn-at pavsion for 

th. Dailv Herald 

Dwighl used to W a stringer lor 
the Daily Herald a while back and he 
covea»d Harper Athletics 

Ihal was the onlv attiliatum he 
had to Harper College 

Beihlold also thinks that Owighf 
will do a giKxl job at this position 
Kvjuse of the friendliness he shows 
to coaches as well as olhc-rs 

He'll do very well because lie's 
got the skills and motivation. He also 
seems to a-late pretty well with the 
coaches that he has spoken to so far, 
but as tar as the marketing concept 
goes, I think we'll have *o wait and 
see a little bil on that because he's 
new to that, but overall I think that 
Dwight will do very well wifh this 
position and he's the type of person 
we need for the pi>sition," said 

Some ul the types ot stones that 
liwighl will be writing have to ilo 
w Ith human interest of the sport 

He also will be contacting and 
attempting lo get different outside 
organizations to come to the c»>llege 
tvt visit and ve an athletic event 

Sci who IS the Sports Information 

Well, |ust ask Dwighf Esau. 

The Harbinf;er 
October 26, 1<»«» 


Pi«e 15 

Women's Soccer struggles to find mark 

team shows improvement but suffers from lack of players 

PHOTO BY «V»» Stt.Pr.1 

RoxaiwM ttone atteiNpts t« keep the taN freai 
keadlnf o«t-of -bounds as two Di#age playors 
do** In on hor. 

Tbt- .iddiHi hdmitcip i>t ha\ 

inc m> rfM'r\«-s during ■< 
^ht ip UHl 1 

io«« Lac4«H 

IhiK- uiTi' tlttH"< this std 
•on whfn llarpi-i \Vi>nu*n s 
SocctT h•^n^ miivt h.ivc ft=!l 
like It Wi)^ f = .!:t, •■ 

Ru<«Mn \rm\ 

lldMk^ \wt\ t 

numberfd b\ thiir .'ppo 
iwnK wh«.i normalK hait 1* 
or 15 pWiver>, ivhtk- thi- 
11,,.. J, I, . J .. ,,.^^ „ s p!,,\ 

injur\ pi-)t;mvi NtMst>n ft»f thv 
LjiIv ll.iwk-, wh4i irftcn havi' 
■•trufmliit li> tu'Ui .< tiill ri^lfr 
IniurU"- h.ivf .!K(i Kvn .i mr- 
nificant t.ntor tor ihr MHind 
vear teams \~Z 

Mv ton'sighl at lh< -.tarl 
at tht* MMM'n v% a-v that thf 
leatn wouUi h«' strixij^ IhmiI 
aMch Sam Cania sau) V\i 
haven I p.Tt.itin.-.f •,, .,,,, 

iniiirii'*. „.-..,., 

W, ,.i,.. h,, , h.ul pr,.M. 

sla\ Hl^ tiKUM'vi It Vil- 

stav t.>vii-,il ui -.hnulil 
match up betlir with I'lii 
uppnnent's ' 

.-. that 

skills, !nil uf ~ 


K'llMSf 1 

i-.kH pl.lvel 

has ■ 

v.,„V- H'. - 

|.«tK ill! th* 
J 111.- r, ,i 

■ tiel.i 

t .ar^ 1.1 s.M. 

IStHl I.'! 

the lack I 

It pUmTs 1 

s niii-.! 

peivple w< 

•uUI ralhei 

their lars 

than pl.u - 

,isk v\ h\ 

Wltk" V 

vvorkin^ t 

i»r the n-Ni 

lltf \|H\ 

Is till- tinii 

tun and p 

l.n ^^Hi.r 

pl.lMLTs \s 

u- team 

rii;lit now 


thes l.ivi- 1 

111 pl.n iIh- j 


t r, .(Ml 

.a:, Mn.ii, 

K';-, . 


NfCAA lop 15 FootbaU Pol| 

; I.Rkks CulleRe. Rexhurfc ID 7-0 

■> M..t.-t!- 1 .I1-— • s. hraa CA M) 

KS 7^) 

' r 1 \ r>- 1 

> CC. Athenh. TX 



per College, PjUHne, IL 

Mitan, PA VI 
1..C Mesa, A/ 5-2 

ru-^lff CTC Rochester. MN V3 

Kvitt\ I. I'vvlcv. als. • .1 tirsi >,.ii 
•iifssi'd nuineiiuis 

1. 1 injitrlt-s ,i!iit 

• rm({ imm h 

'MT lK~.piti- th 

I li^li -V hiKil pro>liu I I '.iMiella 
Ki«)as IS annther Ireshman 
uh,. h 


sivtnitit ant 

stiphiiniuri's Heathii Hall 
and .Angela \iggidn» Hall, a 
(reniii graduate, lead-, the 
team m steals and has excel- 
lent technical skills. 
helps tin- team \ iftgiamv a Pmspett gradu- 
Itlense and ate is the team s second lead- 
t.i\ suals ing storiT despite plaving at 
the ^wetpet {XMition. 

i .!ki l .Hlllt\ tMjl l I I f;iir 

fiAeiute sciTihiiii; the 



llie game s*'\t li.ii piav.Ts had 

!•! walk I'M the lieKI K-causi- 

< miuru-s IvMviiii; llu- I lawks 

ith ~ plaMTs several 

. 'i. n so pi'ople 

.t lilsl 

rul ,ti: \\ ( ri nu 'TU'f! - 

. iin last seasiin K 
-i.Tif .1 I.ift llii;h s^h^.l 
.r.Klii.lte n'lnevl tlie tiMin 
1 arl\ in th. u) has 

K'enamau . I Held, 

but has strui;);l<>l vmiIi ti>h 
nual skills Huttalo l.nm- 


Antfela •o«flgilo(loft) and Noathor Hall catch a 
braatbor after an toijory stopped play. In|«ries 
and lack of players bave plagaed tbe Lady 
Hawks tMs season. 

Alter a hnel peruid i»t 

:.,,. n' ,l„.n .,t ih,- v,,,,l 

including .1 scasun 
Mij;Ir \^ s.ives in lh»' overtitne 
K^s against I l^in 

Uvt* pla\iTs C.ariia 
hiipis. n iM prii\ ide leadership 
tor tbe tc.ini as lhe\ h> ad 
into the postse.ison arc 

"We need to start to 

.to. 1.1.' how we want to finish 

11," Garcia »aid. "We 

issess our goals and 

the upct>ming tour- 

ii.niitni It we're healthv 

should be able to compete " 

I he I.adv Hawks' tirst 
plavott >;ame in the Region 4 
tournanieiit is tXlober N 
a^i.iinst the College of 

I women's Basketball team named Jeff Jedd their new head coach after 
Jennifer Jensen retired The Lady Hawks open ttieir season on the road 
against Robert Moms College on November 12 

•There will be an organization^ meeting for the Men's Tennis Team on Friday, 
November 6 at 2 p m. in M224 A8 Spring candidates for the team must >.^ 
attend the meetirtg. "& 

•The Men's Basketball team opens their season at home against Robert ^ 
Morris Junior Varsity on Tuesday night ^4ovember 10. 
•The Harbinger wouk) like to take ttie opportunity to wish the Harper footoalk 
team the best of luck m the rest of tt>e season while also wishing the Lady 
Hawks voteyball team the best of luck in the Region IV tournanrwnt coming up 
November W\ and 7th at The College of Lake County. 

Harper Sports 

Pag* 16* William Ralnsy Har^ar Collaga • Octobar 26. 19M 

Volleyball returns home with win 


Rtoliaaa Woa m ial ayaa 
tka ball bmttm aarvliig 






V\.' pl.n. ! ••-'•■ 

shdnm Sljuiit 

"Wf huns li>)jeth«T ii> piiii 

•I . . r.l !.■ «in 

Atht tti. 

I Hirdgf C ha(i,. : 

I l.mkN then travi-kil to i.lH' 
I.I partuip.itr tn •'■.■ « " ^' ' 

['.irliiipjUtl in hmr j;jiirn- 
rhf tir>.t t»,imr w i«. JKam-i 

Ki''hv\ .uik< t^ i t*ininunt(\ 

I ullene and wt-iv deteMvyi ~ 

rv 11 -J5, 

rhc srtimd giimf fciturii) 

HjrpiT Vs CulU'Kf lit lak»' 

Ui vjinr .,«iit .t littlt 


Kin ,1.1. 



.>i i.i.ii 

IN (...ill- 
,lllJ " \- 

I) \\ J". 

;> .inJ 

Jotfy ftosaol fecwaaa on tha oftponant's sarva 
during Tuaaday night's matcli-iip with 
Waubonaaa Tha Lady Hawlta dafaatad tha Lady 
Chiaf • In four aata 1«-14, 1C-1.S, lS-4. 15-7. 

K,>. k \.i!Uv and wire di'liJl- i-ltort and v.y .ill pl.i\o>l "i 

tDHi'tlK-r " 

Iho lady Hawks next 
III £,i't 1.1 h.iint' ijainf IS againM C')akU>n 
1,111 t wait to C<m>munit>' ColU');*' 

lid Sarah Thf first st-rve will be fired 

at ^ p m 
\\i- had a sri'at ti-am 

•Imv stts 14-16. IS-i; 

A litll 

,n.l I 
' .1^.1 m 

Football wins three straight on the road 


Th«- Harper Collfge fiK>i 
ball team is si> d rse to IVpsi 
Cola Kiwi (h<\ I. in 
almi'Mt taMv it >••■> 1 1- ■ i 
Loach John Eliasii 
about S"" ■ - 


■aid t li.isik 

\ • ' . ■ ' • ' 

winning !:% 
and h.ivi- v 
;.»mis (Ml llu riwJ 

VVf ri' hjpp\ that v^ 
111 this kind lit piisiti.'ti 

In the \K\\ ti-, .■.■,,;. Ill 
poll, the H.n\ ks 
12lh plaiv 

Ihv winning 
w ith .1 lontcri'ii, 

jolll-l .IIKt Ih. II I.;i.>i 

With .1 -f> r Miii.i\ 

Valparaiso Unis. 

Junior Var*it>- 

The Hawks then went i>ii 
the road (or three ^ames and 
! victonoiM in all three 

Iwu ol iho three wins 
lame a>;ainst tonlerence 
. ipponents 

The tirst Mttors on the 

** After the loss to 

Rock Valley we've 

responded bv win- 

ninic nve games in a 

row and have won 

three siraighi games 

on the nuid. We'rt' 

happy thai we are in 

this kind of position." 

•John Ktisiisik 

Head Coach 

>.id came ajiainst (.' 

K.ipi.l-. ru li>, th« next nu.i 

: I. •,■!•- I-, .ii;ainsl )olH-t 14 

ist n-ad VK'tors 

I ll..^...rtK l,.u , 

In thf sfniiui .juarter tin 
H,tvvks ha\t' t'litMon-vi itu-ir 
oppiments t^ 10 and the 
third quarter '•'^ 12 

!he ll.mks have li: 

mI.j! ..I 4"! \.ir.i-. 
i, rump has 27 iattht*s tor 

pi.n lh»' Hav.ks hjve s^nmin,:. !'ls 

outscored their opponents Searev lejiis ine team in 

172-112. fcoetvtng With 30 catches for 

tlMplijr ofi 

back Kyle Hafkcs . 

Qunky McCoy ami 

rcociTcrs David 

Scaivy aiid Dcaaijfl 

CnnBR," « 




i'.i^ t i ..itihi"^ 

Burton ttos.m h,i- tour 

Hiterveptloos inr .i l.ilal ot 

. .iiij I .i\ At su-ptir 

, . tour inU' 

toi .1 t.ilal ol W) yards 

Anthony RaRona leads 
the team in sacks with 4 1 ' 2 
aiwi Omar Carrasco has tour 
Mckk. while Mike Neuman 

has thrtv s,u:ks 

Kicker Matt Wilkin has 
attempted three held (joals 
and has made two ol them. 
I lis longest iine was W yards. 

VVilkin has n kick-oKs for 
a total ot I27«i yards and tive 
touchbacks Hi- M ' ..v.r 
,tte IS W ^ 

"On the ,..i,,,~,., ,.... ,.1 
'lie ball I've bi>on impn-sst-d 
In the pUv ol quarterback 
kvie Huj'Ih's . t^nicv McCoy 
and nieiMTs l'>a\id Searcv 
,md IVnnis l rump. " said 

"c ■ , ii-^n. ^uli III 

the ball I ill iiiipressi'd u ilh 
n\\ stiinidary 

I'ur seiiindarv has 

pljMtl well all vear 

Mike Stevens, 1 avar 
sti-ptei irul Burton Bosan 
have , r- on 


the Hawks tu-xt home 
);ame is Nov. 7 a);ainst Grand 
Rapids K.ick-oti is set for 1 
p m. 

The Harbiifefef 


WiUlam RrtMy HariMr C«ll«g« • Falattaw. llUnoi* 

VeliiNM XXX 

World's leading criminologist discusses serial killers 

Focus on local homicides puts chill in the air for audience members 

.IA*» WRI'tfi 

i'tHC^. Maii-i>r. 

■ r What lit' dil ot 111. 
a cummon, K'sidi's In 
the miist t<im(>us •atiaI kilU-r- 
RKbfrt RossUt th»- «i>rli' 
<iuthority oi\ iriim- h.ts mii i \ 
them all at U-nsth 

Re>.%Wr prk"»*'ntti.i .t s{>«>vul slui 
Ifctun- c-ntilled VtuiI KiIUt^ . . 
Vxual Homicidos .mi \..miii1>. r > m 
the) Buildin)^ ThiMlrr 

John VVav no t.,uv ,i I 
uhve, killed young men .ifm tniru.i 
fiem in his crawl spate IHirmn tin 
' Kidies were t" 
. btnlies still cvni i 
M.iiis<>n led the cull v^^l. ' 
.int actress Shjn>n fit. mi 
^er. the heir lo • 
:ne. amonK man\ 
r«Hl Bundy was accused ot killing 
niiHi- than y^ women, Kt~isler claims thai 
there iK probablv imm- I ntil the d.i\ 
he died, .>r,,. i ..i.,...! I.i^ imi.. 

Davul Mrt. ., th, 

.11, in \.iv \iHV I idhmer ll^ 

■ had ct«nmitf>-.i - m.isfh 

'u liadiiouble|Mrked(us utnmirfi 


vlitterenl fxissiblc ttushts 
prv'hles haM- lonlribi!' ' 
inanv killers 

In .KlJiti.<ii ' 
Ki— -lor .lis.. ■XI 'i.ifkl .ir,.; 11 
riuiT.ior . .!'>*■ 

■Ii Ki'^ 

loi the 

.let - 

■s( ,.| 



l! '"" 

Robert ll*»»l«r, Mm wofMli 
XmtMnt authohty on crim*. ha* 
iMt*rvl«w*d killer* tucli m% John 
WayiM Oacy. 


(•e CrwTwiiMOglst 

t, IMS 

Football: Hawks 
clinch A spot at 
the Cola Bowl 


v,s;-,;*'^r sPi-WTS EDITOR 

. Ilarpef Cullege lixjt- 
. ,im was lix>king for a 

ittli- rfvenj;e af;ainsl Kmk 
Vallev and nwm-.. i%.\.>. ilv 
what they . 

Ilie Hav.k^ .... vi.ii...i.\ 
ranki.d -^th m the N)CAA 
liKrtball lop IS poll With a 
H-1 record overall and "i-l in 
iKiilerciHe play. They were- 
.Kli.iled by RiK-k Valley 
thriv times in a ww twice 
last year and once this yeai 
Iheir only two losses last 
I ear lame from th«' hands ol 
KiKk \alle\ 

The lourlh tinir was a 

harm for the Hawks 
t larjXT deteatcd Kix:k \alle\ 

n convincing fashion with a 
12-'* victory which enabled 

he Hawks to clinch a spot 
.It the f'epw Cola Bowl on 
Nov 22 in Cedar Falls. Iowa 

s.f FoOtCWl' ■- u- 

Drama department presents Pulitzer Pri/o winning play performed by students, staff 

Nicolo Oaston 

. 'Alt AR.'H. 

Harper CnUeRes Dram.t 

IVparfment will present 

V. the I*t0's I'ulit/er 

winning plav m 

wntlen b\ M.ii 
Chase, tells the stors .il 
Elwi>od r Dowd a niiUi 
manneivd man who im.n; 
ines his best friend as ,)n 
invisible SIX ktot white rabbit 
turned Harvev 

The play n-i .1 

Dowd and his i...i...» .«ii.> 
aiv tireil o( iivping with his 

i.'iniiiituo i.> .1 s.injlunuin 
'ii>;n.ils are switched, howev- 
er, and Vela, tlwiiod's >ister, 
ends up the one being com- 
• By the time things 
tightened out ard she* 
IS releastni, Veta Is making 
evi"sat Harvey as well 

Han fy represents whatev- 
t'f you want to really do m 
litf, sa\sMarv |o Will s. the 
play s dirtvtor "He i-pre- 
senl^ our dreams, what we'd 
riMlK !■> ■•■>-. Willis S.1V- 
the .11.' ■ .1 ih.- pl.n 

TiM PMIMm of PalattaM portraya n w aa< P. 
Wck Cofliaiiaaa of MH. Praapact la caat aa 
WUaoa and Patrick Naygla of PatathM liaMa 
part of Layman Sandoraon, HLO. 

!.. K .111 .ipp'.ii ii' • ^ '■ ■'■ 

t." ^top .ind smell V 


u as 

iiu>sa>;*' .^tiii *'■ "-■>!"■'■ 
nitKame tinl 

The cist iv ,,,,,,(1,^ li ..; .1 
mix I'l students and staff 
members. Hanvi/ runs 

November 12-U and 18-21 
The pla\' will be held in the 
Drama Lab in the liberal 
Arts Center, I !0*» Show 
time IS K pm. except on 
Sundays, when the pi-rtor- 
mances are at 2 p m 

Tickets are Vt, with dis- 
lounts fi>r students and staff 
(.onl.ul the Harper Box 
Otiu. .It'J2=it>HX) tor 
more inlorm.ilton 

Who needs Rush Street, we*ve got Algonquin Road f "^ 

Saan Tnidaau 





'd- K;...l 

lul^ ! 

ites down liu -iii-»-i 1! 

Si-chov. f.> 
with c»< 
and slros 


What IS llu' Inidftc't 
••• IMC* 4 



Aware 6 Cd 



Women s basketltall 
teams gear up tor 
the season. 

I back Oaa rMra 

cnilaa io a 42-t vtatofy 
mtmttft Koch Valloy. 
TIM Nawha fliriali tk* 
a aaaaw at t-1. 
Nawha raahai aiatli 




Ika Papal Cala tawl 

Pjhc : 

Campus News 

The Harhinj>er 
Nuvrmbrt « 1W8 


•Give Uic gift oi lilc! Vmir 
btood dofution un -^ni' i 
life. Ciw blood during thf 
Blood Drive, Wediwiday. 
Nowmbrr 18, 9 ji m - 3 p.m., 
Student and Adminntration 

•GiMl Aacrican SoioluNnil 
Quitting <mokin)( K one of 
the nu»t important thinip 
you can do (or your own 
health and the health of thow 
around you Why nnl g' ■ 
a try during the i.^ n 
American Snwkeoui on 
Thunday, November 19 
HmM) Service m nporewwing 
m 1 QUIT" table m the 
Sttidem Center. Student and 
AdministTatwn Centan: from 
II a.m. - 1 p.m Pick up con- 
CRte; iMabie sugge«tiotw tor 
qnitttng, information on stop 
Mnokoig aids and more. 

Unm alms management 
and relaxation 
to deal with the Mm- 

Cmne to "STRESS 
BUSTCSS' seminar on 
November 30. \2-\Mi pm. 
Student and AdmimMration 
Ccnlcc A242a 

'Hiiyar WMIaaaa AiWaaw 
B ywi nt li » maHd in health 
and wcOncM or want experi- 
ence worVing In the field. 
consider being a Harper 
Wellnen Advvior For more 

inlnnnanitfi.. mil Itollb 

scTMca iMr.ia9.iutMi. 

AS aa wi l r ia m . are fice of 

diMMftt- for more information 

comact Health Serviet. 

Criminologist: cxpcii trightens students 
cotnniimitv merrihers with stories 


tvi-n th(>i;);h iho ititun' 
wa> pn'sentfJ prDti-v-mnjI 
ly. it Wd-. nnl lnr iho 
weak «t hcari or tin «. ik ,.i 

He pre*CTiievl I.:- . 
about all vi the kil 
■Jfssler >aid thai, ' |l).ihiii. , i 

i> tlx- siiki-si v»t llwm jll 

Ki-^sler Old not spi-iui 
much time >>pedkinK dbout 
Dahmer. fx>;i>pl In mtmhon 
that h«' was exfmT>*"l\ ciH>p- 
t'ralne when cdu);ht 

Owen Lliiyd. trt".hman. 
*aid, "It ivailv maki-^ vnu 
wonder what pttiplt- atv 

tiiin inlHTi-»t in hini 

tllf\ Ct. kS Ul' .'P 

bl.H > 

hail in\ ittvi hirii ti» his oxtMi- 
liiMi UhfH In- ri-tu>«'vl to )S,i> 
t.jiv loilofiufi) him thai hf 
vstvulJ lomi'baik anil haunt 
him Ri"».k'r was nol sun.- it 
hi' was kiiUlmg 

III- wtapptxl up the U't 
tun' hs .inswiTinii; nueNlum-. 
Invni auiiii-mv memtvrs 

^ Ask your w«lln«ss advisor ^? 

Studi-nts can anunyinouvlv submit ijiicstions on wcllnrss 
relatvd topus by placing them m ttw nKirkiti tv>» outsidf the 
lieallh Services Ciffioi' m A>>- Answer^, will appear in 
futurt- issufs of JTif Harhn^er All qui-stinns uill bo thor- 
ou^hlv researched and respunNt-s will bi ; , hi-.ilth 

can- protessionjis and arv nol r»•Utt^l In ' 

Q. What i« the proper way to take care of a wound/skin 

If your symptoms are limiti-d to min<.>r redness, swelling 
and pain you can us«' the ti>llowing self<an' leihniqufs 
keep the wojnd clean. si»ak the area in w arm u alir or appK 
warm tvmpresses, appK a topical anlibtolu iriMin .iiul take 
Tvlenol Advil aspinn tor pain It Ihi-M' svmptt'ms norsin 
or It you ex;HTiencf a purulent dis<.har>;«' trotit the woiintl 
reil strj-aks inmnd the site <ir i tiie lonsuli i (nilth 
piuli'ssioiial I li.ilth "^ 
available lo provide Ihi 

To prevent wound or skin i[ik> m-.y-. HTum-.ii.iu n «.isn jn 
cuts and scripes thonmshly w ilh si>ap and w.iter and lOver 
with a bandage 

'->.^... J-.-v ,.,.,<./, 

• tjf»ir»piitt I ViiiiTi.iiii.i) 

• < ir.lpllli I >i sli;ii 

• .Miiliiiiu >li I 

• Inn i-i< ir I >i ml;ii 

• r.ishioii .M.irkc'iin^ 
Ak .M.iii.ilii iiu III ' 

• r.ishi,.., I ), ^,l;■l• 

hcip:// w w w. ilia.aii .rcju 

The Illinois 
Institute ot .\rt 

s. h.. ' - 

.Si li.iiuiil 1.1 1 II lilt 

I.X(X>.31 I Vnt) 

( Imai;" 
Apparel ( ■ iii i r 
SSU N Orleans St 
f 'hua>;ti. II. M)6S i 

1. 8{)().35 1.3450 

CORf'ECTlONS In the Ask Your Wellness Advi< 
column in the Oc1ot)er 26 issue we made an inco: 
rect statement atxjut high density lipoprotiens HOLs 

are primarily produced by ttw liver not removed 

The Harbinger apologizes for any prot)lems this may 

have caused 


Opln House 

lim art mnitti *o mitt am ampaita lam anti aboot: 

• i\ ftkuiWKatt • 1-iBini.ul .U 

'^'"P— .TnakrUKtai^o 

• Icmcmnflinki .imamii^ 

• .\(tnM*a l^lllclc^ .Him,. 

K« m«r MlmnjaiM. *>» 

"^ thi aikfr tti* I' .^ \ff I '■ ■ .! ' ,,«' • 

■..!•> I'.jii i' -VntrtiAlfcaldkin. 


^-, U ,>r,.it: M H00-IIIIS6] 


^fe_ .'itxt^-siee 


(<;Vlb "lift* 


SatHrvay, Novtifibir 2 1 

9 j.m. - 3 p.m 






Don I Miss Iranslfi IVc\i<'\v I)a\ 

\ il.HIsli t I'll \H\\ ll.l\ tMi 

'ij«n VtMt'!! *t-:t!f» mt»fi- .lUtui 
I jni'tt..!) I Ml III littiin > .Ml ti< l|» 

I Ml ,)!» .ip|H>iniini nt •- •" ■ <•! 7 .» I'M). 

t ..II i-hLi-v 

Elm hurst 

l'll!ft,:\./n! If II 1,1 hi^. /'»(./, ■ 

Campus News 


Be part of a PROPECIA study 

• If you are a Male aged 18-35 and are current- 
ly losing hair 

• Not taking immuno-suppressant drugs 
The study consists of a Hair Loss History, Physical 

Exam, and a Hamilton-Norwood hair loss classification 
scale rating. 

You will be supplied with a hair loss CD Rom, a book- 
let on hair loss, and specific information on the new 
medication PROPECIA. You will also get your choice of a 
free gift ($25 value) for your time. 








Robert B. Pollsky, M.D., director 






Pag* 4 


November •>, 1<»8 

What happens 

Wc are enft-ring November 1998, 
and soon it will be 1999, only 
one year away from the millenni- 
um. We here at the Harbinger are 
concerned about how little 
Harper students are doing to pre- 
pare for this People have many 
different ideas of what is going 
to happen when the millennium 
comes Some believe Christ is 
going to be making his second 
coming. Others believe the end 
of the world is coming .^nd the 
must likiU iiindidate to hit us is 
the dreaded millennium bug 
When this hits, more than SO' ot 
our computers jre going to go 
haywire Ihe iloitrii lompanies, 
the airlines, the w'^ '^ "n^''^' •'" 
all going to be effected I he 
stock market will most likely 
, Ki-li .mil u ho will ti\ It .ilP 
l.tiut.ttion \ is iiTt.iinlv not pro 
p.ufd li' d.'.il with .1 pr.ibliiii "t 
such magnitude Computers ,iri 
becoming with everv day more 
.ind more .i p.irl i't our lues will h.ippon wl>." ■"!> !iU' 
litu' IS lilt oft" 
in the nent 14 months 
lU ..-r^-'-'mv our dtffere! 
'" ^ ' iliv t- c*n».l k% *n 1- 

I. :his problem or 

-.1st M.i: 
tiiuiin>; lo loo^ oui i.o ouisilvi ~ 
and destroy civili/.ition ,is w e 
know It' It s not a hard probliiii 
1,1 u ,.rk out W,'' t\\o 

;.s V\.- . '(' 

A »■ r y t h I IV ^ w " ' 

pend everv : 
' V his problem i>r sfvoiuUv 

m stop It ft OIL- I oniputiT-. 
W ItllOUI Mll'm I It 111- r \\ 1 ;. II ~ 

going lo elfetl our normal rou 
tine, and change is samethinft 
Harper li.indle Hold on a 

second, i IS Ih'i'ii Itcvs in .; 

at Harper len lojd l.iti'K s,,,x^. 
us. Or. Bob' 



Spiirts have evolved trom ttic 
ver\ K-RUUiinR trt>m hiRh sctxHil, 
to college, and then theNFI which 
started in the 1'*2<K, and the NBA 
in the I'MOs as well as i>»her pn> 
tessional leagues They have (jiven 
us great moments trom Super 
Bowls to Stanley Cup Finals, but 
the line thing I've r«rticed is that 
these sptirls have seemed to 
always be male-dominated 

Not until recently has a 
woman s league ev(»lved and sur- 
V ived as the WNBA and the ABl. 



Editor m Chief- 

News Editor. 

Sports Editor- 

has Why is this' Women can play 
these games [ust as well as men 
iiin l>on t fhev di-ser\e the same 
recognition as the men m umipeti 

It .ilso -rtvins that attendance to 
wonit-n s events are always small- 
er where as the men's events 
alwavs have larger tum-«>uts For 
example, right here at Harper 
College 1 attend both mi-n s and 
women's athletic events and I've 
noticed that even thivugh there are 
little crowds at K>th ol them, the 
men's event still -ieems to draw- 
more ol an audience than the 

More s s tew 

women's event Why' 

Aren't the women's events just 
as exciting as the mens events'" 
rhe\ can compete |ust as hard as 
men can It's the same game. |ust 
a different gender ol players. 
What's wning with that? The 
game is still played the same way 
Wi>men athk-tes need as much fan 
support as men athletes do. 1 think 
that students here and sports tans 
across the nation as well as the 
world should come out support 
the wcnm-n s teams the same way 
they support the men's teams 
The game is just as gixxl 

Tr*e*y rMltof 

I U.I-. -.ithiii; in i|u' 
i.ileliTi.i .1 nHiple ol 
weeU .i:4i' J'hI ".>s 
asked this question 
Would vou like to vole 
t,M tl;i t^iKli^et nlrr.'ii 

I he tirst two mies 
tu'ii- I te.uiiK h.ul ill 
miiui lor her wi-f !•• the I'll..! .-■'■• r. 
ireiuiiini .itiwv.u 

In V' ' 
uoiilil till- .!■' 
the m.iin -■ 

ue .itti'iut 

Jennifer Goiz 

.Kevin Shepic 

Assstart Sports tUilof Ryan Fr««> 

Faculty Advisor HemmH Schtossberg 

the ainstruction of two 

new buildings, which ;stViM)0 squaa' feet, 

I he funding will iKx 

provide much neeJeJ 

classriHims and lalxirato- 

ries. and will increase 

instructional spaces by 

U . With all ol these 

ieiiov.,itions ,)l hand, this 

uii: vost tavp.uerv 

per \e.i' 

ot .1 honii 

■ rket \,ikie .iiul on. e 

■1 ■-, . ,i til.- Ti'leren 

ot !., 

' ir(vc tnit all this ui 

rest ot us the student 
Kxiv in si'veral ways. It 
ttu-fe a>mes a time where 
we niH'd to attend 
ll,ir|-H'r in the luture, tor 
example, tor |ob training, 
"(t ol us who would 
lake oiurses will be able 
to continue taking cours- 
es jt Harjx'r .Also, it 
v\ ill K (»>ssible tor stu- 
' beiome edutal- 
efrairasi m hii-h 
ifemand larei 


Harper alter us will Ix- 

ihle to take advantage ol 

1 jse in the num- 

..-tiilii.ile and 


lour-year colleges and 
universities interested in 
offenng baccalaureate 
degrees in order for stu- 
dents to get their degrees 
more amveniently. 

This will not be avail- 
able It the n'lerendum 
doesn't pass. It that's the 
ias«', then 1 larper will bx' 
unable to otter additiini- 
al courses during timi-s 
needled by students 
\nd, worst of all, Harj-s-r 
v\ ill not K- able to contin- 
ue ottering the highest 
levels of edutational 
excellence So. 1 now ask 
vou. the students, to 
think about the future ot 
Y ,iursel\.'s viMii p.m'Oi- 

luid f^en 
<isHnn bui 

, his»l 

sludenls v tH- attending i ■ 

'iisi,|lha\k .... 'inetime m the ti 

illeges and in deciding vour \ole i>n 

... ,<t a r--' •' lebruarvl'*, 1*« 
.uKlition lor mori' informatu>i 

A,H.rl.o»oUU lAe learned that .! Il.iiper will be .i .Usmf th.- tnidget ivfeix-n 

will K- useil lor vvuld N-nefit me. ami tbi- sei-k partnership, uith dum. call H4, . 

SMtP'i WOfftP 

SV HJOKt. 0^60 

IMoel Bagp, Lindsey FrencK Tracey Fuller 

Nicote Gaston. Jose Lacdan 

Sean Tnjdeaa Herb White 

rJw **rt)«w » tl» ««»»« ouWtMWB for tl» Hww Coin* <»"»• fon»^ 
iTMM,. l»*l«h«j t). ■wwy »n)Mi»Wit th» tclwol »Mr BiMBt *innt h^^ 
and n>wi MaitL TI* iMpw » (Mtntulad irac to al tlulwitt, tKXty aid 
adrmttration. r»i» mmmtf* tatt IWPOM i* lo prowitt tho Hwpw ecmm 
nrt> «»w mJomUMfi owtamnf to tl» campus wid it* wmnf^ commwty 

m» HKtu^ir — ituwt mtm* to ti» ««M0' and tmUm* to <w «dWon«l». 
Letter* n»« l» iiinid «« i«W» » l*o« I**!** to iw>f» •*w»*<»^ 

Sitri«w« "*•» "iw**"* **'"•••••■*"*''•'*•*'""•■'*"• *"*"^^ 

Praduci* ■« torvnw ■lliWtH** m m» Htrtrtlgw •• not nKMMr** 
•»lo»«« I* lt» odKort or tlw pw«, nor b» li» colloii «»™n«™tlo*i or 
•o«d of Owctor* *»»»» «iouB b» tonwrawJ dUiKtm to t»» ••iwtiiw. 
«H M pvotaiw wt « «h* dMoMion of Iht conauw 

WiHiam Rainey Harper CoNege 
1200 West Algonquin Road 
Palaline.(L 60067 7098 

Rniw NuTtwrc 

Ijusmess office; (847)925*460 

news office: (847) 925«X)0 k2461 

fax: (847)925-6033 

oopyrMH 190a The flattxnger. 


I he 1 1 jrbinger 
November 9, 1998 

Arts A .Entertainment 


CD Review: Twelve bands compose Aware 6 compilation 


Every hand fells iheir own 
sad story oi *lTUggJtes to nuke 

It big' 

Awiirtr Kiiords makes it 
fn>s>>ible li>r unsigrifd KiiiiK 
to got noticed 

Awan" Records is .in inde 
pendent retordirg label 
bated m Chuagn Aw.ire wa-. 
founded in 1"W1 

Todav Aware Kecords 
blasts only seven tull-time 

Aware Record- pnxluces 
an annual compilatum CI) 
teatunng some of the best 
unsigned bands in the coun 

Transfer to North Park 

Hn.» ,1 . ,<, S f '■ k «r1U drptdd on wtlerf you'vt l>«tn 
»na whu* you r« <\«tiei. ftnd out mo«» about fxjw North 
Firt Univertity v«rv« ttt» special ne«J» ami intfeiti jf 
tnmfv Utiitnts. 

' FREE trantht ciettit evadutMXi 

* Tramtn utralaririips: ug to S6.000 pei ytar! 

* PtfSOflltijcd e<lu> i^rraqt ctau tin tt 16 

* Convenient park ^ trantoortation 

grii^ youi tnnKripti fo» an r 


Novemlxr 19. 199a 

Bror\on l.oun9e 

7-9 p.m 

(800) SM-<728 


North ChmmlColim 

A RtpreH'iit.Kivc uili W mi \oii\ 

. i metHii mi 

V>ffh Ccnsnil (-4iic|Ec 

ill \»inh tW-Mrtml Sirat 

ri) tmimi 


\1.iin .iitists featured on 
p.isi Aw .Iff compilations 
have gone tin to achie\e 
national n.Nrognitu>n. such as 
MatchNu 2X1 lh<- \, r\c I'lfs- 
HiHitie and the Blowfixli 
Better than I /ra tdwin 
Met am Atheneaum Mir 
Train. Shawn Mullins and 
Dovetail joint 

.■\wan' h IS (he sutb oiii 
tion to (he Aware Revordv 
tamilv it (eatures 12 hands 
and Is >;reat (racks 

I he artisis tealund are 
Shawn Mullms ( Vvvslcv \o«'l 
Hartough. lail^.i Kusiu 
iHertones, C ar\ I'leae Blake 
Morgan The l.revKn 
Allstars, Mr Henrv. Bicycle 
Webster S.iltinan and the Ben 
Swift Band 

Everyone knows .iboul 
Shawn Mullins, Ju>- In Ins 
radio hit I ull.ih\ \ isii 
Mullins on his weh sile .il 

U VK \\ -.!> Uv 111 'in Mnw . '11 

plavtul hit 

atniut ih. 

Kuslli (. 1\ ..fl.iici - • 

Career Advice 
and more; 
Surf Chicagoland's 
job resource web- 
site at 

betwivn bluts> and modem 
|a// Th»' saKophonist makes 
a statement in the music 
Rustic Overtones web site 
can be found .if vNwwaisti- 
i overtones t oni oi e mail the 
hand at rusiu^i'aKali- i.i>ni 

Hlake Morgan is rinum^ 
tent ot something th 
lost when grunge musi^ ;,.,.), 
over the sci-ne This vibrant 
(X'rti»rmer gi\<"- vitne excvl- 
lent guitar ritis with his 
upbeat H ru s 

C arv r'u'iii' '■m^;- sotne 
sad \et very powerful bal- 
lads Piercvs homepage is 
^' 'lerce com 

. .\llstars IS 70s 
inspired lunk and ja// In it's 
relaxing mid-evcning lounge 
musu the keyboard is 
mius<\l with the saxophone 
lion I MUSS their live track at 
the end i>f the album The 
t.revKiy Allstars web site is 
vvwwgtevbin com, or e-mail 
lluni at Ivrn" i^ri'vboy ttMTl 

■"• " ,....,.,.^ p^^K 

iMl Mr 
I ill ![ \ s hoiilcpa^r ,l! 

mrhenrv com. -m 

) Ii-nrv .ti 
.. ic (uis some very silh 
A ith hidden meaning 
!i- s stvie seems to 


n-mind many of the unique 
talents of Bit k 

NiH'l llanough's songs arp 
lalentc*d and filled with so 
much emtition Martough 
has w ritlen and performed all 
oi his own tracks Thi» 
■-l>ill<\i performer plays gid- 
1 bass, drums and the 
, .ami on his album 

l^vsley- had an amazing 
guitar mixed into this beat 
that |usl made you want to 
listen to more This was my 
personal favorite track on 
Aw aiv h It reminds me of the 
original, more upbeat alterna- 
tive music. 

While the linishing touch- 
es were being put on the 
album (Aware t>), v>me of the 
tealurc-d artists were signed 
to ma)<ir recording labels. 
Shawn Mullins signed on 
with Columbia, t)wsley 
sign»\l on with Warner Bros. 
and Rustic tXertones signed 
on with Arisi.i 

l>ne \,Mt liiui ..\ware 
Kciords mi the internet at 
w w w aw aremusjc com 

Ml ot the Aware compila- 
tions and their featured 
.irdsl's albums can he pur- 

he Harbinger 

fr/rp. looking For news 
rrifers and pho^ogra- 
:rs. Adobe Pboroshop, 
lark Express eMperience 
a plus. 


, . .,.. ,. 


■ 'fltwifc* 

■ • -."f 


Tkiniuns or Spring? 

" ^t***' .*»v«^ .** 

I hiak OfTicr Careen! 




rime Maiiajjeiitent 

Human Relations 

0£Bc« 97 

laforoiaf ioa Scuioii 

Tudday. Noxerabcr M 
Room I24\} 7 S pm 
For More Infurmanon ■ 
Peg Smith l47-925-«35l 


Arts & Entertainment 

\.)vemher«. !<»•« 

Algonquin Road: there is more than meets the eye down the road 

Dinner, dancing, live music and more can be found just minutes away from campus 

contjnuM 'ram Ditgc '• Irnni .'in- KiJ mh' lln 

fWdgrd club <.U'\m , h.m I'lw fc;iKKi niRhl 

AI{(on«)utn stnp ful it i« -> >!r.-dl niRht 

FrvcT feahjiVN I'tif i>l the Thur«ddv ni>;lit>. ntv tfVCT* 

Urjpsrt daiKV fl«irs, jml rou- cUim to ramr whi-n- v.,, 

finely h*» B*» Uh tomt in tor ^uw to have a fun bnw 
cameo* Or ThiirsiMV. ih«-v ii .» 

ft\et doe*, htiwever «u* 

havinK thfw ladH~< nii;ht% 
' >.r suttor-. Irom pjltrv 

1 i\ir A Kiii plan' It ■» lusl 


•tL<MD caacjc H.4n«« •tMNMnw 


•n,i.jM «.»».«.— I «!» ...,p« %»H». ■»•>.,.- 

Pic l-rff-l77-34|4 Acc««c«*«44i-» 

M %'.- -» . f r" p- 


MMmtlimK MHi woulii tall a 
(."hH'-Nmht Wiindfr 
n^Wntjk I^Tii F Aijiuiii^uin 

lloup> All vkivk until 4 ,i m 

Oakota". IS thf » I -uhur- 
ban .itttT hiwin. tlub Wht-n 
Alumni I lub, f ovf r. and iht- 
tithrr hars ilosf around 2 
.1 in thf huRi' Dakota park- 
in-,; lot fills up within sf» 

Dakota's IS roministont oi 
J lolleRf town bar Thi-\ 
ha\ V SI L'-Call Its on Sunda\. 
and im Tuesday $2 U-Call Its 
Dakota s als<i has nightly 
D|s, and the danco tUnvr is 
n'utmely packed 

rhey feature a full fWdRed 
kilihen and s«OT»e of the best 
h>'l w mRs I have come across 
La MargariU. I^Z*. E 
^iRont^uin Rd . SihaumburR 
H47.W7 721K' 

Hours: Mon Sal until 4 a m 
For an ethnic tvMst, try ta 
VtarRanta It is jwie of the 
premiere iatiru> hangouts in 
all ol ChicaRoland. 

It IS al-Hi probably the 
busiest club in the aiva dur- 
ing the weekends 

l.a MarRarita is known for 
Its Rreat fiKid and extra large 

rliev have •>alsa daiKinK 
jnd liv.- D|s on Il^ursdavs 
and 1 nJavs 

SUdiun. 40l!> Algonquin 
Rd , Rolling Meadows 

S4r w7 :44(( 

Hours Mon ■ Ihu until 1 
a.m.. Fn and Sat until 2 am 

Stadium IS by tar one ot 
the best sports ban. in the 
Lhicago area, Di-spite not 
having a dance fl<x-ir and live 
music like the others, you 
will still hnd an enthusuttbc 

Stadium's atmosphere 
and attentive waitstaff usual- 
ly guarantee a great time. 
They have a full fledged 
restaurant where you can 
bring vour under aged 

Stadium features an 
astounding collection of over 
Zm different t>pes of beer 
and huge mugs ot domestii 
beer lor only $2. 

They have the fun to pla\ 
NTN trivia game, where you 
can bv sure at all times m*n\ 
otfK-rs are playing 

Stadium also has manv 
televisions, and you're guar- 
anteed to see any maior 
spt>rts game vou want at an\ 

Algoiufuin Road features 
a plethora of other bars, 
which ate well worth all of 
our time. I hope this small 
guide of a few of the gemK of 
Algonquin well help vou 
dwide when- \ < ' 
next weekend 

1 highly recommend you 
try each and everyone ol 
these places. 

Need Some Extracurricular Cosh? 

Slon Up Now Km Greol Port Time Positions Thoi Begin 
Alter Ihonlcsgiving. November 30* And Continue Through lonuory 31". 

Q)t in Shape for 
Today's Job 

1 I^ WH U W Wi 

Ceuf— W BgH lf llon: 

• ftiM'iv 'o twv* tun «l voorti 

• CM* o> conw by Tlw Contivnor Slo'V 
Vt«>« ou' W«* sue «< I 

The Container Store 

ScKaumtHwq 1460 Easi Ootf Hct (tacmg WikxHioW MaM) (847) ?40- 1900 

fnpmmt yempr u^ayi 

afCkktf ■wMfn' 

^trnntu HJmmatrvliam ntfrtt wiA a cmftntnfk)' m. 


rnm,0tr i.->ii , im" *"•«>' « " ' " > " *» (*-•*" J«.a~» 

sr«iNOMU>c»««ui • >Mi M«.«k o™ • i»n<ii««t*. iLunx • am wj-aw 




0«LAND f*ilK ("AMTUS 





Visit us at the College Fair 

November 12 

9:00am - 1:00pm 

. ember *», 1998 

ManfJk Sji nfJjL 


Women's basketball looks to rebuild: name new head coach 


The HdrptT C .iJIrai' tiu 
Women ^ haskftbi 
kH>k.inR lorwjrd 
upctnnmK MJison. 4ik1 ^ 
,„.». ►>.■..» ...TihWfledd di... ,1,11 

'jch Chri-.t.i 
[Nuiiitiu-i .li iiK- ht-'liii. tht'v jiv 
in KixHJ hands 

"It s much mon- difficult 
bemg a ht-ad itidch ihdn mi 
avtisunl. sdid ciMih Itsid 
"Whvn yiHi're an d>»isUnt. 
yuu have d lot ot rules to fal- 
low as wifll paperwork to gi-t 
done and the i>thfr things 
that go into preparing tlH> 
tiMm lor thi' u[Vomm(; s*?*- 


.. Jiunilir I'airii- 

Af> she led the IaIv 

ik,.|f f,-^j p^.,,,. 

' merit appear - 
M thev (inishfd 
i>.»tu>r with .1 

,...Kli-d N.ih 

tourlii 111 il 
reccmi ol 2^ 

Md •<>■< 
bov^ arid girls t>.isli • 
lane Addams |r Mi^ 
tor 14 years as well a* s> i 
iHher s«;hiii>ls, but his rn.i 
livus IS this years tejni 

"There s two things thdl I 
hopn- we can get ihj! ot this 
sea<«)n." said co^ih ledd 

"Numt>'r '111 \M vv.inti'J 

players hack up this seastw as 

opposed to '■-• -•••* '•(■!! 

we tmly h.i 

But our V-, \ hi: 

mvselt tills Veil Is 1, 

ii'jst n (v . ' !,^t)[ 

nov\ i\r 11.. , 

\umh«'r tuu vm just w,«il 
lo i;o .nit th«>rf .irul impr.n. 

• ilown this sea- 

l^ven though C luvh ledd 
may not be new i.. tli. or,^ 
gram itsell, he J. r 

need to help Itu ,r„; 

tri'shman Itvl ai home 

tix ;jit ^v».*UJ |S's(iK'ii. liH" 

thrcv new guards that we wilt 
K' adding whether it be 
\l«liss,i Kiimmel Maurwn 
' 1 istjldi,' or kris Steinke 
■.■\ uill K- thi' oTH's han- 
dling the ball and gcllin>; it to 
the big p«)ple 

111 terms ol our big people 
!he\ r%' the ones that are 
going to have to step it up, 
and the sueivs* that we haye 
this vear will dep»-nd i.if>on 
how well the-,- pla^ 

Ni'l onh will 

be showing the iu-.. .,. 

around, but sophomwre Erin 
Brown will help out as well 

"V\e netHi sohk-KhIv like 

Urowii to tell these new girls 
« hat It's hke bev:aus»» she was 
then- last year and she knows 
what she s up against when 
she giH's on the tlisir s.iid 
coach )edd 

"l can tell them what it's 
like Chrisla tan tell thorn 
what Its like, but v\. n not 
on the III Kir 

Which IS w hv we need Bmwn 
lo tell them what goes on. 

Overall, were very excit- 
••■I about the h* we have, 

i we liKik forward to the 
i^oining season " 

The Lady Hawks open 
their season against Robert 
Morrison November 12 

FOOTBALL: look to dominate in tiie Pepsi-Cola Bowl 

FOOtBALL, t'cuT' oagf 

Not only that, but the ll.n\ks are 
the Region l\' champs, tor the firnt 
time in 10 M-.irs 

"Im very pleased with tfw team's 
perti)rmance against RiKk Valley." 
said head coach |i>hn Eliasik "We 
have won six straight games in a low 
Our only lom th» year was to Rucfc 
Valley - 

RcKk Valley tiK>k the early lead 
Steve Mat/1 kicked a 42-yard Held 
goal to give them a .VO had. 

Then QB Kyle Hughet found 
Kevin GlevMon in the end ume tiw a 

'I V.Uvl lOUihdoVM, KiKk \.,\n\ 

bliKked the I'AI, but the Hawks ,till 

Later in the tirst h.ilt Hughes 
hooked up t»veiver IX-nnis Crump 
on a "JO-yard touchdown to give the 
Haw ks .1 1 : 1 lead in the second quar- 

Rink \all«'ys (ason Blue had the 
lone rn lor RiK"k Valley scoring Irom 
three yards mil to close thi- gap to 
thn-e pomN, but that is as tlose as 
RiKk Valley would gel 

The Hawks tmal scori' ol the lirst 
halt vame when Hughes tound 

< tiiiii|' in thr i-iul /one Imiii w i-n 
\ jrds out lo givi- the Hawks ,i Is w 
hall-time lead. 

The seeond was contntlliHl bv the 
Hawks Matt Wilken kaked a W- 
\ard tield goal to give the Hawks a 
2 1-"* lead 

Then Burton Bosan ran back a 
punt lor .1 =is v.ird t.Hiihdown 
Wilken .iilitrd the I'AI to gne the 
lldvsks ,1 ^x-tlead 

I lughes siored (rtwn one-yard out. 
to gi\ ,• the I lawks the ■»■»-»» lead 

I hen I >B (.avar Stepter inlercept- 
eil ,1 [Mss ,iiui ran it back lor a h2-yard 

touchdown which was the final sa>re 
ol the game by the Hawk.s. The final 
sci»nf of the game was 42-*> 

The dHensive charge was led by 
Stepter, who had thtve interception* 
in the game and leads the team with 
s»'ven Tony Lyons had one. 

(Juinc7 Mc<.oy led all rushers writh 
74 yards on 17 carries while Crump 
had 4 catches for 114 yards Gleesan 
also chipped in with four catches for a 
total of 7:1 yards 

"1 want our ti un to k;o undefeat- 
ed for the rest ol the year said 

'Want to get 


Want to work Full or Part-time? J ull 

tiiTif p<»siiii)ns .in- .(v.iil.ibk- toi Rttdil NLuiioi-nuni 
1"^' Vilc»_AlSfi»kijlLU-* I'-tri mm- p...;; 

■'•'''■ f'" Saka! isAshuajt.. 

Interested? Senr/ remme to: 

•il .\ sl,„c lo.. |iK.» !Ji:i West Ivii 
.S.I. \X'I S32.'J«Fdx: . il . 
"vttii: I'iisoniul IVpanmcii! 
in KHir.ict Sh.udii .It !-U4) 4<">1-2I21 

i tja.ii *- 'f'lHimiliiu 1 r.iji 



Al i \.i ! ' SihtlN. ilu LiMfsi i;(<i\ving ■ 
retail t«'v)i\\c,iicli.iin ...irivini; ific btst n.uiic 
nt.iiul stuKv in tlu' ct)un!i\, is uncninu -i 
ncu stoif in ///>//;■ ■ '.',//,.. aiul wc lurd i 
you! 'It \'(m }Hls^^.^ ., vMniiini; atiuudc, 

pndi.', Ki\,il[\ Aud (icdkaiitin -basically • 
a happy personality) 


[ ull- Time BencfK^ package can include... 

• ' . ':',:ii[-i;';>. . S ,' |i u s 
■ :l .o iS llKtiltm-s 

That's the lucky part! 

:■■ :i:.ivs \- IVisi.n.ii 1 \u 

• Mtiiicli ' nisahtliu IiiMii.iiiii- 

• iO!K 

• I'jiti Ir.r t; 

• llcMblc Vhcciulc 

• I' 

• I "ij i-.iinil\ Disimiius 





I— _mBhhl_ 


has all your 
favorite brands... 





A • ■ WA ka 




Hawk Sports 

i|i^ajL_''''(* * 


Coil*g« • NovOTitorS. IMS 

Volleyball closes out regular season on 
high note 


I hi I 'H I l<n%ks ^.11 

vcar v\ax li ^vhkI ono Ihi-\ pn: . 

iKe win couimn w>lh a ciwiviminf; 
win oviT thf C)dkli>nKjiJer>. •■■ •*"••'■ 
Ntarisht sets l>-3. IVH. ami 1 

rhi- LaJv Hawts finishtJ in. u-, 
utar stMMin with .1 niord nt "' I '^ 
i.imffn.'me plav thi- lady flawk- 
2 > and are a iv>.p»-i.tabti' 4-2 at hi 

"Wtf tjn b«^al anvKtds in 
ii>ntfrnc»"." "wiid .issistanl 
!■ t 1 l^ut'llman 

»\<' |ii>t h.)".. '■•' W.\\\ . 



.1 team, makr our ^ita 
mtvo rt'. im.'v. .iii.i \> 



anvK>d\ in nur lanlVniw*" 
• . b«-a« tolleso nf l>ul 
nnst beat Kutk Vdlli-\ 
Iwii wtfk-. a>;ii tht Lk1\ ll.nvk-. 
tait-d Ctilk-Rf ot l,aU' Cminn at 
lionif and wvrv d«'U'dU*d in to\ir -. f- 
l=i-I2. +-l=i 1>1" and VIS 

lhi«i >;amo Has m> tru>.tr.ilint; 
^ lit \1«>liN>.a RomiTifl 

'.I' just n»vd In lunu' !.>>;. ilu r .i'- 
in aiKt we'll bi- tini' 
Wo ■ttaitt^l iHii sinMiR ir> 
against (CLC), ■-"•< h' 
Sharon Staudtr 

prix-d iht'TiM-h^ ... ..- 


■•■ 'phmiirc IikU K<»-.i'I Um.I^ '' . 
Ill kilK with livl wh.l. ^ 

Ptr'li iU f.tVIN SHtPKf 

MielMll* Klli^trlck »racttc«* 

< ill in .ucN v% ith 21 

IVlk-v ha- - ^: - .. „ H. ■- while 
HriKikf DiSano ha«.l7alM. 

KosM>l IS alsti the team Iradct in 
hliKks with 42 and Melissa Rommel 
has 21 bliKks m her trx-dit. 

l-ri-shm.iii Katie Watt leds the 
team in assists w ith 2f>I vs hile Bris>ke 
DiSarui has 1 W 

Haih IS the te.iin le.utit m ih^js 
uith !s3. 

She IS tollowed b\ I >iSarni i\ ith 41 

In, recent >;ames 

tVVauKmsiv.C I e 1 H.uh h,is V kills, 2 
.Ill's, and 7 di>;s 

K..SS0I has ;.'. kills, ■( hl.xks, and " 


Watt has sf) assils. and 3 digs 
Hw l-ady Hawks have a total i>l 
4JU kills, lilt* .K.s III blinks, 41^ 

assists .uid Vwi Jii;s mi tl>.' -.■ '^i-" 

Men's Basketball looks to improve this season with new players 

Ryan FratMid 

i lu ( l.irjH-r I .'(li^e Men s 
B.isketball team is lnokinj; to 
impn>ve on last years >>-20 
record, and with the help ot 
some incoming treshmen 
head coach Mike Hirst h 
should be liH'kinc U\r\-. 
the challenge 

"I hope th.i' 
improxe this w.v 
to last ^. I 


"And aK tiniit 

mg this pro^;.:.. 

Coath Mirsih is not oiiK 
readv tor the ihallent;i but 
he s prep.triiii; his iiiioniini; 


"Isaac Holl.u 
s. haumbiiiTR Hl^;!' 
wIh>s got really ^oiKl athletn 
ability looks hihk) ioT us 
said coach Mirsih 

"Also t asi'v lackxl has 

potential as well, but realU 

• 1 ervNiU vxhose hm"" ■ 

d playing lor u> thi- 

" ■' ' ' ''<-■ .1 i;i..-. ; 



iK villi coach 
preparinK the 

Joint 1! 


Mil-. I-. 

Ireshmcii but he will alst" >;el 
leadership Iroin last xear s 
t.iur a'turnins Miphomoivs 
Thi-st' .ire four lerritic 

.Mul I I. in (S(,irj;i'si 

I he treshmen probabK 
kH>k more to Sherman 
Kvause he s mavbe our K-st 
plaver v\ith all ol his expeii 
. ,,., i,,,i ih. . .1... I.u,l. 1,, il„ 

With this \e,ir s I, 
.'\erall, iiMih Hirsih h 
lo see great thmfts \\.\\-. 
thnnighout the loursi' 01 t 

This team has ,i lot 
potential to do i;re,it thin.: 
said coach \h\- 

"\\w\ .If. 

Jar*d Sharman. puaha* 
tba ball iip-court duiliig 
a N owa tarn* last yaar. 

ni,.-l l.ili nieil .111.) .ieel 

. ; fe.ini I '. 
-liiit i ve t>i\'n hiie .iiui il 
vou put the two t»)(;cther, 
■niv RnMt things can happi'n 
iKerall. I think that I have 
UMi great assistant coaches in 
I >on Johnson and Dan 

V rufllone 

Also our as a student 
issislant Kevin Shepke as 

VI ell, but the main thing is 
ihat we're realK evciled 
.it>out this team and I'm 
liappv to be coaching at 
I l.irper ' 

I he Hawks njH'n the sea- 
son lui-silaN Ni>\ember 10 at 
home against RobiTt Morns 
junior VarsitN dame time 
starts at 7 p. 111 

Bittersweet finish for women's soccer NjcAA%pi!^FootbaiiPoff 


Jeaa Lactfaa 

the Hawks plavmg in 

n.>irn,illv dim't plii 

'Ire "iwet'pe' 

k overall i. 

lawks li»%i 

(i.irl ih.A 

1 h«' ji.iin*' le.i 
tutn switihi's ih 

1. Ricks College, 9-0 
2.Butler County CC 9-0 

3.Jones County JC 9-0 

4.NW Mississippi CC 9-0 
5.Georgia M i ! itary Co! lege 7 - 1 
6T.TyIerJCTyler^TX 7-2 
fiT.Middle Georgia College 7-2 
S.Sttovv College, Ephraim, UT U 
9.W. R. Harper College 8-1 
1 0. Trinity Valley CC K-1 

11 C.irden City CC, 7-2 

1 2 \ assti u CC, Garden, N Y 7-2 
13.Lack«ivvanna JC 6-2 
URiKlusterCTC. 7-1 

n. Arizona Western College 7-3 
Vindicates forfeiture s due to 
ineligible player 


Th e Harbinfifii?^ 

.... '«''•' ■yMr' 

WUHani RahMy Iterpfr C« H»g» » Pa latI— , MM—U 

President's Gala brings much support 

$250,000 gift donated for new Performing Arts Centei 

VolMM*XXX • Hmm l tmtl • Moviafcar 23, 1ft 

«' M I I r ^ c 

Um*»mf fnm€tt 

v;itt li> supptrt Ihf 

th.' v^.tI,! f 

1 it ueni 

ittn WRITER 

IVrforminn Arts arwj th»" 

hii IS a 

The ('rfsiJfnt\,i 

I i>nt»T«nf tenter. Ih»' Ivkn 

Memb.. ..f 

hxA place at The Biltmnn- 

tHiildin);> vhttluUtl t<> oni 

jfil'.ttM ■ 

Country Cluh im Saturvljv 

stni. ti. tn thi*. >pnnj5 

1 iai>on 

CVtuK-r ^ It bn>u>5ht in 

rporjte sJ■>l'nM>^^ 

I i.HoK.- 

$52,0«), pi'- ■ ■^"•^"iiHipn 

li.. ■ \iirthfrn Iru>l. 

1, 1 • 

Tii'lift- M-ii .>! 

I niii-it I'.iriil "H-rvia' jml 

$175 .>.h! 

1 ■ . ■ . L 1. , .... . 

VM'II t.\ IClt\ 1 


pletilv s. 

,illi>m»-\ in iht- . 


mittiv cxpr !. J :' 

but thi t.' u.s .», . 

iltv jnd ^!.jit 


-untf K>r the 


K.ud Ih It 

ijt u*i* r 

fl^'^^ ft 

>. dthermc 


»hi>f }'i 

were M4ii 

I SfCUll* 


.1 pttM- or 

fl.irpt'f 1 

tomuil .' 

inn and 1 . 

pldyc<l th«- pi.imi 

*^tu.irf r* lViv .• ,1 S"*^!! 11(1*1 

Harvey cast charms audience with superb 

invisible rabbits, insane asylums, vivid characters 


took the stage 

ANMNMla Of f wifeaclMr 
iwHiif ar Ooli 

with a b.i I . I, 

The "ihims mntMHi.vl lhri'uv;li 
out the weekend I he 1 Art'* 
Center l>rama I ab v\ a-, pav kevi ti<r 
ino«>t oj the shtnving!. 

ElwtHtd r Di»wd. plaved bv 
Tim Philbin, appears to be an aver- 
age man, until we meet his best 
frwnd. Harvey, who happm*. to 
be a six (out tour tnch tail invisible 

illi; .M>l\ .ti'i'l t ,i( ; 

\l\rtle \ .1 ~i 

oeeking li>\i'. .iri' --uk ot kit-pm^; 

>k.eleton> in tin l.intiK » loM't 

IheN tr\ ■<• -I'Ke their proh 
lems b\ having |)i>wd luiniTHttecl 
to a mental in.stifiition 

When Veta goes in tu lommit 
lX»wd, the pompous MHing ih 
Sandenion, portrased b\ I'.itru k I 

Ki tiv > 
wiirlii niuHMievi psM 
head <>t the i 
Miih.ii'i s,t.iil.-v h i 
the p.iliinl- lor tin , 

l>r ehtiinles ends 
tlarxev, and losing m 
i>t his own. 

v. hiinilev. 
hi.itrist .invl 
'. .iti.u It! 1-v 

up mei'ting 
)me marbliN 

made up of stii- i 
I itiinmunitv tnetn- 

il n^ hour- into 

: I tt ;t 

'V M.iry 
Vlarv |o 


Willis has i . ; Pi; pl.i\s 

.11 I l.ujHT tor 2 i ve.irs 

I'rex lous prinluilion- iiulude 
Uix/ Suie Story. <..ui/> J'lJ '><>"> and 
I 'ur Tim'TI 

Atter an .ihnost itinv hour per- 
tormame, the tast members 
re<.ei%ed a hi'artv round of 

Women's Basketball looks to improve skills 


. \(ii\ I lx\ausi' this IS an 
mcvprunifd crvw and the. 

> . . i... . t,i what th. 

I on..' th<'\ inn '^1' 



The Harper I olU-.;. ' 
U,.men '- lvi-.k.'th.ill' 

hiipes to impro\e on a lew iiui inn 

skills atter ttn-ir untorfunate s, ..n- 22 i 

College .- lh.if , tupp,-.! ii. 

November 14 luipe- to iiiipnne ivhil.- Holl-^ !l.<('Ci 

It went lh> v\.u I i -.- and the }->.'rtor th.- «.n in .is^ist^ .Mth 

thtnight it was gomg to s: . ol the ptsi pla\ \'-t onK t' 

he.ut .o.i.-h N'tf I.'dd -. .\,' h.iv.' to d 

■he |.H' . 

.^h l.dJ 
.Ills.' wi' onh h.Kl ~i> rhf I .ith H.i»k- -; 

■Its Hut v.iii kiiiJ ,>i p.'r.<'nl In'ni tlm.r ."i 

Check out the 
entertainment line- 

1" .■! ttii'if i->2 -.hots tomplain .lUnit that sime it 
1 l.ii all vn.i- the hr-t .oll.-ge game 

Who's Who** 
Harper CollegE 

•mm.'l .liso 

. I f . ,1 up an.1 

.11, hut proKihl', 

.■r.. ('Uisi-r ha.l an 

ir.ii! v.",oo.l i;anH' vvas 

ilh nine 

~<'V en 

How much 
studying do ycnJ 
plan to do for 

Ovliiii' ciinpiiltrs 
arv coming to tho 
Student Center 



^•tf* 2-S AM. 


M«-n s B.iskftKill 

scores 1U3 pis in 
thier first game. 

•porta — PagM 10-12 

So who's running 
this joint, anyway? 
This issue, we focus 
on the President of 
Latinos Unidos 
Verona Garcia. 



Tht- Harbinger 
November n, 1998 

"Who's Who" awards program 
could benefit your future 

Huprr ttudents Ruy now Jppiv tor inclusinn in 
lh» \<mJ» "Who* Who Among Sludrnt* in American 
luniof Coll«Rr»" proRr"n 

Since l%». Harper C ollege ha* participated in the 
■■V\ho\ Who program Ihi* program provide^ 
recognition tor outvtandinf; student* in iunmr and 
community tollege* atfou th* ,...."i'v i ■■ !> -.t;,.!,-! 
-elected (or this rcci^ilion i^ I 
tolume which ha* betome a resptMi-a nuirmv -."in. 
for <-nlle«e» and hu*ines»e*. and a« a litelonR serviii-. thcv 
\\ ho'!. Who" office *» a pentiani r 

'iir pritspecfive rmployerv lh>- 
nu-an- a great deal to the vludinr* %elec(«;U 

\l Harper, the -x-lettion ,.)minillif i» tompriseii 
of stuJ.'n(> laiulH and sldtl \ thtv,' imIJ criterion i- 
used tor evjluatinRapplican'- '' v 'i-'"' ^ijndlni' :■ 
Participation and iojdi-i- 

lurncular aclinlif. jnd " i ••rnmunm ■..iwi, 
addition, landidatrs must tiavr completed at li-asl -i 
-Fmc-ter hums h^ the lime the* are consul 

It studiM\N Iff I thev mav possibh be qua 
th(*v -hould apply direcll\ in Ih.- student \cfintu-~ 
llttici- Vh immediateK -.inic Ihe deadline to- 
applvinR 1- lanuary ;^ f*** li^rm are available tor thi- 


te«m iMHtiive mtem mMi- 
' Hies, lime 

.mvigerv. .ii>,niti\. 
inj; ami nwr'- 

Qot in Shape for 
Today's Job ^.^^ 
Opportuniti^ .\ ■ ^^ 

anon Meetings 

..tern tk^^rt ^^.i ■. ' 

• aHAU-iasiNR?; M\^\(:r^f^:^7 



,.l>t,ii:i.'.l ■ 
Buiklin>; I' an 

111 rnc\ 





1 T • * T -J n 

HOFFMAN ESTATES • Comer of Golf Rood & Roselle Rood • 884-1 436 

All AtU)L 1 Shdi s is the tasicst growing retail footwear chain carrying 
the best name brand shoes in the country! 

Now accepting applications. 
Call for details. 


The Hdrbinger 


Page 3 

^ Ask your wellness advisor ^ 

Sludent-. will anuin 
rriDusK submit qui>li(>ti- 
iin WeUrwis roUtiii tupiis 
by placing; them m tlif 
marked box niitsKli" the 
Health Nrxufs Ottki' in 

AiTsweni will .ippejr in 
future is!.ue> dI fir 

All i)ue>>tion-. will hf 
thoroughly researchfd .ind 
ri^pcnst'-' will K' pri>'ii 
bv Moalth C.ire 

PriifesMonals, and are nut 
relati-d to The Harhin^cr 

Q. I have a friend thai is 
having some problems 
and I think ii is because 
all of the diet and caf- 
feine pills she has been 
taking. Are appetite sup- 
pressants and caffeine 
pills addictive? If so, 
why? Why do people 
gain their weight back 
after stopping? 

We ».iiimit .iiiswir thi- 
>.jui-lu>n tulK rtilhoul 
mon- intormation abinit thi- 
problems the person is 
experiencing; alon^; with 
-p/iitics about the mt-dita- 

'\rv the\ pres<ripti.>n or 
tner the lounter lirug-.' 

0\.vr the (OiinliT 
jppetiti' .mil i.ittiint' pills 
I. in be addictive both ph\s- 
kjIIv and psvchoU>f;icalK 

That IS beiause caffeine 
and compiiunds in the diet 
pills aa- stimulant drugs 

When people stop their 
. itkine intake tn>m 

■ ' -Hirce (coftee li M 
' I they rrun ivpvn 
. !i, . withdrawal symp 
toiTis such as headaches. 
t.iligue and lethargs 

The intensity >>l these 
symptoms de[X>nds upon 
the person's caffeine le\ il 
and individual sensitiv il\ 

I'svchologu.illv p<'<>ple 

ni.iv miss the elicits ol 
the 1.1. . .,r thi- -nb 
sl.iii, . (her nr not 

the\ II. n I- .iii\ ph\ si, ,i| 
withdraw. il symptoms 

Withdrawal sNniptonis 
indicate that siimi \f\v\ ot 
addiction, hiiweyer lar>;eor 
small has iHHirred 

IVestripdon diet nuil 
uations reiiuire strut 
phvsiiian supervision an 
any problem or n'nierns 
should N' .Kldresst'ii imme 

I'eople often gam 
vveijjht after stuppinj; ifiel 
pills ot anv kind Kvause 
ihev haven t made the nec- 
ess.irv lilestyle 1 hanpes 

\ppetile siippress.jiits 
or similar drugs max 
diminish your apjx'tite. but 
oiue thev are stiipjx'd vou 
must deal with all the iia 
s<)ns people tend to 

Q. Is il true that food 


And thaf's jusr the beginning. 

■ 1. <■ h A* • » ' IV* ■ • ■ 
,1 . n. 1. ,1 i 4 ■. .■ ; 

ii«t aoe lot yourtMiill. 

• Rart-TlnrM» Nigrits 

• FLEXIBLE HOURS around your sct>«<fid« 

• Career Pattilno 

• SIO.OO mrnS UP por Itour 

• FULL TRAININO provided 

• Full Tim* Positions arm also avallaMs 

You will tx* assisirxo «-t cxjr loan imvn-. ' ■ - * 

ixjt more ex to t>Q cxsnstcteiriafl. saricj ■ 

PMC KA^rtO'KJ*' 

ma47 ■!■'■■ 

turns into fat if you eat 
too much of it even if the 
food is really good for 

^es I X. iss alories from 
anv s(iiiut .ire stored as 

Si V ou ( .\rt get lust as tat 

on .1 h,ix;h i..ilone diet ot 

• ' UHsis as vou tan on 

.done diet ot 'iiv,'/i 

•.,f liHl.ts 

I. alories trom Iruits .nut 
vegetables do "lount, " but 
becaiis<> thev aa- high in 
tiKr vou teel hill .ind .in 
not likeK to oven'at 

Ihev are also healthier 
than high tat t(x>ds such as 
baion, lake. and ue vream 
i>r low-tat tiHufs such as lal- 
triv chips, Siiack Wells or 
reifiued tat pastries 

1 1 IS fn-sl to try .ind eat 
niovlerate portions of real. 
ntit'.iTTi.iII' oriHessixi IoihIs 
t!' • ; <<'• l,-|l 


rhiiikini! oft onipuiers? 

Improve your 
You can make 
a difference!! 
By attending 




Monday, Nov 23 
9 5:30 A242a 
Tuesday, Noy. 24 
e 12:30 C103 
Vice President 
of Student 
Affairs Dr. 
Bonnie Henry 
will be speaking 
on the referen- 
dum and 

answering ques- 


iljix^ tor c< '' 
iOFf ni !ht - 


Microsott Word i 

"■ t 

IhiiikOnVc { arrets: \ 


T *lw n i»»» n ) 
LARN 17-10 PER HOUnm 

ConvTMsanp Ptan A 
f-lmbi* Houn* 
WWt fiuOiwn#Clii< WW1. 
<h» nMon'* iMtfar «« tii 
imncaM nduMiy NO FXPC 

you cv> mr 

Plok IB fm pnonator ■ grM 


Cal tw locaton I — iw l ywi 
Scliajn^ uig^ 
Aflk tof HBm SWMf 


I njQman « ChMflUMn 

(giMt OwonunKy Ffl«tg)«r 


/ TTic \ 
I Tranaffer \ 
\Scholar&hlp I 

What ts the Transfer Scholartlup? 

ijn>i.«r ■> on«>n|| Urn* uKoKrvtiiir. ol up to tlO.0M MC* 
«o> Om afvmim **• »••• "■>««« «• «««•" «"*<*> 

aim aummttM* *tm><Mtwi. inuUifMc* *n4 nntivilwn. 
rimt ulwljntitpi m > i m ««»« «ai up t» 1 y—n. 

fm c m iK in lH ii. cw t H W i Mult ht ttmmi* t» C»rttmi 
ayBK 11. ItMMttkMiUIUMcaiiiiMMMInoa ^ 

•Mck yow wKtM te> )Mi <McM TtMXiH 

ScMiraM* ktttktucn- fv WM InionutWfi. 
OWUct tht one* of fdmtwen. 

Me-t^i .MK* . 414 Ml *aso 

1, kf»i in,M*tti.9. rfu 


Page 4 


I hi" HarbinniT 
Novcabcr 23, 1998 

Arts & Entertainment: 
December line up wraps 
up the semester 


JlMl f W ••♦» 

As Ihe end i>t the Mint".. 
ICT draws near and ■.tudent> 
and staff alike bexm («» pre 
pare for finals, lake -iinie 
time out. and >ei- wh.u 
Harper has plann«\t lor \ ku 

• Harp«r'» Tr»e Trimming 
Party VVednesdax. IX% 2 Jl 
I- pm in (he student and 
Administratum i enter in the 
student liHinne 

Harper > tnv will K- dei 
orated will vwnanu-nl^ 
<\l from club* arui nr>;aiu/.i 
tioru. on the camu> 

Thl^ e\enl w open to the 

• Spider Saloff. VNVsln.-^l.iv 
Dec. 2. at 12 pm in \:V 

Chicago i.ab.iri-1 ^in^er 
will Sinn holid.iv 1 la-sKs .ind 
other tunes jt the In-e 
Inmming l'art% 

rhe I oni ert is tree ainl the 
publiv . -Ii 

callv anljiniev) old ^n le 
jump thvthm blues b.uul 

Tickets arc St: "ilh di-- 
counts lor student-, .md -l.itt 

• Winter Concert pmentrd 
by Ihr Harper Festival 
Choru* Sundav, tXs. f>. at 1 
p in in M 1 V> 

senior i iti/ens .ind ^tudi-nts 

• Speech Team Spotlight 

Ihur-»1.u Us U' .it ~ pm 
.n the I A't- I inter, 

I i «. 

:>ts.h l««n piti> » 
.11.11... . . ■ sh. )vvt-a<e ««nne n( 
their mon- .■ntert.iinmg 
works through duets and 

• Holiday Fe^lival Concert 
presented by the Harper 

Symphony SurKljN. l>s !"* 

at r HI p m in lU^ 
lukets .ire SH' with dis- 
count- tor xtudeni- ,ind sl.ilt 

• Mighty Blue Kings, Hruiay. For more inlormalion 

Dec -I, at .H p m in the ahcnit these events, contact 

Wellness and •sf'ort- I .-nter the Harper B»ix l>»fice at 

There will be .in ,<(H-n S47 ^2=; (,liHi or Student 

.m-4 for damini; to th. ,riii A.luiti.-- hsT ■:^t,:42 



Full or part time -■ 

hours. OtI changes and 

checkout cashier. Cleaa 

independent QuicWutie. 

Northwest oilers 

123 W. Northwest Hwy. 




Career Advtce and More. 

I Surl Chicagotand'S 

I Premief Htgh Tech Job 

Resotxce Website at 


Part time 

$9.00 per hour 

4-8prrv morvthur 

Earn up to $34.00 per 



847. 330.9595 


Vehicle (^)erators 

Put your career in nnotion! 

Laidlaw Transit Services. 

Inc. IS the world's largest 

pnvate.speciali/ed trans 

port at ion management 

company We're looking 

for reliable, service 

oriented men & women 

j to join us. part ttnw/full- 

! time bus operators for 

; the Greater Chicagoland 



dge or older 

clean driving record 

(bring MVR check) 

Pass Physical, including 

drug alcohol testing 

Driving experience pre 


Please apply in person; 

Latdlaw Tr»isit Services 

510 West gate 

Addisoa IL 60101 


$Looking for extra holi 

day?$ Vinny's Italian 

Restaurant at WoodfieW 

Mall. Looking for servers. 

bussers& hosts. 





PALATINE. 359.0617 







Shoppers Wanted! Get 
Paid to evaluate cour 

tesy for fast food 
restaurants. Great Pay! 

Loss Prevention 

Experience helpful. Send 

irx^uines /resume: 

Justin Case 

PO. Box 1105 

Arlington Hts.lL 60006 


CarKua Florida etc 

Best hotels, parties, 

Book early and save!! 



Earn money -i- free trips! 

Campus reps and 

Organizations wanted 

Inter-Campus Programs 

1800327 6013 


Gibson/Epi phone 
Acoustic Electric Guitar 


$500 obo call Sean ® 


To place a 

classified ad. Call 





Guaranteed Credit Cards with Credit Limits 
CX^"^' ^P ^^ * 10,000 Within Days! 

^ No Credit, No Job, No Parent Signer, No Security Deposit! 

no credit • bad credit • no income? 


(fYbu Think Ybu 
Cant Get A Credit 
Caret Think Again. 

Want VISA & MasterCard Credit Cards? 



I want Credit Cards immediately. 

CRA, PO Box 16662, ATLANTA, GA 30321 





Tired of Being Turned Down? 

Guaranteed M0,000 In Credit! 

The Harbinger 
November 23, 1990 






Wilh H() yr«» o< l«««<W»hip rxprrit-n. c ir> ..ur luUl. 
I I \ \ t RT h i: .ininft lU .)ujlili.-.l I.. Mp yoB 
mli»ul-lr ■ '"I 

rlirrrnr* .If , 'i'lf l.Hl.t%.t«ii 

miition lit ihr hr»\ mimi* in Amrnt a tru»i u» « iih <tuii 
rinamidl tuturr 

Attend u» to rr\K>w cMir qtuUilicAtinntt. 

S«|»cek>r Mreagth 

Wiih S:'tM,)l„|lMMi !»».«», IIWIKII :■ fh,«..iM, 
largru rMimnent organiution «imJ <mung ihc mmi u>lui 
TiAA ■> ant at only a tunxilul ul /ompimirt to luvr tiunrti 
np raiinfi fc>r tinamwil »irrnfih. am) CRKF u imt at WJl 
Slr««t • Urgnt invmor- 

teBd, lan$-tcnn pcrfontuwcc 

Wr «**k mil k»n|f'irrm i»p|H»nuniti«r» iKal tithrf \ i»m{MniCft, 
m [lursuit .>t ijiink i!.iin» otirn miM. Though t>»»« perfor- 
nuncT ran t giuuranlrr lulurv rwtulu. ihii palirnl pkilowphv 
has prwvrn <f»irrmrly rewanling 

Surpruingly low cspeoM* 

Tl A \ 1. kl I - <>|MT4iin(! ii>«ti »r« anon^ th<- l.mtM in ihc 
HUurUKe^ml mutual luiut in<lu«tnr> Tlicrrtorc, mori- ••! >i>ur 
miinrv fan when- n iih»uM - lowardu iTuunng y^r luiurr 
Easy divcnUkadon 

W« oMm' • widr vafwt> >>( < <)»-nl\ n>arui^!«^ invntmrot ofMions 
to h«lp buiW V'Mir auets Wilh ucKk. bond. monc\ market, 
anil rral .-ilan- amiunls as well a> a ((uaranlmi annuity 
1. . KiK.^c In. 11! I I \ \ I KKK maku .In <tmIi. alion e»»y. 

Unrirmlcd •crvicc 

We Wwve iKat tmr lervK-e dnttnguiahro u» (r«nn c\-eiy otKrr 
retirement coitipanv In a recent nationwide survey of 
rrlirement plant. TIAA-CRKK wa» voted number one 
in tuttlomer ftaitntaction 

Ifyou i»orl> m< aiinn, reHarrk, or related iicki.. why 
ncN put TIAA I. Kl I- s experience to work for you? To find 
.nil nMjre. viut our Web Mte at www.(UM-cref.arg or caU us 
ai I am 319-8310 

Eaauring the future 
for thiMc who ihape it.' 

Rm4«w» _.r..l.'ii" -r -* n\Ki MtV l ii.a. » il« ^ M* I iiil w iii f li»r~OT»a w * nn» t Kf I ■r''^^^ *»» * 

MnimM IIVlQlHmil 

»«• k> (aw a< T»« Hal I 

> l»ai<aivlinMa 


Page 6 

Belter homes for 
us all 

tl.ivc ,in\ nt Dur loval na.trr^ 
it in ll.irpi-r l.iml t.ikin tin \ii,iti'ni\ il.iss(Bui 

Funny thiii>; .ihoiit thi- 
An.itomv i Lis'.r..,)ni theii' lusi 

VVhtTC in thf uiuld .iri' thf 
--tudonts siippoM'tl t<» put Ihfir 
u kp.ii IkN ' 

Oh. silU Hi, ,... lop I't tlu' 
1. ^^.i^\ IT hoM's 

Cadaver boxt"- hold deceased 
individujK who h.i\e donated 
their bodu'-- to st niu i' I hi' 
i.idaver^ are .ivailable to nud 
nal MhooU aid college-, -ouh 
.IS Harper for research. 

Instead of respecting their 
place of rest, |v\(>odin body 
boxes constructiv! b\ Harper's 
own carpenters) students pKue 
their backpacks and winter jatt 
ets atop, so thev don't get in tin 
way ot their work on the lab 

These bo\fs ju- pl.ueJ spu 
radically throughout the anato- 
my classroom, m no specifu 
order \\h\ t there be a 
spociai room ti>r thf^i vii'i c-isfj 

rht - ' ■ - .iTi. i.-ti 111 iifi .i\ 
in thi iabs tor up to 

seven years 

A new law ma\ be instated 
soiMi, saying that each v.ul.nt-r 
may only be kept tor t\%o iiMrs 
at a time The boi)i<- u,- then 
returned to the tin ior 

With thi' tuiiii 1 r . . ,1 IS 

rei ci , ru'U build- 

ings, van I u r iigure a lu-vv 
home for the deceased into the 
tloorplan ' 

Fven though this is not the 
ti.nal ri'stiiii; pl.u i- tor the 
idavers, i^,ir\ l v\ e gi\e th»>m 
■me of the respect that tluv 
deserve' .Mter all thev did 
give us their b.nfies 

Editorial ■oard 

no IIan)in«i:er 


I he Harbinger 
November 23, 1W8 

Photo Opinio n 

Hoiv manu hours do you plan to study for finals verses how many 
hours you toil I actually study? 

Doug Hein Jason Blake Jenny Bondi 

I plan to study 

about three hours per 

dass, but I'll probably 

only study 1/2 hour 

before I go to each 


I try to cram in 

study time betweoi 

Jerry Springer and 

Jenny Jones, you know, 

during ccmimercial 


I plan to study a 
lot, but I probably 
won't study at all. 





.Hpade Phillips P.I. by Mmii tiowalski 


motac AS neett rm 


M my voumeK iWKe 




OF TBGUILA niFffttritU 

My aory . oomMm» 

WITM MAnjtC.~ 



by Boomer (.'ardimale 

UTTt vn 

Vim W-> M5 

Staff Writars and Asslstanta 

Noef Baga Adele Botha Lmdsey French. Sarah Keely. 
)om Laodaa John Tttlotson, Sean Trudeau. Herb White 

Eat orm Chief.., 

P*ews Etftor-. 

Sports Editof ._ 

-Amanda Of fent»d«f 

. .tennifpf Cu'iit 
...Kevin anepxe 

Assistant Sports EtStor Ryan Freirfl 

Facufty Advisor MwwanJ Sctnosstjerg 

Qanaral Pollclas 

n» Hmtmgifr » m? »^ -.»,»-"• wjIibc at on lor »» HKiMf CoMia* c«fn|ius eoB»iiu 
iwty vtMottetl tt-wwkit throuijriout tn« fcDool ysw mmepl dufing nol«$a«« tm 
rtratiewm. n»>pii(wr«<lt«nliuiai)tr«*toilistiiaantt.(lKunf flndadnnis 
lr»««n fne imtlw§m'f wM* ptduae i» to iwowdt tt* Harpnr contrumy witti 
mfcimiMKin fmnammt to me oevia and iU sumMnsng comnuwr, 

Tht Hi t rt r^t i r wmtcnm* Wtw* to vm tMar am lechn to our wHoilaM 

Lft •rtmu»(tiriuipMilar«inc«d«*|iMinefu>terlow!nfVailMtaMe. 
Sttnattjm ««« t« Kitmcki mwn rwuMt Ml N>tt«r» ana cmtmt aw lUbitct to 


•ndorMd oy tr» Mttors o( tnn aaptr. nv oy «» eoMg* utmnttrmnn u- 
BaiRlo«Oniciw« inquiriMthaulclMtoriMrdMldractly tottwadwrttiw «« 
M^wOwaMmM tlaOiCfMianoftlocaraumf. 


tltw Harbmgef 

WiHiam ftaney Harper CoMege 

1200 West AJgonquin Road 

PalatmeU 60067 7098 

Pfione NuiitMrK 

tjusiness office: (847)925-6460 

news office (847) 925^000 x2461 

tan: (847)925-6033 

copyn^ 199& The Hartwiger. 

The HarbingCT 
November 23, IWS 

Arts A Entertainment 


I lood frcener. Hie ikin will teen clearer, yow Jof miffkt eweii like 
ittcr. ^tou acMer Imow, i|o«i nijiil even m<ilie d hitmi m hfvo alof 
Uhmi. For More inforwiHoB on rkii. faataUk jonriie). %tof in A3A7I ^ *"**^* Off MHiackw 

Who's Who at 

Harper College 

.J K)K(;ri;ativh( AKi iK>' 

Mt,,; \>. 

,■1 t .iliii..- 
tlic l.itxi'-t 

AttacMt* und Hithtlor 
Orgrrr Prngnumt /wr/M</r 

• tlompmcr Animation 

• tiraphu DvNi^n 

• Multinii ilia 

• Interior I >t si^f» 

• I-.ishii.ii Marketing 
A> Mana/^t-miiu • 

• Fashion l>iArfc;ii* 

finp w w \* ilia an.ciUi 


The Illinois 
Institute of Art 

Thi An mwiuM* IMwnaaicMwir'. tnc , IM* 

,V haiimbur^ 
KMM) P|jj.;i Oriv. 
-Ni li.uinilinri; II f.ol""-i 

1 K(M).3I i.ViSO 

1. 800.35 IS o(> 

i,M I ,T i 1 V I'll .Itllt 

wi(h I ,ilini>- 
1 t i '. in .umit'nIdlK 

.lumMi!!); into a mivfing 

.'I Ml p«H>pil- 

I IhcM' mtti 
u\fi>, wliuh jr>' htid CM'IA 
VVfJrwsild\ fn>m 1!; 1 p m 

When askfd u hat Iut h "t' 
v\,iN liko. (iarcia launhfil 
ami ^,11, 1 \ i,.| Hi «i>rk 
■ 1 hf inv>st imporlant thini; 

!•. thai I'MTSOHi' IN N. . ,nlUi' 

(mm iohii liaNNliT the mk' 
pri-.Kit'nt t laiulia 

C arabjial, Ihf IriMMin-r, and 
( .li'iida \f\ar(V. tho I hair 
ot N.-tuork> t iimmitUt 

(..ariia ha> Kvn atlend- 
in>; llarpvT lt>r a year and a 
hall iin a lull svholarship 
^hi' !•- a I ompuUT Sirmt- 
ma|t»r .iud work^ itn , .inipiis 
m thi" ntniputiT lah^ 

1 .ari i.t IN , ooNKiiTin^ 
I iiiM iMt\ . f IHini^iN 

miluilin^ I'hi Ilirl.i ^^•'p[>. 

Vwowa Oarcla !• tiM 
Pr*»MMit of Lattaies 
UH4do«, oiM of th« 
largest eiiib* on i 

I lonor ;>Ku-tv, Spivch Team, 
and Student Senate. She 

\\ a>. a repri'sfntative of 
llarp.r ( .lil.-i;.' in the All 
lllinoi- Aiademii learn, and 
was i>n the National DeaiVi 
1 1st in 46-47 

Rtvruitment lur (.atinos 
L nidds !•. nmslly done 
through word ot iTu>uth. 

ITii- V lub IS involved in a 
mentoring; program at 
Holnu"- Middle School, to 
help t^i lingual students 
with their homework "1 
realK like thai p.irl ci Ihe 

ilul'' lx\,Uis.' it put-. ,1. tltillN 
tifhiii.i . ut ',\ . 11,1 1 ,.li. 1.1 

II .11 li.«i[H'r, .iikI Itvis she 
lia\ ini; w ith a giHid expe- 


Ihe new Lanes. 
Lew dewn price. 
All eut car. 




&ii1 Iv fifeiuiati wpnitti In hi." mucli cw nwl p< In KW mnn «iik 

D*»» Tl»« I bwiiw a* t< aw ijn ««» »tll-<HiiipH "«'' «««» 
«li» •» ixiiiii*. nimMi ted. "iitc orfi oi hi. iwi OK pna. *«ftt 

-'jii i.j|lo ^»rr\«;tt \-' f»*toi. 

*t kiw. n« jni jn « IB* *t! to 1 ij« Iww Mm 10 mawic ■« *w 
IVa < ohi w in MM banow i t>VM» tix uf KI liwt Jw' m* 

i w l i i M MiiiwIty TArm»i^o<»t*ni»ihtai>— <Tiit« 

«« OB BKCTllwi. far *» fea >«*»<»'''''*' ■"** 

OB dl Rjnl* irfiirAaM >i>ihm™»<" £w«iMl«i 
»ipn liMcs «ir in.»dt\; 

WM^Hdr tfwcan^i ^'>^ IV ^iTM I nun m iCL.iA»i 

1 r'lii II. 

^-? .H«t?Tllf«- fclS t^ ' 

• alllotik 

.>><ti Itirawa Im inffMif 


i It.^ » ar ^ .^ w 

fjijr DAEWOO 

Daewoo of Ariington He^o 

3232 N Kennicmt Avenue 

{8. !00 



The HarfringiT 
November 23, 1998 

leaves colleee withou 


At Kendall CoUe 

the numbers spe 

for themselves 

- wttiin the Int 3 monlhs of leavir« sdwoi: 

of The School of CiAwy AitsT graduilB reoived muttpte 
job ofleis: and wiMi 3 yciis. many wH rise to the taMBl of 

100% of Kendal Eariy Chldhood Education graduates vMie wortdng 

M0% of Kendal Human Seivkxs graduates had jobs or 
attended graduate schooL 

Kendall College 

EvANSTON, Illinois 

HtHn Ot CuilNARV Akt> 

Call admissions office at 847-866-1304 

!ii' Harhingi-r 
Novfmber 23, 199* 



Be part of PROPECIA study 

• If you are a Male aged 18-35 and are cur- 
rently losing hair 

• Not taking immuno-suppressant drugs 

The study consists of a Hair Loss History, Physical 
Exam, and a Hamilton-Norwood hair loss classification 
scale rating. 

You will be supplied with a hair loss CD Rom, a 
booklet on hair loss, and specific information on the 
new medication PROPECIA. You will also get your 
choice of a free gift ($25 value) for your time. 






Robert B. PoliNk>. M.D.. director 



847-59 3-6222 


Page 10 


Thf Harbinger 
November 23, 1W8 

Men's soccer ends season with shutout loss 

STAff WtiTiR 

OutdiHW prjctuc in 
NovemKT is a drajj !!»■ 
cold wtMthiT -.linv;^ \"»r 
skin, anJ dm ili)),iin>; an\ 
»orl of pace is virtu.ill\ 

The pxv^ il'> 

HarptT Mfn - -.< m 1 1 lo.mi 
will lon(5iT h.m' lo pr.i. Im- 
in this cold wiMth«T 

The bad mw ■■ in. the liani 
won't get to pl.i\ .iin TD.Ti' 
garner either, -ittt-r Ihrnr (>i' 
2nd mund pla\i>tt lo-.^ Ii> tht' 
College ot IHiPasi' "H 
November 7 

The top ranked 

Chaparrals had a balancevl 
attack, as the\ sioriil "^ gnaLs 
in each h.ill 

Harp>T iiuch Sjin (..ania 
belu-M- that tht- Hawks put 
forth a >;iH>il effort, but wen- 
simpK 1 1\ erwhelmed b\ the 

tjlenli'vl (. 
V\,' iiist i;.i 
matihetl," t.arcia s.u>l Vll 
.Hir plavers were in the ru;hi 
spots thev shiHild h.i 
VM' iiisl )4ol <i\erpo\^' 

Ihe\ .l'ur> lot 

ot skill- 

In xonir \\.i\s the team 
met MU expitt.itions in 
term- ot mjlili plai 

l>nie again, sophomore 
..iptain lodd B.istable 
pl.Hed the sweeper position 
whiih brouj;ht thi' Hawk- 
much success in their plavott 
opener against tiaklon 
Community College 

l.arcia bela'ves BastjbU' - 
experience and talent pro 
uded -t.ihilm m the Hawks 

' -ensui' tavtii 

worked a lot in the ( lakton 
same b\ keepmi; KhK) at 
-weeper Ih\ aiise ot his sjMvd 

A s.iid 
ti .1 i I w> t."- .i>:.ainst 

i.'SHiMhi. Milton 
,; , ! freshman 

out I'aul Mellato- eaJi lOn 
tnbuted w>sils 

Harper s tinal i.onte-t ot 
the rejJiilar sea-on ,ij;ain-l 
\UHenr\ eniled in ,i 20 tie 
\1tllenr\ struck earh m the 
tirsl hall but loi;no, >hi 
an-ueri'd iMth .i goal ot hi- 
o« n 

Harjx'r bn>ki- out ot ,i 1-! 
halltirne tu when stellat.'- 
launcheil the hall 2ii \.ird- 
into the KiwI ott J vlirevt trin- 
ku k 

Ihe \t. Henr\ pl.iv.'t- 
who formed a wall. 
-l(H>d stunnevi alter the 
,1- the Harper pl.nei- ^ele 
brated Ihi -itc 

I w.i- lu-t watihinj; th. 

wall move back and I w.i- 
liHiking lor an in> h 
■-lellatos -aid 

V\h.n I -aw the i;ap I 
m-l iri.d to kno. k Ihe ball a- 
hard a- I lould and it went 

ItoweviT \wlh the la-l 
t'lt- ot daylight diminishing, 
\K i lenr\ lound the net once 
more to end thi' conli'-t in a 

Ihe Hawks finish the 
I'J^S MMson with f' win-, "i 
i,>--e- .ind 2 tii- 

It wj- .1 di-.ippointin>; 
• ■ndmg attiT .le. inipn-— i\e 
12-4 re>ord la-t season 

Still t.arcia K-lie\e- 
the team -howev! an impri's 
sne iinpnHement during 
the -<M-on 

I am pleased with hov\ 
the lame back sin>ngcr 
in the s«-cond half ol the sea- 
-,in l.ariiasaid 

IXiring the Mvond hall 
ot Ihe siMsc»n nobixlv sal out 
w hi'ther thev were miuri'vi or 
not tfu'> kept playing 

We had a few that 
. oil Id ha\ e gone either wax 

1 ri'allv think that we 
were .ible to compete with 
our opporwnls in a lot ol 
games, in particular the 
game against Praine State 

The team will lose a gn'at 
deal ol talent next season 
iiuluding Bastable, M.ipho- 
mores Armando Camboa 
and OaveCamev, and fresh 
man goalkeeper \ ii- 
I .arcia 

Bastable was among the 
team s leading scorers, while 
t,ambi>a and Carney vm 
known lor their aggrt>s-i,. 

Vince t.ariia will b.- 
transferring from Harper 
next semester 

MoMasUilarz 19.0 
Missy Rommel 12.0 
Chris Steinke 9.0 | 
Holly Hoppe 8.0 

mxave. Jeff ledd 

ends season 
with suspense | 


Thi- lads Hawks sea- 
came to an end i>n Nov '> > 
Rock Valley but thev did 
go di>wn withtnil a tight 

I. oniing into this game Ifu 
ladv Hawk- were without 
one ot ttwir stars \oti\ Rossol 
Rtwsivl suffered a sprained 
ankle in practice and wasn ■ 
able to ptav. 

Rock Valley t«xik a ^vw 
martding two ^.-t lead 12 1^ 
•♦-Is But the ladv Hawks 
then Hx>k th.' rrext two s«'ts 
IS-l.r 15-5 

The hfth and final set was 
a rally si-onng si-i and the 
Lady Hawks unfortuiuitely 
kwf the la-st «■« lt>-18 

It was a great way to the 
end the season." *aid fwad 
coach Shanm Stauder And 
the way we did it in tfu- tilth 
9tt was. incn-dible but we can 
still tiav we t>ejt tin- rtatKmal 
champion College ol 
DuPage • 

The ladv Hawk- .aid 
giKxl bve to tour k<utsunding 
»oph<>mores; Sarah Bach, 
Bnxike DiSano, Sara Pefley. 
and lodv Rossol 

imid nrJK- hdp oilh lb«»« P' 
.n take 


,* to tort 41 111 I II '^ 


.,(i|^% ..ilKtrdaMc 

ott i-iiMi% J* y<Hi 
It ( ollrtpr. i*ur 

IU«>.*t«*>« Knp»" |j»wj»* f. P\*» .*«s if t«i -^ • 
h.«m mkMm .*«. i*s.*i !.»..♦.«• t 'Stvt 

flm 1 ^mn- — — y-*-^«— 
n—iO >, Jmnmt M. •-' »^ 
l«»i<nim», Jamawy JO. 4-T pjn 

tli«^. m.fc-l*t>* «.-i»"l-" ,mm.'tM\*>V^ 
\%^^f KMxmmt «. Mn »*« %•!*«»« *M*»t 
I.M«« '•■h.' »~.«t..«Hai«— <•'•"-' 
.•o»s«nin m.>-<>~>- !■•».•- » .-inw.™!-. 

K..*! M>l i*i«t^ »• *^««»fc »*«qw» !*•..»» 


N |ua« migM be your HnMl hour. 


University College 

The Hartnnger 
November Z3, I9W 


Page 11 

The Harbinger is looking for a spoif s" 
photographer. We are currently 
accepting applications in A367. If 
you are interested in the photogra- 
phy field, it is always helpful to get 
your foot in the door. 

■■■■pvi invii • 


Men's basketball moving in the right direction 

Ryan Frvund 

Poi nts 

DdnSurgt'N l^i) 
Casey jackl 1(^3 
I. Hollov\ .i\ ! : 
J.Sherman ll)> 

Dan Surgt-s 4,7 
Casey Jackl 4.7 
I. Holltnvav ^r7 
J. Shornuin /> i' 
J. 4 7 
( Agnello ^ 
I Hollow .n >.ti 

^■m 1., ^H 

itui " 

I ^ -^^^H 

i H 

1 ^^^^^B 

f v'tn ill 

■ Ihn-.' 


1 inl iilir 

i .^^^1 

I liiiv si^l vhip(x-d in with 1.' 


^^^i^^^BICf ^* ^^^^^H 

i (our robiuind^ iru 


^^^^ ' ^^^^^^F T ^^^^^1 

(,l.-,i 111 n...nt< 1,1 ' Ml 

,1.' i«,i 


.< ii in 

1 't'^CasfilBiS "' i-^^J 


1 ^^^^j^y . y^^ 



•>ljmmt\l il III thf 1' 


f».. ■ 

Marti KtMg <•!• in a d«r*n*iv« 


*time» In effort to atn* Ms 


Be loyal to your team 

tht-m .»! 1' 1 " 

1 M' uii! nothing against 

thosi- aiv Ihi-iv when 

ihi u ,ini i- il.Hvn, but where 

1- iviiA.Mu fisf when the 

^^ i^f^Sl 

tc.ini nti'Js thiTi the nn>st' 

Mil tans were .ill lt\er»' 

\\ hiTi the le<im w .«>. 25-'*, but 
V, hi-if art' thev when the 

1 kill 11 ,t ,- hani 1(1 ■-up- 
port ,1 tiMiii when thi'\ lan 1 
Jii .untiling ri);ht, but the\ 
still n<i>d the same «.up}>ort 
\iHi v',a\i' them w h**n the\ 


v\ i-f r i^^Hivi 

It Miu giM the team the 


supi^ort at the time i>f need, 
then v\ho knm\s Ihev might 


' f ki\.lll\ 

hav f tniui);h in them to win 

\\ flit JiH-^ Il nuM 1 


the vontest and j-et back to 

lll-l . 1. '- -.1 f IMlMIl 1 lllVl 



the w ,n they usetl tii be 
Ian Knallv is important 

• - iTiiirt- ti\.it 

til ,1 iiam II helps when the 

1 1 linJiT^l.iru: 



>;ami> is not >;om>; the wa\ it 

i\ ■ 



. , -■i!,l \\' i( tht' tans were 

: .1 .'Viel 

without ttiem 



\\\uu- >,^.n^k^ all the 


■ !lii- past W It 

i: f : ■ , 

• ' ...--up- 




port them 

WouM llu i:,n as 
miiih tanu .is thf\ do now' 
' -t nu- it mi-ans a lot 

a\^k Sports 

'JTaa-a 19« Ml UU^ m^^m MHi^ CtMmtm 

a3,x» »8 

Football ends home season on bad call 

ASSISTANT ?r-'-"^ " 

are hunuin jiui . 
Afh-r ,1 imprv- 

M,. II. j;,,: 

fh»' V u U^r\ -.11 

\\ itv unlortiii 



1 1 }\. 

(Kill (,• 
>-ni'Ui;h ti> 

ul-. m Ihi 

1 Khefi fSMin 1 

Th« I'M no i^mnl anJ 
h 17 U'tt in Ihi' NjMimi ijUiirt<-i 
K.lkltTs still liMil 1 I .. 

Ihf KjkI, I 




ul In iMt Ihi i.iil.r t.- v;n, tlu K.iiii.-r-- ttw 
<i<J ImI! 

\nthi>r>s l.trU ii\ Ihf tourth k|uarl>'r t.iil- 

■u> tJikks batk |jM>n *.*ls«m appt-aivd tii be in 

t.tftinn .1'. the (ThI .'ime but thi- tvtiTivs had a 

I lame U> the cotulu- 

iumbk\i the ball at the 

lin.- !!• t;i\<- the Raiders 

M iU»«l till \\ iV. 

■ fun 
. .);u I'll in 
tiM.' iatihe> lor 
i- iiiJ t rump 
I . .It. h.- Iiir a 

N! ,n,i Iii;hl ,-lui H.n^.ird 

VK*-**!!!*; I'M a "^1 \.»ril tiHKiuli'v\n 
To j5U<' thf K.iuii'r^. .1 H f li'.ul 

CVi thj' Hawk- nf\t Jrivf K\U- 
Hu){hfs hiH'kti.1 up with .ill ii>ntir 
ence wide recnvet Ltavid Sjarn ti>r 
a 74 yard tnuehdnwn The Man k> 

Haad •••cli io4M tHasth • «p > * l w tiM stratagy to Mm off mi** 

^' seiimJ> r«'inainin>; in the (irst 
h.ill, heM-goal kicker Matt Wilken 
kicktsi * 21 VVinj held t:(>al to m.tkr 
tlM' M.twe 21-17 at the halt 

The Mawkx defense *hut-out (ht- 
RaidtTs in th«« Mfond halt Iht- 

rh«- ottetvsi- unttniiirkitel \ 1 1 ui Kl 
nt tind the emi /one in the xvond 
halt but werx- sure ilose li' il I .irl\ 
in the IhirJ ijuarler w ilh the Haw ks 
i-lriving inside the ten sard liiu' 
Hughe> tumbled the exvhange trom 

.1 i.'i.ii "I I ■ \ 

V hippt-vl in VA ith 

Ml I2,«yanls 

ijuarlerbaik k\ le Hii);hes s«t the 
,ill tim*' Harper rtvord for passing 
\.irds in om» j;ame with I VW tor a 
■ ot I'^lN.inl-. 

II wa- tb< hisi urn,' thai a (JB 

thn-w l<>r ■V(Kt yards ,ii home, and it 

v\asonK the thiiit liiMi in Harpers 

. r M10 

Oa\'id ^*•ar^\ K'^.iiiu' tht.' 
rwreninn nvonl hiilJii m 
yards with l.4i>s 

11,.. 1 1 ,„ L.. tinished ;, 
nil! AZ in u 

. en er 
I lime 


lhi\ in' lurn'iitk on their way 
to <. t'dar I alls loi^a to attend the 
l'.'p-.i (. ola howl 

Ih.' Hawks, ranki-d 12th in the 
nation will tace-i>tf againM lllh 
ranki-d, Iowa C entral Community 
( olletfi' ( .ame time w ill be at S p m. 


•The Harper Men's basketball team traveled to Kennedy-King 
Cooununity College the weekend of November 13 through the 14 
lo participate in the Tip-off Classic wiich consi.sted of four teams: 
Ktrkwood College, South-Suburban. Kennedy-King, and Harper. 
The Hawks unfortunately lost the first game 91-101, but won the 
socotid game against South Suburban 96-81. Dan Surges led all 
sciMierN in the first game with 23 points while Ca.scy Jackl led all 
scorers in the second game with 25. The Hawks also defeated 
McHenry College 120- 1 00 on Tuesday November 17. Dan 
Surges had a game high of 31 points for the Hawks. 
•The Harper Women's basketball team traveled to Kishwuakee 
College on November 14. but unfortunately lost their game 57-96. 
Maureen Mastalarz led all scoreni with 19 points. The Lady 
Hawks then htwted V' " November 14 but lost hv 

33 .Maureen MastaLu. ..„ _.. .- once again with 16 

•i^oote of the Week: Men's Ba.sketball coach Mike Hirsc h on the 
120-100 victory over McHenry- "I .should write a b<Hik since the 
jdefiBOie can score 100 points and we " v - "- "•(). " 

iO CjOMt OUT AND HMVt fun iU^eOKflfK, >iitHȤli\ 

nfMSTMf ssm tmv you wouiv supnaiir mt mits 


by cailli« MTjaSJOOO it 

ar alip iy IIM afriM la tiM Si 

Cantor, ASC7. 


VelMiM XXX . Mifcir • . OmsmiAw 7. MM 

Tree trimming party icicles off tioiiday season 

IfaHIMr Coltog* . PaiaM— , 1 

Lindsay Frmicli 

jMmif vr Nl*»<ar«*, Aiiaraa Nmss, Patty Kllian and 
JMwy Parkin admira Um traa and oraamnnta at tha 
liaa trtanmlng party on O atamfcaf 2 in tha ttndanl 
and Admlniatration Cantnr. 

s.ili>H ha% ,1(1 

.MTV .ill 


Th« omamanla and 
garland for tlio troa worn 
all mado or donatad by 
Harpar atudanta, facnlty 
or staff. 

Information Assistant guides students through library 

SIAff W«il(K 

II 40 I'f i5;in.ill\ fM-i'pU- tin 
.; mimt-r.ii 


' n^i .It lint HI ni . ' 
('UltT nnwiiU>r> f 
st-tm-s III 1. ' 
ami iMn ti 

i f«(rtr«»llmK .WW ol th»' .,>niirm r>>|>> 

' ' TptT I ihr.i' (hf Iibi.uv .V 

■ 'h-- N'.ii I .iiil \inv .•'ihrin^ (tru'I." 

k«. Iii> hi> 1 ii;hth M .ir ni>(lkinK <>( P' 

in thr th. itlrir^ '.', il-.>n tirlj". Nfii 

I m J ht>i>k p 

V\il--.;^ Jul 1 mii'\ ^\iHk libr.u\ ain 

A t^ pr). 

-uri tr 

«»pk' >* tth thru 
kl I hflfi i.ul 

thf jiH^ ^ ij!.n\ 
^>n t-niov* hi> roll' 
~ inli>mi.ilii>n 
n vM>rkinj» .It 

'• lust 

iof f Wilaon aaaiata 

,1 . ., (.1.1, .■ .V h.Ti ,ty^|^ta With tha in* 
hmi .mxihiiiy; voii and owts of tti* HMpar 

Cunningham Mathmatics Faculty Grant bestowed to Bender 

Mows Editor 

J»«g« 8 

Haa«tliWatcli.._^a<n 2 
Co wwn tary — Pmf * 

Claaslflatfa ^a<n • 

lyarti ^agaa ?-• 


quality tu bv 
im iuded in the 
\^>^is "Who's Whi' 

See how h> deal 
with colli 
and strvv- 
••• Paga 2 


iit-H a lot »>t 
people upM't 
Saa Paga 4 

Tennis team is 

.iw'.irded t\' 
l^iVL-iUm II 
••• Paga • 


^aga 2 MaamiWMeli Pi#i X MC 

Jfmg^%-9 tpMTts. 



Campus News 

The HarbinpiT 
December 7, 1<»« 


•SircM relict 

I f.irn '*trf» n' 'it 

• hnli]ue« •md relaxAtion 

► IK to deal with thi- 

I •■■v'wf of colle^jf tite to the "STRESS 

BUSTERS" seminar on 

Tuesday, December 8, 5:^V 

7 p.m. in tt»e Student and 

Administration Ccnlvr 

Room .'\242a 

•SitcM Free Zone 

Tal* a vacation trvim finals 

week stresK. Come to tfte 

SttcM Frev Zone on 

Moitday. December 7. 11 

ajn.-l p.m. in the Busin«t 

and Social Science CeMer 

I Lobby To eaw your slaneas, 

! there will be free-mini ma*- 

' saxes, aromatherapy sam- 

plos. treats, study tips, 

I xtTvut pamphlets and more. 

Therapeutic chair mam»p» 

an available on Thurwiay. 

December 10 from 4-6 p m 

The aunsages are S15 for : 

I minutes. Give yourself or <i 

friend a study -'stri-is break. 

j befoiv finals and the hectic 

iholid.vs! Call Health 

I Service at )M7 <»2.=i 626H for 

' an appointment or mon- 


"Who's Who" ■vivari> 



■ur» bv tlu- 

-,-.1 If ,1.., 



Ask your wellness advisor ry«-vl ti>pK> b\ , 
H.-.ilth S.-rMn'si 

\n-.»crs will .>pp'.ir m t vi' 

4Ui-<tu>r» will be thi>ri>Uk:li' •* '' 

be provided bv htjltti 
to Thf Htirhm<;ti 
Q. V'hal percent . -- are safe to pnw nt >> I I '-■ 

(.iM»dnm> h.n . ...,., .^i^l '" '■"■' 

Ihey are dls«i viTV ftt«vti\i' iti ( ■'■■•-< 

■m'vimIIv Transmitteil Diseast-^ isn > 

•\lthi.u>;h ni) Cimdom win k:ii.i' 
iIh'V .in- UM-d correitiv, tht-v cJn hii[ n >:.i • s ■> it „ . iii,~i,ii 
.It STIX iniludinB HIV t HI AVn I 'I \ >.l\ll\l HIKIt-- 
t.lMT.M VVi^RTs t.OMiKKHI \ HII'MIIls B .iihI 

sv PHI lis 

IXjnnn intimati- nmt.ut lonin^ .\nJ \ .irinu-. lnH.i\ fliiiiJ>. 
ijn transmit STIV. lIurttiTt .i inw toiulom ^^.^ Iv 
applied fath tinnt' durin»; .ms intim.ik' . cut.Kt 1«> K- .tti^ 
tue, a loridiim must K- l.ili-v hr put .•n .orrt> th^i.n in pl.Ki- 
duriri); inlenv>ur-..<- n.>t hri'.ik itiirmc ii-. i;'.! Iv rcrnos,'.) 

Beton- UMns a mndnm. ri'.Kl ili'' m.inuKKtiini'^ ,liri\ti>.ii 
lli-alth Stviiv in tin '^IikIiiU .irul \Jm)nistr.iti. ■n t .■nli-r 
WO, h.i^ .1 \.i: •. hiin'- j\.i)lahlf ixi I ominni-., 

■-■i.illx Ifjnsiii : I-.-- Birlh C ontnil \li'ttn>it>. .ind 

related lopu ^ 

You're half 
way mere. 

HiHi Mr«riD»«'a>nayiiu\eaMBa 
Mf- ■) aM«r s i»iw tao' Dewy 

iXi sni*Tts njue jn cuniaidng 
•ita t* onpnympn *fi oiadumon 

Oj (Mun mt mM CX« Ubi ar 
udrd M«n «Mirnm Ana am cnm 

cimow Ban haii^ih 
IUn» AOTwaBaBn aocm CcnfUB 
Moimjiian %aBim Aannrv itorts 

M«iigcrnrn at t mun i»ir«caM3r« ■ 



.4 Mpkcrdqpvr qftuecrm! 

*>H lo"^ Inirmci \pplKaii"iii> 

t-C+TTtUU' i'i' .1 ^ 

Of t liNi Tihh- Maaai.'<'''><'ni 

M«r..h 1-' A ! i 
OFC°225 MknmiTl Mullixa. 

Afwil li. « !' 

OF('lu< Hmmmm Httatmmn 

Oo*^ rMlU*4F « 



*4. 4-r pm* 

it |US( mi\|M tM your finest ttour 


i University College 

The HdrbinKCT 
December 7, 1948 

C a rep UM Ne w s 


Be part of a PROPECIA study 

• If you are a Male aged 18-35 and are current- 
ly losing hair 

• Not taking immuno-suppressant drugs 
The study consists of a Hair Loss History, Physical 

Exam, and a Hamilton-Norwood hair loss classification 
scale rating. 

You will be supplied with a hair loss CD Rom, a book- 
let on hair loss, and specific information on the new 
medication PROPECIA. You will also get your choice of a 
free gift ($25 value) for your time. 













Robert B. Polisky, M.D., director 






Page 4 

Our Vi«w 

Don't make us 


Don t th. 

jlrt-ativ p.u 

tht> tino fdiu .1' 


1 i;ui"-.- n.'l 

I.T h..-. 


^tiidfrn-- .11 

It mav takt 

1 uui( 

1 .1 i 1 1 1 1 \ n 1 1 ■ 1 1 ' 1 ' . ■ ■, -, ' 


^ Klitllltig «>» « 

-* r- ■ i>iM I' is .ilrr.i 


C r.i4. Ks .iru) ii^nriHt; m iii> j ■• \ >■ 
ing lot (tiuvh) 
\rt» wf talkii 
uks in Ihf p.i 
If Harptn v\ i-ulii ttirn t tu 
ing lot llght> (iH iitttT thf Mill 
r.imo up. It might aitu.ilK save 
Brfiid**r a coupli- ><t huiulm) 
u-,iiiil ilottars 

upkt't (> 

l)ni-> llarpir plan to r»'pavf 
tlu' cntirf parking lot i'v«tv \imi ' 

IhiTi- art- 'l Otto -.pat fs in tho 
. iinpu-- parkini; l> H.irpvt 
>;oini; to honostlv lr\ .iiul ^,11 
parking spaci-s' 

Mr, ts ,11 one-fourth oi tin' 
sp.Kt - ^i> iinustHl fa< h .),i\ 

\noth«'r iilf.i i« i,> .. h.ui.:i' ,i u-, 
to park nt-ar Ihi' huiUtirins. aiivl 
thtf lots tar av\as will bf Iri't- 

What happens v\hfn Ihi' Ircf 
parking lots till up' 

foachfts and stvidt-nts alik«- 
' 1 m to bf taking the samo 
stand Dr. Brt'udcr s u1>ms .irf 
ludicrous" and |ust s,u \n' 

Editorial Board 

The Ilarhintyer 

Editor in Oiiet .... 

.Amanda Of fenbactwr 

News Editor 

-Jermter Gol? 

Sports Editor ...Kevm Sheet* 

Assistant Sports Editor Ryan Freund 

•acUty Advisor HiMard SrttossOerg 


Thf Hart»inji»«T 
D«cennber 7, IW8 

Photo Opinio n 

VV7fflf are you plans for Winter Break? 

Dana Kroll 

Working; and 

^omg out with my 
friend.s becausf I final- 
ly have timi 
dowTito\ ■ 

Jim OBrill 

V\t>i Mii^ (..ill iilli^ 

up i>n my sleep and 

hanging out with ail 

II y friends who are 

I lining back intm the 

Joe Ward 

Nothing, dance 

alcHie in front ot the 

radio, listening to the 

radio a lot. No work. 

no schot>l. just the 

the Christ 

Uki> iiv-iits 











• a^or 


inquiries /resume: 

. j; 



Justin Case 

clfdn driving record 


PO. Box 1105 

cmcagoianas Premier 

itxingMVR check) 



High Tech Job 

Pass Physical, includ 



Resource Wet>site at 

ing drug alcohol test 


wwwi. St aff solutions 




Driving experience 






Cancun. Florida etc 

Put your career in 

Please ^jpty in per 


Best hotels, parties. 




prices. Book early and 

laidlav* Transit 

Laidlaw Transit 


save!! Earn money + 

Services. IrK. is the 



free trips! Campus 

world's largest pri 

510 Westgate 


reps arxJ orgni^ations 


Addtsoo. K. 60101 


wanted Inter Campus 

transportation man 

630 543.9356 



agement company 

Slooking for extra 


1800327 6013 

We're looking for reli 

tK)liday?$ Vinny's 



atjte, service 
onented men& 

Italian Restaurant at 
Woodf leld Mall 

Shoppers Wanted! ' 
Get Paid to evaluate 


women to join us. 

Looking for sen^^rs. 

Acoustic Electric 

part ttme/fuH time 

t}ussers& hosts. 

courtesy for fast food 

Guitar w/ Case & 

txjs operators for the 


restaurants. Great 

Strap $500 obo call 

Greater Chicagoland 


Pay! Loss Prevention 

Sean ft (8471359- 


I - 


Experience helpful. 


Staff Writors and Assistants 

Noet Bago. Lindsey Frencn, Iracey Fulter 

Nicole Gaston, Jose Lacdan 

Sean Trudeau, Herb White 

OMioral Pollclos 

ma AM oMnn. rxt Piper ■ daMMlae ifM to ai stuMnck. MouN-r and 

LMttn ABSfip 

nw NwiMrwir MMcomn lMt«r» lo tiw MRCT and fiplts to our MWwMM. 

LMttr* n«jM l» ti«nM ■n() incluli a pnom iwnMr to ««r% autMirinti 

St|n«i#M Ml b* wtKMButnnnKMmi An m^m* an) comml ma aub^sct 


na> tw »» caMfe aoniMtraMin or 
ta r mm ma Omcxtf la tm iriMrtittr, 
of thv ctxistf vw. 

PrattKt* ma ««rvK«« iilMrt.iMil 

W'MMMtf oy tlio mMiw of 
BMM ot Qranwt. niuMMi 


WiDiam Ramey Harper CoNege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine, a. 60067 7098 

Rww Numbarx: 

{Justness office: (847)925-6460 

nenKS office: (847! 925-6000 ii2461 

fax: (847) 925-6033 

copyright 19e& The Hartxnger. 

The HarbinRtT 
December 7, 19<« 



• *••* 

— Morningstar ratings for 

the CREF Global Equities Account. 

CREF Equity Index Account. 

and CREF Growth Account' 

Top Pension Fund." 

Money Magaane. January 1998 


S&P and Moody s 
rating for TIAA'" 

William Ravdin. TIAA CREF P,^ 




:,.,U,.lo,„t,..„!, .n..un,,M,,>.U o,. . , h ,w^ .1,,.. ..-V the l.m .-M ,n ,lu 

•, . i|„ I.,, 1 in-in u.. , .111,1 iiuiliuil tiiiiil in.lii,.Iiu-*** 

, ..,,.,, \\,il, 1 I \.\ CRi:i; %oulli.H-I lli.'ivuhi ,l,oKi-s- 

, \ I Ul I '"•I iliv 'l.-i" .'"•■I' I" lnl('.\"ii •" '"•■'•'■ ■' li'i-'""^' 

I',.. . 

IIOIU lln 

<l,i\ horn •Hir |>.ii 1" U' 

,.„„„,.,. 'Ih h,,., '•>•,. >.!...> .in.l .,llM...ruMlt:>MU I In L ...l.n:; > ^|" ' '- 

,v~,.,,.l. -.nnnu.n.f. '.lin, .l.vv..,„l .IcH-li.ll 

. , lill.lo.rl li.nv n \ \ U<l I ..n In l| . > ou hulW a 

*l.,tf "^ .itt'l numlHM - 

\\, 1... ..n.,' llu- w.mI.I 

lU/.llUHl In illK-Illlt! 1H<>()I . ■ I >■ I 

iinr^liiwiil- niniiim'1,1 !.• ^iijKi >- 

.>m(.)ll.llll<-. Iin.ill. l.llU x'll" ■ 

\ i^ii .nil \\ . !• -lU .11 »\\«.(i.ui-n« l.oij: "' 

., US.H.S.2l'>-fC>IO 

Hnsurinfv the hiture 
f«r th«wc who shape it. 

< KM •>«>••• «•'>» 

4 ftl I SmM ItirUt Wn-i« 



Thf Harhingpr 
Owcmber 7, 19»8 



AA^r all your 

Imrd work 

yu« out afTord to br Hnwajr. 



DuhI VilniisNMM 

AfCKtmeni i 


arlliitii's fi 'i 

'■ r 

CiMisiftrr ' 


• K;i>( !r.i 

• KstTilIlX 

• Vounj! Exet utive Pr. 

• ,u\ ...„. 

l|t|liHl 1(1(1 I 



HK ift 

UillVrliiflll ' 

■ : -nil, 

ll il.lIlM 11(1 



lUIIIK Lll .ml (It's 

lj!l)«'«l csiici 

\\\' ^ •■■I" 1 ■■ 

" ' " ""v \illiii'.Mi.;i 1 •Mill-.' .1.1 1 

' H 


' (M7) SIfMWOO 





SCMA0M«*6 CAMTUS - 1400 NO«TH KOOStVElT BlVO. SCHAOMBUHG. lulNOB 60173 (M7) 61}.«(00 


The H4rt>in(?CT 
December 7, J9<« 

Page 7 

Football tastes national victory 

Hawks come away with win at tlie Pepsi-Coia Bowi 

1>K» Harj vr Colk'nt' Kn >t 
I ill tt-dm h<Kl <i t(ui);h 

,;f iihi'ad of thfm. i.' 
( i.H a toam that i-> rankix) 
ninth in the NIC AA l.«i>tKill 

Iowa Central 

Commimitv C»>llf)?c (*<-''l 
deleAtfii Rixk \alU-\ l.iNf 
jwar in the Pepsi C ■ 

The Hawk- CJ :» rank.d 
tenth in thf \K \ \ t.M.tb.iIl 
poi\, wen.' i)i-sffrjl.i\ mt^ 
ing some rt- \ enge. 

They were defMled last 
viar in the Pepsi (Sola |i>' • 
at the l Nl IX)me m 1 1 
Falls, Iiiwa b\ Wjklnri 
Iowa ^^14 

Hut thisisadifti • 
....vl the Hawk- w. 
the titu^h ih.illiiu,' 
inR the Irilim- ii 
but decisive v itlorv 
give the Hawk- th 
bowl VKturv 

It was the Hawks tirst 
Pepsi Cold Btwl win since 
l*** when it was calU^i tb.- 

R (' < ..1.1 Rivvl l^h.M lll.v 

l>.'-(^^ • - 

.r three niin- 

tourth quarter, tht Haw k- 
-tit! M ire aWe to pu;l out the 

... ,,,,..( ,,...1... V. ..II 

1 li.i-ik 

l>ii .>tl.M„ IV, rn,.\,\,( 
t)u-bail well, deten-e |l,ne.i 

well tiKi It w.i- • ,'. I' iM, 
1-h to J ureal -< 

i Hi the Uitn > 
H"-- ion the Hawks dnwe i: 
ihe v\,n to the Ititon- 'i 
\.ird hive 

Milt the M.iuks aileJ on 
.1 -1 ..).<« 11 .111,1 ^. givmy; tht 
ball i Trituns. 

! A en- the tir-l 

'i;rei kuk..! 

'Ak.- Jro- e all the 
e fouf van< Itfe 

out lldvl ' 

Wilken ti. 

vards out to make tt' 

1 "i .iiiii w .1- s* ' '- 

it worked 
hr>.t ilowr 
mi--evt a M^ v.irii lieKi ^ 

"On offense 

we moved the 

ball well, 


played well 


It was a great 

finish to a 

great season." 

- Head football 

Coach John 



i'le I It. 

.1 the -eor- 
ing ilnxe vxhen iw ran Ironi 
-i\ \.iri!- out lor Ihe loiuh 
,i.iu n 

Ihe il.iuk- wen' >;oinf; 
t<>r Ihe extra point, but the 
-nap was low 

VVitken rolled out .md 
tourul l..ince MtK»n, tt> f:,\\v 
the Hawk- a 11'? lead 

At the erui ot the third 
.(inrter the I law k- Ii.kI a 
1 1 1 lead, but that didn I la-l 

1 arl\ in the fourth 
ter the Irit»>n quarterbaik 
hooked up with receiver 
Ion letter'-on lor a fvl \ard 
touchdown. but thev 
mi— «d the two i^tiint ^i^n 

-■ up 
.!-on lor 

huRe k»s- 

on a sack as well 
Burton Bos.jn bliKkec) a 
piinl and Mike Stevens 
ri'i ('\ ered 

l.iviny; the Hawk- i^ivkI 
field fH>stu>n 

I ate m the lourth quarter 
the Hawks were faced with 
a lourth down and ei^ht 

Tliev went for it, but 
1 lu>;hi~. pass w as picked off 
b\ Brian Bell and two plav- 
later Heilickson found 
|i'tfersi»n a^ain tt»r a 47 yard 
linjchdown , hut that would 
K- thi' la-t -con' for the 

lo make the smn I i.u\ k- 
]X and Iritons 16 and that'» 
the wav it mded 

McCos had 17t> yards 
"i-hinj; on Z^ carries to 
■'m I'lwks rushing 
mil K 

Hu);he- wa- 14 t,.' M tor 
!"l \ arils passing; with ime 
loiuhdtnvn anil one inter- 

Huj;he- Ki.iine the siv 
ond all-time leavlin^; passer 
in Hawks hisltirv with 1,W7 
\ irds pa-sinj; in orH> war 

'- " ' -l-i. became the 
1 nu' leading 
I ... i. i,.^,.„rj^. 

Wrestling awaits chance for ^ 
glory in upcoming season 

=.*»"' IS^ "■' 

front ia-t year - il { 

meet join the le.irr 

men !'■ 

East) tin 1 

Mike l'n>ton Oanii! 

ished 4th, while h ■ 

(Anti«xh) was the runner-up 

tn his class at state 

"We should have a pi, 
-'lid team," I ciprwm' -j... 

- somewhat of a rebuild- 
iMH war but w • S v. , , .—,-.•. 

- make an iitif.u t 
H.irfs-r \\ erii -.;; 
Ill ttw 
^rd in the nation 

t t.irper tu«sts it- iiwn 

• on Jan.**, then travels to 

.■v,.ir tinjve to take on 

W'aubonsee. followeo b\ the 

• ■- • Kixion I\' miH-t 


•The Harper Women's baskstbaU team piaoeC tNid in 
Jiving (ourmmanl wm held here at Haiper 
'''^nd28. The Lady Hawks dropped ^NO 
I rrwment to Morton College 91-41 
and Lal^ County 65-34 btit fortunately defeated 
Mll««aukee Area Tech 60-47 
•Thanks Carlo tor ai your help on Tueeday. 

l>rgrirr Hmgrw 

• <;«>mputcr Aiiiii-,.iii<>n 

• Ciraphii IVsi^ii 

• iMuliiint'clia 

• Interior I >t--i^ii 

• I .i-(iii'ii M.irl-ctinj^ 
t*v .Maii.i^v riK 111 ' 

• l.i-hn!M l>t-n;n* 

V>i/7 out uthtiii ^1 

The Illinois 
Institute of Arr 

*T>w An mawuim <irtm\m* u t< ii l t mc . II 

s. Iiaiiniburi; 

IO(H) Pla/ia Ofivc 

Si hatinibur^. IL 6()l 7 -i 


< 111. .le.i 
\ ; )- I'l I < i-nrer 

< >rlt .ills Si 
iL... II. 6<K)^4 

1. 8(K). 3 5 1.34 50 

awk Sports 

Pi«t « wmtiwRiimi 

Trif irti^^BKff ■ "T ' f ii'iiHWiff?r^^S?fyT^ii- '^iltiii'*r^^^^^ '• 

p>g^: ,' --■-•rsMXf'A ■ 

Tennis finishes remarkable season 

Sends two scholarship players to national tournament 

1-1. ■ 

'hfir dcconi 


lidd the "ttrtmjje^i 

..,, ..; v,„ luniiT ■" ■ ■ 
sand cnAch l\-\\ 
the unhirli 
• it plj\ ITS 

'■ could \.v lud J U-\: 

- ii»me oul, 

lujjf A t'l^ J 1 If from o, bill 

ti.) I i<.,i (l'.i-.»ii.ill .ind Tr.i: '. 

il.n vvi-ll liul \1 

\Nh.> ~i. 

mil pla\<il well alsi', bul it I could 

• up the- siMsiiii in imi- v\t>rcl il 

Tracy S<m Walter* ho»«* to b« 
aa aicallMit tannU playar at 
wan aa a ataaaat ta Dmivm. 



^.1 [•i'»iiiM' jnd k 

tui i'u: .til m\ rr 

S> hi'U u. II ;,,! !;■. 11, ii 

Wimveti s l«-nni> t. 

How jN>ut tit 


Ntol .-nU ih.ii ,. I r , 

I' .m,( It u\ -^i.. >\ .11, . , 

thf \lrlt.i[ •^^..' 
1 H'liv t-r 

• ■ thi-, ■ VII 

A MhiM»l v\ht*.h [Mrtui^ 

W A A l>ni>u>n 11 .ithl.tKN 

"Iht- tunny ihiO); .il^..ut iIun ~, ,i 

l.lik I.' -. nil . t ll;i 

unI M>a^).t/ln^ i 
• It hiHv f,n'M It 

.-..•ul.l I-. . 


■. hi*^ ,in..l 

'lil n.llTH Dl u .w 

L5 -jI^B 

h..(>< ti 

' »-l >Hil ot Ihi.. 
ili\ ision II 

)' impnn- 

^^^P ^Bi 


K'mg ,in 




'Hiut this 


m.ikc th«- 


l\cil I'M (hf I'ViTjlJ 

Uaa Paacaal, he^a to axcal tn 
bar gama at tba dvtatoa II laval 
of play in Daavar. 

Pascual destined to overcome tennis injuries 

>ir\- -'ill i>" kn.-t 
V\hh h l.if, i-,l in.- I.. ,i.,r 

!.l. . ■'uc VV.lllil 

Ml il I >!.irn- 111 

Hi at Ih. 
i-n' .iNnil 

Um Pa ar i M l «Miioa«trataa 

rtils 111 

high sth<H.I and wd> com «lx»uf the wht*> story o» this 

-.nil a\ .1. 
.> thf 1). 

! Shf also ho(.vs to Ix _:„: 

!s rn\ disliin to outstanding i>tu<ient m 

-1 hiH>l Is tHiaust' ».ihtt"\'i"r tanvr sht- liinuirs 

xn thntugh ««> much toihoosv 
ill the injurif* I had in 'I hope to i\iil in thf 

iiu stnior ye*r and disti classroom a* well as the ten- 

prot'dhl^ the funnv thinj; nis court ' vnd I'ascuai. 

I ■■!■» MMpf C 9Ut /» f WaUHUtm, 

Harper College Capital Budget ||AlA#k R^okAf hnll 

Referendum voting date moved back ■■«W"^ OdOI^^ *»€■■■ 

LlfMl»«y Franck 

•iff WR"fw 

! tu . !l|v l.ll \ oil- tin t' 

' ' r ColU.'>;i' C .ipiial I 

(• ' I iiduni h.i- |ii . II : 
tr(>m mid ( 
April 1- I" 

rh«' 111. 11. ,ic.i ti> 

illUM (1>>I: 

Ml Ji>.triit 

im it( ..! i.> i v>ii' 

Ih, List tim«' tin- mlU . 

J: - :'M'fH>M'it ,1 i.lfill.l! n-tlTiri 

.l.i." !-. the <Mrl\ I^i~;i ~ sluiIlK 
,iIUt th, .,. :, . 


"H.iiptr spcnl thtir \v.\f-^ 
studying i>ur sp.Hf nif»l'~ -c iIh' 
nt-ol- .ir«' vvi'll JiK iim>iili\l 

• ' (.l>,illoni;i- i- tu mtucs 
thi-M' niviK to thf nininuinits 
oxplain what thi- will iiumti to 

llu' ri'Mtlfnls t>f thf commiinitv 

in>1 h' ci't thfir Hiippurt.' lum- 

\nn 1 1 iiii'n-.|iin. ot 

Ihr I ,im[Mi);n U<r thr ; 
tinvi i> rt'jllv S"" 
tn<\\ ini; up oviTV u ' 

I hi-if ,iio i'\ 

-^i hl'liuU k ) I ! .ill ri-li-]n 

^ .lud iTH'i'linj;'^ 

^uvtin]^.s iiii Uulc \ '■ 
. Iiihs Jilt, >( nl > In; 
■ ^I'li-' 
Ir iiiiii i .ii!K mil! 1 n\i\ tor ol 
stiuiiiit \vti\itu"- •-av- Im in 
support iit this rrfiTi'intum .n ■ 

Vv I >i kiMi' 1 1,11 vi ! , ' -t r it pa- - 

i iiliimg 

inipii '■> inii'Tiis mat 'a ill n-alK 
iH'iiitit our stuiit'nts tm.l.i\ and 

III till- tlllUtl.' 

tlatpm% Ummc Hoiloway, atnwti mmwm 
Mt/tmi tM Ml sff wwlv* carry, ••t* ^ 
to •••r* • 4ittcii tw*. Tk* Hawks 4mti 
Taaa^ay J aaa a ry I*. 


net kaowkig tkat ka waaM 
I tka affaaaa far tka Hawk* 
aata« JoNat M-M aa 

Mighty Blue Kings performance brings audience to ifs feet 

John TIHatMM 

•llf>;i- iiimp»it. iivi'vt .11 
4 w(H-n thf \t!L;lif\ t' 
j Kings perforriH-d in M 
I nasium in Buildm*^ M 

IK-Miv;ht\ BluiKini;s miiMi i 

.l..|,,.|,lfnl rtlixtun- ol I'hii s ...lllill 

roll vMl! 
. .,„ias 
'H- KingJv' s«vond .ilbun 

I ■!!. ».^-.', which llllllKtl-s In 

trtvm ditttTfiU .ippiar.ui, 

aound thi'ir homHovxn h.i- .■J^ll; 
■'If baiul a rt'pulaluin -is on. ol the 
;TfmuM Ir. . • '" 

re 1 


w«'H'couBi[si c* HMVa^ qcxlKjI 
aii«a<a-kaM4 Mgkty Bkia Kki<s wawa4 a a < l»aeaa at I 
gymnaaiaai on Oacaaikaf 4tk. 

•!i,a iii-.;Mi m nu ■^\ m 

111. \l!v;ht\ Hill.- Kirii 
(•.■ a p.n k.-.i i;mii \lair> .lino,. 
ulio ,lios,' lo lis.. Ill,- it.iru.- lliuir lo 
,hi'" oil Ihi II b.'st -,u mg nioM'-. 
\s.-r. ili.-^ ai i-M-rvthmi; tioir. 
subtil- -mis ai-iii lu-s lo u iKI .nut ; 

V\ .1. k\ ./■s»l slJlls 

-.1.' s,.,'iiu-J to brim; ba.W ; 

,:,n ot till ro.iniii; ?0s , 

l\iT-»om- i.anii- U lin. laii .uul it ' 

A. Is fv h.H-.i in tin imisi. ; 
!.. h .Is lui// Hii//, Bii//" 

1.-. .1 i.'Nl', ^IKHi 

! of bright, 

,i,.-ii i,u.i..i , ...•i..s .,.,H^iltTm,T>tt\i 
b\ Ih. . ri-p Iriimpflmg of th«> horns 
spt- MgMy Bkn Knti on pafe 2 

Harper receives $50,000 gift from local trust 

Uadsay Praaeh 

-, I ' ..itii-iis .\ i-if rn.i.l. 

durm>; Itit- wiiit.i bi.-ik ^•'■ 
otht-r s inistortur.. i . l^ . 

Il.-ss4's bul .ill VM ■ 

\Uv torill.r . , .1, .. , . 
\rlin);lon I l.-i^lits ,!oii,it.-,l th.i 
llsh th,- I in, \rt- S.ti,>larshl(' 'i 

mm*. Paga 2 

HaaltkWatck._^aga 2 
C a — i rt ary — Paga 4 

Claaaifla4« ^afa S 

•porta Paga* •-• 

in>; lot now -t nuts wh.-r.- Ih.- t ont.TTip,>rarv IVpailmi-nl I h. piirp,.s.- ,.| this j;rant i- to 

\r(j, .,,(,. -.\as J Mill- lintt'lcririin. in, .'uram- students lo lo.irn aN'Ut hi-alth .arc Ihf 

t oik-v;, V. hi-r. ti . : >;o .tnd H,ir[x-r uon th. ^uanl imII ro towards und«Tri-pn-st-ntt\l jnd tti»- 

,.„. rnini -.olafslii(. ,mII b. iisiM lo K-mtit iioniuallv disa.l\antam-d studi-nis 

,,,.. i.uM 1. f.-liiniiii>; 1.1 s, to stii,l\ Ih. I ml.Tr.-j-ri'si' mi- Iv('i.jIK miiniritifs 

Hu- I. -mains ot lb. lir.isurv n.i-. .nut i- 

Sec Health Watch 
I Paga 2 

i.-k-iH- luld M.-alth b 
. mt t.'f tti, 1 1. IIP. ' 

February is HtMrt 
rrn>nth F iiui nut 
vvhcri' to dmiate 
••a Pag* 2 


During winter 

bri-.ik, H.irptT 
sfudt-nts snowed 


••a Paga 4 

. Iii-i. v.-o. kin.i olti-nnns Initn 
liin.-nls in h.ip.-s to );isi' 
■-. I I ban, .* 


Men's basketball 

defeats Morton 
College lOsS-74. 
Saa Paga S 

j»age 2 HaaNkWatek — Paga 2 AMU 

..Fagat-4 tparts. 



Thf Harbinger 
Unuary 25, 1999 


•AaMficaii HMft Moatii 
Nbmary <• HmH Month. 
Get your Mood pmMO* 
cfivcwM vot ifK in Hmn8i 
^.Tviof, Room A3M in H*e 
Mucient and 

Adminiatntian Centtr 
Monday thru Thursday, 
MOa-m. - 4i)0p.m 

Give the gift of tile 
PMkiiMrte in dte Bhiod 
Dri«« on Wedncaday. 
Nbnianr 3, MO «jn. to 
3:00 pjn. in (he ti li idum 
and Administnrtian 
Gmtrr, A242 
•Sexual AwareneM 

Campus News 

^^ Ask your w«IIimss advisor tfl 

February S-12 i» Sesu^ 
AwaicnM* Week. 
A safe s«k info laMe 
mchtding condoaia. 
pliMnpict* and print wffl 
be localKi in the Buainew 
and Soctei Science Center 
LoMiy 0) from 11 
to 1 p-m. on Tut^dv, 
February •» 

•ScxMally Traaamittad 
DIaaMa*, Tuesday, 

Ptbruary % 9.10-10:30 
J m^ .A242a 

•Birth Control and 
■ nergcncy 
We dn esday February 10, 
12-1 pm A241 
At this seminar, learn 
about tfte safrst and mivt 
ttttKUvr methodii ot birth 
cantrol liictu<fi>v the new 

Mighty Blue Kings: audience 
dances the night away 

conlnjM from oafe ! 

mt>tivatv\l thf aiKluiKi" to si-t up ott ihfir tit-t .inJ d.inii' the 

nif;ht away 

Thf mure creative MJe tit th<- Mi^htv Hluf King* shirwil 
when thr> p«<i>nm"d a vvrMim ol the |imi Ht-ndn* blui-* 
classic, "Manu IX-prrnMnn " 

h <ttili held th«' WiH-sy (.fl. v.t -h..^,»< ., ,hff<*nnit appear- 
ance drewed up with hums and ing ilruniK-at 

The band HK-ked thejpkm tin n • i. i.. • inmrs .iiul i-M-n 
line who Jeiided to <kwin|( th«- ni^hl .iw.n uilh tUr \li>;ht\ 
Blue Kings had a Kond time 

to now? 

Soon yeu'I can ycu Auoow 
a ti »i i1ia>|«»<y nn«r> Orr 


toaaMMn <MSy jMi i ln w»i 
awaBK>«r««a OwOHav 

)ai/1 raw your •(■*'> "0 ■'"' 

Obbht iv^ awiBBi'i dRyvei m 
•ansaamaagn amm Conw 

mi mill n mniimninfnirnn ' 
□Mf n e* <•% ID 9S ror mw 

Hgr J n9«r itiyH* • uam ca 
Of Aoacr oriua SA W^aiD 


9 tm* UPMV n 

Tate the Next Step in 
Advancing Your CajreCT. 



• ..tiitipcttinv • 

• (iWCfnilMHl t>) K-ai'T.ii; .liKi c',(vi»-iK.t: 

• wcdbJU\ rvming m >ta(unia> cbwaes 

* -^ jpc HOW fixniini: 

R.A. In AppUMi ntvHsvMmH SdraoM 

B.V. In Hraltli < arr I«aatr4l^ 

B-S. in XtaniiKrimiH 

VI ..V in Muiaerrial l.radmaiip 

M.S. in liunun RruMirtT Msimnmiia 

and IK'^rlcifHiMrtit 
MM. In InlrrtliM IpUmrt MudiBi la 

( urrirulum and ItcaruclMia 
C.A.S. in ( iirrtniiwa aad ImalmctiMi iMaiilrr'* '.lai 

I \ivpl (<•• M I'' jnsirAS p<t-fi»nv» 

fur mmr inftimiution < nil 

1-S««-NtU-TODAY («sM*3ai. 

\^ W*b www nt mdu f mot) pp«l#wHiMifcng 1 nl wdw 

National-Louis University 

kUi «VE..<^MJ* 

h\ |>t.i. ing thrm m ttir nurlud bin oulMdir Ihc Health SnvKn Ottnv in 
\ V,; 

Amw<T» wlU appnu m hiluiv umim o< Thr Har»i>i)!»T All •itmlKiro will 
(w IhcRNilllMf HwaiUwiil and mfHinaa will tir pnn idi\l h\ hrilth t jrr 
pratnunnak and am m* nriamt kt Dr Harhx^ 
Q. What perrenlaKL of cr ndoais are safe to prevent STOs? 

C iindomv have l<>n>', bi-en u.ied to preNenI pregnancy They 
arr al--) x erv effeitivi in pn-v«'nlmf' the spread i>t must Sexually 
Ir .iwmiii,.,! l>isieaM- (STDs) Although n») cimdiim tan guaran- 
u~ I tivene*», it the\' are used cumvtly, they tan help 

r. .; ;>mi»Hini»(ST1Vimluding: HIV. chlamydia, ^en- 

i!,il herpes, fceniul worts. g»ww»rrtwa, Hepetitus B and syphilid 
IHinns intimate ctmtact, lesiims and varn>u» Kidy fluids »an 
ir.i'Tvmii STTK Thereioiv a new omdtmi should he applied each 
lime Junng any intimate cimtati Ti> he ettective. a owidom 
must b«' Ulex, be put cm cumvtly, stay m place dunnf? inter- 
,-,„.. v.. "•■• hreak during use. and he remnved ciwrettly Health 
•-, \162, has a vanety i>< bnKhures a\ailable im 

C<M,v),M- st'xuallv Transmitted Diseast's, Birth Contn»l 
MothiKis and .>th«"r relati-d ti>f«K-s 

Qot in Shape for 
Today's Job 


pal Sattn Mona CaOtft. 

afChkto tiumtu' 

CtoMr/ke* Dan Cwmnf or ISECEaiQ CIuMi. m^ asm a flocMor 
t^fcrawn yl^wiuitraiai OrgnK <H* a OMnMraiiM at 


■ smmoBiM mswmasT 

SfWHOFIBJ) CAMfW • JIOI lioilwfc DiWf • 5»na|ft«M. n. 6:70« . i; I T) W-aOO 


laiN I^SafliSma 



ROBERT 1 ^^trSZl^'"' 

MORRIS 8 arlaH)l>>4«2 



« •■laiiTtarita ^ 




Surf and Sun Tours 

Now Hiring! 

Avt-tian/MI ifaB* paiiiiaBt ■vsaaUs 

Average camingi $40,000 your first ycaif 

«btk SU SadTia ColMsdo ew Neir«an, 
Spiiag tnak Im Maaea. Saaiaar — « Ca ri bb— 



Far aMT lofiMBaiiaa odl tall 6«c 

I4HI0-J74-7977 m US af fa ymsr iwaaM la 


["he 1 larbinger 
Unujry 25, I9W 

Campus News 

Page ^ 






Arctic blast hits 

Two wci'k- ,ii;i'. tri'-li Hit or 
celebrating d new year, the 
Chicago area was slammed 
with 24 inche> ot -novs We 
had to dig our way to our cars, 
but that was only hall the bat- 
tle \\. then spent hour> dig- 
ging our cars out trom 2 teet 
of tluff. We knevv the C hicago 
winter \\i>uld tinallv hit, but 
Its lateness surprised i\en the 
most prepared person 

It covered our streets mak- 
ing travel nearh impossible. 
Most were forced to enjoy the 
last two wttk-. ot break 
indoors As tht- weeks went 
by, the snow kept piling up 
Would the madness ever stop? 
It seemed as if Mother Nature 
was making up tor the late 
winter in a matter ot days. 
While manv Chicago area 
schools vviTc tori I'd to cUise 
because ot this winter mishap, 
Harper knew thev had a whole 
tuo weeks ti> get thi' campus 
ready tor our return, and they 
needed it as one of the roofs in 
«he Student anJ 
Administrative c t-nttr had a 
leak due to snow on ttu' root 
The ones who truly suffer 
are the geese They were hop- 
ing tor .) warm winter, but 
were hit with old man winter 
I uckv are those who made it 
south tor the winter I he 
geese were now stuck in a 
snowy situation. 

Why must we iiv e in .1 
region where we neeii to worry 
abi>ut snow, bKuk uc and 
tro/en i. ar doors I low w i' 
li>ng tor tlie sunnv skies ot 
Florida, the Sunshine ^t.ite 

-John TilU>l-i<ii 

Editorial Board 

The Harbinger 


The hUibingm 
Occcaubcr 7, 1998 

by Boomer Cardiaale 

/tetir^ Editor mOttef- 

News Editor — 
Sports Editof 

Assistant Sports Editoi- 

Kevtn Sheote 



























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r»t» «Bt^ «*imi«tioo per t«f»« to t»» c«>V» •« »» ss*™*"*"* <-■ ■ ■ 

rtm HMbu^er meieafw* Mttwit so tw» ««»tiw ana r«*es to mt bOiUki** 
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llftl* I "U~ 

luliii I ari 


Mottda). FcboMfy 8 
H).m »M 12:00 pm 

(M7) til !*-»"><»* I 

Hoadar. FefcTMO IS Itaida}. Marrb 2 
£.•00 |M 7:00 pm 5:00 p« - 7:00 p« 




.., ..^; jsn 


<i<wv«.rooi»v»tl KJtj 



The Harbinf;pr 
December 7, 1998 

January 28 
January 30 
February 2 
February 4 
February 6 

Men's basketball 1999 Schedule 

January 26 
Febru ary 6 


Illinois Vail 

St Javier J. 
Colleee Of 

(^(Mie Mfipytt MX ^€in^ 6^i^^^et6^ finocfncuf^^ 










Max & Erma's 
Understandk the 
ot College 


•v^ij«-i*ti •"rfi f«t*i« •k'n«n yo^ m tii 
Kftocii £wi b« a [w^bhM. Wily ne* 
*olv« # by <mW">9 Mim %, Cnno't M 
><»> ■<:ti«^i*t Ot." tun !s«»g 
IMe^ fnw losd (mi caa^ Mkng 

HHlkt M »«>»(■■>■ ».* A.. cjilTMK,,, 

Ami m>r W r ^ wq^H 

Day & Evenfng Positions 

<■-» ■ Mw Max « Inno'l 447 N. M>lw«uh< 

Vsraox Hilli a 600*). '««: (MZ) tl6-M0«. 

*e O'K o*^ 

The Harbinger 
January 25, IW* 

Page 7 

Support Women's basketball 

1 rtu-- 

«TK»re pnvnlc c»pp 

WRESTLING: Cohen comes 
through for the Hawks 

i»*« Lac^an 

imf fHi't 

•r tht* nrM nmi 



iT.ll ".killtui 

,' »-'sa3iTC*i 

MiTut is hjpi • 
Jt the division II! . 

Have &tr ladies kwt mi.Tt-si m 
game «fter th«r high si.his>i < 
co lh gcs arouniJ the an-a {u 
^ > r o gf*imi to give m<>n> mt>n< v 
pn>)?ranvi. csptKially the men s pr 

It has comr to m\ " 
Ir^r alrrady (Tnt<in : 
Ihtir rrii»ram and 
\ jili> i\ a>me to !• 

Why are th.-M 

Avent then- 
jnd play die gamt- ' 

Or Tfm't th«MT ."> 
and support thfin'' 

,.n,l ;m it,- ■' 
II t)^. 

th«' 111* ' 

t^iiio the i.iitn"s J ihjnci' 

•It pro- 



vulorv over .i ti-naiious 
1 ini(>ln squad I inci>ln sur- 
prisivt tht' Hawks -Atlh wi-r 

il .. I, t,.r,,-^ 1.. ,,n^t ^.-s ..r il . ,1 

Mil I f 'pTH'IH' 

'he team was 

iTi ithi'' 

.» i-xptxt thai tn>m K ) 

Ihe return of Cohen 
should mean a promiMnjj 
future tor the Hawks, as thev 
are prepanng for a rematch 
A-ith Lincoln and will jImi 
rare Uibette Collegf ot 
Kansas Thursday night 

I iipneno believes that the 
I l.nvks have shown impni\ i"- 
■Tiinl v<insidering that 
1 yruiiln was ranked 12th m 
rhe nation m the N|CAA 
i^>!ls mil had already deteat- 
'p.-r : irlwr in the 

big win. 
I i»pr;- Fverv vear 

IV.' vv.vrk hard to N'at 
I 111, ..{i< 


i.i..u ..; • (n, . .\ins over 

Waubonsee and winning thi* 

Harper Invite have given the 

Hawks confidence to com- 

p«»te tor the rest of the season. 

We're coming around.' 

I opneni> said "Right rwiw 

we're hoping to build for 

regionals (Feb 12 at Harper) 

md nahonals (Feb l**, 21) at 

Rixh«-sleT, Mirmenita) We 

n»H-de<1 R 1 to . ome back to 

•i.i take 

t««f«Mn (ttttti 
Golf u t lottn* la 



Led byUBQQIi doubles from both Jared Sherman (11 
poirrts. 11 rebounds) and Carlo Agnello (12 points. 12 
rebounds) the Harper College men's basketball team 
defeated Joliet Junior College 68-60 Tuesday. January 19. 
Nick Bush led all scorers for the Hawks (8-11,1-2) with 15 
points shooting 6 of 12 from the floor while Dan Surges 
contributed with 14 points as well. Not only that, but 
Sherman dished out seven assists white stealing three pos- 
sessions and Casey Jackl contributed with five assists also. 
Overall, the Hawks shot 38% from the floor netting 28 of 
their 72 shots including 4-of-12 on three-pointers and 8-of- 
12 on free throws while collecting 41 rebounds, 14 offen- 
sive, 27 defensive and dishing out 20 assists. The Hawks 
will be traveling to Triton College and Illinois Valley in the 
coming weeks. Their next home game is Tuesday 
February 2 against Triton College. 
•N4C Conference ratings 

1 College of DuPage 

2 Harper College 

3 Rock Valley 

4. Joliet Junior College 

5 Illinois Valley Community College 

•Basketball motive of the WMk: Shoot the ball, not your 



illiitiMIIWi F™^^'''^^^ ...WMM—ltot— yHw»wC«W— • Jwify 21, 1999 - ■•".■>'- ■■-■ — 

Hawk Men snap 4-game losing streak 

Carl* AgiMll* po««r« o«i« 4«wii III a hMlM gaNM 
agataat Cellaga af OMTaga. Agiiallo Ia4l tka team 
with a gam* Mgb II rabeiMid*, •U offafiaiv* ntn* 
d«f analv* in tka lOS-74 victory over Mertaa Collage 


1, ■ 

t!m>r ,inii tatkit'.. 
ni. .-t ilu- 

\\ f need to come out 

and rebound the hall 

better than He have 

been. Me need to talk 

more on defense, and 

«e need the run the 

fastbreak offense on 

ever> possession." 

-Head Coath Mike 


Kavin Shapka 

-I. i; n , thf ofH-nin*; , ■ 


i mmplH'd .1 ''0 run m 
lirst \A7 lit th«- n>ntt~.l 

l>"^ili' U>Mn>; two (;,in\«->- 

until Mortons s,,.|t si.nk 

.'.irlter m tho wwk auamst 

h.iltf.( till- H.irpiT iin «ilh ,i 

I ollt'fif .It ' 

lllllUMS \jl!, 

,-ns Kl^k^tl•,^il U.lll. iS-1 

to ' 'rih ' t fff-i f .; 

.<■ Ul m-t b.». V •HI »t>.' l^ 111 

..ti,', '. ■ .'■,■ 1 ■ ■ 

ini; tratk u ' 

ti>r\ i>\> 1 

llf>;i' r.inlhirs i" 

ct>f l,\ !•• 


bv K.KK I ' 

r-'!i 111 n 1 I li > ■ 


on Iv.iii ih.- .ut,.ti-.i\< .»ui ol (lis l-i lifUl >;iiaK whiU' 
otiiiisisr invK ol thr M'liit i;r.ibl>m>; sn stiviK .inJ >.li>h 

t>Mr.itl Ihr H.nv 

lr,.ni (h, tl.>or ' 

i; out ■>!> jvsisi'. 
li.kl hiHiUil ~ oi his in 
i.ils v\liiU- );r.ihbin>; 
.,:.. iiNiunJs 
iKtfall Ilu- I 

Ir.,.,, IK., ll... 

il. ;:i i'.'l '.'Ml I j-l'llll lllK- 

ihrii .111-\ Ihirv^s 

iis,i> hf n'Niund tin- l>.ill Utiii than 

•r Kvaiist- wohd\t>ht>t?a WfiHvdioUlk 

..rWmgUd • f f •■ , and wt? 

- the iift-n i.i>«ha-ak 

Ms, ,in r\»T\ ("H»^M'sstt.>n. 

It we I jti do fhoM- Ihinjjs 
i 1 r..M'.iiHl win 

111 itu IUn.l.> ri> 7? lofis 
Illinois V.ilW-\. Kiish .imi 
'. all «*-on'f 

oiimvU\l on n ot his 
« hill' volliitirvn sin 

1,I',-IHU(~ I.Kkl lU'lt.ll "^ Uf 

Ills 1 1 shots w hile ural+nnn 10 
Mrd> ARm-llo alM» cim- 

-. Lillet .li^liuu. .ml s.'v.Tl,.... I i...... i •■> ■■ 

from tht- fliKir htkilan); 25 «rf 
ilnir 7^ shot«. intluding h-crt- 
21 Irom thi' Ihnv pomi lint*. 
riif M.iwk> also grabbed 37 
u'bounds, 17 otfftTMve, 20 
liitittMVf for fht" lonli-Nl 

Wo <am«- out not Ki-HinK 
. )oh doiH'. ^u^d ShtTITUin. 
.'..' shouldn't hj\t' .iMTU" out 
like that that was a 
j-artu- we tinildve won easily 
It was tlv little thm);s that wr 
didn t ^ft done like runnin); 
the (loor and ^;rttiiiv; l\i. k on 

ll sei'iiied like those 
lhin>;s , ame Kick ti> haunt us. 
ill ihe end a^ain!it lllinoi» 

Ih, H.uv ■ 
!iie^tia\ |aiiUiii\ -" .li iiiU'it 
( itlleKe in River t.nwe. Thi' 

i;.iiTie 111' ■ I ' ' -I " p m 

Lady Hawks hope to 'rebound' from DuPage loss 

Head Coach Jeff Jedd hopes to improve on a few skills 

KaviM Sliaplia 

^:.MC.1« -1;' >■«•■ 


Rebounding as will as lnin. 
a>y;ressiie arv sorni- nl tin- things ih.ii 
the Harper College Women s basket 
ball team hop«'s to impnne on in the 
■lines to .on.-- ."■■' ■ "S .ii i..s^ t,- 

llei;.- ..I 
( ' ' 

I'l.r -I 

the\ tt.i. ' .111. 1^ 

tirst halt i^'ii 

rhi- (.bap|Mr.ii. IM, 'ke o|M'n the 

mil' with a 1^0 run in Ihe first -I 

iiiinules until Harper's Meliss.i 

Kommel sior«"d a lav up with l^".i. 

mainin^ in the halt br.ikiin; ihe 

! idy Hawks silmei' 

'It slarttxl the wav 1 thou>;ht it 
would, ' said i"i-i*h |eff ii-dd 

■sirwe we haven! playtd ui 2i 
tiavs I thought we'd be a little bit 

rustv and our (llllln^', vMHiI.t !■ I'li 
but we did some .'I the Ihmi-s u. 

,,..ih! h.ili 


'. .ibli- ti'.ul the lead trom 

! .t halt down to 12 in Ih.- 

. -lui he,aus,- wi- wen? gt-Htin); the 

Rebounding and being aggressive 
are some of the things that we need 
to work on in practice." 

-Assistant cuiurh C'hrista Rommel 

thinv;s vM 

.1 lion.- I'll! «. 

- : -IVf 

11.11(11 .111 I'ul'.i.-. 
points at ^2-'Vl iv 
stH.<«Hl half, but V- 
.om«-th«' lli.iis i.!n .^,■ ,,-ul,lnl ,<■..< 

rhe 1 adv ll.nvl- .fi.l how.'v.-r oiii .oin.- !.-,i.) .iiui it vm I Ksi'im- 
s-orelhil'i oii.lh.ill .ij^n-ssive oil the offensive t>nd. 

21 -w r.- not goin^ to win many names 

so 1 tio(^" that we lan improve on 
thos»- ihmns doru- offensivelv as well 
as pu lin^ up the rebounding cm biith 
ends." said eiMch letld 

Vlaureni Mastarlar/ led all scorers 
loi the 1 ,idv Hawks with \^ points 
while Meh|abvHn .onlributed 
v\ ith 12 as well 

Ki-boundm^; and bemn a>;nres- 
-iM an- M>me of thi- Ihinps that we 
mvd to wKfi on in practice," said 
assistant ciMch Chnsta Rommel. 

"It's the only wav wen- Bi»in>; to 
p-t to » here we need to be and if wi- 
pet o \\ hen- we luvd to be then tfi»-s»' 
ballRames w ill mme mui^h mote easi- 
v-i i.< our plavers If we can aiviipm- 
hsh that th«i we won't have pr.^l^ 
k-nis down the road " 

Ihe 1 adv Hawks are back in 
.Ktion on Tuesdav. January' 2h a);ainst 
the l>akton t ommunity College 
Raiders. Came time is sti for S p.m 

'The Harbinger 

I ti • \ t ii ,, ,, 1 1 ,. „ ^ \~/ 


rU • 

G.*?.7S?-T Hawks on a roll 


Do you know whdl th>' 
budf;rt rpfenmdum !•■'' 

WhlW sl.iii«)in>; Liitskl.- 
one of •"> • 1 ■--• ^^,ltr 

4^»k till" tMV VJIH-^IM'TI 

Dm vku what thi- ri-Ur<:i 
tium IH and if m> an- ^<hi 
pidnnin); to \otf' 

(.>nt' hu nil red n indents 
wvre -urveved to N- e««ct 
and Rot answers from tilt\ 
ovtT thirty and tittv undtr 

Ttw rrter what' 

I Ain't net It, expl.tin ii to 
me. Yea, I st»rt.» knov. jhou! 
il. but I'm rml rollnu i: 


rhe vety few, mx io b.- 
.Aact wh«» knrw ahoiil if 
Kavr me s«>me gnsit n'm 

I .h,.<i ,.. 

Wf HOIMK lO U-t ..■. 

tractors to <1«» the wiwk' 

I do nut teel that anvitnc 
in my family would benefit' 

Finally. st>meon»' ti> ton 
verse about this pn»blem 

So 1 went to Prenidenl 
Breuder's otficv at Harper 
and made an appotntment to 
see him 

President Breuder. K-inR 
the busy man thai he is had 
been called away (or an 
impromptu meetmn , that he 
had )ust called about an hi>ur 
before our meetin;; was 
plaiwied so I met with the 
manager ot Communitv 
Relations, Amy Mauensitni 

Marper has Ua exceeded 
that amount, <iervictng twen- 
ty-lour thousand students, 
five hundred and eighty 
seven thousaiHi residents 
and 23 communities. 

With this many peopfo, a 
one hundivd and 15 million 
refefvndum doesnft seemed 
so far fetched, does it' 

There will be improve- 
ments all around t(x~using 

Youth Symphony 
Ochestra sd^uied 
to perform. 
I Pag* a 

on hvr building restoratHms. 
and tfie additHKVs of tw u new 
buildings for the ScKiice and 

I>'i hniial V rntef and a 
llospitalit\ .im) 1\ 

I. IS,: .21*111 tmrf « lii tn 
million new |obs to be tili. 
tor thai spevifii *iva 
But. lack Km-. 
President ot the 1 ainitv 
Taxpaytts Network, (old me hf thought that it was 
-iitikv 1(1 tr\ .iiid ha ve a bat- 
l^ruarv when tlwre 
rhiT p>sils at that 


up m the past few vear^ 

lastly, he fei'ls that the 
rri~.ident will K" sponsoring 

I'lete with .1 
restaurant mat will have a 
wine cellar 

President lack Koeser will 
be speaking at the Legal 
Women Voters meeting in 
March, pnmanly on inis sub- 

leannetle fkmo, a siu 
dent in the paralegal pnv 
gram says, Impmvements to 
tht- s<hiH>l are improvements 
tor thi' students and tht 

Connie Podg<>r«ki. a sec- 
retary for the Business and 
S>nal Science divisioci says, I 
V\<- need to improv>' the 
school as we appnMch tfie 
year 2000One thing lor sure, 
having a modem, handicap 
accessible slate of (he ar( 
sch(H>i, (or the many stu- 
dents that attend ikjw aivi 
will attend someday is 
imperative Think about it. 
talk about it to your ieiiow 

AtvJ be sure to dn>p by 
and speak with President 


Movies have 
influence on 


C**«y Jacfcl rl|M «•«■ a r«>o f* hi timrt •* an OaktMi 4tmt*mt •arltor ki 
Hm ••■•««. m* MmMis ••• t ftiatty f i ih »< 14th ki ths nation antoagat 
Avialoa m Jwniar eaUagaa and flftti In •eerinc at SS.S. Tit* Mawhs daf«at«l 
Triton Collag* 103-72 on Tuoaday Foknuwy 2. 

ESL Students share culture 


C>i (an yt. a gn>up i»f Harper students 

j;athtTisi in BuildiiiR As studint n-ntir and 
howled like animals 

The moaning and yelling iihoed 
thmughout the building, and could be heard 
a^ lar as Building C 

>et these students weicn t crazy cw being 

They were a gniup of students fmm a 
diverse oillectMW ol cultures learning mon- 
aK'ut i-aih other and improving Iheir ability 
to sj^eak I nglish 

rhe event, known as January |ambt>ref 
was an activities party organized b\ 
Harpers ESL (English as a 'hhiti,) 
language) program intended to gi\i- KM 
students an opjxirtunity to practm' ihrir 
English skills and met-t new pev>ple 

Il s gixid to have a sjvial event from 
manv ditferent cultures becaust- we gel to 
learn about each other and other cultuns 
event director and ESL adviM^r lerilyn 
t .adherrv said 

It s purpivte IS to help |the students) 
mciease their Enghsh skills and to adjust to 


Sheryl Crow 
mellows out on 
Globe Sessions 

American culture, and living in the US 

This IS espeaally gixid (or in(em)tional 
students, because many of them don t know 
anyone and they are interested in making 
new friends and new scKial opportunihes. " 

Mi-mbers of Harper s ESL staff and sever- 
al student ambassadors helped organi/e the 

Als<i pr»?sent at the event were Student 
Senate president Kathryn Cowley Jr and 
I atin>>s Unidtvn president Verona Garcia. 
Mudents laughed and played games in 
which the students learned more about other 
iultun-s and taught others about tfieir cul- 

I thinkl the jamboree] helps people 
understand different cultures by learning 
aKiul them and by providing a positive 
invminment for unity," Garcia said. 

In oiw of the games students acted out the 
behavior of animals from their own respec- 
tive countries, while otfier students had to 
gu«-ss what animal the students were por- 

The students also made noises similar to 
the animals, w huh w ould explain the moan- 
ing in the hallways 


Lady Hawks lose 

close one to 





f#orta PatfMlO-U 

Page 2 


Tht' Harbinger 
February 8, 199» 


WbUOng Pitigram 
Health Semcr is sponatmng 
a new wellness program enti- 
tled Walk Thu WeiKh It is* 
90 day walking progran* 
ttwt facvti on tei loM aid 
hnMif MM**- If you wt 
MHCfMi fen Am prafHua odl 
HmMi Scfvk*. Mt fiM or 
■top al ttw MmHrikm tiUi 
■I noon on Ntentfy 15. in III* 
2nd bay of ttw cafetnia. Hmf 
program beglna Feoniafy 15 
and COM* $12. 

Young talent to perform at Harper 

Gal a few 
Tkun. Feb. M. 11«0 aoA.l^O 
pai. in the lobby of ihc 
and Sodal Sdanoe 

if pigyidk^ fte umiii him to 
pmnole thtir new day and 
an caHipMB. Jiaiiiug ai 
Ihe end ol Mraaiyi (iMn- 
pnilk dudr aiaMifBa wfli be 
cvafy 2bid and 40i 
MMnceday from IIOO a.m. 
to 3O0 p.m. Maaaagw win 
cm $10 for 10 mkwlw or $15 
for 15 minutes. For more 
information call Health 
Service at extnaiom 626K. 
Heart Healthy Ealing 
InfttrauttOM TsPte 
Pick up hcMt healthy pam- 
fMttt. recipes and twati at 
the Heart Healthy Eating 
MiMnvilinn TaMr on Thur» , 
FM> 1«. 1100 am- ItlOpm, 
lobby «t the Binnn«^» and 
Social SciMicv Ixulctinx 
SpofMorrd by Di«-'- 
Technician student* 
MelblCM/Herith Service 

Normally. tl«nenlary and htg,h 
ichoi^l stiidt-nts wont lead an orches- 
tra omipnned ft college student". 

However that scene will take plac.- 
at Harper on February 14 

Several of the area » best young 
artists will showcase their taknts in 
the Theatre aitd Social Scwnce CeiHer 
in Building ) 

The young artist* will perform 
Beethoven-. S\mph<wiy "; Towanl m 
new litf bv >uk. and Prelude by 

The young artists who range from 
ages 7-17 competed in a contest 
juc^jged by several conductors in tht- 
region Dma I ee of Bamnglon High 
School took first place honors at the 
senior level and will play piano 

Violinist F.una Uiee ol Conant 
Hish Sifiool m Hoffman Estates tot>k 

2nd place 

Violinist Dana Anderson of 

Christian liberty Academy in 

Arlington Heights took 1st at the 

Onr Midknct tcads to be 

IkwB tkc coa^HM^ to it i|| 

dw a Ro^ dMMtt for th^ 

H«rp«r Orchestra l» perj 

Apa in froot of a tanMH[ 

iunu>r li-Nol while Sarah Hong of 
PaddcKk Elementary in PaUtiite, also 
a violinist took second 

The Harper Orchestra will accom- 
pany the young artists as they per- 
form solo acts Event director Car 

id Dsnstrom believes that the event 
presc-nts a unique opportunity for the 
younn musicians 

It gives them an opportunity to 
play in front of a large audience," 
Danstrom said 

"A lot of times kids don't have that 
ipportunm Our audience tends to 
l>e from the community so it is also a 
good chance for the Harper Orchestra 
to perfrom in front of a large audi- 
ence " The contest hnalists have been 
rehearsing with the Harper Oxhestra 
since January First and second place 
winners will receive US savings 
bonds fn«n the president of Harris 
Bank in Palahne. Thomas McCarthy 

First place winners will receive a 
$500 savings bond for the senior level 
and $.100 for the junior level 

Admission is $U) for adults, and 
students and seniors will receive dis- 

High Anxiety 

Learn about anxialy md how 
it differs from slKsa in dv 
Counseling Team will pro- 
vide information ah«.it ho« 
to C(^ witii anxiety ''Hi 
•hare canqyus and comnv 
ly nscniRcs Kul aie a^uU 

i relaxed and share stun< 

.ind i<>k«~. "I think i( s ,1 

! v;n-,tl .t(->(>i>rtunit\ lor p^^►■ 

■'•■r«-ni inuntrii- li> 

;tifi IP ,1 (till .mil 

■\ in nniciit >lu 

w.^,i.f,>! "'h.iiinon 


IS humor -ind t.iuKbler is 
universjl Almost all *' "I 

<\i'-ti-vl crii.r 

U ~ tun I 

■ \ niLji fi, --.lui 

■.tmiffit lulu DiNiin 

li.i- b«s-n In m>; in thi' 

Ik'T line month atlfi 

^.'niiii^ tri'iii lh>' I kr,iini' 

I h.n.nt known .invoru- 

but htTc I'M-rvbodv i-. 

le join 
We want 
you to join 
our award- 
We are 
tions in A 


An Auooie iKyir a "«r M! 

mw tm mm ■ gs mk< am « 
■atranFMMgw Son) MMy ex lae 
you 19V BB ffe w 

Out adm na* «> ouoHi*^ 

mamK* amafmn mm iftOkman 

'Nm to 9DO0 isMnn 

OuOHmaKsna (Xgmmm 

tmHB itm c««nen Mn at m*» 

Ana MV> «# im muMmrnUt. 

iwulWriKM »miii mmmt 

CXonr Mm aaMbri ttgnn n 

fta III*'*— ^"^r^'^iiffr'n^'*— p^f 

MbniHnn van Aausv tmsnal 

kUrygsnart ■ T«hia«inuna*ar» ■ 

Ocvty iMWoanoringait 

Fv « nvw avac or MBOK oa 



• imi an»> n 

''Birth of a 

Customer Consultants 



T* afvtK please (isx: 
ta»«» U St, AUm: Drpt MC-06I 

Camiiiis News 



\flrr iill yoor hard work, ynn ran , 

'■■Uii \■l!:^,^s|,l^ 

;ir!ll'N tfl.111 UK lllllT lUllMT-lI'. 

rill.llll l.l| .1 


1«HM aM 12:00 p« 

: (N47)ttl»-M«0(l 

MomUy. Frbnuiy 15 1W«iii>. Marrk i 

5:00 pM - 7:00 pa S:Oe pM - 7:00 pa 




lCMMIMiUII6C*l««-t«0N0«THKX>SfVllTilVD.SCM*UMtU«i.ruiHO» M173 (M7)i1MM0 


Pas* 4 



PT cNldcare for a 4 year 

oW boy in Dundee home. 

Afternoons preferred. 

ltefs.eniptoy.Nst. and 

transport required. Call 

for inilial interview. 


CNU care, my home. 

Mon.Wed. Thur 

2:155:1 5pm 

Ages 3.5 and 1.5 

Start time flexiWe 


Babaysitter for cfuldren 

a^ 1. 5. and 6 in 
Barringtonhome Ten 
to twelve hours per 
week. Flexible hours. 
Must have lots of ener- 
gy arxl love kids. 

Call Julie 


#1 Panama City 

Free Parties ■ No Cover, 
Best beachfront hotels 
from $99. Free "Spring 

Break Uncensored" 

Video! 1.800.234.7007 


IIh- lldrhmncr 
Frbruary 8, 1944 


#1 Spring Break '99 

Best Prices 


Cancun Jamaica $399 

Bahamas $459. Panama 

City Beach $99. Book 

now and receive a free 

"Spring Break 
UTcensored" video™ 




Cancua Florida, etc 

Best hotels, parties, 

prices. Book early and 

savett Earn rnoney ♦ 

free trips! Campus reps 

and orgni/ations want 

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voting date 
was incor- 
rectly report- 
ed, it is April 
for this error. 
It was Feb. 


Ask your Wellness Advisor r-i 

nvmouNlv Mihinit i)in.Nlii>ns i>n well- 
"' ~" < ' ' • ! ■ " '\ plrfiin^; liiom in th*- nurkcd box out 
itli s, ri lies Ortice in A.Vi2 
vmII .ipj-H-.u in tin- tuliiri' issues ,il Nu- 

ns 1 .in c.iusf s 

n till- K>d\ thai lij;hl 

tic i!i tfu' tu-Lk, ^roin 

Milieu h mph imdes nr 


lI ail I'll vi>ui linger or 
ill in •.wollen glands 
- -i\ I'M thev .ire |ust doing 

skU :\n- He.i 


.^11 questions will be thoroughly rcs»-drihed and 
n^ponses w ill be provided by health tatv proti-ssionals and 

I i.Jled to Pii' /liif/t|(ix'iT 
V IV hat doc« il mean if I havr ••wollen glands? 

Is It mTIOUs' 

l>o I h.ive i.inier'' 
I \ mph nudes .ire sirul! ^Lintl 

lite most n 
jnd .imipits 

Minor inti 

liM 1 \.iinpl( 

l>ite on your li . 

. . , when vour Ivmpi. , 

their (I'b ol tifthtin.; inleitioii 

L'siuiiK ihev .ire due to minor prol^ienis like those hst- 
«1 ab»ive 

llovM-Mf svsollen glands lan indiiale serious he.llth 

Iheii'lon-. it \ oil li.ive 

them evj|u.lted 

(.1 N re all "bad" Mtre throat!) •itrepihrojt:' Mow can I tell? 
1 I sou- throats are NOT strep thro. it 
'.;. ■ .,.re throats are due t.' unis, ■. v,i.l! js voids ,ind 

'"■ ' '■" '■■- ' ' ■ ' ■ 'enal inleition 

I ins ot stn-p throal imhide 

lapiu onset ,,1 sore nuo.ii pain, appetite li>ss, headache, 
(ever, tivlmg ill lender, swollen glands m the neck, and 
bri>;ht red tonsils that m,iy have pus on them 

However, M>me (Kiiple can experience the above svmp- 
toms and NOT have strep thr«ial, while others m.n have 
onh minor symptoms and HAVH stn-p throat 

-! ail urate \\ a\ to knou it mmi li.n e sirep throat 

'hro.O ■ ir'tMT, 

I le.iltti S,'|\ , 

minimal tee. 

V uti s strep throat tests tor a 


Satoniar. Neranibn 21 
9 - 3 ^.m 



I )< (III Miss fraiislfr IVninv I)a\ 

- i>mi|)U-ir ,1 1.Mi(-«ai ttcni.i 
-(X lid lr.ui«li-r P«nie« II;** xu 

"111 i« ...iiiliil '..s .,>ii ( .ilii|.ii>, Son I! :!<.,. ,1 

'"" Tmimi... ,Hi.,...| ,:,..K kl, ,.„[.,„„ ...nnvlois 

.iMit .lis,,.\, I Ii,m . il . iiiiK Ilium ran help 

oiii III le.uli OMii |iiiili .111(1 |x HM.iU 

t -til iikI.iv till .111 .i|>|«.iiiimt-iii: iiittlj lilT SI'HI 


The Hartiingrr 
February 8, 1999 

Advert libmeiit 










When if loinc; tn |ilaiiiiinu a cimvlortahlc 
tiituK .IS bestamt brighti-M (urn ro 

ihecxiHit i I A A C Kl.l W ,il, ..vor $200 bill.un in 

avsfl.s iiiulri ni.iii.i,L:i !ni-nl, '.\ e i >-• tKc wdiM's l.ugfst 
rt'tiictneiil m vu n; llu imiuhis Um ncr 

siitisLn finii. .iiul llu in «T\» helmiii^ . ;..•.. . ■■ jH-ople 
in cclucatKin, iommiiIi. .huI related (icIiK 

Ex|ierti!M> V'uu Can Count On 

liirSOyears, TIA \A kl i , miiu nl mlel- 

ligeiil MiiuiiuiiN 1(1 Aiiifi II .1 - liiiijid'i in (ihiiining 

nriil- \\ r pii'Mti !■ .! liu i.ori.idir [h-msidh, mvcnii'il 
the v.iiiiM. •111,! mil piipulari/ol llu- w r \ 

conit|t- : • !'""••" ■••lirenKiit. Ill l.iv(. 

we ni.. .unl in the svorlil 

(baM.-d on rt*.scts under managcmont). 

TihLu I lA \A Rl.V lan lu'lp \(>ii .u liif\c e\eii 
more ut \ OUT li.i.uuial goals. Fiom t,i\-ilelci u-il 

iiii-s ,uul IkAs ta mutual liiiids, \(iu'll lind llu- 
Ik-Xibilil". am! ■ lii>i< • 1, li.u kill \i\ a proven 

hf — • ,K'iii>i iii.iin c . I iiii.ii kaliU low fxpi'iiMs, 
ai . I ■^> coiDiiulini-iil to [HTSonai sifxiic. 
Find Out For Yourself 
!■> u nil nmif aliinil llu- u orM s prciiiK-i ivtire- 
11 ii.'.ilioti, lalK to onr ivl mil i ttii cliit'iil 

planning experts at 1 ««8 'IIH-H^H) ( )r luit.r >till, 
' \ our I iillfatiK's I'liul out why, 

■> M ■ ■iui .. io pl.inniii^ ior lomorrow, great 

iiiiiitis think alike. 


Eiuuring the future 
for those who shape it." 

•tMIAUI. w . nvAiuyi-. 

• I I I i ^ I mttm-pa. n am i..iii»»i.iii » »,,.ra«. »» ■« — » 

I nb -<Uii( <• laaMi l_ i< ,.te^. 

Page 6 


Tho H>»rbinBer 
February 8, 19W 

What Influences 

Ever since tho initplioii .>! 
motion picluri's, they have 
influenced what we do, what we 
believe and how we think. 

I'eiiple go to the mo\ ie> to 
experience things which they 
would not ordinarily experi- 

lht\ loiiu' to the theaters to 
not to onlv est.ipe, but ihev will 
also t.ilvc siMiutliinc tvv.u trorn 

Besides beinj; t.ikeii .iu.i\ In 
the film, the viewvr i- .iNo 
influenced, one w.iv <" niotlur 
Unfortunately, not all ol these 
things are positive 

Case in point in W^i;* s "The 
f'roRram," which starred I-imes 
Caan, Kristy Swanson and 
James Marshall, various college 
football players tried to f;el an 
.iJrenelin rush bv l.ivinR in the 
middle of the street in the dark 

In real life, two students 
attempted this and one received 
injuries and the other died 
v\hen he was run over by 
oncoming tcaltiv. 

Another case where lite inii 
tated art ua>. .itt. r the movie 
"Mon.v Ir.iin with Wesley 
Snipes, Woody Harrelson and 
Jennifer lope/, was released 
In the tilm, multiple L f A atten- 
dants were trapped in the ticket 
t'.Htths A thief proceeded to 
^pra\ ihem with gasoline and 
set thini oil lire watchiii); them 

Two Cr.\ attendant^ 
. arred for life after si 
s«in had seen the tiltii ana 
decided that it u a^ a \.m iie- 
ative idea 

What intluences vou with 
what vou do' Do films' 
Mii^i. ' Vn"" Adverli-mn'' 
I'erhaps all of the above Manv 
different things influence diftei 
enf people in various wav'^ 


Harper Revisited 


f farper will always have a spot in mv heart 
This place has K-en Rinnf to mv In.m Ihc >t.irt 
I have ru) a-grels and 1 h.n i- iii' -hame 
I Kors- t*\orv»»m' iis'ls iht- sanii- 

Advi>«>is, u-avluT- >" I -' 'II i;jl"n* 
I knew them al! II '■'"»" 

Th»ir ■idmiration ,,,,,., .it l.u rm- 

Help»'d mv mllei;.- v. ars cl<'w "I'h »;lee 

!«,. \ plu- 1 w a.ik.-U th.' hallv >.t Hjr)-H>r 

Makmt; mysflt .> 

VVatihinR the Rii ''^ 

\;i(tTiplini: ^" ..>ik)ui i ilu ni vm!Ii tin i~-eiui- 

I made real friends ihal I will mvei u>i^f'. 
I II still K- there, thev ■•oiv van N'l 
We ve shared th.- Rvx>d vvf -K.irwl tlu- b.i.i 
When 1 depart, it will K- sdd' Thos»- papers and exam- sure uifr !.hi>;Ii 
I studied lopR hours hopinR hard vmrk. p.ii.i ''it 
,-\nd did when I riveived an A. how svmsI 

Confident now I i.iuiu ox. !>.■.!.. .m i. ,i 

I've dorK' M> much hut a chalk'n^e was >|Hv..h 

I (iiimst the iluh bcvause later I II teach 

I tailed arul failetl until I didn't tvlieve 

Iill my coach tiK)k me to Atlanta, when' I lound 


I Unidos (lh I rememK-r the year 

When the m%s-tmcs wen- tun and the end was 


ttut the s,v..n,l hroui;ht piKspcritv and Itll its le^a- 


. 1... . . .1 iiiiiii.iuhi'd o-l>-bntv 

I want lo v.iim i'..i^ III ilu- loniuis vcars 

lo sivi- those future leaders a many cheers 

I hat will have taken this arduous entity 

-\nd hulldo/e through all obstacles with tranquilli- 

Mv wimdertul parents helped me get the |..b done- 
Whik' in tlie pn>cess havinf( lots ot fun 
So rememtn-r now this thing 1 saw 
just live your college lite day by day 


Join the Harbinger 



The Harbinger 

tetmg Editor m Owef.. 

ttews EtfitOf 

Sports Editor 



_Ayan Freund 

iiiKtsey French 


Howard Sc«o*s«»f» 

San Hays. Margie Mack. Hoei "the artist" Bago 


ffw Hiirtw«»f » t»i» »(«JM (i««l««ion l« M» Marpw C»llc«» Mnw»ewn^ 

™t¥. ni*iMh«l «»'>«»«» n»ou»io«it !•»•<«>«» irMT mew «**« '>«*«*l'» "" 
m« (wm. T)w pw « dwtntwMit ««• to M ttudwilk. tacUly •« attnm 

infofrwnn |)Wia*w« to M camBMS and It* (unumlint comnuMy 

n» M»rtlmg«» <«««ome« iwt»r» lo tl» editof anmwl** lo ouri 
l.«ttw» rniti tm vt>mi mu mcMte a lf*>m rurrtw to nwrfy •rtnoKiip. 

t^oaucn •il»w«*»i«lwMt.a«im Tl» >••»»» «i»nwi»M»Mn>» 
«re»lir»«0lww»«»lor»o»tt«» (WW. nor l>»tl» collet* «*w»»Mr««n» __ 


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William Ramey Harper College 

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tjuwness office: (847)925-6460 

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fax: (847)925«)33 

copyn^ 199ft The Harbtnger. 
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The Hartiinj5eT 
February S, 1999 

Arts & Entertainment 


Sheryl Crow mellows out with the Globe Sessions 



Shen'I I. ruH h.i^n t U-t sum-ss inilui- u. 
htT musii 

I'op lulturf mi i.-ntrol .mr wli.i! 4n- 
due* Suctw. hdwt chan^i-d thi' <.n. linu- 
grammar ■vhool muMc tfJcluT 

She ha* come a lonj; way inrnt Mni^iriK 
McDonakt s jm^le* i»nd singin); backup on 
Michael Jacluun s Bad lour 

Her farw may tin«k at ht-r thirij ertort .is 
somewhat a departurt- from her lirsi tw.i 
atbumt. hut »h. ■ . maJf sen-*- 

Her musK ■ n a diHva'nl tone 

Thoufth thi- couiiti) riK>ts ',till surtacv, all m 
all, Thf Cilobt' SeNsums j^iw a miw nu-l- 
lowt'd oul (tvl 

Ml ot Ihc tr.lik-. U-.1 ,1 
acoustic guitar with ptnial stcvl lim-s to -wl 
th»' iTHHxl Sheryl •• vocaK on the album niti 
th«' spectrum which is human emotions 

Like the music. Sheryls song wrilin); I i- 
gone through a ma|«r transition 

Cone are the happ\ choruses i>i .Ml I 
Wanna Di>' and It it Make« YiHi Happy 

In The Clobe ScssHXte," Sheryl explores 
a darker side 

She explore* the emolion of love from a 
darker, m»ire petsimistii. vnv% ll<Mrtbreik 

runs lhri>u»;hiMi» "h. album M»«> tii.- ^if 
<■( t,ikm>; tl>. '„i -..■nc-- .mii I': 

ing (hem In ::■ 

!'■, jMin m her \'>in I', evident as she 
sinRs ot Ix'inK in ,i rcLitii'iisliip with no n.n 


In Riverwide. Shi'ryl i-xploits the livl 
infis ot being happ\ and how she drv.iins ot 
the happiness as a windmi; riviT 

Her refrain of IXtnt bail on me <Hnf;» 
like a tri tor help 

sh, n K'lkoiiirij; h>T in, in !>■ si.n vMth 

: lm>; lo VHl. VK lavorite 
Mist.ik. Is .III ,uilobiO);raphical account of 
■sliervis .iitdir with guitar legend Fric 
t. l.ipton 

Ihis sons looks .It heartbaMk in a healthy 


It shows how bn-akinn oft a relationship 
IS a wa\ m which Nrth people can gmw Irom 
the experienie and how lite goes on 

In songs like The Ditticult Kind" and 
\in thing But l>own sheryl pl.ivs the role 
>'i i utim 

1 lei voKO rings out w ith the pain and tor- 
ment ot King in a r>'!ationship with mi way 
1 hi! 

sihe p.iinis hei men is l\ r.ints lontrolling 
her lite 

■she tx'gs lor soiiH' tncdom. and one cant 
help but sympathi/o with her characters 
The ( .loK' St-ssions is Shervl Cniw 

[here IS no sign of Top 40 glossinf; 

It IS the sinpptsJ down, ban' boni-s sr\le 
ot "shiTN I Cniw 

Ihough shi-r\ I was ,i late bliH>mer, chart- 
ing her tirsi hit in IWI at the aj?e of .^I, she 
has established a unique niche in music and 
has a bright future ahead of her 

Wilco's Tweedy to perform on campus 

I. II luertii. lead singer ot thi- group 

nut 'X.tmtni- 

Iwcvdv vv : .1 louiisrv 

punk gn>up v.illej liuleluppelo with let 
low classmate from B«-lleMlle High Sih.«>l 
lay Farrar. will perform >oiigs lu h.i.. 
penned over tfir \e.irs 

Tweedy s.ns he Imik.- ,it Ihe 
experience ot vng writing trom th*- inside 

k 9mm ikMtf of njasmm tm mumi mak 


I*. \jn< 

JtkpifltiJ «f'tTiU«4«»(H.. 


« our FiartyM SM c 

I iliyftiTW 



fmauemm i 

•fnmiaiKjn m i 


U UPS' fill #)M > 

1 ai M?-1 

igraup* Tut 

I amnunKMKtn i 


1 « pralinwl T*ii« 

• e U<>« M 

'. ifWinxHtli 


E(|ya| OWiKUvt. 

Cdf) M^M^liM 

> >ne iiiti. des.rilsd VNilios .ill^'iini 

■ '"'.; ! here, .is hki- .1 w.irn) sv^eater ot 

■ ■ Kolltng Stones or f<fi\ Young after 

.' n; 'it. »»»tj \\..[!ti ol ,ii|..'rv iioim- 

t... k ■ 

K.- , J ' I- Is 

l.iins ^> (ottei-luuise mtu- 
Stutient Actl\ ities 

lukets .u. sill ,1i 
.tents loi 'I, l-ets . ,i!l tl- 
H4 ■ »'.''i h],»' 

p.irt ot the lava 
s spoils, ired bv 


toi stil 
oltKe at 

Pianist Concert 

ri.inis! Ii.ii Suns vmII [XTtiuni ,i trei' 
i.oniert at Harper College 

shi' will perform on IhursJay. 
Februar\ 2s at 12 1s pm in the Music 
Instruiiion Center, I'2H5 

she IS currently an assistant pmfi'ssor 
ol piano at Wi-stem Michigan University 

She nveived her Bachelors fVgree 
trom the I'eaKidy Conservatory 

She received her Masters IVgnv trom 
the Yale SchiHil of Music 

Sims received the first pri?e Cold 
Medal at the 1948 C.ina Bachauer 
IntematKtnal Piano Compehhon held in 
Salt l.ake City, Utah 

She also won first place avwinner of 
the 19«»4 Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn 
Compehhon m Berlin. Ormanv 

She also achieved success at the IWJ 
•American Pianists' AsstKiation 


she has fHTtornuil throughout the 
l nileit State's and Europe, including per- 
loimjiices with the lsrat>l Philharmonic, 
the Indianapolis Symphony and the 
r>env er Chamber Orchestr ■ 

Sims[->er mini-co' ,ind 

the publii IS welciwiie 

For more information ^all the Harper 
C(>IleKe Musu IVpartment .it H4~ 92s- 


A & E 

Th* Harbinger 
February 8, 1999 

Febraary Arts & Entertainment February 

Art Exhibit: "|ohn Koudtrn: A Rrtro»p<rc«ivc" 

Itihn Koudsrn rj'ttmj from (h«> ttjrpT ( ><\U >;. \ri 
Uepartmml in IWT 

This cxhihitum ot hi-, paintings ami print- will 
rek>bratf his career as an artist «)dtpa(ht>r lanuarv 
25 • February 2ft 

Mini-<oncert: Chicago SaxopiMHic Quartrt Iht- 
Chitj^) Smiphum- (Juarlft will ht- (n-rtunnin^ j 
fwe cx»n«rt 4t Harper CuIU^i*- 

This virtiHwtk trvst-mhlt' h^s ,)• . . , dt»tin- 
gutshed reputation h>r encetieiKe in musical prtfor- 

Thev will p-rtiirm ,it 12 I ^ pm m tf»e Drama l^b. 
liberal Arts Center. I in^ February 2 

ClMKMt Makolo Nakura Ihi tn.inmK. virtti 

o«>it->m«~. to Harpf r (. t>IU->;r ' • rni.iniv 

Mf unu' trtmi his i\atii. ..rr -\e was 

dlrrddy .i -tjf .iiuJ made d spdrming tlcbut in ttl* 
YoungliuutTt ArtBtsSene*. 

He will be performing at 7 V pm in (he Drama 
lab, liberal Art>CenaT. t ItN 

TKkets aw S5 tor Harper MuJents and staff, $6 
fot c^her >.tudent>. jnd $7 tor |i;eneral admissHm 
Febnuuy S 

Film: Tlamenco" The film gties thnHi|th a brief 
histiirv of (his tpanish dance, followi-d b\ .> rumlxT 
of ptTformatwres fnwn <i«»m«' of Spami* bt~.t djiwers 
The film IS in Spanish with I n^jhsh ••ubtitlo 

rhe him comes fn>m Ihi- prinlucor of 'The I .jst 

The tree <ihowin)i; will begin at 7 VI pm in the 

Busini'ss -ind S.H i.t! s* It'll, f ( i-nltT 114"^ lebruar) 


Mini-tonii-' I ■■■ Sims Ihi^ world miown«H) 
pi.ini^t will I .' ion>ert .it Harper tolle>;>- 

,it \2 i^ pm in tru' ivlu^ic instruitMin Center, P2t6. 
February 2S 

lava lamii Coffeehouse Series: Willy Porter 
Ihe VtiHv Juk«'«." native will kicK off the ij»,i l.ii is 

Hi«t mu*ic IS a mix of old <ch<iui hmk. rod n 
roll with d littk' bit ol traditional folk mixed in 

Hi has operu'd tor such national acts as Itu 
i. ranNrrH-s. loatJ the Wet Spniiurt, and Ton Amo-. 
anmn^ others 

Somi' oi rorter't Mings arc autobiographical 
tales trom his evperirntT^ fnwn the nxad 

l>n other stints i\irtir lakes an mlersp-. ' 
appriKteh, talking about interru^l feelings and emu 
tions from heartbreak to «nKiKiragemenl and evt-n 
dealing with the i!»ue ol HIV 

The performance will be at NOO pm in the 
Student and Administrative Center lounge 

There w ill be a discount for Harper sludtmts aiuj 
staff it takets are bought in ad\ ame 

,M1 tickets arv $10 on th*- via\ of the show 
February 2* 


Febraary 2, 3c 

Can't Hardly Wait 

Fcbnuiy 9, 10: 
City of Angels 

Fcbraaiy 16, 17: 


February 23, 24: 
Deep Impact 

VMmk Ail videoa will be ihown on 
TucMlays at 12:15 pm and IMednetdays at 
I pm in «ie TV km^, StudMH and 
Adminlalialivc Cantef. AUaiefice. 




■•■• A' '••• V(ilu«loSlM.97 ^y# 

Bonk ' ^^ 




(hf I LirbingiT 
February 8, 19SW 

Arts & Entertainment 

Page 9 


■ wt 

Aurora Umvers'' 
Ban State Unn^rs^ry in 
Barat Co««ge - tt 
Benedicfine Urxversit . 
atacfcbum CoNege i 
Bradl«y University - i 
Cardmal Stritch CoMege wi 
Carthage Cotoge - Wt 
Ctvcago Natlortal College cl 
Naprapattiy • IL 
CNcago Stale UrVversity • IL 
Cotlege Of OuPage • it 
Columbta College Chicago- IL 
Conoordta University - IL 
Conco«Tita University - WI 
DePaul University - IL 
OeVry Inetitirteorrechnology-K. 
Oomincan Untverslfy - H. 
Eastern iKtnoie Llr^>N9fsity - IL 
Elgin Cormniu^ CoOege - IL 
Ehnhurst Colege - IL 
Eureka College - IL 
financial Aid • Harper 

CompolMlnd Sct ioo l 
Sear^iee, 10am- 1pm, 

n,,^,r,^..o a. Social Sciene» 

m 1117 4 Science, 
.Matn Si Health Careers Center. 
Room 0142 

»tt(er sdwois that meet your 
rweds. Also offered 2/23. 2/24 
Calling All Education Maiora 
•Oam-11*n. SAC RoomA242a 
' *iis session wiH cover an out- 

ie of courses you shOiM 
iake whtfe attariding Harper as 
well as information about the 
trartsfer process 
Aoadamic Advising tor 
Nor'.hem Illinois Univwsity 
10:30am-2;30pm A represen- 
tative from NIU wM be avail- 
able tor academic advising 
appointments. This activity Is 

Transfer Week '99 


Fmch Unlvff"'^ -^f Woaith 


Gailaudet L ntversny-wasn OC 


Huroi UntvMSlly - SO 

IffinniR tnslitulS Of Art • M. 

imnots :>iatt» University • M. 
Indana University Bloomington 
Iowa State Univwslly - lA 
Judson College - IL 
KendaN Cdlege • IL 
Knox College - IL 
Laite Forest CoMege - IL 
Lawrence University - IL 
Lewis Univ«sity - IL 
Loyola Umxersity - H. 
MadMurray Cotoge • IL 
Mcvquatte Univarsity - WI 
Dilichigan Sttte Unversity - lull 
K/Kekwestem Universtty- U. 
MKMk^ Univerrty - tt. 
Milwaukee malitute of Art & 
Design -W 

Milwaukee School of 
En g in eor ing - WI 
Monmouth College • ■ 
National-Louis Universny il 
Nonh Central CoOege - IL 
Harth Patk University - It 

NuitlteH'liiiM iniiVii<; Uniu(^r<U(v 

Northwesiern universny - il 
Oliyel rtazarene University - H. 
Purdue University - IN 
Rock VsDey Oi^lege - IL 
Rooeeveit University - IL 
Rush Urtlversity - IL 
Saint Antfiony College of 
Nursing- IL 

St.Joseph's College • IN 
oaint Louts University - MO 
St Mary's University of 
Minnesota - MN 
Samt XavitM^ Urwversity - IL 
Seton HaH University - NJ 
Simpson CoOege - IL 
Sou9i«n IL Univ at 
Cartwndaie • IL 

Transfer Week '99 February 22-26 

sportsored by the Minority 
Student Transfer Canter 
f^eeervattor required ■ 
847 925 6881 or 925 6861 
MrKMity Student TTanetsr 
Center: How H Can Help You 
Thnsfer Siiccessfully. Ilanv 

teU you eve'ything you need to 
know about how the MSTC 
can assist you in the transfer 

Is There Just One Way to 
PtekaMaior? i2-lpm. SAC 
Career Center. Room A347, Of 
course tftera's more than one 
a^jproat^. Come to ttus semi- 
nar to leam what they are 
You wM have an opportunity to 
take a qukik inlere^ inventory 
that win suggeM possible 
Cawar imeret Taetfatg • 

Part 1. 1-3|wn, SAC Room 
A242b. In part 1 , you win take 
two interest inventories which 
win t>e interpreted durir^ 
Pwta. Psrt2w»ibeon 
Monday, M ar c h 8, at the 
same time Th^rp is a $7 50 
laKt <««''< 
nKlulrad. cai' 

IHp to OePaul Uniweralty. 

7:30am-2:30pm, SAC Room 
A243. This event is sporaored 
by the Mnority Tranter 
Cemar. RaservMion required, 
cat 847.925.6881 or 925.^61 
Computerized School 
tt ea re l i a a . See Monday 
AfiMoeinic Aovwinp lor 
University of a, Oticago. 
930am-2 30pm. A represen- 
tative from UIC wiR be avail- 
at>k> lor advteing appomt- 
ntenis. This acKvity s apon- 

Southem IL Univ at 
EdwardsvMe- IL 
Stephens College - MO 
Thomas Aquinas College - CA 
Tnton College - IL 
Truman State University - MO 
University of Chkago - IL 
Univ of Colorado,BouMer - CO 
Urvversity of Dubuque- lA 
Univ of IL at Chici^o - M. 
Univ of IL at SpringfieW - IL 
Univ of IL at Urtxina - IL 
University of kjwa - lA 
University of St. Francis - IL 
Univ of WI at Qreentey - WI 
Univ of WI at Milwaukee - WI 
Univ of WI at Parkside - WI 
Univ of WI at Whitewater - Wl 
Waubanaee Comrmxiity 

West Surt>urt>an CoAege of 

Western HHnois University - IL 

sored by the M»Kxity SkJdent 

Transfer Center. Reservatton 

requ^wl. CaR 92S 6681 


Transferring Made E«iy 

llam.SAC Room A242b 

Avoid some of the transi 



or J^H 

y m 

ntunicating with the 4 year 
school and maximizing youe, 
transfer credits. 
Cattina All Computer 
Sc^enoe Maiorst Il-i2pm, 
SAC Room A242a. Are yoii| 
oor)sidenng tran^erring to J 
year scfMol to ma)or in com- 
puter science or computw 
informtfion systenw? Find I 
what the difference is I 
the mmvf varied oon^wter ' 
majors and what type of cours- ^ 
es you shouW take for yourj 
chosen area of atuc^. 

Surf the Net for College Information 

A great way to gel Information about transtemng to another 
college or university, schotarshipe and financial aide arid on 
specific majors IS to *9urf the net* UoM schaoli have a 
'home page* on it>e World Wkte Web which can give you 
access to a variety of resource such as: 

• vidaotoiirs 

• e-maH to aali ques t ions 

The foik)wing wabaitos may he^ w^ten eapkirfng schools m IL: 
In addition to school speciilc infOrmatton. ttM-re are sites ttuit 

• • «n« - 

• • www,Aiic.adu - www.wiu.«du 

■ • www.u)uc.«du snvwLrooaevatt. 

•www.iau.adu •www4rtue.adu odu 

can help you cfioose a maior, search tor a school that meets 
yow needs or kxate financial aid reeouroes Here are some 
Sites to help you get started: 

: www.ooHegeedge oom or ooHegenetcom 


Hot Tips: Questions for College Reps 

1. How many shxtente are mere? How many are graduate 
students? Wtiat is the male/famale rafio? 
2 What ts the campus like? i.e size, kx;atk>n to the nearest 
dty or downtonwi area? 

3. Wttat is ttie makeup ol the student body? <vhat__ 
states, commuters, residenbol. religtous backgrounds, 
popular majors? 

4. What a tt» housing situation'' What 

5. VI8tel percent of students remain to graduate ? 

6 Whtf are the strong minors? Do you have my m^or? 

7 What are the class sizet? Do profeeeors or graduate stu- 
dents (each dasaes? 

8 Wtut opportunities are there tor research? independent 
«udy? Study abroad? 

9 Are there internships or co-ops? 

10 Whatkirwlsofcbibsoracttvttieaarelhere? Istfwrea 
Oreek systwn or othw social soror«ie8/fr»t*«'r<rti«i'' 

11 Do you tiave an honors program? 

12 i^owisthejobpteoament? Wit I get assistance ^ 

13 What are your a d niteiton standards? 

Fase 10 

Hawk Sports 

Football back at College of DuPage 


Lolk-Kl' .'( Pi/ 

■•rhori' wtri- >onif perceived 

wlun I\'l t Aid 

problems, things huve been done 


to correct them, and the lH>ard 

IUr(H-t, Mu-(. K.»k \ 
the !«<>tbd!l tn-ld 

decided to bring football back" 

t .rand R.ipiii' 

1 Hir,ti;t. Athletic Director Ralph 

pn)bk?ins with li 

n i\ t\i prohlfin-^ "■ 


hjvi- bit'n 

;heiTi .init llu ' 

■ • 1 nmiJ the I 
n tor an dddititmal ve.i! 

\ . i.ti-ii 1, t li-i*!-* tii4- nri> 

..( I>^ 

Come join the 


We would love 

to have you 

aboard our 

We are now 
accepting appli- 
cations for 1st 
and 3rd class in 



Cho«»« Your Hoi 

MM Mt * IQkOO fM 


fuu imt rasinoMS aiso avajumi f 


GtD «<*H«i4 csrawOTKatMK 

Harper Men's basketball stats from 
Jan. 21 through Feb. 2 


aMtt a High Sctwol Di< i l«iiio w 
aarf ra iiii H r Wvfaoord nparMw. 

hrFvUTIlM h«i.<W p< l «««l n » l W ^rt T«ii» hmJ iMttMi rii wh iiiw lM M t «*.r 

fcr mac* »i m mi ^ >m». coR kn w MMlra*WM to AUSTATf MORW tUM, 
nOO «> Hwr. Dk. «r«n«MM Mil»H K 600O4. 

J- M».A*. .« 





C. Jack! 
C Agnell. 
I •^herrritu 


jjjot in Shape for 
Toda\ 's Job 
Opportunities? C 

/ot Ofp un i miki .xttck 
out Kaim Hurra CeBit. 

of Ckiaf B—mta! 

Obaw/tiiia Oa:K £>»MW or lEEEfiU2 CboM WMn a aKMpr 
tftummAdmiiiiiimim Ditm.mlk*cm tM l nui m ik 

• »UU>tSLNES!t MA>UGnffi.Vr 

»nll»>rfclM«rd>^(iy«)»« we? *■ ■' ■ * '' »>OM>'«'i''*'" 






43 0rtn4VpK 




.^ agaialtTlttieii . 



, •BMkaltetl aoMMrto 
'«f tlw KWMk: 'The 
intxMinds pass comes 
Into Freund. here's 
Ryan at the foul line 
Ryan Freund with 44 
points in a game hits 
the shot at the twzzer 
to Hft the Harpar 
Hawks over the 
OuPaga Chapanaia 
6»«8 into Iha nation- 
al kximament.' 
...Hay. it coutd hap- 


I of ttw Waaii: 
ftlan** tMskal- 
I piayar MIka 


^fnaiv mtw mvy 
t ■ow?-<Courtaay d 

Its 2nd in 
I rebounding (5.7) m 

The Harbinf^iT 
February S, 1W9 

Hawk^ Sports 

Page 11 

Respect the referees Lady Hawks improving 

K^Wta MmIw ■■ • '■ ■ ( vu iH-opIc test hul Hanx-r would 


What d<«> It mvan 
in spt>rts' 

LXies It iTNMn mak- 
ing the liKht dcci«am 

I hopt- s«i 

Then it it means 
making the nght cieci- 
stons in sporting events 
why aiv all th<.><te lefcr- 
cn in high Khool. cnl- 
iege, and the prot. 
ahways looked at a» the 
bad guys? 

Aren't these the 
guys that ate hired by 
the organizatiotu who 
are competing in the 

Then why do the 
fans always boo at them 
or tell them to go work 
at Foot l.ocker or Mime- 

I think that tht- rett-r 
CM in lhe>>f «-vt-nts 
c^xcially in basketball. 
get a bad wrap. 

They go to classes to 
team the nght calls to 
make and I believe 
most of the time thev 
do, but the tans from 
what I've seen at all the 
levels of competition, 
need to givt these guv > 
a break became after 

all the>'re human too 

The fans rh>ed to 
show the oitK i.ils .1 hull' 
trmrv respttt in whol 
thev ^il»K^.llJM• tt Km^^n 
like a hard job becau'W 
It they make one call 
agam<tt ime leaun, that 
team will be ready to 
beat him/her up when- 



as the opposing team 
will be praising 

What must l,ins 
don t rcili/f or Ironi 
ishjt I i-xperiented is ii s onlv a ^ame 
S»me tans think it's a 
war or si»mi*thinK ''"d thev want their to di-strov the 
i»pp«inent and the onlv 
thm^ m tlve fan s vv,u to 
Ket tt) the other le.ini i-^ 

I \r ,ill kind-. 
ot things vi'llt'd jt .in 

ortieul during .1 >;.inH' 
and I think tfvat it s lust 
unnecessary for a !. . 
sav such things jK^ut a 
(vrs<in ni^t Ks.iUNe of 
the vsav their doing 
their |ob 

If the official sees the 
call ewe way. respect ffve 
call after all tlv-v n- th«> 
ones on the tloor not 

A fan carmot have 
the same |u<lgment that 
an official can becau.<ie 
the actkm is ttol in the 
fMt's face, it's in the ofti 

If tfie games weren't 
tupervisj-d or otti. i.ited 
who knoMs what 
would h.ippen l<^ the 
players ivt live contest 

If a fan were to lose 
I ontn'i in some 
moment in .1 ^.im«v .ind 
ffierc wasn t .m otfu 
nho knoks s 
would happi'n 

hven though thos.' 
tans who di>n'l think 
that the otfu laK K'ltin^ 
in a game -md don t 
like them tor the vails 
lhe\ nuke. Iliev should 
show st^mt- '»»'.f-»-s • *or 

i.ive th.i- : ,. .. 


Held Co.>, h Jeff 
ledd would like to see 
some impmvement in 
rebounding ,is well as 
balan% r.f -.. "nn^ in 
b<ith I .-r his 

Hjq>- Kis 

kethali t» ,iTTi .- i.»ss tt> 
C'.ikton ( ornmunitv 
l ollege =•2 'yx Tuesday, 
lanuarv 2p 

The ladv Hawk- 
(4-i;i UhI bv two tran 
sition baskets trom 
su/anne Wagner. 

quHklv lumped out to 
a S-pt»int lead in the 
game s first 4 ;"< biii 
l>ikton ti' 
knt>t thi' ^;.inii' .11 mm 
apMxe and laptun' lh< 
lead at ll-« with i: V. 

Mi m all, the kiad 
switchi-d lour tiiTWs in 
the first h.ill until the 
Ijdv Hawks pulled 
ahead with a ^2-M' 
halttime command 

I nlil we start to 
rebound g.imi*s thai 
we win, we rv not 
going to win. sjid 
coach )edd 

Plus in ■ 
h.ilt wr onl. 
(sopi 1 

f su (H'OpU 

Ihi- tirsi hall 
whivn equaled bal 
anced offense That s 
some of tlu* things w.- 
iveevl to get ditne ' 

The IjkIv Raiders, 
led by Ijsa Cemv's six 
points in the opening 
2 "iS of the second half. 


we can win, 
we're not 

going to 


—Head coach 

.ompik-i!.. . ,..,, ^..„ 
my; lontrol ol the h.ij! 
until the I ,idv H.IW k'- 
. los,'d in on ll.ikton 
I iitting tfu- lead !<• ^^ 
s' thanks to Mjuris-n 
M istalar/ V 1 
« ith : \2 

test but Harper would 
tail to score thereafter 

"^ou can I stress it 
enough but that's the 
onlv wav we're going 
to w in thes«' games in 
the end ls by rebound- 
ing and balaiKe the 
scoring," said coach 

Mastalar/ led all 
scorers for the I.ady 
Fiawks with 22 points 
shooting 7-of-22 fnwn 
the floor iiKluding 4- 
■ <f-<> iin three-pointers 
and 4-of-l from the 
iharity stnpe 

Melissa Kommel also 
. ontributed to the scor- 
ing column with 11 
points while collechng 
SIX rebounds as well 

CXerall, Harper 
shot 27% from the floor 
.onnecting on 20 of 
iheir 72 shots includ- 
ing h-of-15 from the 
three-point line while 
ollecting 3<* rebounds, 
l^ defensive. 20 oH»Ti- 


Ihe Lady Hawks 
ivext contest is Tuesday. 
K-bruarv " against the 
I adv Wolv es of loliet 
C ommunitv College 

C.ame lime is s«'t lor 
'^ p ni lip-ott tirrii 

Come support Hawk Wrestling 

Take the Next Step m 
Advancing Your Career. 


1 wail' NMKmil l^ms Hmvcnaly n accm w ing 
' upptKalHim (or m ondofndiMtr md trtHam fmpjma 
■ nKg <ie luf inim n of am atA 4i0tt-fxmfkii»m proiffi— ■ art 
iM,y b iw ed ptOume |iropini« m iVU. ma aUBO MkIi nn tia^i. 
caaiflMed ilqinen m Nainiiul Ijshs IWweniiy 
Our proyrmns {am idr 

• wssfemed iMilHi 

• unsll clau vxc 

• cumpcMivr tuitHin tlwi inciutnaHlMniuwiiliinlaiial- 
I tffnmcH ki I 


wMkday c«««ni( <ir 1 

• kUnycnicM kvallens 

Claries art mm lamiiii( 

O.A. In Apiritoa BnMviiirvl hcwflcia 
B.S. IB HhMi fa 


M.S in Hwa ■■ 

and Ik 

N<.»:il la tmK4tmltmmry Stmmm la 


^ — : 

for morr litfnrrmitioti call 



National-Louis University 

St. lawi'.s (limpu-s 


■ ••>■•• B N u<tf> *Mt oar. » ■■Lena ■ 

.4)wtia«r tmJ BmUt- 
Drprt fn(Mat> luHmlr 

' (lomputw Aiumaitun 

• Graphic Dn%n 

• Multimrdn 

• Inirnor Drugn 

• Fasham Markedag 
& ManigrmeM* 

• Fislwin Dnign* 

Vitit tmr mtkilt at 


The Illinois 
Institute of Arr 






Appafrl Ceiutr 
mN OrlctmSc 
Qxtago. n. 606^4 


Hawk Sports 

flillii&ytfkl'"** "• wmiMii H«lii«y Hwpw Coll^« • r^hiuan t. t wt .:...., JiligB.. 

Hawk win streak expands to six 

in thi mnlin-nii 
hard Uti'fv' ■^i^i 


rhrillmn HS« 

. ih.'.r L.iU' i.^v 


swans toitoB 

TTw HdwWs .m- llyiii>; hi>jh lh«'> tuvi i -i hifth MX Ranw win strvak *nd Iwvr tm.ilK 
etlif»«d Ihf =«<*> mjrV with d 12-11 n-o-r.f 

More impi>rt4ntl\ thi-v i-umiitlv h.i 
i,>ntiT> ' i whliK IS ,•. ■<•» 

,.n>i p.. 

K.>ik Vdlk'V IS 

"WV'vc bvvn y 
\witi viMih Mik*- Hiroili 

ivervbodv s Nvn pLivmc will 
ilffnwt" Kjs K'»-n . 

n«^l hi taki' i>rH' s<"T»f •«»•>'' 

VVf muM K- ready (or t-M I ,, 

AfU-r Jctiatins |i»livt. th«- Hawk.- '; 
RixklKrd lo laKi- on U.u L V.illw 

Thf Hawk- V I ith 

victory t.ivmn ti.^ . ■ • • •'• 

in thv amrertniv 

ITh' Hawk- wi'rt- ii«»Mi !•> s,, (....ns ., 
Kalf. but th«- H,mks h»ok iht- Wad early in thi 
ond halt arwl nm-CT kxAi-x) b.u k 

rh*- Hawk attack wa- lead K Uan suii;.s II, 
had 1l) ptiint- .ind had ' thnv piiinl«r- |art-d 
'•h.Tm.iii ■ontnbuti i1 mill t» pMnt- .md Itvr 

iiiakiMn it' .'1 ilitif r: ' ivliiii ..■nin.tiiu. "i 

their IH threv-pcMnter* 

Harprr a\M> dishfd <>ul 22 asMsts while %te«l- 
ing the ball -fvi-n iimfs 

A week later the Hawks traveled to River 
Clove, to play nmteri'nie toe Triton Community 
Colle|;e A very h«>»lile rnvimnment. but the 
Hawks still battled hard tor 40 minutes and it 
payed o« as the Hawks prevailed H4H2 

The Troians had a slim M-Mi lead over tlarper. 
but with n SS lett the Hawk* took a 5<M8 and 
thev never n'lintjuished the lead C arlo Agnello 
dunk with I (Vi lett in the same, s«Mkt.) ihf vutorv th.-^i.s 

"-herman .uKlril i'i\>- tn 
n.iwk-fh«'irla-lp.iini i.l il • 
l.-tl h<Mm- the-n'rvh- 
I >MT,ill, the H.iw> 
' iiig 2H i>t their r>2 "liii 
. ,' !•* thnt'-pt'inlvrs 

111, ii.iuks .lis,. ii.,>) r 

th.- Ills If 

(ssisl- V\llllv sU.llllIt 

the ball I'l lime- 

Surjseshad 21 points lo l.-.l .ill -torers He shot 
8 t«»r 18 Inun i> •' -•■ ^htTman had 14 points 
and point (,u.v 'Ikiway had P points, 

tive steals and two ^ (-s 'inters 

Two days later the Hawks traveled H> l')Rle<>by, 
to pidv Illinoi- Valley rhc Hawk-s tmce again 
Ldmr .iw.i\ with thnllinR 7R-7ft awne triMTi bt-hind 

\ ii ton \\i'n>;in>; .i li'-s ,Mri\ in the -< Msun to the 
■ uh.- 

i»>mn hv "I),- [»iint sh.-niian drove into ll ■ 
i,iru- MiTnl ami v;>'l fouled lo mniplete the thn ■ 
|-Mint pUix to Rui- the Hawks another lonli 
flue \Kti»rv 

■-urm-s onif .ig.iin \t\\ .ill s..iirs vMlh 2i' 
|i..ints Ih- wis s iroeii '' trom thi' liiu' ,"1,1 linir 


Mollttwav had Ih points ami hit ^ thnv point 
IT- ARn»'llo had 10 points and siv rebound- 
>heroian had '» (xnnts and ** assi-t- 

The Hawks hnallv ^ot a ihami' 'o pl.n at 
hon«' and thi-\ didn't disapptiinl 

l-n>ni start to tinish llw H.iwk- iJ<~.lrosrJ tin- 
lro»ans IOV72 

(•ivmRth,* H..i\l.s ill, -It iop-Kled ', ut,ir\ 
ol tt»«' year 

The clos«.si .^. ... ,.i.. ^..: i-.a- with lU niin 
utes in the -tvond hall, when the score was 20- H 
At th«- hall the -«»«• was *Vjll and the second halt 
was controlled by the Hawks They outscored the 
Tnnans hMl in the second halt 

hvery athkle trom Harper scored. Surges U : 
all scoa-s with 10 p, ' .lUstedeichtdelen 

sive ri"K>und- 

Agnello had 14 p.imls. tive rebounds and liv,- 
.1— ists Mike Wettir nmtntnited with 1 /> point- 
.iiid eifthl assists, 

tas»-v lackl tiail U points - ,,l..ui.i; .i;.,i - 

"We really coming toRether right now," suA 
lorward Carlo Agnelki. 

"We're finaily playing like a team 
I V iTv thing IS clicking nght now. 
CHir goal from dav one was lo go to the 
National Tournament, and the way things aiv 
t(M>king It kiok-s like we can win the whole thing." 
The Hawk* (12-11) are currently ranked 14 in 
the nation, in the NfCAA Division III basketball 
poll The Hawks als*) ranked 6th in the nation 
amongst Uivisu>n 111 hinior College scoring W ■; 
ptHnts per game 

Wrestlers starting to reach peak as season draws to a close 

Jotie Lacdan 
News editor 

White several ol rtw Region * ti>p 
wrestling teams start lo stumble 
Harper s team is rapidly reiiching it- 

Unt weekend the Hawks won 3 
meets in the Tnton tournament and 
curtvntly stand at 7-3, While other 
college* have seen their once potent 
lirM-ups dwiiHlle in size. Harper has 
almo*! all its starters healthy 

"What really makes us strong is 
our depth. Hawks nuih I>an 
Lopneno said 

"Other teams like Tnlon are hav- 
ing guys quit or hMutK them to 

We have all good wietllers and 
we have a lull lineup 

Heavyweight Mike Sauceda t»-2) 
*p«rked the Hawks with y consecu- 
tive T-lalls at Fntim fVnis Pool also 
had thnv T-falls at 141 pound- 

Returning All-American K I against nationally rank<d 
Cohen sa>fed two T- talk and thns' Muskegon, m,i\ine the Hawk- u(< to 
wms total lo remain undefeated in s iTth in the \K\A national rank- 
matches at 157 pounds irn;- 

""We'wiiht to peak at the right time 
which hopefully will he at regionals. 
Right now we we're wrestling good 
but we can still wrestle. better. 
The biggest thing is that we're 
wrestling as a team." 
"Head Coach Dan Lopreino 

The Hawks have shown rapid 
impmvement dete.»tin>; Inion tl-9 
and Lincoln, V»-21 

Both learns had deteatett Harper 
earlier in the -easiin 

Harper dl-o won the tie-breaker 

IM-pounder |eff Ulte* keyed the 
Hawk s vicliwy, outlasting national- 
ly ranketl wn-stler (had t.uiltord S- 

W, hj\en t 
I oprierui said 


We want to peak at the right time 
which hopefully will be at regional- 
Right now we were wrestling 
good but we can still wn-stle better 
The biggest thing i- itiat w,' r, 
wri-stlmg as a team " 

I larper was scheduled lo travel to 
Lau Claire, Wisconsin lor a lounu- 
menl and cunenlly is looking for- 
ward to n'gionals which begin on 
February 12th and nationals on the 
IMth and 20th Regionals and 
nalHitrals mark tfie start of the real 
competition and Lopneno knows 
thai the Hawks will have lo be in 
peak form, but is confident of his 
squad's chances 

"Thais what we're building for, " 
Loprieno said 

'We really get up for regionals 
and natioivils Us what we've been 
working for all year 

1 would be disapp<iinted if we 
didn t -end the whole team" 

ky eaNInc •47.928.6000 xt 24«1 w stop ky tiM offlc* In tlw StMlMt «i M m l wH trrtlwi Center. A3«7. 


The Harbinger 

I i: ■■ V .. I . . ,1 i li ,1 r per toll.-;;.- C^^ 

m%»mmm^mijiHmif9tC4Mm§t • P«i«tlw, llllwote 


U, . P«>i— ry «. IWt 

Transfer week offers abundance of T^g^3yQf f 3 ^mH-^^H^ii^ 
opportunities to Harper students 

Sam Hay* 

(luK h.ttUt) t.ill 

tiif inlern,>ti>m.i 
ihii'1.1 studi-nt"- 

\itv will ,i1mi K' -("hx i.i 
;. . -i.mpwttT «!.•" > ■ ■'•' 
hf4l(h v.w m.i|i'i 

tag*" i»( •it.Jiit'niu ,id\(>in^'. 
talive% fnim tho L nivtTsitv di iiiin.^i- 
.11 C'hudgo. \orthi-rn Jii.) 
\i>rthf.>-li-m Unncrsitu-^ who vmII 
ht- .i\.\il.iW»- tiir prn.iti- 21' mimitr 

.lt"Mgn«\l t.> Mp <tHni. 



S«ptto«wr« Irhi •••«*■ Mv«« tk* iaiM 

TIM Lady HMrtw oim* tlMlr NJCAA II«<ImmI t 

TiMs4«y, P«*tiMry 2S agataMt Um Oaktea Latfjr RaMar* at 

Oahton In D*« Pla l aa a . Oama tlma start* at Tpjn. If tha Lady 

Hawk* ara vlctaftowa thay will faca Cellag* of DuPac*. 

The Budget Referendum's shining star 

ST«fT wnuH 

L»^l'. I.Kf It (111- -ubi,i-- 
Arv biKiminj; 
vou turn thfn 
restaur JIM'S, an. 
KitH With'lh. ,M... ,^, .-, 
proclt ^iinu'N (he *\t'r 
.1 t. manJ lur 

t U< rhv prob- 
k-ni iiMv N- \rrv \%vV. ' • 
\i'v\ StHenit' 

reihhni>li>>;v I filler I his p, 
a bts p.irl I'l lh«- <l '4 s mil 

In 'II ili>IUr ritiT«-iidum 1 h> 

^1 '^ milium iii>llar% 

(hiv IN v>hat"> plann<\l 

•h,' ^1 II Ilif .iikI 

,;..uiliiK\ I fiitiT It 

mhiM houM- Marpfr'-. lur 

unt proi^rams imludin^ 

hialony, ihemi»try, dt-ntal 

hv>;iiTie. ritvtroniii. md 

niirHing atul wiwld prmult 

!i>r iiiiirsi's in luw 

■s like k;r.»phu~ anJ 

ti ItvLtnimvinu .ilii n^ I 

UOUivI |l< ,1 lU'W I t^Nli^i 

I enitT I h.' 
-tall «flllil l',,^ 
ditti'rtnt •HT\in'> I 
iKun'M-liir- and IikkI 
viiunst-iiirN i,\t>iiid N,' K" 
in tilt' t>iiild!n>: vstth I 
rvoni-. and ottu >■•• Ihi^ 
Ihr lllllli'l> Ann til 

ii..l<i>;\ ,!i 
v\ ill K- r\ 



\ 1 


undcii • 

With ihiN lii'w ri-quiri-mi-nl 

!! . Sinn- and livhmilogv 

■ i\ ill K- an asNci 

iirrinl Kuk .>t \killiil 

wrkiTN ha- y\,iM\) jiibs 

>' i' ■ I hua);c' ana and >^ur- 

iij; -uhiirbv untilli-d 

\. i.i.vla tMiuld plan to 

M-nd iinplii\t«cs til thi' nil 

;;ii thoir hasu train- 

Knivda Sumbfrg, 

dirvttor »t t"du- 

:.!«'• alliami-«.. 

said (he vHtlllp.llU v\,inls Us 

fmptoviv% to ^ci AS much 
ha-K' tivhnical training a* 
thf\ . .Ill i>iilsidi Ihtiiimpa- 

\nv mlli-gf credit 
larm-d »v. nil h.m-lil the 
fmplii\i ' iii'iiihs 

a^ii V1tii>... in.iif; with 

I larpiT and other lominuni- 
tv »ollfj;fs came ti>>;rth»'r to 
irvatt' a nt- w asMKiati* Itth- 
nuiandt-gnv Companies o( 
s«c BudgM Ratarandifn Paai 2 

Trio grant benefits students witii disabilities 

Matb WMta 

Itul lllv li 

\1.iin siudiiiis h.! 

'.Il\ II. Mil 

..Is {\xt> \ »'r\ [>iu It. I, It N' 
i<-s IS the .Xihivvi- rioMram 

-kills .ItHl 111, 111 

I ili>urm>\ 

\ wiirk IS l>i tin and 1 am karmnR how 
'. nght v»av M» <»-■» tirade* have 
- n*siilt >jt Ihi- pti 

-!'. lalist I'asiiiala Hi ■ il 

M«w« Paga 2-5 

A & E Pat* 7-8 

C»HMMHitar|r»J>aK« 6 

Truths abtiut 
slavery ri'vodlttl in 

Comment iir): 

Tht' littlo nu.iiHV'> ot 


Kid Rtnk's devilish 
album a smash hit. 
Sm Paga 7 

2<*S CaMMWMnaffy»MHMPag9 a 


Wa^stling sends 

whole team to 



->*■<• 7 Spwta — Pagaa 10-12 

Page 2 

Campus News 

Referendum: Science and Technology 
Center provides new options for students 

contruMJ t'om [M(e 1 
all *ize». wnuld N- 
r«pec(ed lo us* 
Harpvr* Stieme and 
Techra»li«(cy CititiT 
These pfvigram"< w\'uld 
certainly tvm-lil th.- 
c o m m u n 1 I 1 I- ^ 


Pres)d«-nt Ki.Krt 

Breuder .»nd v.irious 
trustee* ar»- mdkin« thru 
aiund> to <ip«Mk at dil- 
tcrrnt viUani- Nuird 

TTie last iiH-t-tiii^; h.i- 
in Svhaumburn wh»-rr 
the 1^ minute pnx-nla 
tion drew little (wdtmck 
trom Sthaumbur^ tru 
tn-t and the public 


I l<r. 

iifHoinin>; dav- 


ttme> \i»u lan attend 
these meetings 

luesdav. Februars 
Z:<rpm— Palatine Hi>;h 
Si hull. caMena 
Thurvilav Manh 4 
- p ni B a r r in ft I i> n 

r ,1 r k n 1 - t r 1 . I 
1 .inufivl.Tt t.Tl.-r 

B .1 r I I n H < >> " Tuesday. Marc.i **. 

Tpm Ilk C;rnvi- high 

Shi'«'l latetiTi.i 
T h u r > d a V , M .> ' . h 
11.7pm---Mer'H'\ Hiy;h 
Sthiw'l. tateleri.i 

Tuesday, Manh lf>. 7pn! 
• -Si,haumburnlli>;h 
S.h.x.1, H'M^rn ?»>!» 
Tu.-d.i^ ^' ■'"'><..i<.\. Hii.-,li 
SthiKil, i.itflrn.i 
t>r Hroeder will di-^u-~ 
Mafp«r Collettes ('Ijh- 
tiir thi- ttituri- 

He vviU respinJ t.. 
ijuestK'ns thai the r*"^" 
dents i)l thedi-trul ni.iv 
have aKiul the pii>(x> 
Iniildins referendum 

It MUir village wasn t 
mentioned call v«ur vil 
lage hall and ask it lh.-\ 
plan to ha\e a me»-tnif, 
K-tore the relerendum 
nime>. lip i>" l*"' 
.\pnl nth hill. -t 

This IS an itnpori.tni 
p.irl ot the tutur.' ■! th. 
mmnuinities tlial -ur 
nmnd Marp«'i 1^/ siir. 
t,. vote 

GRANT: helps educate difuibled 
students in need 

comviuaa (nyn Ml* 1 I he nuniK-r^ 

sjsak ti.r lhinis.T\«-s 

I ^iid 

Main -tudcnis .nroll in .uir pr.i 
gr.ims, imiu >itin>; ti> rn,' ihat Mud.nt^ find 
It hilptul 

Man\ -md.nls ^ades h.n.- l^1pro^l^^ 

iMth thi' lutonnn 

In additi..n stiiJ. m - liivr J.\elop-d 
>l>.s. relationships with ..ul' other The'M- pnv.ram also host- -imesv 


\. huvr pr..\id.s .-nn. hm.-nl 


I, is! summer the students went to 
Kavinia and in Nov eniK-r lhe\ to sis' 
Kjj; Time 

lo ,111, .11 in this pro>;r,im students 
must M.». I n sjxM.ilist \ Atkinson in 
Building n ns.m ll^t 

Atkins.. II als.> acts as the Aihiev.- loun- 

'Th e r a p e u t i c! 

^ Ask your wellness advisor ^2 

Starting February 24, 1 
ttierapeutic ra«»- 
nges will be offered 
Wednesdays from 
11:00 a.m. to 3:00 
p.0>. N4a99ages will 
cost $10 for 10 min 
iltes or '■l'^ tnr '' 

I minutes. 

For more informa- ' 
tmn ^^>ill Health 
Service .it ixtt-nsion 

Hifth Anxiety 

I earn .iKnil anxiety 
and lu'vv It diftersj 
trom stress in the 
Hi);h -\nMOt\ s, nii 
nar, VVi'di'. 
lebruars 24. 
^IHI p 111 . 

A d m 1 n i s t r ,1 1 i % c 
( Members ot . 

t [,e fVrsonal 

Counselini; loam 
will provide intor- 
I mation about how to 
Icope with an\iit\ 
1 and share what carn- 
jpus and communitv 
jresoiir. 1 111- 

i able to vil ... .^ "" ^1 

(. huan 


dis*.-iplmc .!' 
(Ill Chuan 

A J ni : 

I . -1 Ti -r 

students ..111 moium..usU submit ..|ues- 
tions on welln.-ss reUUxl topKs bv pla. ing 
thein in the marked N>x outside the Health 
S-rvues Ottue m ^ ■ " ' 

Answers will .ip s-ir m future is- 
Harbinger AH vu»-stions will K' tn.>roui,iiiv 
ri-«arched and response-, will K> pmvideil 
bv health can- pr.rfKSskinals and are not relal 
1x1 to The HarbirRCT 
Q. What is chlamydia' How do I know I 

have it? 

! imvdia I* a common s.-xuallv transmit 
..visf In .= w.nnan it ^an vans,- mtSan. 
ii.,iii..ii ot the iittihra vafiina. .vt 
t.illopian tubes, ovaru-s, and anus 

hi .1 It c»n inflammati.T. .-t ili 
,,r...l., , .pididMius .uid anus It ..ill l>. 

spread by vasmal intercurs,. r.-ital inter 
.nurse, oral genital cont.ut 

Thf .-i>;ns and svmptoins ,il chlamydia 
,,. lud.- wiKinal dis.har>;e m temales. un- 

,! disi harge in males, as well as genital dis 
.,.,uU,rt anal swelling pam, abdominal pam 
liver dis^omlort on urinaUng as «,ll is ! 
denmg ol the vagina or tipot penis 

llnvviv.r m.<iu (xs.ple have no sign- 
sv mpL.nis Ms.,. aK.ut '>0' : ot the time p. 
pl,. vvh.. have a .hl.imvdu inle.,ti..n .ire .iK.. 
.•' ^!lu lan P'' 

.sing vonJ 

The Harbinger 
February 22, \V)t 

Transfer Reps 
to visit Harper 

Loni«jed trom page 1 
with reprt-#ntatives trom 
over HO (our- year colleges 
and universities trom .ill 
ovtTthe LnitcsJ ''tati-s 

Mor»- inlormation and 
detailevl brovhures arc 
available at the ottice tor 
Academu Advising and 
Counsc'lmg in riHim 117 
l.K.ated in the building for- 
merly known as I Call 
S4r M2S h'>22 for more 

Students with dis,»bili- 
lit~, who riijuire support 
M.-rv ices may contail 
Access and Usability 
S.-rMces at M7*»2=-h2«.fe 
voice or S47 W7 7WX) (or 


With the exception of 
the Caavr Inten-st Testing 
V-minar which has a tee of 
$7 W. all events are tr»-e 

The college tair and all 
seminars will K' taking 
place in the Studc-nl and 
Administration C enter, or 
the building formerly 
knov^ n .IS A 

jh an antibi 
\'; sivual p.irTii. IS 
K' ireatixi 

. ;. J (xis..' 

The ^^ 

is currently 


in A»67. 


s.>f<«t.wii w * w n 

9 •.■■. - J >-■ 


U a t iun . 




Dont Mivs Irauslt I ruviru Hav 


THe Hartnnger 
Febnury 22. 19W 


Page 3 

Who'* wlM at ltaffp«r? 

Greg Beise 

Truths about slavery revealed in Amistad 

ST*f» WWTtR 


He »jH>rt» lonn hair pierced e»T%. 
tnngut? .«rRl nin'''"" '" "^•'•'"^^ 

S..uih1s like th,- lvr'-«l '^"" '"'^ ^■"' 
rnadH-. njthl? Wi«n); 

Ga-sB«i*hasainiKb bnghi. i ii. 

in mind tor himsel* 

Bcwe. 4 »ec>md year student at lUrper 

College i* » t^*^ K"* 

Whik' being J hill timt' oiIUtic student 

he alM> tind» time tor two |i<b^ 

Durinfi thf w«-V the uTamu l.>l> ttv).^ 
him Komn with hi- student Jid ('.•siti.-n 
Hls «eci»nd n*. al>»> reUted t»> art. alU>»- 
him to spend his weekewU trav-elinR 
Grejt IS a master highlijthter for the 
Thomas Kinkade CUIIerv which take^ him 
M over the tinintrv 

Gren loves hi» jt*. »»»«* '*»»*" •■** 

; t-nente to be invaluable 

1 1» talents do not slop with painttng 

and time mdndnem.-nt h»- is jkti a talenl- 

ed RUitinst and i> currently taliinK lessom 

here at Harper 

Greg, who i-s sinjcle. is descnK-d by his 
triends as truly k.ind 

A re<Te»hinR contradiction to the «tlg- 
ma that surrounds «iir fxtrs 

Talented and en){a>;mu < '"Hirv is 

«n» ti> be quite brijihi 

mn now aceoptlng 
appUcatlonft In A367 

To commemorate Hack hwtury 
nHinth. Mjrp«-r showt-d st.x.n 
Spielberg s tilm, Amistad iii 'he 
Student ,»dministration Center, on 
' imary Ihth and I7lh Th»' lilm 
Mathew Mi< onoughev as 
iv..>.,-r Badwm Anthonv Mopkin- 
as John Oi'i"> '< \'i.""- 
Mort(an hr«s as Itu-od^ 
liudson The lilm hfgu» on a »Uv. 
kar);o shjp h«'adixl for Amenc! " 
|KW The captui- trom U 
Africa be^in a n-vult aRainsi ii,^ 
Sjxinurds who have ci>ntrol t>t the 
ship timjue (l^timon M 
«he le.idi-r i>t the West 
vtam tht revolt bv bieaWinK tnv ot 
his shatkWs Cinque «. chains cUng 
together as he ^truRgles to unUxk 
the chains Dpmon HounstHi pUvs 
a convincingly m hi* role a* 
Cinque Ihnnighoul the film a* he 
»how« Cinque s stru){gle tor trfv- 
dom through the furrow of his 
hriiw and the tenmng ot hi- KhIv 

Th«' Atmans t;ikr mnlri>i .•! th« 
ship ami sail vv.-stw.ird, ihinkHii- 
|h«^ are sailing b.u k I" \tn>.i 
Two weeks Uiti-r the >;r.nn' .irnv.-s 
in .< pl.wc "i^ iiiilik..- 
their hi.iiiil.mJ Ckiuh-vIuuI 

Ther«- they ar^- taptun'v) on ih« 
coaM by an Amencan \a\ ,il ship 

Bi>urd in chains .i^.iin th. 
Africans are taken tn a pns,>i\ 

where thev are hrfd and charged 
with piracy and murder 

Ironv btvomes in Iti.- 
dim during thiAfru .ins imarv.ii 
lu.n with the ihnr l!is..'MT\ .•! 
ChnMianitx * >nf >-! ihc Am. ,<n- 
taki-s a Bible ind ni.ik.s ,iii mler 
i-sting n>ni(Mns..n Islwisn tlieir 
l.l, and thai t>l ttu le-.s- that 
!ris.>n >;iM*s more d».'|>th U' 
in lH\.iuse 11 show^ hovv the 
struggle Itw has Neii tak 
,,..- i.Ucesiinf creation nunnglh. 
,,is tirsi '' aNilitioni>a.s 
I,. 1 i-k ot delending the 
Baldwin, Theodore 
, ,, k .,.,. liul 1 ew-ii Tappan (StelUn 
skarsw;,u.l> Spam, two Sj^anish. 
AirwTican plantation owner., and 
the prOMHuiin^ attorneys are 
among those interested in claiming 
the Afncan* as prvpertv As the 
tnal pTt>gresst-* Baldwin tnes to 
break communii atKin barrier> with 
Cinque to gain more eviderKe for 
itH- tase The mitcotTH- of this tnal is 
iHwr :e\ealevl due lo the 
,.) ih. ludge and inr\ in rresideiil 
M.irim \an Huren vnIu- is tax or ot 
^l.ixerx The tnal is ihni s.-nt tn the 
supienu t .'iirt 

Kalduin i- U>r.ixl to I.K.k lor 
other resi.uri.-s to help him win the 


He l.«>ks ti' liTtnef proulent 
|,.hri OiiiiHV Adams, a litx-ial and 
non ii.|\tormi-l 

Anthony Hopkins gives a won- 
derful perforrruitKe as Adams, and 

a I. impelling t.-slimon\ during the 


I iopkins has this powi-rfui line 
!hai he d.livered with sincerity 
md lomposure We have the 
understanding that whi> we are is 
who wi-re 

The verdkl is dHermined on 
how inlkiential Adams is upon the 
Supn-me C ourt [udges and 7 ot the 
^ are from the South 

ITie film can be compared to 
Spielbergs other great work. 
Schmdlers List. Ainistad has great 
actors who are pa»si«>nate aKiut 
the film and its lontent The imly 
disappomting aspeii of the film 
was that Morgan Freeman, who 
played Theodore |i«ds»m , did not 
play a significant wle but ts still a 
superb actor 

Met wnaughey lacks enH>tion at 
i^Ttam times in the film, especially 
during the tnal, but be does have a 
ptiwerful performance with 
C inque at the end ol the him 
Although the film is based on a 
true slorv. this re-cTeation is a 
believable and hauntingly realishc 
(>.rtraval of hie m colonial 

This tilm IS appealing to those 
^^h.. have an interest in the begin- 
nings ,(t sla\er\ in America i>r how 
,1111 iiidi. lal svstem wi>rk». 

Tired of being turned down? 

If You Think You Can't Get A Credit Card, Think Again. 

Guaranteed Credit Cards wHh Credit Limits 
up to $10,000 within days! 

Mo Parent Signer. Mo Security Deposit. 
Mo Credit? No Job? Mo Income? Quaranteed Approval. 

Guaranteed MO.OOO In Credit! 


1/IC2I I W E Cl I want Credit Cards immediately. ^^5^, 
ylOl\ I ^ ^5" GAc.P.O. Box 220740, Hollywood, FL33022 






Page 4 


Febnury 22, 1994 





Before and after school 
7-8:30am arxj 3 6pm 
2 t)oys. 1st and 4th 
Must be flexit3)e for occa- 
sional evenings and 
overnight stays. Needs 
car to transport to after 
school activities. Near 
Late Zurich and 

847-:K)4 2141 


You're doing great with 

the music. 

You Rock! 

Catch the Ban. Sort | 

If you want to join an 

award- wiming writing 

staff, come and write for 

The HartMnger. 

LookattheMonteyf 1 


pkis light housekeeping 

pal time for two KkJs 

under three. 10 20 hours 


references required 

Barington area 

847304 8691 

Thanks to Both DavMl 

This IS to tx)th of the com- 
puter guys, who save our 
compute's (and our sani- 
ty). Thank you Ctove and 

To place a 

classified ad with 

The Harbinger. 

Call (847) 



Professionat female 

seeks n/s professional 

female to share 2 bdrm 


$425 + 1/2 utilities 

Arlir^ton Heights 



Lerman has perfect blend in debut 

taOaww Wtoodntff 

.it 1.1// ^.IVv'phoIlf 

IXintu I I'riti.iii fniMiinT-. hi- tir-l 
niordini; tnlitUil Djnnv- Ki.imi mi 
MagMilc I nti'rt.iinmfnt ami t h.irtin.ikiT 
lay/ Thi' .ilbuni tiatun's Ihv hil ^in^li- ^ihi 
Idkt- mv brv.Jlh .iu,i\ .i whuli i- ,i i;r.uiful 
i<nd siniirc ball.ul 1 tTinaii - pl.n un 
*rt>praii<' -..m'phunc igniU". Naiilv .iikI 
s»>phi>tkatiiin duriiit; Ihr Minj; In HIai k 
C^'»Ki-u> 1 crm-in fnlislfd tht- hi'lp »>l mit- 
tan>t farifvl llaqiit' and tn^fllHr thi'v 
di'IrMT dr im.i .md inlrnsitv U< lln- thuu^ht 
pnnnkin); work nl art In addiliun IXni' 
Vali-nhn add- |ii>.l thr ri>;hl anu'ijnt i>l Mill 
nox lo tlu- I'tht-r trai ks with hm- i>I hi- lluti- 
I i-rman - nuiMial stvU-. havo Kvn inm 
pan-d ti< li'llow -a^nphiHii-.! l>avid 
SdnUmi. with 1 i-rman - asi;ri~.-m nr— 
d«pictt'^l m thi- album Another traik vmi 
he^r 4 ItttU' R<mi-\ lamf> whiih disphus a 
hfarttill -.ntirncnt 

I'anrw - Island (•nRam"^ in sarinu- 
Juriti*. I'l niu-ii at tinii"- hi' pulK troni his 
' \\ training tht'ii takfs thr iisirnrr to 

t [s>p tiink. r&b, anil I i-rman ■■ own 

1 1'.. st\ li- d.TUrd V '■■ 'ravels to 

fiirop .iiul Ihi \1iddi' iodiiid 

i:\ ' piirsiu- his niusK . ,uts-i piott-ssiorLil 
mnv slarti\l In slud\ musu at Ihi 
I ': ; ' " . i>t Mijsit m 

f ^ fvUK.ition .il 

It vas "stall Liu\tisit\ I .rman ^rad 
' tnvn North Tcxd>. Stall- w ith a doiibli 

■n musit and Imame l.i?/ miisi, lets 

n truK ixpri-ss his passion .ind 
appn-iiation Inr niusu . while maintainiiH; a 

ill 0|-VIU\1 ll't 

siiili^ri'.it Si i>H>th la// |x-tormerssiKti .i- 
Kuhard llliol IXntd Benoit Herhie 
llannKk. and Irii 

I lie hij;hli>;ht ot 1 ernian s larivr came 
last vear whm he [vrtormt'd in bviropi', 
and he reaii/ed thai Tony Bennett was in 
the audieme 

Bennett >;ave lerman a grval review 
and in addition snrprisi^i him with a p«>r- 
trait that Ik-nnetl drew ol I erman while 
I erman was onsta);r 

lerman was .h statu, .ind in turn sur- 
prist'd everyone In pn-wiitin); the portrait 
to his lather who was a bi^ Ian ol Benne't 
Mi»st ot IXinnv s tinu is sjxnt promoi 
inj; the new album he is tourin); and visit 
in>» ri\ord stons. across the lountrv, and 
will travel to f uropi' in Marih to plav the 
nuisu of Cershwin When Ddnnv is m>t 
v%orkin>; on his musu he enjoys plavin^ 
I ennan s,iid 
his nvin.));er 
tiase him 
almut not 
N■ln^abll• to 
make up his 
Ml 1 n d 
whether to 
hei om> 


h o I k I- V [ 

plaver or a 


rnusuian , 

VV h V ' 

-ant 1 doi 



proc«$ting mail for 

national company! Fr«« 

supplies, postage! No sell- 

.e> oin. 1 ■■ '"9' Bonuses! SUrt imme- 

;Holess,onali '*''^*'^' °«""'"« OPPO^U- 

, i nity! 

Pleas* rush Long Self- 
Addressed Stamped Enve- 
lop* 'o r.MCO 

P.O. Box 22 ^40 

The HarbingtT 
February 22, IW9 



Afirr all yoor hard work, you ran afTord to bf riiooqr. 

Think lari'ltilh iiUjiit whcriM 

Th«'n Vliu'll kriiiu ill i! thi- niii ; , . 

I''. flririwrrn!!' 

i; ( 111 r Dual Atbaiwiioii 


'I- .illllllMI: 

• I (If \.irll;V' 

• Faittra<k <'f f^i- < Un .i.iun 

• Mnff 'l.lVtinil' i ^l■v^^■^ Th.lh 

, niil.).^- ,. •"..•'.•I ■>■■■" -. 

Roo(w»vcli off 

-M > III M 'It iiiaj.iij. i.^idpgrw proems in 
■riiiinJ irl> education and btisiricssl at mure 
II. K iliihi-Cli 

1'"' ripl inalii.iliiiM. murr irifiirnull<)n alHiiit our 

fi' illy fur Ir.ii '^ jimI id nuTi with 

the Roosf\cli I iiiv<'rMi> AdinLssmn wunselor at|i<T Culh'Ut' ( mi the 
dates hsu>d below), tall .' lampus al (847) ei94«00 

Marck 2 IWwiay, Marek • Wrdrnvda). Marrk 17 

pa -7:00 pa 10:00 aa - 12.M pa SOW aa - 10-JO aa 

J BiriMiMj MMtatfJ 





Little Things Make 
the Difference 

H.lipiT (. l'll(>;f IS tlUTf lor Us 

No mdltt-r viiur age or race 
Harper will br there (or us 

It s nv)t thi' l><s! ,^ h.i.ij 111 I fi, 
wurlJ hut It s ,iIh,(Vs thiTf 

h\in It thf s, houl IS nui-i 
with geesr tin- SI hill. I uili 
alw.ivs mnif .1 . .illiti i,t -tiKJ' in .ipj 

>;i'n> ImII t n< rill ili.-r i. s u ill 
IH'\ ■ r , . iM' 

Its thf little thini;s v\ c 
cherish .itui Ii>\ i 
f i 1^.1 ti ( m,l .1 [Mr kiMi; 

spaif v\ In n veil .in' .ilri'.uU in 
numiti-s latf 
<• Or>d)4tn>; t lu- Ci »sr .iKuii; 

•Ide of the ro.ul 

T^Tiji; t(< tiiul \iiui 1, 11 .itier a 
niRfMiflass u Inn llic u iiiptr.i- 
ture^'bt'liiw lrft/in>:; 

Trj^>; ti> avoid those Kf 
pati hVji ,uu) potholes .iloni; the 
... , 1 •* 


The Harbinger 
February 22, 1999 

Photo Opinion 

What Do You Think of the Budget Referendum? 


Amy Sknertki Tim Bialek 


It's a good idea .^^.^ ^ ^^^ ^^ „ Sciigcnbcrger 

because thin^- 
oufdjted here. 


Definitely worth 



l)r. /Waiting lor the luihl ti> 
turn'.;j;reen. when trvnii; to turn 
left Onto Algonquin Kd 

air listenini; to VVI It \1 radio 
stafion in an emrl \ , itetei i.i 

C ' 


pvop.e o 
denng i\ I 
the lieu U n molded building A 

VVatihmg television in build- 
ing \ with no om- to bothi'r v ou 

Or pla\ ing ,t \ ideo game u ilh- 
out an\ one to plas against 

'sure sonie ot these Ihm--. inav 
seem a little odd hut il s 
makes ILirper a criat lollegi- 

When . ■ u hat 

'^ er ue >l, \ ill all 

miss this college ' : 1\ 

'so the nevt tinit s,.,,n,,,,,- s,i\ s 
to sou Harper is a )oke pisi 
remember all the memories ,ind 
the good times will li\i- ,.|i Its 
the 1 1 till Ihm;;-- that niak, t lie 
dittiTeiii e 

The Harbin j^er 

Actii^ Editor mCNef.. 


Sports Editor 

A&E Editor 


Jose LacOan 

.JJyan Freund 

tohn TtMotson 

Business Marager Lmdsey Frerich 

FaojttyAdvisor Homma ScWossCerg 

Sam Hays, Margie MacK Sarah Jett. La Dawri Vtoodruff 

r^v HMvi^ar IS the studera putikcation (m liw Harptr CoNel* cBnpus corrnu' 
m! ». piAMMd te i«M«^ ttTOuMwi om wnooi year rnaet durmf hotidays an) 
ttiri «WTO. n* iiiapM • dMIiiuMd Im* to M Mudmts. (kcutry au attmu 
tratwn. n» mitmft* act! pantam • to oraniie ttie ttopec c<»m«jnn» turn 
ntormMHin partanr^ to n* canmit ««) ii» tUToundir^ comnwiitv 


rfw HirMWiv MMcomn letlws to I)* cdRor ana teiitim to Off «iKwial& 
Letter* must be upwa and wkjilB a pitone nwttm to »«rif» mlBmVtf). 
Si(net(<e» will be Mtniwia upon >«(|ue»i Af letters an) conlont am stect to 

Pni«kict& and »rvce» adwftisea m nieNarMtCeraienot nacewwnly 
an0orMd l>y tne nttors of aw paper, nor br n» coHegt aaiMMnKion or 
Board of Direciiir&. Inquow* siftouki be torwanM directly to tt* advertiMr. an) 
•i [MClwees are at n>e dMcrvtion of tt» ci"- xmer 

The Hartiinger 

Wittiam Ratney Harper CoHege 

1200 West Algonqum Road 

Palatine. II 60067 7098 

nnne NtfrtwrK 

business office: (847)925-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 )t2461 

fax: (847) 925^033 

copyright 1999. Ttie Hartjinger. 
All nghts reaarvad 

Tht Hart'ingcr 
FcbnMfy Z2, 1W* 

Arts & EntlAptaliiinent 

Page 7 

Kid Rock's Devilish album a smash 

*4{ tDl.i* w<ml.l hapiH-n it \U ( li 
in d lijfk >l 

Kid K.K L 

The h>niu.r nu'iiiU-i t>l' t l,iwp l'.i~%f hj* 
a»mf tmt with a iifft .ilhum I Swl VNitlnmt A 

l>n hi> latest rrira**'. Kul m.i-.tiTtulH mm-« 
hcdVN n^ hMn with hi'- own sOtr ot rap Uru> 
Mf i> b.K W\i by Ihf TwiMiil Bnmn Tnn-kt-r BjnJ 
HowfvCT. fvvn- track «im->» mH Ihr.i-h 

Thtf -leaiiHl •wmgon Ihf .ilHiim i ...(-.•\ i . 
tMMn);y track, wtwiv K 
head imt WtM 

Hr tjlk- Kl wi.irii' 
Anwrtcdn vnwN'i 
duminatinK pn".' 

C>n ani»fh«-r ^. . ■ ... l.ij.» 

thhk KiJ i.iki- 1 ^i..r\ ^f i- rhviTH-o 

Hi'r.ip% i>t this att.iir [hHvo i' r>- . (-(.tiplc truni 
JitiiTvnl KickKnninds. am) -him-, hnv lli.' .ittu'T ~ 
attiTls oaih » lilf 

The first smglt- >>lt thi- alhiiin. I Am ihf 
BullK^Mi' hd'. Kid plann« the r. U- ,.| a lof](unm 

11.111 ;. thi-. whirlwind ol a w>»rld 


the liiillmxl. ViHI uiui.rsi, 111,1' 
\\h- illfKitimatf -i.ii .'( man 
Ik ho.»\v guitar loin- help the i thi' 

angNl 111 thi' l\ niv 

111* p.irlnrr in nnn- Kid Kmk cm 

this all'ii 

Ml. Ill-- tinif ti' sliinc dimni; 

th«- mil' li,h t 

I It^ U n. ^ ,ir. n'u. ti nuT.- -.iniplistu K.k1 s 
■^tlv talk> ot hims,.|| ,tiid thi' p.irtvmi., ih.' 
■i; ami Ihf i;iHs 

!.. hf. Us.- .»! ivpU'- 

\:' ist- pnilanilv in muMi but Kid 

us,'s It 1 iu>;nit\ tht'i'tiiHt and mraninn 

lit Hi's IVfKs 

t~>nr ihar.uli'nslu nhuh .an m.iki mu .i.lniirf 
Kid Rtxk is his arnn;ann' 

I If talks .i| his Sim CSS .ind hnw lu- i;i>l it mi his 
..wn tiTius 

H'. i.iit-st album. IX'mI \\itli..u( A C ausc is d 

'111 mix tit today - h> a\ usi nfts with yiwnc 

.11 ii^kn s irfsht-t rtiymt-.. and to all thii;* who 

will tr^ to imitatf this titrmula. Kid has but one 

HL<»pdin Hldl w!' 

. then'^rain. i am thing to mv. Vou n' timold to Kid 

Come Join the 


We are now 


applications in 

Java Jams Series Set to Kick Off at Harper - 


' I- WiUo and L'liii. inc.." .~ . ..rash 

..luntrv and nnk n roll IK- has 

' 11 l.'r his >;ri'al abill- 

-h.ius his v:ri ,it talfiit as 



'^ !HK(>llK.fcH)R(K}.UIVE( AKlhR^ ^| 

lir"7'"^ii 1 




Xll !nstitu:e ot .\n ■ 


■■■> 1- a^b:!*. i'*n»V'-«.* 

• ' ■ ■itCII.I 

s ' ■ - 

11 >r IV^t^n 

• hj\hitt*n Nljfktfan; 

A \! n).iv\ ' • hi ' 

■ rr.^!«n!'i- **»s*-'W ->■■- .-•»«*)«■■■ 


'•**-" — '-^'~ 

hup H»» ilij ail (du 


r.a.. M. iiiuul \miiuc with Hillv \''r.\^ 
It is . urnnllv iip hir a C.rammv lor B^st 
■■ ord 

■h shows will lakt-plaiiin lli.-Mudi'nl 
. Inunistratnc C fiUiT lounnc and start 
•pill It IS Ix-st to ^ft tuki-ts in 
isl and surifiwriliT advanu" Kvatisr then- 

a discount h>r llari^r n 

Ik kits w ill b. . ..| the 

jH rlorni.iiui' 

lor tukiis ,.iiila.l Ihf H.irp.'t C olli'i;<' 
11,. \ Otiu.' at M: -iiS blUO. 


I hi 

stop now. 

iminnxt'' ■^ff-*>*^ '\i»iwi, 'TF*«.« 

•air-: 1 (nrxirr •. . » i/»" >f>- rirv, 

A k lf lkit <nr i'i ^tmmm*' 


For all 
your up to 
date 1 
Sports turn 
to pages 
10-12 for 
It's what's 

«h % 


The Harbinger 
Fcbraaiy 22, 1999 

Deep Impact hits Harper College "^^ M^W®^ 


The HarptT Sfudenl Activities i* *pt»r- 

M>nn>; thi' film P. i ;■ (".'/m, ' en l.l>\ ?■» 
am) 24 

Deep Inifkh I remindt\J j li>t i>t \ uw tr>. . •! 
AmuigeJili'n , oci-pt h>r th- ' •■ » 't'l /'■<; 
Impicl ck'db m<>rc w ith th. I .irlh 

t>pfH>sevl to the sjian- vr«w .on. ■ - >\h,(t 
Armiiyi'<i/t)« tixiiwd on 

The film wa^ direvl€\) b\ Min« I fUer 
Her nuvsi<ui-> wurW is (or the tilm Tit' 
Prutemaker, whuh starrii) Nimle Kufman 
and Geoijce CUxnu'v 

The cast t>lf rhcy /ifrjw./ is truly magnih 
cent There in Tea U-oni, who "ifar* j>. the 
reporter who t»et\ls a chance ami ^et-. it 
when she di<iooverN a guvernment i.ti\erup 
Morgan Freeman is almo^( regal during 
his term ot proideno' tor th«' lilm 

Rt>bert l>u\,ill has the part .•( a John 
Glenn like crewmemK-r. hi- is the oldest 
man to go to space 

There is also a great -innsiri.tu. , ,iv» 
which includes Elijah i nli i 

■siiK'iski I .Hir.i Inm-s. Ki>n 1 Klard Inn 
Favn-au. Maximillian Vhcll. aiui Vanessa 
Rt\J grave 

Htvause the twn iislirnul mm 
mil fust monlii^ hmtI n\,r.\ ISO 
inliiipalinj; ' 

ltu'\ skipptAl 

\ stiidciv I .is! tor- 

warJ dKuil I.M >>..!- ■!■{' 11. . iM.iivllc ot a 
i;o\i'rnmint muspiraiv 

Ilu" s»rtretar\ I'l st.iic is nmoMsJ or he 
has resigned troni ihr otluc He ^i^*"- mi 
reason wh\ -■ - iri' i.viriiMis 

(Vie rea!i. ■ ^virler ti);iin*s out 

what IS goiiii; on ^o she contronts the 
President nl the I iiiSicI 'states He tms. to 
(x-rsuade her to not intorm the puhlu but 
alas, she refuses 

The public deals u ith Iht knowledge thai 
man\ ol them i\ill die There is a lotterv, 
determining which people will lice in a 
K>mb shelter underground 

There are scenes of noting and pure ' 
ror in which many people are klllt^l 1:.. 
niov le ,1 s,id but triuinphanl ending 

Jim Sin Tues , Msrch 9. 




Jim Sire, retired senior editor at 
Intervarsity Press and campus lec- 
turer has addressed students on 
this topic at more than 150 colleges 
and universities in the United 
States, Canada, and Eastern 
Europe With insight and humor 
Jim takes a look at the actual rea- 
sons people give for believing what 
they do. 

Let's Talk About 

Your Future! 

At \ iiuiruil I ouis (iiici rsitv weianlalk 
opliiins \Vc ottei a trwSUunal oiiianipus 
1 urrmilimi and jdult acrcli ■ ■^^ 

tton pcogranis tiur pro)(rani opllolt^ nuiuiie 
mafWfpTnent and buviiies*. allttxl health human 
v r\ u ts liU'fjl .iM\, and edurMkm Hie ciirniula 
ll>cu^^■^ on reMiKvtirierited ex(i«'nences that will 

[tup. (t V. tij ', . vu' I ee*l \\k .il» M,t ( .'i.JI'. 

•I IMMIll Ml pUllV 
V .'Hill ,111. i i.;msi iilig irllUl or tall 

!■— -Wm-T ODilY w» Mn). 

^AMlv *rtW» Bl.Jiw* C'^nCM p^s^pvnHMMni^ 

Inlwtu J 


National-Louis University 

l)u«n«u«ii C'hk.a||t< fc«anM>>n Uluraion U^McUng iiif^n 


vou dw moat up^onlate infoniMtiftn oo th- 
c-wo wvelu in Am and Cncenafamieiit 

; oe<d»y. February 2 Jr Video, Deep Impact 

catlM'^' TV Lounije m the 

; and AJniii • Onter. Free! 

Wednesday. February 24: Video, Deep (mpact. 

Showing at l:iX? p.m in the Student and 

.Administration Center. Free! 

Center. Freel 

Friday, February 26. Coffeehouse Concert jax-a 
lams. Willy Porter. Stans at 8:00 p.m. in the 


and Loathinc in 
Las Vegas, iihuveingat 12:15 p.m. in the T\ 
\ '^tince in th'- "s^.. J.."> and Admin"*—— -- 

' » e 
"A liiM 1 3. Video, Feat and Lv-wlhunj ui 

i.i>\cv;. M\({ at 12:15 p.m. in the TV 

Lounge in the Student ar»d Administration Center. 

' ' iday, March 5: Java Jams. JdT Tweedy stam at 
M cX^ p.m in the SAClounite. 

Is Your Cash 

a Little 

Lately? -. 

Earn Great Pay v»^ith 

a Part-Time Job 

at UPS! 


Steady, Part-Time Jobs 

* WMttsndi 4 HoMd^ff Off 
•Mila«s8MlialEacM.acMon | 

* COMiMMl Wtortt Schftdult 

• Mum to 17 >«■«■ o< OWv 

• AmiainaMs 

• y^a IB 5 Hour amm 

• BmwHs (MrtcalMi 401K t PwlVteaMns) 

• ConSwM* (SauMM low pngram lor UPS ■minimi) 


(1-55 4 1-294) 

(*$2,000 Cotoga TuHion Raimiimamant for 
Hodoldns Sunrise & MidnigM ShWt Only) 


(Army Ttail 4 Lomt)ar(j Rds) 


(Irving Park & Mannhwm Rda) 


(Hicks & Rand Rd») 


(2S2S Sherm«r Road) 


Access Code: i429 


febru ' "<* 

Arts & Entertainment 

Page 9 

Transfer Week '99 

Augustana CoHsge - IL 
Aufora UnivareNy " 
B«« State Univars 
Baral Colaga - IL 
Benadidin* University - IL 
Oackbum Collage n 
Bradtay Univarsity - IL 
Cardinai Striic*) CoMaoe W) 
Canhaga Colage - Wi 
Chicago National CoNaoe of 
^4aprap«lhy- IL 
Chicago State Uniy«rs 
Coilaga Of OuPaga - 1 
Columbia Collage Chicago IL 
Concordia University • N. 
Concordia Univarsity - WI 
OePaul Univareity - IL 
OeVry ln«tltuteorrachnology-IL 
DoiTiincan UnivarsNy - n. 
Eastam Wnoia Uni\wsity • IL 
Elgin Community Collage - IL 
EknhuTBt CoHega - IL 
Eureiu Codege - IL 
Financial Ajd - Harper 


Finch University of Health 

QaMaudet Univeralty-WMh DC 
Ghnneil CoNage • lA 
Huron umversNy - SO 
Minois IrslMute of Art • H. 
IMnoia IrstitutaorTechnotogy-IL 
NHnote State Untveraity • IL 
IndNna Univeraily Sloamington 
tafwa Steto Univeraity - lA 
Judaon Colage • IL 
Kendafl Oolege - " 
Krx»i College - IL 
Lake Forest Cotege - il 
Lawrence UrUversity - H. 
Lewie University • IL 
Loyola Lniversity ■ IL 
MacMunay Cotege - H. 
Marquette University - WI 
Michioan State Unversity • Ml 
Midwestern University - IL 
MMitdn University - IL 
Milwaukee Institute of Art & 
Design- WI 


Mlwaukee School of 
Engirwerir>g - WI 
Monmouth College - IL 
Nattonat-Louis Untversii 
North Central College - IL 
North Partt umveraity - IL 
Norttiaastem llnois University 
Northern nunois Univers>«v " 
Northwestern University 
Olivet Nanrena Universay - 
Purdue UmveraHy • IN 
Rock VWley CoNege - IL 
Roosevelt Umvorsifv ii 
Rush Universi' 
Saint Anthony uotiege ot 
Nursing - 0. 

St.Joseph's CoKege - IN 
Sairrt Louis University - MO 
St Mary's University of 
Saint Xavier University • IL 
Selon Hall University - NJ 
Simpeon College - IL 
Southern IL Univ at 
Cart>ondale - IL 

Souttwm IL Univ at 
EdwardsvHIe • IL 
Stephens CoHsge - MO 
Thomas Aquinas CoHegt 
Trtion College • IL 
Tniman State Urtversity 

I inlriaruit^ of ChiCSgO - II 

universiiy of Dubuque - I-' 
Untif ot IL at Chicago - IL 
Unrv of IL at SpringfieW L 

linK/ nf It a\ Urtuir^ - II 

unfvsrsuy ot at rraiicis - it. 

Univ of WI at Qraenbay - Wt 

Univ of WI at Milwaukee ' 

Univ of WI at Partcskto 

Univ of WI at Whilewate 

Waubertaee Community 


Weet Surtxjrtian College of 


Western Illinois Universi! 


Transfer Week '99 February 22-26 

. S;1P a.80pw. SAC ASIS. 
WofWng imNKi or ataedy co wi p ltad an AA.S dagrM. and wmrmiM m 
aarmng a baehaior » degrae? Uiam abotdt*! tirmfar ag wama n t a and 
other options (or you. 
Fof Ac!uf»» Only T 3C-9-30pm <!AC Room A7ir Explofe hachwior - 

.MAM &clM<Sv^'iy. Stiwwui Aiea uMogai ttiU Qe an aand U:> 

XMoiKlVf. GrinwY 24 

1(M>0wi»-XM|Mll. SAC. 

Rapaat o* Monday and Tuasiiay 10:00am i 

Pouf»Va^ CoSaga fair. Ift O Biii a. 00 pin . SAC A chancw to ask quartona 
and galhar intor?nation from mora than BO oolages and uixversieaa acfoaa 
itiaUS Ctwckoutsidal1l7orDl42inmtdOc«ot>ar«orate«o(achoata 

SurOnaSw NET for CoMaga and C4Mwr n aaour cai . 12-lpin. SAC. 
Caraar Canlar. A347. Uwrrt how to uaa (ha tMarnai to axptom maiors. 
careers, transief schools and mora Tlwrat Iota ot MonnaSon out •taral 
Ybu «M taam atwut haipiul DMOuroes on tia iMwnat and aitwni you can 
accasB the Inlamet on campua. 

I Hava a taamtng OtsabWIy. Hew Can I Piapai* to tVwialer? IMpm. 
SAC. A2«bXk>m« and lawn what you need to know to Iranaiar auooaaaiul 
ly Sludanto with learning diaabiMlaa need to raaaerch poas^jie transtm 

Surf the Net for College Information 

A great way to get intor m si l lon about transfemng to another 
college or university, sc^vdlsrships and Tinancial aide and on 
specific mi^^ IS to *suri the net.' Most schoote have a 
•honw page* on the Wortd Wide Web wtw* can give you 
access to a variety of resources such as 

• appHealions • vidso tours 

• admission requlremente • e-mail to ask questions 

• ts B l smUo w li i ioniMMo n • cMalogs and course 
The foSowing websUss may he^ when expk>ring schools in IL 
In CKMition to school specific information . there are sites that 

• • • 

• • • 

• • • www.roosevelt. 

• • edu 

can help you choose a ma|or, search tot a school that meets 
"■- 'leeds or locale financial aid reMuices Hf-fo .^rt. <nme 

help you get started: 
College semches: or coiiegene; com 

Coilsgs ranlctog: 

i www.t»n8ws.com4Hmev 

Kitbbla vary carwuty Find oiA what queenom to ask and how to begm the 


Caaing AM MatfcamaaNti Cwa Maloca! S-7pm, SAC A242b. It you am 

oonaUanng a maior such aa Nuiamg. O cc u pational Therapy. Phyawai 

T>ierapy or PhyslGian-s Aaantant. gat on ihe right track tor aocurateooufsa 

aatacBon anda dnrt Mi a n gwdaHnaa to prapana tar a amoom tranater 

The Top Ten Questions Ackad By lnt«rn»«km»l and ESt Students Wtio 

Want to Transfer lo Universitlea, »-tOam, ARC. F3O0. 

Baoome t^yf^f««^ wNh iha guidHnae tor iransleinng to Aroencan univaraiSas. 

King your quealiona about TOER.. evatoaHon o) ioratgn aduHHtonal eiadan- 

tiais. etc , to Ms aasaton 

AcatfBMie Advteing tor Hert k a aal a m HMnote UiKwaraMy, S:Mam-1:Mpm. 

A tapra a ant wiw trom NEIU wW t>e avaitabte tor academic advising appowt- 

mania TMa acthniy « •ponsorad t>y tha Minociiy Student Transfer Cantar. 

taaervaiion required ■ caS 647.925.6081 or 925.6861. 

Managin g CaSaga Coata: A riwa nck^ Aid Qutea far a 8w>ooS> T t w w IllQ M 

lo a Four-Vtar maSkiHon. 11«aNi-12:0IKpm. SAC. AMtb. Get anawers 

to soma d( the most commonty aahed quasltons about financial assMtanoa 

including what kind o( aid ts avaNSbts, appltoalton proceaa. faderaiMataAwtt- 

tijtiona4^tv»t<* hior^inn nr.'-tnramft And cletyt fnanaQtrtent- 

Friday. Fabfusry 26 
-|MploBra(HayUnhreratty,7:90wn-aspnNrtiiMMyS:a0pRi.A243. Laam 
aiwul Bradley first hand t>y Msiiiits the campus and meekng wftti the univar- 
s«y parsonnai- Ttw avani « apooaorad tiy the MnotHy Student Tranafar 
Cwtlar. RaaanwHon recMred • call 847 925.6881 or 925 6861 

Hot Tips: Questions for College Reps 

1 , How many sftidents are mors? How mA/iv Are graduate 
students? What is the male/lemtfe r 

2. What is the campus like? i.e. siw. iwatiwn to tn© nearest 
city or downtown area? 

3 What is the makeup ct the studsnt body? i.e from what 
states, commuters, rasklsniiai, isliQious bad^ourtds. most 
popular iTM^ors? 

4 Wt«t 18 the housing 8llu£^)n? What are the dorms Wee? 

5 What percent of stojdents remain to graduate'' 

6. What are the strong majors? Do you have my major? 

7 What are the class sizes? Do professors or graduate stu- 
dents teach dasses'' 

8 V^at opportunities are there for research? Independent 
study? Study abroad? 

9 Are there internships or cx>-ops'' 

10 What kinds of clubs or activities are there? Is there a 
Greek systwn or other social soronties/lratemilies ' 

11. Do you have an horxir'^ rrr^„ *,, 

12. How isOwfObplacefTi stance'' 
n w^ -uradmiss^ 

Page 10 


The Hdrhinger 
February 22, IV» 

T! iltey-oop pass that capitalized the victory 

over the Triton College Trojans on February 2nd. The 
play was assisted by Dan Surges who led the team that 
night with 30 points and two assists. Carlo was the 
second leading scorer with 14 points while also grab- 
bing five rebounds and dishing out five assists. This 
was the 3rd straight home victory for the Hawks. The 
Hawks finished the season ranked ninth in the nation. 



M*-«li«-j«l I>iist ril>nt i<»i» <'«'iiifr 

Work until r»:0<) l»IVI (c Iohcs) 

With 1''l€>xiHl« Ktt»rt TiiTie! 

S7.00 ft^fr- Hf*tMr- 

I t»t «■ ri-«t «•< t':* 
l*lc'H.--<f ttppls ;»t 

UIMIVKR^A.!. F'C><>r< ARI-: l»KOI>lT<^T^ 

.'too Wo inwr 1 1' >i« l>i-iv«- j 

Northl»i-t«. .k 11. j 

8-1T-&G 1 lOtK) J 

, .„.^_.„. ._lfc)f the NJCAA Regional Wrestling 

I.Haiper 104.5 
2.Linooin 86.0 
a.Trlton 70.5 
4.Kennedy-Kmg 40.0 
S.WautMneee 28.0 

•Harper qualified al Ian wiMden as w»H as taflB 

Central and ttaaca Community Cdages. ^^ 

•This is Ihe first time in school hislory Vm an team 

menbars have quaMed lor the national wrestling 


•Whare are they now? (Courtesy of the Daify 

Hemid) Fomier Harper Woman's ttasiielbafl j 

Tncif Schadar is now an activa ptayar at I 

Parte Coaage. 

•Quote of the Weeii: Harpar wraeling ooadi I 

Loprlano on his thoughts of the national I 

"v*^^ T-afs go get 'emr 

Come join the M 
Harbinger. We are 
now accepting 
applications in 

IQot in Shape for 
Today's Job 

/ {Tvosr ttlm'mim kami 

J** .. 

mr Xohrr Marru CMfafr. 

ChotM fiom OtfiEiiti^ or SXUEmClasia. mid mntBKMer 
4ammniAdmma$mim Dttrm. w^ a cmamrmm in. 


CAtffUS • }IOI MwMlt Dim • Spniil&M. IL Um • (2l7)7».2in 





•^"V*^^^^ B 0«MdPait.lL«>l62 


. -^ ABMiailTIAriOti 

A representative will visit on 

March 8 

9am-1pm, in Building A 

The Harbinger 
February 22, 1494 


Page 11 

Hawk Wrestling gets national bid 


Harper C\>Uef(e!. wri>stlin|i; team ha* n>anamed 
top hontirs aiTii>n>; Ri-ijton IV' (nurthtTn llltn<ii>> 

The Hawks dcvmiruiliil the top thri-»- pl.iii~. to 
win the R«)(ion IV lournjirifnl on I rijj\. 
Ket»ruar\' and quahtv tts entire team tur the 
National lunimr C ollej^e Athletu A>MH:iatuin 
(NJCAA) lin.iK m Rochester. Miniwsota. on R-b 
ruary 20 

With a balamed mixture ot returninn All- 
AmtMncan siiphiimoivs and an outNlanding ^riHip 

i»l lr(-.hmfn rivniits trorri I liu ,!>;.■, in. i hi^h 
>eh»x>K, Mdr|HT wim three tirs.t places at the 
Ke){Kin IV' metl h»Ti' on campus 

The Hawk* alw> won thn>e tecund places, and 
three third* to ttHal KM points, to 86 tor runn€-r-up 
I mcoln C ollege. Til for third plaiv Tnton. 40 tor 
lourth pidie Kennedv-Kmg ol (.'hicago IH tor fifth 
place WauK>nstv ( olli'Hi', .iiiJ « tor CXiktoii 
t ommunifv C olle(;e 

First plate Re);ion IV i hampioaships wer*- 
won by tn-shmen V'ktor luare/ at 1 2'> pounds. All- 
.'Vmencin sophimiore K I C 4>(wn .it I" tre^thmen 

I. -It I Iti-. .it IH4 .inJ I r>-sliiiu-ii Mike Sauceda at 

I.ikiiig -<Miiul pl.ui- urn- sh,u\ti sU-nik/d .it 
ni IVnis I' 141.,inJ I.Hl.lcissner .it 147. all 
are treshmen 

Winning third places were All-American 
sophomore Edgar l.ope/ at 14"*, ("hil TTiome at 
Ihs. .(nd Bnan Bemos at 174 Thome and Berrios 
are trt-shmen 

The Hawk wivslk-rs hnished in the top five in 
the nation in each ot the five last years, and were i h.impiims in division II colleges in l^H 

Basketball: looks Support your scliooi 

to win regionals 

p.iid off as the Hawks easily 
defeated )oilet 101-^81. 

Dan Sur)?c-s led all scorers 
»ilh 23 points and hit four 
three pointers |ackl con- 
tnbuled with !*» points hit- 
ting '* oi 12 tnim the field 

Another contereiin- 

opponent came calling to 
Wellru-ss Sports Center 

Rock Valley was the vic- 
tim as the Hawks easilv 
defiMled the Gt>khm EagWs 

Sherman had .i triple 
JouWe for the fUw ks 

He had 21 poiiiK li' 
■ Nisfs .ind 10f-i-b"nn.r 

high II jx'inl-s iiul i)i-.l»-il 
t>(ff seven assists 

l^erall, the Hawks sHol 

- percnit from the floor 

im... tin.. , .n 1) -W and had 

^sists .IS a te.iiii 

r t'l'ru.ll \ 1 - 

The Haw • 
'\W. defeating; ii-. 

with 22 p»unts shiH>tmg 7 .>t 
16 from the field hitting four 
three pointers Ki.i. 

Hotloway contnbut«-d willi 
IS points shooting f- .il 14 
trom tlu' fit4d 

l.ickl ,1 ..| 14 
points iiul f;r.ih'Kd ~i\ 
refniunds Sherman con- 
tributed with 12 points and 
had a ti>tal ot nine assists 

CKerall the Hawks shot 
41 percent fnim tf»e field hit 
ting 2H-(W and Iwd total ol 'I 
ri+»>unds 17 ol them w<r 
tn>m the nftensive r»."bouni1 
lime ever II' 


Thw ftnished ninth . 
all with I'V fxiints*« f \vili Ivi-t 

N h.sil -.piril 

What dot's if mean to 
the Harp«T student^ 

l\> we h.ive it' 

rhose .ire some ol the 
ijuestutiis need to fv 
dnswerevl at Haryvr 

Il seeiiKi thai .mr -lu 
dent b<Hlv lacks siho,>i 
-pint at almost all ot mi: 
athletic events 


llont we like the 
svhiHil we attend ' 
1 fuive been to ni.inv ath- 
letu events on caiT\p.;s 

' trom what I ve s»fn 

I »on't we I ' 

-.ludent athleti- > <!■.• 

jvte in their lAeiit-- mil 
not |ust iheir p,ireiits sup 
port hut the -.Uuliiit 

id that It s hn;!i -.ihis'l .invniore 

.n,! m, ...I , t •il.- vtilJ.-llt- 

all that bus\ to mit come 
out and sec an athletic 

I'm sure that some stu- 
dents could find an hour 
out of their busy schisJule 
and come S4v at leiist a 

vvn.i kii.'ws what 
inighl h.ippen one dav 
with i>n< ol .Hir -.mdi'nl 

1 hev m.iv h.i\e a 
. . t. ' i .'HUH'ti- at a 

Wouldn t we like to say 
three or tour years down 
the line if we saw a former 
Harfvr athlete in a pnifes- 
sional sptirt that we saw 
them up close when they 
wen- just beginning their 

This IS why we nevd to 
support our student ath- 

Not only would we come 
to see the events but we 
could also enjoy the 
atmosphere that Harper 
Athletics can offer to the 
stxidents because not only 
IS Harpi-r kiuiwn tor great 
educatum. but thev'n- also 
tiL.iMt l..r jjnvil .itllleliis 

-Ml ..>nie out and sup- 
|H>rt our Haffvr student 
athletes 1 t 

will help them excel even 
more in the event that 
tliev comjx-te in 

Plus wv the -tudenis 
will en)oy the atmosphere 
that Har|->«?r Athli-tics has 


d vmII 


introducing Screenz, your friendly, 
lieipffui computing center. 

Mop b\ lilt' new iHiini/ in .Vhaiiinliiirt; aiitJ ,i;et s|>oik*d bv ihe helpful, 
kiuwiwi'^euble staff plus ihe iieuesi. faMest. cDokM etjiiipmeiil 

Wf 1301 the to'j s 
Imt show up 


n tic 

• Jjghteninij fast 11 liiieriHi lonnection.s 

• Out A(i ; • 

• Dii.fiis ■..> - 

• Lofiee v\ Mi.K 

Free gaming every Sunday, 
all day. through March 15. 
Features multiplayer and 
online gaming on our 
super fast network. 

.im 1 1 pm 


Co4ocated with Kinko'i 
m KMnimitor Plaza 

■ .>». t, 6..^, :: Road 

CONM:; TiOH'- 
WO'ld Wld<r ■■»tr\- 
AmufKa Ontmc 

0»M('< APflH' *»ii)f»i 


I of computing titne at our newt 
Schaumhurq Screen? 

.MI VW4t« l»B«^ iJV-t l^aU^lOn tlfvi< 

Hawk Sports 


g^JIWia. WWII— R1w«yM»|i«>Coltoi«_^ 


Men's basketball win conference title 


(>« T.'M. -•-\*tfREUND 

P*liri «Mf4 JarMi SiMnMM cut* thfO«gh Mm 
to •COM two. iUid atM. SiMfiiian coiw»l»t*d a 
*Mibl« (23 points, 10 a»»lBts, 10 roboumd*) 
■galoot Koch VoMoy oo rokntory 11. 
Ilyao P n mmi 


IJ kKik I~ vf.irs but 
the Hdrpt-r Men - iMNk.thall 
team cjn hmillv il-iini thi-m 
seK'fN .!•* than\pi"'n'« i*t the 
N'K t untorviKi' 

Thf H.iv»k>. nni'-tH\l ilit' 
regular sti%..n .it i IT 1 i i aiui 
(8-2i 111 ii'iitiTinn' pl.iv 
wrdppt\1 up Ihc ih.inipi 
onshipi'ii I\ II 1**^, 

r ■:!! th." Ilriil 

Mark kiiit;. is:: — 
p»iinlfr- tur a li' c-t I .' 

C.oUi'it la(;i 
Vjllf\ (I-Vi;i 
Ihf ci>ntiT>Tit i- 

Ihi' Miwk- >»as.'n lann' 
111 a .U>-.<' twii A.w- laltT 
ai;apn-i '-..nil!! ^iitnirKiii but 
thf 'A ui -.tfiak x^a'' ~'t>!l 
uila»l il II. H\ -taiui- at ' ' 
tln-ii I.!-.! I<i-I v\as to I. I'll. 
i'l IHiTa);!' i>n lanuan \2 

\\f ha\i a rrallv talcntixi 
tt'iini lu r*' ^.Ui-I assiKjatt' 
htMd i.uih l\>n U'hnMiii 

Hoa4 Coach Miko Hirsch calls a timo-out at a 
rocont homo famo- Tho Hawk* fMahotf ttio roglilar 
•oaoen at 17-11. Tho first wlnniog soaooti sinco 
19tl. Tho Hawks also f Inishod ninth la tiio nation 
amongst division III collagos. 

jii. M.ivNK ' : <'• ■-. V > il a- -.-.1^ a^ vvi il 

Mrall tlu' Hawks shut 
('(■rccnl Irom itw lu-Ul 

da\s lalir 
travfli'J tu 
ta. i- lunliTrii 


I llMl t 

t tM> 

I Or> was tlu- last liam U 


.■ till' 

And roM 

what Ihi'V i:i 

( ri~-h i>ll 



1 m' iMmt •. u tc 

I Ik ll.iwk-. iMKi ai;am 
pn'Msl ti> W ton muib tur 
thi t h.iparr.ils tu hanJIi- 
I tu' Haw ks lauu- av%a\ with 
a 111 su vulur\ 

l.uki 111) .ill sjuriTs with 
p.uits ^hiHitin^ 111-til 14 
111 ihi tl.iur and >;r.ibK-tl a 
i;.utio liinh H reKuinds 

sht-rnian ihipfvd in with 
1^ p. >inl- aiui dishiil lUit 

nuikin^ 41 ol their 71 shots 
while m.ikin); ten three 

Thf Hawks a thnv 
i;anu' humc stand .md (in 
i^li.s.i ^-11 The first nami 
\\ as aKanist lohet College 

Harper outworked the 
Wulves and tiHiK control 
nuuh ot the game and it 

on page 11 

Lady Hawks gear up for playoff run 


It - lusl a pLnotl luiu 

\il!>."icH not :tfr 

tl- Auiiuii s bjs 

)>., s'Ulh "suhurKin 

1 ; .'liruar\ 1 > 

i.kU lunnni! "lit 1' i 
«-ii run in the tifst .' J+ ut id. I'llil 

Harder s \h'!i^^.i Kuiiinu 1 h.i|- .H 

Bulidot; run with a b.isk.t 

rheUuK HawksU :si ,.., n.i - 
the lirst h.ill lull ! 
Iwlttiiiu w ith 42-point ,!, , 

tuiisulenn^ that this was our luurlh i;aiiie in 
eight davs and lonsidenn^ that was the thinl 
ranlu-d ttiam we ve played in eight g.imes it wa^ 
n't suprisin^; " viid lH\id >!Vnh lelt \\\id 

All wi- lan .isk uur plavers t,> ,|,i ,ii this ';' 
in the season is to hustle d.uvn thi lli»'i and u.-i 
give up It we I an get the |oh done then we 
ihuutdn't have .in\ problems with some olh«T 
learns that we t.u e 

lii-sidi-s this w.i^ a »; tune up tot the 
ufHoming pKivoH toumameiit 


Mlol^aboon Khan shoots a o«io and ono to 
hoi» tho Lady Hawks taho tho load. 

The sevond halt would not tair anv (>-tter tor 

the 1 ad\ ll.iwks with s,nith Suburban colliHatinf 
vet anothiT nin in th»' tirst 4 '^^' ot the s»vond h.ii 
■ 'iiie tofunv, ''-■ ' ■ '' ' I us k.. int.i In turnovers 

■lou hav. : -uua.l a gn-at deal >•: 

.irvtit 1 hev pi.iN' M .M a I Ills IS )ust our warm u( 
lor what - tl' lonii the rest ot this year and tor 
w w I neii) to improve on t>exl year. 

I^saiise we II have everybody hack Irom this 
, . ar s squad which is always a pivsitive " 

MehiatHH-n led all scorers tor Itu I uK 
I lawks with light points including ■< of- 14 shin a 
mg and 2-ot -4 trom the charity stripe 

Maurcvn Mastalar/ contributed to scoring lol 
umn also with s points including 2-i>l-14 tnim tin 


Omi.iII, the ladv Hawks shot 2" Irom the 

niH\iiiii.'. on ]'■• ol their si shots mi hiding 

..' - .11 three (siinters 

Ihe l.uK Hawks next mntest is Tuesdav 

lebru.irv 2"t against theOakton I jdv Raiders in 

the tirsi rtnind ot the N|CAA Kegioiial louma 

nutii m TV'S naine* 

Came tim»' is set tor ~ p m. 

toy eaNInc •4T.t2ft.S000 xt 24«1 or st«» by Um efrtc* In th* StuMnt and AdmMatoatlon CdiiUr, AMT. 

Help Wanted 

^^ ^t ^t ^^ ^^ ^t ^^ ^^ ^t ^t ^t 
^v ^9 ^f ^v ^v ^9 ^D ^D ^9 ^v ^9 



Interactive Dancers 

Spmnm' Discs Premier MaMe Entwtamnwrt 
( once ag«n expanding it s staff of Disc Jockeys and Interactive Dancers 

a Experience is a plus but MWwUltfata those SMt want to leam. 

Q Paid Training. 

U Work every weekend or set your own schedule. 

Q GREAT S$$SS$$S$»$$S$$$$$S$SS($$SSSSSSU$$$$$»$!I!IIII 

Per w o w 

Osvtt tor OtM JodMy Infonnalton 

MormaUan plMsa eaS 

and RadwHa for Oancmg tfifar m t iu ti at 



The Harbinger 

tMma Han^t C»ii»^ > Pt tmVm *, Illinois 



Marcus. IMt 

Java Jams Coffeehouse Series 

Performances continue with Uncommon Ground Showcase 

Ni\ triH»1bvi' ■ IIXmi'I Sjv irtHHlhvt'l 
» w Titlen iHi .1 train trip jirrns?. thi- 
mtn with my tniHher. this *uiij; is 

Commuiuly iii 
dispute over 

Margi* Mack 

■ -nt nt*arH l.ugi- rrmu 

h«r iht v*iit afMWtim-ni (>♦ fw«v 
pfcf whti litme to ' '■ '. 

pdrtiiipjlv at Ihi 

I- fix- t. >1klT V.IP ! I 

Songs froM gvmrytlUmg I H—4 
will b* Mmg by Maltasa Fatrick. 

\vt-»t Tax c . , 

....■ I....1 th«r u»llf);i .- 

■ , .^twmtd thi-amoiir' •• 
.turn ^••kt'i) hu 

••hi HMNtNgway will klMg •owgs 
, into** Hmptit. 


KNcha*! McD«rmott will parfotm 
iMw* »ongs at Java Jama. 

. ,1 ti> M'l- m\ >H'W, tr.ipj'Hxl in 
> :iH.k and r\>ir lik-tt^U", and 
n tmnn ti> aHiiin .i ht-lter !*m«» 

ii ""111 >;i-nt'(.il .ulnii— -u'O 

il> tin >tiidi-r>l>. All lii'kt^h> 

l.iv i>t tht" sh«m, ami fht> 

.•(t»i- In tnv with .Kimi'- 

\ .' .. <>IiH1IKI StunXv.lNf 

> lit .«(<}*.« dt |a\d lane- ^^ mi I riitav. 

-l.inh 12 at H p m m th.- '^tu.l.nt and 

, tminiv|r.ili.m t ontfi ! ' I i>r 

.1 r^ nut mtof i.iil 

Newly remodeled cybercafe offers internet access to students 

J«a« Laeda* 

lU ami Harpi-r ilix um. 

^IiuUflt S,-il.lii 


ii.» , ,M.i.m and iKi 
.trV. ha» Kfn | 
r»'f;arilin|{ fh< mi' '" 
thi- tifitiniKil ^u 

'luifiilN i>l|H ' ' 

Rer«r«raMn • . ., 

;.. ... vv^ iUtt tin V. ilH'iidlf piinuii'- a 
nav t«»r <i»ud«^t<i to hanj; out without 

Wen- inirij; ' • ■^uulenl 

mt'Ju.' ♦nil. \i|ni,iii N.ui.1 VVf 

■ut that studtiits vvvn- han^irt^; 

, vVi'ivlninglKmakf 

■ iN 111 havt> fun and 

!>; Itki- a ivlvr- 
iii', \l^mall addtxi It was M>mo- 
iiii>; iIk' Jfpartnwnt h.ul thought i»< 
M a I.Hin liiiif 
' '•■ Cytarcal* on u.i«« .? 


ltoaltMMMMk»~JNits 2 
CoNMNMitary — Pag* 4 

Claaslflatfa Paga • 

AM Pai*« 

Sports Pagos 7-S 

l)r UriiiiU'r 
rt.-cif\e> Mippi>rt for 
lh«.' refiTi-nduni 

Soo Pago 2 


massaj;e> and 
Soo Pago 2 


Willv Curtor nvks 

thf hi>ii-f .It |.n a 
I Pago S 

Soo Pago S 

_Pago 2 NoaltliWatcli Pago 2 AikE- 

JPago S-« Sports Pago 7-S 

Page 2 


Tht' Harbinger 
March 8, 1999 


Thetapculic MMuge 

Take a break tmm •ichool 
and work stress! 
Therapeutic chair mas- 
sages are offered on 
selected Wednesdays 
from 11 a.m. to J p.m in 
theSAC The fee IS $1 per 
minute. $10 for a 10 
minute massage or SIS 
for a 15 minute massage. 
* Mammography 

Mammography can 

detect breast cancer in its 
eariy stages when treat- 
ment is most succes.stut 
Scivening will he avail- 
able on campus March 22 
and 23. The cost is S65 
«nd the s«vice will be 
provided by Mobile 
Diagnostic Services of 
PROVENA Subtt Joseph 

*<MMpariMi8 Screening 
OMcopoKwis is a diasease 
tiwt weakens the bones 
and often results in 
painful bt>ne fractures 
and permanenl disability. 
Bone density sctwning is 
noommended for women 
ow» 35 and men over 45 
or anyone with a family 
history of osteoporosis 
The screening will K' 
available on campus on 
March 22 and 2^ I !>, 

• Call Hvjilti Sersu. 
with any questions and u. 
scheduW appointments 

Cybercaf e: Referendum: President Brueder gets 
a success support from student senate president 

conlNKjed trtm. i..uu> l .wit.^. < t.... > 

comnjed trw. i-^nf/e i 

Violet's lafe features a 
variety of different coffw 
and cappuccino Also linat 
ed next to tX mmick's on the 
corner ol fc'ucliJ ,iiij 
Ouentm Ro-vd, the catc t.-.i 
tiin> a wide \ariftv ol tiKni 
and snacks including; 

tri-sh Kiked muftins, >.u-.hi, 
.ind brown rolls Thfsi' 
Items have become \ir\ 
popular with students ^n^ 
tn\)uenlly sell t>ut Vu.let s 
I otttv r<.'plat\"d the former 
cafe, which had K-en mil h\ 
Harpers |, ,k1 sir\ues 
While the old cafe was ade- 
i.|uate, I'ankanin believes 
that Violets has a new, 
Iresher .ippr >a»h ih.d she 
bt'lieves the students will 
find mon- appealmfi; 

Harper i« int»-r«-sled in 
student success lx>th in lh«- 
1 lassriH>m ard outside of 
I lavs." I'ankanin said 'We 
w.tntol to provide students 
^^ ith .1 place to relax and 
interact with faculty and 
staff K'twii-n classes Here 
at the Cvberiale th«\ lan 
chivk their e mail .iiul jjn 

Neiman said thai there 
lias been a siKniliiant 
increase in th»> amount of 
activity in the 'sfinU-nt 
!• r. l<iil .iiliiitli'il iluit 1 
ii>nl> of students .ire «|llt 
-|siiding most of their span 
time in Building; I 

l8|ot in Shape for 
Today's Job 

y VnmrtitKaamlimii:] 

/ jw*n^lii l i»ii l l «i .,t*n> I 
am Xotrn Wmu Cullrfe '■ 

Ckm^r/nm Day, Ewm^ or WtUtHQ Ck«.i «*!«»« »mM», 


||«> •• S«aWf 4MdMk Jtv 0M(||l«< JHntw, 
SrWNOWIJ) CAMHJS . J 101 »*«.* aw . »,«,(«» M. WIS. . ,1, T, MJ-JJflo 


~ CkKigKlLtSIOI 
<}ll:l I 




lllllfia IIJL •••'•IITI ITlO* 

A representative will visit on 

March 8 

9am- 1pm in Building A 

tOft!'*>j»^] l''<*-' iu\^ i 

I I'U li\ expressed concern aKnit the ne;;- 
atue iM>rds that had btvn sfxiken n-Rardinj; 
the n-terendum She went on to compan' our 
laK and kitchen areas to tlH>se ot liKal hi>;b 
si.htHi] stating 

1 > halkngol anyone to go and Ux^ik in the 
has.nwnt and n.mpare this li> the hi>;h 
sthiHils in our area ( ,.wle\ s.inl ^ou 
would b»- surprised' 

Marjvi tolle«e is the .Sth lar>;i-st under 
graduate lollege in Illinois When the stho,>l 

first opened in l'te7, it had aixiund I,7lK1stu 
dents Tixlay the enrollment is 24,(XK) stu 
dents and growing. The college estimates .1 
2ti 2'; increase in four years among tradition 
al age college-bound students If the rvfen'n 
dum doesn't pass, the college feels they will 
K' unable to accommodate the pro|ec-led 28' . 
inca'ase m enrollment of high schcxil gradu 
ates, renovate an aging physical plant, and 
offer additional courses during the times 
iut\led bv students April 1 %th is the voting; 

Come join an 
award-winning col- 
lege newspaper. 
The Harbinger is 
now accepting 
applications for the 
Spring 1999 


processing mail for 
national company! Fret 
supplies, postage! No sefl- 1 
iiig! Bonuses! Start imm^' 
diately! Genuine oppoftu- 
nrty! | 

Please rush Long Self- 
Addressed Stamped Enve- 
•oP^to CMCO 

P.O. Box 22^40 
Hollywood, Florida 33022 


I 4 


Who d Mak« a 

Good UPS Recruiter? 

What's In It For You? 

/ Pan. Tune Money , ... $1« 700/Yr. 
^$2,000 Colle9e Turtton Rennburseflwnl 

• J«rC • I.-. .. . H.^f„ lOM-lPM 
• Si»' "jki'-s; i EkjMlMtSMll 

Wl««t's In It Fof UPS? 

.' »!.■>. • ram m» OMiga t Hgh Sdisai ShjOona S iw^rtn-vmn 

/Mm win C<>^ir-n«ly Onf»mm<Or% 
/*it«n.) SpwMi Sludwl Evann « OWKW *o.v.<«» 

_ What's th* Goal? 
Where Will I Work? 

• Addison ■ Ho<lgklns -.: ;. : ?w $ SuMIM! 

How Do I Inquire? 

Attn: Mm. Grven 

fx: 847-705-6026 


I*Mi Oa|Mnun% Cnpbiw 

The Hdrt>ingt*r 
March 8, 1999 


^ Ask your wellness advisor r^^ 

Students can antinymouslv suhmil qui-stu>n> on w«-lln»x 
reU(»\l ti)pic-«. bv pUiing th«?m in thf marktiJ K>x iMjtsiJe Iht- 
Health S«-rviii-> Office in A162 

Answer, mil apfx-ar in future issues <:>f The fidrt>in)4tr All 
questions will be thoroughly researrht-d and resfH>ns«-s will 
be provided bv health tare profe<«ioruiLs and ar*- ni>l r ■l.iti-d 
to The Harbinger 

•Whal IS (hlamydia? How do I know I have it? 

t hl.iiindi.i IS .1 aimnHm sexuallv tr.iiisniittiil ilisejse In a 
woman it lan cause inllammation ol the iirethr.i \.ii:tii.i, 
cervix, uterus. Mllopian tuK~>, ovaries, .in.) .iniis 

In a man it lan cau<«e inrt.inini.itinn ii| the iirelhr. epi- 
didymis, and anus. It can N- spre.ul b\ s.i>; inlerinurse. 
rinrtal interrimrse, oral genital lonl.ut 

The signs and symptoms ot ihl.iniviti.i include 
discharge in fem.iles, urethral disi h.irge in maU-s. as well .is 
>;enital disiomti.rt .in.ij swelhnj; [viin ,iKli<riunal p.iin. 


Page 3 

|ii i 

fig semester Finals 

Mm 17 


May 19 

May 20 

aoo. Ail ENGIOI. 

gg45 102 classes 

A« tccotrnmg All MTH080, T-R 

classes 086. 087. 103 BOO 9a5 


900 9:50 







1050 1205 






120a 1250 

140 2:55 














Specialty Arrmad Exams 


Speciaily Arranfed Enams 

use ragularty sdwduled class tme 

Al (km ratM vt dM no Mar th«> 12 noon on Monday. May 24, « tt» RtgMrar^ 
omca. fkiUnc A Room 2ia 

President hosts town meetings 
to inform community 

,ll Uuv V 

.1 < huikli 

'.■ I WW- .111.1 s. ' . .il i\ ih 

n mii-liii'. 

h cut to Ilk ., ... : 

trut, sh.ur II.Hj".ir s \isi..n t*.r li 

.inswer quest'. ' 

building ptaii 

i>r .iin uther .in -. • ■■'■ 

Mils IS .li^i' ,\w .!( ; 

.iiul sii\ i.tiimi .11 1 1 
The sihtxfiife ot tnv^ n ni. . 

Ik (.ii.vr lliKh 

• Iii.'sda\ M.ii*h **. ~ (' 
S.himl, cafflirrij 
well .Is 4>tlirr s-i 

ll<s;i 'Ihursdjv, Mjiih II, 7 p m , |ohn Hersey 

i>rtimit\ High Sihmil, calrtiTij. Ailim;!!^! Heights 

' lu.'sj.u Ih. ^ pin.. SchJumburg 
lli^h SihiHil, Kdtim :iMI 

■luesday March 2^, 7 p.m.. Buffalo Grove 
High School, cafeteria 

ans l..f ir.tvrc inti iiin.ition .ihoiit th. tcun nii.*'t 
t the I ..nmnin ' 

Introducing Screenz, your friendly, 
helpful computing center. 

Stop by iIr' ik'w .S<i(.rii/ m .Scliauinhiii}; ami t;ti spoik'il In tlu- Ik"1|)IiiI. 
knowletlgt'ablf staff phis ihi- neui'M. fasif>i, took-si t'i|iiipnu'nt. 

• l.ighlt'inni; t;Lst I- 1 Inicriu'l omiurii ms 

• ()\or M) high-sptvd K.s 

• l)o/tiis of siniili' i\ mulliplaxfr \K onliiu 

• ('olti'f t\ Muak bar. 

Free gaming every Sunday, 
all day, through March 15. 
Features multiplayer and 
online gaming on our 
super fast network. 


BieitMi •aircasf 

We got the tooli 
luM stiow up 

Monday -Ttiundav 

7am ■ 1 1pm 


7am Midnight 

Salu'day S Midav 

10am Midniglit 

Co-lotafed witfi Kinko's 
in Remington Piau 
1326 N.Koielle Road 

• .■.-. '.(rt^riiconi 





World Wide W«b 




America Ontmf 

Word Prrlrcl 







Inlernri [aplorrr 



L.»ser PrirUtng 

E mail 

Resume Pro 


Color Outputs 




Corel Draw 

Ztp Drive 



I of computing time at our new 
I Schaumburg Screenz. 

' Good until March IS, 1999 

I InTktt ont cowfKMf p*t vKft Cmtomcr (imit»<l 

TO on* tnTHp UM9V ptt coupon Frrit ttmc vnrtors . y 

J . 

Page 4 


A month even shorter 
than February 

Iln- v 

'TK .u>> 

Kvpptu) ■ 

' '■ i.. .. ► 



Kranti'il it > 

tibiki.iiv .tiul onl'. 

h.i^ 2S tJ.ivs 

1 ?'' on li'.ip V Imi t 

\\ 1,,-. 

- ' :itiv thr I'url,! 

1 n l; 

- 1U>V\ 11 .!•. \ 

m > > ■ 

■ fllMsiJ ' 

''" '" 1 ^ ' ( I ^ I i u) \ n 1 ^i. tr \ ^ tut 1 . : 
I'vist \\ iihiuii vxumi'ii! I r<Md till 
larjje h.inhi.T ibov.- 

Iht' frDnt diH>r>. VVci ^tiir\ 

month. \I>irih "xfj t. :"mIi 

Wimu'n's hislurv mun<n .'iii\ !,)>(., 
thri'f »\ffk> I don't gft It 

Asian-AnuTiuns mi>;hl onl\ 
Ct't a VM'i k but .It If.isf thi'v .in- 

nti' ttimk miu; flu * .ir r 
mtiini; .1 n'n^t■r piTit'd ot tinu- 
Thi' Bliick Ntudents i;vl .i short 
month, but .i month .ill th»- s.inu' 
Wonu-n ufl .1 thr.'.' u.-.'k month 
Wjs it .1 rnsi' to s, ,■ II ( IV ..imn 
v\j»ulit iioiui' ttut .1 pi>>ed ott 
Ruv makf thi- b.mnir ' IW ,/(>»! 7 

•'i(!/(f/t ,, III/ -^Iniuld lilt' 


<.l\ 1 1. >,.;,, 

Uonu'11 ^pfiul iiifu- months 
prcj-ndnl, jiui they cant h.n t .i 
tull Tl-da\s ot rcci>Knili«)n^ i>ur 
K»o>v |H ilu'\ w.niKI he h.ipp\ 
shdnni; 111,- > ,|,u lcbru,ir\ uifh 
the Kl.ii k -tniti!M - ,1 it vv ,,s 

' I M n I 

:■ np 

,1S It 

hiNtur \ 
f.i men 

cy, u 

with ,,,,,,.,, 

mt-n lion t h.iM' i-nouv;h J.iv. 
di-\ olr>t to thfir 
month not Niii. Is 
could h.ivi '^i pti-nibir tlu r,- i>n | 
miuh ilsf ,;oin;; on then And 
"oiii.n , .in ki'.-p \1,it\h but li't - 
RIM- thrm thv uholf month, .ill M 
d,i\ ^ ot It 

Editorial Board 

I Ik: llarl)in<r( 

Acting Eauw ^n O • • ,■ . - 

^e*s E ! ■ _ 

Sports Edit or„ 

A:>5oidnt Sports Editor 

A&E Editof _ _ 

Business Wanagf- iindsey French 

Faculty Advisor — . itoward Sctilossbefg 

_J*>se Lacdan 
-Kevin Shepke 



TTh- Harbinger 
March 8, 1«X»9 


Photo Opinion 

WJiat are your plans for Spring Break? 

James Skyles Derek Brown 

"Visiting all the col- 
leges that my fritnds 
go to." 

"Going to Mv lom 

K.C. Saint 

"I'm going to 

Cincinnati to go ti> a 



Wanna Teu Us Something? Does Anything Bother You Aboitt Hajiper? 

What Do Voii Think About The Referendum? How do You Feei Aboitt 

Parking. Tuition, Anything? Writi a irrrER to The Harbingek. All We 

Need Is a siuniture And A phone Number To Verify The Source. 

Staff Writoni and Asslatanta 

Noef Bago. Sara Jett. Sam Hays. Margie Mack 
Aian Mmarik. Hertj WNte. La Dawn Woodruff 

Oonoral Pollclos 

Gwwal mf amotion 

»>«• Harbmgifr'i «»»• 
;)nt*t»ng to (l» cwv.,--. j« 

. vjrTCnJfW.'lg rt*rnn 

TtK HiMi»w«r metcmm* mtm% fi» t(» «Mor ana repiws to oat «jnon*» i^t t«A 
'n»t M iifnu] ana irctute a a«tni mmm to verity aulfwrjmp. S.imatur»» w* tr 
wlttuMilupofimauest, IMIIrttp-i.r.!' .»,n>.,. ,«,•-,., ,™.u-. ,„„.^..^ 

t!ie eaitor* ot tin. oa^e,, nottt^ttv coDepi tanmrmiop a Bowl o« OncDira 
lna«w» .WiouM De lonMMM iwectty lo trw aomnam. m> an iMCtMiM «» at 
tn« diKfwiKin of tr* c 

Mailing Address: 

Ttie Hartxnger 

Wiliiani Raifiey Harper College 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatine, 1 60067 7098 

PtKXw Numbers: 

Dusmess office: 847.925.6460 

news oftice 847.925.6000 «t2461 

tan 847.925.6033 

copynght 1999. The Harbinger. 
All rights reserved. 

Ihi- t l.irbinmT 



•'•.'W'Mfc .«f . ■. l«i«1i«Sfi<W*' 

After nil )t>w hard ivork, )wi ran afford to be rbooN). 

HhlilV tl I 

'..i nil?. .^ 

Ihial ViliiiivMDii 



Wiitee^*). Marrii 24 Tk«rMlB)i. 4pr<i K 

10:00 am 13:00 pM SMfM TOUpm 

[J WriMMt J 

;si7) (il<»-«ti(HI 

TlHindiv. April 15 
HHtOain IIMWinh 




www roOMMrlt Mfc. 


Arts a jEntertalnment 

Thf Harbinger 
March 8, 1999 

Porter's Java Jams appearance rocks audience 


The Harper Collf}?»- |a\d lams. St-rH-s kitktxl oH 
with a bann Friday, fVbniarv 2«>, 1**^ whei\ WilK 
Porter bn>u)(ht his pum-u-iMV*' guitar stvk- In th.- 
Student and Administrative C enter lounge 

Porters set imludeii tracks tnnti his tirst twM 
alhum-s. I'K^ larrd Dream and Hn Tnt-s iUve Soul as 
well as some new stmgs which will be rrieaswd oi 
his rww album, due cnil in tuly. 

Porter thnlU'd the exated cniwd with hits suvh 
«» The Trees Ha\c Null li^sus .>n iheCrilU- .iint 
Tool Waters.' 

One o* the traiks iitl thi' m-w album. Kisd 
Bone," is an instrumental whiih brings linger pick 
mg ti> a new level 

He makes it mhuk) ,is il iIhii' .in tour^N 
on stage, but it is him and him alom- 

Never befiwe has s<i much sound lonw from a 
si»-»tnng guitar Willy s guitar stvie is a bletKl ol 
Leo Keiitke, Michael HiOges with a hint t>l Van 

Switchback, making Ihcit Unirth appear»n«-«' al 
Harper, opened the show with their folk r.» k 
souiid. Thev blended ek-ctric drums and bass with 

the soft tone* of acoustu guitar and mandolin 
They glH the c-n>wd pumped tor Willy s pertor- 

As Willv vvinl into his tirsi numKr the trovvd 
vc.ulrti with .intkipation .ind .il Ihf tirst -.Inim 
ihtA .lp^'l,ul.^l^l \Mtli 1 ciitrnu-nt a- he sIiskI .ilonf 
on the ^t.u;i 

l.iiisol loiUi ..... . *pi\t a t'll ot ,1 on his 

up* i>ming release 

It lias an old R & Bf«-I saul lort.r lls.i, 
lenge m>t to voutm It on ,in .i!buiii 

Willv Porltr> >.ingwriting is \erv (vrM>nat>le 
I U- talks ol lilc i'»p<ritnii-s «uch as bix-ak-ups, tak-s 
trom the mad or llw tr ni-d a Iriend had 

contractrtl Ihi lll\ vin 

He also take- iniur huiniA^ u s. king al emotions 
and feelings 

lU- .\iii -how.-il his .ibilitv to make up Ivncs 
» lun he g4't the auduiin- iiuolved m the show by 
asking tlwtn to give him a topu I Ic Ihi-n pmcit-d 
ixl ti> comp«>se a song on the ..(xit 

Mo ustxl this show a» a vcarni up tor his last 
(. oa^l lour which start- in inid March 

Ills 7^-minute s, i Utt th< in.wd wanting more 
As M>me wert- tini-lung oil the last drops ol their 

orttee, Willy closed with one of his biggest hits 
"Rita " The crowd went hoiru- satisfied with Kith 
the music and the cappuccino. 


Willy PmXw roclwtf tk* hwM* Md Ik* 
•M«WK« at Itorpar^ flrat Java Jaak 


Death of a Salesman comes alive at Harper 

Athur Miller ■■ I'ulil/er I'ri/e-w inning 
play Death of a Salesman premieres S p m 
Friday March 12, with acfdilional shows 
March I.^. l** and 20 at 8 p m and March 1 1 
and 21 at 2 pm in the Building I The.ilre 
IMf in the Bii-ines- and "^Kial s.cienve 

' 'ler 

\Ve h.i\e a re.ilK strong cast im liuiing 
.in .id)urht facultv member m 
rol. ot Willv who h.i 
Award, says dirti lor lodkl lUllant 
assistant professor of s(x"et h and tlu m' 

Ihe lasl includes: Frank I>i'l t'.iudice as 
WilU Lonian. Bi>thQuigleN •- I '"••' ' .'inn. 
Scott Neidl as Bift t omai 
[r as Happv Loman, ste\ ei . > . 1 1 i r i ► . 
Mark Huston as CharUv IVmn.i 
|«'nn\ llrenda ll.ihn .i- I . tt.i 

C>arbarino as Mrs |<.r-\ih. ,oi.i NiwU 
(rtrttmann as The Wom.iii 

Although ofvn lo \arioiH ( ..-. ...;. . , .. ... 
tioiis Orafh of a Salesman which rcventlv 
.1 lebr.ili'd lis ^Hh am. \ersar\ evplores the 
cro-U'M .'I sell ol tlu M>nim>>n 

The pl.n ti-IK the ston, ,.| Wilh 1 onian a 

. ■ .JH-- Ircnn re.iiitv i- .in!!.,; 

I ventually his dreams Kvonie his re.iiil\ 

Tickets are Sin with a discount lor ll.irper 
tuifents, stall .md senioi uli.'t ii- 

S r 11., ktt-- and intonnation v. ill 



Before and after school 

7 -8:30am and 3-6pm 

2 boys. 1st and 4th 


Must be flexible for 

occasional evenings and 

overnight stays. Needs 

car to transport to after 

school activities. Near 

Lake Zunch and 


Expert typir^ and inter- 
net research done in my 
home. For informatica 
call 773.695,6115 
before 4 pjn. 


Prof esskxial female 

seeks n/s professional 

female to share 2 bdrm 


$425 -f 1/2 utilities 

Arlington Heights 



TV Harbingi-r 
March 8, \V» 

Page? -* 

Education Has 

Its Rewards. 



TM im 

Come join the 

sports staff of 

THE Harbinger. 

We are now acceptin 

applications in a367. 

■ \.Hl.Kl,il I 


..,,i|x-«invo >:>««> SV'*^ 
!%c .1 niinimuMi ^tjik i»»ni 

.. I 1 111. l.'ik-ml 

RrdKWns m*>- '™"»»' •«>*^ ' 

^ ,w «#»«• informMmm attt 
l-SSS-NLU-TOMnr i6S«-M3a). 

Wrh *-■* ^' •'*^' 

t^ National-Louis University 

DownNMm Chkogo Koo«»on 

W|„aHM» VAmtlmt Bb» 

Tired of being turned down? 

If You Think You Cant Get A Credit Card, Thinl( Again. 

Guaranteed Credrt Cards with Credit LimHs 

1^ to $10,000 within days! 

Flo r.iivnl Si(VH I. no Stxuiily [)c\yys\l 
no Credit? rH) Job? Mo Income? Ouaranlecd Approval. 

Guaranteed MO.OOO In Credit! 


Maa this order form today! 

A l/IC^ VC Cl I want Credit Cards immediately. ^'^ E 
•; ^^J2^ f t3S GACP.O. Box 22074(),HolIywood, R33022 i 






Hawk Sports 

Pmf* • WIHIam «•««•» H«p«f Coll«g« 

. Iton^S, 19M 

Lady Hawks drop first playoff game 

K««iR ShaplHi 

Miv. k 

lh»- I ' 


The Uutv 

..U in ttl.' I 

lljrj'ir k\' 
m.»n h>, 

Bui lw»' 4""> 
1 .kK R.iti1cP« h' ■ 


Hir girK ■■t.ii 
Bf»-n IM. 

.,,1 1 .( . 

->i, r.Wt -Mi.'ii- 

calling »of «•• Mil. Mmtprnt fM»lM« «•• ymt mX •-!». 

Hawk men earn a trip to the national tournament 


: v-.iti\:.;uiit 111 UK 

ii|,„ IHiim hit ; thiw 

,t nir.,>»l 

ISMC l»oll«w»» g»»« I" d»f«n«lv« •tanc* 
attamvttnK to »tap hi* opponanl. 

C--.TO p> pvAft^twijgO 

a daf •iMlar'* oirtatrateliad arm to wHi Mia 
Kama at tl»a bvztar. 

,1^ iuinci! i,Mi:iv\MU-nt MM 

1 .uiompll-Jum-nl/' Mid Sh«riii in on 

■A i(i'>i!'i; M\ P 

Ikil ll)i- i^.inl\ l»r th«' ni.'ciunt Ibcn ^ i l''t 
.1 I want lo.wiompli!.h 
!u d.stmi pUvtrff Hiinw aRJinM tho Mj/.h i 

K,„ >;,^ Uxi ..II s^otvi-. with r> fHwnts "^1"^^;'^ "^ ■ 

shtHitm^ and "> •'•f' ' " 

:;~hf»l »Hil 10a>MMs 

C««««« . PatatiM, IINiiei* 

Java Jams doesn't need caffeine to keep you up 

I'XpTU'lU.--. bill .ilu.n- ^ft-rn-. !•■ ^h.>i% 
the Nunnv Mill' iH It ll«T >;ixH.I ii.ilimvl 
nvuMi !>• > bn-Mh >■) tn-^h .iir t<.n>(Mr<il 
ti> th.- u. linen ■.(.n>;writir^ ot ihi' "A' » 
-Uvh .i~ Xl.iiii- \t.>rrr~--fttf or Miniiilh 

Hif \iiKi- tits lnT upNal nv»l>Kiii-- 
pcrirtltv Al tinii-s, hff -iDSinj; ri-Mnv 
bli^s a yiKinj; tX-bbif I l.irr\ It has a lull 
range irt vitlor jnd inin\libli> >uh1.)iii 
*>ht> had everyimf oH thtMr fivt, Iwlmn 
(jtHni and having d H""^* ''"'' 

MlclM«l McO«niM>tt'» eoacart, 
we«t«d mttimmcm* at Java tmmt. 

John Tlitotaoa 

AM ' I". +' 

It H.\-n I .1 min ~h.>wi.iM- tlut iht- 
Lnmmiiu.n t.riuin.! i ."• • h.-UM' 
hn>u>;ht t,> .mi i ' i 

ll wjs .1 glimpsi- into th. -.:■■-■ : ^oii,.- 
VNntin>; ,1 bnghl tutun- it i^.i^ I h.- in.. 
,,t K. ki M.'mitmvvjv Miliss.1 l.m. k 

iVki I 
with h.T m; 


Bahi HMNtagway ktckatf eff tka 


j,h to vjiHlfr>t.ind, vel >i\tf> iiH'Uf;li 

i! ! II !, .1 mi-.inmj;'« l>iirin); the 

•nvvr».atK>, tjik- 

.t iMH Ihini', IliT 

f r»MW f»«»T W i» •M>yiW- 

I'uiuh »'t 

jarT»s on page 9 

Local tax groups dispute Harper's proposed referendum 

\;.;i. M .. I- 

SUM WnttT 

Thi., pjii Witlm-idav 

Hi- .1 imvtiin; ot 
Uit lx.,f,.u ol V\..iiit'ii \oti-rs 
m r*latiti. i( --viiKlIm^; 

It \»,i- to Ix- ,111 intonn 
IkMul nwiim- - " ' • ■'■'' 
and »iH>kifv 

II ^' 

111.- .■! tll.lV 

,,tiiv,-, H, 

Ms.. s(^',ikiri>; VMii' Bill 

^j ,,, ,|„ ■ Til thf Northwest 

h l.iik Koiser ol 

n\ l.ixpavers Netvsiirk 

; \1ik. t.innsK-ix »t the 

t>r Klls I f..irt\ ot IllllUtf. 

s, ,. ,1. '.fi- Reterendun on page 3 

Frank Oiudtc*'* WWy 
comfort* Bath Qulglay'a 
Unda Loman. 
Cast. Crew breathe 

life into Death of a 

U Dawn Weotfnif f 

\rlhur Mille! 
'. %MUin telebrates Mi. 
as an American 

I 111; liro.idwav 

rrnduitiiin opentxi al thi- 

Mosunv Theater m New 

I York in I'M** Miller has 

! mm numerous awards I 

liiuhidiiTB a rulil/« IVize 

' •' • 7. mv Awards 

.i\ <»("H'ned at 
. ..iidvr the dlris'loiv 
i.) lull.iiilvm- 

. -I ...^ I .v.tTlIt i . . 

iHtau-sf III 

I |!,lll,ll\tMl. 

■ i'..;": -'-i 

.hront, it- th.- lite ol Willv 
1 .mi.iti I t>V\ear-old trav- 
ilmi; s.iUsman He dis- 
pl.i\i-d pnde in K>lh his 
s,ilt«.manship and his abili- 
ty to supjx>rt his tamily 
1 (hen he losi~. his inb arid 
j the rrspt-et i>l his sons. 
I As Willv. Frank Ciudiiv, 
; a sjH-eih and theater 
see Play on page 8 

Facultr«*nate, Board of Truatee* reach bargaining a«^ein«.t 


i>n Thursdav, F.-bru.irv r^ !**« the VVilhai 
Kjim-v Harper College B.%ird ot lnist,.fs r.ihtu 
the CiilWitive Harnainini; \^i.>ni.nt will' th. 
,1 111,- I ... V ( ouittv 
'ion ol 

Faculty' Senate, a ih.iin. 
ColWjje Traih^Ts I m 
T..uh»TS. I mat IN*' 

I he Faculty Sen.i! 
tion was mavie on I . ' 
m lavor »>l the mu i' 


I he u'nir.ut afplu-- 1.' lii' 
nnjmbet^ ot Harper 

■ innvment proMJi-- loi . i • y< i" -" - 
ifv increase vshuh inju.t.- pr.>in..ii.Mi- tml 
,1, f> iiiovenients tor c.i. \> \- ... i,.,,, 

I OTltlM. t 

. nii-nt .'( r.itili 
... . ..>t.-,.l !>■ 

„t s.iid l>r Ki. lurJ K.'l.. > l>.>ir ol ili.' Ho.irJ ol 

I am >;ratelul thai we lOiiM ivork I..,;, tlior to 
Jlli'vi- .1 settli-ITn l<t lUvnot, president ol the llar^^-r F.uuin 

,,,,,1. >omm.-nted. "We Ki-I that we wer»- able to 

■\\i- inanv ot our working issues suctesstulK 

1 he lonJusion ot tht-se nej^otiatiuas allows all 

• ' riitotoivisinmintiMchin^and 

1,1, iiltv 

Studint Sintite 

NMltliWtatcli — Tag* 4 
CuH—iaUtfy — P«t*« 
piMle OpMM 

P«N P«I« "* 

J^mt!» • %— PaC* 2 


Nawa Pagaa 



WeHnt-sN wivk 
April l-Vl'^ 


|,iv,i !.ims I oncerts 

taa PaC* 4 ••• Paga • 
NaaitiiWatcli — Paga 4 M« '■•• • 

I MT. ■niTn— nioair —IJUBJUf Nam 

Men's basketball 
places third in the 

Saa Paga 1« 

Sparta Pagal4.U 

M7.t2i.M00 k24«1 

Har p^^Sgil^iifm 

Tht- HarbtnuiT 
March 22, 1<»<» 

Student Senate Candidates 

Student senate elections are 
right arourtd tt>e corner In fact, 
ttwre are more positions than 
just President and Vice 

Kitty (Kathryn) Cowley 
and Rich Garcia are both vying 
for the position of Student 

Desmond Lane and 
James skyles are running neck 

to neck in tthe race for Studerrt 
Senate President 

There are three candi- 
dates lor the position of Student 
Senate Vice President There is 
VirKente Guerra. Michael 
OToole and John Ziemba 

The position for Student 
Senate Treasurer has also gotten 
a kJl of attention James B 
Friedman. Susan Kazmierczak 

and Dan Madigan are all trying 
to become treasurer 

Jonh ZiemtMi said. If you 
can t run with the big dogs, stay 
on the porch Rock the boat 
Vote J Z for VP" 

"I believe thai I am the 
best candidate as treasurer 
With my experierKie in ttie 
Student Senate. I will be able to 
continually excel and work for 

the common good of the student 
body." said treasurer candidate 
Sue Kazmierczak 

Rememtjer. you can vote 
on both March 23 and March 24 
In order to vote, you must have 
your student activities card. The 
polls are in front of the tiook 
store and in Building A by the 
information booth 

Women's history month makes an impact at Harper 

Jos* L«C«MI 

WhflhtT il i\as .iiilmi; infiiriiJ -^iklf Ukkin 

bthmd tht- M^^iTit-. in J m.ile-<i»miiviti-vi »,..,;., ...iiiu'ii j ,, .„ 

Mnt rule in '»lvipin(; hivliwv fhiTf may h.ivi' b»vn ihmiviiKiN i.( .tlnrtN 
wofiH-n hjvi- nuitr in hiMiirv that h.ivo b»nTi liist m thr t.n. !»;«-. .it tim.- 
HiirptTs Women*' SiKU-ty has Ki-n iTvmg tn lu.tkf piunt » iih ,i ■« ri.-- .>i 
pre>«»Mitafnm> during Wiim«i's Historv Vli>ntli 

On Maah Iti MarfXT hiM»-J a pn-^MitatHm fiililU'vl M.ut.inu I'n-^ 
VVlien- aif vim' The R»>k" irt VVtHnen in Piiliti. ■• 

We wanted lo*hi>w the n>le women plavti) in -hkui^ w.i- ..M-rliHik.-d in 
historv Kh»Ws.' Wonu-n* program diretti>r kalhv -.iiJ N-mutinii-s 
ptMple lornet the impact women have had Fhe wholi- iii.-.i iv u> (Mint .mt thi- 
contnbutums that women hive made " 

A lilm evplainin>; how women acquinil •.ultr.ini- w ,in k» hivluk\i t.> In- -h^u n 
ind llistorv ami !' • nee proh-SMirSfwron Alter wa'>al<«>>ih.ilii' 

iH-ik i) 'iiT .in.l writ.T Rohm B«'nm-*l tt>ll.»u,,i \ 

'h Curlev Hvni- 
,.iU' a«.tui'»t< h%a> .1 
tiKluNlrial rtoikii-. i>l iIh' World .iiiil .1 t >Miiiiuini>-t who was (.iiUvl iiuniiw ili. 
McCarthy era ttaiuhan believe** this prv>entation will pnnide it> aiiduiui' 
with imptirtant information thai the puWii may not ha\e bivn a wan- 4t| 
"IThe pn-Nent.itionj w ill help jtht- audiemel iiis»over the pieii-. ot histor\ lhe\ 

m.n not Iv Linuhu with ,uid niavtv hadn I ihimght ot, ' Hanahan said 
I" . •>"■ liil- ''■■■ -. - loll I women aitixe m pt>litK>. eaih -.harwl their perstm- 
rhe spi-dkiTs were Harper English professor Bi4t\ 
■ i-.M i, ii... ; ..,..1,1. " , ..ktid.ili' \irginia Macdonald lormer Illinois sen.Jtot 
Kit.i MiiUins \t.i\or Kit.i \1iillms .ind lormer Wluvling Mayor Shtnla 
-■' lilt/ 

lh>- prest-ntalions N'>;.in on> h ''r.) with .in inlrotlinlion loiiis<il on 
unnit-n as siirvnors Ihr pri-sentations continmxl on Manh Nth with a (>re 
sintation that liMUind tiinale piomvr |udv Mavotte. wlu> locuseit her lite on 
.ikhn>; tL-tu>;its in war torn lOimtries lln Manh Hth women who workeii 
.11 >hiltors i..r «omi-n trying to break tnv ln>m public aid was the tiK-us. and 
liiJ);i' Ann.- Hurkt- s|>otM- aKnit hei fiMsons tor loiindin); the Spi^ DKmpiis 
in I't*" 
l-oJIovMnv'. I.i^t liicsd.iv s presentation, the senes continuevl on March IKlh W. 

^l.llUJC il 

It will -1 

IT, thf 

'rktorce". which gave a historical persixvin*- on the 

it'n's History Month workforre Four female physi 

-11 il R< nnill II lurnixf to pert>>mi thi role ot .1 

ration is intendi^f to liirlhcr 

m the p.isl to their pn's4'nl 

I he 

itnlnitioiis th.ii women h.uc made in tfie past. 

hut the lontnbiilion- tlu'S .ire m.ikmg nmi I,ih,in s.iid 

»AICM TOCR rmlKIO'S OniMK »AI( H >OI;H 0*S l>iill«ih, 
l«l«fRirAt| A DHIIk l.N^llfND(D 

OOnl DRINk (ROM OPfft ( MMMNIUS itH ft Xl< H Bn»l S 

l> \ I Ull MU HAS UNI> Ollll OR TWO ORIMKS, 



Hiit vtiai d*n »Ap< 4av^4 
M rWt ptoptt rot <:«<" »^t>" 
lo Uaa» foiu. o 





The Harbinger 
Match 22. I'm 

Harper News 

Referendum: The fight continues 

continued trorn oace 1 

II. >r. 

M.«rp«T ColWni- rrp«-cn 
Ut>vc«> a-vi'dk-«i thjt It w.MiLi 
cvat the ■M.hix»l <n extra - 
mitbon .inniMllv tt- -i^ • 
the n«'v\ biiikliiit;^ ; 

hiHit t.lU T 

iiiinini; u 
■ nan jMiH Hi- 

,1 L I,i--n»'m- will 

•u- .U. .»?»l 

r..l,,l ■<..ll 

*.>S('l» M«'V^ >'^l r\u ii.ifvl kii^-t . i .till 

Uh t .«ik iiui 1 ru l">uhi»"l an- 


1 Come and join 

The Harbinger. 



Because Lindsey 

said so and you 

don't want to mess 

with Lindsey. 

So stop whatever 

you are doing and | 

get an application 



fh«- 4ln-jJv htr. 
my Kt\'..»-ii th.- t 
tideo i<t tiw I' 
tune ot lhi~ n 

tiini hi'!' 

'he SI •• ni 

un-> .imi \* li 

whrthtT .>r nut th<' i.- 
wiHltil h.>vr ffwnK> 
t«> nutntdin tht" bi 
tht' rt'ti ri'iuliini « >■ , 

Ihf M.ii|.f '• I". 
tiv«f> dftnultxl th«- r«i. 
duitt and .irjiutxl how I 
the jniprmcmfiu.- 
r«[Vin>itin .in' nl■^^^t^^ i'. 
thr tax t 
it .ip.irt 

Pnr»Hi«-nt Hn 

! int.. Ih.^ '.• 



The tax watch.; 
,i,. admit that (h. 
mdeeil irv iiit-il .>I r«ri..\ .i 
•uitBi. but th«\ .>pp>>>t" Ihf 
.nstructiim "• new build- 
inKS and itdim that lh«- ml- 


v«-t ttl 

■ r.'t- 



m taxf^and »th« ' 
■^nine, liki-Studei^ 

-.Tt V.lKU'J? vi>tr.' 

iintv (M">. Trii 

■.It, Ihii-i -. !'■ 
. t mi»n" in l»xal t.i>. - 
1-. F lull lime equivaleniv.«Tit Hri-lid.T <.»h1 

In,-. '.lid 





Monday. TuMdM. Wedna 

Mayl7 M«yl8 May 


May 20 


102 classes 




086, 087. 103 








tO«010:50 1050-12O5 llflO 1150 



1200 12-50 

1:40 255 





w w 






SpoCMiay Arr anted S»an» 

Specially AfraneKl ( -^"^ 


uM legMwly stneduUd ctws time 

««das •• *!• no war !«•> 12 noon on Monaey. ««iir 24. in the Hitfawrt 
* onioa,Nldk«\Raam2ia 

Introducing Screenz, your friendly, 
helpful computing center. 

Mop bvtiic new .Vivvii/ III .Vtuu.uihuri' aiitl gci sjM)i!a! in iht helpful, 
knnwit'd'jciblf stuff plus ihi- SK-ufNl. fa.slesl. ciwlfsl e(|iiipmciU. 

• Lighifumii i; 11 Inu-rtU'l lotuifv lions 

• ()\er 3i)hiit!i vpdil Its 

e Ofucnv .if Mn^ilf X in;iliipl... 

Free gaming eveiT^ Sunday, 
all day, through March 15. 
Features multiplayer and 
online gaming on our 
super fast network. 


giairat umtwtast 

lu'.T ihow up 

Monday thurMi.iy 

/am tipm 

/am ' MidnK^ 
uday S WL 
• M(*i>Qhi 



..„ locatMl with Kinko s 
IP Rrfflington Plaia 
1326 N. Row) l« Road 

www ?j:.'*f '■.' ■''■ 

World Witf* W«b 
America Onlin* 
Intefntt [xpkKC 
I mail 



Wcifd Perfect 



Retum* Pro 








Corel Draw 


lji»»i Punting 
Cok>' Outputs 
Zip D'lvc 



I of computing time at our new 
, Schaumburg Screeni. 

■ Good until March IS, 1999 

I Umil on* coupon p« viMt Cuitomet limiWd 

■ to 0«« tun* u»9« per coupon Fir« now »i»i«of» only. 


Harper NeilOL^ 

The HiirbinRor 
March 22, 1999 

yKU imnM 

.« PI A> 

« -1 

II 1 A 1 1 M » X 1 K. 

•tWtaMtw ... ..^v. w..»... t( AJ4I 
«;M am 

Sn» C^iKHM>>r lo I'M-- 1 M. ...ipHuM- 

«,■ JO mm »m 

|«af«m«ir»«« «>t«MM|t 

«ljt> Bin III 
IU:!M mm 

1 f.»f • 


;.„, ■ . \ ? 1 1 

Muth r»r V«Wi 

/■ft /I \24I 

fu:tM* turn •» 

II. ,1....... \ ..... II. ..1 

V*» 1 11 ' 

\nm tf.immmtm 

... «/.-. 



».tlll. S....... ..1 St. ...,-'••. M..|.. -t.i.l 

" ' v< . .i. >■«. A**l 

« X> JO «•■ •>' 
■ iJO pat 

>.-...,. - 


■•■••IlK > - 

II:J» IHB lo 

. . 1 / V . t « - /■ 


1-4.* »."• '•• 
Jlrnil |>ni 

»... < • • 

1 • •* 

^f . . ..... Mm.iiI« * 

\i * 1 

1:45 |MM lA 
J:fM> |Mn» 

Srtoal r<uwli~n 


1 ...,-. /'..« Ail-- 

1: 1^ t>Mi !■• 

II.. M ... ..f 

■4 <r «*«•»«■»«-« 

i.rM 1.. 

\ : I," 

jiin pm lu 

V.' * 1 

1 . . 

I'... XI .. 

II,., III. i:- >..... il4-«rl l» L4a«v 

. i$M 1.. tin: Mill 


• *: Iff /WW 

„ 5iJS.i,„^ 

f. ... fit. M. til • III! 

\ ^» •■■ 

ti'* ^ .1 


1 lil INK «<•« 4 WWMNM*« llvVrl 



Harfwr College's MuitMl W(&mw 
VWiriiift April KVtS. Ov«r30hedth 
•mi weOncM loniMn wtU b« fe«- 
hued that week Mid the iiuiii'"ty ore 
fice o* chafge. The 

breakfast/keynote program on 
Aioday. April 13 is TechnoStrcM. 
CofMfig with Tcchm^ogv « WORK 
• HC»ifE • PLAY." The presenler. 
Dr Mith«lU' Weil, is 4 rett^Kniwd 
,c\lfTt ,uill\iir unsull ■ i 

■mMoimJ tftAtet on t! »< 

technology and ■&«•■ ».«mT lopics 
dnrtag MMtawm V\«(«k 
iadudr. BiBonomks. \bga, P»la»», 
AmMtiwfa-py, Spiritual Senmlty, 
Humor and Health, Chenshinn Yiwjr 
Dreams, PMS and Menopause, 
Hi.ihng the Heart. Qigong and 
.VUall«.-»» MeaH in Minutes. 
AdditiMMny. on Wednesdiiy, April 
14 there wiU abt^ be a Health Fair 
[with iwer 60 exhibitor<t, demonstr*- 
tonamdMrvicn. For omim taiorau- 

tkm call Health S,T\icv«., \\ 6268 
•Safe Spring Break 
On Wednesday. March 24, It a.m. - I 
p.m., there will be a Safe Spring 
Break InMrmalton TaMe in the 
Business and Social Scienoe Theater 
Lobby. Stop by and get idea» about 
"cheap" thing» to do around town 
creative wayi lo icgiwip and get m| 
touch with yourself as well as Iviw 
to remain "*a<«'" in terms trf par' 
in>c Min>iiii(', t>i ^.x i.ili/inp if )••" 
guing awav to * vacation spo«. 
•WUk Tliia WMgh Cel tb ra lk w 
Students and employees who are 
eiuoUed in the ^^Wi^ This \Nn'gh Bt- 
ne«»/weight Uws. pmgram are mvit- 
«1 to a 30 day celebration on 
Thursday, March 2S, 1 2- 1 p.m., 
CaMena Bay, MVt Participants 
can puk up their pn>gnim T-shirt, 
get !ow-(at recipe-, and sampie 
healthy treats. You can »top by for 
five minutes w sl.n m\A ^ it vour 
schedule permib- 

r^ Ask your wellness advisor ^ 

s»u.(. nts , ,in .u,.,iHm.«isl> nubmil ^iK-Mions im w.'l!ra-v. rcUtwl ti^^if* bv pbon« llu-m in 
lt>. nwrkixt N.. . .utM,l. ih.- H.4UI1 S.TV M-, (.Wutf in KM. Amwen wilt appi-Jr m lulun- 
IMUTK i.* n.. ) lur^myrr All ipitttKiTO will br ttxinHiRlilv n-M-antwd 4nd rvspw- »'" b.- 
pnwHli^ b\ Ix-aUh e4rv praieiatanak and an mit n-Utisl to IV Hjfhn^iT 
O What is the proper way to take care of a wound/skin infection? 

It vour svmptom> an- limited to minor ri-dnt~.s, swelhng and pain \ou 
i.>n iisi- soni.- sfU<an- tet hniqui-s kivp the wound clean, si>ak the area in 
w.irni w.iliT or appiv warm tompres!*"., apply a topical antibiotic cream 
.\nA t.iU' .isprin lor p.iin It thew symptoms worsen or if you expencnce a 

1,..,. I., h.ugi- lioni the wounii, nil stre.iks around the silt- or a fever 

!. i.m- HiMlth S nu.-. AV>2. h.»s rrsigistewf 
,. to fHirviili- this \\yv ot caie, Mondav - hridav. 


I Higher. Stretch Further. 

Protect Your Rights' 

Michael E. OToole 

Harper College Student Senate 

Re(nefnt)er to Vote 
Bnng Your Activity Pass 
Poibrig Places Bidgs A & I 

Phone. (847) 895-9323 

Tues March 23 

Wed March 24 

9 am - 7 [p 

>■ Vhotrf of Enninrrting wid 
iicMlv 4(.4«>niptulKii NtH only do 
1- gradiuio Ii4v» j . iii- 

. If .affirr* at an jv. ■ 

>..>cmbei. Maich jnJ lunc 
!imc .So go ahead. »tq» up. 
..n (jju. 


.1^1 z It i»><>i r**«/' *■•. «• »'-' 

• mior.«lu Id (KiKwi> wur UMvkt upuom. 


The Harbinnfr 
MMfck 22,19*9 



li!r nil vmir hiuti work, you ran afTord lo be rhoo«>. ^g; 

Thfii \ni'll knim 

U\ iin ^iirprh<' III. it iiitinv H.iri ■ 
KiH*s«-Mi' .'.IT. uir Villi «ii|i tfo" 
A0rcf«rM I'lUilie!) you Ui full mm- <iI n 

\, ■.:■, 1 1. . ,ii,t r.r.iiidi's a scamll'SS trails.' 

• I'lllrai!.' ; 

III. Ill 'Mr 111 I'll' 

jl ur4ii»r:illl-. 

'lll|r|ll> U , 

r Dual Aiimiaiioii 

' ' U'if' scfMir^ .mil 
.1111 !r.iii\trr 



• VtwrijjExH-utrvff'T 

• Nf*- stall' <i( '■ 

• (iflicfoii 

ill- ! 

. .\;v'\: il.'I ' 

.niv 111 III 1 '111 

1 rii't f\.»!iijti' 


WpdnmdA), April 2M 
IM pa - 7:00 p« 




vri:inu>v*!l rdu 




Remi-mbiT uhtn .>ll "' '''' 
u.ills in H.irpir us.hI u< bv .i nu. 

ih.^n all Mt ,1 Mida.n t.nir 
ht in liont i>l '' 
,,ltuo .>nd thi- Fin.inii.ii 

\ul ..ttur u iti- p. t"t«'d t l>ItU-t 

blue in the niuKIU- ..i the ni>;hl 

Not th.1t the blui i- lu't .1 "^t;. Itxrn the w lite, but whv 
in llu u>.rM .lid llie\ decide .<n 

t nmet l^lii" ' 

Well, here ue .ir ■ u.'rkin^; s. ' 
.mother late ni>;ht lu.i .veil U- 
tull il.i\- alter the wall- vveie 
painted that l.'wlv M". hne 
when we \ uu -on 
empKnee .'I >..<ih-.' ^'^., 
Iho-e vftv -aiTU' .valU baik ti> 
their ,.n^inal .ulor Mall and 11.1.1 

It- ri'alU a i;reat ple.i 
s,'. ihJt our lav V Kllar- .,>• ■ ■ 
repaintinR the -an., wall t>'i ihe 
third time m about a week and a 


KolK did the wall- li»>k -■■ 

' -.1 nil- u I 
■: blue aiul i;ra\ 
become Hat dor-' \- 

men.i.rv -e. . -'lor- u.r^ 

alw a\- niari "Id 

WeP blue a lui ,L;ra\ are 
Slate- I olor- I Immni. who do v\ a 
know who .anie t oni I'enn state' 
Ol another .ol e>;e thai wa- 
ophiUiated with I'enn state' Pi 
Hreuder perhap- 

so what- next' Vre thev 
going to -tart elerin^; ti' th • 
building- a- Huil line, \ >.•..,, - . 
th.U Harper wdl ha\e 1 '■ 

ol tho-e lovelv new bUiv m t 
grav -ign- that loa-t that thi- 1- 
the building; witi room numbei- 
begmning with t le letter V 

Editorial Board 



Actif^EditOf in Chief- 

News EditOf_ 
A & E Editor- 

J.lndsey Frnnch 
__jose Lacdan 

__John Tillotson 

Sports Editor. -»^evm Shepte 

Assistant Sports Editor Ryan Freund 

Business Maiager. J.Kteey French 

FacUty Advisor Howard Schlossberg 


The Harbinger 
March 22. 19W 

Staff Wrttors 


Noel Bago. Sam Hays. Jason Heaver. Margie Mack 
Alan MmariK Herb White, LaOawn Woodruff 

■I Pollclos 

p«n«nng to t)» canw* arm ili surai«»ng conimur«», 
e, «« at the aaot km of tf» e««««' 

Maume Address: 

Ttie Hart)inger 

Willtam Rainey Harper College 

1200 West Algpnqum Road 

Palatine. IL 600677098 

Phone NLfTOers: 

txisiness office (8471926-6460 

news office: (847) 925-6000 x2461 

fax; (847)925-6033 

copyright 1999. The Harbinger. 
All rights resewed. 

Thf H.irbmgfr 
M*rch 22, 1W> 

Harper iPeature 



What do you think of Harper's renovations, i,e. the blue walls? 

Aaron Kuhl 

"They're cool. It's about 
time they updated the 

Andrew Fa a sen 

"If they were putting 
the letters back up on 
the buildings, then it 
would be fine." 



"I believe if s wasteful. 
The money could be 
used for something 
more useful." 

Rich Das>\itk. 

"Some renin atii>ns are 
gCKxi and some are 

Shawn Slenczka 

"They are kind of 


.vaniiMM >an 

"\ never even noticed 
that they needed a paint 
job. It shouldn't have 
been done " 

What issues would you like to hear or read about? 

Let us know. 
Stop by our office, A3 67, or give us a call, xt. 2461. 

Page 8 


The HarWnger 
May 4,1998 

Unda Lomwi (Mth 
Qiiigl«y) iMlds ofi to 
taMbwMi Willy Loman 
(Fraali WiMlic*). 

Play: Death 

comes to 


Continued from page 1 



,11 ll.ltpiT .1. 



Mis V 

^rvMl 11 

innTii t.' hir 



i;iM~. Kil.itu. 



to thi>vh.iMit« 



till- I'UtT Mm, 

CI. '■■■ 

up Mfwinj; hi> t.vtht-r 

,1 , 

luro Thi* i.h,in>;<\! I.i 



m-.(rt'>'» *- 

rvpn s 



his i.iii 

. , 


•.% , li rni.t,-., ; i|l\ 


., ^ 

ii>!' .inj ' 


•lU H.' ■ . 

iiKluiiiii^ M.irk nuNiiin in h.trli.ih. n, i,> 

Ih, <, . h,. ,,;,,. 

Ihi- y\.i\ iiiiTit mi'iitiiTi 1^ 

"lil l liip M.ihhiMii 

h'-innt'J th*' ^>f Ihi' hi;ht 
, . ,..(1... t,.,i ,i. i ,1 

I.I * !tM ri iiulii .] -. MIIHl .tlUl 

liKhlin^ '^t.ii;!- m,in.iKfr 
n.inifl Ki>i>vrri 1. 
■.how rtuwin); \1 
■ linatiw t hiT\l l..ii 
ii>n«' fi>r ditli-ix-nt n. 

Thf tmjl prmliKtivii n.,s 
on Suiida\, Mdrih J I .it :" 
pm in mX U.Kilv\i in Ih, 
KuMnei«> dnd StxidI Ski n 

Harper's speech team heads to nationals 

STAfI VWlTtti 

When peopte think 
of national-level college 
teams, football and bas- 
ketball generally come to 
mind But if all goes well 
in the coming month, 
Harper students may be 
adding speech to that list 

It has been a good 
year for Harper's speech 
team The 15-member 
group started the year off 
right, taking tirst place 
overall at Moraine Valley 
in October From there, 
they swept competition 
after competition consis- 

tently placing in the top 
five and regularly making 
It into tfw top two Now. 
with a track record as 
healthy as that, they 
make the final steps to 
Nationals It s a trip they 
look to with hope "Last 
year we placed 1 2th at 
Nationals," says speech 
team member Jennifer 
Osborn "This year, 
there's no doubt we'll be 
in the top three " 

The team heads 
into their final competition 
well equipped for victory 
Among tl>e»r repertoire is 
the Reader s Theater "2 


^^ ■ ^ 

^^*^Ag^^^ ^gi^g^-) ] 

**m ttaai "^^le t^^mtm mnim% 






QS BALL M l.'i; 


$45 Value 



by 2," a performance 
received so well by 
judges that it surpassed 
the community college 
division arKl went on to 
take first place in the uni- 
versity division finals at 
the State competition 
held the weekend o) 
March 5-6 This was not 
Harper's only victory; 
they walked away with 
pieces in the top five of 
almost every category, 
leading to a standing of 
second in the state for 
community colleges 
And, to add to the gtory, 
coach Jeff Przytjykj 

received honorable men- 
tion (or the Denms-Ross 
Coach of the Year Award 

There is still one 
step between Harper 
Speech and Nationals: 
the Regional competition 
March 18-20. at which 
they go up against year- 
long nval College of 
DuPage From there it's 
on to Milwaukee tor 
Nationals, where they 
once again face off 
against DuPage, as well 
as fellow competitors 
from across the country 
Nationals will be held 
April 10-17. 

Looking for something... 

A Mggcr oppertunityT More recognittont 

Larqer rewards? 

Thmt, it's ttima t» tak* a toak at PNC Mort«a«a. 

i#w i3f' tfw> b|g|sM nan'«« in t^« financwl t«ryic«« tou»neu w« can oHtr 
^ ««i«ramj(fw •♦*« w« rr»% opc« iretr «yM. Wr« lo know mof«.MOfi 

Open House 

Tliuri. March 2Sth • 3 - 7pcn • 
Sat. March 27th • 9am - 2pm 

PMC - 1 375 S. Woodfield Rd.. Schaumtourg 
Dir*ctien« eatl: (847) 413-4300 

1 f you have 






We're hirtng 



4nd offering: 

• FOLL-TtME * PART TIME - NlglH Shift 
• f 10 OO/HOUR* UP 



Ate an NOW Knpmc ^wtcanom. * >n*K «s angnd. tand a raauma to: 
l>NC MorqM>, 0«|K DN^'SCH. 7S N Fa«var.Vkmon HKl H. tOM I 
Or FAX 047) V«*-2M> E-mai) <bi»^j\nrr9fndb»nkxam l^itt 


TTw HartnngtT 





You can be a chiropractic 
physician in five years. 

Why settle lor anything less "> 

'tv» time IS 'iQft !■":■ *.i. ti '■K/i>. .j1-,.j! .i 

rcvAftna and WMing OKwr » a ooonr ot 

crwetiaglE. fii— wifhifit a bwng. ptewo 
on omMlM ewt and iwiMniiiHlw momi 
iMOwds in Hxkiy^ madam hMRh^m aystm 
In lh« SMlvnc yflvs. you on gnduaie iMiri 
a oocioaM wd to tnmMc) to poOKe 
«vwlwr« m aw u S- and CanadL 

Kniym tor acadnw MuMiance. lOQW 
Cuit^^ *t on fw ouHliiO gdp> ot cufTciLiMw 
iRnMnom. In MJdttion to sStanno a QUMty 
elnJBii pngian^ Loisyvi prtivUn Miu»-iddid t)uiinin 
managimsrtlivwn w qms goduallnB padHnncre 
» «iwnw9W)g twilhwt»rtMdBr3ai»»idi)aclte 
vtfunoifTWfv skife. 

Logwv Colaw of Qwopacttc IB now «XM)«no 
aii|Mk3&on5. WrM. cal or dwck our Inkmet W«M» 
lor a tB d w u ^ HK t Diochun wd adnic w on W 



1800-533 92.0 ^ ' '"* ' " i-a— a_- 

1851 SchMlMr told •ChMtirlMil MO raOQB- toes 
PHOM 314 227 2100-liBi:3t4-20?-?«»'E-M 

. 4nf<]idrC|Rponiifl«|rlns«Mii3r>i)r>VMri 


Hey You! 

I'm talkin' to you. 

Yeah, you. 

I've got an offer that you can't 


Two words. 

The Harbinger. 

Got it? 


Go and get an application from 

the boss. 

She'll make it worth your while. 

The address? 

Room A367. 


Yeah, now get lost kid. 

pvi. n 


: t i.j rn a ci t • 

I i 1 1- 

I I ' I 1 1 1 1' t : 



NNcba*! McOMiattH 
played a guitar, piano 
and a mandolin. 

Page 9 

Java Jams: They're Hot! 

continued from page 1 

Now, Ift's grt anoihrr 
thmj; str.iighl: II women can 
nuk, nu-n can n>ck |uv as 

I \w hf.ujiiDt'r t'f till' 
studdtii cMiil u.i^ \1kIi.uI 

In this fHTlormanci'. \w 
showixl ivh\ h<- Is iim- iit thf 
leaders 111 .1 luu In.uui ol folk 

He pLived s«'ledu>ns fn)m 
his three albums K.jch one 
broke barrnTS and st^t new 
ones for what tolk rock 
should sound like 

In this pertormance, he 
^liowt\l his vensitilitv bv m»l 
onlv plaving guitar, but also 
piano and mandolin The 
aiidiemv was captn.itiit b\ 
his unique sound 

This tno of tip-and-com- 
<rv roiked Harper s la\« 
I. Mils ,ind everyone who 
i.iiiH- lo siv lhes«- unique per- 
lormtfs saw a bnnhf future 
tor lf>e (',o ri>fteehtMlse 

1 hesi' ,u Is w ere htit, hotter 
than any latte 


i Hamingway had 
tlia audlonca In Mm 
palm of bar I 


St- !< 



5 Rich Ga 



!• Wi-ul 

.i f»/. us 

visit our vv*-b sitt? at w%a/vv »i.i! nscj 


rcia Vincente Guerra 

Student liiiMit.' \ icu I'residciit 

^ Sue Kazmierczak 

^ Ircasuivr 

E "Working together to promote stu- 
" dent rights, better student involve- 
ment, and the upgrading of our 

Elections will be in: 

Building A by Information Booth 

Building L by the Book Store 

Don't forget your Harper College Student Activities 

Pass, you need it to vote! 

^ ^ 

Page 10 


The Harbinger 
March 22. 19W 



Who'd Make a 
Good UPS Rmcfuitmrl 

/•fcawtw CM ii n i Mw iiKM Siuatm* 
/Enky-Lnw Aupteltn' LmMv ti> <]« Maw CinrAnCB. 

,-l...- I ™.. .^ „„ ...•» 1,,: . ...... S J^ig, S„l(, 

What's In it For You? 

I „, l»»rt-Tlmt Moo»» ■■ : ...^-' $14.700/yr. 
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What \ In It For UPS"? 

.vim: ..- ,'i- ._• •. •-■ 
/•IBV) Stwcufe St.jiKi'l fin--1» ■ 

What's tK« Goal? 
Wh«r« Will I Work? 

Psildiine ■ Addison • Hodgkins 

How Do I Inquire? 

^ ! 

Attn. Ms, Crccn 

Fx: 847-705-6026 


Who's Who at Harper? 
Heather Ebeling 

Sam H«y» 

Ti'.. - ,1 sinj;U" numi i.iii dt> il all A 
.(•IU->;i- >»uili'nt .md tiill-tinu- 

111 Iw. I,.., „l>t,- ftlll 

At Ki><.-H-\4-ll vhi' pl.iii- on -tiKlMii^; pss . hiili'>;\ ,iiul liirn 
i;tH'rB«>.! " '" iru t .u.ui.niu i).->:i- . 

,ll llHlIM'^ i1k) l-\« llkll"- ,>ll I !■ 


«. . 111,1-tii^ d4>;nr .il'-.i li'^usiJ mi pMihiiliigs 

'ntitv hi h.v- lU' iJt,i uhdl >lu' wants ti- .; 
,.r ^i>nulliiiii; with mthiitn," >.hf s,iy*. 

luiw this think ■ She !•. vtiulvmR 
.•~m ,!■' .1 niiMiir .mJ •vns -.he itiniv- wntinp 
■ht-r I-. .il-a" ,1 hill limi- i)>ulh>r of Im. 1 li-r »■ 
it ,iiul 111 r J.uJ^lili r I'N sn 

•I-.-.. !>i; I InlJri-n -iii.i ; _:_::: .Ik. I 

ii<«i>;h ti> • •>. KbiHing Aho 

,„„ ., uii, ,1- '>ln- |.- u..Kt Cnl! in 


Thrjiughinit .ill lur i'Mi);.<ii..ii • i.- c. i~. n ..i.u i.. i ihilJren, 
sh»- «.lill tmiK tin»' tor w hat xhi- ^•n^^^ •. Fbflinn \in\-> tUc the- 
ali-r aiul s.(\-- hiT taMiiit. ' ' '" " M.-^t 

riii'iitlv -hi- s,n\ /."Ji/ ■ ' 

\i-T\ miKh 

\ J<\livatiil innthii -tiKlcnl. ami onipli>M'« ■•! ih< VNilnr 
t.rill, shr shiiUN iini- VMinian lan handli- anvthin>; 

Come and join The 
Harbinger. Cause Sam 
said so and Sam doesn't 

want to say it again. 

I«al Onpn<iuni% iMPtoiw 




'W mM<)llKjLK)R(KFATI\K AKHK^ ■ 




V ^^^^^H^ftj 

• ". ■ 

^Li The Illinois 


• i' ..I) 

\. 1 

l.v - 1 

• t .ji* 

( ' 

hup « W « lll.l .IK ulii 


^ % 

The Harbinger 
March 22, 1<W<» 


Vote to Promote 

Desmond Lane 

Page 11 

Current Student Senate Vice President 


Student Senate President 

Vote next Tuesday and Wednesday 

March 23 and 24 



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The Harbinger 
March 22, 1999 

See the World 

\\idc Wch 

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Write for 
The Harbinger 

Now accepting applications 
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> C«nS«nf tSkidwl kNn pragiM tor UPS wTvioyM*) 

0-S5 A 1-294) 
tS4N0 CaltgtTuWon I W wb u ww w t m 

(Hodgtora SutWm i tMragM SMK Onlyi 


(Aimy ttti % Lon*«rt Hdi) ^ftn) =>art, S Mannneor Rds) 


(HIda t Bare) Rdt) (2525 Slwnwf Road) 


Access Code: 33^6 

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I want Credit Cards immediately. ^^^M 

GAG, P.O. Box 220740Hollywood, F133022 






The Harbii>f(rr 
Match 22. 1949 


Page 13 

James Skvles 

Harper College Student Senate President 

\ ole For: 

PrfMrvaiiwi of StndrM'} 


Prrttrvalion of TradMOH 

Proper Studcat ID r«rdt 

More FrtrtJom for clubf 
.i:id rvrnti 

fcipaMKMi of Clnbi and 

\ «cll oprratfd Siudrnl 

Proper tiiEiiage on 

\* ork 10 preserve a fow 

it«drnt liilliun 

Your voKC to be heard oil 

Proven Kxpcrknce 
Proven Leadership 
Proven Excellence 

Brinu ^ our \i"fivil> I'ass 

A Buttding Inft rin-ilioii l>e%k I Building Kuukslurr 

HOW ^^ 



Kf S«MI' 


Qj|ot in Shape for 
Today's Job 

If your education hasH 
prtpand you for todays 
job Offporiuniiies. .check 
out Robert Morris CoUege. 
We 're plugged in to the needa 
of Chicago Businestf 

Choose from Day. Evening or WEFKFNn Classes, and earn a Bachelor 
af Business Administration Degree, with a concentration in: 

Ttm n ^f Schoimrth^t lup «> t4.m>Ot AMM4aMr/hr Q-altflni Smdmrm 
WRINCHWLD CAMPUS •3101 Moanale Dnv« • SprmgfkfcL IL 62704 • (2 1 7) 7«3-Z5« 


■ •ON LaSM*S(rac< 

Cluu«D. IL 60601 

Oil} ■3«-4«oa 



4.) OHand Square 

OrUnd Park. IL 60462 

(701) Z26-1M6 



fmmme^ l»ll 

A representative will visit on 

March 8 

9am-1pm, in Building A 





■ iHi> t ^•< Bi OHOPPiu imio v(>UH ohink 
WHIM >Ol' Rl tOI IOt>KI>«(. iVim BT A DATf VOU IRUST. 

■ IV .\s ll« AS I V MrNLiII^. IHt> (AN MAM VICIIMS OI2/X 


Page 14 


Thf Harbinger 
March 22, 1999 

TRACK: Looking ahoad to 
upcoming moots 

continued from page 16 

the lUiTu MH)m.tni.l l=V(>«hri 

111.,!.. 11, .t-. ~ K il.l, 1,. .lll.iiil, .ilillir.. 

I.U> .<lll.i I- 'r(i^-i.-( ■I'l.. - 

CulUiTi tiUmTdlJ Ull! 

Kiur.i \<hI/ Will K' ".'ik m;, 'Mi ii' 
her-kXIm .ii>^ 

-We Mil! 
head iiwih Ktu. 
"•triHij; in sfmnt-- ' 
!• rx in diManif ■■ 
ill' I'tT-i Tniik iinil I 

•■■ ' -«M"«»n »>ii M.irih ^i .ii '». hi.iiKii i 
;- .r. iM Ihi' VVhf.iti'ii Invit.itiii 

■Dan Suites finiihad ttw Mton's basketball season as the team s laeding scorer with a 19.1 
fiotnts per gam* avwage. Surges also the led the team with points in the postseason with 
22 2ppg 

•Jared Sherman broke the aO-time assist record with 220. The former Hawk record was heW 
by Ken Hanks with 204 Sherman atao was named Region IV Most VWuabie Player and was 
a rrwrnber of •» I1K>A Natwrwi loumamanl l«w wWIe being named the laams MVP and 

Oelensive Player of the Year. 

•The Hawks broke rtl-time record for most consecutive games won with 15 The previous 
ecord was 13. 

Cario A^ialo lad tha Hawks with most dunks in a aaason with 25 edipsing his previous sea- 
son high of «. 

•Harper gtao won thetr first ^torth Central Community Collaga Conference <N4C) cham pt-^^ai 
anship with a record of 8-2 since 1982 and their first winning season since 1991 and thaiPP 
ttrst aver Regkxi IV ch«np«or)ship 

•The Hawks inishad wuh a 22-12 record good enough to be the ninth-ranked team in the 
nation amongal division III junior coNegas. 

Truly an Experience 

N««iii Sh«ph« 


ruimf " 


V 1«'V\ ' 

<>ltJ ' 

m» !. 1- I M \ '■ ■■ 

M\*M»n nu-nl tn t liu:l) ' 

^ ' - .ilrtvuK Uki-n 
I rtMllv h.iv«- to :::• 
vrt-dit Ui the St 1 t\ n-st,i: 

I ,.ll.->.. ..I r\ ihi li'iini 

hisK st.inii.ird- 
i'ix« ,ind mil 

Look in up onlNM it 

Come join the 

Harbinger. We 

are accepting 

applications in 



processing ma. I tor 
national company! Fr«« 
supplies, poatage! No sell- 
ing! Bonuses! Stan imme- 
diately! Genuine opporlu- 

i Please rush Long Self- 
Addressed Stamped Enve- 
•oP^'o l.M< i) 

P.O. Box 22 -OTJO I 
fiellr'HMMt, Florida 3 J022 \ 


PiMM ceMact our omce af Marttdom « 
■00-31 l-«Osa to csnfliM (Mir aHMrfMce. 




•Af.«»r* r .jiv#iMi cwoi ovaiuafci 

Realize your 

Wh«th»i you »« H-i^ i<nto to< t(i« top 

w ntm Vfiwty Mnt to nulue yow pountui 

Oi>tii*g» H tfw ,• : ' 'tHarn. fot 

InltMiMnnn ... Ufttwgt, 

pliii'' ' Ttamfrr Optu Ha mmr 

Datt: Saturday. April 10, 1999 

Vitunliy. May 1, 1999 
Tim*: 9:00-11:00 a.m. 
lotatUm: itntz Mjll 




March 22. \<¥t^ 


Page 15 

Mastalarz develops clutch skills in Hawks' dismal year 



Thfre> .iIh-ivn n»'vl ■. 
ivhal sh(Hi|ing )(u<irJ Maurivn 
M.islalar/ hjd to be thinking a<tiT Hit 

iin stnin>;ltJ to j 4-IH nvord "Hk- 
• i.H>t-h tn-shman Itil thi- Hawks with 
J IhS pomN p»T rt.imt' .nfragf anJ 
v\.is .iIm) amting the tfdnis k-adin^; 
uln'undfrv M.isl.iljr/N hpst year ol 
n>ll»-(;i' baski'ib.ill shown h«'r 
Rupat impiHiviTncnt simi- hij-h m h«n»l 

Vl.i^t.iidr/ atttThJiil VVh»vlinn hi(;h 

.H>l. whtTf ■she .uxT.igfvl 12 (xnnts 
yvr contest fler laritT high <it 
VVht^hnR was IS. hut sIh- shjttcn-d mark wht-n •.hv pumpt-d in ^1 in 
.1 cimtt~.t a^mst Miluaukiv Ttvh 
Thf switih from hi^h sch»x>l to col 
Itm' has bt'cn lairlv --mm'th fur 

Maurivn should \c Ixtn ,iii \1^l 
All-contt-rence plavi'r last \ 
Hawks ciMch |e<t |»^.^d s.iid sh<.' 
plav fd fMTi bffter this vt-ar Shf has 
iliint' fvorvthmg wo wantt-d bi-r to 
do Sht- plavs hard all the ttmo Shf 
plays long ininut«-s l-\ i-rv f^ame she 
produci\) despite double teams and 
when she diH-snil score, she dtH's the 
little things to help us win " 

"I really clicktsJ with the team antJ 
1 loved mv teammates," Mastalar/ 
said That help«>d me make a 
sm<H>th transition It s (iisl a matter ol 
piavms tt»nether next year and seeing 
it we I in maki> impn>vem«iis next 

'. .: ^f.iM'n Mastalarz vvill t" i 
te.ini I apt-itii irul !*sikstor\\arJ • 

rhallrn^e I't turning llu prour.ovi 

Mastalarz shot hs-(itrni\t trom lli.- 
trw throw line and m.idc 'I oi ihr 
VpomtiTs she attempted 

Ht»r outside shot Ivis oltiii Utn 

up (h.; shut and makiiii; il 

Masialafz soinx) .i third ol the 
team s [v>inls ,iiij has Ksii th.- v;o to 
pirsiin on the team llo\M\ir the 
Hawks h.of Iv^cii mort' siK\ts.stul 
i%hen t>th**r plut-rs ..»ntnbute 


Mattalan displays h«r p«rf*ct shoottag fonii 

*iri«c a ragMlar ••ason contest. INastalarz lad tha Lady 
Hawks In scoring, avaraging almost 17 iioiiits a gama. 

the k.-y tor 1 1- 


. h ledd plans , 

gtxxl outside shot, and als(. Missy 
iVleliss,!) RommH." ledd s.ikI 

We want at least ■< playirs m dou- 
I'lc di>;its 

Mastalarz agreed and said that 
when there aren't several players 
sti-ppmg up that the H.uvks i,nd to 
fall into large deficits 

"When evervKxlv sc«>red and con- 
tributed we were a giH>d team."" 
Mastalarz said fJut onl\ when one 
or two ptMple scored we lost 

The leads got bigger and il was 
frustrating btxausc we would lose by 
such a large amount and we would 
only have 1 or 2 pe«>ple scoring.'" 

(.>ne area that Mastalarz and the 
H.iv\ks hope to imprme m is defense. 

The Hawks' opponents averaged 
"l fxnnts per game, while Harper 
iveraged only si (>oints 

The Hawks wi-realsooufrebound- 
ed by their opfH)nents this season and 
allowi-d tiMi many second chance 
points I imiting the amount of sh«Hs 
I tarper gives up will be a factor 

'We were in a lot of games that we 
lost but we always allowed 2nd , 3rd , 
and 4th chamcs for our opponents." 


We need to n-fx>und the ball bet- 
ter and limit teams to one shot." 

According to Irtld there are many 
reastins to be hopeful for next year 
'Mo is i>ne of our captains , and she 
All! proKiblv maki- tht- all-confi-rence 
•.am. |is.1d s,ik1 I would tw »ur- 
iiis.-i1 II -.ti, .h.ln I >Vi- ar>' a young 

hut klH'Vs ^^^■kIU>^\ w to kti> 

nghl tinie 

Education Has 

Its Rewards. 


tor miiri iiifitnniitioti nitl ^ 

1-88S-NLU-TOOAY osas«3] j 

National-Louis University 

Dowvitown ChKogo Ivomlon Whacfon W h w W iy &gm 

dCiAHiiH«nl «■*«*«. 

1999 NJCAA Men s Basketball Elite Eight 

1 . Richland College Thunderducks 

2. Vermilion College Ironmen 

3. Harper College Hawks 

4. Gloucester College Roadrunnei 

5. Sullivan County College Generals 

6. Montgomery College Knights 

7. Roxbury College Tigers 

8. Hudson Valley College Vikings 
soiree NXAA ORG 



•« Kkmlivii MHM Ant Cd l«M» 
mt<m% vim an «f tfw i^m EOi 


PW»lOVH(<«t Cf'VfLgt 

Harper Sports 

____ aMalS. wmiain Raliw M«p« Coll««« • Itorch 22, ItM ^iSi?^ 

Nlen*8 basketball takes third in the nation 

_ _ J tmtg— looks for ■ 
cottor acainst Rock Valloy. 

mm I 

plrttrl then iihi-.! ->um.-^~tiii -i .i^imi u' 
Ihv sihiH>r«. hislorv on \l.irv h "th 

The Hjwks pl.Kiil *rJ in tho 
nation ,il thf NIC A A tovim.i 
mint .itli-r jHiMtinv; tiso .ml ut ihi- 
llin-e tiMi-n-. Ihi-v In. -J IP, til.' li.urn.n 

In Ihv hr- I". H.iut. 

d.te.itfd \1.M . 
K..ik.vilU- Vt.uU.i! 
'^lu' !t\) ..11 -> ■ 
u ilh 2" pom*.- iiu liu)m>; 
mn anJ V,i| 7 truni tH 
jii whili- I'.iii '^uri;.''- 

In thf ^c. .'lul i;,inn' ILirp. i 

driippfil ■i'*»-''7 ditisum i> 
\irTiiili. n juniKf ( olU-Ki' Iri'nm, Ihriv pi'int.i b, 

.;;;!.. M - KKh.ird l>i..l-". -lur 

.; thf M.mks' st-htK.i 
^.iim- winning Mrtvjk. '^^ 
lh»- Hawk-. .iltjiW Willi 

ni>i:i sh.Hitini; whil.v..... -.. 

■uiJfd -- .1- wll ^hrfin.m .il- 

iIi-.IH'U cut " •I'-sl-ts 

Th»- u>iilt-l f'ri>\iii !.■ h. ih. 
I Hjnv 111 th« UnirM.iiiH nl I. 
. k.. m which thf\ iKu .iiisl t' 
thnt-liim- natii' ihampi.' 
Sullivan t nmnuinilv I i>lli-.: 
{ ..-ntTal-. 117 H« tailing iii^t tnr poii • 
-h.'rt iit the tmirn.imiMil rc..i.,1 

nts scort-d in a j.imc .il 122 
.^iH'lU) U\i all Monr- in hi^ iinal 
^imf Uw tHo Hawk-, with 21 puint'- 
iiHludinK llUit-li ^hiiotinv', .iml " ct 
4 imm Ihf fr«.'-thri>u Im. ^i • < 
vhippt-d m with 21 al-«i 

■ 'Thi..'*aM>na>n'.p.ini1 li. I ' 
■ .- thi- imt- 1 u ■ ■ ' • • 
I \i;n.ll.. 

•Mth the hi>;hi-.t litl.l 
,:,■ with f>l H while I i. kl 
,a Mik.- V\.lt.r "-^ 

-■ t 

. . .litis'. tf»l 

1 tini>h w 

thrns til 


•t Im- 

l!' II.'. 

.! It. .111 

th.-il ..|'p..n. Ill- I 

tiiij; Ih. 

. Tm In addiliint shi-nnan Ixvanu- 
Harfvr's all-timi' assM U-adiT lini..h 
ing Ihi- s,-as<Mi vMth 221) a^sl^l^ i-clip--- 
inH thf tonrn-r Mawk nixird whicli 
ivas htid bv K«-n Hanks with 2(4 
llarpiT alM> won Ihi-ir lirsi North 
.■ntral Coiniminitv l olle)?*.' 
onteivnie championship (N4C> 
.luv l*<2 .ontludmg with an R-2 
■ lOrd whiK" claiming its tirsf ever 
,. i^i.iii l\ titU- I larper's CiM. Ii 
Mike Hir-. h A I- 11.1111. -d Reuion IV 
(.,.,uh ..t ^ ''-'"'I - 

C .>aih>it tlu .V... 

I he Hawks capped the season i- 
: tin I lawks in points per the ninth ranked team in the nali..ti 
. , .It \i\ while also hit- amongst division 111 junior colleg. -^ 
...I tr.v-throwx in a n>w xvilh a 22-12 reiiird 



.int-- p»-r 

h what 1 dkl 

f-vervK>d\ "i^ -. ■ -upjH.nnr Ihi- 
vear .>! our ti-.iin I he lans Ihi- 
..ih.iol .ind 111.- , h.trl.Md.-r.- Iti.v 

..line .'III .■\.-r\ iiii;hl 
..■111. I- ,111.1 .iKv.ivs i;,i\ 

. . II. 'cc .'■ 
1 l.irpT 
,it " -li....! 
Ilir.'f point 

■ . ...n II. I 



\Kk i;..,i. ..-..i.. 

m.l .Utensive gla 

:Mirn ' 


.1 I ,ls.-\ 

ille.t th. 
s- .1 Ilh 

l.uki 12< ti--i\i 


i;anH' while HhiTm.iii ...ll.-iltd t> .in.i 
\i;iiello 4 ' Akii.'II.. .lU' tmishevl th. 


Frashmaii Caaoy Jackl f Hoc to tho hoop during tbo Hawk*' 
firat-rouMl victory atfainat Joliot in tho RoCion IV Toomoy. 

Track and field prepares to smoke competition 

... I ._. i.^t». 

ASSISTANT sw * ' ^ F C'l ''H» 

The snow i- iii. Itm^;, tin- I'li.N .ir. iKing iiof h 
ind the trtv- are IMiximmg Spring nuisl K- right 
iinund the .orn.r right' Right and m. i^ th. Ira.k 
ind Iield -..-.iMin .ind ll.irp.r~ Men- .ind 
Uomens te.ini.- .ire hen .in.l ire readv to hum the 
. ..mpi-tition th. ir 1'^'"*' ..mip.ugns 

The Men- t.ani h.i- '^ -Irong -ophom..r.". 
■ turning liiurot Ihi'iii .v.T. Ml \iii.n. .in- iii l.i-t 
v.ars Nati.vnal nu^et 

Frank l.u/man pl,i...d 2nil iii -hot put and ith in 
diHiiis .Another -trong -, will W C hns 
cipastione whi' t.K>k s«\.<nd in the 4oo meter hur- 
dle", t.u/man ,ind ( ..ipa^lioiie -.1 --.ho..! 
rrtoids List v.. It 

Sophomore C raigl.inn pLmsJ '>lh in lavelin .md 
will look t.> improve on this vear, Sophomor. - 
Charles (sitta\ .in.l Mephan I'olus rouiul out tlu- 
sophomori". tor th»' Mens team, kittav will be 
competing in sprint- .md I'.-lii.. is charging ba.k in 

the dis.ithl..ii .inA to win the long lump 

V\i h.oe .1 -trong team thi- \ -.iid I hris M.i^Ih- f\i-n -Ironger la-l Mvir - 


I ir.i. k tiMiii tinf-hed 2nd i.i-l 

\ ill \jti..ii.ii- lhe\ tmi-he.t 12 punts l>ehind 
I rie i oiTiniiinits I oUegt 

Ih.Te Mill K^ iruinc n. .■.:■.- 

Ir.i, k iiui I leld t.-,ini ihi- -I 

ii.ini- IV ill K^ lough lo i-sal Uk.ii VIok, 
,111,111 Ko«.l..n K. \ HI ( ,l.s-..>n, 
Sherod Koundtree ,iinl 1 iik I i' I tnsh- 

meti .111.1 will p.irtiiipah^ on th. ■ -in - this 

\ ear 

K..n 1 .inflow n will . ompet.- in distance Kevin 
lii.ri.n uill K- in -prints ,ind Keviti Swider-ki will 
li.iiiille Ih. thr..«- 

\1.ilt I .ir-..n will Ih' th.- -tar in the lumi^ ■'"'' 
high hur.ll.-. \nd\ Kamel "ill parti. ip.ite in the 
Xt%>m and 4i»ini Kamel will bring strength to th.- 
rt-la\ ti-ams 

lohn Crtxirgacopouh-r. is improving on MH)m 
hurdU- and San M.<..s.han will be participating 
in the throw- .in.l .t- t.. .jii.ilil\ in the d»CUS 
.in.l h.ininii-r 

lermaine >.>ung will Ix' comix-ting m throws, 
Kob Vendig will also hnus on the discus throw as 
vv.ll md Hiran I'atel will be sptviali/mg in the 
tripl. lump 

(. anier..i\ Mimru will be on tin di-tan..- t.'am. 
IXue Shatron will tr\ the steeples has.- and Hrain 
Shumaiher will K- strong on the 4(Ktm and >«X)m 
r.l.iv ti-am- 

Ihe VVoni. n - U ,iiii m.u Ix- small in numtxr-, 
but are pack.-d with talent Sophomore Shannon 
McNamara is returning to recapture her 2nd place 
in b.ith tin- 4tH>m and 2l>0m at the National mi.ft 
sh.- is ,ils(> planning to place in the hammer throw 

H.-alher \.« i- returning to strengthen all o» 
her throws 

Ireshman Ira. \ 1 h...le will W ..>in(x-tilive in 

See TRACK on page 14 

The Harbinger 


student Senate election ballots counted 


Tht rvsuiN ot tht- Harpi-r tolUi;.- 
studtTit Serah' et«-tM>nv whuh liH.k 
plate (>n Marth 2^ and 2i -m' in 

Rich (.jKid b.Mt out >"ti% 
»^owley lor thr posin 
rru"»ttv bv alm«M di>i. 

l>t~.morui 1 diw pn-vailinJ mrt 
l.imt-s '^k\l.-s 111 thf rdc*- h>f Srud«"n« 


VincenH" t.u*-rr.i 

Sue K.umK'ti/dW kill<ii ' ■ 
petllkw li>f Tre.i>urei i>t '• 
bv well over Nl votes Hvi ii 
runner, were Umes Fnedmaii 
Dan MailiRdn 

RkKarvl Cartij itow Hj* thi> n>l«- 
that Robert Vabde/ had in tK. p.i-t 
He I* the new StuiUni s«-natr 
Ttusiw Cjaivia wa- Kth in i. 

Illinois in lu!.. . I I'""' H 
resides m Flk C,r\>vi' \ illage. w 
when- he .%ften>le<l hich siH 
l..irii.! ' 

huh IS 


F*CIT0 BV I INT'.F • sHfNI'f 

men OwcU r*toM* by M* d«»k 
!■ tiM ttatfMrt SwMte off ic«. 

1 I^.v s,Uulvli^ !rti-t'i it- t'l .»! -itj 

111 lh»- ni.vtinus .iiiJ is a rt'Sular 

Ihi .>i ttu H.i.irJ ol Irusiifs 

nil ititti-n-iur IS thai .-uTMrnr 

, i^ s voir kounls vvhili' his din's not 

livi' IS ,.n.- ol liio ihiJius ih.ii 

thjn>;in>; ih.ii in irpluvi 

•un Nvaus*" I 

I,,,:,,,, ,:,,.. ..... -nil a lot ol things 1 . 1'uki do li< improvr Harper If 
ih.K^i 1 wtniM i;n.n olhirs tin- \ .ilu.ibU' 
opisirliiKits to N .1 sludrnt leader 

I .)[»• .illhi'imh Kirn in Mayheld. 
I i s.pUmKi ol IfTM, 

,;-, J llmh sa„H.I in 


He plans on atlendinR the 
I niversilv ol Miami, Ohio, with a 
ina|.>r in - •■••<••• •>'^ .ommu- 

MevKO kill '.;. 'he 

s<^> Sanat* BKtlera on p. V 

N«W ttttdMt SWMt* I 

Press conference interrupted by school officials 

, . . I... ....I ,1.,. ., ....s imn, .. iomplaints had btvn tiled in a-teivnce l< 

I Mays 


r.-s,ri,id tor .iiu us. she sjid that it was imp. 

i.ttist irnilH'dulli'K 

. aiL-on 4»*rti*in rnalit-n. 


^.■d I.' 

, 111.! . 
vwi^ therv I' 
;iiT>inince Ui 


Is aiTia/r 

At an 
the Harper L.'ii.>;.- .luiu...,,. 
intratt upon Nith in less i 

i.)n Manh 2^ \'**' •' M""' s"'"r "' '''""' ■' 

.'i^n led by Northwi-st lax Waiih HmMor Bill 
Hul«"> assembletl m the commtm area ol the 
Student and Administratuw ftuildms near 
\ uilet's I ate on the ("round llo. 

MivevI ol sitiJints newsp.ii 

uple Irustf 

iiutual n' ! 

ts had Nen hied with tin- M 

.wtioiis ai;jins! C iti/ens tor Mr 

iitereme had Kxn i.i!; 
Ihe s„,..ll ..,„.-u.:i 


Hands 1 ,,^... 
VM'fe C'M " '' ' 
,;roii[^ VI .Is ."ski-.t ' . ■ ' 

.\pproMii! It. ^ ■■' ■'-'■■.'.uu- 
it was interrupted \ ditetm o... I.-.. K... 
\ice Pa-sidenI ol Student Atlairs proteinlevl 
attempt to end the eonleri-nve I^serttnlv Kiiuii. 
interrupted Hulev mid senteme MKi lell tli. ludi 
ence wondennp what was f,innf. on 

BaeWt^l b\ l>r Robert Breuder who st<»ivi 
mcosnito in the shadows, Kindle vMlh 
her attempts to bn-ak up the eontereme M.itmi- 
• h. i.iiinu.n .irea l>ein>; us.d n.'eded lo K 

to ^.iini-r then hfint,' 
the m»vt«nR could K- i" 
,,; , - 1 VtiTalK iKi' 

If. !-K'i;an 

.isk, J If 


lot V 

complaints had btvn tiled in n-teivnce lo 
vominft rvterer»dum liisutii.ieni diHiimen- 
hom has paid toi - 

';s rit Ihr vlmWel 

Mill: ( 

tale who IS 

,siM. i.i tl.i pavmenl ..I the .idvertis.-inent 

. impl, when the state senate elections tcx.k 

von viHild scv signs tor rit/gerald on 

■ Mi.i|..r roadwavs; even thc-se sif;nsdis- 

, ,.,:!■•. liu'ii, Is ol I il/);.T.ild at the bol- 

BMI Mul«» mnt to*" »"»«»•• '•'• ®" •'»*'"' 
th* location of tho prom* eoaforoaco. 

When all else si^enieJ to l.iil the 
participants wm- mvit.xi b\ the I Lirbin^er stall to 
linish the m.stintf ip '"H'T ottice. and 

the\ did 

III, oiu. ie!iH..itid v.mtinued the 
mittint in viose but vnil .|u..rteis Hulev then 
lontmued lo dis. uss the matters al hand 

,1111 materials in c|uestum omtain 

,„, ,„^,, ; It v\as asWi^i that even if this is 

true- and an intraition ol the law, does it matter' 
Isnl this a p»-ltv complaint' Ur Bivuder p<»sed the 
s.iine question in ^n intervieAv, when he slated 
that Northwest lax Watch was simpiv nitpu king 
at details, which reallv possess no merit 

rln" n-spinse and shan^l view al iK- press von 
i.e was that evc^n it it is petlv. if it breaks the 
. has lo be drawn 
r rc-presentatives (hat the\ .in- 
,,v ol mi such law being broken, and that all 
, n.iK perLimmR lo the referendum aa- care- 
,ull .1 b> the college s legal team 

.t w hether or not anvoiu' is willing 

vards aa- held bv a higher 

lioard i>t FleiHons tound the 

.illegalions against t iti/ens for Harper t»>N' valid 

Because thev arc- first lime oHenders the pun- 

,shni.nt amounts to nothing mon- than a slap on 

lh«. proverbial wnst The dislnbution of materials 

that constituted adviKacv was immc-diately 

ceased, and the Citi/ens hw Harper an- rt-^uired 

to make sun- all future information distributed 

has proper identtfacatitm 


.JPafas 2-S 



Comroantary^J^ag* • 

Faatiwa*. !*■<• 7 

A « E Paiaa i-t 

Svorta-Tatfas 10-12 

Student Senate 
elections votes are 


Coawwa n tary: 

What Thf Harbni^icr 
thinks lit the 

CaaMaawtary — Pa«a • 

Good to Go album 
by Shanda Brash 
lives up lo name. 


Harper Baseball 

takes two from 
COD in 


^atfas t-t Sportt — Pagas 10-U 

Page 2 


SS Ask your wellness advisor^; ^ 

The Harbinger 
April 12. 1994 


}HU »ldM j by hcaHh cue prot«aMon«fe ami Me ntA nrbiiMl to i 

; ihem in 
M cppew in fttlHM^ 

Q. Ev«y iptW i ftt « M of eoi4-IIV« tymptoau that don't accai io go away. 
(liould I (So* 

r>fi ini* m,< 

t»!ii hull ♦hm miTn tr> 1% 

in raiih aivl 

I. such as the r»»h tr>' 

ie- (eUcf From alfergk" 

1 ntxT.>- 

tpcnt outdoms tu early OKirnui^ and late iitUT«x>n. Keepiof 

a cmiditianmg: avoid mowHiK the lawa* keeping ycwrhointaa 

d l Bt-frw a» pouib^. luwfiHig pets out of the bedrcionv not eatmg certain foods. U you can- 
not oieorwfuiiy avoid the ideigtiv ihm you -nay need t<i twntfol the »ymp«o»n* wtfh med- 
icatiow. There arc many attactive ovgTttie-a>jntef aw t i hi« < Mmin e a and deootnt» it4 

_Howt^ IT jf these do nut woik. yi«i need to comnitt your doctor at>< c>- 

.if t ro atme n t optioRa. 

Senate Elections: The votes are in 


I larper College's annual Wellness Week is April 
13-15. Over .10 health and wellness seminars will 
be featured that week and the majority are free of 
Kiiarge. The breakfast /keynote program on 
Tuesday, April 13 is "TechnoStress, Coping witft 
Technology v^ WORK «a>HOME «'PLAY ' The pre- 
senter. Dr. Michelle Weil, is a recognized expert, 
"^^1 lauthor, consultant and intomational speaker on 
^ jthe subject of fechnoit>gy and stress. Other topics 
featured during wellness week include; 
Ergonomics, Yoga, Pilatcs, Aromatherapy, 
piritual Sea«nity, Humor and Health, Cherishing 
lour Dreams, PMS and Menopause, Healing the 
Heart, Qigong, .'nd Meatless Meals m Minutes. 
Additionally, on Wednesday, April 14 there will 
tiso be a Health Fair with over 60 exhibitors, 
.iomonstrations and services. For more informa- 
tion call Health Services, xt 6268 



Continued from 

VlncMrt* 9m»nm *n« 
bach and lahaa a 

|i, ,■■ 


til LK ,in.i 

trical cngiiv 

t.iifrr.i ■ 

ii<iiii;>-^ ■'■■■ 

getting ini>rc iiiulli lullural 

But the als«i^ 
"t onvmanj; I.Te jdinmi-.' 

■I the studtnl vki 
I'fv p«iwi'r .in>l hi 

Burn in 1 Ik t.riHf in l.i!i- 
March i-r HTM. shi- ,111111 

f^W I i'l-^h SihtKil 


. I -in i»t lllinai-. .\: 

lur V < 

In .• 

, .■n>r 

Kun'- !sMU\l 

I ..iTi Ki h.tti t\^ v\hi!i- * 
h.ivl 11 iniiui-. tl 


in niitn- 

TahlNg a braah f ram h*r 
kiMy achatful*. tu* 
Haxmiarcik. aita d««iFii. 

t in iht' 

Ribbons Walk Harper needs supporters 

■ Stress Busters 

learn intensive techniques to deal with stress at 
the "Stress Busters " seminar on Monday, April 26, 
15JO-7 p.m., Student and Administration Center, 
'A242. Explore coping methods such as time man- 
agement, cognitive restructuring and assertive- 
less. You will also practice relaxation, guided 
inagery and other techniques to help you relax 
. our mind and bod\' 

* Blood Drive 

N M* ar\>n'f just grades, they are alst> blood 

Whatever your bltHxl type, we need it! 

lu BIiKxi Drive, Wi-dn'estiay, April 28, 9 

sttulcnt .imt Ad ministrjlii>n Center, 


•Tai Chi Chuan 

I I' .KM llu- liasKs ot this ancient Chinese discipline 
ii the I.ii Ctii Chuan pn>gram on Thursday, April 
>» 12 I pm, C.iletena Bay 1.37c, Student and 
\diTiinis!r.ition C enter By practicing thi-sc slow, 
precise nnneinents you can reap the benefits of 
increased concentration, balance, vitality and 
' ' I 1 '.;t h an d r educe unwanted stress and anxiety. 

"Alright, let me get this 
straight. You want me to go 

with you to the graveyard 
because Im the chosen one' 
and there are vampires? Right. 
Does Elvis talk to you? Does 
he tell you to do things? Do 
you see spots? 
Okay, so your current boyfriend is 
not Mr, Romance. His idea of a 
good date is going to a graveyard! 
You need a change. Place an ad 
in 7776 Harbinger personal sec- 
tion. You might be able to find 
your Mr. Right Stop by and pick 
up a form at The Harbinger oW\ce, 
room A367. Or call 925 6460. 

I he HarbinRtT 
April 12, 1999 


Pag* 3 

After aO yim luurd work. yM cu afford to be chowgr- 

Think i-;-refully utxnil v.hert' you an' now. and wh«'re you want to be. 
Thfn viu'll kniivfc thai the riicht choicp is RikispvpII I'niversity 

lis n -M'priM' ni.iii> flarpcr ('dllcjff stlllll■Ill^ ir;iiis(iT to 
RooscM ,r \nil with good reason Our DMii 

A^raoanH cntiilfs you to full ii.s«' of Kouscvclt f.n ■ 
activitu-^ ,m\ pro-. ulcMtranntion wht-n son ii.iii-.icr 

Consider thes^" aililHion.ii u lufits 

• Two r.ini(>UM-s ('hi< iiRo and Schaumburj! 

• The Sorttiwfsi , :\ fiiil-scrvii'- iHiiMf^iK 

• -■aM --^ ■ - ■ ^ ^ ^r AS 

lol 1(11, liil." 

V " ■- li : in- ar i >t n nv t ,,i,i^ 

i ,r, ,r.i :iiil ;Hfil Mll(i|iirshl[iS 

■ Chilli irv'.in'j.n^ 

•OCT;!!!!-- Hi 
, . ■•■- l-llui'jti 

,, .!> in iho Chicago atvh 

For ,1 i.rrviiial iraiiMrif Mi,,,tii.i, .il.ui.t our 

finarifial aid ili'M|?iicd • s[>i( iaii\ lor traii>lfr >uidciits .iiul lo meet vmiIi 
the Roijsevpit InivcrMtN Vlv .iisctor at Har[«T ('oljctsf i on the 

dates liSted below > < ill <iu n namiiouri? campus at {M7) SI»-«MO 

R,«wc\ ■!! ,,rrrr. 

, Apffl IS Iteiday, April 20 WidacMta). April 28 

IMW aa - 12HW pa K:M aai - 10:90 am iMpm- 7:00 gm 

[J BaikHagJ BaiMaiJ 



OaCAfiO CAMmii - *X south MWHIGAN AVIMOI. CHICAGO. lUINOB ««» (3U) J4UitS 
SOUUMMjaC CAMPUS - 1*00 NOHTM HOOiCVf IT liVD . SCHAUMSimC. n.UNO« (01 7J mn 6U-8S00 



rhf HarbinRer 
April 12, 1999 

Tax Watch challenges Harper ads 


Ftirnfl DaviJ 

CopptTheld I'av no hnfd 
lo Harry Houdini William 
Huhry and his (jroup, 
Northwml Tax Walch, are 
attempting to perfi>rin a 
trick that will blow thoM 
two away 

They're trying to ir<e a 
small — and quite possibly 
•codentat — advertising 
miMake to make Harper* 
$I24.S millKW referendum 

To this end. Nurthwi^t 
Tm Watch retentiv hU-d in 
offidai complaint with t-H' 
State fkiard i>t FU-ctiorv. 
alleging that Citizens tor 
Harper, a awnmitlee Itw lo 
support and help poM the 
fctrfcndum, vktUted fttate 
electiiMt Uw 

In evdiuating the lase. 
the BtMrd found that 
HarptT h.ui indrtsl broken 
the Ijw which resulted in <i 
restnttmn on distnhut ng 
any currently cvisting 

From here on out, «nv 
int>>rin.ifion coming Ir'in 
Harper must have titi/.'ii-> 
for Harper's name im il 
\ lines »>r a»rKii- 

t .t-n 

tim*' \»tti-nUers 

According to »tale Uw, 
any material advtKating a 
campaign issue must fu- 
ture the name of the parts 
funding the advertiseim nl 

In Harp«'r s case, any 

promotional material ti>r 
the refenmdum must havi' 
the words "paid for by 
Cit«ens for Harper" «om«- 
whete on it. 

These words are con- 
spicuously missing from 
the full page ads taken out 
in Harper's course cata- 
logues, as well as the 
brochures mailed to the 
community emouraging 
people to vole 

Instead, the jnly hint to 
the aowcr of hmding that 
appear* on any of these is 
the return address printed 
i»n them Harper College 

'This inrnp amt is yel 
another issir- t»f question- 
able Harper crtslibility and 
ni>n -com pliant e with the 
rule .'I l.ivs -.av- lluley 
the direiliir .>! Nnrlhwesl 
Tax Watch I ilur H.up.r 
nffmals mipn csrls -.ixmiI 
tri\ I'l iii,iUri,ils 
soliciting vntei supix'rt or 
els*' the law v>,is M.ilated 
when the l »lkxf ^n..i- 
improperlv li-.ted as th. 
source and Clti/ens t. • 
Harper was Urff off " 

What all this means foi 
I lar(H-r .ind its n-ferendui" 
!■- ^Iill uncle. ir Nurthwi'V 
lax Wit.h h.ipetull. 
bell. ill Wad l> 

1m. 'u ^uppi'' 

Harper oftioaK on th. 
other hand, remain mor. 
i>pttmistic "^•■s cards " on 
hand tliev xmtiime ti< prtv 
\'ide supp»rt I »r a retefi'n- 
duni tht-y believe is in the 
best interests of the school 

while delendin>; them- 
selves against Northwest 
Tax Watch 

Harper President Robert 
Breuder is particularK 
opposed to NorAwest Tax 
Watch's actions. 

He tsy* they «« wtoihi 
lor goit^g after the leferen- 
dum as they ate. attd that 
their actions amount to 
rurthing tml grandstanding. 

He also stands strong in 
his belief that none of their 
compUinls have "ment or 

Whether the Board of 
Hiclu'ii -. dension will 
have any bearing cm the 
vote may never b«' knovs n 

But even il the tx-lereiv 
dum fails this year. Bn-uifer 
has elated that Harper 
wiiulif trv It acain next 
V «-ar 

And when thev dn 
Hule\ aiul his RfiHip s,n 
thev II be ready 


Nardiiirv«^b«csuiM you 
know VMM M'^'S- " 
cle«p, dowr, 
you know lliit you 
to cofTW •no wiHb >of 
Even !• . 
deep ini>.jc: 




Full & Part time. Flexible 


on the comer of Golf & 

Roselle Rd, Hoffman 

Estates. Call 

847.884 J.436 and asK 

for the mangpr. 

SunnerJoM Nowr*1nei 
Earn $300 $750 per 
tweek This summer in 
your home hometown. 

Work outdoors. 40 hours 

per weeK management 

opportunities. Apply 

online at 
www.collegecraf t x;om 

or call for an interview at 

College Craft Enterprises. 


Desperately Seetdng 
1 Xochf ( and you krxjw who 
I you are) we miss you! 
Where have you gone? 
We miss the Wednesday 
j nights at Friday's and the 
meaning conversations 
that were held. Please 
' call us and let us know 
•lat ymi are rx>t dead' 
I Xochi, where are you? 


Are you single'' 

Looking tor love'' 

Okay maybe not 

love but a great 

short fling'' 

If not that maybe 



Then this is the 

place for you' 

Come and place a 

personal ad with 

The Harbinger The 

cost IS the same as 

a classified ad. 
which IS S8 Is find- 
ing a date worth SB 
to you? I thought 
so Come to The 
Harbinger and place 
an ad. What will it 

Nothing So that is 
why all of the single 

people will come 
and place a person- 
al ad Stop by the 
office, room A367. 
or give us a call at 
847 925 6460 or xt 
6460. 2906 or 2461. 

BducatHM) Has 

Its Rewaffds. 

imshmj' yiHir degree ' NalKBul-l jhjis I nncrsily 
ha-, ivm scholatsliip (•t\>grams Miiiiing for vtw.* 

AulcMnalic M ii.-i ii^hiriv ..I s/VKi M s(Kl.irr auarded 
to !sludcnI^ > ' Ic- 

semester bimrv 'T ^ qiKUtcl Imhun aim a L;i.ifck 

(xtim a\c'rage ol' V(l iir hctler. and ac tnmslcmi^ 
imoa Naluwul Uhii'. I hui-imk .m-cainpuv, 
umk"rj;r;idij,ilc i.k-v"rix pn '■:< .n;' 

• the HrnefiK 
Rcxipiems ol IhiN viHiifK-tituc VJ MR) '!>>.l««i 
scholarship niusi have a minimum grade piwiM 
ayeragc of V.^. iranstc-rabk- senK-sicr fHwirs of 
60 or ^\ quarter hours and have completed federal 
and stale financial aul p(uce(h»e<c 

■ Rtsimijisn •ppt> lifiMtx) numlnr .* •dailaniyps «v«»l«»ile 

'''' Far tmort imJonmOion caB \. 

I-SSS-NLU-TOOAY (6S»«633). 1 

I W«b "~» "< •*! t^KO"! iitunil u ^wtiw l ingl nl (do J 

National-Louis University 

Downtown ChKogo tvomlon Wh«*on Whwiing Elgin 

Tht Harbinger 
April 12, 1999 


McGinty to b« missod Personals come to Harbinger 

I THtotSMi 


Susan MvA.intv, siudfnl Aclivilu'- 
Assistant, passed away March IT atti-r a six 
and a halt t>attle with carKvr I'ht- avid 
runnrr started at Harper in I'WO arul has 
b«m working in Student Activities tur 14 
1 2 ywrs Sume of her best wurk w.i-n dnoi' 
in the volunteering Held Sh*' >;i>i -.tudiiii-. 
to volunteer r>ol of\ly on eanipii- but mi 
campus as well. EvTm though M^ 
had to leave Harper in NovemtH-r, shi- li)v i-xi 
mming to work and had a few- n\irs with 
p«'rtect attendance. 

"She was an outKom^ permn Mii- had a 
lot of Harper friends," said l>in-cli>t ot 
Student AclivitK-s (eanne Tankanin Ino ol 
these fru-nds. salvia kingsU-v and l\nii« 
Avers«)n, went the ixtr.i miU' fi>r ^u-.m 
They helped arraiim' if.iMsport.itmn li' and 
from themothiT.ipv as »,l! .i- ^ittrn); lari' 
ba?ikets made 

The single mother is survu^^t t^s hit 
daughter lassie Sh«' alsji had tvni jaik 
Russell Itrrurs she will h»- sore l\ missed 

Mm M. WUh 

STAff WtWItfJ 

In Its conhnumg etiortv U' pri> 
^ ide i>nU the best mtvu^s ti<r its 
readers. Hie Harbinger h.)s oin. 
again taken a step m the nghl dirts. 
tii>n Starting in thi'ir Apnl 2i!< edi 
ln'iv Harper Colleges own studi-nt 
ntw -.:-iaper will b»' running personal 
•ids tor Its rtviders 

hor .1 .<iu' timi- ti . 
llariXT student is m 
vide a brief ad in their own vxurjing 
to hi'lp find that .„>iii,,in, 
rheM ads tan not on to 

tmd .■ "■'•■■ ■■ ' ' II. .( !i' 

tind I • ■ •• 

" 'n I'll i rii' llarhm^iT s 

, d new slip to reaih out 

tovur - .Is VM'l! .iv tlr.iu in 

m-wii I' tr\ inj; ti' kisp up 

with .>tlwr lurti'iit publications that 
include p»-rsonals bdilors trom 
other student new<9paper» teU me 

that it IS one ■>! their most popular 
Ic.itiiri-s I hi>pe that it will be the 
s-tnii- htri sdvs t larbinger Editor in 
chief I indse\ Innch I'lus she 
adds. It |ust lisvKs entertaining' 
s.n s I.KultN \d\isor Howard 
SihUissK'rj; I lust told them to go 
with It 

I lu' idea v\ .is tirst inspired bv The 
Dailv Illini the student- run rH'Wspa- 
i^T tor the t nivcrsitv of Illinois. 
' uihIi tirsi lonsidired the idea only 
p.issiinK but grew morv convinced 
ot its mint to the student bodv the 
moa' she considered it .After talking 
to manv students who stmnglv sup- 
ported the idivi sh»- made it a realitv 

While Its stil! uncertain ho» 
manv students will initially respond 
to this ettort Ihe Harbinger staff 
remains lonvinced that, in tlw end. 
this will prove to hv oik' of the best 
thini;s to happen to th*' t^iv\ spajn-r 


oN ThE wEB. 



%^OQ^ t ASH ^©N^ 

toward purchase oi lease 

Ntw 1M§Fw4 

You've hit the books Now it's time to hit the road Ford can help College sefiiors 

and grad students get S400 cash back' toward the purchase or Ford Credit 

Red Carpet Lease of any eligible Ford or Mercury Its acadeinic pocket the cash, 

drive the legend For more College Graduate Purchase Program info, 

caH 1-80&-321 1536 or visit the Web at 

fherc4My ^y 

• MtM. wmmiinwiiliiiiildrij 
Pk, t m m mmmfmf mm ili a in 


1J34B In* 'MV. 



nu- like- 


IiikI .1 

111 iv\ ll.lV lllj.; pi I SI 

nu ^l.iili 

\nil \ I'S. VVI^' .11 !■ 


\(il I 111. I lid 

i-omn to pl.ivo .1 pi .id s(i It 
lll.ivhr ollv d.l\ . II 

M.irliMi Ivr.indn »mII 

Kinu' .ind svvivp nu 

■ ill nu kvi .ukI 

his t.iw 



Ills! m.utH 

hf will 



II mr lull'* 

\\\y.\ 11 

,1\ 111- 1 1 II! 

'!lld 1 

//.i; /if/It, 


OVfll s'. 

hic' M.ii 

Inn l<l ilicti I 


1 1 Ml 1 .11 



1 i'lv 

k u, 

M' .... 1 . 1 1 
\ 1 Mil '1 



our Vi. 

The Harbinger 
April 12, 1994 

Good or Bad? 

With the clock fickitiR, .iiui 
the vote just around the inriur 
The Harbinger must now t.ikf .1 

Ihi' riterendum. which will he 
voted on April 13, is .1 ii.pu u ,■ 
here at the paper h.i\i- nucnvl 
extensiM'U H.isid ,m what 

we've seen and reported, we ve 
learned enough to tell voii 
where we stand mi llu- issu 
I his was not an easy decision 1,1 
make, because with such contro- 
ver<4y and questions surround- 
ing the campaign both on 
campus ,\n^i nil is ^ v\ould be 
remis> m ivjn. rm>; ,in\ sidi' to 
the debate 

There is little doubt in our 
minds that Harper needs the 
money this reterendum wiuiUt 
bring. However, we remain ciuv 
cerned about how well that 
money will be handled, given 
the apparently arbitrary spend- 
ing patterns we've seen thus tar 
Bringing in an interior design 
lirm from halfwa\ aiross the 
ixuntry, repeatedly changing 
i-,unt jobs ,1 necti'ct of li.-ihli,-, 
. • t' V I u u s 1 V 

vv hile new ^ ^ _ 

using or ignoring already-exist 
ing space on campus leaves us 
with a bad taste in our mouth 

However, we do teil that, 
even if the monev isn 1 used m 
the best pi>ssihlr ua\ the hope 
remains that some good will still 
come from the school's increased 
budget. There isn't an organi/a 
tion or class on this campus that 
doesn't need breathing space, 
and the building additions will, 
we can but hope, provide that. 

The Harbinger endorses 
Harpers referendum by princi- 
ple of necessity, but remains 
wary of the powers behind it 

Editorial Board 


I lii?_JJLui> in per 

Acting Editor In Chief.. 

-indsey French 

A&E Editw- 



Sports Editor- 

Lindsey French 


Assistant Sports Editor J^anFreuid 

ftismess Manaeer. Lndsey French 

FacultyAdvlsor Howard SchtossDefg 

Cowley equals controversy 



kiltv Ciiwley k)«» the 
Sludenl Trustee ekvlmii 
Id Rich C^rcia 29 '> to hS 
i 'no might jsk. how 
. tin's s«>mis>ru' nil ,1 h.ill 

\\l-ll, ll-l IIH ll-ll M.ll 

l>n<' gots hall a vole 
w hfn i>n«' livi> per- 
>'Tit ol their voles taken 
.iway tor unethical cam- 
painnmR One ptTccnl 
ol her voli- total ^^.l•, 
subliaclid lor i.uh 

■mpldint tiled b\ 

Hither landidale 
Now what mii;ht 
Miund liki- .1 horrihio 
tafe reallv isn t « li.ii 
killeii the LJt 

The Marp«r I Uilion 
C ommitU-e reveuiJ live 
tormal complainls trom 
other I amtidali-s asamsl 
Kitu Cow lis 

1 li'w . \ 1 r from ihi' 
.iKnf i-iiiiiK.'r'- vm' can 
vi- the s p,rv,.ii( 
did not maki- or bn-jk 
kill\ VVilh less than 
hall her opponents 

>tes It seems shf mtisi 
have damaged In r i im 
paign all on hi r own 
lXJdl\ fnoui;h thiiorn 
plaints were no! iiin 
lilist In her i>pp«)sition 
Init In candidates tor 
olliiT olliies 

I he upset pertained 
to kilty covering and 
n-moving ottn-r landi- 
dattV campaign inalcri 
.lis .Among ihosi' 

sir.ililiiil ,irr Mike 

H loolf I VI' l,lll,tlL|.|t,.) 

I.inu-s sk\los 

il'ri' landidatr) 
.inii Dan Vladigan 
( iriMsurer candidate) all 
niamlain thai llu-ir cam- 
paigns vM-rr sfrioiislv 
Jlliitcd In kiltv s laik 
ol elhiis vonnciti-iJ (o 
the t'ltvtuni 

As il Ihi' destruction 
ol others election mate- 
rials IS not immature 
ermugh, Kitty to .< 
rK»t-sivr»evv low 1 ct iiu- 
evplam Kitty was eitH't- 
oil as Student Senate 
Tn-iidenl last year via 
delaul! Her only oppiv 

ilion disijudliiud 
tor electioneering 

Basil. illy this means 
that her opponi-nl vsas 
ri'moM'd ironi lasi 
\iar s I'.illot because 
she was standing too 
I lose to the balKvl box 
during the election 
lliis IS illegal Bui Kitty 
topped that this year. 
Not only did she stand 
tiHi cli>se to the ballot 
Ki\ (within IS feet), she 
ilso campaigned while 
she stiHid there 

And Kitty. Iving so 
getK-tiHis, not only cam 
paigru-d lor hersell. but 
also tor the candid.ites 
ol other otlices s|i,' 

handed out a list ol i.m 
itiitales ifial she 

belie\ed should be 
voted lor She is a giver 
However the tear is that 
what she gave to one 
she look trom another. 
lames Skyles. who lost 
his nn; did so bv only 
10 votes He attributes 
Kitty's ballot Kix sup- 
port ot Desmond lane 

lo K'uig possibly the 
only reason he lost 
With the vole so cU»se, I 
don t blame him for his 

A list ol Kit 
called student activities 
alM> became a cause lor 
concern. While cam 
paigning Kitty handl^i 
out a long list ol activi 
ties, a portion ol which 
she ni>ver really partii 1 
pated in These include 
WHC M, when- she n-^i 
the news |ust a few 
limes, riie Harbinger, 
when" she did not par- 
ticipate on tlw statt but 
only wrote a li-tler to the 
editor, and Latinos 
Unidos, she went to 
abiHit two mcvtings and 
reportedly only showed 
up to promote hersell 
when she was running 
tor pix-sidenl last year 

Unfortunately, it 
was not Miss towley's 
deducted votes that losi 
her the race, that would 
have somi'liovN been 
more apropos 

What I think: The Referendum 


M.itn people m the pasi iiml presinll h.ive 
asked my opinion on various activities tfiat involve 
or include Harper I have always Ksn able t.> 
answer the i)uc-stions w ith confidence' I have s|,hk1 
behind my beliels whether Ihey have been in the 
miruirity or mH 

The question that I fuve b«-en nxentlv .1 
most IS "what do vou think ol the rvteiei.iu,,,, 
I vervbodv asks me this t|uestiim Students, teach 
ers, administratives, people that I hay e never spo- 
ken to in my life suddenly cart- what 1 think about a 
124 H million dollar rrten-nduni 

Well, here is what I think I think that ihsi reler 
endum had goixl intentions Fverviine and their 
motfver has said that this rvter\-ndum is !<«■ the stu- 
dents You know what' fhey are nght 

rhis IS tor Iht- students who have to sit next to 
cadavers in the bK)k>gy labs This it tor the shjdents 
who's school needs to update their lixhnoloRy 
This goes towards npairs thai desperately need to 
get done. 

Il rams in iwie of the oIlKes here Hopefully if 
the referendum is passed, the ceiling will be fixed. 
«o that hundivds ol files are not ruined 

I hal IS the bright shinev side ol the referendum 
lln-n- IS ar«>ther side That would have to be Dr 

Seriously, this man did not krMiw that the walls, 
not even fify f»"et away from his offic-e, were being 
painted KepeatedIv like twice in the same wivk. 

Is this the same kind of naive additude that he 
uses when he's dealing with the $12-18 million? It 
•I MM have been the same additude that he had 
" hi-n he was dealing with the advertising peopk?. 

Well I hate to say this but if he canm>t handle the 
respimsibilty of a few thousand dollars, how is he 
going to manage 124 S minlliun dollars? How? 

The lad is that I don t trust him I cannot trust a 
man wIki doesn't knKw what is going on in his own 
schiKil I am mcwt cxTtamly iMit going to give a per- 
son that I don t trust $124.8 million. 

I am throfoughly torn on this n?terendum. But 
m tfie end, we need to think of our sc-htx>l We need 
to think of our studenN, present and future 

We need this referendum I may not like the fact 
that it's Dr Breuder calling the shots, but that is the 
way that it is going to be 

I endorse this relerendum, not in support of Dr. 
Breuder, but m support ot my felhw students and 
students ol the future 

Staff Writers and Assistants 

Noel Bago. Sam Hays. Margie Mack 
Alan MinariK LaDavnn Wbodrtrff 

General Policies 

.^-TKi ■"*■'■»*- '* '**"*^«' *~ "> •■ •««*«»• *wil^Wadmn,» 
•i»oem«ion i»fi«»w<e to ti» c»»*M» inrt «« tuWM^J.^ conminitr. 

Tlm Hmt rngK 
IMtan nut t» 
SignMuret WW M 

Mlart 10 Mt •«« M nwn to <M odRorMi. 
»> nckA a i*an> numlar to vwrfy autnoralio. 

upon rww««t M mictt and contant ax aAiact to 

5o««t» wfli^vicM «K«ii»«i », rtw M»*»»w »• not i»<»»»antv 

So«d o» DK»etof». twune* »hou« t» foownJM dwctl* to t»» ■fcwtn^ I 
« pmncMc a* at tra dHcntun or tt» carauiw 

The Harbinger 

William Ramey Harper CoBege 

1200 West Algonquin Road 

Palatne.1 60067 7096 

Rvme NtfTitan: 

business office: 1847)925^460 

news office. (847)925^000x2461 

fax: (847)925-6033 

copyrWit 19Ba Ttie Hart))nger. 
An rt^s reaervwl 

Tht- Harbinger 
April 12. 1999 

Pag* 7 — 

Conference conies from Middle East Advocacy at your doorstep 

bt pr>'sfiili'\l It ll.irpir 

NtiJJ-. ■ 

^■.11 i.. ...... ... ,,.„,-.. 

'lliXi' on tnddv. April J"* 
'><) jtni til 1/V) p m l>ii' 
'lliH|uium iiMlun-^ lour 
i\p»-rt>< im Middle I .islirii 
pjilifits and lulluri' i i.>nti 
nentdl hrcdklast and hultt't 
lunchwn oi Middli' 
f astern disht-s 

Bfginnini; .it ^ a in lotm 
WiHKis l)ir»-il.>r 111 thi- 
L rntiT »iir \1k).1I. I ,i-,t 
^(ikIi. ' r' 'In' L nnrrsi! 
I. hii ^ii;i> will 

I lulirst.indm^ ihv Middle 
( .i'.t sievf lnt,intin>>. who 
I-. Tri'lessor ot Philosophv 
.inJ \!ld etlslem 

I , 11, ,'1,,.,. ,1 ih, I olletfe 
■■d hi- 

-...>.!. .1 ... I". li >ier an 

AmiTiiiiM I oiimil ol 
I >rienlal KfM-aiih );rdnt. will 
present ' Kelij;ion in the 
Middle fast" 

'he paniFl dt«rus^ion on 
t.onlem[H»r.»r\ issm-N, ^vhuh 
Kx'ns .11 1 1 ■' pm. vmII W 
headed b\ |(iurnali>t Monr 
H Kowlev. a rneniK': ot the 
<. hiiaRo Iribune editorial 
Hi'.ird rcsp«insible tor lon'iRn 
Kov\ lev tv rnierK 
i> the Iribune". 

Middle t.l- : .ndeilt 

in Jerusalem and i. airo 
t.hada Talhami who will 
als^t M'r\e a*, a p.iiu-l inenv 

Kr i^ 1 'fi tt, ■-,... 11 . .1 1 '. .liti. ^ ,11 

t ast and .MrK.m I'olitu'. .iml 
V\iim»'n ol ihi' Ihird V\orUt 
She IS alMi editor ot \rab 
Studies Ou-irtetlx and .in 
■luthor ol ihriv biHik..- on 
I i;* pi 

I he .osl o! 
e\ ent Is sXi i nil I ud ill*; meals 
lo rei;isiei, i.ill S4- 'J^s f>Hii«l 
and speiitv .i'uf* number 
I A,An21+-t)i'l t r i.ldition- 
.i! mlorni.i' ' l.irtha 

Sunonsen, s i -. 

New course offers energy saving tips 

ll.irpe- ise on mai(imi/m^ enef]ty En(;i:iei*rinn and .applied leihnolo>;\ 

s.niiu'. Center, un Tuesdav '\pnl 2" inrooniC.U>> 

and im Thursday, April 2*J, in ns.m li\Z^. 
HarjH'i Loile^e IS ollerin>; strategies for Discussions will include strale>;ies tor 

Savins Enerj?)'," a two-day cxiurse which Will saving enerjjv in otfue, industrial and resi- 

ineet from 1:10 to S Vl pm in the »»«nmircow5eonpa(e9 

Picture this: 

Beautiful Italian opera music is blaring from the 

stereo of a white limousine that is making it's way 

down Hollywood Boulevard. 

It stops outside a run-down motel, 

red roses and standing up so that his upper body 

is hanging out of the sunroof. Vivian (Julia 

Roberts) is packing her bags as she hears the 

opera music. Stunned she makes her way to her 

"Vivian! Vivian! Princess Vivian, come down!" 
She laughs as he struggles to get out of the sun- 
roof of his limo. He is on the street running to the 
fire escape that leads up to her apartment. 
"Had to be the top floor, right?" he asks. 
It's the best," she replies laughing. 
"Alright, I'm coming up." 
Being frightened of heights, he sacrifices himself 
for her. He manages to climb to the second floor. 
He opens his arms and she lowers herself into 


"So what happened after he climbed up the tower 

and rescued her?" he asks. 

"She rescues him right back." 

They kiss passionately. 

The credits role. 

Yes, romances like this truly do exist. 

Find yours in The Harbinger personal section. 

Place an ad in The Harbinger for only $8. 

Come and pick up a form in The Harbinger office, 

room A367. 


5.!i»f *i>»nn 

"April n Relerendum to 
Henelit l>iir students Si-nie 
^'uid s.n .iiu M'lt'i'dii 

-'H-d illlinj^.uu'et' .otlld see 
SlUS st.ltt-llli'nt .Is .Ki\Ov.U\ 

Hut tile Harper College 
administration led bv I'r 
KobiTt Breuder dis,if»nv 

The s4vond eiRht wisks 
iiirriiulum k;uide sports i 
lullvolor tnml page with six 
happ\ shim smiling stu- 
dents antl basil allv s.i\s vote 
lor the studen's 1 ii-.iriv ,in 
ail aihoi.ii; 

dum, n.'' "' . ...!.», . ..; 

thriMle! lor Ihi-M' 

stuiieiil^ ."i ..ii.'iv \^*llr vold 
heartli-ss soul and denv our 
vouth an eviuiation 

Well who eares' >iiu 
should It Is illegal lor an 
organi/alion to us.- f.iv 
lunds lo ad\ • ten- 

dum Ihi 

Har|H'r in this ust- i .m tell 
pe\>p!e to vole on ,i retiTi-n- 
dum but not lor .1 reliTen 
dum Ihe question in 

ever\'oni s eves amounts lo 
weather .ir not ihis lonsti- 
i;i!ev ,,,i\ ..I ,. ., Whereas 
iii.iru; Hill tlulev 
ol Northwest lav Watih. 
Marpv-r Iriistei- vaiididates 
Im I'ubiel ,111.1 I'.iiil I. .H>k 

Student Senate President 
and a>-vhair ot th<' students 
lor the Keli'reiidum, stated 
that to her Iviiowlevlge noth- 
ing; the school has done is 
illegal or against anv ivgula- 
tiims Cowley has also said 
that Northwest lax Watch 
has no substance in their 
claims and that thev are 
picking out "minute details 
to make the college look 

Dr Breuder takes the 
same stand, that Northwi-st 
Tax Watvh has basically 
come up dry with real rea- 
sons to cross the referendum 
so they have searched for 
anything that could bo con- 
strued as negative and used 
It Breuder has also men- 
tioned that the Northwc>st 
fan Watch is not iH-arly the 
big tax ftghting organization 
thev souiul to be, comprised 
o* only about half a do/en 
peviple Me savs that their 
tactics have been "grand- 
standing" and thai thev 
have simply thrown out 
<mv thing that could create 
doubt against the reten-n- 
dum a-gardless ot truth or 

s,.veral other printed 
materials have left the same 
question lingering in the 
minds of many One in par- 
ticular IS the tn-told pam- 
phlet that teatuncs the six 
shinv happy smiling stu- 

dents and ..ivs \01 1 in 
l.irge bold letters and is fol- 
lowed with Ihe looter 
Vl^IT lor your ctimmuni- 
tv s luture' ■ This pamphlet 
was onginally paid for by 
I larper, only after qu«">tions 
ol adviHacy arose did 
I. iti/ens tor Harper, a politi- 
lal action gnnip formed to 
supcHirt the passing of the 
reterendurn decide to pick 
up the tab 

Anolhir part ol the con- 
troversy surrounding the 
referendum materials is how 
misleading they tend to be 
Misleading m that almost all 
ol them display Harper 
Colleges return address. 
Ihis could lead one to 
txTieve that the information 
,ind the .ids lor Ihe releren- 
dum are being sent out 
diretiK from Harper and 
lead one' to fvlieve than that 
the i\>Ilege is attempting to 
tv influential in voters' divi- 
sions It the Citi/ens lor 
I l.irper pavs tor something 
to Ih" made and pays tor it to 
be- distnbuted than the infor- 
mation should have the 
Cihzens tor Harper return 
address, which is not liK'ated 
on Ihe I larper campus This 
would clear up any conhi- 
sion about who is distribut- 
ing the supportive informa- 
11. '11 Cour»e catalogues mv 

f. li Willi ,lds inslite e..i .>u! 

I. Ill be scvn as llarj>ei lend 
ing its ofticial support to Ihe 

Some consider any ad to 
tv one ol advvKacy whether 
advixating for or against an 
issue With this in mind it is 
easv to see how one a>uld 
tn-lieve that Harper as an 
institution is using iN publi- 
cations lo support the refer- 
endum Another example of 
Harper using its publica- 
tions to support the referen- 
dum IS The View, Harper's 
new magazine The cover 
has a referendum fcKiter and 
relers lo questions and 
answers available on page 
15. When turning to page 15 
one could find two full 
pages devoted to the refer- 
endum Coveted with fair 
questions, but questions 
only focusing on how bene- 
licial the referendum will be. 
The only mention of the ref- 
erendum not passing talks 
about how detrimental it 
would bv tor the school and 
all the students As if the 
two pages and mention on 
the cover were rH)t enough 
when opening to the fnwt 
page there is an insert with 
our SIX favorite students 
smiling for the referendum, 
and the Presidents message. 
Dr Breuder aiuld not even 
get through four paragraphs 
without mentioning the n-f- 
See (tetarandum on pigB 9 



The Harbin|;er 
April 12. 1999 

Not quite 10 things I ioved about tiiis movie 


William Stukespvare Km twcmiw 
« popular guy laMy Many of hi>. 
works have reorntly bevn madr info 
inovi*?i There )■> HdmUl. with 
Kmneth Brannagh and Kate Wirv.Urt. 
or lh«r iHher vithkhi that ha> Mel 
Gibson a« Hamlet. William 
Stuiapmrti Komto * luliti. <>tamnK 
Claire Omw* and Leonardo 
DiCapno: Muih Ado .Vnthmx. 
a)(am, with Branna^h and Emma 
r>iiimpsi»n. and Htiini V. with yes, 
\ I'u Kues-iml il, Kenneth Bf annagh 

l>ta-re anr alwi at lea^t a hall a'n Sh.ikespeaw baMsl movies 

within the next year 

iJi;;„ 1 MiJyummt" .Viyfcf » 

•'cam, Marring Michelle Pteiler, 
Kevin Klmc and Calista FliK'kKart 

Some have stayed in 
Shakespeare's Elizabethan era while 
others have transferred to modem 
time». The Irrnage trend rK>w is to 
take ttie ancient stones and changt- 
them into modem Mm, as M ihr case 
tMth V\'i//iiim Shfltoprwr'* lUmmv • 
lulurt V\W( Sirfi- Sfiwy, which wa» a 
modemi/ation ol Ki-wkv i- lulul. A 
ThouMiHd Acny. a remake of *>imv 
t«ir. and most tecentlv. 10 Thinys ; 
Hall- Mviii Vi'u 

10 Tiiini}* / Hall- Aivut >i'U is 
based on Shalwipeare s great plav 
Thf Tamm<t nflK- 5liri-:< Xh' pla\ h>i- 

lh« . 

Biarwa t ; ., ul her 

older sister Kate is mame>l Bianca 
and her (alher aa- worri>' *^- -mm' 
Kate ts not the typical tei 

She i» loud. opiniunat<-u «ini .»•< 

wt>rn«"J aKnji tmdin>; ■■ hushand 
Because ol her quKk tongue, she is 
known all over Italy Men actualK 
fear her One man bets anoth 

er that he cant tame the wiKI Kitr 
The other accepts and the Nl i-. mi 
And s«i the stor>' goes 

Instead of taking place in Italv. 

,1 .1Q _ 

lei her kl.itc ti>i she might 

g»"t pri'cndnl. until Kat starts It the 

ision p«>ps up that go«"s 

iitv, Bianta (umps at the 

vti-iun lo go With her 

An enterprising voung man. 
njnved Camenm who is interested 
in HiarHa. gets the idea to pav some- 

■ " - lone to dale her 

'older sister The 
ri'.is.)!! why they 

h,ni to be paid is 
jbecaus«> no one 
iwtll |iivt .i.iic luT 

Is,. •: t 

st»meo! '- 

just .IN rn\ 


luxenile It is specitically ainic-d for 
older tivns and pe«>ple in their early 
twenties. 10 Things / Half Ahi'ut YiiM 
IS \erv funny. At the theatre the 
.ludience was rarely silent The act- 
ing was done very well 

(ulia Stiles portrayed to 
Heath Ledgers Tatrick Verona I 
hope to see tliem painxl up again 
because there definite chemistry 
between the ' » 

A tew of Ih. iri' presi-ntly 

on sitc"<»ms I or instance, loseph 
Cordon-Levitt (the enterprising 
young fellow. Canumm) and Lansa 
Olevnik (the popular, beautiful .ire K>th on ThirJ Rock From 

.tnd .Is (lu^iHis Js tlh S.-J 

near \i 


;i IS ,1 fiigh sihiKJl m 
. ,. .: K ir ... . ■ 
girl v\ht ,»n opinion 1 
thing Her younger sister BLinu, i 
s«»ph<m\i)re, IS ofH> ol th«" mtist popu ^irl- in -tfuN'! * - 

to Jalf iu r htiii.- 

Ihec settle 
on r.itrrck V'enina. 
jthe bad bov ol the 
!schcH>l He then 
frit's to wiH> her 
against her fwn 
will Si at lirst. 
he will ha\e 
inothing to do 
Iwith it 

But lh,\ 

warm up ti» »'.Kh 
(Iter .)N Hiaiu.i 
ates thf nu'si 
'pular ^ii\ in 
sfhiH>l Not the 
enterprising tellow w.ho ume up 
with the idea. And the inovu- n<n 

( ll.ll r. ■. lit II.Mli .. .'.Il .It 

Il Is iiidt-i^t .i ko,h1 Iilm \i»t 
iKularly grown up and not totally 

I Ih- .ukIio visual ni-rd. wh*i was 
Cameron s sidekick, was played 
wonderfully by Cliicaxo Stiiis veteran 
David Krumholf/ Andrew 

Keegans Joey held the nght amount 
v>f concvit as the mi>st popular guy in 
sihiHil and the iKcasional tuK' vKks 
nuKlel Kifgan holds a ntle on both 
s,ir»it/i Hcatiri. as a single dad. and 
Pjrfy (^fiiv. The onlv actor that 
truly was rather bothersome was 
■susan May Pratt Her character was 
kat s best fnend She was a very 
uneven person The c+iaracter kept 
appearing and disappearing and 
really had ivithing to ^Ut with the 

I nvommerMl this hhwh" tor a 
gtHid time, bul not when one is 
•H'anhing for a movie with deep 


II IS showing al ail tiiaior ii>o\ m 
'heatres. AMC Harrington .^t and 
Sony Pictures b«»th offer student 
rates ti>r thos«' who larrv iheir stu- 
dent IDs 

gMM. nkM. (loptMy smart, tnMlwortliy, loyal, thnfty. coraidsfal*, brav*. tolerant, dean. apHtg^^^t. poaMve, oompeNing. 

ekxiuent. special, taalahil, (of) tastelass. tactful, not tacky, peofsia who have the abUy not to eat, 6Hrk or sleep for lor>g, tortg 

^i,. ^ perkxfs ol time. .iss& 

Shanda Brash good to go 


New Ortram has become a 
meiling pot of different music 
One can hear \azi. nHk. blues, 
funk and even folk ivho through- 
out the streets of the French 
tjuarter Shanda Brash's latest 
aOiuin. Cant to C<>, i« a product ot 
this mefting pot. 

Shanda, who grew up n New 
Orleans, is a cUssicallv Irairwd 
musician. She learned liow to 
plav the harp when si e was 
younger Currently, she works 
with chunrh choir* as well a* on 
her solo career 

Her latest effort is a colle<.~tion 
ol driving rhythms Some tra. k 
are straightforward rockers, 
while others have the cvmplicat- 
ed rhythms ot )i2i and funk The 
electric guitars have a strong 
presence on the record, as do the 
drums They are what set the 
mood for each track The way in 
which the drums and guitar inter- 
act help Shanda set the nnood tor 
her deep lyrus. 

ti l— Ja Braahia covar ot iMr 
lataat rataaa*. 

s.h.uKla s lyric's deal with real 
Issues and real people This 
makes her songs easy to relate tii 
and thus easy to listen to. The 
topics pusti the envelope of pop 
music They range fnwn alco- 
holism fc domestic violence 
However Shanda realizes this 
and IS not going to back away 

from It 

M\ songs arv intens.' she 
plairUy statc-d 

She really hiKtks the listener 
.» ith her voice Its .Alanis 
VIorrissette with a tinge ot 
S>uthern drawl II has j i.|ualit\ 
whiih makes the listener pay 
attention to eyen word this 
makes her messages even clearer 
Ml hough she has the makings 
titernatiimal pop star, the 
il, .1 lintnev Spears, she refuses 
the urge to go with the main- 
stream It k.-eps her musi, brutal 
U hom-st and the listener can tell 
As close to her roots 
latest tT"> fn»m Shanda 
Hr.ish diH-sn t haye any Top 40 
sinj;k^ I here are iu> y kKs»s play- 
ing on M r\ Hmceyer, there is a 
great colledion of rt>ck, blues, 
(a//, and funk Ihis lack of popu- 
larity doesn t btither Shanda 
She's making honest music with a 
great beat and a real message In 
today's age of glitzy pop, this is 
very nsky territory few Shanda 
However »he is very brash. 

An Art Exhibit 
comes to Harper 

Kebecca Keller. 
I larper College's art 
curator proudly 
anivmnccs that the 
college's 22nd 

.Annual National 
.\rt txhibitum. 

Small Works," will 
be held April "i 
through May I ' 
am to 4 .W p in . 
Monday through 
Friday, in the- new 
exhibition space, 
riKim (.201, in the 
Neyy Student 

•services and Art 
C enter formerly 
known as Building 

While Harper's 
annual exhibition 
was formerly limit- 
ed to print and 
drawing, this year's 
exhibition has been 
opened to all media, 

including painting, 
sculpture and textile 

Over SIX) entries 
were received fn)m 
all over the United 

TTie result is a 
diverse and exciting 
>ollection of the 
works of over 50 
artists selected by 
Mary Dritschel, 
exhibited installa- 
tion artist and 
sculptor, and Peggy 
tXiherty, Director of 
the Northern IllirMns 
University Art 


For additional 
information regard- 
ing the exhibition, 
please call Rebecca 
Keller at 

M7 925.6336 

The \ larbinniT 
April 12, itVi 



Page 9 ^ 

Who are the Citizens for Harper? 

Mam t. m wri l i 
•toff Writsr 

Amidst all lh« ado over 
Harptrr's advertising o( their 
referendum (he name 
Citi/en-. tor Vlarper has 
Clime to the front. It seems 
their name hasn't been 
prominent enough thus fat 
and that they need to make 
their presence better known. 
But the question still 
remains, who exactly are the 
Citizetw for Harper' 

The answer to this one is 
not as easily tracked down 
as it would first appeai A 
search on the World Wide 
Web under llliruns election 
organizations pnivides us 
with a couple ot names 
Chairman Al Shapiro and 
Treasurer Charlene C'hnstin 
At least one of these names 
rings familiar - Chnstin is an 
emplovif ol the business 
office hea' al Harper This 
leads one to wonder 
whether Shapin> might als<> 
have some involvement 
with the schixil beyond his 
heading up a committiv to 
proimile the reten-ndum 

Other pe«»ple asstKiated 
with Harper have put in 
their time, as well Trustee 

Dorolh\ Kris ilowjni 
says she also works with the 
OTKanizatoon to promote the 
referendum, although her 
time s volunteered to the 
cauae. There are also Harper 
faculty who have given 
greatly, making phone calls 
and sending e-mails, asking 
students past and present 
lor their support 

One can hardly pass 
through the halls without 
seeing another sign ot 
Harper's assoaatiin with 
Citi/ens for Harper "x't up 
in many of the buildings are 
tables m.inra»d bv 'students 
tor the Kelerendum 

Whether thexo students 
know It or not this .ire at 
least m part doiii>; Umsork 
that also tails n Mith 
(. iti/ens tor ILirp'-r Ihe 
brochures on their table m 
tad, are the s.inie ones that 
recentiv led to th.- 
complaint tiled against 

Manv ot the tinamial back- 
ers lor the >;n)up cMuld be 
tound |ust as close to home 
as lis staff and supporters 
Most obviously ■ .ilthounh 
hardh the only ex. mple i-. 
the moni-\ thtit i.ine dirett 
ly trom llarp«T sources 

Individual stati members 
•.t.irtmK as high in positKW 
as Harper President Dr 
Robert Breuder and from 
such areas as the offices of 
academic affairs and enroll- 
ment matvagemeni all made 
personal ciwitributions to 
Citizens for Harper. 

Also lending their tup- 
port to the cause is a gnnip 
familiar to the Harper cam- 
pus I^at Architects have 
had iKXasHinal involvement 
in building projects for the 
schiKil over the past 15 
years They are (oined in 
Iheir contributions by 
Pepper C •vn'«truction 

Company vvho, it might be 
assumed, lould come to a 
comfortable lonstruction 
contrail il Ihe reteiendum 

Ihev say yi>u can |udge 
someone b\ the iompany 
thev kts'p Anil u ith .i-^ho*.! 
.lies like I ej;jl Anhitcits 
Pi'pper Construe lion 

Comp<in\ .irui Harper 
College iNell llieie - no 
doubt that t iti/ens lor 
Harp^T Is all (or the releivn- 
dum, when your backers 
•.land to benelil trom a vote. 
It only makes sens«' thai you 
would suppiTl that vote 

New energy saving course 

CwnmuKl fiom oafe '' 
dential buildings 

Participants will be intni- 
duced to energy data and 
priang, in addition to elec- 
trical deregulation and its 
impact on the end us«r. 

S(i.iii-i,;u-- !.■ VIS.- I- ith lifthl- 
ing, heating and air condi 
tionifig wtll be expkwed, as 
well as how to calculate 
et»ergy savings and retnv 
fittiTtg costs. Both facility 
managers and the r»~.idential 
consumer will b -netit bv 

learning; how to ni.ixinH/e 
cniinv s.uings 

tuition IS $^5 per person. 
$*) after April 20 Handout 
matenals are included in Ihe 
registration fee To register, 
call M7 oiS.mX). 



Staady, Part-Time Jobs • $8,S&-$9.S0/Hour 

1 1 IMi^ Mk ■<« MMW Man#l t i 

• 01 

• 3-ta«SHa 





|l»tL1— « W I H 



2461. 2906, 6460 

Referendum: Advocacy 

Continued from page 7 

>et another example of 
HarCHT using its resources to 
support the relerendum is 
the Harper College web 

.Again our lavorile su 
happy shiny smiling stu- 
denK who could bear to let 
them down' 

Ab»<ve arv seyeral exam- 
ples ol how Harper has useil 
Its resources to supCHirt the 
relerenihnn It s4>.'in^ t>* b»' a 
kind ot 

I,.,. ,n,., '.;-> :i;, ..„i,j.v,- ■,. 
nuikt up re.ilily .i-. In goes 
The excuses have been made 

and Harper is the wonder- 
land of impartiality. If they 
sav the one sided constant 
promotional ads are not 
advcKacy, iki one is going to 
tell them different. 

Whether or not the 
ads, constant messagts, the 
pins the teachers wear, the 
flashing messages o.i the 
ilectronic school sign, the 
phoiH- calls and "yes cards", 
the soliciting c-mail and all 
the other propaganda actu- 
> leRalK constitute adviv 
or not It would tn* 
Li.t?iki-i\ i-M-n .1 blind 
monkey would not env!su>n 
them as |ust that. 


Access Co(ie: 





NOnilWROOK 1 5j? ' 

^JOB ® 

3346 ^^• 

*"-' I 

• OinifHitrr Animacmn 

• GriphK Design 

Xll Institute of Art- 

• Muliimcdia 


• InirrHir tV-stfll 

lOfW f\iu Drivr 

• Ftshiuo Marhctng 
ai Managrment* 



• Ti^diMwi l>fMgn' 


.A(ipan-I f untM 

Vtiit ©nr utititti at 
hitp » » « ili.i Ml 1 itii 

1.800.3^1 .Vi50 

^ Page 10 

The Harbinger 
April 12, 1999 

liciiard C. Kobe 


Harper College Trustee 

Chair, lW7-Pre*enl 

Mm r > » n «i< tuiirilUp Is: 

• ^ll■'(llm« t |vil«Knl hii>l|<M 

• Mjim^iainj pnMlrn) (utxt huljuv f 

• li»ii»«Mi! ihc I , Jleg, , Hunt iUlni| it> \4 1 

' CiMar 4f«r,Wilr rducmua » ail 

MhI fllUltCMlK 

fiwMk. h>li wadniMollir 

liiikrcoin-MMii> RKlunlKalirhwkMtiaiiivcin 
»<Mi> Cli*, Xkrm CWi MiHMK Locfc ChiUmi . 

I ^<rl jiMh^ icnii iiii UK H«|)n c.iilr; ■ l< 
M» one arwiuif Mr lUK (mo itnuiid lu iki crfK .i 
' '"■*° nxAMv lu iwlw a viaantMiai w «MI fitbi 
to HHper CoMifc M) <«r«(ik>ai;rrftninltainv rtprnrnir hhI 

irf *» «m. I MTwul » S.ipnwiM<fc« . ■( ►(.»« SchmJ IMirvi : 1 1 
*"»«■> yean imM mv nnnrmm m I will I hive (MRicifMin) m 
"■ " y *'li*ilics hrfiVT and Mint m> n 'tif i 'm tl . and 

' lla: Hapn c ci«c|( Bwnluf Tnnwn 

aiBJi ■» (H. «! oneH* ,«», u( «r>M ,,,*, fcai I 
*rM|%a CMmMnt an Ikr BoaN lAiprl fuak of a (sabKnl 
Mr<Md|mlnakiiitftiatamn IV B.>n> ako n»ed «> «.») 

■—»inA.I .iiinMaiw.aM<| ri i M— >j a<«taiM 
uf ikr CoMriir ^ cui-ilMi flnanal -iinuiiiiiai I ckwol Ok 
ttc»nak%f ('•nniiHi AaiMi i w nlii mmm mtif , nwin »«« 
*«*"ital> »fc«i. aKi t"* »ir lahcf mcmtir^ «< Mk EkKwl tmtra 
■<|fc— <fatau»Mi<tiMia»d»n»»minr ictntwlwri "'i im m 
•e nrAnnihm hreaww una itincal nenl t4 Ok Ct^ktgt H»^ 
r<*r »i»«a«inMaaMmM> imwcc »« nwil«piicum« 

Kris Noward 


Harper C'ollef(e Trustee 

Chair. 1982-1988 

Han fiwMt4 SaMMTt fer: 

' ^ veal < t»llcj!r t(-vhn((k»tr> upfradr 

• SfNU and c^iuifmiiriH nonit t>ud> 

• B ii tan ttd hudjti 

• Mm aiM«nu/cd Irammf (m aira raiflluyco 

• Pnifemnaal Anekrfmtm uppmnaiim fc» (a>:uln and «MT 

• ll«pB<y»uC(|tiiW nkKanoul mdxil 

DMUmt Ruilnib and iMMmMi 

• nrrmr m a fix dh ac«iwiuMt waMW 
" '^ ' ii-l vcMo (la-Uiecw 
' ' • ami niutpfnriM U> 

■ •mwnl 

I" Iht v«>miTiunrt>. Kn\ I4imanl h 

S»<nh»f >l ( .•mmunitv HrahVaf. 

"«ii«)i»r« -'WU. RcHJUi« tc«ci l.« il« l.ijrMv 

ami nalM?na)l> im ( mtI Sc4iy(i. t4 dv I S A 

» tn<trpr i< an iKifaandHlf atMTl Ui Un u oji m . ^^i 
• in Ihr nnliiarM '.utaiftH *c muM keep n xccxkiMc 
Mvir 111 the ihanfinf nlwaliiinal nenfe ii| an 
> d»m« |iii|«i)al>«n TV oiys in wlwll »t icaiil 
aKi km. the u^iimnti ncrdnj hx nMmRtain. and iht 
CT u mi i M i m nin wafc »e ik« liavt a» cliMgtd m ilir Vi ,,af. 
•Ma MtipB <•» hMMM Ejdiyar.<nR|>r<f>lc^iii.>Mi,. 
cMicl»lte*RiDa*na-«c««niit*nF«>cm Hatpn 
acnh lo (ir nadt (w ilnn 

I an a hmf timr rrsideM oj Haipn <> di«lrxl and Nave Md 
tradnxhip pniiwin^ Ml a wale fanfe of iiimmunii\ -fyantritiCTlii 
I brllr>r I am m WtiiM wdii Ihr tan^yrrs and uudrMii iwtm mt 
•many inr and ikr umri »hi> hrarfH Inw. ihr CnHrfr A» a 
n *««inain*«wtnw««» and fcrmriBoald Chan tin ««»»«». 
I Iwini rucpnMil r>|imrn>r I Ka>c hrrn .mc >il ihiiv »(«. 
|W»* all J iMAcrAip fr« Hafpri « dr\ rkipnimt mbij Limimunilv 
iiuMfi wteck ih fcc-nfni/Al nalhauIN Iw atadrntK i.'«ir»rnir 
a"d«»0*«K» In iccimg rcrlrtiMm 1 wdldrviar m> iimc Md 
rlfcm HI mikMf HaqirT CiMIr^ <• wo nxm- niil«landin( 

Proven. Experienced. Commined 

AiheniNcmem paid (or by vxiluntarv Cn.k C.ums Cllc.. Ic.Kh.r. Inum (Of>F .un.nhu.ions trum 
Harper C olletrc Faculu and HarfX-r Collej.u- I'rclcsM.mal Uvhnical hmplovees 

The HarbinRer 
April 12. W9 

Ha wk!!^ Sports 

P»»ell «. 


BASEBALL: Hawks win doubloheader — ^ ajM^ 

at home against College of DuPage uamj^u^ 

Mike f"-*'i>vnki 1. Mike Milaaa© 1 Grand 

cortir*i«d 'ram pagf 12 ('•>•*" "' ' l»'f 'ila Ion: 

with i M^ui Hingk- »•' "- "^uWw m Ilit-y hni^-d » tv^ 

tolUmed wuh J w ili K i«iw>ri>.k.i n'a«.h»'U liv n 

iwi eiwr dnd Mih r. - ..ilfd « Mn«lf Ui Mt k^-l t. 

*nd culkxted t\' ■•H 

M.C.a>»/vn».ki iv-t-Mxiih ' 

and Inn .idiied ,« ■.inf;lf ti> ruhi ,iml 
rtl orw KBl MiU//i> idd»-d rh.- Hn.»! n 
miiirv, with a blcx»p Mnnk> tf riRhl 

lo 1JIV»' t^>«-\ks .1 1 • "^ \ !. ti - 
doilbll'lll.ivi- . 

LHirmK i>ut 
eked lo tht "•ui«i\ •>»!»--. i-i i >«rtiii«. ;■• 

Kdnd\ Ui I pii>!i.u 
l.d fh«- Mjwk- iiul i'.i^t-l' 
(l.irpf unli-rtunit.-l. 

,h, hf .in..! 
I h, (!.ink,% n.>i 
\U>iiJj\ \pnl !-th 

,J H 


UI Hi 'I ! Ull»li» 1^ 

"T**" Nick Troy 1, Dennis Moort 


, , Rich GaszvnVi ? Mike Caszvnki 2. Mike 
1. h,N hut !- Milazzo 2. 

VVl' lar.Hl AnJ.?rson. LP: N/ A 



ON H CHilLi SPMHi Oft'^ 


OH".- Ml 4 JOST A 

««ATC»4lMO * C»AI«f. 
l^flUT I W*$ vioMOtKWtoj 




•Quote of llM WMk: Harper baseball scuruiset^pui Mr utu on 

the two victories over conference foe College of DuPage "We 

realty dkJ a good )ob today and I'm proud of each of our ath- 

tctpe; Thr»y d»d « r^rrt^r nnofl job " 

•Harper Sports Quote of the Week Ryan Freund on the 

baseball games against College of DuPage Thank God that 

guy hit the grand slam its too cold yo!" 

•Hait)in9*r Athlete of the Week: Harper baseball outfielder 

Mike Milazzo who hit a grand slam against the DuPage 

Chaparrals to win the game Milazzo finished the game with 

6 RBls and was only a triple away from completing the cycle. 

Softball looks to improve 

. OOOM!'. tM«T*S A 
" TOU&HY- MAYS! Ikl 
A count OF DCCAlXS 
OR td.WHErJ -thC 
» ftEFEK&NOUl^ 


' TO VOTE 7 


Ihv H...- 

liviMt-n I h.i't .\i\\ 

Itl.l M'. ■> 

le join 
our sports 
staff at 
We are nonf 
tions for 
all posi- 
tions in 

Hawk Sports 

i.ii7f*^^BTi -lift, I flBSiiiiHsNiy'ffsgi 

i»iiiMiaiMniUbiiiwiiihiiii£iHi5iiiBMr' ■ 

Track and Field burns up the competition 



fUrpiT \ Trjik .mil I 
and nothing !<■ slowing ': 

tt4rp«rr Ntir^t moct i>l ttn >«.i-aiii v\ri>.i>ii M^uh 
: , al the Wlwdton InviU- Iwi-nlvthrnf sifwmls 
(Mrtiop.ilisi in this Irn it< .imJ m.iiu •>) ttuin v in 

I LirptT s mtTi tmish*si m ! ' luK ilu' 

womi-n finislu-d in IH pUcv 
Si'an Ci'lom.iii finished in liuirth pl.u. ir 
ll»)M. with d rum- ..I II V VVhiU- All Am.r ., 
^hjnmm MtNanur.i lini<«htKl m ftth [vldiLc in (hi 
-HUM, with i time ul Which w i^ 1.,k.J 
«TM>uKh to t|udlih tiw Nation,* Is 
Trao I>»«>i'k- particifNited m the H(»»M ami tm- 
ishts) in "Jth plate she h*J time til 2 1!< SS, wSith 
na>i giKHl em>ut;h to qualiK' liir NatHmal> •Xni.K 
Ranwl hnished with a time ot 2lC »M. ami wd<. 
al>Mi a NatHinal Oualitiei as well 
Hiran I'alel hnivhed in 7th plate in ilu triple 
lump, with a lump i>( 1 1 87m 

Matt Carson tompetevi in the hi^h lunip -\ ith 
a lump ot h 2 

Whith ^•'•H.i enou);h Xo qu.ilit\ t,'i 

*^f*pn'Hii. (,u/ iiti.tli' 

CtHxl ennutih lv>r ,i ninth platv finish 
Mar^ena ItslaTi/N t p. "■-•!.. i ■•■> H place in the di-. 
lus and quahtied = - with .i ihrow ..t 

II >» 

Sfjn \1.l ..» h.ii! .ilsiY qti.fliliid liu- 
Nationals as well with .i (hmw <»t 1«» 71 
litlrt-H/yk alsii >.]ualitKii Iit the Nationals m ilu 

uelm as well 

she tame in Uth plan mth i II 
' raig C.inn tinished in lourth> wiii> 

I IM II and the throw was gisxl f^ 
,jii iN:-. '•■ ■> I": -'i.iK as well 

\t,ir 1 > • hi-d m four!' i ! 

>» huh 
lie mil- 
sophomon- chris i 

"nd pl.ue in the I 

lohn > ,, , ' ! in l?th pi. in 

which alsoeametl him a hid tor lh< \ ^ 

M,- lini^he.l III I ni.i,' ..I hi U 

^fh .1 lump 

which w.r- iu^in»\ lur s.itMMf.iis 

S ,m c .•!. mdtree, Thad Boston 

,irul l>iH'i> Mi'k rtere nieiiilTersol ihi- i^ 
I he 4t4t)lln-lav team also iju 

"Vm very happy with the 
results we been getting," 
but we want to accom- 
plish a lot more." 

" head coach Renee 

. total timeol 1:>i«V> 
'tiletes Irom this team w.n i ..i| .i-- 
I'l'lu^. l"ar-' 
A wnrk lai< 

traveled to KoineovilU l>i |'.<iti. ip.ii. , 
l hitaijoland t hampionship 

I he ineri -. le.ini Imi-vlied in sih pi.i. i .'iil 
iither ••* htmli 

'^•an ( oleman KtahNtl a '♦th pl-^ 
lllttM with .1 time ol III! .n. 
N.lth'rl.iiN .Is well 

k.\ rtl 1 .l.-.-^,,!! lin.>,lu ,i in ,1 1 I 

1.1 Iri 
: the 




Which wj „ - ; enoufth to quality 
MitAvhan had a thfvw ot 126'5" and jermaine 
• 'tmj; als<i had a throw ot tl'ld " 

Ikith are pcTsonal ttvord-. 
lounK '•''*' •""''• ''''' '" ^^' Iwinine'- with a throw 
ol ll'i'9". whk'h was gfxid enou>:h to t|ualitv ti>r 

vHMiittei.1 tor Nationals as 
1, with a throw ol 107 S 
son look 1st place in the IH'II with a time nt 

I ,a|Msii,.ni- .Hso l.s.k Isi pi. I,, m the 41)1111 lot 
■ ■ llawis as wiHI. with a In linth 

i.i.ilitied Nationals as well 

I. eorRacopolus finished in lllh well with 
,1 lime 111 hi in 

WhKli w ii>U);h to v{uaiit\ lor 


I arsi.n also ti»ik a -"th pl.ue finish in the lonj; 
liiinp as well 

He had lump ot 2il H' and qualified for 
Nationals with that |ump 

The 4*4tl(>m Kelav team ttxik home 7th place, 
with a limeol ■l:2« M»* 

LapastJotH', .And\ Kainel I, arson .irut Brain 
Schumacher, was all part ol this itani 

In the lOlk Ron I ansdown took IIHh pl.ue w ith 
I timeot 4=«4'*4I. 

Iliran I'atel finished in 12th place in the triple 

He had a |unip ol W 4 
NiphomoR- Heather Voegeli smashtJ her persjin- 
.11 reiord in the shot put, with .i throw ol ?v'7 

1 ishan tisik home 12th p 

■I I il,...,, . .. i ^ ; ,, 

to quaht\ lor 

I'olus Brahhe.l llh pl.i. ilhlon with 

■ -tal i»l 4»)17 p'lnl- 
Im vfr\' happ\ 
iin^, ' said head cnach Keiiee /ellnei 

But we want to arconiplish a lot n i i 
• rH-»f Irack an' '.-.ill he th. 

ii|uette InvitatHT 

It will K' held in MiUv.nO. I Ul It will start 
.11 iiii<i> a m 

Hawks take two from DuPage 



slsettaii tram fust isk c 

life IS good tor the Harper I on 
tiasehall team 

rhe Hawks (7-11 1 expkided tor a total oi 2S runs, while only allowing a 
iotjil ol se\en ruivs The Hawks also out hit ttw C haparrals 2S to 12 and the 
Hawks also hit a total ol thrw honwnins. to i; >.e Ih. Hawks a sw«vp ot th« 
diHihleheader on .^pril ftlh 

In, the first game CtX) scorml the lirst run ol the- gam«-. hut the- Hawks 
answered right back with two runs ot thi'ir own Ru+i ( .as/ynsVi lead ott 
with a walk and his hf»>fher Mike l*as/vnski als.> v\ . k I nn 

smashed a triple allowing Kith bn<thers to score 

Vlike Mila/j'o addtti a single to score Tro>. to give the- Hawks Vl lead 
ciH) tit^l it up in the thifd inning, but the Hawks answered nght back with 
sn runs in the K>ttom ot the third, to open this game wide open. 

Troy led ott the third inning with a bunt single and MilAzzoadiliEd a dou- 
Wr to !*ore Truv |o»h Stubbs smashed a double to store Mila//o lustm Bell 
reached on an ernir bv the t (>r> shortstop and R I »)s/vnski adde<l .i sini;te 

,iiiu I...II1VIIU Khis ,M iuis/wiski smashed a two run home run oyer tlye 
lell held wall, to jtive the Hawks a commaivding 9-1 lead 

In the bottom ol the litth Inning, the Haw ks w anltnl to enforce the slaugh 
ter rule and they dnl Mike Smolka lead off with a walk, lollowcsl by K di'ubli \1\nski addtxJ a double and Iroy was HHI' 
Loading up Iht* tor Mike Mila^/oaivd he delivered a grand slam and the 
win ,is the Hawks wc>n 1S4 

Ihe Hawks took an early 2 n lead oyer CkH), but the Chaparrals 
answered back with a twii run homer by Kichard Hamilton 

In the bottom ot Ihe third, the Hawks answen-d back with two run homer 
In I rot To giye the Hawks a 4-2 lead 

Ihe next inning latvd better lor the Hawks Ko\ I'edi-rson and Smolka 
b<>th lead ott with walks Dennis MiNtre cracked a double to eolith to RBIs 
M added a double as well and collcvted one RBI To give the 
Hawks H-T lead, after lour innings ot play 

The Hawks once acain enforced the s|aiij;hter nile Ptnlerson lead ott 

see BASeBMi. uri oafc 1 1 

by caNtag MT-tZt-MOO it 24«1 or atop ky tiM offio* to tte ttwtont wd Administration Contar. AS«T. 

Mm. ^ 

The Harbiiififer 

I ti ■ i ■ I li J r (I 1- r . M I I K ^ ,• €^^y 

• ralatin*. Illlneis 

XXX • 

11» i> »tW«t,ltt» 

Harper speech team takes seventh place 

AIM E. MtMrik|HT ^ sjxviti It .iiii ii.p. : . > 
tup K'rm (his vodr I be -a-.i^ 
marki>d with luturv atltr victm , .imu 
jvachtil Its pinrui'k- April II -lb at thi- 
Phi Kho I'l Commumtv 
Colk'Rf Sp,-,-4li Xmi IH'b.tli' 
Tourndmenl in Milw.uikiv \\i^ 
I'lacinK in tht-ir hishcsl iv.r ilu 
HjirptT si]uavi tinisht-vl 7th overall mil 
ot 71 compi-titiirs and t«-atumt II 
spf«.i"h*"s m thf tinaN 

rhi' htghli>;hl\ ni ilic iiMin ^ 
ishminl'- .,1111.' m lv\i' i;iil'<l 

mi-dal v\tiinii i; |T<rti>rm.inn' 
HaKrki>m rivfufd hrr gold Uu lut 
IntorinaliVf Speakinjj pn-srntatmn. 
■id ron\ Mr >li'k alM) not a nuld in 
n>s«' Ki-adin)* nn-M.' two sfnivht-^ 
k-d a niund i>( nutslanding pt-rtii 
manu". overall, intluding a siU. : 
iiu'dal. alvi won b\ \1n iiik and Icn 
hron/f mtxiaU 

With such iiTipr»~>sivi- nsulK it is 
ru.ii.,n.l.., .1, . ihisistht bt-si Harper 
•i \atKinaK For the 

111 -, ,■, V ,.. -, .. lal vears. tht- sp<N>ih 
Ir.iin s siandiiiK has btvn in the lop 
I. Ml S'V.nlh pl.Ki- »(.iiip,iri-s tjuit.- 

ihfv lo i;t(i lasi 
!i>v>u- Ml to Uth plan- 

>l iIh 

Immy Mrelah acc«|Ha M* goM 

Klot. Viui sime llir\ pl.ued within 
the lop eight, thev were able to take 
home the brimye, an award they had- 
n t K-lorv Kvn able to aihieve 

Loach lett Tr/yb^io is «Titn.*nwly 
pleasi-d with th«-sf results He went 
into \ationals with the rimI ot bR-ak- 
mg lh«? top 10, and he descnbed the 
moment he heani their ranking as the 
best dav ot his tauir 

Although the team was dealt a 
slight bUiw when long-term rival 
I olloge ol tJul'age ti«>k first place 
overall, I'r/Nbylo shows no lack of 
enthusiasm for w I-. it 1 1 up. t uound 
Sep S p— t i l on page 

Referendum denied, Harper Reacts 

I Hay* 


The mtamous llarpiT ret 
rrvndum has finally tailed 
Whik- I'f.Ul cih/ensot the : '. 
communities eligible to vol«' 
did "to attirmativelv, 2hn7S 
voted dKairK>t the tan ranr 

rhe*>S; p»-r <.l(»l.ll<K).<t 
hiime value stvms to bv li«> 
high a price tor the titi/ens oi 
the Harper Ci-llege lltsi^ 
7ht n'terendum. di"signn; 
raise montry tor the expan 
sion and needi-d a-novations 
ot Harper's aging phvsual 
plant will be put on hold il i-. 
expected that the releren 
dum, or something askiuLi in 
moiH'V tot"i\i 
sum and renovath'. 
will rvsurtace next \ . 

The student and imcui i . 
leactnins var\ gn-atlv "Ha. it 
blew up in |l)r Breuder s| 
face." s,ns,\ studt nt k ho also 
mentioned li 
Harper iiisl 

Others simpK Jmi t un .nui 
are ruil sh\ in s.nmn s,. !r i- 
very disappim ' 
asked an alam 
stuvlenis did iH't even knot\ 
that a reteretidum existi d 

liana Kmll i>\l< 

il and VVHCM 
manager rep»>rtedU (umpivl 
up and down » I'H ■:}•■•■ i> I" " 

-Fags 2 

NMitiiWateli fmf t 

CwMBMitary Paf • 4 

Claasifla^ Pag* f 

AAI Tagat 

•pmt* »ma 7-9 

she found out the referen- 
dum had not pass»>il Kroll 
srtid she thinks that l)r 
Breuder sh«>uld have sup- 
fxirti'd (he n-ferendum more 
in the diaition ol the stu- 
£lenl:s as opposed to making 
it limply a colkrge expansum 
to compete with olli. 

•vt,lllH*K S.|,,. s,|\ , Ih.l' 

made it about nialenals 
instead o( people Who iouli.1 
.ifijiir (ha('' ■.Indents talked li' 
s,ik1 tt'K"\ Wilt unn* T\. .1 id. it 
il.. nterenduni tailed, how 
I'verviWH' in this catego 
., .idmitted to not voting 
Clinstina Awad stated that 
she believes that the ri'ten 
dum would have done m. 
i;i«>d than bad, an.l In ■ 
irund I u[X' Saivh«v sn~ !»■ 
thinks ptxtpk* art- (Usi .lu -p 
\I«H Bet/ whovoteil, s.u ^ In 
inted II didn I pas-, 
inks fhat if woiil-l 
haveli«-n ginnl : 
and file stiideni 

Ha It blew up in |l)r 
Breuder 's| face." savs a stu- 
dent who also mentioned 
that he likes Harper |u<>t 
the way il is, 

r.iwei I'Mtek :; 

Hai|->»'r student, w.i^ n.u 

happy the referendum taiU-vt 

tated that he does not 

e that the sih.iol did 

tlKit K»b in prop^'rly mtorm 

mg students about tht det.iiK 

I'.ini Tulet 


HarpiT student 

turned pltivwright. 

••• Paga 2 

s.iys If takes moa- than a sign 
on a wall » ith the word refer- 
endum to inltirm people 
about whal the ai lual issue at 
hand is He K-lieves p^^>ple 
don t care because most 
aren't here long tenn. that 
pts ipli i » niu- arul ^o so *.] 1 1 1 . k 

'Education l« paramount to 
a community "-Patti 

would K- i;oi>d tor tin loni 

PI thtrtk tt^t the 
I did their job actu- 
brminglha stu- 
aboul what the 
id'jm was, 
'^^>atsrs arant enough.'- 
t'awel Pia'.dk. Harper 

Whi:. II- dra.«iti- 

calK ,1,! lit remains 

■' ilerendum 

' 'd. ,il 

We knew him 
Dave Grelck 

;■' In- u 


,pp..,nl,,i , '.■■ .- 
worki-it \i'r\ ii.ird to 

• Ivlds 


ti.m I 
.i.m ■ 

'■ iuliiiii had 

,.<• tiT i;r. ,it con- 

1 iin uspeciallv 

i knnu what If was) 

. ' !. r,T 

Ts and fai- 
ults will fade not to sav anv- 
il. ■.•. .1- I. i,t\ 1,1 kilt .tiivonc 

out all par* 


^ The Final Vote 

Hi^rper College's SI 24.8 

■"""■'-'""' million referendum 

1 duv.itti>n Is,i 

Mumi.' \.i j 

wortli i 

A ll.iip- ,n,l 

she think-- ,tiiiP 





Sln*ssBusters and 

Therapeutic Chair 


Brad Kacah 

I ',n Id C.reick has bei-n 
vMiting plays, screenplay* 
land sf»in«~. since the seventh 
Igrade Hi^ .itnbitirin m life is 
..invritcf and 
avent pn>|ect 
ihe IS uorkirig on is a play 
Mtitled CraiefiirJ Brij^ifs atiJ 
\lhf Itertial Haltlr Hflzfern 
Cmtii and I itl After two 
years of wnting, a-vismg and 
casting. L>iii.cft'fi/ Hrji-^'v is 
ready to fake on an audience 
I had the opportunifv to talk 
fo Daxe about Ins pla\ and 
fiitua* ambitions 

(J What inspired you to 
write lhi« play? 

,\ The play is based on actu- 
jal events in mv life 
Q, How long did il lake to 

Ihe first draft ttnik thav 
■nths and the st-cond draft 
took one- week Most of it 
v\ as w nffi'n in the wcv houni 
k»t the morninc 
JQ. How did Mill cast the 

|A ■ r . " ' knew 

who I thought would be 
good in the parts if they 
would like to do it It actual- 
Iv worked out very well, 
1 \er\boil\ - p.irt MTmml fo 


iV Mac urtii Men 
comes to Harper. 

J fc 

••• Page • 

Harper latJ^ 
Softball defeats 
Rock Valley 



■'•f • • tports- 

^aga 7-g 

Page 2 

CaMa M g e S li surm 

The fiarbinger 
April 26, 1999 

Dave Greick: Student by day, playwright by night 

Continued from page 1 

fit th«-m I vd>.t thf pU\ bi'ron' iht- 

nrwrihp and wh»-n the wntin); iht- mx- 

tind dratt, I wrote if fi< tit flw pHtpie 

pldymg Ihem 

Q. Has anyone evn Kottrn angry for 

you usinfc Ihem a« a charactrr? 

A. t*. plentv 111 ptDplf onlv 

makes it mori- tun I dm umi.iII\ Ifn 

mam cKaracler whf n I wrilt- and I do 

pfcpnt\' 1)1 -itupid thinR> Why should 

I co%t"r up lor other people s bv mal>- 

in(5 them anv lev* ilupid thdn itu-'' 

Q. Where do you do mo<l of your 


A. In da** while I should K' pa\ ini; 

attention It's S4> easy to Iikus on 

wrniethinft irther than vou .irv 

supposed to be learning 

Q. Who is the b«*l iudgc <rf yam* 


A. My high sthtn*! iriMfivc v\ntin^ 

teacher and mv best tnend Incia 

Those are the two people who never 

fail to tell me when my work sucks 

and in the same respect, manage to 

tell me when it is tompletelv pertoct 

Q. After the read-through of 

Crawford Briggs. a few people con- 

ilnictively criticized certain aspects. 

How do you re»pond to criticism? 

A I thrive on cntuism Whenever I 

give someiww something to ri'ad, I 
always expivt pages ol noKs. because 
I retus,- to K'lii'M' jnvthins I 
have written is withoui i.iul' Vnd it 
I'm nt>t told about it. I < it ' 

Wln-n I don t get t ,, ^ . .,. ; 
picmus that ihi-, an- iiisi sp.inn>; my 

Q. What writer Is) have inftuciKed 
you the mmit? 

A Mephen King, sli>r\ vmm- I ,<m 
anisianlly ama/eil .it Stephen king s 
ability to 1-onst.intK put m-w ivMsts 
into an old genre 
Vrt-enwriter Ke\ tn 
Smith and playwright 
I )ayid Mamel tor help 
mg me w nte dialogue 
Q. What one movie 
stands out in your 
mind as having the 
most meaning in your 

A. Ltff It Beautiful It 
was able to lake a tairy 
tale sti>ry and atlaeh te 
ime of the most horri- 
fying eients in history 
and we were still able 
to laugh 

Q. As far as your 

goes, what do you hope to accom- 

A I w.jnl 1.1 K' dihlefi' S.V It the things 
I find .iinusing and inlenMing, other 
(X'ople will find .IS well 1 would liki' 
to get the rn.inlnA m.iking stjge 
Ml 1 i.m (;o spioiheri; ■% rnule .ind 
m.ike the storii-s truly 
Hmu-thmg to me 

Q. Why do you want to b« a film- 

•\ Ive .ilw.iys been t<iscmated with 
the Ijit .1 film lould make some- 

one cry It's ama/ing that stimethmg 
that exists solely on celluloid could 
have sucli an impact >m s«>met)ne 
Writing IS a profession like nime 
other It s like giving people divams 
M.iny people consider writing as a 
hol'tn Hor Daye Ca'Ick. this is a 
Lirm-r I m sure in the rK>t too distant 
future we will be- sitting in a movie 
theatre watching a David Greick 
movie and we will be able to say we 
knew him wht*n 

We'll help get you there. 

•'" '■' ■•.*ii>ng ^ji •jeec socms Ime an m-ipossijie task 

-. n-....\: f'-»eyoul0Bttti«loOI»vOune«»tDHBi(*in»(|0« 
V5111 -if' 'v\« 'I '«■(> oet yo»i there tv 

• pRwidhia aducMlan oppottunMn wWi tuWon aMiMama 

• MttfaMiing iMdwship ikMi lor a pramWns lutun 
« p wpa rt ng you tor a caraar In M» 

vu cm awn up to SB.OOO anistmeni Donus, d voj quality So. 
t vai'-e betvvB**' tt* ages o» Tr-27 - ca* It tUAMMf 
MMMGH tnanvrformatianpadiBlorvtsn 

ttw Ac Base at wwnw.airilotcaeam 

Corrections and clarifications 

In our April 12 issue \\,- reporli-vi 

'H t i'y\' iidenf senate- 

''>'" I"* -. U'\ y\ .IS niis- 

ken for ColUvn lummak. who rjin for 

k ice prt-sident ilurinj; the Iwr-^W schtK>l 

year. Thi* Harhm^vr a'>;n'ts any errors or 

pn>blems this ni.n i.uisid 

If mere'' 


IMIU tilllS. 

'•Kpor.nor. We are looliing loi tur 
1 p«e!eoiat3te individuals to be por 

hPltoMI orxl «>S«Wl %MtHM It 

. OfiO ir?iiuLj'<- 'toit;.p^(toir..f I fee 
'••="• ■■■•''-.. cjytcwnenl i music opMonoi lo< Oj ■ 
^" '" • M " •%-■ t during Du'iriesi noui; tc ml 



Wr fl^vr opernn^-s <i< l\i .'n<l ami 
Ird itiill l(if yu«i ' I Ajfu-nllv trrkiiiK 
Ifur killoMniiit uKti%'uhMK 1. n wnnnwr 
Iwlp Ml lli^r ( Jiiil Stifjni jful wr« 
***l>tiitMi> .irrjb 



• MAIVnj^ANCr 

• rscKKHN 

• tic KIRS 

• I.VIWY U Vi.l « M 

ft«l Sr-i K7«7 IliiK.! Offl..- 

bW)(<i7-n7N7 s.j(n-rvill,- (Wh r 

(N lax rrsiinir i. . 

6»«7S "HXIS 

Education Has 

Its Rewards. 

• MulfiiTvet.lij 

• Inufior IKsitii 

• l-j'.hiun M.irkii.i,.; 
\ .M anjiji ITH nt ' 

• fashion IVyign* 

' r*ufcrs«M < n ia rtl iii .miy M Clw «. 

Viiil Mrr u rhult jl 
bitp:// WW « .ilia, ait.cdu 

■ '■IXim.m' .iv..inli',l 

'K Kim (wye .1 iiuiuinuni of Si lr;inslei,iliU 
iiitirs Of "5 quiiiter houis .iiid h praik' 
'I '0 or fx,-llcr. .ind jk (ransfrnitiL' 
I .'iii^ I tii\trsju <M) campus. 

• /''. fir HI J:„ f.'t . \{ iii'Uii sluf 

kivipienis lit ihis ciimpi'iiliye <.2..S<I>-v^.()f)() 
>i fuilarshiii must have a iiiininiuiii jradc ptnrM 
.oeiute 111 < *■. iranslenihlc scnK"slci hours of 
'ill (If 'it) miurt».-r houi^ ami hau' comply leJ Icdi-ral 
inil state lm;«iii.i! ,nd prixvdiirrs 

K. « ,.iN, 

I- or nntrr infitrmalinn caU 


W«b wikiM .'» «(lu i ^no*f rWs»tnJo#'wti»«Lr>9 1 nl sdw 

National-Louis University 

Downtown Chicogo Ewonslon Whoolon Wt w iing Etgin 

**0mmMmm U m m an »« 

iriliirfl IV NM M»* C«aMrf «M 

TV Hdrbingrr 
April 26, 1994 

Page 3 

Risky business. 

i'LifB and busmtss are nsky. 
Why not tram fof career th^'s a sure thmg7 

Anniiuivini; R.«^r».-lt I in\<i-<lt\ '» iwx. drgRV pragTBi" m Mril llMiyiMMt, 
■MMMM* Mitf ftaMOM ttnin* thmnH IXiradbtLmdmUH liiii.ii.. : 
mnnifiolilMi ma. h'« « dcRfOe iIhI wiB hrm inrii-aiinii ttniuml m l*« agn 
■aumn a tradnihiu nitr in llw AJhai unuruMe mafiM|ilarr 

• c;m h v!n MiiK inarintiaii, mamiBHnriU. fiibincr. 
roinnmick, lui ouuid^inrut <jui imutamrr 

• ( iiiiii invaliMblr rxp.— — "• '"'• r imnrctmiw wMi pMd mi<-">«t''>" *« i"«- 
I orjx II niHHM <ucti ii> / I icaM, Kemipn, M«iin>» : 

• Ma-iii 'li' kti' x'ov. lupammdu'' >.tiiii(MUuas. 
■ ^ui(t\ 01 rntm nur LhHii§f> oi ;«diMiniblHX camptun 

• (>« the cmMl ■<nm dnnvr trMi aut HraMOii* cttdii Ifinalr-r polit \ 
CrMI m ttMfay fur mxT mtunnanun u imji Uwapi campu* 

New For Fall 1999 

Speech: Team places at Nationals 

ContniM from pofe 1 

up "TIht** w«-nf i»nl\ two 

(itlut stluHil- tri>m lUiniM'. 

nhuh pliUi'd in th " '" 

hf p<>inti\l out I'i 
>H>ulhi'.i-'t llliniii-. In 

re-m^ininn <.omp»'litiiin 

nidinlv Irom t aliturni.). 

l'r/ybvU> de<tcnbed as "very 
impn-ssive " 

With <ill fhi'ir lompoli- 
Imns iwrr. thi- NjHith loam 
<..)n tinally nrUx. And with 
all ihiir n-cent suiTi~is, it's 
relaxation that !■. wrll- 




Leam intensive strew nuuuipnnent trchniques to maxtmiic 
your coping "ikilU trom Student L>e\'elopment Counsektr 
Andy Howe. TWo programs will be available. Monday, 
April 26, 5:30-7 p.m.. Student / Administration Ceniei; 
A242a and Tuesday. May 4. 11 a.m.-12J0 pjn., Math and 
tfeahh Cimm Centet. D115. 

•Bload Drive 

Donating blood can fave a UM Pksaae give during the Blood 
Drive, Wednesday, April 28, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 
Student/' Administratian C'entet A242a 


Hetb Bamett will teach you the basics of tM* andent 
Chinese discipline on Thursday, April 29, 12-1 p.m„ 
Student/ Administration Center, Cafeteria Bay, A137c. Tai 
Cy Cfanan can benefit both mind and body and is helpful in 
ii w p i W f ti i g concentration ai«d inacMtaig 
vttaHty and flexibility 

BibbwM Walk Harper 

He^ laiM money for the folknving causes: HIV/AIDS^ 

Canorr and Child Abuse. Participate in the Wbbom 

WUk Harper on SuTKlay. May 2 at Harper CoUege FormoiK 

informabon call Student Activities, xt (6*2 or HeaMt' 

etra's $5 Pass 

ummEO RioES 

all weekend long! 

\ Metra's Weekend Pass can save you 

$10 on the purchase of an IN<ard 

membership, check out 

or call 847-673-3703 for details. 

Page 4 


The Harbinger 
April 26, 1W9 

Our Vl«w 

When did Harper 
go Hallmark? 

while ri'tiirnini; t.i H.irpci .ittor 
lunch i>ni' day v\ t- iintni'vl tho 
HarpiT Flower Shtip I el, it 
ed; I collect Beanie Babies, .ind 
usudllv flower shops ei^iial 
Bi'.iii u -. 

I iinniedialU di.i^j^ed mv lei 
low staff member to the Hower 
Shop Ready to shi^^ll out possible 
biR bucks to add to mv pri/ed col- 
lect imi I was .idmitted!\- k;idd\ 

We walked to the small flower 
shop located in Buildmf; V and 
entered the small building. My 
anticipation i;rew The metal gate- 
like dour v\.is (.lo'-i'J with a pad 
lock accompanied bv a "we're 
open, just in another rot)m. ccime 
get us if you need anvthinR" si>;n 
We could see the Beanies in the 
locked room and decided to hunt 
tor the key hi>lder 

After finding a small group ot 
women mu' of whom offered to 
help us, we trailed back in the 
direction of the locked room As I 
entered the small shop and scur- 
ried towards the Beanie bins I 
noticed a sign The sii;n b.isn.ilh 

s.iul if you W.IIU one .11 til. •.. n.\> 

Beanies you bd\e t<> lni\ iliii e ..i 
the old. We were appalled Why 
would our Harper shop have such 
a horrible policy' The woman 
helping us was n ce but would 
not reconsider \\i tried I'xpKun 
ing that the shop was losing 
money, because I would have 
probably dropped i lose to .i huti 
dred dollars 

\\i- don't think that the small 
Harper flower shop should take 
the position of making if difficult 
for students (or anvone) to spend 
monev there Huge corporate 
stoi, V h.i\ , -., t limits on till- cumi - 
ber ot Beanies you could pur- 
chase, but come on. Harper: give 
the students a break Who do \ou 
think vou are' Hallmark^ 

Editorial Board 

The Harhinjijer 

Acting Eclitof tn Owf inOsey French 

A4E Editor- 

Jofm TiHotson 

Sports Editor . 

Kevn Shefihe 

Assistant Sports Editor J»yanFreurul 

Busffwss Manager iindsey French 

Faculty Advisor. Howiard Schlossterg 


l>, I ilil..t 

The ffarbiniser tia ' 
cult timr pr»iluiini; : 
nrwspaper using «>nly >IuJ. ; 
vaiunlrffs. and th»v ar* l» b' 
iommi.'ndfJ tor lfi«-ir hisril 
w»>rk ttitwcver. \hv\ m.i.l. 
MRniliCJnl iTror in ihr l.i~' 
i*sut*'«' siorv I'rt-^-. 1 .vnl. 
IntffrruptrJ In s, h.vt 
Olficiah ' 

The uriltT .illjjt.J ilui ilic 
H*rpirr AJmtm-^trJilion vi.aIjI-. 
ttif ri^t>l> 1*1 pt'*»plv ti« j-^scmhli 
tin iAmpus. but fhi« is nul iiti.- 
l>urinK Itio pjsl yvat ilonr 
llitrpi-r Collrgt- has Allow. 
ns«- of First Amt-ndmrnl jnj 
C«>nsttlutiondl nKKl-* t>v owt 
K^'i rit.liv Ktii.ils jnd iTki-tni/*- 

I fuve 4lt«nil<sJ Hjrpirf •» a part Imu- 
stuiiont hir ovirr eif!;hl veArs nom Iti 
ihiv* ,-ii(hl xejrs I ■ 
pk' pass (tinnigti ' 

f'lsiplt' tnyvn all rat*-* si,-es .m.l 
stupes. vMh p«Ts«n unHiur and sis-kinR 
ttir KnimU'i)^, lo ihjmgrthrtr 

I LimsuliT (nvs*'li lu*k\ u.h,ivrftnind 
Marpw CulleKi' AHct a •«•» lull tmi. |. .!>. 
»!»•«»• I was passnt bv iimsisUnllv b> 
m»lv i;r.)dualt'd iiillegf sludt-nts. I 
disidv-d thai I nnslt-d .l vli.m.. Id b«' 
vinwotn' loi), a cfwinci? I. 

Supportini; tin st-ll i. T. 

.iwan- It* tfvi 
M..1V I 111.. 

I|U.I>, tli.b^ 

diNwraMsi 111 ! 

' • ■ .>;..'r jppn'CMifd' 

■> w trthtT aimmunitv 
..■.'. ^.^ l.itutin,; .11[H-T Th»- 
.•th.r lolkfirsdid m.'I ..ti<-i ih. . \I,•nsl^,■ 
«■vfnm)^s^h.^ ' ' '■ Ihf 
«wily il.iss«- ihi' 

l-vcnin^s fc\»tf .111 .j:ki ,. tfw I nj;iistl 

ottrrmss S> ihssIU-ss In sav, I was vm 
happv to N' ablr to allmd I iarptM^ whm I 
movtsi into ttir Xottinan fslatrs arva 

I nr\>-r itHuiiibl thai I would anom 
plish tin tlirnns ihat llarpvr ha* hdp«l 
mt; jthu'M" ! r\',iii/c iK.d .iL-ht ^ is . 
l«ion Unv to spen.! 
k-sr but It was ib- 

aHord (o go and I w*» only abU i.i i.iki 
.MM" Of \wo classes a sft'tTwstt^r 

rhniutsh Harjsr I li.iM- i. .irn. ; 
spvak flui-nt whi. ti u . 
p»>sitii>n with an inlvrnathNul airlinr I 
partiopati-d in manv of Harprr » Clut". 
and ocgant/alions I h.ivi- btwn to 
Fumpt'. Michigan. V\.islitii.; DC and I t«v« h«m a r 

turns who havr rcqufslrd 
access lu our campus and stu 
tint% rolicirs rF)tardin); 
I'.'litical Campaigning i>n 

t .iiiipu^ .ind ^'[)istribulion i>t 
t itcr.tluri' .ind "L'sv <»f Vabli^s 
• Display Space" arp long- 
inding and well known on 
mpus, and are prominently 
iiured in publications like 
I lie Student 
Handbook I>,il.b..,.k 

M .per enituira);es ihe e*er- 
free speecti and assem- 
. . lui lhat doesn't mean 
groups arc allowed to barge 
i.i., . I ., ii.iy without a reser 
'ke It over On 
:. _ htoup inlenlionalU 

vttilaled College policies in an 
.itleniei 1.1 ilraw atlenlum to 
Ih. rnd unt.irtunaieK 

iwss niaitagt*r and a sts-rt.tar\ I ! 
sen-^ of self ».»rth that I have n. i 

Ihe Harbinger fell into their 
trap A Vice President was 
forced into asking the group to 
leave If she had NUT enforced 
Ihe Colleges policy, then 
Harper would have lost it's 
future legal ability U> deter- 
mine the lime and location 
where groups may gather, so 
that It does not interfere with 
elassro»>ms .tn.l ill.- educational 
prot ess 

If an indivuliial or group 
wants to gather on Harper s 
campus they may reserve 
spaee in advance in Ihe same 
manner .is others who wish to 
dii so 1 ti,tnk \ ini 

le.inne r.inkanin 

Dire.liir nt suij.'ni \.ii\ili,. 

tl H.1S t.i, ■ \f,irs .Kul iii.nn 

answer that age tild 
1.1 >.ni want to be when 
N.iu >;r>ii> uy' I have leam«si through 
my expenencr working at I'uWk Safety 
and attending M:veral science courses 
that I want to help pts>ple, to bi- able to 
make a ditfereruv in ani>lfu*f person's 
lite that IS why 1 am going to be attend- 
ing the Harper C olleg*' \iirsing I'rogram 
in 1<«4 

Har|H'r C ollege is .i msded insliluluin 
in our commuiiiU I am sure lhat I am 
not Ihe i»nh perMW »\hiv<- life has been 
.hanged by Harper !>««• to iIh- rapid 
. cpaiiswHi 111 Ih.' cimimunilv populatuMi 
..lid Itu lintiUsJ classnmiit space il Is Alt 
iitult for liarprt to continue to offer 
enough classes lo serve tf>e expanding 
sfudenl body Students wait outside 
s«>melimes as earlv as 3 a m in order to 
gel a rvgisfralum card llut will enable 
ihem • . . .(in ihe liinil.-.t l.)|. sn 

ence i 

Harper imikin ■ nut rmuh 

of the factlilH-s ar. •I's,.|,.|i i,, 

the rapid changes in ine . urreni employ 
mem i.xfustrH-s We i»vd to follow th«' 
tivnd and offiT mo«' pnigrams lo fulfill 
Ihe nts-ds .if emplovws and students 
ll'i-'-MT rwetfs lo grow aUmg side our 
unity and not fall bi-hind the times 
■.I J.its not e«pafu1 and update its 
-ten our iommunii\ ^ tutur.' 
will Ix' let down 
jse support th«. rvfi-n-ndum. in Ihe 
t ot Hilary (.Union, It lakes a vil- 
lage lo raise a child ' and it takes Harper 
lo offit iIm- ovmmunilv a place Ici acturvr 
a dream 

- C hiis|i,in \st.l.'\ 

t^ould like toTIiank the 
■n students wfni voted 
tn favor of the Harper 
building referendum and 
abo tho!«e who supported 
our reelection to the Hoard 
of Tmsfees 
We assure vou that we will 
continue lo work diligently 
to keep Harpc-r a college 
which otters you high c]ual- 
iity education leading to a 
Successful transfer or to a 
satisfying catviT We will 
also make every effort to 
find the means to upgrade 
and expand the campus s*» iroyvded t>n\i outdated 
classrooms will K' replansl 
with modem facilities. 
I'lease know that the Board 
of Trustees wanN to hear 
your ideas and concerns 
Nou can communicate these 
thniugh your elecled repre- 
M-ntative, the Student 
i Trustee, who can be 
la-ached thniugh the 
IStudenf Adi^ilus (Iff ice in 
iBuilding \ the 

lAdminisfration and 

jstudent t enter. 


Richard c kol/e 
BiMrd of Trustees 
Kris Howard 
Via- Chaimnaa 
iktaid of Trustees 

Staff Writors and Assistants 

Noei Bago, Sam Flays 

Brad Kacsfx Alan Minank 

Special to The Harbinger. DesiDond Lane 

Oonoral Pollclos 

nm HmlmtKi i» tw ttialmii. putnicatian for tiw HwiMif CoMgt c«<vui commmty 

CUiilMiM bi wMkly tfwauWnui llw iiawol |Mr mcapt duni« no^^ 
•Mm* Tfw iMpw IS (MirJwMa) fiM lo aH ttudcnlK. taoMi •»! aitn«»tr«iaa 
r»w NmomtK't MM) pinxnA i* to prmide Pw »xjm nwnmunn y «,tti infomwtion 
penamini lo t»i» cirwjimnu itnurrounarn: 


ne tttrtmum mmtmu mxm% to the fc.tor and. nwuvk lo av Mitotwik. Utter* 
f^uitt M tiffiM ail mckcMi * pfion* runlMM lo verify autmrufw. SiffiMm* mu IM 
wittinpkt uDon niqueikl All mim*. and .-..ntfwi m- stilfKi to Miti'% 


Piixxjc-t* mo wmnem aaum'^m,. ... ...f .wt«.«tT «» rax iiMmsaniy andorsmi oy 

trw <4it<y« ai tni* (MpM. >w iiy tM coMfi «»nnMraiMn w aMW of Oin)ct<ir«, 
iniu«iM ihouu tie fonMMM dmKtiy to tt» aiMMiMr. «d al iMctMam im M 
tf« dracfMion of tf» contunM' 

The Hartinger 

William Rainey Harper College 

12(.Xi West Algonquin Road 

Palatine IL 60067 7098 


Dusmess office: 8479256460 

ney»s office: 847.925.6000 i(t2461 

fax: 847.925.6033 

copyri0it 1990, The Hartsmger. 

Thi' H.»rbin>;or 
April 2i>, 1<»W 




'••(W**! Ifitjumik .^Liii -, ■wfcf*^** 

AlUr all ywu bard work, you ran anbrd to he rhocMy. 

Think fari-fiiii. 

!|.il;st(i III 

. ., Uujil .' 

• Tw" (.iinpiisi'^ 

• Th.- N 


' ■■ . ;iml 

• .\luri- tlaililiit' I li^>''> ni.tii >' 

• Kveninj? itml wwkfwl prograiu . 

• Stmliiit In F.ywtitivf fmuram 


MCT I III .11 

,.. itirnim>{ari> 

' ■--■ ■■'-"■■■-, IP 

nmvfiiK'iii till"'- Kill' I IV (ithfr unm-iNit;. 

i-",,r i !"•' 'ii.i .■\,ihi,ilti)ii. iii'.ii- mtui; I imr 

f,! .',\ U't ir.ii 

Ihf HlXIM'VI'll ! M'.iIMU \i|llil^M"il ■ ii 

da' !.m>;.an,|..i>j! (847)619-8600 

HfeMlacwiay. April 28 
$m p« ' 7:00 pa 




SO1MJMa0(MitAMfl«-1«00N0IITHI»C)OifVtUBl.Vt). KMAUMBURC ilUNOft «Oin (»47)6I*«00 

«mw roowvelt rdu 

^ % 

Page 6 

Arts %aEntertalnment 

Thi- Harbinger 
April 26, 1<»99 

The tale Of Mice and Men comes to Harper 


Hiry want 

Th.\ want t. 

t-veryunr Km ilre*in» 
S4«in»'th»ng with theit lif«- 
thinr nichf 

Harper* U«e»« pUy priHluitntn, if Mky 
and Mm. lelK the tale oi two such dnfamw*. 

TTh- storv chronicle-* hnjr Jay- in the live* 
of CeorRe and Lennie. two men whti div*m 
ot one dav st.irtinR their invn farm when* ihev 
will raitf raM>lt^. and their adventure^ ihi a 
ranch They come to this randi lor work, but 
It seem* they cannot e^ape canflkls with the 
people o< the anta The •aory ikiwly %h«ms 
h«>w jII that tht-w- men had hopt-d tor nIowIv 
(ade* jwav 

The cast ol tharact»T. include C.ei>rRe and 

leimie. the two dnttcr- t andv and C uriey, 

«i al>m work on th«' r.iiwh. arut Mini it" 

. in whM.-h cautes th.- mo^t tnnible tor it.. 

two dreamer. 

The play whuh wa^. vNtittiii hv John 
Strinbeck. i* bemn Jiretted bv Harper Sp»>ech 
and Theater frntesMtr Laura ("uImi 

The play will bi- p»-rtormed April ?*. W. 
and May 1 at nm pm and May at ; IW pm 
\ll perlorrnances will be in the IHam.i I ab 
I beral Arts tenter, LIW. 

Ttciets MK $7 for Haffwr students anl i.u 
uitv. $« for all other xtud'-" '"■* ^'* '»' C< n 
eral admissMW For ni4>i 'ii i.-ntait 

thtB.'\(.XfK« al'<;'^hli>' 

Exotic India comes to Harper 

■iftcm. to it« HumNBBt 

In celebration o< Aiaan and 
Pacific Islander Mi>ntK the 
biduin and Pakistani Student 
AMOciation held its first 
annual "India Nite" on April 
Ih at r p m in the Student 
C enter of Building A. 

India Niti- was spcmitored 
by the Office of Multicultural 
Affairs, wh»i is alsti pn-»-nt 
inf? a Chinese danc* sfuvw 
case on May 12. also in 
Building A 

luanita Ba%slet adviMir to 
thi- Indian and Pakistani stu 
dent as..,»«~i.iii«>ii v\ .Is I'Xiitf.! 

bv tl 

he l«'lt It woulJ l»> ' 
ii.i..h the ciwnmumtv at lai*. 
families and situlents ii> ha\ c 
an evening {showing. 

The event was K>th mt. 
eitting aiwl e>nting, to mi- .in 
example of tlw airunint of tal 
ent that we h.ive here at 
Harper and the communitv 
involviim-nt. which was evi- 
dent in the over W tKkets 


Itu- ilaKiratc haikdti'p 
was of a black and gold Taj 
Mahal, which was masterly 
ir«'altd In iliri-e students, 
Krishna I'atel and Alen and 
l.alsinh Rathod 

IVervoming a few techni- 
cal difficulties, the studi-nts 
prol»"ssionally gathered 

themselves to pal on <nw of 
ihr K-st shows in a win 1' 

IS*- vv»-nt ifTtKitKsi 

,^>\S W lltltl Jls[-K.\ . O 

1 1 traditHmat costume* in 

tsriiiiant colors adorn with 
various beading and design. 


"job security 
« endl; 

Mus tllr point ' Pmii xmi II rnis» .ml .-ii lodav » hcrtiisi |.>l> 
market InformaiBm r«hnoU)g» In (ml iJ..- numbrr -.t v-lr^ 
n evpectrd to double by iOINi 

H«il l»>en-'% Hill mill- li> catch II " 

Ciiplw ttlWM —* ItttemmmitBmtmm titmmMm IimHi 

..1 ih. K-~)-.>i;ll( iiofi»il» *"■• ' ' '(■'■' ■ ■ 

I ind fnjl Ivi.vv ' tlir 

■■ dtgilal te\- 


ivrMil- ir 

Can Now to Registar 
Summer Sessiofis 
Begitt May 22 



■\k il.iiHc miinN-rs 
^' -nt baiuls .iiul 

\ iiik;iiii>;tll ol the slw>w .1 memorable duet by 
Mithun langututm and Uma 
Kana A ctwwd-pleasing act 
1 .ill.-d I. ullural Clash brought 
together merengue ai>d Iradi 
tional Indian dance, per- 
formed to a thumping bi-al 

I*urvi Patel, the Pivstdenl 
of the Indian and Pakistani 
Student Association, credits 
tfw success of the sluiw to the 
feelings and desires of the 
lOudenN working to mak*- it 
the accomplishrm-ni it sv as 

Th.". ■■''■ ' *■' ' Kct a 



Lifeguard /pool attefxlant. 

Top pay, no expenertce 
needed, wtll tram art\ cer 

tify. Call 630 850 7777 

Growing Mobile DJ& 

Production company, look 
ing tor fua motivated, pre 
sentable indivKJuals to be 

part time dtsc jockeys. 
j tectvucians and event 

support staff. Wteekend 

and availability and reli- 
i able transportation 
' required. ExpenefKC is a 

bonus. We can provide 
I equipment and rrxjsic for 

DJs Call 847.590.5845 
for info. 

gnrat and sfii>uldn I miss the 
opportunity wh«-n it iniws 
around again 



Er^oy working with cfiil 

dren. with games, acting 

and music. Especially with 

Spanisfi and sign lan- 
guage ttackground. Exec. 
Salary, reliable references 
for children's party bust 
ness. Call Tobi at 

seeks otherls) for non 

committed exploits. Must 

like to "party" into the 

wee hours of the night, 

have a good sense of 

humor, partial intelligence 

and kids, unfortunately. 

looks count. 


"Do I make you homy, 
baby? Yeah. Do ir 

WHCM DJ looking for a 

SWF. smoking a plus. 

Nymphs welcome. 


Bad Kitty (SWF) ISO 

fantasy fulfilling SM in 

their early 20s. Humor 

and intelligence a must. 

Attitude required. 


Psychotic but hannless DJ 
seeks SWF for compare 
lonship. Nympfios wel- 
come. Some intelligence 
requifed. Green eyes a 
must. Students associat 
ed with supposedly dead 
political figures need not 

Slightly twisted blonde 

SF ISO SM.edfly twenties 
Needs to be a film buff, 
non smoker and have a 
warped sense of humor 


ties. Good girl with a tiad 
side. Must like alternative 
music arxl going to con 
certs. Partying and danc- 
ing a must. 

SWF ISO SM with same 

interests: hardcore alter 

attve punk. Must be 18 - 

nwl20'5. Other hobbtes 

(fKlude parties, hanging 

out with good friends and 

being naughty. 


Intfe rock and am pop- 
Do I have your attention? 
26 year ok) redhead with 
arriple hips, and a fond- 
ness for overalls and boys 
in glasses. ISO a partner 
in crime for shows, late 
night phone marathons 
and the occasional txjwl 
of matzo tjall soup. No 
real preferences but 21 
and over a plus. 
Zany, intelligent attrac- 
tive 21 year old SWF 
seeks SWM in his 20'&. 
Baseball, golf and beer a 
must. I er^oy cycling, rock 
clinrtbing and movies You 
have to be at)le to handle 
attttiKle cm I have plenty. 
Oh. and no one ifwt can 
out -eat Oprati. Sox fans 
and smokers need not 

Bodacious Redhead with 

various piercings seeks 

SM mid tvi«nties. Must 

love nfxjsic arxl cofKerts, 


Attractive and IntelHgen 

SWM seeks SWF for 

intriguing conversation 

and lots of fun. IQ and 

non smoker are musts. 

you also need to t)e legal. 

and no mental cases 



to .1 person.ll ad. 

42^.MMMI \l, ;4('l or il 

\ou re at sihool, |ust 

,)ial 24lil on an\ iil the 

phones th.1t sou see 

It someone happens 

to be in the otiite, we 

»mII lake donn Miur 

name, phone luiinber 

.ind the box number ol 

the specific person (bo\ 

: IKWIv. for evamplet. I he 

person vsill then call the 

ilieni and lei them know 

e\ have an inter- 

isled parts II is then up 

to the client to pursue 

the interested parlv 

The HarbinRiT 
April 26, 1999 


The posession arrow 

bPOBTseniTOR N thi- doal with tht- pi<>>«».M.)n *rn>w 
in inttTtDlleRidte and high schixil bjski-tball' 

Kor lhi>>*' whi) don I Wmw what tht- pi>s- 
•i«y>k>n armw is. il> tht- arrtm that docid«~> 
which l>Mm rvMiN i-s the |ump ball altw a held 

VVhv tan't thtrk- iu«.t have a |ump ball in the 
|ump iircles t>n the fl*«>r' Dc the\ n-ally need 
to have Mimethmn each team take* turn* 
With? What if It's a crucial mtwnent in a game 
and there's a held ball betwetm two opp»isinK 
players and b«>th teams are tied with two m-i 
onds leW to play'' VVh«ievcr has that poss,-s 
•lion arnnv pointed towards their side ot the 
floor, IS KtiinK to win the jjanie Now il then- 
was a (limp ball, either team would have a 
dunce on winninR the game betause the 
arrow doesn't exist 

This idea has to be one o( the dumb«-sl and 
IT «st agilatinfi ruli-s invented m the j^ame ot 

Every rule that has been ad<>pted trt>m the 
sho* ckick lo three in the key has made sense, 
but th»- poMnskm anww is just pointlew. 

I mas be wron»l but ihi- M* \ us.i.) ti> hjM 
this rule As a matter of fact I ihmk this nil. 
was adopti-d to n-linniitsh fho nl' > >• ■ "■" 
ball after i-verv basket siorcJ 
vears though lh<- Iimv;iio liiiuii.i ii,.. .i 
slowed the (tame dovMi But ihr rule is still 
useil t.hlay bv hifih sihmils and |uio schools 
as well as senior coHeges lhrouf;houl tht- 

Basketball is one i>< the most t-»iilins and 
tun sarro-s to watch as wi-U as u>ni[H-li- m 
VVhv must they (lower level schools) slow this 
tasi pact-d game down with a dumb armw? 

When It was first evented, basketball 
iu\er had the quickru-ss it has atlaiiuxl tiKJay 
Plavers cinjldn'l run with the ball U-l alone 
dribb'e it 

Now thi pl.iM-rs >.t t!u- pr.-s*iil .lav have 
that luxurv, but the NC .A.A wants in shut it 
down with a lame arn>w 

It the league offanals of the high sthool 
and lollege assticiatMins want Ki speed their 
game up and increase tht- exciletnent, th*y 
should net nd ot the arniw and use- a regular 
fump ball. 

\ YOU •wtir i.[fui«! 

^Harttktmr Fwmto AthM» ot th0 MMc »tewk softball catcher Jms Edward 
who Ml an inaid* ttw fMurk 2-run hom* run against Rock Vallay last twaak 

Education Has 

Its Rewards. 

/ ,.r more infnrmalHHt em 

l-SSS-NLU-TOMV (*s»4*3» 


National-Louis University 

D««iow«a««i»o tMmMH. Vlrtwoio" Wtwi*n« II9W 


«Chris Gapstione t)rot(e his own school record of 
53.9 in Iha 400ni at tha Carthaga iiwila with a 53,2. 
•Rank Guzman now holds tha naw ahot put 
rac.(l5.46 malars) m. Iha Maiqu aMa hwile. 




'I n ■ 

jQlot in Shape for 

I Today's Job 

y lok )ifpon)uuatt..xktdi 

^tasmra AJmmutmum Dtgmt. «* • amunmnm m. 


MumnELO CAkffUS • }l«l 


I docAOOCAMrut 





4) Ortind $««• 




^ «»»l«l|Tt«TIOII 

Hawk Sports 

• William Rahwy Hafpw Coll«Ce • April 26. 199» 

Lady Hawks break the curse in Rossol's return 


lixlv Ri>N-.. . ,1 to thf liii. .1 n 

April \2 after d lu-dii in|ur> Nhf sutlfri\i tht- w«-k 
bt'forv jnd it nds \usl trmnjuh li> litt (he ILirper 
(. «IU'>;i' Miftbjll learn pant tlie Kiitk \'MW\ Ljdy 
C.olden FjgU". N->> m tin- s.i on.! I'.iim ivi .1 li.mfili 

However, llie Iddv 11. ..k- .;<.,,>.. 
strjiRht (icvKitm m tht- lirsl g,ame 14-^ 

In thestvurhl iunti».( Kink V'.illev (2-liip n«'» .m 

irlv 2-0 jtlvjnljgv with <i ujlk and a double to 

chl ci'iitir, but th»' ladv Hanks (1-fil quitklv\l the nwrk with a pair sinnk-s and j walk to 

Kosie rVniM capturinu a V; lead 

Harper tonlmui'd its run putting up ' and '■' nin 
innmRN, but their 10-run home half of th»' fourth 
which ijpp«Hl bv ." I>'^•• Idw.irvt in-ide th<- 
p. irk [uMiii r\in n.nlt'^t ih*' up-^t'l •.!■ >\v ri I«»t the 

"The lavlieN pUyed a ^reat sfn>nd Raine." said 
n>,M:h Jim Kyan. "lody (Ko"t»inll piti-htx) a sensjt- 

tu» outiiii; toi u•^ KiiMlu-ir v\ .ts (,hi - rror** 
in thi% game and that ^ sumethiin; lli.i! v 1 
work on — baM< tiil^lm; 
l>therwis. . 

-i Ktili feel that we can pta> .500 bail 
in the confen-nre as long as wr stay 

close with the teanw> we compete 
with, II shouklnH i>e tough becauM 
.->.. we've got a great group." 
""' Head ctvich |im Rvan 

In her return Kiissi>l threw 'vj pitihev ''^ 
strikes, >» balls ,i M' strike aauracv 

she also hit l ■ lor T with onr KW ituI 

ihrtv runs smi, 

I eading the li-aix thus tar in terms ol hitlinj; 
iiH lude C ris I eiHtlio ( 4K<t). Edward ( 40b w ith team 
best 10 RBI). Anne Millon/i (.^m (enniter 
Cappellitti (320) ami Harbinger Athlete i»» the Year 

miinmef \1eliss.i Komii. 

T still tivl that we tan play i>l>i' ball in the con- 
■ renee .i^ long as we stav close with the teams we 
(ompete with," s,iid Kvan 

"It shouldn't bitoui;h bi'i.uisi u. \c i;i>i .i e.TvM 


Ihi- I .iiU H.iv\ks tr.ixeled to ^U);.ir l.nnr to 
plav .1 twin bill with the WauNtnstv I ady Chiefs 
.Ml Uisfnestlav April 14 and split the contest 

I I up. • l.-t th. tirst n.inie I V12, but tmik the -. i 

i!uA .1,^,1 ^|-;:' ■; !lu I .i.h lro|,IMsol 

iriloii losing iIh' lirsi i » - fmi u iniiins the M-cond 
lO-K to improve to VS 

The tirst pame was a he.irl breaker,' said Rvan. 

V\e hav) lonlrol thnmghout most ot thi> contest 
Init wi' couldn't hang on to get the vitlory. 

In the second game though v\e played a n-.illy 
li>ugh game and it showed. We weri' able to gel the 
vKiorv" HarpiTs next conti~>l will be today 
against the- Oakton Lady Raiders .it Oakton st.irl 
ing at 2 p.m in IVs I'laiiH". 

Track & Field gear up for nationals in New York 

Harper's IlkI. .- < i '■ .;. 

piv t«> hot to hamlK 

lust ask head cisiili kim-t- /elliwr 

'It's been an unbelH-veabW vear 
alreadv s.iul HimJ i' 

We bei'n setting records and « i 
onl\ need to qualitv tmir more peo- 
ple lor Nationals, 

Harper's men - , iirreni 

K ranked 1st m the nation, .iinouMi;sl 
Division III junior Colleges 

The Women ar«' lurrentK r mk. ,1 
4th m the nation as well 

.Alter a strong showing at the 
t-hicagoland Championship thv 
IKiwks tt.i\ct(.i to Kcnosli 
V\isi,i>nsin to parlup''. •■" •'•■<. 
c .irthage Invitational 

rhis invttatii>" ■' ' 

schools and Ha(> 

only (unoir Colk»ge m 

The Hawks ivnn' again didn t dis 

llarp«'r s iti> n tciiii l.uik i »i|h 
place overall and the women tiM>k 
htime a ll)th place Imish as « el! 

Van t^oieman grabb«-d a Sth plan- 
tinish in the li)l)M »Mth .i time ot 
114N I had Bos!,. I ! with.i 

time ot ll.,l'i. C'"' ' ■ ' I ~'h 


Coleman ■ 
>;r.ibK-d a 1st pUice finish in the >>li\1 
IS well He tinisluHl m .i lime oi 
- SH;. which ^;iHu( t nough lo 

Hualil\ •■■• "- '- ',i,....„( 


with a iinu -.1 ^ . ^^ 

DiHMi Mok alMi vviil. i 
time ot 27 "S. whiil. ' 

eiii'ugh for a '♦th place i 

Shanrhin Mi \amara tinislti vj w itti 
a tiriH' of 2n l)^. which was i;iH>d 

ru»ti<ii t(.r .» -illi p.... . ;.i..-:i ' ' • 

\U>k alMi iollipt'teU 111 tl'< 
.lid liH>k home with .i 7fh pi... « ■•,■ ,. ..• . 

ish II.- had ,1 tun.- ol 52-%. whicli II. in Isl pl.ue o\.r.ill 

was giHid enough to quallfv lor wuh .i m^ i i.ojx'r n-vord tinn- ol 
Nationals ^322 

McNamara once again had .in. ^' ' '. phan I'olus added to th. I l.m k 

t strong showing 't, he flnlslK^.l in >fh pl.u . n i-i 

In the s.ime event, she l«H>k hoiii. al! m llie long |unip 
.1 4th placi' tmish with a time ot «»2 ^^ He had a jump oi'.^l iiiJ iviili 

^'It's been an unbelieveabie year 


We've been setting records 

and we only need to qualify four 

more people for Nationals'' 

—Head coach Renee Zellner 



which was ni~.<t <'n..ii.;lv i.. iju.iiilv 
t»>r NalMMiaU 

fratv Ihoele also ...iiMu.i '.i 
Natumals, m the I=it)l>M 

She tinishi'd in litfh pi.i.. ..x. nil 
vMth .1 tim.i>l s lSf,S 

lualtlied l<<r 

put and discus 

111 llic shot put he finished in rrul 

pLuc, with .1 llirov^ ol 14 r." in.i t" <'• 

discus he finishi-.l in I: 

.1.- ^ '.s 

tt liii. .^ I'l.m i^ii.iiitK'o i.'i 

Niiion il-- m the discus av well 

i!g t..inn finishtxf in 2nd y' 
' )avehn, with a throw 4" 
ledritv/yk had a thniw ol 2^ 2- l-.'il> 
ijudhfivd for NatiiHuK a.s well 

that lump he iju.iiiii. I t.'i \ iiion.iU 
as well 

The 4vlli<hn relax team tiKik a '•rd 
place overall, w ith a time 44 ST and 
ijii.iiitied lot N.ition.ils a> we'll 

MeniK r- ■>? thi~ ream won- Ke\ in 
l.Uvscm, H. ii.iti .iiikl Hi. nil 

Shum.ich. ' 

llie 4\4ili' rcl.n team als.. h.ui .i 

..f'.ir. • ..f..-\\m.- .IK IS, 'II ,111.1 thl'\ tin- 
I l|U.llltli'J lol 


Cj.ipastlOlU- M'.i. i\.inu ■ (..'-1 i'M 

.»nd Scum.ului 

1 l.iwks Iravi-tevI 
sin. to partic- 
p ii> in tlu- MafijUi'^it Invitafiorvil 
k .vieman tCKik !»th place m the 

I U- .lis.. l..ok .) 7th plan- iimsli in 
ilie 2(KIM as svell. he finished with a 
tune of 22 hV 

Ihivle grabb«'d a 1 Ith place lin- 
ish in the 4<I)M 

She had a tune ot ••'■• M .in. I ,|u.ili- 
ttevi lor Nationals as well 

she .ilso ..|iialitied in thi- T(H)IIM .i-. 
u, II 

k.u.'ni.iii .it .1- I'lv.k.' ,1 1 l.ipi 1 
record in iIh' shot put as well. He 
iha'W the shot put l'i4<>M. which 
was good enough 'oi 4lh pl.u. Iin- 


li'dretc/vk grabbed a 7th placv, 
in the shot put w itli a throw of ')..'i2M 
\.K U' 'i ilso tiH'k home a S|h place 
I., well, she h.i.l llir,.\v ol -4 IDM. 
hoth thn>\\- V ,ii.ilii\ ti.r 


( .iim .il'-> I. finish 

in the lavelin in .....i .. throw of 
4^.52M Sean Mc<Avhan ftxik a '»th 
place finish as u ell h. h.ul a throw 
ol >.22M 

(^ipastione had another strung 
lonlesl. in the 4(1i)mll He finished 
m second place, with a lime of 
'>^,'i'» Vlatt Carson tinishi-d in '*&> 
place, with a lime of IlKl SK. 

Polus tinislusJ in 'ifh place o\ti- 
all in the long |ump he i |ump 
of h2"lM 

)\I(tt>ni rela\ team had another 
strong showing as well They fin- 
ished in 'rd placi' with a time of 
445 Mc-nibers ol this team wetv 
<.apastione. Carscm, Mok, and 
Coleman Ihe rK"xt meet fur the 
Hawks will be the Region IV 
C hampjonship. which will fn held 
in Cliampiagn. 

The Harbinger 

I h «• * ■' I li I r |i e" r I- «i 1 I «> fj «• ^ ^ 

Wal w y NanMff C*ll«g« • Patarttna, IMiiQis 


1« * I Wy 1,1—t 

WHOM, AMC 30 bring music to movies 

STAf' At) •". 

1 nnivi»'-){v»'r» «\l«fft'*i Ihr 
■ I AMC SiutK Bdrriiriif.'ii 'J' 
thertw* iwi April •*, lhf\ 
coined bv m»n' fh.m (I 
BihadM-rtisi'i) ih" 
«t«nd InsttMtJ. lihv .■ 
««tlh loth! mu<.k. dincin. 
myri<Ki pn/i%. But thi- w.i-- n. .i 

dv>pitt' .ipiHJMIKV*. <«»»«*> 

ed hi){h MhtH»l Jjihi- \Vlk\( 
f-UrpiT s stuiitiit run r.Hli.> sr.iii.Mi 
h.Kl <jrriv«Hl 

rhis hn<.i ! 
works " 

hon si-viTdl mi<mh> j>;. 
a»f imvlHU the twu H 

lul working ri'l.ttion 

.., I ICM p«t>vidin>: -Hlvrr 

tiding ti>r Hw ihtMtiT ami Wit sup 

nivi...' ii... ..i.ttKin with promotii <tw 1 

M give i»ut im-Air 

-H> >Mi«ii ilw *ub)ix1 ijiiif up ••( 
the rddto ledVinK fhi- i.impii- '.- 
hnwdctfil from Ihiir p.iiii 
ties. VVIKM sjw it .is 

pr,.i..'M'...,, I' 

iiHnmurulV." «i>'^ Public Kt'LilHtii- 

M.i » .,--.. - ,- 


I ' 

l^ldl (H'upU iJHfl X\' supptHl llu sl,l- 

Imn. Kpening niRhl i>n tht> movios 
•ir Brt'M fctsM^4 and Im' meant d 
.;«• turmtut tor the tivrMgi' and 

n;i-d .ludu-nifs Ihiisi- irii'V ii-s 
tn'd (oUiirds. 

Stati** MMMgar Dana Kroll. 

\in w*s thv I 

UHCMssidv as \i 

•Is i>( }ut»plc Itrimi H.»rp«'r| wh.i 

Mt' III -^urisirt u** v\(»i,intl up st.n 

WHCM DJ, iMMiy Bwidt, work* 
o« • prograM for bar naiit •bow 

UleM isn t stuppinK Jl this OIK' 
i.ididsl. iMlhiT In addition lo 
olhtT possible outinj; lo the 
irinKton KMhis summer, the radio 
ilion evpects ti> brtwdtasi trom 
■s vear's Taste i>t PaUitim' All this, 
iiibmed with VVIKMs W\^- ol 
limn .111 ICC Uivnse tor FM broad- 
-.1 beli>a- ttxi lonit rm-ans that this 
■ nr slatHMi that has m»%st)ere to go 

Harbinger brings home awards from state competition 

Sam Hays 

deservi-s t>|lu:iai praisi' i Hi 
Thursiiav and Fnday April 
and 2^. {III- llarhint(cr 
J It attended the spring 
Hiunuhsm nwiteit-ruv held 
'-V the lllirHXs i. imimunih 

.:!,•»;.• I, .11:1 .']'--,: 

Wnsht 1. 

New- i.'litrr.-n. ,- i- 
Mellent .ipp.ulimilv 

Award wiaainc Sports 
tattar Havia Saapk* 

niivi*'\ Jilli Ti ■ ' 

submit new- 
. s, s(n>rts slo- 
teatures. pho 
ditorials .iiiil 
the paper av i 
'lilies tike !.>'. 
11 Papers .1 
l.iWl'd lo pu«. 
lom-s ti) enter 

iiititis inusl tall uiidci" 
I his rhr Hitrhtn,'- 

.irtist. NiK'l H-ii;. 

•11 third 

Editor in Chiaf Lindsay 
Franch with award 

Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men gets Harper touch 

Taaya Kirtm 

i n^ hi' svM\ \pni ," 
rfxirtunitv (4' r> a u:v. 
'.• Haqvr ColU>;i diii 
,/ \U'n Ko-ptiic in mn. 
\)i<: theater jHTlorni.ime, I ut.M W ihe provi 
lion evftvtinu lo siv i.-mnHwi p«-r»orm.ime i" 
l.iki-s .ind errors Mom 
pfist'd with a first rale [>. 

.■■i; V, .i-lM,.u>;hl tuliUbv dllol ihi' 

. iissi". I would niimuneiul this 

:>rmanie to all, even it vou doni n');ularl\ 

'id ihejlriial events Allhoufih I had read thi' 

Kxik t V Mill' aiiJ Men. I w as unabU- lo ritall w hat 

It WIS <\in .iKiut This prixluition ensured 

IV s l.nov\ Ihi- sion hii, b. lutiJ 1 V 

.^agaa a-4 

Claaaiflada — Pai|a S 

Co— latary 

Pagaa 6-7 

A ft E _.^agaa ••§ 

•#orts-#aCas 10-12 


Student newspaper 

takes awards. 


A loiik at Dr. 
Brfudir s busy 
Saa paga • 

How to Mirviv 
\ our tiiials 
Saa Pagat 

_PagM a-4 Caaaaaatary-Pao *-7 ***- 


Athlfto-s ol the year. 

Saa Paga 12 

^•gaa •-• Sparta fagaa 10-12 

Page 2 


May 3, 1999 

Awards: Harper newspaper gets recognition, praise 

contmuad fram pact l 

place for his cdtiik •■trip .iKrni th.- 

bizarre building njnu- vhaiiRt-s wr 

are all tiw familiar with hcrt' .it 


I. (ini;tJtul.iti<»n» ftp O"* •** •'**■•" 
Sht-pU'. lUrhii^er "sjT.rf. for 
a )ob well d»»n«' Ki 'nd 

ptacrinSfK>rb>i-tMtuii - ; tur* 

iin H.irfHT •. U'nnis ItMm 

spt-iul kudi«^ fti' li' fdilor in 
thul I iivdM'X fn-ncti who dt».pif,- 
h»r bus\ scheduk'. manasiil to • 
a sliir\ RiHxl eniHiRh to taki- ■*•< 
in the featuivs awnprtititwi 

rhafs thni- out ot (n.- in,! ihr 
K-st m'U- IS ,il».H-> '.ni 
VVhiU' n«'f t'< ondi-rmiiu- i; - 

M»rn«- thi' aN'V'v im*ntU)iH*d individu 
.iK did fli. Hitrhinj(tr as a whulf 
111) \s,,!>,1iTtullv BeinR Ofu- I'l i>nlv 

Its dlNlsum ttl di» VI, 

IS a papi'f vsiin two 
awards Ihflir^I. was third plan- lor 
mi'nt lor th«' achievements oi the 
uiiuis 7)(i iUrhin^fr'-' second 
avv ard was tor ihi- overall exoi-llencv 

of the paper as a whole. The third 
place award was givi-n based on iIh- 
compiled accomplishments ol the 
stdtt from layvnil and design to the 
qualit)' of the sf»>nes 

All the staff writers and editors 
deserve spoaal thanks for represent- 
ing our schcK>l •*! well and lor Riving 
us all sofiH-thirm to be ptuud of. 


May i» High Mood Pksmmv Month. Stop ui liealth 
Snvka on May «i, between S a-m.-8 p m. to pri your 
Mood pmw H* chettaJ. Or you cam atop by ihr Mood 
riwauw biformation Table, BiMiiWM and Soaal 
Sdifioe Lobby from tl am -1 pm Dietetic technician 
ihMlenli and nune^ will be available at the Utfo TahW 
to pfovide diet infonnatH>a snacks and take Mood 

"Me a aticaa bieak fican daaa or work. TherapeutK 
cKckr nuuaasr will be on camptw Wi dw aa da y. May IZ, 
fmn II am -3 p m Get 10 or 15 minuiv ma«a|(C» for 
only tl per mmutr Call Health ■> 0«k for 

info and appoifltmaa. 


We'll help get you there. 

SaTi«t»T»s«e«*wiByai»'qo«t«sBom«*kR > 

' ptapaitwg you tor » 

I' ,; ■ ' i, piX)0wi««m«»>itJOnu». rtvouquaWv vj 
> ...twnxtn (he ai|»s at i'?-I? - calH-«0»-«»-OSAF 
l^g^ HUH ^ *^ intormodor pacie^ 'V visit 

><• A^ a«9« ai tanwwairtaroa oom 

I'uk up .Ml ipplii.iluin tor Hu 

fhrhiii^iT tor YMl Si'mi-sti-r m 

that you, >■«"« you, cm h<ive fun 

and work on an .u\ jrdui>; w in 

ninj; nt-wspaptT I'ukupan 

application in The I /.ir/vnvcr 



'ir,g MofJlle E'^'eMo.i ■ .J ' s f ^luC O': company \in K.Tn'iy 

M*odow'.l wrtn oief ty ot loofTi 'Ol eiCKonsiof A'e on» fo> 'u'" 
.-i^fiOnoDie lesooositii* motivoteo preienloW* ir^ii.iducjii lo b* do" 
-> (Mm h « kr*«. !«■« iMit* I.Ml\.<-tlil« .jno c^ttil mhhm i t 

Sitlll. ,Ve^»tnJ a. l.nt-'lv Or.J r^l.oLV- '.-in.,., „t,-,l„,r, rt.,i,,r...l 

••nc .■» .^ o txjpui tai.'P">enl * ■" . 



h. li' 111 itu ( .'■ 
uUnirlMtl MvJN 

• AVSI.MBU ks 

. MMNTlJ>iANl f 

• l-AIKIRs 


• tViaVIIM I ' •-• 
MM HIM-.' 

i.Minr'i s 

Mil ». • 

with Metrs's $5 
weekend Pdss 

turn a fun weekend 
into great savings! 

For schedule information call 

836-7000. City or Suburb. 


etra's $5 Pass 


all weekend long! 

Metra's Weekend Pass can save you 

SIO on the purchase of an IN<ard 

membership, check out 

or call 847-673 3703 for details. 

- . J -^ V 

The Harbinger 
May J, 1W9 


Page 3 


We Went Looking for a 

Different Kind of 


Wk found thk nkxt 






Ri4irnu Bubri 
Art iHitffi 
H urUt v gAm ( ( 


Hkrm lAamdUf HS 
ChmUnr Btoi«n 

(kbt* It 

Uiiiiam Bruroln 
Ijitrmtt HS 

Shuuucriir BolJrt 



Ututni C'tftiitt 
MMm/ nMtn 

Smm llavi^ 

iUtitmi HS 

i..iurrn fitife 

hurtMlmul SaimI 

Swwttt lionkm 
Mmpn PiH Hs 

lulirnali.iMl Sttdnl 

nwmm i hruttf 



(hHn afFlmii HS 

Kadtrt Ui»r> 

N'M-mi buano 
( vJfmM 
Hrfli HS 

1 -**Ah I u( a« 

H ...,/■,,•' ;fs 


frtan Riinwn 

»,„■ '■•■' "^■' 


Art fnHfv 

KMhlrm Shr«h«n 

iri Hislmy 

McHnury Cmnti CaUip 

Um Sduu 

SckaufflbHrg C mi p w 

;./'l //^ 

Orbn Ijutchcoi 
EUmnUn FJ 

iVtrr Marko 

Htffmm BiMa 

B..k> Malvtiu 
l^tuat Sana 

tVjjiiM Medr 

Harptr C«%r 
Mauli UifI 

ItiUlm HS 
lennlln PlKik" 

lnuillil JiKkMKI 

ViiWdn Ed 
Harpn CtBiff 

\kin* Kl«-m() 

A(..V iStuHMD 

HiOar M^ CiOqrr 
CiatI S««o» 

(vlUff ^litPff 
llrathrr Vutgbl 

( , • itifim ti) the T1--1- M — — -I' ■'". " '1"! »■■"■"■■ "li" » illWnrfii Irom a coBejce 

.nlikr jjiv ..;. "'■" 

ih^ lime Srhohre wdl mios 

l>^mHitifimtkkaia^ p i ^mh fmtmrmmsndMtf»iiiitniiU€i,alum* ndtJe^ 

4 iirwrti i^^wfMHtM <l aMrtf dbv flttomil oM^watr mipotuual iiu/i.kOmu 
Thf RtKW-vril Stbdm ftojjrwn » ..{»-o u, fr«shmro a: l.ui l^vor* student* »ith 

Iht dtffnnut hrtwem whm you an ami wktrr you Mvnt to he 

Roo sevelt 


1 1 iw III «nS(wrHMICM«M«»ltUI CHKMO JUWOtS SOMB (312|MI'%IS 

-i4««oi»rMioosfmTR.vD sc»auii«i«i luwois 80173 (Mr\5i9-««io 

vNinr ioeifv<tt «dki 



The HarbinRtr 
May 3, 19<» 

We buy the widest range of books. 

Hard or soft cover-whether used on this campus or not. 

Sell them at: 




(MAY 17-20) 
(MAY 21) 
(MAY 22) 
(MAY 24) 

8:15 - 7:30 
8:15 -4:30 
9:00 - 1:00 
8:15 -4:30 


MON-THURS (MAY 17-20) 9:00-5:00 







drnwirto Miihilo ft 1 M, 

. totie 

! andav.-' 

bonus, we can provtae 
equtpment and muse tor 
DJ^CaH 847 590.5845 


Si^itly twisted bionte 
ISO SM, early Iwentws. 
.•.♦eds to be a hm buff. 

non ■ anoker .and hav 

warned sf"'"--' '^■' 'xf" 

SWF ISO SM early t *en 

•:«■', (j(mh) ig!!! Aith .) baa 
sde. Must !*<e ^efrwttve 
na'jic and gotng to con- 
Party*^ and danc 


, ..>,oe.t; hardcore ^er 
K. Must be 18 
.1/3 Other hobtoes 
ide parties, hanging 

>i it with good friends arw 
being rvaughty. 


Ml e recti WKl Brtt i>o(Il- 
Do t have your attention 
26 year oU redh^d with 
arrii^ hips, and a fond 
ness fw owsf alte and bov 
m glasses. ISOapartnc- 
m crime tot shows, late 
night ptfflne marathons 
and the occwiion^ bov* 
pf matzo baW soup N< 
)i preferences f-- 
and over a pin- 


I )h. if onjv 
h.i\ I- .1 ' 

\tiUUl l(>\i 


fnifnMM iwjtiA. 


The Illinois 
Institute of An 

Zar^. intMient. attrac 

ttve 21 ye?" '^'-"^ '^^'^^ R^laclouaRwtieari wit^- 

• 'el^s SW.' >:»« pierctngs 

, OUl e.-lT ».';. 

I and smoKi 


^Student Senate PrtMident 

h«? to "(Jti 

.vee hours 

have a good ser»e of 

humor, portial witeMigence 

ind kxis. urvfortunately, 

looks count. 


baby? Yeah. Do ir 

WHCM DJ looking for a 

SWF, smoking a plus 

Nyn^hs welcome 


Psychotic but harmieM DJ 

'.eeks SWF for compare 
■onship, NymphosvwM 
wTi#> Some .intelNgence 
Veen eyes a 
■nts associai 
;x)sedly dead 
jres need not 

BadKlttvlSWn ISO 


>^'».i.#> str\fi iriftitlip^»r^i 


If you wish to 

respond to » prr»onjl 

*J. 5>ou dimply need 

I.I tall 92S fcOOO XI 

2461 or if you're at 

M hliol. iUSI »•' 1 

! (in ,in> ol ihf pi; '■'■■ -• 
I that you sec 

If someone happen , 

1.. be In the office, v.:-. 

',•.']". • iki.- (.low f 

• ime. phone nu :; • ' 

ij the box numbiM 
•he specific person 
box i»nOOx. for 
■ ». The person 
hen call the 
lent and let them 
.now that they have 
m Interested pariv 
I is (hen up to thi 
! 1 lent to pursue thi- 
.terested part\ li 
Is not Thf 
Harbinger's fault II 
he client dnv-^ -^ ■■ 
: r Ml e t h c 1 n ! • -1 

Qot in Shape for 
Today'*^ lob 


Htt <iwr)!BffanrK Ptttl mil* «« 

ME*T • sions MA-KAcmaoo 


The II. 

.uiil piik 111 


c.^\\ lh( 



Page 6 

Impromptu meeting? 


!t si'fmfJ a sinipU' fn>iii>;h 
rfque«.t. All wc askod was a bit 
,.t his tinif. t'nouRh to fift some 
qui'stions .iiiswered and ri'n'i\i' 
tiedbdck trom him on v\hat 
i;oins on at Harpor Youd think 
Dr. BreudiT would'vc bft-n 
hdpp\ to .iccommoddtf 

( ,»r u lis wortl\. L .irol, 
his secrt-lary, was nice i-noii^h 
to us She could nevt-r Ruaran- 
ii'e a time ti>r iis, but she was 
willing to (oi down a time .ind 
"sec if Dr Breudi'r lould schfd- 
ulc it in 

And oti ui- d k;>> .If ranS" 
in^ out doadlines to work out 
with our interviews wilh Pr H 
Sometimes the sl.uv iiii^hl have 
to be brought in a little later 
than normal, but - hey' at least 
we'd have word Irom I he Man 

Until the dav ol tl\.- inter 
view Or maybe the day before 
Without fail, there was Carol on 
our voice mail, all lourliss .ind 
apologies, telling us win our 
meetings were cancelled 

\\, b 1 I- inipr«>mptu 

,, •\rt " l^r 

a previous engagement i\huh In- 
was unaware of 

That's It \.> but lu' N 
availabU' at this tiimv no ntlier 
offers tti assist just \iuir 
appointments tanieled 

Now. maybe these were 
true but we feel rankled .it the 
\ -i' brus|\ed .isi.ti 

riiMmni; but .1 slini's .tiui ■ 
ing hope We uiMuit-r it il 
Siin-Timcs were to ciime b\ h' r 
ing for an intef\uv\ with Pr 
Breuder u .' 

the same sfi'-. 'i .ui->'i\ i.^.iiii 
portanc e' 

\Ku l^« Pi Breuder could 
•I; It ,,11, still 11 If only 


The Harbinger 
May 3, 19»<» 

.IllNVl . 

w e . 

Editorial Board 

The French Connection 



Utn IS il til. 
Harper lx«nksi. 

charges .ill". '-.t ,i..ut''. 
mori- li'i ' 

n>IU->;f sUn.-..^' ,,„.,. 
Ht't .it Crown tor miuh 
U-Ns' I ilon't undiTst.iml 

I irst of .ill we .ir>' 
p»H>r collej;e stu.l 
at least most i>i 
S«.-ond, we are li.irfvt ^ 
own poor college stu- 
dents. M> why would 
thev want to |.Kk up thv 

pru«s« .ind loM- business 

tr.mi tlicir Kyv^n dirv.l-.'' 
>^ ,.,„,^U ,is It this lol- 
• t;it tnoui;h 

,. ,,.. ,.,. ,.U 

thiT>- is th.- hitik bu\ 
[•■.kW .iiul I, s ,1 pxxl dejl 
s,.m«tinHs 11 viHi own a 
. i ,-. huh IS 
■, III ttir 
,. iiuslii It ■- .1 -;i>">i 
Or (H''s lu.i 
I ike in mv i js«-. I l»u>;hl 
.1 norkKxik lor tnR HM 
the tejch»>r said il vou 
vv lilt lo Kct a ^ood Rrade 
1, ut' II Is vs.irk 
,..,, i;\ It ,lt liMst OIUl- .1 

week .ind bl.ih, bl.ih 
bl.ih I H" '" ''"• ''''^ 
bu\b.u k « itli tl 

SK>k that I S>uKht for 
ihe class, still in the cel- 
lophane w rapper and 
ti.ind It ti> the nice 
.„il.".l.idx "she s.iid, \li\. 
I ni s.>rr\ tin- KMilur is 
not usins tills t>iH>k lU'xt 
semester" In-plv slight 
Iv contused. "C>kd\, 
what does tlvjt nH-an?" 

Well, unlorlunafelv 
ill I cm RiveyiHi for it is 
ill cents," she answered 
\\ ith J smite 
St) ci-nts' t>kav, Um me 
j;et this sIraiRhl 1 buy a 
S15 biHik .ind brinft it 
batk still wrapped in its 
iiriKinal packanmg and 
,ill vou I an Rive me is s(> 
ii-nts' Vm have j;ol to 
I., ki.idioi; rnc'" She 

That IS when- is bu\ IS not sood tiv \ou 
All I amid do with the 
bixA is keep the b«x>k. 
Uive It to a triend or sell 
It to .1 treshman lor S? 
klnM(-HT the txHik 


1 undlTsMMd th.ll till- 
biiokslon- has tci make 
mone\, but even teach- 
ers find the prufs outra- 
ROHis One teacher went 
as tar as to U-ll us not lo 
buv our bvKiks there. 

We have lo buy iHir 
lextbcM»ks there but wh\ 
are thev *«' and $70^ 
[■Kk-s anybody knov\'' It 
M>. enliRhten me 

I rnatl me at 
thebin);en"holmail com 

I Hay* 

1 lli.i.- .in K moaned and groaned atH>ut 
1,1 lol ol siiil;!.- hiKh heals and panty-hose and 
:j;u\s lutv .It .il ways having to li»>k rixkI, and I 
jllarper, tell Whi-n I gel up in 
the tiioinin); sweats or baggy 
leans ,ind my lavorite old sneak- 
ers are ttie only way to go 

fiver iHiticed how overdns.sed 

lor underdri-ssttl as ihe case may 

immit man, th»-w years Kl many lemale I larfxr students 

VV.. tr^ so hard to s,sni to K' Ui.t vou rwit. any day 

.,.,1(11,11 V time of day a 

. ,,,.!., iksl.ire uill set 

Ime it s not 

Itrustr.Mini; to 
!k- .iloiH' Jul 
pi ntu 

vomplam? I would tv nuts i.. tt\ 

iiul instill .1 ttn-sv coiie but 1 .mi 

.,,,. ,,,:• 1 .■., •■ ''i. .■•11,'!. .ti.-.s*-d 
UI'tlllMi; M\ IrlelKi ^. V u'll'-t.ilM 

1 .1 tlni>r\ ll.irjH-f has no 
night lite Iheiv .ire no tampus 
li.ini; outs r\o dorm p.irties .ind 

.>\i'i,i!l !>.>• .! biinili .>! wo.- to 

rmi't and impress potential suit- 
ors Thea'fore. whether it's awi- 
serous or ruit islx-yond me, I ihmk 
women lr>' to make damn sure 
they knik Rixid for school, t>ecaus<' 
the likelihiKxl of meeting a ruv 
outside of sch»x>l IS mif a sur. 
ihinR VVhi-reas in sch*H>l if a Rin 
has the option between a chick s 
legs .ind algebra the girl is gonna 
come out on lop 

But I think we would Ih' lrH>k 
mg .inywav. s<> don I think all im ii 
,,. stuck on Us'ks Iry .ind s.u 
-inething intelligent, believe or 
not, that Tm |usl a girl" thing 
divsnt work on real guys Not 
that I don't kne baK-s in short 
skirts but save it tor the first dale 

Ask Uncle Bill 

IfsK-enoyer a v. 
last dated It - i 


line (XH>r child s parents M'nd viHi to jail. It you : 
Miur early fWiMitR-s it is hnw you start talking. 
lien .And simv last time I checketl women don t 
iilly hvv in nighl clubs Irust me ihen- are plen- 
.>t places to intx't nue wi»m»-i 
In the library, or the gnxi ; ' .i N>ok 

s.>unds cliclie but you an- inori' likely to 
. V, .„„,m m a natural sefting than dt>lli-d 
night club It IS giHKl to know 

...nim lU.ll WO" ' '"■■•' Isul It Mlunds like 
; to brush up on V, 1 1 nicafion sk 1 1 

id \ our hon/ims 

i.ii llwfi-aiv aHr.uii\e inteiliKitit, kind and 
■ '. ! iveiA corner C.*Hid 

The Harhin<!;('r 

staff Writers and Assistants 

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Tanya Kuhn. Alan MinadK 

Acting Editor in CNef 

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trutMin nw mitm^t m* pno»» » to (row* We M»ii« cormunitv win 


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Lett w» «m»t l» sifiwt •»» iBrtMi« a pwm ruR«i« 10 wmf» auitwwi^ 

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The Harhingor 
May 3, 1994 


Page 7 

Letters to the Editor 


I'dr 1 Jitiir 

Who h.i«. m»t dskitl thi'iTtM-lvi's why .i 
louplf ot vouiiK mt-n walk, tnti> Ihtir 
•«.lwH>l. kill thirttvn cljssmatt"» and 
tht-n f,o i>n to kill ihi-msfKf*'' i know that t lot 
one. have -.pi-nt .i nmsi .ini4iiiTi| nl tmu' in ini; to 
tmurf thjl out 

\ trwnd imm. I w m. I 

wa:it to ht'jr you s.u to j;iins i- itu 
answer to the probliTn AltKiunh. I am not a 
pit>-)»un .idv'iKale. I v^ouki hasc lo ay{r»f with 
hiT thought that the bannmn of Runs art- not nfi 
fssanlv thf solution 

I think that I havi- Kvii jhlv lo loiiii- up with 
sonu- Minclusions thai I wish to shan- Kirst 
no matter how wronj; or inappropriati' the 
maiority teels. this r»-sp«»nse was in their JitiKul 
ties. It shouU be clear to all of us that the K>\ s 
themselves, somehow had the impression il 
was "O.K " or appnipriate way in whuh to h*n- 
dle their problems with their pivrs SciTmd, 

since mi*sl ol us vsiiulJ a>;ref that tins was niiM 
an appropriate wa\ in which lo Jcal with sonie 
i>f the problems ot e\'ervdav lite, exactly w hen' 
did these two younj; men gi-t th<- impression that 
ihis i\.is 111 .in» iiuimHT .Hirplil^li- 

Iam J nii-mh.r .11 ill.' I'.v . *>..!.■.■> i '..i- il-...,. 
prop«isev| 11 
(lain and pi-^^.i,. ., ,...i, ^ ,,ii -u i- »-. . ,i,.., 
riM-arch paper with the kimI ot lournal put'ln i 
lion I will susRcst that the hypothesis ol this 
p.i(H r K tlu- lliounht we .is uuliv idu.ils ire 
ate what MKiely .is ,i toliivinc entity, u ill .unpl 
as appropriate .itlioiis and ivs(miiim-s to others 
aitions Ihue this .iltiludt- is i re.ited, the Is tree to .ii t .in,t re.iit vxithin what 
they perceive as the boundaries sit up b\ s,Kiet\ 

This Iremh C imI l>; 
either did not s,v thi'ms.-Kes .is litliiiv; in 
In the rest ol thi' uroiip or were not 
.illoued into the .ictiv ities ,>I tin- ri>sl ol the 
>;n>up the i|iiestions I will K .ist. in.; « ill h.n,- 
to do with londilioniii^; 

(iUttner I'.uloy \laslow i our usponsitiilities 
(Kam/$>Alre j.iiiu-s HobK-sl problems through 

.the various stag>-s ol development 

Oa-ud Frikson I'laset Bowlbvjand K-vond. 

I would sfnmRlv suRgest that il any students 
have an interest in this sort oi ptxijivt they 
should consider foining the I'svcholoRv Club. 
lo |oin. th»'\ should ctmtaet I'nii Elav ne 
I homf>son (I'sy Club Student .iXdviMirl. Her 
>>ttice numK-r is Ilh2 and the office pht»ne num- 
N-r is'<2'^MV4 

By the way, even it you do tH»t have the 
lime lo actually join the club. I would cer- 
tainly K' interested in any and all input 
recarding this subjtvt that could be ol use in the 

reM'arvh p.iper 



>K'rt LoiiewsKi 

s\ I holo);\ I. lub 


ear I ditor 


Iw ant to thank the i urrcnt si.n' i, ., iniill^ 

putting stmie spue into their m.ii. i t reniemt'i r the l.isi 
time I've rvad ihrouRh the whole paper, and lat'.«lv I've Kvn 
doing it without e\en thinking aK«iil it 1 mdsev. Vani. and 
espeaallv giHid job Short but swiet Keep up the gcHiil vsork 



A- i.itiil liiistr. M 'SI ,ind long-time Harper Student and 
'' '•■■' I " rii, ii;,. ol the April 12. I'NM issue Particularly, 

I . nit i.iidum in ru'ws articles by Sam Hays and Alan 
^'i'' ' in.tse\ I renih and Sam Hays, as well as your t-ditonal 

distini;uisti Ihis issui- anumg the bc"»t ever The eiicellence of the Refen-ndum and 
Student ll.ttion i.ner.ige was in-depth and presented a fn-sh poinf-ot-view hea-tiv 
tore igivireil In ;lie ii\.i|or rmdi.i this issue will tHMini,- .m important (Mr* ot the his- 

To m^ ■ 

I WOulil ilM- il. lllTil^ leu ■.HI. u. (S.'pii III ll ll.n .■ lM-||S,d n 

nit- Hurhiiiifcr what it is I hank vim lo Hrad, IX-smond |.i 
lohn, to?ie. Ke\in. laPawn. .Slanvly, Vlargie. Nicole. Ryan i i ! 
lanya I really appreciate the t^-t that Alan aivi Sam have rept il 
ediy stayed up until 7 am with me to make sure that the paper .;iM 
done- and that I didn t go insane trying (At least v inir efforts 
surn' that it g«>f done I'm not sti sure about the ins.ine part ) Also 
Howard and leanne have betm vvr\- supportive to me during tb< 
past senii-sier And!.' ■ ■'i.inl.\.Hi I , .\ i I, , 

toriidl re>oi>l 



• netit ot hindsight it was .ils»> prescient, in that many of the 
is r.iisid h.r.iii ri. n, .1 '11, irucial ilitterencv in the minds of the 
tlu- ciulconvr. Tlif Dailu Ih'raiJ 

■ ' 1 tliU'li il .nil! Ill, ike fhfiilsfKt's 
■ limnistraiion 

ll.M!. ■- li, 

£y Uoei. 6^0 

Mr*, GUVS i 

M\i)Ai6 HkJm 
fltlDI»J& TH(»T 

am. WCll, 

Smik rk> MKtMfR* 

fPKoMNL S£cT»oiJ. 

Thank you veiy much for readmy The Harbinger and supporting us when it was needed the most 

We really appreciate the people who have written letters, people s comments and tips, whether they 

have been positive or nol. Everything has helped The Harbinger become a better paper. Once 

again, thank you- If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at 



Lindsey French 

Editor In Chief 



The Haibinjjer 
May 3, I9W 

Finals advice: Ten failsafe ways to Iceep your sanity 


I •■ I (h-v 
inMiii !• u ,11-,.!. .... i, ... . 

pk" ir.i/v 1 lu-v ,««• ri".pnnMbi' 
skeplf- ni^iits ami iiKTrai«Hl i 
Miek. lh»-> an- finjK Ami t\wy .in 
Knv dgdin 

H*rf>ers fiiMk 4W #it>un«i ' 
comer, tWRinnmg the wet* ol 
l~ K! ! ^\ 

111,., .11, ..iilv tip«it«i, and thdt'«> 
how vi'u iu«>d !i> li>i>t. .It tlu'm 
Figuri' il vim Hjm' p.i-Mvi i in -ugh i>t 
these siHv little tests to nfi \oo to the 
end ol the semester without Jrop- 
piny(, the ixlJs Ol s^riuiii^ uy n^v. 
itreontv ".H !'■' ~ '..-i you jrr 
uoini; !.■ 

II lh.-« ,,,.;- .1 ,, , .irt- "■■' 
enough to .oiivm.i wm In ^ 
sofne suretire s«.ttU' ilown. ni.iv 
»»op omipldming and put these sillv 
little t»~.ts in perspeitivf .ind ci-l 
over It tips 

1 . Ice cieam. I ret-ummend Ben it 
Jerry's Chuhbv Huhb\ It is a well- 

Wnown l.iii ^uftJf iprob.ihi\ 
.ibunJ.itT ~<n In' tri'.init >;ivfs \tni .* 
pn>v« kick in tlu- ht'.id AKA 
N-tt<T mmp-s»*rl than hemin 

will burn t .iioru.s 
Uf ^ri'jm \ oil I.' 
the help 


! .lll>-l .(I 

.! M-rtous not. i .il- 
\ou the Jitters 

iHlr^^cu out 'W~VBC~ t n«i is 

■■■iiwifH ynii mt nrrfrt i-"* *- 
|0VC (it ahway* help* U Oc otlMer 
^•fM« le*« jroa teckK Did I 
■mmUmi b»w ImpoitMil it b te 
JwaHctal, ■•( )iMl 'olik oqr par- 
lb wMit be IMMW tOi lOr, iNlt 
^Km •• in '■0' I «le«^ wairt to 

^^L' and if* always a |>l«a I 

■ ilitiilioiv I rtHoinnn'iid this 

-it us is ho nii^ht m»t be 

piv seeded in a love 

.like »2 yttu lan do this all b\ 

vourst'll .ind even with thf lights on 

Not to mention vou wiin t m't in 

m irK .IS much trxiubU' it \our 

enls walk in 

4. Eiercise I .nik at il this wa\ 
even d it d<ies ni>t help \ou rela» it 

s Massage Find a leallv hot 
pers4)n that you are attracted to, 
a^ain il help^ it they like vou 
hack, at k'* them to ^\vt you a 
back rub 'Mint, this could help 
vou duwn the line with ' 1 

• l'<iat on 
Il inc will onlv p\ 
w hiU' It cuts ol the blood supply to 
•' . hram White it misht help keep 
M up tot thus*, late study sessH«ls 
• necx-ssanly help you study. 


10. Video %»mt%, virtual' 
slaughter of imaginary charac- 
1 trrs just might help you w l a aae 
I aomc bedded up tenaion. 

'sliiip But I sp«>nd sti 
inuili ni.nn;\ \..Mi kMlt h-l\i' t.» 
sp,lHi l!lr v\ h..|i Im.l! Ili'V siHlnnrl 

v^orkiiii; !o pas .-tl \ ..ui i tidil i .mts 
S ll.ui- .1 stupid nun ic 
marathon nolhini; iv'uld help morf w.ilihin^; |H-i>pk' .ul stupider 
than \ou mishi lifl during finals 
Vou int-ahl ^^,ull to trv 

! tiTi Sandier 

J..ffinfV H.'v 

PiW \Un on Cm>^i^ 

•lusnir PoBiers 

■■■ \s .111 optional 11 lor those wh*i 
,,[,. ,.,t .,.,,r.„.i ,)i u.jhI 2\ years ol 
•■J,-, Ilk While I don't sug- 

;;esi ..nii.i, stvcral. espi-cially the 
ni>;ht tvton- a tmal or the morning of 
tor that matter, a niiv glass ol wirte 
I an bi- stHithing I also don I ttvom- 
niend mixing this step with dnving 
or 1 2 

Now nu \\ ork is Jone, I have shared 
all ot n\\ appropriate advise, even 
some that borders im r«>t so appnv 
priate So en)ov. and remember they 
.\xv |usi tests Vou have passed them 
b»'tore and vou will again 

Korn & Co. rock on family values 


(Us .< f 

g from the 
It's way 
wood ttouievard. 

• *^>— s motel. 

ULiLi i xjldlng a dozen 
4 up so thit his upper body 
t. Vivian (Julia 
tcklng her bags as sh« hears the 
Stunned she makes her way to her 
ml Vivian! Princess Vlvl a- rrrv^ ^^v-f 
laugh*! ^^ he struggles fo j?*»» a; <j: .^w ^u.i- 

ra music 

of his 

is on 1 

ninnlnj; to the 

hat leads up to her apartoi 
Had to be the top floor, right?* he asks. 
she replies laughing. 
■ 'ling up " 
d oi heights, he sacriiiccs mmscii 
'^ages to climb to the 'frond floor. 
i-ms and she lowers if 'ntn 

... happened after he climbed up the tower 
and rescued her?* he asks. 
ues him right back." 
They K 

The crcaus roii 
Yes, romances like this tru;^ uc^ 
Find yours in The Harhinoer personal -. — ju. 
Place an ad in The nger for only $8. 

Come and pick up a form in The Harbinger ot 


KombnMighl its l.uthtul anm ol lieac\ liiom ■ h.uvis ..ut 
.•M tour l.tst l.ill rhey captured the immei 
' ■ Mcnhiled farnih \' lilies loi., 

. lures one ot the heav lesi i ulling ttt^e ^oiuerl 
ups 111 rock hlstory--Kom, I imp Bi/kit, lie I ulv, 
Rammslein, Oti;\ .ind 
llncubus-and lapture all 
aa^^a ■ fi^B^iWM^vBvm the MMiu insanitv ol the 


Ill, :~ .l.ltes .,| llu 

ilamilv trek 

(Septenil ■ l>er M 

last year) grossc^l more 
than $«i 4 million and was 
seen bv over 24\l>l>() tans 
I he hour-plus 

album gives tans a 
gltmpsi» into the world ol 
the trilK.iliv .uilaiined 
lour whuii i\,is niastc^r- 
minded lu Korn ih ir 
iTiana^;emeiit company 

■••iiocauRTtSYornrviNASTifiGtCLii '"'■ ""'" ''™ 

The raniNy Valnea cover M e t r o p ,. I i i .1 n 

I iilertainnienl 
Most ol the Hacks were recorded i! the New Orleans 
sli..\.. \c huh look pi, 111 It the L Nl I I ake Front Arena on 

'tires t'.uh b.itiil at its K-st lliere .ire li\i- per- 

• .nn s I, (lest material including ha-ak on a 

' ,.>t the I lie ,is well as a track called Sluil 

illi \ whiih IS a 10 minute inedlev ol old korn 

tiires K.iinmsteiii ^ I *u 1 List tV^v's 
I ('• i" ■ ' • ■ •• Muh.iel ioier 

I he : 

Hlue \!,. ::,,,, - 

I he most suipi isiiii; .ippi'.ii .11 !. < .1 ' -..• tils* Is In C ube 

Ihe I |) showiases him doiiii; his ..wn hits plus ,i loupli 

'■'■ 1 lilt i-m |usl 

Mil I. 1 1 :i"! ."V.K slu'ws t :■ .-.ive power ot 

uls like koin I imp Hi/kii ■ uK-, but it also 

-ii..wi ,i-..-s ip I'ui ..>niiii>; talents such as the hard hitttnj; 

s.)uinis ,ii 111. lihii- .iiul the CA'rman industrial Miund ol 


this I. 1 ) show s il',, p..pul.iril\ ol Korn and similar bands. 

Itus album is a ^;i' ipsule lo ^•'\~\v ol Ihe bi^);esl 

lours ol IWH, 

The Harbinger 
May 3, WW 


William Rainey Harper College 

•k Illinois State Contract 

Illinois Special 

William Rainey Harper College Afffk^ Intel Pill Speciall 


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• Snipping. Box. Oocumentatkin & 
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• 3 Year On-site Service. 
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www tangent com 

Can be purchased at at: 

The Harper College Book Store 

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.. a^A:"^- '' ■'',m,'' 

P4ge 10 

Hawks Sports 

The IKirbinRiT 
Mav '. 1<»<W 

Jared Sherman: A step ahead of the rest 

. rA thiriv; 
1 Vtikr 


' nuuh 

ll.iwkv \\i-n! from ^* 2i' Iwush 

I h • . h'lir \>l l'\ .iin 


(i>r iIk' firsl tinu- I'liT thf Hawks 

1 If. 1 ii'.^i jh.Hil Ihi-. 

a* toinpIishnH M' s,mi sht-rm.m 

^^ ' ' i.i .u I inphshint-nts 

I rii I i.iv% k-. .:;-.' cinu'il .i tusl ia«t 
trip til the \<ilnm.)l li>urn.iiinnt in 
Sfw 'lork 

Bilttr \tt thfv tixik d Ihrui' 
(inisti, iiKl KkI .It .ill^; ti> thf Ndtiiinal 
Tournjmm't in Nt'u >ork, a !t>t 
tun <iml I surt' this will m'I a tmif Inr 
IlarjHT bdvkithall in tho tulun-, said 


I lis sDphnuin- MM! ■ 
■;i ihi' liMin 111 sii>riii); .iM-r^ing 1~ 
■ ul U\\ Ills 111 assists and stoaK : 
u, ;l 

i.irni ilishrii nut h 2 assists a >;ami" 
aiiil 2 'ini' .Is uell 

III I. it'll J tripli- double 

and set tht' all-timv Harpir assist 
rtii>rd m imi' si-ason with 22" 
Sherman aJM) rtvordtd 13 assists in 
iMU- S'lnii' 

Oh. I aliru'st toraot hf also was 
All- •VniiTiian ti**» 

shornian dam M\ I' and hr 
>\as on thr All lournamcnt as well 
and iMriuiU'd \1\ I' 

He XV as KeKion l\ MVP and lirst All I. onterneie and All-Region 
as well 

FinalK he all-tornamnet team in 
National loumamnol in New York. 

I Kui-ss that s why they call him the 

■ •• ■ Bi R¥*^fRnJ^C' 
JafMI Sharmwi Mow* 9»%\ Jolt«t'* Mark Blackburn J«i«t lilM IM 
Imp** to tfo MXt yaar at MC against NIU* INtka Irown. 

\~ .1 1, he - 
sin>;U- K'lnii" tor thf ll.ivsks aiui ii-d 
his team in sionii>; .i\iT.;iM.i; almost 
IS p>m's a i;ami 

"Hes not a sdtish plaver said 
Siphni.Mc \'*.n\ Sur^;es He handles 
the h.'l 'i- .-. II 

knows w here ' 
at .ti.» fc i. ■ 1. ; "- 

Bv d "ini; I' 


They rail him the ln-neral. 

Hi' i.iine 
He saw 
I K* lonijiieied 

For the past two \i'. rs. fared 
Sherman has smipK ruled the k;.imi- 

l-roni vs.lihinfi him pla. the past 
two ve.irs and from gathermt; quoti-s 

Iroin liMnimati's and lo.ii ti.s he sim 
pK doi-sn I h.ivr a we.ik spot 

He works his ass .>ii said 
Sophomore power i.'uard ^ailo 

1 le s a lot ot tun to j'l.iv vi ilh and 
tun -i;u\ to vv.itih on (he Msketh.ilt 


III- works realh hard i i prailue 
.ind I'spi'iialU in the >;.imes 

1 le s has a Kfeal attitude that s his 
number one prioritv 

He simplv refuses to l.w* »ml I 
wish him the tn-st ot huk at the IK 

Standing at h limt tall, Sherman 
didn t liHik to dtmiinale the sp<trt. but 
he did an\ wax 

111 I .1, t -. ; 1 ji 11 Ms( . t J '(,« \ I I ill 

K\KX sien Ki uas»- he is alvva\s ri>*ht 
in \our laie 

slier nan not oiiK eviels on the 
tMski-tliill lourt, hi- als, . i->, lis in the 
I l.issris ni as vm-!1 

Hecjrrenth i.irriesa "'2(.I'A 

When I was .i I reshman I was a 

little immalure, sai.l Sherman 

Atti ' I w hile 1 ]ust !i- irni ,1 to tviome 

.1 team plavrf '-in.: jUst tell 

into pla e 

In his fri-shman vear the Hawks 
had a d smal \ear thev Imished '*-2(i 
and li>st a lot ki-v plavers 

\)i, ,!l ..,„) „,.i .j,,n.. ...lis three 
pi - were 

SlwiM... ., i>,..i ,... a,.-, ...,.,1- 

The H4wk.<> only had three soph- 
mores hut that didn t matter 

tNC IMP** to MM a HttI* aMM t* tiMir ft* 

■mt **■ * — •* I 


Come Join iifi award-winning 
sports staff liere at tiie 

We are now accpeting appii- 

cations in A367. 


stj ^ ^' 



•^»>;. ^^^-.- „j.:^ .^r.w'V.; -r-y <!?; 

_ -4. 

The l-Urbinger 

ROMMEL: Tlire« times a ehanii 
for this student atiilete 

conttmd fro m page 1.' 
to death 

She mak«'^ iMTvlhinj{ 
eaaiet and is the t>pe ol pUy- 
er you can't win wilhinjt She 
wihtIu hard all the time " 

Rommel plav> hani even- 
iia\ aniMrding to Ryan .in,l 
shf performs almost tl.uv 



tuons m thi- tu-ld 

"Rommel lusl iiim«-> In 
plav e\<rryday and she enioy* 
doing it," said Rvan 

"She s om- lit thi-x- pl.u 
ers v<ni want U> build snur 

^■,in\ .iruund 


I Awn «M LofM InvftatfoMlL In the 4x400 meter relay. 
Qapasiione. Mok. Cwvon, and Ramel plwed 4tfi wMh a Ibna of 3:26.21 
javflin ttwow. Cnlq Ohm placed Mh wNh a no's while Frank Guzman ( 
for nMorariB wWi a 142*1 and Saan MoQaehan placed Oh with a 125*9. 

Mpt weak Mark Bniao. John lltolMn, Ryan Fraund, and Kavin Shepka | 


•There wtN be a Worrwn's Soccer mtormaUonai meet- 
ing on May 5 at 3:30 p.m. in the athlelic oMioe. For 
mora infcx w ion ooniacl the Woman'* Soooar ooach 
GaUM Qkikano al (847)577-5066. 
•The yWomen** ^olaybal laam ia aaatdng piayara tor 
»ia 1999 voNeybai taaaon. M Maraaiad cai haad 
coach Sharon Staudar at (630) 280-2516. 

I of »« Track a FiaM at the Loras Invttattonal 
I hakl Apri 24 at Lora* Cotaga. The teftow- 
ing roaula: Sean Coleman ptooad 3rd in the 100 
meter with a lime of 11.33 and Kevin O la aeon plaoed 
5«<tfsowilha 11.58. In the 200 meter Coleman 
plaoed 3rd with a 22.67 whia Thad Boaton plaoed 9Sn 
wMia23.6e. m the 400 meter tor women. Shannon 
MONamara ptaoad 4lh with a 63 72 while Uura yoelz 
plaoad S»i with a 67.20. In the 800 meter Andy 
Ramel placed 7th with a 1:59.37 In the 1500 meter 
Ron Lansdwon redeved a PR with a 4:58. In the 
high jump Matt Caraon placed 5th with a 6-fool jump 
witia Staphwt Pokjs placed 7th with a 5'8' loot jump, 
m the 400 meter hurdtos Chris Gapaettone ptaoad 1M 
with 53.06 

•HartAiger /iMiale >ltMM» or Ifie MHaafc Roeie 
n9nt«i for displaying good aportmanship and t>eing a 
toy.)l p4ayer on the softbaN team. 
•NarMver Ma«» >lffMMt oTMa IWaolk: Chria Manze 
for tjeing there in ttte midst of all tlie basabal team's 

«Quola of the Week: f^n Freund and John 
TWotaon "Cubs, too many Injuries we'U have to wait 
T!) riext year yo ' Kevin Shapke "Go SonT 

I gama and FraurnVShapka'a team dalaalad I 
IVotMn/Bnjao laam 15-2. In ttia aaoond game hoiMvar, Iha r 
team tool twraly toat 1S-13 to tha TVolaon/Fraund team after Bono i 
point shot, but TItolaon's lay-up m the end gave the vtetory to the Fraund's. In 
tia liftiri inMcfHV. tw Fraund«fiiao team oonMM tha paoa, but the 
-nitotaorWShapka laam kept the oonlaat wIMn strMng dWanca. TMotsonnal^ 
three conaacuMva 2-pointw* to kaap hia laam ctose. but the Freund/Bniao I 
pulled out the vtotory in tfw end. 
•8port» Quoit of the Weok: Kevin Shepka on the free-agency raiaaae of Robin 
VlMura from the White Sox Ihia y«ar~ 'H'ha Sox need a third baaaman. hkirton 

Thanlts iiarpar 


CoHGMrULA7IOrtS to HfiiUPER M£W3, 
e/t5K£r&flLL PLAYER . J/ifJit> 5Htfm€H''- 



TH6 LAST 5^ailO& Of TH^ 
MtitT FALL. 

I reali?i' I rii nvi-d 
miiih nu>iv space to do a 
column when I was in high 
sch(x>l and it was my last 
issue But at any rate. I set- 
tle for the sidebar 

I |ust wanti"d to take the 
timt' .itui thank the 
H.irbiiini'r ,ind its slaH for 
vM'kiiminj; nn- tin- l.i-i tui> 

I H'.ih/o now I 
niu'.l i;o i>n In other 
.■ncicuor-. .ind t.iki' ihi' 
risui tfial 1- must .ipfUMl- 
m>; Ivor since mv 

l.iri'vvill column in hi^h 
-I himl I have been a 
sui ess .hkI I to thank 
e\er\one .iroiiiiii me iy^r 
hel(Mn>; me siM.-ed K>Jn 
I reiind who was ftu- first 
person I met in hen I came 
to the new spaper 

Iven though he's the 

i most die-hard Cubs fan 

I \ e e\ .T met. lie still finds 

time to come with me to 

the White Sox games 

\'oi'l Bago, who I met 
this vear and who also 
tinds (ime to go to the S<ix 
games with me as well 

|ohn Iillolsiin. who 
never shuts up. still appre- 
ciates the Sox as well 

lastly. I'd like to thank 
the Datly Herald and the 
ChicBjfi' Triburjf for giving 
me a chaiKe to write 

Also, Ujvv Pump lor 
helping me get the chances 
I recievcvl and my parvnts. 

Thank vou Harper for a 
great two vears I hopi- to 
lonliniie to siiccts\1 in the 
tuture I hanks 

Do you like SpdIiflSe you 

interested in being an editor? 

We are currently looking for a 

sports editor for the 1999 fall 

We are now accepting applica- 
tions a A367. 

«kl. t>tl»L Horf. TH«M«S TO 

Cl«fT VfltR RoLIW^. 

tH*ou»*k C0L> AMb tter 

CMnC TM««V*M ro« CXt*. 
HAWK TCAxtS. Ut <(M> 
^«^r y|*«; t„je ntoMB 

sroiri C>tt«« 

•«0 i^CVW 5I4FPK€ oiM 

■l£M IIT 

, His iwc rtitt scrvKt •* 
V ■■< iojimev is. f, 

i ,^ 

Harper Spo rts 

Female Athlete of the Year: Melissa Rommel 

.M3TDC0U»TIS> OF H«B«}»Ci 

M«ay W a w ill 1 1 •«•»(•• ■ S.7t 
OM wMI* playinC thr«« •p«rt». 

Kaviii MMph* 

k'dvv .ilU r t\w\ ii'it 
Not iTunv amw .iiu! . 
Kith iKf ildssRxwn .1- 
pUvinn hfid 

Ih.- I'WMM,! 
t»( Iho \t .ir m.i 


aviffagins ■ ^■ 
ttudt-nt I > 

up t 

..Ii,t . 


ni-MT (tavf tm- «in i>f>pi>rtuiiit\ 

.1 I 1' 

1 I. 

r l< Mlti 

!\i 'iiuiiil ts J 
:ivr her i«lf in 

'1 >h<' l! s |u-t ,iti huriKt (•■! iiH H 

. !'. k'..i,ii.,. ' .. n t 

u-l loll 

vv .IS Miimttl All-Kfgion 

-...■.... i..,,ii in wDrnt'ii's b.iski-th.ill 

■iii nt<t imlv Uid aidih )fiid thin^ 

1 1 141 sh«> wj>s imi" hiH tup plaviTs, l>ui 

hiT sislvi CKnsta. who i«> her as-.istjnl 

' ' -Ivlball .»s Wfll a^ siittbjt! 

•lul l■nu»tK>n^ dbiiiil h. r 

. hii-.ti.'i.i .1 : :■ 

v\ ht* jImi plrf\< 
I l.irjvr tn 1^4. 

'. was a mil' rtHxli'l ti>r the girh 
ti-.irn .iml U>T tlu' iittirr i:iils 

.: tnt>' MiirptT ttv 

mi I .Aw .i\s wlHi.-- ,, : :,:■- , 

itordinj; to her ^i 

: ...ujys tjkv ■» !>•>»■' 

1 1 h an i^rttmK il dorw 
^s htr OMch, Rommi'l ^ ^i- 
nioj'* cuAching hif in dll <ivpt. 
-•hi- enJKVs wjlchmR hiT pntftn-— 
(n>m hi^h sthiKil into lolU-Ri' and 
plaMng thnv spt»rts. 

Shi- think. s thjt Roinnul i 
inn her liim- wril 

hi MittKill, Koinnul ■- ^isiii '(.ink- 

ih It sh>- IS .in .ill around liMin pKmr 

.ind IS detinili'ly a tt-^m IfadiT «* vvi-ll 

■'^ht's an all-.f ' 

Kommel's sisler 

Mr (|im> Kvan has jhwUkm. 1 In r 
'! ,.xrr ihi- tjfid 

Iter fii-ld to sfcorul b.i- 
iirst ba-M.'. she's an .i 
I'ound athletic perstm on the tielii 
i*n tlw other hand, head sottball 
>aih Inn Rv an also set-s her as one at 
is top athletes and .i y' •• •- '■• ''v'l-t 
I team around 

"Melissa IS blue loll.K s.,,ii k. 
And viMJ lovi- Ihiise Wjnd ot I. 

n s ,1 i- , .fi.i ..I 
Ih.- tiisi m.iil, 

ROMMEL u« pag' 

I knew I ntuld pi 

■ ! ■- - ■- hi\^h sv ij. H 

. ,:.- I h.ui 

ni-siapMsn imsell .m a pla\i-r .iiki .!-• 
» person Kiause I h.wl no one else 
that knew I pl.i\i->i .-t huu I 

It was |ust nu- a.'ul I wi-ivl m: 
did It ti»r mv-H-tt ' 

It... ;i - positive attitude to tin 
i;.iin. .11 1% cnel's mind m.wh- 

her one ol il not th.- 
ot her spurts 

"i SIX- nusi'il ,1 

-1 .ill 

.1 ti-.lMl li'.l.i. I 

: a Mreal -^tudir 

>e always .< , 
and Milt detiniteh do 
tiiture m whatever her |. 

h. r r,..).. 

\."l I'liK ill. I ^1. null 1 si-i- kommel 
.Is .1 vtri'M^ (-s>siim- jihli-te I'ut hii 

M*Ms»a RoMMMt ts liap#y tMt alM flnatty fot m ^tumcm to ptay 

llitlvaly in th* thr*« aport* sh*'* l>««n tiivolv*d in alnc* H.%.