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6l.^X- J> , . I^^^VUryS 

Ha"r-rovV" Sc)noo\ 








EPITOB or THE " lUUKOW CALENDAR, lWO-71, AND 1871-«l," AND OF •* IIAKKOW NOTBB, 1882-7." 

* • •> 

■ ■ 

» •» - 





IjiU righit rttrrxtd \ 





All CoMMuinoATiOKS rslatimo to ruTUBB Bditions op thib Wori 


IL Q. DAU0LI8H, B8Q., 

20, Old Buildikob, 

LlN00LH*8 IKN, W.C. 

• - 

• ft 

• • • 

* • • • • 

• . • 


• • • 


% • 

• • • • 

« • 

Printed Iqr U«nU, muma, k Viaqr, LI, Loadon Aod Aytebuy. 

• • • 

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% • 



np HE idea of publishing the Register of Harrow School 
originated with my colleagues, Mr. E. W. Howson and 
Mr. E. Graham, and has been carried out by Mr. R. Courtenay 
Welch. It has not been free from difficulty, for the Admission 
Book before the time of Dr. Longley has been lost for many 
years, and it is only since the beginning of Dr. Vaughan's Head 
Mastership that the record of boys admitted to the School can be 
said to be complete in all its details. The result is that, although 
an attempt has been made to carry the Register back to the first 
year of the present century, there are naturally a good many 
gaps in it ; but it is hoped that the publication of a tentative 
first edition will be the best way of leading to a second edition, 
which will be largely improved and extended. At all events, 
the thanks of Harrovians past and present are due to Mr. Welch, 
and to other friends of the School who have worked with him. 
The Register will in future be reissued at stated intervals of 
time, and it will be kept as far as possible up to date in the 
information which it supplies. 

J. E. C. W. 

Habbow School, 

May 2^th, 1894. 


SOME apology seems to be due for the long delay which ha^ taken 
place in the publication of this book, and the following particulars 
may, therefore, not be without interest : — 

When, in the Spring of 1891, I was invited by a Committee of the 
Masters of the School to undertake the work, the number of names to be 
dealt with was estimated at about 6,000, and little more was proposed than 
a reprint of the Entrance Books, with the addition of such particulars b» 
could be derived from the various School Records, or obtained from living 
Harrovians and from the friends of those who had passed away. As the 
work advanced, however, it was found that the number of entries exceeded 
10,000 ; while Uie diflSculty of preparing the list was very greatly increased 
by the imperfections of the earlier records. Dr. Drury's Entrance Book gave 
only the surnames. The Entrance Book covering the period of Dr. George 
Butler's Head Mastership has long since disappeared, and the lisb^ between 
the years 1805 and 1829 have been compiled, as explained on p. 17, from 
the few Bill Books which are still extant . Dr. liOngley's entries are 
more complete, the Christian names being given in full, the House Ma.>ter 
mentioned, and short notes often added, which have proved most valuable 
in tracing the names. Dr. Wordsworth gave further particulars, the 
address and, in some cases, the father's name being mentioned. Hut 
there is reason to believe that in all these earlier lists the names were 
often entered before their owners actually joined the School, and this 
seems especially to have been the case when two or more brothers, of very 
different ages, were entered together. Many names too have, undoubtedly, 
been altogether omitted. It is well known that Mr. H. R Hutton made 
his own entry many years after the event, and the name of Mr. (\ S. 
Roundell (then Currer) is not to be found in any of the Book^'. From 
Dr. Vaughan's time the lists contam, in most cases, all the information 
necessary for such a work as the present, though it has not always been 
easy to determine whether the name of the father or guardian is given. 

Fortunately there was in existence a fairly acciu^te record of tbr 
addresses of upwards of 4,000 Harrovians, and the returns, some 400 in 
number, received when the Register was originally proposed in the column.^ 
of Harrow Notes, early in 1884, had been carefully preserved. It has, 
therefore, been possible to send out to old Harrovians and others a very 
large number of circulars asking for the necessary information, the letter 
from the Head Master, w^hich appeared in the i>rinci])al new8|>apers in 
August of 1891, bringing in applications for alxmt 700 of these fomis. 


The retnmB, however, proved very disappointing ; in many iustanceH 
changes of residence rendered the delivery of the letters impossible, and 
in upwards of 500 cases the application, though apparently received, elicited 
no reply, a fact which must explain the absence of particulars under several 
well-known Harrow names. 

Rather, therefore, than allow the Register to appear in so skeleton a 
form, it was decided to defer the publication of the work until, by ex- 
haustive research, the gaps should, as far as possible, be filled, and some 
information. given under every name to which any clue could be obtained. 
For this purpose numerous works dealing with Harrow history have been 
carefully studied, and for much valuable information I am indebted to 
Dr. George Butler's annotated Bill Books, to Mr. P. M. Thornton's 
" Harrow School and its Surroundings," and to Mr. Torre's " Recollections 
of School Days at Harrow." All available works of reference have also 
been consulted, and for the loan of many of these I have to thank Mr. 
Tylston Hodgson, Mr. J. A. Cruikshank, Mr. E. K. Ridley, and others. For 
the most valuable assistance in prosecuting this research, in preimring the 
work for press and revising the proofs, I am deeply indebted to four old 
Harrovians, who for the last eight months have spared neither time nor 
trouble in the service of the Register. My only regret is that I have not 
permission to add their names. My thanks are also due to Mr. B. P. 
Laacelles for his aid in deciphering the earlier lists, and to Mr. E. Graham 
who, from first to last, has rendered me very valuable assistance. 

That the time for the publication of some such work as the i)resent had 
fully come is sufficiently proved by the fact that application for copies of 
the Register have already been received from upwards of 1200 old 
Harrovians. To none of these will the imperfections and shortcomings 
of the work be more evident than to myself; but if my 1200 critics 
will report the omissions and mistakes they severally condemn, not 
to me — for the pressure of other work has compelled me, with much 
reluctance, to resign my Editorial duties into other hands— but to Mr. 
^f. G. Dauglish,* than whom no Harrovian is more competent to carry on 
the work, there is little doubt that the. second edition will be, in all 
respects, worthy of thow whose histor>' it records, and of the School whose 
name it bears. 

1, South WICK Crkscent, 

Hyde Park Square. W. 
JufU', 1894. 

• An MMMWilcaUoaii rrlatlBR to tatar« Editions of thlii Book tlioald be 
addvoMed to M. «• DAl'ttLWH, Esq., 9t, Old BMlldlnffB, UbcoIb** ImB« W.C. 



The namai art mmngtA in AlphAbttioal ()rd«r, tb« nniuber before tb« name indioatinn tht p 
to which rsftraiMe ahoakl b« made. 
The xtMiLm inolndaii In thLi li«t an niaikad in the Index with a dBggu (tX (See al*) |i|i. <IAS*(H. 

530. Alexander, 0. 

G. Alexander, E»q., 43, Wettbounu Garden; Hyde Park. \V, 

60. Barclay, Arthur Sett. 

Partner in the firm of Barclav, Terkin* k On., Dreweni: P.R.R. ; J.T. >um1 D.I.. 
Surrey. MmI in 1MK». 

076. Bowen, E. E. 

a ISSb; ed. at King's OoU. Lond. and Trin. OUl. Canib. ; U.A.. 4th CU«ic. is 
Fellow of Trin. CulL, 18&'.t. 

6ir). Add Bnrch, Nathaniel Pinkham, hou of N. G. Burch, Ea 

Eden wood, Sydenham Hill. (Mr. Stogdon 

Entered Jan. 18P0 ; left Dec. 1893 ; in hoaineei. 

137. Church, J. W. 


185. Church, W. 8. 

UniT. ColL (not Ch, Ch.) <>zf. 

621. Crofton, J. ffolliott 

Articled Clerk in a Solieitor'e ofloe. 
J, ff. Crofton, E9q., Manor Houne, I)id$hury^ Laneadiirt, 

52. Hamilton, W. 

Particniare a« giren inaccurate. 

632. Add McNeill, Donald TorquilL »on of Capt D. McNeill, Arde< 

Shillelagh, Co. Wicklow. (Mr. Stogdon 

Entered Jan. 1892. 

672. Marillier, J. F. 

B. 1798. 

180. Nightingale, F. C. 

F, a Nightingale, E$q., 53, RedcUfft Gardens. SAV. 

188. Pelham, W. J., Lord. 

Chairman O.C, 1891-4. 

603. Perreau, C. N. 

Paaed into R.M. CoU«ge, Sandhuxst, 1896. 
C. N. Perreauy Esq,, Flexford Haute, near Guildford, Surrey. 

124. Soames, C. 

WML Jan. 8th, 1894. 

450. Tower, B. T. 

Appointed to Berlin, 1894. 

R, T. Tower. Esq., BriUeh Embassy, BerUu. 

186. Treheck, J. J., son of the Rev. J. Trebeck. 
371. Turhutt, B. D. 

AMumed the aumame of de Uphaugh, 1888. 

R. D, de Uphaugh, Esq., FJollingboume House, Maidstone. 

180. Walker, Vyell S. 

J.P. for MiddlMa. 

190. Wyndham, F. Merrik. 


Charaock, Feb. — Sept. 11. 


JANUARY, laoi—DECEMBER, 1893. 


EASTER, ma—EASTEE, 1805. 

Adair, William Robert, .son of W. Adair, Esti., Ballymena, Co. Antrim. 

Med at Uarruw, while still a Meiubei uf the Scbuol. 

Baker, Robert Gtoorge. 

Trin. ColL Caiiib., B.A. 1810 ; M.A. 1813 ; Vicar of Fnlhaiu, 1834-71 ; PrebeiHl of St. Paul's 
from 1846. Dl«d between 1870 and 1878. 

Bellingham, John, son of Sir Alan Bellingham, 2nd Bart. 

Med in 1826. 

Bush, Jamee, son of J. Bush, £.s(|., Southampton. 

Fag to Lord Hyron ; Oriel CulL Oxf., B.A. 18U ; M.A. 181(3 ; Student of Linuuln'b Inn, 
1811 ; Rector of H. Luflenham, 1828-47. Died Dec. 11th, 1840. 

DawBon, George Robert, son of A. Dawson, Esq., St. Tlioma.H\ Dublin. 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1811 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1812 ; M.P. for Co. Londonderry, 
1815-30; for Harwich, 1880-2; Under Sec for Home Dept, 1823-8; Sec. to the 
TrMwury, 1828-80; P.O., 1880; Sec. to the Admiralty, 1834-5; Commiaeioner of the 
Customa, 1841-tf, Dep. Chairman, 1846-56. Died Apr. 3nl, 1856. 

Dawson, Richaxd Thomas, son of Richard Dawson, £s(|., M.l\ 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; succeeded bis great-uncle as 2nd Baron Cremome, 1813. Died Mar. 
2l8t, 1827. 



Oraham, Sir Bellingham Reginald, Bart., son of Sir Bellingham Graham, 

6th Bart, Norton Conyers, York. 

Oriel CoU. Oxf. ; J. P. and D.L. for N. Riding, Yorks ; succeeded aa 7tb Bart., 1796. Died 
June 15th, 1866. 


Horslej) George, nephew of the Bishop of St. Asaph. 

Trin. UaU Camb., B.A. 1818 ; M.A. 1816. 

Kennedy*) Thomas Francis, son of T. Kennedy, Esq., Dunure, Ayr, N.B. 

Edin. Coll. ; Scottish Bar. 1811; M.P. for Ayr Bnrnha, 1818-34; Clerk of the Ordnance. 
1882-3 ; Lord of the Treasury, 1833-4 ; Paymaster of the Civil Service in Ireland, 
1837-50 ; Commissioner of Woods and Forests, 1850-54 ; P.C., 1837; J. P. and D.L. for 
Co. Ayr. Died in 1871'. 

Knox, Hon. John Henry, son of the 1st Earl of Kanfurly. 

Colonel In the Army. Died Aug. 27tb, 1872. 


Palliser, John Bury, son of J. Palliser, Ein\., Derryluskan, Co. Tipi»erary. 

Rector of Clonmcl, Irelaod. 

Palliser, Wray, brother of the above. 

Lieut. -Col. in the Army. Mc4 Nov. Utb, 186.'. 

Parks, Charles. 

H.E.I.Co.'8 Civil Service. 


Ramsden, William, son of Sir John Raiusden, Bart. 

EnterBd the Roy^l Nnvy ; Rear Adniixml, 1(»j2; of Oxt4in lUU. Ycrlu. Mr4 I>ei'. aotb. 

Raynsford, Edward. 

Entered the Royal Artillery. 


Tritton, Henry, son (»f J. K. Tritton, Esq., I/)inl)anl Street, K.C. 

Meiulivr tif tho flnii of liarcUy, Tritton, Uevui k (.'<•., lUnken, I^ooUun. Mrd Jau. I'.Kh. 

Tritton, John, brother of the above. 

Member uf the firm of liarday. Tritton, Be^ao k Co.. Uankent, I>i«ilon. IMr4 Apr. >th, 


Wildman, John, son of T. Wildman, Esc|., BacU>n Hall, Suffolk. 

Lieut. -Col. Tth HuMiars; Mrveil in the P«iin«ulji, KrAUce, iumI FUn4l<>I^ ; |>rp»«at *t tbe 
IvittJe of WattrlfNi (war medal with cJa«|> for Ortbex) ; CaA. Int lMiH;tNiu ItUMfxix; 
retired, lS'i4. Med in Ls7f«. 

BatnuicM !■ Wthrmmrj I89I. 


Campbell, Archibald R. 

Clerk in Holy OixlrnL 

Harington, James, son of Sir James E. HariiiKton, 8th Bart. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf. ; Senitir Mercbant and Judge at Tatna ; succeeded a* Mb Dart., lh;<l. Me^l 
at Patna, in Bengal, Jan. ab. \9JKk 



Leeke, Thomas, son of R. Leeke, Esq., Ix)ngford Hall, Newi»ort, Shroj)- 

shire. (>Ir. Drurys) 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., M.A. : Barrijter. Died Dec 2Mb, 1836. 

Murray, James Arthur, son of I^rd William Murray ami nephew of the 

Duke of Athole. 

Vioe-Admiral RN. IMC4l Jnn. Otb, 180a 

Proctor, William Bryan. 

Barriater ; Couimiarioner in Lunacy ; better knoiKU aa Autbor of tbe works |mbli»bed uiMl«r 
tbe aasuuied name of " Barry ComwalL" Mr4 Oct. 4tb, ls74. 

Thomson, John Bush, son of J. Thomson, Esq., Oiartham Deanery, near 

Oanterbm-y. (Dr. Drury's) 

DIrd at Scbool, Feb. 3rd, lHO*i. 

Wingfield, Hon. Edward, son of Bichard, 4th Viscount TowerscMmrt. 

B.N.C. Oxf. : "Mr. WinglieM waa a geotlenuui of nnaliected \*w*.y and trulv Chribtian 
iMnevitleiicc, tbe zcnlomt mlvocute and |ir«>iuot«r of Sunday Scb<M>li> ajhI Bible Societies, 
Hiid one of tbe seven Protestant clergymen wb<» Utely cballengeil tbe Cat low iiriewU to 
meet tbem in jmblic dLsiiutatitui."— (r«M(/r«Mfm'« Mtifftuinf. JMC4l of cbidera morboa, 
Sept. Otb, 1^25. 

Wingfield, Hon. John, brother of the above. 

Addraised aa *• Alonzo" in Byron's Hdars ^ Idtt^a ; see ako " CbiMe Uan>kl," Canto 1 ; 
afterwards in tbe Coblstreani tinarda. Mrd of fever at Coinibra, in Portugal, 1811, 
in his 20tb year. 

Wingfield, Hon. Richard, brother of the al)ove. 

Succeeded as 6tb Viscount Powerscouit, ISOP; rei»reaenUtive Peer. 1^2L Mrd Aug. Otb, 

Wodehouse, Philip, son of the Bev. P. Wodehouae, Prebendary of Xomvich. 

Apr. 1801.] JOSEPH DRURY, 3 

Cntnuiee Ib Btardi IMI. 

Drammond, John, son of J. Drummond, Esq., Banker, London. 

Banker, London ; J. P. for Buckfl. 

Cnlnuiecs Ib April IMl, 

Brassey, Willoughby. 

Cnnite of Meloonibe lUgu, Donei. Died Nov. 5tb, 1845. 

Brodrick, William, son of W. Brodrick, Esq. 

Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1807 ; M.A. 1810; Student of Lincoln'b Inn, 1807. 

Buxton, John Jacob, son of Sir Robert J. Buxton, 1st Bart, Shadwell 

Court, Norfolk. 

SucoMded as Snd Bart., 1889 ; M.F. for Qi«at Bedwin. Med Oct 18tb, 1842. 

Byron, George (Gordon, Lord. 

Left Mida. 1806 ; the Poet ; in 1806 be Arranged a cricket match, the teaina for which ^ere 
prinuiiially oom)>oaed of iiaat and present Etonians and Harroviana respectively, and 
thia waa undoubtedly tne origin of the Eton and Harrow uiatcbea. Med at 
Miaaolonghi, Apr. 10th, 1824. 

Calvert, Thomas, son of T. Calvert, Esq. 

Died Jul. 5th, 1808. 

Cnrzon, Hon. George AngnstoB W., son of Baroness Howe and the lion. 

P. A. Curzon. 

Died 1805. 

Delancey, Peter. 

Lieut. -Col. 75th Foot ; retired, 184l». 


Farrer, Thomas, son of James Farrer, Esq. 

Played in Lonl Byron's XI. r. Eton, 1805 ; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1809; M.A. 1812 ; Solicitor, 
London. Died Sept 23rd, 1888. 

Farrer, William Lozham, brother of the above. 

B.X.C. Oxf., B.A. 1800 ; M.A. 1812 ; Solicitor, London. Died Dec lat, 1868. 

Ffolkes, William John Henry Browne, son of Sir Martin B. Ffolkes, 
1st Bart., M.P., Uillington Hall, King's Lynn. 

Left in 1808; Jesus CoU. Camb. ; M.P. for Norfolk. 1880-2; for W. Norfolk, 1882-7; J.P., 
D.L., and Chairman of Quarter SeaaloiM for Morfblk ; anooeeded as 2nd Bart, 1821. 
Died Mar. 24tb, 1800. 

Long, Edward Noel, son of E. B. Long, Esq., Hampton Ijodge, Surrey. 

Addreeeed as ** Cleon " in Byron's H<mrt qt Jdierngs^ and bv his proper name in a snb- 
aaqnent poem ; Camb. Univ. ; Ensign Coldstream Guards ; aened aa Ensign in the 
expedition to Coxienbagen. Dr«wmed when on bis way to Join the Army in the 
Peninstila, the transiiort in which he sailed being fouled in the night by another of 
the convoy, 1800. 

Lucas, Edward, son of C. Jjucas, Esq., Castle Shane, Monaghan. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., and Edin. Univ. ; J.P. for Cos. Monaghan and Armagh ; High Sheriff, 1817 ; 
M.P. for Co. Monaghan, 1884-41; Under Sec. of State for Ireland, 1841-ti ; P.C 
(Ireland), 1845. Died Nov. 12tb, 1871. 

Mills, John. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; afterwards in tb« Coldstream Guards ; M.P. for Rochester, 1881-1. Died 
Feb. 18th, 1871. 

Morant, Edward, son of J. Morant, Esq., Henbury, Winibome. 

Ensign Ist Regt. of Guards. Died off Walcberen, Seiit^ 2nd, 1809. 

Morant, John, brother of the alK)ve. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf. ; Hitth Sheriff of Hants, 1820. Died May 5th, 1857. 

Bichardflon, William Westbrook, son of T. Bichardson, Esq. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; Capt. Sussex Militia ; J.P. and D.L. for Sussex. 


Wildman, Edward, son of T. Wildman, Esq., Bacton Hall, Suffolk. 

Comet 4th Dragoons, 1806 ; served in the Peninsular War ; badly wounded and taken 
prisoner at Albnera ; served in 7tb Hussars at Waterloo where he was wounded and Uatl 
three horses shot under him ; Col. 1838 ; h.-in 1839. Died Max. 2»\,Yk, V&\6« 


CntrsacM la Majr 18H. 

Acland, Sir Thomaf Dyke, Bart, iion of Sir Thomaii Dyke Acland, 9tb 


Cb. Ch. (>xf., B.A. 1M0H; M.A. 1(»U: D.CL. 18S1 ; M.P. fur Dvvun, l!)12-18, and 1»20^1 ; 
fur N. Devon, l^S7-67. Mc4 JoL 22Dd, lim. 

Bury, William, Yiscoiint, eldest son of the 4th Earl of AUjemarle. 

IMe4 Apr. IHb, 1804. 

Calvert, Felix. 

Col OOth R«Rt. ; MtO.-On. aim! CH., IM« ; (IUin;rtii«)t<«l in th# reiiinj>nU and .it WAterl*«, 
where be arniniMidad the SinA fitfft, ; of llendmu MHI Mar. 8ni, 1K:>7. 

Erskine, Esma Stuart, Hon of the Hon. ThonuM £r»kine, K.T., afterwards 

Int Baron Erskine. 

Joined dOtb RifWt ; ne^erelv wimiMled ami taken i>rijiiin«t, Jnn. 17th, IblJ; |ii«>tuoied 
BU-Mi^. for WaterlfNi; lk..Lie«it.-rnl.. 18KI. Me^ Ang. 2«(h, 1M7. 

Erskine, Henry David, brother of the above. 

iVMn of RiiMin, lH47>x^0; a great ad^ocMte and |iniinoier uf Mecbanid' InAtilutea. Mc4 
Jul. 27th, 1H5P. 

Erskine, Thomai, brother of the above. 

Ilia career at School «aa Inierruntod bj hU faiher'a •legation to the ottoe of I^trtl Chan- 
oellnr, whoee inangnnUinn be waa enmnioneil U* atlen«l, ami wht* jeave him the 
8ecretar3rriiii» t>f IMneeentatlona, the d«tie» uf which did not require any creMt 
ex)ierience ; Trin. Coll. Canib.. M.A. IMII ; narrihtrr, 1SI» ; J.P. for Co. Fife; ChM 
JmUce of Court uf Review, 1831-43; JiutiM uf the Cuiuuion Pleaa, 1!^.4I. Mr4 
Nov. IHh, 1«<M. 

Tattersall, J. CeciL 

Cb. Cb. Oxf. : Clerk in Holy Olden ; addrtoeed tut ** Da>ua " in U^run* Uottn qf MUrttu. 
mrd Dec '28tb, 1812. 

Balnuicm la aeptcifcrr 

Acland, Hugh Dyke, son of Sir Thoman Dyke Acland, in\i Bait. 

.St. Mary'tt liall Oxf., U.A. 1821. MHI Mar. 34th, 1834. 

Anderson, Robert (Mr. Bromley \s) 

PeriietiUil Cwrate «•( Trinity Chaiwl, Brightun, l82(Ma ; Cha|»1. to Lofd« Hill and Teign- 
niuntb ; autbn uf varioua religious wurka. Ml4 Mar. 33nd, 18i&. 




Ranker, London. 

Bridgeman, Hon. George Angostos Frederick Henry, son of the 2nd 

Baron Bradford (aften^ardn created A'i.scount Newjiort 
and Earl of Bradford). 

Tiln. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1810; Viaoount Newport, 1815; nucceeded ua 2nd Earl of Dmdford. 
1825. Died Mar. 22nd. 1805. 

Connop, Newell, »on of N. Connop, Ejki., Enfield, Middleisex. 

IHcd Jun. 30tb, 1800. 


Fisher. (Mr. Evans') 

George. (*^tr. Evans') 

Jocelyn, Lord, son of the 2nd Earl of Roden. 

M P. for Dnndalk ; Joint Audltor-a«ner»l for Ireland ; Guatos Roiulomm of Co. Louth ; 
Vioe-Cbamberlain to the King's Houaehold, 1812 ; ancoeeded hia faih«r aa 8rd Earl 
of Rodeo, 1820; cimted Baron Glanbraail in Um Feeii«« uf Iba U.K., 1812. IMeil 
Mar. 20ih, 1870. 

Jan. 1802.] JOSEPH DRURY. 6 

Korgan, Charles Morgan RobinBon, son of Sir Charles Morgan, 2nd 


Ch. Cb. Oxf., D.C.L. 1848; M.P. fur Brecon borongh, 1S12-18, 18S0-2, and I8SrM7 
imccMded as 3rd Burt., 1846 ; created Barun Tredegar, 1859. Mcd Apr. 16th, 1»7:>. 


Ordy Jameg. 


Bichardson, John, son of T. Richardson, Esq., Warminghurst, Sussex. 

AlM) at Eton ; Trln. Coll. Oxf., 1800 ; Capt. of Siimex MilitLi. IHetl Jnl. 20tb, 182.'). 

Biohardson, T., brother of the above. (Mr. ^f. Drury's) 

Capt. Ttb IloMwrB ; of Lewes, Siumex. 

Sanmarez, James, son of Sir James Saumarez, Bart., G.C.B. (afterwards 

created Baron de Saumarez). (Afr. Roberts') 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., D.A. 1811 ; M.A. 1814 ; Bector of Hn|Q{ate, York, 1826^ ; racoeeded as 
2Dd Baron de Saomarex, 18S6. MH| Apr. 9tb, 1863. 


Toone, Francis Hastings, son of F. Toone, Esq., 80, Portland Place, W. 

Med in 1873. 


Lieut. R.N. 

Wilkinson, Thomas Hutton, son of T. Wilkinson, Esq., Stokesly House, 


Sometime Capt. H.B.LCo.'b CItU Senrioe ; J.P. and D.L. for Suffolk. 

Wilkinson, brother of the above. 

BMlnuMM !■ JaBMirjr IMS. 

Allix, Charles, son of J. P. AllLx, Esq., Swaffham House, Cambs. 

Cbrist'ii Coll. Camb. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Lincoln ; present at Waterloo aa Caiii. Lit Foot 
Guards ; CoL, 1887. Died Apr. 24tb, 1862. 

Alliz, John Peter, brother of the above. 

M.P. for Cambs., 1841-7 ; J.P. and D.L. for Cambs. : Higb Sberiff, 1828. Mcd Feb. lOth, 

Anstmther, John, son of Sir John Anstruther, 5th Bart. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1806; Student of Lincoln's Inn, lb06 ; succeeded as Otb Bart., 1811 ; 
amnmed tbe additional surname of Carmicbael, 1817. Med Jan. 28tb, 1818. 



Carpenter, John DelavaL 

Succeeded bis brotber as 4tb Karl of Tyrconnel, 1812. Died Jnn. 25tb, 18!iS, wben tbe 
title became extinct. 


Dawson, Henry Bichard, son of A. Dawson, Esc|., Dublin. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., 1810; Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin, and Rector of Castle Comer, Co. 
Kilkennv, 1828. Died of tyiibus fever, caugbt wbile vifUtinK tbe iwor of bin itnriwh, 
Oct. 24th, 1840. 

Dorset, George John Frederick, 4th Dnke of. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf. Killed by a faU from bis bone, near Dublin, Feb. 22nd, 1815. 

East, James Duller, son of the Rt Hon. Sir Edward Hyde East, 1st Bart., 

Sherwood Lodge, Surrey. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1810 ; M.A. 1824 ; D.C.L., 1834 ; Barrister, 1813 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. 
Gloncestor ; J.P. for Oxon ; Bencher of the Inner Temple ; M.P. for Wlncbenter, 1830-2, 
an 1835-64 ; succeeded as 2nd Bart., 1847. Died Nov. mh, 187S. 




Moore, Oeorge Charles. 

Capt. 15tb Huisan ; afterwards assumed tbe surname of Ciipenter. 


Peel, Willikin Tates, soj 

SI. Jahn'a Cull. Cuub., S.A. ISI? 
Iliniis DBjil.p'lsas ; Lord of I 



Wingfleld, John Kniloe, Tickencntc Hall, Stamford. 

V.A.. St. John'- ColL Cuiib. ; HaniMtt, 180N. Blf« Id leon. 


Joipvl SarJ FuBiliori Killed in tho Penin-nlnr War. 

Bonverie, BreTard William, hou oF E. BouvfTie, E.<u]., l>lapr^ Abbey, 


St. JoboV Coll. Cuub.; mUnl Ihe Attot. Ii<13 : vonndailntWsUTlno : B.inoinloH.R.H. 
Eho Prln™ CoBSDTt : HuiMliDa U.nt.*ol. nt Uk Blun IHcd Sov. I8th, iSTI. 

Donglaa, Hon. Jamet, son of the Int Baron Douglas, tbe hero of the 

"Douglas Case." 

Cb. Ch. Oil., aA. IHIO; H.A. ISIS; RacUr ol Hunh'Olbboa, Bucki, 191^; of Biongblon. 

Fitigibbon, Hon. Richard Hobart, son of the Ist Earl of Clare. 

Gound th( Ann]i;«rTriliiib*PaiiHiilii:M.P. for Umnld. iel8-il; Lonl.Lisnt, otCa. 
and CltT of f^imerick ; mcutdBl blx bnlbai u 3rd Earl at Clun, IKT,!. BIr« Jul lOtb, 

Qrenaide, ChrUtopher, son of J. Qrenside, Esq., New Broad Street, E.C. 
(Mr. ^rarb Dniry'i*) 

LaftDttlSOl; CbiW,!. Coll. Cnmb., 1S13; Itaiiotof Cmi MM«nKbniii. Xoifolk. ISlfrTV 

mm Kdv. sotb, isri. 

SomatltD* Lionl.-Gov. or Boret QantU. 



Kaaon, William. 

Col. ff«t Norfolk MililLi : of Sdcton Hiraffhiiin. 

Moultrie, George Anstin, son of J. Moultrie, Eaq., Aston Hall, Shropshire 

Trin. Coll. Cnmb ; M^. Iftth Ijinwni; J.F. mhI D.L. tor Bnlop ; J.P. for Co. Winriefc 
Med ia am. 


Ricb, John. 

RBCtoi of ChnUliutt™. 1"19; Viair nt iTlngbot, n*r1ii, IMl ; Btrtor of Ntwlinil* 
Slum, 1M6. Med nbont \K7. 

St. Clare. 

BmlMMeea !■ MutM ISM. 

Petera, Edward Jamee, aon of H. Peters, Esq., Betehworth Castlft 

7lh Hnnnni ; wmndKl " Wmwloo, 


May 1802.] JOSEPH DRURY, 

BMtmnceii im May I8t9. 

ABSheton, William, son of W. Aasheton, Esq., Downham Hale, Clitheroe. 

Ijeft in ISO't; played in Lord Bjron's XI. r. Eton. 1800; B.N.C. Oxf., 1805; aonietinte 
Capt. in the Cheshire Militia, afterwardii hli\). in the 1st Rojal Lancashire Militia. 
Mrd Ang. Rth, 1S&8. 

Blackman, George, son of G. Blackman, E.sq., who assumed the surname 

of Harnage, and was created a Bart., 1821. 

Capt. R.X. ; nucoeeded m 2nd R'lrt., 1S3T. Died Mar. 10th, 18C0. 

Blomefield, Thomas William, son of T. Blomefield, Esq., created a Bart., 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., n.A. 1811 ; M.A. of Morton Coll.. 1814; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1812 ; 
sncceeded an 2nd Bart., 1822. Died Jun. 30th, 1808. 

Blunt, Francis Scawen. 

Sometime in the Guards ; of Crabbet, Snaeox. Died in 1842. 


ConsiU-Genenil Ht Trebiz^nd. 





Fitiroy, Hon. Charles, son of the Earl of Euston, who succeeded as 4th 

Duke of Grafton, 1811. 

Lient.-Col. in the Army; aorvetl in the Penin.Hnla, and at Waterltx); P.C. ; M.P. f<»r Bury 
St. Eiluiuuds, 1882-47; Vice-Chaniberluin of the l{uu-«h<>ia. lS:i:-8. DIM Jun. ITth, 





Orove, J. 


Hall, Bobert Westley. 

High Sheriff of Emex, 1821 ; ajwnmed the additional surname of Dtre, 1823 ; M.P. for S. 
KfiMX, 1882-0 ; of Cranbrook llotuo, Essex. Died May 20th, 1880. 

Hanrey, Eliab. 

Sometime in the GuanK Dted during the Peninsular War. 

Ipswich, Lord, son of the Earl of Euston, who succeeded as 4th Duke of 

Grafton, 1811. 

Played in Lord Byron'* XI. v. Eton, 1805; Trin. Coll. Canib.. M.A. 1814; M.P. for Bury 
St. Bdmundii, 1820-30 ; for Thetford, 1834-44 ; fmcceeded an 6th Dnke of Grafton, 1844. 
Died Mar. 20th. 180:^ 

Uoyd, Charles. 

Played in Loitl Byron's XI. r. Eton, 180:.. Died Jun. 20th, 1870. 




Porter, J. Grey, son of the Bishop of Clogher. 

Clerk in U<dy Orders. 


Member of the Firm of Po^-n & Co., Bankers 

St. Qeorge, 


Sinclair, George, son of the Rt Hon. Sir John Sinclair, Ist. Bart., D.C.U 

F.ILS. and M.P. of Tlbater, CaithneRs. 

M.P. for OiithMM, lHll.20 and 18SM1 ; Hrbolar aimI Anthor: %iiui ukcn i»ilMiiMr ia 
l^eniuiDy 1>} N«|iol«in ; PoocmAaA m Snd l)«rt., IHS'i. W%Hk (>ci iHh. l^i^. 

Stanley, Edward. 

rUyed in I^onl Byntn's XI. r. KUm. 1X05 ; iif 14, UitwvMntr H(|aai«, W. 
CI«rfc in Holy OnUn. 

Wodehonse, Charles Fonne, mw of the Rev. r. WodehouAe, Preliendary 

of Norwich. 

Trin. ColL Cunib.. KA. lAlS; M.A. 1M17; UU Peri>^«ul rnn»t« of Ht. MAiipiivt'it. I^rwi: 
Clamio of Numicb; reMKMd bin HmmAom, IHM» ; J. P. mmI V.U for 'Norfolk. P|j i 
M»r. iTth, 187a ^^ 


Barnard, Charles Leryns, son of H. Barnard, Rh(|., Cove Cattle, York. 

CAi>t. Scots (IreyK. KIIImI at Waterloo. 


Clerk In Holy Ordera. 


Denne, W. John. 

of Doctor'H Coniiuonn anti St. Leonanl'n. SnM«x. 



Freeling, John Clayton, son of Sir PVancis Freeling, 1st Bart. 

Held oflke under hiii father in G.P.O. ; Sec U» Board of Kxciaa. IHC4l Anfr. liHh, IM^ 

Gardner, Hon. Samnel Korton, son of the 1st Baron Gardner. 



Hale, Henry Jeremy, son of W. Hale, Esq., Welwyn, Herts. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., l?^; Vicar of Men*inK, Bamx. and Rector of Ilarpendan. Herta. Mr«| in 


Hammond. William Osmond. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; J.P. and D.L. for Kent : ni«h Sheriff, 1840. Mc4 Feb. 7tb. ISIO. 

Harness, William, son of J. Haniess, Esq., M.I). 

M.A., ChristA ColL Canib. ; Clerk in Holy Order*; Pr. C4>anai OC ; Reoeiver of Clerfty 
Retnme ; bnilt All Sainta*. Knifthtobridffe, of which he waa Perpetual Cnnite, 1K4MM* ; 
Author of a " Life of Shakes])enre " : a sreat friend of Byron a, who cwily refrained 
from dedicating; VhihU HarMd to bini. for fear of ii\juring him in hia |*rafeMiiun. 
IHrdNov. 11th. ISHti. 

Hunter, Peter. 

Colonel in the Army. 


M^Vior in the Army. 


Kemmis, James, son of T. Keimnis, Esq., Fhiblin, CVown Solicitor for 


Trin. CoU. Ozf. Pfed in 1^1, 

Jan. 18a3.] JOSEPH DRURY. 9 


Bturristor, praciUing in India. 

Lindsay, Charles, son of the Hon. C. Dalryin])le Lindsay, Hisliop of Kildare. 

M.A., Stb John's CoU. Cuub. ; ArcbdeHcun of KUdjune, and Peiiwtual Curate of Monkntovvn 
med Apr. 23id, in^ 

Kngent, Hon. Frederick, son of the 7th Earl of Westmeath. 

IMmI at Harrow, Mar. Mb, 180S. 

Payler, Anthony Charles, son of T. Payler, Em]. 

Merton Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1810 ; M.A. 1818 ; Vicar of Ilouloom, 1822-30 ; Rector of Cheddinf;- 
stone, 18S0-r>2. Dlvd Jan. 28tb, 18o2. 

Taylonr, Lord Oeorge, son of the 1st Marquess of Heaclfort. 

AMnmed tbe maternal surname of Quin, 1818 ; D.L. and J.F. for Cof>. Carlow and Cavan. 
Died Feb. (Hb, 1888. 

Tig^he, Bobert 

Sometime in the Guard/* ; afterwards a Banker at Windsor. 

Twysden, William, son of Sir William Jervis Twysden, 7th Bart. 

Succeeded as Stb Bart., 1884. Died Jnn. 22nd, 1879. 

Wigston, James, son of J. Wigston, Esq. 

Entered the Navy, 1804 ; became an Admiral ; J. P. for HantH. Died 

Wigston, brother of the above. 



BatniBceii In Janmry 1SS3. 


Bosanquet, Aogostus Henry, ron of W. Bosanquet, Esq., Osidge, Herts. 

(Mr. Evans') 

Haileybnry ColL ; H.B.I.Co.'s Civil Service ; retired invalided from ii\Jnries received in an 
insurrection at Bareilly, 1816. DIM in 1877. 

Bridgman, Hon. Charles Orlando, son of the 1st Earl of Bradford. 

(Mr. Bromley's) 

Vice-Admiral, R.N. Died Apr. IStb. 1800. 

Browne. (Mr. Evans') 

Rector of Kelsale and Carlton, Suffolk. 

Calthorpe, Hon. Frederick, son of the Ist Baron Calthorpe. 

(Mr. M. Drury's) 

Assumed the additional snmnme of (longh, 1845 ; succeeded his brother as 4th Baron, 1851. 
Died May 22nd. 1808. 

Combe, B. (Mr. H. Dnir>''s) 

Police Magifftrato at Clerkcnwell, and aftemaidH at South wark. Died about 1868. 

Devon, Charles, of Teddington, Middlesex. (Mr. Bromley's) 

J. p. and UL. Died in 1809. 

Fairfield, Edward B. (Mr. Bromley's) 

Served an Lieut, ami Capt. in 8rd Foot Guards at W.'iterloo. 

Fraser, James John, son of W. Eraser, Esi^., F.R.S., created a Bart., 1806. 

LienU-Col. 7th Huasan, with which ReKt> he served in Sp^* ^'m present .it Ortbez and 
Toulouse, and was extra A.D.C. to Lord Uxbridge at Waterloo, wnere be was wuundeil ; 
succeeded bis brother as Srd Bart., 1827. Died June &tb, 1884. 

Gtordon, Charles David, son of D. Gordon, Esq., A1)ergeldie, N.B. 

Died Nov. 24th, 182C. 


Jocelyn, Hon. James Bligh, son of the 2nd Earl of Roden. 

(^fr. H. Drury's) 

Lieut. R.N. Died Jul. lOtb. 1812. 

Lucas, Francis, 


Seymour, Oeorg^ FrandB, eldest son of I^nl Hiigh Seymour. 

(Nfr. Bland*8) 

Entered RX. ; wrved iiiid«r XelKon la the yiefrp ; limit., 1M04 ; danitvrniialT wovndalat 
S. Duiuingit. li<0(l: CaiA., 1H06; ttmk iiart in the euihArkatiou (if MtMfW* Foroe at 
Cnmnna; C.K, 1MI5: Se^ennt-ntAniM, lUmm of Iah^, \>VJi Mattel uf the R«»Ims 
to Willuuii IV.. 1K90: ReAr-Aduiinil, 1H41 ; I.uiil <vf the Aiiiiiir.iUy. \m\ ; Cunxtut 
in-Chief in the P^MiAc. \HU ; Vioe-Aaniiml. 18'4 ; (VmtnuuHler in Chief. N. Ai 
and W. Indiee, 18:*l ; at Purteiiiouth. lH.'4i; Admiral. l>:' ; Admiral uf the Ftoac. 1< 
(I.C.H.. 18S4 ; G.C.B., 1M». Me4 Jan. I'Oih. 1*«7A. 



Waddilove, son of the Dean of Kipon. (Mr. Evans') 

Walton, William Lovelace, son of Lieut-Gen. J. Walton, R.A. 

(Nfr. H. Drnry'g) 

Left in 190tj ; En^itm Coldetream Goaitlit, 1900 ; Uent. aadCa|it.. isil ; Cai>t. and Ueot.-GoL, 
1S23; CoL. KssT ; MiO-Oco-* 1*^ *. Limit. -Oen., Ih64: Ca^L Mh FiwiUerv, ISM; <2eB., 
l»(US ; served at the iiiefie and caiHnre of Copenhafien, liOT ; in the PeniniiiU, 1809-11: 
.umI in iiolUuid. Belfrium. and France. 181.H-18, neiim preiient at the bomhaidmaBi ef 
Antwerp, the attack on BerBenoiwXuotn, the hnttlei uf <^tre Braa and Waieaioo, 
vkhere he wa« acting Adj. uf the 2nd Batt. Coldstream Onarda. and BtUpmU-Mi^ «• 
'Jnd Brifcade of Onardii on mardi from Waterloo to Pari< ; Medal for Waterioo, mad 
Medal with two claa|ia for Talavera and Buaaeo. Mc4 Jur. nth. 1M& 

Wroughton, Bartholomew, son of P. Wroughton, Em\., Newtown, Uanta 

(Mr. Bromley's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. 1808. |Mc4 May 21i4. 18.Vt. 

BalnuicM iB Wthnukwy IMS. 

Boultbee, Thomas. 

Ordained 1824 ; Vicar of Salfortl and Bklford, Warwickshire. 1830-n. Mc4 abont 18«S. 

Dawson, Hon. Oeorge Lionel, son of the 1st Earl of TV)rtarling:ton. 

Asftnmed the atiilitional snrmuue of Darner. 18:i9 ; Lieut. -CoL in the Army ; nnred in 
FlanderH. ar»d at Waterloo : C.a 1815 ; M.P. for PorUrlintcton. 18s:>^7 ; for DorclMM«r, 
l84T-.Vi ; Conii>trt>ller of the llooaehold, 1841-« ; P.C, IH41. MH| Apr. Uth, 1850. 

Dawson, Hon. Lionel Charles, brother of the above. 

Died Feb. 2.0tb, 1842. 

Gordon, Hon. Robert, son of George, I/)rd Haddo, and grandson of the 

3rd Karl of Aberdeen. 

AttAch«^ in Pomia : See. of Rmhaasy at the lla^ine ami Vienna ; Minister at Brmcil ; Amba** 
Nulur of Constantinople and Vienna ; P.C. ; (l.C.B. ; 0. C. IL IHHI Oct. »th. 1847. 

Jackson, Joseph. (Home- Boarder) 

Joineil lOth HoiwarM. 


EalniBcni Ib Apiil ISSt. 

Calder, Sir Henry Roddam, Bart, son of Sir Henr>' Calder, 4th Bart., 

of Muirtoune. 

Sncoeedeil as 5th Bart., 1702. Med Ang. l.nh, 1888. 

Crompton, William Bookes, son of J. Oompton, Esq., Esholt Hall, near 

liceds. (Mr. Drury's 

M.A., Jesns ColL Camb. : afterwards asanmed the additional snmame of Stanfleld ; M.P 
for Huddersfleld, 18S7-5S. Dlfd in 1875. 

Monro, Edward Thomas, son of T. Monro, Esq. 

Oriel ColL Oxf.. B.A. 1809; M.A. 1810; M.B. 1811; M.D. 1814; F.R.C.P. 1816. Mtd 
.Ian. 25th, \St^. 


Morier, William, brother to the Rt. Hon. James Morier, Minister Pleni- 

l)otentiary at the Court of Persia, etc. 

Captain R.N. 

Sept. 1803.] JOSEPH DRURY. 11 

Porter, Charles, son of the late Bishop of Cloglier, The Palace, Clogher, 

Co. Tyrone. 

CaioB Coll. Cuuh., B.A., Srd Wrangler, 1819 ; Fellow and l\itor of hb CVjU. ; Vicar of 
St. Martin's, Stamford; Rector of Ancbnamallan, Co. Monafshan ; Vicar of Gunton, 
YorluL ; Vicar of Castle Raunds, Nortbaiuptooshire. Died June 10th, 1S77. 

Shee, Cbarles Pindar, son of Sir George Shee, Ist Bart., Duniore, Co. 


Joined the Qneen's Dn^toons, and became Col. of the Regt. Died Jnl. 19th, 1856. ' 

Strong, Clement 

Trin. Hall Can)b., LL.R. 1S19 ; Sinecure Rector of Gedney, Lincolnshire, 1824-52. Died 
Aj»r. l.'itb, Ws*. 


Kntnuieeii la May IMS. 

Franks, Charles, son of W. Franks, Esq., Dacre Lodge, East Bamet. 

Chairman of the South Seii Co. : .1,P. for Herts ; Banker. 

Franks, brother of the alx>ve. 

Gambler, James. 
Moore, William John. 

M.A., St. John's Coll. Camb. ; afterwanis asfmmod the surname of Brabazon ; Vicar of 
Sairatt, Herts, 1SS8-59. Med in 1866. 

BMtnuieefi In «l«iie IMS. 

Ashbnmham, Hon. John, son of the .3rd Earl of Ashbiimham. 

Joined the Coldstream Guards. Drowned in 1810. 


Herbert, Bobert Henry, Lord, son of the nth Earl of Pembroke. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; succeeded as 12th Earl, 1827. Died Apr. 25th, 1862. 

Neeld, Joseph, son of .7. Neeld, Esq., Fulham, Middlesex. 

Inherited proiwrty amounting to a million sterlinft from Philip Rundall. the noldsmith ; 
M.P. for Chipi>enham, 18.*M)-56 ; Governor of the School, 1S28; founder of the Neeld 
Medal for Mathematics. Died Mar. 24th, 1856. 

Yereker, John Prendergast, son of the Hon. C. Vereker, afterwards 2nd 

Viscount Gort. 

Head of the School, 1810 ; J.P. for Cos. Galway and Limerick ; M.P. for Limerick, 1817-31 ; 
succeeded as Srd Viscount, 1842 ; representative Peer, 1865. Died Oct. 20th, 1865. 

Eatnuiee §■ Jalj ises. 


Entmneeii Ib September IStS. 

Acland, Charles Richard Dyke, son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 9th 


Commander R.N. Died in 1828. 

Adair, Alexander, son of W. Adair, Esq., Ballymena, Co. Antrim. 

J.P. for Somerset ; High Sheriff, 1887 ; of Heatherton Park, near Taunton. Dle«l in 186S. 

Alcock, Josiah. 

Clerk of the Treasury. 

Bernard, Thomas Tvringham, son of Sir Scrope Bernard, 4th Bart. 

(afterwards Morland). 

G«lnoat«d at Westminster, Harrow, and Eton ; sluired Lord Byron's bedroom at Harrow ; 
from Eton he went to Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Lieut. -Col. Royal Bucks Yeo. Cav. ; D.L. for 
Bucks, 1817; High Sheriff, 1816; M.P. for Avlesbury, 1857-65; succeeded his brother 
as 6th Bart., 1870 ; dined with the Guards at Brussels on the ere of their demrture (v>\ 
Waterloo. Died May 8th, 1S8S. 


Bridgnum, Hon. Orlando Henry, aon of the \nt Earl of BradfonL 

Joined lut Foot Oiurdji ; extim A.D.C. Ut Lurd Hill; wiivimIm) j»t Wnterloo. Mf^ 
Aug. ^Mh, lJi27. ^^ 

Brockmnn, W. 

rUyad in Uml Byruo's XI. r. Kt4ia, ll40!i. 

Cavendiih, Hon. Henry Kannen, Hon of the 2nd Baron Waterford. 

CoL Dtrbyshlrt MiliU* ; Lonl-iB-Waitiiw ; raoeMd«l m Sid Duroo. 1880; ILP. for 
Knaratbonmgb, ISSO-S ; for & Dvrbjilhirt, 18SS-I ; foi Uchfltid, irtM-O. MMI Mm. 
Slat, lt«8. 

Curtis, WiHiauL 

Dmmmond, Charles, Hon of C. Drumiuond, Ehq. 

C'h. Ch. Ozf. : ftctlve iMulMr in tbt flmi of Umsn, Ihumiuood, ftankw*. Loodoo. Mc4 
Ang. 2Sid, 1»8. 

Dnunmond, Speneer Bodnqr, non of H. Drummond, £m|. 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 181S: M.A. 1815; BMtor of SwarraUai, Haau; Cbatil. Sqmix Co. 
HoqHUl ; PerpetniU Cnimto of St. John's, Brifrhton. MHI Mar. 7tb, 1H81 

Fortescue, Katthew. 

Trin. Coll. Ouub. ; bacanM an olBetr In the DraKooiia. 

Harvey, John, eldest son of T. Harvey, £m|., Finchley Manor Hoime, 

Middlesex. (Dr. Drury's) 

1.6ft about 1810 ; Trin. ColL OunK, &A. 1814 ; M.A. 1817 ; Barrktor. ISIO ; !■ aOd to faiv* 
taken part In Lord Bjnm'B School R^brilkw. Me4 Feb. ISth, 1856. 



Holroyd, George Chaplin, son of Mr. Justice Uolroyd. 

Trin. Coll. Camb. ; mitarad H.E.I.Co.'a MiUtaij StrTiee; on his way oat hia ahip, with 
two otbaia, had a aever* action with two Fnoch frigatan and a corvatta. Mr. HolrMd, 
who was woundsd, was retiortcd bj the Cajit. as haviny iiartimlarly dUtUiinUaMd 




Margesion, John, son of W. Margesson, Esq., Broadwater. 

B.A., Trin. Coll. Ouub. 

Margesson, William, brother of the above. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Rector of Whatlinfttoo, Somwx, 1821 ; of Moontfleld, Bnmex, 1836-71. Mc4 
May 20th, 1871. 



Plymouth, Otter Archer Windsor, larl of, »on of the 5th Earl of Ply- 

Suct^aeded an 0th Eail, 1799; Col. Woroertenhire Yeo. Cav. ; a well-kmtHU S|iortsnuui. 
Died, on board his yacht, at UeptfonI, Jul. 10th, 18SS. 


St. John, Bobert William, aon of General St. John. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1811 ; Conmil-Oeiiera] at AlirfenL »ImI Mar. 2Mh. 18.M. 


Wake, Charles, son of Sir William Wake, 9th Bart. 

Succeeded as 10th Bart., 1840. Mtil Feb. 23rd. 1864. 


Wildman, Oeorge, son of T. Wildman, Esq., Bedford Sq., W.C. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1810 ; Student at Lincoln's Ian, 1812. Mf4 Apr. 2nd, 1817. 

Teoman, Henry Walker, son of H. W. Yeoman, E.«»q., Woodlands, WTiitby. 

(Mr. Bromley's) 

Trin. Coa Camb., B.A. 181S; M.A. 1817; J.P. mmI D.L. fur N. Riding of Yorks. 
in 1876. 

Pkb. 1804.] JOSEPH DRURY. 13 

Balimmeet Im NoTenilicr IMS. 

Cameron, W. O., son of Lieut-Gen. W. N. Cameron, H.E.I.C.S. 

Capt lA Foot Ouarda ; lost bia right ann at Waterloo, and had other severe wounda ; K.U. ; 
Bt..Liettt.-CoL, 1825. Me4 May 26tb, 1850. 


Lloyd, Henry James, son of F. Lloyd, Esq., M.P. for Montgomeryshire. 

lleHd of the School, 1812 ; M.A., Trin. C»1L Gaiub. ; Recii>r of Selatb}ii, Shroiwhire, 1852 ; 
Incumbent of Tedditigti>n ; Dep. Chapl. of ChHiiel Royal, llauiptun Court, 1842-52 ; 
Rural Dean of Ilauixiton. Dted in 18&3. 


EatniBcci la JaB«mry I8e4. 

Bradtbaw, James. 

M.P. for Bnickle^, 1823-32; for Uerwick. 1835-7 ; for OinterlMiry, 1S37-I7 ; wvka called wyon 
to apologiee in Parliaiuent for attacking the Queen at an election meeting; at Canterbury ; 
luairied the celebrated actreos, the eider Mias Tree. Died Mar. 4th, 1847. 

Bridgman, Hon. Henry Edmnnd, son of the 2nd Baron Bradford. 

Rector of BlymhiU, Stalla. Died Nov. 15th, 1872. 

Briflprtocke, Angnstns, son of W. O. Brigstocke, Es(]., Llandywydd, 


JesOB Coll. Cauib. 1811 ; Rund Dean ; Prebendary of Kenarth and Pcriwtual Curate of 
Colnian Chapel, PeubrokeBhire. Died about 1852. 

Lucy, Oeorge. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. : IliKh Sheriff of Warwick, 1831; M.P. for Fowey, 1818-11», iuid 18-20-U). 
Died Jul. 7th, 1845. 

Malton, William. 

Solicitor, London. 

Theed, Thomas. 

Bnlnuiete la Pekra^ry 1804. 


Sometime in the Dragoons. 

Connop, Woodham, son of N. Connop, Esq., Enfield, Middlesex. . 

Died Mar. 22nd, 1806. 


Ghregory, Bobert, son of the Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle. 

Trin. ColL Oxf. ; of Cole Park, Ualway. Died In 1847. 

Gregory, William, brother of the above. 

Rector of Fiddoun, Ireland. 


Clerk in Holy Oid^n. 


fiMlnuiccs la i#rU ISM. 

Brant, William Crawley. 

Oriel CoIL Ozf., RA. 1812; M.A. 1815; Cantc u( Wi»tuo-aBd«r-rtoyanl, Ilcnfoirf. 
Mc4 Attff. S4ih, 1M7. 








Perceval, Spencer, son of the Rt Hon. .S|)encer I'crceval, M.P., the Prime 


Teller (»r the Exchequer; Clerk of Uie Onlnance; M.P. for KnnU, I81b-J0 : f or Ncwuct. 
1. uf W., 1827-91 ; fur Tiverton, 18J}l-2. Me«i UefiC lOih, 1801*. 


Dundas, Thomaa, son of I>ord Dunda» (afh^manlH 1st Earl of Zetland). 

Trin. Coll. Ciuub., M.A. 1^15; lA*ixl-Ueat. for N. Rldioff; Uraod MaaUr *4 Om Fiw> 
uuMUDH of BnKUod ; M.l*. for Richmond, 1818-80. and 18S&4»: «nd for Yocic, 18ie-l: 
uncoeeded m 2nd Eiirl «if ZethuMl, 1839 ; K.T. MHI Ma> 0th. 187:^ 

Perceval, Hon. Oeorge James, eldest son of the 2nd Baron Arden. 

Vioe-Adiuiml RN. ; served in E}(y|it and present at Traftdgar. I80&; M.P. for W. Swrny, 
1897-40 ;'Siiooeeded hie father ae 3rd llaron Aitlen, 1840 ; and hie ouiuin a* 0Ul Bnrl etf 
Egliiont, 1841. Med Aug. 2ntl. 1874. 

Perceval, Hon. John, brother of the alwve. 

M.A., Trin. ColL Canib. Died in the lifetime of hi« father. Mar. 15th. 181K 

Valletort, William Richard. Viscount, son of the 2nd Earl of Mount 


Illed Oct. 21>tb, 1818. 

Eatranrct Ib Jbbc I8e4« 

Boldero, Lonsdale. 

Lieut. Mild Cni>t. l»t Foot (iuardit ; Mt^., ls4.'i ; pretient at WHterl<M>. 

Curtis, Charles Berwick, »on of Sir William Curtis, 1st Bart., Culland*8 

Grove, Southgate, Middlesex. (Mr. H. DruryV) 

I^ft ailM'Ut 1812; Gan)io«der Manufacturer, Uounalow Powder Mills. DIrd Oct. 2Mk, 



Hook, Theodore Edward, son of James Hook, Ks(|., the com)>oser. 

The well-known writer and inractical Joker; Ht. Mary'it Hall Oxf. ; Acctiuntant-Uen. and 
*TreHimrer in Maurititia, 1812 ; aireated and decUreil debtor to the Crown. 1H18-SS; 
Author of "The 8oldien< Return," "SayinKH and Doinga," etc. ; contributed to /dU 
Hall 1820-41 ; Editor of the iltw Monthly Maf/t'^ine, lK3t^41. Med An(t. 24tl 1841. 

Piatt, Charles, son of J. Piatt, Es(|., and brother of Sir T. J. l*Jatt Baron 

of the Elxche<iuer. 

SoUcitor 1811. Died Jnn. 17th, 1818. 

BBtniBreii la Jalj IMft. 


Jan. 1805.] JOSEPH DRURY. 16 

EHlrmncei Ib September 18M. 

Armytage, John, ^n of Sir George Armytage, 4th Bart. 

Cb. Cb. Ozf. IHed Hay 31«i, 1830. 


Brett, Joseph George. 

LL.B. ; Incumbent of Hanover Gb)ii»el, Recent Street, London, li532-52. Died May 20th, 

Buchanan, John Phillips. 

CapL 10tb Light Dragoons. Hilled at Waterloo. 

Clayton, Gkorge. 

Oriel Coa Oxf., B.A. 1812. Died in the Weet Indies. 



James, John, son of »Sir Walter James, 1st Bart. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; Miniitter Plenip. to the Netherlands, 1810-1(>. Died during the lifetime of 
hia father, Jun. 4th, lbl8. 


Morant, Gkorge, son of J. Morant, Esq., Henbury, Wiuibornu. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf. Died Dec. 17th, 1870. 


Salwey, Henry, son of T. R. Salwey, Esq. 

CoL Coldstream GnanU ; M.P. for Ludlow, 1837-41, and 1847-02. Died in 1874. 

Sarel, Henry Bnle. 

M.A., Trin. Coll. Camb. : Rector of Biacombe, Subnex, ISlO-O'h. Died in 1808. 

Sheri£fe, Thomas, son of T. Sheritfe, Esq., Uenstead, Suffolk. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf., 1808; Demy of MafnUlen CoU., Oxf., 1800-14; Rector of Eyke, SulTolk, 
and of Uenittead, Suffolk. Died Oct. 10th, 1801. 

Wood, Mark. 

Succeeded as Sir M. Wood, 2nd Bart, of Galton Park, Suney ; a constant and liberal 
liatron of the Turf. Died Aug. 4th, 1837, when the Baronetcy became extinct. 

EHtnuiees la October 18IM. 


Chaplin, Henry, son of C. Chaplin, Esi|., Blankney, Lincolnshire. 

M.A. St. John's Coll. Camb. ; Vicar of Ryhiill-ciuii.&»8endine, 1830-40. Died Mar. 22nd, 


Ktttmiiceii !■ November IMl. 


Eutraureji In Jan nary 1805* 
Boiler, James Wentworth, son of J. Buller, Esq., Crediton, Devon. 

Oriel ColL Oxf., IHIO ; Fellow «if All SimU* ; Student Lincoln^ Inn, 1810 ; M.P. ff»r Excler, 
1830-4; f»>r N. Devon, Ksri7-05. Died Mar. l.Uh, ISOO. 

Boiler, Thomas Wentworth, son of W. Buller, Escj., Whinii)le, Devon. 

Entered R.N. 1806 ; Conmuuulcr, 1S17 ; Tithe C\>ninii.-4»ioneT for England and Wales. Died 
Oct. 30th, 1802. 

Drommond, Edward, son of C. Drmninond, Estj., Ranker, Cliaring Cross. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf. ; entered the Civil Service : jirlvate Sec to Ripon, Canning, Wellington, and 
FeeL Died, having been shot by miAtHke for Peel, Jan. 20th, '1843. 



SotnetioM in the Aruiy. 

Gordon, Jameg Adam, of Nabh Uoom?, Wraxall, near Bri&toL 

M.A., m. John's ColL Cainbi. 




Mirehonia, John, son of J. Mireboum5, £iiq., Brownalade. 

M.A., Trin. Coll. CMiib. ; BMrriator, 1817 : ConinMHi fldJMBt of Um City of Xjomkm, 
lHS»-50 ; Author of TrMtiMi on '* Tb« L«w tif AdrownM" uid *« Tht Law e# TItlMi.' 
Mc4 Feb. 18th, 1850. 

Newbattla, John William Bobert, Lord, son of the 6th MarqnMs d 


Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Biirl of Anenun, 1816 ; M.P. for Hnntingiknii 1hS(M ; snooMdad m Ttk 
MftroMM, 1824 ; Ouit^ of the Veimteo of the Giurd, 1841 ; Lonl-UeuU of RogtmiflMhiii 
Col. EdinbaiKh Militia. IHc4 Nov. 14th, 184L 

Paxton, W. O. 

Wine Mervhjuit. 

Peel, Lawrence. 

CoL in the Aniiy. 

Ramsden, William, ^on of O. Kamnden, E.s<|. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., lt.A. 1812: M.A. 1838; Rector vi Unwoud, Linoolnfrhire, mmI of Aik«nl, 
Kent M«^ Nov. 4tli, 1800. 

Sperling, Hanrey James. 

M.A., Trin. Coll. Caiub. ; lUctor of Paimorth, Cniub*., 1S21-&8. DImI May 24th, 185^ 

Tower, William. 

M.A. : Head Master of the Grammar School, Brentford ; Vioar of Braoghbig, Ueclflu Mci 
about 1849. 

Webb, Philip Barker, son of P. C. Webb, Esci., Milford, Surrey. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., H.A., 1 CI., 1815; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1813; dhftinKtiiidied XatniBlUt 
and Author. Me«i Aug. 31st, 18&1 

Apr.— JoL. 1806.] GEORGE BUTLER 17 

$«a5 QVloftor 

SASTBR 1805-SA8TSR 18X9. 

The lists of entrances between April 1805 and April 1829 can only claim to be 
approximately correct Unfortunately Dr. Bntler's entrance book was lost 
many years ago, and the following lists have, therefore, been compiled from* a 
careful comparison of such School lists as are still extant. These lists, unlike 
our present Bill Books, were neyer official publications, but appear to have 
been made by the boys themselyes ; presumably as they listened to the calling 
of the Bill, for the spelling is, in many cases, purely phonetic As initials were 
seldom, if ever, giren, it has been found impossible to identify all the names 
Many boys, too, undoubtedly entered and left the School between the Terms of 
which any record exists, and in these cases it has not been possible to trace or 
include their entries. 

EMtniBces ApHl—Jaly 1MB. 

Armitage, John Wentworfh. 

B.A, Emmannel (k>ll. Gamb. ; Parnetna] Cnrata of Hickleton, York, and Vicar of Bnlwall, 
Noito., 1817—60. Died in lw&. 






Cameron (of Lochiel), Donald, son of Donald Cameron, Esq., of rx)chiel 

Achnacarry, Inverness. 

Left abont 1813 ; MTved in tb* GrMiBdiar Guards, 1815-20 ; prewnt at the battle of Waterloo. 
Med at Hampden Honae, Bndu, 1858. 

Claridge, George, son of J. L. Claridge, Esq., Sevenoaks. 

Solicitor at 8eT«noaka, 1815^1. Died in 1841. 

Claridge, John Thomas, brother of the above. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., 1810; Barriater, 1818 ; Knighted, 1825 ; Recorder of Prince of WaIm' laland, 
1825-82. Med Jnn. 25th, 1868. 

Clive, Edward, son of E. B. Clive, Esq., Whitfield, near Hereford. 

Joined Grenadier Guards, 1811 ; GapU and Lieut -CoL, 1826; Ool., 1840; eerved in Penin- 
anU, Quatre Brie, and Waterloo . Died Apr. 15tb, 1845. 


Dmry, Arthnr. 

Monitor, 1813 ; Head of the School, 1814 ; Clerk in Holj Orders. 

Eyre, George. 

Fitsroy, Charles Angnstns, son of Lord Charles Fitzroy. 

Lieai.-CoL Qranadier Quaxds ; Lieut. -Gov. of Prince Edward's Island, 1837-41 ; of tbe 
Leeward Islands, 1841-5 ; Got. -Gen. of the Australian Colonies, 1846-54 ; Knighted, 
1837 ; R.C.B.. 1854. DIcd Feb. 16th, 1858. 

1« HARROW SCHOOL BEG rSTER. [Aw.— Jul, 1805. 

Hills, Robert, son of Philip HilU, Emi, Colne Park, Kshox. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.F. ud D.L. for Km«. M«4 ia IS7«. 


Manners, Arthur Caear, son of Sir William TVilmash, 1st Bart, (afterwards 

Lord Huntingtower). 

AanuMd tht mreaiM of TollenuielM, uad niatd to Um nuik of u Karri no, IS40. Mc4 
Apr. lit, 1848. 

Manners, Felix Thomas, brother of the above. 

ABninMd Um tonuuno ci ToIImdmIm, and nimd to Um nmk of ad Xari'a •on, IS4Q. Mt4 
Got. 5Ui, 184S. 

Manners, Lionel William John, brother of the above. 

ANBomad Um munuuiM of ToIImiimIm : wneemAtd hU father m Sod Bart. (TUmaali), IfiSI : 
•oeooedad hli gnuidinotlMr m 7tb Earl of Djiart* IMU. Med In l!C«. 


Vanneok, Hon. Thomson, »on of the iMt Baron Huntingfield. 

Died Mar. SSnd, 185&. 

Teoman, Bernard, son of H. W. Yeoman, Enq. 

CommaiMUr B. N. M«d Apr. SSid, 188«. 

Teoman, Oonstantine, brother of the above. 

MiSi. RA. Med JoL 27U>, 1852. 

BmtraBCM Scyleaibrr— Beeeaikcr ises. 





Briscoe, Mnsgrave, son of Capt. W. Briscoe, Coghurst, Ore, Sussex. 

Sid. SuaMZ ColL Camta., RA. 1818; M.P. for Hantiatpi. 1844-M; "a good upaciiMa ot aa 
English gaotlnuan." Med May 9tb, 1854. 

Briscoe, Wastel, brother of the above. 

M.A., Trin. ColL Camb. Med in 1878. 

Butler, Hon. James, son of the 2nd Earl of Carrick. 

Clerk in Holy Ordera. Med Sa|>t. IAS4. 

Cherry, George Henry, son of G. F. Cherry, Esq., Denford, Berks. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., aA,, 1 CL, 18U; M.P. for Duniiilch, lh2WJ; J.P. and D.L. for BOTks; 
High Shmiff, 18S9. Med Jan. 6th, 1848. 

Clarke, Oeorge Ford, son of R. Clarke, Esq., of Bedalo, Yorks. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. 18W ; Factor of Thornton Watbat, 18H-42. Med Apr. 17lh, lfl42. 

Dawson, William. 

M.A., St. John* CoU. Camb. 






Milbank Mark, son of W. Milbank, Esq., Thorp Perrow, Yorkshire 

Orial coll. oif. ; M.P. 'or Camslford 1818^». ^dUOMS^ JLP and D.L. for N. RUUng 
High SiMriff. 18S7 ; J.P. to Co. Onrtam. PM« o«. .1*. lUI. 


1806-8.] GEORGE BUTLER. 19 

Xoore, William George, son of F. Moore, Esq., Under* Sec. for War, 

nephew of Sir John Moore, who fell at Corunna. 

CoL Gmuiditr OtiAidi ; A.D.C. to Bir John Hope (since Sari of Hopetoon) ; Mverely 
wounded Apr. 14th, 1814, at the blookade of Bayonne. having hia arm ahattered by a 
mnaket ball whilst, together with Capt. Herries, A.D.C., endeavouring to extricate 
the G«i. from beneath his horse, which had been shot under him by the Frrach in a 
sudden sortie from the citadel. While thus engaged they were surrounded by the 
enemy and the whole party taken prisoners : Lieut -Gen., and K.C.B., Col. -in-Chief 
of 60th Rifles ; present at Waterloo. Died Oct. 2Srd, 1S62. 

Sowley, David. 

M.A., St. John's Coll. Camb. ; Barrister, 1820. Died in 1828. 


Thompson, Henry, son of Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Thompson, 1st Bart. 

M.P., Southampton. 

Oriel CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1819 ; M.A. 1821 ; Incumbent of Trinity Church, Fareham ; Vicar 
of Frant, and Prebendary of Chichester ; succeeded his brother as 8id Bart., 1826. 
Died in 1808, when the Baronetcy became extinct. 


Tylden-Pattenson, Cooke, son of the Rev. R C. Tylden-Pattenson, Rector 

of Trinsted and Milsted, Kent. 

Left Dec 1806 ; Ensign 43rd Light Infantry, 1807 ; Capt, 1814 ; exchanged to 05th Ragt. 
(Rifle Brigade), 1817 ; h.-i>. 1818 ; Bt.-Ueut.-CV>l., 1854; medal with chuipB for Ciudad 
Rodrigo (wounded), Bad^Joa, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Toulouse ; knocked down 
by a muMet ball in a skirmish, near Vera, in the Pyrenees, his life being saved by a 
small vol. of "Gil Bias" in the left breast-pocket of his iielisse, the ball striking the 
book dose to the edge, and taking the impression of the croas mohair braid on the cover ; 
J. P. and D.L. for Kent. Died Jan. 28rd, 1858. 


Bmlnineeii darlnc tlie yean 1MC-I8ee. 

Anneiley, Hon. George Arthur, son of the 8th Viscount, afterwards 2nd 

Earl of Mountnorris. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; succeeded to courtesy title of Viscount Valentia, 1816.«Dled» in the lifetime 
of his father, Mar. 16th, 1841. 

AtUnson, Thomas. 

Queen's Coll. Oxf. ; B.A. 1814. 


Bamjnm. t 


>, Basil, son of the Rev. B. B. Beridge, Algarkirk, Lincolnshire. 

Magdalen Coll. Oxf. ; Rector of Algarkirk, 1S28-81 ; Prebendary of Lincoln; J. P. for 
Lincolnshire. Died Jul. 21st, 1881. 


Blaclunan, Henry Hamage, son of G. Blackman, Esq., who was created a 

Bart, and assumed the surname of Hamage, 1821. 

Monitor, 1S13 ; Clerk in Holy Orders. Died Aug. 1853. 


Buckley, Edward Pery, son of Col. E. P. Buckley, Woolcombe Hall, 


Ensign Grenadier Ouaxds, 1812; Capt., 1814; Lieut-Col., 1820; Mi^j.-Oen., 1851 ; Lieut 
Oen. 1858; Qen., 1866; CoL 88rd KMt, 1865; serred in the Peninsula, including the 
passage of the Bidaasoa, battle of Nivelle, and inTestment of Bayonne; present at 
Quatra Brfts, Waterloo ; war medal with 2 clasps for Nirelle and Nire ; M.r. Med 
in 1878. 

Bnller, Charles. 

Head of the School, 1815. Died Nov. 28th, 184S. 



Calthorpe, Hon. John, son of the 1st Baron Calthorpe. 

Entcnd B.N. ElllMl in ■a|i|WMilB« a riot In Jamalm, Jan. lOtb, 181A. 

Chaloner, Henry, son of W. Chaloner, Esq., Quisborough, Yorks. 

TriB. Coll. Cvulx ; Vimr of AIm, Yofks., ISSMa Mttf Not. SSlh, 18S0. 

Chaplin, Thomai, son of C. Chaplin, Esq., Blankney, lincobahire. 

CoL la Um Gwunb ; M.P. for Sumford, ISSe^l. ud 18SS4 ; J.P. ud D.L. 





Colyear, Hon. Brownlow duurlai, 5«on of the 4th Earl of Portmore. 

Snooeadtd to tht grwt «ut«i of tbo DiUm of AocMirtor. 180A. MM «i IUhm, o# 
TMoived from tho banditti. 1819. 

Coote, Hon. Byre, Hon of the 2nd Baron CaKtlecootc. 

SocoMdffl M Srd Baron, IdSS. WMk 1b 18S7. wban tbo tUla btramt oxtinrt. 

Crosbie, duurlea. 

Cubitt, Franoii William, mou of T. Cubitt, Es(i., Honing Hall, NorfoUL 

St. John'H ColL Camb., RA. 18S1 ; J.P. for Snfblk and Norfolk ; lUctor of PritUNk 

in 1882. 


Daniell, James ITngent, »on of J. Daniell, E««|., Carshalton IVtrk, Surrey. 

(Mr. l>nup>''.*») 

.T.P. for Surrey: Ootumimionar of Ucntonancj fur Lundoo; fonuarly in II.K.I.Co.'« Clril 
Service in cJbina. 

Savies, David Arthur Saunders. 

Cb. Cb. Ozf., RA. 1814; M.A. 1H17 : DarriirtOT : M.P. fur Camiartbeusbirr, IftlS^'.T; 
Cbaimuin uf Qnartar Seiiiw. MmI May :!2Dd, IN.%7. 

Deane, Hon. Xatthew Fitimaurice, Hon of the 1st Baron NfiiMkorry. 

Succeeded bit brotber aa Srd Baitm, lR2i. Med May 19tb, IMS. 

Denne, Bichard Oreenland. 

llorriMer, 1824. Died Dec. 5tb. 18S9. 

])*Este, Sir Augustus Frederic, son of H.R.H. tho Duko of Sa«;sez and 

I^dy Aiijoista Murray. ; 0>L in tbe Army; nerved in America, l.^l'i; ]vi|nerry to Willmm IV. ; rlaiaied 
Ihikedum of Somwx, 1S44. Med I)ei\ 2{<th. 1X4S. 

Dewar, David Albemarle Bertie. 

I'revioufUy ut WeHtmiiuiter Scbool ; of Dolee Hall, Aoduver. Med Nov. SMb. ISSA. 


Downes, Bobert, son of R. I)o\\TieR, Esq., Ardley, Oxon. 

Woriwter Oill. (»xf., Ifil5 ; RecU>r of Fetchnm. Snrrey, l>31»: Vimr i»f T^eoniinirtoa, \KM, 
MedtK-t. Hitb, IHTiO. 

Drummond, Berkeley, son of V. Druininond, Esq. 

Col. in .Snl Rofrt. of Fiiot (inanbi ; atuined tbe rank of Oen. ; pre^nt .it W.^torloo; ■ 
Member of tbe Queea'H H<niMbolil. Med May Snl, l^MW. 

Drummond, John, soil of .1. Drummond, E.sq., TheBoyce Court, Gloucester. 

Joineil Ci»kUtr«am Gnardii, 1810; Caiii., 1R14 ; Uent.-Ci>l.. IXSA; Mt^.-Oen.. 1861; G«b.. 
18C5 ; nerved in tbe Peninimlar War, prenent at Vltturia aiut utber eninMremeota (ntdal 
ao<l S cbuqw); J.P. for QlonreRtcnbirft. Med in IH7'>. 

Duncombe, Thomas Slingsby. 

Left Dec ISll ; Joined tbe CuldMream OaandM ; M.P. for Hertford, 182C-S2; for Fiaabwr, 
lS.34-01 ; iirenented tbe Cbartint i»etition tu tbe Honn of Comraonn. Mcd Nor. ItU, 





Evelyn, G^rge, son of J. Evelyn, Esq., 3, Marlborough Buildings, Bath. 

Left in 1810 ; Lieut Srd Foot Guanls, 1810 ; Ca]>t. ; exchaoged into 60tb Riflee, 1821 ; 
served in the PeninmiUir War ; present at Waterloo ; severely wotinded in the defence 
of the Ch&tean of Hougoumont ; an original Member of the Athenwuiu Club. Died 
Feb. mh, 1820. 

Fairfield, Charles. 

Sometime in the GtuinU. 

Finch, George, son of the 8th Earl of Winchilsea. 

M.F. for Lymington, 1818-19; for SUmford, 1882-7; for Rutland, l84d-&2; of 6uiley-on 
the-mii. Med Jun. 20th, 1870. 

Fraier, Hon. William, son of the I5th Baron Saltoun. 

M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb. WML May 15th, 1845. 



Gosielin, Gerard Lippeatt. son of Gen. 0. Gosselin, Mount Ospringe 

Faversnam, Kent. (Mr. M. Drurjps 

Left in 1815 ; fanned his own property. Med May 4tb, 1888. 

Graham, W. Frederick Vernon. 



Grey. ' 

Griffiths, Richard. 

Of Watford. » 

Grimstone, Thomas. 

Gunning, Robert Henry, son of Sir George W. Gunning, 2nd Bart. « 

Succeeded as 3rd Bart, 1828 ; M.F. for Northampton, 1880-31 ; High SherifTof NoithanU, 
1841 ; of ilorton, NorthanU. Died Sep. 22nd, 1802. 




Hedl^, Robert, son of K. S. Medley, Esq. 

Oriel Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1815 ; M.A. 1810 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1S15. 

Hills, Robert, son of Philip Hills, Esq., Colne Park, Essex. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; J.F. and D.L. for Essex, lligb Sheriff, 1850. Died in 1870. 

Hononr, Joseph. 

Of Oreenf ord. 


Isherwood, George, son of H. Isherwood, Esq., Old Windsor. 

B.N.C. Oxf., 1811. Died Sept. 80th, 1858. 


JoUing, John Cresswell, son of R. Jobling, Esq. 

Univ. Ck>IL Oxf., B. A. 1815; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1818 ; Chairman of Quarter Sea&ions 
for Northumberland. 



Knatchbnll, Wadham, son of W. Knatchbull, Esq. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1810; M.A. 1823; Rector of Sntton M<uidevine, Wiittf, l;?31-9 
Fiebendary of Wells Cathedxal. Died Jan. 0th, 1870. 

Lane, Richard. 
Lawrence, Alfred. 

M.A., Chrint'i CoU. Camb. ; Rector of Sandhurst, Kent, 1831-57. Died about 1807. 



Leeke, Ralph Harrej. .son of R. Ucke. E.^., Ix>ngford Hall, Newport. 

Shropshire. (Mr. H. Drury's) 

rb. Ch. Oxf.. EA. I^l^i ; M.A. l^JO ; Rrci^.i nf L««BKf"i«l. 1 -.'.'•. Metf A|«r. •Mh. IA49. 

Lewis, Charles Ooring. 

Lewis, William, JH>n of W. Ixwls, Esq. 

B.N.r. Oxf. ; Ii..\.. St. Manr'a IU11, l**!'.* ; M.A. \%2\ ; Vini of Abbot's UbsItt. HrfU. 
Is.'tS-M. Med Jul mb. 18M. 

Long, Henry Lawes. 

.Monitor, ISIS ; of Ilami»ton Lodge. F«rnbAUi. Med in IMti. 

Lowndes, William, son of K. Lowndes, Esq., Liverpool. 

B.N.C., l^^ll : Barnvter. 151e ; Q.C., \H: ; Jud|c« <.f tMiuU Dcbu Cuuit. 1847. W^mmmt^ 
Marcb oUt, IbJO. 



Xackensie, Hon., f^n of the 1m Baron Seaforth of Kintail. 

Med May, li»U. 

Xackenxie, Hon. William Frederick, bi-other of the atxne. 

M.P. for RoM-«bire. Ibl2-14. Med Aqk- ^Jtb. l>n. 

Maclean, Archibald. 

Capt. RX. ; of Ardguur. Med m l^oJ. 

Maclean, John Hugh, brother of the uliovo. 

Member of the iScuttirb llnr; of AnlK^^nr. Med lu l^.'rt. 

Maitland, William Whitaker. (Mr. Evan**) 

Left in 1^12 : Maitd. Coll. CamK ; .1.1*. ,«ij(l D.L. . of Wi-vifurd lUU. mimI Iymiiht«m lUU. 
E:^^e\. Med in MW. 



Methold, Thomas, ^on of the Rev. T. Mtthuhl, Stonhum Af«)Kil Suffolk. 

Left ID ISIO; r-iins Cll. CatuK. D.A. l^lti; M.A. 1^1^: a<lmittiHl tf> Keclfiir o# KIItot- 
fctritir, Norfolk, on |»n»eutation of King iiei>rke IV., I'^Jft ; Milt^eiitivntly i>refeent«d to 
Lining of UlinKt'in. Norfolk. Med Mar. 11th. IM'i.^ 

Mirehonse, Thomas Henry, son of J. Mirchcni.Ni', E-mi., Brownslade, 


rhriht'> <'t>ll. r.-iiiih., U..\. 1>>U : M.A. ISIT ; rreljeiuLiry of ^vlnllu ; Heeler (if llHrUxtiio, 
LiDt*<ilii, l*»'-7-<i7; Vicwir nf F!:i"t««n-in-(i'M(lanii, fSoii>cnM>t)«)iiic, l««l'Mi7 ; J.I*, fur 
Soiuei>et. Med in 1>H>7. 

Mirehonse, William Sqnire, hmther uf the ilImim'. 

M.A.,ri:ire r«»ll. rainb. ; Rector • if ri.Ueiwi'rtb. LiiMi>lni.|iiif. l^j".-4.l ■. TImi 1. to iI.R.11. 
the PiinceMi NM'hiH ; J. P. for rem broke uid iiliHicfrtrr.^hiK*. Med in lv«L 


Myddelton, Robert, son of the Rev. R. Myddehon, !>.!)., tSwaenynog, 


rUre Cull. Canib., D.A. Isis ; M.A. \^1\ ; ..nUinc^l \^1\ : .1 T. f».i I»«inlii;;h. Med 

Napier, Gerard Martin Berkeley, s«»n nf K. J>. Naplrr, Eh|., reunand 

House, Shepton .Ma Hot. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf., 1S09. Med May 13th, isiO. 

Northcote, Hugh Stafford, son of Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, 7th Bart. 

MiOor in <h« Army. Died Feb. IMh, ISSO. 

Parks, Charles. 

U.E.LCo.'s Civil ."ci \ itc. 

1806-8.] GEORGE BUTLER, 23 

Pazton, Archibald Frederick, 8on of Sir William Paxton, Cholderton, 

near SalisDury. 

Cornet 11th Light DrarooDB, 1811 ; served in the Peninsula and France (Medal for 
Salamanca) ; J.P for Wilts. Died 

Pazton, James. 
Pemumt, David. 

Monitor, 1813 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; of Downing, Holywell, Flintehire. Died Feb. 25th, 18S5. 


Perceval, Hon. Edward, son of the 1st Baron Arden. (Dr. Butler's) 

Died March 18th, 1840. 

Pinero, John Daniel, son of M. l^inero, Escj., Kingsbury, Middlesex. 

Solicitor, London. Died May 27th, 1871. 

Porter, Charles, son of the Bishop of Clogher. 

Vicar of Stamford Dnron, Northants. 

Potenger, Richard, son of T. Potenger, Esq., Guernsey. 

B.N.C. Ozf., 1810; SchoL of Pembroke CoVL Ozf., 1812-16; Rector of St. Martin's, 
Guernsey, 1832-00. Died Feb. 5th, 1860. 

Potenger, brother of the above. 





Bnssell, Whitworth. 

M.A. ; Clerk in Holy Orders ; Inspector of Priaons. Died about 1848. 

Bycroft, Henry, son of Sir Nelson Rycroft, 2nd Bart 

Head of the School, 1815 ; Vicar of Mumby, Lincolnshire. Died Apr. 6th, 1840. 

Bycroft, Richard Henry Charles, brother of the above. 

Succeeded as Srd Bart, 1827. Died Oct 2lBt, 1864. 




Slater, James Henry, son of J. Slater, Esq. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; High Sheriff of Sussez, 1827 ; of Beigate Lodge, Sussez. Died Feb. 1864. 

Sowerby, Charles Backhouse, son of J. Sowerby, Putteridge, Bury, Herts. 

Univ. Coll Ozf., B.A. 1819 ; M.A. 1828 ; Rector of Ashton-upon-Mersey. Died Mar. 8ib, 


Sowerby, G^eorge, brother of the above. 

Trin. ColL Camb., aA. 1816; M.A. 1819; Barrister, 1819; J.P. and D.L. for X. Riding of 
Yorks ; J.P. for Rutland. Died about 1869-74. 


Strickland, Walter, son of G. Strickland, Esq., Chestnut Grove, Yorkshire. 

Strombom, son of the Dutch Consul at the Cape of Good Hope. 


Start, Henry Charles, son of C. Sturt, Esq., Critchill, Dorset. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.P. and D.L. for Dorset ; M.P. for Bridport, 1817-19 ; for Dorchester, 1820-21 
and 1880 ; for Dorset, 1836-46w Died Apr. 4th, 1866. 



Taitet, son of M. Fermin de Tastet 

Tutet, brother of the above. 

Thnnbj, WilUam, son of J. R Thursby, Eaq. 

Ortol CoU. Ozf., aA. 1818 : M.A. 18S0 ; Vkw oT HidJMitnm ud All flbteti. 
DoQMitio CiMpL to H.R.H. th§ Dak« of OuBbridftTvkw of Worthont^t 
UiMMhirt. lN«4 Oei. 10th, 1844. 

Townsend, John. 

Ui lAmA. R.ILA. ; pnMOt at W«t«rloo ; rtUrad, 1891 

Trafford, Bigiinnmd, son of J. Trafford, fiuq., Wroxham Hall, Norfolk. 

DMI F*b. 14Ui, 185«L 

Tonno, Edward Bice. 

Monitor, 1818 ; M.P. for BoMin^. 182e« ; of LkofHUiwli Put, Canntfth— him. 

Tupper, Ferdinand Brocks son of J. K Tup|)er, Em]., Guemtiey. 

Author of variow fivrks «f local intarMft. 




Wallingford, William Thomai Knollyi, Viscount (title dropped, 18131 

fM)n of M%j.-Q^. the Earl of Banbury (title dropped, 
1813X Winchetiter. 

Laft In 1811 ; rwomad the nama of Knollya on drotiiting hla tiUa, 1818; anlmai 

FiuiUar Gnarda, 1818; Cant, and Llmi.-OoL, 1827; Got, 1841; MVO«l, IIM 

1M8; - - 

Liant-Otn. 1860; Oao.. 1866; rtiirtd, 1877; muMtitm Lkni.-Got. of ^ , , ■ i, ,lw — 
Vioa-Pm. of CooneU of Bdnoation ; Gontiollar and Tnaanrar to iha Prinoa of wain, 
1872-7 ; aftarwanU Oanilonan Uahar of iha Black Rod, 1877 ; Raodvar-Gan. vt «ki 
Duchy of ComwaU, 1878 ; K.C.B. Med at tha Uooac of Loidc, Jon. 2Snl, 18A 

Ward, Henry George. 

M.P. for Su Alhtna, 183S-7 ; for ShaflMd, 1887-49 ; Sac. to tha Adniiialtjr, 18464 : LMd 
High Coiumiadonar of tha Ionian lahmda, 1849-6& ; Gov. i»f CvjUm. 18&&-00 ; Gov. ^ 
Madraa, 1860; 0.C.II.G. ; author of a work on Maxiou. Died of cholaiB ni Mmlbam, 
within a few days of hia arrival, Aug. Sad, 186a 

Ward, John, son of Z. Ij. Ward, Esq., Quilsborough, Northanta. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1810 ; aaramad tha additional sumanM of Boughton-Leigh. Died JoiM IMk, 


Waters, Edmund Thomaa, son of K T. Waters, Esq., of Aldborough Hatch, 

Epping. (Dr. Butler's) 

Member of the London Stock Exchange. Med Aug. lei, 1863. 

Waters, Thonuui Xethold, brother of the above. (Dr. Butler*s) 

Left in 1810 ; Wine Merchant. MmI Jan. 8ni, I860. 

Webb, Bobert 

Lieut. •CoL in the Army ; of Milford, Sorrqr. 


Welch, Bobert Xaling. 

Welch, T. K. 

Monitor, 1818. 

Willes, J. 

Of Hungerford Park. 

Williams, Isaac Lloyd. 

Of Neath, Olamoigan. 

Wright, J. 

1809-10.] GEORGE BUTLER. 25 

BatraBCM darlBs lli« yean 18M-Iiu 








Suckley, Henry William, son of E. P. Buckley, £sq. 

aN.C. Ozl, a A. 1820 ; FeUow of Merton Coll., 1821 -82 ; M.A. 1822 ; Rector of Hartoborne 
StaffB., 1888— 

Rev. U. W. Buckley^ Uartuhome Rectory^ Burton'on-Trent. 



autterback, Robert, son of R. Clutterbuck, Esq., Watford House, Herts. 

(Mrs. Leith's) 

Left in 1817 ; Monitor, 181&-17 ; Head of the School, 1817 ; Exeter Coll. Ozf., aA. 1821 ; 
Student of Linooln's Ian, 1822 ; J.P. and D.L. for Herta. IHmI Sept. lOih, 1870. 

Cooke, Bobert Bryan, son of Bryan Cooke, Esq., M.P. of Owston. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., aA., 1 CL, 1828 ; Rector of Wbeldrake, 1884-65 ; Prebendary of York, 1848-66. 
MmI about 1885. 

Dnndaa, Lawrence, son of the Hon. L. Dundas, afterwards 2nd Baron 

Dundas and 1st Earl of Zetland. 

Died Feb. Otb, 1818. 


Edgcnmbe, Hon« Ernest Angnstos, son of the 2nd Earl of Mount 


Viflcoont VaUetort, 1818; saooeeded aa 8rd Earl, 1889; CoL Cornwall Militia; publiabed a 
diary of hie ezperienoes in the Italian Revolution, 1849, and Tariouaiwlitioal pamphlets. 
Med on board his yacht off Erith, Sept. Srd, 1861. 












Long, C. £. 

Monitor, 181S ; Triu. GoU. Camb. ; Chancellor's English Medal. 1818. 



North, Frederick, son of F. F. North, E«|., Uoughaiu Hall, NorfolL 

(Dr. Bntlcr**) 

L«ft m IMv ; Monit<>i. l*>li« l-> ; ll««f| nf tbr KibcMil. IM7.1«* ; Hi. Joha's OoU. CkSkk. IJL, 


Piatt, Samuel, M.m of T. Piatt. Kmi., and hrothiT of Sir T. J. llatt Bttv 

of the KxrlMN|U«'r. 










Sperling, Hanrey 0. 

Haul of tb« lich<M>l, l-^U , C'irrk in li»ly Onl#ris 


Thomson, Oeorge Ponlet 

AminMil tbe Minuiuie of Futtlett-ikn>|« Ibil ; M.l*. fi»r btrmid, lb3S*07 ; F.Rflk : 4.F. al 
D.L.forWilU. MMI 

Wyndham, William. 

Cb. Ch. Oxt. ; J.r. aiMl D.L. for WilU; M.l*. f«r S. Wilu, Iv'.::^^; t>f lhiiti« Fftsfc. Wilb 
Mrd Keb. iTth. 1n>.'. 

Torke, James Whiting, son of J. W. Vorkc, Kh|. 

Trin. ColL Oxf. 

EBtniBcm darlBg Ike jrrar ISISw 

Barker, John Raymond, son of D. Ikrker, Km). 

Oriel (Vill. Oxf. ; .T.T. ami D.U fnr (iliiUi-«ftt«ri>hirr ; lliKh Mieiiff. 1K'>4 ; tif l'«irftiM Fkik, 
lilfiuoeMtenihire. Dfrd 

Blackman, Edward, son of (reorp? Hlncknian, Ksi|., who wait created a 

liart.« and as.sunie<l tlit> sunianiv iif Harnage, 1821. 

AmuiuciI the kurnaiue i^f IlAmape, IvJI. 

Bosanqnet, Robert William, son of C lk>saiiquet, Esti., I{ock, North- 


Munit«>r. 1M:< : Ballinl CulL Oxf.. RA. l^'.M ; M.A. lvj<); Rector M BoliiiKbroke, LlBcate. 
1S34-11 ; J.r. fur Nurtbniiiberland. IHrd l>ec. 2'>th. Isnu. 

Brudenell, James Thomas, son of HoU'rt HrudtMiolK Ksi|., aftiTwardii 6tli 

Karl of Cardigan. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Mirceetled Skt 7tb Eiirl of Ciirdiinin. Is-TT; tiieil by hii^ i«er» for woandiM 
Lieut. Tnckett in a duel and aaiuitteil, IMl ; leil the Oiante of the Lifffat "-tjpMfa J 
the Battle of Balaclava, 1S54; 0*1 Uth Human; Lieut. •(■«!. in the Amiy ; 1 
of Cavalry. Mrd Mar. 27th, ISOs. 


CaJthorpe, Hon. Arthur, sc>u of the 1st Baron Calthor]>c. 

DIM Mai. Mh, 1^:^'•. 


1«0.] GEORGE BUTLER. 27 

Ql CkL Oxt, B.A. 1828; M.A. 1SS5; Inciunbeot of 8(. MichMl'*, liighnte. le^^-.>4. 
I BiMl JfJj ISck, 18M. *^^ 

,19S2;Q.C.. 1S61. M«« in l^SS. 

B wUj,Tfcinn JUi 

Artlnir, son of C. Drmnmond, Esq. 

Bdliol Coa OzL, BJL 1830; M.A. lft30; Ractor of Charltoo. Kent. 18:2»-«2. M^ 
Feb. 3BU, 18fi2. 

Rsojr, George F^ son of Lord Charles Fitzroy. 

C^. in Uk Gvuda : of Graftoa BagiiL Mc4 Jan. 4th, 1883. 

li^A Biehard Dooglai, N)n of the Rev. F. Gough, Yniscedwin, 


CuU. Ozf., B.A. 1839 ; J.P. for Cci. Brecon and Glamorgan, Hi^ Sbariff, 1840. 
~ in 1880. 

ftij, Oeoige Bobert 

' BmA of the School, 1818; Caioa Coa Camhu, aA. 18i>3; Vicar 61 Inkberrotr, Woneater- 


Igily^ JoliB Hmter. 

r. 1816; Cb. Ch. Oxt, aA. 1831 ; UJl 1823 ; Barriat«r, 1884. 


In^toa, William Henry Gore, son of Col. \V. Gore Langton, M.P., 

Newton Park, Somerset. 

M»cL r.l!. Oxf.. aA- 1»?24 : J.P. and D.L. for Somerset; Ma^or of Bru4-.I, IW: ; M.P. 
U'T Bristol. lS'^2-63. Mrd May IMh, 1S70. 

Le^ Edmnnd DawBoiL 

ik^I'i'.l 04L Oxf.. aA.. 1 Math.. I'^Jl ; M.A. 1^30 ; Vicar uf St, Bot«^l|>fa », Akler«(;aU, aC. 
Mar. 7th. 1^40. 

I*wii, Frederick Kortimer, son of T. Lewin, Esq., The Hollies, Bexley. 

; F. i r Kent and Hanta. Med in leiTT. 

KaBen, Hugh Francis, K>n of Sir \Villiani Talmahh, 1st Bart., after- 
wards Lord Huntingtower. 

Xi-^itor. I*l!> : St. Peter's CoIL Camh., B.A. 1S21 ; Rector of llarringtoD, Northanu>. 1n31 ; 
■*«nmed the addittooal snxname uf ToUemache, and raijied to the rank of an Earl'b son, 
i«40. Med in 181<a 

Iiijoribaiiks, Archibald John, ^n of Stewart Marjoribanks, Esq., M.P. 

(Mr. H. Drury'.s) 


Siiro, Robert, son of T. Monro, Esq., M.D., Bu.->bey, Herts. (Mr. Evans') 

Lrfi F«b. 1-16; MvDitor. lijl.VlO; TrickH XI.. IM.'* ; Merlon €«!!. <>xf. ; P<wtn»ju.t-rr>;hi|i, 
l-i*!; B^. 11^19; M.A. \:*'Z\ : Cnrate of Clift««, \b>2: Thai.l. "^ Bridewell liaj-iul, 
IvO-l? ; Rector of AOon Saodford, Buck^, IfrCK). Mrd Dec. lbt.,1^57. 


fe^Ckarles Edward, son of F. F. North, Esq., Rougham Hall, Norfolk. 

(Dr. ButlerV) 

f3L Jofan'a Coa Canihi, Wntnglei ; Cha|«L In ILaLCo.'s Civil Service. Med in 1&7:L 


Northooto, Stafford Cluurlat, aon of Sir Stafford Ueniy Northeote. 71k 


BaUiol CoU. Ozf., &A. 1819; M.A. 18S1 ; Rwtor of UpCM PyM, Drroa, IkSl-TS. 
Apr. l9Ui, 1873. 


Percayal, Hon. Arthur Philip, uon of the iHt fiaron Arden. (Dr. Batki^{ 

UrUl CulL Oxf., a A. 18S0; &CL. I(t2l ; Fallow of All Buttb; lUoiur «r 
1834-58 ; ClwpL to Um Qvmb. Med Jan. 4Ui, Issa. 

Percayal, Hoil Charles Oeorge, brother of the above. (Dr. Bntkrti 

Cb. Ch. Ozf. ; lUcior uf CalvMtua. l(tSl-M ; fiitlMr uT Uw 7th brl of Wamot^L IM 
Jul. 30th. 1868. 

Perceval, Henry, son of the Ht Hon. Spencer I'^rceval, Fimt Lord of tti 

Treasury, Downing Street, S.W. (Dr. ButkiV 

Left Mid*. 1816: Mimltor, 1H16.18; U.N.C. Oxf.. RA. 1831 ; Cnimt* uT IIiinaiM. ■■» 
of Charltoo. Kent. 1835 : of WMhiagtun, Durhuu, 1896 ; of Ktmtay LovvM, Wmmtlm 
18S7-8S. Mfd A|ir. llth, 1886. 

Prichard, (Aarlea Arthur, Mon of C. iVicliard, Em\,, Tyllwyd, CardigaiuUR 

MertoQ Coll. Oxf. ; J.P. mm! D.L. ftir O*. Gbnllpui : J. P. fur Co. GknnMthM. 

Quin, Henry, Hon of W. Quin, Eitq., Loughloher (JaHtle, Ca Tip|ierary. 
Qnin, William, brother of the above. 

J.r. for Co. Tipiiermry ; of Longhlobar Citftk, Tl|i|wr4iy. MM in 1869. 

Robinson, Edmnnd. 

Iklliol Coll. l>zf.. a A. 1830; M.A. l»33;CamU of UfMi OoMbuanM, TuAc 
Mar. Sath, 18IA. 

Rocke, Frederick Becher. 

Capt. Bngnl Cavalry. 

Bocke, Richard* 

Monitor. IHltf; Lincoln ColL Oxf., RA. lf(Jl ; Rector of VywUm, Rntliad, 18ftu 
Jul. S7th, 1830. 


Of Barbfuioeg. 

St. Leger. 

Me4 at i>iockboliu. 


Tait, John, son of C Tait, Em|., Blairlogie, Stirling, N.B. 

AfterwMvb educHt«l at G«mNu and Bdin. ; oallail U* the Hoitch Bar, IMP ; J.P. Iw 0* 
Perth, Stirlins, and Clackmannan ; Sheriff of Cos. riacliiuannan, Kinruw, UBllik> 

S)w, and Perth ; Convener of the Sherifii of Scotland ; \ ioe<d«an of the niaiHr ' 
dvocatea. Mcd 


Torlesse, (Aarles Xartin. 

Monitor. 1813; Trin. ColL CauiK, RA. Ibl7 ; M.A. Ib31 ; oidained, 1831 ; Vicar id 
by-NayliUMlt EeMX, 1883-81. Med in 1881. 

Torke, Charles Isaac, son of the Rev. I'hilip Yorke. 

Trin. CoU. Cambu. RA. 1838; M.A. 1837; Rectiir of Skenflekl, Eeaex ; Author of vaiiNi 
leligiona aorka. M«d JnL 35th, 1863. 

Torke, Charles Philip^ Hon of Vice- Admiral Sir Juueph S. Yorke, KLCB* 

Succeeded as 4th Earl of Ilardwicke, 1834 ; Vioe-Admiiml ; M.P. for Reiyate, 18S1 ; I* 
Cambridgediixe, 1881-4; Lord-Lieuk of Cambridgeshire; Poetuaetfer-iJeiMnl, iWl 
Loid Privy Seal, 1858-0 ; aometiuM Loid-in-Waiting to ILM. m%t4L Sep. iTth, im. 

Torke, Philip James, .son of J. Yorke, Es«m. 

Lieut. -CoL iki>t<. Fuailiet Uuarda. Med Dec. llth, 1»74. 

Fee-Seit. 1811.] GEORGE BUTLER. 29 

BBtMvcM F»knMWj— teptMBl^Ar ISll* 

Akoek, John, son of J. Aloock, Esq. 

Maniftor, 181S16 ; BiUiol GoU. OtL, BJL 1820 ; atndrnt of Linoola'i loa, 1817. 

kiDie, Braai, son of P. Baillie Esq., M.P., Dochfonr, Inverness. 

J.P. sad IKU for Co. loTenMM ; J.P. for Cronuurty. Died in 1888. 

Brkfltt, John Duuel, son of D. Birkett, Esq. 

I MflDitar, 1815 ; Hcod of the Sebool, 1816 ; Tiin. CoU. Ozf. ; 8tiid«o( of Uneoln'a Inn, 1818. 

I lirkA. 

Ompbdly Jobn, son of Sir Archibald Campbell, 2nd Bart, Succoth, 


JI.P for DunlmTtoiMhira, 1826-30 ; fatlier of the Srd Bart. Med, dariofc tho lifaiimo of 
hisfittlMr, 1890L 

Gurr, Andrew IL 

Solicitor to tbo Boand of Ezeiae, Kdinbnith. 






SeviBf , Biduurd, son of R. Dewing, Esq., Carbrooke Hall, Thetford. 

J.P. and D.L. for Norfolk. Mcd in 1876. 

BandM, HoiL H., son of the 2nd Viscount Melville. 

LieoL-Col. SSrd Rest. ; GoL cotunuuidiiiK 60tb RiflM in Sdnde, 1849 ; 0«n. io the Army : 
G.C.a ; M.P. for Rochester, 182<V30 ; sncoeeded an Srd ViAcuunt, 1801. IMed Feb. iHt, 

Dimdas, Hon. Richard, brother of the above. 

i Vice-Admind R.N. ; Lord of the AdminUty, 1864-5 and 1S57-61 ; ComniADder of the Btiltic 

Fleet, 1855-7 ; K.C.B. Died Jim. Srd, 1861. 

Blice, Bnisell, son of A. R. Ellice, Esq. 

1 aX.C. Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; M.A. 1824 ; Sttident of Lincoln'fl Inn, 1S22 ; E. ImlLi Director. 

j Franks. 

George, Bnpert Denys, son of Sir Rupert George, 1st Bart. 

Succeeded aa 2iid Bart., 1828; C.B. ; Provincial Sec. of Nova Scotia. Bird Mar. 1.S56, 
« hen the Baronetcy became extinct. 

wCfuOlL A. 
r Shipboilder. Deptford, &E. 


RA, 1820 ; Col. Grenadier Gnards, retired. 

CoL Oray, Betchirorih^ Surrey. 

flriT John Edward, son of J. Gray, Esq., Wembley Park, Middlesex. 
" (Dr. Butler's) 

Oriel ColL Oxf., RA. 1821 ; M.A. 1824 ; Cnrate of Gayton, Xorthanta, 1824-8. IMcd Sept. 
lOib, lSh7. 

' ItBulton, Charles, son of C. Hamilton, Esq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow, 
i (Home-Boarder) 

Left in ISlC Died In 18trr. 

Sichard, son of Sir John R Harington, Bart. 

' Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; 1 CI. 1822 ; Fellow of B.N.C. 1822-34 ; M.A. 1824 ; B.D. and D.D. 

( 1842 ; Rector of Oki, Nortbanta ; Principal of B.N.C., 1842-53. Died Dec. 13th, 1853. 

* ffill, Rowland, son of CoL John Hill, brother of lat Viscount Hill. 

Oriel ColL Oxf., M.A. 1820; M.P. for Shropahire, 1821-32; for N. Shropahire, 1832-42; 
' Loid Lioat. of Salop ; aoooeedid hli grandfather aa 4th Bart., 1824, and hia uncle m 

2nd Viaoonikt HUl, 1842. Died J^o. Srd, 187& 


Hope, Charles Robert ^ 

B.A. : CnntaotSt. AlkmondigDntijihin. Med iImM 18<& j) 

JoUiffe. «• 




Kftclean, Alexander, of Ardgonr. 

H.B.I.Ca.'>aTiiaerTia: J.P. Mc4 In IBTl 

Kalcolm, Neill, of Portalloch. 

HoDlior. ISIS ; Cb, Cb. Oct.. B.A, )8!4 : H.A. 18SS ; BtncliDt or Uswlii'i lu, UH 
M.P, (or BnMon, ie3H-31. DIed'Oct. 3nd, IKIT. 



Hurray, Lord Charlei, son of the 4tb Duke of Athole. 

IHcd >t autDDiDl, In Qt—et, ohitbn bg hid goM ia mppmt tb« nbcUInD, Ang. IBb 


Partridge, Robert Wynward. 

TtiD. ColL Oi(. 

Chancellor PfailUpps, T.iOiigwivd 

Monitor, ISI«:TrlD. Con. OiT., B.A. IS30: H.A. Itt*; BirrUUT, I8U. MedlbfUM 

Phippa, Hon. ConBtantiiie Henry, rod nf the 1st Earl of Mnlgnn 
Jtulgraye Castle, Whitby. (Dr. Butler^ 

Uflin 18IS: HoDltor; Trln. Coll. Cunb., H.A. (Hon.) 1917; M.P. for Seutenvh, UU 
•uhHJnsiUT foi Ulgbim Famn ud lUIUii : Lonl PiltT B«], 1334 ; Uird-llHl. • 
Inlud, laia-T; Beo. at Sou. 1S39-I1 ; Anils^aT kI Fuii, isW^Si; o.aR. IM 
K.n., I8S1 : iQcondocl u 2Dd Eocl ur Mnlgntu, 1831 ; cntud Hiiqnta of K(nMl| 
18% Med Jul- !Stb, 1863. 

Pearion, W. H. 

Rwtoi of Bi. Kicholu, ODlldtoid. 

Stanley, Thomae. 

Cl«fc In Holy Oidan. 


Talbot, Waiiam Henry Pox, «m of W. D. Tallmt, Esq., of Uycod 
Abbey. (Dr. Butlert 

Trio. Coll. Camb., Bcbol.. Ponon Pilu, 1S20; B.A.. ISlh Wraiuln, «&d fhinfilf"' 
MsUl, 1821 ;_M.A. 18?^ ;^ ^-^l^ '^' ■ ""T*! "edul, 1839 : Roinfaid HtM, II 
ilnl S^t. ITtb, l*tT7, 

P. fui Chij^mihllDi, 1832 ; bnn nn aiifrinal imd prindpil p 

Unit. ColL Oif. B.A. 1820: U.A. 18K; J.P. (wl D.L. for Bomnint. ud XorUmbaM 
lli«bBbaiiS. 18M; mcaeOed u «th Bm., ]»4e. mcd Mar. 33id, ISTl'. 

Wade, William Serocold, son of the Rev. W. Wade, Rector of LiDq 

St. JohDt CoU. Cuub.. B.A. 1834 : M.A. 1827 ; J.P. fat Htcu, ond Um libanT of Sk Alba 
ViouoritalbanrB. Died In 1887. 


■■InuuM ectakcr isii— A|»rU ISI3L 


Atkinson, John (Hrnett, son of J. Atkiusoo, Esq. 

B.X.C. Oif., B.A. IB20 : M.A. 1S~> : Slndmit at Unroln* Ino, 18IT. 

Benyoa, Samnel Tatei. 

TriD. Coll. Cunb. ; J.P. : of Denton PjiA, Sniblk. M«d in 1304. 

Oct. 1811— Apr. 1813.] GEORGE BUTLEH, 31 

Bicknell, Samuel. 

St. John's Ck>ll. Camb. 

Bilton, William. 

Monitor, 1815 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1826 ; M.A. 1827 ; rerpetnal Curate of Lamonbej, Kent. 
DlMl Jon. 2Dd. 188S. 

Bishop, Charles, son of J. R. Bishop, Esq., Dollgarreg, Carmarthenshire. 

Solicitor, 1824 ; Clerk of the Peace for Carmarthen. 

Blosse, Francis Lynch, son of Sir Robert Blosse, 8th Bart 

Trin. ColL Oamb. ; Clerk in Holy Orders; succeeded as 9th Bart., 1818. DIedJul. &th 

Bowden, John William. 

Left in 1817 ; Trin. ColL Ozf., B.A. 1824 ; M.A. 1826 ; Commiitsioner of Stamps ; Author of 
several ecclesiastical works, and a great friend of Cardinal Newman's. Bled Sent 
15th, 1844. 

Bnrdon, Oeorge. 

Of Heddon House, Northumberland. 


Sometime in the Army. 

Calvert, Harry, son of Gen. Sir H. Calvert, Bart, G.C.B. 

Left in 1815 ; Football XL, 1814 ; Downins Coll. Camb. ; entered 7th Royal Fusiliers, 1819; 
retired as Mi^J., 1827 ; attached to British Legation in Wurtemberg and Baden ; M.P. 
for Bnckinfi^iam, 1882-11, 1857-74, and 1880^ ; for Bedford, 1847-52 ; for Bucks ,1857-74 
and 1880-86 ; D.L. and J. P. for Bucks ; Private Sec to Sir Herbert Taylor, Horse Guards ; 
A.D.C. to Lord William Bentinck before he was Gov. -Gen. of India ; succeeded as 2nd 
Bart, 1826 ; assumed the surname of Vemey in lieu of Calvert, 1827. Died Feb. 
12th, 1894. 

Calvert, John, son of T. Calvert, Esq. 

Oriel Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; Barrister, 1825. 

Calvert, Nicholson Robert, son of N. Calvert, Esq., M.P., Uunsdon House, 


M.A. ; Rector of Childerley, Ciimbs., and of Hunsdon, Herts. Died in 1871. 

Canston, Charles. 

Monitor, 1819 ; Head of the School, 1820 ; Trin. Coll. <)xf., B.A. 1824 ; M.A. 1827 ; Ordained, 
1824 ; Rector of Stretton-on-the-Fuss, Warwickshire, 1830-65 ; of Lesham, Hants, 1S05-81. 
DledJul. 28th, 188L 


Chichester, Oeorge Angostos Frederick, son of Lord Spencer Chichester. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., and Downing ColL Camb. ; Clerk in Holy Orders. Died Jun. 8th, 1829. 

Clement, Bichard. 

Trin. CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1821 ; Died in Jamaica. 

Olive, Archer, son of E. B. Clive, Esq., M.P. 

aM.C. Oxf.. a A. 1820 ; M.A. 18SS ; Rector of SolihuU, Warwickshire ; J. P. for Cos. Here- 
ford and Warwick. Died Sep. 17th, 1878. 

Cockerell, Henry, son of J. P. Cockerell, Westboume House, Westboume. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left io 1816; Trin. ColL Oxf., RA. 1824; M.A. 1827; Vicar of North Weald Bossett, 
Bpping, Essex, 1827-80. Died Feb. 8th, 1880. 

Croke, Alexander, son of Sir Alexander Oroke. 

Oriel ColL Oxf., 1814 ; Student of the Inner Temple, 1816. Died Dm^ 14th, 1818. 


n ARROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Oct. 1811— An. 18U 

Cutforth, Phillip Jamei, sou of J. Cutforth, ^,, St. IVincnM, N.W. 


Cutforih, Williun, brother of the above. 

Tria. ColL Osf. 

DeTonihiro, A. 

Of Uillahanick, Co. C«»ik. 

Dorrien, 0., M>n of O. Doitien, Enq. 


Edgenmbe, Hon. Oeorge, 8on ot the 2n(l Earl of Mount Edgcmnbe. 

RnUittl DipkniMtic Aenriet, IftSl : mmd mt Cwirta of ITiMMk. tbo Hi^r«*t 
lI;uMi\er ; retired, nfler 4.'» ymn acnice, I»V.>. Mc4 Feb. 19th. IKH;. 



Farrant, Oeorge Binitaad. 

Monitor, IS19: St. JoboV I'ull. Oxf.. D.A. 1922: M.A. lr<7.'> : BanblM>. IRSS. 


Fladgate, Francia. 

BarriMUr, 1927. 

Fraser, Keith, hoii of Sir William Fra«icr, Ist Bart. 

Cb. Ch. Oxf. : CAiit. Ikb Drafouoe. Mc^ Maj 2inb. lH2tt. 

Fnllerton, Robert Bdward. 

Lieut. -Col. 9tb LADcen: niuch dUtingniebed Id tbe Indfaio Cun|«i|||D of ISIV; of 
bnniier Manor, near Tewkeftbwry. Mk«l in 1M4. 

Oambier, Frederiok, son of S. Gaiubier, £m|., of St. Martin, Wilta. 

ritHtnuMUr Merum ColL Oxf., IfiU-IH; KA. lliiri: M.A. ItcJ*.'; Fello* i»f All Oumh 
IHIK-Slf. Kecturuf BarfuidSt. Martin, Wilti*. I^^W-IL Mf^ 

Oarth, Thomaa. 
Hammet, J. AtholL 

Ikmker, Lumlou. 


Hasell, Bdward Williama. 

Oriel ColL Oxf., D.A. 1810; M.A. 1S2!): IliKb Sbeiiffof CaiubrrUnd. and 
Quarter So«»ionii fur Cumberland anil Westimirelaml ; of Dulemoin, 
DiC^ A|ir. Tib, 1872. 

Hayes, John Warren, Hon of Sir John M. liayeK, iMt Bart, M.D. 

Wadbani ColL Oxf., KA.' 1821 ; M.A. 1S34 ; Rector of ArboriMd, IBSMM); 
brutber aa Srd Bart.. I8&1 ; tbe oldeet Freeniaauu liTinK(18tiS), initiated ISllT, 
uf tbe Grand Lodge of England, 1844. 

Rev, Sir John W. Haye*^ Bart,^ Neirlandtf Reading. 

Hindle, Henry Fowden. 

Higb Sberiff of Lanoanbire, 1844 ; of Woodfold Park. 

Holroyd, Thomaa, son of Mr. Justice Holroyd. 

Stmlied for tbe Bar: a meniber of tbe Ligbt Hone Vulunleen ; went to ImUb 
uuitoint«d Higb Sberiff. prucUimed II. M. an Qoeen. ami signed Ant aililrMi qh 
of tbe inbabitantM of Calcutt*. 1837. MM Nuv. 27tb, 18WL 

Hunter, William, son of R. Huiiter, Esq., Mount Severn, Montgomeiy 

Serred in H.B.LCo.'a Military Serviee, 1818-60, urtnent at tbe si«ge of Bhurtpoiv : 
an Lieut. -CuL 1850 ; J. P. fur Montgonierj. mt^ in 1874. 

Hnnter, brother of the above. 

Hustler, Thomas, son of W. Hustler, Rsq., Acklain Hall, YorLshire. 

J. p. and ILL. for .V. Riding. M«4 June SOtb, IH74. 


Crbaimmn rf 


Kingscote, Thomas Henry. 

L\A. in tbe Army : Col, X. Gloi 

iQceetembire Militia; J.P. for GlooceBtenbin : Hiak 
1841 ; of Kingecute, GlouceeUr. MmI Dec. 1Mb. IMl. ^^ 

Oct. 1811— Apr. 1813.] GEORGE BUTLER. , 33 

Knatchbnll, William Francis, son of W. Knatchbull, £»q. 

Afierw»rds »t Winohorter CoU. ; Gh. Gb. Oxf. ; J. P. and D.L. for Sumenet ; High bberiff 
1841 ; M.P. for E. Soroersot, 1852^ Died May 2Dd, 1871. 




Maclean, James Charles, son of A. Maclean, £sq., of Ardgour, N.B. 

Of H.B.I.Go.'8 Militory 8«rvioe, BeoRal. Died in 1839. 

Manning, Charles John, son of W. Manning, Esq., M.P. 

PartiMr io th^ flrm of MaDoing and Anderscm, W. India MerchanU, London ; bi other of 
Cardinal Manning. 

Martin, William, son of the Kev. J. Martin. 

Monitor, 1815; PoHtuuwtcr Merton Coll. Oxf., 1816-10; RA. 1819; M.A. 1820; Vivar of 
SUverton, near Totnw, 1825-50. Died April lOtb, 1850. 


Monro, Vere, son of T. Monro, Esq. 

Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1838 ; Clerk in Holy Orders. Died Oct. 20th, 1841. 


{jometlnie in the Coldstreaiu Gturda. 

Murray, William Keith, son of Sir Patrick Murray, 6th Bart, Ocbt«rtyre, 

Perthshire, N.B. 

Succeeded a« 7th Bart, 1887. Died Oct. IGth, 1801. 

Mjrtton, John, son of J. Mytton, Es(]., Helston, Salop. 

Frevtouitly at Westuiinster School ; M.P. for Shrewabury, 1819*30 ; a well-known 8|iurt6iiiiin. 
Dleil Mar. 29th, 1834. 



Palmer, George, son of G. Palmer, Es(i., Nazing Park, Kssex. 

Raiaed the Eomx Yeo. Cav., 1880 ; commanded and nmintaincd it at hii* own exiteiiM, 
1888>t8; Veiderer of Waltham ForsBt ; J.P. for Eaaex. High Sheriff, 1858 ; apiN>itited a 
Commiwioner for the Colonisation of S. Australia, 1835. Died Apr. 1888. 

Perceyal, Dndley Montagu, son of the Rt. Hon. S))encer Perceval, First 

liora of the Treasury, etc.. Downing St., S.W. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1810; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1 CI., 1818 ; studied for the Bar ; Colonial Sec., Caiw of Good 
Hope, 1826-8 ; Dep. Teller of the Exchequer, 1828; stood for Oxf. Univ. a^ptinst Mr. 
Gbuistone, 1863. Died in 1850. 

Flatt, George. 

Porter, 0., son of the Bishop of Clogher, The Palace, Clogher, Co. Tyrone. 

Cleric in Uoly Oiden. 

Porter, Henry Bdward, brother of the above. 

Bntaied 9th Lancers, 1817; Capt, 1825; Lieut-Col., 1881; Lieut. -Gen. ; retired 1861. 
Died Apr. 8th, 1871. 

Praed, Bnlkley John Mackworth, son of W. M. l^ed, Esq., Ousden Hall, 


Monitor, 1810; St. John's ColL Cainb., B.A. 1821; J.P. for Suffolk; Uanker. Died in 

Presoott, Henry, son of W. W. lYescott, Esq. 

Gov. of the Bank of England. Died Aug. 18th, 1850. 

Presoott, William George, brother of the above. 

Partner in the firm of Prescott, Grote and Co. Bankers, London. Died Apr. 2(tth, ItiOO. 

Bamsay, George, son of Sir William Ramsay of Bamff, Bart. 

Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1822 ; suoooeded as 9th Bart., 1859. Died Feb. 22nd, 1871. 

Banuay, James, brother of the above. 

Monitor, 1815 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; succeeded as 8th Bart, 1887. Died Jan. 1st, \bb9. 


BAMROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Oct. 1811— Apr. 1813. 

Ramtden, Cbarlei, sod of Sir John RamMleo. 4th Bart. 

Col. IB tb« Army; A.D.C. to X^ofd btnftird; of Newbvld Re^, WMnKkihlnu 
Ftlx nth, IWl. 

BamBden, Henry Jamet, brother of the above. 

GoL «Ch Uaom ; J.P. and D.L. for York* ; of Oxton lUll. York*. M«4 OcU I9lk. leTL 


Ray, Henry Balward, SOD of R. Kay, Esq., Prothonotary, Court of Conmoi 


Left in 1819 ; Monitor, lalf ; Barnaer, litis : rptthftwuir «»f Um Omrt vi Cpiumini Fh^: 
iippoiiitad Senior Muter of the Court of Coiuiuon Ptoiu hj btAt.. 7th Wm. IV. ui 
let Vict., c. 88, 1887. Mc4 Mer. 91«t, 1^50. 

Salmon, Thomai Stokei. 

U.N.C. Ozf. ; wontU Bngluh PriM r«wiu " dfo.t'/.(>f^. ' 1>:3; D.A. IdJi : Ji.A. Is^f; 
BarriAter, 1!»0. Mf^ about l<«a 

Stapleton, Hon. Xilei John, son of 22nd Baron le Du^|Mincer. 

WuroMtar CoU. Ozf.. 1810; Maffd. Coll. Oxf.. U..\. 1h;*7 ; Kector uf Nere«uftb ^mk \tax 
ot TDdel^, Keot. 18S7. Mf^ Jan. lltb. IKM. 

Staploton, Hon. William, brother of the al>uvf. 

S^iiietiuie in the Amy. Mc^at Bamckpore. India. N»|>t. JMh, IriX 

Tastet, .son of M. Fermin de Tastet. 

K|iaDibb Merchant. 

Tastet, brother of the above. 

hiuoub Merchant. 

Thomson, Edward Deas, son of Sir John Dea^s Thomson, K.C.H.. Somenct 

House, \V.C. 

Clerk of the Oioncil of N.8.W., Ib26; Colonial Her. awX RefHAtrar i>l Beooida, and M«b%« 
of tbe Execative and Lefru'latlre Connctli', N.8.W., lb&7 : ^l»iMd KiiplMrf to «aM 

Jin>^TcMot New Constitution Dill, and nude C.B., 18.M ; eiiirokteil with forittAtioaef 
int Mini-^tryfor N.b.W. ; Fellow of Univ. of tSidneT, ItJ.l ; K.C.M.ii. Mcil J«L Mik. 



Dlf4 at Madrtf . 

Toller, T. C. 

Of 8}ilenbatu ; VrtKior of Doctor* Commone, E.C. 

Trevor, Hon. Arthur Hill, hod of the 2nd Viscount Dunganuon. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Cb. Cb. Oxf.. U.A. l^JO; M.A. 1S25: M.P. for Koninej, 188041 ; for Dorhaai City. isn<8 
aud l'4.r»-41 : Mici-eeded aa 3rd Viacnant Dujiftannon, 1837 : Bep. Peer for Iralnnl, ISift: 
K..\>. : .M.R.S.L. ; Author of •• Ufa and Tiuie* uf WiUiam ilL" Mc« Ai^. lltk, 

1{>0J, whcu ib« |>eciage became extinct. 






Wilson, Melville. 

.Mercbait, I>md'>n : Diiec ^r Df the Bank of flngland. 



Wortley, Charles James Stuart, son of- the Rt. Hon. J. A. Stuart Wortlqr 

(afterwards 1st Baron Whamcliffe). 

Suniatii: e i:i tl e Ktb Irftiive» ; M.P. for Boaainey, 188041. Mc4 May SSnd, 1844^ 

May 1813— Dfcc. 1816.] OEORGE BUTLER, 35 

Wortley, John Stuart, brother of the above. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 2 CI.. 1 Math., 1821 ; B.A. 1822; M.P. for Boaslney, 1828^, and 1831-2; 
fur Perth buigh, 1830-81 ; for W. Riding, Yorlu., 1841-6 ; bucceed«d ae 2nd Baron Wham- 
clifle, 1845 ; AnUior of varioiu pamphlets. INed Oct. 22nd, 1855. 

BMtraaces belweca May 1813 and Dccemlier 181S* 

Alcock, Thomas St. Leger, son of J. Alcock, Esq. 

Entered iHt Dni^^oon GnardH, retired fw Mt^nr, 1844 ; M.P. fur Newton, Laucatthire, 1826-30 ; 
for Ludlow, 1839; for E. Surrey, 1847-05 ; Lieut. -Col. Int Surrey Militia ; exiiended over 
€40,000 in building churches ; publiithed an account of hiii tiavelii in Ruwia, Persia, 
Turkey, and Greece. Died Auk. 22nd, 18<W. 

Anderson, Henry. 

Wine Merchant, Loudon. 

Ashley, Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Lord, son of 6th Earl of Shaftesbury. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A., 1 CI., 1822 ; M.A. 1832 ; D.C.L. 1841 ; CouimiiMioner of Board of Control, 
1828-30; Lord of the Adiuindty, 1834-5: Eocleeiaatical ComuiiMioner, 1841-7; Lord- 
lieut. of Dorset; Chairman of Charity Commiasion ; M.P.'for Woodntock, 1820-30 ; for 
Dorcheoter, 1880 ; for IX>nMt, 1831-46 ; for Bath 1847-51 ; succeeded as 7th Earl, 1851 ; 
K.G. ; the well known philanthropist Died Oct Ist, 1885. 

Baillie, Georg^e, son of Q. BaiUie, Esq., Jerriswood, N.B. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; succeeded his cousin as 10th Earl of Haddington, 1858 ; Rep. Peer ; High 
Commissioner to the Church of Scotland, and Lord-in-Waiting ; assumed the additional 
ttumame of Hamilton, 1859. Died Jun. 25th, 1870. 


Balfour, Blayney Townley. son of B. Balfour, Esq., Townley Hall 

Drogheda, Ireland. (Dr. Butler's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. ; Lieut.-Gov. of Bahamas, 1833-4 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Louth ; J. P. 
for Co. Meath ; High Sheriff for Co. Louth, 1841. Died Sept. 5th, 1882. 

Balfour, Willoughby William Townley, brother of the above. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Entered Jan. 1815 ; Trin. Coll. Dublin, B.A. in Honours ; Rector of Lismakerry and 
Astreaton, Limerick, 1833; of Aston-FlamviHe-cum-BurlMigo, Peterborough, 1887-78. 
Died Jun. 29th, 1888. « 

Berrington, Jenkin Davies. 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; Barrister, 1820. Died about 1837. 

Biddulph, Robert, son of .1. Biddulph, E^^q. 

B.N.C. Oxf. ; M.P. for Herefordshire, 1832-7 ; of Ledbury, Uerefoidshite. Died Fob. 
28th, 18M. 

Birkett, John, son of D. Birkett, Es<i. 

St. John's CoU. Camb., B.A., 3rd Wrangler, 1822; M.A. 1825; Fellow and I^ecturar St. 
John's CoU. ; Rector of Laxeby, 1832-49 ; of St. James', Colchester, 1840-53 ; Math. 
Master of Cheltenham ColL, 1853. 

Boileau-PoUen, George Pollen, son of J. P. Boileau, Esq. (afterwards 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1822 ; M.A. 1835 ; Rector of Little Bookham, Surrey, 1823-47. Died 
Nov. 7th, 1847. 

Boodle, Thomas. 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; Vicar of Ch. Ch. Vliginia Water, Surrey. Died Apr. 3rd, 1883. 


U.E.LCo.'8 Civil Service. 

- Brett. 
Bruce, George Charles Constantine, Lord, son of the 7th Earl of Elgin. 

Dled« in the lifetime of his father, Dec 1st, 1840. 

Bulwer, Henry Lytton Earle, son of Gen. W. Earle Bulwer. 

M.P. for WUton, 1830 ; for Coventry, 1831-4 ; for Marylebone, 1884-7 ; for Tamworth, 1871-2 ; 
British Envoy nt Madrid, 1843-8 ; Ambassador to the United States, 1849 ; Tuscany, 
1862; Constantinople, 1858-65; P. C, 1845; G.C.B.. 1851; created 1st Baron Dalling 
and Bulwer, 1871 ; Author of " Historical CharacUn " and '* Life of Viscount Palmerston. ' 
Died May 23id, 1872. 

3H HARROW SCFiOOL REGISTER. [May 1813— Dec. 1« 

Byde, J. Peacock. 


Canlfeild, Jamoi William, ViBCOimt, ^m df the 2na Earl nf HMrlemov 

Oi. ('h. I »xf.. \^11. Plr4 in tli« lifviiine iif bu UXhn, Jan. Ilth, Ifta. 

Chaytor, William Bichard Carter, xni f«f Sir William (liaytor, iht Kat 

Mittfl. Coll. lUf. : M r. fill IhirtMii, ritv. I'd-!: •.nrr«HMt m '^iwl lUrt.. 1M7. H 
fVh. '.If h. 1^71. 

Clarke, J., mhi of T. T. ( 'larkt-, KrM|.. S\^ak••l^•v^ .Mi.liller^?x. 

riirktft XI.. 1>2-J: of S«4kclr)^ MiildkM>t 

Clarke, Thomas Tmeedale, bmthifr r>f tlu* iil«»v<>. 

Oriel CiilK Oxf.. RA 1«.'4 . .T.l*. 4ml h.L f^r Mt«Llk4>i : .1.1*. f..i N<icf«<lk . ••! S«<4vi 

Clarke, William KeUon. M>n of W. W. (1arkt\ K<m|. 

rh. rh. oxf., It.r.l.. .imi lu'.I. 1M7 ; nf Ai<iiii;,i«iii. Uvrkn. Mr4 N»i. lOih, !<•'•. 

Clayton, M. 

Codrington, Edward, s«>ii of AdinirHl Sir K«l\vunl ( '(Nlriii>;ton. f S.C.R 

Entrrfiil K.N. PrswHCfl in ili« Meilitc'iLiiiCHn. in I Ik ilUrlutrirB vf hi. «lnl«. N>'* 

Cooke, Henry Bowen, mhi of tht* \\v\. 11. (NH)ki*. 

Crii-ko XL. \^\^\ Tiiii. Iltdl Cuiiih. ; LL.U.. \^1'1\ J.I'. ; ItocWr uf HkiftOd* V 
lKi:f.7!i. Plr<l in l*«7'.i. 

CoBtobadie, Hngh Palliser. 

Si..TohnV Coll. Piitiib., It. A. I'*^ '. Viinr uf Kin;:')* XiMtim. Leictktcr. liO%^7. Mf 

Crommelin, 0. R. 
Crommelin, Thomai Lake. 

\jeti in l-^Hi; Oiiit. Trkket XI., 1»W: Puliw MibuiBtnit^. Aralnen. X^.W.. ISO: Cn 
Muiier of CniMn l^uniU t» <t«vilii auti Miirniiiibtil((C« District*, \>W\ ritirvl. 
IMrd lit >^><lney. 1^77. 

Crompton, Joshna Samnel, >on of J. Crompton, Kmi., Hsholt Hall. 

(Mr. l>ru 

Jchiu Coll. C:ih ' U.A. 1>21 : M.A. I'^Jti; .l.r. uimI P.L. for N. and W. RldLi^o: I 
C(il. end Wi.( York Militiii ; M.i\ for Kiinm, INIM. Mr4 in lt(e«. 

Gumming, James. 

Dancer. (Home-Boai 

Dawson, Bdward. 

Oriel rolL Oxf.. II.A. \^i2\ M A. W}^\\ M.P. foi I^ce-ter^liirf. l^»2-4. Mctf Jw 


Dndding, Horatio Kelson, son of K. \\, DiuMin;:. K^j. 

Exeter Coll. Oxf.. RA.. I CI.. ls,H«; M.A. 1>.H'»: Fellow ls31-7; llntlor of Sciihim 
Snfli>lk. !?*»'*; \iairof St. Pftcr".*. St. A]Kiiii>. l^J'J. 

Dundas, Hon. Bobert, son of the -IwiX ViNConnt Melville. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; 8(orekee|ier (.leneml of the Nn^y; Micvemleil hi> brotlici oa Ith \\ 
Melville, 1870. Died Feb. X^ih, li<!H>. 

Dundas, Frederick, hod of the Hon. C. Tjawrence Duiulas. 

Loid-Ltont. of Oikney ami Shetland : M.l*. for Orkney ami Sbetlaml. 1-<{7>IT ami 1 

Oct. aaih. xr*-:^ 

SykOi Thomas Hart, ^>\\ of sir Vei-cyvall Hart Dyke, Mh Bart., Lu 

rttone CnHtle, Kent. 

Ch. Cb. «>xf., B.A. 1»»S4: M.A. 1827: Rector of Lnninp»lf»ne. ls2fr; ..f Lung > 
Dttrbam, ]8«3'4W. Mcd Jun. 2&tb. 18«0. 

May 1«15— Ihtr. 1S16.J GEORGE BUTLER. 37 

Inie, Hmj John, son of the Rev. K Earle, Uij^ Ongar, Essex. 

Ol Ck. Qxf.. 1S18 : Bacior ol Higk Ongu-, Emx, 18S3 ; J.P. fur Hmx. MM 

BUott, CSiarlet Boileail, son of C. Elliott, Esq., BntuOi Resident at Delhi. 

n'f CoO. GuDlk, BJL 1833 ; M.A. 19S7 ; Vkmr vi Godalminir, lbS3 ; lUetor *4 Tattii^- 
sftcae, Ipvwich, 1S38 ; J.P. and GtvniiiakiDer *4 Taxa» fur iki&»Ik ; somctiikc BcnoU 
VA. : F.R& WktA about 1«75l 

bikiie, Tkoaas Amerieiu, son of the Hon. David Erskine, afterwards 

2nd Baron Erskine. 

%JbM. UaiT. : aflcrvmrdi ia the Dqiiomatic Serrioe ; meeeadad as 9fd Baron, 18!»&. Mc4 
May lOik, 1S77. 

IrtMirt, James Bnekiian BacknaD, son of T. G. B. Estcourt, Esq., M.P., 

Estconrt, Gloucestershire. 

IB ikm Annj ; M.P. for Dvriaaa, 1S4Sh&2 ; as Saoood in Cummand «Ddar CoL 

tvplintaa Expadition," ha oonunandad tba BmpkrvU* vaaal, whao 
ita wf aina tha TI^vm waa loat in a tornado in tha rirar ; Britiah CommiMtnnar for 
iliiiilt aad »aikiay owt tha X.W. Bovadaiy of tba dkpatad domains of Orsat Britain 
and tba Uaitad 8lat« : A4).<0«b. of Britiah Anny in the Crimea. Med of Cholaim 
biCm SahMtoftol, Jnn. S4ib, 1SS5. 

hteMrty UoBUtf HOBIJ SntUm Sotllflroii, brother of the above. 

Haad oT tba School, 1819; Oriel CoO. Ozf., 1 CL, m3; RA. 18SS; Hon. D.C.L. 1857 ; 
Biniwf or LiMoiB'a In, 18S4 ; M.P. for Maribonn^tb, 1839^ ; for Dariam, ISSS-M ; 
for X. Wnta, ISM^; F.C.. 1858; PnndMt of tba F\oor Law Boaid, 1858^; Home 
BtiaUij, 1859 : a Govanor of the S^ool ; ■iiiiiwl the ramame of Sotberon, 1S39 
Willi tbat 0t iMcoBxt, 198S. Mc4 Jvn. Mb, 187& 

Ivat, Vredflriek. 

Ckik ia Holy Olden. 

linnit, VtlMT, son of Sir G. Farrant 

Lie«L<CoL, iLL.S. ; Sac of Legation, Perua. 

taflfMm, CSiarlea, son of Sir James Fergw^son, Bart., Kilkerran, Ayr- 
shire. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left IB 1814 : Edin. Unir. ; called to the Sootciah Bar : aanmed the name of DalrTuple, 
vm wnerrngMwrn. to the eatate* of his naadfather, Sir Darid Daliymple, BarU, Lord Uails'. 
1936 : Mcwded his tether as ^ch Bait.. I88SL Med Mar. ISth, 1S49. 

VMei, ff»^^W; son of Sir Charles Forbes of Newe, 1st Bart. 

Caf*. ITtb Laneen; J.P. for Ca Abeideeo ; sncveeded his nefrtiew as Srd Ban.. ISOS. 
Med XoT. 2nd, ISTT. 

lirbei, Jokn Stuart, son of Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, Aberdeenshire, 

7th Bart 

Cricket XL, 1818; saeoeeded as 8(h Bart., 1S2S ; amnnied the additional mniAUitr ff 
H«i>bwii. MtdinlSM. 

ftf jKOTy AlgflrnoB. 

flL Joba's ColL Camb., R A. 1826 ; M.R 1829 ; M.D. ISM. 

te&i, BlMllilflr>t Stewart, Viseonnt, son of the 8th Earl of Galloway. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Ck. Ck. OxL ; M.P. for Cocfcermootb, 1898-31 ; Toted aiEainnt hi* Party in faroor of the 
Giaac Reform Bill, when tbe Second Reading vas carried by a Uiajority of omt, 1k90 : 
liMd Lieateaaat of Ga KirkcndbrifEht, 1928-15; of Co. Wigtown, 192S-&1 ; mxeeded 
as »tb Earl, 1834. Mcd Jan. 2nd. l^TS. 

Wisdoddt, Adolphus. 

Hob. Heary, son of 9th Marquess of Uuntly. 

UadHevy Qaa^am, 1898; Mai. H.E.LCo.'s Military Service; retired 184€; Ca{4. Abet- 
' -^ Militia. Mfd Anf- S^tb, 1866. 

38 HARROW SCnOOL REGISTER. [Mat 1815— Drc. 181 

Graham, Oeorge, ^m of Sir JAmes (Graham of Netkerby, Int Bart. 

Ent«i«d the Anny. 1830 : Mil. 9mc to <Iot. of IVmilMj, IftSH^IO : raUtwl aa Maf. \K 
Privau R0C. to th« Utc Sir J. R. <3. (iralMiii, at Ailniinilty awl lluiiia iHBaa ; Bi^^ 
(;«n.. 1N42. Mc^ Maj :*Oih. Imhh. 

Grant, Francii, smi of F. (irant, Ks«|., of KilKrai«toii, Co. l*ertli. 

AlmiHt tboEdin. II i|Eh School : A.RA. 1H42; R.A. 1m:>1 ; Vtm. R.A. and Kalirfitad. I« 
n.r.l. Oxf.. 1H70. Mr«| (»rt. Mh, IKTK. 

Gray, Bertie, son of D. (iray, Vjm\., Harrow. (Home-Bnardi 

Went out to India. 

Gray, Frederiek William, son of W. (Jray, Enq., Twickenham. 

I^aft in ISlri; Ilalliol C^^ll. t»xf. RA. IHSO; M.A. 1S2S: Cnnta uf lloraUnCliie, C^ 
Carey. Med tu l^>70. 

Gres^, Oeorg^e. 

Formerly clerk to the Skinnam' CoRi|iany. 

Gmbbe, John Heneage, son of W. H. Gnibbe, Kmi., KaAtwrll. 

Entared TUtb Reirt.. 181« : Umit.-Col. <\.muianilinfr iMih IU(|t.. 1M7; Mat.4)«B.. 1« 

Gunning, Spencer Greiwold, son of Sir (Seor^ W. Gunning, siud Bart. 

Monitor. 1819 : Crickat XI., IrtlH ; B N.l\ Oxf.. RA. l!42S ; Sindeot of Uaoola'a las. K 
Clerk in Holy Orden. Mcd May 20th, IMW. 

Gwynne, Sackrille Frederiek, son of S. F. (fwynne, Em|., Glanbrane Pu 


J. p. for Gw. Breooo and Carmarthen : D.L. for Carmarthen. 

S. F. Girynne^ K»q.^ J,P.^ Glanbrane Parl\ OirmariheiiMrt, 

Gyll, Oerdon Willoughby, son of W. Gyll, EfM|., Wyrardisbory, Bucks. 

Pembroke Coll. Oxf. ; Author of a " History of Wnysbory.** Med Apr. tiCh, 1S7«. 

Hall, William Liile. 

Hamilton, James John, son of Sir .Tame» Hamilton, Ist Bart., Woodhro 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., RA. 1823: J.P. and D.U for Middlenex; J.P. for Cua. Cannartben 
Pembroke : High Sheriff for Camiarthan, 1SA7 : for Tyrone. IMIO : formarly tUmiL- 
in the Army, and Ckpt. Rlst Foot : M.P. for Bndbury. IHST ; micoeeilad ae Snd B 
18SA. WML Jan. ISth. 1876, when the title became exUnct. 

Hamilton, William, Hon of C. Hamilton, EHq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow 

(Home- Boon 

Left in 1818 ; Awi. Surseon 4ilid Refrt. Mr<l at St. J«ihn'e. Newfoundland. 189<L 

Harington, Robert, son of Sir John E. Harin^^ton, 4th Bart 

Ca|»t. 13th Lanoers : J.P. : of Coutherland, Lmiark. MmI Mar. 18th, ISM. 

Haslewood, Frederiek Fitiherbert, son of W. Haslewood, £»q., 

Fitzroy Sq., W.C. (Dr. Butk 

Left in 1S10 ; Schol. and Priaeman of St. John'* Coll. Gamb.. B.A., &th Senior OpL, 1 
M.A. 1830 ; Rector of Smaitlan, Kent, IH&T-TO. DImI Not. 3&th, 1876. 

Hay, Charles Mnrray, son of Sir John Hay, of Haystoun, nth Bart, 

IJent.-Col. 3nd Batt. Coldiitream OuanU : Lient.-Gen. : Co|. 91«t Reftt. Mfil JnL 


Hay, Samnel, brother of the a1x)ve. 

TieuU-Col. Soota Fuulier GuanU Died Jan. 11th, 1879. 

HaT-Mackeniie, John, son of Edward Hay->rackonzio, Esci., of Oonui 
^ N.B. 

WkHL Jnl. 0th, 1849. 

Heayen, William Hndson, son of T. Heaven, Esq., Easton, Co. Glouce^ 

Exeter C«A\. Oxf., RA. 182a 

Hill, John, son of CJol. J. Hill, brother of 1st Viscount Hill. 

Orial ColL Oxl, RA. 1824; M.A. 18S5 ; Reetor of Oraat Bohw. Salop. lWl-77. 1 
Jon. 15th, 1891. 

Killf Biehard Frederiek, brother of the above. 

LI«a(.-CoL 5Srd ReRt. ; J.P. and D.L. for Salop, and Hon. Col. Sid Uatt. Kiut*a 
^enr»id« la^t at Zwita. MHI J*", »th, 1890. "** 

XatISI^Dec. 1815.] GEORGE BUTLER. 39 

IMoue, Bdward Iiaae, son- of Sir R Hobhouse, Ist Bart 

CapL. CoUamuD Gtaidi ; G«DtJaiiuui Usher to tb« Quaan ; Priraia Sac to Sir J. Bobhooae 
1 tte Wat aad Irish OOeoi, and at the Board of ControL Med May lOth, 1864. 

IMiiek, Heary Himgerlbrd. son of the Rev. T. Holdich, Maidwell 

Rectory, Northants. 

Uft EmI. 1990 : Orial GoU. Osl. BJL 1823 ; aMimad the additfamal svnaiue of Hvi^ar- 
fold, on iMyrwiiT^ to tha aatataa of J. P. HoacMfoid, Eki., of Dingley PSsrk, 18S4 ; 
P.L. for Co. Lekaatcr ; High SharUTof Northaota, 15(28. Mfd Dae. 2Dd. 1872. 

Uboyd, Jamas Jdlm, son of Mr. Justice Holroyd. 

SehoL ct Ch. CoU. CamK, B.A. 1830; M.A. 18S6; Roctor of Abbertoo, Eamx. Mcd io 

Ibpe, Hob. Jolm, son of the 4th £arl of Hopetonn, G.C.B. 

rh. Ch. Oxf. : Lotd-Iioat. of Co. Linlithfcow ; snceaedad as 5th Earl of Hopatonn. 1828. 
Med Apr. 8Ui. 1843. 

HotUoB, Jdm Archer, son of J. A. Houblon, Esq., M.P. for Essex. 

Ch. Ch. OzL ; J.P. and D.L. ; of UaUinghary, Eanx. Mcd Oct. 0th, 1891. 

Imq^ JohB Harward, son of the Rev. R. F. Jessop,, Co. 


TriB. CbU. DahL, &A. 1847 ; |f.A. 1852 ; Iriah Bar. IMS ; J.P. for Coa. WcatoMaih and 
DiabUa; High Shariff of Ca Longford, 18&S ; of Doory HaU, naar MuUincar, Inland. 

buaway, Charloi Edward, son of Sir John Kennaway, 1st Bart., Escot, 


bland in 1914; kit in 1816; 8L John'a ColL Gamh., B.A., 15th Wrangler, 1822 ; M.A. 
1925; Fallov and Totor of St. John'a CoU. ; ordained Deaoon, 1828; Ptiaat, 1829; 
laeambcBt of Chippj Cundon, Qfcmoe rtera hire, 1882*72 ; of Ch. Ch. Cheltenham, 1838- 
42 ; of Tiin. Ctepd, Brixton, 18434 ; Proctor of Conroeation for Dioeaaa of Okraoeater. 
189^48 : Hon. Oanun of Okraoeater Cathedial, 1861 ; Author of rarkwa religioas works. 
Med XoT. Sid, 1875. 

Xerr, William Henry. 

St. John's Coll. Camhi, B.A. 1825. 


latiiam, Alfred, son of J. Latham, Esq., Camberwell, Surrey. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

D.U for City of London ; Gov. of Bank of England, 1862-3. Died in 1885. 

Idliiam, Henry, son of T. Latham, Esq., Winchester House, E.C. 

(Mrs. Leith*s) 

Lrft in ISlS: St. John's CoIL Camb., B.A. 1826; Solicitor, 1829; Clerk to Chancery 
R«g;iatran. 1834-82. 

H, Latham, Eiq.^ 7, Warwick Place, Leamington Spa. 


Lett, JoluL 

Liidiay. Hugh Hamilton, son of the Hon. U. Lindsay, and grandson of 

the 5th Earl of Balcarres. 

Mfd May 29th, 1S81. 


Lo^ Wadham, son of W. Locke, Esq., M.P., Rowde Ford, Wilts. 

PottnuMter of Merton CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1825; J.P. for WUtx. High Sheriff; formerly in 
Ring'a lat Dragoon Guards. 

W. Locke, Esq,, J»P,^ Clere House, Wilta. 


I«Bg, Robert Kellett, son of the Rev. R. C. Long, Dunston Hall, Norfolk. 

Trin. Coll. Camb.. B.A. 1825 ; M.A. 1832 ; J.P. and D.L. for Norfolk, High Sheriff, 1806. 
Med in 1874. 

lueena, John Charles, son of J. C. Lucena, Esq. 

B.5.C. Oxf., RA. 1822; M.A. 1828; Ticar of Anatey, Co. Wan^ick. 1835-68. 
Feb. 15ih, 1868. 

Ueeaa, L., brother of the above. 

Of Shifiial. Salop. 


40 HARROW SCHOOL REU18TER. [May 1813— Dbc. 1615. 

Lnttrell, Francii. 

Lyon, Oeorg^. 



Xackay, Henry Fowler, M»n of A. («. Maokay, Km}., Ragthorn, KoughAm, 

Norfolk. (Dr. Butler"*} 

I^t in IMIO : Trio. Coll. Ciuiih.. IKA. I^(S4 ; AiipolnUil Xn the InsbkllUiv DnunoM, l<e: 
Cjqit.. ISSO : PayuiJMUr. IWM : C'hiaT roni«Abl« of B. ffoMm, 1M<MI|. 

LfVu^-rW. Marhiif, 18, /li^n^ll .S/ny/, flo/A. 

Maclean, Charlei J. Hope, hou of A. Maclean, Kmi., of StevenMin, 


litUliol ColL Oxf., a A. IHM: M.A. IftSA; lUrrbUr, !»»»; 8w. to tiM SUtiMlml SncMti. 
MmI Ang. Uth. 1HS9. 

Manners, Frederick James, son of Sir William Talnia8h, int Bart, (after- 

vnLvd^ liOrcl Huntingtowor). 

AnhiuiMil tb« •nnuuut of Toltonuicbe. aotl rmlMil to the nnk «if an Barr» aoti. IMO : M.P. 
for Oranthani. \$20^, li^RT-^e. I8^7-«.'i. and lMf).74 ; of lUni Huom. Samv. Mf4 
Jul. 2nd. l»y». 

Martin, BicliarcL 

<»riel Colk Oxf., a A.. 1 CI., 1B23 ; Exvut C<,lh, M.A. 19S0; Fallow And Tvtor. 189441: 
Pnbllc BumliMr, 18aO>l ; V&oir of M«DlMBi»c ; OiaoB of Traro. iMt< ia i«m. 

Maude, William Jemmett, son of T. Maude, E.<4q. (old HarrovianX Bnrley 

Hall, Yorks. 

Aftonraidi of fanghain flail. Rawx. 

May, Charles. 

8t. John's Coll. r:unb.. B.A. l!^ ; M.A. \»yi: "onMCinM In tbo Army. 

Maydwell, L. 

Merry, Walter. 

Methold, John William, »on of the Rev. T. Methold, Stonham Axpal 

Rectorj', Suffolk. (Dr. Butler's) 

Uti Mida. 1810: Monitor, 181»; Crickat XI., 1818; Trin. Coll. Camb.. aA. 18SS; Cwalt 
of WatbarinirwU. Suffolk; Vioar of Wigbton. and fUctor uf Ham|wUnd, Notfblk: 
J.P. for Norfolk. WMk 8e|>t. I88:t. 

Meyrick, Owen John Angnstns Fuller, non of A. £. Fuller, Em|. (after- 
wards Fuller MeyrickX Rodorgan, Anglesey. 

B.N.C. Oxf. : J.P. and h.l^ fur Anfrlwaj and Snmex. M«^ Ftob. 12tb, 1876. 

Moles worth, Hender, »oii of the Rev. .1. Molesworth, St Bocock, Cornwall 

F.xeter Coll. Oxf.. B.A. IftSO; Factor of St. Bwny, Cornwall, 1R2S^; aimnMd tba alii- 
tiunal ramama of St. Aubyn, lfH4. Med I>ac. 13tb, 1967. 

Morris, Charles. 

Trin. Coll. Camb.. B.A. 1824 ; M.A. 1«»S2. 

Morris, Hanrey. 

Nicholson, John Armitaffe, rod of C. A. Nicholson, Esq., Ralhrath, KelK 

Co. >feath. 

Trin. Coll. Canib.. M.B. and B.A. 1831 : M.U 1834; M.A. 188'.; J.P. and D.I* far Ooi 
Maatb. High Sheriff, 18'J7. Dlr«l in 1872. 

North, Dudley, son of F. F. North, Esq., Rougham Hall, Norfolk. 

(Mr. H. DnirjV) 

Died in 184.'>. 

Noyes, Thomas Herhert, son of the Rev. T. H. Noyes, Batheaston, 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., a A. 1823 ; Barrij«tor, 18.^; J.P. for Siumz. 

T, n. Noyes, Ksq.. Unirtrsity dub, S. W. 

May 1813— Dec. 1815.] GEORGE BUTLER. 41 

O'Brien, LndlUI, son of Sir Edward O'Brien, 4th Bart., Dromland, New- 

market-on-Fergus, Co. Clare. 

Trin. Cull. Camb., B.A. 1825; M.A. 1H28 ; M.P. for Clare; inicceeded bin fnthar hk 
!>th Bftit., 1837, and tho laiit Marqnij! uf Tbomond nn 18th Baron Inchiqnin, ISIVO ; 
Ijord'Liaat. and CiuUni Rutnlonuu ot Co. Clare ; Rep. Peer, 180S. Dlf4 at Dniiiiland, 
Mar. 22Dd, 1872. 

O'Brien, William Smith, brother of the above. 

M.P. for Rnnis, 1826 ; for Co. Limerick, 1885-41 ; as Head of the " Young Ireland " party, 
Moeded from tkkt " Reiieal Awociation," 1840 : arrested for treason and condemned to 
death, 1848; traii«|M>rted, 1849; returned in virtne of an amnesty, 18ritf. Died Jun. 
16th, 1804. 

Oxenden, Charles. 

Previously at Bton ; Cricket XL, 1818. in which year he arranged the first recnlar Eton aiMl 
Harrow match, in which Harrow was victorious by 18 runs; Christ's Coll. Camb., H.A. 
182.H ; Rector of Barhani, Kent, 1840 ; Rural Dean and Hon. Canon of Canterbury. 
Pled about 1874. 

Oxnam, Oeorg^e Kutcombe, son of the Rev. W. Oxnam. 

Wadham Coll. Oxf., D.A. 1820 ; FeUow of Bxeter Coll. Ozf., 1820-80 ; M.A. 1823 ; Barrister, 
1825 ; afterwards assumed the surname of Oxraham. Died Dec. IDth, 1878. 

Oznam, William, brother of the above. 

Monitor. 1810; Schol. of Wadham Coll. Oxf., B.A., 1 CI., 1828: M.A. 1826; Asst. Master 
at Harrow, 1841'6S ; Clerk in Holy Orders ; afterv^ards assumed the Humame of Oxenham. 
Died Got. 18th, 1863. 

Park, Alexander Atherton, son of Sir James A. Park, one of the Jastices 

of the Court of Common Pleas. 

Uft in 1819; BalUol ColL Oxf., B.A. 1822 ; M.A. 1825 ; Barrister, 1826; appointed Mast«r 
of the Court of Common Pleas by Act of Parliament, 7th Wro. I\. and Ist Vict., 
c. SO. Died Not. 2L)t, 1871. 

Park, James Allan, brother of the above. 

Bailiol ColL Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; M.A. 1825 ; Rector of Blwick Hall, Durham, 1828-71. 

Paynter, William, son of S. P&ynter, Esq., Camborne House, Richmond, 


Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1820; M.A. 1823 ; Barrister, 1823 ; J.P. for Surrey ; J.P. and D.L. 
for Middlesex. Died about 1870. 

Perceval, John Thomas, son of the Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Ma«d. Hall Oxf. ; Capt. Ist Foot Guards. Died Feb. 28tb, 1870. 

Phillips. J. H. 

Mi^. Light Draijoons. 

Phipps, Hon. Charles Beanmont, .non of the 1st Earl of \fulgrave, 

Mulgrave Ca.stle, Yorks. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left in 1818 ; Joined Sid (Scots Fusiliers) Guards, 1820 ; A^i. of Regt. ; Col. in the Amiv ; 
Keeper of Her Malesty's Privy Purse ; See. and Treas. of the Household to H.R.H. th« 
Prince Consort ; K.C.B. 1858. Died Feb. 24th, 1860. 

Pitt, Charles, son of J. Pitt, Esq., Cirencester. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1822 ; M.A. 1825 ; Rector of Ashton Keynes, and Vlcar of MalnieHbnry. 
Di«d Oct. 18th, 1874. 

Piatt, William, son of T. Piatt, Esq., and brother of Sir T. Piatt, Baron of 

the Exchequer. 

B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1828; M.A. 1827; Barrister, 1880. 

Pole, Edward Sacheyerell Chandos, son of S. C. Pole, Esq., Radl)oui7ie 

Hall, Derbyshire. 

St. Mary's Hall Oxf. ; High Sheriff of Derbyshire, 1827. Died Jan. 19th, 1803. 

Pole, Henry Reginald Chandos, brother of the above. 

St. Mary's Hall Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; M.A. 1822; Rector of Radboume, and of MogffinKton, 
Derbyshire. Died Jun. I9th, 1800. 

Pole. Bichard. son of Sir Peter Pole, 2nd Bart., Wolverton Park, Hant**. 

(Mr. M. Drury'.^) 

Left Bast. 18S0 ; Head of one side at Football ; Bailiol Coll. Oxf.. B.A. 1828; M.A. 1826 ; 
Curate and Rector of Wolverton and Ewhunt, Hants, 1825-79. Died J^-i l^S. 

42 UAnRrHV SCFIOOL REGISTER, [May 18121— Due. I «15. 

Pole, Samnel, brother of tbc a))ovf. 

Monitor, 1Si^2.3 ; St. Mary'* Uall Oxf. : MiO-<im- ^n Um Army. Med F«b. ttk. li««l 

Ponsford, William, S4in «>f W. Ponsfonl, Est|., IHiddioombc, Devon. 

TriD. Coll. nxt, HA. l^VJ; M.A. 1*2^: Racuir »f DivwitciiniUiB. Dtmn, lMA4Kt. Mr4 
Auff. iMt. IHtjf). 

Portman, Henry William Berkeley, hod of PI R Portman, Emi., Bryanston, 


TrixL GolL Cmmh. : mUmnA 7th lliM«ni. \»i2 : Cft|il. 6th iDDbUlUnc DiafooiH ; JJt. §n 
Dorwt ; nf I>«ui'ii Court. Domet. M<^ in IKTH. 

Powell, Henry Towniend, son of 1 ). Powell. K^i, Walthamstow. 

Ori«l ColL Oxf., B.A. 1)^1; M.A. 1*«24; Vloir nf SttviUwoB-DwMWkra, WwwkkalUn. 
lft.*M>-.'Ki. Mfd Jiin i:tth, Ift%4. 

Powys, Hon. Horatio, hod of the 2nd Raron Lilford. 

St. JobD'« (V>11. <Wiih.. a A. 1.<)«6 : n.h. isM : lUrtor of WAnlngicm, 1ttl-54 ; Bbhop <4 
Stiiloraiul Man, 1S'»4-T7. M^ May Slut, isTT. 


Raynor, John, son of .T. lUynor, Rs4|., of PlynioutlL 

Trin. Coll. Oxf . n.A. lH3!t ; M.A. Ih2«: Vic^r <•£ Taiumt^in FolioU, Utroa. M«4 N*!*. 
.Mh. IS?,*. 

BobinBon, Chriitopher Thomas, son of Sir C*hristopher RobinAon. 

Cricket XI., 181S ; B.K.C. Oxf., B.A. IfiSS ; M.A. 19S5 ; PtrpMwU Ciii»t«of Patn^. 

Mar. 7tb, l.stfl. 

Bobinson, Bdward. 

Rectoi i>f Rith. 



Seymour, Henry, son of liord William Seymour. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. : Cn|»t. in (he Army ; J.T. fur llnrk* and ?lnmy ; of Pnik PUee, 
Died Apr. IMh. IHiC. 

Shawe, Nathaniel, son of H. Sliawe, Es4i., Brantingbam, York»hire. 


Sheppard, Charles Down, son of \V. Slie])]iard, Ef^i, Frome. 

Died in liUii. 

Sheppard, Thomas, brother of the alx)ve. 

M.P. fur Fixime ; of Fi>lkinf{t«in Plaoe. HtUMex. Died in is:>x. 

Shore, Hon. Frederick John, Aon of the iHt Baron Teigiimonth. 

Denipkl C.8. Died May 2(Hh, l«t7. 

Shore, Hon. Henry Dnndas, brother of the above. 

St>nietinie in the Amiy. Mcd Apr. 29tb. If^Stl. 

Sitwell, Hnrt, jvon of H. Sitwell, VL^i, Feniey Hall, Salop. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. Died AuB. 22nd. lf«5. 

Skottowe, Thomas Britiffe, son of T. B. Skottowe, Esq., Pftrk Crescent, 

Portland Place, W. 

I^t Midfl. 1»19. DIrd in IA4*\. 

Smith, Angnstns John, son of .1. Smith, Esq., AAhlins, Herti«. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., a A. 1820. 

Smith, William Charles, eldest son of J. Smith, Es^., Shortgrove, Saffros 

Waiden, Ejwex ; for many years Private Sec to tk 
Rt Hon. Wm. Pitt. 

Left in 1818 ; Cricket XI. ; St. John'* Coll. Camb.. RA. 1822 : M.A. 1S25 ; J.P. aad IKL. ki 
EMtz. Dtod Jun. 0th. 18SS. 

Smith, William Kasters, f^on of G. Smith, E^q., Camer, Rent 

AaBomed the additional immanie of Mantem : M.T. for W. Kent : High Sheriff, 1849, 
in IMI. 

May 1813~Dec. 1816.] GEORGE BUTLER, 43 

Somenrille, William Meredyth, son of Sir Marcus Somerville, 4tli Bart. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; GHpt. SeotJi Orayn ; miooeedeil as 5th Dart., 18SI ; M.P. for Drogheda, 1S87-02 
for Oanterbory, ISM-eTi; Under Hec. for Home l>e]>t., 1846-7; Chief Seu for Irebin<l. 
lH47*ri2 : created ]iaron Athlniuney, in Irolnnd, 1H(}3, und Baron Meretlyth, in England, 
1MH). Died Dec. 7th, 1873. 

Steere, Loe, son of TiCe Steere Steere, Ksij., Ockley, Surrey. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; D.L. for Rnrrey ; High SherilT, 1848 ; J. P. for Snnex ; M.P. for W. Surrey, 
1870-80. IHcd Oct. 9th, 1890. 

Street, Henry, son of J. Street, £sci., Lamlieth. 

AlAoatRton; Balliol Coll. Oxf., D.A. 1819; M.A. 1823: Clerk In Holy Orders. Died 
Nov. 15th, 1858. 

Strickland, Walter, of ('okethorpe Park, near Witney, Oxon. 

Oriel CoU. Oxf. Died Dec. 14th, 1870. 

Stndd, Edward. 

Joined 15th HnMan ; M^or-Gen. unattached ; retired, 1854. 

Talbot, ChriBtopher Rice Hansel, son of J. M. Talbot, Esq., ^fargam. 

Oriel Coll. Oxf.. B.A., I MtUh., 182:t : M.P. for OUmorpuwhire 1880-85 ; for Mid Glamorgan- 
nhire 1885-00 ; fur a long time '* Father " of the Houm of Conimoni : declined a Peeiacre, 
1867 ; Luid Lient. of Glamorfpin ; Hon. Col. 2nd V.D. Welsh Reitt. ; F.R.S., and F.L.S. 
Died Jan. 17th, 1890. 



Thornton, Henry Sykes. 

Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1822 ; M.A. 1825. 

Thornton, Thomas Cooke, son of T. R. Thornton, Esq., Brockball, 


Clare Hall Camb., B.A. 1822 : M.A. 1825 ; Clerk in Holy Oxders. Died in 1884. 

Tower, Christopher, son of C. Tower, Esq., M.P., of Weald, Essex. 

Oriel Coll. Oxf. ; late Gapt. 7th Hiusara ; Lieut. -Col. W. Euiex MUitia ; M.P. for Backs, 
1845-7; J. P. and D.L. for Rnmx and Backs; J. P. for Beds and Middlenex. Died 
Mar. Srd, 1884. 

Traheme, George, son of L. Traberne, Ksq. 

Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1820 ; M.A. 1828 ; Vicar of St. Hilary and Rector of St. OeorKe-siiner- 
RIy, GlamoninnMhire. Died Dec. 2nd, 1853. 

Tritton, William, son of George Tintton, Es<|., of Wandswortb. 

C.C.C. Oxf., B.A. 1821 ; M.A. 1826. 

Tugwell, George Clutterbuck. 
Tugwell, Lewis. 

Monitor. 1819; B.X.C. Oxf., B.A. 1828; M.A. 1825; Vicar of Longbiidge DeveriU, 1829, 
aiHl Rector of Famiboron^h, Somerwt. Died alxmt 1S53. 

Venn, John. 

Uueen'8 Coll. Camb. ; Bell Univ. Schol.. 1824 ; B.A., 12th Wrangler, 1827 ; M.A. 1880 ; 
Fellow of Qneens' Coll., 1828 ; Vicar of St. Petar's, Hereford, 1883-70. Died about 1890. . 

Ward, Henry. 

Solidtor, London. 

Wildman, lUchard, son of J. Wildman, Esq. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1825 ; Barri«ter, 1829; Jodge of Coonty Courts of Nottingham, etc. 
Died Aug. 26th, 1881. 

Wilkinson, John Gardner, son of tbe Rev. J. Wilkinson, llardendale, 


Exeter Coll. Oxf. ; Hon. D.C.L., 1852 ; Author of variouA work* on Egyptian Antiquitiea ; 
Knighteil for hiii contributions to Archaeological Literature, 1889 ; F.R.S. ; Donor of 
li valuable collection to the SchooL Died Oct. 29th, 1875. 

Williams, Jonathan, son of T. K Williams, Esq. 

Died Oct. 2STd, 18.%t. 

Wilson, Henry Correr, son of M. Wilson, Esq., E.sbton Hall, Qargrave. 

Lincoln Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1826; M.A. 1828; Rector of Mafton-in-CraTen and Vicar 
Tvuurtall, 1828-58. D|e4 Dec. l»t. 1806, 


Wilson, Mathew, brother of the above. 

l^ft lii90; RN.C. oxf.. RA. 1824; J.P. mnA D.K for <\k iMnauAn and for W. RUi^; 
M.i*. for Clith«n«, 1H41-2 luid lH47-ri2; for N.W. RMlnft. Iri74-«'S; htr Ski|il4« IMv. 
Is^ri-A ; i-rcnUil m llnniiMt, IS7I. Mf^ Jan. IMh. I**?!. 


Wortley, James Archibald Stuart, Hon of the lit Hon. J. A. Sturt 

Wortley, P.C., afterwarclw Int Baron Wliamdiffe. 

Ch. Ch. (Ur.. B.A. IH2U: M.A. 18S1 ; FcUow til UmeUm GulL «»xf. ; M.P. for Hat^ 
1K3:».7 ; fur BuU, IK42-50; Jodgs AdTocaU 0«MnU, Q.C., and P.C., ISM ; Hmeotdm ei 
I^ondon. IHSO-.'M: Solirltor-Om.. IHM-T. Mf^ Ang. SM. 1W1. 

Wyndham, Oeor|^ 

<'rick«t XI.. ISIH; Trin. Toll Camb.. RA. 1821 ; want init to N. & WaknMia 

Torke, Eliot Thomas, son of Vicc-A<lnnral Sir JoHcph S. Sydney Yorke, 

K.C.B., M.r. 

Muniti>r, 1823 : St. John* ColL Cknib., RA. 1827; M.A. 1^90: Barriirtar. 1AS3: D.L. Md 
J.P. foi Ouubritl|ittkhii« : CbiinnMi of Uiwn«r SmmIom, 18SS.74 ; M.P. for y^inihil^pi 
Hhire. 1884^'i ; nOMd to tba lank uf an Karl'ii auo. l(«9i*. Mf^ May 8rd, 188&. 

Torke, Henry Reginald, brother of the above. 

St. JobnV ColL Cuub., M.A. 1828 ; J.P. fur Canibriajia; lUctor of Wiuiioto, 1882: aai of 
AiibaiulaD, llaiu : raiiwd to tha ibdIc of an Barrn auD, 18M ; Arcbdaacon ^4 lluatl^piatt. 
18M ; Canon of BIt, 1M50. BMi SapC 2Mb. I87I. 

Balnuicirt Jaawwjr^Aprtl ISM. 

Armstrong, John Edwar^ »on of J. Armntrong, Esq., of Nassau, New 


St. Jubn'H Toll Oxf., RA. 1824 ; BarrUtar, 1827. Mf^ abont 188a 

Bosanquet, Charles Holford, hod of C. Bo»aiiquet, Esq. 

Halliol ColL Oxf., RA. 1819 ; M.A. 18S8 ; BarriMar, 1823. Mc4 The, IMi, 18S4. 

Bnice, Charles Bashwood, son of the Hon. C. A. Bruce. 

Monitor. 181»: Cb. Cb. Oxf.. 2 CI., 1 Matb., 1828 ; of CbwUr St., Gniavtiior Flaca, &¥. 
Died Aug. 25tb, 18<M. 

Calvert, John Xitohinion, non of W. Calvert, Esq. 

i»riel CoU. Oxf., RA. and M.A. 1827 ; M.R 1828 ; M.U. 1831. 

Clarke*JerYOise, Jervoise, tion of Sir Samuel Clarke-Jer>'oiMe, Int Ban. 

CX\C. Oxf. ; D.L. and J.P. for Hant* : J.P. for Simmx ; M.P. for Sontb llanta, l8&7-a»; 
Haocaoded an 2nd Bart., 1852: of Idnwortb Park. Ilanta. Mc4 Apr. ImC, ISM. 

Cockerell, K son of S. P. Cockerell, Rsq. 

Trin. ColL Oxf.. RA. 1824; M.A. 1827: Vicar of Xortbweald. lUwx, 1827*m. MM 
Fab. Htb, 1880. 

Codrington, William John, son of Admiral Sir Edward Codringtont G.C.R 

Lieut. C%)l<Utraun GoanU. 1823 ; Lieut, and CapC.. 1820 ; Capt. and LiMk-CoL, ISM; OaL, 
1841) : Mai. -Gen., ISM : Gen.. IM-'* : comnMnded Fint Brisade of Uffbt Diriaka la tte 
C'limeun War, and wan mbnequently i'oniniander-in-Cbief of tbe Britiab Amj in tbt 
Crimea. 18S0 : created K.C.R. 18S5 : Commander of Legion of lloooor, Grand Craai«r 
MiL Order of Savoy, Medal witb claM|», Fimt CUm of tbe MeiHidia, Turkiah Xadal aad 
M^lAille Militaiie of France : G.C.B., 18<t.'> : M.P. for Greenwicb. 18f»7-i»; in Oomtaami 
At Gibmltar. 18.^9; CoL Mtb Rant.. 1858 : 2drd R«Kt.. 1>«); Coldf4ream Ouanla, 1875; 
retired. 187ti. Mr«l Aug. (Mb, 18S4. 

Cunningham, Charles J. 

Got. of St. Kitt^ ; of Antigna. 1S4S&9. 

Davidson, JL 

Cricket XL, 1818 ; Merebant and Bank Director. 

Davie, Charles Christopher, 

Jan.~Apk. 1816.] GEORGE BUTLER. 45 

Dickenson, William, son of W. Dickenson, Esq., M.P., Kingsweston, 


MHI of dacline while still »t School. 

Dimock, William. 

Dorrien, K John, son of O. Dorrien, Esq., Gov. of the Bank of England. 

Muiager of th« Bwanow and Portamonth Branches of the Bank of England. 

Eade, William Aislabia. 

Balliol.ColL Oxf., B.A. lb28 ; M.A. Ib27 ; Bttrrister, 1827. DIrd about li<20. 


Every, Edward, son of Sir Henry Every, mh Bart., Egginton Hall, Burton- 


SonietiuieCai>t. bOth Re|{t. ; Lient-Gul. Ist Lanouthire Blilitia ; J.l*. and D.L. for Lancabhire ; 
NMunied the additional bnmame of Clayton, ItCi'i. filed Oct. lltli, 188G. 

Every, Henry, brother of the above. 

Souietiue in the Life GoardB. Med in the lifetime of IiIm father, Feb. 27th, \^y^. 

Fitsroy, Lord James Henry, son ot the 4th Duke of Grafton. 

Sometime in 10th HtiMtara. Died Jul. 2t>th, 1584. 

Griffith, P. 


Kerr, James Bnrton. 

tiid. SiiaMX Coll. Caiub. ; Clerk in Holy Order:*. 

Lieven, Count Panl, son of Count (afterwards Prince) Lieven, Russian 


Afters ardit Prince Paul Lieven. 



North, Charles William, son of F. F. North, Esq., Koughain, Norfolk. 

Head of the Sch<M>l, 1^22.; St. John'4 Coll. Cauib., U.A. 1827 ; Clerk in lloly Orders 

Parry, William. 

Of MontARU Square, W. 

Porter, William, son of the Kt. Rev. John Porter, IjqxA Bi.shoi) of Clogher. 

Trin. Coll. Cauib. ; J. P. and D.L. for Devon ; sometime in the tfth Unigoon Gnairdb. 
IMed in 1887. 

Shawe, Bichard Fleetwood. 

Gaiit. 9ih Lancen. 

Shute, Henry, son of H. Shute, Esq., Sydenham. 

Magd. CoU. Oxf., 1824. 

Speirs, Alexander, son of A. Si>eirs, Esq., Ellerslie, X.B. 

Trin. ColL Canib., M.A. 1824 ; M.P. for Richmond, 1887-41 ; I^>nl Lieut, of Renfrew. 
Med Oct. 6th, 1844. 

Spencer, Hon. Francis George, son of the 1st Baron Churchill. 

Monitor, 1819; Ch. Ch. Oxf. : Hon. D.C.L., 1884 ; Attach^ in Diploniatiu Service. 1823-28; 
Lieut. -GoL Oxfoidahiie Yeo. Cav., 1867-74 ; D.L. and J.P. for Oxfoidshire ; succeeded 
as 2nd B^ion, 1846. IMed Noy. 24th, 1880. 

Still, John, son of the Rev. J. Still, Knoyle, Wilts. 

St. Maiyu Hall Oxf., B.A. 1824 ; M.A. 1828; Vicar of Ingleeham, Wilt.*. 

Trower, Edward Spencer. 

Wame, John. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left is 1820 ; Trin. CoU. Ounb., B.A. 1824 ; M.A. 1828 ; Prieet Vicar of Exeter Cathedral. 
Med Feb. 19tb, 1889. 


Watkini. V 

Wood, Thomai, hun uf Col. T. Wuod, M.P. Littleton, Chertdey. I 

8t. .Tohn'v CfU. r^tuh.. B.A. \t*ii\ Bru[..MAt. OraiMdtoi GuMdv, HAS; lUi.4kM.. \M: 1^ 
LMnt.-<i«n.. 1^64 ; M T. f»i MWkll«i«x. 1n$7.I7 ; J.F. f«'r MkkUMS ABd Bneam. BM I 
Oct. 1»72. I 

Tescombe, I 

Balnuwn ■ay— Brmnkrr ISIC I' 

Clive, Ooorga, »on of E. R Clive, Em)., >\liitlield, Hereford. (Dr. Botkr*«) I 

Left in 18t*3 ; B.X.C. Oxf.. B.A. \if2ii : M.A. \Ky.» ; Ikirbier, IRSO ; Poor Law riiMwIwii— . I 
V^M: Police Ma«i»tnfcto, 1*tS9: r<moiy Cimrt Jnds*. 1M7 ; M.P. for Uwrfiaid Cte. I 
l^^'iT-tlii, and 1»«70-^; I'mlor Hei.. ff Stato fm lloiiie DefK.. 1V>9MU. Mctf Ju. IJik. I 

Conolly. I 

Estconrt, Kdmnnd Hiley, .m»ii of T. (;. Iv^tcomt, Emi., wIm) nftenntfct I 

assuuied tbe additioiml surname of BucknalL I 

lUllitil Toll. Oxf.. I)..\. IS.*;.: M.A. lv>: Kello« i»f Merttin r«ilL i»xf., 1II3»>31 ; Mautt I 
Wulfonl. ISi^MMS ; Rector ••# Eckiii|rt(ii. |)ertn>liire, lH4M*i. Mc4 Jaa. SStli. UM. I 

Gibbons, John, son of Sir .1. (Jibl)onN 4tli Bart., of Stanwell Flao^ I 

Middlesex. I 

lialliiil CiiU. uxf.. H.A. M*ll\: M..\. I^JO. Uttd. auriim his fAtbei^ lifaiaiiM. Jm. SUl. 


Jenner, Herbert Charles, son of 11. Jenner, Em|., Wenvoe Catftle* 


ra|it. Otkb Ke^. Mr«l 

Kenyon, Lloyd, son of lion. T. Ken.von. 

Csi\A. Royel Hiine (fnardtk Died Jau. Irt, lsfi«. 

Kingscote, Henry Robert, son of Vol T. F. Kin;jrscote. of Glouceitterahiie. 

Ijcft in ivjo ; ProHiilent M.C.C. : lireat Ki^nteiiuui mmI Pbiluithiuiiitft. Mc4 J«l. 191k, 



Neeld, John, son of J. \iH*ld, Ks<|., Fullmni, .Middlesc-x. 

MoniUT, 1«'_M; Cncket XI., Isi-J-S; Trin. r«.||. Ouub.. H.A. Isi7; M.A. IMO ; M.P. te 
rricklwie. IMtO-*i9 : fi.r Ohiin«iihRiii. lMi*><t» : (i«Dll«niiui of tbe Vrixj Cbuubw, IMS-tf; 
1».L. aihI J. p. f.ti Wilt*; IfiKb HberilT. 1^72 ; crait«l a Iktt. n^. M0« 8tpL M, 

Oxenden, Graham, son of sir 11. Oxenden, Ttb Ikrt. 

Died in ivJti. 


Pierse, H. Robert, of Thiniblcliy IahI^v, Tliirsk, Vork>, 

Joined Vtih lltutean. 




Spencer, Hon. (George, son of tbe 1st Baron C^burcliill. 

Lieut. Cnl. Coldstrauu (iiunU : retired, 1M4 : D.L. for Co. Oxfnnl. Died Jnn. Isib, m7. 


Wellesley, Arthur Richard, son of tbe Hon. and Kev. Dr. ^Velle^ley. 

i*re\i«nu«Iy at Etvn ; 81. Mar>'». Hall Oxf. ; Caiit. Kitfe llrigmle. Died Ang. iWh, liKlQ. 

Williams, William Augustus, son of — >yillianis, Em}., of Nassau^ New 

Providence, WeMt Indies. 

EBtnuiceii darlBC Ike year IS17. 

AsteU, Richard William, son of Col. W. Astell. M.P. 

Col. Orenadier liaaixl« ; of E^ert^m Uuiuc, Ilanta. Died MaT lOtb, IHVl 


^ten, George MaxwelL 

Monitor, 182-L 

rly, Edward Symee^ son of the Rev. U. L. Bayly, Ballyarthur, Co. 


SomeiiiDe OiDt. S4tb Foot ; J.P and D.L. for Go. Wicklow ; High Sheriff, 1887 ; Vioe-Limit. 
Co. Wicklow. Died in 1884. (Note.— Date of entry uncertain). 

laerts, Cluurlee William. 

Trin. Coll. Cauib., B.A. 1825; M.A. 1828; Feriietual Camte of Jesue Chapel, Bnfleld, 
1S35-68. Died Feb. 12tb, 1868. 

i^den, Henry. 

Queen's Coll. Camb., B.A. 1827 ; Capt. 3rd Guards. 

iwnlow, William, son of the Rev. F. Brownlow, Knapton House) 

Queen's County. 

Sumetuue in the Anuv ; A.D.C. to Earl Aniherst, Gov. •Gen. of India ; J.P. for Queen's 
Co. ; D.L. for Co. Monaghan. 

ice, Bmdenell J., son of the Hon. C. A. Bruce. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Lieut. Srd Guards. Died Oct. 8th, 1828. 

vert, W. H., son of J. N. Calvert, Esq., Hunsdon, Herts. 
T, William Ogle, son of W. T. Carr, Esq., Hampstead, N.^. 

Barrister, 1826 ; Kind's Advocate. Ceylon ; Chief Justice of Ceylon, and a Knight, 1854. 
Died Apr. 24th, 1850. 

doner, — , son of R. Chaloner, Esq., of Guisborough. 

B.N.C. Oxf. ; Lieut. 52nd Regt. Drowmed on his pasaage in the ^rtef to Canada. 

iwner, Edward Here, son of H. Chawner, Esq., Newton Manor, Hants. 

Univ. CoU. Oxf. ; Capt. 4th Dmgoon Guards ; retired, 1836. Died Nov. 22nd, 1868. 


itterbncki James Charles, son of R. Clutterbuck, Esq., Watford House, 

Hert.H. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Left about 1820; Exeter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 18S6; M.A. 1829; Fellow; Vicar of Long 
Wittenhau), Abingdon, 18;>0-85. Died May 8th, 1885. 



»ke, Oeorge, son of Sir Alexander Croke. (Mr. M. Drury's) 

Vniv. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1822 ; M.A. 1826 ; BurrLtiter, 1S2C. Died in 1860. 


impton, son of W. Cronipton, Esq., Sioii Hill, York. 

Monitor, 18*22-8 ; Caiit. 06th Regt., 1834. 

isbie, Charles, son of Gen. Sir John G. Crosbie. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; D.L. for SuiMex ; of Northlandi, Siuuiex. Died Nov. 0th, 1870. 

irkinB, Charles. 


immond, W. 

Per]i«tual Curate of Down, Kent. 

odas, Hon. Charles, son of the 2nd Viscount ^felville. 

Trin. Coll. Canib.. M.A. 1820; Rector i*f Epwoith, Uncolobbire ; J.P. for Liuoo]iu>hire. 
Died Feb. 24tb, 1888. 

meades, William Henry, son of W. Edmeades, Esq., Nurstead Court, 


Merttm Coll. Oxf, B.A. 1826; M.A. 1830; Rector of Ifleld ami Nnreteml, Kent, 1827-86 
Died June 18th, 1886. 

res, John Meggott 

St. John'i> Coll. Camb., B.A. 1827 ; High Sheiifffor Uauts. 


Eyre, Charles Richard, h»ii i»r c. Kyn-. Km{., Kiiik'* iVinter, WamuL 

Kraiii>liaw, \Vilt>. 

Eyre, George Edward, Imithor uf the ulnne. 

Ijcfl in iNl'l ; tiricl 0>11. flEf., H.A. l?«J'i : M.A. 1v_*n ; lUrrUUr IHSO; Qumii. rhwir 
ISST-it'J ; J.r. f'lr Wilu and lliuib ; Hoo^nlar nf H«»UMoy. »|f4 ia IMT. 



Fulford, Baldwin, mhi of Lit-ut.-Col. lUhUin FiiKonl. (iraat Fulfoil 


Ktoi ('■•II. nif.. ILA. 1^J> ; .I.P aw\ P.I.. f»i lirfii ; nMiiiniiii uf g«iirt«r fivwH^ 
Mrtl Mm> I'li'l, l-TI. 

Hall, Frederick. 

Hall, Richard, limtbrr fif tlir hUivc. 

Inn. r<ill. <Viiii1v. It.A. I'<>:M.A. 1". I . Kiriialci, 1>J> ; Pih<i !«•« C«iuiiuu«i"&ri . 



Hammond, Edmund, .son nf tlir iU. lion. (i. llaiiiiiumd. Tmler Sec. fnr 

Foreign Affuir-H. (Mr. W. DniryV) 

Irft l>«r.>; left Ktfii ••niiiK ti> ill hnltli 4111I minf tJi lUrmn ; I'm^. Ciill. Osf., ihb'L 
II. A. (llKiiimih) ixj.-; : Kvllim. IvjH: rirrk in Tri^v INnincil mmI Ftiff«i|ni «HHcw. I'Qf. 
>«nt oil SlMX'UI MliwiiiiK «ith \A*n\ Mralfunl ilr Hw1clifli> to Ttirkvy, 1KS1, It* ll«iiii 
iiiHl l.i!>)iiiii, \^M\ rariiMiieiii riHlf>r Sat-. fi>i Kmaiicn AMain^, \<A\ WntA J. RaaiB'* 
Mita>ii>n til >ieniM. \<t'*\ P.r., 1*mM>: rKinNl im full |«iii>iiiii. 1(>7.1 ; ira«l«d Buw 
IUiiiiiiiiimI <if KirkelMi. l**Tl. IMrtI Apr. iMb, IVA). 

Handley, Arthur. 

Mefti'ii Ci-II. Oxf.. lv>i»; |t,(rri:.tir. I'^U. 

Holdich, Thomas Peach, son of the ISev. T. Moldieli, MaidwvU Kectorr. 


l^ft III ]^i>:-.: MoititiT. \s2\a\\ Itaut iif ttie ScIj<m.|. |h:v>^S; llHllinl ('nil. dzf., B.A. l<et; 
M.A. l''^!! : Uevtiir of IHii)iie\. NorthuuU. 1*«41 'a ; > imr M M. Jmmm'. NorUnd Si|«ii. 
W.. iS-'r^-tUi : H«vtiTnf LinwiMvt. Liui^'liiahire, 1*«ii.i-v*. Mr«l J«n. IKKli, liiMf. 

Howard, Henry, son of bml Henry T. HowHnl-Mulvneux-Howard, brother 

of the 12th Duke of Norfolk. " 

J.r. fur rik*. Watt nil ireUiHl ami (tltmonter ; .T.I*. hihI h.l^ fni (*anil«rUnil : lllsh 
\^\A : M.r. f(ir 8t«>uiDiK, l'»-J4-4}; fur Khurehiun. l^'Jih^^ of Grv}-M«ik* CmOs. 
Jhii. 7th, 1>T*». 

Howard, Hon. Henry, son of \/m\ Howunl of KtKn;;lmni (created Earloj 

EfKnghani, \KM). (Dr. Butlers) 

Oriel Coll. Oxf. ; M.i'. foi ilbaftc»bury, |h41*'. ; .M*. uimI IM.. foi W. RidliiK uT Yoifa.: I if Wiltt ; t»ucc««leil vm Jml Earl nf EfflDcLaiii. \>\'i. |Hr4 KeK Mh. 1W1». 

JoUande, Charles. 

St. .TohiiH Cull. raiiiK. H.A. I'^l'O : Heit«>r »f Uttic MiiiMlen. llert^. l9:H-06. Mtd X4 
12th, IstJO. 

Kenyon, Hon. Lloyd, ehlest Kon of the iWfX Imh-oh Kenyon. 

Monitor. 1^22-3; Th. C'h. «»\f., H.A. l>»Jii ; M.A. 1*'--.»; M.l*. f.»i fet. Miiliael'«, les(^2 ; mt 
(.««iled Htf anl lianm, \^h:>. Died 'Itil. tNtli, \Hi\\ 

Kenyon, Thomas, wn of the Hon. T. Kenyon. 

M.y. Mb Fui.t. Died «t!i»t. IWh, ivv.i. 

Lake, James Samuel, son of Sir Jaine^ S. \\\ l^ike. 4tli ISart. 

^,m^r^ ^^^ ^<>U- Cauil)., B.A. 1S27 ; M.A. 183S; HUOoMded aa :^h Uari., IUSt!. Mfd Dw. Iftk 
IS 115. 


Lewis, Arthur James, m^h of 11. Lewis, Esi|. 

Cricket XI.. 1>*18 : Trin. O.ll. Oxf.. H.A. 1J*2:. : UarriMer. 1«»; Ad^udU ti«D. aal i 
Meiiil>cr iif Cuundl, BombHy, 1807. Died >'••». Uth, l-^K^. 

1817.] GEORGE BUTLER, 49 

Ueyeiii Count Alexander^ son of Count (afterwards Prince) Lieven, the 

Russian Ambassador. 

Ueven, Count Constaatine, brother of the above. 

Xaloolm, John, son of N. Malcolm^ Poltalloch, Argyllshire, N.R 

Munitor, 182$ ; Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 1827 ; M.A. 1880 ; Stndeot of Lincoln*! Inn, 1820 ; J.P. 
and D.L. for Kent and Co. AinrU. Died 


Kartin, Robert Fanshaw, son of Admiral Sir Byam Martin. 

Monitor, 1824 ; Oriel Coll. Oxf. ; Lieat.-CoL 76tb Begt. Bled Jul. 18tb, 1848. 

Xeriyale, Charles, son of J. H. Merivale, Esq., 14, East Street, Red Lion 

Square, W.C. (Mr. H. Drury's) 

Enterad Jan. 1818 ; left Dec. 1824 ; Monitor, 1824 ; Cricket XL, 1824 : Football XL ; Racket 
flayer ; E. I. Coll., Hailevtmrr, 1825 ; Sehol. of St. John's Coll. Gamb. ; Browne'a 
Medalliat, 1829; B.A., 1 CL Triiios, and Senior (M^\98Q \ M.A., Fellow and Tntor, 
18SS ; B.D 1840 ; D.D. 1870 ; rowed No. 2 in tbe C.U. Biffbt in the first race v. Oxf., 
1829 ; Rector of Lawford, 1848 ; CbapL to the Speaker, 1868-9 ; Dean of BIt, 1809 ; D.C.L. 
of Oxf. and Dnrbam ; LL.D. Edin. ; a dtstingniwhed Hiatorian and Tbeolofflan ; anthor 
of a " Hiatoiy of tbe Ronuuu under tbe Empire," etc. Died Dec 27tb, 1898. 

Xeriyale, Herman, brother of the above. (Mr. K Drury's) 

Left Dec. 1828 ; Monitor, 1822-28 ; Head of tbe Sobool, 1828 ; Oriel CoU. Oxf. ; Scbol. of 
Trin. Coll. and Ireland UniT. BcboL, 1825; B.A., 1 CL, 1827; M.A. 1883; Fellow of 
Balliol, 1828: Engllab Eany Priie, 1880 ; Eldon Scbol., 1881 ; Barrijiter, 1882 ; Vrotmnr 
of Political Bconomy ; Hon. D.C.L. , 1870 ; Under Sec. for Colonies, 1848 ; for India, and 
C.B., 1859. Died Feb. 8th, 1874. 


IHchoUion, Charles Hampden, son of C. A. Nicholson, Esq. 

CapL Grenadier Onarda, 1888. 

Wcholson, William, brother of the above. 

Trin. CoU. Oxf., a A. 1829 ; M.A. 1881 ; Rector of Welford, Berks. Died Dec. 15th, 1878. 

Odell, John, son of J. Odell, Esq., Carriglea, Go. Waterford. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1825 ; High Sheriff of Co. Waterford. Died May 17tb, 1847. 

Ogilyy, John, son of Rear-Admiral Sir William Ogilvy, 8th Bart., 

Innerquharity, N.B. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, 1826-81 ; J. P., D.L., and Conrener of Forfkmhire ; 
Hon. Col. Ist V. B. The Black Watch ; MaJ.-Gen. Rojal Company of Archers ; M.P. fur 
Dundee, 1857-74 ; succeeded as 9tb Bart., 1828. Died Mar. 29th, 1890. 

Ogilyy, Walter, brother of the above. 

M%|. 09th Regt. Died May 21st, 1879. 

Ogilyy, William, brother of the above. 

Benffd CItU Senrioe. Med in 1887. 

Page. (Mr. W. Drury's) 


Perceyal, Ernest Axunutna, son of the Rt Hon. Spencer Perceval, Elm 

Grove, Ealing. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left East. 1824 ; Monitor ; Racket PUyer ; Comet 15tb Husean, 1824 ; Gapt., 1826. 

Capt E, A. Perceval, Severn Houte, near Bristol. 

Perkins, , son of Perkins, Esq., Brewer. 

Perkins, , brother of the above. 

Pitt, Charles Whitworth, son of Dr. li. K. Pitt. 

B.N.C. Oxf., M.A. 1829 ; Rector of SUpIeford Abbots, Essex, 1841*67. Died Jan. 28rd, 

Pole, Edward, son of Sir Peter Pole, 2nd Bart 

Balliol ColL Oxf. ; Lient.-Gen. in tbe Army, K.M. ; Ute Col. commanding llHb Lancers. 
Died Feb. Srd, 1879. 


Tio rr ARROW scnnoL register. [1817. 

Pultenej, John Aptler, hou of J. Pultfiiey, Escj., Xorthrnrood, Lyndhunt 

Hanti*. (ifr. Drmr's) 

Monitor. 18SS4 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; C^pL 12th Unotm. Mfd Apr. 1810. 

Ray, Edmund Baker, Bon of R. Ray, Esq. 

RN.C. Oxf. ; RA. Ift2tf ; M.A. \v» ; ftoouoduy Ounniua PlMiL Mfd 

Reid, DaTidy Hon of A. Reid, £.«mi., Lyonwlown, Barntt 

UnW. Coll. Oxf., 1825. 

Raid, William, brother of the above. (Mr. M. Dmiy'i) 

EnUrtd Jan. 1817 : Ml Mkb. INSl : |«rtMr in lUid kCn.% Bivwott ; Hirii mwill* i< IIm«^ 


Sawyer, William George, hou of sir HuUrt Sawyer. (Mr. E«*au>«') 

IfaUliul Coll. Oxf.. H.A. ivj4 : rh.i|iUin nf |iiUhj^>n-ib«>WtikU. Ubr«4«nbiT«. l>90-:i 

May i:;th. WAX, 

Shakeepeare, Fraier K. 

AfUrwardii went oat to India. 


it. E. I. Co.* Civil Harriet. 

Sheppard, Robert 

Monitor. l»:>L'-4 : Heoa iif tba Bcbuol, 1RS4. 


Smith, Oeorge Jamee Philip, non of J. Smith, Esq., of Shortgrove, EHei, 

for many years IVivate Sec. to the Rt Hon. Wm. PitL 

I^t in 1M22: Rt. John'* Coll. Cuuh.. RA.. SMb Wnumtor and t CL Tripai. 10: 
M.A. W» ; BarrijMr. 1H30; Joint EdiUir of ** llait and Smith's QiMRi'a B«Mh Brntt." 
IsTl ; Maatcr of Court of (^oean'i Btnch, and aftariranb of SapriBM Omit ofJalka- 
tiirtf. WML Apr. \»\. 18M>. 

Toller, Samuel Buihe, son of E. Toller, Est^. 

Triu. Coll. Oxf.: Exhibitions. 1A28-S: a A. liti!. ; B.C.U 1890; Barriator. 1830; ac 
au.1 Bmchar. Ib6«. Me4 May 10th. IKflN. 


Tnmer, C. 

Vernon, William Frederick, Hon of Gen. H. C. E. Vernon, C.B., HUtn 

P&rk, Stafford. 

Eutereil tha Arnij, 1929; Capt. tWth L.I.. lAM; racirad. ItOd ; D.L. for MiddltMS. IMi 

Vigne, Godfrey Thomai, hou of T. Vigne, Eaq., The Oak^ Woodfoii 


Crickai XI., 1818 ; BarriaUr, 1P24 : Atithor, TimTaller. and nraoKhtanuiB ; Aatbor of **Si 
Montha in Anietioa." 1881 ; "TraTeU in Kaahmir," "A Finooal XamtlTn of • VliK » 
Ghnxni. Kabnl, and Aftrhaniatan," 18S2-9: "TrmTtla in South AuMrlmniid llaBln.*' 
1861 : tha flnt Englifibnian who want to Cabnl ; a i«rai«ial friand of ftnnlit Staft 
mird in 1866-7. ^'^ ^ 

Waring, W. (Mr. H. Drury'4 

Fellow of Maffd. GuU. Canib , B.A.. Wisnfflar. 1S2S ; M.A. 189« ; Vicar ef Wtlfeii al 
Bibbartoft ; Ractor of Shobdoo. Ilanfoid, and of Bommnoii, Salop ; ArcMaan if 
Salop and Canon of llaraford. Me4 about 1877. 

Whittaker. (Dr. Butler's) 

Williams, Charles, sou of I. L. Williams, E.sq. 

Monitor, 18S2-S ; Ciickat XI.. 1<^ ; Trin. Uall Camb.. LUa 18S7. 

WUliams, David. (Mr. B. Druiy'i) 

Williams, Isaac, son of I. L Williams, £.«ki. (Mr. EvansO 

Trin. Coll. Oxf., Scbol.. aA. 1826; M.A. 1881; Fellow, 18S1-4S; D.D. IStt; CSttkii 
Holy Ordera ; one of the leaden of the Oxford MoTMient. and wrote aarMnt ef te 
•* Tracta for the Timea " ; held Tariooa Cnnciea Me4 May let, 180&. 

Wroughton, Philip, sou of P. Wroiightou, Esq., Woolley Ilark, Wantage, 


Oriel GolL Oxf.. B. A. 1827 ; High Sheriff of Bncka, 1857. Mc4 Dec. S8th, IISI 

Jvu 1818-Jan. 1819.] GEORGE BUTLER. 51 

BBlnuicci Jannarj—Xay 1818. 

Mis). 7th HoMftn. 

CalYOrt, Frederick, son of Gen. Sir Harry Calvei% G.C.B. 

Monitor, 1822-S; Oriek«t XL, 18223, Gapt 1828; Ch. Oh. Ozf., B.A. ; 1 lUth., 2 CI.. 
1827; Fellow of Merton Coll. Oxf., 1881; Barriiter, 1881; Q.C. and Bmchar, 1849: 
M.P. for AYlflsbary, 1851 ; Member of Board of Qaeen Anne^a BotmtT, 1869. Died 
Jon. eth, 1891. 


Capel, William, son of the Hon. and Rev. W. Capel. 

Postmaater Merton Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1826. Bled Apr. 16ih, 1876. 

Copley, Joseph William, son of Sir J. Copley, 3rd Bart. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf. ; ancoeeded aa 4lh Bart., 1888 ; D.L. of Cornwall ; J.P. for W. Riding, Torka. ; 
High Sheriff of Yorkahire, 1848. Died Jan. 4th, 1888, when the Baronetcy became 

Finlay, Alexander Struthers, son of K. Finlay, Esq., Castle Toward, N.B. 

Gbugow UniT. ; J.P. and D.L. for Coa. Argyll and Bnte ; M.P. for Argyllahire, 1857-68. 
Died Jun. 9th, 1886. 

Forbes, George, son of Charles Forbes, Esq., created a Bart. 1823. 

J.P. and D.L. ; of Bereleigh, Hanta. Died Jan. 22nd, 1868. 

Jones, Inigo William, son of the Rev. Inigo W. Jones, Chobham Place, 


Monitor. 1828 ; Trin. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1830; M.A. 1886; Ute Mig. llth HniMn; J.P. 
for Someraet. Died in 1878. 

Jones, — , son of Pryce Jones, Esq. 

B.N.C. Oxf. ; aaramed the anmame of Browne, 1828. 

Kanners, Algernon Gray, son of Sir William Tahnash, Bart., afterwards 

Lord Huntingtower. 

M.P. for Granthain, 1882*7 ; aaaomed the additional anmame of Tbllemache, and raiaed to 
the rank of an Barra aon, 1840 ; had large eaUtea in New Zealand, where he reeided for 
many yean. Died Jan. 16th, 1892. 

WtcheU, William. 

MiO- &0th Rflgt. 

Prendergast, XichaeL 

Of Caatlemaine, Anatralia. 

Smith, Spencer, son of C. Smith, Esq., M.P., Suttons, Essex. 

Balliol Coll. Oxf., BJL 1827; M.A. 1888; D.L. for B«ez; J.P. fdrtHanta. Died May 
2nd, 1882. 

Stretton, W. 

Of Dany Park, Breoonahire. 

Strickland, W. 

Of Cokethorpe Park, Oxon. 

Thornton, William, son of T. R. Thornton, Esq., Brockhall, Northampton- 

Monitor, 1828^ ; O.C.C. Camb., B.A. 1828 ; M.A. 1881 ; Vicar of Dodfoid, Northanto. 
Died in 18S1. 

Trench, Francis Chenevix, son of R. Trench, Esq. 

Monitor, 1828-4 ; Cricket XL, 1828-4 ; Oriel OoU. Oxf., B.A. 1884 ; M.A. 1869 ; Student of 
linooln'a Inn, 1829 ; Ptepetoal Corate of St. John'a, Reading, 1887-67 : Reetor of lalip. 
Oxon., 1857-75 ; Author of rariona religiona worka. Died Mar. 8rd, 1886. 

BBtnmcet belwccB Jvly ISIS aad Jmmmuj m% 

Boddington, Thomas Fremeanx, son of R Boddington, Esq., of West* 

morelsmd* . 

BalUol CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1826; M.A. 1880; Rector of Badger, near Shifbal,.8alop, 1888-71. 
Died JaL 18th, 1871. 

&-2 HARROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Jru 1818— Jam. 1811 


BManquet, William. 




Cholmelej, Kontagne John, son of Sir Montague Cholmeley, Ist Bart 

Maffd. Cull. Oxf. : 31. r. for Gnmiluun. 1826; foi X. LiBColmhin, 1U7-74 : aMmM ■ 
Stod Ikrt., 1831. P|e4 Jan. 16th, 1874. 



Clarke- Jerroiie, Samuel, Ron of the Rev. Sir S. Clarko-Jervobi«i, Bin. 

IdMworth Ihirk, Haiitr«. 

C.C.C. Oxf. : Srnlor Clerk in the Foreiini Ofllrv. BMt Feb. iiaA, IMO. 

Clutterbnck, Henry. 

Ht. ret«r'<« TflL Ciitnb.. ll.A. l«l ; M.A. 18Si): Virar i4 BurkUAd-DintaBi, BooMlMl.ui 
Rami Daan «•# Fniinc, 1}«4<I. Me4 in IMI. 

Clutterbnck, J. W. 

Clerk in Holy Onlen ; <»f BnURhniud (Vutle, RjwInAiNhire. 

Crawford, .son of Gen. J^ Cniwfonl. 

Capt Cdtb Regt. ; aftemanUaClerk in lluly «>i^n. 

Ballae, Robert Cbazlee, son of sir (joorgc Dallas, iHt Bart 

Uriel Ciill. Ozf., U.A. issr^; M.A. 1829: narrUter, 1829; raeeeecM m find BiLrtL. UK 
Bird Auk. 2nd, 1874. 

Douglas, Charles Enrwicke, natura] Mon of the Rt Hon. C. Yorke. 

St. John's ColL Canib. : RA. lh2M ; M.A. liSl ; PriraU Sec. U» Loitl Oodnick. Stac: rf 
State for the Coluniee, 1890^4 : KlM-at-Anue of Order of M.G., 188S-a» ; FkrUaBMMttj 
Cummiatlon for Graennich Iluaniul. 1845-6 : M.l>. for Wareiek, 18S7-&& ; for Bnpban. 
\s'o9^', : KniKbted. liU2 ; craated K.C.M.U.. 18M». D|c4 FeK 2lel, 1RII7. 


Bunlop, John, son of CSen. .Tanien ])un]o|i. 

M.P. fur Ajnihirv : createil a Bart., 18S8. Meel April SnI, 18S9. 

Dyke, John Dixon, son of Sir IVrryvall Hart 1)ykt\ .'ith Rart. 

.S«>nietlnie Ca|»t. ifenifal Ca%. ; xerveit in the HnmiCHe War. nteilal, 1824 ; IJenl.<CiiL CanMr 
bury V.H. ; .1.1*. fi>r Kent. INrtI Auk. Ut, l^iH.. 


Fane, Hon. Henry Sutton, son of the lOth Earl of Wi^tmorlaniL 

Ueut.-Col. in the Aniiy. INrtI Maj 7ib, Isr.T. 

Fyler, Samuel Amot 

Trin. Coll. Oxf.. It.A. 1<2'> ; .M.A. 18:v.> ; Ile«<t<ir of C<>mbiil. CiJdtlieani. ISSMO. BM 
Nov, 2nd, 1«>»0. 


(^T^^Kt William Frederick. 


Hamilton, William. 

Afwt. BarKeon 4Snl Reirt. 

Harvey, William Kaunday. 

Waaham Coll. Oxf., RA. 1827 : M.A. IMl ; Rert.>r of Uttle Mongeb-iui. Kant. m&48. 
INmI Mar. 4tb, 18CS. 


Houblon, Charles, son of .1. A. Houblon, Est]., M.P., ^ho afterwards 

aK<«um(Hl the surname of Lyre. 

Monitor, 1824; Ch. Ch. Oxf., EA. 1828; J.P. and D.U for Derkn. High Bhatiff, ISM. 
Med in iHOt^ 

fwL 1819-au3r. 1820.] GEORGE BUTLER. &3 

er. soo of Gen. Sir Robert Uotistoan, K.aR, 
Ckrkiiigtoo, N.R 

Ori. HA L%ki Di^MM. Media UT4. 

Iirtii, Sidttari, son of J. Martin, Esq., M.P., Overbnry. 

Ckkki* XI^ lflSS-1 ; 5««r CoD. Ozl, BJL 1838L Mc« ta IS9. 

Bmck, Sabert T^nple. aon of George Pocock, Eaq., F.JELS., M.P., cieatad 

a BarL, 1821. 

UnLlfadiMCkY^aliy. M0« ia ladk ia 1827. 
GriAM XL (Giv«LX USS : afiamidi «<at oai to ladia. 

hmflTy Hienrj, son of the fiev. H. Porrier. 

Tanalv OolL OzL, BwA.. 18S7: V.A. ISS; Canie uf CompiuB Bmacfauuis fiaiks; 
<<B9HowB,iroodAMd,BMZ. M0« Dml 7th, 1S57. 


rwf CMLOrf.; <rfa|»iagGrofa, Wiiinf liiiw, 

hl^, Froiorick. 

Itia. CaO. Guah., BLA. ISSS; MJL 18SB; Banifll«r, 1838; AUotBcy-Gaa. ai Uibtaltar; 
J.P.GoLW«sfcal;«aaaHdtlMMiaBaM of Hood, 1830. M0« aboat 1888. 

AmlUB, FraMJiagliaiw 



WiDcr, Tkonus Wathen, aon of Sir Jonathan Wathen- Waller, 1st Bart 


BJP.C Ozf. ; «tcfl«d DipkNnatic Snrice. 1836 ; Sec of LapUioa, 1834 ; reiirad, 1858 : 
M^dBut., 18U. Me4 Jan. 3Mi, 1893. 

bcCwcra V^knuur 1S» ukl Jue !»•. 

Aiierson, DnneaiL 
Aikew,H. W. 

ImmammA GdIL Caub. ; Clerk io Uoly Orden. 

Birday, Bobert 

ll««itor, 1834-S: Ciickci XL. 1835. 





Browne, Bieluurd GUTton, son of Gen. R. Browne. 

Aaaaed the aAiitiotttI mineme of CUjtoo : B.X.C. Oxf., B.A. 1S3S ; M .A. 1833 ; Stadoni 
oT Uacola's Ian. 1838; J.P. aad D.L. for Co. Wexford; J.P. for Luica«ler: of 
Aildlu«ioa Hall, LuMuhire. Me4 io 1866. 


Gttr, Balpll, son of J. Garr, Esq., Uedgeley, Northumberland. 

Cb. Ck. Oxf. ; J.P. sad D.L. for Darliun and Nortbamberland ; High Sheriff of Xortbmii- 
had, 1846 ; iMaaied Che additkioa] saraame of Ellieon, 1^1 ; of UepVuia, Dorfaani, 
Bedgelaj, Xoitfaoaiberiaod. Me4 Peh. 4th, IS^L 

:»4 HARROW SCHOOL REGISTER, [Feb. I8l9-Jcs. 182CL 


Cheaniley, Patriok. 

Cola, William Willonghby. Viiconnt, ^«on of the ^nd Earl of EuDiakilkn. 

Cb. Cb. Ozf., D.C.L. ; Uoo. LL.D. uf thirhaiti amI DnMin ; K.R.S. : M.l*. for 

1SS1-40; rol. jMTOuiaah Militu. l'Cil-:'> . \\U *4 FtniMDMffh : J.P. for Ooi. 
•rnuuiAgt ; 

lititriin, uid FernuuiAgb ; ancoMiWil m Snl EatI. l»40. Mf>4 Nw. IStb, II 

Payidion, John. 

Cricket XI., l&'JJ-3 : Capi. lufe (fUArd». 

De BmjiL 


Deffall, John, son of J. H. DeffelK Y^\., ¥\ (Sower Street, W.C. 

(Mr. Batten V) 

Lffi Dec. leS-l ; Cncktt XI. ; Banker tn Calcutta. Med Jos. 8rd. IMl. 


Eaton, Richard JelTerton, son of R. Eaton. Enq., Newmarket 

MoDltor, 1624 ; Capt. In tba Annv : M.P. for CambrkliiMhlra, 1»«3V47 ; J.P. ABd D.L. fer 
Co. Cambridf* ; of St«ubworth Park. Newuuirket. Med Jnl. '.Ttb. IftlT. 

Fitxharbert, Edward Herbert 

Monitor. 18:»-24 ; Trin. Coll. Canib., RA.. 14tb Wran«fer. and 1 CI. ClaMioi ; M.A. IW: 
Fallow of Trin. Coll. ; Barrister. lbS3. Med lUr. £5ib. IttS. 


Cricket XI . 1822. 


Cricket XI.. 1822. 

Qarland, Lewei, son of P. Garland, Esq., Sandridge Fftrk, near diippenham. 

Cricket XI., 1823 ; Trin. CoU Camb., B.A. 1*27. Mcd Jan. IStb. 1844. 





Handley, Edwin Hill. 

Cricket XI . 1822-24 ; Inn. Coll. Camb.. B.A. 1A2« ; M.A. 163S ; C.U. Cnckat XI.. ISTT. 

Hill, Clemeilt 

SooMtime in tbe Blue*. 

Holden, Edward Anthonjr. son of Hev. C. Shuttlewnrth-Holden, Aston 

Hall, De^by^hi^e. 

Cricket XL, 1824-26; C.C.C. Oxf., B.A. It^Jl) ; M.A. ISit? : J.T. aotl U.L. fui Cv%. T inrwiM 
and Derbj. Uigb Sberiff, 18SS. Med Auff. 2tiih, ISTT. 

Howard, Hon. Charles, son of Ix>rd Howard ot Eftin^^liaui. who was 

created Earl of Effingham. 1K)T. (Dr. Batler^«) 

Sometime in tbe Coldatream Goarda Died Mar. etb. !<««.>. 

Jones, Thomas Browne, son of Pr>'ce Jones, Esq. 

AMvmed Um boibmbm of Browne, 1828 ; B.N.C. Osf. ; Barriatcr, 1886 ; trnMctor <4 
flcboole, 1847; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Mootfomery ; of Mellington Hall. MoStcotnefr. 

_ tB 1871. 


1. 1819~JCN. 1820.] GEORGE BUTLER, 55 


lie, Henry Charles, son of C. A. Leslie, Esq., Ballibay, Co. Monaghan, 


Camb. UoiT. Med Doc. 28tb, 1832. 

Lg, Frederick Beckford, son of £. B. I^ng, Esq., Hampton Lodge, 


B.A., EmmaDQel Coll. Ouub. ; Barrifster; Ioflpecior-G«D. of Friaoiifi in Inland. Died of 
amall-pox caugbt'iii yisitiiig a gaol, Jul. 1850. 




Cl«rk in Holy Orden in Ireland. 

nuingham, — , son of Gen. Manninghani. 


Lklam, John, son of J. Meiklani, Esq., Hyde Park, Glasgow. 

Cornet and Lieut. 9th Lanoerv, 1827 ; J. P. for Co. Berwick ; sometime in tbe Rojral Soottiah 
Arcberb ; of Gladnwood, Melroee, N.B. Died Hay 20tb, 1882. 

nekton- Amndell, Hon. Edward George Amndell, son of the 5th Vis- 

count OalwftV 

rh. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1827; D.L. for NotU; M.P. for E. Retford, 1847-76; Loidin-Waitingto 
U.M., 1852 ; imcceeded as tftb Viscount (peerage of IreUuid), 1884. Dl«d Feb. 6tb, 1876. 







Cricket XI. 1824. 


TJ, Charles, son of J. Perry, Esq., Harlow, Essex. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Entered Feb. 1810 ; left Mids. 1823 ; Cricket XI. 1822-8 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A., Senior 
Wrangler. First Smitb's Prixeman, 1 CL CUwsics, 1828 ; Fellow, 1820 ; M.A. 1881 ; 
D.D. 1847 ; Biabop of Melbonme, 1847-76 ; Res. Canon of Llandaff, 1878-80 ; Prelate 
of tbe Order of M. and G., 1878. Di«d Dec 2nd, 1891. 

ippe, Hon. Edmnnd, son of the 1st Earl of Mulgrave. 

Monitor, 1825; Trin. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1828; M.A. 1831; Barrister, 1832; Recorder of 
Scarborongb. Died Oct. 28tb, 1857. 

it, Alfred, son of Dr. Pett. (Mr. Drury's) 

Entered tbe Medical Profession. Died from tbe results of a cab accident. May, 8tb, 1886. 

e, Peter Van-Notten, son of Sir Peter Pole, 2nd Bart. 

B.N.C. Oxf., M.A. 1821 ; J.P. and D.L. for Cos. Glonoester, Worcester, and Warwick; 
Uigb Sberiff of Warwick, 1856 ; succeeded as 3nl Bart., 1850 ; assumed the additional 
and original paternal surname of Van-Notten, 1853. Died May 20tb, 1887. 

>ham, Francis Leyhonme, son of E. W. Popham, Esq., Littlecote Hall, 


Monit4)r, 1824-7; Cricket XI., 1825-7; UniT. ColL Oxf., B.A. 1881 ; Fellow of All Souls 
and M.A. 1834 ; O. U. Cricket XL, 1829 ; Barrister, 1837. Died in 1880. 

thardson, Joseph John, son of Mr. Justice Richardson. 

Monitor 1823-4 ; Oriel CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1828 ; Barrister, 1832. Died March 28rd, 1802. 

iketts, St Vincent William, son of Vice- Admiral Sir Robert T. Rickett'^, 

1st Bart., R.N., The Elms, Cheltenham. 

(Mr. M. Drury's) 

Left in 1825 ; St. John's Coll. Camb., 1825 ; Col. Royal Scots Greys. Died Mar. 26th, 1866. 

unares, John St. Vincent, son of Sir James Saumarez, 1st Bart, after- 
wards created Baron de Saumarez. 

Entered Rifle Brijrade, 1824; Lieut.-Col. (unattached), 1844; CoL, 1854; succeeded his 
brother as 8rd Baron de Saumarez, 1863. Died Jan. 8th, 1801. 






Stretton, Henry. 

Stuart, Charles, m)ii of Cupt. .1. Stiiart, H.N. (Mr. BattmV) 

Loft MiiU. \f<2S\ EiwifSD (iratMdiar Itiunb. 1i«2H; r«|rt.. 1^3':: LiMt.-Col.. 184&; Mm.- 
Gen.. IhM: MUiury Her. i«i (hi%..<.;«ii. i>f Indu : raCirwl, IMO; M.F. fur Bats, 1064: 
J.r. f..r lUuu. Med in 1«»V2. ^^ 



Trench, Richard Cheneriz, son of i{. Trenrh, Es4{. 

.M.iiiiti>r. 1N_>4..*»: Triu. C»ll. Cautli.. U.A. Ivjii ; M.A. 1M31 ; II.D. Ib^O; D.D. IttM: Phi 
••f IhTinitj in KinRn r<>ll.. Ijnocl. ; Exanitnkiiff rh»|>UUi In tb* BWMsp off CMM: 
llaUeui l^i-turvr, 1>4.'m<> ; Vicar nf Al««nt<»kr. lUnu; IIbmi iif W«aliuiiMlcr, 18&MI; 
Aiciili|i. nt Diihhii, 1»^{ ; reeikncd. in ainMi[u«nc« tif ill hMlth. 1881 ; Aatlnr cf mm 
litenirj wrk*. BMi Maj iNtb, l&«6. 

Trevelyan, Edward Spencer, moh of sir .lolin Trevelyan, 5th Bait, 

Hallinji^on, 0>rl»ridge-on-Tyne. 

Ill nil >I roll. Ozf. ; i»f liiinR Wiltiin. NurthnuilwrlMHl. Bled Any. SSid. 1Sk»4. 

Trotter, John, Hon of J. Tn)tter, £s4|., Dyrhaiu i'brk, HerlK. 

.I.r. fur Middlesex. Wertiiiinntei, llertt. ami the liberty •!# HI. Alhtta; bto C^K. Sb4 Lib 
UimnlH. Died in |n70. 

Tufnell, John JoUiife, M>n of J. J. Tufiult. Enq., lAnt;loyN ClivhiiaifoftL 

Oriel Coll. Ozf. ; J.l\ ami P.L. f»r Kmui ; lliuh ttbahff. 1W». 

./. J. Tttfnfll, E^/.^ J.P.f /M ubore. 

Waller, Ernest Adolphns, mn of Sir Jonathan Wathen- Waller, IaI BarL 


RN.r. Oxf.. U.A. iv.Ki : M.A. 1^-2 ; Curate of Ui.<tb«>|i'i Tituhbrmik, Warn ick«liiraL BM 
Apr. 'JOtb, \}*i'i. 



Wilson, Oeorge St Vincent, .son of Adinira) 0. Wilson, Uodgrave HalL 


Uft in l'^^^ ; Triu. Coll. Ciuiib. ; lllgb SLerlff <*f Siiffiilk. ISIT. Med Dec. «ih, 1952. 


EalniBrct belfirea Jaly IHM and Jaly latl. 

Acheson, Archibald, Lord, son nf the Snd Kiirl of Oosford. 

Gh. Ch. Oxf.,B.A. IH2i< ; vreateil llanm Achewm i>f (tlcocaimy, Ci*. Aniiiigb, 1847 ; ki 
aa 8nl Karl, 1»49 ; K.P. Died Jun. lOtb, IMH. 

Agar, David. 

Capt. H.E.I.Co.'»Senice. 

Agar, GhDorge Frederic. 

Csipt. 1 1.E. I. Co/h Service. 

Atkinson, Francis Baring, son of Cj. Atkinson. Es*!., Morland IlalL 


Siiuietitiie Lieut. 73i«l RegL ; J. P. fnr Cauiberkin*! .iml WchtUKireUnd ; D.L. for Cuiubarla^ 
High Sheriff, 1852-S. Med in 1{«t. 


Jul. 1820-Jcl. 1821.] GEORGE BUTLER, 57 

Botfleld, Beriah, son of B. Botfield, Esq., Ditton, Salop. 

Cb. Cb. Ozf., B.A. 18S8; M.A. 1847; M.P. for Ludlow, 184047 ud 1867-08: D L. of 
Northuito; Hi«h Sbariff, 1881 ; Author of *' A Tonr in Bootland 1829,** "Stommata 
BoteTilUana/' ^* NotM on the Cathedral Libraries of Bngiand." and of varioos other 
woi^i of ninoh antiquarian reeearofa ; Member of moat of the learned Booietiea in 
Europe ; F.R.8. ; Founder of the Botfleld Medal for Foreign Languagei ; of Norton 
Hall, Northanta. Bled Aug. 7tb, 1808. 

- Bowles. 

\ Brand, Hon. Thomas Crosbie William, son of the 2lst Baron Dacre. 

Cricket XL, 1825 ; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; M.P. for Herta, 1847-52 ; D.L. and J.P. for Herta ; aamuued 
the eumame of Trevor, 1851 ; euooeeded as 22nd Baron Daore, 1853 ; Lord Lieut, and 
Cuetoe Botulorum for Bsnx, 1805-9. Dl«d Feb. 20tb, 1890. 


Brooke, Francis Capper, son of the Rev. C. Brooke, Ufford Place, Suffolk. 

Monitor. 1820-8 ; Heml of the School, 1828 ; Cricket XI., 1827-8 ; Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1835; 
Bometime Capt. Grenadier Guards. Dl«d Jan. 18tb, 1880. 


Campbell, Archibald. 
^ Campbell, Dnncan. 

Cole, Hon. Henry Arthur, son of the 2nd Earl of Enniskillen. 

Entered Inniekilling Draffuona. 1828, and retired aa Lieut. -Col., 1808 ; Lieut. -CoL Feruianaffb 
Militia; M.P. for Enniakillen, 1844-51; for Co. Fennanagh, 18:k>-80; J. P. for Co. 
Feniuuiagb, High Sheriff, 1854. Died July 2nd, 1890. 

CoUinson, Charles John Russell, son of C. S. CoUinson, Esq., The Chantry, 

Ipswich. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left in 1828 ; Bnaign and Gu>t. 18th Regt. ; served throu^ the China War. Killed at 
Chin-kiang Foo, bia medal being sent to his family, 1842. 

I CoUinson, William Clinton Peter, brother of the above. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left in 1828 ; went out to India, 1828 ; Lieut. 87th Bengal Infantnr ; served in the War in 
Afghanistan ; mentioned in deepatcbes. Killed at Pushoor, Jan. 80th, 1840. 

' Cooper. 

Coryton, — , son of J. T. Coryton, Esq., Pentillie Castle, Cornwall 

Sometime Col. in the Army. 

. Croke, — , son of Sir Alexander Croke. 

■ Croke, — , brother of the above. 

Daniell, Katthew Saikes, son of J. Daniel, Esq., Carshalton Park, Surrey. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Served in 8iti Bombay Light Cavalry. Died Jan. 19th, 1801. 

Bering, Sir Edward Cholmeley, Bart, son of E. Dering, Esq. 

Cricket XL. 1824; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; suooeeded bis grandfather as 8tb Bart., 1811 ; M.P. for 
Wexford. 1880-81; for Romn«r, 1881-2; for E. Kent, 1802-7 and 1868-8; D.L. and 
J. P. for Kent; Lieut. -Col. E. Kent Yeo. Cav. 

Sir Edward C. Dering^ Bart., Surrendeu'Dering, Ash/ord, Kent. 

Douglas, Thomas Willan, son of J. K. Douglas, Esq., R Art. (who subse- 
quently assumed the surname of Willan). 

Sumetiuie in the ISth Lancers ; of Twyford Abbey, Middleeex. IMcd in 1886. 

^ Sgerton. 

Elliot, Thomas Frederick, son of the Right Hon. Hugh Elliot, Gov. of 


Chief of the Emigration Dept., 1837-47; Under Sec. for the Colonies, 1847-68; K.C.M.G., 
1800. Med Feb. 12th, 18H0. 

\ Fraser. 

Free, Peter. 
' Oalway: 

Gomes, P. 

beUled in the Weal Indies. 

58 HARROW SCHOOL REG !f>TER. [Jul. 182a--JrL. Iftil. 

Gonna, Thomai. 

Holford, Robert SUyner, hod of (;. P. Holford. Emi., Weston Birt, Tetbnn, 

Ciloucehtenthire. (Dr. Bntkri) 

Left NidiL. \Kb ; MoDttur, IB*J6 : Orwl Coll. Oif.. RA.. 1839 ; HlwkBi of LiMote'ttab 
W» : J.r. lUMl D.L. fur <ili>iioMC«n.hti* ; lligb MMriff. 184S; J.P. for Will* : X.P.kv 
E. niiini.eKt«n>hira. l»'>4-7*.*; lata Cm*. Riiyjil Oltnimlanibira llimui ; F.R.Bk BM 
Feb. trend. 1M»-J. 

Holland, Henry Lancelot 

Director <if the Bank of EDslaikl. 

Jocelyn, Hon. John, M)n cif the 2iid Ear) of Koden. 

EEOtcr Coll. (>zf. : Ciipt. Tth IIiUMrk MmI Jnlj send, 1H«0. 

Keane, Payid Deady. 

Monitor, l"::'* ; linrrMcr, lr>;v'> . g.C., l>t>4 ; Keci-rilvi of HrtMlforti. Me«| abmit 1<>7QL 



Kenyon, Hon. Edward, m)ii of the 2nd Haron Kenyon. (Mr. Evaito") 

l.pft Dcl. 1-:'.»: iriikat XI.. !?«.•;-•.; CU. Th. Uif.. U.A. l!Cl| ; lkrn»l«i ; CWtk «i >* 
rriUb autil the aU.iitiun ,4 tluil oin«.-« . Cdpt. 4if ClMihirt Yen. Cav. ; p.L. and JT. ^•' 
rh«»hire. and J.T. for litliii*. 

Hon. K. Kenyon^ J. v., WkUchatth, S/irojtthirt. 
Locke, John. M>n of \V. Ixxkr,|., M.P., Kowde Ford. Wilt**. 

Thn. Coll. Cauib., B.A. IH^i M.A. 1>«32; J.P. and D.L. fur WllU; f6nuOTly U.K.I.C«».i 
Mil. »en ice. Me« in 1M6. 





Mathew, George Benyenuio, >on of (i. (?. >rathcw, Em|. 

Livnt. and Cil't. rokbtreaiii tiiurdh : M.T. fi>r Atblinie. 1H36-T ; for Sbaftaalmry, lakS7-4l; 
(tnv. of tfie Babauaa, \iH\-^ ; r«in»qUien. fur Cential Amerim, 1801-5 ; •( OoliiaH<. 
1M>.'^^ : Min. Plan, to tbe Arifentina RrpuMic, 1nM-T ; Knvoy Ei. to Btmxil, XWt!-^: 

KMunied tbe Minwiie »f Uuckl«>y before M«tbeW| IStio; C.U. ; K.C.M.G. MHI tVL 

Maxwell, William, son of Vol Sir William Maxwell, 5th Bart., of Mon- 

reith, Wigtonshin-. 

Sometime Taiit. m tbe Amiy ; Lient.-Tol. <tHll.mnT Militia : J.r. ami D.L. t*vw Cti. Wwl.*. 
»ucceeitad ah 6tb IVtrt., \b3>'. Died 'J*.»tb, 1*«77. 

Medlycott, William Coles, .son of Sir William ('. Medlyc*ott. 1^t Bart. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf., D.C.L. 1^4^ : »-uc(.-enle'l .v .'ml Hait. IvH.. Hied in 1^"*?. 

Montagu, Hon. Spencer Dudley, ^m of the 4th liaron Rokohy. 

In tbe Ihab Office, I^nndun. IMed Mar. »Ni, !*>>»::. 

Philippe, John Henry, son of O. Philip]>s Em|., William^ton, Pumbruke 


Monitor. IMM*:* : Oriel C^'ll. Oxf.. U.A. 1b> : M.A. l^^r.-: ; J.r.and D.L. for PnubnikaaUn: 
High Sberiff. 18S3 : lA^nl-Lieut. ami Cnatti* Rfttnlornm for HaTerfiiidwMt ; M.P. frr 
llaveifbidwebt, lS5'.:-6ts : and for Peuibrtikeebire, ltMJe>-7tf : creatcil a llart., IMTO; hi* 
father lUbamed tbe Bumanie of Sixiurfleld. in lien *»{ Phili|i|w, l^O'J. PIfd Jan. Sid, 


Phippe, Hon. AugustuB Frederick, son of the ist Earl of MiUi^i^ 

Mulgrave Castle, Whitby. (Mr. W. Drury's) 

Left But. 1827; Trin. Cnll. Canib., M.A. 1831 : Rector of Hale«worth, Snflblk, lSM-9;el 
Banfoid, 1889-63 ; of Eiuton. Suliidk. 1860-b-J ; Cbaiil. in Ordinary to tbe Qwa, 1817: 
Runil Dmn. l»««-82; Hon. Canon I'f Ely, l«»7l ; J.P. f..r Hiiflolk. 

HvN, and Rer, Canon -1 »'*/»?«/'« F. Phipiw. 27, Eaton Sp*arc^ 4>. \\\ 

(O. 1821— Dec. 1822.] GEORGE BUTLER. 59 

unsay, George, Lord, son of the 9th Earl of Dalhousie. 

BooMtime Gapt. 26(h Foot. lM«d during Um lifetiine of hie father, Oct. S5tb, 1883. 





lodee, Francis William. 

Trin. GoU. Oamb., B.A. 1881 ; M.A. 1884 ; Vicar uf Biabop's Stortfuzd, 1849-70. Died in 

. John, Hon. Charles Robert, »on of the 3rd Viscount Bolingbroke. 

DiMl Jan. 2lBt, 1844. 






addington, John, son of J. H. Waddington, Esq., Langrish House, 


J.P. for HanU ; aometime Gapt. 6tb Dragoons. Died in 1880. 

hyte, John James, son of J. Whyte, Esq., Dentris, Surrey. 

Entered the Anuy, 1824 ; LieQt.<k>l. 7tb UuBBan, 1887 ; Col. 1849 ; served in tbe Canadian 
Rebellion ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Leitrini, Higb Sberiff, 1854 ; J.P. for Sligo. 

hyte, — , brother of the above. 

brdsworth, Charles, son of Dr. Christopher Wordsworth, Master of 

Trinity. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Left Mida. 1825 ; Monitor, 1822-5 ; Cricket XI., 1822-5 ; Gapt. 1824-5 ; FootbaU XI. and 
Racket Player, 1825 ; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; rowed in fint Inter-UniTendtT Boat Race, and 
ulared in first Inter-UniTeraity Cricket Matcb in nme week, 1829 ; played alao in 1S27 ; 
Univ. Prize Lat Veree, 1827; B.A., 1 CI., 1880; M.A. 1832; D.C.L. 1858; D.D. Bdin. 
and St. Andrews, 188-t ; Second Master of Winchester Coll., 1835-45; Principal of 
Glenalmond College, Perth, 1846 ; Bishop of St. Andrews, 1858 ; Author of a Greek 
Grammar and of varioii6 other works. Died in 1892. 

Entnuiccs bdwceM Aagmit 1891 and Dc€«mber IS99. 

iland, Thomas Dyke, son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, 10th Bart. 

Monitor, 1825-8; HcmI of tbe School, 1826; Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A., 1 CL and Math., 1881 ; 
M.A. and Fellow of All Souls, 1883 ; Hon. D.C.L. 1858 ; D.L. and J.P. for Devon, and 
J.P. for Somerset ; Mi\j. 1st Devon Yeo. Cav. ; Hon. Col. 8rd V. B. Devonshire Regt. ; 
Second Church Estates Commissioner, 1869-74 ; M.P. for W. SomerMt, 1837-47 ; for 
N. Devon, 1865-85 ; for Somerset (Wellington Div.) 1885-6 ; succeeded as lltb Bart., 

Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Dyke Acland^ Bart, Killertott, Exeter, 

lix, Charles Hammond, son of C. Alli.x, Etsq., Willoughby Hall, 


^jumetime Capt. Grenadier Guards. Died in 1830. 

^ar, Thomas James, son of the Hon. C. 6. Agar. 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1830; special Dep. Warden of Htannaries; awumed the additional 
surname of Robartes, 1822 ; M.P. for E. Cornwall, 1847-66 ; created Baron Robartes, 
1860. Died Mar. 9th, 1882. • 

iderson, Hugh. 

iderson, Robert Xilligan, son of W. Anderson, Esq., Highwood Hill, 

near Hendon. Olr. Kennedy's) 

Left in 1829; Cricket XI., 1828; subsequently played for Gentlemen v. Players. Died 
JuL 24tb. 1891. 


Sometime Sub. -Lieut. 1st Life Guards. 



Arthur, Ludu. 

TriB. OoU. Gunb., aA. \9M ; M.A. 18M ; Curait of BinuingbAin ftod LMd» ; 
UTid •( MaUock. Med about ins. 

Ailif ord, Xdmnnd. 

Tria. ColL Cambi ; of Wladwr. 

Back, Thomas, son of T. Back, Esq., HetherHett Hall, Norfolk. 



Beckford, Oeorge, Hon of the 3rd Baron Riven, who asaunied the i 

of Pitt-Rivens 1828. 

SiMOMdad aa 401 Banm Rivm, IHSI ; 1M14, 18&M, and 188*40 ; Fn 
Agrkmlturiat ; Prat, uf tbt Baib and West uf Boglaad Hodtljr. Mc« AlwU SM^ 


Beran, Bobert Cooper Lee, Hon of 1). Ikvan, Enq., Trent Park, UerU 

TriD. Cull. Ozf. ; Banker. Uiadiio ; J.P. fur MiddloMz ; U Foabsiy VaAor, Willi. 
JiU. 32im1. I89a 

Blackwood, Arthur, Hon of Adnil. Sir Henry M. Blackwood, Ist Bart 

Clark io the Ct>luDial Ottoa; Uniuui uf iba Vt\\y Chaiubar In U.M.'a UowaholL 
Jao. 2iBd» 1974. 

Bonham, H. F. 

SouMiinie Liant.-Cul. lOtb iiiUMirc. 

Bowen, Jamei, non of J. Bowen, Knq., IJwyn^airH, Co. Fembroke. 

J.P. and D.L. for Om. Cardiipin and Patubivkt ; J.P. for Co. OannarthaB ; Uigk : 
of Co. Cardigan, 1848. 

Boyle, Bichard, Lord, non of the 3nl Earl of Shannon. 

Monitor. 1825 ; saooaadad aa 4tb Barl, 1843. IMad Ai«. l«i, 1M8. 


SouMtluia Cape lit Life Goarda. 

Butler, Weeden, son of the Bcv. W. Butler, 6, Cheyne Walk, Cb 

(Mr. H- Dn 

Left lo 1820; Monitor; Trin. Cull. Cauib.. B.A.. CI. and Math. Hononn, 18S»; oi 
Uaaoon* 1880 ; Priast. 1882 ; Curate uf Faminichaiu. Horton Ktrlnr and Waat Fk 
Vioar of Wickbani Markat, Sallulk, 1842-«5. MmI Nuv. 2lat, 18«5. 

Clarke, Bamiey. 

Of Leaniingti»n. 


Clements, Hon. Charles SkefBngton, son of the 2nd Earl of f^eitriuL 

M.P. forCn. Leitrini ; Capt. M.'ith R«Kt. : A.D.C. u^ U*n\ Goaford in Cannda; Aa« 
Law Cununiwi«iner in Ireland. Bled Sa|it. 29tb, 1877. 

Cooke, John. 



Sometime Lient. R.X. 

Coventry, Hon. Cheorge, son of the 7th Earl of Coventry. 

Sometime in tbe*Snd Life Goanlii ; bacanie Viaotmnt Deartmn*, 1831. Mc4 dm 
Hfetime uf hiA fatber, Nov. isss. 

Balmeny, Archibald, Lord, son of the 4th Earl of llosobcry. 

liOft Dec 1825; M.P. for Stirling Diat.. 1835^7; \joxA of tbc Admiialty, 18S&-IL 
during tbe lifetime uf bia fatber. Jao. 28id, I8:il. 

DaYidson, WillianL 

Cricket XI., 182 1- j; WoBt Imlia Menrbiint. 


VQ. 1821— Dec. 1822.1 GEORGE BUTLER. 61 


^SawkiiiBy Clinton. 

Cooinl^Gto. for ib« Lombardo-VanatiMi Statas ; Priraio S«o. to Loid Aberdaen. 

SMTell, John Henry, son of J. U. Deffell, fisq.^ 40, Qower Street, W.C. 

(Mr. Batten's) 

Laft Dm. 1825 ; CrlekttZI., 1824^. Bled Fab. 6th. 1879. 

JUgbjf Edward St Vincent, son of Admiral Sir Henry Digby, G.C.R 

Lietit. 9tb LanoexB ; Li«at.>Col. Dorset Yeo. Gav. ; J.P. for Dorwt ; raooeaded hii kinsman 
MM 9tb Baion THghj^ 1856. Died Oot. 16tb, 1889. 


3[)niry, Bei^amin Heath, son of the Rev. H. J. T. Drury, Harrow. 


Fellow of Cains Coll. Camb. ; Asst. Master at Harrow ; Tntor of Gains Coll. Camb. 

Rev. B, H. Druryy Cuius ColU^e^ Cambridge. 
ZDmry, Byron, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Retired Admiral R.N. ; F.R.G.S. Dl«>d Nor. 6tb, 1S88. 

3)niry, Henry, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mide. 1829 ; Monitor, 1828-9 ; Gains Coll. Camb., Bcbol. and Clsss. Lecturer, B.A. 1887 ; 
M.A. 1840 ; Browne Medallist. 18SS and 1886 ; Reotor of Bremhill, Wilts ; Editor of 
ArHwiiHtt Cami. Died Jan. 25tb, 1868. 

Ihiekett, George Floyd, son of Col. G. Duckett, M.P. (afterwards 2nd 

Bart.), Lymington, Hants. (Mr. W. Drury's) 

Left in 1824 ; afterwards at Gymnasitun of Saze-Gotha ; Gent. Commoner of Cb. Cb. Oxf., 
1839-31 ; entered 2nd Life Guards, 1882 : served in different Refrts. ; M:0* in tbe German 
Lenrion, 1855 ; daring period of military service compiled a Military Teobnological 
Dictionary in German, Frenob, and Englisb, for wbicb be received a grant from tbe 
Bnglisb Govt., 1890 ; antbor of various works, for wbicb be bas received tbe Order of 
Merit from 8axe-Coburg*Gotba, Decoration of Offioea of Public Instruction in France ; 
Frencb Emperor's Gold Medal of Merit ; Great Gold Medal of Science and Art from the 
late King of Prussia and present Emperor of Austria ; J.P. and D.L. for Middlesex ; 
succeeded as Srd Bart., 1856. i 

Sir George Floyd Duckett, Bart, Newington House, WaUingford, Oxford. 



Of LiverpooL 

Fairlie, James Ogilyy> son of W. Fairlic, Esq., Park Crescent, Portland 

Place, W. 

Left in 1827 ; Gent Commoner of St. Jobn's Coll. Camb., 1827 : Lieut, and Capt. 2ud Life 
Guards; Lieut. -Col. Commanding Ayrshire Yeo. Cav. ; J.P. and D.L. for Ayrshire. 
Died Dec. 5tb, 1870. 


Oambier, Samnel James, son of 8. Gambler, Esq., Chief Commissioner of 

the wavy, Offly Place, Hitclun. (Mr. Batten's) 

Left Mids. 1820 ; Monitor, 1825 ; after tbe speeches, Sir Robert Peel was beard to say, 
" James Gambler bore off the palm against all competitors " ; Cricket XL, 1825 ; Trin. 
ColL Camb., B.A. 1880 ; Curate of Compton Valence, 1881 ; Chapl. at Caen, 1882 ; at 
Leghorn, 1889 ; resigned from ill health, 1846. Died at Leghorn, Jan. 12th. 1878. 

Oatty, W. 

Oibsone, John Charles Hope, son of Maj.-Gen. D. A. Gibsone,of Pentland, 


Comet 7th Dragoon Guards, 1880 : Lieut., 1888 ; Capt., 1886 ; Mi^'., 1845 ; served throughout 
tbe Gaf&r War, 1848-7 ; led cavalry charge at Gwanga, mentioned in despatches, 1846 ; 
Lieut. -Col. 1854 ; Gen. 1882 ; Col. 8th Hussars, 1868-75 ; of 17th Lancers, 1875-80 ; 
J.P. and D.L. for Midlothian. Died Jul. 18th, 1884. 

Giles, William Onlley, son of G. Giles, Esq., Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks. 

Vadham Coll. Oxf., B.A. IHSl ; Vicar of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford. Died Dec. 27th, 1854. 


Hamilton, Bichard, son of C. Hamilton, Esq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Uft in 1826 ; General Madras Staff Corps and CB. Med in 1887. 

r.2 n A RROW ^rnnOL REGISTER, LAro. 1821— Dir. I«ft 

Harenc, S. J., sou of B. Harmr. Ejm|., Foot*« Cray, Kent. 

Miwlior \n»', <*h. Ch. Oxf.. K.A. ISSS : IWrrlitor, IST'/KxcIm fin— — «— --ip if ^ 1-^ I 
MHI D«c. Uth. l«:7. ^^ I 


Hele, George Selby, »on of R. H. S. Uelo, Esq., Colnworth, Beda. 

St. r«t«r't Cull. Cuiih., D.A. 1824 : Viou uf Onyt, Kmh. 

Hele, Henry Selbj, brother of the above. 

Trm. r..n. Oxf. : U.A., Mltf^l. Hall. IHSl ; M.A. I8S8. 

Hill, Augnitiu. 
Holland, Edward. 

1 rin. C\>ll. Caiiib.. U.A. \<i» ; M.A. XhlA \ Clerk in llul} OnUn. 


MuDltor, IRSiV 

Houflton, Archibald. 

SoiuetlnM in tL« 7th lliunrs. 

Ives, Ferdinand, son of J. Ivcm, E»q., F.R.S., St Catherine's Hill, Xorfdk 

Siiiiictiiiin CaiiC. I .Mb lltuiwini ; J.I*. and D.L. fur Nutfulk. 

James, Thomas, son of W. .TauiCH, Esq., Otterburn Tower, Northumberini 

<>ri«l Coll. Oif. : Ilauker ; J.I*. and D.I^ fui NtiribaniheiUDa. WML J«b. 14th. IMS. 

Jones, William Bence, son of Col. W. JoneH, LiMwlan, Cork. 

BftUlul Coll. Oxf.. li.A. 1H:u : M.A. \SSA\ IfarriMer, Itt: : J.P. fur Cb. C<irk. ^ 

Id IJWJ. ^ 

Lewis, William Henry. si>u of T. I^i'wLs E^j., Uwyn-v-grawya. 

Mofiit4ir. IS26: Cricket XI.. ls2& : Trio. Cull. Oif. : O.lf. Cricket Xf.. 18S7- J P !■ 
Coft. Cirdiipui ami ranuAithra ; Hwh Sheriff. 1847 : J.I*. and D.L. frtr C\>. taihia^ 

W. If, Lewii, Etq., Clynfifld^ Co. Pembrokf, 

Linskill, William, son of W. Unskill, Esc}., Tynemouth Lodge, XorthuB- 


Sonietimr (*:iiit. Mh Dragoon nu.ird:*; J P. and D.I^ for Nurthnmbarlaiid. 

Capt W. Limk'iU, Junior UnUrd Service Club, S. W. 
Lloyd, Charles, son of Major V. Lloyd. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. U.A. 1^31 : R«ctor uf HaniiNlaii, isil : of Chalfont St. Gll«, 1959 : Chari.* 
Diithup uf Oxfiml ; J.P. for Bnck». Ill«^ Apr. 2wh. DM. ^^ 

Lowe, Hndson, son of Lieut. -CJen. Sir Hudson I/iwe, O.CR 


Manning, Henry Edward, hmi of \V. .NfanniuK, Ksci., Totteridge, Hertu 

Cricket XI., 1S2L; Ualliol Cull. Oxf.. B.A., Doable Pint Claa. 1890; MJL ISSS; MN 
of Merton Coll. Oxf.; Rectui uf Ijivlnct«>ii. 1834; Arrhdaaam nf CUchnlar IM. 
Joined the B.C. Chnrrb. l^^M ; i-reateil Arihbi!«bc|i. IHi'.r.; Cardinal, llC& 
14th, 19?2. 

Martinean, Arthur. 

Monitor, 1824-r»: He«l of the Sibiiul. 182^; Triu. Ciill. CUmb.. B.A.. I CT. C . 

M.A. I&S2: Vicar of Whitkirk. Yurkn. ; Rectoi uf St. MiUred'n. Bnad StM.' I.C: 
PrvbendAry of St. Paul n. DIrd abuut 1673. 

Merivale, Reginald, son of J. H. Merivale, Esq., 15, Wobuni Place, W.C. 

(Mr. H. Drory's) 

LeftinlS27: Cricket XI . 1^:7: in RcKi^'trarH Olfire, Cham-ery Lane, W.C. McdflM 

1st, IMl. 

Meynell, John. 

aN.C. Ozf.. B.A. 1S2{): J.P. fur DarbjHhire: of Tafton OroTe. Uaglw Pkik. mnamM 
in a railway colllaion at Clay Ci«», May i«nb, 19&1. 

Mogg, Henry Hodges, son of the Rev. H. H. Mogg, Chewton Meufip 

> icarage, Somerset. (Mr. Batto^ 

Entered Midi., 1S21 : left in 1826; Exeter CmH. Oxf.. B.A. 1829; MA. 18SS ; Vku 4 
Littleton, Someinet ; reeigned ibOO. 

Rev. H. H. Mogg, Seivbridge Hilh near Bath. 

FG. 1821— Dec. 1822.] GEORGE BUTLER. C3 


ott, John Thomas, son of J. T. Mott, Esq., Bamingham, Aylsham 


Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1881 ; Student of tb« Idimt Temple, 1883 ; J.P. and D.L. for Norfolk, 
Hiffb Sberiff, 1861. Died Apr. 9tb, 1884. 

innn, J. Bead, son of H. Munn, Esq., Beckley, Sussex. 

Woroefter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 18S0 ; Vioar of Aablnmibam and Rector of PenshorBt, 1840-78. 
IN«4 Deo. Otb, 1878. 

Brien, Stafford Aagnstiu, son of S. O'Brien, Esq., Blatherwycke Park. 

Amomed the samame of Stafford, inttrnd of O'Brien-, to distinfrniab blmaelf from the Irinh 
agitator, wbo waa alao an old IlarroTian, 1848 ; M.P. for Northanto, 1841-67 ; Sec. to 
the Admiralty, 185S ; went oat to Scutari for the relief of the aick and wounded, 1854. 
Died Not. 15th, 1857. 

lell, Edward, son of J. Odell, Esq., Carriglea, Dungarvan. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1880 ; M.A. 1884 ; J.P. for Waterford. Died Oct. 7tb, 1869. 

fley, Charles. 

Of Tunbridge Wella, Kent 

cenden, Ashton, son of Sir Henry O'xenden, 8th Bart., Broome Park, 


Monitor, 1826 ; Unir. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1881 ; M.A. 1869 ; D.D. 1860 ; Rector of Pluokley, 
1848-60 ; Metropolitan Biahop of Montreal, 1869-78 ; Hon. Canon of Gaatorbuij ; Vicar 
of Hackington, 1879-85 ; and of St. Stephen's, Canterbury. Died Feb. 22nd, 1892. 



ix, Thomas Smyth, son of T. Fix, Esq., Rye, Sussex. 

Cricket XI., 1824 ; aometime Lieut. 4th Dragixm Guarda ; J.P. for Suaaez ; Banker at Rye. 

T. S, Fix^ £J«g., Woodside^ Pecamanh^ Sussex, 

adclyffe, Charles Delmtf. 

Magdalen Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1828; M.A. 1882; Rector of HolweU, Beds., 1880-65. Died 
JuL 14th, 1865. 

awdon, George Augnstos Frederick Bawdon-Hastings, Earl of, son 

of the 1st Marquess of Hastings. 

Succeeded as 2nd Marquees, 1826 ; Lord of the Bedchamber to William IV. Died Jan. 18th, 

obinson, Hon. Frederick William, son of the 3rd Baron Grantham 

(afterwards Earl de Grey). 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. Died during the lifetime of hia fMher, Feb. 6th, 1881. 

;. John, Andrew Beauchamp, Lord, son of the 13th Baron St John. 

Succeeded as 14th Baron, 1817. Died Jun. 27th, 1874. 

ledden, William Lindesay, son of Col. J. Shedden, Delawarr House, 


Sometime Capt. 17th Lancers ; J.P. for Hants. Died 

lewell, Frederick George. 

Sometime Lieut. -Col. 8th Husflars. 


Cricket XL, 1828. 

dnner, Bnssell Morland, son of S. Skinner, Esq., Portland Place. W. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Sid. SajMZ Coll. Camb., B.A 1825 ; M.A. 1828 ; Judge, Bengal CB. Ilittd 3»xi. \^\^A^i^- 


(.4 HARROW SCHOOL REGISTER, [Arc. 1821— Drr. Itt 

Stapleton, Hon. Francii JarriB, son df tht* ttwA Baron I^ Dcftiicnc«r ni 

6th Bart. 

Trin. Coll. Cainb.. M. A. lUl : RertAr of M«i«wurtb. and Vimr of Ttodaly. K«f : wmarnkk 
hla fAther at Tib Ikirt., ISSl. bu «bl«r •ut«r niocMdlBf to tb« Bmay. Mi4 Ml 
lltb, 1674. 

Storr, Francii, non of P. Storr, £i<q. 

Qaam-H Ct.U. Ozf.. RA. 18SS: M.A. 18M; lUetor vt Otl«jr. Boflulk, ISafr-M: Tioi rf 
Acum. CbMbira. \Mfi-h\ ; of Ilrcncbkj. Knt, IftM-ftS. Mfitf F«b. S2ad, IMI. 

Thnrles, John Butler, Lord, el<ipRt son of the 19th Earl of Ormonde, vk 

waA creatcnl Man{uesH of Ormonde, 182.^ 

Mi>nitur. \*'X\ i«uccMiWa m Snd Mantncw uf Onrnmile. IMM; K.P.. \Mb\ Lont-lB-Vain^ 
l*i41-VJ :u>il l>'*»-4 : Aiitbiir, Arcb««*luKiM. aikl rhiUntbiv|»k«t. Btod in lASi. 

Tudwaj, Bobert Charles, son of .T. W Tndway. Yji^\., WelK Somenwt. 

Cb. Cb. Ozf. : II iith bb«riff ..f SuuMnwt. 1H42 ; M.I*, fur Wtlk, lUJ.-V PtfJ Oct. SOlli. 1«1 

Warner, Francis Henry Lee. son of the Rev. I>. II. I^v Warner, Walsisr 

ham Aliwy, Norfolk. 

liillii.i L'.ai. 0\f.. n.A. IV!.'. »|e4| in i«.i?. 


Childe, Charles Orlando, >on of W. k Cliildo, Ksti., K inlet Hall, Rewdler. 

(Mr. Batten'^ 

Uft ill !:*::!«: Cb. rh. Oif.. H.A. isn:> : niixweii««l tu ihc Millirbiira aPtato. in ShnnAn- 
aiid iuM>uii)eil the iuUhtina-tl rarniiiue nf I*Miihntun. IMM ; J.V. muX U.L. for ftikf . 
lli^h SberilT. i>0'« ; Mmlant uf tb* IsMr Temiite, !»£*>. Mfl^ BUj lat, 18U. 

Childe, Jonathan, brother <if the above. (Mr. RattenV) 

l^ft in 1Jt2fi; Cf»]n. I2tb LAnram. Mrd Apr.. 1M2. 

(Hiilde, William Lacon, brother of the altove. (Mr. Batten'*) 

i^fr iu IbJA : Cb. Cb. Ovf. Died Oct.. INSi. 

C^onningham, Charles Thornton. 

Mouitfir. lvJS.{k: Tricfcet XI. ISSS; uriinKirrM Li«Qt.-Oor. LMward laUndik. 

Edwards, Samuel Valentine, son of S. PldwanU Esii. 

Tiiii. i%ill. Oxf.. li.A. MVUSi; Rector uf Caldc«i>te nnd Vic^ir uf Newnhun. IIotu; of Ik 
MHiMir lliiiwe. ll^innHve, lluntik Died abi>iit 1»<'.>0. 

Honblon, Thomas Archer, son of J. A. Houblon. Esii., Great Uallingfaui^ 

oriel Coll. Ozf.. II.A. l^tO; M.A. 1*<.H4 ; Rect.T i.f rebveniorc. Uerka. Med Die. W. 


Irby, William Drake, son of the Hon. (Seorj^'e Trby, afterwards 3rd Bm« 


lUlliol Cull. Oxf. : Capi. iHt l>niK»>n Oiunlii. Died Oct. imb. 143<.». 


Lake, Edward, son of Sir .Tamos S. I^ke, 4th liart. 

Ctipt. R.N. Died Jan. i^tb, \9A\. 

Latouche, Comwallis, son of P. I^tonche, Esq., M.P., Belle Vue, Oi 

Wick low. 

SuDietlnie In H.E.I.Co.'ii Service. Died in India. 

Latouche, Peter, brother of the abf)ve. 

Died in l^M. 

Latouche, William Bobert, brother of th<- al)o\(>. 

Trin. Coll. DiiM. : J.I*, and U.L. fur Cu. I^itriin. IIiKb Sberiff. IS^; J.p. for Wicktof. 
Hiirb Sberiff. ImM) : Uonker. Dublin. 

W. R. Ldiouch^, Esq., J. P. Bfllr Vue, Delgan^, Co. Wicklaw. 

Macdonald-BosTille, (Godfrey William Wentworth, son of Maj.-GeiL tk 
lion. (;. >iar(lonnl(l-Bosville. who suct-eoded as 3rd Baron Msr 
(ionakl, and (lro]>]>e(l the additional surname of Bosnlle, 1824. 

SocceeilMl m 4tb Ilnnin Macdonakl. 1W)2. Died Jnl. 'J'tb. IMS. 

. Afb. 182aj GEORGE BUTLER, 65 


-Vslteiiey, Bichard Thomas Pulteney, son of J. I^ilteney, Em., Norther- 
wood, Lyndhurst, Hants, (Mr. Drury's) 

[, Trin. ColL Ozf., B.A. 188S ; Rector of Ashley, Northanta. DiMl Jun. 22nd, 1874. 

\ Xeynard, Edward Homer, son of U. Reynard, Esq., Sunderlandwick, 
■ Driffield. 

\ Lincoln ColL Oxf., B.A. 1881 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1829 ; Gapt. Yorkshira Uoasin ; 

g J.P. and D.L. for B. Riding. Died 1888. 

- Sichardflon, Anthony. 

Med in 1820. 

- Doane-Stanley, William Hans, son of W. Sloane-Stanley, Esq., Paultons, 


J.P. and D.L. for Hanto, High Sberiif, 1867. Died 1870. 

~ Tdoke. 

Vpcher, Henry Bamey, son of A. Upcher, Esq. (Mr. Cunningham's) 

Left Midi!. 1828; Cricket XI., 1828: Trin. Coll. Caiub., B.A. 1832; M.A. 18S5; J.P. und 
D.L. for Norfolk. Died Mar. SOth, 1892. 

H, R, UiKhefy Esq.jJ.P.f Sheringkam Hall, Cromer. 


Sometime in the Army. 

Entmnceii In April I8SS* 

^bercom, James Hamilton, Marqness of, son of the 1st Marquess of 


Cb. Ch. Oxf. ; Hon. LL.D. Camb. 1847, Dublin 1868 ; D.C.L. Oxf.. 1856 ; sncceedeil as 
2nd Marque86, 1818 ; created K.G., 1844 ; Dnke, 1868 ; Groom of the 8U>le to late Prince 
Consort, 1846-59 ; Viceior of Ireland, 1866-8, and 1974-6 ; Envoy Extraord. a|M>u a 
Mwdal miasion to the Kin(; of Italy, 1878 ; Lord-Lient. of Donefsal ; Grand Master of 
the Masonic Order in Ireland ; Lieut. -Gen. of Royal Co. of Archers ; Chancellor of 
Royal Univ. of Ireland ; Gov. of Harrow School. Died Oct. 81st, 1885. 





Caldwell, Charles Beigamin, son of C. A. Caldwell, Esq., New Grange, 

Co. Meath. (Mr. Leith's) 

Left Oct. 1S26; Cricket XL, 1825-6; Ensign 8th King's Regt., 1820; Lieut. 91st High- 
Unders, 1829 ; Capt. 1883 ; retired, owing to ill health, 1842. 

C. B. Caldicell, Esq., New Grange Dtdf/e, Bray, Ireland 
Gholmeley, James Harrison, son of Sir Montague Cholmeley, 1st Bart. 

Sometime Mi^. 8th Huasars. Died Sept. 2nd, 1854. 

Codring^n, Henry John, son of Adml. Sir Edward Codrington, G.C.B. 

Entered R.N., 1828 ; Commander, 1881 ; Capt., 1836 ; Admiral and K.C.B., 1867 ; wounded 
at Navarino. Died Aug. 4th, 1877. 

Curtis, Frederick. 

Died in India. 


Dyer, Henry Sumner, son of S. Dyer, Esq., India. 

Worcester Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1831; M.A. 1833; M.B. 1834; M.T). 1838; F.R.r.r. 1V50; of 
Guist, Norfolk. 


♦h; harrow SmOOL RKGISTER. [Afb- IM 

Grimitoiiv Jamet Walter, Viscount, Min of the liit Earl of Verakm. 

Crk^cc XI.. IS25-T. C*|M. IH27; Cb. Ch. Oxf.. aA. IMO; M.P. for m. Alta^W 
fur Nem pun. Cornwall 1831-2; for H»fto. 1»2-I5; Lnrd-te-Wattlan, *^"?*,T" 
IjcQt..rol. H. lUru Y«o. C«v. ; Liird-LiMt. «€ Il«ft« ; t a cc BwW rt a» '2ad Btfl. 1!**^. 
(ik*%. of llATKm }<cbu«il. 

Thf Karl >>/ IVi-v/rim, GorluimbMrjf, St. Alham§* 

Holdieh, William HuniB^rford, ^m of tlie Uev. T. HoUlicli, Maidwt 

itwtiirv, Nortliants. 

IM\. MhU. 1-21 ; Nilit-itiM *i MMfoitl, Liii«flR»hti*. M«4 J^n. SOtb. IbaO. 

Jodrell, Foster Bower, xm of F. .ItMlnll, V^i 

M^'MU't, 1^2«,.7; IIcmI of tb* .Stb**'!. l**-*? ; C*itck«C XI., IKJT. I'b. Cb. «>»*. liii 

«>xf«it^l. N«<\. a«b. 1*CM). 


Xartyn, Cliarles Cecil, >*m of r. F. Martyn, K>.|., of C'aKnttai. 

Cb. rii. Oxf.. UA. .111.1 MA. |Ht.. ; >iu.leut«>f Liik«'Iu * tun. l-*:*.' ; M P. ffi *«tk*u|* 
lMl-42. Mril >ei't. :ntl. l^mi 


Popham, John Iieybome, x»ii of K. \V. riiphaui, Em|., I..ittlecote H 


W^lhiuu r..U. Oxf., H.A. IS'2; M.A. 1n.v^ : lvM.tuT t.f OatUio, Wilu. IHSi ; rr»b»Ur 
tMlubaiy. U4V. Mril i!ei*t. *2Ub, l*>72. 


^Hmiccuuc in Il.E.I.Co.'» ^r\ic«. 



Snrtees, Henry George, >on of tb« Rev. J. Surteetv, c^anon of Bristol 

aN.C. oxf.. RA. IVI ; llish >h«r\ff r... iKirb^in. 1<^ ; Btfber at N«««saU«; uf ^ 
daOe. Ihirbam. Mril Jal. 2 Kb. l«7lV 

Toogood^ Jonathan James, don of J. Too^^ood, Em)., M.D., BridjKevi 

JSomerset. (Dr. Butfc 

Left in 1>i6 ; Mttiiua. 1^2tf: lUUi«>l CJl. Oxf.. B.A. lso«: M.A. 1KM ; rn««d K«. 
«>xf. . . CamK. 1S2*.* ; Vicair of Nortb r«(lMrtt*n. I.n&^-M) ; Rnral Pma ttf Biidfi« 
rrebrwUrr ff Comb*, dh>. Well*. 1'«40 : Rector of t»C Andrew'*, 11i4Ikic», llU 
KirbbT iH-«rbk*w. l^> ; RniiU iWa «>f Wctbcrby . 

R€c. J. J. Toogood, The Rectory, Ortrbl^HC, H'etkerby, Yarkt. 

TroUope, Anthony, son of Mr». Trollo]^, The Julian^ Harrow. 


Thm o«l»bnt«d noTclut : rMUAiaad fv>r tbr** j-«u» •• Ug " uf tbt i^uul, aad LhAB M 
r»4Bl«TCd in Jaa.. ISSl. q.i\ 

Trotter, John T. 

Ch>c 2Bd Life iiuud* ; J. P. f>>r llttu : <if njibalu Park. lUriMC. M«>4 iB l»*Ta 


Ward, Thomas William, .«on of the BUhop of ^>odo^ and Man. 

(Mr. Batt 

Uft Mid*. 1>2T : Trin. CoU. Cuub. Me4 Apr. l^J-.^. 

KatnMr* brtwr^a Wajr Utn a»4 ApHl lti»«. 

Adaad* Arthnr Henry I^he, s^^n of sir Tlioiiui> Dyke .Vlaml. loth 1 

Killerton, lK.-vun. 

Ch- •■»rf.. B.A- K'i : M.A. W^*- . Simlvnt ..f ti . !• f...i T-ii.j I*. 1^; Mu-c««*lMi t*> i.i 
"tiamMgm Lk-oMrticM.' -- IWI« ><r|« w«Anl. llm\<>n. - ir« ll'.url cuJ m 


Hit 1^3— Afe. 1824.J GEORGE BUTLER, 


Um, Robert Alexander fiOiaftOy son of Robert Shafto Adair, Esq., who 

was created a Bart, 1838. 

)LP. for GuBlindsi, 1»I7*53 and lSU-7 ; Lord-Ueat. of Antrim ; Col. 8iifi»lk Art. : 
Moooedad a* *ftd BmI., 1«K» ; craMted Barun WaTcney, 1873. Mf4 Feb. Otb, Itotf, 
«hfla iha title became extinct, 

kmenUoM^ Williaiil, son of J. Angerstein, Esq., Weeting Hall NorfolL 

(Mr. Batten'ri) 

[ Eotemi &e|<. 1>i23: left Midi^. l?^:S; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; J.V. for Nurfolk, Snjii»lk, and Kent; 

Ui^ Sheriff of Nwifolk, lt^72 ; D.U for Kent ; M.P. for Greenwich, l;<M)-«3. 

H''. Awjenieim^ E^p, J.P.^ Weeting //a//, Bnuidon^ Xvr/M. 

I SosMtime in tbe Colonial Office. 

I Uej, Joaepll, son of J. Bailey, Elsq., Cyfarthfa, Glamorganshire, who 
I was created a Bart., ia52. 

I Cricket XI.. \}fi&\ RX.C. Oxf., B.A. 1992; M.A. IbS-'n M.P. for Sodbuo, IH37 ; for 

I Uereff*idddre, IMIOO. Mc4 during tbe lifetime of bi^ f»tber, Aug. SUt, 11^. 

I Bnch, WiIliAlil Hicks, son of M. Beach, Esq., and brother of Sir 31ichae] 
I Uicks-Beach, 8th Bart 

I Orid OiIL Oxf., &A. 1883. M<i4 Aug. 7tb, 1844. 

I Imford, George de la Peer, son of Sir John Poo Beresford, 1st Bart 

I K^. ia tbe Army ; soooeeded as 2nd Bart., 1844 ; biigely cunoemed in mining tranaictiona. 

I Mc4 Feb. 11th, 1873. 


l^oidwood, Henry Fowler, son of John Broadwood, £.s((. 

!!>c. John .!» Coll. Oxf. : entered his father's piano facttjry ; constmcted first ^ntml piano «ith 
frame entirely of iron, 1^44; head of the firm uf John Bruudwoud d: &utib. Med 
Jol. $th, ISifS. 


Chtterlmck, Charles. 

Monitor, \«26 ; Clerk in Uuly Orden. 

GKkrane, John. 

CridMt XI., lS-23. 

Qn a it onn , John Sdward, Lord, »on of the 9th Baron Cran.stoun. 

Sarceeded a^ lOlb Baion, 1818 ; Ch. Cb. Oxf. ; J.P. foi Devon. DIrd Jun. Ibtb, 1M>'.'. 

DlSglas, John, son of J. K. Douglas, £Isq., K. Art., who subsequently 

assumed the surname of AVillan. 

Someume in tbe 12tb LjuioerB ; Capt. U.M.'s Indian Army. 


Mee, Alexander. 

Cains CoU. Camb., B.A., Senior Wrangler, and Idt Smith's Priseman, 1833 ; Fellow of 
Cains ; tometime Arcbdeaoun of Calcutta ; Author of ** Mathematical Principles of 
Medianical PbikMopby." 



Onnston, Hon. Sdward Harbottle, son of the 1st Earl of Verulam. 

Cneket XI., 1827-8 : Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A- 1831 ; M.A. 18.38 ; O.U. Cricket XI., l«3tJ : Fellow 
of All Souls ; J.P. for Herts and St. Albans ; M.P. for St. Albans. 1835-tl ; Rector of 
Pebmarab, 1S41 ; of Henney, 1846 ; and of Great Ilcnney, 184:»-81. Died May 4th. 1881. 

Baoiitton, George, son of C. Hamilton, Esq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Left in 1^5 : Chief Commissioner of Police, Adehude, S. Australia. Died in 1^54. 

HiWic, Charles Joseph, son of B. Harene, Esq., Foots Cray, Kent. 

Monikir, 1828; Crickei XL. 1827-«; Capt. 1828; Barrister; considered the best gentleman 
bovlOT of bia day. 

n of the lOth Earl of Pembroke. 

l; M.F. for WIIU, ItOS^IlSn. lo tb* Admii^, l&II-l:Bit 
crcHtol Lurd UfVbttt at Lbi, isoi. Dltd Ang, Soi, IMl. 



Lee-Warner, OeorKe Biydges, hod of the Rev. U. H. Lee- Warner, Wd- 

Mingliaui Ab))ey, Suffolk. 
HuniuiT. K-::': b>iiu>i Cuii.. \-<i» ino iur. >»i b.n.c. Oit., b.a. ism: n.a. im; 

B»m»l«r, IKOS : Vioir »t St. Mmj ii, nuilerbntj, ISJUtO, Mrd J«n. Ttb. 1«ML 

Lowndes, Bichard William Selbv, son of W. U. T^n-ndea, Esq., M.P; 
^\1iaddoii Hall, Bucks. 

SI. Jubn'i Cull, Cunb. ; Ca]>I. SLb Hniun, n>lnid : J.P, fur Dadu. 

7i. ir. Selby Loimdei, Eiq., Eimert, BUtchUy, Back: 

Criukct XL, ]827 ; C<i.l. Tth RuytJ FuiUtn, loUrad ; ut Ht. KItt'i, V. Imlia. 


Oxnam (afterwards Oxenham), Nntcombe, son of the Rev. W. Ozna& 
Vicar of Uormvood, Devon. (Mr. H, Dniiy!^ 

Lell inlb^S; NuniUir Mul CrlckM XI., 1827J* ; Trin. ColL Oil., ScboL, IB»; K&., I O, 
lim : H.A. ISK. : KdluH uf Eular CulL Uif.. 1«9< 1 Vlar ut Hudbuj, DgnjB, IHUt 
Mrd Bq>t. Ulb, 1SJ1>. 

Paget, Catesbf. 

OtiekM XI., 1827. 


CritkctXI., If;a; leltlniinllKCijuuf OouJUuj*. 

Sansom, Charles. 

Seymonr, Francis Sugti George, bon of Ca|>t. Seymour. (Mm LeitkV), 

(hiB., leTd ; rrUna isai : HmwlDlAl by WiUluu IV. DwDtr HuCar of ite Ma|~ 
Bcinenj lo Ihr hH Prince Corwirt ; Dipnly Bimgn uf Wfodnr Omit Ttik ; UM 

CEuiburuiD. .-.;4-i>:Eaix<HKdH:;tbHu<iii<Hi>r ueniuid, ibtoi F.c.,a.c&,Ui 
MdD.L. Plrrt J»ii. Jjlh, 1S61. ^ 

Smith, Dnunmond. 

Stephenson, Bowland Macdonald, son of IL •Jtejihenaon, Esq., Manbtlla 
lioniford. Kssex. (Dr. Bntlerl^ 

'" inUMndlm", I'SM: VDMlinn cLlnuiu a. lalUa Rj. : l>e|>.«lulni»in E. luUuRr. 
Sir Roieland 31. Stephenton, Hilmfidd, Raithall, THnbridgt WtlU. 

Tompsott, Henry Kett, son of J. C. Toiui>son, Esq., Witchingham Hsit, 



Monitot, 18»!>. 

Trench, Philip Charles Cheneriz, hon of it. Trench, £i>q., Botley, Hants. 

Koilejiniry Coll. : Bci.pU C.S. ; J.l". t't Ilinu, 

Trower, William Baker, »on of J, Trower, E*|. 

Eie:or CM. Oit., B.A. IBS! ; H.A. 1HS5 ; CnnM ut Onal Baddon, Cbalm^id ; of TM0* 

Gruii. Smilbuii'tiai. Mtd 'buDt ISW. 


Y— Nov. 1824.] GEORGE BUTLER. 69 

• ^irandeleur, Crofton Moore, son of the Rt. Hon. J. O. Vandeleur, Kilrush 

House, Co. Clare. 

^. Trin. Coll. OMub. ; J. P. and D.L. for Clare ; High Sheriff, 1832 ; Col. Clare Militia ; M.P. 

i. for Co. C1ai«, 1859-74. Med in 1881. 

^^'^IF^Btropp, Henry, son of H. Westropp, Esq., Green Park, Co. liimerick. 

Trin. CoU. Dnbl., B.A. 1831 ; J.P. for Limerick ; High Sheriff, 1806 ; M.P. for Bridgewater, 
18654. Med 


Entmnem Xfty— Movenber» 1894* 

30Ckford, Horace, son of H. W. Beckford, Esq., who afterwards succeeded 

as 3rd Baron Rivers and assumed the surname of 
Pitt-Rivers in lieu of Beckford, 1828. 

Lient.-Col. B.H.Q. ; saooeeded bis nephew as 6th Baron, 1867. Died Mar. Slst. 1S80, 
when the title became extinct. 

, Richard, son of J. Bum Rsq., Orton Hall, Westmoreland. 

Barrister, 1840 : J.P. and D.L. for Westmoreland ; High Sheriff, 1852 ; sometime Liet.^Col. 
Cnmberland and Westmoreland Yeo.^Cav. 

R, Bum^ Esq,, as above. 

, William Frederick, son of W. H. Burnley, Esq., Trinidad, West 
Indies. (Mr. H. Drury's) 

Left in 1826 ; West India Proprietor. 

W. J. Burnley^ ^*7', 24, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh. 
I, Robert, son of Maj. T. Burrowes, Stradone House, Co. Cavan. 

Magd. Coll. Camb. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Cavon, High Sheriff, 1838; M.P. for Co. Cavan, 
1865-7. Died in 1881. 


- fSarwithen, George William Terry, son of G. T. Carwithen, Esq., Newton 

St. Cyres, Exeter. (Mrs. Armstrong's) 

Left in 1829 ; Monitor ; Oriel Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1832 ; Rector of Ashprington, 1859. 

Rev, 0. W. T, Cancithen, ABhpnngton Ifouse^ war Totnes^ Dei-on. 

dr' Clarke. 

■C Cowley, J. Christiaiu 

!3oroetime in 59th Regt. 

' IHgby, Kenelm Henry, son of Sir Kenelm Digby, G.C.B., and brother of 

tno 9th Baron Digby. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1883 ; M.A. 1858 ; Rector of Tittleshall, Norfolk ; Hon. Canon of 
Norwich ; raised to the rank of a Baron's son, 1850. Died Apr. 4th, 1891. 

Datton, John Thomas, son of the Hon. J. Dutton, afterwards 2nd Baron 


Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; J.P. for Hants, High Sheriff, 1867; of Hinton Ilonso, Ilaifts. Died Jan. 
22nd, 1884. 

Fladgate, J. A. 

wine Merchant, Oporto. 

Toller, George Arthur, son of R. Fuller, Rsq. 

G. A. Fuller, Esq., The Rookenj, Dorking. 

Eadow, Patrick Douglas, son of P. Hadow, Esq. 

Monitor, 1828 ; Balliol CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1882 ; M.A. 1834 ; Barrister, 1337 ; for in.iny years 
Chairman P. and O. S. N. Co. Died Sept. 5lh, 1876. 

Isham, Edmund, son of the Rev. Y. Isham, Lamport. 

Sometime Gapt. Slst Reg^., retired. Died Jan. 10th, 18:»5. 

Iyos, J. Robert, son of J. Ives, Esq., Cotton, Norfolk. 

Trin. OoU. Ounb. ; J.P. for Hants, High Sheriff, 1854. Died May 2lst, 1865. 



King, Hon. Peter John Locke, >«iii of xhv 7tli Ramn (Vkhaui. 

Trin i*«ill. r«tiih.. M.A. WH3 : M.l*. ffi K. Homy, IHI7-74 ; Vi«*-Li««k uid J.P. f.<r 
llich Sberiir. IMO ; «eU kiMmo fm bt^ e«crtii4iii lo •stand tb* CVmatv FnachM. 
N..» 12th. IMV.. 

Kingimill, Henry, son of tho Hov. J. KingHmiH. 

Trin. (%>11. Oxf.. H A. 1^3*. : Rw^or of HqxImI, nmr Uckteld, IMA-TT. Mt« N«^ 


Kingsmill, William, brotluT of the nliovo. 

Trin. ri>II. oxf ; i»f Sjtlniont«<n C«nrt. Newhary. MM In IW*. 


Lantonr, William Francis Joeepb, son of J. A. Ijautour, Em\, 

StmietiuM C«pt. GraoAdier GnArtU, retirail ; AMniiMd the •«»«»• uf Yunng in |ilaer 
uf lAUtoar, IS70. 

Lowe, Robert Manley. 

S«>lieit4»r, Luntkm. 

Hacdonald, Hon. Jamet William, »on of the 3rd Raron NfacdonakL 

ComM iKt Life Onanii. \»» ; Col. 21iit HniMni and a Gw. la Um Annjr ; A.D.C. • 

tiM Cnmaa. iirtwent at the Alma. Ilalaclava. Inkarman and riap* of SalnMltipul 
of Uent.-4\tl.. nieiUl with 4 claii|Mi. C.H. etc. ; Rqaany and Private B&e. u* iLI 
I hike of Caiubridiee. Med Jan. 24th. \f*H'*. 

Meiklam, William, son of .1. Meiklain, Ks<|. 

C.C C. Oxf. : II.A. l<^'>. Mrd Iwtwaen 1H40 and 1S.VI. 


Ostnlston, Cbarlet Bennet, Lord, son of tho 5th Earl of TankerviUi 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. aA. lASl: M.P. f.>r N'. Northonibarlaad, lMS-49; J.P. and 1 
NiirthnnibarUnd : lion. Col. lut Northnuibtrland Fudllan; Ga|ii. Ha 
of (ientl«uen-at-An»ii. l!UUW7 ; Utnl Stcwanl of lb* lloiuwhold, IM7-8; mbu 
the HoUM of Lonlf in hi* father i» Ilarnny of (>«nl«ton. May 18MI; wiu ead* 
Earl, 1>-V.). 

The Rtr! of TaiikfirilU, Chillimfham CartU, Bflfnrtl, NorihMmhfrIc 

Bamiaj, Hon. Jamet Andrew, hod of the mh Earl of Dalhon^ie. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1839 ; M.A. IW> : M.P. for liaiMinfft«>n. 18S7-8 ; VIea-Piw. of 
Tnule, IMS-.'i: Preii. 1M.V7 ; Go\.-<ten. of ln«lia. 1A47-56: ^^tJ^i^H tbt Pn^j 
Pflflia 1^02, Oode Kid, etc. : Omidable of I Hirer Caelle and WanUn at the Claei 
ls:>2 ; snocceiied bin fatbei m 10th Earl, l^^SM ; rieateil MaranoM c^ I>alhti«iie7l'^ 
Died Dec. 19tb. ImW. 

Scott, George Henry. (Mra. I 

Left EaM. 1^1:7; Exeter Coll. Oxf.. II.A. \^i2: M.A. W>A\ for 96 ymn B«et^ 
Cn)«ther, W.ilee. Med Auu. Iltb. 1*^*>7. 




Monitor. 1S2<t. 

Sogden, Henry, son of tho Rt. lion. Sir Edward Sugden, Kt, w] 

croatod Rarou St. I^onards, 1852. 

Snbeeqoently at Eton: St. Alban'* Hall. Oxf.. B.A. 1U4 ; Barrleter, 1837; B^ 
the Irish Ooart of Chancery. Med. dnrinit the lifetime of hie father, I>n: SC 

Wiieman, William Saltonatall. son of Sir William S. Wimman, Ttl 

Canfield Hall, Essex. 

Rear-Admixal R.N. ; J.P. and D.L. fur Mlddleeex : Vice-Pm. Oxdaaiioa Select Ok 
1859; eerred in Neir Zeakind. 1*<«3~4 ; sucreeded ae ^tb Bait.« 1845; K.C.I 
JvL 14Cb, 1S74. 

W. AND Feb. 1825.] GEORGE BUTLER. 71 

EBlnuicrs In Jftnnnry and Febmnry 1895. 
Ulie, John, son of G. Baillie, Esq., Jerviswoode, N.B. 

Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 1883; M.A. 1862; Rect4)r of Ekdon and Canon Residential of 
York, 1854 ; Incumbent of St. Jamea' Episcopal Chnrcb, Cupar ; raised to tbe rank of 
an Earl's son, 1869. Died Avff. 7tb, 1888. 

;Cemaii, Thomas Osbome, son of R. Bateman, Esq., Wheathill, Derby. 

Left in 1827 ; St. John'sColl. Canib., B.A. 1834 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Derby. Died in 1874. 


ehrane, James Owatkin. 

Trin. Coll. Camb., LL.B. 1888. 

le, Francis Burton, son of H. Cole, Esq., Brandrum, Co. Monaghan. 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1882 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1881. 





, Oeorge Emmott, son of G. Green, Esq., 28, Upper Harley Street, W. 

(Mrs. Leith's) 

Died J)in. 9tb, 1876. 



Ndie, John, son of the Bishop of Elphin. 

Head of tbe School, 1825 ; Cricket XI. (Capt.), 1832 3 ; Cb. Ch. Oxf. ; Barrister, 1841. 

mcOregor, son of Gen. MacGregor. 

Cricket XL, 1829. 

mcOregor, brother of the above. 

Drth, Roeer Monntaffue, son of F. F. North, Esq., Rougham Halh 

Norfofk. (Mr. H. Drury^s) 

Sometime Mf^j. 2nd Mailras Cavalry. Died in 1870. 



Sometime Cipt. 10th TTnsmrH. 


homton, Charles, son of H. Thornton, Esq. 

MoniUir, 1S2S-9; Heiul of tbe School, 1820; Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1833; M.A. 1835 ; Clerk in 
Holy « Orders. Dle«l Jun. 24tb, 1880. 

bomton, Edward, son of T. R. Thornton, Esq., J.P., Brockhall, near 

Daventry. (Mrs. Armstrong's and Mr. H. Drury's) 

I^ft Dec. 18.30; Monitor, 1820-80; Head of the School, 18.30; Fellow Commoner, and 
Student of Cb. Ch. Oxf., 1 CI., 1884 ; Barrister ; Hon. Sec. to Bishop of London's Fund 
since its fonmliition in 1868. 

E. Thornton, Esq., 92, Ghucestfr Place, Portman Square, W, 


i^illmott, Robert Aris. 

Also at Merchant Taylors' School and Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Rector of Bearwood ; Author of 
various vols, of Poetry, tbe first of which ww published in 1828, while he was still at 
Harrow. Died May 27tb. 18C3. 

:-' HAHRnW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Mak.— Jnc. bS-i 

Coope, Octavina Edward, »mi <>f .1. 4 '«N.|i«', K^|. 

r»r«nrr ;ii ir^ Tit:., -f lii.i.i..|« X i'.. lirrwer*: M.I*, f-r MiiUlrwv. K«-V : JT m 


Curzon, Edward Cecil, <->n «>f tin- ]l>ai. I!. Cnrzaii. M.P., and BamMi 

i:n.".-:> .> f r. .!• V. .k ( . <.|.a..r-. :^< :• . j v. u.l l> L f«>r MUUlnn: JT t> 


Halsey, Thomas Plnmer, -^n <f T. T. ll.iUv. K«m|., (laddesden, UertA. 

t ». I i. «i%f . M r. f. r llvr*. !«.' i Mr4 A|-i. :4lh. 1*M. 

Hamilton, Clande, ^.n «>t .Tanu «. Visciiunt Hamilton. 

i-.:. <• i! i i:. ^> . r».^l t.- \\*e ruik if a M^njiieM !«<ii. l^IA: M.T. for Tf Hi. KS^' 
.11.) > • Ti . 1 ('..>'.: .M' f> r ViM^K : li U and J I*. f.>t Cu. TvniM : C.«i|«nillff4 
M WW ' ^.. M. >-. .:■! .'•-'' '. \:4Cirt..ii.UriLiibtbrr«i>f. l!i^>. Mrd JaM 


Lowndes, Harry William Selbj, ^oi i^f W. s. I/^wndcis Emi., 3LF. 

\VlLU.i.i..n Mali. >;mk-. 

Merivale. iUexander Frederick, ^m <>t .1. 11. Mt^rivalo, R^|., i.\ Wobon 

I'Lio, \VC. (Mr. H. Dnirr^*) 

Onslow, George Angnstns Cranley, -^nn i*t c*m1. tho Hon. T. C OdaIow. 

llw».l f -.L* >.•..:.> . . I r:. ri: .«if . W A IV. Mf>il Ai-r. 13th. l*!"*. 

Ponsonby. Hon. William Wentworth Brabason, M»n of the 4th Esrl d 


mr4 u *-.k: i M M ?. .I.'- - .-. . . IT \.iv., 1.... .Vil. vk. 1<M. 

Rnshont. George, ^^n •>! tin- Himi. ;iu«l l!i'\. <;. Knsh<nit. 

1.1. I V. ••vf.. i: A. 1^. • MA >.■ : / r. f I I'.-. M«i«f< nl. W..r\«rt«>. ni..«0a«ir. oi 
^i: I ui l> [.. - f N.!. I . Ml' t. t Ki«»r..iL . :v<:-il : (.t E. WoreMtenUiv, ImT^Vj 
•« '. t-*.r..« I .bit. ;•* Lite « «: .1 I if^ii i'- \ llri«f> ni Militu: !•«•«. ci# Hartw T ' 

.:.i « ^*1;« ::»-*:.. k.V... -':..t«M(.^4 ♦..• -..i, Ic *• ::nl lUf-n N«'ith«u-k, lV*f. 


CainiBrrA JbI| littr»-.%pril IHM. 

Atkinson, William, '*"ii ••!(!. Atkin-^MH. K<m|.. riirt.\nt-iK*an, Perthsihire, 

Baylis, Edward, -'•n «•! K. IlulN. K-.t.. IM.. aiul J P., CSivvnhill liod^»«\\. 

^:. :■:-•:•> O ::. 1.%:. Iv. l* A. >.' . MA. !^i. : Kcvt«-i .f ll««UErrfte;. Bock*. BM 

k •• • " »»^ 

Baylis, Thomas Henry, l-r'tlu-r i.f th* :il->\o. (Mr. Evaul 

r F. Bcl*V*. a:*-/ . V '-'.. U- /*.rf* rvr (JtinifMf, W, 

Jrw 1^>— Ape. I89a j GEORGE BUTLER. 


Imett, JohR Sobert Vsttett, son of J. F. Bmnett, Esq., May Place, 

Crayfwd, Kent (Dr. Butler's) 

bural A|ir. 199t ; left ImI. 189 ; J.P. for Snnj, 1859 ; for Loodoii, IMQ. 

/. £. F. BmrmeM, Af ., 2, Cbf/^^ IVtfot Road, 8auik HampUead, N. W. 

Waidfftwrd, son of the 1st Marquess of Ormonda 

7th FboC and A.D.C. to Bui do Qnj ; Stato SCovmid to th» Dak* of 
Loid-Ucst. of Iraluid: J.P. for EUkwny City; D.L. for Cb. KUkau!;. 


Mff, Lord Walter Wandnfixrd, brother of the above. 

SoMtoM n tho SeotB FHOior Gvuds. MmI Jut IStb, 1801. 

OibU» BeajaaiB, son of K J. Collett, &q., M.P., Locker's House, Hemel 

Honpstead. (Sir, B. Drury's) 


18S: ; J.P. ibr Cb. WoreBttar. 

JnL Ifib, 1871. 


8t Oeorgey son of J. Daly, Esq., M.P., created Baron 
Dnnsandle and Clan Conal, 1845. 

7th HvMus; D.L andiJ.P. for Cb. Qalmy; succeeded as Snd Danm, 
1«47 : a fiap. Peer Ibr liekiid, 1851-9S. Mc4 Jan. llth, 1S9S. 

M^, gkifliagton Jamet, brother of the above. 

Sfrandwi kis brother aa Sxd Ouoo, 1898. 

Lard Dutiumdle^ Dxtnuandle^ A thenry^ Co, Galtoay. 
Bonitluinie, Edward Harris, son of J. Donnithome, Esq., Bengal C.S. 

V— fiw* in the 10th Lsaeeis ; J.P. for Middlesex. Me4 in 13^. 

l^iry, Heber, son of the Rev. H. Drury, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Lift Dec l«a6; Bnaifin Xadna Amy, 18S7 : Lieut., 1838 ; Gapt., 1846; Mi^., 1858 : Ueat.-CoL, 
1 •O : CoL, 1867 ; a|>pouited in India to Retidmfs Beeort in Travanoore, then Ctmimandant 
of the Brigade in that country, and Aast. Resident. 

CW. Heher Druty, The Bfeches, Crotehnrough^ Sussex. 

bteovt, William John Bncknall, son of T. G. Bucknall Estcourt, Esq. 

BkUiol CoIL Ozf., B.A. 1884 ; M.A. 1S3S ; Vioar of Sedgeford, Norfolk, 1849-:^ ; of Long 
XenKio, WUta, 1850^. Me4 Apr. 4tb, 1SS4. 

Gibboia, Joseph, .son of Sir John Gibbonn, 4th Bart. 

flmaliii, Kartin Hadsler, son of Adm. T. le ^[archant Gosselin, Bengeo 

Hall, Herts. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Ckz»t'f ColL GambL, B.A. 1SS7 ; J.P. and High Sheriff for llertii, l^--^. Med Oct. 8th. 




ISBilUm, Befljsmixi, son of C. Hamilton, Esq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Left in 1&2S ; aometime Gapt^ Indian Navy ; Ranger of Scinde. Btni in 1SS6. 

Htwky, Joseph Henry, son of Sir Henry Hawley, 2nd Bart 

*Vrmerinis in the Army ; a CauMMis owner uf racehorses ; socceeded aa Sid Bart., 1S31. Me4 
A|ir. 3Eith, 1S75. 

ED, Waldron Stephens, son of W. Hill, Esq., Broome House, Stour- 

Devoted hiaiealf principally to shooting paisoits ; master and owner of a famoos paek of 
otter hoonds and Deputy M.F.U. of Haddingtooshire. M«4 Jon. Iba2. 

71 /fARROW SCHOOL RFaiSTKR. [.Irt. 182.V- Afr. !««. 

Hnyshe, Wentworth. 

Kerr, Lord Charles Lennox, >i>n «>( the :itli Munpievi of litHliian, Newbtttle 

.\l>U\v, Dalkfith, N.R (Mr. BatUn'i) 

Un in 1^1: riiikrt XL: FtiiCiull M. : tEiMini mth L.I.. IHSl: A.D.C. to flb J.^ 
KwDe, ritiiiiiiAnaiiiK IhnuUij Anitj. l^3S-(t; At^. Riiyal IVitbihin RUh*. lS.*i4-l: 
retirait a» Lieut. -<.%il.. 1m71>. 

Lifiit.'Col. Lonl Charlfn LntHor Kerr, 4, linker Sirffi, W, 

Leeke, Balph Meyrick, m>ii of T. liocko, Eh(|., I/>nfrford Hall, Saloii. 

Ch. rh. fiTf. ; J r. ami D.l^ fur Tn. iliilt.ii, Uiiih 8lMriff. 1H50 ; J.P. for 0>. Sltf^A. 
Mr4 Ni'v. iiith. 1^<«2. 

Lemon, Cbarlet William, sou of Sir Clmrlos I^eiiioii, IhI Bart 

llird in rtfli. while Uithiiiu in l>iirli PiiiMle, niob after hiit iwliiiiwiti lo iha Srbu. 
Ai»r. IMh. l*"!"!".. 


Loftus, John Henry, Lord, son of the '2nd ManiueHs of Ely. 

SmvMleil an *u\ M^ninew. IMV Dlr4 JuL lOth. 1*>'>7. 

Lort-Philipps, George, s<^n of .T. Lort-Phiiipiis, E«|. (Mr. M. DmirVi 

Trio. (nil. Tauih. ; J.l*. nutl D.L. f«>r renilimke. High Sheriff. IMS; M.P. r»r&*.hB- 
linike. I'^t'U'-. tiled of injuries Mintaiucil while hnntinn. (>ci. 90Ui, IMt. 


Macleod, Norman, Mm of .1. \. >(Ach^l, M.r., Dunvegan (TaiiUe, Skye. 


Chi^f «>f hilt rUu ; J.V. nml P.L. fi>r Cn. lnvertifiif> ; bU Awt. Sec. Ui the 
S'teiK-e :iii«l Art. 

'fhr Macleod, Dunre^ftw Cnntlf^ hie of Skjfe, X.B. 


.*^>iii«*tiine Ca|it. R.A. 

Mathew, Murray William, .son of >r;i.i. .Math<>w, H.K.I.C.S. 

Ijett ill 1'>2^ : while :it ILirniw wHr "tm !•• S|iliie\ llcfliert. 


O'Brien, Henry Stafford, son of S. O'lhitn, Vs^i, Rlatherwycke FuL 


Tiin. r«.ll. r.-iiiib.. H.A. l**.r. : M.A. !<>' : J. P. f..i ('.> h.iiii|4on. Hifih SbeviClM 
llird in 1 >><••. 


Aflerwnfils t^tlleil in the We«t ImlieH. 

Prescott, Francis. 

Primrose, Hon. Bouverie Francis, son of the 4th Karl of RoAobery. 

Reoeiver-Oen. «if PuMt OIRce in Sci»tlaiMl : Sec. t«i I)iMr«|ji iif MannfactnrM and Flabffin. 
Sinitltiul : Lieiit.-r<il. 'hill Vl). .Si-«it?< : BriK:ulier4ien. Rnjal Co. uf Afcici*^ 
I».L. for RtlinlturL'h ; C.H, 1^7^^ 

H*m, IS, F. Primro.v, 22, Monvj Place ^ Etlhtburtfh, 


Ryder, William Dudley, son of tho lion, and \\v\. llonr>\ I/>rd Bishop of 

Liclifichl and Coventry. 

Oriel Oill. Oxf.. n.A. 1^30 ; M A. \<:v} : RirriAier, 1S40: mmietinie Amlit. Sec. to Ooven« 
c»f Ceylun; arbitnttor in the mixeil r«iurt. New York. 

Shirreff, son of Admiral ShirroflT. 


Talbot, Edward Fitsroy, **on of tho V«»ry Kov. Charleys Talliot, IVan d 


Ch. rh. Otf.. B.A. 1««S4 : M.A. \^?': Rirri-ti-r, ISr^*.* 

May 182G— Jul. 1828.] GEORGE BUTLER. 75 

Vpcher, Abbot, son of A. Upcher, Esq. (Mr. Batten's) 

I^ft in 1880; Monitor ; Cricket XI. ; Trin. Coll. Cauib., B.A. 1830 ; Rector of Kirby Cane, 
NorfuJk, 1861 ; Domestic Chapl. to three LA»nl»- Berners ; Rural Denn. Died Mav ITth. 





Wynniatt, Reginald, son of the Rev. R. Wynniatt, Guiting Park, 


Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 18S6 ; J. P. for Co. Gloucester ; of Dynioke Grance, Gloncester. Died 
in 1881. 

EBtnmceii May 1896— Jaly 1898. 

Adair, Hugh Edward, son of Sir Robert Shafto Adair, 1st Bart. 

St. John'M Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1839; M.A. 1843; Barrister, 1844; D.L. and J.P. for Suffolk; 
M.F. for IiMtricb, 1847-74 ; suooeaded his brother. Lord Waveoey, as Srd Bart,, 1886. 

Sir Hugh E, Adair, Bart, 63, Portla,nd Place, W, 

Adams, William Cockayne, son of W. Adams, Esq., LL.D., Advocate in 

Doctor 8 Commons. 

Ijbtt in 1832; Cricket XI., 1882; Balliol Coll. Oxf.. B.A. 1835; M.A. 1839; Curate of 
Tuddenhani, Suffolk ; of Stamford Hill, Middleaex ; of Weybridge, Surrey ; of Frees, 
Salop ; Rector of Dummer, Hants, 1848-75. Died Aug. 17tb, 1875. 


Cane, Edward, son of R. Cane, Esq., St. Wolstan's, Cellbridge, Co. Kildare. 

Trin. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1835 ; Student of Lincoba's Inn, 1832 ; Private Sec. to I.ord Fits- 
serald. Sec. of State for India; Chief Coromiasioner of Income Tax, 182>0. IMed Sept. 
17th, 1877. 

Cantelupe, Charles Richard, Visconnt, son of the 5th Earl Delawarr. 

A\m at Eton ; entered the Army, 1833 ; Capt. 21st Fusiliers, 1842 ; Brevet Lient.-Col., 1850 ; 
Lieut. -Col. and Col., 1855 ; Mi^-Oen. and K.C.B. ; served in IndU as A.B.C. to Lord 
Gough, uresent at Moodkee, Ferozeshah, and Sobraon, and in the Crimea, 1854-6 ; 
succeeded as 6th Earl, 1869. Died Apr. 23nl, 1873. 




Faber, Frederick William, son of T. H. Faber, Esq. 

Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1839 ; M.A. 1839 ; Fellow of Univ. CoU. ; Rector of Elton, Hnntinfr- 
don ; Joined R. C. Church, and beoijhe Head of the Oratory, Brompton ; Author of 
various poems. Died Sept. 26th, 1863. 

Folkestone, Jacob Fleydell-Boaverie, Visconnt, son of the 3rd Earl of 


Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Ix>rd-Lient. of Wilts, High Sheriff, 1846 ; D.L. and J.P. for Berks ; sue- 
ceedr<l as 4tb Earl, 1869. Died Mar. 13th, 1889. 



Oodley, John Robert, son of J. Godlcy, Esq., Killigar, Co. Leitrim. 

A great traveller ; founded a settlement in New Zealand, and subsequently devoted bis 
attention to military subjects. Died Xov. 17tb, 1861. 


Hamilton, Edward, son of C. Hamilton, Esq., Sudbury Grove, Harrow. 

(Mr. MillsO 

Entered Jan. 1827; left East. 1832; M.D. 1842; Fellow of the Linna^an and Zoolofficnl 

E. namiltoiiy Esq., M.D., IG, Cmmwl! Place, SAY. 


Hamertley, Hugh, son of H. HaincrMley, Ev|., l^rton Manor, Tetnroitk 

\jei\ in 1**;«i) : TiiD. r«ill. Tauib. ; J.I*. muA ILI. fur OxAml. lli|A SiMrW, IMO; CWumi 
••f Viurtri Sjittiikiidiit. I'iAl-:- ; J.l*. fi.i llanto. M«4 Nut. Sbd. 1984. 




Holmes, William Bancroft, >on cif the Hov. J. Hohnen, Oawdy HsL 

Norfolk. (Dr. BBtkr's) 

IWt in 1.<M : EmniADiiel dll. I'.tiub.. II. A. l^Sil : M.A. IMS ; J.P. ud D.U for 5«cUL 


Hnssey, William, son of J. Husitoy, Hs4|., Salishuo*. (Mr. Evmur) 

Ltft <)ot. 1S2H; Ualliul Toll. (»xf.. II.A.. 1 LT. 1M4 ; M.A. IStS; BinlrtOT, IMI; *• 
Ijnrreil at hut it»n reqiicat. 

Jones, Henry Bence, son of C*ol. W. .lonos. 

Trin. Cull. Caiiih., D.A. l^Sti: M.A. 1*<M); rhjiaiUa tn 8l. Otonvii II<n|iiUl : F.a&: 
.Set?, uf K«i>'al iDntitiitioii ; Autbtir tif onuicniiv nicdiml «oAa ; llt«. D.CI» iim. 
1^70. BM^ A|ir. iMHh, l-^TS. 

Jukes, Andrew John, son of A. Jukos, Es<i., H.RI.C.S. (Mr. Milb*) 

Eiiterc«l Seiit. IvJT ; Irft Eitnter l!<t2 : Trin. C«'ll. CUiiib., U.A. lft4S ; Clerk Id Hiutm 
retirail : aiithur ff " Hm Kcf«titiitii4i «if All TbloiP, ' " Tb« l^I^i of UcdmIo," •! 

Her. A.J, Jnkeit, Upp^r Eylinton Roatl^ IIWicirA. 

Loftus, Lord George William, son of tho 2n(l Mahiucjlh of Ely. 

CaiiC. (ironniUer IJoaixU, lS9d ; reClreil 1S40. Mr4 Jab. lIHh, 1^C7. 

Lowndes, Edward William Selby. son of W. S. liO^ndes, Ei«]., M.F.. 

WliAiUloii Hnlf, Hncks. 

.I.r. ami D.L. fur HnfkA*, tif Witutlim llour«. liuckx. Died iu l.<9%\ 

Lowndes, William Clharles Selby, Itrothor of the a1)ovc. 

Cbriftri OiU. Cauib., II.A. 1H40 ; EUi«Uir of N. Cni^Uy, IS-'id ; J.V. for Boduu 

Rfr. W. C, S. Lowmle*, Xtirth Crawhy, Xftrjiori PagnefL 

Macdonald, Hon. William, son of the Snl I^ron ^[actlonald. 

SuuietinM in tbe Army. Med May lltb. 1^47. 

Mansel, John Glhristopher, son of Admiral H. Nfnnsol. (Dr. ButlorV) 

.I.r. fur CtM. Nurtb.iiiii>ton :uiil Ilm-k*. Hiirb Sheiiff«if Northmiiiittin, l^Tfi. 
J. C. Mamel, AVy., .A./*., Otngrure^ Stony Strat/nnI, 


Merivale, John Lewis, son of J. H. .Nforivalo, Esq., 15, Wobum riace, 

W.C. (Mr. H. DruryV) 

Left in 1S.S3 ; St. Jubn'« Cull, ruiith.. D.A. lx.s:> ; R«i:iH(mr In tbr Cuiirt uf ChuMtrr f^ 
niuro tban 40 yam. Died Dec. Utb, IHM. 

Xills, Arthur Samuel, son of the Rev. W. >rills, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Ltft Mida. 18S4 ; Monitor ; HmmI of tbe Scbool. MiU ; enterftl Miliury Snrloa of H.S.I.C., 
1888; Uaj, 58tb Rofft. Dtnffiil N.I. : |>Tewnt at kittle uf l*unn«ftr, mtdiil. ~ 
Mnrne, is tbe Pai^ab, Se|iC. Snl, u:^. 

May 1826— Jul. 1828. | GEORGE BUTLER. 77 

Xonro, Edward, son of E. T. Monro, Esq., M.D., Bedford Place, W.C. 

(Mr. Monro's and Mr. Phelps') 

• Left MidB. 1880 ; Oritl Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1880 ; M.A. 1889 ; Conie and lDCQinb«nt of Harrow 
Weald ; Vioar of St. John the Evanffeliat, Leeds, 1880 ; Anthor of « Harrie and Archie," 
" Sacred AllegorieB/' '< Parochial ^rk," " Historioal Sermons," etc Died Dec. 18th, 

Xonro, Henry, brother of the above. (Mr. Monro's and Mr. Pheli>s') 

Left Mids. 1880; Oriel CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1889; M.B. 1844; M.D. 1803; F.R.C.P. Lund., 
1848; Consnltinff Phys. t«i St. Lake's Hospital; Pna. Med. Pqrcholoitical Assoc., 
1804-5 ; Censor of Royal Coll. Phys., 1861-8 ; <5oanoillor, 1804-77 ; Author of " Stammer- 
in({, its Natnreand Treaiment, 1850," " Remarks on Insanity, its Nature and Treatment," 
1851," etc IM«d May 18th, 189L 

Oxenden, William Dizwell, son of Sir Uenry Oxenden, 7th Bart. 

Died May 25th, 1859. 

Palmer, Charles Archdale, son of Sir Charles T. l^tlmer, of Wanlip, 2nd 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1885 ; M.A. 1888 ; Rector of Wanlip, 1887-00. Died Mar. 27th, 1800. 

Palmer, Kichael, son of G. Palmer, Esc}., Carew, Co. Pembroke. 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; J.P. for WilU. 

J/, Palmer, Esq,, J,P., Berryfitld, Brad/ord-on-Avon, 



Pearson, William Henry, son of Dean Pearson. 

Head of the School, 1884 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1885 ; M.A. 1888 ; Prebendaiy of Heytesbury ; 
assumed the surname of Jervis instead of that of Pearson, 1805 ; Author of ** Student's 
History of France," *< History of Church of Rome," etc. IMed Jan. 27th, 1888. 



Bichardson, William Stevens, son of i Sir John Richardson, Judge of the 

Court of Common Pleas. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1880 ; M.A. 1840 ; Barrister, 1840. IMed Nov. 0th, 1801. 

Sanders, Edward Andrew, son of E. L. Sanders, Esq., Stoke House, 

Exeter. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left East. 1882 ; Monitor, 1882 ; Cricket XL, 1831 ; Wadham Coll. Oxf. ; Banker at Exeter ; 
J.P. and D.L. and Aid. C.C. for Devon ; retired Mi^j. Royal Devon Yeo. Cav. ; Mayor 
of Exeter, 1858. 

E. A, Sanders, Esq,, Stoke House, Exeter, 



Thynne, Lord Charles, son of the Snd Marquess of Bath. (Mr. Batten's) 

Left in 1829; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. ISS4; M.A. 1887; Vioar of Longbridge Deverell-otmi- 
Monckton-DerereU, Rector of Kingston Deverell and Canon of Canterbary. 1845-52 ; 
joined the Church of Rome, 185S ; ordained Priest, 1880 ; R. C. Chapl. at Ditton Park. 

Rev. Lord Charles Thynne, Ditton Park, Slattgh. 

Ward, William Henry Perceval, son of the Bishop of Sodor and Man. 

(Mr. Batten's) 

Left In 1880; Oriel Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1888; M.A. 1880; Rector of Comi>con Valence, Dor- 
chester, Dorset, 1838-70. IH«d Aug. 10th, 1875. 

West, Hon. Reginald Windsor, son of the nth Earl Delawarr. 

Balliul Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1888; M.A. 1842; assumed the surname of Sackville-Wefet, 1h71 ; 
succeeded his mother as 2nd Baron Bnckhurst, 1870, and his brother ss 7th Earl Dela- 
warr, 1873 ; formerly in Holy Onlers and Rector of Witbyom, Soasex, 1840-<J^'-. 

Ekirl Delawarr, Bnckhurst, Sussex, 


HARROW >CHn*tL REGISTER Am. l»*2^— Apr. l-'S raarrs hrtwrra Aasa«t IHW aa4 Iprll I»t9. | 

^.Jjiud Rmiry Went worth, "i: r >:r TIi'.iha.- I>\kt: Aclanil. I'.nh lUr. 

M I'.. KilUiT...!. KxK.T. ■ (Mr. IVli- 

.1 * f-i,. ■, ..« \\\ -. ,. -4'- M If :-*"; M l». !••**; Ili«. LLP. lil r*at 

i- 1 K.f .. !•« I Ii'ii',!-. II •! M !• T-in i«'ll.. Imhlin ; F. B.S.. ^\^; jj"* \ 

■ -^ II \: li M.#i ir-ii - ..f WiJr. . KMl>iiffr Ijhnrun «nil lli»ii. I**** •* 

f Mr, Mr..,).. . f \ ....It. f..i..i,Ti Maliml SinMifr. aCc. : K.r.R.. I^ 

r M-ii i-ir.>.l xf I ii.'r.l kiii.-<l< ii. . I##> Ka»U>r •>! AlMtnav, 1MV»«:1''^ 

i.^i ■ II I iii>i' <>|.wi> t' i . R.-tail xuiiur) rtininiiMl<4icr. I^TO-!!: icn«^ 

• ■I II I M -r.. |-..i..r . f u il-. '.- I niff^l ^urr• «nil r«n.HU. 1^410: Hrjivr PK 

'*♦■•! . ■••' J I. ;- .I'.^i I |k*iT.. 1 •■.«!. 

• //...rv ir /).//. .|./*Ni»/. Hmt.. K.r.R,, fUjhrtL 

A /.I. ViUiam Talbot. : W Aumi. K-<i . g.i'.. Klin IiiHl^t.\ ('uwiff 

■|..ui.. \ W. (Mr. BattrtN 

■■ < I II • '11 < ii<.l> . li.A 1' '• . .1.1'. f«ii >iiM«i. 

{I /' If/'"", Z."^'/.. Miff"nl Hiitif'y LffmintftoHt HaHi*, 

/.'.M f«*)-ir Kon. Edward Pleydell, ^mh ••{ tin- Mnl Karl of lUdiiur. 

■ I .... i; ^ 1-1- \| A l-.>: lUiii-f*-:. I''».<; M.IV fur Kilniami4.k. l"**'* 
f -• .»«- f-i ll> l»-|ii.. l-4»-_-. Xi.*.-!*!^. Ibvinl ff TnMle : r^jw**" 

■ ■ '■'■■ I ■ ' I I ••t.i Mif I ••( ilif N*v*- l"' ' ; *'li.unii.iii iif r*«iiiiinilt«». l*'*- ■ 

r,r^ \'.m.\ |.,n Ik^ml. I- -« : ^f llnf CiiriNiiAtiita vt F«<iV 

' '■ ' IMr4 In-, iiih. i-.-.i. 

f\--AntM, William. "11 ..t W. r.i.Mliiik. K>.|. 

' I 'i.r r. \ I- • . .t It ■■II kiii'wii «iiiiitiitili*a:i*' : jnniil) wiili lHiil«iii. witb *i^ 
I •-•■ »— I I ill ••111% III Up liiiii*)i l.UinU. ihf ieii%ci iif hawkini; in EncM 

/'.'.'l.^ nrniRiiiiii Collins, -on 'it Sir rMiijaiiiiii V. rinNlu*. Kt liart. 

' ' » r- \ !■ *. M A I-I-". Y\\> . iMl.. I'»t:: rmf. tit Cbaiu>in j 

I I<«t .1- :ii.l ILiii.. l<'i>.'. niftl N<'«. J4ih, I^ml). 

llr'>iiK»it^in. Robrri John Porcher, -m i^f 15. K. Knui;;liton. R-mj.. Nr* 

Ihm.I, MiuxliU.iif. W. (Mr. H. Dnin- 

•■■'■■ I • '• •■-•'. i-r« \«u I*.'-. Ur.hi ..f III- ?vli.«.|. 1 •»■«". ; rrickrt XI.. Ivi- 
' »' ' ' lliMi.iT..!. IJ A. IM--; M.A. >•■; r.t. Ciichtt XI.. l\fc->^ 

•: i.. .1 .1 

/.' / /' //. .ii.//,r.,i. /.\., . ('lu'i^n,^ Hull, lluk'manucvrtk, Utrt*^ 



|ln«liwiHiil, llnnry William. •• n;, i;.. i.. l».i-l:\%.i*iil. 4ih HArt. 

*'•"•• I i.M I. Ill IM »• .■ ' r ■ . "x: , \\ jt MMritf l*«~ .-Jd' 
III iiiti isii |l|r4 < ■•■ •'. -% 

UnvU. Jdhii WUUaw. h»m, mt \ \\ 1Ki\>. K-j M 1» Ki^^^r^ i 

': 1- 

W -li-- Ik'i I ..II l*\l |! \ ■ \ 

|||«i4 \ , 

^1 \ 


i 1. .»^a^.c X. . 

Kni^i U%n, Kilwai^l Chr\»tophf r. ^ 


.1 « » ■ . ■■ , 

'I" t ■ ll» .1 N »ii,.\ 

\ ■ 

Mr RkTV 

•.. • 

^ \ L. Ot- 

Ace. 1828— Apr. 1829.] GEORGE BUTLER. 79 


Kills, Fradariek Eiusell, son of F. R. Mills, Esq., Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Entarad Apr. 1939; kft Mid& 1836; Monitor, 1S34<6 ; Head of the School, 1836: Trin. 
ColL Gunb., B.A. 1840 ; M.A. ISU ; Vicar of E«bolt, iie*r Leeds, 1802-76 ; Diooewn 
InaineCur of Seboola for Otlej Deanery, 1874. 

Rev, F, R. Jfills, St JohrCt Hou9f^ Hromsgrore, 

logg, Arthur, son of the Rev. H. H. Mogg, Rector of Chewton Mendip, 


Qneoi'a Ct^. Oxf. ; Curate of Paulton and Farringdon, Suuenet. Dlc^ in 1840. 

KorUm, F Arcj. 

ObiIow, Arthur Edward, son of CoL the Hon. T. C. Onslow. 

Preriaofely wX Etcm ; Lieut. -CoL Soots Fusilier Guards. 


Shortiaiid. (Home-Boarder) 

Shortiaiid. (Home- Boarder) 

Solly, WiUiam Hammond, son of 8. R. Solly, Esq., Serge Hill, Redmond, 

Hemel Hempstead. (Mr. (Jxenham's) 

Lift in 1882 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. 1887 ; rowed for Cauib. r. Oxf., 1886 ; J.P. and D.L. 
for Haite ; J.P. for Dorset. Mc4 JuL 1888. 




Wilbraham, George Forteecne, son of G. Wilbraham, E.>q., Delamere 

House, Cheshire. (Mr. H. Drury's) 

Monitor; Trin. ColL Camb., B.A. 1838; M.A. IMl; BjirrUUr, 1M3 ; J.P. fur Chebhirc, 
High Sheriff, 1808. INed Apr. 27th, 1880. 

WodehooBe, Charles, son of the Rev. Canon C. X. Woclehoase. 

Solicitor, 1840 ; District Registrar, Court of Frohftte, at Bury St. Ediunndi!. 



M411TMM, tn.'J - KA8T£M, IsK. 

Umtwmtf U Hay IMI^ 

lUmtlion, Dottflaa, ^nu of l*. Hamilton, Em|., Su«H»ury Gtovc, Harrow 


|*fl (II IMA.' , miiimI Mi IImi M«ilr«« Ann). 

(mm. Ihuf/lns /htmilinn, W'^atUiiU, Watfortl, liertM. 

JukM. Mark Moharl (Uome-Bov 

MoOrtvor, John. (Uome-Bw 

Mllli, John, iMiit (if \\iv Hov. W. Milk Harrow. (Home-Bo« 

Uri .hil 11.11 . IimIUii M«I. fWr%U« (Ikiinlwy). I^tlh-T.'i; Hu«4Snm« uod Madkil I 
IkM-iwi. tai hutaiuit l*»i«Uii FiTiv, l?«j(^7 ; IVbUb MdUl*. ralirad. 

/Viml.v SHrtfr^m-Gtm, ./. MilU, lloUy Iliil, Yateiejf^ //onto. 
MIIU, WllUam, linnhi r of tW nUivo. (Uome-Boai 

I *l« Jul )VI . \*hl«r KnHtbwi of lb* L T. k iK R. ; rMll«l 1891. 

KMlMMt* %m Jaa* IM«. 

lUrtugi John 4t>yly. mmi of i;. IUrin>s. Iv^v (Dr. I^ANig; 

^'^^ut^tiiMv i\k|«i u«.'^K H«vt Mrd Juii- lit. li>7\\. 

' (Mr. Batl 

X>. >^%«^lk 1Et»«KMiis> tn l«M«.V«. l^4> . KTTiHh All baw^liT u< bitUndL 1>7«^ ; aim 
\\<«uw Jl» .'«»iM« « Ah \«lh.'i «4 »>ni« ?*!■««« Mr4 Mai. SStal, 1»Ta. 

lUli^W IhkC^^ WiUiua. mm^ of W . Hu^he^Hu^hesv £»M. 


^i*j*^^»u^ Mr. te 

HVCiKn A Uv- AV^v Mr. jte 


BMtnuiccs im September 18M. 

len, Seymour Philips. (Mr. Batten's) 

Sonietiiue in the Ut Life Onards ; of CrosBelljr, Co. Peiubroke. IMed in 1861. 

iderson, Hobart Orant (Mr. Batten's) 

iderson, William Manning. (Mr. Batten's) 

nlfeild, James Gordon. (Dr. Longley's) 

Col. Bengal inf., 1866. 

Hochepied-Larpent, Albert John, son of G. G. de H.-Larpent, Esq., 

Putney, Surrey, who was created a Bart., 1841. 

(Dr. Jjongley's) 

Left in 1832 ; snooeeded as 2nd Bart., 1856. Died at sea, off Madrai, Jan. 12th, 1861. 

Tiry, Charles Curtis, son of the Rev. H. J. T. Drury, Harrow. 


Len in 1889; Eneign Indian Staff Corps, 1840; Capt., 1855; MaJ., 1861 ; Liciit.-Col., 1866; 
Col., 1871 ; Lieut..Gen., 1887. 

Gen. C. C, Drury ^ Kenilword, St Mary Churchy Torquay. 
lis, Charles. (Mr. Evans') 

Cricket XI., 1832-S. 

immond, William Oxenden. son of W. O. Hammond, Esq., St. Alban's 

Court, Wingham, Kent (Mrs. Leith's) 

Left JnL 1SS6 ; Monitor, 1886 ; Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1889 ; M.A. 1865 ; 2nd Lieat. 
Rifle Brigade, 1888 ; Lient. 17th Lancers, 1842 ; J.P. and D.L. for Kent. 

Col, W. 0. Hamniomlj as above, 
imhy, Henry HilL (Dr. Longley's) 

nes, Douglas, son of W. Jones, Esq., Wood Hall, Kilgay. (Dr. Longley's) 

Left in 1833; Joined 60th Rifles ; A.D.C. to Lord Melville; so distinguished himself in the 
first Cafllr War that he was called in the Regt. *' The Avenger.^' Died in 1870. 

i Touche, Charles Henry, son of P. La Touche, Esq., Belle Yue, Co. 

Wicklow. (Dr. Longley's) 

Banker in London. Died in 1876. 

t Touche, Francis, brother of the above. 

Sometime in Pnget's Bank, London ; High Sheriff of Leitrim. 

Dreton, Edward. (Mrs. Hutton's) 

^reton, William. (Mrs. Hutton's) 

irton, John Bruce, son of Sir John D. Norton. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mar. 1834 ; Head of the School, 1883 ; Cricket XI., 1832 and 1833 ; Postmaster of 
Merton ColL Ozf., B.A. 1888; Barrister, 1S41 ; Advocate^en. and Member of Legis- 
lative Council at Madras, and a Knight ; Author of ** Law of Bvideaoe," '* Topics for 
Indian Statesmen," " Rebellion in India," etc ; Professor of Hindu and Mahommedan 
Laws to the Inns of Court. Died Jul. 13th, 1883. 

lUard, William, son of W. D. Pollard, Esq., of Castle Pollard, Co. 

Westmeath. (Mr. Drury's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., Schol., B.A., Wrangler, 1838; M.A. 1843; M.P. for Westmeath, 1852-7 
and 1859-71; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Westmeath, High Sheriff, 1840; J.P. for Cos. 
Aberdeen and Banff; Author of *' Life and Times of Francesco Sforsa, Duke of Milan," 
etc ; assumed the additional surname of Urquhart of Rinturk, Castle Pollard. Died 
Jun. 1871. 

9ade, Charles Darhy, son of J. Reade, Esq., J.P., Holbrook House, 

Ij^wich. (Dr. Longley's) 

Left in 1837 ; Magd. Hall Oxf. ; Rector of Stow Bedon, Norfolk, 18504K>. 

Rev. C. Darby Reade, J.P,, 83, Holland Road, Kentington, W, 
urgent, William, son of W. Sargent, Esq. (Dr. Longley's) 

^Yers, Henry Hillett, son of Travers, Esq., M.D. (Dr. Longley's) 

>bher, George. (Mr. Drury's) 

Of Sarratt, Herts. Died about 1886. 


HDirar, Walt«r. 

aumKimd In iba Annj, 

StATordale, Eeurr Thomu L«oi 

rhomu LwMld Poz-Straanran, Lord, aon of thi 
3rd Earl of Ilckester. (Mr. B*ttW>| 

I, dnrlog bK fUbei'i liMlnu, In ISBT. 

BHlrHcn la Jaaaarr !•••• 

Archer, Williun Henry. (Mr. Btttenl^' 

Broadhont, John, non of J. Broadhurst, Esq., Foston Hall, DerbysUn, . 

Cfa. Cb. OtT. 1 J.P. u>d D.L. foi DgrbT^n, Hlgb SbttUT, ]BU ; J.F. fSr niiWiimil 

Faber, William. (Hr. Hib}j 

Holland, Charles, son of CoL L. Holland, Borough House, BonaUad. 


Left In ISM; UnlT. ColL OiT., RA. 1SW:II.A. ISM; R«tor otSt. 8l«>taai'«, IpoM;^' 
Pstwurth, Biwai, ISjg : Rnnl Stu. IMO. ■ ' 

Sep. C. Holland, Petamrth Rtctory, Sumtx. 
Jackson, Henry. (^r. Draif^ 

Jones, Pembrohe Frederic (Ur. Battcnl^ 

Cricket \l.. 1890. 

Lowth. pr. Lmi^tj^ 

North, Edward Francis, son of F. F. North, Esq., Roof^um HiL 

Norfolk. (Dr. Longl^ 

Died It Smjinu ahilat Mning In Ibi H^lgmnan Finl. 

Perkiiii, John arimwood. (Hr. ITiOO 
Bnssell, George William. (Mi. DmifO 
Skinner, Charles Brace Qrame, sod of S. Skinner, Esq., Judge of CaaaL 
™ — .,,_.™.__ ,.r -r.LoiSwV 

Madras, 23, Portland Place, W. (Dr. 

" " ■ ~ I ; Jndf* of Conni 

ir tha Colony sf 

Climb.. B.A, ISM; BarriiWr, IMl : Jndn of CooBtT Contat^ 


Judge Skinny, Eatt St. Kilda, Mdbounu, Vieloria. 
lownesend, Ctoorge Pyler, son of the Rev. (J. Tow-nenend, of Durham. 

(Mr. Batten'i) 

TiiD. Coll. CuDb., B.A. 1S3T; K.A. IMO ; D.C.I. Culur.. UTS: \\aa ot BaaOm^m, 
YoiU., iMi-b7;af I>»iDin>Ur. 13£T.«3; or St. MlchiBl'a, CoTul a«dn. Ues 
Authut t>f rftrlmu rtli0oiv nod otbtT wurkL 

Townesend, James Frederic, brother of the above. (Sh. Batten^) 

UdLv. Cull. OiT., B.A. isa: ; mbMqMotlj onbUnfd. Med Xot. nth, 1M4. 

BBiniMrr* M FrbrMary IS9e> 

Calland, Angnstns Pereival, son of C. Calland, Esq. (Dr. hoagkf^ 

Pembiokv Coll. Orf. 

Darhy-Corentry, Frederick Cecil Hamilton, son of T. Darby-Covent? ^ 
Esq., J.P. and D.L., Qreenlands, Bucks. 

(Dr. Longfey"!) 

JoiDKl ibalEAh Rift. Foot, ISM; nUnd(fnnllded}. 1344. BIMIIalSU. ^ 

Lockwood, George. (Mr. ETanfl 

CUiL ftb Uaiani A.D.C. lo tbo Xul of Cudleut. Wllr< In IbiBiiMM 

Ape. 1830.1 



hbner, Lewis Heniy, son of Sir John H. Rdmer, 7th Bart. Carlton, 

Northants. (Dr. Longley's) 

Lilt Dae. 18S5 ; Ch. Ch. OzL, B.A. 1840; M.A. 1844; lUctor of But GkriUm, NoiUmhU. 
1S4S-79 ; aneoeedfld his 1noth«r as 9th Bart., 1892. 

Rer. Sir Lewi* H. Palmer, Bart, Carlton Park, Rockingham, 

ItttaB, Robert (Mr. Batten's) 

hBBe&ther, Jolm, son of Baron Pennefather (Irish Exchequer Court), 

5, Merrion Square, Dublin. (Dr. Longley's) 

Cricket XL. 1832-^: BaUiol CoU. Oxf., aA. 1837; O.U. Kig^t, 1886; Barrister (Dublio) 
and Q.C. ; Director of the O. & 1; W. Railwaj. Mc4 Apr. Stb, 1855. 

BBtnuicet IB Hariii 18M. 
Fkmnee Jdhn, son of T. S. Benson, Esq. (Dr. Longley's) 

St. John's ColL CamK, BJk. 1837 ; M.A. 1840 ; Barrister. 1840. WML Jnn. Otb, 1858. 

Keyi, Gharlet Patten. (Home-Boarder) 

K^ Jdhn Thomaa Hnddleston, brother of the above. (Uome-Boarder) 

BBtnui€«8 IB ApHl 18M. 

Ivtsr-Oorentry, Percy WilliAin, son of T. Darby-Coventr>', Esq., J.P. 

and D.L., Greenlands, Bucks. (Dr. Longley's) 

Uft m 1830; CBtered R.N., 1830; retired (invalided) as Lient., 1847. Died Jao. 7th, 

GnUb, Jdhn, son of the Rev. P. G. Crofts. 

Cricket XL, 1833 ; sometime in the Dragoon Guards. Died May 12th, 1855. 

drier, Biehard Bonndell, son of the Rev. R. D. Currer, Gledstone, York, 

who resumed the surname of Roundell on succeeding 
to the Gledstone Estates, 1851. (Dr. Longley's) 

SooMtlme in the 90th Rest., but exchanired to 75th Befrt., of which he became Mi^. and 
Tiont To! Mc4 in Georgia while trarelllng home through Russia, 1871. 

Ciner, inilinm Bonndell, brother of the above. (Dr. Longley's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. aA. 1839 ; M.A. 1842 ; Barrieter, 1842 ; High Sheriff of W. Riding, Yorku., 
188L Med Sept. 2lst, ISSL 

I^nniounid, Henry Hsnrey, son of J. Drummond, Esq., Banker, London. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Firtoer in the firm of Drammonds k Co., Bankers, Charing Cross; J.P. for Kent; of 
IpiB«. Kent. Med Oct. 1st. 1875. 

hUne, Hon. David, son of the 2nd Baron Erskine. (Dr. Longley's) 

Enogs 51st Foot, IS35 ; Capt., 1845 ; Maj. 21st Foot, 1857 ; retired, 1S58 ; Stipendiary 
Magistrate in Tasmania, 1845-9 ; Colonial Sec. at Natal, 1858*74 ; member of Executive 
and LagislatiTe Councils of Natal ; Lieut. -Col. Natal Carabineers. 

Hon, D. Erskine, 18, Bolingbroke Road, Kensington, W. 

James Grantham, eldest son of the Rev. J. Faithfull, Hatfield 
Rectory, Herts. (Mr. Evans') 

Left in 1835 ; Monitor, 1884 ; Cricket XI., 1834 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1838 ; M.A. 1843 ; 
ChapL to the MaraiMW of Salisbury, 1842 ; Vicar of North Mymms, Herts, 1844 ; 
Baotor of dothidl, Uerts, 1856 ; Vicar of Cheshunt, Herts, 1858 ; Rector of St. Dunstan'a- 
in-the-Bast, LoodoB, 1871. Died Mar. 12th, 1873. 

^iiaea, Frederick Charles, son of S. R. Gaussen, Esq., Brookman's 

Park, Herts. (Mr. Evans') 

ChLCh.Ozt,BJL 1839; Barrister 1845. IMcd Jan. Slst, 1867. 

Biflbrd, Boliert Francis, Lord, son of the 1st Baron Gifford. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Soawtima in the Carabineers; M.F.H. in Herefordshire and the Vale of Whit« Horse ; 
succeeded as 2nd Baron, 1826. IM«d May 13th, 1872. 



Oordoiif Alexander ftneeniburj, f«on of — Gordon, Eaq., Terraciea, I 

frieiwhire. (Dr. Long] 

Gordon, Charles Henry, brother of the aliove. (Dr. Long! 

Honblon, Frederick Archer, Hon of J. A. Houblon, Eaq., Uallinffl 

Elfwex. (Mr. 3l 


Ingram, James, non of J. Ingrain, Enq., RoCtingdean, Sussex. 

(Mr. Oxni 

Lflft in 1»4 ; CrickaC XI., 1834 ; SuUdtor. IMO; maim fmMimt \m Um Srai of h 
lUrriauD t liifnwn, 67, Uaeula's Inn FfohU, l^nndnn. 

JaineJi Ingram^ Esq,, AdeM^ Ckail^^ Ltwe*^ Sutnw* 

Locker, Sdward. (Dr. Long) 

Napier, Sdward Berkeley, m>n of G. M. R Napier, Esq., P^nnard U< 

Somernot (Dr. Ixwg) 

SoDMUiue in th« AmiT ; Uto LuraU-OuL SuoMmt Y«u. Ort. ; J.P. uid D.U for So* 
Uigh Shtriff. 1»». 

E, B, Napier Esq., a» ahuw. 

Obert, Hark Anthony Parkins. 

Of WeyiDuiith. 

Ponsonhy, Hon. Frederic Oeorge Brabason, son of Visoonnt Dimeao 

after^-ardM 4th Earl of Beswlxirough, 3, CSaven 
Siiuare, W. (Mr. £fi 

Left in ISSS; M<mitor; CrkkaC XI.. ISSS-S; Trin. CuU. CMnh., M.A. 18ST ; CX. G 
XI.. IK34; Barriitor. 1840; D.L. fbr KiM'ft Cimnty ; for many jmx% ^ 
" ~ ■ f G. W. ' " ^ ■" ~ 

Attantitm to Iriah Prupnty : IHrMlor of G. W. •ad olbar lUUwm ; flalf— < 
BeMboruQsh Irish \mxA CunimkiiuB; th« (farittod frtaod of lUmv Griiki 
fotuMlwr ofth* PonaitDby Prias ; Tnuiw and M«uhtr of tbt CoaunittM, II.O.C. I 
tucccaded hii brother u 6th Earl, 18(M>. 

The Earl of Beuharough, PUtown, Ireland. 

Sibthorpe, Gerrase Tottenham Waldo, non of CoL C. de I« W. Sibck 

M.P., Caiiwick Hall, LincolnHhire. (Mrsi Li 

Cricket XL. 18SS-8 ; -Oriel Ci>U. Oxf. ; OX. Cricket XI., ItfM; M.P. for Umeobk, IS 
Mti, a Unoolnehirt Militia. MMI Oct. ISth.lMl. 

Soames, Daniel Willsher. ' (Mr. Dm 

Of Pimm. 

Strong, Henry Linwood, son of the Rev. T. L Strong, WeAterham, fi 

(Mr. £t> 

Ch. Ch. Ozf.. B.A. 1H3S; lUrritftor. 1S44 ; R«|ru4mT of the Coart off Pfotaaftt, U 

West, (Huurles Sdward. (Dr. r/>ngi 

BBtniMeM !■ Jtumt ISSS. 

Halls, Thomas. (Mr. Dm 

Iltfod i*f the .Schnt.]. 1<)39 ; Caia* Coll. Coiub.. U.A. 1H44 ; CnniU <rf llttldMiaaU ; < 
H.E.I.C.8. at Madnu. Mr4 in India. 

Karslake, Sdward Kent, son of H. Karslako, R^i., 4, Regent Street, 1 


Left in \AS7 ; Head of the School. 1S37 : Ch. Ch. Oxf.. R A., 1 CL, 1M1 ; KUoa avi li 
8chuUnihli«; Fellow of lialli«>l Coll.. IMl-.'^i ; llntiijttcr, 12^6; Q.C., 1SS6; H. 
Cokhoiter. lii4J7-i>. INed Uay Slet, ls(nl 

Karslake, John Burgess, bn>ther ctf the above. (Home-Boa 

Left in 1896 : articled to hii father ; Barrurtcr. IS4C : Q.C.. 1SC1 ; M.P. for ABdovw. 1 
fur Unminpion, l!)7S-6; Solicitor 4ien.. 1^66-7; Attorney-Gen.. 1887-8 narf in 
knifchted, 1H74. when he mm cunipelled to reei^ ovlmt to \um%tt rjarig^ , P.O. 
Mrd (3ct. 4th. li!(<L 

Beade, Charles William. (Dr. Lon^ 

Crii*-t XI., IsSS. 


BslniBMt iB fteptemlMr l8St. 

oke, Arthur, son of Sir Richard Brooke, 6th Bart., Norton IViory, 

Cheshire. (Dr. Ix>ngley'8) 

Left Midi. 1830 ; Cricket XI., 1880 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; aometime in the Ck>loiual Office. 

A, Brooke, Esq.f 18, Maddox Street, W, 

;]uiLgham, William, son of the Rev. J. Buckingham, Barrington 

Vicarage, Chulmleigh, Devon. (Dr. Longley's) 

Left Mar. 1885 ; Monitor, 1884 ; Cricket XI.. 1884 ; Solicitor, 1840 ; Sheriff of Exeter, 
1855-6 ; Mayor, 1856-7 ; Chairman of the Midland and South-Western Janction Railway. 

W. Buckhigham, Esq,, J,P., Southhorough, Exeter, 
>el, Arthur, son of John Capel, Esq., Bulland, Somerset. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1887 ; Barriater ; J.P. for Somerset. 

A, Capel, Esq.f Bulland Lodge, ChipstaUe, Wiveliscomhe. 

icon, Charles. (Mr. Mills') 

«ling, Arthur Henry, son of J. C. Freeling, Esq. (Dr. Longley's) 

2nd Lieat. R.B., 1887 ; Lieut., 1880; Capt, 1846; Mi^- 1858 ; Lieitt.-CoL, 1850; retired aa 
Mi^.-Oen., 1877 ; vaoceeded his cousin as.dth Bart, 1871. Dtfd Mar. 2<>Ui, 1885. 

»eling, Thomas William Edward, brother of the above. (Dr. Longley's) 

Died Jun. 21st, 1842. 

Uoway, Archibald Stewart. (Mr. Phelps') 

SenreJ in the Army in India ; A.D.C. to Sii Uariy Smith. Died 

I801I, Henry. (Dr. Longley's) 

^n, Thomas. (Dr. Longley's) 

ant, William Charles, son of C. Grant, Esq., Willey Place, Suney. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Sometime Lieut. 1st Dragoon Guards. Died 

lUand, Oeorge Henry, son of S. C. Holland, Esq. (Dr. Longley*s) 

Trin. ColL Camb., B.A. 1880 ; of Dumbleton, Co. Olouoester. 

flfery, John Morton. (Dr. Longley's) 

Capt. 08th Regt. ; retired as Mi^., 1852. 

nes, Edward Germaine, son of W. Jones, Esq., Putney, Surrey. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Left in 1884. Bled in 1848. 

mt, Thomas Fassett, son of T. Kent, Esq. (Dr. LongleyV) 

Balliol ColL Oxf., B.A. 1880 ; M.A. 1841 ; Barrister, 1842 ; legal adviser to Loxd Redesdale, 
Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords. DlfNl in 1871. 

3rr, Hark Ralph Oeoree, Lord, son of the 6th Marquess of Lothian 

(an old Harrovian). (Mr. Phelps') 

Left in 1883 *, A.D.C. to Sir William Oomm, 1841 ; A.D.C. to the Earl of Elgin ; Gov. -Gen. 
of Canada, 1847; rode throngh Mexico, 1850; commanded 18th Prince Albert's L.I. 
during the Crimean War and at Fall of SebastopoL 185&.6 ; commanded the Regt. throngh 
the Indiab Mutiny, 1857; in command of a Field Force of Cavalry and Artillery 
relieved an Englisn Regt. and Cavalry and Ouns which had Jost snlfered defeat, and were 
besieged in their entrenchments at Avimqnck, near the Nepanl frontier, gaining a 
victory described by MaUeson aa " a battle unparalleled in history," the force under 
his command not only escaping from an ambuscade, but inflicting a crushing defeat on 
the enemv, who numbered 25 to 1 ; for this service he was created a C.B. ; Brigadier* 
(3en. at Delhi, 1862-4 ; rode through Meeopotomia from Bussore, tWi Bagdad, to Scsin- 
deroon, 1200 miles, 1804 ; in command of tne Poonah Div. Bombay Army, 1875-7 ; rude 
from Tangier to Fez, 1877. 

General Lord Mark Kerr, K.C.B,, United Service Club, S.W. 

unbert, John Arthur, son of Gen. Sir John Lambert, G.C.B., Weston, 

Thames Ditton. (Dr. Longley's) 

Left Aug. 1884 ; Cricket XI., 1884 ; Lieut. Grenadier Guards. 1835 ; Lieut.-Col., 1850 ; 
Misj.-Gen., 1864 ; Col. 80th Regt. Died Sept., 18i>7. 


Master, Thomai William Chetter, son of Col. W. C. Ma&ter, Knole YiA 

AlmondHbury, near Brihtol. (Dr. LoDgky'»i 

Left MiiU. 1931 ; Cb. Ch. Oxf.. RA. 1<0<;; M.l*. f*n CuMicaiter, 1hs7^ ; J.P. and P.l. ft* 
iiKiuoMtenhire, iliKli KborilT. K,^. 

T. W, C. Ma$Ur, Em]., J.I\, Thf Ahhf^, CirtHct9^r. 

Moontain, William Henry, neplicw of Ci. J. Mountain, Bwhop of QneW. 

(I>r. Longl<fy*») 

ChrUt'i Ci'll. Caiub.. D.A. 1H39. 

Naghten, Edmund. (Dr. Long1e>'V) 

Pigon, Frederic. (Dr. Ixngk}'*) 

iia«iiii: iiiAm«il withutit tbe ouDiMit nf hu father , wlrn duinlienitil him, h* oatifnl iki 
wnica uf iIm LoehIi'D «di1 HiriniiiKbaui Railwiijr C(iiui«iiy, IMO, anA bwubc fluti* 
iiuutor At Rugby. WMi l'«b. 1647. 

Smith, Charlet. (Home-Boankrl 

Smith, Edward. (Home-Boarderi 

Wilson, George Leronx, son of Major T. Wilson, Titchfield, HanU 

(Mr. Milk) 

Left Marcb isn4: Cricket XI.. 1^1: ChriMk Oill. Cuuli.. RA. IMO; M.A. IStt; Wi 
T^hona Cancie*, 18I1-6L' ; AfteruouD Lectui«r at Hi. TbuiuH', rortMuiNtth. lt$T4-9. 

Rtc. G. R. \Vil$on, ** Ilennttaa,'' Elm Gnrve, Southtea. 

Balraacet !■ •ct«ker ISSa. 

Clerk, William, :K)n of the Right Hon. Sir (Seorge Clerk, 6tk Bart 

(Dr. Longkfsi) 

Trin. CoU. Oxf. Med Aii|r. Gtb. IS41. 

Gresley, John Morewood, son of the Hov. W. (;rt.»sley. (Dr. Txmgkr'f) 

Exeter Tiill. Oxf.. H.A.. St. MarvM llnll. IMO; M..\. IM'i ; Rectur of 8oal«. Liit— Ifirfim. 
1H4745U. Died Mny IJtb. i'hw>. 

Ibbetson, (Siarles Parke. (Mr. Milk) 

Shimetiiiie in tbe Iltb Huiwur*: rvtinul a« Lieut. -Ctil. 1^00. 
Lieut.-CoL C. p. IbhfUon, 34, Ch€»i€r Trrrace, Regent' 9 Fark^ S,W. 

EatniBee !■ imi |SI«Btk ■■rertalal. 

Gregory, William Henry, wm of K. (tregt»ry, Em|., Coi>te Peurk, Goit, 

Co. Uahvay. (Dr. Longleyi) 

Left io 1^'M ; MoniUir and Head of tlie tkliiHtl, lSi'> : wnt in lal and 3nd Riiiili for \jim 

Lyric PriM. Ik.h.-» ; ijcboL of Cb. ('b. tixf. ; twice ^<ecl•nd for Craven Hehul. ; wi 
owini; tu ill'bcultb withiiut taking a defsreo : M.l*. fur Ihiblin, 1M2-7 : fur Go. 
lK.7-71 : (J«v. of Cerlnn, 1S71-7 ; V.C. K.C.M.IJ., l>7:i: (iramlCinM off tkt 
Tako« A, iscrviA ; Trwitee uf the Nati..Djil Oalleiy, IMT-'.*-: ; F.R.». MHI Mar. ath, V0L 

EatniBcrt !■ JsBHftrjr ISSI. 

Barton, Samuel Henry, son of W. llirton, Es<|., (in»vt», Fethard, Co. Tij*- 

jKjrary. (Mr. Kennedys) 

Cricket XL, 1830; J.P. aDdD.U Tipi^rarv, Ill^b sheriff, ISHi. 

J. If. Ikirton^ -^/-i "* ftl'^f'- 

Barton, Thomas Barker, brother of the uIhivl'. (Mr. Kenn«HlyV) 

J.r. for Tipiierary. INed Feb. JIM, l>i71. 

Blackall, Thomas Offspring, t»on of the Kev. T. Blackall, Brixhani, De^tm. 

(Mr. Drur)-'») 

Cb. Cb. Oxf., D.A. 1M4; >LA. l^/> ; Vicar <if Keiuaiii(:-cuui-Keal, Kent. Mctf Fah. Itfi 



tMMlwood, ThomaB Qapel, son of J. S. Broadwood, Esq., Lyne, Surrey. 

(Mrs. Leith's) 

Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 1840; zuamber of the Ann of John Broadwood A Son, PiaDoforte 
Manofactoren, London. Died 

oadwood, Walter Stewart, brother of the above. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Tiin. ColL Camb., B.A. 1842 ; J.P. for Coa. Radnor and Herefurd. 

W, S. firoadwoodj Esq,^ J.P,^ Fermy^ Malcern WelU, 
ck, William, son of W. Buck, Esq., Denholme, Yorks. (Mr. Mills') 

Balliol Coll. Oxf. ; D.L. for W. Ridinpr, Yorks. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Caidigan, Uiffh 
Sheriff, 1878 ; J.P. for Co. Pembroke. Died in 1882. 

ipe, CapeL (Mr. Drury's) 

lYille, Charles Jolm, son of Gen. the Hon. Sir C!harles Colville, G.C.B., 

Governor of the Mauritius. (Dr. Longley's) 

Left Dec. 1832 ; aometime Capt. 11th Hnaaars; Chief Bqneny and Clerk Marshall to U.M., 
1802 and 1858-9 ; Lieut. -Col. Hon. Art. Co.. 180(MM) ; Maater of the Buckhoonda, 18<S6-8 ; 
J.P. for Hanta and Middlesex ; Chairman O.N.R. ; Chamberlain to li.R.H. the Prinoeea 
of Walea, 1878- ; succeeded his nnde an 11th Baron, 1849 ; sometime a Re}). Peer for 
Scotland ; created Baron Colville, U.K., 1880. 

Lord Colrille of Culrossj K.T,^ Ctdross Lodge, Isle of Wight 

tcourt, Edward Ihig[dale Bncknall, son of T. G. B. Estcourt, Esq., 

M?r., Estcourt, Gloucestershire. (Dr. Tx)ngley*s) 

Balliul Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1889 ; M.A. 1842 ; Barrister, 1844 ; J.P. for Wilts and Co. Gloucester. 
Died JuJ. 12th, 1864. 

usaeii, William Augastns Casanu^or, son of S. R. Gaussen, Esq., 

Brookman's Park, Herts. (Mr. Evans') 

Merlon ColL Oxf. ; aometime Caiit. 14th Light Dragoons ; aened through the Indian 
Campaign of Ooqjerat* Died in Jon. 1857. 

ygarth, Francis. (Dr. Longley's) 

Sometime CoL Soots Fusilier Guards; served in the Eastern Camimiftn of 1804, until 
severely wounded at the Battle of Alma, medal and clasp ; retired, 18^ 

Col, F. Haygarth, 24, Wilton Crescent, S. W, 

dgkiiiBoii, Sampson Otter. (Mrs. Leith's) 

ikyn, (Rodman, son of the Kev. J. Jenkyn, Hatch End, Hnner. 


Died about 1838~t0. 

ikyn, John Osborne, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Dl«d about 1888-10. 

ikyn, William G. F., brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Died before 18M). 

iris, James. (Mr. Drury's) 

dden, Edward, son of Gapt. C. D. Madden, Hilton I'^rk, (Jo. Monaghan. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Souietiiiie Lieut. Ist Dragoons. Died in 1842. 

dden, John, brother of the above. (Dr. Tjongley's) 

St. Peter's Coll. Camb ; sometime in the 4l8t Foot ; 8er\'ed in the Afghan War (medal for 
Candahar, Ghuxni, and Cabul), 1840-42; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Fermanagh, High 
Sheriff, 1848 ; J.P. for Co. Monaghan, High Sheriff, 1875. 

«/. Madden, Esq., Roslea Manor, Co, Fermanagh, 

ihnen, Frederic Henry Panl, son of P. Methuen, Esn., M.P. (after 

wards 1st Baron Methuen). (Mr. Kennedy's) 

S<^>metlme in the Royal Horse Guards and Lieut. Tlst Regt. ; IJeut.-Col. Cnmdt. 3rd Bait. 
I>nk9 of Edinbuii^h's (Wilts) Regt. ; Militia A.D.C. to H.M. with rank of Col. ; J.P. 
.ind D.L. fur Wilts; succeeded as 2nd Baron, 1849; Lord-in-Waiting tti H.M. 18j9-€<}, 
1888-74, and 1880. Died Sept. 26th, 1891. 

odes, William Arthnr. 

Hey, John Henry Ellis. (Mr. Kennedy's) 


TroUope, Anthonr, bon of M^^. Trolloiie, of Harrow Weaid. 


The eekbratod mnelut ; bad nilemi Ajir. 18SS (^.r.) and left in 1896 ; Wt m Btnttk 
M on iter, after a ni(«t iiDhaii|>y tcbiHil-hfo aztn 
}•*!• in tbe ri«t Offloai Med I>er. (Hh. 1HH2. 

Mnnitur, after a ni(«t iiDhaii|>y tcbiHil-iifv aztcfidliiir i»ver twalT* jvan, 18S4 ; for mmf 

Wilbraham, Roger WiUUm, non of O. Wilbraham, Esq., M.P., Delamm 

llfnis(\ C'lK':<hirf. (Mr. H. Dnuy'.*l 

I^fi MiiU. !'*.'>'• : >liinitiir. I*«rv|-:i ; ftn iimh} ymth in tbe Trtwury ; J.r. fui CfaMkiic. 
/f. ir. H'i Ibrahim, /-J*/., Dtlamrrf Ilouar^ C/ituhirt. 

VM%rmMtr% In Frbnury IHSI. 

Acland, Hugh Woodhouse, son of H. L)yke Arlaml, Kh). (Mr. Kennedys) 

Cli. Cb. Oxf. mr4 Mar. Tth. I'^.M. 

AUiz, Frederick William, si>n of C. Allix, Em]., WiUouffhby HilL 

F jiu'oln. (Mm. IjeithV) 

Tikket XL. l>:^':-.H!t: i-'iiiHiiiie Ca\A. Cmk-ulirt GiunU ; J.T. and D.L. for Co. t »-*»>i* 

Cti/rf. F. M*. AUiw^ as affiU'f. 
Brewer, Edgar, s«m of W. Brewer, Es«|. (Mr. Dmry's) 

fiickctXI.. l«^:.. 

A\ Brficrr, AV/., Llnndlan, ucnr AhfrgarfHHtf. 

Burnett, Henry Robert Teomans, ^on uf J. F. Burnett, Em]., May Ilare. 

C'myftird, Kent. (Dr. LongleyVi 

Ixft Jul. IS.ii ; nil itci-ii|«iiifin. 

If. IL y. /iiinith^ A'*/., '27, l^^ Auhifn*^ I/nrr^ Britj/kbM, 

Prothero, George, son of T. l*rothen\ Hh|., Wooln»s Co. Monmouth. 

(Mr. DrunV^ 

Ciiikrt XI., \^'*\ RN.r. Oif.. RA. 1>4S: M.A. ISM; Rector of Wbliqiii^bun. leCC- . 
Cbapl. in Ord. tu tbe Qiie«n : Cautm uf >Veiituiln«t«r, IhttI- . 

Ret, Canon Prothrro^ Whippiwjham^ lale of Wiglkt, 

Roe, William Bering Adair, K»n of W. T. A. Koe, Es4|., ^ilarvlebone, MX 

(Mr. KennedyM 

rh. rh. Oxf. ; fMiuiotime En>ipn I'tb Fi>i>t. 91HL in IVhS. 

Russell, Henry Stuart, f^n of S. H. Kus.-selL Es(|. (Mr. Milkl 

Left in IWC : Cricket XI., 1M7> : Th. Th. Oxf. : O.U. Cricket XI.. IMO ; oim of tWctfM 
ex|iloreii> in gueenMiml. \'>\\ : .lutbor uf "Tlie tieneaif of (^uecfulaDd " ; csinid Ml 
Civil 8er\ic« nf .New Ki>iub Walei>. l^tW. Med iibmit IhOO. 

Surtees, Henry Edward, son of K. ^Surtee.s Es4|., Kedworth Uooi^ 

Durham. (Dr. Longley't) 

Left Miild.. 1>»7; Cricket XL. isSii-? (in the Littrrjeur the llannw and Wtncbaatar ail* 
wna plaved at Harnm): ii>in«l lOih llimi^u^. 1-S.n ; retiral. IMS; ll.P. Cot iWk 
lti<M and 1800-8 ; J.r. and I).L. fur Cn. Ihiibnni ; J.T. fnr l]eit«. 

U. E. Surtcfs, Esq., J.P.j Somershamy MaidfnhauL 
Ealraace la Slarcli IHSI. 

Ipswich, William Henry Fitiroy, Lord, wn of tlie :>tli Duke of Oraftoa 

(Mr. Phelpfl 

Entcml Ihiiloiiiatic Serviuc. I^^IO; Attacbt' tn tlie KiuKui«y ut Xa|ilcii ; Earl uf Biut4«, I'M, 
M.r. fur TbetfuiU, IMT-OS : hiKxtxdeil af< titb thikc uf (iraflun. IWA. Mf^ Mi^ Sl*> 


EBlniBee% !■ .inrll 

Bovill, Edward Clark, son of ]>. Bovill Est]., Dumsfonl Lodge, VTm- 

bledon. (Mrs. Leith'i) 

YuuDgcr bif.'tbcr uf CLicf Jiuticc Ih^\ ill. 


Bronghton, Henry Tivian, son of R. E. Broughton, Esq., Dorset Square, 
p N.W. (Mr.Ltury's) 

Uft in 18S7 ; Monitor, 1880-7 ; Peterhoiue Cuiib., Oiftbonie Sohol., B.A. 1843 ; M.A. 1845 ; 
Vioar of Sk Maiy's, Leicester, 1875 ; Hon. Canon of Peterborongh ; Borrogate ; Rural 
Dean of Onndle. IM«d in 189S. 

= Bailer, G^eorge, son of Dr. George Butler (formerly Head Master of 

Harrow). (Dr. Longley's) 

Jrin. CoU. Camb. and Bzeter Coll. Oxf., Hertford Univ. Schol., 1841 ; Fellow of Exeter 
Coll. ; Vice-Principal of Cheltenham Coll., 1859-05 ; Principal of Liverpool Coll.. 
1860-82 ; Canon of Wincheater ; Editor of the Public School Atlaeea of Ancient and 
Mod. Geography. Med Mar. 14th, 1890. 

Cochrane, William Edward. (Mr. Drury's) 

Dawson, Henry, son of G. R. Dawson, Esq. (Mrs. Leitli's) 

Balliol ColL Oxf., B.A. 1848; M.A. 1846 ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1843; Rector of Great 
Munden, Herts. Med Jan. 10th, 1868. 

Denison, Alfred Robert, son of J. Denison, Esq., Ossington, Notts. 

(Airs. Leith's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B J^. 1889 ; settled in New South Wales. 

Denison, Charles Albert, brother of the above. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Cricket XL, 1886 ; served in the 52nd Regt ; retired with rank of Col., 1860. Med about 

Tortescne, Hon. Hugh, eldest son of Viscount Ebrinffton, M.P. (afterwards 

2nd Earl Fortescue), Castle Hill, North Devon. 

(Mr. H. Drury's) 

Left Midi: 1883 ; Monitor, 1888 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Private Sec. to Lord-Lieut of Irekuid, 
1880; to the Prime Minister, 1840; M.P. for Plymouth, 1841-52; for Marylebone, 
1854^ ; Junior Lord of the Treasury, 1846 ; Sec. to the Poor Law Board, 1847 ; became 
Viscount Bbrington, 1841 ; summoned to the House of Lords in his father's Barony of 
Fortescue, 1850 ; succeeded as Srd Earl, 1861. 

Earl Fortescue^ Castle HUl, North Devon. 

Grant, James, son of the Hon. F. W. Grant, afterwards 6th Earl of 

Seafield. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Sometime Capt. 42nd Foot; Vice-Lieut, of Momrshire; J. P. for Cos. Banff, Elgin, and 
Inverness; Hon. CoL Elgin R.V. ; M.P. for Elgin and Nairnshire, 1868-74; succeeded 
his nephew as Oth Earl of Seafield, 1884. IMed Jun. 5ih, 1888. 

Hay, Hon. Somenrille, son of the 15th Earl of Enroll (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. ColL Camb., M.A. 1888 ; Clerk in Holy Orders. Bled Sept S5th, 1858. 

Hondey, John William, son of the late G. H. Horsley, Esq. (Mrs. Tjeith's) 

Left (probably) Jun. 1888 : Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1887 ; M.A. 1840 ; Perpetual Curate of 
the ViUe of Dunkirk, Kent. IMed Jun. 80th, 1849. 

Lloyd, Eran Herbert, son of Lieut.-Qen. Sir Evan Lloyd. (Mr. Evans') 


Xadocks, John Sdward, son of J. Madocks, Esq., Glanywem, Denbigh. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Left in 1835 or 1880 ; Joined Oth Lancers, 1888 ; 18th Light Dragoons, 1840 ; Li«nt-CoL 7th 
Lancashire MUitia, 1861 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Denbigh, High Sheriff, 1856. Died 
Sept. Oth, 1801. 

Master, George Frande, son of W. C. Master, Esq., Knole l^k, near 

Bristol (Dr. Longley's) 

Univ. Coa Oxf., B.A. 1840; M.A. 1843; Rector of Btmtton and Vicar of Baunton, 
Gloucestershire. Died May Oth, 1875. 

Hethercote, Henry Oemond, son of J. Nethercote, Esq., Moulton Grange, 

Northampton. (Mrs. Leith s) 

Cridcet XL, 1836^; BaUiol ColL Oxf., B.A. 1842 ; O.U. Cricket XL, 1840-41 ; Author of 
" Pytchley Hunt " ; J.P. for Co. Northampton, High Sheriff, 1872. Died in 1888. 

Flaskett, Thomas Henry, son of Plaskett, Esq., Privy Seal Office. 

(Mrs. l^ith's) 

Cricket XL, 1884. 

0<» HARROW ^rnnOL REGISTER, [Ape. isjl 

Porter, John Orey Vatay, sc»» of the Kev. J. G. rorter, KilAkmy. Ca 

Tyrmu-. (Dr. LongltnrV) 

TriD. OiU. Caiiib.. a.\. lN3'.> : J.T. aim! D.U for FeiuukM|;fa. Uigb BIwriff; 1M4. 

./. G. Portrr, f■-'^«/.. ././'., BtUrinlf^ LUntuka^ Co, Fermanagh. 
Ranunett, Robert. (Honie'&jarden 

St. .Tiibn •« TmII. r.iiuJi.. ll.A. 1":;.'. 

Round, Frederic Peel, >*^i\ of ,]. Ki.inhl, Km|., DanUury i^k, Emicx. 

(Mr. Oxenham'.^i 

IVilli..] r-..||. oif., H.A. I<:t'.); <itiirU-ii III IVbci ••! tbo iiiaeo RiNl, 1»42. Mfd Mat |<«h. 

Russell, William, mmi nf Dr. .1. liu->elK London. (Mr. DnnrVt 

Vh. Ch o«f. ; H.A., Nl-» Inn Il.iM. I^IO; M.K 1>>IS; Hcrtiir of AlMr-Edw-vilb-Lk^inil^ 

Rf i\ ir. Rustttfl, En 1/9 RtMult RirthiHgham, 

Talbot, Hon. Gerald Chetwynd, hui of the 2ntl Karl Talbot. 

(Mr. KennedyM 

I'rit.itr Sn*. til R.trl r'.iiiniitk'. (ni^.-itfn. i*t Itiilu. 1^'4i-*« : nml \»\ 1/«rrl Derby, flee t4 flya 
fi<r lu«li.i ; |iiii<(.-i<irii. iif Mil. Miire l»r]>t.. Imlu Ofiw, IMmTff. Mfi^ Feb. IXk 

Talbot, Arthur, >on of thr lion. un<I Very iiev. diaries Talliot, Dean of 

SulisUury. (Mr. Oxenhu'i) 

riicket XI.. l*«:il-6 : New Inn lliill, Oif. Med (>ct. I3tb, \^\, 

Torre, Henry John, >on of thf \W\. II. T(»rri\Thornhill Ucctory, VorUiiR. 

(Dr. Ijongkr'ti 

\jcti Am:. WV^ : Mooiua ; IImI nf th« ^k-bl••>l. I's'b* ; CrickcC XI.. 1AM4 ; Ck|«.. l^fr: 
L'niv. Ci>n. oxf., K.A. 1^11 : o.l*. f'tirkM XI., IMIMO : ntwad in rnlTrColL tei. 
which WM htfiul iif the rner, 1^4^41 : riiiutc nt Itiiiti<n, fUo|t. 184*J: Prlvrntc 8m; ^ 
iVmirMic I'hiiiil. !•• ViH?i<iiii( KiklkUnil, liiiv. of Nii\ji SoitU. 1^43 ; LtrfnA TtmrnM in Ifei 
ChaiiLuii lif thv Furof jit 0>ifn, I**!'!; luciiiiilwnt nf Wnix*II, vimx W«n*i^, |!iel-»;; 
Aiitlmr (if " Kecrtllevti'in.o nf &>chiHii |)uy» .ii Ilarnm nimv thao Klftjr Yean A^" 

i^f-f. //. t/. Torrfj yitrtoH Cur Urn, iwar Warwick, 

Wilson, dharles Thomas, son of IVofv:«.<««>r H. 11. Wilson, Oxfor«L 

(Mns. TieithV) 

1.«fl F^kct. I'>3I : Mi>nit»i, lts.1*4 : rrUki^t XI.. ^X^•^\ F.ipter r««II. Ovf.. HA. 18ST : ScM- 
.>r MiilM. ILUl. IS^O: M.A.. I'^tl ; nmi'\. at Lionilwy, lKOJ-74; Vicmr iif Tu^, bhr 

/?/■»■. C. T. Wilson^ 16, 0'rir«i Vittnrh* Emnfiurlr, FioifnCf, Itaty,. 

Wray, Warren Porter, son of U. Wray, Es<|., Bhu-khcath, Kent 

(Dr. LongleyV] 

UarikitCT, 1-13. 

CBtraaeeH !■ Migr IKII. 

Childe, Arthur, xm (►f W. 1^ Chil<h% K^i.. KinUt Hull, Rcwdlvy. 

(Mr. Kennedy^) 

Ixft in l^.ri: Trin. ('••N. ritinK. i;.A. l»i:' ; M.A. l^Mi; Hci-tui <if Ed«yii-ciiin<'««llii^ia. 
ll«icfi>rd«hirc. Mnl in 1>'«J. 

Childe, Edward George Baldwyn, Urotlur of the alN)ve. (.Mr. KennedyV) 

Left Mills. 1>:('i; Trin. Coll. Cainl*.. K.A. I'^-iS; M.A. I'«4('i: rrelwiMUrr tif Hvnioid: 
Vicir iif riaiibury Mnrtimrr ainl nf Kinl^t : J. P. fi>r Salo]!, llcrefoni, ami Wormtti: 
rc#>niiic«l the Nnrnjiiue of ilnlil«yD-4'hil«lc, I<^1. 

Rer, Pt'ihfudanj HuUhryn-Chibh, Kyrt Patl\ Tenhunj, 

Ellice, Charles Walker. ( 1 )r. liouirley'*) 

Essington, William Essington, mid (if NV. W. J>>in>:ton. K.*;i|.. Oreat 

Malvern. (Mr. Kennedy^) 

I'riij. r»»n. «»xf.. M.A. IW**; J.F. fui Co. Wi.ut '.ei ; ..f Riltlwefi<nl lli'iue, dmi Bawdh; 
IMed in li^T.n. 


3UlTill« Philip, eldest son of Sir James Cosmo MelviU, K.C.B., F.R.B., 

Secretary of H.E.I.C. (Mr. Phelps') 

Sonioiixue In Bombay C.S. IMcd Jul. 14tb, 186-L 

Xenunett, Hanrj Gipps. (Home-Boarder) 

BnlrmBccii In Jane 1831. 

JrVhonae, Gtoorge Canning, son of J. Backhouse, Esq., Permanent lander- 
Sec, of State for Foreign Affairs and Keceiver-Gen. of 
Excise, 28, Hans Place, London, S.W. (Mr. Oxenham\s) 

Left in 1834 or 1835 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 18S6-8 ; Clerk in the Foreign Office, 1838 ; Attocbd at 
Frankfort, 1841 ; Commiasary Judge at Havana, 1853. AiisaiMlliated at Havana, 
Aug. 3l8t, 1855. 

Chraliam, Frederic IJlric, son of Sir James Graham, 2nd Bart 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Also at Eton : Cb. Gh. Oxf. ; aonietinie Lieut. Ist Life Guarda ; Attacb^ at Vienna ; suc- 
ceeded as Srd Bart., 1861. Died Mar. 8tb, 1888. 

Sarenc, Niel Hnlse, son of B. Harenc, Esq., Foots Cray, Kent. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Sometime in tbe Army. Died 

JLmty Charles William. (Mr. Evans') 

Jloore, Williaoi, son of W. Moore, Esq. (Mr. Pheli>s') 

Cb. Cb. Oxf. 

^ells, William, son of Capt. W. Wells, R.N., Hohne Wood, Huntingdon. 

(3lr. Drury's) 

Balliol Coll, Oxf., B.A. 1889 ; M.A. 1842 ; sometime in tbe Ist Ufe Guards ; M.P. for 
Beverley, 1853-7 ; for Peterborongb, 1808-74 ; J. P. and D.L. for Hants and Kent ; Uiffb 
Uberiffof Hanto, 1876. Died about 1888. 

Bntfiuices Im Jaly 1831. 

Baines, Francis Arthur. (Mr. Mills') 

Cbrist's ColL, Camb. B.A. 1840 ; M.A. 1840 ; Curate successively of Bamet, Ware, Torquay, 
and Baroombe. 

Rev. F, A. Bcunesy Haickshead, Windermere. 

Dansey, James Cmikshank, son of C^l. C. C. Dansey. (Dr. T^ngley's) 

Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; Student of Lincoln's Inn, 1838. 

Hills, William, son of F. R. Mills, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left in 1830 ; Monitor ; Cricket XI., 1837-0, Caiit. 1889 ; ScboL of St. Jobn's Coll. Camb., 
B.A. 1843 ; M.A. 1840 ; C.U. Cricket XI., 1840-43 ; Barrister ; Rerisinff Barrister ; on 
Stair of Law Reports, 1857 ; Editor of various biw books. Died Sept. 22nd, 1877. 

Kntnuiccs In SepCcnker 1881. 

Agnew, Andrew, son of Sir Andrew Agnew, 7th Bart. (Mr. Phelps') 

Entered tbe Army, 1835 ; served witb 03rd Higblanders during tbe rebellion in Canada, 
1888 ; retired an Capt. 4tb Lisbt Dragoons ; M.P. for Wigtonsbire, 1856^W ; J.P. and 
D.L. for Co. Wigton, and J.P. for Rutbind ; succeeded as 8tb Bart., 1849. Died in 

Aahton, Charles Ellis. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Benson, Henry Roxby, son of T. S. Benson, Es(|., Teddington Manor, 

Middlesex. (Dr. longley's) 

St. Jobn's Coll. Camb. ; sometime Col. 17tb Lancets ; CB. ', J.P. for Olaiuoman, Uigb Sberill, 
1892. Died Jan. 2Sid, 1892. 

Boughton-Leigh, John Houghton Egerton Ward, son of K A. B. 

Ward - Boughton - I^igh, Esq., Brownsover Hall, 
Rugby. (Mr. Drury's) 

Camb. Univ. ; 2nd Lieut. Ist Draguon Guards. Died at sea, on bis way to Join bis Regt. 
in Canada, 1830. 



Byron, Hon. Ooorga Amon, Hon of the 7th Baron Byron. (Dr. liongley ») 

hncoMikd u 8th B«rtia. 1870. mHL Not. S8lh, 187a 

Carew, John Hallowell, son of Adnil. ^ir R Carew, G.C.E, Goto, Ireland. 

(Mr. DmryV) 
Carew, Robert Hallowell, brother of the above. (Mr. DniryV) 

C^axalet, Robert WilliaoL (Dr. I^ongley'>) 

Cocks, Charles Somers, son of the Hon. J. SonierR CockH (afterwards Snd 

Earl SomerM). (Dr. I^ngleyV) 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1tf40; M.P. for R«i0it«. IMl-? ; I^>nl in WaltinR In II.M.. 1»:-7 : P.L 
And J.F. fur llerafnnUhin Ami Hurray ; a Tnurtcv uf the Britbh Mwiwini ; tmamM 
u Snt Bar 1, 1852. IHmI ^}•|4. 201 h, 1kS3, wb«D tb* B*rldinu beouiM cjctlaet. 

Ede, George Arthur. (Mr. E^aml 

Empton, William Henry, nephew of l^of. Kinpson. (Mr. Kennedjr'^) 

TrlB. r«iU. Cuub., B.A. 1840 ; M.A. Ih44 ; Viar ••/ W«lliiw, lUaU, 1S44-88. MM ia 1^ 

Forde, Katthew William, mr\ of A. Furde, Eh<|., H.E.I.Ca*H CivU Semre 

(Dr. liOngleyV) 

Trio. Coll. Dobl. ; Irish Bar ; C*|>t. and M^. N. I)i>«in MUitU. MmI Oct. 1889. 

Glyn, Richard Henry, 8on of T. C\ (?]yn, Kki|. (Mr. Kennedy V] 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; Cii|it. Greiwuller GiMnl«. MmI in \\M'2. 

Grimston, Hon. Chiurlea, son of the 1st l*Iarl of Verulaui. (Mr. Kennedy**) 

Quaen't Paffe ; CA|iL CokUtraun auaiiU. MmI (>ct. >lh, 1(06. 

Hobson, Pnliford. (Mr. KennedyV^ 

Johnson, Gtoorge John, .<^n of W. V. Johnson, E.^|. (Dr. Longley'»! 

Uumeclnie C«|it. Cokbtrauu UaanU : J.T. and D.U fur Canibtrlaad, UIgh BlwrUr, ISTt. 

Capt. G, */. JofiHHim, J. P., CoHtlfHlfaffn, CSiniberland, 

Johnston, George LiddelL (Dr. LongleyV 

fcidiuetlnie Bectnr of Satton 8t. Nicb«il««, din. llervfunl ; iDCumbrai oC BiidfaaBa ir*t». 
Newcaatle, N.S.W. 

Rev, G. L. Johnston^ Rnnhnne Watery Xnocasile^ yjS.W. 

Leslie, Thomas, M>n of the Bishop of Elphin. (Dr. LongleyV) 

llarrirtar. UML in y^*^- 

Massey, William, Hon of R. MaK.scy, Es4|., Moston, Chcfthire. 

(.Mr. Kennedy^) 

Cricket XI., 1835-6; Trln. r«>ll. Catiih. ; C.l'. El}:bt, 1840; C.V. Cricket XI., 18SS4i. 

W, Ma$9ei/, EtHj.,, Cvrwlyn^ Llangtml^ Atujleiiey, 

Ommanney, Gtoorge Dmce Wynne, son of Sir FranciH Molyneux OmmaimeT. 

21, Norfolk »Strect, W. (Dr. I^ongky*** 

Left Jul. I>i38: Monitor, 1^87 : hkrhiil. of Tiin. Coll. CAiitb., B.A. 1842: M.A. 184S; ttr 
lietiul Curate of Qneen CLirlton, HoiiiciMt. lN'>>-b2 ; Vicar i«f UnyvoC, BoM^ 
1S75-S8 ; riebemlary of Welle, lt»84. 

Rer. Prebendarif Ommanney ^ 29, Beaumnnt Street^ Oxford, 

Philip, Alexander John. (Mr. Dnny'^f 

Sealy, Cnthbert ThomhilL (Mre. LeitkV 

Cricket X!., 1H84. 

Smith, Ramsay. (Dr. Longley'i) 

Cricket XI., l»S4.r.. 

Strange, Alexander, son of the late Sir Tlioinas StranKo. (Dr. liongky'i) 

Lieut. .Col. in the Indian Aruiy : afterwanlR liuqiertiir of Hcientifk InetmcUoa to the Isii* 
(toveniiuent. Me«l Mar. \*ui\. 

WUliams, Arthur Wellesley. son of Sir llobert Williams, 9tli Bait« ^ 

Fryers, Anglesea. (Dr. Lon^ey'^ 

Left in 1R35 : aen-ei1 in 14th lIUHan and I2th Ijincera in the Ca|w War and CrtaMa : Kl- 
77tfa Refct. 

Miijnt' A. W William'*, 20, EaVm Rise, Ettlfiaj. j 


BHtra»«et In Oel^ber 1881. 

Bentinck, Arthur CaTendish, son of Lord William C. A. C. Bentinck. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Crioket XI., 18S0 ; Joined 7ih Dngoon Gnaidi, 1888 ; Li6tit.<!ol., 1864 ; wtmd in the KalBr 
War, madal, 1847 ; attained the lank of Lieat.*Oen. ; father of the preeent Duke of 
PortJand. Med in 1877. 

Bentinck, Charles William CaTendish, brother of the above. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Clerk in Holy Orders. Med in 18«5. 

White, Henry Dalrymple, son of Admiral Sir J. C. White, K.C.B. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Entered 0th Dragoona. 1888 ; Oapt, 1844 ; Mi^., 1848 ; Lient-Col. and CoL, 1864 ; M^|..Oen., 
18CS ; Col. 0th Dngoona, 1874 ; UeuU-Oen., 1877 ; Gen., 1879 : retired, 1881 ; aenred in 
the Crimea ; preeent at Balaolava, Inkerman, TchemaYa, and Sebaatopol, medal with 
three daepe. Legion of Honour, 4th Ckas Medjidie, and Tarkiah and Sardinian medala : 
C.B. 1866 ; KX^. 1877. ~" " 

BHiramce In N«TCBilier 1881. 

Bicknell, Philip BlnndelL (Dr. Longley's) 

BaflTV^ell, Edward, son of the Very Rev. R. Bagwell, Dean of Clogher. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Joined 4th Htt«an; Capt. 8rd Dnwoon Gnarda; aonmed the additional surname of 
PurafoT, 1846 ; High BherifT of Tippeiaiy, I860 ; LI«at.-CoI. Comnuuiding Tippeiary 
Art. Militia. Me4 Jnl. 1888. — — *-« n / 

Bailey, Richard. (Mr. Evans') 

Bazendale, Joseph Homhy. (Dr. Longley's, and Mr. Oxenhain's) 

Monitor ; jiartner in the firm of Pickfoid t Co., oarriera. Med in 1886. 

BawBon, Hon. Thomas Vesey, son of the 2nd Viscount Cremome. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Sometime Lieat.<loL Coldstream Guarda. KlllMl ftt Inkerman Not. 6th, 1864. 

Bonkin, George David, son of Lieut-Qen. Sir Rufane Donkin, K.C.B. 

(Mr. Phelps') 

Bmmmond, John William. (Mr. Drury's) 

Oibney, John Somenrille, son of Sir John Qibney, Old Steyne, Brighton. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left in 18S3; Bmmannel CoU. Camb. and Trin. Coll. Dublin ; afterwarda ProToat and 
Minor Canon of Lincoln GathedraL KlllMl bj an accident at the School of Art, 
Lincoln, Jan. Oih, 1876. 

Hall, Henry, son of R. Hall, Esq., Copped Hall, Totteridge, Herts. 

(Mrs. Leith's, and Mr. Kennedy's) 

Left in 1834 ; hOe let Madraa Light Cavalry. 

CapL Hetiry HaH, Junior United Service Club, 8. W, 

Hawkes, John Blackbnme, son of T. Uawkes, Esq., M.P., Himley House, 

Stafford. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Sometime in the Army. Med 

Heath, Robert Amadeos, son of John Benjamin, 1st Baron Heath, of the 

Kingdom of Italy. (Dr. Longley's) 

Vioe-Conanl for Saidinia, 18444^1; for Italy, 1801.79; Conaol^Gen. for Italy, 1879-82; 
anoceeded aa 2nd Baron Heath. 1879 ; F.R.& ; D.L. of London ; Grand Officer of the 
order of the Crown of Italy. Med Jon. 6th, 1882. 


Hicks, Oeors^e Henry Tempaft (If ome-Boanirr' 

Jeyes, Francis Ferdinaado. (>[r. Milt} 

Jones, David Francis, »tm of >rr. St-rjoant Jones who AHAunied the sfonam 

of Atrhirlty, isai. (Mr. Dnin»i 

AMiininl ihe Miriiiuiir nf Aii)jii)i*>. I*':'!; .IT. rkikl D.I., fi.r Sahtt, Uisk 9k«rtff .^ 

Loyd. Lewis Kirkman. (Mr. KenwJyV, 

Lythe, John Botterill. (Hrnne-Roanhr- 

Lythe, Matthew William. ( H onic- Bc«nia) 

Pipon, Manaton, Mm of Major IM|»oii, RAnstoad, Snrrry. (l>r. Longfey'r) 

IWt in 1^4; miiiietiiue in tliv Nt lirapHin fia.inU. IHf>4 S0|il. Sl^t. 1S8I. 

Pouchee, George John, •^on of L. rourhct', Km|., l»iulnii. (Mr. Utvrxfi 

Trin. Oill. nxf.. 1S3'.. 

Reilly, John, son of .J. M. Itrilly, Es«|., (;|i>oii Kavin, Co. Down. 

(Mr. Fheli»l 

lUritHtvr : IVp. Kee|«r nf (he Ri>ll!< iu Ircliiihl. 

Richards, Alfred Bate. (Dr. I^ongleyVi 

Roberts, George Gawen. (Mr. TMp) 

Rocke, John, sdh nf th<> He v. J. n<v'ki\ CMiinKimfttrd Hoiwe, Salon. 

(Mr. Eti»1 

Tiiii. (\>ll. ( aiiili. : MV .111.1 I). I., fi-i r.i. Sili>|i : Rtiikei. BM^ in liWl. 

Wauchope, Andrew, son of \V. \Vaiicho|H\ Ks<|., Niddrio Mari«chiU. 

.Xriillt.tliinii. N.1S. (Mr. Phelit**! 

Siiiictiiiic iu the .\niiy : J.l*. uml li.I„ fur MiUluthUD. IHr4 in 1S74. 

Terburgh, Richard, son of tin' \W\\ 11. YtTlnirKh, 1).]>.« New Slcafori 

Vicarnj;i», fJiiroliiAhin'. (Dr. LoiigIe>*V) 

I^ft Jill. 1$i.Vi; riiriHt'ii Oill. rniiih.. H.A. l**40: Ciinite at BL Maij'a, LjuivMter. Is: . 
Avit. ('ha)il. MiMUiiik riiMHi. l«4i: : Vic.ii nf New Nlenrnnl and (^|il. ctf |lcd« lltmt 
\^r,\; r)i;i)>l. i>r sjlmfonl Vnion, IHiW; Hixtoi uf UiKb HickiDKtoo, N. Uaroa, l.t^ 
Dle«l iu l*"^'. 

!■ Febmary not. 

Bridgeman, Francis Orlando Henry, smi of tin' Hon. (). II. Bridf;cniaii. 

(Mr. Kenned) V) 

lu'ft :il)iiut 1^:'-:!-. M>iiietiiiie(':i|'t. ItHli llus<«. 

Cajit. F. O. II. Ifruhffiiian, Munich, Uafuria. 

Newport, Orlando George Charles Bridgeman, Visconnt, son of the 2ai 

Earl of Piradfnrd. (Mr. Kennedy^) 

Trin. Coll. rmnh.. M.A. 1^4(1 ; M.T. f,.r S. Shr..|ihliiie. l<42-«'>:>; Vice-(.'|iAiuberUln nf II.M. 
Iliiuneholil. iHfij niMi l>''^v: I.«<nl ('luiiii)wrl.iiii. Iv'ifi.^ : Hiu*ter ut Iba Hon*, 1^7441 
iiiul l^^'••(j ; I^nM.ietit. nf SAlnp : !M.. fi<r ('«». W.irwirk himI SfUiflbnl ; ^«ti.^i^ 
Lion t. -Col. 8hn>|whire R.V. : (\i|it. S. Snlofijin Yei>. ('u\.. IM4-lh<: NQccMilad aa M 
Eiiil. l^-:'i ; Hevoii t.^eneratii'Dit of Iii.n f:iiiiil> Ii.ive 1«t>ii iiliu-atcil at llaintw. 

Tht I'Mi'l of lirw/fnrtl, 44. LoirmlfH Si/finr^, S. U'. 

Stracey, Edward John, wm of .T. stmroy. V.^\., SprowMon Lnd^, XorfnlL 

(.Mr. I^heliiri*) 

Smiiftiiu* F.ieiii.-C^il. Sii(> (iuanl't; ner^rtl in Crimmn Cainimiiin. HM (ni«diil with t«t< 
c]as\tf* .tnd Turkijth n.ed:il>: rvtired. i>'*): .M*. foi Com. MiiMlt-Koi, Nurfolk, OkmraMer. 
.lud Yurki* ; afwiuied the a*lditinnal itununie vt Clitbenm, ISt'i!; 

Lmtt'CoI, E, J. Stmcey-Clitheimr, Hotham Flail, Brough, Vert*, 

Valpy, Robert Harris, son of C'ai)t. A. B. Valpy, R.N. (>rr. Pheliw*) 

Uft in IMIC : nalliol Coll. Oxf. ; .T.l'. fur Uerks; F.G.S 

Ji, II. VtilpUi I'"^!'* •'•^•« Enb'*i'Uf Liilq^. Xnrhunf, Urrl-H. 


BHtnuiee Im March lS3f. 

[bank, Mark William Vane, son of ^r. :Milbank, Esq., Thorp Perrow, 

Yorks. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Sonietiiue in the Scoto Qreya ; J.P. for N. Riding, Yorks. Died in 1S89. 

BHinimeeii In BUy 1839. 

relay, Robert Gnmey, son of R. Barclay, Esq., Leyton, Essex. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

Cricket XI., 18S6. IMe«l About 1S43. 

kflon, Christopher, son of I. Cookson, Esq., Whitehill, Durham. 

(Dr. Tjongley's) 

Barrister. Died in 1859. 

Ikes, Martin William Browne, son of Sir William J. M. B. Ffolkes, 

2nd Bart., Uillington Hall, King's Lynn. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Left in 1SS8 ; Monitor ; EmmAnnel Coll. Ciuub., B.A. ; J.P. and D.L. for Norfolk. Killed 
by lightning at Uillington, in 1849. 

Ikes, William John Browne, brother of the above. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Left in 1838. Died in 18d8. 

shngh, Godfrey William, son of T. Fitzhugh, Esq., Plas Power, 

Denbigh. (Afr. Kennedy's) 

ihngh, Thomas Lloyd, brother of the above. (^fr. Kennedy's) 

Sometime in the Grenadier Gnardii ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Denbigh, High Sheriif, 1859. 
T. L. Fitzhugh, Esq., Pldn Power, Denbigh. 

)p, Edward Francis, son of G. A. Gepp, Esq., F.R.C.S., Chelmsford. 

(Mr. Phelps') 

Left Jnl. 1S.«7 ; Monitor. 1886-7 ; Wadham Coll., Oxf., B.A. 1841 ; M.A. 1847 ; Vicar of 
High Easter. 1849 ; Rural Dean of Boding, 1884 ; Dep. Chairman of Quarter Seasiona 
for Essex, 1888. 

Eer, E. F, Qepp, High Easter Vicarage^ Chelmsford, 

'don, Hon. Alexander Hamilton, son of the 4th Earl of Aberdeen. 

(Mr. Phelps') 

Entered Gxenadier Guards, 1834 ; Lieut, and Capt.. 1840 : Capt. and Lieut -CoL, 1849 ; Col., 
1854; Mi^^en., 1863; Lient-Oen., 1872; Gen., 1877; retired, 1881; Col.-in-Chi^ 
Prince of Wales's Leinster Regt., 1873 ; A.A.G. and A.Q.M.G. on staff in the Crimea, 
(medal with 4 clasra, Turkish medal, Legion of Honour, Srd Class Me^Jidis) 1854-6 ; 
Precis Writer in r.O., 1843-5 ; Equerry to Prince Consoit, 1840-54 ; extra Equerry, 
1854-61 ; D.Q.M.Q. of Army, 1855-60 ; commanded at Colchester, a Brigide at tb« 
Curragh, and a Div. of Bombay Army, 1867-70 ; E. and H. District ; Ooremor of the 
R. M. Coll. and R. M. Asylum ; C.B.. 1855 ; K.C.B. 1873 ; Hon. Equerry to H.M.. 
1862-90 ; M.P. for E. Aberdeenshire, 1875. Died May 1890. 

Iran, George Manlevrer. (Mr. Dmry's) 

Sometime Gaiit. 97th Regt. 

Tam, William Henry, son of J. Ingram, Esq., Rottingdean, Sussex. 

(Mr. Oxeuham's) 

Left in 1835. Died at Petworth, Sussex, Oct. Ist, 1886. 

kland, John Agmondisham Vesey, son of J. Kirkland, Esq., The 

Priory, Rockhampton. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left in 1^34 ; 2nd Lieut. Rifle Brigade, 1837 ; Ensign and Lieut. Coldstream Guards, 1838 ; 
Lieut, and Capt., 1844 ; Military Sec. in Canada to Sir Bei^amin D'Urban and General 
Rowan, and to Oenenil Arbnthnot, Northern Division, England ; Berred in the Eastern 

and having in leas than eight weeks procured 1068 approved recruits, was gazetted its 
Uent.-CoI., 1858. 

3fajor-Gen. Kirkland, Fordel, Glenfarg, N.B. 


Rashleigh, JonatluuiY son of W. IlaskleiKh, Emi., Menabilly, Fowy. Con- 
wail. (Mr. Fhri]») 

Left ID \sw : rrirket XI.. HSif. tmt U>*» ill t<i pUy M I^iitt'ii : nalUtil C«ill. l>zf., BJL 'M\. 
o.U. nickec XI.. IMO; J.l*. an.! I».I^ Coniwall, lii7S. High &tmhM,\i^; il 
fi*r Midillenrx nml WeRtminirtcr, l^.'^ ; iluiimuin «■! Curnwall Cmuitj LBBSlkJUvIa 
riiuiiiilltM fur twrlre jcara, lS7S<Nj. 

J. RoMhleigh, Eaii., J, P., MmahlUy^ Par Siatitin, CumteaU, 

ShiiTher, George Crozton, son of thu Hw. Sir Ovorge Shiffner, Zrd Bm. 

liaiiisey Rectory, Ja'wcm. (Mr. OxenhAm'i) 

Left In l.<^ : C^. Ch. oxf.. B.A. 1S42 : M.A. IsMO : Rcctitr uf lUnMy. and fata Wmnl ta 
of LevroM ; ■necMiUil «« 4th liftrt., liMS. 

Rfr» Sir Gforge C. Skifiter^ Rati,, Conmhe Plaet, LnoeM, 

Strong, Clement William, son of the Hov. T. I^ Strong, WeeUrhui 

Kent. (Mr. Efiirt 

Eneitm CokLitreuii (iuMnU. 1.<SP : Taiit.. ist^ : r«>l., 1M6; ratirad. 18(17 ; nrv«4 to* 

« Hf All 

CrluMA. imitttiiii}; tb« Uittlaa uf Aluia, lUlarUv«, ami InkcnuaB, mnd 

InA ; aiiuiiijuitl«il the l*t lUtt. dnrlnii tb* irreatcr |*rt of tbm daj al lakfiaMn. td 
»ruai;ht it <iiit uf Mrti4*ii ; uiedMl umI c1u|ib, etc., lsM-5. 

Tnfhell, Thomae PiUdngton, Hon of S. J. TuffnoH, Esq., Langleya, Ewa 

(Dr. LongieT*!} 

WadbMii Coll. Oxf., n.A. Irtii : M.A. 1A-M: Vimr of Wonuinfffoid. 1M&. . 

Rev, T. P. Tuffnell, The Vicanigt, Warmmaftfrd, JTm/. 

Ward, Robert Edward, son of M. PI WanU K^i., H.B.M. Minister at tk 

Tonrt of Dresden ; of Bangor Cantle, BelfasL 

Left In INV. : Ch. Cb. oxf. : J.l*. mmI D.U for Cu. Do«d, High Sbvrlfl; 184|.S ; jokmkm 
UuMftn, 1H39. 

R. E. Wardf Em^,, Bangor CatttUf Belfitst. 

Watta, Chrafton, son of the ilov. J. Watts, liedbnry, Hereford. 

(Dr. Loiiekj't^ 
Winder, Sobert (Home-Boam) 

Emtnuien !■ Jamr imt. 

Broughton, Henry Arthnr. (Mr. Dmo"! 

Cricket XI., IHST ; went (Hit to AnAtmlLi. Died in Anatnilia while qnite yuuv- 

Harenc, Archibald Richard. (Dr. liongky'^} 

EnKtfcn OSnl Reirt., IH4'>; i^iK., IM.'a ; IS;>S ; LletU.-Tnl., 1W4 : nerred with tlkt 9TUB«i. 
in the lDdi«n auiii*iKn : |»reHcnt .it the i^icite and cnjitnte uf Lncknow ; Bi. Mtfi 
metUl ami cliwi), liU7-M. 

Holmes, William Holmes, son of W. Holmes, Ksii., M.P. (Mr. Fhetinl 

Hyder, William Augustus, son of \V. HyJer, Esi}., Court licefl, Kent 

(Mr. Fhelp"i 

Sunieliiiie in the 10th llnami*. 

Morrice, Frederic Francis James, son of V. K. >rorrice, Em|., Betahan^ 

IVirk, Kent. (Mr. Oxenham*«) 

Left in 1830*. Cricket XI., lS3(i ; Joineil Irt liatt. Rille Hripwle. ISSS : retired m CmgiL \ J.F. 
fur Norfulk ami iXirMt. Ble«l Auk. -^rd, 1»>-J. 

Travers, Astley Cooper. (Dr. Longleyi) 

EatraBMn IB SepteMber ISSt. 

Atherley, George, son of G. Atherley, Est]., Soutliainpton. 

(Mr. Ozenham'i) 

Trin. Coll. Canib. ; J.V. and D.I.. for IlantJt. IHmI 

Sevan, (}eorge Innes, son of the Rev. G. IVvan, (r<Hlnmnchester. 

(Mr. Phelj*?! 

J. p. for Sufltilk ami IliinU ; Banker at llnntiiigdon. Dle«l 


SibTiiple, John Fainilton, son of North Dalrymple, Esq., afterwards 9th 

Earl of Stair, Campie House, Musselourgh. N.B. 

(Mr. H. Drury's) 

WtlfMfc ia» ; aoBMtiaM Gu>t Sooti Gouda ; Ctf/L IM Wkton VoL Art. ; M.P. for 
^toodan, 1841-66 ; Lord High Commr. to Gen. Aaambly of Church of Scotland, 
18W-7S : ■ qccwJad as 10th Barl, 1864 ; Lord-Lirat. of Col WigUm and Arr ; Maior-G«ii. 
Bi^alOouof Arcfaflfs; J.P.aiidD.L.f6rLaDarkdiiraL ' ' -» 

BaH (^ Stair, K.T,, Lochinch OasOe, Wigtanshire, N£. 

Mffl, George mbbot, son of J. H. Deffell, Esq., 38, Upper Harley 

Street, W. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Lift Mida 1SS7 ; Crickat XL, 1886-7 ; Trio. CoU. Gunh., B.A. 1842 ; M.A. 1845 ; Barrister, 
IMe; MmUt In Equity ; Pniae Jndgt of the Sapreme Conrt of New South Wales 

ii Title, Jaum Denii. (Mrs. Tilth's) 

M; Hmttej fleorge Oordon, son of H. R. Duff, Esq. (Mr. Pheli^s') 

CridMt XL, 18S7-0 ; of Mnirtown Hooae, luTemcM. Med May 1851. 

HMdae, WiDuuil, son of G. Fairholme, Esq., Greenknowe, Berwick. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Sometime in 7Ut Begt. ; J.P. for Co. Berwiok ; of Ch«pel-on-LMder, Berwick. Died in 

hipMOn, James W. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

finit, Peter Charles. (Home-Boarder) 

Iiited-Battershy, John, son of A. G. Harford-Battersby, Esq., Mortimer 

House, Bristol (Mr. Phelps*) 

Left abovt 1886; Cricket XL, 1886; BaUiol CoIL Oxf., B.A. 1842; M.A. 1846; J.P. and 
D.L. for Coe. of Gloucester and Cardigan, High SherilT, 1855 ; aasuiued the surname of 
BtaUersby-Harford. Died Feb. 11th, 1875. 

lAwe, Francis. (Dr. Longley's) 

AnrttL KelTille, son of J. Portal, Esq., Freefolk Priors, Hants. 

(Mr. PhelpsO 

Left Jun. 1637; Monitor, 1836-7; Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1842; M.A. \^>M\ Barrister, 1845; 
J.P. and D.L. for Hants, High SheriiT, 1863 ; sometinie M.P. for N. Hanu; Chaiiman 
of Quarter Sessions for Hants ; Reii. for dioceee of Winchester in the Provincial House 
of Lsymeo. 

J/. Portal f Esq.f Larerstoke House, Hants, 
l^loiif George William John, son of G. S. Repton, Esq. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Unir. CoU. Oxf. ; M.P. for St. Albans, 1841-52 ; for Warwick, 1852-68, and in 1874 ; of 
OdeU Osetle, Bedfordshire. Died 

Sejnumr, Charles Frederic, son of J. B. Seymour, Esq., Inholmes, Berks. 
i (Dr. Ix)ngley'8) 

r Cricket XL, 1834 ; Unir. CuIL Oxf., B.A. 1842 ; M.A. 1849 ; Rector of Winchfield, 1849- . 

Bev, C. F. Seymour, The Rectory, Wiuchfield, Hants. 

SheUej, Percy Florence, son of Percy B. Shelley, Esq. (the Poet). 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

TriA. CoIL Camb.. B.A. 1841 ; D.L. and J.P. for Sussex, High SherilT, 1865 ; 8on.etinie 
Ca^rt. SoMMX Militia ; succeeded his grandfather as Srd Bart., 1844. Died Dec. 1889. 

Oater, James Henrj, son of J. H. Slater, Esq., Newick l^rk, Sussex. 

(Mr. H. Drury's) 

Left May 1834 ; Oriel CoU. Oxf., 1839 ; J.P., D.L.. and Aid. C.C. for Sussex ; reverted to the 
orii^nal spellix^ of the surname ^— Sclater. Died 

taith, VathanieL (Dr. Ix>ngley's) 

Sometime in the Army. Died in the W. Indies. 

Starj, Philip WilUam, son of J. Story, Esq., Lockington, Leicester. 

(Dr. J^ngley's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1840 ; Cumte of Charwelton, 1848-53 ; Vicar of Fawsley, 1853- . 

Rev. P. IT. Story, The Vicarage, Fawsley, Northampton. 



Tower, Ferdinand Emett (Mn. L 

fk. .lobn'a Otll. r«niK. H.A. lAM ; M.A. l^M ; Fdlow of 81. KioholM* OolL 1 
Kect4ir of Elji»thitr)<e. MmI 

Wade, Thomas Frandi, M>n of Col. T. F. Wade, C.E, Adj.-G€n^ C 

Oooti Hoik?. (Mr, H. I> 

Left JaL K't? : Monitor. IMStf-T : Trio. Oill. OuaK. 1817 : tntMvd 8W. 1N(t 
•xchanizwl u» 4:»Dd HlffhUadeis. IM9 ; u> fXtth Ragi.. IMl ; mOnd m lin 
served in rhlna. at Thin KUng Fa and NMikii«, IMS; imolBted lwam\ 
(•arrbi>n of ilunir Knnir, Ih^S ; t«) Ha)ir*ni« OmTi of Uocif KoQS, 1946; Aat 
Sec.. IMT; Vioe-T.inanl et BhanKbai. IMS; Inqieetor of Cotomi ibwi fm 

(MiTt., INM : C'bineeeSec. at llonit Kuor. Ift:>.S ; wasAtUdMd la tbalt €mfmAtf tt 
Earl of Eljiin'e miviim tu China. lK'iT-9; rhioeae See. to Boo. F. Brvee'sH 
China. \Hiv ; granted a C<*ainilraiun(>f Fliat See. attd atfoheil aa Chiiii See 
of El|nn'» eeciiiHl iiiiMiiiin t4» <*hiiui. and aeomuimBied it to Prilia, 1800 ; 
Sec.. ChincMe Sec., and TnuieUt4ir tu |jeiiati«in in China, IMS ; AeUac CT 
at I'ekin. iMM-'i and lK<v.>.7l : Envnj Extrai>nl. and Uimimm Pl«il|i. mt 
Vntt. of Cbineee in the I'niv. nf Canib. ; K.C.IS. ; U.C.M.Q. 

Sir Thnmaa UW^ K.CIi., Q.C.M.O^ Camhridgt. 

Wills, Thomaa Oeorge, Hon of ll. W. Will^ Esq. (who afterwards a 

the additional Humaine of SandfordX (Mr. 1 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. : J.r. and 1>.L. for Co. Roecuniniun.Uigh ShMlff, IMS ; ■wnmwf tbi 
of Sandford.WilU. Med 

BalniarM la •rtoker ISSS. 

Galloway, John James. (Mr. 1 

Smith, Thomas Chaloner, son of T. Smith, Esti., Ramsbury Manor, 

(Mr. ] 

Ciicket XI., 1937 ; Lient. 11th HuMnm ; Rarriiiter, IMS ; J.P. fbr WlltA. Wk9^ a) 

ViTlan, John Vivian, Mm of J. Vivian, £>(i., Pcncalcnick, Cornwall 

(Mr. 1 

Left in 1S30 ; Trin. Coll. C^inl), U.A. 1M1 : M.A. 1844; Rector of Canlynbam, 

BBlrsBcra !■ JaBaary IS33. 

Armitage, Edward Henry. (Mr. 1 

Oerk in Holy Orderm. Dle«l 

Cooke, Christopher. (Dr. Lo 

Solicitor, London, 1844. 

Diddns, Francis, son of the Rev. W. W. Dickins. (Mr. 1 

Med about 1877. 

Dnimmond, Frederic Thomas. (Mr. 1 

Edgecombe, Charles Torke. (Home-I 

Mills, Henry, son of the Rev. W. Mills. Harrow. (Hoinc-I 

Left Jtil. 1R»4 ; U.E.I.Co.'a Mil. S«rvic*. l^io ; WmmX tJen. Xotte Fort» at Cand 
and wa« preeent at the M.*coitti taking of (ihiiznee, Afghan medal ; Rattle tA 
|ioor, medal ; Sutlcj Cutiii4ii»:ii, meviiil .*u>«l cLiAiie : MiMHikee and Feroaeeha 
as Mivl.-Gen., 1X70. 

Gen. 11, Milhy WuixUamU^ Mling, Kent. 

Murray, Francis Henry, son of thf Bishop of RiKrhester, Bronile^ 

Kt nt. (Mr. Kei 

Left in 1835 : Ch. Ch. (»zf.. ll.A. 1H41 : M.A. 1S44 ; Rector of Chialehniet, 18M ; U 
of Duiterbnry and Rural Dean of Wcet Dartford ; Atitbor of Tarioue raligiou 

Murray, Oeorge Edward, brothor of the alvovc. (Mr. Ke: 

Left in 188.'^ ; Ch. Cb. Oxf., M. A. 1<5 12 ; Fellvw of AM Sutils ; Rector of Sonthllcat. 
Dlc4 in 1856. 


:, Cliarles Walter Albrn, son of O. & 
House, SlieptoD M&llet. 

L*n Jul. IBM.Criclm II., 18Bj-n:CiiiiUUil»8«;Cli. Ch. Oirf.,1 

XI.. ISSS-'.I; Cumte of Pltlon, lS«l-2: of DonlllBB, IWS; V._.. .. 

Cti«Mibl*d«, I9U-M : B«Cnr sf WMod. ISM ; Band Dnn of BUtningtoD. IBTS. 

Rtf. C. \V. A. Napier, WtiUtn Rectory, Steyning, Susiat. 
tr, William Henry. (Mr. KenDedy"^ 

I, Edward Calvert, son of Capt. E. Seobell, R.N., Poltair, Cornwall " 
(Mr. Drury'B) 

lauoUtu* Id Iba ITlb Unnii. Uled 

, Henry. (Mr. I-helps') 

te, Henry James Fowle, &on of J. Swayne, Esq., Wilton, Wilts. 

(Mr. Phelpi 

■llini CoU. Oif. : BMTTjMr, IMS ; Il«eord«> of WUlOB ; J.P. for Wilt., uii] ViwChnlni 
III QnuWi Swloni. DICd in 1«>2. 

1, Plowden Charles. (-Mr. Pheljis' 

irard, Thomas. (Mrs. I^eith's) 

m, John Anenstne, son of W. Yatiuan, Em., Norfolk Crescent, W. 
(Mr. llrury's) 

XI in ISM : Vui'. Ci'lL Oif., B.A. IHU ; K.A. i»U ; Cunt* i4 KiikntHUn, YorluUra, 

J. A. Yatman, J.P., Winteoinbt, Woodborovgh, W€sUru-»y^>er-Mare. 

Richard Parry, son of K Bowen, Esq., Ixmdon, (Dr. Longley's)'! 

Bi.. Con, Orf. 163«. I 

J, William, son of Adni, Sir Robert H. Bromley, 3rd Bart. 

(Mrs. Leith'a) 
Mnt t>«. "^id, iHse. 

Edward Dashwood. (Mr. Mills') 

t, GMrge. (Home- Boarder) 

Alnander, son of J. Rolls, Esq., Croft-y-Bwla, Monmouth. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

UttlDsdi Unit. ; J.P. uil D.L. foi Co. Momuonlll i Ui^. Itb Royal liiih Dngoon Ouidi : 
H^. RoyBl MoDDioutbthin Militia. DIrd 

y Eichsrd Palmer. (Dr. Longley's) 

KninncM la April ISilS. 

', Frederic William, son of E. Allfrey, Esq., Bolesharst, Sussex. 

(Mr. Kennedy's]^ 
ie, Philip Pleydell, son of the Hon. P. P. Bouverie, Burdcrose, 
Swindon. (Mr. Simpkinaon's) 

i(t ID ISS9 : HoDlwr, lesn : THn. Coll. Cuub,, B,A, IS43 ; J.P. mi D.L. for SomanM, 
Hl|[b 8b«ur, IS70 : Maiibar of Ibe Ann of Bkhkiii, Boutiil* & Co.. Bulw*. Loodan. 
Bl«d Mu. lOUi, ISM, 

IL, Gkorge Beresford, son of the Rt, Hon. 0. R- Dawson, of Castle 
Dawaon. (Mr. Pholps') 

BImvl thiHiaDCiipula, uid«DM tliu>aaBtalTaf U»a<". of Ouudi. Ucd 

I, Robert Peel, tirotber of the above. (Mr. Phelps') . 

k r^ n.r '.IP i,ad D.L, foi Co. LDDdoBdEifj, Hlgb SbarUT, ISM; H.P. ' ~ ' 
; •auHlnig Ci>|it. ticniadi*! Uiurd* (lul 1 itfa HuHin. 




BidAile, WilliAm Ctamflnt Drake, ran of E. J. Eiidaile, Esq., CotMrtm 

House, hknnerKt. (Mr. Fhdpi'/ 

Ortol Onll. Otf. : Bsrriitor. 1^16 ; J.P. fur i1«U ; m VerAmr of Um Vrnm TtmmL 

W. C. D. EmtaiU, E^q., J. P., Hurky Mmor, Rmgwood, HmU». 

Ooddard, Ambrose Lsthlnridgs, w>n of A. Uoddard, Esq., M.P., Swindon. 

(Dr. LoQi^'i^ 

fk. Jiiha'a Coll. CkuK ; J.P. ami l>.U fur Wilu ; MUDCtiiiM of tbs LUM DiModM; U. 
fur Ct1cU«10, 1847-08 and Ih74-«a 

A, L, Goddard^ Am/., ./.P., The Laum^ Swimdom, 

Ooodhsart, Charles Emmaiiael, Hon of E. CSoodhe&rt, Esq., lAnriey M, 

lieckenhaiu, Kent. (Mr. KemwdiV 

Lift Id 1815 or 1886; B.S.C. Ozf.. IK37^ ; J.P. and D.L. for KmL 

C. E, Goodheartf Emj., J.P,, iMtujUy Park, Hechmham^ Kent. 

Hope, Alexander James Beresford, Hon of T. Uo|ie, Esqu Deeitdene, 

Surrey. Of n. Leiik^ 

Trin. ColL Cknibi. H.A. 1K41 ; um nf the mrll«rt Meiiiben Mid Pm. oT ihsOBBK 

BncMr; Pr«L R.I.H.A., IS(VV7 : M.P. fur Maldatunt. IMl-flS Mid 1SB7 : Ibr »*• 
opoB-Tttnt. I(t65; for OuuU Tniv., lM«fu.vT ; V.C., 1880; lion. LL.IX off D«bL Vw. 
1881 ; Avtbortif vmrti>iu ecrlwioitiGal wurU and nmvU; Pttpritor off tte Mb*^ 
JUrinr. MmI Oct. 'JOth, ist;7. 

Leslie, Charles Powell, son of C. V. U^lie, Es«|., CMasslough, Ca Monsdan. 

(Dr. JjODgitfi 

Lurd-Liant. of Co. Moiuffhiui : M.P. fur C«*. MtnuKhjiii, lhl2- . Mcd in 18TL 

MacDonald, Sir Archihald Keppell, Bart, son of Sir James Macdosili 

M.?., Snd Bart (Mr. Keniwdj'4 

Sometiiiie Lient. and Caiit. Fiuilier Oimrda; Pafte <>f lluoimr in WilUuu IV. ; Bawn;* 
[1.R.II. tba Ihikt iif Sumsi ; J.P. foi Snmy ; D.L. and J.P. fur UaBte. Hi^fltatf 
IM> I iracoeed«d aa Snt Hart., 1482. 

Sir Archibald K. MacdonaUl^ liart.^ Wodmer Lodge, Li/thooh^ Bonis. 

Paris, Thomas Clifton, Hon of J. A. I'aris, Es(|., M.D., Prca. RC.P. 

(Dr. Loogkji) 

Cricket XI., 16S7 ; Antbnr uf " rbiliwphy in S|..n uiada 8ol«Mi ia 

Paterson, William Smonlt 

Criokat XL» 18854; Bengal C.8. 

Piatt, Charles, son 

(Mr. KeniMlr'f) 

of Sir Thomas J. Piatt, Baron of the EzcheqiKr, A 
Tavistock Square, W.C. (Mrs. Ldtk'*) 

Left Apr. 18<|0; Monlt4ir. 1K30-4O; Trin. C^U. Canib., M.A. 1S44 ; BarrUtar; Ovk ^ 
Awae f>f 8«>utb Eaatern Circuit (Nurfulk lU^iaitm). 1m63. 

C. PUitt, Emi., 6, PorchestfT Square, W, 

Bound, Edmund, son of J. Round, Esq., Danbur>' Park, Essex. 

(Mr. OxenhsaV 

Ballinl Ci>U. Ozf.« B.A. 1841; M.A. It>t4; IUrrijt«r, 184£ ; J.P. lot Mmm\ Bi^v« 
Obelniiford. Med Dec. 24tb, ls91. 

Sapte, William, son of F. Sapte, E«i., Ctnlicote IxHigc, Welwyn, Herts. 

(Mr. Kennedy'*) 

Left Dec 1836 ; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; ihiiiictinic Capl. in the lat Madne Upht Caraliy. 

W, Saptf, E^q,, Jnnwr United Service Clith^ ii.W. 

Sotheby, Charles William SUunilton, son of Ca]it. Sothcbv, R.N., Sevsrf- 

stone, (31r. Oxei^sm'tl 

Lrft abotit 1885; JolDed OOtb Riflea. 1)^; retiral aa Cii^>t., 1854. Mti« at 
Dotiae, AntipLk, W.I., itbilst yachting, Mar. 2Srd, Iff':,. 

Walters, David. 
Wright, Alfred. 

(Mr. OxenlttmV 


Enirnnm In nay IH.IS, 
iop«r, WUliaai Henry. 
LsninKfaam, Samuel, son of H. Cunningham, Esq., Uarloy Street, W. 

(Dr. Longiey's) 

■bert, Anthonj', son of Sir H. Fitzherbeit, 3rd Bart. 

(Sir. Diuiy's) 

Rulrancr* Id Jnar IWU. 

Blandj^cteT leopold Dyke, son of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland. lOth Bart. 

(Mr. Pbelpa') 

i-h. Cli. '.!.( , ll.A. i*Ji ; U.A. IS44 ; Yioii of Viokd Cljil, Devun, ISiS- . 

Bber, Henry Peter. (Dr. Longiey's) 

" ', Lord Richard Koleaworth Vandeaford, bod of the idtb Earl of 
Ormonde. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

, Henry Thonus George, son of CoL Fitzgerald, Maperton, 
BomarBet. (Dr. Longiey's) 

\ U«<>t.-Cxl. l>t LiiQ aouila. Mid Mjs|. W. Turk ILV. 

ilaj. H. T. 0. Filsgeridd, QUtiimUiam, iftrimiethiliiM, 
L Doaglas Robert, son of T, C. Glyn, Esq., St. James's. S.W. 

(Mr. Kennody's) 

) : B.-icil>ui. Ble4 In IBSI. 

Mrd, Tbomaa Dariee, son of T. Lloyd, Eso.. Bronwydd, and the direct 
p lineal reiirescntative of Martin de Tours, who accom- 

^^ ponied Williaiu I. to England. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

■ ISnl Lc.rI of tha Bamnt ut Kaitinm trr iluht u( Umnn, ud the lut Lord KinbH in 

■ U» KlBfploDi ; cn»Ud > UunnM IHU i U/i'- fur CudJ^puhin. lll«&4 ; loc Onllcu 
^L DUlrlsl. ISDS-Ti ; J, P. DDd U.L. tui Cos. €*nligBD. Oormutboi, uid Fnnbroks. DIM 

, Frederick Acclom, son of M. Millxmk, Esq., Thom Perrow, 
York«, (Jfr, Kennedy's) 

SauaUma is Lhc 7Mh UlgtUindan : J.F. uul D.U for H. Biding ud tar Duihun, Hlgb 
" r. for N. Riding. liM-KI; OBilil* Hut, la^. 

, Thorp Ptrroir, Yorka. 
ngm, Herbert. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

- Click*! XI., IMd. 

Sir F. A. ifitbrnk, Bar 

In Jnlj IS33. 

h Thmaae Tyrwbitt, M>n of T. T. Drake, Esq.. M.P., Amersham. 

(Mr, Oxen ham's) 

J 0.1. t.>i Ilueki, Hich Bhsiifl; 18U ; ol SbardolMi. AmnHiua. Blc4 In ISM. 



Armytaga, Oeorga, grandson of John Aimytage, Enq. (Mr. Ozenbim^ 

Ortol ColL Oxf. ; D.L. Md J.l*. fur W. Ridliif uf York ; 
Bait, iftae. 


Sir Georgt Arm^tage, Bart, 27, Cambridge Sfuofv, W, 

Blackett, John Fenwiek Bnrffoyne, non of C. Blackett, Em., Wvlam H4 

Northuniiierland. (Mr. Chcenhim'i) 

FtUow of Morton aai. Oxf., l!M5 ; M.P. fur N«wouU«-ob-T^m, 18S1 Mcd ia USl 

Bromley, William DaTonport Hon of the Rev. William Davenpon 

Bromley, Wootton Hill, StaffordBhire. (Dr. Longley's) 

Lsfl in 1ftS5 ; Ch. Ch. oxf. ; J. P. mnd D.L. for Sudb. ; UraU-Ool. SUA. Tao. OftT. a^i-DLC 
t4> the Queen ; M.r. for N. WarwicUhlre. IM4-M ; a vraU-knowB ipoitaMB ; AMterf 
** Sport " ; MRimed the edditlinal sumune of ll«T«i|iort. 1865. Med J«a. Ulk, WL 

Buckinghaxa, Bichard Snow Mortimer, Hon of the Rev. J. Bnekiii^iia. 

Harrington Vicarage, Chulmlcigh, North Deron. 

(Dr. LongkjV 

Left Mar. 1SS5 ; Trin. CoIL Caub.. aA. 1848. MmI Dm., 18M. 

Carrick, Thomaa Kayer, son of T. Carvick, Esq., Wyke, Yorka^ 

(Mra. lieith <>) 

Sometime in the 78th Highlandera. 

Correr, John Bichardion, son of the Rev. D. R Currer, York. 

(Dr. Lon^*») 

Cricket XI.. 1888 ; Balltol Con. Oxf. »Mw»Ml by the a|MttlJ« oT hia MM, wm 
Sandford Laaber, Oxford, Feb. Otb, 1S40. 

Bering, Heneage William. (Mr. KennedrV) 

Distin, John William Brookfleld, son of T. Distin, Esq. (Mr. Kemiedy'4 

Cl«rk in Holy Orden, bnt baa raaigned hie Cnre of Sonb. 

The Rev, J. W. B. Di$tin, Jerteg. 

Domyille, William Henry, son of Sir William Domville, 8nd Bart, SL 

Albans. (Dr. Longkj'4 

Lift Dec 1886 ; Solicitor, 184S-75. 

W, //. Domville, Egq., 15, Gloucester Credent, Hyde Park^ 

Donovan, Richard, son of R. Donovan, E.«m|., Ball^-more, Oamolin, 0& 

Wexford. (Mr. Fhdiri 

Trio. Coll. Dnbl., and Stmlent uf Linciiln'ii Inn; Numetime Ca|it. Wexford IIUida;Ji- 
and II. L. for Co. WexfoM. liiKfa Hberiff, lh:>7 ; Provincial Urand MaMOToT the 
PruTince of Wicklow and Wexford. Uktd Jun. 14th, 1884. 

Edwardes, Hon. Thomas, hou of the 2iul Baron Kensington. 

(Dr. LongkyV 

Cricket XL, 1830 ; Trin. Coll. Cuiib., M.A. \i<U ; Rector uf Delahfunl, 1808- . 

Rev. the Hon, T, Edmirdem, BeUhford Rectttry, Hameasile. 

Faithful, Valentine Grantham, son of the Rev. F. J. Faithful, HaSfidi \ 

Rectory, Herts. (Mrs. LeMil 

Left in 1835 ; C.C.C. Camb., 1S30. M.A. 1845 ; Cnnt« of Hatfield, 1844; Aart. CliiiiM*! 
St. Paol'a E|)iaco|*l Cbnrcb. Edinbuncb, 1H48 ; Inconibentuf Trinity 
BdinbnrKh, 18!>1 ; retired. 1SS8. 

Rev. r. G. Faithful, 23, Royal CircuM, Edinburgh. 

Fitzherbert, John Knight, son of Sir Henry Fitzherbert, 8rd But,! 

Tissington Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

(Mr. KennedlVl 

Lift Jul 1888 ; Cricket XL, 1888, bnt nnable to iday at Lord's owinn to • i 

St. John's Coll. Camb., B.A., Wimngler, li>48 ; M.A. 1846; Oaptain'i CninMl^ il 
the Britiah-Italian Lef^, 1855. 

J. K. Fitzherbert, Esq., J. P., Twynham, Boumemouih. 


nranks, Willijaii, son of W. Franks, Esq., J.P., Woodhill, Hatfield. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Txm. ColL Ountu ; BarriaCar. 1846 ; J J*, for Middknx and Herta ; OfBciAl Private Sec to 
tiM Maiqaea ot Salidmiy, 1852 and 1858-9. 

kaat, Walter ColqiihoiUL (^f r. Phelps') 

Kinlake, PrwUm, son of Henry Karslake, £sq^ Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

liifi m 1839; Boliator, 1846; of WhiU Knights, Beadiog. Med Jnl. 21at, 1892. 

Lewis, innuan Bond. (Dr. Longley's) 

■aijorilMiiln, Dndlej Contts, son of K Maijoribanks, Esq Stanmore 

ftrk, Middlesex. (Mr. Drury's) 

Lrffc Dm. 1885 ; C^ Cb. Oxf. ; Fkitner in CootU' Bank and in the Ann of Menx k Co., 
Brawan; D.L. and J. P. for Middkaez and InTerow ■hire ; J. P. for WestniioBter ; 
ILP. for Berwick, 1858-48 and 1874-81 ; D.L. for Citj of London ; formerly a Director 
of H.B.La : created a Bart., 1S68 ; Ut Baron Tweedmonth, 1881. Died Mar. 4th, 1804. 

Fftttillo, Hairy Srakme. (Mr. Vh^\\\»') 

PftttoDo, James Brodie. (Mr. Phelps') 

UbbL-GoL 90th Begt. ; C.B. FeU in the attack on the Bedan, Sept. 8th, 18'j5. 

P^jiOB, Jowpk John Wakehnrst Qilv. Dmry's) 

Symona, Thomas Oeorge, son of T. H. Symons, Esq., Mynde Park, Here- 
ford. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

in the 4tli Boyal Iriah Diagooii Gnarda ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Hereford. Med 

Trower, Arthnr, son of G. Trower, Esq., Bloomsbury, W.C. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Uneoln CoD. Ozf., B.A. 1842 ; M JL 1849 ; held rariona Cnracice, 1843-74 ; Rector of St. 
Mazy-ttt-Hill, B.C., 1874-91. INcd in 1891. 

Wright, WHliam. (Home-Boarder) 

■BiniBect In •rtober 1833, 

Birday, Thomas Oeorge, son of C. Barclay, Esq., Bury Hill, Dorking. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

Left Mida. 1836 ; Memher of the firm of Barclay, Periuna t Co., Brewers. 

71 G. Barclay, Esq., J,P., Loicer Woodside, Hatfield, Herts. 

Browne, Oeoifirey Dominick Aiurnstas Frederick, son of the Rt. Hon. 

D. Browne, 5f .P., who was created Baron Oranmore 

and Browne, 1836. (Mr. Pheljjs') 

Trin. ColL Gamb. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Mayo, High SherilT, 1S41 ; J.P. for Co. Galway ; 
aaeoeeded aa ioA Baron, and aasmued the additional surname of Guthrie, 1860 ; Rep. 
Peer for Ireland. 

Lord Oranmore aitd Browtie, Castle Macgarrttt, Claremorris, Co. Mayo. 

BiQoway, William. (3f r. Phelps') 

iMlie, Arthur. (Dr. Longley's) 

EMign 40tl& Foot, 1838 ; Capt., 1846 ; Lieut.-Col., 1853 ; Col., IS62 : retired, 1864 ; com- 
manded the 40th Begt during the war in New Zealand, 1860-61 and 186S-4 ; C.B., 1861. 

Undsey, Richard Alexander. (Dr. Longley's) 

Keynell, Hngo Francis, son of H. C. Meynell, Esq., who assumed the 

additional surname of Ingram, of Temple Newsani, 
Yorks. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

J.P. and D.L. for Cos. Stallbrd and Derby; D.L. for W. Riding, Yorka; M.P. for W. 
Staftndahire. Died in 1871. 

K<mareiire, Sir Thomas, Bart, son of Sir David Moncreiffe, 6th Bart. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

Lieut. Soota Foailier Gnaxda and Grenadier Gnarda ; J.P. and D.L. for Perthahire ; 
Boo. CoL Boyal Perth B. V. ; succeeded aa 7th Bart., ISdO. Died in 1879. 


BalnuieM 1» Jamwarj ItSi. 

Carter, Willonghby Hareourt (Dr. Long^i) 

Cave, Stephen. (Dr. Lon^*i) 

IVini«>l <^*ll. Oxf., n.A. IMS ; M.A. \Mt \ Iterrtstor, 1M«; J.P. ud D.L. for Oa. Olowirtv; 

J.I*, for Hnaa : D.L. fur lintiikin ; Pra*. W. InrfU OHnmittM; wiiliin a DbwMr 

of the liADk iif RdicUimI : M.l*. for Hhorckani. IH&t) ; P.C, ISM; f>iynMt» CIm. iri 

Vic«-l*Te«. i>f HtMni of Tnule. 1m}i>-m ; Judiie Aav.^lMi., 18744 ; Titijnmmmr Ow.. ISTMI: 

.HjieciAl Env«i7 ti> E|Qr|H. iST'i ; of Clcve Hill. UkwcrflUrvhini MM la IMQl 

Fyler, James, son of J. L\ Fyler, E^i., Heffleton, Donet. (Dr. Lon^^'s) 

IMHol r«ill. Ozf., B.A. \U\ ; R«rtor of BUdingtoD, 18U4)1 ; of WtadWhm, Bam. 


72f r. «/. F^/er, WotnUaniU^ Windlfsham, Bagikol. 
Harman, John, son of K. Manimn, IWi, Clayhill, Enfield. (Mr. Fhelpil 

Uft MitU. \yiS7 ; Triu. Coll. Caiub., B.A. Ifi43 ; M.A. IfM. 

J, HarmaH, E§q., 47, Portman Square^ W, 

Heron-Kazwell, Edward Heron, son of Lieut-Qen. Sir John S. Heroe- 

Maxwell, 4th Bart, Springkell, Dumfrieadiire. 

(Mr. Fhelfsl 

J.r. for Co. Ruxlraivh And D.L. for Co. Dunifriaa ; derutttl himatlf chicly to tpottiammA 
«((TlcnItnrml inUrMta. Died Aug. tMth, 18M. 

Morgan, Henry Charles. (Mr. Kennedy'i) 

Soiiietiuid Id tho Army. 

Smith, Henry. (Uome-Boarder) 

Strange, Charles John, son of Sir T. Strange, Boulogne. (Uome-Boaider) 

.M.-^or R.A. ; itreewnt at the aietce of SelNiAt<>|Mil, nieiUI and claa|i. Mcd Jan., ISSa 

Strange, Robert Anstmther, brother of the alx>vc. (Home^Roarder) 

Itjirriittor. IMe«l JqI., ls57. 

Trevelyan, Walter Blackett son of R. Trcvelyan, Esq., Nether Wittos 

Hall, near MoriH?th, Northunil»orland. <Mr. H. DnuryV} 

Uft Mill*. iNiiK; Crickvt XI.. IKliT-P ; Scbttl. of C^doa CulL Canib. ; C. U. CricUl XL, 
l}442-3 : liirriMtcr ; Dracher cf the Middle Temple. 

ir. B. TirrelffaUj Esq., The Oaki^ GoUient GreeHy Hendon, 

EmtnimcM !■ Fcbrmarjr ISSI. 

Buchan, Mark Wilkes, son of Gen. Sir John Buchan, K.C.R, and grand- 
son of Col. Wilkes, Gov. of St Helena in 1815. 

(Dr. I^Dgley*!) 

Died in 1836. o * f 

Stewart, John Henry Fraser. (Mr. Dmrj'i) 

Eiii<Lfni Royal Marinc». KSSS ; Ca]it.. is:>2 ; Lient.-Tol., 1904. 

Woodford, Adolphns Frederic Alexander. (Mr. Oxenham'«) 

Univ. Coll. Dnr. : D.A. and L. Th. li^HS : Re(t4ir of Swillinfctnn, Norfolk, IMT-TS ; 
of St. Michjiern, N. Kensington, 1S7S- . Died about IS4>S. 

EBtrameeii l» April ISM. 

Ames, Henry Metcalfe, ^n of L. Ames, Es<|., The Hyde, Herts. 

(Mr. Kennedy^i) 

J.r. for Northnniberland, lliKh Sheriff, 1864. ^^ 

//. J/. Ames, Esq,, Linden^ SorihumherlamL 

Campbell, Alexander. (Mr. Ozenham'i) 


horry, George Cliarles, son of G. H. Cherry, Esq,, Denford, now Hunger- 
ford. Berka. (Jlr. H. Dniry's) 

hell Lu fttO : Honlbir, 1810 ; HmiI at Uii Soboor, UIO : Oilckal XI., IMO ; Ch, Oh. Oif.. 
U. 1.. 18M : o.V. cniikgt XI.. \%*\-i-i ; J. P. (« Btik*, High GbeilS, ISTl ; Cbnlmiu 
r.r QntrKr Buiiona, Viii-1. Died Jim. 12U>, IBBT. 

eireTB, Edmund James. (Mr. Oxenhem's) 

oils, Robert Aatle, son of R. Hills, Esq,, Colne Park, Essex. (Mr. Phelps') 

rj.r. iDdU.LforEwi. Mpd In l«6S. 
, John, son of C. P. Leslie, Esq., M.P. {Dr. Longley's) 

Lin In ISW-. Cb. Cb. Oil.. B.A. I6U; vrrad In tha Llfs Goniila, 1S41I.U: J.P. ud D.L. 
toi Coi. DaBI0i] ud HaiugUn ; M.P. tat Co, Moiui«hiui. IBTl^SD : cnatad ■ But., 1B7S. 
Sir John Lttlif, Bart, II, Siraiford PlaCf, fV. 
take, WilUam. (Dr. I^ngley'a) 

Onlett, Hon. Vere, son of the Sth Earl PouJett. (Mr. Dniry's) 

ft:,n..<nn<n C<>J. IK Bun.«H( MlUlU; Uami Vbwmil RtnViD on Ikt 'Intb ut Mi alder 
bTxthar, Kts, mm Aug, mb. IBEiT. 

Eeigh, Heary BunriU, son of the Rev. O. Rashleigb, Horton, KeoL 
(Mr. Druir's) 
BitucCuM. Oif, aA. tSUi CunU at Hoitoo Clrbf , ISU-Ti; Vicai, 1S74. 
fffc. ff. B. Rashleigh, Hortmi Kirbi/, Kent. 
IT, Bobert Dennett, son of C'apt. the Hon. Robert Dennett Rodney, 
R-N. (Dr. Longley's) 

Bonistlnin in fba Sci.t- FiuUJir Oiunli : fauecdnl bit DsrlB u (ttb Diuud Uninaj, 1S4I). 
Dim Ana. ll'Ih. IS*!. 
. Huk Beaofoy. (Mr^ Uith's) 

BoiuiUtiia In the Bangiil Cavilry. Dim 

Wa«, Bichard. (Mra, Leith'ti) 

Somatiiiio Id tha lat Mndma Ll^bt Otralty. Died of rbulen 4t f^b^JlApoar, 1642, 

ik, Clkurles William, son of A. C. Willock, £s>(., MurylulianB. 

, ^\ckM XL, 1H3I ; Balllol Cotl. Oirf.. U.A.. wamad tb* uddlUuu] •nnunu uf Dqwh. ISTO. 
C. W. Willoek-Daioeg, Esq., Burton Uill, Pfluorlh, Suw,r. 

Eotrmncn In Jmbc ISM. 

ly, Hedworth David, son of D. Barclay, Esq., Eastwick Park, Surrey.!, 
(Mr. Kennedy-a) -1 

nin. Cr>1l. C:inib. : uf Eutitiek Fitk u itboTa, Dim in ISTS, 

, Alexander Robert, son of the Rev. R. Dallas, London. 

(Dr. Ixingley'a) 

IT, Edgar Frederic. (Mr, Drury's) 

n, Alexander Hugh Leybome, son of Lieut. -Oen. E. W. I* Pophani, 

Littlecote, Wilts. (Mr, Drury's) 

fBi..C,ill.(.1if, ; KiL.cUiLoC^iK, Hiinnuin.liDBMIhUBin. E.V. ;«( KaTiMfort, Cu. SIIbo. 

EnlraBen In Srptcniber last. 

ir, Eon. Aoguatiu Oeorge Charles, son of the let T^ord Templo- 
more. (Mr. Oxenhatn's) 

It. Coldnnnni Ciuinli, IMS; Capt., 1819; HHnsUma LlmU-^Vil, TTlb Fonl ud IWh 
Foot; LiaoL^eD.. ntind:uind n lib tba (ilh Rafft. 1b tha Kami Wu, DHdid. IMT. 
<t.-Geti. the Hon. A. G. C. ChichetUr, Unibui Strrlee Club, S.W. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Cb. Ort ; \1iHi or BI. Mitr Miednlina, iHT., IMS ; jninad lt.G. Cbanb, 1S45 ; oiditDad 
aC PflM. 1MT 1 R«Kor tt at. Ktrj't. Glipbun, 18»i ; (ppuiatad FratiDcUl, IMH ; 
»..,.... ..a — I. — ,. ,jg2^ Dim Apt. Tlh, las* 


Cole, Stanley Burton, »on of h>. T. Cole, Em]., Stoke Lyne, Oxford. 

(Dr LongleyVi 

Dawson, Henry, son of the Rt. Hon. O. U. Dawson, Cantle Datraon. 

(Mr. Flielpil 

Kflciur uf Gnat MnnJen, Ileru. IHe«l Id l^CS. 

Forteicne, Hon. Dudley Francis, son of ViHcount Ebrington. ILP. 

af tvrwarils :ind £arl Furte»cuc, 17, Qrosvenor Squit 
W. (Mr. H. Dnnyn 

Left MkU I!4S7: Trtn. (Vll. <'«iub.. M.A. 1S4I : J.l*. for Cu. Watorfonl. and D.L. lorCk 
I>evon : M.l*. fi*r AiMltiver, ls'>7'7l : vu|Miiil Luiimcj CuniiuiMioiMr, 180i«8Oi 

Hon. I). F. Fort^ACHf, l», Hrrtfonl Street, Mayfair^ W, 

Goddard, John Hesketh. (Dr. Lon^y'i) 

Hoghton, CSiarles, son of Sir HiMir}* de Hoghton* Htk Bart, whoasBund 

the Minmnu^ of ]>oliMlo^'hton, 1825. (Mr. Drvr'i) 

Soiuetiiiie TaiiI. in the Aiiuj ; mtnintkl the Aiii'Miii ramanM of da Uo^Umi, 19C:fl» 
oeeJcd bia brotbtr m lOih llart.. Xs'W. Mf^il Ai>r. H*Ui. istM. 

Hoghton, Henry, brother of the alN»ve. (^fr. Dmiy'i^ 

St. John's CiiU. Ciunb. ; J.l*. ami IK I., fur ('<«. Unow^cr and Caidlgui, High Olwlff. IM; 
rMiiiiioil th« iuici«iit imnmiiie uf ile Ilnchtun, hihI >ucoeed«d hia fatbar aa Ml !~ 
IMe«l in IsTO. 

Morier, GreviUe, son of J. Morier, Kst). (Mrs. 

Cricket XI., IH40; IHiilomatiHt .ind NnxeliAt ; Sec. t«i Enibai^j in FtoialA: antkorof "Hi 
AdventurM uf llnji Uiiba. ' IMril 

Pownall, Walter. (Mr. Kennedsr'i) 

Pownall, WiUiam. (Mr. Kennedr'i) 

Pngh, Buckley. (Mr. DruT'ii 

Sutton, Francis, son of Sir Richard Sutton, 2nd Ikrt, Norwood FhL 

Notts. (Dr. Lon^i) 

Lift lb IS36; «it«reil the 5th FiM*t. 1S39 ; Mrred aftermanU io Tth FuUian, '"^a-wh^ 
l>rBgoons, and Kuyal Hone (tiianlB(niue) ; retired. IHM. 

Oii»t. Suttnii^ 18, Cunon Street, Ma^fair^ W, 

Watson, William Bryce. (Dr. Longkv'i) 

EatniBCc !■ •rt»ber 1H3I. 

Jenner, Henry Lascelles, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Herbert Jenner, Den 

of the Arches, .lud^e of the PreroaatiTe Coorti 
1, Chesterfield Street, Mayfair, W. (Mr. Kennedy's^ 

Left in 1S37 ; Trin. Hall Caiiib.. Schul. and rri«.iiian. IM39-40 ; LUD., 1841 ; D.U 
fnnm 18(77 ; Vicair i*f rrentuii. nenr Wiiifirluiin. IsM ; Bishc»|i uf DoDadin, Kaw 
iNJti ; rengnod in 1^71. 

Thp Right Rer. Bishop Jenner, Prr^ton Vicanigfj rid Dorer, 

EBtraaceA la lS35-e 44ale ■■crrUilB). 

Atcherley, David Francis, son of Mr. Serjeant Atchcrley, Marion HalL 


Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1844 ; J.P. und D.L. for Salop. Iliyh SherilT, 1964. Mc^ III 

Smythe, Hon. Percy Ellen Algernon Frederick William Bydnqr, son d 

the 6th \ iscount Strangford. 

MerUm Cull. Oxf. ; C)riental .Sec. to Britiah Eniboaay at Conatantlnopla ; a O: 
Portugal ; the fint Fhiloloftiat in England ; aucoeedad bia broihar aa SUl V 
Strangford, IS.'i? ; the Strangford Priaaa for Oeograiiby were fooodad by hia viiaa k 
bia in«noi7. Died Jan. 9th, ISOV. 


EnlrBDcru In January titan. 

VV. AiiJursoti, Esri-, of Padiiiugton, 
(Dr. Longley's) 

BendTSiie, Nelson, aou of John Bcndyshe, Esq., Kneesworth House, 
lloyaton, Herta, aiid De|iliew oE Lord Nelaoii. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

Left Dw.lKl!^: ■HUol In Wnc Woodcock, mmda. Died In 1877. 

BendfBhe, Ridiard, brother of the above. (Dr. Longley's) 

Ull Mu. IStO; Uonltsr, IS.TC: Tiio, ColL Ooib.. B.A. IMT; ILA. MO; ■ubwiuootlr 
Rev. R. lienilyih; B.i,-nn,,Um Hall, Camlridge. 
Bonyon, CharleB John, aon of li. J. BuuyoD, Esq., London. (Mr, Phelps') 

Ufl MUi. IMP; Monil..., ]63«-!ii C.C.C. (.■*n.b., B.A. IMS; M.A. ; Birrfttar, now 
" Mciunin Df y. T. lluijimgull, lluliu|> i>r Ubmu, ud ul Uiniilti hla Wlf*," itIW. 
C. J. Bu„!,an. Esq.. 37, Phillimort Garden*, W. 
Bnrchell, JameB, son of J. Burchell, Esq., of London. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

CBmerOD, Spencer, si 
Cleave, Benjamin Wood, si 

n of J. Cnmeron, Esij., Hampotead, N.W. 

(Mr. Drury'.-.) 
Q of B. Cleave, Esq., I^ne, Dorset. 

(Mr. Oxeiibani's) 
B. W. Clmvr, Egq.. Crfdilon, Deroa. 
Courtney, William Parley. (Mrs. Leith'a) 

Irby, Hon. AngUBtns Anthony Frederic, son of the Srd Baron Boston. 

(Mr. Kenn»jdy's) 

Earslake, William Henry. 

DiUic.l Ct.1!, O.f., D.i., 1 CI. : BUMI 

Rtr. W. H. KoTilake, Eatthounie. 
Harriott, Randolph. (Mr. Drury'a) 

R. Marriott, Eiq., South Elkingloi,, Lincoln. 
Peel, Hobert, aoj] of Sir Robert I'eel, 2nd Bart. 

CiiokM St.. liU3.e: izh.Ch. Oir.: «iiui«l mpIaniAilii Banln, Adochdal Mndrlil, t9M4: 
Bk. hi OillUb Lwn""!' '" SvlUBrlnud uul CUrgt d'AOiilnit llinit, \Ht: Lard of 
tb* Adrntialli , lH.i-T : i*blEt am. tor Inlimd. ISul^A; nuoHdal u aid But., IStO: 
X.r. tin Tuimnii.ti. in^o^so; for UonllDBdon, l8Si;(oi ninskbDiii, IKS; J.P. ud 

Rl. Hon. Sir Boberl F«el, Bart, G.C.B., 12, Rb-atUm Street, W. 
Smyth, William Henry, aou of the Rev. W. Smyth, I.Athbuiy. Bucks. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

J.I', imd D.L. Co. Lincoln. Bigh ShsTitT, ISC; J.F. tot K. Riding, Tcilu. : Blab 
H'.. H. Smyth, Etq., J.P., Elkingtoa Halt, Louth. 
Wataon, John, son of R. Watson, Esq., Lutterworth, Leiceatembire. 

(Mr. ITielps') 

B«ilor(p(Holn)i>t.-nan<lVltorufW8lwlcli, ViTki. Dlnl In 1M7. 

Bailey, William Latham. (Mr. Oxenbam's) 

Dendy. Arthnr Hyde, son of S. Dendy, Esq., 6, MonUgne Street, W.C. 

(Mi^. Leith'9) 


■■tniMM !■ Apru nm. 

iz, Williui Kent, son of C. AUix, Esq., WiUonghby HaD, Lincofaulmt 

U^- Lragfef'i) 

Ckpe. lit Rojal lUsi. ; A.D.C. to Sir de Lmj Ktam. KflMI at lak^nMB, 5er. kk. 

Court, Ibgor Henry, son of >f. H. Court, Esii. (Mr. Dnsyi) 

Bennl C.S.. 1840; InftitectoMicii. N.W.T. Ttiliot, IMO-07 : OmimiMioBar of Bt«m« 
llMnit and AllahabMl. 1M)T-7'J ; J.F. fur B«rki ; C.&I.. 18«L 

.!/. //. Criur/, /:«/., C,S,L, Cantleman'B, Tw^ford, Berkw. 

Forbes, Charles Willuun, hod of U. Forbe-s Esq., West Coetea, Edinbaid 

(Dr. Longl^ 

Oriel Coll. Ozf. ; J.P. fur Wilta. 

a W. ForheM, E§q,, J.P,, Sandecfiks, Danet 

Hodgson, Christopher Pemberton, son of Rev. R Hodgson, The VIcsiia 

RickmanHworth. (Mr. Dmiyi) 

Viot-CoDMil at Fao mmI Gmb (NornwDdj), and CqbmI at N'^Hakl, Japas. MM >■ !•& 

Mills, Harrington Stopford Thomas, mn of the Rev. Thomas M3K 

Stutton, near l]»flwick. (Mr. Fhdp^ 

Uft Dm. 1840: lf«miu>r. 1840; Cricket XI.. 1840; Cb. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 1S44 ; JUL Ml 
O.U. Cricket XI.. 1H41-2-3 ; Rector vt Lawehall. Boflulk. 

Rev, B. S. T. MilU, Laimhall, Bury St. EdmumU, S^oiL 

Portal, Wyndham Spencer, hou of J. Portal, Etk|., Freefolk PriorSjUsnti 

(Mr. FhelpO 

R.M.C. Sandhnrvt: J.P. ami D.L. for llanU. Hlffh Sberiff. IMS; lala €b|A. HMto T» 
OiT. ; CbalnuaD L. 4: S. W. R. Co. 

IF. S. Portal, £'«/., J.P., Mahhanger^ Basingitohe, 

EatmarM la Hay IHSS. 

Cole, James Henry, son of Gen. Hon. Sir Galbraith L Cole, Q.C.R 

(Mr. Phe^ 

DiMl in 1SS8. 

Fitzroy, Hon. Angnstos Charles Lennox, second son of Henry, Esri d 

EuAton, 7, Grosvenor Place, W. (Mr. Phelpi') 

Eaterad GOth Riflee, 18S7 : excbaoKed U> C4>ld«treAu GoanU. 1898 ; CoL, ISSS ; lla|.<fla. 
1870 ; Ll.-<jeii., 1880 ; retired iien., 18i4l ; nerved in the CrhneaB OmpaigB. neaal ol 
three claii«, SMnlinian uml Tnrkinh nteiUU. &th Claw Met^idift, 1864 ; Bboarrr to EJL 
1840-82 ; Hon. Etinerry, lt«8:2- : J.l\ fur Om*. Northampton and Soflblk ; Handttu} 
Ranger of Whittlebnry Forest ; snccoeded hia brother as itb Duka of Oiafloa, 18tt: 
K.O., c.a 

The Duke ofOmfton, K,G„ Emton Hall, Thetford. 

Pares, Thomas John. (Dr. Lon£^4 


EatraafM la Jaae IS35. 

Harford-Battersby, Thomas Dnndas, son of A. G, Harfonl-Battersby. 

Esq., Stoke House, Stoke Bishop, near Bristol. 

(Mr. Phelpsl 

Left in 1830; Balliol Coll. Ozf., D.A. 1^41; M.A. 1S44 ; i.nlained, 1847: VioAr ol Si 
John'a. Keswick, 1801-83 ; founded the Keawick Ctinvention, I87j. Me4 la ISSa 

Loftns, Lord Henry York Astley, son of the 2iid Marquess of ^j. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

Cricktt XI., 1840 ; O.U. Cricket XI., 1841 McA In 1880. 


EBlrattOM In Beptcmbw INB. 
tlve, Thomu Taylonr, Karl of, m)d of the 2nd Mturqut 

a of Iloadfort. 
(Mr. Kennedy's) 

BM* SMnm b) Urd-Unii. of Inlud, 1S5S : Blab ShuUf of Oo. UMtb. IhU. uhI ut 

Oi. CktMi, ISM : M.P. fot Vr»tii>Didiu.d, JSM^O : L<»d-U*nl. of C<>. BI«U> : J. P. fm 

Cm. Ckvui and Wmtiuoniluia ; Mid CnL-iB-Obtaf 4th Bull, R«TnJ Irinb FulUon u>d nt 

Hblkll. Ldiutat lUgt. : K.V.; P.C. : luccoMM •• SnI MuqiH, ISTO. 

The 3farqiusi of Jleadforl, 46, Belgravt Sq., S. W. 

Lghton, Peter. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

(HIU.11.W, Brrt Pniinmo Hwidi : Lleuu-Cl. Sid SwOordHUltk ; J.F. mid D.L. (ut Ow. 
IWd[> uJ guabtd, Dtnl Id 1981. 

I, Bobert, son of — Burn, Esq., Edinburgh. (Dr, tx>ngley'B) 

wr, WiUism. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

MlgniM lo Bliw»»liiii7 ulth «i. KmiiivIj, IBM. 

itlder, Robert AnglutliB, sen of J. Fauld«r, Esq., WesUninstcr, 

(Sir. Uith'a) 
fl. ,1. >•«»?'/?,■, £».;,, Church F.tlds, Harro,^ 
\ William OctaviuB ShakespeiiTe, eon of the Rev. Mr. Oilly, Cwion of 
Durlmni, Noflmm, near Berwick. (Dr. lyingky's) 

mis, Thomas Oeorge Lyon Bowes, Lord, hou of George, \^tA Glaniis, 
aiRl gramisiiii uf tlio lOtli Earl of Strathmore. 

(Dr. Longley's) 

BoDuMiiuB in UiK life - »vxnAeA Ui imindfiuhar u lUh Bui, IBM ; j> HgvwuiM- 
lirn r»t (or Sa-Uidrt ; D.L. (or C, Forfur ; LJml.-CkiL Forfir T™. Or. htM la 

r, William Adrian Keith, Lord, non of the 7th Earl of Kintore. 
(Dr. Longley's) 

SaiDiiiiuD Ueni. ITili Llghi Dnig<xiw. lUllMl b^ ■ Ml «)>« liaBtiag, \»4a. 

in, Bobert Lydstoii, .son of Sir itobert W. Newman, Ut Bart. 

(Mr. Drury'a) 

I* nipt. Girmwlla Giuudi ; luucaled u Sod Butt., IS-tJ. UnMI « Inlwniiui, 

Palmer, William James, m 


SermouT, Hash Horatio, » 

of J. Palmer, Esq., IJchfield. 

1 of the Iftle CoL H. H. J. Seymour. 

(Home- Boarder with Mr. Cunningham) 

Ifll Jnl. leiO: !il.,Bltor, vm; Tiln. OtIL CAiub.. tl.A. IM«: J. P. for MIddlwi, ISSS: 
finOu. mU.[irt..D. IMi. 
//- H. Seymour. Et-i., J.P., », Upim- Bmek Strttl, W. 
Sharpe, Hercules Brabaion. (Mr. Oxenhau's) 

Shaw, Bobert, son of Sir Frederick Shaw, 3rd Bart,, Bushy IVk, Dulilin. 

(Mr. renr'h) 

TrtiL OnlL^rmW.. B.A. _1MS:_M.A. IWT ; J.P. (W Cn. Ihiblln, Uial. MmiUI. IMS ; IiM 

n Ocluhrr IMS. 

r OolbTi Bobert. 




(Til Tiwtfu^ 

Ckpt Ut iBfal Bill. ; A.IML to llr dt Ucv S«M& Bfltatf ^ Mm^m, »«. ■( 

Court, Xijor Haury, ion of M. H. Court, Eiq. (Mr. Ik«|\i 

D«Mft] CA. 1840; iMpMlor-OM. N.W.F. FbUot, IMMT; OnnWiW «C Bn^tf 
MMivt UMl AlkbftbMl, 1807.71; J.P. for Biika; OJlL, Wtk 

M. II. Gmrt, E$q., CJ8.I., autffmati'i, Twn^M^ 

Forbes, CluurlM Williain, son of 0. Forbos Eiq^ Weit OoifteB, 


OrM ObU. Oxf. ; J.P. tot WUU 

C. W. ForheM, Etq.^ JJ^., SamkeoiUf DomL 
HodgioB, Clulitq^cr FntarioB, Mm of Rat. K HodfMS, The 'VkiM 


ICills, Barrington Stopflsrd Iflunmi, son of ths Ber. 

Stutloii, near Ipswich. 

Uft Dm. 1840; Monitor, 1840; CrIolMt XL, 1840; Ch. Ck. Oil, 
O.U. Cricket XL, 1841.S-8 ; BMtor of Uwahall, SiiiUk. 

Rep. B. 8. T. MUk, Laumkall, Burff 8i. Biwrnrndt^ 
Portal, Wyndham Spenoer, son of J. Portal, Esq., IVeefolk 

(Mr. HilM 

RM.C. Suidbiint; J.P. ud D.L. for UmU. Hlgii 
GkT. ; GhttiTBMi Lb * & W. BL OoL 

W. 8. Portal, Etq., J.P,^ Maldianger^ BaamgMk. 

Cole, Jamaa Henrj, son of Oen. Hon. Sir Galbraith L. Ooki G.CJL 



Fitiroy, Hon. Augustas Charlies Lemioz, second son of llsMy, ImI 4 

Euston, 7, Groevenor race, W. (Mr. Hs^ 

Intmd OOkh BlflM, 18S7 ; ncbuwid to GoUbtrcMi Gviuda, ItM ; OoL, ISM; 

1875 ; Lt-OMU, 1880 ; rtiirid (kn., 1881 ; Mrrad in tlwCiliiMi QmmS 

thiw dMM, SuilliiiMi andTnikiiihinedftlfl.5ChClMilli4lldkkl8MiB| 

18494S ; uoB. loMrry, 1882- ; J.P. for Ocm, ITortlHaplOB aai 8iM 

lUiigMrol Wblttkbmiy Forcit; raccndtd bla blotter m Tth IMn«ff 

K.O., CLBb 

Th» Duke of Grafton, K.G., Euston Hatt, Tketfifrd. 

Pares, Thomas John. (Dr. Lo^^^V 

BatnuMct Im J«»e isst. 

Harford-Battersby, Thomas Snndas, Hon of A. G. Harford-Battaniif. 

Esq., Stoke House, Stoko Bishop, near BrirtoL 


Left in 1880 ; BaUiol CoU. Ozf., RA. 1841 ; M.A. 1844 ; oidainod, 1847 ; Tlwr if 81 
John's, KMiriok, 1861.88 ; foamkd tlM Kanriek Convtntkn, 1875. MM tm ISSa 

Loftus, Lord Henry Tork Astley, son of the Snd Marquess of By. ^^ 

(Mr. KeuiMifcnv 

CrioktlXL,1840;O.U.OrickttXL,1841 Ms«inl88QL 


Rstriinrr* In Hrptrinbcr IMS. 

i, Tbotnas Taylonr, Earl of, sou of the Snd Marqaess of Headfort. 
(Mr. Kennedy's) 

> SMmrJ !■> 1,,111-IJiut. of Inlwd leF^Ii High SlieiU) <>t Oo. Hnib, IBM, wd nt 

Ci^ Ch»a ud Wiinii.'.niiliuid : nod (V^I.-i'n-Cblet tib VUtt. ttoTkl Irlib Fiulllcn 'uid of 
Mb Quit. Ulnntr Hi«t. : K.f. : P,C, : >u«iHd«) m Snl Mai<)tu». IHD. 

Tfte MarqMit f>/ Headfort, 16, Belgrave Sj., S-tT. 
Iroughton, Peter. (Mr. Kennedy'a) 

Gniiiciiuic C*i>t. Std thifnwti OuinU ; lJeDt.-Giil. Sid BtHfford Mllitlji ; J, P. nod B.L. tat Cam. 

aai:j[. tni auftiTd. mra u issi, 
lurn, Eobert, son of — Buni, Esq., Edinburgh. (iJr. l^ngley's) 

lowper, WUliam. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

MigmUd to Shnvitmi) »lt>> Mt. Kwrnnl^, I8H, 

bolder, Robert Angnstni, sou of J, Faulder, £m)„ Weetminster. 

(Mr. Uith's) 

ff, ,1. Fauldt,; E»q., Church Firkti, Harrme. 

[illy, William Octavius Shakespeare, son of the Rev. Dr. Oilly. Canon of 

IJurhani, Noi'ham, near Bccwick. (I)r. Longley's) 

tlamis, Thomas George Lyon Bowea, Lord, son of George, Lord Ulainb, 

iiuO grandson of tlie lOth Earl of Btrathmore. 

(Dr. Longley'a) 

sini bu inuHlhlhu u lUh ffiul, UM : a Otumait*- 
,r CV.. ForfBi; Ll«nl.-Cul. Furfur Y«. Co». blM In 

William Adrian Keith, Lord, son of the 7th Eail of Kintore. 
(Dr. Longley's) 

17tb LLfiht DngDou. Killed tvx Ml obnlounilWi IMA 

I, 1st Bart. 
(Mr. Drury's) 

Cajii, (iniwdin Ouu<l>: (UMSHlal u Ind Bui., MM, Untra M tDknniMi, 

nan, Bobert Lydstos, son of Sir Robert W. Ni 

kunetiiHt Caiii, (iiciwdin Ouu<l>; (UmehIiiiI u Snd B*n., 
Nuv. Ufa, 1654. 

r, William James, eon of J. IMmer, Esi^., Lichfield. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

■, Hnfh Horatio, son of the lRt« Col. H. H. J. Seymour. 

(Homo- Boarder At-ith Mr. CuiiniDgham) 

r. isni ; Trls. Oidl. Gunb., B.A. IMt : J. P. tot IIUdlMa, IW : 

H- H. Sf!/-'oi,y, Esq., J.P., 80, Upper Brook Street, IK. 
Ibarpe, Hercules Brabazon. (Mr. Oxenhom's) 

LMTi Bobert, son of Sir Frederick Shaw, 3rd Bart., Bush; Park, Dublin. 

(Mr. Pear's) 

liu. OoU. DnM.. S.A. IMII -. M.A. IH4T : J.T. tor IV Duhlio, UlRb bhtnS, IS4H ; l*U 
Lim(.-«aL tt/ryml Dablln Mtll(i« : HXMidHi •• itb Onrt., ir.«. 
Sir Sobfrl Shaw, Bart., ax aborr. 

EntrouM In Ortul>«r I83S. 

lie CiukU uf Anjfuu 




Alliz, WiUiMi Knt, son of C. AlHz, Ehi^ WObai^bsr HidL Li 

Ckpt UL lofal Bill. ; A.IML to llr dt Ucv S«m& Bfltatf ^ Ukm^m, Wm. m, 

Court, Xidor Hairy, ton of M. H. Court, Esq. (Mr. Ik«|\i 

D«Mft] CA. 1640; iB^MeloMka. N.W.F. FbUot, TrlTmMw «C Bn^tf 

MMivt UMl AlkUbMl. 1807-71; J.P. Ibr Biika ; OJlL, liH 

M. II. Gmri, E$q., CJ8.I., OaHUman^B^ Ta ^f ^ b w ^ 

Forbes, ChurlM Williain, ion of 0. Forbes, Eaq^ West OoifteB, 


OrM ObU. OKff. ; J.P. tot WUU 

a W. ForheM, £19., JJ*., &uiAeote, Aofwi 

HodgiOB, Chriitophier PmtarioB, eon of Rat. K HodiMS, IheTievM 

RieknMuwwortL (Ifr.Dratj^ 

ICills, Barrington Stopflsrd Iflunmi, son of thi Ber. TkoMs IGk 

Station, near Ipswieh. Qfr. A^ 

Laft Dm. 1840; Monitor, 1840; CrIolMt XL. 1840; Ch. Ck. Oit, BlA. ItMs 
O.U. Crkkat XI., 1841.S-8 ; Baotor of UwahaU, BtfUk. 

Rev. B. 8. T. MiiU, Lawakall, Bwf Si. JStfwuiiA, A|fUk 

Portal, Wyndham Spenoer, son of J. Portal, Eaq^ IVeefolk 

RM.C. aamUrant; J.P. and D.L. for Uaata. HIgiiflbOTii; lMi;lrta tak'^rttoftl 
GkT. ; Ghalraiaa Lb * & W. R. Ool 

fT. S. Porto/, Etq., J.P., Malthanger^ BatmgMk. 

Cole, Jamea Henrj, son of Gen. Hon. Sir Qalbraith L. Ooki G.CJL 


Fitiroy, Hon. Angnstui Charlaa LeasoXiMcond loa of flaiy, ImI d 

Euston, 7, Groevenor Plsce, W. (Mr. lU^^ 

Bntaiad OOkh RiflM, 18S7 ; ascbaiwid to GoUatnaBt Gviaida, ItM; OoL, 1i«: 
1875 : Lt-OMU. 1880 : ntiradOaa., 1881 ; anradjB tlM ' 
thrw tf 

thna dam, aantlAiaa and Tnikiak mcdala. 5Ui Claai Ma^lldk^ 1814 ; 
18404S ; Hon. Bqvarry, 188S- ; J.P. for Ooi. ITortlHaplOB aai 8i 
BaBfar of WhmUbmty Foiwt ; raccndad hia biotkar m Ttk Daln 
K.O., C.Bb 

lU Duke ofQrafUm, K.G., Euston HM^ TkB^d. 

Pares, Thomas John. (Dr. Lo^^^V 


Harford-Battersby, Thomas Dnndas, »on of A. G. Harford-Battsniif, 

Esq., Stoke House, Stoko Bishop, near BrirtoL 


Laft in 1880 ; BaUio] ColL Ozf., RA. 1841 ; M.A. 1844 ; oidainad, 184T j Tlav «f 81 
John'a, Kaairiok, ISSl-SS ; foondad tba Kanriek Convantlon, 1875. MM Is ISSa 

Loftus, Lord Hnry York Astky, son of the Snd Marquess of By. 

(Mr. KeuiMifcnv 

Criokat XL, 1840 ; O.U. Orlckat XL, 1841 MM in IML 

W. 1S3.'5.] 



Knlrnni^i In SrplrmtHr INSS. 

^, Thomu Taylonr, Barl of, son of thu Snd Marquess of UcAdfort. 
(Mr. Kennixiy'H) 
■u sunrd b. Lcml'Llciii. nf InUail, \W,i: Hub BlMiiff nf Co. Mntb. 1M4, Uil of 
Co. tw™n, lfl,W ; M.l". (oi ff«iu>..iBl«ia, 1»M^0; Lutd-Lionl. uf Co. HmiIi: J.P. (ot 
(.Vt. CkKD iiHl Wiriiwriiluid ; uul 0»l..|Ti«1>)<>t tUi tliH. Rofol Iriih Fnilllen ud of 
[ilh Bktl. UUiitn Ri«u : K.1-, ; r.O, ; gnomlid u SnI Mftrqmi. IBID. 
The Marqueit of Htadfm't, 16, Btlgravt Sq., S.W. 
iroughtoa, Peter. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

8<>n>(tiu»Cni>l. 3idnnpiiinOiiu<li;L»ut..Cul. SriBUBurdHiminl J.t.sna D.L.furC«. 
Salop and SUffonl. IHcd in 19SI. 

ium, Robert, son of — Bum, Eat|., Edinburgb. (Dr. Longley'a) 

owper, WiUiam. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

MiKDilul u< 8bI«^••but7 Hllb Mr. Kmnsi)}. ISIS. 

'anlder, Robert Angastna, mn uf J. Fnnlder, Enn., Westminster. 

(Mr. Leith'a) 
fl. .1 , Fanldtt; E^q,, Chnrrh Firldi, 
of the Rev. Dr 

J- Ikrwick. (I)r. Longley's) 

lomis, Thomaa George Lyon Boves. Lord, son of George, Lord Ulamis, 
and grandson of tlie 10th Karl of Ntmthtnore. 

(Ur. Longley's) 

SanstluiB ID tilt Life nimnli ; (ucmdtri bl> (tntidfatbn u IIUi Bui. IMS ; ■ HmiMuilK' 
li.t FMt (oi SootLuid ; U.L. tai Co, Toihr ; UouL^Jol. Foiflir Yto. O-. MM! tn 

nverury, WiUiam Adrian Keith, Lord, son of the 7ih Earl of Kintore. 

(Ur. Lougley's) 

SuuicliUD Limll, 17lb Llgtit Dngoolu. IUIIr< b} ■ Ml >Ih« bimCing, l»«Q. 

[ewmon, Robert LrdBton, »oa of Sir Robert W. Neivman, 1st Bart. 

(Mr. Drur/s) 

'aimer, ViUiam James, son of J. Pabner, Esq., Lichfield. 

eymonr, Hugh Horatio, son of the late Col. H. H. J. Seymour. 

(Home- Boarder with Mr. Cnnningbani) 

Uli Jul. IStO: M.^nlhT. I!i»i; TiU. ColL Ciiub., B.A. lUt; J.r 

//. //, Srymour, E>q., J.P., 80, Dp^w Brnok Streft, tf. 
ifaarpe, HercQles Brabazon. ' (Mr. Oienham's) 

if».W, Robert, son of Sir Frederick Shaw, 3rd ilart.. Bushy Park, Dublin. 
C (Mr. E-ear'») 

^V Ttln. OnU. nnbl., B.A. IMS : H.A, tMl ; J.r. tar On. Pahlln, Illgb fibtrta, IMS ; UU 

■ Umt-COl, Rajmi l>abltn HiUtlK i nimdid M lib Dart., ISK. 

■ Sir Jiobert Skate, Bart., at abm-e. 


'" ~ ' - (Mr. Kennedy's) 

n Orlohf r IMS. 




AllJT, WHUmi Knt, son of C. Affix, Ehi., WiUoqi^ TTill Thrnhiiii 

(Til Tiwtfu^ 

Ckpt UL lofal Bill. ; A.aCL lo llr dt Ucv S«m& Bfltatf ^ Mhb^ »«. ■( 

Court, Xidor Hairy, ion of M. H. Court, Esq. (Mr. Ik«|\i 

D«Mft] G.&. 1840; bMpMtor-OOT. N.W.F. FbUot, IMMT; OnnWiW «C Bn^tf 
MMivtMid AUikated. 1807.71; J.P. for Biika; GJLL. liH 

M. II. Gmrt, E$q., OS J., OutUmam'9, Twi^M^ Bm^ 

Forbes, CharlM Williain, son of 0. Forbes, Eaq^ West OoOm, 


OrM ObU. Oxf. ; J.P. tot WUta. 

C IT. fYrSm, £19., J.P., &uiAeote, Aoiwi 

HodgsoB, Chriitophier PmtartoB, eon of K&r. K HodiMS, The "VieHM 

RiekraenswortL (Mr. DM9I1I 

ViwCoMrirtFwi— i QMS QlwfiMiHyV—i Cowl rt|tiiPMM,Ji^|M. MetfliMB 

Mills, Barrington Stopflsrd Iflunms, son of tbs Ber. TkoMs IBk 

Station, near Ipswieh. (Mr. flip 

Uft Dm. 1840; Monitor. 1840; CrIolMt XL. 1840; Ch. Ch. Oil, BlA. ISMj 
O.U. CridMt XL, IMl-M ; BmIot of UwahaU. StfUk. 

22ev. A i6f. 7. MilU, Lawdkdl, Buff Si. Eimmtdi^ A|fUk 
Portal, Wyndham Sponoer, son of J. Portal, Esq^ IVeefolk 

RM.O. Suidbtin* ; J.P. umI D.L. for UmU. HIgiiSbOTii; U»: IrtB ttvk'^rttote 
GkT. ; OhaiTWM Lb * & W. BL Oou 

fT. 8. Portal, Etq., J.P.t Mal$hanger^ BatrngMk. 


Cole, Jamea Hennr, son of Oen. Hon. Sir Oalbraith L. CUei G.CJL 


Fitiroy, Hon. Augustas Charles Lemioz, second son of Hsmj, IhI d 

Euston, 7, Groevenor race, W. (Mr. IM^ 

bUnd OOkh RiflM, 18S7 ; ndMiwid to GoUbtrcMB Gviuda, ISM ; OoL, ISM; 
1875 : LL-aMU, 1880 ; nUrid (kn., 1881 ; mmd tn tlwCiliiMl Ola ~ 
thiw dMM. SudlniMi ud Tnikiiih medftla. Mb Omi If^judla, UMV 
1B4M9 ; Hon. Equ&rrj, 1882- ; J.P. for Ooi. IToftlwaploB ud SH 
lUuMMTor WbHtbbmiy FofMt; raccnddl hit blotter m Tth IMn«ff 
K.O., G.& 

The Duke ofGrafUm, K.G., Euttcn Hall, Tketfhrd. 

Pares, Thomas John. (Dr. homffiK^ 


Harford-Battersbj, Thomas Sandas, Hon of A. G. Harford-Battenlif, 

Esq., Stoke House, Stoko Bishop, near BrirtoL 


Left In 1880; Bsllio] ColL Ozf., RA. 1841; M.A. 1844; oidainod, 1847; TlwrffSl 
John's, KMirick, 1861-88 ; foonikd tlM K«wiek GoDVtntlon, 1875. BSstf tm ISSIL 

Loftos, Lord Henry Tork Astley, son of the Snd Marqoess of Bjr. 

(Mr. KeuiMifcnv 

CriaktiXL,1840;O.U.CrlcktiXL,1841 Ms« in 18801 


enlrnnns In Sc-ptrmber IMS. 

Bective, Tbomaa Taflonr, Earl of, son of the Snd Marquess of Headfort. 

{Mr. Konncdy'n) 

StaU SU«>rd 1.1 Util.I.lcni. ut Ixtuid, MiH; Hteta SImiUT •>( Oi;. Uailh, InU. .uil •>( 
n... ilivw., isift: U.P. (ni W«!ii,nT.Uiirl, lew-ro; Lord-Limi. nf Cn. Mraih ; J,P (m 

rfte Murqutst of Beadfurl, 46, Belgratt Sq., 8. IT, 
Brooghton, Peter. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

SunKtluiiCi.t. aiiinni«<»»aiutds;LlEnt.-Ool.Stdauiron]V[UtlA-,J.P.UHl D.L.(d>Oi». 
Snt-<i' uid SUlTnld. Died la I8S1. 

Bom, Robert, Kon of — Burn, Esq., Edinburgh. (Dr. Longley's) 

Cowper, William. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Fanlder, Robert AngaBtas, son of J. Fnulder, Eai., Westminster, 

(Mr. Leith'fl) 

R. A. FauMev, Ei'i, Church Fields, IlarroiB. 

Gilly, William Octavius ShakeBpeare, eon of the Rev. Dr. OiUy, Canon of 

Durham, Norhain, near Berwiek. (l)r. Ixingley's) 

OUunis, Thomas Qeorge Lyon Bowes, Lord, son of George, T^rd Glainis, 

ant! grandson of the lOth lifvil of Strftthmore. 

(Dr. Ix>ngley'a) 

&1I1 Tliiiic Ui tlic Lift Guaifta ; vULindtil hii iinndhUiw u lllh Bui. tS4« ; a IlapnMiiU. 
II.. r™. tin SolUad ; D.l_ (or Co. Furf»i ; Ueul..Cul. FortM T«. On. MmI m 

Inverary, William Adrian Seith, Lord, son of the 7tb Earl of Kintore. 

(Dr. LongIey"s) 

Bcmntiii.o Umit. Illh Llghl Dngoimi. VMU* b} ■ tMl otiai bmnlDg, IMO. 

Newman, Bobert Lrdston, son of Sir Robert W. New-man, Ist Bart. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Soniiilnit Oii't. timmiller Gmida; innulsl u End Burt. IS4J. lUtlvd *l Inlunuui, 

Palmer, William James, aon of J. Palmer, Esq., IJchfield. 

(Mr. Kennedy's) 

Seymour, Hugh Horatio, son of the late Col. H. H. J. Seymour. 

(Home-Boarder with Mr. Cunningham) 

L>rt JiU. IFtn : Huniu>r, ISSO -, Trfn. OoU. Cunb.. B.A. 1M4 : J.t>. lor Mlddlua, 1»K : 

//. H. Stymour, Eiq., J.P., 30, Upptr Brook Street, W. 
Sbarpe, Hercnles Brabason. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Shaw, Eobort, son of Sir Frederick Shaw, 3rd Bart. Bushy I'ark, Dublin. 

(Mr. I'ear's) 

Tilii, Cull. Dnbl., S.A, 1M9: H.A. WIS ; i.V. tot <%>. OabllD, niRb UbnilT, 1MB; luLS 
U>nt.-Gol. 1107ml DoMlnlKUtlk; nmedadMllta Out., ISTO. 
Sir Robert Skata, Bart., tu abovr. 

Enlraurr In Orlelier I113S. 

Colby, Robert. 

CUtbCoIL Ouuh., LUn. IS(.1 : mnnuiut Cui»te ol AtuT^Kl, I 



[Jax. 1811 

EBlmaccs Uk Jmrnrnmrs W 

Ainfllie, Henry. (Mr. KennedyV 

aii«nt«d with Mr. KeuMily to ffhramlmiT; Trin. Goll. OuuK, B.A. ISM; M^ iw: 
■umetinic Cunu* uf llnry ; Vioar iif EMingwold, 1856>7S ; View of Apptahniai 

WindeniMr*, IS7S. 

Hon. George Thomas Orlando, Hon of the 2nd Earl of Bndfoii 

Weston Hall, Shifnal. (Mr. Kennedj'i) 

Left in 1841 ; Trin. Ctill. r»nib.. M.A. 1H4S: lUcUir of Wilkgr, fl»lop, 18S4M1; of ft. I. 
lUjmihill. 1A&S-64 : iif WiKAn. IJuicMbira, Ih64 ; lloo. Cumb vi IJ¥«po«>l, ISW ; GhnL- 

m CbApL to tki mm- 

in-Ordinarr to the Queen, 18TS ; Rural Dean uf 
cheeter A.B.R.V. 

Acting CbopL to tki 

(auioh Bridgftimn^ The Hall^ Wigau. 

Clerk, Robert, son of R. Clerk, Estj., Wcntholmc, SomeraetBhire. 

(Dr. LonglejV} 

Left In 1888 ; Serijeant-at-Anne to the Lefri»L%tiTe AMenibly of TkwnnnUi 

R. Clerk, E*q.t Saiuiy Btiy^ Hobart, Tasmania, 

Grenfell, Charles William, Aon of C. P. Grenfell, Esq., Taplow Conn. 

Maidenhead. (Mr. Fheljv') 

M.P. for Sandwich and afterwania for Windsor. Mfl« in 1801. 

Grenfell, Henry BiTorsdale, ]>rotlicr of the above. (Mr. Fhdpsl 

Left Dec. 1839 ; Oh. Ch. Oxf. ; Director <if the llank of Ki^land and Govomor, 1S8MS: 
Lieat.-Col. of Militia (retired); D.L. for City of Londun; J.r. for Borka; 
8uAe*n|ion-Trent, IWiS. 

H, R. Grenfell^ Esq., J,P,, BacrtB^ HeHUy-aH'TkameM. 

Halls, John James. (Mr. Dnxrf^) 

Hamilton, Levison RosselL (Mr. Oxenhsmi) 

Haviland, John, son of J. Haviland, Ksci., M.I)., Ditton Hall, Ciambrid^. 

llegiud iVofes8or of rhysics in Ounb. Univ. 

(Dr. LoD^ep) 

St. John'a CtiU. Canib., H.A. 18IS; M.A. 1846; Nnrriaian Priae Binj, 184S: Beelorrf 
FUdbury, Woroeeter. 1863-77 ; of llartlelmry. Worcester, 1877-8. 

Rer. J. Haviland, ChatstCftrth, Hountemuuth, 

Hopton, Charles Edward, son of the Rev. J. Uopton, (janon Frome Court, 

Hereford. (Dr. Longiff's) 

Sometime Capt. 2Sn] Fuailiere ; lerred in the Ciimean War ; wounded at Almn. BM* 


Jenkinson, John Henry, son of J. K Jenkinson, Bishop of St. David*& 

(Mr. Kennedy'4 

Ch. Ch. Ozf.. B.A. 1844 ; M.A. 1861 ; Curate of St Maiy'a, Reading. 1846 ; Barrirter. 191 
Died in 18S8. 

LawBon, Andrew Sherlock, son of A. T^wson, Esq., Aldborougfa Mswf, 

Yorks. (Home-Boarder) 

Merton Coll. Ozf. ; J.P. and D.L. for W. Biding, Yorka. ; J.P. for N. RidlM. Mrf 

May 22nd, 1S72. . 

Lawson, Edward John, brother of the altove. (Home- Boarder) 

Lieut. R.N. ; eomeiiir.e M.P. ft>r Kiuireblturough. 

Lloyd, Charles, son of C. Lloyd, BLshop of Oxford. 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., n.A. \f^\: Rect4ir. 1S41 ; TuUir of Ch. Ch. Ozf., 18U ; Rector of Cbalfeaia 
Itilee, 18'>9 ; Chapl. t*. the Uuihtip uf Ozford ; J.P. fur Bucka. Med in 1869. 

Morewood, William Frederic Palmer, son of W. F. Morewood Ehu 

Alfretoii, Derby. (Mr. nsifi) 

Cricliet XL, IS40. Died about ls62. 

Robertson, Divie, son of D. Robertson, Esq., Bedford Square, W.C. 

(Mr. Fhelpil 

Left in 1841; Monitor, 1S40 : Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 184'); M.A. 1849; Viotf off 
Prebendary of Chicheeter Cathedral ; Rural Dean of Lewes. 

Rev. D. Robertgariy The Vicarage, Henfitld, 8u$9ex. 

[ Jan. 1836.] 




Bnuell, Lord Alexander Gtoorge, son of the 6th Duke of Bedford. 

Enterad the Army, 1S80 ; Capt, 1846 ; Mi\j., 1853 ; Lieut-Col., ISM ; Col., 1861 ; Mi\).-Gen., 
1874 ; Lient.'Gen., 1877 ; Hnred with let Batt. Rifle Bri^^e as D.A.Q.M.G. to 1st Dir. 
in Kaffir War, 1862-8 ;' oommanded Ist Batt. in Crimean War from Got. 1855 to the 
eraetiaiioD of the Crimea, medal with clasp, Sardinian and Turkish medals and Me^jidie ; 
Commanded at ShomolifliB, 1878-4 ; S.B. Dist., 1877-80. 

Lieut.'Gen, Lord Alexander G, Russell^ C.B., Army and Navy Club, S.W. 
Ward, Hon. Hnmble Dudley, son of the lOth Baron Ward. (Mr. Kennedy's) 

Died in 1870. 

Wingfield, John Harry Lee, son of J. M. Wingfleld, Esq., Tickencote, 

Rutland. (Dr. Longley's) 

J.P. for Co. Rutland, High Sheriff, 1871. Died \d 1880. 

Wyllie, William Morrison. (Home-Boarder) 



(D.D.. 1839). 


r, Arthnr Gaimtilett, » 

)f 0. Atherley, Esq., 8ont_ 

iMomnne, WU» ; p.— — ' "- 

tlr. Oxent 

Cb. Ch. Oif., B A. ISIS ; Ouniu 

fit". J. «. .dffcerlej/, 34, £6tiry S(«f(, S.W. 
Bamet, Richard EiunphTeys. (Mr. Vl 

Browne, Hector Oraham, son of W. Browne, Ewi,, Browne's Hill, O 

(Mr. 6 
Drake, John Tyrwhitt, son of T. T. Drake, Esq,, Sharddow, Budo. 

(Mr. Oxen] 

" " A TilD. nftll C«iob., LL-B., iaSI ; Kuuir 'if MkIib*. C " 

K at Croilon. LiDcnliuhln, UdS-i: RHtor ■ 

CutUsbnjks. S 


Knight, Wyndham. 
Lake, Henry Atwell, si 

(Mr. OxmJ 

c« The Rciimi, T<.|>Uaju, DeioR. Mfd IXc !H)i, 

(3lr. Di 
Sir James S. Lake, 4th Bart (Mrs. L 

„. _. . , . .. d l* lh« Itnjil Amij in ■ LI*ut,-OoL, ntuittMMd, 

sorviiw H lbs dBTcncs Bl Kmn : C,U. ^ 2uil Cins ,if Ihe HtdtUlie. Mul OOM 
L<«1<'D ol K'lDDUr; Cblal CunuulotuMr of Uii DubUn PoU» Furs: VJCX 
Died Aug. 19Ui, ItUl. 

LawBon, James George. (Home-Bo 

LawBOn, MannadnlEe Charles. (U< 

1;dJ l^L'til. MmlrTLi Art.,lRU: Ci|'t.,lnUHJrrn>] lo tlia Bn)«l An,, lES 
Ibe f.iriw o( ibe Ibyob of Ctorsiio™, 1618, 

Newton, Jamea Nicolas. (Mr. Oxenl 

Eice, Herbert Henry. (Sir. Wordsw 

Sbeppard. John George, son of J. W. Shepiiard, Eat)., High 
Cainpsey, WoodbriJge. Suffolk. (Mr, Dl 

Lati ML)', I Ml ; Tiin. CoU, OuDb, 1 J,P, ud D.L. (oiSnRulk. High 

ThomDBOn. Thomas Charles, sun of T. ThomnsoD, Em., of Sundwlai 
" (Mr.f^ 

Dnibini Ud!>.. M,A. : DaiiliMr, ISU : J.F. iat Dnilvun, UIe1> 8b<TlC, IH»: 

2". C. rAomjwon, Em{., Athhdoam Park, Ea»t GrintUad. 
Walliogton, John Williams, son of J. Wallington, Esq,. Unrdey. 


; Eiulgn tiSrd Vigt~, IS90 : uduneod (» ttb Ljobt Vnmjoat, IMf 

■ ■- ^ - "■ -■-, B^. ;C.B., isai : j.p. (oi wUto ud ca 



fkite» FradBrick SMwdfli, sod of F. White. Esq., Londhaai Ball, Suffolk. 

(Mr. Fhelps') 

LA Mi^ mS; Crickat XL, IStt, tat uaMm to ^kj «t Lofd** thnMgk OkMa ; Tiia. 
O^ G^Bh. ; «iit«n4 tk« Any. 1842 ; Ck|it..llth H^iri, ntind, 1844 ; M.P. for Ifi 
Safttlk, 1M7-74 ; J.P. and D.L. for Softlk ; ■■luuid tbo waamnm U CoriB&oe, 18S7. 

F. S. OorrmeB^ JSig^ /.P., Parham HaU, Widekam Marlxt, SuffoOc. 

ft^toB, CbarlM Mdfriee. 

bj tbe kick of a hoiM at Hanow, lOT. 

(Mr. Dmnr't) 

MMkv, WlDiaa Jacoli. (Mr. FhelpO 

JJP. ai DX. lor Col Wazfoid, High ShariS; IStt ; of Woodteook, Bnniaeortby, Co. 
Vd&ai. Med Dee. 27th, 1809. 

OnsJi-Tkjlor, Sdwird, son of £. Clongli-TAylor, Esq., BoHon Lodge, 

Tadcaster, TorkL (Mr. Sto^s) 

1841 ; Ciiafcat XL, 1841 ; Tkia. Coa Cmk., BJL 1846; MJL 1848; for »jma 
as Oflear in the Tofkihiia HaawB Teot Gar. ; J.P. tmi D.L. fur N. aad S. Ri£ii«, 
TMka. : Ctainnan of S. and S. RidUi^ FMty SMriona. Me4inl8». 

son of K F. 0>l8t(ni, Esq., WeymoutL (Mr. Phelps') 

Gk. Qif. ; aonetiBM ia the Ut Ufa OuiA; aftrnvaida IMh Hmiia, with i4lch 
B^L htavrad in India; of FUkina Hall, Ozfovd. Med Dea Slat, 1884. 

Wmiam Jenkixii (hraig, brother of the above. (Mr. Phelps*) 

J«hB'a CoD., OzL, BJL 1846 ; M.A. 1849. Mc« In 1867. 

wmiam Avguitns, son of J. Cominerell, Esq., 55, Green 
Street, W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Cdckirt XL, 18fS : C.C.C. Oxf. ; O.U. Cricket XL, 1843. Med 

li Ischepied^LaTpent, Frederick Seymour, son of Sir O. G. de Hochepied- 

liurpent, 1st Bart., Roehampton, Surrey. (Mr. Steel's) 

Lrf labot lSW. Med May ISIh, 184& 

Williim Stawart, son of W. K Ferrers, Esq., Croydon, Surrey. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

CdL Ozf., &A. 1845 ; M.A. 1848; Barrialor, 1848. Med In 1878. 

fiMferti, William. (^Ir. Drury's) 

Of 4, Pntland Flaca, W. 

feoMtOB, HoiL Frauds SylTester, son of the 1st Earl of Verulam. 

(Sir, Phelps') 

Ctickfll XL. 18384 ; ]Ci#L ColL Ganb., H.A. 1845 ; C.U. Cricket XL, 1843-4-5 ; Rector of 
WakMoolae, bnx. Med Oct. 28Ui, 1865. 

liVd, Franeia, son of D. Howell, Esq., Ethy, near Lostwithiel, Cornwall. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Ch. GhL Ozf. ; atodant of Lineoln'a Inn ; J.P. and D.L. for Cornwall, Hi|^ fflteriff, 1854 ; 
Prirate See. to Lord Metcalfe, Gor.-Ocn. of Canada. Med in 1885. 

I^,¥stter Horatio, son of W. R May, Esq., Hadlow C^astle, Tonbridge. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Sot bn Han Ozf. 

hd, ?nd0riek, son of Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bart. (Mr. B. H. Dmry's) 

LrftMiih. 1841 ; Trin. ColL Gamb., B.A., 1 CL Omb. Tripoa, 1845 ; H.A. 1849 ; Barriater, 
18I9; M.P. for Leominster, 1849-52 ; for Buy, LancaiihiK. 1852-7 and 1859-4» ; Under- 
Sw. of Stata for Cokmiea, 1851-2 and 1S52-5 ; joined Co&Ution Ministry as Under-Sec. 
for Cokiaiaa ; Under-Seei for War in Lord Palmoaton's Cabinet, 1855-7 ; Sec. to the 
Triaaiuj, 1800-66 ; BaUway Conuniasioner. 1868 ; P.C., 1857 ; K.C.M.Q., 1860. 

fit Hm. Sir Frederick Peel, K.C.Jf.G., 32, Chesham Place, 8, W, 

liisoir, Ooaway Frederick Ouurles, son of F. C. W. Seymour, Esq. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

in Iha 85th Begt ; Geatknan Uaher to H.M. the Queen. 




STirtaet, QiArlM Frerille, fion of R. 8u^tee^ Esq., Redforth, Dnrliun. 

(Mr. DniryV 

Uft Ftbi IMS ; M.r. for S. Ihirhani, 1MA4 : ku CkpL lOlk Hi 

BftM. Dnrham L.I. ; J.K mod D.U for Cn. Darhun, Hlgii AatW, Ufft. 

Col, C, F, SurUtu, Chalcoi House, Long DiUom, Sumy. 

lam. CtlM 


(Mr. rUpl 

Bolton, WilliAm. 

Criokft XI., IMSS : of MuBkadowD CMtb, Dublin. 

Burnetii Fredorick Wildnuui, Mm of J. F. Burnett, Esq., Mat FIm 

C'rayford, Kent. (Mr. Pbelpil 

Lift Dee. 1838; Schul. of St. Juho'i Cull. Cuub.. aA.. SSfed Wn^lv, IMS; HJLM: 
Barrwur, 1841^. 

F. ir. Buniftt, Esq., G, Vicarage Gaie, W. 

llarillier, Junes Constantine, son of Mons. J. W. MariUier^Frendi Xuv 

at Harrow. (Home-BotfdB) 

Left Dm. 18S0 ; CirU EngiiMer ; eiMeml nikUr tha toto Mr. TbooM BiMiV m * 
ounatmctUm of manj rulnaja in lodiA. M«d Jan., ISM. 

Marillier, Robert Asplnnd, hrotluT of the above. (Home-BotrM 

Ijeft I>«c. 1SS9 : CiTll EniriDwr ; fur amiM jmih BnirUMar lo tte Coipontkw ol BiBlM 
afterwds for nianj ytun Enf:lnMr U* tha llall Dodu. 

R. A. Marillier^ E«q,, C.E., Utdheck Hursi^ Searbanmgk. 
Monro, Alexander Thomas, son of A. Monro, Esq. (Mr. Tbdpl | 

Ciril EnfliDaar. Med in 1819. 

Royds, James, son of J. Royds, Esq., Woodlands, Hartford, Cheshire. 

Ofr. OxenlnaVI 

D.N.C. Oif., n.A. 1844; M.A. 1840; PeriiatnAl Cnrmu of Baitfoid, II 
May 14ili. IStltf. 

Smith, Frederick. (Uome-BouM I 

Smith, Morton Macnanghton. (Mr. Wordswortil 

Of 1, AnuMlal Tamoa, BriKbton. 

Suirdale, Richard John Hely-Hntchinson, Tiseonnt^ son of the M Ul 

of Donoughniore. (Mr. 8l«N 

aomatima in tbe Mtb Fo«it ; wrTcil in China; racoaadad aa 4lh SmI, 1S51 ; lf.^\ 
WatarfoiU ; D.U f«)r Ti|ti>enu7 : Vioe-rm. Iluanl of Trada. 1856^; Pim.. ll9»:rJC 
1858 ; Uaat.<:ul. S. Tificraiy Militia. Dlr4 Fab. SSbd, IStfC. 

EBtraarc* la April ISSI* 

Alleyne, John Qnj Kewton, son of Sir Keynold A. Alleyne, Snd B«.| 

Alleynedale Hall, Barba<loes. (Mr. SI«N| 

Left Mida. 1840 ; Wanlan of l>nlwich CuUafre, IHiS.&I ; Mana|t«r of B^u Woika ta ! 
1861-2: Enirinaer and ManaKer ut tbe Hutterley Iron Woikn, 1SS4.SS: ( 
EngiDaar, retired, 18S0; J.T. fur I)»b}-Bblre, Aid. C.C. for Dwbyakln; 
M.I.M.E.. Vioe-PraaideDt I run and Steel liutitnte ; auooeadad aa i»d Bwl., ISfflL 

Sir John G, N, Alleyne, Bart., Chevin, Belper, Derhiyskir^ 

Barclay, Alexander Charles, son of I). Barclay, Esq., Eastwi^ 

Surrey. (Mr. 

Cricket XI.. 1842; Trin. Cull, raiub.. D.A.. 1S44 ; M.A. 1848 ; M.F. fbvl^i 

A. C. Barclay, Esq., i:<craptoft Hall, LeieeMtershin, 
Bnrdon, George, son of O. Burdon, Esq., Heddon House, Wylam- 


J. p. and D.L. for Northamberlaod, High Sheriff, I8:;0. Mc« In 18S4. 

Cresswell, Francis. (Mr. W< 

Cricket XI., 1SS9. 

Cnnningham, James, son of J. Cunningham, Eiuj., Sidbnrj, Devon. 

(Mr. Wc 

Somttime in th« S2nd Foot and 4th Dngoon Gnanla. 


Cnrtu, Chftrles William, sod of C. B. Curtis, Eaq„ Southgate, Middlesex. 

(Mr. a Drury'H) 

C. IK CavtU, Esq., J,P., Ktar*nev Abbey, Doi-w. 
Dawson, Francis Alexander, son of the Rt. Hon, Q. H. D&wson. 

(Mr. PhelpF,') 

llnliiul Coll. ().(., B,A.. Nb« Inn Hil], 194*. 

Dewing, Edward Hay, eon of the K«v. R Dewing. 

Lb« Ln mi ; CilolMt XI., 1838.11, Oipl.. Itmwi ; Tnn. Ci 
IMS ; C.U. Crlck« XI., IMa^S ; J.^ loi Suflhik. 

£, M. Dtieiny, Etq., Ncwton, Bury St. Edmund*. 
Dundai, Eobert Bmce, eon of the Hon, and Rev. T. L. Dundaa. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

CrIckDl <CI . lB3!>-a: Tria.OiII.Ciuab,, H.A. IS44: lteatnrD(IIir|<«>s, 1M8- . 

lirv. R. B. IhindoK. The Rtelory, HarpoU, Northampton. 

Hamilton-Gordon, Eon. Donglaa, son of the 4ih Earl of Abcrdeen^J^^ll 

I MiJ>.. IM! ; Hon 


;en, Argyll 
r. I^o^") 

..,wl«, ISIT; ,,. „ _„ „ . 

Vl«r (,f Xonhnll, MiiMlwi. ISW^aO ; tluum BaiOtalbtrj w>a Tr—nm or ftilbilmrj 

Tlir IT„n. mul fi-i: D. Hamilloa-Gordon, Leydfn Hall, The Clou, SalUbanj. 

HonjTWOOd, William Philip, son of W. I". Honj-wood, Esq.. Marks Hull, 

Ebscx. (Mr. I'heljB') 

Ch, Ch. <nt. mpd Fell SOih, 1859. 

Jocelyn, Hon. Jolin Strange, eon of the Srd Earl of Hoden. Tujl; 

\ Knlftbt of Uw LaicloD at Udooiii. *ud of Ida Oida 


Strange, son of the 3rd Earl of Hoden. Tullvmc 
Park. Co. Down. (Mr. Plielpa') 

Qw<I>, IM! : I 

Ci>niiituHlADt of th« Just Ooth af tb* BriUah<l«Eaui Lvlm : 
.wuHhbrI, iseo. 
The Earl of Rodtu, a, ahnrt. 
iwicb, Trehawke, aoh of 8. T. Kekcwicb, Esq., M.P., Peamore, Exeter. 

(Mr, Steel's) 

:3l. Ch. OiT., IJ.A. laUlH.A. H<S : Slncliut af UDa>b>'> lau, IStSi J.F 
ui Dfron 1 AU. C.C, Onon. 

T. Ktkrwich. Etq., CarlUm Clitb, S. W, 
Ing, Edward Henry, son of the Rev. U. L. LoriiiK, Archdtmcon of 
Cakutta. (Mr. Steel's) 

: Tiin. CkIL Cuob.. njL. leiA; H.A. IStS: Rnivr of OilUn«liuB. 

bhtingale, Geoffrey, son of G. Nightingale, E»[. 

^ Uont.'!''.!, \o ihi Arni]r, nUnd, Bird Oct. Mb, IMItl. 

I, WiUiam, swm of Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Bart, 

(Mr. Steel's) 
(Mr, Peers') 

iUt uuiljngtoiloroul tfan Cnlntin of tb» Gnmolin liiwn)! >t 
,„-.A|-r, ^Ih, ISM, 

iger, John Alexander Kainley, son of B. Pinniger, Esq., CTiippen- 
bflin, Wilt», (Mr. C'oleimo's) 

nied ths nniiinK o( Coi*, ISK ; &>Uclwr ; J.P. (or Co, Armagh, Bigh 

ShnlD, ISM. Dlc4 M 

le, Charles Baker, s< 

of C, Teesdale, Esii., West Dean, Sussex. 

(Mr. Wordsworth's) 

Rev. V. B. Tftidalt, TItc Rtclurj/, Laimrfli Etifr. 
B«m,Plulip Sandy. (Mr. Wordswortli'^^ 




Tower, Henry John Baker. 

Cricket XI., 1S<V; m-uiictiiua iJeut. 4th Praffooo Guaidi ; 
uDly. l^U. MmI in IHTI. 

(Mr. StceTi) 

ibm MmaoMof Bite 

Kalnuim Im Jaljr iaa|« 


Townsend, Frederick, mh of the Kev. £. J. Townsend, Ifaningtcm. 

(Mr. Phdpi) 

Trio. r..ll. ruiiib.. I). A. !<(»>: M.A. 18r.S: P«llnw of tiM Uumn BocMy ; Avftetf 
iiev«ral ln^anlaU fi.irka ; J. I*. umI I>.U fwr Ci«. Warwlok Mid WonhUv; ILT.k 
i4t»tr<inl l)i«. uf Witrwickiilim. ISJ^IWir!. 

F. Tmcnutiul^ £«/., «/./*., HoniwfOm^ WannekMre. 

Acland, John Barton Arundel, son of Sir Thonuu Dyke Acland, UA 

Rart., M.P., Killerton lioiuk% Exeter, Devon. (Mr. I%e^ 

TiCft Jul. 18S9: Cb. Hi. oxf.. n.A. ISM; M.A. IMP; BartlMMr, 1M9: Ml Mw^^ff 
rVuiterburj, New '/jealninl. IS.^4 ; explored the niiiaiitAlQoiH oooBtij trwwwl tte tfdrf 
ili«tnct«, aiul Uwik up a eheqi niu (if abunt 100,000 uttm ', Umahmr cf thm LmiritfN 
Cimncil. N.X., 184». 

//oil. y. Barton A, Aclatul, Holmcote, Rangitoto^ Gkmfn'ftiiry, N.Z, 

Clerk, Albert (Mr. Woni8troitk*4 

ConoUy, Thomas, son of Col. E. >[. Conolly, M.P., (Castletown, Ca KiUvt 


Ch. Cb. (^xf. : .l.r. f..r KiMare oimI Di»iiefnl, HiRh fOMrtf, 1S48 ; M.P. for Ok Dwpi. 
IS4!>-7ri. IMed Au|r. liXh, 1>7(). 

D'Aeth, Narbrongh Hnghes, son of Adni. G. W. H. D'Aeth, Knovifeoi 

Court, Ktnt. (Mr. Wordawoctk's) 

Wn.l)i:iiii Coll. Oxf., I1.A. IM& ; M.A. 1S49 ; J. P. ami D.L. fur Kent; Mi^. 17th Uvn 
Dlrd in !»«'•. 

Dendy, Frederic, s<»n of S. l)on«ly, Es4|., (J, MontAguo Street, W.C. 

(Mr& Lntk's) 

Cricket XI., \n\K 

Des Voeux, Henry Dalrymple, son of the Ki'v. H. Des Vocuz, Dresden. 

(Mr. Sle^f) 

Uallii>l ClI. Oxf.. B.A. \^Al ; M.A. 1S47 : Fellow of All fhinla Coll. Oxf. ; woMiiM >■ 
ciniMi) an :>th liiirt.. 1»:-J ; J.l*. fur Co. i'arluw, lligb Sheriff. 1889. MedJa&Mi 

Harris, Robert Robinson, si>n of J. Ilnrris. Ksq., Liver]«ool, and brolhff 

of (;. F. Harris, Ks^i.. A.'*st. Ma.'*ti*r at Harrow. (Mr. Ami 

Capt. GTtli Ri^. H.N.I., holillnv a ri%il rtp]ti.iittu>cnt aji Cantonment Mairiatinte at DlMfMi: 
(luriiifr the .Mutiny n.w iihut up in tlie Fort at Afrra. Med Jun. 14th, ISSOL 

Hibbert, Frederic Dnunmond, son of R. HiMx^rt, E-hc]., Chalfont Lod|!^ 

Buckiiiprliain. (Mr. Fhelpi') 

.S'Uietiino in the St-otM {\rt\* : .1.1*. fur |tni-ki> ainl Oxon. ; Lient.-Col. DnAa Yao. On. 
F. I). Uihhfrt, Kmj.^ Arm if ami .Vrtri/ Clubj S.W, 

Jervis-White-Jervis, Henry, st>n (»f Sir H«'nr>- ^f. Jervis-White-Jervia, 

•Jntl lijirt., Iii'lranip, iMiMiii. (Mr. Wordsworth':)) 

I.i«;ut.-rV'l. }\..\. : M.l*. fur Hiirwich. I*^'''.'-'*'! ; Pm'vtor of theO.E.R. *. Antboc uf Tiiioa 
uurkri. Dl<4 .^pt. e-JiMl. i^m. 

Perry, John Watlingixini son i»f T. iVrrv, Es«i., >ro<»r Hall, Essex. 

(Mr. Sterfri 

Cikket XI.. 1M1 : Trin. Coll. CimK, R.A. 1-4.'. ; M.A. 1S49; aanuiiad the niMitinw' 
/tnnianic of Wntlinifliai ; Coniniii««iuner uf I'riaon^: .M.I*, fur & Rmiz, ISSS t> ; Ji*- 
;i].«l IM.. f..r F.ncx, High Sheriff, li^SO ; J.P. fur Uerta. MmI in 188S, 


Tbelps, WiUiam Whitmargh, son of Rev. W. W. Phelrs, Asst. Master at 

Harrow, afterwards ArchdeacoD ana Canon of Carlisle. 

( UoiuB-Boarde r) 

<^tinn'> Coll. UK.. D.A. lettl ; N.A. ms : mrntOa* ■ Cbi^A. in IndU, 

Rtv. W. \V. Phelit, 31, Grangt Road, Eiutbourne. 
PowtiaU, Asslietoii, Aon uf J. Pownall, Esq., Slater Court, Idvcrpool. 

Qir. Harria') 

use "If.. H.A. IM.'.; M.a, IBM; Hon. Cuuio o( PgUibgniogh. ISIT.^; AitbdiMUn «t 
IM-MtUr, IHAl ; Raauii u( S. KllourUi. IMT'St. MmI Not. 9ttb, ISM. 

Smctuary, Tlioinaj, son of T. Sanctuary. Esq.. Nunnery, Horsham. 

(Mr. HarrisT 

Uri in lj<! ; 0|:(. Fonllwll XI. ; wu Itaa lint to nul FnntUll ■( DifiMj ; Eisl« OfII. 
int., D.A. IsuiM.A. IHT; VlcKT at FuiwitiiHik. DoiM, lt»«> ; Jtmai at SonH 

l-oiirUin.lMSn; Arcbdodwnol DuiHl, isasjd ; 0»Dun BoOdioililJ ut Buniiii, ISTMA 

Sicottowe, Tbomaa Britiffe, son of N. Skottowe, Esq., Harrow Weald 
Lodge. (Mr. Osenliam's) 

J*ft HUs. 1811; Ch. Ch. Oif., IMl ; > gnU tBivtllei; J.P. uid D.L. f«i MidillaiM. 


WilkisB, Uewelljii, brother of the above. (Home- Boarder) 

Eiilrnucri In Oclobw IS3T. 

A^ar, Hon. diaries Welbore Herbert, son of tlic 2nd Earl of Normnnton, 
Somerley, Itingwood, Hants. (Sfr. Ktecl's) 

OkHit XI., mtlAI. Cti*.. 1812 ; Cn|>t. (t(h Ri^. Kllird Xmton SebHiopul, .Iiiit. lath, 

kgxr, Hon. Herbert Welbore EUIb, brotlier of the abova (Mr. SlecJ'a) 

C'i.iHmXI..I!I<I-:; Mit«il. OuII. Cui.b. 

//.«. Iltrbirl W. E. Agar, Slant-m House, Highworth, IR/». 
Clongh-TajIOT, Thomai, son of E. Clough-Taylor, Esq., 22, Park Square 

End.N.W. (Mr.StwlV) 

Ufi "IJ». 1^1?; Cii.ikoiXi,. 1810-41 : Emian <ln Bent., iwa: CniiL. isf*; Jniiwd cVli/» 
Uiitwni ihoC^ia, luoillDiwaiodaiMbW; iLfLsniunli Juinnl tlK CuablDHK. Sled 

Dancer, York Qodi^ey. (Mr. Oxcnhnni'n) 

Ferrers, Uarray Fraser. (Mr. Oxcnham's) 

Jervis-White-Jervia, Hnrnphrer Charles, mi 

VVhiU-.lLTvi^ 2nd Borl. 

Siic«t.i.l u Sni Ban., W,'.K ntm in ISHT. 

Jerra-Wliite-JBrvis, John, lirotlier of the above. (Mr. Wordsworth's) 

t'lcTk ID ll«\j Onion. Mod •Inhatf lb< ilfiUnui ol til> tUhar, Nay. Hii, ISM. 

KejM, William. 

Ley. Richard, jwn of the Rev. T. H. I*y. (Mr. Oxonhara's) 

II .^■.l^ Oil.. SihuL, l^HWl ; B.A. ISI* ; M.A, 1M; ; CnmM ol Cnmnor, UhIii. 1BJI.M. 
Dlr«l Iteo. nth, IsBU. 

Kalraocc !■ NoTrnbrr IKn. 

Hinxman, Charles Lawrence Walpole, son of J. Hiujtnian, Eaq„ Sudbury 
Grove, near Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

LA abonl Ifa ; ^luetloii C-[>t. IJtb llunui. Pled JfL OU, 1<U«. 


ColenBO, Thomas Blackmore, hrothor of J. W. Colenso, Esq., Mathema&ol 

Master at I larrow, and aftem-ards Bishop of NattL 

(Mr. Colen5o'»; 

llflnd of the Schitf>l. H42 ; Trin. Coil. «)xf. ; Fellow at EioUr Gi»U., 1N6-9 ; B.A. 1M». 

Drummond, Francis Berkeley, snn of C Drummond, Esq., SI, Bel^ve 

S|iian\ S.W, (Mr. Dnur'si 

n.C.i?. IHed at iea. Jiin. '.Tih, is'.-i. 

Elliot, Augustas John, SI »i) of the Hnn.J.E. Elliot, M.P. (Mr. OxenhamV} 

Fitzclarence, William (}eorge, Viscount, son of the iRt Earl of Mnnster. 

(Mr. Pheli*! 

SennI in the SvU Fii»ilier (iiunl* iind lal Life (tUKid*. 1642-52; D.L. for Middlaa. 
Kiucveilnl M 'Jnd Earl, l^l'J. 

Thf Karl of Munntrr^ Whit/n Club, S.W. 

Fitzclarence, Hon. Frederic (Siarles (}eorge, brother of the above. 

S.>ii.etinierApi. 10th IltMnn : .l.V. ami D.I. fur flerby ; SMniued Um additioOAl wumM 
I if lliinhike, 1M'•:^ Med Ihx. 17th. I^7^. 

Grant, Alexander, son of Sir liulH.rt 1. (inint, 7th Bart (Mr. Phelp'i 

Ijttl Mias.. 1M4 : lle^l iif the SihiMil. 1S44 : Cricket XI.. 1H44 : BUliol CoU. Oxf.. 
1M4: H.A. 1>U*; M..\. l^.';.*; IMM... 1>M): KeUuw of Orial Coll. Oxf.; m 
sth Kirt.. I *•'>*• : hMil v.ininiii niiiviitant MucAti«inal m|ipoiatiiient« ia ludik ; 
rniii'i|«tl of Kiliiiliiiruh riii\iTBiiy und a Meiulier of th« Hoard of BdiMMtSaa k 
S«.-«>tl.ii>il ; AuThi'f i-f .III tMitifHi i>f "The Nii*iiiiincheaii Ethica of AiiHoUa," aaid 
the " Livoiiiif Xi'iii'iihiin iuu\ Ari«i«itle." Med N»v. 30tb, ISS4. 

Hammond, Egerton Douglas^ st»n of W. (). Hammond, Esq., St. AIbu> 

CVnirt, \\ iii^'liaiii, Kent. (Mr. Stod'ri 

Mcrinii ri.ll. Dxf.. n.A. l'«44 ; M.A. lv'4 ; \ioar uf Northbunrne, Kwi, 1855-S; Badff^ 

Hesketh, Kohert Bamford, son of I.. H. B. Hesketh, Esq., Gwrrck 

DinKi^'h. (Mr. llielfKl 

J.r. fi>i l^nbiffh. ilif;h Sheriff, 1.<m>'>. 

IL Ham ford Hf*k(th^ Emi,, IJantldAhi*, Denbigh. 

Holland, Henry Thnrstan, son of li. Holland, »i., M.l3., afterwards U 

Biirt., 2\ bjwcr BnM^k Street, W. (Mr. Steel'*) 

Left in I*<42: Monitor, IS41-2: Trin. ('>ll. Cauib.. H.A. IMT : narriator. 1645; BaAc- 
l*«si ; l^rptl Ailviher tn the Cnli.niiil Office. lNi7-T0 ; Avt. I'lxlerSacof Stataforlfei 
('•>l>>ni(v, 1^70-74 : .M.l*. fi>r Miilhurvt. l»74-s'i; fur llHni|«t«ad 1$85-S ; FlnaBdal te 
to thwTiiMK., .Iiin. to 8c|it.. !«'•:•-. Vice-l*rc». of the Coancil. Sa|it. 188& to Fth. IM: 
rrjiCl-ointnl. An;;, if"^*): Sei-. of Stjite for the (Vhiuiea. lKi>7 ; craaiod K.CM.O., )tf7'> 
r.r.. is-r. ; i;.«'..M.ti.. 1S^^ ; l.i Ikiron Kout«foitl. isj-S. 

Tin lit. Hon. Lord Knutsfnnl, <J,CM.<i., Ti). Katon Square^ S.W. 
Lawrence, George Alfred. (Mr& Leitks) 

Phelips, William, son of the Rev. W. Pheli|»8, Montacutc House, Yeovil 

Somerset. (Mr. Phelpfl 

Uft MiiU. IS 13 : Trin. Coll. Camb. ; J.l*. and D.L. fur Smierwl. Med in 1889. 

Scott, Hercules, scm of Daviil Scott, E.S4]., Hrotherton, Kincardineshire. 

(Mr. Wortlsworth't) 

Ben^Al C.9., \^U, retired, l^r.S : J. P. and D.L. fur Co. Kiucnrdine. 

//. Scott ^ Ksq.y ag ahorf\ 

Sheriffe, Thomas Bowen. 

Cricket XL, \^\Z ; of llemtetid. .Suffolk. IMed in Im^^. 

Taylour, Lord Rohert ConoUy, son of tlu; 2nd Marquess of Headfort 

liective Castle. Ci». Meath. (Mr. DmiyV) 

Left Mills. 1$I4 : Cricket XL, 1*^14 ; Scotii Fusilier GiunK Med in 1851. 

Vihart, Meredith James, mw of T. CI. Vibart, B.C*.S. (Mr. Ozenham'^} 

liaileybuiT ColL l^^CS ; Den^ Art., ISM ; retired with rank of Cai>t. M«4 A|ir. iMw 


£atr«B«> In Febnurr ISStt. 

Dury, John, son of the Rev. Theodore Dury, Keigbley Rectory, Yorkshire. 

(Mrs. Leith's) 

Lett Id IttO; Ijwd Ageot. 

J. Dury, Etq., The Moat, Ripltf/, Yorhhirf. 
Tonng, Henry Robert, son of H. Young, Esq. (Mr Oxenham's) 

^Tric. Coll 0.r. B-A. ISti; M.A. IMS:«lM.lMD. 

n. B. Younj/, Eiq., 23, Wat CromweU Road, S.W. 

MU-Pollen, John DonglM, son of the Rev. O. P. Boileau-PoUen, 
Bookham, Leatherhead. (Mr. Worriaworth's) 

B«ul of ib« Sthonl, la« ; Oil. ; J. P. foi Somj. 

J. D- B'jiUuu-PolUn, Etq., J.P., ai above. 

iboTBt, Sir G«ore;e Couway, But, son of Sir Nicbolae C. Colthurst, 
4th Barl. 

b. rh. OK. ; matrdtd u Mh Bwt.. 19SB ; M.F. for Klnsl*. lM».7t : J.P. (oi Cot Cotk 
uidl<>tiT: II.L.rnrCo.Coik.HigbSberiff.ltMI. Died SgpC SHh, l^B. 

10, S^inald John Qraham. (Mr. Phelps*) 

mpton, CbarleB Thomas. (Mis. Leith's) 

Ciidiat SI.. IStn ; Clun Coll. Onmb., B.A. IM< : N.A. 1MT ; Cnmla of UvnntDka Orstn. 
'tcTU, IMIJII ; fioiueelnlDi of 8. FMar Hlnoi, CIiliibirtH, IWl ; Knnl Usui of 
hIcheHLH, FrvbeniUrr v1 Bnuklvbiw. 

Rec C. T. Fraiitptoa, Chiehetler. 

Qiome, Richard, brother of the above. 

(Mr. Phelps') 
(Mr. Phalps") 

, John Panona, roii of the Rev. U. J. Hasting^ Martley, 
WoreestertJiirc. (Mr. Harris^) 

Uft Ju. ISN : THn. CoU. Oiinb., B.A. I8U : K.A. IMB ; J.?, fur Co. WenxsUr : dupl- 
of Tiiu. ColLCunb., I8ie-;-l ; Clui|-1. lo Ibe BUbop at LUndjiff, 1SM)«3; Cant* at 
A»1*T-R>gii, lSM-6; Bcrlor, IHM-7& ; Rmtorof MuUg^, IS75. 
&E. /. P. Bmlingt, a* above. 

1, Hon. John Horatio, son of the 2nd Earl Nelson, and great nephew 
of the first Ijord Nelson. (Mr. Wordsworth's) 

FniliniilT at Euin : TTio. Coll. Cunb.. N.A. IRM: VMHat of Tiiniler St. Huj. SnSilk, 
lUi-:^ of D«laUEh-iilth-Si»1iiii>, Kiitfulk, 18&T-TI; of SbKw-witb-DuDOlDghia. B«tlu. 

7^ H<m. and Rev, J. H. Netaon, Shaio Rtetory, Newhury. 
M, Tatton, son of Sir Tatton Sykes, 4th Bart., Sledmere, Yorka. 

(Mr, Wordsworth's) 

dJ.P. tor £. Riding of York, High ShnUt, ISW; inawiliil m Mh B*rt.. IBM. 

ffir Tattm Syket, Bart., Sltdmtre, Malton, Yorkt. 


IgwtM, IiauU, Mui of Uad F. LnMon-Oeww. K^ PXL, iftai 
created EvI of EUcoMt^ Bridmkr Boom, W. 

Oh*. S.R.. uu : " •• 'i [ mr- iiiiiiiTT laiiwi ifn ■■niNMiiiii 

Admiral Ok Htm. F. Egtrtom, St. Oeorgt* BiU, Bg^M, V^triAgt. 

[laif h, mniaill HbUT, •on of Chandoa iMgh, Emi- (crMted Bvon IjiA 

1630), Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwick. (Mr. ndf) 

TriB.CbIL(kii)i.. UdB. LL.D. lHt:L>i«.l^M.ot<K Wwlik; HUt Mmw^ if 8M 
OsMMd: TIUM Ud 0<n. of AHtarBlkuU; J.P. fal ()l«MMl4kUB ■ a>»0i4) 
bu. B(|)a1 »'u>ldi B^. ; (^^.VHVttk Tw. br., lUl-« : m iiiiliiil h ^ ■« 

Lord Ltigk, SUmtUgk Ahieg, Kmilieonh. 
irUkiBMi, Hooptr Joha, rod of G. WiUdaMn, Km.. 'WUAm B^ 

PaUiMr, CobdUj O'BrifliL 

Powell, IiMmud. (Ue. 

WUliuiL KlaliMl OeniT, wn of M. WitUams, Eaq., UP, 

LA Midi. IMI ; J.r. Md at. (« CniamU. Bi|b IkBU; uni 

M, H. WtViamt, E*q., Ptmealtmtk, ZVim 

Boilib]', Jolut Stnbbi, Bon of W. P. Boehby, Esq., Wdton, . 


Orktat ZI., tul : &K.<]. Oil., B.A. 1M7 ; H.A. laU. 

Biplar. WOUun HotOdca, aon of P. Ripley, Ek]., 8^ Tilde 

LaA ta IMt-. HiU tl lb* BAboI, IMl; SAca. oT (UiB (ML "npT , 
iwa ; H JL IHI ; nai ef iHlkB ud CoIht ; Hw. ObmTSi 

rwiniMii riniiMi n»Bii«iiiiiw rm iin nii mw 

Am. W. N. RipUy, £arUai» ^o/I, SanAOi. 

Brisoo, Wutd, son of W. Brisco, Esq., Bohemia, Uutinga. (Kr. 

Bnrrovclu, WUliaBL (Ur. 

Curathen, WUUut Frueii, Mn of W. A. Cannthei^ VmuVu 




CourtenAj, George. (Mr. Colenso's) 

Uf BalljBl.t.iiud, Mid.lluuin, Cu. Ci>rt, Died in \M*. 

JSillon, John FraiLcig. (Hom(^• Boarder) 

C.C.C ('-^.n!!., If. A. \ni ; o( ll.imw. 

season, Ai^iutns. (Mr. Colenso'e) 

Of :. FijililfUib Strtct, EdbMii Squn, K.W. 

Xowbray, G«orge Thomu, son of Capt. T. KowlnuT, Orange Wood 
House, Overseale, Asliby-de-la-Zoucne, (Mr. Pears') 

Ttln. C..1I. Camb.. ll.A. 1804 ; J.I', ud P.L. fnr I^iadeablKi, U%h BliarUr. 1«7>; Qtp. 

Chulmiiui UicHtDi QwrUi Susluni : J.l'. tui DubjiblM : bu Mio. Lilcolcr MUitlL 

G. T. ilojnbiity, E*q., a* ahtict. 

Norcliffe. Thomaa, son of Maj-Gen. N. Nordiffe. K.R, I.angton Hall. 

Malton, ^'orkshire. (Mr, Coleiiso's) 

.T.r. f..i E. RulLot, V.'ilu, DIrd Mv ISUi, I84». 

Parker, Jolm Bartholomew, sun of h. Puker, Esq., Louth, Lineolnshire. 

(Mr. Fl^lps*) 

Uti [>K. IMI; Ctiidi«K1.,IKil;gii»D'>Coll. Oir, :fonMrl7lliti. Ro/*IB>ic4>Iliwu>. 

••Bonghton, Chatlea Henrr, son of Sir Svilliuu E. fiuuse-BouKhtoo, 
IWli Bai't-liowntoii Hall, Ludlow. (Mr. Steel's) 

fllulHi1;JoluBl[>:;D<U..I., 19IA: J.P. uid r-.c. ratCo.anlai., UlRb SbirUI, IMO: J.?. 

rut Co. bfmrocil uid W'.TVHl>i ; ■uaoMd*ilullUiIlul.,]tSU. 
r Churif* H. Ilouir- Houghton, Bart., Downloa Hall, Shrvpihire, 
more, Lewii, son of Dr. Scudamon:, Guildford, Surrey. 

(Mr. Colenso'a) 
tatham, John Leeson, son of the Rev, F, S. Statbam, Ilarrow. 


l..fiKini Ml. 

_ tatbam, Bherrard Freeman, l)rother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

laylor, Robert WatkinB, aon of the Kov. R. Taylor, Clifton Campbell, 

Staflord. (Mr. Phelps') 

, ilil. ■ Barriiwr, IH.W, 

''iUdnson, George PearBon, eon of G. H. Wiltinaon, Esq.. Harjicrley 
Park, Durham. (Homa-Boorder) 

]W. C»ll. Durbuu. B.A. 1844 1 K.A. I»U>: BairkWi, \S*»; Vlou ut ThutoW 
lulou..™'., Go. DuibUD, 1S5S. Dlvd In ISTO. 

in, Thomas William, brother of the above. 
Rtr. BUhop of Hethtim c 

tmtwmntrm in OrUkM- IWM. 

Bird, WUli&m Olive, oon of Mrs. Bird. Harrow. (Mr. Ucirrta') 

EgertOD, Algernon Falke, son of Lord li". Egerton, created Earl of EUettmere, 

1846. (Mrs. Leith'B) 

CL. Cli. Oif.. n.A. 184&: D.C.L. lua: F<Uow «f AU aosli; M.P, fw B. LuouUn, 
lsilM« : fot Wlgan, lesSJi -. J.F. ud U.L. (ot Unoubln. Bl«4 Jul. UVb, 1S91, 

1, TioasimOB Enox, son of Dr. Vade. (&[r& Leith's) 

Tris. Coll. Ckfub., B.A. lUJ 1 M.A. lUG. 

Wentworth, son of A. Bosviile, Esq., Thorpe, Bridlington. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

loher, Jamee George, sou of J. G. Boucher, Esq. (Mr. Harris') 

J. (j. Boiwlttr, Etq., Healhtrden Boatt, Suuex. 


Cathbert, John Bawlinion, Hon of W. Cuthbert, Esq., Beaufront, H«ikA I \ 


Uft Dm. 1M4 ; Mnniinr. Ir^lS ; Trin. Coll. CuuK. RA. IStf ; «"-^irt lOth HwB^fllL i 
C«pt. 6th ImiUkilliaff Dnpntiu. | 1 

CJi/rf. J. iJ. CV/M^r<, Army and Aary C7m6, S.IK. 
D Oyly, William, son (»f tlie Rev. O. DOyly. (Mr. Hirral 

C.C.C. CamK, ud lUilcybory Coll. ; II.E.I.C.&, ratlnd ; J.P. for Notts aad 8^». 

>F. D'O^ljf, Any., y./*., 24, H>«/6ottnw Terrace, W. 

Greenwood, Henry, son of J. (trt'cnwcxMl, £m|., who afterwardfl umnMi 

the Hunmnic of Holden. (Mr. Harral 

J. p. and D.U for Co. UiiOMt«r ; J.T. for Co. Keny ; •ntorad Um Ahdj, ISIS; rabali 
Lieut. -CoL 131 h Light I)n4:iHiiw, )h60. 

CoL //. //o/f/^'M. TAor/ir .^rcA Hall, Tadcasler. 

Greenwood, Ralph, brother of the alK)ve. (Mr. Hanitl 

Sandeman, Hugh, son of Hugh Sandenian, Esq., 14, Dorset Square, N.V. 

(Mr. f^xetU 

Scott, Edward Dolman, Mm of Sir Etlward Scott, 3rd Bart* Great Bid 

Staffordshire. (Mr. Ftol 

Oriel Coll. Oxf., M.A. 1tt4S; J.P. and D.L. for SUAndahira ; J.P. for Wmickte: 
■ucoeeded hi« nephew m tich Hart., 1SS4. 

Sir Edwartl D, Scfftt, Dart,, as above. 

Shepherd, Henry Wilion, son of Mrs. Shepherd, High Uonae, Campvc, 

WwKlbridffe, Suffolk. (Mr. R H. Dnuyil 

Wanklyn, Hihbert, son of .1. H. Wanklyn, Esq., Crumpeall House, vm 

Manchester. (Mr. OxenhuiV 

lioft in 1841 ; Univ. Coll. Ihirhani. UTh.. \^'>2 ; CuraU of Clewer, 18&2-^ ; Btelorof IM 
MaraUtn, \HJt>Ai\ ; Vicar of Dc*>)>)uini, ImU. 

Rev, II. Wanklyn^ Denpham Victirofff, Wy^nondkam^ Noffoik, 

Wilbraham, Henry, son of OeorKe Wilbraham, Enq., M.P., Delamai 

House, Cheshire. (Mr. Sterff) 

Trin. Coll. Canib., U.A. and Fellow, iii46 ; Rc|{iatrar of the Illgfa Couii of 
cheirtcr. IMrd Feb. 13th. lb«3. 

Woodhonee, William. (Mr. Hanirt 

Cricket XL, 1842-3 ; of Tuzlcth Park, LiTeqiool. 

Eatnuicrt Is Frbraarj inat. 

Coote, Charles. (Mr. Sted'f) 

Of Portarlington, Queen's Connty. 

Nicholson, John, son of J. Nicholson, E^i., rpjier Clapton, Middlesex. 

(Mr. (^lenao't) 

Left Mide. IR4I : Cricket XL, IS40-41 ; Trin. Coll. Caiub., lb42-«; C.U. Crkk«C XL. lift 
Med I>ec. 10th, IMl. 

BatraBMs IB April 189S. 

Allen, Henry Archer. (Mr& Leith'4 

Of 11, St<«ke Terrace, Devuniiurt. 

Cresswell, Addison. (Mr. Colenso'^ 

Of Ljnn. 

Eustace, Robert Henry, son of Oen. Sir William Eustace, Sampford HiIL 

Braintree, Essex. (Mr. Coknsoli) 

Bt. Peter'H C<A\. Cnmb., B.A. 1S4S ; M.A. \<>\ : Vicar i»f Great Saupfurd, 1830. 
ii?^r. /?. //. EuAtace^ Sampford Grawj^y Hrainirfe, 
Jefferson, Henry, son of K. Jefferson, Esq., Whiteliaven. (Mr. 

J. p. and D.L. for Cumberland, High Sheriff. ISOO. 

H. Jefferson^ Esq,, SpringjUId, near Etjrtmonty CumherUtmL 


ach, John, son of J. Leach, Esq., Pembroke. (Mr. Colenso's) 

UniT. CoIL Ozf. ; J.P. for Co. Pembroke, High Sheriff, 1805. 

cholson, William, son of J. Nicholson, Esq., Upper Clapton, Middlesex. 

(Mr. Colenso's) 

Left Mida. 1848 ; Monitor ; Cricket XI., 1841-8, Cept., 1843 ; Trin. CoU. Cunb. ; Dietiller ; 
M.P. for PetenfieM, 1866-74 and 1880-85 ; J.P. and D.L. (pr Co. of Hants, High Sheriff, 

W. Nickolsotif Esq., Baaing Park, AltoHj Hants. 
dth, Philip, son of T. Smith, Esq., Stoney Gate, Leicester. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1845. 

Qkiiuion, Henry John, son of H. G. Wilkinson, Esq., Harrow. 


Eniign 9th Foot, 1848 ; Lient., 1851 ; Capt., 1855 ; aenred in the Crimea ; medal and claep 
and Turkish medaL 

EatniBce Im ««y 1890. 

Qkins, John, son of H. Wilkins, Esq., The Mount, Harrow. 


Eatnuicet !■ Jume Mat. 

>W80n, Frederick, son of the Kt. Hon. G. Dawson. (Mr. Phelps') 

Left Dec 1841 ; Cricket XI., 1841 ; Trin. CoU. Camb. 

ckins, George CaldweU, son of the Rev. W. W. Dickins, Addisham, 


Left East. 1842. 

Eatnuieet Im Jaly 1831. 

Ider, Henry, son of Mrs. Filder, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Lder, William, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

jge, Alexander Barrett, son of W. Burge, Esq., Q.C., M.P.. 77, Harley 

Street, W. (Mrs. Leith's) 

Left Mids. 1843 ; obtained a commiaslonr in 69th Bengal Infkntry ; resigned 1852. Died in 
India in 1875. 

Lthorpe, G^rge Arthnr, son of the Hon. F. Calthorpe, afterwards 4th 

Baron Calthorpe. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Died Not. 20th, 184S. 

ckinson, Henry, grandson of H. Dickinson, Esq., Style House, Brentford. 

(Mr. SteeVs) 

St. Peter's CoU. Camb., B.A. 1845 ; M.A. 1848. 

kygarth, Arthnr, son of Mrs. Haygarth, 54, Upper Brook Street, W. 

(Mr. Colenso's) 

Left Mids. 184S; Cricket XL, 1842-S ; Editor of "Cricket Scores and Biographies," 
Tols. 1—13, 

A, Haygarth, Esq,, 107, Wanaick Street, Eccleston Square, S.W, 

ildnB, Richard Palmer, son of R. Jenkin.^ Esq., Queen Anne Street, W. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

Left Mids. 1842 *, H.E.I.Co.'s CivU Serrioe ; J.P. for Cos. Olonoester and Monmouth. 

R, P. Jenkins, Esq,, Beachley, Chepstow. 


Lewii, Idmond, son of the Uev. W. Lewii, Abbott's Luglflgrv H«U 

(lir. Drary^ 

Univ. GoII. Oif., lg4S. WMk Dw. 11*49. 

Soames, Charkt, son of C. SoamcH, Ew]., Tottenham, Middlesex. 


Uft MUb. 18U : Monitor and Iliad of th* Sefaool. 18M-4 ; CrIAtt XL, 1S«4 ; bkiUtiH 
of Caiu r^II. Caiub., II. A. 184K ; M.A. 1R51 ; C.U. Cridni XI., ISM-T ; Bmht tf 

Mikteohall. Wllu. IMl ; J.P. fur Wilu. 

Rev, C. SiHimeSf MHdenhail Rectory^ MarlhorougK 

Whitaker, Thomas Henry, son of the Rev. T. W. \\1iitaker. 

(Mr. Uiiwl 

WmA of the 8ch<K>l, ls45 ; Ei«t«i C«>ll. (iif., U.A. !K4S ; BBrriMM', 1851. Mc4 A|*-Sk 


Williams, Oaorge, son of M. Willium^ EM4].,Trevincc, Truro. (Mr. Uroiy^ 

Left Midi. IMl ; J.P. aad D.L. for Cvmw«ll. litffh SlMriff. 18T&. 

Cr. IViiiiams^ Emj,, Scorrier Ilouaff ChrnwalL 

Mmtwmmte* !■ •ctokrr II 

Hostler, William Thomas, w>n of T. Hustler, EtK}., Acklam HaU« Stocktot- 

oil-Tees, (Mr. C3oleii»'j) 

Cb. Ch. Ozf. ; J.r. and I>.I^ ti*r N. RidinR. YtirkB. ; J.P. fur Go. Darfaun. 

ir. T, IfnslUrf Esq,, a$ abavf. 

Marshall, Henry James Eamshawe, non of J. R Marshall, Esq., Aigbrnd 

livenKK)!. (Mr. Stetfri 

I^eft Eiut. 1^46. 

Marshall, John, brother of the al)ove. (Mr. Sted'i) 

I^t Oct. 1M40 ; Cricket XI., 1842-4, Capt. U4I ; BxeU-r Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1849 ; M.A. IS&l 

Maycock, John. (Mr. Coknso'^) 

Uf I>R»li»h. 

EBlmacet !■ Jaauirj ISM. 

Allix, Wager Townley, son of C*. AHix, Em<i., Willoughby Hall, Oranthio. 

(Mr. Drnry's) 

Left Dec. IMI. Med Jun. IMh, 1^78. 

Eaton, Charles Ormston, son of S. Etiton, Ks4]., Easton House, StamfonL 

(^[r. Oxenhsm'y) 

lieft Mide. 1M&; Monitoi mod Cricket X!., 1S44-5> : Trin. Coll. CmdIi.. B.A. lMi;IIJ- 
1HA2; liiuiker; C«)>t. N. Linouln Miliiu; J.P. fur Cue. Nurthunpioo aad BMul 
lligb Sberiir. ImU. 

C. 0, Eatou, Etq., J.P.J ToUthorite IlaU, SUimford^ 

Farmer, Archibald Hamilton, son of W. M. Fanner, Esq., Nonsuch Pui 

Cheam. (Mr. Hanw*) 

Cricket XL, 11^43 ; Trin. Cull. Cunib. Med May IStb, 1865. 

Hamilton, William, Hon of the Kcv. T. V. Hamilton, JAtile CThsrtt 

Charing, Kent (Mra. Leith'4 

JoDifte, Hylton. (Mr. Drary**) 

Left East. 1S42 ; munetlnte Ca)it. Culdetteani Gnarile ; of MenthAm, Bomf. Mc4 ^ 
cbolen in the Crimea, Oct. 8nl, lb>L 

Spottiswoodo, Oeoree Andrew, Hon of A. S])otti8wooilc, Esq., Hampsteti 

Middlesex. (Mr. Hanift') 

Ualliol CuU. Oxf. ; J.P. fur Devon ; Printer to tbe Queen. 

O, A. SpottUwondf, Esfj., 3, Cad*fgan Square ^ S,W. 
Spottiswoode, William, brother of the above. (Mr. UarriO 

Alaoat Eton ; Balliul C-uII. Ozf.. H.A., I Math., 1S4:> : Univ. Math. ScboUr. 1848 and IHT: 
Public Examiner in Math*, at Oxf., l^T-8 ; K.K.S., Trcna. and lYaa., 1871 ; Boo. D.L 
Edin., 1871 ; Curr»|jun<lin(r MemWr of tbe Academy of Scienoee of Fkrie, 1878; Pw. 
British AHociatiun. Is78. Died Jun. 27tb, ibbi. 


Eniraners In Hny IMO. 

(Mr>. SUmI's) 
Jphen, son of Thomas Hewlett, Km., Sureean to 
Harrow School, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

-a ; Houi of tht BohooT. Wt7-8 ; H.A. BlsWi Col). Ori. 

deraoa, Joseph, 
rdon, William. 
Bptt, Alfred Ste] 

^ OK 

well, RnsMll, son of D. Howell, Esq. (Mi 

LStler, Richard, boh of T. Hiwtler, Esq., Acklam Hall, Vorks, 

nlril III Kco ZealuHl. Die. HHb, IBei. 

wikenrie, William. (Horac-Boarderti 

Crie»« XI.. ISH-S. 

.aolt, Pierre Uarie GuBtave, son of Mons. A. Euault, Harrow. 

lldK, 1&43; anpDinuJ by Dr. Wuntdwattb ExLn Ganiiiui Uut« mt EJntioiv, 
iilnr Aniit. lAuUrlii Mod. I*ii«iutn>. TB^t-KS. 

Afofw. G, Ruaiilt, ay, .Vounl Port Roa*/, Ealmg. 
it Qeorge Henr7, son of J. Strtitt, Esq.. B«lt>er. Derbyghire. 

(Mr. Harris"! 

JjM Dh.. IMS : J.F. uid D.L. for Co. Dtibj. Hlgb 31uirl<r. IBM. 

G. B. SlnU, E»q., J.P., BridgthiU, Bdprr, Derbg»hire. 

', Henry. (Mr. Colenso's) 

hHlita., IMfliCricA.iXl., 1845.8: Tiin. CulJ. Oif 

I, Matthew Wharton, son of M. Wil§on, Esq.. created a Bart, J874, 
Eshton Hall, tlargrave, Le«ds. (Mr. Steel's) 

■J. ; «.ru«iuie_ Umi- mhHni«fij_«( VuiliB.Hii«i.»Bil_4ibW. Yntkt. UlUllai 

Ealnawa la arpMatlMr ISM. 

1, Edward, son of W. E. Acraman, Esq., Beverley, Yorkshire. 

(Mr. Drury'ri 

m l''-12, IMnlln.Sc.„lh.t«itI»llJiiul»4«. 

r, Henr; Cooper, son of Lady Baker, Bristol College. Clifton. 

(Mr. Harria') 
r, ThomH Edward, boh of T. Chitty, Eaq., So, Oower Street, W.C. 

^Un Rut. m^ : llawl ot Oa 9<hai>l, 1846 ; Orl*l CvIL OK.. RA. ISAl ; BuriiWr. ISM. 
'^ Mr4 Vtj (th, isue. 

ry, son of the Rev. Dr. Day. (Mr. Drury's) 

■n Mid*. 1914 : CTlckaL Xt,. 1^44 ; Scbnl. of Trio, Hin Gunb. ; Lutn utd Eogllib Bmmj 
PAm: niuMiilh.i-1 BaelUh Usdil. IStT ond IMS ; I,L,B, lUI ; OKUintd 1%I ) Umi 
KuWr ol A> OnmiMr Scbool, biirUD-un-TniiL. 

Rev. II. Day, Burton-oa-Trent. 
FraBCil, son of ,1. H. Deffell, Esq.. 38, Upper Harley Street, W. 

(Mr. Steel'a) 

■n Ui 1S» ', Cliil' in <hi, lIuuH ot UitA> tlU l?17. DlHl Jnl. Wh. 1SS7. 

of Col. C. Oriniaton, Oriinston-Garth, 

itn, Xarmadoke Jerard, 


i: J.P.inclP.L- forK. RWing, 

126 HA RRQW SCHOOL REO 187 ER. [Sirr.lM 

Ourney, Xdward. (Mr*. Lritki 

Onrney. (Mra. Lotk^ 

Criok0fc XL, 1S4A. 

Kilworth, Stephen, Lord, son of the 3rd Earl of MoontcuhelL 


Alw Al Hon ; momUbm Ltoot. RUU Bri^MU, J.P. for Oo. OMk : winfi— Iwl m Ilk ft 
188S. Mc« Not. 9th, 1889. 

Bawlimon, T. (Mm LbA 

CrlckM XI., I84S-S ; Trla. CoU. Ounli., B.A. 1848 ; M.A. 1851. 

Sanctiuurj, John, Hon of J. Sanctuary, Esq. (Mr. Stjk 

Sannden, Sdward. (Mra. Ldd 

Sannders, Henry. (Mr& Lotl 

SaTage, Robert (Mr. OkBK 

BatnuMe la JaBaaiy litl* 

(hurrer, Charlee SaTile, son of the Rev. D. R Ronndell, Clifton, Yorki 

(Mrs. Leith'a, Mr. Steel's, and Mr. Han 

Laft MIda. 1848 ; Monitor : Iliad of ih« School. 1848 ; Crkk«t XL, 1844A O^pt W 
lUdE«i PI^tot; Balliol ColL Oif., B.A., 1 CL, S Math., ItU; OhUMtUocVMi 
KD«liah Banj, 1851; Follow of Merton ColL; O.U. Crkkct XI., 1S47: HP. 
GnuBtham, 188IV85 ; for Skipion DiT., 1893 ; Sm. to Bojal Jainaian riiiniiiiiw. 1 
to Royal ConuniMion fbr inqairinff into tho nrmnm, tto., of tha TTnimiiliw. I 
for inquirinf into Friandly 8ooi«ti«, 1871 : OoTamor of Hanov Sehool aad af^Dah 
Coil. ; D.L. for SoMtz ; J.P. for ChMhir» and SoMtz ; aMunad tha auMMnaaf 

C. S. Rounddl, Eiq., M.P,, 16, Curztm Street, Maj^air^ W. 

BatimaMn !■ ■ardi 

Mackeniie, Henry. (Hoine-Boarc 

Cricket XL, 1845-9. IMed 

Piatt, Thomas Dnodecimns, son of the Hon. Baron Piatt, 38. Tayist 

Square, W.C. (Mra. Lwt 

Laft in 1848 ; Monitor, 1847-« ; Cricket XL, l844-«, Oa|it., 1847-8 ; Trin. GoU. CbmkL. 
1852 ; Vicar of Holj Trinity, Portaea ; SnrrogaU of dio. of Winohtatar. 

Rev. r. Z). Piatt, Holy TrinUy rtcarage, PorUea. 
Sanctuary, Philip James, son of J. Sanctuary, Esq. 
Skottowe, Francis William. 
Williams, Montagne, son of C. M. Williams, Esq. (Mr. Han 

Left Dec 184S ; Exeter CulL Oxf., B.A. 1847 ; M.A. 1848 ; J.P. and D.L., High Skvi 
Donet, 1878 ; of Wuolland lionae, BUndfurd. Med Dea 8rd, 1890 

EBtnuicet !■ Aprtl 1S«1. 

Boldero, Oeoree Neeld, son of Col. Boldero, M.P., Uurst Qrove, Readin 

(Mr. RH. Drm 

Left Sept. 1848 ; Cricket XL (12th num), 1848 ; eerred in the Crimea with tha Bovnl 1 
Fv^en, wotinded at Inkemuui, medal and daeiia, Sardinian mednl, Ma^Jidk 
Tnrkieh medal. 

Lieut'Gen. G. N, Boldero, United Service Club, 8.W. 

Kindersley, John Sohert, son of N. W. Kindersley, Esq., Tai^ 

Madras. (Mr. Stei 

Left East. 1842 ; Fellow of Madras Univ. ; retired Jodire of the High Court of MndsM. 

J. R. Kindersley, Eeq,, 34, Cromwell Gardens, S. W. 

Mivart, St George Jackson, son of J. K Mivart, Esq., 39, Brook Street, 

(Mr. Oxenhai 

Left in 1842 ; Barrlater ; Prof, of the Philneophy of Biology at tha UniT. of 
F.R.8., V.P.L.8., V.P.Z.8. ; Ph.D. ; M.D. 

St George J, Mivart, Esq,, F,R.S., Hvrstcote, Chilwartk, Surrey, 



luendale, Salislrarjr, son of J. Baxendale, Esq., Woodside, Middlesex. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

BdKol Gon. Oxf., aA. 1849 ; ICJL 186S ; Banister, 1852 ; J.P. for Hanto, Hi^ Sberiff, 

S, Baxendale^ ^^^f Bonningtofu^ Ware, 

ttjiBy Sdmimd, son of J. Blayds, Esq., who afterwards assumed the 

surname of Calverley, Oulton Hall, Leeds. 

(Mr. SteePs) 

Left MS^ 1845 : Monitor and Criok«t XI., 1844^ ; Trin. Coa Camb., B.A. 1849 ; C.U. 
Ciickst XL, 1846-9 ; J.P. and D.L. for W. RidKng, Torks ; aoBamad the raniaxne of 

£1 Cak>erUyj Esq., J.P., Oulton Holly Leeds. 

OunerOB, Albui, son of Donald Cameron, Esq., Barcaldine, Bonaw, N.B. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Uft MS^ 1845 ; Cricket XL, 1845-8 ; Trin. CoIL Ozf. ; Clerk in H0I7 Ordera. 

OuMTiniy JdhB, l»t»ther of the above. (Mr. Steel's) 

hm, BoL Jnlifta Henry (SiarlM, son of Lord Burghersh, afterwards llth 

Earl of Westmorland. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Mb. CbD. OHnb. ; ChaneeUor'i medal for Bngliah Verte, 1850 ; See. of Embaaqr at Vienna 
aadPteiik Me4 Apr. 19th, 1870. 

flmti mmam, son of John Grant, Esq. (Mr. Steel's) 

Eowdl, DaTid Henry, son of D. Howell, Esq. (Mr. Steel's) 

CiLGh. Oxf. 

Hudson, George, son of Q. Hudson, Esq., "the Railway King," York. 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1851 ; Barrieter, 1858 ; sometime Snb-Iospector of FactoTies. 

(Mr. Colenso's) 

Eadersley, Edward Leigh, son of R T. Kindersley, 'Esa.^ afterwards 

Vice-Chancellor the Rt Hon. Sir Kicnard T. Kin- 
dersley, 18, Hyde Park Square, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mida. 1844 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1851 ; M.A. 1852 ; J.P. for Dorset. 

E. L, Kinderdey, Esq., J.P.^ Clyffey Dorchester. 

LoBg, Bichard Fenmddocke, son of Walter Long, Esq., M.P. for Wilts, 

Hood Ash ton, Trowbridge, Wilts. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1844 ; Cricket XL, 184S-4 ; Trin. ColL Camb., M.A. ; C.U. Cricket XL. 1845-8 ; 
played for Gent. v. Players, 1846 ; M.P. for Cbippenbam, 1859 ; for N. WUte, 1865 ; 
retired owing to iU-health, 1868. Died Feb. 16th, 1875. 

LaBgoeriUe-Clarke, (Siarles Kyers, son of L. Longueville-Clarke, Esq., 

Calcutta. (Mr. Oxenham s) 

Laft in 1844 ; Lieut. .CoL Mnnster Fnailiers, retired ; has assumed the sole snmame of 
da Loagoerille. 

Lieut.'CoL C. de Longuemlle, Army and Navy Cluby S.W. 

Oxeiliaiii, Henry Nntcombe, son of the Rev. W. Oxenham, Harrow. 

(Mr. Oxenham 's) 

Lift Dec 1847 ; Monitor, 1846-7 ; BaUiol Coll. Oxf., Schol., 1847 ; 6. A. 1850 ; M.A. 1854 ; 
Cniate of WonningfaaU, Bucks, 1854 ; of St. Bartholomew's, Cripplegate, 1857 ; Joined 
the Choreh of Rome, 1857 ; Author of numerous woxics, essays, and poems. Died 
Mar. 2Srd, 1888. 

Valker, Charles, son of John Walker, Esq. (Mr. Steel's) 

IHIIii, Bobert Bruce, son of J. W. Willis, Esq. (Mr. Harris*) 

B.X.C. OHf., B.A. 1849. 

Tomig, Jdhn William, son of Capt. Young. (Mr. Colenso's) 

8C. John's ColL Camb., B.A. 1847 ; M.A. 1851 ; Senior Chapl. at Nowshera, Bengal, 1857. 

Rev. J, W, Young y Moradahad^ Bengal^ India. 


la jABWirj IMS. 

Dallu, Oeorga Frederick, mn of W. Dallafs Esq. 

CridMC XI., \S4S : tnt«rad th« Anu/, IMA ; CaiiC..*lAM ; M^., lilM ; Mrv«d UnM«ho«i chi 
Fatwm Oun|i«l|nii iocloilliiff tba lMitll« nf Alnw, fWacbTa, sad iBkonBaa, who* hi 
■iicoMdad to th« ooniniAod of two oiini|Huil« Mtb fUitk : prmnt At tb* skat «Bd fill 
of 8tfaMto|iol, BMiUl apd 4 elM|ia, Bnr. of Mig. •!«., 1954-1 

Danielly Xdwtrd, son of Capt DanicH, Carehalton, Surrey. (Mr. Drunr ») 

Left bit. 184S. 

De Salii, John Fraaeis William Fane, Aon of Peter John, Count De Sain, 

Hillingdon Place, Uxbridge. (Mr. Etvy'ii) 

Uft Micla. 1845 : •ometlina ia the DiiOuniatic ServiM; 8ea of I^^pitioo 1 TVfla. WMl 
Died Aair. Tih, 1S71. 

De Salii, Peter Fane, brother of the a1>ove. (Mr. Drmy?) 

Ltft MkU. 1S46 : tnUrad the Anatriui Miliury Herrles. 

Everard, Henry EUeedon, son of W. Everard, Esq., I^ynn. 

Oorinff, Charlet, son of »Sir Harry D. Goring, 8th Bart, Highden, Shorehim. 

(^ir. Wamefoid s) 

Gbfit. l2Ui Ltnmn : J.P. for Bxumx ; sucoMd*! m Mh Bvi.. ISM. Me« Nor. tid, UU. 

Hostler, Oeoree, son of T. HuHtler, Emi., Acklam Hall, Yorka. 


UnW. Coll. Oxf.. aA. IA48 : M.A. 1M7 : J.P. for Oxoo. ; VUmr of ■^'f'li^fftil. lfi»r- 

i?er. G. Iluttler^ Weald J/attor, Oxcm. 

, Joaeph Francia, son uf J. H. Merivale, Esq., 15, Wobum Fbct 
W.C. (Mr. R Dniry^i) 

L«ft Jul. 1944. Med Aug. 20th. 19411. 

Palmer, Oeorge, son of (i. Pahner, Ks4|. (C).Ii.), Xazing Park, 

Bennal C.S. ; wrr«d on tbe fltAlTof Air II. lUnuir^l b«fur» Ptlhl, IftT* ; 

luiiDilad a ilMiil-b»tt«7 i*f Artllleir ; r«ci>iT«rl Humki of UoTvmmciit for his MiliiMy 
•enriofls during tho Mntioy ; J.P. for KaMz. 

G, Palmer, Etti.j J,P„ <u above. 

Rich, (Siarles DaTid. son of the Rev. J. Rich, M.A., Ivingboe, Trin;. 

UertA. (Mra. Haggett'i) 

|M)Clti( . . ^ 

now, in March, IS^s, and naa njentitmeil in dntiMtch fur ■eriioaa in action nt AIbbIi^ 
(hona ahot): aarvad with th« Wh Ijincen thniOffhoiat tba nampaliii la Oaii ai 
Kohilcnml. inclndintt actifnaat RbiNUmow nud Allyimnire. captnraof BnraUly.acria 
of HhaliJahaniHire, aimI |tvinniit to MAkumtiae : dtniniimded a aooadroB At tho imi^^ 
tba Gofrra, and at Mutchlaafpion and Kanidakoti ; Brav. of Ut^. ; nwdal wlib ^|a 

Lient-Col. Charles I). Rich, Arnmore, (\\d<*gan Road, SurbUon^ Sufnif. 
Smith, Henry Fly, son of K. Smith, V.m\. (Mr. HanU) 

ExctarColl. l»xf.. B.A. ls'2: M.H. 1«31 : M.R.C.S. 

//. F. Smith, AVy., 1, Maitlatid Park Rmd, Ilaterstoch ffUl, AMT. 

Sperling, Francii WiUiam Theodore, son of the Rev. H. J. Sperliitt 

TjittcnlMiry Hill, St. Iv.s, Hunts. (Mr. HaiS)| 

Head of th« School, l^lT : iiLived in the FootbtUI XI. IMe4 Ang. Slat, 1847. 

Tower, Conyers, son of C'ol. H. Tower. (Mr. StedXj 

EnUre.1 the Anny, 1^44 : Cai.r.. l^'-O ; M.«j.. l-f.] : I.ieut.Cl., IWS : OaL. ISM; ll4[--<3«-/ 
ISTS ; aarved with the (ith Itriuo<'>nH in thi* i'riiufn. nifil»l with two daapB aad nittt| 
maiial ; c^imniandcd :itd l)mi;oun Ciuanbi in Abj-aBinia. mantioiMd ia < 
and CD., I86d. 

LieuU-Gm. C. Ti/wer, i\D., Tliomfield CUm, Rugb^. 



-omlejr, Arthur. 

oete, Peter Lawrence, son of Lawiente Cloete, Esq., Zandol«i% Cape af 
Good Hope. (Mr, Drury'e) 

Lift tiar.<n Eni[. \M-\ ; wriid m Adiutont In a ImiaI voniuuT Id tb> Bnt iUffii Wu. and 
»n>r**r<LiuaA.n.C. tu bis oncU LI<>nL.Oiu. Sic JoibTTjlafU ; »tlv(d to N.fl.W. iD 
It:.:! ;itiiiiolnlai]Ruh<lciliiri<lniniwDn>r,Biidiin>n<v>UCbitfC<tiniiiii^oBei,ofBmithsrB 
U.'l.l tlsldi: WiiUt I'ullu HAglMnl« u 8iilM>, IMM. Dtm •! E>dn«. N.S.W., 
A pill TUi, WTO. 

Irwin, Sobert Alvey , son uf W. B. Darwin, Esq., Elaton Hal], Newark. 

Ei.Ui OuU. (Inf. ; q( EUlun, SutU. Died V". Ilh. I91T. 

But, William. 

J!..: C. G- llWfA-.u. 

I of Vice-Adm. tlie Uuil Miiliti 
,e. (Mr. Oienham's) 

KiDlDi Cull. Out. : Steutr u( HaDggstU, Oion, 1879. 

, MoageivtU Recl'mj, WaUittuford. 

alter, William. 

Dsaaqnet, Arthur. 

)ney, Thomas, aon of Canon Cons}', I'ucklecburch Vican 

■axe, Brietol, 
(Mr. Oxen hull's] 

'. Cl»|>1' 

during th. Crin,«u. ¥ 

/?«>. T. CoTU'j, Brayieick Grove, Maiilmlieurl. 
xClery, Willi&m, sun of T. McClerj-, Esq., Ruako, Gatehouse, N.B. 

(Mr. Harris') 

tj-lt In ISII ; loU Bangui rivll Sutlcc. 

W. ifeCUry. Esq.. Balminnoth Loilge. Kukcomin, X.B. 
iajcock, Frederick. 

euiie, John Keith, son of (J. Hennie, Esq,, O.E., 21, WTiitehall PIeicb. 
S.W. (Mr. Harria') 

Led y(.l«. 1B»T; VhbIUji : CriclwlXl, tlStbn«B), IWT: Ridniijr Suihi Coll. Cunb.. B.A.. 
•Mh t>'nnKl>r udiI FcUo*. IKI : H.A. DM ; J. P. tui Bun/ ud LunduD. 
J. A', flrii'iif, K1.7., ././■., 2, Eerfc/wi S',..««, S.W. 

cott, John. 

barpe, Henry. (Mr. Drurj's) 

anghan, Charles Lyndhoret, aon of Sir John Vaughan, Kt. 

J!rr. C. L. Tanghan, Chn*l'« Church Rectory, SI. Ltoiutrds-an-Sea. 
niliams, Frederick, son of B. Williams, Esq., Harrow. 

Emnwmi !■ JNnaHrj tsM. 

lUss, Willi&m Blowers, son of the lion. W. B. Bliss, Jndgo of llio 
Supreme Court, Halifax, Canada. (Mr, Shillito's) 

UH UidL 18U; Tiin. Coll. Tuuli,, H.A, 18M : M.A, UM; R«1or ut Wickni Buuhnnl, 
Emi. IMS. 

Rtv. ir. B. BliM, Wichtn Rtdory, Xtteporl, Etta. 
1, John William, son of the Hon, J. IL L Umton, afterward". :!rd 
Baron Sherborne, Bibury, Fairford. 

I Loll E..!. 1m:.; ..I*. »i Bum; BiUiol Coll. OK. PiMl Aa*, tWi. UW. 


Hamum, Edward, M>n of £. Harman, Esq., Clay Hill, Enfield, 

(Mr. Shilfito's) 

Left Midi. 1M« ; Monitnr. 1S4I4S ; FtmiMlAii<>n BcImiI. Oiioa GoIL Ounbi, &▲. IMO; ILA. 
IMr^ : |Ueii>r of Hmlebgr mmI Vlimr iif RdMihAll. CnmbnUiid ; ChuL to tte lM» BUmr 
f if CkrlUle ; PrucCor in GonTmmtlun «>f Y«irk, 1SIM>^ ; RMtor of Pldi««U, 

Rev, E. Harman^ PichceU Rector it, Oakham, 
Xoore, Hon. CharlM William, mm of the 3rd Earl of MountcaahelL 

Aaraoiad Um MidiUnoa] mriMuue of Hmyth, 1N56, which b» drapptd, 1880. mmd hM 
Taritd Um spslling of hb naoM Ui Mor» : J.T. uid D.U for Go. Waftnlotd, High flbvil. 
18«2 : J.P. and 1».L. for Cork : aiiocMiUd bi« btvthn u Mb larl, 1888. 

The Earl of MounieaeheU, Moore Park, KelunHk, Co. Cork. 
Vernon, Henry, Hon of H. C. \'ernon, Esq. (Mr. Dnuy'a) 

Ijttt Mid«. 1840 ; Crick*! XI., 1SI5-9. Cuirt. 1H49 ; C.l'. Crick*! XL, 18504C Bled tai UU. 

BalrmM« %m Jbm IMS. 

Collier, Charles, son of Dr. Colliur. 

Trio. Cull. DurhMB), H.A. Im'iO ; M.A. 14M : M.A. Ozf., \M6\ Vioar of Aodovw, 18T«. 

BBlnuim iB MrplrsiWr IMS. 

Dutton, Edward Lennox, son of the Hon. J. H. k Dutton, afterwards Srd 

HaroM Sherbonic, Bil>ury» Fairford. 

Left Deo. 1848; Bnllio] 0>11. Ozf.. liA. ieir»2 ; J.r.*f»r OloooeitMihira : ■noimiliil ai «h 
Uaroo, 1S83. 

Lord SherborMy Shfrbome Himu, near Xorthleach^ GUmeeeierehire, 
Faber, Arthur Henry, son of C. E. Fabcr, Esq. (Mr. Oxenham s) 

New CulL Oxf., U.A., 1 CI.. \>:»\\ ; M.A. l&ji$ ; Feliuw and Tutor ; UmmI Maatar of MalTtn 
Coll., lbd5-«0: l<ect4>riif 8iin>tbiin>*.iKh. 

Rev. A . //. Faber, Sprotborungh Rectory ^ Doneader. 

Haggard, Henry. (Mr. Oxenham'i) 

Jones, Morgan, son of the Rev. J. Jones Tenylan, Cardiganshire. 

Cricket XL, 1845-7: Unir. Coll. Otf. : (».V. Cricket XL, 184i»-U); J.P. and D.L. forCoa 
Caidigao and Carmarthen, Liigh Sheriff, lH-'i4. 

M, Jones, Est^., ok a&ortf. 
Luke, WillianL (Mr. OzenhamV) 

Morgan, Edward. 
Mountague, Bichard Perceval 
Pechell, William Henry Cecil George. (Mr. Oxtnham'i) 

Sonjetime Capt. 77th Re^t. Pell in the trcnchet before Sebaatopol, SepL 8nt« 1S55. 

Beed, Joseph Haythom. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Russell, Richard Bury. 

EatniBeea Is Jasaarj IS44. 

Hewlett, Thomas OiUliam, >K)n of T. Hewlett, Esq., F.H.C.S., Surgeon to 

Harrow School, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Left Mide. 1840 ; Monitiir, lb40 ; Kuiitary roniuiiauoner for Bombay ; C.I.B. ; Dmtj 
Snrir.-Gen., Indian Anuy, Domliav ; ^erred during the Mntiny, medal and daip; 
retired, May 1888. Med <>ct. btb. issi^. 

Jephson, John Hilton. 

Uertfonl CoU. Ozf., B.A. 18:*! : M.A. 1876 ; nrdniued. l.S:>2 : held rarioni CniacUa, 18&S-71 

Rev, J, H. Jeplison^ Qunjkld, Norham Gardens, Oxford. 


Xazwdl, Archibald. 

Vormaa, Frands Martin, son of R. C. Norman, Esq., Harrow. 


Lafi Ba^ 1848: x«dred GominaiideT R.N. ; J.P. for Berwiok<>n-Tweed ; Crimean medal, 
olaepe for Inkerman and Sebaatopol, 6th daaa Order of Med^idie, China medal. 

Commander F, M. Norman, R,N,, Cheviot House, Berwick-on-Ttoeed, 
Vorman, Xartini brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Left in 1846 ; obtained three gold medals at Halkybniy ; Madras Civil Serrioe, 1852-9. 
IMed in 1859. 

Flatt, Frederic William. (Mr. Dmry's) 

^ Smyth, Charles CarmichaeL (Mr. Oxenham's) 

-^ Theobald, William, son of W. Theobald, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Calcutta. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left in 1845 ; retired in 1880 aa a Deputy Bnperintendent after thirty yean aenrioe in the 
Oeologioal Surrey of India. 

W, TTieobald, Esq,, Uplands, Budleigh SaUerUm, Devoih, 

BBlnuices Im A»rtl 1M4. 

Bowen, Wardle. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mida. 1852. 

''' Hntton, Henry Edward, son of the Rev. T. P. Hutton, Forest Hill, 

Sydenham. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec. 1847 ; Monitor ; Cricket XI., 1846-7 ; BalUol CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1852 ; Aast. Master 
at Harrow, Sq>t. 1855 to Bast. 1890. 

H E. HuUon, Esq., 22, Elsham Road, KensmgUm, W. 

Batnuices Im Scplesiber 1M4. 

Seanmont, Walter. 

Seanmont, Wentworth Blackett, son of T. W. Beaumont, Esq.. 144, 

PiccadiUy, W. . (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. OoU. Camb. ; J.P. and D.L. for Northomberland and W. Riding Yorlu; ; M.P. for 
& Northomberland, 1852-85 ; for Tyneeide Div., 1886-92. 

W. B, BeaununU, Esq,, 144, PiccadiUy, W. 

Sroughton, John Lambart, son of P. Broughton, Esq., Tunstall Hall, 


Exeter Coll. Oxf. ; sometime Capt. 8rd StaiTordshire Militia. 

J, L. Broughton, Esq., Almington HaU, Siaffofdshirs. 

Chieirrj, Apsley, son of G. H. Cherry, Esq., Denford, near Hungerford, 

Berks. (Mr. B. Drury's) 

Left in 1851 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; aerred in 90th L.I., 1855 ; present at the relief and capture of 
Lncknow, and ssrred during Indian Mutiny ; KalBr War, 1878-9 ; Zohi War, 1880 ; two 
medals and three daspe ; Migor-Oen., 1887. 

Major-Oen. A. Cherry ^ as above. 

De 9<^» George Fane, son of Peter John Fane, 5th Ck>ant De Sails, 

Hillingdon Place, Uxbridge. 

Left Dec 1846 ; Capt*. Austrian Serrice. Died Oct. 22nd, 1806. 




BBtraBcrs la Jaaiuirj liitt. 

Boldero, Henry Kearney, s<>n of i\A. 11. O. Boldero, R.£., M.P. 

MTiwjr, MUl ni V oi. II. vff. ixpiaero, ii.J!m, M,r^ 
Hurst (trove, Keadin^;. (Mr. Droiy**) I 

Cricket XI.. 1>J0 ; Trin. rf.ll. Caiub.. li.A. 18&4 ; M.A. 1857; CC. 

Lefl Mid*. I*i00: Cricket XI.. 1>J0 ; Trin. CuU. Caiub.. li.A. 18&4 
Crickec XI.. lK>l-3; R«cU>r of it rittl«t«m, Wilu. 

Rer. If, K. IMdero, (rrittUtoHj ChippeHham, Wilts, 

Faber, Harrey, son of Mrs. Falter, Harrow. (Uome-Boarder) 

Oorton, Alfred Charlet, son of Kev. J. (torton, Harrow. (Mr. OzenhunW 

Orifflthe, William Henry, son of W. Griffiths, Esq., 7, Lower Berkeley 

Street, lN>rtinan Spiarc, W. (Mr. OxenhamV) 

Worc«tt«r<.ull. Oxf., H.A. !»:>»; M.A. IS^:^; lUrrbtor, 1h:*4. 

Hudson, John, son of G. Hud.«*on, Es«i., **Tlio llailway King," York. 

(Mr. Html 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. 

Kindersley, Ridiard, son of K. T. Kindersley, Emj., a Stone Buildingi, 

Tjncoln's Inn, W.C, aftei-wards a Vice-Chancellor. 


Trin. Cull. Ciiiiib.. U.A. 1S53; M.A. 1K06: Vioar vf Br.iiu|iford Sptln, Ifirtw. IVT-H. 
DIrd in lr<Tl. 

Xackeniie, Duncan, son of W. Mackenzie, £s<|., Harrow. (Uome-Boaider) 

Cricket XI., \K'A. 

I) McLch^nzie, Emq.^ 10, Mhtcxmj Ijone^ E,C, 

Korman, Arthur Martin, son of R. V. Nomian, Esc]., Harrow. 


Left in 1847. Died May 20ih, Ibis',. 

Perceval, Spencer, son of Si>cncor Perceval, Es<]., M.P. (Dr. Vaughan^s) 

CAioji Coll. Caiub.. B.A. 1852 : lUrrister. I.v'>4. Died Jan. 2nd. ItiW. 

Eoberte, Browne Henry JEneai, son of B. Rolterts, Emi. (Mr. Oxenham'e) 

8t. Mar}' lUIl Oxf., U.A. 186S. 

Eoberte, Thomas, son of W. V. Ro1>crts Esci., 2, Robert Street, AdelpU. 


J.r. and D.L. for Co. Peiiibnike. Died in 1mT4. 

Trenchard, Charles John Octavius, son of Ct. Trencliard, Esq^ Amt 

liodge, Sudlmr}'. (Home-boaroer) 

BatniBCM is Febnuirj IfU^ 

Billington, Oeorge Xovle, son of the Rev. J. RiUington, Kenningtoo, 

AsTiford, Kent. (Mr. HamV) 

Cornet ikh luniakilling L>Ta(trM»nt«. In'm ; Capt.. ISOl : Mrvoil in Iitdia dnriag Um Mvlitf 
with tbe 4th Refft. and waa aeverely wounded at the a»Mult of the F«irt on Btgrt WHm-. 
medal, Apr. 2nd, 1658. 


I Apr. 1845.] CHARLES JOHN V AUG HAN, 133 

I lairdy William, son of J. Laird, Esq., M.P., Birkenhead, Cheshire. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1848 ; aeoior partner in the finn of Laird Broa., Shipboildeia, Birkaohead ; J.F. for 

J¥, Laird, Esq,, J,P., Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, 

BatniBCM In AprU 1815. 

; Berridge, Robert Bristow, son of the late W. Berridge, Esq., Lincohi. 

' (m. Harris') 

Left Not. 1845 ; Solicitor, 1853. 

' R, B, Berridge, Esq,, 10, Belmont Vilku, Leicester, 

' Blosse, FranciB Lynch, son of Sir Francis L. Blosse, 9th Bart. Old 

Connaught, Bray, Ireland. (Dr. Vaugnan's) 

Sometime Lieut. 85tb Regt. ; Capt. N. Mayo Militia. IHed JoL 20tb, 1864. 

Saniell, James Le Oeyt, son of J. F. N. Daniell, Esq., Esher, Surrey. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1848 ; sometime CoL East Bnney R^. ; Sec. London and Provincial Mar. Inaoe. 
Co., Ltmdon. 

Col J, Le G, Daniell, 8, BoUon Gardens, S, W, 

S'Arcy, John Hyde, son of Lieut.-Col. D'Arcy, Priestlands, Home Mead, 

Lymington. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Head of the School, 1850 ; Schol. of Balliol CoU. Oxf. lMc4 Jan. S8th. 1852. 

Xe Bnrgh, Lord Hubert Oeoree, son of the 1st Marquess and 14th Earl 

of C^anricarde, Carlton Terrace, S.W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Diplumatic Service, 1852-es ; D.L. for Galway ; M.P. for Galway, 1867-71 ; succeeded as 
2Dd Marquees, 1874. 

The Marquees of Clanricarde, The Albany, W, 

Trancis, Theodore, son of Mrs. Francis, 50, Great Ormonde Street, W.C. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left East. 184tf ; Ch. Coll. Carob., B.A. 1853 ; M.A. 1855 ; ordained, 1854 ; Rector of Come- 
well, Oxon., 1870-8 ; Vicar of Shippon, Berks, 1878-7 ; Rector of Stockcroes, 1877- . 

Rev, T, Francis, Stockcross, Newbury. 
Treer, John Booth, son of Dr. Freer, Leicester. (Dr. Vaughan\s) 

Left Midf . 1847 *, SchoL of Augustine's ColL Canterbury ; Missionary to Labrador and 

Xonston, Richard Matthew Blakiston, son of R. B. B. Houston, Esq., 

Orangefield, Belfast. (Dr. Vaughan*s) 

Med of fever, at Harrow, 1847. 

Jackson, Henry Mather, son of W. Jackson, Esq., M.F., who was created 
a Bart 1869, The ^fanor House, Birkennead. (Dr. Vaughan*s) 

Left in 1849 ; Monitor ; Trln. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1858 ; M.A. 1859 ; M.P. for Coventry, 1867-8 and 
1874-81 ; Q.C., 1873 ; succeeded as 2nd Bart., 1876 : appointed a Judge of the Queen's 
Bench Division of the High Court of Jitstice. IMed before taking his seat. Mar. 8th, 

Xnight, Gregory, son of J. Knight, Esq., Prebend Place, Leicester. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

J. p. for Co. Leicester ; sometime Maj. Leicestenhire Militia. 

G, Knight, Esq,, Holmesdale, near Leamington. 

Xonge, Francis Davy, son of the Rev. R Longe, Coddenham Vicarage, 

Suffolk. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1850 ; Cricket XL, 1847-9 ; Oriel ColL Oxf., B.A. 1854 ; O.U. Cricket XI., 1851-2 ; 
Barrister ; Geooral Inspector of the Local Govemmeni Board. 

F. D. Longe, Esq,, Coddenham Lodge, Cheltenham, 


Kaade, Jamos Arthur, son of Capt. the Hon. F. Maude, RN., la 

Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Phrk, W. (Dr. Vau^biiiV} 

SunMilnM In tba Anny ; iiiioi of tiM 4>mtoi7, Braniploa. 

Ross, Edward, son of I). Rofw, £m|., Afway Master of the Mint, Bombay. 

(Dr. YangfaaDi} 

Ua iMt. 1M9 ; Crickflt XL, 18M4 ; Eut iDdU and Japu Mocteat. 
E, Rom, E§q,, 22, 8^ Maty Are, Ltmdim, E.C. 

Scadding, Walter, hoh of K \V. Scadding, Esq., s, Gordon Street, Gotda 

Stpiare, W.C. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Solleiior. lau. 

W. SciuMing, E$fi., 23, Gordon Strtet^ Oordom S^uofw, W.Ci 

Scott, Joseph Stonehewer, son of J. Scott, Esq., Colney Hall, NorwicL 

(Mr. Ozenham'*) 

Left MiiU IMS; Monibir ; Trln. Cull. Ouiib.. M.A. ; J.P. for Koifolk, Hich flhOTlf; UB: 
■fUrwftidt aMunMd the iMklltioniU lumAina «if Chad. 

J. S. Seott'Chad, K^., J.P,, Tkumford Hall^ Norfolk. 
Watson, John Watson, son of Mrs. Watson, The Meadow, Birkenhesd 

(Dr. Vaoghin's) 

Scbftl. of QiMMu' Ci>l!. Canib.. B.A. 1A05 *. h«ld Taritmii Cnimdtt, 1887<SS ; nil— hi ChfL 
«t RotunUm. 1862-8 ; Viar ot Newbanch. LMMuhira. 1866.7a 

R^. J, W, Wataon, 14, Park Rt)ad^ S. Birkenhead. 

Wenn, James Benjafield, son of the Rev. J. Wenn, Manneen Hal 

Norwich. (Dr. VangliSD'st 

Left MitU. 1848 ; Cricket XI., 1^46^ : Calmi Coll. CfimK ; CvtmU of MaltoB ChoifeiUtBi 
Briirtow, Nurfi'lk. 

Woddrop, William Albm, son of A. Woddrop, Esq., who assumed tk 

additional surname of Afian, 184^ Ghurvald-Nobl^ 
hou8o, Peebles. (Dr. Van^hin^) 

SoiueUme Lieot. SooU Grayi : J.P. fur Peeblea: D.L. for Uouk ; UOTt.-Oal. *—>■"■ 
Yao. Gav. 

Lieui.-Cd, W. AUan-Woddrop, DaJmamockf Qlaagow^ N.B. 
Wood, Henry, son of T. \V(>od, Est]., High Field.H, I^icester. (Dr. Vaq^V) 

Trin. Coll. Cumb.. B.A. 1S52 ; M.A. 1SS6 ; held Turioiis Cmadii, 185S46; Tku of Bd- 
denb.'un, 1866. 

R^r. //. Wooilf BfdiUnham Vicarage, IMfard. 

Batnuiceft Is May 1S4S. 

Capel, Hon. Reginald Algernon, son of the Gth Earl of Essex, CassioliiBT 

Park, Herts. (Dr. Van^'i) 

Cricket XI.. 1849; Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; Qneen'ii F.O. Mcweoffer, 185»«: AiiL Laed Goit 
Inapactor ; Director O.N.R. ; J.P. fur llertjt ; hiji father aamiMd for bimnlf aad 10M 
the aanuuue of Ca|iell in plAoe uf Cai«l, 1.*<hO. 

//low. R. A. OijtelJ, Little Cassiohury, WatfortL 
Eellj, Arthur, son of \. Kelly, Est)., Kelly, J^unceston. (^^fr. Oxenham*?) 

Previoiuly at Wincheater Cull. Hilled bj h tnm acvidcnt dDrinv the bolid^jv, 1M6. 

BBtniBeei Im J«ie ISia 

Blyth, Philip Thomas, son of B. Blyth, £s<i., Sion House, Clapton. 

(M. Ruaiilt*^) 

Conanl for the Ormnge Free State. 

P. r, Bltfth, Esii., 2, SinclaW Gardenn, KermngUm, TT. 

.Ir\. ISJ.V] CIJAIiLF.S JOl/y VArOHAN. 135 

Cftlthorpe, Augnatns Cholmondeley Gon^h, son of the Hon. Frederick 
C'alt.liori>i?. ftfiprwnrits Jth Boron Calthorpe, Perry 
HbII. BinninRliniii. (Mr. Oxeoham's) 

M'Hon "Ml. lilt. ;.I.P (or Wivniiailii™; J,P. *dJ UU t«t Cu. eiaRucd, BW HlwlUr, 
IIWI : iiunolaJ u OH Binu, inn. 

i^'fd CultAorjit, Elvfiham, Winehfitlil 

oikey, It«gruiald, 

; MoDibiT, CrlakM XI., IMU-SO, C&i 

of T, Hankey, Esq., Cooinlw Uouae, Croydon. 

(Ur. Vnuglian'fl) 

dnld Riqkst 

I, Joeepli, f 

BkiIidICoII. Uif'.';' 

of J. Harris, Esq., WeaUotee, Ldcester. 

IS^H.A. launcni 

t Fab. 10 

■ad LiUI> 81i«p7. LeliHMnlUn, IK!-W. U 

., and created 1st Baron Aveland, Stocken 
Hall. Stamford. (Or, Vaughan's) 

Cuul>. ; D.L. mud J.P. far Cih. LiDwIii ud RsUond : Ctu^nuu of Qunn 
. : In rtgbC or hi> motlifi Joint Dtp, Birid, Lnid aunt CbuubeiUlD ; M .F. for 
lSM-0 ; tot RnUupd. I«M-CT ; uKaailDd u Mb Bin. ud and Baron Atiluid, 
nd u Had Loid VUlongfab)' d'Kmby, ISM ; cmUd Eurl or AbcuUh, 1B99. 

Tht Earl of A'lCtuter, GriiMtitorpe, Bonnie. 
I, Edward, son of the Rev. J. Latham, Derby. (l)r. Vaughan's) 

TriD. Coll. Ouitb., B.A. ISM : H.A. 1SB> 1 AM. Mutn In Rs^n Bebwt. 1SM.TS : Vlnr of 

Horace Oeorge, 

tit Midi. tSW: Uoi 

1, Matlock Bath Vicurage, Matlock. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

rge, son of the Rev, H. Monro, Vicar of Kerry, 
Montgtimeryahire. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

jtor, IBtV-M; Triu, Cull. Cunb.. H.A,, SUi 
rialT Tiinitj. WlBchaur ; Il«u>t ol StnlhOsldBjs, IS7B. 
Hev. S, G. Monro, StralhJUldaaye Rectory, Mortit 

CbiiUc, \Hii : Csnu vt 

, Hon. Dudley FranciB Stewart, son of Viscount Sandon, M.P., 
afterwards 2nd E^rl of Harrowby, Omsvenor Uquare, 
W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Cb. Ch. Oil.. B.A, .lUS : J.F. aad D.L. fur Ca. BtodDrd ; M.F tor UehfleU, iaW4 ; tor 
UraiHifll, ime-R ; VIoi-Fka. c( DmuniiitM al CaBnctl an Bduatiuti, is;t-S : Pn*. of 
Baud of Tmdt (In OiblDtt). 187940 : mIXBi/M h Srd Eul of Binuvt^, ISSi ; litri 
Priij B«l, laSSfl. 

ne Kir/ o/i7armw6y, Scmdoti Hall, Stufford»hfre. 

I, Dudley Edward, son of Adm, Saurin, 19, Wilton Crescent. S.W. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Lift HuU. IW . CiiekVt XI.. ISiJ ; llalU<J Coll. Oif. : SiudwL of Om InoM TcniiOa, MM. 

D. E. SaHfitt, Etq., 37, Prmet't Gate, IF. 

Smitll, Itederick, son at E. W. Smith. Esq., Routh, Beverley. 

(Dr, Vaughan's) 

Ufinec 19«i;Ht.J{*B-.C"ll. C»nib., B.A. IBM. 

Tayler, Skipwith Henry Churchill, son of W. Taylor, Esq., B,O.S.. India. 

(Mr. B. Drury'8) 

Loft Dm. ISiS ; ffiiund UkUajboTT ISil : ac.a, Ittt : OlrtrlDl Jndgg, mtt^ : nOnH 

S. It. C. Tayler, Eiq., Cheniiton, Upper Mast Hill, 81. tKmanf»-oii-Sia. 

13*1 HARROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Jrsr. 1845. 

Tayler, William Oraham Tansittart, brother of the above. (Mr. Dnafi) 

Ijett Eart. 1849 : •nterad D«ii|pil r.8. 

Warre, Frederic Richard, son of J. A. Warre, Esq., 54, Lowndes Squaiti 


Univ. Toll. «Uf. 

F. R. Warre, Esq., 44, Grfni Ormond Street, W.C. 
BBtniBectt iB Jaly IMS. 

Collier, John Robert, son of Dr. Collier, ^, FiUroy Square. W.C. 

(Mr. Oxenham'ft) 

Trin. Coll. ('aiub., B.A. IS&S; M.A. IM.'A 

Cunning^ham, Henry Stewart, ^M)ll of the Huv. J. W. Cunningham, Uairov. 

(Dr. Vanghan's) 

Utt in is:^; Tiin. Coll. Oxf., EnRlbh Prlas Emmj, \»V: ; kto AdT.-Gea. Madm, w^ 
Jud^re i>f the Hiicb C«nirt, Cftlctitu; Member of the FuiiiiM CommlMlaa, 1879, amid 
the Kiuanc« C«t|iinii«iuD, 1HS6 ; K.C.8.I.. 1S89. 

Sir Henry S. Cunningham, K.C.SJ,, 11, EgrHtm Gartletu^ S, W. 

Hawkins, Francie Tanghan, son of Dr. F. Hawkins, Bolton Street, 

Piccaiiilly, W. (Dr. Vanghan's) 

Trin. C<ilL CaniK. Bnmne li.eiUl fur Cfreck Od« lA&l mmI 1853, aad for Latla Oda USl: 
CaiiMlen iiiciUl. lUl and IHVj ; Piti fniir. Schol.. 1853; B.A.. Bankir ^^Htt^t and 1« 
Chjuicellor'H lucdal, IbM ; M.A. l^M; lUrriat«r, 1850; Aatlkor of a " CobcIm Ttwtaa 
uD the Const iucti(»n of Willn " ; a Ifoveraor uf the School. 

F. V. HatckiM, Eeq., 7, Strme BuiUifigs, W.C. 

Hibbert, Reginald John Henry, son of T. Hibl>ert, Esq., Birtles HtlL 

Congloton. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

KnatchbxQl, Wadham, sini of the Uev. W. Knatchbull, Cholderton Lod|se, 

Salisbury. (Mr. Hams') 

Left Mid0. IS'iO: MuK^l- Cull. Canib., B.A. 1»54 ; M..\. ISOS; enipigeil la fknuim; iJ. 
fui Ertez. 

W, Knatchbull, Eiq,, J,P,, Iirightling$ea, Eteex. 
Emtrmmttn Im Seplrsiber ISIS. 

Barker, Francis Constantine, son of 1'. Barker, Km\., 14, Fitzroy Squsre, 

W.C. (Mr. Hams') 

Bird, Reginald, son of the Rev. R. Rini, Donnington Rectory, Ledbury. 

(l>r. Vaughan*s) 

Left in 1849 ; Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; electeil t«» I^ntVKhip at Mnpl., 1S49 : B.A. 185S ; Fallov «l 
Majnl., ItMJS ; a difttin(^i«hed FreeniaAun ; Deputy Maaier uf the AimUo UdIt. Lode* for 
the Prince of Walea in 1H73, ami aii|N>inte(l I>eimty Pruv. Cirand Maater of Oxfoiwin 
by Prince l.e<i]Mild, ihTO ; had reaided in Anatrulia, at the Cai-e, In Ceotral A]ll•Iia^aDd 
the United Statoa. Died Apr. iLth, ISIM. 

Carmichael-Smyth, David Freeman tie, son of D. Carmichacl-Smyth, £hi^ 

Judge of the SucMtT Dewanny Court, Calcutta. 

(>rr. Oxcnham's) 

Ijofi Dec-. 1KI8 ; Monitor. 1848 ; E.I.CoIl. ii:eilal» luid \>T\Bes\ MudraaC.a. 1851 ; Memlnrcf 
Council, IHTS : retired, l^SO ; h.i^ iMmiue^l the nde t^umauie uf CamilchaeL 

D. F. Carmichael, Egtf., 16, Grenriile Plare^ S,W. 

Cecil, Lord Eustace Brownlow Henrr Oascoyne, st^cond son of the 2Dd 

Marquess of Salisbur}', Hatiield House, Herts. 

(Mr. Harris) 

Left Mar. 1849; apiiointed to the 4Srd L.I., l^ol ; pioniuted as Uent. and dpt. CoU- 
Ktreani Gu.nids. 18.'>4 : retireil as Lient.-C«tl., iNiV); served in S.Africa, India, and tbt 
Crimea ; M.P. fur S. and W. Eiwcx. lS06-S:i ; Surveyor (ieoeral of the Ovdaiuies, 1874- 
80 ; Aldenuan C. C. for D(»rMt ; J. P. for Middlesex, Emmx, and Donet. 

Lieut.-CoL Lt*rd Ewtace Cecil, 32, EccU^ion Square, S, W, 


Imrcli, Jolin William, son of J. Church. Esq., Hatfield, Hert«. 

^ (Mr. Hatiis') 

i>. UmA at Itu ftokoDl. ms-O; Cntv. Ooll. Dif., D.A. ISB!. »■«« Api. Mlh. 

t, David Alexander, M>n of MaJ. Court Ofr. Dniry'e) Kut. l«r>0 : Cilnkat XI. (Ilth mu), intf ; Oclg] Coll. Oif.. B.A. Bl. Mtrj Bjd], ltl66 ; 
~ M of Cnddi^oa, l&M-I : Ininjiiibait of Si. H'lj'i, KangKFoa Puiot, Biiibuw. is59. 
JE«'. i). j4. Court, Kangaroo Point, Quamland. 
MthAlll, Francis Qrastham, aon of the Rev. F. J. Faithfull, Hatfield 
Rectory, Herts. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

[wc. IH4S; TtUi. CuJl. CiT., B.A. ISM: M.A. laiS; CInk la Ihg Wur Clffiu. 1S5S j 
»i. FtinM See. In Sit JabD FaklnfUm, Sec qI SU<a Tor Wnt. IBM ; FrlnU Bto. to 
onl Noithtitook, Vnder Sm. of SU(« (ot W.r, 1SW : Cliik of tlu Miwhwil T»jlon' 
XU1I1UJ, lorD: n>l(iwil. IBM. 
F. G. Faithfull, Esq., Heylethiry, WimbUrlot, Park 
L, James. (Mr. Dniry's) 

1948; CrlckolX[.,lB*7-a. IHed Mv lith, WIS, 

I, Bobert, sou of It. Garrard, Esq,, 31, Pantoii Street, H^niarkel, 
(Mr. Oxenbain's) 

mU Otf., Lr{60 ; aiiniellme in ttie Armj' ; nUnd with nnk of Llvut.'Oo]. 

m, Rovley Willes, son of J. HiDxnuui, Esq,, Sudbtiry Grove, near 
Harrow. (Jlr. B, DruryV) 

L^. Eui, ISW: Enilgn lUtli Klnu'i Rnnj Billn. 1810 : C>pt., IStS; UrO.-Ou. nttnl : 
atnta kt Ihe IsillMi Mnlui^ uid iit the UEgE iinil aiiitun mt Dslhl ; nnUI uiil ixmnl 

ifaj.-Gm. R. W. Iliturman, Arm\i and Navy Club, S.W. 
mery, Hugh, so» of U. Montgomery, Esq., Ballydrain, Belfast. 

(Mr. Harris') 

'(ptuM tath UhIiI I>nKi)»iiu. Pell lii Ibo Bululivu cIuitbi, Ooi. 'J»lb, IBM. 

I, Hnbert Hunter, son of the Rev. W. W. Phelp*. Beading. 

{Mr. Harria') 

C.C.C. Ottiib., B.A, IBUS: M.A. lU:; Canitca Itolt Trlnlli. BwUde; firpstiul Cnnls 
- Oil) llnf lou, iee*.n : VIbi ot N. Ounlbciim ud CnnM at Bt. Hatibio '4. K*iuln«toD, 
3,W., WII-3 ; Vit»r of Firakmn. 1875*2 ; of at PBt«'», Cuogtalon, ISM- . 

Rn, IT. IT. Phtlpt, St. PeUn't Vicarage, Congltton. 

II, Henry, son of T. ThornhiU, E»q., Woodloys, Woodstock. 

(Mr. Simp kin son's) 

'itiA LJml. R.A., l»»l ; ni|>t,, I^JC* •urnl u Uie ils)^ sod tall of S>buUi|Hil, Dicdjil nm] 

I, Richard Kichael, hoi 
Idcock, Charles Cleever, 


of W. Williams. Treigullow, Truro. 
on of J. W. Woodcock, Esq., Melton 
{Jlr. Karris') 

EHlmncM In A 

intosh, Albert Eves, sun of K. Mackintosh, Em)., H.B.M. ConsuJ in 
.^^esico. (Mr. Drury's) 

bitOBb, Charles, brother of the above. 

(Mr. Drurj's) 

valletort, William Henry, Viaconnt, son of the 3rd Earl of Mount 
Edgcumbe, Devonport. (Mr. Bimpkinson's) 

Lsfl In 1B4«^ Cb, Ch. Uif,, D.A. ISie; U.F. tot PlrnHiulb, \»M*l \ Lofd-Li«at. ot 
Commi; J.F. Hd II.L. for D>Ton i LMsl.-Col. Ssd V.B. Dtion R<«1. ; SpooUl 
DiCnlr ff4rden or Hi* SunurlH : attrnvbod u> tlia Dnka ot Aberconi'i SimUI M Won 
h> tba KioKut llnl*. IS;S ; Lotd CbwnbtrliUD, IbTO^ i LorI Slswaid n[ H.M. lIuoM, 
bold, Vim uid IsaO-PS ; laoDBdad u 4tb But. ISS] . 

Tht Earl of Mount Edgeumbt, ifount Edgeuiitbe, Divonjxni. 


BBtraarr !■ M*TCBiker mu. 

Dransfield, William Lewifl, sun uf .1. .1. Drausfii'Id, Em(|., 8ndbur>'. 


BatniBCrs !■ Jaawirj IMC 

Beaumont, Frederick Edward Blackett, Hon of R R BeaumoDt, Y^ 

Kinniiii;ly Turk, liawtry, Yorkn. (Mr. Harris j 

I.ieiit.-Ci>l. R.E.. letiml ; M.L>. fiT 8. Durlmni. KkK^-^a 

Lifut.-C*tL F. E. D. Hraumont^ JJiirjuM, Yorl't, 

Backle, Oeorg^e Aag^tUB Bentley, son of the Yen. Archdeacon Buckk, 

rpwAv, DorrlK-.ster. (Mr. 8impkinsoD'») 

Clayton, Hathaniel George, son of tlu* Hov. K. (*layton, Newcastle<iB- 

Tyne. (Mr. Ham) 

I'niv. Cull. Oxf.. U.A. \S'Ji : M.A. ; Htilidtor, ISC-O-M) : rrtanMd u M.P. for lUxte^Irt 
iiDKHtad on |tetitiiiii, lMr2 : I>.I^ fur NorthumlicrUiMl. 

.Y. (J. Clai/toH, Kifi/., Cfi^tterg^ Hexham, 

ElmsaU, Mansfeldt de Cardonnel, son of J. £. G. ElniBall. Em., Wood- 
lands, 1 )onrastor. (Mr. SiiupainsonV) 

Trill. Coll. Cituib. 

Heaton-Ellifl, Charles John, son of C\ Hcaton-Ellin, Em|., 49, Htrkf 

Street, W. (Mr. Drur>>i 

I^ft IVc., 1S4R : »niuetiiii« l.ieiit. 6th Dnuplun GuAnb ; wrved in India iIurtBg tbt Miii^f- 
ii.edul fur I>eILi. INrd, 1«fore Delhi. I >«:•:. 

Laird, Macgregor, s^m of J. biird, Em]., Birkenhead, Clieshire. 

(Dr. Yaugfaaii'^) 

Ijett ill IS-ih : vobietiuie in iMuinew in I.lvprfniil : J T. fur Chanhlrt. 
.1/. Laii*fl, A'.<7.. Cat heart, Uirkenhead. 

Lascelles, Edwin Agar, son of the Hon. W. I^scellea, M.P., Campdei 

Hill, ^Y. (Mr. SimpkiDsonJ) 

lialliul Cull. Oxf., M.A. 1*'5C ; UarrUier, 1S:*9. DIrd Mar. 23ti1, 1877. 

Legh, William Dawson, son of the Rev. K. 1). Ixgh, M.A. 


Left in 185S ; D.A. of I»ndnn Univcmity ; Clerk in Hclj Onlen. Mcd in I86a 

Miles, Philip Edward, son of J. Miles, Esi|., Watford. (Mr. MiddkmiitV 

Left Mido. 1849 ; Cricket XI.. \^\''> : Caioii Coll. Canib.. RA. 18U ; \\mx of 0«<Mi9> 
1874-9 ; Rectiir of (Mttock, Wilte, l-^Ty. 

Rn\ P. E. Mihf, (Jtht'jrk Rectorif, SulUhury, 

0*Donnell, Richard Alexander, son of Sir Richard A. O'DonnelL ^ 

Bart., New])ort, Mayo. (Mr. SimpkiMOo's) 

Sometime Cai>t. N. Mkto Militia : Rea. MniriMrate. 1S:.7-im. Mcd Jul. 7th, 1887. 

Paget, Granville William, son of J. H. Pacot, Es4i., Totteridge, Herts. 

(Mr. Simpkinaoos) 

Pember, Edward Henry, son of J. E. R. Pember, Esi^|., New Park Ros4 

Claphain, Surrey. (Mr. Hiitb/ 

I^ft Dec. 1848 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf.. FeU Scholar, 18'.<J ; Student. 18.M ; I Ci. Mod.. 185S; BX- 
1 CI., 18M : M.A. \y^\ Hiirrieler, IS.'-S ; g.C, 1ST4 ; Deocher of Llnooln'a Ibd; JJ> 
fur lianta. 

E. A, Pember, Etq., Q.C., Vicar's HiU, Lymington^ HajUs. 

Phelps, Frederic Philip, son of the Rev. AY. AY. Pheljw, Readine 

(Mr. Hanii) 

Wadham CoU. Oxf., B.A. ISM; M.A. 1*^», 


Powell, QeOTge EeniJ, son of J. H. Powell, Esq., 33, Old Burlington 

Street, W. (Mr. HaniaO 

Somatime Oapt. 7th HxuBan. 

G, H, PoweUf Esq.^ DewksUme Park, Bury St Edmunds. 

Fpn, Sol)ert Buthyen, son of F. Fym, Esq., The Hasells. Biggleswade. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left BMt 1848 ; engaged in Banking bosineaB, with Means. Williama, Deacon & Co., 
1848-60; with Means. Child t Co., 1850-50 ; Agent Weet End Branch of the Bank of 
England, 1869-72 ; with Sir Samuel Scott t Co. 1878 ; with Messrs. Contta & Co., 1878. 
Died Jan. 17th, 1804. 

Byan, William CayendiBh Bentinck, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir E. Ryan, 

Qarden Lodge, Kensington. (Mr. Harris') 

Bnell, Henry Hugent, son of R. Snell, Esq., Calcutta. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left East 1847. 

Thomhill, John Bensley, son of Mrs. Thomhill, 21, Albion Street, Hyde 

Park, W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trerilian, William John Cely, son of Capt. Trevilian, Bamfield, Exeter. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Oriel CoU. Oxf. Died 

Tuftiell, Arthur JoUifb. son of J. J. Tufnell, Esq., Waltham House, 

Chelmsford. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Snaign 84th Foot, 1857 ; Lient., 1858 ; Capt, 1804 ; J.P. for Easex ; senred with the OSxd 
His*" ■ - - ~ ----- 

of a Uil from his horse, Jon. 24th, 1888. 

Twistletony John Fiennes, son of the Rev. F. Twistleton, who succeeded 

his cousin as 13th Baron Saye and Sele, 1847, 
Addlestrop Rectory, C^hipping Norton. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Mida. 1847 ; Cricket XI., 1847, but owing to an attadc of acarlet ferer waa not able to 

Slav 9. Eton or r. Wincheeter ; Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.P. for Cos. Oxford, Warwick, and 
liddleaex, and fdr Weatniinster ; High Steward of Banborj ; snuceeded as 14th Baron, 

Lord Saye and Sele, Sunbury House, Reading. 

Walford, Arthur Carr, son of A. Walford, Esq., 66, Lowndes Sauare, S.W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Trin. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1855. 

Whitley, William, son of J. Whitley, Esq., Shaw Street, Liverpool. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1849 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1853 ; Barrister. 

W. Whitley, Esq., Harrow, 

Bainuicet 1m FelimaiT IM^. 

Oreen, Valentine, son of the Rev. V. Green, Birkin Rectory, Ferry Bridge. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Oriel Coll. Oxf. ; Poatmaater of Merlon, 1850^4. 

Harris, Oliyer Hay Clement, son of W. Harris, Esq., Wootton Hall, 

Northampton. . (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1848. INed in 1861. 

Sheppard, Charles, son of the Rev. J. Sheppard, Blackheath. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Oriel CoU. Ozf. 

Start, Charles Hapier, son of H. C. Sturt, Esq., CritchiU, Cranboume, 

Dorset. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Sometime Lieut. -CoL Grenadier Gcuurda ; aerred in the Crimea, ae^erely wounded at 
Inkennan ; afterwards CoL Commanding 87th Regimental District ; J.P. for Dorset ; 
M.P. fur Dorchester, 1S56-65. IHed Mar. ISth, 1886. 


Balmace* !■ Xardi I8M. 

Bryden, Hugh, son of J. Bo'den, Enq., 21, Savile Row, W. (Mr. HAinO 

Devon, Fredorie Willuun, hou of C. Devon, Esq., Teddington Flace» 

Middlesex. (Mr. Oxenhiuii'a) 

Pravioiulj At EtoD ; St. Joho'i Cull. Osf. 

RatniMTt la AprU IMC 

Alexander, William Henrr, son of H. B. Alexander, Esq., 15, Xottiac 

Hill S<iuare, W. (Dr. Vaugli^ 

Teiubruke Cull. Oxf., B.A. 18ri6 ; BftrrUUr. 1860. 

W. If, Alexander, E$q,, Loudon and Westwinster Bank, 62, VieUma Sireei, S,W. 

Bamardiston, Hathaniel, sun of N. C. Ikimardiston, Esq.. J.P. and D.L, 

The Ryes, Sudbury, Suffolk. (Mr. Harm') 

I^ft EMt. 1850 : J.P. for Emcx ; J.P. ami PL. fi»r Sallulk ; CbairauB of t^ W«K 

(*.C. : Brifr.'Om. of tb* Harwich Inf. V. Hrlir. : enUrail tiM Amj, S7th t^irf^nw 
R«gt., 1851 : wn\9d in IreUod and lutlia till 18:»7 ; Suflulk Ym. Ckv., It57-e0i 

X. BamanlUton^ Knq., J.P,, €U above, 

Bolkeley, Egerton Olentworth, son of Capt. Bulkeley, Harrow. 


I^eft Dec. 1S47. 

Bulkeley, Bollo James, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mlda. 184.0. 

Chichele-Plowden, William, son of W. H. Chichele-Plowden, Esq., M.Pn 

8, Devonshire Place, W. (Dr. Vaufi^ian'i) 

I^eft Midji. 1847; enteral Bengal C.a, lti6S ; f-iiedally thanked forearriois in tht bite 
Matinj ; fumierlj a Meniber of the VicereiK-al Lef{ialati\e Council : K.C.S.I. ; M.P. for 

Sir Wiliiam ChicheU-PhiaUn, K.C.SJ., M,P,, 5, Park Cre$eefit, W. 

Clarke-Jervoise, Harry Samuel Cumming, son of S. C. Jervoise, Em.. 

Shenley, Barnet. (Mr. Simpkinson^) 

2nd l.ient. Coldrtieani Qnarda. IS.'pO : Capt., IS:^:. ; Lient.-Col.. 1800; Mired thiowrboit tki 

Eaatem Campaign aa A.IVC. to Oen. Airey. including the battlei of Alma and mkcbn 
and siege of aebaatupol, nieilal and three claaiM, 1^64-3. 

Courage, Edward, son of J. Courage, Es<i., Dulwich. (Mr. Steel'i) 

Dufaur, Frederick Eccleston. son of F. Dufaur, Esq., 23. Queen Amw 

Street, W. (Dr. VaugbanV) 

Left East. 1850 ; entered the l>uhlic Sert-ii« in N.8.W. in the 8arrejnr<0«iMial'a OAn. 
18dS ; retired as Chief Draaghtanian, itMl ; subeeunently in prirate pmflCifee aa Ooa' 
snlting Adviser to iiastoralists on the intricacies of toe Land Laws of NJS. W. 

E, Dufaur, Es^i., Pibrac, Turramurra, near Sydney^ N,S,W. 

Earle, Frederic William, son of R. Earle, Esq., Eilenhurst, Prcscot 

(Dr. Vaughan'8) 

St. John's Coll. Canib.. B.A. IS.'S ; M.A. ISGd. DIrd in 1S9I. 

Forster, William Stewart. S4»i) of the Rev. S. Forsier, I^ngley Lodge, 

I^wisiiain. (Mr. SimpkiiuKm^s) 

Gibson, John Sumner, son of the Rev. W. Gibson, Fawley Rectory, Sooth- 

anipton. (Dr. YaughanV) 

Cricket XL, 1851*2: Trin. Coll. Camb., Chancellor's Medal for English Poem, 1855; B.A. 
1857; C.U. Cricket XL, 1855; M.A. 1800; Vicar of Lullington, 18dO>73. 

Earbord, Hon. Walter, son of the 3rd Baron Suffield, Horstead Hall, 

Norwich. (Mr. Drary's) 

Left Mids., 1840 ; Clerk in the Cutoms ; serrtd with 7th Hussars in India, 


toiui, John Alexander, £&rl o^ 

Stim.iiiut in Lbo Araiv ; mi 
Died in ib;.'^. 

uon, Thomas HukIim, 

of the fith Earl of Kopetoun. 

{Mr. Harris') 

Olb Enrl. I«U: Loid-Llmt. ol Unlllbgoxihli*. 

Kon of W. .lackaon, Esq., M.P., The Manor 
Biikcnkeod, afUr wards lat Bart. (Mr. Harris') 

T. H. Jackto,t. Etq.. ./.P.. The ManoT H( 
ikson, William, lirotlier of the above. 

c 1149; J.F, tnr BUkmbaad uhI ChHbin ; Stockbrokc 
ir. Jiirhum, Eiq,, J. P., Fornt Roiul, Birkenhead. 
1, William Walker, son of W. W. Jordan, Esq., 12, Oloueester Road. 
Regents Park, N.W. {l)r, Vaughan'a) 

B^W, George Vanbrueh, son of the Rev. R. V. Law, Malford Rettory, 
Chipiwiiham. (Ur. Vaughan's) 

hud, John WMtaker, aon of W. W. Maitland, Esq., Chignell. Kusex. 
(Mr. Harris') 

IK: Trin, HiUCmub., B.A. ISM; H.A. Ii.vr ; Beslsc uf Lunsbtun. EjHt , ISM; 
:■. J. W. ifaitiaml, Loughton Hall. L'/ughton, EafJ. 
I, William Herbert, son of Lieut. Maiden, Brighton. 

(I)r. Vauglian's) 
llier, William, son of ,1. V. Marilber, Esq., Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

LiTt tkK. 18^?: fiictA SI.. ISHM2,CWi>L, ISSS'. mm IbaSUiu Rulnt, 18,^1; Xular nt 
.^. ., .. .... ,. .. " • 1. IsM-sn; ({.pnlBial UbmriiiB to U» RotbnMlb* 

Uf, Birkfiihead. 

(Mr. Harris') 



, i«i>a 

W. MarillUr. E-q., Public Library, Loiair Road, Rothfrhith*. S.E. 
lyeott, Zdwud Bradford, aon of tjir William Coles Medlyeott, 2nd 
Bart., Milborue Port, Someraet. (Mr. Simpkinwpti'a) 

>. 1891 : MtrtDoCiiU. lilt., B.A. did M.A, XHi'i: J.F. (or Sumona^ibln : ntsaidal 
inilbar u Snl But., ISST. 

Sir Edward B. Mtdiyeott, Bart., at aliorr. 
M, John, Bon of T. Pares, Esq,, J.P., Hoi-well Hall, Derby. 

(Dr. Vaughan'a) 

L ISM; TtId. Coa Ckmb., B.A. Ifib; M.A. IMS; J.r. fur Uulauid Bntn^. 

J. Paru, E,q., J.P., Waiifidii, Sovtlisea. 
ttvnl, JTohnSpeacer, aon of S)<encer Perceval, Esq., M.P., Elm throve. 


■lUuMAnluBlxr, O, 

r», Hon. Thomas L; 

Lett Mlib. I: 


i>_ Bon] >'l 
teltOB, X 


DTtteltOB, Ron of the 3rd Baron Lilford, Lilford 

,ll, (_)iiiii1!p. Northampton, (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

I : J.p. iiBd ii.U : 

Putnam, John Uillidge, f 


Lord Lil/iird, a* abort. 

n of the late C. S. Putnam, Ewt. 

(Mr. B. Drurys) 

LetlMldJ. IfilO; Trin, Coll. &ii.b,, B.A. IBM. 

J. M- Puiiiam, Eiq., '24, ilonlagaf. Road, Riclimnml, Surrey. 
Radford, Vanghan HobbB, son of T. Radford, Esq.. Camficld, Alfreton. 

(Mr. Siinpkin son's) 

SonthwelL Harry GlaiiTille, son of H. Sjouthwell, Esq., Scumundham. 

Suffolk. (Mr. Dniry's) 

ISSO ; Criiiot SI., ISW-d ; Trin. Coa rwnb, : C.V. Cmum XI,. lB6!Ji ; :" 
jBUiltoetuiiKBoUnraU, LiDoohmhlrt. ——'■■'-•-■■'""' 



Talbot, HoiL Walter Cecil, son of ViHcount Ingeetre, M.P« aftennidi 

18th Earl of Shrewsbury and Talbot (Mr. Karris') 

Left Dec. 1H47 : wUrMl R.N.. 1848 ; Mrvad in tba Baltic and Bbck Bm dwi^ Um Cliiu«a 

War. medal with c1m|> and Torkith Diedal ; M.P. for Co. Walflfoid. liW^ft; Out.. 

1866: Rear- Admiral, 1SH2 ; Vioe-Admiinl, ISiW : A.D.C. to Hot 

Admiral in ounimand in Ireland, lHAO-8 ; aMomed tlia soniame of Oupmtmr^XWL 

Admiral the Hon, Walter CW'd Carjmiter, J. P., Kiplin, NwiKaUerUm. 

Treveljan, Harington Aatley, Hon of Capt Treve^-an, 30, JEloyal Crescent, 

Bath. (Mr. Drury's) 

lieft Dec. IMO ; Joined 11th Hoann ; ('«|it., IKVI ; wounded at Balaclava. 

Veaaey, Francia Oerald, son of D. Veasey, Esq., Castle uill House, 

Huntingdon. (Mr. Ozenham't) 

Left Midfl. 18:<0: Irin. Cell. Camb., B.A. 1805; M.A. 1808; I.L.D., 1876; aftanrai* 
changed hia mname tu Veeey ; llun. Oumm of Eljr, 1871 ; Arehdiaoott of HvBtfMriea. 


The Ven. Archdeacifn lV«fy, Cki$tle Hill Huu9e^ HunHngdon, 
Walford, (Jharles, Hon of the Rev. W. Walford, Hatfield Place, Chelmsfoid 

(Mr. Oxenham») 

I>eft Dec. 1840; Monliur, 1840; 8ch«il. and Exhibitioner of BaUlol GoU. Oil, BLi. 
1866 : BI.A. 1868 ; Vicar nf Cherin({t(>n, Wilu ; fi>rmerlj Cbapl. Bonb» Wnrlmi^tkml 

Rer. C. Wal/ord^ Cheringtoti Viairoffej Deeizen, 

Wilson, Harry William Piffott, wn of the Hon. and Rev. fi. Wilsoiu 

ABhweltnorite, near Wyniondham. (Mr. SimpkinsoD's) 

INed Apr. 28th, 186.\ 


BBtmBCM la Majr ISia. 

Abbot, William Brame, son of W. Al>lK>t, Es4]., Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Left Mida. 1849. 

Oilliat, John Saunders, »on of J. K. Oilliat, Esq., Chi)>ham CJommoii, SlW. 

QAx. OxenhamV) 

Univ. C«)ll. Oxf., M.A. ; Gut. of Ilank of Enjiland, 18(s^^ ; D.U for City of LobAm ; J.P. 
for llertB ; M.P. for riaphain, 18}!>«-02 ; for I.anoaahii« (Widnee Div^ 189S. 

./. S. OiUiat, Esq., M.P,, IK, PnwrM Gate, S.W. 

Smith, Abel, son of A. Smitli, Ewi., M.P., 39, Berkeley Square, W. 

(Mr. Simpkinsons) 

Trin. Coll. Ouub., B.A. 1862 : M.P. for Herta, 1862m, 18:i0-«r>, and 18a»«6; fdr K. Bmu, 
1885. ; Caiit. llcrU Y«». Cav. ; J. P. fur IlerU. 

A. Smith, Esq., M.P., .%, Chesham Place, S.W, 

Traheme, Llewellyn, son of the Rev. G. Ti-ahcrne, St. Hilary, Cowbridfle, 

Glamorganshire. (Mr. Ozenhams) 

Someliu.e in the 00th Riflei. 

L. Traheme, Esq., as above. 

EBlniBcea !■ Jaae IMS. 

Austen-Leigh, (Jharles Edward, son of the Rev. J. E. Austen-Leirii, 

Sc«irlets, Maidenhead. (Mr. Oxenhams) 

Cricket XI., 1860-61 ; |>revioui«ly nt Wincheeter Coll. ; Balliol Coll. Ozf. ; CnTin Beted., 
1861 ; Princiiiul Clerk of Coiniuittcee in the Ilunae of Couimuna. 

C. E. A Uidai'Leujh, E*q., Iloxue. of Commons, S. W. 

Baring, Thomas Charles, son of Charles Baring, Bishop of Durham. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Schol. of Wudham and Fellow of li.N.C, Oxf. ; fur MUie time a Banker in N«w Toifc, wd 
for thirtj jeais a {lartner in the firm of Baring Brotbera k Co. ; M.P. for 8. WmtSt 
1874^86 ; for the Citj of L(*ndon, 18)t7 : Author of Mreral works including ** Pindar la 
Enijliiih RhTnie," an«l " The Sy item of Eiiicnnu " ; in 18M he purcbMed and ■niwijiiiiwdt 
piveented to the tichool twenty acree of the FootbaU Field ; refonnded Haitfind CUD. 
Oxf. at the monifloent oost of £100,000. Died Apr. 2Dd, iStfS. 



Bulwer-Lytton, Edward Robert Lytton, son of Sir £. Bulwer-Iiytton, 

Ist Bart., G.CTB., who was created Baron Lytton, 
1866, Knebworth, Stevenage. (Mr. Harris') 

Diplomatic Servioo, 1840 ; Private Sec to Sir H. L. Bulwer at Waahinston, 1849-52 ; Consul 
at Belgiade, 1800 ; Sec. of Legation at Copenhagen, Athens, Liabon, Madrid, Vienna, 
and Paris ; Minister at Lisbon. 1874-6 ; Vioeroyand Qov.-Oen. of India, 1876-80 ; Ambaa- 
sador at Pturis, 1887 ; snooeeded as 2nd Baron, 1873. Died Nov. 24th, 1891. . 

CSampbell, Hoil Dndley. son of the 1st Baron Campbell, Stratheden House, 

S.W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

"-f Left Mida. 1852 ; Cricket XL 1851-2 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. and M.A. 1855 ; Barrister. 

^ Hen. Dudley Campbell, 1, Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

■ dowes, Jolm Cobb, son of J. E. Clowes, Esq., 7, Brunswick Square, W.C. 
;j (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

^ Ootton, William Charles, son of Mrs. Cotton, Curwen Woods, near Burton. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

J Baniell, Caimes Anthony, son of J. N. Daniell, Esq., Esher, Surrey. 

\'\ (Dr. Vaughan's) 

'? Left Dec 1850 ; HaileYbniy Coll. 1851-8 ; covenanted Civil Service of India, Bengal Presi- 

dency, 1854-89 ; held appointments as District and Circuit Judge, Div. Commiwioner of 
Revenne and Police, Aost. Gov. Gen. (Benares), and a member of the BcNUtl of Revenue, 
all in N.W.P. 

C A. Danielly Esq., Shanklin, Isle of Wight. 

• BaTOnport, Arthur Henry, son of E. D. Davenport, Esq., M.P., Capesthome, 

Congleton. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Sometime in the 1st Life Guards, retired, 1856; J.P. for Cheshire, High Sheriff, 1859. 
Died in 1868. 

Garratt, Charles Foster, son of J. Garratt, Esq., Bishop's Court, Exeter. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Oriel Coll. Oxf., B.A., 1856; MA. 1857; Curate of Ledsham, Yoiks., 
1855-8 ; Vicar of Little Tew, Oxon., 1858-80. 

jR^. C. F. Garratt, Little Tew Grange, Enstone, Oxon. 

Chrimaton, Daniel Thomas, son of Col. Qrimston, Qrimston Qarth, HulL 

(Mr. Karris') 

Chllson, John Reynolds, son of E. Gulson, Esq., Poor Law OflSce, Somerset 

House. (Mr. Oxenham's) 


J. R. Gtdson, Esq., 1, Brick Court, Temple, E.C. 

Sonston, Thomas, son of R B. Blakiston Houston, Esq., Orangefield, 

Belfast. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left East. 1847 ; Joined 54th Regt., 1851 ; AcU. on board the Sarah Sandt. 1857 ; promoted 
to the rank of Capt. for distinguished aernce on board the transport wnen cm fire, 1858. 
Died of fever contracted in India during the Mutiny, Feb. 1860. 

Xong, William Beeeton, son of W. Long, Esq., Hurts Hall, Saxmundham, 

Suffolk. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left in 1852 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1856 ; J.P. and D.L. for Suffolk, High Sheriff, 1874 ; Hon. 
Col. 1st V.B. Suffolk Regt. 

W. B. Long, Esq., J.P., as above. 

■iller, George, son of Sir T. Miller, 6th Bart., Froyle, Alton, Hants. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Exeter CoU. Oxf., SchoL, 1851-6 ; B.A. 1856 ; FeUow, 1857-65 ; M.A., 1868 ; Barrister, 1863 ; 
Examiner in the Education Office, London, 1865-84 ; Aaaiat. Sea Education Dept., 18S4. 

Byder, GranviUe Richard, son of the Hon. G. D. Ryder, M.P., Westbrook 

Hay, Hemel Hempstead. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1855 ; M.A. 1858 ; Barrister, 1859 ; M.P. for Salisbury, 1874-80. 

G. R, Ryder, Esq., 60, Ennismore Gardens, S. W. 

Smith, Robert, son of A. Smith, Esq., M.P., 39, Berkeley Square, W. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Mida. 1860 ; Camb. Univ. ; Banker ; J.P. for Herta, High Sheriff, 1860. 

R. Smith, Esq., Ooldings, Hertford. 


Smith, William Arthur, son of T. Smith, Esq., Reigate, Surrey. 

(Mr. SimpkinsonVj 

Trin. Coll. Guub., I). A. li»Vl. 

ir. A, Smith, Egq., Coifhrouhf Park, Timbrid^, 

Smyth, William Edward, mn of K. Sm)th, Esq., Qlamuiea, Co. WestmtttL 

(Dr. Vaagfaan'«( 

TrlB. Coll. Dnbl., H.A. lUl ; J. P. for Ci>. WeitDiMth. 

Stapylton, ICartyn Bryan, son of Mrs. Stajiylton, Myton Hall, Bocoo^ 

Bridge. (Mr. SimiikliuoD >) 

Univ. Cbll. Ihirh.. B.A. I^^''! : M.A. I^M ; Fell.m. 1hSS-« : btU vuriow CumOm, l93i>1; 
KkU*t I if B»rlbuniuich. IsTO. 

Her. M. If. Sta/ntlton, Barlhnnnnjh Rrrtory, Chetierfiteidn 

Torreni, Alfred, son of (ten. li. Tom-ns, A. (?., Queen's -TrooTis, BennL 

(Dr. Vau^ian's) 

Ijftt Mid». l^VJ: Cricket XL. 184^-■.»; Mnuetiiiie r«iit. 60th Btikihin Riftt. 
Cajft. Turnw*, liaston Maimr^ Ha^$^ KttU, 

Verflchoyle, Henry William, son of 11. Ventchoyle. Eholj 9a, Eatoi 

Square, S.W. (Mr. DUnpkinMo'«) 

EiwitfTi and Ucut. (iieowli«r (jUAnU, IvM ; (\ki»t. and limit. •Col., ISSl ; mnwA m A» 
Criiiini, inclodinft th« bAttU* of Alma. IJaUciaTa, InktmiMi, and akt^ mad laXld 
S«Uuitiu|ii)l : wan wuttDiled in th« trenches before Seha«Uifiul, medal with 4 c1h|«, ik. 

Wyndham, William, son oi W. Wymlham, Emi., M.P., Dinton Hooe 

Salishury. (Mr. Uams'l 

Trill. Cull. CiUib., U.A. In'kJ; J. P. an»l I>.L. f.-r Wilu. 

ir. Wyndhumy Kttq., J. P., a* abot^. 

EalniBcr IB JHljr IHM. 

Franks, Thomas John, son of J. Frank.s Es^i., llallyacaddane, Knockkmfi 

Limerick. (Mr. HirriO 

J.r. fill Cu. Uuieh«k, iiiffh Sherlfl, ItvCi. 

T, J. Franknj /l**//., ././'., «* abovf. 

EBtraMcn !■ ftrpt«Biker ISM. 

Barton, George Henrr, son of the Kcv. }L J. Barton, Wicken Bectot?. 

Stony Stratford. (Mr. Oxenham*) 

Bayley, Francis Sonper, son of the Rev. W. H. R. Bayley, Harrow. 


Bayley, John Alexander, brr>thor of the nU)ve. (Home-Boarder) 

Bayley, William Henry Ricketts, brother of the nlwve. (Home-Boarder) 

Blavds. (Jharles Stuart, son of the Rev. H. BlayiK South Stoke Vicarage, 

liiith. (Mr. Harre") 

rievionaly nt Marlbi»ruaeh CiiII. ; while at SchiMil he jani|«il fnmi tha t4i|i tu tht baCti»c4 
the old SchfMiI tteits : hin tntiiiiLitii-n into Ijitin llexanietera t>f Colerldim'a ** Uyoii n 
the Vale of Chaiiionni " rei>reMnt» a« hi}{h a iH*int aa I^lbUc Sdioul voidSaMkBCW 
r«u:hcd ; Hchol. of UaUioI 0>11. Ozf.. \^'*) ; Cluiiicellor • IMae for I^tio. Ih&l ; mimd 
rhrijtt'f Coll. Caiiib.. 1*<'>1' ; (*ni\en Svhol.. 1<.'<4 : CMmlen medal. 1S^3 and 1855 ; Bn«« 
iiiedal. K>'>; Meiii1>er<*' Ijitin RiMiy Prizr. is.'«i : 'hiA rbynic. WA; Fellofw of Chiiil'i 
(Nill., 1S:>8 : Uairuter. iMi'i : Amh<ir i>f " Verm'saml Tramihititina, IbUS ; "Tiaaiktiiai 
iiit^i Engliah and Ljitiu," Ix'i6: " Thei.>critnii tninabitctl Into Engliah Vttaa," ISV: 
" Fly LcbftTet," 1^72 ; awnmed the ramanie of dUverlrr. DIrd Feb. ITtb, 1884. 

Blundell, Jonathan Hollingshead, bon of R. B. Blundell, Esq., DeysbrooL 

TiveriKK)!. (Mr. Ha^ri^l 

Ch. Ch. 0*f.. IbJi 

■. 19«!.l 



Coventry, Hniry Halford, i 

Boaanqnet, Theodore, son of A. H. Bosanquet. Esq., Osidge Uouee, 
bouth^te. {M. Ruaalt'a) 

BuowUiun DnttilnjC.S. : J.F. (oiCa. DeniD. 

T". BotampiH, E>ij., Weal Dotra Iloitti; Braihcortlit/, Deewu 
Browne-Clarton, Robert Jotin, son of R, Browne-Clayton. Esq,, Adlincton 
Hall, Wxgnn. (Mr. Sinipkinaon's) 

l.ixii. Mib Rsgt. MM in Ctmp. of Honndi rtoalnd U th* uniult uo tlu Hnlu, Jnl. 

Burronghes, ThotoaB Henry, son of the Rev. J. Burrougliea, IJmgwood 

Lodge. Norwich. (Mr, Simpkinson'a) 

Le[()IUlLlS.->I: HoDllor, l»r,2;TTtu.Coll. Cuub. :i8iintTai: J.P. (orKorfoU. 
T. H. Btirrnughfi. Etq., J.P.. KeUnn G>Uoge, Stamford, 
Carmichael-Smyth, George Lynedoch, son of U. Cannichae]-8myth, Esq., 
Jndgo of tho Sudder Dewainiy Court, Calcutta. 

(Mr Oxcnliam's) 

SuliHi)iiniU* 4irii.|Al thg mrDiuiis of Suftli ; BuKisii P6tli RiRl., IBIS; Capl., IBM: »md. 
ill thi CrUuea. uiil •>» immtH Llie batllH uf Alnin unJ lulniniuui, uid ilia ilKguid 
ttiiot S>liulD|io1, QMdal uiil •JuiH, ate.; tnrM in RMiidoUiiu uid Ctntnl Indlu 
BisT. gf Ut^., mtdAj ud iilu|i, 18M.1>. 

Carnegie, John Lindsav, stm of W. F. L. Carnegie, Esq., Kinbietlmiont, 

Aruroalh, Forfarsliire, (jlr. Oxenbatn'a) 

Cary, Hon. Lucius William Charles FredericlE AngiutQs, son of the 

lOth Viscount Falkland, Skutternkelfe, Yarm. 

{Dr. VaugUan'a) 

Sunidliue Oi])l, ::ih Font : D.L, lot N. RUtDg, Voriu. DIM m 1E7I. 

II of F. Coventry, Esq., Henbury. Dorset. 

(Dr, Vaugluyi'a) 

Crewe, Evelya Harpnr, son of Sir George Crewe, 8th Bart., 17. Southwick 
Crcicent, Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Harris') 

SiaiuaiiiiL* Cnpt- Dntt^wn Giuuilfl, 

Daniell, lindser HarriBOn, son of Capt. Daniull, 39, Gloucester Square, W, 
(ifr. MiddleniLst's) 

MoHobCn. Olf., IB.'S. 

Deane, Hon. Katthew James HastingB Fitzmauiice, aon of the 3rd 

Baron Muakerry, Sjiringfield Caatle, LJmerick. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

L«fl Dk. 1849 ; niDetlui in (be tth DnKCMU. 

I. M. J. n. F. DeuM, tu ahovf. 
i, Frederick Lockwood, son of the Rev. C. C. Edridge, Woodhay, 
Newbury. (Mr. Oienham'w) 

uocl Coll. Cnoib., B.A., llSid Wnngler, IBM. 

t-Lookhart, William, son of A. Eliott-Lockhart, Esq., M.P., Boith- 
wickhrae, Hawick. N.B. (Mr. Harris') 

L*n JaL UM : •anid in liilli OunanslBiu uid IHh HlRhJAndcn, 18SS-flR ; n.t.c. ; Krvad 
M D.A.A.O. si Aldmbot, 18C9-8 ; nllnd u C*|>1.. IHW ; J.F. Mid D.L. fur Ou. 
adMlk -. J.F. for CcM. Boilmteb uid I^DUk. 

Copt W. ElioU-Loekharl, Cteghom, Lanark, N.B. 
U, Gkorge, son of E. D, Evans, Esq., 73, Shore Street, IJverpool. 

(Mr, Oxenham's) 

irenor, Robert WeUesley, son of Lord Robert Orosvenor, afterwards 
lat Baron Ebury, 107. Park Street, W. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

KlB^aCall. Loud. : lanwtiiDe Ctft. 1« Ufa GiunU: U.P. ter WfMlulutai, WiM*; D.L. 
. tot XmtbuU ; aacotedal 4i &d Bama. 1E93. 

Lord Ebury, Moor Park, Rickmansieorth, 


Hankay, Frederic Alert, son of T. A. Hankey, Esq., Fenchnrch Street. 

KC. (Mr. Simpkixuon'B) 

Monitor, 1M9 ; GrlckM XI.. 1850-51 ; J.P. for Bamj ; ChalrnMUi of Um OwiwIMittd BhL 
Mc« F«b. 15tb. 1892. 

Harbord, Hoxl HarlMrd, son of the 3rd Baron Suffield, Horatead Hall 

Norwich. (Mr. Dmiy's) 

Uto LlMit.-Ool. Norfolk Art. MilitU ; J.P. for Norfolk. 

Lie%U,'CoL the Hon. H. Harhord, OunUm Park^ Norwich. 

Hoare, Edward Thomae, son of the Rev. H. Hoare, FramfieM Yieann. 

Hunt Green. (Mr. Middlemists) 

Oftioa CoU. Ounb.. B. A., 1 CUm ThmA. Trl]io«. 1856 ; M.A. 1858 ; bsld vulow Cttncta. 
1858-78 ; Vlmr of ChUworth, 1885. 

Rev, E, T. Iloart, Ckilworth, Romee^. 

Hosier, John Wallace, son of J. Hosier, Esq., St Enoch's HalL GUm«ow. 


HoMl of Um adftool. 1858: OomttSod 1>r^(ooa GTUidi, 1858; Okpt., 186S ; pMndUtfm 
Staff CoU.. 1868 ; rKirKi u Umit.-Col., 1880. 

Knatchbull, Richard Aitley, son of the Rt Hon. Sir Edward KnatchlmlL 

9th Bart (Mr. Him') 

SonMtlmt Gapt. 57th lUft. Med Aof . S9th, 1875. 

Lewellin, David Jones, son of the Very Rev. I^ Lewellin, Dean of St 

David's Lani|)etcr. (Mr. Ozenhsmi) 

Trio. OoU. Canib. 

Louis, John, son of T. Louis, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Bosrda) 

Left Rast. 1847 : entOTMl 8nl Bombay Ban>iMaii Ragt., 1854 ; Lkat-CoL, ISTS ; nttai, 
lb77 ; laooMdaii hifl grandfather aa Srd Bart., 1S6S. Mcd in 18M. 

Louis, William Lnmley, brother of the above. (Home- Boarder) 

Left Dec. 1847 ; tomatiiue Ckpt. lOlat Foot. Med 

McCall, Frederick, son of J. McCall, Esq., J.P., 44, Union Street, Glasgov. 

(Mr. Oxenbam s) 

Trio. GoU. Gamb. 

McCaU, George, brother of the above. (Mr. Ozenhiin*i) 

Left Jul. 1850; Col. Cornxuandiiig Snl and 4th BatuUone, The CuMniolMM (Bntttt 
Biilee) ; J.P. for Lanarkahira ; Member of tho Royal Company of Arohan. 

G, McCcdly Esq., Dalchunzit, BrooinKouee^ N,B. 

Stephens, Frederick, son of W. Stephens, Esq., 30, Bedford Row, W.C 

(Mr. Simpkinsoo*!) 

Tnftiell, Edward, son of the Rev. C. F. Tufnell, Edburton Reetorr, 

Stenning. (Mr. Simpkinsooi) 

Trin. Hall Gamb., B.A. 1655 ; M.A. 1859 ; Vloar of Eaeebonma, 1868. 

Vardon, Hoel Hoyendon Bryan, son of T. Vardon, Esq.. Esher, Snirey. 

(Mr. SimpkinMm'^) 

Wise, Henry, son of Mrs. Wise, Osier Cottage, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 
Wood, Edward, son of Q. Wood, Esq., Hanger Vale, Acton. (Mr, Harrifl 

Exeter Coll. Ozf . ; J.P. for Middleaez. 

E, Wood, Esq,, J.P., Culmington Manor, Ludlow. 
Wood, Thomas Freeman, son of T. Wood, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Eaat. 1868 ; aftenrarda a private tutor at Eton. 

Toung, Allen Allicocke, son of A. A. Young, Esq., Orlingbury. Welling 

borough. (Dr. Yaii|^^ 

Somatima LSaut. 73rd Fooi. 

\ Jak. 1847.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN, 147 

BBtnmcei 1b Oelober 18M. 

Oftrdiner, John Peter, son of T. G. Gardiner, Esq., Twickenham. 

(Dr. Yaughan's) 
Kerr, QaudilU Angastiu, son of Mrs. Kerr, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

KaepliAil, Edmund Whittingstall St. Manr, son of Major Macphai], 

St. Maurs, Ferring, Sussex. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

L«ft in 1848 ; Jmoi Coll. Ozf., B.A. 185P ; M.A. 1808 ; Vioar of Balkinff, Oxoo.. 1878 : 
MsnaUma Rector of Leioombe Baoaeit, Berks. 

i2ev. E, W. SL M, Macphail, 221, JJfUy Road, Oxford. 

Pepyi, Hon. Oeors^e, son of the 2nd Earl of Cottenham, Copse Hill, 

Wimbledon. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1854 ; Barrister, 1857 ; Lieut. Inoa of Court 
Volunteers, 1802-70. Died Sept. 0th, 1890. 

Onick, Robert Herbert, son of J. C. Quick, Esq., Denmark Hill, S.E. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Lift Deo. 1840; Trin. Coll. Oamb., B.A. 1854; Asst. Master at Harrow, 1870-74; first 
Bditor of the " Bine Book " ; Vioar of Sedbei|^, Yorks. : Author of a series of lectures 
deliTersd before the University of Oambridge on '* The History of Bduoation " and of 
" Esaajs on Edncational Beformen." IMed in 1892. 

Bninuicef 1m NoTeailMr ISM. 

Butler, Henry Montagu, son of the Yerv Rev. George Butler, D.D., 

Dean of Peterborougn, Rector of Gayton, North- 
ampton, and formerly Head Master of Harrow School, 
Gayton Rectory, Northampton. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Head of the School, 1850-51 ; Cricket XI., 1851 ; SchoL of Trin. CoU. 
Camb., 1858 ; Fellow, 1855 ; BeU Univ. Scholar, 1862 ; Battle Univ. Scholar, 1858 ; 
Browne medal for Greek Ode, 1853 and 1854 ; Camden medal. Person and 1st Member's 
Prise for Latin Essay, 1854 ; B.A. Senior Claaric, 1855 ; M.A., 1858 ; D.D., 1807 ; 
Head Master of Harrow School, Jan. 1800 to Jul. 1885 ; Hon. Chapl. to the Queen, 
1875 ; Chaplain in Ordinaxr to the Queen, 1877 ; Dean of Gloucester Feb. 1885 to 
Dee. 1880 ; Master of Trinity CoUege, Camb. since 1880 ; Vice-ChanoeUor of Camb. 
Univ., 1880-01 ; Hon. D.C.L. of Glaa^w Univ., 1808. 

The Very Rev. H. MaiUagu Butler, D.D., The Lodge, Trinity College, 


Ooldingham, John Dalrymple. (Mr. Warner's) 

Orej, Edward, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir C. E. Grey, Governor of Jamaica. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Deo. 1840 ; sometime H.B.I.C.8. 

Oumey, William Coryndon, son of C. Gumey, Esq., Launceston. Cornwall. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Previously at Winchester Coll. ; Jesus Coll. Camb., B.A. 1854 ; Barrister, 1857. Died 
FebTfth, 1808. 

Waldegraye, Hon. OranviUe Aug^tus, son of the 2nd Baron Radstock, 

70, Portland Place, W. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left in 1851 ; BaUioI CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1854 ; M.A. 1857 ; commanded West Middlesex 
R.V., 1859-40 ; succeeded as Srd Baron, 1857. 

Lard Radstock, Mayfield, WooUtane, Southampton. 

BatraneM In Jaanary 1847. 

Adeane, Henry John, son of H. J. Adeane, Esq., Babraham Hall, Cam- 
bridge. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Sometime Lieut. 02nd Foot ; M.P. for Cambridgeshire, 1857 ; J.P. and D.L. for 0>, 
Ciwnbridge ; Capt. Qambridgeshire Militia, IHe4 iu 1870, 


Barrow, John Croker, hou of (}. Barrow. Em., afterwards Sir Georp 

lium)w, 2nd Bart., Colonial Office, S.W. 

(Mr. MiddlemistV) 

I^eft in 1K'.L>; I'nir. Coll. Oif.. B.A. 1M5 ; M.A. ISM; Barrlater, 1S6»: J.P. far tki 
Cinqa* TurU »Dtl fur Kent ; Hapr«edflil m Snl Bart., 1870. 

Sir John Croker Harrow, Btirt, J, P., Eagle Lodge^ Ramwgaie, 

Biddnlph, Miehael, Bon of H. Biddulph, Kmi., 31, Eaton Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Harriil 

M«uibcr of lb* flnu of Cticka. Hiddiilfth k Co., Imnken; J.P. and D.L. for HfnM; 
M.r. for HerefonUhin, 1806-««ri ; for S. IIcf«fonUilrt, 1865-99 ; fdr Bmi, IMl 

}f, Biddnlph, Etfr/., Id, Ennifmore Gardem^ S. W. 
Blomfield9 Alfred, son of the Bishop of TiOndon. (Mr. Simpkioaoii'^ 

lUlliol Coll. Oxf. : I'niv. Priie for Utin V«rM, IHM; B.A.. 1 CI., lUft ; XJL Uff: 
Fellow of All Snub. 1hS<.m» ; Curate of KkUlamiiD«t«r. 1857 : Vkmr of St. 

City Rond, l«c:. : uf Hnrkinir. 1H71 ; ArcbileMon of BiMS. 1878.8S : Blihop B^hiparf 
Colche*t«r. Ihti'i ; Aathor of " Manioin of BUbop BlomMld," 


Country," et*-. 

Rt. Rer. th^ Bishop of Odchesier, Park Hou$e^ Brentwood, 

Bockett, John Symondi, son of T). S. Bockett, Esq., eo, Lincoln's hm 

Fields, \V.(\ (Mr. Wiraer'i) 

Bridges, Brook Henry, son of the Hcv. T. V, Bridges, Hill Houae, Deabarr, 

CVlmsford. (Mr. HarriO 

Brown, Oeorge Barron, son of Dr. Brown, Oaktree Cottage, Harrow. 


Uft MUla. 1547. 

BuUer, Wentworth William, son of Capt. T. W. Builer, Strete Baled, 

Dfvon. (Mr. Simpkiiuon^t) 

J.P. Devon. INrd in 1AS3. 

Clark, Roger Edmnnd, son of the Rev. H. Clark, Harmaton Vicinfe. 

Lincoh). (Mr. Dmrp) 

Uft MlOft. 1864 : ordain«l and went to India for the Chnreh MlaloiMuy Boctalj. IM. 
INcdat PeAhawar, Jan. 14th. IM». 

Clay, Harry Ernest, son of J. Clay, Es4|., M.l*., 25, Montagu Square, W. 

(Mr. Dnuy't) 

Uft Mida.'1861 : entered the r>iiili<niatic Service. 18&5 ; Bee. to tbo EmbM» M^Ftek, 

\ J.P. for 

See. of LeiEation at Deme ; mifnieil, IsiH) : I>.L. for BarwiA 

Doraet, High ShcriiT of Dunwt. Ih77 ; on his marriage aammed Uw mnwBMa flf K» 


//. E. C. Ker-Seymfr, Ea^i.^ J. P., Ilanfonh Blandford, 

Corbet, Henry Reginald, son of R. C'orlwt, Tuuj., Adderley HalU Market 

Drayton, Salop. (Mr. Harrb*) 

Left in 184$ : Oentleinan Con>n:oner tif Miiftd. Coll.. Oxf. ; M.F.II. Chaihin, iIdoi IM: 
J.P. for Co«. Sil.>ii and StilToid. and D.L. of Siiluji, lli»:h SheriiT 18»2. 

//. H. Corbet, Eitq., J.P., a« above. 

Curtis, Spencer Henry, son of C. B. Courtis, Esq., Friar's Place, Acton. 

(Mr. a Dmiy's) 

I^ft Kaat. 1860 : West India Merchant .J.P. fur Cuti. Hertford and MiddkMZ. 
S. H. Curtis, Eaq., J. P., Tottf ridge House, HerU. 

Dent, William ]>ent, son of J. Dent, Esq., Ribstcm Park, Wetherby. 

(Mr. Dnury's) 

IjBtt Mids. li<:>0 ; Trin. Coll. Cainb. ; Civil Engineer in Imlia, 1S50. 

Dirom, Patrick Hunter, son of R. Dironi, Esq., liiverpool. 

(Mr. Simpkinson't} 

Sopiet^me an Eaat India Merchant at Livorpool, 


Earle, William, sod of H. Earle, Esq^ afterwarcU Ut Bart. Brook Farm. 
Liverpool. (Mr. Middlcmist's) 

Bn-isn (iionidioi OiMfdi, 19B1 : C«i>t.. 1»M ; Liml.^l., 18M: Col,, im : Hii-Om., 
L^O , wrvrnl (hrDn;fhDal Crlmaui Cuuiitiim, 1S54.&, nadtJ *lib ttuve tljatm, Kirdtnliui 
^M.L jiiri.i..iii».a<liLLiiuid itk Clan U«I|idI*; U EetiiUbd Cwiii<*%n, less, Ditdlll wllh 
<i.:-|i. ih..riIiL<l ))] PDrtiuneDt. ud ind Clui H^tdis: mnuiuwidsd tib BrJ«. Aiwy ot 
<>..-. >|..[i.. II ,11 Kujiit. 1989; C,H,I,, mt; CO.. lSa2. Killed wMJa limdinii tU 
Lli.iti:^ .il 111.' IHmA WilabUKEibskiui, ^ifiil, Feb. lOUi, IfiSG, 

Fitz Soy, CaTendish CharleB, son of Lord Charles Fiu Roy, M.P.. 10, 
ttroavenor I'lace, Bath. (Dr. Vaughau's) 

L*IX Midi. l^M : Sniign OBtb Rest., ISiO ; wrveil In Ihs Ciime* with lh< Mth L.I,. nndil 
Willi font elupa, KnlEbl <>( the Madltdio ind Torkidi medul ; A.D.C. to U>td CulUI* 
ftbcn Laid-Lievt. ftf Inland, and bi Sit C. Travelnb. when Gw. oT Mndrwi ; ntlnd iB 
wna>|i>uii> of Ul.hadtli. iStn; HK-;iU«l with nuinv LoDdon ohulUble iooiettn. 
DIrA Jan. Mil. 1««4. 

Gardiner, Allen Weare, son of Capt. Gardiner, R.N., Aylesford, KenL 

(Dr. Vanghan's) 

Dem; nf Uagd. Cnll. Cxi., B.A. nbi ; M^. IttST ; loiuMbiw Chipl. u Loin, Chill : [n- 

Oljn, Pascoe CharleB, son of O, C, Glj-n. Esq., aft^r-narde 1st Baron 
Wolvcrton, 67, Lombard Street, E,C. 

(Mr. Oxenhani'a) 

L«rt Mid.. 18S1 : UonlUic. 1S50.S1 ; CnW, C3oll, Oif. ; Bukai : J, P. for MlddlMi uid 
Sunc^t. U.I.. rot CM} et LonduD : M.P. tot Eut Pa»«, )■».«, 

lion. P. C. Glyn, Bokfmat, Godtiont. 
Oower, Sirasmiu, ■lou of R. F. Gower, Esq., 13, Dovonsbire Place, W. 

(Mr. Middleinist's) 

8"ii>atUDS C^rt. tith LuMti : J.P. for C«. Cununithen uid Ptnibiokt. 

E. Gr»,:a; Ex]., J.P., Ca,th Malgw^n, Boneath, S. Walu. 
Green, Edward Freer, »on of E. Green, Esq., Ashhj-de-U-Zouche. 

(Mr. MiddlemiBt's) 

EniiKunuel Cnl]. Camb,. LL.B. 1U» ; LUM. \Mt ; held Tarloiu CnnulH, 18BT.IIII ; (inr 
Rff. E. F. Often, Dtiddingltm Vicaragt, Stamford. 
Qroy, George Henry, son of Rt, Hon. Sir George Grey, Bart,, M.F., 14, 

Eaton Place, S,W. (Dr. Vaughan'it) 

iS.nivi.ini.; Cnpl, Rifle Btlind* ; ll<ail,.Cul. flnnadin aonidi: EqneirJ' u< U.R.H. Um 

Griffiths, Alfred Benson, son of J. R. Griffitlis, Esq., Pilton, Bamstaide. 

(Mr. Qxenhnin'a) 
of F. G. Hftre, Esq., Hurstmoneeux, 
(Jlr. Sinipicinson's) 

l^it Kmi, 1«1I) i L'nW. ToU. (lif.p U.A. ISM ; M,A, IMT; Arll»t : Aothoi ol ■■ Ei)iUpU(m 
Ct'unii; riiiiicbjAnk," " H*ini>ri4li ol h Ijulsl I JTo." -- WiJke lu Rauie," " The Shirr 

miniu Qlhrr nalI.kiH»B ODrks. linigbt of St. OUf of Sweden. 
Auiriutui ./. C. ffa™, £»^„ nolmhumt, St. Leouardt-on-Sta. 
Hill, James Zardley, aon of H. HUl, Esq., 2, OanaburgU Termce, N.W. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

'^"'"" J. E. mil, E,q.. 6, Oxford Sqmrt, W. 

HodgBon, Frederick, son of A. Hodgson, Esq., Liverpool 

(Mr. Middlemist'a) 
Hodinon, Wilberforce, brother of the above. 

(Mr. MiddlemisfO 

Howe, Thomas Edward, son of Mrs. Howe, 3, Cheater Place, Regent's 

Park, N.W. (Mr. Warner's) 

HowBOn, Henry Basil, son of the Rev, H. Howson, Brant Bronghton 

Rectory, Newark. (Mr. OxenLam's) 


Jones, Edward Oilliat, son of J. Jones, Esq., The Osks, Epsom. 

(Dr. Van^V) 

Kington, Philip Oliphant, son of T. Kington, Esq., Charlton Hout 

Wr&xall, Somerset. (Mr. WsrDer*») 

I^t Ifldfl. 1951 : Cricket XI., IhM ; Trio. Coll. Cuub. ; •ftwvaids UMUMd tks nmnrf 
BUir-OIl|<h«Dt. INcd in l^^ii'. 

Laurie, John Wimbnm, Non of J. I ^urie, Esq., M.P., 1, Hyde Park Flsce, W. 

(Mr. 'WanKr'») 

Left Dec. I<i48 : joined ind gueen'a Knymle, IfOS ; vnlnoteerid fdr mCIt« nrrtastaTnhv. 
ir«'i4 -, aened liieui> iiiunilia in tkie Cniuca ; ml tbe ■!«■• and e^are of rieli—liiuJ ; twn 
Mounded, and u.eniiun*! in de»iiatchei for re|iulM<ir RiuriMi eoitia ; Staff Otteci vi!fe 
Fielil Knice in CeritnU India dunnic tbe Mutiny ; M^jor onattf htd, 1861 ; pa.€.. IM; 
Aclecteil fur niecul arnue ku ( aniMLi, 1m<I : liui«ctin|i Field (MBen- of MiUtiA ia Sea 
hk^itia with rank «>f ( ul.. 1mL> ; IKA.U. : Staff (MBorr ia Sir Fradwkk Robtits ta tti 
Irantvjial, ISM ; Mi^i.-4ien., \»»2 ; Heonnl in CouinMDd in N.W. T ^iiiliiiilii rf O iiefc 
ISVi : Keii friMii ('••itiHii.'wKin m Servn-HalKariiui War, IM»54} : CtIbmab ueddl eitt 
cUsii fi>r SrNwtiiiiol, Turkiah War inedal. Onicr of tbe Me^Jidie, IndisD MvtiDjBiW, 
N.W\ r.uiaiU Uiedal, '.'nd CLim cf Onler vt St. S»va. Kervian War iMiUl, anl MCm 
nf Servia. 

Lieut. -Gen, Liiurif, Armtj and Sury Club^ S.W, 

Leigh, Hon. Edward Chandos, si»n of the 1st Ranm licigh, Stoneki^ 

AMm'v, Ki-iiil worth. (^ir. Ozenham.«) 

I.efi Dec. \Kl: Cricket .XI.. 1>40-M. Cuiit., IvM : K«*ut1mn XI., 1W1 ; Ortol CoU. Oif. 
afierwanU Fellow of All SmU : u.L*. (*ricket XI., Ihu2^ ; BmyUut ; Beeuiriir i< 
S:antfiinl. l^tU ; Revi«inK liarrii-ter. 1m>n : g.C. and Reooider of NoCtiMten. WI; 
Couniiel to the Sj^aker, ist» ; Keiicher of the Inner Teni]de, ltW6 ; PvhMidC M.C.C« 

//f»;i. f.'. Chand'iH L*'igh, fj.(\, 4.'*, ^/j/irr UroitrtHor Street^ W. 

Lister, Thomas Villiers, hou of T. II. Lister, E^i., Hcgistrar-GeneraL 

(^^r. Middlemitft's) 

I .eft in l^'-O : Trin. Coll. Cuuih., M.A. 1^'>3 ; Anht. I'mler Sc«. of SlaU for Fui«%B Afcia 
1^7:?: K.C.M.U.. l^\ 

Sir ViUiers L'mf^r^ K.C.M.G., Arinitntjf Hill^ Aaatt^ Berk*, 

Lloyd, Edward, »on of K. J. IJovd, Ks(|., 7, Stone Building^ Tincoln*8 Inn. 

W.C. (Mr. WamerV) 


E, Lloyiiy Etni.^ 1, i^Voiw BmUhmj*^ W,C, 

Markham, Henry Robert, son of >rrH. Nfarkhuni, :a, Portland Place, \V. 

(>fr. MiddlemiiKtV) 

Matthie, Hugh Dale, son of .Mrs. Mntthio, Hales Owen, Birmingham. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Mercer, John Francis, Mm of J. Mercer, En|., Hardingstone, Northampton. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Cricket X!.. ISol ; Kxeier Coll. Oxf., B.A. l^'.T : M.A. 1V>A : Recini of Saet CkriUm, IW. 

Rev. J. F, Mfrcer^ East Carlton Rectory^ Rockhamptam. 

Monro, Clecil James, son of C. Monro, Kjmi., 7(>, (*aiubridge Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Druo*'*) 

Left Mids. lh:.l ; Trin. Coll. Camb., .Schol. ic^js ; B.A.. WnuiKl«r and 1 CI. Claa. TrilM, 

is^r, ; Fellow of Trinity, isr.6. 

Moorsom, William Robert, son of Capt. >roorsoin, 8, Sussex Square, W. 

(Mr. WamerV) 

left Mi<i8. 1t4')l: Monitor: EnHi^'n .'Ond L.I.. Iv'.S : Lient.. IS5S ; Oapt. ISth L.T., ISM: 
when n.A.Q.M.O. uf the Itit hivinion of tbe Aniiy at Lncknow htmoutmbly nientioMi 
tbiiteeu timee in desjiatcbeH. iucluilins tbankn of the (joTeroiuent of India: epTiillj 
proniuted for distlnpiudied MrviceK. wbirb are alMi conmiemorated bj hia IwotiMr > ~ 
of tbe r>2nd L.I. in Rochcnter Cathedral. an«l by tbe lot IHriuon la a wind 
Westnjlnster Ablwy. At tbe affo uf 21 be w.-ui nelecteil ti» uiake a rarrqrof Li 
and it WM he n lii» trnDscribeil into Greek character* the eecreC dewpatobi of tha 
to tbe Ooverniiirnt. lillird in a^'ti^in at tbe ca|>tuie of Lncknow, Mar. lUh, IS5S. 

ingle, John Alexander Gordon, !■ 

I'lace, U()rsbaE 
ae, Ckorge Uasters, son of the Rev. W. M. Pyne, Oxted ImjctuiT. i 
Uodatone. (Mr. MiddlemiBt'sJ 

L Oeorze WiEhtwick, son of J. M. Rendel, Esq., 8, Great George 
Street, Westuiinfitcr, H.W. (Dr. Vftughan^a) 

; C.E. : llanii^ng PurliHsi a( An<itroEft'a ElniclE OnJoiiDH Wnrlis. la&S-H: ; 

G. \V. Ratdfl, E«q., C.E.. Pimllipo, Napki. 
ill Edmund BenAlaT, son of Mrs. Tltoinhill, Holly Cottage, Hamp- 
slcad. (Dr. Vaughana) 

[ker, Arthnr Henry, f 

I.rti.Mlil.. ml: CricliotJ 

tokham, Latlkom, son of the llev. B. Wickham, Twyford, Winchesl^r. 
. (Dr. Vauglan's) 

L Utl MtdL ISW ; Ch. Ch. Oif., B.A. 1867 ; M.A. 18M : H«d Muur 0/ Twyford Schol, 

■ ItK-tC : Viar of la-f-CoKl. Dnblghihln, ises. 

B. Jtev. L. Wickham, Is-y-Coed Vicarage, Wrtj:liam. 

Hht, Thomaa Denman, mn of D. C. Wright, Esq., Bramcote, Notting- 

r ham. (Dr. Vsnghan's) 

f Knlranm In Fcbrwr IMI. 

I BonlaT, JoUns, *oii of T, Da Bouky, Esq., 8andgate, Keut. 

(Mr. Harris') 
arbr, Walter Taylor Newton Shawe, son of Capt F. M. S. Tay}or. 
Owtle TayJor, Ardrfthan, Ireland. {" "' 

TrlD. Cell, Qunb. ; J.P. Jtnd D.L. for Co. 0>]wv, ni«h Shatlir, IBM. 

W. T. y. ShaiK Taylor, E«i., J.P., <u abopc. 

EBtnutrr* In AprtI IMI. 

Boyd Francis, e 

Ali-'xander, Esq., Southbar. Paisley, 
(Mr. Middlembt's) 

hia Ifldi.. I8SO : tiBtlga KlSt Bri|;~l>. IS!>S : WYgd irilb tb> Blfla BriKkdc Id iDdU, 


-mlng pul; nl atlMk on Fgit Bljwih, Kotinitid, 
A MiiJDr ; QHiUI mad oloap. 
L;«iit.-CW. B. F. AUiander, Su»/(a, CmnJ)r(wfc, X^enf. 
, Hon. Anthony Francis Henry, »on of Anthony, Lord Ashky, 
afterwardB 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, 49, Upper Brook 

1 of T. W. BeaumonI 

nt, E 

(Mr. 1 

>, ISOMU : for WaktOdd. HWhll ; ] 


S. A. Btaumont, Etq., HidgriBay, Guiidfonl. 
Hon. Frederick Jamee, son of Uie 4th Earl of Shannon, Caiitle 
Martyn, Ireland. (Mr. Warner's) 

bond B.K. Bird Ooc 10th. ISO). 

n of MtB. Charles, Auehterarder House, N.B. 

(Ml. Warners) 


Colviii, James Colqnhoun, son of Alex. Colvin, Esq., 6, Clarendon nftee,^. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

B«fti«|:«J in th« boue at Amh bj the S«>|inys, 1857. 

de Capell-Brooke, William Henrj Worg^e, Ron of William de Capdl- 

Hrookt\ Ksi|., aftiTwiird.4 3rd Bart., Tlie Elms, Markd 
HarlH»niugh. (Mr. Warner's) 

Siiiietiii.« l.iciit. NortLjiiiU Mililia. Mf>4l M«r. Siui, l^m. 

Drewe, Francis Edward, hou of K. S. Drfwo, £.«<(., The Grange^ Uoniton. 

(Mr. Ozeoham's) 

KnsiKii 23nl Fiuilierii. Is.'J) ; C^yt.. m:.4 : MiO-. 1i<->« : I.I«at.-Col. S4th Brigid* Di|4itf 
Exeter ; wiuetiiiir ('i>l. l»t IVtmi Mil ilia. Dicd 

Echalas, John Oeorge, s<^n of the \{v\. J. .\r. Echalaz, Appleby Rectory. 

Athtrr>tone. (Mr. OzenluuD'^} 

Fitzgerald, Robert Allan, Mm of T. Fitz;;er.ild, Esq., 2, Portland Place, W. 

(Mr. Hanbl 

rrickec XI., is:<:: ex. Crukct XL. ls'.« aiul \^W', Author of "Jerks in fion Sbn 
I €({, •■ Wiikeu ill the WtMt, ' etc. ; Svrrtary M.C'.r., 1M3-70. Med In 1881. 

Gk>8tling, Frederick Campbell r«on of W. K. Go8tling, Esq., Stawell UotiK. 

Kiehmond, Surrey. (Mr. Wamer'f) 

Orimston, Alexander, Ron of CV>1. (jrimston, Kiln^ick, Beverley. 

(Mr. HanuO 

Trin. Hall raiiib., B A. If^'i^ ; M.A. ISOI ; Vicar uf Lund. 1803; Rniml Daan of BvBtkiD; 
Vicar of Stillin^eet, 1><M. 

Her. A, GrimnUm^ SliUiiujjieft Vicanig^, Yofta 

Oroom, Richard, son of H. (in>oni, Eiv[., 3, Henrietta Street, Cavendidi 

S(i\iare, W. (Mr, Oxenham's) 

Hewlett, Henry Oay, .^on of H. Hewlett, Ks4i., Clai)ham Common, Surrey. 

(Mr. Warner'*) 

I. eft T^. I'^4rt : Home Civil 8eTvic« ; kMi«r I'f the Ijind Re%-enva Raeorda, IMUt. 
//. G. Htiddij Eftq.y Shatc IlUl^ Aildingtony Afaidsione, 

Howard, Hon. Henry (Jharles, s(>n of Visc'ount Andover, afterwards ITtb 

Karl of Suffolk and Berkshire, Charlton Pork, Mahnes^ 
bury. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

I^efi Eatt. ISM ; Cai>t. N. (ilonceHtenhire Mititiji. 1%ti'iO>70; M.P. fur ]Uliii«biU7, 189^4; 
J.r. for WiltA ; nucccoiIM a6 1m h K.irl. l^T". 

The Earl of Suffolk- and Berkuhire^ w* above. 

Leader, Henry Enstace, .<on of R. lA'ader, Es<|., Mount Leader, Cork. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Hometinie Capt. Kkh Lifsht DrapKinA. DIrd in 1^7(5. 

Mayo, Charles Theodore, .son of the ilev. C. Mayo. (Uome-Boarder) 

Left Mids. 1801; Moml«)r, 1M8-.M : liallinl Cnll. Oxf.. B.A. \>:<n M.A. 1856; Vicar «l 
St. Andrewn. llUlinKilon. l>M*.r..i>0. 

Rev, C\ T. Mayo, 44, Ptnmf^it Rond, St, Lcoiuirdt'tm^Sea, 

Murray-Stewart, Horatio Granville, son of the late Capt^ H. Stewart, 

Rifle Brigade. (Mr. Warner**) 

I^eft MiiU. 1S50 : Ch. Ch. Oxf. : J. P. ninl 1>.r. fnr the r«i«. of Wifrtown and Dohmbb) anl 
Fftewartry uf KirkciuUtrivrht : lli;:h ^^)lcrlIr of LKhickhI, 1s08 ; aMamad Um aiWtkiatl 
Minuiiuo of Murray, lb4ti. 

Jf. G. Mumty-Steicartj Estj., ddhj, Gatehuutej X.B, 

Noel, Hon. Roden Berkeley Wriothesley, son of the 1st Earl of Gain!>- 

l)orougii, 9, Cavt-ndiMi S<[uare, W. (Mr. Warner**) 

Trin. G>I1. Caiub., M.A. li«0^ : CJn»f»iu t.f the Privy Oiauiticr to U«r lli^eKy, 1387-71 
Anthur uf Mveral volomeb of iiueum and of a " Life v( I^ml By run." 

Jlon, R. n. W. Xocl, 9, St, Aubyn^, West Brighton. 


3Bi¥ier, Alfred, son of Col. Olivier, Manor House, Potterne, Devizes. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

M.A. bj Archbishop of Gantflrbary, 1866 ; Perpetoal Cmato of St. Thomaa', Litchoroh, 
Dtrby, 188S ; Probendaiy of Southwell Cathedral, 1885. IMed 

■ftance, Charles Henry, son of R Prance, Esq., Hampstead. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Ch. Cb. Oxf. 

Walford, Sllis, son of the Rev. £. Walford, Dallinghoe Rectory^ Wood- 
bridge. (Mr. VVaJner's) 

Died in 1848. 

^Vortley, Hon. Frederick James Henry Stuart, son of the 2nd Baron 

Whamcliffe, 29, Grosvenor Square, W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

D.L. for W. YorkB. ; Lieut. Ist W. Yorks. Yeo. Gav. ; attached to the China Embaaqr, 1860. 
Died Not. 27th, 1870. 

EBlrancet 1m May 1847* 

3rooke, Bicliard Amaud, son of R Brooke, Esq., Handford^ Cheshire. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Sometime Capt. Montreal L.I. MiUtia. IMed in 1888. 

Cnrteis, Arthur Kapletoft, son of G. Curteis, Esq., Canterbu^. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Left Mida. 1852 ; Monitor and Cricket XI., 1851-2 ; Univ. CoU. Ozf., 1852 ; Trim CoU. Oxf., 
Schol., 1858 ; 1 Mod. 1854 ; B.A. 1856 ; Fellow of Trin. GoU. ; Senior Aat. Master at 
Sherborne School, 1860-76 ; Private Schoolmaster. 

A. if. Curteis f Esq., Hillside, Godalming, 

llTian, John Henry Brougham. (Mr. Warner's) 

Wilson, Frederick Robert, son of R. Wilson, Esq., 31, Leeson Street, 

Dublin. (Mr. Warner's) 

Left Mida. 1852 ; Dublin Univ., B.A., with Silver medal in Ethics, etc., and M.B., 1858 ; 
Briff.-Suff;. Medical Staff (retired) ; in medical charge of Station Hospital, Perth, 42nd 
Re^mental District ; medal for Ashanti War. 

Brigade-Surgeon F, B, Wilson, Alexandria^ Perth, N^. 
Wilson, Joseph Nathaniel, brother of the above. (Mr. Warner's) 

BMlraMces 1m Juic 1847* 

Boodle, Henry Trelawney, son of H. M. Boodle, Esq., 6, Sussex Gardens, 

Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mids. 1850 ; Solicitor, The Grosvenor Office, 53, Davies Street, London, W. 

H. T, Boodle, Esq,, Broadheath, Wimbledon Common. 

Burnett, Fassett Charles, son of Mrs. C. Burnett, 19, Park Crescent, W. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

CardwelL Bennald, son of the Rev. Dr. Cardwell, Principal of St. Alban's 

Hall, Oxford. (Mr. Harris') 

Crawley, Georee Baden, son of G. A. Crawley, Esq., Fitzroy Farm, 

Highgate, N. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Cricket XL, 1860-51 ; C.C.C. Oxf., 1851. Rilled accidenUUy on board ship, near Vera 
Cnu, Nov. 2Srd, 1879. 

Harris, Georee CoUyer, son of the Rev. Dr. Harris, Kanescombe, Torquay 

(Mr. Harris') 

Heelis, Thomas, son of S. Heelis, Esq., Halton Bank, Pendleton Manor. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 


Heywood, Henry Robinion, wn of sir Benjamin Ueywood, Ist Bvt, 

(Marcniont, >ranchcster. (Dr. Vftn^^'i) 

Uft r»M. \fyb\ ; Trio. Coll. Cnmb.. U.A. 1850; M.A. 1860; onUaad, ISST; nwrf 
BwinUm. 1M4 : Hon. Cknon «if Mucbflkter, 18H8 ; Rniml Dna of BmIm, UML 

Rev, Canon Iffjf\coi)*l, Maoffield^ SwinUm, MatukuUr^ 

HickB, William arisdAle, son of the ilov. W. Hicks, Coberley RectoiT, 

rhi'iU-nhani. (Mr. Wameri) 

Hill, Holden Donald, son r>f 11. Hill, V>a\., 2, Onnalitirgh Terrace, N.W. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Emnimnnrl roll. Ojiiih.. H.A. \**W : M.A. 1M)1 ; Vliur of Hi. John tb* WnagalM'B, EaO- 
wdrth, l>ii>4-7l : tif Shuitoke. 1^71. 

Rer. If. I), lim^ ShiiMtJif X'icaragf^ Birmingham^ 

Kins^ton, John Hotham, son of J. Kingston, Esq., 6, Grove End Roid, 

St. .John's WotNl, N.W. (Mr. Drory'ft) 

l^fi Dec. lS4i(. 

Philips, Edward, son of 11 Philips, Ksi|.. HeyUrid^is Cheadle. (Mr. Drury'«) 

Left Mian. IH.'.l : .St. Jiihn* Coll. Oxf.. H.A. and M.A. IMS ; Rtolor of ChwUij, ISTSl 

Rev. K. Philip*^ Chtckley Rrrionj, Tean^ Sttdse-ypoM- Trent, 
Philips, Herbert, hrothor of tlu- aU>vc. (Mr. Drory't) 

licft MiiU. 18^1 : Munnfacturer in Manchwitcr. 

Preston, Henry Berthon, son of W. K. Preston, Em]., Bartlcy Manor Hoaae» 

Totton. (Mr. HaniO 

//. B. Prfston, A«r/., 47, Lfxhani Gardtnn^ W. 
Preston, William Berthon, brother of the a)K)ve. (Mr. Uarnil 

l^ite I.icnt.-Ciil. IJiHulmy S.C. aiid 14th Ikniilviy N.I. Dlr4 in 1K79. 

Rooper, Frederick James, M.>n of J. ]>. Hoo|K.'r, Esci., Abbotts Bipton, 

Hunts. (Mr. Drary**) 

lA-ft I^^3 : enteral the Army ; at^Med in the Crinien ; ratirad. 

Russell, Thomas, Hon of T. Russell, Y^\., 1 Waniinster, Dorset (Mr. Dmry's) 

Uft Mills. 1N.VJ : Trin. Coll. Oxf. ; EnalKn lOth HeiEt., 1(«&J ; Gftfit.. 18d4. 

Sheppard, William Tyndall, son of the Rev. J. Sheppard, BlackheatL 

(Mr. Simpkinaon^ 

Wood, John George, son of T. Wtuxl, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boaidfir) 

Uft ¥mx. W^o ; King! Coll. I.oud., Th.A., !>:>'.• ; onUiucd. 1«M^ ; VUar uf Cooisbonnitk. 
Ret. J. G. Woudf CcnUbomwjh^ nair Rotherhamm 

EnlraBces !■ Mcptembcr III47. 

Ashton, George Frederick, son of R. A<^hton, Es<i., Limefield Houm, Bu^, 

JjAnca.shire. (Mr. Middlemist*^ 

Criiket XL. 1^4'.»-:.0. 

Barrett-Lennard, Percy Charles, nejihew of Ca])t. Ives, St. Catherine'i 

Hill, Norwich. (Mr. Droxy'i) 

Uft Miilii. 1S40. 

Brodie, Thomas, son of .T. C*. RnMlie, Estj., lo, Northumlierland Street, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Ozenbam's) 

Deedes, William, son of W. Deeilt>, Es«|.. M.I*., Sandling Park, Mythe. 

(Mr. Uarrii*) 

Cricket XI.. lK49-r>0: Eiutivn Rifle Hripule. Ih'2 : 1 ient.. lv'.4 : nerved with bis rqet. iatki 

Crimea, being iireaent at Alma, liikeniuiii. .tiul Bebo«toiMil, medal withclana; ivnA 

OB thaaiiffM 

tbroQfrh the Indian Miitiny ; Capt. is.'i^. and for Mvenil years wrrtd 

Akierahot : Lieut.-Col. Ouitmnndjint E. Knit Militia, l^':.-t> ; M.T. for E. KcBt,lS7M 
Died in 1857. 


dDorington, Charles Bichard, son of J. £. Dorington, Esq., Lypiatt Park, 

Stroud. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Sometime Lieut. 69th Regt. Died in 18:<5. 

Biott-Lockhart, David, son of A. Eliott-Lockhart, Esq., M.F., Sudbury 

Grove, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mids. 1850 ; Principal Clerk U.M. Exchequer and Audit Dept., Somerset House ; first 
appointment, 1858. 

D, EUott'Lockhartf Esq,j 25, Ketisington Gardens Square^ W. 

.ton, William Kirkby, son of K. Fenton, Esq., Caldecote Hall, Nun- 
eaton. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 1852 ; Monitor, 1851-2 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1850 ; Barrister, 1859. 
W, K. Fenton^ Esq., 8, New Square, LxncolrCs Inn, W.C, 

JLSDXJ Charles, son of J. Finch, Esq., Redheath, Kickmansworth. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Trin. GoU. Ozf., B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1858 ; Barrister, 1859 ; J.P. for Herts. 

H, C Finch, Esq., J.P., cu above. 

" ^3tardwich, Francis Thomas de Grey, Visconnt, son of the 6th Earl 

Cowper, Panshanger, Herts. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1864 ; a Prince of the HoIt Roman Empire ; Lord-Lieut, of 
*^ Beds ; D.L. for Kent and Notts., J.P. for Herts ; (>ipt. of the Qentlemen-at-Arms, 

pA 1871-4 ; Lord-Lieut, of Ireland, 1880*82 ; succeeded as 7th Earl, 1856. 

[^ Earl Cowper, as above. 

^3tote8cae, George Grenyille, son of the Hon. G. Fortescue, Boconnoc, 

Lostwithiel. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf. Killed accidentally on boaid a yacht, Nov. 2nd, 1856. . 

Vomiss, Thomas Sanderson, son of H. Fumiss, Esq., Whirlow, near 

Sheffield. (Sir. Middlemist's) 

Left East. 1853 ; Trin. GoU. Camb., B.A. 1857 ; M.A. 1861 ; J.P. for Suffolk. 

T, 8. Fumiss, Esq., J.P., Higham House, Stratford- St- Mary, Suffolk. 

jl" flvmbleton, Robert, son of J. B. Gumbleton, Esq., Fort William, Lismore, 

Waterford. (Mr. Drury's) 

L«ft Bast. 1851 ; Trin. CoU. Dublin. Died in 1855. 

='^EaIe, Bobert, son of R. B. Hale, Esq., Alderley, Wotton-under-Edge. 

■^^ (Mr. Drury's) 

i~ . Lsfl Suk. 1852 ; Comet 7th Hussars, 1852 ; commanded the Refjiment, 1871-9 ; A.D.C. to 

H.B.H. the Commander-in-Chief, 1879-80 ; retired, 188U ; J.P. for Qloucestershire. 

Maj.'Gen. R. Hale, as above, 

iiJUijf Lord Charles Edward, son of the 8th Marquess of Tweeddale. 

% (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Formerly Capt. 2nd Foot ; senred in the KaiBr War, 1851-2. 

Hornby, John, son of W. H. Hornby, Esq., Blackburn. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Baafc. 1851 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Barrister. 

Hndaon, William, son of G. Hudson, Esq., M.P., Albert Gate, S.W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 1840 ; Clerk in Holy Ordexs. 

JaaiMy John Jarrett, son of Mrs. James, Aldeburgh, Suffolk. (Mr. Harris^) 

lohBSton, Horace James, son of E. Johnston, Esq., U, Abercrombie 

Square, Liverpool (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Kenyon, Lloyd, son of the Hon. L. Kenyon, afterwards 3rd Lord Kenyon, 

Gredington, Flint. 

[ Monitor, 1864 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.P. for Flint. IMed during the lifetime of his father, 

' Apr. I7(h, 1865. 

i Lampet, Idonel White, son of W. L. Lampet, Esq., Milverton, Leamington. 
? (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Ooi. 1847. 



Loathes, George GaUoway, lion of K Leathes, Esq., NonniDtoD, 

I>»weHtoft, Suffolk. (Mr. Warneri) 

Leigh, Spencer Austen, non of the Rev. J. K Austen Lrigh, Scarictta^ 

Twyford, Bt?rk«. (Mr. OxenhamV) 

Left MiiU. 1S.'.S: CnckM XI.. IV.l>; Winner iif Fint CluunrioD IUc*«l, ISSl-S; tetaa 
Mi|t>H.'«ii >n farniiuir aince 1^1. 


S. A HHt^ Lfitjh, Enq., Fnnj FirU, Rfrwiek Station^ S\ 

Lewellin, Richard Tmman, son of 11. fx^wellin, Enq.. 1, Upper iktm 

Street, rortiimn S|iiArc, W. (Mr. Oxenham*) 

Marker, Richard, non of the lU'v. T. J. >[arkcr, Gittishani l^noiu^ 

Honitou. (Mr. Oxenhams) 

Ch. Ch. oxf. ; J.r. tut I>ovun «nd m>net ; Ute C»|it. l»t D«tod Ym. Cbv. 

Monro, Charles Henry, son of C. Monro, E^q., 76, (Jambridge Terrace, W 

(Mr. DnnyV) 

Left Mids. INriS ; Monitor, is:^3 ; C«itu Cull. Cnuib. ; D.A., 8th ClMiie. Md FsUov ef Ckn. 

Montgomery, Alexander Richard, son of H. Montgomen't Esq., Ballydnk 

Belfast. (kr. HMrii') 

Nicholson, Annitage Lennox, son of C\ A. Nicholson, Esq. 

(^Ir. Warner's) 

C»iue Cull. Caiub. ; J. P. fur Tyrone. 

.4. L, Xicholsim, Emj., J.P.^ Litdku^ Dnmgantum, 
Nicholson, Gilbert de Fonlton, brother of the above. (Mr. MiddlemL^t's) 

Of Verville, CIuntMrf. Doblin. 

Patch, John Bame, son of F. C). Patch, E.s<i., Tiverton, Devon. 

(Mr. Dniry'») 

Left Dec. 18^2 : MerUm Cull, (^x(. ; Curate of Thorn Falcun, Tknatoo. M«4 

Pepys, Hon. Frederick, son of the 1st Ikron Cottenham, Wimbledon. 

(Mr. Middlemift'^) 

Left M ids. 1 8!^. Died «t Sydnry , N . 8. W . , ( >ct. 187 1 . 

Finney, Frederick Wake, son of C. I'inney, EAq., Camp House, Cliftok 

Bristol. (Mr. Warner*) 

King'e Coll. Lond. ; J. P. fur Suiuerwt ; RMnined the *dditiuniU rariHUiMi of Pntor. 

F, W. Frtfor-Pinnnj^ /vwy., Sontfrhm Grange, Taunton, 

Frideaux, John Rolle, son of Sir Edniiind S. IVideaux, 9th BarL, Nether 

ton, Honiton. (Dr. YanghuiV) 

Sometime Lieut. 2Srd Ri>yul Wel^b Kxuilierft. Died on hl« |iMn|i« from ladb m ik» 
CrinieA. .May I4th, IS'"^. 

Roche, David Vandelenr, son of Sir David Roche, Ist Bart, Carass, Oooa 

Co. Limerick. (Mr. R Dmrf s) 

Left Dec. 1848; Vioe-Lieut., D.L.. and J. P. fur Co. Limerick, High 
aa2DdDurt., 19(5\ 

Sir Datid Rochf, Bart.^ as above, 

Spedding, Edward, son of T. S. S))edding, Esii., Greta Bank, KeewicL 

(Mr. HarruO 

Left Dec. is:.0; Trin. Ci.ll. Camb., lS:i2. Died Jun. 2<.»th. IS:^ 

Toller, Charles George, son <»f C. Toller, Es<i., Doctor's Commons, E.C 

(Mr. Waner*«) 
Tringham, William Lloyd, son nf c;a]»t. Tringbam, Harrow. 


St. John'a Coll. Oxf., B.A. Is:.6 ; .M.A. 1$.'>» ; R«rtor uf Wotton-Fitxpttia, Domt, M»*'' 
RecUir uf Bnsbridge. ise5. 

Rec, W. L, Trinyham, limthridtjt Rtxtory^ Godalmwg, 

Jan. 1848.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 157 

JWatney,. John, son of J. Watney, Esq., Thanet House, StockwelL Surrey. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Dec 1851 ; Solicitor ; Clerk to the Meroen' Company, to the Qoyemors of St. Paal's 
School, and to the Oreaham Committee ; D.L. for London ; Member of the governing 
body of the Imperial Inatitute ; FeUow of the Society of Antiquaries. 

J, WcUnej/y Esq., Mercers* Hall, E.C, 

Whiteford, Hamilton, son of C. C. Whiteford, Esq., ThornhUl, Plymouth. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Stndied for tome yean tmder Sir Charles Barry, F.R.I.B.A., for the profession of an archi- 
tect ; Solicitor, 1862 ; practised at Flymonth. Died Feb. 19th, 1888. 

BBtrmMoet !■ Jmrnmrnrj 1848. 

Annesley, Hon. Robert John, son of the 3rd Earl of Annesley, Donard 

Lodge, Newcastle. (Mr. Drury*s) 

Left Mids. 1848 ; sometime Lieut. 11th Hussars; IMed of cholera in the Black Sea, Sept. 
28th, 1854. 

Baring, Alexander Hugh, son of the Hon. F. Baring, afterwards 3rd Baron 

Ashburton, 19, Place Vend6me, Paris. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1857 ; M.A. 1801 ; M.F. for Thetford, 1857-67 ; D.L. and J.F. for 
Norfolk ; succeeded as 4th Baron, 1868. Died in 1889. 

Bethnne, Henry James Hamilton Lindesay, son of Sir Henry L. Bethune, 

1st Bart., Kilconquhar, Colinsborough. (Mr. Pears') 

Died JuL 5th. 1862. 

Bliss, John Worthinffton, son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Bliss, Halifax, 

Nova Scotia. (Mr. B. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1855 ; ordained. 1857 ; Rector of Betteshanger, 
1866 ; Rural Dean of Sandwich, 1881 ; Hon. Canon of Canterbury, 1888. 

Rev, Canon Bliss, Betteshanger Rectory, Dover. 

Bra^^e, John Arthur, son of Col. W. Bragge, Sadborow, C!hard. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Bast. 1852 ; entered 4th Dragoon Guards, 1858 ; serred in the Crimea ; retired with 
rank of Capt. 

Capt. J. A. Bragge, as above. 

Cadogan, Edward, son of Col. £. Cadogan, Moulsey Park, Surrey. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1849 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1860 ; Curate of SteTcnage, 1857 ; Rector 
of Wioken, Stony Stratford, 1878. Died since 1889. 

Canceller, John Henry, son of J. H. Cancellor, Esq., 32, Chester Terrace, 

N.W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1859 ; Vicar of Hamble, Southampton. 

Rev. J. H. Cancellor, Hamble Vicarage, Southampton, 

Gary, Clarence. (Home-Boarder) 

Chaplin, Enstache de St. Pierre, son of W. J. diaplin, Esq., M.P., Ewhurst 

Park, Basingstoke. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Mids. 1854 ; Monitor, 185S-4 ; Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1865. Died in 1879. 

Clarke, Adam, son of Rev. J. B. Clarke, West Bagborough. Taunton. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Exeter CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1854 ; Rector of Longton, 1868. IMed in 1886. 

Clayton, Richard Nugent, son of R. R. Clayton, Esq., M.P., Hedeerley 

Park, Gerrard's Cross. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Cleaver, William Henry, son of the Rev. W. Cleaver, Torquay. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1856; M.A. 1859; Barrister; afterwards in Holy Orders; Rector of 
Petrockstowe, Devon, 1888-4 ; of Polham, 1885. 

Rev. W, H. Cleaver, Pulham Rectory, Harleston, Norfolk. 


Constable, Marmadake, son (if J. Con^taMc, Esq., 17^ „.»^w«^» 

TiTnu'i', \V. (Mr. OxenliaiD» ■ 

Conyngham, William Henrj Forester, son of Lord Albert Conyngbao. I 

M.r., vlio n.ssunuNl the HuraRmc of Deniaon, l&^asd I 
was creati'd 1st l^iron Londesborougb, 1850. I 

(Mr. Waner'i) I 

SococatlMl aa 2iiil llaron liHiulmbiiMuuh, ImIO; cmleil ux Karl, 1S87 ; Vlea-Adm. el Ai ■ 
Yorkihirp riinai ; llun. (%•!. !■! V. |l. R. Yi>rki. HeRt. ; J. P. ud D.U for S. Torkt. rti ■ 
D.L. for N. Yfirk4. ; M.I*, fur UeTerley, \s!>:-'j ; and for Bo^boTO^ili, lUMO. ■ 

Thf Earl nf LumlrtilHintmjh^ Market 11 ff^Afoii, I 

Carrie, Edmiind Hay, son of L Currie, Esi|., 7, Clarendon Place, W. I 

(Mr. Oxenhimi) I 

Soiue'iiiic » Diatiller ; M«ii>bar I. S.B.. l«>71-00 : Vioe-ChaimiAD, 187M, mm^ 188S-6 ; Kb1|W I 
fur hi* ivrvlcM in ctuinrctiun wiih bmiiiluU. 1870; ChainuAn of tho Troatoa for At I 
I'ct'iile • ralaoe, Eant l.«iuilnii. I 

^Vr Edmund Hay Cttrrif, Fo! If stone, I 

Dashwood, Charles Lewes, ^nu of the Rev. S. V. Dashwood, Stanfori I 

Hall, IjoughborouKh. (Mr. Oxe&hm'i) I 

left Dec. I*<:>0; rfcnilciuaD roiMutmer uf Oriel Cull. Oxf., D.A. ISU; wrrod InSllbB^ I 
luiil Mh Fniilien; wam |irMi>nt at the aiiiiure of Lnckoow and «»tiMr mogtgtmmMM I 
Iiiiliji. for which be reoeiired the ImliaD Mutiny nieilal with claq» ; ntind, Itfi. IM 1 

Jau. 10th, ISlil. I 

De Bonrbel, Augnstos Alfred. (Mr. Middkniiit*i) I 

Ellis, Hon. William Charles, son of the mh Baron Howard de WaUo. j 

l{rus.Hc*ls. (Mr. Ften*) | 

Monitor. 1S.S4 ; ItAlliol Coll. Oxf.. U.A. I«*.'>S ; M.A. IMO; Canto of Pmtwiah.1fiM 1 
Rector uf U^ithnll, Niiithniiilwrlaiid, InU. I 

The Hon. atui Her. W. (\ KUU, Shrrpira^h Rectory, Iforpeik. 

Eyre, Henry, son of the Rev. C. W. Eyre, Carlton Rectory, M'orkaoii. 

(Dr. Vanghis'i) 

Uft lUr. I**'-! : rh. Ch. Oxf. : Her veil :ik I itut. Jiul Ratt. llifle llrlffMJo. modal ODd dm 
for S«liii>t:o|ul : A.h.C. ti. 1 icu(.-4icn. Sir W. E}i«, K.C.U. : Mnrod throonb tho Uia 
Mutiny; t.'ul. Nott« Vuliiniernft ; M.P. for the OainabitnHiirh Dir. of 1 tiw tli^ T* 
|N*«V.*L' : J.r. Hitil \KL. for Not Ik. liiuh ShetitT. 1M79. ' 

O*/. H. A\v*v, Kanipffu .l/fiiifir, yottM. 

Fitzeerald, Charles Lionel, son c»f C. f.. W. Fitzpcrald, Esq., Torkragk 

Park, (\». Mayo. (Mr. Ften') 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. IJ.A. lr<:.ii : .1.1*. ami I».l,. fi-r Co. May.!. Ilidh Sheriff, 187«. 

C. L. Fiiztj*'rald^ Kmj.. J. P., att ab*»re, 

Fitzroy, Ernest James Angnstns, sun of the Rev. A. Fitzrov, Fakenlm 

Rectory, Ixwortli. (Mr. Middlemiat'i) 

U-fi in 1H4'.* : I'biT. of piirli.tiii : Cunitc *'f L'i>'<n cniu-ChalTey, Dneka; Vlcmr of Mill HiO: 
Ctuipl. to the lato K;irl l:o<«l>ii : for n.:in\ }uu!« the IVijirletor and Editor of /ilo 
Hull ; Rector 'if AhU-ron. K^x. l^T- ■'.' : Vicir of S:. Jmies, Weot Darbj. 

Rer. K. J. A. Fitzroy^ 8, Wtntbury Trrracf, Harrow Road^ W. 

Gill, Reginald Butler Edgcumbe, son of J. H. (iill, Esq., Bickhan. 

Plymouth. (Mr. Warner*) 

Uaukcr : J.l*. fur Devon. 

R. n. /;. ^/V/. ^:«/., ././'.. an abore. 

Green, Robert Charles, son of E. (Jreen, Es<i., Ashby-de-la-Zouche. 

(Mr. MiddlemiiTi) 

Monitor, 1S:.3 ; Trin. C«.ll. Cjnib., U.A., Mh Ciawiic. 1S57 ; Fellow of Tliii. OqIL, UH: 
M.A. l^'il : Rect«iri>f lx>iivhti>n. 

Rfr. R. C. Grren, Lotujhttm Rectory , Stony Stratford. 

Hardinge, Robert James, son of the Rev. Sir C. Ilanlinge, Snd Bait, 

Rounds Park, Tonluiilge. (Mr. Hanii) 

Ple4 IVc. 141 h. 1>77. 


Karrison, Henry Anthony, son of 6. Harrison, Esq., Blackheath Park. 

(Mr. B. Drury's) 

L0ft D0O. 18S2 ; Crickst XL, 1862 ; Beogal C.a, 18&5-87 ; Judge, 1877-87 ; ntind m Senior 
llitt-gnMle Judge, N.W.P. 

H. A, Harrison, Esq., Doghursi, Uounslow. 

Hay, Charles Anderson, son of C. Hay, Esq., 17, York Terrace, Regent's 

Park, N.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Deo. 1851 ; Monitor ; Boh. of Trin. GoU. Gamb., 1855, B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1859. 

C. -4. Hay, Esq,, 127, Harley Street, W, 

Heywood, Charles James, son of Sir Benjamin Heywood, 1st Bart., 

Claremont, Manchester. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1852 ; Trin. GoU. Gunb., B.A. 1856 ; M.A. 1859 ; eoinetime a Banker. 

C, J, Heywood, Esq., Chaseley, Pendleton, Manchester. 

Hughes, William Hastings, son of J. Hughes, Esq., Donington Priory, 

Newbury. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

W, H. Hughes, Esq., Milton, Mass., U.S.A. 

Isaac, John Swinton, son of J. W. Isaac, Esq., Boughton Park, Worcester. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1861 ; Oriel GoU. Oxf. ; Capt. in Qneen'i Own Woroeeterthire Yeo. Gar., 1866 ; D.L. 
for Woroeeterehire, 1885. IMcd Aug. 28th, 1888. 

Isacke, Katthew Henrr George, son of Capt Isacke, North Foreland 

Loage, Brcmastairs. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1850; Gomet 8th Madras Light Gar., 1852; Lieut. 1855. Died at Sholapore, 
Aug. Srd, 1856. 

Karslake, William WoUaston, son of the Rev. W. H. Karslake, Meshaw 

Rectory,. South Molton, N. Devon. (Mr. Harris') 

Left East. 1858 ; Monitor, 1852-8 ; Barrister, 1857 ; Q.C., 1881 ; Gontroller of Legacy and 
Sncoeesion Duties, Somerset Uonse, 1886. 

W. W. Karslake, Exq., Q.C., 8, Curzon Street, Max^fair, W. 

Keary, Alfred John, son of the Rev. W. Keary, Clifton, Bristol. 

(Mr. Keary's) 

KeUy, Reginald, son of A. Kelly, Esq., Kelly, Launceston. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mids. 1852 ; Trin. HaU Gamb., B.A. 1858 ; J.P., D.L., and AM. C.C. for Devonshire, 
High SheriiT, 1880 ; J.F. for GoniwaU. 

R. Kelly, Esq., J.P., Kelly, Lifton. 

Kemmis, Arthur Henry Nicholas, son of Capt. T. A. Kemmis, Croham 

Hurst, Croydon. (Mr. Warner's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Merton GoU. Oxf. ; J.F. for King's Gonnty, High Sheriff, 1862 ; J.F. and 
D.U for Surrey ; Gapt. let Somerset Militia. 

A. H. N. Kemmis, Esq., as above. 

Kerr, William Hobart, son of the Rev. Lord Henry F. C. Kerr, Tittisham, 

Torquay. (Mr. Pears') 

Sometime in the Madras G.S. ; now in Holy Orders of the Ghoroh of Rome. 

King, Henry, son of the Yen. Archdeacon King, Stone Rectory, Dartford. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

llacleaiL, Alexander Thomas. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Monitor, 1858-4 ; Head of the School, 1854. 

McKeile, Daniel James, son of the Rev. Dr. McNeile, Liverpool 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Highly distinguished at HaUeybnry GoU. ; H.E.I.Go.'s Service. 

Paynter, Henry Orosvenor, son of W. Paynter, Esq., 21, Belgrave Square, 
^ ' S,W. (Mr. Harris') 


Flatt, Herbert Edwin, son of the Hon. Baron FUtt, AO, Ftortknd PWcV. 


Ijttt ItM. lATiS : M'lnltAr. 1S'>3 ; Trin. r«ill. Caiub., B.A. 1U8 ; ofdainal, IMI ; A«L Pntf 
«if St. ruil.Nrrt *, K«'n*iiiKi«'n, l^ftn. 

7^r. //. A-;. /'/*!//. St. (%tthf»rrt'$ CWrgxf Uou9f, Philbeaek GardenM, S.W. 

Round, Beiyamin, son of 1). (.;. Hound, Km|., Honge Colliery, Tipton. 

(Mr. Warner'i) 

Smith, Alfired, son of J. Sidney Smith, Esq., Kidlirook Lodge, BUckhcitL 

(Mr. Wtrneri) 

TriD. i'oU. (>Miib. : lUrruter. 

A. Smith f Em/.^ U. Sttmt liuildintfM^ Lmcoln* Inm^ W.C. 

Tragett, Robert Thorp, son of thi* Kev. T. H. Tragett, Awbridge Dum^ 

UoniA'v. (Mr. HaniO 

Jiiin0il *J4th Boiii)uy N»t. I.. I., l^.'iS : iMnneiiiiic Lient. PooBa Imfolikr Hont. MtiS* 

:U)ih. 1*«01. 

Walker, dharlet Henry, son of thv Hfv. T. H. Walker. 

(Mr. SimpkiiiioB'4 

Left MkU. IA22 : Crickflt XI.. l^^.v: : ^UytA in F<»H Sigki, 1851 ; OrM GuL Oil. II 
1S.'4); M.A. 1^''>T; Vicnri'f WklkLiUniiton, Dvvdo. IMS. 

Rev, C, If, Walker^ \V{ilk'hamf)foii rinim//^ Iforrahritige^ 8, XAptos 

Walrond, Main Swete Alexander, son of T. Walnmd Esq., Calder PkI; 

(ila.H>;ow. (Mr. SimpkinflOB*!) 

Left Eaut. isr.l ; naUicl (^'ll. Ozf.. RA. I^Mt : M.A. 1M1 : Vloir of St. Mair. 

Iiim«lun. IStf'J-TO; Rector nf l^iHick, NurthiuitA, 1!>T0<TS; Vku of St. LjbimmJ— ?t 
ntT3 : rreMitlent uf Riuii CnU.. 1^!•7. 

Rer. M. S. A, Walnmti Thf^ Charterhoiine, B.Q 

Watney, Norman, son of .1. Watney, Hm^., linling IVk, Croydon. 

(l>r. Vaii^uui'»} 

Uft >li.L-. l^M : J.r. fur Kent. 

EBlniMre In Febmarj IMfl. 

Dunn, Alexander Robert, son of the Hon. J. II. Dunn, 22, Hertford Strert. 

Mavfair. W. (Mr. Middlemisti) 

l.ieat. mil IlnAmn: eerveil in the Crimeii, imliidlDit the Iwltlee of Alma, 

Inkeni:iin, tind Mejie of 8cbn«tui ol. ineiial Hitli fuur rlM|«, TariiiBh niMlal Mid Vj 
i'utm "fur Kk\in)r the life tif n lerirnuit Aiid )irivate by attack ion mkI cvuiaf d0«> 
their MMiilantii," Oct. 'J'lth. IS04 : iilwi in the AbvMinbin Ciini|»ifrB, 1807-8(; M^. SM 
KeKt., lh:>» ; Li«ut.-Cul., 1«k}1 ; Cul.. IM}*'. Died in Abyaiiiiia, Jan. SAch, 18M. 

EntniBfM !■ May lAM. 

Almack, Henry Horn, son of H. Alnmck. Kn]., I^ng Melford, Sudbuy. 

(Mr. Esm) 

J.P. oiidC.C. furSnfTi'lk. 

//. //. Altiiarl% Eiiq.t ns above, 

Arkwright, Richard, son of J. ArkwriKht, Esq.. Hanvoton Court, Leo- 

niin^tcr. (Mr. Middiemist'i) 

Moniiur, is:;3; J.P. ami D.L. fur Co lleref«inl. 

Beaumont, Dudley, son of T. Beaumont, Ks(|., 144, Piccadilly, W. 

(Mr. Ho^l 

Monitor. 1SA4 : Ensiien 80th Recrt.. \f^M ; IJcnt.. 1SS0; A.D.C. to Gen. Twhot duiag iki 
oiieratiuDt in libootan, lbGO-0. 

JIY I6«.] 



riok, Somerset Arthnr Bntler, Earl of, Bon of the 3ril Earl of Oarrick, 
Mount Juliut, Irel&nd. (Home- Boarder) 

Iirn IVc. IMl: iDccanlal h>> liiullisi M btb Bail of Ourlck, IMD: r Isnl. ud CtpC 
inrdi. laiS-es : Mrml during t)ia CrtniBUi Ounp^^S'i- lunl*! "Ub olup. 
TA? Earl of Carnck, Slount JaUrt, Thomattoum, Co. KiOcnmy. 
ton, Charlea Fnrefoj, son of the Rev. C. C'auston, Stretton-on- Fosse, 
SIoreton-in-the-Marsh. (Mr, Oxenhiun's) 

liofi Dm 1MB: BiM(rCi>ll. Oi(„ B.A. IBM; M.A. IWi ; RMtur of SUvtUn-on-Fwi. I3M. 
ffw. C. P. CauiUm, at above. 
ton, Henry Robert SamaeL son of tLe Rev. U. Daltoii, CloveUy, 
Bideford, N. Devon. (Mr. Middlemist'B) 

//. fl, S. Uallo,,, ks.^., Dra?i Houit, Dtan, KimboUat. 
■qnliarBOll, Francis Dnndas, son of J. Farquluirson, Esq., Iiivetcauld 
Hnuae, Braeuiar, Aberdeen. (Sir. Harris') 

1) mita. \K}»: ('.lilt,. IBM; »iTBd u eiUm A.D.C. u. 8lr Hojm Onmt loChlni, 
Kitlj uLupa fuT Tun FujU and Pekin. 1800, 

■qnliarBon, George Uarraj, lirothor of the above. 

G. M. Fanj„har«im, Ek/., 39, Egerttm Gardew, S. W. 
klyn, Henry William, son of G. W. Fmnklyn Esq., Clifton House, 
Clifton- (Sir. Warner's) 

ton, Robert Edward Stuart, sou of R. Haiington. &«].. 
(Jmnge, Edinburgh. (Mr. Harris') 

SaiDMiDH Cipi. RUb Biigiid*: J.P. uul D.l.. for Co. Unuk : Col, emniuudlDii 3nd V.U. 
Sc^lUth Wflu ; uBDnial tlic luldltluail immune nt Bturt, ISTt. 
Col R. E. S. BaTingUm-Slaart, Torrance. £a«( KilMile, N.B. 
I, Walker, son of the Bev. J. M. King, Culcombe Vicarage, Somerset. 
(Dr. Vatighan's) 

il Coll. CUDb,, 8.C.I, Mtfi: RcDloT ul Unt^ Ctuuopfluim ud BunI Dcbd of 

Rfr. W. King, Buiah Champfiovxr Reetory, Wireliicombf, Taimtori, 
riynenj, William Wright,- son of T. Molyneux, Esq., Alder Hay, West 
Derby. (Mr. Karris') 

Irk, Atherton Allan, son of A. Park, Esq., Merton Grove, Surrey. 

(Mr. Oiteuham's) 

d, William Angiutas, son of Uol. the Bt. Hon. J. Peel, Marble Hill, 
Twickenham. (Mr. Warner's) 

IF. .i. Prel, Em}., Bttehaiorth Hralh, RicknutmuJorlA. 
t, William, w>n of J. Scott, Esq., Colney Hall, NorwicK 

(Mr. Oxen ham's) 
:, John JamOfl, son of J. Spedding, Esq., Mirehouse, Keswick, 

(Mr. Harris') 

l>inb,, B.A. IBAS; U.A. WO; J.P. (nd D.L. lot Cuubeiluid; Col. CumbaiUlld 
J. J. Spedtilng. Etq., Grrta Bajtk, Kftwiek. 
r, Anselra, son of 0. 8. Turner, Esq., 23, Park Crescent, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

IT, William, son of W. Veuour, Esq., Teddington House, Middlesex. 

(Mr. Dnir>''s) 

l.^ t>R.13M: AiinrSoreHD in IndUOAth B^I-): Baig.-H^., mi. 

Toons, Kicbard Kewton, son of A. A. Young, Esq., Orlingbury, 
Wellingborough. (Mr. Middleniist's) 

I iMi, B.A., is;.^ ; dipt, and Adj., laM. 




BBlraarefl !■ Juic lllM. 

Alexander, William Maxwell, son of R. Alexander, Enq., Ballochmyle, 

Ayrshire, N.B. (Mr. MiddlemistVi 

I.oft Jq]. l^'K) ; Ute lien«iil (\H. tuid Maitiirtrate at EUwmh ud Mrapooiia, Iad» : «H 3 
the Furt nf Afrrm ilurinir n* *i»tn bv the MntiDMi*, and for all mttImb «m avhU 
theineiUl. Med Se|it. Mh. lij'Jl. 

Althorp, John Foyntx Spencer, Viaconnt, eon of the 4th Earl Spooa; 

K.O., Althor)!, Northampton. (Dr. Van^^'i) 

Left BMt. lSr*4: Trio. C<ill. Cnnih.. M.A. IfiM ; M.P. tor B. KortfeMmMonAin. IBT, 
■iiiiietiiite CtuurniMD i>f Qiuitcr Sei«iuiia: Orooni uf Um Stol* to U.R.U. iha Ma 
Cfiifttrt. mmI tti ll.R.II. the rriDor of Wales ; Ijonl'Uant. of IrtLuid 1MI?4 ai 
isvj.:* ; l^inl Prae. •>/ the rnumil 1M>-.S3 and 1M5 : Flnt Lmd oC tte M 
1A«k;- : liiinl-l.ieut. of Nnitbiuiiiitonehire, and Cbainuaa C.C. ; Gotvcbot of 
aiul Rotfby SchiNiU ; Chaiirellor of the Victoria Unlveraitj ; P.C. and K.G. ; 
hi» father aa Mb Earl, is^T. 

Eitrl Sji^ncfr, K.C, nit abcr^, 

Bevan, Richard Alexander, Hon of H. Hevan, Enq., 128, Marine Itadt 

Brighton. (Mr. SimpkioMDV 

I^t Mi(U. \ft'y2\ Trin. Coll. ranih.. n.A. ISAT: M.A. 1M9; Pkitaar la (ba flmtf U, 
He van, West, and Ucran*. Union liank. IlriiEbtcm ; J. P. for Bni¥. 

R, A. BftuH^ Ksq,^ J. p. HersffaU, Cuekfidd^ Susaex. 

Oarlies, Alan Flantagenet, Viaconnt, son of the 0th Earl of Gallovmy. 

(Mr. SimpkioMDi) 

Cricket XI.. Ir^r.i-A ; Ch. Ch. Oxf. : Comet Royal Hone Gnaida. 1855 ; Urat^ lUT; 0«L 
ISril : A.D.C. in BrifT -4 ten. of at Alderiauit ; I/nd lllirh Oouur. to 0«b. Amm^ 
of Church of Rct>tLu)i]. IsTrt.s ; I.ient.-Col. Coninidt. 4tb Bfttt. Rojal BooU FMha: 
J. P. and D.L. for Klrlictidbrivhl and Wigtown; M.P. for Wigtowmhira, IN^A; 
micceeiloil a« lUth Rarl. 1<7S. 

The Earl of Gallomiy, fraUotenit House, Garliettoum^ .V..B. 

Neave, Kenelm, son of Sir Riohani D. Xcave, 3rd Bart, Pitt Place, Epsm 

(Mr. Vfvwft) 

Served in the Ikmibay Anuj dnrinR the Mutiny. Killed acddntallj Jna. 9th, 1ML 

Neave, Wyndham, brother of the alMn-f. (Mr. Wanert) 

Smietiiiiv Lieut. 7 lit lliKhUndeix Died of bin wonnd* rcceired during lb* IpdiHlXtt^ 
Jun. 16th, 1S.VS. 

Thompson, Arthnr Kelly, son of Mrs. Thoniiwon, Charleville, BlackroeL 

Dublin. (Mr. Wanier*!) 

EBtniBeea !■ September 1848. 

Anstmther, Henry, son of Sir Ralph A. Anstmther, 4th Bart., Balcaskif. 

Leven, N.B. (Mr. Wanier'f) 

Sometime Ueut. L'.tnl R.W. Kn«ilifi&. Killed nt the Alma, Sqtt. 20ih. 1S&4. 

Anstruther, Robert, brother of the al)ovo. (^Ir. Warners) 

Capt. and l.ivnt.-Col. iirenadier tiiuinU. retiinl. \^C\ ; I>i»rd-Llent. of Flfa ; M.P. for Flii> 
isit4-.<<ij, and for St. Andrews HnrKho. iss:.^;; kuccectled aa fitb But., 180S. Mrf 
Jul. 2Ut. 194tf. 

Bayley, Reginald, son of the Rev. \V. U. W. Bayley, Harrow. 


Cotton, John Hynde, Hon of A. Cotton. Km]., Hildersham Hall, Cambridge- 

(Mr. Dnufi) 
Crompton, William Henry, .son of Lieut.-Col. J. S. Crompton, Sion HiB, 

Thirsk. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Euaien 11th Rcut., Iti54 ; Capt., IS'iG; iMimetinic l.ieut.-Col. «ud MiH)'-<3«a. ; aarvid vtA 
Oie 4&ul Hifrhlanden at the flieire and fall uf Sebnatotjol. medal and cImb ; J.F. tm 
N.W. Riding, Yorka : aaramcd the •onuune of 8tank^neId-Crom|iion, 187£ Med k 



man, Walter Henry Kinesoote, son at tie Jtcv. F. 0. Crosemaii, 

15. Great Marlborough Street, W. (Mr. Oxcnham's) 

rt, Harry Tidibome, son of J. Davenport, Esq., Westwood, Leek. 

Stalfordahiie. (Mr. Oienham'a) 

Lth Dm. ism ', Ch, n>. OiT.. U.A. ind M.A. I«M : BnrinUr. IMI ; KIdb'* Own SUT- 
lunUblto HlUiU. 183«-tUi H.P. toe K. BUSntddiln, iKBCkU : f« C«k Dli. of 
StidninUiira, iWMH ; J.P. tot SUITOrAdiln ; Vioe-ChKlmui of (JouUr Sealoni, ISM ; 
Aid. CO. : ■Humnl ibt nrnUDB nT Hioetn, ISM. 

//. T. llincka, Eiq., Ttttathall, Wnleerhampton. 
I, James Durham, bod of Mrs. Uundas, Latkd Ilousci, T^ven. 

(Mr. Harris') 

n Mith nillu, Mt; C(|>i., 1«M-. mvid to ibi wniKilan agslDillbi MntlnHn Id 
vUb. IsCiT. Ui RutailmindMullDOadt, maiUI uid dIhii, Sm, 

, Sidney Carr, son of Q. C. (Jlyn. Ewi,. created Baron Woherton. 
Aslilyiis Hall, Berkliampstead. (Mr. Oxenham'a) 

Tiln. CoU. Omb. : •nmotinie 0|it. Siflo BrienAa , nrvcd In lb« Critucu Wni, a^titl with 
elup ; H.P. fur Blu>fu«lint)', ISSOas. 

Ho». .S. Cai-r Gtyn, 27, G^-o»vew>r Phct, 8.W. 
[lie, CavendiBil Habert, son of A. Greville, Esq., Billingdon. 

(M. Ruault'a) 

■uDflunli. KlUrd'tlnkimiiiD. Kdv. Mb, I8M. 

I, Katthew Halford, son of R. B. Hale, Esq., Alderley, Wotton-under- 
Eilge- (Sir- B. Drury's) 

; BD>l|iDM<>l'niaOun«Dnlu)nairt,, IBM; iMlnd witb nnk aTLlBul.-Col. 

Col. J/. If. HaU, 123, Pall Mull, S.IT. 
TBOn, James Harwood, son of the Rev, J, H. Harrison, Bugbrooke 
Rectory, Weedon. (Dr. Vaugban's) 

Oif., D.A.. I Mnth.. Wn : M.A. ISU*. BMtOT of Bagbrwika. 
StT}, J. H. JTarr'aan, Bugbrnoke, NnrthanU. 
Ight, Fbilip Henry, son of E. Knight, Esq., Chawton House. Alton, 
Hants, Mr. Harris') 

CrkVM Xl..lMS:Trlu. Coll. Caiob. 1 joiM) SBrf B.W. Fuiill.™; jiiamt 
■l>tD», oiul niiti or Lneknutt, IBST-B : AilJ. X. Kant MllltiJL Ulrd Ju. ttb, 

lart, James Augustus, son of J. Iiockhart. Esq., 37, North Audley 
Street, W. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

•I Rsgt. Rilled In tlia Uwicha befon Ihc Rtdia. Be\«. 8Ui. mi. 

niherson, Duncan, con of Cluny Macpherson, Cluny Cafitle. Kingussie^ 
N.B, (Home-Boarder) 

Ol In l$M : IJeDt.-Ctil. coniiuuHlinK mna Hud. CdI. Klwk Watili mid DM Be|din<aul 

Aihanlod Wat. wuimdad in Uifh uIbw. twicA utanUuDed in daiparcbaa, rjiKLal vlth 
irlA<ij-. Lu <iorniiiaP4l of bLi Bftti, tbrua^h EEjptlui Cuiiuiim (luadi 
Sid CluB MolJIdia). les: : iikhdi at Uia latlR ot TeUl-Keblr : CD, 

spherson, Ewen Henry Daridson, brother of the above. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Enilon VSrd Higbkodin, ISM ; C>ii(., 18^0 : ■rvad at Iba liw ud Ml 
„ ,-^.^,-^ I. madAl wItb olHp And iSuklab maliu : Indiui CKmpiiBi. iatundiDg tba 
bIM M' LDoknoii uiil C^unralgii in Ood*. m»it\ vltb two atupi, UM-O: Brl^diit- 
las. HBinvUHllniE Iho UI^UnaA BriiDdB (Tba Hujal SuiU): llU ODiunuuiiEif Mid 
imlMtlud Hlnhluubsn. ud lit RiwimentBl Dlitrial. 
Col. Clung Macphmon, Cluny Cattlr, Kingutiie, N.B. 
"nter, Hambome Hastings, son of T. Paynter, Esq., Police Court, 
Hammersmith. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

, Hugh Charles, son of E. G. Penfold, Esq., Bustington, Little- 
ham pton. 

Ufl BuL, MM I TriB. HaU Cunb.. D.A. ISM : U.A. IVD : VuTUut, ISW i J.P, fur Sdhbi. 
ff- C Pen/old, Eng., J.P., Ruitington, war Worthing, SutftJ-. 

Hi Safes. 


Sowerby, Gtorge, son of Q. Sowerby, Esq., Ketton Hall, Stamford. 

(Mr. Dnir)*i) 

L«(t Dec. IhSl. Umrt^ to dMth bj m gaxk in hb own Fuk, 188& 

Tbnrtby, Piers, wn <»f the Rev. W. Thureby, Ormerod Houae, Burnley. 

(Mr. Simpkimon'fi) 

Laft in 1849 : Juioed (Hh I Ani«n. 1AM : Mrv«d throofili Um ladlu Mvliay, lH7-a ; (■■« 
At the Mptart i»f Lmknuvi Aod lUrcilly; nitiUI Mid elMp for Lnokaov; LABdovw: 
J. P. ftif iiliiUowt«nhir6. 

Oi/ifciiii P. Thursby, J. P., liroatliPfll Hill, Siow-^-the-Woid. 

Turner, Arthur William, son of (r. J. Turner, Esq., S3, Vark Crescent, W. 

(Mr. Hamil 

En^u 54Hh iUft.. l*iM ; Ca|>i.. 1^63 ; Mnr«l In the CriiMft, mmI |iiMt at tba flml iHift 
on 8«1ja«u>iM>l. nidUl with clAa|) and Ttirklih niadaJ. 

Vemon-Harcourt, Aufuitua George, son of Admiral F. E. Venoi- 

luircourt, 47, Uadogan llace, S.W. 

(Mr. SimpkinioB'i) 

I eft Jul. lAM ; Monitor. l^:•A-t : rh. Ch. Oxf., H.A., 1 X«t. 8d.. 18M : M.A. IMl ; D.C.L 
IHjtii; 1jm'« Rasd«r In rbeiuiatry at Ch. Cb. Oxf.. IHM; 8m. to tba CbamkmlBat.4 
l^indim and F.R.S.. IMit ; General Rae. tu the BrilUh AvocUtloB. 

A, G, Vemon-Hamturt, E>tq.^ F,R^., Co^cley Orangey Oxford, 

VlTian, George Ennit, hou of tj. Vivian, Ew|., Knaston Hall, WeUingtoo. 

(Mr. Dnny*s) 

I^ft Midik 1849. 

Walford, Herbert Henry, sun of A. Walford, Esq., 66, Ix>wndea SqoiR, 

S.W. (Mr.Harriil 

Way, John Hugh, hou of the Rev. 11. H. Way, Henbury Vicarue, Brirtci 

(Mr. S. DmryV) 

I^t MU1«. Iii53: Miiultor. lA-'>3 : Oriel CIl. Oxf.. 11. A. 1K'<7 ; M.A. 18»1 ; Vlmr of H«bai;. 
IsilO; Rural Dean of SU|)Ieton. in (iloiicraterihire, 1889. 

Rew J. H. Wtiyt «« <ib*tre, 

Wigram, Frederic Edward, son f»f K. Wigram, Esq., 2, Connaofdn 

Phice, W. (Mr. Simpkinaoofi) 

Left Mids. 1854 ; Moniu>r. 1853-4 ; one of the firht memben of tb«- H.P.C. ; Tiia. OdD. 
Canib., H.A.. 18^7; M.A. IHflO; Cnmte of Si. Paula. Canib., )8&S48 ; al Wi 
ENeex, 1S0.S-4; Incumlwnt of Ch. Ch.. Portawood. SoiitbampCoD, 1864.M: 
Clerloal Sec. of the Cborch Miielonarj Soc.. IHMO. - 

Rev, F\ E. Wigmm, (htk Hill House, Hamptttead. 

■■IniMfM In •rtober lllM. 

John, son of T. 11. Hojie, Emi.. afterwards Hope-Edvanki, 
Berwick House, Shrewsbury. (Mr. Uarrisl 

Hope, William 

Monitor. 1953-5 ; Head of the Scbitul. l^'/i ; Trin. Coll. Canib.. Sobol. and GundB XeU. 
185N ; U.A., 6th ClaaBic, l>i.V.> ; Mi'mWrn' Prlie for Utin EaMj, 1861 ; nMnMri Ai 
additional ■amanie uf Edwanloa, 1^55. Died 8ei>t. 80(b, 1867. 

Walker, Henry Aston, son of E. Walker, Esi^., Arnoa Grove, Southgate, N. 

(>ir. Ozenham's) 

Oriel Cull. Oxf., B.A. IS5« ; M.A. I'^'jO ; noinetime Cnrote uf St. Alban'a. Holbon; VkvdT 

Rer, //. A. Bfl/Avr. Chattiiham Vicarage^ Iptwieh, 

EntniBm In STavembrr 1S4S. 

Grey, Henry Rowland Ellison, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir C. £. Orcy, 

Govcnior of Jamaica. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Jjttt Dec. ISM); entered R.N.. 1A50 : rrtirod inith rank uf Capt., 1885 ; VioaOooflol iaAi 
Territorte at^jaoent to the Oil Riven, 1884. 

■- 1S49.] 



Stone, William Henry, son of W. Stone. Esq., Duln-ich Hill, S.E. 

(Mr. Wftrner's) 

L<(t Midi. \m: Monitor, ]8S«:TiiB. Coll, CMUb,.B.A.,«tba»>lc.'K>thWniU!)«.ISST: 
M.A. IsaO: Pslluo, IMO; H,F. tot PortaooDtli, ISM'Tt; l.f, uid D.L. foi Suikt. 
id J.P. tor iiuiti : ■ GuviniDT dI tks 6glu»l ; Dlmlor of LoDdoo ud Cnaavi 

EnimncrB la Jannarr I8U. 

Baskes, Henry Eldon QeoTge, sun of the Kev. E. Boiikes, Rectoi?, Corfe 
Caatlc, LSorset. (Ur. VaugliMi's) 

Blacker, St. John Maxwell. (Dr. Vnughan's) 

Brooke, Robert Arthur, boh of Mrs. Bi-ooke, 4, Roj-al Crescent, Butli. 

(Ur. Vauglian's) 

Browne, Lord Richard Howe, son of the 2nd MarquoB* of filigo, Weatjiort, 
Iroltuid. (Air. Eeary's) 

Lrti or); Ui IM! ; K.niMii.,o Msi- Wib Kooi : •citrI with Tih Foot In U» Crlmaui - 
ruiiKitp;. IKlm wuuiidErt. lewlvnl Lhci n.aclnJi ud Hh CUa onler of UEdJidJt ; mind, 

Lord jHichard II. Bromie, Utigale, Surrey. 
Bruce, Conrtenay William, iwn of W. A. Bruce, Esq., Aahley Box, 

jf tba cmoilJOign, □ 

LUui.-CoL a W. Bruct, Tulwood, Southampton. 
Buller, James Howard, son of J. W. Bnller, Esq., Downes, CVediton, 
Devon. (Mr. Sirapkinson'e) 

rt,.Cb. Oif , a. A. n^JT: J.F. rurl>ivun; MDfroDVw. C». DlrA In 1874. 

Cotterell, Sir Oeera Henry, Bart., son of J. H. Cotterell, Esq., Oarnons, 
Hrrefordshire. (Mr. Keary's) 

Cb. Cb. Oit. : J.P. uul n.L. foi anofonl, Qitih ShaTlS, IMS; M.P. tat Co. Uintgnl, 
\S,t-e; iniKBBltd III! bnilbii u Hnl Ban., 1)14'. 
_ Sir Gffrt U. CotUrtll, Bart., as abuBe. 

)ftTey, William Horton, son of S. Davey, Eaii., Reclrutb, ComwaU. 

(Jtr. Oxenhani's) 

rtiili*! XI., [?M; J.r. [nrC«in"»ll. »H^ to IKTt. 

., Lupiug- 
(Mr. Oxennara'a) 

ji Cm. D«by uhI 8Uffoi>d i Opt. SUOu Vk. Ct<. 

1, Bair-no 11x11, UUo^fter. 

ii* Cnjit. Bib Pneuana ', J. 
dpi. J. F. D«l 

I, Henry Charles, brother of the above. (Mr. Osenbaiu'B) 

Umt. iDDliklllLo^ DmgooDi. OlHl nf tiver In DgJwlain Vmj, Oct. Sib, 18M. 

Iverell, William Henry, son of J. Deverell, Esq., I'urbrook Park, Ports- 
mouth. (Mr. Warner's) 

IMl Hiilr. IS'>.'< ; HoDltoT, WjiJi : Ttin. CalL CKmb,, 1).A. ISfiO ; M,A. ISflS ; Burlilai, 
1*11; J.P. lUwlD.UtotUMiu, lil;(h BhHiS. IMl. 
W. II. Dtrerell, Esq., Boalngton Haute, Stockbridgf, ffanU. 
ICane, Alfi-ed Bichard, son of Opt, Du Cane, R.N., Braxt«d Lodue. 
Withani, (Mr. Drur/s) 

btt. ISMI; TiLd. CoU. r^mb,, D.A, ISfl; M.A. IMO: Vj«T nf RosUmiiu. Chotiln. 
St-Tl: of WaJtoDd'EtTlls, Wiiwlokibln, IKTa-4; o( WIIUngklt-tKn, ifTt. 

m, John, son of the Lord BiiJioiJ of Chaster, (Mr. Middle luiBt's^ 


Hankej, Herbert, son of T. Ilankev, Ea^i, Coombe Hottse, Croydon. 

(Dr. Van^ i) 

fjift in I AM : ntngal C.H. ; rnnniiMiiiniMr ot rbitUcoBff ; Iiiip.-G«B. of FoUot, 
niMUl. rUji|i I^HwItJii : J.r. fur Kent. 

//. Hank-fit^ K99i.^ J.I\^ Shiplntruf Grangt^ Tunhridgt^ 

Hume, Charles William, son «if thi* Hev. V, J. Hume, Meon Stnk«. 

Hi>hnp*s Walthiini. (Mr. OxenhamVi 

Johnflon, John Whitaker, s«in of J. \V. Johnson, £m|., Derby. 

(f>r. Vau^tts'*) 

Kemp, Edward, >on of K. W. Kvnip, Km|., Kast Leighton, Richmoni 

^'orksliiff. (Mr. KearrV) 

Lace, William Henry, >on <if ^. \a\vv, Rsq., LiveqiooL (Mr. Ketry'ft) 

Malet, Henry Charles Eden, H>n of sir Alexander Malet, 2nd Bart, EM. 

Knvoy at Sluttpirt. (Mr. Hinvl 

Enteicil OrrnwlirTiiii.iiiN. l-'-l : (apt. iiiiil I.itfiit.-('ii|., retind. IMS; wtwl in ikiCim 
inetUl aiul Tuikirh ; Micvct«lnl Jia ^x\\ liart., 1886. 

Sir Hrunj C. K. MaUt, Hart., Wilhury Houae, Salitbuty. 

Palmer, Herrick Angnstns, >on of tin- Kuv. H. IVilmer, Withcou M 

< )akliani. (Mr. Middlenust'^) 

l>cft IVc. ]*«'>2: vMciI III Oir ••-.'nil Hivt. iliiiini; the rrtmoui Cmnp^k^n, vuddM 

takrn |iri»iiner m final aMviult nu (be ittibui ; iHUMnumblT mcatioBMl ib __ 
hiiii|ifriii ■ ilrii|iiii<-)icii : li.eiLiI ainl L-Li>ii. aiKl jih timm Ofdar oi Mmi^iiiM ; MJ^ 

AlljUtADt of MllltU. 

Majnr //. .1. Pahnrr, 10, Lnmdinrnf Road^ Bed/orti, 

Rothes, George William Evelyn Leslie, Earl of, son of the llth Earl ^i 

Kothes. (Mr. 8im)ikin>4Mi •) 

Sui-ct<«(leil AH 1 -Jth EmfI 1 h 1 1 . Dlr^l J tin. uml . 1 <>'.K 

Twining, Richard Radcliffe, >on <»f It. Twining, Ks«|., 2I.S, Strand W.C. 

(Mr. Ham*') 

Vernon, Harry Foley. s<»n of tin- Into (!. V. Vernon, Esq., Uanbury HiR 

l)roitwir]i. (Mr. DnuyV: 

I^ft in IS'>2: Mmud. (VIl. ttif.. n..\. is'h : M.A. M^: J.T. mmI D.L. fforCo. W< 

lll^h Hb«riff. l»7:t; M.ui. M.ij. V^ucrn'ii Wurontenhire Homub; Col. ted V. B 
Wficcsterkbtrv l(r-/t.. I'^Tli-sT ; M.I'. f<r K. ^'tiri-Mtenbirt, 1801-8; ciwtad « tei- 
1 !*?»:•. 

iSiV Hnrry F. V*rnou, Hart., as above. 

Walters, Thomas, son of Mrs. \Valt<Ts, i:.(i, AlUmy Street, W. 

(Mr. DmrvV 

l^ft Mills. IS's^ : in huhineM in Hrcii.tMi. 

Wilkinson, Edward Abercrombie, son of (4. 11. Wilkinson, Esq., Hariwrkt 

Tark, Darlin^rton. (Mr. Biiw) 

Tiiu. Coll. Cmib., H.A. l'*:" ; M.A l"'-*!; V i-f Tiulhue, Dnrhuu, 18M : of Whilwofl*- 


Rfr. E. A. Wilk'nmm, Whilirorih V'unmijr, WeUintjton^ Cb. Durham, 

Willonghby, Edward Carlile, sou (»f P.. E. Willougbby, Esq., 38, Tpi^ 

IJtilfora nar^-, W.C. (Mr. Oxenham 

Oriel Coll. Oxf.. M.-\. ; Kirriitcr, IV** ; lU-^iain^ Ikurii-ter. l!>^0 ; Auditor M.C.C. 
May :".th, 19htf. 

Wynne, Edward Toler, Mm of Capt. Wymu'. Harrow. (Home-Boardff 

Lieiit. R.E., Ih^S. 

Wynne, Henry Le Peer, brotlur ot the alK)vo. (Uome-Boonier 


EnlniBre 1b Friirwiry liUf. 

Evans, Charles Henry, son of C. H. Evans, K<i\.. Plasgyii, Anglesey. 

(Mr. Oxenham 

SoDietiine Lieut. j5tb Be;ii. Fell "» i»»t iitncbofc Urfwie bcbiul«|«I, Aog. 4th, ISSi. 

Apr. 1849.] CHARLES JOHN VAUOHAtf, 167 

BMtnuieei 1m ApHl 184t. 

-^▲bbot, Thomas, son of W. Abbot, Esq., Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Left Dee. 1850. 

Adair, Hugli Jenison, son of A. Adair, Esq., J.P., Heatherton Park, 

Taunton. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1858 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1865 ; foi twenty-four years P&tron and 
Vicar of Bradford, near Taunton, resigning on account of ill-health, 1885. 

i?«u H, J. Adair ^ Brooklands, Leamington. 

: Bnrronglies, Robert, son of tbe Rev. J. Burroughes, Lingwood Lodge, 

Norwich. (Mr. Simpkinsoirs) 

Cridcet XI., 1854 ; Oriel CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1861 ; Rector of Brighton, Norwich, 
1867 : of Penoombe, 1878. 

Rev, R. Bun'migheSf Pencombe Rectory , Bromyard, 

■ Burton, Charles William, son of the Rev. R. W. Burton, St. John's, 

Wemoley. (Home-Boarder) 

Burton, Robert Edward, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

. Clutterbuck, James Hnlton, son of R. Clutterbuck, Esi}., Walford House, 

Herts. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Loft in 1853 ; Cricket XL, 1852 ; Enugn 68rd Regt., 1858. Milled at the Battle of 
Inkenuan, Not. 5th, 1854. 

Cresswell, William Edward, son of F. Cresswell, Esq., Lynn Regis, 

Norfolk. (Mr. Warner's) 

Ciminghame, William James Montc^omery, son of Sir Thomas M. 

Cuninghame, 8th Bart., 5, Marlborough Road, N.W. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Midft. 1851 ; entered Riile Brigade, 1853 ; retired as Mi^., 1874 ; present at Alma, 
Balaclava, Inkemian, and Sehaatopol, V.C, medal with four clasps, Mec^idie and 
Turkish War medal; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Ayr; M.P. for Ayr Burghs, 1874-80; suc- 
ceeded as 9th Bart., 1870. 

Sir William J, If. Cuninghame, Bart, Kirkhride, Maybole, N,B. 

-■ Carrie, Francis Oore, Nephew of H. Currie, Esq., 29, Comhill, E.C. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

' Carrie, Robert George, son of Sir F. Currie, Cobham. (Mr. Warner's) 

Cricket XL, 1858 ; Indian C.S. 

Fothringham, Thomas Frederick, son of Mrs. Fothringham, Fothring- 

ham, Dundee. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Assumed the surname of Sciymsoure-Fothringham ; serred in the Scots Fusilier Guards, 
1854-9 ; served in the Crimea, medal with clasp and Turkish medal. Died in 1864. 

Hicks, Robert, son of R. Hicks, Esq., Harrow. 


Isaac, Edward Whitmore, son of J. W. Isaac, Esq., Boughton Park, 

Worcester. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1852 ; Oiiel ColL Oxf., B. A. 1859 ; M.A. 1865 ; Curate of Kidderminster, 1860-65, 
and 1866-7 ; of Hanley Castle, 1865 ; of Buckley, Flint, 186771 ; Vicar of Dewsbury, 
1871-9 ; of Uanley Castle, 1879. 

Rev. E, W. Isaac ^ Hanley Cattle Vicarage, Worcester. 

Locock, Herbert, son of Charles I.K)cock, Esq., M.D., afterwards Ist Bart., 

26, Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. (Mr. Warner's) 

Monitor, 1854 ; Lieut. R.E., 1856 ; Capt., 1866 ; Lieut. -Col., 1881 ; Assist. Director of Works 
for Barracks, W. O. 

Col. H. Locock, RE., 26, Courtfield Gardens, S.W. 

Macnaghten, Elliot, son of E. Macnaghten, Esq., Monkhams, Woodford, 

Essex. (Mr. Harris') 

Left in 1852 Bengal C.S., 1856. IMcd in India in 1875. 


Kacnaghtan* Fergus, son of Sir E. C. Workman-Maenagliteii, Snd Bnt, 

4:2, rplitr Brouk Street, W. (Mr. Hirn') 

lI.E.I.r.R. Med 

Master, Streynsluun Koeley, w»ii of the Rov. J. 8. Master The RectaxT. 

Chorlcy, I^iicashire. (Mr. Ozenhsm*^ 

MuDitor. 1«58. 

Pepper, Thomas St Oeor8;e, Mm of Col. C. Pepper, Ballygarth Qude. 

JiiliaiiHtown, Co. Meath. (Mr. fw) 

Ijtfi Midi. \t^r.2 : Tiin. Coll. I>ubhii. M. A. If^J ; J.P. Md D.L. fbr G^ Mmth, MidJi: 

Stewart, Hon. RandolDh Henry, son of the dth Earl of Gallomj, 

(■allowuv llimsi', (tarliertton, N.B. 

(.\[r. .Mitldlemist s and Dr. Vau^'i) 

Uft E;i!tt. IS.-.:.: riKkfii \l., IhfuM ; FtKitfaaU XI.. 1854:f|UKUil to 4SBd Ib»«ml H^b- 

tbe CriiuM, and at Stan tad Ulrf 

Luiilcn. l**-'!.'!. Mill Mrrve«l with it*ai Hetft. thniiiKh 

8cl«aU>itil till Juii. l^.v<i : nrrvod ihinutfh tLe IndLui Natiay, 1S&7-9, pvMBt at tikii( 
of l.iickiiii* : run CM 11.61U1I Mitli iljbi|i fur .S«likiitfUiHil, iSirkiah war Biadal. and Udia 
Mutinv iiieaa] with clan}! f>ir Lncknow ; Hnirai* llaj.. FtiTTpoia, 1859; b.A.<2.M.&. 
AUiALabaa. IvX); leiireil. lt*7:>. 

//on. /^. //. ^'^ ifYjr/, 10. IVrf'in'ci Square, jSLIK. 

Timson, Henry, fu>n of tlie lU'v. K. Tinison, Tatchbury Mount, SoTXth- 

aniiiton. (Mr. Ham') 

b<)iuetiiue Lieut, f^h Inni«kilhD(; PrAp^iDi, and Capt Mb LaaoMB. 

CapL II. Tim*nHy as abort, 

Tritton, Vincent Biscoe, s<»n tif the Rev. It Tritton, Morden Rectory, 

Surrey. (Dr. Vaults) 

Left [»ec. l^.M. 

r. li. Tritton, AV/.. »»iJ, Ecde*lnn Sqyuirty S»W, 

Vernon, Oreville Richard, mm t)f the Kt. Hon. R. S. Vernon, M.P., crested 

Kiron Lyvedcn ISTiO, 2U, Savile Row, W. 

(Mr. Oxenham») 

Sometime Lieut. -Cdl.>hire Art. Vnl. ; .T.I*. and P.L. for Co. Ajr ; M.P. tor & AjbUNi 

Hon. G. H. Vtrnon^ Anchans Ilaute^ KUmamock, N.B, 
Watney, Daniel, son of J. Watney, K.sf|., Clapham Road, Surrey. 

(Mr. Middkmut*^ 

Left MiiU. i*>.'l ; Uml iiKvnt anil auctitineer. 

/>. Watmy^ E»q.^ 2, Endsleigh Street, IK.C 

Wilson, Robert Dobie, son of W. I). Wil;K)n, Esq., advocate. 

(Dr. VaiudianV) 

I^ft KMt. 1«^'>4 : Monit.»r. 1S.'..'>.4 : 11 mil of the SchfHil. lK,i ; Daniol ColL Osf.. I CL Mol. 
\!>M : n.A. 1 CL. \^'»^ ; M.A. l^^U ; iireek Tn^e. 1S57 ; Barrklar. 

R. D. \Vils*>n^ /-.'«!/., 38, Upjhr Brook Street, W, 

Withins^n, Peter. (Dr. Vandisn's) 

Curaet 7tb Dtatroon (iiianlif. 1>«'L' ; Cti\ti., 1^:>T ; Mnj., \i<Ml \ Lieut. -C-uI. Med lUjKk.lsn 

Tardley, Edward, son of E. ^'aniley, Esti., >[etro|»oIitan Police Mamtnte, 

.')«, Gonlon S^iuare, AV.C. (Mr. unaf*) 

I>eft in 1>5S ; Barrister ; Author »f " The Suiienuituntl in R«iinaDtlc Floiicio/* «tc^ 

E. Yardky^ Ewj., 2, Ploicden liuUdingtiy Temple^ E,C. 

Boswell, Charles Martyn, son of the Rev. H. 1). Hoswell, Harrow. 


Enaijen KMth Rent., l**:.:; C^*i-t. ImW. 

Boswell, John Alexander Corrie, brotlier f)f thi' alcove. (Home-Boarder) 


OoBjBgluuii, Oeorge Lennox, son of O. L. Conyngham, Esq., 69, Eaton 

Place, S. W. (Mr. Warner's) 

bteni Difdomatio Serrioe. 

lug, George LnkiB, son of A. Lang, Esq., B.C.S., Harrow. 


LiA Midft 1855; Monitor, 1855; Cricket XI., 1854-5; entered HaUeybnir, 1850; B.C.S.. 
1856 ; retiied after thirty-three years' aervioe, 1801. 

G. L. Lang, Esq,, c/o Agra Bank, London, E.C. 

Bninuicc In 4m17 IMt. 

KglfJ, Kenehn Edward, son of the Hon. and Rev. K. H. Digby, Tittleshall 

Rectory, Norfolk. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Lrfl Hide. 1855 : Monitor, 1853-5 ; Cricket XL, 1852-5, Gapt., 1858-5 ; Schol. of C.C.C. Ozf., 
I Mod., 1857; BJk.. 1 CI., 1859; M.A. 1801 ; Fellow and Tntor ; Vinerian Reader of 
Sngtkb Law, 1808-74 ; O.U. Cricket XL, 1857-9 ; Barrister, 1885 ; Bencher of Lincoln's 
Inn, 1891 ; Comity Court Judge of the Derbyahiie Circuit, No. 19, 1892. 

Hit Honour Jtidge Dighy, 50, (hislow Square, S, W, 

BafnuicM In Scptesiber 184e. 

irday, Hanlrary, son of R Barclay, Esq., Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Left East. 1854 ; Director of the London k Connty Banking Co., Ld. ; J. P. for UerU ; late 
CoL let V.B. a StafTordBhire Begt. ; V.D. 

Col, Hanhury Barclay, Tingrith Manor, Wohurn, Beds. 

snnet, FhUip, son of P. Bennet, Esq., M.P., Rougham Hall, Bury St. 

Edmunds. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

J.P. for Snflblk ; sometime Lient. Royal Horse Goards Bine. IMed in 1875. 

mcher, John Charles, son of J. G. Boucher, Esq., Shedfield, Wickham. 

(Mr. Harris') 

uk, Wadsworth. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Monitor, 1855. Drowsed in New Zealand in 1S63. 

meron, Donald, son of D. Cameron, Esq., of Lochiel, Hampden House, 

Bucks. (Mr. Pears') 

Argyll ; Groom-in- Waiting to the Qneen. 1874-80. 

Donald Cameron, Esq., of Lochiel, Acknacarry, Fort William, N.B. 

ftlliison, William, son of W. Collisson, Esq., 83, Camden Road Villas, 

N.W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

wrper, Hon. Henry Frederic, son of the 6th Earl Cowper, Panshanger, 

Herts. (Air. Simpkinson's) 

Ch Ch. Orf. ; D.L. for Kent and J.P. for Kent and HerU ; M.P. for Herts, 1865-85 ; for 
E. Heits, 1885. 

Ron, H, F, Cowper, Brockett Tlall, Welwyn, HerU. 

^Wley, Charles David, son of G. A. Crawley, Esq., Highgate, N. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Cricket XL, 185S-4 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1858 ; M.A. 1865 ; Curate of Warminster, 1860-67 ; 
of Blackmoor, HanU, 1874 ; of Sai&on Walden, 1874-6 ; Vicar of E. Hamham, WUts, 
1875-87 ; Rector of Allington, WilU, 1887-91. 

Rev, C D. Crawley, AUhigton, Salisbury, 


Cnlme-SaTmour, Michael, son of the Ucv. Sir John H. C. Seymour. Snd 

liarU Nurthchurch Rectory, BerkhampBtead. 

(Mr. OzenhiDs) 

Lrfi ID Iv-iO; Naval radet. lv'>0 : Siib-I.icat., ISOA; LImU, 1857; Oimtnaaifar, 18W: OfL 
I860: Roar- Admiral. lN.sJ: roumuiniler-in-rhiar uo th« PteUk Btatioa, 188&-T: tW 
Adnilrai. oiniiiiNiiiliiiK tLe (')iAiinel .S|iM«lntn, \9nS\ OnniiiiuidcT-iB-ChM on Mafiw- 
ninoan Staiimi, !;«.•." : urn at in ihr llnMhuif in Biinuah War, 1852 : in Uticaad EM 
Seii iliirinu rniiiCHii War; Mrtvil md th« t'utrftUt in China War. pNHBt At ofMntita 
ill the Tantiin l<iv«r, ai|iinre of IViImi Fiiria ami advanw to Ttontoiw ; PiiTsiaSitlr 
Fir<«t l^>nl. 1^74-0 : A.D.r. tn I be K^Mtru. 1>«T'.>; iiioefl«d«iI «■ Sid Bart., 188a 

A i/ mi mi Sir Mivlntd Culm*'- Seymour^ litirt.^ 1, Kgertnn Gardens, S-W. 

Deedes, Herbert George, sun of \V. DchmIos, Km|., Sandling Park, Hythe. 

(Mr. HarTfr} 

H«»iii«tiiii« Cu\. \'*nh Kirtea : Mcrvcii in th« Iihlian Mutiny ; AmL ODdtr Bae. for War ; J.P !■ 
Kent. Died May mh. Iv4. 

Earle, Ralph Anetruther, stm of C. Kiirlo, Ks(|., Newbold Firs, LeaniingtoL 

(Dr. VaugluLoV) 

[.eft Midii. Iv'hI; Mmiitor. !'•'-;'; Attiu-he Itiitish Eniliawy, Fiarla, 1854; Vinna, 1«>, 
Piivnie Sec. (n (he U'. tl.'n. It. I>i-r.irli. riiancvUor uf tba Bzebaqntr : X.P. H 
ItviMtck, IN>: fur Maiden. Enhex, lMi:.-.s ; rarliaiuenUrj ftec. of tbt Poor Lav B«i 
III i^inl ltcr1i}'» Minij-trv in I'xMi. IHrd Jun. lOth, ivTli. 

Elmhirat, William Angustut, son of W. Kinihirst, £m|.. West AthiK. 

Hornnipitlt.'. (Mr. Dnuy'rt 

U'ft MiiU. 1^'■J : i:;uetted t«> '.nli Itojjt. 

Enys, Francis Gilbert, son of .F. S. Kny>, Ksi|., Enys, l^nryn. 

(Mr. Simpkins^oDN 

Ixft MiiU. l^:>4: Tiiii. r..||. ramb. 1>J4(«: J.r. ant! P.I^ for Cornwall. Uifb 8kfA 
i*ut* : iK'i*. WanliMi iif tlio .SUniutrieiK. 

F. (r. Artj/x, A.*//., ././'.. KnijM, PfHtytt, ComtralL 

Grant, Charles, son of the lU. Hon. Sir RolxTt Grant, G.C.H. 

(Dr. Vaughu's) 

Ijetx Kji»t. is:i4 : Miinii<'i. l>'>-t : Trin. C.xiuh. : llen<nil C.S., 1868-8& ; nmnhmdik 
Vitxrii^'n!Uilati%e <'«nnK-il : linnic niid auljMBqneiitly FuralgB 80c. to tbt GotlW 
Imlia : K.C.S.I.. l>-j. 

Sir Charlfs (rrant, K.C.S.i.^ i). Marble Arch, W. 

Harter, William James, son of W. Hurler, Esq., Hope Uall, EccIa 

T^ncasliire. (Mr. RendilT^) 

I .eft East. 1oG:{ : J.T. fur Ch<.i»hirr. 

II'. J, I farter, Ksij., J. P., Mohhirhtf Hall, Knutifcrd, 

Hawkes, Henry Kontague, son of H. liawkcs, E.sq., Okehampton, Devd. 

(Mr. Oxen]i«D>l 

Heaton-Ellis, Edward Henry Brabaxon, son uf C. Ueaton-Ellia, Is^ 

49, Hurley Street, W. (Mr. Drmy's) 

l^ft Dec. \<>Z ; Exctei Odl. Oxf.. H.A. l**'.: : J.P. f»i lleru. Mc4 SfpC 4th, xm. 

Jenkinson, Edward George, s«)n of the Rev. J. iS. JenkuiBon, Battena 

Rectory, S. K. (Dr. Van^'i 

lI.E.l.C'n.'b Civil Service: i<u!ded ont of ll.iileyliury CoUe*:* " highly dirtinirnlihal,* Ittj 
m-nual r.S.. retiral : H<M«i uf tlie iV^ctive I^ept. in India and Ireland, and mtm 
inat ninienljii in HUpitrrfyimi; ThiiKKec in the former ct'ontry ; C.B., 188S, and ILC.1« 
I^SH, for Bci vices iii irelaiHl under Lunl Si-encer. 

Sir Edvoartl G. JttikiitMon^ K.C.Ii.^ 13. Ji'nvn** Terrace^ Richmond, Surrff. 

Kennedy, John. Gordon, son of J. Kennedy, Esq., of U.M. Diplannff 

Service. (Mr. RendiM 

C.C.C. Oxf. : entered inplom.-itic Service. Is'iT ; Jud ^?ec. ConaUntlnopla, 1006; mam- 
uanled Sir lleur.v Klliotr aa H.M. TepTesicuiative .it oi^nlog of Boca Gual:tlltJ[ 
Legation at Y«do, l>7s ; ti. KiiiKui>T at St. rc:ci>bur}rti, ISdl ; at Roma, 18S5 ; '" 
Rcaidant and CouBul-tien., Santiago, I^b^. 

J, G. A'fM/irf/y, Esq., SantiagOj Chili, 

r. 1849.] CHARLES JOHN VADGHAN, 171 

liam, George, son of A. Latham, Esq., 23, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

rd, Henry Graham, son of the Rev. H. J. Lloyd, Shirehampton, 

Bristol. (Mr. Drury*s) 

Left D«c. 1858. 

widge, Charles Bobert Fletcher, son of the Rev. C. H. Lutwid^e, 

East Farley, Kent. (Mr. Middlemisrs) 

Trin. CoU. Camb., M.A. ; Barrister ; J.P. and D.L. for Cumberlaiid; J.P. for Kent. 

C R. F. Liuttouige, Esq.y Holm Rook HaUf Whitehaven. 

clean, John Dalrymple, son of A. Maclean, Esq., Harrow. 


fo, Theodore, son of the Rev. C. Mayo, D.C.L., Cheam.\ 


Left Midi). 1867; Trin. CoU. Caiub., B.A. 1862; M.A. 1865; Ensign C.U.R.V., 1861-2; 
Curate of Leigh -on-Mendip, 1867 ; of Chewton Mendip-with-Emwrough, 1878 ; Chapl. 
to the Marquis of Ormonde, 1873 ; lioenaed Preacher in diooese of Lichfield, 1884. 

Rev. T. Mayo, Bromley^ Bridgenorth. 

lyneuz, Hon. Caryl Craven, son of the 3rd Earl of Sefton, Croxteth 

Hall, TiverpooL (Mr. Rendall's) 

Comet 10th Hnsaara, 1856 ; Capt., 1860 ; Lieut. -Col., retired. 

Col, the Hon, C C Molyneux, Walton House^ Tadcaster, 

ifold, Bobert, son of E. G. Penfold, Esq., Rustington, Littlehampton. 

(Mr. Dxenham's) 

Comet 15tb Hussars, 1856 ; Capt., 1859. 

Capt R. Penfold, Roundioyck, near Petworth. 
der, Henry Stewart, son of the Hon. G. D. Ryder, Westbrook, Hemel 

Hempstead. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Merton Coll. Oxf., 1858 ; sometime Lieut. Rifle Brigade. Fell within the Redan, Sept. 
8th, 1855. 

'g;eant, Edmnnd William, son of the Rev. Canon Sergeant, Broughton, 

Manchester. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Mids. 1854 ; Monitor, 1853-4 ; Head of the School, 1854 ; BaU. CoU. Ozf., 1 Mod. 
1856, B.A. 1 CL 1858 ; M.A. 1861 ; Aaai»t. Master at WeUington CoU. 1859, at Radley 
1863, at Winchester 1865 ; Aasist. Priest Winchester CoUege Mission, Portsmouth, 188S ; 
Vicar of Moordown, near Bournemouth. 

Rev. E. W. Sergeant^ Moordown Vicarage^ near Bournemouth, 

ith-Marriott, William Henry, son of the Rev. W. M. Smith-Marriott, 

afterwards 4th Bart., Horsmonden Rectory, Cran- 
brook. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec. 1849; BaUiol CoU. Ozf., 1854 ; J.P. for Dorset, High Sheriff 1875 ; suooeeded as 
5th Bart. 1864. 

iSii WiUiam H, Smith- Marriott, Bart.^ The Down House, Dorset 

lart, Bobert Edward, son of the Hon. and Rev. A. G. Stuart, Cottes- 
more Rectory, Oakham. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Died May 30th, 1857. 

sikeman, Offley Francis Drake, son of the Rev. £. W. Wakeman, High 

Park, Worcester. (Mr. Wamer*s) 

Ch Ch. Oxf., 1854 ; Student of the Inner Temple, 1859 ; J.P. for Co. Salop. Died JuL 20th, 

Lgram, Spencer Bobert, son of O. Wigram, Esq., Dulwich. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mid*. 1854 ; Monitor, 1853-4 ; Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1861 ; Vicar of Prittle- 
well, Essex, 1864-80 ; Rural Dean of Canewdon, 1872-80. 

Rev. S. R, Wigram, Ingle Dene, Oxford. 

right, Francis Vere, son of the Rev. J. B. Wright, Shelton Hall, 

Newark. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb. ; J.P. for Notts ; aometlme Col. Commandant 4th N. Staffordahire Militia ; 
Knight of the Crown of Italy. 

F. V. Wright, Esq., as above. 


BBlnBm In •ctoker ISM. 

Birkett, Holland ThomM, sdh of H. T. Birkctt, Enq., The Cliff, Coitai. 

rx»we8toft. (M. Bwaiki) 

Left in iK'-rt. Mr4 in ERjpt, Feb. 2m h, lto3. 

Blair, Arthur Kindenley, >nu of H. M. Rlair, Eisq.. Farleigh Castk. Batk 

(Dr. Vanghu I) 

Left Miila. 1(03; Th. Ch. Oxf. lrt:»3; ipuetteil Ui the TUl HlnhUadan aad 

the rriiiiea. but i«Lce bnviiijt licvn decUreil two lUya btfura Um tnaqpoit ftniTii,ki 

declined the uicuaI ; «er\eil in Imlia with hi^ Reict.. bat wm ia 
rptiml, )>> ; iinH.-e«iaoil (•• ilrvreoi *'t l\.\. mnd M.A. iit Me«d. HaU, Oxf., 
(>a. 4th. iKKf. 

BrigBtocke, AngustUB, son of thf luv. J. RrigHtocko, Burton Rectory. 

liavrrfonlwi'>t. (Dr. Vaughan'^) 

Knaiffn -Miit Rect., I'^M ; r.i|it.. I'^'o. 

Grant, Robert, son of the Kt. lion. Sir lioliort (Srant, G.C.H. 

(M. Riuinlt'i) 

Left MitU. ISM : ent^rreil R. M^ Aonleniv. l«r.2 ; Snd Urat. R.B.. 1854 : IM Llaot., ISH: 

KxHUi., |i 

Cn|it. l^V): Htair (\>nc^ Rntmnre Kxhul. |«MMd Ant. IRM); |Miaad out flm, Iffi: 
MiO-. 1^':.': Lieut. -riii.. I.oh-J; LkuL-Cen.. IS.'l ; wrved in RfOlrt« <» Nil*. le»: CiL 
lrkV.t; I>.A.A.(f.. 1^71-7 ; D.A.ii. nt Heii«l<|iurten, IKM-Ol; ln«|ieeior<aflB. of F«ftii» 
tloni. R.E.. WM. 

Lie^iL'Ocn. R. Grant, C.B.. 14, GranrilU Place, JV. 

BairMBrf* In !f«YrBili«r ISit. 

D*Aeth, Wyndham Charles Hardy Hnghes, son of Adniiml Hugha 

DWeth, Knowlton Court, Wingham. (Mr. Harrisl 

Mr.nitor. iK'i'* -. C. C. ('. Oxf.. H.A. l-V.'.i; M.A. 1S67 : Rector of BnckhoTu Wwtoo. IfiTT. 

Hn\ \V. C. If. if, irAfth, Ihirkhorn Wenlou, So/nenet 

EBtmncet la jMnnary iHSe. 

Baillie, John Baillie, son of .J. F. l^illic, Esq., I^'ys Cacftle, Inveme8& 

(Mr. Harrisl 

J.r. aii«l P.L. fi>r Inveineai^; Miii.etiihc Liviit. r'dkUtreiiiii GiunU. Mf^ in 1800. 

Bolitho, Thomas Bedford, son of K. ]^>1it1io, Ks4|.. IVnzance. (Mr.SteelV) 

Ixft Mi«lii. ]*''r2: M.r. f«>r Citiih;!!! (St. Ivo lUv.), |<«s;. ; J.r. f«ir Com wall «od I)«t«i; 
D.L. fcr roniWHlI, lliKb ijibvriir. l^M. 

T. li. liolitho, I'ltitj.y M.P., TmritUUn^ Penzance* 

Camegy, Patrick Alexander Watson, son of 1\ W. Camegy, Esq., lioor. 

Finfar. (Mr.narrw') 

J. p. anil D.L. fur Co. Furfitr ; fiunctuno Oipt. guo<:ii'a JLiyiiitnil ISth lliUMm. 
dipt, /'. -1. li'. Girnrtjif^ J.P.f as abttve. 

Clarke, Henry Francis, son of the litv. J. K Clarke, l^gborough Rectonr. 

Taunton. (Mr. Oxenhams) 

Cnninghame, John, son of A. Cunin^rhmne. Es<]., Balgownie« CTulroM. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

ra)it. Kind's Draf^nim (iminbi and l«th Loncerii, rutired ; J.r. for Perthihln. Mrd i> 

De Thoren, Oscar William, son of liaron l)e Thorcn, (Jreat Malvern. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; anmetiiue MaJ. 48ixl L.I. 

Maj. 0. \V. Dc Thoren, St. Ann« Il'iU, Worcenterehlre, 


Ofke, Pfer^rall Hart sod of Sir P. Hart Dyke, Gth Bart, LoUingsitone 

Castle, Dartford, Kent Oir. Simpkinson's) 

8n«Mtifn> UtmSL Rifle Brigide. Mcd d ferer in BaiaelaTa HArboar, Apr. 9th, 1665. 

ffitttJioeUjurt, Alaa, sod of A. Eliott-Lockbart, Esq., M.P., of Cleghom, 

N.R, Sodbury Grove, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

LrflMiALUM; LiMt.B.K., 18&5: CkpL, IMl M«d of j«Uaw ferer in BennndA, 18M. 

llHfewood, FMv Louis HetkeUL son of Sir P. H. Fleetwood, 1st Bart, 

Hill House, Windsor Forest. (Mr. Steel's) 

Saw lam HaD Osl, BJL IWl ; \lev of SL Xarj'ft, Plautow, 1809-71 ; ffoeoeeded ma Snd 
aadi ^ But., ISOSL Med ia ISSa 

wm of Mrs. Forster, Ravensdown, Berwick. (Mr. Harris') 

Mqr, JokBy «m of R Fnrley, Esq., Ashford, Kent (Mr. SteeFs) 

filled laikwe lypohmpente is cownectl<m with the Britieh Xfttioiial Aid Society (Franco- 
** ' — War, 1870-71), the Bed Croee Cooferenoe and St. John Anibolanoe AjKoation 

«f which he wee one of the oriciael orgeaiaen ; Author of Teriona pablieetiotis dealing 
of the Belief of the Sick and Wuoaded in War. and kindred eabsecU 
of Tafiove deeoratiooe and medale, from many GoTeramente, for amba- 

J. Furiey, E§q , ./.P., U, Evelyn Gardens, S.W. 

fcif , Omin. 9tm of the Bt. Hon. Sir C. Grey, Governor of Jamaica. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

LA BmL 185S ; Oriel CoO. Ozf., B.A. 1S67 ; U.A. 1869; Barriater, 1856. Mf4 

la^lOB, John YiTian, son of J. L. Hampton-Lewis, Esq., Gtterington 

House, Northallerton. (Mr. Steel's) 

J.P. for Bonvj. 

J, V. Hamptofh, E$q.^ Oakdale, Holmvpood, near Dorking. 

la^way, Wmiam Frederick, son of W. S. Hathaway, Esq., Wimbledon, 

Surrey. (Home- Boarder) 

Left in 185« : Monitor, 1S55 ; entered Madrae C.S. ; sometime If ianonary to Jamaica. 

W. F. Hathaway, Esq., Etrubury House, RamtgaU. 
Bfithfifld, Frederick WiDiam, son of R. Heathfield, Esq., Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

EadcB 27th Bombay X.L Killed in the If ntiny at Kolhapnr, Ang. 2nd, 1S57. 

^Irtkfiflil, John, brother of the above. (Home- Boarder) 

Txia. ColL Gamb., B.A. 1900 ; M.A. 18M ; held rariona Cnraciee, 1862-75 ; Rector of Preeton 
Begot, 1875. 

Rer. J. Heathfield, Preston Bagot Rectory, Hetdey-in-A rden. 
WfitkHrid, Richard, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

R. Heathfield Eeq., 2, Reddiffe Villas, SurbiUm. 

UgkiBBOB, Oeorge Lan^iL son of G. Hodgkinson, Esq., The Grove, 

Kentish Town. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Vide. 1856 ; Cricket XL, 1854-5 ; Pembroke CoU. Oxf.. B.A. 1860 : M.A. 186S ; O.U. 
Cricket XL, 1857-9 ; Vicar of Trinity. Gainaborongh. 1867-£'l ; Canon of Lincoln, 1S76 ; 
Beetor of Northfiekl, 1S91. 

Canon Hodgkinson, Northfield Rectory, near Birmingham. 

IlUa, Edward Shnttleworth, son of K A. Holden, Esq., Aston Hall, 

Derby. (Mr. Simpkin.son'») 

Lic«L S3id Boyal Welih FuailierB. Fell in the aaaanlt on the Sedan, Sept. 8th, 1855. 

IlteB, WiUiam, son of R Hudson, Esq., Clapham Common, S.W. 

(^Ir. Harris') 

Xaaitor, 18&4-5; Tiin. CoU. Gamb., B.A., 14th Claaaic, 1859; 2nd TheoL Tripoe, 1860; 
ILA. ISeS ; Vicar of St. Peter-per-Monntergate. Norwich, 1874. 

Rev. W. Hudson, Xorwich. 

bpeote, Fitlhardinge, son of Col. Kingscote, Kingscote Park, Wotton- 

under-Edge. (Mr. Sirapkinson's) 


Knight, Charlet Ernait, son of E. Knight, Em|., Chawton Houae, Ahoo. I 

(Mr. UuTis) 

rapt. TTth R^. Dlf4 «>f fe^cr IWore Srl«ifitc^K>l. (>ct. Snd, 1855. | 

Kackintosh, Francesco Xavier, :«oii (>f E. Mackintmh, Esq., ILRM. 

C\ni»nl in )[o\i('o. (3klr. DnurVj 

Keade, Hon. Robert Henry, S4»ii nf the mh Earl of Clanwilliam. 

. (Dr. Vaugban's) 

Kxtft«r I'fll. oxf.. U.A. iw.) : M.A. iHiiO ; Junior Cltrk In FurrigB Oflo^ IU9 : ahmMii 
Uml Ihiireiin'ii t|«cuil iiiiMiuii tn Hyri*. 1^<XM1 ; MOom|NUilid H.R.iI. tht Pnaeirf 
«if WiilcM un biH tnnr in tlte Eajtt. ISiij ; MonniinnUd Earb HomU and Onaiillia 
i(ii«>cm) iiiiiwifiiii. l>«(:;-:i-:i ; tin mm nf the Itotlchiuiibtr u» tlM Priaee of WaIm. MM: 
iMvate Set-, tn l-jirl 4;ntri\ine. 1mV4^^ ; R«.3mI ('«ininii«U»MT for th« Fkita KxkiMlia. 
I>7T : Artft. \uu\tx Sei\ i>f SMt« r..r t)u> rolunieM. ISTI ; fUfUtnu* of the Oidor of 8lE 
:iiiii i;.. 1*77 : .Sf*-.. 1 -■■•-* ; k.l.\U.. X^'M. 

Hon. Sir Rnbert If. Mfwlr KCIl, «. Tlfrfford QardenM, W, 

Pigou, Frederick Alexander Preston, son of >fri«. Pigou, Harrow. 


Rhodes, James AlAred, iton t^f J. IUukK^.s Hsfj., Stanmore. (Mr. Oxenhim't) 
Sneyd, William Debank, srui of tin* lU'v. H. Snoyd, Leek. (Mr. Wanio'^ 

Li«ut. giieen's Oun Ku.^hI Yc«>. Viv\., 1>>V.*: S'licittir. Mr4 OcC Mib, 1871. 

Steel, Henry William, son of tlie Kcv. T. H. Steel, Harrow. 


I^ft MiiU. 1>«.Vi; Miinitor. I'^.'^-'*; rant* Poll. Tamb. : Indian C.8.. IMS; rctind m D^i 
<.'<iiiiiiiiKfrii>ner Ihi vLimi. Piiiunb. I'«v.>. 

//. H', SteeL Em/., Duuhnjaa /loutw, Turriff^ BamffMre, 

Webster, Alexander Macallum, son of (i. Wcltstor, Em|., Roxeth rdk 

Harrow. (Home-Boankr) 

Welch, Henry Thomas, son of the Hev. T. H. Welch. (Mr. Warner*) 

Ti'in. ('(ill. Caiiili. : J. P. fiT I«iiiau<hir« and W<vtiii«ireUn(l. 

//. T. Wrlch^ Kiiff., J. p., Lerk I I all, Kirkby LonidaUf }Ve$tmorthmd, 

Woodgate, Ashley Henry, son of W. Winxlgate, Es^}., Pen&hurst, Kent 

(>fr. WanerV) 

Died in is:>i. 

Woodgate, Hamilton, brother of the alx>ve. (Mr. Wameri) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., ISM. IMrd in IK.:. 

Wyatt, Robert, son of H. Wyntt, Esi]., Acton Hill, Staffordshire. 

(Dr. Vau^MBi) 

Trin. Cull. <::uiib., B.A. l^r.7 ; .M.A. 1*00; Hanii.ter. ISCO. Mr4 

EBtmBCfn IB Febnury ISSt. 

Ashley, Hon. Anthony Evelyn Melbonme, son of tlio 7th Earl of Shaftes^ 

Dury, i4, Grosvcnor S|uare, W. (Mr. RendsITs) 

Left in is:.4 : Monit^T, 1<'»1: Trin. Cnll. raiiib.. .M.A. l.V,8; Darrlstcr, ISSS; ¥.?.«« 
r«io]c, \i<~•^'i<0 : fur I. I'f WiL'bi. 1^><) ^6 ; l'>' Hec. tu IkianI of Tmdt, ISMV£i'. 
Vnder Re^*. ftir Colfiiie^. i>»C-r. : P.C., iv.'l ; Sf (.t-nil Church Einatas CotLmmiaua, 
Author of " 'I he Life uf Ldni rdliurnittiii." 

Jit. Hon. A. E. Ashieify DrtHttilamh, Romsetfj IlanU, 

Ferguson, George Arthur, son of Admiral Ferguson, Pitfair, Mintliv. 

N.R (Mr. Dmiy*) 

Left Pec. 18M$ ; served with the (irenatlier (iuanU iu the Crimean Caniimigii fnMD Ffk IM. 
1855, inclndini; the siece nnd fnll t>f S^rbadtoiml, n.eU:il with cU«p aod Tniliub bi«U- 
Uent.-Col.. retired. 


lyiton, Charles Philip, Yiscoimt, son of the 4th Earl of Hardwicke, 

Wimpole Hall, Royston. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trio. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1858; sometiiue Lieut, lltb HoMan; aenred in Indian Mutiny 
Canipai|i7i, medal, 1858-9 ; Comptroller H.M. HouMbold, 1866-8; Maater of tbe Buck- 
bounda, 1874^ ; Col. C.U.R.V. ; M.P. for Cambridgeabiro, 1865-73 ; succeeded as 5tb , 
Barl, 1878 ; P.C. \ 

The Blarl of Hardwicke^ as above. 

Bntnuieet Ih April 1850. 

iderley, Kylles Bagnall Bowyer, son of R. Adderley, Esq., Barlaston 

Hall, Stone. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1852 ; Trin. CoU. Camb. ; Gazetted to tbe Royala, 1857. 

urclay, Charles, son of R. Barclay, Esq. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mida. 1857; Monitor, 1855-7; Cricket XL. 1856-7; Football XL, 1856; Trin. Coll. 
Camb., B.A. 1861; M.A. 1865; C.U. Tennia Player, Sinffles and Doubles, 1860; Mer- 
obant in tbe City of London ; Associate of tbe Institute ox Civil Engineers. 

C. Barclay y Esq., Oxford and Cambridge Club, S, W, 

tiatfield, Charles Henry, son of C. (Jhatfield, Esq., Croydon. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

St. Jobn'a Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1858 ; Student of Linooln'a Inn, 1856. 

awson, William, son of Rev. H. Dawson, Hopton Rectory, East Harling. 

(Mr. Harris^) 

Exeter Coll. Ozf., B.A., 1 Law, 1859; M.A. 1863; beld various Curacies, 1859-70 
Rector of St. Jobn tbe Baptist, Clerkenwell, 1870. 

Rev. W. Dawson, St. John's Rectory, Clerkenwell. 

gremont, Edward, son of W. E. Egremont, Wroxeter, Shrewsbury. 

(Mr. Steers) 

rskine, Henry Dand, son of J. Erskine, Esq., Cardross, N.B. 

(Mr. Pears') 

Left in 1853 ; Ensign SOtb Regt.. 1854 ; Ensign and Lieut. Scota Fusilier Guards, 1855 ; 
retired as Lieut, and Capt., 1861 ; Groom of tbe Robes to H.M. , 1870 ; Deputv Seijeant- 
at-Am:s, 1875; Seijeant-at-Arms, 1885 ; D.L. and J.P. for Pertbabire and Stirlin^tbire. 

H. D. Erskine, Esq,, Cardross, Stirling ; aiirf Speaker's Court, Palace of 

Westminster, S. W. 

lendinning, Sidney, son of A. Qlendinning, Esq., Ashgrove, Sevenoaks. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

ordon, Theodore, son of T. Gordon, Esq., Roseau. (Mr. Warner's) 

nest, Ivor Bertie, son of Sir J. J. Gu^st, 1st Bart., M.P., CJanford Hall, 

Wimbome. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1856 ; J.P. and D.L. for Dorset ; Higb Sberiif of Glamorgan, 
1851> and 1862; D.L. for Ross-sbire ; succeeded aa 2nd Bart., 1852; created Baron 
Wimbome, 1880. 

Lord Wimharne, as above, 

ienshaw, Clinton Fraser, son of F. B. Henshaw, Esq., 108, Westboume 

Terrace, W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left in 1853 ; entered Rifle Brigade, 1855 ; retired, 1864. 

CapL C. F. Henshaw, Army and Navy Clvb S. W, 

ennaway, John Henry, son of Sir John Kennaway, 2nd Bart., Escot, 

Ottery St. Mary, Devon. (Mr. Simpkin son's) 

Left East. 1856; Monitor, 1855-6; Baliiol Coll., Oxf., B.A., 1 Law and Hist., 1860; 
M.A. ISC'J ; M.P. for E. Devon, 1870-85 ; for Uoniton Div., 1885-91 and 1892 ; succeeded 
as 3rd Bart., 1878. 

Sir John H. Kennaway, Bart., as above. 


Kiii8;8iiiill, William Howle^, son of \V. Kingsmill, Em., Sydmontn 

C'nnri. Ni-w)iury, lUrks. (Mr. OzenhuD:) 

toft MiiU. 1"'-.; rh. rh. oxf.. H.A. iMiO; M.A. IS65; J.r. and D.L. for Huitt. B«l 

Pheiiff. I"*?'. I 

W. II. Kinffftnill^ A.'j*f/., at ahorf, I 

Legh, Chrittopher, son of tlu* lltv. K. D. I^gh. M.A. (Home-Boftrder) 

Uft Mhiji. IK'.:- ; J.r. fur ('..Joiiy i.f N.S.W. I 

C. Z.*'*//*, E^u., J. P., lilair I! ill, aim Inwti, AVir .SoiiA ITa/w. 

Long, Edward Dndlej, ^M.Il of \V. brng. Kmi., Hurts Hall, Saxmundham. I 

(Home- Boarder) I 

Kassy, Hon. John Thomas William, son of the 4th Baron Mamy, of Hc^ 

initA;^\ Cuhtli? Crtnnrll, Ireland. (Mr. OxenhamV) I 

Left y^xfX. l-'-M: IM.. liii) .l.r. for Vx^. I.iiiirrUk niul licltrlu ; ■ueooedcd hii braltaM I 
iHii Itainii, I'^T-t : Kc|>ie9ieii:.iini< IWr fur In-Un*!. I 

Lord \faM»y^ llmuUtufr^ (Mtitif (\mitrll, Cn. Lim^dc, Ireland. 

Kedlycott, Menrin Bradford, son of Sir William C. Medlycott, 2nd Bart. 

Vt'n llons4\ SluTlM»rne. (Mr. SimpkiiMn'^) 

(*a|it. R.\. : iier\«l in th» llaltio Ex|ic«lititin. ninlnl, ISU ; in ezpedltioD *g-«*M* pinMia ' 
Ri\er ConiP*. 1875 ; rvtiml ah RMr-A«liiiiniI. }^W. 

Rear- All mi nil M. H, M^lltfCttt^ as abort, 

Northey, Alfred Edward, sun of (*«•]. W. B. Xorthey, Vine Lodge^Serak- 

*viks. (Mr. Ham') 

Ijctl Mi<K 1m:^7 ; MiaiiNir. ls'>:-7 : Cxivket XT.. 1^•.V-7 : Trin. Con. Ounb.. B.A. IMO; lU. 
1S04: i'X. Cricket XI.. l^^riiMMi: rnmiiiil ••! llitckvrill Training Coll^, ISTI-M: 
Vicnr iif ofiley. licrtn. l>^'>l-4 : nf RkkiKiuiiiworth, l.^'*4. 

Jtn\ A, E, Xufihnj, Th4' Vicarntjr^ Rickmeuweorth. 

Park, Alexander Waldegrave, mhi of A. A. Park, Esq.. Merton Gion« 

Snrrcy. (Mr. C)xenham'«) 

rriukrt XI., Iv'.T : Trin. r..Il. iixf.. \<>:,. 

Plnmer, Charles (Jeoree, son of T. H. Pliuncr. Ejm]., (Canons FuL 

KiiKwari'. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left MIiIh. 1S.'.2: MatlnwCS.. l».v>-M : Chief .Tiiili:e f>r MjMire and JndieUI Oimm^n — 
nf Coiinf. 1SH2-01. 

C\ G. Plumt^r, E*ti., ir».\Sf. JanhfH Stfuart, S.W, 

Ponsonby, Frederick John, son of the lion. Sir Frederick Fdnsonbr. 

K.C'.B., of Hanii»t<^n Court I'ttlace. (Dr. Vanjjian**) 

Uft in is'.:i: Merton Toll Oxf.. H.A. Is'I: .M.A. lSti2: o.r. TcnnU riayvr. Si^a Hi 
IhiublM. l^.'-'.MiM: Vicnr nf ^>t. Man .MuLiUilfneV, MunHter Sqnare, and RfmlOHBrf 
St. rnuinu*, N.W.. 1^77-J■■l. Died Teh. Snl, \s'M. 

Prinsep, Henry Thoby, son <»f II. T. rrinscji, Es4|„ 9, dHiesteriield Street 

W. (Mr. Dniry *) 

Left E.-ut. 1862: ■unicTinie ncntiiil C.S. 

//. T. Prinntp, f>/., 20. Ihrhrrt Cr^ACtni, S.W. 

Pritt, James, son of Mrs. l*ritt, (iretnhill. (Home-Boarder) 

Smith, Philip, son of AIkjI Smith, Es<|., M.P., Wooilhall Park, Ware. 

(Mr. Simpkinson'ft) 

S«iniAtiniti I.i«nt.-<J'4il. (trPiuHlier Uuiinia ; Mt\j.-(ien. in Ci>uiniADd of th« IIobi« IMtlikc: 
C.B. ; J.l*. f«ir Uuckii. 

Gni. P. Smith, C.B., T>7;i</'.'ivr. Buckn. 

Watney, James, son of J. Watnov, Esij., Clapham Road, S.W. 

(>fr. Middlemist^s) 

M.r. for Surrey ; of Ilalinft Park. Surrey. Died in 1S84. 

Weldon, William Henry, son of Mrs. WVUlon, Henumaris. 

(Mr. Ozenbani's) 


Wickham, Thomas Vowler, bod of the Rev. R. Wickhaui, Uretford 
Vicarage, Wreiham. (Dr. Vanghan'e) 

cb, cu. Oif., li.A, 186U: M.A.IM3: OidikinEd, iwo: Vii&ruf en. Cb., Ha«tt, ims. 
Rtv. T. V. Wiekhan, Raaelt Vicarage, Salop. 
Wigram, Oswald, »on of E. Wigram. Esq., 2, Connaught Place, W. 

•llba U.&.I.Cu.'iColIsui, QnlJfjbiuy, 

u Har itimt. 

(Mr. Si mpk inson 'h) 

Elliott, Charles Alfred, son of tlio Ikv. H. V. Elliott, iJl, fSri' 
Squore. Brighton. {I)i. V..;, 

Un Dm. laS: Twin. Coll. Omb., Scbol. iind L.L.B. ISSK; FomUc < . 

MrwnjSM. b> tfaa Fdnilu Commlitiun: IidivtUI Cuinu CoumL- 

ChM CurunJviocBT of Amo '^" -"■*■—■" 

>r iia^, itno: K.o.s.t., las;. 

OrisseU, Leonard, son of T. Orisnell, Esq., Norhury I'arlc, Dorkiiiu. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

4, An^. nh, 1361. 

n of the R«v. C. Luck, Ivy Houno, Harrow. 


Al^'M ><t.,i. ; t':>e<o. Coll. Oif.. U.A. IMliH.A. IBM: BoiiliMr, IM4. DIdd Jul. St>l, 

ThornewilL Edward John, son of E. ThomewTll, Ewi., Bm-ton-on-Trent 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Tiin. C"ll. Cmu1>, 

Kntrniin* in Jane ISM. 

Feilden, Gilbert Strenysham, son of J. Feilden. Esq., Witton I'ark, Black- 
hum. (Mr, Middlomist's) 
KcCalmont, Hugh Barklie BliuideU, son of the Rev. T. McColmont. 

Kiglitield, Southampton. (Mr. Warner's) 

Trid. lUII Ciuat>. ; llutTliiai. Died Jim. i»9S. 

Wflbater, JohOi son of 0. Webster, E*q., Harrow. (Honie-Roardev) 

L7011 Kiblbitlunar nf C&lni CbII. Giuib., U.A. HEiO ; H.A. ISM ; \'liMr uf SC Buiubw. 
liliDpDD, 13^3. Dlrd 

■ 111 .in It IHM. 

fi of Miyor Curteis, Leasam House, 
(Mr. SiiDpkinson's) 

\.'„'\ Cotl. Oif.. II. A. l-'.^i : M.A. lj(I3 ; loincliiKi Q<i>(. '.HNb Begt. ; J. P. tor Buau. 

Hawkias. Charles Halford, »oii of Ur. F. Hawkins, 18, Bolton Street, W. 

I (Dr. Vaughan's) 

61. Jubn'i OuU. Cuub.. D.A. ISUl ; M.A. ISW ; uidjiiiwd, 18«! : AM. HMta> and C)ui|>l. 
ff(c. C. ff. Bawkini, The ColUgt, Winehatrr. 
hell, Edward Bodner Cecil, iion of Mrs. Pecbell, i&, I.ondon Koad, 
Reading. (Mr. Warner'^) 



Byder, Hon. Henry Dudley, mw of the 2nd £arl of Harrowing ad, GrosveiK 

Square, \V. (Dr. Vaa^itD ' 

Ch. Cb. <»xf., ISM ; J.P. and D.L. f«>r C«>. Kuffurd ; J. P. for MiddkMZ ; pwtiMr in in 
Coatte t Cu., ban ken. 

Hon, //. D. Ryder, 27, Qium's Gate Garden, 8. W. 

Bampfylde, Hon. AnrnstuB Frederick George Warwick, aon of the i: 

Baron Poltiniore, Poltunorc Park. Exeter. 

(Mr. E. H. VaugfaaD t 

Ijdi in 1»M : Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1h:»6.T : .1.1*. «n«l D.I^ t»T Dtvoo and SooMnMi; soeenMi 
Sod Baron, 1868 ; TfMMirer uf the Unueehnkl, 1873-S ; P.C. 1(172. 

Ztord Puhtmore, as ahftre. 

Bannatyre, Adam, son of 1). J. Ikmmtyre, Em|., 55, Went Geor^ Stree 

Glasgow. (Mr. SimpkinMn' 

Bothamley, Hilton, mm of T. H. Hotliamley, Em)., Champion UiH Can 

Iwrwcll, Surrey. (l)r. Vaughan': 

Left Midm. 18o(i ; Monitor. \^:>\-^ : Ileiul uf the Schuul. 1k:>6-4) ; Tiin. Coll. OunK, BJL. ii 
in Tbeol. Tiiiwe, Hcholefleld Hml <^jinin TriaM, 1801 ; M.A. IfMS ; Groan TheoL Sdki 
18a:! : Rector o# Teiier llan»ir, Hurre> . 1N73-0 : Vloar of flt. Stoiiben Laaadown. Btf 
18S1 ; Prebendary of CtM»mbe XII. in WpUh Catbedial. 1892. 

Rer, Preh, liothainleyy Richmond Lodge, Bath, 

Bramtton, Henry, »on of T. W. Bramston, Esq., M.P., Skreens, Chelm 

ford. (Mr. Hani 

C.C.C. Oxf., 1805. 

Clayton, Edward Chapman, son of W. C. Cla>'ton, Esq., Bradford Abb 

1 )or8et. (ilome-Boarde 

Univ. CoU. Ozf.. B.A. IbtiO ; ■omeiiuM Cain. Ko>aI liucki Yeo. Cav. 

E. C. Clayton, Esq.^ Coitesmere Orange, Oakham. 

Clayton, William Clayton, brother of the aliove. (Home-Boanic 

Cricket XI.. 1868 ; Capt. ith Ijuiceni. Killed wbilat plajing {lolo at Delhi, India, D 
25th, 1870 ; the Clayton 8cht)lanrhi)i at Marrow was founded in hia meBMuy. 

Copeland, Edward Capper, son of >V. T. Coi»eland, Esq., M.P., leo. X< 

Bond Street, W. (Mr. Warner 

Darroch, Dnncan, . on of Major Darroch, Gourock, N.R (Mr. Hani 

Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 18-V.i ; J. p. aD<l D.L. for Co». Renfrew and Roae. 

Duncan Darn)ch, Esq., 11, Roland Gardeng, S.W. 

Dawkine, Edward Henrv Frederick, son of the Rev. E. U. Dawkii 

Martham Clinton, Tux ford. (Dr. Vaughai 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1855 ; J.P. for Beds, llijfh Sheriff, l^*71. 

E, H. F. Dawkins, Esq,, J,F,, Mt>ggerhanyer House, Beds, 

Dawson, Frederick, son of the Rev. H. Dawson, HoptoD Recto 

Harling. (Mr. Uiut, 

Elwes, John EmiliuB, son of J. M. Elwes, Esi}., Bossington, Stockbridgc 

(Mr. Wamei 

Erskine, James Elphinstone, son of the late J. Erskine, Esq., Cardross. 

(Dr. Hewlet 

Left Eaat. 1852 ; Rear-Adnaml, K.N. ; «)inetitiie ,x UmX of the Adniiraltj ; Benkir Ot 
Gommaoding on C<iaatA of Ireland ; J.P. for Co. Peebles. 

Rear-AdmiralJ, E. Erslune, J.P.^ VenUnc, Peebles, N.B. 

Ooslinff, EUis, son of R. Gosling, Es<|., .'), Portland Place, W. 

(Mr. Middlemis 

in 1801. 


Jl, Charles, son of the Rev. C. Hall, Terrington Rectory, York. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

L«ft MidB. 1855 ; Txin. Coll. Camb. ; comet Ist Royal Dragoons, 1858 ; Capt., 1862. 

nhury-Tracy, Sndeley Charles Gteorge. son of the Hon. Hanbury- 

Tracy, afterwards 2na Baron Sudeley, 1, Eastern 
Terrace, Brighton. (Mr. Harris') 

Loxd-Lieut. of Monigomeiy ; aometime Capt. Grenadier Goarda ; succeeded as 8rd Baron, 
180S. Died Apr. 28tb, 1877. 

rrison, Egerton Bartlett, son of B. Harrison, Esq., Blackheath Park, 

S.E. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec. 1854 ; Gains CoU. Camb., 1855. 

sell, Williams, son of E. W. Hasell, Esq., Dalemain, Penrith. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1859. Died 

Ly-Hntchinson, John, son of Capt. the Hon. C. Hely-Hutchinson, R.N., 

Dorset House, Clifton. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Merton CoU. Ozf., 1855 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Dublin, Higb Sberiff, 1872. 

J, Hdy- Hutchinson f Esq.f J.P,, Seafieldy DonabcUe, Co, Dublin, 

rbert, Hon. Alan Percy Harty Molynenz, son of the 3rd Earl of 

Carnarvon. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Cb. Ch. Oxf., 1855 ; M.D. of Paris, where he now resides. 

Hofi. A. P. Herbert, Paris, 

ron-Mazwell, John Heron, son of the Rev. M. H. Maxwell-Heron, 

afterwards Heron-MaxwelL 

Sometime Capt. 1st Royals ; J.P. and D.L. for Cos. Kircudbright and Wigtown ; M.F. for 
Co. Kircudbright, 1880-85. 

Capt J. H. Heron-Maxwell, Junior United Service Club, S, W, 

ron-Mazwell, John Rohert. son of Sir John Heron-Maxwell, 6th Bart., 

Springkell, Ecclefechan, N.B. (Mr. Warner's) 

Left in 1852 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., \sr>6 ; Comet Royal Horse Guards, 1858 ; exchanged to 
15th King's Hussars, and retired as Capt., 1865 ; D.L. for Dumfriesshire ; J.P. for Cos. 
Cumberland, Surrey, London, and Duujfries ; succeeded as 7th Bart., 1885 ; Secretary 
of the Alliance Assurance Company. 

5«r John R, Heron- Maxwell, of Springkell, Bart, 82, Onslow Gardens, S.W, 

vrlett. Archer Botch, son of T. Hewlett, Esq., F.R.C.S., Surgeon to 

Harrow School, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left East. 1856 ; Monitor, 1856 ; Consular Berries, China, 1858-85 ; retired as H. M. Consul 
for Canton, China. 

A. R, Hewlett, Esq,, Harrow House, Harrow. 
frlett, Richard Whitfield, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mids. 1855 ; L.R.C.P. andM.R.G.8., Lond. ; Master of Surgery ; Physician to English 
and American Hospitals, Naples. Died Jul. 21flt, 1871. 

refall, Thomas Marsh, son of T. B. Horsfall, Esq., M.P., Bellamoor 

Hall, Staffordshire. (Mr. Keary's) 

Sometime Lieut. 15th Foot. Died 

^oy, Thomas Lanelois Hugh, son of T. Lefroy, Esq., 6, Earlsfort 

Terrace, Dublin. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left East. 1854; Trin. Coll. Dubl., B.A., First Honours in Classics, Honours in. Science 
and I.ogic and various premiums, First Moderatorship and Gold medal on taking Degree 
in Law, History, English Literature, and Political Economy, 1859; M.A. 1868; Bar- 
rister, 18(}3 ; sometime Registrar to the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland ; D.L. and High 
Sheriff of Cu. Longford, 1892 ; resident Landowner. 

T. L. H. Lefroy, Esq., J. P., Canigglas Manor, Longford, Ireland. 

rehouse, Henry John, son of the Rev. T. H. Mirehouse, St. George's 

Hill, Bristol. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1851 ; Ch. CoU. Camb. ; J.P. and C.C. for Somerset ; sometime Capt. N. Somerset 
Yeo. Cav. 

//. J. Mirehouse, Esq., <w above. 


Nightin8;Ale, Frederic Charles, son of G. Nightingale^ Ebo., Norbitos 

Houst, KiiiK^ton. (Mr. Hairol 

I^eft Mid*. \r^ : Trin. Cull. Cainb.. Il.A. ImV; R(»lldtor. 

F, C. Sitjhiimjah, E^q,. Thr Lynch, Cti/tnn Road, WimbUdtm. 

Pearse, Henry Thomton, son of li. Tearso, Es4i., Digswell Hoiue, Welvrn, 

Herts. (Mr. Oxenlum'i] 

Plomptre, Charles John, son of the Kev. C*. T. Plumptre, Wickhambren. 

Winghain, Kent. (Mr. Middlemk's) 

Univ. Coll. Oxf.. n.A. isr>s: M.A. IstiO: J.I', and P.L. fiir Kent. High EbaM, IJTT; 
MiUietiit.e yinj. niiil Huii. I.ie1lt.-<^•l. iMt V.B. Em( Kent lUgt., V.D. , 

C. ./. Plttmptrr^ Est/., Fredville^ Dover, i 

Rawlinson, (Jeorge Romney, son of .F. J. lUwIinson, Esq., Newby Bridge. 

Milnthnrp. (Mr. Harrel 

Ctirnet Sixl l>i«(tiNin (iiMnU. I'^'xi; ('.i|it.. iMii ; l.ietit.-Cdl., ratired. 

Urut.'Cnf. O, R. RmrlinMni, ( f i-aifthwaitf, Ulrersione. 

St. John, John Henry Herbert, son of W. H. St John, Esq., BonlogM, 

Fran Of. (Dr. VangfaanV) 

yt. jnhn* tvn. Oxf., ISM. 

Sikes, John Churchill, s<in of the Kev. T. Sikes, Luton Vicarage, Be<k 

(Dr. VaughanVr 

Uft MiiLi. |o')4; Solicitor (rrrtitiiut<* nf |[i.ii<iiir). INM): Pcluil. iif <^iia«i's CoU. CuiV. 
li.A. l>*y.i: [..L.M. IsTl: nniiiiiicil iM'-l; hoM \.irii»»ii Ciinkcieii, 1(«61»««^. 

Rer, ./. t'. SikfM^ 13, ir«i/ri r///w Oaiiit-nn^ ilamtnergmitk, \\\ 

Stanley, Hon. John Constantino, son of l.i»r(l Eihiislmry, af terwanl> Sud 

lijiron Stan If V <»f AMvrlcy, a, CSroHvenor CiwrtH 
S.W. (Dr. VaughM**) 

Kiifiun .lO'l Lieut. (irciiiMlici (itunlf. )>'-l: <'i(pt. iititl I.ieiit.*Col., IMS: Mrrcd ti tk, iiiedil iKiih cKi^p fur Solwi<«tti)N.| uihI Tuikiah nmliU, \bltb. Mf^ in ISTS. 

Snmner, Arthur Holme. >on nf ('nl. W. II. Snnnicr, Hatchlands, OuiU- 

f<»ril. (Dr. VaugliAD's) 

S>iiic(iiiio C«] t. ^ikl Riiyal Surri-y Militia ; .T.P. fur .Surrev. 

Ciij't. A. If. .S«m»/'r, fii ahore. 

Thursby, Richard Hasell. son nf tlK* \l\: W. Tliur>1)v, Omerod Hoojc 

Hnrnlov. (Mr. Simpkinflon'^ 

Kiiti'ivl CiiMHtreaii] <:iiiml^. l'^'*'-. uml udiitl «ir)i rank t«f Llont.-Col. Mcd tn IW. 

ToUemache, Lionel Arthur, son of .1. Tollemache, Esq., M.P., creitid 

IViron Tollt'nmrho of llelniingham, 1876, Peckfonki 
( 'ast k\ Tarj iorley . (Mr. IW) 

IjoU Eiii^t. li^5rt; Monitor, Iv'^i; RiUinl O.ll. Oxf.. Schol. 1856; B.A., 1 CI. IV: 
lliiiifiary CLifS in M.ithoiti;iti<> ainl M.A., W):^\ author ct vAilniu uticki is Aft 
n.fikUg ki'-i'ir ami cl.^'xO-rii*. iin-hulih^ *' Rc«-<>IIrctiimM" nf Mr. Ornte, Dmd Sui1V> 
r,iniin Kingilay. eu-. 

JLn. Lionti A. Tollnnacht\ Athena uiu Chih^ SAV, 

Veruey, Edmund Hope, >nn of the Kt. Hon. Sir Harry Vcrney, 2nd BuU 

5[.r., C'lay.lon HtMist-, Tmrks. (Dr. VaughMi'B 

Entcri.-«1 K.N.. l'*'-! : <'«l'i. l^^-i; <'a|it.. l^TT : w'r\M in rrinioui War. madd «tt 
cl.w*]! anil Turki>ti n.oLil. l"*-!-*!; in hniriii Miiiiny (\tniinian, niadal with dMpirf 
K]i<>i IaUv iiii^iiTi'iiKil ill •|ih)>:Lii-hi^. l^'-r-**; P.!,. ami .LP. fnr Durka and AaplaV* 
M.r. for N. liui.k->. 1^^'> '-. ;.ii.l l^v>--t| ; (.'li.iiitiian nf QiMrur 8cailoiu for An^MVU 
siicieailAi :ui :'.nl Ikvrt.. ]<»■(. 

Sir E. II, Vmo'if, Hurt., Unythm IIotntt*j Rucks. 

Walker, Vyele Edward, >on (»f I. Walker, E>i\., Southgate Hom 

Mi<iaicsi'.x. (Mr. OxenhMi^ 

Uft IVc, IS'iJ: (.rickrr anl Ki^tKiIl XI.. l*«'.'^-l : R-irkrt PInver, 18M; for man? 1^1 
Gnjitain (>f tho i;ent]eiiii.-.n >-. PI t>cr- : Pia-iilciil of the M.<\r., ISIU. J 

r. E. Walkfr^ LVy., Amos Gnwe^ Soutltgate. I 

l^ov. 1850.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 181 

"Waller, George Henry, son of Sir Thomas W. Waller, 2nd Bart., l^, 

Eaton Square, S.W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left S«pt. 1851; entend 7th FuflUien, 1854; MaJ., 1864; Lient.-CoL, 1871; Go]., 1876; 
retind, 1880 ; AmiaiL Adj. and Q.M.G. fur E. Distriot, 1880-5 ; served in GrimeaD Gaiu- 
paign, and took part in the capture of the Quarries and the assault on the Redan, 
twice wounded, medal with dajip, Legion of Honour and Turkish medal, 1854-5 ; 
Uai.-Qm., 1886 ; succeeded as Srd Bart., 1892. Died Feb. 9th, 1892. 

"Wbite, Francis Samuel, son of Col. White (who was created Baron 

Annaly, 1863), Woodlands, Lucan, Dublin. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left. M ida. 1853. Drowned in 1855. 

^odehoTue, Philip John, son of Col. P. Wodehouse, Bewdley, Worcester- 
shire. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Monitor, 1854-5; Gains GoR Gamb., B.A., 8th Wrangler, and Fellow, 1859; M.A. 1862; 
Vicar of St. Margaret, Lynn Regis, 1865-71 ; of Bratton Fleming. 1875. 

Rev. P, J. Wodehouse, Bratton Fleming Rectory, Barnstaple. 

Wyndham, (}eorge Hugh, son of Col. C. Wyndham, Kogate I^ge, 

Petersfield. (Mr. Oxenhanrs) 

Szeter Goil. Oxf., 1855 ; entered Diplomatio Service, 1857 ; 2nd Sec, 1808 ; Sec. of Legation, 
1875 ; Sec. of Embaaqr at Gonstaniinople, 1881 ; Minister to Servia, 1885 ; Envoy Ex. 
and Min. Plen. to ServU, 1886 ; to BrazU, 1888 ; G.B., 1878 ; J.P. for Sussex ; K.C.M.Q. 


Sir Oeorge H, Wywlham, K.C.M.O,, as above. 

Bninuieet 1m Oetober ISSe. 

^. Boiler, Frederick Charles, son of £. Buller, Esq., who was created a Bart., 

and assumed the surname of Manningham-Buller, 
1866, Dilhom Hall, Cheadle. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

AMurned the surname of Manningham-BuUer ; Ensign and Lieut. Goldstream Guards, 1855 ; 
lAtnL and Oapt. 1860; Capt. and Lieut -GoL, 1870. 

~ Buxton, Thomas Fowell, son of Sir Edward N. Buxton, 2nd Bart., Cohie 

House, Norfolk. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1859 ; J.P. and D.L. for Norfolk ; D.L. for Essex ; succeeded as 
Srd Bartw, 1858. 

^:> Sir Thomas F, Buxton, Bart., Warlies, Waltham Abbey, Essex. 

\ Harrison, Richard, son of the Rev. B. J. Harrison. (Mr. Warner's) 

I - 

Lsft Bast. 1855; Football XI., 1854-5; Lieut. R.E., 1855; Capt. 1862; Brevet-MiU., 1864; 

^ Ltft Bast. 1855; FootDall Al., 18M-5; Ldeut. K.JS., 1850; uap 

^ Lieut.-CoL. 1874 ; Got, 1879 ; Mi^.-Oen., 1888 ; served durir 

EMinuieei 1b NoYeBiber isse. 

1879; A.A.G. in Egypt, 1882; Gol. on the Staff in Egypt, 1884; Gov. of the R.M. 

^. Aeademv, 1889; Gomnianding Western District, 1800- ; K.G.B., 1889; C.M.G. ; Snl 

-•• class oraer of the Osmanieh, Egyptian Star, four English war medals and Ave clasps. 

X Major-Gen. Sir R. Harrison, R.E., K.C.B., United Service Club, S.W. 

ft. Humphreys, Arthnr Charles, son of E. Humphreys, Esq., Roxeth Cottage, 
9 Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

? Left Mids. 1856 ; Monitor, 1855-6 ; Trin. GolL Gamb., B.A. 1860; M.A. 1865 ; Examiner 

for Law Tripos, 1867-8 and 1871-2 ; ChaimMin of G.C. for Montgomeryshire, 1889-92 ; 
Dep. Ghalrman of Quarter Sessions ; assimied the additional surname of Owen, 1876 ; 
Director of Gambrian and Mid Wales Ry. ; D. L. and J.P. for Co. Montgomery, M.P. , 1 894. 

i A. C. Humphreys- Oioen, Esq., Glansevem, Garihmyl, Montgome^-y shire. 

- HoCall, Robert, son of J. McCall, Esq., Daldowie, Glasgow. 
"" (Mr. Oxenhani's) 

Monitor, 1854^ ; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B,A., 30th Wrangler, 1859. Died 


Bailey, Charles Frederick, nnn of C*. Bailey, Em|., 5, Stratford Place, W. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

Uft NUI«. 1S5S : DarriiiMr ; J.T. fiT Devoimhire. 

C, F, Btiiley^ Estj.y J,P,, L^ Abbey ^ Lynton^ N, Devon. 

Barclay, Robert, son of A. K. Barclay, Ksq., Bury Hill, Dorking. 

(Home- Boarder and Dr. vangfaan'^) 

Left MiiU. \»r,:» : Trin. Coll. r«uib.. n.A. KM) : M.A. 1^2 ; High SherUT of Snmj, IiC^. 
jMiitner iu the firm «if lUrclAj, Perkiiu k (Vi., brtwern. 

R. Barclay^ Estf., as abovf. 
Birch, Frederick McDonald, son of Liout.-Col. Birch. (Mr. WamerV) 

A.1>.C. to <fen. In^lLii at the licKe tif Lnckimw. 

Brodrick, Henry, son of the Rev. W. J. Brodrick, afterwards 7th Viflcoont 

Midleton, Bector of Ikth. (Dr. Vani^'s) 

Trin. Coll. Oxf.. \f<M ; ■ouietime I.ieut. OOlh Riflai. Mcd Oct. Slit. 1877. 

Browne, ComwalliB Wade, son of W. Browne, fisq., Monkton Farleijji, 

Bath. (Mr. Wamer«) 

8(>iu«Cinie in the Fitraiftn OlBce. 

Brownlow, Francis, son of W. Brownlow, £m|., Knapton, Abbeyldx, 

Ireland. (Mr. Oxenfaisms) 

Knititfn 72ihl Ilitthlandeni. IS.M : rapt., I»rt2; Mi^-* 1^0; UeqU-ToI. ; mrad la iki 

CMnieA, M^lTtS ; irnMent it the liefrr and caitture of K«itah ami ■ahaaqoaiitlT thioip^ 
mit the i»i«nttiiiiis in Central Indiji. Iv'i>«.'t. Pell at Naira, near C^Ddbaart is tk 
Afghan Wnr, Sept. l«t. IhsO. 

Carleton, William Frederick, son of >[rs. Carleton, Sydenham Hill, S.E 

(Dr. Vaughan\4) 

Eiwi^ni 60tb RifleH, ImOO ; Gipt. 1800 : nerved in the Indian Cani])ai|pi, medal, 1856. 

Clark, Perceval, son of J. X. Clark, Es<|., 26, Tavistock Square, W.C. 

(Mr. SteeFs) 

Left Etukt. is'.:>; Woroeeter Coll. Oxf., W.A. IKOO : M.A. 1S«8 ; aerred In Um Pth Laactrt. 
nn«i retired as Onpt. iHOl-7 ; in the theatrical pmfeMion..l882-91 ; aavomed tb« aumm* 
uf PerceTol-Clark. 

QtpL P, Perceval'Clarl; Sural and Military Club, 8.W. 

Corry, Armar Henry Lowry, son of the Rt. Hon. H. T. Corry, M.P., 24. 

Grosvenor S<iuare, \V, (Mr. WamerV) 

Clerk in Foreign Office. lK.'>7-72 ; Sec. to MAitinii of Bath'* Sjtecial MlMion to Vtanaa, IffT,. 
A. //. L, Corry, Et*q., 8, EaUm Square , S.W. 

Dempster, (^eorg^ Hawkins, son of J. >Vhitshed Hawkins, Esq. 

{Mr. HarriO 

AMtimed the ramauie of Denii«ter ; J. P. and IX L. for Co. Forfar. 

Ellis, Walter, son of T. F. Ellis,|., 3, Elm Court, Temple, E.C. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Mi»nitor, I8.V1 ; niirri>ter. 

Fearon, Francis, son of J. V. Fearon, Es<i., l, CunilMjrland Place, Regents 

Park, N.W. (Mr. Dniry'«) 

Uft MltU 180 J : MoniUir, l&.Vi : Trin Cull. Ciunh.. B.A. 1Kr*0 : M.A. 1862 ; SoUeltor. 
F. Fearoity Esq.^ Stauhn/M' hnhje^ Ilernr 1 1 ill, S.E. 

Gilliat, Algernon, son of J. K. Gilliat, Ejuj., Claphain Common, S.W. 

(Mr. Oxenham*s) 

Uft IVc. 1SS3 ; Merchant. 

-•1. Gilliat. E*q., DnffieUl, Stoke Poges, near Slough. 

Hill, Hon. QeoSrej Richard (Hegg, son of the 2nd Vi.scount Hill, Hawkes- 

stone, Saloj*. (Mr. Keary's) 

Late Royal Hone GnanU ; O.L. and J.P. for Salop. Med in ISt'l. 


Hone, Eyelyn Joseph, son of the Yen. Archdeacon Hone, Halesowen 

Rectory, Worcestershire. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Midi. 18M ; Monitor, 1854<«: Sohol. of Wadham Coll. Ozf., 1 CI. Mod., 18fi8; B.A. 
1800 ; M.A. 1862 ; Vioar of 8t John's, Deptford. 

Rev, E, J, Hone, St. JohrCs Vicarage, Deptford, S.E. 

Leiglitoii, Stanley, son of Sir Baldwin Leighton, 7th Bart., Luton Park, 

Salop. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Balliol Coll. Ozf., BJL and M.A. 1864; lUrriater, 1861 ; J.P for Salop and Montgomery; 
M.P. for N. Shropshire, 1876^5 ; for W. Shropshire, 1886-92 ; for Osweetry, 1892-. 

S. Leighton, Esq,, M,P., Sweeney Hall, Oswestry, 
Lewin, ICartin, son of R. H. Lewin, Esq., Lymington. (Mr. Drury's) 

I^ft Deo. 1852. 

■artyn, Charles John, son of the Rev. C. Martyn, Palgrave Rectory, 

Suffolk. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 1858 ; M.A. 1861 ; Rector of Long Melford, 1869 ; Rural Dean of 
Sodbory, 1873 ; ChapL in Ordinaiy to the Qneen ; Dep. Prov. Grand Master of 
Freonaaons of Suffolk ; Fast Grand ChapL of the Freemasons of England ; Chapl. of the 
Older of St. John of Jerusalem. 

Rev, C. J, Martyn, Long Melford Rectory, Sudbury, 

■ayne, John Tennant, nephew of R. Mayne, Esq., Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Pares, William, son of T. Fares, Esq., Hopwell Hall, Derby. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ch. Coll. Gamb. Dl«d Jun. 10th, 1870. 

Parker, Frederick Searle, son of H. Parker, Esq., White Lodge. East 

Bamet. (Mr. Oxennam's) 

.' Parker, Harry Hainy, son of Vice-Chancellor Sir James Parker, Rothley 

Temple, Leicestershire. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Bast 1854 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Ijuidowner ; J.P. for Leicestershire ; settled in New 

77. R. Parker, Esq., J.P., Elephant Hill, Waimata, Canterbury, N,Z. 
^.,. Pears, James ICoyle, son of Capt. Pears, Madras. (Mr. Pears') 

fsaPolteney, John Granyille Beanmont. son of Capt J. A. Pulteney, 
r" Northerwood, Lyndhurst (Mr. Drury's) 

^ Left Mida. 1854. IH«d in 1875. 

■^ Sawyer, Buncombe Herbert, son of H. Sawyer, Esq., Slindon. near 

Arundel, Sassex. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

% Left Mid. 1855 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1862 ; held various Curacies, 1860-88 ; 

Rector of Hammoon, Dorset, 1884. 

Rev, D, H. Sawyer, Hammoon Rectory, Blandford, Dorset, 

Short, John Baring, son of F. B. Short, Esq., Bickham, Exeter. 

(Mr. Harris') 


H Smith, Dmmmond, son of S. Smith, Esq., Brooklands, Southampton. 

"T^ (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Monitor, 1855^; Balliol CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1861; M.A. 1863; Barrister, 1868. Died 
Xov. 3rd, 1874. 

& Steavenson, Bobert, son of J. Steavenson, Esq., Ryton-on-Tyne. 

If (Mr. Middlemist's) 

* Left Mids. 1856 ; Trin. ColL Camb., B.A. 1859 ; ordained, 1861 ; Rector of Newtonhall, 

?? Northumberland, 1876 ; Vicar of Wroxeter, 1885. 

' " Rev, R, steavenson, Wroxeter, Salop. 


184 HARROW SCrrOOL REGISTER. [Ja5. 1851. 

Stnart, Henry Bichard Villien, son of Col. W. \, Stuarts Oastkum. 

C'arrirk. (Mr. StcelV) 

Siuietiiuo r«|it. AHth Font : Lieiu.-4%i|. Watcrfunl MilitU ; J. P. foTTtpfaBiyABd KUkan?. 
Iliirh Sheriff, 1H>7. 

//. R, V. iiiuart^ Km/,, J.P,, fin alktw. 

Thnrlow, Charles Aunitoi Leihbridffei son of the Rev. G. A. Thorkyw, 

MaliMis Hectory, Cneshire. (Mr. WaraerV) 

Williami, Joihua Strange, hou of J. WilliAniA, £w]., Q.C., 7, New Souar. 

I jncoln's Inn, W.C (Dr. Vaoj^'s) 

I^eft Eaut. lA^-V: Trin. C«ill. (Viuib.. B.A. IC^ : M.A. IMS : ULM. 1808 ; 1 CL Uw Tnpn. 
IHoM ; Junior Ot*t. raid CbAnc«lkir'ii niaiUl fur L«nl fltwlki, 1850 ; Bwriftar. 1S9»: 
Raid«tnr<<ieii. uf \jumI fur the Coluiij tit New Zealuul, 1872-ft ; JndRt of tbt Bapnm 
Cuurt, N.Z., 1H75. 

.1/r. Ju»tice Williaina^ Din\fd\n^ Sew Zealand, 
Wood, (Siarles William, hou of T. Wooil, Emi., Harrow. (Home-Boankr) 

Edgcnmbe, Eon. (Siarles Emeet, son of the 3rd Earl of Mooht Edgenmbe. 

rom^-all. (Dr. Vaoj^'s) 

Col. Urenadier Qimnb: Lieut.-Cul. Ctinidt. Mh lUtt. Roya] FuaiUan; J.P. for OsnnD: 
Prirnte Sec. to Sir J. FervniioD. (mit. uf S. AnttndU. 

Lieut. 'Ciil, the Hon. C. E. Edifeumbe^ 5, Victoria Squart^ 8.W, 

EBlrmMC<Hi IB April IHSI. 

Allen, Edward Howorth, son of C\ W. Allon, K^in who afterwards aaMimcd 

the surnaiiu- of Cirveiilv, The >foor, Kington, Herefori 

(Mr. Warner'*) 

Monitor, lHM-5; Uallinl (%.n. Oxf., RA. 1S(« : M.A. IMS; B»niator ; J.P. and D.l-fv 
Herefordshire, HiKh Sheriff. Iwtl ; J.P. fur Hrei'«in. 

E. H. Grefniyy Em/.^ Titley Court^ Hereford. 

Arkwright, Henry, non of .1. Arkwri^Oit. Kh(., Hampton Court, MiddleieL 

(Mr. Middlemiifi) 

Monitor, ISfrfJ-T ; Cricket XI. is^ri: Tiin. C«>ll. CHmb. ; C.U. Cricket XI., 18S8. Utf 
in an avalanche on Mt. liLuic, Oct. i:Uh. 1>«0<1. 

Baily, Walter, son of J. Riily, Es4|., r>4. \Vostl)Oume Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Simpkin!«onV) 

I .eft Eatft. 1K.'.4; St. Juhn'ii Ct>]]. Ciiuli.. D.A.. Jnd Wrangler and 2iid Smith's PkIihbh. 
1800 : Fellow of St. Jiihn'M Coll.. \^^\ 1 M.A. iMiS : Ifarrljiter. 180S ; H. M. Impectorrf 
Schitoli*. 1871-00 : V.P. PhTMntl S«H*ietT of I.nnJun. W». 

W. Bailtf, E$q., 17t;, Hacerstock HUl, N,W. 

Barnes, Keith Henry, son of K. Barnes. E.s(i., 8, I'pwr Portland PUu*, W, 

(Mr. Middlemirt'*) 

Merton CXill. Oxf.. B.A. 1950 : M.A. lMl5 ; Rector nf Cattuit«»ck. 1890. 

Rev. K. II. IhiriivM, Cattitttorh, Dor$et 

Bathurst, Charles, son of tlu^ \U\. W. H. I^thnrst. Barwick, Tadcaster. 

(Mr. Warners) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. l^W : M.A. I>«': ; Biirri-tt-r. l**C3. 

C. Bathurst^ Einj., Lyfhu'ij Park^ Ghucetterahire, 

Beaumont, Thomas Bichard. (Mr. Hams'} 

Beddome, Thomas William, son of H. K Reddomc, Esq., Chiphaa 

Common, Surrey. (Mr. Waiier^fi) 

Trin. Coll. Camb. Died Jul. ISOS. 

Blanchard, Arthur Vivian, son of Mrs. Blanchard, Fairlec, Bideford 

(Dr. Vau{^*4 

Apr. 1851.] CHARLES JOHN V A UGH AN, 185 

OftWtolL, Thomas IdUbrd Neill, son of the Rev. T. H. Causton, Highgate. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

St. John's Coll. Oamb., B.A. 1869 ; M. A. 1862 ; Vicar of St. Matthew's, Croydon, 1806. 

Rev, T, L, N, Causton, Powyscourt^ Park Hill, Croydon, 

CatnFch, William Selby, son of J. Church, Esq., Woodside, Hatfield. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 18M ; Cricket XI., 1863-6 ; Capt. 1866, but resigned place owing to ill-health ; 
Ch. Ch. Oxf., BJk., 1 Nat. Sci., 1860 ; M.D. 1868 ; Senior Studsont on Dr. Lee's Founda- 
tion, and Dr. Lee's Reader in Anatomy at Ch. Ch. , 1860 ; Assist. Physician to St. Bartho- 
lomew's Hoflpital, 1867 ; Representative for the IJniV. of Ozf. in the Oen. Med. Conncil, 
etc etc 

W, 8. Church, Esq., M.D., 130, Harley Street, W. 

Intwistle, William, son of W. Entwistle, Esq., Manchester. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Afterwards at Eton. 

Ktipatriok, Heremon Joseph Persse, son of P. P. Fitzpatrick, Esq., 

Bognor. (Mr. Oxenham^) 

Sometime Lieat. 6th Dragoon Guards. 

Greenaway, William ICcEellar. (Mr. Warner's) 

Chmter, Jolm, son of J. Gunter, Esq., Fulham, Middlesex. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Howard, Henry, Lord, son of the 2nd Earl of Effingham. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Mids. 1864 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Ozf. ; sometime Ozf. Teo. Car. ; 
sacoeeded as 8id Earl of Effingham, 1889. 

The Earl of Effingham, Insmore House, Bicester. 

Lee, Philip Henry, son of the Rev. T. H. Lee, Stoke Bruern. Towcester. 

(I)r. Vaughan's) 

Marshall, Julian, son of J. Marshall, Esq., sometime M.P. for Leeds. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Dec. 1864 ; holder of Champion Racket, 1864 ; for siz yean in business in Lesds ; since 
then devoted to literature, music, and other arte ; ezpert in prints, etchings, etc. ; 
Author of '* Annals of Tennis," and other works. 

Julian Marshall, Esq,^ 13, Belsize Avenue, N.W. 

ICiddlemaas, Bobert Home, son of R H. Middlemass, Esq., 4, St. Andrew's 

Place, Regent's Park, N.W. (Mr. Keary's) 

ICurray, Charles Archibald, son of Hon. C. J. Murray, Rutland Gate, 

S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

C A. Murray, Esq., Tay mount, Stanley, Perthshire, N.B. 

Fhipps, Henry AngUBtns Fitzroy, son of Hon. and Rev. A. Fitzroy Phipps, 

Euston Rectory, Thetford. (Mr. Hams') 

Left Dec. 1862 ; entered the R.N., served as Naval Cadet on Board H.M.S. Saint Jean 
(TAere, under Capt. 4he Hon. Henry Keppel, 186S. IH«d Mar. 18th, 1864. 

Scott, James George, son of G. D. Scott, Esq., Lovel Hill, Winkfield* 

Windsor. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Sub. -Lieut. SSrd Foot, 1867 ; Lieut., 1869; sometime in the 17th Lancers; retired as MiO* 
6th Fusiliers, 1887. 

Mqf. J. G. Scott, as above, 

Sneyd, Thomas William, son of T. Sneyd, Esq., Belmont, near Leek, 

Staffordshire. (Mr. Maclean's) 

Left in 1864 ; served with the Queen's Bays, 1866-82 ; Commanded the Ref^t., I877-S2 ; 
served through the Indian Mutiny Campaign, medal and clasp for Lucknow. 

Maj.'Oen. T. W. Sneyd, Fimthxvaite House, near UWerston, Lancashire. 

Stewart, Alexander Frederick, son of A. Stewart, Esq., Richmond, 

Monkstown, Dublin. (Mr. Warner's) 

Comet flih Inniakilling Dragoons; Capt. 1864 ; Mi^m retired. 

Mqf. A. F, Stewart, Ballyedmond, Rostrevor, Co, Dublin. 


Synnot, Bobert Henry Inglii, son of ^frti. Synnot, CflaphAm Coamion, 

Surrey. (Mr. PBtn") 

Trebeck, James Jolm, M)n of J. Trvlteck, Em|., I, West Clifl^ Whitby. 

(Mr. OxenhaniV) 

Di. Cb. osf.. lt.A. l«ii(): M.A. l^S3: \icar i>r Aniiwky. Notti., inSk-71 ; Cant«4- 
rhMnce *4 Samchnell. 1*«77-*>1 ; Ravtnr nf fihmthwell, IMl- . 

/ifrr. ./../. Trefifck, SimthirtU^ NoiU. 

Trevelyan, Oeorge Otto, son of sir C*. Trevelyan, K.C.B. created a Baru 

1H74, i«J, Wrstlwurne, Terrace, \V. (Mr. Siupkiiu<on>) 

l^ft Mitl:,. l<r,7: M.iiiit.>r. l^''>7: 1I«kI of the Schiml, iNr^vT : Tria. CoU. C^imh.. SckU. 
I'^v.i; i^itiii R|iiKraiii. ItrfHii* mnlAl. iN.'.h miil IN^H ; I1.A., 2biI ClMric. IMl : ll*a. 
Fell..« : M.l\ for Tyneiiiriith. |mkV^ fi.i lUwick Ituiyhft, ISa».85, fur Bri^rtoL 
(iliM-4<'«. \^^*- : fiiii l.«int iif the Ailiuiraliy. IMW-TO : Sec. to Um Admiimlly. 1MP>.': 
Chief .Sec. for IraUml. \>**l-\ \ Chiimvllur nf tb« I>nchy of lAiwewier. IttiH-.i : Str. for 
.Scotliiml. l^si'.nml \>\*'l \ »iic«««ilait iu> :*ii«l lUrt.. IS^d. 

y/i/' HL Huh. Sir George O. Trttyiiftui, Uari,, M,P,^ 8, Gr^wrewor CrtMtwL 

s. ir. 

BalniBmi !• May liisi. 

Chaplin, Percy, son of W. J. C*haplin, Ksii.. M.W, Ewhurnt I^u*k« Baaingatoke. 

(Mr. Simpkin9on*s) 

lA-ft l)ec. ISM; Eniuini .'lUt Rrvt.. 1 >■*>'' : Lieut.. l>.Vi ; r«|iC..l859: Mth lUgi., IS^MJ: 
Royal C:ionccrtten>hire liuiMint (Vco. Cat .), 1h7i;.m>. Me«l Oct. STlh, llWI. 

Legh, Henry Edmund, M>n of thu Itcv. K. 1). I^^f^h. (Home- Boarder) 

Uh KitKt. l^.'S : M<>iiit«.r. 1N'>7 > ; Htinitil Cnll. Oxf.. D.A. 1M3; M.A. 18C : Mmxvt 
Keiuiitc, l*<74-H: hioceKtii Oncnnixiiiu .Secretarr of Thnrch iif England Tm 
S>i-iet\. lvo-j.7 ; Viciir tif Si««;|ile St.tnmfKte. Efvex, lv<7. 

Rt-r. II, E, Legh J SUeple Vioirtige^ MtiUhm^ Euex. 

Leigh, Hon. James Wentworth, son of x\w 1st IViron Ticigh. Stonelei^b 

AMn-y, Warwick shirt*. (Mr. Oxenhams) 

Loft ill is:.:.: Trill, (oil. (amh.. M.A. \^^\ lloii. r«ncii «if WorcMlar, 1879; Vicar *i 
I^jiiiiiiiut<in I'riiirii, 1n77-^:i : Uiii:il [»v.tii of lAiiiiiiijfdiu, 1878-83; Ractorof St. lUiyt. 
Hiyanstoii Spuire. l»»sri. 

TUv lion, and Rff. Cation Lfigh, 8ti, Ghntcetter Placey Port man SqwMrf^ W. 

Merivale, Herman Charles, son of H. >[erivalc, Em]., 26, Westboume 

Terrace', W. (Dr. VaughanV) 

l.eft MiiU isr^}; Mtmitor. \i^:,:-i\; Ikillinl ('oil. Otf.. U.A., I CI. MoJ., 1859; Aathor cf 
iniiny well<knowii iiUvm, jKieiii*, niul workit of Action. 

Stewart, James, .si>n of J. Stirwart, Ks4|., Harrt)w. (Home-Boarder) 

Thomas, Evan Llewelyn, son of H. Thtmia-s Esq., Ll^i-ynmadoc, Brecon- 
shire. (Mr. Pears') 

Ixift (ill) in l>:>:> : Trin. Coll. Canib.. H.A. l^'^>l. Dlf^ Feb. 23nl, IMS. 

Clive, Edward Henry, son of (J. C'livo, Ksi|., SainUrstead Court, Croydon. 

(Mr. B. l)rur}» 

rx>ft Miil«. 1>'i4; Enriun Rille Rriviulc. I>>'i4:»ferrv«l in iirenmlier (iiuiU*. 1:04: 
Lieut. -<'ul. itmtniHndin;;, l>-'^0->'' ; M,-\j.-<'eii.. Is>:> *. t't>iiinjUHiMit Staff Coll.. ISi^VS*. 
(iovernur R. M. Coll., Saniibiin.t. !>•'-.'.•:*; .M.l'. for llcrefonl. iH^i-Ti ; J. p. g^tA P.L 
fur Co. Herefonl ; .1.1*. fur Co. Mii\o. 

Maj.'Gm. E, II, (JUct, Perr\i*t'n\f Court, Hertford, 

Crosse, Hugh Banistre, son of T. B. Crosse, Esq., iShaw Hill, Chorley. 

(Mr. HamsO 

Monitor, l«5C-7. 


lartDi, iidani Blddnlph, son of R Martin, Esq., 21, Eaton Square, S.W. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left XUl 18M; Kzater GoIL Oxf.. B.A. 1850 ; M.A. 180S ; Danker, Cbairnuui of Martina 
; M.P. tor TBwkcBlrarT, 1880«; J.P. for Kaot; Prendent of the InaUtata of 
IMM; DJ:^^ for Lanloo, 1891 ; F.B. Slat. Sodely; Goimdl of Antbropo- 

R. B. Mart'm, E$q., 10, Hill Street, W, 

Utir,illaii flbalto, son of A. Adair, Esq., Heatherton Ftok, Taunton. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Uft XidiL 18U; CiidcM XI., 1854; Bnaign ISth L.I., 1855; aerrad in tha CriuMa and 
India dninf Um Indiaui Motinj ; p.*.e. ; aerrad four yaaia on Slaff ; Indian Mntinj 
■mU ; Mig. aad Ady. Tth Batt. King'a Rojal Rifles. 

Jfo/. A, S. Adair, The Barraek$, Bamei, Herts. 

UkiMD, Fradorick Bmhek Ehrenberg. son of C. Allhusen, Esq., 

Elswick Hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne. (Mr. Steers) 

Lrft in 1856; j<rf]Md 50tli Bagt. and aerrad in the Crimea ; afiermuda CtipL. ISth Regt. 

bfi, Adani, scm of W. Boyd, Esq., Hackney, N. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

IntarOoU. Ozl, BJL, 1802; MJL 1806. 

hoe, GhirlM, son of T. Bruce, Esq., Clifton. (^fr. Oxenham's) 

Am. Ltbnziaa Biitiih Mnaeom, 188S ; Pivrfaaaor of Sanakrit at Kin^a ColL Lond., 1805 : 
cBCand Ookmial Sarwiea, 1868 ; aerrad in Cerlon and Maoritiaa : Li0at.-OoT. of Britiah 
GaiaM, 1885 ; K.aif.O., 1889 ; Gor.-in-Chiaf of the Windward lalea, 1898. 

Sir CkarU» Bruce, K.C.lf.G.j Amot Tower, Leslie, N.B. 

ireBdiflL Hon. Henry Anson, son of the 3rd Baron Waterpark. 

CMr. Harris') 

LA in 1»« ; Qerfc in Foreign OfBee, 180(Mn ; Capt. SUifonlahire Yeo. Car. ; D.L. and J.P. 
for Co. Derby, and J.P. for Co. Staflbrd ; eaooeeded aa 4th Baron, 186S. 

Lord Waterpark, Dottridge, Derby. 

kOtoi, Alfred Bichard Tickell, son of H. C. Chilton, Esq., 16, Bedford 

Square, W.C. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left EaaL 1854 ; altered Boyal (lata Bengal) Artillery, 1857, and baa retired. 
Capt A. R. T. Chiliott, Merrow Croft, near Guildford. 

'ttnrell, Gerard Oswin, son of F. Cre^sswell, Esq., Lynn Regis. 

(^f r. Warner's) 

twc, Siehard Harpnr, son of Sir George Crewe, 8th Bart, M.P., Calke 

Abbey, Derbyshire. (Mr. Harris') 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., 1855 ; aranetime Cnit. Ut Dragoon Gnarda. 

one, Herbert Sdward Oeoi^, son of Mrs. Crosse, Budleigh Salterton* 

Devon. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

iBiell, Hngenft ICnrray Whitmore, son of J. N. Daniell, Esq., Esher. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

rke, WiUiain Hart, son of Sir Percyvall Hart Dyke, 6th Bart, Lulling- 

stone Castle, Dartford, Kent. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Lift Hide. 1855 ; winner <^ SUver Racket. 18M ; inaugurated tbe Scbool Radcet Matcbea 

aofne yean later ; Cb. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1859 ; M.A. 1861 ; O.U. Racket PUyer. Singles 
and Doublet, lS58-l*-€0 ; vaa absolute CbAmpion of Rackets. 1862; J.P. and D.U for 
K«nt : M.P. for rariooa dlTiaiona of Kent. 1865- ; Patronage Sec. to tbe Treasury, 
1874-80 ; Chief Sec for Ireland, 1883 ; Vice-Pres. of Council on Education, 1887 ; sue- 
aa 7tb Bart., 1875 ; P.C. 1880. 

Rt. Hon. Sir William Hart Dyke, Bart., 3f.P.^ as above. 

tixoL Henry Pamnnre, son of H. G. Gordon, Esq., 1, Clifton Place, W. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Ufl MkkL 18S3 ^Joined 10th Huaou* ; afterwards retired, and went to China in M 
a Hooae, 1800. 

188 HARROW SCnoOL REGISTER, [Sept. 18.M 

Harris, Oeorge Edward, smi of ( i. K. Hnrris, Em|., Harrow. (Mr. Huns') 

l.eft l>er. 1S;>S; entered liitliim Aiiny, 1S'>T: retiittl a* rapt., IPTS. 

Hawkins, John Gasar, son of J. V. Hawkins, Ksi|., Combe Hoode, lieo- 

niinsUT. (Mr. Ozenham's) 

left Mklii. lv'.5; Oriel CII. Oxf.. 11. A. I^M ; M.A. 1S01 : Kltaitfla Tlml. Bmj Pri» 
ivV.i; Vicnrtif Si.JNiil!.. ruttuiiii. Im-:--! : ..f WcMmlt. Snrraj. 18044: IUeCorol9L 
Alhniii., iMk'-Tt ; of ('lirliiiAfi>nl. 1hTS.nO; llini. Cumit uf BC AlbuM, 167t ; neoMW 
bw Kniiitlfathrr .w 4tlt lUii., |M)I. 

/if«'r. Sir JnfiH (\ I/iiickin*, Hart., Kthtun LfM/flf, Banbury Road^ Oxford, 

Heyworth, Oeorge Frederick, son of the llcv. J. Heyworth, Henharr 

Hill, liiistol. (Mr. DnuT'i) 

Left Eiut. ivv; ; juiueil (Hh l)nii.'<M>it CiLtnlji, isM. 

HolmeB, George Armit, son of Ci. J. Holmes Km]., Brook liodge, Norwick 

(3f r. Hams') 

l^eftMUIi. IHNP. Mt.nitor. IV.'.-*'. ; rricket XI. 14M-6. Cft|ii. 18M:8obol. of Tkia. OriL 
Camb.. n.A.. Im'O. Died N<>t. ImiIi. 1sT.'>. 

Latham, William, son of A. Utlmni, K-^i., :23, Norfolk Street; Park Lane, 

W. (Mr. Simpkinaon's) 

lioft Dec. l».v. : Trin. CuH. Criiiib.. H.A. is''* : M.A. ISiU* ; Ilaniatar ; Q.C., I8M. 
\y. Latham^ Kut/., V-^'-, •^*'»<*. Rottary Garden*^ SAV, 

Linton, Henry, son of the Kev. H. Linttm, l)i(ltlinj;:ton. (Mr. Wanier'») 

<'rickr( .XL. isM'. ; Wail. Cnll. Oxf., ll.A. ImH) : o.U. Cricket ZI., IfiSa^O ; l^iaaCS. 
Died al M.iilnut. 5V*iil. \^Cu. 

Lowther, (George William, son of C. T.4nvthor. Ksi|., afterwards 3rd Bait, 

K]>i»in>; Honso, Herts. (Dr. Vaugfaan's) 

.leiiunColl. ('4iiiib. Died Feb. m\, l^:N). 

McNabb, John Campbell Erskine, son of J. W. McNahb, Esq., Highfiekl 

Park. WinchtieUi. (Dr. Vaughan'O 

Gntrreil the .\niiy. Killed >u the IihImd Mutiny. 

Meek, John Edward, son of J. Mtik. Ks«|., The Terrace, CamberwelL 

(Mr. KeanV) 

Monro, Kenneth, son <if (\ .Monro. Ks4|.. ]^*>;v'«trarV Office, Coim of 

C'haneery. (Mr. Drun-V) 

I^fi Mis:. ii«'.t. Died 

Mowatt, Francis, son of V. Mowatt. Ks«j., M.I\, 14, Devonshire Place, W. 

(^fr. OxenhamV) 

St. .loliiiM Cull. OiT. \>:.:*', \t^t. So<-. ti. the TrobU-nry ami Andltur of XYm Ci%il Uts: 
IVnii:moiit S.H-.. !••"»: K.<' H.. Iv.-n. 

Sir Fi^inrtH Voiratt, K.(\li., Rr/onn Chib, S,W. 

Mailings, Joseph, son of .1. W. Mullin.u's, Ks(|., M.R, Ka^tcoart, Ma]me»- 

l»ury. (Mr. Oxenham'^) 

Exeter CtOJ. tJxf.. 1>'.T. Died ■'nii. :.rtth. 1-iA 

Nugent, John Vesey, son of (*nl. V. .T. Nu>rent, rortaferr>', C^. Down. 

(]>. Vaiigban») 

EiLMjiii ''Iht Rev:t.. l""" : ri-iiiol \\a\\ rmk «'f I.iout.-C»i|. 

Ogilvy, Henry Thomas N. Hamilton, son of Sir John Ogilvy, 9th Bait. 

iUhloNan Housi'. DiniiU-e. (Mr. SimpkinwnV^ 

//. 7'. X //. Or/z/r,,, /;>,,.. /y,W, Vn^funkirk, FMut Lothian, N.B. 

Pelham, Walter John, Lord, >on of tht- :}rd Karl of Chichester, Stanmer. 

Ia'wl'.-. (Dr. Vaughaii'>) 

Uft MitN. 18.Vl;Tiiii ('..11. r;,ii.K, M.A. 1*« ■•: M.P. f.-r I^cKieR, IS0&.T4: 

4th Enrl. l>Ni ; Ch:iii-ni:iii Kii^t Stiw«\ gn.tiu-i beMifiia , Vii-e*l'hainuan C.C., 18M. 

The hsorf nf Chirhestcry at (ihore. 

Sbpt. 1851.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 189 

Porter, John Frederick, son of W. Porter, Esq., Hembury Fort, Honiton. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Quick, Frederick James, son of J. C. Quick, Esq., Denmark Hill, S.E. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Bomie, Charles Garth Colleton, son of Sir J. Hennie, 15, Whitehall 

Place, S.W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Butt. 1854. 

C G. C. Rennie, Esq., 2, Morpeth Terrace, S. W, 

Sooper, William Trevor, son of the Rev. W. H. Rooper, Abbots Ripton 

Rectory, Hunts. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Deo. 1854 ; Eneign Rifle Brigade, 1854 ; Lieut., 1855 ; Gapt., 1858 ; medaLi and cUupe 
for the Crimea, Sebaatopol, India. Died JoL 1872. 

Bandars, Samuel, son of G. Sandars, Esq., M.P., 27, Sussex Square, W. 

(Air. Keary's) 

Loft in 1855 ; Trin. Coll. Camb.. B.A. 1860 ; M.A. 1804 ; BarriaUr, 1808 ; J. P. for Go. 
Backingfaam, 1887, High Sheriff, 1894. 

S. Scmdars, Esq., J.P,, 7, De Vere Gardens, W. 

Seymour, Arthur Henry, son of Sir George H. Seymour, G.C.B., St. 

Petersburg. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Entered Diplomatic Service, 1858 ; 2nd Sec, 1800 ; resigned, 1875. 

Smith, Heywood, son of Dr. Protheroe Smith, 42, Park Street, W. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Left MidB. 1850; Ch. Cb. Oxf., B.A. and Stndent in Med., 1801 ; M.A. 1804 ; M.B., 1805 ; 
M.D., 1871 ; for aeTenteen yean Fhysioian to the Uoepital for Women, and to the 
British Lying-in Hospital ; founded the British Gyntecological Society, 1884 ; Member 
of various M^ical and Sdentiflc Societies, and writer in his siieciality. 

Heywood Smith, Esq., M.D., 18, Harley Street, W. 

Stanhope, Hon. Arthur Philip, son of Viscount Mahon. M.P., afterwards 

5th Earl Stanhope, 41, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Dec. 1857 ; Lieut. Grenadier Guards, 1858 ; Capt. and for five veurs Musketry Instmctor ; 
M.P. for Leominster, 1808 ; for E. Suffolk, 1870-70 ; member of the liondon School 
Board, 1878 ; Lord of the Treasury, 1874-0 ; Manager Metropolitan Asylums Bomd, 
1877 ; F.8.A. ; Ist Church Estates Coiniuiasioner, 1878 ; Lonl-Liout. of Kent, 18li0 ; 
succeeded as 0th Earl, 1875. 

Earl Stanhope, Cheveniny, Sevenoaks. 

Trotter, Coutts, son of A. Trotter, Esq., Devonshire Place, W. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Monitor, 1854 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., Schol., 1858 ; B.A., 80th Wrangler, 1859 ; Fellow, 1801 ; 
oid&ined, 1808 ; Tutor, 1872-81 ; Vice-Master, 1885. Died Dec. 4th, 1887. 

Yillien, Ernest, son of the Hon. E. E. Villiers, Grove Mill House, Watford. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1853 ; Ensign 4Srd Regt., 1857 ; retired with rank of Lieut. -Col. 

Col. E. Villiers, 5, Brechin Place, S. W, 

Walford, James Hare, son of the Rev. E. Walford, Dallinghoo Rectory, 

Woodbridge, Suffolk. (Mr. Warner's) 

Left East. 1857 ; Football XI. ; Trin. Coll Cmub.. B.A. 1800 ; for some years in business ; 
Conservative agent for Woodbiidge Divu>iuii of E. Suffolk. 

J. H, Walford, Ei^q., Tuddenham Road, Ipswich. 

Waller, Adolphus, son of Sir Thomas W. Waller, 2nd Bart., Secretary of 

Legation at Brussels. (Mr. Oxenham*s) 

Left Oct. 1850; Monitor, 1850; Cricket XI., 18G5-0 ; Fwjtball XI., 18r.O : Racket 
Plajer, 1850 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., allowed Hononra {(tftrotat) ; O.U. Riicket and Tennis 
Player; Wells Theol. Coll., IHOl-'J ; Cumte of St. Marj's, Kia«lcniiiu8t«r, 18(52 ; sole 
change Lea Marston, Warwickshire, 1800-7 ; Dronisgrove, Worcestershire, 1807-8 ; Curat* 
of Qreat Berkhampstead, 1800 ; Vicar of Hunstanton, Norfolk, and Domestic Chapl. to 
Isabel, Countess of Camwath, 1870-(i0. Died Jul. 10th, 1890. 


Warlmrton, Joeeph William, non of the Very Rev. W. Warbnrton. I>e 

of Elpbin, The Deanery, Elphin. (Mr. Middlemi<i 

Prerioiaaljr at M»rlb(inMi|th Coll. ; A»ut. Ctork In F. O.. ISftT ; Ckck, 187S. 

J. W. IVarburton, E$(j., Qimpthoumef Lower Road^ Riehmomd. 

Weekes, Arthnr, son of H. WeekeH, Eh^., F.R.C.S. Lond, The Mansi 

House, Huretpierpoint, Busaex. (Mr. Dnir 

IMl iMt. 1M7 ; Monluir. 1854*7 ; EzM«r Coll. Ozf., Sebol., 1857 ; B.A. IMl ; M.A. 1! 
|MMd Into BeofpU C.S. by oomitctltloo. 1800 ; ntlMd ; mrrirtf ; J.P. for 

A, Weelce»f ^*<i-y <m abofH* 

Welitaad, John Richard, Hon of R Welntead, Esq., KimbolUm, Uunu 

(Dr. Vaughai 

SuiiMtiiiie Capi. 7th I>rni:iMin (inarcU. Me4l 

Wild, John, Hon of J. Wild, H.hi|., C*Ia|»ham Ixxlge, Surrey. (Mr. Ozenhan 

Trio. CuU. DnrUiu. U. A. D^M : bckl varioiu CttFuiM. 165&.7S ; View of Tslmy, 1971 
Ret. J. Wild, Tetttty Vicarage^ Great GrimBhy. 

Willianu, Charles Theodore, non of C\ J. E Williama, Esq., M.D., FI13 

cian Extraordinar>' to the Queen, 7, Holler Stn 
CavendiAb Stinarv, W. (M. Road 

\Ml Mid*. l»'S2; Pteibrukt ColL raniK.. RA. IMO; M.A., 1882; 1I.&, 18M; H 
1870; F.ItC.r. : Menilwr nf tb« r'«>uncil of iU GoUipt of PhjaieUM; Swior Fbjii 
to tb« HuapiUl for Ctinrainptlon and IHmmm of Um Cb«t, mmplom ; Pra^cnt « 
Royal Mataoroloirifml 8(ici«ty. 

C T. Williams, £W/., J/.D., F.R.C.S,, 2, Upper Brook Street, W. 

Winthrop, Beiyaniin, son of Rev. B. Winthrois Clifton P^k, Bristol 

(Mr. Middlemi: 

l^eft Dec. 1H^5 ; Cricket XI., 1855 ; B.A. Canib., 1858; mitwI is Um iMi Hwmib; J.T 


H. Winthropy Eeq.^ J.P.^ Raston Courts Hungetford. 

Wright, Henry Bankes, son of the Rev. B. Wright, Shelton Hall Newi 

(Mr. Oxenhai 

Wyld, Calcraft Neeld, son of the Rev. T. J. Wyld, North Wraxall Reel 

Wilts. (Dr. Vaugba 

Left Mid*. 1H56; Sanuu ColL, \96\ ; Reci«>r of St. Maxtin's, Saliabary, 187P. 

Rer. C. S. Wyld, St. Martin^n Rectory, Salitlmry. 

Wyndham, Francis ICerrick, .sim of Col. C. Wyndham, Rpsate Lo 

Petersfield. (Mr. Ozenha 

Left Eaat. 1858; Merton Coll. Oxf.. H.A. \i^\\ ; M.A. ImU ; R.C PriMt, 1871 ; Super 
tbe OblatCB of Ste. Charles. IHUI. 

Rer. F. M. Wyndham, St. Mary of the Augeh, Westmoreland Road. E 

init^r, W. 

Tonng, John Frederick, son ot J. Young, Esq., Vanbru^h Fields, Bl 

heath. (Mr. Simpkins* 

C.C.C. Oxf., B.A. 18«0; M.A. 187:.. 

BniniBcrii !• •d^ker IHSI. 

Archibald, (Siarles William, son (»f C. 1). Archil«ld, Esci., l.%, Pbrt 

Place, W. (Mr. Middlein 

M.I.C.E. ; J.P. for I^nnmhire. Died in is'j?. 

Keith-Falconer, Adrian William, K>n of the Hon. W. Keith-FaWner 

(Mr. Rend 

Stewart, Alexander Charles Hector, i^m of J. V. Stewart, £8q., ] 

Hill, Co. Donegal. (Mr. St 

Left Kaet. 1855 ; Comet Ciul Life CiuanU, l^'rf^ : CA|>t.. IMil ; IJeoL^TuL oomma 
1870-70 ; Col.. 1875 ; Mi^.-iten. retiied ; High SberiiT for Co. Duneital, 1881. 

Maj.'Geu. A. C. If. Steicart, as ab*tre. 
Stibbert, Frederick, son of Signora 0. Stibbcrt, Florence. (Mr. Dn 

Left Oct. 1854 ; Magil. Coll. Caub. 


yne, Charles Bruce Enight, »on of C. T. Alleyne, Esq., Litfield Place, 

Clifton. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dea 1858. Dt«d in 1861. 

eeley, Arthnr Lyttelton, son of L. Annesley, £sq., Harrow. 


I>eft Midfl. 1868 ; aiipointod to lltb Prince Albert's HoeBuri, 1854 ; served in the Crimea, 
medal and clasp and Turkish medal ; late A.D.C. to H.R.U. the Duke of Cambridge ; 
A.A.G. Horse Guards ; A.G. Bombay Army ; Mi^.-Gen. commanding the forces in 
Scotland, 1888-98 ; assumed the additional surname of Lyttelton, 1884. 

Maj.-Gen. A, LyUelton-ArmesUyf Templemere^ WeybridgSj Surrey, 

Ion, Bobert, son of G. Burdon, Esq., Felton Park, Northumberland. 

(Mr. Keary's) 

icart, William Taylor, son of T. Cathcart, Esq., Pitcairly, Fife, N.B. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

ttey, Walter ICainwaring, son of C. Coyney, Esq., Weston Coyney 

Longton, Staffordshire. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

MertoD Coll. Oxf., 1867 ; J. P. and D.L. for Co. Stafford ; Hon. Maj. 4th Batt. N. Staffs. 
Regt. Died Jun. 6th 1884. 

e, Frederick Gapel, son of C. Cure, Esq., Blake Hall, Ongar. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Dlrd at Harrow in 1852. 

ridson, Charles Henry, son of H. Davidson, Esq.. Rosslyn House, 

Hampstead, N.W. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Died at Harrow, Nov. 1855. 

is, Hon. Charles Arthur, son of the 6th Baron Howard de Walden. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1854 ; Merton CoU. Oxf., B.A. and H.A. 1871 ; Barriater, 1868. 

Hon. C. A, EUis, 36, PiccadUly, W, 

rtescue, Hngh Granyille, son of the Hon. G. M. Fortescue, Boconnoc, 

Lostwithiel. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Sumetime in the Coldstream Quaida. Died in 1875. 

wler, George Gk)Och, son of R. C. Fowler, Esq., Gunton Hall, Suffolk. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Trin. Coll. Canib. ; J.P. for Suffolk. 

Ipin, Nordiffe, son of H. Gilpin, Esq., 15, Wilton Crescent. 8.W. 

(Mr. Keary's and Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Mida. 1856 ; entered 87th Uanmehire Regt., 1859 ; transferred to 84th York and Lan- 
caister Regt. ; Capt. retired, Vmt. 

Capt, Nordiffe Gilpin^ 9, Eaton Gardens, West Brighton, 

idftone, William Eenrick, son of W. Gladstone, Esq., Fitzroy Park, 

Highgate. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1854. Died Sept., 1871. 

launick, St. Vincent Alexander, son of the Rev. St. V. L. Hanimick, 

afterwards 2nd Bart., Milton Abbot, Tavistock. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Lefl Dec. 1857 ; Monitor, 1857 ; Balliof Coll. Oxf.. B.A. 1861 ; Ensign 48rd Regt., 1861 ; 
afterwardfl a Col. in the Army, and Aast. Ai^.-Gen. Army of Occupation in Epypt ; 
late of Oxfordshire L.l. ; served in New Zealand War. 1863-(}, mentioned in do8iiatche«, 
asd medal ; succeeded as Brd Bart., 1888. 

CW. Sir St. Vincent Alexander Hammick, Bart.y Cairo, Egypt. 

^rwejj Edward Henry, son of J. Harvey, Esq., Chaseley, near Rueeley. 

(Mr. Oxennam's) 
r, iseo. 



[J AX. 1851 

Hailerigg, Arthur Grej, mhi of sir Arthur (i. Uaxlerim, ISth Bah. 

Nosvly Hall, lA-ici'Htvr. (Dr. Van^MDV) 

Ma^. Riijal Sontji FiuilMn. ■er\ail in the Crlium. Mf>4 Jnl. I6th, 1880. 

Heherden, William Buller, son of the Kev. \V. Ueberden, Broadhembuy 

Viearagv, Hunitun. (Mr. Ozenlum'^ 

I^eft Dec. \<^ : MiHiitor. Ih-o : Ch. (*h. Oxt.. B.A. I860 ; Btad«l cf UMote's Ibb. INB; 
eoteml IdIaihI Hev. |)ei>t., Ixtl ; Ami. Hac.. IM17 ; flae., lOM. 

\y. B. llrhtrdfH, K»q., 14, Gloucfsier Plact^ PoHman Sqwart^ W. 

Kilcourt ie, Frederick Edward Gould Lambert, VisoooAti son of the 8ck 

E«krl of C'uvaii, liarford HouHe, Bridgewater. 

(Dr. Vaiig^'*) 

Eptoml R.N.. \<'^ : I.iciit.. I«*.V.M wrveil ihniiiffhinit tbo alciiB of IMwtnpol ; pmm* 
IkiiiilaurUuient ft 4*Hiiiiin, !<■«'•: with the ^•rk»^l btifia at Um aft ■all oa Iht Flahi 

FoitK. iKs : J.I*. Mid D.I.. f(»r S«iiit«rMt ; M.I*, for B. 
IterUln of 11. M. lltniwhukl ; Micvwlnl w 'Mh Enrl. IKKT. 

The l-Mrl of Omm, P.C, W'hiatham/uitead, SL AlboHM. 

King, Francis James, son of .1. K. King, Esi|., Staunton Park, Leomin4er. 

(Mr. 8imk|»iiMm'>) 

Siuietiiiie rai>t. 13th lliuMr*. 

Lingard, John Bowson, mmi of .1. |{. I jnptrtl, Kmi., Alderley, CHieshire. 

(Mr. Hinb) 

orirl (\>]1. oxf.. iv'iT : •Miiiieiiiiic » ri\il Kn»hn««i. Mrd IHc. 24Ui, 1887. 

Marker, John, son of tht* Mw. T. .1. Marker, (jittisham, Honiton. 

(Mr. OzenhuoV) 

Oriel Coll. oxf.. il.A. \^*\\ ; wunctiiiie Lieut, .'ith FtuUiei>. Mctf in 187S. 

tfirehonae, Philip John, son <»f the Kw. H. Mirchouae, St GeorgeV HDL 

l?rist(»l. (Mr. Dmiyy 

I.eft Mills, ix'xi; rh. Coll. Ciilnli. 

Morland, John Thomhill, stm of (i. H. Morland, Esq., Abingdon, Berks 

(Mr. Simpkiitfon'ft) 

I.eft MiAs. l»«.v. : Inn. Ct>ll. C.imlv. It. A. Im^I ; M.A. IMH ; Solicitor ; Claik of tka Ftai 
for lieik*. 

./. T. Morlantl^ AV/.. ax abore. 

Mott, John Stanley, son of .1. T. Mott, Kmi., Hamingluim Hall, Aybhin. 

(Dr. Vanghaa'^) 

Cli. Ch. oxf.. ls'<7: will ft ill If Mai. l'rim«of Wiilen' Own Norfulk Alt. Militia : J.?- 1« 

./. N. Mnft, Htitf.n ././'., (f« abt^ee. 

Phipps, Arthur Leckonby, son of A. V. V\n\t\^s K^^Im Whitstooe Hooa 

She]>ton Mallet. (Dr. VaughanV) 

i^ft v.nst. }*•:>*. 

A . L. Phippit, K*ff.. us ahftf. 

Raid, Nevill. (Dr. VaughanV) 

Richardson, Thomas Bnmbold, m^h of li. Richardson, Esq., Ca Den;. 

Ireland (Dr. Vaugfasn'ri 

Di. Ch. Oxf.. ]^'-7 : m'liietinc in iho l.-t l.ifi* (iamla ; .T.P. iumI D.I.. forCo. ttmikmi^^' 
Died Mill. Tth. l^it^S. 

Rowley, Joshua Thellusson, son <if W. L\ Kowley, Esq., afterwards 4& 

r>art., Al.lel.urKb, Suffolk. (Mr. Warner's) 

Trin. Coll. c.iu.K ; (.i^.t. Sutr<lk .\it. Mil. : .T.T. antl D.l.. for Hnflblk ; ■oeeaadid « lik 
lJ.irt.. 1>»*>. 

Sir Jtixfiun T. Ji"trhtj^ liurt.^ Tfuiiriiuj //a//, Ookke^ter, 

Skene, William Baillie, son of V. c:. Skene, Emj., nUour House, An^ 

terinuclity, Stratliniiglo, N.B. (Mr. Vaugfau'^ 

V.C.C. Oxf., Gxfaibitionei hihI I CI. Mo.1.. l**>: U.A. IStiO ; M.A. IMS ; FOlow nf il 
SoqIk', 1&64-T4 ; B«rri>4«r. 1^.3 ; J.l*. hihI li.I.. fm Fife: .T.P. for Kin: 

\V. B, Sketi(\ Ksq., J.P.J as aboee. 

Ape. 1958.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 193 

Smith, BiehiiTd Karker, son of the Rev. U. T. Smith, who assuiuwl the 
sole surname of Marker, 1854, liffculme Vicftrage, 
Devon. (Mr. Harris') 

LcTt HidiL ISS: : wniuBl Ihi annwua of Uiikni. ISU ; Ch. Ch. Oif., Olrtf in ISDl. 

Stewart, Hon. Alexander, hod of the 9th Earl of Galloway. 

(Mr. Sinipldnson'B) 

Ixtl \>m. Mai: lil Uml. R.I1,A.. ISM ; C(|X. IWT: Hind altb <bi aipMlltiini toCfaina, 

Diadkl Hltb oluii. 1»na ; Afghu CHDiwlgn, mvUi, l«TS.e ; A.D.C. lo Enrli dnnlue, 

Elgin, ud U>r>i. aan..Oan. ol Indk, I6M-TS. 

Mnj.-GrM. the Hon. A. SUtnart. Conbie, Newton -SUiairl, iV-B. 

Stirling, Walter, son of Sir Walter G. Stirling, Snd Bart,, 29. Portman 

Square, W. (Dr. Vaughaii's) 

I Bi'TnL HtitijftQ* Sodvtj'f mttinl tot mrUia litt ; SiMaa and tiout. CfLdalrBUii QduUk, 

I iS.-:.':. IH«l Jnn, 6lh, iwa. 

Stirling, Walter George, brother of the above. 

L.n In IM4 ; Ch. Ch. Oil. : Lioni, B.H.A. ; Got. 

(Inuu-in-Wiitlug to tbe Qn«u : D,U ud J.F. foi Koal uul UkldliHi : nicMnlal 4i 
Bnl Dart.. 19SS. 

Sir Walttr G. Stirling, Bart., Bum Wood, Tunbridge WelU. 
Thompson, Henr; Tates, son of 8. U. Thompson, Esq., TluaEwall Hall, 
Liverpool (Mr. Harris") 

" ~ "UTrtn. CoU. Cinib., Fanoo Fri»i for Orwk 

k B|ilnnlu. IMO. OlHk u>d Latin Eplgruui, IMI, Be 
K2: DiiTteUi, IS01W.P. It Luixdiln; tDnie'- 

Itlch Cludo, IBOl : DiiTteUi, IS01 : J.P. fnr Luix^ln ; tDniHiniB PioprlMoc at the 
Ptitl Mall OmiUt; oSiinid lu U» uUud lb( turn at f 88,000 tor tfa* niliiTBgmeot at 
WmMImMi Abbsjr, IWi. 

if. Y. Tlvainpiirit, E»q., 26a, Jlr^nston Square, W. 
Wegnelin, Christopher, son of T. M. Weeuelin, Esq., Ooldings, Herts. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Tiiii. r.'JJ. CsDib., B.A. ;D.L.[ai London: Uenhu»;H.F. fat YaoEhol, IHie-Tt. Died 

Wild, Ernest William, son of J. Wild, Egq., Clapham Lodge, Surrey. 

(Mr. Ox en ham's) 

BBtraacc In Febraur IW*> 

Elwes, William James, son of J. M. Elwes, Esq., Bossington. HnnU, 

(Sfr. Warner's) 

LefL Du. ItM: UdI>. Coll. Olf., &A,. ISM; CnnUot St. John lb* Itaiitbt, Hit Uul. 
borangh Stmt. W., isre-si; of Cbriit Cbuisb, BnHbouH, 1S8I-4. MM >'<». Sth, 

EaiMMMi l« AprU las*. 

Atkinson, a«orge, s 

on., B.A. IMO ; Slulaat oI ttw lomii TtDtidg, ISM. 
I, Eiq., MarUmd, Watmortlaiid. 
Bradford, Bolwrt, son of B, Bradford, Esq., Ooldera Hill, Hampstead, 
N.W. (Ur. Vaughan's) 

LoTI in IS&i ; Mcnibgr uf Llofd'!, ud at the CnnuuitUia af Uafd'). 
R. Briulford, Etq., Tht ShelUya, Lfvxt. 
Brunei, Isamhaid, son of I. K. Brunei, Esq., 18, Duke Street, Westminster, 
S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Utt Pib. 19^: Himltor, \ltir,; Bolliul Coll, Olt., B.A. IMO 1 D.C.L. ISTI : Bunlslac, 
)wa ; ClmnnIlD, ot this DIdcoo o( Ely. 

/. Brvjiel, E-q., D.C.L., 16, Dtmithin Terraee, Hi/dt Park, W. 




[Apt. 1851 

Bnzton, Samuel Gurney, Min of Sir Edward N. Boxton, Snd Bail, Oohe 

llouHo, Norfolk. (Mr. Petn^ 

Tria. Coll. Clinib. ; J.V. and I>.I» ft.r Nurfulk. Ulffh flbwUr, IMI ; Ehabn* at VcrwicL 

Chrifltian, William, boh of S. C^hriMtian, Esq., Valetta, Halta^ 

(Mr. Dmry'i) 

Left EmI. li)S4 : annMtiniA Mareluuil Id AlesuidTla. 

W. Chrhtian, E*q,, 21, QtutfCt Gardens, Hyde Park, W, 

Courage, Frank, hou of J. C'ourAgi\ Eim)., Diilwich. (Mr. Simpkiiuon'i) 

Efltconrt, Oeorge Thomas John Bncknall. 8on of the Rev. E. B. EBUonit, 

Kckiiifirton JUrtory, Cliedterfield. (Dr. Vangfau'i) 

I^ft MkU. Is.%7 : Ilailit.l Coll. oxf.. H.A. and M.A. IMS : M.P. for Sotth Wihi. 1«74«; 
J.l'. fur WilU and tiluticnitar ; D.L. fur WilU ; UmU-OuI. ^"*«**^*^*"t BoyalWai 
Yeit. 4^v., I : iiiiiiniiAil ttie mldiiimuil tmnuuiM uf ButhnvD, 1070. 

(tt'orgc 7*. ./. Sothfnm-iCstciturt, AV/., KutonirU Teibrnty^ Glouoesienkirr. 

Graham, Allen Dowdetwell, son of Linit-Col. Q. T. Graham, Coaongtoo 

HouAe, Bridgwater. (Dr. Van^MB'i) 

Urt (invalUl) in iKVl ; Ch. Ch. Oif., II.A. 1AM»; M.A. 186S ; ■nmatinwi Ctek is Ba^r 
Onlarn; chieflj ucctiiiied tn work nmnecUd with ibo lanilum ifhailtaWt auditM; 
wUblijilMl the luvAlitl Children'* Aid Amiii-iatiuD. 

^-l. I J, Graham, Etq.^ <i, North Common Road^ Balmg^ W, 

Haigh, Henry, son of W. lluiKli, Ks4i., of Furzedown, Tooting CommoB. 

S.W. (Mr. Him) 

Ijeti Midn. \>W : Cricket XI.. l^rM ; Trin. Conib., B.A. ISW ; M.A. 1881: lUewrf 
8t. Manrice, (%il«l>r^i<ike, IS7<kh-J : Vii-ar uf Ne«|iurt, 18S2 ; ArchdaMon of thi Utrf 
Wi^lit. IJ^ : Cuiiiiu tif WiiiclifMt«r, \K'0. 

Ven. Canon Ha'ujh^ The Cltue, Winchester, 

Hamilton, James, Viscount, son <»f x\\v ^nd Marquess of Abercom, tfkvr 

wanls Ui Dukir of AIktcohi. (Mr. R IL VangfaAD>) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.. D.A. IMI-M): M.A. 1R'>'. : l^ml of the Iteilchaniber lo ite Priim «f Vili^ 
iM'iil : lu-ooiiiiiuiietl the Trintv of WaleM to RmmIa, 1806 ; lloQ, Col. Uh £UL Siyd 
liini-killiitK ruiiilirni ; l^or^l-Lient. of Co. Ituncvnl : M.l*. for DonaRRl, IMMO; Gna 
of the 8tti]o to iho Tiiiice of Wiiln* ; Micceeiloil m Ihid Duke, 18M5 ; C.B. ; K.a., VSt 

The Duke of Afjercurn, A'.G'., liui'^tns Cmtrt, Ntwtoum^tewart 

Hawkesworth, John Walter, son of J. Kawkesworth, Esq., la Gamda 

Place, liatli. (Mr. Waineri) 

Trin. Coll. Canib. 

MUes, Thomas William Shore, son of Col. ^files, North Villa, RegesA 

l»iirk, N.W. (Mr. Hanifl 

Sometime in the ITth IjKUcerNand Ilth IlnMnrs. 

Monro, Robert Webber, son of J. B. Monro, Est^. (Dr. Vao^iin'i) 

I^C MidM. is.'.T ; Monitor. Ik'.T : Cricket XI.. 1.^;•C•7 ; Ilokler of Chalknco Itaokm IB: 
ISalliol 0>n. «)xf., II.A. I8(il : M.A. 1^>'. ; O.U. Cricket XI., 1860; Burlilir, UN; 
Clerk in rarliauiont OHioo, IIoumo of Lonln. 

/?. W. }fonrOy Esq., Otikfield Flome.^ Coomhe Wood^ KingsUm-^m'ThamiS, 

Nelson, Thomas Boone, S4in of T. W. Nelson, Esq., 23, Gloncetis 

Place, W. (Dr. Vaughan'!) 

Left Midii. l^.Vi ; Solicitor. 

T. H, Nelson, Enq., 4, Ladbrohe G aniens, W, 

Nightingale, Arthur C, son of i.\. Nightingale, Esq., Norbiton Hooe; 

Kingston. (Mr. Hsrrisl 

Enjtifrn OSid lli»rhlandcni. IkM; Cipt.. IStW: Mi^., \fu9> ; Lient.-Cul. Commaadinc the B(|^ 
1(«^2: Cuiuniondintt the Def^it, 1S»«T-1'2: wrvcd .it the slef^ and flUl of 
inediiJ with cLwp and Tiirkuh medal, \r*'*h\ in the iiii}>iiree«ion of tho ladSaBllL . 
iuL'lodinK the relief uf Liicknow, defeat of the Uwjilior Ci>ntiii0mt at GkwBponkW 
other enKfifronientii, niednl with claHi», i^'n-y^ ; a utetiiber of Lmrd Wantago's OoHBiii' 
on Rocmitink'. IS'.' 1-2. 

C<'/. -I. C Nightingale, Snowloun House, Stirling, N.B, 


Parkw, jUfted Traill, son of C. S. Parker, Esq.. Bank Buildings, Liver- 
pool. (Mr. Harris') 

1^1 Miili. 18J6-. Monitor uid C[i«k«l XI., 1868; UdIi. Coll. OiT-, I Mod. 1W5T B.A., 
A. T. Purhfr. E*,/.. Biechwuod Houk, AigbuHh, Livfrjmot. 
Fowya, Hon. Leopold WiUiam Henry, son of the 4th Baron Lilford, 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Soinoltme l.loiH. aiKh H«Kl. ; l.l: tPv UBMilllni. 

lion. L. W. n. Poteyt, 16, Qiieetmbiii-y Plact, S.W. 

Kalli, Peter Pandia, son of Consul Pandia Ralli, The Gre«k Embassy, 

London. (Mr. Warner's) 

Scott, Hon. Walter Hi^h, son of tho nth Baron I'olwarth. Mertoun 

House, St Boawell'a, N.B. (Mr. Harritt') 

Cu, Unrvlck ; J.P. KDil Cuomwur Ruibargb : a Itop, reat tnrBcnUalid. 
Lonl I'l/lmarlli, on aiwve. 
Sheridan. Richard Brinsley, »on of R. B. Sheridau, Est]., M.P., Frainjrton 
Court, Uorset, (Mr. O.tenliam's) 

nilHl l>I..r. ITlli, 1<>C9. 

.Strong, Charles Ishun, son of the Rev. W. Strong, Thoi^ Hall, Peter- 


borough. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Un HUM. l9&T;OlckH Xr., I»ST: Unit. Coll. Ort., B.A. IMO-.O.V. Rlflhl, Htnl*}. 
ISM; PuiDst. INMi ntlntl Llaiic.'Oil. of Mllitbi; dudnuui of O.O. uid qiurtsi 
DraluiiottbaSoktuf I'Maiboiungb: High Bbtrlirel Unoa. UHlCii. CUmbiid^, in<l. 

C /- Strong, Enq,, a» aliovf. 
lor, Edmnnd, son of C. Tumor, Esq., M.P., Stoke Rochford, Colester- 
worth. (Mr. Middle mist's) 

. IMt : H.A. 1M&: IHudBii of tbs Innn tmi.U, IMi ; J.P. aul U.L. 
lie. Iltgb Slwilir, isv* : M,P. for Rnnlhuu, IHS ; I<4 B. Ulnoiiluhlii, 

E. Tumor, Etq., lu above. 
Vemon-Harcanrt, Leveson Francis, son of Admiral F. E. Vemon- 

Harcourt, 47, Cadogan Place, S.W. (Mr. Siinpkin son's) 

Lilt in ISM; Bliltlal Ooll. Oxf., EA. 1 UaUl, IMI ; M.A. ISIU; 1 Nut. 8oi., IMI; CiTll 
Rnginw, Amo. IniL aS.. 18M : H.I.O.B.. 18TI: AntdHl Huln Pniulaui br Inil. 
C.e. toTp»vm, IF74: TgllDXI Pnouiutn, l»(a*9, Ttlfunl uslal, IBM; Anlbur uF 
"PtiBmud CdaIi," '■UulRBBud Dwlu," " Aahlamnmu In 8iiEluaaiiii||" ; Pnl. 
of ClTUEDgii»«iiigu>d8u[vsjlng. Unit. Cna, LddiIod, 1SS£; 
L. F. VrrHoti-Harcouri, Etq., F.B.S-, Fairholme, Weybridgt. 
I, Edmimd, son of £. Wigram, Esq., 2, Coniiaught Phwe, W. 

(Mr. Simpkinaon's) 

. Olcd »!>'. VAb. ]BiS. 

iFood, William Nicholson. (Homo-Boarder) 

, Michael Arthur, son of M. T. Bass, Esq., M.P., Byrkley I^ge, 
Burton-on-Trcnt (Mr. Warner's) 

UR MlilL ia»l -. Trin. Coll. Cuub., B.A. laM : H.A. IMI : ciwtal n Huimil, liiB:t ; bton 
tinnop. ISSa : M.I', for Btaffuid, 1SU5.US ; for B. SUOurdahiiB. tB>».aA ; J.P, uiil U.L. 

Lord Barlon, Cketlerfield Route, Mayfair, ir. 
, Herbert Hatfield, son of W. Harter, Esq., Hope Hall. Eceles, 
Lancaahire. (Mr. Rendati's) 

MOi Francis Henry Hely, son of Mrs. Hnt*?hinson, Dorwt House, 
Clifton. (Mr. IV-ars') 


Saere, KUii Philip Fox, son of E. Reeve, Eaq., 48^ Montaga 8q^e» T 

KiwicD and U&at. CuUrtrauD Ooaida, 18M; UmL aBdO^l. IMOL 

Vaughan, Kdmniid Mallet, son of the Hon. W. Van^^ian, Birch G 

AlwryHtwyth. (Mr. Win 

D.L. fur CknllguMhlra ; J.P. fur Buftndahim Me< la 1«1 1 

Wallinger, Arnold Charles, bod of Mr. Sergeant Wallinger, Seqe 

Inn, W.C. (Mr. Simpkiu 

■aimmcm 1b jmm me. 

Amonld, Alfred Henry, 8on of J. Amould, Eaq., J.P. and D.L, ^ 

CroHA, WallinKford. (Mr. Wan 

L«ft iMfc. ISM; M«iiL CoU. Oxf.. B.A. 1881; M.A. 18M; KO.L., ISii: D.CL. 


A. //. Arnouldf Eiq,^ om a&oot. 

Borrow!, Oeorge Herbert, 8on of I>r. Q. Bottowb, afterwards 1st 1 

18, Cavcndistb Stiuare, W. (Mr. Middkn 

Hardcastle, Henry, wn of J. A. HardcasUe, Esq., M.P., Wi 

Chelmsford. (Mr. Simpkiu 

Uft Mida. 1M0 ; MoDitor. 1857-0 ; Tria. CoU. OunbL, B.A.. Saikir OpL mk 
Tripoa. ineS; J.P. for Eaex, IMS; fur MkldlMtz. 1884; Itanbar o/]lfln| 
Aiyloiua Ikianl. IbTT ; Dir. of Writtla Brewtiy Co., Ld., WrittK ■■«. 

//. IlardccuiUy Etq.^ J,F,, a$ above. 
Head, John, Ron of Sir Edmund W. Head, 8th Bart (Dr. Vaugli 

Br«WBe«l white Imthinft in CaiuuU, Se|>t. 20th, 1B59. 

Stewart, Bobert Balfonr, son of 11. Stewart, Esq., St Fort, Nev 

Fife, N.B. (Mr. Hi 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1857. Me«l in 1K72. 

Battiscomhe, Edmnnd Oeorge, son of the Rev. R Battiacombe, Hi 

Romford. (Mr. Hi 

2Dd Lient. R.A., 1S57 ; Caiit. R.II.A.. 1M0 ; MjO- 1870; Lknt-OoL 

Col, E. (jr. BatU$Ci)mbey Askcoiy Brklgewaier. 

Blyth, Henry, son of P. P. Blyth, Es<|., 23, Upper Wimpole Street, W. 

(Mr. Hi 
Boord, Thomas William, son of J. Boord, Esq., Hareiield (Mr. Rend 

Left in 1855 ; atodied in Garmany after loaving liarrow ; Faftaar in tba im «C 
k. Bod. Diatillen ; M.P. for Graenwich, 1873. ; F.S.A. and P.R.L ; ■'*">^-« Gk 
V.B. Klng'a Royal Riflea. 

r. W. Boord, Enq., M.P., 14, Berkeley Sqwvrt, W. 

Bnmand, Lewis Whitmore, son of G. Bumand, Esq., 4, Snaaex Sqnv 


C.C.C. Camb. 

Cameron, Oeorge Hampden, son of D. Cameron, of Lochiel, Esq., Hsn 

House, Great Missenden. (Dr. Vsu^ 

Maud. ColL Oxf., aA. 1864. Mcd 

Campbell, Oilbert Edward, son of Sir John N. R Campbell, 2iid 

Carrick Buoy, BallyHhannon. (Mr. Wii 

SomaUnM Oapi. VZad Qordoo lligblander* ; ancceedediaa Srd Bart., 1870 ; Avtkor of 

woik$ of flcti<m. 




rpenter, John, son of J. Carpenter, Esq., Mount Tavy, Tavistock. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

L=HMl.iilB5f:Ctlc!*«tXl.,lBiT;Cb, Cb.Orf.,B.A. ISM: M.A. 1508:0.1', CtickM XL. 
laWi ; M.P. f"i (t 1>»™, leTM* ; J.F. (or HimU, High Bluriff, 18M ; Mnmwl Ibg 

J. Girit^itfr-Ganiia; Etg., J.P., Rookethury Park, FanKam, Hanlt. 
pautell, Artlinr Hoseley, son of Mr. Serjeant (afterwards Mr. Baron) 

^Channell. 2, Clarendon Plate, Hjde I'ark, W. 
(Mr. Driiry's) 
Hid>. 18S7 : KoaiWn, IS^T : Trlii. Coll. CWmfa., FonnJfttinn Sehnl., ISiB : B.A.. 
Mdi Wnuuln'. u>d I CI. Tnuoi, 1M1 : U.A. ISM : WIdhit ot ColdnlumD Benlli, 
IBM : MrudO«» BUvM Okn, I8S1 : Henltr Onod dAUenn, 18«1 : BorruUr, 19<U ; 
q.C. 1M& : Bmnlar of RonhiwUc, ISES : Dnchn al Inoat Tau.|,1«, l«l)l. 
A. if. 0ianwU, Eiq,. Q.C., 1, Bramham Garditu, 8.W. 
le, Wiliimn Alaton, mn ot W. Cole, Esq., Highfield House, Exmonlh. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Cb. Ch. OiT., IS.A. im : M.A. 1M( : Kidiioad, ISfil ; UtOUa at Locklngi. 18«1J)S. 
ftcB. IK. A. Cole, ExmoiUh. 

ring, Henry Kerill, son of Sir Edward C. Dering, sth Bart., M.I'., 
Burrenden Dering, Kent. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

EnWnH Diiilomatic Snrlw, 18B0 ; J.P. fur Kopl. 

rquhar, Henry Thomas, son of Sir Walter R Fwqiihar, 3rd Bart., 18, 
Wt. James' Street. S.W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

rmtner in tlio Drni ^r llerilga. Ktniuhiir A Cu.. Bwiktn. LoDdOB. 
n. T. Farqahar, E>q., as (Oom. 
)Td, Charlea Ashbnmham, son of Oen. Sir H. Floyd, 2nd Bart 

(Mr. Warner's) 

S-miouiiH) IMni. Bib Lwicen. 

Ldfltoue, Robert St«irart, eon of W. Gladstone, Esq., Fitxroy Park, 
Higbgate, N. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Lrfl MLifa. I86S. 

/(. S. Glodilone, Etq., Ednicood, Fay Gate, Siuiex. 
^L Bit George XacpherBon, Bart, son of Sir John MocpUerson Grant, 

(Mr. Harris") 

1S6I : M.P. (or Elaln und Niiill. ISJU-te ; J.F. Mid 
■ Etu^ : Cbsimuu ot C.C. at DuUT; nuondal u Std 

2nd Bart. 
I WlilB. IIM: Ch, Cb. Oif 
ILL. ("iCm.BMiff, Elgin, 

r Gnn-ge ifacpherton Chant, Bart., BallindalUxh Ca^, NM. 

F. Ilren, Ekj., J. P., Turner Heath, BollingtoH, war MaccUifield. 

est, Hontague John, eon of Sir John Ouest, Ist Bart., Canford ifanor, 

\Viinbomo. (Mr. Pears') 

UM; J.r..ll.L..*nd C.C. (or Dnmt; J.P.(ar MlddhHIl MiDKlme Lloat. (UK* 
tudi : M.P. for TaUfllHl, IM»-U ; toi Wtnluui, I9«a-a, 

if. J. GuMt, Etq., J.P., Bgre Regl; near Wareliavt. 
Sidney Alera, son of T- A. Hankey, Esq., 7, Fenchnrch Street, 
E.C. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Ounb. : J.F. ud D.L. (or Dniki. Hl|tfa Sbariff. ISM, 
S. A. Haitkry, Esq., Htalhlati^, W<^ii!lham. 


Hodgson, Oeorgo Harris, ran of the Rev. J. G. Hodgson, The Vkanpe, 

rroytion. (Mr. HamO 

Uft IVc. IR^ft : rrickflt XI.. is:*8 ; Fimthall XI.. 1A&7-8 ; Trla. OoU. Osf.,185e ; Uaiv. CoO.. 
a A. IMS ; M.A. \M6 ; 8m., ClatKy Mmiud AMiniMt HooMj. 

G, II. UttdffnoH^ Esq., 14, Glnucfster Terrace^ Hffde Park^ W. 

Holme, Herbert Alfred, non of S. Ilolnic, Em]., Homestead, AigbortL 

Liver|)ool. (Mr. Stedi) 

St. JohD'a CoU. Canib., RA. IHTO; M.A. 1871 ; Vlai of SaUaa-iB-IIokltiMH. 

Rfr. II , A, Holme ^ i<uHon Vicarage^ IIulL 

Hope, St Leger Frederick, non of T. H. Ho|ie, Enq., afterwards Ho(<- 

Edwar(k>t(, IWwick liouw, Shrewsbury. (Mr. HsmO 

Left MiiU. \sbS\ Mimitnr. IHMUri; Triii. ri.ll. (\kmK, BeboL, 1859; BJi., 1 CL Tnf€L 
\W2 ; R«ctiir ui tficete, Salnp, lh0^74 ; J.T. Ib7j. 

Kcr, St, L. F, IIo])^'Edicarde4f Xftkjf Hall, ttear Skrewtbury, 

Kington, William Kilos Nairn, son of T. Kington, Esq., Weston-nimr 

Maru. (Mr. RendsliV^ 

Cricket XI.. l(i:>5; Cumet Mi Dmpion GoAnU, IS&ri; Ckpt, 1W4; LUnt.^Sol. 4ih Hvmn. 
ratiral, 18M. 

LieuL'Col, W, M, N, Kington, Manirfur^ SwitaerianeL 

Leslie, John Henrj, son of the Rev. C. Tjcslie, Kilmore, CTavan. 

(Mr. Steele) 

EoMign 71at R«gt.. 1I^!»7; Ca|H. 1867. 

Malan, Basil Henrr, son of the Rev. S. C. Malan, Broadwinsor, Dorset 

(Mr. Dniry s) 

Left Eiut. 1S05. Dlc4 in IbAP. 

Oxenden, Percy Dixwell Nowell, son of the Rev. M. Ozenden, EastveQ 

Rectory, A-shfonL (Mr. Hsnv') 

L«ft in 1S.V*: Cb. Cb. Oif.. IHW ; C<»mot K.vt Kent Y«ii. Cav., 1858; Oftpi., 1M7; 3.f.U 
Kent, IMS ; \uuf AMiimed tbe mlilltlunaJ siinianie of IH swell. 

P. I). X. IHsirdl-OxcmUn, Esq,, 7, Elm Park Gardem^ S.W. 

Parker, Gteorge Babington, son of Vico-Cliancollor Sir James F^ker. 

Rothley Temple, lA'icestershire. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left l>oc. lK-.5:Tnn. Coll. Canib., II A. ISrtO; M.A. 1882; In New SHlud, 18a-T(: 
.Member of the IlmiM of RqiroMntAtivM, is70-7r« ; J.T. for Leioasterabira. 

G. B. Parker, Esq., J.P., 24, AshUg Place, S.W. 

Perceval, Norman Spencer, son of 8. IVrceval, Est)., Elm Grove, Ealing 

(Dr. Vaushsa'e) 

Si.inictinie Cu]>t. R.A. 

Pratt-Barlow, Alexander Robert. .<%on of J. Pratt-Barlow, Esq., Hyde 

Park Oat<j, S.W. (Mr. Harm) 

Left MiiU l$M\ Cb. Cb. Oxf.. D.A. ISV.) ; IfatiiUcr, isOL 

A. R, Pratt-Barlow, Esq., Dronmre, Torquay, 

Pretor, Alfred, son of S. Prctor, Esf|., Wyke House, Weymouth. 

(Mr. Middlemift'i^) 

Muuitor. lsr.7-0; Trin. 0.11. Ciifnb., 8<bfl.. l.stfl ; H.A., 7tb CUadc, 1864; F«Uo« uf Sc 
Ciitherine'a Cull. Canib., Ib71. 

A, Pretor^ Esq., St, Catlwriws Odkge, Cambridge. 

Prichard, Edmund Charles, .<i»n of W. T. lYichard, Em|., Greenhill I/xlge. 

Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

rri.*kel XI.. Ift-'.M; EiiuiCT IMh IXt^i., I'S's; Lieut., isiiil; Cnpt., 1874; Mj. 7lb Lw 
caHhire K.V., istis ; Mx^. 

Maj, Prichard y 41*, Westhoume Gardens, W. 

Prichard, William Henderson, brother of the a1)ove. (Home-Boarda) 

King's CoU. Lond., Tb.A. 1801 ; lieM v.irif>u4 Cunicios, lsoi-$l ; Canto of Oakkj, 1884. 
Bev, W. II, Prichanl, Oakley, Thame. 

7T. 1852.] CBARLE8 JOHN VAVGHAN, 199 

»l»rt8, Arthur Frederick, son of F. Robarts, Esq., Tunbridjje Wells. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Laft Mids. 18M ; 12Ui Man, Cricket and FootbaU XI., 18654. 

A. F. RohcsrUy JElsq., Craycombe Houses Fladbury^ Pershort, 

iwlej, Henrj Frederick, son of Capt. Rowley, RN., Woodlands 

Blackheath. (Mr. Warner's) 

Snaign 78th Higfalandaia, 1861 ; Lieat., 1865. 

kULBbury, Charlei, son of C. Sainsbury, £sq., Swanswick, Bath. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Mida. 1856 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. 1860 ; M.A. 1864 ; ordained, 1861 ; AaaiBtant 
Curate, Minehead, Someraetehire. 

Rev, C. SatMbuiy, Minehead^ Somergetshire, 

Qith, Henry Evelyn, son of T. Smith, £sq., (Jolebrook Park, Tunbridge. 

(Mr. Simpkinson^s) 

anhope, Hon. Edward, son of the 5th Earl Stanhope, Chevening, 

Sevenoaks. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mida. 18&9 ; Monitor, 1857-0 ; Crioket XI., 1859 ; Cb. Cb. Ozf., 1 Math. Mod., 1861 ; 
B.A., Hon. 4 CI., 1862 ; FeUow of AU Souls, 1862-70 ; M.A. 1865 ; Banister, 1865 ; 
M.P. for Mid-Linoolnshire, 1874-85; for Homcastle DIt., 1885-08; Flurliamentary Sec. to 
Board of Trade, 1875-8 ; Sec. for India, 1878-80 ; Vice-Fies. of Coonoi] and Pres. Board 
of Trede, 1885 ; Secretary for War, 1887-02. Died Dec 2l8t, 1898. 

*otter, Frederick, son of Capt J. Trotter, Dyrham Park, Bamet 


Sometime Capt. SOtb B^., and Lient.-Col. 7tb Batt. King's Boyal Riflea ; J.P. for Middle- 
" He 

and Herts. 

Capt. F, Trotter i as above. 

yon, Richard, son of T. Tryon, Esq., Bulwick Park, Wansford. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Sometime Capt. Rifle Brigade ; J.P. for Rutland, Higb SberilT, 1881. 

Capt. R. Tryon, The Lodges Oakham, 

Ute, Charles William, son of (Jol. White, who was created 1st Baron 

Annaly, 1863, Woodlands, Clonsilla, Dublin. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1858 ; entered Soots Fusilier Guards, 1856 ; retired as Capt. and Lieat.-Col., 1876 ; 
M.P. for Tipperary, 1866-75 ; Lord-Liea(. Co. Clare. 

Hon. C. W. White, Cahercon Hotue, Co. Clare. 

illiamg. Bees, son of W. Williams, Esq., Aberpergwm, Neath, S.Wales. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

''oodgate, Sidney William, son of W. Woodgate, Esq., 32, iLincoln's Inn 

Fields, W.C. (Mr. Warner's) 


^ynter, Philip Henry Maecie, son of the Rev. P. Wynter, D.D., President 

of St John's CoU., Oxford (Mr. Harris^ 

Left Bast. 1854 ; sometime Capt. Bengal Army ; served tbrongb tbe Indian Mutiny and 
Campaign on Bbootan frontier, 2 medals and clasp ; Queen's Foreign Oflloe Messenger ; 
J.P. for Oxfordsbire. 

CapL P. H. M. Wynier, J.P., The Hayes, Charlbury, Oxon. 

BntrsBMi In October 185S. 

lexander, Charles Dallas, son of W. S. Alexander, Esq., The Vicarage, 

Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

lexander, Nathaniel Stuart, brother of the above. 

(Home-Boarder and Mr. Pears') 

Left in 1853 ; Indian CO., retired ; J.P. for Bofsex. 

N. S. AUxandeTj Esq., J.P., Pidcforde, Ticehurst, Sussex. 


Oonld, Vathuiel, son of N. Qould, Esq., 4, TkviBtock Sqoue, W.C 

(Mr. Weitoolt f) 

SoniatiiiM LmqI. Srd Dnfnoa GnaitU. 

ICms J, DawiOB Dunbar, Hon of the Hon. J. Musy, Longford Tenia, 

MonksUwn. OG. QzeniAm'i) 

Sl Joha't CoU. CuDk, D. A. Mrd JnL 34th, 1881 

BnlnuMM la ]l«v««%cr UH» 

Borke, Hnbert Plnnkett, Aon of J. St George Burke, Era., 37, PordieiUr 

Terrace, W. (MriE. H. Vaiig)iu«) 

Coratt 91tt AiDlUhire lliiihUixlen, 1H55 ; Gapt. Sib IlDiMn, 1864 ; M^., im ; mnd ■ 
Imlia, rorfn, ami AfKhanUtjui, luedal. Mc4 of diMMt ooBtnMtri daii^ ite m 
Af^rbikii Caiiii*i|ni. 8«|*t. 2Mh. IhM. 

Marshftll, Sdmond Henrr, son of H. C. Marshall, Esq., Wertwood BiiL 

liccas. (Mr. Middlei!ust>) 

Trio. ColL Canih. ; Cnnte of St. Mary Magdakat, UuDCMfOB, 18T4. Mstf Jal. 198!. 

BatraacM la Jaaaary ISSti 

Badcock, Henrj JeflHei, bon of H. Badcock, Esq., Taunton. 

(Mr. Watneri) 

Banker at Taonutn. 

//. J. Badcock^ Esq., PUminster Lodge^ TVimiIcm. 

Barclay, Charles Arthur, son of A. K. Barclay, Esq., Bury HiD, Dorkiiia 

(Dr. Vao^uf ») 

Left Dec. 1S56 ; Brewer. 

C A, BarcUijf, E§q,^ Urie, Cannes, Frtmee, 

Bower, Henry Syndercombe, son of the Kev. H. F. Bower, Shroton Hoot 

Blandford. (Mr. Drary^) 

Left Eaat. 1867 ; Trio. C*Al. Cuiib., B.A. 18M; J.P. fbr DoiMt 

Jf. S, Bower, Etti.^ Fontmell Parva^ ShiUmg$Ume^ DarmL 

Bridgeman-Simpion, Orlando John George, son of the Hon. and Bet. 

\V. Kridgcmaii-Simi>son, Babworth Rectory, EsA 
Retford. (Mr. SimplmiBOB^ 

Left Mid«. \»y6 ; Jfilnoil let Weet York*. Yeo. Car., 1M1 ; raiindasM^lor, ISST ; InA^ai 

0. BruigemanShniinoii, Efq.j Wentbridge, PomitfraeL 

Brooke, Henry, son of H. Brooke, ¥^i., Wotherinflisett Mano^ SoffolL 

(llonic-Boarder and Mr. Fh^*) 

J.r. for Sollblk. Mrd Nor. 11th, 1W2. 

Burnett, John David, Ron of J. K. F. Burnett, Em]., Vauzhall, Suney. 

Left Midi. l^r>9 ; Mnnitor. 19.16-9 ; Ilend of the School. 1858-8 ; Crickal XI., 18SS4; ByW 
C«>11. Oxf., B.A. 1804; winner vt varione athletic priaM, boCb »8 Haranr mA tf 
Oxford. Mrd at PieienuariUbnrit. NaUl, Jan. 1878. 

Cathcart, Beginald Archibald Edward, son of Sir John Cathcart,5th 

Bart., CVx)iK;r'8 Hill, Cliertacy. (Mr. Warner'*) 

Sometime Lient. and Ca|it. roldetreani Uoanlg ; D.L. for Ooe. Ayr, Bats, aad !■«■■■; 
racoeedeil aa 0th Bart., If'ti. 

Sir Regirudd A. E, Cathcart, Bart., Killoehan CniUy Gtrmm, NJB, 

Clayton, Richard, son of the llev. \\, Clayton, Newcastle-on-^naie. 

(Mr. RendalTi) 

Left Midi. 1858 ; Cricket XI., 1^58 ; F>«'tball XI.. 185&-8 ; EmigB 68lh LX, UBS : 
CapU, 1871 ; aerred in the New ZeaLind War. nmUl, 1S«4.8 ; Bukw. KvwvmUi 

Capt, R, Clay ten, Wylam Hall, NorthumbeHaiti, 


Cotb, Robert Norton, son of the Bev. R. Cobb, EUingham Rectory, 
Bungay. (Mr. Dmry'fl) 

Lift MIdc !»>S : tonioUiDt Ld \bt HI l^eff,. 

Coldhain, Henry James, » 

Tnu. Coll. Cmib. ; J.P, fot 

CopeUnd, Alfred James, son of Alderuiaii Coijeland, New Bond Street, W. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Croft, Archer Bernard, aon of A. J. Croft, Esq., Oreenbam Lodge, Berks, 

(Mr. Westcott'e) 

Bi. Jobn • Ci'U. Oif., 1S5T ; Fallow, isa;41 ; J.P. fai Baiki. 

Dolryiaple, Charles, son of Sir Charles Dalrymple Ferguason, Sth Bart., 
Kilkerran, N.B. (Mr. Middlemiat's) 

Ufl Hide \iUi: MoDlloT. lifl-%: Trtn. Cull. Cuiib., B.A. IBAS; H.A. I»B^ BjtrrliUr, 
IMA ; M.P. lot BnlMhln. 1HH.» ; (or Ituwloh. liwa- : Mnalxc nf ChIIwAikI EilsbUah' 
nweti OMnmlMnn, ieTH4i : Itcronutuila ud Indiuriil Scbook CunuulHlon, l«el.8 ; 
ViHloMion Connnlaloa, I8S9-DI ; SwtEUh UnlitniUH CammliBlwi, I3sg: Imi at 
tlM Trwan, ]8W : onaUil « But., IBST ; J.P. uid D.L. fnr Cn. HiddiDgtoD ; J,F. 

Sir C/iar;« Dalnjmplf, Bart., if.P., Neielutilti, Midlothian, N.B. 
Fawcett, ChriBtopher John Poyle, son of the Rev. C. Fawcett, Somerford 

Heynes, Cirencester. 

illKh %\ 

C. J. F Faacett, Eiq., NorA Bulky., Durham. 
flrlffln, Lepel Henry, son of Rev. H. Oriffln, Stoke, Haletcad. Essex. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

BcD^C.S..18M:Chiafa«.li,OoT.otPui1ikb, ISTO: CbllfPollUialOaarliiAtEbMiliUD. 
1880 : OoT.^Jau. Anpl fat Cantnl Inlii. ud B«id«nL >l InOun. 1S8I ; Biiiiliiit kt 
llfdenlnd, IBBB : C.B.I., IBTIl ; K.O.B.l., 1««1. 

Sir Lepel Gnffin, K.C.S.L, 1, Hohart Place, S.W, 

I of O. Holyoake, Esq., Neochley, 
(Mr. Driiry's) 

Hopper, Thomas Henry, aon of the Rev. E. U. Hopper, Uurliani. 

(Mr. Sinipkinson's) 
Hopton, Kichael, SOD of the Rev. W. P. Hopton, Bishop's Fronie, Brom- 
yard. (Mr. Drury's) 

UfL Eut. 1!ID4 ; Ttln. CdU. CAnih., B.A. I3(Q ; cnUtngd, 1W2 ; Vlcu «f SUiimltia Lone. 
I : oT Cmon Prunn, 18IT, 

. M. Hapton, Canon Fron^, near Ledlrnry. 
if A. Ijuig, Esq., Sudbury Hill, Harrow. 

(Horae-Boarder and Dr. Vaughan'a.) 

r, l!8S-S:CrickMXI., ISM-B: Cnut. 1868-tl; FortUll XL. 1B6*.I> ; 
mn. uuu. i-iuDD,, I1.A., \W1; N.A., ISMi C.U. CiiokM XL, ItiKMIl; Cnnu ri 
KandJil, ISS34; at Friwenb, IHt-TI: Vleu of BUkh, \V!i«.; Clgriol Sw. Cbnrali 
XiBlDDiHT SwddT. imi : Vlsu st OU Wudm, IMi. 1B9S. 

fl(r.-. fi. ianj, TAe Viearage, Old Warden, Bids. 

n of J. Lockhart, Esq., London Hotel, W. 

(Mr, Drury's) 

ig, Bohert, son o 

lart, Edgar Henry, si 

nfLlncsln'BlDD, lees. 


iffhtes, Francis Hill, son of E, Macnaghten, Esq., India House, E.C. 
(Mr. Harris') 

. imn ddMicI JUi Ikugil C>v^i;. 18Mr. UlcdJu. inh, lSi>«. 

202 ri ARROW SCHOOL REGISTER, [J ah. 1853. 

Xaimen-Sattoii, Henrj Cliarlet, non of the Hon. J. U. T. Maanen- 

Sutton, afterwards ViHcount Canterbury , Hie Cottiue, 
liergh Apton. (Mr. Warners) 

Maud. ColL Ouuh. ; D.L. ami J.V. for Norfolk ; PriraU Bm. to Ua tetbv (Gov. of M- 
nidwi And VictorlA), 1864-71 ; AoccMdMl m 4tli VlMcmnt, 187T. 

Lortl CanUrhury^ /irtwkf JJohm, Norwiek, 

Miles, Samuel Barrett, son of Col. ^fileis North Villa, Regent's Buk, 

N.W. (Mr. Hairisl 

RmiMtliu* in the Indian Army ; in |M)litiad sinplnymenL 

Osbom, Henry John Robert, hou of Sir (Seorgc OKbom, 6th Bart, Camp- 

ton House, ]tif;g]eswa<le. (Dr. Vai]^isD») 

Biimctline Liml. Ut Life GiunU : J.l*. Hiid !>.L. ftir Beda. Med ia ISM. 

Smith, George Marker, son of the Kcv. (3. T. Smith, who assumed tk 

sole surnaiuc of Marker, 1854, Uffcufane Vicars^ 
Colluniiiton. (Mr. Harm) 

J. p. for iHiTon ; ■uni«tini« in N. Devon lliuaan ; aawimud Um nmanMi of Maikor tai Snrf 

Biiiitb, 1S64. 

G. J/. Marker, Etq., J.P„ Rtilfitld, Church Cr*H>kham, WiNck^kL 

Toller, John Edward, son of S. \l Toller, Ewi., Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

IJent. R. E. , 1 MIO ; Oft]*t. , 1 ATS. Dlrd 

Tompson, Edward (Jaxrier Smith, son of E. Tompson, Esq., DromesnidL 

IiO<i^, Iver Heath, Uxbridge. (Ur. Vaughane) 

Left Mida. 1S56; Trin. Coll. Oxf., li.A. mhI N.A. IMS; Kiuil|m O.U.RV.C., 1800; OhCh 
18(12: Uent. OzfiirtUlilra Militia, 1>03 ; Caitt., 1870; hoB. Mj^ (ntlniX UB: 
Itarrijiter, \Wo ; J.V. for ilucka. InOT. 

E. C. S. TtnnpsoH, Etfj.f J.I'.j Marfgjirldy Irer Heath, Uxhndge, 

Wood, John Gkithome, Hon of J. Wooil, Est]., Thedden Orange, Alton, 

Hants. (Mr. Hairis*) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1857 ; aunietinie of the 17th Fuut ; J. P. for lUaU. 

J. 0, Wofxl, E$q.f J, P., €U above. 
Bntnuier Im Fcbnuiy ISSS. 

Macleod, Norman Kagnus, son of Maclcod of ^faclcod, Dunv^pm CJiastk, 

Skye. (Dr. Vaoghans) 

Entered 74th IllnhUnden, 18&8 ; retiml aa Capt.. 1A72 : aerred aa PoliUeial AftMk oa taw- 
Tiftal Donler ilnrinu the Xnla War ; annniandfti Hwaai oontinaenl amlnt BtoiMai ■ 
TnuuTaaJ, 1879 ; J. P. for C4>. Invemeae ; C.M.U., ISM. 

Capt, N. M. Macleod, as above, 
BntramcM Im Aprtl 1S53, 

Annesley, John Gteorge, son of L. Anneslcy, Esq., Harrow. 


Arbuthnot, Hugh Oough, son of A. F. Arbuthnot, Esq., 85, Uyde Park 

Gardens, W, (MrTBradbyV) 

Loft Mida. 1857 ; winner of the awininilnft priie for lioya under fifteoi, oItob bj Mr. G.& 
Cnrrer, 185S ; aenior i«irtner in the flnii of Arbathnot, y-^*^m A Co., MtrehnBta tod 
Banken, SS, Great St. Helens, E.G. ; D.L. for the City of Loodon. 

IT. G. Arbuthnot, Esq., 40, Princes Gate, 8,W. 

Ashley, Hon. Anthony Lionel Gkorge, son of the 7th Earl of Shaftesboiy, 

24, Orosvcnor S<iuaro, W. (Mr. Warner's) 

Monitor, 1850 ; Trin. Coll. Cainh., M.A. 18J9 ; J. P. and D.L. fur DuneC 

Hon, A. L, G. Anhley, AudUy Mansiunm, S. Awl ley Street^ 1F1 

Baillie, Arthur Charles, son of G. Baillie, Esq., MeUcrstain. Kelsa 

(Mr. Oxenham'ft) 

- Apb.1853.] CHARLES JOHN V AUG HAN, 203 

Baring, Denzil Hugh, son of Hon. Francis Baring, afterwards 3rd Baron 

Baring, 16, St James* Square, S.W. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Died at Nice, May 2eib, 1860. 

Bentinck, Walter Theodore Edward, son of Mrs. Bentinck, 59^ Montpelier 

Road, Brighton. (Mr. Braaby's) 

Xirch, Charlei Gteorge Robert, son of the Rev. C. Birch, Sawtry Rectory, 

Stilton. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Trin. Hall Oamb., LL.B., 1861 ; LL.M., 1867 ; held Tarions Ciuaoics, 1868-8 ; Rector of 
Bxaocaeter, 1868. 

Rev, C. G. R. Birchj Brancaster Rectory^ King^$ Lyrm. 

Bojle, Robert Frederick, son of the Hon. J. Boyle, Ditton, Torquay. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Monitor, 1858-9; BaIUoI Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1864; FeUow of All SooIb Ck>lL, 1865; M.A. 
1866 ; Barrister, 1866 ; formerly Inspeotor of Schools. Died May 15th, 1883. 

Bradflhaw, John, son of J. Bradshaw, Esq., Knowle, Guildford. 

(Mr. Harris') 

J. Bradshaw^ Esq.y Mount Fleury^ Montreux^ SwUzeiland, 

Bruce, Oeorge John Brudenell, eldest son of Lord Ernest A. C. Bruce, 

M.P^ afterwards 3rd Marquess of Ailesbury, 7, 
St Gfeorge's Place, Hyde Park, S.W. (Mr. Warner's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf. ; sometime Lieut 14th Hassan. Died May 28th, 1868. 

Bruce, Jamei Ernest Brudenell, brother of the above. (Mr. Warner's) 

Barrister, 1865. Died Jon. 21st, 1OT6. 

Bnller, Redvere Henrj, son of J. W. Buller, Esq., M.P., Downes, Crediton. 

(Mr. Bradb/s) 

Joined 60th Rifles, 1858 ; CoL, 1879 ; Maj.-Gen., 1884 ; Lient-Oen., 1801 ; served In China, 
Bed RiTer, A^ianti, Kafflr, Zulu and j^yptian Wars ; Under Sec for Ireland, and P.G., 

1874; V.C, 1870; aM.0., 1879; K.aM.G., 

Bed RiTer, Ashanti, Kafflr, Zulu and l^ypti 
1887 ; Q.M.G., 1887 ; Adi.43en., 1890 ; OB., 
1882 ; K.G.R, 1885 ; J.P. for Devon. 

Gen, the Rt, Hon, Sir Redvere Henry BuUer, K.CB,, K.C.M.O., DoumeSf 


Callander, John Alexander Bum, son of W. B. Callander, Esq., Preston 

Hall, Edinburgh. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Comet Royal Horse Guards Blue, 1858. Died in 1865. 

Clark, Stanley f eatman, son of M. Clark, Esq., 10, Hanover Terrace, 

Regent's Park, N.W. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Comet 17th Lancers, 1861 ; Lieut, 1866 ; Capt., 1869. 

day, Joseph Bonham, son of Mrs. Clay, Warley Hill, Brentwood. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Comet 18th Hnssan, 1860 ; Lieut, 1864. 

Corry, Montagu William Lowry, son of the Bt Hon. H. Corry, M.P., 

35, Hill Street, W. (Mr. Rendall's) 

of Rowton Castle, Salop, 1880. 

Lord RoxDtxm, 31, HUl Street, W. 

Carrie, Arthur Dmmmond, son of A. Currie, Esq., High Ekns, Watford. 

(Mr. Oxenhara's) 

Left Mids. 1858; Balliol Coil Oxf., 1858; Ensign 4l8t Regt., 1860; Capt., 1870; p.».c. ; 
Brigade Mi^m Ceylon, 1879; CoL, k.-p, 

OoL A. D, Currie, Langhemey Hartley, Worcester, 

Dalzell, Robert AugustUB, son of Major Dalzell, 7, Sussex Place, W. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Died at Bournemouth. 


ing, George Edwardei, 8on of Sir Edward C. DeriiuE. 8th But, M.P^ 

Surrenden-Dcring, Aahford. (Mr. Simpkiiuoo's) 

Ltft In laM ; afMnriinU at WincbMMr Coll. : MaipL OolL Osf., B.A. 1861 ; BbnkMr, 
1M5 ; Aaaaor oi the Liberty of Rduimj and Itoeoidtr of rmirtiin, 1872, 

G. E, J)fring, Eiuf,, Anhbrook^ Sevemoaki^ 

Dewhursty George Bakewell. hod of G. Dewhursti Esq., Hi^ Legii, 

KnutHfora. ^>r. Vaiighan'i) 

Tnn. Coll. Ouiih. 

Du Boulay, Henry Houfsemayne, son of the Rev. F. Du Bonkr, 

lAwhitton Hectory, lAunce8ton. (Mr. Bndhy's) 

Left Dec. \^M; Eiet«r r«.||. Oif., |t.A. li«6S : Dmuetlle CbapL to tke Btehop (Fkilnlto) 
of Eieier, M^M-9\ \iar nf 8t. Hitbncj, llcUutn, 1W9 ; Vlar of Kow|yB, 1880; Urn. 
Caduh <tf Traro, \i^i ; PrtxTtiir in roDvuoetluii for the CbftpUr of l^vro, 1887. 

Catum Ihi Boultvf, \(\chjn Vioirage^ Qrampound Road^ CornwalL 

Fairfield, Digby Willonghby George, son of M^or Fidrfield, I. WHum 

Sciiians 1 )iil.liii. (Mr. Bradby'i) 

Grant, Ferdinand Cecil Hope, son of F. (ilrant, Esq., 27, Suasez Place, W. 

(Mr. HvTi5*) 

Clerk in Holy Orden ; ViAr uf KiiiiUiltini ; nw|iL tn H.R.H. the rrliwt of Wotai Mfd 

Greenaway, Henry Cliarlei, son of Mrs. Greenaway, Church End 

Finchley, N. (Mr. Warner'*) 

Grissell, Hartwell De la Gkirde, son of T. Grisseil, Esq., Norbory Fvt 

Dorking. (Mr. Weatcott's) 

licft in is:>5; RN.C. Oif., KCU and n.A. 1865; M.A. 1886; ChuibM-kia to hffm 
riuj IX. and Lmi XI 11., lN«'>.-.r>. 

//. Pf la G, GriMfU^ Emi.^ Rome, 

Gonter, William, son of J. Guntcr, Ei^i., Cole Hill House, Fulham. 

(Mr. Ozenluun^s) 

St. JobD'eOill. Camb., B.A. IMO ; Cha|il. R.N., retired, 1881 ; CanU-la<cbMtB of Liuk 

Rer. W. OuiUerj Little Samp/onl Rfctnrtfy Brainiree. 

Hayes, Samuel Herculei, son of Sir E<linund Hayes, 3rd Bart, M.F. 

Drumboe Cai^tlo, Stranorlar, Ca Donegal. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Loft in IK57 ; Bnai|m 21st Fneiliern, M^'tS ; ICtb Fixit. 18.^0; 2imI Uf^Goavda, 1880; 0^4., 
1M7 ; J.r. and D.U for Co. I)(»ue(pil, Ili^b Sberiff, 18i« ; enooeeded aa 4tb But., ISM. 

Sir SatMul Ilayes^ Jiart,, cm above. 

Heberden, Henry Buller, son of the Kw. W. lleberden« Broadhemharr 

Vicarage, Honiton. (Mr. Ozenham's) 

I^eft Midi. 18.'>8: Monitor, l>.'.7->); Ex«ter CU. Oxf., B.A. 1882: M.A. 1865; Cnnle of 
Gainaboroofrb, \f^A\ ; of Uffcnlmo, lb(M-T2 ; RecUir of Utcbflekl, 1672-6 ; of SlM**'^ 
1»T6-W: of OddiUf^'ton. 1M<0. 

Rev, IL B. Heberden, Oddingfon Rectwy^ SiouHm-the-Wold, 

Hornby, Edward Eenworthy, .son of W. II. Hornby, Esq., Blackburn. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Loft Dec. 1857 ; in IraaineBs. 

Ingle, John, son of J. Ingle, Esq., Sandford Orleigb, Xc\i'ton Abbot. 

(Mr. BradbyV) 

Magd. llall Oxf., 1862 : Mimetiiue in the 7^th HiKhlandem. 

J, Liglff AVy., 25, Kni$ington Gate^ W, 

Jackson, Randle, son of E. J. Jack.son, Esc]., C, Coatcs Crescent, Edin- 
burgh. (Mr. HarTifiO 

Left in 1864; Ensiffn 77th East Middleeez Beet., l^or. ; Lieut. 82iid GoniwaU L.I., 1861; 
Capt. 8tb King's Own Rnyal Irii^h Hiumni, 1m>7 ; retired, 1JC4 ; M^. Ftfb Usht Hom 
VoL, 1887 ; J.P. foi Co. Fife ; J.r. tind D.L. fnr Cn. Ross. 

^faj. Randle Jackson ^ Sivoi'dale^ Erantoiij Rogs-eliire. 


Jekyll, Edward Joseph. 



I, suii of E. J. H. Jekyll. Esq., Bratnley House, 
iUltord. (Sfr. Hams') 

..IW.!,-. snUiTKlEdbBfigt., IMS; nUnd HOpl., 18TT: J.F. toi Co. BalfunL 
Capl. /.'. J. JrkijU, nigliam Burij, Ampthiil, Bed*. 
LaacellBS, Frank CavendiBh, son of the Rt Hon. W. S. S. Lascellea, 
Camiiden HiU, W. (Mr. Bradby's) 


EiiiEianL juhI MlnJjier FloaipD. 

Sir Frank C. LaiaUeK, G.C.M.G., St. Jamt^ Club, S.W. 
Latham, Ernest, xvn of A. lAtham, Esq., S3, Norfolk Street, W. 

(Mr. Simpkinson'a) 

Long, Henry Charles Ihidley, son of H. C. Long, Esq., Travellers" Club, 

S.W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Luck, Frederick George, son of the Rev. C. Luck. (Uome-Boarder) 

Karshali, Francis Albert, son of W. Marshall, Esq., 8G, Eaton Square, 

S.W. (Mr. WeskotfB) 

sr Coll, OiT., IKt : Clrrk Id Andit on«. SoRietnet Hdiw : II WEU-kDOflii iilajwilalit ; 

■eredith, Charles, a 

1 of the Hon. C. J. Murray. Warren 
(Mr. Simpkinflon's) 

•nil. 1S«!: Lint.. IMS: afUnudi U«it.<k,L 


New Square, Lincoln's Inn, 
(Mr. Harris') 

TUB. CIL Olf., B.A. )MJ; JC.A. 18«. 

Knrray, Frederick John Qeorge, so 

Wood, Herts. 

Venan CoU. tilf., 1658: GUTTist lUb Hi 
3nl L>ra^nxiD Oiwrdi : Bimm of Oflc 

Pardee, John, sou of the Rev. J, Pardoe, Lejton Vicarage, Essex. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Trin. Cull. Cno^b,, Q.A. IBSI: Canlaor HIUhlD, tJIU-ll: otBC tpptiljM. UlUihlD. IMO-TS ; 
of Gnlv^ley. H«l«, lS73-» ; R«fair n( (innlej, laTP-BI. Died In X^M. 

Fhipps, Edmnnd Constantine Heniy, sou of the Hon. E. Pbippa. 17, Park 
Lane, W. (Sir. Warner's) 

EdmmI Diplnn^tk ServlH ; ?iiil Bac„ 1BD6 ; Coiinl.aaii. tor Hungu;, wlih nek of Sh. 
uf Legation, 1881. 

£■. C. H. Phipi-t, Eiq.. St. Jiimei CliA, S.W. 
Rickman, Albert Divett, aun of S. P. Rickman, Esq., 5, Adelcude Crescent, 
Brighton. (Mr. RcDdall's) Htils. 18M: BuIkd B1i1« BrlRmb, IMi; I.lent., 1S58; iDtcipnCei mi Inwinotn Id 
MuikBtrj, lS«i ; DiBdnl ud dun. K,W. f nmtiu, ISSM ; Ctpt., I9U8 ; Uiij. Il4i,, l^D ; 
LittH-OoL, IBSl. 

Lieiit.-Cnl. A. D. Hickman, Eingtton Litlt, Wantage. 
Kogers, Henry Uiddleton, son of J. Rogers, Esq., lUver Mill, Sevenoaks. 
(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

l^< Xida. iase:Ci<ckM Xt.. 18[i»: QiIIIdI CuU. Oif. :«>laT-J iDritao C.S., 1800; JUR. 
Hb(. ud ColJ. Sbabjalwiipnn. IMS-IS ; iD rboraa of FhlUlbHl mb. dlv. ud •MtlouAt, 
i<t&-» : Jkml. BBttlnnmt OWiiar. Utaal DIuHm, ; AilniRitrh DlHriiit, 1I17S : 
rengjviid Ilunki of S«. at Stnu (or iriuluct dnnue llic flnodi id Uuu ellj ; Joint Hmg. 
uf AllAhntBd, 1»T3 4: lii'nlldal, 18T1. 

J7. M. Rogen, Etq., llwilhall Eltni, Tunbridgf WtUt. 
Sneyd, Henry, son of T. Sneyd, Esq.. Barton House, Dawlish. 

(Mr. Osenbam's) 
roll. Coll. Oil., B.A. iMi : M,A. lan. 
Toogood, Frederick Baruch, son of J. B. Toogood, 
I Devon. 

I^H n*lUol CoU. Oir., 1M>T : Sl Albui 11*11 OiT., D.A, ISOS ; BuniBn, 

^^^k milUiiiniiUrT Agaot. 

^H /*. £. Toogood, Eiq., ]G, i^urliam^nt Sfrnf, 



Townihendy Frederick Trench, Hon of R. Townshendt Eaq^ Myron Wooi 

Vo. Cork. (Mr. RendAlTi) 

ExM«r C(ill. Ozf.. a A. IMO: <^lrMC uid flmb-LlML ted Ufe Omnli. Un ; OtapL. 1»; 
Mrvsd in the KuyiitUn W«r, wmuimImI «t KaoMaiA, Brar. of U«at.<ODl., «fc <ki 
<>miuii«h and Khatlivai 8Ur, IHK! ; lJ«ot.-CuL A.-fi. 

CoL Toinuhend, 6, U'i7//(im Sfref /, Low$tde$ Square^ 8. W. 

Upcher, Henry Morris, son of 11. R. UiKher, Em.. Sharin^um Hifl, 

Cromer. (Mr. K U. VMgfau's) 

lieft NkU. 1<^'><t; Cricket XI., ukl biikiar of Bbrl^tUia BittiM Omp. ISSt; Toil (M 
Quub. ; J. I*. And C.C. fur Xorfulk. 

If. .1/. {^A/r, AVc/., J./'.. /i>u< //ci//, fW/iwtf, iVbi/eift; 

Vicken, Randall William, son of \V. H. Vickera, Esq., 38, Baker Stmt, 

W. (Mr. RendalTd 

Ii»ft in lMr.7: Rioter CII. Oif.. RA. IMS; M.A. 1806; bdd nuiow OandM. 1«»: 
\iinr of I'Lihill, InTI-m ; uf Naimm, Yurk, IS7H. 

y^rr. Ramhdl \\\ Viekerg, Nabum Vicara^^ York, 

Webster, George Kennedy, son of U. WelMtcr, Esq., Rozetk, Uarrov. 

G, K, Webtttrr, E»q.^ Inrfrereran^ ^PP^^ Arg^flMirt, 

Williams, Ueishon de Avon, f4on of W. Williams, Esq., Aberpergvi, 

Neath, S. WaIca. (Mr. HbdMs) 

IMrd In I'i'tfS. 

Williams, Michael, sou of W. Willinnis, Em(|., who was created a But 

IHG(J, Tre^ullow, Truro. (Mr. Oxenhtm'c) 

Left I>c«. 1S&7 : Oriel Ot'll. Oxf.. U.A. INB ; M.A. ISM ; J.P. for Dutod. 

JA WilliamM, Eatf., J.P,, 0, SackriUt Street, IT. 

Williamson, Alexander Balfonr, son of J. Williamson, Esq., CardroH 

HoiisiN IVfhK N.H. (Mr. Bradbyi) 

Sitnietinie LienL 7sth lliK)ilaiHl«ra ; J.l*. fi>r i\m. Teeblea and Selkirk. Med ta 1M&. 

Wilson, Fitzroy, son of H. Wilson, E.s4|., Stowlangtoft HalL Buy Si 

K(liniin«ls. (Mr. Usm') 

EnsLffn Ritle DriKado, l^> ; Liont., ISrtO : Oipt., IfCl ; ji t.r. ; Oarrlaoa lMtracU>r, Smm 
Dirirkt, 1>71 ; retiml «iih ruiik of M^j.. ImM. 

Wilson, William Reginald, son of J. Wilson, Enq., Brinkcliffe Tom. 

near Slietiicld. (Mr. MiddlemistV) 

Left NiJa. 18.06; Trin. C«ill. Giiiili., RA. 1^1 ; M.A. 1M4; CnraU of BoktanhiM, Tui 
1S62-0 ; uf Knareiburuuyh, ImW ; Viuir uf l]i>bteriiune, 1M7 ; Rval Dmb of nad^rfrii. 

Rev, W, R. Wilson, liuUtfrKtone Vicarage, Shejfidd. 
Wodehonse, Charles, son of C'ol. V. Wo<lohouso, Bcwdloy. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

I^ft in is'.r. ; juineil I2th RmiKiy N.I., is:.'.; uft^rwanU Uent.-Ool. and Hon. OoL 1J8lC 
and rolitienl Aisent at Kiilimiinr, Rmiliiiy. Died at aea, un hia mj homo, IM. 

Tates, William Hassells, son of Capt. Yates, R.N. (Mr. Bradby's) 

EBtraBceii !■ Mmj 1SB3. 

Bright, Hngh Theyler, son of S. Bright, Est|., T^iverpooL (Dr. Vanghan's) 

Hansbnrg, Leopold Promoli, son of F. Ij. Hausburg, Esq., 24, Church 

Street, LiveriKwl. (l)r. Vaugfaan's) 

Hawes, Edward, son of R. Hawe.>4, Ks<i., Coltishall, Norwich. ((Mr. SteeKs) 

Left MiJa. 1K>3: Exeter CoR Oxf., U.A. l%iC2; M.A. IWt \ Solidtur. 

E. Haives, Ettq., 7, Great Wiurhrster Street, E.C, 

Hudson, John Alfred, son of J. O. Hiids^on, Esq., :\ Connaught Place, W. 

(Mr. Drniy's) 

Left Mida. 18i7 ; Trin. Coll. Ciiub. ; Rirridter. 


. 6toT. 1863.] CHARLES JOHN VAUOHAN, 207 

' flhapter, John Oibls, son of J. Shapter, Esq., 20, Devonshire Place, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

'Swiimy, Henry Ho0te, son of the Rev. H. H. Swinny, Mortlake. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Xmign 22Dd B«gt., 1861 ; Li«nt, 1868. 

Warner, George Townsend, son of the Rev. G. T. Warner, Harrow. 

(Mr. Warner's) 

Ltft MidB. 1858 ; Trin. GoU. Camb., B.A. 1668 ; M.A. 1868 ; Cnmt« of 8t Mary MagtUleDo's, 
Ton^nay, 1864-7 ; Head Mactor of Newton CoUege, DeTonahira, 1875. 

Rev. O, T, Warner^ Newton College^ Devon. 

Bntraaccfl In Jaae 1S5S. 

Denny, Robert Arthur, son of the Rev. R D. Denny, Shedfield F&rsonage, 

Wickham, Hants. (Mr. Oxenham s) 

Sometime Lieut. 22nd Regt. ; ancoeeded bia nnole aa 5th Bart., 1889. 

Sir Robert A, Denny , Bart.^ Naval and Military Club, W. 

Xolesworth-St. Aubyn, Walter Napleton, son of the Rev. H. Molesworth- 

St Aubyn, Clowance, Camborne, ComwalL 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

PreYloiuly at Marlborongh Coll. ; Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 1861 ; M.A. 1866 ; Barriater, 1868 ; 
M.P. fbr Helaton, 1880-85. 

W, MokBuwrth'St Aubyn, Esq., 1, Brick Court, Temple, E.C. 
Heal, William, son of W. Neal, Esq., 7, Park Oescent, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left in 1856 ; entered the Army, 1857 ; Gapt. 52nd L.I., retired ; J.P. for Somenet. 

Capt, W. Neal, King^don, Somersetshire. 

Thomas, William Jones, son of the Rev. W. J. Thomas, Newcastle Court, 

Kington, Herefordshire. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Deo. 1854 ; aometlme Gapt. 2nd Dragoon Gn&rda ; Indian Mutiny medal, 1858 ; A.D.C. 

to the QneiBn, 1889 ; CJol. 8rd Batt. aW. ~ ' " ~ ' ~ 

Breconahire, and Badnoiahire. 

to the Qneen, 1889 ; Ck>l. 8rd Batt. S.W. Borderen ; J.P. and D.L. for Herefordahire, 
~]reconahire, and Badnoiahire. 

Col. W. J. Thonuu, Llanthomas, near Hay, Breconshire. 

Bntnuiccfl In Bepteaiber 1S5S. 

Adair, Henry Atkinson, son of A. Adair, Esq., Heatherton Park^ Taunton. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1856 ; Bnaign 52nd Ozfordahire L.I., 1858 ; Lient., 1860 ; Inatmotor of Mnaketry, 
1865 ; A^., 1865 ; Gapt.. 1867 ; AcU- let Somerset MUitia, 1868 ; Hon. Mig., 1878 ; iu^. 
4th Ozfordahire L.I., 1885 ; Beomiting Officer, Ozon. ; aerred in the Indian Mutiny 
Campaign, 1858-9. 

Maj. H, A. Adair, Oxfordshire L.L, Dunskey, Oxford. 

Arkwright, Edwin, son of J. Arkwright, Esq., Hampton Court, Hereford. 

« (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Monitor, 1857-8; Merton GoU. Ozf., B.A. 1864; M.A. 1866; ordained, 1865; formerly 
Aaat. Chapl. Hampton Court Palace. 

Rev. E. Arkwright, 36, Seymour Street, W. 

Becher, John Henry, son of the Rev. J. D. Becher, Hill House, Southwell 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. GolL Comb., B.A. 1861 ; J.P. for Notta. 

J. H, Becher, Esq,, as above. 
Bill, John, son of J. Bill, Esq., Farley Hall, Cheadle. (Mr. Middlemist^s) 

Pled in 1856. 


Birch, Bichmrd Onlum, son of Lieut-CoL Birch, India. (Mr. IW) 

SttiiiMiiuo SOth Rcgt. ; cnUml the IndUa Army ftud gVMUj 

Bonldenon, Samuel, M>n of S. M. Booldenoiu Esq., Invoraire, Bum, 

N.B. (Mr. WanMr'4 

8«nrail dniioff ib« Indiu Mattny «lth R.A. at FMmww. 1867; wllk LteTs 
Hone, IM&M.9 : ■enol «iih l7th Unoan in Xnhi Wm*. |ifnwl Aft Ulnii, w 
da|Atch«, lli«T«t Ll«Qt.4;ul., lutiUl with clMp, ISTl. Bled te ItML 

Bonlton, Joseph, mm of T. Ikjulton, Eaci., Forebridge \llla» Staffoid 


Left Hee. 18M ; Trio. Coll. Camh.. RA. IMl ; JoliMd ISth Foot, 1881 ; mktt^UVk 
IIoMan, IDdS ; Mnrcd In New Zealand War : J. P. for DoimI^ Metf BagfL Ulh, VBi 

Brymer, William Ernest, Ron of J. Ho'mer, Esq., Timngtnn Earn, 

Don'bi*st(T. (Mr. Drvff 

Urt Eai.t. I>ss : Trin. CvlL Caiiib.. B.A. IMl ; M.A. 1164 ; M.P. for flniriilM. WM; 
for 8. Iti'raet. \i*v\- ; M^. g.H.Y.C. ; J.l*. fur Duiwt, lllch BbulM, imttl D^ fm 
Gnuul MMtcr, mmec. 

\V. E. Ihinnrr, Etui., .V.P., oi above, 
Capel, Arthur William, son of E. S. Caiiel, Esq., India. (Mr. Ozenkn^ 

Maj. UeOKal CiTalry. 

Castellain, Alfred, son of A. Cnstcllain, Emj., Aigburth, IjTerpooL 

(Mr. MUdl 

Left Dec. 18*ks ; lialli,.! Ciill. Oxf., RA. 186C ; M.A. 1865 ; Vie»€WHlfQr CUli, IBML 
J. CaatrHaiiif Emj., The Dtp^terhaugh^ Iloxme^ Scolt^ NcrfolL 

Castellain, Charles, brother of i\w aliove. (Mr. Middkntfti) 

Left Ilec. lH'rf< ; HallinI CM. Oif.. It.A. IMt!; M.A. 1M&. 

C. Giitellain, E»i,, 22, PathMd RiKui, Streatham Cowumm^ 8,W. 

Chaplin, John Worthy, s<m of W. J. (Iiaplin, Esq., M.P., Ewhunt M 

HasiniTHtftki'. (Mr. SimpkiiMOiV 

Uft ill l^M*i: En«Um OTth Kck't.. l^'^"*: Litfut. IflOih Rcfft., IHO: Oant^ 8ik Hvhhi. UB: 
Mi\j.. IHTT; Lient.-CVl., 1^7D: V.C, I Mil ; (ML, IMC; niedali for Chim nd A|^ 
Wiini; retired. I'^M. 

Col, J, \V. Chaplin^ Kihxtxnth Hall, LeieeMier, 

Clntton, Behert George, ^m of J. CMutton, Esq., 8, AVhitehaU Place, SiV. 

(Mr. DnBy'4 

Left MuIm. \f'M\ \jktv\ SiirTeyi>r. 

R. h\ Cluttou, /-V/., % Whitehall Place, S.W, 

Cochrane, James Henrj, nt-phew of l\. E. G. Morris, Esq., (Tonservstm 

ClnK S.W. (Mr. Ymi) 

Darlington, Frederick Arthur, 8on of J. Darlington, Esq., Sbepley BA 

I^ecls. (Dr. Vangjisa'i) 

Drewe, Albert Cecil Robert, son of E. S. Drewe, Enq., Orange, Honiton. 

(Mr. Oxenhsm'i) 

Elwes, Charles Walter, son of J. yi. FAwen, Esq., Bossington, Stockbridie. 

Hants. (Mr. Wsneri) 

Fladgate, Francis Pedro, son of J. Fladgate, E.<^., Oporto. (Mr. Drarfi) 

Left EahI. \t*V,. 

Fraser, Alexander Oeorffe, son of \V. Fmscr, Esq., Skipnesa, Aivf IUuR< 

X.lT. (Home-BosrdB) 

Left in l^riO ; held Cnniniiwious in the !!2ni1 an<l SOth Regta. ; a Sqnattar in QttMHiiad. 

A, G. Frw<ef, Enq., Manuka, Queensland. 

Fraser, James Campbell, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Fraser, Reginald Simon, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Oibb, Duncan, son of D. Gibb, Esq., LiverjKK)!. (Mr. Dmy^ 

Left Vte, 18&&. 


i-WjUj Ashlej Carr, son of G. C. Glyn, Esq., M.R, afterwards 1st Baron 

Wolverton, Stanmore rark, Middlesex. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Dec 1867; Unir. CoU. Oxf., B.A., 1 Law and Hiit, 1862; Barristor, 1864. Died 
^ Sept 11th, 1875. 

4Boili2ig, Hdnry Xonteith, son of Maj. Gosling. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

JardiBge, Herbert Richard, son of lieut-Col Hardinge, Shooter's Hill, 

Woolwich. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Eaat 1854 ; Eiulgn 82nd Regt. ; Lieat., 1861 ; Capt., 1868 ; Lieat.-€k>L retiied. 

Jtoathfleld, Edward Eamei, son of Mrs. Heathfield, Harrow. 

E. E. Heathfiddf Esq., ProhaU Office^ Somerset House^ W.C. 

Xonalej, Robert Mitton, son of Mrs. Hensley, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Monitor, 1868-9. 

XotcbkiB, John, son of J. H. Hotchkis, Esq., Llanwysk Villa, Crickhowel. 

(Mr. Steers) 

J.P. and D.L. for Co. Brecon ; J.P. for Ck>. Radnor. 

J. Hotchkis, Esq,, J. P., Northwoodf BuUth. 
JTamieson, Robert, son of G. Jamieson, Esq., Glasgow. 

Monitor, 1857-8 ; Balliol CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1864; M.A. 1865 ; Barriater, 1865. 

IdddelL Robert Spencer, son of Sir J. liddell, C.B., Greenwich Hospital, 

S.E. (Mr. Drury^s) 

Left East. 1857 ; Comet 10th Hunan, 1858 ; Lieat., 1859 ; Capt., 1868. 

IfftfrA^^^^j Jamei John Loudon, son of J. MacAdam, Esq., Tindon End, 

Thaxted, Essex. (Mr. Drury*s) 

Left Mida. 1858 ; sometime Mi^. 7th Dragoon Onaxds ; Mi^* Beienre of Offloera, 1874 ; J.P. 
for K e ne x and Dorset. 

Maj, J, J, L. MacAdam, Sherborne, Dorset. 

XirehonBe, John, son of the Rev. W. S. Mirehouse, Hambrook Grove, near 

Bristol. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Deo. 1857 ; Clare CoU. Camb., B.A. 1862 ; M.A. 1866 ; Beotorof Colsterworth, Lincoln, 
1864- . 

Rev, J. Mirehouse, Colsterworth, Lincoln, 

OgilYie, Hngh Robert, son of W. C. Ogilvie, Esq., Harrow. 


Bameden, Frank, son of Capt. P. Ramsden, RN., Hexthorpe, Doncaster. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., a A. 1862 ; M.A. 1864 ; Barrister, 1866 ; J.P. and D.L. for W. Biding, Yorlcs. 

F, Ramsden, Esq., J.P,, as above. 

Oiore, Hon. Charles John, son of the 2nd Baron Teignmouth. Langton 

Hall, Northallerton. (Mr. K H Vaughan's) 

Left East. 1856 ; Lieut, and Capt. Boots FnsUier Gnards, retired, 1864 ; Mi^. and Lieut -Col. 
1st Batt. N. Riding Yorks. B.V. ; J.P. and D.L. for N. Riding Yorks. ; suooeeded as 3rd 
Baron, 1885. 

Lord Teignmouth, 3, Waru3ick Square, S, W, 

Smjlj, William CeciL son of J. G. Smyly, Esq., Q.C., 23, Upper Merrion 

Street, Dublin. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec. 1858 ; FootbaU XI., 1858 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., LL.B., 186S ; Pies. Unir. Boat Club, 
1868 ; C.U. Eight, 1862-8 ; Barrister ; Q.C., 1891. 

W. C. Smyly, Esq., Q,C, 36, St, Georges Square, S.W. 

Stewart, Duncan, son of J. Stewart, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 



Storr, Francis, hoii of the Ilev. F. SStorr» Acton Vicanga, Nantwicb. 

(Mr. Fanvs) 

I^t Mkb. 1S57 : MnnitAr. IM^' : Trin. Cull. CainK, Bchol., 18W ; BJL, 6lh Ckflic. IXI: 
Dell Univ. SchuL, 1S'*8 ; Biith Fnnii MjwIw Ib Marlboroogh OolL ; Chkf Hmht df 
Mud. 8u))iccU, Merchaot Tajlun' Schiiol. 

F. SU>rr, E»q., 40, Mccklenhurgh Sqmart, W.C. 

Strutt, Henry, uon of the Ht Hon. E. Stnitt, M.P., afterwaids Ist Baroo 

l)ul|H*r, Kingston Uall, Kegworth, Dvby. 

(Mr. Hams') 

Left NkU ISM>; Cricket XI.. I.W.) ; FiJ»tl»]l, XI., lUT-d *. Trln. ObU. GHabc, UL.a, IW: 
I.UM.. IMS ; ClLtiriiuui of Uiurter HoMlnna and of C.C. fur Kotu. ; Lkak-CoL Swit 
Noiu Yen. Ckv. ; M.I*. fi>r K. Derbyshire. ltMW-74 ; fur Bvwick-oa-Tradi, UM; w 
ceeded «a Snd Uarun, l^^0. 

Lord Helper^ lu abort, 

Thompson, Edward Tanghan. Kon of Mrs. W. H. Thompson, Holly Hedp 

Cottap.% HnniiMtcad. (I>r. VaugfaanV) 

Scilicitor, lAitS : iiaitner in the flriii of lleM-hcMift, Thnni|ariD, llajr, k, Lidwmid, Loadon. 

E, V, Thompson J Etuf., 9, uW 11, TheobakTs Road, W.C. 

Tower, Christopher John Hume, son of C. Tower, Esq., Uuntsmore Fart 

Ivor, Buckrt. (Mr. Harris') 

Ch. Ch. Oif.. U,A. IWir* ; M.A. ISTS ; J.P. and D.L. for Embz, High SteriS; 18»: Briil 
of the Inner Tenii>le, XhHX 

C, J, H, Toieer^ Esq.^ ati abore. 

Trotter, William, son of A. Trotter, Es<i., Devonshire Place House, W. 

(Mr. MiddlemiAi) 

J. p. and Coniniiaainner of Snpply fur Cu. Lanark. 

\V. Tntitfr^ /ii»7., St/tlenhurat^ near Godalming, Swrey. 

Walker, William Ormerod, son of \V. Walker, Esq., Summerfield, B1117. 

Manchester. (Mr. £. H. Vane's) 

J.r. for Co. LancMter ; aumctinie Cafit. 7th Royal LMioaahire MilitU. 

IK. 0. Waik'ci-f Esij,, J.r,, cu abort. 

Watson, Frederick, son of T. Watson, Es<i., Bitteswell, LutterwortL 

(Mr. Oxenham '») 

Wheeler, Henry James William, .>^<»ii of H. J. AVheeler, Eaq., 27, Hjdc 

IVirk Gardens, W. (Mr. Harm! 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., n.A. 1M2 ; M.A. ISflJ ; Rirriater, ls«5. 

Wigram, Ernest, ^tm of the Kcv. W. P. Wigrani, Wanstead Rectorr, Effies. 

(Mr. Simpkiiiion's) 

Mapl. Coll. Oxf., Doiiiy. 1SMMt4 ; D.A. \9M ; M.A. 1S65 ; Vicar of BnjrtoB, ToikB.,lK»7S: 
of Whitl^, 1S78-5. I>lc4 Sept. 0th, lb7(;. 

EmtniBCCt In JuBaarj 18M« 

Ainslie, Aymer, son of the Kev. Dr. Ainslie, Ma.ster of Pembroke CoIL 

Canibridp'. (Mr. KendaD») 

cu. Riicket Plnyer, Bin^lcv. IS'.Ki, I>»u1iIm. IsOO-M. 

-1. Ainslie, Entj.^ /fall (rarthj Carnforth. 

Bathnrst, William Addington, son of tlie Kev. W. H. Bathorst, Darier 

Ciro\*e, Matlock. (Mr. I^elpfiJ 

Trin. Coll. Canih.. D.A. 1R<» ; M.A. IHGt: Vicar of St. John's, Walbun Gimb, IMS; if 
llnly Trinity, Ejutbunme, l^TS. 

Her, W, A. liathurnt, Trhitttf Viairagfy Eastbourne, 

Bereer, Capel Henry, son of C K IkTger, Es^i., l, Maitland Place, homtt 

Clapton, X. (Mr. Oxenlwn's) 

Monitor, 1859 ; founded the Schoul M luiad Society, li^7. Med JuB. Stai» ISMu 

J AS. 185-1.] 



Braaaej, Henry Arthnr, son of T. Bmasey. Esq, 66, liowndes &!uare, 8.W. 

(Mr. Bratlby'a) 

l/al", CIl. I>if,. DA. |6«; M.*. ISBS; W.P, t-i Smdi-iiih, I8(W.M; J.F. ud D.L. foi 
Kgnt. High Hhirriir, IHUa DiMl Ma/ IStb. 1§«1. 

Brooke, Henry Vaugliail, son of Col. Brooke, Lansdown PIftce. Cheltenham. 

CMr. Harrb') 

Enaijni 64ih Bjgt., ISM : Litnl,, 18flO; Oipl,, IBM. 

Corbet, Rowland William, sou of R. Corbet, Esq., Adderley Hall, Market 
Drayton. (Mr. Harria') 

Ltd IlidL IS,',; ; Tiin. Coll. C«nih., B.A. IBM; K.A. IMl ; CunUnf BodmiMUr, \mls ; 
BhUii nl Stuks^n.TBin, ISOil. 

lit,'. R. W. Cui-IkI, Stokf. Rectory, Market DmyUm. 
Davis, Richard Perclval, son of R. Davis, Esq., Champion Hill, S.E. 

(Mr. Kimjikinson's) 
Deverell, Jolm Croft, son of J. DevcruU, Esq., rurbrook I'ark, Portsmouth. 

(Mr. Phelps') 

Trio. CV.]]. Canib. : SoUnltur. 

J. C. DerereU, Etq., 9, iVew Square, Lincoln'* Inn, W.C. 
Ellis, Hon. Jolm Cbarlee, sun of the Gth Barou Howard de Walden. 

(Dr. Vaughan'a) 

Eniiml RN., Wi\. Dlrd .N'ai. Sib, ISaO. 

Eyre, Goorge Edward Briscoe, son of G. E. Eyre, Eao,, Warens, Lynd- 
hural, Hants. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Lift Hl<Ii. 1SSD: UuBltoi, ISM-g; BiIIIdI OdII. Out.: Hon. CUm In Fliul Bohwla uhI 
Schonl at LiiKuid HliU; B.A. tad M.A. I8M1 OomMud linL Ilainil Wilt* T«., 
isa.-,4t ; flnt <J«tlig V«i]>r« ot Nsw Foial nnrki Ael of IBTT ; J.F. for Wllti ud 
HjidU ; HmH^MQr'a pilnut, lB83j f<nin<Iad ScbDot Hnalnl FiIb*. IBTT. 

O. E. B. Eyre, Etq., J. P., oj aboee. 
FoBter, Thomas Robins, son of R. Foster, Esq., Ca.stlc, Ixistwithiel. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Lefl Dk, IS^^; Uiulng Eii4:lnHr, 

Fremantle, John Charles Stephen, son of Mrs. Fremantle, .'>, Tilney 
«tiuet, I'iirk Une, W. (Dr. Vauslian's) 

Gribble, Thomas William, poh of T. Uribble, Esq., Vicarage, Harrow. 


Ijift iu \Ka-. VlnB\ti,!,'\>av-rti; Unir. C-ilt. nil,, Subnl.. tMO; OaigH C.S. ; FunUuiuMr 
Oin. of DoDinl. DlMl <jr cboltiH >L CUoutt* In IMO. 

Hasell, John Edward, son of E. W. HosvU, Eik|., Daleoiain, I'ttnritb. 

(Mr. Oxenluun's) 

irlgJ Coll. oir.. B.A. 1BB3 : J.P. ud P.L, tnr Cniubnluid ud Wniiuonluid, HIgb 
ShaiUr. 1)(E7 ; Cur'. ■«' Hun. Mnj. Wuuiiunlud u>d Cambeiland Ym, C»t. 
1/. E. Haselt, Eiq,, at above, 
wklns, Cnaar Bichard, sou of Dr. E. Hawkins, Provost of Oriel, 
Oxford. (Dr. Vaiighan's) 

Hnltoii, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 


n of Mrs. 

in, Francis Thomas, ^^o 
, Ferdinand Uarshall, m 

Street, W, 

F. M. JluOi, Esq., 44, UpptT Groicenor Street, W. 
ickensie, Oeoree William Raaselli son of A. Mackende, Esq., Invenieae. 

(Mr. Bull's) 

H«rt<iDCDll.Oil. if^mHorCoIon-in-llu-Bliui, Dcrb]'. ISAM; Vlui. lS0C-;3; lunmbtDl 
of Korwowl. Otjiim. UTl 1 Asting 0. f. it ITUunualH. 

See. G, W. S. Mackame, Xtiuamaiex, Ctirfan. 


Karten, George ITiabet, son of T. P. Marten, Esq., la, Pu-k Creecent, W. 

(Mr. Ozei^am*s) 

Ut% Midi. 1K&9 ; Criektt XI.. 1R.'<9 ; FnHball ZI.. IS5M ; FnbrakAOolL Osf., BJL UC; 
iwrtoer in the flrni ut R. C. (hulth, Marun t, Co., Bftnkcn, Bi. Alteas ; J.P. for Hn: 
Ca|iC. U«rt« MllitU. 1M5.T0 ; AkL CC, liMtf. 

^. .V. J/ar/eif, Etq., J.P., MarthaU Wick, SL Albtm$, HerU 

Xorrii, Chriitopher B^oldi, son of J. G. Morru, Esq., Aiglnirtk 

Livcr|)0(>l. (Mr. Middlemisti) 

C. R. MorrU, Baron's Craig, DalhealiU^ N.B. 
Norrif, George, son of K. Norris, Etsq., liverpooL (Mr. BndbyV) 

Ord, John Henry, son of J. T. Ord, Esq., Fornham House, Bnrf St 

£<lniumU. (Mr. E. H. Vaii£hMi'») 

Med in Itoil 

Pemberton, Sholto Sdmoniton, son of Mrs. Pemberton, 3» Clifton Han, 

Sussex Siuare, W. (l>r. Vanghan's) 

lit I.ieut. RA., l!*W\ Mig., 1H?«U: Mrv«I agnlut Um tribn in N.W. Frootlar d Mo, 

Sainibnry, Robert, son of C. Saiusbury, Esq., Swainswick, Bath. 

(Mr. RenMs) 

Trio. Coll. CHub., II. A. 1S42 ; N.A. 1S65; beM Tarioiu Candn; prapttator of a |di«i 
rr«|HimtoT7 SchiNil. 

Rfv, R, Sainsbury, Branxstone, Godalming. 

Scovell, Angnetos Charlei, son of G. Scovell, Esq., 34, GroBvenor Fkce. 

S.\V. (Mr. Drmy'B) 

l^ft MicU. ISOO: Cb. Cb. Oxf., aA. 1861 

A, C. Sawell, E^q.. 39, EccUstan Sqttare, S.W. 

Smith, Albert, son of Abel Smith, Esq., Woodhall Park, Ware. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Midii. 1807; Cb. Cb. Oxf., aA. 1M2; M.A. 18M; Vloir of Wndovw, 1807; BAkd 

WenloTer, 1S77. 

Rec. A, Smithy The Vicaraffe, Wfrnlorer, Budst, 

Swainaon, John Honghton, son of J. Swainson, Esq., Aigburth. laTerpool 

Of r. Middlemut ») 

Left MitU 1800 ; Munitor. 1^60 : Trin. Cnll. Canib.. Scbol., IMS ; &A., 0th G^rie, 1«H: 
M.A. 1867; Fellow, 1666; UarrUter; princiiwlly eogiffid in Utaniy work. IM 
Feb. 8ib, 18P2. 

Taylor, Channcy Arthnr, son of K. C. Taylor, Esq., Bonghton Hut 

Staplehurst (Mr. Oxenham'fi) 

Sometime Ca]>t. SOtb R«gt. \ 3.1*. for Norfolk. 

C. -i. Taylor, Esq., J. P., Southfry Manor, Dotcnham Market, NorfolL 

Thomas, Jocelyn Henry Watkins, son of T.icut.-Gen. H. T. Thomas, C.E, 

Belfast. (Dr. Vangfaan's) 

Left EMt. 1S5S : Juineil ScoU Fiinilier GiunU. Is-'iO ; retired, 18M ; J.F. for Qomb's Ooo?. 

J. II. ir. Thomoj*, Esq., J, P., Bclmnnt, Carlow, Irtland, 

Upcher, Gterald, son of II. 11. ri»c'hcT, Em}., Shcringham, Cromer. 

(Mr. Tens) 

Cricket XI., 1800 : Trin. Coll. CaiiiiK Died 

Wilberforce, Ernest Roland, son of tliu lU. Kcv. S. Wilberforce, D.D., 

Hisbo]» of Winchester. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Exeter 0*1I. Oxf.. B.A. 1864; M.A. IMS; Rector of MiddletoD Bftonaj, 18a6«;Mfltf«C 
Senfortb, 1873-8 ; Caoon t>f Wincbekter, 187S4'2 ; lUaboi» of NewoMtlt, ISSi. 

The Rt. Rev. the Lord Bisfwp of Xnccastle, Benicell Tower, Nnoea»iU-<m-Tff»L 

Wood, William Cole, son of J. Wood, Es<i., Ashfield, Martock, Someraet 

(Mr. BoU's) 

Cb. rb. Oxf., B.A. 1864 ; narrinter, 1868 : J.P. aihI D.!^ for Gorawan. Hl^ flhniS; U:i; 
[)ep. Waideo of tbe Hunnariee ; aanuued tbe ramaiue of Pendarvib, 1881. 

W. C Peiidarces, Esq., Pendarres, Camborne, 


n Ftbraaty ISU. 

Farqnhar, Praacia Olennie, son of J. Fari|uhar. Esq.. Doctors' Commons. 
K.C. (L)]'. Vai^liui'B) 

n.S.r. iiif , Li.A. i>i(C ; CurnM Sort. Gnji, ISOt ; Onil., 1811 ; nUnd xlib nnk of Llimt,- 

Pearson, Albert Harford, son of the Rev, C, B. Pearson, Knebworth 
llcctory, Herts. (Mr, Brodby'a) 

K™CoU, ait,,B.A.lB«t B.C.L.iiBdM.A., 19«B; airriiter, 1S«T. 
EHtFkKcc* ta Haj I8H. 

Annand, John Harvajr, son of A. 8. Annand, Esq,, l, Berkeley Villiw, 
Cueitenlara, (Mr. Uxcnbam'ti) 

^ndUml. R.A.,lBST;C»l.'-,l91Wi Mn)., IBTd, 

Bagwell, Richard, 8on of J. Bagwell, E«|., Morlfield, Cloninel, Ireland. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Letl Dso. 1859 ; Ch. Ch. 0«f., B.JL iflW ; U.A. ISTI : Burirtet, IIM : J.P, tot Cw, Tlu. 
iwrarr itDii Wiierfonl : D.L Ibr Co. Tlppemr. High Shtiilf, 19OT. 

R. BoffiBtH, Eiq., J.P., HI abovf. 
Barker, Henry Frederick, son of J. H. Barker, Esq., East Ijodge, Bake- 
well. ^ (Mr. HeDdaH's) 

Bevan, Francis AngartM, aon of R. C. L. Bevan, Esq.. Trent Park, East 
Baniet, Herts. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

L>ft Midi. 1!5U ; Bnokor ; D.L. for Cit^ «! LaDdan. 1S<I1. 
F. A. Bevan, Etq., an abiece. 
"RiSZ, Lionel Oliver, son of L. O. Bigg, Esq., ComwaUia Grove, Clifton. 

(Mr. Middleraisl'B) 

I'niv. CnlL. Oil.. n.A. 1403 : U.A. IBOT : Ximt of CitiKlmiit. B>i>n. 18Ta. Died 

Bootli, Edward Thomas, son of E. Booth, Esq., Catstield House, Battle. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Lcfl UI'li. 1800: (h* caltbntal on)ltholci;l>t ; mnds nnnnrlralted ooUtetloD iittbebtidinf tbi 
Uniud K;ii|MDin. -hirh tw hoiucd in Iba Dyto Bond, BrlgliuiD, and bcqiiHthtd In jli 
.nliretj to Ihttl iBitn. Died F.b, Wi, 1800. 

Bosanqaet, 3llBt«TllS, son of A- Boaanquet, Esq., Oaidge, Southgate, N. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

UKMldi. ISMlMonilor. larAOT; PrimminrfTrin. CoU. Camb., B,A. 1854; ICl. Tli»L 
Tripcn uid dlbtlfiDuiihAd iti litbiaw. 180^ ; Cuute of Kutn^, 180^.7 ; of Ruli^uU. 
lMT-«: RwtorDtOlaFhlll, IMV, 

Rev. Q. Boiaiupul, Clophm Rtctory, Amplhill, Dtdt. 
Brooks, Artbnr, son of R. Brooks, Esq., Tooting Lodge, Tootbg. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

EnsleaiaUi Bicit., K'ji; Ciipl,,lBU; ntlnd, IBM. 

{ Brona, Montage Cecil, son of Cttpt Broun, R.N., 9, Queen's Parade. 
L Cheltenham. (Mr. BuU'a) 

I Inn Midi. \KA : jDina] Itth UiuKin. I8&T ; Unit..Cul. Huupaliin CuntjIutM. 

■ Lisul.-Col. J/. C. Dr»im, 2, WUliam Street, LomttUt Squai-t. S. IF. 
Craven, Hon. Oeorg^e QrimstOB, son of the 2nd Earl of Craven. IG, Charles 

Street. Berkeley Square, W. (Mr, Harris') 

Suu'.elimsdi.l. BcouCiuidi; Lntd-I.itnl, ol B<rii>: Cipt. Wvwidiibin Vw. 0>*. ; D.L. 
ft'i Vl-irnickthln ; >nc»alBlu3nl Eulof Cnran, IBM. Died Dm. Tlh, ISStL 

_Currey, William £dmand, son of F, E, Currey, Esq., lismore Coetle, 

■ Ireland. (Mr, Kendall's) 

Moiular, I»:.|l: Trio. ColJ. Cuub.. Scbol., IMI. 6.A., Alb Clwlc, 1803: FiIWx, 19IU: 
m* of H.N. Iiu(«<iUin ot Schucilv 


Dale, Alfred Taylor, son o( Mtk Dale, Kalthill, Slongh. (Mr. Hurel 

Davenport, Henry, son of W. l)aveni>ort, Esq., Maer Hall, Whitmon. 

Stokc-oii-Tn-nt (Mr. Ozenhui's) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf.. 1H69. 

//. Davenport, E«r/., HW/^iiw Lodge^ TarporUiff Okeihirt. 

Earle, Alfred, flon of W. Karle, Emi, Grove Hill, C!amberwelL 

(Mr. Bendiiri) 

Uft Ln l!<.'4: MariI. Coll. Oxf.. RA. IMS; ll.A. 1806; oiddMd, 1886; OuaMof bi^ 
isdi) ; Cbapl.. R.N.. IN17 ; R« of Fttruit. 189a 

Rer, A. EarU\ Forant Rectory^ Saliibufy, 

Earle, Kicholas Albert, Hon of X. Earle, Esq., Matfield, FallovMd, 

MaiiehoHter. (Mr. DrvT'^ 

Left Dec. If^'iS ; SoUriUir. 

AT. A, Earle, Enq., Edgemoor, Kenal, Manehetier^ 

Evana, Arthur Edward, son of the Rov. W. E. Evan^ BnrUm Coot, 

I^^oininster. (Mr. MkkUemiit^ 

Franklen, Thomas Xansell. son of R Franklen, Esq., (Sementstooe, 

BridgiMid, Glamorganshire. (Mr. OzenliAm's) 

Ixft IVc. lAM ; rnstniMter of Merton ColL Ozf., 1&S9, KA. 1861 ; M.A. 1867 ; BviMff, 
I'HU : Clerk of tbe Vm/ct of liluuoipui, IR78. 

71 JA Franklett, E»q.. St. Hilary, Cowhridgt^ 8. WaUM. 

Graves, Albert Reginald, son of R. Graves, Esq., Charlton Hook. 

Salisbury. (Mr. RenM's) 

Trin. Coll. Ciuiib.. RA. IsA-J ; M.A. I>«4l0: llanifltor. 1965 ; J.P. for Wilta wl Danrt: 
■oiuetiiiie Va\A. lUiyal Wilt a Militia. Dlfd in ItutO. 

Gnest, Angnstus Frederick, son of Sir Josiah J. Guests Ist Bart,M.P^ 

('anfi>r(l Manor, Winibomc. (Mr. RendftU's) 

Coin It. Univ. Dlrd May 23nl, IMIJ. 

Harrison, William John Rose, stm of tho Rev. J. H. Uarriaon, Bngbroob 

Rectory, Wei^lon. (Dr. Van^han's) 

Lieut. RA., ISOO; Cai>t., 1S74. 

Holmes, William James Owen, son of the Rev. W. Holmes. Scole Hoose, 

Ni»rfolk. (Mr. RendsU's) 

Left Mills. ISM ; Rniiiuvn. Coll. Cjiiiili. ; J.P. for Norfolk. I8SS. 

W, t/. 0. Holmes, Ei^tf., StniiH/i$hau> Hall, Norwidk, 

Jebb, Arthur Trevor, son of R. (r. Jelih, Ks(|., The I^o'th, Ellesmere. 

(Mr. RendiD'ri 

Muiiitor. is'ilMM); Rilliol C«>11. Oxf.. 1 CI. Mod.. RA. 1S64; M.A. 1870; Thiihtw. vm\ 
.1.1*. for Co. Deubigb. 

A, T, Jehh^ E»q.^ J.P,, a$ above. 

Jones, John Hampson, son of R. J. Jonos, Km\,, Old Swinton, Manchester- 

(Mr. Westcotts) 

Moniti.r, IMO-O-J ; Mapl. Coll. Oxf.. l^iV) ; lUrri.iter. IStfri. 

Knox, Charles Howe Cuffe, son of Col C. Knox, Rallinrobe, Ireland. 

(Mr. Bndhs'i) 

Cli. Cb. Oxf., n.A. \s*XM M..\. I^<>7; wmetiinc (a|>t. Sfh IIomub; J.P. aaA D.L te 
Co. M:tyo, lliirb Hberitf. 1>TX 

Qijif. C. //. Knnj-, J,l\,ai above, 

Langton, Henry, son of W. [.angton, Ks<|., lUxtkory, Ecclea, Manchester. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Linton, John, son of Rev. H. Linton, Stirlloe House, Buckden, Honta 

(Dr. Vau^uuV) 

J.r. fur Hunts. 

./. Linhut^ Emi.^ ././*., an aftore. 


Hartiit, John Biddalpli, » 

1 o( R. Martin, Esq., 21, Eaton Square, 8.W. 
(Mr. Midillemiat's) 

Left Hon. 1SS1>; EMUr Coll. Oxf., IMl, B,A. IWiai M.A. IMf; Buikn; TtiMiinif o( 
Inuitiilo at Uuukan, »di1 o/ Cbulng Croai UogplUI ; nitailHi ot nrlona lauiwd 

J. li. Marlin, Esq., 14, /^yJe Park Gale, S.W. 
Kitcalfe, Charles Lockwood, son of W. Mitcalfe, Esq., Coombe Lodge, 
Croydon. (Jlr. RendttlPs) 

Kontgomery, George, son of H. Montgomery, Esq., Ballydrain, Belfast. 

ITorth, DndleT, son of the late Dudley North, Esq.. Croft Mouse, HtuttniK. 

(Mr. RendaiFs) 

LeTI In \%M ; Kiuini t7Ui BatCl., 1S98 : Capt, IBM ; Ha)., 18«a \ CvL li.-p., lulg eom. 
biAadltie 47th \aA SlBt RcKta. 

Oif. Dudfey North, Naval and Mililary Club, S.W. 
O'Brien, Edward Arthur, son of Mrs, O'Brien, Harrow, {Home-Boarder) 
Beade, James ColqiLhoan Berell, son of J. P. Reade, Esq., Crowe Hall, 
Stutton, Ipswich. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

L.RLi«.ISi3: Ch. Ch.Orf.. U.A-lBes; Uonl, 14ih King'i Unmnn, 19<M; Opi. anSOlk 
Vn.. (iv.. 18^1 ; CUL mmnandiDg SrJ Bill. Wri«ll B^lt., 1980; BurilMI'. IBW; i.e. 

Col. J C. R. Rfode, at above. 
B«id, Hngb Villiam, son of W. Reid, Esq., The Node, Well 

Left Doc ISSS : Football SJ.. 

SymondB, John AddinEton, 

M..nlUir, IM7-S : BiUlDl da Ull.. I 1 
l%(i. B,A.. t CJ., it«2: Bniilltb B 

nmuiQthsrHoilu. Died April 

Tliomton, Henry Charles Sykea, 

(Mr. Simpkinson'a) 

;laIn<id«iidBltt. Riflt Btl^a, IMO. DlCd K>]i ISAA. 

of Dr. Symonds, Clifton. (Mr. Rendoll's) 

Nawdlsala FtIb toe Bivltili Vang. 
lo of Hagd. CnU., ISSI: Aathai oT 
iduciioii to the Btniij or Dnots." uhI 

f H. 8. Thornton, Es^., Battersea 
(Mr. Siinjikinson's) 
Wainwright, William, son of W. Wainwright, Esq., Clapham Commou, 
S.W. (Mr. Drury's) 

LettDei^.WjQ: Meicbuit. 

W. Wainurri'jIU, Em., Pembary Court, Kent. 
Warner, John Gray, son of J. Warner, Esq.. 1 1, Montagu Street. W, 

(Mr, Rendall'a) 
Weekes, Charles Hampton, son of R. Weekee, Eao., Hurat, Brighton. 

(Mr. Drury'B) 

Lrtl Dec, 185s ; iiuHd Indira C,a Knm.. IWW : Kl»l«r Coll. Ott.. B.A. IBBl ; M.A. ISOB ; 
r.nljiloal. iiia : A«L Cliun. Mmtai At CbvtarbunM. ISTi- . 

Rec. C. II. Weekea, CharUrhoH$e, Ootlalm!n/i. 
Wilson, Thomas Henry, son o( F. Wilson, Esq,, WooUey Green, Bomsey. 
Hants. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Wii^, Enssell, son of T. T. Wing, Esq.. Acton, MidJlesei. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

St John'! Call. Oit, ILA. IBS!-. H.A. ISM; Blndnit of Ibo limn TiKnpla. I9<12i Rtolui 

at Vaiuio. Ksui. inn-T, 
Jiff. R. Wbvj, 5, Dorleote Rond, Colttge Park. Waniimeorlh Comnum, S.W. 
Winefield, William Wriothesley Mills, son of W. W. Wingfield, Esq., 
tlulvnl, Penzance. (Mr. Harris') 

Ch. Ch. Oit, ISSO; Eoilgn-Sl'i K<«'-. 180" 

Womhwell, Henry Herbert, sou of Sir O. Wombwell, 3rd Bart., Newburcli 
Priory/YorkH. (Mr, Eradl.y\) 

Curwt Rofn) HutMOunli. IS^H; nllted lu Ciiil. 


ilnuier« !■ Jue I8B4. 

Cholmeler, Hngh Arthur Hanrr, M>n of Sir Montague J. Cliolind«r, Sad 

Bart., M.R 

Sumetiiiie ra|il. GmuMlUr OoanU: I>.L. bp'! J.P. for IJiMWhuhlw, High Wwlff, 1»; 
M.r. fur UimnthAm, liH»-80; mMeMd«i ■» Srd But.,18Ti. 

Sir Hugh A. //. Cholmeley, Bart, EtuUm, OrmMaai, 

Edwardf, William Wilaon, 8on of T. Edwards, Eaq^ Harrow. 


Ltft F«k IS5»7 : Urat. Snl UadnM I^ht Cav. (Imt attodMd to Sib Uax 185t; GnC^Ut: 
MHuetinie Ailj. ; aunal in the AbrMdoUn GMn|«lgD, HMdaL BwwSCd aoateli^ 
« bile crnauDK a ■wollni nullah at BanRor In tb« OiBtim] PtotIboh. A^^ 41k, 187QL 

Eennard, Charles Henrj, »oii of J. r. Kcnnard, Esq., Walthamstow, Eshl 

I'niv. Cull. Uzf., a A. IwiS ; M.A. 1872. 

ICedlycott, Hubert James, son of Sir William Medlycot^ Snd Bart, Vet 

House, Sherlwrne. (Mr. *" — *^ *"* 

I.«ft. Eart. 1801 : FiMtfaall XI.. IMO ; Trin. ColL CunK. &A. ISM; ILA. ISST ; CtaMrf 
llrinictuo, NorthamiiUtnahire, lflM-70 ; Vioar of MilbonM Port, nmiiwlililii. IffHI; 
ot llill, UUiuoMterahira, ISSUi. 

Rev. //. J. Medlycott, 108, Cambridge Sinet^ S. W. 

■■iniBCM !■ Scpc^Bibcr ISSi. 

Alexander, Henrr Robert Tayler, 8on of H. Alexander, Eaq., 6, Coik 

Street, W. (Mr. Middlemirt'i) 

Lrft MiiU. 18C1 : Monitor and Cricket XI.. 180041, GkpC. 1861; FootteU XL, IflBMl: 
Trin. Coll. Canib., a A. 1864 ; Solicitor. 

//. R, r. Alexander, Etu/,, 27, Ely Place, HMom, E.CL 

Arbuthnot, Archibald Ernest, son of A. F. Arbuthnot» Esq., S5, Hf<k 

I'ark (Jardens, W. (Mr. Bradl)yV) 

Sometime Mi^. Madras Army. 

Burr, Edward, son of H. Hurr, £a<i., Aldcrmaston Court, Reading 

Dlrd in 1875. 

CaUaway, Arthur, son of >[rs. Callaway, 2, Courtenay Terrace, Briditoa 


Chaplin, Henry, son of the Rev. H. Cliaplin, Blankney Hall, SleafonL 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Cb. Ch. Ozf.. J.r. and D.L. for I.Inc«.lniihire : M.r. for Mld-LiDeolB.18flB-85: for BhiM 
I»iv. of Linoulnshire. \Siti- ; Chancellor vt the Dnchj of UaoMtar, 18864; P.C, IM: 

M inister uf Atrricnlture, lS'.K)-*.>2. 

Rt, Han. Henry Chaplin^ M.P,, om above. 

Clive, Charles Meysey Bolton, son of the Rev. A. CSiye, Whit&li 

Horef.)rd. (Mr. Middlemist'?) 

Left in 18«1 ; Balliol Coll. Oif.. 1^61. DIfd Anp. llth. \9Si, 

Coke, John Talbot, son of Col. Coke, Delxiale, Mansfield, Notta. 

(Mr. SteeTs) 

Ensiim S!^h Rest.. 18^9; Cnpt. ISM; vimetlnie Lient-Ool. ; A.A.O. at Haadqwrtaiia 
Ireland ; J.i . for C<>. Derby. 

Cot. J. T. Coke, as above. 
Courage, Henry, son of ^frs. Courage, Dulwich. (Mr. SimpkiiuoD>) 

CresBwell, Oswald, son of F. Crcsswcll, Es<|., King's Lynn. 

(Mr. WestcottV^) 

Ensign SOtb Regt., 1858. 

Sept. I85J.] 

chahles jn/JN vaughan. 


Cro«bie, John GmtavTU, son o( C. Ooabie, Esq., NorthlandB, Chichester. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Eaiiga M)tl> Blflu. l!US : M*)., 1380 ; UmL-CDl., nttirf. 
Col. J. G. Crotbic, a« aboiv. 
Cmilcahanlc, James Alexander, hou of Major J. Cruikshaak, }J.R.I.C.^., 
Beitley, Kent. {Mr. E. U. Vaughan's) 

Iuft Mldn ISMl UnDlUir. 19CT.W: Foollnll XI,, ISM-B; Trln. Cull. Cunli.. B.A. 1 CI 

CluL Tripoi, 1§S1; M.A.. IHAT: Aiat. MuUr nt Hinoo, ISM-tl ; ordkinad, iM»; 

VlBiruf Snoilrldin, Bt. Allniu, ISHl. 

Rfv, J. A. Cruikifuink, Tlit Vicaragf, Sandridge, near St. Albani. 

Daniel, Artlrar William Trollope, son of W. T. S. Daniel, Esq., Q.C, 

38, Mecklenbuigh Square, W.C (Mr, Drury's) 

Un HIdL IBDO : Crtcket Zl.. 1II&8-6D. CnpL ISM : FdoIIbII XI., ISCS ; Trtn. Call. Caiiib,. 
U.A. ISM ; Crickot HI., IMl-t : C.U. Rukit pbnr, BIiuIh imd Uimblai. IWt : 
winui of tb* iDUr-UiilninU; Unidlit IU». 18M. &t«a Ju. SUh. IBTI. 

Dicldnioil, Samuel, son of W. Dickinson, Esq., New Park, Lymington. 


l.rft fKl. 1S51 ; Ditu. Coll. Csnib. 

Fontor, Henry Reginald, son of the Rev. H. E. Forater, Southend, 
Sydenham. (Mr. SimiikmaoR'a) 

Garfit, William, son of W. Oarfit, Esq., Boston, LiDcolnshire. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Ixttajul. 1S3>: Trill. Call. Cuib., B,A. IMS; Buk Dlrvclot; J.F. mid D.L. tut Linnilii- 

mbln, Ulgb SbnUr. IVK. 
W Garfit, Esq.. J.P., Wat SUrheek ffoiUK, Boitm, XineoiWiiVe. 
Gillespie, Barid, aon of D. Gillespie, Esq., Mountqubanie Fife, N.B. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

L»tt Midi IBifli Monilor, IMaj); Tiln. Coll. Cimh., Schol., I8M; B.A., lOlh Wmogtar, 
ISM; H,A. lHi7: Ftllax, liite-1t ; AdvocMe (Bcoieli Bull Btwriff BabKlluU ol firs, 

D. Gilletpk. Eig., Cwittafidkill, Imerkeithmg. Fi/t, N.B. 
Hamilton, Charles JameB, son of the Rev. J. H. Hamilton, 47, Chester 
Square, S.W. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

Lift But. lUO: Trin. Call Cunb.. B.A. ISM; ILA. IMS; VIeu of DOTStldsa. Dctbvi 
ISTU ; Boa. CuoB o[ SoathmU, 193B ; Prootoi in CoaToaCioD rot dlootie uf SunthBcfl, 

Ret). Canon Hamilton, Duveridge Viearage, fuar Derhj. 
Hathom, John Fletcher, son of H. F. Campbell, Esq., Boynhan, Stirling. 

(Dr. Vanghan's) 

Uiuirdj. \m.« : Liant. uid dipt.) lSft2 ; Ll«nt..CaL. ntl'nd, \ao. 

Col. J. F. Halkorn, Ca»lh Wigg, Hl.ttoni. N.B. 
Hoare, Samuel, son of J. Q. Hoare, Esq., Hamp9t««d, N.W. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

IMl HiOt. 1SGI> : CfiDktt XI., ieM4 : Trio. CoU. Camb., D.A. 18S9 ; M.A. IBU : MJ*. (ot 
Nniwlch. ISSfl- ; J.P. forNartolkimdllUddlMia; AW. ao. DlNortolk; D.L.faTCIIr 
tS LciDdaD ; tor num; jnn ■ ptrUiat in ths Brm ol BudmU, Bam t Co., Bukoi, 

S. Hoare, Esq., M.P., 7, Hertford Gardetu, W. 

1 of M. Homidge, Esq., Woodlands, 
(Home- Boarder) 

Eenyon, George Thomas, son of the Hon. L, Kenyon, afterwards 3rd 
Baron Kenyon. Aldenbam, Elstree. (Mr. Harris') 

UftHidi. 18l50:Ch. Ch. Oi(.. B.A. ISftt; M.A. 1870 ; Bini*«r. IMO; M P. toi IWiWijIi 
ISIS^ : J.P. lot Flinubln u>d Silop. 

Hon. G. T. Kenyon, IS. P., Llaimerch Potina, FlmlthUt. 


Malcolmioii, Qeorge Forbei, Hon of J. Malcolmaoii, Ek|^ r*mamAmi HilLW. 

(Mr. Dnuy's) 

Kallock, Charles Herbert, M>n of C. H. Mallock, Eaq^ Oockiiifftoii Gov; 

near Ton|uay. (Mr. Stod'ij 

LtftMUU 1869; Exet«rC«.ll. Oxf.. aA.186S; M.A. 1M9: ButMot. 18S&. MMtaM 

ICedlicott, Henry Edmonitone. son of the Rev. J. Medlieott^ FMten 

Vicaraj^is \vilti». (Dr. \uj^'4 

Left MiiU I<.V4: WAdhum C'«>iL «)>#.. H.A. 18G2 ; M.A. 1865; O.U. Bcht. 19C1 ; Buim. 
I'-O'J ; J.l». Hii.1 C.r. f..r C.I. Wilu. 

//. hi MedlicoU, Etq., J.P.^ PoUeme^ Deriaeg. 

JColyneaz, Andrew ICitchell, si>n of Cant W. H. Mdyneax, UN. fi; 

Porchestor Terrace, W. (Mr. Hural 

Eoaiffn SSnl KotoI Wskh Faailien. 1858 ; Ga|>t. ]ia6L 

JCnir-lCackeniie, Alexander, hou of Sir John W. P. Mnir-Mackeoa^ 

sSnd liart., lielvinc, I>unkeld. (Mr. Simpkiuoo^i) 

left in ISM; wrTod in 78th llitfbUDdan, IJ^Si-TO; aL., J.P., aa, and MaL. &V.,k 
C'u. I'erth ; kii«meil«il m 3nl Uait.. 1855. 

Sir AUxandfr .Ifuir-J/orl'viiziV, Barf., at 06000. 

Oswald, Richard Alexander, son of U. Oswald, Esq.^ Orangefield, Af* 

N.R (Mr.Dnnr'^ 

Left Eftttt. ISM : EnalKii JMh Iteirt., ISOO ; Lieut., 1M2: J.P. ud VIm-UmC for Gql i?L 

/?. vl. Onealtiy Ki^i.^ Auchincruivt^ ^f^t iV.A 

Parker, Kenyon (Siarles Shirediffe, non of K. S. Parker, Esq^ Q.C 

28, (Jlouccstor S<iiiare, W. (Mr. Simpkmn'^) 

I^eft Mitla. l-^r,** ; llArhater. is;j. 

K. C\ S, Pai'kfr, E^i., 13, Old Square, Lineoln^a Imrn^ W.C 

Pepys, Hon. Walter Conrtenay, son of Ijord (Jhanoellor CSottenham. 

(Mr. Middfenist^ 

IWt MitU l^:>7 : Enalien 00th RIUm, 1»50 ; lient.. 1M8 ; nUrad, 1886 ; TJinhtw, IfiT. 

J Jon. Walter C. Pfpfjs, 61, PorchenUr Terrace^ W. 

Praed, Herbert Bolklev ICackworth, son of & J. Fkaed, Esq., HJ- 

4, llryaiiston Siuart*, W. (Dr. Vau^^fani} 

S>micthii« Lieut. 2Mh F<H.t;.l.I*. niM D.l.. fur Buflulk, lllsh Sterii; ISM; X-P. k 
ColclMMtcr, l^Tl>v); Ikiiikri. 

//. B, M. Prard, Etui., Oirgdni ffali, Newmarket 

Prance, Clement Howard, son oi li. IVnnce, Esq., Uampstead, N.W. 

(Dr. Vangjian'i) 

Trin. Poll. C:iiiil)., H.A., ISiVt ; M.A. IS1.7 ; \ intr of Annetlej. Notta., 1S7L Mcd 

Botch, William Dickason, son of T. I>. Kotch, Esq., Penrhyn VHk 

iSiirltit4in. (Mr. OxeiihaB'») 

Loft MiJii. l^r.s : Exeter C.>ll. Ozf., n.A. 1*«4; n(irri«ter. 1M&. 

]V. I). Rvti'hj /i^ry., 'X Uracil Iauph, Waterloo, near Lfirrrpooi. 

Steel, Herbert Greenwood, son df the Uov. T. H. Steel, Harrow. 



Swaffield, George, son of \l. 1 1. SwatHoUl, Esii., Westdown Lodge, Wey- 
mouth. (Dr. Van^'s^ 


Swainson, Charles, son (»f the \lv\: H. K Swainson, Crick BectoiT. 

DavMitry. (Mr. SenW^ 

r^rt I)pc. l^'iO; M(init<.r. I>v>; (h. Ch. f>xf., H.A. l«4iS; M.A. 1SSS ; Canto of Td» 
lv»4: uf Crick, IN^D; Vicir uf lliuli llur-t WihhI. l»«7l ; lUotorof OU Cteiiln.K* 
1^74- . 

^«rc?. C- SieainMoti^ The Rtctonj^ Old Charlton, Ktm/L 


TdbQt» HOL B^giimld Arthiir James, son of the 18th Earl Talbot, 

Ingestre Hall, Salop. (Mr. Harris') 

Uft ia U57; Ooni* lafc Life Gvudb, 185»: Ck^, 1807; Uoat-Ool. ; aorrvd in Znhi 
I War, MT9 ; ^pptaia Ofcinimign, in«d>l withdaip mmI 4th CL OMnaniah, 1882 ; M.P. for 

' fltaftvid, 1M74; MiliUiy Atteefa^ aft FkiiaTTla ; A.aa to tlM Qomo. 

Cb/. fA« JToii. R. A, J. Talbot, CJB., BriUA Embassy, Paris. 

IMhdn, Fredoriek Brmsliy. son of H. H. Touhnin, Esq., Havering-atte- 

Bower, Romford. (Dr. Hewlett's) 

Loll Sm*. 1856; N«wColL Oxf., &A. 186S; MJL 1872; Vicar of Hatfield PeyeriU, Kaex, 

filioi, Pjril VitBTOT, son of H. Wilson, Esq., Stowlangtoft Hall, Bnry 

St Edmunds. (Mr. Harris^) 

Cut. OoU. Ozt, BLA. 1864 ; MJL 1872 ; lUotor of Stowlangtoft, Soiblk, 1866-74 and 1887 ; 
ot SL Jmmmf, Bmy Si. Sdmuida, 1874-80 ; of Kdmoatoo, 188S-7. 

Rev. C.K WtUoHy South Bank, Salisbury. 


BifieB, SdwiA Tanghaiiy son of H. Davies, Esq., Marine Villa, Weston- 

snper-Mare. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

FHml^. KlVirlnraT, son of W. Mitcalfe, Esq., Ck)ombe Lodge, Ooydon. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

imJammsn 1S8B. 

Akoek, Jolm Foster, son of C. Alcock, Esq., Sunderland. 

Laft Dw. IS57 ; Merchant. 

Bulej, Joseph Bussell, son of J. Bailey, Esq., M.P., Easton Court, Ten- 

buiy. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

LrfkMlffa. 1858 ; raceeeded hie grandfather aa 2nd Bart, 1858 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 185S ; M.P. for 
Harafoidahire, 1865^; for Hereford CitT, 1886-92; Lord-Lieut, and Chairman of 
_ - "1864; " " " 

Qoaiter *»*—**»** for Brecon, High Sheriff 1864 ; J. P. for Hereford and Radnor. 

Sir Joseph R. Bailey, Bart, Glanvsk Park, OrickhoicelL 

Bolitiio, Thomas Bohins, son of T. S. Bolitho, Fenalveme, Penzance. 

CMr. Oxenham's) 

Lift M&ds. 1553 ; C.C.C. Oxf., B. A. 1862 ; Barrister ; J.P. and D.L. for CornwiUl, High 
Sheriff; 1890. 

T. R. Boliiho, Esq., as above. 

BmabT, Frederick Oustavus, son of the Rev. Q. Bumaby, Bedford. 

(Mr. Middlemist^s) 

After karing Harrow, studied in Germany, and thoroo^j mastered French, German, 
Italian, and, later, Spani^ and Russian ; also had some aoqnaintanoe with Aiabic and 
Torkiah; gaastted to RH.G. (Bines), 1860; Uent., 1862; Capt, 1866; Maj., 1879; 
Lieot.-CoL, 1880; commanding the Regt., 1881; undertook the famous ** Ride to 
Khivm," 1875 ; and a moood expedition, deecribed in his book " On Horseback through 
Asia Minor,** 1876-7 ; was preaent in the besieged town of Plema, during the Russo- 
Toikish War; aa a rolonteer with Baker Pasha at Soakim, and with General Graham 
in tiM Sondan ; at the baUles of Tamai and El Teh. Klllrd at Abu Klea, Jan. 17tb, 

Corbet, Bichard Arthur, son of R. Corbet, Esq., Adderley Hall, ^farket 

Drayton. (^fr. Watson's) 

Lflft ia 1857 ; Bacign 2nd Foot, 1858 ; sometime Capt. Died Dec. 12th, 1S7I. 

baigie, Sdmund Warren, son of J. A. Craigie, Esq., India C.8., Wood- 
lands, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Ooraet 2Dd Diagoon Guards, 1861 ; Lieut, 1864. 

JE. W. Craigie, Esq., 8, Fopstone Road, S. W. 

CmiagluaiL, Charles Hamlet, son of J. W. Cunningham, Esq., Harrow. 


V oaitor, 186»«1 ; Aast Matter in King's ColL SchooL Dlrd about 1872. 


Edwardf, Henry Cotter Lea, non of H. Edwards, Eaq^ aftcnmdi lit 1 

Bart, l>>'ncHt, Halifax. (Mr. MiddleDuat'i) 

MhiM. CvII. Ozf.: kiiiMtiiiM Liflut. Royal W«lab FwlUm; J.P. far W. BUiaf. T«ki; I 
^UCCMll«t M '^Dil Itert., IfOKj. 1 

Sir Henry C L, Kd\canh^ liarL^ Dareey Hejf^ Bowomftd. I 

Elsley, Charles, son of L\ U. Klsley, Em\., Mill Mount, York. 

(Dr. Yang's) 

TTin. ColL Cjuu^. IS. A. 1864 ; J.r. fur N. RUiiic ot Torim I 

C Khley, Enq.^ J.P,, oi abort, I 

Enys, Charles, son of J. S. Eny^ Kmi, EnyR, Penryn. (Mr. SteeTrt 

I^eft Dec. \^M: jitiiMi :.*uiti iic^rt., is:.>; ntixmi, IWI; Iknoad la V«w iMlnd. IM 

Jab. IStb, l^Dl. j 

Finch, Henry Randolph, son of G. Finch, E^q., Barley HoaaeLOaUna. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Ea«t. I^aS; ami,.] 0.11. Oxf.. RA. 1S«; M.A. 1800; BwriMOT, 1888; Lnd iftf; 

Vii«-<.'hainiuku C'.(.-. 

//. R, Finch, E$q.^ 09 ahoftt. | 

Fitzgerald, Gerald William Seymonr Yesey, son of the Rl Hon. W. & 

Fitzgerald, M.R, Holbrook Park, Horahain. 

(Dr. Vai«hu*4 

Oriel Cull. Ozf.. ISM : lUrrijiUr. 1965 ; rrirate Sac. to Gov. of Bombur, 1807-7S ; Falirid 
A.D.C. tu Sec. uf 8UU fur IikIU ; K.C.I.E. and C.&I., 1887. 

Sir Gnald ir. 5. V. Fitzgerald, K.C.I.E,, CJSJ., 66, EeeleMUm Squan, S.W. 

Frere, William Edward, son of W. E. Frcre, Esq., Member of Comnl 

Bombay. (Mr. findbp) 

Left MtaU 1.S59; Trin. Cull. Caiub., B.A. IMS; BarTtator, 1885; rwiiiiili^ii— la Lmv. 

ir. Z:. Frfr^ Esii,, Da, ry7*rr IJroofc Stowl, IT. 

Geach, Robert Gichard, son of C. Ucach, Esq., M.P., 9^ Flark Street, Weil- 
minuter, S.W. (Mr. BoITi) 

Left MiJa. IhJS ; Trin. ColL Caiiib., LL.B.. 1802. 

R. G, Oeaeh, Esq,, 2, Edinburgh Terraee^ TP. 

Gnest, Arthur Edward, son of Sir Josiah Guest, Ist Bart, M.P., Ganford 

Manor, Wimliome. (Mr. BendilT}) 

Trin. Cull. Cnnib. ; J.P. and IKL. fur (ilanii>rpinahire ; M.P. for P^wto, 1868^4; J^. fa 
l>i»net ; Chairman TafT Vale Rj. : DirecUir, U and B.W.II. 

.1. E. Gue$t, Eaq., J. P., 40, Half Moan Street, W. 

Henry, Thomas Allan, son of AV. C. ]knr>', Esq., HaflSeld, Ledbozy. 

(Mr. Wefltcotfs) 

Left Eoat. 1860; Maffil. Cull. Oxf.. U.A. Ift04 ; M.A. 1867 ; aooMtiMM 0^*. l«k Hmwi: 
J.P. for Co. I^eioeater ; Lieut. -Cul. lieiceatemhire Yco. Oar. 

T. A. Henri/, J. P., WofHihouse Eaven, Loughbonmgk, 

Hollond, Edmund William, son of the Rev. K Hollond, 33, Hyde Park 

Gardens, W. (Mr. £. H. Vaugluai's) 

I^t Mida. IS^iC; Trin. CoU. Cuub., B.A. 1?<4» ; KirrlMer, 188& 

E. W, Holland^ Esfj., Uenhall Lodge, Saxmundham, S^ff6l^. 

Hudson, Albert, son of K. lliulson. Em\., Uoundhay, Leeds. 

(Mr. RendsU's) 

Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 1<^ ; M.A. ISOT ; Viair of lluly Trinity. Binglagr, Torka. MtS 

Huyshe, Francis John, son of Gon. Hiiyshe, C.B., 7, Dizfield, Exeter. 

(Mr. Boll 3) 

Left Mida. 1860; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1S64 ; M.A. 18G7 ; Vioar of Wtmbon* MinMv. ai 
Rural Dean ; SurroKate, li^S2. 

Rev, F. J, Huifshe, The Victtrage, Wimbonie Mineter, 


, Willianii son of W. Jenkins, Esq., 22, Upper Pembroke Street, 
-i DubUn. (Mr. Rendairs) 

"P UniT. CoU. Oxf., RA. 18«6 ; Bwrirter, 1867. 

^ jfomeSi Llewellyn, son of E. Jones, Esq., 65, Shore Street, Liverpool. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Trin. Coa Cunb., B.A. 1842 ; If. A. 1866 ; D.D. 1878 ; Biahop of Nowfoondland, 1878 ; and 
of Bermuda, 1879. 

^- The Rt. Rev, the Lord Bishop of Newfoundland, St. John^s, New/ottndland. 

lABg, Eichard Tickell Hontgomery, son of A. Lang, ^.. Sudbury. 


Left Midi. 1858 ; GoL, General List, Bengal GaTaliy, lint Commiaaion, 1850 ; in Civil 
Employ, Fox^ab Gommiaaion, India. 

Col R. T. M. Lang, cjo J. T. Prior, Esq., The Red House, Harrow. 

Laurie, Arthur Hexuy, son of J. Laurie, Esq., M.P., 1, Hyde Park Place, 

W. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Enaign IO8U1 R«gt., 1858 ; Lient., 1860 ; aerved with the Sangor Field Diviaion, medal, 1850. 

Le ICesenrier, James, son of A. S. Le Messurier, Esq., Oriental Club, W. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec 1858 ; Trin. CoU. Camb. ; Enaign 15tb Foot, 1860 ; Capt., retired, 1866. 

Capt, «/. Le Messurier, St. Claire, BaJham, S. W. 

' Leslie, Charles Bobort^ son of the Rev. C. Leslie, afterwards Bishop of 

Kilmore, Elphin, and Ardagh, Kilmore House, 
Cavan, Ireland. (Dr. Vaughan*s) 

Left Eaat. 1858 ; Enaign 25th King'a Own Borderen, 1858 ; Oapt., 1864 ; Mi^Jm ntired. 

Major C, R. Leslie, Coravahn, Cavan, Ireland, 

~ XacNaghten, William Hay, son of E. MacNaghten, Esq., Monkhams, 

Woodford, Essex. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Eaat. 1857; entered H.E.I.Co.'a MUitary Serrioe, 1858; CoL Comdt. 18th Bengal 
Lancers; C.B. Died Jnl. 1880. 

Xakins, William Thomas, son of C. Makins, Esq., Leeds. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Eaat. 1856; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1861; M.A. 1865; M.P. for B, Eoex, 1874-85; 
for &E. Eaaex, 1885-6 ; for aW. Eaaei, 1886-02 ; J.P. for Eaaez and Oxfoidahixe ; D.L. 
for Eaaex, and London ; Got. of the Qaa Light and Coke Co. ; Director Q.E.R. ; Hon. 
Col. Eaaex R.V. 

Col. MakitU, Rotherfield Court, Heidey-on-Thanies. 

Hedlioott, Walter Edward, son of the Rev. J. MedliQott, Potteme Yican^e, 

Devizes. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1860 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B A. 1864 ; If.A. 1867 ; Vioar of Bwanmore, HanU, 1871. 

Rev. W. E. Medlicott, Swanmore Vicarage, Hants, 

Xoncreiff, Henry James, son of the Rt. Hdn. James Moncreiff, the Lord 

Advocate, 15, Great Stewart Street, Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Mida. 1857; Played aa I2th roan v. Eton, 1857; Football XI., 1856-7; Trin. Coll. 
Camb., B.A. and LL.B., 1 CL Law Tripoe, 1861 ; paoed for Scotch Bar, 1868 ; Sheriff 
of Renfrew and Bute, 1881-8 ; Judge of Supreme Conrta, Scotland, 1888. 

Hon, Lord WeUwood, as <ibove. 

Xnrray, James Henry, son of J. Murray, Esq., Ancoat's Hall, Manchester. 

(Mr. Watson's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf.4 1850. 

J. H. Murray, Esq,, 34, Ovington Square, S,W, 

Plowden, Henry Heredyth, son of G. A, Chichele-Plowden, Esq., 

H.E.I.C.S., India. (Dr. Vaughan^s) 

Monitor, 1858-0; Cricket XL, 1858; Trin. CoU. Camb., Schol., 1862; B.A. 1863; C.U. 
Cricket XL, 1860-68 : C.U. Racket Flayer, Donblea, 1868 ; Barriater, 1866 ; aometime 
GoTt. AdTocate at Lidiore; Senior Judge of the High Court of the Pui\)ab, and 
knighted 1887. 

Sir Henry M, Plowden, Lahore, India, 


Prichard, Richard Preston, non of W. T. Prichard, Esq., Oreeiiliin Lodf^ 

Hamiw. (Home-Boiidv) 

Uft in IV>P. M«d ia N«w ZmUimI. IM4. 

Prior, John Templar, non of J. V. I'rior, Esq., Hateham Manor Houi^ 

New Cro8K, S.E. (Mr. Hairi^ 

lAlt MhU. ItMO; MtAiUir. 18;yH4X>; FuoibaU XL, 18N;TriB. OolL OiMk^ BJL !»: 


J. 7. Pri<;r, iL'i^., The Red H(m$e, Hwrrvw. 

Bhodes, John William, son of J. W. Rhodes, Esq., Hennertan| Henky-oi- 

Tuaiiius. (Mr. SunpkiuoB'i) 

Left in IS68 : vrvad In UOth RiHoi, 180946 ; J.P. aad D.L. for Go. BRk% Hifk 

J, W, Rhotks, E»q., J.P. f at ahaoe, 

Steele, Oswald Innes, son of A. Steele, Esq., Woodknds, Tunbridge Welk 

(Mr. HnidaD'i) 

Ezetor r«ill. Oif., RA. INM ; M.A. 1(40; IterrUter. IMS. 

Trevelyan, Walter Henry, mm of Mfh. Trevelyan, Epsom. 

(Mr. Simpkissoo't) 

rhrirt'i Oill. Cauib.. aA. IMl ; Curate of E. rniuml, 18SM; BmIot of !!■■■■. USA 

Uft Doc. 1^00; M.iDiiiir. \t^ ; Cricket XI., 1S5040; FooCImII XL, lSSS40(OnL): VIih 
uf Hcbool Rjicket aiul EltrinRtim Cnji. ls«0 ; RN.C Oxt. B.A. ISSS ; ILA. IM: 
O.U. Cricket XI., lMI-5; 4).U. lUcket Player, SinRki sad Do«bl«, 1861-4; fkiBM. 

R. D. Waiker, £>/., 11, Cttrson Street, Manfakr^ W. 

Ware, Frederick Lloyd, son of J. Ware, Esq., Clifton Downs, Bristol 


CHiui Coll. CuiuK. n.A. 1S(^ : M.A. 1S07 : held variuna CnndM, lSSi-7S; Vimr ef ain- 
bnH>k, IHSI ; of &i. Mary, EdiiinntfD. 

Jirv, F. L. IVurr, St. Mary*Sy Upper Edmomitm, 

Woodgate, Herbert, son of W. Woodgatc, Esq., 32, Lincoln's Inn TVUl 

W.C. (Mr. K U. Van^isn*») 


EatrmMcrt la AftU ISSB. 

Abercromby, Hon John, son of the 3rd Baron Abe r cr o mly, Airthrie 

Cattle, Stirling. (Mr. Harrir) 

Enaiioi nifl« BriffuU. lt>M ; Lieut.. IMl ; retireJ. 1S70; :obmUbm Ci^iL "'g'''"^ B» 
deren Militim. 

Alcock, Charles William, son of C. Alcock, Esq., Sunderland. 

(Mr. Drary's) 

Left Dec 1$D9; Sec Surrey County Cricket Club and of Footbnll 


Walker, Bussell Donnithome, non of I. Walker, Esq., Amoa (yrove, 

Southgate, N. (Mr. WescoU's and Mr. Ozenhsai) 

foundation; the Founder **t the AiMociatiitn Cianie iif Football; plajid for Ea^aair. 
BcritLuid.CAMoc. F(M>t ball Team), \ts'b\ J.P. for Richmond. 

C. ir. Alcock, Ehi}.^ J. p., /[faihfandi*, Knr Road, Richmond^ Surrey. 

Arden, Percy, »on of R. E. Arden, Es4i., Sunbury l^k, Middlesex. 

(Mr. OxenbamV) 

Ix!ft in lSi7 ; I1..N.C. Oxf., !**> ; llirristcr. IM^S. 

P. Ardnt, Knfj., f), Fiij Tree Omrt^ Temple^ E.(X 

Barclay, Frederick Kett, son of A. K. Ikirclay, Es^|., Bury HilL Dorking 

(Dr. Vanghans) 

Left Dec 1S5S ; Trin. CuU. C.iuib., B.A. Ism. 

F. K. Ikirclay, E»q,, Umted University Club, S,W. 

Beavan, Robert decil, .son of Mrs. Bcavan, AHlicrton, Sidmouth. 

(Mr. Drnry's) 

Left East. I808 ; IJeut. lienffil S.C. Died at mit on the voy.ige from India, Fvbi Svd, 187a 


th, William Arthur, son of S. Beckwith, Esq., Liverpool 

(Mr. Af iddlemist's) 

;e, William John, son of Mrs. Brooke, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

OonMi 4th Dniffooii GoArds, 1861 ; Llont., 1808. Died 

Gtoorge, son of Mrs. Caulfeild, 17, Princes Gate, W. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Bamaiimfl in Um Riito Bxigftd«. 

ilrarey, Thomas Mortimer, son of T. M. dleoburey, Esq., Askew Villa, 

Shepherd's Bush. (Mr. Oxenham's) 


^fidson, John Ewen, son of H. Davidson, Esq., 16, Mansfield Street, W. 
-^ (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

•^ Left But. 1858 ; UdIt. Coll. Ozf., |B.A., Hon. 4 CI. Clam, Tripot, aole l«t CL Nat. Bci. 

r School, 1808 ; Sogmr Plantar. 

^ J. E, Davidson, Esq,, Branscombe, Madcay^ Queensland, 

^Uglyy, Henry Almanu, son of the Hon. and Rev. K. Digb:^, Tittleshall 
* Rectory, Swaffham, Norfolk. (Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Deo. 1856; entered R.N., 1857; Snb-Lient., 1868; Lieut, 1865; Commander, 1879; 
retirod, 1891 ; eerved in H.M.S. Shannon dnring the Indian Mutiny ; received thanks 
J of Austrian Oort. for rescuing an Austrian shipwrecked crew, 1877 ; J.P. for Norfolk. 

3: Commander H, A. Digby, R.N,, North Rwicion, King^s Lynn. 

^Bobree, Harry Hankev, son of B. Dobree, jun., Esq., The Elms, 

Waltnamstow. (Mr. Harris*) 

•^ H H. Dobree, Esq,, 34, De Vers Gardens, W. 

H Xdwardfl, Fleetwood Isham, son of T. Edwards, Esq., Harrow. 


Left Dec. 1858; Lieut RB., 1868; Gapt, 1877; Mid., 1888; Lient-CoL, 1890; A.D.C. to 
Got. of Bermuda, 1865-7 ; to Inspector Gen. of Fortiflcations, 1875-8 ; attached to the 
spedal Bmbassy during the Berlin Congrees, 1878 ^Aast PriTate Sea and Asst. Keeper 
of the PriTT Pune to the Queen, 1878 ; Groom in Waiting, 1880 ; Bztxa Equeny to the 
Queen, 1888 ; G.B., 1882 ; K.C.B., 1887. 

Lieut.'Col. Sir Fleetwood L Edwards, K.C.B., St. James' Palace, S,W, 

Idwardf, Priestley Chnrchill, son of H. L. Edwards, Esq., afterwards 

1st Bart., Pynest, Halifax. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

St John's CoU. Ozf., 1860 ; D.L. for W. Riding. 

P. a Edwards, Esq., Junior Carlton Club, S,W. 

"■ Henry, Frank, son of W. C. Henry, Esq., F.RS., Haffield, Ijedbury. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Bast 1860; Trin. CoU. Ozf., 1862: Comot 0th Lancer*, 1868; Lieut -CoL Royal 
Gloucestershire HuiBsars Teo. Car. ; J.P. for Gloucestershire. 

F, Henry, Esq., Elmestree, Tetbury. 

Holmes, John, son of G. J. Holmes, Esq., Brooke Lodge, Norwich. 

(Mr. HarrisO 

Left Mids. 1860 ; Monitor, 1859-60 ; one of the Editors of The TriumviraU ; Trin. Coll. 
Camb., aA. 1864 ; M.A. 1868 ; J.P. for Norfolk, 1876 ; Alderman Norfolk C.C., 1889 ; 
Chairman of Board of Guardians Loddon and Clarering Union, 1885. 

J. Holmes, Esq., J,F,, Brooke Hall, Norwich. 

Howard, Hon. Frederick Charles, son of the 2nd Earl of EfSngham. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Left Dee. 1855 ; Ensign and Lieut Coldstream Guards, 1859 ; Lieut and Capt. 1868 ; retired, 
1866 ; Comet Q.O. Oxfoidshire Uuamn, 1868-72; Adj. 8rd West York Militia. 1871-6, 
Sea of Grosvenor Hospital for Women and Children, 8.W. IHcd Oct 26th, 1893. 

Humphreys, Edward Wingfield, son of E. Humphreys, Esq., Roxeth 

Cottage, Harrow. (Home-Boaraer and Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ciicket XL, 1858-0 ; Member of New Zealand House of RepresentatiTes, 1889-90 ; J.P. for 
the Colony, and for some years a Licensing Magistrate. IHed Apr. 27th, 1892. 


nderton, Charles Edward, son of the Rev. Canon T. nderton, of Sderton L 

Wooler, Northumberland. (Mr. Holmes') f 

Left MidB. 1856 ; Biurim Q8th lUgt., 18«2 : Mrrad in New Zaalud War, 185M ; UmU-OoL 
Commanding 2nd Bait Qneen's Rojal West Sorrej Begi. ; DiLO. 

Lieut'CoL C. E. IlderUm, Dover. 

Littler, John Stuart, son of Gen. Sir J. H. Littler, G.C.R, lithlow Hall, 

Christ Church. (Dr. Yaugfaan's) 

Lock, JohiL Griffith, son of W. Ixx;k, Esq., Lansdowne House, Tenby, 

South Wales. (Mr. Drays) 

Left Mide. 1859 ; Trin. CoIL Gamb., a A. 1M8. 

Mackenzie, William Dalnel, son of K Mackenzie, Esq., Fawley Conrt, 

Henley-on-Thames. (Mr. Bull's) 

Left MidB. 1857 ; Magd. CoU. Oxf., KA. 1862 ; H.A. 1865 ; Banister, 1868 ; J.P. for Oxoo.. 
Bnokfl, Dmnfrienhixe, and Kiriccadbrightehire ; D.L. for Inmrrfiiihirff ; M^or Q.O. 
Oxfordshire HusMra. 

W. D, Mackemiey Esq.^, J,P.y cu above, 

Hacrae, George Gordon, son of J. H. Macrae, Esq., Liverpool 

(Mr. Steel's) 
ICaddy, Thomas Herbert, son of T. W. Maddy, Esq., Suttcm Coart, 

Hereford. (Dr. Yaughan's) 


T. H, Maddy ^ Esq., 1, Etieex Courts Temple, E.C. 

Martin, Robert Frewen, son of the Rev. R Martin, Anstey Futures, 

Leicester. (Dr. Vaughan*s) 

Left Mids. 1860 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., ScboL, 1868 ; B.A., 20th Wzangler, 1861 ; M-A. IseT; 
J.P. for Co. Leicester. 

R. F. J/arttn, Esq.y as above. 

Master, Thomas William Chester, son of T. W. C. Master. Es^., The 

Abbey, Cirencester. (Mr. HarrisO 

Left East 1860 ; Football XL, 1859 ; Cb. Cb. Oxf. ; J P. for Cos. Oloncester and Monmooth: 
Lieut. -Col. 4th Batt. Gloncestenhire Regt. ; Gloucester C.C. 1886 ; M.P. for Cirenoeiter, 


T. W. C. Master, Esq., as above. 

Mitchell-Innes, William, son of A. H. Mitchell-Innes, Esq., Ayton Castle, 

Berwick. (Mr. Harris') 

Comet 13tb Ilnasars, 1859 ; Capt, 1866; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Berwick. Died in 1879. 

Montaeu, Georee Edward, son of Adm. Montagu, Seend House, Melksham, 

Wilts. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Ensign 84th Regt., 1860 ; Capt, 1867. Died 

Moore, Adolphns Warburton, son of Maj. J. A. Moore^ 19, Portland 

Place, W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Junior Clerk, Secretarial Dept. India Office, 1858 ; Financial Dept., 1860 ; Senior Ckrk. 
1867 ; Reading Clerk to the Council, 1871 ; Assist. PoliUcal 8ec^ 1875 ; Acting Political 
Sec., 1876-8; retired, 1885; Private Sec. to Lord Randolph ChnrchiU, 1885; OSdal 
Sec to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Private Sec. to the Sec of State for India, 
1886. Died Feb. 2nd, 1887. 

Ozenham, Frank Kntcombe, son of the Rev. N. Oxenham, Moxbnry, 

Devon. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mids. 1855; Exeter CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1862; M.A. 1865; held Curacies at Torquay; 
Richmond ; St. Baniabas', Pimlico ; Lustleigh, Devon ; English Chaplain of AU SainU' 
Church, Rome. 

Rev. F. N. Oxenham, 18 Piazza del Popolo, Roma, Italy. 

Paget, George Ernest, son of G. B. Paget, Esq., Sutton Bonningtoo, 

Loughborough. (Mr. Harris^ 

Left Mids. 1868 ; Comet 7th Hussars, 1860 ; lient. Royal Hoxie Quards, 1861 ; Lieut. -CoL 
Letoflstershire Yeo. Gav. ; Member of the Jockey Club, 1884 ; D.L. and Dn>. Chairman 
Quarter Sanions, Co. Notts. ; Chairman of the Forth Bridge and Midland Railways, 


G. E, Paget, Esq.^ a$ cU)ove. 

Apr. 18^0 CHARLES JOHN V AUG HAN. 225 

', Wmiam Searle, son of H. Parker, Esq., 17, Bedford Row, W.C. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Perceral-lCaxwell, William, son of R Perceval-Maxwell, Esq., Grooms- 
port House, Bangor, Co. Down. (Dr. Vaughwi's) 

Left in 1858 ; Coniat Sid Homub, 1800 ; Oa^L, 1865 ; J.P. and D.U for Ca Watorford, 
High Sbsifl, 1877. 

CapL W. Pereeval-Maxioellj Moore HUl, Tuilow, Co. Cork, 

Price, Charlatj son of A. J. Price, Esq.. afterwards 5ih Bart, 8, Prince's 

Terrace, Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Karris') 

Lift ia 1857; ■otnalinw Lirat-GoL commanding Srd V.R Eut Sunvj Bigt. ; D.L. and J.P. 
for Borrnr ; Cbaimuui of tba Richmond Pcttj fliwrinnil DirialoD ; racoceded aa 0ih 
Rait., 189S ; ■miiiiiimI the addiUonal aaniame of Rogge. 

Sir Ckariu Bmffge-Price^ Bart, Spring Grove, Richmond, Surrey. 

Bawei, WnKam Woodward, son of the Rev. W. F. Bawes, Wembley. 

(Mr. Bull's) 


laid, Cedl Fredariek, son of W. Reid, Esq., The Node, Welwy n, Herts. 

(Mr. oimpkinson's) 

Un Mi^ 1861 ; Ciiefcai XL, 1861 ; Ch. Gh. OzC. 1861-4 ; Dinctor of Raid's Bnwmj 

a F. RM, Esq., 30, CoUingham Gardens, S. W. 

Saiasbmy, Thomaa Popham, son of C. Sainsbory Esq., Swainswick, Bath. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

UflMidiL 1866; ia tiM wise tndfl. 

T. P. SatMibury, Etq., 3, Marhtoei Road, KensingUm, W. 

Siidair, Walter, son of the Rev. W. Sinclair, St Gorge's, Leeds. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

88lh R^[k, 1860; LiMt, 1865 ; CapL, 1868. 

BtiV, Vtaiwiek inmam, son of W. F. Stow, Esq., Red Hall. Leeds. 

(Mr. R k Vaughan's) 

MoBilor, 186640; Tria. OolL Camh., SchoL, 1868 : BJL, 10th Oaaie, 1864 ; aomctimc ikiit. 
MMlvafc tiM Charteihonaa ; Moar of Ajigaiih, 1878w 

Rev. F. W. Stow, Ay$garih Vicarage, Wmdeydale, Yorks. 

Bwialflf, Geori^, son of Maj.-Gen. G. H. Swinley, Royal (late Bengal) 

Artillery. (Home- Boarder) 

Lrfl Wda. 1857; UanlL Royal (late Bengal) ArtilleTT, 1860 ; Ga|>t., 1875 ; Brer. Uaj., 1879 ; 
lU., 188t; Bnr. Li«ai.-CoL, 1881 ; Lieat.-CoL, 1886; Brer. Col., 18S6 ; terred with 
BbooteB F&ald Font, medal with chup, 18654 ; with Haaza Monnt Batt. in Black 
Mont Rzpcdition, dbq>. 1868 ; commanded two gnns in Jowakai Afredce Expedition, 
dMp aad menfinned in linnietrhfe. 1877-8 ; comnunded No. 2 Mount. Batt. throaahcot 
Aman War, pnMnt ia principal opentiona, 1878-80; accompanied Sir Frederick 
Roberti oo maitb to g^twi^K^r and preeent at Battle of Kandahar, aereral timee 
mwHnneil ia deepatchee, Afghan medal and three daepa, Kabul-Kandahar Scar, C.B. ; 
O fl^ oo the Blaff, oammuiding at Sialkot. 

Col. G. Swinley, C.B., Sialkot, Punjab, India. 

lUbot^ Charles Henry, son of W. H. F. Talbot, Esq., Lacock Abbey, Wilts. 

(Mr. Simpkinson's) 

Loll Mi^ 1858 ; Tria. OolL GamK, RA. 1864 ; Landowner ; J.P. for WUta. 

C. H. Talbot, £»q., JJ^., at above. 

TUleali, wmiam Sdward, son of G. Tallents, Esq., Newark. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

LillMidikl888; SoUeitor. 

W. R TalleniB, Esq., Carlton-on-Trent, Newark. 

MMD, JotM Uflnel, son of W. M. TufneU, Esq., Boreham House, Chelms- 
ford (Mr. Watson's) 

ak BMI^ Rifle Britfide, 1860 ; Lieut., 1865 ; CapC, 1878 ; J.P. for Keeex ; aaramed 

OyC J. L. lyneU-TyreU, Hatfield Place, Chelmsford. 



BBdreth, Henry Samuel, son of Mr^ Brandreth, Bose UiU. Caversham, 

Reading. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Trin. Con. Oaznb. 

mjf Reginald Here, son of R Bray, Esq., Fir Hill, Shere, Quildford. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Lflft Hida. 1861 ; Monitor, 1859-61 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb. Bcbol., 1864 ; B.A. 12th Wiftnffler, 
1865 : M . A. 1871 ; BarristMr, 1868 ; Recorder of Guildford, 1691 ; Aid. Borrqy CO,, 1890 ; 
Bencher of Uie Inner Temple, 1891. 

R. M. Bray, Esq,, Manor House, Shere, Gnildford, 
DOkSy Herbert, son of R Brooks, Esq., M.P., Tooting. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left in 1860 ; Merchant ; Director of Bank of Bngiand ; D.L. for City of London ; J.P. for 

H. Brooks, Esq,, J,P,, 9, Hyde Park Square, W, 

■nel, Henry Hark, son of I. K. Brunei, Esq., 18, Duke Street, West- 
minster, S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1858 ; CirU Engineer. 

H, M. Brunei, Esq,, 21, Abingdon Street, Westminster, S,W. 

ymer, Arthur Lewis Francis, son of J. Brymer, Esq., Ilsington House, 

Dorchester. (Mr. RendaU's) 

Left in 1857 ; baa eetUed in Canada. 

A, L, F, Brymer, Esq., Ontario, Canada West 

npbell, Alexander, son of Sir James Campbell, 5th Bart, White Mead 

Paxk, Coleford. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left East 1858; entered R.A., 1861; Mi^., 1881; Li«at.-Ool. Oommaiiding R.A. at 

Lieut,' Col. A. Campbell, R.A,, Newcastte'on-Tyne. 

re, Archer Antony, son of G. Clive, Esq., M.P., Ditchleys, Kent 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1862 ; Monitor, 1859-60 ; Exhibitioner of Balliol CoU. Ozf., 1 Mod., 1862 ; B.A.. 
1 CI., 1864 ; M.A. 1867 ; FeUow of Lincoln Coll. Oxf.. 1868-77 ; Barriater ; aooompanied 
the Rt. Hon. RiumII Gnmey, to settle international daima after the War, 1875. Died 
Oct. 12tb, 1877. 

igie, Adair, son of J. A. Craigie, Esq., Indian C.S. (Home-Boarder) 

Left in 1859 ; Solicitor in Bombay. 

A. Craigie, Esq., Bombay, India. 

Id, George Ashley, son of G. Dodd, Esq., 9, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Mida. 1860; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1864 ; M.A. 1867; winner of SUrer Backet, Doublet, 
1860; Singles, 1861 ; winner of Tennis Backet, 1864; O.U. Racket Player, Doubles, 
1868 ; Barrister, 1865 ; J.P. for Middleeex and Wilta. 

G. Ashley Dodd, Esq., J. P., Stockton House, Co4ford St Mary, Baih. 

thinstone, Graeme Hepburn Dalrymple, son of Sir James Dalrymple 

Horn Elphinstone, 2nd Bart, Logie Elphinstone, 
Pitcaple, Aberdeenshire. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left East 1858 ; for three years in bosineai in London, and for the next twenty-four yean 
CoffM-planting in Ceylon ; ia connected with this industry in Ceylon and the Stralta 
Settlfunents ; succeeded his twin brother as 4th Bart., 1887. 

Sir Graeme Elphinstone, Bart, Henwood Hall, Chelford, Cheshire. 
ihinstone, Bobert Dalrymple Horn, brother of the above. (Mr. Steel's) 

Cricket XI^ 1859-60 ; FootbaU XL. 1859 ; Joined 60th Rifles ; suoceeded m 8rd Bart., 18S6. 
Died Feb. 10th, 1887. 

liiigliam, George Henry, son of G. Fillingham, Esq., Syerston Hall, 

Newark. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Loft Mids. I860 ; Cricket XI., i860; St. John's ColL Oxf. ; J.P. for Notts. 

G. H, FiUingham, Esq., J.P., as above. 


Fletcher, John Samuel, son of S! Fletcher, Esq., Broomfield, Manchertd 

Left Midi. 1860 ; Monitotr, 1860-61 ; Gh. Gh. Oz£., RA. 1866 ; ICJL UOB : J.P. for '. 

and Wartmintter, 1878 ; J.P. for London and L.aa (HMBsataadl IMi : BuMI 
1868. ^^\ 

J, S. Fletcher, Esq., J.P., Treheme House, West End, Hampsiead, N.W. 

Gibson-Craig, James Henry, son of the Rt Hon. Sir William Oil 

Craig, 2nd Bart, Riccarton, Cmrie, N.R 


Left Mids. 1861 ; Football XL, 1860 ; Trin. OolL GbmK. B.A., SOOi Wi 
1868 ; J.P. and Vioe-GonTener for Midlothian ; C.C. ; Soottkh Bm, It 
Srd Bart, 1878. 

Sir James H. Gibson-Craig, Bcurt, as 06000. 

Graham, Henry John Lowndes, son of W. Graham, Eaq^ 

Lanarkshire. Qiir. 

Left Mida. 1860 ; Monitor, 1859-60 ; Balliol GolL Oxl. 1 Mod., 1862 ; &A. 1864 ; M.i. I 
Barrifltar, 1868 ; Principal 8m. to Lord Cbanoellor Gaima, 1874^ ; Mtir is 
1880-85 ; Glerk of the Parliamenta, 1885. 

H /. L. Graham, Esq., 22, Lennox Gardens^ 8.W. 

Gombleton, John Henry, son of J. B. Gumbleton, Esq., Fort Wil 

lismore, Ireland (Mr. *^ 

Left Deo. 1857 ; RN.C. Oxf. ; Snaign 60th Riflea, 1861. Died 

Hebeler, Henry Adolphns, son of M. Hebeler, Esq., Prussian Consul-^.. 

106, Fenchurch Street, E.C. (Dr. Vaughanl 

Hope-Edwardes, Leighton, son of T. H. Hope-Edwardes, Esq., Moa 

Park, Ludlow. (Mr. HanU] 

Left Mida. 1862; Cricket XL, 1862; Football XL, 1861-2; Trin. Coa Ounh., BJLlMj 
Barrister ; ordained, 1877 ; Curate at Church Stretton ; Vicar of Aah, 1880-81 WA 
Apr. 16th, 1889. 

Hussey, James Anthony, son of J. Uussey, Esq., The Close, SaKsboiy. 

(Mr. Ozenlua^ 

Ensign 58rd lUgt., 1800 ; Lieut., 1864. Died 

Kennedy, Bichard George, son of Dr. Kennedy, Belgard, Tallaij^ 

Dubfm. (Mr. K H. Vao^iart 

Comet 18th Huanra, 1864 ; Lieut. -Col., Bengal Staff Corps ; A.D.C. to Bir J. LswimmI 
Bengal ; senred in 55th Regt. with distinction in Bhootan, 1865 ; Abyainia, IMM 
AfgfaanUtan. 1878-80. Died Aug. SOth, 1881. 

Long, Fortescne Walter Kellett, son of R. K. Long, Esq., Dnnston Hd 

Norwich. (Mr. SteeTi 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1867 ; M.A. 1371. 

F. W. K. Long, Esq., as above. 

Mackenzie, Edward Philip, son of K Mackenzie, Esq., Fawley Com 

Henley-on-Thames. (Mr. Bull' 

Left East 1860; Football XL, 1859; St. John's CoU. Oxf. ; Joined 9th Lanoen, IN 
retired, 1865 ; late Col. Commanding Loyal Snflblk Hussars, 1871-.01 ; Chairman Baai 

Petty Sessions, 1887 ; Tbetford Board of Guardians, 1878 ; J.P. for DumfrioiM 
Norfolk and Suffolk ; High Sheriff of Suffolk, 1882. 

Col. E. P. Mackefizie {of Atichenskeoch, Kirkcudbright), Doumham Ha 

Brandon, Svffolk. 

Miller, John, son of J. Miller, Esq., Millfield House, Falkirk. (3ifr. Ham 

Miller, Bichard Comhe, son of the Rev. Sir T. Miller, 6th Bart, Fro{ 

House, Alton, Hants. (Dr. Vaughaa 

Left in 1860 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., 1800 ; J.P. and D.L. for Kent 

R. C. Miller, Esq., 43, Bramham Gardens, S, W. 

Ogilvy, Hon. James Bruce, son of the 9th Earl of Airlie. 

(Mr. K H. Vaughar 

Sometime Ueat 82nd Foot and Capt. 10th Lancashire RV. Med 


Bh^ Thomas Francig, son of Sir J. F. OUiffe, M.D., 2, Rue St Florentin, 

Paris. (Mr. Drury's) 

liOft MidB. 1860 ; Trin. Coa Cunb. Died 

r, Bertie Chiyerton, son of T. P&rr, Esq., Grappenhall Heyes, Warring- 
ton. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Bzflter GoU. Oxf., 1860. 

ne, Charles Henry, son of J. Fearse, Esq., Russell Farm, Watford 

(Mr. Ozenham's) 

ton, Edward Gilbert, son of J. J. W. Peyton, Esq., Wakehurst Place, 

CuckfielA (Dr. Vaughan's) 

flomedxiM Lieut 100th B^gt (Bombay L.!.). • 

d, Xalcolm McNeile, son of Mrs. Rind, Shenfield, Reading. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Bmdgn 107tb Rflgt. (Bengal Inf.), 1869 ; Gapt., 1867 ; ]I%i., 1880 ; Hon. GoL retired, 188L 

Mrts, Arthur William, son of A. A. Roberts, Esq., C.B., C.S.I., Lahore, 

India. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec 1867 ; aometime in 7th Dragoon Qtiards ; CoL Bengal General List Gar. ; Politioal 
OiBoer in India ; Oantonment Kagiatrate. 

A. W. BobertSf Esq,, Ncuirabady India, 

haby, Walter Edward Hamilton, son of the Rev. T. H. Sotheby, 

Milverton, Somerset. (Dr. Yaughan's) 

Left. Mida. 1861 ; Balliol Ck)ll. Ozf., B.A. 1866 ; II. A. 1869 ; Vicar of Liptoo, Torka., 1869 ; 
of Holy Trinity, Hoxton, 1877 ; of Bt Bamabaa*, & Kenaington, 1891. 

&0. W. E. H. Sotheby, St. Bamahae Vicarage, Guildford Road, S. W. 

rlor, Oeoree Cortlandt Bnller, son of CoL Taylor, Madras Artillery. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Gomet 19th Hnaaara, 1868. 

impson. Samel Ashton, son of S. H. Thompson, Esq., Thinffwall Hall, 

liverpooL (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1868 ; Jeana 0>a Gamb., M.A. 1868 ; Gorate of Soarboroagh, 1868-71 ; of Ljtbam, 
ISTl'd ; has aaramed the additional anmame of Tatea. 

Rev. S. A. Thompsor^YcUes, 43, Phillimore Gardens, W, 

npson, John Alfred, son of E. Tompson, Esq., Dromenagh Lodge, Iver 

Heath, Uxbridge. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1869 ; Trin. 0>a Oxf., B.A. 1862 ; M.A. 1866; Barrlater. 

J, A. Tompson, Esq., as above. 

borne, Thomas, son of T. M. Usbome, Esq., Clifton, Cork. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left EaaL 1699 ; Trin. Goa Gamb., B.A. 186S ; M.A. 1866; M.P. for COiehnaford Dir. of 
Eawz, 1892- . 

T. Usbome, Esq., M.P., The House, Writtle, Chelmsford. 

Jrond, Henry Theodore Xayne, son of the Rev. T. Wabrond, Harrow. 


Left Mida. 1866 ; Clerk in War Offloe, Army Med. Dept. Died Apr. 18th, 1876. 

«on, Rigby Melvill, son of the Rev. J. Wason, Courtfield, Charlton 

Kings, Cheltenham. (Mr. Holmes') 

SchoL of GaioB Coll. Gamb. ; Barriater ; afterwarda became a Solicitor, and waa a member 
of the firm of Williama, Jamee k Waaon. Died Jon. 1888. 

LldnBon, H. Y. , . 

(Mr. Oxenham s) 

odnte, Percival, son of W. Woodgate, Esq., 32, Lincoln's Inn Fields, 

W.C. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Formerly reaident in Aoatralia. 


EBlnacM In OcMbcr ISKL 

AUix, CharlM Peter, aoo of Col AlUx, 57, Montagn Square, W. 

(Hr. K U. Tauf^'a) 

I.tftMidLlS58:TitB.C(iU.Cusb.,B.A. IMS; H.A. ISTS; J.P.udD.Ii.K)TCa.OubrUp; 
Kembn at tlH Bdhk of LtjouB tot CimlulnuT. 1SSS, 
C. p. AUue, Eiq., at above. 
Bonverie, Hon. William Fleydell, aon of Viscoont Folkestone, aftonrdi 
4th EoTi of Radnor, Longford Castle. S^bniy. 

(Ur. Vaoghu't) 

Trio. CdIL Cunb.: J.P. and D.L. for WUU ud B<iAm: Qtpt. WUU. T». (kt.iUK 
B«ki UlltUL ISTD-IS ; H.F. for a WUU, 18T4-S5 ; (« SnDald DiT. of HJddlaa, IttU ; 
Tnoniw of U.H. Houehold. 1«S»4 ud 1SB«-M ; noeead^ u Mb bd, im. 
^Ai! £4iH o^itoffRor, oi above. 
Foldier, William HeniT', eon of Capt Folcher, Uontaesae, Snrbitmi HiD. 

(Dr. Van^u'i) 
Oordoa, Henry BTins, son of Maj.-QeD. C. 8. E. Gordon, Chatham. 

(Mr. DnnT'i) 

Lett Midi. ISW; Ch. Cb. Oif., aA. ISM; atoabnko'. 

if. £. ffordon, faj., Pretioui, tgh&ant, SeBtnoaJa. 

Aoheson, AreMlwld Brabaion Sparrow, Viaconnt^n of the 3id Eul of 
Gosford, 59, GroBvenor Street, W. (Mr. Stee)"!) 

Crickat HI., 1860; Loid-Lleat. uid Ciulat EDtatonun. Co. Anugfa: BiuliMW 1(4- 
Annagh MilUIi 1 nccwliid u 4Lli £>[!, IMU ; Luid Dttbs Badcbimbn to B.B.H. Iti 

The Earl of Goaford, K.F., 22, Manijield Street, W. 
Butxrar, Georee, son of R. Barbonr, Esq., Boleaworth Castle, Chester. 

(Mr. HenM'.) 

Laft MMl IBM; Trio. Coll, Cunb.. B.A. IMS; U.A. ISTl ; Bknirtu; J.P. ud D.L Eb 
ChaMn, High Bbnlff, ISW ; Hon. M^. E«l of CbMcr's Yu. C^t. 
G. Bra-boar, Esg,, J.P., a» abort. 
Bemers, Charlea Hn^, son of Capt U. Bemers, R.N., Landford Hook. 
Downton, Salisbury. (Mr. Middlemist'i) 

Ch. Cb. Oit, %.&. ISeS ; H.A; 19M ; atndmt o( tba Innn Tenji>le, 18M ; J.P. ud D.L (« 

C. n. Bemeri, E»q., Wooleentone Park, Iptwiek. 
fiotirke, Hon. Henry Lorton, son of the 5th Earl of Mayo. 

(Dr. Vangtan's) 

TciD. Coll. Cunb., B.A. 1962 : (omitiina Coiwt Bnckg Too. Cn. ; » muDbn of Uh Undo 
Stock Eicbaopi ; D,U for Middlasl. 

Hon. H. L. Bourke, 37, Hill Slreft. BerktUy Square, W. 
Browne, John Eerrer, son of T. B. Browne, Esq., Anghcntune Casde, 
Co. Tyrone. (Mr. VaugbanW 

CoraeC l?th Luom, 1961 ; Lisat.. I8SS ; Oiiil., 1S6T ; Mimalimt A.D.C to ite IMf -t 
Abercum, Lord-Usnl, at [niluid : J.P, Kod U.I. for Co. l^u, Uigb SImii. 1^- 

Litut.-Col, J. H. Knox-Broicne, at above. 
Chalmer, Gilbert Stirlii^, son of Mai. F. D. Chahner, I^rbert Bohm . 

US: C>pt.lsn;>omMlinaH4. ; J.I 
tlrling Id Usn of Chalmn. 

ilaj. Q. Stirling, Sytonby Lodge, Melton Moiebra}/. 


ipUn, Edward, Bon of the Bev. H. Chantin, 12, Monta«n Square, W. 

(MrE. H. Vaughan-B) 

Kniiv-n ina l.iiml, G->JiMmni Ruidi, ISW: Llent. uil CipL, ISM; H.P. (oi LiucalD, 
isr-l.-ii Ulnl FW.[ MM, 18M, 

ristie, William Henry, son o[ W, D. Christie, Esq, (Dr. Vauglian'a) 

itterbuck, Artliar, son o[ R Clutterbuck, Esq., Watford Housg, 

Watford. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

I«nll«. 1M1; RiMerCuU. Oif,. B.A.18»i:M.A.iam;0uni>iif0ra>tV.TDUBtb, I8H; 
Si. tiUm'. HaidlDs. ISO*: Bantoi of Ed^UIUiIiJ, IHMI : R«lDt ot WdIIsj, 1903-0 ; 

Rev. .1. Ctu'tierbiick, Hinxieorili Rectory, Baliook. 
^ Thomas Charles, soa of T. Cooke, Esq., PeDdlebury Cntto^e, 
Maiicheater. (Mr. Hams') 

Lift MJ<1>. 1»^T; Lloiil. RA., 1940^ C^it., 18T4; ■imd in ll» Zulu W», idkUI. Had 
U Plymuntti, on tib> ntun I»m B. ATiia. Jon. IMb. IMl. 

), Archibald, son of L. Currie, Esq., 7, Clarendon Place, Hyde Park. 
London, W. (Mr. Oxenbaiu'a) 

I Archibald Dnffleld, son of Col. Eden, Qovenunent House, Chatliam. 
^■^ (Mr, Middlemist's) 

Un Midi, im; : Eiuifni ^otb CuhucdIuu, iMO : Umi.. laat : Cwb. i»ts ; ii^., isiii ; 

»U»I Hud. IJS11I-.C0J,, \fsi; nired Id th> Abj»t»l'U> EiibIIUdd, msda], ISOtL 
LieuL-Col. A. D. Eden, Bemi/orl House, WinehttUr. 
\ John Hadden, son of the Rev, O. H. Fisher, Benlley Hall, Walsall 
(Mr. Middlemiat's) 

Latt tUda. ISOO; Ruiiwl C. S, , buUlna vnilsiu BpiwiniuiaiiU u I)ei>. ComiciUBloiur. Uwt. 
ud CuUhUit, lMl-90 •, Birr laUi.^ fail. 

J. H. Fiiber, K.9., 3, Croim O^c fiou?, B.C. 
y BUiot, son of H. W. Fox. Esq. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Cunto at St. EbWi, Oifoid, 
it St. NidluiUi', DiiEhun. less. 

Rtv. U. E. Fox, Darham 

a, Hamnett Oeorge, son of E. J. Fvinier, Esq., ill, Rug's Road, 

Brighton. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

Sdward Carr, son of G. Carr Glyn, Esq., M.P., afterwards 1st Baron 

Wolverton, 1, Upper Eccleston Street, S.W. 

(Mr. Oxenham'a) 

Ltfl Id lM1;FDi>tte]l XI., IWO:trni>. OoIL Oif,. B.A. 'I9M: M.A. tR«e;Vlauot 
DuooiUe nod BmcrliT : OuipL la Iha Anbb]). at York ; Vlw ot KnuUwUni, l>T8 1 
CbapJ. u the <Jn«n ; FnwtDi ot CoDTDOiUan at C!ut«bai7 : Runt D«n at KanibllaD. 
Hon. and Ret: E. Carr Glyn, The Viearage, KmtingUm, W. 
KeBxj Beauchamp, son of Dr. F. Hawkins, 18, Bolton StreettW. 
(Ur. Vaughan's) 

LaflMlitLlM!-. llQiill<.r. 19IU.S!: Scbulmuid rriMmiin ut Tiin.ColJ, Ounb.. D.A. ISM; 
M.A, IHO: Vlcni <>t L^thun. Limiiubln ; PrwiUir at CoDiocwtlua uf Vurii, ItM; 
HdB. Cuiiin *t Mani^MUi. liWl, 
Rev. Canon naipkim, The Vicarage, Lylham, Laaetithirv. 

. of F. Hincks, Esq., Government House, Barbadoes. 
(Mr. Farrar'a) 

l>it..n.A. I CI., 1904: student «1 Ibt IniHr TnDpla. Isei. DiMl Nc IHb. 

roB, Hon. Edward Frederick, s 


, Henry William, nejihew of H. King, Esq.. Little ^^'ill)^ahalII. 

Cambridge. (Dr. Vaughnn's) 

Tpn. Con. Oimb, ; Cltr* Id nolj Oni.ra, 


Laing, Samuel, son of S. Laing, Esq., M.F., 11, Hyde Fiurk Sqoare, W. 

(Mr. Harris) 

Monitor, I860 ; BarriatoT. Died in 187a 

Lang, James Thomason, son of A. Lang, Esq., Sudbury. 

(Home-Boardw and Mr. E^dalTi) 

Left Mids. 1802 ; Monitor, 1861-3 ;Gaixui GoU. OunK, SdioL and PriBaman, ISflM; BJL 

• 12th Wrangler, 1866 ; 1 Gl. TbtoL Tripoa and Beholiaeld PriM, 1807 ; tafe 1MM 

(HebT«w)SdK>i., 1860 ; M.A. 1869 ; Fe^w of aaa, 1807 ; Canta U Wlabach, IMT; 

of St. Andrew-th«-LaM, Gamb., 1868 ; Vicar of Si. Banadioi'a, Gunk, 1871-01 ; DmcT 

C.G.G., 1871-77 and 1888-5 ; Junior Totor, 1886-02; Totor, 1898. 

Ren, J, T. Lang, 2, Benet Place, Cambridge. 

Lippincott, Eobert Cann Cann, son of R. C. lippincott, Esq., Over Courts 

Bristol. oil. Farrv's) 

Trin. GoU. Gamb. 

R. C Caan-Lippincattf Eiq., ae abwe. 
McNeill, Alex. John, son of Mrs. McNeill, Belfast (Mr. R H. Yanj^'s) 

Cricket XI., 1860 ; Trin. GoR Gamb. 

Melvill, Teignmouth, son of P. MelvilL Esq., Military Sec. to H.RLa, 

4, Clarendon Place, W. (Mr. Dmry's) 

Left Feb. 1858 ; Trin. GoU. Gamb., 1861-4 ; Gapt. 24th Regt. KlUed In the Znta Wu, 
Jan. 22nd, 1879, whUe attempting, in company with lieat. GogfaiU, to aave the eokwi 
of the Best, after the battle of laandlwhana, receiTing poflthmnonaiv the hooov of tlit 
Victoria Groaa. 

Parr, Edward George Codrington, son of S. Parr, Esq., Knowle. ToDeham, 

Devon. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left in 1860 ; B.N.C. Ozf., B.A. 1865 ; M.A. 1874 ; Cnrate of St. Jamee', Doncaatei, 186(4; 

Rev. E, G. C. Parr, 6, BoUon Gardens, S. W. 

Robertson, dharles Boyd, son of Mrs. Robertson, 42, Onslow Square, S.W. 

(Mr. E. H. VaugWs) 

Left Eaat 1860 ; entered Diplomatic Senrioe, 1865 ; attached to H.M. Leptioo ti 
Washington, 1871-S ; at Stuttgart, where he waa Chais^ d'AfBdrea on aeTeral ocouioaai 
1879-81 ; employed on Special Service in Spain, 1886 ; Superintendent Treaty Dapt, F.O. 

C, B. Robertson, Esq., 38, Onslow Square, S,W. 

Sawyer, Edward Wayland, son of H. Sawyer, Esq., Rose Hill« Stockbridge. 

(Mr. OxenhanTs) 

Selby, Beanchamp Prideanx, son of P. Selby, Esq., Swansfield, Alnwick. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1859 ; St John'a ColL Gamb., B.A. 1865 ; Barriater, 1868 ; J.P. for Korthamba' 
land, 1876. 

B. P. Selby, Esq., J.P., Pawston, ComhiU-mi-Tvoeed. 

Thornton, Percy Melvill, son of Admiral Thornton, Blackheath Fftrk, S.E. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left Eaat 1860 ; FootbaU XL, 1859 ; Jesus GoU. Gamb., LL.B., 1865 ; Author of " FonigB 
Secretaries of the Nineteenth Century," " Harrow School and ita Summndings." «t^ < 
Champion Half -Mile Runner at Cambridge ; Hon. Sec Middleeex County Crict«( 
Club ; M.P. for Clapham, 1892. 

P. M. ThomUm, Esq., M.P., Battersea Rise, S.W. 

Trotter, John Monbray, son of A. Trotter, Esq., Dreghom Castle 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Reudall's 

Served for many yeara on the Staff of the Army in India ; J.P. and G.G. for Midlothian. 

J. M. TrOUer, Esq., Collinton House, Midlothian, N.B. 

Wood, Aogustiui, son of J. Wood, Esq., Ashfield, Martock, Somerset 

(Mr. K H. Vaughan's 

Trin. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1864 ; aaaumed the additional anmame of Acton, 1874. 

A. Wood- Acton, Esq., Acton Scott, Church Stretton, Shropshire. 

May 1856.] CHARLES JOHN V AUG HAN. 233 

Bnlrances In February 185C* 

Baird, Jonathan Peel, son of Sir David Baird, 2nd Bart., Newbyth, 

Prestonkirk. (Mr. Rendall's) 

/. P. Baird^ Esq,, Nea Houh, Ringtvood. 

, Edward O'Bnren, son of Mrs. Forsyth, 11, Lansdowne Place. 
ClSton. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Bnslgn 17th Regt., 1861 ; Lieat, 1865. 

dson, George OibBOn, son of Q. Q. Richardson, Esq., Garlands, 

Reigate, Surrey. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Loft Dec 1868. Died Ifar. 80tb, 1880. 

Enmncei IB Haj 185C. 

omby, Hon. Ralph, son of the 3rd Baron Abercromby, Airthrie 

Castle, Stirling. (Mr. Harris') 

Bntflred 60th RiilM, 1860 ; letiied, 1869. 

Hon, R. Abercromby J 21, Chapel Street, Belgrave Square^ S,W, 

Ut, Arihnr Cecil Stuart, son of Sir H. Barkly, Gk>yemor of Jamaica. 

(Mr. Karris') 

BoiiMtiiiM lirat. in tlM GanUoesTB; wrred in Manritins, the GRpe, Basotobnd, the 
S^ehellei, and FUkland lalee ; Got. of HeligoUnd, 1888, tiU the ceasion of that island 
to Gennany, 1889. Died in 1890. 

Sptemardiflton, Charles Francis, son of N. C. Bamardiston, Esq., The 
2- Ryes, Sudbury, Suffolk. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Bnaign 25th Regt., 1860 ; lient., 1868 ; serred in India and eliewhere. Died Sept. 12th, 
* 1876. 

^ataz, William Ironside, son of J. Bax, Esq., Twyford House, Bishop 
> Stortford. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

K^ Mi^. Bengal Infiuitxy, 1880 ; LieQt.-Col. 1886. 

*MgR» Sdward Arthnr, son of L. O. Bigg, Esq., Backwell Hill House, 

Westavon, Bristol (Mr. Middlemist s) 

Pembroke CJoa Oxf., BJL 1864; M.A. 1868. 

Browell, Edward Thomas, son of E. M. Browell, Esq., Feltham, Middlesex. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Deo. 1858; Lieut. R.A., 1864 ; CJapt.. 1877; A^J., ^^l^*}^'^! 1888; Lieut.<^l., 1890; 
Egyptian War medal and Kbedire'fl >tar, 1882 ; ohiap for Snakin, 1885. 

LieuL'CoL Brovoelh R,A., Bydalhurst, Wadsley, Sheffield, 

Browne, Marmadnke Edmonstone, son ot the Rev. T. C. Brbwne, Walton 

Villa, Clifton. (I>r- Vaughan's) 

B? Left Mida. 1860 ; Monitor, 1861 ; Oriel CoU. Oxf., Sohol., 1861 ; B.A, 1868 ; (Mmte ofj^ 

% Wootton, Warwick, 1867-9; of MUverton, 1870-71; of Fambonmgh, 1872-8; Offici^ 

■t Correnondent Ifarylebone Div School Board for London, ainoe 1881 ; Chapl. li« 

it Middleeex av., 18lfe. * 

51 Rev, M, E, Broumey 26, Carlton Vale, N.W. 

■ Burton, Eobert Henry Linden, son of R Burton, Esq., Longner Hall 

ShrewsSiry. (Mr. Drury s) 

^ ; Uft Hide. 1860 ; Cricket XI., i860 ; Banker at Shiewebary. Died Jon. 1885. 

yf: Caayton, Albert, son of W. C. ciayton, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

^ Uftinl858; J.P.forDoreet. 

A, Clayton^ Esq., Bradford AbbaSy Sherbomey Dorset 

^. Bavej, Joshna Sidney, son of S. Davey, Esq., Redruth, Cornwall. , 

^ (Mr. Oxenham s; 

•'.p. for Cornwall. 

J, S. Daveyy Esq,, J,P., Bochymy Hekkmy Cornwall 



Edmeades, ICatthew Robert, son of the Rev. W. H. Edmettdea, Nimtaid 

C*«)urt, GravcRGiid. (Mr. Fanv's] 

Trin. Toll. Oxf.. RA. IM64 ; U.K. Iwl9 ; ImU tmIum Comola, 1865-T4 ; Wmr ot Gntf 
HeilMyn. 11174. 

Fier. JSf, R. Kdinnules^ Gi'^at Fkdwyti Vicara^ mear HuHgetfbrd, 

Elwell, .William Ciharles Roden, Hon of the Rev. W. E. Elwell, & & 

JaiiK^' Siiuarc, Notting Hill, W. (Mr. RnA/i) 

I'd It. Cull. Oif.. ILA. 1SC7 ; lUrriat«r. 1S74. 

Hailstone, Alfred, son of tlic Hcv. J. Hailstone, Rottiduun YieanA 

Newmarket. (Mr. E. IL Vanghan^i) 

TrlD. Cell. Caiiib. 

Hamilton, Lord (Hand John, son of the Ist Dnke of Abercom, Raron's 

(V)urt, Inlnnd. (Sh. E. H. Van^Mn's) 

Lrft MiiU I^V): entarad OremiliM (Sunk. IMS : rHind tad aiiiiolDtad UmL-GoL riiipl 
Militia. l«>»7 ; M.r. f..r l^rtuli.mlerry.lML'. : A.D.C. to liOfd-LiMt. of Irrfind. IMM ; IM 
fif tbe TiaMnry. I^'^s ; M.K for Kinic's Lynn. 1800.80 ; for Uvtipool, Mtind lki«MJkiD> 
hmlth. l8>0->i>« : A.D.C. t*i th« giiwn. INKT ; Hub. Col. Mb BMt. laaMKUUiw ruM. 
ISVO : Cbainiuui (2.E.R., 1SV3 ; Cbjilmuui Eniplnyen' LUMlity fl— mum Oocpootki. 

LonI Clauil J, FFamiltan^ Gltnridgf^ VirgMa Waiet, 

Heathfteld, Henry Oeorge, son of ^[^fl. Heathfield, Harrow. 


Homidge, Macdonald, son of M. 1 lornidge, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Roardcr) 

Hunt, William, son of the Rev. W. Hunt, Weston-super-Mare. 

(Mr. Westcott*») 

Trin. Con. Oxf.. B.A.. 1 I nw ami Mod. Hint., 1864; ll.A. ISM; OumtooT Hol^Tiiw;. 

W«it«in-iin)«r-Mare, lM/i-7 : Vlcur of CVinfrrenbory, BomeiMt, 186T4S ; BaniBV n 
Sell, of Mill. Iliftt. At Oxf., 1S77-P» and 18«l-2; Avtbor ci a " llfaioij cT I1M7." » 

*• liirtory of llrijtol," etc. 

Rer. William FFunU 24, Phillimare Gardemt, IT. 

Langford, John Frere, son of J. W. Langford, Esq., H.KI.G.S. 

(Dr. Vault's) 

iMtt Midii. 1S(X); llHlIioI r<.n. Oxf.. RA. 18<U : M.A. 1M9: Cnimto of K«wpeit Jl^fA 
1S05-0: Cranflflil. lMltU71 : St. Jiide'i, Omy'a Ina Rottd, 1871-5; C^^ To^Dk^ 
lliw|), 1S73-0: Vicnr of Dere Refrla. l^ffl-M; CbapL of THalty Ctanh, Kin. 

Rer. J. F. Langforil^ 12, Ruf de France^ Nice. 

Leith, Edward Tyrrell, son of J. F. 1 x^itli, Esq., Professor of Law at Baiky- 

burv, 79, (jli.»ucc.<»ter Terrace, Hyde IWk, W. 

(Air. R HL Vanghan^f) 

Trin. IIhH Cainb.. l.UW. 18(>r. ; L1..M. ; A<lvt<nt« of the UIgh Oowt, Bonb^ ; HWliM 

(Jovt. Prof, of Ijiw. 

/;. T. Lrith, Kmi,, The FFigh Court, Bombay. 
Macanlay, Henry Denman, son of H. W. Mncaulay, Enq. (Mr. SteelV 

Left Eai»t. isr.s ; ent«r«il R.N'. a« Cjulct. 1>5A : Mrved in II. M.S. OHm and Atryalw; li 
in II. M.S. Iiiimorlalitt' mu\ ifuth^', FIiik Lieat. iit Ueronport to Boa. Sir Jjt 
Dmiuiiionil : rotiml. 1^70; Ifairri^ter, 1^78. 

//. D. Macanlay^ Eaq.^ 81, St. G^orgf^B Square^ S.W. 

Ridley, Matthew White, son of Sir ^fatthew W. Ridley, 4th Bait. 

lUfigclon, Nfori'^'tli. (Mr. Harris') 

I^tMiib. \^\ '. Monitor. ]S.V.i-<>L> ; H«ul of tlicSiho.>l, 1^^<0•02: FooIIaII ZI. ; Sbood^XL: 
Ualliol Coll. Oxf., Schi.l.. 1m:0 : 1 <M. Mitl., iMUt; RA., I CI., 1865; Follow of AH 
S«iiils, ItkUi; M.A. liMM : M.r. for N. NorthnmbeiUnd, 1M84I5; for BlMkpool INt.. 
Ijincfuihira, li>*>0- ; L'mlcr-S«t>. Ilmnc IV|it., lf>7S-J^ ; Financial Sea to Tnmb}. 
lAS.'i.O: Chairninn Northunil^rland (jimrter Scmioiui and C.C. ; LleiiL<0(4L Koitkni- 
berland Hnoari) Y«o. Oiv. ; iiu(x«eileil i\a !*th liirt.. 1S77. 

Sir Matthew W. RidUy, Bart., }F.P., Blnqdon, CramUnqtan^ NorUiHwkerktd: 

and 10, Carltun House Terntcf, S. iV, 


Btenl^, Eosu Algenum Charles, son of the 2nd Baron Stanley of 

Alderley, Alderley Park, Cheshire. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ltft Bait. 18S8; afterwards at Bnghj; Tiin. Goll. Gamb., B.A. 1866; M.A. 1868; B.C. 
Pxicat ; Prirato Chamberlain to the Pope. 

Hon, and Very Rev. Monsignor Stanley, 7, MandevUle Place, W. 

Sodesco, Frederick David, son of Madame Todesco. (Mr. Bull's) 

Xrotter, Edward BosIl son of A. Trotter, Esq., Devonshire Place Houses 

W. (Mr. BuU's) 

Ghrlat's ColL OamK, B.A. 1865 ; M.A. 1869 ; Giuate of Holy Trinity, Habersham-BaTes. 
lADoaahire, 1866^ ; Vicar of St. Mary, Alnwick, 1869^. 

Rev. E, B, Trotter, Trinidad, W. Indies, 
; Trotter, Henry, son of Capt. Trotter, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

} C.C.C. Oamb., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1876 ; ordained, 1872 ; Vicar of BamweU, Gamb., 1877-83 ; 

Rector of Trowbridge, 1888« ; Hon. Oanon of Saliaboxy. 

Rev, Canon Trotter, Trowbridge, WilU, 

Webiter, FhUip James, son of C. Webster, Esq., Pallion Hall, Sunderland. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 


EnmBM iB Jamt isse. 

CSampbell, Arddlmld James, son of Alexander C^ampbell, Esq., Auchin- 

darroch, Lochgilphead, Argyllshira 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Sometime in the 74th Highlanders. Died in 1886. 

EnmneM iB Septemker 18M. 

Alexander, Eobert Jackson, son of N. Alexander, Esq., M.P., Portglenone, 

Co. Antrim. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

liuided Proprietor ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Antrim, Hifl^ Sheriff; 1875 ; for Co. Londonderry, 
High Sheriir, 1870. Died in 1884. 

Armitage, Vernon Kirk, son of Sir Elkanah Armitage, Hope Hall, 

Manchester. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mide. 1859 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. and LL.B. 1864 ; M.A. 1867 ; Barrister ; J.P. and 
Aid. C.C. of Lancashire, 1880. 

V, K, Armitage^ Esq,, J, P., Swinton Park, Manchester, 

Bookey, William Thomas Erskine, son of W. T. Bookey, Esq., Denybane, 

Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec 1859 ; Oapt Oarabineers, retired ; M^j. Wicklow Biiles MiUUi^ ; J.P. for Co. 
Wicklow. Died in 1876. 

Bouverie, Hon. Buncombe Pleydell, son of Viscount Folkestone, afterwards 

4th Earl of Radnor. (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Ensign 55th Foot, 1862 ; Lient., 1866 ; retired ; D.L. for Berks. 

Hon. D, P, Bouverie, Coleshill House, Highworth, WUts, 
Brodie, Caithness, son of Brodie of Brodie, Forres, N.B. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Dec. 1869 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., 1861-4. 

a Brodie, Esq,, Union Club, S,W, 

Bnlkeley, Percy Francis, son of Maj. C. Bulkeley, 30, Montagu Souare, W. 

(Mr. Midalemist*s) 

Boshell, Reginald, son of C. Bushell, Esq., Aigburth, Liverpool 

(Mr. Middlemiat's) 

Left Mids. 1862; Monitor, 1861-2; Shooting XL, 1861-2; Football XXL, 1861 ; Merchant 
of Liverpool; F.R.A.B., 1871 ; J.P. for Cheshire, 1887 ; Member of Mersey Dock and 
Harbonr Board, 1889. 

R, BusJiell, Esq., J.P,, Hinderton Lodge, Neston, Cheshire, 

1>.3G HARROW SrnOOL REGISTER. [Skpt. 1856. 

Cairns, William KcNeile, Hon of Mra CalrnR, Winckley Square, FftBton. 

(Mr. K H. Yan^uu's) 

l^ft MitU 1R01 : Eoiiicn 4Sn1 L.I.. 1^63 ; Litnt., 1M4 ; GRpL, 187S; ratlnd, ISTI : amd n 
tba Ne« Xad^iid War, 1K64^; Hiil»-Iiuii0CUir of FactoriM, 1K74-T ; SaeraUiy flf Gtt- 
iiiiiiMi>iui, Uird CbJUiuclIiT'M Itoiurtnient, IST7<«0; Aat. Higlitrir td TkadMitiU 

Qipi. W. McS. Ciiinu, CoilUUnmuMend, Ob. Cork, 

Courthope, William John, Kon of the Kev. W. Courthope, Smith Mailing 

Suss«\x. (Dr. Vangluuiy) 

Left MUU ISAI : M.ioibir. \>M-t\\ : Pint «»imi Eihik of Ntw OoU. Osf., 1 CI. Mod., IM; 
n.A., 1 n.. ivr. ; Nemhtpite Tnaa for EnxliAh Vmw, 1854; CiMuerflor'* P»i» fur 
EuKliBh Kntay. ImOm ; M.A. 1-77 : KuuiUMi in Bdncatlon DapU. 1870; ipodallj tlietai 

tu th« Atheimniiii 4Miib liy the ('niiiiuiitw m euiiMOt in UUntim, 18M ; Civil StrrMi 
CiiiiiiiiiMiitiiicr. I>>7 ; Cliief t'oiiiiiiiMinuer, Ir^'Ji. 

ir. J. Ci*urthoi»f, Kaq.^ 2*J, fVWirr Terrate, Regent $ Park, N.W. 

Daahni, John Claude, son of the Kev. J. Daubuz, Killiow, Tmro. 

(Mr. Ozenham*s) 

L«rt Sux. 1M0-. R.N.C. Oxf., U.A. IRC4 : J.P. and RL. for ComwaU, 1807, CC^ U» 
liifth Sheriff, I^tfl ; ChAinniui i>f (Vruuh liaok, Ld. ; Tin BoMltar. 

./. C. Daubuz, K^q., J. P., Killiow, Truro, Comvxdl. 

Du Boolay, Arthur HouBsemayne, Hon of J. Du Bouhiy, Esq^ Donhetd 

Hall, Salisl^iiry. (Mr. K U. VaughaD's) 

Eiilereil R.N. 

Dunn, Gkidesden Richard, son of D. Dunn, E»q., Heath, Wakefield. 

(Mr. Bull's) 

I^t Muis. l!t'>S: Ensifni (th Ki>ot. IS^S; retired m C«iit. ; CapL 9th Wmt Yofk Militu, 
retired ; Haj. lU>n. Ait. Cn. nf I^iiulnii. retiraii. 

R, G. DunUy E»i,, Henh House, Btxhill, Smuex. 

Eyre, Gkorge Bramston, son of C. Eyre, Esq., Wclford Park, Newbmy. 

(Mr. E. U. Vaagha&A) 

Cli. Ch. Ozf., IStif!: J.r. for Derkii; M;^- Snl lUtt. Princev ChAilotto's Rojnl Berkihixw 
Regt. ; Mwamed the enrnjuue «•£ Aicher-lluuMun, \^9\. 

G. B. K. Archer-Houblon, Eati.^ €u above. 

Flood, Frederick, son of I. T. Floal, Hsci., Mill Hill, Hendon. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Urt Mid«. li^\ M<.ni^.r. lSfil-2: Shnotinf; XI., lf^I-2 ; Trin. CoU. Cumbu, &A. IW: 
M.A. IMV ; Civil Entnueer. 

F. Flood, Eitfj., Dfnfithi^ Dorking. 

Giles, William Betti, son of U. Giles Es^i., 8, Kue des Marronicea, Paasr. 

l^iris. (^fr. SteeFs) 

Hepburn, John Gkoree, son of Sir Thonm.H Hepburn, 3rd Bart, Smeaton 

Yhestonkirk, E. liothian. (Dr. Vaugban'a) 

S«>uietiiiie Lient. 9th I^inceiv. Dlrd 

Hunt, Thomas Holdaworth Newman, son of T. N. Hunt, Esq., 2, Upper 

Ttirtland I'lace, \V. (Mr. Steel's) 

Ezet«r CoH. Oxf., \^'2. Died 

Jeune, Francis Henry, son of the Itov. Dr. Jeune, Pembroke CoUe^ 

(Txfonl. (Dr. Vaughani^) 

lieft MuU. l^Cl : Monitor. l-V.Uii ; RUIti*! r.-ll. 0»f.. Sih"l. IMl : 1 CI. Mud.. llM»: 1 a. 
1mJ6: StAiihiii« l»rize. In',:'.; Arii-M Pri/o. 1>«" : H.A. IsikJ; M.A. 1874; Fellow ct 
liertford t.'olL, 1H74: lt<iiri>irr. I'-O'*; y.<'., l>» ; wmetiiue Ch»noellor of DoiIhb. 
HnnfEor. UlMiice»l«r ;iik1 Itristul. St. AlUiii". Ml. A.<«iii;h. St. David'eand PolwborMi^: 
Comuiifleary uf L»e^ii azhl I'luiiitor of \^\>tluin^tt;^ : Member «>f Royal Commiwifme on 
EccleeiaJlical PatrooAfre, 1>74: im K^lci«Lkitioal CnurtA. is^l ; on Snndwich Kleecfaa 
CunuuiMion, ISM ; Hun. I>.(M. IhuUm. 1vh>: .T.P. fur EMes. 18^; a|ipointed Jadft 
of High Conn of Justice (Vu^K I»i\. iiml Adm. I>iv.), .tud kuiRhtedt IWl. 

Sir F. //. Jiune, 79, Hurlnf Street, W. 

ophlOIL Joshua Lewis, son of J. F. Josephson, Esq., 42, Porchester 

Termee, W. (Mr. Bull's) 

Sept. 1866.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 237 

JoBephson, Thomas FrandB, brother of the above. (Mr. Bull's) 

L«rt in 1859 ; Qnxtor, N.S.W. ; J.P. of QneezulazHl, 1870 ; of N.B.W., 1880. 

T. F, Joiephson, Esq,^ J.P.y Australian Club, Sydney, N.S.W. 

Ii^;ge, Hon. Charles GK)imter, son of the 4th Earl of Dartmouth. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Lefi Mido. 1859 ; Li«at. Rifl« Brknide, medal for Indian Frontier ; Chief Constable of 
Lanoaabire ; H.M. Inqpeotor of Constalnilary since 1880. 

Hon, (7. 0, Legge, Longstone Lodgt, BakewelL 

Leslie, Cecil Edward St. Laurence^ son of the Rev. C. Leslie, Bishop of 

Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh, Coravahn, Cavan, 
Ireland (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Deo. 1861 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1865. 

C E, St L, Leslie, Esq,, Coravahn, Drurg, Ireland. 

Longman, Arihnr Hampton, son of C. Longman, Esq., Shendish, Hemel 

Hempstead. (Mr. Harris') 

Trin. Coa Gunb., M.A. ; J.P. for Hants ; Hon. Llent-CoL 4ih Bait Beds Regt 

A. H, Longman, Esq,, J,P., cu above, 

Lyons, William Henry Holmes, son of W. T. B. Lyons, Esq., J.P., Old 

Park, Belfast. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Lefi M ids. 1860 ; Qiand Master Ca Antrim Qiand Orange Lodge. 

W, H. H, Lyons, Esq,, Brookhill, lAshum, Ireland, 

XacYicar, John Archibald, son of J. D. MacVicar, Esq., Muir House, 

Qranton, Edinburgh. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Ensign 98rd Highlanders, 1868 ; Lieut, 1867. 

Xazwell, David, son of W. MaxweU, Esq., Dalskarith, Dumfries, N.B. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec 1859. 

Xolyneux, Sir Capel, Bart, son of Sir George K. A. Molyneux, 6th Bart, 

Clay HiU I^ge, Enfield. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Bncoeeded as 7th Bart, 1848 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Armsgh, High Sheriff, 1867. Died in 

Hash, James Palmer, son of the Rev. J. K Nash, Cossington Villa, Clifton. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

Left Bast 1861 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1865 ; M.A. 1874 ;. Vicar of Hedge End, Hants, 1876^ ; 
Rector of Bishopstoke, 1886-02 ; of Bishop's Waltham, 1802. 

Rev, J. P. Nash, Bishop's WaUham Rectory, Hants. 
ITeal, John, son of W. Neal, Esq., 7, Park Crescent, W. (Mr. HarrisO 

Left Bast 1879 ; CC.C. Ounb., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1872 ; held rarions Curacies, 1869-80. 

Rev, J' Neal, South Holme, Weybridge, 

Palmer, Thomas William, son of T. W. Palmer, Esq., Brough House, 

East Yorks. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1861 ; Cricket XL, 1861 ; J.P. for B. Riding of Torks and for Hall. 

r. W. Palmer, Esq,, J,P,, m above, 

Pearson, Edwin James, son of Sir E. Pearson, 7, Chester Terrttce, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Penny, Thomas Carisbrooke, son of the Rev. E. Penny, Great Mongeham 

Rectory, Deal (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Sometime in tbe R. ArtiUexy. 

Peters, William Henry Brooke, son of W. H. Peters, Esq., Harefield 

House, Lympstone, Devon. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Bnsign 80th Regt, 1861 ; Lient, 1864; Capt 18th Hnssars, 1872 ; Mi^}., 1880; Lieut -Col. 
4th Hiunars, with hon. rank of Mi^.-Oen., retired, 1887. 

Maj,'Gen. W. H. B, Peters, 2, Cromwell Place, S,W, 


Powl68, Louii Ditton, son of J. 1). F6wlm, Esq., Bwham Lodge, Elstm. 

(Mr. BndbyV 

Left EmI. \t^\ \ IViuhnikernll. {\xi. ; lUrruter; Cimiit JimUm BaImliiui UiDda. 10«^:; 
Editor <if " llnmne im l*ni)«l« " : iwrt Autbiir of '* Brnwna mmI PowIm on Divont . 
Aalh«T uf " Tbr IaihI ••£ the I'lnk roarl. " and uCb«r »oilLfl. 

L. n, PoirUs, E^i., 2, Tai\fi€ld CbuH, Temple^ E,C. 
Prior, CarlM, mhi uf .). V. Trior, Ks(|. (Uome-Boarden 

Mrd :it Harrow, ubila in the Hcb«wl. Jon. Qtb, 1857. 

Roupell, John HarreT Torrent, fton of Mm. Roupell, 33, Oriental Ilace. 

Brighton. (Mr. Steefil 

Bussell, John Thomas Norreyi, 8on of F. W. Kiusell, Esq., M.P., isi 

WostlnHirnc St ret* t, W. (Mr. Hams') 

L«ft SliiU. ISrtl ; Tiiii. Cull. Cimb.. RA. I»t64 ; lUirritt«r; J.P. for 06. 

,/. r. AT. Ru^ell, Ksi/., J.P., 43, U>j<&oiiriM! Temiee, W. 

Sherman, William Watts, ^m of W. Shenuan, Em|., Banker, New YorL 

(Mr. SteeTsi 

Shipperdson, Thomas Henry Hopton, son of the Rev. E. H. ShipperdMo. 

lUTMiitagiN Co, Durliani. 

Sparks, William Blencowe, s<»n of W. Sparkis Esq., J.P., Crewkerne. 

Sonierst't. (Mr. l>nir}*V> 

\jtti Per. IXX): Rifltor Cdll. Oxf., H.A. 1»IU; M.A. 1860; Solicitor at Crtwkcrae. Mrt 
.S«|it. 30th. Iti'A't. 

Stratt, Hon. Arthur, son of tho 1st lUroii Uol|)cr, Kingston Hall, Ke^nrortk 

UcrLy. (Mr. Harria) 

Trin. Coll. Ctiiiib.. B.A., I CI. Nut. fki., lMt!»; M.A. 1868: J.P. for Darbgrahin ; Gkpt 1» 
L»erb}ithir« R.V. Died Feb. 0th, 1)^77. 

Stnrgis, Samnel Harman, son of 8. Sturgia, Esq., 113, Westboane 

Terrace, \V. (Mr. Hams') 

Member of the fiim of Keen, Sturinit k C(i., Sltickbnikers, I.«vidoii. 

S. //. Sturgin, K»j., 3^, Brtumnuck Ganlena, W. 

Swinley, Silas Adair, wn of Maj.-Gen. 11. Swinley, Ro>'al (late Benol) 

Artillery, Harrow. (Uome-Boarder) 

I»ft in ISVs; joined icenerul l.iM i>f Cuviilry, Denpil, 1^61 ; CkpC llth (IMdot of Wakf 
Own) Mraffal lAnccn. WUHi at 8afet Hanfr. Khylier Field Form, Umj S4Cb. inH 

Thomas, George William Griffith, son of tho Rev. Q. Thomas, Ystni 

Caerphilly, Glamorganshire. (Mr. RendallV) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf. ; J.r. and D.L. for OUmorpui, Uigh Sheriff, 1S70. Dictf in 1885. 

Tooth, Robert Lucas, son of £. Tooth, Esq., 13, Calverley Park, Tm- 

bridge Wells. (Mr. Famff's) 

Tonlmin, Alfred Harper, son of H. Toulmin, Est]., Childwickbnry, St 

Albans. (Mr. Harris') 

liaft Eaat. IS08. DIfd 

Trevor, William dharles, son of C. Trevor, Esq., liegacy Duty Oflke, 

Somerset 11 oust*, W.C, (l)r. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec. IkoH ; Solicitor iioA lh!\t, Clvrk of the Toaco, N. Riding uf Yorlu. 
ir. C. Trcvtir, £^7., Onisbitrough^ Yorks. 

Yandelenr,Crofton Thomas Barton, son of Cajit. Vandeleur, Wardenstown. 

Westincath. (Mr. Steel's) 

Comet 12th LAncerB, ISOO: Gipt., \>C7\ Caiit. Ihiblin City Art. Militia, 1871». 

Wason, iklwin Sandys, son of the Rev. J. Wa^on, Ck>urtfield Hoobbi 

Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire. (Mr. Holmes*) 

Enaiffn SSrd Regt., 18G0 ; A(lj-. 1^^ ; Hcrvod on [.iinl Napiere StAff through Um AbywulB 
W.1T : Hometime Adj. We^t York MilitLi. Mfd Jan. 5th, ISSa 

Webster, John, son of T. W. Webster, Es<i., 77, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde 

Ptok W (Mr. Sted'i) 


iMid, Baal Kflriagtoii, son of R T. Woodd, Esq., M.P., Conyngham 

Sail, Knaresborough. (Mr. R U. Vaugbian's) 

TriB. CbO. GuBbi, LUB. 1S64 ; LL.M. 1809 ; Canto of AU SainU, HontiiigdoD. 1S«&4 ; of 
Senbom^^ 180B-78 ; Vkar of Filey, Torks, 187S4 ; at BUtoo, Tories, 1879-S4. Med 
in USA. 

l^ne, (hra^ son <tf tlie Rt Hon. J. Wynne, M.P., Uaslewood, Co. Sligo, 
Iieluid. (Mr. RendalTs) 

Ck. Ck, 0(zf., 18S1 ; High Sheriff for Go. Bligo, 1875 ; for Co. Leitiim, 1880. Mcd 

% Wflliaa James, son of R. Q. Alexander, Esq., Acton House, 
Poyntzpass, Armagh. (Mr. Bradby's) 

boigB Sted Bf^gfc.. IS81 ; Cipi.. 1872 ; aomeiime Hon. Lieiii.-CoL ; J.P. for Co. Amuigfa. 

X^eut-Cb/. W, J. Alexander^ J-P., as above. 

ihipp, Saaml Charles, son of H. Allsopjp, Esq., who was created a Bart 

1880, and Baron HincDip 1886, Burton-on-Trent 

(Dr. Vanghan's) 

Lift Dee. 1858; Trin. CoU. Ounb.. B.A. 1865; M.A. 1809; M.P. for Eaai StoftmUhue, 
lf7S-80; for TMntoa, 1882-7; J.P. and D.L. for SUflbfdahiie; J.P. for DerbTshira; 
Dn. ChMrmen^ O.N.R. ; Chairman of MeaRS. Alfani^ 4; Co., Limited ; encceeded aa 


Lord HindUp^ Hiitdlip Hall, Worcester. 

tafim^ Oeorge Warsham, son of the Rev. (]^on Argles, Bamack Rectory, 

Stamford. (Mr. Farrar's) 

LA Dae. 1800; Monitor, 1800; Balliol CoU. Oxf., RA. 18«4; M.A. 1807; Denyer and 
JohoaoB TheoL SchoL, 1867 ; Rector of St. Clementa, York, 1871 ; Canon of Peterboroogh, 
1888 ; Daaa, 180a Med Nor. 10th, 1802. 

kilff, William Latham, son of J. Bailey, Esq., M.P., Easton Court, 

Tenbury. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

LA la 1860. Medinl80L 

ksske, Sir Victor Alexander, Bart, son of Sir Arthur B. Brooke, 

2nd Bart (Mr. Harris^ 

Sa en ee Awl aa Sid Bait., 18M ; J.P. and D.L^ for Fermanagh, High SherilT, 1867. Died 
Dbc. 14th, 1891. 

ftapTwIl, Archibald Kiel, son of C!apt Campbell, Glendarvel House, 

(!Jaimdow, Argyllslure. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

% Sir Alexander Palmer Bmce, Bart, son of Sir John P. Bruce 
C!hichester, 1st Bart., Arlington Court, Barnstaple. 

(Mr. Ifcrris') 

at Bum; mooeeded aa 2nd Bart, 1S51 ; J.P. for Devon, High Sheriff, 1868 ; 
Cbpc X. Dana Teo. Oar. Mfd Jan. 25th, 1881. 

OHke, Winiftm Henry, son of T. Cooke, Esq., Pendlebury, Manchester. 

(Mr. Harris') 

LA in 1859. 

W. H Cooke, Esq.^ The Grange^ Chdford, Cheshire, 

bonpton, Albert, son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Oompton, 22, Hyde Park 

Square, W. (Dr. Vaughan*s) 

LA MUiu 1808 ; Football XL, 1862; Trin. Coa Ounb. ; Manager Ocean Steamahip Co., 

A. Crompton, Esq., 81, Bedford Street, Liverpool. 

Gnsfaie, John Talbot Damley, son of W. T. CVosbie. Esq., Ardfert Abbey, 

Tndee, Kerry. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

T—'tr ^Otik Biflea, 186S ; Lieut, 1865 ; Ca^Jt, 1873^ 

Osvas, Hormce William, son of T. Devas, Esq., Mount Ararat, Wimbledon. 

(Mr. Harris') 

LAinl8Sl;ClLCh.03cf., 1861. Med 


Domi, Charles AcUnd Leigh, Hon of Capt Dunn, KingBton-on-ThaiML 


Fletcher, Charles John, son of J. C. Fletcher, Esq., Dale Park, ArmideL 

(Mr. E. H. VangjHs'il 

l^t Mida. \K*\ Trio. 04.11. CmiK ; joiMd ISth Hu»n. IMt; nUni, IIM; 
D.L. r«u BnaftK. High Bbcrlff. 1H04. 

C. J. FUirhtr, Etq,, J.P., Dak Park, ArumtUL 

Gardner, Christopher Thomas, non of Dr. Gardner, Harrow. 


Gardner, Ernest Uoyd, brother of the aliove. (Home-Bosido) 

King! Coll. Lnnd. ; Curat* of St. John Um EtumUM, FItnoj Bqnan, W.a, IflM; 
Vicar of MarkhchA|«l. IxTM ; o#fk. MichMl's/Limtb, 1874. 

Bfr, E. L. Gardner, St, MiekaeTB Vieangt^ LotOk. 

Grey, John George, son of G. A. Grey, Est]., Milfield, Northmnberland. 

(Mr. Oxenhm'i) 

J.r. tot CunibtrUnd. Mfd Mar. Slit. 1879. 

Hall, Cecil Haffenden, son of T. I). lUH, Esq., Whatton Manw, Nott& 

(Mr. Oxenbim '») 

Exeter Coll. Ozf., IWl : Bnaiim and UeuL SooU FwiUw Gmi^ 18M ; Ltack ni C«k. 
1807. Med Aug. 20th, 1}«74. 

Johnston, Hamilton Hamilton, son of E. Johnston, Esq., AUerton HiJL 

Liverpool. (Mr. Middkmut'i) 

Kennedy, Edward Briggs, son of MrH. Kennedy, Frant, Tonbridge Wdh 

(Mr. Wstaoo'il 

Kennedy, Francis Thomas BomillT^ son of the Rt Hon. T. F. Kennedr, 

Maylwle, Ayrshire. (Mr. Huw*) 

Knox, Howe James, son of Col. Knox, Ikllinrobe, Mayo. (Mr. Brad^s) 

Eiuisn 2»iil Royal WeUh FiuiUen, Iv>2; LieaU, 1865 ; Oapi., ISTl ; A^. Royillto 
MilitU. 18t»a 

Lacon, Thomas Beecroft Usher, son of Sir Edmund H. K. Laeon, kd 

Bart., M.r., Hopton Hall, Yarmouth. (Mr. RenddTsI 

Lane, Henry Thomas Fowler. (Mr. Drvy'i) 

litft Midi. 1M9. 

Langton, William Heywood. son of W. Langton, Esq^ Manchester and 

Salfonl Bank, Manchester. (Mr. Middlfimwt*!) 

Marriott. Cbarles Frederick, son of J. Marriott, Esq., LiverpooL 

(Mr. Middlemist^) 

C«)nMt 0ih Dragoon Onardi, 1S64 ; Lient., 1M5 ; Gaiit., 1868 ; Mitf., 1878. 

Ord, Edward Hamilton Blackett, son of the Rev. J. A. R Ord, Whitfidd 

Hall, Haydon HriaKc, Carlisle. (Mr. SteeT*) 

Left owinR Ut ill hmlth. Eaut. is:i7 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1S61 ; lerTed io tiia ISth HiMMi,iaML 
/:. //. Blackett Oni Emj., 37, Paiyicent Road, EarVs Courts S.W. 

Pratt-Barlow, Frederick Thomas, son of F. l^tt-Barlow, Esq.. 96. 

Rutlanil Gate, W. (Mr. ReSsU?) 

Rose, Philip Frederick, son of Sir Philip Rose, Ist Bart, 58, Ruthnd 

Gate, W. (Mr. RendsD'*) 

Left Eaat. 1800 ; Solicitor, 1866 ; J.F. for Bncki ; iucoeeded aa 2Dd Bait., ISSa 

Sir Philip F. Rose, B*irL, Raytiers, Penn, Bucla. 

Sharp, William Edwardes, son of Maj. J. N. Sharp, Lahore, India. 

(M. Ma8B0B*i) 

lieft Mlda. 1850 ; Lient. R.A . lfi«« ; Capt., 1S76 : Mj^J., 1882 ; LiMt-OoL, ffvOnd, 188i 

LieuL-Col. ir. E. Sharp, R.A., Park- Viae, Shanklin, L of Wii 


le, Felix James Henry, son of J. H. Skene, Esq., H.B.M. Embassy, 

Constantinople. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Clsik in the Hooae of Lords. 

F, J. H, Skene^ Esq,^ Houae o/LordSy 8, W. 

art, FranciB, son of F. Stewart, Esq., 22, St John's Wood Park, N.W. 

(Mr. Oxennam's) 

&N.0. Oxf., B.A. 18M ; M.A. 1869; ChapL aX VonaiUts, 1878-9 ; Beotor of Doddinghnnt, 
Eamx, 1879. 

Rev, F, Stewart^ Doddinghurst Rectory ^ Brentrjoood^ Eseex. 

John Leveson Donglas, son of J. Stewart, Esq., Morecambe 
Terrace, Poulton, Lancashire. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Eut. 1859 ; Commiflsioiior of Supply for Co. Forfar. 

Stmtt, Hon. John William, son of the 2nd Baron Rayleiffh, Terling 

Place, Witham. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

^ Trin. CoU. Oamb., B.A., 8«nior Wrangler and 1st Smith's Priseman, 1865 ; FeUow of Txin. 

ZX GolL Gamb., 1866 ; M.A. 1868 ; Hon. D.C.L., 1888 ; D.L. and J. P. for Essex ; Prof, of 

-^ Experimental PbrsioB, Gamb., 1879-84 ; Prof. Nat. PbiL Roy. Inst., 1887- ; F.R.B. ; 

• soooeeded as 8rd Baron 1878 ; Lord-Lieat of Essex, 1892. 

Lord Rayleighj cts above, 

Xrereljan, Thornton Roger, son of the late T. R. Trevelyan, Esq. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Left in 1860 ; J.P. for Northumberland, 1877. 

^ T,R, TrevelyoHy Esq,, NethenritUm Hally Morpeth, 

^ Turner, Charles Abraham, son of C. I. Turner, Esq^ Staple Grove, 
s Taunton. . (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

M Walker, John Lucas, son of E. Walk^, Esq., 71, Oxford Terrace, W. 

7 " (Mr. steers) 

i EMnuicei Ib ▲piU ISiT. 

ADfrey, Walter Kortimer, son of R. Allfrey, Esq., Wokefield Park, near 

Reading. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

L«fb Mids. 1868 ; Football, XL, 1861-2. 

W. M. Allfrey y Esq.^ Bantonyy Robertthridgey Sussex, 

Ames, Heffinald, son of G. H. Ames, Esq., Cote House, near Bristol. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Mids. 1861 ; UniT. GoU. Oxf., a A. and M.A. 1869. Died 

Bass, Hamar Alfred, son of M. T. Bass, Esq., M.P., 19, Lower Belgrave 

Street, S.W. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

D.L. and J.P. for Staffordshire; M.P. for Tarn worth, 1878^; for W. Btaflbrdshire, 
1885- ; Gol. N. Btafh. MUitia. 

H. A, BasSy Esq.f M,P,t Byrkley Lodge^ BurUm-on-TrerU, 

Benyon, William Henry, son of T. Benyon, Esq., Gledhow Hall, Leeds. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1859 ; Ensign 28rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1859 ; Lieut., 1868. 

Blyth, Henry David Philip, son of J. Blyth, Esq., 24, Hyde Park 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Died at Sydn^, N.&W., Oct. lUb, 1862. 

Brodie, William Douglas Beynett, son of Brodie of Brodie, Forres, N.B. 


Left D«s. 1859. Died Nov. 16th, 1865. 

Buller, Frederick William, son of F. P. Buller, Esq., Bengal C.S., N.W.P., 

India. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec. 1859; Gomet Madras Gavalry, 1860; Limit., 1862; Capt., 1871; M%j., 1880; 
Li«at..GoL, 1886 ; Gol., 189a 

(JoL F, W. Buller, E,L United Service Club, St. James* Square, S, W. 



Curling, Joteph Jamat, mm of J. Cnrling, Eiq^ Heme HQL DohncL 

(Dr. Vangba 

litft MidjL 186* : Oriel Toll. Oxf.. B.A. IMK); ll.A. Iflit: UmI. RI., 186ft.7S: oidft 
1878 : MiMiooury of B. of UUada, N«wfkiaadUDd. 187149: Banl Dnn o# tte Si 
i>f UclU lal«, m9^ ; IMociiial uf Um TImoL OoIL, 81. Juka's, K«»fonDdkDd, I 
VUmr uf Hambl*, iUaU, lt«l 

/2rr. •/. •/. Curling^ Hambfe UauM, HawihU^ SatUkampitm. 

Darroeh, Charlet Stiuurt Parker, son of Mi^ DaRoch, GootocIl Renfr 

shire. (Mr. Uan 

TriB. Cull. Cknib., RA. 1M5 : M.A. 1R70 ; \Md tmrlow OomIm, 187M0 ; Vkar «l H«] 
hUDd. ISaiMll : lUctor uf M«iflUid, 188L 

/?m C. S. P. DarroeA, Medaiead Reckny^ Alrerfard. 
Deans, Charles, son of C. Deans, E^q., Harrow. (Home-Boan 

Left Midi. 1860 ; Chief Ctork, Laoaey ConimlMlon, Kglud. 

C. Beam, Kmi,, Peterborough Road^ Harrow. 
DeflUl, Charles, son of H. Deffell, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boan 

Uft llids. 1S00 ; Clnk in tb* Uociw OOm dMt 1866. 

C. Deffell, E»q,, Truro, Twior Road, Upper Norwood, SJ!, 

Forester, Cecil Theodore Weld, son of the Hon. and Ber. O. W. 

Forester, afterwards 4th Baron Forester, Bros 
Rectory, Salop. (Mr. MiddlemL 

Left Emu 1868 ; Trln. CoU. Guuk ; M.P. for WwkMk, 1874-86 ; J.P, mmI D.L tat 8 

and J.P. for Kent. 

Hon, C. T. W, Forester, 54, Seymwir Street, Portman Square, W. 

Oardyne, DaTid Oreenhill Bmce, son of W. Brace Gardyne, I 

Kirkden, Co. Forfar. (Mr. Ste 

Trio. Coll. Oxf.. B.A. 18M ; Rarri«t«r, \M». 

Qoldney, Gabriel Prior, son of (t. (loldney, Esq., afterwards 1st B 

lk*achfie]d House, Chipitenham. (Mr. Dmi 

I.eft Mida. 1801 ; Exet«r ColL Oxf. ; lUrrifttor. 1M7 ; ReeoTd«r of Halalon. 1876-8 ; cf 1 
1870.82; RraMDibnuimr of the City uf Lundon, 1882; J.P. for Wilts; llig. I 
Wilta Yw. Car. 

C;. Prior Goldney, Esq,, 27, South Street, Park Leme, W. 

Qoschen, Alexander Henn, son of 11. Goschen, Esq., Temnleton Ho 

Kot'lmmpton. (Mr. Watac 

Partner in th« firm of Pmhlinpr and Goacbea, ForeiRU Buikon, Lond kiB. 

A. H. Goechen, Enq,, 27, Lennox GiirdenM, S.W, 

Hodgson, Henry Tylston, ^^3n of J. Hodgson, Esq., Kirby Frith, Leice^ 

.**hire. (Dr. Vaiiglu 

Uft Dec 1850: Trin. Coll. CaniU, RA. INK; M.A. 1888; J.P. for H«tft; Director <i 
Midland Railway. 

//. T. Hodquony E»j., Harftenden, HerU. 

Hnmphrys, Ambrose William, son of W. C. Humphry's, £^*i ^^ ^ 

Bursledon, Southampton. (Mr. Kenda 

Kemmis, Thomas, son of T. Kfnimiss Ksmj., Kildarc Street^ Dublin. 

(Mr. Middlemi 

Kennard, Henry Steinmets, son of S. V, Kennard, Esq., Harrow Weal 

(Mr. Oxenhai 

St. John* Coll. Oxf., \^'2. 

II. S, Kennard, Eeq., Norrie Loilge, Hoddesdon, Herts. 

King, Enstace, son of J. H. King, Esq., Stanton F&rk, Iieominster. 

(Mr. Vanghi 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1868 ; Vicar of LaIlin(.ton, I>erby. ISTS. 

Ret, E. King, LuUington Vicarage, Burton-om-Trent. 


inersly, William Tbomaa, son nf E. Kinnerely, Esq., ClifTviUe, Stoke- 

pii-Treiit. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

ch. fh. oif., iwni; DiPdiinca. 
chenzie, Colin, stm of J. Mackeuzie, Esq., II, Abeivronibj Place, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Steel's) 

,rtin, William Fleming, son of W. H. Martin, Esq., Colouial Bank, 

IJeuierara, (Mr. Middlemiet'B) 

.thews, John Edward CbapmaiL, son of J. H. MathewH, Kmi., l, Ettaex 

Court, Temple, E.C. (Mr. Oxenhftm's) 

fland, Benjamin Henry, son of the Rev. B. Morland, ShabSingtoo 
^m Vicamge, Wlieatley. (Mr. Druty'a) 

■|teA Midi. IftHO; BomuuKwl 0»1L. Cuiib. -. J.P. lot Bneki. 

^M B. B. Morlaiul. Eiq., J.P., Shetp»ttad Houot, Abijujiion. 

^ft, Tames, son of J. R. Mowatt, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

ixce, William, sou of W. I'earce. Esq., 12, Canning Street, LiverpooL 

(Mr. karris') 
, Richard Leckonby Hothersall, son i 

l>eighton, Westbory, Wilts. 

h, Ch. OiT, : lianiiWt; J. P. onrt r " " "" ' — ■ ~ 

K Pbipps. Esq.! 
(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Borge Boileau, wn of L. R, Reid. Esq., H.E.I.Co.'b 
i 20, Weatboumo Terrace, W. 

<. Hteh Bbliit 

fc Edward Endymion, son of W. Porter, Esq., Hembiiry Fort, 
■ Hoiiiton. (Dr. Vaughaii's) 

p. Cull. Ctaub., D.A. \iin ; «.A. IfiTO : J.F. hi WUta ima Somnwt. 
E. E. Porttr, Eaq., J.P., East Ilill, Front*. 

B Civil Service, 
(Mr. Harris') 

1K-. Mnnluir, leni.a; BxbliiUloDnor C.C.C, Uil., I CI. Hod.. IM«; CununU- 

G. n. Rcid, Eiq., B.C.S., Bombay, India. 
rick Anfoetiu, son of L. Reias, Esq,, Broom House, Eccles, 
Ijnicaalura (Mr. Middlemist's) 

JtUldLlMl: BsUlolCoU OH., D.A. ISW ; Cnnia of 91. Miobucl, CoittiUT, 1M8-I0; 
lUetoT ct Hock, WoTCKtinfaln, ISTU. 

" \ F. A. Rru», T%! Rtetory, Roel; Bevsiley. 
i Edward, son of Sir Matthew W. Ridlev, 4th Bart., Btogdon, 
Cramlington, Northumberland. (Mr. Harris') 

1.184!!; I 

r, leakO) ; . 


.A. la., isMii'iiiuwof AiiemJMSBwa: 

KJ. 1M»: Boniilxr, ISW : M.F. for S. Nnnhiunbnbuid, 1KT»-S0; OaiAil Rsfuns of 
- rWMCoBrt, ISM; (J.C. 1893. 

E. nidify, Eaq,, Q.C.. 48. Ltnnox Oardrn*, S.W. 
t, John, son of Lord John Russell. M.l'., croatml Earl Rusaeil, 1861, 
Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, (Mr. Bradby's) 

1, UdiT, ukI Trl.., Q.ll. QuBb, ; M.F. fur HotU, 1MS.9 : Anlluit of u "Anfclj^ of 
RiUgtoui BeWrf ; Inniui Vbunnnt AubaiU]' IMI. Died Jul Kth. UTIt. 

re, Charles Aostin, son of 0. Saunders, Esq., Fulwood Park, 
Atgburth, Liverpool. (Mr. Harris') 

L Hobert Wilbraham, son of Admiral Stopford, 26, Eaton Square, 
R.W. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan'a) 

nUral R.N. ; Ci>i:l., IM^ 
%pt. R. jr. SUqiford, R.N., Royal Natal College, Gitmvrieh, S.E. 
MOD, Henry Charles, son of Rev. Sir Henry Thompson, 3rd Bart,, 
Frant, Timbiidgo. (Mr, E. H. Vaughan's) 

>. Cnll. Oif., IS02 

tSlh, l&tS. 


TTpcher, Bunell, son of U. Upcl>«r, Esq., SheriniJiftiii Hall, Norfolk. 

(Mr. E. U. Van^^'i) 

\jdi la 1M0: BoalffB 24Ui R«Rt.. IMS: Gapi.. ISTI ; Brav.-MigOT, IITB: UMi.-OoL.lK: 
CkA., IKM ; mvMA with 24tb R«Rt. la KaSr aoA 2«l« *^"-r^r". Mtdml Md eiwal 
Bi«T..MiOor, 1 877-9 : and In BoniMn rknip«tgiii. Mtelitvoal^^ wd DACTUM; 
CoL ConuuADdlnf lit DnrhMu UI. 

Cb/. /?. £>;A^, /).^\0., U< I>iiriWiiii L./., Bra4fM^ Tork». 

Walker, Bdward William, 8on of Sir E. Walker, Bury Hill, Mansfield. 

(Mr. MiddlemiitV 

L«fi Mlda. IMS; Uoaltor. 1862^; Tria. Coll. Owbi. IMM; DMiUtw. ISaS; J.P. fli 

Welland, Laurence Palk, sou of the Rev. L. P. Welland, Talaton BectoiT 

Ottery St Mary. (Home-Boankr 

UnlT. CuU. Oif.. aA. 1M6 ; lUctor i.4 l^Utoa, Dtvoa, IsaMT. Ma< Dm. STth, ItR. 

Wheeler, Arthur Frederick, hod of H. J. Wheeler, Esq., 87, Hyde M 

GardcnH, W. (Mr. Hinir 

Tarhorough, Oeorge Bryan Cooke, son of O. C. Tarborongh, Eaq., Ounp 

Mount, Doncaster. (Mr. Ham* 

Cb. Cb. Ozf. ; B. A. St. AJbu iUU. 1M6 ; aooMkiaM UmL Ittk Hi 

G. B. C, Tarbonughf E§q,f a§ abotee. 

Inffram, Jamei Crofts, son of J. Ingram, Esq., Ades, Chailey, SiuBex. 

(Mr. BendilTs 

Uft Mida. 1802 ; C.C.C. Ozf., a A. 18M ; BoUdtor. 

J. a Ingram, Esq., 67, Lincoln'* Inn Fieldi, W.C. 

BBtniBcc la JBse ISil. 

Martin, Bamnel John, son of S. Martin, Esq., Belmont Orove, Beinost 

Koad, Livcr|)ool. (Mr. Huttonsj 

BBtraacct la BeyCenacr ISSy« 

Anstmther, Hamilton, son of Sir Ralph A. Anstmther, 4th But 

Halca»kic, Fife, N.R (Mr. Westeott's] 

EnfCBffBit in biuiDMa in IndiA. Med at Anc«ma in 1878. 

Argles, Charles DaYTS, son of the Rev. Canon Argles, Bamack Rectoft. 

StAuiford. (Mr. Fanv's 

Left Mida. 1882 *. Monitor, 1861-2 ; Trin. C«>U. Canib.. SchoL. a A. 180B ; M.A. IM 
Menibara' Priaeman, li^ST ; fur aunic yean Aait. Maater at UaUijImiy OolL > ! •■ ■ •< 
in tba nuauaa, at Cookbiuu, Aug. 2iid, IbTi*. 

Baillie-Eamilton, William Alexander, son of Adm. Baillie-HamUton 

Blackheath. (Mr. £. H. Vane's 

Laft Mida. 1»<SS ; entered Colonial Office. INiU : Darriatar. 1872 : Mi^. LothfauwaadBvwU 
abira Yeo. Car.. 18N3 ; Sec. to Ct>lunial Conferanoea, 1877; Ca aad CM.Q. 

Mqjor W. A. BiiUUt- Hamilton, CM., CM,G,, 66, Slcane Street, S,W, 

Barton, Edward, son of Mrs. U. Barton, Tidmington House, ShipstoiHi 

Stour. (Dr. Yva^buii 

Enaigm 27tb Re«t., 18o7 ; Lieut. 1809 ; Caiii., 1878 ; A.D.C. to Mi^.*0«. DWMn oiil 
CbiaA BUtion, 1880. 

Barton, Hugh Xassey, son of T. J. Barton, Esq., Glendaloudi Hoos 

Mouut Kennedy, Wicklow. (Mr. £. H. vau^isn'! 

Enaign 7tb Ragt, 1864 ; aometime Liant. 17tb Unccra. Mc4 Mar. 1879L 


BUiilih, Bobort XyddettoiL son of CoL Biddulph, M.P., Chirk Castle, 

Denbij^ifiliire. (Mr. Harris') 

BafiIWfllihFMi]iMB,lMS. Me« Bepi 4Ui., IMS. 

Bnl^, 'HMirff son of Gapt T. Bradby, Peartree Lodge, SonthamptoiL 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

TiMbraka O0IL Qxf., BJL 1888. 

Brewiiy Sumiel Biduurd, son of S. Brewis, Esq., Laneley House, 

Ftestwich. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

J.P. fcrBwka, Hash Slwrifl; 1884; J.P. forOxoo; aometime Gbpt Oxf . Militia. 

8, R. Brewii, Eaq,^ IbfUme House, Tettvoorth, Oxon. 

CUdde-Flowdan, SnieBt HuaW. son of CoL Flowden, Chatsworth 

Lodge, Lower Norwood. (Dr. Yaughan's) 

CUdde-Flowdan, Treror John, brother of the above. (Dr. Yan^ian's) 

BiMy a&, 1808; FbUftiml Annt in Tnikkh Aimbia, 1879; Coonil-Ocn. Ba^^idad, 1880; 
CJU..1808; BMifkniai^daslad. 

r. J. Ckit^eie-Pknodm, Esq., The Residency, Hyderabad. 

Ghkhflflflr-OVdIl, Arthur, son of the Rev. W. Chichester-CNeill, created 

Baron CNeill, 1868, of Shanes Castle, Antrim. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

OoQiBQaiiy John Bleneowe, son of J. Cookson, Esq., Meldon Fkrk, Morpeth. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Uft ia 1881 ; FooilaU XL ; llerton Goa Ozf., 186S ; Ueat.-CoL NoTihnmberUnd HiUBazs, 

J. B, Cookson, Esq., J .P., as above. 
Cowan, Walter, son of J. G. Cowan, Esq., Edinburgh. (Mr. Steel's) 

LcA MUta. 1861 ; Ensign 0Oih Riflas, 186S ; xeiiMd, Okpi., 1878. 

Capt W. Cowan, Kinmonih, Bridge of Earn, N.B. 

OftfUt, George BeynoldB, son of D. R Davis, Esq., Mere Old Hall, 

Knutsford. (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Bfafi4ff^ James Frederick, son of the Rev. W. H. Edmeades, Nurstead 

Court, Gravesend. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Lift Mitb. 1858 ; J.P. for Kent ; CapL mnd Hon. Mmj. W. KcDt Tea CaT. 

J. F. Edmeades, Esq., HazeUs, Oravesend. 

Uwards, Chnrlee Orore, son of Sir Henry Ed¥rards, 1st Bart, C.B., I\e 

Nest, Halifax. (Mr. Builds) 

Lrfl in 1858 ;Cli.Gh. Ozf., RA. 1866; M.A. 1870 ; B&rmter, 1868 ; Hon. Col. 2nd W. YoriE 
(Piiaes of Waki Own) Teo. OaT. ; J.P. for Berks and W. Torka. 

Col. C. G. Edwards, as above. 

iBnton, Samnel Gardner, son of S. H. Egginton, Esq., North Femby, 

Brough. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Edaj, Colin Campbell, son of A. Finlay, Esq., Castle Toward, Greenock. 

P( .!>• (Air. xxarns ) 

l^in. GoU. Gunbi, M.A. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. AigjU. 

C. C. Fhday, Esq., JJ^., as above. 

fiiker, Arthnr Thomas, son of T. R Fisher, Esq., Frewers Hall, Oxford. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

LrfllM. 1880; nwigD, 2nd Qoeen't Royal Begt, 1864; Lieat. 21si Hoamn, 1809 ; CapC, 
1878; ifltired with hon. nnk of M^jor, 1888. 

|f. A. T. Fisher, The Old Rectory, Broadchaike, WUU. 

246 n ARROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Sept. 1857, 

Fitxgerald, Kanrica, Hon (if Sir Peter FitueralcL Irt Bart. Kiu£^ of 

Kerry, Valoiitia Inland, freland. (Mr. Steel's) 

litft Dw. 1M2: EnilKn lllfle Hriptalr, IMS : 0»|it., 1875; ntlnd. 1881 ; A.D.C toSui. 
AliaiiD dnrins th« Aflhuili War. Mvwal UnMi Biaitki— d Id Juprtchw, mtdal w»l 
ciMp, lNTS-4 : Kiiwrry M II.K.H. tba lhikeofC(iniuiii|tht; aoooMdidM Sod But.,lM 

Sir Maurice FitzgtralH^ Hari,^ Knight of Ktrry^ a§ above. 

OilleBpie, Robert William, si>n uf K. Gil1ei«pie, Esq., Down Lodjse, Ejvon. 

(Mr. Dniry'b) 

I^t MkU lsi;i ; Cik-kel XI.. 1MI ; ai»niii«d th« MldltioDAl mrnanM of SteiBtaa. I»73L 

H, W. GiUenpie'SUiintofif Esq,, liiiietwtU^ LuUerworik, 
Oribble, John CharlM, mn of T. Gribble, EtKi., Harrow. (Uome-Boankr) 

Lafl io iNil ; Univ. Coll. Oif.. 1MV3. 

./. C. Gribble, E*n., 12, Park Road, Riehnumd, Swrey. 
Hall. Charloi, m>ii of Vice-Chuncelli>r Sir Charles UalL (Mr. Uairis*) 

Trin. ('ill!. Citnih., B.A. l^iVS; M.A. 18(t8: IfarrUur. 18M; Q.C., 1881; B«ctar itf tk 
MiJdleTeniiile. 1M4; AttitriMT (iemr&I tn the Prinoe of Watai, UW-^S; M.P. fv V, 
Cniiibridiiwliire, lHH.V.)t! ; fur 1M»2 ; RnxiRlar of LonduB, 188f ; K.C.M.G. 

.Sir Charles Hall, K.C.MAi,, Q,C.. M,P., 2, Mount Strtet, W. 

Hartley, Oeorge Thompson, m)ti cif J. Hartley, Esq., Tong Castle, ShifnaL 

(Mr. Harriet 

Urt Midn. IMie : r<>ni«t Stalb. \to. Cuv. : J.V. for Com. RUflbnl and IhUop ; DlL. of Sltfoid : 
Mciiil«r nf " Joint ('niiiinlttce" of County rouncil. 

G. T. I/artletf, Esti,, WheatMi Aston Hall, Ste^rd. 

Hewlett, William Ozenham, son of T. Hewlett, Esq., Harrow. 


Left MiOs. 1868 ; Munitor, 1H02-S ; Crickot XL, IM^-S ; SoUcUor ; Chkf CUik In ChiBOH;. 


ir. 0, Iletclrtt, E$q„ ParkMe^ Harrow, 

Hoare, Robert Onmey, son of .1. O. Hoare, Esq., The Hill, Hampstesd. 

N.W. (Dr. Vaughan si 

l^ft in 1S'i8 : Trio. Cull. CaiuK. B.A. ISOTi ; Daoker. 

R. G. Hoare ^ Esq., Jesmowi Park^ Seuxastle-on^Tyne, 

Hnssey, John Fraaer, son of J. Ha^soy, E^vq., The Close, Salisbury. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

litfl Dec. 1K59 ; M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., Edin. 

J. F, Hvssey, Esq., Quatrr lirds, Dorchester, DoreeL 

Jackson, John Peter, sou of Sir William Jackson, 1st Bart, Birkenhead. 

(Dr. Vau^ian'5) 

Ijeft in lf«0 : Civil .ind Mining Enfrinccr ; J.l*. tor D«rby«hire. 

J. P. JacksoM, Estf.j J.P.J Stubbrti Edge, Chesterfield. 

Jones, Henry Clarke, sod of B. Jone^, Es^i., Goring Place, Llanelly. 

(Mr. Dnuy »' 

Died Seiit. l»fi. 

Eenyon, John George, wn of the Hon. E. Kenyon, Maei>fen, Whitchorch. 

Shroi^shire. (Mr. RendaUV» 

Cb. Ch. Ozf.. n.A. «na S.C.L. IK^ : Htmlent of the Miildle Temple, 1863 ; KUiMtiBi in iki 
rontifical Z«juave«. Kuight of the Onler of 8t. Grein>ry. 

J. G. Kenyon, Esq., GiUinijham Hall, Beccles. 

Eerrison, Roger, son of R. A. Kerrison, Yjm\., Hill House, IpswicL 

(Dr. VanghanV) 

Left Mide. 1801 ; Trin. ColL Cnuib., RA. 1S64 ; M.A. 1872; Buker at Ipmrkk ; J.P. f>r 


R. Ktrrison, Esq., J. P., Ghverimj Hall, ^Yickhank Market 

Sept. 1857.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 247 

I KetOewell, William Wildman, son of W. W. KettlewelL Esq.. Tooting, 

Surrey. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Orkl CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1888 ; M.A. 1866 ; ioin«tiine Lieut. S7Ui and 86th B«gta. ; J.P. for 
< Bomocwt, High Sheriff, 1891. 

*. W, W. KetUewdl, Esq., Harptree Court, Bristol- 

I Longy Charles Hamilton Kellett, son of R K. Long, Esq., Dunston Hall, 
i Norwich. (Mr. Steel's) 

S Trin. Ck>ll. Oamh., B.A. 1867 ; held variouB CuncieB, 1868-76 ; Vioar of Swisderbj, 1876. 

Rev. C. H K. Long, Swinderby, Lincolnshire. 

XcAlpine, Conyngham Martyn, son of R. McAlpine, Esq., 23^ East Cliff, 
^ Dover. (Mr. M.iddleinist's) 

^ Xaimiiig, Bohert Barlow, son of G. Manning, Esq., Cole House, Newton 
? Abbot, Devon. (Mr. Harris') 

l Ensign 6ith Begt, 186S ; Uent, 1868 ; Gapt., 1878. 

^ Xazwell, William Francis, son of W. Maxwell, Esq., afterwards 3rd Bart., 

Dalskairth, Dumfries. (Mr. Hutton's) 

J.P. and D.L. for Go. Kirkcudbright ; suooeeded as 4th Bart., 1886. 

Sir W. F. Maxwell, Bart, Cardoness, Gatehouse, N.B. 

Meynell, Oodfrey Franceys, son of J. Meynell, Esq., Meynell I^angley, 

Derbyshire. (Dr. Yaughan's) 

' . J.P. for Go. Derby, High Sheriff, 1874. 

G. F, Meynell, Esq., J.P., as dbove. 
Mnlas, Alfred Philip. (Mr. R H. Yaughan's) 

Bnsign 01st Begt, 1864. 

I Qzenham, Edward Lavington, son of the Rev. W. Oxenham, Harrow. 
* (Home-Boarder) 

Left Deo. 1862; Magd. Hall Oxf., 1878; appointed to H.B.1f.'B Gonsular Serrioe, Ghina, 
1866 ; British CoomH at Ohinhiong, 1880 ; at Kiungohow, 1888 ; at Toh'ong, 1890 ; 
Barrister, 1888 ; retired. 

E. L. Oxenham, Esq., 42, Addison Road, W. 

Parker, Charles Edward, son of J. Parker, Esq., Brettenham Park. Suffolk. 

(Mr. Midolemist's) 

Parker, William Jackson, son of W. Parker, Esq., Ware P&rk. Herts. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left (ill) Mids. I860. Died Deo. 26th, 1860. 

Parr, Raymond William^ son of T. Parr, Esq., Grappenhall Heyes, 

Wamngton. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left East. 1862 ; Ensign 75th Begt, 1868 ; Lieut., 1867 ; Gi^t, 1860. 

Capt. R. W. Parr, 71, Chester Square^ S.W. 

Phipps, Henry Hngh Thomas Rose, son of T. Phipps, Esq. 


Loft in 1860 ; Trin. HaU Camb., LL.B. 1866 ; Member of the Inner Temple. 

H. H. T. R. Phipps, Esq., 17, Talgarth Road, W. 

tojetf John Poyer, son of Mrs. Poyer, 67, Guilford Street, W.C. 

(Dr. Yaughan's) 

Monitor, 1861-2. 

Bivett-Camac, Arthur Boilean, son of Rear-Admiral J. Eivett-Camac, 

46, Devonshire Street, Portland Place, W. 

(Mr. SteePs) 

St. Gatherine's Goll. Gamb., B.A. 1878 ; Gurate of Bresnhill, Oalne, 1878. 

Robertson, Thomas Haggerston, son of D. Robertson, Esq., Ladykirk, 

Berwick. (Mr. £. H. Yaughan's) 

Died in 1861. 


Rogen, John Henry, son of the Rev. A. Rogers, 18, FdrtUnd Sqnut 

BriAtol. (Mr. RendaU's) 

Left EMt. IMI; Wadluun ColL Oxf.. RA. IMS; M.A. 1MB; MiDiatar at 8L FuTi 
IjMuulngton. lt>Ti ; ren>«tn<^ Cnimto of Ht. Gtom't, Brighton, ISTT ; Vlo»r of nocp 
llamlet. Nnrwlcb, 1989. 

Rer. J. //. Rttger^f Thorpe HamUt Vieara^^ Norwich, 

SamBon, Lonii, son of I^ Saniaon, Esq., 45, Gloucester Square. W. 

(Mr. Dnxry't) 

Left Midn IMI; Ch. Cb. Oxf., RA. 1M5; M.A. IRKS; BbrriiUr, 1808; J.P. fbr Ok 
Pembroke, lllgb Sbcriff, IdvQ; D.L. for iUTcrfonlweet. 

L. ^am«Ofi, Kstj., J, P., Scotchicfli, Harerfordwui, S. Walea, 

Selfe, Edward Henry, son of H. J. Selfe, Esq., 15, Torrington Square, W.C 


Monitor. 1M1-S ; Cb. Ch. Oxf.. RA. 1M7 ; BArrutm-, \9». MM Oct. ITtli, 1880. 

SimpBon, William Bridgeman, son of the Rev. W. B. Simpson, Babwortk 

Reftory, E. Retford. (Mr. Steels) 

Sinking, William Stancomb, son of J. Sinkins, Esq., Walbridge Honx. 

Fromo. (Mr. Stoelsi 

Eneign Ktb Regt., 1863 ; lient \9C6 ; CA|>t.. 1ST5 ; Mi^j. ftod Hon. IMnU-OoL 1881 

Tayler, James Alexander, son of J. (;. Tayler, Esq., 23, Norfolk Oesccnti 

Hyde hirk, W. (Mr. Hanisl 

Templer, Jamei Letkbridge Brooke, son of J. Templer, Eaq., Roxetk 

Harrow. (Uome-BoankrI 

MiO- And lion. LieaU-Cnl. 7th llatt. Kioftf RotmI Rillee. 188S; laitrnctor of 
Alderbhiit, 18>i7 : lenred in EKyjit. iiieiUl and Kbedive'i 

. 18SS : in the 
Cuniniaiiduit of llaJlni>n I)eiit., jireMnt at the engaseuMnt ai HadMan, BMHl 
dMiiatchee. and cUia|i, \if^. 

Lieut. 'Col. J. L, B. Tempter^ AldershoL 

Thompson, William James, son of W. J. Thompson, £sq.« Wlmbledoo 

l*ark, Surrey. (Mr. Harris") 

Left Dec. \b^ ; in hnuneie in London ; I>.L. fur Londun. 

W. J. Thompson, Eitq.^ Elmer, near Letitherheetd, 

Tndway, Cbarles dlement, son of R. C. Tudway, Esq., The Odars, WeDi, 

Sonu'rsi't. (Mr. HofantfJ 

I^t in lb02 ; Ma^ CiU. Camb. ; J.P. ami D.L. for Sonierwt ; CapL N. Bomcnrt Tee. Oi'- 
C. C. Twhrayy Kgq., J, P., HV//«, Somerwei, 

Williams, Henry Lewis, son of J. Williams, E.sii., Highfield Hall, Northo|K 

Flint (Uome-Boaider) 

Left Miila. \M\ ; Foi>tbin XI.. lAr>(Mil : Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 1884; M.A. 1888 iCuM 
i>f Whitchurch. Salo|i. l$*ij-7U : of UebinKton, 1^70-77 ; Vicar of Hiolj Trini^, Vtn^, 
\sT7i;S ; Vicar of Ifleuby, IS^H. 

lUr, Hcnnj L. Willutnii*, IUea»hy Vicarage, Southwell^ iVoUi. 

Woods, (George John, son of li. }{. Woods, Esq., Whitestown Hook, 

Iklbri^gan, Dublin. (Mr. MiddlemistV) 

Enaign Slit Bflgt, 1861 ; Lieut., Ib67. Died 

BBtnuicci In •etnber 1857. 

Acheson, Hon. Edward Archibald Brabazon, son of the 3rd Eaii d 

( Josford. (Mr. Sieel's) 

Cricket XL. 1s61 ; Enhiim and l.ieut. Coliintrenni Onanla. 1865; Lieut, and Ghpt, IM?; 
Caiit. and l.ieut. -Cot., is7:i ; Mi^j. and Lieut. -Ool. ; eerTed in BRmian Caai|aifi. 
Ijreeent at Tel-«1-Kebir, nieihil anil cku<ii, 1^*«2 ; Hon. Mi\|.-Q«n., retired, 1887. 

MaJ.'Gen. the Hon. E. A. B. Acheson, 8, Halsey Street, Chelma, 8.W. 

Burton, Robert Thomas Lingen, son of R. Burton, Esq., LongnoH^ 

iShrcwsV>ury. (Mr. Dnay's) 

Died at Harrow, Nov. 16th. ISJO. 



we, JSdward Cardwell, son of Capt Fanshawe. RN., 27. Rutland 
Gate, W. (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mido. 1861 ; Limit RB., 1865 ; Oapt, 1876 ; Ifi^* ntired, 1885 ; Hon. Lieut-Col., 
1888 ; Mi^. let London VoL Bnf^een, 1888. 

fc Lieut.'Ccl. E. C. FanshaMoe, 13, GunUratane Road, S.W. 

Ei0wler, Ernest William^ son of R C. Fowler, Escl, Gunton Hall, 
^r Lowestoft (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

-H Trin. ColL OamK ; J.P. for Suflblk. 

-^,Veel, Edmimd, son of J. Feel, Esq., Middleton Hall, Tamworth. 
i (Mr. Steel's) 

■ Trin. Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1805 ; Comet 14th Hoeeus, 1866. Died Jon. 9th, 1885. 

"^ Woodgate, Charlei Thomai, son of Mrs. Woodgate, 3, Southern Hill, 
^1 Reading. (Mr. Harris') 

y[ Torkey Hon. Eliot Constantine, son of the 4th Earl of Hardwicke. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Kqnerry to H.B.H. the Duke of Edinburgh ; M.P. for Oamhridge. Died Deo. 21st, 1878. 
Ki . BBtnuieei ta Smmmmrj 1858. 

^ Bait, Robert NarciBsns, son of R Batt, Esq., Purdysbum, Belfast. 

^ (Mr. Holmes') 

:^. Trin. CoU. Oamh. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Down, High Sheriff, 187D. Died in 1891. 

Ij BeaTan, Beginald. (Mr. Drury's) 

?7 Left Hide. 1859. 

="' Bridgman, Hon. George Cecil Orlando, son of Viscount Newport, M.P., 

afterwards 3rd Earl of Bradford, 30, Wilton Crescent, 
S.W. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Trin. Coll. Camh. ; aometime Lieut lit Life Ouarda ; M.P. for N. Shropahire, 1867-85 ; J.P. 

and D.L. for Salop ; J.P. for Coa. Warwick and Stafford ; a^Aached to the Duke of 
Aberoom'i Special Miaaion to Um King of Italy, 1878 ; beoame Viaoount Newport, 1865. 

Viscount Newport, 20, Loicndes Square, S, W, 

Brooke, Francis Charteris Henry, son of A. B. Brooke, Esq^ei, Gloucester 

Place, W. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Bnaign the Rojal Soou, 1862 ; Lieut., 1866 ; Capt, 1871. 

Burnett, Arthur Wildman, son of J. R. F. Burnett, Esq., Yauxhall, 

Surrey. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1862 ; M.I.C.B. ; superintended Um formation of the new water supply at 
Colombo, C^lon. Died Nov. 1890. 

Cater, Charles Alexander, son of J. W. Cater Esq., West Lodge, Barnet. 

(Mr. Bull's) 

Left Bast 1862 ; Cricket and Football XL. 1861 ; Merchant, member of the Arm of J. W. 
Cater, Sona t Co., London. Died Feb. 8rd, 1892. 

Chaplin. Cecil, son of the Rev. H. Chaplin, Blankney HaU, Sleaford. 

(Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Left Apr. 1861 ; Banker. 

a Chaplin, Eaq., 21, QrafUm Street, W. 

Chapman, John Fryer, son of W. R Chapman, Esq., Arundel House, 

Tunbridge Wells. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Comet 7th Dragoon Guards, 1868 ; Lieut., 1864 ; Capt., 1860. Died at Benares, India, in 

Cookson, Walter Selby, nephew of Col. Ridley, 78, (Chester Square, S.W. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Digbj, William Fitzgerald, son of the Hon. and Rev. K. H. Digby, 

Tlttleshall Rectory, Norfolk. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1860 ; no occupation. 

W' F, Digby, Esq,, 4, Bdvoir Terrace, Cambridge. 


Douglas, Arthur Percj, son of Col. DouglaK, 6, Norfolk Creacflnt, W. 

(Mr. K K Vaughani) 

Eniervd the Rnyal Navy, 1850*. IJeat., \M6\ raCiml, 1S71. 

Dramxnondy Allan Hanrey, son of H. Druuimond, Esq., The FuIiot. 

1 >viiliani, lUu'kH. (Mr. Stedil 

lieft MUln. l!<«2 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf.. II. A. nod &C.L., 18« ; M^. Sid Bitt. 5th NorthoBbBkii 
l-'iuilieii, nCirBil ; lisuiker. 

Dnndas, Robert, non of Sir 1). Dundnn, 2iid Bart.. Dunira, Crieff, N.R 

(Mr. WestcottV) 

Left Mi«lift. 1S02: Cricket XI.. IsA'.*; Eiulfm Rifl* DriffKk. Med ai Qttibw, Snt Itt. 

Elphinston, Thomas Philips, sim of A. Elphinston, Esq., Chewton Gka, 

ChrisU'hurch, liiiuU. (Mr. Oxeiiliui'») 

Uft about Ih50. Mrd May 'iSnl, IS'.iS. 

Finlay, Alexander Kirkman, mui of A. 8. Finlay, Esq.. M.F., Cssde 

T<^wan I, ( t rvui i(v k. (Mr. Usnis') 

Triu. oil. (\iiub., lKM-7. Mrd in AutimJia itbont 18ML 

FuUer-Maitland, William, ^m of W. FuUer-Maitland, Esq., SUnstod UaL 

Esst'x. (Dr. Van^isns) 

Ufi MiiU lM» ; Cricket XI.. l.MJiMis ; Fimtlisill XI., IW2 '. Ch.Clli.Osl ; O.V.Clkk«XL 
|m;4-7: n.U. Rarkei riayer. HiiiylM tiiul Diniblfli, 1^00; Inter. Univ. S^oiti.. Xii^ 
.Iiiiuii '^'M^ (jtutrt«r Mile K.ioe, 1-S(i7 ; M.I*. ft>r Hraoniuhlra, ISTft ; J.P. aad DlL !■ 
Itret-iin ; J. I*, fnr Emmx. 

\V. FHllrr-Maithiwlf A.Vy., JAP., rw above. 

Oarford, Arthur, son of J. Ourfonl, E^i, 31, UiuMell Square, W.C. 

(Mr. Middlemist'^l 

Gilchrist, Thomas, 8on of J. (likhrist, 4S, Porchcster Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Usrrb) 

Left Midii. 1M2 ; in buineM in Aiutruliji. Dlr4 at Sydney, N.&W., Umj SSvd, 198». 

Gilchrist, William Oswald, Itruthor of the aliovo. (Mr. Msnis'] 

Left Mid. ISdl ; Aiutrnluui mrnrhant and ]iiuitiinliat. 

W. O. Gilchrist, Enq,, OakUy Hall, liamngUoke. 

Orisewood, Harman, son of II. (rrlsewooil, £si]., Daylesford House, dap- 
ping NorU»n. (Ht. Usrrul 

Ch, Ch. Oxf., H.A. isiH ; M.A. lNi7 ; J.T. for Cu. (ilnncmtcr. 

//. GrinficiMxl, A*/., J./*., The Den, Bttgnor, 

Oroucock, Richard Foard. (Mr. Hsnis*) 

Harter, Alfred Edward, Hun of W. Ilurter, E.s(]., Hope Uall,EccleB, Man- 

chct<ttT. (Mr. RendallV) 

Heathfield, Ernest, son of M&<. HejitlifieM, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Higgins, William Francis, koh of T. C Higgins, Esq., Turvey Hook, 

\cw|>ort Pagnell. (Dr. Vaoghan's) 

Left Dec. 1800: reinbn>ko Coll. Oxf., U.A. and S.(M<.. 1^67 : Muur 8nl BaU. BdUMbUn 
Rort. (retirod); J.P. nnd D.L. for Ued«. lii^h Hhcriff, UTTS; J.F. tm Bocki aad 


W. F. Higgim^ JSTw/., Turvey Hoiate, Beds, 

Hives, Charles John, Kon of C Hives, Esq., liohnwood, Westbury, BrutnL 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Entered the Royal Navy, and att«incil the mnk uf I jeut. Mcd in 1878. 

Milne, John Bowker, Kon of the Rev. N. Milne, lUdcliffe Rectory, Man- 
chester. (Mr. Rendalls) 

Monitor, 1S02^ ; li.N.C. Oxf., li. A. lMi7. 


JDrehoiuey William Bdward, son of the Eev. W. Mirehouse, Uambrook 

Grove, Bristol. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Midflw 1808; Crioket XL, 1868; FootbaU XL, 1862; Clan ColL Ctunb., B.A. 1867; 

»MJL 1870 ; BarriBter, 1870 ; Beriniig Barriiter, 1885 ; Reorder of Maoh Wenlock, 1889. 
W. E. Mirehousej Esq,, 4, Pump Ckmrtf Temple^ E.C. 
Xoseley, Henry Nottidge, son of the Rev. U. Moseley, Olverton Vicarage, 
Br&toL (Mr. RendalTs) 

S ExeUr ColL Oxf., B.A. 1868; M.A. 1872; Fellow, 1876^1; Fellow of Merton ColL, 1882 

E ChaOan^er" 1889. Died Nov. 10th, 1891. 

^ Atpillon. DaYid, son of T. FapiUon, Esq., Crowhurst Park, Battle. 

* (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Enaign 92iid Gordon HigblandeiB, 1868 ; Lieut, 1865 ; Hon. Lieut. -CoL Beeenre of Offioera ; 
IfiO- S. Midland Vol. Inf. Brigade, 1889. 

Lieut. 'CoL P, PapilloUj Warwick, 

;4 Vurker, Christoplier, son of the Rev. C. Parker, Skirwith Abbev, Penrith. 

* (Mr. Drury's) 

7 Left Bast 1862 ; aomeUme Lient Cumberland Militia. Died in 1876. 

FMey, Charles Carter, son of C. R C. Petley, Esq., Riverhead, Sevenoaks. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Capt. B. Kent MiUtia. Died in 1882. 

Ihillipps, Henry Birch ^e, son of (JoL Phillipe, Bramford Hall, Ipswich. 

(Dr. Vaughan*s) 

1= Bneign 27tb Begt, 1868 ; Lient, 1867 ; Capt., 1869. 

3- Savory y Emett Uoyd, son of J. Savory, Esq., Elm Field, Upper Clapton, N. 
s=: (Mr. Farrar's) 

^ Left Baai. 1868 ; St. Mary HaU, Oxf., 1872 ; Curate of Brookleaby, 1874-7 ; of Palgrave, 

-P 1877-9 ; Sector of FtJgraTe, 1879 ; ChapL to tbe Lord Mayor, 1890. 

Rev. E. L, Savory, Palgrave Rectory, Diss. 
Savory, Joseph, brother of the above. (Mr. H. W. Watson's) 

Left in 1861 ; Goldamith and Bullion Mercbant ; Alderman for tbe Ward of Langboume^ 
City of London, 188S ; Sberiff, 1882 ; Lord Mayor, 1890 ; created a Baronet, 1891 ; J.P 
and D.L. for Berka ; M.P. for Nortb Weetmoreland, 1892 ; during bia Mayoralty he 
entertained 400 Old Harroviana to dinner at tbe Manaion Houae. 

Sir Joseph Savory, Bcurt., M.P., Biickhurst Park, SurmmgliiU, Ascot. 

Skinner, Evelyn Swinton, son of R. M. Skinner, Esq., Bengal C.S., India. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

Left Beat. 1859 ; CoL Madraa Staff Corpe ; Dep. Jndm-Ady.-Gen. Indian Army, 1890. 

Col. E, Sumton Skinner, SecundercAad, Deccan, ItuUa. 

Trotter, Henry, son of R. Trotter, Esq., Morton Hall, Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Afiddlemist's) 

Left Deo. 1861 ; Bnaign and Lieut. Grenadier Quarda, 1862 ; Lieut and Cant., 1866 ; Capt. 
and Lieut-Col., 1871 ; Lieut-Col. Commanding 2nd Batt Gren. Gda., 1885 ; Lieut.-Col. 
Commanding tbe Begt, 1889 ; Brigadier of B. London and W. London VoL Brigadea. 

Lieut'Col. H. Trotter, as above. 

Uabome, Henry, son of M. Usbome, Esq., 35, Russell Square, W.C. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trin.GoU.Camb. Died Jan. 1880. 

Walford, Lanncelot Charles, son of the Rev. E. Walford. Dallinghoe 

Rectory, Wickham Market. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1862; Trin. Coa Camb., B.A. 1865; M.A. 1869; Curate of Brinckler, 1867; 
Rector of Buokleabam, 1869 ; Vicar of Chriat'a Cburcb, Tunbridge Welb, 1875 ; Vicar 
of St Saviour'a, Upper Cbelaea, 1886. 

Rev, L, C, Walford, 42, Brompton Crescent, S. W, 

Walker, John Francis William, son of R C. Walker, Esq., 13, Lower 

Shenard Street, Dublin. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Trin. Coa Camb. ; J.P. for Co. Sligo, Higb Sberiff, 1878. 


Walker, Tliomai Eadei, 8on of T. Walker, Eaq., Beitowdl HaO, Wanvid^ 

fihire. (Mr. H. Watni'kl 

Left Id IMO*. G«bU«uaii C^omnioiier of Ch. Ch. Oat., 188B; IC.P. fbr B. W uiu M taito 
1874-80 ; CbalnuaD uf rtiteoi Bhitft aoA Azktiw Oa, Ld. ; J.P. (or OoKi Wumiwi 

Bay, Robert Henry, Hon of E. B. llay, Esq., 1&, Prince's Gate, W. 

(Mr. Dniij'i 

Ijeft Mid«. iHbs, 

BBlniBM* !■ Apiil liM* 

Charles Leigh, M)n of J. U. Arkwri^t, Esq.. Hampton Gov 
lAHjininstcr. (Mr. MukUemiil^. 

Monitor. lb62-5 ; CrickH XI., 1MH-&; MertoD ColL Ost, 1866l 

a L, Arhvright, Esq., 49, Hill Street, Berkeley S^marm^ W. 

Arkwright, Henry John, son of the Rev. U. Arkwri^L Bodenhi 

Vicaragv, Ijconiinater. (Ifr. BendilT 

Badcock, Alexander Robert, son of U. Badcock, Esq., Wheatley Lodi 

Taunton. (Mr. K H. YanglisB 

iDdiao S.C. Enaiffn, 1801 ; Uent., 1862; Caiit, 1878: Mi^., l«7f ; Ural^-OoL, Ittl ;Q 
1KK8; CommiMuy ({Mi.-lii<3hiaf, with rank of Mid.-Gtii., 1888; i ml fa ~' 
Eiiicditiun, medal with cImp, 18M-5 ; in iUoum f^mmlgB, olup, 1868 ; 
the oiieratinnf in the Malay reninaula, uiontiooed i& ilM|«>nhM. neaiTti 
(Sort, of India, rlae]>. 1X75^) ; in Afghan War, at fardag of Um FMww KkoliJ, ■ 
tiinied in deaimtcbei : in ojienticmi ntund Oibol, meiiUoDtd Id rliaUhM ; with 
Fiederick RtiberU in march U> Kandahar ; in OonimaiMl of Onmniiwinrt Dipi., pni 
at battle of Kamlahar, twice nienti(»ne«l in dce|»tchea, Bivr. of Umt^-CoL, mmkiA * 
three claeiaand bionie dea>nition, I87t*^ ; C.B., 1881. 

Gen, A, R, Badotck, C.B., (U abore. 

Baker, Frederick Edward, son of Sir George Baker, 3rd Bart, 4, By 

Park Square, W. (Mr. Dnii7 

Left Mida. 1801 ; Rzeter ColL Oxf.. B.A. 18M ; aaiuMd the ■wbmm of BbodH ia 1m 
Baker, 1S78 ; ancceeded as 4th Bart., 1882. 

Bonrchier, John Edward, son of Sir — Bourchier, deceased. 


Monitor, 1801-3: Head of the School. l}«!-3 ; Trin. Coll. Omhi, 18884L Th§ Bouck 
Priaee were fuonded by hi* mother in hie memory, 1867. MmI DMp SBid, 1864L 

Goode, Arthnr, son of T. Coode, Esq., St. Austell, Ck>mwall. 

(Mr. Oxenhsm 

Left Dec. 1850 : Director of the firm of Bolitho, Williama, Foster, Goods, G17II1 * Got., I 
Conaolidated Bank of Cornwall : J.F. for CornwalL 

A, Cnnde, Esq., J.P,, Tretarthian^ St. Auitell, ChmwalL 

De la louche, Cecil Treyille, son of the Rev. J. W. De laTonche, Boidogi 

(Mr. Hobne 

Bewhnrst, John Dalby, son of G. C. Dewhurst, Esq., Lymm, ClheBhire. 

(Mr. A. Watson 

Left Dec. 1862 ; Trin. Coll., Camb.. 1863 ; Merchant In Mancbeetor. 

J. I). Dewhurst, Emi., OughtrintjUm Home, Lymm, CheMhtrt. 

Dnndas, John Charles, son of the Hon. J. C. Dundas, WoodhalL Wetherl 

^ ork.H. (Dr. Vau^ 

Left Deo. 1861 : Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1867 ; M.P. for RichmoKl, Toika., 18TMft; Ch 
man of Quartor SeeBinns, N. Ridinft of Yorka., 1881-92 ; CbaliiMB «tf C. C, W 
Lord-Lient. nf Orkney and Shetland, 1873. 

Hon. J. C Dundas^ Thomburgh, Leyhurn^ Yorke. 




I, Lawrence, brother of the above. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Lafl Deo. 1861 ; Trin. Coll. Cunb., B.A. 1866 ; Lient. Royml Hoxw Ouarda Blue, 1866-71 ; 
■ometime Gapt. Torka. Huanr Teo. Cav. ; M.P. for Richmond, 1872-8 ; J.P. for N. 
Biding Torka. ; D.L. for Stirlionhize ; Lord In Waiting 1880 ; Loid-Lieut. of Ireland, 
1889-03 ; anooeeded hia uncle aa 8rd Barl of Zetland, 1878 ; cxvated aMarqnflaa, 1891 

The Marquess (f Zetland, A eke, Richmond, Yorka. 
1, Balplu (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

lot, James Thomas Spencer, son of Sir Walter Elliot, of Wolfelee, 

K.C.S.I. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mida. 1861 ; naident proprietor, J.P., etc 

J, T, 8. Elliott, Esq,, Wolfelee, Hawick, N.B, 
ipson, Francis Jeflfrey, son of Mrs. Empson, Clifton. (Mr. Rendairs) 

Qneen'a Coll. Oxf., 1864. 

[Vtoqnhar, Thomas Oavin, son o{ T. N. Farquhar, Esq., Sydenham. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Vranklen, Bdwin Giles, son of R. Franklen, Esq., Clemenstone. Bridgend, 

Glamorgan. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Sometime Lient. 90th Bagt. Died Not. 1864. 

fifles, Alfred Brydges, son of A. Giles, Esq., The Oaks, Wimbledon Park* 

S.W. (Mr. Steers) 

GiTil Engineer ; raeideni abroad. 

Sreaves, Theophilns Wilson, son of the Rev. R W. Greaves, Tooting 

Rectory. (Homc-Boarde^ 

Qrimston, Walter Edward, son of the Hon. and Rev. E. H. Grimston, 

Pebmarsh Rectory, Colchester. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Midaw 1868 ; Cricket XI., 1862, 12th man, 1868 ; FootbaU XL, 1862 ; M.F.H. Eaat Eaaez ; 
I J.P for B«ez. 

TT. E. Orimston, Esq,, J.P,, EarVs Colne, Essex, 

(I Hawthorn, Arthnr Philip, son of R Hawthorn, Esq., 34, Gower Street, 

W.C. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1861 ; Enidgn 26th Begt., 1866. 

! Hill, William Frederick, son of Col. R F. Hill, 19, Lewes Crescent, 
I Brighton. (Mr. SteePs) 

Enain 78xd BmI, 1862 ; Lient., 1866 ; Capt., 1871 ; aometime Lieot.-CoL 2nd Batt. Black 
Watch. Died in 1886. 

Hyde,. Edward Hyde Villiers, Lord, son of the 4th Earl of Clarendon. 

(Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left JnL 1868 ; Monitor, 1868 ; Trin. ColU Camb., B.A. and M.A. 1867 ; Lieat.-Col. HerU 
Teo. Cay., 1879 ; J.P. for Heita and Warwiokahire ; Lord-Lient. and C.C. uf Herta ; 
M.P. for Bxeoon, 1869-70 ; anooeeded aa 5th Barl, 1870. 

The Rt, Hon. the Earl of Clarendon, The Qrove, Watford. 
Jones, Joseph, son of J. Jones, Esq., Sevemstoke, Warwick. (Mr. Harris^) 

Head of the School, 1862 ; the Jonea medal waa founded by hia father in hia memory, 1868. 
med, while atill a memher of the School, Sept. 25th, 1862. 

Laing, Malcolm Alfred, son of S. Laing, Esq., Lymington. (Mr. Harris') 

Comet 14th Hnaaan, 1864. 

Latham, Morton, son of A. Latham, Esq., 23, Norfolk Street, Ptok Lane, W. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Left Mida. 1861 ; Trin. OolL Camb., B.A. 1865 ; Mna.B. and M.A. 1882 ; J.P. for Middleaex 
and London, and D.L. of Middleeex ; Conntr Alderman for Middleaex, 1889-92 ; Hon. 
Sec of Bach choir ainoe 1886 ; Author of " The Benaiaaance of Mnaio." 

M, Latham, Esq., J, P., as above, 
Lawton, William Frederick, son of Mrs. Lawton, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 
Macleod, John, son of Maj.-Gen. Macleod, India. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Bnaign 4th Begt., 1868 ; Lient, 1867. 


Meek, Alesuwder Orut, non of A. Meek, Esq., HiUworth Hoiue, Deviies. 

Cricket XL. 1901 : Miifpl. Ciill. Oif., RA. IMS. 

^1. (w, Mtek\ Efq,f a$ above, 

Xiers, Capel Hanlrarj, son of C. .Miens Esq., Pbterstone Court, Brecoa 

(Mr. Bam') 
Mylne, John Elfhui, Hon of J. W. Myine, Esq., 27, Oxford Square, W, 

(Dr. VaiiglMB'4 

M<«lU)r. \t*4i2-«\ C.C.C. Oxf.. 1 CI. Mud., ISdf. ; RA. 1887; B.C.L. mA M.A. 133: 
ilitnri4t«r. l^K*. Mr4 in I'tsj. 

0*Neill, Robert TorreiiB, son of the Kcv. W., aftenK-ards Ist Baron, (XNeiD 

Shuiu'H C'a.Htle, Antrim. (Mr. Bradbys) 

U.N.C. Oif., M.A. ami M.A. l>«Tu: J. I*, fur Antrim adJ aL. for On. I lawliHiilwij . H^ 
8heriir, ISTI ; muuetiiiiv M.ij. 4th IiiniiikilliiiK Fujiilieni ; M.P. fur Mid AttiiB, ISIS-., 

Hon. R. T. O'AVi//. 3/./*., Derrynotfil, Co. Landomderry. 

Felly, Henry Cantaira, son of Sir J. IVlly, 2nd Bart., Wamham Cooit 

Horsham. (Mr. BendalTi) 

Cornot 2nfl I.lfr CuaixK ItM*>J : l.lnit.. IhL*. ; miccMdad M Sid But., I8M ; M.P. te 
llaadlDgUiiihliiro, 1ST 4-7. Died iu I^TT. 

Powell, Thomaa Henry Woodcock, son of Rev. S. H. Powell, Sharow 

Ixnlgo, Riiion. (Mr. Drnzr^s) 

Mrd I>ec. \K,^, 

Rnsaell, Robert Bmce, son of J. llaHsi^l], Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boaidcr) 

Mittfil. OiH. Oif., U.A. 1M>7 ; l)arriirf«r, 1^T1. 

Stopford, Arthur Bouverie, .son of Admiral R. F. Stopford, 26, Eaton 

Spiarc, S.W. (Mr. £. U. Vai]g)iaD*i) 

]jctl Miih. ISA] : I.ieiit.-C..I. U.A. : Awt. AiVjMlen.. Foraw District, India, 1891; Mmiii 
the Affchaii W.-ii im l).A.g.M.4}.. luaiUI %»ith cbwp, 1878-80. 

Lifnt.'f^tl. A. H. Stnjiftirtl, /?.-!., Poena, India. 

Tanner, William Gkorre, sc»n of \V. Tanner, Esq., Uenbury Court, Bristol 

(Mr. RendiU's) 
ir. G. Tnnnrr, Egtf.^ Frfnchay Parl% Brittoi, 

Thomas, Charles Dashwood, son of U. Thomas, E8([., Bletsoe, Bedford 

(Mr. Dmiy's) 

I.cft MiiIa. IhM); RnHiim nml Lieut. (ViliUtiKini (Snaids, IMS; Lieat. and C^pL, 19H; 
C'ljit. ami Lieut. -CuL, I>T.'i. 

Thomson, Denzil Charles Frederick, son of H. T. Thomson, Esq., 2, Up|« 

Haniilttm TfinuT, N.W. (Mr. Druxy's) 

Left Ea«t. ISiH). 

D. a F. ThwnMm, AV/., -23, Carlton HiU, W. 

Thnrbnm, John Henry, son of A. Tlmrhnrn, Estf., Roxeth. 


Lient. R.E.. lH'7. 

Trotter, Philip Durham, son of A. Trottor, Ks(|., of Dreghoni, Midlothitn- 

(!^[r. RendalTs) 

licft Rost. ImUi; Kimi^n Wnl (Aruvll ;iDil Suth4>rl:in«1) HiffhUndnm. 1864; Uaat.. IM'; 
r.i|it., isT**: M;0-. l^'^-: Lieui.-<'i>l. ('ciiitiiiiinlinir. l^M*. iiromotcd Bwv. UML-CdL 
for MTviivM ill .Smii:iii. ihmLiI iiml vln.*}*^ Khixlire'n »tnT, And SnI CL Oidtr of M«4i»^ 
1S>.:.; r..l.. 1S>'. 

Lieni.-Co}, P. n. Troth r, 2iul Ihitt. O.Jn/ llhjhlandern, Umhalla^ India, 

Warden, William, son of W. Wanlm, Esii., 10, Clarendon Crescat 

Ktlinlmr^'h. (Mr. RendallV^ 

Exeter Ci'H. Oxf., U..^. 1m>: M.A. \^7V. : Itari inter. l<ii.'». 

White, Henry William, .s«»n of Mrs. Wliitr, Shrul>3, Artane, Dublin. 

(Mr. Oxenhams) 
Williams, Francis Venables, son of .1. Williams, Esq., Harrow. 

( 1 1< lino- B(tarder and Mr. Famr's) 

I^t Mida. li^'2 : Cricket XL. IHi'.^: FiHiilun XL, \^U2 ; Calioo Prtntar. 

F. V, William g, /•-«/., BraishU^ Altrincham^ Cheshire, 

r. 1868.] 



ibier, Gerald €hurih Colleton, son of W. Gambler, Esq., 26, Waterloo 

Crescent, Dover. (Mr. Steel's) 

BooMtiiiia in Um Bojal Artillery. 

Oeorge Edward, son of F. Hart, Esq., Alderwasley, Helper. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

felbreys, Howel Owrn, son of J. G. Jeffreys, Esq., F.RS., 1, Montagu 

Square, W. (Dr. Vaughan^s) 

Monitor, 180S-8 ; Balliol Coll. Ozf. ; Johiuon Afltronomy Prixo and B.A., 1 Ifatb., 1867 : 
ill.A. 1871 : Buniater, 1870. 

H. 0, Jeffreys, Esq., 6, Pump Court, Temple, E,C. ^ 
\3hA^ St Vincent, son of J. Peel, Esq., Sale Old Hall, Ashton, Cheshire. 

(Mr. HohnesO 

Moton OoU. Oxf., 1862. 

fBdth, Walter Foes, son of G. Smith, Esq., 12, Canterbury Villas, M^ida 

Hill, W. (Mr. Hutton's) 

WSKktnokttm ta Jaae 1858. 

Itavyth, James Noel Mnller, son of J. Forsyth, Esq., Some House, 

Tobermory, N.B. (Mr. Harris') 

Orid CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1866 ; aom«time Lient 82nd R«gt. ; J.P. for Go. A1B7U. 

/. N, M. Forsyth, Esq., J.P., Qumish, Tobermory, MuU. 

■^ fovdon, Patrick Harry Pirie, son of P. P. Gtordon, Esq., Greenhill Villa, 
p Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

^ Xjder, Hon. Albert Dudley, son of the 2nd Earl of Harrowby. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. CoU. Oamb., M.A. ; Barristor. Died Deo. 1881. 

BBtniBeei ta September 185S* 

Pagnall, Henry Haslope, son of T. Bagnall, Esq., Great Barr, Birmingham. 

(Mr. Hoknes*) 

Laft Mida. 186S ; St. John's CoU. Camb., B.A. 1866 ; M.A. 1868. 

H. H. Bagnall, Esq., Bedford. 

BaiHe, Thomas Manbonrg. son of Mrs. Bailie, 80, Gloucester Place, 

Portman Square, W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1860; Bnaign 52nd Regt., 1862 ; Lieut., 1865 ; M^j., 1871. 

Bateman, William Fairbaim, son of J. F. Bateman, Esq., 16, Great 

George Street, Westminster, S.W. (Mr. RendalFs) 

Left Mida. 186S ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1866 ; M.A. 1874 ; held Tariona Cniaciea, 1868-80 ; 
Perpetnal Curate of St John the Evangelist, Upper Norwood, 1880 ; aasumed the 
additional surname of La Trobe. 

Rev. W. F. La Trobe-BtUeman, St. John*s, Upper Norwood, S.E. 

Beachcroft, Henry Awdry, son of R Beachcroft, Esq., Harrow. 


Left Mida. 1865 ; Monitor, 1863-5 ; Caiua CoU. Camb., B.A. 1870 ; Barrister, 1872 ; managing 
a Tea property in O^lon. 

H. A. Beachcroft, Esq., Deltata, Udagama, Ceylon. 
Beachcroft, Bichard Kelvill, brother of the above. (Home- Boarder) 

BoUdtor ; London CO., N. Paddington, 1889-92 ; Aid. London C.C., 1892. 

R. M. Beachcrofl, Esq., 11, Craven Hill, W. 


Bellhoma, Charles Hatton, 8on of J. Bellhooae, Eaq^ Victoria IM, 

Manchester. (Mr. Bndbfi) 

lisft MkU 1864 ; Ortd OulL Oif. 

C\ //. IMlhoute, Kttti., Oakkuidt, iVhoftury, fierfai 

Birley, Charles Addison, son of C. Birley, Enq., Kirkham, IVestan. 

(Mr. Middkmiiei) 

J.r. for LMMMhire ; MiO. and Hon. UenL-GoL 6Ui Laiml Axti. VoL 

a A. Birley, E$q,, Battle Hall, Prutm, 

Bolitho, Otho Olynn, Aon of T. S. Rolitho, Esq., Ftoalveme, Fenamee. 

(Mr. Ozenhim's) 

lisft MitU IMO ; Trio. Ton. Ciinib.. RA. IIMT : winiMr of G.U. BO janfa Bwlateii^ adri. 
1MU> : CoriMt anl I>n4{i«m (Juaitb. 1868 ; LienL-CoL* IftM, ntlnd ; jM.r. ; lUfMrBlf 
Cullc|{« Ihaff lltmnd*, I AM. 

Litui.-Col. O. G. Biilitho, Poltair, Petuamee. 

Byroxn, Charles Edward, aoii of li. B>Tom, Esq., Byland Hoiue, Bath. 

(Mr. BndbT's) 

Urifl ColL Ozf.. a A. 1867 ; M.A. 1884 ; Barrlitar. 1886. 

C\ E. Bynm, K$q., 2, Phnpdeii BuUdingM, TempU^ KC. 

Clnttoii, Balph, son of J. Glutton, Esci., 8, Whitehalll Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Dnny't) 

lieft Miib. 1862 ; Land 8iirr«ji»r. 

R. Clutton, AV/.,9, Wkitfhall Place, 8.W. 

Colvile, William Bdward Acton, son of tho Rev. W. (TolTile, BavDiim 

Rectory, I]>swich. (Dr. Vau^iAD's) 

Crompton, Bdward, son of the Hon. Mr. Justice Crompton, SS^ Hyde Puk 

Stiuare, W. (Dr. Vau^^'s) 

Crompton, Bookes Evelyn Boll, son of Col Crompton, Axerley dnae. 

RilKMi. (Mr. SUtk'^ 

Ijeti Uec. 1460 ; aervad for eleven yean in Sid Uait. Rifle Biiada, 18S4-T6 ; H§^ of «b 
flnu uf Cnmiiitun Jb Oi., Electrical Rnfhneen; VIoe-Pns. luft. KlMtriml 
CtuuniiAD Electrical Sectiuu linudnu Cbaiuber uf Cunimcree. 

R. E. B. Crtmpton, Emj,, Thriplatids, KenMingtan Court, W. 

Dale, Henry Montagn, son of C. Dale, Esn{,, Indian C.S., Madras 


Left Midi. 1841 ; Madrai Infantry Gcneiml IJat. Enaiso. 186S; Lknt., 186«; OipL, VTA: 
" Mai ~ - - - . 

M^., 18H2 : Ueot.-Cul., IHSU ; Coiniuandaot let Madne rioDMB ; wmmd ia 
(^uniiaiirn, 1HS6^, medal with claaii. 

Lietit.'Col. 11, M, Dale^ Dunmore House, Trichinopoly, Madras, Imdia, 

Elliott, Hngh Beattie, son of W. H. Elliott, Esq., RC.S., Sonning, Bering 


Ellman, Hngh Frederick, son of F. Ellman, Esq., BaUle. (Mr. Bendsir^ 

Soliiutor at Battle. Died about 1^81. 

Flower, Cyril, son of 1*. W. Flower, Estj., Hill House, Tootui|L 

(Mr. Famrs) 

Tiin. Coll. Caiub. : BarriMer. KO; D.L. for l^ndon : Lieat. Bucks T«o. Ckv.; M.P. te 
Drecknuck, ixso^ ; for S. IMs, 1M0-1<*J : U>rU of the Tnaauiy, 1886; iiiwtail Buot 
Battcnea and Oventrand. \ii\*2. 

Lord Battersea^ Surrey House ^ 7, Marble Arch, W, 

Freeman, Thomas Arthnr, son of the Rev. T. Freeman, of Madeira. 


Left East. 1S62 ; Ch. Ch. Oif.. B.A., \f^ ; M.A. 1S6S ; Conet bth Dcmoob OduAi.1V>: 

Ueau, IbTO; Lieut. TOth ItoKt.. 1S71 ; Capt., 1ST9 ; Mi^m 1^^ '. 
for Siiakini, Khedire's bronxe star, 18^5. 

Maj. T. A, Freeman, 179, King*8 Road, Kingston-cn'Thamn, 

'. ./- G. Gardner, St. Pauf* Oay, K«nt. 
ny, Walter, Ron of W. Gray. Esq., Minatw Yard, York. 

(Dr. Vaughftn's) 
OBvenoT, Hon. Algernon Henry, son of tUe lat Baron Eburv, Moor 
I'nrk, RickmanHworth. (Mr. Hutton'B) 

isal ; HntJ in Ihi BISa BtWe. laai-ia ; AitaxBU* Wu, anUS ktiil clup 1 

srla Vtu,, ISiS-Oa^Mi^.Qiiini'iWaUnliuUiB.V.: J.P.uulD.I.raT UlddluH. 

.. J, U. Grotveiwr, 6, SouiA Sfrwi, Pari Lam, W. 

I, Alan Stepney, son of A. .1. Gulaton. Esq., 20, Groavenor Square, 

W. (Mr. Holmea') 

\ Haivm ColL 0>t., B.A. 1M7: J.P. (nrOnnonlKil : Opt. RD/ilCunurUuguhiieAit.llU. 

Capt.A. S. GuUttm, Dtiiiydil, Llandebie, N. Walet. 
iaton, Lord George Franoie, son of the Ist Duke of Abercom. 
J (Mr. E. H. Vanghan's) 

f ttft HtdLlBOl: MnM Id Iha mik Brinda, KO*-i: ColditnaDi Ooudi, IMM; U.T.toi 
MliUlan iIdu ISM : Undn Bee uTstaU foi [ndiii. I6T4.S : Vl»-P»iidat of Ocmncil, 
m»M : Flnt Luid ol the AdniinK;, IBBS ud 1«8«-K. 
S(. //oti. iorrf George F. flamnton, M.P., 17, i/wbiju Street, W. 
h, Charles Selwyn, son of G. F. Harris, Esq., Harrow. (Mr. Harris') 

■ Left Hldi. 1M4 : Btodlad anginairmii Id th* workibuw ac Bliwluk ; suitilofWI u BugiBm 
bj Iba HMrepoUUD Baud o( Wocki, liaD it Oipa Tnoii, Ms. 

" S. Harru, Eaq., 38, ColviUe Ttrrace, W. 
egui, Charlee John, son of J. Hegan, Esq,, 21, Upper Bmnswiclt Place, 
Brighton. (Mr. Hams') 

MoiilUr. tseia ; Ch. Ch. Oit., B.A. IMH ; M.A. IBffl ; J.P. for U<rt>, 

C.J. fffgan, Eaq... f. P., iO, New Broad Street, E.C. 
ollond, John Bobert, eon of the Itev. E. HoUond, Benhall IMge, 
Sasmundham. (Mr. A. Watson's and Dr. Butlers) 

; Wooiloi, IMM: Trm. CoU. Cunh.. B,A. ISM; M.A- 1988; BurrUUr, 
fin BTigtalon, 1SS046 : D.I. foi CII7 of LuDdon ; J.P. lot Dg>«i mid 

J. 71. Ilollond, Ell],, Wanham, Bamptmt, Devon. 
', Cecil Lumaden, son of W. H. Hornby, Esq., M.P„ Shrewbridge 
Hall, Nantwich. (Mr. Dniry^s) 

Iftway, Oerard Acland, son of Sir John Kennaway, 2nd Bart, Eacot, 
Ottery St. Mary, Devon. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

ly, Oilbert Oeoi^e, son of J. Kennedy, Esq., H.M. Diplomatic 

Service. (Dr. Vaughan'a) 

1 UttDn. IMS; FoottaU XI., 1«4a; Tiin. OoQ. CUDk, H.A. ISST ; mmd boo in UMFint 
TTiB. Bigh(, Hoiri of Ihi Riiar, l»ei ; lu tot Ounb. ■; Oit. In llw Tvo-MUb Bus, 
ISBT; In ibi ThiH-Mil* B*«. 1MB: BuitiCu; MMropuUUB FuUn Hi^ieUMa, 1»W : 
J,P. toFllTt HcDigConntln and for Cnnntygt London. 

(?. G. Kenntdij, Eiq., J.P., 6. LvidtH Oardm*, W. 
ti, Henry Jesse, son of J. J. Lloyd, Esq., UoydBborougb, Tomplemure, 
Ireland. (Mr. Oxenhau's) 

SvniDUmi Cupt. Tipirnirr L-I, ; J.P. luiOo, Hi^iu), Uiati ShsrilT. ie«I. BIttf In ISDS. 

ong, Ernest Henry KeUett, son of R. K. hong, Esq., Dunston Ha>l. 
Norwich. (Mr. Steel's) 

Cli. Ch. Ort, aA. iSSa; M.A. ISSi; Cnntc of Wlto*)'. I8?0.n : of I>u1.«r«in, ISTI-*; 
RMUnorTliikHicoi*, IF«I>«1; of Ngwum PluUuu, IMl 1 Vlou of Duukd. ise&. 

Bm. £■. B- K. Long, Tlie Vicurage, DuiuUm, Norwich. 


KacDowall, William, son of H. MacDowall, Esq^ CSuniUi, Bridge d 

Weir, Renfrew. (Mr. Middlemut's) 

UoiT. Coll. Ozf., IMS. Mc4 

ICallock, Bicluurd, non of C. H. Mallock, Esq., Cockington Court. Ton w. 

(Mr. Stad's) 

Lift Dwr. 1S50 : Lirat. R.A., 1865-Ttf ; J.P. mmI D.L. for Deroa, UTS ; M.F. T«iq«9 Dlt. 
of ItaTon. I88«- . 

R. Mallock, E§q.^ M,P.^ at above. 
Kills, Joseph, non of J. R. Mills, Esq., Bootham, York. (Dr. VaoghsD's) 

Cnniel ISth Ilnann. IMS ; Llrai., IMil ; rk|it. &Ui Diaflooo Gwidi, 18S9L 

Moncreiff, Robert Chiohester, son of J. W. Moncreiff, the Dean ofFscoky. 

after^-anlA 1st Baron Moncreiff, Edinburgh. 


Cricket XI.. 1862; Trin. Coll. Ounb., B.A. 1870; Cnimto of CaUty, 1870-74; \ku dt 
CliflnnHin-T«iiie, 1^75^6.% ; of Tao worth, 1885. 

Hon. aiul Rev. R. C. Moncrei^, Tantporth Viearagej Hockley Heaih, 


Morris, Edgar Uewellyn, son of Mrs. Morris, I«yton Uouae, Leyton. 

(Mr. A. natMHi'M 

Ormonde, James Edward William Theobald Buthr, Karqaass of; son 

of the 2nd Marquess of Ormonde. (Dr. Vaogmui's) 

Uft Mids. 1861 ; ComM lit Utm Gunk, 1868 ; Oiiit.. 1866 ; nllnd, ISTB ; Hmliiuy 
Chi«f Bntler of IreUnd ; Lnrd-Lirat. of Co. Kllkcnnj ; Hob. Gol. Ath BkIL Bcfu 
Iri«h Rcin. ; M^. E. Kent Moanted RUI«; Vloe-Admiiml of IrimHf, ISftS; iMeMM 

MS 3nl ManiUflM, 1S&4. 

The Marquetn of Ormonde ^ K.P.y The Cattle^ Kilkenmg, Trelami. 

Peel, Joseph Arthur, son of W. Peel, Esq., Ackworth Park, Ponteftact 

(Mr. Sled s) 

Left EmI. 18M. Bff«WBc4 in Suath Amtrim. In 1868. 

Piloher, Montagu Somes, son of J. Pilcher, Esq., 34, Rusaell SonaniW.C. 

Left Mida. 1862; Trin. Coll. Camh., B.A. 1M7 ; M.A. 1870 ; Buiiitar. 

J/. 5. Pilcher, Esq., 30, Hertfrn-d Street, Mayfair, W. 

Prickett, Marmaduke. son of T. l^ickett, Esq., The Avenue, Bridlingtcn, 

Vorks. (Dr. Vau^^'s) 

Left Mids. IMS; Shooting XI., 1862^8; Trin. CoU. Cunh.. M.A. 1879; M.Dl, li:*; 
II.R.C.8., 1877 ; PhyeidAn h> the SeniaritAB Hoeplt*L 

M, Prickett, Enq,, M.D., 27, Oxford Square, W. 

Richardson, Henry, son of G. G. Richardson, Esq., Red Hill, Surrey. 

(Dr. Vaugfaan's) 

Left Mide. 1868 ; Monitor, 1864-A : FoothRll XL. 1868. reilaMd Ouitaiiicy in 1864 owiac 
to ill-health ; C.C.C. Ozf.. B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1872 ; Hooii lUeUr at lUrlboiue|& 


f[. Richardson, Enq., Liitlffield, Marlborough. 

Rudd, Charles Dunell, hou of li. lludd, Esq., Sutton Hall, Surrey. 

(Mr. BradbyV) 

Left Mide. I8C8 : Riii:ket Tlaver and Winner of &cho..l Mile; Trin. OoU. CamK, I803-: : 
C.U. Racket Plajer. Single* and Dimblw, l^^b ; Caiw Merchant and M«nbv of 0^« 
Tarliauient, l^tKi-n. 

a D. Rudd, Enq.^ ShiMuio, Gairhch, Ross-shire, N.B. 

Sandford, William Robert Wills, son of T. G. W. Sandford, Es;. 

Cawtleri'a, Kosconimon. (Mr. D^lIy^) 

I.eft Dec. 1800 ; eometlnie Cajit. SoiU itreyv ; J.l*. for Co. Ruecoiumoa. Med in IBM. 

Shore, Hon. Frederick William John, son of the 2nd Baron Teignmoutk 

lAngton Hall, Northallerton. (Mr. K H. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1862 ; joine.1 Royal ArtUlery. 1M>7 ; MaJ. R.II.A.. 1884 ; T leot.-Ool., UM. 

Nov. la^8.j 


Sparks, Edward Isaac, son of W. Sparka, Esq., J.P., Ciewkerne, SomerBet. 

(Mr, Drury'a) 

Lift KuU. \itS; MmilUiT, 1Si31-!: C.C.O. Oxt., D.A., I Nat. Bel., leM: M.B. imd ».A. 
isro; BwtoUlh TtBTidllBg F«lto-.Wi< ; F.ILaP. ; PhwloLu w ttia BkLn Itapt-, 
Ctuirlng OroB UiHidu] ; Aatbuf of " 1V Ririnn." lUtA lo 1S30. 

Swaiuon, Edvard GKbbon, son o£ J. SwainBOn, Esq., Aicburth, Liverpool. 

(Mr, Middleimst'n) 

USX Midi. IMS; NaDllDC, ISK-S; Tiln. Coll. Dujb,. ISUS-T ; uHRubci •>/ U* Dnmlnloui 
Oid« » Dltton. DHr Ll><rpi»l> 

Toller, Hill, son of C. Toller. Esq.. Hampstead. (Mr. E, H. Vaughan's) 

Trin. CdIL Cunb.. B.A. ie«T*. H,A. 1B7I ; bald rsiiooi Cnndn, IsaO-M: ViauoT Alial^, 
Rev. H. Toiler, SnailmeU, Ntwmarktt. 
Tottenham, Qeorg^e Charlei Loftas, son of N. L. Tottenham, Esq., tilen- 
fame Hall, EnniskUlen. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan'a) 

I'lin. CoU. €uioh.,SiibDL icd Q.A. ; J.r.mid D.U forOo. l^tiini, Mifib S£ans, ISSg. 
G. C. L. Toltenham, Ei,q., J.P., Ol«nade JTout, Kinlougk, Lnilrim. 
Valpj, Bobert Arthur, sun of R. R. Valpy, Esq., Enbome Lodse, New- 
bury. (M. MaH8on'») 

Lift Dm. I^Vi : BuUi Coll. Oil.. B.A. ISH: Burlilai, 1871; J.P. loi Uwamuutlutilt* ; 
BivliloK OiFTlrtar, ISSH. 

H. A. V'al/'ii, E>q., 10, Bina Gardau, S.W. 
Walker, Isaac Donnithome, xon of 1. Walker, Eiiq., of Southgate. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Urt Htil*. I9IU: Hnplloc, IMl-3 1 Otluliit Sl.,isn)>«l ; Opt. Ifta-i : FoMb^n XI., leOMl ; 
Cbmujiion lUukM Fliyet ; hu OrtpMlntd tb* Buid« Wudnvn ilDo IB70. 

I. D. WMer't:^., Avim Gjwf, Southgate, MiiUUcux. 
Walton, James, son of J. Walton. Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Weston, Spencer John, hou of J. Wuston, Em]., 6«, Upper Berkeley Street, 
W. (Mr. Osenham's) 

Latl EnM. ISm ; Wini Margliuie. 
S. J. Weaton, Ktq., 6, Queen's Maruiont, Victoria Slrtet, S.IV. 
Wood, Alexander, son of P. Wood, Esq,, Bnxeth. (jlr. Kendall's) 

Schil. of St. Jubn'tCaU. Cunb., B.A., 0th Wnii)(Iir. ISM: FtUow, IBOa; M.A., IBOG : 
Rn; A. ll'tmrf, Kinr/'g School, Shfrbome. 
. Wood, Henry Trneman Wright, »oh of the late W. B. V. Wood, Esq. 
^^ (Home-Boarder) 

^■_ Lrfl Mids. 1M4 : Bi^bol. ot C]:ut Coll. Cunb.. B.A. 1«|W ; M.A. 1684 : U Bu PriH Bi«li>b 

^^B Bhi)', IBiMuul ISTO; Biitlib Commiwonei si PvU Bihlblllon. ISTO; Bae. Soc, Aru 

^^H tln« 1CT«: Bm. Ratal CDHUnlniDD (of Cbioien SihlblUnii, IBM; Ottmol lb* LaBfoD 

^H Sir ffwiTi' Wood, Sociels qf Aitt, 18. John Street, Adetphi, W.C. 
^^Lrke, Fhilip Charles, son of the Kev. C. J. Yorke. Shenfield Rectory. 


Joy, Oeorge William, 

Laft&ul. ia«3: ni<n 

KnlraBoci in Kavtmlarr ISSM, 

son of W. B. Joy, Esq., M.D., Harrow, 

( Home- Boarder) 

bar of ArUaU R.V. Gorja, ud iboC in Uam tot Inlinri ■■ Wlralitt- 
UuroH Vsuiau; itndlad u u inUI tt RA. SohnnbudM Porii. 
olftbort ; «xblbi1«d fint platara*— ■* DDtDUdCB" BAd *'Tlw Ohaaa 
1. 19TI, ud bH dual b«a * nonlu nhlMtot; "Tbs UanalJi" 
■t Um FmHi Bdon, mm. 

a. W. Jos, Esq., Tht Red Lodge, Palaet CUiri, \V. 
'OT, John McSongfall, sod of 0. Joy, Esq., Monalino, Wicklow. 

( Home- Bonn iui) 

Trta. Coll. Ihibl. ; C<i]iL IViibJ. Cu. MllItU, tan; iDiDatiiiH Mi^. ; OuiiMT Dlt4 Id IBM 


Amherst, Hon. Jeffrej CSuurlet, son of the 8nd Earl Amherat, Montreal 

Scvenoaks. (Mr. MiddlemistV) 

Etuitni Rifle BriipHle, IMQ ; Lieut.. 1M7 ; Qi|it., 188&. Med Mat. 14th, ISH. 

Arthur, Oeorge Frederick, son of the Rev. G. F. Arthur, Tanierton 

Vicarage, Plymouth. (Mr. SteeF? > 

Baker, Oeorge Barrington, son of Kir George Baker, 8rd Bart., 4, Hyde 

l^rk Sciuare, W. (Mr. l)run-V| 

Left Mida. 1^68: MnniUir. 1861^: C.C.C. Oif., B.A., 1 CH., 1887; MJL 18W; Bftnifttc. 
1^T0 ; J.l*. for Cbeehire. 

^^ R Balrer, Emi/.. J.I\ Rwle Hall, Scholar Green, StoiBe-tm-TremL 

Baldwin, William John Atkinaon, 8on of the Rev. J. Baldwin, Daiton* 

in-FurneHs, lAnca^hire. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Eiiet. ImSS ; Ch. Ch. Ozf. : lUrriater. 1NT5 ; Lieut.-Oul. CknmniiodiBK Bid Batt. Boite 
R«gt.. ■ince lhti7 ; Iliui. Cul., 1!>M; J.l*. fur UuioMbire ud CamMrhnd ; C.C. for 
Fnnieei IHt. (if UuwMbire. 

rA>/. ir. J. A. Baldwin, L, 2, Albany, PuMndiUy, W. 

Barge, Herbert Thomai, m\\ of T. Barge, Esq., Beech Mount, Manchester. 

(Mr. Boll's) 

Bax, Edmund Ironaide Bamewall, son of J. Baz, Esq., Twyford Hoom. 

Bishop Stortford. (Dr. Yau^iaii's) 

Eokifcn 66th Reftt.. Ir43: Lietit., ixM ; aened In the N.Z. War wad was prenot st tto 
atorining of Ornkmu, lMS-4. 

Burt, Jamei, son of W. M. Burt, Est)., Harrow. (Home>Boarder) 

Chilver, (3iarlei Samuel, Hon of T. F. Chilver, Em|., 14, New Burlington 

Street, W. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Trio. ColL Cknib., U.A. ISM; M.A. 1>T0; held ^lirioue CnndM, 1867-75; iDCombot 
Cbaiwl Royiil, UrifihUjn, l>7i^'.i; Vicnr (if Aldbonragh llatch, I87M4 ; off Lodevoctk. 


RiVm C. S, Chihrr, Lttdnvcorth Vicara^ Peiwortk, 

Glutton, John Henry, son of .1. 1'lutton, Emi., 8, Whitehall Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Druij-'sJ 

Left SI ids. 1 SOS ; Land 8tir%-^or. 

J. //. Cluttofi, Eiq,, 9, Whxifhall Place, 8.W. 

Cole, Henry Ean, bon of G. B. Cole, Em]., Hoxeth. 


Colquhoun, Jamei, son of Sir Janies Cohiuhoun, 11th Bart , Roesdhu, Lnss, 

Duni1)artonshirc. (Mr. A. WatsonV) 

Left Mida. 1S62 ; Trio. CoU. Ciinib., K.A. 18(57 ; M.A. 1i>70; roooeided u ISth Bait., IfTI; 
Lozd-Lieat. uf IhuiilwrtdDiihire, I^ST. 

Sir JamcH Colquhmin, Bart., at above. 

DavidBon, Madgwick Gkorge, son of M. 8. Davidson, Esq., 18, Spring 

Ciardens, S.W. (Mr. Uurris') 

Left Midi. IMM ; MoDitur. Ib63-4 ; Cb. Ch. Oxf.. B.A.. I CI., I«09; M.A. 1871 ; Barrklez. 


M. G. Davidnon, A'wy., 63, Limgr'ulge Road, SAV. 

Dent, Edward, son of T. Dent, Est]., 12, Hyde I'brk Gardens, W. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Left In 18tf2 ; Trin. Gill. Cainb., B.A., IStfit : M.A. 1&72 ; Merchant ; J.P. for Baeke, High 
Sheriff, 1888. 

E. Dent, Enq., FemacreB, Fulmer, near Slough. 

Billon-Browne, William Augustus, son of Col. J. D. Browne, Charlton 

Barrow, Blandford. (Mr. R H. Yauffhan's) 

Jan. 1859.] CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN. 261 

ElliB, Hon. Augustus William Charles, son of the 6th Baron Howard de 

Walden, Brussels. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Sometime in the 60th Rifles ; Died Apr. 22iid, 1882. 

Flood, Charles, son of L. T. Flood, Esq., Belmont, Mill Hill, Hendon. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Left Bast. 1861 ; OivU Engineer. 

C. Flood, Esq., C.E., El Masr, Cologny, Geneva. 

Harley, Oeorge Ernest, son of E. Harley, Esq., Chatford House. Clifton, 

Bristol. (Mr. Midalemist's) 

Left Mida. 1861 ; Shooting XI., 1861 : Enirign " The Bnflk," 1864 ; Inetmotor in Mneketry, 
1867-75 ; Lieut., 1867 ; LieQt.-Instructor, Hythe, 1875 ; Capt., 1875 ; Mai., 1881 ; 
Lieat.-CoI., 1892 ; Capt.-Inetraotor, Hythe, 1882-6 ; D.A.A.G. for Moaketry, Northern 
and North Britiih DistrioU, 1886-9 ; D.A.A.G., Hythe, 1889-91. 

Lieut-Col Harley, Ut BaU,, The Buffs. 

Hawdon, Oeorge Joseph, son of J. Hawdon, Esq., Kildale HaU, Great 

Ayton, Yorks. (Mr. Holmes') 

Hooper, Edmund Huntly, son of the Rev. W. F. H. Hooper, Withington, 

Lancashire. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Hide. 1862 ; Gh. Gh. Oxf., B.A. 1868 ; J.P. for Hanta ; sometime Lieut. Warwickshire 
Teo. Gar. and Gapt. 8xd BaU. Boyal Warwiokihire Begt. 

E. H. Hooper, Esq., Langtons, Alrerford, Hants. 

Houldsworth, Walter James, son of H. Houldsworth, Esq., Coltness, 

Motherwell, N.B. (Mr. RendaU's) 

Monitor, 1864; Trin. CoU. Gamb., 1864-7. 

Jones, Henry Robert Bence. son of Dr. Bence Jones, 31, Lower Brook 

Street, W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mida. 1868 ; Trin. Goll. Gamb., B.A. 1857 ; in the Board of Trade, Whitehall. 

H. R. Bence Jones, Esq., New University Club, 8. W. 

Kay-Shuttleworth, Ughtred James, son of Sir James P. Kay-Shuttle- 

worth, 1st Bart., Gawthorpe Hall, Burnley. 

(Dr. Vaughan's 

Left in 1861 ; Matrionlatcd at London Unir., Hononra in Chemiatry ; M.P. for Haatinga, 
1869-80 ; for N.B. lAncaahire (Glitheroe Diviaion) since 1885 ; F^W. Under-Sec tot 
India, and sabeeanently GhanceJlor of the Duchy of Lancaater and P.G^ 1886 ; Parlia- 
mentary Sec to tne Admiralty, 1892 ; sncceeded aa 2nd Bart., 1877 ; J.r. and D.L. for 

Rt. Hon, Sir Ughtred J. Kay'Shuttlevoorth, Bart,, MJP,, as above. 

Keane, Richard Francis, son of Sir John Keane, 3rd Bart, Cappoquin 

House, Ireland. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Givil Engineer ; High SheriiT, Go. Waterford, 1882 ; sncceeded aa 4th Bart., 1881. Died in 

Leslie, Henry King, son of the Rev. C. Leslie, Coravahn, Cavan. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

Gh. Gh. Ozf., 1868. 

Xarryat, Adrian Edward Somerset, son of H. Marryat, Esq., Copenhagen. 

(M. Masson's) 

Ensign Rifle Brigade, 1864. 

Kelvill, James Cosmo, son of J. C. Melvill, Esq., Asst. Under Secretary of 

State for India, Heath End, Hampstead, N.W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Monitor, 1868-4 ; Trin. GoU. Gamb., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1871 ; Merchant ; 
Fellow of the T.innapian Soc of London ; Member of ConncU of Manchester Lit. and Phil. 
Soc. ; Goremor of Owen's Goll., Manchester. 

J. C. Melvill, Esq., Kersal Cottage, Prestwich. 

Neumann, Charles William, son of the Rev. J. S. Neumann, Hockliff 

Rectory, Leighton Buzzard. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Dec. 1859 ; farming in the Golonies, 1862-84. 

C. W. Neumann^ Esq., Roxode House, near Devisees. 


Pochin, Vormu, son of W. A. rochin, E«|., Oakham. (Mr, Hams') 

L0ft MidiL IMS ; Eiulini Tth Kiullicn. I NOT ; mind m H^or, IMiL 

M({j. N. Poehin, Giuldesb^, Leieeder. 

Praed, Fitipatrick William Bnlkl^, son of B. J. M. P^aed, Eeq^ 4. 

Itryanston Sciuare, W. (Dr. Vai2^uui'>) 

F. W. B. Praed, Eaq., 32, Cheder SqyMtt, 8.W. 

Baihleigh, JonafluuL son of J. Rashleigh, Esq., S^ Cmnberland Tcnue, 

ReKentV IVirk, N.W. (Mr. K U. Yaoglian'a) 

Ch. Cb. Ozf., aA. ISA) ; 8tud«it of iho Iumt Ttmpl*, 1868. BMI Dm. 81k, ISn. 

Rose, William Barker, son of P. Hose, Esii., who was created a Bart 1<C4, 

:)!>, Rutland Gate, S.W. (Mr. BendsUV) 

Ijttt Dec. \^'jO ; IlArrliUr. DIMI Ftb. 18TS. 

Backer, James Xorris, son of H. Uucker, Esq., West IBll, Wandsworth, 

S.W. (Mr. Bull's) 

Left Midi. ISe2: r«tlnd CulonUl nraker. 

./. J/. Ruder, E$n,, \Ve$t Hill ILyHRe, TFondrnDiiA, 8. W. 

Selby, Prideanx George, son of P. Selby, Esq., 86, Eaton Place, &W. 

(Mr. R H. Yangfaan'^) 

Aftcrwanb midaot in Aiutnlui. 

Shaw, William Francis, son of J. Shaw, Esq., Christ's Hospital, KC. 

(Mr. Middlemisk's) 

Trin. Hall Ouuli., Sehtfl., 1M4, U.A., 0th CUmIc, 1807. 

Sleigh, William Arthur Warner, son of W. C. Sleigh, Esq., 15, Wimpole 

Street, W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

ALki at Ht. ruul'a School ; nurritter, 1S04 -. pnctlMd chiafly on tha Ctimlanl Bur. BM 
at aea, m routt U> New Yurk, May 29th. Istfl. 

Smith-Dorrien, Thomas Algernon, son of Col. R. A. Smith-Dorrieiu 

Harcsfoot, Great Borkhampstead. (Dr. Vanghsn's) 

Uft East. ISO? : Shouting XI., IM32 ; suuetiiiie 10th Uuaan ; J.P. nad D.L. for CorawiU; 
J. P. fur lUrta. 

T. A. Smith'Dorrifn Smith, Ew/., Trencn Abbey, Ide9 ofSdUy. 

Straight, Douglas, son of R. M. Stniight, Esq., 13, Harley Street, W. 

(Mr. HuttonV) 

I^t E-iJit. I8(j0 ; HirrUter. \^:* : Jnnfor CimnMl to tho Trearaiy nad to the LooJ^a 

: M.P. fur HhrewrlniiT, 1870-74; Bribery OommiMaMr, 1^74: 

Biinken' AiMociatiun 

Jnd^'e of the Hi(Eh Court <.f .Tiidicntnre fur N.W.P. lodU at AUahnlad ; tctirftli* 

I«niiiuii and knighted, 1K92 ; Editor uf the Pall Mall Magazime. 

Sir Dnugltn* Stniight, 125. Victoria Street, S. W. 

Sykes, Henry Cecil, son of \V. Sykcs, £s(|., 2, Great Cumberland Place,W. 

(Dr. Vaughan**) 

Tayler, Arthur Benjamin, son of 1^. Tayler, Esq., Harrow. 


Thompson, Gtoorge Arthur, son of Col. G. H. Thompson, Kirk Hammerton 

Hall, near York. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Left Mida. 1803 ; Gurnet 12th Lancer*. 1^65 ; Regiatmr of Deeda for E. Ridlag, Torka., ISS. 

G. A. ThompMti, Esq., Reijister Jlouite, Bererley, Tork»» 

Tremenheere, Pendarves Walter, son of >raj. Gen. Tremenheere, Spring 

Grove, Hounslow. (Mr. Holmes*') 

Tumley, Thomas Frederick Budd, son of T. Tumley, Esq., Bedford. 

(Dr. Vaughan's) 

1HC4 at Harrow, Mar. 8rd, 1861. 


Bmtnuieet In Febnuuy 18M. 

ie, HoxL Bertrand Pleydell, son of Jacob, Viscount Folkestone, 
afterwards 4th Earl of Radnor. (Mr. K H. Vaughui's) 

Tria. ColL Ounb., B.A. 1808 :M. A. 1872 ; Gante of HAleeowvn, 1800-70 ; Rector of BUnton 
at. Qnantin. 1870^ ; of Pewaqr, 1880. 

Hon, and Rev, B. P. Bmtveriey Pewsey Rectory , Marlborough, 

CSanon, William Xyert, son of T. Carson, Esq., Liverpool 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Cheetham, Frauds Henry, son of J. Cheetham, Esq., M.P., Eastwood, 

Staleyoridge, dheshire. (Mr. RendalFs) 

Laft iMt. 1808; FooibaU XI., 1802-8; Trim HaU Gunb., B.A. 1800; Fret. C.U.A.C, 
1800-7 ; J.P. for SomexaeUhire. 

J. H, Cheethamj Esq.f J,P.^ Taunton^ Somenet, 

Portter, Edward Xontague, son of the Rev. R S. E. Forster, Southend. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Hamiltos, Price Bowmaii, son of J. Hamilton, Esq., Bellfield, New 

Brighton, Cheshire. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Midt. 1800 ; aometime Lient. ISth Hnaaars ; J.P. for Monmouth. 

P, B, Hamilton, Etq,, J,P., Seaford, Rydt. 

BntnuiCM iB Hay 18M. 

Arden, Dooglaa, son of R E. Arden, Esq., Sunbury Park, Middlesex. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

Pemlnroke OoU. Ozf., 1802 ; Barrister, 1807. 

D, Arden, Eiq,, 27, Onslow Gardens, 8,W. 

Bridgeman, Hon. Francis Cliarles, son of Viscount Newport, M.P., after- 
wards 3rd Earl of Bradford, 30, Wilton Crescent, 
S-.W. (Mr. R H. Vaughan's) 

Left Hide. 1804 ; Endgii and Lient Soots Guards, 1806 ; Oaot. and Lient-Ool., 1877 ; Gol., 
1877; A.D.C. to ^inoe Edward of Saze-Weimar, 1876-0; senred in the Soudan ; M.P. 
for Bolton slnoe 1886. 

CoL the Hon, F. C. Bridgeman, M.P,, 19, Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W. 

Browne, CSiarles Oordon, son of O. Browne, Esq., The Greenway, Chel- 
tenham. (Mr. Rendairs) 

Left Deo. 1808; Monitor, 1801-8; Head of the School, 1808 ; Balliol Ooll. Ozf., B.A. 1867 ; 
M.A. 1870 ; ordained, 1871 ; held rarions Oxuaoiee, 1871-82 and 1888-02 ; Ghapl. Uonse 
of MerQT, Clewer, 1882 ; Asit. Sec English Ghnroh Union, 1890-92 ; Rector of Lympston, 

Rev, C, G. Brovone, Lympston Rectory, Exeter, 

Bnrdi, Arthur Pitt, son of J. L. Burch, Esq., Untley, Uckfield. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Burr, Charles Scudamore. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Sntwred R.M.A, 1864. 

Christie, Charles Howard Peregrine, son of W. D. CJhristie. Esq., 28, 

Montagu Square, W. (Dr. Vaugnan's) 

Lient. R.B., 1800; Oapt., 187S; Lient -GoL, 1S91. 

Lieut.'Col, a H, P. ChrisUe, R,E,, Bengal, India. 

Elwes, Hngh William Henry, son of Mrs. Elwes, 16, Lower Berkeley 

Street, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Fisher, Gtoorge Camac, son of W. Fisher, Esq., M.C.S., Mangalore, India. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

B.N.C. Oxf., B.A 1867 ; M.A 1870 ; Vicar of Forest Row, Soseez, 1878-9 ; of St George's, 
Barrow-in-FnmM8, 1879-81 ; of St Mary's, Bererley, 1881-9 ; of Groydon, 1889. 

Rev. G, C. Fisher, The Vicarage, Croydon, Surrey. 


Fonlger, C9uurl6t Alfred YmnghtoiL, aon of C. Foolger, Ebgl, Hanow. I 

(Home-Boirdn) I 

LeftMids. 1H«5; 8h«H>tlii|{ XI., lH«:i : Mrrtd UnyMnln lOSth Bifli.,*^ ntindMO^K. I 

Capt C. A, V. Foulger, 69, Learn Terrace Sa»i^ LmmmgUm Spa. I 

Fraser, Kdmimd Lomaz, Ron of J. Fraaer, Esq., 4A, PoitiiiaD Saw&W. I 

Eiulini 0Otb Riflv, 1808 ; Ckpt., 1874; nUrtd m Limt-Ool. I 

Col. E. L. Franer, Bunekrew^ Invemem^ I 

Goldn^, Frederick Haitinj:!, ^on of Sir Gabriel Goldiiey« Ist Bert, ILP^ I 

Beeohfu'ld Houae, Chipitenham. (Mr. Drary'i) I 

Ufl in 1864 : M«Ti>r of rhimmhAiu, 1874 and 1888 ; J.F. for WilU, 18M ; for Buny, IM; I 
Authiir of " lluuiry uf VrMniMoiir7 la Wlluhliv," '* Raooids off GhlppoiteB,'* •!& I 

F H. GMney, E»q , Prior Place, CamherU$^ Swrrt^. 

Gordon, Alexander Xorison, non of A. Gordon, Esq., Newton, Lw^ 

Aberdeen. (Dr. YaQ^nn'i) ' 

Exator Coll. Ozf. ; J.P. aod D.L. for Go. AbtrdMO. 

A . Jf . GordoHy Enq,^ J.P., a» above, 

Graham, Donald, son of J. Graham, Esq., Skelmeralie Castle, AjrrahhcL 

(Mr. Bndbft) 

Uft Dm. 1861 : Bbrinoton Swimmlnff Cup, 1801 ; iMt ladla IfaNteBt ; J.P. fcr & 

Stirlinfr. 1878; CLE. 

Dottald Graham, Eai., CLE., Airthrie CaeOe, SMmgtkirt, 
GribbU, George James, son of T. Gribbic, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left in 18C1 : Marelunt. 

G. J. Gribble. E»i.. 25, Hans Place, S.1V. 

Hazlerigg, Charles Cecil, son of Sir Arthur O. Haxlerin^ 18th Bsrt, 

Mosely Hall, Tugby, lioicester. (Dr. Van^isn's) 

8oiD«tim6 in the 20th Regt. 

Heathfleld, Walter, son of Mrs. Heathfield, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Laird, William Stovin, son of W. I^ird, Ecm]., Liverpool (Mr. Oxenhsm's) 

For uiAoy yean naident in Anatralijk. 

W. S. Laird, Esq., Bishop » Taveton, Bamdaple. 

Lawrence, Henry Waldemar, son of Gen. Sir Henry M. LawrenoeJLQE 

(Home-Boarder and Dr. Batkr^s) 

Left Mida. 1801 ; Trin. Coll. Canib.. R.A. 1M*>0 : selectwl for R.IIJL, Woolwlcb, 180; fee 
Indian 0.8. , 1800; UarriBter ; Uab-Trauurer of Inner Teu|ile; J.P. for Ooa. Looto 
and Surrey. 

//. W. Lawrence, Esq., J. P., Treamrtr** Office, Inner Tew^ple^ E.C. 

Lefroy, Thomas Charles Perceval, son of the Rev. J. Lefroy, Ajshaderg 

Glebe, Lougliurickland, Ireland. (Mr. Middlendst>) 

Left Midi. 1804 ; Shooting XL, 1862-4 : Merchant. 

T. C. P. Lefroy, Esq., 11, Aahhurn Place, Cromwell Road, 8.W. 

Money, Granville Erskine, »on of the lU'v. J. T). ^roney, Stenfield Rectory, 

Saxmundham. (Dr. VaoghanV) 

Trin. Coll. Ozf., RA. 1868 ; M.A. I^74 ; held THrions Cnraciea. 1870-84 ; Roetor off PyiK 

Rei\ G. E. JJonetf, Btifleet Rectory, Weyhridge. 

Neeld, Algernon William, son of Sir John Nccld, 1st Bart, Grittleton, 

Chippenham. (Mr. Harris*) 


Left Mida. 1864; Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. ISOiS; M.A. 1877; Reaident LandowDor; J.P. for 
Wilta; MiJ. Royal WUU Yoo. Cav. ; nicoeeded as 2Dd Bart., 189S. 

Sir Algernon W. Neeld, Bart., as above. 

Bamsay, George William, son of Maj. G. A. Ramsay, The Lodge, Enfield 

(Mr. A. Wateoa's) 

Worc«ater Coll. Ozf., 1803. 


odes, Perdyal, son of J. Rhodes, Esq., Seale Lodge, Famham. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

j^en, Walter Francis, son of J. Rogers, Esq., Riverliill, Sevenoaks, 

(Mr. A. G. Watson's) 

Ua Midi. 1886 ; Monitor. 1864-6 ; Balliol Ck>lL Ozf., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1872. 

W. F. RogerSj Esq,, TJte Point, Newiek, Suuex, 

(▼eU, Horace James, son of Q. Scovell, Esq., 34, Qrosvenor Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Monitor, 1804 ; Cb. Gh. Ozf., B.A. 1868 ; Barriator, 1871. Died at Nice, 1892. 

ahope, Hon. Henry Angnstns, son of the 5th Earl Stanhope, dhevening, 

oevenoaks. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Monitor, 1864; Cb. Gh. Ozf., B.A. 1868; M.A. 1870; Cnrato of Wendover, 1869-72; 
Rector of Gawsworth, 1872-80 ; of Spollbrth, 1880-87. 

Rev, the Hon. H, A . Stanhope, Ashe Warren, Overton, Hants, 
WTLtjy Archer Robert, son of the Rev. R Tawney, B.D. (Home-Boarder) 

Left East. 1860 ; Tea-plantor since 1866. 

A, R, Taumey, Esq., Trongmaia, Silcher, Cachar, India. 

ompson, Arthur, son of W. J. Thompson, Esq., Tooting, Surrey. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Bartw 1862 ; Merchant 

A. Thompson, Esq., Garlands, RedhiU^ Surrey. 

igett, Gtoorge Henry, son of the Rev. T. H. Tiagett, Awbridge Danes, 

Romsey. (Mr. Holmes') 

Worcester GoU. Ozf., 1866 ; J.P. for HantsL Died in 1881. 

lliamson, Cecil Hedworth, son of K. H. Williamson, Esq., Indian C.S. 


Gomet 6th Drsgoon Gtutrds, 1867 ; Qipt, 1871. 

Ison, John Alexander, son of F. Wilson, Esq., Stoneley HalL St. Neots. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

'ottesley, Walter Francis, son of the Hon. W. Wrottesley, F&rk House, 

Hampton Court (Dr. Vaughan's) 

Gh. Ch. Oxf., 1864 ; Glerk in Holy Orders. Died Feb. 16th, 1878. 

tragbton, Philip, son of P. Wroughton, Esq., Ibstone House, Tetsworth, 

Oxon. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 1864 ; Monitor, 1868-4 ; Gh. Gh. Ozl, B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1877 ; M.P. for Berks, 
1876-85; for N. Dir., 1885- ; J.P. and D.L. for Berks ; sometime MiJ. Rojal Berks 
Too. OST. 

P. Wroughton, Esq., M.P., WooHey Park, Wantage, Berks. 

BmtntBeet In SeptOBbcr 18M. 

iherst, Hon. Josceline George Herbert, son of the 2nd Earl Amherst 

Montreal,%venoaks. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mids. 1865 ; Grioket XI., 1864-5 ; FootbaU XL, 1868-6 ; Gh. Gb. Ozf. ; PriTate Sec to 
Gov. of Pyi, 1881-8 ; to Got. of W. Anstralia, 1885-9; Member of Lsgislatire Gonncil 
and of Coitral Board of Edaoation and Board of Immigration, W. Australia. 

Hon. J. G, H. Amherst, Holmesdale, Darlington, W, Australia. 

ien, Oeorge Henry Gkurdner, son of C. Arden, Esq., Exeter. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

iley, John Franklen, son of Mrs. Bailey, Easton Court, Tenbury. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Ensign 18th Regt., 1865 ; Uent., 1869 ; Capt, 187a 

:]rvnth, Herbert Edward, son of S. Beckwith, Esq., Fulwood Park, 

Liverpool. (Mr. Westcott's) 


Barger, Arthur Huti]i|r>i »on ^^ C. Berger, Esq., Lower Ckfiton. 

(Mr. OxeniiaiB s) 

C.C.C. Canib., a A. 1858 ; M. A. 1871 : Cante of W. Hmq, l«7»-7t ; Vtau of OolilMi. UCI-. 

Rfi\ A. //. lierger, Cohham Vicarage^ Qraremmi. 

Beyan, Wilfrid Arthur, son of K. C. L. Bevan, Esq., Lombard Street, 

H.C. (Mr. RcdM^ 

FartMr la the flnii <4 UarcUj, Itovao, Trittoo, RuMon, Boovark k Go., 

ir. .1. Bfran, E»tf,, 54, £>om&ar«< SItmI, £r.C. 

Burnett, Xmett Wildxnan, non of C. F. Burnett Eaq^ 1& Firk 

W. 0*r. Hayifirf* 

I.«ft Milk. IbOS; Cricket \I., 18«M; FooiIaII XI., 180S. 

E. W. linrHftt, E$ti., Park Houte, Rmgeley. 

Burton, AUMl Henry, hdu of A. Burton, EiM|., 64, Marina, St Leomid 

(Mr. Dmrf j 

Uft MiiU. ISfU. 

.4. //. Burton^ E$q., 18, ^fafuon Place, Queen^M Gaie^ S.W. 

Buxton, (3iarlet Louis, mu of Sir K. N. Buxton, 2nd Bart, Ck>lne U<» 

C'roiiur. (Mr. Huttn' 

Uft Eut. 1863 : Trio. Coll. Ciuiili., 1865-8 ; J.P. mmI CO. 

C L. Bfixtan, Emj., J, P., liolwick, MoTJiAaM, Nonmch, 

Clarke, John James Unwin, .^n of J. J. it. Clarke, Esq., 23, Honb 

Street, Kensington, W. (Mr. H. Watsos 

J. ./. CnuHti Clarke^ Esq., 44, Phiibeack Gardau^ W, 

Cook, Frederick Lucas^ ^on of Sir Francis Cook, Ist Bart, Doughtv H<m 

Hk-IhuoikI, Surrey. (Mr. Bradbgr 

Ijfft EiMt. 1S(V4 ; Meiiiber « if the flnii of Cunk, Son k Co.» LondoB ; D.L. of Louden. 

F. L. Couk\ KMtf., 24, Hytk Park Gardent, IF. 

Cowan, Walter Frederick James, son of Mrs. Cowan, Stratford-on-Avo 

(Mr. K U. VanghftB 

Retiml M«j. ; Inte Cniit. R«iyul Webb Fnnillen ; Mnrad In mooimI phaoioC AibuHil 
|ircaenl at AiiuMful itiul CuniiiAiKie, lueiLil and cIa^>, 1874. 

Crampton, Philip Cecil John, sun of the Hon. Mr. Justice Oampt 

St. Valerie, Hray, Co. Wicklow. (Mr. Westcot 

Died Sept. Tib. IhOO. 

Dalton, Charles Montague Cecil, son of Capt Dalton, Sleningford, Rip 

(Mr. Oxenhu 

Digby, Hon. Edward Henry Trafalgar, »on of the 9th Baron Dig 

M interne, l)orchester. (Mr. K H. Vaughai 

Uft Midji. IMU : EiitfiKU .iiitl Limit. Culdatreaiu Guards, 18M; Mnrod m Mvift 
Iniitructor, Aiij. iiiul Riv>n entul Adj. : sened In the SoAkln Ezpodition ; ncirt 
Lieut. -Col.. iKM'.i; llnii. CuL VnX Itutt. Diireet Rcgt. ; J.l*. for DoiMi ; M.P. 
IXtnet, 1S76-^J ; succeeded a* lOtb Iliiriin, Wr?J. 

Lord Digby, 3l>, Behjrare Squttre, S. W, 

Francklin, John Liell, son of J. Francklin, £s4j., Conalston Hall, Notta 

(Mr. Oxenhu 

n.N.C. Oxf. ; J.P. for Xuttii. ; Mi^. iind llun. Lieut. -Cnl. S. Nutta. Yeow Oar. 

J, L, FrancWui, E$q,y at abore. 

Fuller-Maitland, Robert, son of W. Fuller-Maitiand, Esq., Stansted Hot 

Bisliop Stortford. (Dr. Vau^ 

Left Dec. 1864 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf.. B.A. ISO-.*; .LP. for Euez. 1876. 

E, Fuller- Maitlaiid^ Esq,, Fhichampntead, Wokingham^ Berks, 

r. 186a] f CHARLES JOHN V A UGH AN. 267 

ddon, John Bobert Phdips, son of J. Qoodden, Esq., Compton House, 

Sherborne. (Mr. Afiddlemist's) 

Lrft MidL 1664 ; Shooting XI., 18e2-4 ; Trin. Ck>a Oxf., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1871 ; sometime 
4th Dn^oon Giuude ; J.P. and D.L. for Donwt ; J.P. for SomerMt ; Hish Sheriff of 
Donet, 1890 ; Col. oommanding Donet Yeo. Gar.. 1800. 

' J. R. P. GooddeUf Esq,f as above. 

B, Fnads Charles, son of the Hon. C. A. Gore, Wimbledon Common, 

S.W. (Mr. E. H. Vaughan's) 

Left Midi. 1868 ; Barrieter ; Reoorder of Canterbuy. 

F. a Gore, Esq., 46, EgerUm Gardens, 8,W. 

aves, Bichard Herbert, son of the Rev. R W. Greaves, Tooting 

Rectory, Surrey. (Home-Boarder) 

ikbloek, William Henry, son of J. Hackblock, Esq., Brookham 

Warren, Reigate. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left MidB. 1864 ; Trin. Ck>U. Oamb., 1864-7 ; Brewer at Norwich. 

W, H. Hackblock, Esq., Norvrich. 

m^, Lawrence James William, son of the Rev. J. McC. Hussey. 2, 

Claremont Place, Brixton, S.W. (Mr. Steers) 

Jrsley, Edward, son of E. T. Kearsley, Esq., Liverpool (Mr. Steel's) 
mlajf Thomas Harvey, brother of the above. (Mr. SteeFs) 

nson, John Arthur, son of J. Lainson, Esq. (Mr. H. W. Watson's) 

Left Deo. 1868 ; Monitor, 1868 ; Unir. GoU. Ozf., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1870 ; Mi^. Hampehixe 
and I. of W. Art. 

J. A. Lainson, Esq., Horringer House, Bury St. Edmunds. 

rett-Prinsep, Thomas, son of T. Levett-Frinsep, Esq., Oroxall Hal], 

Lichfield. (Mr. Holmes') 

Merton Coll. Ozf., 1868 ; J.P. for Coe. Derby, Warwick, and Stafford. 

T. Levett-Prinsep, Esq., J.P., as above. 

dselL Henry Kartin, son of CoL Lindsell, Fairfield, Biggleswade. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1865 ; Monitor, 1863-5 ; Head of the School, 1864-5 ; BaUiol Ooll. Ozf., 1865 ; 
Trin. Cull. Ozf., Bohol., 1866 ; 1 CI. Mod., 1867 : B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1872 ; Barrister, 1878 ; 
H.M. Inapector of Schoole, 1875 ; Ezaminer, Education Dept., 1876; Adrieing Oomuel 
to Education Dept., 1890 ; J.P. for Beda. 

H. M. Lindsell, Esq., J,P., as above. 

.eanlay, Joseph Babington, son of H W. Macaulay, Esq., HM. Com- 
missioner of Arbitration, Sierra Leone. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1861 ; member of Tarione local and other looietiee *, Oommiaioner of Tazes, 1890. 

J. B, Macaulay, Esq., 14, Adelphi Terrace, Paignton, S. Devon. 

kther, Gtoorge Ernest, son of J. P. Mather, Esq., BooUe Hall, Liverpool 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

K>re, John Graham Carrick, son of J. C. Moore, Esq., 8, Hyde Park 

Gate, S.W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Comet and Lient. Royal Horse Gnarda, 1806. Died Jul. 1890. 

ire, William John, son of D. Mure, Esq., M.P., 12, Ainslie Place, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mida. 1862 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1871 ; Adrooate. 

W. J. Mure, Esq., 39, Henot Row, Edinburgh. 
wton, Charles Edward Cadogpan, (Mr. Oxenham's) 

2<58 HA RRO W SCHOOL RE0I8TER, \ [Sbpt. 18S& 

Oakes, Alfred Erneit, son of IJeut-Col. R. M. Oakm, 


Ijeft in 1864 : uppoinled hr CoUmUl OfBoe Kn^nem- of tho Waterwnki of Ska Lmh 
187S ; " — WT' Culombian HTdnolic Uokl Miim Co., tAum 1881. 

A. E, OukeSy Esq.^ .}faljKuo^ near Ilonda^ Rfpubiie of 

A meriea, 

Oakes, Xontag^e Nevill, brother of the above. (taEome-Boaite) 

Left Dm. 1862; Ut« Junior Clerk. Mil. Dept.. War Offiot : wtorad Ahm Into oOnortfti 
A(iJ.-Gen. u teniiwmry Clerk, IM6S ; ettabliahed 1867 ; rtUrtd. on i^oi^iiiMlhii, Wk 

JA. JV. Oakfiij Enq,, The Elms, Chappel, HaUUad^ 

Ormerod, Oeorga Thomas Bailej, son of the Ven. Archdencon Onneroi 

]{edonluiIl Rectory, Harleston. (Mr. WestcottV) 

RalHoI Coll. Ozf.. RA. 1807: M.A. 1870; BanUter. 1870; oraAinei, 1872; Maud 
OKkridiie, GloooerterBhire. lH7H-it. 

Eer, G. T, B, Ormerod, Tildesley, LaneoMkire. 

Phillippe, Bobert, son of Col. Fhillipps, Bramford HaU, Ipswich. 

(Dr. Vangban's) 

Phipps, Herbert Oould, son of A. C. Fhippa, Esq., Whetstone, Shei>toD 

Mallet. (Dr. VaugLai's) 

Left Mitlii. 1864 ; Cricket XI., 1863-4 ; Football XI., 1862-4 ; MndiMii ia China. 

//. G, Phipjui, Etq,, FoochoWf Chineu 
Phipps, Walter Tudway, brother of the above. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

[.eft Mida. 1864; Cricket XI.. 1S04 ; FuotUlI XI., 180S-4; Cb. Cb. Oxf.. BJL 1«1: 
McrrbJint iir China. 

ir. T. Phippe^ Esq.f Shanghai, China, 

Pulteney, Bichard KaximiliaiL son of the Rev. R. T. P. Palteney, Ashley 

Rectory, ^larket Harlwrough. (Mr. Dnir)"*) 

Uft Mida. 1864 ; Enaifrn r>2nd L.I.. 1867 ; A^j.. I86'.)-74 : A^f. Oxf. MUitU. Ifr76^;ncini 
IHHO ; Joined Oxf. Militiu, l^<^<2 ; Invtnictur uf Mnaketry, I888<91 ; M^y. 4tb BtfL 
Oxf. L.!. 

Mcy. R. M, PuUtneify 16, Charing Crou^ S,W. 

Richardion, William. steiMon of the Rev. 11. G. Southwell, Great Limber. 

I'lceoy, LincohiHhire. (Mr. Dmry's) 

Left Mida. 186S; Cricket XI., iS6S. 

Somenrell, James, son of G. Somervell, £s(i., Som Oistle, Ayrshire. 

6fr. Readairs) 

lioft in 1S(» ; St. John's C*>11. Oxf. ; B.A.. Ma«d. HaU, ISCS; M.A. 1871 ; Banieur, 1^71: 
M.r. for Ayr liuTKhs, l^'tti-'.^'i ; J. P. for Ayrshire and Lanarkahira ; Mi^- »d B<«. 
Lieut.^Col. Aynhire Yeo. Cav. 

J, Somervell J Estj., im above. 

Stewart, Aubrey, son of the Rev. D. J. Stewart, Cambridge. 

(Mr. Middlemists) 

Monitor. 1862 ; Trin. C<ill. Ctnib., Scbul., Is60 ; B.A., lltb Claario, 1868 ; Fallow, l^sa 

Sweeting, Thomas Luther, son of R. Sweeting, Es^i., Harrow. 

(Uomc- Boarder) 

Thomas, Lavallin Robert Iltid. (>f r. Oxenham^s) 

Ew>i}ni SUtb Rogt., MiM ; I.icnt.. Imm. 

Vemey, Fredericls William, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir Harry Verne). 

2nd liart., M.P., Claydon House, Bucks. 

(Mr. Rendalls) 

I^ft in 1S61 : Ch. Ch. Oxf., U.A. IS*)?; M.A. 1876; ordained, 1870; DoBMatls ChqkLai 
Private Sec. to the ArclibLfhop uf York, 187S ; renounced Orden, 1874 ; Buiinv- 
l!<7r> ; English Sec. of Siameae Ijeuntiun : J. P. for Bucks ; C.C. of Bod 

F, \\\ Vfniey, Efq., J. P., G, Onslotc GardetiM, 8,W, 

CPT. ia59.] 



^alford, Verille Uffji^ son of A. Walford, Esq., 66, Lowndes Square, 

S.W. (Mr. Harris*) 

Left Deo. 1861 ; Lieat. R.A., 1886 ; Capi., 1877 ; M%j., 1884 ; Lient.-Col., 1889 ; CoL, 1894 ; 
p.i.e, ; Member of the OidnaDoe Ck>mmittee, 1890 ; aerved in the Egjrptian War, medal 
and Khedive's etar, 1882. 

Col Walfordy 1, Ashbum Place, S.W. 

lieeler, Herbert Rmnald, son of H. J. Wheeler, Esq., 27, Hyde Park 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Harris*) 

liite, Robert, son of CoL White, M.P., who was created Baron AnnJaly, 

1863, 19, Belgrave Square, S.W. (Mr. Drury*s) 

Monitor, 1868-4. IMed Mar. 8rd, 18M. 

_ • 

'ilflon, Christopher Wyndham, son of W. Wilson, Esq., High Park, 

Kendal. (Dr. Vaughan's) 

J.P., D.L., and CO. for Weetmoreland, High Sheriff, 1884 ; Lieut. -CoL Weitmoreland and 
Cumberland Yeo. Car. 

C, W. Wilson, Esq., Rigmaden^ Kirkby- Lonsdale. 


%u3b QVUute: 


(D.D., x865). 

JANUARY, 1890^MU)8UMMBB, 1886. 

BatnuMct 1b JaBsarjr 1 

Alexander-Shaw, William Ferdinand, son of Capt Alexander Shiw, 

Marlay, Rathfarnham, Dublin. (Mr. Steel's) 

Uk father dxopMd Um name of Shaw, 1876 ; J.P. for Go. Maafth ; Oaptk Fonip L«tai; 
Baooeeded nu onde aa 5th Bart., 1888. 

Sir William F. Alexander, BarL, Monkton Hou$e, RamtffoiB, 

Allix, Noel Charlea, son of F. W. Allix, Esq., Willoughby Hall, Grantham. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Left Dec. 1862 ; J.P. and D.L. for Lincolnahlie. 

N, C AlUx, Esq., as above. 

Barton, CSiarleB William, son of T. J. Barton, Esq., Glendalougb House, 

Greystones, Co. Wicklow. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1865 ; J.P. for Go. Wicklow, High Sheriff, 1882. Died Oct. Sid, 1890. 

Blyth, Alfred Ernest, son of P. Blyth, Esq., 53, Wimpole Street, W. 

(Mr. Hams') 

Bovill, William Ohannell, son of W. Bovill, Esq., Q.C., M.P., Worplesdcm 

Lodge, Guildford. (Mr. iWs) 

Bradshaw, Arthur Hibbert, son of J. Bradsbaw, Esq., Knowle, Guildford. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Merchant in Manchester and London. INed about 1888. 

Creagh, Charles Douglas Beresford, son of Maj. 0. B. Greagh, Oaktree 

Cottage, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Enaign 96th Regt, 1861 ; Lieut, 1867. 

(hichton, Andrew Kaitland KakgiU, son of D. M. M. Crichton, Esq., 

28, Moray Place, Edinburgh. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left East. 1863 ; H.M. Givil Service. 

A. M, J/. OrichtoH, Esq,, 17a, Great Cumberland Place, W, 

Cross, Herbert, son of T. Cross, Esq., Armatbwaite HaU, Cockermouth. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dea 1864 ; Exeter Goll. Oxf., B.A. 1869 ; M.A. 1S78 ; J.P. for Goa. Uucaater a^ 
Hertford ; Herts G.G. ; sometime Major in Duke of Lancnster'a Own Yeo. Cav. ; M*'' 
for Bolton since 1835 ; has assumed the additional surname of Shepherd. 

//. Shepherd- Cross, Esq,, M.F., IlameVs Park, Buntingford. 

Crossman, Joseph Gilchrist, son of R. Grossman, Esq., ChigwellBow, 

Essex. (Mr. Steel's) 

Davies, Robert Cradock, son of R. C. Davies, Esq., EpsouL (Mr. Steel's) 

Ensign 60th Rifles, 1865 : Lieut., 1868 ; Capt., 1877 ; Maj, ; Reserve of Officers sod Hoc 
Lleut.-Gol. ; served in Red River EziiediUon, 1870. 

K^ickin. George Lloyd, wn of J. Dickin, Esq., Moreton Hal), Shrewsbury. 

(Mr. Holmoa') 

Ch. Cli, Oi(, ; J.F. (or Cn, Dmblgb : •urDOlluio dipt. RomiI Dviblfli ud HarioniUi RIBel 

G. L. Dickin, Etq., TyndiB/r. Llangolten. 

M^rujomoni, Ualcolm Ht^h, son of H. Drummond, Eaq., Denham Fishery. 

Uxbridge. (Mr. SteeFs) 

^■IwardB, Charles Carteret, son of T. Edwards, Esq., Harrow. 

^H (Home-Boarder) 

^H Lifl EKc. IMi; BUTiiUr. IST^l PriviU Sea (o Ro^ CommiHioD to DUDioad Floldi. 

^^L & Atrlc». MD ; Hrrol Id Stmdan CuDinign, DiuUl uid Kh>dWc'> (Ui, IbU ; PrlrnU 

^^^^ Sec, u. &irl FituwlUUni : Mi^J. nod Lliut.-Cal. N'orthaiubgiluid Ait. Udltlm. 

^^H Col. C. 0. Kdwardi, Wentwortfi Woodhouef, Hotherham. 

^^^■rards, Oeori^e Arthlir, brother of the above. (Uome-Boarder) 

^^^m Lid Den. tse3 ; eiJinetiis* en tiie Slock B»b«s» ; tnbiequwUi louli ■ Una in Qaeuuliuul, 
^^^P Killed iihlle iLdlng in ■ iteci'lndiuii, Mtj IS78. 

^^■tot, Frederick Aii^BtiiB Hugh, son of E. F. Elliot, Esq., Chief 

^^F Jlagistrate ofliladras. (Mr. Bradby'a) 

^^■_ Len Dec. ISDS : Bulllol Ci>Il, Oil., l«iM: antcnd Indlu C.B., ISTO: Tutoi uid Got., med 

^^B JaUr. iiclUiw]aa>l-rUIfae^iiski»ior Buiidi:^.!.)!.. 1»M. 

^^m F. A. II. Eliiott, Esq., CLE; Barotki, India. 

^^■Hot, Gilbert Ersidiie Hugh, brother of the above. (Uome-Boarder) 

^^^H Ixn Midi. IM4; tone ToiMiinl Ld N'ew ZMlud. DiHlOct. Kb, ISSS. 

^^BMrion, John, son of Mrs. Emerson, 70, Hamilton Terrace, N.W. 
^^V^ (Mr. Oxenham'sJ 

^HMrfleld, Edward Denay, son of Capt, C. U. Fairfield. V.L., J.P. 
^H (Mr. Butler's) 

^^M Clerk Id CiilDubLj 01B», 19M : Ueul uf the Fanrth DiT. ColoDinJ QBm; C.H.G., 1«S&-, 

^^M Aat. Unlei Sto. uf Suie rni ibe O-loDlei, ISK. 

^H ir. D. Fairjitld. E»q., C.^I.G.^Qi, South Ealon Place, S.W. 

^HuwiGk, John Charlee Jamee, son of J. T. Feuwick, Esq., M.D., Chilton 
^■^ Hall, Ferry Hill, Durham. (Mr. Drury'a) 

^^1 L(ftKld>.lM):TriD. OdU. Ounb. B.A. 1M«: M.A. uvl H.E !S7(I; M.U. 1ET3; PfaralDiui 

^^H M DnibniD Cmint; SmpitiJ : J.F. tot Co. Dnrbuo. 

^^B J. 0. J. Faiuiiok, Eiq., M.D., Long Framlmgton, 3forpeth. 

^Hbsal, Conrad WiUiam CnrlinK, son of C. W. Fiiuel, Esq., aevedon, 

^H Somerset. (Mr. Westcott'sJ 

^^B B.K.C. OkT., IHSi: Ci>rMtBi»ua»7a, IM^-. B.A., Kod Doll., ISS3; M.A. ISM; onUltwl, 

^^B Mt : Vlmr Bt WoairudLnoRh;. liSfy* ; ot Stoktobun, IHS. 

^^M Rtr. C. W. C. Flnul, Stokaihaia Vieaiage, Kingtbridge, S. Dtoon. 
^^piue], G«OT^ Henry, brother of the above. (Mr. Weetcott's) 

^^F Left Dec. W4. 

^^K G. II. Fiiuel, Etq., JUoortoton, Horrabridge, Dtvon. 

^HDea, JLvrrj Francis, son of A. Giles, Ehi., M.P., The Oaks, Wimbledon 

^■^ Park. Surrey. (Mr. Steel's) 

^^B Un Dk. Iwi: ; It.A. Ouuli. ism : M.A. 1)114 : OiU Eiiglnaii. 

^H //. F. Gilf>, Eiq., Ridgiiumt If-mte, Si. Albant. 

^H^neiL Frederick, son of F. Green, Ksq., S8, Prince's Gardens, S.W. 
^■^ (Mr. Harris') 

^^^ L^ Eut. IM! ; Firloei Id the flnn n( ¥. Oneo ti Ca.. Ebti»i*nen ; J.F. rut Ehbx. 

^^H F. Green, Eiq., IlainauU Lodge, Hainault, Ersex^ 

^^pbug, Eenry Geofirey, son of Mni. Uaig, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

^^Hay, Charles Douglas, son of >[a.i.-Geii. Hay. H^the. (Mr. Butler's) 

^ Ki»Lh-n 7-lLi, Ulghluudeii, IMIi; LlDut.. li^7. 


Hay-Oordon, Adam, Hon of A. Hay-Gordon, Esq., 8S, Rntbiid SqvR, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Wertoott'ij 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. and 8.C.L. 1871 ; M.A. 1878 ; J.P. uid D.L. for Oo. Buff; J.P.foCb. 

A. Hay-Gordtm^ Eaq., J.P,, Jlajftn Houm^ ArfUmoy, N.B, 

Henshaw, Clinton Fraier, son of F. R Uenahaw, Esq., 106, WestboonK 

Terrace, W. (Mr. Dmf^ 

Left MiiU. IHAS ; Mitered tho Rifle UrifpMie, 18&5 ; ratlrad, 1861 

Ckipt C\ F. Ilfnuhaic, Army ami Nary Clnb^ S. W. 

Henrtley, Charles Abel, Hon of the Rev. Canon Heortley, D.D., C!h. Ci 

Oxon. (Mr. £. H. Van^'i) 

Left l»ec. IS48 ; Oriel Ci>ll. Oxf.. li.A. 1W9 : M.A. 1871 : Vioftrof flkirbuB, Oasa, 117^1: 
of AehingtoD, Hoanz, 1878 ; held Taiiooa Canckt, 1806-74. 

Rev, C ^'1. HenrtUtf, AshirufioH Rectory^ Pulbortmg^ Suitex. 

Hornby, John Frederic, son of J. Hornby, flsq., S^ Devonahire Tenae^ 

Hyde IVirk, \V. (Mr. Dnny'4 

Ufl EMt. \S6i : Eniiim 77th Refit., 18M ; OkpL iSth Luom, 1875 ; lJmL4kL wtta&L 

Cd, J, F, Hornby, CUwfr Lodge, WimUor, 

Hunt, Walter Freeman, Bon of J. Hunt, Esq., Mimpore, India. 


l^ft Mida. 1864; Trin. Coll. CaniK. B.A. 1887; M.A. 1871; Buiiatar. 18«; J.?, fa 


W, F, Hunt, £•</., Sedfffford HaU, Kmg'$ l^mm. 

James, Walter, son of E. Jameis Esq., Holeyn Hall, NorthomberlaDd. 

(Mr. Middkmis^s) 

Jee, Edward Alfred, Hon of Mrs. Jee, 2, Oxford Square, W. (Mr. Botkr's) 

Cornet 5th Dxafpion Ooanle, 1))M ; Old., liiTS. 

Lewis, William Arnold, son of \V. D. Le^is, Esq., 1, Kensington Squre. 

W. (Mt. RcDdaU s) 

UnrriMer; im nctire member cif the EntoniolofrioU Bocietj. Kiltod aarfdiMlBl^ MV 
Monte Rom, and hnried in the Engliah Churchyard at Zannati, 1874. 

Longman, Frederick William, son of W. Ix>ngman, Esq., Fsiemoste 

Row, E.C. (Mr. Hairb) 

l.«ft Mida. 1864 ; Monitor, 186S-4 ; OaUiol Coll. t)xf., 1 a. Mod., 1806 ; kit, la ooh^mm 
of a aeriona accident, without taking a degree, 1868. 

F. \V, Longman^ E*q,, yexcfUg, Horaham, Swrrty. 

Merryweather, John Hnggens, son of J. Merryweather, Esq., 57, Low 

Brook Street, W. (Mr. Famr'i) 

Montgomery, Arthur Samuel Law, son of Sir Robert Montgomerr, 

K.C.B., G.C.S.I., Lahore, India. (Mr. Bendsn's) 

Ijoft Miiln. 1S64 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf. I>lc4 Ai-r. IStb. 1866 

Parker, Edward, son of T. G. l^ker, Esq., Browsholme UalL Clitheroc 

(Mr. Butler's) 

J.F. for Lancashire. 

E, Parker, Esq., J. P., ii» ahore. 

Roberts, Allan Scott, son of A. A. Ro1>ert8, 'Emi, Commissioner of Lshoie, 

India. (Home-Bosider) 

I^t Eaat. IK60; I Jent.-CiJ., Gen'^nt! I.iat Infiuitry, llengal; Dtp. Oominl«loa« Pa^fik 

Lieut'Col. A . ^)\ RohertH, Jallandar, Pwyah^ ImUa* 

St Leger, Arthur Hayes Francis, son of C. A. St Leger, Esq., Harrov. 

A. H, F, St. Letjer, Esij., I, Victoria Square, 8,W, 

Shilleto, Edward Richard, son of the Rev. R. Shilleta Oambndga 

(Mr. Botkr'i) 


SmiUi, Fredflriek William, son of G. F. Smith, Esq., 14, Upper Finchley 

Road, N.W. (Mr. Harris^) 

Grkk^ XI., 1864. 

Smifh, William Whitmore, son of Gen. Smith, C.B., Prospect Place, 

Waltham. (Mr. Harris') 

Lift Midi. ISeS ; UmA. RJL, 1867 ; Gapt., 1878 ; MaJ. R.H.A., 1884. 

Mqj. W. W. SmUh, R.H^., ejo Messrs, Cox db Co., 16, Charing Qross, S.W. 

Tajlor, William Western, son bf W. T. Taylor, Esq., Combe Hay, Bath. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

liMigii Srth lUgt, 1868 ; Lieat, 1865 ; Capt., 1867 ; Mi^m IS^lj Lient-Col., 1882 ; Reserve 
of Offlcenand Hon. CoL, 1886; serred in the Egyptian War, present at Tel-el-Kebir, 
BrtT. of LSflnt.-CoL, medal with olaip, and Khedive s star, 1882. 

Tipping, John Walker, son of W. Tipping, Esq., M.P., Brasted Park, 

Sevenoaks. (Mr. Butler's) 

Lift Midi. 1864 : Trin. CoU. Gamb., 1864. Died about 1875. 

Tamer, Charles William, son of C. Turner, Esq., M.P., Dingle Head, 

liverpooL (Mr. Kendall's) 

Trin. Coll. Ounb., B.A. 1868 ; Barrister, 1870. Died about 1885. 

▼anghan, Edward Hensman, son of the Rev. E. P. Yaughan, Wraxall, 

Bristol (Mr. Kendall's) 

IlMdbm llthRflgt., 1865 ; Lieat., 1868 ; Capt, 1878 ; Adj. 1st Devon MUitia, 1880 ; retired 
Hod. LSmU-Gol., Reserve of Offioers, and Brigade Mi^. W. Counties R.V. Brigade, 1888. 

Lieut.-Col E. H. Vaughan, Bath. 

Walker, Edward Lake, son of E. L. Walker, Esq., 71, Oxford Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 
E. L, Walker, Esq,, 29, Prince's GaU, S,W. 

Webb, Edward Karoh, son of K B. Webb, Esq., Z, Northwick Villas, 

Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Terke, Beginald Lucas, son of the Rev. C. I. Yorke, Shenfield, Essex. 

(Mr Kendall's) 

Trin. Coll. Oamb., 1864. Killed in the hunting field, 1872. 

BBtrmBcei 1b Febrvarj isee. 

Bslftmr, Blajney Beynell Townley, son of B. T. Balfour, Esa., Townley 

Hall, Drogheda, Ireland. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Lrfl Mlda. I860; Trin. Coll. Oamb., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1874 ; J.P. and D.L. for Go. Louth, 
High Shmriff, 1885 ; J.P. for Co. Heath. 

B. R, T, Balfour, Esq., J.P., as abof?e. 

JOUL Balph Bfoel Bence, son of Dr. Bence Jones, 31, Lower Brook Street, 

W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Orial OolL Ozf., 1864. Died 

BBtnuicei Im April ISSS. 

AfUnson, Bichard, son of J. Atkinson, Esq., Winderwath, Temple 

Sowerby, Westmoreland. (Mr. Bradby's) 

in the River Cam, 1867. 

Betts, William Hammond, son of W. Betts, Esq., Erskine House, Hamp- 

stead. (Mr. Steers) 

Bhrfh* James, son of H. D. Blyth, Esq., 24, Gloucester Place, Portman 
^ Square, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Bolitho, John Borlase, son of T. S. Bolitho, Esq., Penzance. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

iXOolLOlf., 1864. Died Aug. 20th, 1876. 



Borrer, William, son of W. Borrer, Esq., Cowfold, Horsham. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

J.P. for Soaex. 

W, Borrer y Eiq.^ a$ above, 

Browne, Ernest Alfired, son of O. Browne, Esq., The Greenway, Chelten- 
ham. (Mr. Rendairs) 

Trio. Coll. Gftmb.. a A. 1809 ; ll.A. 1878 ; Cnimto of Hontptonoint, 1871-8 ; of York Towd, 
Hants, 1879-0 ; of St. Maigarvt's, Westmij)«ter, 1881-6 ; of Stoke Bishop, 1800. 

Rev. E. A. Browne, CheUfield, Stoke Bishop, Brirtol. 

Buchanan, Michael Bowand Gray, son of T. G. Buchanan, Esq., Wellshot 

House, Camboslang, N.B. (Mr. Harris') 

Left East. 1868 ; lli^. 4th Batt. Scottish Rifles. 

Maj, M, R, O, Buchanan, at above. 

Burnett, Henry Wingfield, son of J. R. F. Burnett, Esq., Yauzhall, Surrey. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Dec. 1862 ; sometiiue io the Rojal ArtiUeij. Died of cholera at Loonee, India, Not. 

Cater, Howell Paget, son of J. W. Cater, Esq., West Lodge, Bamet 

(Mr. Buirs) 

Left East. 1868 ; Mechanical Engineer. Died at Harrow, Ang. 11th, 1808. 

Currey, Chetwode Hamilton, son of F. E. Currey, Esq., Ldsmore Castle, 

lismore, Ireland. (Mr. Harris') 

Shooting XL, 1806. 

Deedes, Brook, son of W. Deedes, Esq., M.F., Sandling Ftok, Hythe, Kent. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 1865 ; Monitor. 1862-5 ; Junior Student at Ch. Ch. Ozf.. 1865-70 ; B.A. 1869 ; 
M.A. 1872 ; Curate of St. Mary's, Golden Lane. 1871-6 ; InoamDoit of St. Crispin's, 
BemiondseT, 1875-6; ChapL Bcoigal Ecc Est., 1877 ; Dom. ChapL to Bp. of Calcntu, 
1877-82 anil 188S-4 ; Chapl. of Allahabad, 1882-8 and 1885 ; Aichd. of Ln<^ow, 1892. 

Fieri. B. Deedes, Clergy House, Allahabad, India, 

Fisher, Clement Ireby, son of the Rev. G. H. Fisher, Bentley Hall, Walsall, 

Stafford. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

C. I. Fisher, Esq., as above. 

Oatacre, Thomas Stephen, son of E. li. Gatacre, Esq., Gatacre. Bridg- 
north, Shropshire. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Gibbon, Nicholas Aspinall, son of E. Gibbon, Esq., Rose Hill, Gatacre, 

Liverpool. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Lient. 4th Royal Lancashiiv Militia. Died May 24th, 1876. 

Godfrey, Joseph Wallace, son of J. S. Godfrey, Esq., 10, Gloucester 

Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Goldney, John Tankerville, son of Sir G. Goldney, 1st Bart, Beechfield, 

Chippenham. (Mr. Drury's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Barrister, 1869 ; Attomey-Oen., Leeward Islands, 1880 ; Acting Chief 
Justice, 1881 ; Jndge of the Sopreme Gonrt. Straits Settlements, 1887 ; appointed Chief 
Justice of Trinidad, and created a Knight Bachelor, 1892. 

Sir John T. Goldney, Trinidad. 

Hadow, Douglas Bobert, son of P. D. Hadow, Esq., 49, York Terrace, 

Regent's Park, N.W. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Killed in the first ascent of the Matterhom, Jul. 14th, 1866. 

Ibbetson, Charles ViUiers, son of Col. Ibbetson, 4, Onslow Souare. S.W. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Ensign 64th Begt, 1866 ; Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards, 1876. 

Joy, Archibald Edward, son of W. B. Joy, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Merton CoU. Oxf., B.A., 1869 ; Barrister. 

A. E. Joy, Esq., The Red Lodge, Palace Courts W. 


Knox, Eul)ert Thomas, son 

Lasgford, George Edward, s 

of Col. C. N. Knox, Cranmore, Ballinrobe, 
(Mr. Bradby'a) 
n of J. W. Langford. Eeq.. H.E I.C.8. 
■ (Mr, Weateott's) 

^B Urtlo IMS; BDilgnlMfa Fool Itagt., 1MB : Cai-t., ISJS^ pMrnuIet, A.F.D., 1878; M«l., 

^B I8tu ; Stuff PajinutH, IMS ; httkI la lbs Hunn OninpOgB. IM« ; »atAt.\ ud olup. 

V Major G. E. Langford, Horfield Barraekit, BrUlol. 

lA Touche, Robert Percy O'Connor, son of J. La Toutlie, Esq.. Harris- 
town, Newbridge, Kildare. (Mr. Butler's) 

Lomax, Robert Ernest, hod of Mrs. Lomai, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Sl).ifllii.({ XI., iWl; Tiln. t'ull, Ooib., n,A. 1B70; M.A. 197S; Coral* of St. PiolV 
Pbu«.™. 1x71-6; of FnuiClSIt. Dl«4 

Kaoqneen, Donald Robert Dick, son of Lieut. -Col. Macqueeii, Bangalore, 
India. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Eiul^ Trplli Rvl , 1M3 : Lienl., 1907. 

Kathewg, Edmund FfarinTton, sou of J. H. Mathews, Esq., 1, Essex 
Court, Temple, E.C. (Mr. Oienharo's) 

Miller, Thomas Horrocks, aon of T. Miller, Esq., Winkley Square. 
Preston. (Mr. Farrar's) 

MiBotmlnrtr nt PrMtoo ; J. p. for LmobjMib, 
T. II. MiiUr, Etq., J.P., Singleton Park, Findton-le-Ftflde, Prt»ton. 
XotEat, Jame>, son of Maj. Moffat, 36, Craven Hill Gardens, W. 

(Mr. StOBl's) 
Parker, Alfred HalloweU, son of W. Parker. Eao,, Ware Park, 
HerU "" ' "^ 

Trin, Cell. CiiuK. B.A. Dlnl Apr, SSnd, 1870. 

Pmrr, Alfred Arthur Chase, son of Gen. Parr, Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

OuM U.S.. ISKt ; Lienl., 18711 1 Cipt., 1837 i abulnsd BKntan TmluiiniiiU alttn br tlM 
Ltn^ of ibe AdjnltaltT tot voMVMful ttndt. ISTl ; mnnlwr <jtf &ii Gottiva Num' AtvtlA 
Ei|Hdili<Hi on bHud ti.U.B. Mirl. mabJ. lSIC-«: CBmmuidsi uf K.M.S. InmuUnI 
dminii tbi EgjftliiB W>', msAal, 3id dIsh Hidjidla mud lib<din'> itiu, ISKI. 

rr, Charlea ChBae, brother of the above. (Home- Boarder) 

B«id, Harrie Archbold, son of John Reid, Esq. (Mr. Prury's) 

.Ifaj. n. A. Rfvl, Ilk {Queen'$ Own) BuKtari. 

tberts, Sidney Archibald, son of A. A. Bobertti, Esq., Commissioner of 
I^liore, India, (Home-Boarder) 

Lafl ID IBCO ; tuMTgd R.N. 19(11 '. mind u Uml., IBTI, 
S. A. Roberlt. E»q., Milt Hilt, Bamn Common. S.W. 
BHU, HiMTiB Richard, son of R. Russell, Esq., The Crescent, Limerick. 
(Mr. Steel's) 
Trin. O.JI.Omib.. B.A. ists. Died 
laderi, Walter Charles, son of S. Saunders, Es*]., Alexandrin, Egyjit. 
(Mr. Steel's) 

UR MldL ISO!? : rMekct XI., IBOl Dlpd on puagB la AiutnliA. Sor. 3nl, ISOT. 

Stilwell, Artbu FiimiB, son of A. Stilwell, Esq., M.D., Hillingdon. 
llxbridge. (Mr. Hturia') 

uftuidi. im;. 

.-(. r. SHhnell, Egg.. Itoct/orti, Eaiei: 
tow, Hontague Easlam, son of W. F. Stow. Esq., Bed Hall, Roundhay, 
,r Leeds, (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Cb|jI. IMMl; FoulUn XI., IMB; 

Ware Park, Ware, 
(Mr. A. Watson's) 

IBM : filB. OalL OHuti. 

B.Staa, Etq., 12, MarfJUH Oardtm, Uamjitlrad, N.W. 


Stuart, John WindBor, son of H. Stuart, Esq., Newton Stewart, Wigtown- 

snire. (Mr. Mutton's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Trio. Coll. Camb., RA. 1868 ; Factor for the llarqnaM of Bate ; J.P. for 
Buteahire, 1882; Limit. .Col. lit AtgjU and Bute VoL Art., 1898. 

J. W, Stewart y Esq,, Foley Hoi^se, Rothesay^ N.B, 

Thompson, George Brodie, son of S. H. Thompson, £sq^ Thingwall, 

Lancashire. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Monitor, 1864.5 ; Trin. CoU. Oamb., RA. 1870 ; Barriater. 

O. B. Thompion, Esq,, Lymwood^ SwrninghiU^ Berks. 

Trevor, Alfred Charles, son of C. Trevor, Esq., 18, Norfolk Oescent, W. 

(Mr. A. Watson's) 

Left Dec 186S ; Ciril Serrioe, Inlaod RerentM Dm< ; PriTate Sea to Sir W. H. StephenaoD. 
K.C.a, 1876-7 ; to Sir Cbarlea Uerriea, K.C.B., 1877.81 ; Committee Clerk to Boanl, 1SS7. 

A. C, Trevor^ Esq,y Oakside, Harrow, 

ViUiers, Hon. George Patrick Kfde, son of the 4th Earl of Clarendon, 

The Grove, Watford. (Mr. Vajighau's) 

Knaign and Lient Grenadier Gnarda, 1867 ; Lieat. and Capt., 1870 ; Capt and Lieut .Col., 
p,M,, 1877 ; MiUtary Attach^ at St. Peteraburg, 1880. Dledl in 1881 

Wallroth, Frederick Anthony, son of C. W. H. WaUroth, Esq., Manor 

Cottage, Lee, Kent. (Mr. H. W. Watson's) 

Left Mida. 1865 ; BJf.C. 0zf.« 1 Math. Mod., 1867; 1 Math., 1860 ; B.A. 1870; M.A. 1872 ; 
Barriaier, 1872. 

F. A. WaUrothy Esq., Sunln^ry Lodge^ Sunkury-onrThames. 

Watts, Edward Hanslope. son of W. Watts, Esq., Hanslope Park, Stony 

Strattprd. (Mr. Drury'a) 

Left Mida. 1860 ; Trin. CoU. Camb. ; J.P. for Bncka and Northanta. 

E. JET. WattSf Esq.f J. P., as above. 

Weher, Charles Lewis, son of C. F. Weber, Esq., Craven Bill Gardens, W^. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Merchant. 

C. L, Weber, Esq,, Bombay Club, Bombay. 

Wright, Philip, son of F. Wright, Esq.. Osmaston Manor, Derby. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left BaaL 1864 ; J.P. for Ooa. Derbj, Salop, and Montgomery ; High BherifT of Montgomery- 
ahire, 1884. 

P. Wright, Esq., J,P., WellingUm HaU, Churchstoke, Montgomery sTUre. 

BBtraseet 1b Haj ISiS. 

Bogle, John, son of J. Bogle, Esq., Woodside, Torquay. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Caledon, James Alexander, Earl of son of the ^ Earl of (Jaledon, Co. 

Tyrone, Ireland. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1864 ; Comet lat Lifb Gnarda, 1867 ; aanred in EgrpUan War, 
medal with olaap and KbediTo'a bitmae atar, 1882 : Reaenre of Oflloera, and Hon. M^. 
4th Batt. Royal Inniakilling Fnailien; aacoeeded aa 4th Barl, 1855; Bepreaentatiye 
Peer for Ireland, 1877. 

The Earl of OaUdon, as above. 

Dauhuz, William Basil, son of Rev. J. Daubuz, Killiow, Truro. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Died at Harrow, Not. 15th, 186a 

D'Oyly, Henry Edward Montagu, son of Mrs. D'Oyly, 96, Eaton Square, 

S.W. (Mr. Holmes') 

Evans, Elystan Eyre, son of E. Evans, Esq., Spy Hill, Queenstown. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Exeter ColL Oxf., aA. 1860 ; Student of the Inner Temple, 1866 ; J.P. for Co. Limerick. 

Skpt. laeaj henry montaou butler. 211 

FlUkei, Sir William Hovel Browne, Bart, son of M. W. B. Ffolkes, 

Esq. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Ltfi Midi. 1886 ; FootbaU XL, 1864.6 ; Trio. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1869 ; M.A. 1872 ; M.P. for 
KiiM^t LiTBii, 1880-92 ; aaooeeded hia grandfather as 8rd Bart, 1860 ; J. P. and D.L. for 
Noifolk, Higb SbMiff, 1876. 

Sir WiUiam Ffolkes, Bart,, HilUngton Hall, King's Lynn. 

FeUumi, Henry FraaciB, son of the Hon. and Rt. Rev. J. T. Felham, Lord 

Biuiop of Norwich. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Lafi Dm. 1864 ; Monitor, 1862-4 ; Trin. Coa Oxf., BchoL, 1866 ; 1 GL Mod. 1866, B.A., 1 CL. 
1869; M.A. 1872; Fellow of Bxet«r CoU., 1869 ; English Essay, 1870; Senior Proctor. 
1879 ; Baader in Andsnt Hist., 1887 ; Camden Prof, in Ancient Hist., 1899 ; Fellow of 
B.N.C., 1890 ; F. Soo. Antiquaries, 1889 ; Goremor of Harrow School ; Cuntor of the 
Bodlaiaa Lihicaiy, Ozf., 1882. 

Profeuor H, F, PtHham, 20, Bradmore Road, Oxford, 

BBtrmce ta J«me I8ie» 

James, Emeet Cnfhbert Tector, son of Sir H. James, Ordnance House, 

Southampton. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Snaign 87th Rsgt, 1866. 

BAtraBCM iB September I8ie» 

Badeoek, Francis William, son of H. Badcock, Esq., Wheatleigh, Taunton, 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

.Bfillinghain, Alan Henrr, son of Sir Alan E. Bellingham, 3rd Bart., 

Castle Bellingham, Louth, Ireland. (Mr. Hayward's) 

Ixaler CoU. Ozf., B.A. and 8.aL., 1869 : M.A. 1878 ; Barrister, 1875 ; formerly Capt. 6th 
Batt. Irish Biiles ; Private Chamherlain to Pope Leo XIII. ; M.P. for Loath, 1880-65 ; 
Gomminioner of Nat. Bdncation in Ireland, 1890 ; J.P. and D.L. ; snoceeded ss 4th 
Bart., 1889. 

Sir Alan H, BelUngham, Bart., as above. 

Bridgeman, Hon. Oerald Orlando Manners, son of Viscount Newport, 

M.P., afterwards 3rd Earl of Bradford, 30, Wilton 
Oescent, S W. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

FoothaU XI., 1866 ; Trin. Coa Camb. Died Apr. 4th, 1870. 

Brown, James Camac, son of R Brown, Esq., M.D., Eivemell House, 

Lymington. (Mr. Butler's) 

Browne, Alexander Henry, son of Maj. Browne, 17, Framlington Place* 

Newcastle-on-Tyne. (^Ir. Butler's) 

J.P. for Noxthmnbarland ; sometime Capt. Northumberland L.I. Militia. 
A. H, Browne, Esq., Ckdlaly Castle, Northumberland, 

Bailer, CSiarles Francis, son of Sir A. W. Buller, M.F., Reform Club, S.W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Cridtat XI., 1861-4 ; Ospt., 1864 ; Comet and Bub-Lient. 2nd Life Qoards, 1866. 

Byrom, Bdmnnd Henry Knox, son of H. Byrom, Esq., Byrom House' 

Bath. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mids. 1866; Gains Coll. Camb. 

CSardwell, Tliomas Holme, son of T. Cardwell, Esq., 8, tipper Hyde Park 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Oh. Oh. Ozf., B.A. 1870 ; Barrister, 1872. 

Carlyon, Arthnr Lawrence, son of J. Carlyon, Esq., Truro. (Mr. Drury's) 

L«A SssL 1S68. 

278 ff ARROW SCHOOL REGISTER. [Sept. 1860. 

Chambers, Bobert Oeom, son of Q. W. Chambers, Esq., Clough House, 

Rotaerham. (Mr. Harris*) 

Left in 1866 ; FootbaU XI., 1884 ; Joioed 1st W. York Tao. Oat., 1885 ; J.P. for W. Riding, 

R, O, Chambers, Esq,, J.P,, as abws. 

Chnrchill, Augustus Shapard, son of S. Churchill, Esq., Streatham, 

Surrey. (Mr. SteeFs) 

L«ft Dm. 1888; WoitMtter Coll. Oxf. 1888. 

A, S. Churchill, Esq,, 63, QweiCs Gardens^ W. 

Craig, Richard Forsstaen, son of R D. Craig, Esq., Q.C., 20, Old Square, 

lincoba's Inn, W.C. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Critchett, George Anderson, son of G. Critchett, Esq., 46, Finsbury Square, 

RC. (Mr. RendaU 8) 

Left Ea«t 1888; Cains Coll. Camb.. B.A., 1888; M.A. 1878; M.R.C.P. Eng., 1872; F. 
R.C.8. Eng., 1880 ; Sanior Ophthalmlo Buigwn to St. Maxy't HoipitaL 

G, A. OriteheU, Esq,, 21, Barley Strut, W, 

Crosse, Arthur Thurstan, son of T. R Crosse, Esq., Shaw Hill, Chorley, 

Lancashire. (Mr. Harris') 

Eoaign 87th Ragi., 1886 ; Capi. 62iid Ozfordahir« L.I., 1871. 

Daniell, Philip, son of J. N. Daniell, Esq., 19, Norfolk Crescent W. 

(Mir. Butler's) 


De Morgan, Jocelyn Augustus, son of Q. De Morgan, Esq., Harrow. 


Trin. Coll. Oamb., BJL 1871 ; Barrifltcr, 187S. 

J, A, De Morgan, Esq,, 17, Scarsdale Villas, Kensington, W, 
De Morgan, Sydney Aylmer, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Digby, B^finald, son of the Hon. and Rev. K. H. Digby, Tittleshall 

Rectory, Norfolk. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Loft Mida. 1888 ; Monitor, 1884.8 ; Criok«t XL, 1888 ; New CoU. Ozf^ B.A. 1870 ; O.U. 
Crioket XL, 1887.8; AgMt over tlio Irish aatatw of the prsMOt Lord Digby, 1871 ; 
J.P. for King's Co., 1871. 

i?. Dighf Esq., J,P., Geashill Castle, King's Co,, Irekand. 

Eaton, William Cheetham, son of R Eaton, Esq., The Bark, Notts. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Msgd. ColL Ozf., B.A. and M.A. 1872. 

Egerton, Charles Augustus, son of E. C. Egerton, Esq., M.F., Mountfield 

Court, Hiu^t Green, Sussex. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1884 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf., RA. 1870 ; J.P. and D.U for Sossex ; M.F.H. East Sussex. 

C, A, EgerUm, Esq., J.P,, Mountfield, Robertsbridge^ Sussex. 

Evetts, William, son of W. Evetts, Esq., Tackley Park, Oxon. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Deo. 1886; Cricket XL, 1884^; FboibaU XL, 1886; B.N.C. Oxf., RA. 1870; M.A. 
1874 : 0.T7. Criokei XI., 1888-9 ; Managing Director of a Limited Co., and engased in 

W, Evetts, Esq,, as above, 

Fennell, Jocelyn Brooke, son of C. W. Fennell, Esq., York Terrace, 

Leamington. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mids. 1881 ; Ensign 86th Rsgt., 1886 ; Lieot, 1887 ; Mt^, Rojal Glamofgan Militia, 

Fletcher, William Henry, son of J. C. Fletcher, Esq., Dale Park, Arundel 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. ColL Oamb. 

GomersalL Frederick James, son of T. Cbmersall, Eeq., GomersaU, Yorks. 

(Mr. Steel's) 


Griblda, JUaaj Xdward, son of Gapt U. Qribble, H.E.I.C.S. 


Lift Midi. 1864 ; Tkia. OolL Ounb., B.A., 1848 ; SoUdtor. 

H. E. GrihUe, Esq., WimbUdoti, S,W. 

Chunqfy John, son of J. Gurney, Esq., Earlham Hall, NorwicL 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

TrlB. OoD. Ounb., RA. 1M6 ; M.A. 1878 ; J.P. for Norfolk. Died in 1887. 

HactMoct, Arfhlir,son of J. Hackblock, Esq., Brookham Warren, Reigate. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Higgins, Dennis Lambart, son of T. C. Higgins, Esq., Turvey House. 

Beds, (Mr. Butler's) 

LflA Dm. I860 ; Trin. Coll. Gamb. 

D, L, Higgins, Esq,, 3, North Grove, Highgate, N, 

Honldsworfh, William Thomas, son of J. Houldswortk Esq., 124, 

St Vincent Street, Glasgow. (Mr. Rendall's) 

THn. OolL Oftinb.. B.A. 1809; M.A. 1872; Curate of Buxy St. EdmondB, 1871-2; at 
TnnbrklM WeUa, 1876-86 ; of St. Peter's, Eaton Square, 1886 ; Vicar of St. Andrew's, 
Walk S(nei,W. 1880. 

Rev. W. T. Houldsworth, 1, Monoid Strut, W. 

Jaeohfon, Alfred Edward, son of G. Jacobson, Esq., 8, Chester Place, 

Hyde Ptok Square, W. (Mr. Karris') 

Kenyon, Hon. William Trevor, son of the 3rd Baron Kenyon, Gredington. 

Whitchurch, Salop. (Mr. Harris*) 

Lifl in 1868 ; Monitor, 1804-0 ; Head of the School, 1805-0 ; Junior Student of Ch. Ch. Oxf., 
1800 ; 1 a. Mod., 1808 ; varioiu prises, B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1878 ; ordained, 1871 ; Rector of 
Malpaa, Cbeahire, 1878 ; Surrogate dio. Cheater, 1888. 

The Hon. and Rev. W. T. Kenyon, The Rectory, Malpas, Cheshire, 

Larpent, Oeorge Albert de Hochepied, son of Sir A. J. de H. Larpent, 

2nd Bart, Calcutta. (Mr. Drury's) 

EkMicn Cnnnangbt Bangers, 1806; Lieat., 1809; Capt., 1877; Lieafc.-CoL oonuuanding 
Oonnanght Bangers, 1891 ; aerred in KafBr War, 1877-8 ; Zulu War, 1870 ; snoceeded aa 
8id Bart., 1801. 

LieuL'CJoL Sir George A. de Hochepied Larpent, Bart, Naval and Military 

Club, W, 

Legard, James Digby, son of Capt J. A. I^egard, RN., Kirbv Misnerton 

• Hall, Yorks. (Mr. Harris') 

Lsfl Deo. 1801 ; Shooting XI., 1801 ; entered R.M. Academy, 1804 ; paased into Staff Coll. 

(and), - - ~ 

Bidin0i, Torks. 

Col. J. D. Legard, Welham, MaUon, Yorks. 

Kaefkrlane, John, son of the Rev. Dr. Macfarlane, Duddingstone, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Farrar's) 

■ason, William Henry, son of G. W. Mason, Esq., J.P.. Eaton Hall, 

Retford. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1806 ; Monitor, 1804-6 ; Trin. ColL Camb., B.A. 1809 ; Barrister, 1871 ; J.F. for 

W. H. Mason, Esq,, J.P., Morton Hall, East Retford. 

Mnrray, Alexander Sutherland, son of W. Murray, Esq., 244, Elizabeth 

Street, Hobart Town. (Mr. Butler's) 

VeeU, Edward John* son of Sir J. Neeld, Ist Bart, Grittleton House, 

Chipi»enham. (Mr. Butler's) 

Jul 24th, 1803. 


Neilson, Daniel Arthur, son of D. Neilson, Esq., Hundhill Hall, Fonte- 

fract (Mr. SteeFs) 

Left Bitft 1M5; St. John's Coa Ozf., RA. 1870; O.U. Eight (ooz.), 1809; J.F. for W. 
Riding Yorkfc 

D, A, Neilson, Esq,^ J.P,, as above, 

Oliphant, Laurence James, son of L. Oliphant, Esq., M.F., Condie. Bridge 

of Earn, Perth. (Mr. MiddlemisTs) 

Ch. Ch. Ozl. 1804; Ensign and Lient. Oranadiar Gnarda, 18M; Lient. and Gapt, 1869; 
Gapt. and Li«at.-Col., 1870 ; Col., 1886^ ; J. P. for Parihahira. 

Col. L, J, Oliphanty as above. 

Parry, William Edward, son of Rear-Admiral Sir W. R Par^, Tun- 
bridge. (Mr. Mutton's) 

Died Ang. 8rd, 1801. 

Paul, Henry Morton, son of P. J. Paul, Esq. (Mr. Bull's) 

Phelips, William Bobertson, son of the Rev. W. Phelips, Montacute, 

South Petherton, Somerset (Mr. Button's) 

Trin. OolL Gamb. ; J.P. and D.L. for Someraet. 

W, R. PhelipSy Esq,^ as above, 

Eivett-Camac, James Henry Spronle, son of Sir John Rivett-Camac, 

2nd Bart, Castle Menzies, Dunkeld, N.B. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Served in the 78rd Regt, 1806-7 ; somatima in the Inland Rarenna Offloe, Somenet Uouae ; 
snooeeded aa 8rd Bart., 188S. 

Sir James H, S. Rivett-Camac, Bart., River Dene, Weybridge, 

St. Manr, Ernest, son of Lord Akemon St. Maur, afterwards 14th Duke 

of Somerset, Burton Hall, Loughborough, Leicester- 
shire. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Eaat. 1888 ; Trin. Hall Gamb., 1867. 

Lord Ernest St. Maur, Maiden Bradley, Bath, 
St. Manr, Percy, brother of the above. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left. Mida. 1804; Enaign 7th Royal Foailien, 1808; lienL, 1871; Gapt., 1880; Maj., 
retired, 1888. 

Lord Percy St, Maur, Maiden Bradley , Bath, 

Shand, Charles Lister, son of A. Shand, Esq., Maryton Orange. Allerton, 

near Liverpool. (Mr. Miadlemist's) 

Left EaaL 1860; Trin. CoU. 0x1, B.A. 1808; M.A. 1872; Barriatar, 1870; Reriang 
Barrister, 1882 ; J.P. for Lancaahire ; Judge of County Gonrta, lirerpool Cirooit, 1889. 

His Honour Judge Shand, Streatlam, Wootton, near Liverpool, 
Smith, George WiUiam, son of G. Smith, Esq. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left llids. 1882 ; Glare GoU. Gamb., B.A. 1805 ; M.A. 1808 ; bald raxioos Gnxaoiea, 1866-70 ; 
Vicar of Njdd, Leeda, 1870-88 ; of Sowerby, 188S ; of Waterhonaas, 1890. 

Rev, O. W, Smith, Waterhouses Vicarage, Durham, 

Smith, Richard Clifford, son of G. S. Faraday Smith, Esq.^arkfield, 

Swinton, Manchester. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1806. 

Thexton, Edward Yeats, son of J. Y. Thexton, Esq., Ashton House, 

Milnthorpe, Westmoreland. (Mr. Butler's) 


Thornton, Harry Oodfrey, son of H. Thornton, Esq., Turvey, Beds. 

(Mr. Mutton's) 

Ensign and Lient Grenadier Guards, 1864 ; Gapt. and Lient. -Col. 1875, ratixed. 

Tidswell, Bobert Ingham, son of R. Tidswell, Esq., Sevmour House, 

Denmark Hill, Surrey. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Mids. 1804 ; Oriel GoU. Oxf., BJL 1808 ; M.A. 1871 ; Barrister, 1871 ; J.P. for 

R. L Tidswell, Esq., 22, Cambridge Square, W. 


Tillian, Hoil Bobert Frederick, son of the eth Earl of Jersey, 32, Wilton 

Crescent, S. W. (Mr. Harris*) 

■nsigB and liMiLSooUGhuids, 1866; retired m lienL and Capt, 1870. 

CapL the Hon, R. F. VilUer$, Travellers' Club, S.W. 

Walltord, Hugh Edward, son of R. Walford, Esq., 32, Craven Hill Gardens, 

W. (Mr. Steel's) 

WuUatif Lionel IKcolae. son of H. Walford, £sq.« 66, Lown4es Square, 

S.W. (Mr. Harris*) 

TriB. ColL Oamb., 1864-7 ; Solidtor. Died Nor. 1870. 

Waring, William Fuller, son of W. Waring, Esq., Woodlands, Chelsfield, 

Kent (Mr. Harris*) 

SnaignSTUiBegt, 1866. Died in 1871. 

WiOiaiiia, Oeorge Fhippe, son of J. Williams, Esq., Q.C., 7, New Square, 

Umcoln's Inn, W.C. (Mr. Butler*s) 

Lift SaaL 1801 ; Petorhooaa Coll. Ckmb., B.A. 1868 ; CItU Eneinemr ; M.I.C.B. ; formerly 
Diateioa Rnginear for Canterbniy Provincial Diatriot, P.W. Diept., New Zealand ; Author 
of *' Colonial Conpleta," and other Teraee on N.Z. topics. 

G. P. WUliamt, Esq,, M.LCE,, Christchurch, Canterbury, N.Z, 

WiDia, Bfowdl D'Orville, son of E. Willis, Esq., Rossway, Berkhamstead. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

FlHMd into B.M.A., Woolwioh, 1864. 

Wbm, Hon. CSiarles Kark Allanson, son of the 3rd Baron Headley, 

Brighton. (Mr. H. Watson's) 

VniT. CuU. Oxf., 1864 ; formerly Capt. Commandant Hon. Art. Co. and Lient.-Col. Com- 
manding the Karrr Militia ; D.L and J.P. for Eaaez and Keny ; J.P. for Middlesex 
and Tou ; aaooeeded aa 4th Baron, 1877 ; elected a Repreaentatire Peer for Ireland, 

Lard Headley, Warley House, Essex, 

BmtraBM Im October iSie. 

Pod, Thomaa Edwin, son of W. Peel, Esq., Ackworth Park, Pontefract. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

LaCt Mida. 1866 ; FootbaU XI., 18684 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. 1868 ; Barriator, 1871. 

I*. E. Ped, Esq.f Pond House, Kempton Park, Middlesex, 
BBtrmmce Im NoTember leee. 

Braifhwaite, John ICastennaii, son of T. Braithwaite, Esq., 4, Gloucester 

Square, W. (Mr. Knight's) 

Trin. ColL Oamb., B.A. 1868 ; M.A. 1872 ; Curate of Ramagato, 1869 ; Vicar of St. Michael's, 
Maldatcna, 1878^ ; Vioar and Rural Dean of Croydon, 1882-9. Died Jon. 28th, 1889. 

BBtrmmcea ta ^miwut isei. 

BalfSonr, Francis Bichard Townlev, son of B. F. Balfour, Esq., Townley 

Hall, Drogheoa. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mida. 1866; Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. 1860; M.A. 1872; ordained, 1872; Otnon of 
BbMBBfbntain, 8. Africa, 1884 ; Miaaionaiy Priest in Maahonaland, and ChapL Britiah 
& Africa Oo.'a PoUoe Force, 1890. 

Carnxm F. R. T, Balfour, Fort Salisbury, Mashonalaud, S. Africa, 

Black, CSiarlee Edward Bminmond, son of C. Black, Esq., Harrow. 


Left Dae. 1864 ; Monitor, 1864 ; entered India Office, 1869 ; Oeos. Dept. Clerk, 1878 ; Aaet. 
PriTata 8ae. to Sir William Haroonrt (Home-Secrataij), 1880 ; Principal Private Sec., 
1884 ; 8ae. to Rojal Oommiadon on the Blind, 1886 ; Clerk for Oeog. Records, India 
OflBea, 1886; Author of "Abatracta of the Rmorta of the Surveys and of other 
Oaogiaphical Operationa in India from 1873 to 1878." 

a E, D, Black, Esq,,, India Office, S,W, 


Blencowe, John Alexander, son of J. J. Blencowe, Esq., MantoiL Northants. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

Ch. Cb. Ozf., BJL 1888 ; J.P. for Koriluiite. 

J. A, Bleneowe^ Etq.^ MarsUm House^ Banbury. 

Bndgett, John Arthur, son of J. P. Budgett, Esq., Henleare Park, 

Westbury, Bristol. (Mr. SteeFs) 

B.N.C. Orf., 1886. 

Clarke, William Alexander, son of the Rev. Sir Charles Clarke^ 2nd Bart, 

Worlingham Hall, Beccles. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

L«ft Mlda. 1888 ; Monitor, 1886-8 ; Dmaj of M»gL ColL Ozf., B.A. 1871 ; SoUcitor in 

W. A. Clarke f Esq., Hope House, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Ghirfit, Thomas Cheney, son of T. Gku^t, Esq., Boston, Lincolnshire. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

Left Midi. 1885 ; Trio. ColL Camb. ; Gftpi. RoTal N. Linooln MiliUft, 1880-78 ; J.P. and 
D.L. for Co. Lincoln. 

T. Cheney GarJU, Eeq.^ Kenwick HcUl, Louth, Lincolfuhire. 

C^legg, Edward Maxwell, son of Lieut-CoL K H. Glegg, Backford Hall, 

CJhester. (Mr. Button's) 

Enaign 83nd Bogt., 1880 ; Urat., 1871. 

E. M. Glegg, Esq,, as above. 

Hadow, Walter Henry, son of P. Hadow, Esq., Sudbnry Priory. 

(Uome-Boarder and Mr. RendaH'R) 

Left Mide. 1887 ; Monitor, and Cricket XL, 1888-7 ; B.N.C. Ozf., BJL 1878 ; O.U. Cricket 
XL, 1870-7S ; O.U. Backet PUyer, Doubles, 1871-2. 

W. H. Hadow, Esq., 14, Royal Circus, Edinburgh. 

Hartley, Thomas, son of T. Hartley, Esq., Hillfoot, Egremont, Cumber- 
land. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mids. 1888 ; Cricket XL, 188&-8 ; Oriel CoU. Ozf.. 1887 ; Mi^. WeetmorelaDd and 
Cumberland Teo. Car. ; J.P. and D.L. for Cnmberland, High Bberiff, 1887. 

T, Hartley, Esq., J.P,f Ormathwaite Hall, Cockermouth^ Cumberland. 

Holland, Henry, son of H. L. Holland, Esq., Belvedere, Wimbledon. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Left Dec 1884 ; with the Ann of Riduuida A Co., Montroae and Aberdeen, and in boaineas 
in Dundee. Died Jan. lot, 1881. 

Lang, Edward Tickell, son of A. Lang, Esq., Sudbury Hill, Harrow. 


Langford, William Thomas, son of J. W. Langford, Esq. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Dec. 1886 ; FootbaU XL, 1885 ; Univ. CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1871 ; Barrister, 1872 ; Snb- 
Agent of the Law Coarte Branch of the Bank of England. 

W. T. Langford, Esq., Burehes Lodge, Kingston Hill, Surrey. 

Latham, Arthur, son of A. G. Latham, Esq., 24, Cross Street, Manchester. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Monitor, 1888-5 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., BchoL 1865 ; B.A. 1880 ; member of the firm of Wilson, 
Ti*tJ^*tn ^ Co., merohanta, Manchester. 

A. Latham, Esq., Lancaster Road, Eccles, 

Lay, Amoy, son of Mrs. Lay, 6, Burton Crescent, W.C. (Mr. Drury's) 

Ledward, Charles Edward, son of S. Ledward, Esq., Oxton Hill, Birken- 
head. (Mr. Steers) 

Littledale, Harold, son of H. Idttledale, Esq., IdverpooL (Mr. SteeFs) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1885. 

Hilbanke, Peniston, son of Sir John R Milbanke, 8th Bart, British 

Lotion, Munich. (Mr. Butler's) 

• Left Mids. 1886 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1885-8 ; J.P. and D.L. and AUL C.C. for Stueez ; succeeded 
as 0th Bart., 1888. 

Sir Pemston Milbanke, Bart, Earikam, CkkikeUer. 

Apb. 1861.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 283 

■itehdly Arfhiir AngUn, son of R A. Mitchell, Esq., Harrow. 


UaiT. OolL Dob., BohoL, 1860 ; B.A. 1871 ; L.Th., 1 Gl. Hononn, 1872 ; M. A. 1874 ; 
rdknr, UTS4S ; Canto of Norham, 1878^ 

Ree, A. A. Mitehellf University College^ Dwrham, 

HorlUid, Walter Holrayd, son of G. B. Morland, Esq., Abingdon, Berks. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Fed, Alfred, son of W. Peel, Esq., Ackworth Ftok, Pontefract. (Mr. Steel's) 

Lifl Midi. 1866 ; Trio. Coll. Camb., 1867 ; GcntJeman Fanner. 

A, Pedf E$q,, Buchden^ HunUngdonthire. 

Fhillipi, Ferdinand William, son of H. D. Phillips, Esq., Indian C.S., 

Madras. (Mr. Steel's) 

Safer, Walter, son of T. Sager, Esq., New Orleans, U.S.A. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Bandeman, neetwood, son of O. O. Sandeman, Esq^ 15, Hyde Park 

(hardens, W. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Lift Miidbk 1868 ; Bliooting XI., 1868 ; Oentloman Commoner of Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1865 ; 

F. Sofidemait, Eiq,^ 80, Albert Hall Mansione^ Kensington Gore, 8. W, 

Saunders, William Sidney, son of C. Saunders, Esq., Liverpool 

(Mr. Steel's) 

QoMB't GolL Ozf., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1872 ; Coxate of Miaterton, Lutterworth, 1871-8. 

Saaright, Jamee, son of J. Searight, Esq., Bedford Hill, Balham, S.W. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Steplienaon, Rowland Kacdonald, son of Sir Rowland M. Stephenson, 

72, Lancaster Gktte, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Lafi Dm. 1868 ; Sart India Merohaot. 

R, M. Stephenson^ Esq,, 21, Kensington Gardens Square^ W 

latton, Robert Orey. son of T. W. Tatton, Esq., Wythenshawe Hall, 

Korthenden, Cheshire. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Lift Dao. 1866; Monitor, 1865-6; FootbaU XL, 1866; SoboL of Balliol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 
1871 ; M JL 1878 ; 1 CI. Mod., 1868 ; 1 CI. 1871 ; Fellow of BaUiol ColL, 1871 ; Tntor of 
BaUiol ColL, 187S*86 ; Member of Coancil of London Society for tbe Extension of UniT. 

R. G. Tatton^ Esq,^ 29, Cadogan Terrace, S. W. 

bjlor, William Elphinatone, son of CoL C. Taylor, Hyde, I. of Wight. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Sbooiing XL, 1865. 

Timery Jamee, son of C. J. Turner, Esq., Taunton. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Mb. GolL Oxf., 1865 ; aA., Non. Coll., 1871 ; M.A., Trin. ColL, 1881. 

TOki, Charlee Preecott, son of M. Wilks, Esq., 17, Promenade, Chel- 
tenham. (Mr. Hayward's) 

B.A. Gunbi, 1871 ; no ooonpation. 
C. P. WUkSf Esq., Montrose Lodge, London Road^ Forest Hill, 
WiDa, KatUiew Astor, brother of the above. (Mr. Kendall's) 

neridflift In Amaiifla. 

BBtramcea Im April IMl. 

Apear, XhomaB Alexander, son of A. A. Apcar, Esq., 6, Kensington 

Gktrdens Square, W. (Mr. Bull's) 

Barlow, Oeorge, son of G. B. Barlow, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

llMdtor, 1865 ; Bzeter Coll. Oxf., I860. 


Bonverie, Henry Hales Fl^ell, son of P. P. Bouverie, Esq., l, Pdl Mall 

East, S.W. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

L«ft Midi. 1800; BhooUog XL, 18644 ; Tria. GolL Gamb., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1870 ; Banker ; 
J. P. and D.L. for Somtiaet ; ■omctinM Gapt. W. Somentl Yeo. Oat. 

H. H, P. Bouverie^ E$q,, a$ above, 

Deyas, ThomM Srneet, son of T. Devas, Esq., Mount Ararat, Wimbledon, 

S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mlda. 1804 ; Maiugiiig Director of Derae, Rontledge t Co., Ld. 

T, E. DewUy Eiq,, Douglas Lodge, Harrow, 

Earle, Edward Arthur, son of N. Earle, Esq., Mabfield, Fallowfield, Man- 
chester. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Dec. 1802. Me« Jan. llth, 1891. 

Swings, William Ford, son of W. Ewings, Esq., 29, Russell Square, W.C. 

(Mr. H. Watson's) 

Left Jan., 1800 ; B.N.C. Oxf., 1880 ; Stockbroker. Me« Deo. SOth, 1800. 

Fleet, AngOftas, son of J. Fleet Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Flower, Arthur, son of P. W. Flower, Esq., Hill House, Tooting Common, 

Surrey. (Mr. Farrar's) 

A. Flower, Esq,, 36, Princess GaU, S.W. 

(Gardner, Herbert Conlstonn, son of the 3rd Baron Gardner, 46, Dover 

Street, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. GoU. Gamb., B.A. 1808 ; M.A. 1872 ; D.L. for Middleeex ; M.P. for N. Eaeex, 1885 ; 
Free. Board of Agrionltare, 1802. 

Rt Hon, H, C Gardner, M,P,, Dehden Hall, Saffron Walden, 

Oibson-Craig, Henry Vivian, son of the Rt Hon. Sir William Gibson- 
Craig, 2nd Bart, Riccarton, Currie, N.B. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1808. 

H, V. Gibson-Craig, Esq., Lady Mede, Utile KimUe^ Bucks. 
Giles, Francis John, son of Mrs. Giles, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Gk)odden, Edward Wyndham, son of J. Goodden, Esq., Compton House, 

Sherborne. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mids. 1806 ; Shooting XL, 1808^ ; Merton GoU. O:^ B.A. 1800 ; Giuate of LiznpeAeld, 
1870-72 ; of Nether-Oompton with OTcr-Oompton, 1872-84 ; Rector, 1884- . 

Rev, E, W, Goodden, The Rectory, Nether-OompUm, Sherborne. 

Green, Andrew Low, son of C. Green, Esq., Savanna, U.S.A. (Mr. Butler's) 

Harington, Arthur Montgomery, son of Sir Henry B. Hatington, 

CJalcutta. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Left Mida. 1804 ; EnaSgn Rifle Brinde, 1807 ; Lient., 1871 ; Mwketiy Insknictor, 1875 ; 
0»pL, 1870 ; aerred through Anbanti War, 1878-4 ; reported for oeaupioaona gallantry 
at storming of Ordah Tillage, medal and clasp ; retired 1881 ; Commandant Sabah Con- 

atabolary, North Borneo ; raised and orsaniied a force of Armed Police ; joined 
Kgyptian Gendarmerie as chief of Staff, 1888 ; serred with Snakin Field Force, 1888-4 ; 
entrusted with defence of Snakin, seTcral times mentioned in deqiatohes, Kngliah war 
medal, Egyptian bronze star, and 8rd Class of the Osmanieh ; DIt. LBspector of Police 
in charge of Asaiont Dir., 1884 ; Gomdt. Sues Canal Police, 1800 ; of the Ckiro City 
PoUce, 1801. 

Col, Harington, Commandant City PoUce, Cairo, Egypt, 

Hills, Charles Eichard, son of J. Hills, Esq., Kishnagar, India. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1804 ; Indigo and TMt Broker. 

C. R, Hills, Esq,, Lyndhurst, Watford, Herts. 
Hind, John, son of the Rev. W. M. Hind, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 


HowBid, Frederick Compton, 

of F. J. Howard, Esq., 7, Prince's Gate, 
(Mr. Vftughan's) 

; Mbj., iiai. 

>liiaugn, ]»gZ; urrol lu Alehiui Wii 
t JilUcli Bud aplnn oT All Mn4UI,Di 
-"al juidDliiv. ISSTMidlSao. 

Major FrftUriek C. Howiird, Rifie Bngade. 

Johiutone, John Angiutna James, son uf J. Johnstone, Esq.. M.r., Alva 

House, Stirling. (Mr. Steei'a) 

■ J.F. r»r Co. BUcllng. Died A;". I8W. 

Bbckumon, Francis Alexander, eon of W. A. Afaokinnon. Eao., M.P., 
5, GloueMter Si|nare, W. (Mr. Drury'a) 

l«nHi<1» IBWl:Bl. JoliL'.CuU. Omb.. B.A.1ST1:C.C. CHdnlXI., 1870; J.P. mmIC.O. 

r<>i lieal ; Ma). Bu;.^ B. K<nt Y». Ci<. 
/*. A. Mackinnon, Eiq., J. P., Uwilingdant, Shepherdaieei!, Kait. 
Uaclean, George Henry, son of J. Q. Maclean, Esq., 130, Wustboume 
Terrace. W. (Mr. Harris') 

Q. H, Maelean, Esq., ag above. 
ICatthews, Charles William, son of C. P. Matthews, Esq., The Bower, 
Havering, Esaes. (STr. Rendall's) 

Mttn^omerr, Henrr Hutcbinaos, son of Sir Robert Montgomeiy, K.C-B., 

■ G.C.S.I., Lahore, India. (Mr. ttendall's) 

un Midf. ifMl : CHDk« XI., 1BU4; FoDtbkll XI., XSM^, C*m.. IWt: Trin. Coll. Cuib., 

" B.A. I«0: M.A., IHTS; D.D., ISSfl ; bold writroi Coraolw. ISTl-B ; Tloir rfSl. Mstk'i. 

K*DniDpoii.l97e: Bunding Gluttit.(oB^ii]><ifniicbaal«l Bilhnp "' Tuaiuii, 1980, 

.^1. Arr. (Aif Bhhop of Tatiaania, BUhopKeourl, ITabarl, Ttumania. 

Xoore, Georire Vernon, Bon of G. H. Moore, Esq., Rectory Grove, Clapham. 

(Mr. Bull's) 
Pearse, Edward Brice, son of C. J. Pearse, Esq., Biissell Farm, Watford. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Lett Midi, isut ; HuiurfBrtuu Intbiflnn'or J, udD. Fwie A&i.. UarlStnat, W.C. 
E. B. Ptane, Egg., 34. Egerim Gardfos, S.W. 
PBd, Gerald, aon of J. Peel, Esq., Middleton HftlJ, Tamworth. (Mr. Steal's) 

Trts. d>ll. Oil.. B.A. leiH. 

G. Prel, E»q., Parkfittd, Svnnloii, ifanehetler. 
Peel, Sydney, brother of the above. (Mr. Steal's) 

UfiMidilMl; Trio. OdU. Oif.. B.A. ISTliM.A. ISTli B.rrirt«, IffTl. 
S. Pcfl, E4q., 25. GloMuler Place, Portinan Squarf, W. 
,ppB, Owen Henry, son of J. H. Philipps, Esq., M.F., who afterwards 
aasumed the surname ol Scourfield, in lieu of Philipps, 
and waa created a Bart. 1876. Williainstoo, Haver- 
fordwest. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Ch. Cb. Oil., RA. 1810; M.A. 1878; Col. FmhiBknhiro Yoo. C^t. ; J.F. for Pm- 
biuk«bi»; J.F, Hid D.L. ol [ln?sifur([w«t, HIkIi StiaiUf, 1B«1: inciwdsd u tad 
Hut,, le-d. 


Sir OiMJi ff. P. ScoxtrfieM, Barl., o 

Prior, Charles Herman, son of J. V. Prior. Esq. 

(Home- Boarder and Mr. Weatcott's) 

Un Jd(. IMS; HoDlUn, IBBM-, H— d of Urn Stfwal. 1S«T.«; Hlool Sohol., CUu CoU. 
Ouoh-ISIW; FouDdsliim ScboL, leTOi B.A,. 3k1 Wnsglar sod 1 01. Oui, IVIpat, 
isn: FiUow vt Fnubroka ColL, ins; Citnu Ondi Tnl, Frlinuu, in&: Janmli 
B»t«clDl PiM, I!I76 : urcUltwl. I«TI : IMiar tnd |iilDd|Kl lUth. LHtum, Feiobrok* 
OidL, IMQ ; Bnuuiiittw CbuiL io th* Bl*hup vt WlnduiCai ; Modanloi Id Uxib. Ttlpo* 
■iOuib,, inS-ML Bikvt ^wshM nt Ckmb.. ISTT, 1880, list uid IS9I ; tiaunni oT 
" - 'nktCull.. l«tt^\ ; tMui, 1891. 1881, 11189. (ud 1880. 

Sfr. C. H. Prior, Pembrdie Coll., Gtmbridgt. 


Ralli, Lucas SoftratiOf , son of K Ralli, Esq., 17, Hyde-F&rk Square, W. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Eichardflon, John ¥aimaell, son of W. Richardson, Esq., Limber, Ulceby, 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1866; Cricket uid Football XL, 18M-6; WiniMr of Cba]kn« IUck«t, \9M ; 
M«(Ed. Coll. Ounb. ; C.U. Criekst XL, 18M4 ; llaatar of tb« Draff Hounds ; won 
Chalkos* Whip (SlMpIaohaM) oT«r CoUooham Conne, 1M8 ; J.P. and D.L. for Linonln- 
■hirt ; rod* Um winam of Um " Oiand Naiional/' iN«fMr6afMc, 1878, aod Ktugni^, 1874 ; 
C.GL for LindMT Dir. ; Chairman of Oriniaby Board of Qnardia&a ; Xx-Chainnan Lin* 
oobiahir* Chamotr of AgricoJtore. 

J, M, Richardson y Esq,, J.P.^ Ulcehy^ Lincolnshire, 

Robinfloii, William Orey. son of W. R Robinson, Esq., Silksworth Hall, 

Sunderland. (Mr. Butler's) 

L«ft Mida. 1885 ; Foothall XL, 1804^ ; Magd. CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1806 ; M.A. 1878. 

W, G. Robinson, Esq., as above. 

Stevens, Stephen John^ son of J. W. Stevens, Esq., New England House, 

Hitchin. (Mr. Harris') 

Enaign 17th lUgt., 1866 ; Lirat. 00th Regt., 1871 *, Capt. 10th Lanoen, 1877 ; Byvt. of MiO- 
1878 ; Li«at.-CoL, retirtd. 

CoL S. J. SUrenSy Chiltley, Liphook, Hamis. 

Tallents, Oodfrey, son of G. Tallents, Esq., Newark, Notts. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left in 1864 ; Bolidtor ; Town Clark of Newark. 

G, TaUents, Esq., Coddington, Newark, NotU. 

Trevelyan, Herbert, son of W. B. Trevelyan, Esq., Elm Place, Finchley, N. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Hide. 1864 ; Bnaiffn 82nd Regt., 1867 ; Uent., 1871 ; InatnioCor in Musketry, 1872-81 ; 
Capt. InniekillingViuilieri, 1881 ; Hon. M%}., retired, 1887. 

Maj, H, Trevelyan, Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly, W, 

Tupper, Charles Lewis, son of Capt C. W. Tupper, 35, York Place. Port- 
man Square, W. (Mr. Oxennam's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Monitor, 1864-6 ; FootbaU XL, 1865 ; C.C.C. Ozf.. SchoL. 1866-0 ; paaMd 
4th for Indian C.8., 1869 ; B.A. 1870 ; AaH. Coauuierioner, Punjab, 1871 ; Avt SeUle- 
ment OlBoer, 1872 ; Under Sea to Oort., Ponjab, 1876 ; OmdatUiffTJnder Sec to Gort. 
of India Rer., and Home and Rer. Depta., 1878-82 ; Junior Sea to Poi^jab Gort., 1882 ; 
Offlciating Sea, 1884 and 1886-00 ; Chief Sea, 1890. 

C. L, Tupper, Esq,, 2, Woodlands, Harrow, 

Van-Cortlandt, Philip Harry, son of Qen. Van-Cortlandt, C.B., India. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

WaJdo-Sibthorp, Montaen Richard, son of Maj. Waldo-Sibthorp, Canwick 

Hall, Lincoln. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Magd. Coll. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1878 ; J.P. and D.L. for Linoolnahire. 

M, R. Waldo'Sibthorp, Esq., as above. 

Wood, Arthur John Harrison, son of T. Wood, Esq., Ripon, Yorks. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Eaat. 1868. 

A. J. H. Wood, Esq., Bellwood, Ripon, Yorks, 

Yard, Alleyne Cox, son of Mrs. Yard, Buckland Grange, Ryde, Isle of 

Wight (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Ensign 47th Begt., 1866 ; Lient., 1871 *, CapL, 1878 ; retired. 

BBtnuicei IM Maj IMl. 

Agg-Gardner, James Tynte, son of J. Agg-Gardner, Esq., 26, Wilton 

Crescent, S.W. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Trin. CoU. Camb. ; M.P. for Cheltenham, 1874, 1884, and 1886- ; Barrister, 
1872; J.P. 

J. T. Agg-Gardfier, Esq., M.P,, Gresham Houu, Cheltenham. 

Sept. 1861.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 287 

AUbb, Henry 8^yinmir« son of S. P. Allen, Esq., Cresselly, Pembroke. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

OoriM* mad Sab-Li«ak lal Lift QnaidB, 1807 ; J.P. for Co. Pembroke, High Sheriff, 1878. 

H, S, Alletiy E»q,y J,P,^ oi above, 

Hapter, Hon. William John George, son of the loth Baron Napier and 

Ettrick, H.B.M. Embassy, St Petersburg. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

MMtar of Naidtr ; eotered Diplomatio Serrioe, 1869 ; 2iid Sec, 1876 ; held tuIoua diplomatio 
•ppolBtiMiiU, 1800^9 ; MC. of Legation at ToUo. 

Hon. W. J, G. Napier, St. Jamee* Club, S.W. 

BBtramcM ta Jme IMI. 

Onduun, James, son of J. Graham, Esq., Skelmorlie Castle, Ayrshire, N.B. 

(Mr. Bradby*s) 

Left Doe. 1864 ; FootbaU XL, 1864 ; East India Merohaot. 

J. Qrahamf Esq., Carfin, Oroseford, Litnark, N,B. 

Fopham, Francis Levbome, son of A. H. L. Popham, Esq., Northerwood, 

Hants. (Mr. Harris') 

MMI at Harrow, Mar. 6th, 1862. 

BmtnuieM Im BeptemlMr 1M1« 

Aiaslie, John Astley, son of J. Ainslie, EsQm Huntingdon House, Glads- 

muir. East Lothian, N.B. (Mr. Harris') 

PoothaU XL, 1866; Shooting XL, 18664; Exeter CoU. Oxf., B.A. 1870; M.A. 1873; 
Barriater, 1867. 

Baird, Arthur Edward, son of F. Baird, Esq., 4, Queen's Gate, S.W. 

(Mr. A. Watson's) 
A. E. Baird, E§q., 130, West OSth Street, New York, US.A, 

Bazendale, Joseph William, son of J. H. Baxendale, Esq., 14, Chester 

Terrace, N.W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Dec. 1864; Pembroke Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1871 ; M.A., 1878; J.P. and D.L. for Hants, 
High Sheriff, 1898 ; aenior partner in the firm of Piokford L Co., Carriers. 

J. W, Baxendale, Esq., Hursley Park, Winehester. 

Bidder, Henry Jardine, son of G. P. Bidder, Esq., 24, Great George Street, 

Westminster, S.W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1865^; C.C.G. Oxf., 1866; SchoL of Unir. Coll., 1867, B.A. 1 CI., 1871 ; Fellow 
of St. John'i ColL, 1871 ; M.A.. 1878; B.D., 1877; ordained, 1878 ; Vicar of Fyflcld, 
Berks. 1876-8 ; Tutor of St. John's Coa Oxf., 1876^ ; Public Bxaminer, 1880-81 ; Vicar 
of Holberton, Deron, 1880-85 ; of St. Giles', Oxford, 1887- . 

Rev. H. J. Bidder, Oxford. 

Chalmers, Norman Onthrie, son of J. 1. Chalmers, Esq., Aldbar Castle, 

Brechin, N.B. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1864 ; Joinod 42nd Regt., and exchanged immediately to 79th Cameron High- 
landers, 1866 ; serred in Egyptian Expedition, present at Tel-«1-Kebir, medal with clup, 
Bronae Star, 1882 ; in Sondan Expedition, Nile clasp, 1884-6 ; Frontier Field Force, 
Sondan, wonndad at Koehek, mentioned in despatches, 4th Class Osmanieh, 1885-6 ; 
Lirat.-Col., retired, 1886. 

LieuU'Col, Chalmers, Mount Linson, Invercargill, N. Zealand. 

Cookson, CSiarles Oeorge, son of J. Cookson, Esq., Meldon Park. Morpeth. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Comet 16th Hnaiais, 1867. IMcd Jan. 1892. 

Dale, George William MelvlQ, son of C. Dale, Esq., Madras. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Dse. 1866; Gains Coll. Camb., B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1874 ; Barrister, 1878. 

0, W. M. Dale, Esq.,1, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C, 


Dalgliflh, James Anthony, son of J. Dalglish, Esq., Old Barn, Aigburth, 

Liverpool. (Mr. Hams') 

Donglas, Henry mtchell Sholto, son of Capt H. S. Douglas, Claybrooke 

Hall, Lutterworth. (Mr. Harris') 

Enaign 62nd Ozfordahlra L.L, 1866 ; CapL, 1871 ; Mi^., 18S2 ; LiMik-OdL, 1889. 

LieiU.'^CoL H. M. Sholio Douglas, MoorlatuU, Bittemey HanU. 

Ihmcombe, Oeorge AngnitoB, son of Admiral the Hon. A. Duncombe, 

M.P., Kilnwick Percy, Pocklington. (Mr. Steel's) 

Loft Midi. 18M ; Saoior partoar in tba Ann of Maaaxa. Backatt t Co., York and Eaat RkUng 
Bank ; J.P. and D.L. for B. Riding of Toika. 

G. A, Dvncombe, Esq,, J.P,, St. Mary's House, Beverley, Yorks. 

Dyke, Oeorge Anguttna Hart, son of Sir PercyvaU Hart Dyke, 6th Barti 

Lullingstone Castle, Dartford, Kent 

(Mr. Vanghan's) 

Trin. OoU. Gamb. ; Knaign 6th Foot, 1866 ; Liaat. 1870. 

G. A. Hart Dyke, Esq., Wellington Club, 8.W. 

Ehden, John Bardwell, son of A. Ebden, Esq., Port Elizabeth, C^pe of 

Good Hope. (Mr. Vanghan's) 

FnUer, Arihnr Clarges Loraine, son of Q. A. FoUer, Esq., The Rookery, 

Dorking. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left M ida. 1864 ; Director of pablio oompaniaa ; D.L. for tha City of London. 

A.C.L. Fuller, Esq., 2, WhiUhall Gardens, S.W. 

Gibbon, John Honghton, son of R Qibbon, Esq., Rose Hill, Gatacre, near 

Liverpool (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Criekat XI., 18M ; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1871 ; UJl. IS78 ; O.U. Criokat XI., 1860 ; Rector of 
WilWra^y, Qloooaatarahirc, 1877-88. Med Apr. 29th. 1888. 

Giles, Robert Brooks, son of Mrs. Giles, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Enaign 76th Ragt., 1866. 

Greenham, Frederick John, son of F. Greenham, Esq^ Hendford House, 

YeoviL (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Dec. 1866 ; UniT. Gull. Oxf., B.A. 1870 ; lf.A. 1878 ; ordained, ISH ; Vicar of Holy 
Trinity, Halataad, 1877-88 ; CnraU of St. GikaT, Reading, 1889. 

Rev. F. J. Ghreenham, Woodside, Reading. 

Hailerigg, William GreviUe, son of Sir Arthur G. Haslerige, 12th Bart, 

Noseley Hall, Leicester. {bir. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1867 ; Ptaibroke CoU. Ozf., RA. 1871 ; M.A. 187S ; J.P. for Leicaataiahire ; 
oidained, 1872 ; Vioar of Billeaden, 1878 ; Rector of HaDaton, 1889. 

Ren. W. G. Hazlerigg, Hallaton Rectory, Uppingham. 

Hoare, Charlee Richard Gnmey, son of J. G. Hoare, Esq^ Hampstead 

Heath, N.W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. CoU. Gamb., B.A. and UJl. ; Banker at Cokheatar. 

C. R. O. Hoare, Esq., Linden House, Oolehesier. 
Hood, Donald William Charlee, son of Sir Charles Hood. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left in 1864 ; U.B, Gamb., 1871 ; M .D. 1878 ; Senior Fhyaiciaa to Waat London Hoapital, 
1878 ; Gooaolting Phyaidan ; F.R.C.P. Lond. 

Z>. W. C. Hood, Esq., M.D., 43, Green Street, Park Lane, W. 

Houldsworth, Arthur Hootton, son of Mrs. Houldsworth, Coltness 

House, AMshaw, lAnarkahire. (Mr. Rendall^s) 

Gentleman Fanner. Mc4 Mar. 17th, 1890. 

Kennaway, Charlee Lewis, son of the Rev. C. K Kennaway, Campden, 

Gloucestershire. (Mr. Rendairs) 

Left in 1966 ; Racket Flayer, 1866 ; UniT. GoIL Oxf., B.A. 1S70 ; ILA. 1878 ; O.U. Racket 
Player, Donblaa, 1866^ ; Oaiate of Oantoid, 1871-6 ; Rector of GartwMiahain, 1876. 

Rer. a L. Kemsaway, Oarhoidiskam Rectory, East Harling, Norfolk. 

Sbpt. 1861.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 289 

I, Oeorge John DnmviUe, son of J. I^es, £»(]., W()o<lhill, OsweBtry. 

(Mr. MidcUemist'H) 

Left in 1800; Woroerter Coll. Oxf. ; J. P. for Co. Salop, 1870 ; ConiniiBBioner of Taxes; 
ChainusD of Oiwtady Ui^way Donrd. 

Q. J, D, LeeHf E»q., J.P,^ a» above, 

Ijifitrojt Frederick Anthony, son of the Rev. J. Lefroy, Dean of Dromore, 

Loughbrickland, Co. Down. (Mr. Middlemist'a) 

Lafi Midi. 1865 : Trin. Coll. Camh., B.A. 1808 ; M.A. 1S7S ; Vicar uf St. Gaorge's, Bnuidon 
Hill, Briatol ; Examining Chapl. to the Biahop of Glnaceater and Briatol ; Vicar uf 
fionth PaUicTton, 1808. 

Rev, F, A. Lefrot/y South Petherton Vicarage, Ilminster. 

Leslie, Arthnr Trevor, son of the Rev. C. I^slie, Coravahn, Drung, Cavan. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Enaign The lluA, 1807 ; Lieut., 1860 ; Capt., 1875. Died in 1884. 

Lowther, Brahaion, son of the Rev. B. Ix)wther, Shrigley Hall, Maccles- 
field. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Kadeod, Hngh Tilghman, son of ^fra. ^lacleod, Ealing. (Mr. Butler's) 

Ensign 70ch Oanieron Highlanders, 1867. 

Xacleod, Reginald, son of Maclcod of Macleod, Dunvegan Castle, Isle of 

Skye, N.B. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Ijtft in 180S; Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A. 1868 ; Queen's and Lonl Trensurvr's Remeutbrancer 
for Scotland. 

R, .]facleo(lf Esq., WoodJtall, MUJiothian, N.B. . 

IDurtin, Leslie, son of T. Martin, Esq., East Peckham, Kent. 

(Mr. MiddleiuLst's) 

Comet IStb Lanoera, 1868 ; Lieut., 1860. 

mis. Frederick Charles, son of J. R Mills, Esci., Bootham, York. 

(^Fr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1867 : Monitor, 1866-7 ; Univ. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1875 ; BArrister, 
1877 ; engaged in local work in the Eaat End. 

F, C. Mills, Esq., Albert Square^ Raid iff, E, 

Xorgan, John Templeton, son of J. Morgan, Esq., Uitchin. (Mr. Butler's) 

Xozon, James Henrj Harmar, son of J. Moxon, Esq., 8, Hanover 

Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. (Mr. Bull's) 

Left Mida. 1866; Trin. Coll. Camb.. LL.B., lat in I-aw Triiwa, 1870; Chancellors Law 
Medal, 1872; LL.M. lt>78; LL.D. 1880. Drowned accidentally at Baitsbite. Cam- 
bridge, Maj 28rd, 188S. 

Parr, Cecil Francis, son of T. Parr, Esq., Grapi)enliajl Heyes, Cheshire. 

(Mr. Middleniist's) 

Ltft in 1802 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1872 ; Barrister, 1874 ; Bank Director. 
C, F, Parr, Ettq,, IfeyHWOfxl, Xorthwich, Cheshire. 

Ponionby, John Henry, son of the Hon. Sir Siiencer Ponsonln-Fane, 

K.C.B., St. James' Palace, S. W. (Mr. Butler\s) 

Lift Mida. 1860; Monitor, 1865-6; Cricket XI., 18«.W) ; )iartner in the flrni of Ileiriev, 
Fluqahar k Co., Bankers, St. Janies' Street, S.W. 

J, H, PoMOtiby, Esq., 15, Chfshain Place, S.W. 

Potts, William Hntton, son of L. H. Potts, Esq., Firby Hall, Be<lale. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Aeeoontaat in Hong Kong. 

Tryor, Edward Yickris, son of A. Pryor, Esq., Hatfield. (^Fr. A'aughan's) 

Pulten^, Frederick Evelyn, son of the Rev. R. T. Pulteney, Ashley, 

Market Harborough. (Mr. Drury's) 

;Bawson, 'Vniliam Henry, son of W. H. Rawson, Esq., Halifax. (Mr. Harris') 

~-^ - ColL Oxf., B.A. 1S78. 

W, H. Rawsoii, E»i., J.P.t Mill House, Halifax. 


Beeyes, Thomai James, son of J. K Reeves, Esq., Woodhays. Wimbledon. 

(Mr. Fairar's) 

Exator Coll. Ozf.. &A. 1868. 

T. J, Reevesy E^q,, 16, Essex Vilku, PhiUimare OardeM, W. 

Bicketts, Loftna Herbert, son of A. Ricketts, Esq., 1, Lansdown Crescent, 

Bath. (Mr. Butler's) 

St Xaur, Edward, son of Lord Algernon P. R St Maur, afterwards 

14tli Duke of Somerset, Burton Hall, Loughborough. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

Ensign 00th RilUt, 1865 ; Ltoat, i«iir«d ; bMUn* Lord S^rmoar, 1891. 

Lord Seymour f Army aiyd Navy Club^ S,W. 

Shilleto, Arthur Biehard, son of the Rev. K ^hilleto, Cambridge. 

Oir- Butler\s) 

Trin. Coll. Cunb., FooiMUtloii SohoL. 1870; RA. 1^71 ; M.A. 1875; ordainad, 1871 ; haki 
▼ariooa Caxaci« and 8chi.ilMHc appointnMDto. IHc4 Jan. 19tb, 1894. 

Sneyd, George Edward, son of T. Sneyd, Esq., Sidbury Manor, Sidmouth. 

(Mr. Oxenham's) 

Trin. Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1872 ;_for many yaaxa tnutoa and adTittr to the iireaant 

r, lingaist 

MaraiMM of Data : Diiaotor of tha CudUT Dooka ; a dittingulahad aebohur, lincoist and 
travallar. Mc« Jan. 15th, 1804. 

Statter, Thomai, son of T. Statter, Esq., Stand Hall, Whitefield, Manchester. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Tebbs, Theodore Haslope, son of H. V. Tebbs, Esq., Doctors' Commons. 

KtJ. (Mr. Rendairs) 

Templer, John Harvej, son of J. C. Templer, Esq., Harrow. 


Shooting XL, 1864-6 ; Baniatar ; Pablio Proaaentor in Caylon. 

J, H. Templer^ ^^-i Colombo, Ceylon. 

Thornton, Henry Sykes. (Mr. Holmes') 

Thornton, Richard Chioheley, son of K Thornton, Esq., C.B., Harrow. 


Laft Mida. 1865 ; Foothall XL, 1864 ; Enaign 77th Ragt., 1867 ; Uant., 1871 ; Oapt., 1879 ; 
Miy., 1884 ; ratiiad. 

Mqj\ R. C. Thornton, 61, Warwick Square, S.W. 
Thornton, Robert IDlne, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Ensign &th Ragt., 1867 ; Uaat., 1871 ; retlrad. 

R. J/. Thornton, Esq., 61, Warwick Square, S.W. 

Toller, Ernest Edward, son of C. Toller, Esq., Hampstead Heath, N.W. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

Trin. Coll. Ounh. 

Troyte, John Edward, son of A. H. Dyke Acland (afterwards Troyte), 

Esq., Huntsham Court, Bampton, Devon. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

Laft (in) 186S: Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1872; M.A. 1S75; aarrad for aiztaan montha in th* 
ranka in 4th King's Own Rwct., and obtalnad a Conuuiarion, 1875; Ckpt., 188S ; aometime 
holding a Staff Appointniant ; haa rarartad to nama of Aoland. 

Capt. Acland, 16, Auffustue Road, Edgbaston. 

Underwood, Walter Chryitie, son of CoL G. A. Underwood, Harrow. 


Cornat 4th Unaaara, 1860 ; Llaut., 1871 ; Capt., 1877 ; Utt}., 1881 ; Lieat..Col., Ntizad, 1888. 

Yaughan, Arthur Powys, son of the Rev. J. Yaughan, 75. Montpelier 

Road, Brighton. (Mr. RendaU's) 

Balliol Coll. Oxf. ; aomatima in tha 60th Riflaa ; appointad an Inapaotor of Fkotoriaa, 1880. 

A, P. Vanghan, E$q. Factory DepU, Home Office, 8.W. 


Woodcock, Herbert Spencer, hi 

L^tlDlMs; J.P (■>! Luicuhln. 

//. S. H'oaicw*, Etq., J.P., a* aboM. 
Woodhonae, HeiLrr Spencer, tioii of U. R. Woodhouse, Esq.. 8, Montagu 
Place, W. (l?r. VaughanTs) 

Woodward, Enteat Taylor, son of T. Woodward, Esq,, Besford Court, 
Perabore. (Mr. Steel's) 

/■;, T. Woodward, Esq., Daffaliii^, Sou, !Ifrrfvrd*lurt. 
Worsler, Eearr Wilson, aon of J. Worsley, Eaq„ TUe Laund, Accrington. 

(Mr. Stuel's) 

Un MMl iim; ModIu>[. iauA4; BioUr CM. on.. IJ.A. 1870; BunUut. IBTI : Q.C., 

I§1>1: J.F. and D.L. for Lumulei ; J.f. fur W.RIiUDcof Vorlu i •wuSKt tbeaddltlotuil 


H. It'. Wor»lfy-Tay!or. Eiq., Montoii IMl, muitlty, Laneathire. 

Wrongbton, Edward Horrie, son of P. Wrougliton, Esq, WooUey I'ark, 

Wantage, Berks. (Mr. Harris') 


Enlnnrcs In Octabcr IMI. 


be, Edward Wbarton, aon of Ailniiral the Hon. A. l>uncombe, 
M.P.. Kiliiwick Percy, Pocklington. (Mr. Steel's) 

of 111 hKii^'" Dird'Aug. isos. 
Hnddleeton, Edwud Porefov, aon of P. Huddleston, Ehci., NoHod, 
Wooliiit, Suffolk. (Mr. HarriB') 

E. P. Jfaddlfston, Emf., Slowlaagloft, Bury 6l. EdmmiiU. 
Lacas, William Tindall, son of F. Luc&s, Esq., Uitchin. (Mr. Butler'H) 

UR Eut. IM. : I'eiubralu Call. Oif., U.A. 13MI : Bukii ; J. p. for Hsiiu, 

ir. T. LiKiu, EiHj., J.P., FuxhoUt, nUchia. Ilrrl*. 

Henry Jackson, sou of J. S. Torr, Esq., Hornaey. (Mr. Steel's) 

I^t tiM. IM4 ; Tha. t>>ll. Ouuta.. B.A. ISIO : aallolter. ISTI. 

//. J. Torr, Eiq., II, Ladbrolr Garderu. W. 

EBfraBCM la JsaaatT IMt. 

Ita MiiU. ISUr; NanllDt, 1886-7: H«d at tba Sdunl, IHa-7 ; C.C.C. Olt., Sghal., IS«7 : 
I a. Mul. : n.A,. ICI,, tDda.C.L.. ISTI; H.A, 1S79; SvUciUiT. 

//. N. Abbot, Egq., 5, Doumiide Rwul, Cli/bm. 

Bagot, William Walter, son of the Rev, R. Bagot, Pype Hayes Hall, 

Birniinghftin. (Mr. Hayward's) 

c,b. Ob. oif. Dint J*B- lani, isns. 

Balfoor, William Oeorge, son of G. C. Balfour. Esq. (Mr. H. Watson's) 

Barlow, Prank Pratt, son of F. P. Barlow, Esq,, 27, Rutland Gate. S.W. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Ut( Midi. 196« ; HflcluDl. 

F. P. Barlow, £'«?.. 14, Chuhir- Sijuare, S. W. 


Blagraye, Henry Baxrr, son of J. H. Blagrave, Esq., Barrow Court, 

Bnstol. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Shooting XI., 1802 ; Oriel Coll. Oxf., 1868. 

Boord, Edward Henry, son of T. W. Boord, Esq., 7, Greville Road, 

Kilbum, N.W. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Bosanquet, Bernard, son of the Rev. R. W. Bosanquet, Rock, Alnwick. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Monitor, 1865-6 ; Balliol CoU. Oxf., Rchol., 1867 ; 1 CI. Mod., 1868 ; B.A.. 1 CI., 1871 ; 
M.A. 1874 ; Fellow Mid Tutor of Univ. Coll., Oxf., 1870-84 ; Author of variouji i»hilo- 
Bophioal and logical works. 

B. Bomnqwt, Esq,^ 7, Cheyne Gardem, CheUea, S,W, 

Bnte, John Patrick Crichton-Stnart, Xarquees of, son of the 2iid 

Marquess of Bute. (Mr. J. Smith's) 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., 1S6& ; HerediUry Sheriff and Coroner of Co. Bute ; Hereditarr Keei«r of 
Rothwar Caaile ; D.L. of Ayrdiire ; Hon. LL.D. of Glaagow, 1870 ; of Edin., 1-^2 ; 
Graiid Crow of Uoly Sanolchreat Jenualem, and Orand CrcMi of St. OrM^ory ; K.T. ; 
Rector of St. Andrew '• University. 180*i ; Castes Rotnlornm of the Co. of Bute ; Mayor 
of Cardiff, 1890 ; suoceeded as 8ni Marquess, 1848. 

Die Marquess of Bute, K, T., LL,D,, MotuU Stuait, Rothesay, Isle of Bute, N.B. 

Clay, Cecil JaUand Page, son of J. Clay, Esq., M.P., 25, Montagu Square, 

W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Cbiuui)iun Racket Player ; Trin. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1872 ; O.U. Racket Player, 
Doubles 1867-9, Singlet 1868-70; O.U. Tennis PUyer, Singles and Doubles, 1861*; 
Barrister, 1878 ; J. P. for Staib. ; Author of " llie Pantomime Rehearsal." 

Cookson, Joseph TyndaU, son of J. S. Cookson, Esq., Neashani Hall, 

Darlington. (Mr. Butler's) 

5Iagd. Coll. Camb. ; J.P. for Co. Durham. 

J. T, CooksoHy Esq.y as above. 

Cooper, Henry Kewcomen, son of W. Cooi)er, Esq., Failand House, I^>n^' 

Ashton, Bristol. (Mr. Steels) 

Dalrymple-Hay, James Francis, son of the Rt. Hon. Sir John Dalrynn.le- 

Hay, 3rd Bart., Harrow. (Home- Boarder) 

Left MLds. 1864 ; Lieut. 4th Bait. Royal Soots Fusiliers, 1868 ; Cai>t., 1878 ; retired as Mt^. ; 
J.P. for Co. Wigtown ; D.L., J. P., and C.C. fur Ayrshire. 

Maj. J. F. Dalrymple-Hay, Auch^'tidoon, Newton Steicart, Wigtownshirfy X,B. 

Drury, Gtoald Charles, son of the Ven. H. Drury, -fVrchdeacon of Wihs, 

Bremhill, Chippenham. (Mr. Drury's) 

I^t Dec. 1866. Died Not. 6th, 1876. 

Fergusson, Charlee Hamilton, son of Sir William Fersusson, 1st Bart., 

16, George Street, Hanover Square, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mids. 1867 ; Ensign 7£nd Highlanders. 1S69 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Cant., 1880 ; Brev. Ma)., 
1881 ; served with the 72nd Hiuhlanders in the Afghan War oi 1879 ; present in tb« 
engagement at Chanuia, wounded, and in the ojierationa lound Cabul, dangerouiily 
wounded, mentioned in deqsbtohes, Brev. rank of Mi^., medal with two clasps ; served 
with the 1st Batt. Seaforth Highlanders in the Egyptian War of 1882, present in the 
engagement at Chalong, mentioned in despatches, medal and Khedive's Star. 

Major C. H, Ferg^iMon, Broomlee House, West Linton, Peeblesshire, N.B. 

Fitzroy, Henry James, son of Ix)rd Augustus C. L. Fitzroy, afterwards 

7th Duke of Grafton. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Sometime in the Rifle Brigade and 1st V.B. Northamutonahire Regt. ; J.P. and D.L. foi 
Suffolk ; J.P. and C.C. for Northamptonshire ; Earl of Buston, 1882. 

The Earl of Euston, 17, Carltoti House Terrace, S.W. 

Fnllerton, Edward Percy HoUin^orth, son of J. A. Fullerton, Esq., 

Parkfield, Altnncham, Cheshire. (Mr. Harris') 

Garfit, Arthur, son of W. Garfit, Esq., Boston, Lincolnshire, (Mr. Drury's) 

Sometime a Breeder of Shorthorns ; Lay Sec to Lincoln Dio. Conference ; Sec Dio. Sncday 
Fund, Church House, etc ; Lay Reader. 

A. Garfit, Esq., Ivy House^ Lincoln, 

Jan. 1862.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 293 


Gibson, John Frederick, son of T. C. Gibson, Esq., Ramsay, Isle of Man. 

(Mr. Midtllemist's) 

Left Dec. 18M ; Monitor, 1840-6 ; Football XI., \%')6 ; Exhibitioner of New Coll. Oxf., 1867 ; 
B.A., 1 CL, 1871 ; Solicitor, 1874 ; Barrintar, 1882. Dlrd Nov. 6th, 1886. 

Gilchritt, John, son of J. Gilchrist, Esq., 48, Porchester Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left in 1804 ; Stock and Share Broker, Sydney, N.S.W. 

J. Gilehristy E^q.j ** ErciUloune" Kogarah, near Sydneyj N.S. W, 

Harfbrd, CharlSB, son of C. K. Harford, Esq., 9, Cleveland Square, W. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

HargreaTOiy Frederic Kearslev, son of W. Hargreaves, Esq., Dariey Hall, 

Famworth, Bolton. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Hargreaves, John Henry, brother of the al)ove. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

J, H, Hargreaves, Esq,, Tkondeigh, Bolton, 

Hoghton, Cecil, son of H. Hoghton, Esq., 16, Cockspur Street, S.W. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Hornby, Albert Keilson, son of W. H. Hornby, Esq., Shirebridge Hall, 

Nantwich. (Mr. Drury's 

Cricket XL, 1804^ ; Plared for England r. Scotland (Rngby Union Teams), 1877-8, 1880-82 ; 
V. Inland. 1877-8, 1880-82. 

A, N, Honiby, Esq,, Par^field, Nantwich, 

Jones, Bichard Jephson Hardman, son of R. Jones, Esq., 6, Waterloo 

Place, Leamington. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left Mkb. 1800 : Shooting XL, 1864-0 ; Winner of Spencer Can, 1865-6 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., 
&A. 1872 ; X.A. 1870 ; Barriater, 1878 ; Private Tutor for Army, etc. 

R, J, Hardmofi-JoneM, Esq,, Woodlands, Binjield, Bracknell. 
Laird, Igerton Knox, son of J. Laird, Esq., Birkenhead. (Mr. Butler*s) 

Un In 1806 ; Noo. Coll. Oxf., 1876. 

E, L, Laird^ Esq., CcUhcart, Birkenhead. 

Immwiwrn, William Engelbert, son of J. W. I^maison, Esq., The Hague. 

(Mr. Druiy's) 

Banirter. Mc4 about 1887. 

ICartin, John, son of the Rev. R. Martin, Anstey Pastures, near I^eicester. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Left laat. 1800 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1870 ; M .A. 1878 ; Cnrate of Brenohley, Kent, 
1871-6 ; Rector of Stoney Stanton, Leiceeterehire, 1876-85. 

Bev, J, Martin, Charley TlaU, ihear Loughborough, Leicestershire. 

Xorgan, John Hammond, son of J. Morgan, Esii., 3, Sussex Place, W. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

IaH Mkb. 1860 ; Shooting XL. 1864-6, and shot for Ritencer Cup ; Trin. Cull. Oxf., B.A. 
1871; M.A. 1878; Pneldent O.U.A.C., and Winner of Inter-Unireraity Three-MUw 
Raoe, 1888-70 ; F.II.C.S. Eng. ; Sugvon and Lecturer to Charing Croes Hofl]»ital and 
to Um Hoeidtal for Sick Children. 

J, H, Morgan J Esq., 68, Orosvenor Street, W. 
Hoyes, Harry, son of S. F. Noyes, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Un Dm. 1805 ; Football XL, 1865 ; St. John's Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1869 ; Solicitor, 1872. 

H. Noyes, Esq., 1, The Sanctuary, Westminster, S. W. 
Hl^yei, John, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

wldlt etill a member of the School, Ang. 28rd, 1864. 

Bicfaardaon, Stephen Louis, son of T. Richardson, Esq., Sunnyside, 

Wimbledon. (Mr. Butler's) 


Booper, ThomM Oodolphin^ son of the Rev. W. N. Hooper, 17, Upper 

Brunswick Place, Brighton. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1806; Monitor, 1806-6; FooiMUr of tht H.B. Boioiiillo Bodaiyukd flnt Sec, 
1864-5 ; BaUiol Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1871 ; M .A. 1878 ; InqMotor of fidkooU, 1878 

T. G. Rooper, Eaq,, The ElmSy High Harrogate, 

Schuster, Xdmimd Yemon, son of S. Schuster, Esq., Weaste Lod^e, 

Pendleton, Manchester. ^r. Middlemisrs) 

Monitor. 1866 ; Trln. OolL Ozf., B.A. 1 Law and Hkt., 1870 ; M JL, 1878 ; held Tarioiu 
CoiadM, 1871-8 ; lUotor of Hsq^ton Dtk, 1879. 

Rev, E, V, Sduttier, HaughUm Dale Rectory, Denton, Manchester. 

Templer, Frederic Gordon, son of J. C. Templer, Esq., Harrow. 


Crioket XL. 1887 ; FootlmU XL. 1866 ; Shooting XL. 1864-6 ; Trin. OolL Oftmb. ; Barrietor 
1872 ; Difltriet Jodge at L*inaoa. 1891. 

F. G. Templer, E$q,, Lamaca^ Cyprus, 

Vyse, Arthur. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Wallace, Stewart, nephew of D. Pyrie, Esq., Lyme Iiodge, Egham. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Wangh, Oilbert William Sennj XazwelL son of Sir A. S. Waugh, 136, 

Westboume Terrace, W. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Enaign 78th Hlghlandart. 1867 ; Lieut.. 1869 ; Capt., 1878. 

BalraBCM !■ Pelbr««ry iset, 

Bethell, William, son of W. F. Bethell, Esq., Rise Park, Hull 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

J. p. and D.L. for E. Riding Yorka. 

W. Bethell, Esq., J. P., as above. 
Bogle, Adam, son of J. Bogle, Esq., Woodside, Torquay. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Lleat. R.B.. 1868 ; Oapt., 1880. 

Pepper, Charles, son of 0)1. C. Pepper, Ballygarth Castle, Drogheda, 

CJo. Meath. (Mr. BuU's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Trin. GolL Ounb.. B.A. 1868; M.A. 187S ; Miy. 6th Batt. Laineter R<«t. ; 
J.r. and D.L. for Co. Meath. High Sheriff, 1887. 

Maj. C. Pepper, J. P., as above. 

Thomson, John Xaitland, son of W. Thomson, Esq., BalgowaiLPertL 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Monitor. 1864-6 ; Trin. Coll. Gamb.. Minor Sohol., 1866 ; Foundation Sdiol., 1867 ; B.A., 
8id Claado. 1870 ; Fellow of Trin. ColL. 1872 ; Member of the Soottidi Bar. 

J. M, Thomson, Esq., The Whim, Lamancha, N.B, 

EBtrmnccs !■ May 1M9. 

Alexander, Hon. Walter Philip, son of the 3rd Earl of Oaledon, Tyrone, 

Ireland. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1864 ; Comet Bojal Scota GTqre, 1869 ; Lieut., 1871 ; A^}., 1875 ; Capt, 1877 ; 
MiO-> 1886. 

Maj. the Hon. W. P. Alexander, Royal Scots Greys. 

Apcar, Seth Thomas, son of T. Apcar, Esq., 13, Eastbourne Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Bulfs) 

Baily, Algernon Christian, son of Q. H. Baily, Esq., Harrow. 


Scholeatie profea ri o n . 

A. C. Baily, Esq., Hazelvoood, lAmptfield, Surrey. 


Bidnes, Qaorge Frederick, son of W. Baines, Esq., 40, Sussex Square, 

Brighton. (Mr. Hams') 

Cli. Cii. Ozf., 1807. 

Baynee, Christopher WillianL son of William J. W. Baynes, Esq., after- 
wards 3ra Bart., Coombe Wood, Kingston Hill, Surrey. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

L«fl BmL 1806 ; Siib-As«Dt, Bank of England, Burlington Gardens, W. 

C. W. Baynes, Esq., 2, Old Burlington Street, W. 

BetU, Xorton Peto, son of E. L. Betts, Esq., Preston Hall, Maidstone. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. CoU. Gamb. ; CirU Bngin«er ; playad for England v. Scotland (Aatoc. FootbaU Team), 

Birlqr, Aipi2Udl| son of C. Birley, Esq., Bartle Hall, Preston. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

M€4 Fob. 1808. 

Boddam, Arthur Tudor, son of Maj. A. Boddam, Kirklington Hall, 

Southwell, Notts. (Mr. Drury's) 

Bnaign Bojal Welah FnaUiore, 1807. 

Boyion, John Alexander, son of J. R Boyson, Esq., Madras. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Criek«fc XI. and FootbaU XL, 1805. 

J, A, Boyson, Esq., Oriental Club, Hanover Square, W. 

Bronghton, Frederic Bobert. son of K. J. P. Broughton, Eso., 10, Dorset 

Square, N.W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1807 ; Monitor, 1807 ; FootbaU XL, 1800 ; G^ina CoU. Camb., Schol., 1808 ; B.A. 
1871 ; M.A. 1874; Curate of Owston Ferry, Linoolnahire, 1871-2; of Wyddial, Herts, 
1872-0 and 1884-9 ; of Bible Hedingbam, Emcz, 1877-84 ; Rector of Wyddial, 1880. 

Rev. F. R. Broughton, Wyddial Rectory, Buntingford, Herts. 

Oordon-Bnff, Thomas Doff, son of Maj. L. D. Gordon-Duff, Drummuir-by- 

Keith, N.B. (Mr. Steel's) 

Trin. CoU. Ozf., B,A. 1871 ; J.P. and D.L. for BanilUiire. 

T. D. Gordon-Dvff, Esq., J. P., as above. 

Onmej, John Henry, son of J. H. Gumey, Esq., M.P., Gatton Hall, 

JNorwich. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Left in 1805 ; J.P. for Norfolk, Higb Sheriff, 1804 ; F.L.S. 

J, H, Gnmey, Esq., J. P., Keswick Hall, Nonoich. 

Haig, Frederick lEontagne, son of Mrs. Haig, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Hayne, William Amherst, son of H. Hayne, Esq., Durham. 

(Mr. H. Watson's) 

Hope-Edwardes, Herbert James, son of T. H. Hope-Edwardes, Esq., 

Netley Hall, Shropshire. (Mr. Harris') 

Left East. 1886 ; Enaign 00th Riflee, 1807 ; retired Hon. Lieat.-Col., 1887. 

Lieut,'Col. H. J. Hopc'-Edioardes, Netley, ^lear Shrewsbury. 

Xnapp, John Oliph Charles, son of M. Knapp, Esq., Little Linford House, 

Newport PagnelL (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Wadham CoU. Ozf., 1807 ; Ch. Coll. Camb., B.A., 1878 ; Curate of Kingsclere, Hants, 
1875-7 ; Rector of Shenlqr, Bucka, 1S77-80. 

Latham, Brereton, son of A. G. Latham, Esq., 24, Cross Street, Manchester. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Lock, Bobert, son of W. Lock, Esq., Lansdown House, Tenby. 

(Mr. Drury's) 


Lomax, Henry Jofhna, son of R. Lomax, Esq., Uarewood, near Bolton, 

I^ncashire. (Home-Boarder) 

Left MklA. 18«4 ; Tria. OtU. Canib., B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1875 ; beld rtiooM Cnndm, 1872-80 ; 
Vioar of Stokt Ooldiag, LeioMtenhire, 1880 ; of Rid|puoiint, B«d«, 1892. 

Rev. H. J. LouKu-f Rulgmouut Vieartiffe, Bletehley. 

Luard, Thomai Inglis, son of the Rev. T. G. Luard, Stansted Vicarage, 

Bishop Stortford (Mr. Butler i>) 

Wadham CoU. Ozf., B.A. 1873; M.A. 1877 ; Ciuata of Idwiaitoir*, Notu, 1874-0; Per- 
peiiuU Cnrmte of Parlatborpo. NotU, 1870-87. 

Rev. T. L Luard, 22, Crouch Street, Colchester. 

Xackenzie, Allan Bnssell, son of J. T. Mackenzie. Esq., created a Bart. 

1880, Surrey House, Hyde P^rk Place, W. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Left in 1807 ; aooMtiiiM in the Royal Hoxw Gnarda ; J.P. and D.L. for Boa-ihira ; one of 
the Queen's Bodyguard for Scotland ; sncoeeded aa 2nd Bart., 1890. 

Sir Allan Mackenzie, Ikirt,, GUn Muick, Aberdeenshire, 

XathewB, Emett, son of J. H. Mathews, Esq., 3, Highbury Orange, N. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Cricket XI., 1800; B.X.C. Ozf., RA. 1800; M.A. 1871; O.U. Cnekei XL, 1808-9; Bar- 
riaUr, 1871. 

Xaimsell, George Jolin, son of G. AV. Maunsell, Esq., 10, Merrion Square, 

Dublin. (Mr. Steel's) 

Michell, John, son of J. Micheli, Esq., Forcett Park, Darlington. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 
Part, Charlee Thomai, son of T. Part, Esq., Astley Hall, Chorley, Lan- 
cashire. (Mr. West€otts') 

Left in 1860 ; Trin. Coll. CUub., B.A. 1870 ; Baniater ; J.P. for Herta. 

C. T. Party Emi., J.P., Aldenham Lodge, Radlett, St. Albans. 
Peareth, Henry John, son of Mrs. Peareth, Acton. (Mr. Harris') 

Comet Oih Inniekilling Dragoona, 1808 ; Lient. 1870 ; retired 1877 ; J.P. for Heiefordahire. 

y/. J. Peareth, Esq., J. P., Hanntead House, St. Albatts, 

Postle, John Seaman, son of W. Postle Esq., Smallburgh Hall. Norwich. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Died in 1892. 

Beid, Frandt Xaude, son of W. Reid, Esq., The Node, Welwyn, Herts. 

(Mr. Steers) 

Left Dec. 1805 ; Snaiicn 7Ut (Highland) L.I., 1808 ; Lient., 1870 ; Inairactor of Mnaketry, 
1S70-8 ; Gapt., 1878 ; MiO- i^^ ; A^J. of Aux. Foroee, 1884^ 

Maj. F. M. Reid, Ist BaH. Highland L.L 

St. John, Hon. Edmund Tudor, son of the 14th Baron St. John, Melch- 

boume, Higham Ferrers. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. CoU. Cknib.. B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1875 ; Curate of KetUrins and BocUeton ; Incumbent 
of Kincardine O'NeU, Aberdeenshire ; Rector of Bletaoe, Bedfoid, 1881. Died in 1S$4. 

Stancomb, John Frederick, son of J. P. Stancomb, Esq., The Prosi>ect, 

Trowbridge, Wilts. (Mr. WestcottVs) 

Left Mida. 1805 ; Caiua Coll. Canib.. B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 187S ; Barri«t«r, 1878 ; Lieut. Royal 
WUte Yeo. Cav., 1892. 

J. F. Stancomb, Esq., Shcao House, MtUcsham, WilU, 

Snrtees, Anthony, son of R. S. Surtees, Esq., Hamsterley HaU, Gateshead. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Left Dec. 1805 ; C.CC. Ozf., 1807. Died Mar. 17th, 1871. 

Trotter, John Oswald, son of R. Trotter, Esq., Morton HaU, Liberton, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Williams, Edward Xannsell, son of J. Williams, Esq., Scorrier House, 

Ck)niwalL (Mr. Drury*s) 


BBCniBC«« In September IMS. 

Andenon, Frederick William Reynolds, son of Sir G. W. Anderson, 

K.C.B., 99, Westboume Terrace, W. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Arkwright) Cbarlee Eyelyn, son of the Rev. H. Arkwright, Bodenham 

Vicarage, Leominster. (^f r. Butler's) 

Limt. 17th Lftooen, 1871. 

C, E. Arkwright, Esq., 14, Beaufort Garden$, S, W, 

Baynee, Donald Stnart, son of William J. W. Baynes, Esq., aften^ards 

3rd Bart., Coombe Wood, Kingston. (Mr. Butler's) 

CivU Bngineer. . 

Bellingham, William Claypon, son of Sir A. E. Bellinfflmm, 3rd Bart., 

Castle Bellingham, Ireland. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Trin. Coll. Ounb., B.A. 1809 ; M.A. 1878 ; onlained, 1872 ; Incmubent of Wigton. Carlow, 
1874>86 : of Kiiaamn, 1886. 

Rev, W. C. Bellingham, KiUaran, Co. Aitna^h. 

Berefford, Lord Karcmi Talbot De la Poer, son of the 4th Marquess of 

Waterford, Curraghmore, Waterford. (Mr. Steel's) 

Soiueiimo Lient. 12th Lanoen and 7th Huaaan ; A.D.C. to Lord Lieat. of Ii-eland, 1874-6 ; 
ratired, 1870 ; has been OflBdal Storter to the Jockey Club. 

Lord Marcus Beresfonl, 10, Mandeville Place, Manchester' Square, W. 

BeTaa, Boland York, son of H. C. L. Bevan, Esq., 54, Lombard Street, E.C. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

Butler, Lord Jamee Hubert Henry Thomas, son of the 2nd Marouess 

of Ormonde, Kilkenny Castle. (Mr. Butler's) 

Cricket XI., 1862 ; eometime of the 9th Lanoen. Died Apr. 17tb, 1800. 

Cardwell, William Alexander, son of T. Cardwell, Esq., 8, Upper Hjrde 

Park Garaens, W. (Mr. Harris') 

St. John's Coll. Ozf., 1868. 

Chaplin, Ernest, son of the Rev. H. Chaplin, Blankney UalL Sleaford. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Engaged in bneincn in London. 

E, Chaplin, Esq., 24, Chester Street, Bel grave Square, S.W. 
Coote, Cbarlee Purdon, son of C. P. Coote, Esq. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 186S ; Trin. Coll. Dnbl. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Cork ; Gentleman Usher to the Lord- 
Lient. of Ireland. Bird in 1898. 

Cumberlege, Edward, son of C. N. Cumberlege, Esq., Hendon Hall, 

Hendon. (Mr. Oxenhani's) 

Left Dec. 1866 ; Joined the 5l8t L.I., 1867 ; retired (ill) 1874. 

E, Cumberlege, E«q., 24, Princess Gardejis, S.W, 

Dalrymple, Hon. John Hew North Gustaye Henry, son of Viscount Dal- 

rymple, afterwards 10th Earl of Stair, Culhorn House, 
Stranraer, N.B. (Mr. Harris') 

Left I)eo. 1866; Viscount Dalrymple, 1864 ; B.A. Camb., 1869 ; Comet Boyal Horse Giianls, 
1870 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Capt., 18(9 ; M^). (retired), 1885 ; A.D.C. to Gov. of Madras. 1880. 

Lard Dalrymple, Oxenford Castle, Dalkeith, N.B. 

Dalrymple-Hay, William Archibald, son of Admiral the Rt. Hon. Sir 

John Dalrymple-Hay, 3rd Bart., Harrow. 


Cleric in the Treasury since 1874. 

W, A, Dalrymple-Hay, Esq., Treasury, Whitehall, S.W, 


Davidson, TUndall Thomai, son of U. Davidson, Esq., Muirhouse, near 

Edinburgh. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Left MkU. 1867 ; Monitor, 180O>7 ; Tria. CoD. 0x1, BJL 1871 ; M JL 1875 ; D.D. 1890 ; 
CunU of Dutford, 1874-7; Cbaapi. to Arehbp. (TUi) of OuitOTboir. 1877-82; to 
Arobbp. (BiiMoa) of Ouitcrbiuy, lHS-8 ; Daui of windKir, and Damaame Chftid. to the 
QiMCD. 1888^1 ; TnwtM of the British If vacvai, 18S4 ; F«llow and Member of the 
OoTciBiBf Body of Bton OoU., 1887 ; of WelliBitoii CoU., 1880; Bidiop of Roebeeter, 
and Ckrk of the Cloeei to the Qiie«i, 1881. 

The Lard Biihop of Rochester, Biskop^s House, KemdngUm Park, SJ:. 
Gray, Xelville Jamaton, son of G. Gray, Esq., Perth. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Gwyer, Oedl Fraadi, son of S. K. Gwyer, Esq., St Petersburg. 

(Mr. A. Watson's) 

Hartley, John Thorneycroft, son of J. Hartley, Esq., Tong Castle, 

ShifnaL (Mr. Harris') 

Left Dee. 1888 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf ., B.A. 1870 ; M.A. 1874 ; O.U. Tnmie Player, IXmbke, 1870 ; 
C^unploB Lawn Tennia Player, 1879-80 ; Cmmte of Ch. Ch., Sovthwaik, 1872-4 ; Vioar 
of BonMetoo, 1874. 

Rev. J. T. Harileify Burneston Viearoffey Bedale, Torki. 

Homing, Philip Henry, son of D. Homing, Esq., Grabble House, Dover. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Holmoo, John Bancroft son of W. S. Holmes, Esq., Gawdy Hall, Harleston, 

Norfolk. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Mid*. 1888 ; FootbaU XL. 1885 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1880; M.A. 1874 ; J.P. and 
D.L. for Norfolk and Soflblk ; C.C. for Norfolk ; Oa|ii. Norfolk Art. Militia. 

J. S. Holmes, Esq., J.P.^ as aboffe^ 

Lefiroy, Clement Ooorge, son of C. K Lefroy, Esq., Ewshot House, Surrey. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Shooting XL, 1884 ; 2Dd Baekei PUyer, 1888 ; Cb. Ch. Ozf., 1880 ; BarriaUr, 1878. 

Maxjorihanki, Edward, son of Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, Esq., M.P. 

who was created Baron Tweedmouth 1881, 29, Upi>er 
Brook Street, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

I eft Dec 1888 ; Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1888 ; Barrister, 1874 ; M.P. fbr Berwiokahire. 1880-94 ; 
P.C, 1886; ComntroUer of H.M.'i Uooaehold, 1886; Pfttroaage Sec to the Treaaary, 
18(«2-4 : aacoeeded as 2Dd Baron, 1804 ; Lord Priry Seal, 1804 ; D.L. for Berwickahire, 
and J.r. for Berwidiahire and InTerae«<ahire. 

Lord Tteeedmouth, Brook House, Park Lane, W. 

Money, Walter Baptist, son of the Rev. J. D. Money, Femside, Tunbridge 

Wells. (Mr. Bradb/s) 

Left Mida. 1887; Monitor, 1887; Cricket XL, 1865-7; Oa|it., 1887; Football XL, 18664; 
Trin. Coa Camb., B.A. 1870; M.A. 1885; C.U. Cricket XL, 1888.71; Caot., 1870; 
C.U. Backet Pkiyer, Bingke and Donbke, 1809 ; held Tariona Gnxaeiee, 187142 ; Boetor 
of Weybridge, ISSfi. 

Rec. W, B, Money, Vigo House, Wegbridge. 

Moore, Richard St LM^er, son of K Moore, Esq., Killashee, Naas, Co. 

Kildare. (Mr. Yaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Comet 9th LanoenL 1867 ; sometime in 12th Lancers ; Gapt. 5th Lancers, 
1875 ; i«tired, 1881 ; J.P., Co. Kildare ; M.F.H., Kildatv. 

Major R. St Leger Moore, <u above. 

Keale, Henry St John, son of Lieut-CoL Neale, Japan. (Mr. Oxenham*s) 

Keeld, Audley Dallas, son of Sir John Neeld, 1st Bart, M.P., Qrittleton 

House, Chippenham. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1887 ; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1870 ; Comet and Snb-Lieiit. 2Dd Life Gnarda, 1871 ; 
Uent., 1871 ; Capt., 1881 ; Mis|., 1887. 

Major A. D. Neeld, 2nd Ufe Q\iards. 
"Pawgon, Arthnr, son of J. F. Fawson, Esq., Mill Hill, Hendon. (Mr. BulPs) 

Sept. 18fi8.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 299 

JPwUTMy Coano Brioa, son of H. Pearse, Esq., Anningsley Fftrk, Chertsey. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

XBrifB tad Lifloi. Oi«Mdi«r QtMuds, 1808 ; IJent. and CaiiC, 1870 ; a«nmed the additional 
■unaiM of Tbonpton, 1874. 

CapL C. B. Pear§&'TKomp9onj 3, Brunswick Place, Have, Brightoru 

PMffie, SniMt CharlM, brother of the above. (Mr. Steel's) 

MUumiy 8iil]iqr> son of the Bishop of Norwich, The Palace, Norwich. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

Left UUm, 1806: Monitor, 1866^; Cricket XI., 1867-8, Gapt., 1888; Magd. Ck>U. Oxf., 
B.A. 1878; M.A. 1875 ; O.U. Cricket XL, 1871 : Curate of Btalbridge, &>Tset, 1878 ; of 
BedffibaU, Norfolk, 1874^ ; Vioar of St. Peter, Mancroft, Norwich, 1878>81. 

Rev, S. Pelhaniy The PcUuce, Norwich, 

Philipty Fnmcil Kaitland, son of H. I^ Philips, Esq., 21, Clifton Terrace, 

Brighton. (Mr. Butler's) 

Merlon CoU. Ozf., 1868 ; Lient. Soota Greys, 1872. 

JPlace, Seginald Bailer, son of F. W. Place, Esq., 8, Devonport Street, W. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

Left Deo. 1866 ; Lient. R.H.A., 1869. Died at Morar, East Indies, May 17tb, 1878. 

Potter, ThomM Ashton, son of T. B. Potter, Esq., M.P., Bulle Hill, 

Manchester. (Mr. Hayward's) 

Meiton Con. Ozt, B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1874. Died 

Potti, Robert Hutton, son of R H. Potts, Esq., Ueaton Hall. Newcastle. 

(Mr. Button's) 

St. John's CoU. Oamb., B.A. 1871 ; held rarious Curacies, 1871-5. 

Pownall, Robert Alfred, son of R. E. Pownall, Esq., 19, Upper Hamilton 

Terrace, N.W. (Mr. Dniry's) 

Left Dee. 1866; uassed all Incorporated Ijtw Society's Exams, and snbeequently held 
appointmeiits in Lord Chamberlain's Office and Uonse of Commons. 

R. A, Pownall, Esq., 20, Harcourt Terrace, S.W. 

Jteynard, John Oeorge, son of G. H. Reynard, Esq., Whitehill Hall, 

Qiester le Street, Durham. (Mr. Steel's) 

Comet 12th Lanosrs, 1869 ; Lient., 1871 ; assumed the additional surname of Cookson. 
Died in 1876. 

Eippingall, Floraace Thomas Stephen, nephew of C. F. Young, Esq., 

Wandsworth. (Mr. Bull's) 

Soydi, Emeet Xdmnnd Xolynenz, son of W. E. Eoyds, Esq., Greenhill, 

Rochdale. (Mr. Harris') 

Bnssell, Hon. George William Gilbert, son of the 1st Earl Russell, 

Pembroke Lodge, Richmond. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Trin. CoU. Camb., BJL 1871 ; Lieut. 9th Lancers, retired, 1875. 

Shand, Francis, son of F. Shand, Esq., AVoolton Wood, Liverpool. 

(Mr. Middlemist'a) 

aX.C. Oxf., 1867. 

Smith, Charlee Jolin, son of E. J. Smith, Esq., 74, Avenue Road, N.W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Crieket XI., 1866>7 ; FoothaU XI., 1866 ; sometime a partner in the firm of Smith k Gore, 
16, Whitehall IHaoe, S.W. 

Smith, PereiTaL son of the Rev. T. Smith, Harborne, Birmingham. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Steeds, William Edward, son of S. Steeds, Esq., Norton Down, Stratton- 

on-tne-Foss, Bath. (Mr. Oxenham's) 


Stewart-lCackeniie, Junes Alexander Francii Hnmbenton, son of 

K. Stewart-Mackenzie, Esq., of S^orth, Brahan 
Castle, Conon Bridge, N.B. (>Ir. Butler's) 

lAit in 1866 ; Comet 9th lAOomrt, 1887 ; Ueut., 1R70 ; Gapt, 1870 ; BraT..lfiy., 1881 ; Miy.. 
1881 ; Mrrad tbrooab tb* Afghan War. 187»«) ; la Bamar VaU^ as a Volnnteer ; 
Expedition to Maidan ; action of KilU Oaxi, brought the rasinMnt out of action, 
wounded and hone shut under hini ; iireeent at enhMqnent ojpatimoos round Kabul and 
Bherpur ; maroh from Kabul to relief of Kandahar, battle of^lat September, mentioned 
in dee p atchee, Lomdtm OtuetU 4th Mar and 8rd December, 1880 ; Brer, of Mis|., medal, 
two daqie, and brunae sUr ; Lieut -C^l. commanding 0th Laaoen. 

Lieut'Col. J, A. F. H, Stewart-Mcuikenzie, ofSeaforthj (u above, 

Thompson, Oeorge Holdforth, son of Q. K Thompson, Esq., The Grove. 

Allerton, Liverpool (Mr. Steel's) 

Tottenham, Francis, son of Mrs. Tottenham, Rochfort, Mullin^r, West- 

meath. (Mr. \aughan's) 

Tottie, Oscar Joseph, son of AV. Tottie, Esq., ll, Cleveland Square, \V. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

Left East. 1800 ; Gaiua Coll. Gamb., a A. 1872. Mcd in 1879. 

Walford, Frederick Arthur, son of E. Walford, Esq., 32, Craven Uill 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Walker, Alfred, son of J. Walker, Esq., Terrington, Lynn. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Wall, William Henry, son of W. H. Wall, Esq., Pembury, Kent 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Williams, Thomas Bellingham Coomhes, son of T. C. Williams, K<u]., 

Croydon. (Mr. Butler's) 

Jeeus Coll. Camb., B.A. 1872 ; Curate of Gate Helnisley, York, 1874. Mrd 

BatrmBces 1b JaBsary ISSS. 

Allfrey, Gerald lEowbra^, son of K. Allfrey, Esq., Wokefield Park, 

Heading. (Mr. Hams') 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., 1807. 

6\ Jf. Allfirt/, E$q.y The Barofn$, EaH Twickenham, 

Bagwell, William, son of J. Bagwell, Esq., M.P., Marlfield, Clonmel, 

Ireland. (Mr. Steel's) 

Lieut. RiHe Brigade, 1871. 

W, Bagwell, Ebq., EaH Ferry, Ballhiacurra, Co, Cork, 

Bailey, Richard Crawshay, son of J. C. Bailey, Esq., Easton Court, 

Tenbury, Worcestershire. (Mr. Oxenliam's) 

UniT. CoU. Ozf., 18(*8 ; RA., Charsley Hall. 1872. 

Baily, Edward Peter, son of G. U. Baily, Esq., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left MidA. 1871 ; Monitor, 1870-71 ; Cricket XL, 1809-71 ; Cant., 1871 ; Football. XL. 1870: 
Shooting XL, 1870; Schol. and Priaeman of Oaiua CulL Camb.. B.A. 1875; C.U. 
CricketXL, 1872-4 ; Trial Bighte, 187S ; Head Maater of PriraU Prapamtoiy School. 

E, P, Baily, Esq,, Hazelvy>od, Limpsfield, Surr^, 

Bentley, Robert, son of R. J. Bentley, Esq., West House, Rotherham. 

(Mr. H. Watson's) 

J.P. for Nott*. ; J.P. and D.L. for W. Bidinjr, Yorkt, Died in 1890. 

Bolding, John James, son of J. P. Bolding, Esq., Upland Lodge, Reading. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Bowles, Charles Eyre Bradshaw, son of the Rev. C. B. Bowles, M^'okin^ 

Vicarage, Surrey. (Mr. Vauglian's) 

Left East. 1800 ; Exeter CoU. Oxf.. B.A. U73 ; M.A. 1875. 

C. E, B, BowUs, E$q,, Abney Manor, rid Sheffield. 

Jah. laea] henry mostagu butler. 301 

BrowB, Qaorge Thonuw Gilpin, son of Q. G. Brown, £sq., Sedbury P^rk, 

Richmond, Yorks. (Mr. Butler's) 

Xi^ OoU. Oxf . ; J.P. ; Kmi^timo Coniei Torka. Yeo. Cav. 

G» T. Gilpin BrowHy Enj,, <u above, 

BroWB, Willimm Hflnrj, son of W. Brown, Esq., Brookfield House, Stour- 
bridge. (Mr. Middlemist*8) 

Brownie, John Dillon, son of CoL D. Brown, Charlton Barrow, Blandford. 

(Mr. HendaU's) 

■Ddgn 100th lUgt, 186S ; Lient., 1871. 

Bnmett, Percy Charles, son of R. Burnett, Esq., Pointers, Cobham. 

(Mr. RendalFs) 

Camphell, Archihald John, son of the Rev. A. K Campbell, Aston Rectory, 

Rotherham. (Mr. Butler's) 

Ch. Cb. Oxf., 187a 

Clongh-Tajlor, Edward Harrison, son of R CJlough-Taylor, Esq., Kirk- 
ham Abbey, "^ orks. (Mr. Steel's) 

Laft in 1800 : Sbootinv XL. 1806 ; Eiuiim Royal Welsh Fnsilien, 1808 ; Capt., 1880 ; M^., 
1884 ; A.D.C. to Vloeruy of India, 1881-5. 

Afqj, E, H, CUmgh-Taylor, Natal and MUitary Club, W. 

Odes, Frederic William, son of R. C. Coles, £^., Stamford Hill, 

Middlesex. (Mr. Harris') 

Cotton, Willonghbj Charles, son of IJeut-(JoL Cotton, 7.% Eccleston 

Square, S.W. (Mr. Farrar's) 

OoziMi lat Royal Dragooss, 1807. 

Cowan, John Howard Campbell, son of R. Cowan, Esq., 9, Carton Terrace, 

Edinburgh. (Mr. Steel's) 

Cross, Alfired, son of T. Cross, Esq., Armathwaite Hall, Cockermouth. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Corson, Edward Forres Soper, son of the Hon. C. H. R Curzon, Tooting. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; BairiitoT, 1871. 
E. P, Roper Curzon, Eifq., NorbiUm Place, KingttoH'On-ThaiHes. 

Denny, Cothbert CoUinrwood, son of A. C. C. Denny, Esq., Canons, 

Mitcnam. (Mr. tfayward's) 

Left Midi. 1880; Trin. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1809; M.A. I$73 ; Uetxt. 17th Leioeiitenbiro 
B«gt., x«tir«d 1870. 

C. C. Denny, Esq., 15, Cambridgf Road, Brighton, 

Donlop, William James Skefflngton, son of R. F. Dunlop, Esq., Monaster- 

boice House, CJollon, Ireland. (Mr. Butler's) 

SoBMiisM Ucat R.B. Mrd in 1871. 

€kurftt, Francis Boyd, son of T. Garfit, Esq., Boston, lincolnshire. 

(Mr. Rendalls) 

BsaigD 07th Bflgti., 1008; Lient., 1871 ; Oaiit. 2nd Batt. Hamiwhire Regt., 1878 ; MiO-> l^^O ; 
■snred in the Afghan War, ni«cUl, 1879-80. 

Hathaway, Arthor James Porris, son of A. Hathaway, Esq., Bellary, 

Madras. (Home-Boarder) 

Hayes, John Beanchamp, son of the Rev. Sir John W. Hayes, ard Bart, 

Arborfield Rectorj*, Reading. (Mr. Oxenhani's) 

Oapt. 12th Lancen ; Oi|it. ReMrre of Offioen ; U«at. Oxf. Yeo. Oav. 
J. B. Haye9, Esq., Junifjr Carlton Club, S, W. 

Heath, AmMte John, son of R. A. Heath, Esq., afterwards 2nd Baron 

Heath, CooiuIkj lAiie, (LVoydon. (Mr. 8tecr.<) 

Left Hida. 1807 ; atiooeeded as Sixl Baron, 18S2. 

Baron Jleath, Coombe Houm, Croydon, 


Hentj, Charles PereiTal, son of Q. Uenty, Esq., Northlands, Chichester. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Capi. and Hon. M^. Boms M Uitia, 188L 

Jenkins, Edward Bojoott, son of £. Jenkins, Esq., Calcutta. (Mr. Harris) 

Ch. Ch. Osf., BJL 187S ; BarriaUr, 1874. 

Johnson, Henrj, son of Mrs. Johnson, Northgate, Bury St Edmonds. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Lindsay, William Stewart, son of W. S. Lindsay, Esq., M.P., Manor 

House, Shepperton. (Mr. Farrar's) 

XcTareu^, William Belli son of W. McTaggart, Esq., of Wifftonshire and 

Madras. (Mr. Drury's) 

Ijah Baai. 1887 ; Ooraal 14th Hiuhub, 1808 ; Litvi.. 1870 ; Oapi., 1878 ; raUxad. 1879. 
Capi. W, B. McTaggart, Naval and Militory Qub, W. 

Xahon, Thomas Oeorge Stacpoole, son of C. Mahon, Esq., of Corbaily. 

(Mr. A. Watson's) 

Left. Mida. 1887 ; Monitor, 1867 ; Trin. Coa Oxf., BJk. 1871 ; BaniatOT. 1878 ; J.P. and 
D.L. for Go. Clare, High SliarUr, 1880. 

r. G. S. Mahon, Ewq., J.P., CorhaUy, Quin, Co. CUtrt, Irtkmd. 

Ord, Biehard, son of M. Ord, Esq., Sands Hall, Sedgefield, Ferry Hill, 

Durham. (Mr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1887-8 ; Football XI., 1887 ; Balliol CoU., Oxf.. B.A. and MJL 1870; Baniatar, 
1874 ; J.P. for Dnrbam. 

R. Ordy Eiq., J.P., (U above. 

Osbom, Arthur Edward Danyers, son of Sir Ceorge Osbom, Gth Bart, 

Chicksands Priory, Shefford, Biggleswade. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. GoU. Gamb., a A. 1870 ; CoraU of Rnabdan, Nortbanta, 187&-8 ; Vimr of Haynea. 
Bada, 1878-88. Mc« Mar. 2nd, 1888. 

Petlej, Francis Woodgate, son of C. R C. F^tley, Esq., Riverhead, 

Sevenoaks. (Mr. Harris*) 

Merton GoU. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1888. Mc4 Apr. Slat, 1877. 

Fleydell-BouYerie, Walter, son of the Rt Hon. E. Fleydell-Bouverie, M.P., 

44, Wilton Crescent, S.W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Laft Kaat. 1888 ; J.P. and G.G. for WUta. 

W. Pleydsll-Boureriej E$q.y J,P.y Manor House, Market Lavmgton, Wilts. 

Potts, Lipton Camming, son of L. H. Potts, Esq., Firby Hall, Bedale. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

I^t Eaat. 1864 ; Bniri|an 80tb Regt.. 1889 ; Mi^* 18^ : RcMrra of Ofltoart, 1885 ; aarrad in 
tba 8. African War, Diatriot A^}. of Tianaraal during opaimtioaa againat Saknlniini, 
1878-9 ; in Zulu Gampaign and prvMot at BatUa of Ulundi, madal with «laq> for 1878-9. 

Mqj. L. C. Potts, 5, Roxborough Park, Harrcw, 

Prior, Edward Schroder, son of J. V. Prior, Esq., Harrow. 

(Home-Boarder and Mr. Hutton's) 

Left Midi. 1870 ; Monitor. 1868-70 ; Oaina GoU. Gamb., B.A. 1875 ; MJL 1878 ; Axvbitact ; 
Leetorar at tba Bdinboigb Ait Gongreai, 1889. 

E, S. Prior, Esq., Bridgefoot House, Tver, Budcs. 

Reynard, Frederick, son of K H. Reynard, Esq., Sunderlandwick, 

Driffield. (Mr.- Steel's) 

Left Deo. 1888 ; J.P. for B. and W. Torlu. ; aometima 0a|it. B. Toik Militia. 

F, Reynard, Eiiq., J, P., as above. 

Richardson, John Topham, son of G. G. Richardson, Esq., Garlands, 

RedhiU, Surrey. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1888 ; Hop Mexobant. 

J. T. Richardson, Esq,, Hilton Lodge, Reigate, Surrejf. 

Afb. 1863.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 30$ 

StophensOBi Vtailk, son of Sir Rowland M. Stephenson, 72, I^ncaster 

Gate, W. (Mr. Harris*) 

Ltfl Dm. 1806 ; CItU BngiMor. Dl«d at Lncknow in 1871. 

Xidfwen, Alfred FhilUpi, son of B. K. Tidswell, Esq., Birkdale, South- 

port, Lancashire. (Mr. Mutton's) 

Lrft MUta. 1866; 8ottdtor, 187L 

A, P, TidwxH, Esq., Southefid-onSea, 
Wagndin, Oedl, son of T. M. Weguelin, Esq., M.P. (Mr. Butler's) 

■■tnuicM iH Febnuurj IMS. 

Campbell, Donald Charlee Douglas, son of Capt. CampbeU, R.N., Bar- 

breck House, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

M«d btlwMii 1878 and 1801. 

XacUiitosh, Alexander JSneas, son of Alexander Mackintosh, Esq., of 

Mackintosh, Dunachton House, Inverness. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Th« MMfcintorii ; Chief of tb* CUn Cbattan. IMed in 1875. 

Wedge, John Jaoques, son of the Rev. J. J. Wedge, Willenhall, Coventry. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

J<^n«d 10th R«gt. DlMl from an aoddent at Yokohama, Japan, Got. 1870. 

BBlraBMs iH AprU IStS. 

Beachoroft, Charles Seward, son of R. Beachcroft, Esq., Harrow. 


P«nlm»k« Colt Ozf., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1878 ; held variona Curacies, 1876^ ; Cnrate to the 
Harrow Miaaion, 18864 ; Vicar of Arreton, I. of W., 1888>91 ; Coxate St. Thomaa-in-lhe 
Mooia, BakaU Heath, 1891. 

Rev, C. 8, Beachcroftf St, Thonunh-m-the'Jfoot'Bf Moseley, Birmingham. 

Beaumont, William Spencer, son of J. A. Beaumont, Esq., Wimbledon 

P&rk House, Wimbledon. (Mr. Drury's) 

Boyle, James, son of Capt Boyle, R.N., 38, Prince's Gate, S.W. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Branton-Day, Balph, son of T. D. Branton-Day, Esq., Micklefield House, 

Rickmansworth. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Lift BMt. 1800 ; J.P. for HerU, 1879. 

R, Branton-Day, Esq,^ J,P.t Great Sarratt Hall, Rickmansworth, 

Bray, Bennald James, son of J. Bray, Esq., Fyrgo Fftrk, Romford. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Brooghton, Henry XUis, son of R. J. P. Broughton, Esq., 10, Dorset 

Square, N.W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Left in 1808 ; Odna ColL Oamh., B.A. 1871 ; M Jl. 1874 ; CuraU of Polebrook, Northante, 
1872-6 ; Vioar of Hnggkicote, 1889. 

Rev, H, E, Brftughton, Hugglescote Vicarage, Ashby-de-la-Zouche, 

Colthnrst, Oeonre St. John, son of Sir George C. Colthurst, 5th Bart., 

36, WUton Crescent, S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Formerlj Lieut. iSid L.I. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Cork ; encoeeded as 0th Bart, 1878. 
Sir George St, John Colthurst, Bart., Ardrum, Inniscarra, Co. Cork. 

Cooper, Philip William, son of W. Cooi)er, Esq., Failand House, Failand, 

Bristol. (!^lr. Steel's) 


Benyj, Francis Charles SdwarcL son of Sir George Denys, 2iid Bart., 

Dray cot t Hall, Richmond, Yorks, (Mr. Butler's) 

Entered Diplonmtic Serrioe, 1871 ; 1st 8eo., 1887 ; Sec. of Legation at Copenhagen and 
Mexico ; racceeded as 8rd Bart., 1881. 

Sir Francis C, E, Denys^ Bartf as above. 

Dew, Albert George, 8tei)8on of C. Finch, Esq., Bemerton Lodge, Salisbury. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Digby, Hon. AlmaarTU Kenelm, 8on of the Oth Baron Di^by, Minteme 

House, Porchester. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

J.r. for Somerwt. Died Dec. 13th, 1880. 

Downe, Edwin Henry. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Ensign 7Si^ Pefit., 1807. 

Dunn, Henry Walter, son of K. D. Dunn, Esq., Heath, Wakefield. 

(Mr. Buirs) 

Ely, John Henry Wellington Graham, Marquess of, son of the 3rd 

Mar<]ues8 of Ely. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Merton a>ll. Oxf ., 180U ; saooeeded aa 4th Maniueie, 1857. IM«dl at Nice, Apr. 4th, 1880. 

Eykyn, John Henry, son of J. Eykyn, Es<|., Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left in \666 ; avil En(;iceer. Died in Madeira, May 12th, 1885. 

Finzel, Francis Edward, wn of C. W. Finzel, Esq., Frankfort Hall, 

Clevedon. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Gifford, Hon. Edric Frederick, son of the 2nd Baron Gifford, Ampley 

Park, Cirencester. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Ensign 67th Bef^t., IStVO; LieaU, 1870; Cant., 1876; Mi^. Middlewz Regt., retired, ISSO: 
scrred in Ashanti Exiwdition, medal with clasp and V.C, 1878-4 ; in Znla War, medAl 
with clasp, 1870 ; was on Staif of 8ir Garnet Wolseley, Oot. of Natal, 1874 and 1870-v^ ; 
Colonial 8ec fur W. Australia, and Senior Member of liCgislatiTe Council, 1880 : Colonul 
Sec. of Gibraltar and of the Leewattl Islandu, and Island Sec. of Antigua, 1888 ; succeeded 
as Srd Baron 1872. 

Lord Gifford, r.C, CarlUm Club, 8, W. 

Heberden, Charles Bnller, son of the Kev. W. Heberden. Broadhembury 

Vicarage, Honiton. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Dec. 1807 ; Monitt»r. 18<i5.7 ; IJalliol Coll. Oxf., Exhibitioner, 1868 ; 1 CI. Mod., 1860 ; 
BJ^., 1 CI., 1872 ; M.A. 1874 ; Fellow of B.N.C., 1872-80; Principal of B.N.C., I88fl. 

C. B, Heberden, Enq., B.XC, Oxford. 

Hemsworth, Beigamin, son of B. Hemaworth, Esq., Monk Fryston Hall, 

Milford Junction, Yorks. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Jesus Coll. Camb., M.A. ; J. P. for W. Riding, Yorka 

B, Hfiimtcorth, Esq., as above. 

Hoare, Henry Seymour, son of H. J. Hoare, Esq., Morden, Torquay. 

(Mr. karris') 

Monitor, 1866-8 ; Cricket XL, 1868 ; New Coll. Oxf., ExhibiUoner, 1808 ; B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 

Holland, Edward Lancelot, son of H. I^ Holland, Esq., Belvedere, 

Wimbledon. (Mr. Reudall's) 

left Mids. 1867; Univ. Con. Oxf., B.A. 1870; M.A. 1875; Solicitor, England, 1874; 
Solicitor and Barrister of New Zealand, 1880 ; of Queensland, 1884. 

E, L. Holland, Blsq,, Park Place, Eltham. 

Jackson, Lonis Henry Cecil, son of L. S. Jackson, Esq., Calcutta. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Exeter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1870 ; Barrister, 1872. 

L. H. C Jacl'sati, Esq., 3, Dr. Johnstons Buildings, Temple, E.C, 

Jekyll, Walter, son of K J. H. JekylL Rsq., Bramley House, Guildford. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1S75 ; Curate of Heydon, B«ez, 1874-7 ; Minor Canon 
of Worcester, 1877-0 ; Chapl. at MalU, 1879. 

Rev, W. Jekyll J Munstead, Oodalmtng, 


urtnTi Fraadfl. son of F. Kearsey, Esq., Burstow Hall, Surrey. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. and S.G.L. 1871 ; Solicitor. Died in 1888. 

(Ice, Balph, son of R. M. Leeke, Esq., Longford Hall, Newport, Salop. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

Ltd in 1807 ; Ch. Ob. Oxf. ; Biigign and Lieat. Grenadier Goards, 1870 ; Lieut, and Capt. 
187S ; Capt. and Lient.-Col., 1880 ; MiO- uid Lient.*Col., 1885 ; Col., 1889 ; A.p., 18M). 

CoU R, Leekey as above, 
gOT, Edward Anriol, son of J. P. Magor, Esq., Bodmin. (Mr. RendalFs) 

Left Midn. 1868 ; B.N.C. Oxf., RA. 1872 ; H.A. 1875 ; J. P. for ComwaU. Died Jul. 17th, 

Itby, Francis Grant, son of F. N. Maltby, Esq., Harrow. 


kUdslay, Alfred PerciTal, son of J. Maudslay, Esq., 21, Hyde Park 

Square, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

SlMwting XI., 1867 ; Trin. Hall Canib. 

A, P, Maudslcuf, Esq., 11 and 1^, Park Lane, W, 
on, John, son of J. Penn, Esq., The Cedars, Lee. (Mr. Farrar*s) 

Trin. CoU. Gamb. ; Marine Engineer ; H.P. for Lewi«ham, 1891- . 

John Pemi, Esq., M,P., 22, Carlton House Terrace^ 8.W, 

ilpot, John Gk)ld, son of J. Philpot, Esq., 20, Montagu Street, Russell 

Square, W.C. (Mr. Drury's) 

B.N.C. Oxf., 1868 ; Barrister, 1877. 

J. G. PhUpot, Esq., 4, Crown Office Row, Temple, EC 

ieher, (Hies Theodore, son of J. G. Pilcher, Esq., Percy Place, Clapham, 

S. W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Left Mida. 1868; Monitor, 1«664: Scbol. of G.C.C. Oxf., 1868; RA. 1873; M.A. 1875; 
Rector of Seloombe Baaaett, 188041 ; renounced Orders, 1882. 

G. T. PUcher, Esq., 29, Damon Place, W. 

rwley, Charles Bobert. son of Sir Charles R. Rowley, 4th Bart^ Tendring 

Hall, Stoke-by-Nayland, Colchester. (Mr. Vaughan*») 

Bnsign and IJsat. Grenadier Guards. 1869; Lient. and Capt., 1871 ; Capt. and Lient.-Col., 
1879 ; Mi^., 1885 ; OoL in the Anuj, 1888 ; served in the Nile Expedition, present at 
Abn Klea and E) Gnbat, 1884^. 

CW. C R. Rowley, 33a, SavUe Row, W, 

ott, Walter ¥acin111an, son of T. M. Scott, Esq., Wauchope, Hawick, 

Roxburghshire, N.B. (Mr. Farrar*s) 

Trin. Coll. Cbunb. ; sometime Lieut. 6th Dragoon Guards and Capt. Borderers Militia ; J. P. 
for Cos. Roxburgh and Selkirk. 

W, Macmillan Scott, Esq., J. P., as above, 

uranche, Francis HiccolL son of F. J. Searancke, Esq., Kingsburv 

Lodge, St Albans. (Mr. Holmes') 

Shooting XL, 1866. 

akeipear, Henry Hope, son of A. Shakespear, Esq., Benares, India. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

Left Mids. 1867; Shooting XL, 1866.7, Capt, 1866-7; SchoL of Trin. HaU Ckmb., B.A. 1870 

H, H, Shakespear, Esq., 8, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C, 

iwart, Hon. Walter John, son of the dth Earl of Gallowav. GaUowav 

House, Garliestown, N.B. (Mr. Harris^ 

Left Dec 1866 ; Comet 12th RoTal Lancers, 1868 ; Lieut., 1860; Capt., 1874 ; MiHJor, 1881 ; 
Lieut.'Col., 1881 ; Appointed to Command of Regt. and Col., 1885 ; A.D.C. to Sir John 
Hoiw Grant, G.C.B., 1878-4 ; Suiierintendent of Riding, Aldershot, 1888-92 ; CoL Com- 
mandant Cav. Dep6t, 18f>2. 

Col. the Hon, W. J* Stewart, Cavalry Barracks, Canterbtiry. 



Toynbee, William, son of J. Toynbee, Esq., F.R.S., Beech Holme, Wimble- 
don Common, S.W. (Mr. Harris*) 

Left Deo. 18M ; Barrlater. 

W. Taynbee, E§q,^ 1, York Street, Partman 8q\tart, W. 

Vereker, Jolm (tage Prendarnit. son of MaJ. the Hon. S. P. Vereker, 

afterwaros 4tn Viacount Qort, 10, Warwick Square, 
S.W. (Mr. Driuys) 

Left EiMt. 1M7 : J.P. for Co. Dttrbam, 1801 ; limeriok Cltj Art. MIL^ISTS-M ; Capt aod 
IiwtnioCor of Art. 4th Brig. 8. Iriah DIt. B.A. ; Gonral at ObOTbooig, 187flL 

Hon. J, Q. P, Vereker , Hanuierley Hall, Lintx Green, Newea$tle-on' Tyne. 

Williams, Joseph Orout, son of Rev. J. Williams, Tring Ftok, Tring. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. Coll. Ouab. ; J.P. for Herta, High Shariff, 1889 ; J.P. for Buoka. 

J, G, WUliame, Eeq., J,P., PetidUy Manor, Tring. 

Woodward, Oeorge Batcliffe, son of G. R. Woodward, Esq., The Ehns, 

Letherland, Liverpool. (Mr. Drury's) 

Monitor, 1897-8 ; Odua Goa Gamb., Poundation SobDL, 1M0 ; B.A. 1872 : M.A. 1875 ; 
Curate of St. Baraabaa', Pinilioo, 1874^ ; Vioar of Little Wakingbam with Houghton 
in the Dale, 188S-8 ; Beetor of Cbalmondiaton, 1888. 

Rev. G. R. Woodioardy Chelmondiston Rectory, Ipewich, 

Wronghton, William MusgraTe, son of P. Wroughton, Esq., Woolley 

Park, Wantage. (Mr. Harris^ 

Left Mida. 1868 ; Criofcet XL, 1888 ; Oh. Ch. Oxf., 1868 ; Partner in Cannon Brewery, St. 
John Street, B.C. 

W. M. Wroughton, Eiqi., 30, ChesUr Square, S.W. 

■■tnuieet la Hay IStS. 

Coke, Thomas William, Viscoimt, son of the 2nd Earl of Leicester, 

Holkham Hall, Norfolk. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Beat. 1886 ; Bnaign and Lieut. Soota Qoarda, 1868 ; LieuL and Gapt., 1871 ; Gapt. and 
Lieut..Gol., 1880 ; Mis}., 1888 ; Bgyptian medal with daap for Tel-«1-Kebir, daap for 
Suakim, and Khedive'a atar, 1885 ; retired aa Lieut.-Col., 1894. 

Lord Coke, Holkham, Norfolk, 

Spring-Bice, Thomas, son of the Hon. S. E. Spring-Rice, Mount Trenchard, 

Foynes, Ireland. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1868; Monitor, 1868; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1871; J.P. and D.L. for Ga 
Limeriok ; luooeeded hia grandfather aa 2nd Bartm Monteagle of Brandon, 1866 ; K.P., 

Lord Monteagle of Brandon, a$ above. 

Strong, Arthur Hn^ Linwood, son of H. L. Strong, Es(l, 12, Sussex 

Terrace, Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Thomas, Bichard Gerard de Visme, son of R. Thomas, Esq.. Hollingboume, 

Maidstone. (Mr. Vaughan*s) 

Left Beat. 1867 ; MaodL Coll. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1878 ; Barrlatar, 1875 ; on special duty in 
Peraia (Perao-Aigluui Boundary Commiaeion) aa Attach^ to Mai. -Gen. Sir Prederic 
Goldnuid, G.B., K.C.8.I., 187l>2 ; in Paria, under the aame ofloer, on Commiaaion 
zalatiTe to Indian Immigration in the laland of lUunion ; J.P. for Kent 

R, Q. de V, Thomae, Enq,, J. P., Eyhorne Cottage, Hollingboume, Kent^ 

iBtnuiee 1h Jmic ISfS. 

Abbott, William Smith Dunbar, son of J. S. Abbott, Esq., 7, Pembroke 

Square, W. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

Shooting XL, 1866 ; Comet 8th Huanra, 1860 ; Lieut., 1870 ; Gapt, 1875. 


BBtraMMs iB Bepteaiber IMS. 

Angentdn, Julius Charles Frederick, son of W. Angerstein, Esq., 

Stratton Street, Piccadilly, W. (Mr. Vaughan^s) 

BouMtima in tikt Gnuidkr Gnazda. IMed Jan. 1892. 

Armstrong, Walter, son of W. Armstrong, Esq., 9, St. John's Park Villas, 

Hampstead, N.W. (Mr. Drury's) 

Ssnter CoIL Ozl, B.A. 1878. 

Ajre, Joseph Henrj, son of the Rev. J. W. Ayre, 30, Green Street, W. 

(Mr. Dniry's) 

Monitor, 1867-8; Sxttor CoU. Oxf., Ezhibitionar, 18«8; ScboL of Trin. Ck>ll. Oxf., 1809. 
M«d Not. 22nd, 1872. 

Baird, WilUaaii, son of W. Baird, Esq., Elie House, Elie, N.B. (Mr. SteeVs) 

Liaut-Ool. and Hon. CoL Fif« Art. Militia ; J. P. and D.L. for Co. Ayr ; J.P. for Co. Fife. 

W. Bairdf Esq,, J.P,, as above, 

Baakes, Henrj John Perceyal, son of E. Q. Bankes, Esq., Kingston Lacy, 

Wimbome. (Mr. Vaughan^s) 

M«d at Montreal, in 1888. 

Banks, Oeorge James, son of the Kev. R. J. Banks, St. Catherine's, near 

Doncaster. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

L«rt Midi. 1800 ; Trin. CoU. Gkmb., B.A. 1878 ; M.A. 1879 ; Barrieter. 

G. J. Banks, Esq., 6, Park Square, Leeds. 

Barry, Thomas Dykes, son of D. Barry, Esq., 4, Buckland Crescent, Belsize 

Park, N.W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Beffhie, Alfred John, son of A. W. Begbie, Esq., Stenton Lodge, Tunbridge 

Wells. (Mr. RendalPs) 

Ltft Mida. 1889; Monitor, 1889; Cricket XI., 1869; Winner of CbaUense Racket, 1869; 
Trin. ColL Oxf., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1876 ; held Tarione Cxiracies, 1875-83 ; Vicar of 
Framiden, 1883-92 ; Beotor of Horton, 1892. 

Rev, A, J. Begbie, Horton Rectory, Chipping Sodbury. 

Blacky Frederick Alfred, son of C C. Black, Esq., Harrow. 


near Kingston, Jamaica, Oct. 20tb, 1878. 

Blyth, Artfanr Hubert, son of P. B. Blyth, Esq., 53, Wimpole Street, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Brady, lEaiiere Kyle, son of F. W. Brady, Esq., Q.C., afterwards 2nd Bart 

22, Jieeson Street, Dublin. (Mr. Oxenham's) 

lieat. R. B. 1870 ; Gapt., retired. IMed 

Broadmead, James Bncknell, son of T. P. Broadmead, Esq., J.P. and D.L., 

Enmore Park, Somersetshire. (Mr. Harris') 

Left in 1888 ; Fbotball XL, 1867 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1852 ; Barrister. Died Apr. 16th, 

Bromley. Henry, son of Sir Henry Bromley, 4th Bart, Stoke Hall, Newark. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Bntign and Lieut. 27tb InniekillingB, 1869-73 ; Capt. Bbervrood Rangers 
Teo. CbiT., 1886-90 ; J.P. for Notta and Rutland. 

H, Bromley, Esq., J,P,, Ashwell, Oakham, Rutland. 
Boshell, Alfred, son of C. Bushell, Esq., Liverpool. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left East. 1807 ; now resident in Cbili. 

A. Bushell, Esq., Chili, Valjxiraiso, S. America. 

Chadwick, Samuel Beckett, son of S. B. Chadwick, Esq., Christleton, 

CJhester. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Cb. Cb. Oxf.. 1867 ; J.P. for Cbesbire. 

S. B. Chadwick, Esq. , Daresbury Hall, Cheshire. 


CouIboh, Henry John Wastell, son of Ccipt. G. H. Coulson, R.N., Stone- 
house, Carlisle. (Mr. HarrivS*) 

EzeUr CoU. Oxf ., a A. 1871 ; Barrbtor, 1870 ; Anthor of " The Law of Waten." 

//. J. W, CofiUonj E$q.^ Newhrm^gh HaU, Hexluim^ Northumberland, 

Crampton, BasseU, son of T. R. Crampton, Esq., 2a, Kensington Square, W. 

(Mr, Drur>''s) 

Dawson, Charles Philip, son of H. Dawson, Esq., Ixxidington, Leicester- 
shire. (Mr. Oxenhani's) 

Pembioka CoU. Oxf., 1868. 

Dewhnret, Bichard Fleetwood, son of K. W. Dewhurst Esq.. Kenyon 

House, Kenyon, Manchester. . (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Dillon, Charles Bichard George, son of the Hon. Q. N. Dillon, 12, Hen- 
rietta Street, Cavendish Square, W. (Mr. Vaughan'vs) 

Nod CoU. Oxf., 1870. IMed Jnl. SOth, 1870. 

Douglas, Bobert, son of the Rev. H. Douglas, Newborough Rectory, 

Market Deeping. (Mr. Oxenhani's) 

Exetar CoU. Oxf.. B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1877 ; Ciuata of UOm PUUiag, 1878.^ ; Vicar of 
ChapalthoTpt, Yorka., 1875. 

Rev, K DougkUf The Vicarage, Chapelthorpe^ Torke, 

Edwards, Charles Lnnd Fry, son of C. Edwards, Esq., Brislin^n, 

Somerset (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Shooting XI., 1868 ; Exetar Coll. Oxf.. B.A. 1878 ; M.A. 1875 ; Biurriatar, 1876 ; J.P. and 
C.C. for Bomanat. 

C L, F, Eldujardsy Esq,, Axbridge, Somertet 

Fosbery, Edward Henry, son of the Rev. T. O. Fosbery, St. Giles* Vicar- 
age, Reading. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Uant. eoth Ragt., 1871, ratired. 

Fryer, Frederick Enstace Beade, son of F. D. Fryer, Esq., Needham Hall, 

Wisbech. (Mr. Holmes*) 

Crickat XI., 1867-8 ; Football XL, 1868 ; Downing CoU. Oamb. ; O.U. Ctiokat XI., 1870-7S ; 
J.P. for SoflbUc. 

F. E. R. Fryer, Esq,, J,P., Old Btickeuham Hall, AtUebormtgk, Norfolk', 

Fnller-Maitland, Thomas Archibald, son of T. F. Maitland, Esq., War- 
grave, Berks. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Dao. 1867 ; Ch. Cb. Oxf.. B.A. 1875 ; M.A. 1882 ; Barriatar, 1878 ; Coimta at Middle 
Claydon, Bncka, 18S2 ; of 8t. Patar't, Uareford, 1886 ; Vioar of Bilton, HarrogaU, 1888. 
IH«d Mfay 1889. 

Oore, Spencer William, son of the Hon. Charles Gore, 1, Whitehall Place» 

S.W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Laft Mida. 180P ; Criokat XL, 1867-9, Q^, 1869 ; FootbaU XL. 1866-8 ; Scbool Rackat 
Player, 1869 ; Cbampion Lawn Tannia Player, 1877 ; Lana Agaot and SurreTor ; 
RaoeiTar to tba Eooiasiaatioal ConiniiarionarB ; Crown BaoelTar for Uia Nortbera 

S. W, Gore, Esq., 16, Whitehall Place, S.W. 

Graham, Bntherford James, son of W. Qraham, Esq., Lanffley House, 

Prestwich. (Mr. Harris*) 

Grigg, Hark William, son of C. Qrigg, Esq. (Home-Boarder) 

Gubbins, Charles Edgeworth, son of M. R. Gubbins, Esq., Cefra, East 

Indies. (Home-Boarder) 

Liaat. Bangi^ B.C., 1871 ; ratired as Mi^l- ; sanred witb Koonim Valkgr Field Force in 
Afghan war, medal, 1879 ; with Bormeae Expedition, mantioned in daqxitcbaa. Biev. 
of im., medal with claap, 1886>7. 

Maj, C. E, Guhbim, 39, PoHland Place, W. 

Sept. 1863.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 309 

Hely-HutchixiMn, Hoil Walter Prancis, son of the 4th Earl of Donough- 

more. (Mr. RendaU's) 

Tiln. Coll. Gunb., B.A. 1877 ; Barrister, 1877 ; Colonial Sec. of Barbadoes, 1877-83 ; Chief 
Sco. of MalU, 1888^ ; Lieiit.-<>OT. of MalU, 1884-9 ; Gov. of Windward Islands. 1889-08 : 
Got. of NaUl, 1898 ; C.M.G., 1888 ; K.G.M.G.. 1888. 

Hen, Sir Walter F, Hely- Hutchinson, KCJLG., Government House, 

Pietermaritzburg, Natal, 

InTeraritj, Arnold James Methven, son of J. D. Inverarity, Esq., Bombay. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Bxetor Coll. Ozf., B.A. 1870. 

InTeraritj, John Dnncan^ brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

BarrisUr, 1870 ; Advocate of the High Court, Bombay. 

J, D, Inverarity, Esq., Bombay, India, 

JackBOn, Charles Leathlj, son of Sir C. Jackson, 26, Lewes Crescent, 

Brighton. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Banister at Bombay. 

C, L, Jackson, Esq,, Yacht Club, Bombay, 

Lacon, Henry Edmnnd, son of Capt H. J. Lacon, K.N., The Qoldrood, 

Ipswich. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Bniign 71si Highland L.I., 1868 ; Lient., 1869 ; Capt. 1878, retired ; J.P. for Soffolk. 

Capt, H, E, Lacon, Ack- worth House, East Bergholt, Suffolk. 

Lanrie, Francis Dnke, son of J. Laurie, Esq., 18, Hyde Park Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Yaughan's) 

liddiard, William Bedford, son of W. Liddiard, Esq., 90, Inverness Ter- 
race, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Woroeeter CoU. Oxf., 1868. 

Lnnn. William Craven, son of W. J. Lunn, Esq., M.D., Charlotte Street 

Hull (Mr. Steel's) 

MacfiLrlane, Bobert Parian, son of Lord Ormidale, Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Maxwell, Somerset Henry, son of the Hon. R, Maxwell, Fortland, Ballv- 

heelaji, Virginia, Ireland. (Mr. Butler s) 

Ensign 96th Regt., 1869; Lieut.. 1871; Mi^. 4th Batt. Princeas Victoria's Royal Irish 
Fadlien ; D.L. and J.P. for uavan. 

S. H, Maxioell, Emj,, Arley CotUtge^ Mount Nugent, 

MiUer, William Pitt, son of T. Miller, Esq., Preston, Lancashire. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

IMCil aboat 1892. 

Montgomery, James Alexander Lawrence, son of Sir R. Montgomery, 

K.C.B., G.C.S.I., Lahore. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Deo. 1866; Football XI., 1866; Lieut. 92nd Highlanders, 1867 ; Uent. Indian S.C., 
1869 ; Capt., 1879 ; Misli 1^7 ; now in civU employ in the PmOab. 

Maj, J. A, L, Montgomery, Sidikot, Funjab^ India. 

Mnrray, Andrew Graham, son of T. G. Murray, Esq., 11, Randolph 

Crescent, Edinburgh. (Mr. Westcott s) 

Left Mids. 1866 ; Monitor, 1866^ ; Winner of the Champion Racket, 1868 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., 
Sohol., 1871 ; B.A. 187S ; M.A. 1874 ; oaUed to the Scottish Bar, 1874 ; Advocate Depute, 
1889 ; Sheriff of Perthshire, 1890-91 ; Q.C. 1891 ; Sollcitor-Oeneral for Scotland, 1891-2 ; 
M.P. for Buteshire since 1891. 

A, G, Murray, Esq., Q,C., M.P., Steuton, Dunkeld, 

Ogle, Hewton Charles, son of the Rev. E. C. Ogle, Kirkley, Newcastle-on- 

Tyne. (Mr. Harris') 

J.P. and D.L. for Northumberland. 

^V. C. Ogle, Esq., J. P., as above. 


Parsons, Junes, son of the Rev. G. L. Parsons. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left MicU. 1M8 : Monitor, IMTT-S ; ExbibAtioMr of New OoU. Ozf., B.A., 1 CI. Hi«t.. 187S ; 
M.A. 1880 ; Barriator, IdTflL 

J. Par$on$, E§q,y 56, Bedford Gardtm, W. 

Peel, Charles Angnstns, son of L. C. L. Peel, Esq., Little Ealing, W. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Penrose, James Edward, son of the Rev. J. D. Penrose, Woodhill, Cork. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left BMt. 18M ; Trin. Coll. Gamb., 1889-72 ; Land A««nt to th* Karl of Darakf, IStfS ; J.P. 
for Go. Meath. 

J, E, Penrose^ E$q,f J,P,, Athboy, Co, MeatK, Ireland, 

Polteney, Francis Basil, son of the Rev. R. Pulteney, Ashley, Market 

Haroorough. (Mr. Dnir>''s) 

F. B. Pulteney, Etq., 24, Cadogan Gtxrdens, S. W, 

Beid, Henry Philip Stewart, son of H. S. Reid, Esq., India. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

Left Mida. 1888 ; School Backet PlareT, 1888 ; Trin. HaU Gunb. ; Lieut, llth (P.A.O.) 
UuaaxB. IM«4 «t St. Leooarda, 8e|>t. 1878. 

Boberts, Lawrence Henry, son of A. A. Roberts, Esq., Calcutta. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Left in 1864. 

L. II. Roberts, Esq., MUX Hill, Barnes Common, S.W, 

Bnssell, Hon. Francis Albert BoUq. son of the 1st Earl Russell, 37, 

Chesham Place, S.W. (Mr. Bradby^s) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Gh. Gh. Oxf., B.A. 1878 ; M.A. 1878; Clerk in F.O., 1872-3 ; engaged in 
literary pnrsaita ; member of aeTeral scientific aodetiea 

Hon, RoUo Russell, Dunrozel, Haslemere. 

Savory, Arthnr Herbert, son of A Savory, Esq., Potter's P&rk, Chertsey, 

Surrey. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left in 1868 ; Geoileman Farmer. 

A. H, Savory, Es(i., Aldington Manor, Evesham, WorcestersKire. 

Savory, Horace Beginald, brother of the above. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

I^ft Mide. 1867 ; Ooldamitb ; eometime Managing Director of the Goldamitbs' Alliance, Ltd. 

//. R. Sdvory, Esq., U^Aands House, St. Kathnrine's, QuUdford, Surrey. 

Sconrfield, John Arthnr Philippe, son of J. H. Scourfield, Esq., M.P., 

Williamston, Haverfordwest (Mr. H. Watson's) 

Capt. 12tb Lanceri. IMed Nov. 12tb, 1878. 

Smith, Thomas Graham, son of G. Smith, Esq., Easton Qrey, Malmesbury. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1868-9 ; Football XL, 1868 ; Trin. GolL Oxf., 1860 ; ■omotime Lieat. 7th Uueaars ; 
J.P. for WUta. 

T. G, Smith, Esq., J.P., as above. 

Smith, Henry Chaloner. son of T. C. Smith, Esq., Chilton Ixnige, Hun- 

gertord. (Mr. Harris') 

B.X.G. Oxf., B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1875 ; Lieat. Grenadier Gnarde, 1871 ; Barrieter, 1877. 
//. C, Smith, Esq., Russley Park, Hungefford, 


Tetley, Charles Francis, son of F. W. Tetley, Esq., Headingley, Leeds. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left Mida. 1868 ; Monitor, 1867-8 ; Trin. GoU. Gamb., BJl., 1872 ; M.A. 1875 ; Brewei ; 
J.P. for Leeds. 

C F. Tetley, Esq., J.P., Cardigan Road, Headingley, Leeds. 

'Hiompson, Bichard Heywood, son of S. H. Thompson, Esq., ThingwalU 

Liverpool (Mr. Harris') 

Jan. 1884.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 311 

Watkiiii, Henrj Oaorge, son of the Rev. H. Q. Watkins, Patter's Bar, 

Baraet (Mr. RendaU's) 

Ufl Mida. 1887 ; Oh. Cb. Oxf., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1874 ; Corate of Friern BftiiMt, 1874-8 ; of 
81. MiflhMl'i, ClMaUr Sqtum, 8.Wm 1878-8. 

Rev. H. G. Watktns, Lillipui Hill, Farkstot\e, Dorset 

Watnej, Alfred Baby, son of A. Watney, Esq., St. Ann's Hill, Chertsey. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

FooibaU XI., 1887. 

Watson, Oeorge Alfred, son of H. Watson, Esq., 13, Gloucester Square, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 
0, A. Watson, Esq., 11a, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W,C, 

Welch, Arthur Wilmot, son of J. Welch, Esq., Lancaster House, Harrow. 

(M. Masson's, and Home-Boarder) 

Left MidiL 1888 ; Football XL, 1887 ; ScboL and Priaamaii of Trin. HaU Gamb., B.A., 88th 
Wraogtor, 1872 ; M.A. 1878; Head Master of Archbiahop Uolgate'a School, York, 1888 ; 
oidainad, 1884. 

Rev. A, W. Welch, Archbishop Holgate*s School^ York. 

Wheeler, Alfred LleweUyn, son of Mrs. Wheeler, 27, Hyde Park Gardens, 

W. (Mr. Harris') 

Comet 9th Laocara, 1888 ; Lieut., 1871. 

White, Henry Arthur, son of H. White, Esq., Wellington, N. Zealand. 

(Mr. Drury's) 

Left in 1888 ; Solicitor ; Member of the firm of Sir Araold and Henry White 

H. A. White, Esq., 12, Great Marlborough Street, W. 

Williams, Edmimd WiUiam, son of F. Williams, Esq., Malvern Hall, 

Birmingham. (Mr. Hayward's) 

Willie, Herbert Shereon, son of E. Willis, Esq., Australia. (Mr. Holmes') 

Wood, Edward Xorehead, son of H. Wood, Esq., Guildford. (Mr. Holmes') 

Wood, William Edward Bameden. son of W. Wood, Esq., M.D.. 54, 

Upper Harley Street, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Shooting XI., 1887. 

EBtnuiee Im Oelobcr IMS. 

Crawford, Edmimd Frederick Montgomery, son of J. T. Crawford. Esq., 

C.B., HavannaL (Mr. Oxenham's) 

■■tnuiee 1h NoTembcr 18SS* 

Carfrae, Charles WiUiaan, son of T. Carfrae, Esq., Wimbledon. 

(Home-Boarder, and Mr. Hayward's) 

Left Mida. 1888 ; Enaiim 78th Highlanders, 1888 ; Uent., 1871 ; Adj. 56th Brigade Depdt, 
1878^; Ca|»t. 1881: exchanged to 92nd Gordon Uighlandezs, 188S; Adj. 8th Vol. 
Batt, 18844) ; retired, 1889. 

Capt C. W, Carfrae, 4, Clarence Road, Tmhridge Wells. 

Aloock-StawelL William Thomas Jones, son of Lieut.-CoL Alcock-Stawell, 

Kilbrittain Castle, Bandon, Co. Cork. (Mr. Harris') 

Avnmed the aamame of Rireradale on snoceeding to the property of the laat Lord Rivend&le, 
Biahop of KiUaloe, 1888 ; J.P. for Go. Cork. 

W. T. J. Alcock'Stawell'Riversdale, Esq., J,P., as above. 


Annytage, FrandB Beffiiudd, son of Sir George Armytage, sth Bart, 

27, Cambridge Square, W. (^Ir. Westcott's) 

Left MicU. 1807; BaUiol Coa Ozf., B.A. 1878 ; M.A.. 1874 ; BarriaUr, 1878 ; Pxtrfmioiud 
Ahoc. Sarreyon' Inttitntion ; Agricaltnn] Iiupeotor and Lectnrar under G.C. of Saluit. 

F, R. Armytage^ Egq., 4, Pump Court, Temjde^ E,C. 

Baillie-Hamilton, James, son of Vice-Admiral W. A. Baillie-Hamilton, 

Blackheath. (Mr. Harris) 

Shooting XI., 18«9 ; UniT. Coa Ozf., 1872 ; InTwitor of the VooaUoo. 

Baines, Charles Harmaw, son of W. Baines, Esq., 40, Sussex Square, 

Brighton. (Mr. Harris') 

Baird, Alexander, son of J. Baird, Esq., Urie House, Stonehaven, N.B. 

(Mr. SteePs) 

J.P. for Cos. KinoAitUne and Inremeee, D.I^. for Invemeee, and Loid^Lient. of Kincardine* 

A. Baird, E$q., J,P,, as above. 

Brifltowe, Henry Orlando, son of H. F. Bristowe, Esq., Laleham, Chertsey. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Bnller, Arthnr Tremayne, son of J. W. Buller, Esq., Downes, Crediton. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left M kU 1869 ; Monitor, 1868-9 ; Trin. ColL Canib., B.A. 1872 ; Land aUd Estate Agent. 

A, T, Buller, Emq,, ChUeldon House, Swimhn, 

Carlisle, Frederick, son of T. Carlisle, Esq., Waterloo, liverpooL 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Dec. 1867 ; Football XL, 1866-7 ; Merchant. 

F, OirlUlf, Esq,, KnuUford, Cheshire, 

Carlisle, Samuel, brother of the above. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Dec. 1867 ; Football XL. 1867 ; Merohant. 

S, Carlisle, Esq,, Buenos Ayres, S, America, 

Chetwynd, Oeorge, son of Sir George Chetwynd, 3rd Bart, Qrendon Hall, 

Atherstone. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Midi. 1867 ; Cricket XL, 1867 ; Ch. Ch. Oxf., 1868 ; snooeeded aa 4th Bart., 1869 ; J.P. 
for Wamriduhire, High Sheriff, 1875. 

Sir George Chettcyntl^ Bart, as above, 

Chisholm, John Frederick Seton, stepson of T. Steers, Esq., 9, Colville 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Harris') 

Connellan, James Hercules FitiWalter, son of P. ConneUan, Esq., Cool- 
more, Thomastown, Ireland. (Mr. Yaughan's) 

Ensign lianiuahire Regt., 1869; Lieut., 1871 ; Capt., 1879; aenred in the Afghan War. 
1878-80 ; Maj. Kilkennj MUitia ; J.P. and D.L. for Kilkenny. 

J/iaj. /. H F, CoMnellau, as above, 

Currey, Charles Herbert, son of W. Currey, Esq., 9, Old Burlington Street, 

W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Dec. 1865 ; Shooting XL, 186.% ; Solicitor. 

C, H, Currey^ Esq., Croxley, Weybridge Heath, Surrey, 

Dalglish, Edward, son of Mrs. Dalglish, Old Bam, Aigburth, IJveriKX)!. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Doulton, Frederick Howard, son of F. Doulton, Esq., M.P., Dulwich 

Common, S.E. (Mr. Bull's) 

Elliot, Edward Loche, son of Col. Elliot, Nagpore, India. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Uent. Indian aC, 1870 ; OapL, 1880 ; Mis}., 1888 ; D.8.O. 

Everard, Hugent Talbot, son of Capt R. Everard, RN. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Trin. ColL Oamb., M.A. ; J.P. and D.L. for Go. Meath, High Sheriff, 1888 ; Oapi. and 
lion. Mig. 5th Batt. Leinater Regt. 

N, T, Everard, Esq,, RandtdstowHy Navan, Ireland, 


od, Luke Bobert, son of L. T. Flood, Esq., 32, Montagu Square, W. 

(Mr. HarrisO 

Left Deo. 1807; Sbootitag XI., 1866-7 ; Jeraa CoU. Camb., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1878 ; Carate 
of Doxking, 1876-84 ; Rector of M errow, 1884. 

Rev, L, R. Flood, Merrow Rectory^ Guildford, 

nne, Patrick James Frederick, son of G. D. Qr^me^ Esq., K.H., 

Aberuthven Cottage, Auchterarder. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. OolL Oamb. ; aometlme Lieut. 79th Q.O. Ganieroo HigblaDdera. 
P. J. F. Gixeme, Esq,, Aberuthven, Perthshire, 

ir-Gordon, Jamee Bobert, son of A. Uay-Gordon, Esq., W. S., Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

mby, Charles Herbert, son of W. H. Hornby, Esq., Blackburn. 

DiMtJan. 28id, 1898. (Mr. Steel's) 

de, William Emeet, son of Mrs. Hyde, Canterbury. (Mr. SteeFa) 

haaxty Oeorge William, son of A. G. Latham, Esq., Weaste Hall, 

Pendleton, Manchester. (Mr. Harris') 

Gall, William McChlery, son of Mrs. Le Gall, 44, Priory Road, Kilbum, 

N.W. (Mr. Hohnes') 

rtin, Charles WiUiam, son of the Rev. R. Martin, Anstev Pastures, 

Leicester. (Mr. Butler's) 

y, Walter Edmund, son of W. H. May, Esq., 6, Sussex Square. W. 

(Mr, Bradby's) 

ek, William Alfred, son of J. Meek, Esq., Middlethorpe Txxlge, York. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mide. 1869; Monitor, 1866-9; Head of the School, 1868-9; Trin. CoU. CHmb., Exhi- 
bitioner, 1869 ; SchoL, 1870; B.A., 4th CIasbIc, 1878; M.A. 1875; Fellow of Trin. 
ColL, 1875 ; Barrister. 

W. A, Meek, Esq., 2, Phicden Buildings, E,C. 

irray, Oeorse Herbert, son of the Rev. G. E. Murray, Southfleet, Kent. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Dec 1868; Monitor, 1868; Ch. Ch. Ozf., B.A. 1873; Clerk in Foreign Office, 1873; 
in Treaenry, 1880. 

G. H, Murray, Esq., 33, Beaufort Gardetis, S.W. 

Imer, Oeorge Bobson, son of C. M. Palmer, Esq., created a Bart., 1886. 

Newcastle. (Mr. Steel's) 

itt, Frederick, son of J. Piatt, Esq., M.P., Wemeth Park, Oldham. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Dec. 1866 ; Capt. Dnke of Lancaster's Own Yeo. Cav. ; J. P. for Notts and N. Riding, 
Yorka. ; D.L. for Herefordehire ; High Sheriff of Notto, 1888. 

F. Flatty Esq,, J,P,, Barnlfy Manor, Newark. 

id, Ellis Ramsay, son of L. R. Beid, Esq., 122, Westboume Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left in 1865 ; Bneign 44th Begt, 1869 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Capt., 1877 ; Paymaeter A.P.D., 1881 ; 
Hon. MiO-f 1S^> 

Major E. R. Reidy Beverley, Yorkshire. 

iley, XiisgraTe, son of J. M. Ridley, Esq., Warwick Hall, Hexham. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Dec. 1867 ; Timber Merchant. 

M. Ridley, Esq,y Wylam Cottage, Wylam-ottTyne, 

elL William Frederick, son of the Rev. W. F. Snell, Little Marlow, 

Bucks. (Mr. Rendall's) 

UnlT. ColL Oxf., B.A. 1874. 

W. F. Snell, Esq., Windlesham House, Bournemouth. 


Spooner, Qtwrge PerdTil, son of C. £. Spooner, Esq., Bron-y-Garth, 

Portmadoc, Carnarvon. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Tidflwell, Benjamin Ingluun, son of R. Tidswell, Esq., Denmark Hill, 

Surrey. (Mr. Rendali's) 

Lttft Dm. 1807; OorMt lit Royal Dxasooiw, 1871; LUat., 1871; Capt.. 1876: Mai. 
MmI in Iforpt, whil* Mnring with tb« Hmrj OumI B«gi. of tte NUa Izp«litido, 
Jon. ISth, ISm. 

Twining, Herbert Haynet, son of S. H. Twining, Esq., 43, Hyde Park 

Square, W. (Mr. Harris) 

Laft MicU. 1807 ; Bftaker. 

//. H Ttcining, Esq., 215, Slratidy London, W.C, 

Warner, John Henry Beyer, son of £. Warner, Esq., Quom Hall, Lough- 
borough. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Laft Mid*. 1808 ; Trin. CoU. Canib., B.A. 187S; J.P. and D.L. for Laiowtenhire. 
Apr. 13th, 1891. 

BalniBcei In Vthnuaj 1M4. 

Lever, Aflhton, son of J. O. Lever, Esq., M.P., 00, Eccleston Square, S.W. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Laft Jan. 1807 ; no ooenimtion. 

A. Lever, Esq., 2, Bayler Street Mawioiu, Bedford Square, TF.C 

Maltby, Henry Edward, son of F. N. Maltby, Esq., Harrow. 


BBlnuicet In AprU lust. 

Abdy, Bobert John, son of Sir Thomas Abdy, 1st Bart, Harrow. 


Sub-Liant. 4th Dxagoon Gnardi, 1S71 ; Liani., 1878. IMed 

Archer, Clement William, son of C. R. Archer, Esq., Hill House, Hampton. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

FootbaU XI., 1800. 

Beaumont, Seymour AngOBtus, son of J. A. Beaumont, Esq., Wimbledon, 

S.W. (Mr. Holmes') 

Managing Dirtctor ProTidwit Lifa OfBoa. 

S, A. Beaumont, E»q,, 22, Ryder Street, St, Jame$\ S.W. 

Bowlby, Charles Cotsford, son of T. W. Bowlby, Esq., 67, Westboume 

Park Road, W. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Laft Eart. 1808. 

C, C. Bowlby, Esq., 17, Fairfax Road, S. Hampstead, N. W. 

Butler, Lord James Arthur Wellington Foley, son of the 2nd Marquis 

of Ormonde. (Mr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1807-6 ; Trin. Coll. Canib., B.A., 1 GL Hist Tripot, 1870 ; MJk.. 1878 ; Snb-Liaut. 
and Liant. lat Lifa QtMuda, ratirad, 1877 ; 8UU Staward to tha Lofd Llant. of IraUnd, 


Lord Arthur Butler, 21, Park Lane, W. 

Campbell, Arthur Bruce Knieht. son of the Right Rev. the Bishop of 

Bangor, The Palace, Bangor. (Mr. H. Watson's) 

Trin. Coll. Camb., RA. 1878 ; Corata of St. Maiy'i, BaTar^j, 1874. 

Cooke, John Walter, son of T. Cooke, Esq., Rusholme HalL Manchester. 

(Mr. Harris*) 

Coryton, Fredericlc, son of Q. E. Coryton, Esq., Liss, Petersfield. Hants. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Apr. 1864-] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 315 

DftTOiporty John William Handley. son of Lieut-Col. W. D. Davenport^ 

Bramall Hall, Stockport. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Magd. ColL OuBb. ; J.P. for CtaMhiiv Mid Ck>. Rotland ; D.L. for Go. RntUnd, High 
8h«riff, 1882 ; aagaiued the •dditionil ■amame of Handley, 1881. 

J, W, H. DaveHport-Handlet/, Etq., J.P., Clip$ham Hall, near Oakham, 

Delpratt, William Oee, son of J. Delpratt, Esq., 54, Queen's Gardens, W. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Snb-LiMit. SOOi HiiMan, 1873. 

Puff, Adam Gordon, son of Admiral N. Duff, 14, Eaton Square, S.W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; Trln. Coll. Gamb., a A. 1871 ; Barrirtar. 

A, G. Dufff Esq,, oi above. 

Fitiroy, Alfred William Maitland, son of Lord Charles Fitzroy, afterwards 

7th Duke of (irafton, 6, Prince's Gardens, S. W. 

(Mr. Button's) 

Left Dae. 1866; Sub-Lieat. 52Dd L.I., 1869; Uent Coldaircam Guards, 1871; retired^ 
1881 ; D.L. for Northamptonahire. 

Lard Alfred Fitzroy, Whittlebury, Toiccester, 

OnbliinBy Frederick Cartwright, son of M. R. Gubbins, Esq., Cefra, East 

Indies. (Home-Boarder) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. and S.C.L. 1872 ; now resident in Geylon. 

F, C. Gubbim, Esq,, Kandapolla, Ceylon, 

Barley, Fhilip Edward Daker, son of K Harley, Esq., Clifton. 

(Mr. Middleniist's) 

Left Mids. 1866 ; GeoUeman Farmer. 

P. E, D, Harley, Esq,, Condover, near Shrewsbury. 

Hawker, Edward William, son of G. C. Hawker, Esq., Adelaide, S. 

Australia. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left in 1867 ; Trin. GoU. Camb., LL.B. 1878 ; B.A. 1874; M.L. ani M.A. 1890; Barrister, 
1874 ; eleeted to House of Assembly, 8. Anatimlia, 1884 and 1887 ; resigned, 1889. 

E, W, Hawker, Esq,, as above. 

Hood, Sinclair Frankland. son of the Rev. W. F. Hood, Nettleham Hall, 

Lincolnshire. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1870 ; Monitor, 1868-70 ; Joint Editor of The Hoi-ronan, 1869-70 ; Magd. Coll. 
Oxf., B.A. 1875 ; J.P. for Co. Linooln. 

S. F, Hood, Esq.^ J,P,, as above, 

Jaction, Frandfl William Staveley, son of L. S. Jackson, Esq., Calcutta. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Bnalgn 11th Ragt.. 1870 ; Lieut, and Interi>reter, 1871 ; afterwards 1st Bombay Cavulrj-, 

Jenkinaon, George Bankee, son of Sir George S. Jenkinson, nth Bart., 

Eastwood Park, Berkeley, Gloucester. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1868 ; J.P. for Olonoeatorahire ; sometime Capt. 4th Batt. Glonoester Regt. ; snc- 
oaeded as ISth Bart., 1892. 

Sir George B, Jenkinson, Bart,, as above, 

Jeaaon, Thomas, son of T. Jesson, Esq., 3, Clarendon Terrace, Brighton. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Lood. UniT., LL.B. 1872 ; Corate of All Saints', West Bromwiob, 1879-82 ; of St. John the 
Baptist, Bathwick, 1882. 

Rev. T, Jesson, Bathwick Hoiise, Bath, 

Jdlmaon, Kandall Jamee, son of G. B. Johnson, Esq., Gratz-in-Styria. 


SbootlBg XI., 1868 ; Pembroke Coa Oxf., 1870. 


Longman, Thomas Norton, son of T. Longman, Esq., Farnborough Hill, 

Hants. (Mr. Holma^') 

Left Mids. 1805 ; Partner in the firm of I^oognuuie, Green t Co., Pal»liaben. 

T, N, Ltmg marly Esf^.^ 39, Pate mooter RoWf E,C, 

MacGeorge, William Henry, .son of Iieut.-Col. MacGeoFge, 18, Cleveland 

Square, W. (Mr. BradbyV) 

left In I860 ; (>>met 0th Draffixtn OnAixb (Carabineen), 1870; lieat, 1871 ; Opt., 1877; 
Mivj., 1882 ; Lient-Col. Commandinff, 1801. 

Lifut.'Col. W, H, MacGeorge J Qih Dntgoon Guards, 

Mack, John, son of J. Mack, Es^j., Paston Hall, North Walsham, Norfolk. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Ensign 20th Regt., 1809 ; Lient. 18TI. 

J. Mackf Ksq.f as above, 

Mathias, Charles, son of T^ Mathias, E.sq., l^amphey Court, Pembroke. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Eninumnel Coll. Canib. ; J.P. for Co. Pembroke, High Sheriff, 1890. 

C Mathioa, Esq., J.I\, as above. 

Murray, Bonald, son of Mrs. Murray, Harn)\v. (Home-Boarder) 

Ossnlston, Charles, Lord, son of the 6tli Earl of Tankerville, Chillingham 

Castle, Iklford, Northumberland. (Mr. Harrb*) 

Uent. Rifle Brigade, 1870. Died Jan. 20th, 1879. 

Oxenham, George William, son of W. Oxenham, Esq., Ix)wer Master of 

Harrow. (Mr. Westeott's) 

I^ft Mida. 1808 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf. ; entered Salisbury Theol. Coll. ; held various CuFadfl«, 
1S73-86 ; Vicar of Whatton, 1880. 

Rev. W. O. Oxenham, Wluitton Vicarage^ Notts. 

Palmer, Charles, son of C. M. Palmer, Esq., created a Bart, 1886, Whitley 

Park, Newca.stle-on-Tyne. (Mr. Steel*s) 

I^ft Dea 1808 ; Football XI., 1808. 

C. Palmer y Esq,, 1, Jesmond High Terrace, Newcastle-mt^Tyne, 

Pemherton, Bosick Edmonds, son of C. Pemberton, Esq^ The Mount, 

Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mids. 1808 ; Matrio. Lond. Univ., Ist Div., 1809 ; Solicitor, 1878 ; partner in the firm 
of Leigh and Pemberton, 44, Linooln's-lnn-Fields, W.C. 

B. E. Pemberton, Esq., 8, Inverness Gardens^ W. 
Pemberton, Charles Seaton, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Solicitor ; iiartner in the firm of I^igh and Pemberton, 44, Linooln'e-Inn-Fialda, W.C. 

C 5. Pemberton, Esq., 25, Qrteen's Gardens, W, 

Pidcoch, Charles Alexander, son of H. Pidcock, Esr|., Oakfield, Worcester. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Cricket XL, 1806; Football XL, 1808 ; Barrister. 

C. A. Pidcock, Esq., \, Esnex Court, Temple, E.C, 

Eamsay, James Andrew, son of Maj.-Gen. J. Bamsay, 1, Sussex Square, 

W. (Mr. HolmesO 

Rashleigh, Evelyn William, son of J. Ba^ihleigh, Esq., Menabilly, Cornwall 

(Mr. Bowen's) 

Ch. Ch. Oxf., B.A. 1878 ; Barrister, 1878 ; J.P. and C.C. for GorawalL 

E. W, Rashleigh, Esq., Kilmarthy Par Station, Cornwall. 

Rodwell, William Hnnter, son of B. B. H. BodweU, Esq., Ampton Hall, 

Bury St. Edmunds. (Mr. Hendall's) 

Football XL, 1807 ; Trin. CoU. Gamb. ; sometime Ga|»t. W. Soflblk Teo. Ckt. 

ir. H, Rodtoell, Esq,y Woodlattds, Holbrooke Ipswich. 

nr. 1864.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 317 

imple, Bidiard Camac, son of Sir Eicliard Temple, 1st Bart., The Nash, 

Kempsey, Worcester. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Ltfl Deo. 1807 ; Trin. Hall Gunb. : EDsign and Li«ut. R^al Soota Fusiliers, 1871 ; Lieut. 

isiQ ; rreaidant Kaagoon Municipality, isvi ; raiaed ana conimandea upper isuruia ti.\ .» 
1887'M; LiflQt'Col. Commandant, 1888 ; Commandant Rangoon VoL Art., 1891 ; served 
In stoond Altaian War, medal, and mentioned in despatches, 1878-9 ; in third Burmese 
War, medal with two clasps, 1887-9 ; Author of " Legiands of the Punjab," " Dictionary 
of Hindustani Proverbs, etc. ; Founder and Editor of ** Punjab (Indian) Notes and 
Queries" ; member of many learned societies ; C.I.E., 1894. 

A/cy, R, C. TempUy President of the MunicipnlHy of Rangoon^ Burniah. 

lomycrofty Charles Edward, son of the Rev. J. Thomycrof t, Thomycrof t 

Hall, Congleton. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Left Mids. 1897; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1875; J.P. and C.C. for Cheshire; Lieut. 
Cheshire Yeo. Cav., 1875-84. 

C, E, Thoniycrofl^ Esq.y J.P.y ns above, 

'alflh, James, son of N. Walsh, Esq., Orchard Bank, Over Darwen. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Cricket XL, 1807. 

J, Walsh, Esq.y as above, 

^ard, Jolm Henry, son of H. Ward, Esq., 33, Wimpole Street, W. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

riiite, ^niidale, son of J. B. White, Esq., Manor House, Chislehurst. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

Left Dee. 1867 ; J.P. for Essex. 

T, White, Etq,, J,P,y Stondon Place, neur Brentwood, Essex, 

BBtrancr* 1b May ISM. 

erger, Samuel Sharp SteigeiL son of H S. S. Berger, Esq., 30, Cleveland 

Square, Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

S. 8. S, Berger, Esq,, 27, Gloucester Square, W, 

endenon, Charles Frederick, son of A. Henderson, Esq., Ivy well House, 

Durdham Down. (Mr. Steel's) 

Uch, Reginald Conrtenay, son of J. Welch, Esq., Lancaster House, 

Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

Left MidsL 1871; Whitworih Studentships, 1899-70; Monitor, 1870-71; Cricket XL, 1871 : 
FoothaU XL, 1870 ; Joint Editor of The Harrovian, 1869-71 ; Founder and Editor of 
Harrow Notts, 1883-87 ; Editor of the Harrow Calendar, 1861-71 and 1871-81 ; of the 
Harrow Reointer, 1801-98 ; played for England v. Scotland (Association Footha'l), 1872-4 ; 
Hon. Sea HarTOw.Cb6queri and Old Harrorians F.C., 1872-84 ; Chairman of the Throat 
Hospital, Golden Square, W., since 1888 ; Army Tutor. 

R. Courtentty Welch, Esq,, 1, Southwick Crescent, Hyde Park Square, W, 

■BlraBMs lA 4wie 18e4. 

innrt, John William GnstaTe Leo, son of Rev. G. Q. Daugars, 30, St. 

John»8 Wood Park, N.W. (Mr. Butler's) 

B.K.C. Oxf., 1869 ; B.A., St. Alhan HslI, 1878 ; Prise foi Essay on International Law, 1873 ; 
a&aSoT Stndentahip in Jurisprudence and Roman Civil Law, Inns of Court, 1874 ; 
Barrister, 1875. IMed Feb. 20th, 1885. 

uit, Thomas Henry Carew, son of R. H. C. Hunt, Esq., Clapham Rise, 

S. W. (Mr. We8tcott\^) 

KzeterCoU. Ozf., B.A. 1871 ; M.A. 1875. 

kjard, Clement Villiers, son of the Rev. C. C. Layard, Harrow. 


Left Mids. 1809; Cricket XL, 1869; Football XL, 1868-9; C.C.C. Camb., B.A. (first in 
ThaoL, spedally commended in Hebrew), 1871 ; Curnte of St. Margaret, Ipswich, 1878-.' : 
of at. Andxtw, Waloot» 1875. Died at sea, Jan. 30th, 1885. 


Abbot, LnCM Cluurles, son of H. Abbot, Esq., Leigb, Bristol 

(Mr. Westcott's) 
Agnew, Andrew Voe!, son of Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th Bart., Lochnaw 

Castle, Stranraer, N.B. (Mr. Harris^ 

LaA Km*. 1M7; Tlin. CoU. Oambw, iLL.a, 1872; BaniaUr, 1874; J.P. and D.L. for 

A, N. AgneWy Esq,^ J.P,^ 20, Letmoat Garden*, S.W. 

Allen, Francis Sejmonr, son of S. P. Allen, Esq., Cresselly, Pembroke. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Sab-IJMt. and LUat. 80tb Ragt., 1872 ; A4)., 1877 ; Oapt, 1881 ; Mai. Snd Batt Woroatter 
lUgt., 1888. 

Apcar, Alexander, son of Mes. Apcar, Calcutta. (Mr. Hayward's) 

Balnea, Franeia William, son of W. Baines, Esq., 4, Portland Place, W. 

(Mr. HarrisO 

Baird, Daniel Baird Xatarin, son of Capt. Maturin Baird, Harrow. 


Balfour, Cecil Charles, son of J. J. M. Balfour, Esq., Whittinghame, 

Haddingtonshire. (Mr. Rendall's) 

Bennett, John Armitage, son of J. M. Bennett, Esq., The Polygon, Ard- 

wick, Manchester. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Deo. 1868. 

J, A, Bennett f Eeq., at above, 

Bentley, Francis John Boyds, son of J. Bontley, Esq., 9, Portland Place, 

W. (Mr. Harris') 

Lett Mida. 1809 ; Shooting XL, 1887-9 ; Trin. GoU. Camb., 1880.71 ; JoixMd eUi Dngoon 
Ooards, ratlrad, 1872. 

F. J. R. Bentley f Esq., ChipUy Houee^ WeUntgUm^ Somer$H, 

Bentley, George Forbes, son of J. F. Bentley, Esq., The Gnoll, lieith. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

Aftarwardi aMomed the name of O. Forbee-Bentlqr. 

Beresford-Hope, Philip Beresford, son of the Rt Hon. A. J. R Beresford- 

Hoi)e, M.P., 1, Connaught Place, W. (Mr. Butler'.s) 

Trin. GoU. Camb. ; J.P. for Kent. 
P. B, Bererford-Hope^ E»q,^ Bedgehury Parky Cranhrodkj Kent, 

Bridgeman, Ernest Richard Orlando, son of the Hon. and Rev. G. T. 0. 

Bridgeman, Blymhill Rectory, near ShifnaL 

(Mr. Steel's) 

I>eft Midi. 1869: Monitor, 1888-9; Trin. GolL Ouab., B.A. 1878; M.A. 1870; Cmateof 
Tkxporlqr, Chethire, 1875 ; Rector of Gaatle Bromwioh, 1878 ; Rector of Bljiuhill, ISSS. 

Rev, E, R, 0, Bridgeman^ at above. 

Brooking, Granville Francis, son of the Rev. A Brooking, Bovingdon 

Vicarage, Herts. (Mr. Bradoy's) 

Left in 1865. 

0, F, Broohingy Esq., Ye Nooke, Teignmouth, S> Devon. 

Brunskill, Xohn Square, nephew of R. HarreU, Esq., Buckland, Kings- 
bridge. (Mr. Middlemisrs) 

Buckley, Robert, son of R. Buckley, Esq., 19, Cleveland Square, W. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Champion, Henry, son of J. Champion, Esq., Ranby House, Retford. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mida. 1889 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1878 ; tomftime Capt. Sherwood 
Rangers Teo. Cav. 

H. thampiony Esq.^ Corf ton Hallj Craven Arm$f Shropihire, 

Sept. 1864] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 319 

Clarke, UnUiam Bruee, son of the Rev. W. W. Clarke, North Wootton 

Rectory, Lynn. (Mr. Hutton's) 

Uft Midi, laao ; Pflmbrok* CoU. Oxf., B.A./l CL Nat. 8ei., 1874 ; M.A. and M.B., 1877 ; 
BudfU Ooatti* UbiT«nli7 8cbol., 1875 ; Snigeon, St. Bartbolomew'B Uocpital. 

W. Bruce Clarke, Esq,, 46, Barley Street, W. 

OobdtOy Fnak Carroll, son of the Rev. H. Cobden, Lambley, Notts. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Crkkti XI., 18M ; Trin. Coll. Gamb. ; C.U. Cricket XL, 1870*72 ; hero of the fanioiu viotoxy, 
whan M obtained the three last Oxf . wiokete in three enooeesiTe balle, and won Uie 
mateh for Cambridge hj two mm, 1870 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. Badnor. 

F. C, Cobden, Esq., Tan-y-Bwlch, Capel Curig, N, Wales. 

OaTisOB, Thomas, son of C)apt T. Davison, Sedgefield, Durham. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Comet 15th HuMart, 1807 ; Lient., 1860 ; Capt. 10th Lanoers, 1875 ; Mi^m 1^1 ; Lienc.-CoL 
1885 ; CoL, 1880 ; h.p., 1802. 

BawMOL, Henry Fhilip, son of Mrs. Dawson, Winchester. (Mr. Butler*s) 

Ltft Deo. 18M; Lieut R.A., 1871 ; Capt., 1881 ; Mi^., 1886, p.a.c. ; UenL-Col., 1808 ; Aast. 
Impeotor on Staff of R.A., 1803. 

Lieut'CoL H. P. Dawson, R,A., East HoU^ Alverstoke, Gosport 

BawBOn, William Henry, son of J. Dawson, Esq., 28, Sussex Square, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

L«ft Mida. 1868 : Comet 6th InniaklUing Dngoona, 1870: Lieut., 1871 ; Ac^., 1872 ; Capt., 
1878 ; A4J. S. Notte Yeo. Cav., 1878 ; retired through iU-bealth when senior Capt., 188S. 

Capt. W. H, Daicson, Bournemouth. 

Deiborongh, Charlee John, son of W. H. Desborough, Esq., Hartford 

House, Huntingdon. (Mr. Farrar's) 

J.P. for Hunts. ; Ouiker at Huntingdon. 

C J. Desborough, as above. 

Dolling, Bobert William Batcliffe, son of R. H. Dolling, Esq., Manor 

House, Kilrea, ballyxnena. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Trin. CoU. Camb. ; Curate of CorMombe, Dorsot, 1888-4 ; in charge of Winchester Coll. 
MisrioD, Landport, 1884- ; 

Rev, R. W. R. Dolling^ Landjwrt, Hants. 

Brans, Arthur John, son of J. Evans, Esq., F.R.S., afterwards K.C.B., 

Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead. (Mr. Rendall's) 

LsflJuly, 1870; Monitor, 1860-70 ; Joint Editor of Th4 Harrovian, 1860-70; B.N.G. Oxf., 
B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1882 ; 1 CI. Hist. 1874 ; Ilcbester Lecturer, 1884 ; Keeper of the 
Ashmolean Museum, 1885 : Hon. Fellow B.N.C., 1801 ; F.S.A. ; Vice-Free, of the 
Numlsmatie Sode^ ; Corr. Member of the Society of Antiouaries of France ; of Serbian 
Aoademy, eto. ; OfDoer of the Order of Takova ; Author of rarious works of Travel and 
AnlfJiiTHfnwf^ Bcsesroh in Eastern Europe, and of Archasologioal and Numismatic wurks. 

A. J. Evafis, Esq., Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. 

Adfhftlll, James Barton, nephew of J. S. Faithfull, Esq., 73, Hamilton 

Terrace, N.W. (Mr. Holmes') 

Ltft MIds. 1868 ; Merchant and Manufacturer. 

J. Barton Faithfull, Esq., Ill, Comeragh Road, Kensington, W. 

Ofles, Charles TyrreU, son of A. Giles, Esq., C.E., The Oaks, Wimbledon 

(Jommon, S.W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Midi. 1800 ; Monitor and Cricket XL, 1868-0 ; King's CoU. Camb., B.A. 1878 ; M.A. ; 

C. T. Giles, Esq., Copse Hill House, Wimbledon, S.W. 

Oillespie, George, son of A. Gillespie, Esq., Heathfield, Walton-on-Thamcs. 

. (Mr. Bradby's) 


Grey, Albert Henry Oeoree, son of Gen. the Hon. C. Grey, St. James'» 

Palace, S.W. (Mr. Harris') 

Laft Mid*. 1870 ; Shooting XI., 1870 ; Trin. Coll. Cunb., B.A., Sonior to Law and Hut. 
Tri|MM, 1874 ; M.P. for 8. NorthaniberlAiid, 1878 and 1880^ ; for TjnmMm Div. 18S5^ ; 
J. P. fur NoithamberUDd. 

A. H. G. Grey, Enq., J,P., Leshury, Northumberlatid, 

Hamilton^ William Joieph, son of J. Hamilton, Esq., Castle Hamilton, 

Killeshandra, Co. Cavan. (Mr. Butler's) 

Hare, Charles Williain« son of ]^faj. Hare, Ca|)e of Good Hope. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Uent. 37th Rcgt. (IimiakUIlngi) 1871 ; Capt. 1878. 

Hartley, Charles Albert, son of J. Hartley, Esq., The Oaks, Wolver- 
hampton. (Mr. Harrii* ; 

Amateur coachman, dririntr the onach between Barmouth and Dolgelly, and bet««''^ 
Bridgenorth and WoWerhamiiton. 

C. A, Hartley, Esq., Bryn Cregun, Oyiiway, N. WaU$. 

Harvey, Lambert Edward, son of R. J. H. Harvey, Esq., Crown Poirvt, 

Norwich. (Mr. Holme^^ ) 

Hoare, Qerard NoeL son of G. ^. Hoare, Esq., 27, Gloucester Square, \V^- , 

(>Ir. Bull ^ 

G. N. Hoare, Etq., 43, Warwick Road, Afaida Hill, W. 

Holland, Frederick William, son of H. L. Holland, Esq., Belvedei^^ 

Wimbledon. (Mr. RendaU '^ = 

l^t Dec. 18M ; Enaign 72nd Uighlandcxa, 1860 ; Uent., 1871. Med of cholexa, in Ind -^^ 
in 1876. 

Hutchinson, Frederick Kontgomery Gkirdon. son of Lient-CoL Hutchi^ 

son, Wingfield Villas, Stoke, Devoniwrt (Mr. Steer -^ 

Second Uent. King's Own lAnca«U>r Regt., 1860 ; Uent., 1871 ; Ga^» 1880 ; Mi^- 1^^ 
•erred with the Mounted Infantry in the Zulu War ; praeent 

againat Saknknni, including storming of stnmgbold, menti(»ed 
M%|., n 

Gant., 1880 ; MiO-. 1^^ 

at ulondi and operatioc^^ 

td in despatches, Brev. "^ 

medal with clasps, 1879. 

Jervis, Hon. John Edward Leyeson, son of the 3rd Viscount St. Vincen 

Godmershiun Park, (Canterbury. (Mr. Bradby't 

Comet and lient. 7th Hnasars, 1871 ; Oapt. 16th Lancers ; sarred In the Znhi War, rned^^^ 
with clasp, 1879 ; Afghan War, medal and mentioned in despatches, 1880 ; Tnuura^^ 
Campaign, 1881 ; Eg3l>iian Campaign, medal with clasp and 4th Class Me^Jidie, 188^ 
sncoeeded as 4th ViKonnt St. Vincent, 1879. Died of wounds reoeired in the Battle c^^ 
Abu Klea, Jan. 17th, 1885. 

Kirk, Charles, son of C. Kirk, Esq., Sleaford. (Mr. Holmes" 7 

Left Mids. 1866 ; Quarry Master. 

C, Kirk, Esq,, Sleaford, Lineohuhire. 

Latham, Charles, son of A. Latham, Esq., 23, Norfolk Street, W. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left East. 1868 ; Shooting XL, 1866-7 ; Txin. CoU. Camb. ; KnsAgn 2nd Oamb. Rifles, 1870; 
Ueut. Royal London MiUtia, 1871 ; Capt. 4th Batt. Royal FnaiUers, 1874 ; Mi^m 1^85 ; 
Hon. Lieut.-Col., 189L 

C. Latham, Esq., 30, Clanricaide Gardens, W. 
Law, William, son of J. Law, Esq., Eltofts, Leeds. <Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mids. 1870 ; Cricket XL. 1867 (12th Man) and 1868-70 ; Fooiball XL, 1867-9 ; B.N.a 
Oxf., B.A. 1878 ; M.A. 18n ; O.U. Cricket XL, 1870-74 ; CniaU of Bererk^. 187&-6 ; of 
Doncaster, 1876-7 ; of Kensington, 1878-82 ; first Curate-in-cham of Harrow Mission, 
1888-9 ; Vicar of Rotberham, Yoxks., 189a Died Dec 20tii, 18». 

Longman, Charles James, son of W. Longman, Esq., Ashlyns, Great Berk- 

hampstead. (Mr. Harris*) 

Left Mids. 1870 ; Monitor, 1870 ; Shooting XL, 1870 ; UniT. CoU. Ozf., BJk. 1874 ; M.A. 
1877 ; O.U. .FootbaU XL. 1872 ; Bditor of /Voerr's Magtumt, 1881-2 ; of limgman$ 
Itagaxinet 1882 ; Member of the firm of Longmans, Green t Co., Publiabeis. 

C J. Lonjman, Esq., 27, Norfolk Sqttait, W, 


KailBy Biduurd Henrr, son of the Rev. R Mann, Long Whatton Rectory, 

Loughborough. (Mr. Harris') 

L«ft Mida. 1868 ; Bmnuumel CoU. Canib., B.A. 1872 ; Curate of Hale MaffiiA, 1878-6 ; of 
SwatoB, 1875^ ; Vioar, 1880. 

Rev, R, H, Matui^ Swaton Vicarage, FoUeingham. 

Xatheton, Duncail, son of D. Matheson, Esq., Hobnwood, Dorking. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Sbootiiifr XI., 1887; Sub-Lieut, und Lieut. 0th Dngoona, 1872; retiied m MiOf l^" ; 
entered Prleoo Serrloe. 

Jfaj. D, Mathesfm, The Prison, Exeter, 

Xehrill, Philip Lawrence, son of P. Melvill, Esq., Bombay C.S. 

(Mr. Vaugban's) 

Lieut «7th Btfrt 1870. Med Dec. S4tb, 1878. 

Kinchin, Jamei Oeorge Cotton, son of J. I. Minchin, Esq., Member of the 

Council of India, Calcutta. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Left T)ec. 18G8 ; Univ. of Bonu, Oeraiany ; Solicitor, First CoDtuI-Oen. of Servia in London, 
1888 ; K.C. of unler of Tkkoo ; Author of " The Growth of Freedom in the Balkan 
FenioenlH, " " Bnl|mri» ainoe the War," etc 

J. O. C, Miuchin, Est]., 10, York .l/anWofu, Barknton Gardens, S. W. 

ICtchell, Hngh, son of Mrs. Mitchell, 87, Kensington Gardens Square, W. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

Shootfag XL, 1867 ; Lieut. R.E., 1870 ; Oapt., 1882 ; p.«.c. ; Beaerve of OfBcera. 

Xonteflore, John, sou of J. Montefiore, Esq., lO, Christ Church Road, 

Streatham Hill, Surrey. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Btitb I860 ; Barriater. 

J, Montefiore, Estj., 6, Middle Temjtle Lane, E,C. 

Xoore, Stephen Blyth, son of R. Moore, Esq., Killashee, Naas, Co. Kildare. 

(Mr. Vaugban's) 

Left in 1868; Bnaisp The Royal Scots, 1870; Lieut.; 1871; Capt., 1878; retired, 1888; 
A4|. 8rd Batt., The Royal Scots, 1888-8. 

Oapt, S, B, Moore, Chilfrome House, Dorchester, 

loely William Frederick NoeL son of Lieut-CoL Noel, Clanna Falls, 

Lydney, Gloucestershire. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mida. 1866: Lieut. R.E., 1870 ; CapL, 1882 ; ll%j., 1880 ; J.F. for Olouoesterahire and 

Ifo;. W, F, N Noel, R.E,, The OrUxooods, Duffield, Derby. 

Herman, John Frederic Charles, son of .the Rev. F. J. Norman, Bottcsford 

Rectory, Notts. (Mr. Vaugban's) 

Left Mida. 1867. 

J, F. a Norman, Esq., 42, Ba^sett Road, Notting Hill, W, 

Partridge, John Croker, son of F. J. Partridge, Esq., 13, Queen's Gate 

Terrace, S.W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left in 1869 ; member of the firm of Powell, Turner k Co., Wine Merchants. 

J, C, Partridge, Estj., 28, K'mg Street, St. Jatnes^s, S.W, 
Penn, William, son of J. Penn, Esq., The Cedars, Lee. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Cricket XL, 1867. 

PMmefather, Edward Oraham, son of the Rev. W. Pennefather, Kilcoran 

House, Callan, Ireland. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Bzetcr Coll. 

Sir Charlea Warren, 1884-& ; commanded the Pioneer Force of the Chartered S. Afriai Ok 

Pigon, Clarence George Scott, son of A. Hgou, Esq., India. (Mr. Butler's) 

Enaign l&th Ragt., 1860 ; Ueut., 1871. 

Flatt, Joeeph Arthnr, son of J. Piatt, Esq., Wemeth Park, Oldham. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 
J, A. Piatt, Esq., Marchington, Uttoxeter. 


Fostlethwaite, James Harrison, son of T. Postlethwaite, Esq., Liverpool 

(ilr. Butler's) 

Ltft Mida. 1886 ; no ooeup»tioD. 

J. //. FwftUthyfaitef Est]., Cowiervatire Cluh, 8. W, 

Reid, Arthur Hay Stewart, son of H. S. Reid, Esq., India. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

Left Mid«. 18«9 : Trln. HaU Caiub., B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1885 ; Barrister ; Adrocate of \h» 
High Court, N.W.P. ; Prof, of Uw, Hair Caniral Ooll. 

A. H S. Reid, Esq,, Allahabad, N.W.P., India. 

Rendall, Qerald Henry, son of the Rev. F. Rendall, Harrow. 

(Mr. RendaU'&) 

Left Mida. 1870 ; Mooiior, 1867-70 ; Head of the School. 1800.70 ; Sbootinff XL, 1809-70 '. 
TriD. CoU. Ganib., Bell Univ. Sohol., 1871 ; FonndBtioD SdioL Txis. OolL, 1872 ; RA-; 


Frqf. 0. II. Rendall, Vmttr$ity College, Liverpool. 

Richardson, Walter Brankstone, son of G. G. Richardson, Eso., Garlands, 

Reigate. (Mr. Butler's> 

Left Deo. 1808 ; Solidtor. IH«I in 1884. 

Schuster, William Percy, son of 8. Schuster, Esq., Pendleton, Manchester. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

I^ft Mida. 1808 ; St. John's Coll. Oxf...l800 ; B.A., Hertford CoU. Ozf., 1876 ; M A. 1879; 
Curate of Wareham, 1877-80; of Bare Reiri«t 1880-82; of Corfe Gaatle, 1S82-7; Vicar 
of Weat Lnlworth, 1887. 

Rev. W. P. Schuster, West Ltd worth Vicanige^ Wartham, Dorset. 

Scott, Henry Richardson, son of Maj. Scott, Willsborough, Londonderry. 

(Mr. Vaughan*«) 

Smith, Edward Deedes, son of R. U. Smith, Esq., Benares, India. 

(Mr. Rendall's) 

a>riiei 18th Huaaan, 1870 ; Lieut. Srd Sdnde Horse. 1871 ; Capt, 1881 ; Mivj.. 1889 ; serred 
in the Afghan War, jiresent at Khuahk-i-Nakbod, mentioned in deniatcbes; at 
defenoe of Kandahar, medal with oIas|> : assnmed the additional samame of Newnham. 

Maj. E. D. Neumhatn-Smith, Poona, Iftdin. 

Sumner, John Robert Edwards, son of the Rev. J. IL R. Suniner, 

EUesborough Rectory, Tring. (Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. Ci>ll. Oxf., B.A. 187u. 

Tabor, Alfred, son of the Rev. R. S. Tabor, Cheam. (Mr. Rendall s) 

Left Mids. 1868 ; Cricket XL, 1868 ; Football XL, 1866-7 ; Trin. OolL Canib. ; Ciiflee 
Planting in Ceylon, 1878-(K). 

A. Tabor, Esq., 22, JevingUm Gardens, Eastbourne. 

Tallents, Philip Francis, son of G. Tallents, Esq., Newark. ' 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left in 1867 ; Sub-Lieut. 20th Regt., 1878 ; Lieut. 2nd Lanoaahiie FOailien, 1873 ; Capu, 
1881 ; M%j., 1802. 

Templer, George Anson, son of J. C. Temi>ler, Esq., Harrow. 


Shooting XL, 1868 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. ; Winner ot Inter-Univ. Quarter-Mile Baoe, 1874. 

Todd, John Wingfield, son of J. Todd, Esq., Swanland Hall, Brough, 

Yorks. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Walker, Philip Francis, son of E. Walker, Esq., 71, Oxford Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Wise, William George, son of M. Wise, Esq., Shrubland HalL Leamington. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Magd. ColL Oxf., B.A. lb74 ; M.A. 1877 ; Curate of Leeds, 1876-0 and 1881 ; of KirkstaU, 
Yorks., 1870-81 ; Vicar of St. John the Baptist's, Leamington, 1882. 

Rev. W. G. Wise, St. John's Vicarage, Leamingtoti. 


BatniBCM Im Jamwupjr IMS. 

Adami, Henry Cadwallader, son of Capt 0. C. Adams, R.N.. Anstey 

Hall, Coventry. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

J.P. for Warwlqluihlre. Med about 18tf2. 

Ap€ar, Jolm Aratoon Oregory, son of A. G. Apcar, Esq., Calcutta. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Ch. Cb. Ozf., B.A., St. AIImui HaU, 1878 ; Barrister, 1878. 

J, A, G, Apcar y Esq., as above, 

Baird, John, son of J. Baird, Esq., Urie House, Stonehaven, N.B. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Uft MSdfl. 1871 ; Monitor, 1870-71 ; Gb. Ch. Oxf., 1871 ; J.P. and D.L. for Co. InverneM ; 
M.P. for N.W. Laouk, 1885.«. 

John Baird, Esq., Knoydart, Isle of Omsay, N.B. 

Baker, Francis Manners, son of Sir G. Baker, 3rd Bart., 4, Hyde Park 

Square, W. (Sfr. Holmes') 

Limit. 78id lUgt. Dle4 Got. Snd, 1878. 

Baker, John William, son of W. Baker, Esq., 63, Gloucester Place, Hyde 

P&rk, W. (Mr. Kendall's) 

l0t% Mida. 1800 ; Trin. Coll. Camb. 

Bilfimr, Francis Xaitland, son of J. M. Balfour, Esq., Wluttinghame, 

Preston, Kirk. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Laft Mkla. 1870 ; Monitor, 1809-70 ; Trin. CoU. Canib., Nat. ScL Scbol., 1871 ; B.A., Nat. 
BoL TiliMa, ibid, 1878 ; Fallow of Trin. Coll. ; F.R.&, 1878 ; reoolTadia *' Royal medal " 
for bia diaoovariea, 1881 ; Fint Prof, of Animal Morpbologj at Oanib. Univ., 1882 ; 
Antbor of rariona important works on Embryolugj. Milled, wbila attempting the 
aaoant of tbo rirgin ptiak of Aiguille Bkncbede Penterai, Alpa, Jnl. 19th, 1882. 

Barlow, Arohihald, son of F. P. Barlow, Esq., 26, Rutland Gate, S.W. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 
A. BarloWy Esq*^ Sherwood Rise, Nottingham, 

Bloomfldd, Benjamin KeynelL son of J. C. Bloomfield, Esq., Castle 

CaldweU, EnniskiUen. (Mr. Bull's) 

Ttin. OoIL Oamb. ; J.P for Fermanagh ; Capt. Fermanagh L.I. Died in 1800. 

Bronghton, Howard William, son of K. J. P. Broughton, Esq., 12, Great 

Marlborough Street, W. (Mr. Holmes) 

Lift Dao. 1809 ; Solicitor, 1876. 

H. W. Broughton, Esq., 10, Upper Gloucester Place, N.W. 

Brown, William Dnndas Oilpin^ son of G. G. Brown, Esq., Sedbury, 

Kichmona, ^orks. (Mr. Butler's) 

Football XL, 1809 ; Ratote Agent for the Rt. Hon. H. Chaplin, at Bbuikney. 

W, D. Oilpin-Brown^ Esq., Blankney, Lincolnsfiire. 

Browne, Baymond Saville de Kontmorency, son of T. K. Browne, Esq., 

Aughentaine House, Tyrone. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

A— iwwMi tiM additional surname of Lecky, 1800. Died in 1878. 

Cardross, Shipley Oordon Stuart, Lord, son of the 13th Earl of Buchan. 


D.L. for Linlitbgowabire. 

Iford CardrosSy Almondale ILmse^ Linlithgowshire, N.B. 

Churchill, Charles Thomas Fraser, son of C. Churchill, Esq., Weybridge 

Park, Surrey. (Mr. Vauglian s») 

Lift Baat. 1808 ; Wood Broker. 

a T. F. Churchill, E^q., 30, Hyde Park Street, W. 


Clntterbnck, Thomai Keadowt, son of T. Clutterbuck, Esq., Micklefield 

Hall, BickmanswortlL (Mr. Westcott's) 

Left MicU. 1807 ; Brew«r si SUnmore. 

T. M. Clutterbuck, Etq., The Rookery, Sttmmore, 

CookBOn, Freville, son of W. J. Cookson, Esq., Benwell Tower. Newcastle- 

on-Tyne. (Mr. Harris') 

Laft Mkb. 1869 ; Snd Utni. 91«t AinrU Mid ButhOTlMid Highkndtan, lS7t ; Qqii., 1881 ; 

lerrad In Zola War, praMiit hi relief of E<d(Owe, also with Col. Barrow's llomited 
Infantry in immiit uid capture (>f Cetawayo, 8. Afiioan madal and ela^», 1879. 

CapL Freville Cooktiott, Army a*td Nary Club, S,W, 

(Tumberlege, Henrj Kordannt. son of C. N. Cumberlege-Ware, Esq., 

Uendon Hall, Hendon. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Lift Mida. 1807 ; Gantkman FamMT. 

//. J/. Cumberlege, E^q., WaUtead Place, lAndfield, HayyoanT* Health. 

(hurry, Richard Faulkner, son of Admiral D. Curry, Shottery Hall, 

8tratford-on-Avon. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Deo. 1868; Ch. Cb. Oxf.. B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1870; H.M. Inapeetor of Seboola, 1SS5 ; 
J.P. for Warwickabire. 

R, F. Curry, Esq., J.P., Cumberland Lodge, Bath. 

Elder, William George, son of A. Elder, Esq., Carlisle House, Hampstead, 

N.W. (Mr. Steel's) 

l^t Dec 1805 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., B.A. 1871 ; Merchant. 

W. G. Elder, Esq , Nettlestone, Bichlty, KetU. 

Eyre, Edward Vincent, son of the Rev. E. Eyre, Larling, NorfolL 

^ (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Mida. 1870; C.C.C. Oxf., KA. 1874 ; held Yariuaa Cniaeiea, 1870^; Vicar of tbe 
Church of the Holy Redeemer, Clerlienwell, 1888. 

Rev. E. V, Eyre, Spa Fielde Cottage, ClerkenweU, E,C 

Eyre, Henry Kontagn, son of H. S. Eyre, Esq., New York, U.S.A. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1808 ; entered the Bankins Houae of Jay, Cooke, M'Cnllooh t Co. ; tdUrnx^ ! 
a Member of the I^ndon Rtock ExcbaDfte, firm ot Homina k Co. ; went to New York 
aa Manafrer of Foreign Biancb of firm of Prince k Wbiiely. Med in New Yoit, 
Mar., 1888. 

Flood, Bobert Thomas Hanfbrd, son of W. H. Flood, Esq., Fannley. 

Kilkenny. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

PMaed for Direct Commiaaion, 1870. 

Forbes, William, son of Mrs. Forlies, Greenbank House, Harrow. 


Frere, James Hatley, son of H. Frere, Esq., Madras. (Home^Boarder) 
Frere, William Douglas, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

Snb-Lient. lOOtb Regt., 1878. 

Hare, Alfred John Bell, son of Maj. Hare, Ope of Gk)od Hope. 


Harrison, Francis Sladen, son of the Rev. W. F. Harrison. 

(Mr. Middlemist'ft) 

I.eft Dec. 1867 ; Enaigin 4th, King'a Own, Ruya) Regt., 1809 ; Lieat, 1871. 
F, Sladen Harrisoti, Esq,, Junior United Service iAub, S.W, 

Hoare, Charles Kiddleton, son of G. N. Hoare, Esq., 27, Gloucester 

Square, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Kilmarnock, Charles Chore, Lord, son of the I8th Earl of Enroll, 5, Grafton 

Street, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Football XI., 1808 ; Comet Royal Horae Gnarda, 1889 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Oapt, 1875 ; Maj.. 
1881 ; Lieut.-Col., 1887 ; Lieat. -Col. Commanding, 1801 ; Lord High Conatable of 
Scotland ; aocoeeded aa 19th Earl, 181*1. 

The Earl of Errol, SUMm Castle, Aberdeen, N.B. 

Jan. 1865.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 325 

Kirkpatriek, Vrandiy son of F. Kirkpatrick, Esq., M.D., 14, Hume Street, 

Dublin. (Mr. Holmes*) 

Lanrenoe, Arfhur Jones, son of S. Laurence, Esq., Clapham Park, S. W. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

LaQrenee, Per^ Edward, brother of the above. (Mr. Holmes') 

Lloyd, Xmlyn Forteseii6, son of J. J. Lloyd, Esq., Lloydsboroush, Temple- 
more, Ireland. (Mr. Holmes') 

Kniigii S2nd ClMihirt R«st., 1870 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Capt., 1881 ; RaMrre of OiBoen. 

Lowther, William Oeor^, son of the Rev. B. Lowther, Shrigley Hall 

Bollmgton. (Mr. Steel's) 

Limit. R.A., 1871 ; Gftpt, 1881 ; Mi^-t 1^^ *> Mnred on the Gold CoMt from Deo. 187S to end 
ci AalMUiti Cannmign, medal ; raiind with rank of LieQt.<<}ol. 

KaeLaren, Charles Edward, son of H. MacLaren, Esq. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mida. 1870 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1876 ; M.A., 1880 ; Barriater, 1877. 

C. E, MacLaren, Esq,, 36, Colville Terrace, W, 
KacLurem, William Henry, brother of the above. (Home-Boarder) 

BaU-Lknt. lot Royal Dragoons, 1873 ; Lient., 1874 ; Ca|it., 1880 ; Mi^m 1^^- 

Newall, John Waiter, son of J. L. Newall, Esq., Forest Hall, Ongar, 

Essex. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Shooting XL, 1860-70 ; Trin. Coll. Gamb., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 

J, W. NeuHill, Esq,, as above, 

Parke, Elliott Anderson, son of W. Parke, Esq., 10, Cromwell Place, S.W. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Lift Mida. 1868. 

E, A. Parhe, Esq,', as above. 

Potts, Alexander dimming, son of R. H. Potts, Esq., Point House, 

Tynemouth. (Mr. Butler's) 

Potts, Charles Hntton, son of L. H. Potts, Esq., Firby Hall, Bedale, Yorks. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Left Dee. 1867. Med at Cannea. Oct. 28id, 1878. 

Potts, Hntton, brother of the above. (Mr. Butler's) 

Merohaat at Porto Rioo. Med Got. 23rd, 1878. 

Pringle, Andrew, son of A. Pringle, Esq., Borque, Kirkcudbrightshire. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Trin. ColL Camb. ; Sub-Lieut. 8th Uuaaars, 1871 ; J.P. for Co. Kirkcudbright. 

A. Pringle, Esq,, €Ui above. 

BaTenhilL Henry John, son of H. KavenhilL Esq., Clapham Ommon, 

S!W. (Mr. Harris') 

Ch. Cb. Ozf., B.A. 1874. 

Boberts, Charles Blissett, son of W. P. Roberts, Esq., Seedley House, 

PendOfeton, Manchester. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Wadham Coll. Oxf., 1870 ; Curate of Fairfonl, 1881-5 ; Vicar of Otterford, 1885. 
Rev, C, B, Roberts, Otterford Vicarage, Chard, 

BAhjf Oliyer, son of P. Selby, Esq., 4, Lowndes Street, S.W. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

- htti Dec 1864 ; aometime Lieut. 02nd Highlanders ; Inspector for the Employers' Liability 
AMOzanoe Corporation. 

0. Selby, Esq,, 9, Oaborti Terrace, Jesmond, Neiocastle, 

Smith-Dorrien, Walter Kontgomery, son of Col. Smith-Dorrien, Hares- 
foot, Great Berkhampstead. (Mr. Butler's) 

L^ Mida. 1870; Magd. ColL Oxf.. B.A. 1875; M.A. 1877; Preaident O.U.A.C., 1874; 
Winner of Inter-UniY. Three-Milee Race, 187S ; Minor Canon of Durham, 1885 ; Pre- 
centor of Durham, 1885-7 ; B. D., Durham Univ., 1891. 

Rev. W. M. Smiih-Dorriett, The College, Durham, 


Stuart, Herbert Stanley, son of U. Stuart, Esq., 21, Endsleigh Street, 

W.C. (M. Masson's) 

Stuart, Fer^ Taylor, brother of the above, (M. Masson's) 

Thornton, Thomai William, son of the Rev. W. Thornton, Tunbridge 

Wells. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

J.P. for NovthMito, Higb Shwiff, 18M ; toiMtiiM Gapi* Northaats Mid RvUhmI MilitU. 
T. W. ThonUon, E^q,, Brockhall, tiMr Weedou. 

Walker,Charle8 William, son of C. Walker, Esq., Bradford, Yorks. 

(Mr. Butler's) 

Monitor, 1868-70; CriokaC XL, 18fl8-70, Capt. 1870; FootbaU XL, 18M-9, Oapt., 1807-9. 

Willis, Bichard Au^nutas, son of R. Willis, Esq., 11, Gloucester Gardens 

W. (Mr. Farrar'a) 

Left MidA. 18«7 ; Tria. GolL CauK, B.A. 1872 ; M.A. 1876 ; But India Mciobant. 

R. A. mau, Esq,, United Univertity Club, S.W. 

Wilson, John, stepson of W. WaUdnshaw, Esq., 2, Upper Hyde Park 

(hardens, W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Wyllie, David, son of J. Wyllie, Esq., Uunsdon House, Herts. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Trin. Hall Camb. Med in 1886. 

BBtmace !■ Ftobnuury ises. 

Whitaker, Joeeph Isaac Spada/ora, son of J. Whitaker, Esq., Palermo, 

Sicily. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Left Mida. 1867. 

J. f. iS. Whitakery Esq., as above. 

Batnuicet !■ May ISiS. 

Aird, Walter, son of J. Aird, Esq., The Grove, Lee. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Anderson, Douglas Edward, son of C. A. Anderson, Esq., Newstead, 

Australia. (Mr. Bradby's) 

I^ft in 1867 : Monitor, 1866-9 ; Landad Propriator ; baqnaatlied a mm ot £60 a yaarjo he 
expended on raob ol^eota aa niiglit be daemed to be fo 
at St. Laonarda, Mar. 6tb, 1871. 

led on raob ol^eota aa niiglit be denued to befor tba benaflt of tiM SchooL Med 

Aspinwall, Charles Oldfidd, son of J. L. AspinwaU, Esq., 62, Porchester 

Terrace, W. (Mr. Butler's) 

Died Feb. 11th, 1804. 

Baker, Francis, son of T. Baker, Esq. (Mr. Holmes') 

Black, Christopher George Shaw, son of C. C. Black, Esq., Harrow. 


Sometime in the B. African Police. 

Blathwayt, Robert Winter, son of the Rev. W. T. Blathwayt, lAngridge, 

Bath. (Mr. Rendalfs) 

Brown, Ernest Balfour, son of W. Brown, Esq., Waterinffbury Place, 

Kent (Mr. Butler's) 

Univ. ColL Ozf., B.A. 1874 ; aaramed the anmame of Trotter, 196P. 

E, B, Trotter, Esq.^ 19, Great George Street, Westminster, S, W, 

Carlisle, Edmund Septimui. son of T. Carlisle, Esq., Dawpool, Birkenhead. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Dec 186V ; FootbaU XL, 1867 ; Baadhar. 

E, S. Carlisle, Esq,, Monat Hope, Sedwieke Co,, Kanms, U£.A. 


Cnrtis, Charles Herbert, son of C. W. Curtis, Esq., 68, Eccleston Square, 

S.W. (>rr. Holmes') 

r^t I>«c 18dP ; PivrtD«r in the firm of Curtifl k Har>©y, Gunpowder Manufacturers ; Mai. 
Hiid Hod. Lieut. CoL 4th Batt. East Surrey Regt. ; J.P. for Middlesex. 

C H, Curtis^ Esq.y J,P.y 45, Onshw Square, S.W. 

Esrerton-Leigh, Edward, son of Col. Egerton-Leigh, West Hall, Hi^h 

Leigh, Knutsford. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mids. 1807 ; Coxnet 2iid Dragoon Guards, 1870 ; Lieut., 1871 ; J.P. and Aid. C.G. for 

E, Egfrton- Leigh, Esq., J.P., Brofidwell Manor House, Stow-ofi-the- Wold. 

BgOOd, Edgar John, son of J. G. Elgood, Esq., 97, Wimpole Street, W. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Left Hide 1860; Monitor, 1867-9 : Shooting XL, 1868-9 ; Exeter Coll. Oxf., Schol., 1868 ; 
1 CL Mod., 1871 ; B.A. 1874 ; B.C.L. and M.A. 1870 ; O.U. Shooting VIII., 1870.74 ; 
Barrister, 1875 ; Editor of rarious legal works. 

E. J, Elgood, Esq.j The Manor House, Sidcup, Kent. 

Pord, Sir Francis Colville, Bart, son of Capt. Sir Francis J. Ford, 3rd 

Bart., 17, Montpelier Villas, Brighton. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Soooeeded as 4th Bart., 1860 ; Lieut. Boyal Sussex Art Militia, 1871.«. Died Nov. 16th, 

Trance, Richard Henry, son of R. S. France, Esq., Monkland Hall, 

Shrewsbury. (M. Masson's) 

Chraham, James, son of J. Graham, Esq., Bellfield, New Brighton, 

Cheshire. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Chriffin, William Anipstine, son of the Rev. W. Griffin, Ospringe 

Vicarage, Faversham. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Orimaton, James Walter, Viscount, son of the 2nd Earl of Yerulam, 

(Jorhambury, Herts. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Left Mida. 1866 ; served in the Herts Militia, 1868-70 ; let Life Guards, 1870-78 ; Hert« Yeo. 
€»▼., 1878-88 ; M.P. for St. Albans Div. of Herts, 1885-92 ; C.C. for Herts. 

Lord Grimstonr Sopwefl, St. Albans. 

Onbbins, John Harrington, son of M. R. Gubbins, Esq., Cefra, E. Indies. 

J. H, Oiibbins, Exq., 14, Thornton HUl, Wimbledon. 

Had^f^i Harvey, son of F. J. Hadden, Esq., The Park, Nottingham. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

H. Hadden, Esq., 12, St James's Place, 8,W. 

Hayes, Edmnnd Francis, son of Sir Edmund Hayes, 3rd Bart.^ Drumboe. 

Stranorlar, Co. Donegal, Ireland. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Huntley, Kingsby Kuspratt, son of J. K. Huntley, Esq., Highfield Halh 

Northop, Flintshire. (Mr. Butler's) 

Left Mids. 1868 ; no oooupation. Died OpU 1871. 

JoUiffe, Spencer Hylton, son of Sir William Jolliffe, 1st Bart., created 

Baron Hylton, 1866, Merstham House, Red Hill. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

Sometime Capt. 8rd Batt. Boyal West Surrey Begt. ; Capt. Beserve of Offioera. 

Hon. S. H. JoUiffe, 20, Albemarle Street, W. 

KcMaster, Frank Sheldon, son of J. McMaster, Esq., 5, Queen's Gate 

Terrace, S.W. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Lafi Midi. 1868 ; Solicitor. 

F. S. McMaster, Esq., 5, Dorset Square^ N,W. 


Kay, Edward Per<7, son of B. May, Esq., 67, Ruasell Square, W.C. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Denial SaiigaoD ; M.R.C.S ; UD.a 

E. P. Magy E9q., 15, Endileigh Gardetn, N. W. 

Kilbanke, Ralph, son of Sir J. K. Milbanke, Sth Bart, British legation, 

The Hague. (Mr. Butler*s) 

Lift Midft. 1871 : Monitor 1801^71 ; Diplouatio Serrioe, AtlMh^, 187S ; 8rd Sw., 1875 ; 2nd 
Sao., 1877 ; H.M. CbMigA d'AOtirM si Cobargr, 1877 ; GodmU-Ocd. for Honguy, 1893. 

R. Milbanke, E$q., H.B.M. Cfmmlaie, Buda-Pe$th. 

ICorice, Charles John, son of C. W. Morice, Esq., 52, Gloucester Terrace, 

Hyde Park, W. (Mr. Hohnes*) 

Lift in 1607 ; mcmbtr of the London Stock Ezobange ; plajfld for En^and r. SootUnd 
(Aaaoe. FooibaU Taam), 1872. 

C J, Morice, E»q,, 8, De Vere Chirdens, W, 
Hurray, George Erne, son of Capt. Y. Mun-ay. (Home-Boarder) 

Left Mide. 1800 ; Merchant. 

G, E. Murray, E^., 6, Great Winchester Street, B.C. 

Noyes, Edward Thomas, son of S. F. Noyes, Esq., Harrow. 

(Home-Boarder and Mr. Holmes') 

Left East. 1871 ; Monitor, 1870-71 ; Ceylon C.S., 1874; J.P. for Cokmibo, 1875; PoUot 
Magistrate, 1878 ; Aart. Govt. Agent, 1879 ; Dintrict Jodge, 1888 ; A.O.A. and D.J., ISSS. 

E, T, NoyeSj Eitq.y The Reside tirt/, ChiUnc, Ceylmi, 

Part, Oswald Edward, son of T. Part, Esq., Astley Hall, Chorley, Tah- 

ca.Hhire. (Mr. Westcott's) 

0. E, Party Esq,, Utock Park, Xetrhtf Bridge^ near Ulrergtofi. 

Fostle, William Seaman, son of W. Postle, Esq., Smallburgh Hall, Nor- 
wich. (Mr. Steel's) 

Fowlett, Ernest Orde, son of the Rev. T. Powlett, Wensley Rector), 

Bedale. (Mr. Butler's) 

Trin. Ck)ll. Camb., B.A. 1873; M.A. 1877; held various Curades, 1878-9; Vicar of Ky«, 
1879 ; of Kingsolere, 1890. 

Rev. E. Ortle Powlett, Kiugnclere Vicarage, Newbury, 

Roxburgh, Francis, son of F. Roxburgh, Esq. (afterwards Sir Francis 

Roxburgh, Q.C.), 21, Gloucester Road, Regent's Park, 
N.W. (Mr. Holmes') 

Left Mids. 1809 ; Sohol. and Law Priseman of Trin. Hall Camb., B.A. 1878 ; LL.M., 1876 ; 
Barrister, 187S ; Asst. Judge of the Lord Mayor's Court, 1887. 

F, Roxburgh, Esq., 44, Porehester Square, W, 

Savory, Arnold Wordsworth, son of J. Savory, Esq., Buckhurst I\irk, 

Windsor. (Mr. Hay ward's) 

Wadham Coll. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1880 ; Cniate of Ch. Ch., Bndfbid, ]8n-9 ; Vioar of 
Worlabye, 1884. 

Rev, A, W. Sarory, Worlabye, Brigg, Lincolnshire, 

Tottenham, Frederick St. Leger, son of Mrs. Tottenham, Anamult, 

Thomastown, Kilkenny. (Mr. Steel's) 

Ensign 7th Royal Fusiliers, 1860 ; Ueut., 1871 ; Ca]»t., 1880 ; Mi^-* 1^8^ : IJent.-Col., 

Wade, Richard Edward Lancelot, son of R. B. Wade, Esq., 13, Seymour 

Street, W. (Mr. Karris') 

IHed Feb. 4th, 1881. 

Walker, Frederick Adam, son of Sir K Walker, Berry Hill, Mansfield, 

Notts. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

p. 1865.1 HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 329 

Wallroth, Ooxirad Adolphus, son of C. H. W. Wallroth, Esq., Chislehurst, 

Kent (Mr. Farrar's) 

L«ft Mida. 1870 ; CriokaC XL, 1870 ; B.N.C. Oxf., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1879 ; O.U. Cricket XI., 
1873<4 ; DO oooapatioD. 

C A, WaUroihj Esq,, Mickleaver, Derby, 

Wtbj^ Oeorge Edward Bourchier, son of G. B. Wrey, Esq., Thomtoun 

House, Kilmarnock, N.B. (Mr. Bowen's) 

0. E, B, Wrey, Esq,, as above. 

BntniBCM !■ Jue IMS. 

Blackwood^ Arthur Baaken, son of J. Blackwood, Esq., Melbourne. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Monitor, 1868 ; BalUol Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1878 ; Bani«t«r, 1875 ; in buBineat in M«lbourn«. 

A, R, Blackwood, Esq., cjo Messrs, Dalgety, Melbourne. 

Haddock, Charles, son of J. Haddock, Esq., St. Helen's, Lancashire. 

(Mr. Hams') 

Lafi Mida. 1872; Monitor, 1869.72 ; Head of the School, 1871-2 ; BaUiol Coll. Oxf., 1872. 
C. Haddock, Esq., cjo Miss Bahr, South Hill Grove, Liverpool, 

Ldgh, HoxL Oilbert Henry Chandoe, son of the 2nd Baron Leigh, Stonelei^h 

Abbey. (Mr. Vaughan^s) 

Maed. ColL Oamb., B.A. 1875 ; M.A. 1878 : J.P. and D.L. for Warwickahixe ; M.P. for 
S. Wanriokahlre, 1880. Lost on the Bighorn Moontaina, America, Sept. 22nd, 1884. 

Tetley, William, son of F. W. Tetley, Esq., Fox Hill, Leeds. 

(Mr. Holmes*) 

Lift Mida. 1866 ; Oatile Farming. 

W, TeUey, Estj,, Keeuxtng, Mosngiel, N,S,W. 

BBtmBCCft Im September IMS. 

Apcar, Apcar Alexander, son of A. A. Apcar, Esq., Calcutta. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Mida. 1869 ; Cricket XI., 1868-9 ; Football XI., 1868 ; Merchant. 

A. A. Apcar, Etiq,, as above, 

Bennett, Karsland Armitage, son of J. M. Bennett, Esq., Polygon, 

Ardwick, Manchester. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mida. 1809. 
If. A, Bennett^ Esq., Buile Hill, Pendleton, near Mancheat^r. 

Bette, Ernest William Feto, son of K L. Betts, Esq., Preston Hall, 

Maidstone. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Laft Dec 1868 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1873 ; M.A. 1877 ; held rarioua Cnnicies, 1874-87 ; 
Rector of Dnjrton Beanobamp, 1887. 

Rev. E, W. P, Betts, Draytofi Bea^tchamj) Rectory, Tring, Herts. 

Bonhote, John, son of J. L. Bonhote, Esq., 14, Sussex Square, W. 

(Mr. Harri.s') 

Left Mida. 1868; Bnaign 57th Regt.. 1870; Lieut., 1871 ; exchanged to 84th Regt., 1871 ; 
Qipt. W. Kent MilitU, 1877 ; Mi^., 1889. 

Maj, Bonhote, 2, Collingham Place, S.W, 

Bridgeman, Charles Gteorge Orlando, son of the. Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. 

Bridgeman, The Hall, Wigan. (Mr. Steel's) 

Left Mida. 1871 ; Monitor, 1860-71 ; Cricket XI., 1871 ; FootbaU XL, 1870 ; Trin. Coll. 
Oamb., B.A. 1875 ; M.A. 1880 ; BarriHter. 

C, 0. 0. Bridgeman, Esq., 109, Crofuwell Road, S.W. 

aS() HARROW SCrrOOL RKGISTER, [Sept. 1865. 

Brooke, Oiarles LndiUL son of lieut-Col. J. C. Brooke, 99, Rue de Prince 

Aloert, Boulogne. (Mr. Holmes') 

Sub-Ueat. 7th Dncoon Gnanb, 1871 ; Catii., 1879. 

Brown, William Edward, son of W. S. Brown, Esq., Ayot St I^wrence 

P&rk, Welw^n, Herts. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Bnller, Kowbray Charles, son of .1. W. Buller, Esq., Downea, Crediton. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Bumand, Harry, son of H. Bumand, Esq., Butler*8 Green, Cuckfield. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

Carlisle, Harold, son of T. Carlisle, Esq., Dawpool, Birkenhead. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Ijttt Midfl. 1871; Monitor, 1800.71; Hmd of the School. 1870-71; CriokM XL, 1871; 
Shooting XI., 1870 ; Trin. CoU. Ouub., B.A. 1874 ; Ranohw. 

H, CarUdf^ £Ii^., Durattgo, Colorado^ U.S.A. 

Clutterbnck, James, son of T. Clutterbuck, Esq., Micklefield Hall, 

nickmansworth. (Mr. Westcott's) 

I^t BMt. 18M. Died Apr. 18M. 

CoUicott, Arthur Oeor^^, son of F. Collicott, Esq., Harrow. 


Telcgnph Serrio*. U.aA. Med Nov. 29th, 1883. 

CnniTighame, John Charles, son of A. Cuninghame, Esq., Oaigends, 

Johnstone, N.B. (Mr. Bowen's) 

T.eft Mid«. 1808 ; Trin. CoU. Canib. ; J.P. and D.L. for Co*. Rtnfraw, InTWMM, aod 
Wi|i1»wn ; Lient. 4th Batt. Argyll and Sutbarland HighhmdMS, 1808 ; O^., 1884. 

CapL J. C. (Sminghamej a» above, 

dmninghame-OTaham, Charles Elphinstone Fleming, son of W. C. 

Graham- Bontine, Esq., Gartmore UouBe, Stirling. 

(Mr. Hutton's) 

Dropped the anraame of Bontine : ■nmetime Lient. R.N. 
C. E, F. Cuimmghame-G ntham^ Esq.^ 39, Chester Square, S.W. 

Cunninghame-Oraham, Bobert Bontine, brother of the above. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Dropped the rainanie of Bontine ; fomierW ensafted in Cattle Fknning in Mezieo ; M.P. 
for N.W. LAnarkahire, 1886-02 ; J.P. and D.T. for Co. Dumbarton ; J.P. for Coa. Perth 
and Stilling ; Claimant for the Barldom of Monteith and Airth. 

R. C. Ciumhighnme-Gmhanij Enq., Gartmore, Monteith, N,B, 

Cnrrie, Frederick Alexander, son of Maj. M. E. Currie, Ferosepore, India. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

Uft Midi. 1809; Cricket XI., 1800; Lient. 0th Regt., 1872; Capt. Norfolk Regt., 1881; 
.Mf^., 1886 ; N.IK . Frontier medal and claap, 1877-8 ; Afghan medal and claap, 1879. 

Maj. F. A. Currie, The Norfolk Regiment, 

Davidson, John Henry, son of H. Davidson, Esq., Muirhouse, Edinburgh. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

De Renter, Augustus Julius (Hement Herbert, son of Baron de Renter, 

18, Kensington Palace Gardens, W. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left Mids. 1870. 

Barm If. de Renter, 15, Palace Gate, W. 

Done, Bichard Henry, son of R. Done, Esq., Tarporley, CTheshire. 

(M. Ruault's) 

I eft East. 1808 ; St. John's Coll. Cumb. 

R. //. Done, Esq., 24, Kendngton Gardem Square, W. 

Duff, (Charles Gkurden, son of Capt. R. G. Duff, Vaynol, Bangor. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

J.P. for Anglesey ; sometime Capt. Carnarvon Militia. 

Sept. 1866.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 331 

DimdAfy Cluurles Eoiry, son of Sir David Dundas, 2nd Bart, Dunira, 

Cneff, N.B. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

JaU Km*. 1808 ; Trin. ColL Oamb.. and iaoorpoimtod Bxetor ColL Ozf., 1878 ; Capt. 8nl 
Bat*. Boyal Higlilaaderi, retired at Hon. MiO- ; J-P- 'or Pertbahii« and Midlothian. 

Afaj. C. H. Dunda$, Perth, N.B. 

Idwards, Jolm James Henry, son of W. Edwards, Esq., Agra, India. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

U<t MIda. 1886 ; Merahani. 

J. H. Edwards^ Esq,, Craigton, Roasshire, N,B, 

Pue, Idond Arthur Cecil nephew of A. Blackwood, Esq., 53, Upper 

Brook Street, W. (Mr. Vaughan*s) 

FuMd for diraot oummiadon, 1870. 

Flower, Horace, son of P. W. Flower, Esq., Furze Down, Tooting Common. 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

€M1m^, Edward Somerrille, son of the Rev. J. S. Gibney, Vicar's Court, 

lincohi. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left MIda. 1887 ; Shooting XL. 1867 ; Uterary Adriaer to Mevia. Hnrvt and Biaidcett. 
E, 8. Oibtiepy Bag., 158, Portsdowii Mamimi, Maida Vale, W, 

€fordoii| Herbert Spencer Compton, son of J. Oordon, Esq., 3, I^inster 

Terrace, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

LSent. 86id Highlandere, 1875 ; Capt., 1882 ; Mi^m 18M) ; retired, 1898. 
Mqj. H. S. Gordon. 3, Sussex Square, W. 

Harriion, Bobert John, son of the Kev. R J. Harrison, Caerhowel, 

Montgomery. (Mr. Holmes') 

Laft Hide. 1871 ; Shooting XI., 1871 ; St. John's ColL Camb. ; LieQt.-Col. and Hon. Col. 
Comdg. 4th Batt. S. Wales Borderers, 1887 ; J.P. for Montgon^eryshire, High Sheriff, 

R. J. Harrison, Esq., oh above. 

Hemaworth, John David, son of B. Hemsworth, Esq., Monk Fryston Hall, 
. Miltord Junction, Yorks. (Mr. A. Watson's) 

Hendenon, Bobert, son of K. Henderson, Esq., Willow Bank, Fulham. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Ch. Ch. Ozf ., 1870 ; Merchant in the City ; Director of the Bonk of England. 

R. Henderson, Esq., Sedgwick Park, Horsham. 

Henry, Oeorge David, son of D. J. Henry, Esq., 55, Kensington Gardens 

Square, W. (Mr. Steel's) 

Hon, William Henry Jenner, son of W. Hogg, Esq., 63, Lancaster Gate, 

W. (Mr. Harris') 

Left Mida. 1870. 

W. H. J. Hogg, Esq., Westerham, Kent. 

Howard, Edward Stafford, son of H. Howard, Esq., Grey stoke Castle, 

Penrith. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left in 1809; Trin. GoU. Camb., B.A. 1878 ; J.P. and D.L. for Glouoeetershire ; Barrister, 
1875 ; M.P. for E. Cumberland, 1878-85 ; 8. Glonoestershire, 1885-8 ; Under Sec. fur 
India, 1888 ; Chairman of the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, and I^nd Bevenaes, 

E. S. Hotoard, Esq., J. P., Thomhury Castle, Gloucestershire, 
Howard, Henry Charles, brother of the above. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Left Dec. 1887 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1872; J.P. and D.L. for CnmberUnd and Wcst- 
movshmd ; C.C. for Comberland ; M.P. for Mid-Cumberland, 1885-8. 

H. C. Hoioard, Esq., Grey stoke Castle, Penrith. 

Hoggins, Thomas PerciyaL son of T. Huggins, Esq., Oakfield, Clapbam 

Park, S.W. (Dr. Butler's) 

Xearsley, Bohert Wilson, son of E. T. Kearsley, Esq., Fulwood House, 

Aigburth, Liverpool. (Mr. Steel's) 

ComtH Mh Dragoon Guanls, 1809 ; Lieut., 1871 ; Capt., 1877 ; Beserve of Officers, 1881. 


Keen, William, nephew of C. Armstrong, Esq., Northbrook, Godalming. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Kent, Cecil Shelley, son of T. F. Kent, Esq., 29, Cambridge Square, W. 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

BaUiol CoU. Oxf., ISTO. 

][c(^ William Lockhart, son of T. ^fcCall, Esq., 5, Claremont Terrace, 

Glasgow.- (Mr. Uohnes') 

KcLeod, Oeorge Idmonatona, son of G. F. McLeod, Esq., H.KLC.S. 

(Mr. Kendall's) 

I.«ft Mids. ISer ; Joined Indian nnoDranantad C.S. aa eztn Ami. Commiarinpgr at Fynbad, 
Ondb, 1870 ; AMt. ConimiMioner in Awni, 1875 ; Third Grada I>e|>. CSomndaiioDar. 

G, E, McLeod, Esq., CoUuxM, St, John' 9, Ryde, L of W. 

Kain, Francis Ingram, son of K. Main, Esq., Epsom. 

(Mr. Farrar's) 

Linouin Cull. Oxf., 1868 ; iiaaaed for direct oommiasion, 1870. 

Harrow, Peter, son of W. J. Marrow, Esq., Prince's Park, Liverpool. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Comat and Liaut. 1st Diafioon Gnazda, 1871 ; Capt., 1881 ; Mi^., 1886 ; iwanra of oAcaiB ; 
•enrad in iba Zulu War aa A^j. and Q.M. to aqnadron under Mi^. Martar, and anbae- 
quantly aa Staff OIBoer at Fort Xewdigate, 1879. 

Kartin, John Jackaon, son of G. Martin, Esq., Kelton, Aigburth, Liver- 

IK)oL (Mr. Harris*) 

Neeld, Kortimer Oraham, son of Sir J. Neeld, 1st Bart, Grittleton, 

Chip{>enham. (Dr. Butler's) 

Lieut. 17th l.anoers, 187S ; Ck|>t., 1882 ; Mi^., 1886 ; served in Znhi War ; Orderly Offioer to 
Cttl. Dmry Lowe, oonimandini; Cavalry Brigade at Llondi, medal and ckcp, 1879. 

Maj. M, G, Neeld, as above. 

Prittie, Hon. Henry O'C^allaghan, son of the 3rd Baron Dnnally, Kilboy, 

Nenagh, Ireland. (Mr. Holmes') 

Trin. CoU. Oamb., B.A. 1872 ; sometime Lieut. Rifle Brinda ; suoeeaded as 4th Btoon, 1885 ; 
Representative Peer for Ireland : J.F. and D.L. for Co. Tipperaxy, High Sheriff, 188S. 

Lonl Dunully, as above. 

Bawstron, John Henre]^, son of J. Rawstron, Esq., Oakenshaw House, 

Whitworth, Rochdale. (Mr. Farrar's) 

Ritchie, Francis, son of W. B. Ritchie, Esq., Mount Pottinger, Belfast. 

(Mr. Hohnes') 

Shooting XI., 1867. IHed about 1870. 

Bivett-Camac, George (Hennel, son of W. J. Rivett-CJamac, Esq., Redcar, 

lorks. (Home-Boarder) 

Cricket XL, 1870; Football XL, 1869; Trin. CoU. Camb., B.A. 1878; Cvate of Gaston, 
1875 ; of Kew, 1878 ; Vioar of Tong, 1882 ; of Thorpe, 1890. 

Ret. G, C. Rivett-Caniac, Thorjte Vicarage, Ckrrtsey. 

Somers, Benjamin Edward« son of T. Somers, Esq., Mendip Lodge, Lang- 
ford, K.8.O., East Somerset (Mr. Holmes') 

Left Mida. 1870; Merton Coll. Oxf., B.A. and M.A. 1880; Barriater, 1877: J.F. for 
Somerset, 1881. 

B, E. Somers, Esq., J.P., as above. 

Stewart, Charles John, son of J. V. Stewart, Esq., Rock Hill Letterkenny, 

Ireland. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mida. 1809 ; Barrister ; Official Receiver of Comimniea, Board of Trade. 

C. J. Stewart, Esq., 10, Eaton Terrace, S.W. 
Stewart, Hntchinaon, son of W. C. Stewart, Esq., CMcutta. (Dr. Butler's) 
Stewart, William Charles, brother of the above. (Dr. Butler's) 

Nov. 1805.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER, 333 

Stikmaii, Franks son of F. C. Stileman, £sq., 29, Prince's Square, W. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Lift iMfc. 1869 : aftorwaidi itndiad At HanoTer and King's Coll., London ; Concolting 
BngiiMar; M.LG.B. ; Resident Engineer to FnmeM Railway, 1875; Coneolting 
BngiiMer, 188P. 

F. Stileman, Esq., 23, Great George Street, S. W, 

StrieUand, Walter William, son of C. W. Strickland, Esq., afterwards 

Sth.Bart, Whitby. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Monitor, 1800-70; Ch, Ch. Oxf., 1870 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., 1871 ; H.A. 1870. 

Tod, Archibald James, son of A. Tod, Esq., Woolton Orange, Liverpool. 

(Mr. Steel's^ 

Left Hide. 1800 ; Mtrobant. 

A. J, Tod, E$q.y Mosdey Hill^ near Liverpool, 

Tritton, Bobert Lindsay, son of the Rev. R. B. Tritton, Otford Parsonage, 

Sevenoaks. (Mr. RendalPs) 

Left in 1800 ; now reeident in U.S.A. 
R, L. TriitoH^ Egq,^ 311, East Carey Street, Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A. 

Tneker, William, son of the Rev. W. H. Tucker, Dunton Rectory. Brent- 
wood. (Dr. Butler's) 

Lincoln Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1878; M.A. 1877; Barrieter, 1876; Sec. to Public Acoonnte 
CnninitMJon, 1870. 

W. Tucker, Esq,, 23, OUl Square, W.C. 

Twining, Harrqr, son of S. H. Twining, Esq., 43, Hyde Park Square, W. 

(Mr. Bradby'8) 

Fartner in the Ann of R. Twining k Co., Wboleaale Tea Merchanta. 
H, Twining, Esq., 9, Mincing Lane, E.G. 

Webster, William Xanle, son of G. Webster, Esq., Bumside, Forfar. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Welch, Frands Bernard, son of J. Welch, Esq., I^ncaster House, Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Left llida. 1800 ; Consulting Engineer ; for many years Head of the firm of FrandB B. 
Weleh t Co., Mancbeet«r. IMmI Oct. 2l8t, 18M). 

West, Temple De La Pole, son of Lieut-CoL West, Berwick I^ge, Ryde. 

(Mr. Middlenuat's) 

WiDiams, George Stanley, son of the Rev. J. Williams, Trinff Park, Tring. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Lient. 8th Hiumib, 1874 ; Capt., 1880 ; retired. 

BBtmnccs In October IMS. 

Bastow, Thomas Claude Vermnyden, son of W. Bastow, Esq., The 

Mount, Wilmmgton, Kent (Dr. Butler's) 

Left llida. 1809; Trin. CoU. Oxf. ; Senior Exhibitioner in Phil, and Uiat. and B.A., 1S7S ; 
M JL, 1878 ; held rarione Cniaciee, 187&^ , RMtor of Uttle PeatUng, 1885. 

Rec. T. C. V. Bastow, Little PeaUing Rectory, Lutterworth. 

Yilliers, Hon. Francis Hyde, son of the 4th Earl of Clarendon, K.G., 

G.C.B., 1, Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

L«ft Mida. 1800 ; entered the Foreign Office, 1870 ; 2nd Secretary, 1886 ; Private Sec to 
Lord Tentcrden, 1875^2; to Sir J. Paiincefote, 1882-6. and 1887; to the Earl of 
Roaebeiy, 1880 ; the Marqueai of Salishiiry. 1887 ; to Sir P. Cnrrie. 1889 ; to the EhiI 
of Roeebety at the F.O., and created C.B., 18M. 

Hon. F. H Villiers, 103, Sloane Street, S. W. 

Eutnokte Ib Novcniber IMS. 

Kelk, George Edward, son of J. Kelk, Esq., Bentley Priory. 

CMr. Hutton's) 

lierton Coll. Oxf., a A. 1878. Died in 187C. 


BatrftBeM !■ JMiwirjr 1 

Beaufort, Cecil WaUer, son of F. Beaufort, Esq., Calcutta. (Mr. Bowen's) 

Uft Mkia. 1809 ; Trln. OolL Camb., 1870 ; in btuinM in India tiU 1887. 

C W, Beaufort^ E^'j Thr Manor Houte, LymptUme^ Devon, 

Brockman, Fraacii Drake, son of F. U. Brockman, Esq.. Uythe. 

(Mr. Middlemist's) 

J. p. for K«it. 

F, J), Brockmtm^ Eaq,, J.P,, B«ncKbor(mghy NettingUmy Hyiht^ Kent, 

Bnmskill, Arthur Stephen, ne])hew of R. Hurrell, Esq., Kingsbridge, 

Devon. (Mr. Midolemist a) 

Exetor ColL Oxf., 1870 ; Lirat. 2nd W. I. R«(rt.. 1876 ; Gapt., 1888 ; Mi^. Mfd io 1898. 

Butler, Lord James Theobald Bagot John, son of the 2nd Marquefis of 

Ormonde. (Dr. Butler's) 

Uft in 1870; Trin. Coll. Caub.. a A. 1878; MJl. 1876; hdd thHoiu Cufm&m, 187&«: 
Vioar of Croxton Karrial, 1888. 

Rev, Lord Theobald Butler^ The Vicarage^ Croxtan Kerrijl, Grantham. 

Clarkson, Frederick Comerford. son of F. Clarkson, Esq., 2», Pembridge 

Gardens, W. (Mr. Holmes') 

Cochran, Algernon Home, son of T. Cochran, Esq., Uerriee, Uxbridge. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

UnlT. ColL Oxf., 1871 ; Si. Alban HaU. Oxf^ B.A. 1875; M.A., UbIt. I'oU. Oxf., 188S; 
held rariotu Cnncie«s 1876-88 ; Rector of Radwell, Herta, 1888^. 

Rev, A. H. Cochran^ B^iniwgiy Uxbridge* 

Darwin, Francis Alvey Rhodes, son v f F. Darwin, Esq., Cre^lceld Hall, 

Otley. (Mr. Vaughan's) 

Laft Dm. 18M; Trin. Coll. Camb., M.A. 1875; Barriatn, 1S77; Clark of the PflMe. 
W. RidinK. Vorka., 1884 ; and Clerk of the County Council, 1888. 

F, A, R, Darwin, Esq., Hornby HaU, LanoatUr, 

DiUon, Constantine Francis Arttiur, son of the Hon. C. A. Dillon, 8, 

Eaton Place West, S.W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

New Coll. Oxf. 1871 ; afterwarda Founder'e Kin Sobol. of Hertford OoU. 1874 ; B. A. 1875 ; 
Curate of King'e Soniboroe, 1877-8 ; Vioar of Enatone, 1878-00 ; of Peopleton, 1890. 

Rev, C, F, A. Dillon, Peajtletown, Pershore. 
Dunn, Alftred Willan, son of T. B. Dunn, Esq., Lancaster. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left in 1871 ; Merchant in Lirerpoul. 

Elliot, Edward Haj Xackenzie, son of Sir Walter Elliot, K.C.S.I., 

Wolfelee, Hawick, N.B. (Mr. Harris^ 

I.eft East. 1870; Lieut. 82nd Re^t., 1874; Instructor of MndEetrj, 1882; Cape., 1884; 
transferred to 40th Rott., 18SS ; Mai., 1804 ; A.D.C. to the Karl of Glaiciow, Gov. and 
C<>mniander«in*Chief of New Zealand, 18(4^ 

ifq;. E. H, J/. Ellioty Government Howtey Wellington, N,Z. 

Grant, William John Alexander, son of W. C. Grant, Esq., Uillersdon 

House, CoUompton. (Dr. Butler s) 

MerUin ColL Oxf., 1871 ; J. P. fur Devon. 

W* t/. A. Grant, Eeq,, J, P., as above. 

Haggard, Charles, son of J. Haggard, Esq., The Pines, Bournemouth. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Left East. 1869 ; Sub.-Lieut. 86th Rfl|{t., 1872 ; Gapt. Royal Irish Rifles, 1881 ; Mi^- 1^'*- 
^faj, C, Haggard, Army and Navy Club, 8,W. 

Hirst, Samuel, son of W. E. Hirst, Esq., Mold Green, Huddersfield. 

(Mr. Holmes') 
S, Hirst, Esq., 99, Boundary Road, N.W. 

Hood, Arthur Robert, stei^son of C. Manby, Esq., ftO, Harley Street, W. 

(Mr. Hayward's) 

f. leee.] henry montagu butler. a35 

Iberti WilliAin Gharles, son of C. A. Uulbert, Esq., 40, Wimpole Street, 

W. {m. Holmes') 

ikins, Herbert Charles, son of £. Jenkins, Esq., Bombay C. 8. 

(Mr. Hams') 

Limit 17th LancMS, 1874; Gapt 1882; Mai. 1886; U«at.-GoL, ratired, 1898; aerred in 
JBohi War, prawni aa Adj. at Zuingnin Mountain and Ulondi, severely wounded, medal 
and daq}, 1879. 

nnedy, Bobert John, son of R. S. Kennedy, Esq. 

(Home-Boarder and Mr. Watson's) 

Left Baai. 1889 ; UnW. Coll. Oxf., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1888 ; entered Diplomatic Senrioe, 
AUaeb^. 1874; 8rd Beo., 1876; 2nd Sec. at St. Petenbniv, 1879 ; Acting Ajtent and 
CoDaoI'Gen. at Sophia, 1882 ; Acting ChaiR^ d'AflEairea at Bnobarest, 1886 and 1888 ; 
Sao. of Legation at Teheran, 1888 ; Acting Charg^ d'AAOrta, 1889 and 1890 ; C.M.O., 
1887 ; J.P. for Oo. Down. 

R. J, Kennedy t Esq., C.Af,0., 4, Onslow Orescent, S.W, 

igbt, Edward, son of W. W. Knight, Esq., Bilting House, Wye, Kent. 

(Mr. Harris') 

Left Deo. 1870 ; no oocnpation. 

E. Knight, E*^,, Holt Lodge, Holt, Norfolk. 

light, Frederick Sebright Winn, son of F. W. Knight, Esq., M.P., 

created K.C.B., 1886, Wolverley, Worcester. 

(Mr. BuU's) 

J.P. for /iomerMt and Devon. INcd in 1879. 

icDonald, William Xontagu Fargnharson Colqnhonn, son of Lieut.- 

C^l. MacDonald, 6, Moray Place, EdinburgL 

(Mr. Hewlett's) 

irtin, William John, son of J. Martin, Esq., Beachurst, Bishoi)'s Down, 

Tunbridge Wells. (Dr. Butler's) 

Trin. OolL Gamh., B.A. ; Barriater, 1879 ; J.P. for Leioeatenhire. 

W. J. Martin, Esq., J. P., Barrouhon-Soar, Loughbortmgh. 

inet, William, son of J. L. Minet, Esq., 41, West Smithfield, E.C. 

(Dr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1870 ; Univ. Cull. Oxf., B.A. 1874 ; M.A. 1877 ; Barriater, 1876. 

W. Minet, Esq., 48, Gloucester Square, W. 

ktteson, Henry Tyrwhitt Studforth, son of H. S. Patteson, Esq^ Thorp, 

Norwich. (Dr. Butler's) 

^qL Edward Campbell, son of Mrs. Paul, 63, Gloucester Terrace, W. 

(Mr. Steel's) 

l^n, Henry, son of H. Pigeon, Esq., Furzedown, Hythe, Southamuton. 

(Mr. Holmes') 

Left Baat. 1870 ; St. John'a Coll. Camb. ; Barrister. 

H. Pigeon, Esq,, 46, Belsize Park, N. W. 

Tett-Camac, Lonis Wilford, son of W. J. Rivett-Camac, Esq., Harrow. 


Left Mida. 1872 ; FootbaU XI., 1871 ; Barriater, 1877 ; Adminiatnitor-General of the High 
Court, Bombay. 

L, W. Rirett-Camac, Esq., High Court, Bombay. 

aw, Vero Kemball, son of A. N. Shaw, Esq., 31, York Place, Portman 

Square, W. (Mr. Harris') 

ort, Algernon Lawson Hassard, son of J. H. Short, Esq., Charente, 

Torquay. (Mr. Hutton's) 

nrart, Norman Bobert, son of Col. Donald Stewart, created a Bart., 

1881, India. (Mr. Middlemist's) 

Li«at. 08th L.I., 1861 ; Cant. B.S.C., 1879 ; Maj., 1801 ; iterved m A.D.C. od Staff of Sir 
Donald Stewart in Afshan War, twice njentloDed in deqiatcbca, uiedal with daap, luiil 
Brev.'Mi^M 1878-80 ; D.A.A.Q. Saugon District. 


Swainson, George Arthur, son of J. Swainaon, Esq., Ehnswood, Aigborth, 

LiveriKK)]. (Mr. Middlemist'8) 

Left MidB. 1867 ; T«a Planter. 

0, A. Stoainaony Esq,, DoyajHtrty Cacharf India. 

Trafford, Edward Orev, son of C. G. Trafford, Esq., Michadchnrch Gout, 

Hereford. (Mr. Steel's) 

Trench, Gtoorge Harry, son of F. A. Trench, Esq., Xewlanda, CJlondilkin, 

Dublin. (Mr. Hanrii^ 

Monitor, 1871 ; Shooting XI., 1809.71 ; New CoU. Ozf., 1871 ; aftanraidt of BdHol GoD.; 
Joined R. C. Chnrcb, and entered the Monaateiy at Bt. Bmuud'a, LakMlar ; beoMNt 
Ijund A|t«Dt, 1875. 

Trevor, Gerald Loathes, son of £. Trevor, Esq., India. (Mr.* Westcott'i) 

Left Midi. 1868 ; engaged in buaineM in India. M«4 at Bombaj, 188dL 

Vivian, John William Harold, son of the Rev. J. V. Vivian, (Uardynham 

Rectory, Bodmin. (Mr. Harris^ 

Left Mid*. 1867. 

J. W. H, Vivian, Esq,, Tamxcorth Lodge, Mitduun^ 8urre]f, 

White, Frederich, son of E. AVhite, Esq., 23, Ladbroke Square, W. 

(Mr. Biiir«) 

EBtrniirr In IMardi IMt. 

Gordon-Cnmming, Alexander Penrose, son of Sir Alexander Fenra^ 

Gordon-Cuniniing, 3rd Bart., Altyre, Forres, N.B. 

(Mr. MiddlemistV) 

EntniBcrt 1b April IMS. 

Alston, Vere Spehe, son of C. Alstx^n, Esq., Odell Castle, near Bedford, 

(Mr. HobiiwO 

I^ft Mida. 1860; Tenibntke C<ill. Cautb., B.A. 1S75 ; Barrister, 1879; now pnu^tisiiig »t 

r. S. AUton, Etfq., Cdiro^ EgypU 

Bovill, John Henry, son of J. Bovill, E«<i., Sondes Place, Dorking. 

(Dr. Butlers) 

Bright, Robert Marcus, son of G. Bright, Eftcj., B.C.S., Hooghly, Calcutta. 

(Mr. Bradby's) 

Died Hi Harrow, Feb. IStb, 1808. 

Campbell, Archibald Spencer Lindsey, son of Q. K. Campbell, Esq., late 

of H.E.I.C.8. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Left MidB. 1871 ; Monitor, 1870-71 ; Xon Coll. Oxf., 1871 ; Unir. CoU., B. A. 1876 ; Advoc»» 
of tbe Scotcb linr ; J.P. and D.L. for Duiubartonabire, 1888 ; enooeeded bis ooiuio » 
rith liart., 1874. 

Sir Archihftld S, L, Cantpbell, Bart., 28, Moray Place, Edinburgh. 

Chance, Frederick William, son of E. Chance, Esq., Lawnside, Malvern. 

(Mr. Rendairs) 

CaiuB Coll. Cnmb. ; Cotton Mannfacturer ; J.P. for Cnniberland. 

F. W. Chance, Enq., J. P., Morton, Carlisle, 

CoUison, Henry, son of the Rev. H. Collison, Bilney Rectory, IJtcham. ^ 

(Mr. Vaughan's) 

Pembroke Coll., Canib., 13. A. : sttent the labt 12 years of his life big game sbootim! ^ 
Mashonaland, etc. Died in Kiiuberley llosjjital. Mar. 1888. 

Cottrell, George Clement, son of G. C. Cottrell, Esq., Harrow. 


Kllle<l by a blow fn>ui a cricket ball while Tini)>iring in the Sixth Form game, Joo. >^^' 

uiaea] henry montagu butler, 337 

wfoid, Bobeort Snkme Wad6, son of Maj.-Qen. Crawford, Harrow. 

(Home- Boarder) 

Laft Midi. 1871; Gridcet XL, 1871; Football XI., 1809-70; Lieut. 00th Rifltt, 1876; 
Moompuiied Sir Fraderiok Roberts in the Maroh to KandahAr ; retired. 

ridBOn, Dayidy^n of D. Davidson, Esq., Ravelston, near EdinburgL 

(Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Kaat. 1866 ; partner in the flmi of Buxton, Ronald t Co., Colonial Wool BrokexB. 

D. Davidson, Esq., 80, Cromwell Road, S,W, 

it, Herbert WiUdnson, son of Capt R. C. Dent, Highwood House, 

Hendon, N.W. • (Mr. Farrar^s) 

Left Eaat. 1800; Sab-Uent. 1st Batt., The Qneen's (R.W.S.) Begt., 1872; Capt., 1883; 
Mid., 18P3 ; served with Transport StafT in expedition to Sondan, present at engagement 
at Tofrek, medal with olaq} and Khedive's Star, 1885 ; rstixed, 18d8. 

lery, George Heberden, son of Q. H. Emery, Esq., The Qrange^^Banwell, 

Weston-super-Mare. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Sometime Lieut. Sod Somerset Militia. 

uebrook, Kichael Hiclnnaii, son of M. P. Grazebrook, Esq., Hagley, 

Stourbridge. (Mr. Holmes') 

Sometime Mi^. 1st K.O. Staifoid Militia. 

mery, GOuurlee Edward Skyring, son of C. Hemery, Esq., Hadley, 

Bamet (Mr. Hutton's) 

Lsft Bast. 1871 ; Shooting XL, 1800-70 ; winner of Spencer Cup, 1870 ; Trin. Coll. Camb., 
B.A. 1874 ; winner of Dragon Cup at Wimbleaon, 1878 ; Lieut. 14th Hussars, 1870 ; 
sometime Capt. INcd Jul 6th, 1888. 

y, Foster Cnnliffe Idster, son of J. Kay, Esq., Fairfield Hall, Addingham, 

Yorks. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Lieut. Sod Dragoon Guards, 1871 ; Capt., 1878 ; Mi^., 1884 ; Lieut-Col., retired, 1888. 

imeys-Tynte, Haswell Xilbome, son •{ Col. C. Kemeys-Tynte, 

Cefn-Mably, Cardiff. * (Mr. Steel's) 

J.P. and D.L. for Co. Monmouth ; J. P. for Cos. Glamoigan and Somerset. 
H, M. Kernel^ Tynte^ Esq,, «/.P., a» above, 

«f, Walter, son of C. J. Leaf, Esq., 2,' Woodlands, Harrow. 

(Home-Boiarder and Mr. Farrar's) 

Left Mids. 1809; Monitor, 1808.P; Schol. of Trin. Coa Camb., 1800 and 1871; B.A., 
Smior Classio, 1874 ; Fellow, 1875; M.A. 1877 ; Litt. D., 1888 ; Craven Univ. Schol., 
1878 ; Chanoellor's Medallist, 1874 ; Chairman of Leaf k Co., Limited, Old Change, B.C. ; 
Governor of the School, 1891. 

W. Letrf, Esq., 6, Sussex Place, Begenfs Park, N,W. 

addnnon, William Henry, son of W. A. Mackinnon, Esq., 5, Gloucester 

Square, W. (Mr. Hohnes') 

Left Mids. 1870 ; Bnsign and Lieut. Grenadier Guards, while still at Harrow, 1870 ; Mi^m 
1880 ; Lieut-Col., 1889 ; Asst. A4j.-Gen. Home District, 1898. 

Lieut'CoL W. H. Mackinnon, Guards* Club, 8.W, 

[aaiieL William Orenville, son of C. G. Mansel, Esq., 32, Cleveland 

Square, W. (Mr. Holmes^ 

2nd Lieut. «8th Best., 1808 ; Lieut. Bengal &C., 1870 ; Ckpt., 1880 ; Mih)o 1888 ; Squadron 
Commander 8ra*PuiOab Cav. 

[athesoiL Donald, son of D. Matheson, Esq., Holmwood, Dorking. 

(Mr. RendaU's) 

Left Dec 1809 ; Monitor, 1809 ; Trin. CoU. Camb., RA. 1874 ; M.A. 1878 ; Minister of the 
Presbjterian Churdh <a Eng., Putney, 1879« . 

Bev. Donald Matheson, The Mastse, Marlborough Road, Putney, 8.W. 

Cnrraj, Arthnr Charles, son of Mrs. Murray, Harrow. (Home-Boarder) 

rorthall-Lanrie, Reginald Peter, son of P. NorthaU-Laurie, Esq., 9, Park 

Oescent, W. (Mr. Harris*) 

Left Mids. 1870; St. John's CoU. Camb., B.A. 1874; M.A., 1878; Barrister, 1875 ; J.P. for 
Middlesex and London ; D.L. for the City of London. 

R, P. NorihaH-Laurie, Esq.,JP,, 67, Sloane Gardens, S.W. 


Pmton, Fredsrick Thomas, son of Lieut-CoL H. Fenton, loo, lAnsdomi 
Place, Brighton. (Mr. HaniO 

fortlathmite, Owm WntmAOi, mOum of O. RMtbAmita, Sn. 

Waterloo, liTerpooL (Di. Bntkn) 

Baudolph, Boduay GmiTills, aon of C^>L Q. Q. Budolpli, &N^ ShMr 

' new. Ob. 8t«r4 

m Hi ini ii i irmiiJii mi TiiniiM imii.antii ifiiani 

««d, Bodo, IMM ; Vlcu at K iTOii^ IjB«)lBriitar>n*4 i g( THIv, IM. 

Am. A 0. JZoMrfD^tA, TTtOr* Fiomifa, ifM^art f^wrfl 
BttTBnhiU, Siehud ArSlur, eon of H. BATenhilL En., CluhuiL Ocnmoik 

S.W. oErrwrtM^ 

IdA bH. lSa> ; DO oeenpaUn 

aohinKOi, OiurlH LMireiioe F«mlMrt(in, wn of C. R BMLmm, En, 
Bretanetqr Uamor, DarHngton. (Mr. Hinir) 

Torr, Williun Edward, hod of J. Ton-, Esq., U.F., Oarlett I^k, Satxiitia, 
Cheshire. (Mr. Hiddtemiit'i) 

Lift Midi. 1S71) ; SbDdUna XI., IMM-TO, Trln. CdU. CkDib.. B.A. 1>T4; H.^, UTT; bdj 
•ulou Cnnala, 1BTa-7 ; Vlou at Fluidwd, HvU, ISTMO ; g( Tltthtia. inCL 
.Rot, IK. £. Torr, oi afoob 
Trofte, B^inald Henrj Dyke, Bon of A. H. D. Troyte, Esq., of Hontduji 
Court, Bampton, N. Devon. (Mr. Bndbj'i) 

Lafl MldL ISTO ; Trio. Coll. Oif., BiA. IBTt ; M.A., IBT : CiuU* of Pi-fai*. Ikna^ 
I«T4-8 : VIcH at LdghUod, BamaiiM, 1ST9-B1 ; at Wlntarbous Don 
1881-4 ; ChimUln rfM, An." ' ~ ----- 

iw'a. P^D, ISSg ; hu MMInd Om wMiAmal 

PyriiUtt, Franoe. 

Wray, Herlmrt 0«orae, son of the Rer. W. Wray, Leven House, Sea- 
borough. (Mr. HohW) 

H. O. Wrag, Eiq., Lynlon Hout, AvtnM Yietoria, Searbonufk. 

Blackburn, Colin Qw^e, sc 

Smith, Arthni- Trederick, son of £. Smith, Esq., 74,-ATenne Road, N.W. 


Boyd, Archibald Honry, son of Capt J. McN. Boyd, E.N. (Mr. Hnttoo'i) 

Lttl HUl 18TD : Tris. CuU. OK.. B.A. 1ST4 ; U.A. ISTT ; BurlMn, 1811. 
A. H. Boyd, Etq., 4, Suuex Garden*, W. 
Tvea, Chatlea Joieph, son of J. Tyas, Esq., BamslOT, Torka. 

(Mr. WMtcottW 

IjOi Kid*. 1B70 ; MoBlloT, 1M»-T0 ; Tris. Coll. Ckmb., B.A. in4 ; teOlUlot. 

a J. Tyai, Etq., Pmdar Ooib, AmuJ^, ToHu. 

T. leea] henry montaou butler. 339 

nreityLaaeelotFeildiiiff, son of Col. Sir George Everest, K.C.B., F.H.S., 

10, Westboume Street, W. (Mr. Kendall's) 

Laft Xidfl. 1871 : SotfBiMM Sebolar ; Trin. Ooll. Gamb., B.A. 1875 ; M.A. and LL.]f ., 1878 : 
LL.D., 1884; BuTktcr. 

L, F. Everest, E$q,, 2, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

irarth, WiUiain Baddyffe, son of the Rev. H. Howarth, 15, Lower 

Qrosvenor Street, W. (Mr. Bradby's) 

EntniMM Scholar. 

ke, Lancelot Willoughby, son of Capt. W. J. Lake, Wendover Lodge, 

Welwyn. (Dr. Butler's) 

Bntraooe Scholar ; 8tih-Li«ai. 28rd Royal Welch FnaillerB, 1878. 

Um, Walter Boldero, son of G. Paton, Esq., 11, Sussex Square, W. 

fMr. Kendall's) 

Left Mida. 1872 ; Sotraoce Scholar ; Monitor, 1870-72 ; FootbaU XI., 1800-71, Capt., 1870-71 ; 
UniT. CoU. Ozf., BJk. 1876; If. A. 1870; Barrirter. 1879; Bdiiorof Publioations in 
the foilgranta' Ixifonuation OiBoe, UDder the Ooloniai Offloe. 

W. B, Paton, Esq., 11, Lexham Gardens, W, 

BBtmncet In Septewbcr IMS. 

lear, John Alexander, son of A. A pear, Esq., Calcutta. (Mr. Westcott's) 

Left Mida. 1871 ; Shooting XI., 1871 ; Trin. CoU. Oamb. ; Merchant. 

J, A. Apcar, Esq,, 11, Russell Street, Calcutta, India, 

rglee, Kareham Frederick, son of the Kev. Omon Argles, Bamack 

Kectory, Stamford. (Dr. Butler's) 

Left Mida. 1871; Monitor, 1800-71 ; BaUiol CoU. Ozf., 1 CI. Mod., 1872, B.A. 1875; M.A. 
1878 ; B.D. 1881 ; Fellow of St. John'a CoU. Oxf., 1870; Denrer and Johnaon Schol., 
1877 ; Principal of St. Btephen'a Honae, 1877-81 ; Member of the Ozford Miaaion to 
GaloQtta, 1881-S. Died at Torquay, May 14th, 1888. 

tthford, John Laidlay, son of F. Bashford, Esq., Barvins, Northaw, 

Herts. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Mida. 1870; Shooting XI., 1808; Trin. CoU. Canib., B.A. 1874; M.A. 1877; rei)re- 
aentative of Tkt DailyTtUgrapk in Berlin. 

J. L. Bashford, Esq., 41, Kdnigin Augustft Strasse, Berlin. 

Mk, Edwin Clifford, son of W. J. Beale, Esq., Westboume Koad, 

Edgbaston. (Mr. B. Smith's) 

Left Mida. 1809; Gaiua GoU. Oamb., M.A 1877; M.B. 1879; F.R.C.P. ; FhysidAn to the 
City of London Hoepital for Diaeaaei of the Cheat, and to the Great Northern Hoepital. 

E. C. Beale, Esq,, 23, Up)}er Berkeley Street, W. 

CUe, Arthur Lipscomb, son of T. S. Begbie, Esq., Bryan House, 

Blackheath. (Mr. Steel's) 

iBnett, Hon. Frederick Ang[ii8ta8 Kerr, son of the 6th Earl of Tanker- 

vUle, ChiUingham Castle. (Mr. Harris') 

Trin. CoU. Ouub., B.A. 1875 ; M.A 1878 ; Barrister, 1877. Died Sept. 5th, 1891. 

Bham, Henry Walter XnsgnraTe, son of Col. H. F. Bonham, Carlton 

Hall, Saxmundham. (Mr. Bradby's) 

Left Beat. 1809 ; Entifpn and Lient. Grenadier Goarda, 1871 ; Lient. and Gapt., 1874 ; aenred 
in the Gordon Relief Expedition in the Sondan, and waa preeent at the actiona of Aba- 
Klea and Gnbat, medal with two chupa and Khedive'a atar ; retired, 1880. 

iryer, (George Henry Hughes, son of Q. J. Bowyer, Esq., Grcenhill. 



Browne, Edwud Ft 

■oUnus, Bon of O. Browne, Eiq^ Oonrtkada, Ijn»- 
atone, Devon. (Hi. Benddn} 

Uft Mkli. ISTO: Trln. HaU Ouib. ; 8«b-UMt. 9aik Bwt., im 1 UmL UU Tid^ 
ItrH; ^Dt. ISW; Xti; 1«U; ■ j-- — — iji g|)^ ,,| mhii h tiu 

ZMut.-Cbl. £. p. Brotime, &m Remo Lodge, Dmmark Boad, Bwii» 
Bnm, Stacej Sontberden, bod c^ J. 8. Bum, En- n» Qrorab Bnln-o- 
Thamee. (Mr. Hiddlnnt^ 

C.C.C. Oit., B.A., 1 CL Kat. BoL, im : B.K. ud ILA., UH. 

Bnahell, Arthur, son of C. Budell, Eaq., HJndertoii Neeton. Qb. HaniO 

IMl Mkb 1B». M«« JaL Mb, ISiS. 

Carapiet, Arton, son of A. Cuainet, Esq., GalcDtta. (Mr. &«^ 

Cheater, EeiUT' Kwrii, son of F. J. Cheater, Eeq^ Clqiham Ooum 

Suirejr. (Mr. Sled^ 

L« lUdL IMt; JiHi OoIL Ckab., B^ 1871; MO. UK; U.JL !■!■: tUK M>t 

BuiiMw, 1184. 

A Jf. CKofcr, £fg., ZX.Z)., Poyla Pari, Tav'^K, Bur^. 
Childe-Pemberton, CharlM BaldiriB, son of C. O. ChiUe-FanbtttoB, '. 
Millichope Park, Shropshire. (Mr. Bhd 

(Mtk* XI., int : FdaUiaU XI., IBTO-Tl ; Ch. Ch. Oxf.j Out. BhBa^dn Ta. On. : tM 

T jiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiii lur: riiii i-mi m iiiiiiTuiiIiiiiir>i,iiiiMiiitTa j'-*^. 

BwU, «liq>, *Dd KlMlln^i NkT, 1881 1 J.P. wd dX for BhniiUn ; bM imhI Ai 
orlgtiul mnunM of Chlldb 

Ch/it. C. £. Ci^iUe, a* aioct. 
Cbriatie, Huffh, son of J. Christie, Esq., Melbourne HalL Yorks. 

(Mr. Btadb;'!) 

L^ Dm. ]88T ; i.Y. for E. Biding, Yoriu., 1881. 

H. Ckrittie, Eiq.,J.P., 86, Shme Strati, 8.W. 
Cowler, John Herbert Barnea, son of J. C Cowley, Eeq., Ueethfielil 
Surrey. CMr. BeniWft) 

UniD I8tli iuaeeo[>aUDii. . 

J. H. B. Coaleg, Esq., Callipen, RidcmmtworA, BtrU. 
Crake, William Vtxrj, son of W. H. Crake, Ek]., 9, Suwex Sqnue, W. 


[«n)lia*.ISTI>-, GrbAatXI., 18M-T0; PootbuU XI.. 18884; IMlnd KodiuL 

W. P. Crake, Eeq., 31, Ntnfotk Crttcttit, W, 
Daliymple, Hon. North de Coignr, son of the lOth Earl at Stair, K.T.. 
CulhoTD, Stranraer, N.6. (Mr. UaniO 

LrftllidLl8T0', Bnianud Unt. fiom Oiud^ ISTl; Ckpt., 188tj iai.,W*tl:]!^ 
1899; Mini Isdia tolKlu CuipulAD, IBSSi BrlouU-U^., Oam jiitia.M*- 
Hi-r^lnClHaiiMidiBri^dt.BuUmSoatUii.Hnnlr WDBDdid, 1881; Hmt DMM 
ISK ; A.D.C. to H.R.II. Um Dnkt of CuDDU^t, 1881, 
iliy. the B<M. North de. C. DaW^inple, Ouanit' Clwb, S. W. 
Dyke, Beglnald Charlea Hart, son of Sir Fen^rall Hart Dyke, 6th But. 
LullingBtone Castle, Eynslord. (Mr. Weatcott^ 

Uft MIdL 18T0; aoUdlcn. 

R. C. Bart Dyke, Eiq., 16, St. George't Rood, S. W. 
Ellis, Henry Leslie, son of R. F. Ellis, Eaq., Sea Park, Wicklow. 

(Mr. UiddkDii^^ 

LrftMMa 18M: Biib.LlnL lunlikimiia DnnDU, UTt; C^L, 1881 : K^, IMI J* 
Bojal Bwb UnHn, 1881 : Hal. &. B. Baaui, ISfft tinmi wltt tki taUw« 
DnaooH la tlM Boar Wu ; 8uff OOtar to Ool. CnitU' Cohmin ts PMArfMioM >•■■' 
TnonMl, 1881-1. 

Miy. B, L. £IIu, oj above. 
Slwon, Thomai Henry Vanghan, son <rf T. L. Elwon, Esq- SkntttnkeUt 
HaU, Stoke^ey. (Hr. A. Wttaoo'i) 

esb-LInt. nit Rojil y. B. Fodlln, 1871. 

Sr:k-t. 1806.] HENRY MONTAGU BUTLER. 341 

William Anthony, son of C. W. Finzel, Esq., Frankfurt HaU, 
Clevedon. (Mr. Middlemist's) 


IT. A, Finzel, Estj., St. John's, S,E. 

'Fi'^mg^anldj Charlet Xordaont, son of Maj. C. M. Fitzgerald, Calcutta. 

(Mr. RendalFs) 

Left llkb. 1807; Lleat. Devonshire Regt., 1871; Capt. 1888; Uai. I.aC, 1801; aerred 
tiUNMiglMmt the AMuai Campaigtu m a Contniiinuriat Officer and accomiianied Lord 
BoberU on his nuurcn to Kandahar, medal, two clasps, and bronse star, 1878*80 ; served 
in the Akha Bx^iedition, mentioned in dematohes, 188S-4 ; with the Manipur Exiiedi- 
ti<Hi, mentioned in despatches, medal with cias}), 1891. 

Mcy, Fitzgerald, Barnlly, India, 

?0€>Td, Bichard, son of the Rev. R. H. Foord, Foxholes Rectory, Ganton, 

Yorks. (Mr. Steel's) 

farrier, William, son of Mrs. Fowler, Springfield, Trowbridge. 

(Mr. Mutton's) 

Tr^enuui, Raginftld Charles, son of C. PVeeman, Esq., Uatton Ck>iirt, 

Threadneedle Street, E.C. (Mr. Har