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fftOPIRTT 09 


4 ««17 










ComcUd to th* 29tli D«c«mb*r, 1U9, 


H. G. HART, 








It is particularly requested that ALL Communications be addressed ONLY to 


50, Alben^arle Street, 


]:x>NDov : 






Actions or Battles 545 

Adjutants of Recruiting Districts .... 36Q 

Aides-de-Camp to the Queen 125 

Artillery, Royal 370 

Barraclc- Masters 465 

Canadian Rifles S56 

Cape Mounted Riflemen 964 

Cavalry Dep6t8 350 

Ceylon Rifle Regiment d63 

Chaplain Department 455 

Chatham Garrison 350 

Chelsea Hospital 403 

Colonels 26 

Commissariat Department 495 

Dep^t BatUlioBt 860 

Dragoon Guards 129 

Dragoons 136 

Engineers, Royal 399 

Field Marshals 8 

Fixed Establishment of General Offi • 

cers 4 

Foot Guards 159 

Foot (Numbered Regiments) 160 

Garrisons 463 

General Officers 6 

General Officers of the Indian Army . . ISO 
Gentlemen at Anns, the Honourable 

Corps of 123 

Gold Coast Corps 358 

Half-pay List 470 

Hibemtan HiUtavy 6ehool 463 

Horse Guards, Royal Regiment of . . . . 128 

Inspecting Field Officers 369 

Invalid Depot at Chatham 359 

Kilroainham Hoepltal 463 


Uentoitot-ColoDelt**. •••••t. 49 

Life Guards ».... 186,127 

Local Rank 119 

Majors ,...,.. 74 

Malta Fcncibles 968 

Marines, Royal 411 

Medals, &e. (Gold) 646 

Medical Department • 489 

Milittfy CoUefB • 462 

Milifary Asylum 463 

Milirary KuIghU of Windsor 124 

Military Prisons 463 

Military Store Department 484 

MiiUryTrain 166 

Hilf tarj and Cif il Departments 462 

Militia 616 

Newfonndland Companies 367 

Order of the Garter 648 

Thistle 648 

St.Patriek , 648 

Bath 640 

St. Michael and St. George 566 

Paymasters of Recruiting Districts . . . 360 

Retired Officers 103 

Rewards for Distinguished Services . . 124 

RiileBrigade 848 

St. Helrna Regiment 867 

School of Musketry at Hytbe 368 

Staff at Head Qnai-trrs 125 

Staff of Great Britain 456 

Staff on Foreign Stations 468 

Staff Officers of Pensioners 462 

Wfst India Regiments 340 

Yeomen of the Guard 122 


K.6. Knight of the Order of the Garter. 

K.T. Knight of the Order of the Thistle. 

K.P. Knight of the Order of St Petriclt. 

O.C.B. Knight Grand Cron of the Order of the Bath. 

K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath. 

C.B. Companion of the Order of the Bath. 

G.C.M.6. Knight Grand Crou of the Order of St. Michael and St George. 

K.C.M.G. Knight Commander of ditto ditto 

C.M.6. Companion of ditto ditto 

G.C.H. Knight Grand Crose of the Royal HanoYorian Gaelpbic Order. 

K.C.H. Knight Commander of ditto ditto 

K.H. Knight of ditto ditto 

K.C. Knight of the CreMent 

C Before the Name, denotes that the Officer was at the battle of Trafalgar, 

9 Before the Name, denotes that tlie Officer served in the Peniniuhf or the 

South qf France. 

I Offieen aetnaJly prawnt in either of the actions of the 
ni Waterloo Medal. ' 16tb, 17th, or 18rh June, 1815. Such Officers are 

C. allowed two years' additional senrke. 

VHt Victoria Cross. 

Tlie Figarri f>n«fUed to the Names denote the Battalions to which the Officers are 

actually attached s the Letters e. and r. qfter the name distinguish Officers employed on 

the Staff y or on the Recruiting Service, The Letters B,M, in the Cavaliy Regiments 

allude to the Riding Masters; The * before the Name or Date of Commission denotes 

Tonporary Rank only. The Letter p h^ore the Date Uidlcatos that the Commission 

was pmrekaaed, Ckneral Offloen, with the prefix of a f, are on tlie half pay of their last 

Regimental Commlsaions. 

The words subscribed to tbe titles of Regiments, as <* Peninsula," " Waterloo," &c., 
denote the Honorary Distinctions i)ermitted to be borne by such Regiments on tlioir 
colours and appointments, in commemoration of their Services. 





Ilit Afqjetiy the KINQ qf the BELGIANS, KQ. QCB. GCH., General, 9 May IdiO 
FiM Manhal, 24 May 181G. 

KG. KT. KP. GCB. GCMG., 8 Feb. 1840. Colonel of the Grcuidier GnwU, S3 
Sept 1668; Governor and Constable f3i Windsor Castle, 18 May 1848; andColooel- 
iu-Chlef oftbe Riflo Brigade, 23 Sept. 1852. 

98TAPLUT0N, Vkewint COMBERMBRE, GCB. QCH., Seeatid Lieutenant, 26 
Feb. 90; Lieutenant, 16 Marcb 01; Captain, 28 Feb. 03; Mqjor, March 04; Lima. 
Colonel, March 04 ; Colonel, 1 Jan. 00 ; Mqjor General, 30 Oct. 05 ; Lietit.Oeneral, 

I Jan. 12; General, 27 May 25 ; Field Marehaly 2 Oct. 55 ; CousUble of the Tower 

II Oct. 52 ; Colonel 1 Life Guards, 16 Sept. 20. 

ViBJOHN, Barl of STRAFFORD, GCB. GCU. JEiitign, 30 Sept. 93; Lieutenant 
1 Dec. 93; Captain, 24 May 04; Lieut. Colonel, 14 March 00; Colonel, 25 July 10; 
Major General, 4 Jane 13 ; Lieut, General, 27 May 25; General, 23 Nov. 41 ; Field 
Marehal, 2 Oct. 55 ; Governor of Londonderry and Culroore, 15 June 22 ; Colonel 
Coldstream Guards, 15 August 50. 




IS:M. S2 July. 

Francis Mudic 

1837. lOJautiary. 
|) Johii >I*Kvnzio | 

18(1. •>:) Nor. 
Q Rirhnrd Hlunt. (JO F. 
Bart. an. (JCIJ.Si F. 

Iei51. M Not. i 

^ A'ir John Wrii;lit Oui'ms 

Bt. hCB. »3 I". 
RicltArd I'i;:ul, 4 Dr. (liN. 
.Sir Ja!>. iVaUoii, A'f'/I. 14 K. 
D$ir II. noii'jla«. /i/. C/Cii. 

»t aCMG. Vi V. 

1M4. JO .Minn. 
I)pni)i« flerlicrt 
)) /I'. ///'«. .<?</- E. niukcncy, 

acn.K\ hCff. I V. tiov. 

of Clutxett Hoypital 
|) J^l Joiiii. Lord S'ntoi), 

acn. tnM<i, GCH. 

T-fe (lU ini«i. ('ont:niiniin'j 
the Troitpx in In land 

^ Mir Tliotin. M'Malioii, 
Bt. Gt'li. Ill p. 1 

9 ££4 Sir Alex. WDcjrord, 

r;t'7). a CM a. 40 F. L/.- 

floc. ofChfUa Ifojiphal 
CViftnio (ijrduii 

)) Huch, yi*c. liomU, KP. 

GCH. n. HorM-Ods.. Col. 

iA-ChiffoJ'tk€ GMth JUJitrs 
9 Z&. Sir Jiiincft W. Sleigh, 

KCn. [jui(>orK I 

^ .Sti- J.F.F.tziifrnld, KCD. 

18 F. 
\^'<\ Sir Anliiir B. (.'liriuti, 

KCB. kY KClf. I Dr,. 
P I/oH. Ilugli Arbutiiuott, 

^.Vi Dd F 
iJ Nir'j. Iloi'iiKliu, A'(K.42F. \ 
4) Nt WilI'Micliby Ciitton, 

(JCn. KCU. :Ji F. 
{) Sir J. Ilanbury, JTr//. 

i)0 1'. 
17 11. H. i^zr/ Bcniichnmi), ' 

10 IIiit>ur8 
9~c;i //'ill. K. P. Lvffon,<'». = 

1:J I);>. 
Sir Uco. Whiiinori', KCU. . 

Ituvnl Mi:uiiu!iT» 
Henry Sliailf >rlii 
])S'r Win. Tuvll, Kill. 

7 IIiiR^iir* 
Su(<kvil«. H. Berkvli'y.lAF. i 
IMiiT Toiizi'l 
|J $<X Sir Ocjrco Sc >v( 11, i 

hCn. 4 Li. >>rs 
P riyn.p-, /a^*«/ Dowucs, 

A' ^ '// **0 F 
P (1. J//f"//. «»/ Twoeddilf, 

A"/", en. W V. 

^fif'l A'ir Henry \VTndhaiu» 

KCB.U IluMani 
|) Fro<l. lii'ii. Tbuckeray, 

CB. U. Kng. 
Cit^tarn* Nicolh, R. F.n;. 
U H«'i.rv Kvi'lPKh, n. Art. 
i) <!i[l Sir Kdwaid UovraUT, 

A'< 7/. 49 F. 
J..*p|ili W. Tobin, R. An. 
Drjl Nr W. M. Oomm, 

(.'67;. 13 F. 

18M. -28 \ov. 

^JliNrrii.u. Ko>«,r;rii. 

It. Art., 
ant. KCU. U. Art. 


)J m //« f?. H«*iirv Mirrnv, 

(7*. 11 Di-s. ' ivii. 

T. I •vans ^V;. hi F. li* Muv 

iJ Sir A. .M:ipI.iMio, AT'/J. 

ii F. 

3 Jump 

g \vm! Wond, ryi. a//, a 

We<t India lit |j;r. 31 An.-. 
(J N»> J. F. nircovne, /?'. 

(iCR. R. i:uL'. 

i't F'T/i/icitfions OStpt. 
\i Sr (Jim.. Drown, (?r/J. 

Kir. Kill-' Brit.'. 7 S; pt. 
V 7^!! •*?/> .Tiiiiii s SiinpMiii, 

GCIi. H7 F. H S.-pi. 


IWI. 11 Nov. 
4) S/rChar!»'s Win. I*u-h'y, 

KCn. II. Knc. 
^C O.Kllironihr.r/l.R.Fns. 
STnonin4 Km in. CB. (J3 F. 
K. 11. Wynvard, C7/. 68 P. 
4J /Sir Janifii Fc^^ufr^oll, ' 

KCB. 4S F. 
^WrTho. W. Brotberton 

A'C'/*. I Dr. (5ils. , 

?/?<' A.J. Uiilryniplo, Bt. 
Sir Jnmes Ily. Key mil, 

A'C7/. 4« P. 
9 .Sir J jhu Bi>ll. KCB. 4 F. 
$ Sirs. b. Auciiiiiutr.A'rA 

7 F. 
9 .Sir J. Allcliison, A'C'/?. 7-2F. . 
1S54. MJiine. < 

9 Wiu. Jrrvoi^, KB. 70 F. 
^6'*r P. Cookbum, 0& P. 
itii H. LlniUyn. r/I.SO F. 
9;«LI P. A. Laut'Mir, 3 Drs. , 

C'/?. IT//. ! 

39£JI •9ir Win. (-hnlimT*. 

CB. KCrr. 7H F. 
9S£I Sir Harrv OeorpoW. 

Smith, /l^ GCH. K'Ho Br. 
9?iri N^r !)«• Lucy Evniu, 

O'f'B. «1 F. 
^ Will. 11. n. ?cott. .IrtF. 
(i iSir Tito. WilMiire, /^fr^, ' 

KCB. M F. 
P I dw.* Fleming, f/l. 27F. 
9 P. Bail \m-^\:^. fJi. id F. 
D Tiion. L. Nupior. CB. 71 F. 
$ W-. H. Svwi'll CT), 71) F. 
4J«riLn\. L. Dm line. !i8 V. 
$ Sir John M'lioiiuld, KCU. 

JW I'. 
^JO-o. Wm. Poir, CB. KIl. 

70 F. 

ilJtl l''*r-t Jji^. II av, Wl F. 
4JTho. J.W^fUiys>, CB. 17 F. 
^iZX Sir WilLiini Kuwuii, 

KCB. 10 F. 
}^T.Z\ Jii«. Shnw Kunn«-dy. 

CH. 47 F. 
tJiCI A.W.M. Lorrf S.indT», 

V^;. L.*Gcldie, CB. 77 P. 
\}Ge^. P. Hii^int^oii. 04 F. 
{I^iri Sir (»eur»:(> Howlcii, 

AT/*. 1 W. I. R., /Jrut. 

of thv Towt-r of L->ndott 
9 Bon. H.F. C. Curciiahh, 

•J Dr. Gds. 
urn T. W. Robblnji. 80 F. 
^Z^l Uodi-rick Muonoil.H F. 
Wni. S'lthcrland, CU. 5 « P. 
p U.Rniiify, (7/. KH.'^SF. 
9l£l ffo».<\\nT\v>Gon,CB. 

KB. 01 F. 
V iM W. L. Wallcm, 5 F. 
Thunia« J. Forhes. R. Art. 
Chftrli>» Richard Pox 
i) Cliarh" Aiiii. Shawo, 74 F. 

1A.'»4. *\ov. '.JS. 
HGpo. Turner, CB. R. Art. 
I*. M. Wallaci , R. Arf. 
RiRliatd Ji*n«-s, R. Aif. 
ilJuhnMic»e|l, r/;. RArt. 

W.l M. r.«n.», 0(1 F. 30 Jm. 
lllS'rJ. M. WalhUf. A//. 

17 Liinru-i (I F«h. 

D //(i/i. John Finch, CB. •J4 

F. V.*i) Frb. 

pjicl S'f Wm. (J. Moon*. 

A'(7I. (U»F. .5Jwnc 

P"?l F.r. Whinvutr?. Cn. 
Klf. R. A!f. 1 Jnnn 

.sir Rif'linrd Enelaiid, OCB. 
KJi. :,0 p. 4 Jiini- 

Sir Win. John (^)drh^.ton. 
KCIi. W F. Gorfrn r 
end Comm. in Chivf vj 
GihrnHtir (IJiinf 

pra Thomas Dvneley, CB. 
R. Art. Id n«c. 


\li.ZX Sir Henry S'-mnr»it, 

A'CB. Kn..i\ F. Comm. 

iitChi*'fatBoml:ttit 'JO Jftii. 
iioo. r.iibhp, R. Art. 4 Frh. 
j:2l Alex. C. Mercer, from 

R. Art. S.>8 Auc. 

Sir (iiK>. Alls. Weiliorall, 

AT/i. AH. &1 F. A<//.- 

Orneral 8 Sept. 

ilJC-l .S'r J. F. Love, A'6'Ji. 

A'//. 57F. iNsptctor Gen. 

of Infimfft/ no S-pt. 

i) ifir i>. M Gregor, AT/l. 

12 Dec. 


P (lamillon, KB. 

S;! F. 

P^£t Cha. Anih. Ferdinand 

Beniiiirk, \'J V. 13 Jan. 
Ciia. Geo. Juk. Arbiithooi, 

H.» F. 13 Mir. 

C. G. Fulcoiiar, A'^. 73 F. 

•JO July 
1 1) Alex. Fisher Macluto»|i, 

KB. 00 F. :» Auk. 

i) J .H Put. r<nn. OoF. aCAu'r. 
John II, Home,.' (IF. •-^'^l'pl. 
J. Sp.nk, KB. -J F. -JJUct. 
^7?! Sir Jaiii'M Jurkson. 
' AV7;. KB. ti Dr«. 

1830. 90 Feb. 
pC. Akhe a'Oouri-Keping« 
tun, CB. A//. 41 P. 
\bW. IS Jnlr. 
Hi A Boiial Hiiihness George 
W. F. C. 7>M*r of Cam- 
brid;re. KG. KP. GCB. 
GCMG. T^co\9 PuMller 
Guards Comm. in Chief 

|} Win. n. Powir, C'i*. KB, 

R. Art. 4 Feb. 

p H. J. RidJcll, A'//. F. 

'JG Sept. 

18.K*). 14 May. 
P Colin, L"ri/ (hde, GCB. 
1*3 F. r^tf/iiifi. in Chief 
K. Indies 

P H. C. E. Veinon, CB, 

•i Apr. 
P>/rJ. A. \h.\^i\ KCB. 9F. 

1 -J June 
P .Sir R d»- rt J. Harvey, CB. 
2 Wi.>»t India itojt. 

17 July 
A('h7;. 8*F. 14Aue. 
F".('ani|ihi.||,R. Art. i!.-! S 'pt. 
9 Sir Wm. F. P. Nipier, 
h'Cn.*2:V. 17 Oct, 

Pfa J. Ufi'vo.Ol F. 7DlC. 

P H.^in'rl C\ Mnn*el, KB. CS 

F. CiUiiiii'indhig ihcEatt' 

t-rn Pisftiit ia Oct. 

U Jnhii Drnminond do. 

IJ Ju<. I're.'th.A //. U Y. do. 
JoMii Litli', AT/. 35 F. do. 
13 Roiwrt B. LNdeii, OA F. do. 
t)^l E. P. Bii.kley do. 
.s'trRlrh. Doherty, 11 F. do. 
|l£cl Edw. B}ain, 18 Dm. 

10 Nor. 

23 Nor. 
Geo. Ciia. liarl of 

A'CB. 8 HiiMan S4 Due. 
Sir W. M. O. Colebronke, 

('B. KB. R. Art. 10 Jan. 
^VIA .Sir Cha. Yorke. KCB, 

33 F. Mil. St-c. to JI.K.H. 

Comm in Chirf 1.1 Feb. 
P .Sir John R. Eu'iUce, A* II. 

2 Apr. 
f JtB.Dnimin(md,SF. OApr. 
^£1 J.OIdfli-ld. KU. R. Knir. 

10 Mar 
p/roM. .S'ir E. Ciut. KCH, 

10 ])n. 14 M.4y. 

IVnni4 Daly \l June 

P Jer. Taylor, iW P. 17 Juno 
pK. J.l):ivie:.,(t7F. H Auc. 
P Win. Caior, CB. from H. 

Arr. 23 8ept. 

PJohn Praner, .^7 P. 17 Oct. 
.Sir J. >I. Fred. Smith. A'//. 

from it. Kn::. C5 Oct, . 

Miircus BcreslorJ, 20 K. 

7 Dec. . 
PS£I NirJame^r. Chatier- 

tcn,/;/. A'//.uDrfc. iSPoc, 


P^t.J. A.Chrk-, A//. 7:iF. 
lb.*>4. -.'O Jui:(.'. p.'*'" J«i-: IS H. trIiO'.d'i"'. 

A (^T. .v. F. 
J. \. £'.11-//./ ».>'.« hn Sh n i.i» .T. V.'. B,Mitin;k, 

P Win. T.i'»i..!i* Ki...IIy* KCIt.'^^V. 

Lf.fiin Co i'> maud ill J of f.^lT" i.s. Roi-i. CB. 44 F. 
A/tiir*''t.t lli-nri r/5r. Mt'lvil.f. A(7f. 

S/i-H. K. riii'UMiiiIia\h. /r. Ii!" F. t'.jmmojidih.j the 
P K. F. da- ■>isnf, il'.» F. Tr,:ijtA in .Srotl.init 
Coinmnndiny Vnblin p£«Ll A. K. (.Mhrkr Kcniiedv, 
DiMtrict Cn. KU. Dr. Gdn. 

P Mir L. B. I/>vel], A'C'H. . P Horaiio George Broke, 
. KU. 12 L»ncen ' 88 F. 

P. v.. Cli. 31 F. 

CoiHinimtn/tfi a I)i'\ of 

fit Mi'h''i-< Arnit/ 
rdnini.d .s.r7i. H7 F. 
n»'iir\ Cnhile 
PZCl F. Win. Bonvciii^, l.'i 

//•.>/«. Tlioiiia^ A«lihniult;iiii, 

/ 7*. from 20 F. 
M. Whili', cn. 7 Dr. G«U. 
John Scott, CB. I rum 

Lancert i 

.Sir J. L. Pennefathcr. KCB, 

4'I F. Lt.Gi'n. Comoiand' 

iiitf \vrffnrii Bistrn-f 
P T.'. W. Htll. Lt. Governor 

('■•WHondiin; the TroofU 

fit Jiinntica 
P Th<inia-i Iturke 
Jas. Till*. /'/ir/«j/*r;,rdiijau, 

KCB. 5 I).- iil^.tHspic 

tiiui (inn ml of Cirulry 
Sir Mirhael Cieacli, KB. 
John Eden. CB, Co>nman4* 

ing the Cork Di»triet 
Hon, Charles Grey 


ipt. froaQr.Ods. ; 
chlttOp Irwn K. 

Iram Gold. Ods. t 
Lord Roktt.jij 
m Soo. Fuf . Gd«. ' 
f Qtnerul «/ ' 
ir<f« I 

ird Porter i 

o Raw don 
Ileckviih. XIT. 
Iv. Robinson 
r«lon,froin ^3 F. , 
E^ tft« Troop* 
. Mftclcan, fioin ' 

FLcetl EslablittJitnent of General Ojjicers. 

mand.r - In - r/ii</ a/ 

Mttha iSWar. 

Ionian Itlmnaa • riittric* nturujn* S Apr. 

1854. le Dec. ' (hwgc Moncricff, from ScoU 

|^«aWilliumBrereioii,rfl. Ku.*. (M*. UJune 

KH. from R. Art. 


from Rifle Br. (ktmmand^ 
ing the Troops In thf 

W. I.. DaiiM*, from 87 F. 

C. Warrm, VB., Oh the 8t«ff 
at Malta du. 

O. A. Malcolm, CB, do. 
P i*. V. England, fiom R. K. H. WynTard, CB., frntn 
, Art. QAui'.l b^V. OH. O*mm.tho 

B. . «***7** ^, 1 9 Wm. Ciilhbrrt War-i,, Forcrit at tUo C of G—d 

Fijncii Kn« d-in Chewey, f^„, ^ j.„„ 2 Auj.-. I Ho^^e. nud LieutOot, do. 

» K "?.;,•.. /^n ii*"' I Mrtrcuii J.ihn Mjrte 20 Aug. 1 D Ca Rl-Jiard Hurdiiiffs, 
John B./<ough. Oil. p/f- o. IJ. MncKinuon, T/l. • A'//., from R. Art. do! 

fna,uling a Brigade i« o.., g^pt. llro^.no U illi*. (rora R. Art. 

Dublin 30 Jan. I „ p p ^v},.^^ M Oci. ! dO. 

Hon. . rilMir Lpton. from ,, h. |,o|,,,„„ ooo.t.'caW. C. Anderion, from 

. Jos:ali ( loote r'il. „om CVUht. fi.N. 
,\,uzi\.(:ommaHdi»gi jj^^^ ^^ ^^, ,,^,,,.,1 

Co]il>(. G(U. 
.SVr A 

the Troo/iJt in ihe Wind- 

irard nnd Lcciratd islf^ 

'6\ Xwji. 

Til« 2?S??'';!'-"".wl L^V''* 



James KobeiiMm (.'ran Turd , 
ffim Or. liil*. 11) J 11 Mr 
U'ni. S. r.:i:fi Tir 2 J Aux. 
Wiiliiini Uouth )>:) S.'i>t. 
Ricfaaxd tiiiavr* Xot. 

^rrard Bail 



Tr, Srn. Fus. Ods. 
nurll, rri>m Insp. 

3ott,froiiiB. An. 
U Ch. from do. 
tr.fmm Gr. QJp. 
ton Fritb, frviu 
i«» Ru>M-l, from 

from 1 Life Od*. 

28 XOT. 
on, fmm U. Ar!. . Henry A. Hankcy 
Lock wood, CB. -^Oi J»1ui CampMI 

T. 8. Pi aft. rii. 

ViXOiWx .l<> F. lix 

W. y. Ili'triiin-on 

U H. T hoikyfr, Vn 
fpi;!! 07 F. C4)ntuinudinij' 
t/ii' Trocp* at CrgloH do 

Sinuo*? llijnrn d«». 

Al. C. Jolin»ti)nf, from h7 F 


9 Win. F. Vnr.ler, A//. 
Dfp. AtlJ.dnural dv. 

F. .lol-n^iiiii «'o. 

D htiw. >r.ic.irtliur, n?. 

r^. R. Art. do. 

do. p W. H. Or«l, from R. En|r. 
do.- 1 Nov. 

il'i. ' H^nrjr Eyro 10 Xov. 

d'). p II. J. Suvago, from R. 
d(i. r.ii;c. 9$ Sov. 

Lonl Wm. Pnul*'t, Coiu- 
n JWhuiile at Alderthot 
9P.M*lM.(>:Kon,C'^. Si Dec. 

R. S. Armvtrun;, Oom R. 

Art. I8J«B. 

C. W. Ridley, CB. from Or. 

(Ms. ISF-b. 

John Pat ton SO Feb. 

• 1W7. 

IThoma. Oonlon Hwn.. 26Urt. 1 1>. A. rameron.Cfl 25 Mar. 

pea Wm. Ilonry Liioii. j, fl;,v ^.,5,.^, Oarntt. At'/J. P Georce rk-M. Cll. 9 Apr. 
'pWm.Fn.ktWIlhxnrs.A-//.' A//. 0/1 //if .S7«/m /Wr« H. N Viaor., from St. 

I «£ Shvrnclijr 14 A, ril f" ^- "'./TiT' i.^^'* I? ^' ^^ " ' n M.w 

' ?h« ^inn?i Jnl.nsfo; 4 J^.ni «■ T- f'dumb do. . R. Uicbardton.RobertM>^, 

Tbo.H*'^^.^. ^.^^^^^ ^^^^ Cotton, 67/. 14 May 

» July ' ^'^'''- ^'**'" *^ *'•• ^^* '''' S. Bray lirooLe, from Ceylon 

! i:^'7;Tr'»-,f^-^"i"^ ' M:;::^a^ 


I. rrom a Dr. Gda. i 18M. ' K. H. D. E. Nupltr do. 9 QCl J. BIoomflcM, from 

/iit^ JftfM'A If'o- Tliomna Wood, fr. Gr. (Ms. bdward liarvt>y di:. | R. Art. Infp, Grm, 

irict I n Jan.'Ja*. Kobt. YniiniK do. Artithru 25 8^1 

D. Joi!i^, KCB. Wm. H. Kden 15 Jnn. Sir John Miclicl, AY'ii., Om W. G. Gold 17 Oet. 

Enir. Bttvemor Jn^ph (Varkc 16 Mar. ; theS'aJ}\ East Indies do. , T. Filter, from R. Hnf. 

UHnrp Coiletre ' Sir J. Gaopard Lo Mercliam, | K. P. ])u>iclu4 do. 23 Oct. 

I Bailer, KCH. Out tmor and t.'um- , Ctia«. Craufur J Hay do ' JToh. R. Bruce 7 Dec. 

HAL OFFICERS, Supfnivmerary to the. Fixed Entahlishmenty who were promoiedf 
"FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE,' out 0/ thdr regniar tvm. 

< lurU* A^h Windham, CB. On Stftfin India 8 8ept. 65 

^«r Jo'n luirdky WUmot Ingll*, ACB. from 32 F. On 

tin StaJF in India 2B Nor. 67 

Sir Jhoii & Hi>pi- Grunt. A'C 7). from Lancer* 26 F^b. M 

A'Ci*. 18 May M 

trt)m 10 F. 20 July AS 

„ . _^ 2JI e., Secrttaryjor 

Military Cw respond t nee. War (Uficc 20 July 58 

WAL OFFICERS on the HALF-PAY of their former Regimental Coiuminiont, 

I Jamea Vaerc*, KCB., from Royal ArtllN nr 

20 Jnno M 
■ Feawick William*, Bart. KCB. from Rr^yal 

ird Dupuif, CB, fiom Kojal Art! 

2 Nov. CSiiSir Wiiliani Rose ManvHi-ld, KCB, 
nirry Sir Thoii as Hartv Fmnks KCB. t 

2 Not. fi& , /»'ir KUwaid Luguid. A't'fi. tr^nu 


vka of Clevdarid, KG. 
led 8 £!(.p'. 57 

i«rd Uothamp UnattuclxKl 

•iO Aug. 58 
K, B. Clayton, B/.,VcHi I. 

tf« Oci. .^l« 
ftrdaoa, Unait. 2 Apr. W 
amberlayno 17 July 

Bitaiiau Petl.Uoatt. 7 Dec 


4 Hoadeo, CCB. KII' 

30 Junv £4 

?, Thompson, do. du. 

uu Buller, do. do. 

Geo. HaundiTii Tl.nuit,.*, h. p. fi7 F. 

20 June 54 
P William Cowper Coles Vnatt. do. 
Aitli«ir Duke of WelUiiglon, KG, 

t'nattacbed do. 

Ja<. 11. Ilaffle, li.p. 60 F. 31 Aug. 53 
P Riitifrt Blake Lyncb, Uniitt. do. 
P^iiU Chnrlet Diaglo. A'if. do. do. 
P John MunayBelkhcv, do. do. 

P William Crokat. do. dc 

PNorclitie Nirdiffe, KU. b.p. I«^ 

Dn. do. 

Ilobi-rt Martin Lr>&ke. Unutt. do. 

Ahz. MadfHn Frm r, du. 8 Drr M 

Peiur Kd wards do. 

U Apr. O: 

PJuLI WillUm Cartwrigbt, Vnan. 

16 May £7 
PIUS Arthur Gore« do. do. 

|l David G'ooiikmon, 16 May 67 

P£6.1 Tiiomnft Robert Swmbume, 

Ij'nattaclieil 4 June 67 

Pli2iGe<rRe Whiclicote, Unati. do. 
hUi Jameii Aithur Butler, do. do. 
P In d. &lia<ie, I'l.ait. 26 Oct. 68 
P££l Albeit Goldtnild, do. do. 
P Jnniea Prlie Hely, KII., do. do. 
PC£l (.'iia>. Jlob. BowwiF, do. do. 
PJohn AinHi.d, KII., do. do. 
Billiard Coni.op, di). do. 

Tlioiuas Mul)neax Willianii, KU., 

do. do. 
PcjCI William Ntpean, do. do. 

W. Holmes luitun, d«'. do. 

ViX G. T. Aar/e/ Albemarle, do. do. 
1-ra. Murq. of Conyngiium, Jfp., 

G'C/f., do. do. 

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lill-Slallo a ^ I Q o I oslsl'll^lla<cfs»s 

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S SS-";!- - S 3 ^ = g ^ 8J=22 
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C5 *-• O 

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•gSc 50 3 3000 
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p- ^ « -^ c» -^ 

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i-i — _ CI -^ 

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•>i4 P^ «SI p^ ^ ^ — CI 

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W» ^1^ «« w» ^ ,,, F^ 

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Cl_ 73 d p- 

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o o c p o e 

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q Q S •->-» c '->'-» *^ O "-a X 1-8 "< '^ H, i-> •-» ^ K s i-a 

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1-^ 1^ CI CI r-< 


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CO 09 Ct CI »^ 2P 

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e -a "d "3 "d -o T) TJ -o t; "o "^d -s ^3 "g -a '9 •3 5 -a •§ ^ 

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n -ji •^' o ^ *^ cT 

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o o o e s o ft 


o -o n n '^ ra -^ '9 rz ';s -d-s rs ^ ^ 

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•o "c -a Ts -3 Tj 

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«-« _ ^ •-• d CI SI -« — SI ■?» "t:.— 

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i-i SI 1-1 SI ^ ^ r^ O SI CI SI »^ p-i S» SI 

o c a « 5 — 2 ..o r. :t X «* CO 

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— CO — 


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SI ':i ^ pii. 


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S«SI s* 

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F- ri SI 

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si; 3 
C5-t C5Si 


'2 •* 3 
SI 00 '^ 

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T — "M 
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■-» ■» ^ 

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T sJ a 

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SI SI o 

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s s «< 

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X X -t C "^ ^o 

SI — — SI d 

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w O SI «-• o 




^Ji Ji ^^^^^^S -8 ^•S-S'S-S-S-S'S-S'S-S s 

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I'* X •— ^ '— 

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C9 09 CO 

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t« r* ^ Q« '^ o s 

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CI -^_ — ct'W 





ct c c* 

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dO o t« o 

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©• CI CI CI n 

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iS' S S S g i 5? 2 33~i 

r» C3 IS d C5 « ?» l>. 91 CI 

cl_-^ _c» *:» ^-i 

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CI 7» 91 

c-a a 
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2*-a2'' s 

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r-« 3 O r- • 

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SCI d — -• 
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9»J>I_-- CI "^ ^ CI 

3b 3 CI iV« '^ 2j i?""^ o 

Q""a*7a5 — 3*^*-* 3 
g r» »^ CI t^ I'* »-• o o « 













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oS-^S 55 £cio --c5 •?♦ ^i-ic»^i-HCi^^cii£ocicicici©« — cici^-i'-'W 'J* 

TTar Services of ilie General Officers who are not Colonels of Regiments, It 

I General M'Kenxie senrcd the campaign of 1794 on the Continent, includiog tho lOTeral 
aetiona between the Waal wid Rhine, forcing the enemy from St Andre, sortio from Nimcguen, 
find the actions at Thujl and Geldermalsen. Served also on the eastern coast of Spain under 
Sir Wm. Henrv GJinton. 

4 General Uerbfrt aerrcd on the Continent with the army under Lord Moira and the 
Duke of York. Engaged dnring the Carib war in St. Vincent's ; at Port-au-Princo, in St. 
Domingo ; and at Fort Iroia daring the three months' siege. Served alio at tlie siege of 
Copen£^gen, 1807. 

5 General Armstrong went out to Flanders with Lord Muinu in 1791 ; joined the 
Duke of York at Antwerp, and was in that disastrous retreat through Holland in th« winter of 
1794-95, and embarked at Bremen. Strrvcd in Ireland during tho Kebt^llion in 1798, and was 
Aasistant- Adjutant-General of the Centre District under General 11. Dundas, until the peace 
of 1802. 

General Gordon aerred at tho siege of Fondichrrry, battle of Argaum, sieges of Assccrghur, 
Gawilghur, and various other hill forts. Served also at Wakheren in 1800. 

8 Sir Edward Nicoll?, with thirteen volunteers in a boat of the Blanche frigntf, boarded nnl 
raptured, on the .Ird Nov. 1803, the Prench armed cuttor Alhion from under tho gnus cf 
Monte Christie, St. Domingo, — in this n';tion ho was severely wounrird by a niusket-bal), wbirh 
entering the abdomen, and coming out at his T\»h\. side, lodgpd in the arm. On beard tho 
Standard at the passage of the Dardauellrg on the 19th Feb. 1807. On the 'JGtb June 1808, 
with a boat*s crew, he boarded and captured the Italian gun-boat Volfye near Corfu. Present at 
the reduction of the Island of Anholt in May 1809. Severely M-ounded at the attack on Fort 
Bow}'er 15th Sept. 1814. Was frequently employed in boat and battery actions. In 1804 was, 
in a boat at the capture of a Frenuh brig ; in 1804 ho commanded the Itoyal .Marines during 
the siege of Curacoa^ and for 28 consecutive days was exposed to several atta'^ks of the encmj-. 
At the passage of the Dardanelles he captured the Turkisn flag, and was honour ablj mentioned. 
In 1807 he was at the blockade of Corfu, and the expedition to E;;ypt. In North America ho 
raised and commanded a regiment of Indians, and was senior Mnjor of all the troops engaged 
in tho attack on New Orleans in ISl.!. Was also governor of the islands of Anholt and 
Ascension. During Uie above service he had his left leg broken, and right leg severely wounded, 
was shot through the body and right arm, received a severe sabre cut in the head, was bavon- 
netted in tho chest, and lost the sight of an eye in his 107th action with the enemies of his 
country. He was firequently mentioned in Dispatches, and received a Eword of honor I'rom the 
Patriotic Fund. 

9 General Connolly served in Lord Bridport*8 action, 23rd June 1795. In 1796 served in 
the Mediterranean, including the evacuation of Bastia, capture of Porto Ferrajo, and destruc- 
tion of Martello Tower in St. Fiorenzo Bay. On board H. M. S. Excellent in the battle oft* 
Cape St. Vincent, 14th Feb. 1797. Capture of Admiral Perrie's sonadron off Toulon in 1798, 
consisting of three frigates and two brigs. On board tho JIannibalj in the battle of Algesiras, 
6tb July 1801, wounded and taken prisoner. On board H. M. S. Penelnpe^ in the action off 
Flushing and Ostend, under Sir Syrlney Smith, IGth May 1S04. Present at the siege of Copen- 
hagen, and capture of Danish fleet in 1807, and at Nyebourgh in 1803. In 1812, on board 
H.M.S. Hamadryad, when attacked by French privateers; debarked with detachments at Sehe- 
▼eUng, and took possession of the Hague in 1814. During the above periods he has been very 
frequently engaged with the enemy in affairs of g^n-boats nud batteries, &o. &o. He has re- 
ceived a reward from the Patriotic Fund. Has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

10 General Uniacke served in Ireland throughout the rebellion of 1798-99 and during tho 
preceding and subsequent disturbances, part of the time as Aide-de-Camp to Sir James Duff. 

II Lieut. G eneral vemon served the campaign of 180S*9 in the Peninsula, as a Deput}'- 
Assi»tant-Adjntant-Gcneral. Subsequently in the same capacity with tho Duke of Wellington's 
army until «lane 1811, and was present at the battle of Talavcra. Served with the 2nd bat* 
tallon 6Cth, at the surprise of a French division at Arroyo de Molino, and other operations, 
until the capture of Badajoz. With ^e Queen's at the reduction of the Forts and battle of 
Salamanca — slightly wounded early in the day, and very severely at the close of tho action, a 
ball having entered his breast and lodged near the heart, after tearing along two ribs. Fol. 
lowed the army again at the expiration of three weeks, and resumed the command of his 
regiment, with which he served in the various operations preceding, during, and subsc(|nent to 
the siege of Burgos. He has received the Gold Medal for Salamanca, and the Silver War Medal 
with one Clasp for Talavera. 

12 Sir Adolphns John Dalrymple served as Aide-de-Camp to Sir James Craig in the Kastem 
District, Malta, Naples, and Sicily, from July 1803 to May 1806, and as Military Secretary 
to Sir Hew Dalrymple in Portugal in 1808. 

13 Lieut General Wright's services: — Engaged in most of Lord Nelson's attacks on Kota 
«nd Cadiz in 1797; batUe of the Nile; campaign of Naples in 1799 ; surrender of Ovo and Novo, 
Fort St. Elmo, Capua, and Goata; cutting out of the Guiep at Vigo ; I*^7pt in 1801 ; and battle 
of Algiers in 1816. Has the Gold Medal for Egypt and the Silver War Medal with four Clasps. 

14 Sir Duncan McGregor was actively employed in Sicily and Italy in 1800, including the 
akirmishcs at St Euphemie, battle of Maida, attack on Scylla Castle, and capture of Cat rone. 
Campaign of 1807 in Egypt, including tho attacks in the Desert, and siege of Itosetta. Cam- 
paign in Holland in 1809, including the attacks and captures of Ter Vere and Flushing. Cam- 
pidgns in tfie FenUiBola during part of 1813 and 14. Capture of Corsica in May 1814. 


20 Vfar Services of the General Officers. 

Wounded through the ri^ht shoulder by a musket-shot at Maida, for which battle he has 
received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

15 Lord Ilotham served in the Peninsula with the Coldstream Guards from April 1812 to 
Ftb. 1814, with the exception of a short absence in consequence of a wound received at the 
battle of S:ilamanca. Served also the oampaisn of 1 8 1 5, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. 
Ue has received the AVar Mcdul with four Clasps for Salamanca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive. 

16 Sir Wm. Kobfrt Clayton accompanied his regiment, the Royal Horse Guards, to the 
Peninsula in Oct. 1812, and commanded a squadron at the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, and 
at the period when Marshal Soult attempted to relieve Pampeluna. In 1815 again arcr.mpanied 
his regiment to the Netherlands, and was at the battles of Quatre Bras, Genappe, and Waterloo. 
He hus received the War Medal with one Clasp for Vittoria. 

17 Lieut. General John Drummond served in the Peninsula with the Coldstream Guards 
from January 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the battle of Vittoria, 
the crossing of the Bidassoa, copture of St. Jean do Luz, battles of Nivelle and Nive, the 
investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie, and has received the War Medal with Uiree 
Clasps ; served also with the army of occupation in France. 

18 Lieut.General Buckley served in the Peninsula with the Grenadier Guards, f^om March 

1813 to the end of that war In 1814, including tlio passage of the Bidassoa, battle of the Nivelle 
and investment of Bayonne. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battles 
of Quatre Bros and Waterloo, and taking of Perunne. He lias received the War Medal with 
two Clasps fur Nivelle and Nive. 

19 Sir John Howlaud Eustace served in Upper Canada the campaigns of 1813 and 1814, 
in command of a troop of the 19th Light Dragoons attached to the diviniun of the army under 
the immLdiate command of General Sir Gordon Drummund. and was engaged in the battle 
of Luudy's Lane near the Falls of Niagara on the 23d of July 1814, and commanded the whole of 
the cavalry outpobts and piquets daring the siege, was present at the storming of Fort Erie, 
and had the honour to be personally mentioned in the general orders of 1814 upon three diff(*rent 
occasions. Accompanied the Ut battalion of tho Grenadier Guards to Lower Canada in 1838, 
and was present with his regiment in the advance upon Napierville, and in the subsequent pur- 
suit of the insurgents. 

21 Major General Daly served with the 24th on the expedition to Egypt in 1801. In April 
1805 ho embarked with the 56th liegt for Bombay, and he commanded four companies of the 2nd 
battalion employed in 1809, with a division in the field under Colonel Walker, at tho storming 
of Mallia, and at the reduction of other Forts in the Kattiwar District. 

22 Lord Howden served as Aide-de-camp to his Grace the Duke of Wellington during the 
years 1817 and 18, to the close of tho occupation in France. Employed by Government on a 
special mission, and was present at the battle of Navarin in 1827 (wounded, and mentioned in 
Commander-in*chiet*s despatch); sie^e of Antwerp in 1832 (wounded); campaign in Spain, in 
Navarre and Bastjue Provinces, in 1834. Is a Knight of the Lfgion of Honor, Second Uiaas of 
Sl ^Vnno of Kussia, Knight of Charles the Third of Spain, Third Class of Leopold of Belgium, 
and Commander of the Saviour of Greece. 

23 Lieut.General Douglas served at the capture of tho Danish and Swedish West India 
Islinds in 1801. On the expedition to the north of Germany in 1805 and 6. Peninsular cam- 
paigns from Feb. 1812 to March 1814, including the battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, and the 
Pyrenees (27th to 31st July) ; siege of San SelMistian from 24th Aug. to the 8th Sept, and 
battle of Nivelle. He has the Gold Cross for Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, and Nivelle, 
having commanded a field battery ; and the Silver War Medal with one Clasp for St Sebastian. 

29 M**jor General Hon. T. Asbbumham commanded a brigade of the Army of the Sutlej at 
the battles of Ferozeshah and Sobraon, for which he has received a Medal with one Cia^p. 

31 Major General T. P. Thompson, prior to entering the Army, was several years in the Royal 
Navy. He served in the Riilo Brigade at the attack on Buenos Ay res, and was among the 
captured under General Crauford in the church of St Domingo. Served in the Peninsula with 
the 14ih Light Dragoons, and waa present at the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, 
for which he has received the War Medal with four Clasps. As Captain in the 17th Light 
Dragoons, was in the Pindarree and other campaigns in India from 1815 to 1819. In 1819 was 
in the exi>edition under Sir Wm. Grant Keir to the Persian Gulf, as Secretary and Arabic 
Interpreter, and being left there as Political Agent, he commanded a detachment of Native 
Troops ordered to act against tho tribe of Beni-Boo-Ali, which detachment being defeated by 
the Arabs, necessitated the expedition under Sir Lionel Smith in the following year. 

33 Major General Bell joined the Royal Fusiliers in the Peninsula in 1811, and served there 
until the end of the war, and was present at the actions of Fuentes Guinaldo and Aldea de Ponte, 
advance on Sulumunca, affairs of St Christoval and Rueda, battle ot Salamanca, advance to and 
retreat from Mudrid, advance from Portugal, battles of Vittoria, the Nivelle, and the Nive. In 

1814 embarked with the Royal Fusiliers to join the force before New Orleans, and present at the 
a8«*iult Joined the army at Paris, and remained until its withdrawal. He has received the War 
Medal with four Clasps. 

34 Major General John Reed served at the siege of Flushing in 1809; and in the Peninsnlft 
from June 1811 to March 1814, including the actions at, and heights above, Moresco, battle of 
Silamanca, capture of ^ladrid and the Ketiro, action at Olmas, and battle of Vittoria, where 
he was severely wounded in tho right shoulder. He has the War Medal with two Clasps. 

35 Major General Burke served in Jamaica and St. Domingo in 1796 and 97; in Holland hi 

fVar Services of the General Officers. 31 

1 809. Volunteered at the takinfi: of the Island of Schouwen. Serred in the PeninsalA in 1810- 
11-12, with the 5th Diriaion of the Army; was present at the battle of Fucntes d'Onor; waa 
ilightly wound(>d at the affair of Iiirbadel I'uerco, in intorceptinj; the retreat of the French gar- 
risun of Almeida; Tolimtecrcd thu Forlorn IIopp of Sir Jamtts L^ith^s Division at the taking of 
Bad;ijos, where ho received HeTornl sovem wounds which have rendered him incapable of follow- 
ing his profession. He has received tbo War ^Icdal with one Clasp for l^adajos. 

36 Major General Thwaites was actively employed from 1795 to 1817. Ho served in the 
expedition to the coast of Holland in 179G; in the East Indies from 1799; then on marine 
rluiy on board H. ]^L 8. Li Forfe, till wrecked in the lied Sea. The campaign of 1801 in 
E|?ypt, having volunteered, cro.Hsin|» the Desert of Suex with Colonel Lloyd's Detachment, 
with which he joiued the Grand \'izi< r*s Array on the advance to and surrender of Cairo. He 
lerred in the Peninsnlaas Captain of L'p^ht Infantry, 4$th Repment, from 1811 to 1813, includ- 
ing the tie^e and tftormin^ of Badajoz in \f^i2, the bnttlo of Salamanca (wounded^, advance 
to and occupation of Madrid, bittles of Vittoriu and the Pyrenees C wounded in command of 
the Lieht Companies of the Uris;ade), besides minor affairs. He has received the Sultan'i 
Gold Medal of the Order of the Crescent, and the War Medal with five Clasps. 

39 Major General Coles served in South America with the 1 4th in 1807, including the 
'Operations previous to, and storming of, Monte Video. Served afterwards in the IVninsula 
from Aug. ISOS to Nov. 181 1, and ns^utn from April 1 si 3 to the end of that war in 1814; present 
with the 40th at the bittlos of U )1oia,Vimiora, and T^alavera; with the 4th Dragoons at Busaco, 
Albuhera, and Uaagre; and with the 1 2th Light Dragoons at the passage of the Bidassoa, the 
Ntve and the Adour. He has rejt-ivnl the War Alcdal \vit1i srvrii Clasps. 

40 Sir Michael Creagh sprved in the expedition under Sir David Baird against the Cape of 
Gciod Hi>pe ; was wounded in the a'^twm of the Blue Buurg. In is 10 accompanied the expedi- 
tion (as Brigade Muj t) which ttnik-d from .Madras againi't thi> French Islands : desperately 
wounded by a cannon shot (which carried aivay a pirt of his left shoulder, and killed six of 
his men), nt the attack of the batrerios before 8c. Dennis, Isle of Bourbon ; thanked in general 
orders, and favourably mcntionrd in the despatches. In is 1 7 and 1 S served (in command of the 
B6th flank companies) during the ^fihratta and the Pindarrfc wars in India. In 1^18 served in 
the Kandyan country (interior of Cojion) during tint harassing war, in command of the flank 
Rompanies of the 8GLh and other detachments, receiving the repeated thanks of General Sir 
Robert Brown rigg for his services in the enemy's country. 

41 Major General Eden served the campHign in Java in 181 1 with the 22nd Lieht DragoouF, 
including the actions of the 10th and 26th Aug. Aide-de-camp to Sir Thomas Hislop at the 
battle of Maheidpore, and during the Mahratta war in 1817 and IM. He has received the War 
Medal with one Clasp for Java. 

42 M^or General Gkddes served with the 27th in Calabria in 1806; nt the capture of the 
island of Pronida in 1809; in Sicily in IHK); and subsequently in the Peninsula, including the 
battles of the Nivelle, the Nivc, Orthes, and Toulouse, at which last he received a severe wound, 
svhich broke the left thigh-bone near the hip-joint. He has the AVar Medal with four Clasps. 

43 Lord Rokeby served the campaign of 1815 with the 3rd Guards, and was present at the 
iiatdea of Quatre-Brns and Waterloo. Served the Eastern campaign of IH.").') in command of a 
Brigade, including the siege and tall of Sebastopol (Medal nnd Clasp, KCB., Commander of 
;he Le|{ion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

45 Major General Beckwith served in the Peninsula with the 1 6th Light Dragoons, fVom July 
Ift13 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battle of the Nivelle, and battles of the Kive 
>n the nth and 10th Dec, for which he has the War Medal with two Clasps. Served also tho 
campaign of 1815, and was present at the retreat on 1 7th June and at the battle of Waterloo. 

46 Major General Robinson served with the 48th in the Peninsula from June 1809 to October 
1S13, including the battles of Talavera and Busaco, Lines at Torres Vcdras, piirouit of Massena, 
iction at Campo Mayor, siege of Ciudad 1l4)drigo, siege and storming of Bauajoz (shot through 
he left arm at the assault, 6th April 181:2); battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and retreat 
herefrom, battles of Vittoria, Koncesvalles, and the Pyrenees (severely woundrd, left leg frac- 
ured 28th July IS 13), besides various minor engagements and skirmishes. He subsequently' 
lenrcd in the 30th Reeiment^ which he commanded for ten years, and retired on half- pay in 
1843, having commanded the troops in Bermuda two years, and having served on full pay 
hirty-aeven years in all quarters of the world. He has the War Mrdal with seven Clasps. 

47 Major General Maclean served with the 13th Light Dragoons in every action and atfair in 
which it was engaged in the Peninsula, from Dec. 1810 until wounded and takon prisoner at 

command of a cavalry brigade with tho field force at the reduction of Ivurnool, and served 
Qninterrnptedly with his re;»iment for twenty-two years, when he returned with it to England, and 
^u pliiced on half-pay a^ 2n(i Lieut. Colonel. He has received the War Medal with six Cla&ps 
fcr Albuhera, Vittc-ria, Pyrenei»!<, Nivcllt, Nivo, and Orth«»s. 

43 Major General Marten served the campaiiin of 1814 in the IVirnsula with the Household 
Hri|!a«1e. Also tho campaign of 1815, iuchidii*g the battle of Waterloo. 

41) Mtijor Gtaieral Dixcm served in Canada during the war from lrtl2 to 1815; was wounded 
It the tturmlng of Sandnsky, and has reccivtMl the Gfild Medal for DctriMt^ 

So Major General Ball served in the Peninsula with the 34th, from June 1800 lo '^c\\.\%\^, 
inelading the liegc of Badajoz in May 1811, battles of Busaco and AlbuVkcra, a\e^Q o^ ^^u^l^^v^i m 

c '1 

22 War Services of the General Officers. 

May 1811, actions at Arroyo de Molino and Almaraz, battle of Yittoria (irounded in the head), 
and affairs at tiie Pass of A£aya (severely wounded in the left leg). He has received tho NVur 
Medal with three Clasps. 

51 Major General Monins serred the campaip^n of 1815 with the 52 ad Light Infantry, and 
was present at the battle of Waterloo. Served afterwards with the Army of Occupation in 

52 Major General Maonsell served in the Peninsula from Axtf^, 1813 to the end of that war 
in 1814, including the siege of San Sebastian, passage of the Bidissoa, battles of Nivellc, 10th 
Nov. and Nive 9th, 10th, and 11th Dec. Served also in the American war, and was slightly 
wounded at Bladensburg, 24th Aug., and severely at New Orleans, 23rd Dec. 1814. lie has 
received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

53 Major General Grant served in Hanover in 1805, under Lord Cathcart. 

54 Major General Frith was present in several aflnirs consequent upon the oppmtions 
carried on by the division of the army under Colonel Chalmers in the Travencoro war, particu- 
larly on the 15th January 180U, and the storming of the enemy's lines on the 2 Ut Feb. following. 
Served also at the capture of the Lile of Bourbon, and of the Lde of France in 1810. 

55 LieutGeneral Fergusson served at the capture of Rear Admiral Pem'e^s squadron from 
Egypt when in pursuit of the French and Spanish fleets in June, 1799. Blocka'lo of Malta and c;tp- 
turo of Admiral Perreo's squadron X^ Gt-n^reux 74, Vllte de MarHcilfeSf &c., with a reinforoerocnt 
and supplies for the relief of the garrison. Was wrecked and severely injured on board H. M S. 
Queen Charlotte when burnt off Leghorn in 1800, only four saved out ot a detachment of nearly 
:200 marines, including supemumcrarirs, in all upwards of 700 persons perished. Served at trte 
siege of Genoa and Savona. Destruction of the fort of Port Espcxie, and guns carried off by 
H. M. S. Santa Dorothea in 1800, to which ship he then belonged. Served in Egypt under the 
command of Sir Kalph Abercromby in 1801 (ATtv/^A). In ISOG at Maida. Defence of Gatca 
and surrender of Tropea; took possession of the latter town with his detachment. Served again 
in Egjrpt with the expedition under Major-General Eraser in 1807. He has been repeatedly 
engaged in severe boat actions, and against batteries, and debarked with detachmenta aiding 
in capturing and destroying ships and convoys on the enemy's coast Has received the War 
Medal with one Clasp. 

50 Major General Crawford 8erve<l in a bomb vessel on the coast of France in 1804 and T); 
in the lines in front of Sobral in Portugal, in 1809; with the army in Sicily in 1811, 12, and 13; 
at the capture of Genoa in 1814; and subsequently in the American war, including the battle 
of Bladensburg, and capture of Washington, and engagements before New Orleans, on Ist ond 
9rd Jan. 1815. 

57 Major General Darby served in Hanover in 1805; at the siege of Copenhagen in 1807; 
and the Cornnna campaign in 1808-9. Has the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna. 

58 Major General Lockwood commanded the 3rd Light Dragoons throughout the campaign 
of 1842 in Affghanistan under Gen. Pollock (Medal and CB.), and was present at forcing the 
Khyber Pass, storming the heights of Ju^ulluck, action of Tezeen and Huftkotul, occupation 
of Caboo), siege and capture of Istaliff. He served also in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, 
and commanded a brigade at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and one Clasp). 

59 Sir Richwd Aurey served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 — first in com- 
mand of a Brigade, and afterwards from the disembarkation in the Crimea as Quarter-Master- 
General, and was present at the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, the siege and 
fisll of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, KCB., Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commaader 
of 1st Class of the MUitary Order of Savoy, and 2nd Class of the ]Medjidie). 

60 The Hon. Sir James Scarlett served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 in command of 
the Heavy Cavalry Brigade and afcerwaTds of the Cavalry Division, including the battlea of 
the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, KCB., Com- 
mander of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 2nd Class of the Mec^idie). 

61 Sir George BuUer served in the Rifle Brigade and commanded its 1st Battalion from 
1841 to 1854. He served on the eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope in 1847-48-49; 
commanded one of the columns which entered the Amatola Mountains in the campaign of 1847 
against the Gaika chief Sandilla, who surrendered himself to him. He commanded the troops, 
under Sir Harry Smith, which crossed the Orange River in 1848 to suppress the insurrection of 
the Dutch Boers — was severely wounded, and bad his horse killed under him in the action of 
the 29th August at Boem Plaats, for which he was nominated a CB. Within a few months 
after the return of his Battalion to England he re-embarked with it in January 1852 for special 
service at the Cape ; was engaged in all the operations in the Watcrkioof in 1852-3, and 
commanded the Ist Division of the Army until the close of the Kaffir war (Medal). Returned 
to England in January 1854, and in April following embarked as a Brigadier- General of the 
Army of the East — commanded a Brigade of the Light Division in the Eastern campaign of 
1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol: had two horses 
shot under him at Inkerman, and suffered a severe contusion of the leg (Medal and Clasps, 
KCB., Commander of the Legion of Honor, and 2nd Class of the Medjidie). In Auguat 1856, 
appointed to the command of the troops in the lonion Islands. 

63 Major General W. H. Sladu was present at SL Sebastian in July and August 1813; 
blockade of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. He was one of the officers selected to accom- 
pany the boats from Socoa to the mouth of the river Adour, and to assist in laying the bridge 
across. He has received the Silver War 3Iedal with one Clasp for St. Sebastian. 

64 Major Qenend King served in a mortar-boat in the Paro of Mea«ina for two montha 


ia IS 10. Advanoed into the United States with Sir George FreTOB|*t anny, and commanded 
a battery againit Plattsbnrg. 

<>r> 3Ittjor General Grantham Bcrvcd at the defence of Cadiz. 

ri6 Major General Victor served in the Peninsula from December 1812 to the end of the 
war, including the battles of the Nive, Oithesi and Toulouse, for which he Lns the War Mcdul 
yulih three Ciaspi. 

67 ^liijor General Sherboume Willlnms served at the c.ipture of Guadnloupe in 1815. 

tiS Major G. neral Dolton served at Wak-henii and at the siege of Flushing in 1809. 

69 Major Geaeral liarry served in the Peninsula from August 1812 to October 18 in, and 
was severely wounded by a fija'pe shot, Slst August 1813, when leading a party to the breach 
at the storming of St. Subastian. He has received the Silver War Me<1al with one Clasp. 

-70 Major General Whin^ates was present at the attack on Algiers by Lord Exmuuth on 
27th August 1816. Served with the army in France in 1817 and 1818. . In February 18;}9 
was commanding officer of Engineers ^vith tho Field Force in New itruniiirick when the du- 
puted tL'rritory wai invaded by the state of Maine. Has the Medal for the battle of Algiers. 

71 Major General Gough served as Deputy Qaarter*^Iasti*r- General of the army dnring tho 
war in China, and mceived the brevet rank uf Mujor and Lieut. -Colunt-I, together with the Oom- 
fianionship of tho B^th, fur hi^ conduct in action, ho having been present in almost every 
eugaircment during the cxpe^^ition. Ho was a^trrwards |T<*sent in the battle of Maharajporc, 
as Mditary Secretary to the (*-immaniKTin-Chii>f in India ; and ho coinmandoti a iiri^rwio of 
oivalry at the biittles of Moodk-.-e and Ferozc^hah, and otHoiutcd as (^lartor-iMastor-Gencr^ 
in the battle of •S.^broon, and was very severely wounded. Served the Purtjaub campaign of 
]84^$-9 as Q'larter- Master •General Quccn'a Truups, and was present iit the battles of Chiliian- 
walLah and Goojerat. 

72 Major General Forneaux soryc<l in the Peninsula from October 1810 to April 1813, and 
waa with the covering array nt the siege of Badaji z. 

73 Major General 11. G. li.WiUon served in iXoHond, Belgium, and France, from December 
181^ to Janusry 1816, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. 

74 M:ijor General Emmeli*s siTvises : — sieguj of Badjjoz in 1811 and 12; paasjigo of 
the Nive, battles before Bayonue, ()rthcs,und Toulouse. Attack on the Airerican liues ac New 
Orleans, every ailair on that expe<liiion, and the sicB:e of Fort Bowyer. Slightly wounded at 
Bailajoz in 1811; again on the advance towards ()rihes; and very severely wounded at tho 
assault of Badajos in 1812. He bai received the Silver War ^ledal with fcur Clasps. 

70 Major General Waters servrd in the Peninsula from April 181*2 to September 1814. Was 
at Cadiz when the siege was raised in the former year. In 1815 he was present in the actions 
of Qiatre Bras and Waterloo. lie led one of the columns to the assault of Peronne on the 
2Cih Juno 1815, and was at the capture of Paris. 

76 Major General Pilcher served with the boats of tho British fleet in 1801 in their 
occasional attacks on the Spanish gunboats and vessels off Cadiz. In 1803 he served in tho 
North Sea. In 1804 at the attack on the gun-boats and batteries at Boulogne. On 2'2ud July 
1805 in the general action and defeat of tho combined fleet-i of France and Spain ; and on 16tii 
Auj^. in action with La Topuze French frigate. In Jan. ISOG he lauded with the It. M. Bat- 
talion at tho attack and capture of the Cape of Good Hope ; in June foUowing with the same 
Battalion at the attack and defeat of the Spanish troops on the road to Buenos Ay res, and at 
the oapture of that city ; also at its detVnce in August, and after three days' action was taken 
pri8on«r with the rest of the Britiib. In 1811 he served in tho North Sea in eeveral actions 
with Danish gun-boats. In 1813-14 o£P the cuaat of France and America. Appointed to the 
2nd Battalion it. M., and as AHljutant was at the attack of the American Army audits defeat on 
the r(»ad to Baltimore : at the attack on the American troops at Farnham Church he commanded 
the advance. In 1815 he wa3 at the attack of the American Kifle force near Point u Petie, and 
at the capture of that fort in West Florida. Trom 1819 to 1821 he served at St. Helena— during 
the la«t nine months of Napoleonic* life, and assisted with the Itoyal Marines at his interment 

7 7 Major General Thomas Stevens was present blockading Brest, tho Holder, and Cadiz, and was 
engaged with battcrie*9. In 1800 he was engaged with gun-bouts in passing convoys thnmgh the 
Soanil and Catcgat; in II. M. S. Cerberus^ with convoy of armed transports and gim-boats in the 
Galf of Friedland ; in the boats of tho squadron in the successful attack upon the Uussian Flotilla 
of heavy armed gun-boats and armed Transports ; and ut the capture of a Russian schooner. 
Krom 1836 to 1840 hcservci in tho Royal Marine Battalion on the north coast of Spain; was 
detached in command of a company for the defence of the Kustem Heights of L'assages attacked 
by the Carlists, and in the Carli«t attack of the Lines on tho Gth June 1836; and he was also pre- 
sent at Fuentarabia, 1 1th July 1836. Has received tho Wur Medal with one Cla&p. 

78 Major Geaeral (ribsono lauded from tlie Thunderer and served on shoro for eight days in 
Bearbavcn Buy in 1804. He was on board tho Safetfuard mortar brig in a bevere acii'ju with a 
division of Dauish gun-boats otf A nholt in Juno 181 l,onwhieh occasion tho vessel wiis engaged 
for three and a h iif hours, and 19 were killed or wounded out of a complement of 29. The fol- 
loiring; yiear he was engaged at Catcria on the north coast of Spain, aiiil accompanied Captain 
Parfco with two heavy guns intended for the array besieging Burgos. In 1813 and 14 he served 
in the American war, and was present at the attack on Cruney Island, taking of Humpton, de- 
fence of the Linf s of Chippewa, and on other occasions on tho Niagara Frontier, where ho sus- 
tained a severe fracture ot the Ibit arm, and a violent contusion on tho rigiit bn^ist. 

79 Major General Mercer assisted at the destruction of tho French squadron in Basque 
Roads. He was repeatedly lauded on the north coast of Spain in 1810, co-operating vvith the 
Patriots. lu 1812, while embirkedon board II. M.S. Java^ he was engaged with and cq^^vsxx^^^ 
by the United States frigate Coiufiltftion. Has rtceived the War MedoX m\.\i ^jti^CW^. 


80 MiQor General Donald Campbell terred at Walcheren in 1809. Has rooei?ed the War 
Medal with one Clasp. 

81 Major General Why lock ser?ed in Sir Robert Calder*s action off Ferrol; in boats cutting 
out from under batteries at llota, 7th April 18U8 ; commanded the lloyal Marines landed from the 
Auf^lo-Sioilian Squadron to assist in thu defence of the island of Capri when besieged by Gen. 
la Mart^uc; at the capture of Leda from the harbour of Rovip^no, Ist April 1809; at the attack 
and capture of a convoy under protection of a battery at Possaro, Sdrd April; on 15th Muy 
at the attack on the town of Ituta iiud destruction oi seyon vessels; on 8th September at the 
cutting out of La Puglieafc fiom the harbour of Barletta. On 1st June 1812, commanded a 
•torming party in Isle Verte, near Toulon — enemy routed and a dcmi-lune battery destroyed. 
At the capture of tho Island of Powza, 27 th February 1013 ; at the cutting out of an armed 
vessel from under the batteries of Orbetcllo» 9th May; and Uth Oct. following, at the capture of 
leventeeu vessels at Marinello, after destroying a bittery which protected them ; at the siege 
and capture of St Maria in March, and the siege and capture of Gerona in April, 1814; com- 
manded the Royal Marines at tho storming and capture of SidoD,26th Sept. 1840 (made Brevet- 
Major), and was slightly wounded in the left arm; on 10th Oct. was in command of a super- 
numerary battalion when the city and garrison (2,000 men) of Beyrout surrendered ; was senior 
otticer of Marines at the bombardment and capture of St. Jean d'Acro (Medal). Ho has 
received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

82 Major General Bury served with the Royal Marine Hattallon on the north coast of 
Spain in 183G-38 (Knight 1st Class St. Fernando). 

84 Major General C. C. Pratt was at the taking of Capri in the B-iy of Naples, under Sir 
Sidney Smith, I lih May 1806. At the cutting out of six armed vessels from under the bat- 
teries of Lumica, in tho Island of Cyprus, in Junuary 1808. Belongi-d to the Battalion of Koyal 
Marines commanded by Sir James Mulcolm, which bcrved in Spain, the coast of Amrica, and 
Canada, for four years, and was present at all the services prrformed by it, including the battle 
of FraiDpton in the Chcsapcnhc, and the stormiuf]^ and tdking of the enemy's fort and post of 
Oiwego on Lake Ontario. Served also in the B ittalion of Koyal Marines in Spain and was 
present at the battles of the IGtli June 1830, and Ilernani ICth March ftdlowing, together with 
ail the services performed there for nearly four years (Knight Ist Class St. Fernando). 

85 Major General Gillespie was landed with n detachment of lloyal Marines ut Rosas on 
7th Nov. 1808, and occupied the citndeL Present at the sortie on the 8th, when tho Bntish 
were forced by the superior number of the enemy to retire. Served on the China expedition 
(Medal), and was present at the attack and capture of the forts and works at Chuenpee, and 
ihe capture of Annunghoy and North Wuntong. 

86 Mijor General Garmston was at the taking of Fort Koupan, Isle of Timor, in 1614 : 
capture of Java in 1812; attack of Palambaug, Isle of Sumatra, and Sambass, Isle of Borneo ; 
Algiers in 181G. Present at the Sortie from Bilboa 15th May ; the advance on the 28th May ; 
and was wocmded at the defence of the lines of San Sebastian 6th June, 1836. He has received 
the Military War Medal with one Clasp for Java ; the Naval War Medal with one Clasp for 
A^iers ; and the Order of San Fernando for service in Spain. 

87 Msjor GeneralJobn Harvey Stevens served in tho West Indies, &c. in 1806 and 1807, 
during the expedition to Walcheren in 1809, and was engaged in several flotilla ufFairs on 
the Scheldt Served also at the successful defence of Cadiz and of Tarifa in 1810 and 1811 ; 
was engaged in several detached operations, particularly in one of a severe character on the 
river Guadalquiver. In 1813 was employed on the ooaet of America, where he was engaged 
in an attack on Craney Ltland, and at tho taking of Hampton and Ocracoko under Sir 
George Cockburn. Served in Canada at the taking of Oswego, on which occasion he was 
mentioned in Sir Gordon Drummond's despatches. Engaged during a six weeks' siege of 
Fort Erie, and was intrusted with the construction of a field-work for the defence of the 
right of the position on Chippewa Creek, which was menaced by a very superior force. In 
1816 he was on board the Queen Charlotte at the attack on Algiers under Lord Exmonth 
by whom he was detached to fire carcases at the enemy's vessels within the Mole. He was 
also present at the demonstrations before Algiers under Admiral Sir II. B. Neale. Has received 
the War Medal with one Clasp. 

88 Major General Beignolds served with the 49th on the China expedition (Medal), and 
was present at the storming of the heights and forts above Canton, tHkio^ of Amoy, second 
capture of Chusan, storming of the fortified heights of Chinhae, taking of Ningpo, nttack and 
capture of the enemy's entrenched camp on the heighri of S^goun (severely wounded), capture 
of Chapoo (wounded), Woosung, and Chin Kiang Foo, and landing before IS'ankin. Served 
throughout the Burmese war of 1852-53 (Medal), nearly the entire period as a Brigadier. On 
the 4th April 1852 embarked with a force of 1.400 men from Maulmein for the attack on Mar- 
taban. Commanded at the attack on shore. Was on board H. jAI. S. linttler during tho ship's 
engagement with and destruction of the stockades on the river side in front of liangoon, 11th 
April; the following morning landed at Kungoon in command of the 18th lloyal Irish. On 
13th April succeeded to the command of the 1st Bengal Brigade, which he commanded 
throughout the war, and was present at tho storm and capture of Rangoon, capture of Prome. 
and repulse of the enemy on the night of 8th Decemhr r 1852. For his ftervi'*es, tras sevcml 
times recommended by General Godwin to the G<>vernor-G(npral of India in ConnciU 
Returned from India with the 18th Hoyal Irish in May 1854; embarked December following 
for the Crimea, and was at the siege of Sebnitopol untd Aprd 1855 (Medal and C!n9p). 

89 MajcT G<:neial Hugh Evans served in Uiypses and Baro9m from 1810 to 1815 on the 
West India and North America station, and was engaged in the whole of the operations of the 
sqoadron up (he Chesapeake in 1813. 

Viar iServices of the Uenerai Officers, 2b 

90 Mftjor General JjymAk haa the War Medal witn two Clasps for Egypt and Faentes d'Onor. 

91 M^or (General Dlggle serFed with the 52iid Regt. in bioilv, under Sir John Moore, and 
on the expedition to Oouenburgh. Subsequently be serTed in the Peninsula, and was present 
during the retreat and at the battle of Curunna, at also in the action of the Cos, battle of Buiuco, 
mod affairs when the Army fell bock upon the Lines of Torres Vedros. He scrvpd also the 
campaini of 1813; 14, and 15, including the t^'O uttucks ou the forcititd village ot Murxem. — 
in the Tatter of wliich ho oummuiided the 2 ad Battaliun in the advance upun Antiverp I'ur the 
bombardment of the French Fleet. Ho was ulso present at the battle of WattTloo, where 
during the repulse of the French Imperial Guard he was severely wounded, end received the 
Brevet of MHJor. He has received the ^Var Medal with tivo Clasps for Cornnna ami liuKaci>. 

92 Major Geueral BelsUes ser^'ud with the 2nd Uuttulion 4tli Kegt. iu the expedition to 
Wale here n in 1809. On the 1st BittaUou arriving in Portugal, he resigned his stitf apptiint- 
ment as Military Secretary at Gibraltar, and joined that Bcittuliun thc-n btuiion< d at Torres 
Vedras, and served with it during the whole advanco t'rom Santarem and the Lines, and was 
present during several affiiirs ; also at the battle of Fucntes d'Onor. In Dec. 1811 was appointed 
Aide-de-Camp to Sir James Leith, and was present at thn storming of Bi&dajoz. battle of 
Salamanca, and storming of St. Sebastian (mentioned iu Dispatches). Served undtr Lord 
Lynedoch at the passage of the Bidassoa, and was attached to Lord Hopetown ai the paiisjgei 
of the Aduurand the blockade of Bayonne : he lias the War Medal with tV>ur Clasps. 

93 Major General B. Oriand<> Jon^s accomfvunied the ''iOlh to Hanover, and served the cam- 
puigu of 1805-6. Embarked for the iVniusula in 1808, and served thruughuut the whole of thai 
aii-1 the following campaigns without having bef n absent from his duty lor a single day, and wa^ 
present at the battles of Huieia and Vimicra. Attached to ihc PurtuguesCbcrvice in April 1 8i)9,and 
■erved at the battle of Busaoo, occupation of the L^nes at Lisb4Ui. actions uf Pouibal, lie<linha, and 
Coudeiza, Tuente de Muroella, Catal Nova, Ceira, Guard a, Fox d'Arouce, Siihugal, and Futiitca 
d*Onor, storming the forts at Salamanca (wounded), buttle of Vitioria, actions of U'tdota and 
Villa Franca (severely wounded), passage of the Bidassoa, battles uf the Nivelle, liuyoinie (dth 
Dec.), St Jean do Luz (11th, 12th, and i'Uh I>ec.)i passage of the Adour, blockade of Bayonuo 
and repulse of the sortie. He has received the Silver War Medal wltli seven Clasps ; and is a 
Knight of Charles the Third of Spain. 

94 Major General Crokat served in Sicily in 1S07; in Portugal in 1HU8, under Sir Arthur 
WeUealev; iu Spain and at Corunna under Sir John Moore; on tho Walcheren expedition in 
1809; subsequently in the Peninsula. He hail charge of Napoleon at St Helena when be died, 
and he brought home the despatches of his death. Served afterwards in tho Ea.*>t Indtps. Ho 
baa received the War Medal with four Clasps for Vimicra, Corunna, Vittoria, and l*yrenecs 
(severely wounded). 

96 Major General Norcliffe served in the Peninsula with the 4th Dragoons, and was present 
at the battles of Talavera, Bosaco, and Albuhera; cavalry action ut Usagre, and battle (»f Sila* 
manca, in which last he was severely wouuded and taken prisoner. He has received the War 
Medal with tour Clasps. 

96 Sir Josias Cloete served in the 15th Hussars from 1809 to 181.3, as Aide-dp-Camp to Lord 
Charles Somerset, the Governor aud Commaoder-iuChit^f at the Cape of Good llopfj'rom 1813 
to the end of 1816, when he was sent in command of an exppditinn to tako possession of the 
islands of Tristan d'Acunhu. Servnd in India during the Pindarree and Mahratta W:ir fn>m 
1817 to 1819. Appointed to act as Deputy Quarter-Mastrr-General ut the Cape in 1820, and 
conducted tho landing and settlement of a large body of emigrants srnt out by Government. In 
1822 was sent homo with important despatches, ami received the brevet rank of Mdjor. In 1835 
nominated vlKH. Iu 1840 became Deputy Quarter- Master* General at the C:ipe. In lS42 
oommanded a bodj of troops sent to Natal to relieve a detachment besieged by Insurgent Buers, 
fbr which service^was named a CB, Served during the Kaftir wars of 1846, and of I8ol-.58, 
(Medal), including the campaign in the Basoota cuuntry, and the battle ot Burea. Jn acknow- 
ledgment of his services, received tho honour of Xnighthood. 

97 Mfljor General George Macdonald accompanied the expedition to Hanover in 1805: joined 
the army in Sicily in 180H, and was employed with it in its variuus opt rations until 18M) ; in 
the latter year he went with the expedition to Naples, and was present at the capture of Isehia 
and Procida; returned to Sicily and employed against the French army in 1811; in 18l:> was 
employed in Spain, including the battle ol Castalla, and sioge of Tarragnna ; embarked lor 
Canada in 1814, and was present at the operationn beiore Plattsburg. Ho 8ervc<l uiso the 
cafflpaig;n of 1815, and received three wounds at Waterloo, viz. in the leg, in the neck, and 
through the body, wounding the lungs. 

98 Mi^or General D«rinKy*8 services:— Campaign and battle of Corunna (sevorely wounded 
in bnth knees) ; expedition to Walcheren, including the siege and capture of Flushing ( wouuded 
in left arm). In the Peuinsula campaigns, from December 1810 to the end of that war in 
1814, including the affairs of Pombal and Rediuha, re-capture of Ciimpo Mayor, capture of 
OUrenpa, l>kt siege of Badnjos, battle of Albuhera, siege and capture of CiuHad Budrigis siege 
and capture of Bidajoz, battle of Salamanca, aftiir of Aldpa de Ponto, retreat from Aladrid, 
affairs of Osma and Jocauna, battle of VittDria, bhjckade of Pampeluna, affairs of KonceKvalleR, 
Zubiai, &c., battles of Pampeluna, 28th July, and of tho Pyrenofs, doth July, affairs of 
Echalar, St. £stevan, &c., capture of San Sebastian, pasAage of the iiidas^on. battle of the 
NivcUe (dangerously wounded through tho body, reported killed); battle ot Orihes, affairs of 
Baatiue de la Clarence, and Gave d^Oleron. Twice wounded, mut-lcet-ball in le<t arm, and by 
A spKnter of a shell in the chest at the battle of Toulouse, but did not quit the field. He hsja 
racaived the Gold Medal for Toidouse, and the Silver War Medal and mue C\ai^ 

99 Migor Qenend Windham lerred the Sastem campaign oi \%5\-S5, aa a.'n. KmaiM 

25a War Services of the General Officers. 

Quartermaster General up to the fall of Sebaitnpol, and wu promoted Mojor Ginoral '* fur hii 
(listlngaifthed condactin naming with the greatest intrepidity and coolness headed thecolanm of 
attitck which assaulted the enemy's defences on the 8th September 1855'* (Modal and Cia«pa, 
CB., Commander of the Legion of Honor, Commander 1st Class of the Military Order of Savoy, 
and 2nd Class of tho Mcdjidie). Served in the Indian campaign of 1857-08. and commanded 
a Divibicn throughout the operatiors at Cawnporo in Not. and Dec. 1857 (I^Ecdal). 

KM) Major General Yule serted in Canada during the greater part of the war of 1812-1814; 
was present at the affair of Street's Creek, and dismantled under lire the bridge there, by whitrh 
the adTance of a superior force of tho enemy was retarded ; was also in the actions of Chippewa 
(liorse mortally wounded) and Lundy's Lane. 

101 Mej or General James Gordon's services: — attack on tho Castle of Scylla, Juno 180t); 
sief:o and capture of Sunta Maura, March 1810. 

102 Major General Ashmorc was in the Monarch in Sir Samuel Hood's action with the 
French frigates in 180G. From November 1807 till August 1809 in the 6rra;/t7^ii«, employed 
lit the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, and blockade of the Manritiu?. From February 1*810 
to January 1812 in tho Paictiers blockading Brest, Basque Uoads, and in the Tagus: whilst in 
Basque Roads, was freciuently in the boats sent to annoy the coasting trade, a service that 
brought them continually und<*r fire of the batteries, or into action with the pin-buats. When 
in the Tagus, was with the detachment of Marines sent with a small force of Portuguese under 
General Truut to destroy the Pontoons preparing by Marshal Massena at Santarcm to cross 
tho Tagus: was on pi(iuet under that town tho ni|iht of tho Marshal's retreat from the Lines. 
In 1812 he was attached to the 2nd Battalion at Snntander, north coast of Spain. On tho 
return of the battalions to England ho joined the 1st Battalion; was at tho attack on Norfolk, 
taking of the town of Hampton. &c. SVhen the battalion was broken up at Isle Aux Nuix ho 
was left for Lake service till 1817. From August 1826 to August 1829 was serving on the 
South American station in the Ganges : was landed at Rio, on the occasion ot the German and 
Irish troops revolting in 1828, to protect tho Imperial family and palace of San Chri&toph, and 
co-operate with the French and other forces landed to quell the mutiny. 

103 Major General John Cox, with the exception of a few months, served throughout tho 
whole of the Peninsular war with the 95th (RiHe Brigade), commencing with the first afiair, at 
ObidoB, 15th Aug. 1808. Uo was also engaged with the enemy in the following battles, sieges, 
actions and affairs : — Battles of Roleia and Vimiera, and surrender of Lisbon ; subsequent 
campaign in Spain with Sir John Moore's Army, including its retreat — outpost affairs at 
Talavera, night defence of tho post of Barba del Puerco against very superior numbers, 
affairs of Gaflegos and Barquilla; action at Almeida, and defence of the bridge against every 
effort to forco it ; affairs at Mora Murta and Jula ; battle of Busaco ; affairs at Alenquer, 
Aruda, and Santarem ; defence of the Lines of Torres Yedras ; actions with Marshal Masseiia's 
Kear-guard at Pombal, Kedinha, Condeixa, Caza Nova, Foz d'Arouce, Ponte de Marcel) a, 
Freixadas and Sabugal ; at Almeida fivo successive days ; at Marialva Bridge ; battles of tho 
3rd and 5th May 181 1 at Fuentes d'Onor ; affairs at Naves d'Aver ond Forcaylos ; siege and 
atorming of Ciudad Rodrigo ; action at San Milan ; battle of Yittoria ; actions with tho French 
Itear-guard at Ecfaurrianos, P;imp«luna, and forcing the heights of Santa l^irbara and Pass of 
Bchalar ; at Vera, and carrying the entrenchments in its Pass ; battles of tho Pyrenees ; 
several affairs at outposts ; battles of Nivelle and Nive ; action at Tarbea ; victory of the Idth 
June at Waterloo, and capture of Paris. He was wounded at Yimeira by a mosket-ball ; 
received a contusion in the head at Redinha, a compound fracture of the left arm at the storm* 
ing of Ciudad Rodrigo white clearing the left breach, and left leg badly fractured (ball lodged ) 
in driving the enemy from the heights of Tarbes. Joined tlio army in Belgium, under the 
Prince of Orange, in the autamn of 1814; served the Waterloo campaigns in that country, and 
with the Army of Gccupation in France, until its embarkation for England hi 1818. He has 
received the War litcdal with ten Clasps. 

104 Major General W. H. Law served in the Peninsula from Sept. 181.3 to the end of the 
war, including the battles of Nivelle and Nive, for which he La) the War M<;^ul with two Cissps. 

105 Major General Marshall served iu the Peninsula from January 1811 to October 1813, 
including the first siege of Badujox, sif go and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and storm of San 
Sebastian. Slightly wounded at Ciudad Rodrigo 16th Jan. 1812 ; severely wounded twice by 
mnsket-shots at San Sebastian 3 1st August 1813, when leading the advance of the column of 
attack up the great breach. He has received the War Medal with tlircc Clasps. 

lOti Major GoQcrjl Piper served six campaigns in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, from 
March 1810 to the 27ih Jan. 10. From 1810 to 12 was employed in tho Lines of Lisbon and 
Almeida; and from Jan. 1812 to the conclusion of hostilities in 1815, held the command of a 
Division of a Pontoon Train (having bcon entrusted during that period with the orgHuizatiou 
and equipment of four several bridges) ; threw tho bridges uf tho Guodtana, Tacui^, Bidasson, 
Gave d'Olcron, Garrunnc, and Seine; served in thu trenehos at tho last siege of l^idajoz, from 
the morning of the 18th to the 23rd of March, when the bridges of communlcition below the 
town being destroyed and sunk, was despatuJied (by order of the Commander of the Forces) to 
re*establish and remain with them — passing shot, shell, and ammunition during the nights, and 
provisions during the daytime — for the remainder of the operations j received the thanks of Sir 
Roirland Hill at the passngn of the Tagus in August same yimr, on the advance of his column 


dc la Reiua and Badjjuz, to Elvas, and finally to Abrantes ; where, equipping a fresh train of 
bo»hi for the optrationa of tho ensuing year, adTaaced with the army from Sabugal and F^y- 

tVar Services of the General Officers. 256 

nada lo tho Efaro and Yittorut passage of the Bidassoa in Oct. and latter part of the blockade 
of Pampeluna ; actions of tho 9tb and Uth Dec. 1813 at Bavonno ; do. Tonloute inl814 ; passed 
and repassed His Grace the Commander of the Forces and Staff durini; the operations of the 
day, from the right to the left bank of the river, on a fly-raft of three boats ; and 8uba€iiaontIy» 
admncing to Mongisoard on the Canal Royal du Midi, proceeded thoncoto Bordt^anx. Pn^coudecl to 
Ceylon, East Indies, 1 6th June 1816. Served as commandiug tnuinef r in tli'j Kaiidian IVovlncca, 
during the iniurrections o( 1817 and 18. lie has received the \Var Medal with throe Clasps. 

107 Major General Faddy, prior to entering the Royal Artillery, vas a Mid«hiptu!in on board 
the Ania, at the capture of the Dutch Fleet in Saldanha Bay in 1796: present at tho attack on 
Fort Jerome, St. Dumingo, and at the sif-ge and capture of the city uf Saoto Dimiugo in 1809; 
aerred in the Fcnicsula and France from July 1810 to June 1814, including the biege of San 
Sebastian, passage of tho Adour, invcatmcut of lUyonne and repulse of the sortie, bcbidvs 
varions minor aftairs. 

108 Major General II. R. Moor served in the Peninsula from June 1809 to June 1813, inoludiog 
the battles of Busaco, Fucntcsd'Onor, and Salamanca ; sivgi's of Cludud llodrigo and Ba4]ajoz, 
action at Castrajon, and twelve other affairs with tho enemy. Has tlio War ^Icdul with five CUisps. 

109 Mijor General F. R. Thomson was attached to the rrusdiaii army iu 1815, and served 
at Manbcuge, Landrecy, FbiUipvillc, and KocroL 

110 Major General Hughes served in tho 8Utli Rc^t. with the army in Biirmah in ISS^-r)."; 
was present at the capture and occupation of Vrome, and ut tae night attack of the enemy on 
the camp at Prome, 8 ])t>c. 18i32. Comuiacdcd the expedition seLt into tho Poungdoy district 
in Feb. and March 1853 ; sUw*cecded in capturing arms and ammuuiliou, oiid iu bringing to 
Frome a large quantity of grain (Medal). 

111 Mojor General Colu has received the Medal for tho Kiflir of ISjl-^a, during which 
he commanded tho Royal Engineers in South Africa. 

112 Major Gnnvral \V. Yorkc Moure served as a Captain in the 39th RcgU throughout tho 
campaign against tlie R-jjah of Courg in April 18o4. 

113 Major General Matson served in the Peninsula from Nov. 1812 to the end of tho war, 
ineloding the aifair of Sin Milan, advance of the army and crossing the £bro, battle of Vitturia, 
blockade of Pampeluna, ficges and storm of Sin Sebastian, passage of tho Btda»soa, battle of 
the Nivelle, blockade of Bayonrie and repulse of tho sortie. In IS 15 on the expedition to 
America; and witli the army in the Netherlands from June 1815 to Nov. 1818. lie has 
received the Silver War Medal with three Clasps. 

1 14 Major General Booth's ser vices :— Siege of Callinger (wounded at tho assault). Nepanl 
war in 1814, including the sieges of Kolunga, Nahu, aad Jetuck. ^Iiihratta war in 1817-lB, 
including the sieges of Singhur, Latorak, Pouruudcr, and Wursetca. Burmese war in 1S24«5, 
wounded at tho storming of Martalxin. 

115 Major General Greaves served with the 7th Fusiliers in America, in the campaign of 
1814, a«id was also present in the at' auk on New Orleans, on the sth Jan. 1815. 

116 Major General Alves served tho whole of the campaigns in Spiin, Puitugal, and 
France, of 1310, 11, 12, i;), and 14, with tho 74th in Pictons division, without having ever 
been absent from it lor a singlo day, including the battle of Busaco, retreat to the lines of 
Torres Vcdros, occupation of them, and subsequent advance in pursuit of Masscna, actions 
at Pombal, Rcdinha, Fox d*Arou?e, Guarda, anU Sabugal, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, liege of 
Badajox in June 1811, actions at £1 Bodon and Aldoa do Ponte, siege and storm of Ciudad 
Bodrieo, sieg^*, storm, and escalade of the Castle of BmIsjok in ISlarch and April 1812, battle 
of SiJamanc*, capture of ^Madrid and the Retire, affiiirs on the retreat from Madrid to 
SsUmanci and Portugal in Nov. 1812, subsequent advance and passage of the Ebro, battle 
of Vittoria, blockale of Pampcluna, the battles in the Pyrenees on tho 27 tb, 28th, and 30th 
Jnly, battles of tho Nivello, the Nive, and Orthcs, actions of Vic Bigorre and Tarbes, and 
battle of Toulouse. Uo has tho War Medal with eleven Clasps for Busaco, Fuentes d*Oaor, 
Ciudad Rodrig(>, Badajoz, Salimanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, NiveJJe, Nive, Orthcs, and Toulouse. 

117 Major General Alex. ^L Fiaser was employed in the expedition against Sambas in the 
Island of Borneo. 

118 Major Gt>ncral W. H. £lli(.>tt embarked with the Regt. for Lisbon, 2GtQ Jan. 1811, and 
was present at the battle of Fncntes d'Onor, covering tho siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, second siege 
of Badsjos, affair neor Val Moresco, battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the R'Hiro, 
covcrinj; the Hiege of Burgos, retreat into Portugal, during which operation he served as Aidc- 
dc-Camp to CoWncl Mitchell, 51st Regiment, commanding the Brigade, and rccf ivod a contu- 
sion on the shoulder when in tho act of delivering an order to an ollicer iu advance. In Junn 
181'), he was appoiutc<l un Aide-d<.-Camp to Mujur-Generul Ingll^, and was present at tho 
battles of the Pyrenees, 30th and 31st July — recaved a fledh wound, nud had a bin-so killed; 
action at Lesaca., passage of the Adour, battle of Nivelle, attack of tho htights of St. Pe, and 
battle of Orthcs. Ap'^iuiatcd Major ot Brigade to the Ibt Brigade, 7tli Division, and served as 
auch nntil the end of that war. lie has received tho War Medal and five C-Iasps. Served 
also the campaign cf lb 15, indudlng tho battle of WuU'vloo, capture of (.'amhray. and capitu- 
lation of Paris. Served in command of tho Madras Brigadu throughout the Barmcsn war 
of 185203; was on hoard tho steam frigaU> i'Vroaz daring the Naval h^ti n and destruction 
of the enemy's stookados on the liangoun River, and Aorvei tn Brij^udier communiing the 
Madras Force durmg the succeeding three days' operations in the vicinity, and at the storm 
and capture of Rangoon. 

119 Major General Hawkins commanded the Royal Marines, about 200 slron<r, ut th« 
attack and destruutioa of Malloodoo, in Borneo. 

130 Mi^ General Jamea Clarke served in tho attack on tho KokAUiii ^ccnA^^^iNi^ ^liii \»^ 

26c fVdr Services of (lie General Officers^ 

teriea on Feroola Point in 1809. At the capture of Goodoloupe in 1810, and at the battle of 
Algiers. War Medal with two Clasps. 

12S Major General Ejre*s sernces: — ^Expedition to Portugal and occupation of Lisbon in 
1808; advaaco upon Madrid and retreat to Corunoa in 1808-9; affair at Lugo and battle of 
Corunna, for which he has received the Silver War Medal wiih one Clasp. Eighteen jearscon- 
tinufd service in the West Indies, from Oct. 1810 to April 1828; and in command of the Bjjal 
ArttlJery in China, at Bung Kong, from August 1847 to May 1851. 

123 Major General Childs served in H. M. S. Gibraltar^ blockading Cherbonrg, L^Orient, 
and Basque Roads, and frequently in bouts cutting out Frr uch cousttrs. Early in 1813 he 
volunr«ered to serve in the Ist Battalion under Colonel Sir Richard Willinmsin the Chesapeake, 
and was at the attick of Craney Island, taking of the enemy's camp ut Hampton, and capture 
of Kent Island, and in many minor engagement j on the enemy*s coast; after which he accom- 
panied the battalion to Canada, and was actively employed on the Frontiers, and frequently in 
command of gun-boats on Lake Chaniplain. On the 11th S^^pt. 1814 he wui engaged on board 
the Confiancet in one of the most severe actions fought during the war, in which Commodore 
Downie (the captain of the ship). Captain Anderson, R.M., and 41 men were killed, and 
upwards of 100 wounded, out of a complement of 200. He also served the Syrian campaign 
(Medal) of 1840, including the attack and capture of Sidon, capture of Beyrout, bombardment 
of Acre, and other desultory services. Uas received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

124 Major General AV. F. Williams served in Sjnegai, Goree, and Sierra Leone during 1811 
and 12 ; and in the Peninsula from August 1813 to the end of that war, including Sin Sebas- 
tian, the passage of the Bidassoa, battles of Ni voile and Nive (11th, 12th, und 13th Dec), and the 
investment of lUyonne. He embarked for Bordeaux in 1814 with the expedition to the Chesa- 
peak under General Ross, and was wounded at the battlf" of Bladensburg, first slightlv in the 
left arm, and again severely by a musket-ball through the left shoulder. lie served subse- 
quently for several years in the West Indies; and he was sent on a particular i^ervice to Canada 
during the insurrection in that country in 1838 and 1839, whence he returned in Juno 1843, and 
was, the month following, again sent on a special service to Ireland, lie has received the War 
Medal with three Clasps fur St. Sebastian, Nivelle, and Nive. 

125 Major General Cartwright served the campaigns of 1813 and 14 with the Gist, including 
the battles of the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which he has received the 
Silver War Medal with five Clasps. Served the campaign of 1815 with the 10th Hussars, and 
was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

126 Major General Gore served the campaign of 1815 with tho SOth, and was slightly 
wounded at Waterloo. 

127 Major General Goodsman served in tho Peninsula with the 61st, and was wounded at 
Talavera, for which battle he has received the War ^ledal with one Clasp. 

128 Major General Pringle Taylor proceeded in 1811 to join the 22od Dragoons in the East 
Indies, where he served until their return to Europe and disbandment, 25th October 1820. Ue 
was in the field in 1815 and 16, and during the whole of tho Mahratta war in 1817, 18, and 19; 
the published official records show that bis conduct was conspicuons in the Brigade Cavalry 
actions of Bucktowlie and of Nagnore, and of Ashta (20th Feb. 1818), when he incurred, as 
Brigade Major, the responsibility of countermanding the retreat and ordering measures which 
terminat4d in the entire defeat of the IVishwa, the death of the gallsnt Gokla, and the rescue 
of the Rajah of Satarrah, the most influential events in terminating the war. At the siege of 
Capaol-droog, he commanded a battery at the storm (13ch May 1819), he blew open the first 
gate with a galloper gun of the 22od Dragoons, and heading the Forlorn Hope, he stormed in 
Bttcoession the five distinct circles of fortifications, every man and officer of his party being 
either killed or wounded; he received at the summit of that strong hill fort, at the moment of 
•necess in its capture, a shot through his lungs and body that killed the Grenadier behind him« 
The Governor- General of India specially recommended him to favourable consideration for his 
services in India. In 1823 and 24 he was employed in tho Cape Cavalry against the CafTres. 
In Jan. 1841 he was relieved from a bullet which had been in his body since 1819. In Aug. 
1846 his life was imperilled from a surgical operation const^quent upon the passage of some 
doth driven into him by a shot. In Nov. 1848 he was relieved from a piece of bone broken in 
his body by a shot. From April 1854 to Dec. 1857 he was a Colonel on the Staff at the Cape 
of Good Hope, where at a period of peculiar difficulty and imminently threatened war he com- 
manded in Kaffraria then under martial law. In 1827 ho was sent to England from Malta to 
establish discipline in a corps that had fired at and nearly killed their Adjutant, their insubordina- 
tion sustained by a turbulent mob at a period ot popular excitement. He took command and 
the battalion shot at him three times on the public parade, they fired into his windows and shot 
through the cheek a field aide who stood behind him. Without calling in other troops he sup- 

Sressed the mutiny, and alone he overawed the fury of the mob. Tho approbation of his 
I»j(>r General was submitted by his Lt.Goneral to the Horse Guards, and elicited through the 
Adjutant General the Sovereign's record that ** the decided and necessary measures to which he 
had resorted had effectunlly repressed the spirit that prevailed when he assumed the command." 

129 Major General Cater served in the Peninsula from April 1810 (4) January 1814, including 
the di^fenee of Cddiz, battle of Biirro^a, and sie^e of Tdrra^ona. Served ulio the campaign of 
ISl.'i. including the battle of Waterloo, and taking of Cam bray and Paris. Ho has received 
the Silver ^Va^ Medal with one Clasp lor Barroiia. 

130 Major General Swinburne served with the 1st Guards in Holland under Lord Lynedoeh, 
and snbscqoently in the Peninsula and South of France. Also the campaign of 1815, lucluding 
the batslet of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, storming of Feronne, captnre of Paris : at Peronne he 
ooBimMided a itonmng p«rty. He Mrved afterwards with the Army of Oooupation in Ftanc«« 

rw «•>* ^^w v^s^-vrv «^/ wiar^ir v^ v«%w« iivw ^^ gmnt^r^tf wa MTV^IV 

131 M^or Qeneral Whichcote joined the 52nd as a volonteer in December 1810, and lerred 
with it in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, and was present in the actions of Sabogal, £1 
Bodon, and Alfayates, siege anri storm of Ciudai Rudri;^, and of Badajoz, battle of Salamanca, 
retreat from Burgos, battle uf Vittoria, aution at Vuro, battles of the Pyrenees, NivpUe, the Nire, 
Orthes, Tarbes, Tuuluune, and Waterloo. lie has rcceivcil the Wur Mcflal with nine Clasps. 

132 Major General Butl(:r served the campiiign of 1815 with the 3rd Battalion of the Grena- 
dier Guards, and was preHcat in the bittlcs uf Quiiru Bra3 and Waterloo (where he carried 
the colours j, storming of Pornunp, and capiuro of Ptiris. 

133 Maj >r General John Canopbell served the WuUtIoo campai;;n with the 44th Foot. 

134 Major Generul Piomer VuuDg borvc-d as A'ijutant of tht* 89th at the capture of the Isle of 
France iu 1810, aod at the capture of Java in 1811 (for wliicli he has receivcil the War Medal 
with one Clasp), on which Iti^^t service ho was wounded in the action of Weltevreden, and also 
at the storming of Fort Cornells; aud was, for his couduct on those occasions, appoiuted, by 
Major-GencraT Sir K >bert Gillespie, Mjjor of Brigade to the Bitavia Division of the Force. 
Accompanied Sir Robert as such iu the arduous operations again»t Djocjocartu in 1812, which 
terminated bj the storm of that capital (severely wounded), and capturu of the Sultan. Served 
as Major of Brigade on the expedition to Ava from June 1824 until the close of the Burmese 
y»\\x in 1S2C, and was present at the principal atfairs duriug that period, including operations 
in the vicinity of lUiiigoon, defeat of Ijandoo1a*s army at the Sheeredugecn Pugoda, Ta voy, 
Mtrgui, Kokein, Dtuobiu, Prome, M( lloon, and Pugahm Mew. He s<'rved in Canada in com- 
mand of the Johnstown District duriiit^ the iudurrectittn of lS3y, and commanded the 
Tnxips in the attack and defeat of the Brigands uudi r Van Scoulrz at the Windmill Point 
near Pre!>cott, on the 13ih Nov. of that jear, aud wad promoted to Lieut.-Colonel by brevet in 

135 Mnjnr General Dunn served the c»inDpaign of 1805 in Italy; battle of M^iida and capture 
of SLi^lla Casiile in 1806; exp'.^diiiou to Ke>>P^ ^^ 1807, inciudiiig the attack on Alexandria and 
It isetta, aud battle of £1 lla(nut(tak(u prirtom-r). Dof»>nce of Sc^liu Caitlo in 1808 ^ Peninsular 
campaigns of 1810 und 11, including oper.itioiH before Ciudud Uixlrigo, opf^rations between the 
Aguadaand Almeida, bjittlea of the Coa, Bii.-aeo, and Albuhera; action-i oX Uaagre and Aldeade 
Pouio, at which last he was severely wounded in the groin by a muaket ball, which remains un- 
extracted S rved aUo in the American wur in 1814, iucluding the taking of Moose Ibland, and 
occupation of Castiue. lias the War Medul with three Clai^ps ior i\[aidn, Bu>aco, and Albuhera. 

13(5 Mdjor General Fogo served in America during the whole war, including the battle of 
Piatt iburs^. 

137 Major General the Honourable William Arbuthnott served in the Peninsula, and was 
present at the passage of the Douro, and the battles of Oporto, Talavera, and Bosaco : for 
the two last ho has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

138 Major General Blachley served in the Ptninsula and France from Feb. 1812 to Aug. 
1814, including the siege and capture of Bidajox, affair of Castrujon, battle ot Salamanca, 
capture of Madrid and the lietiro, siege of Burgos, and retreat from thence, affair of Osma, 
battle of Vittoria, siege and capture of Sun Sebastian (both operations), passage of the Bidatsoa 
and the Nivelle, actions of the 9th, lOih, llth, and 12lh Dec. 1813, in front of Bayonne, passage 
of the Adour, investment of Biyonne and repulse of the sortie, on which occasion he was 
wounded in the head by a musket-ball. He has received the Silver War ^iedal with tive Clasps. 

139 Major General Belson served in the Peninsula and South of Franco from July 1809 to 
the end of the war in 1814, including the retreat from Talavera, action in front of Almeida, 
action of the Coa, battle of Busiico, actions nt Pombal, Itediuha, Cazal Xova, Foz d*Arouce, 
and Sabagal ; battle of Fuentcs d*()nor, actions on the heights of the Agueda, sieges of Ciudad 
li>jdrigo and Badajt)!, actions at Caiitrajon (doverely wounded), San Munos, San Milan, and 
Oitma; battle of Vittoria, action with the French, 28th June 1813, in the morning before they 
entered Pampeluna, in which he captund their Isbt guu from Vittoria ; actions in the P^^reneen, 
passage of the Nivelle, Nive, and Gave d OJeron ; and battle of Orthes, besides various minor 
affairs and skirmishes. He has received the War Modal with nine Clasps. 

141 Major General Tonvnshend served with the 41 «t li^ut. in the American war, and was 
present at the taking of Fort Niagara, Blackrock, and BuffaUs battle of Lundy's Lane, and 
assault on Fort Erie 14th August 1814, where he wui severely wounded through the left 
shoulder, lie was promoted to the Brevet rank of Lieut. -Colonel for services during the 
Cantidian Rebellion in 1837-38. 

142 Major General Wright served tho campaign against the Uajah of Coorg in 1831, and 
received a very severe injury in the right leg in leading the advanced attack at the taking of 
the stockade of Periapatam, the frontier stockade of tho Coorg territory. In 1839 he was 
employed in the operations against Kurnool, and was severely and dangerously wounded at 
the affair ol' Zorapore on the !8rh of O.riober. He commanded a Brigade in the battle of 
Maharnjpore (Medal) on the ii9th Dec 1843, in which action his horse was shot under him in 
taking the battery at Chounda. 

143 Msjor General Portl^ck served in tho last American War. 

144 Sir John Inglis si^rved with the 32ad in Canada duriug tho Bebellion in 1837, and was 
present in the actions of St. Denis aud Sc. Eusrucho. IIo served al^o the Punj tub campaign 
of 1848-9, and was present at tho first and becond s>rge optratitms before Mo'dtun, including 
the attack on the enemy's p tsition iu fruni of the advance 1 trenches on the 12th Sept., where, 
after the death of LieuL-Col. Pattoun, ho succeoJed to the command of the riglit column of 
attack; commanded the 32nd at the action of Soorjkoondj aod also present at the storm and 
capture of the city and surrender of the fortress of Mooltiu, surrender of the foci aii<\. ^tfv&Q^ 
of Gheniote, and battle of Goqjerat, for which services he teceWed \2ha Y>i«^«i^ T%:D^L qv \AK\aX. 

25e War Services of (lie Gefteral Officers, 

Colonol (Medal and Claips). Was promoted to the rank of Major Goaorol and nominated a 
KCB. "for hit enduring Fortitude and perseyering gallantry in the defence of the Kcsidency 
of Lucknnw, for eighty -seven days, a<;aiD3t an overwhelming force of the Enemy.*' 

145 Major General Griffin acrved j^cforc Gi'noa in lttl4. 

14G Sir James ilopo Grant servvtl in ('hiiia (Medul) nu Brjgndc-Major to Tx)rd Siiltoun, aod 
vrui prosint at the iHsuult and capture of Chin Kijiig Fi><\ aud at tliu landing before Nankin. 
Ho served witli the Oih Lincers at Subrauii (Mcdul) in 184(i; and he eommaudid the Kcgiment 
during the grcet'jr p<irt of the campaign in thu Puujuub in 1843- 0, iuoludiug the passagu of 
the Chenab ut lixmnu^^ur, and baiilu of ChLiliun wallah: he was aiso present at the battle uf 
Goojerat (Medal aud Cl»6p9). Commaadoil the C-tvalry Brigade as Brigadier- Gener^ during 
the fiioge and at the os-sauU uf IMhi in isr^?, and liad his horse sliot under him during the 
(Operations of the I9ih June. Was promoted lo the rank of Mujor General and nominated a 
KCB. ** for hi» eminent servlcrs in command of the Cavalry DivUion at the fciegu of Delhi, 
and in that of a Division at the rolirf of Lucknow under Sir Colin Campbell, ua albo in the 
8ubB^qu<*nt operatinn^ at Cawnpore when the relMJ aruiy sustained a total defeat." 

147 Sir Gaspartl Le Marchant served as Adjutant-General to the Anglo- h^^ianish Legion, 
and Brigadicr-Genc'ial in the Spanish service durii'g the ^ears 183-3, 6, tiud 7 : was present at 
the relief of Biiboa and atlaii before rhat town in Sept. ltf.V>, engaged on iho hiM^hts of Aria- 
ban, in Alav.i, on the IGth, 17th, and 18th Jan.; in iai;sing tho bicc^u of San Si>(vi?tiun, and 
storming the Lines 5th May; paHSi;;;o of th«.> Urmca, and t;ikiog of Passages :2Sih May; in tnc 
g(;neral action before Alza Oct. 183U, bosidc^s several afl'alis in Guip'j7/^ou, as also in the gene- 
ral actions of the iOtli, i:Uh, l.>ih, and IGih March before Ilr-rnaiii : Tor these services he re- 
ceived a Medal, also 3rd Class St^ Fernando, and Kniuht of Charles the Third. 

14S Major (icneral Wortham served the campaifrn;* of 181j and 14 in Spain and France, 
inclnding the biigo of St Sebastian, from 20th Aug. to 9lh Sept. 1S13; battles of Onhc* and 
Toulonse. Served afterwards with the army in America, from 14ih Sept. 1814, to 24ih May 
1815, including the attack r>n the Americun Lines beforo New Orleans ^th Jan. IS 15, aud thi* 
siege and capture of Fort Bowyer from 6th to llihFeb. 1615. He has received the Silver 
War Medal with three Clasps. 

149 Sir William Mansticld served v.-ah the 53rd in the campaij^n on the Sntlej in 1846. 
and was present at Buddlwal. AUwal, and Sobraon, at which last he acted as Aidi -de-Camn 
to the Commandcr-in-Cbifif (Medal and Cla?pir). He commanded the lieglment inthePanjaab 
campaign in 1849, and wai present ut the battle of GoojiTat (Metal and Clasp), lie was also 
constantly employed in the operations on the Peshawnr froriticr in 1851-5*2, whether his Itegi- 
ment was in the field or not. and was present at the uiVairs of Nawadund, IVaoghur, and 
Skarkote (horse wounded). Was promoted to the rank of Major General *'in recognition of 
his valuable services as Chief of tho Staif in the Kast Indies" having been present at the relief 
of Luc]ini)w under Lord Clyde and aubd-:quent op..'rutiou§, and commanded a Division at tho 
battle of Cawnpore. 

150 Mijor Genenl Harold served the campaign and battle of Corunna, for which ho has 
received tlie War Modal with one Clasp. Expedition to Walchcren and siege of Flushing. 

151 Sir Thomas Franks commanded the loth Begt. in the SutKj campaign of 1840-B, 
including the battlo of Sobraon (Midal), where he had a horse shot under him, and was 
slightly wounded: nominated a CB. Commf^ndtd the loth in the Tuojaub campaign of 1848-9, 
including the whole of the siege operations before Moolcun: 17th Aug. 1848 commanded the 
troops which repulsed the enemy's night-attack upon tho Britioh camp at Muttee Thol: 
12th Sapt. commanded the left column of attack at the defeat of the enemy in their strongly- 
entrenched position before Mooltan; and after the action succeeded to the command of the 
whole of the troops which were engaged, and held the pi;sLtion until relieved the following 
morning, although wounded and exposed to the repeated attempts of the enemy to retake it. 
7th Nov. in the action of Soorjkoond commanded tho right Brigade, and with it led the attack, 
capturing the whole of the enemy's guns at the point of the bayonet without firing a shot: 
27th Nov. in the carrying of the heights before Mooltan, commanded the reservt* on the extreme 
right, and directed the attack of it."? leading colmun. On the I8th Feb. 1849 h<*j>;iued with 
the Mooltan force the army under Lord (xough, and commanded the loih a? the battle of 
Goojerat, and was tpi-cialiy named for his conduct bcth by tho Commander in Chief and the 
Governor Gonoral (Medal and Clasps). Was promoted to the rank of Major General und 
nominated a KCB. " for his distinguikhcd servicen in tho command of a Column during the 
opiTalions in India pri<'r to cind nt the capture of Luekiiow." 

152 Major General Gordon wa^a at tht; capture of ]Mariinii|ue in lso9, and of Guadalonpo 
in 1810, for which he hus received tlie War Medal witii two Claspa. 

153 Major General Gcorpo Elliot sirkod with the Boyal Maiinc Bittalion in co-oprrati«n 
with tho Spiinish trov>ps againbt tho Carlisti in Ibo/, and receivtd the Cru.^s of San Fern a ad >, 
IstCiais. S^Tved on tho China expedition (Medal), and was wounded in the atttiok on iho 
intrenched camps on the heights of Si'goau, loth March 1S4-J. Wus present at the bombard- 
ment of Odessa, 22nd April 1854 ; landed with the Itoyal Maiines for the dpfcner" of Eujia- 
Vmi ; was at the siege o^" S'bnstopol (Midal ar.d T'lasp, and 5lh Cia^s of the Mcdjidie). 

15 1 .Majtr Gemral I/!ni;f..r<I strved with tho Battalion in Spain from Juno lt3G to Sept. 
1840, and was present in the actions of Fut-nt>.'rab!a and lUrnani, be^ides various minor aiTairs. 
While serving in 11. M. S .Vorfh Star, from tS.-pt. 1S41 to Sept. li>4G, he partVii at«d in the 
operations f*f the Expeditionary Force in China, including the blockade of the AVv,o>ung Bivir 
(Medal). Gu the ttrmiuution of hostilities with China he proceeded in the Noifh Star to 
New Zealund ; nnd was landed with all the detjchmeuts of Uoyal Marines from IT.M. ships 
^jrci^ent, aud appointed to command that fcrce, together with a uetacUment of tho 9Gih Kegt., 

IV ar services oj inc uenerai uj/icers. Z'oj 

ivith which he was actively employi^ in tho field ft^inst the insurgont chiefs, whose strongly- 
stockaded Pall?, or Villages, were sn^vcssfully nt tucked and destroyed: for theso servioes he 
obtained the Brevet rank cf l^Iujor. AccompaDied the expedition to the Baltic in 1854. 

ir)3 M.ijur Genora! Marcus J. iSIade commandod tho 90 ih Light infantry throughout the 
Kaffir War of 1S46-47 (Mfdal). 

ir>0 Mijor General ^lacKinnon served ns Assi«itaiit Quarter- Master-General at the Cape of 
Good Uopf> during tlie Kaffir war of 1^10-7 (Medal). Served ai Colonel ou the Stuff and in 
commund of the 2ud Division from the outbreak of the Kaiiir war in December 1850 until April 
1852, and received the thanks of the (commander of the Forces, 8ir Harry Smith, in General 
Orders on fifteen different occasions on whi<*h he commbiided in operations against the enemy. 

157 Sir Edward Liigiird served us a M-jjor of Bri<(ado throughout the campaign of 184:2 in 
Afghanistan under Gen. Pollock, and wa-i present in the actions of JMazeenn, Teieen, and 
Jugdulluck, the occupation of Cabool, and tho different engagements leading to it (Medal). 
He served throughout the campaign on tho Sntlej (Modal) ; — as Dep. Assist. Adj. Gon. to Sir 
Harry Smith at the battUsof M«jodkee (mounded), Forozeshah (wounded), and Sobraon ; — 
as Adj. Gon. of the whole Force conimmded by Sir lisrry at tho ail'iir of Buddiwal, and in 
the battle of AHwal ; and he officiated as Adj. Gen. of Her Majesty's forces in India, from 
the battlt> of Sobraon to the end of the campaign, whin he was appninted Asst. Adj. Gen. to 
il.Af.'s Forces in Iiuh'u. He again (>ffioiatcd us AdjtG en. throughout the Punjaub campaign in 
1848-49, and was present at tho pass^o of the Chenab, and battles of Chdlianwaliah and 
Goftjerat (Medal and Clobps). Sv-Tved ai chief of the Siatf ou the Persian expedition in 1857. 
Was promoted to the rack «.»f Major General and nominated a KC]>. '-for his servie^s in the 
command of a D' vision at the caj;iure of Lucnnow, and bubsequenily in the command of tho 
AzimgUur Field FvTce." 

JTiS Major General Hon. G-^orge l.'ptou sorvrcd in the Ut Battalion of Coldstream Guards 
throughout the Ka&tern campaign of 1854, iaeludinsc the battles of the Alma, Ualaklavn, and 
Inkermun (wounded and horse killed), and siege of Sehastoi)ol (Medal and Ciaftps, CB., Officer 
of the Lf^^ion of Honor, and 3rd ('lass of iho Mcdjidio). 

159 >I'«jor General T. Simson Pratt served the cxmpaign of 1814 in Holland, as a volunteer 
with the .'>Gth KegL, and was present at the attack on Merxem, tind Feb, and tho subsequent 
bombardment of Antwerp. He served with the 2Gth on the (^hiun expedition (Mcdil), and 
commanded tho land forces at the assault uiid capture of the Forts of Chnenpee on the 7th 
January 1841, and again at tho assault and capture of the liogno Forts on the 20th February 
following. Commanded the 2Gth at the attacks on Canton from 24th May to Ist June ; also 
at the night attack on Ningpo, at Segoan, Cbapoo, Woosung, Shanghai, and at Chin Kiang Foo. 

160 Mijor Gen . Felix served the campaign of 1815, and was slightly wounded at Quatre Bras. 

161 Major General Lockyer served in the Peninsula with the 71stllegt. from Aug. 181!) to 
the end of the war, including the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Aire (severely wounded on 
left wrist and elbow joint) and Toulouse, besides all the minor affairs after the army entered 
France. On tho 20:h May ISol ho sailed for the Piraeus in command of the British 
contingent directed in conjunction with a French force for the occupation of Greece. November 
fbllowing he joined the army in the Crimea, and was placed in command of the 2nd Brigade, 
2nd Division, and remained with the army the whole of the winter and spring of 1854..55, 
never missing a tour of duty in the trenches. Left the Crimea in Aug. 18^ to take up his 
appointment as commander of the Forces in the Island of Ceylon. He has received the War 
Medal with three Clasps, the Crimean Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, is a CB, and A7/., 
Officer of the Legion or Honor, and -Ird Class of tho Medjidie. 

162 Miyor General Baynes served as Midshipman in the Royal Navy for three years, and 
in 1S09 was present at the capture of Isehia, Zai^te, Cephalonica, and Cerigo; and was in the 
action of the Spartan frigate in the Bay i>f Xaples, 3 May IHlo (War Meddl). Served in the 
Ionian Islands flrom 1812 to 1817, including the capture of Paxo in 1813. and occupation of 
Corfu on the evacuation by the French in 1814. Was with a detachment at Zante on 21st Oct. 
1S'21, defending a Turkish man*of-war in an attack mado by the Greeks, and was specially 
selected and actively employed in the disarmament of the inhabitants which followed. Served 
in the West Indies during the emancipation of the slaves in 1834. Served in North America 
during the boundory queation in 1839*4u. 

IC3 3Iajor General M. C. Johnstone served with the 27th Begt. in the Kaffir wars of 1834-3o 
and 1846-47 (Medal). 

164 M^jor General Moade served with the 8Sth in the Peninsula in the campaigns of 1811, 
12, 13, and 14, including the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, siege of Badnjoz in 1811, battle of 
Salamanca (wounded), siege and storming of Halajoz, passage of the Nivelle and tho Nive, 
b.ittles of Orthes and Toulouse. In 1814 he Hucompauicd hii Regiment to America, and tlio 
following year joined the Army of Ocnipatiou in Franco. In 1821 he embarked for India on the 
S'aff of Sir Thomas Reynnll, and wan at the siege and storming of Bhurtporc, for the capture of 
which fortress he received the rank of Major. lie has received the War Meclsil with six Clasps. 

165 Major General Forster served with the Ssots Fusilier Guards before Hayonue in 1814. 
Joined the Brigade of Guar^ls in I*aris in 1815. 

166 Major General Goldsmid served in the Peninsula with the 12ih Light Dragoons, 
from 1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including thecavaU-y affiiirs at Castrajon, Quintare 
da Fuerta, and Monasterio ; battles ot Salamnnca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and ?f ivc (for whicli ho 
has received the War Medal with four Clasps); and siege of San Seb^tian. Served also 
during the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

167 Major Qeneral Maearthur was present as an Ensign in the 60th at the VmlWV^ ^IC^roxixwvL^ 
Bft ftflerwarda lerred with the d9(b in Sicily, and again in t^Vn, nYkfit^ Yia -wva fiw^^t^A-vV^ 

26^ War Services of the General Officers. 

the enemy at Vlttoria, in the Pyrenees, nt the Nivelle and the Nivc, at Bayonne, Orthes, and 
Tonloose, and where he also served on the pprnonnl staff of the late Lt.Gen. Sir Robert 
0*Callaf(han. He accompanied his rogriment fmai Bmrdrnux to Cana<1n. anfl afterwards serred 
with it in the Army of d'Ciipution in Franco. He ha.s rci'civccl tito War Medal withbcviui Clasps. 

168 Mujor General Mncduwall sf-rvt-d the campnit;n (vf ISU in lloliund with the ri2nd, 
ineludinfif the actions at Merxcm snd bombardment of Antwerp. 

169 Major General Hely served in the West Indies with the G9th Kegimcnt in 1801 nud 
1808, and sabsequently with the 57th liegiment nn tiie C( a^t or Afric a, and in Gibraltar during the 
PiaKoe, joined Lord Hill's divisiion in the Ptrninsula in 1800, nn'l was pn-amt at the battle of 
Ba^aco, hi the actions of Pomhal and Ilodinha, the first sic go of Badajuz, battle of Albuhora — 
where be was twice wounHi>d, and held the command of the H«>giment after that action ; battles 
of the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nivc, that b«.fore Bayonnc on the 1 3th Dec. 1813, and Orthes : affairs 
of Peroohe, Aire, and Tarbes, and battle of Toulouse. Sailed for Cuna>1a at the conclusion of 
this war ; returned after the peace with America, landing at Ostond ; marched to Paris, and 
served with the Army of Occupation until the breaking up of that force. He has received the 
War Medal with six Clai ps. 

170 Major General Bowers was slightly wounded at Waterloo. 

171 Major General Am aud served in the Peninvula with the 11th, and was present at the 
battles of Busaco and Toulou:«o, for which he ha? received the War ?Te(hil wiih two Clasps. 

173 Sir Robert Garrett served in the Peninsula with the 6th Division in \S\ 1, aud with the 
4th Division in 1812 and 13, and was present in all the sctinns, sieges, aud snraller affairs in 
which those two Divisions were respectiri'ly engaged, from Fiuntes (r()u«>r in M«y 1811, until 
the end of 1813, when he was sent to Enghind tor recovery from his wi unds. He received two 
wounds at the attack of the Forts at Sal>jmanci, on which ociasiou the command of the Li^ht 
Company of the Queen's and some Artillery dev»)lved upon hiiu, he being ilie only surviving 
officer of the column ho atfacked with; and h^ was ueaiu severely wounded in the P\ reneges. 
He has received the War Medal with four Clasps for Fu< nres d*On(^r, Sa'aniimca. Vittc'ria, and 
Pyrenees, Served at the siege of Sebastopcd in lS54-.'i.) (Medal end Clasp, KCB.^ Officer of 
the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, aud 3rd Chiss of the Medjidie). 

174 Major General T. M. Williams previously toenti'ring the Army served five ytars as Mid- 
shipmaD in the Navy, and was engaged in the attack of the French Fl< et by Admiral Cornwallis on 
the^lst Aug. 1805. Assisted in the dincmbarVation of the British Army in Purtugxlin Aug. 1808, 
and at its emhurkation during and after the battle of C(>runna in 1809. Accompabied the 
expedition to Walcheren the same year, and served in the squsdn n of gun-boats ia the S^-hrlct 
coveriog the disembarkation of the army, and at the bombardment and capture of the fortresses 
of Ter Vcre, Kamaklns, and Flushing. Landed with a division of sailors on the Island of 
South Beveland, and was present at the taking of Furt Biitz, and at the subaequcnt defence and 
repulse of the enemy in their repeated eifoits to repossess themselves of that important post ; 
also in frequent gun-boat actions co-opefating with the army during their evacuation of those 
islands in 1810. He quitted the Navy and entered the Array in Fib. 1811, and joined the 4th 
Begt. in Portugal in August of the same year, and served in that corps and the 77th, into which 
he was promoted from that period, to the termination of that war in 1814, without being a day 
absent from his Regt. He was present at the siege and storming of Badnjnz, at the operations 
on the Bidaisoa and Adonr, and affairs at St. Jean de Luz, and at the ^[iyor*s House in front 
of Bidart in Dec. 1813, and at the investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. Ho has 
received the War Medal with one Clasp for Badajo?. 

175 \lHJor General Nepean served in the Peninsula with the IGth Light Drngoons and was 
present ot the battle of ihH Nive on the 9th Dec. 1813, for which action ho has received the War 
Medal with one Clasp. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

176 Major General Trevor served with the 33rd in Germany and Holland in 1813 and 14, 
including both attacks on jMerxem, operations in fmnt of Antwerp, anti the storming of 
Bergen-(»p-Zi>om. Served also thn cumpnigu of 1810, including the action Pt Quutre Bras, 
retreat on the following day, battle of Waterloo, advance to and capture of Paris. Also in 
Jamaica with the 33rd, and in China with the r>Oth. 

177 Lord Albemarle served tli«» Waterloo campaign with the 14th Foot. 

178 Major General Barlow served as a General in the trenches during the siege of Sebas- 
topol, and commanded a Brigade at its fall (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class 
of the Medjidie). 

179 Major General J.N. Jackson served in the Peninsula from iJi^lo to the end of the war in 
1814, including the siege of Cadiz, Lines at Torres Vedras, MaFsrna's retreat from Portugal, 
actions and aftairs atPombal, Kedinha, Tioirn, C<mdeixa, FIcur-de-Lis, Guarda, Foz d'Arituce, 
and Sabnrul; battle of FuinteH d'Onor, 3rd and .'jth l^Isy, eifge of I*ud:ijoz in June and July, 
1811, actions at £1 Bodon and Guiiialdo, sieg*^ and storm of Ciudad Bodrigo, third siege of 
Badsjoz andstorm of tho Custle by escalade, Gth April 1812; buttle of S-ilamrincii, capture of 
Madrid, the Uotiro, and F«»rt La Chinii. and in c< uimond of on ercrtt ol the thiid I.)ivit>ion in 
charge of the garrison of Fort Lm China tn route U^ Cindud Bodrij;o. Ki'tnat to Poitnpjil, 
Oit and Nov. 1812, hutth-s of Viftoria, Pyier.ccs, Niv»«Ile, Nivf, in d Orthts; atti« i.s at Vic 
Bigorre and Tarbe», battle of Touhtuse, and all the various minor aiVairs during that period. 
He has received the Wur Medal and ten Clay ps. 

180 Major General Trjdtll beived at the captur*' of the Cape of fiood Hope in 180G, and was 

£ resent at tlie battle ol Blueberg. He served also in the Kandion Insurrection of 1817 and 18, 
I CeyloD. 

181 Mi^or General John Clark serve<l the campaign of 1815, iDcludiug the battle of Waterloo 
sUHnung of Cambray. Served also the oanpaigns of 1824 and 25 in Ava, including the taking 

iror aervtces oj ine uenerai upicers, '^on 

of Bangoon, Kimendine^ Kamaroot, and Hahattee. Led the attaek upon tha fortifitd haighU 
at Araoan, and was wrerely wounded in the neck, am, and left side. 

182 Major General Elcrs Napier was present with the Nizam's Sobsidiary Force at the in- 
▼estmenc of Hyderabad in 1830. Serred on the British Stuflf in the Syrian campaign of 
1840-41, with the local rank of Lt. Colonel and Assistant Adjutant General ; held a reipon- 
sible and independent command of an Irregular Force in the N aploose mountains ; afterwards 
employed as Commissioner lirith a portion of the Turkish army (Brevet of LuColone), Syrian 
Medal and Gold Medsl from the Sultan). Was subsequently employed on Diplomatic Miuiuns 
by Lord Aberdeen and Lord Palmerston, — first, to bring back from the interior of Africa the 
chiefs of Mount Lebanon, who had been seized by Ibrahim P^uha and sent by Mehcnset All to 
work in the mines of Sennaar ; and, secondly, to convey back to Beyrout several thousand 
Syrian Soldiers, who,' contrary to 'the terms of the conTontion, had been retained in Eg>pt 
— was snccesifiu in the accomplishment of both these Missions. Was employed on the staff, 
with rank of Assist Adjutant General, in the Kaffir war of 1840-47 (Medal), during which 
was in charge of Native levies and Irregular troops attached to the 1st division, and organized 
a body of megular Horse, the nucleus of what subsequently became the Kaffir Mounted 

183 Major General Harvey served at the investment of Kolapore in the East Indies, in Sept. 
1827. Employed on the Staff in the late operations against Ibrahim Pacha, in Syrls, and was 
present at the skirmiBh with the Egyptian troops near Askelon, 15th Jon. 1841. Commanded 
the third Brigacfc of the Field Force at the capture of the Mabratta fortresses of PanuUa and 
Puwnughur on the IstDec. 1844, and received the thanks of the Bombay Government. 

184 Sir John Michel was nominated a CB. after the termination of the Kafiir war in 
1S53, In consideration of his distinguished services in the Kafiir wars of 1846-47 and of 1851-3 
(Medal). Was nominated to the 2od Class of the Medjidie for service with the late Turkish 
Contingent. Served in the Indian Campaign in 1858-59 in command of the Mhow field force, 
and defeated the rebels under Tantia Topee at Beorora taking 27 guns, subsequently actively 
engaged in pursuing the fugitive bands (KCB. and Medal). 

185 Major General Warren served under the Duke of Wellington in 1815. Commanded the 
55th Bcgt. in an expedition against the Rajah of Coorg in April 1834 (Colonel Mill being in 
command of the column until a fow days before he was killed): led a successful assault on and 
captured the stockade of Kissenbally; and was severely wounded in an attack on the stockade 
of Soamwarpettah. Served in China from 1841 to 1844 (Medal): commanded the 65th in the 
expedition up the Yang-tse-kiang, and was severely wounded at the storming and capture of 
Cbinkiaogfoo, where he was personally engsged with three Tartars, whom he killed. Served 
the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, commandtd the Begt at the battle of Alma (received two 
contused wounds), siege of Sebastopol, and repulse of the sortie on the 26th October; com- 
manded the 1st Brigsde, 2nd Division, at the battle of Inkerman, and was severely and also 
sligbtly wounded; again slightly wounded at the attack on the liedan on the 8th Sept. (Medal 
and Clasps, Offieer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

186 Major General Malcolm served on the China expedition (Medal). 

187 Major General B. H. Wynyard served with the force in New Zealand from Oct. 1846 
nntil Jan. 1847, in command of the 58th Regt.; commanded the advance Division up the Kowa 
Kowa River, and on through the interior irom the landing up to the position l>ei'ore Buape- 
kspeka, and entered the breach with the stormers in the assault on Kawiti's Pah on 11 Jan. 
1846. Appointed to the command of the Forces in New Zealand in Jan. 1851, held Her 
Miijesty's Commission as Lieut.-Governor of New UUter from 1851 to 1853, and administered 
the ;;overnment of the whole Colony from Dec. 1853 to Sept. 1855. 

188 Miijor General Sandilands served with the expedition to Walcheren; also the campaign 
of 1815, and was engaged on the 17ih June with the Horse Artillery in covering the retiring 
movement from Quatre Bras, and on the 18th of June ho was presfint at the battle of Waterloo. 

189 Lord William Paulet served the Eastern campaign of 1854, as Assistant Adjutant General 
to the Cavalry Division, including the battles of the Alma, Balakluva, and Inkerman, and siege 
of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB.^ Officer of the Legion of Honor, Commander 1st Class 
St. 3Iaurice and St. Laaarus, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

190 Major General M*Pherson embarked for the Peninsula in May 1809 as a volunteer in 
the 52nd, and served as such in the advance up to Talavera and the retreat from thence, to 
2nd Nov. 1809, when he was promoted to an Knsigncy in the 43rd, from which time he served 
with the Light Division until the end of that war in 1814, including the following battles, 
sieges, &c., viz. Coa, Mortiagoa, skirmish near and battle of Busaco, Coimbra, Alenquer, 
PumbaU Redinba, Miranda do Corvo, Foz d*Arouce, Sabugal. Futntes d'Onor, Espejo, Soifa, 
Cindad Rodrigo, Badajoz, March snd April 1812, Curvellejo, Petiigua, Salamanca, Nivelle, 
Bayonno, Nive, Tarbes, Toumefeuille aLd Toulouse. C< ntused on the head in the trenches at 
Badajoz by the bursting of a shell. Served as Aide-de*Cdmp to Sir Charles Napier through- 
ont ttie operations in Scinde, including the battles of Meesnee and Hyderabad (Medal and 
CB.). Ha has received the War Medjil with eight Clasps for Busaco, Fucntes d Ouor, Ciudad 
Kudrigo, BadajoE, Salamanca, NivcIIe, Nive, and Toulouse. He also served in the Crimea, in 
command of the 1st Brigade 4th Division, on the heights and siege betore Sebastopol, from 
18th December 1854 to 15th June 1855, when he was obliged to leave from ill htalth, brought 
on by over-fatigue in the trenches (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th 
Class of the Mec^idie). 

191 lUor General Bidley commanded the Grenadier Guards and afterwards a Brigade in 
the let Division at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 1st Dec. 1854 (MLodiX %iu\ CNmb^ 
Officer of tba Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Tnrkiah Madala, and dtdCVaaa ^ 5^«'Vla^^^^a^. 

25* tVar Services of the General Offken. 

192 Ma|or General Cameroii sflrrcd tbe Kostf^rn campaign of 1854-55; eommandad the 
42 ad Regiment at the battle of Alma, and the Highland Brigade at the battle of B&UUava 
on the expedition to Ivertch, aioge and fall of SebaAtopoU and auault on the outworks 1 8th 
June (^ledal and Clafps, CB., Officer of tlie Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd 

Cliua of the Meojidie). 

193 Major General BcU served in the Ptminaula from July 1811 to the end of that war in 
1S14, and was engaged in the Action of Arroyo do Molino, battle of Vtttoria, battles in ths 
Pyrenees, on the 7tb, 25th, SOth, and nist July 1813, battles of the Nivelle, the Nito, Bayonne, 
Orthes, Tarbes, and Toulouse, besides a great many affairs and skirmishes. Ho aflterirards 
served in the £ast Indies, in the Burmese war, and in the West Indies. He was actively em- 
ployed during the rebellion in Canada, particularly in the capture of St. Charles and bt 
Eustache ; he afterwards comaianded the small Fort and garrison of Coteau-du-Lac, an im- 
])ortaat position on the river St. J^wrence, and received the thanks of the Commander of the 
Porces for his exertions iu recovering the guns and shots from the bottom of the river, and 
mounting them in position when it was reported impracticable ; the guns were 24-pounder8, 
sixteen of which and 4,000 round shot ho recovprrd in tho depth of a ('anadinn wiuter. Uv 
has received tho War Mednl with six Clasps for Viteorio, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nivc, Orthe?, 
and Toulouse ; and the Indian Medul for Ava. Survcd tho Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and 
commanded tho Royals in the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebantopol, where 
he was wounded, and subsequently commanded a Brigade (Medal and three Clasps, CB.^ 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the Mcdjidie). 

194 Major General Vigors served throughout the campaigns of 1833 nnd 39 in Affghanistno. 
Commanded the two Flank Companies of the ];3th Light Infantry, which formpd a part of 
the force under Sir Robert Sale sent in pursuit of the ruler of Candahar, brother of the kin^ 
of Cubool ; crossed the rapid llelmond with eighteen men (the advance) on a small raft, landed 
close to the Fort of Giriskh, which was found just yacated by the rnemy. lie commanded the 
loft Flank Company of the 13th, with tho forlorn hope, under Col. Dennio, at t^o storm and 
enpturo of the fort of Ghuznco (^ledal), and was also present at the capture of Cabool, and 
in other minor affairs. 

lOo Major General Grierson served at Cadiz during parts of 1812 and lSl:^i, and afterwan^s 
on the eastern coast of Spain. 

196 Major General Kichnrdson-Robertson served in South Africa, in command of the suc- 
cessful expedition against tho insurgent Emigrant Boers, beyond tho Oransre Itiyer, in 1845. 
Also as Brigadier, and in command of the 7th Dragoon Guiir<ls in the Kaffir campaign of 
1846-7 (Medal and CB.) 

197 Major General Braybrooke served at the capture of the Kandian territories in IS 15, 
and in the Kandian rebellion in 1817-18. • 

198 Major General Robert Law served with the 7l8t BegL on Sir tT. Moore's retreat at Lngo 
and Corunna in 1808-9 ; at the siege of Flushing in 180'J ; subsequently in the Peninsula, in. 
eluding tho affair at Sobral, Massena's retrei^ battle of Fucntes D*Onor, 3rd and oih May 
1811 (wounded in two places) ; covpring first and second sieges of Badsjoz, actions at Arroya 
dc Molino and Almaraz, defence of Alba de Tormes, battles of the Pyrenees and capture of 
enemy's convoy at Elisondo, in July 1813 ; battle of the Nive, affair at Cambo, employed in 
an armed boat at Urt on the rirer Adour, battle near Rayonne 13th Dee. IS 13, affairs at Hel- 
lettc, Arrivarette, St. Palais, and Aire ; battle of Orthes, and affair at Tarbes, where he was 
severely wounded. Served also the campaign of 1815, inclading the battle of Waterloo — 
severely wounded, and horse killed by a cannon shot. Served afterwards with the Army of 
Occupation in France. lie has received the War Medul with six Clasps. 

19U Msjor General LEstrange served the campaign of 180S-9 in Spain with the 14th, and 
was present at the bittle of Corunna. Capture of the Isle of France in 1810. Capture of 
Java in ISll, and engaged with a Dutch brigade at St. Nicholas. At tho storming of a strong 
Dntch Fort on the coast of Bantam. Oa board II. M.S. Bosciun at the boarding and capture 
of eleven French gun-boats. Present at the sii'ge and storm of Cornells, and storna and 
capture of the heights of Serandole. At the capture of the town and fortress of Sambas, Isle 
of Borneo, in March 1813. Nepaul war in 18Io ; siege and capture of Hattras in iMurch 1817 ; 
Mahratta campaign in 1817 and 18 : siege and storm of Bhurtpore nnder lA)rd Combcrmere. 
He has received the War Medal and two Clasps for Corunna and Java. 

200 Maj6r General Williamson serred with the 27 th Regt. in tho KaiHr war of 1834-35 

201 Sir Charles Straubenzco served tho campaign against the Rajah of Coorg in 1S34. In 
the action of Maharajporc (Medal) on 29th Dec. 1843, he succeeded to the command of tho 
39th Rtfgt. Si-rved at the siege of S<;bastopol in 1855, and commanded tho 1st Brigade Li;;ht 
IMvision at the asmuU of the Redan on the 8th Sept. — wounded (Medal and Clasp, CV/., OlKcer 
of the I>gion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the Mcdjidie). Commande<l the 
Tro<>ps throughout the operations in China in 1857 (A'Ci/.). 

202 Major General Parke*s services :— Co-opcralion with the SpaTiish forces and Legion near 
San Sebastian, and under Espartcro in raising the siege of Bilboa (Knight 1st Class St. Fer- 

203 Major General Jardine served during the Indian campaign of 1858, including tho occu- 
pation, after the relief of Lucknow, of the fortified outposts and camp with Outram^s force and 
repnlse of the enemy's attacks (Medal). 

204 Alajor General W. G. Gold serred in the campaign on the Sntlej with the 53rd, inclading 
ihe battlea of Bnddiwml, Aliwal, and Sobraon (wonndM), in the first of which he commanded 
|he Regiment : Med«l ud one Clasp. 















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„ .. _ ^ 5 "< « < o •? •? fc SP »? £ a8 o ^ o £ « ft * -< < p^ »? fi »? «^fi4 
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rfor oervtce# oj we L<noneis. 45 

1 Lord Hurrington wm employed in Soath America in 1807, and was present at the attack 
on Boenos Ajret. Served alto in the Mahratta war of 1817 and 18, inclnding the battle of 
Mabeidpore, and •tormingof Talneir. Is a Commander of the Sariour of Greece. 

2 Sir John Morilly^n Wilson serred as liCdshipman in the Navy for nearly six years. Ue 
was employed on the coast of Ireland during the rebellion in 1798 ; in the expedition to the 
Helder in 1799, and £g>'pt in 1801, where he received a medal from the Capitan Pasha for 
haTing sared the lives of a boat's crew belonging to a Turkish man-of-war. He received three 
wounds while a Midshipman ; and the last was a severe wound on the head, which produced 
total deafuess, in consequence of which he was invalided, and quitted the Navy in 1803. His 
health being restored, he entered the Army in 1804 ; and served in the third Battalion Boyals at 
Walcheren in 1809, where he was twice wounded during the siege of Flushing. He afterwards 
served in the Peninsula, and was in the battles of Busaco, the retreat to the lines of Torres 
Yedras, and at the actions of Pombal, Redinha, Condeiza, Casal Nova, Fox d'Arouce, and Sabuga), 
the blockade of Almeida, and battle of Fuentes d'Onor. In 1812 he joined the 2nd Battalion 
Royals in Canada, and was in the attack made on Sackett's Harbour, and Great Sodus (where 
he received a severe bayonet wound). He was also in the actions at Black Rock, Buffalo, and 
the battle of Chippewa, in which he received seven wounds, and being left on the field of battle, 
he fell into the hands of the enemy. Dnrine his career in the two professions he received 
thirteen wounds, and has two balls still lodgea. The brevet rank of Major, and that of lieu- 
tenant-Colonel was conferred upon him for his conduct at Buffalo and Chippewa. Sir John hat 
received the War Medal with two Clasps for Busaco and Fuentes d*Onor. 

3 Colonel the Honourable Frederick M. Cathcart served as Aide-de-Camp to the Commander 
of the Forces in the expedition sent to the North of Germany in 1805-6 under Generd Lord 
Cathcart; and on the expedition sent to the Island of Rugen m the Baltic, to co-operate with 
the King of Sweden in 1807; and subsequently in the same year at the siege and capture of 
Copenhagen, on which occasion, being sent homo with the despatches, he was promoted to a 
Troop in the 25th Light Dragoons. He continued to serve as Aide-de-camp to Lord Cathcart 
during the campaigns of 1813 and 1814 in Germany and France, and was present at the battlet 
of Lutzen 3rd May, Bautzen 20Ch and 21st May, Dresden 28th Aug., Leipzic 16th, 18th, and 
19th Oct 1813, Brienne 1st Feb., Fere Champenoise 25th March, and capture of Paris dlst 
March 1814. In 1815 he was also employed in the same capacity at the head-quarters of the 
Allied Arm V under Marshal Prince Schwartzenberg. Is a Knight 2nd Class of St. Anne of Russia. 

5 Colonel Stopford-Blair served on the expedition to South America in 1807. Tha 
campaign of 1815, including the battles of Qaatre Bras and Waterloo (received a contusion), 
and capture of Paris. 

10 Major-General Hon. A. A. Spencer served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and 
commanded the 44th Regt. at the battles of Alma and Inkermau, siege of Sebastopol, and attack 
and occupation of the Cemetery and Suburbs on the 18th June — wounded. Served as Brigadier- 
General, and commanded the 1st Brigade, 4th Dirision, in support in the right attack on tha 
assault of the Redan, and fall of Selutstopol on 8th Sept, and subsequently commanded the 
British land forces in the expedition to Kinboum, resulting in Uie capture of those forts and tha 
garrison of 1400 men (Medal and Clasps, CB,, Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian 
Medal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

11 Colonel Bloomfield served with the 59th Regt. the campaign of 1815, including the battle 
of Waterloo, storming of Cambray, and capture of Paris. 

12 Major-General Lawrenson commanded the 17 th Lancers in the Eastern campaign of 
1854-55, including the cavabry affaur of Bulganac and battle of Alma (Medid and Clasp, Sar- 
dinian Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

13 Colonel Hodgson served with the 45th in the Burmese war (Medal). 

14 Major-General Mundy served at the siege and storming of Bhurtpore in 1825-6, as 
Aide-de-Camp to Lord Combermere (Medal). 

15 Colonel M*Cleverty served the campaign against the Rajah of Coorg, in April 1834, with 
the 48th Regiment. 

16 Colonel Robert B. Wood served as Aide-de-Camn and Military Secretary to Lord 
Hardinge throughout the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal;, including the battles 4 it Moodkee, 
Ferozeahah (severely wounded), and Sobraon (Medal and two Clasps, and CB.). 

17 Maior-General Parlby served in the Crimean campaign from 17th April to 2nd Sept. 
1855, and commanded a Cavalry Brigade, and for a time also the Cavalry Division (Medal and 
Clasp for Sebastopol, Saidioian Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

18 Colonel Cougreve commanded the 29 th Regt in the Sutloj campaign in 1815, and was 
severely wounded at the battle of Ferozeahah (Medal and CB), Also throughout the Puojaub 
campaign in 1848-49, inclnding the passage of the Chenab, battles of Chillianwall^ and Goo* 
jerat, and pursuit of the Seik army across the Jelum (Medal and two Clasps), officiated as Ad- 
jutant General H. M.'s Forces in India in 1857, and was present with the force which proceeded 
under the Conmiander in Chief against the Mutineers at Delhi ; — at the battle of Budlee-ke- 
Serai and the heights at Delhi on Uie 8th June, and subsequent siege operations until the end 
of July 1857. 

19 Colonel Balders served the campaign on the Sutlej in 1845-0, and commanded the 3rd 
light Dragoons in the battles of Moodkee and Ferozeshah (Medal and one Clasp). He was 
wounded in the groin whilst charging the enemy's batteries at Ferozeshidi, on the evening of 
the 21st Dec 1845. Received the Brevet of Lieut-Colonel and CB. 

SO M^^y^^^^kneral Horn served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 ; commanded the right 
Brigade 4th Diriaioa at th« battle of Almai and the 20th R^. at the battles of Balakbv 
(^MffOtptan <tf 0M ndoobli md giua from tha Rgstiansi who had drivoa tho TuKUsSD^Ifin 

46 War Services of the Colonels. 

tberefirom the same morning) and Inkeiman (twice wounded tad honu ahot under him): pre- 
aent throughout the aieee operations against Sebastopol, and in the trenchea at the two asaaolts 
and fall or the town (liedal and Clasps): at Inkerman he succeeded to the command of the 
4ih Diviaion (Medal and Clasps, CB.t Officer of the Legion of Honor, "Sardinian Medal, and 
3rd Class of the Medjidic). 

22 Colonel French served in the Peninsula from Aug. 1813 to the end of the war, 
including siege of S m Sebastian, passage of the Bidassoa, battlos of the Nivelle and Nive and 
in?estmvnt ot Bavonne. Served also in the American war, including the actions of Bladvnsbnr^ 
Baltimore, New Orleans, and Fort Bowycr. He has received the War 3Icdal willi two Clasps 
for Nivelle and Nive. 

23 Colonel Crofton was appointed Persian interpreter to the force under Brigadier 
General Litchfield, in August 1 832, and servetl with it throughout the arduous operations in 
Fnrkur, and against the tribes in the N. W. Desert, which ended in the taking of fialmeer. 

24 Colonel u rattan was actively employed on the frontiers during the rebellion in Canada in 
1838. He served in China with the Idth i^Medul), and was present at the storming of the heights 
above Canton, and led the advance acainst the enemy's entrenched camp, for which be was selected 
by Sir Hugh Gough as the bearer of his despatches, promoted to the ruok of Major, aod appointed 
Brigade-Major of Fort St. George by Lord HilL On his return to China— on board the ATada- 
gatcar — in charge of Lord Auckland's despatches; the ship having caught fire during a gale of 
wind, he with a iew others narrowly escaped the fate of fifty -seven souls who perished upon that 
occasion; he fell into the hands of the Cbinese, and was detuinod 108 days in captivity; after 
which he was at the attack of Segoan, and commanded the 18th (after the fall of Lu-CoL Tom- 
linson;, at Cbapoo, WoosunK« and Cbanghai; and he was present at the storming of Chin Eiacg 
Foo and the landing before r^aiikin. Si^rved with the 18ih Royal Irish in the last campaign in 
Burmah (Medal). 

25 Colonel Bainbrig;ge served with the 20th in the Peninsula, in 1808 and 9, and again 
in 1812 and 13, and was present at the battles of Vimiera, C'orunna, Vittoria, and the Pyreneea, 
(where he waa twice wounded and lost an arm), for which he has received tlie War Medal with 
four Clasps. Served also in the Walcheren exptdition. 

20 Major-General Cunynghame served as Aide-de-Camp to Lord Saltoun during the latter 
part of the war in China (Medal), and was present at the storm and capture of Chin- 
Iciang-foo, and at the investment of Nankin. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Assistant 
Quarter-Master General to the 1st Division, including the affair of Buleanack, battle of the 
Alma, taking of Balaklava, affair of 23rd Oc't on the heights of the Tchernaya, battles oi 
Balaklava and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB,^ Officer of the Legion 
of Honor, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

27 Colonel James Henderson served with the 92nd at the siege of Copenhagen and action 
at Kioge in 1807; with the expedition to Sweden, and afterwards to Portugal and Spain, under 
Sir John Moore in 1808-9, including the action at Lugo, and batUe of Corunna. On the 
expedition to Walcheren in 1809. Served the campaigns of 1814 and 15 in France and 
Flanders with the 71st, including the affair of Tarbes, and battles of Toulouse and Waterloo, 
at which last he waa severely wounded In the thigh by a grape-shot. He has received the War 
Medal with two Clasps for Corunna and Toulouse. 

28 Colonel Le Mesurier served in the 24th at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope 
in 1806. In 1811, he joined the 2nd Battalion in the Peninsula, where he served until the end 
of that war in 1814, and was present at the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo, BadaJDz, battles of Sala- 
manca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Eoh alar, Nivelle, and Orthes (severely contused); and in the several 
affairs on the banks of the Dourdogne in front of Bordeaux, being on continual advance guard 
when that part of the army was moving forward on Angouleme. lie has received the War 
Medal, with four Clasps. 

29 Colonel John Swinburn served with the 43rd at the siege of Copenhagen in 1807; the 
campaign of 1808 in Portugal, — wounded in the head on the retreat to Vigo. Subsequent 
campaigns in the Peninsula until 1812, including the action of the Coa, battle of Fuentef 
d*Onor, action of Sabugal, battle of Busaco, retreat to and occupation of the Lines of Torrea 
Vedras, subsequent advance in pursuit of Massena, and actions of Pombal and Redinha— 
wounded in the hip. Joined the army at Toulouse in April 1814. Present at New Orleans 
in Jan. 1815. Subsequently joined the Duke of Wellington's army at Brussels, was present 
at the capture of Paris, and remained with the Army of Occupation until the end of 1818. He 
has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Busaco and Fucutps d'Onor. 

30 Colonel Thomas Kelly served with the late 2Gth Ll Dragoons during the latter 
part of the Carib war in St. Vincent. He afterwards accompanied his Regt to Portugal and 
nrom thence to £{;ypt— the Transport in which ho embarked was attacked by a Spanish gun- 
boat, which, after a sharp conflict, was beaten off*. He served at the siege of Aboukir Castle 
with the dismounted part of his Kcgt. He was also present in the action of the 2Ut March 
1801, and in the affdir of the advance of the army to the westward of Alexandria under Sir 
Eyre Coote. He was wounded in a night attack on the enemy *s outpodts on the 25th Aug. 
when, with a small detachment, he drove in the cavalry piqu<>t, and captured the whole of the 
Infantry piquets opposed to him, which were much more numerous thau his own party. He 
has received the Gold Medal from the Grand Seignior for the Egyptian campaign, and also the 
Silver War Medal with one Clasp. 

81 Colonel Boss served with Uie 92nd Highlanders the campaigns of 1811, 12, 13, and 14, 
indnding the actiona of Arroyo de Molino, taking of Alfflaral^ in the affairs with the oovering 
mnnj during laat iiege of Badiyox, advance to and retreat from Madrid, defence of AXb% de 
Tomes, battle of Vittoria, aflUn in the Ttliey of Bii tan, affair at the pus of Mays, bi^Uet 

War Servwei of tbe Cohntb. 47 

of the Fjrreneei. wonncled ia th« left l&g by a muket-ball ; m Aide-da -Camp to Sir John 
Baehan at the battlea of the Nirelle and the Nire, taking the Heights of L% Cotta, battle 
of Orthes, action at Aire, bottles of Toulouse, serred the campaign of 1815 with the 92Qd 
Highlaodcrs, incloding the battle of Quatre Bros — wounded in the left foot by a muiket-bAU; 
and bit tie of Waterloo, — wounded In the right arm by a muskct-ball, and capture of Paris, 
lie has received the War Medal with six Clti.sps. 

32 Colonel During served in the Peninsula during the Corunnn campaign, and subse- 
quently from the latter part of 1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battles of 
Corunna, Vittoria, I'yrences, the Nivellc, the Ni?e, Orthcs, and Toulouse, for which he has 
re 'eivcd the War Mcilal with seven Clasp*. 

33 Colonel Harrison scrvotl in the Peninsula from Jan. 1 810 to Sept. 1814, and was 
present at Cadiz, Isia, and Tarifu. 

34 Colonel Wright serred in Spain from 1st Jan. ISIO, to the 31st Dec. 1S12, includ- 
ing the defence of Cadiz, Fort Matagorda, and TariHs. 

So Major-General Trollope commanded the troops in the Island of Cephaloniain 1848, 1849, 
and 1850. In Aug^t, 1848, the towns of Argostoli and Lixuri were attacked by armed 
Banditti, who were repulsed by the troops with loss on both sides. In 1849 the Island was 
disturbed by armed Insurgents, — martial law was proclaimed, which remained in force for six 
weeks, and was carried into fffect by him: received the thanks of the Queen, and of the 
Legislature of the Ionian Inlands, and was voted a sword by the inliabitauts or Cepha1unia« 
Served the Eastern campaign frim lOih Not. isr)4, — from tie 12th Nor. until Julj, 1855, as 
Colonel on the staff, he commanded the l!ttBri«;:i<1e 2u(I Division; on 31st July he was Gazetted 
Brigadier-General, and commanded 2nrl Brigade 3rd Division from that date until the army 
was broken up. Commanded in the tranches as General of the Diiy, Right attack, on three 
separate occasions when sorties were made upon them and repulsed, and was present on all 
Giber occasi<iis when the 2nd Division was employed, including the 8th ond 18t)i Juno, — on 
the former in command of the Old Guard, and on the latter in commnnd of five Kegiments; on 
the 8th Sept. he was In command of 2iid Brigade in reserve with the 3rd Division (Medal and 
Clasps, CB.^ Officer of the Legi(>n of IL nor, Sardinian Midal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

36 Lord George Paget served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 in command of the 4ih Lt. 
Drs., including the battles of Alms, Bolaklava, ond Ink^ra1on, and siege of Sebsstopol 
(Medal and Clasps, OfK:*er of the Legion of Honor. Sardinian Medul, and 3rd Class of the 
Medjidie): ut Inkerman he commanded the Brigade of Light Cavalry. 

37 Colonel George T. C. Napier commanded the Cape Mounted Biflemen at the 
battle of the Gwaogo, and throughout the KatHr war of 184G-47, for which services he received 
the Brevet rank of Lieut -Colonel. He also commanded the Regiment throughout the Kaffir 
war of 1850-52 (Medal), and oommaifded the Cavalry Brigade at the action of the Berea, for 
which he was nominated a CB. 

38 Colonel Fynmore was ut the capture of n French privateer schooner of 16 guna and 96 
men, besides other boat service in 1811. In the partial action with the French fleet off Toulon 
in 1814. Was landed at Mahon in commau'l of a guard to protect the person of the Spanish 
goTernor from the threatened yiolonce of the AValloon guards. Sent to the city of Florence in 
1815, to place himself under the directions of General Count Nugent, commander-in-chief of 
the Austrian army, as extra Aide-de-Camp. and was at the taking of the city of Naplei;. In 1823 
ke was sent up to the city of Lima to pr>)t<'Ct English merchants property against the attacks of 
the Negro slaves during the civil war. The 20tti Oct 1827 was at the battle of Navarino, for 
which service he was promoted by His Rojal Highness the Duke of Clarence, but in consequence 
of belonging to a gradation corps the appointment was afterwards cancelled. Served with the 
French army at the reduction of the town and fortress of Patrii.s and the Morca castle ; served 
ifcorwardt in the West Indies, North Sea. and off Oporto during the civil wor between Don 
Pedro and Don Miguel. In 1833 joined the Kojral Marine Battalion at Lisbon, commanded by 
Colonel Adair, CB. In April, 1837, embarked on board H.M.S. Castor (3G), on the lO'ii Oct. 
was landed in command ot his detachment on the Albanian coa«t to attack pirates. Served on 
the 8. E. const of Spain from 4th Jan. 38 to 30 Jan. 3U. Has the War Medal and Clacp for 

39 Colonel Buchanan served as Quarter- Master of the Royal Marine Battalion ut DVouni, 
and on the coast of S^ria during the Campaign in 1840-41 (Medal and Ciavp, and Turkish 
Ml dftl). Served also in the East Indies and Burmah during the war of 1852-53 (Medal). 

40 Colonel Sail served at the taking of Maldonado and Monte Video in 1807. Also in 
the Peninsula from 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the repulse of 
the sortie from Bayonne. 

41 Colonel Teiry served the campaign of 1799 in Holland with the 25th, including the 
battle of Egmont-op-Zee. Expedition to Egypt and surrender of Alexandria in 1801 ; capture 
of Madeira in 1807 ; capture of Guadaloup^ and St. ^lartin's in 1810 ; re-capture of Guada- 
loupe in 1815. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Egypt and Guadaloupe. 

42 Colonel Fairtlough served at the bombardment of Ter Vero, and siege and capture 
of Flushing in 1809. Also the capture of Guadaloupe in 1815. 

43 Ctilonel H. C. Srreatfeild served the ^lahratta campaign of 1804, 5, and G. including the 
assault of Bburtpore, with the Grenadiers of the G5th, when out of 17 oiRjers and 300 men who 
marched to the assault, 14 officers ani 190 men were either killed or wounded. At the capture 
of the Isle of France in 1810. Served the Mahratta campaign of 1817 and 18, including the cap., 
tore of Hattras. 

44 Coiond Senior wai severely wounded in the action between U. M. packet Lapwing 
tad the AoMffican priTatoer Fdx, off Barbadoes, 30th Sept. 1813. 

47a fVar Servkes of the Colonelt. 

45 Colond HugbM serred the Effjptian campai|pi of laoi with the t4tli. Eoftged 
with a French sqaadron in the ^^lotanSnqse Channel, Srd July 1810. Serred the NeMol ttm- 
{Miigns of 1814, 15, and 16, and was woanded at Uarriapore. Senred also daring the Jfahratto 
war of 1816, 17, and 18. Gold ^lednl from the Grtnd Seignior for serrioes in Egypt; end tlio 
the Silver War Medal with one C-labp. 

46 Cit'onel Tronson sprvfii in the West Tnrlios from 1803 to 1812, indading tho ea|H 
tnre of Martiniqu.n and si^^ge of Ftirt Bourb<«n iu 1809, and capture of Gaadaloupe in 1810. The 
campaigns of 1813, 1 4, and 1.1, in Canada, inoludioi; the operations against PlattsDorg. Throngh- 
ont the Burmebc war, and commandiHi a detachment of the 13th, which took poaseesioa of the 
city of Bissein previous to the arrival of Sir Robert Silo's Brigade destined tor its oeptnre t 
also present at Kokein, 15th Deo. 1826, Pagoda Point, Nap.idie, Hehadie, Melloon, wb«re 
the command of tho 13th devolved upon him, and on the 9ih Feb. 1836, at the ■tormiBg ef 
Pagamue, where he was wounded in the right leg, but continued to lead the left wing until most 
severely wounded in the left leg, where the ball still remains. Served the ctmpeign in Aff- 

fhanistan under Lord Keane, and commanded the 13ch at the assault and capture of the 
'ortress and Citadel of Ghuznee, for which he obtained the brevet rank of lieat-Colonel end 
Order of the Doranee Empire. Commanded the Regiment throughoat the campaign in Kobisten, 
and at the sieges of Tootumdarrah, Jhoolghur (led and commanded the atorminK party), 
night attack at Biboo Koosh Ghnr, K'lrdurrah. and Perwandurrah, when Dost Mahomed 
surrendered, and the force rt.turncd to Cubiil. He has received the War Medal with two 
Claspii for Maitiniquc and Guaduluupe; the Medal for Ava ; and Medal for Ghoinee. 

47 Colonel Harty served with tho 3;3rd at the capture of Btturbon and the Isle of France in 
ISIO ; the campaigns of 1S13 and 14 in Gt^nnauy and Holland, including both the attaeks on 
Merxem, and the assault m Berg^n-op-Zjom. Also the campa'gu of 1815, including the 
battle of Qaatro Bras, tho retrtat on the follofving day, and oattle of Waterloo, — slightly 

49 Colonel Boiney served at the capture of Ischia and Procida, in 1809 ; defence of 
Cadiz in 1810 ; action of the Cmi and Sabugal, buttle of Furntes d'Onor, retreat from Burgos. 
Served the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the action at Merxem, bombardment of 
Antwerp, and storming of Bergf n-op-Zoom. Engaged in the Burmese war at the attack ef 
Padowa Pus and the fortilied p *sitions of Mahatee ; storming the stockades and hills near» and 
taking tho town and works of Arracan. Wounded en the 16th June 1815, atQuatre Bras, by a 
musket-shot in the left shin, and dangoronsly by a ball which entered the back part of the head. 
He liaa received the War Mctlol with one Clasp for Fucntes d'Onor. 

50 Colonel Bochfort mas at the capture of the Isle of France in 1810 ; and of Java in 
1811, inolading capture of Cornelia, storming of Serandela and Fort Djocjovarta. Storming of 
redoubtj at the island of Borneo ; Nepanl campaign in 1814 \ siege and atorm of Battiaa i 
Mabratta campaigns of 181 7 and 18 ; siege and storm of Bhnrtpore 1825>6. He haa reociTed 
the War Medal wiUi one Clasp for Java. 

51 Colonel Duudas served in the 47th Regt on the expedition to South America in 1806-7t 
and was present at the taking of Maldocudo, in several skirmishes, and at the attack and 
storming of Monte Video. Ho served afterwards in the East Indies, and was present in 1814 at 
the capture of the Fort of Now liuggur, and in several skirmishes. He terred also in the 
Burmese Territory from Jan. 182G till pence was proclaimed. 

63 Colonel Willington served in the East Indies from May 1813 to May 1823, taohid- 
ing the campaigns of 1815 and 16 in Kattywar and Kutoh; taking of Aojsr; Decoan campaigns 
of 1817 and 18; campaign of 1819 iu Candeish; and in Kut?h in 1820. 

53 Colonel Westmore served the ('ampai{>ns of 1813 and 14 in Germany and HoUand. 
including both attacks on MiTxem, and the nsbault on Bergtn-op-Zoom; served at Waterloo on 
the 16th, 17th, and 18ch June, and was severely wounded. 

64 Colonel Poole served througliout the operations in Scinde (Medal) under Sir Charles 
Napier, and commanded tlie 22ud at the battle of Meeanee,and a brigade at the battle of Ujder* 
abac. Ho was also previously at the destruction of the Fort of Imaumghur in the Desert. Hs 
served the campaign in the Southern Mahratta country in 1844-5, including the investment and 
capture of the Forts Panulla and Pownghur. 

55 Colonel White*4 services : — Campaign in Spain, nnder Sir John Moore, indudiog 
the retreat to and battle of Corunna, where ho was wounded. Siege of Flushing, and capture 
of Walcheren; campaigns in Canada, from Nov. 1813, to the end of the war. Ho has receiYsd 
the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna. 

56 Colonel Bray served tho Mahratta campaigns of 1817, 18, and 19, and was present 
at the sieges and captures of Byghur, Amulnier, and Asseerghur. He was on board the unfor- 
nate ship Kent^ which was burned in the Bay of Biscay, Ist March 1825. Commanded the 
39th in the action of Maharajpore (Modal), and was severely wounded. 

57 Colonel Tonnant served at the sirge of Flushing in 1809. 

58 Colonel £. R. Hill served in the Peninsula from Sept 1812 to the end of that war in 1814, 
indnding the affair of San Munos and retreat from Burgos, as a volunteer; battle of Vitturis, 
passage of the Bidassoa, battles of Nivelle and Toulouse: he has the War Medal with four Clasps. 

59 Sir Joshua Jebb served in the last American war. 

60 C(lonf 1 Arthur Shirley was nominated to the Snd Class of the Mctiyidie, for service with 
the late Turkish Contingent. 

61 M'lj or General Lawrence commanded the 2nd Batt. Rifle Brigade throughout the Eastern 
campaign of 18o4, inolading the battles of tht Alma (horse killed) and Inkerman, and siege of 
Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB,, Oftoer of the legion of Honor, and Ard ChMi of. tk^ 

oIoimI Hoo. G«om Cftdogan teiTod the EMtern oampaign of 1854, incladinf the battles 
m, Bekklafft» m1 Inkermtn, end liege of Sebastopol (Medal and Claepe, CB., Com- 

• ind Claat of St. Haorioe and St. Laionu, and 3rd Clasi of the Medjidie). He waa 
ad as ^e Qoeen'e GommiBaioner to the Sardinian Army in the Crimea. 

olonel J. C. Hope Gibsone served throughout the Elafiir war of 1846-7, and was present on 
every occasion in which the troops were engaged with the enemy; and he had the com- 
>f and led the charge of Cavalry in the decidive affair of the Qwango, on the Sth June 
'hen a large body of the enemy was enconnten-d and utterly bruken, leaving upwards of 
A on the field* on which occasion his services were warmly acknowledged in the public 
liflSi and hia name particularly mentioned in General Orders. 

iokmel Story served in the Peninsula and France from Kov. 1812 to May 1814 
ig the siege of San Sebastian, and passaffea of the Bidassoa and Adonr. He has received 
mr War Madal and one Clasp for Sui Seliastian. 

iolomel Hoey served the Bastem campaign from April 1855 in command of the Snd 
on'Royal Regiment, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and 4th 
f the Medjidie). 

L^or-GeDerol Horatio Shirley served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 ; commanded the 
tha battles of Alma and Inkcrman, and siege of Sebastopol ; was General Officer of the 

• in the attack on the Quarries on the 7th .Tune, and at the attack on the 18th JunsL 
mmanded a Brigade at the attack ^n the Redan on the 8th Sept. — wounded (Medal and 

CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and drd Class of the Mediidie), 
ir Henry Storks served as Assistant Adjutant- General at the Cape of Good Hope auring 
fir war of 1846-47 (Medal). 

lolonal T. C. Smith, prior to entering the Army, served for a short period in the Navy. 
a three times wounded. He served in the Peninsula from June 1813 to the end of that 
1814, and was present at the afiair of OrdaL He served also the campaign of 1815, and 
iqaded at the battle of Waterloo. 

Colonel Hodge commanded the 4th Dragoon Guards in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 ; 
I board H. M. S. Sanspareil in the naval attack on Sebastopol, 17th Oct. 1854 ; also 
; at the battles of Balaklava and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, night- attack on 
1 outposts, 19th Feb. and battle of Tchemaya, 16 Aug. 1855 (Medal and Claspa, CB^ 
of the Legion of Honor, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

Iokmel Yarborottgh served with the 91st RegL in the Kaffir war (Medal and CB,). 
Solonel Crombie embarked in Feb. 1854 with the Coldstream Guards for Turkey, and 
in Bulgaria. 

iolonal Maobean served in the Peninsula and France, from July 1812 to Auguat 
Lneloding the affiiir at Osma, battle of Vittoria, both sieges of San Sebaatian and 
» of it ( passage of the Nivelle, 10th November, and actions of the Nive, 9th, 10th, 
ad 12tli December, 1813. Served also the campaign of 1815, including the capture 
s. Serfcd afterwards with the Army of Oocupation until 1818. He has received the 
Vf ar Medal with four Clasps. 

Sokmel James served in the Peninsula and France, from Oct. 1812 to April 1814, 
■g the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, and Orthes, for which he has received 
rer War Medal with four Clasps. Served subsequently in the American war. 
Solonel Doherty served with the 14th Lt. Dragoons throughout the Punjaub campaign 
!-•, including the action of Ramnuggur, passage of the Chenab, battles of Chi llian wallah 
wjerat, pursuit of the enemy across the Jhelum, and of the Affghans over the Indus 
b the Khyber Pass (Medal and Clasps). At Ramnuggur he bought the charging 
ons, under CoL Havelock who was killed, across the nullah and out of the enemy's entrench* 

and at Goojerat he commanded a body of H. M. Dragoons and Native Light Cavalry. 
Colonel Faber served with the 49th Rest, throughout the war with China (Mrdal), and 
Bscnt at the first and second captures of Chusan, storm and capture of the heights above 
ij attack and capture of Amoy and of Chinhae, oocupation of Ningpo end repulse of the 
Utack, attack and capture of the enemy's entrenchea camp on the heights oi Segoan, of 
>, and of Woosung, and investment of i^^ankin. 

Uilond Garvoek served as a Major of Brigade in Sir Harry Smith's Division throughout 
kh campaign (Medal and three Clasps), and was present at the battles of Moodkee, 
shah (horse shot under him), BuddiwiU, Aliwal, and Sobraon, where he was himself 
y wounded, and his horse struck in three places. He also acted as Adjutant- General 
aarter- Master- General to Sir Harry Smith in the action with and defeat of the rebel 
al Bloem Piaats (South Afirica), 29th August 1848. 

Vikmel R. B. Burnabv served the campaign of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo. 
Colonel Hon. Alex. Gordon served on the Quarter Master General's Staff throughout 
«tan campaign of 1854-55, including the battlea of Alma, Balaklava, and lokerman, 
!{• of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, and 3rd Class 

iokmel Tyrwhitt served the Eastern campaign of 1854, as Aide-de-Camp to the Duke 
Abridge, and was present at the battles of Aima and Inkerman, snd siege of S«:bastopol 
I and CUasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5ih Class of the Medjidie). 
Jolonel Rochfort Scott served with the expedition against New Orleans, and waa 
: at thi attack on the American Lines on the 8th Jan. 1815, and at the capture of Fort 

Beriad afterwarda in France with the Army of Occupation, from July 1815 to Dec 1818 % 
dftlbaaUlsdAiglo-Tarkiahforoeia Syria, from Dec 1640 to Nov. 1841 (Medal and Clasp). 
Adak MTved in ^paia from July 1810 to the and of the war,iacluidAsi% \>M ^^vnna 

47c War Services of the Colonels. 

of Cadiz, battle of Barrosa, Fort 8an Philip, Balaguere, Villa Franca, Tarragona and 
Served also tlio PIndarree campaigns of 1817 and 18, and rubsequenrly in the Deccan, InelndiDg 
the siege and reduction of Rliyghur, Amulnier, and Assecrfihur. Twice soverely wounded bj 
niatcltlock balls, in the left iirm and rifj^ht side, at tlic siege of As^eerghor on the evening of tl» 
10th March 1818, in repulsing a sortie made by tlie garrison of the fort into the town. He has 
receivrd the War Sicdal and one Clasp for Barrosa. 

79 CoKnel Hennis served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterkxk. 

80 Lord Wpst served on 8ir Hugh Gough*s Staff thronghont the Sutlfj cimpaign of 
1845*46, as Aide-dc-Camp in the battles of Moodkee and Ff rozeshah, and as O^ciating Mill- 
tarv Secretary during the remainder of the campaign, and in the battle of Sobraon (Medal 
and Clasps). Landfd with the 21st Fusiliers in the Crimea and was present at the battlei 
fought there: commanded a detached wing in the battle of Tnkerman and subsequently the 
regiment dnrlng the siege f^rom 17lh Nov. 1854 to 6 Aug. 1855, including a apedal oommand 
of two Kegiments in support of the storming party of the left column aj^ain^t the Redan on 
tiie 18th June. Had command of the Reeiment again on the 8th Sept., and during the assault 
was ordered to move to the point of attach: in support. In the expedition to Kinboura he held 
command of a Brigade (Medal and Clasps, C7?., Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian 
Medal, and drd Class of the Medjidte). 

82 Colonel Willism Napier served as Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles Napier during hia cam- 
paign of 1845 against the Desert and Mountain Tribes on the right banit of the Indus. Served 
abo at the siege of Sebastopol as Assistant Director General Land Transport Corps (Medal 
and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

83 Colonel Arney commanded three companies of the 58th during the operationa against the 
hostile natives in the Southern District of New Zealand in 1846. He commanded the tro(^ 
encamped in the valley of the Hutt and Porirua; and the 58th at the affair of the Horokeivi, 
when the enemy were driven back and dispersed. 

84 Colonel Hagart commanded the 7th Husssrs in the Indian campaign from Dec. \9o7, 
including the repulse of the attack on the Alumbagh till promoted Brigadier in March 1858. 
Commanded the 1st Cavalry Brigade in the operations beyond the Goomtee, at the siege of 
Lucknow (CjD., Medal and Clasp), and during the Rohilcund campaign, including the affair of 
Alleegunge, and the captures of Ruyaghur, Shahjefaanpore, Bareilly, and Mohumdee. In the 
autumn of the same year was attached to the Oude field force, and commended the Cavalry of 
that Division at the occupition of Fyzabad, passage of the Oogra, and during the whofe of 
the Trans-Gogra campaigfn till the conclusion of the war in 1859 (nine times mentioned in 

85 Colonel Donaldson served in the Peninsula with the 57th, from June 1809 to the end of 
that war in 1814, including the siege of Badajoz in April 1811, battles of Albnhers, Vittorit, 
and the Pyrenees. 

86 Colonel Long scn'cd with the Tlst in tlic Peninsula, from Sept. 1813 to the end of that 
war in 1814, including the action at Cambo, battles of the Nivc, before Bayonne (wounded), Qrthes, 
Aire^Tarbes, and Toulouse. Also the campaign of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo. He 
has received the War Medal with four Clasps for Nivelle, Niro, Orthcs, and Toulouse. 

87 Colonel Birtwhistle sensed tho campaign of 1814 in the south of France with the 32od. 
Also'the campaign of 1815, Including the battle of Quatre Bras (slightly wounded), retreat on the 
17th Juno, and battle of Waterloo (severely wounded), 

88 Colonel Palmer served the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the attack open 
the Tillage of Merxem, 13th Jan.; also second attack and capture 2nd Fcb.« when his Reginent 
captured two guns; bombardment of the French fleet in the Scheldt, flrom 3rd to 6th February. 
Actively engaged at Fort Frederick on the Scheldt, 22nd March, in impeding the passage of 
French line of battle ships to Fort Lillo, for the purpose of throwing provisions and asaiatanoe 
into the garrison. Again employed on the same duty 25th March following. 

89 Colonel Jos. Swinburne served in the Peninsula from 1809 to the end of the war, fndnd- 
Ing the battles of Oporto, Talavera (wounded in the right arm and foot), and Busaco ; actions 
at Pombal, Leris, Condeixa, Fleur-de-lis, Guarda, and Sabugal ; battle of Fuentesd*Onor. first 
siege of BidaJDz. action at El B'idon, sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Bidsjos, battles of Sala- 
manca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, and Nivelle ; action at Silvaterre. battle of Orrhes (wounded in the 
neck), action at Vic Bigorro, and battle of Toulouse. Ho has the AVar Medal with ten 

90 Colonel Waymouth scncd in the Peninsula with the 2nd Life Guards from Nov. 1819 to 
the end of that uar In 1814, including the battle of Vittoria, investment of Pampeluna, and the 
battles of the Pyrenees. Also the campaign of 1815, includinjj the action of Qiiatre Bras,cuveiw 
ing tho retreat on tho 17th June, and battle of Waterloo, f e^-erely wounded and taken prisoner, 
when cbarging the Fronch cuirassiers at Waterloo. He has received the War Merlal with two 
Clasps for Vittoria and Toulouvo. 

91 Colonel Edj^ar Gibson sened in the Peninsula with tho 1st Light Infantry Battalion of the 
King's Cierman Lotion, fi'om Aug. 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, including the siege uf San 
Sebastian, an action in the Pyi-enecs at thepa«sage of the Bidussoa (wounded), and the sulwequent 
actions in which the h*ft wing of the army was en^raged. Ser^'cMl also tht» oampai^i of 1816, and 
was present at the buttle of Waterloo. lie hasreceive<l the War Medal uith two Clasps. 

92 Colonel Last commanded the troops in the southern district of New Zealand during the 
greater part of tho operations against the hostile natives in 1846. He assisted in driving b«clc 
the rebels wh) attacked the detachment posted under Lieut Page (58th Begt ) at Bouloolt^g 
imrm in the valley of the Hutt on the 16th May 1846 ; commanded at the eaptoro of Te R«i- 
paraba and serersl other influential ehiefb, m well aa diaanaiiiff part of tbe tribe on the Sdsd 
July ; and also commanded the combined force at the aifair <k tne Horokiwi, on the 6th Aug., 

vfUT ocrvtces oj me lAfwneiSm 4/ a 

canptlUng thm uMm to retresl and uUimately to diapeorae ; wai ptftiouUrlj mentioned in the 
GoTernnent Geaette of New Zealand, and also in tlie Dispatchea of Lient -Governor Grey. 

08 Colonel Mone-Coopcr serred the campaign of 1814 as a Volunteer from the R. M. Col- 
lege with the Royals, and waa present at the investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. 
Also the campaign of 1815, including tlie battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. Also served with 
the 11th Light Dragoons at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore in 1825-6| under Lord Com- 
bcrmcre, where he volunteered for tiie dismountorl Cavalry storming paity. Slightly wounded at 
Bayonne, and severely at Waterloo, Iiaving received Ave wouudt». Uhk received tlie Waterloo 
Medal, and a Medal for Bhnrtpore. 

04 Colonel Jauncey served on the expedition to Walcheren in 1800. Subsequently In the 
Peninsula from July 1812 to June 1814, including the battle of Castalla, siege of Tarragona, 
retreat from thence, its second siege, retreat from Villa Franca after the battle of the Pass of 
Ordall, and investment of Barcelona in 1814. Expedition to Naples in 1B1«'3. 

05 Colonel de Lacy served with the 48th Kegt. in the Peninsular war iu the battle of Busaco, 
lines at Torres Vcdras, pursuit of Marshal MaMona, action of Campo Mayor, first siege of Ba- 
daloz, battles of Albuhera, Vittoria (woundedj, Roncesvalles, and the Pyrenees (28ih July to 
Slid Aug. 1818), besides minor actions anrl skirmiislios. He served 80vcn years in Jamaica and 
the West Indies, and bus received the War Mcdul witii four Clasps. 

00 Colonel Scargill served witli tlie 9lli at tlio defence of Turifa, from May to Dec. 1811. 
Also in the soutli of France from March to May 1814, including tlie blockade of Bayonne and re- 
pulse of the sortie. 

07 ColomI Robert Lewis served in the Burmese war. 

08 Colonel Ainsworth served at tiie siego of Fliuhing in 180!), and subtsoquently in the Peiiin- 
liola, including the battle of Fuentes d*Onor, and 2nd siege of Budujoz, and battle of ^'ivelle. 
Served also the campaign of 1816, and was present at tlic battle of Waterloo. He has received 
the War Medal witli three Clasps. 

99 Colonel Wilbraham serred the Syrian campaign of 1840-41 (Medal), includiog the 
advance on Gaaa and affdir near Askelon. Served the Eastern campaign of 185-1-55, as an 
Assistant Adjutant- General, including the battles in the Crimea and siege of Sebaitopol 
( Medal and Clasps, CR, Offici'r of the Legion of Honor, and Srd Class of the Mcdjidie). 

100 Colonel Spottiswoode served as Brigade- Major of Cavalry with the left wing of the Army 
of Gwalior in ltH3, and was present at the battle of Punniar (Mcdul). lie served also in the 
like capacity in the Sntlej campaign in 1846, and wus present at tiie battle of Sobraon (Medal). 
Commanded the 1st Dragoon Guard* iu the Crimean campaign from IG Aug. 185u, including the 
siege of Sebastopol (Mednl aud Claop, and otli Class of the Mcdjidie). 

101 Colonel Webber Smith served with the 48th Regt. the campaign against the Rajah of 
Coorir, in April 1834, and was wounded. Commanded the 9i>th Kegt. in the Eastern campaign 
of 1854, and was severely wonnded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, CB., and 5th Claia 
•f the Medjidic). 

lOS Colonel George served throaghont the campaign in Soinde (Medal) under Sir 
Charlea Napier, including the destruction of Imaumghor in the Desert, and the battles of 
Meeanee and Hyderabad, 1843, at which last he commanded the 22nd Regt. He served also 
the campaign in the Si)nthem Mahratta ooantry in 1844-5; and Brigadier Hicks Wing mor- 
tally wounded. Major George took command of detachments at the storm of the Fetahs and 
northern front of Panulla and Pownghur, Nov. 27, and was present at the investment and 
eapcure of both those forts, beine in command of the left tlank post ; and during the (>peration8 
airahift the Forts Monnahnr and Mnnsuntosh in the Southern Concan, commanded left wing 
23od Regt^ end afccrwards commanded the Field Brigade (temporarily) at Kolapore. 

103 Colonel Y«yrfce commanded the Royal Dragoons in the Eastern campaign of 1854, and 
was severely wonnded at the battle of Balaklava, his horse also was severely wounded with grape 
shot in supporting the Lii^ht Cavalry charge prior to his own leg being shnttored by a Rifle 
ball ( Medal and Clasps, CB., Sardinian Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). He commanded 
the Regt dnring a violent gale in the Black Sea between Varna and the Crimea and this great 
dnastcr resnitea in the loss of 250 horses of the Regt including the greater part of the 
officers* chargers and detachments of other Regts. under his command. 

104 Culonel C. H. Uurnaby eommanded the Royal Artillery on the Eastern Frontier, Cape of 
Goi d Hope, during the K-iflir war of 1840-7, and for this received the Brevet rank of Major. 
He also commanded the Royal Artillery on the Eastern Frontier from the breaking out of 
ih4 war in Dec. 1850 antil July 1852, and was appointed commandant of Graham's Town, 
with the District ot Lower Albany ; for services in this war he got the Brevet rank of Lient- 
Colonel (Medal). 

104t Colonel MonkYand served with the 74lh Highlanders in the Kaffir war in I80I (Medal). 

105 Colonel Brownrigg served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, as Assist. Adjutant-General, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol, and was Chief of the 
Staff to Sir George Brown in the expedition to Kertch (Medal and Clasps, C2?., Officer of the 
Legion of Honor, and 4th CIbms of the Medjidie). 

lOG Cohmel W. B. Ainslie commanded tiie 03nl Iliglilnnders throughout the Eastern cam- 
paign of I854-ao, including the battles of Alma and Balukluva. and biege of Sebastopol (Medal 
■ud three Clns^w, CB., Sardinian Medal, and 4ih Class of the Medjidie). 

107 Colonel S. J. Hill commanded an expedition 80 miles np th« Gambia in 1849; stormed 
mad destroyed the fortified town of Bambacoo, 6th May ; attacked and partially destroyed the 
Ibrtifled town of Keennng, 7th May; action and defeat of the enemy on the plains of Quenella. 
M9 idab eonasanded a detaebnient of the 2nd and 3rd West India Regts. in the oombined 
vfttok- of tbe "BnMk and Freof^ naTal and land foxve iinder Commodore Fanihawe in the 

47e War Sermces of the CobmeU. 

atUok and toUl ddM of pintM aft tli« IilMid of BmU, JeU Bivw, WMttrn AMoa. lifkHse. 
1849. Tfckt thankf of the liorcb of the Admiralty were oonTeyed to hiaeelf and dttailnMnf. 
and he reoeired the bre?et rank of Mi^or. 

108 Colonel Tidy aerred with tlie 14 th Begt at the iiege and capture of Bhoripon in 
1835-26 (Medal). 

109 Colonel Sanden commanded the 1 9th Begt. in the Eastern campaign of 1854 and wat 
aererely woundeil at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, Ci^., and 6th Ciaaa of the Med^idia). 

110 Colonel Holdaworth served with the Qaeen*s Rojrals the campaign in A%haniataa 
and Beloochiatan, including the storm and capture of Qhuxnee (Medal) and of Khelat (aeTerdy 
wounded). AUo the campaign in the Southern Mahratta country in 1844 (inclnding the alorm 
of the Fortress of Ponella) ; that in the Conc&n in 1845. Served in the Kaffir war of 1851-52, 
and commanded four companies of the Regiment with the expedition North of the Qnaoe 
River, in 1852-53. 

not Colonel H. D. White served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 in irftmmaiMJ of the 
Inniskilling Dragoons, including the battles of Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchemaya, and aiege 
and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Claai oftte 

111 Colonel Menda served aa a Midahipman, Royal Navy, during the yeara 181i, IS, aad 
14, in North and South America. Served at every British possesaion in Western Africa, lor 
fourteen years, and was present at the first attack made upon the Ashanteea near the village 
of Donguah, 26th September 1823, under Sir Charles McCarthy. Present also at the deatmo* 
tion of the native Dutch town of Sucoondee, 17th February 1824, and employed in the boala of 
H. M.*a shipa of war skirmishing with the natives of that town and the Ashanteea on the fol- 
lowing morning. In action against the Ashanteea, 2l8t May 1824; and at the defeat of theiff 
army on the heights in rear uf Cape Coast Custle, 1 Ith July following. On the 4th Febraary 
1826, whilst in command of Dixcove Fort, he was attacked by about 6,000 nativea, the gar- 
riaon oonsbting of only one corporal and nineteen privates (natives), Royal African oorpa; 
with these he defended the post, and forced the enemy to retreat with much loaa in the killed 
and wounded. Bpsidea the above ho has been in various skirmishes with the natives. 

112 Colonel Robinson served the campaign in AfigbaniHtan and Belooohistan, inclnding the 
storm and capture of Ghusnee (0erer«>ly wounded) and of Khelat : Medal for Ghumee. Bealao 
aerved in the Kaffir war of 1851-52-53, as Assistant- Quarter-Master General of the 2nd DiTiaioa. 

113 Colonel Wigston served with the 18th Royal Irish on the China expedition (Medal), at 
Canton, Amoy, Chusan, Chinhae, Ningpo, Segoan, Chapoo, and Chin Kiang Foo. Serrad alio 
hi Burmah from July 1852 to the end of the war in 1853 ; was present at theoaptnreof Frane; 
and commanded the infantry, and suhaequently, on the force being increased, the Bight Wing 
of the troops employed under Sir John Cheapo in the Donabew diatrict against Mei^iTooo, aM 
was severely wounded at the assault and capture of thatchiers last poaiuon on the 19th Mareh 
1853. Beoeived the brevet of Major for the China aervioe, and that of Lient .-Colonel for the 
Bnrmeae service. 

114 (Colonel Bice aerved with the 51st during the war in Burmah fh>m April to Aagit 
1852; was on board the E. L C. steam sloop Sesostrii during the Naval action and deetroetioft 
of the enemy's atockadea on the Bangoon Bivert aerved during the succeeding three day a 
operationa in the vicinity, and at the storm and capture of Bangoon; aleo at the aaaanlt and 
oaptore of Baaaein, 19th May (severely wounded). Colonel Rice was mentioned in General 
(}od«rin'a dis^atohea aa "deserving the beat consideration of Government" for captoring by 
atorm with hu company and a sub-divi.iion of the 9th Madras Native Infantry the enoMyi 
atroozhold, and entrenched poeition aouth of Baasein, armed with sixteen guns and twenty 
gingMis; honoured with the best thanks of the Governor- General in Council. 

115 Colonel the Hon. B. G. H. Spencer served throughout the whole of the operationa in 
CHiina, and waa present at the deatruotion of the batteriea of Amoy, in H. M. 8. BUmds, in 
1840 ; at the capture of the forts of the Bocca Tigris, and subsequent operationa in the Canton 
lUver ; at the atorm and capture of the heiehta of Canton ; attack and capturea of Amoy, 
Ghuaan (second operation), Chinhae, Chapoo, Woosung, Slianghae, and Chin Kiang Foo^ and 
demonstration before Nankin (Medal). 

116 Colonel Phibba aerved in the Peninsula, with the 27th, from Nov. 1813 to the end of 
that war in 1814, including the battles of the Nivclle, Orthes, ami Toulouse, for which he haa 
reeeived the War Medal with three Claaps. Served afterwards in the American war, and waa 
present at the taking of Plattsborgh. liost hia left arm, and waa shot through boUi lege at tha 
oattlo of the Nivelle. 

117 Colonel Eld served with the 90th Begiment during the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal). 

118 Colonel Land aerved aa Adjutant to the Boy al Marine Battalion at D*Jouni, and waa 
preeent at the Bombardment of St. Jean d*Acre (Medal and Clasp for Syria, and Turkish Medal). 

119 Colonel Mitford waa employed on the coast cf Syria during the whole of the operationa 
against the Egyptians ; he landed and served with the lUttalion at the Camp d*Jouni, and waa 
preaent at the bombardment of St. Jean d*Acre. He has been presented with a Medal firom 
the Sultan, and haa the War Medal with one Clasp. 

120 Colonel Jamea Wataon aerved with the 14th Begt. at the aiege and atorming of Bhurt- 
pore in 1825-26 (Medal). Also at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

121 Sir Thooiaa Troubridge aerved the Eaatem campaign of 1854 with the 7th Fuaillera, and 
waa very aeverely wounded at the battle of Inkerman— both legs amputated (Medal and ClaesiL 
and 4th Claaa of the Me^jidie). ^^ 

lit Cokmal Fbrbaa aerred with the 91a4BefinMnt in the laat Kafir war (Medal). 

IM CokMiel Lyaooi Mrred in Oaaada dmring tha rebaUioa in 1S88-S9, inolading the actioM 

/Far Sermeei qfthe Colonels. 47/ 

of St Dtnb and St. Eoitaehe. Wu honounbly mratloned in DispatohM and Gmenl Ordtrs 
oa the oeoaion of the wreek of the tnuuport Premier on 4th Nofember 1843 and promoted In 
conaeqoence. Seired the Sutern campaign of 1854-55; was pment at Uie battles of Afaaa 
and Inkenaan, the minor aflbin of Bnlganae and Mackensie't Farm, captnre of BaJaUaYa, and 
throaghout the whole siege of Sebaatopol ; led the main colamn of the attack on the Redan 
by the Light Diviiion on the 18th June, and commanded a Brigade in the latter part of the action 
(slightly wnnnded); wai engaged in the 6nal assault of the Redan on the 8th September 
(■ererelj wounded); eommanded the 2nd Brigade Light Division from October 1855 to the 
end of the war (Medal and Clasps, Breret of Colonel, CJB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, 
Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

124 Colonel the Honourable W. L. Pakenham served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, as 
Assistant Adjutant-General, up to the 24th June 1855, after which as Adintant-Qeneral, 
including the battles of Alma, Balaklara, and Inkerman, and siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(Miedal and Clasps, CB^ Officer of the Legion of Honor, Commander 2nd Class St Maunce 
and St. Laaams, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

125 Colonel Tudor served as Aide-de-Camp to Oeneral Grey, commanding the left wing of 
he army of Gwalior, in the action of Punniar, 29 Dee. 1843 (Medal). Also served the Sutlej 

campaign of 1845-6, as Aide de Camp to the same General, commanding 5th Division of die Army. 

] 27 Colonel James Graham joined the 54th Reg^ in Burmah, as a volunteer, in Dec# 1824, and 
was present at the carrvingof the entrenched Fords of the Mahattee River, 27th March, and at 
the attack on the fortified heights of Arraean, 29th March 1825; at the latter he was wounded 
in the side and face: has received the Medal and Clssp for Ava. In July 1855 a Medical 
Boord pronounced him as "totally unfit for service in the field;" but in consideration of tha 
nature of his past services he was specially promoted to a Lieut-Colonelcy, and allowed to re- 
tire upon the full pay of that rank. 

1S8 Colonel Wetherall served io Canada during the rebellions of 1837-38, 1838-39, and wss 
present in the actions of St. Charli's, St. Bustache, and Pointe Oliviero. Was shiowrecked with 
the Royal Regt. in the transport ** Premier." Served in the Crimea as Assistant (Quarter Master 
General and was present at the battles of Alma, Balaklnvn, and Inkerman, the siege end fall of 
SebastopoL Served at Kertch as Deputy Quarter Master General of the Turkish Contingent. 
Was subsequently Director General of Land Transport in the Crimea, and was charged with 
the reorganization of that force (Medal and fuur Clasps, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, 
3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served as Deputy Q. M. General to the forces 
in China in 1857. Served In India in the Mutiny of 1857-58; was Chief of the Staff of tha 
Central India fiekl force and present at Koonch, Muttra, Golowlee (20th and 22nd May), and 
QUpee. Commanded South Oude field force in the campaign of 1858; and commanded the 
foree at the attack and capture of the intrenched camp of Rampore Rupea on 3rd Nov., and 
the sobseauent operations of the campaign (Medal and Clasp). 

129 Culonel Sadlier served in Sicily flrom July 1808 to June 1812, and was present at the 
capture of the islands of Ischia and Procida. Served subsequently in the Peninsula, including 
tha battle of Castalla and siege of Tarragona, action at Villa IVanca, besides various minor 
affiiirs: also in the American war, including the attack on Piattsburg; and subsequently with 
the Army of Ooeupation in France ; served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the 
aetiona in the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and two Clasps). 

180 Colonel Strange served with the 26th Regt. on the China expedition (Medal), and waa 
preaent at the defence of Ningpo, at Tscke, Chapoo, Woosung, Shanghae, Chinkiangfoo, and 

131 Colonel Lake was transferred from the Madraa Engineers to the Royal Army as a 
Lieut.-Colonel Unattached for his serrioeB at the defence otKars {CB, and 2nd Class of the 

Idlt Colonel Payne served with the Royal Marine Brigade in the Crimea and at the surrender 
3f KInboum in 1855 (Medal). 

138 Ck>]onel John Watson served with the 14th Regt. in the trenehes at the siege of Sebastopol 
ind assault of the 18th June (Medal and Clasp). 

133 Colonel Going landed in the Crimea with the 2ud Battalion Royal Regiment on the 22nd 
April 1855, and was at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of the 

133t Colonel Douglas served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 in command of the 11th 
linisars, Incloding the affair of Bulganak. battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege 
>f Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the 

134 Colonel Finucano has served in Spain, France, Italy, the Mediterranean, Jamaica, and 
ndia. In 1814 he was with the Austrian Army in Italy and at the surrender of Genoa. He 
vaa in several affairs in Ava during the Burmese War : also at the storming of Bhurtpore. In 
he Spanish service in 1835, 30, as Lieut.-Colonel on the Staff, and has received the Cross of St. 
'emnndo ; also the War Medal for India with two Clasps. 

135 Colonel Daubeney served with the 55th Regt in the Coorg campaign. East Indies, in 
834« and was present at the assault and capture of the stockade of Kissenhully, and at the 
attack on the atockade of Soamwarpettab, where he had charge of one of the two guns attached 
o the Column, which by his perseveranoe and exertions he saved from capture during the 
otiaat, seiTsd during the Chinese war of 1841-42, commanded the Light Company at the re- 
lolse <^ the enemy's night-attack at Chinhae, and at the storm and captnre of Chapoo; served 
n tha staff aa Major of Brinda to Sur Jamas Sohoedde at Wooaung, Shanghai, and Chin- 

mantionadinDispatohiM (Medal, BraretM^or, and CB.)- Ssrved the EtataeiL 

4!ig War Services of the CohneU. 

campaign of 1854, inolnding the Iwttlei of Alma and Inkerman (wounded aiid hone shot), aUn 
of Seba4topo1« and repnise of the sortie of 26th October. Commanded the 55th Begt. ai tM 
battle of inherman, and tncoeeded to the command of the 1st Brigade, 2nd Di?taioo» after 
Co!oDel Wairen was wounded, and brought it out of action— mentioned in Division Orders for 
the Alma and in the Dispatches for Inkerman (Medal and three Clasps, Knight of the Lfgioa 
of Honor, aui 4Lh Class of thn Medjidie). 

13C Colonel Sterling served tlio Kostcru campai;(n of 1854-55, firft os a Brigade Mnjor and 
afterwards as Assistaut Adjutant-General to the lli^bland Division, including the battles of tha 
Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and si(n>;e of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., OCticer of the 
Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the Medjidic). 

137 Colonel Seagram served with the 45t'h Rcgt. in the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal, and 
Brevet Major). 

138 Colonel J. Stewart Wood served the Coorg campaign in 1834, in the Light Company 
of the 48th Regt : he was on the storming parties of the St(.ney Kiver and the several 
stockades leading to the capture of the Hug^al Pass, and at the tiking of the hill fort of 
Nucknaud. He was throughout the campaigui in Aif;rbanistan: — in 1838 nnd 39 aa Aide-de« 
Camp to Sir Robert Sale; in 1840, 41, and 42 as Adjutant to the 13ih Uegr., and was on the 
storming party of the fortress of Gbuzuee (Medal); on the storming party of the town and fort 
of Tootumdurrah; had charge of and planted the ladders at the storm of Joolghur (wounded); 
was in the night attack at Baboo Koosh Ghur, the destruction of Kardurrah, battle of Perwao- 
durrah; at the storming of the Khoord Cubool Pass; in the skirmish of Teseen; the forcing of 
the Jugdulluck Pass, reduction of the f()rt of Mamoo Khail, in the ht^roie defence of Jt-llaUbad 
(wounded 17th March 1842), and in the sorties on the 14th Nov. and Ut Dec. 1841, llih March, 
24th March, and 1st April 1842; the battle of Jellalabad and defeat of the besieging force under 
Akbar Khan on the 7th April 1842— horse sabred under him (Medal). Was on the storming 

Sarty of the Jugdulluck Pass, in the battle of Tezeen, and at the re-capture of Cabool (Medal), 
erved the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, as Assist. Adjutant-General to the 3rd Division and 
subsequently to Head Quarters, including the battle of Alma, capture of Bilaklava, battle of 
Inkerman, and siege operations before Seba»topol, with the exception of the last attack (Medal 
and three Clasps, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the 3Iedjiclie). 

138t- Colonel Grenthed served with the 8th Regt. at the siege of Delhi in 1857 (in command 
fkt>m 30th June to the end of the siege), present ut the repulse of Sorties on the 9th, 14th, and 
18th July, and commanded the 3d brigade during the repiihe of the (u^my's a^.tack on 23d 
July ; commanded the Column sent to occupy the Khood&iabagh and Ludlow Castle on 7th 
Sept. by which operation the butteries were advanced to within 180 jar$)s of the walls ; led the 
Regt. to the assault and served with it in the City ; on the 24th Sept. left Delhi in command 
of a Movable Column and defeated the enemy at Bo!undshur, Allyghur, and Agra ; commanded 
the 3d Brigade of the Army under Lord Clyde from 10th Nov. 57 to 9th Jan. 58 and present 
at the action of Dilkoosha in Lucknow during the operations resulting in the relief of the 
garrison ; commanded advanced pickets at Cawnpore from SOth Nov. t> 7th Dec, incluidiog 
the affair of the 2d action of the 6th Dec., also present in the action of Khudagunj and ocea- 
pation of Futtehghur (Ci9., ani promoted Colonel for dist-nguished service in the field). 

130 Colonel the Hon. Robert Rdl) was one of two officers sent from Malta on a speoisl 
mission to Tripoli in 1846 and received the thanks of the Secretaries for Foreign Affairs and 
Colonies conveyed through the Commander-in-Chief for his services upon that occasion. He 
embarked with the 42nd for the East nnd served with the Regt in the campaign of 1854*55; 
was Brigade-Mijor from the battle of Bihiklava and throughout the winter until he took com* 
mandof his Regt.; commanded it upon the expedition to Kertch and surrender of Ten ik ale, 
and afterwards in the siege of Sebastopol and assault of the outworks on the 18th June (Medal 
and Clasps, Brevet Lieur.CoIonel, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

139 f Colonel Thorold strved in the Indian campaign in 1857, and commanded the 42d High- 
landers in the action at Cawnporo on Gth Dec (horse shot) and at Seriaghat (Medal). 

140 Colonel Hon. St. George G. Foley served the Eastern campaign of 18G4-5o, as Assistant 
Commissioner at the Head-Quarters of the French Army, and was ))rc9ent at various affairs 
connected with the »iege and fall of Sebasto|iol (Medal and Clasps, CB.^ OfBccr of tlie Legion 
of Honor, and 4th Cloiis of tiic Medjidie). 

141 Colonel Kf-lsall servid in Canada during the insurrection in 18!)7-38, and was named 
in General Orders, for dislodging a number of Brigands from two islands on the Detroit Bivtr 
and Lake Erie in the winter of 1838. 

141f Colonel £. A. Somerset servccl with the Rifle Brigade in tho Kaffir war of 1852-53 
(Modal). Also the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, includinu: the battles of Alma, Balaklava, 
and Inkerman, and sici^c of Sedastopol (Medal and Cloitps, Kniglit of the Legion of Honor, and 
5th Class of the Medjidie). 

142 Colonel Clark Kennedy served with the 18th on the China expedition in 1842 (Medal), 
nnd was present at the investment of Nankin. Was Assist Qr. Mas. Gen. to the force 
under Major-General D*Aguilar throughout the combined nival and military operations in 
the Canton River in April 1847, when the forts of tho Booca Tigris, the Staked Barrier, and of 
the city of Canton were taken. Served the wh'ile of the Tunjaub campaign of 1848-49 (Meda^ 
and two Clasps), and was present as Ai^c-de-Camp to Sir W. Whish at vlie tirst siege o 
Mooltan, — storming the Seikli intrenched position Sept. 12th, raising the siege, operations pre* 
vious to and action of Soorjkoond Nov. 7th (attached to Brigadier Markham): second siege of 
Mooltan, — action of Deo. 27th, storm of the city Jan. 2nd, surrender of tho citadel Jan. *22nd: 
turrendor of the Fort and Garrison of Cheniote, battle of Gocjerat Appointed Aide-dc-Camp 
to Brigadier* Gob. Mountain, and was present at the pursuit of the Seiks and the passage of the 

War Services of the Colonels. ^Ih 

JThehnf. Wu then stttdldl to the Staff of Sir Walter Qilbcsrt, and present at the rarrender of 
the Seikh armj and gnat, and the forced march upon Attock, which drove the Afighani acroit 
the Indnfl. Appointed Aide-d^-Camp to Brigadier- Gen. Sir Colin Campbell, and waa preaent 
at the advance upon and occupation of Peshawur 21at March 1849. Served in the Crimea from 
Dee. 1894 at the aiege of Sebattopol: commanded the u^lvaoccd wing of the ISih Rojal Iriab, 
the leading regiment of Eyre's Brigade in the assault of the 18th of June, and wai wounded in 
the neck; appointed Aasist-AdJ. -General at Hd.-Qrs. 10th Aug.; present at the assault on 
8th Sept. (!aedal and Clasp, CA, Sardinian Medal, and 5tb Class of the Medjidie). 

143 Colonel Bunbury served wiUi the expedition through the Koliat rass in 1850, as 
Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles Napier. Serve u also the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
the battle of Inkerman and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, V.h y Knight of the Legion 
of Htiuor, and 5tb Class of the Medjidie). 

145 Colonel ReyneU-P&ck served the Eastern campaign f^om Feb. 1855 at the siege of 
Sebastopol with tlie7th Fusiliers, and was severely wounded when commanding the Regiment 
at the assault of the Redan on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, CB.y Knight of the Legion of 
llonor, and 5th Class of tlie Medjidie). 

146 Colonel Claremont has rectived the Medal and Clasps, the Brevets of Msjor and Lieut.- 
Colonel, CJ$., Entsht of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Class of the Medjidie, for bis services 
In the late war wiua Russia. 

147 Colonel John Fraser served In the Peninsula with the 53r(l from Aupc. 181 1 to the end 
of that war in 1814^ iucludinc^ the sir^ and capture of the fortiticil convents at Sulamauca, 
battle of Salamanca, siet^c of the castle of Burgos, battles of Vittoria, tlio Pyi*cniH>8, the ^Tivelle, 
and Toulouse. Seveivly wounded at Pampeluna on the 20th July 1813. lie has received the 
War Mcflal with five Clasps. 

148 Colonel Wade served throughout the campaigns in AfT^fhaniHtan from 1838 to 1842 iu- 
clusi\'e, — be was Adjutant of the 13ih at the storm and capture of (Jhuznce (Medal), and Major 
at brigade at the assault and capture of the town and tortj> of Tootumdurrah, storm of Jhoolghur, 
night attack at Baboo Koosli Ghur, destruction or Khardurrah, and assault of Perwandurrah. 
Present with the 13th at the btomiinr^ ot* the Kooid Cubool Pass (wounded), affair of Tozeen, 
forcing the JugrluUuck Pass, rcdiuTtion of the fort of Mamoo Khail, heroic defence of Jellalabad 
and sorties on the 14th Nov. and Ut Dec. 1841, 11th March, *J4th March, and Ist April, 1842 ; 
general action and defeat of A khar Khan betbrc Jellalabad (Mednl), stonning the heights of 
Jngdollock, general action of Tezecn, and recapture of Cabool (^ Medal). Has the Order of the 
Dooran^e Empire of the 3rd Clasti. 

140 Colonel Hale served the KSutlej caroimifm of 1845-G with the Hrd Light Dragoons and was 
p res e n t at the battles of Moodkee, Forozcshali, and Sobraon (Medal and Claitps;. 

160 Colonel Pearson served at the siege of Bhurtpore, and was a volunteer for the dis* 
mounted cavalry storming party. He served also in the action at Maharajpore, 29tli Dec. 1843 
(Medal), and in the campaign on the SutleJ in 184((, including the battles of Buddiwal, Aliwal, 
and Sobraon : at Aliwal he commanded the right wing of the IGth Lancers, and subsequently the 
Regiment, as also at Subraon. 

151 Colonel Percival Brown served with the 41st in the Burme^tc war in 1824-25 (Medal). 

159 Colonel 3Iylius ser\'ed with the 20th throughout the China expedition (Medal), and waa 
present at the first capture of Chusan, the operations before Canton from the 24th to the 3lBt 
May 1841, at Woosung, Shanghac, Chin Kiang Foo, and Nanking. 

153 Colonel Creagh served in tlio Anglo- Spanish Legion, and was engaged on the heights 
of Arlaban in Alava, on the Kith, 17th, and 18th January 1836, besides several other affairs. He 
was also employed on a Particular service in Canada at tlu> outbreak ot the rebellion in 1837. 
Has received a (Jold Medal from the 8uitan for his services on the Danube. 

155 Colonel Blacklin served with the 3rd Battalion Royals at Quatre Bras 10th June, the 
retreat on the 17th, and carried the King's Colour at Waterloo on the 18th (at which last ho 
was wounded), capture of Paris, and with the army of occupation in Fiance in 1815 and 181G. 
Embarked to join the 2nd battalion in the East Indies, and served with the army in the Deccan 
the rampaigns of 1817, 18, and 19; the pursuit of the Nagpore Rajah; buttle of Xagpore, and 
other minor actions and skirmishes. Served with Sir John Doveton's force in pursuit of the 
Peishwa; the siege of A^seerghur in 1810, and commanded the leading company at the assault; 
served afterwards In the West Indies and Turkey. 

1A6 Colonel Faunce commanded the Light Company of the 4th Brgt. at the recapture of the 
Fort of Nepaunee on the 21st Fib. 1841. 

1A7 Colonel Prior sen'cd in the Peninsula with the 11th Dragoons, and was present nt the 
battle of Salamanca, and various outpost affairs. Served also the campaign of 1815 ; commanded 
the skirmishes of the 18;h Hussars on the I7th June, and received the first fire of the French 
army on that day ; present also nt the buttle of Waterloo and cupturc of Paris. He has received 
the War Medal with one Clas]i for Salamanca. 

156 Colonel Mayow served the Eastern Campnign of 1854-55, first as a Brigade-Major and 
afterwards as Assistant Qnartermaster-Cieneral to the Cavalry Division, including the battles of 
the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and sie^c of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Kuight of the 
Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

IfiO Colonel Bourchier served in France with the army under the Duke of Wellington from 
1816 to 1818; and in Canada during the insurrection in 1838 and 39, and was employed at 
Prescot, onder Colonel Young, in organizing the Militia of that section of the Province. 

War Services qf the CobmeU. 

100 Colonel Lloyd tenred the eampalgn of 1816 tnd wm prewnt at tha iMttfe af Watorioa, 
taking of Ctmbray, and capture of Parii. Serred ooe campaign latter part of 18tS against 
the Rajah of Kolapore. Alio the campaign in the Southern Mahratta Coontiy In 1844 (Includ- 
ing the storming of Pnnella), and that in the Concan in 1845. 

161 Colonel Congdon •er%ed with the R. M. Battalion on the north coast of Spain daring the 
Carlist War. Serred with the expedition to the BalUc in 1865 (Medal). 

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9« OOO 

3 B 1, 
■-» ^ Oft 


• "^ • • i 

00 CI CO 09 CO 

ot «-« oi o« 

8 8 8?8S 8 

ci ^ *:» 


CO • ^ n^S Q i-t A 

a* CO -- — CO O 04 

c» 5i *>• — »-< 

00 op O CO 
<M Ol »- 



^ »o OJ 

3 a 3 ^ !3 

<M 1-^ ^ <M 

C >» 

CO -"^« 








♦• ^>* ^ 

8 8-3 :\^ 

c OQ t: 

-< &jcO 













§ I 

CD 1^ 




D K 
M C 



^ ft. fug. g-o^r t5 

• • • 

> > c3 
o c o 

00 OD O 
— T* -N 


o o o o o o o 

"O "O "O "O "O "O "tJ 

o o o o o 

"Q "Q "tJ "Q Tf 


• • 


o <« o 


-^^ ^ 00 01 

u; -^ — 

^ 4 o 

• • * 

► CJ > 

c S o 



* = S 


-I •^ 

o o 


o O S O c 

o J^ O 

"* > O O O Q O 

c ^j '^ *0 ^B ^1 


O f>. o c» 

^ ! 

5^ « sr — 

1> 3 

CT »A t'* -r 

C3 eSca <« 

k^*) ^ oo 
- — ♦* 

2 2 2 

-« 01 C? "f 

-* "* -^ -* 

i ^1^ 

n -N s » 


09 09 

W »■'? :'j I"* 
OfS 91 C3 CO 

75 ^ »3 O ^ X? 

^ — s5 ?= 9« ra 

w 75 -^ 

CQ "* 


t> r» oc X C^ t 

^ ^ ^ ^ lO ^ 

S ^ ait 3 a 

O « O « -^ X 

X ao "* 
"♦ ^ O 

^- O — 73 O !-• 

j^ 21 

09 94 O (*« 

^ •♦ -^co 

>" *• A 

o e « • 8> 

"N -I — *>» J[^ fi 

« ^ •? -«t -<!».•? •? 

^ " O O 

>» > 2 u 

=5 jg < o »? S 4 ?!; *i 

0«OI «* « o 

r. :?5 00 -^f 
•ri d — '^• 

W «■» 30 CO 
^ ^» -M *^ 

« t 

^ .« C5 -^ ^ V* O •,'.■ 

•T — c; v; 
^ •* ^ C5 

" iS JK A ■• ^ 

S 3 •• ** 3 ® 

c?©ie$S§5 « S«?f^§ 

c c 


5 =^3 3^ 3 « 

►^ -> H -^ "^ M •-» Q 

- b c d -J 

5 * 5-AjS 


O S «• 

§i d e 
^ -^ •^ 


:;:s-s?2^n'" '"'"?i229?;s:^ g 2s:3!2a^2'"«2a!:2*8::^>S£Sg 

3 ©i? §53^^ = oil 

B >• M • *. 






■ irt^3xStx-<^<xAoss^ta<^A-K£aoAa-<<^^-^sA<Aoa 
' ia^^'*SSaz''S°S: g5 SS"3g°'aa555*S"S5i""^*"S:S 


: S ic'C ^^' ^^ 'A V o'^ i ti S o S 

















,M.«.«<Mf7)'M^l<^ *?• ^ ^ ^t ^ CO — 

> ± > > > 

c o o o o 

► > »r o > o 



QO 00 OD 

o o »o 

2 SS 


o o ^ o 




O O ^ lO O O O tO O kO O o c^ lO >o 


^ O CO 

• •-* ^ S P 

#0 «o o 
^ f^ « — 

a o 

00 91 

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kO O O O 

g* 3 O 3 

•V i« •^ ^^ 

•Q t^ lO «0 

§ S S o 

O aO (Q O 

to O <oS2 

i-^ 5 o 'So 2 o 2 

5» 3 /iS ►-. 


o *T ^ 85 "T 

N^ CO "^ -^ -^ 

1* CO '^ ■>* "* ^ o 

— r» »-« 

CO '■» — 


2; :g S as" agi?2s g «=' = ° = g 


^^9 $ St33 S 

«« '^ r* O 

•^ O "* -^ 

CO 09 Ot C^ 

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. ^ ^ < CO <{ < 59 fc 2 o fa 
•o©»22" ' o i-i oo 2j -• «'^ C5 o 'N t|* 


5;-= o 

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a -* 1^ o 

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r« CM fiN r« 

C5 r» r» 

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00 O TO Ot I'* 

CO r5 9« "* CO 

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-t ^ CO CO "* 

CI a> V B , 

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a a 

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73 ao TT 
-"tW CO 

>^S H -M 

CO CO -^ 


■^ ^ f* CD 

CO •* CO 9* 


rt g a 

C0i-i»-'*O '*«>00a0OOC0^'t».0 9»O'#a0 
^ — ^ -^C* >•<»- ^O CO Oi 

9» -* O $5 ^ 
-^ 9< 'I' CO CO 


O o o go 

CO CO 91 c5 

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1< t^ 


CC lO iQ r» 00 r<» *-« 

CO CO "^ 9* C5 9t CO 

. at •r 
OQ fa*^*^ 

iT ^ <•. — " •• 


Q. O 

a e« 


3 o •:5 "3 ^ » 

— O O CD 91 "^ 
91 91 ri »-^ 91 

^ O 3 «- S% 








» rH «^ *?• 
C> ^ €0 f-i 

;- iC 00 VO 


— 9> •< 




S-«|« ->* 00 9» »iN O l^ 09 » 
^ C» gt ^ ^ 9l_ 



p^ 4 kJ!; (S ^ <j c) ^ s Q j; ^ :4S 


^ 91 91 91 -■ — '^ ' - - 

2[S , 




9 0) 



00 op X 
lO >^ o 

O lO o 




X X 

X X 


e o 
•a -a 

o a !: t; e o 

» « rt 


w r« !>• r« r« r» r« 

O O «Q O tQ O O 



<o o r^ ^ 00 o n 


e09»0O xr«^ 



> . ►» « ^ -• § 




C5 ^ « — 00 ©• X 

-* -r "^ -* o •* "* 

:::: rUs. TLP* T rr iri.?* 

c § o i^^i^^* o o o 
•-> "^ •-> "n •-» "^ 

C* '* o 

'•* "it 

o o o o e 

T) TS 73 79 'O 


(O O <0 >4 (O t.'S .Q o O O kO o ^ o o o >o O O O O O O lO 

> « i; 

O it o 
OCI ^ 

'N F« — 


> E o ^ 

«-* O 0« O O 9> 

^ -^ O L*^ lA 

O »9 O O w) 


C5 »0 H« 

X r«» 

i.'i Ci n '^ ^ ft 

\t r-^ ,^ r^ 


.-• 5* O 51 ;3 o 

-« -?» CI 



553 3? 35^5^3 ?3"335?3i;:S"^^3- 

5 g* o o 
O — 01 w 


^ *>• 05 



QQ do S O M X O 
— ^ — 3» ':i -« 

;s CI X 
"* -t o* 


:? :i3 Q :5 j; i;^ ^ :g sc ^ 

—_— CI ^ — r? CI CI 

5"o ci o -J x~o o CO 

o § 
C) CI 

^ 51 

S - 9 

w « 5 

•-"^ Ci X 

CI c# c» 


^ S * fc ^ 

S TC X C3 ai 


<• S e« 5 d 
— — cid— c» — P^ ci«^ 

3 a O O. U 

3? 5; 


"g — c>» ca o 05 »« 1"- '^'5 O 2 

o u ^ o.^ • 5 
c» CI d 


CI — 

-«: -?►? '/; ?3 Q K S 

ci? w r3'ci~o~7^~rircr 

ftc *p ^i ^^ *;:» i» :>^ 

CI '-O I'H 3 "M 

-t CO rt rt o 

,® C o « s 
'^ •«; X CO -» 


d -- — 7» CI — C^ ^ 

a ^ 9t ff Si. 

^ "^ >« tj -i 

3 CO X X C4 
— CI — CI 

00 CI 

w o — c; o o €>• o »^ o X o 

a c 

> C 5; >» ^ 

CO CI X ^ ^ 

O i CI d -^ Q» 

O X 73 iQ c^ 

n- n ^ ^ ^ 

si §&■£•« 

X cp •- o ao 

^^ CI 'r» 

2: O C 3i B 


1 E j 



-S-o c 

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^ »*^ •^" 5 -^ 5 * * 

2 b ^ 

4« »*< 

*< o 

^•§^ S 



P i» ^ U •;; = 

etf .2 = 

= a 




. I 

300 'X» 30 ID 
O >0 »0 lO 





■ • • • • • 

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- ^ ^ - -- « Q, 



X 00 30 aO « « X> 
lO *0 >0 >C ^ *Q O 


S SS S38»oSio323 oSSoi43>i3oS*52i5»S«oSS3o3»9*j5 


1^4^111 III g 3 g^s|i|s||l'i 

-1 -^ •< M •-» -^ 55 ^ "-» •-» H» S Cfc S5 *^ ^ « »^ i-> 

D »^ »^C0O0dC9 00 O O 00 3 *« ^ '« -• Q O 

ii ^ li 

9 o o e 

Q ;i; 4 ;c :zi sc >? a -< 

— •-* — •- M ^ fM 




8-3 a 



•^ ■::t »^ CO 
—* W CO '^ 

ffi ^ '^ ^ ^^ -.1 



01 w; 

o 3^ * o 

»^ c* f ,-« »n 

•^ 00 «0 30 





o «• « s 

qI "^ '■^ 'g* >^ *?> c» CO— fli 




3 9 «» 

CD CO 00 



3 3 3^9 


O O »^ ^ r<» 10 
— ^ •>• c« ^ 

II <5 


o « q 




8 ^38 

— 3; -- « «• r* 

93n <« CO -^Ol 

* * • 

^^ — « «• W 

-a<5 a 






»4 o 



T9 <a "a "d "o « •o *« -o "c "c •« •e 'O *« 'O 'O "o 'd ts 

^ "O X} ^ ^ ^ *d ^ 



SS33 SS33S2 3 32 


op P 

pOpepv«J>^p^afe^B*Ssg 'C 




^ ■* ^ "^ ■* ^ '^ '^ ^ ♦^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ O -^ lO 

M ^2;3:;^^s^'^ 

o » U *J 

« ** 0* 9 ?» 

® S ^ 

^ 3 ^ M^ A iV ^ B W ^^ H 

=*11 8.1 

goa fS 

5 8 




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19 09 





* 2 

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00 X X X X* X 00 

lO O O O *9 O *0 


► > 
c o 

2; 5:; 

.-• 9> O 

> > > V 

o o o 5 

CO CO » r» 
-N *>• -?» 

o o o 

S2 9 ^ = 

^^ '^ /«i* w 
«-i -H »i^ fc^ 

't -^ — « 

■5* '.•• W -^ 

a e 8 .o ^ ^ ^ 
J; ^ ^; :u sl. (x< &, 

tS C X CO 75 2 2 

'C "C "C *C X 'C ^ O 

A. GU O. & fi. O. S.'O 
-< -< ^ -< •< «< -< 

— »-i 0* <♦ a ©• o 

9* ^t 

o e o o 



91 ! 








CXw '••'f't'O^co^Xw-^ O'^i-O-rO'r 

o o »i o i3 c; o o o o »5 o »5 »5 o o o o 

r* X ^ 


kS O O »9 lO 







•-a "< •-> 

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* a s 

o o 

o o 55 «^ " ''• 
c* -N ^ — — 

o . o o t 

c ^, a B > 

a ^ s a V 

-a O ^ •-» c 

t:^ ^c o 



^ *<: ^ S ^ ^ q Q ^ 2: ^ S 

-r* 'M — Of-- <M -M o* — --oi 0« 





> o > 

i5 sj; 



o — o 

^Cw^'T — — OOl^X 

•^ c* 1-* »— »— r* *^ 

'* t »0 '^ O "* "f 

CG.1: o 

o» — e ot 
o» o« 

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o« 0» — 


o = o 
"^ "* "V 


0» Ti 

■^ t^ o a 

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'* ol rt 

'N ei "* ^ 
09 — ~- o » 

X 09 — "n* 

• V 'm* ^T ^f 

^ *- ^ ^ t» 

»-» ("^ 30 "^ "^ 

e* o o w 9» 

** c 


—CO — — 'NO* *94 mm ^m C9 r^ mm 


H I 

0) !w • 

a JS 3 

•^ <<5 >-> 



locooooco — ogoo© — ©• — ot^3 

r^ !•• tj 

CO 30 CO 




»0 t^ 0» -^ t^ -^^ O •O 35 



I— C5 5 

•* CO -* 

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OtJTtj^ — 

O X o* ».o 
— CO -"t 65 

vSJ 5 3 5 ^ s « » ^ >i 5 5 3 

e o.a ^ 
a o 4 a 

55 — o» o» o» o» c5 — CO o* f-« o» ci Of 

CO — C5 3 

CO ^ ^ CO 

r» 0» O -^ CO 

"'f €0 '^ C0O4 



- ^8 fc g^ 

a »- > « - _ 
et :^ ^ o o a 

^t^eooiox — saGor*5»c^Ci 
01 09 — — o < — — gi 

ft. a s *2 


a c-a 
a wo 



SB -) 

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/^ rm f^ 

a=? se £ £ ^ 



9i -« 



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's ^ 

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S o 

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p«t; "O ^3 ti "Id 


O O Q Q 

e e 'C o 

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o o 

•3 TS 


eeaeeseseSGBeBcSw — 

^4 ta^ ^4 ^^ ^^ Wirt W^ ^^ Vi« m^ ^ 


op OO op OD 

»o »o 

s o o o e 

c« r» op oD 

kO o >o o 

t* r* O Oi ^ 

90 00 






o "* "^ *♦ "i "^ 

^ lO kO o »o «o 

c* 3 OP e* 

^ »ft -^r O 


op ffi O r* O O 

^ o c5 o iQ o 

00 00 

•-a »-» 


00 « 

a "5 


OP s 

•3 »o 

0) . . 

° a ^ 

•T) «^ ^ 

O « "'I' r? '* 
> - — ^ *»» 5»_ 

^ 00 ^* 00 C* 

o o o o o 

O :^ S • • 

8<7( C CS iC 
. c« Ot 

— ^ 9) 

1/5 «o o 

•TO s 

c« fc !-> 

O C 0) « « 

a e a a = 

9 9 3 = 3 

■n •-»"-» "-a ^ 

t^ O O "^ <^ 
— *?» C* '?• *» 

9 9 3 9 

w *r QC 00 00 

tO O >C 4 *o 

O O 00 oo 
'?» c> — c« c* 

— © -n- 
•^ ^ ^ 

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<^ lO "4* ^ ^ 


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B q5 a p 

e>. ^- *M 

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CT ©» ;c r>. r* 

•O ■* "^f ^ ^ 




«; «j ^ 

?j ffc, N, CO V. /; 

C5 "«* ^ "* "O "^ 

*-* 2 • • 

c/ z « as 
50 •-» "-a "a 

Ol o "5 w 

► ^ > — • 

o 't o -* 
'N o# « 


«« o oc 

»" ^^ ©I 


o» » 1^ » 

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3 5" 3 3 

- w «5 
•* •* o 

S 3 C3 S 

CO «^ 00 «s 

-^f r; ^ ti 
O -t •« "Tf 

t bf*; 

.2* £» - 

«» « -r 

es o 

S "^ 3 

X — C5 t 

CI t>.~^ i:: 
^ C5 CO -^ 

??fa <: 

X X O A O 

•M t^ «M . 

f» lii t^ r^ t 

CI « 






:^.« 3 a. 

t^ > c i^ « *i 

U U ► 

C 3. = 

!>• t* ^ X c r* C5 

» 6 


C "O ■* t'- O r* 

CO "Tf ■*'*"* "* 

o <>♦ ^ ^ 

•^ ^ CO 1* 

i»i O '^ 'J* 
** CO "f o 


o — >.— 

gxg^o oo«csc:ogg;gg;3» 

00 « Q X 
1» ^ O CO 

« ►* ^ 

c C c ;o 

.« C *rt 0) 
t^ X I* CO 

'» — — '?» 

— ;3 o 
•^ -* ©♦ 

• • 

o -i > 
^ r<« ^ 

CO -71 

«0 3 ^ « 

t>. X 01 ci 

CO 00 CO ^ 

^« ft.!: 
3 « iT.- 

i-» Q y^ •< 

X O t-» O ^ 
r^ -^ ©< •^ 'I' 



;^ rti X 
"t 00 CO 

u • u 

S -^ is 

^ w ^ 

C^ T» ^ 
C« •- CO 

0» CO -^ Q Q 

<?• X o o* f^ ©♦ CO ;c cc 


3 a w fr^ 

<; H, o < C 

e» «0 •"• '^» O 
^ ©I — 

. • • 

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X o" 
CO "^ 


C. C t'- t"* 

•O O CO oo 

O C« 0« 

^ OQ CO 

«S; 3 ^ »4 S,' 3 u ^ 


|5 3 W = 3 

?ljr*_r* — o» CT .-< 

X . :s 





fa J 

Q qI ^ £ 

"is : 5 


^ « • s r fl s © « -5^ i •? « > s 

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bt^O « 


=* — 9 c " 
"^ i a § 




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1 S g' .- 

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O '^ <J &^ S " 

1 "^ o .2 w fa F 





a 00 0339353 

*i ^ »i 4J tJ -ti • 

(/} OQ 73 y. CQ GO O O 

^ § >S lO w3 >0 iQ 




U3 35 

Si k»' ^ • ^ « 


- - 5 * 



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"^ s 

Q •-» 


S S lO S S S o 
jS? S> ^ a *« •* Sr 

o « u u 


C^ 00 00 >^ 


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o o e 

10 %o 






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*5f — >H — ^N *?t 

"^0^*00 3To~5 

kO O »0 ^ k3 O O 


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e S «2 g >s 
a a » 0,2 


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8Q0 (ft r« <0 00 

^ X S sT^ji ►•tie ►'^►^ 

o < 

«o — 

OD 00 O 1^ CO O 

^ 'M fi* >»• «-« 

• * • 



0% r* r* 
-H w - 

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^ « "^ 

•• r» ^ 

CO ©• -^ 



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"^ "^ ^ -^ x< a 





00 00 — 

« « ** 
* a o 

9« CO tt 

u3 lO e5 

Si '*' a 

00 00 1^ 

— 00 40 C^ C< 

*o e< 09 to ■▼ 


^ 1^ 

93 CO 

Op ?? Ct 

*o n 


2 O "* e^ •-* »0 O 



P. s 

^ •>» TO 


2 2 215S * 



M 000 c« 



War Services of the Lieutefkuit'ColoMels. 

1 IiMt.Colooel Bunrims onployed in liOOwith n Anstiin Corps d'Annte,aadl AnqMotly 
•Dgmged before the enemy, e^pMially at Rlo<iter Ebenich. In 1801 he aerved the Ejtyiytiaa cim- 
paigQ« and was enica^ed on the 17th and 21st Aug. in driving the enemy into Alexandiia. In 1807 
he aooompanied Sir Harry Burrard aa Aide-de-Camp on t)^ expedition to the Baltic, aad wan 
frequently enuagad before Copenhagen ou outpost duties, and preMnt at its siege and capture. In 
180S tie served in Portugal, and was present with the 71tt at tlie t>attles of Koleia and Vimfera. 
In 1809 lie was employed as Deputy- Assistant- Adjutant-Qeneral with tlie Walcheren expedition, 
nod was present at the «>iege and taking of Flushing and Ter Vere. In Uarch 181 1 he embarked 
with two comfiaaies of tbe 71st for Portugal, and remainerl with the Regiment in the Peninsula 
until Jan. 1813, and was present with the coveriut? Divi.4on before Badajoz in 1811, and in April 
1812 ; also at Arroyo de Molino and Almaraz. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps 
for Egypt, Roleia, and Vimina. 

3 Lieut.Calonei Oatea, daring eight jrsars* active service in the W^st Indies, frequently 
engaged with the enemy, and twice severely wounded, vii. in the right side by a mesket-ball at 
Cote de Fer, and in the left ankle in an attack near Fort an Prin*^. Served also five years in 
the East Indies and in Egypt, and crossed the Desert under Sir David Bsird. With the expe- 
dition to Sonth America in 1807. Subsequently throughout the whole of the Penintalar war, 
indndiog the battlea of Talarera (severely wounded on the head by the bursting of a shell), 
Busaco, and Foentea d*Onor ; 2nd and Srd sieges of Bidujos, — severely wounded at the storming 
of Fort Picurina : batU^s of Vittoris, Nivelle. and Ortbes,— severely woun^led throngh th« right 
thigh. Ue has a Gk>ld Medal for serrices in Egypt ; and the Silrer War M»*dal with ten Clasps. 

4 Lieat.Cok>nel Uorton served the campaign in Calabriaunder Sir John Stoart with the flunk 
eompanies of the 61st and was present at the butle ol Maida. Ue served also in the Ptrninsala and 
was severely wounded at the battle of the Nirelle. He has received the Wiur Medal with two Clasps. 

5 Lieut.Coloael Whelsn served in the American war with the Roysl Newfoondland Fincibles. 

7 LieuLColonfl Nooth served with the 7th Fusiliers, on theexp«ditionagaioi-t Cttpenhagin, 
in 1807. With the 2Qd Battalion of the 14th, c»n the expedition urder Sir David Baira, and was 
in the retirat of Sir John Moore's army, and at the battle of Corunna, for which he has received 
the War Mfdal wiih one Clasp. Accompanitd the Battalion to Waioheren, and was preseot at 
the sief;e of Flashing. 

8 Lieut.Colociel Spcdding served in the Peninsula with the 4th Dragoons, and was present 
at the bafties of Taiavera, Busaco, Albuhera, and Salamanca (for which M has received the War 
Medal with four Clasps) ; actions of Caropo Mayor, Los Santos, and Usa^re, besides other afiklrs. 

9 Lteut.Ctdooel Curyton served at the passage of the Diardanelles in 1807, and haa re- 
ceived the War Medal with one Cla«p. 

15 Lord A. C. FitxRoy served in the Eastern campaign of 18&4, with the Coldstream Onards, 
including the siege of Scbastopol, and battles of Balaklava and Inkerman — severely wounded 
(Medal and Clasps, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

IG Lieiit.Colonel Goate's services: — Expedition to Germany In 1805 under Lord Catheart; 
storming the heights of Soril, siege of Fort Bourbon and capture of Martinique in 1800 ; Nepaul 
war In 1815, and was engaged on the heights of Muckwanpore 15th l>ec. ; capture of Hatti'ass 
in 1816; Ifahratta and Piudarec campaigns of 1817 and 18 ; Burmese war in 1825 and W, 

17 Lt.O)lonel filrington served in the Peninsula in 1811 and 1812. 

18 Lieut.Colonel Aubln served in the Peninsula from Nov. 181 1 to the end of the war, including 
battles ot Vittoria, the Pyrenee:*, 25th, 28th, 30th, and dUt July ; Nivelle, Nive, 0th, 11th, and 
13th Dec. 1813. ba^ides many other minor actions and skirmishes. Severely wounded through 
tbe left aide, in action atCoucliez, 18th March 1814. Served subsequently in the American war. 
He has received the War Medal with five Clasps. 

19 LieuLColonel Clements served at the capture of the Cape of Grood Hope in 1806 ; subse- 
quently on the expedition to South America ; the campaign of 1808-9 in Spain, and extra Aide-de- 
Camp to Sir John Moore at the battle of Corunna. On the expedition to Walcheren in 1800 ; the 
Peninsular campaigns from 1810 to 1814, includingCavarevand Merina, Salamanca, Begar, Vittoria, 
Valley of Bastan, and the Pyrenees. He has received tlie War Medal with three Clasps for Co- 
mnoa, Vittoria, and Pyrenees. 

20 Lieut.Colonel Willats sen-ed in the Peninsula from 1812 to the end of the war, including 
the siege and storming of Ciudad Rodrij^o, siege and storming of Badajoz from 10th Jan. to 6th 
April 1812 ; operations near and blockade of Bayonne. He has the War Medal with two Clasps. 

22 Lieut.Colonel Handcock accompanie<l the expedition to Hanover In 1805 ; Joined the army 
in Sicily In 1800, and was employed with Uji various operations from 1800 to 1810 ; went with the 
expedition to Naples, and was present at the capture of Ischia and Prf^cida ; returned to Sicily 
and employed against the French army In 1811. Served in Spain during 1812 and 13, including 
tbe battle of Caatalla, siege of Tarragona, and affair of Villa Franca. Also the campaign of 1816, 
and was severely wounded at Waterloo. 

23 Lt.Coloiiel Fred. Wrighc served at the captni-e of Madeira in 1808 ; and the campatgn in the 
PeniBBula, under Sir John Moore in 1808-0, uiid has the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna. 

24 Lieut.Colonel Barou served in the Peninsula from Jan. 1813 to the end of that war in 1814. 
95 Lieut.Co1ooel Colebrooke served on the expedition to Walcheren in 1809. 

26 Lieut.Colonel Bonamy serve<l In the Peninsula with the 6th fVom Sept. 1813 to June 1814, 
Induding the battles of Nivelle, Nive, 9th, 10th, and 11th Dec, and Ortbes. He has received 
the War Medal with two Clasps. 

27 Lt.CoL Mannefs served in the Penloaok with the 59th from kug. A^V"^ \a 1^«1 \%\VA^*^ 
fWHif the biftie ei Vimria, §hg9 aad ftwniitg of 9ui 8«b«itiNii \u Am«. \%\^)Vi»^^'^^ 

G7 HV//' Set vices of the Lieuienanl-CohneU. 

iVivo on the 9th, lOUi, aud lltli December 1813. Wuiindcti nt the storuniig; ufBhurtiiore on the 
i8rh Jnniinry Id'iO. Hf ha-* rec».'ivr<I tliu War Modal wirb tliree C lusps 

'2!) Lt.CoIonel Ixuac HichaixUuii Mcrvocl in the i^eiiiit.<ula with the llth from Aug. 1809 to Oct 
1814, including the hattlo tif tiui^aci), tliu siibiicqiifiit retreat of ihe army to the iinei* before LIvbiiD, 
the advance und piiiiiuir of the unei.iy when ihev broke up froMi Santarom, Idockadc of Aliaeidfti 
aud batilc of F.ieiitcs d'Onor. lie hus received tlie War Meilal \\'\\\\ one Clasp lor Busaco. 

30 Licnr.('oh):i(>l Jiicksuii rii'i'Vfd in the I'ouin'iida Iruui D^c. 1800 to 1814, and was aeve rclj 
wouudnd ihi*ou^li tl.c kfc breatit and in lN>th arms at tlie Imttle of Alhnhern. Served fiubaeqiu-BClj 
in the Aniericini war. Hi? Ituii rco..ivrd the War .Midal with one (M.i8p. 

31 Lieut.< 'ohmel Robertson scricd with the expfvlition to WalchLMtru in 1801), and wai prtteat 
at tlie hii*^' ol' Fhishini;. AI»o ut the taking of the Kandian country, in Ceylun, under Sir 
Uobrrt Brownii«"^. 

3*2 L.ciit.Coloiicl Warhinton Ncrvcd the Nepiuil canipaipfiii of i817 and 18, and fiubs>eqDeDtly 
iu flie ikcrnn, includin;; t':«' oai>tnrc of the Fnrt-^ (»f Kh\'jiiiir anil Asscoi^hur. 

33 LiiHir Coloixd Lvn<;h K'r^«''d at tlio Kie^c of rinhliinuf. At Malta and the Ionian Ulands 
under l^)id Win. lien:inek. At (icnoa and in tlio soMtli of TYancc in 1814. At the aiege and 
captuiHi of Hhurtporc, an<l was wouiuIihI at iiii> a.^saiili 18th. Ian. l8*Jn (.Mtdul). 

34 Licllt.(^)I(lnl■l liovd wat (?ni]iiovcd in tliLl'i*iiJn<nla nnrl lionilinf I'raiu^e from Mai-ch 1 81 *2 to 
the fnd of tliat war in 1X14. anil wa!^ prt'MMit at tho t^vi^o und sioruiin^ of badajoz, bi^e of BuruMi 
battloii «if tlio Ni\«]]i'apd Ni\e, j»a. suirc <if jIic Adoiir. wiioic 1:0 was activuly c-inphived in laying . 
down tliO hri'ige (}f IxmK ; invi>tnirnt of Itivonnc, ati'aiiM of Vic- Uiirori-e und THrbLH, and tMUle 
of 'r<)ulon>-e, at wliicli l:i>l \n\ wa> woiintlal on th.- lti]> liy a I'J-poiind Kho^ ; and he wai wunndcd 
in till! ilii<j:h .it rl:i.> st'inii-.n-^ (d' Ilndaloz. lie ha< n-riMvcd ilio s^iluM- War Medai with fc>urCla*pii» 

' 3(> Li(Mit.('oIt>ni I llwan .MM\i<>i>()m sorvid ti-e ranipai^fn of i^l3 in HoUaiid, incl(idin(j[ liie 
rotinns at .M« rx'-in und hi>ui!tar(hno:it ol Aiituorp. Ho .>er\(Hl witli tlie !)Otli in o]>erailuns against 
the Xativcs in New /.eahiiiii, aiifl wait scw'rcly woniidcil. 

07 Iii-.'ut.(.'oh)ni»l Pkiscoo >i'rvf'd in Tlio !*• :iiu«« ihiand 1 ranro from Anir. IJ^Oi* to Fob. 1814, in- 
cluding th(* hatil<-> of c^alaiiianra. Vittoria, iVivcilo. and \ive. passage ot the l>idassoa, and oiliCi: 
oiioraiioMs; hlcgf-s of Hadaj<iz ( Ill's r sirgoi. \\)v\> of >a]ainanca, i^ni'gtiB, aud fc^au SebaMlan. 
AriMv of nr<Mipatioii fivnn ^1^\*> 'o Isl;^. He has rooi*ived the War MlhIuI witli seven Claspa. 

38 Lioiir.Ctdonel Spillersnrved ut Wulclici'en, and wuft prl^>i(Mlt ui tlio siege uf Flushing^ aad 
the uitaek and captunMd' 'Yov Wn?. 

30 J.f.CohMii 1 .\cvvi.;!n sorvfd wiili the 1 (th at the sii'ire and stomiing of Rharli)oi*e in 1825-6. 

40 Lieui. Colonel Alex. (-anipUdl survctl t .e cauipaii^ni of 1814, in ihe south of France, in* 
eluding ihe investment rif Bayounn. {"^t'lvcd aNo tlirmighoiit the Barmeso war (Medal). 

41 Lieut Colonel I'oyntz S(>r\e4l In the Peninsula as a volunteer with the 3Uili. from Kobraary 
to Novenil»or 1811, inehidinir the oorii|iatlon of the J.nes ut Tori-es Vedras, pursuit of UHSsena, 
aetions of Subng:il, Almp da. and Jiarba del PaiT«;<>, and battle of FaeniCA d'Ouor, for wLticli 2i6 
has reeeive<l the War Mttlul with one ChL<p. 

42 Lieut. Colonel (ireenwood servcNl on the China ex]K'dition (Medal). 

43 L'eut.Cohincl F. Siuith Hamilton berMil in the China expedition in 1842 (Medal), aad 
was prcM'nt at the nMauU nt the eani]) at iSai:ahon. 

44 Lient.Colimel Lynn is a Kn'ghl of Charles the Third, First Class of r>t. Fcruando, and 
Coininander of IsabelLi the Catholic, of .Spain. 

4/> Licut.f 'olonel K«nny si'rvf>d in the Peninsula, from .fune 1813, to the end of the war, in- 
clufling tjie aniion nt f)^nin, Imttle of Vittoria, siege and eajiture of iSan Sebastian, paifiMgo of the 
Bidas«ctn'f severely wounded above the left hip ) ; St. Jean de Lnz, and the Rcrirs of actions lietwiea 
the IHb and 13th Df r*. 1813 in front of ihe intrenched camp near Bayonne. Servf^d ali<o In K\%^ 
and was pi*e«M>nt in most of the operaiioim throiiu'hont tne war. He has receiveii the War Uedal 
and three Clasj»s for V:ttf»ria. San Sohaslian, aud Ni^rlle. 

4(1 Lh.Mit.Cohtnel ()*f!i-ndy was pu-^ent with the (iind in tlie operati'.ns in 1814 againft the 
French in retri-u' from Leghorn, Including tin* alfaiis of Savonn ami .Spi'zzia, forcing their poaitiont 
on the heights of Nn-oi, and capture of (ieiion. In the s:tnie year he served in the Aincncan wafi 
and was pie>enr at the c^:ptiire of (\)^tiiie. He served with the4Sth at the captur.*of Coorg in the 
Ka.^t Indii s in 1834 ; in ('<)rtiiiinnd or' the left wing of tlie Queen's HoyaU, daring the cum])aign of 
lH44-i'>, in t!i(^ Southern rniican and Sawaiit Warire i:uu;itry, including the invchtinent und cup- 
tniH.' of Ihe Fort» of .Mornduir and .Mun-i]ntr»h : aud oi: i>.n-ticnlar service in the Kaffir war (South 
of Africa) during jnrt "f i8l«;-7 - Medal). 

47 Lient.Colimel L'K^triiii're servc«l tho eamijaign of 1.-<lf> with the 71st Bcgitnent, aud was 
piCM-nt at th»> huftle c\' Wat- 1 hio. 

4f^ Lieat.Cohm. I ih>nder At r\ed in Canada from Her. 180H, to .Ian. 181'). ami was present iu (be 
action of .Mau'ui^a. tiikiri'^ of Detroit, taking several ldoek'l)ou>es on the Miuinic River, actione 
at the river Kaisiu and Mianiie. st' rniiiig of S.indu'^key and FfU't Niagara, engagement of 2nd 
Jan. 1814, actions iit Black Hook and nt He h;is r(ee:ved the War Medal aud one Clasp 
for Fort Dutniit. 

40 ]ji*ijt.(^ilon«'l AMtin «erved with tlii! intl Li;;ht InJHi.try of the Iv'ng\i Gnman Ligion at 
WiiUheri II ill 18O0, {•nd in the P.nir.xu'a fr- ni l)-c. Li^lOlo tin nid of tlnif. war in 1814, iiichidinK 
the attnek on (T-jurcii Hf-ight8. bitrh- of Alont i rK,*tir^cs i.T Uiivenc ', Cnidad li>aiiigo. BoH^fH, 
and forts Hi Siiliniun. a. b.i'.'le if S iliinian«-3.e.ijituie ol M nirid und tho K«-tito, sifi'.e of Burgoa 
and t:uvoring the rftieat t'lom thenee, when ihetAo J^igiit Infaniry Jin.iialiuns of ibe Gt-rmau 
legion repula(d a lurgp body or French eavair}' ; b^^ttle td' Vittoiia, action ut Tulusa, siege of 
Sin Stbasiian, aetitnni in the Pyrenees, pa&dagc (d' the BiiUssuu (wounded), battles of Nivelto 
Mifd N}rt\ invpktment of Bayonne f wounded) and repulse of the sertie, besides Tariooa micor 
m^airs. Present $JjHf at the capture of rAris in 1815. lie ha^ thia Wur Medal und six CUapt. 

50 LimiiColoiMl Ncnuh lenrvd in tlie Peningula, and hu receiTed the War Mmfal with 
two Glif^ for Iha btttiba of Vittoria and the Pyrcneei ; and he wai MTerely wounded and 
taken oriioiier in the Maya Past. 

51 Lient.GokMicl Maekay Herved with the -2l8t FuBilien the campaign of 1807 I u £;;ypt. 
Made priioBer of war in an engagement with the enemy in Calabria lOth June 1809, and 
detained ae each until 14th May 1814. Present at New Orieanw, 8th Jan. Idla. 

53 LieatColonel John Bolton seired the Mahratta campaigniof 1817 and 18, and was present 
at the aiege of Rhyghur. 

53 Lieut.Colonel Barnes served at the capture of Fort Anjar in Cutch25th Dec. 1815; the 
MahratU campaigns of 1817-18; escalade of the Fort of Bho<ij In Cutch, March 1810; siege 
of Raa-el-Kymah and Zyah in Arabia, Dec. 1810; escalade of Dwarka Oliamandcl, Dec. 1820; 
aetioa ot Beui-Boo-Ally in Arabia, March 1821. 

54 LieutColonel Riley was in an engagement with a French squadron in the Mozambique 
ehaanel 9rd July 1810 ; served tlie Nepaul campaip;n of 1814 and 15. 

55 Lieut. Colonel Fynmore, previously to entering tlic lioyal MariuL'9, served several years as 
Midshipman In the Navy, and was at the 1>attle of Traful<^r and at Biieuos Ayres in 18*07. In 
1809-10 be served In the Great Belt lu command of a gun-boat employed in tlic* protect iuu uf our 
convoys, and was engaged with the enemy *s gun and row-boats. On the night of tlie Ist of Aug. 
1810 cut out three merchant vessels under a heavy fire of ficld-pieecs and musketry. Six weeks 
detached f!rom H. M. 8. Vanguard the same year, to intercept the communication between the 
Port of Rostock and Wismar ; assisted at the ca]>ture of a convoy of five sail, and drove on shore 
and destroyed an armed row-boat. In 1810 he served at Algiers ; and in 18*21 , 2*2, and 23, in the 
West Indies, and was engaged with piratical vessels on tlie coast of Cuba, five of which were captured. 
Has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Trafalgur and Algiers. 

56 Lieat.Co]onel Newhouse served in tke Light Division of the Deecan Army in the ^Ith- 
nutawar of 1817 and 1818, as extra Aide-de-Camp to Sir Lionel Smith, and commanded a Rassela 
of tha Poena Auxiliary Cavalry, and was wounded at the action of the 3 Ist Jan. 1818. Served 
also in two expeditions to Cotoh, the first in 1819, under Sir William Kier Grant, in which he 
volonlaared with the Grenadier Compsuy of the 65ch in the storming of the Hill Fort of Bhooj, 
which waa taken bv etcalade: in the second in 1820 with the right wing of the 65th, with the 
fiiroa nader Colonel the Honourable Linc3ln Stanhope. He served likewise on two expeditions 
to thaOulf of Persia— the first in 1819 under Sir W. K. Grant, and the second in 182 1, under Sir 
Lionel Smith; and he was present at the battle and talung of Poonah in 1817, for which he has 

58 LieutCoIonel Howorthwas actively employed in Canada daring the Hebelliou in 1637-8-0; 
he served also in the Kaffir campaign in 184<> (Medal). 
50 Lient.Colonel Tudor served with the 38th Regt. throughout the Burmese war (Medal). 

60 Lient.ColoneI the Hon. J. W. B. Macdonald served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aide- 
de-Camp to the Duke uf Csmbridge, including tlie liattles of Alma (horse shot), Balaklava, and 
Inkerman (horse shot), siege of Sebastopol and sortie of !26th October (Medul and Clasps, CB.^ 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

61 LlentColonel Blane served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Assistant Adjutant- 
General, and subsequently as Military Secretary, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkennan, and siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 
Commander Snd Class of St. Maurice and St. Lazarui, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

6:2 Limit.Cokmel Wilton commanded the Fort of Loodianah during the earJv part of the 
Sutkj campaign, and waa snbsequently present with the 50th Regt. in the bottle of Aliwal, 
wbara be waa severely hnmt by an explosion of one of the enemy's tumbrils; and battle of 
SofanoDv where he was Tery severely wounded, having received a shot in the hip, and three 
ifltvre aabre woimds in the left shoulder, right arm broken: Medal and one Clasp. Served the 
Eaelnn campaign of 1854-55, inoludmg the battles of Alma and Inkerman, at the latter in 
ftffMffipna of the right wing of the 50th throughout that day, being detached to support the 
1st Diviaion, and oommanifed the Regpt. at the fall of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, CB.^ 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

61} Lienr.Colooel Charles F. Fordyce si.Tve<l tlie Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 
47th Regt., including the battles of Alma (contusion of left foot) and Inkerman, capture of 
Balaklava, siege of Sebastopol, and sortie of 26th Oct. 54 (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Lt. 
Colone], CB,^ and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

64 LienlColonel Wliimper served with the 98th Regt. on the China expedition (Medal) 
and was present at the capture of Chinkiangfoo. Served with the 55th Regt. in the Kastem 
cam]Mign of 1854, including the battle of Alma — severely wounded and horse killed (Medal 
and Clasp, Brevet LLColoneJ, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

66 Lt.Colonel Hon. J. P. Maxwell served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including; the battle 
of Alma and siege of Sebastoiiol, — severely injured in the head by a round shot in the trenches 
in October (MecUl and two Clasps, Brevet Lt.Colonel, ond 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

G7 LientColonel Hawkins served with the 1st Battalion Royals the Eastern campaign of 
1854 and ap to 3rd July 1855, including the battles of Alma and Inkermac, and »iege of 
SelMSlopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet LieutCoIonel, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

68 Lieut.Colonel Peel served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including tlie affair of Bulganak, 
battla of Alma and Tchemava, and siege of Sebastopol (Medul and Clasps, Brevet Lieut.Colonel, 
and 6th Clan of the Medjidie). 

69 Lieat.Colooel Beaufoy served with the 1st Battalion 27th Regt. in Sicily in 1810; after- 
waidi on the easffrn eoaet of Spain from 1812 to 1814, and was present at the battle of Castalla. 
(contnfcd), taking of Alcoy, battla of Villa Franca, and siege of Tanagoua. Al\«t V^« c^xt- 

09 PVar Services of the LieutefUint-ColonelSm 

elusion of tho Peninsular War lie embarked with tlie Army for North America, and wu pmat 
at tlic battle of Plattiiburf;. In 1810 he emharki'd for tho Eoist Tmlics, and senred afterward! u 
an acting ciifrincor at Sholaporc. He sorvod also in (i'linada during the rebclilon. 

70 LientOdimt'l J. C. M:iepherion served the Ksi'^tpm campaiKn of 1854 with the 42Bd 
}Ii){hlnnder)», ineluding the battle of Alma und aip^ of Sebastopol ( M«dal and two Claipt). 

7-2 Licut.(\jh)in.l Laidiier wrvffl with tlin -ITth Itinrt. in tho Durmese war from Dec. 1dS4 
until pi'iii'o wan procluiuKMl (Meiial); h1»o in tiie KHStL-ni eanipaiKn of 1864-55, including the 
battles of Almn and Inki-niMui, and ^ic^e of MchnKto]>ol (Medal and three Clasps)^ 

73 Lieut. (-olonel Adani.Hon iterred witli the :)Kth Hegt. throughout the Eastern campaign of 
18')4 and up to the 'J.'ith Jan. 185;'). inelu(linf[^ the battle of Alma and lioge of Sebaatopol, 
and comniandod in the *JniI parallel cf the Left Attack during its construction when a Russian 
party attacked it and were repulsed — act(d as Mujor of his Regiment, during ten montha of the 
Eastern expedition (Modal und CIa8]is for Almvi, Inkerman, and Sebastopol). 

74 Lieut.Culonel Herbert served the Eastern campaifl:n of 1854-5r>, including the battles in 
the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol ( Modal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Stfa 
Claris of the MediiHie). 

To Lieut-Coloiiel Kamsay served with the 49th Hegt. in China (Medal) and was preieat it 
Amoy, Chusan, Chinhae, Ningpo, Segi'on, Woosurg, Chinkiangfoo, and Nankin. 

70 Licut.Colontl Wakefield served with the 40th liegt. in Lower and Upper Sdude in 1B99 
and 40. He coinmnnded the (irenadicr Company during the whole of the operations in Can- 
daliar and in AfY'ghanihtaTi in 1841 and 4*2, ami lias retreivcnl the Medal for Candahar, Ghunee, 
and CalMioI. lie was also present in the ur'tion nf Maharaj]»ore, and has received the Bronie 
Star, ^^erved aUo the Kastei-n campaign of 18.'>4, including tho battle of the Alma and liege of 
»^ebasto])ol (Medal and (Masps). 

77 Lient.Colonel Shuckburgh served with the 4()th Regt. in the Peninsula, from 1811 to tbc 
end of that war in 1814, and was present at the buttle of A'lttorln, the blockade of Pani]ieluna 
from 3rd to 15th July ; tjkirmishes from Roncesvulles to Panipeluna on the :35th and SOth July ; 
attackfs on thi* luight.t of iSoranren on the "It^xU and i)Oth July ; action of Irun, action of Vera on 
tlie 7th Oct., i)utiled of the Nivelle, Orthes, and Tonlou»e, besides various minor actloni and 
skirmiiihe!*. lie has received the War Medal wltli six Clasps'. 

78 Lt.C-oIonel Jaj<. Hicliard^on served as Adjt. of the Royals in the tirst Burmese war (Medal). 

79 Lient.Colonel Cockcraft served with the 58th Itegt. in the expedition against Kawlti'i 
Pah at Ruapeka])eka in New Zealand. 

80 Lieut.Colonel Jennings served witli the l:Mh Regt. throughout the campaigns in Affghan- 
Istan fVom 1838 to 1842 inclu!>lve, and was present at the storm and capture of Ghuznee (Idedal), 
RS«auIt and capture of the town and forts of Tootumdurrah, storm of Jhoolghnr, night attack at 
Babuo Koosh Ghnr, destruction of Khardnrrah, assault of Ptrwandurrah, storming of the 
Kiioord Cabord Paps, aflfair of Tezeen, forcing tlie Jngdulluek Pn8s« reduction of the fort of 
Mamoo Khail, lieroic defence of Jellalabad and sorties on the 14th Nov. and Ist Dec. 1841, 11th 
March, 34fh March, nnd 1st April 1842 ; getieral action and defeat of Akbar Khan before Jfrl- 
alabad (Mc<I(il ', storming the lieigh'ts of Jngdulluek, general actum of Tezecn, and recapture of 
Cabool (Medal). Whs severely wounded retiring into Jngdulluek with the rt^ar-guard, 20th Oct. 
1841, and slightly wounded in the general action before Jellalabud, 7th April 1842. 

81 Lieut Colonel Bourke served with tho 17 th liegt. the campaign in Affghaniatan- of 
1838-39, under Lord Keane, including the storm and capture of uhucnee (Meilal) and of 
Khelat. Served also at the siege of Sebastopol from Dec. 1854 to Feb. 1855 (Medal and Claim 
anil 5th Class of the ^ledjidie). 

83 Lieut.Colonel Andrews served with the 28th Regt. at tho siege of Sebastopol In 1854 
(Me<Ial and Clasp). 

84 Lt.Coloncl Crawley served with the 20th Regt. at the siege of 8ehastopol (Medal and Clatp^. 

80 Lieut.Coloncd Straehan served with the 39th Kegt. the campaign against the Ilajah of 
Coorg in April 1834 ( alAo at the siege and fail of Sebastopol, including attacks on the 18th 
June and 8tn Sopt. (^ledal and (-lasp, Brevet Lieut.-Colonel, and 5th Class of the ^Icdjidle). 

87 Lieut.( -olonel M'Call served the Kistern campaign of 1^54-55, including the hnttlei of 
Alma and Baiaklavn, expedition to Kprtch and Tenikale, siege anil fall of Sebastopol, and 
assaults of the 18th June and 8th Sept. ( Medal and three Clasps, Brevet of Lt.Colone), Knight 
of the Logion of ILmor, and 5th Class of the Medjldie). 

88 LieutCohmcl Hugh Smith was present with'the Buffs at the battle of Panniar (Medal). 
Serveil the Kuflir war «)f IhriO-.'iS as Aide de Camp to Sir JIurry Smith, and subsequently to 
Major-Gen. Yorke, and was ]iresent with various patrols and expeditions (Medal). Was se- 
lected by Sir George Cuthrnrt as one f»f his Divisional Statf OtHeers when proceeding to the 
East, and ser^ed as I). A.Q. M.G. to the 4th Division at tho battles of Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkcrman; was then appointed A^si^t. Adjutant General to the Divi.iion, and 8(.*rved as sach at 
the siege and fall of Sebastopol and at the attacks of the Itedan on the 1 8th Juno and 8th 
Si'pt. (Medal und (?Iii*<p^ Brevet of .Major and of Lieut.ColoueK Knight of tho Legion of 
Honor, Sardinian Medal, and .'tth Cla^s of the Mt>djidi<0. Was senior staff officer at the cap- 
ture of Kinbourn. 

80 Lieut.Colonel 'rimckwill served with the 22iid in tho campaign in Scinde and was pre- 
sent at tho battle of Hyderabad (Medal). Also the campaign of 1844-45 in the Soathcm 
Mahratta country, including tho investment and capture of forts ranuUa and Pownghur. 
Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Brigade Major to 1st Brigade 2iid DiTiaUm— 4n« 

War Services of the Lieuteriant'Colofiels. 70 

dnding tlw baitUM of Alma and lukenntn (hone ihot), siege of Sebutopol and rcpnlie of the 
■ortie on 36th October. On 4th Anguat 185^ ho was appointed Assist. Adjutant-General to 
the 3rd Diviuon and lenred with it antil broken up in April 185G. Uv has received the Afedal 
and three Clajpi, the bre?et rank of Major and of Licut.ColoncI, ia a Knight of the Legion 
of Honor, has the Sardinian MedaJ, and 5ili Class of the Medjidie). 

90 Ueut.Colonel Fortcacuc icrred the Eastern campaign of 1854-o5, including tho affairs 
of Bolganac and M*Kenzie*s Furm, battloa uf Almi, (horse killed), Balaklava, and lukorman, 
capture of Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clojps, Hreveta of Mujur and 
LuCol., Sardinian Medal, and 5th Cla«a of ihe Medjidie). 

01 Lt.Ck>Ionel Morris served the £aatorn campaign of 18o4-«7o, conimaiuled a rield Battery 
at the battles of Balaklava nod Inkermnn (wouniicd), and repulse of the sortie on the 2()th 
October 18o4. Was attacluxl from April to Nov. IdO'") aii Military Commlasiuner to the 2nd 
Corps of the French Army, and asaibted at the carryinir of the Lines of Tchcrnaya "Mixh May, the 
assault and capture of the Mameloa, and of tlio Mulukoif ; on the personal iStaff of General 
Bosquet who commanded on these occasions, and was Ohpocially named hy the General in official 
Dispatches. Was appointed an Assist. Adj. General in >'ov.l85«>, and attaclied to General Wind- 
ham, Chief of the Staff (Medal and Clasps, CJi., Brevets of Major and Lt.Col., Sardinian Medal, 
and 5th Class of the Medjidiv). 

92 LieuLColonel Ualleweli served the Eastern campaign of 1854.65 as D. A. Q. :M. G. to 
the Xiight Division, indndiag the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebaatopol 
(Medal and Clasps, Brevets of Major an4 Lt.Colontl, Knight of the Legion ot Honor, and 5th 
Claaa of the Medjidie). 

93 LieucColonel Shad well served with the 08th on the China expedition in 184*2 (Medal), 
and was present at the attack and capture of Chin Kiang ¥oo, and ut the iuvu»tiueut of Nankin. 
He served as extra Aidc-de-Camp to Sir Colin Campbell at the battles of ChilUanwallah and 
Goojerait (Medal and two Clasps). Served the Eastern campaign of 18o4-05 as Aide-dc-Canip to 
Sir Coliu, including the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and sieiarc of Sebustopol 
(Medal and Clasps, lirevets of Migur and Lt.Colonel, Knight of the Legion of liuuor; Sai'- 
dinian Medal, and oth Class of the Medjidie;. 

94 Lient.Colonel Grove served throughout the KalHr war of 184G-47 (Medal). Served 
also in the Crimea at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and was severely wounded at the assault 
of the Redan on ihe 8th Sept (Mcdil and Clasp, Brevet Lt.Col.. and Kuight of the Legion of 

95 LieutColonel Gardiner served with the 22nd Itcgiment throughout the operations in 
Scinde nnder Sir Charles Napier, including the destruction of the Fort of Imaumghur, and 
battles of Meeanee and Hyderabad (Medal). 

06 Lieot.Colonel Thomas served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-5o, including the siege 
and fall of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian Medal, and 5th CIum of the Medjidie). 

97 Lient-Colonel Higginbotham served with the 63rd Kegt. at the siege of Scbastopol in 
1855, and was severely wounded in the trenches (Medal and C'lasp). 

98 LieutColonel Stock served with the 10th in tho Sutlei campaign of 1845-6, and was 
present in the battle of Sobraon (Medal). He served also in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, 
and waa present during the whole of tlio siege operations before Mooltan, including the affair 
of the 9th Sept, storming the enemy's strongly-entrenched position before Mooltan on I2ih 
Sept (in the Utter part of which he commanded the Begt.)» action of Snorjkoond, carrying the 
hc^hta before Mooltan, and surrender of the fortress; was afterwards ])rcaent at tlie battle of 
Goojerat (Medal and Clasps). 

99 LieutColonel Hart when commanding at Templemure received on the 8th July 1856 
a despatch from the magistrates at Nenagh reporting that a serious outbreak had taken place 
on the part of the men of the North Tipperary Militia, who, being in a high state of mutiny, had 
overpowered their officers, seized upon the ammunition magazine, stormed the police barracks, 
taken possession and control of the town, in which they were firing shots and committing other 
ontragcs. Without a moment's hesitation— time not admitting of a reference to head quarters 
for inatruetions— he assembled his available force to the number of 574 of all mnks, and with 
these made a forced march of 23 miles in leds than five hours — reaching Ni naf>h abput oix hours 
before the arrival of any other succour— and thus savt'd the town irora being sacked. JTor his 
servicea in quelling this mutiny Mujor-Gemral Eden commanding Kilkenny District expressed 
'* approbation of the promptness with which he proceided to Nenagh and of his judgment in 
taking so good a force;" Lonl iSeaton commanding the forces in Ireland requested that "his 
thanks may be conveyed to Lieut.-Colonel iiart for the promptitude with whiuh he moved the 
Depots under his command to Nenagh, and further judicious control and forbeiranee with 
which he acted while in presence of the armed and infuriated insurgents ;*' and Major-G<'neral 
Sir James Chatterton recorded his '* thanks and approbation of the steadiness, zeal, and good 
eondoct of the officers and men evinced when employed at the late unfortunate conflict at 
Nenagh under the command of Lieut.-Colonel Hurt, to whom Sir James Chattert<.»u especially 
feels much indebted for the ability, activity, and intelligence there manile&t« d." 

100 LieutColonel WdliA served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 77th 
Reict until April 1855, after which us D. A.. Q, M.lieu. at Iliad Quartirii, was present at the 
battle of Alma, surrender of Balaklava Ciiitlt?. buttle of Inkerman, assault (f tl.o Quarries, 
attack of the Redan on 18th June, battlj of Tchernaya. final asbault of the ReJau on 8th 
Sept., and dnrinip seven months in the trenches, including the repulse of three niglit sorties 
(Medal with three Clasps, Brevets of Major and Lieut.Colonel, Knigiit of the Legion of Iloaor^ 
Saidinian Medal, and 6th Clau of the Mecljidie). 

101 LMiit.Colon«l d* Alton Merred in the 83rd during the ftuppreuiouol \\lq Im^uttavLXAS^'cvVa 

71 War Services of the LieutenanUCohneU. 

Lower Ctnada in 1837 ; alto in repelling the atttoke of the Amerioan Brigaada who lauded 
near Preecott, Upper Canada, in 1838. • 

102 LientColonel Byrne aerTeil with the 2 ad Battalion of the Rojala at the ilega of Seha*- 
• pol from 82ad April to 29 ih May 1855, and was wounded in the trenehea (Medal and Cfaup^ 

Brevet Lt.Colonel, and 5th Class of the Medjtdie). 

103 L{eut.Colonel Conolly verved the Eastern cam|>algn of 1854 at Brigade-Major to the HeaTy 
Cavalry BHf^ade, iucludinff'the battle of Balaklava and tiet^e of Sebattopol (Medal and Clatpv, 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and fith Class of the Medjidie). 

104 Lieut.Colooel Cliiton served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aide de Camp to the Duke 
of Cambridge, including the battles of Alnia,'Ba1aklava, and Inkerman (wounded aad honeahot), 
sicRO of Sebastopol, and sortie of 20th October (Medal and Claspa, and 5th Clata of the HedjIdJe). 

105 Lieut.Colonel J. E. Lewis served with the 68th Light Infantry throughout the Eatten 
campaign of 1854^5, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, tiege and Adl of SabMtopol 
(Medal and four Clasps, Brevett of Major and LtColonel, and 5th Chm of the Medyidie). 

106 Lieut.Colonel Sibthorp terved with the Ist Battalion 60th Riflea during tho Fni^ianb 
campaign of 1848-9 ^ Medal and two Claspt); and wat pretent at the teoond aiego opoimtioiia at 
Mooltan, including the tiege and ttorm of the town (covering the advance of the atormiag 
parties), and capture of the citadel. Afterwards at the battle of Ooojerat, the pnrauU of the 
Seikh army, and the expulsion of the AftJ^han foroe beyond the Khyber Pata. Snoraaded ta 
the command of the Companies of the 60th Rifles that were engi«ed against the Hill TVIbca in 
the expedition to the Eusofxye country on the 11th Deo., and alto on the HtliDeo. 1849. 
Served with the 97 th Refft. at the siege of Sebastopol from 20th May 1855, and waa with the 
ladder party at the assault on the Redan on the 1th Sept. — severely wounded (Medal and Cltta^ 
Brevet of Major and Lt.Colonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Clatt of the MedQidie|i 

106t Colonel Cardcn terved with the 77th Regt., the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, inoiBding 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medid and (^aspa, Bravett n 
M[ajor and Lt.Colonel, Kaight of the legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Mecyidie). 

107 Lieut Colonel Edmoud Roche served the campaign of 1838-30 in BeloocdiittMi and 
Afij^hanistftn as Aide de Camp, and at periodt as Assist. Adjutant-General to Sir Joeeph 
Thackwell, and was present ut the storm ani capture of Qhusnee, the oooupation of Candahar 
and Cabool, and in several skirmishes. He served the caoipaign of 1842 with Sir Oeont 
Pollock's foroe in Afghanistan, including the forcing of the Khyber Pass, relief of Jellalahad, 
and was Staff Officer to Culonel Taylor in the expedition against Lolpoora. Served aa Aailitt 
Qnarter-Master-General of the Cavalry Division of the Army of the Sutl^ in 1846, SniJiulii^ 
the battle of Sobraon (charger wounded). For these services he has received threo Modala 
and the Brevet rank of Major. 

108 Lieut.Colonel Liimley served with the 31st Regt in the Crimea from SSnd May to the 
end of June 1855, including the attack of the 18th June (Medal and Clasp for Sebaatopol). 

109 Lieut Colonel Donelan commanded the Grenadiers of the 48th Regt in the advaaeo oa 
the stockades and capture of the Coorg territory in tlie East Indies in April 1834, aad wat 
particularly roentioneu in the dispatches for gallantry on that service. 


1 1 1 Lieut.Colonel wT H. F. Clarke served with the 47th Regt in the first Bnraiote war with 
the 5drd on the Sutlej (Medal), and wat pretent at BuddiwaC Aliwal, and Sobraon. He hat 
alto the Punjaub MedaL 

lis Lt.Colonel Onvry terved the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9 with the 3rd Light Dragoons, 
and commanded a squadron at the affair of Ramnuggur (horte thot under htin); the pattaga 
of the Chenab at Wuzeerabad on the lit Dec. 1848, with the force under Sir Joteph TbaS- 
well ; and at the action of Sadoolapore, and battlet of C&illian wallah and Goojerat (Medal aad 
two Clasps). Commanded 9th Lancers before Delhi in 1857 until appointed at Aide de Camp to 
Sir A. Wilson, whom he attended during the assault (received thanks of Governor General 
in Council, Brevet LtCoL, and CB.). Alter the fall of Delhi commanded the Cavalry Brigade 
of the Moveable Column, including actions at Bolundshur, Alliehur, and battle of Agra. 
Commanded the Force at the action of Kanoj, and the Cavalry at the relief of Lncknow under 
Sir Colin Campbell (thanks of Governor -General in Council). 

113 Lieut Colonel Daly 8er\'ed with the 14th Regt. at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore in 
1825-0, and wa« severely wounded at the assault — left leg amputated. 

114 Lieut. Colonel Alison served with the 72ud Highlanders the Eastern campaign of 1855, 
including the expedition to Kcrtch, sii-gc and fall of Sebastopol, and attack of tlie 18(h June 
(Medal and Clasp, and Brevet Major). 

115 Lieut Colonel Hon. H. Clifford was at the battle of Boem Plauts in 1848, and served in 
the Kaffir war of 185*2-53 (Medal). Also the Eastern campaign of 1854.55 as Aide-de-Camp 
to Major General Buller (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Mjijor, Victoria Cross, Knight of the Legion 
of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

110 Lieut.Colonel William Wood served in H.M.S. Niger of 30 guns at the capture of the 
French frigate Ln Ceres of 40 guns -, also, of the American privateer Durtt and the recapture of 
the English bhip Adventure, 

117 LtColonel Lewes served with "Tlie BufB " at the siege of Si'bnstopol in 1855. and com- 
manded the covering party of thi> Buffs at the assault of the Bcdan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and 
Clasp, Brevet Major, Knight of tlie Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

118 Lieut.Colonel MacCarthy commanded the 84th Regt. with Havelock's Column on lis 
0ntMdvMDce on Luoknow, inclading the actiona of Oonao and Buseerutgunge. 

wwuT acrmces uf ine jUfefrccmnu-oofoiiriii /V-— /O 

119t LtColonel Brace terred with the 2dd Fuallien at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
10th Aug. 1655 (Medal and Clasp). Also In the Indian campaign in 1857-58, Including the relief 
of Lueknow by Lord Clyde, defeat of the Gwalior Contingent at Cawnpore on 6th Dec., capture ' 
of Lueknow with attack on and occupation o£ the Iron Bridge from 11th to 14th March 1858 
(Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal and Clasp). 

119 Lie«t.Colonel Luard serred in the Crimea in the 77th Regt. from March 1855, and on 
the Staff as Brigade M^jor to General Straubenzec and D. A. A. 0. at Head Quarters from June 
1856 (Medal and Claep, Brerct Major, Sardinian Medal, and 5tb Clafis or tlie Medjidie). Served 
in China as Brigade Major 2nd Brigade in 1857-58, and mentioned in despatches as being the 
first person on the walls of Canton (Brevet Lt. Colonel). 

190 LlentColonel Wheatstone served with the 45th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 
(Medal, and Brevet Major). 

191 Lient.Colonel Majdwell served as Military Secretary to Sir Harry Smith In the Kaffir 
war of 1850-59 (Medal, and Brevet Major). 

199 Lleut.Colonel Wolfe served with the 39th Segt. at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855, and 
at the Miault of the Redan on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

198 Iiieiit.Colone1 MUler Tohmteered and commanded the combined force (English and 
Daaish) during the inanrrection at Tortola, W. I., in August 1853. On his arrival martial law 

wtm proelaimed, mod enforced for a period of six weeks, the natives, amounting to 7000, 
kaviiw oonpletely destroyed the town, and threatened the lives of the European inbabitanta, 
who iwd for refiige to St. Thomas. He suppressed the rebellion, and restored the island to a 
•tale of order aod tranquillity, and after re-eatablishing civil authority received the thanks of 
the Plreddc n t and Council, and was most favorably reported to the Colonial Office. 

124 Lieut.Cokmel Hardy served with the 58th Regiment in New Zealand, and was present at 
the attack and repulse of the hostile natives on the settlement and btockades of Wanganui, 19th 
May, and action of the 19th July 1847. 

ISA lienf.Colonel Johnston served with the 66th Regiment in Canada, during the rebellion in 
1837-38, and was In the action of St. Charles. 

196 Lt.Colonel MacGregor commanded the Light Company of the 10th in the early part of 
the fli^ge operations before Mooltan in 1848, including the i-epulse of the enemy's night attack 
npoa the British camp at Muttee Thol, 17th August, and storming their strongly entrenched 
poeitloo before Mooltan, 19th September: sei'erely wounded — left Imnd shattered by a musket 
shot (Medal and Clasp). 

197 Lt.Colonel Lucas, with the effective men of the wing of the Gth Regt. stationed at Aden, 
formed part of an expedition of 500 men under the command of Lt.Colouel Pennjcuick, which 
deatrojed the Arab posts of Sheik Me<li and Sheik Othman,and skirmished between those places 
OB the 6th Get. 1841. 

128 Lt.Colonel Carruthers served in the Peninsula with the 43rd Regiment during the cam- 
paigne of 1818 and 1814, and was present at the NivellOf Bayouuc, Nivc, Tarbes, Tournefeuille, 
and Toulouse, and has received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

199 Lt.Cokmel Baynes has the 5th Class of the Medjidie. Served with the 8th Regt. in the 
Indian campaign and was severely wounded at the assault of Delhi (Medal and Clasp). 

130 Lt.Colonel Yonge served the Punjaub campaign of 1840, and was present during the 
•eeond siege operations at Mooltan (including the siege and storm of the town and capture of thu 
citadel)^ iMittle of Goojerat, pursuit of the Sikh army until its final surrender at Rawul Pindee, 
oeeopathm of Attock and Peshawur, and expulsion of the Afiglian force beyond the Khyber Pass 
(Medal and two Clasps). 


fd LIEUT, or 




9 July 


9 Nicholas Philibcrt de Brem,* Captain,\ 

h. p. ChaiiBeurs Britanniqucn / 

Bennet Holgate, Major, h. p. 40 Foot •• .. 11*2 May 
William Macdonald, Capt., h.p. R. Marine* 13 May 
9 Thomas Wilson," Captain, h. p. 00 Foot. . ' Oct. 
Christopher Wilkinson,^ Capt,, h. p. R. Art..*>7 Oct. 

{512a Charles Freeman Sandham/ do. do. J'27 Oct. 
Richard Staunton Sitwell, M^jor, Unatt. ' 8 Oct. 
SHon, Sir Fra. Cha. Stanhope,* Major, do. 24 April 
SB S/rTrcvorWhrler,^^.,«i»f^/;. ,do.Zf . } 

CoLComm. R. N. Devon MountedR{fles ) 
9 Moylc Shcrcr,' Captain, Unattached .... 
^ William Henry Hartman,* C^/7fam, Unatt. 
^ Honeyman Mackay,*' Major, Unattached 
Samuel Cluirters,'® Captain ^h.j), R. jVrtillcryll4 Dee. 

Charles Boyd, Captain, Unattached 115 Au^. 

George Montagu, Captain, Unattached ! 8 Dec. 

John Buckley Costieau," Capt., h.p. R. Mar. ^"22 Sept. 

William Elliott, Captain, Unattached G Aug. 

f® Willonjrhhy Montagu,'* rfo.Ji.p. R. Art.|20 Nov. 
George M*LeodTcw,*« Major, Unattached. .! 19 Aug. 
Robert Miller Mundy," Capt., h. p. R. Art.;21 June 
Charles Hugh LyleTfnling,"* Crt;)frti7i, Unatt. 20 Nov. 
*Modcrico de Alarchesi Alessi, Captain, ^ >4 t 

ret. full pay, Malta Fenclblcs ^ -«J Jan. 

John Keuneth Blackenzie, CA/;^a??i, Unatt., \ in n 

Adjutant, A ntrim Militia S 

G. B. C. Crespigny, Capt., Pay mas. at Hythe 
W. Maulevercr, Cfl;>^, h.p.o8 F., S. O. of Pen. 
William Garstin, Captain, h. p. 24 Dni., do. 
William Fred. Harvey, Captain^ Unatt. do. 
John Bruce, Captain, h.p. (>0 Foot, do. 

Fred. BrownRuBsell,Cap^,h.p.3 Dr. Qd8..£fo. 
Walfer Warde, Capt. Unatt. StqffO. ofPen.'^zO June 
Aug; Wm. Murray, .V<(/or, 1 West India Regt.|28 Dec. 
Charles S. S. Evans Gordon, Captain, ( 

23 Foot, Brigade M ({jar at Chatham, . ) 

Henry Jackson, Captain, Depot. Batt 

Honry Dalton Smart, Captain, Unattached 
John Perkins Mayors, Captain, 80 Foot . . 
John Richard Heaton, Captain, 37 Foot. . . .ilO Dec. 
Charles William Thompson, Captain, 68 F. 23 Dec. 
Cha. S. Teale, Capt., Unatt., 8, 0. of Pew. \ 7 April 
Charles Parke Ibbetson, C<ipt., h. p. 89 Foot 24 April 
Henry Chas. Capel Somerset, Capt., h. p. } 

27 F., Staff Officer of Pensioners S 

Francis Carey, Mqjor, 20 Foot 

04 23 
06 3 











04 23 


17 Nov. 08.11 July 11,10 April 







4 June 

08!l3 Nov. 
05 18 Aug. 

03 28 
07 30 
14 31 

29 Jan. 
31 Aug. 
28 Oct. 
11 April 
31 July 
2 Nov. 


















07 '20 
00 15 



36 28 
















10 July 

5 Feb, 

16 Jan. 27 

10 July 40 
















12 Oct. 32 

5 April 
31 Dec. 
29 July 


4 Oct. 33 

22 May 

Henry J. Savage, Major, 91 Foot i H June 

12 April 
24 April 

12 June 

Wm. Little Stewart, Major, Depot Batt . . . . 
Arthur Pigott, Capt.,h.p,20F.S. O.ofPeM. 
Abraham Collis Anderson, Major ^ Unatt. { 

Fart M(^or, Edinburgh Castle S 

Charles Murray,'^ Major, Unattached . . . . 
Edward Lynch Blosse, Major, Unattached.. 
William Pym Young, Captain, 06 Foot. . . . 

James Nugent, Major, 30 Foot 

John Porter, Mqjor, 07 Foot 

Henry Down Griffith, Captain, 46 Foot . . 
Francis Gilbert Hamley, Major, 60 Foot . . 

John Heuderi»<m, Mqjor, 10 Fo )t 

Morley S. Tynte Dennis, Captain, 70 Foot. . 
Henry Draper Nevill, Mqjor, 22 Foot .... 
Charles Barnard Hague, Major, 07 Foot . . 
Thomas Mathia'« Luz Weguelin, Capt., U^O F. 

John JamoH Bull, Major ^ 60 Foot 

George Mein, Major, Di iM>t Buttiilion .... 

Geo. K. Hillicr, Captain, it lancers 

Antliony Ormsby,^ Major, Unatt 

21 June 
16 Nov. 
26 Oct. 
16 April 
28 Mar. 

13 June 

7 Aug. 
20 Jan. 
18 Sept. 
10 Aug. 

6 Sept. 
■23 Dec. 

8 June 
10 June 

14 Doc. 
13 July 














39|I7 June 
37 '22 July 

28 2 Aug. 

29 5 Aug. 
31 19 Aug. 

30 13 Sept. 


3 June 30 









25 Oct. 

26 Nov. 

20 Dec. 

33 27 Dec. 
37 8 Jan. 
39 27 Jan. 
37 24 Feb. 
39 12 May 
27 22 May 
37| 2 Juno 

14 July 37 23 June 

2 Sept. 
11 May 
13 Jan. 

2 July 

37 7 July 

38 8 July 

37 28 July 

38 26 Aug. 

9 July 29 27 Aug. 

36 26 



















38 6 

39 6 
.% 12 
30 20 
37 2 
34 10 

37 6 


39 3 
41 19 














43 do 





43 do 

43 do 

43 do 

43 do 

40 30 June 

47 do 

45 28 July 





11 Nor. 51 

10 Sept. 30 *23 April 42j20 June 54 


9 Feb. 

4 Feb. 

10 May 

1 July 

7 Jane 

8 Aof. 
4 May 

SO Not. 

16 Feb. 
80 May 


8 May 
d Jnm 

37 Jib. 
6 Nor. 

9 Feb. 

18 Jan. 

9 Mar. 
24 Jan. 
10 July 
88 Dee. 
85 Oct. 

4 April 


84 Sept 

87 Sept 

5 Not. 
88 June 

18 Sept 

7 Sept 



96 Aug. 


George Ord, Capt.^ R. Bug. 

irkin Elliott, Captain, R. Marines 
oyth, MqjoTf^ViuXt,, Brigade ) 

t Sydney ^N.S.WcUei 5 

^nimmondJerToiS)Cap^.R.£og. > 
n»pee. Qeneral oflbrt\ficaiions 5 
lis,* Capt., r. f. p., 5 R. Vet. Bait. 

Capt. do. R. Artillery 
hn Gifford. do. do. 1 1 R. Yet. Batt 
; Metcalfe,^ <io. do. 6 do. 
ming, do. do. Royal Artillery 

o BfUrtlD ,** do, do. do. 

K D* Arcy, do. do. 4 R. Vet. Batt. 
Pallarton," do. do. 6 do. 
Woods,^ do. do. 8 do. 
irdle, Royal Marines 

as. Colby/* €fo. do. R. Engineers 
a- Skene,** do. do. 4 R. Vet. Batt. 
nHalme,*^ do. do. R. Engineers 
imaden Agnew,'' Capt., r. f. p. ^ 
3%tt.JDep.Sforekeep. at T^pner S 
W. Pringle," Capt. do. R. Eng. 
F. Crowther, do. do. R. Marines 
ft, do, do. R. Engineers 

nar, do, do. R. Marines 

I. Knapman,'^ do, do. do. 
^hanTlnlingj^ifo. do. R. Engineen: 
tn,** do. do. R. Marines 

by," do, do. do. 

n Lemoioe, do, do. R. Artillery 
Ifanners,'* do, do. do. 
irWin. Schalch,* </0. do. do. 
rdoD,^ < 93 Foot 

L Cochrane,^' Rifle Brig. ) 

f Knight qf Windsor S 

•wdall,^^ C^/am, do. 64 Foot 
7, do. do. 63 Foot 

[organ,^ do. do. R. Artillery 

tten, do, do. R. Marines 

Welcbnum,^ do. do. do. 
Richardson,^ do. do. • do. 



14 Dec. 

8 May 

14 Dec. 

19 Mar. 



20 Feb. 

5 Aug. 
17 Aug. 
20 Dec. 
31 Dec. 
19 Mar. 

2 Dec. 
15 Jan. 
12 Juiv 
28 May 
24 June 



27 Hay 39 
12 Feb. 42 
10 April 50 

8 Oct. 41 


99 27 







09 10 


19 Dec. 07 

23 Aug. 

2 Dec. 
14 Dec. 

1 July 
1 Nov. 
1 July 

22 June 
30 July 

3 Oct. 
3 Oct. 

17 Dec. 

23 June 
















29 Oct. 46 8 
19 Not. 51 
15 Sept. 54 15 


Sept. 54 

Sept. 54 


13 Dec. 47 28 Sept. 54 

12 Oct. 09 


9 Nov. 09 

20 May 
26 April 

21 Dec. 
30 Nov. 
;31 Aug. 
18 Sept. 


















8 May 

2 Mar. 
18 June 

7 Feb. 

27 July 


14 Feb. 



































22 June 15 




July 15 
July 21 
July 25 
July 26 

Oct. 26 
Aug. 27 
Aug. 27 
Nov. 27 


Feb. 28 

T Ratberford, do. do. Roy.Eng., ) ^^ -„, , ^ 
Dublin MUitary Prison J jW j uiy la 

ihb,'^ Captain, do. R. Marines. '24 Sept 
iweif,^* do, do, do. 

wnell Pepyat, do. do. do. 
«, do, do. 61 Foot 

enry Devoo,^ do. do. R. Marine9 
im, do. do. do. 

yrgan,*^ ^.do. R. Art., ) 

Glamorgan Militia Artillery S 




Capt. do. R. Marines 
do. do. do. 
do. do. do. 
do. do. do. 

13 Nov. 

31 Jan. 

5 Oct. 

11 Feb. 

12 Feb. 


17 Dec. 12 

4 3Iar. 
26 May 
21 June 
26 Feb. 

do. do. R. £ngineers'20 July 

)iiet Hewson,*^ do. do. 89 Foot 2 Sept. 

r. Walsb, do. do. R. Artillery 5 July 
ustus 6riffitb8,<2o. do. do. 13 Dec. 
a. Cracknell," R. Marines 17 Aug. 
Degen Lewis, do, do. R. Engineers 1 Aug. 
oloombe, do. do. R. Artillery ' 1 May 

rames,** do. do. R. Marines 7 Dec. 

Beverhoudt,**^. do. 58 Foot 

22 May 28 

17 2 May 29l 
12 5 June 30 
12 30 June 30 

08 22 July 30 
'17 Mar. 31 

09 do 

15 Dec. 13 12 Nov. 31 

19 May 
24 Sept. 

3 Sept. 

8 Oct. 

15 Jan. 

16 Jan. 

09 7 Mar. 
1012 Oct. 

11 do 
1021 June 

12 33 Dec. 
12 10 Feb. 

23 May 15 

do. do. 6 Foot 

21 Oct. 
8 Nov. 

ohn Stokes, do. do. R. Artillery |10 July 
epherd, do. do. 76 Foot '10 July 

mrd Mascall,^ do. do. R. Marines 7 Sept. 

»f B., Artillery 
do. do. R* Marines 

11 Dec. 
IS Sept. 































21 May 34 
27 May 34 


26 Oct. 34 
13 Mar.»85 
6 May 35 
19 Aug. 
26 Oct. 

5 Dec. 

6 Jan. 

21 118 Mar. 



29 April 36 
27 May 36 
29 June 36 
5 Jan. 37 
10 Jan. 37 
10 Jan. 37 
80 May Vl\ 

Nov. 54 




























Wm. YouiiR Fenxvick, Capt, r. f. p. R. Art. 
Bichard Searle,^* do, do. R. Mar. 

Hcury Smith,** do, do. 

Peter Jno. Jas.Dusanioy," do. do. 
Robert Stuart Ridge/' do. do. 
John Harvey, do. 

Francis Wm. Pettingal, do. 













30 Foot 
37 Foot 
R. Einj. 

BNBIQll, i 

15 Dec. 
30 Sept. 
18 Feb. 
14 Mar. 

8. Sept. 
14 April 

1 Mar. 


R. Mar. 30 Aug. 
do. ilBSept. 
74 Foot, 1 6 Sept. 
R. Mar.'28 Nov. 
05 Foot Sept. 
04 Foot 1-25 July 
R. Mar. 14 Mar. 
R. En^.\ 1 Aug. 
39F., r,^Q^^ 


Thomas Park,** do. 

George Griifiu, do. 

Johu Caiiip1>cll, do. 

Jamc8 Downiau,^ do. 

David Dickson, do. 

Henry NicliolU, do. 

John Luw,^*" do. 

William Lanrey, do. 

John Hlackall, do. 

Captain Londonderry Militia 
Edmund Nepean,^' Capt., ret. f.p. R. Mar.i27 Nor. 
Valentine Bcndon/* do. do. R. Mar.. 14 Feb. 
John Sdnoy FurrcU, do. do. R. Art. \ 8 July 
Charles Oldershaw, do. do. R. EngJ 1 Aug. 
Hchdcr Mouustcvcn/' do. do. 48 Foot '30 Dec. 
Hy.HigginsDonatusO'Uricn, do. do. R. Art. ' 5 Oct. 
Arthur (iobttet, do. do. do. do 

Samuel James Skinner, do. do. do. !'i3 Oct. 
Robert Luard, do. do. do. ; 8 Dec. 

Geo. Gar-line Shaw,'* do. do. 63 Foot 30 May 
John Gore, do. do. R. Art., Profeffor, /?. ^ i « -p. 

Militaru Academy, Woolwich S\ 

James Turner, Capt., ret. full pay, R. Ai-t. 15 Nov. 

Georg*} Mainwariu/,'* do. do. 25 Foot | 3 May 

John Low, do, 

Joshua Edleston,^ do. 

William John King,^ do. 

Rd. Matthews Poulden, do. 

Robert Wright,'" do. 

Kdwanl Appleton,'" do. 

Patrick Scott Campbell , do. 

Caleb Banies, do, 

Peter Martin M'KelJar, do. 

William KnowIe8,'* do. 

Henry Stephen Tireman, do. 

Riclianl Thompson, do. 

Robert Ri»e Fisher, do. 

Lt.Col. Commandant Donegal Art. .. S 
John M'Caskill, Capt., ret. f.p. 07 Foot 
William Baird Young, do. do. R. Art. 
Rodney MyliuK, do. do. Ceylon Regt. 

Charles Chectham, do. do. R. Art. 

Alex. Fred. Wm. Pspillou, do. do. do. 

08 13 
OOJ 6 
09| 8 
l«l 7 

13i 4 

10 3 

11! ({ 

18 10 



It 1 


































25I 9 


28i 7 

28' 9 


27' 1 


14' 9 


25 25 






April 38 
May 38 


14 1 June 38 

10. 8 June 


20i 8 




97 11 

271 1 




271 3 

do. R. Art. ;28 Feb. 

do. H. Mar.ilO Nov. 
21 Foot* 1 Mar. 
R. Art. -2^) July 
R. Mar. May 
do. 1*20 Aug. 
R. Art. 19 May 
R. Mar.ilO Nov. 
R. Mar.: 17 April 

50 Foot, Aug 
R. Art. 

51 Foot 


6 Aug. 
1 Jan. 

do. R.Art., ) 


25 Jan. 
6 An;:. 
10 May 
16 Dec. 

24 17 
15 17 
2.'/ 8 

25 3 
12 4 
12! 7 
12| 4 
33 20 
28= 4 
10. 8 

2b 22 


28l 1 


John Miller," do. do. R. Mar. 18 July 

William Fulford, do. do. R. Art. 10 Dec. 

Jas. Wm. (iravcs, do. Unatt., S. O. of Pent. 24 Oct. 
CliBS. Robert Wynne, do. ret. f. p., R. Art., ) ^yn n 

Lt.Col. Commandant Fife Artillery . . J ^^^' 
Kenneth Mnrchij'on,*' Capt. ret. f.]). 20 Foot 1 Feb. 





81 '"22 

























171 5 
80 8 
31 13 
31> 5 
32' 11 
27 '28 

June 88 
June 88' 
June 38' 
Nov. 38 
Dec. 88i 
Maj 891 
May 39 
May 30 
May 89 

July 39 

April 40 
June 40 
April 41 
May 41 
May 41 
June 41 
July 41 
Aug. 41 



28 26 
30 23 
24! 9 
33> 4 

34 3 
30 26 

8 Sept. 41 

Oct. 41 
Nov. 41 
Oct. 42 
April 43 

April 48 
May 43 
Jan. 44 

3-2! 5 June So 15 April 44 

Charles Miller, do. do. 

Plillip Uolton, do. • do. 

William Macdonold, do, do. 

Charles Stunrt Miller, do. do. 

Pitcairn Onslow," do. do. 

R. Mar. 10 Mur. 
77 Foot July 
03 Foot 23 Aug. 
R. £ng. 10 Mar. 
R. Mar. 13 Nov. 

DenniK Dunn, Capt., ret. f. p., 60 F 23 May 

Lancelot Edward Wood, Capt. ret. f.p. 54 F. 21 May 
DcmetrinH \V. Grevis James, Major, 2 Foot 31 Jan. 
John Oldiight, Capt., ret. full pay, 81 Foot 21 Sept. 

Charles Dupcrier," Capt., do. 80 Foot 20 Dec. 

Henry Mackny, do. do. 70 F. Adj. Forfar Art. 18 June 
John James Grant, Major, R. Ncwf. Com p. Mar. 
George John Brof«n, Major, 4 Lt. Dragoons' 17 April 

Andrew Hu!it,^ Major, Unattached 82 Feb. 

Fm. Rowland For^ter, Captain, 4 Dr. Gds. | 7 Feb. 

3;^i 6 
20 22 



.^8 -28 



41 11 
40 15 



















41 22 
36 7 
34 3 












































Nov. 54 









I Dec. 64 

18 Dec. 54 





..; S April 
. .25 Feb. 
rl. 19 Hir. 
..Ill Oct. 

It. 18 June 
n. 11 Jan. 
..Isfl April 
..|33 April 
.'30 Dec. ' 
1 17 June ■ 
..'ll Sept. ' 
' I lis May ' 

40 &AUK. 

41 -2 June 
4217 Not. 
SIJ: JS Jan. 
39 16Ji>na 
4-i 14 July 
4£ll8 Aug. 
37 j 5 Uir. 
41 128 Dec. 
49, OSepr. 
43 14 April 
39 20 Oct. 
91)j JO Apr. 

a 17 Jar 


47 1 3 April 
.. IB Aug. 

U\ GOet. 

45 3 Not. 
it 1 April 
43 8 May 
43 1 1 Sept. 

. 44 S.tpr. 
. 44 ] April . 

4.5 39H(y 
, 4^110 Apr. 
. 47 1 Aug. ' 
, 4A{l3Apr. ' 

461 7 Mar. ■ 
B *al I April 
. 4n'l6Scpt. . 
s 4di 1 April 

. maejan. 
e 4a 1 April ' 
. 30[ 3 Mv. 

■- 4rH3Noi'. 

4(dai) June 

46 '20 Aug. 

47 as June 
4; '30 June 
4T 13 Sept. 

Dec. 94 31 Aug. 
Dec. S] II Aug. 
April a6[23 April 
Aug. 37 30 Oct. 
April 34l I Feb. 30 : 

4Sl 7 Nay 4 
41 1 2 July 4 
43 38 April 4 
43,d3M>y 4 
41 1 May 4 
3»|I7 May 4 
4U14nct. 4 
fi Sept. 4 
4l| 3 0cL 4 
4^ 6 Oct. 4 

43 (I Mar. 6 

44 IG July a 
40 2-2 Aug. r, 
42tODec. Sr 
47,30 r>ee. 

45 3SFeb. .'i 

47 4 April 6 
44^27 June H 
nOSfiJuly S 
44 6 Dec. 5 
4SSeMar. 6 
40 1 April Si 
5023 April & 
49l 7 May a 

48 14 May 5 
48 28 May » 
4G2£June & 
40 o Aug. S 


12 Oct. 

94 Dae. 5-i 

7 Jan. i 

I8Fel>. i 

30 May i 

36 Sept. ; 

13 Jan. t 

24 Jan. t 

3Veb. { 

17 Feb. : 

48,20 June < 
4S| 7 July ; 
4»ii4July i 

B'30 Jung 
8 -m Feb. 
6 7 Feb. 
8 flBept. 

fi Juaa 57 
S Deo. SO 

. 33i1UMay Z 
I 37 29 Jan. i 
: SaiOJiily E 
t. SUI8 Feb. 4 
I 44{]2Fvb. A 
t. 48,31 Oct. £ 
, 42iS9 Sept. 4 
, i.'i 5 Ko». 4 
il So 13 June £ 
. 9631 June i 
. 41' 3 Mw. 4 

3 Mar. 
' 27 July 
■ C Feb. 

94 Mar. 
30 May 

4 Feb. 

5 April 

6 April 

7 Mar. 

54' IS Dec. 64 

4 CJan. 56 
.4 26 Jan. 
4 6 Feb. 
7 16 Mar. 6G 
7 29 Mar. 66 
B 23 April 56 
3 34 April 66 


18,11 Hiy 60 
53I16 May 66 
44il8May 66 
44; 6Juii -■ 
51.19 JuL« f& 

13 Sept 66 

39 Feb. 


16 Mar 




15 Jan. 


I Jane 
16 Jan. 


I Fab. 


36 Not. 



Henry Webb, Cop/., ret. full pay, 28 Foot. . 
John OuUe Rogers ApUn, Major, 48 Foot. . 

William Faussett, Captain^ 44 Foot 

GuataTiu llume,*'^ Major ^ Uuattachcd . . •• 
John Peel,^^'^ Mqjor, h. p. Depot Uattiilion 
Francis Topping Atcht-rloy, Capt., 30 Foot 

John NasoD, M({Jor, Depot Battalioa 

Horn. James Stnart, Captain, Rifle Brigade 
Alex. James Ilanly Elliot,'"* Mqj,, Unatt., ) 
Brig.Maj. of Cavalry , Dublin Dlvition S 
VC John A. Conollv, lV. Ac Ca;>^ Coldat. Ods. 
Henry F. Berkeley Maxso,'®^ M({j., Unatt.. . 
Montagu Haniiltuu Dowbig((in, MtQ.^ UD F. 
Archibald Campbell 8nodgra,^, Capt,, 39 F. 
Patrick Robertson, Major, Depot Battalion 
I^C Claud Tho. Bourchicr, Capt. Rifle Br. . 
Louis Herries Hamilton, Captain, 87 Foot 
Charles Edward Conycrs, Captain, h. p. 97 F. 
Qeorge Hyde Page, Captain, 41 Foot .... 
Bernard Edward Ward, Captain, (50 Foot . . 
Frederick West, Major, Depot Battalion . . 
Henry Frieud Kennedy, Major, (K) Foot. . . . 

William Fulton, Major, 15 Foot 

Hugh Kennedy,'^ Capt., rat, f. p. R. Marineb 

Frederick R. Mein, Mqjor, I Foot 

Hon. Wm. Jamis Colville, Capt, Rifle Br. . 
Richard Oliver Fra. Steward,'''^ Maj. Unatt. 
Wm. Mayne, Mt^. h.p. Land Tran8|>ortCorpt^ 
Fra. Aug. Halliday, Capt, r. f. p. R. Marines 
V. Fred. Story, Capt. Unatt.. S. O. of Pens. 

William Williamson, Major, 85 Foot 

M*Kay Rynd, Major, 02 Foot 

Robert John Eagar, Major, 31 Foot 

Thomas Wright Hudson, Major, 39 Foot . . 

Fohn Dwyer, Major, 14 Foot 

Arthur WombwcU, Mqjor, Dep6t Battalion 

William Douglas, Mojor, 14 Foot 

William Fred. Carter, Mqjor, 03 Foot 

W\W\Mm Chauval Hodgson, Mi^or, 79 Foot 

ames Maxwell, Major, 34 Foot 

jTrands Locker Whitmore,"* M(uor, Unatt. 
fran. Beckford Ward, Captain, R. Artillery 
Ugemoo Robert Garrett, Mt^or, 10 Foot., 
lamuel Nettcrville Lowder, Capt. R. Marines 
leary Rogers,'* Captain, h. p. R. Artillery 
IfUler Cliiford, Captain, Royul Artillery .. 
Uezander Hugh Cobbe, M({Jor, 87 Foot . . 
jteorge Harrington Hawes, Mi(jor, 9 Foot. . 
I Mortimer Adye, Captain, Royal Artillery . . 
ilex. CoBsar Hawkins, Capt., R. Artillery.. 

Wm. James Esten Grant, Captain, do 

George Shaw, Captain, Royal Artillery 



OJune 64.13 July 

7 July 43i'.>3 Aug. 41,23 Mar. 49 

18 June 41 14 Oct. 42 
7 Oct. 37 23 April 41 20 Nov. 45|l7 July 

" ' ■ "''" * "- '^ do 


30 3Iay 
22 June 
4 Juno 



9 June 40,21 Sept. 58' 
19 Oct. 49 25 Nov. 5:).' 
4 Aug. 48 10 Dec. 
4 Sept. 49J29 Oct. 


24 Oct. 45.15 Oct. 47 Nov. 
18 July 48,14 Juno 50 22 Doc. 54 

25 Fob. 48'20 Aug. 50;29 Dec. 54 
never i 1 June 40! do 

30 Juno 48 10 Sept. 51 do 

Oct. 48| 7 Nov. 51 do 

7 April 48 5 Dec. 51 do 

10 April 491 June 54! do 

April 3»'l7 Jan. 4U|22 Dec. 
18 Dec. 40 25 Nov. 42 9 Nov. 
23 April 41 12 May 43 20 Jan. 

1 Aug. 44 5 May 48>23 Mar. 55 
12 Aug. 43!20Jau. 47j 3 Aug. 49 



11 Siipt. 40 
10 Api-il 35 

7 April 42'20 Oct. 4S 
11 Oct. 39!l2 April 44 

21 Mar. 34; 10 Aug. 40.20 Oct. 48- 

22 Oct. 3:)| 14 April 37 1 3 May 44 
22 Nov. 43' 14 May 47 11 Oct. 53 
29 Sept. 43 20 Sept. 45 7 Juno 50 
17 Aug. 41 28 Sept. 43 9 Sept. 51 
-23 Feb. 30 10 July 37 27 July 47 
25 Nov. 30,30 Oct. 4026 May 
10 Nov. 41122 Nov. 

10 Dec. 4t'>j 5 Mar. 

11 June 30I25 Jan. 
1({ June 37 30 Oct. 

21 Nov. 


19 July 31 
5 April 39 29 Oct. 

23 May 34< 1 Aug. 
1 Dec. 37 2 April 41 

18 Sept. 40|l0 Fob. 43 

24 Sept. 41 13 Oct. 43 


/ AU!f. 

19 Mar. 
1 June 
1 Nov. 

19 Mar. 

a"! 10 May 

39,31 Dec. 




, . , . - 4- 

Ing.lPred. Francis Lennox, Captain, do. .. 18 June 42 
Hon, Huiaey Fane Keano, Captain, R. Eng. 19 Mar. 39 
BVed. Geo. Tho. Dcshon, Major, Depot Batt. 
Dawson Cornelius Greene, Maj. Dop(»t Batt 
Sbarlet John Gibb, Captain, R. Engineers 
3eo. Thomas Field, Captain, Royal Artillery 11 Jan. 
Charles John Strange, Captain, do. l ] Jon. 

loraoe Parker Newton, Captain, do. 11 Jun. 

?homas MaunscU, Mqjor, 28 Foot -27 May 

}utt. H. Lockwood Milman, Capt, R. Art. {l7 June 
/harles Courtcnay Villlers, Captain, 47 Foot 12 May 

lobert B. Hawley, M({for, 00 Foot 128 Aug. 38 

tohn Robinson, Captain, 4 i Foot 2({ Oct. 42 

Charles Geo. Arbutlinot, Capt. R. Artillery 17 June 43 
i^lrfax Charles Hassard, Capt. R. Engineers, 20 June 
'Iraucis Wm. Hastings, Captain, R. Artillery 
*homas W. White, Mtijor, 10 Lancers .... 
fidwaid Moabny, Captain^ Royal Artilleiy 

29 Dee. 37 


1 Aug. 

2 Sept. 
8 Oct. 

7 Dec. 
22 Jan. 

8 May 

16 Sept 
4 June 47 

11 June 
22 June 

39 3 Sept 

40 21 Dec. 
28 April 48 

17 May 
30 June 
30 June 
21 July 
19 Sept 

9 Oct 

1 ^OY. 

9 April 49 
7 May 


27 Sept 42 
7 Nov. 38 

29 April 41 
19 June 41 13 April 42 
10 Juno 43 10 Jun. 45 
24 Nov. 43 4 Jan. 40 

19 June 41 28 April 42 
1 Jan. 42 2 Aug. 42 
1 Jan. 42 1 Dec. 42 

18 June 42 3 May 43 

4 May 43 

28 June 42 14 Aug. 

5 Jan. 41 30 Nov. 
3 July 40114 Jun. 42*11 Dec. 

20 Dec. 39 10 Mar. 43 10 April 50 

30 Oct 43 23 May 
30 Mar. 44 11 June 

1 April 44| 8 July 
23 May 45; 8 Oct 
15 Mny 44 11 Nov. 

30 Jan. 4027 Dec. 

31 Dec. 39 10 Jan. 51 
22 Doc. 43 30 Jan. 

1 Feb. 451 4 April 
23Sopt 4314 July 
5 April 45 24 July 
7 Apr. 48 23 Sept 51 
10 April 46iS6 Sept 

17 June 

7 May 

20 Dec. 



20 July 

27 July 
17 Aug. 
31 Aug. 
4 Sept 

7 Sept 

8 Sept. 

9 Sept 

21 Sept 
27 Sept 
30 Sept 
10 Oct. 
25 Oct 

2 Not. 



2SJu. M 

20 July M 
16 Mar. H 



26 Feb. M 


6 Jan. 67 
1 April 67 

27 July 47 

30 Mir. 68 

7 Dec. 68 




KTT. : 


LowU William Penn, CflT?^, R. Artillery ..118 Dec. 47 «0 June 48 

Edward Taddy, Captain^ do • . . f27 June 48, 1 Nov. 4b 

Frederick Miller. Ca;)^ft/i. do 10 Dec. 48,10 Dec. 48 

Charles Herbert 8idley, Capt,, R. Engineers 17 Dec. 46 10 April 47 
Charles Honrv Owen, Capt.^ Roval Artillcr\!lO Dec. 4H!iO Dec. 48 
William 8. Philips, Capt, ret. full pay, (W F. 25 Oct. -J'JtlO Feb. 2(5 
George Byng Hannan,''^' Major^ UnBttac-hcdlS Sept. 40 21 June 5(» 
Paget Walter L'K«tranKC, Copt, R. Artillerv'lO ])ec. 48 10 May 40 
Reginald Henry Champion, Captain, do. . .*. j 10 Dec. 48 Mar. 60 

William Gillv Andrews, Captain, do \'20 Juno 40 27 May 50 

Hon, 8. J. G'. CaUhorpe, 3/r</tfr, 5 Dr. Gd8."23 May 48 23 May 61 
Roderick Mackenzie, Oapt. Royal Artillery |20 June 40 July 60 
Fra. Horutio De Verc, Capt, Royal Engineers j 1 Oct. 47 10 Ajiril 60 
Alex. Dalton Thellus&on, ^fajor, 72 Foot . . 12 Oct. 41 8 Oct. 44 
Henry Wm. Dennie, Capt, rot. full pav, Via Ti 

28 F., Barrackmoitter at MaUUtonc '. U 
Wm. Thomas Laird Patterson, Aftyor, 01 F.| 10 Doc. 
Robert Hockingp*,"^ Capt, r. f. p. R. Marines 4 July 
Herbert Russell Manner^, Mi{j. Depot Ratt. 28 Au^^ 
Gus. N. K. Anker Yonge, M^j. Depot Ratt. 22 Aug. 
Thomas L. K. Nelson, Major, 40 Foot ... .'26 Nov. 

Robert Dillon, Major, 30 Foot 8 June 

Charles Henry Leslie, Major, Foot |20 July 

Edward John Hoi worthy. Major, 14 Foot.. 12 Feb. 
Edw. P. H.Ussher,'*' Capt. r.f.p., R. Mar. 27 Dec. 
John Pelling Pigott,rfo. UnatL S. O, of Pen. 15 Feb. 





30 Dec. 42 





John Arthur Gildea, Major, 81 Foot 23 Aug. 

Rlchani Roundell Currer, Mi{jor, 00 Foot . . 10 Sept. 
James Owen Rovill, Major, 2 W. India Rcgt. 2;) Mar. 47'20 
Qhrnet,Capt. of a Company of Gent ie- ? lo t 

menCadets, Royal Military CoUeije ,. jj^^J""' 

Robert Bates, Major, \\) Foot June 

Henry Woodbine Parish, Capt., 46 Foot, } ' q >r 

AuiMt. Military Secretary at Barbadott J | " ^^^' 

Robert Portal, Mqjor, 5 Lancers ! 17 Jan. 

Alex. Abercromby Welscn,'** Capt. Unatt., ^ « «• 

Aetitt, Mil. Sec, at the Mauritius S, 

Edward James Blanckley, Mqjor, Foot . .|22 May 
Stonehouse George Bunbury, Staff' Capt,, } !.,o ^ 

Medical Staff' Corpe S -'^''""*^ 

James Pollock Gore, Captain, I Foot ! Feb. 

Geo. Whitworth Talbot Ricli, Mqjar, 71 F.. 12 June 

Alexander M'Kinstry, Major, 17 Foot '22 Feb. 

Humphrey Gray, M({Jor, 21 Foot 26 Mar. 

William Cosmo Trevor, Mt{jor, 14 Foot.. . . 11 Mar. 
Cha. Raleigh Chichester, Major, Depot Batt. 31 Mar. 
Frederick Ilammersley, Captain, 14 Foot ..i 1 July 
Hercules Walker, Major, Rifle Brigade . . . .122 May 
Robert Hamilton Currie, Major, 30 Foot . . 28 Dec. 
William Lcckie, Captain, 39 Foot ....... !l0 Xov. 

Robert Blakeney, Major, 48 Foot I 3 Nov. 

Godfrey W. Hugh Massy, "«» Mqjor, Unatt. . 24 Oct. 
Dominic Jacotin Gamble, Major, 4 Foot . . 10 April 
Edward Thomas Gloster, Captain, 38 Foot. . 13 May 
Rob. E. Fazakerley Craufurd, Capt. R. Art.' 10 June 
George Courtenay VialU, Major, 06 Foot .. 20 Jan. 

Thomas Wickham, Captain, 33 Foot 

Thomas BcckwickSpeerly,"' Capt. Unatt., } 

See. Sf Ai{/. Royal Hibernian ScJuwl . . 5 
John Stokes. Captain, Royal Engineers.. . .|20 Dec. 43 1 
Francis Du Cane, C/i;7^am, do ....j 10 June 44 

Henry Terrick FitzHu^h, Captain, R. Art..!l8 Dec. 45 13 
France James Soady, Captain, Royal Art.. . '■ I May 40,20 
Joseph Godby, Captain, do . . I do 20 

Henry Robert Crewe Godley, Cap tain, US ¥.\'2o Sept. 40 21 

George Chetwode, Major, 8 llussars j 8 May 40 10 

Fred. Btuckley Savage, Major, 08 Foot 30 Jan. 4(( 31 

John Spurway, Captain, Royal Artillcrv . . Aug. 4028 
Charles Alex. Boswell Gordon, Capt. 00 F. . 21 April 43 13 
George Stoddart Whitmore, Captain, 62 F.. 23 Jan. 47 21 
Benjamin Bunbury Mauleverer, Capt, 88 F.|dO Aug. 44, 8 














April 66 

April 66 
Oct. 65 
Dec. 40 

2 Nov. 
23 Nov. 





4 Jnae SI 


20 Dec. 64 30 Nov. 66 







41 14 



42 10 

















40 8 
47 16 
46 16 






2,-) 16 Mar. 27 6 July 44*) 

34 26 Dec. .38 16 Oct. 45 

30,16 Apr. 42 

Feb. 40 

40 8 May 46' June 40 
35;16 Mar. 30idl July 46 
36 17 Jan. 38 7 Aug. 46 
33l26Dec. d8i30 Dec. 46 

26 Oct. 
16 Mar. 

30 26 
30' 1 
42 22 
461 1 
38 14 
40! 10 
46' 2 
42 3 
44, 1 
42 22 


















3^); 20 


48! 6 
46, 8 
45, 2 
47; 2 
46! 16 
46 30 
40 26 

Oct. 47 
Nov. 47 
Aug. 40 
Feb. 60 
Nov. 60 
Dec. 60 
April 61 
Aug. 61 
Feb. 62 
April 62 
April 62! 
May 62 
July 52! 
July 62' 
Mar. 63 
Mar. 63 
Mar. 63 

Dec. 6o 

Dec. 66' 

Jan. 66| 

Jan. 56| 

Feb. 56' 

Feb. 66' 

Feb. 60 

Mar. 66 

Alar. 66 

Mar. 66, 1 Apr. » 

April 66 

April 66 

April 66| 

May 66 

30i2;lOct. 41 17 Feb. 64 





47 30 









June 64 


6 Juno 66 









OFeb. A 

24 JODB tf 

17 Feb. 54 



ryoD, Mi^r^ 7 Foot 

Iw. Drewe, Mqjor, Depot Battalion 


12 May 
17 May 


>bcrt Shenrinton.i'i Maj, Unatt. \ ^-^ . ^ 
• Mqjor, Military Train J '-w May 4k 

Bd. Dallas, Captain, 40 Foot 16 May 

tler^ Mtyor, %jl Foot | 2 Mar. 

» Mesurier Carey, Captain^ 63 F..,13 Aug. 

illiam St. Clair, Captain, 67 Foot 18 July 

iley Tucker Steward, Major, 21 F.|I5 Mar. 

mdelcur, Captain, Royal Artillery! 1 Oct. 

Miller, Captain, 80 Foot 1 10 May 

i^urtia, Captain, Royal Artillery..; 1 Oct. 

donald Cuppage, Captain, 89 Foot! 10 Nov. 

x>Te, Captain, 88 Foot ! 3 Mar. 

ames Gillnm/'' Mqjar, Unatt. . . 14 Feb. 

Imith Vacher, Captain, 33 Foot . . 8 Dec. 

I, Captain, Rifle Brigade 14 April 

eljgue Bertram, Captain, 41 Foot .1 6 Feb. 

12 April 
18 Jan. 
1 Oct. 


1 Feb. 
'23 Sept. 


Idge, Captain, 21 Foot 
azwell Earle, Captain, 57 Foot . . 
*owell Ricliai'dv, Captain, R. Art. 
Brendon, Captain, do 

l«tcher. Captain, 44 Foot 

Havillanil, Captain, R. Artillery. . 1 Oct. 
antham Brcdin, Captain, do ..18 Dec. 
land Bell, Capt, CapeM. Riflemen!24 Mar. 
rj Randolph Simpson, Ca/)/. R. Art.j 18 Dec. 

. Walker, Captain, 3 Foot 2o Sept. 

Idenon Mllman, Capt. R. Art. .. 19 Dec. 
dward Bart, Cnp/at7iy do ....I do 
fine. Captain, do ....j do 

Morley Grylli, Captain, do . . . . ; do 
>w9y Capt. h.p. liiDTS.S,0.ofPen£, 13 Sept. 
lenley,*" Capt. ret. full pay, 05 F.' Jan. 
If core, Capt. ret. f.p. R. Marinet. . 15 July 
.ug. Capel, Captain, h.p. 51 F. j| - - / 
yieerofPautionern (Q.if.,ii Oct. 8s; V ^ 

rlei Hill Jones, Mt^ar, 54 Foot ..^O Dec. 
krathwell Brown, Mqjor, 55 Foot . 14 Nov. 

Charles Butler, Captain, 30 Foot . . 
rkfir D*Arcey, Major, 18 Foot .... 
ingham Jenings, Mt^or, 19 Foot 
rm. Sydenham Ross, Mqjor, 35 F. 
icbolss, Capt. ret. full pay, 5 Foot 
Bn Sutton, Capt. Unatt., Riding ) 
' Cavalry JDepot at Maidstone . . ) 
ratton Bush, Major, 41 Foot .... 
. Pole, Capt, Unatt. S.O. of Pens, 
/m. Tench, Capt. h. p. 15 Dr. do. 
m^BonAtHctt,^^ Capt. r.f.p. R.Mar. 
ilaridge Haines, Captain, 92 Foot. 

Lnderson, Captain, 50 Foot 

»ftu9. Major, 71 Foot 

rohn Ross O'Conor, Major, 17 F. . 

iocke, Major, 72 Foot 

Francis Ring, Captain, 87 Foot . . 
goyne Cureton, Capt. 12 Lancers. . 
raid S. Plunkett, Captain, 95 Foot 
larles Fitzgerald, Mtfjor, 33 Foot . 
Iart>onl Morant, Major, 68 Foot . . 
s Collingwood, Captain, 21 Foot., 
(assctt Scott, Captain, 9 Foot .... 
rant Crosse, Captain, 88 Foot .... 
rburgh Bligh, Captain, 41 Foot . . 
laid Macdonald, Captain, 93 Foot 
• J. J. Macdonald,'^ Capt. Unatt. . 

ll«r,« Ca/;/. Unatt 

est Apnleyard, Major, Depot Batt. 
\mtj*' Capt, r. f. p. R. Marines. . 
okas, Capt. h.p. 4 F., S.O. of Pens. 
M. Monckton, Mqfar, 3 Dr.. • 

13 Jan. 

8 April 
21 July 


8 April 

19 Aug. 

10 Mar. 

11 Aug. 
31 July 
10 April 

20 June 
8 Jan. 

20 Oct. 

12 April 

20 May 
28 Oct. 

21 Juno 
17 Juno 
25 Sept. 
20 Aug. 

23 Mar. 

24 Dec. 

25 Sept. 
15 Mar. 

4 June 
'23 April 

13 July 

14 June 
14 Nov. 

22 Oct. 

23 AprU 










































401 9 
44; 3 
40 30 
47| 1 
































































21 Sept. 


22 Sept. 54 

















































42 9 Nov. 
48 4 Aug. 

41 23 Aug. 
31 19 Dec. 
45 1 July 

42 10 Jan. 
30 it2 Dec. 







13 April 55 



































6 June 


10 June 
24 June 
9 July 









31 Oct. 


19 Aug. 60 

16 June 48 

IMay 46 












13 April 66 

27 Sept. 44 
23 May 61 


26 Nov. 56 
3 June 59 

QDe£. 4C 



Joteph Sails, Mt^Wy Military Train 

VC Thomas De Courcy liamiltou/** JtfVi/. \ 

Unatt. Brigade Major ^ Imiian Islands S 
Charles ThomusVe<<oy Biinbury, Major y^^V. 
Peter John Mncdnnald,^^ Mtijor, Unatt. • • . 

Henry Prim Hutton,'*' Mtyor, Unatt 

Robert Daunt,"' Major, Unatt 

John Simeon Fra.Dick/^Mr^or, Unatt. .. 
Henry James Hnchanan, "^ Aff^/or, Unatt... 
Henry Jackson Parkin Booth, Major, 48 F. 
William Lacy, Capt. Unatt, S, O. of Peru. 

Robert Maun»ell, Major j 85 Foot 

Thomas Martin, Major, 4 Foot 

Henry Joseph Cooto,»«* Capt. h.p. 18 F. .. 
O. B. Stonoy, Cii;>/. h.p. 20 F., S.O.qfPens. 
Tho. Baker Pleydell,'" Capt. r.f.p.R. Mar. . 
Charles Napier North, Major, (K) Foot .. 
Wm. R^^ady, Capt. Unatt.*, S. O. of Pent 

Charles Fred. Hcrvey, Captain, Unatt 

R.S. O'Brien, Capt. h.p. IMS F., S.O. of Pent. 
Henry Marsh, Major, 3 Dragoon Guards . . 
Francis Hutcliinson Syn<;o, M/^or, 43 Foot . 

Tom Benson, Mqfor, (W Foot 

Richard Barrett,*** Captain, ret. full pay, ^ 

Drp6t Batt. (QM.^u Oct. »5) S 

I^C Gronow Davis, Captain, Royal Artillery 
Rt. F. Middlemore, Capt. Unat. S.O. of Pent. 

John Borrow, Major, 18 Foot • 

Granville Geo. C.'Sfapylton, M({for,QS Foot 

Septimus Lystcr, MtQor, })4 Foot 

John Henry Dickson, Major, 61 Foot . . 
Sir Geo. Abercr. Robinson, Bt., Mt\j., 22 F. 
Horn. Bmelius J. Weld Forester,'^ CW;>f. Unat 

Alexander Tayler, Major, Foot 

Michael Stocks, Major, I Drafi^oons 

W. And. M. Bamanl, U, 8f Capt. Or. Gds. 
Frideaux William Gillum, Captain, M Foot 
James Handasyde Edgar, Major, 00 Foot . . 

Annesley Paul Gk>rr, Mfyor, 53 Foot 

Stanhope Mason Gildea, Major, Unattached 
H. M. Smyth, Capt.,h. p.44 *F., S. 0. of Pent. 
Fred. Gonion Christie, Cmpt. Unalt. do, 

William Lyons, Mi\jor, 5 Foot 

I^C Thomas Esmondo,"' Capt. h. p. 18 Foot 

Henry John King, Mqfor, 3 Foot 

William James Hutchins, Major, 12 Foot . . 
Richard Wollaston Clerke, Mi{jor, 26 Foot 
Alfrod Knight,"' Captain, Unatt, Town ) 

MqjoT at Quebec ) 

William Temple Parratt, Captain, 14 Foot. . 
VC Christopher Charles Teesdale, CB., } 

Captain, Royal Artillery \ 

Bdwin Gream Daniell, Captain, 8 Foot. . . . 
William Drysdale, CB., M({jor, Lancers . . 

William Brookes, Captain, 75 Foot 

George Edwarrl Baynes, Captain, 8 Foot • . 
Tho. Robert Druminond Hay, Capt, 78 Foot 
Alexander William Gordon, Captain,(\l Fuot 
Andrew John Macpherson, Captain, 24 Foot 
Wm. Edw. Durand Deacon, Capt. 01 Foot 
5irEdw. FitzGerald Campbell, Bt.M^j. OU F. 
Thomas Clement Dunbar, Captain, lb Foot 
Henry Edw. Hillman Burn^ide, Capt. 01 F. 
Charles Doyle Patterson, Captain, 10 Foot 
John Millar Bannatyne, Captain, 8 Foot . . 
George Cliarlcs Synge, Captain, 52 Foot . . 
Henry F^ncis Williams, Captain, 00 Foot 
John Robert Wilton, Captain, 00 Foot .... 
Seymour John Blane, Captain, 63 Foot .... 

RichM Freer, JtfVuor, 27 Foot 

Richard Dawion,'** Capt. b. p. Staff Corps 


10 May 44 

30 Sept. 42 

'30 Oct. 
25 Oct. 
128 July 
11 Dec. 
1 14 June 
1 1 1 June 
i20 April 

24 Juno 
27 May 
123 Sept. 

13 May 

1 Nov. 
20 May 
10 May 

2 Nov. 

25 Nov. 
5 Aug. 

7 Sept 

8 Nov. 


8 Jan. 47 
10 April 47 

38 20 
47; 1 9 
50; 15 
47; 9 
331 3 
42' 1 2 
























7 Aug. 
29 Dec 


45 6 






43 7 


13 June 45,14 Aug. 48 

18 Dec. 

19 Dec. 
!10 Feb. 

15 Juno 
28 Dec. 
!15 Nov. 
126 July 
28 Dec. 
i21 June 

11 Dec. 
. . ■ . ■ I 

28 Oct. 
9 Oct. 
7 Apr. 

29 April 

7 June 

8 Apr. 
15 Jan. 
22 Nov. 

8 Aug. 

2 Dec. 

1ft Apr. 

18 June 


32; 9 
. 123 
43 31 
43j 8 





























49 U 























20 Feb. 67 

10 Mar. |87Nof. n 

13 Mar. 



631 3 April 
44 14 April 
51 28 AprU 
51 IS May 
44 16 May 

44 4 June 

48 16 June 
48 19 June 

45 6 July 
45 9 July 
45 17 July 

50 24 July 

51 24 July 

49 25 Aug. 

6 June 54 28 Aug. 








35 24 
38 30 
43| 8 


47 12 
40 7 

14 Feb. 























67 8 April tf 
8 April M 
8 April M 
8 April M 
8 April M 

6Dw. 44 

IJiiIy CI 

MJaa. 4ft 
iMOcL 41 
19 April M 







53 23 












Sept. 67 
Nov. 67 
Dec. 67 
Jan. 68 


9 Not. fi 

5 Mar. ftl 

16 Sept. 4511 Jan. 
43!24 0ct. 45 15 Jan. 68 

5 Sept. 
18 Juno 51 22 Apr. 5314 Jan. 58 

2 Oct. 
29 Dec. 
1 1 Jan. 

2 July 

2 Aug. 
11 Mar. 
19 April 

3 June 
2 Julv 


1 April 
27 Dec. 
21 June 
17 Dec. 
10 Jan. 
19 Mav 
29 Dec. 









22 May 
21 May 

30! 4 
47 10 
40 14 
38 3 

. ;28 





















38 25 
38 29 

43 17 

44 29 
44 28 
44 '27 

43 25 
44! 2 
41 15 
51 2-2 
48 27 

44 3 



















































Oct m 

April 60 
Apr. 49 

9 0ct 

10 Sept 45 

18 Oct A 




"'' LI BUT. 





14 Uar. 

45 14 Apr. 4G 

IBA^' 50 

WJuly 50' 


23 Feb. 

aalieuct. su 

17 Sept a 


25 Aug. 

*l 3 Sept. 47 

22 Nov. fit 

do 18 Fab. C 

le Dec. 

43'21 July 4G 

7 War. 01 

do ' 


<l Mar. 

4U lii Apr. 42 

D Sept. 61 



B N..T. 

44: 8 Ocl. 47 

7 Gel. 51 


n.iO Dec. 

4.1: 3 Se|.L 45 

3 Jan. 62 



431 4 SepL 45 

14 Jan. 6S 

do 1 

t *> Dec. 

42' IB Aug. 48 

GJulv 52 


..| 4 July 

40 26 July 411 

24 Deo. 6! 


..' 7Ft-h. 

4(1 8 Apr. 42 

15 Mar. 53 

do , 


44, 1 Apr. 4G 10 May 53 


5,. 40 Sov. 

42' B Not. 4027 May 53 


".-.■a Apr. 

411; 9 Aug. 50 IJulv 53 


.. 2 June 

43:)0Ang. 44 23 Dec. 53 


&* ..31July 

4024 Jan. 51 l3J*a. 54 



49'2B Nut. 45 10 liar. 54 


Chu'b. »f,,i,^ n i1q».t. » D«c. 

4714 June 50 21 Apr. 54 


118 Oct 

3!lll7 June 42 1 June 54 


] 16 Apr. 

42' 25 Apr. 45 June 54 


■ 'S6 June 

4027 July 49 OJuM 54 


\H July 

40; 3 Aug. 40 n June 54 


7 Feb. 

40 4 July 43,20 June 54 


3 Dpc. 

47I20 Dec. 5<l 4 Aug. 54 


25 Nov. 

45. 8 June 48 21 SepC 51 


13 June 

5Ui UMay 51 '2 1 Sept. 54 


31 Uar. 

48.23 Sept. 51IIOK0V. 54 


G Sept. 

39130 July 43,10 Dec. 54 


SO Apr. 

47j3t Oct. 51 20 Dec 54 


IG Aug. 

50;30Jiily 52 20 Dec 54 

do : 

2D June 

40124 Dec 52!20Dee. 54 



47ll3 0cL 52il3Jan. 55 


2 Feb. 

41)24 Feb. 54| S Feb. 55 


25 OcL 


10 Sept. 45 7 Feb. 6^ 


10 AuE. 


7 June 54 -20 Feb. 65 


10 April 


5 May 54 25 Feb. 00 




23 May 48 Mar. 55 


'10 Beiit. 


June 54 23 Mar. 55 


!l8 Dec. 

47:30 Jduc 481 1 Apr. 55 


'a April 

49i30June 5IIIO April 55 



4017 Oct 51' 1 Majr 55 


Blvn p Brignd.. 10 April 53 M Oct. 54 10 Au^. 6S 


13 Auk. 

47133 Feb. 40 23 Sept. 65 


[,.le ....18 Mar. 

4314 Nov. 44' 2 Nov. 65 


....: a May 

48|I3 April 53,25 Jan. 5(1 
4UI 1 April 51-23 Feb. 50 


SS! 19 Dec. 


Thom .ilSAprI 

51 Mar. 55 22 Aug. 50 


Hon. iTO Dc VmcI Twlileton Wykaham ) 1.^ ^ j^t„. 

SO t) June 5S| 3 Uar. 57 


eniii^w.. iaAu«. 

.-ill 3 Sept. 54 12 May 57 


fi 1 a Dec. 

5ri«jMU. 55'l7 8epl. 57 


ilt July 

41,22 Fell. 4020 57 
4^13 July 48; OOet. 57 


, Capt. S3 F. 3» I'el.. 

mgoOM.... 4M«y 4u:i7 M.y Sa 27 July M 


S°o™ ;18July 

34,17 May 37, OJune 48 

20 July 

^ .'an OcL 

47ilOOct, 49 15 Sept. 64 


1 2M.y 

40 20 Jan. 47.2(1 Aug. 53 

30 July 


4(1 25 Feb. 42 15 Mar. 5!l 

6 Aug. 


41;20Dee. 42' 3 Oct. 05 


0A,». 1 

'^( I Nov. 

33 10 June 38 17 May 48 

24 Aug. 

iallon -IS Mar. 

4l| 8 May 40 23 Sept. 51 



VirlAAus. 50 27 Sept. 54 


i:ll D.C. 

3!) 8 Apr. 42 15 Mar. 53 

10 Sept. 
15 Sept. 

Tincn . tU Dec. 

37! 3 Julv 41:22 Sept. 01 

1 7 July 

4>,~>7Jnly 47 tO Dca. 54 


.1... 18 0el. 

42 27 July 47i21 Keb. 55 



44 21 Dec. 47 14 July 55 


X2SU ....{.Dee. 

51 25 Mar. 63,20 Jun. 50 


1 ODm. 

44 18 Oct. 45! ODec. 50 

17 Sept. 



13 Aug. 471 « «<>^- » 




Ig, MiQor, 51 Foot 

*«StapyUoiiyiira/or, 8 Dr. Guards 

Captain, Umtt., S, O. of Pent. 

Fisher. Captain, R. Engineers 
^11 Sto|ifurd, do do 

tiCraufurdElphioHtone do do 
Uiy, do do 

ion Cowell, Captain^ Royal £ng. . 
[. Moffatt, MiQ. Canadian Rifles 

ipcott, Major, 32 Foot 

Tie, Captain, retired full pay, 99 F. 
ddell-Boyd, Captain, h. p. 14 ) 
aff Officer of Pensioners .... 5 
a&on, Major, 89 Foot 




15 Oct 50 10 May 53 13 

6 Dec. 50 11 Mar. 53 II 

1 Xov. 28 4 May 32 3 

1 Oct. 47 5J«ily 51 23 

1 Oct. 47 14 July 51 23 

18 Dec. 47 11 Nor. 51 20 

27 June 48 17 Feb. 54 2 

lOJuue 5(»17 Feb. 54 22 

5 No?. 47 3 April .j(j,29 

18 April 4^V;l2Jiiuc 46 

15 Jan. 47 8 June 49 




5 Feb. 36; 2 May 38 

:)rl>ett, Major, 52 Foot 

Mcatlowes Payne, Capt. Cnntt. . 
chad Laffan, Capt. R. Enginet^rs. 
Capt. Unatt., S. O. of Peru.,. 

22 Oct. 

23 Nov. 
I Aug. 
5 May 

10 Feb. 

47.17 Jan. 
.'38 31 Jan. 
26 21 June 
37 1 1 AprU 
25 17 April 

30 Aug. 33.30 Not. 37. 9 Nov. 

14 Dec. 37>22 Sept. 
14 Dec. 37|28Nov. 
14 Doc. 37 3 AprU 
14 Dec. 32 23 Oct. 
17 April 28 14 Oct. 
8 May 3511 Jan. 
37 '28 July 

Imonds Mulock, Major, 70 Foot 18 Mar. 3(5 29 ^os, 
nry Frecliug, Capt. R. Engineers jl4 Doc. 37 27 May 

ercy Lea, M({jor^ 87 Foot 22 Feb. 33121 April 

ed.' Campbell, Major, 87 Foot .. 15 Sept. 37 28 Aug. 

Vincent Hamilton, Captain, ) 
Staff Officer of PetiHotwrs .... S 
ihworth, Captai,,, Cnatt., Sfajf J ^^ „ ^^ jj 

of Pensioners •••! ■ 

C. B. Moody, Capt. R. Engineei*s 
!hibald Leach, Captain, R. Eng. . . 
D Stapleton hurry, Capt., R. Eng. 
te», Capt. h.p. 76 F., S.O. of Pens. 
itagii Brown, Captain, 93 Foot . . 
ne, Capt. Unatt., S. O. of Petis. 
hur White, Captain, Royal Eng. 
Ltkin Welman, Depot Battalion., 
ard Whittingham, Capt,, R. Eng. 
J. Manners, Cupt. R. Horse Gdtf. 
idrews Rawlins, Stf^ Captain, 1 

Depot at Chatham j 

iatt. Major, Roy. Malta Fencibles 
liam Gosnet, Capt. R. Engineers. 
>ment Baillie, Capt, R. Biigioeers. 
I, Capt., Cape Mounted Riflemen, 
pbell, Capt,, Cape M. Riflemen . 
yly Fletcher, Capt. 1 W.India Regt. 
emard C-oUinson, Capt. R. Eng. . . 
Valcott Henderson, Capt, do 
re, Capt. Unatt., S, O. of Pens. 

Dalrymple Wardlaw Ramvay, } 
nsiXt., Dep.Assist.Qr,Mas,Gen. S 
zzo, Capt, Royal Malta Fcncible^t. 
lain Mends, Capt. 2 W. India Regt 
ighes Mesaiter, Captain, 09 Foot . 

rdd. Captain, 70 Foot 

fence Murray, Mi^or, 83 Foot •• 
cmanas Sail, Captain, 37 Foot . . 
j-ber Deering, Mt^or, Depot Batt. 
y. Captain, Royal Eugineers .... 
Robibson Sewell, M<^jor, 15 Foot . 
Tk, Captain, Royal Artillery .... 
IhodeH,"^ Major, Unattached .... 
'lea VanderBpar,CSci7)^. Ceylon Rifles 
ewrott Harrison, Captain, 37 Foot 
imes Orton Swaflield, Mf^or, 31 F. 
arlea Parker, Captain, 71 Foot .. 
m Gordon, Bart., Capt. 17 Lunccrs 
ry St. John, Captain, 93 Foot .. 

D. Mackinnon, Captain ^ Unatt., ) 

officer of Pensioners 5 

Ine Hogge, Major, 5 Foot 

inlpg**™ Biiller, Jf<c[/. Rifle Brig. 
























56- 17 Sept. 58; 

50 do 

4tj 22 Sept. 58 13 Not. 52 

50 (Ju 

50 do 

50 do 

57 23 Sept. 58l 

58j2d Sept. 

54.24 Sept. 

52|2C Sept. I 

57| 5 Oct. 

40|l0Oct. j30Juno 57 

54jl3 0ct. 
40 15 Oct. 

20 Oct. 5824 Sept. 41 










9 Sov, 40 

39 9 

14 Dec. 
17 Jan. 

14 Dec. 
20 Oct. 

7 Nov. 

20 Jan. 
10 June 
10 June 

27 Mar. 

2 Mar. 

21 Apr. 
16 June 
10 June 
25 Oct. 

15 Dec. 

15 Jan. 

3 Nov. 
15 Juno 

3 June 

28 Nov. 

8 Dec. 

3 Mar. 
19 Mar. 
10 Feb. 
19 Mar. 

19 Mar. 
10 Aug. 
28 July 
27 Feb. 

4 Mar. 
14 June 

20 Nov. 

40 16 Mar. 

37 28 July 
40j 4 Aug. 

41 '29 Doc. 

2631 July 
38, 7 Sept. 
38|l9 Feb. 
35' 6 Nov. 
39 10 Feb. 
43 19 Apr. 

38 9 Mar. 

38 1 Apr. 
39! 9 Nov. 

40| 5 Aug. 

27-27 Oct. 
37 26 Oct. 
30|29 Sept. 
30' 19 Oct. 
371 7 Jan. 
37 1 1 Sept. 
37 17 Oct. 
38^18 Sept. 

39 13 Aug. 

41 25 June 

39 9 Oct. 

40 17 June 
40 21 Jan. 

42 16 Feb. 
























5 Feb. 47 



41 10 












18 July 
23 Nov. 

39|20 July 
39! 29 July 
34 3 Sept. 

38 3 Sept. 
42 14 Nov. 

40 12 Sept. 

39 8 June 

41 3 Sept. 
4028 June 

40 27 Sept. 
44|20 July 
42:28 Sept 
42| 8 Feb. 

48 19 Apr. 
44 20 Dec. 
51 20 Oct. 

49 20 July 














47 1 
50 12 
47 23 
50 20 
50 7 


1 July 36-23 Mar. 3815 Oct. 47 

4 June 43 9 Nov. 

11 Oct. 45 24 Sept. 



46 3 June 53 

47 26 Sept. 54 

















25 June 53 

13 Dec. 

17 Dec. 

30 Nov. 55 


130 Nov. 55 

27 Dec. 50 
10 Aug, 55 

9 Oct. 55 

19 Nov. 58 

11 Feb. 64 





37111 May 

44ilU Nov. 

42 36 Jan. 

25 April 46. 9 Jan. 

13S«pt dlj 4 July 

27 Aug. 4M2 Dec. 

2 Oct. 4o| 1 July 

2U May 49) 8 Not. 
17 April 42 16 Dec. 
25 Oct 42,16 Dec. 

5]jl5 Feb. 

39l 4 Jan. 

3630 Aug. 


17 Oct. 
10 Sept 

7 Oct. 

17 Mar. 

8 May 

24 April 35 

18 June 42j 

29 Dec. 
31 Dec. 

30 Oct 
5 Sept. 

23 Aug. 
4 Aug. 43 
14 June 45 
16 July 41 

25 Feb. 45 



Webftter TliomHs Gordon, Major, 66 Foot . . 1 Dec. 

Geo. Rand,'^' Captabt, r. f. p. Invalid Depot 8 Mar. 

Chrif. Monteith Hamilton, Captain^ 92 Foot 3 Feb. 

Chaa. Penrose Coode, dipt,, r. f. p. R. Mar. 1 Aug. 

Barcloy Thomas, Major, 27 Foot 31 Dec. 

Hon. Wm. Leopold Talbot,*^ Afc^'or, Unatt. 20 May 

T. Cochrane, Capt,, Gold Coast Art. Corps 

T. Smith, Captain, Unatt. S, O, of Pent,., 

Francis Fane, Mqjor, S5 Foot 

J. Chester, Captain, b.p. Yk. Chass. S. O. \ 
qf Pens S 

Thomas Nisbet, Megor, 1 Dr. Gds 

James Arthur Gore, Major, 71 Foot 

£. J. Charter, Mtyor, Depot Batt 

H. A. Trevclyan, Mqjor, 7 Hussars 

Wm. B. Tho. aider,»«» Capt,, r. f. p. R. Mar. 

C. Pattison, Capt., h.p. 56 F., S, 0. of Pens. 

Thomas Peebles, Mqjor, 11 Foot 

Frank Chaplin, Mt{jor, 3 Dr. Gds 

J. K. Sharp, Copt., h.p. 1 F. S, 0. of Pens, 

Robert B. M'Crca, Capt., R. Artillery 

Thomas Tculon, Mqjor, 35 Foot 

FiUroy Geo. Smith, Mqjor, 7 Dr. Gds 

Aug. Barnard Hankey, Major, 69 Foot .... 

Henry C. Marriott, Captain, 82 Foot 

Geo. Edm. Halliday, Captain, 82 Foot .... 

John B. Thelwall, CB. Captain, 24 Foot . . 

Samuel Peters Jarvis, Captain, 82 Foot. . . . 

Geo. Samuel Young, Captain, 80 Foot .... 

Wm. Roberts Farmar, Captain, 82 Foot .. 

F. Van Straubenzce, Captain, 13 Foot .... 

Geo. Murray Miller, Captain, 79 Foot .... 30 Jan. 

Cha. F. Young, Captain, R. Artillery .... 2 Hay 
W. H. Vise. Dangan, Lt. and Capt, \ 

ColdstGds ) 

Robert Stacy Colls, Captain, 32 Foot 

Beyil Granyille, Captain, 23 Foot 

Fra. Edw. Cox, Captain, R. Engineers .... 

John M'C. Campbell, Captain, R. Art 

E. C. D. Radcliffc, Captain, 88 Foot 

Geo. Henry J. Helgham, Captain, 23 Foot 
Thomas Casey Lyons, Captain, 20 Foot. • • . 
J. H. Wyatt, Captain, Military Tlrain .... 

Conyngham Jones, Captain, 60 Foot 

A. Clarke Johnson, Captain, Roy. Artillerj 
Sir C. F. Wheeler Cuffe, Bart. Capt, 66 Ft. 
Thomas H. Stisted, Captain, 7 Hussars .... 
John Alexander Dalzell, Captain, 53 Foot.. 
John Terrcnce N. O'Brien, Captain, 20 Foot 
Ft«d. Montagu Alison, Captain, 19 Foot .. 

Peter Burton Roe, Captain, 60 Foot 

Cha. W. Grange, Captain, Canadian Rifles 

Edward Uardingc, Major, 80 Foot 

William Ross King,^^' Mtuor, Unattached. . 
17C Wm. Geo. D. Stewart,*" M^for, Unatt 

Douglas Jones, Captain, Unattached 

H. £. Delacombe,^^ Captain, r. f. p. R. Mar. 
George Wm. W. Carpenter, Major, 7 Foot . 
T. L. J. Gallwey, Captain, Royal Engineers 119 Mar. 
Charles L. de \Vinton, Mqjor, 16 Foot . . ••115 Feb. 
l^QtUon. Aug. II. A. Anson, Captain, 7 Dr8.|27 May 
Edw. N. Moles^i'orth, Captaiti^ 27 Foot. . . . i 1 Dec. 
T. Bourke, Captain, h. p. 27 F. S. 0, of Pens,'. 9 May 
Jffon, Fred. B. Pakcnham, Mtjjor, Unatt. ••! 8 Feb. 
George Henry Wynyard, Mqjor, 58 Foot . .! 3 May 

Valentine Baker, Mqjor, 10 Hussars I 1 Aug. 

Hon. JameA C. Dormer, Captain, 13 Foot. . :12 May 53 
Arch. A. Douglas, Captain, Royal Marines 112 May 48 
J. G. Cavendish Disbrowe, Captain, A9 FootI never 
William Henry Orme, Captabt, 85 Foot • • . . UM Jan. 45 
VC Henry Edw. Jerome, Captain, 19 Foot|21 Jan. 48 


12 Sept 48 
39117 May 41 
43127 Sept. 44 


14 May 
25 May 

15 Nor. 

41.24 No?. 


47 8 Nov. 
44 14 April 48 
47 25 Jan. 55 
34 19 Nov. 47 
43 10 Jan. 51 

42 3 Dec. 47 

6 Feb. 
31 Oct. 

9 Feb. 

4 April 
37|15 Dec. 
47:11 Sept 
40 20 June 



19 June 46 

15 April 42 

3 April 46 
15 Jan. 47 
26 July 44 
1 1 April 46 

17 Aug. 38 30 April 41 


14 Feb. 
16 May 

6 Aug. 
27 June 

9 July 

22 June 
31 Aug. 
20 Sept. 44 
25 Feb. 48 
19 June 50 

16 May 
3 April 

30 Jan. 
1 1 Sept. 

17 Oct 

23 July 
3 Nov. 

11 Jan. 
11 July 

2 June 
130 Dec. 

1 Aug. 
17 June 

2 April 47 
30 June 48 

23 July 52 























24 April 43 
6 June 54 

20 Feb. 

1 Nov. 
18 Aug. 
10 Feb. 

2 Nov. 
26 June 

21 Oct 
17 Jan. 
21 April 54 

10 Dec. 47 
14 Mar. 

5 May 

1 Sept. 
26 July 

2 May 
31 Dec. 

5 Nov. 
21 Feb. 

26 Nov. 

1 1 May 

27 Jan. 
23 No?. 

2 July 

8 Dec. 

2 April 

2 May 
20 Oct 
19 Sept. 
29 July 

50 12 Nov. 52 
45 8 June 52 
45 15 Mar. 53 
53 8 Dec. 54 
43 13 Dec. 52 
30 10 Dec. 47 
41 1 6 Juno 51 
581 8 April 53 
3817 Dec. 47 
43 28 Nov. 48 
40 31 Dec. 47 

30 July 52 
29 May 49 

2 Feb. 49 
10 Aug. 49 
21 Dec. 49 
21 Sept. 52 

31 Oct 52 
13 May 53 

OJune 54 

4 Aug. 54 

13 Sept. 64 

21 Sept. 54 

20 Feb. 55 

16 Mar. 55 
1 April 55 
1 April 55 

8 June 55 
6 July 55 

27 July 65 
3 Aug. 55 
6 May 56 

1 Jan. 57 
20 Mar. 57 

9 Oct 57 
19 Nov. 57 

2 Feb. 58 
13 April 58 

17 June 51 
31 Dec. 

22 Dec. 
30 July 
29 Dec. 

28 Jan. 

23 Jan. 
12 Jan. 

2 Feb. 
10 Mar. 




18 Aug. 

25 May 

9 Feb. 






















IJao. 60 

II Jan. 60 

16 Jan. 60 
18 Jan. 
25 Jan. 

28 Jan. 60 28 Jo. 
28 Jan. I 
13 Feb. 60|l9Nfr. 
18 Feb. 

20 Feb. 69 4 Vij 

25 Feb. 
4 Mar. 
8 Mar. 
8 Mar. 

18 Mar. 

25 Mar. 69.16 Alg. 
1 AprU 

1 April 

2 April 60 5JiiM 

8 April 

9 April 

19 April 
22 April 

26 AprU 59 



29 April 69 
I May 69) 
4 May 60 
6 May 69 6 Miy 
6 May 50 6 Mij 

10 May 60 7 Jo. 

13 May 60 

13 May 60 

14 May 


48 24 May 

6 July 55'2dMay 
2 Dec. 51' 3 June 

27 Mnr. 48 12 June 69 

8 Oct. 50|14 June 69 

9 Oct. 55, do 
1 Aug. 56. do 

11 Mar. 59| do 

7 Muy 59|17 June 59 

81 Aug. 
14 Jane 

3 April 46 13 Jan. 

30 AprU 52 

31 Mar. 


23 July 58 

20 June 
1 July 
1 July 



Cirpfaift. 1 West India Regt. 
kmtrtim, Vaptain, 71 Foot..** 

md, Mt^t ^ F^t 

Gore, Mqjcry 3 Foot « 

y Mt^OTy 4 Dragoon Gnards . . 
Ightni, Mqfor, 8 Hoasan .... 
Loogfotd, Captain, 2 Lifb Gda. 
Capiidn, r. f. p. 86 Foot . . . 

Cbpialn, Foot 

abj, Captain, Rnyal Engineer! 

ri|^, 16 HuMara 

Bfenry Hawker, Captain, Z\ F. 

i|»littii, 72 Foot 

Clowes, Captain, 8 Hatsars. . 

ly Piatt, Mq^or, 46 Foot 

Mqjar, 60 Foot • . • 

irles Smith, Mqfor, 80 Foot •• 
on Slade, Mqjor, 1 Dr. Gds. . 
FeU White, Mqjor, 40 Foot. . 

I, Mqfor, Military Train 

Macdonald, Mqfor, 77 Ft>ot. . 
er FIMd, Captain, R. Artillerj 
eU, Mqjor, Coast Artillery • 
ih Carmlchael, Capt, 95 Foot 
Herryn N agent, ••• Mqjor, } 
iat. Adij. Oen. at Aldei'shot S 
■ngelley,*'* Capt, R. Mar. 
I Walker, Mqjor, 25 Foot. • . . 

r. Captain, 8 Foot 

igton, Mqjor, 29 Foot 

lie Warren, Major, 20 Foot . . 

m. Major, 70 Foot 

. H. Crowe, Captain, 10 Foot 



2 June 

16 Sept. 

18 Sept. 

28 July 

27 Oct. 


8 April 

15 July 

10 Mar. 
12 Oct. 

19 Jan. 
1 Dec. 

11 Mar. 
30 Sept. 
10 Sept. 

8 Oct. 
25 Oct. 

12 May 
1 Jan. 

30 Dec. 

27 June 

1 July 

15 Dec. 


86 29 Jan. 41 
80 18 June 41 
5) ;i2 Sept. 54 
49^17 Aug. 52 






















25 Oct. 42 

19 June 
28 Oct. 

26 Jan. 
23 June 
12 Dec. 
31 May 

27 Oct. 


7 April 
19 May 

23 May 
9 May 

13 No?. 
15 Dec. 54 

7 Dec. 41 
29 July 44 

21 April 46 
2 Aug. 50 

19 Jan. 55 

20 July 44 
26 July 44 

24 Dec. 45 
9 June 46 

14 May 47 
10 Aug. 42 
10 Not. 43 

1 Nor. 48 

22 Oct. 52 
31 Dec. 44 











20 Oct. 

6 April 
23 Oct. 
3^9 Dec. 

7 June 

30 June 

8 Dee. 
14 AprU 
23 Jan. 

31 Aug. 
14 AprU 

8 Dee. 
14 April 

1 Dec. 
17 Sept. 
17 Oct. 

7 Jan. 

1 May 

28 Aug. 
13 Dec. 

1 Not. 
26 Jan. 

1 April 
10 May 

29 Dec. 

















54 23 




15 Mar. 53 












July 60 









Ang. 50 








Not. 69 



Not. 591 

8 July 60 




18 Not. 59 


Dee. 69 

Dee. 69 

Dec. 69 

Dee. 60 

Dee. 69 

Dec. 69 



War Services of the Majors. 

1 Major de Brem served the campaigns in Germany from 179*2 to 1800 ; in E^pt Id 1801 ; In 
Naples in 1805 ; in Calabria in 1800 ; in Eg>7)t In 1807 ; at the taking of Ischia in 1800 ; at the 
siege of Santa Maura in 1810 ; at the defeat of the French in Sicily in the same year; in tlie 
campaigns of 1811, 12, 13, 14 in th(> Peninsula and south of France. Severely wounded in Ger- 
many on the 30th September 1790 ; and again at the battle of the Pyrenees on the 90th July 1818. 

2 Major Thomas Wilson served in the 28th Regiment the Egyptian campaign of 1801 (Gold 
Medal). Expedition to Hanover in 1805-0. In the Peninsula, and was present at tlM battles 
of fiusaco, in the Lines of Torres Vedras, affair of Campo Mayor, investment of 01iven9a, ftrrt 
siege of Badajoz, battle of Albuhera, surprise of GIrani's Corps at Arroyo Molinot and Las 
Navas, affairs of Fuentes del Maestro, Miravete, and Bridge of Almaraz, retreat from Salamanca, 
and battle of Vittoria (severely wounded). He has the War Medal with four Clasps. 

3 Major Christopher Wilkinson sensed the campaign of 1799 in Holland, under the Quke of 
York. Accompanied the expedition to the north of Germany in 1805, under Lord Cathcart. 

4 Major Sandliam served the campaign of 1790 in Holland, including the actions of the 37th 
Aug., 10th and 19th Sept., and 2nd Oct. Expedition to Copenhagen in 1807 ; to Sweden, and 
afterwards to Portugal and Spain, under Sir John Moore in 1808-9; subsequently to Walebereo, 
in 1809 ; the campaign in Holland, in 1814 ; and in Flanders and France in 1815, inclading tlie 
battle of Waterloo. 

5 Major the Honourable Sir Francis Stanhope served in the 11th Foot at the siege of Plashing 
in 1809 ; and with the Ist Life Guards in the Peninsula and south of France, and was on tlie Staff 
at the battle of Toulouse, for which battle he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

6 Sir Trevor Whcler served in the Peninsula with the 16th Light Dragoons from June 1810 
to the end of that v^ar in 1814, including the pursuit of Massena from the lines, actions of Pom- 
bal, Redinha, Foz d'Arouco, and Sabugal ; i>attle of Fuentes d'Onor, actions of Llerena and 
Castrejon, battle of Salamanca, retreat from Burgos, battles of Vittoria, the Niyelle, and the 
Nive, 9th to 12th Dec. Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battle of W^aterloo. Sir 
Trevor has received the War Medal with four Clasps for Fuentes d'Onor, Salamanca, Vittoria, and 

7 Major Sherer 6er\'ed in the Peninsula with the 34th Rest, from July 1809 to Dec 1811, a&d 
from August 1812 to July 1813, Including the battles of Bu^aco, Albuhera, Arroyo de MuUno, 
Vittoria and Maya In the Pyrenees. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Busaco, 
Albuhera, and Vittoria. 

8 Major Hartman served in the ex]>edition to Hanover in 1805-6 ; at the siege of Copenhagen 
in 1807 ; in Sweden, Portugal, and Spain in 1808-9, including the advance and retreat of the 
army, and in the battle of Corunna. Expedition to Walcberen 1809 ; subsequent campaigns in 
the Peninsula and France, including the defence of Tarifa and affair of Casus Viejas, battle of 
Barrosa, actions of Arroyo del Molino and Almaraz, battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees (35th, SOtli 
and 31st July), Pass of Maya, Nivelle, Nive, Bayonne, and Orthes ; affair at St. PaUUs, and 
battle of Toulouse. He has i*eceived the War Medal with eight Clasps. 

9 Major Mackay served with the 68th Regt. on the expedition to Walcberen, an^ at the capture 
of Flushing in 1809. Also in the Peninsula from June ^11 to the end of that war in 1814, Including 
the battle of Salamanca, retreat from Burgos, and battles of Vittoria (wounded in the head), the 
Pyrenees, the Nivelle, and Orthes, for which he has received the War Medal with live Clasps. 

10 Major Charters served with the expedition to Hanover, under Lord Cathcart, in 1805 ; the 
Walcberen expedition, in 1809 ; and campaign in Holland, under Lord L}'nedoch, in 1814. 

13 Mujor Castieau served with the R. M. Battalion on the North Coast of Spain co-operating 
with the troops of the Queen of Spain during the Carlist war iu 1836-37 (Brevet Major and Cross 
of San Fernando). 

14 Major Willoughby Montagu served at the siege of Dantzic, in 1813; also the campaign 
of 1815, Including the battle of Waterloo and capture of Cambray. Is a Knight of 4th CiaM of 
St. Wladimir of Russia. 

10 Major Tew served with the 50th Regt. in the battle of Punniar (Medal). Also the campaign 
of 1845-6 on the Sutlej (Medal and three Clnsps), including the battles ot Moodkee, Feroxesbah, 
Aliwal, and Sobraon (dangerously wounde<l). 

17 Major Mundy was nominated to the 4th Class of the Medjidie for service with the Osmanli 
Horse Artillery as Lieutenant General, second in command. 

18 MajorC H. L.Tinling served with the ISth Regt. at the captui-e of Rangoon, 11th Ma7l824 

19 Major Murray served with the 42nd Highlanders at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
June 1855, and assault of the outworics on the 18th June ( Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of 
the Medjidie). 

20 Mujor Orm^by served with the 80(h Regiment during the Sutlej campaign of 1846, end was 
present at the affair of Buddiwal, and in tlic battles of Aliwal and Sobraon (Medal and one 
Clasp). Served during the Burmese war of 1852-3, and was present at the assault and capture 
of Pegu on 4th Juno 1852, wli< re he commanded the storming party ; commanded at the Pagoda 
Hill stockade at Martaban on the night of the 18th July 1852, \vhen attacked by the enemy ; aad 
was olso at the capture of Prome (Medal). 

22 Major Nasmyth served at the defence of Silistria in May and June 1854 ; and afterwards in 
the Ciimeun campaign of the saine year, including the battle of Alma and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasps) ; he has also a Gold Medal awarde<I him by the Turkish Qovemineot, for his 
services with the Turkish Army in the campaign on the Danube in 1854. 


fFar Servicei of the JMqfars 89 

33 Major LoqIb Mirad the Egyptiaii campaign of 1801, for which he has received the Silver 
War M cdil with one CUap, 

S4 M^or Metcalfe senred the Egyptian campaiiai of 1801 with the 70th Highlanden, for which 
he has received the Silver War Medui with one Clasp. 

25 Major H. C. Martin served on the expedition against the Danish and Swedish West India 
TalawMia in 1801 ; likewise on the expedition against the French Islands in 1803. 

2^ Mijor FuUarton serted in tbe Peninsula witli the 38th Regt, and was present at the battles 
of Roleiay Vimieray Talavera, and Salamancay for whicli ho has received the War Medal with four 

^ Major Wooda served with the Buffi in tbe Peninsuhi in 1808,9, 10, and 11, was present at 
tbe passage of the Douro and capture of Oporto, battles of Talavera and Busaco, lines at Torres 
Vedrasy action at Campo Mayor, and battle of Albuhera, where he was severely wounded, having 
lost his right leg. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Talavera, Busaco, and 

30 MajorColbyscrvedat Walchereuinl800. 

SO Major Skene served in the Peninsula with the 24th Regt., and was present at the battle of 
Talavera (severely wounded), for which he has received the W^ar Medal with one Clasp. 

31 Mi^or Hulme served in the Peninsula from March 1810 to the end of that war in 1814, including 
the 2nd siege of Badajoz, battles of Nivelle and Nive ( 10th to 13th Dec. ), passage of the Adour, in- 
vestment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. In Murch 1815 be joined the army in tiie Nether- 
lands» and assistt'd in tbe organization of the Pontoon train at Antwerp :— Early in May, in order to 
secure a shorter and more direct communication between Brussels and Antwerp, he was entrusted 
with the construction of a bridge of vessels at Boom, acrosb the Rupel, a lai'ge navigable branch of the 
Scheldt, which having completed and maintained until the victory at Waterloo rendered it no longer 
requisite, he followed the army to Pans in command of a division of the Pontoon train, where he re- 
mained uutil 1816. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Nivelleand Nive. 

32 Major Agnew served with the 82nd Rcgt. during the Peninsular campaiuns of 1808, 9, 12, and 
13, and was present at the capture of Oporto, battle of Talavera, and sub»oquent affairs ; also at the 
battle of Vittoria, where his leg was so severely fractured aa to require three separate amputations 
of the thigh. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

33 Major Pringle served in tbe Peninsula from Jan. 1810 to the end of that War in 181 4, including 
the battlesof N ivelle and Nive (wounded), and investment of Bayonne. Scn'ed also tbe campaign 
of 1815, and whs severely wounded st Waterloo. He lias received the War Medal with three Clasps 
for Nivelle, Nive, and Orthes. 

34 Major Knapman served at Lissa, in 1811 (wounded); and in boats cutting out an Algcrine 
brig at Bona, in 1825 (War Medal with one Clasp). 

36 Miyor G. V. ThiUng served in the Peninsula from Nov. 1813 to the end of that war in 1814. 

36 Mijor John Wilson served in the Artillery Companies of the 2nd Battalion Royal Marine 
during the war in North America in 1 813. Has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

37 Major Humby has received the "War Medal with one Clasp for the battle of Algiers. 

36 Mi^or Manners served in the Peninsula from Feb. 1810 to Dec 181G, and was present at the 
battle of Barroea (wounded), and the defence of Tarifa and Cadiz. He has received tlie Silver 
War Medal with one Clasp for Barrosa. 

39 Miyor Schalch served at the capture of Guadaloupein 1815. 

40 Major Charles Gordon served in the American war in 1814 and 15 with the 93rd Regt., and 
was severely wounded in tbe lelt cheek at New Orleans, 8tb Jan. 1815. 

41 Major Robert Cochrane served in the Peninsula with the Rifle Brigade from August 1811 to 
the end ot that war in 1814, including tbe defence of Cadiz, actions of the Aranjuaz, San Munos, 
and San Milan ; battle of Vittoria, bnd action at the bridge of Vera. Served also the campaign of 
1816, and was present at the battle of Waterloo and capture of Paris. Severely wounded in the 
left arm at Vera, and slightly in the left breast at Waterloo. He has received the War Medal with 
two Claspa. 

42 Major Dowdall sorved the Mahratta campaigns of 1818 and 19, including tbe taking of 
Loghur, Isapoor. Kooaree, Rhygur, Raree, besides several other small forts, and he was severely 
wound^ & the storming of Raree, having sustained the total loss of the right eye, and a por- 
tion of the nose and jaw-bone. Served also in the Burmese war under Sir Archibald Camp- 
bell, and was severely wounded in storming the Dalla stockades near Rangoon on the 0th Dec. 
1824. Captain Dowdall commanded and led the Light Company of the 89th Regt. to five dif- 
ferent storms. 

43 Major Hugh Morgan served on tlie expedition to Walcheron in 1809, and was present at the 
bombardment of Flushing ; served afterwards in the Peninsula from 1812 to the end of the war in 
1814, including tbe defence of Cadiz, battles of the Pyrenees, tde«e of San Sebastian (severely 
WDHnded) and battle of Toulouse : he has received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

44 Major Welchman served at Copenhagen in 1807 ; at Walchereu and forcing the Scheldt 
in 1809. Commanded 180 Marines at Cheribon and took possession of the fort, 4th Sept. 1811 ; 
also at the inrrender of Panca, when a Regiment of Infantry laid down their arms. In the 
Eoyal Marine Battalion at the capture of Java in 1811. At the capture of the American frigate 
Presidentf and expedition up the Penobscot, and commanded the detachment of Royul Marines 
at Manehiaa, where he captured three field-pieces, and was honourably mentioned. Was at the 
battle of Algiers, 1816 (War Medal and Clasps). 

46 Mi^or J. U. Richardson served in the Channel Fleet, undor Lords Gardiner and St. Vincent; 
tbe Belleiale squadron, under Sir Richard Keates, when endeavouring to intercept Jerome Bona- 
parta : and at the capture of La Rhin by Mars 74. With Admiral Murray and Brigadicr-Gecvetai 
Cranfvifd'fe expedition of 5,000 men originally intended for Lima, but on arma\ al XYtftCa.^^ oi ^^^«A 

00 War Seffrias of ihs Majors. 

Hope ordered to join General Whitelocke'i army in Bio Plata; landed with Marinei at Monte 
Video, and brigaded with detachments under command of the Hon. Lieut-Col. Deant, 8Sth B^ 
Serred in the Baltic, and while pasBinp: the Sound, partially engaged the eaatle of Cronenbai^ ; 
Joined the squadron under i^ir James Sauinarez in pursuit of Russian fleet, to Rogerawiek Bay. 
Severely wounded in several places on board Africa 64, in action with Danish flotilla oonaiBting of 
S6 heavy gun and mortar bouts, in Kiofi:G Bay, near Copenhagen, SO Oct. l^d/a^-^ Africa levn 
killed, fifry-six wounded, blockarle of Toxel, under Sir Samuel Hood; and Scheldt under Sir 
Bichard Strachan and Sir Edward Pellew. Served with the Walcheren expedition in the Tkmiui 
74, and diAmantlcd and brought away its laAt gun- boat. Toulon fleet. Landed in company with 
other detacnments of marines and seamen, and some Spanish troops, on an island in Uie Bay of 
Bosas ; dislodged French garrison, and blew up the castle. Landed in company with other detach- 
ments of marines and seamen, 1813, at Sagona Bay, Island of Cor8ica,---deatroyed and brought 
off a great quantity of valuable ship timl)er. Affairs of coasts, &c. Served in tlie Wcat In^es 
and North America; and has received a reward from the Patriotic Fund. 

46 Major Robert Webb served in H. M. S. Superb at the battle off St. Domhigo, 6th Feb. 
1806 ; at Copenhagen in 1807 ; at Walcheren in 1809. W^ounded in an attack on an armed dn- 
voy in the Adriatic, 22nd May 1812. Has received the War Medal with one Claap. 

48 Bfajor Hcwett served blockuding the French fleet off Brest, Rochefort, and Ferrol, and 
was severely wounded in the nction with the combined fleets of France and Spain 32od Joly 
1805. In the 1st Battalion Royal Marines under Sir Arthur Wellesley, in Portugal, and at 
Lawris, and Galesga. In the 2nd Battalion, under Sir Sidney Beck with, during the war in 
North America, — at the attack on Craney I»land, the storming of Hampton, taking of Queen- 
town, and Kent Island ; frequently employed as an engineer officer, in command of outposts, 
and of gun-boats whilst attached to the Corps of observation, led the forlorn hope at the oaptnre 
of Fort Oswego where he climbed the flagstaff and tore down the American Colors (severely 
wounded) ; — officially thanked hy Colonel de Watteville for his conduct on this occasion. 

49 Major Devon was Adjutant of the Artillery Companies of the Royal Marinea serving in 
North America during the war in 1813-14. 

60 Major Evan Morgan served in the Peninsula and France from October 1818, to June 
1814, including the passage of the A dour, and battle of Toulouse, for which he has receivad the 
War Medal with one Clasp. He served also the campaign of 1814 in Canada, under Sur Oooiige 

62 Major Jervis Cook served at the capture of Martinique in 1800 and cutting out the 
French brig N'uus. At the destruction of Loire and Seine at Ancc la Barque, and the capture 
of Guadaloupe in 1810. On the north-coast of Spain and in the Gironde, and attached to the 
Artillery in Flanders (War Medal with three Clasps). 

63 Major Shute served with the Royal Marine Battalion in co-operation with the troopa of 
the Queen of Spain against the Carlists in 1838. 

64 Major William Davis was landed in 1809 at Mahon, in Minorca, in command of a de- 
tachment of Marines, to prevent the prisoners of war in the Lazaretto from rising and effecting 
their escape during a Mutiny of the Spanish Walloon Quards. At the capture and d e alt u ctiton 
of a fort on Isle Vcrte, near La Civitat, 1st June 1812, he received a severe wound by a rifle- 
ball, in the right thigh. On the 8th May 1813, as a volunteer, at the cutting out of an armed 
Xybec fn)m under the fort and tower of Orbitcllo. At the capture of the island of Ponaa, under 
8ir Charles Napier, where, as a volunteer, with a detachment of Marinea, he landed, and 
atormed and captured one of the batteries. On the 4th Oct. 1813, as a volunteer in the atom- 
ing of the fort protecting the anchorage ut Marinello, when one gun-boat and thirteen of the 
enemy's vessels deeply laden were captured, and one gun-boat sunk. At the landing of the 
Italian Levy at Via Reggio in 1813. At the landing near Leghorn, in Dec. 1813, when 970 
Marines charged and defeated between 000 and 700 French Infantry, supported by 30 Cavalry 
(received a sabre wound from the ciiarge of Cavalry). At the capture of a castle near Spiiiia, 
26th March 1814. Present at the siege and capture of fort Santa Maria, 2iith March following. 
Also at the capture of Genoa, under Lord William Bentinck. 

65 Major Colin Mackenzie joined the army of the Netherlands on the 4th JuW 1814, and 
served under Lord Lynedoch, the Prince of Orange, and the Duke of Wellington, Cuntinunualy 
from the above date, in Flanders and France, till the ovacuation of Paris by the Allied Annies 
In the spring of 1816, and was present at the capture of Paris. Embarked in command of a 
Company of Royal Sappers and Miners for Caua<la, on the first outbreak, and served as Senior 
Royal Engineer on the Niai^aiti Frontier during 1838-0. 

66 Major llewson served in the American war, and was engaged at the battle of Niagara and 
aiege of Fort Erie. Served also in the Burmese war (Medal). 

67 Major Cracknell sssisted at the capture of eight armed vessels and twelve vessels laden with 
stores for the Russian Army at Percola Point on 7ih July 1800 (War Modal with one Clasp). 

68 Major Henry James was present at the capture of Fort San Philippe (Balageur), and siege 
of Tarragona in 1813. Also at the bombardment of Algiers in 1816 (War Medal with one Claap). 

69 Major Beverhoudt served at the capture of Guadaloupe in 1816. 

60 Major John Kelly accompanied the effective men of the wing <if the 6th Regt. atationed at 
Aden, which formed part of an expe<lition of 600 men under the command of Lieut.-Col. Penny- 
cnick, which destroyed the Arab poets of Sheik Mtdi and Sheik Othman, and skirmiabea between 
those places on the 6th Oct. 1841. 

62 Major Mascall served in co-operation with the army at Corunna and during tlie defBaoe of 
Cadiz. Was in a general Boat action near Port St. Mary's fc>r which he haa a Medal. 

63 Major Paseoe has received the Silver War Medal with one Clasp for Java ; also the M aval 
Wmt Hedal with one Claap for the action with the French Mgatea off Madagaacar aad tha i 

War Smrieet of the Mc^s. 91 

dar df Ow Itle 4a 1ft PftMe In Fab. 1811. Sanred in tba 3rd Battalion R. M. in North Amarica, 
pcrtleipatiaf la Tariooa Important lanrioea during the war in 1814-15. 

04 Mi^ Saaria larvad at Walcharsn in 1809. Aloo throaglioat the Syrian campaign (War 
Medal with one Clasp and Turkish Medal). 

65 Major Henry Smith eenred with the Royal Marine Battalion at dMouni in Syria in 
1840, and wu present at the bombardment of St. Jean d'Acre (Turlcish Medal and War Medal 
with one Clasp). 

6G Major Dnsantoy serred at Waleheren; at the capture of Gtonoa; and in two partial 
aeUooa wilh French Fleets off Toulon and Marseilles. 

07 Major R. 8. Ridge served the Mabratta and Pindaree campaigns of 1817 and 18, and after- 
waida with the expedition to the Persian Gnlf, including the siege of Ras-el-Kyma. 

08 Major Thomas Park was actively employed in the Haltic during 1810, 11, and 13. From 
1818 antil the peace, served on the coast of America and the West Indies, including the attack on 
Crania Island, and landed at the taking of Hampton, in the Cketapeoke, 

69 Ma}or Jamee Dowman served at the defence of Cadiz, 1810. 11, and 12, during which 
period be waa repeatedly engaged in action against the enemy both on land and in boatu, culling 
ont fte. At the blockading of the French fleet off Brest in 1813. During the late campaign 
on the coast of Syria in 1840 and 41, including the storming and capture of Sidon, surrender of 
Beypout, bombardment and fail of St. Jean d'Acre ; served also with the Royal 3Iarine Battalion 
at tba camp at D'Jouni (War Medal and Clasp and Turkish Medal). Served in the Kaffir war of 
1846-47 (Medal). 

70 Major John Law was in the notion with, and capture of, the Chetapeake by the Shannon^ 
on the 1st June 1813. He was also at the capture of Fort St. Elmo, and the batteries at Naples 
<m the Slst May 1816. Has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

71 Major Nepean served with tha Royal Marines at the capture of u convoy and destruction 
of battarfaa at Huone, and in co-operation with the Austrian army at the reduction of Trieste in 1813. 

7S Mijor Valentine Beadon served off the coast of France from 1811 to 1814, and was 
present in various boat actions. In 1815 he was at the capture of Naples and Gaeta; and in 1824 
saveraly engaged with pirates in the West Indies. 

78 Major Header Monnsteven served at the attack of various posts, &c., on the Prontien of 
Canada, and within tha United States in 1813, 14, and 15. Served also with the 48th in the 
operationa against the Rajah of Coorg, in April 1834. 

74 Major Qardine Shaw served at the siege and capture of HattraM, and throughout the 
Mahratta campaigns of 1817 and 1818. He served also at the siege and capture of the Forts of 
Panalla and Powngbnr in the Southern Mahratta Country in 1844-5. 

75 Major George Mainwaring served with the 87th Regt. in the Burmese war, in 1825 and 36, 
Ha aerTed with the SSnd throughout the operations in Sdndo (Medal), under Sir Charles Napier, 
fnelnding the destmetion of the Fort of Imanmghur, and the Imttles of Meeanee and Hyderabad. 

76 Major Edleston served with the Royal Marines at the attack on New Orleans, 8th Jan. 1816. 

77 Major W. J. King served the campaigns of 1818 and 10 in Concan, in India. Served in 
the Burmese war in 1824 and 25 (Medal with one Clasp), and received a severe contusion when 
leading tba attack on the White Pagoda, an outwork of the stockade of Donabew. 

78 Major Rotiert Wright served with the R. Marine battalion co-operating with the troops of 
the Qneen of Spain against the Carlists in 1837-38 (Cross of San Fernando, Ist Class). 

79 Major Appleton served in the Battalion of Marines in co-operation with the allied forces 
in Syria, and was present at the attack and surrender of the fortress of St. Jean d'Acre on the 
8rd November 1840 (War Medal with one Clasp and Turkish Medal). 

80 Major Knowlea served with the 50th Regt. in the battle of Punniar 29 Dec. 1843 (Medal) ; 
and alao the campaign on the Sutlej in 1845-6, including the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, and 
AUwal, for whieh he has received a Medal and two Clasps. He was slightly wounded at 
FcraKshah, and dangerously wounded (right leg amputated) at Aliwal. 

8S Major John Miller served at the battle of Navarino in 1827. Also with the R. M. bat- 
talion in Portugal in 1835. Commanded a Company during the opei*ations <»n the coast of Syria 
in 1840 (Medal) and was with the battalion at D'Jouni. Sustained a severe fracture of the 
right leg fn the service (War Medal with two Clasps). 

83 Major Morchtson served in the 20th Regt. in the Sutlej campaign of 1845-6, including the 
batUeaof Ferozeshah and Sobraon, in the last of which he was wounded (Medal and Clasp). 
also In tha Ponjaub campaign in 1849. including the passage of the Chenab, and battlea of 
Chilllanwallah and Ooojerat (Medal and Clasps). 

84 Major Onslow was at the storming of Sidon in Syria (War Medal with one Clasp and 
Turkish Medal). 

85 Major Dnperiar while in the 4th Light Dragoons was employed in Persia from 1833 to 
1880 organiaing the army of the Shah, who conferred on him the Gold Medal of the ** Lion and 
Son." He served with the 26th Regt. in China (Medal), at Ningpo, Ciiapoo, Shanghae, Woosung, 
and Chin Kiang Foo (wounded) and Nankin. Served with the 80th Regt. in the Burmese war 
in 186i-68 (Medal), including the operations in Donabew against Nameatoon. 

80 Major Hunt served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battle of Alma and 
iiage of Sabastopol (Medal and Claspii, and 5th Class of tiie Medjidie). 

87 I«ord Brroll served with tha Rifle Brigade in the Eastern campaign of 1854, and waa 
samalT woondad at tha battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, and 5th Class of tha 

88 Migar B. Thanpaon served in the Eastern campaign of 1854o55, and commanded the 6tb 
Dragoon Chiardt daring tha winter and spring : prceant at the battle of Tchemaya, and siega of 

~ (Xodia and COaqpy aad 6th Claaa of the Medliidia). 

92 ff'ar Services of tfu Mqfars, 

80 Major Fellowes served tlie EastGrn campaign of 1864-55 a« D.A.Q.M.G., Cftndry DivitiOD, 

including iho affairs uf Bulgaimk and Mackenzie's Farm, battles of Alma, BalakUTa, iDkemuui, 
andTcIieniuva, and 8icgB ot Sebaotopul (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian Medal, and 
6th Clan's of Hie Medjidie). 

90 Major Tomkiiuon served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 9th Hnssan, in- 
cladin^ the battles of Alma, Bahiklava (h(»rflo killei), and lakerman, and siege of Sebaatopd 
(Medal and four Clasps, Brevet Major. Saidmian Medal, and 5th Class of the Medjidio). 

91 Major Stuart Wortlcy served with the Cape Mounted RiHemen throughout the KaJfir 
war of 1850-53 (Medal); ond was present in all the principal engagements with the enemj: 
daring the operations against tho Waterkloof he commanded the cavalry attached to Oentral 
Bailer's division; on oivs occasion, while out with a patrol, he attacked and defeated a far 
SQperior fi)rce of the enemy; and on anoUier, while in command of tho advanced guard of 
General BuUur's column, he surprised and drove back the enemy, inflicting severe loea. hi 
Mirch 1854 ho was appointed D.A.Q.M. Ofneral Eastern Army, and served the oampaign of 
1854-55 (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of tho Mediidie). 

02 Major J. W. Thompson served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as D.A.Q.M.Q. to the 
Second Division, including the battle of the Alma (severe contusion from the splinter of a 
shell), repulse of Uie Uussiau attack by the 2ad Uivision on the 26ch Oct, battle of lakerman 
(for which he received brevet rank as Major, and had his horse wounded), siege and fall of 
Sebastopol, and attack of the Redan on the 8ih Sept. (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the 

93 Major Dickson served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the SOth Regt., inclndiug the 
battles of ^llma (severely wounded) and Inkorman (wounded), siege of Sebastopol, and repulse 
of the sortie of 26th Oct. ( Medal and three Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

94 Mnjor C F. T. Daiiiell served tlie Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Brigade Major in Hut 
8rd Divibion, including tho battles of Aluia and [nkcmian, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and 
attack of the 18tl) June (Medal and Clas|>s, Brevet Major, Knig:ht of the Legion of Honor, and 
5th Class of the Medjidie). 

05 Major Bayly served in the Eastern campaign of 1854 with tho 30th Regt, including the 
siege of Sebastopol, repulse of the sortie on 20th Oct. (wounded in the cheek), and battle of Inker- 
man (flevorcly wouuded in the face and le^) (Medal and Clasps, and 5thClav of the Medjidie). 

96 Major Greville served as Aidc-de-Camp to Sir Harry Smith and to Sir George Catboart 
in the Kaflir war of 1851-53 (Medal), and was present at the battle of Borea. Served again as 
Aide-de-Camp to Sir Qeorge Cathcart in the Eastern campaign of 1854, inc]adin|^ the battles 
of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (where Sir George was killed), and siege of Scbattopol 
(Medal and four Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

07 Major Maclean served with the 4(ith Regt. throughout the war with China (Medal), and 
was present at the first taking of Chusan, storm and capture of tho heights above Canton, attack 
and capture of Amny, second capture of Chusan, attock and capture of the heights of Chinhae, 
occupation of Ningpo and repulse of the night-attack, attack and capture of Chapoo, Woosong, 
and Chiu Kiam; Foo. 

07t Mnjor Uuttledgc served the campaign in Affghanistnn under Lord Keane, including the 
storm and capture of CJhuinee (Medal), aud storm and capture of Khelat. Served at the siege 
of Sebastopol from Dec. 1854 to 31 Aug. 1855, including the assault on the Redan on tlie 18th 
June (Medal find Clasp, and 5th Clajis of the Medjidie). 

98 Msjor Dennis serv«si with the 95th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from Slst 
Feb. 1*155 (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidio). 

90 Major Duncan Campbell served in the 8i)rd Regt. during the suppression of the insarreetion 
in Lowei' Canada in 1837 ; also in repuising the attacks of the American brigands who landed at 
Prescott, lJp])er Canada, in 1838. 3ci>ved with the 00th Light Infuutry at the siege of Sebastopo 
(Medal and Clii»p). 

100 Major Robrrt Watson serve^l the campaigns of 1814 and 15 in Holland and the Netherlands, 
including the actions at Merxeni and boinbardmeut of Antwerp. 

1 01 Major Mebeux served the Eastern campaign with tho Brigade of Royal Murines during 
tho siege of Seba^itopol from 1H54 to April 1855, including the battle of Balaklava (Medal and 
two Clasps). 

102 Major Hume served \>ith the :)8th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and was 
present at the battle of Alma, siege and fall of Sebaiitopol, was Aide de Camp to Sir John 
Campbell on the expedition to Kertch, and assault of the Redan on the 18th June, la which 
the Major General was killed ; was D.A.A.G. 3rd Division from July 1855 (Medal and three 
Clasps, Brevet Mijor, Knight of the Legion of Honor, aud 5th Class of the Medjidie). Served 
in India with the 3Sth irom 12th Nov. 1857, to 9th August 1858 ; was prerent at the siege 
and cspture of Lucknow, and with Grants division during the summer campaign in Code, 
including several minor affairs. 

103 Major Feel nerved with the 34th Regt. in the Crimea in 1854-55, including the siege of 
Sebastopol aud capture of the Quarries — severely wounded { Medal aud Clasp, Brevet Major, and 
5th Class of tiie Medjidie). 

104 Mfjor Elliot served five years in India, the last two on Lord Hardinge*s staff, prior to 
entering the Royal Army, and was present with his regiment, the 8ch Bengal Cavalry, at the 
battle of Panniar (Mcdul), as also in the Sutlej campaign, including the battle of Feroaeshah 
(Medal), Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Aidc-de-Camp to General Scarlett, 
including the battle of Balaklava (severely wounded) and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Clasps, Brevet Major, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

103 Major Mazse served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aide<de-Casip to Lord CardigaSj 

War Sennces of the Majors. 93 

indodiiif tiia hMm of Alma and Btlaklara (wounded), and liege of Sebutopol (Medal and 
Ckaps and 6th Claia of the Medjidie). 

106 Major Hnich Kennedy lervtrd with the R. M. Battalion in Spain during the Carliit war; 
with the Baltic Ezpiniition m 1854 (Medal) ; and with the Brigade in ti&e Crimea daring the 
■lege of 8eba«topul from Feb. 1855 (M^dal and Ciaip). 

107 Major Steward aenred with the 4Itt Regt. in the Eastern campaign up to 19th Oct. 1854, 
inclading the battle of Alma» and siege of Sobaatopol (Medal and two Clasps, and 5th Class of 
the Mediidie). 

108 iLjor Whitmore landed in the Crimea with the 2nd Batt. on 2itkd April 1855, and was 
at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal aod Clasp. Breret Majitr, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

100 M^or Bitgera serf<>d in the Eastern caupaigo in 185o, in the trenches with the Siege 
train before Sebastopol, and at the bombardments of April and Ctb and 17tU June (Medal and 
Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

110 Major Hans R White served with the 89th Ke^t. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
5th Jan. 1855, and attacks on the 18th June and 8ih Sept. CMedal and Clasp, Brevet Major, and 
5tb Class of the Medjidie). 

111 Msjor Uackett served with the 38th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 27th 
Jan. 1855 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, and 5th Ciacs of the Medjidie). 

112 Major Pitxgerald served with the 7lh ITusiliers in the Eastern campaign of 1854, up 
to Alma, In which battle ho was severely wounded. Shot through both legs (Medal and Clasp, 
Brevet Major, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

113 Major Hajman served with the 18th Rojal Irish on the China expedition in 1842 
(Medal). Accompanied the subsequent expedition under General D*Agui]ar, which assaulted 
and took the Forts of the Bocca Tigris in the Canton River, those of the Staked Barrier, and 
of the city of Contun. Served also in the Burmese war of 1852-53, including tlie operations 
before Kaagoon and capture of Fromc (Medal). Served at the siege of Sebastopol from Dec. 
IB54. and was wounded 18th June 1855 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, Knigbt of the liCgion 
of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

114 Major Pooock served with the iiOth Kegt at the siege of Sebastopol, and was severely 
wonnded at the assault of the Kedan on the 8lh Sept. (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Msjor, and 
otli Claaa of the Medjidie). 

115 M^or F.F. Lea served with the5: th llegt. in the Crimea from 15th Nov. 1854 to 3rd July 
1855, including the siege of Sebastopol and astault uf the Bedan on the 18th June — severely 
wonnded in the right leg and foot by grape shot, also previously wounded in the head and face 
in the Trencfaea (liedaTand Clasp, and 5ih Class of the Medjidie). 

116 Major Rowlands tcrved with the 41st Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman (severely wounded), siege of Sebastopol, sortie of 26th Oct., 
and assault of the Redan on 8ih Sept. — wounded (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Msjor, Victoria 
Cross, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and otli Class of the Medjidie). 

117 Major Bellairs served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 (from Deo. 1854 aa 
D. A. Adjutant General to the 2ud Division), including the Battles of Alma (ss Adjutant of 
the 49th Regt.) and Inkerman (where he was detached in command of the right wing oi the 
49th to operate to the right), siege and fall of Sebastopol, sortie of 26th October, attack of the 
Qaarriea on 7Ui June, and of the Redan on the 16th June and 8th September (Medal and three 
Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

118 Msjor Steevens served with the 8Sth Regt. throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol (contused wound iu the 
trenohea 28th Jidy), and attack on the Kedon on the IBth June and 8th Sept. ; and was em- 
ployed as Assistant Engineer in the tr*-nches. Right attack at the commencement of the Siege 
(Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Med- 
jidie, and Turkish Medal). 

120 Major Hay served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma, 
BalaklavB, and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol. affair of 18th June, and capture of 
Kinboum (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

121 Major Woods served as Adjutant 9 7th Rogt. in the army of occupation in Greece from 
June to Nov. 1854 ; then joined the army iu the Crimea, and served at the siege and fall of 
Sebastopol, and commaodtd the Grenadiers of the 97th with the storming party of the 
Redan on the 8th Sept. — wounded (Medal and Ciasp, Brevet Major, and 5th CUus of the 

12d ^lajor Hunter served in the 47th Regt. throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, capture of Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol, 
sortie of 26th Oct., snd storming of the Quarries^wouuded (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

123 Alajor Coocli served with the 6'2ud Regt. at the siege of Sebastopol in 1854-55, including 
the sorties of 5th, 9th. and 10th May, attack of the Quarries on 8th June, and of the Redan on 
18th June and 8ih Sept. (&Iedal and Clasp, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 
Sardinian Medal, and 5ih Class of the Medjidiu). 

124 Major Harman served in the 34th Regt. in the Crimea from 9 th Dec. 1854 to llth July 
1855, including the siege of Sebubtopol, capture of the R iioPits on 19th April, and commanded 
the Grenadiers of the 34th Rf'gt. at the asanult of the Redan on the 18th June, when he re- 
cdved seven severe wounds (Medal and Clasp, and Brevet Msjor). 

117 Major Hockinga served in Spain with the Royal Marine Battalion (Cross of San Fer- 
nando) ; also with the R. M. Brigade in the Crimea during the siege of Sebastopol in 1854-55, 
^yi^Mimy iIm hatUfl of Balaklava (Medal and two Clasps). 

94 War Sermcea of the Mt^an. 

198 Major Usaher Mnred in China in 1841-42 (Medal), at Hie int oqptave of Clwwa, 
attack on Chnenpee, and capture of Amoy. Served alto with the Baltlo Bzpeditioiia in 1954 
and in 1855 (Medal). 

129 Major NeUdn tenrf d ai Sub-Asiistant Commissary-Oeneral, Bombay Army, throughoiit 
the operations nnder Sir Wm. Nott, in Candahar and Afighani«tan during 1841-42 { and as 
sach nnder Sir Charles Napier at the battle of Hydprabad. Served as Aide-de-camp to Sir 
Thom%s Valiant in the action of Maharajpore 29th Dc^o. 1843, and had a horse shot nnder him. 
He has a Medal for Affghaniatan, another for Sciode, and a bronse star for Maharajpore. 

130 Major Godfrey Massy served with the 19th RegL the Bastem campaign of 1854-55, 
incladiD|( the battles of Almu and Inkerman, and siege of Bebastopol (Medal and Glaaps, and 
Brevet Major). 

131 Major Speedy 8erved.the campaigns of 1841 and 42, in the 13th Light Infantry, and was 
present at the storming of the Kho ird Cabool Pass, affair of Teseen, forcing the JogdoUoek 
Pass, redaction of the fort of Mamoo Khail, defence of Jellalabad and sorties on the 14th Nov. 
and 1st Dhc. 1841, 11th March. 24th March, and Ut April 1842, and general aotion and defieat 
of Akbar Khan. Medals for Jellalabad and Cabool. 

131t Major Sher\'inton 8crved in the 46th Regt. throuithout the Eastern campaign of 1854-65, 
including the battles of Alma, Balnklava, and inkerman, bortie of 26th Oct., siege and fiiU of 
Sebastopol. Havini? served uninterruptedly throughout the siege he was appointed to the Staff 
at Balaklava, and subseqnently to the command of the l»t Battalion Land Transport Corps (Medal 
and Clasps, Brevet of Major, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

132 M^or Qillum served with the 2nd Battalion Ru)'als at the siege of Sebastopol from 22od 
April 1855, and was severely wounded at the attack of the 8th Sept — leg amputated (Medal 
and Clasp. Brevet Major, and Sardinisn Medal). 

133 Major Henley served the campaign of 1814 in the Peninsula, inolading the battle of 
Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

134 Major J. T. Aslett serv^ed the Syrian campaign including the storm and capture of 
Sidoo, D^Jounie, surrender of Beyrout, bombaniroent of Acre — slightly wounded by the 
explosion of a magasioe (War Medal with one Cla^p and Turkish Medal). 

135 Migor W. D. Macdouald served in the 95th Rcgt in the Eastern campaign up to 6th Nov. 
1854, including the battle of Alma (wounded), sieg^ of Sebastopol, sortie of 26th October, and 
battle of Inkerman where he was dangerously wounded having received seventeen bayonet 
stabs (Medal and three Clatps, Brevet Msjor, and Sardinian Medal). 

136 Major Buller served with the Rifle Brigade in the Eastern campaign of 1 864, including the 
battle of Alma, sle^e of Sebastopol, and battle of Inkerman — severely wounded (Medal and thnc 
Clasps, and Brevet of Major). 

137 Major Sayer served the Syrian campaign of 1840-41 (Medal with one Clasp and Turkish 
Medal). Also with the expeditions to the Baltic in 1854 and 1855, and with the R.M. Battalion 
serving in cooperation with the French army at the siege and capture of Bomarsund (Medal). 

138 Major T. De C. Hamilton served with the 90th Regt. in Kaffirland during the whole of the 
war of 1846-47 (Medal). Served with the 68th Light Infantry the Eastern campaign of 1864-65, 
inoluding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fiidl of Sebastopol (Me£d and CJaspt, 
Victoria Cross, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

130 Major J. P. Macdonald served in the Crimea from June 1855 as D. A. Q.M. General attaclied 
to the Land Transport Corps (Medal and (^.Insp). Served in the Indian campaign of 1867-68, in- 
cluding the relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, occupation of the Alumbagh under Outram with 
the several engasrements there, fall of Lucknow, relief of Azimghur, capture of Jugdispora, and 
subsequent operations, aud was dans^erously woimded on the 4th June when charging at the head 
of his troop a body of rebels near Jugdifpore. 

140 Major Ilutton ferveil with the Slat Rejrt. throughout the Sutlej campaigpi of 1846-46, in- 
cluding the battles of Mofnilceo, Ferozcshah (wounded), Buddiwol, Aliwal, and Sobraon (Medal 
and tlirec Clasps). Served in the Crimea in 1855 during the siege and at the fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clnt^p). 

141 Major Daunt wrved with the »th Regt. the campaign of 1843 in Affghanistan (Medal); 
also the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, including the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, and Sobiaon 
(wounded) : Medal and Cla««ps. Served in the Crimeo from 15th Feb. 1855, including the sirge 
and fall of Sebastopol, and assault on the batteries on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp). 

142 Major Dick served In the Crimea from the 11th March 1855, as D.A.Q.M.O. attached to 
the Land transport Chirps, including the sleire and foil of Sebastopol, and attacks of the 18th of 
June and 8th Sep'., and acct>mpanieil the expedition to Kertch and Yenikale (Medal and Clasp). 

143 Major Buchanan served as Adjutant with tiie 47th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1864<65, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, sortie of 26th Oct., siege aud faU of Sebastopol 
— oppointed Town Major (Medal and (^lasps, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of the MecQidle). 

144 Major Henry J. Coote served with the 22nd throughout the operations in Scinde (Medal) 
under Sir Charles Napier, and was present at the destruction of Imaumghur, and in the battles 
of Meeaneo and Hyderabad (severely wounded). He was mentioned in orders as being the first 
man who entered the enemy's entrenched position, and also as having taken the fint color 
from the enemy at the battle of Hyderabad. He served with the 36th in the Ionian lalands 
f^m 1849 until 1851, and commanded the troops at Sisi during the insurrection of 1849, and on 
three occasions defeated the insurgents, including their night attaek on the viUage of Aggu- 


145 Muor Pleydell Mnred the Syrian campaign of 1840 — at D'Jouni, the itonning of 
SidoB, and bombardment of Acre (War Medal with Clasp and Turkish Medal). Berrad alao 
with the Baltic expedition! in 1854 and 1865 (Medal). 

Wmt Servieii #/ the Majan. 95— IQS 

146 Mflyor Bwntt Mtrad In Am Kaadlin Tfinritoiiei, Cejlon, dnring tbe iriiole of tJie 
Rebellion of 1817 and 18, and oomnuuided an ontpott daring part of the aboTO period. 

147 MHJor Hon. B. J. W. Forester aerred throughout the campaigns in Al^anistan fW>m 
18S8 to 184S inclusive, incloding the storm and capture of Qhainee (Medal), storming the 
Khoord CalMol Pass, affair of Teieen, furciog the Jugdulluok Pass, redaction of Uie Fort of 
ICamoo Khail, defence of Jelislabad, and sorties on the 14th Norember and 1st December 1841, 
11th Ifaroh, i4lh Maroh, and Ist April 1842, general action and defeat of Akbar Khan before 
Jellal^bad (Medal), storming the heights of JugduUuck, general action of Teseen, and recaptnre 
of Cabool (Medal). Served as an Aide-do-Camp to Sir Willoughby Cotton in 1838, 39, and 
40, and At Ghninee. 

148 Major Esmonde served with the 18th Royal Irish in the Bormese war of 1852-53 
(Medal). Also in the Crimea from 30th Dec. 1854 to 27th July 1855. including the siege of 
Sebaatopol, assault and capture of the Cemetery on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, Victoria 
Cross, and Brevet Major). *^ 

140 Major £Luight served with the 62nd at the capture of Genoa in 1814, and subsequently 
at the taking of (Justine and Uamiltown in the United States of N. America. 

150 Major Dawson was attAched to the 2*2nd Rept. at the battle of Hyderabad (Medal), and he 
was prenent with the 40th Regt. in the action of AIahanijp<)rc, at which he was wounded (Medal). 
Served nifli the 75th Regt. at the siege of Ddhi in 18o7 and was Mfvcrely wounded in right leg 
by aroucd shot on the 8th June (Medal and Clasp, and Brevet of Major). 

151 Major Mansfield served as Aide de Cump to Sir Cohn Campbell throughout the Eastern 
eampaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Bslaklava (Medal and Clasps, and 
Sardinian Medal). 

152 Major Wm. Lee served with the Royal Marines at the capture of the Island of Carabnsa 
together with several piratical vessels in its harbour, in 1 828-29 (Medal). Served as Adjutant of 
the 6th Regt in the Kaiiir war of 1850-53 (Medal). 

163 Major Forster served with the 6th Dr. Guardri at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
26 July 1869 (Medal and Clasp). Was second in command of the Wing of thr Carabineers before 
Delhi ; thence he accompanied General Showers' column and was at the affair of Kuttwaler when 
General Penny was killed,— on this occasion he led a charge against a band of fanatic Ghaxees 
and vras wounded in seven places, losing a portion of one hand (Medal and CIa»p and Brevet 
of Mi^or). 

155 Mfnor T. L. Mayne served the Pnnjaub campaign of 1848-49 with the 14th Light Dra- 
goona, including the action of Ramnuggnr (with the cbarging squadrons), passage of the Chenab, 
battles of Chillianwaliah and Goojerat, pursuit of the enemy across the Jhelum, and of the 
Affghana over the Indus, to the Khyber rass (Medal and two Clasps). 

166 Major Lillicrap served with the R. M. Battalion at D*Jouni in Syria in 1840 (War 
Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

157 Major Rhodea serred the campaign of 1853 and the spring campaign of 1854 on the 
Daoabe as Aide de Camp to the Spanish General Prim, was present at the battle of Oltenitaa. 
Subaequantly was attached to Selim Pacha's staff and accompanied the Turkish Irregular 
Cavalry in three successful sorties from the Quarantine Station ; present in the Tete de Pont 
when the Russians unsuccessfully attacked and bombarded that position, retiring with loss ; was 
also at tbe retreat of the Russians from Giergcvo and Sloboddia in 1854. For tlie abovemen- 
tionad aemces he has received the Spanish Order of Isabel the Catholic, also the Turkish Order 
of tbe Medjidie 4th Class, with a sword of Honor from the Sultan. Served the campaign of 
1864 on the staff of the army in the Crimea, and was present at the battles of Balaklava and 
Inkcrman and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

158 Major Rand 6erT<!d with the 49th Regt. throughout the operations in China (Mr<lal). 

169 Major Hon. W. L. Talbot served as Aide de Camp to General Ain>y at the siege and fall of 
Sebastopol from 6th Sept. 1855 (Medal and Clasp). 

160 Major Rkler served in Syria in 1840 and has the Medal and Claap and Turkish Medal. 
Served also with the Baltic expedition in 1855 (Medal). 

161 Major Ross King served with the 74th Highlanders throughout the Kaffir war of 1851-53 
(Medal), and was present in the engagements of the Amalolas, Kroomie, AVakrkloof, &c.— thrice 
mentioned in dispatches, also in General Orders 20th Sept. 1852. 

tqr 102 Major Stewart served with the 93rd Highlanders tlie Eastcni campaign of 1854-55 includ- 
ing the battles of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, and 
6di Class of the Medjidie). 

1^ Major Dclacombe served with the R. M. Battalion in conjunction with the French troops 
at the operations prior to and at the surrender of the forts of Bomarsund in Aug. 1854. Served 
with tbe Baltic expedition in 1855, including the bombardment of Sweaboig (Medal). 

164 Major Brabaaon was present at the storm and destruction of the fortified native Mandingo 
town of Sabajee on the Gambia, on the 1st June 1853. 

165 Miyor Nugent served with the 20th Regt.- in the Sutlej campaign in 1846 (Medal and 
Clasp), and was present at the battles of Ferozeshah and Sobraon (severely wounded). 

106 Major PengeDey served with the expedition to the Baltic in 1855 (Medal). lie has also 
tbe Silver Medal from tbe Royal Humane Society. 



■ * • 
• •• 


Buttbnry, Sir Henry Kdward. Bart J KCB. ... 
|yjohiiM>n, William Aucu»tUk> 


S Batemui, Robert.') Unutt 

ii SK Buukwith, CtinrIeft,-> (.'A 

^ BriitoiT, Henry ,^38 F 

Charretio. Tliuniiu ^ 

9 De Chabot, LouIh William, Visc.'^CtO V. 

p L)iid}C(.-on, Peier,!" I'uatt 

Dvyer, Hnnry.'IJnult 

Farrer, JamcA^ 

m ^gSL F^jd, Sir Uvnry, Bart. « 

P Owaa Liiftus,>4 Unait 

Vrlnsle, John, Uitatt. 

OS llook<\ Sir lion. WiUouKhby,!') CB., K 

VStdwart. Williura.'i SF 

Stuild, Kdward, Unatt 

92121 Woodford, Sir John 0('urKi-,i3 K 
KCB. Or. Qd» 

22 Julv SO 
2a Nov. 41 

91 A (If;. 


20 June M 





• • • 


li) July 
31 Au;;. 
20 June 
23 Nov. 
11 Nov. fil 
l(j May 
10 Jan. 
22 July 
22 July 
20 J uue 


10 Jan. 37 


28 Jun^ 
2.^ Not. 
11 Nov. 
11 Nov. 
11 Nov. 
2.*! July 
2S June 38 
11 Nov. 51 
20 June 54 
28 Nov. r»4 
28 Juni<98 
22 July AO 

Nov. 40 
15 April 45 
11 Nov. 51 

Nov. 40 
20 June 54 

Nov. 4H 
10 Jan. 37 


S«i£lAllix,(.'harU>8.iOr. CMi 10 Jan. 37 
Anselo, Edward Anthony,' KIT., Military 

Knight of M indsor, 30 F 

An|{l(tiH!y, Henry, If rir<r^ Iff X (i/*, 42 F 

JArmytaze, Hi'nry,^ (}r. (ids 
ftell, Richard William, Or. rids. 

Autten, John,4 KH. Ca^jo M. R 

Baffot, Cha., Uren. Q<l>., Coi. 3 Stafford Militia 

Baillie, Hugh, Surrey Ranuer^ 

Barlow. fJcorge Kdward Hr:itt,0 22 F 

Baialgette. John,' 3 W. I. Rei;t 

SBe=ble, Tlioniaft Stirling,'* 44 F 
laekburne. William, 00 F. 

Bliike, Motthew Gn>u'ory, Canadian Rc^ 

SBlike, Wm. Wllliiims.*rB. llDra 
lane, Charles CuUiiiB, Or. (!d» 

}l 3^ Holdero, L»nadale,lo (}r. (Ids 
loKwell, Sir Gtio. A. F. HouKtoun, Al.Cold.Gds. 
!l Boys, Edmund Freiich,ii 45 F 
IBraege, WiUiam,mS7 F. 
Srinckman.Brinekinan,Cold«t. ad« 

M Brooke, Gren. (ids 

9 £JLI Browne, FieldinK.^« CB. G(i F. Barrack 

MuMtiTt Regent' M Park 10 Jan. 87 

? Browne. Robt. Fra. Mel\ille,>*Sco. Fus. Gds... 23 Nov. A\ 
mwne, Thomas Gnrc.i* CB. 44 P. Governor and 

CVm. in Chitf, Nriv Zf aland S(> June 54 

Burdett, Sir Robert. Bart. (i8 F Nov. 40 

Burrowes, Robert Kdward,!* KH. 60 I' :20 June 51 

Campbell, Jame*. 87 F 2h Nov. 54 

Cane. 8topford, 30 F 11 Nov. 51 

Cartwrieht, Henry. Gr. (jfls. '20 June 54 

Cecil, Lord, Thomas, Coldst. (M» Nov. 40 

|| Chaiilin, Thomas (-oldst. Gds 2.1 Nov. 41 

(.Inverin;:, Henry Mordaunt, 08 F. 29 April 02 

Clifford, Robert Cavendi«h Apencer,nr. Ud<. ... 7 Sept. 55 

Clinton, Frederick, Gr. Gds 11 Nov. 51 

Clinion, Henry. II Mrs 20Jiiue54 

Close, 3razwell,<0 70 F Nov. 40 

Cockell, William." 10 Poot 28 Nov. 54 

(kinroy, Henry (»eorpe, Gr. Od». ... 28 Nov. 54 

^ Couper, Sir GeorRe. Bt.^ CB. KB. 10 F. Con- 

troller of the BouseholdJf Eqaerry to II . 

the Ouches* of Krnt 

y Coi, Sir William.** Port. i*.rv 

Creagh, Giles Vandeleur, Deput 13att 

Dnniell, Heurv,^< Colrist. Gds 

d'Arcy, GeorRC A. K.^ 3 West India Rest. ... 

p«]2K Dawkins, Henrv.JX C<dd!>t. (;ds 

Dcmiy. Wilhani,^/ 71 F 

Dubbin, Thoina«.!2u 3 Dr. (idv 

J )oheriy, Charles Edmund,'''^ 13 Dra;oont< 

S JISI Drummond, William,^ 8co. Fus^. Gds. . . . 

I)undas, Philip, F. 

Dyson. Jolin Duniel. 3 Dragoon (luards 

Brelcgh, Frwl. Charles.^'* (7*. 20 K 

a Pairfai, Sir Henrv, Bart.^ 2 Life Gds. 
Farquharson, Peter,™ 14 F. 

Foley, ffon. Ann. Fr«-d , flren. GH«. 
For-lyct'-Buclun. (ieurce Wjlliain,y* 74 F. 

Fmser, Jame*, 72 F. 

i Pnuii-r, William.;*' 43 P 

Gauhtleft. <MMrK»'.»'Ml2 F 

Stll Oawler. Ge.irsie.;'-' KB. 52 I' 
ibbex, Ji hn Qvnrv Natlianiol,-*^ 00 F 

?l Gloster, Thomas 3) G.S F 
lOordon, Arthur Helsham,**> Gr. G>ls 
oolbanijKdwardj Grenadier GuurdA 

10 Jan. 37 
12 Aii^'. 10 
2U Juno 54 
28 Nov. 54 

7 July 
10 Jan. 
2(1 June 
23 Nov. 
2M Nov. 54 
10 Jan. 37 

e Nov. 
28 Nov. 
12 May 
23 Nov. 41 
SUJune :a 
20 June 54 
28 Nov. 54 
28 Nov. 54 
20 Au(;. 57 

10 July ul 
Nov. 40 

11 Nov. 51 
20Juuc 54 
10 Jan. 37 
;!dNov. 51 




Graham, William, Srotf Fus. Gds 9Kot. 41 

SGralutni. \\ illiaiu, ** P H Sepi 17 

Greenwood, George, 2 Life Gd« 12 Jan. IS 

Gregory, Hen. Jaa Mieliell.«» 8 V,\ I. Begt. ... 15 Maj S7 

H:dl, Tlioni:i8,i4 Gn:DHdirr Guards 11 Sw. II 

Hainilt<in, .Sir Cha. J.J.«a Bt, CJB.8couFiu.Gda. 20 Juae M 
Haiiiilton, John Potter,4fl KB.BooU Put. Gds. 12 Aug. 19 

20 June 64 

Not. M 

10 Jan. 87 

9 Nov. 46 

20 June ii 


1 Ju.18 

...HO June M 
... 28 Nov. 41 
... 4 June 14 
... S Oct. 48 
...S3 Aug. U 
... S8 Nuv. 41 
...28 Nov. M 
98 June 18 
90 June U 
... 10 Jan. 17 
...28 June 88 
...20 June M 
... 88 June 88 
... SSNor. 41 
...28 Nor. 41 
...22 July 10 
... B Nor. M 
... U Not. 46 
... IdMnr. 58 
... 10 Apra47 
... 28 Nov. 41 
... 9 Nor. 46 
... SO June 64 
...28 Jnne88 
1'. Lt. 

... 30 June M 
... 11 Nur. 61 

10 Jan, 87 

26 Oct. 68 

11 Nor. 61 
11 Nor. 61 
98 Nor. 64 
SO Jone U 

lammond, Fred. 75 P. 

Ilarcouit, Fra lie is Venables Coldtt. Gds. 

B Harri., Harry Bullcel,«« KII, 08 F 

tiay, Lord Edward, 7 Hus»ars 

Hill. Philip, 1 W. I. Regt 

P££i 11 ill. 'St Robert ( :bambre,so cB. R. H. Gda. 

Itt.f'tiL fif. Salop i eoManry 

H:ll. IJoH. WUIiHui Noel.&i 18 F 

gllowe, John.Aa KB. IIP. 
olliind, L luneelut. 34 F 

Honyman, Sir Ord.A^ Bart. Gr. Gd«. ... 

Hiiiiwitod, Ilervev. (irenadier Guards 

• } <LSi. Hort'ni. (ie»rae William,^ 7 Dr. Gds. . 

i £2% Hu;:hes, Rober(,«> 1 W. 1. Reift 

: J££I Hutchinaon, Boh. Henry Hely,A7 6Drs. . 

i Irwin. Fre<l. Chidby," KB. VnnXU ... 

) Joddrell, Henry Kdmiind,^ Or. Gds 

J £3 Keane, Edwanl.c<> Gr. Ods. 

J K\l.', Alexander,«»20F 

i ) j:£l Unc, Henry ,<*' Gr. Gds 

) ££l Lascelles. Charles F. R.<» Or. Ode. 
; ) iil Le Dluiic, Francis,"* 46 F 

3 Lcfuiifleld, GeiirKe, Ao/v/, 27 F> 

: 1 Leslie, Churles,"^ A'//. Orcn. (Ms 

ilSL Linton. Juhn.^ Co<d»t. Gdi. , 

Lowe, .Arthur Charles.***" II F 

M'Douiill. James, late of 2 Lite Guards .., 
V Maciiilum. Williain,«< KB. 8 Foot ... 
Mnelean, Sir Charles Fitzroy, Bt. 18 Drt. 

M Miicpherson, John.7i> n y 

iiSi .Madox. llenry.~> KB. 12 Laneers ... 
M:i!irii>y. /f"/i. NiUlmiiii'l Henry Cha. 70 

Col. CmHiit. 4 //'. fork Militia 

Maxwi'U, Sir William Alex. Bart. 1 Drs. 

Meyrick, Win. Henry, (}r. (fd«... 

Murray, Lord James C)haB. P.7a ScotaPus. Gdi. 
Kq tltrrii to II. li.JI. the Dnehets (ff Kent , . . 

Myer*. wil!l;im James, R. Staff Cuq>a 

Owen, RoI)ert,74 70 F 

Pa^et, Frederick, Coldkt. Gds 

Puiisy, I^iimuiid Wm. VI iliun, 60 P 

Penleaze, Henry, Gr. Gdt 

Pennant, Boa. Edw. Gordon DougUs, ScoU Fui. 

Gd*. Col. Carnarvon Militia Kor. 48 

Phrpps. Bon. Sir (.'ha. B. KCB. ScoUFui. Gdc. 11 Nor. 61 

|) l-ratt, Charlcs.7« 11 P Nor. 48 

Princle. John Henry, Seots Pus, OuardA, JLt, 

(W. ('om. Laneahhire Militia ... ... 20 Jane 84 

Rikilt. Charles Robert, Unattached 28 Nor. 64 

Reynaidson, Edward Bireh,?' CB. Gr. Gdi. ... 20 June 64 
B Riehanloon, William,?* Roial HonM' Gda. ... 10 Jan. 87 

9 7:2:1 Riddlehden, John RneL,78 27 P 1 Auf. 88 

R<)t>eit«on, James AlexHudfr, 82 F I0 8ept.67 

Robertson. Janieit Miicdonald,o* 4 Dr. Qda. ... Nor. 41 

^JSalwey, Henry.* 2 Drs. 23 Nor. 41 

Srfumuri-/, Bon. John St. Vincent, 18 Dra. ... 20 Jnnc64 

Savage, John Morris R. Art. 14 Jan. 65 

)l Saunderson. Hardreis Robert,8< 73 P 11 Nor. 51 

Si-utt, Bon. Chiirhs Grantham, ScouFus. Gda. 80 Jnu. 65 

Skelly, Franei*. 37 F 28 Nov. 64 

St. Qnintin, Matthew C. D. 17 Drs 11 Nor. 61 

Skipwith. Hfnry.w \'\ F 38 Xof. M 

Taylor. Piiillpi)tt4 WriKht, Canadian Rides ... 28 Nor. 64 

Tniipi-ol.Thnniiiii Kirlinnl I'liiiiibc. i!3 P :!OJuBe64 

Teulon, Georcre. 10 F Nor. 48 

Thornton, Wiilinin.(»r. Gds. 11 Nor. 61 

TiKld, (SeorRi-, Coldsit. Gds 9 Nor. 48 

Tullr»cli, Thomafc,«5 4.> F 20 Orl. 68 

Turner, Pii-l. Henry, SeotH Pu». Gds 2U Jane 54 

B iJbX Yaiidrliiir, John.a'' 4 Dra. 28 Nor. 41 

Victtn., William Henrv.u^Gl P 28 Nor. 54 

£C I WuUaie, Rolwrt.iw KII. 3 P 28 Nor. 41 

Wali»ule, Hoiatio,W70 P 11 Nor. 51 

|) Ward, Jfihn Richard.^'*' CB. 2 l>n 22 July 80 

Wrilesley, William Henry Charles, 7 P iS No*-. 54 

Wh)te, John Janii>s 1 Dr. Gds. 11 Nov. 61 

Wigraui, Ely Diiodceimus, fSrots Fus. Gds. ... 11 Nor. 51 
Wilbrihani. Bon. Rdw. Booile, Coldst. Gds. To/. 

(i Lanca^fiirc Militia 11 Nor. 51 

^iZ\ Wil(hii:m.John,'-" I Dr. Odd. 20 June 64 

i.U \\ uod. John Manle\ ,re 5 F 2H Nor, .'M 

Wootluali-, William,"* CB. (M) F Itf July SI 

Wyatt, Sir Henry Robarte>,*< 28 P 28 Nor. 41 

Wyniiham, Charles.*^ 86 P 2AJniie88 

Yorkc, Philip James, ^^ts Fuf. Gds. .., ... 9 Not. 40 

tieU Ojffleerg w 


MllCBj &■ AXVa •■• >■• ••• 

er, Hidiirj»' M ?. ..I ... ... 

»•, S W. I. Kegt. 

B, J<Mepb,* Ca. KB, 60 P. ... 

Ouiirle*, 40 F. 

'iUiain,3 65 p 

(. Ale». Botwell,^ Cape M. Rillos 

iom»s ^ Dr. OdB. 

hn DaijdaJe « ScoU Fu$. Gdi. ... 

mry Edmund, 51 F 

Wm. Henry Clinton,' 49 \\ ... 

ithbert A. 16 P 

G^orgVi* R* Kngineen 

iioXjS6F«... ... ... ... 

D, Ilenrr, Or. Gdt. 

!iKmM« 68 P. 

too, Aleiander.M) KB, 12 Dn . 

lUh William, 09 P 

Umiry, i^cot* Fuf. Ods 

Sir Henry,! a KII. 77 F. 

m, Tlioiiitu,!' Unattached 

., 12 F. Jitirrack Master ^ Xcirport 

lamat,^* CS. AH P 

ft'llliaro. 48 F 

1, B<m. Win. Smyth,! 9 17 S)n, 

,.. Nor. 27 
... n Mov. 51 
... Nor. 4<1 
... 1 April 41 
... 11 Not. 61 
...II Nov. 51 
... 5 Nov. 47 
... 12 Muy 43 
...16 Juno 57 
...90 June 54 
... 33 Mar. 55 
...St^Oct. 5«i 
... 15 Aug. 40 
... 11 Not. 51 
... 1 Oct. 29 
... 2 June 14 
... 10 Jan. 37 
...30 Doc. 28 
... IS Jan. 48 
...23 Nov. 41 
... 20 June 54 
SO Mar. 49 
20 Sept. 27 

10 Jan. 37 

11 Nov. 51 






iUiam Matthew, 70 V. LUCol. 

unbertand Mi lit in 

I, Owald Samuel, 15 Drt. 

K>ige, 75 F. 

!, Sir Hugh S., Bt, Scott Kus. Gdi. 

wayL, (Jeorge Wm. IF. 

a«et, Barry, 1^71 F 

d. Ororer, 7 Drt 


Henry George, 38 F Dep. Butt. 

>nry,s! 15 HuHan 

John BrathwaIto,n 50 P. 

:d, Robert, Cold>t. Oils 

nbury, Sir Edward.'B 60 F. ... 
h, Fred., Scots Fus. Ods. 

[ylion, 2 Dr. Gdi. 

Mirard John Vesey,*^ 00 F. 
. Gustttf us.M CB. 05 F. 

Brutheiton, 94 P. 

'Be, Barton Parker,'' 1 1 Dr>. ... 

B, George,« CB. 23 F 

Bon. Jiime« LTon,>*21 P. 
uee, Willlam,»> KH. 48 F. 

•y, Thomas" CB, 80 P 

i;haTlva :«edky. » Coldst. GOji. ... 

Francis, 17 Dn 

E^ran. Anir. Plut-kett,^ Coldst. Gdi. 

larles tticJiard, " 20 F 

Ulwsrd Kent 8., 85 P 

an Wtfllf, 95 F 

dflU, Charle».3« KB, 94 P. 

ijliam.** 28 F 

. Wtlliaiu Bletterman, 76 P. 
<, Nathaniel, 70 F. . . . ^, 
\ Henry Dundas, Unatt. 

I. James, 61 P 

1, P. Wui. PliaKoy, Scot* Fus. Gda. 

tra, Richard.O' cB. 2 P 

>hilip Charles, 30 P 

<D, Henry Wilmut. 2 Dr. Gds 

Sir Ilichara,^ CB, tfC'/T. Greek L.I. ... 

', £dwar«i John. 49 F 

^ Robert D.juglas.*i> 79 F 

\Sir Wm. Henry,** Bart., 47 F 

w, John Chriktie, Coldiit. Gds 

e, Geoiye, Ceyiun Kc(;t 

Bamaid William, 38 F 

NpC^vm Vv As •■• •■• ••■ ••• !■■ 

,1'bomas, OF 

olthurst, Jamei Rubert/' 18 F 


S John Henry, 21 F. ifub. OJHcer Oenf. 

Ml J ... ... ... ... ... ...11^ OT .01 

:hidley, 81 P 11 Nor. 51 

loweil-Stepuny, J. i^tcpney,** KH, Culd. 

15 June 30 

Arles,72P 11 Nov. 51 

jDuel Byrnes, 56 P 13 July 

e, Jotiii.«> J^/l. 8P 10 Jan. 

land, Bentinck Harry, 18 P. 11 Nov. 

nc, Henry Weddcrburne. Coldbt. Gdi. ... 27 May 
Ban, Pfrevrine PrancU,** 23 F. ... ... Nov. 

. Jamea W., 74 F 20 July 

ITmi. Hubert Alex. Geon(e.4>CA 63 F. ... G Nov. 

md, Alexander Wilton, 74 F. 28 Nov. 41 

06o.,21 P. Lt,CoL Com. H'. Suffolk Mil, 98 Dec. 88 
hr, 0frWiB.Flunkett»J9arr.s*69F. ,., 9 April 25 


...23 April 47 
... 20 June 54 
... 13 Feb. 50 
... 31 Aug. 81 
... 11 Nov. 51 
... 7 Dec. 58 
... 23 Nov. 41 
... 2 Nor. 55 
... II Nov. 51 
... 20 June 54 
... 11 Nov. 31 
... 14 Peb. 
... 27 Jan. 
... 10 Jan. 
... 2 Oct. 
... 10 June 57 
... 27 May 50 
... 17 Aug. 
... II Nov. 
... 11 Nov. 51 
... 23 Nov. 41 
... 24 April 55 
... 23 Nov. 41 
...26 July 
... :32 Aug 
... 10 Oct. 
... 25 .May 
.. SGApr. i)9. 
... 17 June 30 
... 26 Oct. 58 
...27 Sept. 33 
... 11 iNov. 61 
... 20 June 34 
... 24 June 13 
...28 June38 
... 10 Aug. 49 
... Nov. 88 
... 28 July 80 
... 21 May 52 
11 June 41 

10 Nov. 12 
20 June 54 

6 Juiie 50 

11 Nov. 51 

30 May 13 
28 Sept. 47 
11 Nuv. 51 

31 Deo. 47 
20 Juno 54 
11 Nov. 51 
11 Nov. 51 

Db Lanc«f. Jolm, 1 W. L^RagL 

De Lancey, Peter, 75 P 

AS Ilea Voeux B., Scott Fus. Gd. 

a De Vlsme Francis," 80 F 

i Diifby, Henry Robert &! Scots Fus. Gdi. 
Digby, John Almerus.Ba nren. Qds. 

Dillon, Prancis William, M (tu p 

9 9£l Diabrowe, George, KU. Gr. Gds. ... 

Diiun, John, Gr. Gds. ... 

Dixon, John, 7:1 K 

9 Doyle. M'chael Tayiur,s<i KiBe Br. 

Drought, John Hcad,'^? 15 F 

Duberley, George, 77 F 

Dundas, Thonins. 32 P 

Dunsmure, Charles, 49- P 

9 Edmonds, Hamklton, 7 P. Barrack Ma§ 
Boivntloic ... ■•• ■.> ... ••• ••• 

Edward*, Hugh Gore, 10 P. 

Egerton. Hon. Arthur Fred., Gr. (ids 

Kyrrs, George Willinm, Gr. Gds 

a Palkiner. Samucl,» 23 P 

Fiine, Henry, 15 Drs. 

Kar:|uharson, Henry Hubert, IF.... ... 

Feilden, Robeit,'*! 44 F 

^Fendell, William,"^! Drs 

Fercuson, Robert, 71) P 

Picklin. Robert, 47 P 

Pindlay, Alexander, 8 W. 1. R 

FitzGerald, Charles Lionel, R. Art. 

fitzGorald, Edward, A'a, 98 F 

?ffl£l Piti Roy, L"rtl Charles,«« 26 P 
itz Rov, Hugh, Gr. Ods 

MEa Flamaiik, John.^ft 35 F 

Fletcher, R., Gr. Gds : 

Forbes, John, Culd^t. Od*. 

Forbes, Jonathan,^ 78 P 

Forbes, John Alexander, 92 P 

Forester, Cecil William, 52 F 

■ Forrsjter, Hon llciirv TowniM-nd, Gr. Gds. 

' liai Forlong, Jame<,' IC//.08 43 P. 

' FraM-r, Hon. Alex, l-klw.,6' Scots Pu*. Gds. 

Freeman, Thomas Iniito Wirkham, 13 P. 

B ISA Puller, Francis, CII.TU 69 P. 

a FuUer, Frederick Hervey,7» 91 P. 

Gai'ford, John William, 72 P 

Gale, Alex. UobiiiHon, 86 P. 

I Gardner, Jumes, Military Train 

|| Gamer, John Hutchinson,'' 93 F. 

... 11 Nor. il 
... 8 April 49 
... 8 July W 
... 11 Nov. 61 
...SO July 80 
... 7 D c. 58 
... 7 Dec. 47 
... 17 Aug. 91 
... 18 May 41 
... 11 Nov. 61 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... II Nov. 51 
...99 Dec. 48 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... 15 Feb. 80 

11 Nov. 51 
.. lOJun. 87 
... 11 Sept. 67 
.. IJuIy 30 
.. 11 Nov. 61 
.. 17 Oct. 87 
... 10 Mar. 37 
... 20 June (5 
.24 Dec. 82 
... 13 Mar. 85 
... 11 Nov. 61 
... 13 Feb 52 
... 1 April £5 
... 16 June 25 
... 21 Jan. 10 
... 20 Dec. 40 
... Nov. 46 
,.. 26 Not. 80 
... 7 Aug. 40 
... Nov. 46 
... 9 Nov. 46 
...22 Aug. 51 
... 24 Aug. 62 
... 7 May 41 
... 9 Peb. 68 
... 11 Nov. 51 
...27 May 95 
... 11 Nuv. 61 
... 22 June 55 
...11 Nov. 61 
... 11 Nov. 51 
11 Nov. 61 

Gilpin, Rich. Tho., Ride Br. Col. Beds, Militia 11 Nov. 51 

SGlrardot, Charles A., 73 Coldnt. Gds. ... ** ' ' "" 

lover. Sterling Freeman, 12 P 

£61 Gooeh, nenry,'^ Coldiit. Gds 

Gordon, Johiv^ 47 F. 

Gordon, Sir William, Bart, 3 W. I. Regt. 

I^Gore, Geor^ic, Jl//. 9 Drs. 

Gould, Piancis Aujii^tus, 48 F 

^Graham, Henry,'' 00 F 

Grant, Alex. O., 85 P 

Gunning, Matthew,7v F 

Hagart, James M'Caul, CB. 7 Huisara ... 
flr3 Hulkett. Hugh."* CB. GCB.Qer.hegu. 

Hall, Charles, Scots Fus. Gds 

9 i'.ll Hall, Geonte.xa 54 F 

Hall, Jasper Ta) lor. 53 F 

Hamilton, Sir James John, Bart., 30 F. 
Haramill, Thomas Cochrani','^^ Ceylon Regt. 
Hanmer, Henry, KH. R. H. Ods. 

Hardmg, Beiijumln, 2 Dr. Gds 

Harding, Willium.8'' 2 F 

Hare, Hon. Richard, Oo F. 

22)1 Harris, 5tr Thomas NoeI,<^ Unatt. 

Harrhon, John Bacon.*' C'/*. 50 F. ... 
^££1 Harrison, J. Chri»tophcr.iK> KH. 23 P. ... 22 July 80 
Harvey, Henry B., 22 P. Ma/or lAmdan Mil. ... 20 June 64 

Hatton, Villiers La Touche, Gr. Gds 29 Jnne G6 

Tj2il Hawkins, Henry, Scuts Fus. Gds 22 July 30 

11 July 90 
... 14 Apr. 48 
... 26 Nov. 82 
.. 15 Dee. 50 
... 20 June 54 
... 4 Dec. 17 
...11 Nov. 51 
,.. 11 Nov. 51 
,..81 Aug. 55 
... 9 Nov. 40 
... 14 Aug. 57 
... 1 Jan. 19 
... 18 Aug. 95 
...28 June 88 
... 98 Nov. 51 
... Nov. 46 
... II Nov. 51 
... 18 May 26 
... 14 July 95 
... 23 Nov. 41 
... II Nov. 51 
... 13 Feb. 23 

19 June 12 




U Hay. Sir Andrew Leith.o^ KH. 1 W. I. R. 

Hay, David, 6 Dr. Gds 

Ziai Hevetf, William, 53 F 

Heyland, John Rowley, 7 P. Barrack Master 

at Birmingham 

Hickey, Edward, 09 F 

Hill, Charles John, 7 Drs 

Hill, George Siavflev, Rifle Br 

H 111, KU'h . Fr^d. 53 P. ( 'ol. Shropsli ire 3fil, . . . 

Hogg, Jumex Mamiighten, 1 Li-e Gds 

Holder, Charle»,w S. or. Fus. (ids 

Holmes, ChrUtoplior Fi aiicis,<^ OF 

J^ £23 Home, Francid, Scots Fus. Gds 

21 June 81 
1 Nov. 49 
19 Aug. 28 

Hudson, Jo6**p'i Henry. Gr. Ods. 

SHiimrrey, BerUamln Geale.w 97 P. 
unt, Wm. Tbos. 3 W. I. Kcgt ... 

Hunter, Jamea, IG P 

B Mutton, Thomaa,9> 82 F 

Inge, T^illiuui 8 F 


20 Juna U 
... 9 Nov. 56 
... 5 April 83 
... 20 June.'Vt 
... 13 May 80 
...22 June i'*5 
... 17 Aug. .''j5 
... 20 June 54 
...13 Mar. 14 
... 16 May 46 
... 11 Nov. 61 
... 6 Aug. 49 
...11 Nov. 61 
... 98 June 88 
...11 Not. 61 




• wunv 19WV viMtfvw* 


Nov. 46 
SO June 64 

10 Jan. 87 
St Auf. 99 

11 Niif. 51 
Si I>cc. bi 

10 Jan. 37 

1 1 Not. 51 
JiSOct. 37 
11 Nut. 61 
SO June 54 
Vi Apr. 45 
24 June 54 
IS Aug. 10 
17Julj 35 
11 Not. 51 

5 Not. 47 

m% JaekMB, BmU, B. Bteff Corps 

JiWM, Oharln, 11 P. 

!| Jobnftoa, JwDee,l<w 00 P. 
I m Johnston, W ilium Fred.,1*^ Or. Gdt. ... 
ohnUone, George, 15 F 

JooMt £benex«r, 06 F. 

Joaae, Inifco Williams. 11 Hussars 

Joaasi Thomas, 14 Drs. 

Xaje, Oeorte U^tor Lister, Uuatt. Lt.CeL Cm». 

A W, York Uditia 

Kearaej, Charles, 8 Or. Gdf 

Keating, J auvs >ineer. Rifle Br 

Kalson, Charl(!S,>"3 Ceylon Regt 

K^sall, BuKcr, U. tng 

lUdd, John M-Mahon, 87 F. ... 

King, A. 8., 10 F. ... ... ... ••• ..• 

Klapeote, R. N. F.,iu4 CB. Scots Fus. Gds. ... 

KInran, Andrew Hyacinth, 05 F 

Xitdienor, Henry Horatio, F. 

Knoa, Bruwiilow William, dcou Pus. Gds. Mnjor 

Bmek* Yeomanry 1.1 Not. .SO 

Knox, George, Culdst. Gds S7July3» 

Knox, WiUum. 13 Drs S3 June 40 

Leaks, W. lL,Ro}ul Artillery 4 June 13 

IB Leatham, Janies^tM 4 F. ... * U Not. 51 

J« Couteur. Johnji*? 'ju F II Not. 51 

LaltrlB, W.,Earluf, 51 F. Col. Lett rim .Vil. SO June 54 
Lianoa, Lord Arthur, US F. Stu^ex Militia ... S2 Xuv. 4'i 
8Cl Lennox, Lorti George, 6 Ur». Lord in 
WaUing to H.R.II. The Prince CoM$ort ... 
a LtlUe, Sir John Scutt.m CB. Gr. Gds. 

901 UlUe, TUonia<,i i" Ceylou Kide» 

lindeMiy, Patrick,! 1103 F 

Lindsay, Hon. ChurlcH Hush."' Or. Gds. 
Lindsay. Martin George Tlioiuas,ii3 01 F. 

LindMlUBobert Henry,! i« 28 F 

LIslar, Pr*d. D.iiA i>n 

I^Oftus, Ferrari, Gr. Ud>. Col. 3 JV. York 3fil... 

Long, 8am*iel, Gr. Gds 

LoiTBdat, John Henry,"* 6 F 

Lovther, Horn. Hen. Cecil, I'J P. Col. Cumber' 

W^vB ^n Slv* M( ••• ••• *■« •■• ■«■ 

V€ Loyd-Lhidfuy, K»h. Jos.,"' 8cots Pus. Gds. 

P «a Luaitl, John."" SO F 

Lothlngton, Fniuklin,"8 CB. Scots Fus. Uds. ... 
Lra, Oeorte Mow bray. "> CB.'itOF 

8m M'Alester, C.Arch.,"* A'ff. Ceylon Bgt.... 
■Call, James. 8 Drs. 

IM'NlTcn, Thomas WiUlam OgUTr,»« 70 P. ... 
MaeBeau. Frederick,i«ir2r. M F 
acbeath, George.i'^ CB. Depot Batt. 

Maedoiiald, Alexander, 08 F 

m 9B Maedonsld. Robert,!*^ CB. 85 F 

Mhn<onilil. John,M SP. U.Coi. CommaHdmnt 

OmntmrvoH Militia 

Xaedonell, George, IS' C'H. 70 P 

illaeDougall, Sir Duncan,i2<* 70 P 
XacdougaU, Jarors,u»4SF 
«J>owell, Geo. James Muat,i3* CB. 10 Drs. ... 

MackBy, John Alex., 57 F 

MadMii, Henry Dundas, 60 F 

f M'Phamn,l)unosn,iM27P 

JUaPberMm. Duncan, 4S F 

Hair. GomeUus Cuyler PhUip, 34 F 

Xalat, Charles 8t. Lo. 8 F 

■ Hansel, John,iM CB. 53 P. 

Marrjat, Oeorge, S3 F 

a Marshall. Vfm.^ Insp. Field Offlcer . ... 
Xathlai, Wm. 02 F. 3 jAincashirt MilUln 

Maxwell, Cliarlei Francis, 82 F 

Mayne, William, 1 F 

Maasltar, John, 28 F 

X Ml Mill, James, 50 P 

IB Miller, Fiennes a.."' m 

Millar, James. us 11 Hussars 

Millar, Thomas, *81F 

Mills, WiUiani HaxweU,>«^ 7 Dr. Gds. 

KIMol 7,Jotin,>«i OF 
Igomery Lamb. Lyons,' ^ Scots Fus. Gds.... 

Moore, Henry, SI F. ■.. ... ... 

Moonon, B4>bert,M« Scots Fus. Udi- 

SMorrli. Air (''orge, 40 F 
array. Sir Arrh. J., ilarf. Hcots Fus. Gds. ... 

Hiimy, John Disby, 5 Dr. Gds 

Mairay, Samuel Hood, 3 W. 1. R. 

SMnlcr, Robert,i«c K. Canadian Rifles 
aylor, James S:i<ner,i4' 8 Drs 

llasham. Thomas W. 80 F 

9 m NeTlll. Park Percy, i>" 63 F 

llawdigate, Francis Wm., Coldst. Gds 

Mawten, Wm. Hetiry,i«» KB, Cunsdlan Rifles .. 

MmiDa, Charles Ht/roT. 62. K 

Mlctelaoa, Thomas William,^ KH. 55 P. .. 
lUOiUfSHBaal John LuJn, SOP 

IMN - 

■■ail ' 

IS June S3 

10 Jan. 37 

Mur. 55 

14 July 54 
8 April 4S 

26 Dec. &6 
S Not. 65 

13 Sept. S7 

June 50 

SO April 17 
SSJuly 50 
SH June 88 
SO June 54 

15 May 55 
8 June SO 

17 Sept. 41 
81 Dee. 41 
S Not. S8 
SO June 54 
90 June 64 
S5Aug. S9 

11 Nor. 61 
S4Feb. 14 
81 April 85 

1 Not. 49 
88 July 80 
SO June 55 

Not. 40 
SS Feb. 40 

10 Jan. 87 
88 Not. 41 
S5 Oct. 49 

1 Jan. IS 

11 Not. 51 

16 July 80 
80 June 54 
97 Oct. 48 
11 Not. .51 
34 Au(r. 4S 
28 Not. 41 

4 June 14 

8 Mar. 30 

8 8e|it. 30 

28 Not. 41 

11 Nov. 91 

15 July 54 

II Not. 51 

. SO June 54 

. 4 June 14 

SB Dec. 30 

. 11 Not. 51 

7 June 54 

. Feb. 40 

. 81 Jan. 58 

. SO June 54 

. 11 Nut. 51 

. 4 Sept. 54 

. 18 June 38 

. 20 June (4 

. SB June 80 

. 4Attg. 4a 

... 11 Kor.A 
... Jaa. m ■ 
... tS Ror. U'} 
... 10 oecL If 
... Nov. If 
... UAprfltf 
... ONot.H-^ 
... 98 Nov. M 
... 11 Nor. 
... II Not. 
... SO Jul 
...SO Aug. SI 
... 11 Not. a 
.. 11 Mot. n 
... 20 Oct* 68 
..a S ScpC 68 
... t May 41 
... 11 Not. 61 
... MJvaeM 
... 11 Not. fl 
... Mar. 11 
...00 Dec. 47 
... SO Jutt«9l 
...90 June 64 
... 81 Dec 14 
... 11 Not. 01 
... II Not. 51 
... 10 Jan. 6f 
... IS Aog. IT 
... 99 Jan. «r 
... 17 SepC 97 

... SI Pah. as 

... 15 Jnlj R 

...81 Aug. 4 

... 16 Aug. S8 

8 Juno 88 

Nieolls, George Onoa, 1 Dr. CMfc«M ••• 

NorChej, William Brook, 1 P 

Nuxent, BIr George Edmaiid, Bt. Or. Odl. 

OliTler, Henry Stephen. 06 P 

Onsluw. Artliur Edward, Scots Fus. Gda. 
^ U*Reiliy. Anthony Alex.,i« Unati. ... 
I'jige, George Curry. R. Kiiglneers 
Phx«i, Patrick L. C, ScuU Fus. Ode. ... 

I'olmi-r, John, 34 F 

l*arker, Edward, OU P. 

l*arlby,Geon(e, 4 F 

B£AI Paschal, George Prad.,>M Depot Batt. 
Paterson, JanMS,>MSF 

Pearce, William, A'//. Coldst. Gds. 

Pearson, Charles, P. 

PliiUippa, Henry, 6 F. 

PiiiUott, Frederick J., Unattached 
Pitt, Hon. Horace, R. Horse Gds. 

Puttiiiger, William, P 

B Raines. Joseph Robcit,iv 05 F 

£aKainforth. William, 63 F 

Randolph. Juhn Weedi, 57 P. 

Ready, Charle*.'^ 71 F 

Reed, Thonia>..>^ 70 P 

Rivve, Johh,>*> Gr. Gds 

Richardson, Fred., 30 F 

Robert*, P. Thomas, Gr. Gds 

Rubeit«, Juhn Cramer, 65 F 

Ruberlson, Archibald, S5 P. 

Rubeson, Oeorce, Military Train 

Robinson, Juhn George, t^coii Fus. Gds. 
Romilly. Frederick, SiOt» Fus. Gds. 
RuM>. John Rufc liol>len,>ai 17 Drs. 

RoNie, Lorunio, 03 F 

Rous. George Grey, Gr. Gds. 

Ruvkley, Sir Ciiur'les, Bart. Drs. 

U HuilsiIeU. Sir Joseph, Gr. Gds. KCMO. 

Kiis-ell, Andrew lIainiU<n,>0'58 P. 

Rut»ell, Lord Chas. Jas. Fox, 00 P., Strjtani at 

Arms 1o tke House of OfmmOHS 

Sampson, William Henry, Rifle Br. 

c i I i*.hreiher, Georf;e,ws 38 F 

^cott, Rirluinl .\iiJrew, &^ Y 

^roti. Win. UlendonTyn. 01 F 

^ iJH .^dler, Anthuny Gardiner,"" 8W. I. R. 

Shani.llichartl Palmer. >• 72 F 

Shearman, John, 48 F 

9 SImmonds, Henry.iM Ceylon Begt. ... 
" }«immons, Joseph.^v' CB. 41 F 

eiater, John Jaiuesi'^ 82 P. 

mith.DaTidRae, 17^32 P 

|i 812 Smith, George.iTt R. Horta Odi. ... 
SomerTille, Thoina* Henry ,nt 8 P. 

£0 Sowerhy, T.. Coldst. Gds 

S]i«nce, Jarae»,i<A CB. 81 P. 

Spencer, ^oir. Ckrorge Augustus, Coldst. Gda. 

Spicer, William Fred.. 78 P 

Stanley, Bon. Clia. Jas. Fox, Gr. Gds. OtL 

Latuathire Militia 

SteeTcns, Charles, 90 F 86 Ang. 18 

Stevenson, George Milne, Coldst Gdi. ... .^ 18 Jaut tf 
StcTcnson, Thomas, 80 P. Paymaster A'. HIpm- 

eestrr Militia II Nov. 81 

Stewart, Donald, Unattached SO OeL 81 

Stewart, Peter Desbrlssy.^n R. Art. 80 Dee. 41 

8l. Maur, Edward,! TV Al P 

^Sirelton, Severus William LyBain,i7* 40 P. 

Ll.t^.. Hampshire JUilUia 

Stracey, John Edward,iM Scots Pas. Gds 

Temple. John, 60 F ... 

Th}nne. Lord William. Oren. Gds 

Tternfy. Sir MutthfW Edw., Bt. Coldst. Oda. 

fToolo, William,! "^89 F 

Touzel, Thoinns PerciTM), 97 F 

Trenih, Power Le Poer, 2 Dr. Gds. 
Trevelyan, James Ilarington, Unatt. 

Trotter, Robert Knox, Vt* F 

TurberTill, Gerra*, AH. 18 F 

Twii|)eny, Edward, 78 F. 

V T)ldeu, Sir John Maxwe1I,iN 59 P. ... 

Ussher, Johii,^"* W F 

Van Cortlnndt .Henry Clinton,**" 31 P. ... 
^ Vander Menirn, Charles James,*^^ 79 F. 
Vane-Tempest, Lord Adulphus P. C. W.,i"* Scots 

Not. 48 

.. 11 not, n 
. aojoM H 

.. 81 Am. 88 

.. 10 8fl|iC.« 
.. IDecM 
..11 Not. 81 

,. 1 Not. IS 
.. 10 inly 17 
.. SSJoMii 
.. 17 8SPC.5 
.. 14 May 17 
.. 5 Jth. « Dae. 41 
. 4JiiMli 


4 July a 

... 84 May 81 

...11 Not. 81 
...81 Aug. 81 
... 87 Apr. • 
... 11 ZfuiT.n 
...12 Oct 87 
...11 Not. 61 
... S8 Not. 44 
...II Not. 61 
... 8 Oct 80 
... 10 Dm. 47 
... IS Aug. IB 
...SO June 64 
...30 Dee. 41 
OApr. 48 

Fus. GdH. 

Vnndeleur, Robert, 80 F 

Yaiiaittart, RolNTt, Coldtt. Gds 

Vauslian, IlerbiTt, 00 K 

II £2.1 Vlrrner, Sir WilUare, Bart. 13 P.... 
Vernon, George Aiiguntus, Coldst. Gds. ... 

Vini'ent. Thnnius, 80 F 

9SL Wallinaton, J. C, 10 Drs 

Walpole, lion. John, Coldst. Gds. 
Waid, Johu,w* 97 P 

13 Dec. $4 
... 88 Not. 41 
... Not. 48 
... 88 Not. 41 
...84 Dee. 18 
... 85 Apr. 41 
... II Not. 61 
... SAprdlB 

88 Ju^ M 



Mt^i* UMttachtd ... ... ...tSOet. M 

lltam,Ma On 11 Not. 61 

Uun Piirto,w 10 Dn. to Jam 64 

r» JametCarnidciM i0p 11 Xur. 61 

Dod, Thomu, Bcols JFis. Gdi. ... 31 Dec. SO 

Temple. Or. Qdi. OJulf 6t 

3aovs®«*^ S8 F 14 Apr. 49 

UliAin, Sooit. Fvt. GdB. 18 Mnr. o9 

|e FnuicU,i07 31 F 18 I lee. 64 

D, Ocorrfi, 48 F. U Not. 61 

lcicher,i» Unatt. 10 July 81 

lott» CB„ KH, Rifle Br. ... 4 June 14 
Ml, George Davit,**! CB. Or. Gda. ... 18 June 15 
iriea TowDihcnd^ CcOdit. Gda. ... 8 Dec. 64 
, John. Marq, oft 10 Huaaara, CtA. 

ire MUitia »t Dee. 90 

IsJobn, 08F.. 11 Not. 61 

B. Ominannej', Dra. 88 June S8 

iraN.CharleaAlexander,>(0 7DrB. ... 8 July SO 
am. Charlea,^* 2 Dra. Keeper of the 

Tmeer 80 Dee. 87 

b«rt WatUn Wina.,2W.I. Regt. ... 0JuDe04 

Ilium PiUTjr.XM 88 F 88 Jane 88 

, 15 Dra. 11 Not. 61 

fIBW fTllfW* 


i,i Unatt. 18 Dee. 80 

irka, IIF 88 Xot. 41 

ocnas St. Leger, O.'i l:". Lt.Vol, Ut 

Campbell, Heorj Wotton.o 79 F., O m tt r mr ^ 

JUiiUartf Prison at Montrtal .... 
Cftinpbell, John Cameron,** Dra. G«n 

MUitarff PrisoH at Greenlaw 

Campbell, Robeit.** 46 F 

Campbell, Thoma* Edmund, Unatt. 

Campsie, Geo. Richard, 31 Ceylon Ritlea 

Cnrlron, lliomaa T. Spry, 3 Dr. Gda 

Chaliiier, F. I)., 7 Dr. Gdt. 

Chiirlewood, John. 6tf F 

|l Caulfleld, John, Dr. (id«. U.lM, Com, Roo- 

common Militia 

Chrintif, Wm. Hurvitf, t$0 F. 

Clerke, William Jonathan, 77 F 

Coatf, John.S' 55 F 

Coeliran, Jamei,^ 41 F. ... 

9 Cochrane, Hon. Wm. Rr«kine,M is Dra. 

p Cockbum, Wni. Uorac«,3i 05 F. 

Ctidd, William.^' 48 F 

Cook. Kdwin Adolphua,'? U Hawara, Lt, 

Ktni VeomaHry 

CnikHr, Edward,^ 00 F 

Cumberland, Guu. Biirnll,39 43 F 

Carrie, George A lfre<l, 75 F. 

S£l Daniell, John, OH F. Barrack Matter, Corfu 

Ddi ell, Henry Jubn,^ OOF. 

I>arroch, Donald Geo. Angu»,<' 51 F. 


nrm. H. U..S 51 F. ... 
, Francit, 52 F. 
lUsm Henry, 16 Dn. ... 
Ttiomat, 46 F. 

rtlllani. 16 F 

ia. Williani.A 56 F. ... 
lorge Edward, 40 F. ... 
■, Anthony ,7 17 Dn. ... 
D, C»iW, 88 Dra. 

DaTid, Bart.,^ US F. ... 
foaa Biebard. 7P. 
Boda Walter,* Rifle Br. 

... 83 Nov. 41 
.. 1 Dec. 54 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... 10 May 45 
... 88 Not. 41 
... 81 Aug. 40 
... 4 July 45 
... Not. 46 
... 31 Dec. 86 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... 18 Oct. 40 
... 84 Mar. 58 
... 81 Auyr. 88 
... 6 June 60 
11 Not. 51 

Bbert William, 88 F. 

bert Douglaa, 40 F., Barrack Maater 

... 11 Not. 61 
... 18 Not. 80 
... Mar. 65 
... 8 Oct. 68 
... 11 Not. 61 
... 10 Jan. 58 
... Not. 40 
... 80 Pec. 86 

nry Bingham, 1 Life Gda. ... 

lobert Cary, 41 F 

William," 56 F 

Q^l«y W. 77 F. Cairlou! MilUia 

hn Arthur,!* 52 F 

I. Gabbett, IF 

r. L., Unatt. 

Uam Gabbett, 1 F 

Lord George Aug. is 6 Dr. Gda. 
a Picton, 31 F. 

rt, 6 Dr. Gda. Captain Northumber- 

... Not. 46 
... 10 Feb. 64 
86 June 88 

11 Not. 51 
... 88 July 80 
... 10 June 46 
... 7 Dec. 68 
... 4 June 14 
... 10 Jan. 58 

VHttf^^Jf ■ • ••• ••• ■•• 

Ig r^as ••• ••• aaa ■•• 

ard Baker.i^ 16 Dra. 

tobert,i7 03F 

wo 34., 1 f . ... ... ... 

-y Oharle*, 47 F 

tm, John, 51 F. Qent. at Arm* 
barlaa Leatock, Rifle Br. 
lomaa, Ceylon Blflea 

rSy mVFm ••• «•» ••• •«■ 

obn, 67 F. ... ... 

I John, 85 F. ... ... ... 

nB, 80 Jfm ... ... ... ... 

Hugh, Military Train 

fy, \ViUiam 8. BichardHon^i'aO F. 
Bca, 10 f . ... ... ... 

aDaTy, 17 Dr» 

iRe.'UDr. Gda 

, John Henry, 00 F 

'mi. G«on{eAug.,04F 

a. Tyrrell, 18 F. AtOutant Kin^t 

Militia ODee. 53 

t^barlea, 8 Life Gda 88 June 88 

itam,Unatr 81 July 80 

tollo Gille8pie,S3 13 F 8 Nov. oU 

ert, 06 F Not. 40 

rd Walter, SooU Fua. Gdi. Capt, 

m Militia 11 July 87 

Oao.,** 86 F. 4 Wfst York MUitia ... 4 Dec. 88 

Geo. Berkeley,»86 F 10 Jan. 87 

. Henr>,M Gr. Gda 88 June 88 

■ry, 10 F. Lt. Wilts Yeomanry ... 7 Aug. 46 
ftMtoo Arch. Colin, 48 F. ... 
Colin, SI X. ... ... ... 

Cottn Akzander, 74 F 

i. 8. Vomaa, 90 F 

... 4 Dee. 86 
... 88 June 88 
... Nut. 44 
... Not. 46 
... 80 Dec. 46 
... 4ilar. 37 
... 80 June 54 
... 88 June 88 
... 83 Not. 41 
... 88 May 58 
... 3 June 63 
... 88 Dec. 48 
1 Dec. 87 


BSDee. SI 

7 June 4f 
16 May 46 
4 Not. 40 

SOOct. 88- 
S7 Joae 64 
80 Dee. 10 
11 Not. 61 

10 Jaa. 87 
9 Not. 88 
9 Not. 46 

11 Not. 61 
88 Not. 41 
10 Dee. 18 
88 June 86 

6 May 48 

18 Dec. 64 

8 July 68 
16 Feb. 80 
90 June 64 

Mar. 88 
88 Not. 64 
80 Juue 64 
Davenport, TrevDr. 18 F. Adj. l^eshire Mil. ... 11 Not. 61 
DuT«ni>ort, William Daveniwrt, 04 F. Lt.CoL 

n Cheshire MititUt Not. 48 

DiiTic«, J(>Jie|ih, 83 F 80 June 64 

Dtiire, Chorlei, 8 K 10 Jan. 87 

9 Dc Henzy, George Webb, 4 Drt, Barrack 

Maiter, Extter • 

|1 D.llon, Robert.^ 38 F 

Oon:iliiBon, Robert, 41 F 

T^ Drake, Sir Tlioa. T. F. 'E.^^Bart. 58 F. 

VIA I>rewe, Edward Wani, 88 Foot 

Drilierg, Williaui,<5 Unait. 

Duckett, SirQwxwi Floyd, .Barf. 8 W. I. R. 

Duff. Jttroe*,4C 83 F 

J)y*on, Kd»ard, 3 Dr. Gd» 

9 Edwardcx, Bidwell, i:/f . Unatt 

Elllutt, Richard, 8 W.I. K. Paymaster Water- 

for d Militia 1 July 61 

Efniaall, Wm. Dc Cardonnel,«o I Dn 13 Dec. 64 

10 Jan. 87 
. 5 Not. 18 
. 6 Fab. 47 
.80 May 14 
. June 87 
. 1 Mar. 60 
. 11 Not. 61 
.90 July 68 
. 8 April 68 
31fay 84 

... 18 Dec. 64 
...80 June 64 
... 88 Not. 41 
... 9 Not. 46 

Elton, laaac, Capt. 45 F. 1 Somerut Militia ... 
Krakine, Hon. David, 81 F. (.W. .Sec. at Nai»l ... 
Fane, Henry,4» 4 Dii. Lt.Col. Com. 8. Lincoln 

JmXlUVt ... ... ... ... ... ... 

Fawkei, Richard, 87 P 

Fenwiek, Horatio, Unatt 

Ffrench, Edward, 74 F 

FliaHerfoert, Richard Henry, Rifle Br 

Forboa, George, 8 Dn 

FOra, Oeo. 80 F. ... ... ... ... ... 

Foreytb, Gerranl John,^i 57 F 

FotiiernllU William. 5uF 

V FOz, Barry ,^ 04 F 

Prampton, Heathfleld Jame«,9S 50 F 

)P 9SX Fraaer, Jumes, 84 F. 

Fraaer, Robert W. Macleod,SB 6 F. 

Freer, Daniel Gardiner, 17 F 

Frend, Geo. 86 F. j\'. Tipperary Militia 

Fyfl'e, DaTld, 44 F. 

FylFe, DaTid, 46 F 

Gave, Edward, Scott Fua. Oda 

GaTin, George 0'HaIloran,M ig Dra. 

1^ Gell, ThomHa.s' 80 F 

(leiard, Sir Robert Tolvcr, 08 F 

Glbcon, Charles Frederick, 84 F 

Gifl^rd, Edward Carter, 00 F 

Gilley, Thomah, 7 F 

Glllman, Bennett Watkinn, 13 F 

Gordon, Duncan,^ 59 F 

Gore, William Richard Onnfcby. 13 Dn 

{I Gouet, John N., Rifle Brigade, Barrack Mas- 

t€w% %JVW^ ... •■■ ••■ ••• ••• ■•* 

Graham, Cliarlcs Canij)bvll.M 42 F 

Grahu:n, George, 1 W . I. It. 

22!1 Graham, Junie^ Rvg. Tovin, 8 Dra. 

Grant, Janie*,"^ 3Dni 

Gninville.Frcd.23 F. 8 Wanriek Militia 

Green, Andrew, 4H F. 

Greene, William, fll F 

Greenwood, J.. Dn. ... ... ... ... 

flrehao. Ptter,*" 78 F. 

Greig, John Jame*. 84 F. ChiefOonstable, Liver' 

Ei%n/l •«• ••• ••• •«• ••• ••• •■> 

||(iruhbe, Thomas Hunt M 16 F 

Hall. Samuel Madden Prancia, 75 F. 

Hamilton, WiUiam Dicby, IS Dra. 

p Hammeraley, Fred.*^ 18 F 

f m Han, WlUiam Henry »m 61 F. 

Hawkea, Abraham, SO F 

Not. 40 
8 Apr. 86 

89 Dec 48 

... lOJCoT. 41 
... 90 June 64 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... 9 July 47 
... 90 Jana 84 
... 18 May 88 
... 86 Dec. 68 
...88 Not. 41 
... IOJuM8f 
... 90 Dec. 84 
... 10 Jaa. 87 
... 96 Dee. 61 
... 18 Mot. 47 
... 80 June 64 
... 4 June 18 
... 16 Dee. 88 
... 88 June 88 
... 10 Dee. 4T 
... 98 June 16 
... 11 Not. 61 
...80 June 64 
...80 Dee. 44 
... 86 Dee. 68 
... 80 June 64 
... 4 July 84 
... 19 Oct. 68 

86 May 86 
S Not. 66 

7 June 81 
10 Jan. 87 

Not. 48 

10 May 48 
18 Dee. 68 

8 Mar. 14 
81 Dee. 87 

11 Not. 61 

80 Jane 84 
SS Not. 41 
11 July 8T 
14 Feb. a 
11 Vow, U 

18 lu. 87 

19 July 91 

field OjUcen wko nave reitrea. 

HMd, Bit nuMif Bond, Bart,, KOH, 
neplMni. Pimneit JohQ flwayiw, 00 F. ... 

Herbert. Arthur.«sS9 7 

HIU, Edward. MP 

Hill, Xtfnf GiK>rK« AuKHvU, Unalt. 

HolmCB, JaiiiCo NiiTuI, CiiiBdUui Klfl«i 

Hiime, J^fiiHs Murra),* 10 P. 

9 Hopkini, John Paul.TA JT/T.. OR P. Military 

Knight of Windtor 

Hopper, Ed«iiiH,3tt F 

Hoi»Mm, Wil.iain Iloiwon.SOP 

Button, Tlioiiuk.'^ U)rv. . 

Inee, Ralph I'iirvoit, Ritlp Hr 

iDgall, Kied. lii'iinoT. 43 K 

Ingli*, Raymond ;• 7 P 

Inalii, WilllAm,74 5 Dragoon (iuard* 

J I Jarkt, Walter.;^ 7 I)r. Gdi 
■rkioa, Oeorsp \Vin.Collinv''7 Dn 

Jeffrry, John Murton, Vh F. 

Jelf-Sharp, Henri, MV 

Jooelya, Hon. Aii^- neiin^> Fred., Dr. Udt ... 
Jrmns William PrliDP, (U P 

II Judge, Arthur,^' 1 \V. I. R 
alius, William \lavur, Dr* 

Keftn, H«nr/.7* 07 F 

Keane, Edward A W.,;s> I^nf, 37 F 

Keene, Edmund Riirk, 3'U 

KiUaen. Arthur Jamcfl, ijord,^^ 8 Drs 

Knos, Hon. Wiiliam Stuart, dl F 

Larblan, Riibert. 17 K 

Law, CharlcH Krrd., C'J F 

LawivlU DiKbj Hi'nr> , 04 F 

Leightnn, Forn>>tfr Owisn, .Vl F 

Leclie. L(.*wi.Xiivipr,H3U'j F 

LtltUdsIe. Eilwanl, 1 Dm 

Loekyer, Etlmund, 07 F 

Longmore, Geunre. R. StaflT Corjift 

Lovett, Thuma* Hf-aton,*^ 08 P 

Lueai, Rirhard, 'j;! P 

Lyon, William, 07 P 

MMnroy, WiUiam, HO F 

X'Murdo, Alured Ctiarle«,'« 10 Dra 

Xacarniry, Jum*-t Niiun, 7 Dr. (}d«. Adj. Sorth 

Devon Yromanrff 

Maclean, William, 37 P 

Marpherwn, Kvan. M» K 

UMacQueen, I>onald J., K/i., 74 F. 

Matur, iJundre 

Hair, Arthur, lis F 

Malrls, Valeatine Hale, 7 F 

Manley, Uolivrt QtiurK".^' Drt. 

Xargairy. Airired Robert, 54 P 

Harindln, Henry Richanl, IF 

aUrthpAuir- Leaniek.R^aSP 

9Manh. Hnben.Hj^F 

BUrOon, Daniel. H0 F 

Martin, Alexander, 45 F. 

Martin, rtamuel Yorke. 53 F 

Ma«>y, Hu|ch, <i5 P. .ttajor Lon^ord Mil, 

Mawy, Johii,» |Tn:aiaclicd 

MalMn, Henry ,M^HF 

M«ule, John, 08 P.... 

... 8S Dee. S8 
... 11 Not. 51 
...fill June 54 
... II Nuv. 51 
... 0Jnly au 
... SO Dee. 54 
...II .VuT. 51 


5 Not. 
at» \oT. 
5 "k^-pe. 
C JuiH> fiQ 

11 Nov. .-»! 
SO June 31 

Juno 54 

12 Dec. 54 
lOJiin. 37 
-J I Krii. 5fi 
!2H May 5« 
'J3 Nov. 41 
20 June 54 
II Nor. h\ 
lU J:in. 37 
II N«iv. U\ 
23 Nov. 41 

5 Mur. 
10 Jnne 

'i Orr. 

1(1 Nuv. 

18 Aup. 




2.'» .\iijr. 


20 May 

11 Nov. 

12 Aiic. Ill 
24 Auk. 32 

4 April 40 
3 July 30 
23 Nov. 41 
Nov. 40 
Nor. 40 

20 Jiin«f .'•4 

II Nov. 3(1 

^ Juiir 64 


22 July 30 

13 Nov. 35 

23 Nov. 41 

12 Dec. 54 

20 June 54 

20 June 54 

12 Dec. 54 

3 April 40 

18 Nov. 13 

10 Deo. 10 

Nov. 40 

81 Auk. 55 

2J Oct. 58 
7 July 40 

II Nov. 51 

MaunMll, Geo. 1 W. I. R. Adj.E. York, Militia 20 Junp 54 

Mayne, John, I F Nov. 40 

Mercer, Arthur Hill <t9 k 6 Junr 50 

t Meredith, Rlchiird Martin m 13 P 15 Ik-c. 43 
X Methfdt), Edward. 3 Dr. Uds 10 J:in. 37 

MildmaT, /fir Henry dt. John, il/. 2Dr. Gds. ... II Nov. 51 

Miller. Ueor^e Cummliifr, 54 F 10 Jan. 53 

MlUiKan, Willia'ii, 08 I- 23 Nov. 41 

Minter, Grorsc.BO 20 F 29 Niv. 44 

SMItehell. Parry, .'V3 K 2SJiiap 38 
Itturd, John Philip,*-* 2 W. I. R 2U June :A 

Monro, David Arlhur,M» 12 Ijancerf 29 July 53 

Moatiromery, Francis Octavius, 45 P. Lt. Col. 

North Doim Militia 8 Srpt. 39 

Moore, Churlr*, 3i F. Oovernor of Military 

Knights of II indMor 22 July 30 

Moore, WiUiara. 74 F 21 Jum* 13 

Monro. Daw M, 04 P U Dt-r. 2m 

MuBioi John bl. John. Gi) F U Aug. 4<i 

Murray, IToN. Diivid Henry, :^eot«Fuf.(id9. ... Nov. 40 

Murray, Charleii.»"> in F Nov. 40 

Murmy, WilliJiui.J"' 10 Dri 2i» iVc. f»f» 

Napier. Hon. CiunleH, 71 F 17 Junn 20 

Naah, Chirii'* W idi-uuaui.X" Canadian liiAi'* ... 23 Nov. 41 

Northey, Auk. J. W..41 F 27 Ike 50 

Nnieeiit. Aiidrra-, :{(> F Ni»v. u\ 

W Nutfetit, Georfii>, 7 Dr. ihU 11 Jan. 33 

0»Connell, Danirl, 40 P 2i) June 04 

O'Gnuly, il0M. ThumHS. 71 F loJuly 40 

aO'Learv, Athui,«>i.Vi F 23 Deo. 42 

6gU, Aithur,!^ F 83 Hec. 42 

f Orr, JohmiV? F.^ 10 Mar. 1ft 



Owen, Edward Banyt 17 F...* ■•• ... 

Owen, Hofh, 7 Dn. 

Parke. Cii^rlee. 8 F. 

Paul, Uni:«>ry, 57 P 

Papie. U in. Aitf. Townaead, 70 P. 
l*aynifr,(ieorse.>o« 1 DnigiMU Uuarda ... 

I'eATh, Jatne. Pea«.h. 1 Dr. GJ^ 

Pi'acoi-ke, Stpphen I'ouionby, 50 P. 

IVtIey. Hairiok M*L»oil. 38 P. 

Phili|ip«, Coiirtenay, 15 Drt 

Polf. Muiidy,40 I- 

I*r»lf. r«tiiiue|, l-i Dim 

ill*olioi'k. S.iinui'1.1 11 Rifle Hr 

IN}«is, Hon. ChAileii.Oi 9 Dn^ 

Po«-,\t. Hon. Ucury L. 80 F. l^eest^MHilia 
Pridi^iiz, Sir VAiu. Saunder»un. Bt. 08 F. 
I'nnclr, Norman, 21 P. Conxul at Dunkirk 
Qiifntin, Georip Auff. Frederick. 10 Dn. 

Rawliu^on, Oi-on:!',"* 1 W. I. R 

♦Jn.i.i, IKnry.Hiol F 

Uirhnioitd, >l»tlhew. 00 F 

Kobt;rt>on, I'harU'i.'K 90 P 

Rohinton, JoM>pii, 00 P. PaymoAtfr .V. 

perarn Mihtia 

Rockf, Herbeit.>i'49 F 

Ri>»r, 11. M. St. Vinrt'nr,25 F 

RusmII. L4>rd V,Ms\no Gtf ■n.-e. 93 F. 

Iluilicrfooni Arcbibald,iW4 t 

Uuvlon, Gcuruv, :U t'. 

Saltoun, Artfx., lAtrd, 28 F 

."ia^rey, Henry Beekwitii, t*8 P. Adjutant 

iMUiatih Militia ... 

Scot t. KdMurd, » Dra. 

Semple, II. , X. F 

f^-raple. John, l!) F ^ 

Sntiia. Geo:ge. K. Canadian Kiflca 

Seton. WiUiaii C;inlen,41 F 

S.iucklmri:li.Gi-o. Tiiu«. Kia..>si Srot«Fus.Gda. ... 

Sk3nni'r, .\uj. t'harli^i, 18 Dr» 

Smith, Si>ton Lioiii>l, 51 F. 

Smyth, RoiKMC C'urraichael, 93 F. 

Spi'tHiy, Jnnu-A. 8 F 

SpoouLT, Samuel, 40 P 

Sri'phenft'in. William Walter, Rifle Brigade ... 

il Sic^-cnMui. 1-^WHril R., 76 K .'. 

St«'wart, WiUium, 30 F 

4j2lSt. John,G«orKc Fivderick Rerkeley.&BP. ... 

Straith, Hector, St. Hi-Iena Re;;t 

Stu-rt, Donald, IM 48 F 

StudiliTt, Charlra FitzOerald.^i'« 80 F 

Sutherland. Edwiini, JKarmcA Maiterat Wooi- 

ftieh OfHt.-at'Armt 

flutbiTJAMd, William J amci, 21 F 

Sutton, John. 47 P 

Sykc., Cam.**! 48 F 

TatU'raall, Geo. B ilkeley, Ceylon Regt 

Tailor, Williaiu, 70 F 

Tenitunt, Georec, 85 F 

Thellu«Min,is» AiUiur John Betbell, Coldat.Oda. 

Thtmiaon, Unbert Thoniit, I Dr. Udi 

TownnheiKl, L<!e Porchcr, 40 F. Mt^r 


^m Turner. Michael, 1 Dr. Gdi. ... 

Vane, Chailen Birch, OF 

Verucy. Sir Harry. Bart. Unattached 
V lulls Henry Thomaii. 45 P. 
Vivian, fha*. C. Ijord. 10 Dr«. 

, S Nor. 47 

, 4l«ri-IT 

Iff Aug. it 

tt July M 

11 Kov.fil 
, JOApnlM 

12 Nov. M 
II Not. ftl 
SO JomM 


» Nor. 40 

. 90 Nov. 41 

lOJaa. or 

10 Sept. 07 

dikt. SS 

5 Apr. 01 

SO June 14 

SO Apr. 40 

10 Jan. 87 

10 Jan. 07 

SS Not. 41 

10 Jaa. 07 

90 Dee. 48 

Sri June 08 
lOOcf. 49 

1 Feb. M 

10 JoIjOS 

SO Jane 01 

11 Not. 41 

15 Apr. 01 
SO Aug. 42 
UUeb 05 

16 Oct. 47 

12 Dec. 51 
30 Not. 41 
SO Jnne 04 
10 May 41 
SO Not. 54 
98 June 01 
10 Jan. 07 
IS Mar. 17 

Aug. 00 

88 June 08 

9 Nor. 00 

1 1 Not. 61 
10 Jan. »7 
10 Oct. 40 
S Nor. 04 
10 May 40 
SOhb. 44 
]SM«y 40 
a Nor. M 

14 Aug. 07 


9S Dee. 01 

10 JOMlO 

II Nor. 51 

13 Not. 37 

98 Maj 

. , . IS Aag. 04 

WnlkiT, Sam. U') F. U.Col. Qtioen'towHMUttiml^ OeoC 04 

WulliT. Jam. -i W. S., KH. \M F so Mar. M 

WurbiirtoN, Henry William E^erton, 47 F. 

Barrack Mtuiter, Mullingar 

Warm;, Hi'Uiy, 50 P 

Warrant, Ro'ieri, Drf 

Wurren, Wiltiuin, Riflr Br. 

Wot, GrcKory Li"we*,»» 29 P 

tliil W«bb, Xensl-'* 3 W. I. Regt. 
\Vi<>l:ini1. Jiihn Thorne,!^* I-nntt. 
f ZJiX Whitney, li<iijamin,iJ3 14 p. 

Wi.'utwurtli, I)'Ari'v. I'nilturlicd 

W.lkiiiVMi, Arthnr'PhilipSavaKe.lM/'A.ig p, 

{JWiUiUiiiii, S'r .lainei Hamlin, itt. 7 Drt. 

WiUiADls Rol>erl, 22 F 

Wilson. Hi-nry. 11 F 

Wini', Vine* nt, '3^ Depot Batt 

P Wi.lfe, Kdwant, 2S F 

\V')ll.i«ton. Frv'd., U I)r^ 

^ Wi..k1. Heniy Uw.h,"^' 37 F 

\Vo(Mlh'Mi«e. Hon. Bt-rkeley, 8 Drp. Col. East 

.\oiJolk Mill fin 

WiMiit, Jiihn Joseph ^''' Military Train 

Wo4illard. Gilbert, St. Hvleu.i Regt 

9 Wruun, Nicholas 21 F. Pifymav/cr, Noit^ 

Militia II Nor. 01 

Yard, Frederick,>W92F 98 Nor. OV 

... 1 7 Mar. 40 
... 16 April 00 
... 94 AprUSI 
... 80 Not. 41 
... 8 Dee. 40 
... 8 Nor. 40 
... SO Nor. 41 
...SdKoT. 00 
... R Not. ST 
... 4 Oct. 40 
... 94 Uet. SI 
... 90 Not. 41 
... IS July SI 
... 19 Dee. 04 
... 10 Jaa. m 
... 1 Not. 40 
10 Jan. 07 

9 Mar. OS 
Sa Dec. W 
11 8epC.4S 

H^mr Servieei of General Officers who have retired from the Sermce. 

1 Sir Henrr Edir. Btmbury tenred in HoUand in 1799, including the battles of (he 19tk 
BtpLf Snd and 7 th Oololwr. Bwfed alio on the expedition to Naplee and Galatoia in 1805 and 
S» and waa preeent at the batUe of Maida, for which he hai receiyed the Gold MedaL He it a 
Knight of the Tower and Sword of FortagaL 

S lieat-General Johnaon eerred the campaign of 1808-9 in the Feninaola at a Mi^or in the 
SSnd, and wat present at the battles of Boleia, Yimiera, and Coranna,for which he hat receiyed 
ttM War Medal with three Clatps. 

St Major-General Bateman tailed with the 5th on the expedition for Hanover in 1805; wot 
shipwrecked off the Tezel and made prisoner of war. Ilaving been exchant^cd in March 1806, 
he sailed in June fUlowiog with the exi)cdition under Mujor-Geuerul C'raufurd, which landed In 
South America, and he was present at the attack of Buenos Ay res. Served aUo in the Peninsula 
In 1810, 11, and 13, and was severely wounded at Vittoria, for wliich battle ho has the War Medal 
with one Clasp. Accompanied the regiment to America in 1814, and was present at Platt«burg. 

3 Hi^or-General Beokwith served in Hanover in 1S05-6; at Copenhagen in 1807, including 
the action at Kioga. On the expedition to Sweden in 1808; and that to Portugal in 1808-9, 
Inolndtaig the action at Calcavellas on the retreat, and battle of Corunna. Proceeded to Wal- 
clMHren in 1809; subsequently to the Peninsula, and waa present in the actions of Pomba], 
Bedittha, Condeixa, Pos d'Arouoe, and SabugaX battle of Fucntes d*Onor, sieges of Ciudad 
Bodrigo and Badajos, battle of Salamanca, siege of Burgos, action at San Muan, battles of 
Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Vera, Nivelle, near Bayonne, Orthes, and Toulouse (Gold Medal). Served 
also the campaign of 1815, including the battlea of Quatre Braa and Waterloo (lost left leg). 
Doing the great portion of the above service he waa employed on the Stafil He is a Kni^t 
Snd CUaa of St Anne of Russia. 

4 Major-General Bristow served in the Walcheren expedition in 1809 as a Captain in the Snd 
BattaKirn 1 Ith Begt, and waa present at the siege of Flushing. He was in Garrison at Gibraltar 
in 1811 when the Spanish anny of General BaUasteros took refuge under the guns of that For« 
treas. Xa Oct and Mov. of the same year he was in Cadis, part of the period during which the 
plaee waa blockaded by the French. In Dec. he joined the army in Portugal, and was imme- 
diataly placed on the Qnarter-Maater-General*s Stai!^ on which he continu^ to the end of the 
war; and attached to Head Quarters the 7th or the 1st Division, was present at most 
ciif tba operationa carried on in the north of Spain under the Duke of Wellington. He haa re- 
eavad toe War Medal with three Claapa for the battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, and the Pyrenees. 
In 18S8 he waa at Cadix during ita bombardment bj^ the French fleet 

5 IC^or- General Charretie served three years in the East Indies, and was present at the 
BOtii^ at Vellore in 1806, when nearly the whole of the 69 th Regt. were massacred in their 
harrmoka. He served in the Peninsula with the Snd Life Guards, from 1812 to the end of that 
war in 1814, indnding the battles of Vittoria, Pampeluna, and Toulouse. He has received the 
War Madal with two Clasps. 

6 Vlaoonnt de Chabot served in Holland in 1799 ; in Spain, under Sir John Moore; with 
the aizpadition to Walcheren 1809; and subsequently in Uie Peninsula until 1810. 

7 Bujor-General Diryer served on the Staff of the late Marquis of Hastings, Commander- 
in-Chiaf in India, and waa preeent during the Nepaul war, at the reduction of the Province of 
ffim n^ni, Mid the storming of Almorah. He served also throughout the Pindarree war on 
the Staff, when he had charge of the communications of the combined armies. 

8 Msjor-General Farrer has received the Silver War Medal with two Clasps for the Egyptian 
'— of 1801, and for the battle of Maida. 

9~^ Henry Floyd accompanied General Sir William U. Clinton to Sicily in 1811, and to 
Spida in 1813, as hia Aide-de-Camp, and waa present at the battles of Biar and Castalla, siege 
and blftffViK^** of Tarragona, in conveying orders to Ordal, and subsequent blockade of Barcelona. 
Served alao the campaign of 1815, with the 10th Hussars, and was present at the battlea of 
Qontre Braa and Waterloo, and at the capture of Paris. 

10 Sir Henry W. Rooke embarked witn the 3rd Guards for Holland, in Aug. 1799, and was 
pcwant in the actions of the 27th Aug., 10th and 19th Sept, Snd and 6th October. Embarked 
again for Holland Nov. 1813, in command of tiie Snd Battalion of that Regt, and was present at 
Sa advance to Antwerp, bombardment of the French fleet at Antwerp, snd attack on Bergen- 
op-Zoom. Also the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. 

11 M^cr-General Stewart served in the Peninsula, and has received the Gold Medal for 
tiie battle of Albuhera. 

13 Major-General Dudgeon served with the 58th In Egypt in 1801, and was present at the 
surrender of Grand Cairo and Alexandria. He served in Italy in l8()o and G ; and in the Penin- 
sula from 1800 to 1813, including the Lines at Torns Vedras, covcrine^ the sic>:c of Badajoz, 
battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid, and siege of Burgos, at which lust lie was twice wounded, 
the second time most severely. He has the War Medal with two CIus]» fur Egypt and Salamanca. 

13 Sir John Geo. Woodford served as Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant- General un the Expedition 
to Stralsund, and afterwards to Copenhagen, in 1807; and as Deputy- Assistant-Quarter- 
Maater-General on the Expedition under Sir David Baird, which joined Sir John Moore*s army 

ta Oalicia, and waa present at the battle of Corunna, for which be hus received the Silver War 
Medal with one Chup. Served afterwards in the Peninsula as an Assistant-Quarter-Maater- 
Gencral^ and haa received the Gold Cross for the baUies of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse. 
Alao the ^fmwgi* of 1815, including the battle of W aterloo and the taking of Cambray. 
14 Hijor-General Owen served on the Quartcrmaster-Gcneral's Staff with the Walcheren 

109 War Services of Retired CotaneU. 

Expedition in 180d; thenoe to Sicily, the Ionian Islands, and the eastern ooaat of Spain, 
where he was present at the aflfairs of Biar and Castells, siege and blockade of Ttoragona. In 
1814 he went in charge as a Qoartermaster- General with the troops to America, where he serred 
on the expedition np the Penobsoott and at Castine. Commands the f nd Battalkm, 7drd Be- 
giment, at the taking of Paris in 1815. In 1816 was employed tai the Caadian Wv in CejloB* 

TVar Services of the Colonels who have retired from the Service. 

1 Colonel Allix served in the Peninsola with the Ist Guards (part of the time as A^ntant 
and as Brigade-Major), and was present at the battles of Comnna, Salamanca, Pyrenees, end 
NiveUe (severely wounded), and at the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz, for which he has 
received the War Medal with six Clasps. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

2 Colonf^l Angelo served with tbe expedition to Egypt in 1807; on the coast of Cala- 
bria in 1808; with the exiiNedition to Walcheron in 1809; with the army to Catalonia in 1812 
and 13, as an Assistant-Aajutant- General. Attached to the Austrian army, and acted ai Aide- 
de-Camp to Major- General Count Nugent in the campaign against the Viceroy of Italy; present 
at the siege and capture of Trieste, Cattaro, and Bagusa, and in various services in the Adriatie. 

3 Colonel Arm J tage served in the south of France with the Coldstream Guards ISrom March 
to July 1814. 

4 dolonol Austen served with the 25th Regt. at the landing at the Helder in August 1799. 
and was severely wounded at the battle of £gmont-op-Zee on the 2Dd Oct following. Served 
in Egypt in 1801, including the surrender of Alexandria. Also at the capture of Gnadaloape 
in 1810, and again in 1815. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

6 Colonel Barlow served in India under Lord Lake, during the campaigns of 1803, 4, and 5, 
and was present at the siege of Deig, battle of Futtyehur, siege of BhnrQKxre, and battle of 
Afzalghur. Served also at the captures of Bourbon and the Isle of France in 1810. 

7 Colonel Bazalgette sailed with the expedition from India to Egypt, under Sir I>atid 
Baird, in 1801. Returned to India^ and served two campaigns in the Do«u> and Ceded Districts, 
under General Campbell. Served also on the expedition to the Penobscot, in the United Stttea 
of North America. He has received the SUver War Medal with one Clasp for Emit. 

8 Colonel Begbie served in the Peninsula with the 82Dd Regt. from Aug. 1808 to Nov. 1800, In- 
clndiog the capture of Oporto and battle of Talavera, for which he has received the War Medal 
with one Clasp. 

9 Colonel Blake served with the 20th Dragoons at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 
1806 ; proceeded from thence to South America, and was in the action at Maldonado and siege 
of Monte Video. Served in Portugal in 1808 and 9, inolndine the battles of Boleia and 
Yimiera (Gold Medal); also at the passage of the Doura In Sicily in 1810 and 11; nibse- 
quently on the eastern coast of Spain, including the battle ot Castalls, and action at Tilla Fmea. 

10 Colonel Boldero served with the Grenadier Guards at Cadiz in 1810 and II; in die 
Peninsula in 1812 and 13; in Holland in 1814; and Uie campaign of 1815, in which he aerved 
as Adjutant at the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and at the taking of P^ronne. He baa 
received the War Medal with one Clasp for Barrosa. 

11 Colonel Boys served in the Peninsula frvm 1809 to 1811, and sgshi from 1819 to die 
end of that war in 1814, including the action at Sabugal, and bsttles of Fuentea d'Onor, Qrtfaei^ 
and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with three Clasps. Served also hn the 
Burmese war (Medal). 

12 Colonel Bragge served in the Peninsula with the 3rd Dragoons fttnn 1811 to flie 
end of that war in 1814, and was present in the battles of Salamanca and Yittoria, for wbMk he 
has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

13 Colonel Brooke served in the Peninsula with the 1st Guards, and was p reae nt ml the 
battles of Comnna, Nivelle, and Nive, for which he has the War Medal with three Clai|i«. 

14 Colonel fielding Browne accompanied the 40th Regt. to the Peninsula in July 1808, and was 
present at the battles of Roleia, Vimicra, Talavera, and Busaoo; on the retreat to, and at the 
occupation of, the lines of Torres Yedras, siege of Bodinoz, in May 1811, and repulse of Ae 
sortie from Fort San Christoval ; actions of El Bodon and Aldea de Ponte, siege azid itonnfaif 
of Ciudad Rodrigo, sieee and storming of Badajoz, action at Canizal, battle of Salamaae% cap- 
tore of Madrid, and subsequent retreat therefrom. Served also on the expedition aeaiaat Keir 
Orleans. Commanded the Regiment at the battle of Waterloo. He has received the QoU 
Medal for Badajoz (having commanded the Regiment at the assault) ; and the Silver War Me^ 
with seven Clasps for the other battles and siege. 

15 Colonel Melville Browne served as Alde-de-Camp to Sir Brent Spencer in the battles of 
Roleia, Vimiera, Busaco, Fuentes d'Onor (for which he has received the War Medal ^dth fimr 
Clasps), and the different aflfairs duriug the retreat of Massena from Portugal Served also at 
the siege of Flushing in 1809, as Aidenie-Camp to General Gore Browne. 

IG Colonel Gore Browne commanded tbe 4 Ist during the whole of the campaign of 1842 in 
Affghanistan, and wtis present in the engagements with the enemy on 28th March and 28th 
April in tlie Pishecn Valley ; in that of the 20th May near Candabar, 30th Aug. at Qoaine, 5th 
Dept. before Ghuznce, occupation and destruction of that fortress and of Cabool, ezpe^on 
Into Kohistan, storm, capture, and destruction of Istaliff, and in the various minor affiUrain and 
between the Bolan and the Khyl>er Pasnes. 

18 Colonel Burrowes served with the 12th at the capture of the Isle of France, In I810i 
and comnuwded a detachment of that Regt. in boarding and capturing two French Privateers 
off the Isle de la Passe. Commauded a Battalion of details with a force under C<doiiel Oe 

War Sertfkes of Meiired Cohneh. 110 

HoBonnUe Leiectter Btenbope In Kattywar, and waa la adrancc at the •torm and capture of 
the ■tronif hill fortnM of MeeUalla. 

20 CoIoimI Cloee Mrred the Egrptian oampaign of 1801, for whieh he hai receiTed the 
saver War Medal with one Chup. 

21 Colonel Cockell serred with the 14th Regt. at the sicee and capture of Bhurtpore in 
1825-26 (Medal). or r- 

22 Sir Geori^ Gopper was Aisiitant-engineer at Copenhagen; Captain in the 92nd with Sir 
John Moore'e army in Sweden and Fortngal; Aide-de-Camp to Lord Dalhonsie in Waloheren; 
lit Aide-de-Canp to Sir H. Olintcn in the Peninsula in 1811 and 12, to Lord Dalhousie from 
1812 to tha end of the war, and was present in all the actions in which they commanded 
DiTisions dnring those periods. He was Assistant Qaarter-Master-General with the army in 
the Golf of Mexico in 1814-15. Sir George has receiTed the War Medal with four Clasps for 
Bad^oz, Salamanca, Vittoria, and Pyrenees. 

23 Sir William Cox serred at the re-taking of Grenada in 1796 ; in Egypt in 1801 ; employed 
on a particular service in Spain in 1808-9, and was present in the action at Lugo, and battle of 
Comnna. Commanded the fortress of Almeida, from April 18U9 to the 27th August 1810, 
when, by the nnfbrtanate explosion of its magazines, he was obliged to surrender it to the army 
under Marshal Massens. He has the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna ; and is a Knight 
of the Tower and Sword of Portugal. 

24 Colonel Dauiell accompanied the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards to Nortli America in 
1838 on the occasion of the insurrection in Canada, anil returned from thence in 1842. Joined 
the Ist Battalion in the Crimea and served with it during the siege in IHdo, and was in comnriand 
of the Battalion at the period of the attaclc on tlie Rtdan the 8tli Sept., and sutwequcnt fall of 
Sebastopol,on whieh night he was in Orders as General of the Trenches (Medal and Clasp, and 
4th Class of the Medjidie). 

25 Colonel d'Aroy was present on the Staff dnring the operations of a field-force in the 
Soothem Mahraita Conntry In 1844-45, under Major-CJeneral Do la Motte. 

26 Colonel Henry Dawkins served in the Peninsula with the Guards, from Feb. 1810 to the 
end of that war in 1814 : Major of Brigade from June 1810, including the battle of Fuentea 
d*Onor, siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, battle of Salamanca, siege of Burgos, battles of Vittoria, Ni- 
velle» Mid Kive i passage of the Adour, blockade of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie, on which 
last ooeaskm he was severely wounded. Served also the campaign of 1815, including the battle 
of Waterloo. He has received the War Medal with five Clasps. 

97 Colonel Denny served in the Crimea in February 1865 (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class 
of Uie Medjidie). 

28 Cotooel Dobbin served inth the 19th in the Travancore war in 1809; at the capture of 
the Kandlan territories in Ceylon in 1815. Also actively employed at the head of the Grena- 
dier OoofptBy throoghout the Kandian campaign of 1818, and received the thanks of Sir Kobert 
B r o w nrto pB on three ooeasions in General Orders, for a series of services against the insurgents. 

29 Coiond Doherty oommanded the 13th Lt Drs. in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, in- 
clndlog the alSsirs of Bulganak and M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava, lnkerman« 
and Tehemaja, and siege of Sebastopol ; also present with the Light Brigade at Enpatoria 
(Medal and four Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

30 Cokmel William Dmmmond*s services: — Peninsular campaigns from 1809 to 1812, in- 
da^Hng the battles of Busaco and Fuentes d'Cnor, the retreat to the lines of Torres Vedras, 
and subsequent advance frtmi thence. Campaign of 1811 in Holland, including the bombard- 
ment of Antwerp and storming of Bergen-op-Zoom. Campaign of 1815, including the battles 
of Qofttre Bras and Waterloo. Received the rank of Brevet Major for his conduct at Waterloo. 
He has received the Silver War Medal with three Clasps. 

81 Colonel Bvelegh served with the 20ch Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55. and was 
preaent at the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, both attacks on the Kedan, und through 
the wb<^ of the siege operations before Sebastopol without being absent from a single tour 
of daty in the Trenches \ also at the capture of Kinbourn. Embarked for India with the 20th 
Regiasentj was made a Brigadier, ana was present at the following actions and affairs, — 
CMndfty Ameerpore, Snltanporo, siege of Lucknow. Also commanded an independent force 
at Mohsin, Hussengunge, Meeangun ge. Poorwah, Murrowmow, capture of fort Simree, Bcrah, 
Biaarghat, and the fort of Oomero. Was mentioned about fifteen times in despatches ; thanked 
twice by the Governor General in Council ; has the Crimean Medal with four Clasps, order of 
CB.^ Iiegioii of Honor, 4th Glass of the Medjidie^ Turkish Medal, and Indian Medal with 

92 Sir Henry Fairfax served in the Peninsula with the Rifle Brigade in 1812, on the retreat 
from Madrldt and in the aflhir of San Munos. 

33 Colonel Far<]uharson served with the 65th Regiment at the capture of the Isle of 
France in 1810 ; at the capture of the fort of Now Nuggur in India, Feb. 1814; on the borders 
of Sdndia's country in 1814 and 15 against the Plndarees ; in Kattywar on the Brigade Staff in 
1815; at the capture of Joorin, Bunder, Anjar, and Kbuncoote in 1816, Dhingce and Dwarka. 
Action and capture of Poena, 17th March 1817 (Medal). At Ashtee, 2l8t Feb. 1818, the 
Mahratta General Gokla killed, and Satteria Rcya captured. Storm and capture of Boojee 
Fort in Cntch, March 1819. Capture of the forts of Kass-el-Kyma and Zama, 8th and 22n(l 
Dec. 1819. Served also in Arabia in 1812, and was present in the action of Beni-Boo-Ali, 
2nd Mareh. 

34 Colonel FardTce-Buehan served with the 74th Highlanders in the Kaffir war in 1851 
(Medd). Berred auo with the Scots Fusilier Guards at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Claapb ud 5th GfaM of the MMyidie). 

Ill Wat Services of Retired Cohneli. 

85 Colonel William Prater senred in the Peninanla and aonth ^ Fnaea witk the OSnd, frott 
October 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and has receiTed the War Medal with om Claip 
for the Nive, in which battle he was sererelj wounded. 

86 Colonel Gauntlett was actively employed against the Maroons in the West Indiea. Seffsd 
also the camixiign in Egypt 

87 Colonel Oawler served in the Feninsnla with the 52nd Regt.from Not. 1811 to the ead af 
that war in 1 814, including the siege and assault of Badi^oa, battles of Vittoria, Past of Vera, the 
Nivelle, the Nive, Orthes, and Toolonse, besides varioos minor affairs. Served also ikm aass- 
paign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. Wounded below tho right kaee by 
a masket-shot at the storming of Badajos, and in the neok by a musket-shot at San Mnnoa. He 
has received the War Medal with seven Clasps. 

88 Colonel Gibbes served with the 40th Regiment in South America in 1806-07 , and was 
at the storming of Monte Video, at Sacramento de Coionna, and attack on Boenoa Ajies. 
Served as Deputy Assistant-General to the 4th Division at Walcheren in 1809, and waa at the 
attack on Ter Vere and siege of Flushing. 

89 Colonel Oloster served in the Peninsula with tlie 61st from Oct. 1809 to the end of 
that war in 1814, including the battles of Bnsaco and Fuentes d'Onor, siege of the forts at 
Salamanca, battles of Salamanca, the Pyrenees (28th July to 2nd Aug.), the Nivelle, the Ifive 
(9th to Idth Dec.)t Orthes, and Toulouse. Wounded in the left arm at the battle of Salamanea, 
and through the right breast at Toulouse, the ball passing through the right lobe of tbo loags 
and out at the back. He has received the War Medal with seven Clasps. 

40 Colonel Gordon served in the Peninsula with the 5th Dragoon Guards and waa prsMBt at 
the battle of Salamanca, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

42 Colonel William Graham (9 F.) served at the siege of Flushing in 1800, and aftarwarda In the 
Peninsula, including the blockade of Bayonne. Subsequently in the American war, indlndingthe 
action at Bladen sburg and capture of Washington, action near Baltimore, and thoee in front of 
New Orleans on the 20th Dec. 1814; and 8th Jan. 1815; also at the taking of Fort Bowyer. 

43 Colonel Gregory served in the American war in 1814 and 15, and oommanded a gimiboat 
belonging to the Flotilla under Commander Owen, on Lake Ontario, for whioh ha tooimd the 
thanks of the Naval Commander-in-Chief. 

44 Colonel Hall served at the capture of the Isle of France in 1810; on the eatpoditkm Co 
Java in 1811, including the actions at Batavia and Weltevreiden, storming the ontraiehad 
lines at Fort Cornelis, storming the heights of Serandole, and capture of the fort of Samarang. 
Present also at the siege and storming of Bhurtpore in 1825^. He has recdved the War Medal 
with one C'asp for Java. 

45 Sir Charles Hamilton commanded the 1st Battalion Seots Fusileer Guarda at the battle of 
Alma, and had his horse shot under him (Medal and Clasps). 

46 Colonel J. P. Hamilton served as a ()omet-in the Sooton C^reya in the ai m y onMiiiinilail by 

the Duke of York in Flanders and Holland during the campaign of 1794, and waa praMBi in 
the action near Cateau, and subsequently at tho nege of Nimegnen — having previously to the 
latter been promoted to a Lieutenancy in the Greya by the Duke, for oonvaying veij i mp otl m t 
despatches, under difficult and perilous circumstanoea, to the Prinee of Orange, than ooauamd* 
ing the Dutch Army. In May 1813 he commanded a Battalion at the battle of CaataUa» mui In 
the same year waa second in command in the attack and oaptnre of the fiirtrasa of Balttmr in 
Catalonia. In the spring of 1814 he joined the Duke of Wellington's army aa Tiwit ffnlnnsl 
of the 83rd Regiment. 

48 Colonel Harris served the campaign of 1808-9 aa a Deputy- Assiatani-Qaartar-liMiw- 
General to Sir David Baird's Division, and was present at the principal operatioiia of tba anqTt 
and at the battle of Corunna, for which he has received the War Medal with one Claai, 

60 Sir Robert Chambre Hill served on the Continent in 1794 and 95. Easbarked with the 
Blues for the Peninsula in Oct 1812. Soon after his arrival in Lisbon, waa orderad to take 
command of the Household Brigade of Cavahry, which he oommanded at and fbr aoBO tloM after 
the battle of Vittoria, for which he has received the Gold MedaL Present also at the aetaosia in 
the Pyrenees; and subsequently with Lord Hill's Division until after the battle of the 13th Dec 
1813 near Bayonne. Served also the campaign of 1815, in oommand of the Regiment* indiiiiiig 
the action on the 17th June, and battle of Waterloo, where he was severely wounded. Ho has 
the War Medal with one Clasp; and is a Knight of Maria Theresa of Austria, and 4tk Gkaa of 
St. Anne of Russia. 

51 Colonel the Honourable Wm. Noel Hill served in the Burmese war, in 1895 Mid 86 
(Medal), and was present in the actions of Prome and Tandwayn. 

62 Colonel Hogge served the campaign hi Calabria under Sir John Stuart and wai pwisat 
with the 20th at the battle of Maida. He served afterwarda in the Penhasula with the SOth Baft., 
and was present at the battles of Vimiera (wounded), Corunna, Vittoria, Pyrenees, NiveDe^ Nnre, 
Orthes, and Toulouse. He has received the War Medal with nine Clasps. 

63 Sir Ord Honyman served with the Grenadier Guards in the campaign of 1814 in HoUaad, 
and was present at the Bombardment of Antwerp and Storming of Bergen>op-Zooai whafo he 
oommanded the leading sub-division of the storming party of this GrenMier Guarda. 

65 Colonel Ilorton served in the Peninsula with the 71st Regt. and was present at the battleaof 
Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with four Cla^a. 
He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

60 Colonel Uuehes served in the Peninsula from 1809 to 1814, including the firai aLsya of 
Badajos, and the battles of Busaco, Vittoria (wounded), Salamanca, and the Pyranea^ hnaMsi 
various minor actions and skirmishes. Present at Waterloo on the 16th, 17th and IBlli Jwity 
MBd WMM wounded on the 18th, He haa received Uie War Medal with four Ckspa* :. 

.■;.J ■:..■:■; 

War Semen qf Retired CohmeU. 112 

57 ColOBd fMm HoaoanUe H« Halj Hvlduiiaon joined the Army in the FeniniuU on the 
19th Jalj 1811, and wm ihortl/ afterwmrdi appointed to a Troop in the 4th rortugueee 
CaTalrft bat waa eonploTed principally on the Staff until the oonclnsion of the war in 1814. 
Ha waa pc e i t nt in moat of th« affairs in which Lord Hill's Division was engaged, particularly 
at the avpriae of the Bridge of Ahnaras ; and he was one of the first who gsTC information 
that tha Sraioh had pasaed the Tormea. He lerred also the Waterloo campaign. 

68 Colonel Irwin served in the Peninsula from April 1809 to Feb. 1814, including the 
c a p Uir e of Oporto, battlea of Tela? era and Fnentes d'Onor, siege of Bad^joz, siege and storm of 
Cindad Bodrigo, siege of Badajoi and capture of the castle by escalade (7 th April 1812>, bottle 
of Salamanra^ capture of Madrid and the Retire, battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees, besides 
various aflkirs and Skirmishes on the ad?ance and retreat of the army. Served also the Kandyan 
campaign of 1817 and 18 in Ceylon. He has received the War Medal with nine Clasps. 

50 Colonel Jodreli served in Sicily in 1806 and 1807. He went to Cadis in March 1810, and 
TCOMiaed ttiara till April 1811, having been present at the battle of Barrosa. In Sept 1812 he 
joined the Duke of Wellington's army in the Peninsula, and served there until the end of that 
war in 1818. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Barrosa, Nivelle, and Nive. 

00 Colonel Keana served with the 28rd Regt. on the expedition to the north of Germany in 
1805 ; in Portugal and Spain under Sir John Moore, including the retreat to, and the battle of, 
Comnna. Served altarwarda in the Peninsula with the 7th Hussars, and as Aide-de-Camp to 
Sir Hmaay Virian, from November 1813 to the end of the war in 18 14, including the battles of 
Uie Nive, Orthes, Mid ToolovsOi Also the campaign of 1815 in the same capacity, and waa 
praaeBt at the battle of Waterloo and capture of Paris. He has received the War Sledal witli 
four Claapa ftnr Comnna, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse. 

61 Colonel Kyle served in the Peninsula with the old 94th, from Jan. 1810 to the end of the 
war in 1814, including the defence of Cadiz, lines at Torres Vedras, actions at Redinha, Casal 
Novo^ Fosd'Aroooe, and Sabngal; battle of Fnentes d^Onor, second siege of Badsioz, action at 
£1 Bodon, siege and atorm of Ciudad Rodrigo (slightly wounded), third siege of Badinoz, and 
storming of Fort Pioorina, where he was severely wounded in leadingthe 94th party 3rd Division 
to one OT the moat desperate assaulta that took place during the war; retreat to Portugal, battlea 
of Vittoria, the Pvrenees, Nivelle, and Orthes; action at Vie Bigorre, and battle of Toulouse. 
He has received the Qold Medal for Vittoria, ( having succeeded to the command of the Regi* 
meat); and the Silver War Medal with eight Clasps. 

03 Colonel Lena served with the 15th Hussars during the campaigns of 1813, 14, and 15, in 
the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, and was present at the battle of Waterloo, also at the 
battlea of Orthes and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with two Ciusps. 

63 Colonel Lwoelles served with the 1st RegL of Guards in the Peninsula in 1813 and 1814, 
and haa received the War Medal with two Clasps for the battles of the Nivelle and the Nive. 
He aerved alao the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and 
takiiiff of Peronna. 

64 Colonel Le Blane served in the Peninsula with the 4th Regt. and was present at tlie battles 
of Coranna, Foentea d'Onor, Salamanca, and Vittoria, and at the sieges of Badajoz, and St. Sebas- 
tian (sevcraly womuled at the aasault and capture), for which he has received the W^ar Medal with 
six Claapa. He served alao the Waterloo campaign. 

6ft Goknal LesUaaarved with the 29th Regt. on the secret expedition under Sir Brent Spencer, 
and anbaaquently in the Peninsula from Aug. 1808 to Dec. 1811, and again from Feb. 1813, 
inelodinff the battlea of Roleia and Vimiera, capture of Oporto, battle oi Talavera, first siege 
of Bad^0B» and battle of Albnhera, beaides akirmishea and aflErays at outf^osts. At the batSe 
of Talavera ha waa aeverely wounded in the right leg, where the ball still remains. He has 
reoeivad tha War Medal with four Clasps. 

66 Cokmal Linton served the campaign of 1815 with the 6th Dragoons, and was present at 
the battle of Waterloo. 

67 Colonel Lowe served with the 16th Lancers at the siege of Bhurtpore in 1825-G, and was 

68 Colonel i^««*^«« landed in Portugal 1st Aug. 1808 with the 9th Regt., and served tbrough- 
ool tha whole of the Peninsular war, including the battles of Roleia and Vimiera, passage of the 
Dooro, daftnea of Tarifa, affsirs on the retreat from Burgoa in 1812, siege and btorming of San 
Oahntian (twice wounded, and commanded the false attack on the breach on the night of the 
29th of Aug.), passages of the Bidassoa (shot through the body) and Adour, several affairs con- 
naalsd with the investment of Bayonne, and also the repulse of the sortie, besides a variety of 
minor affiurs, and other desultory services during the Peninsular war. Proceeded to Canada 
with his Regiment, and served the campaign of 1814. He has received the War Medal with 
fbnr Clasps for Roleia, Vimiera, Vittoria, and St. Sebastian. 

70 Coloael Macpberton served in Hanover in 1805 and 6 ; at Buenos Ay res in 1807 ; 
n Portugal and Spain from July 1808 to Jan. 1809, including the battles of Roleia and Vi- 
miera ; action at Lugo, and battle of Corunna. With the expedition to Walchcren, and siege 
of Finabing, where he waa wounded ; the Peninsular campaigns from May to Dec. 1812, includ" 
ing the batUa of Salamanca, where he was severely wounded. He hai rL>ccivod tho War Medal 
wtth four Clasps. 

71 Colonel Madoa served the campaign of 1815 with the 5th Dra<;oons, and was present at 

the battle of Waterloo. 

78 Lord James Murray served with the Scots Fusilier Guards the Eastern campaign from ]8lh 
et. 18M to the 88th Jan. 1855, including the battles of Baluklava and InkcrmaM, si<>ge of ^$e- 

Hmtopol, and sortie of 86th October (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Cla-s of the Medjiaie). 

74 Coiimdl Boben Owen served with the 7dad Regt. at the capture of Uie C\&.v^ q1 ^^^^ 

Ho^ Md htttla of BMberg'm 1800. 


118 War 8emce9 ofBeiired LieutenmU Cobneb. 

76 ColoDcl Pratt senred with the 8Snd at the siege and captnra of Capenliagwi in 1607; in 
Portugal and Spain in 1808-9, Including the battlet of Robia and Vimierai nftnat to, and 
battle of, Conmna, for wliich lie has received the War Uedal with three Claepa. At WalehoKa 
in 1809, and was Mverely wounded at the investment of Flushing. In 1813 he was appointed 
to the Quarter-Master-General's staff of the army on the eastern coast of Spain, and served with 
a portion of that army in Italy and in tlie South of France until the close of the war in 1814. 

77 Colonel Reynardson served with the Grenadier Guards the Eastern campaign of 1854, in- 
cluding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Scbastopol (Medal and Clasps, and CB), 

78 Uolonel Richardson served with the Royal Horse Guards in Spain and F^ranee from Dec 
1813 to the end of the war in 1814, and has received the War Medal with one Clasp loir IVinlonsa. 

79 Colonel Riddlesden served in the Peninsula with the Royal Horse Guards and was present 
at the battles of Yittoria and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with two 
Clasps. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

80 Colonel J. M. RoberUon served with the 25th Regt. at the taldng of Maddra In 1807; 
at the capture of Guadaloupe in 1810, and again in 1815. 

81 Colonel Salwey served the campaigns of 1813 and 14, with the Coldstream Qiiaida» and 
was present at nearly all the actions in the Pyrenees, the crossing of the Bidasaoa, ea|»tnfa of 
St Jean de Lui, battle of the Nivelle, heights of Bidart, crossing the Adonr, invastment of 
Bayonne, and repulse of the sortie. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

82 Colonel Saunderson served at Malta and in Sicily. In the Light Battalion ondar Sur 
James Kempt on the expedition to Naples in 1806. Accompanied the Snd Battalion of the 39tk 
Regt to the Penlnsnla in 1809, and was present at the battle of Bnsaco, in Uie retreat to tho 
Lines at Torres Vedras, and the advance from thence; re-oaptnre of Campo Mayor, investment 
and opening of the trenches before Badajoi, battle of Albuhera (slightly wounded), capture of a 
strong Division of the French army under General Gerard at Arroyo de Molino, where he was 
severely wounded by a musket-shot, which fractured his skull, and was sent to TCwglM'^ for 
recovery. Rejoined the army in the Peninsuls, and acted as Deputy- Judge- Advooate. After 
the battle of Toulouse embarked with a Division of the army for Canada, where he was appointed 
to the Quarter-Master-General's Department, and was present at the affair of Plattaborg. He 
has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Busaoo and Albuhera. 

84 Colonel Skip with commanded the 43d Ltlnf. in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal). 

85 Colonel TuUoch served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 42nd Regiment, in« 
eluding the battles of Alma and Balaklava (commanded tho Regiment), and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

86 Colonel Vandeleur served in the Peninsula with the 71st Light Infantry, and afterwards 
with the 12 th Light Dragoons, and was present at the battles of Fuentes d'Onor (aevenly 
wonnded), Yittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, and Nive, for which ho has received the War Medal 
with five Clasps. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

87 Colonel vicars served with the 61st Regt in the Pun jaub campaign of 1848-49, indnding 
the passage of the Chenab, and battles of Ss^oolapore, Chillianwallah, and Goojerat^ and pur- 
suit of the enemy to the Khyber Pass (Medal and two Clasps). 

88 Colonel Robert Wallace served the campaign of 1815 in the King's Dragoon Gitaidi» and 
was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

89 Colonel Walpole served the campaign against the Rajah of Coorg in 1834, with tlia 39th 

90 Colonel Ward served in the Peninsula, and has received the Gold Medal and two Cla^ fior 
Salamanca, Badajoz (severely wounded at the assault), and the Pyrenees i and the Silver War 
Medal with one Clasp for Busaco. 

91 Colonel John Wildman served in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, with the 7th 
Hussars, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. He has received the War Medal with one 
Clasp for Orthcs. 

92 Colonel Wood served the Waterloo campaign with the 14th Foot. 

93 Colonel Woodeate embarked with the 5 th Battalion of the 60th Regt on the expedition to 
Portugal in 1808 under Sir Arthur Wellesley, and was present at the battles of Roleia, Vimiera, 
Talavera, and Busaco; action at Sabogal, battle of Fuentes d'Onor (wonnded), siege CKf Badajos 
in 1811 ; action at £1 Bodon, siege and capture of Ciudad Rodrigo. He has received the Gold 
Medal for Fuentes d*Onor, and the Silver War Medal with five Clasps for Roleia, Yimiara, 
Talavera, Busaco, and Ciudad Rodrigo. 

94 Sir Henry Wyatt served the campaigns of 1814 and 15, with the 1st Life Guards, and was 
present at the battle of Toulouse, and capture of Paris. He has received the War Medal with 
one Clasp. 

95 Colonel Charles Wyndham served in the Peninsula with the 10th Hussars, and was present 
at the battles of Yittoria, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with 
|hree Clasps. 

fVar Services of the Lieutenant Colonels xvJio have retired from the Service* 

1 Lieut.Coloncl Alexander, served] in the Peninsula and South of France from 1812 to the 
end of that war in 1814, including the battles of Yittoria (wounded), Maya Pass, the Pyrenees 
28th, 29th; 30th, and 31st July 1813), Nivelle, St. Palais, Nive, Bayonne, Orthes Aire, Tarbes, 
and Toulouse. He has received the War Medal with six Clasps. 

2 Lieut Colonel Anderson's services: — Expedition to Calabria, including the battle of 
Maida and subsequent operations, and capture of the fortress of Catrone; exp^tion to Bcypt- 
in 1807} Peninsula from April 1809 to Jan. 1818, induding the battles of Talavera ^wooima} 

Wmr Servieei ofBetirsd Lieyimumi Colmeb. 114 

id Buirn^ w t w l to te Vmm of Toms Ysdrat, and Tarioof affiun theret with the adTaoM 
i Bipiii^a], battit of FoABtM d*Ooor, and niany other nffiun and •kirmiihet. Serted at 
« eapCnre of Onadalonpe In 1815. Commaiided a Brigade at the battle of Punaiar (Medal ), 
id wai MTerclj wonnded at its head when in the aet of charging the enemy*! guns. He haa 
eeived the War Medal with four Clasps for Maida, Tala^era, fiutaco, and Fuentca d'Onor. 

3 Ueot.Col. Androa served with ihe 65tb Regt. during the camiiaigns of 1814 and 1816 in 
nierat and Katcb, and was present at the capture of the Forts of Joosin, Aiijar Khuncoote, 
'hingee, and Dwarka. Served also throughout the Mahratta campaigns of 1810, 17, and 18, 
idnding the battle before and subsequent capture of Poonah, and the aflfkir of Ashtee. Has 
oelved the Medal for Poonah. 

4 Lieut.Colonel Armstrong served at the capture of Genoa in 1814, and subsequently in the 
marican war, including the capture of Washington, attack before Baltimore 13th Sfpt. 1814 ; 
id on New Orleans, 8Lh Jan. 1815, where he was wounded and taken prisoner. Present when 
rmham's Town was attacked by about ten thousand Kaffirs, 22nd April 1810, and who were 
•pulsed with gxeat slaughter by three hundred men under the command of Colonel Wiltshire. 
ommanded in the Kat River Settlement during the Kaffir war of 1834-5, and w ^ thanked in 
eaeral Orders for his defence of that locality against an attack of Kaffin on the 19th Feb. 1835. 
erved also throughout the whole of the Kaffir war of 1846-7, and was present at the attack on 
la Amatola, 10th April 1840, and two subsequent days' engagement. 

€ LcCulonel AfUey served with the Soots Fusilier Guards in the Eastern campaign of 1894 
DtQ severely woimded at the battle of Alma. Served at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, from 
May 1855 (Medal and two clasps. Brevet of Mi^or, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

7 Lieut.Colonel Baddeley served with the 49th Regt. in China (Medal), and was present at 
moy, Chusan (2nd capture), Ningpo, Segoan, Chapoo, Woosung, and Chin Kiang Foo, at 
hich last he was twice wounded — once dangerously by a ball which fractured the thigh-bone. 

8 LLCokmel Bamoy served at the defence of Tanifa in 1811-lS; also at the capture Gna- 
skmpeaad the Saintea in 1815. 

10 Lient.Colonel Barton's services : — Eipcdition to Walcheren; Peninsula firom April, 1812, 
» the end of the war, including the cavalry afiairs at Castrajon, Quintana de Puenta, and Mon- 
itero ; battles of Salamanca and Vittoria, and ^ioge of San Sebastian. Served also at Woterloo. 

12 Sir Henry Bayly served the campaign of 1808-9, including the battle of Corunna ; on 
le Walcheren Expedition also, and was present at the siege of Flushing. Embarked with the 
1st Light Infantry for Lisbon in 1811, and was present at the battle of Fuentcs d*Onor, covering 
le siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, second siege of Badajoz, storming the Fort of S(. Christoval, 
Sdr near Val Moresco, battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the Retiro, covering the 
ege of Bofgoef retreat into Portugal, battles of Vittoria, the three days in the Pyrenees, and 
a tha heights of Lasaca in front of Sebastian, where he lost his left arm and was shot in his 
ght arm. Has received the War Medal with five Clasps. Served three years in the Ionian Islands. 

13 l4eut.CoIonel Beckham served the Peninsular campaigns of 1812, 13, and 14. 

14 LLCoLThoa. Bell served with the 48th at the blockade of Malta, and siege of La Valetta. 
Jao in the Penintula from 1809 to the end of that war in 1814, including the passage of the 
^onro, battle of Albuhera (wounded), actions at Aldea de Ponte and Fuente Gumaldo, siege of 
indlad Bodrigo, aii«e smd assault of BadigoB (severely wonnded), battles of Salamanca, the 
yreneea, NlveUe, Orthes, and Tonlonse. He has received the Gold Cross for Salamanca, 
yrenees, Nivelle, and Orthes, having on those ocoaaions commanded the regiment ; and the 
liver War Medal with four CUsps for Albnhera, Cindad Rodrigo, Badajoz, and Toulouse. 

15 LientColonel Hon. W. S. Bernard served in the Peninsula in the 07th Regt.— at the 
ege of Cadii and battle of Barrosa ; and in the 4th Dragoons on the retreat from Burgos 
VtLT Medal with one Clasp for Barrosa. 

17 Lt Colonel Blennerhasset served with the 71st Lt.Infantry at the siege and fall of Sebas- 
>po], from 20 Dee. 1854 to 18 Feb. 55 (Medal and Clasp). Served also in the Indian campaign. 

19 LtColonel Blount served with the 68th Light Infantry the Eastern campaign of 1854- 
5, inelnding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Claops, 
ireret of LtColonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Cla«s of the Medjidie). 

30 Lt.Colonfll Edward Bond served with the 53rd Regt. in the Sutlej campaign in 1846, and 
'MM present at the affair of Buddiwd, and actions of Aiiwal and Sobrann (Medal and Clasp). 

21 LtColonel Henry Bond served in the 17th Light Dragoons at the taking of Anjar in Ciitch 

I 1816 : also throughout the Mahratta campaign of 1817 and 18. He was pro8ont with t)ie 11th 
ight Dragoons at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore in 1 825-0 (Medal). Accompanietl the 3rd 
.ight Dragoons into Afff^anistan with the force under Sir George Pollock, and was pres<'nt at 
ie forcing of the Khyber Pass, and in every engagement in tlie advance of the army on CabonI : 
Iso commanded the Rear Guani on three different occasions, — engaged tlie enciny at Tezeeu and 
ugdulluck, and safely covered and protected tlie whole of the baggage of the army, notwith- 
Andin^r the repeated attacks of the enemy ( Medal). 

Sd Lieut.Colonel Bouham was present with the 50th Regiment in the battle of Pnnninr 
Medal). He served also the campaign on the Sutkj (Mc<lul and three Ciusps), in 1845-0, 
idnding the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, Aiiwal, and Sobraon (dangerously wounded). la 

II these actions he commanded the Light Company. 

23 Sir Edward Brackenbury served with the 01st Regiment in Sicily, in Calabria, at Scylla 
laatle, and at Gibraltar, in 1807-8. In the Peninsula from 1800 to the end of that war in 
tll4. Including the battles of Talavera and Busaco, Lines at Torres Vedrasi, pursuit of the French 
wn Portngaly battle of Fuentcs d'Onor, storming and capture of Badajoi — horse shot in ad- 

115 War Servicu of Betired lAeuieiumi-'CQhmA. 

Tancing to the attack ; battle of Salamanca^took a piece of artillery from the enemy, gaarded 
by four soldiers close to their retiring colunm, without any near or loimediAte support; retreat 
from Burgos, actions at Villa Muriel and Osma (horse shot), battle of Vittoria, stegOt two 
assaults and capture of San Sebastian, passage of the Bidassoa, battles of the Ni?eUe and the Nive, 
actions in front of Bayonne near the Mayor's house, on the lOth, 11th, and ISth Dee. (sli^ly 
wounded and liorse shot), blockade of Bayonne and ropulso of the sortie. Hai raceiTed the War 
Medal with nine Clasps ; is a Knight of St. Fernando of Spain ; a Knight of the Tower aai 
Sword, and a Commander of St. Bento d'Avis of Portugal 

25 Lt.Colonel E. J. V. Brown served with the 88th Regt the Eastern campaign of 1854-56^ 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet Major, Sardinian Medal, and 6th Class of the MM\jidie). 

26 Lt.Colonel Gustavus Brown served in Holland in 1704, and was taken prisoner at the surrender 
of Grave. Served afterwards in the West Indies with the 60th from the commencement of 1706 to 
June 1809, and was present at the captures of St. Lucia and Grenada, the attack on Porto Rieo, 
and surrender of Surinam. Proceeded to the Peninsula in 1810, and was attached to the Portn« 
guoso service ; present at the battle of Buaaco and attack on the forts of Salamanca ; commanded 
the 9th Ca^ores at the battle of Salamanca, siege of Burgos (from 19th Sept. to 81st Oct), 
blockade of Pampeluna, actions in the Pyrenees near Pampeluna from 28th to SOth July ; aetioiii 
near Ordax on the Olst Aug. and 7th Oct., battles of the Nivelle and Nive, aod action near Ba- 
yonne on the 13th Doc. During the above service he was three times wounded. He baa received 
the Gold Cross for Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle, and Nive. 

27 LieutCoIonel B. P. Browne served the campaign of 1815 with the 11th Dragoona, and was 
present at the battle of Waterloo. Also at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore, under Lord Com- 
bermere, in 1825-6 ; and was a volunteer for the dismounted cavalry storming party. 

28 Licut.Colonel George Browne served with the 2drd Regiment in Portugal and Spain, in 
1808-9, including the retreat to, and battle of Corunna. On the expedition to Waleheren in 
1809; the Peninsula campaigns of 1810, 11, 12, and 13, including the siege of Ollvenca, first 
investment of Badajoz, battle of Albubera, affairs of Fuentc Guinaldo and Aldea de Poote, eiege 
of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and assault of Badajoz, battle of Salamanca, retreat from Madrid, 
affair at Osma, and battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees. Very se\-ere1y wounded at the aasauH 
of Badajoz, slightly at Salamanca, and wounded at the Pass of Roncesvalles in the Pyrenees. 

29 J^LColonel the Hon. J. L. Browne served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with thm 2l8t 
Regt., including the battles in the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Claapa, and 6(k 
Claas of the Mecyidie). 

30 Ueut.Colonel Bruce served in the Peninsula with the 70th Regt. from 1813 to the end of 
that war in 1814, including the battles of the Pyrenees on the 28tb, 20th, and 30th July, the 
hlockade of Pampeluna, battles of the Nivelle and the Nive (10th to 13th Dec), inTestment of 
Bayonne, and battle of Toulouse. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was aererely wounded 
at Waterloo. 

31 LtColonel Bnnbury served in the Peninsula from 1808 to the end of the war, iaoloding 
the capture of Oporto, battles of Talavera and Barrosa. He was Major of Brigade to the tote 
which defended Tarifa (at the investment of whidi he had his horse shot under him), aft the 
capture of Seville, defence of the bridge of Puente Largo near Aranjnes. He waa praeftot at 
the battles of the Nivelle and of the Nive (severely wounded), investment of Bajoane, and 
commanded the 6th Cassadorea at the battle of Toulouse. He commanded the troopa, and waa 
employed on various services for four years in New Zealand, firom the estabUahaaent of the 
settlement until 1844, — ^towarda the close of which year he was wrecked on one of the AadaMan 
Islands, — and he commanded the troops and crews of the transports Briton and Bwm^wtmU, for 
fif^-one days, where, under the most trying yet providential eiroumstancea, the lirea of ahoal 
500 troops and seamen, and 104 women and children, were presenred* He commanded tbo SOth 
throughout the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal), including the battles ef Moodkee fw^MUHied)^ 
Feroieshah (horse snot under him), and Sobraon. He has the War Medal and five Claape. 

32 Lt.Colonel C. S. Burdott served with the Coldst. Guards at the siege and fall of Sebaatopol 
from Dec. 1854 (Medal and Oasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

33 Lieut.Colonel Francia Alex. Burton served at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and CJIaap). 

34 Licut.Colonel Caine ser\od in the Nepaul campaign of 1815, and was present in action at 
Jeetghur. In the Deccan war of 1817 and 18, including the action at Jhnbbulpore, where he 
carried tlic regimental colour of the 17th in the attack of the heights defended by the Arabe. He 
was Major of Brigade at the assault and capture of Bhurtpore, and was present during the whole 
of the siege : wounded by a i^rape shot in tlie left foot whilst charging the enemy's goes on the 
day of the capture. He commanded the Grenadiers of tlie 26tli at the capture of Chusen 
(Medal) 5th July 1840, and was Britith Commissioner, and Military Magistrate of that island 
until iU evacuation in Feb. 1841. He has been in iisia from the commencement of hia acrvice to 
the present period, having le(^ India in 1840 with the China expedition ; and he is now employed 
as Lieut.-Governor of Hong-Kong. Has received the Indian War Medal with two Claspa for 
Nepaul and Bhurtpore. 

35 JJout.Coloncl Cadell served at the siege of Copenhagen, in 1807 ; with the expedition la 
Sweden, and adcrward to the Peninsula, including the battle of Corunna ; with the expedition te 
Waleheren, in 1801); the Peninsula campaigns from 1811 to the end of that war in IdU^ in- 
cluding the following battles, sieges, &c., viz. :— Barrosa (slightly wounded), Cadii, Arroya di 
Molino, Almaraz (reduction of forts), Vittoria, Pyrenees (25th to Slst July), Nivelle, Nive, 81. 
Palais, Orthes, and Toulouse* Served al4o the campaign of 1815, and was prewnt at tha battfa 
of Waterloo. 

JF&r 8emee$ of Retired Lieutmutnt'Cohmeb. 1 16 

87* lientColoiMl CamillMn Mrred the oaiwiign in Ai%hMiiBtan and Bolooohiitan (8rd 
ClaM of tiie IXMunnefe Bmpire), and oommandea £• R^gt. at the ataault and captnn of the 
fotCaeai of Ghnmee (Medal), mm at the aaaaolt and oaptore of the fortreae and citadel of Khelat, 
Heooflimanded the f oroea, ai a Brigadier, in the Sonthem Conoan and Sawant Warree Country 
during the eampaign of 1844 and 45. 

90 Sir Blehard Cbarch served at the Ferrol in 1800; the Egyptian campaign of 1801, inclading 
the aetiona of the 8th, IStb, and Sift March, and taking of Alexandria, ^rved afterward! in 
Naplee, Sidly, and Calabria, and was present at the battle of Maida, and defence of Capri, at 
which last he was wounded in the head. At the capture of Ischia in 1809 ; on the expedition to 
the Ionian Isles, and at the taking of Zante and Cephalonia. Severely wounded in an attack on 
Btellanra, — left arm shattered by a musket-shot Sir Richard has received the War Medal with 
one Clasp for Maida ; Grand Cross of St. George and Reunion, and Commander of St. Ferdi- 
nand and Merit, of Nsfdes. 

40 Lknt.CoIonel Clephane ser?ed the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of 
Alma and Balaklava, siege of Sebastopol, assanlt on 18th June, expedition to Kertch and Yenikale 
(Medal and three Clasps and Brevet of Lt. -Colonel, and Sardinian Medal). 

41 Sir William Gierke served with the 52d Light Infantry in the Peninsula, and was present 
at the battles of the I^vellcNive (9th, 10th, and 1 1 th Dec. 1813), Orthes,Tarbes, and Toulouse. 
Swed also in the camnai^of 1815, and was present at Waterloo, and subsequently with the 
Ann J of Ocoopation. Sir William has received the War Medal with four Clasps. 

43 LieutColouel James R. Colthurst served in the Peninsula, and was present at the battles of 
Coronna and Salamanca, for which he has received the War Medal with two Clasps. He served 
also the campaign of 1815, and was slightly wounded at Waterloo. 

44 Lient.Colonel Cowell Stepney served with the Coldstream Guards in the campaigns of 
1810-11-13-13 in Portugal and Spain. Was present with his Regt. in the retreat from Busaeo, 
Lines at Torres Vedras, advance after Massena to Santarem, and the French army's subsequent 
retreat to Portugal, aflkirs of Redlnha and Fox d'Arouce, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, siege of 
Ciodad Rodrigo, covering army of Badajox, battle of Salamanca, affSur of Larena, siege of 
Burg<ns (led a storming party, 18th Oct.) retreat into Portugal, advance into Spain, affkir of 
0«na, battle of Vittoria, aflkir of Tolosa, siege of St. Sebastian, and aflfhir on the Bidassoa, after 
which he left the army for England in command of a detachment in charge of the garrison 
ol St. Sebastian as prisoners of War. In 1814 he was at the bombardment of the French fleet at 
Antwerp. In 1615, Waterloo campaign and capture of Paris. In 1810-18, with army of 
Occupation in France. Has the War Medal with four Clasps and the Waterloo Medal and is a XH» 

46 Lieut.Colonel Crowe served in the Peninsula with the 32nd Regt., from July 1811 to the 
sad of that war in 1814, including the support of the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, and covering the 
ilege of Badajoa, action at Usagre, siege and itorming the forts and battle of Salamanca, siege of 
Bargoa, netkms before Bayonne, and battle of Orthea. Served also the campaign of 1815, and 
was aeversly wounded at Quatre Bras. 

48 Iiaut.Co1onel Hon. P. F. Cust served with the 3rd Dragoon Guards in the Peninsula from 
April 1809 to Uie end of that war in 1814, except the year 1812; and he was present at the 
battlaa of Talatera and Bnsaeo, in all the aflkirs with his Regiment on the Retreat to the Linea 
of UaboQi and lastly at the battle of Toulouse. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

40 UeutColonel Hon. R. A. O. Dalxell served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 
8Srd Regiment, indndiog the actions in the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps 
and Sardinian Medal). 

50 Sir William de Bathe served as Aide-de-Camp to Sir John Stuart in the different operationa 
In the Mediterranean and defence of Sicily (wounded) when attacked by Murat, also in the ex- 
pedition to the Bay of Naples and reduction of Ischia and Procida, and received the Order of 
St. Ferdinand of Merit, Subsequently he served in the Peninsula, and was present during the 
relranft from Burgoa, and in the battles of Nivelle and Nive, for which he hss the War Medal 
with two Clasps. In 1813 he embarked for America, was present at the attacks upon Washington, 
Jteltfanore, and New Orleans, and was mentioned in the despatches for personal bravery in the 
field, for which he was promoted Brevet Major. 

51 Lient.Colonel H. R. Digby served witli the 52nd Regt. with the Walcheren Expedition in 
1800y and subsequently in the Peninsula in the Light Division, including the siege of Ciudad Ro- 
drigo, retreat fW>m Burgos, battle of Vittoria, advance in the Pyrenee«, affair of Tarbes and D'Oleron, 
and battle of Orthes and Toulouse on the stafTof Sir Andrew Barnard (War Medal with four Clasps). 

52 LtColonel De Visme has the War Medal with one Clasp for the battle of Fuentes d'Onor. 

53 Lt.Colonel J. A. Digby served with the 12th Lancers in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal). 
Served irith the Orenadicr Guards before Sebiwtopol (Aledal and Clasp) 

54 Llcut.Colonel Dillon served in the expedition to St. Domingo in 1809. Served also in 
Cliina (Medal), and was present at the first capture of Chusan, storm and capture of the heights 
■hove Canton, and of the sea-batteries on Amoy, and subsequent capture of the city. 

66 Ijt.Colonel M. T. Doyle tailed in 1805 with Lord Cathcart's expedition to Hanover, and 
beinff ahipwrecked became a prisoner of war to the Dutch. In 1808 he went with Sir Arthur 
Wmaley'a expedition to Portugal and was shot through the body at Roleia. In 1809 he was at 
tiM aiege, sortie, and capture of Flushing, and storming of Fort Ramakins. In 1810, 1 1, and 12 
he aerved in the Peninsula in Picton's Dirision, — in pursuit of Massena from Santarem, actiona 
■I F^anbal, Redinha, BoUida, Condeixa, Sabugal, and Fuentes d' Onor ; siege of Badajox in 
ISIlf eavahj affsir at £1 Bodon, siege and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and storm of Bada- 
joa (a ball lodged in the eavi^ of Um cheat, lueztraoted— a bsll through the right arm, which 
waa ^linteied — ^neck and head wounded) ; battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the Be- 
tim. Jm 1814 eabariied llnr Pa&adn in command of a dettfihmaiLi oi ^<d bi^— \«^ffSi^adLV«^ 

117 Wmt Bemcei of Retired lAeutenmU'Cohneh. 

attaflkf on tliA Tnntport bj FriTftUen . Fteient with the Army tl FUtUboiK. H«hM|«- 
oeiTod the War Medal with eeTen Claepi. 

57 Lt.Ck>loiiel Drought Mrred in the Peninfula, France, and Flanden with the 18th Dm- 
goons, and has receifed the War Medal with fife Claaps for Albahera, Yittoiia, NiveUe, Orthea^ 
and Toulonse. 

69 LieutCoIoncl Falkiner served in the Peninsala with the Gist Regt., and was present at the 
battlee of Talavera, Busaco, aud Salamanca, for which he has the War Medal with three Clups. 

61 LientColonel Feilden served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 44th Regt, 
including the battles of Alma and lokerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

62 Lieut.Colonel Fcndell served in the Peninsula from 1809 to the end of the war, {"flwditg 
tlio battles of Albuhera, IJsagre, Vittoria, and Toulonse. 

64 Lord diaries FitzRoy was at the battle of Corunna, and served on the Waloberen Bzpe- 
ditlon with the Guards. lu 1811, he joined Lord Hill's staff, and was present at the siege and 
capture of Badiyos, battles of Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse, and Waterloo, 
and has received the War Medal with eight Clasps. He alao served two years with the Army of 
Occupation in France. 

65 Lieut.Colonel Flamank served in the Peninsula with the 51st Regt. from Jan. 1811, to 
tlie end of that war in 1814, including the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, second siege of Radios, 
oorering the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and third siege of Badajoz, affair in front of Moieseo, 
battle of Salamanca, retreat from Burgas, battlos of Vittoria and the Pyrenees (30th and Slst 
July), passage of the Bidassoa, battles of Nivelle and St. P6, and battle of Orthea. Served also 
the eampaign of 1815, includhig the battle of Waterloo and capture of Cambray. 

66 LieuLColonel Jonathan Forbes accompanied the 78th Regiment to Holland aa a Yolnii- 
teer, and was present in action at Merxem 13th January, also on the 3nd February 1814, and at 
the bombardment of Antwerp. Served also the campaipn^ of 1814 and 1815 in Flanders. 

68 Lieut.Colonel Forlong served the campaigns of 1813 and 1814, in Germany and Holland, 
including the actions at Merxem, bombardment of Antwerp, and storming of Bergen*op->Zoom. 
Served also the campaign of 1815, and was severely wounded at Quatre Bras — right collar bone 
f^tured and ball Icdg^ in the right breast. 

69 Lt.Coloncl the Hon. A. £. Fraser served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the Scots 
Fusilier Guards, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol and 
sortie on the 96th Oct. (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Clasa of the 

70 Lt.Colonel Francis Fuller served with the 59th at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in 
1806; the Peninsular campaigns from Dec. 1812 to Feb. 1814, including the battle of Vittoria^ 
aiege of Ban SebastiaD, and battle of the Nive, where he waa wounded in the shoulder and 
thigh. Campaign of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo, storming of Cambray, andeftptwe 
of Paria. Commanded the regiment at the siege and capture of Bhnrtpore, in 1825-6, undir 
Lord Combermere, and was slightly wounded in the arm. He haa received the Gold Medal 
fior Ban Sebaatian, having commanded the regiment there i and the Silver War HsNial with 
three Claaps fnr Vittoria, Nivelle, and Nive. 

71 Lieut.Colonel F. H. Fuller proceeded to the Peninsula in 1808, and was present with tha 
5drd Regt. at the capture of Oporto, battles of Talavera, Busaco, and Fuentea d'Onor, baaides 
yarious ddrmishes. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Talavera and Bnanco. 

78 Lieut.Colonel Gamer joined the 1st Batt«lion of the 40th Regt. in the Pyreoeaa in 1818, 
and he served in the campaign of tliat and the following year. He has received the War Medal 
with one Clasp for Nivelle. 

73 LieuLColonel Girardot served in the Peninsula with the Coldstream Guarda from Jan. 
1813 to the end of the War in 1814, and was present at the battle of Vittoria, the paaaa^e of the 
Bidassoa, capture of St. Jean de Lux, battles of Nivelle and Nive, and investment of Bayonne, 
and has received the War Medal with three Clasps. Served also with the Army of Ocenpation 
in France. 

74 Lieut.Colonel Grooch served in Holland in 1814, and commanded an advanced party in 
protection of the ladders at the attack on Bergen-op-Zoom. Present with the Light Companies 
of the second Brigade of Guards at the battle of Quatre Bras, and assisted in the defbnce of 
Hoogonmont at the battle of Waterloo. 

75 L1eut.Colonel Gordon served the campaigns of 1816, 17, and 18, in Malwa ; in the Persian 
Gulf in 1810 and 20, and in Ava in 18*25 ond dO. Wounded at Donabew 26th March, and on 
the Heights near Prome. 2nd Dec. 1825. 

77 Lii'Ut.Colonel Henry Graham joined the Peninsular army in 1810, and was present at the 
sieges of Ciudud Rodrigo and Badajoz, defence of Alba de Tormcs, attack on the Pass of Maya, 
battles of Vittoria, Nivulle, Nive, and St. Pierre, Orthes, and Toulouse, besides various minor 
affairs. He has received the War Modal with six Clasps. 

70 Lieut.Co1onel Gunning served with the 70th Regt. at Ferrol in 1800; in Egypt in 1801, 
under Sir Ralph Abercronihy, and was present at the actions of the 13th and 2l8t March, and 
with the Division that took Grand Cairo. Proceeded to India in 1805, and was at Vellore, with 
the 69th Regt. during the mutiny in the following year. Served with the Regt. at the capture 
of the Lines and Country of Travancore, in 1800. Also at the captures of the island* of Boorl>on, 
Mauritius, and Java ; at the storming of one of the Forts of tlic latter inland with six Companies 
of the 69tli Regt. under Licut.-Colonel Macleod (who was killed) ; he was the first man that 
entered the Fort. Medal for services in E^^ypt. 

81 lient. Colonel Halkett served with the 2nd Light Infantry Battalion of the King'a Germaa 

Legion on the expedition to the North of Germany in 1805-6. Landed on the Island of Rngn 

iaJufyi907} wm employed at thaitoga of Stralsuidy and hi August re-embarked at Rqgen to 

Wm Bemca rf Retired Ueuterumt^CoJoneU. 117a 

opcnhageo, when Him btttalUm formed part of the hedoging coips. In April 1608 embarked 
Ith Sir John Moore's army for Gtottenburg, and firom thence to Portugal ; belonged to the army 
hich entered Spain with Sir John, and afterwarda retired through Gallicia. Accompanied the 
cpedition to Walcheren, and was present at the siege of Flashing. In Jan. 181 1 embarked for 
ortugal ; commanded the battalion at the battle of Albuhcra, and was at the siege of Badijoz in 
UI ; commanded the battalion daring the campaign of 181*2, including the siege of the forts at 
slamanca, action of the heights of Moresco, battle of Salamanca, and retreat from Burgos when 
la Light Brigade K. O. L. formed the rear.guard with the cavalry, and repulsed the repeated 
urges of the enemy's cavalry. In April 1813 embarked for the North of Germaxiy, and was 
nployed in organizing the Hanoverian troops ; commanded a brigade of the same in Count Wal- 
loden'a army, and was engaged at the battle of Qoerde, as also on several other occasions. In 
an. 1814 commanded the centre of Uie corps which besieged and captured Gluckstadt. Com- 
landfld the right of the corps which was employed at the blockade of Harburg. Served also the 
impaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. He has reoeiv«l the Gold Medal 
od one Clasp for the battles of Albuhera and Salamanca. 

85 Lient-Colonel George Hall served in the Peninsula from January 1811 to Jane 1812, and 
gain from October 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, 
iegea of Ciadad Rodrigo and Badajoz (Mverely wounded), battle of the Nivc, Orthes, and Tou« 
>nBe. Sored also the campaign of 1816, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

S4 Lieut.Colonel Hammill ser\'ed the campaign of 1814 in Upper Canada. 

86 LientCobnel Harding served in the Peninsula with the 5th Begt. from Augnst 1812, to 
he end of that war in 1814, including the retreat from Burgos and Madrid, battle of Vittoriai 
lockade of Pampelnna, battles of the Pyrenees from the 2Gth to the 29th July, the Nivelle and 
he Nive (from 0th to ISth Dec.) ; passage of the G&ve d'Oleron, battle of Orthes, actions of Vic 
iigorre and Tarbes, and battle of Toulouse. 

86 SirT. IiToel Harris 8er?ed the campaipis of 1811, 1812, and 1813 in the Peninsula. 
lerved with tlie Allied armies in Germany and France from the autumn of 1813 to the surrender 
f Paris in 1814, and was present in the battles of Grossbcrgen and Dennewitz, and battles at 
ieipeic of the 16th, 18th, and 19th October 1813. Passed the Rhine with Marshal Blucher's 
rmy in January 1814, and was present in all its battles and engagements up to the capitulation 
f Paris, Served the campaign of 1815, and was present at tlie battles of Quatre Bras and 
V'aterloo, at which last he lost his right arm and was otherwise very severely wounded, and had 
Jso two horses killed under him. He has received the War Medal with four Clasps fur the 
>eninsnla; also the Order of Military Merit of Prussia, the Orders of ISt. Anne and of St. 
Hadimlr of Russia, for services before the enemy. 

87 Lt.ColoneI Q. B. Harrison served with the dtli Rcgt. in Corsica in 1795, and was present in 
levcsral skirmishes near Ajacdo. Egyptian campaign of 1801, including the actions of the 8tlk and 
Slat March. Capture of Copenhagen in 1807. Cami)aigu of 1808-U, including tlie battles of Roleia, 
iTimiera, and Comnna. At the capture of Walchercn in 1800. Served afterwards in the Penin- 
tnla, and was present at the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, storming of Fort Napoleon near Almaraz,— 
lonunanded the right wing of the regt. while escalading the above fort, for which ho obtained the 
wevet rank of Lieut.-Colooel. PreKnt at the affair with tlie enemy at Alba de Tonnes on the 
vireat of the army from Madrid ; commanded the regt. at the repulse of an attack at Bqjar, 
nesent at the battle of Vittoria ; commanded the regt. in the actions in the P^Tonees on the 26th, 
S7th, 28th, SOth, 30th, and 31st July 1813; also at the battle of St. Pierre near Bayonne, action 
It Aire, battles of Orthes and Toulouse. He has received the Gold Medal and two Clasps for 
Pyrenees,. Nive, and Orthes. 

88 Lieut.Colonel John Christopher Harrison served at the siege of Copcnbsgen and capture 
>f the Danish fleet in 1807 ; the campaign of Martinique, siege and capture of Fort Bourbon in 
1800. Served afterwards in the Peninsula and was present at the actions of Kedinha and Campo 
If ayor, siege and capture of Olivenca, siege of Badajoz in 1811, battle of Albuhera (severely 
aonnded), siege and capture of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and stornting of Badsjoz (received three 
levere wounds on the grand breach of San Trinidad). He has received the War Medal with four 
Clasps, and also the Waterloo Medal. 

90 Sir Andrew Leith Hay went to Spain in 1808 as Aide-de-Camp to Major-Gcneral Leith, on 
I mission to the Spanish Armies, and was present in several afialrs witli them : afterwards joined 
the Army of Sir John Mooi-e, and was present at the battle of Corunna ; was with the 29th Regt. 
It Talavera ; on the Staff at the battle of Biisaco, and at Salamanca, where he was severely 
irounded and had two horses killed under him ; was present at the battle of Vittoria, and taking of 
the Casile of San Sebastian ; was Military Secretary and first Aide-dc-Canip to Sir James Leith 
It the capture of Guadeloupe in 1815 : has received the War Medal with six Clumps. 

92 IXColonel C. R. Butler servcMl with tlie 20th Regt. the Kastum campaign of 1 854.o5, includ- 
ing the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkcrnian (sifvei'cly wounded), sit go and fall of Sobas- 
topol, sortie of 23rd March, and affair of 1 8th Juno (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of 
thn Legion of Honour, and 5th Clas4 of the Medjidie). 

94 Lt.ColoneI Holder served with the Scots Fusilier Guards at the siege and fall of Sebastopol 
from Nov. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Clawj of the Metljidio). 

95 Lt. Colonel Holmes served with the 2nd Battalion of the 14 th, on the expedition under 
Lord William Bentinok in the Genoese territory, in 1814 *, and also served in the South of 
France, in 1815. Served with the 20th, with the Madras and Bombay Force, against the Rf^ah 
of Kolapore in 1827. 

07 LieaLColonel Humfifey joined the 45th Regt. in the Peninsula in 1811, and served there 
ontil the cold of that war in 1814, including the siege and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo— severely 
wonndedf liagt and itonn of Badajoz— in both of these attack! h« Nrr«4 Ui Ik^ %\AtifiSsB%\«£cs 

1 176 Wat Sermees of Retired 

compofed of the Flank CompanieB ; ■torm of Fort Fiearina under General Kempt, biMe of 
Salamanca, capture of Madrid^ retreat therefrom into Portugal, battle of Tittoria, bloekade ef 
Pampeluna, hatUe of the Pyrenees (eeyerely wounded), battles of the Kirelle, Orthee, and Tba- 
louse, besides numerous minor affairs and skirmishes. He has recelTod the War Medal wMi 
nine Clasps. 

98 Lieut.Colonel Hutton serred in the Peninsula with the 4th Dragoons, flrom Anguft 1611 
to May 1813. 

100 LieutColonel James Johnston served in the 40th Regiment on the expedition to 8oalh 
America under Sir Samuel Achmuty in 1806, and was present at the landing near Monte Videe, 
the advance to invest that town, and repelling the sortie made by its garrison, also at the whole 
operations of the sleg^, and was severely wounded at the storming of Uie breach on the 8rd M>. 
1807. Served throughout the Peninsular war from the landing at Mondego Bay in 1806, iod 
including the battles of Roleia, Yimiera, Talavera, recapture of Campo Mayor and Olivenea, int 
siege of Badajoz, battle of Albuhera (severely wounded), capture of Badajoz, battle of Salamanca, 
advance to Madrid and subsequent retreat to Portugal, advance in 1813, battles of Vittoria, the 
Pyrenees, and Nivelle, besides numerous minor actions and skirmishes : he has received the War 
Medal with nine Clasps; the Portuguese Command Medal for Vittoria, Pyrenees, and Mlvdle; 
and the Portuguese Cross for three campaigns, as also the Order of the Tower and Sword. 

101 LieutColonel Wm. Fred. Johnston served in the Peninsula in 1814. Was preeent at the 
battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and taking of Pcronne. 

103 Lt Colonel Kelson served with the late 103rd in the American war, and was pf s e n t in the 
action of Lundv*s Lane at the storming of Fort Brie, on the morning of the 15th August 1814, 
and at the repulse of the sortie on the 9 th September following. 

104 Lieut.Colonel Kingscote served the Eastern campaign of 1854-65, as Aide-de^Camp to 
Lord Raglan, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopsl 
(Medal and Clasps and CB.). 

106 LieutColonel Leatham served the campaign of 1815 with the 1st Dragoon Goarda, aad 
was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

107 LtColonel Le Couteur served during the whole of the last war in America. He was 
Adjutant to Colonel De Harem, who commanded the Light Division and saven hundred Indians, 
under Generals VincoBt and De Rottenbnrg on the Niagara frontier ; was engaged at Saekatl^ 
Harbour, the battle of Niagara, and was in the storming division at Fort Erie, whatw 1m was 
blown up by the springing of a mine ; present also at the action of the Cross Roada uid maaj 
skirmishes with the Light Division. 

109 Sir John Scott Lillie served in the 6th Regt with the first expedition to Ponugal &i 1808, 
and was present at the battle of Vimiera, and capture of Lisbon. In 1809, as Captain in tbs 
Lusitanian Legion, in various engagements for the defence of Portugal during Um important 
interval between the embarkation at Corunna and the return of the second expemtton to fjiwii 
Campaign of 1810— Battle of Busaco, and retreat to the Lines at Torres Yedraa. 1811— 
Actions of Fombal and Bedinha, capture of Campo Mayor, sieges of Olivenea and Badt^Joa. 
1812 — ^Battle of Salamanca, captare of Madrid, and retreat from Burgos. 181>— ActioM at 
Ardea de Fonte, Osma, and Bridge of Subijana de Morellas (wounded), Mttle of Vittoria^ Uoek* 
ade of Fampeluna, actions in the Fmnees on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 28th, and 30Ui Julj, aetJOM 
of Irun and St. Martial, capture of San Selraistian, passam of the Bidassoa, battlea of fhm Hivifla 
(wounded) and the Nive. 1814— Battles of Orthes and Toulouse, at which last he mm mvunIj 
wounded and left for fbrtv-eight hours on the field of battle, supposed to have been kflled Sir 
John has received the Gold Cross for the battles of the Pyrenees, Mivelle, Ortliea, and TooiOHti 
and the Silver War Medal with seven Clasps for the others. 

110 Lt.Colonel T. Lillie served in the Peninsula from Deo. 1812 to the end of tlio war, in- 
eluding the crossing of the Zadino ; battle of Vittoria ; blockade of Pampeluna from 6di to 181k 
July ; pass of Ronoesvalles, 28th July, battle of Pampeluna, 28th July, Nivelle, JSfiwe (9lh to 
IStn Dec.) Orthes (severely wounded), and Toulouse. Present at Waterloo on tiha ISth Jvusl 
and at the storming of Cambray . He has received the War Medal and six Claapa. He nnniMaiiilsil 
a detachment, consisting of 200 of the 15th Regiment and Ceylon Rifles, m defeating Ike in* 
Burgents at Matale on the 29 th July, during the suppression of the Rebellion in the **— *^>— 
Prorinces in 1848. 

1 1 1 Lieut.Colonel P. Lindesay served in the Crimea during 1855, and commanded tha 08id 
Begt at the as«iault on the Redan on the 18th June, and on the 8th Sept. (severdy wounded) ; 
also at tli<* bombardment and capture of Kinboum (Medal and Clasps). 

112 LieutColonel Hon. C. H. Lindsay served with the 43rd Light Infantry in Canada during 
the insurrection of 1837-38. Serred in the Grenadier Guards in the Crimean campaign during 
the winter of 1854-5o, including ihe flank march from Alma to Balaklava, taking of Balaklava, 
battle of Balaklava, repulse of the powerful sortie on the 26th Oct. 1854, battle of Inkerman* 
and sie{;e of Scbastopol (Medal and three Clasps). In tlio Eastern campaign in 1854, Indudfaig 
the battles of Balaklava and Inkerman, and siege of Scbastopol fMedul and Clasps). 

113 LieutColonel M. G. T. Lindsay served in Holland in 1814 and 15, and was premt at the 
bombardmcut of Antwerp. 

114 Lieut.Colonel Lindsell served with tlio 28th Regt. in the Eastern campaign of 1864, tad 
up to the 15th Feb. 1855, including tiic battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and three Clasps). 

115 LkColonel Listtr served with the 9th Regt. the campaign of 1842 in Aflf^hanialan tad 
was wounded at IstalilT (Medal). Served also in the Crimea flrom 27th Nov. 1854, iaeladingtfet 
tiege and fall of Sebastopol and assault of the enemy's batteries on the 18ft June (M^M^aai 
C^iG^p, JSf»fviLt.Co]oiieI, and Sardinian Medal). 

Wmf^ Senka of Betired LSeutauai^Cobiub. 117c 

llg TAColMirt Uwratoni rod with the 47th B<gt thronghottt the Bmera CMPpaign of 1854- 
65. ioaUiog the bttttleiof Alma and Inkermaii, oaptare of BalakUTe, eiege and ftSot Sebaa- 
topoly aortie of S6(h Oot^ and itonning the Quamea on 7th June-— eererelj wounded (Medal 
aatfi Claepa, Bnveta of Major and LkColonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal 
and 5th Clata of the MedjTidie). 

117 LLColond Loyd LincUay serred with the Scots Foailicr Guardi in the Eastern oam- 
nign (^ 1854-55, inolnding the battles of Alma, BalaklaTa, and Inkennan, siege and fall of 
SobMtopoli and sortie of the 26ch October (Medal and four CUsps, Victoria Cross, Knight of 
the L^onof Honor, and 5th Class of the Me^idie). 

118 Iieat.Colonel Luard senred in the Peninsula, from Jan. 1811 until the end of the war, 
inflnding the actions of Pombal, Redinha, Condeixa, Campo Mayor, Los Santos, and Usagre, 
sicgca of Ciudad Rodrigo, Burgos, and Salamanca, battle of Salamanca, blockade of Pam- 
pdana and battle of Toaloose. Present at Waterloo 18th June 1 81 5. Siege of Bhurtporc 1825-6. 

119 Lt.C61onel Lnshington lerred the campaign of 1842 in Affghanistan, and was severely 
woonded (Medal and Cfi.). 

190 litColooel LjB was at the captore of Coorg in the East Indies in April 1834. Serred 
ia the Crimea from 10th June 1855, at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Bfedal and Clasp, and 
5th Claaa of the Medjidle). 

131 Lient.Colonel M'Akater serred with the Soth Regt. in Holland in 1700 ; at the siege and 
captore of Malta in 1800 ; battle of Maida (War Medal witli one Clasp) ; siege and capture of 
the Fori of Scylla in 1806; Egyptian campaign of 1807, including assault of the W^estem Lines, 
capCare of Alcouuidria, and battle of £1 Hamet, in which he was wounded and taken prisoner. 
In 1811, at the capture of the Ionian Islands. In 1813, commanded the 2nd Battalion 35th 
Regt. daring the campaign in the Netherlands, including assault of the village of Merxem and 
bombardment of Antwerp. In 1815, campaign in the Netherlands and France, including battle 
of Waterloo, amanlt and capture of Cambray, and capture of Paris. 

123 Lieot.Colonel M'NiTcn serred the campaigns of 1813 and 14, including the in?estment 
of Bayonne in 1813, battle of Orthes, action at Aire, and battle of Toulouse, where he was 
serefdy woanded near the groin by a musket-ball, while carrying the regimental colour of the 
4SBd Highlanders, In 1840 he was appointed on a particular serYice as Assistant^ Adjutant- 
Geocfal in SjTia. 

123 Lient.Colonel MacBean'sserrices: — Battles of Roleia, Vimiera, and Corunna; expedition 
to Walcheren; Peninsula from Oct. 1812 to Not. ;1813, including the battle of Vlttoria, Maya 
PsM, Pyrenees, 38th, 80th, and dlst July ; and Pass of Echalar. Senred idso the campaign of 
1816 in Upper Canada. 

134 IiaBt.Colonel Maebeath serred with the 68th Light Infantry the Eastern campaign of 
]854-5ftf Induding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
a^pa and Sardinian Medal). 

ISS lieoLOolonal Robert Maodonald, late of 35th Regiment, serred at the alege of Fort 
"Bonbon and o^piua of Martinique in 1808-9. Present with the 3rd Battalion of Uie Bovala 
in th* l atr ca l from Borgos in 1818, and in the subsequent campaigns of 1813 and 14, including 
the aoliGa at Oma, battle of Vittoria, assault on ttte oonTent of San Sebastian 17th Jdy, 
aMMilt on tha town 35th of July (seTerely wonnded) ; and on the 3lst Aug., although snifering 
ftm tha aflbeta of hia wound, was present and engaged at the socoessfhl assault on San Sebas- 
HaSy whara ha '*if*fW"'**^ two companies order^ to the breach in advance of the 1st Brigade 
«f tha 5Ch BiTiaion, and was at the surrender of the castle on the 8th of Sept Engaged at tha 
naaagwof tha BidaiBO% battle of the Niyelle, battlea of the Nive on the 10th, lltti, and 18tfa 
bsc., and repnlae of the aortie firom Bayonne. Serred also the campaign of 1815, indndinff 
tha hatl^'*^ of Qnatra Braa and Waterloo, where he was sererely woanded. He has reoeiTed 
Iha War MMal with ft?a Ghups ; and is a Knight 2d Class of St. Anne of Russia. 

130 LiaoLCokmal John Maodonald served wiu the 93rd Regt. during the campaigns of 1811 
and 13 againai che Kaffirs on the frontier of the Cape of Good Hope. Also the campaign of 1814 
In Looiaianat and battle before New Orleans on the 8th Jan. 1815~seYerely wounded in the head 

187 LiaatCohmel Macdonell served in the American war, and has received the Gold Medal for 
the action at Chateanguay. 

138 Sir Daacan MacDougall served at the Cape of Good Hope, where he commanded on the 
Aootler isr a abort time; in Portugal, Spain, France, United States of America, and Canada ; 
waa at the siege of Badajoz, siege of the Forts at Salamanca, battle of Salamanca (severely 
woandadf and Medal), siege of Burgos, and retreat therefrom, storming of St. Sebastian (Medal), 
Pami^a of the Bidaiaoa, battles of the Nfielle (Medal), and the Nive (3Ieda1), investment of 
BayoDaOp battle of Bladensbnrg and capture of Washington, action near Baltimore, where 
Qeneral Boss, commanding-in-dhief, to whom he was Aide-de-Camp, was mortally wounded ; 
operations and battle beforeNew Orleans, where Lieut.General Sir Edward Pakenhami com- 
manding-in-chiefy to whom he was Aidc-de-Camp, was killed ; siege of Fort Bowyer in Rorida. 
Served aasaoond In command and Quartermaster deneral in the British Auxiliary Legion of Spain. 

139 Lient.Colonel Macdougall served the campaigns, of 1813 and 14 in the' Peninsula, includ- 
ing the aflhir of San Mardal; batUes of Nivelle, Nive, 0th, lOtb, 11th, 12th, and 13th Dec., 
Qrthea, and Toulouse. 

130 LientColonel M'Dowell served with the Army of India, under Lord Combermere In 
l8S5<-6» and waa pnaant at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore (Medal and Clasp). Served 
ffilh tha Ara^ of tha Indna under Lord Keane, throughout the campaign in Afghanistan, 
im 1898-3| aad flwawaniM tha 16th Lanoera at the storm and captnra of (Innanee (Medal and 
Cfoia JOoomoifca Oidw). Conaandad » Brigade of Cavalry m tha Army of Reaerr^ «ar- 

117d War Servicei of Retired lAeiUenant^CohneU. 

MmUed on the Satlcj in 1843. Serred with tlie Armj of Gwalior in 1848, uid oooinuHidtd 
the 16th Ltnoen in the action of Maharajpore (Medal and CB.). Senred throaghont he 
8at]ej canpaifni under Lord Gongh in 1846. Commanded tlie 16th Lanoert at the battle of 
Baddiwal ; a Brigade of CaTalry at Aliwal, and subsequently a Brigade of CavflJrj, with a 
Troop of Horse Artillery attached, from Sobraon to the ocoupation of Lahore, and tennination 
of the campaign (Medal for Aliwal and Clasp for Sobraon). 

133 Lleut.CoIonel M'Pherson served in Calabria in 1800. Present at the capture of Ischia ia 
1800. Served the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in tlic Peninsula, Including the battles of Alcoy, 
Biar, and Castalla; sie^j^e of Tarragona in June 1813, and blockade of do. in Aug. following; 
action at Ordell (severely wounded tlirough the body ond left arm)> and blockade of Barcelona. 
Served also in the American wsr, including the action in crossing the Sarenac, and battle of 
Plattsburg. Present atthecaptuieof Paris in 1815. Sirvedin the Kaiiir War ofl834-35 (Medal). 

134 LicutColoncl Manscl served with the 53rd Kegt. in the attack at More Chabot and the 
siege of Mome Fortune in St. Lucia in 1700; the whole of tlie Carib war in St. Vincent ; at the 
reduction of Trinidad ; and at the sie^e of Muro Castle in the island of Porto Rico in 1707. Re- 
turned from India in the spring of 1811, and joined the 3nd Battuliun of the 53rd Regt. in the 
Peninsula; commanded the Light Companies of the 0th Division throughout the campaigns of 
1811 and 1*2, including the skinuLsh with the enemy's cavalry near Carpio, sieges of Ciadad 
Rodrigo. Badajoz, and the forts at Salamanca, battle of Salamanca (horse shot under him), and 
liege of Burgos. Commanded a Provisional Battalion, consisting of four companies of the Qneen*s, 
and a like number of the 53rd Regt., at the battle of Toulouse. He has received the Qold Medal 
and one Clasp for Salamanca and Toulouse. 

135 Lieut.CoIonel Marshall served the £g>-ptian campaign of 1801 ; at the siege and capture 
of Copenhagen in 1807 ; the campaign of 1808-0 in Portugal and Spain, including the battle of 
Comnna; Walcheren Expedition ir^lSOil, and subsequent campaigns in the Peninsula until the 
end of that war in 1814, including the battles of Busaco, Fucntes d'Onor, and Salamanca, siege 
of Burgos, wounded at the capture of the homwork of the Castle when in command of two com- 
panies, and mentioned in dispatches, battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse (severely 
wounded), besides various minor enga'iements and skirmishes. Served also the campaign of 
1816, and was severely wounded at the battle of Quatro Bras — onco in the leg, with loss of an 
arm. Served with local rank of Colonel iu Canada from 1838 to termination of the Rebellion 
in 1839. He has received the Turkish Gold Medal for Egypt, the War Medal with eight Clasps, 
and the Waterloo Medal. 

137 Lieut.Colonel Fienncs Miller served the campaign of 1815 with the 6th Dragoona, and was 
severely wonded at Waterloo. 

138 LtColonel James Bliller served with the 11th Hnssars in the Crimea from 89th July to 
19th August 1855, and has the Medal and Clasp for Sebastopol. 

139 Lieut.CoIonel Thomas Miller served in the 40th Regt. ai the capture of Manora and tar- 
render of Kurrschee, Lower Scinde, in Feb. 1839. He served with the 10th Regt. in the Pni^}aub 
campaign of 1848-9, including the whole of the siege operations before Mooltan: was Mijur of 
Brigade at the repulse of the enemy's night-attack on the British camp at Muttee Thol on 17th 
Aug. : commanded the reserve of the Regt. at the storming of tlie heights before MocdUm on 
S7tli Dec. 1848. He was afterwards present at the battle of Goojerat (Medal). 

140 Lt.Colonel Mills served at the capture of Martinique in 1800, and of Guadalonpein 1810. 

141 LtColonel Molloy served in the Peninsula with the Rifle Brigade, and was present at the 
battles of Roleia, Yimiern, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, and TouloaaOy for 
which he has received the War Medal with eight Clasps. He served also the campaign of 1815, 
and was severely wounded at Waterloo. 

145 Lt-Colonel Montgomery, when on passage to India in the transport Britim^ with troopa 
was wrecked on the lesser Andaman, in Nov. 1844, and remained on that island 51 dsya aiiffer- 
ing very severe privations. He served in the 80ih Begt. throughout the Sntlej oaaipalgnof 
1845-6, including the battles of Moodkee, Ferozeshah, and Sobraon (Medal and two Clasps). 
Also in the Burmese war of 185:2 (Medal) including tiie capture of Martaban (woondtd) ; the 
operations before Rangoon on the 12th, 13th, and 14th April, and the capture of the Great 
DagOB Pagoda (with the storming party), and capture of Frome. 

144 Lt.Colonel Moorsom served in tho Crimea from Nov. 1854, and was preaent at the siege 
aad fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

146 L{ent.CoIonel Muter served in the Peninsula with the 7th Fusiliers, and was pretmt at 
the passage of the Douro, capture of Oporto. The subsequent operations against Marshal Sovlt 
in the North of Portugal, and battle of Talavera, where, being dangerously wounded on the even- 
ing of the 38th July 1809, and taken prisoner while In hospital, he was detained in Franee until 
the Peace of 1814. He served at the assault npon New Orleans in Jan. 1815, and commanded 
the right advanced picquet on the night the army retired from its position — the picquets were ex- 
posed at intervals during the night to a heavy cannonade. He has the War Medal with one Clasp. 

147 Lt.Colonel Naylor served with the 8th Hussars in the Crimea firom 29th April 1859; 
including the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and battle of tho Tchernaya (Medal and Clasp). 

148 Lt.Colonel Neville served in tho Peninsula with the 2nd Battalion of the 30tli, from July 
1810 to May 1813 ; also the campaign of 1814 in Holland, and that of 1815 in the Nether- 
lands ; he was present at the defence of Cadiz, occupation of the lines of Torres Vedraia 
various minor actions when in pursuit of Massena, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, siege of Cindad 
Bodrtgo, siege and storm of Badajos (severely wounded in the head and leg when leading the 
ladder party in the Escalade of the St Vincent Bastion), battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid, 
siege of Biurgos (severely wounded through the left shoidder in the storm of tiie first line of the 
fl sK /sy 4ih CM; i8]S) bombaidBMnt of Antwerp^ MSftolt on B«ig«ii-op-Zoom» bftttto of Wal«- 

WtBT Benka of Hetired Lieutitimit'-CohnA. 117^ 

loo^ nd onUVB of Fttte: tinmif^ovt all the ftbore-mentioiMd lUgM 1m aoted M in AMiftant 
B ugln — ff , u 1817, 18, and 19 h* lerred in the Mehratte war, from the battle of Mahidpore (aa 
m TolvBlecr) to the liege of AMeerghur ; and in 18S0 he waa attaehed to the Nisam't Troops 
St tfie eapCore of a Predatory Force. After aenring S3 years in India with the 30th and 18th 
D r agoons, and 86th and 63rd Regti., his health failed when in command of the left wing of 
the^rd, in a tery unhealthy climate. He has receired the War Medal with four Clasps ; the 
India War Medal and Clisps i and the Cross of the Legion of Honor for senrices rendered on 
board the French ship Bengalie on passage from India to Europe in Aug. 1881. 

140 Lieut.CoIonel Newton receivnl a commitsion at the early age of twelve, in consequence of 
the serrices of his father, then commanding a regt. of Light Dragoum. Served in the Weat Indies 
in the campaign of 1810, under Sir Geo. Beckwith, as a Rei;imenta1 Officer; was afterwards 
appointed Auistant Quarter Master Qeneral and Major of Brigade in St. Thomas and Grenada. 
Joined his regt. on their being onlercd on service to the coast of America in 1814, whero lie 
serfed with the division under Sir John Siicrbrooke. Joined the army under the Dakc of Wei- 
liogton in June 1815, was appointed one of the Staff Commandants in Belgium; and was present 
at the taking of Landreey by the Prussians. 

150 UentColonel Nicholson served tlie campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the bombard- 
BWnt of Antwerp, and storming of Bergen -op- Zoom, where he was severely wounded. 

162 Lieut.CoIonel O'Reilly served in tlie Peninsula with the 4th Dracfonn Guards. 

154 Lieul Colonel Paschal served in the Peninsula with the 2nd Line Battalion of the King's 
German Legion, from Oct. 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, Including the battles of the Nivelle 
and Nive, bivertment of Bayonne on the 27 th Feb. 1814, and subsequent operations before that 
fortreaa. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was at Quatre Bras, attached to Sir Henry Clinton 
on the 1 7th June, and at the battle of Waterloo. He has received tlie War Medal and two Clasps, 
as also the Hanoverian War Medal. 

155 LtColonel Peterson commanded the Grenadiers of the Camcronians on the China expedi- 
tion (Medal), and was present at the operations before Canton from the 24th to the 8 1st May 
1841, defence of Ningpo, at ScRoan, Chapoo, VVoosung, Shanghae, Chin Kiang Foo,and Nanking. 
Commanded the Buffs at the Siege of Sebastopol from May to Angast 1855 (including the attack 
on the I8th June), and also from December until the close of the war (Medal and Clasp). 

157 Llent.Colonel Raines served at the battles of RolciayViniiera^and Corunna, besides minor 
affairs during the retreat; served also at Walcberen. He has the War Medal and two Claspe. 

158 Lt.Coionel Ready landed in the Crimea in 1854, and commanded the 71st Higblsnders at 
the siege of Sebastopol and expedition to Kertch : he held the rank of Brigadier in the Kerteh 
District during its occupation by the Allies (Medal and Clasp, and Knight of the Legion of Honor. 

150 Lieat.(>^onel Reed serfed in the American war, including the action at Baltimore, Blad- 
eosbnrg, and capture of Washington. 

160 Lient.Cokmel Reeve served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the Grenadier Guards, in- 
duding the battles of Alma, Balaklava,«nd Inkerman, and siege of Sebastoiiol ( Medal and Clasps). 

169 LtCoIonel Rose served with the 3rd Light Dragoons thronghont the campaign 
of 184S in Afghanistan (Medal), including the forcing of the Khyb^ Pass, storming the 
heighta of JagdaUndk, aetion at Tezeen and Hnftkotnl, relief of Jellalabad, and re-captnre of 
Cabool. At the battle of Pimniar, near Owalior, eommanded the left sqoadron of the 9Ui 
Lanc0n (Kedal). He served in the Sntiej campaign in 1846. including the battle of Sobraon 
(Medal). Also in the Funjaub campaign of 1848-9, including the passage of the Chenab at 
Ranmnggar (where he eommanded the 9 th LanoersX and battles of Chillianwallah and Gooje- 
imt (Bfiedal and Clasps). 

164 Lt-Colonel A. H. Rossell served with the 22nd Regt in Seinde during its eonqoest. 
Served with the 58th in the south of New Zealand from 9th April 1845. 
jft 165 Liettt.Colonel Schreiber served the campaign of 1815 with the 11th Light Dragoon^ 
Inelnding the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo (horse shot). 

166 LieutColonelSedley served in the Peninsula from March 1812 to Dec. 181.3, including the 
taking of the forts and the affair of the Goarena, battle of Salamanca, actions at Osma, Sabuganna 
de Morrilla (severely wounded through the lungs), and Pyrenees, Slst Aag. Wounded on the 
18th June at Waterloo. Served also in the Burmese war, during the latter part of which he waa 
detached with the command of two companies to keep open the communication on the Irrawaddy 
between Rangoon and the army under Sir Archibald Campbell. He has received the War Medal 
with three Clasps for Salamancay Vittoria, and Pyrenees. 

167 LientColonel Sharp served with the 26ih Regiment in the first China expedition, 
(Sfedal). Cooimanded the 72nd Highlanders in the Crimea from the anrival of the regiment 
on the 13th June to the Slst July, 1855, including the expedition to Kertch, and siege of 
SebaaUmol (Medal and Clasp). 

166 Lient.Colonel Simmonds served in the Peninsula from Feb. 1808 to Feb. 1813, including 
the aiBdrs of T^avera and Alberche, battles of Talavera, Busaco, and Albuhera ; covering the 
siege of Badajox in 1818, engaged every day during the retreat from Madrid and Salamanca; 
the retreat to Portugal, and subsequent pursuit of Massena from the Lines, besides several minor 
affairs. He has received the War Medal and three Clasps. 

169 LtCoL Simmons served in the Peninsula, as a volunteer with the 94th Regt., and afterwards 
as an oAeer in the 23rd, and in the Rifle Brigade, from Sept. 181 1 to the end of that war in 1814, 
ineloding the atonning of the fbrts at Almaraz, affairs of San Munos and San Milan, battle of 
Vittoria, aetioni atz anxi Bridge and Echalar, storming Vera Heights, crossing the Bidasaoa* 
baltto of NheDa, battlea of the Nive. on the 10th, 11th, and 12th Dec. 1813. Served with the 
41 it Begt. throBf;faoiit the Burmese war, and was present at the stonning of Rangoon and Syrian 
FtiodftjkdtehttdoClh* left oohouiflQcning the trenohai iBfrontof the Da^iiikBHi^ 

117/ JFmr Servleei of IteHred LiilUmumi Cobmdi. 

■toming ft itrong ttookftcto in front of the Dagon Pacodn. CommauUi tht lilt wiag of tt# 
41it Rflgimentin the field againit the Kolepore BigiL Serfed with the x^gbMnt dnlng te 
campaign of 1842 in Ai&haniatan, and commanded a column of attack in the aotioa of the S8ft 
Apni in the Piiheen Yuiej; praient aJfo in the aotiont n«ar Candahar, at Goaineb and baion 
Ohnznee; oocnpation and deatmction of that fortreu and of Cabool; fxpedidon into KoUatas} 
atorm, capture, and deatniction of Istalifl^ and in the yarioni minor affuri in and betweaa the 
Bolan and the Ky her PasMS. Has the War Medal with three Claapa for Vittoria, ICivelle, and Hlfe. 

170 LIeiit.CoIonel J. J. Slater iierTed in the PeninBula and also in America, in 1814. 

171 LleutCol. David Rae Smith served the campaign in the Southern Mahratta com&try in 
1844-45 with the 22nd Regiment, and waa present at the investment and captvre of the forti 
of Panulla and Powngliur. 

172 Lieut.Colonel George Smith served the campaigns of 1814 and 15, in Spain, France, and 
Flanders, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

173 Lt.Colonel Somerville served with the Gth Regt. during the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal) ; 
and with tlio 68th in the Eastern campaign of 1854-d5, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava , 
and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidle). 

175 Lieut.Colonel Spence was present with the 31st Regt. in tlie action of Staola, near Genoa, 
on the 13th April 1814, and in the subsequent attacks upon the city of Genoa until ita aorf«ndar» 
aa also at the surrender of Corsica in the same year. In 1815 he served with the army in Naplo^ 
On the 1st March 1825, he was present at that lamentable catastrophe, the burning of the JTenf . in 
the Bay of Biscay. He commanded the 3 1st Regt. throughout the campaign on the SnUej (Medal 
and thrae Clasps), at the battles of Moodkee (soon after its oommenoement), Feroaeahah (rar which 
he was appointed a CB.), Buddiwal, and Aliwal, and the 1st Brigade of Sir Harry Bmith'a divi- 
sion at the battle of Sobraon; and was one of only five officers out of thirty who eseaped being 
wonnded in all the actions. Had his horse shot under him at Feroaesbah and at Sobraon. 

177 Lt.Colonel P.D. Stewart served in Hanover in 1805 ; and at the siege of Copenhagen In 1807. 

178 Lieut.Colonel St. Maur accompanied the 5l8t Regt. on the expedition to Burmah in 186S, 
and was on board the £. I. C. steam frigate Ferooz during the naval action and deatniction of 
tlie enemy's stockades on the Rangoon River, landed in command of the regioient, and was 
compelled to leave the field from a sun-stroke on the 13th April, during the operationa In the 
vicinity of Rangoon. 

179 LfeutColonel Stretton served the campaigns of 1812 and 13 in the Peninaula, with the 
08th Light Infhntry, and was severely wounded at the battle of Vittoria by two gun-ahota lodged 
in the body, one of which has not been extracted. He has received the Silver War Medal with 
one Clasp for Vittoria. 

180 Lieut.Colonel Straeey served with the Scots Fusilier Guarda in the Baatem campaign In 
1854, including the baUle of Alma (Medal and Clasp). 

18S LientColonel Toole joined the 40th Regt. in the Peninsula [early In Jan. 1810, and waa 
present at the battle of Busaoo, retreat to and occupation«of the lines at Torrea VedrmSy pnnaft 
of Massena, action of Redinba, capture of Campo Mayor, siege of Badges in May 1811 and 
repulse of the sortie from Fort San Chris toval, siege and storming of Ciudlad Rodrigo, aiege and 
atorming of Badajox, in the breach of which fortress he was severely wounded. In Getobsr 
1813 he rejoined the army at Vera, and was present at the battle of Nivelle, and in several miaer 
affidra. Subsequently he served nearly one year and a half with the Army of Oocnpation ia 
France. He has received the War Medial with four Clasps. 

184 Sur John M. Tylden served as Brigade Mi^or ^to Sir Samnel Anchmnty daring the 
operations in Sooth America in 1806-7, including the capture of Monte Video and the attack 
on Buenos Ayrea. Served with the 43rd Light Infantry during Sir John Moore'a campaign in 
Spain in 1808-9, and accompanied it again to the Peninsnla in 1809. Accompanied Sir fiamniil 
Ajichmaty to bidia in 1810, and in 1811 served aa the General's Military Secretary on the ex- 
pedition to Java, and waa present at the aasault and capture .of Cornelius. Served with the 
52nd Light Infimtry in the Peninsnla dnring the campaigna of 1813 and 1814, inoliMi{|||^ llie 
battles of the Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse. In 1814 he accompanied Sir J6bik Lambert's 
expedition to America as Assistant- Adjutant-General, and waa present during the operations 
against New Orleans. He has received the War Medal with four Clasps. 

185 Liout.Colonel Ussher served the Nepaul campaigns of 1810 and 17 with the 06th Regt 

186 Lieut.CoIonel Van Cortlandt was engaged at the following battles, sieges, &c. in the East 
Indies, viz. Sarsni, Bijighur, Kutchowra, Agra, Deig, Bhurtpore, AUyghur, Delhi, Laawarrie,and 
Futtehghur. Also several skirmishes during the campaigns of 1803, 4, 5, and 0. Present at 
the sieges of Komona aud Qunowrie in 1808, and at Kalunga in 1814. Served the campaigns 
against the Pindarrees In 1817 and 18. 

187 LientColonel Van der Meulen served in the Peninsula from May 1800 to Aug. 1811, and 
sgain from Sept. 1812 to the end of the war, including the battles of Talavcra (severely wounded), 
Busaco, Albuhera (severely wounded), Vittoria, Pyrenees (severely wounded Sdth July), NivcUCi 
Orthes, and Toulouse, besides various minor engagements and skirmishes. 

188 Lord Adolphus Vano Tempei»t served with the Scots Fusilier Giianl^ at the siege and fUl 
of Sebastopol from Nov. 1854 (Modal and Clasp, aud 5th Class of the ModjIdie). 

190 LtColonel Ward served with the 91 st Rogt. in the Kaffir war of 1840-47 (Medal). 

191 LtColonel A. Watson served during the 8U])pre8sion of the Rebellion in the Kandian 
Provinces, Island of Ceylon, In 1848, and was present when the insurgenta were defiBated at 
Matole on the 29th July. 

192 UcutColonel W. Watson served in the American war with the 41st Regt., and haa reeelved 
the War Medal with one Clasp for Fort Detroit. 

193 LientColonel Wangh served the Mahratta campaign with tlie IGth LanoeiBi *"*J««^iBg Am 

War Serrim nfttfipifi Jjifiammf-fJoinA. l\7p 

; alio M AmiaL-QMrtK-KiMUa-Gmetti to Bit 
(Hedal H)d tatt {3mp), tndiulmg tlw tattle* at 

of 181S irltb ths 44th Brgt. lad wu tjwtij 

of 1700 In HoIlBnd ; it th« blackid* and for- 
raoilm nf Uul|a ia ISDOj csptnrs of tlio Cipg ot Good Hope In 180G; tirge idiI (toruiinf 
Monte Video, ind Bttack on Buenos Ajrm. Landed in Portugal wilh Sir Arlhur Wellialey, mad 
•CTTad tha anbteoDfat ctrnpsign with Sir John lloore. Operations againtt Fluiliing 1q ISOQ 
Campmfpi of 181fi. He bai tlie \rar Uedal witb three Clupi far Rolcla, VimUra, and Coranni. 

WO Ltr-nt.CDlDiirl WIlkinBeerTcdiii I rel and during the KebvlJion in 1708, and wai wounded 
at Rev Roaa. LaR4ed wi|b the force Ibat ocenpled Uadeira in IttUl. From tbenco procaetUd 
lallM Weat IndlMiWharehevascmplDjcdonihe BlalF. Id 1M)0 joined the UOtliHegt., now tba 
BtSa Brtgada, and etabarlcdwilbiho carpi nathoScholdt ci|>eilition. In IBIO commanrled a 
detachment of the rrgioiBiit in the dtt'occ of Cadii, and nbatulion in 1813 at the battle of SaU- 
minea. AecampaniBd tl)e angi j to Uadrid, and aided In covering the relrest into Portugal. In 
1813 ndTUiccd with llie annj to wltliiu range of the guiiBof Durgon, when the vnemy abandoaed 
tte Cirtny. Wta picaent at the battle of Vittoria, and in ieteral minor ufitira In bllawlDg tba 
ratraBting artni to Pampeluna and San Sebaailan. Voluntaercd bia wrvlceaatllia ttomlng of tha 
latter, bnt Uie faanoar being mbieaiiently claimed by ■ snuar iil!iccr, be recumed the coiumand of 
tba 9nd fiattalim, and wai abarjily engaged with Ilia enemy at the Bridge of Vera. Sarvcd In tha 
campaigp of 18li, including the advance on the IDih June, retreat on Ilie 17th, and waa in Iha 
eommaiHl of the beTqre-named buiation on the flold of Waterloa, vhea, by a diachorge of grape, 
(hot from Iha enemj'a aitilleiy, both himself and liorae ware felled to the ground. In ISIT ba 
joiocd the Anny of Occupation InFraoee, but, from the acHooa effei^ts of Ida wound, wai compelled 
to ntnrn to England. lie haa received Itic Gold Medal for Salamanca, and the Silver War Medal 
wtth two Cia<I<a ^ Vittoria and the Pyreneci. 

101 U.Ciolanel O. D. WllaonaerFcdwithlbeith Rrgt.on Ibc ezpedllion to the HeldsrlnlTOi^ 

audvaapceaentip theactioiuoftheandandGih Qctaber. Siege afCnicnbagauinlBO?. ExpedU 

1nt to Sweden and aiftenrardd to the Peninsula, under Sir John Uoort, Including the re' 

Unoogh Spain, and battle of Cprnutia (vaupdcd). Accompanied It to Walcheien in 1806. 
Jetaed the army at the Linea of Toiret Vedraj in 1810, and araa aflenturda preaent In the pnianit 
<t Haaawa, action o^ Babogal, battle of Fuentea d'Onor, action at Sarba dd Puarco, storming of 
Bad^m(*eVaTalr wounded). Alde-de-Cainp to U^or-GeuerulPringle at the halite of Salamanca, 
eiptii^ nf Kadild and tha Betlco, ilege of Bursoa and r«treat th^efrom, afiair of Villa Muriel, 
liattla of tfaa'inTelle, the Kive, and St. Pierre, Ortliea, and St. Palaia. Served alio the campaign 
c^lBlfi; eoanna|]dcdtbe4thBegt. at the battle of Waterloo, and waanouoded. He UiireoaiTed 
tba Goljl Mtdal tar Badajoi, and the Silver Wax Medal with sii CUips forCuninna, FuaatM 
d'Oaoi, Salaaianca, Pyreneea, NlTclle, and Nive. 

909 LleBt.ColDnaI Cbartca T. Wllioo aerved the Eaatern campaign of 18U with the Coldatraan 
Onaida, Inclnding thabattltaof Alma, Balatbva, and lDketmiin,andaiege of8abaitopDl(Uedal 
and Claapa). 

109 Iilcnt.Colonal Iha Honqarabla C. A. Wrottnloy lervcd with the 16lb Laseeri at tha 
liqta of Bhortpore in 18SC-fl. 

304 Uant.CoIonel Wyndbam lecGired two wTara woanda at Waterloo, on the IBth June. 

508 Ueut.Colonel Yale has recelTcd a Medal for ihe battle of Albuhera. 

War Benicea of tke Majora who have Retired from Ihe Strmce. 

1 Major Adair seived with the fi7th Begt. in Sicily in IBIO and 11 ; in the Fenintula and 
Inatttom 1813 to tba close of that war in 1814, including the »1'1"B of Alcoy, cotering tha 
Mtraat ftom Blar, battle of Caatalla, aicge and subsequent blockade of l^rragona, and actJona at 
TtUa Franca. SubsaqnaDtly in Flanders and France, including (ha occupaldon of Parla lu 1816. 

8 M^ot Aiqiinek saned with tbe S7lh RcgL in the Kaffir war of 1B84-35 (Medal). 

3 Major Andenon scrred with the Jjlst Ihroughout the Uurmoie nar uf ISSS'M; on board 
the S. I. C. ateam frigate Firom during tbe naval action and deilructlon of the enemy's stock- 
ylM on the Bangopn Hirer; durint; ibe sncceeding three dayt' operation! in tbe vicinity, and at 
lb« itorm and capture of Basgocn (Medal and Claap) ; commaudtd Ibe Regiment from Doc. 
18S5 until its embarkation for England in April 18M. 

6 Major Austin served In the Paniaiula from Oct. 1811 to April 1812, iocludlng the ilsg« and 
storm of Cindad Rodrigo, for which he has received tbe War Medal with one Clasp. Campaign 
of 1814 ia Holland, Inclodlng tbe taking of Ibe fortified village of Alerxcin. Campaign of 1816, 
iBclading the battia of Waterloo. , „ , „,„,,, 

4 BaiMi) untd ia th* peninsula with tbe letb Lancers from February 1813 to the 
ar to 1814, and wai present at tha battle of tbe Pyrenees on the )t8th July, wUh tba 

nt Ml tha pMNfi of fbs' IflTa, pwima of tha iiav, bealdea T»riani nlaoi aflUia (Wai 

l\7h War Servicei of Retired Majors. 

Medal with two Claipt). Scrred the campaign of 1816 with the 10th Hoaim, initladiiy the 
battle or Qnatre Brae, retreat on the 17th June, and battle of Waterloo, at whiA he wae eevenlj 
wounded in the laat charge, and had two horses shot. In 1888 he was appointed Cokmel-Con- 
mandant of the Portuguese Ca?alry : during the siege of Oporto, oTercomiug maay diflealtlee 
and daily exposed to fire, he formed that Regiment of Lancers which rendered so maoy important 
ienrices ; was promoted General on the field of battle at Loures 12th Oct 1^3, by the Emperor 
Dom Pedro in person, and he retained command of the Cavalry until the termination of the war, 
having taken part in nearly all the battles, sorties, and other operations. For tipecial servioes 
was created at different periods a Knight, an Ofiicer, and a Knight Commander of the Tower and 
Sword, and lias the Portuguese Cross. 

8 Sir Da? id Baird served with the 74th Highlanders throughout the Kaffir war of 1851-63 (Medal). 

9 Major F. W. Balfour served with the 2ud Battalion Rifle Brigade in the Eastern campaign 
of 1864-66, including the aasault of the Redau on the 8th Sept., and siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasp and Brevet Major). 

11 Major Bamston served with the 66th Regt. in the Eastern campaign of 1864-65, including 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman (severely wounded), siege of Sebastopol and aoxtia of S6th 
October (Medal and Clasps, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

13 Major Bayley served with the 62nd Lt. Inf. at the defeat of the Sealkote mntineeii on tlie 
banks of the Ravee on the 12th and 16th July 1867 ; alto at the siege of Delhi, and commanded 
and led the storming party of the 3rd Column at the assault of tlie Cashmere Gate on 14th 
Sept., where he was severely wounded (Brevet of Major, Medal and Clasp). 

16 Lord George Bcauclerk served with the 10th Hussars in tlie Crimea from 7th Jnly 1865, 
including the battle or the Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

16 M^or Bere served with the 16th Lanceis during the campaign in Afij^hanistani noder Lord 
Keane, and was present at the siege and capture of Gbuznee (Mediil); and he oommanded the 
party of the 16th Lancers, under Brigadier Cureton, sent to seize the guns and secure the posses- 
sion of the citadel of Cabool,aud was appointed at Caliool Assistant- Adjutant-General of CaTairy, 
and continued so until the reduction of Lord Keane'&army in the Provinces. Abo the campaign on 
the Sutle) in 1846 (Medal), including the battles of Buddiwal, Aliwal (wounded), and SohraoB. 

17 Major Bethuue served with the 92nd Highlanders in the Indian campaign of 1867-58, and 
was present at the actions of Ri^jghur, Mungrowlie, and Sindwalio, and affiUrs of Koral and 
Borode (twice mentioned in despatches, Medal, and Brevet of Major). 

19 Major Brady served the campaigns of 1813, 14, and 16, in the Peninsula, Fhmce, and 
Flanders, with the Royal Horse Guards, and was present at the battles of the NiTsIle^ Nive, 
Bayonne, Orthes, Toulouse, and Waterloo, at which last he was severely wounded* and hMl a 
horse shot under him. 

91 Major Briggs served with the 1st Dragoon Guards in the Crimea from 10th Augoat 1865, 
including the battle of the Tchernaya and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

S3 M^jor Burslem served the campaigns of 1838, 39, and 40 in Aj%hanistan, with the 13tb, 
and was present at the storm and capture of Gbuznee (Medal), assault and captora of the tewn 
and foitress of Tootumdurrah, storm of Joolghur, night attack at Baboo Koosh Ghor, dortmctlon 
of KhaMurrah, and assault of Perwaodurrah. 

84 Major Caimes served at the siege of Flushing In 1809, and at different periods in the Peainanla. 

26 Major Berkeley Caloott served the campsdgn of 1808-9 with the 43rd Regt., iadiidiaf the 
battle of Vimiera, the retreat under Sir John Moore, and the battle of Corunna. Szpediiioa to 
Waleheren in 1800. Subsequently in the Peninsula, including the sieges and captures of CSodad 
Rodrigo and Badajos, battles of Salamanca, Vlttoria, Nivelle, Nive, and Toulouse. Ezpadltion 
to New Orleans. Campaign of 1816, and was present at the capture of Paris. 

86 Major Caldecot served with the 39th Regt. in Malta and Sicily. Subsequently in thetadn- 
snlar campaigns of 1813 aud 14, including the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, and NIve, 
action at Giuris, battles of Orthes and Toulouse. Served afterwards in Canada daring the 
American war. 

28 Mijor Henry W. Campbell served with the 79th Highlanders throughout the Eastern 
campaign of 1864-56, including the battles of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol, 
assault of the 18th Jan. and 8th Sept., expedition to Kertch and Yenikale (Medal ^^d thne 
Clasps, Brevet Mi^or^ and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

89 Major Robert Campbell was employed on field service in India from August 1880 to Mtrcb 
1886, including the siege of Kittoor. 

30 Major John C. Campbell served with a wing of the 13th Light Dragoons in the Knmool 
campaign in 1839 ; served in the 9th Lancers in the Gwalior campaign in 1843, and was present 
at the baUle of Punniar (Medal) ; in the Sutlej campaign in 1846 and present at the battle of 
Sobraon (Medal) ; and in the Puigaub campaign of 1848-49, hiduding the passage of the Chanab 
at Ramnugger, and battles of Cbillianwallah and Goojerat—- in the latter battle he ^»"mandf«» 
the left squadron 9th Lancers which successfully charged the Sikh and Affghan cavalry (Medal 
and Clasps). 

31 Major Campsie commanded two Companies of the Ceylon Rifies at Borilla in snppressinff 
the Rebellion of 1848 in Ceylon. 

38 Major Coats served with the 66th Regt. on the China Expedition in 1841-42 (Medal), in- 
eluding the attack and capture of Amoy, second capture of Chusan, and storming of Chin Kjang 
Foo. Served in the Eastern campaign of 1864, and was severely wounded at the battle of Alma 
(Medal and Clasp, and mentioned in orders by Sir De Lacy Evans). 

33 Major Cochran served the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in Canada, including the Mtiea at 
Moravian Town. Also the campaign of 1824-6 in Ava, including the captoreof RaagooB and 
Martaban, aiege and oaptore of DanoUa, battlw of Proma and Pagahm Mtw. 8«rftd«tto 

War Sermeei of Retired Majors. 1 17t 

mmptSgm ti 184S ia Afl^htniitaD, and commanded a column of attack in the action of the 
S8th April in Hie Pisheen Valley ; present alio in the actio ni near Candahar, at Goaine, and 
beAm Ohvmee; oecnpation and destruction of that fortrfss and of Cabool. Expedition into 
Kokltlaa, afoitn, eaptnre, and dettmction of IstaliflT, and in the numerous minor affairs in and 
beCw«eii the Bolan and the Khyher Passes. 

94 Major Hon. Wm. Erslcinc Cochrane served with the 1 5th Hussars the campaign of 1808-9 
nnler Sir John Moore, and commanded a troop whicli attaclced and defeated the French car airy 
at Sahagfin. In 1813 he accompanied his Regiment to Liahon, and in the following year com- 
manded a aquadron in the battle of Vittoria : he has rccelyed the War Medal with two Clasps. 

35 Major Wm. U. Cockbum was detached from Gibraltar for the defence or Tarifi in 1811 
and 12, when the French were defeated, leaying clieir guns behind ; served subsequently in the 
PenhiSBla to the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the investment of Bayonne and 
repalae of the sortie. Embarked afterwards for America, where he served until the terminution 
of tlie war with the United SUtcs. 

36 Major Codd served with the 48th Regt. in the operations against the Rajah of Coorg in 1834. 
87 MijorCook served with the 11th Hussars in the Intern campaign of 1854 and up to 

20th Aug. 1855, including the affair of Bulganak, battles of Alma, Balaklava (wounded), and 
Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

38 Major Croker served as Assist. Quarter- Master-Qeneral in the action at Zoraporc near Kur- 
nool on the 18th October 1839; and abio in a like capacity in the action at Maharaji>ore, SOlh 
December 1843 (Medal). 

39 Mijor Cumberland served with the 42iid HighlaTidcri the Eastern campaign up to 
1st Feb. 1856, including the battles of Alma and Balaklava, and siege of Sebastopol; he 
succeeded to the command of (he regiment a few days after Alma and continued In the command 
nntil the 1st Feb. 1855 (Medal and three Clasps). 

40 Major Darell served with the 1st Batt. 60th Riiles during the second siege operations at 
Mooltan, including ihe siege and storm of the town and capture of the citadel of Mooltan. After- 
wards at the battle of Ooojerat (Medal), pursuit of the Sikh army under Rajali dhert> Sing until 
its final anrrender at Rawul Pindee, occupation of Attock and Peshawur, and expulsion of the 
Afi^haa force under the Ameer Dost Mahomed beyond the Khybcr Pa^s. 

41 Major DarrtKsh served with the Royals in Canada during the Rebellion of 1837-B. He 
served als«> with the 62nd in the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal), and was wounded at Fcroze- 
shah. Served with the 51 st throughout the Burmese war of 185*i-6d ; was on board the B. I. C. 
steant frigate Ferooz during the naval action and destruction of the enemy V stockadt-s on the 
Rangoon River; served during the succeeding three dayN* operations in the vicinity (including 
the storming of the Wliite House Redoubt), and at the storm and capture of Rangoon ; also at the 
asMinlt and capture of Bassein 19th May (wounded); and serve<l as Deputy Assistant Qr.Mastcr 
General at the takhig of Pegu Slst November. 

43 Major Dillon served with the d2nd Regiment at Copenhagen in 1807 ; the campaign of 
1608-9 in Spain, incladlng the Iwttlcs of Roleia and Vimiera, retreat to and battle of Corunna -, 
in 1808, Walehercn expedition, and siege and capture of Flu^ihing ; in 1813 was in support at 
the siege of Ciudad Rodrigo, and in the covering army at the siege and capture of Badajoi : he 
has raeelved the War Medal with three Clasps. 

44 Sir Thomas Drake served with the 52nd Regt. in 1808, on the expedition to Sweden under 
Sir John Moore and on the retreat to Corunna ; in 1800, on the Walehercn expedition ; from 1800 
to 1819 inclusive, in the Peninsula, and was present in the action at Sabugal, battle of Ftientes 
d'Ooof , siege and assault of Ciudad Rodrigo, and affair of San 3Iunos — severely wounded (War 
Medal with two CUsps). 

45 Major Driberg, prior to entering the army, served Ave years and a half as midshipman In 
the Royal Navy ; in 1808, 9, and 10, on the East India station ; in 1813 and 18 iu the blockading 
aqnadrons off Flushing, Cherbourg, and Texel, and in the Baltic. In 1816 he served as a volun- 
teer in the Kandian campaign in Ceylon. 

46 Major Duff served with the 23rd Fusiliers in the Eastern campaign of 18o4, including the 
riegeof Sebastopol and battle of Inkerman where he was taken prisoner (Medal and Clasps, and 
6th ClasB of the Medjidie). 

48 Major Elmsall served with the 1st Dragoons. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854, in- 
cluding the battle of Balaklava (severely woundeil), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet Major, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

49 Mijor Fane served the campaign in Affghanistan, and was present at the storm and capture 

of Ghnanee (Medal). 

51 M^or Forsyth served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Balaklava 
and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, capture of the Quarries, attack on the Redan on the 18th 
June (with the storming column), and on the 8th Sept. ; also at Kinbourn (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honour, and Sardhilan Modal). 

52 Major Fox served in the Peninsula with the Royals, and was present at the battles of 
Comnna and Faentes d'Onor, for which he has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

53 Major Frampton was present with the 50th Regt. in the battle of Punniur ( Medal). Served 
the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal and two Clasps), including the battles of Moodkee, Feroie- 
sbah, and Aliwal, in which last he was dangerously wounded, and had his arm amputated. 
Served the Eastern campaign until Ukcn prisoner in the trenches before Sebastopol on the SSnd 
Dec 1854, having been present at the battles of Alma and Inkerman (wounded),— Medal and 
Clasps, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). ^ ^ . , «•« 

KUtAoT VnsKt acted as staff oi&cer to a detachment sent from Bombay in 1837, against 
tbfl Kbelf in Cananu He wnred alto in the Kaffir war of 1840-47 (Medal). 

117; War Services of Reiired Majors, 

M Migor ^vin leired with the 16th Lancers during the eampaigii in Afllfhanitlaa «nilfr 
Lord Keane, indading the ilege and capture of Ghuznee (Medal). He waa alao preaaat at tha 
tattle of Mahanjpore, 9th Dec 1849 (Medal). 

57 Major Qell served in the Peninsula in the 29th, and succeeded to tlie command of tha 
Bcgt at the battle of Albuhora, for wliich he has received the Gold Medal. 

6& Major Gordon served at the capture of the Isle of France in 1810, and of Jara In 1811, 
and was wounded at the assault of Fort Cornelius. Served also at the alege and capture of 

00 Mijor Graham served with the 43nd Higlilanders. Served the Eastern campaign fWxn 
Dec. 1854, including the expedition to Kcrtch, 8ic«^c and full of Sebostopol, and assault upon the 
outworks 18th Juue (Medal and Clasp, and Brcvot-Ma}or). 

61 Major Grant served with the 14th Regiment in the Nepanl war in 1815; at the siege and 
capture of the Fortress of Hattras in March 1817 ; in tlie Dcccan and Pindarree campaigns in 
1817 and 1818 under Lord Hastings, and commanded the Light Company when it was attached 
to a Flanic Battalion in 1818. Was present with the 14th Regiment, at the siege and e^turc of 
Bhurtpore, and commanded the Grenadier Company when it led the right storming colamQ on the 
day of the assault, 18th January 181^0 (Medal and Clasp). 

63 Major Grehan served with the Queen's Royals throughout the campaign In AiQihanistan 
and Beloochistan under Lord Kcane, and was present at the storm and capture of Ghuanee 
(Medal) and of Khelat. 

64 Major Grubbc served with the 43rd Lt. Inf. in the Peninsula during tlie latter part of ]81C> 
and was in action on the 16th Nov. on retreat from Burgos. W&h also at New Orleans. 

65 Major Hammersloy served in the Peninsula from Aug. 1812 to the end of that war in 
1814, and was present at the battles of Vittoria and Toulouse, and the investment of, an4 the 
Heights before Pampeluna. Shot through the shoulder whilst protecting a house in the neigh- 
bourhood of Dublin, on duty in 1806, when In the Militia. He has received the War H^al 
with two Clasps. 

66 Migor Wm. Henry Hare accompanied the expedition under BIr ]>avid Baird to Coranna* 
and was present throughout the retreat, and at the battle of Corunna. In Aug. 1809 embarlced 
with the expedition to Walcheren, and was at the siege and capture of Flushing. Served in tlie 
Pleninsular campaigns of 181 1| 12, IS, and 14; and finally at the battle of Waterloo and gnptnrs 
of Csmbray. 

66 Major Herbert served with the 99th Regt. at the action of Mahanjpore on Che t9th Dae . 
1843 (slightly wounded). 

60 Major J. M. Home served the campaign of 1814 in Upper Canada with the 104th Rcgt. 

70 Major Hopkins served with the 43rd Light Infantry daring the cam|>aign in Denauuk in 
1807, including the siege and surrender of Copenhagen, and battle of Kioge. In 1606 landed at 
Comnna with Sir Daviid Baird's expedition, and joining the army of Sir John Meora wee in die 
Tarions operations until the retreat. In 1809, landed In Portugal with the light Divfaiony ^DA 
was at the defending of the passage of the Taigus at Almaras ; In 1810 waa engafed in aaienl 
aiTalrs between Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo, action of the Coa (severely wooadcd), betde of 
Bnaaco, and vuious skirmishes; in 1811 engaged at Pombal, Reaiphay Condeim, HOnHidn de 
Coorg, Sabugal. and battle of Fuentes d'Onor; in 1812, was present daring both the stages end 
Mormlng of Gindad Rodrigo and Badajox, commanding a Company at the asaaalt of the hreachss 
of eaeh ; present at the reduction of the forts of Salamanca, action at Castrajon, battle of Sala- 
aanea, axul surrender of the Retiro in Madrid; In 1813, action of San Millan, battle of Vittgsia, 
action with the enemy's rearguard on entering the Pyrenees, operations tbereia, action at the 
bridge of Tanzi, and attack of the heights of Santa Barbara ; present also at the atom tad 
oaptnre of Saint Sebastian. Served in the campaign of 1815 and was at die eaptnue of Paris. 
Haa the War Medal with seven Clasps, and was twice severely wounded. 

72 Migor Hutton served with the 4th Light Dragoons. Sarved the Eastcm earapaJgn of li54, 
IndudlDg the battles of Alma and Balaklava (severely wounded in both thighs), and alcge of 
Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

73 Major R. Inglis served with the 18th Royal Irish in the Crimea in 1854.55, IndudlBf llie 
ilege and fall of Sebastopol, asaaalt and capture of the Cemctry on the 16th Jane (Medafand 
C3aap and Bi«vet Mijor). 

' 74 Major W. Inglis served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battlea of Bala- 
klava and Inkecmaa, and siege of Sebastopol, for wiilch he obtained Brevet rank as MaJ^r (MaM 
and Clasps). 

75 Cekmel Jacks served the campaign in Naples under Sir James Craig in 1805, and that In 
BlcOy and Calabria under Sir John Stuart in 1806 ; in 1 809 he was at the taking of the Uands 
«f Jechia and Prodda in the Bay of Naples. Subsequently be served on the Eaetcm Coaet of 
Spain, and was present at the actions of Alcoy, Biar, CastaUa, YiUafranea, and variona other 
aflhiia. In 1814 he was at the capture of Qenoa. In 1835 he raised the 2nd Laoeara ef the 
British Iiegion nnder Sir De Lacy Evans, and was present in the various actions and other 
daaoltory operatioos of the Legion in Spain. For his services there ho has received from the 
Bpaaish Government the Cross of Knight of the Military Order of St. Ferdinand <onaeon* 
jbnod on the field of battle), and the Commandership of Isabd the Catholic ; dao tbefwriL of 
Colonel in the Spanish Army. 

76 Migor Jaekson served in the Sutlej campaign in 1846 with the 16th Lancers, «kl -was 
present at the affhir of Buddlwal, and in the actions of Aliwal and Sohraon (Medal and Oiaapi. 

77 Major Jadgeacceropanied the 27tb Begt on the ex|>editkm to Hanover in lt06. /otoad 
the amy in Sidly ia ISOfilr wd wm empk^ed irllh i^ In ft QxeBtOia tattaliMi, <bUlpf Mp ^mkam 

JVar Servicea qf Uttirid Mqfors* 117k 

optnUom, in 1810» Sailed with Ae force for Naples, and wai preaent at the capture of leohls 
and Proolda In 1800. Returned to Sicily, and appointed Deputy-Aaalitant-Quarter-Mutar* 
General; employed agaioat the French army in 1811. Senred with that department durinff 
1813 and 13 at the battle of Castalla, twice in activA sleffe before Tarragona, in the affldr at Villa 
Franca, and the paea of Balagucr. R^olned the 27th Regiment, and sailed from Bonrdcauz fbr 
Canada ; present at the battle of Plattsbuiigy and the le? erely-contetted passage of the Saranac. 

78 yUior Henry Keen serred with the 25th Regiment at the capture of Madeira in 1807 } 
after whieh he proceeded to the West Indies, where he was employed on the staff for upwards of 
ten years. He was at the taking of nearly all the West India IsUinds which were captured from 
1809 to 1816, and was frequently mentioned in Dispatches : he has receiTed the War Medal 
with two Clasps). 

79 Lord Keane served on the late General Lord Keane's staff during the campaign la 
AfbhaaiBtan and fieloochistan, and was present at the assaalt and capture of Qhuznee, for whidi 
be has rsoeived a Medal. 

81 Lord Killeett aerTed with the 8th Hauars in the Crimea, from l9th NoTember 1854, 
including ^ expedition to Kertch, siege and fbll of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

88 Major Leslie eerved the campaign of 1814 in Canada; also, with the79nd Highlanders, 
tbe Kaffir campaign of 1834-35 (Medal). 

84 Msjor Lotett senred in the 98th Kegt. with the expedition to the North of Chin in 1849 
(Medal), and was present at the attack and capture of Chin Kiang Foo, and at tbe landing before 

86 M^or M'Murdo serred with the 8th Hussars at the si^e of Hattras in 1817, and after- 
wards in the Pindaree war. 

87 M^or Manley serred with the 6th Dragoons the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, inclndlnff 
the battles of BalaklaTa, Inkerman, and Tchemaya, siege and Ihll of Scbastjpol (Medal and 
Claspa, and BrsTct Mi^or). 

88 Mi^or A% L. Manih served the Eastern campaign of 1854-5, with the 55th Regt, including 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman (ifucceeded to the command of the Regt.) and siege of Set>aa- 
topol ( Medal and Clasps). 

80 Major Robert Marsh served with the 24th Regt in the Peninsula from Aug. 1819 to the 
end of that war in 1814, and was present at the battles of Vittorhi, the Pyrenees, Nivdla 
(wounded), and Orthes, fbr which he has the War Medal with four Clasps. Served also the 
Xepaol campaign of 1815-16, and the Mahratta campaign of 1817-18. 

01 Malor John Maasy served wiih tbe 4dth Ri>gt. the campaign against the Rajah of Coorg In 
April 1834. 

99 tti^or Matson joined the force in New Zealand under Colonel Despard in August 1845, and 
senred as Acting Deputy Quartermaster-General, and was preient at the assault and capture of 
Kawiti's Pah, at Ruapek^>eka on Uie 11th Jan. 1840. 

93 Mi^or Meraer aerwcd in the 89th Regiment at the aiege of Sebastopol, flrom the 15th 
Deoamber 1854 to the 7th July 1835^ including the attack of the 18th June. Was aeverely 
conlMsod in the head oa the night of the 13th April when in command of a working party, in 
tho trencfaea (Medal and Clasp and Brevet -Major). 

94 Ma|or Meredith served in the Peninsula from Now, 1813 to June 1814, and was actively 
employed fVom the Pyrenees to the battle of Toulouse, at which he was present. Serred in Canada 
In 1814 and 15 ; present at capture of Rangoon, May 1824. He has received the VTar Medal with 
one Clasp far Toukwse. 

96 Major Minter served in the Kandian campaigns of 1817 and 18 under Sir Robert Brown- 
rigg, and in the Burman Empire under Sir Arcbibiild Campbell. 

08 Mi^or J. P. Mitford served on the Staff throngliout the war in China (Medal), and was 
present at the operations before Canton, and at the investment of Nankin. 

00 Ma|or D. A. Monro served with the 12th Lancers in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal). 

101 M^or Charlee Murray served in the Kandian War in Ceylon in 1817-18. 

ICMI Major WiSliam Mnm^ served with the lOlh Hussars in the Crimea, from tbe 30th Junn 
1855, including the battle of the Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Claip and 
Brevet Uajor). 

103 Major Nash served in the American war with the 103rd Regt, and was present at the action 
of Lundy's Lsne, stormins^ of Fort Erie, 15th Aag. 1814,— severely wounded in tbe leg by a 
niiisket-ball> and afterwards blown up by the explosion of a powder-magazine ; present also in 
the action at Chippewa. 

105 Major 0*Leary served in 1811, 12, and 13, in the Peninsula, including the siege of Ciudad 
RodilgOt oattle of Salamanca, cspture of Madrid, siege of Burgos, and retreat from thence. 
Bcrvad In the Kepanl war, and was set crely wounded in taking the heights of Harriapore, let 
Hareh 1816L Served in the Mahratta war in 1817 and 18; and also in China, at Amoy, Chusan, 
and Chinhae, including the repulse of the nlgbt-attack ; and was Brigade Major to Colonel P. 
Craigie at these places, and afterwards Brigade Miyor to the Chusan Field-ibrce from its fSonna- 
tion in Ifov. 184d, under \he command of Sir James Schoedde, untH the return of tlie 55th Regt. 
to EniHuid in 1844. He has received the Silvei- War Medal with two Clasps for Ciudad Rodrigo 
and Sdamancat the Medal for service in India ; and also the one for China. 

106 Mi^or Ogle aerved the campaign in Affghanistan under General Pollock, and was wounded 
in ibreing the Miyber Psas, 5th April 184d. He has the Medal for the re-capture of Cabool. 

107 Major Orr served with the 7th Fnsilien at the siege and capture of Copenhagen in 1807 ; 
at the aim of Martinique in 1800 ; and in the Peninsula from 1810, including the battle Of 
JdbobMumwenSij wounded by a musket-ball in tbe leg), passage of the Eslar and the Ebro, 
aeiloii ef Wna, haltle ef Ylttorla, investment of Pampeluna (wounded in the breaat 1^ a mnaket* 

118 Wat Services of BeHred Majors. 

ball), action at the Pass of Roncesyalles, battle of the Pyrenees, paisage of the Bldaiiotv liattlM 
of the NiveUe, Nive, and Orthee, besides Tarious minor actions and skirmiihes : he baa recelrad 
the War Medal with eight Clasps. 

100 Major Paynter served with the 1st Dragoon Guards in the Crimea fVom Aug. 1855, In- 
eluding the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and battle of the Tchemaya (Medal and Clasp). 

111 M^jor Pollock served with the Light Brigade of Sir John Moore's army In the North of 
Spain and on the retreat to Comoua. Accompanied his Regiment (the 48rd) to Lisbon, and 
joined Sir Arthur Wclleilcy's army atTalavera the day al^er the battle, and waa present in the 
action near Almeida on the Coa, battle of Busaco, actions of Pombal, Redinha, Miranda de Corroy 
Foz d'Arouce, and Sabugal ; battle of Fuentes d'Onor, siege and storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, 
siege and storming of Badajoz, and was severely wounded at the assault. 

112 Mfyor the Hon. Charles Powis, prior to entering the army, served five years and three 
months in the Royal Navy, and was present in H.M.S. Blonde tit the taking of the Morea Castle, 
in the Gulf of Lepanto, in 1828. He served with the 9th Lancers in the campaign of 1848-0 in 
the Punjaub, including the passage of the Chenab at Ramnuggur, and battles of Chillianwallah 
and Goojerat (Medal and Clasps). 

114 M^or Rawlinson served with the expedition to Egypt in 1807 ; at the taking of the Island 
of Zante, 1800; and at the siege of Santa Maura, 1810. 

115 Major Henry Rcid served at Cadiz from March 1813 to the end of the war. Served also in 
the American war, including the affair at Hampden. 

116 Major Robertson served the campaign of Java, including the investment and storming of 
Fort Cornells, storming the heights of Serendolc, investment and storming of Djocjocarta, where 
he was severely wounded through the thij^h. Present at the quelling of the insurrection at Pro- 
boliugo, where Iits brother officers, Lieut.Culonel Fraser and Captain MTherson, were killed 
Served also in Flanders in 1815. 

117 Major Rockc served with the 40th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol and sortie of 26th October 
(Medal and Clasps and Brevet of Major). 

110 Major Rutherfoord served with the 4th Regiment, tlie Eastern campaign of 1864^5, in- 
cluding the battles in the Crimea, siage and fail of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

121 Major Shuclcbargh served with the Scots Fusilier Guards the Eastern Ciiii})aign to 
November 1854, including tiie battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkermao (leverelj weonded), 
and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

133 Major Stuart served at the siege and capture of Kittoor in the East Indies In Dee. 1834^ 

124 Major Studdert served with the 9lh Lancers at the battle of Pmmiar on 29th Dm. 184S 

120 Major Sykcs served with the 48th Regt at the siege and fall of Sebastopol firom 21ak 
April 1855 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, aod 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

128 Major Thellusson served vv-ith the Coldstream Guards at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
2nd May 1855 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, and 5th Clau of the Medjidie). 

130 Major Way served with the 20th Regiment throughout the Punjaub campaign in 1848-9 
(Medal), including the passage of the Clienab, and battles of Chillianwallah and Goejeret. 

131 M^Jor Webb served with the Rifle Brigade during the campaigns of 1814 and 15 Ift 
Holland, the Netherlands, and France, including both the actions at Merzem, bombardment of 
Antwerp, and battle of Waterloo, at which lust he was slightly wounded. 

133 Major Wcyland served the campaigns in Upper Canada from 1812 to 1815, incloding the 
actions at Fort George and Stoney Creek, at which last he was severely wounded. 

133 Major Whitney aervod with the 2nd Battalion 44th Regt. in the Peninsok, and vaa 
severely wonndcd on crossing the Mondego (Medal). Went with the expedition to Holland In 
1814, and was at the action of Menem, bombardment of the French Fleet at Antwerp, and 
storming of Bergen-op-Zoom, where he was severely wounded and taken prisoner, leading the 
storming party, when planting the colors on the ramparts. Served the campaign of 1815, and 
was dangerously wonndcd while carrying the colors at the battle of Quatre Bras, and sewnly hgr 
a bayonet at Waterloo ; was also at the capture of Paris. Served during the Burmese war, indnding 
storm and capture of stockades at Ramoo, Ramrec, the inti-enched positions on the Padway 
mountains and at Mahatty, led the storming party at the stockades on the heights of Aracan 
and at the siege and capture of Aracan (Medal). 

134 Major Wilkinson served with the 1 3th Regt. throughout the Burmese war, including the 
landing at Cheduba, storming the stockade, and capture of the island ; affidr at Kumaroot^ 
storming seven stockades at Kumaroot, attack and capture of S>Tiam, actions near Rangoon, on 
the 1st, 5th, and 7th Dec. 1824 5 storming of Kokien (wounded) ; expedition to Bassehi, and capture 
Kegrais, Basscin, and Lamina ; actions at Sembike and Nadadee, storming of Mclloon, and battle of 
of Pagahm Mew. He also served throughout the campaigns in Affghanistan from 1838 to 184S 
Inclusive, including the expedition to Girishk, storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal), stormiBg 
of the Khoord Cabool Pass, affah* of Tezeen, forcing the Jugdulluck Pass, reduction of the fort of 
Mamoo Khail, heroic defence of Jellalabad, and sorties on the 14th Nov. and Ist Dec. 1841, 11th 
March, 24th March, and 1st April 1842 ; general action and defeat of Akbar Khan before Jella- 
labad on the 7tli April 1842 (Medal), in which action ho commanded the centre column after the 
fall of Colonel Dennie. Commanded the 13th Regt. in storming the heights of Jugdulluck, in the 
general action of Tezeen, and at the recapture of Cabool (Medal), for which he has received the 
Companionship of the Bath. 

135 Major Whig served with the 05th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the 
battle of Alma (sererely woanded) and ilege of Sebaatopol (Medal and Claine, Breret Maior. tad 
Sardiiiian Medal). ^ ' 

•i^**#* icri 


I wvt 

J «•#•«• A^injyVtUfty AM*#MM XX9 

■•'<k.-W«dMrfed tha Peninsular campaign of 181 4, indnding the inTWtment of 

M^or J. J. Wood tenred with the 18lh Royal Iriih in the Bonneie war of 186f (Medal . 
hrvad wilb tka eSad BegimeBt at the aiege and faU of Sebattopol from Snd Sept. 1856 (Medal 
lai Claap). 

196 MaJ«r Tavd eerTad in the 88nd Regt. at the first and second aiege operatione before 
■eoltan» iDdndJag the altaek on the enemy's position in front of the ad?anced trenches on 
ISth Sept. 1848, Uie action of Sooijkoondy storm and capture of the city, and surrender of the 
brtressi also present at the snimder of the fort and garrison of Cheniote, and at the battle of 
Goofcnt (Madal and Cteqis). 



\ Collih £0nr Oiydt, BCB, 

tm-au^, Ek9i imiUt. llJoly 67 

CO Sir H«orj hctmumi, KCB. XS, 

W. T. %m^TH Om mmnd imgt AUmr^M 15 Ima\ 06 
It Patriek Oraat, KCB, OamwmHdmt H- 

CkUfmiMUrms 96 Jan. fie 

Ir Jmms Oujnia, BmH, 90B, JPtorfiftf- 

Imt atantUt %m ik» Emti InMu 14 Not. M 

Ml Ar iwmm Wwtd, Levtb X€V. Iwysc- 

t&rGmmmldf Infant UAiif:67 

MvifBrd, &#< /iMliSt. 11 Sept. «7 

. WfniMd» OB. O— waJMfiwtf g* 
mmd Li n O tvanmr, Oaft H u9tA 

A^c. 8 Apr. SO 

(ftrWilOni Pniwlfk W111IuMi,.0«rf . XCB. 
CHmmmmHImm iU JNsMm in North 

Amurtm Mmj 69 

ir J6k§t Ik ffwaffathtiiv XOB, Cbm- 

wammdbtgOltT^rtUm JDMrieL 1 Oct. fiO 

ir J. GMpard L« XarduMl, Ootrmr omA 

C^mmmm^tr MCk^fmiMmUm do 

tfrJaM HiOM Giaatv JTGB. CMao. 18 Oct 50 

tirWiA. JLlCnsfleld^rCB. Cft^M .... 90DW.60 


I Hcary Trtimtck Lodrjtr, OB. XH, 

- - " OylfM .... 81Aiif.55 

9IIA John Bloomflcld, Intpeetcr Gmuvl 

^ArMlery 18 May M 

9 EdwBTd MMftrtlnir, CB. OMMMmtfiMf 

tks Trcop§ in Autirtaim a58«pl.55 

Qodtnj CbarlM Maady, Unatt., Com* 

maniing the Tr0op$ In JmrtfM t4Feh.57 

IHiBeuiAleztadcrCMMroa, CJf. IJaaafT 

9 Sir Bobt. Oamtt, XCB. XM.BatiJnMM 7 ▲og. 57 
Air SydntT John Cotton, XCS. do ,. do 
i9<r John Michel, JTCB. io ,, do 
Sir Wm. R. Muufleld, JTCB. ifo . . do 
Sir Henry Creiwiake RnwUaeon, XCB. 
Bmvoy Bmt rmo r di nurif mmA MInistir 
PUmipotontiury in Persia, 99 Apr. 50 


• Hernj Cbnrlef Van Corilandt, CB, Com' 
mmndln§ • Oorpt of Irregukw Ltoioe, 
Bastindioa »..- 80Oet 57 


J. D. G. 'KIloehtMUltorySoptrintmdont 
of PontUnure in North America 90 July 58 

John Brnoe, Staff OAcer of PaneloBerf, 
WeetomAuttrmlia 98B«pt. 64 


Wnifam H. Kenny, Staff Oflletr of Pen* 
tkvitf, HmoZeaUmd 98 Mar. 40 

following Officers to have the temporary rank of Major-C 
in command of Brigades, dated 24i July, 1856 : — 

a Wm. VM» Wmiaai^J 
i Mr Bobvt Ganott, XCB. XH. 
Ohaika Warraa, CB. 
Lord Wllfiam Paulet, CB. 
Sir Charki T. rtm fl traabwii ae , XCB. 
Bom.iu A. 9pemmT,0B.h. p. 44 F. 
It h. p, 8 F. 

WUllam Parlby, h. p. 10 HuMan. 
Frederick Horn, CB, b. p. 90 F. 
A. A. T. Oonyngharoe, CB, b. p. 51 F. 
Charlee Trollope, CB. h.p. 09 F. 
Arthur J. Lawrence, CB. h. p. Rifle Br. 
Horaiio Shirley, CB, h. p. 88 F. 
Baadal Bamley, Unatt* 



Sir Hopton Slratftinl Scott, KCB.Ji%A.tid.... 
Sir lAmM LUynan Ctlflirefl. OCB. Mid. Eng. 
air D«ri« LefghtOD, KCB, MadtM Inftatry ... 

James Wfetah. ^ , *>• 

Richtird Podmorc, Madrai Thfantry 

Sir Robert Iloastoun, KCB, Bengal Caralry... 

George Reet Kemp, Bombay Infaotry 

John Alex. Paul MacKregor. Bengal Inf 

Sir Wm. Richardi, KCB. Bengal Inf. 

Jerry Francia Dyaon, Bombay infantry 

Alexander Fair. CB. Madrai Infantry 

William Gilbert, Bombay Infantry 

James Ahmnty, Bengal Artillery 

Motsem Boyd, Bengal Infantry m.«^.m"*< 

Henry George Andrew Taylor. CB. Mad. Inf. 
Brook Bridges Parlby, CB. Madraa Infantry 

John Tniacolt, Bengal Infantry 

£dw. Meliau GuUifer Slioweri, Madraa Art... 

Patrick Cameron, Madras Cavalry 

John Carfrae, Madraa Infantry 

George Jackson, do. 

Qeorge Striney, Bengiil Artillery 

Sir George Pollock, GOB. do.. 

Samuel Ooodfellow, Bombay Engineers 

Alexander Lindsay. CB, Bengal Artillery 

SiDJobe S4 











15 Sept. 55 
9 April 50 
29 Sept. 67 
IS Oct. 57 
27 Jan. 
4 Mar. 
24 Oct. 
5 Mar. 
18 Mar. 
15 May 
17 May 
SO May 
11 Sept. 





James Stewart Frnser, Madras Infantry 11 ^ot 

Peter De la Molte, CB. Bumbay Cavalry do 

Kdward Frederick, CB. Bonbai Infantry ... do 

George Beajamin Brooks, do. do 

Peter Lodwick. do do 

Suetonins Henry Todd, Bengal Infantry do 

Joh« Bncgs, Madras Inf*ntry Jo 

Henry i^oAson, Benpil CaTilry ... .^ do 

Charles WUIiam Hamilton, Bengnl Infantry ..» do 

Edmund Frederick Waters, CB. do do 

Richard CollyerAndrte, do do 

George Mackentie 8tewari, Madru Infantry do 

Sir Hark CubboB» KCB. Madras Infantry ... do 

Thonas Bbabrick, Bengal Camlry do 

Thomas King. Madras Infantry do 

William CuUen, Madras ArUUiry do 

David Barr, Bombav lufantir do 

Thomas Murrett, Madras Infantry do 

Thomaa Henry Pftnl, Bengal InfWntry do 

Francis Fnrquharson, Bombay Infantry do 

John Henry, Madns Infantry 8 Aug. 

Samuel Swinhoe. Bengal Inftoitry 16 Sept. 

John Anderson, do | I)ec. 

Frederick Young. do. • lo Feb. 

Thomas Monteath t)ougkB. CB. Beng. Inf.... 18 Mar. 

William H. C. Cosller, , ^ "<*• iWl 

Charles Herbert, CB., Maoris Infintry ...... 9 Apiil 

air George ^etre Wyriier, K C'/l., Bengal Inf. S June 

Alexander Dick, Bengal Infantry * J*.*y 

WilUam Pattle, CB., Bengal CaV«lry 18 July 

Thomas Fiddes, Bengal Infantry 16 Sept. 

JasMs Ferry, Msdras Infantry •5**^ 

Hugh Boss, do. 29Mty 

James Ketchen, Madras Artillenr 13 Oct. 

Abraham Roberts, CB., Bensal Infantry IS Oci. 

John Montn, CB^ Madms Infatatir 87 Jan. 

Chas. Arthur G. Waflington. Bengal Inf. 4 Mat. 

Thomas Oliver. ^.^» i®^ Vi" J i » ^ 

Sir James Outrsm, Bart. C CB. BomAay Inf. WJuIy 

Duncan Gordon Scott, Bengal Infantry 23 Ji^y 

Henry Hall, CB. Bengd Infaninr MOct. 

Julius George Onflth, Bombay Arlillety 4 Feb. 

Samuel Shaw, Bengal ArtiUery 5 

Charles Butler Jameo, Bombay Infantry 16 M4y 

Matthew Coombs Paul, Bengal Infantry 1/ Majr 

air John Cheape, KCB. Bengal Engiueeri ... £6 May 

John Low, CB. Madrai Infantry 80 May 

Joaeph Harris, Bengal Infantry 29 Aug. 

John Tttlloch. CB. Bengal Infantry 11 

Richard Powney, Bengal ArUllery 21 

George Edward Gowan, CB. Bengal Art 27 Sept. 








Patrick Montgomerie, CB. Madras ArtiUery... 26 Jnne 54 

Wm. Henry Hewitt, Bengal Infantry do 

John Home, , do. do 

Geo. Wm. Aylmer Uoyd. CB. Bengal Inf. ... do 
Aleunder Tulloch, CB, Madrai Infantry do 


Arch. Brown Dyee, Madras Infantry ... 
J. Wheelfr CleTdand, d«k 

Robert BlackaU, Bengal Infiintrf 

David Capon, OB. Bombay Infantry 

Wm. Dooikld Rdbertsoti. do. 

Dunntt Rhn, MttAni RngiMcrt •. ii..*kt.u 

George Sandvs, Msdras Ctrtlnr uu...»ui.4t 

James Eckford, CB. Bengal Intantry 

Mathew Soppitt, Bombay Infantry 

Andrew Hervey. CB. Bengal Infantry 

air Seudamore Winde SteeL KCB. Mad. Inf. 

(Yed. Schulcr, Bombay Artillery 

George Moore. Bombay Infantry 

Maurice Tweedie, Madras Infantrr 

Charles Montauban Carmichael. CB.Ben.Cav. 
Henry Lechmera Worrall, do,...,* 

Sir John Bennett Hearsey, JTCB. do 

George Kichanl Pemberton, Bengal Infantry 

Donald Macleod, Madras Cavaliy 

Stephen Davis Riley, Bcnnl Infantry 

Christopher Godley, CB. Beneal Infantry ... 

David Cuninghame, Bombay Cavalry 

Charles Dennis Dun, Madraa Infantry 

James Parsons, CB. Bengal Infantry 

Geurge Warren, do.. 

Henry Fisher Salter, CB. Btngnl Cavalry » 

Thomas Mathew Tajrlor, do. 

5owni^ Dowketr, Madras Infantry 
enry Sargent, do 

Geurge James Wilson. Bombay Infantry 

Joseph GarnnuU, Madras Infantry 

Robert Hawkcs. Bengal OtTnlrt..... 

Arch. FuUerton RiehwHid, CJI. Bugnl liir» 

James Bell, Madras Infantry .k..i 

George Conran, Madras Arullery .^ 

air Patrick Grant, KCB. Bengal Infaniiji 

Comnuinder-th'Vhttf €t MtidMs 

Christopher Dixon Wilkinson* CB. Ben. Inf. 

William Taylor, Midru Intkntry 

Westrop Walkins, do 

John Ijanrie, do 

James Edwin William^ Madras Inhintry 

tVancis Tunilcy Fmrll. Bombay Infbntry ... 

William Henry Manhall, Bennl InlbatT^ 

Robert Alexander, Madras Infantry 

John Day Stokes. do. 

Francis Bpenctr HawUns, CB. Beta. InH 

John Kynaston Ltlard, CB. Madras Influitry 

Edward Garstin. Bengal Engfoeen 

Adolpbni Detvilte. Madras Infantry 

Richard Home, Bengal Infbntry 

5ir Rob. John itnssey Vivian,JrCB.,Mad.lnf. 

lliomas Littleton Qreen, do 

Alexander Camegy, CB, Bengal Infuitry ... 

George Tomkyns. do. 

Sir Henrv Gee Roberts, Jn?B., Bombay Inf.... 

William Cavaye, Bombay Inf. 

David Forties, do 

Francis ^traton. Madras Cavalry 

Chariea Richard William Lone. CB. Ben. Inf. 

William John Gairdner, CB. B tm u l IMslitry 

George Brooke, CB. Bengal Artitteiy .w • 

John Yaldwyn, Madras Infbn(ry....v 

Benjamin Robertson Hitchins, do 

Watkin Lewis Williama, Madras Infantry 

Forre Evans Bruce, Madras Infantry 

Iwvty Ooaiagham, Madras Oavaliy ...^ .«. 

William Justice, Madras Infanti^ 

Henry Chamben Murray Cox, Bengal ihf. ... 

John tlotfgan, CB. Bengal Innntry 

George 11 uisli, CB. do. %•.....«• 

Frederick Blundell, CB. Madras Artillery ..««.. 

John Campbell, CB. Madras Infaatiy «» 

Thomas Bowes Forster. do. »,^ 

Fre. Frankland WbinyateOk Madras Art. ^..., 

James Adam Howdeni Madras litfantry 

Augiutus Clarke, do. 

Charles Hamilton, CB. Bengal Infantry 

Edward Armstrone. Madras Infsntry 

Maurice Stack, CB. Bombay Cavalry 

William Wyllie, CB. Bombay Infantry 

WalterJno. Browne, CB. do 

Philip Francis Story. CB. Bengal Cavalry 

Alexander Wondburn CB. Bombay Inf. 

George Grantham, Madras Infantry 

Henry Cracklow, Bombay Infantry 

William Prescott, Madras Infantry 

Henry Lawrence, Bengal Infantry 

Richard Budd, Madras Infantry 

George Hicks, CB. Bengal Intantry 


4s ' 

































IS AprU i 
3 Aug. 
2i Ang . 
, 15 Sept. 1 

10 Fob. J 
18 Feb. 

Qmuivi Ojie«r$ a^ B$r Majesi^a InMem Fopeet. 


riiGikf* Bengal iB&otiy uiiuwA 11 Mui, §fi 

b^ CB., BeonlliARin '""!""". 8 AhpU 

mder, CB., BeBgal ArtulerT 1ft May 

Uliit Luie» CB. Bengftl AriUlary 8 Jud« 

lOBt Madraa Infantry 4Jaly 

vart, Bengal Infiqit^ ....,*•* 168«pt. 

■tiognll, do. A Not* 

leoek. Bombny Infrntry 38 Nor. 

dte^CJI. Wn^^ AiiiUii,..,,.. UMW, 17 

•bdl Coffin, Ma4raf Infantry 29 May 

CoroiahWbi4iKk.jrq^.da l7JiMU| 

itlMttr, Beagjil lufui^ P Aug. 

nin^, Bengal In£uitry 15 SmI, 

i^niffht CatmeroD, liailras Infantry 3 Oct. 
gentl1ioa.8inee« do. 3 Oct. 

uue Parr, do. 13 Oct. 

fjaiwiffrBwipa tolai4fy.*..f..f upf^ ^^ 

>r. IMraa Ipjrantry 2 Dec. 57 

ohnaoM, do. 8 l)co. 

!•, BoMal la&ntnr m. 27 ^^n. 58 

idera Bird, Benou Infantnr 4 Mar. 

dl. dt^ 1 Hay 

Awhela, do. 4 May 

jnes Holwell Birch. CB, Beng. Inf. 1 M«y 

npbeU, Baogal Artillery 4 July 

M, Itongal Infkntry 

liam Lawrence, Madras Cavalry. 

Alex. Will 

»f npad. A)))>9tL CBi l»Va of Bang. Endneera, 
lieui. Govern&r of Ike MUary College at 

John Fowler Bradford, CB. Benjcal Cavalry... 

Hari7 Meggt Gravea. Bengal InfWutry 

Charlaa Bnmi, CUi. B«R«al Artillery 

Archibald Spiera Logan, Madras Infontry ... 

CkaHfa Jtnnu Sliirrel^ Madraa Artillery....,, 

Edward Hesiiter, Mndroa Infkntry 

8tii«»t OorltaU, CB. Beqfal lafwivy 

Hepry Macan, Bombayinfintry , 

WillUUn Sana, Baafal Influitrr 

«jr Jiiatln Shell, XCB. do 

Ciiarlet WaUab, Madras Infantry 

James Manson,Ben{ral Infantry 

George Twemlow, Bencal Artillery 

T)iM|iaa Ao'hctop Duke. Vfllras Infiiwitry . 

Nathaniel Jonps, ningal Infantry 

Jaoifi Olarktt Cliamnck Oiar, do 

Thomas David Carpenter, Mailras Infantry... 
Thomaa Alax. kuf. Munae^, Madras Cavafa7 

Bobeit Thorpe, Aladraa (ntantry ,.. 

James Scott, Bombay Infantry 

Charlton Holl, Madras Infantry 

Charles Hewetson, Madras Infant ry....« 


18 Jnly 68 
90 July 

23 Jnly 

97 Ang. 

14 Oct. 
94 Nor. 

4 Feb. 
ff Mar, 
18 Mar. 

98 Apr. 
8 May 

15 May 

17 May 

28 May 

SO May 
2«) July 

29 Ang. 
11 Sept. 
91 Sept. 
27 Sept. 
25 Oct. 
28 Nov. 


Her MqfesH/'s Bo(fy GuanU 

Ca/i/oiii.— Henry John, Earl qfDvLcie, S8 June 59. 

Ueutemmi.-^ir Benjamin TriTeU Philipps, MaJor^Oeneral laie ^Bengal Army, 23 July 57. 

Bfuign.'-l^ Sir George Honlton,* Copt. h.p. 43rd Foot, 26 Sept. 35. 

CUrk •/ th€ Cheque mnd Ad^uUmt.-^l^ «» John FitsMaurice,* KH., CMmW h.p. Uiwtt , 

22 Apr. 47. 

9 Itn Sir John Kincaid,* late a Captain in the Bifle Brigade, 25 Oct. 44. 
Thomas Parker Rickford, late a Captain in the 93rd Fueiliers, 24 Hay 61. 
Qeofffs Vamham Macdonald, late Captain I9lh Foot, 6 Feb. 55. 
Magnus Forbes Morton Herbert, late Captain 48M F^ot, 6 Mar. 56. 

140 Yeomen. 

Agents, — Messrs. Cox k Co. 

1 sir George Houltomerred In the Peninsvlm with the 48rd Light Infkntry,throagh the wboleof Ibsretmi 
to Oomoaa under Sir John Moore In 1808. Served also in the Walcberea expedition In IS09. Sobeequeatlj la 
the Peniniula, including tlie retreat to the Line* of Torres Vedrai in 1810, purtuli of M etee n a, aettaM of Fw ab a i , 
Aedinha, Caeal Nova, Miranda de Corvo, Foi d'Arouco, Sabugal, Castr^on, San ChrUtoral, Saa Maaoib aai fiaa 
Milan ; battles of Fuentet d'Onor, Salamanca, Vltturlacieverely wounded). Pyrenees, Kivelle, Nive(lhh, 10th, lltk, 
IMi, aad 18th Dec. 1813), and Toulouse ; siege and storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, and taking of the ontworfc of that 
plaoe. Fort Reyaard; aad siege and storming of BadiOo** Has received the 8ilT«r War Madal vlHi m Clasp*. 
ServMl ia the storming of the Lines of New Orleans, and afterwards with the Army of OoeupatkNi la VllDee. 

S Colonel FltsMaurice Joined the RItte Brigade in the Peninsula as a volunteer, in 1811« aad sarvr4 to the 
•nd of the war, including the afMr at the Mill at Freizadas, action of Sabugal, battle of Fasnies dflBor, siege* 
aad aasanlU of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badi^os, action at San Milan, and battle of Ylttorla— sktmishlag la advaaee. 
he there with two Riflemen, took thyrsi gun captured that day, and secured seven prisooers; 

to Pampelnaa. ander the walls of which their last gun was taken ; battles of the Pyrenees, earrylaf tba halfhtsof 
Eehalar, and the fortified pass of Bera; defended an orchard In front of Arcangues for a whole day with daa sab- 
dhrlsloa | battles of the Nivelle and the If Ive, together with those near Bayonne on the lOth, llth aad It* Dec, 
1818; the brilliant action with Soult's rear-guard at Tarbee, and battle of ToakMise, biitilai a— aiaaa adaof 
aflklrs. Heserved also the campaign of 1816, led the advanced guard at the battle of Quatre Bm, where he hid 
the hoBor of firing the first shot. Leg broken at the storming of Badalos, and severely wounded la the thl^ at 
Qaatre Bras. Received the Hanoverian Order, the Waterloo Medal, and the Silver War Madal wlthalchtCtesps. 

% Sir John Klneaid Joined the Rifle Brigade in 1800, and reUred from it as a CapUln ia 1881. He earvcd oa the 
Waleheren expedition in 1800; and subsequently In the Peninsula, including the retreat to the liaae 9t Tones 
Yedras In 1810, oeenpatloa of them, pursuit of Maieena, actions at Santarem, Pombal, Radlaha, Caaal Nova, Fot 
d'Arooee f wounded), and Sabugal, battle of Fuentesd'Onor, actions near Fuente Ouiaald^Uid Aldeada Posileb skge 
aad stormiag of Ciudad Rodrigo,— was one of the leaders of tite storming party of the Light Diviiloa ; ilega aadslona* 
lag of Badijoi, actions on the heights of San Christoval and at Castrejon, battle ol ftnfsmanfiei captara td Madrid, 
retreatfrom Salamanca, in which be was acting Brigade-M^}or to the 1st Brigade of the Light DivlfioB % aotloasat Baa 
Maaoe and San Milan, battle of Vlttoria, and three days' severe skirmishing in following tha eaamy to Paauataas, 
which ended in the capture of their last gun by the Rifle Brigade: baUles of the Pyveaeea, storaiaf thaWithis 
of Eehalar, storming the fortified heighU of Bera, battles of the Nivelle and the Kiva. togethar frttb thaia near 
Bayonne on the 0th, lOih, llth, 19th, and 18th Deo. 1818; action at Tarbea, and battle of Touloaaab hfaWn aamr- 
roas minor aifUrs. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Quatra Bras, tha laliaat ea 
the IbUowing day, battle of Waterloo, and oapture of Paris : at Waterloo his horse was woaaded la flva places aad 
killad aader him. Be has received tiie Silver War Medal with nine Clasps. 


9 Sir John Mac Andrew, MD, KCB., h.p. Inspector General of Hospitals ........ 16 Ang. 59 

Andrew Ferguson, M.D., h.p. Inspector General of Hospitals •.. do 

WilUam Linton, Afi>. CB,, Inspector General of Uospiuls do 

John Forrest, MD. CB,, Inspector General of Hospitals ^ 

James B. Brown Gibson, MD, CB,, Inspector General of Hospitals do 

Thomas Galbraith Logan, MD. CB,, Inspector General of Hospitals do 


Thomas Alexander, CB,, Director General of the Army Medical Department ...... 16 Ang. 59 

Alexander Mclvin, h.p. Inspector General of Hospitals ^ 

John Robert Taylor, CB., Inspector General of Hojpitals ; ilo 

Edward Bradfonl, h.p. Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals do 

9 m Thomas Mostyn, h. p. Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals do 

John Ashton Boatock, MD,, Surgeon Major, Scots Fusilier Guards do 


l^e Body Qumrd rftke Saveniyn ou M JPubUe and State oeeanons. 


Captain. I Lieutenant. 
Thomas Henry, Lord Foley. . . . 28 June 59 | Sir William Topham p 18 Mar. 58 

Stemdard J3Mir«r.— David James Harmar, p 81 Jan. 48. 


George WinelMBter P80Jan. 88 

9 John Blakiston* (lateBt.Mqj.) 8 Dee. 48 

Charics Richard John Sawysr •• 6 Mar. 56 

Harwick Doncaster p 6 Mar. 56 

John Henry Cooke* 2 Oct 44 j Fred. John Robinson P]6April56 

(Brevtt Lt.'Coi. late ef 91 F.) 

Francis Vanderinre Mills p 16 Not. 48 

Edward Goodwin, Captain 

Camhridfe MUiHa P22June49 

Stapleton Charles Cotton p 16 Oct. 40 

Charles Tyler •••P12 Feb. 50 

Henry Shepherd Smyth P24 Ang. 50 

Thomas Howard p20Not. 5<) 

Adolphus Geo. Finch Cotton ..p21 Jan. 51 

Charles James Cox p25 Feb. 51 

Markland Barnard p]4 May 51 

B. Siitherianrt (leite Brtwot-MtQ. ) 26 Feb. 52 

Lt.'Col. Francis Wheatley p 8 June 56 

Stephen Ryder Dampier p 10 July 56 

\Capt. AbertUtn MilUia) 

John Dntton Hunt Pl3Jnne57 

Sir Henry Orkndo Robert Cham- 
berlain, Bart, {late X^. 23 F.) p 24 Oct. 57 

Arthur Palliser p22 Apr. 58 

John Robin Harris '11 June 58 

Nathaniel George Phili|)8* . . ..p 9 July 58 
(<af« Cajft. 47 F.) 

James Lowndes, Capt. Rei\frew 
MUitia P 4Nor.58 

Wm.lkmyilm(imt€Capt.tnd F.) p 6 Apr. 52 ' Frederic Stocks Uentley p15 Not. 58 

FrandsJobn Helyar p 26 Apr. 521 Edward Pope Deane p18 Feb. 50 

Wm. Hmndcock Middleton ....p O May 54 , James Hanuing p23 Feb. 50 

Chwke James LIndam,* fa/s o/ i i9ir Charles Henry John Rich, B<.p 4 Mar.50 

R{/UBH^fmd€ 19 May 54 t Fred. Sykes Danbeney' P 5 Mar. 50 

RobertOxange p 8Aug.54| {Mg Captain a F.) 

{imte Copt. Bengal Army) John W. Cheney Ewart P 26 May 50 

Geo. Bridge, (Capi. k,p.) 1 Not. 54 

Rich. Hen. Stackhouse Vyryan, 

James W. Cookney p 5 July 55 Lt. Cornwall Ranffert P22July50 

AfffluirHUiton Moore p 1 Jan. 56 James Peters p 8Aag.60 

Am9.dmik.BoiUm\UaeCapt.9lP.) 7 Feb. 56 1 

Ji4M«U.— William Walter Cargill, PIO April 56. 
AcrMiMfr^— Samuel Wilson, p 24 Feb. 81. 
Sub^Qffteen.'^^ Lt.-Col. Cooke, 24 June 48. 
8eailet^F«ciii^ Bhie YdTet. Agents — Messrs. Coz and Co* 

f 1lel«rVliklttoe hsTtaur pMMd thronffta thsBoysl Military Aesdemy at Woolwich In 1809, he proeecdad 

Va India as a Oadtt In tht Bait India Ck>mpany'i Serriea, and was appointed to the Corpe of Engineer! on 

tke Madraa BiCatoUihaMnc IwlBf thee on half-pay as a Lieutenant In H. M. Service. In 180S lie served in 

ilM eanpaife afalBtt the Mahrattas, and was enfaged in the battles of Ansaye and Argaum, and at the 

•lafes aiM asMwlta of Ahmednngfar and Oawilghtir. At the suppression of the mutiny at Vellore In 1805 

he dlfsoled the giuM hy which the gate was Mown open. In 1810 he acted as Chief Engineer at the capture 

of the Islaad of BooHmti. Raring been employed in reconnoitring the coast of the Isle of France previons 

to tiw sitItb! of the ex pedliion, he was instrumental in discovering the spot where the descent was made; 

aaid, haviBf been appointed to the charge of the Guides, he led the advance of the Army until the snrren- 

4mr of that Island. For hto services on the alMve occasion he was nominated Extra Aide-de-Camp to the 

Conunaader-ln-Cbief, Sir Samuel Auehmuty, on the expedition to Java in 1811 ; and having been sent In 

advaneewtth the Chief Engineer to fix on the point of landingi he was engaged In a serious afihir on the 

coast In tlie l>oats of H. U. ships Barraeouta and Ltda* On the landing of the Army he was engaged la 

the aflhirsof Wellerrieden and Samarang, and at the siege and assault of the fortified position of Comelis. 

In 1812* hSTiag aitaiasd the ranli of Captain in the corps of Madras Engineers, be reiuraed on fariough 

to England. Shortly afterwards, having been placed on full pay in H. M. 87th Regt., he was appointed to 

a Company in the 17th Portuguese Regt., with which he seived in the Light Division of the Peninsular 

Army until the conclusion of the war; having l>een present at the battles of yittorla,Mvelle,Nlve,Orthes, 

nad Toulouse, and in all the aflkirs in which the Light Division was engaged. At the siege of San 

Sebaatlan he volunteered as an Engineer, and while so engaged was severely wounded. For his services on 

this oeeasion he was promoted to a Company in the 27th Regt.; in 1816 was placed on half-pay; and on 

tbeStrd June 1848 he was brought on full pay of theftlst Regt., and retired by the sole of his commissions. 

He has received the War Medal with six Clasps; al«o the Indian War Medal and Clasps. 

S Li.4>ol.Cooke served with the48rdRegt.atWaIcheren,ln 180g. InJune 1811 hejolned the Light Division 
In the Peninsula, and was present at the siege and storming of Ciudad Rodrlgo, and of BadiOox (wounded 
at the assault), actions of Castn^on and San Ohristoval, battle of Salamanca, actions of San Mnnos and 
San Milan, battle of Vittoria (wounded), actions in the Pyrenees, siege ot San Sebastian, the attaclc on the 
heights of Vera, battle of the Nlvelle, battles of the NIve on the 0th, lOth, 11th, Uth, and ISth Dee., 
aetlons at Tarbee and Arcangoes, battle of Toulouse, besides vmrions a Airs of less importance. On tlie 
8th Jan. 1815, he was present at the attack on the American Lines before New Orleans. He served alter* 
wards with the Army during thaOeeupatlon in France. He has received the War Medal with eight Clasps. 

5 Captain Lindam served in the 10th Foot in the SutleJ campaign of 1845-46, and was severely wounded 
(lent a leg) at the battle of Sobraon (Medal). He served also fbur years as Paymaster in tlie Rifle Brigade 
In British Caffirarla, including the Kaffir war of 1840-47. 

4 detain Augustus S. Bolton served the campaign on the Sutlc^ (Medal and three Clasps). He acted 
as Aide-de-Oarop to Sir Harry Smith at Moodkee and Feroxeshah, and was Adjutant of the 91st at Bud- 
diwal, Allwal, and Sobraon (severely wounded V 

6 C^pttdn Philips served with the 47tb Regt. in the EasUm campaign of 1854, and was sevarsljr 
wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Claq>). 

7 Captain Daubeney served with the fiftth Regt on the China expedition in 1842 (Medal), and was pre- 
aaat at the asealada sal eaptart of Chin Kisng Yoo, where ha carried the Regimental Cotonr, which was 
sliot In two plaeai. 




m John M'Keniie 
Dtnnis Herbert 
Cofmo Gordon 
Heller Tuuzd 
9 H. C. B. yer)ioQ. CB. 

Li0ut0namt Otneral, 
|l John Drainii)ood 

M<09r OtneraU. 
Hen, T. Abhbuniham, CB, 
Bir Michael Crca«h, KB, 

faClW. Beckwith, Jf^. 
I JlSa A. T. Macleaii 
ir George Buller, KCB, 
J I Henry E. Robinion 
Benjamin Orlando Jonei 
ir A. 4(MiM'p|o«t^, CB. K(r, 
G. H. Lock wood, CB. 
Sir Richard Alrej, XCB. 
Ban, Sir J. Y. Scarlett, KOB. 

J I B. V. Oerlnzy, KM* rtU Ml jmj 
I lia Gliarl^ Difflt, Kff, 
ohn Eden, CB, 
9 John Oeddet. KB", 
jPTbomaf 6. Ball 
f Fred. MaunieU 
John W. Frith 
• m John Coz, KB, 
ta Eaton Monint 
SifB George Ifacdonald 
Obarlec Aih Windham, CB, 
9 John Alvet, ret. t p. Depot Bait 
f m Wm. Henry Elliott, BH, 
Pringie Taylor, KM. 
I W. F. WiUiuii, MM. 
Plomer Tounf , KM, 
B. D. Townshend 
Thomas Wright, CB. 
air John Eardley Wllmot Ingllt, KCB. 
Sir James Hope Grant, KCB, 
Bir T. H. Pranks, KCB. 10 F. 
Sir Edward Lugud, KCB, 
M.J. Blade 

Ltrd William Paalet, OB. 
Oeorg« H. MaeKinnon, CB. 
O. Wanea, OS. 
John N. Jackson 
Hon. Geo. F. Upton, OB. 
Ml Arthar BiU Trevor, KB, 
Ar S. J. Cotton, KOB, 
B. H. Wynyard, C70. 
T. 8. Pratt, OB. 
J. R. Tonnf 
B. W. Brooffa 
m H. F. Loekyet, CB.KM, 
M, C. Johnstone 

fl Sir Robert Garrett, KOB. KM, 
br John Michel. KOB, 
fOeo. Bell, OB. 
P. M'Pherson, OB. 

I Charles William Bldtey, OB, 
lU A. Cameron, CB. 
fSft Rob. r4iw. KM. 
Sir c. T. Van Stnuib^ue, KCB. 

P. Horn, CB., h. p. SO P. 
John R.Boiyth, CB- 1. V, O. 

J I Sir John H. WUsoq. CB. KM. 
! SO J. Fitsmaiiricp, Unntt. 
ohn Orattan. CB., b. p. 18 F. 
H. Shirley, OB.,h. p.tSF. 
W. O'Grady Haly, (\fi., S8 F. 
l.ord (Iciirge I'agtrt, 0^., Unatt. 
Hon. A* A. dpencer, CB., h. p. 44 F. 
A J. Lawr«>nee, CB,, h.p. Rifle Brigade 
Darld Rmsell, CB. Insp. Field Ofieer 
Frank Adams, CB., 9^ P. 
WiUiaiii Bulliran, t'B., Insp. Fie;4Q(r. 
L. 8. O'Connor, OB., 1 W.India ftegt. 
William Parlbr, h. p. 10 Di*. 
Sir H. K. Storkc, KCB. Unatt. 
i cUilThomM C. Smith, Unfitt. 
wniiam Jonci, CB.61 F. 
Edw. C. Hodge, CB., Unatt. 
W. 8. Norcott, OB., Depot Batt. 
B Henry John French, Unatt. 
Tircnee O'Brien, Unatt. 
H. F. Robe, CB. Unatt. 

B. W. P. Walker, OB. ScoU Fus . Gdf. 
fl E. R. Hill> h. p. 03 F. 

C. Trollope, CB., h. p. 08 F. 
T. A. Drought, Imp. Field OflHcer 
W. Hamilton, OB. I. F. OflScer 
Arthur Borton, OB. Depot Batt. 
Daniel Ljsons, (JB. Unatt. 
O. T. Anupane, ret. (^11 pay 
WalterUnett,9 0rs. 
H. C. B. Daubeney, CB., h. p. 71 F. 
John Thornton Grant, CB„ 4fi F. 
J. T. Maoleverer, OB., iO P. 
James Oreagh, ret. f. p, 86 F. 
J. P. Sparks, CB, 9% F. 
Q, Campbell, CB, 6S F. 
Charles Btenart, CB.. 14Drs. 
Sir John Jones, KCB. 00 P. 
fl T. J. Adair, Unatt. 
William Sutton, 91 F. 
R. H. Unth, CB. 80 F. 
Charles Frankly Q* CB, I. P. Ofllcer 
Sir Robert Walpole,irOB.Rifle Brigade 
Thomas Hooke Peanon, Unatt. 

L. Fyler, It Dra. 

A. A. T. Oanynfhan^ OB. h. p. 81 P. 
A. H. Horsford, OB. Rifle Brigade 
R. H. Qreathed, OB. Unatt. 

Lieutenant Oblonelt. 
Edward W. C. Wright, Depot Batt. 
T. M. Byrne, T^oatt. 

Colin Maedonald,h. p. 60 P. 

QumrUr JSmM$4rM. 

James Murray, h. p. S4 F. 
T. W. I^dwardf.h. p. 84 F. 
flflfit John Payne, late of Gr. Gds. 
f £01 Wm. Kerr, h. p. 28 P. 

Royal ABTtLLBrnv. 

F. W. Tobin 

i aa Sir Hew D. Rom, OCB. 
i ea Sir R. Gardiner, fiC4l, fiCM. 
fl Robert Douglas, CB, 

Lieutenant General. 
ifB W. A. Meroer 

y William Cator, CM. 

Mt^for General»* 
Henry William GordpR 

f\mL William BrovtoB, CJf. KB. 
nbn E. Uupuis, CB, 
Sir Richard James Dacras, KOM. 
"X William BeU 
. V. EnglaiHi 
~ R. Hardinf , KB. 
T. C. AndffsoB 

VC Collingwood Dlnkaon, OB. 

lAwt^nmnt OeftmB. 
J. M. Adye, OB. 

J. G. Burslem 

(lumrter Mm$iar. 
8. Barnes 

RoTAi Bir0i«Bsm«. 

9 Sir JohnF. Bur«<«M, Bfrf, §03. 

flfl John Oldfleld, KB. 
^ J. M. FkwI. Bmltli, KB. 

Bafar Omtaraie, 
fl Sir Hanr 5. Jones, JTOB. 
i W. C. Ward, 
i W. R. Ord. 
T. Fosiar. 

P. S. ChapoMB, OM. 

MapiGAL pAPAsnmn*. 

h. p. 
James Henl|crs<H^ M^f b. p, 

BorAL MABiiraa. 


John Rfvlipi Owftam ' 

A. B.ttransham 
Aleiander Anderson 



Malor Oiwrlee Moore, formerly of M P. (Oavemar) 
a iOilaarter Master A. Heartloy, h.p. B.Ho(m Gds. 
V Lient. Tho. M'Deraiott, lato 7 R. Vet.Bn. 
f Ml Msjor Robert Cochrane, Uto of Rifle Br. 
Oantaln A. W. Caasan, formerly of M P. 
9 Lieut. Richard Vantes, h.p. 68 F. 
f Colonel William Ball, £lf, Utcof R. Bewf. Cos. 
Colonel James Pluglbboos, lato of Canadian Militia 
Captain Andrew EUlson, formerly of 00 P. 

Captnin John Dnneao Kiuf, h. p. Uaatl. 

Captain James fleoct, h. p. 8 P. 

Captain Hanry Hoilinsworth, Unatl. 

Colonol £. A. Angelo, KB, lato of 80 F. 

Captain George Log gao, lato of f P, 

Captain Jofepb Douglas, Unatt. 

Maior John Paul HopUna, KB, lat#n# 88 F. 
^ Captain 8. Goddanl. h. p. 14. P. 
9 lieut. Ron land Penninfton, late B. Tel. Urn* 




Qeneral HU JUy^d BM§knet$ Qwrge W. F. C. Duke qf Cambridge, KG., KF., GCB., GOMO. 

Colonel of the Scots Fiuilier Goardi. 

MiUUary S^^nUary 9 m Iieut.General Sir Charles Yorke, KCB., d3rd Foot. 

f LtColonel Hon, James Wm. B. Macdonald, CB., Unatt. 
J LieotColonel Thomat Henry Clifton, Unatt. 
Aidei de Canip . • < Colonel Charles lyrwhitt, Unatt. 

I Lt.Colonel F. W. H. Earl of Westmorland, CB., Coldst. Guards. 
LIieut.Colottel G. A. Maade, CB. Royal ArtUlery {Extra). 


e^uiamt Cftneral « Lieut General Sir George Aug. Wetherall, KCB. KH., 84th Foot. 

^^ma^m A^i^n^^M tf3««^i.i /Major General William Frederick Forstcr, KH. 

eputy JL^utann ueMrai -^^Colonel Sir Thos. St. Vincent H. C. Troubridge, J8/. CB., li.p., 32 F. 

^puty Assiit. Acgutani Qemral Major Richard L. Otway Pearson, Gr. Gds. 

tperintetuUntoftheBeeruiiiHg Deparittient » .Colonel DavidRassell, CB. 

deputy A^jniiomt Oenerdl to the Royal Artillery .... Colonel Charles Bingham. 

trietant Adjutant General do Colonel Edwin Wodehouse, CB. 

^iputy Aeeietant Adjutant General do Capta n Wm. Lambert Yonge. 

deputy AdJutani'General to the Royai Sngineere. . . .Colonel John Wm. Gordon, CB. 

Quabtbr-Mastbr Gbnbral'b Dbpartmbnt. 

wnier-Uatter General Major General Sir Richard Airey, KCB. 

eputy Qmarter Matter General . . . .Colonel Hon, Alexander Gordon, CB. Unattached. 
teistant Qwirter Maeter General . . .Colonel Terence O'Brien, Unattached. 
eputy Aeeietant Quarter Maeter General . .'Ultjar B. D. W. Ramsay, Unatt. 

IKSPBCTOR Gbn. ov Infantrt. .9 ^BSBi LtGen. Sir Jas. Fred. Lotc, KCB. KH., 57 F. 

Aioee ae camp ^ ^^^^^ rp^yj^^ j^ Mayne, Unatt. 

teietani Adjutant General Colonel Daniel Lysons, CB. Unatt. 

wpectiMg General attacked to the Foot Guarde lEB Mijor General Lord Rokeby, KCB. 

Aide de Camp Captain Charles Napier Sturt, Gren. Guards. 

metant Atigutant General . . • • LieatColonel Lord Arthur Hay, Gr. Gds. 

iNSPECTZve Gbkbral op CAyALRT..Migor-General T%eJG^rZ^ Cardigan, KCB. 

Aide de Camp Lieut. W. D. N. Lowe, 3 Drs. 

teietant Acyuiani General •• Colonel John Douglas, CB., h.p. 


Coloa«l T. Wood, Royml EMt Middletez MUltis. 

John La Couteur, Jersey Militia. 

.... Cha. D, o/Ricbmond, KG.Simex Mil. 

riiTTT PriaalZyOueraser Militia. 

. MmrquUo/DonttilUGCS, Antrim Mil. 

-^-— ~- Lara Djn&wor, R. Carmarthen Militia. 

.^ OeorfeTlMM.OoBolly Napier, CB. Unatt, 

. MrnM.8t.Ylneent H. C. Tronbrfdge. 

Bt. CB, h. p. 28 F. 
_— — Ben, H. H. M. Perey, OB, Or. Qdi. 

T. M. Steele, CB. Ooldit. Gdi. 

-— ^'— Henry Darby OrHBth, CB, S Drt. 
— James Webber Bmitb, CB, Unatt. 
— Ban. Percy B. Herbert, CB. 88 P. 
— ^— Collinfvood DIckfon, CB, B. Art. 

. William 8. R. Norcott, CB, Depot Batt. 

jobn William €k>rdoD, CB. R. Bng. 

B,a.H. Prince W. A. Edward of Base 
Weimar, CB. Or. Odi. 

Wm. M. 8. M*Mnrdo, CB. Military Train. 

Edward Egbert Wslberall, CB. Unatt. 

Colonel John Christie, Bengal Caralry. 

Henry Atwell Lake, CB. Unatt. 

> Thomat Holloway, CB, R. Marines. 

W. P. J)uk4 of Bucdeueh, KG. Sdin- 

burgh MlUtia. 

~^— John Wllion Patten, S R. Lancashire Mfl. 

Robert Alex. Bhalto Adair, Boflblk Artil- 
lery Militia. 
— — — O. W. P. irar^tiU^^AlIesbary, R. Wilts 

Yeomanry Cavalry. 
' NeTilleBowlesChambeilaln,CJi3Bnf.IaL 

John Alex. Ewart, CB. 78 P. 

William Parke, OB, 78 P. 

^— — Charles Reid, CB. Bengal Army. 

Richard Baird Smith, CB. Bengal Army. 

— — Thomas Tapp, CB, Bombay Army. 
— ^«— C. H. Robertson, CB, Bombay Army. 

Edwin Wodehouse, CB. R. Artillery. 

•^— Oeorge Bent, CB. Royal Enginewt. 

■ Wm. Friend Hopkins, CB. R, Mirlius* 



Iri Rtgiment of Life Qnardt. 


t eupleton, Viitnnmt Combennere/ OCB. OCM. tnd Lint. 30 Feb. 1790; 

Lieut. 16 MarcLi 91; Capl. 38 Feb. 03; Mtner, March 94; Lievt.-CaL 

9MHrchg4; Coi. IJin.lfoO; Vf^.-CfW. SO Oct. 06; £t.-Q«n. 1 Jul. 19; 

(?ni.97Maj35; fTiU-JfurfM.S Oet.fid; CtfLlitUfe Onuda, IS Sept. 99. 

LietU.-CMfn4l and CMMwI. 

Uchanl Parker, Canul, f 9 Aug. 8S; Lieut. tSI July 85; Copf. '30 Jnna SS; 

£r«ir(-Jlfqii>r, 93 Not. 41 ; tfq/n-^Xt.-CoI.O iroT.4B; Cvl. SO Jnne 54 ; 


jr({f«r OMl £t«f,0»IpMf. 
Efon. Dudler Chftrlea FluQuald di Rm, Om-m** f Ati.£{Mil. '7 FMt. 45; 

!.<««(. rfi Ha; 46; Capl. * at Oct. 61; Mitf*r f Lt.CoL r 90 Ai^. CO. 

3.H. £iif i^UDUDtCharld 
Benry, KtMJ. Elmlej 

flmry Wvndham . . 
U|[enion Wllllani Peyton 
[amea Keith Fruer ■ 
FAm.Rolwrt W .0 nwti 

'31 Dec. 44 19 Oct. 60 
' 6 Hay 4B »13Dec. 50 
' 16 Mar. 49 f SI Oct. 51 
>97April49|PlBJaD. 59 
■19 Aug.eiiP 4 Aug. 54 
' 5 Aug. 58 1 P 9! June 56 
'18 Aug. C4|i'!mFeb. 56 

SNoT. 54|PS9Feb. 60 
1 Dm. 64 t 30 Bapt. 66 
19 July 56|v may 67 
13 July 66 1 '28 Aug. 67 
81 D«c. 66,1' 17Nav.57 

B Feb. 56'» S Apr. 69 

I9D«e. M 
7 JalyM 

' 9B Aug. 67 
>91 Dee.6B 
11 Mar. 69 
13 Hay 60 

as Aug. 69 
' 30 Aug. 59 

4 A»g. 64 
1 Dec 54 
15 Hay 06 

' 6 Apr. W 
'30 Aug. 59 

Ho*. Cecil DuDcombe . 
U.W. FlMt. Poireracoui 
BiulKc* J. Wilion Patten ' 
ffon.Seym.J. G. Egerlon 
Etd.Hyddl«toaB)ddulph > 
:3 ffoR.WTii.R.JohuNortb P 
Dhu. Wilmer Duncombe ' 
J. a. R. Lord Barlalbrl.. i 
GoKiraTB AND Sua- 


ffiUlam Hewey, H.H. . 

labn UtabtH, A4i- •■■ 

Elerbert Hay Langham. 

Bdward Heneage 

Qeorgfl Lwl* wataon . 

rboa-RumboldRlchirdioo ' 

B'im. Reginald A. J. Talbol » 

Algernon Win, F. OreTili* t 

:; A4ialant.—Comtt ^ StA-Lt. John L)rab«rt, 7 July 54. 
S Quarter M<uteT,~Hngti Uanly, 3 Feb. 64. ISurgeOH Mt^, 1 Oct. 5a. 

SurpMit.— Jamei Cockbnm, Attitt.-S»^. 16 April 36; Surftn, ISSapt, 48; 

AtiUtanl Surgeon.— Owen William George, U.D. 6 June 61. 

Fetfriruiry Surgeon.— TbomaaJei, 4 Oct. 3fi; Itl C7(im I July 59. 

Scarlet— I'iiciR^ S\ae.—AgentM,ll^u: Coi and Co. 

{Retunied from France, J<iniuiryiei6.] 
inpultdbliRcit.(lh<atliIlr. Odi.)laFluuI*nla 
unillJuntarihirallDwIntDiis. in Itgg bcambirlcd In coramud oftk* Wit 
MdUBM, Mdnntdrntbarl bul ullxcaspKlin usdft (Ir TMlUMOn>t>«hM 
to IniU>, alien he lennl in the numonUe mttflfatol im Md N, afalMI 
""I bellla of MallaTell j.ind tiefe of BerkafuaUB. Pi«tM«e4 ta Ike PnlBeala 

"-'- -' '— illB( of the Uih »d llth Li. fire., M tke h«*d af >kUk 

lie north DlPana(el,lialniUi| Ikeoperetiea* BK^mtii, 

I Lord Combonnf rf 

eaniHifn. uii 
Uie Cue ol C 

r a hrbide at a 
ir,dnrlB|ili> a 

wlftt ihe I 

■ Udbee, end 'Toulouw. Ser<i 
idei^ln-Ohter. Uii Lontehlp hi 

■ builee at Tilitere, Fiurnln 

nlj wmmdnl), i 

rdar PiirU|t],andof ChuleellieThlnl, udBLFeidlniadDf Spain, 

■ Oiud Omie of Ike Itaer u4 

Sad B^rimmi qf Ltfa GuwJt. 127 


Crfw i rf .— >Wt JohD, J*rrfBeton,' OCB. QCMO. OCU., J5Wf. 10 Jnlv lIM- 
Xtart. 4 Sept. 96 ; Ompt.l%J»n.0O; V^ifr, 91 Jtn. UBi £^CW. S Feb. 09-' 
CW.4JanaU) Jr^i>r.Cn. 37 May S6) ^Hat.OM. S8 Jbm 36: Om' 
90 JaiM 54 : ai. Snd Ub Quanta, 84 Harali m. ' 

l^nd.Colimel. — Moantjoj Francia MartTti, Cw. p 87 Dee. S7 i L{tut '98; Capl. »99 AprU 96) Bl^lt^f. B Not. 40: Bl. U.CaL M Jm» 
Hi M^f.^ i(.C»i. i-UJuIjrM; Ja.CW.1'87 Wof. 67 1 CO. SOAur. 68. 

JMm- Bud Lt-Col—Oeo. Howard Vjie, Cor. '96 Wot. 30 1 U.' 17 April 36 ■ 
Qy*. ' 1 9«pt. 87i £rte.3tv<rr, 11 Wot, 61 ) ifitf. » At.CM. p 87 Mot. 67. 

niot. OgiiT7, t. M no*. M 


[oha Q. Carter HamiltoD "88 Jan. 47 
Fleorj Dalton Wlttll Lyon 
Frederick H anball' 
Ruger Palmer* . . . 


a. a. Fltihard. Betkaley 
rotm Renniker Lovett 
^tudi Woodgate . . . . . 
n. Wm. R. CnnDlnghali 
Uex. Chaa. H.SUwart. 

tobert Raid, J4'. 

rhomu JLeyland 

lenryP. Bvart 

Umil. Sandf. Pakenhua 
Cohmbts AMD Btia- 


Id. D, Barrfi Cnnnlng- ', 
hMHit, Litut.$a krr.W ' 

VUllBni Bntwiale 

JhM. Brnee KnrgbtAlleyiie 

'90 April 36 
' Hay 40 
'90 June 4H 
30 H, 
84 Sept. 47 
le Bept.fll 
4 Sept. 64 
17 July 67 

18 NoT.SS P17 
' eJaD«64 »87NoT,67 
'16 8ept.64l|'l6 Apr.fle 

15 Dec. S4 T 10 Apr. 68 
140ct. fiB P 8 Oct 68 
17 Not. 67 I 3 June 69 

16 Jan.SB e 3 June 60 
90 Fab. 6S P39Jaly 00 
WJoly MUaaOct. SO 


■ 8 Hay 40 
• 14 Apr. 48 
> 18 Mar. 64 
' 14 July 64 
30 Oct. 67 
' 4 Feb. 69 
' 98 July 60 
'98 Oct. 69 

BV in Harth Batlud in tte 
upalciof iTMi ia Xwnt ta 
'■': ud With tbi Briddi tod 
-ilin tnopm ansliind « 
I NopelltH frgaOir [b ] Ml . 
t^ In *lalj Hill Cilabita 

iJiAa Moon— fa IWlr. Smdn, and PMufri, 
in > laaJ InSpaiala tk» wfriinaJ tiOM,aBj«l 

10 Aug.5e|tlMlnltl«orCgniBUb Jtdaail tka nr at Lord 


uw tenHik inOM,— ••■ it lai Htin ■■ iiiaaa. 
CmiMintod a Ihinda la «i Boobai HUl'e 
DltWoalBlkacuaiidHof ISlOand isti.iad 
na dMBd*4 la eoaaaad ot tba Briaaili t* 
CMdUraan to nbwi* tke manBHU ot 
OcBcnl Bcjster'i Uoraa d'ATnfv on Ot fnotte 

J<6Fwt«i*.— JMwrf. Hob« Held, 17 Not. 67. [OmUm,^ M». 

iitiartfr Jforter.— William Walker, 16 Oct. 63. 

BMng Mtttr Joha Reld, Fab. 66. 

^Ki^eM.— Tbomu TaHraw, 93 May 61 1 AuUI.-Surg. 19 Jaly 44. 

JhW. Aoftm.— Fnneli TreTelyaa BoekUnd, 16 Aug. i4. 

rtttriitaTf Siirgton^-lobn Legrew, S July 30 ; itt Clatt, 1 July 68, 

Scarlrt— AeMu BItie.— A^anf*, Mcaar*. Coz k Co. 

[JtetHrmriyVvin JVwue, AftriMry 1816.) 

lad «a Ik* irtmt Is the liaM if Torb Vcdni, aad iKeuplad wiita ihii Brindb—mtalilt tba 
Ion c( Uhawba lad the ■drtncMI porta Htr VUU Fnwa dariiii tba iln tlia way na Lb 

I, Md aft a f arta nhaa M aa a ai ia laUfaJ tiam thebmlat iba Uaaa. Cmaaad tha TUua and bad 

cbanarf tMpaata on that rim opporil* the FiaBcb Cana at Uia eoBflaeaia <f thataaan tUltlw ataou- 
lioa <( ItoMMl In Maiima, Cgmmaadid tha adiaatad Boaid oT lolkoln aid Canlij ai Uw cmhH o( 
Ca^p* llHOTto (Maed, aad wia dMacbtd la coBBaad ofa Mndi aad fbtca o( AnUlen aad CaraliT with 
inlan loAn baA SFnatb oatpaata dailai tba alcaa ot Bad^oa la ■•II. CobumohM a Bdnih at tba 
laiilaiif Otiabaia la IMlaatt*tVRMBMitarciwUB(idri|o,«niDaBdgdihaftnao(tbaUcbt Dirkioa 
■Ucb iliiiMiiil Ifat Badodt at Baa Tiaadaea ontbe ficaiar Tcaoa, aad tb* *Md Llriit iBhatiy on tba aaaaaH 
at (W fciLm lod tWB. In 111! maiaiaiiiliiil tba lad Blind* tl tba LUi uAdaa at tba atlaA of tba 
riiHibiiii^lhaaail lariiiarliiilnnir nt^-'-t'i^r Tf Tin m tti-Vnltnf lhT'-T"T rn-' tl»mT*,uid 
■'—'-B fttuMiiilliiai iif Till r — r a~ *" "" "--T" "]-— — Led tba attacb if tba Stod Uilu labaDr oa 
Ha3a ta^tt paaMoa at lb* bwlg o( Ottha* ia iai4. CoDUnaudid lb* Sad Brtndaot tba U.U DMataa 
at tte (OHbaMerTliBlfonaaadTUbaa, aad tba Mad at tba battlaofTsaloaaa. Waa appobtad PriBe* 
Banafti^^tiHBpla WI4 and HlUian Baenluy to th* Prlact of Orange, Comuandcr iBCblefot ih* 
BritU VattI* la a* ftMbWanda. Ia 111*. coaiBiaBded Ibe M— ■"-'■•■-'--•-"-'■- ■-"■- ' 


lb* bMtle of Waterloo, 

Ite CrlBH dailiw Beirt. IWS 

. .9 nth Hnwan, IndudJDH tbe aAlrot 
iorR(bulDpol(It<dal (ndClMpa). 
u Aide d>Oui|i to BIr itnm ScarWt (M*tal 

Saiftd JUgment ofBoru GuartU, 

• 1 Lord Oouih wcnti tX Iha eulnn or lta> Cipa at Oood Hopt, ud Uu Dutch Fit*! In Salduha Bu, 
ITOK. S*rT«l ■fumnli In lb( Wat Indin, incliidiii| Uis ittKiL on Porlo Klco, th> btifud vmr ta 8L 
LkU, ud e^lan o[ Snrinui. Fiwndcd la Uk Fenlntul* In IMH, ud conmiuulid Ihe BTlli it Ik* bulls 

BudMl Ik* BtxImcDt 11 lk< d«rencr dV Culii lod of Tnrira [illjhUr wanndcd in the bemty. At lln 

-■'- '-iik*ll,— for lil>eDn<liKlinihi.«cilonlh* Duk* or w«IIJn(IoB>utaiqii«tlTnceniD*BdMl OM liM 
*uld bautsHliHd to lhcdnl« of bii DlipUcb, Ibui nuklDi him Ik* flnleanr wko 
It nnk ftir wrilcef ptriorrood Id III* Stld >t the bndaf intiDnt. Ax BnmH hit 
■HiMTOt ix<»iuni Ik* £*(>• of lbs Sib Fnnch Ri|linimt ; ud at Tiltocil ihi-j Ofivni tb* ^tOB of 
ll*nk>l Junnlu. At tk> NItiII* ht vu M>ln ■■•*nlT >aiindtd. Commanded Ih* Land For* ■ICbnIoa 
— 1« wkleklH wu mkd* * OCB.~ud dniinfnoulr ihcvhol* of lb* opsnllDni lu Chink,— Itar vhlik 
■anriubfwucnUedkBwvoel. On lb*saib l>cc.lSM,>ilb Ibe riglit kjdk oClhonny of QmUor, ka 
<eft*i»d» lUimturaKaai Nkku^poK, ud npiured M pim. tc. In ISU ud Utb* AniTnud*rkli 
LsrdaUp'i p*non*lcoBraud difeued lb* S*lh Armr >t Hoodliee. Fero»ili*h,nQd Soknon.iatvUcli ud 

TMBrTOTeiUiaSclki iLGoiijint {K«diU tad'ciu^J. Uii Lanl-lup I* alu ■ Knlfhtar CbwlM tbelid sf 

* Captain Leallc Hrred In tka Bailini ampalfn of ISM. and wbi MT*nl;r oaukdcd at lb* ballU 9t lb* 
Almn, vfallrwrrlnR u ord«rlr Binur to Lord Ra|lu (Hedal IDd ClaapaJ. 

4 CatMaia Harlopp Hrted Uh Eaalcrn campaiin of ISM-SS, ineludlnR tkr batllat or BalabUta (ibot 
Ibrontb ibe le() and Tcbemara.and i\<!ft of SitnilDpa] (Medal and Oaapt}. 

n Lint. BolIDD icrred Willi llie Sib Drafoon Ouardi In ilie Crlmta In ISU (ll*dal with Claip far 

r Teurliaari'-Sarfmn B^nMienad UiaBaaUrn campaiin of IBM-UwlUi the 41h Light Dra(oaTU,lne1iHl1nt 
BHbali]no[Alma.BalaklaTa,lnkenuan,andTchiniBia,>l«(aand(UlefSeba>l*pg|; abopnacalwllblb* 
Uitat CkTaUy SrJgnda at ZupMDila (Hadal and Igv Clatpi, and TuiUib Uedal). 

uJS^SSXmn. 1 l«f ( ^'« ^tV'*) Segwuxt of DroffOM Guardt. 129 

tlng'l Cipher wlthiQ tfas Qmrier.—" WATERLOO" " SEVASTOPOL." 

rl. — V Sir Thomu Wm. Brothertou,' HCB, Etu. 3tJma.i8O0- Li. t 

it.SyJuljOl; Mn/.2SSor.ll i X(.CoM9 May 14; Col-iiJalj aO; 

f. Orn. 23 Not. 41 ; Lt.Oen. II Nor. 61 ; Colmul Ul DngoOD QDirdi, 
.^ Fnlj 69. 

9 Cotoidj— Tbomu Fattle,* Cornet, ' 13 June 34 ; Xt. » 93 Dec. 36- 

it.1'7 Hay 47; Wn/or, I-IS Dec, 60; Vox. 5^. 

Robert Steadman b&Ter," C»rn<(,i> S3 Hay 4fi; Xl. r31 U«r. 48; Cairf. 

NoT.60; JWiyor, " 6 Fab. 57 ; X(.CoJ. p2I Oct. 59 

<.~Thoma>Niabet,°Comff,PS9Hay 49; Xinit. r 8 If or. 60 ; Capt,*\% 

.62; Jfivor, '25 Feb. 69. 
7^ rt Danton Slads,* Comet, p26 Oct. 42 ; Xi«uM' 9 June 46 ; Capl.r 39 

.40; Jfiifor,i'31 Oct, 50. 





8 Dec. 4« 

3GJune 65 

Wohn Mitchell'.. 

P 13 July CO 

P fl Feb. 57 


"23 But. 60 

' 14 Aug. 57 


P 3 Sept. 47 

P I Feb. 66 

1 Walter Still.... 

P 15 Oct. 50 

P SOct. 57 

Harpur Crewe .. 

p 14 Mar. 61 

P 30 April 68 

Clopton Wingfleld 


' 6 Aug. 58 

Emaet Bdlmann . . 

Pll> Aprils I 

P 10 Dec. 58 

■Jas. P. Wadmai.' 

33 Not. 62 

P25Fel). 66 


P lb Feb. 63 

P21 Oct. 69 


. Combe Marter .. 

p 18 Jan. 61 

B Lt.C<>l.Bar*M(idarinital, 
C>>>taluAnd«ni>iiud DouWi, 


Pll Mar.63 

Harlow Bldncy .. 

P 13 Hay 63 


p 10 June 63 


11 May 65 


16 Feb. ee 

Rob. Kerr Hubback 
'd Harpur Crewe.. 

7 Mar. 66 
P31 Not. 66 

cmm^p, of IMM. Bid ■» 

m Bdw. Marblaad . 

P 17 Feb. 67 

PRMUI u th* 1>*<U(« at iba 


'25 Aug. 67 

Cbiiub, ind 11 Ihg UlllH of 

and a(»)»»t (Mtdtl aad 


CluM). H* HTTMl ilae Id na. 
put of ibtiWtb ud elM H*t». In 
anlrr under Ueut.-Col. ^«&im> . 

; Henry Bowyer . . 

27 ADg.67 

28 Aug. 57 

BLaff Uld vIIIl thv lit Dr. Gdi. 

William BiilUe".. 

23 Oct. 57 

oampiign In )U], ludwIUli ika 


24 Oct. 67 

^1 (H«1>1 and Clup. ud ath 

dale Elliot 

25 Oct. 67 


33 Oct. 67 

wrence Tweatyman 

11 Mar. 69 

111. of th. Teh-nnra and «l^ ^ 

31 Hay 59 

rdal ud Olup). ^ 

p 18 Oct. 6Q 

<iri«r.— William Si 

iilth,<13 Jnl; 

rter, S3 April 6fl. 

Locd Catbnn li 

—LietU. David Wale,* 6 July 66'. 

ler Matter. — JoUn Bradbury,' 20 July 65. 

J Ufailer.—George Rayment, 14 March 66. 

m.— William Holmes J ephwD,' M.D. 13 Jao. 56 ; At*Ut.-Stirg. 13 July 44, 
ant Sur^nmt.— William Aleiaader Davldion, M.D. 28 March 54. 

Edward Loaia H'Sheehy, H.D. 27 May S7. 
MBjy Surgton.—F. Delany, 26 Sept. 44 ; Irt Clou V. S. 1 July 69. 
Scarlet — Facingt Blue. — Affenti, Heurs.Cox ii Co. 
..nedfi-om the CHmta, July 1856. Emiarktdfor India, 34 Aug. 1867.] 
Jnnbtrton Hrrnl In Biipt andsr Sli Salph Alwrcronitij In IBDl ', tn Oamur andtr 


3 Vijor 8Ud<, Opiaiii 


180 2>t<f (TTle Queen**) It^nunt of Drt^om Ovards, [uwita 

tteAriti. — j-aeiHgi auJt.—Aimtt, Henri. Coi k Oo. 
[BltttTTudfroM Fratiee, S Nmembtr 1BI6. Embarliedfor India, 84 Jii/y 1867.} 

I Unt.a«MnJ Ih. Hon. Hntj Cl»*iidi>h nfrtd In Ih* P.niniuli fron July l«M Is Juniirr l>M lad ni 
ttriMk Ilia wfiil It Ih. b4lll« of (Wrunin, Bkm h< Hn«l u Al(l<i-dt.Cunp lo Lord WIIIIub Ballick. H 
Wu Modil <Hll> »o Clupifar BihMun md Bcscftnta, ind Coranni. 
fl LtOol. Bo^mouT MrT»d ■llh lh( Ulk Llgll Infulry durint Iht Crinnn nnpalfn of I«6MU, IncludlBC t)w talUn of 
1-. B.I.H.... .nd lnk.>n..n. .nd .In. of B.butopol (MhI.I »od four Ciup.) " 8.r>.d with th* tgd Qnifain OouM 
ihp» i>,..ri...... ...I ttotcupMioo of Pjnbid). On- 

« U-Cokul HWeUnm wntd Id thg Ipdtan cuipaipi tn Igjg-je, indudinK the utn ud notun of I. 
«uM im mtH im M. ud HBBMidod ■ dMuhM Hpiidnin In Ihc utim of Bun. ud Ttuu-BMn rf-"- 
LM, Htdd aod CUp, ud Bnm of J.t.ColoiKl). 

wStopyUoB MTfed fai the Indian eunpaipm in 1858-59. including Uie aeiion of Niuaenitpore, tieg« and eaptare ft 

. _ _ ... ipture <tf 

.iMMiient operation*, action of Koonee. the Oude campaign, and commanded a detached tquadron at tne aftir 
, and Trana-Gogra affiun at Bungaon ana Newal>ghur (mentioned in deipatchei, Medal and Claap). 
adn Steward aeired In the IncUan campaign, and was present at the affair of Iiawth, and Trana-Gogra affairs at 804- 

afai Allfrey serred in the Indian campaign in 1858>59, including the liege and capture of Ludnunr. subaeooent 
M, action of Kooraee, the Oude campaign, and Trans-Gogra affairs at Bungaon and Newabghur (Medal and Cusp), 
itniii CalTcrt aerred aa Af^utant of the Snd Dragoon Guards in the Indian campaign in 1858-69, mdu^ng thei icM 
are of Loduiow, subsequent operations, action of Kooraee, the Oude campaign, action of Jamo (charger wounded), 
I capture of Birwah (mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

iCnIn Omat (formarly a Captain In the ^d Dragoons) serred with the Baatam Army from Nor. I8A4 as Captain 
daat of the Mounted Stafr Corps, with local rank of Major (Medal and Clai»p for Seba^topol). Served also from 
• to the conclusion of the war as Assist Qr.Maat.Gen. to the Cavalry Division Turkish Contingent, with the local ra«k 
taMl (4lh Class of the Medjidie). $orTed with the Snd Dragoon Guards in the Indian campaign in 1B&8-A8, in- 
the aoiion of Nuaaemtpore, siege and oapturv of Lucknow, subsequent o|)eraUons, and action of Koor»ea (Medal 


aiB GofUfh scrTed with the Irl Lifht Drsfooas tbroaglurat the PaiOanb eampaign of IfrlS-t, inclodinir the action of Baa- 

•■savt of the CItfiuib, battles of iadoQlspore, CliiUiaDwallah, and Gocucrat (Medal and two Claspt). Served witli the ISlh 

hroofbont the KalBr war of lUl-a (Medal), and was present with erery expedition, inelading the action of Berca. whcra he 

sd the deCaehments of cavalrf with Sir Ueorre Cathoart'e colaiaa (mentiooed in General Orders and di>patrhc«), and for ope 

sanded 8ir Georgc^i eicort nam peaee was estaoUahed. Benred in the Crimea with the I2th Laneen from their laadinf on the Mh 

, JnrTnding the siege and lUl of Mcbastopoi, battle of Teheraaya, and operaiioni near Bupatoria under General D'Allonville (Medal 


fot. Logan served in the Indian campaign in 1858-50, including the siege and capture of Lucknow, subsequent opem- 

ioo of Kooraee, the Oude campaign, action of Jamo, dege and capture of Birwah, and Trans-Gogra affairs at Bun- 

I Newabghur (Medal and Clasp). 

nt. Payne served in the Inilian eampiJgn in 1858-50, including the sieirc and rapture of I.ucknow, subsequent opem* 

<ioDs of Kooraee and Barree, die Oude campaign 1 and commanded a detached squadron at crossing of the uogra 

•d (Medal and Clasp). 

nt. imeyd serred in the Indian campaign in 1858-50. including the action of Nnsserutpore, siege and capture of Luck- 

■aqoant cmeratiims, and action of Kooraee (Medal and Clasp). ' 

nt* OrmsSy served in the Indian campaign in 1858-50. was present with the Regt. at the action of Nussenitpore, 

dad a detachment at the relief of Aaimghur, and served the Oude campaign, latterly as Orderly Officer to Brigadier 

taduding the action of Jamo, aiege ana capture of Birwah, and Trsui!^ Gogra affairs at Bungaon and Newabghur 

■ft. Foatar aerved in the Indian campaign in 1858-59, including the siege and capttire of Lucknow, aubaaquent 

m, wtdaa a( Kooraee and affsirs at Bungaon (Medal and Clasp). 

ttt. da MantBKirancy aerri^ the Oude campaign of 1858-50i including the affair of Goorce, and Trans-Gogra affaire at 


iM. Thomas aenred the Oude campaign of 1858-50, including the siege and cai)turc of Birwah, and Trana- Gogra affairs 

aoo (Medal). 

!«t. O'BainM aarred the Oude campaign of 1858-50i including the crossing of the Gogra at Fyiabad, and affairs at 

I (Medal). 

•at. Banica aerred the Oude campidgn of 1658-50. including the affair of Dawah, and Trans-Gogra affairs at Bungaon 

rybghor (Madal). 

■asur LaUa serrsd with the 17th Foot at the siege of Sebattopol ttvm Dee. lft»4 to June 1855 (Medal and Claip). Served wMh the 

hMrdt fai (he Indian caaapaign of lM8-ft9, including the ■iegc and rapture of Lueknow and Trans- Oogra aflhlrt at Bungaon (Medal 


.Master Bae served in the Indian campaign in 1858, induing the siege and capture of LudmoWt and action of Koof- 

lal and Claap). 

ctor Massy ^arrad with the 81st Begt towards the closa of the SuileJ campaign in 1846. Served the Eastern earn- 

' 1B54-65 with the 17th Lancers, Including the affhir of Bulganak, battles or Alma, Balaklava, and Inkermaa, and 

Sebaatopol (Madal and Clasps, and 6th Class of the MedJIdle). Served with the find Dr. Guards In tlie Indian eam- 

' 18M-dO, including the ticge and capture of Lucknow, action of Koorsee, and Trans-Oogra aflhirs at Bungton (Medal 

BatSorgeon Bobotham aervtd in the Indian campMgn in 1858-50, including the action of Nusserutpore, siege an^ 
of Lucknow, aubaequent operations, action of Barree, the Oude campaign, action of Jamo, aiege and capture of 

lyana- Gogra affurs at Bimgaon (mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

isajargeen Andrews setred wiui the lit Dr. Gds. in tns CrimM ftom Ang. 18»i. ineladhig the battle of the Tehemsffa and 
Icbastopol (Medal and Clasp). Berved with the Send Dr. Guards in the Indian campaign in IMS-M including the siege sad eap- 
ludinow. and actions of Koorsee and Nawabgunge, Trans-Oogra sffairs at Bungaoa (Medal and Clasp) . 

tarinary Surgeon Oudi(in served the JBaatcm campaign of 1804-65, including iba affair of MeKansia's Farm, battles 
Idava, Inkerman, and Tchernaya, i>iege and fail of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasps). Served in the Indian cam- 
1 1868-69, Including the siege and capture of Lucknow, the Oude campaign, action of Jamo« siege and capture of 

and Trana-Oogra aflhirs at Bungaon (Medal and Clasp). 

met I/Cver aerved in the Indian canmaign in 1860 induding the Tmna-(3ogra affisin at Bungaon (Medal). 
mcts Tonana and Greatorex aervea in the Indian campaign in 1859, including the 'IVans-Gogni affairs at Bungaon and 
bar (Medal), 
raet Deane served in the Indian campaign of 1867-50 and was present nt the battle of Bndlckeserui. and at Delhi throngh- 

aiegr operations, the aaaauit, and capture of the city; also actions of Bolundshuhnr and Aliyghur, battle of Agra 
dj, affiur of Maraigunga, relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, attack on the Gwaliur mutineers at Caanpore and Seraigbit, 
! Khodagunge. operationa against Lucknow from 2nd to lOtb March, attack on Bowah, action of Allyguage, culture d 

action aetr Sbaigchanpore and advance on Mabomdee, passage of the Gogra, and aliairi at Muchleagon and Memdakoto 
nl Claap). 


., Cornet,'* May IBiXt. *30 Oct. 15; Capl.He 

V. 30; Zt.Coi. SI Aug. SO; Cel. 10 Jane M ; Mai. 

3rd Dr. Gds., 13 Feb. 59. 

ffilURin 9mitl.,'CB.,£>ii.T10If<iT.30iX(. fSlFeb. 

AI<V. 9 Feb. 47 i Xf. Col. f 8 Mar. SO; Co/.2SNor.fi4. 
.r.PBMnyiO; ifau(. !■ 20 Sept. «; Capl.tSgDec. 

J Xt.CoI. >>1 Apr. 6U. 

V.i>0Aiig.4S; Lirul.rii May 43; Capl. r 7 Juae 

Hay 4G; Lieul. 31 Oct. IB; Copt. PS Apr. A3; 

8 Not. 43 
PI? Sept. 60 
P OJuly 61 
' GJan. 43 
P 18 Feb. G3 
» IS May OS 
f 14 July 54 
vaeOec. 55 

PSlJan. es 
S3 Dee. SS 

» 15 July 53 

no Aug. 5fl 
IS Dec. 5G 
15 May 5S 

'30 June 57 
24 July 57 

14 Jaly 57 
leOel. 57 
17 Oct 67 

5 Jan. 68 

6 Aug. 58 
13 Aug. 68 

r-31 May 50 

19 May 51 
21 Oct. 45 
1 July 43 

18 June 57 

' 34 Har. 64 
' SO Feb. 60 
' 29 Doc. 64 
'31 July 67 

9 Oct. 5? 

9 Oct. 67 
23 July 68 

1 1 Jail 

10 Junes 
OJuly 6 
14 Sept. 6 
'26 Sept. 6 
'29 Oct. B 
'20 Apr. 5 
' IB Nov. i 

CtpUlD MlUrr Hmd with S 
tOUi Rrcl. IB th« nnnJlB . 

mt Id tiK bam* of Sobnou & 




ha SdU^ nnnalfi) tt IMS- * 
iKludtna tbg Wtll* at to- if 
in iMMlal), pnrtBU ta {« 

porml ID Lhfl GDTFTnor 

nludallmlfdla b; 

ChllUuirallali ud ODq]cini(M>dU and OU^i). 

nhallCocterll, IGMayOe. 

Don, 12 Dee. 60. 

-Comet Kdwin Bnstt, 7 Bcpt. 69. 
Vlalle, 93 April 53. 

ill AUeo," 2B March 54; Auiil. Surg. Z J iiitt*9. 
irlea Johu White," 38 Mircb 54. 

John SUnley," 24 Feb. 01. [I Ja^Se. 

cbard John Oedaliah Hurford," 17 July 36 ; lit Cl—t, 
Scarlet — Funnpi Yellow. — Agenti, Measra. Hopklnion and Co. 
{Jtrtumedfrma France, 36 Janvnry IBIO. Bmbarked for India. Aug. 1857.] 

InSte-lSSSi priDiliahinof IbtMmlnl, 

ric«. In Od. 1^ lie wu apnolnltd ■- "- 

a<l>'iu.uBri(iidiMi (crrrd is thit i_ ._. 
aad wu pKimt « the atlsek uid caplnnDf Ghi 

tuik darint (he eani|wi{Ba or 

IMHCd ibe imoM npfui even i 

Lbc HTiIrr of iba Bamhiy did _. 

insiEBa or 18W ud SI, in geioda and AffchanlrtaD, 
■I). IhuiHi: the litter part ariWt. htm '-* 

. . . . , (HttplUK * innij. (lit caT«lTj, ind ooe 
fd toHCnra tliiialj)dzitloaDf I.pvcE Seiode, ibd iD&Mipfrale 
irs, dlrtdnl njciinti KUelat (Snd Clua DoorsnCF Empire). In t. 


4 in* PunjMb 

gf ialknilTi llilt nlnmn n u 
■■la eoluBn oiuler Sli Tlioi. .... 
at Uahinlpon (Uedal) on the 21Ui 
Bobnon (Htdal). 
« CdIdhI Sullh haa rreakcd tba 

It iSalor Cbaplln aa 

Sir Joaaph Thukwall, and balll» of Badiwlai 

■ Captain Tewar aarrtd wllb Iba fllh Drag 

BaUlaia, aad line of SebulnpDl (Uadal an 

T Capl. Corrltaa urnd ai a Liiuunant : 

■ad wu adarwarda atlacbad to. and aarrrd w 

< Ikat. Rtebaond amid wllb lb* 1Mb Ht . , , 

■naaal al Iba captHnor TehniuiB. balila ot Ibr Teh«niaTa, altf e and fall of Stbaiiopol (Mtdal laa ciaaal. 
Z/tal. WtiUtmdirUh UwlItbBrtt. attbaiUfaaf Setattoral from U Koi. IMt to 1> Jaa. IKS 
mtdtltmd CImtp). 

t, Oiinianwdlali, 

If 3rd LL^ht DrmfDoni, and wu praaent 
n ilx 111 Dec. IIMS wllb iharorcaaadat 
nd Osajnai ( Htdal and Iwo Clup*). 


,,]Ob Ik* Btwdvdt mil ApfnlnlolBn Iba HASP aid CXOWK, and tlU Sltr • 
Ji wlIhlhimDlto" VHiffrpopoAltr'— "PENINBUU" "SALAKLATA" • 

Coloiuf.— RIehird PJgot,' J?iu. 4 Sept. 93; £»>><. 18 Bcpt.03; Cod^ SI Dec. 
f,| 93; Afq/ar, 20 April 0! ; Luul.Col. 1 Way 06; Col. 4 June U ; JViv'.Gm- 
r.i lU Jnly 21; Lifu/.G'ni. 10 Jan, 37; Gm. 11 Nov. 61 ; Col. 4Ui Dnuoon 
- Guard., ao Hot. 49. ^ 

,Lt.Coti>nel.—A.nbar CarendiBh Bentlnck,' £tw. 'S NoT.3e ; Lt. rSl Oct. 40; 

I Capt.rfS Mar. 47; Jlfifr.P27 June SI ; Lt.Cel.f % Dee. &i; Co/. 30 Jan. 58. 

I itfu/or.— Thomai Jonel," Cer. pS3 July 41 ; Lt. » 18 May 43; Capl. P30 
June 48 ; Majter, * 5 Aug. 69. 


IFra. Rowland ForBt«r,* 4. 
a I Michael H'Crcagh' .... 
.Art Uaiteraon IU>bertaan< 

Robert Gun ter* 

H I Chriatophcr M'Donnel' .. 

O j Diiniel Poploe Webb' 

'John Edward Bradhurat 
I John Arthur Brapge' 

j Erlward Howe Piihcr" .. 

;Georgg AUi. Mutllcbury' 

6 I ' Henry Poniford 

6 I iThomMClarkGilleaplc 
5 lEdvardHarratt,"'^!^'.. 

4 I Robert RinCoul 

3 Hanrylltukell Chilton. 
8 I Robert JamelWriglit . 
3 iHenrj Bdirard Bridges.. 


3 ' WUllam Jolce 

3 'Clement Rob.N.Royd» . 
:( John B. Smith Man^olt 

Aug. O. Cbarchill Inge . 
Randolph R.Loicombc. 

4 , Smith Hill Child 

I' 11 Mar. 43 p SO J an. 47;i3Dee. M 

afijuly 44,P19Mar.47!pie July 511 
' 16 May 40 ■> 8 Oct. 47 f 36 June 92 

IG May 


12 Mar 




17 Sepl 



17 June 


9fi June 6S P 7 Sept. 66' 
17 June 63 PI4Mar. S6l 
8 Dec. 54, P 11 Dec. 57 

34 Jan. 61' 26 Apr. 6o 
29 Dec. 64 P 6 Aug. 50| 

ag Dec. 54 

7 Sept. 56 : ;" V 
14 Mar. 50 lint 
4 Apr. 6U,of 1 


iuApril55 p ■ ■ "■ — "■■-■--' — -'-■ ■ ■ 

23 Feb. 65' ' , ,,,,_. 

26Jan. 60'P2ej.ilj 5^. uZur'ani/ur^Uatt^ 
'17Peb. 57|P2i Jnne68l»u Fimpilgn or iaM.W, 

17 Nov. 67-P 17 Sept. 68 i j"?'-*'"* "* J"""" '* »V 
'11 Dec. 57, P 6 Aug. SO | ,1^?, ^i,„„^'r^'i „! 

31 Dec. 67| U Fn;inuterBiFgiiec%cl>iUithe«hDr.G<k. 
' 21 Mat 68 'be Ejittfm fsnipiiisii of 18»l-66, ioclndinB llw 

28 Oct. 68 ' ini \s[ki>li MalKll, ind vu uting Chief P^ 
89 Oct, 68 I imalrr of Ibr Otmanli Imgukr Cavilrj in (lio 
,l«y 50 I "P™B °' 'SS" 

5 Aug. SB I 
Papnaifrr.— JnhiiBlggs,'*iaSepI. 61 J Bept. 45j Ximf. IT Oet.4 
Aiitiltatt. — iMut. Edward Harran,'" 7 Sept. 55, 
Qvarter Matter.— ioha George Drake," 6 June 64. 
BUinp afatfer.— George Price,' 13 April 66; Comrt, 5 Hov. 64. 
Surgeon,— Robert Cooper,'* 18 March 63; jMij<.5ur;.3I July 43. 
Aitut,SuTgiim. — Will jam HaeDamara, 8 Oct. 54. 
Vtltriruay Surgeon, — Luke Byrne, 3 feb. 64, 

Scarlet — Faeingi Blan. — Agent, Andrew Lawrle, Eiq. 
[Retm-ned/rimt the Crimea, July 1866.] 

9 CulsHl Bmllnck Hrrtd wllb tha 7lh Dr. Oili. Id th* Kifflr War Id IMT (Ucdal). 
J Bf^or JoDv«, CaptKJnl Webb and Brtff* wrvrd In Lho Baitorn CADpaJfA of 1B5B, lE 
of Iba Tdkonai*, aad ilege of Sebulopnl (Hidil ind Clup). 

aan. and tlrft of Stbulapol (Hedil and Claipt, Srcrel'Mi^Dr, BirdiDlan Madil, ud 

a Capu'ln H>Cr««h irrrtd th* EuUn campali* of laM-Sa. IneludlnK Ih* ballTfc 
or Sibuuival, aiidball[ta[Tchu'iiaTa(Ueda[and Ciaipi, KDlght of the Ltgionof Ho: 
of III* Medjldl*!. 

a Ca^a ODDlar lined dDriig the Eailsin eampatin of ItM ud *ailT part of tti* >l 
(Uidal aad Claap). 

r Captain VDoDul and Rldlns H 

aad talll*o( Tcb*niara(Mntat* 

■ Utal. IfnItletHiiT icrrfd the : 
■naa, aad TchnnaTa. and ilCf* of 

10 U«st. Hartwi omd th* Ei 
•ebartopol. olghLalluk on Runli 

lBk*naaa,andTehBniaia, and lieieof Behaalopol (Medal and Clu| 
which lK*nahl[ihed it BaUhlara anlll tie ■ppeaRdln orden m tori 

Sthaiiapnl (Madal and OIhri). 
lalen nnpalaa of 18M.U, IdcIw 
ID ouipoMe IWh Fell. IB.U, and ha 

M-W, Inclndlnl Ih* 

If Ih* baltltt or Bilahlaia, laktr- 

MttlH of Alma, Balakiata, 
H lih Dncoon Oaardi. 

188 Afft(iM(M«t OiarbtU of Wakii) Btg. qfDr. Gdt. 

The motto " Yftigia nxHo rrtr^rmw."— " BALAMASCA" " VrPTORIA' 

'■ [-ISST'I 


I Lord CvdlflD comniaiKlcd thi Liflil Cuinlrr Bilfid* Uinm(liinil tfet Kitlfm Cimpilfn of I8S4, lorhidlK 
kM()M at tiM Ainu, IMilU'*, ud Inkcrmu, and titfe of SataiispDl (Hadal and Claajii, KCBn CDOBUwdar gf 
liflw ot Bonn, aid lad Clw ef lb* Utdjldli' 

« OolDlnl M'Maliaii Hired wllh Iha Bth Xani . .,._,, 

SobraoB (HediJi. Berrtd Ihi Buiim cainHlin sf IIM a> A. Q. M. O. to 
•f tka Alma, Balatlaia. and Tebamaia, and ■ lift of SaliaitapoL i Mrrid alH 
Uh Dnfoon Ouirdi llffdml and Claip*. CS., Sardialun Hcdd, aiirt Gih Oau af Ihr If«l]ldl(!). 

S Mite Km. fi. J. G. Caltiiaipa ta^tS, lli* Eutcra ninpai)ni nf 1B&4-S( u Aide dc Camp to Lvd Baclan. laclndiiii 111 
battlH (f Alaa, DaUUaia, and Inkaniaa, and ajip of Gsbailapol {Uedal aad ruor C\njt. BnvM H>Uw, inl Slh Claa^ tkt 

Tcwala ivlnfcn imi Ihi Eauara eaapalin of IBM-OS, Ineludlna U» balUe of Balaklaia (WMmdad) a>d lian at 
BitlnpBl (Madal and Clupal. 

■ Ciaitim Bumind and Uar and Ll«i'. Ha'n wrrtd th« Eaium campalfn at IMC, Ineludlni Iha lift* af BabHUnI 
(|[*telMdClaq«). Captain Ha; aad Uml. Hayi vera al Ibi batUa or fctatmaTa. 

. ^_^._n^j J .... « . , ..... j5„ Adjutanl of Iha »ih DnfooB Oaardi, lHladl]i( lb* MUh 

lUpol (lladal and ClaiptJ. 

tARegimaa af Dre^oon GvardM {Canhhaeri). 




m1^-#MI Aln. K«iiied7 Cluk Ksnnid;,' CB. KH. Cor.,Tf, Sept. Oi; U.\i Dm. 
; OV'. nSDee. 10; W^,PfiSUm796i Xl.CM. P llJaMSD} C*I. SS Ndv. 41 i 
i/.aM. SO Jane 64 ; Oil. 6 Dr. Qda. 14 June M. 

I.CoImtif.— Henry Richmond Jonet,* CB. Cornel, f9 Jane U; LUut. *\i Vat. 
; Ci^l. f Ifl Jnu SO ; Brtvtl Mafer, B No*. 40 ) Mq/or, r 3) Hay 60 ; £l«Hf.CW. 
B Sapt. SI ; Cat. 88 Hot. 64. 

KmHarillaCiutuice,*CB.£iwi«,P110ct.31; Litui-f^ajantM; Capt.viejtu. 
I Jr<^*r,i>168«pt.61; lA.CM-i 

»■«.— Chuln Sawyer,* Stuign, m Sept. 93; Xfeut. '8 April SG; C*p<. 'B Aog- 
: JITt^ar, 1 Aug. Wi Bt.Lt.Qil. 30 Jaly 58. 

rtBlekentafl',Au.P8NaT.4t;i;jeut.'30I)*e.46) Capt.rjQ Feb, 53; Jf^qJ0r,'6 
T. 57 ; Bt.LI. at. SO Jaly 68. 







QaoTga Dlakwn* . 

PI8 Feb. 6S 

6 June 64 

* IJuBe66 

e. Potto RoH«' .. 

» a Jan. 41 

3 Apr. 46 

20 Jnne 56 

10 Jan. 68 


P 18 Apr. 61 
16 May 56 

f Mar. 56 

p 3 Oct. 67 

30 July 68 

p 36 Oct. 65 

■rathBDfil Aitley '.'. 

IS May 55 

96 Not. 65 

p e Not. 87 

unTboma* Belly.. 

P 14 May 53 

16 June 56 

15 Dee. 57 

leo. Ba*a(e Cnrtli 

16 Dec. 54 

34 Sept. 56 

5 Mar. 56 

uoOliTerBird .... 

r 15 Dec. 48 

f 37 Aug. 59 

P 4 Feb. 59 


pay May 48 

' 14 Dec. 49 

P12Dec. .'ie 

rt Scott Hunter' .. 

flT JuneSl 

17 Peb. 54 

13 Sei't. 65 

)bnNeil Buch>ken» 

P 10 June 53 

P 8 Sept. 64 

blpetn In Iba GrliUM (ram 14 ABC IMS. 


P 18 Oct. 53 

8(1 June 65 

IncTtidlng Ih. bUtl* of Iba Tt>l*nn»«. ilaia 


P 17 Mar.54 

83 Oct. 55 

■nd of S.1M.IOWI |MBi.l .nd Clap, 
4 Ll.C<il.Biwr<riiidKi]cirBalliRT«dlD 

William Doering .. 

r 16 May 5» 



3 Oct. 5S 

P 10 Dec. 50 

Ihi bjiUlo of Ih« Teh»ni»r». iKfi led IUli3 


30 Mar. 65 

P 20 June 65 


38 Dec. 56 

31 July 57 

r M iJdi Itomr Krvad ibt cuBpalfn in Of 
SonllKni Hahniu cwntrr In IS44. Al» it 

Wall«je Grahim .. 

8 May 50 

15 Mot. 57 

T Beglpald Fonter 

P 8 Aug. 56 

P 4 Dec 67 

■m Howley Burder 

P il Sept.&5 

16 Dec. 57 

Aid! da CuDp In Q^ninl Bcu)>lt, ud me 
■1 Uwbatlla or Ih* Tchernaji {VhUI ud 
Claip, ind Mb Cli» of tti* ll«4)ldlt). 

unGreaiei Blake.. 

37 Veb. 68 

P 26 Feb. 56 

im DQff Pereira . . 

P 6 Dec. 57 

P 19 July 69 

11 Qr.MuIrr FrUR f*n(d at Iba ilaiM 

Qair," Dap. Au. } 
Miff. SO Sept. 64 j 

% Feb. CB 
18 Dec. 57 

P 19 July 60 
p SB Oct. 59 

ud tell of Babulopol from U Asf. IIH 
(ll«l*l aad Claip)T 


P 4 Dec. 57 

ir Oeorge Bmith .. 

10 Feb. 58 

[C Salwyn Uarryat 

16 Mar. 58 

rt Stewart Blaekfltt 

r 4 Mar. 69 

I If ■!< 

Mrier^^harleaSewell, 5 Jan. 55; Comet, p 17 Oct. 51. 

laKl.~Litut. Fred. Aug. Weatherley," 5 Aug. 58. 

ler JIfartar.— George Fraaer," 7 Not. 51. 

Iff iloMter. — William James Heaaey, 7 Dec. 56. 

loti.— Donald Sinclair Smilb, 98 Jan, 56 ; Attitt. Surg. 97 Feb. .'iS. 

Utnt SurgroKS. — Charle* Jamei Daianport, 16 Au|{. 54. 

Stewart Aaron Lithgow, 3 Feb. 55. 
-inory Suiveon.— Alfred Job Owlea," 10 Dec. 51 . 

Blue — Fatingi White. — Agentt, Meeara. Cox U Co. 
[Betvmtdfrem the Crimta, May 1656. EmiarktdfBr India. \Uk Aug. 1856.] 
lor G«iar*1 Cluk Kanoed j laircd lo tba FeDlniuli with Ihe Rorit Draiooni fiam Bapl. IMS to Oct. 

PoDlc (ippoiDttd Brl^B-MiJot 10 Qcn 

bj Lord Ijnadoeb ; Eiip<a<l "'"> • bo 
bfockadaaf PuiHlniii, baddti iirlou 
Ihc ITtb June ud bMlIt of Waterloo (i 

W Ib^SIb FniKli Rtglmtnt of Intaa 

> U.ColmaiCiiaMiKaaan'aa In Iba C 
•nd bll «f Batuiopol (U edal ud Olup, 

oT Dm B*ht UnUntart at Haarat en 1..>u .»( .»>, » •!» uur. 
Ifaa Rtadu, *OUi and Hal Mar Ooraa Ulladl, bull* of Dndlekaia 
(1<(* or DaiUi aad aomaasM lb* Iiri(ulu OaTilri aiidar Brii 
■la* in Dm iakaaqDaat opantioa* andac Brifidl'i Bbowan. Cimiai 
otWII Oct. UW.alBO On* tfBBdnoa la tb* asliaiquiit eanpali 
rfmae aa aad o^tB* of MllBad**, tb* aOUia of Alljinei, BU 
n^peetaaa aad OmmI bdia (lladal aad Clarv aad CIB.> 

1(1 and anilri of outpoiti. Cimpalpi of L8I).— corcrinc ibt nttaal oa 

'Brlon'i rorpi at Waterloo, parcel rinf aTi Ea^lt lo Ih* lefl, ba chufad 
sugh the body who urrlnd tl, and caplurad Die Eaglo, wbleh baloegcd 
I now dapoalted In Cbcliea Hoapltil, Hia rtcelTad tba Wai Uadal with 

of IhallMtJIdlf.stbCI 

l,inclndln| Iha battla ot tba Teharnara, ala(a 
Cumnindrd Iba CanWnmi al tba oslbcaak ' 

uspalcn of Ibat •»r, Ineludlnf tba tattiaa of 
I, ou .lun* (bona miadad), aAUr of Bib Jaaa.aBd 
liar Oram, at tba ibamlnf of tba Clij laih BaM. ; ai 
led aWlDioflbaBagliiintaltbaaaUaBor BBBianan 
, laelodlnt Iba aedoaia el Habsadlapon ~~ 
«, aad punon o( lb* rabtk hi tta«* n 


6/A Beffiment of Dragoon Guards (CarMneen), 

« G^Uln Diekion Mrred with tiM 09iid B«Kt. at the tlcgt of 8«bMtopol in 18M^ indadhif tlwiHtct— !&•< 
aUi Jone, and on th* Redm 1 8th June (Medal and CUup). 

8 Captain Ranter tcrred la tht Bastcm eMipidfB of 18M-tt. laelndlaf the afMr of M*K«uto^ Fani^ MMlM «f Bataklaw 
mm,amA licfe of 8«bastopol( Medal and three Claepe, aad Mh Olaae of tiie MedJldle). 

Lieut. Gifford wai present with the Carabineert at the outbreak of the Sepoy mntlajr at Mcenit on 10 May 107*1 
throuf bout the campaign of that year, including the battle of the Hindun, battle of Bodlakatcxvi, aAdr off Mk Ji 
•lege uid capture of Delhi. 

10 Uent. Galr lerred with the Field Train, R. Artillery, ae Deputy Auiet CommlMary daring the Bartern ea: 
1864-05, including the aflkire of Bnlganae and McKensle's Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklare, and lakarmaa, elage anA Ml< 
Bebaetopol (Medal and Olaape). ^a 

13 Lieut. Stoddart terred with the Carablneem from the outbreak at Meemt to the padfleatlon off Oade;— la 1857, bf^f' 
with Beaton's Column, he led the advanced guard in the attack upon Mynpoorie: In 1858 he terred under Walpole a«a 
Fntlebghar, aflerwerda with Tronp'i Column and itt flying detachment under Col. Brind, waa preeent hi the aetlont of w 
8th Oct. at Bunkagong, of the 18lh Oct. at the Jungle, on 25th Oct. againet 8000 rebeli, at XetowUe on 8th Mot. (bene 
killed), and at Mehndie on 18th Not.— mentioned In Col. Brind's deeparch (Medal). jr 

14 lieat. Buchanan served with the 10th Hussars in the Crimean campaign fhnn 17tli April 18&5, inch^iag the aicce aad 6m 
of Sebastopol, battle of the Tchemaya, and affair of 21st Sept. near Kertch cMedal and Clasp). Scnred with the 8th Dr. Guttdi 
fhiODglioat the Indian campaign of 1857-69. including operations in Rohilcund and action of Nogeena, relief of BareilW, tcM 
of Shal^ehanpore, capture of the fort of Rcmai and pursuit with destruction of the fort of m aimndee, action erf* BnnJEatto^ 
operations in Oude and actions of Mohndiporc and Ruaocdpore, attack and capture of fort liitoolee, actions off AUiganTi^ [ 
Kiwa. Also served as officiating D. (^ M. G. to the Agra field force under Brigadier Showen in Central India ia punnt viTmM 
Tope& Feroie Shah, and others (Medal). 

15 Lieut. Weatherlcy 8er>'ed with the 4th Lt. Drs. in the Crimean camnaign from 13th Ang. 1855, including the battle of tik| 
Tchenuya, lie^ and fall of Sebastopol, and operations at Eupatoria (Medal and Clasp). Serml with the 0th Dr. Guarde in ttr 
Indian campaign including operations in Bonilcnnd and affair of Kukrowlie, taking of Bardlly, relief of Slial^diaapQre and tli 
two sabsequent attacks, affairs of Mohmudee and Shahabad, operations in Oude and action of Buxarghat, Tnne-Gogn wttiom g| 
Mi^edia, Chnrdal, and Bankee (Med&l). 

16 Yet.Snreeon Owles served txtna 3l8t Julv 1856 at the 8ie«» and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Ctup). Serred the ladiiv 
campaign of 1857-58. including tlie actions of the Uindon on 30th and Slst May 1867, liege and ei^tare off DeUii, taking «ff 
Barally, and operations in Oude (Medal and dup). 





l] 7th ( 77m Prineeii RoyaTi) Regt. of Dragoon Guard: 135 
CMnwI.— Htehiel White,' CB. Car. '15 Ang. U; ZM>UH«7 05i Copt. 7 

Not. IS; Bt. Maj. 10 Jen. 37 ; il^. 4 Jul. 99; Lt. Col. '13 Dec 89; 

Cal. 3 Apr. 40; Vq/. Oat. 30 June 64 ; CW. 7 D. Q. 2S Aug. 08. 
U.Csfowb.— Chule* Wm. Tbompion,' Eiuign, f 20 Feb. 38 ; Lieut, r 17 Jui. 

40; Copt. PI Dec. 4S; Jfiu'iir, ' B Not. 66 ; Zf.CoMT Sept. 67. 
Wm. Charles Forrest,' Cor. ■> 11 Mar. 3G; Xt.Po Jan. 30; Capf. p7 Sept. 41 ; 

JT^^, r 8 Oct. 48 ; Bt.Lt.Cal. 1 3 Dec. 64 ; Xf.Cof . r 6 Ang. 69. 
JriU«r».— Adotphoa Wm. Dnart Bnrtoa,* CB. Sua. p S Aug. 45 ; £M> 10 April 

48; Capl-mHiK. 63; Bl.-Mnii>r, 13 Dee. 54; Mirror, 6 Bept. 66. 
Pttiro;OeorgeSiiiitli, CVmef, rSl Dee. 47; £(.^11 5ept.49; CaiX. <■ 90 JaW 

62; Mvor, 19 Apr. 68. 


Wm. Weutworth Lamb . . 
Tbo. Bdv. Dowbig^Q . . 

Hay 40 

Pelw WlthlDgtooT T 9July 68 

Henry BlinkhorD • .,..1 16 Feb. 48 
1 W. Foorbelle Dowdeawell ■■ 17 Aag. SE 
\l Oeoiga B. F. KaantMt^-.l 19 Dec. 46 
I .VewtoQ Cbai. Chicheiter r IQ Aag. 60 

•aOHar. 49,P31 Hay 6U,' 8 Dec. 64 

: Jane* Vanea Clelaud 
' John RIeharda Welttead 
: Robert Clarke 


I D.ScotIandltl.ll-l9D«-M) 
Chiiitopber Barton . . . 

i ; Wm. Digby Weutworlh. 

i GeoiseRou Caldwell "- 

I lsdiii.Prideai]iChiche*t«r* 
I Edw. Uy. Braeil Kaunt: 
I Wm. Bruce AnnttroDg ' 

J ! William Chkloa 

{ { EdmuDd Molyneuz . . . 

I I Robert SlewartCleUnd 
Jai.Jno. LoDdoQ H'Adam 


Wm. Haenaghton EnUne 

John H'Bryan 

ClaTering Redman 

Edward Henry O'Dowd 
Arthur Hare Vincent. ■ > 

' John Alex. Drake 

Henry Bulkeley 

Edward Goldinlth 

16 Dec. M 
37 July 66 
30 Nov. £6 

37 Jane 611 14 Bept. 66 
'13 Feb. 66 16Bept.67 
14Sept66 169ept.57 
14 3ept.66ll'16S<^t>67 
'S8 Jan. 48! 14 Bept. £6 
'SS 3ept.64 i>13July 67 
' 9Uay 66 PS6NOT.68 
' 6 Jmie 67 ' P 8 Apr, 69 
' 3 Mar. 67 p May 69 

e May 6(1 witk tht iim li. dh. u ma :!! 
15 Sent. 67 '>**' ■°<' '^^tnn of fihunpon 
15 Sef t. 67 ■ S^ltf tSiSl£'r«rtlf "^S' 
SO Fab. 57 , ibnuflioat il 






4^ at 

10 Aug. 58 . iibuispul, 

Paynuuter.— John Smith, 17 Not. 57 ; lAntt. Stl Bept. 65 ; Capt. 1 

A4fulattt.—n«Kl. David ScotUnd, 17 Not. 64. 

Irutruetor of iliuittTy.—Corntt A. H. Vincent, 18 Mirob CO, 

quarttr JIfiutfr.— George GUlaui,' 17 Not. 64. 

Ridiitg Afiuter.— Henry Pearce Pbilllpa, 8 Oct. 67. 

^ur^raii.— Edward James Franklyn,"H.D. 16 Hay 55; Ainft.$ur;.]90et. 49. 

Auitt, Surgeont^-Opie Bmlth, 4 Feb. 63. 

Edward H'Gill, M.D., 8 Jan. 55. 

Vtlerinaty Surjwn.— WlUiam VBrley, 15 Aug. 56. 

Scarlet — Faeingt Black. — Agenli, Meura. Cox ft Co. 

tHmtdfroa CapeofOood Hope, T June \M8. Embarked for India, i"! Oct. 1867.] 

Halsi-Gtnenl While wu In Itic flelil In igiKi, on the banki dI llie BullcJ ; tri^ti U (he ciptun oi 

AliuUtui, *nd wu prncnt u the foiclni ol the Khybf r Fui, ituniiitiii Ibe bcighl, u "ugdulliuk, 
- -•- , and Hud KdIuI, Kid occupwlon atC-'— ' '>'--•-' — ■ i-..-j - en > o j-i... 


Ul {BtyaT) Begimmt afDregootu. ["TdSET 

Blue— J^ntft, Hem*. Coi & Cd. JrU% Ag«»t*, M«Mn. Cue k Sont. 
IRttumtdfrom ike CriMM, i7 May 18M.] 
I sir Arlkur CIUnaii'i«rTu«; -Cub *■!(■• "1 1M«, II, II, It. II, M, aBd li, CsmmiBdcd > HBidrM 

. . ,.. _... f. — ,-■. - .,,„[, of TBliTwt, —d trnflmt* !■ JlWwt niu 

from Bbbiumb, lalkBcfroai hliB pr^nvn and kag- 
, El llodoB, PunitM OaiBtldih and AUcad* Paaui 

„ DiBCB w Glud^ Rudrlfa; rhuvtriviikk ubadna 

>feadT«rrr«wlilBlliiln:ande[ OoalslClitiHl, star HalaiuiKn, klUtBf M taklBf 

-^^^(kMtlaoHLlWrla - . .. . _ 

AlB, -Its Ih.^ -- 

AMhar kur«*lT*d 

nKiBT and nmrlnf tlic mririt an ihs ITIh ot Jdr< 
tOti-iH ■ — - - 

aClupirorTalanra, Buuco.aBd TouIuuh; li a KbIiM tad CJaH 

Clait Vllbalai el HolUutd, 

• BaiKm eimpUtn or I»H-U. Ineludlni I1i< \itMn nX Balaklan, 
d tlaf* or BcU>la|wl (Utdal ud Cla^a. Kn^kl 

, . ,- i*i Ihi B«l.). 

of Ik* Uil«> •>* KoBor, aad Slh axi of tht UciJLdl 

• M^lat Hlixki, Captain Con*f, and LIrut. Ut, htxA Iha EuUcb einipalin of ISU-U. [acladlaf tk* 
tBttiaaal Balaklan. lahtnian, and TcliitBi;>,iindilit4 of Scbuiopol (UcdalaHdClav^. M^srStaaka 
ku tka Mk CI>H«( ika HadJIdK. 

f Outaln Almlla HrraJ lh« Bailarn cimpaiin of IFU, Ineludlni )h( battle of Tchtnara and ilaf* af 
■akuiDpaKMtdal and Clup). 

■ BUlBi-MaUar CraHfgrTfdihtBaiuni -r-rilrn. IrrliiJini Iki kitllii rf ffiliUni and lalnmai. 
■a4 lian of BakaMopol (Htdal aad Claipi). 

11 OapMlB RskartHB lerrid thi Banan nflsinlfii or ISM-M, Includlat lb« balllM of BaliUaTafhana 
■kot na^r klmj, Inhtrmui, and TcHaraara, and •!;(• of Beba4Uiwl (Unlal and ClBau). 

■a Pajtoaitar DIibb larTad tkt XaiKn campaifB of IBM-U Bilk tki Ttb Failllan, IsaludlBf Uw 
latdM at Alna tad latarvaB, aad ilffa al tmi1,\afo\ (Ktdal aad Clana}, 

14 tlT.llMIM B«oll NTTBd tSd BdUarB MBpkIn tt lUMf. IkclvdlBt tka kMlto M latamM ni 
Mt* ir IrtMMpol (Mtdll iBl CU^a). 

iSSSr*] Siuf ( JZflyo/ Nfffih British) RegU fff DragooM. 187 

(• sMf a 


1 Half 


Ob Iht l l Mlitrtb M ItgU^" WATERLOO " - B ALAKLATA " " SSYAOTOPOL." 

C»l0ntl.— 9 AM Arthur W. H. Lord Sandyi,* Comtt, 97 July 00; Li. 10 
Jul/ 10; Cbp#. 85 Aug. 19; ilTiv^r, 37 July 16; Lt.Coi.n Jan. 19; Col. 
10 Jan. 87; MqforGen. 9 Not. 46; X^.G'cii. 20 June 64; CoZ. 3 Dn. 
96 Aug. M. 

Xlett/.09toiifl.^Henry Darby arifHth,*CB. Cor. P86NoT.9e; X^P96Kot.81; 
Cmpt.91 Auf . 34; Mt^. P 6 Not. 46; Lt.Col, p S7 Aug. 69 ; CM. 88 Not. 64. 
lf(i|/<^.— George CalTert Clarke,' Bntign, p 30 May 34 ; LUui. p 7 Oct. 86 ; 
Oip/. P90 Sept. 89 ; Broooi Mt^or^ 1 1 Not. 61 ; Brow. LLCol. 18 Dec. 64: 
Mitfor^ 86 Feb. 68. 


George Buchanan^ 

Andrew Nugent^ 

Duncan McNeill* ..... 
Lenox Prendergatt^ . * • 
Geo. Harrington Price* . 
A. 8. Montague Browned 

VC Jamea Leith* 

Charlea Hill Uniacke*<> . . 


James Brander Dunbar. . 

Daniel Moodie>« 

John Lorn Stewart • • . . 
Thomaa Philip Parr . . * . 
George Cleghom . . . . r. 
Samuel Seggie ....••.. 
Hugh Bdmond Browning 
Francia Lamb Philp • • • . 
Geoige Paulet 



VC John GrieTe, Aiff, . . 
Percy Charles DuCane . . 

Thomaa Hunt 

John Wallace Holier • . 
William Connel Black . . 


P 16 Mar. 49 
P17 Dec. 68 
P90 8epr.68 
p 11 Mar. 68 
Pl7May 60 

18 Not. 68 
4 May 40 

P 87 Jan. 64 

19 Jan. 56 
80 Sept. 64 

P90Feb. 66 
P80Mar. 65 
P 4 May 65 
19 Feb. 65 
96 Feb. 66 
P 17 July 67 
P 19 June 67 

Pll Sept. 67 

4 Dec. 67 

8 July 68 

26 Oct. 58 

P 17 Dec. 58 

P 18 Mar. 59 



P87Aug.6B 8 Dee. 64 

84 Not. 64 p 8 Feb. 56 

15 Dec. 54 jP 17 July 57 

8 Dec. 64 P 18 June 56 

15 Mar. 68 p 1 Aug. 56 

Pl6Mar.66 P84Dec. 58 


87 July 58 
P85Feb. 59 

90 July 58 

P 97 May 68 
83 Oct. 66 

P 95 May 66 
7 Feb. 66 

PSFeb. 66 
P 19 June 67 

17 Sept. 67 

17 Not. 67 • CkpMa ii^iwt 

97 Snv M BmMm i— ptHii af ItM-Sft, 
P94 Dee. 58 iBUmu. »l TelMtMym. 

31 Jan. 68 "in* «f ttMM^^ (ii«dii 

I tkrM Claapa). 

7 Captain Prtn<UffMt Mirtd Id the EMtera 
cuDpaicn, ineluding th« iflUr of ll*KflAsM't 
riuni, the batiU of Betoklatft (eererelj wooDded 
bf % mmket ballet on the rlf hi Hum), and tiem 
of Sebeelopol (Medal and Glaipe). 

8 Captain Oco. B. Price aemd with tlie llth • ^ • 
Huiean the latter part of the Bastem eaapeifa -a S § 
of ItftS, Inelndlng the battle of Tehernaja and « a J 
•iefe of Setaetopol (Medal and Olaap). ^^ 

Paymatior.^^ohn Henry King/* 10 April 56 ; Cvmot, p 98 Jan. 46; Lioui. C o^ 

A4jutant.^V^ ComH John Grlere, 18 Ftob. 50. [81 Dee. 47. £ S<^ 

Qwirter Afof^er.— Thomas Hamiltmi M'Bean,i* 16 Aug. 50. 

Riding Afoi^^.— NicholiB Mills, 11 Sept. 67. g'SPu 

5uraeoii.— Aug. Pnrefby Lockwood,^ 91 Sept 59; A$Htt. Sur§. 17 Sept. 41. | ^ti^ 

AttUUmt Sur^etnu^Tbiomu Rudd, MD., 1 Aug. 57i e I « 8 

Veterinary Jiir y wm.— Thornton Hart, 4 July 66. I w ^ "S 

Scarlei^l^toHft^ Blue. — A§oni9i Measrs. Cox ft Co. 1.5*^ 

[Retmrhodfrom the Crimea, 4 July 1866.] %^% 

4>rd SmadysaeeoinpaBled the 10th HiUfart to the Penlniula in 1818, and was preeent in the action a ^ J 1S^ 
ice, and bettletof Vittoria and Panpelaaa. Served alto the earapalfn ol Itlft, at an Aide-de-camp to « -'^ | ^ 
nke of WelUigrtOB, and was preeent at the batUe of Waterloo. Hat recelTed the 0ii?er War Medal J E Z% 

paign of ISS4.6S, la eoanMod ef the Beota Oreya, iMlaeteg tke aCklr of J • Sn 

MM Clasp Ibr fittoria. 

>1aacl Onflth »rv«4 lb* lasteta 


boHlM M BalaklaTa (wwiwletf la the 

la eoonMOfri ef the 

by • ptettil-b«ll)i laknaMB, aad ttbenuia, siec* and fkll 
i ttree Plain. GS.. SartlalMi MadaU aad 4ia Claaaof Um McdJUla). 
I..CIIMH narfee a«nre« Iba laatWB >■■■>■ Iga of ISM-W, laeladiiig Um affair of M*K«Dii«*i Para. batUet of Bala, 
(aakfe eaft en laa aaefc), latiiiaa, aaS TfebarMya, ilcft aad fkll or SabaaUvol (Medal aad Umre Claspi, Brevet 
4., KalgMar ttM Leiian ef HaMt. m« •* Olaat of the MadjMie). 

iViaia Macfeanan sNTad tba ■ ■atim aaaipalga af IBM-M. iaclading tht baUlcs of BalakUva and lakinaaii, aad 
4 SilMlipil (Medal aad Claapai alia Sardlalaa Medal). 
■plalM HeNeiU and Brawaa ware at tha battla of Uie Tehcraaya, and thetirffa and fkll of Bcbaatopol (Medal and 

iajor I<eilh aerred with the 14th Lt.Dn. in the Peraian expedition of 1867 (Medal). Alao at the tup- 
, ... . -. A c-j — t^i. *v. «*.• — ^-«j » ^ *!.. _i J capture of Dhar, aetkma 

Central India fleld force 
capture of Ourrmkota and 
dt aerooa'the Beae, fbrcinc the Moddenpore paae. siege fend capture of Jfianti, battles of the Bet^Rraaad 
di, aad all the aAdra daring the advance on Calpee (twice mentioned in detpatehee. Breret of M i^i 
rim Craea, and Medal). 

Captain UnhMlie aenred with the 10th Hutcart in the Crimea from 17 April 1865, Including the 
ire of Tehorgoun, kiege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clavp). Serred wtth the CaraMReers 
, and waa preeent at the battles of the Uindun, battle of Budlckaserai, affkir of 0th June 1807 
and Call edf BeUU, aad sabsequent opeimtioni with Showers' Moreable Coltinn. 
Uairt. MOTdle and Qr..Maaiav M 


*Baen aerred the Baaiam aaa^paigB ol I8ft4>5a, Ineladlat the aOklr eT M'Bentle^ sB ST • • 
end TShamafa. tlete end tell of Oebailapol ( Medal tad three Claspe, aad Hh Claaa «3 « j j 

138 Zrd ( The Kinff*t Oan) Hagt of Lt. Dragooni. 

Th* Whita Hon*, wllhin Ilia Oarlir on Die tai uid Srd Sludirdi, wl( 



C«f<niel.— VCBlPateTAui{>I->ut<"ir,'CB. KII.Corn«t,91Mu.M; Lt.iJatj 

05) C^;(t.8HayOe; Jtff^.SOMBy 13; Xf.Cof. 18 June 1£; CM. lOJaD.37; 

iti^or Qtn. Not. 40 j LuQen. SO June S4 ; Coi. Srd Dn. tS Hay 55. 
Z.imf.Co'crwf— \ValterUneU,*a)rw;(,PS3 Aug.33; i(. p 31 Mar, 37 ; Capt. 

v\il<iir.i-i;BTm.Mqj. 7 June 4»; Jf^/. 'S Fab. 64; i^.Cal. SO Juna 64 ; 

Col. 30 Jgns 67. 
RI Afif/in-.—irim. Horace Muinert Monck ton,* £n*. FSS April 41 : XJ.PS9 April 

48; Qiyf.P4MBy 4fl; Jtfq?or. P 17 Feb. C7. 



P39 Apr. 63 


J Richard UiehaeLWiUiaia 

P 10 May 61 

P 82 Sept. 64' 

!? Edward Howard Vyae .. 

Piil Aa|r.4e 

P 3 Feb. 54, 

1 17 Feb. 87, 

-^ Arthur Bdmund Mansel 

» 16 Oct. 60 

P Mu-. 65 

P 19 Feb. 68 

Robert DyniDDd 

P 17 Jan. 61 

1* Sept. 65, 

p 21 May 58; 

Jacob Camac Murphy • ■ 

>>17 Feb. hi 

14 Sept 66' 



P 1 Sept. 64 

P 3 Mar. 57 1 

34 hug. 58 

Chai-lei Talbot Qoff .... 

P IB May 65 

OOet. 57, 

16 Oct. 68 

Richard Blundell 

p 7 Mar. 66 

P 10 Feb. 68 




JoteptiP.NorUi,M4-. .. 

31 Dec. 52 

V 2 Feb. 55' 

ffro.Drury K.Lowe,.... 

1 Dec. 54 

P 10 Apr. 65 

Arthur Lantour 

23 Oct. 55 

Oct. 67 

pai Julr57 
gjan. 66 

P 28 May 08 
P 24 Aug. 68' 

^ Henry Henie'liuMtt!*.." 

Reginald PilTaid 

p 2 Feb. 68 

P24 Sept. 68 

fohu Orm^y Fhlbb* .. 

3 Feb. 5B 

PlSOct. 68 



V 5 Mar. 68 

P 4 Mar. 69, 

Rlchud Ju. M. St.Georse 

31 May 56 

30 Mar. 68, ■!■■,«««■■** te J».^ Tt^. 

1 l>ulinorCUUlu.>Dtk'(K;rttlr 


Samnel Barrett 


Qeoise Sbippen Wlllei . . 

V 14 May 58 

tDnWiuk 1014)0]. 

Henry HlKlM 

S4 Ang. 68 

1 Edward Arthur Qore.... 

P25Aug. 58 

J Oaniel Henry Doherty.. 

26 Oct. 68 

Uitbony Strother 

pa5 Mar. 58 

P 13 May 69 

P22 July 50 

niomai DonaldBon 

"eymailer. — Fred. Thomas Ong ley Hoi»an,'I5 Feb.6Si C^muf, p 15 Ang. 48 : 
lii/ulatit.—Lieul. Joaepb P. North, 16 Nor. 56. ILi. 16 Mtrah 53. 

iuarltr Matter.— Cbarlet E. Netila*, lO July 58 ; Car. 30 Mar. 58. 
tiding Maittr. — Jamea Alexander Dixon," 21 Sept. 65. 

iurgtof. — Wm. Ord Mackenaie, M.D., Au\»t.Sitrg. A Jan. 39 ; Smrg. 8 Jan. 

l*li>(. Air;.— John Crown AgDii, 11 Aug. 54. [47; Surff.Mijf, 4 Jan. 69, 

^tl. Sttrg.—Ben}. ChaningRounQardiner," 19 Uay4Sj 1ft Ciatt,l]nlftO, 

Blue— i^iein^ Scarlet— A^raf, Edward 8. Codd, Bw. 

[Setumtd/rom tht East Inditi, IS May 1863.] 

•Hral Lintaur MtrHl In tbaPaBlauli with th* lllh Bnisoni In IBll >nd IS; b* tuacksd 

■a of Ihat Il*tt, an Iba MA Bapl. IBII, aeu SI BMtoa, a rnaeh Oiralry Rtft., wUeh 

... i ,f ,^ LUtii DliWoa, Ukluc HTOral pmoBin. ud canr«d th* rMraaagf the 

_ '* Rojtl Boft. of ComtantiaapLe. 

lopol (M cilnl ind Olup). 

i|liautU»Pgn]aubeuip*J(Dari84B-S, aadaaa - 

— Ti). Hemul wiik tb* annr sf tka 
nk atUiiot iB Mmmawfer tba 

Osurml BhUer. 



^S^SBSSH'^ ] ^ ( ^^ Qiieen*s (hen) Regt. of Light Dragoons, 139 


TmifBm, ** APFaBANi8TAlc"'<QuuzMEB" <<Alma" ''Balaklava'*<<Inkbeman" 

** Sevastopol." 

CSiil9ii#/.— 9 in ^ir George Sco veil,' KCB. A i^jutant j 5 April 9B>', Cornet, 20 
- ii«i Jane 98; Lieut. ^ May 00; Cff77^ 10 March 04; Mt{jorj 30 May 11; 
Zajfay-' LUut.CoL 17 Aug. 12; Co/. 27 May 25; 3/flyor t^cn. 10 Jan. 37; Lt. 
] Gen, 9 Nov. 46 ; Oen. 20 June 54; Col. 4th Light Dragoons, 18 Dec. 47. 
' Lieui,ColoneL^A\ejaLudiiT Low.* Cornet, P2 0ct. 35 ; Lieut, p 6 July 38; 
I Capt. P 14 July 43; Bre».3f<y. 20 Juno 64; ilf/y. 20 Oct. 54; Brev.Lt. 
Col, 12 Dec. 54 ; L'uut,Col, 1 May 57 ; Col, 12 Dec. 57. 
Jfi{;ar.— George John Brown,* Comet, p 17 April40 ; Lieut, p 14 July 43 ; Capt. 
P30 Jan. 46; Brev.Major, 12 Dec. 54 ; Mqjor, 12 May 57. 







1 10 

















27 : 


2 ! 



25 1 

6 ' 

4 1 

noH,C, J. Keith-Falconer^ 

Fieunet Comwallis' 

Chas. A. Gunter Browne^ 

, Fred. J. Sandys Lindesay' 
Alex. Geo. Mtrntgo. Moore 
Hon, Fred. George Ellis 
Archibald Philip Douglas 
Edward WUUam Blackett 

Henry Jennings,* A4j» • • 
William Chaine 

; Warden Sergison 

William Hone Davis . . . . > 
Frank Hodgkinson . . . . ' 
Arth.W. De Capell Brooke! 

, Alexander Fair Jones . . 

Rusaell England I 

John Kennedy ! 

Cornets. | 

! Edward James Bradshawj 
Conwy Grenv. H. Rowley j 
TiicophiloB Gist ! 

. CliarlesMatthewCaldcron: 

; Harry Yonl ; 

Namau Clark , 


15 Feb. 50 
P 12 Apr. 50 
P 13 Dec. 60 
PIO Mur. 48 
P13 Dec. 50 
P 2 Aug. 65 
P 12 Apr. 50 

1 June 55 I 

5 Nov. 54 

I'lO Dec. 50 

P 10 Mar. 67 

29 Feb. 60 

26 Feb. 60 

p30 June 67 


24 Nov. 67 

P14 May 58 

13 Aug. 58 
24 Aug. 58 

P 7 Sept. 58 

13 May 60 

1 July 59 

P 18 Mar. 59 


31 Oct. 
26 Oct. 

20 Oct. 

2 Feb. 

3 Mar. 
P 14 Sept. 

21 Sept. 

20 Feb. 

< I' 30 June 

IP 4 Sept. 

P 2 Feb. 
13 April 
24 Aug. 
26 Jan. 

P 18 Feb. 

P24 May 

captain. I brev.-maj. 

- ' _^_^^_ ' 

61 P 26 May 66 
64 P31 Aug. 66 
64 P 21 Sept. 65; 
49 P 6 June 64 

P 9 May 60 

P 10 Oct. 67 
20 Feb. 68 j 

P 24 May 69 i 

4 Hon. Capt. Keitb- Falconer ler Ted 
thrrr yoar« M • Midthipnuui, and 
wai wounilvd in the boat »eti<!ni of 
II. M. S. Fresidcnt and Eurpdiem 
airalnitthe Arab piratvk in the rtvrr 
Auffoiha, emit coast of Africa, >S 
Not. 1817. Serrrd the Eattcrn cain- 
paifoof leA4-5&ai Aide de Camp lo 
Sir Richard England, including the 
battlei of Inkerman aad Tebcrnaya, 
and liege of Sebaatopol; waa alvo with 
tlie Light CarAliy Rrigsdcat P.upa> 
toria (Medal and Claspa, Sardinian 
Meda1,aiul bUiCiaunftbclfedJidie). 



Pay/ii«*«r.— George Thome George,* 4 May 49; ^iw. PC Sept. 33; X^ p9 Dec. 

Adjutant, — Lieut, Henry Jennings,* 23 March 56. [30 ; Capt, '17 Jan. 45, 

U \Quarter Master, — James William Kelly, 15 Nov. 69: Cornet, 31 Aug. 58. 
! Riding JfiM/er.—John Clark, 4 Sept. 57. [Surgeon Mty'or, 1 Oct. 58. 

\Sur(feon, — ^Archibald Alexander, Assist. Surg, 20 Feb. 35; Surg, 3 Oct. 45- 

Assist,Surg,'-J ohn Charles Campbell, M.B , 23 June 64. ' 

I Veterinary Surgeon, — Herbert Sewell, 14 Nov. 56. 
I Blue — Facings ScuTlet,— Agents, Messrs. C. Hopkinsou &. Co. 

I IRetumedJroni the Crimea, 28 May I860.] 

I Sir 0«orf« Seovell terred the eampai^ under Sir John Moore, terminating with (lie battle of 
Coninna* at which he was preaent as Deputy Aisiitanc Quarter Maaier (Spnoral. Afterwards in the 
Fenlnaula la the tame department at the head-quartersiinderihe Duke of Wellineton, from Feb. 1809 to 
the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the passage of the Douro and pursuit of Marshal Souli • 
battlca of TalaYem, Buaaeo, and Fuentes d'Ouor ; sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and Bttdajoz. battlo of 
Salamaiiea, aieie of Burgos, battles of Vittoria, thePyrenees, Ni\elle, and Ni\e; passage of the Adour. and 
battle of Tdakmse. Barred also the campaign of 181 A, includinir the battle of Watciloo. Sir G^orce has 
iM«lved the Gold Croas and one Clasp; and the Silver War Medal wiUi eight Clutp^; and has the 4th 
ClMB of St. Wladlmir of Bussla. 

S Cotoael low served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, Including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, 
lakorman. and Tehamajra, and siege of Sebastopol, al»o present with the Lielit Covaliy Brigade at £upa- 
toria; at lokermaD he commanded the Regiment (Medal and Clasps, Br«ret Lt.Col., Kuight of the Legion 
•f Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 4th Cla»s of the Meojidie). 

Z M^Jor Brown served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Aimn, Jlalaklava 
lakerman (wonnded), and Tchemaya, and siege of Scbastojiol, also present with tiie Light Cnvidiy Brigade 
at Bupatocia (MedaA and Clusps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of tlie Mecljidii>). 

5 Oaptain Comwalllsand Paymaster George served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, inrludine the battles 
of Alma, Balaklava, Inlierman, and Tchemaya,and siege of Sebastopol, also with the Light Cavalry Brigade 
at Enpatoria (Medal and Clasps, and 0th Class of the Medjidie). 

e Captain Browne served in the Ci*imeafrom 28th April to 20th July 1855, and has the Medal with Clasp 
for Betaastopol. 

7 Captain L'ndesay served with the 17th Regi. at the kiege and fall of Sebastopol and assault of the 
R»daa on the 8th Sept. 1853 ; also at the bombardment and surrender of Kinboum (Medal and Clasp). 

• Uent. JMininfs served tiie Ivastem campaign of 1854-5.% including the battles of Aima. Balaklava 
(wouadad), lnkarnMD,andTehemay&,aDd siege of Si.*bastopo1, aUo present with the Li'^jht Cavalry Brigade 
at Sopatorto (Mc^l and Clssps). 

t c 

140 Slh{Rc!iiU/risli)«esl-ill'l.'alilDmi/ooiu(taHceri). ["SJSS^**! 

Tin 111171 "uJCwwir. "Qh!i RryaraUlf" fB — 

m/.— V KB Ji-fr Jnni[i<iC.CKnttert(iii, 7if.'KII. Cor. i<3» ITov.OO; U.d June 1 3 

; Capt. I'Sii Mur. Id j Mujor, p-,'3 July 24 ; U.C-d. m Dec. 37; CM. 93 |^ . 

K3 V 41; J/»/0«n.!!«JuiitS4;£l.(Vi'n.l»l>ra.SlJi C'uJ. S Un. SI Feli.uS. zE 

ihiiui.~fift>. A<i^. Filinrr Sullian,' (Vr. r-J» JiiFv »U ; /.(. *3G Fub. -(t i C«ft. 1 1 

.llir.44: ,!/»;. 17 Ctli. .14 ; /yf.iJ.'.l,/. IJ »w. 54 ; if.Orf, m Feb. M. Sl 

:S I— ll..;nrt I'orial," ftV«, ''17 Jnn. 41; /-(, i'8 Mar 45; Cn/rf. "9 Juii* fl 

; Hf.,tf.i/Vir, H Jiitic HI ; .lf/t,flr, 111 I'tb. r.H, . ■» 

crpTAiSH. • I'OKXBtT^ MVurT", "caftaTs^ ; "nRK\^M.w. g| 

[Di:. Ilillki' I 14 IJi'c. nf'oKI Apr, 41' 10 Mur. 47 ' SU June S4 E| 

rj im llU-ks Siadfl' .. II) MHr. 47 I'dS May 4d ■> » Mar. fiSiSi) July ud £ -- 

O. Uniiliatn Mnonj* S7 Ort. £41 » Ftb. Vr -M Fc'b. -i?! c| 

S Byn-iu' SAiir.ail 1 4 ?<'iit. ."i.^ ' 3(1 Pi^h. SH tj 

In It. riirirlns (iniul I* 1(1 Si'Iit. 51 i'£)Juiiuu4| IK.Ujr.jtl SI 

111 Will. VBllnnti».. ilMHr. ii raoM«y MlfSttApr. fi9 -la 

H ■<] lit Eriit«llr.mH"".. a^) Mur. 47 i' 3 Oct. 4!)jP13 Ihw. 61' s| 

Kiu^ Ri'iiilull P17.i<ci|it.A0 ■> Jl Apr. !f4 , i' S(I Har. M Z, 

Li KrTK.VANTri. I I i ' "S 

ir Jliirniv" 17 Juno j;l j i3 Oct. ii- » Lt.r^ii ni»t «.r.Hl i« 

. ['ri. \l\'avGr/U<(/'.' 3:1 Oct. ."i? | 17 Mar. .'iS ' liiUklmj, Ink-imu. u.t\i 
r.- ;i Heiirv C..»m. .. l- 7 Dm. A.1] 17 Mar. 5S|T.1i-™.j^ tlra- UBd Wl rf |5 

W«: l..r l.-»r.U,; . . . . / IS n-b. .W 3« Ma,'. .".B | ?::;rKUS^f 'il^^ ' I 

i,iiL.lai!wortii".... I'SiMuy-Wj 3=) Ocl. 47 „r id,„„, and Mh CI-« ol llw 5 f 
i^ rtALithrv ; 10 Apr. M I'M .i|iril.TO'Mi4iJ"M. ■ Ui 

m\ J. Wyrlcy Bli'iili 17 Aj.r. j» May M: b.",JJ^'*J„„^-"I "fTsLjHl * | ' 

:i nilar Uuleiilinaiiii .. 14 May •'iU:..f .llm*. TUIalliia. Inkrnmu.snd TehciBi^, j >g ' 

ChatTsv 31 May fla!"«« nf Ssbmhikj.uHi wiiIii1i,.ij«1iiCiii4:it II- ■ 

V 1 ' I .... I iiiii„.f, 1,1 llriLoilf al KuiiMiirli! aiiil wu 4.di> do Ciiiiig JjS 

J-u.iek.ur .... ., lySq.t.^1,,, 1,,^ O^iiiTpa,! Jartng Ik.. p..I..<1 £ 8'. 
O.Unwan SmKli..! i) Oft, 39 , ,„,u,„„i„| |C> Llil.i Cnialrj' Urh;»rt» In t*e^P| 

Uik'i' Ewlii-' : m Dl-C. .'id Criuun [X 1I1I inil flttpt, i«jril[iiliii Uadd.J^V 

° mil sub Cli» nf ihf HhUhIh). 3e. 

■t [li>r>ini> aiHl lull nf Srbjaioiml tmm Mad "Jd 
I \uii. IKU [Mr-iliil ami L'lui>>. ,JZ ■ 

m/er.— Jiiliii Akin Uyee, 1 J Mnrcli -iB. g^ 

ant.—Ueiit. Eilwanl Fraricis Hunvi-r," .'. Mnrcli 3S. B » * 

'rr -Vaifir.—Uvm^e (ii'itHt!), 3 June M. ^ j I 

J .Vfltfur— Willlain Ilant, li Aiic oD. .a^ 

an.-IIctiir IliiMi, M.D., A.S. 31 Jan. 4o: 5ury. 13 Aii^. D4. 31 

itnf SHf^cOH.— Joliii AtkiiiMii, 10 March .'.fl. ^= 

liufr^ SniffcM.— William C. Lnrd.SO Jen. i-l; l^r CTa», I July 60. 2| 

FiKiugn tJcarla.—AgrHt, ItDiiry Tucker Claek, Kmj. '■j 

1 Sir Juari Cknfa ChntlctMa •rmd in tiM l?tli Li:lil liMLiioiit. mw tke n'<yi.1 Lurcn, in Parlifl, 11 

Sii, I'ln^LTi. «hI Vnnn, rnmi 1<4II lo UIR. iirlndinKll.r>rfiu»nr taiiitaa>iiii.V<l-ianil Alilnilc rooUj S,3 
•irc" *^ Ciiulail Ridrini and HujMln; fmiiimilT niiiluTFil apan d(ltlcll^l |4h(i of ubwnalian and 3'; 
Unnkra Airhii cir-lioni : lli^ ar<;;>ni ur VniHrr, Ui'rma, j'juiun' nf Ike 'Imiu<», iicar HilAnnSL-H (tnwn., 3 j 
and Jitarkiif ikranniit'ii reo'-^piinl, lle^lita af ^n I'kriitml. kacJu, Cailnd'in. aa<l batik i>( MiUiamtcai Rt 
alTdn ai 'laili'tt. Valliitiilal. tVLiJulri Caiulnbn. to ilie intriiniHil aud line t/ llanu, arliaai at Slgni.tatia, || 
Bnlp uf Ik.iiirl. Quiuliiia ralli V.iita drl V.,.<i. nnl O.lnaa, u-liinil na Ik* rrtrcit fn^ Hmrm !■> SataiaiinBi, J ] 
Ikcnrt tu 111? niiub.i dmI iia-ai(ii 111 lli> llai'bn, TinTivuCDiiAi aul ua'nif.ti taOuiUil Kodriin. apoa (tia "a 
idrura of lb nnn^ La lill 1 dir ihM]ec af tia r.ln nnl Gala, arii.« at i>'Ba. uid haUka uf \tlhafi. aefiatM al 1 * 
VUUFninH,TdBM,i.iibi:iii'inai.ilni|iiurriifMiiitriiaiL:aii. 1 lie iiclliaia un ernwiif Hie BUiMaa, mid Qon. ^ft 
iaa du-iimy-i iMlifiiil riiirrnuLuirnta. Tbi.- Iinlik iif ilu. ^lvll1•<. llu' anwiiav an. Jmiile 1/a, m Ah^m, iIi ti 
lliTiir^1l<aii<'. Iliil^<. ilirlniilniwUM .Niii- Ihiai the nii tallirl^li (KnUtil; ilia jauHfCiJ tba Aduor.'E^ 
aiidniTnlia.'nl nf Ikir-nae 1 .iiTiip iti'ii iif Kaniinai, Uia inMi:- uf tkor-uuBac. aiiili<jin a; Eullm ortk* -9 ! 
puKii.'ai.rilirlionl.iiiir.biwilrti-raiii >kirniliLc wl Biinw iiil'iiii. U 1-la.llialniilciiir QuitrsBniaal Ij 
W.ii'no-.1iitbraMi»iTi>uai..tnuEiiir.<rraiu. lli- liii< mrirnl the Ur ■<■•( K>;<lit irikeXoyiii ninanriaa l( 
analpliiiillr.ii-Mli.ilnrSiiiircrni-iukiBt $i.iin. Ilir W;ii M<tIbI and Cbiui fur ika IhIIIu vf SalMaaDCi. tS 
Vluinln, SncUt. mi Sitr. aul Hie H'uiurl » Vi 4 il. lin'aiiibl lliii nuuBunJ* M bcr Uajetlir (<> alteaa and bear 1 1 

lAn KmlBr wr of IHISS (M'-itl;. 

f- (KM .^ JHnwuiiiHjf ^ imiftmttu uj ijnufoUHM. L»i 

_ wtJiftUoflioibtllUng.— "Waibbloq," "BitAKr.ATA," "9b?amtofou" Bu ■ ^ ^ 

.CWnMl^y«i4S>rJaniaJiiekM>n,'KCB. KM.JEM.0Oct.UG; j:i.35JaD.»8;'a ^ 3 | 

\\ CofH. »S6 JatM 13 : JtmelMtfjor, 18 Jane 15 ; iln/Ket LI.Col. Si Haj 30 ; jf-f 2 3 

■ I Jtf(^, PSnA|>r. JT; J,t.Cal. P^Harcli3!li Git. SJ Hor. 41 ; Af^for-GeH. '%'S - .3 

-I II Nov. 51; U.GtH. 90 Oct. 69; Col. IS Un. II Jiitioufi. |^ ^ J 

' ^J-CWwuTf.— Charts* Cameron Shuti/Cujiwi, i' lUJulj 04; /.r. k ISllar 3!l; ~3 f h 

Ca;rt. 'aMar.47; ATii/or, t Junc^li Jlrrrf/ Lf.Cof. IS Dee. 34; Lt.Cal.S= = S 

■ H'Jftb. 68; (W.21 Sept. 5U. jl | * 1 

Pre<l.W«llln(;lonJoliuFiuWygruiii,'C(u-nef,»'38JuTv43;i(cuf.i>l7 May 44} -■*■ & S J 

Copf. 'Sa Dec. 18; .Viv*a>-, vlOFib. &«; ti.Co/. SC July 68, ■? i 5| - 

t 3/,V(.™.— Edmund D'Arcy Hunt *Cor«cf, F Jtl Ucl.4T ;£/.►■ Ill Out. 49 ; Capt. " ~ 

'■ PI68ppt.C4; Jfrf/or, 26 July M, 
I Jame* D. Cowell,* Carutt, v IS July 31; JJ. ' 17 May .'17 ; Cajtt. r D Juna 48; 
' .lf«>r, W July m. 

I ArcWbaldWeir*..' "I i^'T {'^ 'i '^''"'■i;"!" 'I';!"-"^'! ' I 

Kreliolu»J)eJmfyLori;ll'''-'*P''P'-53 ''a4N"v. jli-IDFrb. &8| « 

E<IwaiiiFinchDawK,n'.. "l^^'T'"' 8 Dec, W p 31 May 68, ^ ^ 

AnlinrnnchDawtt)„'..,i'"'-*"K-6* '''■'^»"- ■>' " 'J J"l.» fiSj £,y „ ^ 

. U T.K..\Dilen<.u,W*ApF..7. )0N..v.64 Oct. 67 StlJuly 6»' ^t m * 

I ;<».pU Thomna ffethorall "i* fo».6t, llOct. 67 " 3« July 6i* t ■ IH'i ^ 

► HtD(yTopliotnClenient.»|''nMuy50: il lah t>5 ^^Hl ^,iy ^V ^^ ^^ ^ ^^-^^ | 

I JffiiiiS'n'ui",*"y:.... 2V»"«'«' «*"''-?'^*\^«SbliiM;| H s !t ^- 

I I Frrd. Barclay Cha?m.n. . ! " 2-1 Oct- ^' *" " «• ^ ^k-i«.. ^l-"^'*- £"•{;"• £ 1 g 
I Jr«..Wm.O>E.B.AinUky | " 30 Oct. 67 ; ' m May 58 £.|^„S;??f 1i jm'^ii;?. g 
llo,tfMi.E(1w.llMionIloiu-ko l»Nov.S7 ' *? ■'""'^^^S '"«l"l'^2?"'J'.:"!!:""+ 1 

' a|jfli,»o'X8iii iTJt»v.57>'i3j,,yM:;*i;;-T««^-^^^^^ 

OiEJwBrdXapter ..,„._., ........ r- 

I il)|GHirgcU. UillingtoD" .. 
I 4 jBarton Jobn Dovrney .. 
' . RuticrlJaliii QarneU. . . . 

jDniKin Montagu H.las« 


! COUK»S. 

iJobn Baakeriille 

D I Robert Davlcs" 


Alex. Fred. Stewart 

iTbdxlon Wrn. Rathlmne 
a JHeary A. Reade Heiell.-, 
WUIIam Valaiitiue King i "Aug. _^ _ 

j I I «a Clupi, Add igunwilca (irueral Stttftoa-t rietKt f "^ 'S 

'J'fn'"'-— ''■h»n'wSmalM,''24ScpLSa.L"„''M!llLhi't"^^^^ I 

\Aiti.-~Lt. Wm. Monle,' 10 Jan. 5C. 'Ap.ii isid .ml w.. wivnly .ONi,.l,d. i||2 

I Inttriuioriif iluihttFg.—Lit^t. llim. E. It. Buurkc, 14 Jan. 6!). ■* -i gS J 

Qtuirtn- Maittr. — Jolin EIrhb; MouiiWin,' 5 June 06. ■= ^ ^ - _ 

1 Riding Jfrntcr.— Jotepb Malonu, 7 Sept. 7A. 

ISitJVMi. — FnDClaHu(ini>i Baitcr.'.M.U. l6Aii^.6l; A>. 

-.Awuf.Surjeuni.^Oli^cr Darnelt, 24 Nov. 64. 

I Robert GravM Burton," 31.1). 54 Feb. .'»4. 

•V€ttTinary Stirgton. — JBme»('olHn»,'''23 June 64. *; ^ 

ycarlct— i=Vieifl9« Yellow. — Ai/enI; Hcmn. Cox 4: Co. w " 

Jglnnitd/rom Ibe Crimrn, 7 JuId IMO. Emhurked far iHitia, 6 .Ih^. 1868.] E , 

Jattca JukKB Hried la IM PairiniiulB. iron Anil IDUO M ilw nidnriktOBr li 1814, IikIdJ. ^ J 
IbrImsI nrnris, Talimi, iihI Bhkoi aniwu Poiiiiial DvliirJia, and Fai d'AMuce (nuviidnl). !■_ 
^iMlle•d'Clll«rOnllllHlall>M«!).fl^M>lnl>•>rB.<l^|aI,■.■lII»ll■IKI ».Kl<in, .ir«* and ra|.»>rv £ ' 
■tfbMia.>kiwnid«Mun<i(lladOo>.bMilMdraidanai>ehVlil<>r:a [bonw tlinll, Muja IhiM, .J[ 
■M.1»liJnlT<f !"■<««• Wl-"^' KJiill*, Xins giiil UirwiH. frrtiai at n'RttHvo, a-id ailb Si 
iTfimiifHna tnrnnn tMrrflia Iwliawid AnNa Imm 18lu tn U4 indixli'ic ihc rapiara ol S' 
L.AII. V^IIIMrTa«eie)arTU)t.rUi».el><uiilb.uil(.>r>hlibKnU..!lii'iiii rr^iiuiiifii<l.<l bj- the Cs 
ikTHaMhicatWIbaiankal LMH^^MiiuL lie hu rnclinlihr Warllwliil nitn^L-iupa lor >4 

raento* t'Oimt, Ciii*id HodtlBi^ Bad^u, Salanianni. Vltliirn, I'j ni.iiA -X,> rllr, and XItp. h _ 

aMi Uai* HrHil Id iiw l«tli 14. Drop-oat iilih lb.i Firld Vun.~' nniil-iFi-d In ili> ri-d.if:- n nf ? ■ 
1^. ii(<|(i : RTicd «H1i III* nth l)RU>nn> tkr Ea-t^ru MmiKiltii ur ifr^t-s^ .■■ A»i<<. ^'Muint . G 

af tliaC»al>7Pi')>1"n''i»''S*rdN«T. IMM.Mndailiiiilb'- tisiibi- ul Ili]..H<irii, Inlfniian, nad '3 
am. and ilri* and fall «[ DtluiMiiol (Jtrdal aiid CIujx, Urcvri U.Col., Knijl.t of ib<i Lrsli.n H 
STBdChOlaHof ttoUtdJMie. S 

Sr'Baal icmd with Ihc Mb l«aHr* la lb* lait Pa^faub nnpllin.ind wtu pmnt at tlM n 
7miliaa«^lab and OaqfRiit {Uedal ■ml ri»|i>). Bcnrd Ilw K^tlsni nmpa'iii allh llii< otb 
m laiWdrnl "*'"** BalaUara, iBkarau, and Tclwniji, aid lica* and [nil wl BiliaiiigiiDl 

m Clant, BtcdlDlM Kadal, *Dd Stb Clan ol the Mfdjtdte}. 

'^ ""r ™ Sm, .1 la, BUI, ,^g^ 

i3Juiy5a;'jJ',£»^S,w*j-- •^;;|*j;^ H 

39 Apr. 6D «( Tchnrxu^ Uiik •>( ib« T^lunxh •»■■ u4 &I1 ^ 
36 June 58 ["* »*««^|li<dtf ■■dCh.pi. « J. 

oii..i„ r.a' Ol-aptataAadtcwMMTtwimoBaiferaMni- 5f 
30 Julyif8'>uuad<Tl1nth(diiri>r(Tli>t<>latlwAlniii,aiid ^^ 
■ n Ana- 68 pownt •! Ibi'bailh. .f Abna. IMIat lira, ai.d 1 1 


1th ( r/w Qvfen'4 Own) Rtyl. ofU. Drag<mif(Iluuart.) [^..^tSlS 

iCu'ont/.— U Sir Wlttiiim TuvU,' KCU. Cor. 2a Oct. tlO; Lieut. IS July Id, Ckj 

April 04; Miijiir.iu Sav. m-, Lieut.Cvl.VMBae 11) C'df. 37 Atay 35 ; JUqjer 
; 10 Jun.a7i if.(;.H.»Sov.4(l;«BH.30Jiiiiuu4; C»/. Jlli llUB-«ra, l« M«r. 46. 
1 Lieut. CoiimeU.—Sir WlllUiu UumiII," Hiiit..CiiCarmf. P 2 Julv 41 ; LI. l-JT Fab 
; Oijif. i'l(iA|.r.4;j iVajor, iaAuB.S7; i)/./,(.tV. -20 July 58 ; £(.C<i/. >■ 12 .\oF. S 
IWilluiii UiibiiiHtiin, CorniY, I' II X<iv. 43 ; i.f.'i't. ri} (;^t. ^u^ (,'<i;i(. i' U Juuv iiU> Jtf 

I' 13 ,Viiv. on ; X/.CW. 1- i:l May W. 
: .U-yaiM.— Wllliain llnwoii lliislii-,' C:i»™f(. r-i? IVIi. 4(1; i(. !■ 17 Apr. 47 ; Capl.ft 

:i-i; JJt.Maj.-MJniiM; Ma'ior, 1 Jan. OD; lil.Lt.CoLlW \fT. SO. 
I HHrrincitiiJi Asllcy Trcvelyaii/ C"ni(/, ■' 17 Ot;t. jl j X/. m lo i'eb.m-, Ca/it.i Dw 

,U«j<.r, P B Slurch Ji». ^^___ 

Thnmunllinlhciitci^tliitcil' 3 A|>rll4(I{» 1U l>ec. 47 I) Oct. A7 20 Apr, .'if) 

I I'raiik Uiirforll.* I' 10 Aug.SOIP ao Uuc, 23 A Mar. .'>« I 

iCIuirh'aWillinni I'aiilet' .>-21 ^dv. 61 USuiit.iu l>ljNoT.fi8 j 

>7<Er /f.iw. A. ll.A. Anion".!- S7 May .i.1 »i l>«e. £4 p (i July iiS ! ) 
iRubpn Hall! PllJumfiJ USupt. oS 1 Jou. ol) 

! A. Eutlit 

Eutliel'nVjIkiaiHin " ''11 I'tli. « pKUhu. ill) f. Mur. oii ) 

l,ii:VTi::iANT[., I ...■..«..,.«_- i.. •>,. >i^_, 

Hh-l.oidTni.liaii." 27 July Mkl4Mar.50 MnljiCTIh nu" rI.rKi»ii« lo Si 

Uuan John Wilkin," 1 „ p,.i. t-,I„ ,■ l-.i. -- Wi C«itiii«iii. ' 

ffoH.C.CrjvenMolyiicp.t""' flJ«in.'flOl || Mny M,j°sV",tf''ll«*i^.'M'i;> »?J1' 

^^ Julin 11. I'lilllipwu" .... SI Dec. as i'lUJuly ^itttw.-...,-. lUiirk^l.* AlMib>^ *| 

RoM. l)alrym|ilf St<Miiirr>'i'2R .Kue.. 'ii !• I!) Xor..>t< n[iiiiir<>n.iirl,nii[,iiti:uci ol Batcira 

//««. \Valt« Hi.rl«.rd'». . IH llci:. .17 P !» Nov.5« ^JT.tll^'irHlaSSii^JTtato 

S J.Mi.ulil.»i,f,-.i/(J/.TSu.ii,) KIMir.StI U Mur. &U IhnniElMiutilie lljwam taBtahta.!" 

.(.-Iiurlin n.Uiiillk- >-23»liir.Ad >11 Uar. fill Iki-nttiinor KnlniwiCBpUm huM 

'//on.A.Wiii.K.M.IUiI.erl:'' 7 MayM i- » June SI) Jawl*' \aaa««i* llj-tolhar anlM 
111)..... I ...... ill.... «......>... n I'l i..iu nH iiHii n.> rji KOBiU'ullia'iu'rtFtuthB liaoMcc: M 

A,n..,r Hani lion ScroK "' Jwly^S ''HSpet- •«; Tnu^lnn ciui|Miin, iarladfuf ilia 

■ (iiU'i'i l<3t>D«.u3 a) June i1 vnrrhon.a miil ^nwi. Ukiar Jf Ika 

COKKIITH. Mivjiviiik lUlaek mi BuikiT rilh {laruiK (a lEe BJ>ii 

Bdvrard Moteoirc » » ^oV■ W isWtuM.«Uli*Vi.iidw»|i,«inrtaill,eaf«rW^«* 

Efluiunil llntHD hEUnUil flifl ^or. C6 liivcanil nptBruuT Liiri.iiBi>.iiaun of liwrrciBdMn 

Hlchanl «l1mino»«>* .... 1 Jan. 511 twn m NMrhhninp-, wraMira tf britad, |nHma 

■ ILnry IIimLltI Woinbweli vjl Jan. 50 JirrJ;\K Vf-TJ'faX'lTiLfc. JKSiJTSrt 

Hi.lK.'rtMiu)U.H. 31 3[ay SO nh In ii nrrialil Tliiillni'i fiiinliiitu TiiMtai 

11(11. AuKU»tii4 liiiBlimnu 1) Xuv.Ort 'ku'rnii»-l>u'/»r.i-i'iHlpi.<«l>iJ'Ktli*<llBlraMri:i>ap 

I tuii 111 llic IUnt>:B. wlvaace InM linaul anil alair ai Ml 

'Mnlal iiihUJw).'. 

Paiimarlfr.—Ui'or^- RlJioll."l9 !»np^. 07 ; if. St. 1 Juiiu 5.1. 

Aii}uiaiit.—LUal. John Mntil<l,» l(i Marcli b«. 
JutlTHetiir 1^ Mutketry.— Comet Eilwiml iluicslfi', 13 ^I'pt. 50. 
•Quiirltr JUuKter. — Walter llortliuii;l(,"25 Am;. ."t7, 
I IHdhiff JIafler.— William Brav," 5 Oil. 38. 

■ Hurqron.—Umry Ki'uiIhII,** M.D. G Ui't.54; AnUf.Snrg. JO Dee. 4.".. 
Aaitlaat Surijvam. — licorgc Miiulas Slau^lilcr.'' V3 Ui'c. .'i4. 

Tliumja Allun T1mMiliil1,>* M.U. 2D May .>7. 
1 VulK-rinarg Surgeon. — Jnliii ltarkrr,"27 July 55. 
Itluc— .IfnitfJ', &I(-I>:<r*. ClIX & Co. 
[Hcti,ratil fmiu fanada. 111 J)rc. Itl42. EmlmktdforIiidia,11 .4»o. lllS7.J 
I Sir M-in.luf1l«»T<.>l .liiri>i(i»rl or llif cxii,palsn> at ITIKI. Ul. iiii'l m In ihi NeinrrlaDdii al Ikt I 
la IIWi aail la l-uniml, tl|>iin. iiBd Walrhnvn In IMiKanilU. a* Aid-.Jr-Cinp lallicllarqalial Ab|1hV> 

•i »r WiiliJ^uivU vnol'lii Uir lMliDn'nriH|ii!lin'i iiMiiV".''r'<!l"lu »w*i!' \^-J» tdid vu ni.vui ;>( tL« nwta « 
diOBjr'aallBrk oil tl,BAluulurli,aii'ir anil tiqilun'uf Larlmnr lUinct ul LI «.'ul.>iu.-1 ). r»iinii>iiilril Ihr ;tli llBunt 

Ike Ujinria muim^i Iwhi4iay ihr'nraiMoi ^iilkTi '^wUn" rii[r..pliri', \\y\. rgl'iur, and |" nui' ^ niuM^kiltB 
ihe baii»lv« 1 ahh. Il.r 'lMBT.<luna ciiui|liI;:ii, iuduilni; (hf affinriiiur ('liurdu ;iua | unuit, (aLiiii Ihr tun of 3ln)ndha 
Ml Bankiw witli i.nmiit Ul ILv Bajitvi., lulubct iuhi .NcuaHl aail a4alr irf >ilkdihiii liiiUi RiciUawel b iOf* 
C.B.. M»lalBBill.-l>.ii). "^ ^^ 

3Li.Ciil lliiii.(.'<nreJfii1h..|n.lLinniBpii(iiin«Bri:1hlVill IB M'lrrli ■><-.» :iiiJBniptc-i.iil*ltkrm>BlMo(IIW«i 
allark INI I h.- AliiiLliiiiili. ui'!!K •'.III THpliin iif Liu VibiU', alLiir nf lEanrr, Hrliuii iiT .^a1•:l1■;:nIllT i lacn biibi in dopilte 
nipa'iuiiiif KMiiiinii,pu.B;ri^ili.-liiaiiiiii.i.BT»ia:iiiii|>ir.''.ir<ir .iliahjHir , il;MB;.-hiA. tlu. Uii.Mi:ra »iiipue<<iMi 

UBiiJIaiTniiirl-burdiiiiiuliiUiiniil.uiiilixihr fuit sf KiiK< Ala. aitwk ua BuikR. '« itJi niU'UiI lg 11k Itanirt^tlKI 

4 U^iir Tun.lfHn MT»d ihp K.Ftrrn|.aiKB <4 I'^l <t.iIi ili ■ llih lliufu*. larljAini tlir nffur nf UnTaaink, WO 
AlnanwlIialiikhtaiiiiiiiiilrd.,aiidiitp'urSHiiitiniinliUiiUiiiidtlii^tlMii.aBd JlkUviuf tbeUtdlMit). 

1 Hiliiir llnii. l.>fi'nBHiciviiliiitlKlBdUiinBiIiiii)infn>nil'rh. iKtoln Mari'li IKVandiraiiiKW'Bt alllMalUrall 
tmur. 'itsf. aiid niMarr uT Lucknuv, uffain uf Hurm- ud tour, urtioB vT .\airul>|iaii^, ocrapUuin iiF >ynlail. pw 
Iki- Uuiuiim. al iiiJltin]H<n. '.(aiiii tA\\\f KiBduo Xuddif, ;iDd rjIrrikHi IIhoikImM Ihe Tnim-OiMta ruiHif n ai O 
Bnjndr Miuiir, iurlinhnir niwgc iTIIk' V^-fa at IVraluid.aitiuniil' Min'lkii.wn aailKiinHbLMu., udnnMluuKwai 
na-*ti'aiii^i(itntat limn awatiMicd u ik>inlrtita,VRV«t ut U^w.Uubl uudciwiih 

»0 T .■ 

7th (The Queen's 0*vn) Regf. of Light Dragoons {Hussars). 143 

for SUcted if m^ tha ?niiiauli campaifcn of 184S*9 with the 8rd I«i^1it Drfijroonit, nnd wms prmeut at the nffAir of Ram- 
The Cftiiafe of the Chrnah at Wuzcerahad on the lit Dec. ]R48, wiili the force under Sir Joseph Tlmckwdl. actioa of 

r<nrce to the GcMutrv; ulw the rmns-Uoj^ra canip<iii;u, iucIuduiK the alTnirnt-ar Chnrtlu an'l (lurtnit, tHkinic the fort 
tdin, attack on Bankre and pursuit lo the Uuptee, advuiic:: inlu Kcjiuul aiidulTair utSitkiigh..t (iM'iCb niftitioued in de- 
, Brrtrt of M^nr, Med^I and Claap). 

jor Hon. A. Anron aerrvd witli the Difle Bripude :il the sic^e of Hclnstnpol from Jan. \^)b (Medat nnd CIa«p, 
CJiinof the M'-djidie). Sirred in the Indian cuinp:ij{;u of I807-&H a-i Aide dH ('amp to Ufiipiiil tirarit, and was 
It Ibe aieRe and ca|'tiir<> of Dt-llii (wounded), action at BoluiuUhuhur, thr second rpliif oi Liickmiw and naaault 
•randm Raeh (wounfie<l, and hone killed). u>sault and capture nf Lucknow, and afTaiiM at Konn-pc and Rarrce; 
i^ed by fhe GoTernor (^neral In Council and repeatedly ineiitionvd in dvsputcheti (Medal and CItKiis and VictoriR 

I Krrv4ftof Midor)* 

(oin Arilkindon seninlwith the 9th Luuccrs in the Punjaub Ci)ii)]mign of ISiS-lO. including the hntth-fi<if CLilliiinwidlah 
^lat (^Icdal and Clnspii. 

It. Topham served tn the Indian campaign fiom Feb. 1^58 lo Marrh I'S.'^O and was precnt at therrnuNe of the 
ittnck ou the Alumbngh. tiege and capture of Lucki.ovr.afTairs of Baricc (uounilrd) and Sirace, ac.liuii of rtawabjeunn 
), occnpa'ion of Kvzabad. imiiMgc of the U<uniU*e ut Sultaiiporc. thimiglioiit the Hy^vi-.irri CHinpHign, ir.cludinic the 
kfinduo Nuddre, I'sdeeifhat, and Ilydcrghnr. and ptirsu t of Bcnhi >[auhi)'B force to the Ouniutei'; al-io the Trani> 
njinivn, incladinz the affair n^'ar C'hunta anil porsuir, taking; tin' fort of Mcpj-eilii, attack '<n Raukec with pursuit to 
r. ach ance Ne;>nTil aud affair at Sitkn<:)uii (twice luentione i in dospai rlirs, Medal ami CIhsii). 
It. Wiikin served m th'- 11th lluKtars thrua^himt. the Knatcru ciinip:ii);ii (f lbjt-3.'i. itirludiuK the iiff.^irs of Bul^anac 
siiiie's Karm, bitUcs of Alma, Balaklura Iiik('riii:ii), and Trbvmayu, »i>-^c and Till of Sibastnpui (Midal and four 
id otli rixsAof the Mcdjidic). Scivcd in the 7lh lIn^^aiH in lli'- Ini'ii.m rainpur-.'n in IVb. and Marrh Is.^M (sivcreiy 
ill tbe u|ieratioi:8 before liocknow) and fro n Dec. 1^h-')>s to .Maich IH'U and was prr«ent at the affair of Mi'en>!Uiige- 
raprarvut l.ncknou*. thruugbonl (he Byswnrra ranipamii. indiulin;^ the atf'iir near (liurbi and pursuii, takinic th 

a'cxtlia, aitack oii Bui>kce with punuit'tu tbe Ilapteu, advance iiilu Nepaui and ail'uir of Silka^ihat (uientiuncd in de 
tfdal and Clasp). 
Icn. C. Molyiicua wrve<l in the Indian ennipai^u from Feb. ISj'i to Mnreh l-^oO aud was present at the repnise of the 
(lark on the'Alainlm^h. neve and capture ol Lucknow. affairs o' Bnrroe and ^^irsee,actiiin ut >'m.< abpuii^, occupation 
9, tl»rouf£hout the Byswana ruiupaiun, inrlndiue tbe affaiid oi' Kand>>u Nuddee, i'lilceghat, and ][yderi£Uii;;e, pursuit 
jadho'a lorcc to thu Guomtcc: hiso tbe TraiiM-(ios>;ra caiupai.;n, inc'.udin.; ibe aff.iir near Caiirda ami pur>uit. takinx 
If cejeedia, attack on Bankee with pursuit to the Kaptee, advance into Nepaul nud affair at Sitkn^bat (Medal and 

L PbiUJpd<m mredin the Indian r:inipaipi from Sept. to IVr. Ik.'>s. includiif.; the affair of I)iuid|N>n^ i MriUd^ 
t. Stenart servvil hi the Indian raui|Ku<;n fnnu Feb. lhri>« to M.irch 1^0'J and uas presrni at the npulM' of the encniy'H 
the AluDibaidi. sirge aud rapture ot Luckiiow. affair of Rarrr^e. action of Mawabiriinnre, ocrup:itioii of Fv7ahad, noasaKU 
MBtee at SMdtanporr, affair of Shahpore, thmu!{h<rtit tbe Bv^wam e;miyKiii!ii. inrliidini; the affairs of Randoo Suddee 
ihaC, taking the Inrts of Ktrhnra and Koomlie. and pursuit ot' Iknlii Madho's force to the (luuiutee ; also the TranH-Oogm 
inclndui^ the affiair near Chunla and pursuit, takiujc the fortuf Mei-jeedia, attack on Buukee with purbuit to the Baptee, 
ito NcpHol nnd affair at Sitkafdiat < Mnlal and Cbir|)\ 

HLon. W. llarbord srr^cfl in the Indian c{iniiHii|(n fnnn .April lft'>** tn March Ih.'^O and wn^ ]»resent at the affair of SIrsee, 
2f swabcunge. orctipat'on of Fyzaliad. ]MusatR- of the (M¥>iiitee at Sultan |)oiv, tbriHiphnut the Byswarra campaign, in- 
10 affairi of Kandoo Niulder, T'ideeghat, nnd llyder^hur, ami nursuit lif Benhi Madiio'a lorn* to ihe (ioouitec; aL«o tlie 
pra csunpaiim. indudini; tlie affair near Chiirda and pursuit, taking tbe fort of Meejeedia. attack on Buukee and pursuit tu 
•, advance into Ncpnul and affair at .Sitkaehat <: mentioned in dcsp:itches. Medal and ria}i]>\ 

(t. Moidd mred as Adjutant of the 7th IinsMira in the Indian cani{>aiirn fnmi Feb. |KnK to March IXoO and was prrsent 
•iae of the enemy's attack on the Alumba)rli, r^ic^e and rupture of Lucknow, attaint uf Barree and .Siri>ee, action of Na- 
I («imndrd),occuDation of Fvinbad. piissayri* of the Gounit(*e at Sultiinnorc. tbrou^^hoiit the Bybwarru cain])aign, in chiding 
I erf Kandoo S'uduee, Paleefrbat, and llydersninfn', aud pursuit of Bcnlii Madbo'4 force to the Gwnntec; also the Trans- 
npaifpi, indiidinf the affair near Churda and pursuit, taking the fort of Meejeediii, attack on Bankee with pursuit to tlie 
ivance into Kepaul and affair at Sitkazhat <>Iedal and Clasp). 

It. Giles lenred with the Persian expedition of 1857 (Medal). Was present at Hie suppression of the Mutiny at Ait- 
ia ISaTf and aubseqaently served as Adjutant of the lelt winj; at the sie;!e and capture of Dhar, action of .Mundesore 
I), battle of Goraria aud 'relief of Neeniuch; served with the Central India field ferce under Sir Iluj^h Rose in Ibo8 
present at the siefte and capture oi Chandeyrie, iiie^^> and capture of Jhansi, battles of Betwa and Koonch, affairs 
le advance on Calpee and action of Golowlee, capture of Calpcc and nursuit, action of Morur, ])ursuit of rebels under 
ah and action of llanode ftwice mentioned in despaTches, .Medal and ClaBp). 

net Simmons sen'ed in t)ie liulinn campaiini fnnn Feb. ISRs to Man-li 185',) and waA present at tbe rrpniie of the enemy's 
t tbe .\ltt]iiba;£h, sie);e and capture of I jUC knim . affairs of Barree and Sirsi'C, action of >'awubjninin?.ix*eu|Mition of Fvzabad, 
if the Goonitee at Sn It anpore, affair of Shahabad, thnmj|;hout the Byswarrn campiii{ni> iucludin;.{ the affairs of kandoo 
Fhleezhai, and llyderiiliur, pursuit of Benbi Madho's force to the (ioumtec; alAo the Tians-Ciir^a rampaivn, including 
r near Cliunia and pursuit, takiu*; the fort of Meejcetlia. attack ou Banket* with pursuit to tbe Uaptee, advance into 
iDil affair at Sitkairhat i Medal and Clasp). 

ymaster Elliott. (^r.Master Borthwirk. and VeterlnJiry Snrirerin Barker served in tlie Indian canipaijin from Feb. 1858 to 
.459 aitd was present at the n*pulse of the eiieniv's attack on the Alunibagh, aie{;c and capture of Lucknow, affair of 
vrupation of Fyzaliad. p]LSsa<:e of the (itKmitee at i^ultaniiore, thnmirhnut the Byswarra cumiKiipi, including; the affairs of 
Xuddec and Ilydcrghur, al»o the Trans-Gopn niin]>:iipi. includin<r the affair near Chunla auil pursuit, taking the fort ot 
la. attack on Bi'iDJcec aud pursuit to the Baptee. adranee into Ne]v:iul and affair iit Sitkairhat -Medal and CbiMii). 
iBon Kendall scr\ed with the 4th Lt. hrs. the Kasteni campaigu of l'«'i4-')5, including tbe allairs of Bulpinar and 
lea Fanus, battles uf Alma, Balaklava, Inkenuan, and Tehemuya, siege nnd fall of ^eb:ihi<)iviil, and optrrations with the 
irabrBripde at Eupatnria under General l)'Allonvillc •.Medal and lour Chui]>8 . S-ned with the tth Hussars in the 
'""r^TlT from Feb. lbr>b to March lh*>0 and was pre!»riit at the repulse uf the enemy's uttaek on the .Vhinib4i((h. siege and 
flfLneknow, affairs uf Barree and Sirsec, action of Nawabpinire, oeeiipatiou of r'v7.abad, piissuue of the Goouitec at 
n. throui^hont tbe Byswarra caiiipaipi, incliidin)c the alfairs of "Daodpore, Kandoo ^kudd'-e, and ilyderghur, ptirsuit of 
Utts's fiorce to the Guuuitee ; also the Trans-GiMfra r.uniKiigii, including the affair near Cbunla luid uurMiit, taking thu 
beccdia, attack on B:tnkee with pursuit to the Raptee, advance into Nepaul and affair at Sitkaghat |.^Iedal aud Chup). 


utSuTKetin Tlimnhill served the camp:iign of lSo7-r>H afrainst the Miitinecrit in India, including tbe action at KudTgnnge, 
Ifidl of Lurknow, attack on tlte fort ot Rooyah, action at Aliygunge. and capture of Bareilly — wounded iMeilal and Clai^). 
lof Master Bzay served iu the ludixm caniiaiign from March! bah to March IboO aud was present at the affair uf Barree. 
n of Fvzabad, jnssage of tbe Goonitee at Sultaupore, throughout the Byswarra campaign, uicludiug the affairs of Kandoo 
fldeeg^. SBuUydargbur: also the Trans-Gogra canipiiigii, including the affair near Chnrda aud pursuit, taking tbe fwt 
Pdiib attack om Bankee witb pursuit to the Raptee, advance into Nepaul and affair at Sitkaghat < Medal >. 

. f 

Hnrpiiiid Croirn. 
Years* Si'rv.l 




14t Bill (TfieKinff'sB.Lish)negf.ofLt.Drs.(Uu8sars.) [ivpoSSSlSi.fy. 

>irn. '• PrUtin^ virfutlt m m.>ri^«."-"LE9WAUREE" "HINDOOS rAX" 

Colonel.— Gcorzc Clmrl«s, 7?/ir/o/'Lucan/ KCU. l?w*.aOAii{r. 10; L^24 Dec. 

J8; Cri/;MnMnvi-2; J»//»y. 'iij'juiie 2."*; X./.Oi/.» xNov. ii6; Co/. 23 Nov. 41 ; 

MajJivn, 11 Nov. 01 ; Lt.Gvii. 24 Di'c. .08; CW. 8th iiuMars, 17 Not. do. 
LiVm/. Cci/on/"^/*.— H'Mlolph tie Salin,* Cornet, v 1 7 Dihi. 30 ; /,ifM^ i« lid June 83 ; 

Cnpt. i'i:i July :18; 3r/i>/-, I'li) Fil). 47; li revet Lt.Vol. 28 Nov. 64; 

Lt,Cnl. 2 Oct. .VJ ; Col. 2 ) March 5r». 
m Kilward Seairor,-' r«/'/*rf, »' 17 S(f]it. 41; -L/Vm/. 3» June 43 j (?«;>*. 20 Oct. 64; 

-Vrt>/-, :H Jan. TiS ; If.CW. »' "> A 115. 60. 
.Vr(/or*.— UoiirueClietWiMli.^ JJm.v. i' 8 Mii.y40; /./tW. PlO Mar. 43; CtipL^H 

I'ob. 64; lircv.MfiJ. June 6(5; Major, 17 Sept. 67. 
Fru. Edmund Mu.'na^'liti-n,^ Coi/ic/ »'27 Oct. 4(5 ; /.i>m/. »» 23 May 48 ; C^/i^ 

8 Drc. 64; 3^i>#*, i'6 Au-jr. 61). 
















Fdward Plullipr* » »' 1 1 July 61 

>-er Cloniint W. Uvncu-zcf' ^ ID Auf. 61 



20 July 68 

.lolin Pnixci' 

Uobcrt Pooro 

Oeorjfe (loncli Clowes" . 

Tliitmus Teuton^ 

William Mus^cnden". . . 
Tlicodcire Wirunnan '*.. . 

i'12Se])t. 48 
6 Die. 61 
1' 11 M:ir. .'»3 
I' 10 \ov. 41 
I' 10 June 63 
••21) \ov. 44 

I' 21 Feb. 64 1 Aiitr. 60 

3 Sent. 64 I' 12 May 67 

>M4 0et. 61 1' 6 June 57 

10 Jan. 66 17 Sept. 67 20 July 68 

10 Jan. 66 p17 s<ct>t. 67 7 Oct. 60 
P 20 Jan. 

10 Jan. 

3 Apr. 



P12 May 67 

Peter Charles (i. Wi h>ter i' 2 Feb. 

Hobert J)unm<no N'niiier p 10 ^lay 60 p27 Mar. 67 


P17 s<cpt. 67 

20 Feb. 67 

31 Jan. 68 

OOct. 67 

P13 Mav 60 

P22 June 68 

(luruev Ilunbnrv 

, Hon. Everunl Stoiirton . . 
■ Kol>ert Willium Jenkins 

P 17 An^'. 66 
20 l-ei). 6(5 

• • • • . 

1 7 Sept. 67 
17 Sept. 67 
20 Feb. 67 

^ John M«tl.ew Bid.lle'=' \ o- ^ ^ -- 5 y^y,^ r^^ 

lThonn»5 Hichards I 20 Sept. 67 

! Parrv do Winton p 0«!t. 67 

18 Juno 68 
7 Dec. 68 

,(j(H>rge Campbell Rons. .. ' 
• Kichard William Pul!i»er 
Waller T.(Soldsworlby'»j 

! Cornets. 

I Pan Dudley Vakn.Maher. 
Michael Clarke, AdJ, ..- 
Au^uttuii Tonnoohy'^ .. 

Kdward Pulh'vne 

• Sebastian White Kawliuit 
, John Get) ri;e Stopt'ord .. 
Luchlun FfMter JuuikM)n.. 

10 Junr 67 ^ 30 July 68 ; f"" ^'J*^**)- 
8 Jan. 68.Pl3May 60 : 
16 Jan. 68 p 6 Aup. 60: 
10 Oct. 67 ■ 30 Oct. 60 

ID.PkfniBiitcr Dnberlj and 
V(>i.Siir|:i^n (Jrey ■orfrrf iht 
Bu«lpni campaiirii of I8S4-66, 
fnrlaillni th« (Mitles of Aim, 
Balaklava, Inkorm»n, *a4 
Tchtrnuyft, ailhira uf DHlfmuk 
anil M-Kenilfl*K Fann, nd 
lieve of Stliastopul (Medal and 


1 1 Oct. 
10 Oct. 
28 April 68 

7 May 68 

6 Frb. 
2;s An<r. 

2 D.C. 

4 Moji-n Chelwi>de ainl Mucnaffhlan »rvtd 

thi* Ea«ti>m ram|}ai|tn of J854-A&. lucludiHg l^a 

jbiittlui of Alma, Italuklava, and lak^riaMi 

iMiruirtof UulKunak and M*i(enalo*a Farm, aad 

.t^iv^c of SebuMn|ioI (Utnlal and fuur (.'lakpa). 

i UiOor C'hotwoiie cniiiBian<Ud Lord Raflao'B 

ea , ••titut in tb« Criinaa up tii tkm Une iiT hit 

V,^ I Uird^hiii'M Utuiili ; he liai the B1I4 C'Ia«t of tke 



60 ■ 17 A«^)iitt.8iir«n)n 81ierlork Mrrnl tlia Eavtfn 
I cnniiiHiKn of ItUM, including ibe «ico and fall 
I of i<eba*lopol und aH«aidt uf ihti UeUan un tka 
< litli June (Medal and Claip). 


8 ; 



12 . 



Paynimter.—llcnry ])uberly.><' 12 Nov. 47 ; EnM. p 28 Sept. 30; Lt. 15 April 42. 

AtO'uttnit.—Conu'tMichiwi Claikc, 24 Nov. 69. 

Quarter A faster. — 

Hiding Mn*tvr. — John Plekirortli, 31 Aup. 68. 

Sunjeon. — Jenkin Homfray Llewelyn," Feb. 6.'>; Assht.Surff, 17 Maroli4d. 

Assi^tnnt Surgeont. — Henry Slu'rloek," 16 Dec. 64. 

Ralph RobiTt Seott, 28 July 64. 
Veterinary Surgeon. — K<lwanl Simpson (irey,"^ 24 .April 43; Ij^ C/om, 1 J«ly 

Blue. — Ayeutff Me.^^srs. Cox & ('0. [50. 


[Returned from the Crimea y 12 Afay 186i{. Embarked for Indlttt^ Oct. 


I 1^>rd Lucan M*rve(i tiif i-uii.]>tti?n oflNviHon t).i> .'^inflT of U.i' liiissinn Army !ii BulfEftrla (RoivlaB War 
Ml'iIuI unil c'lMiiiiiBiiitfi- ol Si. Aiiiie of Ku«oin). ('(•iiimaiiUcil the Cavalry l;iri>inii ilm-uehout tlw Eaalera 
ranipniunuf lH.'}(,iiivliiilinKilu* hattliftof Ahuu,H:iliikiii\:iCwuundc(I) .ind Inkcrmnn, and vkptre of SebaMopoK 
( and four CliMps Ki-ll., Onnniaiidt r oi t\\v;ii>n nl Ilnnur, und \>X Cta^< of the Ifedjid*^). 

3 ('uliim>I dt> i<:ili« MTvod Iho Kuftrrn i-aiiii::tiKii iit lt54-.''i.'i, iiirludhi^ the b utiles of Alms, BahklaTS, 
InkiTuian, nnd Tcherna>u, uflhin (iT Hiil'^.nmk uti'l M*Ki>n/ii>'> Kuriii, and iiP::e of 8rl»aflio|iol, aad rona- 
inandi'd ilio Cavalry 011 iIil- ci|H>tliti<Mi tu Koitch (McJmI uikI Tour ('in«p>, Kuiphi uf the Lrglon of H i war,, and Aih Clu<- ol ihu Moiijiiiiv). 

•^ Lt.(..i>l. Si-Pu'fr smcil llii> K.ihtiTii cniii]i.ii'.:n tiF IK.'.4,ini'iiiinni; tlu- Imltlf^of Alii>n, Balnkliva (WMiiided) 
.tml InkiTiiiHii, atVairH of Hiihaicik und M'Ki'iizk-'t l-'urin^ umI sii i;r of Sibu^t<>pol (Medal and foiirClaifi 
and ftth Clo»ii nf tbf Mt tUidic). 

A Cnpliiln PhiliipH h(Tu>«1 tbr Ka-^tcrn cainpniirn of is,-|4-:).'i. Inchiding the huttica of UafaikUym (holH 
>hfit):ind lnk<*nii:iu, ami Kii'p* ol ^L•ll:litl)pol -M' lial und Ihicu Clanpft). 

8 Majiir lli>nrii:i' MT^vd Ihi* Kit-iii-m o»nip:iij:ii n! InVI-.Vi. int-lndin'.; Dn' I::i1t1r9 of Alma, BalaklaTOcaod 
1'iL«>riii.iii, »iiee uf 8cbu»t<>p d, and eki>edhioii lo KiTirti iMitlaluud fuur Cla«]i»)- 

7 Ci|iiiiln ru;:vt »ervrd mi the i-xpfdition t<i KiTtrb, and at the nic^ce of s^cba«topol (Medal and OlaapV ■ 

H Aljilm Cluwi it ecrvtd Iho Ka^ifrii cunipaiKU ol I'^.VI, iiichnihii; the bnttloa 01 Alma and Ralaklati^ 
mftkir»- nf Duljnnnk anil M'Kfnxte'it Kuriu, :i:id sh-,;c of Sebailopol : wa* wounded and taken prtountr, wd 
hjruv ghot, at tlw battle of Dahiklatu (Mvdal aud t\uvvC\a»v^V 

\yvt nnkiXnAn ot >^«\t%«^« «•& «ll vnh Lt. Dia. 

btfUr. ] 9^A ( ''''^ Queen^s Roj/at) RegL of Lt, Drs. {Lancers.) 

Tfct BojftlC/pher within theOartcr. "PENINSULA •* •* PUNXIAR" ** SOBRAOX" "PUKJ V!:B" 



06 Co/ofte/.— 9 di -Wr Jamea WalUce Sleigh,' KCB. Cu^Mc^ Ftb. 95; XuMf. ai> April 00; 

l,H-jr' ^«/^- 2/>Oct. OU; AT/i;. 14 June Oo; Lt.CoL 14 Dec. (M) ; CoL 12 Aujr. 10; Mf^,G0n, 

P»j. I 5»2 July 30; Lt.Gen. 23 Nov. 41 ; Gen, 20 Jmif o4; Co/. Otli Lancer*, -24 Anjj. 31;. 

~5" /;i«ic/.Cii/oiie/.— Archibald Little,'' CB. Cornet, P4 Oct.^l : X^ i»;)l Aug. 02; Capt. P24 

Feb. 37 ; Major, 5 Apr. GO ; Lt.CvL 20 June 54 ; CoL 20 J une ii7. 

JV<yor«.— (\'imainDry8dale,'CB. Coine/,P20 Dec.03; X^ >'31 Aug. 38; Capt.^^Oci, 17; 

Bt.Alaj. 10 Jan. 5S ; Afqjor, 5 Mar. 58 ; Bt.Lt,CitJ. -JO Julv oi^. 
Au!f. Fred. Steele,* £iif. p 18 Xov. 41 ; XM7 3Iar.4:j; ('apt, i'24 May 50; .lfr?>r,PM 
June .">« ; Bt.Lt.CoK 20 Apr. 59. 


{5 j (» 




9 1 

« I 

* 1 

1 K 

\ • 

. 1 

> 1 



I ' 

. ' 










Captains. i cohn et. l^^^'"^- ' <'aptai*n. 

Jaeiah Kocers John Gole&*; p 2 iSept. 30 ■ p22 .\Iar~~3i) p If) Mar'.'i'? 

5 Apr. 50 : 22 Mar. 58 
P23 Deo. 53 p22 June 58 
20 Juno 54; 6 Nov. 58 

Chardin Philip Johnson* .p 14 Mar. 45 ; p 14 Apr. 40 p 10 Apr. 50 
Anthony MoUoy Fawcctt'' JP 10 Apr. 52 i p 28 Jan. 53 ■ 12 Jan. 55 

John Head* Ip 15 Deo. 40 10 Nov. 42 18 Sept. 57' 

Frederick EIUb" ip13Au-. 47 p 2 Oct. 40' 11 Oct. 57 

Hichsrd Shaw"' i 3 Apr. 40 

Charles David Rich" ;p17 June 51 

Robert MilUi^ ; 8 Oct. 50 

Robt. S.\VinP.Bulkeley"t p12 May 54, 14 Aug. 57 p 13 Mny 59 


Roger Daw.<iou Upton ^'.. j^ 23 Jan. 52 

JaiDCi Goldie** i p 14 July 54 

Arth. Gonne Bell-Martin'^ p 27 Au{{. 52 
Alexander Morrogh'*. . . . ' P (J June 50 .' 

John Evans'^ i p 22 July 50 

Pier* Thorsby" I p 10 Sept. 5(i 

inillfV.MAJ.iBT. LT.COL. 

'20 July '58! OSqiitriiS' 
20 Julr 58 

Samuel Ash ton Pre tor ^^ 
Rd. Freer Thonger/'W^df/. 
Thomas Stanton Starkcv'^ 
William Napor Carleton'" 


Fred. Robert C. Crofton *^ 

P20 Dec. 

17 Juno 

p 15 Jan. 

P 2 Feb. 


Li I 


^ 12 Oct. 52 , 
P15 Jiu. 50 j 
5 J uue 55 ■ 
Ai>r. 57 , 
20 June 57 i 
5 .Mar. 58 i 
22 Mar. 58 

n Lr.Cnl. Dry5da1e iierTed with (ho 4(h 
Liffht DraKoooA (luriiij; tho cairpai^ in 
Ad'tchaiiibtiin uiifiiT Lord Kcane, iind wa« 
pruheiil dt ihe sii'jic uiid capture of Ohus> 
n«« (Mcdul). 8-rveil with the Pth Lanceri 
in (he action at Pimuhir, ;.1;rh Doc. 43 
(.MtNial;. Tii: Suth'J i-uiTipaif:!! in 1H4Q-40, 
iMcIiidii-K tlie biittlf! (if t^ohroou (Medal). 
Tho Pui^aub campaign of IS4i-40. In- 


during the ^ir;;e oprrutiou«, coinmiiiuiing ttie lleiit. from 
20 Feb. 58 I<ltl' Aiic. to tiitf lall cf the city— horsi> shot at the u- 

D^K^k.* u.i*« n UToi. Att'*^"lti cnnnnuiuUd Ihu Rft;t. wiiii firoiitliDd'n colninnj in 

nooeri nury o mar. oc« -iction ut I 

CharlcD Broinc Basbford 

(Charles Agnew 

Henry John Hall 

Oliver Ormerod 

Chat. A»lihumhain Floyd 


^ — — Dolund^liuhur. Iiuim shot (wounded), and prpfent 

o\) .Mar. «>8 , in liie HCtinnt at .-Viiychur and Ai;ru (muntionnl in fle*patch); 
4 June oS ,. aUo present at thn relief of Luclinow (Rrtret of Lt.ColonoI, 
2 July ij^\^ ^^* *^*^*^** *"** Claspi). 
17 Sept. 58' 
P 1 Julv 50 ■ 
Puffmatter. — Maariea Hartlantl Mahon, 8 March 58. 
A^utant.^Liettt. Richard Freer Thonger,^ W Mar. 58. 
i Quarter Master,— Vctcr House," 12 Nov. 52. 
: Riding Mtuitr* — Charles Cleinenb) Brooke, 15 June 58. 
! Sur^tMH. ~ John James Clifford, M.D. 28 Aug. 57 ; AnnlJtt.Surg, 7 Aug. 4((. 
I AMSUtant Surgeon.— 9amuc\ Fuller,^ 23 July 55. 


1 Veteriuary Surgeon. — Frederick Bailey," 
I [I0 31arch58. 

[Beturnedfrom India, Oct. 1850.] 

Blue — Facings Scarlet. — Agents, Meisrs. Cox & 


r J«ai«i Sleivhicrred in Flanders in 1795; in theactionitin North Holland und the Holder, lOtli and luth Sept., 
ad and 8th Oct. ITOfi. In the Peninsula in It* 11 and 13. Coniniundod the 11 ih Onuconns at Waterloo, towards tho 
of which the coininand of the 4tb Brigade devolved on hini. In ISlUhe acroinpanicd hisRcisiinent to India, and 
and#d the Cavalry division at the sieec of Bhurtporvin iH'Jii 4c(J (Medal). He has recoived tliu War Medal with 
laap for (JtaUmanca, a;id is » Knivht of Maxiroiliun JoMfidi oi' Uavaria. 

•lonel Little servi'd with thfOtU l.tinfun< in tlicSnth-j i-:mip;ii{;n iu I^Ki, iiicludin'r tlic h:itilc of Solimon '.Med:J'i. Scrred aa 
ier in ennini:ind of the Cavalrv at the rclici' of Lucknovi. niul mnnnandtfl the Post nt Diikniwha l'n>u) ir>ih to ^!tlh Nm*. 
lor vhich he received thi? thunlks of the roniinHiiilcr in Cluil' luid UoriTnur (n-nend in CounrLl, iuid Cli. Cumuiandcd tho 
f and three troojn Horse Artillery at the biutle ol Cawniiuri: lud purtuitoi' the Owiilmr MuiimiTi on ti.c (ith Dec. actioaa 
iMwt and Khu(bir|riUM$e. i^uninuinded tliu Ut l>i-i((Hdi' ul' Caviilrv at tlic sicirr uf Lu'-knou.. until gcviTrly wouudrd by a 
IwJl thnKigh the kit elbow (iwire nicuiiiuuVl in dv.'ipatclu'!). .Medal und Chisiwi. 

:.ODiiiiiei Steele srnnl ui thi; 9Sth K('|(t. with the rxiH'diuuii to tlu> Nor'li uf Clii!i:i in lhl-2 iMrdali, and was present at 
ack and eapiture of Chin Kiaufc Frio. and at Ihu hnuUn'j: lielnrc Nuiikin. ( omuiauded a Siputdrun ni' tlii! Oili Lancers nt the 
iC Lncknow liy Inonl Clyde, biUllc nl' (:»wnih>rt: on i)lii Dec. I^'i7. und i-Jliun ii! >friit(;h:it ; ro ■•iii:in'|pd t«u .^iiadr>>iis in 
rt rAoauhuriKid iscvpirely woiuidcd-; ]ircacnl durin;; the su>|»- of l.ucknow fniin i!ml to ilUli M:urcli, ami iu the Tnina- 
lAir at Kmiibdakfiti < nifntiuiied in denpittrhcs. Krcvct Lt.t'oloncl. Medal and ClnspHi. 

.Cukmel Coles si'n'<nl with the l(h \,\^\\\. l)i:q;oons in the camjiniifn undci- Lonl Kr.-nio in Srindr and AiTulumistan in 
.■akwM pnaeat at llie takinj; of Ghuince (Mi-dal>. Cunuuandi-d u ^«qn.-Mlruu of the 9th r#:inrrrs at the n-uef uf Lack- 
r Lord Chile in Nov. l^o7, also at the Imt tin of Cawnvore on Gth Der.. und utiii.n at >(iai /hat. rH][ lure uf Mean Kun};e 
ba borae'was killed in iK'rsunal i-naiujiti-r with iht- enemy ; (timiiiandcd a dctarhi^l t'orci* nf Il-^rsi* AridltTy and Cavalry to 
ite with Bripidicr Kr.mka, jJso two ^^]uadr■m8 jif the OthLiMicrrs in the attack on tin- Miw)«ah:i(;h. :iud roiuniandtHl'thi* 
ail dniruig the Kiuiinu-r L'auip:u(|rn in (Midt* an<l Kohilcund mrludin;; 1h<* artiuns at Rhoil.-iui-nv and .\llv4un<:c, (-apturc uf 
f, aetiun at Sh:»hj»*liai4H)re and jiursiiil in Mahunid(:. . nrrirnf with Cinnt s lorcr in the all.iir at kunidakoU' (IhricO 
ncd in df>pot(-iii'8. Iln'vel-; of Majwr and I.t.('(i!i>n«l. Medal ami ('lasj).'. 

^par Jcihuwii served in sniiiiivyjion uf the Indiaii .\Iniin\ in I'jji-")^. ami e.annpiniled a ^^qiiadnin of tlie !hh Lm.'rrf pt 
ef of LurkiMm- bj Lord i'lul'-. haUlu uf Cawnporo on Utli Dtr.nnd aetiim at S' ; efxnnianded llu- Cfvalry. two 
WSof the Uth Luiicera und'lliidHiUi's Ilorrtc. at thr aetiun of Shumshahad ; s(r\rd on Sir Hope (iratii'-i SiafT at tliesiigtt 
Aoreof Lucknow und action at Kuoreec; conunanded a Sqioulnm thnm^hont tlu^ »ununcr caiii|):iiL'n in (hide and HohU- 
idnding actiona at Bhudanunv and Ally|;an^c. capture of J>arrilly, action n% Shahjehanpore and pursiiil to Malinnidee 

in deapatches. Brevet of Mi(|or, Medal and CJnsn). 
plHB I'awoett aen'ed the Easteru can1pa^^l of 18r>t-55 witli the 50th He*^., inrludinjE the battles of Alma and lnkcnvvtv,i\« 
g« uf Sebfistopol (Medal and CUsps.). .*<errcd nith the 9tli Lancers the Indmn ciunvAVpi vK \%ol-Vi« «wmv\^iv\<A« 

, ^ 

■ ." r- . 

• \ 

■-'^iivr- , 



'i » 

***.': -I 

145a Olh (The Queen's Roy at) RegL of Liyht Dragoina {Lancers). ^^ 

■;■: P -■).'■ s -.-J. ■- [•' T' :■''.■' i' '\,K -i.:^ .5 i otwoT^ i>: iv;}i h.-kpM' -hot inn-pc'Jraga ■nrtieoBim 
.■:.-.- . :. :i ■".- v. ■:. i' P-. !■...:•■.. ; T..r»-'. <'..' i..-! ALv^ar. iii*.l wy« vnior ufflcvr of Ihc BjjSt. J| 
• •■ •...'■ :; I ■- : .:.."■> ■' '.t-nr •^■•* ••'r'.; : ^r •?■' **!-? ■r:ir.i2*'i:i'-n!. iUid la thf nt-tion at iCem- 

;.,. -^ ., . ,.- r n,%^ J. ■•. -. J, ,-j I ■. - f-, • ,. nt C'.-A np..*rv ■ n iSM. Ikr.. anU HCtmii at Senutrb»^ and Khmi^- 
.: M-- . r _■ . ._' ..■■". . >.. .11. ■ .. .• •.;.. * ■ .-. : I.ti k.t.u rr Mi -inil tu i*nh Marrfa. Hiid Uuvughirit 
:.■■.'■ ■ I ■.■■■:••. i:" .■ . ■■> .;;. I \" _'u; j . ciptiiiv "f Ban-i'lv, arik« ift 
• \\ .- - ■ .. i .■• r .- K ;. .■ .'. ■ v :.' ■ =«;:,..-* ■• - 
*• '" -r. :i r: V • -■ ■ ■'. ■' ■ - -■■ ■ ■ _-i ■. •.;.■. n " ■• • rrM- n- • - ^ i,-,-»i,. .-,( ^ohm^n M*»»1al . The Piini.iiih caa< 
r- r .: .■■' -■ •.■•.' ' i _■.•■ ..••.« ..- v •_. .ii*.:i.a': .'ini (r.*»j«*rit ■ M«al*J aiid 

• ".■•;i- . 1 ■ . . -• - '-"."-'■* :•■■.■ ••. ■•• :'.'■•; • --i •■.•.?•. ^t. ■ : 1*-Ui'. an i rouiuutn-liil a ilrrack- 

m»n* '■*■ • » I ■ -■•-■■•. I,- •■_■ ■ : ■ ?' " — ■< .r ■. ' • ■.^■; ►• : irn-l-'.-il ;n i!".*<jn!«'Ii»r3« Medal 

•J C;.-;' ■-. J - - - ' •' •*. •■ •'■. 1. ■■ ^ I' ■. 1-" r -■ ■ ; i.-::. :■ I «ii f-'^Kf :ii r!w »j title* of CliilJ:an»alIih 

:tr1 (i..; ■■■'■■'■.• - 

lu C;.:.-: ,1 ". ■ ..•:.■■••:■ Til ■■• >! -.■ .-. >:■--'■.•. ■•:i'.»fi.UNl ;i ^qmJp.iii of iho 9th LaiirfS at 

f;^ :»»***■'-•■■■ i ' '■ -■ ■ "!■■■■■■' '■■4 •' ■ •■ •"■ ■ '• iv I"- :■>■■■ '•! ■' •■ 

IS C.';.:, i.ii .1- • ■■'. ■: • i. .. :i ■ " !.-. '■ ;i * ••. I r" TSu-- .-i N..v l-«»7. rm.l nith Dit- Mjlilarr 

TrJiin :n"*ii'- ■ " * " . ■ •:!.;-•:' •'. \ •:"■•■•..■•. :• • -'.-■-■ -t.* ! *'■■ & ■ _■■ -'i'l inii'nr* nf the ri»y in Marrh li*^^ 
:kOil 'a:i.* '. .< ■. -. • .! 7 - ■-" ''_• ■. ■' i i". \;: ■.-. _-i • .« -= ■ ■ ■.■■•.■ i m .r) t i. ,.■.••:. |.tnr«.T4 thnmsh-ni* Thf CMl- 

paijn :i >/ 1.. '.i ".. i ■ '■ j i' " - '. K •; i;i. •••. ■:■ ■ At.; _'-:i ^ ■-•.■•■ir'.' I't Bin»ii>. iHti«in ol >halyi>li«iip>rt aad 

iiiij«iitr -.. M -K- ■ i ".■;.■.■.!. : — ._•. .■' •■, ■■ j.t •> i .rf .r- / >["i' Li'i'.-* u aiul kuuiiLiku i Mff^ 

.tod ilU*: - 

12 <'.ii. ,.*;i \! ■ - . ■■■'), ■!■. I ..,, . I-'. <.!.-' : ■.-- J"! . •• ]*i".»',. :. 1 W.I,. ;iri>enr in ihr !«itt'e »»f Sti*in«i 
Mr ;■».' .\ -i •■■]': ■ ■ i.t'..- .-'I . i"'--'. ■■ lui.i..- ■ i;i....f t t"..- Civii.i'j. :iiid Utttlrs of ChUluuwallaJi mA 
G->.:. r-r M ■; ■ • i < .--, - 

VJ- Cr," ■: r-.i'-.'.''. -r.':]h •!:-!'. I ir. i- .-; =.ii •■■. . i .'•> L-T** -.J :.y. l**'*' ir-.l «.*|r<'<'?at »t tlip affair of Meenenn|ce, 
»:ei'»: lir:! ( j' r • [.•;•«: w ■■•^ : r^ ■•' I-r. i- ■•• i ^■."-■.■i . ■••..■i » ♦" N 'i ■»>»_■ iiii'^r^, orf.i .tr: n I'f F»7ah-u!. nastaie of ifce 

('r-t-n:; '^■.I-t--. •• •' r '.i-' -.'•.• 'h • n--«- ■.■ i c.v i .■■. it ■! i m ,' ■!!■• -tt i.r- »: 'K:inJiw> NiidJf« nr.d r-.tirrpliat, Takji:; tJii 

fort ■ f i!'.'i--' :■.■•.'"■ ■ r. ■ r i ••:-«■;:: T :n !1> '■;.■■.■.. --i ■■.- I ■■ --tii . .i <■ ■.;i:;.. .:n. iiu-imIi-jc ilie afair uear Churda ud 
pnr«iji'' t .kv - •' *• J'-r* '•" M'- ;■.♦•■ . ■ wn ■ t*».t k > si I' .»(■*•■• u ■!» i u-a-.i • i.- tin- l',. y. f :Mi-!-l iiui Cia»p-. 

n I,'.'-:;- V:.'- i '• \- ■ \ ' *'■ ■ i" * '"' . ■ '.' : '"" N* ^^ ** '•. !: I R- _■'•.■•!• .' :\.>- •••■-i:. iiil r'-ii'my trf" the »mMiely.<»torkadfd 
'own'-?" '••■ ■ 11 IT. • t; ' •. ''Ml-- !-' ' *« . il 'vi ;i •■ . ••:!i I me. « -M .iipi-.|i-«4=tiii ..f •].tr In^linn Muiiny'iu I**-*?-^! 
:tml ;rf **•• • .•• ':. •■■''. ' I'.'} ■■•- ! r -iSn " -. _• ■: !• . .: ^' j.- •■:.! i- ".rivif ul l.M.knuw. ilie ^inumrr cuupoiini :a 
Oul- .;i;'l il- !! ■.■••i-l ■.-.■.i ■: •.'.' ■' W- I'. ■« :•! i .\ 1- :■ .._" ■;. 11.-. t \i v-:']\ .1 • >;i ii: "^bu j-.'huu^pjn: ^uid |.-ur»ui: lo 
\f-ili.;r. li . ;i -- .' ■•■.■«:■-- • ^v ■ M--I-! ..:.!'. I-,. . 

It !..< Il" <- ■• ■ -■■"■ I ■■'.■: ..■ '• .: 1. I - "i:!- t!,'!.. -.- ■■-.. m:'i: -.^, .ti ••■•■■ hul ill Ma'mv in l«i57-?'9. iDcIiulinj tlic 
ba*'li' r *■ IV'i:- '■-■:■ -• _•■ ;..-r- -• — •« • -. n -iii i- - ■ : IVILi. " i.ti-Mi -t It'li-.iiil-.l.uiuir ami AlU^hur. battle uf Acn, 

;iff;ur "f K-:!. I'l."- ■•• f ■*" I 'i ^'i "« '■■ I •■'■1 '" >'<•■ ■•■• . ■■ ( •» n: .iri- .-ti st'i l\ -: u at .<H'nu<hrtl.'u<-nim at >hiuiishauad 

in "''ji.ji.iT-l ■ ; I *«;"r-:. i * ••;:■ r -1 ■■■Vir- ■ : I i}-\: ■« . •': «u'!i-...-f (.i>ii|i.i:jn iii Omlr .iiui Ui.<h'.Ii'Uiiil and ai'tiiHisof Bh-** 
il:.m'>'.v uri 1 V'.lv.-; 'ir. i:i-.*!i '■ I r' I'.-.i.:'" .. iV-.'n * "h <!i'rl" ■.•"'•■n- vii i::r<ii:". •■! M:ihi"'nid»v. iia9*;itw of the (iu-,rin at F«zalMil 
,iril aff- r ::• K'-'!-' V"'" M- ■■ I ;-i-.; f I i-v- 

l.'i I,.:'r I'lf . M :!•• !i -•.-.!■ .v.!! »■■ '• "-I ^■n^■.•r« tii-..M-.'\i -r ♦■i* *M^ipn-«-ii.n of :)■.!.■ Iml'an Mutiny in I'jjr-iS. including the 

ln'.t!f » t' it'i'V' k«*«r»'. ■••■J'- i«v.iii» nr-l •vp'M ? IM.i' .. • -ti- i-i !■ ii'iu>i*iiui ur :Miii A Svjjhur,* batk' of A^n, affair it 

Knn'.-nr''. ri- -f • •' !.'i>'k?t>-M 'i\ I.'.nl (.l»il-. I ■■«"V if i'!i»v.ri i-u i;r|i |>t',- .iitiuj;* :tt vraJirLai and KhiuL^ninn, cnptim (^ 

rmid Jiinl :i'f. It.- .■• Kli'il-iMt'm uii'l \l'\'_'hnr. i-nptiin.* -if IVin-iiU. .ii':iin .it >h il.ji-K.iiiji^ire ii'«l pui-suii in Muhoiudtfe ibof tunei 
frn-n'.ioii»'il ill 'I' -'■ "*• I.' "*. M'llil .n.l (." i-p- 

Ki J.KUt. M.iiii._'{i «4 ni-J ill th« "iipjiii>ri:ii <fi" '!:• fiuIiiH Murmx in 1 •«'*•■. VJ incMiir.n-.' thr ai*tii>n at Shnnuhaltad, fifnapd 
rapture nf ! n- Lfi'*'. . Mj- ■furiM.'.rr i-:ir';p:r.'ii :n Oniji* :>nil KiiMlrinnl -lii.! :irtii'ij-« .it Hli-tsiiu-'W ;ind AIIvi:iinffi', cnptnre of Bareillv, 
Hrtimi ,tt "li.'r i, Il Mil- ii'l ji'>r»u;* 'i- M :':'niih"»; Mnhd :inl i-i»-I|- 

17 I.<'.' 1"'* •'■- -' r-'il ' :■ ^-.luri'o- r nil tin- ]iir*iii:i| «:.iJ ci" ^lajiir <iinertl Sir W. Wi liiiii« in .\iin Minor during the nsa- 
pk'jj\tf l-'-'i-'i; Tii''-Ii M<'i.' -M 1-. I'll V til •;.,■ 'I'll I..tii(eL4 tli:>iiij:!iiiM ilur eupprrMu III of the Imliiin Mutiny in I*«47-^. 
innuilini :!!■■ l-i':'.- >>} i»u.i ■ '-.■ 'i i:i-. ■*• Ji"ii ;if liiii'ifr" '>r> ■•'"' sniil :h ji Milnntivr wih thr Xrtilhrv in ihc aiivunml battciin 
'liir:ii»' ''■'■ •■■ -■■ ] I "'' ■■II" M-'rinlr -r.J i-.iiitiif > f Ui'ii . pre^inii u-,'Ii Oi?i Ijino-ra -it thi- afti-Mi* ■^t' Bolnndihnr. AQyzhnr. ad 
AiTTu. rtl.'tt i»: l.ii'" 'I'.w l»y l.'.ni { .\.lr hi.r-r kj^li.! , li-rtli' of < ■-■.» ufHiir nn hiIi Xh'c. miiiI actum ai Smii}:luit, aii'iEe and eaptvct 
<i Luckii'iv il.' .^'i.m: 1.1 i-'r.i;..i .-n ii; MmiIi- .hi i l\u- ii iiinl .nul it' ■ •.{< nf R)iiH.l;(irii^\i ;iiul AUjinuiijf, capture nf Bannllv, artioa 
.it ^|i:ili-il.::' J-. •■■ .ml J- II -I-.- t.i M.,!,«i|in5ii-. .in.l .iff I'.r .it Ki nuiikot". Multl .mil C<a-ii> . " • ' 

1* Ij^'i' I'liir-'x - .■■■■! 1 *':• •'li-'Tc-'-ii ■■:" 'li!^ Iihli I'l Muriiiy in l^.'iT-o^V iiu-lukliii^ thr miiou at ^huuiskabad, iraaton 
r.'f MMniijnrr.'.- -■ _•■ -i -1 ■ ■} •uii- i/ \.\\r\wtw \\ r!i jM-tlnu .it M. i.-';'iI):i.:Ii, tli- .*«iiiiiiiii r i-aiii|i.ii}rii m Ouile and Rutulruiid aid 
ui'.'.on- A' Kii'iliMi \ .'hi \ : .:iiti.;i-. > .I'T'ia- nr i>ir.-'.l\ .ict: .ii .it "^li.tjiji |iiiii)MrL' iiml inir-uii n MaliMiiuUr. and affair ai £■»• 
(lakoti ill «1 < 1 1-|- . 

lU I. ■ >,'>f. I'it».,i. M i; . y. r.-i-;. i<»n. .iin! V-.n.r* '■':i.!"*r,ii Jcni-.l i:; tiic ^uppn-s^iiu cf ihi liul-an Muiin\ in l*«S*i-jO iadadiii; 
tlw.' Jiffjur ;•« Kii.ijii.ils'»"i ^li.'l :* 

JH L.'ir. 11 ..i..". - r-'i ••>'•'.' ''.•■ '■'!' I.ui.:- .n tj-.i' "^ur! i i.ii,ipii_'n nt" l?»ri.Jl» oiul wj»« pn'*«'nt at thr battif nf Sc 

^Mrilal . 'lie I'liii. mil ii'ii- n-mi ••■ l-«J-'-n. \ii( liuiin.: rlu- p.i-*a,ri- t.f rlu- Chi-niib. .md Ii.ittirt nf UhillinnwHUNh and G<Myenl 
• Mrilal ami < '■■^<'\i* liir-iuili' iir iln- -u;-! i'-«i'.ii ni flu- Miiiiin iii l--i;..V.) uiiludiiii; thi- iMtllr f»r" Kiidlrknienii, tbrii^ 
;i«iwialt and r-ptim- 1>\ nr.n:. ;itiii riunt>i:iiuM«l . Tn up at iVx 'Mh l.iiiiniv with GrriiTliMl'!* ii»lniitn m the aiMinnn of RolnDdaMv 
iwotindnl in jitT-'inu i iirruiiiti r . A.h'/hur. \'j:ra. Jiud K ninri . pn'-nit :if thr r.!:tf of l.nrknnw hy Ixwd C'lyilr, Imltk ol 
(-'awnpori' "'n liUi Per :iiM'-n* .it .■»fr:i >■_'■..•' r-ml K h ii. I. ir-nm .:».■. mi-^i- .mil r:ipturr nf Lui-kmiu. tin- '■iiininier rampw^ni in Oadr Mi 

Unliil'-'nn'l ifiii •'•;iiii, .■■ |;!i>nI \ •lA \i ivriiii;fi\ I5:inill,\, ;iiid '«>i:iliir)i:in]wiir with puixiiit Tn Mohumdrr, and piUMfre d tie 

rfo-zmat Kv/a'niil Mnl il -vt] < i..-!-.-. . 

•Jl (^ii.'t't'- .*.I:i"=*'!- Il-.'i-' -i\iii « 'h t^i- '.'til l,:infrr>« ill tin- ImhI.- i.; I'lniir.!- i-n C'.'ih IVr l»«t:i Mrthili. The Sutkl nv- 
pai'^n in l*^!*^ mh'IikI n.' Iln- li-'Mrni' S'.Ii; nii Mi'ilil . The PuiijmiI) 'aiiiiui -.;n nf Isl--'.). iiialuilin:.; the [viiiimirr of thcClwMb 
at Ranimr.'L'iir iil li ■"'■ - i-i ( l.:ri:i!-«- i'-ili J-nil (li.i' M-.r! j| niiil l.'l:i"p>i 'riiniu^rlitiUt titi' >uppivs«iuu uf tlie Indian MoBij 
in l'«'>7-'j'* I'irliiil.ii/ 'In- li.i'tli-i-: l»ni'likr«iT;«' ^'i .'.■ :i*>;iiilr .mil i:ijituri' nf Itrllii. a'tmiH ill Ituliiiiddbiihur and Ally g:hiir, brttk 
W" ^;"t:i :iI' .v :•! K iii-._-i' n 'uf i.f l.nrkiinu 1»\ I.nnl r.,vili\ l:ittlr nl l.'.iuiiiuiri- mi titli Ur , .ulion at ^cniichat^ occnpatiOB «f 
Kiitty-Miiir fi'-'^f iUnl ■■ijitiirr i.! I,iu-\ni w. i-iiiip;!!!'!! in Ouilf unl Itnlnininil itml :it!air-i at UhmLuiiuw and .Vmyniinge, captnaof 
B:m-ifly :ii"f!iiii til ir *»}• ■li|i linip'in- ;tnil PMrtint tn Xlnliiiiiiiln-. :ind pa-s":i;r«' of tin- Tioirrii :it Iwiiliiid -MtdiU ami Cbapai. 

1'2 A-^i-i '^ui_'i->iii I iiili r •>! iM-il villi tfu'.Hli I.:iniNTH in till- N,ippii>s»ri>u •>! ijir Indian Miiiini tn )^5.*i-iV). and was fan eaM t at 
the rajiMirc nf MM'.inj:iitii."', "••■:.'•• :ind iMptiirr ni l.ucknim. th'* "«niniiirr r;iiii{Kiisii in Oiidc and II^uIilU-iuuI with at'tiona at Ihoda* 
mttw nnil Allyjrmr.:*' i.«i''iin; nl H'lril!;. :irtiiin Sh:i!i.'ih injHirr :mi| piiivnit tn M!ilH>niili"f. j«;i«.*am' uf ILit Gogra at Fyiakad 
■.Midid ;iiiil rl:i-p 

■?S Vitirinnn- ^^tir,.'! 'm H i:'''.\ ««ned with thr «.>th LaiirfT"* in thf -upini>Miin I'tlhc Indian >riuin\ in l''58-50, and wu 
'•f the pa-sf:!'/"- ul thr l.if>jrr;i :i» Fj;..iHhI and iil!ai; at Kuindakoti Midal . 


Mi j Hair; 

lOtli ( The Prince of Wales's Own) Royal RegU of 
LL Drs, (Hussars.) 




CW.— 9 H. Beanchamp, Earl Beaachnrnp,' Car. U July 03 ; Lt.24 May 04; Capt. 15 Jan. 07 ; 
Jf/(/. 14Mavl2; X^CoM8Jane 15; Co^. 24 Mar. 2*2; .Vff/.Gfit. 10 Jan. 37; Lt.Gen.O 
Nov. 4G; Gen.'20 June 54; CoL lOth IIusb. 23 June 43. 
LUutCa'ancL-^ohn Wilkie,^ Contety Pll Muv 38; /Jr»/f. »• 29 May 40; Capt. i'17 
" May 44; J/ryor, p 27 Feb. 52 ; Lt.CoL p 10 Feb. 54; Col. 28 Nov. 54. 
! Afri/or.— Valentine Baker,^ Comet, n 1 Aug. 48 ; Lieut. 21) J iily 53 ; Capt. v I Aug. 56 ; ATty'or, 
I' 14 June 50. 


8 : 


4 , 







^ 1 




8 : 





8 ' 





Richard Plavne Suiilli^ 




^ . ., ,P20Oct. 41 

! Edv-anl Levett^ > iM7 Aug. 52 

Artliur Herbert Cass*. . . . j »» 1 3 Doc. 50 

JolmFiro 14 Mar. 50 

> Robert Cooper Sawbridgc- p 28 July 54 

Frederick Coatcs' p 17 Jan. 51 

P 21 Nov. 5(5 
P14 Dec. 55 


, Henry Atkins Bowyer . 
I Richard Newaliam Pedder" 

, Richard Lomax 

£dw. Plcton Baumgarten 

Esdaile Lovell Lovell .... 
I Xcf .Ralph Drury Kerr ,/zr//. 

Croftoa Toler Vandeleur . 

Thoniai Shirlev Ball • • . . 

Owen R. Slackc 

Arthur Barthorp 

£dward Alexander Wood 

Wiu. Morgan Maunder.. 

Thouias Jas. W. Bulkdey 
' Wilfrid Brougham '. 

Smith Hill Child 

t Henry Price Holford* . . 

23 Nov. 55 

P 1}) Jan. 5^> 

17 Nov. 57 

P 24 Nov. 57 

P 15 Jan. 58 

30 Apr. o^ 

14 Mjiv 58 

13 July 58 

1({ July58 

P 23 July 58 
P 14 J«lv58 
P18 Feb." 50 
P 5 Aug. 50 
P26 Aug. 50 

3 Apr. 46 
June 54 
P 5 Nov. 52 
22 Mav 57 
flO Aug.&> 
P2C Julv 53 
P24 Nov. 57 
5 Mar. 58 

P 8 Jan. 58 

P 1 1 Doc. 57 

;P 1.5 June oS 

P 15 June 58 

P27 Feb. 52 

P24 Nov. 57 I 
23 Apr. 58, 




(i Aug. 


14 Au^. o7 


HTved in thn 
lf.'riiiM*Bn cam- 
paiRTi in I8Aft, 
including the 
capture of 

P 14 June. VJ, bmiopul ( M.»- 

P2SOct. 50 1 d.ilttndClMp>. 

o Cuptain Lt'velt iprvcd the EaaliTu eain- 
jiAJKH uf l».34-0o with the lOlh Reifliiii'iit, 
mcliidiiic: I lie battle oi Inlcorinaii, aitge and 
IhII uI Si'buhtupol, iiiid uKault un the Hedaa 
on t •> »tU StptvinbiT (..Mi-dul iind CliitpO* 
(J Captain (.'»»• rrrvt-d in tiie Chnieiin 
P 7 Dec. 58 I CHmpai^n in )iS.'>5» inrluding the capture of 
P18 Pc>h ' ->!) Trhiirgaun, batile ol tiie Tciifrnajrti, and 

P 14 Juno 50 

ticgcol S4;hiifttopul (Mi'dal hnd Cianp'. 

, 7 C'aptuin CuiitM ft^rvtfd with tne 7th 

P 17 June 50 HiisAura in ihe ImliaD campMigii of 1858* 

P 30 Sent 5t> "^^ ^** pres-unt at the repul»e of tin* utlaelt 

'''''' on the Alumba^h, licge and capture of 

Lucknov, atTnir of Burrce, m-tiun of Na« 

wabKuns^o, occupiiMoii uf Fyzdbad, pa»kaKe of the Goomleo 

a^ Sulmupnro, atfairri of Khandoonuddee and Pale«gbat 

(MedHi and Claup). 

13 I'aymaster £lrington, Qr.Ma8(cr Fenn, and Snrgnon 
FrasiT tervcd in the Crimean campaign in 18«>5, Including 
tiitf cHptiirt! iif Tchurgaiiu.batileof the Tcheraa]ra,ileg« and 
fall of Scbastopol (Mudal and Cla«pj. 




: Pdyjfuuf^.— Richard John Elrlngton,'^ 2 Feb. 44 ; Em. p24 March 38; Lieut, P20 May 39. 
A((Juta7U. — Lieut. Lord Ralph Drury Kerr, May 5{). 
I Quarter Master.^-^ohn Fenn,'> 19 May 46. 
Itiding Mattter. — Emanuel Simpson, 29 Dec. 57. 

Surgeon. — ^Thoma9 Fraser,*' M.D. 9 March 55; AMist.Surtj. 10 Dec. 45. 
. Aitist.Surg. — Lucas Qco. Hooper, 28 April 54. Blue. — Agentf, Messre. Cox & Co. 

' Veterinary Surgeon. — [Eetumed from the Crimea ^ 2 June 1856. 1 

I Lord BeaiMtaanip Sfrved la tht Peninsula with the I6th Dra^rooni frmn March 1809 to Srpu HIO, and afainrrom Feb. I8U to tha and aT 
hal war, iBdodmf the capture of Oporto, battle of TaUvrra, and paitaf^ of the Ccmi. Severely wounded In the neck, fSth Auf . 1810, iu 
gHana*a adrarc* to the battle of Butaro. He has received the War Mi'dal Mlth one Clasp for Talavera. 

• ColnnH Wilkle commanded the lOth HaiMars In the Crimi.'nn cumpnign from tlio I7th April 1itA5, Includins the cap* 
UK of Teborgaun, battle of the Tchernnya, aif^e and full nf Sehaatoitol (Medal and Clakp. imd Tith Clan of the Medjidte). 

a Mi^ Baker aerrrd with cIm 19th I<ancera in the Kaffir war of lf)52-63, and wan present at the action of Berea (Medal). Served 
:he Cnaieaii campaiyn of IH&S, and liege of ik^batiopul, aud was on ibe escort to thr Cumuiaudcr-iu-Chief at the linalaaiaultaad rapt are 
if Ike iaann. aod at ibe baiiLe of Tehcniaya (21 edal and Cla^p). 

4 Cap^a^p* Pedder aened m itb tlie 7th ]Iw(«ini in the Indian cainpai);u I'lom Feh. IS.'ih to March 1f<'i9 nnd wai present at the 
^bIw of Uie«nein>'i attack ou the AlunilMj^li, nvst and capture of Liicltnow, ntfaira of Bnrrcc and Sirsec, action of Nawab- 
na^ occnntion of fyialmd, passage cf the Oiioiuiec nt Suliaiiporr, thrt>ui;hiiut the lt\Bw.irru ciuiipiiif;ii, including the affain 
i kaodoo Nuddce and FalecKhat, taking the furt uf lU-luira nnd pursuirof Benhi ^iadho's foicc to t)ieG<Kimtee; also the 
!kaB»-6oFra eampai|i;n, iocludiiig the affair near Churda uiid pursuit, luitinje the fort ot Mi-cjecdia, nttncii on Hanlcce with ptir- 

■H to tluB Kapter, advance into Ncpiui and affuir at SiikatEhat ^ Medal nnd Clasp.V 
9 Conet llolfnitl aoncd »9 Ensign 7'Jtli II iiihlaudi* 

(Mc<lal and C'lnap). 

TA ill till- niiiipHlgu of 1*^.')^, including ilu' ^ic^e and capture of 

^Continuation uf Aotes to tith UragooiiH.] 

9 explain Pniton senred with the 9rd Light DraKoonN throui;houi the Sutlej campuiRn of lH4.'>-<], and wu« pre«>enl at the 
■Met of Moodfcee ^eharicer killed), Feroze^liuh (charger killed i, and Sobrtion(31ed:il and t%vu CJaops). Also througrhout tho 
*aa{}aab ouDpalan of 1848-40, including the cavalry affair nt KainriUiiKur. pa<s:ifri.> of tlio Chenab at AViiztrrabad on tha 
•I December 1818, with the force under ISirJottepli Thnckwcll, action of SudouI:i pore, and battles of Chillianwallah and 
lo^rat (Medal and two Clnsp»). 

11 Csptain lla«smden servi^ the Eastern c:impais;n of 185-4-S5, includin;: the battles uf Alma, Ualaklara (horse shot), 
Mcrmftfi, and Tchemajo, atTairs of Bul^anaW and M'Kenilf's I arm, and siefje ol :«i>busiopul (Medal and four Clakps, and 
Ml Claaa of tbe Hedjidie). 

K Captain Wirynian »Rrvfd in Uie Austrian Cavalry and StuffCorps, and was extra Aide- dc-Canip to Mold Marshal Princo 
WYaAweh'%Tm\x In 1840, 41, and At. Served in the Crimeiin campaign uf 1805 with the 10th Hussars, in command of a 
Troop, and was preiwut at tli(> capture uf Tchurgaitn, buttle of rchornayii, sie;:c and fall of Srbastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

19 Lieut. Ulddle served wilh thotiUth Kitloh at the mccc and rnptiire ut Delhi i Me<iul and Cla»p^ 

14 Surf:eon Llewelyn ser>vd the Eaul em campaign uf lH54-ri.'>, mcludiny: the battleti of Alma, Ualaklavu, and Inkcrman, 
iie^t and fall of Seba^topol (Medal and fourCla-^pa). 

15 Lieut. OoMsworthy nerved with the Volunteer rivalry with ifnvi lock's Coliinin in \ti^,7 and wna present at the 
ic^oua of Oonao and Bu4se«TutKuni{e, and recapture of ItiiMe(rut(;nii(;f. 

10 Lieut. Oollif-r nerved on the Staff in the I'cr»ian campaign ol lb-^7 (Medal). 

17 Gemot Tonouchy sarved during the Indian Mutiny in the M^orut Volunteer Cavalry nnd wdH present in the actions 
>r Barole, Oolothee, Iforepore, andThanna Uhawlin, — at Barote ho was Mvercly >vouiidcd, having personally encoun- 
tcnd and killed the re^l leader Bhahmul, for wIioho capture Government had offered n large reward ; for his services he 
rceelTtd Sb oommlsaloiffn the 8th Uuicars, and subsequently in 185H when in coinmsnd of a party of Bombay Lancern 
■ad fome Zrrfgnlar Cavalry he attacked the rebels in the fort of Ak^jroo in the Owalior territory, and afterwarda «vk 
dMir cracuating It he overtook and dlspened them at Gurodie in the Jhansi difliicl (,Mc(Vn\V 

147 UA (orPfinee Al&trft Own) R«gt. o/Siaaart. [' 

•lUi Iha wordi, " BO ri>T" " DALAUANO 4," " PKNIHflUI~i " " «i 

PORB""A.LU*.""'BilAKt,*VA""lJflCBRMAH" "BETASTUrui--- 

aoloiul.--9 iiSl Sir Hsory Wyndliam/ KCB. Sni.ST ITareh OS; Capf. 6 Jiiiie 

U9; Mq)ar,0 Av^AS; Xtoif.Cel. SO JaD.U; CW. 37 Mdf 3S; <V(t/«r Gh. 

lOJan.37; Ll.Gen.OSux.iH; G«h. 30Jiiiie54; Cof. llth IIus.lO Nov.lT. 
ti«i((.CulDn£/.— Bniailley Harruun,' Cornfl, r 1 1 Oct. 30 ; Lirul. ' I Sepl. *1 ; 

Capl-H June U ; Jlfq/or, p .j Nov. fiij Bi.Lt.Col. 26 Oct. 68; i(.CW. 

» U June 00. 
ITa/or.— Cliarlc* Craufunt Fnucr,' CuTurt, r 3 Due. 47 ; X(. c 14 June 5U; 
.vai April »4; £f.JU<var, SO July M ; Jfi'jnr, v 1 3 Maj SO. 


! Hanmtt* 

I CunlngUnmo .. 

Sba« Stewart.. 
Pool aarnatt . , 
Cecil Tempest , 

Moulaju .. — . c 13 Feb. Si 

'SI Jul; Mj 8 Uec. M 
• 3 June 48 I 14 Oct, S[ 
38 Dec. 5aJi>34Fcb. A7 
3Ang. 5<>|i>13MaT. 37 
'I3JuDe50 PI0Aliril37 
' 6 Feb. fi7 I A liar. A8 
ICMar. S8 

Coke Robinaoi 
>eploe Moiloy 
u. D. Urummand 

13 Blar. fi7 
i April hi 
3 April 67 

lU April 67 
a Jau. SB 
16 Jan. 08 


• :t4 Fab. 67 
6 Uar. 68 
"21 MajrfiS 
' 30 Aug. 60 
' 6 Aug. 6(1 

:!1 Klsf 68 1»U, Incliinini tke ca 
a June 66 Ti.-har|i>iB, iien uii 

'? J,"'? -^ anJ Ml. Clwof iha SI 

a Mar. 60 S CiiulnAi Baity < 

jr 14 June60 thaCrlmnrraaMiIiJ 

,7 M.,. mI '30 A.5. » SSia'liSV" 
flO^Uec. .17 1 Jiin. 60 1 ' 

PSBMay 681,0 
» 24 Dee. 68,. 5s;;, 

Cnpialn Harncti 
■ ■ Tul7 IBM, 

d In 

Jan. 59 ;^ti:;k:'" 

33AUC.60 leSunieonCroHCienad Ibo BaiUrn cam- 
' paltn ol 1U4-M. inclu.llH Uw nffiilrDt Bain- 
nat,liiinla><irAlnu,Bilaklin,lDlwri[iu, and 
Teluniara, liti* and Ml of BcbaUapol (U*dal 
.•iHlCliui>sand Kalftiiatih* UctOB of Ilonw). 
Pott Er*klnc,3Xov.43; £iM.vll July 94;£<.*lHBr.30. 
>bil M'LougMin,' 10 Dec. 68. 
>ca<i>»i sD»». — ..eary Kuuntia,* I April Ii3. 
3 -Eilmuucl Corbett, 6Fali.6S. 

t Burton St. Croix Crowe, i> 10 Juno 48-, Auitt.Surg.^OeX.AQ. 

-Ormiby Bowen Miller," t» Mareh 64. 
:',' ,„.,.».,y.>...;ean.— PiiulAntliony,31 Airg. 67. 
Blue. — Agtiili,tiiam. Cox k Co. 
inctumcd from tki Criaita. 28 Jalg 1850.] 
Bir Htnr Wjndliam larrtil ma FanliiiiiliF campalcni ot loo*, u, II, aad M, InslartlBf Iha 

. T...^. m_. — _ .,!.... — .. », Moisln de Tom. Vliwtl»,»»d IhtPjBMiaft. 

Itdat Walarloo. Ua kiicicvliid ih* War Kgdal 

_._.,_ llkalirn, (uilVJllarli. 

... PnHrKrndaaOtdailjOlllMrteSiltadinCainpMlatlbeanilrsr Uaniralinur AlUIiibad, 

OB the Mil Jan. lU*, ami nbiirquaBllr wUU Iba Tib Hnmn in Ikt Imlian ninivi>l(B fmn Feb. u Juir 
ISU and ftoin Dtc. INIJ to Miicdi IMV and ma pKHBt nt ilia allUi or UarBiunie, imia (ad eipiur* of 

O^a e>ni|ni|ia. inclitdlnf tha atfUr nmr Chiirda ami punuil, lftklii( Ilm fort of Ut^lfrdia, allaek on 
Bank'-e villi punuil In tlio KaMM, arivancr liila Ki'piul and afllilr at SiUailiU <!■!« muUBBid In 
daipatelw, BnnI nl UiJ.'t, H«dal and Ul«p). 

T Uuul. M'LuuEhliu WTf.'d Ikmugkosl llii Kulrrn cBBi|Kil«n nr IHM-aii, IndudlnE Ui* affiiln nf Di.l. 
nnak and Id-K«il*-i Vami, baillta of AlfflB.BiIflkU'a. Inktr.nin, and Talifmn^.nipliiR at BatakUn, 
alria and Call oC drbatlopol, and gparalluna mar KuinUnu uudar llnanl D'AllunTllw (Mojal and tbur 

■ Lord BoiUHiHiTodvlih 111* 71k HiHan iii ika Indian eaniiiii|ii In ISM, Includlna ihaad'anas lata 
NfMuI and affair al !'ill>iilial (Mnllll. 

• Ur.HuUi' Kaanlac leirad «)(k Ihdilk ItuFtarm nl Ibc 'me and r«;ilnr* of nkiirtpnrD In ItM-O 
(Madal and oacl^laJMi). Altuibg iuiibni ciinpaitu ul ISM aiid up lu iKnd Aug. 1«A», iMladlBi llw air4lr 
ul Diilmial:. billk.i nr Almi, Balalilais. and Iniii'rinan. and titic oS ackauopol (lltrial aad rliiiiQ 

ttarradalwDiPcanipalia of'lB15,aDd wi 
wUk fwiCtaapiforRolala, 

Dipae.Middftoiit.1 12/A {Prince of WaUs^s) Royal Regt ofLaneers. 148 

iTMfVlarT. Th* AjuUwr. with Um words, <* EOTPT" «PENIN3ULA'* ** WATERLOO"" BBYASTOPOL." 

^ !C^omL->B <Srir LoreU Bci\}ainin Lovell,' KCB. KH. Comet, p18 Dee. Ofi; 


Hm Lt. ^ 10 May 08; Capt. v IS Dec. 11 ; Brev.Major, 21 Jan. 19; Maj. p 98 
Pk7- ■ Oct. 24 ; Lt.Col. P SI Nov. 28; CoL 23 Nov. 41 ; Major Oen, 20 Jane 54; 
; Col. I2th Lanccr% 29 Nov. 66. 




'£/.Cd^.— Edward Pole,' Cornet, p7 July 25 j Zf. Pl9 8ept. 20; Capt.viS 

Nov. 31; Jf<;;orP30 July 44; LleuUCoL P 80 March 47 ; CV»/. 28 Nov. 64. 

iLawrenco Fyler,» Rna, p? Bept. 20; Lietit. p 10 July 28; Capt, p7 Feb. 

, 34; Brev, Minor, 19 June 46; Major, p7 April 48; Brev.Lt.Col. 80 

June 54 ; Lt.Col. 7 July 57 ; CoL 30 Oct. 58. 

8A j |Ghaa.Wai. Moriey Balden,*! GB., Comet, PlO Nov.85; Lt. p25Nov.28; Capt. 

P15 July 96; 3/^*. P 16 May 45 ; BtJJ.Col. 3 Apr. 46; Col. 20 June 54; 

I Lt.Col. 8 Jap. 68. 

14 I 

I oi 

'Mtoore.-'T\\omu O. Alex. Oakct,^ Comet, p16 Jan. 40; X^ p8 Sept. 47; 
, CB7I/.P22 Feb. 50 ; Major, p 1 Aujj. 50 ; Bt. Lt.Col. 20 July 58. 














































Edw. Burgoyne Cureton,' Cornet, 21 June 39; Lieut. 10 Dec. 43; Capt, 
I P31 Jan.51; B rev.Mty. 20 Dec. 50; Major, 7 July 57. 


20 July 58 


31 Dec. 41 
P 19 June 35 
P 31 May 44 

J.De M.M.Prior* /.r.c6 Apr^» 

Geonjfe Ilorne^ 

Chandos Fred. Clifton" 
iRobt.IIerbertHeathJaryy 23 Nov. 49 
lAdolph.UlickWombwcU ^"'p 19 Au;r. 52 
Henry Elmliirst Header" 

Robert Campbell " 

Charlea Jdseph Harford . . 
William Wallii King.... 
jCliarlcfl J. Watson Allen 


Edward Brown,* At^f. . . 
Alexander Fletcher'^. . . . 
Robert Edward Roc *** . . 
FrancisTheophilus Blunt" 
jFitzhardinge Joiies'^t * • . > 
George Francis Morant . 
John Charles Le Quesnc 

lErasmus Gower 

Samuel Adams 

William Eilward Shaw . 
'Frederick Swlndley ... 
!Jam&s lien. B. Vaughan 
i William Lloyd Browne . 
I Cornets. 

Arth. L'E. Ham. Holmes 
I David Roche Vandelcur. . 
I Adolph. J. S. C.Cbichestcr 
.William Blacker 
•Henry J. Ruwell Cruise *" 
<Jo6. DcvouHhcr Jackson 

jjoseph Sefton 

James BImsley Macaulay 

51 P 

30 Apr. 46 

P 28 Aug. 38 

P 29 Oct. 47 

P25 Aijr. 

p23 Dec. 
24 Nov. 43 1 9 Aug! 
P12 May 48 'p 8 Feb. 
P 10 Jan. 40 ' p 27 Oct. 48 p 29 May 50 : 
P 12 July 50 ' P 12 Nov. 52 p 19 Nov. 58 ' 
p 14 June 50, P 3 June 53 P 27 May 50 ! 

24 Aug. 52 j 3 Aug. 54 ; BUkc, icrred mtk tiM ISth UiiMn 
P21 Sept. 52 P 4 Aug. 54 T'MJ^™"'""*-**"^). 

nio^r roin,r ft 1 ^ ^^ »" **»• Cnmea from »tli May 
P 13 May 53 | P 15 Sept. 54 ISSa, inclndinr the uege of 8eba». 

8 July 51 
25 June 52 
29 July 53 
1 May 55 • 
1 May 55 
45 P 1 Dec. 54 
50 29 Dec. 54 ! 

P 4 Aug. 54 1 P 
P 15 Sept. 54! 
P 18 Apr. 50:'p 
P29 Apr. 50 
P 29 July 50 

1 Mav 55 *'*P*'* t Medal uid CU«p). 
1 jjxay uu J colijotl Fyler served »iUi tfa« 
I) JNOV. «X> I6U1 Lftncc-rg(iurinffthee«nip«lfiilii 
1 Aug. 50.Aflkb«ui*tanun(ler Lord Kruir, Ib> 
7 Tiilv /i7 !cludlnf tbc tipge and capture of 
' "J^v "' Ohuiner ( Medal). AlioatthebattU 
9 Oct. 57 or llabarajpore (Medal), 29 Dee. 

P 19 Sept. 50 P 1 1 Dec. 57 i****' ; ■*»'* '» **•* eampalgn OB the 

24 Feb. 57 < xto« no^"«J'»""*(*'«***)»''»pi««»'ntUie 

n Nov. 57 
Pll Dec. 57 
P 15 Nov. 55 

15 Dec. 57 
10 Dec: 67 
10 Mar. 58 
P 21 May 58 
22 Mav 58 
30 July 58 
13 Mav 59 

1 May 58 

5T»» pn fMi»«j laiovo v«<v«<^,inrtuaiDKUie 

-liar. OO ibatUea of Buddiwal and Aliwal. at 
!) May 58 .which last he waiteTerelywonnded 
7 Mar 59 ^^ * musket shot whilst ebarfflng 
with the Squadron he conmaBdcd 
a large body of infantry with three 
guns in their f^ont, and which be 
broke throagb and dispersed, being 
the last of the enemy's infkntry 
whirh stood their ground ; for tbia 
senriec he rereired the Brevet rank 
of Major. Served in the Poi^aub eampaitn of 1848-9 
with the 3rd Light Dragoons f Medal). Berved In tka 
Crimea with the ISth Laneers fhmi 17tfa May 18U, and 
was present at the battle of the Tchemaya, siege and Ml 
of Scbastupol (Medal and Clasp, and 6th Clasa of the 

1 July 59 
Pai/uiaster.—^SLS. Onstavus Hamilton Holmcw," 24 Feb. 37 ; Ent. Pll June 30; 
Adijutant.—Lictit. Edward Brown,' 18 Oct. 53. [Lt.V2 Ang. 83. 

Quarter J/flj/er.— Michael Blake,' 18 July 48. 
ttidiMf 3ffl*^<?r.— William St. I^ep Stephens, 31 July 57. 
Surgeon. — Gavin Ainsllo Turnbull,'* 28 Doc. 55 ; As^int.Surg. 10 Aug. 50. 
Assistant Surgeons. — Edward Ma'«on Wrench,** 3 Nov. 54. 

Samuel Gibson,^' M.B. 23 Nov. 52. 
Veterinary Surgeon. — Charles Steel, 10 Aug. 57. 

Blue — Facings Scarlet. — Agent, Mcmtsi. Cox and Co. 
{^Returned from the Crimea, 1 June 1850. Embarked for India, 10 Aug. 1850.] 
1 Sir Luvcll Beojamin LoTeil aorved at the taking uf Monte Video luidcr Sir Sam. Auchinuty In 1807, 
ftiKl fubieqiiently in tlie Peninsula, including the battles of Talavera, tlio Coa, Busaco, riiontoa d'Onor 
(wounded), 8alamancn, Vittoria, Iho Pyreners, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse; actioiis or skirmiahet near 
Talarera, Sexmiro, Val de la 31ula,La Moan-s, Prrizvdn, Ouaida, Coimbra, Vullc, Vind-i de Sierra, 
Pombal, Redinha, Miranda, dH Corvo. Coa, Galligos, Niive d'Aver, HMpipa. near Fuentes d'Oiior, Llerena, 
near Salamanca, St. ChriitovHl, Kueda, Castrillus, FoncMtin, Mutyllu, at Bur^'oi, (Hma, iluailc, Pam|»e- 
luna. Vale de Baetan, Pa^s uf Maya, Lines of Ainlio, Cumbn, llaiparren, lleiiie, Garris, Saurcterrc, 8t. 
Gladie, Buelho, Oarlin, 8an Roman — total, ten general fictions, forty mmor actiont nr FkirmiOirs, bt-sides 
attendiniE seven sieee« ; and was at the sii-gc of Op.irto, being one of the Military Rf-pnrterft under Lord 
William Russell. He has received the War Medal with ftleven Clanps for Uusaco, Fui uies d'Onor, Bada- 
Joi, Salamanca, Viltorla, tha Pyrenees, J^'ive, Orlhefl, and Toulnu!M>. 

3 Coload Pole eommaDded the IStb Laneers in the KalBr war of 1861.3 (Medal) i in General Somerset's expedition 
over the Kel in lUl lie eommanded the CAvalry and Artillery; and in IS32 he commaiidnl seTerol pKtrols and coinmas. 
Beftad in the Crimea from 9th May 18U, and was pretent at the capture of Tehorfoon, battle of Trhemaya, siege and 
all of MMstopoU and at Kapatoria with the Light Cavalry Brigade (Medal aud Clasp, and 6th Class of the M«diidia\« 

f .i- 

149 I2ih (Prince of Wales's) Royal Regt. ofLoMcers. 

9t Colonel Baldcvt ierred tbo Sntlij eamiwign of 1840-40, tnd eommtiided tli«9nl Li|bt Dnfoou Jb Ibo 
bftttlMof yoodkM and ForaisKhah, ud wu wonndfd is the sroln vlilkt ckaif liifr the tiimny^ bt M atin at 
FproiaclMb oo the evening o/ the SIsl Dec 1846 (Med«l end Clwp, Brevet Li.*Ooloa«l, mad CB.)> 

4 Lt.CokMl OnkM arrved with the ISih Leaccn tn tht Kafllr nv of lULS ( Vedal). Served ie the Criaoee Iron • May 
IfU (Medal end CUsp for BcbeMnpol, SwdiiiiaD Medal, and ith CIam of the MedJidie). 

5 alitor Cureion terred with the Itfth Lanren in the action at Mahan^pore IMMh ])ec.l84t(lff«lal); and 
with thti Srd Lifcht Diasorn« during the campeiffn of 184A-0 on the Sutl^; includinfc the batUet of Moodkee 
(aevereljr wounded) and r^obitum, (or whirh hi* hai rrcoivcd o Metial and mie Clasp; and SPiTed with Ibe 
12th Lancer* in i\w Kaffir war of IHSl-M (Medal). Sfnrrd with the 12th Lancora In the Crimea frou 91 
July icfifi. at the •i«>Ke Mid fall of 8«'ba>topoI and at Eupatoria (Medal end Claap). 

6 Lt .Colonel Prior »cn-e<1 with the 12th Lanccn throngliout the Kaffir war of Ib51-.'i3 \ Medal), indudinx the 
paaaavc of, and operatiuiis arruM, the Kci. Tlic Eastern ran)|NU^n fnmi ITth May IRao. including the battle of 
Tcheraay a, aeee and fall of SebastopoL and operatioDs ncnr Kiipatoria under General D'Allomil^ (Medid and 
Clain'i. The Indian canipnijm uf Th5i^&9 with the Saugur and Ncrhudila fit-Id force, iucladin([ the itction of 
Banua where he commiaided the left winr of the l^th Lauctn, actlun of Jcgttnge and Kobrai, relief of KJrwtf, 
and action at the stormiuK of the heighta of PuiiMarrie (.nientioDrd in , devpncbes, Brrrrts of Major and Lt. 
Colonel, Medal and Claap i. 

7 Capuin Home wrved in the Crimea from 17ih May l855(Mediil and Claap for S^bMtopol). 

8 Capt. Clifton lerrcd with the 9th Lancer* in the camfiai^ on the Sutlej In 1840* ajid was preaeat 
at the battle of tk>braon (Medal). Served with the 12th Lancera in the KatBr war in 1861-53 (Medal and 
mentioned in Ditpaicbea) ; alao in the Crimenn campaign from 17lh May 1865, includinf the battle of 
Tchemaya and siege of Sebastopol (Mednl and Claap). 

10 Captain Wombwell served in thf Crimea fromVOih Aug. I8&5 (Madal and Claap for Sebaatopol). 

1 1 CoptuB Reader Mrrcd in the vurtoit of the eneniy 4croM the Indus in 1M 9 (Medal). 

IS Captain Camphell serred with the S4th Kext. at the nrxr of Bchaitopol, in 196& (Medal and Clasp). 

15 Lieut. Fletcher, Paymaster Holmes, and Surgeon TurnbuU served in the Crimea frotn tftb May 1856 
(Medel and Cla^p for Sebastopol). 

18 Lieut Roe served at the aiegc and fall of Sebastopol from 17ih May 185A (Medal and Clasp). Served 
as Brigade Mijor of Cavalry to the Santor and Nerbudda Field Division and wa<k present at Mie afTairs cf 
Jejunse and Kubrai, general act&on of Bands, and surrender vf the R^ah of Kirwee on 5ib Jane 1868. 

17 Lieut. Blunt i>erved the Eastern eampaipn from 17th May 1856, including the bailie of the Tcibemaya, 
alege and full of Sebastopol (Medal and Clan>). 

17t Lieut. Jones served with the Snugor and Merbodda field force during titc Indian campaign in 1S58-59, 
waa present at the battle of Banda where he waa severely axiuiided having receivfd six aabre wouida; alao pre- 
aent nt the actions of Jegunge. Cobxni, and Lowherie, ami several minor afTiiira '^lednl^. 

18 Coipet Russell Cruise served in the French Army before Scbastiipol a* Lieut, and Adjutant in the 
Slat Regt, and was preaeni at the battle of the Tchemaya and operations before Sebaktopol, fur which be 
has received the British War Xedal and Clasp. 

19 AsaiatSwgeon Oibaon served with the Seugor and Nerbudda field force in the IiKliin campaigs in 1S&8-39. 
and waa present at the storming of the heights of Pnnwarree and several minor affairs rMcdali. 

M AaslstJtavMii Wrench served with the S-lth Regt. at the siege of Sebastopol in ISM-IS, and assault ef the 
' I «stbalBibJaBe (Medal and Claap). 



13/A Jtiegtment of lAgM UragoovUm 





Full I Half 
P*7- 1 P»r. 





5 , 


6 : 

10 , 























I " 







sMd apMlatmmlt. th« MoCtp, *• Yirn in JBtfmum/*—** PENINSULA" " WATERLOO** *" ALMA" 

CU^n^L— 9 an Hon. Edward Pyndar Lygon/ CB. Suh-Lieut. 1 June 08; Lieut. 7 Nor. 

05; Captain, 15 Feb. 08; Lieut.Colonel, 37 April lo; Colonel, 27 April 22; Jlftf^or 

General, 10 Jan. 37; Lt.Qen, Nov. 46; G'cn. 20 Jane 54; Colonel, 13th Light 

Drafpons, 29 Jan. 45. 
Lieut,Colonel,^M&[iTy Holden, Cornet, P22 Apr. 42; Lieut. p30 Dec. 45; Copt, p 10 

Mar. 47 ; Major, p25 Sept 55 ; LtCol. p 31 May 59. 
Af<i/or.— Arthur Tremayne,' Comet, p 11 Sept. 46 ; Lieut. P20 Oct. 47 ; Capt. P4 Apr. 51 ; 

Brev.MftJ, 12 Dec. 64; Mt{for,v9l May_59. 




Edward Lennox Jervis ' . . p 1 1 J uly 5 1 ' 
ntzRoy Donald Maclean^ 'p 19 Aug. 52 

Robert MacneiJl^ p 16 June 48 

John Dearden < p 17 Mar. 54 

P 18 June 52 

26 Oct. 54 

P19 Apr. 50 

8 Dec. 54 


8 Dec. 54 

18 Jan. 50 

9 Oct. 57 

19 Jan. 57 


3 Aug. 55 1 P 25 Jan. 5G 

27 Sept. 54 9 Oct. 55 

23 Oct. 57 P 14 May 58 

* 6 Jan. 54 9 Nov. 55 i 

Henry Oldman Munn .. p 4 Aug. 54, 3 July 55iPlCApr. 58 
Thomas Price Oratrex^..! 24Nov. 541p 9 Oct. " 

Henry White p 12 Apr. 50; ? 21 Oct. 

Stanley de Astel C. Clarice ' 

George Gardner,^ Ae(j,.. . ! 
Albert A. Erin Leihbridgc , 
William Atkinson j • u .»iui. o« ^ n u*. u«j > p»torit (m«i«i and thnc cimp*). 

RichardWilllain Renshaw P 16 Aug. 57 jP 10 Sept. 58 6 CapUIn Oratrei lerved the RacUm eAmpalgn 

RobertBurdon ........ " 23 Mac ^5;';24 Au«. o8-t;^»i;:i«-^5'^^^^^^^^^ 

Walter Sydney Tucker . . P 10 Mar. 57 P 18 Jan. 5i> 7 ^eut. Oaitlner ifrfed the Casteni eanpaln 

P 24 Aug. 58! 
29 Dec. 54 
P 14 June 59 

ft Captain Macnclll Mrred the Butcni 
paicn of ISfti, iBcIudiag the affair of BnlfBnak, 
fiatilei of Alma aod Balaklava. and tlrngt of Scbaa. 
topoli alw present with the Light Brtgadt at Bu- 

, , Sydney 

I Frand* James King . . . . p 2 Oct. 57 

William Gore ' 17 Sept. 58; p 8 July 59 

Waltd* P. Bagenal 31 Aug. 58> 10 July 59 



Tliomas George Johnson'^ 
Henry S. Leo Wilson .... 
Geo. Croft Huddleston . . 
John Saunders 

27 Nov. 

27 Feb. 

P 20 Oct. 


12 July 58 ■ or ism 6, Inrludlng the affkin of Bulganak aad 
M'Kensic'ft Farm, hattlei of Alma, Balaklavm 
(horte •hot), and Inkerman, and flege of Bcbaa- 
topol (litdal and fbur Claapi, and ith Claai of tlw 
lu Comet Johnson tenred the Eastern campaign of 19M-U, lB> 

I eluding the r«connats>aaee on the Uauube, battles of Balaklava 

58. (horse wounded), Inkerman, and Tchemaya, siege of SobastopoU asa 
gg; expedition to Bupateria ( Medal and three Claapst FrancbWar 
D O.) T 1 "Oi '^'^ Knight of the Legion of Honor). 
y 4'Z July Oj\ II pa>-ma»ter Pnth, AuisUSurg. Annitmng. and VeC 

I Towers served the Eastern campaign cf 1854-ft&, including the aflUr 
of Bulganak. battles of Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tcbenaya, 
I anil liege of Sebastopul ; also present with the Light Brigade at 
' Eupatoria (Medal and four Clasps] : Mr. Armstrong was with tba rt- 
! eunnaissancc on the Danube under Lord Cardigan. 

< Paymaster.— Edm. Bentley Frith/* 7 Sept. 41 ; Sns. p31 Oct. 34; Lt. p 3 Nov. 37. 
\Adljutant.— Lieut. George Gardner.^ 27 Sept. 54. 
^ ' Quarter Matter. — William Cresdee,'' 2 March 55. 
Riding Matter. — Francis Lcvison Michael/* 11 July 56. 

I Surgeon. — Robert Carcw Auderson, M.D. 18 May 49 ; Assist. Surg, 22 May 40. 
: Assist. Surg. — Lancelot Armstrong," 7 April 64. 

Veterinary Surg.— IXxof^. John Towers," 12 May 54. 
; Blue — FacingsBwfS. Agents, Messrs. Cox & Co. [Bet. from the Crimea^ 28 May 1856.] 

I Oeaeral the Honourable Edward P. Ly^^on served in the Peninsula with the tw\ Life Guards, from Nov. ISlt to the end of that 
war in IhH, locludmg th« batUe of Vittorla,/or which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. Served also the campaign of ISlft, 
■■Mt was present at the battle of Waterloo. Fourth Class of St. Wladimir of Russia. 

fl Major Tremayne served the Eastern campaign of 18&4-A&, Including the reconnaissance on the Danube under Lord Cardigan, aSblrs of 
Bulganak and M*Kenaie'« Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse shut], and Tchernaya, and siege of Sehattopol i also present with tlM 
LLfht Brigade at Eupatoria (Medal and thrco Clasps. Brevet M^or, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and ftth Class nf the Me^jidle). 

% Capt. Jerris served the Eastern campaign of IfiM-ftS, including the reconnaissance to Silistria with Lord Cardigan, aflkirs of Bnl* 
gaaakand M*Kencie*s Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse shot), Inkerman, and Tchemajra, and siege of Scbastopoli also prottBl 
wicta the Light Brigade at Eupatoria (Medal and four Clasps). 

4 Cape. Maclean served in the Eastern campaign of ISM. including the battle of Alma (Medal and two Clasps). 

II Biding Master Michael served the Eastern campaign of 1861. Including the aflkiruf Bulganak and battle of Alma : also preseat tritti 
^e Light Brigade at Eupatoria (Medal and two Clasps). 

IS Qr. Master Cresdee setved with the Light Brigade at Eupatoria, and has received the Crimean Medal. 

[CvMtUtuatioH of Notes to \Uh Light Dragoons.] 

-23 Lieut. KidlcT sen'tHl with thi; Peraiau exMMiitionof 1ko7 nnd was present at the boiiiIiarUnieul of Muhuniru (Medal). Scrvnl 
vitL the Criitral* India held funv iiiidrr Sir Ilu^h Rose in l&OtJ nnd vrua prcsrnt ut the capture of Loharie, action of Morar, sad 
Ttrnptnre of G^tUior (Mrdal and Cluspi. 

^1 PayuuMtrr Yctherstouhaugh verged ^ith the Ontnd India field fiirrc under Sir llufch Ruse in 1i>jb and was prcseut at the 
battle ot Koonch, all the alfain duhnv the advance on CuliR'e and action uf (iolowlee, capture of Culpee and pursuit, action <^ 
Horar. and recapture of (iwahor (McdtU and Clasp i. 

85 Qr.Master Bennett servtfd the Pui^auh campaign of 1848-40 with the 14th Light Dragoons, including the scUod of 
RamnuKf nr (sererely wounded), battles of Chilliaitwallah an<i Goojvrat, pursuit of the enemj across the Jhelunip and ol 
the AflkhaiisoTer the Indus through the Khybt-r PaM (M<>dal and Clasps). 

3fi Poctor Lofthonw scnrd Mith the 10th Hussars in the C'rinicjin r:inip;iien of 18»-i. includin)( the siege nnd fall of SebM- 
tiHwl, battli: of the Trhemaya, and uffiiir uf 2i»X Scjtt. near Kcrtrh (Mubd and Olas]!). Scni-d with the 14th Lt. Drs. during the 
Indian campaigns of 1H57 and l8-ib under Sir Iln(;h Hose nnd Sir R. Nupier, nicluduig tlie siege of Rahutghur, action of Barodia, 
rdicf of Suugor, siege and caj>turc of Gurrukoti. forcing tlie piiss of Muddeupurc. battle of Bctwa, siege nnd fall of Jhaui, 
artiona of Koouch and Golowhe. capture of the town and fort of Calpee. action of Morar, recapture of (iw-sdior, operatioui in 
Bandknind and alhirs of Garotha and Jarhlone, and pursuit of Tautui Topee ( Medal and Claap.). 

87 Velerinarr Surgeon Dawson sen-ed with the Persian expedition of IHo? < Medal). Scr^-ed with the Central India field force 
uder Sir Huf^ Boae in 1858 and was present at the siege and ca^iture of Raliutghur, relief uf Saugor, capture of Gurrakota, it 
Mittlioiiei wege and capture of Jlumsi CMcdnl nud Clasp;. 




00 ~ \Colonel.—9 ^^ ^^n, Iloiiry 






Murray,' CB. Comrf, IG May 00; XMl JihmOI; %M 

e4Aiiix.0-i; 3f<i;or, 20 March 07;' X^^o/. 2 Jail. 12; Co/. 23 July 30; MaJ.Gen, SB 

June lis ; Lt.aeit. 1 1 i\ov. ol ; O'm. iVb. iM ; Co/. 14th Lt. nraffooiis, 18 Uareh &3. 

^^.0»/««/7x.— tM^urks Steujirt," CB. Cormt, 10 Dec. W; Z.#>m*. ^o Feb. 3JI; C*]ptn 







njors. — .\ 

Major, 1 June 04 ; Bt.Lt.CoL 20 July 58. 
Richard Herbert Uall,* CB. Cor, pO July 30; LL 7 Dec. 3d; Capt. ^31 Mar. 48; J/ii(f«r, 
I 18 Soi»t. O? ; ttf.Lt,Cul,'^\ Mar. 58. 


Jolin Aup:ii!*tu« Toihl* . . »* "28 Apr. 07 
ft TcarHon Socitt Tlioiiipson'' " p 5 Aug. 42 
t> illich.Buckluy rrctUjohii'!P23 Feb. *M 


n47uue aiii 27 Nov. 4b 

P 7 June 44 I i' 3 Sept. 47 

i,*.v... Buckley l»rctUjohii';P23 Feb. 38 p18 Oct. 30; 17 Sopt.OO 

Robert J olinston Bhjwii" jp31 Dec. 41 PlO May 46; 15 Mar. 53 

NVilliam M' Million •....!? 26 Xov. 42 

Artluir Nicl »' 'PlSOct. 30 

William D'Urhan Blyth'^i»22 Oct. 47 
■ Thoinai) Kihvard Goriliinia P:27 (Jet. 48 
iChurlod Kdwvn \Vyatt>« p 18 July 48 

p CiNov. 4(1,P27 May 53 

P 17 June 42' 1 June 54 

22 Feb. 40 1 20 June 57 

nSi'pt. 50l 18 Sept. 57 

P 8 Mar. 50'. 2 Feb. 58 



20 July 58 20 Dec. M 
20 July 58 
20 July 58 

20 July 58 
20 July 58 


, LlEl'TKNASTr*. 

Claudhi!« Bueh 
Stand Uh Radl 

S'ANTr*. , \ V Lt.Col-inrl Ual 

lan.Whi^h'* 10 Aug. 51 Pn0%'pt.53 ;>r*. throu-^hujl i 

. Trave« - p 20 Aug. 51 p 30 Sept. 53 i1J,^!L"S:| 

lev Jai'kMon p12 Dec. 51 p 4 ISov. «>i5-g,.vcrc liihre wcui 

V Lt.Colind Gall arnred vith tlie I4tk U. 

tlie Puigaub r«nipiu|0 of 

ttir ncti'jii of Raoiniiffv 

sqniidront niiil recrired a 

unci III nn effi rt to Bdce a 

Robert ChadwiJk | >* 17 Dec. 52 p 18 iNov. 53 ' stumlinl, iwttU* of rhillianwiiliiih Md &»- 

■UwrcuccSt Patr G.,wun;^.-a;) Scpt.M 1 Ju„.. •?* ■J-^;,,r,'i;ir'c^l^\\i:;7hl7.ftV'!i'j?.Jl 

fc(lw.< )rlauilo\ .HaldHiie'^ p .W Sept. o:^ " 1 Dec. .i4 ^^^^ i„ „,„ ne^^n Aeld f.*i-« at Xhv aumnvf. 

' Lawrence Mackenzie *" . • ' p 1 8 Oct. 53 Oct. 55 = wmu of the Mutiny nt Auninirabad ; ■kodvihi; 

.George Moy rick Dew** ..p 18 Oct. 53. 29 Fob. b(\ ^«'^>'«»«V''«''i'i**" "^ ^*?^ M,^?»*'* 
n »f II a 1* • iMn 1 ¥^- p«' ia* r- i en I rail iiiliu Field lorcc under Sir Hath Botr 

\\ u». llcury ». Beamiah« p 1 Dec. 54 i 18 bept. o* ^^ ,„.^ .HPin^linx the ■!«;« "d npion af 

.50, 24 ISov. ot DtiHr, iiction uf MtindcMrr, Iwttleoi Uomarb 

mid n-liff uf Nei-inuch, tiege Hiid npturv of 
riinuiiryiio, sic^] nuJ cajiture of JhaDM; opm> 
iiiuuilM tliu forre uviaVlii'd iijruiiiKt the fort of Loharri and 
hcMdiM) tlif. ^^)rln(.'^■ in the atiiirk; prcacut at the battle of 
Kuoiicii anil atr:itrs during thf advanro on Calpee, iudBding 
the HCiiunof Goluwlic, nlto at thti rapture of Caipee and pnnraiii 
and reonnturcof Owniior (ftvo tinivi inefitioaea m deqwtcLe* 
Brevet ur Lt.Culoucl, CB., Mrdul and Claip). 

^ Richard Purnham Ridley^' 


Francis Bhike Eaglo 
I Heury Bra<Hey 

^ I Percy Doiiyson 

' Wni. Atchorley Alcherley 
I Willi J in Suiidy» Browne 
^ : //on. Frod. Amherst . . . . 
^ , Edw. Williams Pritcliurd 

18 Apr. 

8 Jan. 58 
5 Feb. 58 
5 Feb. 58 
5 Mar. 58 

13 April 58 

14 May b^\ 
24 Aug. b\^ 







P£rj//;i/M/cr.— William Fetlien$tonhaugh,34 15 June 40 ; Ens. P 8 Jan. 41 ; £/. pSO March 44. 
' At^futant. — 

Quarter Master, — Thonies Bennett."* Ausj. 50. 

Hid'mtj Mtigtcr. ^ioT^xAi Raikcr, 7 Nov. 5(5. 

Surgeon. — William Arden, 25 July 51 ; Amnt.Surg. Apr. 41. 

Assist, Surg, — Richard Chapman Jjoft house,* M.D. 14 July 54. 

Robert Browu Forsytli Brown, 8 Dee. 57. f Blae^-l'Veuiff SemrWt. 

Vet i'l'lna I'll SunjtOH. — Ilcmy Daw&ou,'''' l(i Mar. 58. L Agents, Messra. Ccric k, Co. 

1 0<fiiorul thi> II 1)11. lli'iirr Miirmy »»rTi>d In Xjplef, SIrilj, and Calabria, In 1800-7. Accompanied ih« eist- 
dltioD to Ef7)it In Murvli 1807, and wa9)iri*»ont, ns un Aide-de-l'anip, at the utl.irk on Alexandria, ftiega and itonai^f 
of Rotelta, and nn uvery otlii-r od'akion wlun our troo^js were engaxt'd. Served at Walcheren lu 1800, inclndlag the 
■lege and surriMidtT oT Fiuxhinfr. M'ent with the It^tli Hussars lo tlit* lVnin»iiln in Jan. ISIS ; present at the cro»»iii|[ of 
the E«lar.and ouinnianil«'il the K<>i! nivnt in 4up[iur( <if tin- lotii llnsKirKat the aciitm of M<iraii't dcTuro. Sanred aUo 
in the cauipai;:n uf Isl.'), iiit*iu«iint: ilie bulili- uf Qiiatru Dius; cuntniuiideJ the rear r>-(;inu'nt of the Column oa Iht 
ntKM diirinK thefnflotringit'iy ; .md, at Iho battle uf Wuicrlou, he led the It^lh liuMars in the brilliant cbargo of Sir 
Hutaey VIriun'ii llriicadc, iit the i'unclusii>ii til thi* ueliug. 

S Colonel Stt-uart j-crvcd with the 1 ith Lr. Dri. in tlic runjiul) (-anip'iiv:n uf lSl<%-<.), ini-lndiii;; ilir hailles of ChillianiraC^ 
(labro wound) und (■oojcr.ii, pursuit of the cncniy ncross the Jlicluai, and iT thi* .\(r<;han4 nvi-r thr Indui tliruugk the Khyber 
PUi (Mcdnl and Claapa). ('(jnnn:iiidcd n C\ivnlry Rrizidr in the lVr'>iin cvpcditii^n of \^''' (Midal uud CR.). Commaiidid 
tkt Slid Brigade of the Central Indi.t Kicld Kurre uiidrr Sir Hu^h Hii?e in 1S'<^, and ua.-t pre»eut at the liese and eaptaroof 
Bahutf^hur, n'licf of Siui;i>r and i-i])iiirf oi Unriak tta, Unau^ the MudJenporu i*a^:*, sc^c and capture uf Jhauai, battles of 
Beiwa and Kuunch (Medal and Clu-it). 

S Lt.Colonel >cnuaniiirn hervcd with thr fth Lr. Vn. throitjiiint the r.iinp:ti^n of iSi-^-i'-Hu Alfch-uiittAn, ineluiSug tlie 
neyeaud c:iptme ol (iliu/n<-r -.Midi!-. ^rr\i d ui:h tin- 1 lUi 1.'.* P.!). llir.i.-.!liitnt''.hc I'mJ luli rauipai^n nT iHi^l-lO, iadudinx 
tho action ol ll.ininUp''{ui i.ur>ni:di'ili, paHs:i;^r of llu- (Mi ndi. l;:i:(li--« <*f Ci.iil. aivkuliah ait.l ri.>.jri-a'. -d>i..^i:oiuly wouideS 
(Mcdaland Cli»fi9i. Cuiiiiii:iiidiil the Kr^i. during tin: I'anifi.i'.n ^f l*--''< in L'<'ri nn lii.iiiiindcr Sn Ilii^h Kuic and was ptfl- 
lent at ihi^ »ii'.^'.' aiiil (--i|)inre i>f Kihut^iiu;, attiun of r-i.jd-:i Rci'i f i)f Suiijoi'. r.i|i:nri' nf «MiiTak«i;a: CjniuaiiJed the 
detached force tcnl :iu'»>n-t Maltimm-; present at the sie^e and cajtlnri* of Jliano ai-d couiinaiidi- 1 the i.uipuaia uuiing iha 
iaveatnient: prencnt at the hahie of KiNinrh nnd all the airuirs duiinK the advance on C'ulute incluilin^ the action of Goluvlie; 
aiao at the artiuii of MomrMud rocupturi: of Uwalior; ntjo I'j.uni.uidi'd n llyin*; ruliiiun fur tix mouths in the Gwnlior and 
Jhanai distrirta (thrcr tinim iiirninnicil in despntrhes, Itrcvci uf Lt.t^oluncd.'CM.. Med: I and CI.ivp;. 

3 LiXol. I'odd served with the I'.li Lt. Ihs. throughout thecuiipai;;n of WiViVJ in Ail;;liani»iaii, iurlndiny tlie aiecc and cap- 
ture of Ghnzm-u* (Medal'i. Served with the I4tb Lt. Drs. throughout the rniijiiuh ranipji^sn of ]Q4b-lU, iucludina tne adioB of 
Vaannggnr, paata^te of the Clieuab, battles of Chillianwallah and Goojonit (Medal and Cla«p«). Sen-ed oa Bncade Maioc of 
Cavaiiy with the rcriiaa tspcdiiiou of Uhl (Mcdul), Alw as Brigade M^or to the %d Brigade uf Ihv CcnUil ladia IcM 

' illr Hoi^ Ion ia 1988 ud wu pment at the tlen and eaptart of Ralratifaar, relief of Songor, ctptBre of Otr- 

nJDDla, IbreiBc tlw mrideapore pna, liepe and ctiptore oTJImiiii, raltlfi of Betwm with Kconch and vt-An daring the 
atamitt oa Cmm nad mtlOan of Golovlie ; alio ibe action of &Ionr, recapture of Owiilior and pnrauit with action of fown. 
Alboua: aerMH as AmbI. Adj. Qcn. tn the Owalinr Divibiou in pursuit of the Hebcls and at the action of Raoode (oie ntionud 
ll iegiatrhe^ Breret of Midor, Medal haJ Clasp). 

chai^n^ ^nadroiis. passajso of the Chriuib, buUki •>!' CliilliniiwallHh and Gotijenit, pufAuii of the eneniv ncruss the Jlielnin 
and of the Affjchaus ovtir the In Ins throu;;h th.*; Kliyber Pusa fMed:il uiil Clasps). Served with the Pcninn rxpeditiou of 

kctioii of Katiuile — severely wounded (three limes nientioiieil in despatch. -.<>, llruvi-t of Mnjor, Medal and Clasps 
S CiiptHiu Itrown served at the suppression of the Mntiny at Anriinyihad in 1^57, nnd wilh the 


tlie Ccntriil Indiii iteld force under 
^r iluj:h Kosj in 18oS and was p'resent at the ^ie-je and raplnro uf RMhatKhur, relief uf Situxur, capture of Gurraicota 
aiid :iur%;i]t amifis the BeRs, at M all hunt*. su-;{e and raptnre of Jhan^i (Medal and C.:i<ji). 

9 '^:fj<jr M'Mahon served ill the Piinjauh cainpui.:;n of ISl*!^-'.): at the liryt sie^u uf MtMltiin, inrludinz the attai-k ui the 
ene:ny*A ]HMition m fmnt cif the a>lvanci d irmches. 1-2th >ept. Y^V^-, with the cliaririn'; squiulron^ of the 1 t(h Lt. Dragoons at 
i(a,r.iiiu(n{ur ■very scvcrelv wounded', and at the buttles of ChiJliaiiwallali and Gr>ojentt; was uIpo present at the surrender of 
the S'.-ikii army at Kawnl Wndci:, and pursuit of the Atf^hans tn Pcsh:iwui (Mt^lal and i;laaPB). Served with the Central India 
lf>:d farrti nn^cr Sir llu^h llo^e in IhJs and wa^ prcMiit at thl^ suye and capture of Kahutuhur, relief of Sauvor, action of 
Barodio. at Maitiii^ne, siigc and eapiore nf Jhanni. bairles of Ret'.va and R>t:u('1i (severely witnndrJ). aciii>n of llnnir, recap- 
lure of Gwalior, :ind c>;miuandt-d a ilyin(; eoiuniii iu operations a^:iin!>l llunjnr Sin^ (twice inenlioned in despatches, Brevet of 
Iftjor, Med;d and Uasp). 

II U^jor Need iiirvi-d the Funjaub ra:npai(:u if 1hi^-t9 as Aiilcodn-Cinip to GenciaJ Whish, nnd was present dnrinf the 
whole of ibe sieite operatiou» apinht aud c;i|)inn- of Moor.iLo ; alter which he was at the battle of Gonjurat (Medal and Clasps). 
iferrcd wilh the Persiau vxp&Utiou of IK57 (.Mcd.ii;. Also with the Ci-ntra1 Inilia ileld force under Sir Ilnj;h Kose in 1833 and 
was present at the sie-^'C aud capture of lUhii'pliur, n-lief of Sau<^>r, capture tf Gurraicotu and pursuit across the Reaf, forcinr 
the Maddent;ore Pass, sie^c and rapture "f Jhausi. battles of' Betwa and Koonch, aifairs during the advanrc on Caipee and 
action of G-dowlee, capture of Calpce and pursuit, action of Monir, action resultiuti in the recapture of the town nnd fort of 
Gnsaliur, pursuit In lH3S-tt and action of Uanode nud puisuit of Tauiia Topee (four times mentioned in despat«'bes, Brevet 
of Mjgor, Medal and Clasp). 

li Captain Bl^lh sened llironghoiit tbcPunjaub campaign of l>iH-{i,ini:liidin'j the action of Raninufirnr (with the char(;in(c 
iqnjdruis}. passige uf the Chenjb, battle.) uf Chilliimwallah and Goojemt, piiidiiit of the eui-ray across the Jholuiu, and of the 
Afj^Iiaae mcr Uia Indus thnMih the Kh>bcr Pass (Mrdal .-md CIimih;. Sened wirU the Ci utral India field force under Sir 
Hugh lUse m lb«d and was present at t;.e rapture of I/oharri, battle of Koiinch, various skirmishes before f?alpce, action of 
64J«*wlec. capture of the town and furt of Calpt-c, act'oii of Mor>ir and severe cincaKenients on the heights before Kolakaaerai 
and Gwalkv, eaptnrc of the fort and city of Gwulior (mentioned in desp-ttihus. Medal and Clasp). 

V» Captain Gordon served in the Punjaub camp.ii^n uf lhl>i-0. including the batlK-s of Cliiltiunwiillah nnd Gnojrnit, pursuit 
of tlio enemy aerois the Jitcluui, and of the AlfL;h:iiis ovrr the Indus, thrimifh thi- Kli\brr Pn» (Mt-dal a.:d Caspi). Served 
with the Ccutral India lield force under :>ir Iluzh ilo*(> in ls>.')8 nnd wad present at the sic'^e and capture of Ciiauueyrie. siqtr 
tad capture of Jlian5i, battle of Ko-vneh, atT:iiri durici: the advanc:? on Caliter and action of Uoliiwlrc, C:iptnr.- of Caipee and 
purauii, action of Morar, scvtral eupieenicnts od the hcijehts before Koiaka^vnu aud Gwaliori recapture of the furt and city of 
GwkliOr and pursuit of the rebeis in iSoSuO (Medal anuCl.-ian). 

U Cupt-hn W\ntt eerred iu the Pcisinu expedition of Isfij (Mt-dsn. Also in the C<*ntnil India Acid force under Sir Hugh 
Kosc' ill l<iS and was present at the siegtf and capture of U:tliut);hiir. action of Uarodni, ri'licf of Snugor, cipturc of Ourra- 
koLt. forcing the Muddunpurc pass, sici;e und capture of Jhan^i i Medal and Clasp). 

l3 Lieut. Whisii served as A. Q. M. Gen. of t)iu Cavalry I>ivi«iou in the Persiau KxpeJiLiou of 1S57 (mentioned in despatchea 
and Medal). 

16 Lieut. Travrrs served iu the Persian pxpodiiiim of l:^-'i7 (Mc-lal). Also with the Central India field force under Sir Ilugh 
Kose in ib38 aud was present at the sicge and canture of Itnhntghur, capture of Gurrnkoto. forcini; the Malt hone Pass, siege 
and capture of Jhansi, battle of Koonch, all the ntf.iird dnrin;; the a-JvunL-e on Caipee and action of Oolowlcc, cajiture of Culpee 
anilpnr<uit >: M(dal and Clasp). 

ll Lieut. Gowaii served with the Persian cxprdilion of m."»7 (Medal j. Was present at the suppreision of tlic Mutiuj at 
Aorun'^at>:.d : also wi'.h the Mnlwa tic Id forci^ in ls'')7 at the sie-^e and rapture of Dhar, action of Mnndrsore, battle of Goraria, 
and relief of ^eeniurh. Served with the Central India tield force under Sir llu^li Itngc in Ib'iS nnd wa^ present at the siege 
and capL^jre of Chandevrie, sicse and riiptiiie of Jhanni, battle of Koonch, affairs durin;; the ailvniicc on Caipee and action of 
Gulowlee, capture of Cnlpee, action of Morar, and action rrsultinj; in the rrcapiurc of the town and fortress of Gw.ilior ; served 
in Inatf in parsnit of the Rebels and was in the sucri*s«fnl attnek on the .'ilh April (mentioned iu despatches. Medal nnd Clasp). 

Va Lieui. llaldane !iervL-d u:ih the iVrsiun expedition of 1S57 •Mrdul'. 

10 Lieut. Mackenzie ser»cd with the Persian e\pi-dition in lb.'i7 and was present at the cnpttire of Mohuinrah (Medal). 
Was present in 15o7 at the eaptua* of the fort of Dhar and drteat ol the rebils at Munde^orci 8er\-ed with the Central India 
ield furce under Sir Hugh Uose in Ir^oR ni.d was present nt r;iR takinj; of the tort of Chundi-yrce, s\v^/x and captnre of Jhansi, 
battles of Betwa and Koonch. operations beiorc Ci!pre with action of GoIoavUc and captuie of the town and furt of Caipee, 




Nr B 

(mentioned in de^patrlu-s. Medal and CIn.')]!'}. 

£i Lieut. Beamis i served with the Persian (:.\pcditit»r, of 1S''7 (Medal). Was jiro'-ent at t^.e suppvcsrion of the .Mutiny at 
Aomngabad in Wu. Served with the Central Iiuiia lield force under Sir llu;;h llose in IS.'ih ui.d presi-nt at the rifze and 
rantnre of Rahut-hnr, aitioi of Bnrodia. n-liif of Smu^' -r, ca;.tnre of Ciu.;uko!;t, s-.t Malthi.uo, -iir-irp und capture of J hnnsi, 
battles uf Betwa and K^Minch i.woiuided , all tl.f ufrairs diu-inj; the ud\nu('f on Calpte nnd .n'tion of Gulowk-e. capture uf Caipee 
and pursuit, action of Monir, lecnptuie uf GM.ilior, nud (i]>eration<j a^^lULst Itrnjor ^in^' .Mrdal and Cin^p-. 

[For ruutiuuaiiuu oi' Noic», see end of 13th It. Drafs, 

15A{nie Kbtg'M) Regt qfU. Drs. ( Aitiori). [* 



CohneL^if «B EYerard Wm. BouTfrie,! Cor. PS Apr. 19; Lt, 15 OeC. 19; 

Capt P9 Sept. 10; Bt.Mqjor, G May 31; Li.Col, P4 Dec. 32; CW.IO 

Sept. 45 ; MqjorGen. 11 Nor. 51 ; Col. 15th HuHan 17 July 5U. 
Lieut.ColoneU—TtiomhA R. Crawley,' Ensign, 10 Dec. 34; Lieut, 9 Mar. 49; 

Capt. P 13 Oct. 54; Mcq. 26 Feb. 58 ; Lt.CoL P23 Sept. 59. 
3f<vor.~Uenry Lee,» Cornet, p12 Oct. 39; Xieu^ p29 July 44; Capt. P8 

Dec. 54 ; Mt^or, p 23 Sept. 59. 
























1 ' 




1 1 



George Stoney Swinny, t .i p 14 J unc 42 12 Apr. 46 14 Sept. 55 ! 

Horace Trower p 30 A ug. 42 3 Apr. 46 2 Oct. 55 

WiUiam Veall Greetham jPdl May 44 P30 July 47' 18 Sept. 57 . 
William Edington Stuart', p 21 Nov. 51 14 Sept. &> 26 Feb. 58 
Pat. Alex. \Vat4onCamegy*: p 16 Dec. 5.-^ p 1 IJ uly 56 13 May 58 ' 

Edwyu Walker p 24 Nov. 54 p 14 Dec. 55 P23Sept.59' 

Robert Lesley Parker . . m 13 Fob. 55 p 8 Jan. 56 p 4 Nov. 50 = 

Robert Peiifold p 14 Mar. 56! 17 Nov. 57, p 16 Dec. 59 ! 

Lieutenants. j 
James Alston Clark .... i p 23 Nov. 52 p 10 Feb. 54 , j^^^, Crawley wa» preMi.t 
Charles William Bell....'P 1 June 55 p 9 May 56 attheciofiniroperation»befora 
Henry Banks Wnnht .., 14 Sept. 55. ** 17 Jul v 57 Mooitan and m the surrender 

James Mann, AiU H A,»r. 57 25 Jan'. 5J) HV«r'Ted'*M\^'tV A^difi?: 

Arthur RandolphMulliujirS;*' 17 July 57 P25Jan. 59 comp to Sir Hrory Dnndat 
Stewart DavicitCartwriglit P 26 Mar. 58 23 Mar. 59 command inf the BoaibayDivi- 

Bryan BuiTell 4 Dec. 57 p 23 Sept. 59 ?*«" »/ «^e army of the Pun- 

PWncas Bury 8 Jan. 58 p 4 Nov. 59 ToSiuS' aL^'ttle^Sl'equ^rt 

Montague Cecil Broun., p 15 Jan. 58 p 16 Dec. 59 nperatinni, and wa* present at 
Cornets. i^** battle of Ifoojerat (Medal) and in the pur- 

VToUAfi T VAxu Tttftitin/.I- p \ V..h "Ift *"•' "' '***• '^**''' army to the hrer Jhelum. 
Walter 1 . bdw. Bentinck p o 1 tb. 6» , ^.^^ ^^ ^^ preint wim th. is«h La«e« i. 

Fred. UeO. Lister IngllS .; 2U Uct. oe tbeaeUooatlCaharajpor«,mth I>cc. IS43.aBdlMsr«- 

Geo. John Hooke Pearson ! 31 Dec. 58 ««*»«1 **• ■"»«• »»•»• ^ 

rkoviH -RiViinln iPlSATnv'iQ 8 Surgeon Wall terred wllhtlie8ard PJwflleri 

David Ricardo ... . . . . . , p 13 May o9 ^^^ ^^^^^ campaign of 18M and up t« S4ik 

John Hob. Heron Maxwell p 1 Apr. 59 March, 1855, lucludinK the batUcaof Alaa and 

P 28 Oct. 59 Inkennan, and ilege of Sebaatopol (Medal and 
three Clasps, and 5Ui Class of the MeiUidle). 

Benjamin Winthorp 

22 Pay»MM/^.— Blayney T. Walshe/S Oct. 48; Ens. p28Aug.d8 ; X*.31 Dec.dO. 

3 Ad^futant. — Lieut. James Maun, 1 May 57. 

8 , Quarttr Master. — Benjamin HoUoway, 5 Oct. 58. 

3 Riding JJoi^er.— Maillard Nonke, 20 Feb. 57. 

16 ' Surgeon.— y^m. Godfrey Watt,* 28 March 54 ; Assist. Surg. 1 March 44. 

3 j Assistant Surgeon. — Charles Henry Browne,'®- 1 Aug. 57. 

i 13 1 Veterinary Awriyeofi.— William Tliacker,* 14 July 47 ; 1** Class, 1 July 59. 

Blue— ^^en^^, Messrs. Cox 8c Co. Irish Agents, Sir £. R. Borough, Bt., Armit &, Co. 

[Returned from Madras, 20 June 1854.] 

1 Major Geneml Houverie »eiTcd in the Peninsular from October 1818, to the pnd of that var In 1814 
and has receired th» Wur Medal with t»o ClasiM for Uie batdes of Vittoria and Toulouse. He sarred also 
the campaign of 1815, and was woundpd at tie laltle of Waterloo. 

4 Capiain Sluiirt has received the Order of tlie Bledljidie, 4th Class, for service in theOsmanli Cavalry. 

5 Captain Cameny served with the 2J Diagoon Uuards in the InUiun cumiMijcn in 1859-00, Inclading 
the siege and capture of Lucknow (wounded), subsequent operaliund, nelion of Koorsee, the Ond« caai- 
patgn, actiun of Jamo, siege and capture of Birwah, and commanded a detached Squadron In the aflhlr of 
Qooree (Medal and Clasp). 

7 Paymaster Walshe serred with the 9th Regt. throughout the campaign of 1(M2 in A(!)|hMilstaB 
(Medal) uiid^r Sir George PoUocIi, including the storming the Khjber Pusi^, taking the Fort of MasMW 
Khali, itorming the heights of JugduUuck, action in the Tezeen Valley, clearing the he^hti of Hoft- 
kotul, and storming the town of Isialiif. Served in the KafUr war of 1851-ftS (Medal). 

9 Yetcrinarjr Sargroii Tharker served in the 12th L«Dcer« in the lUfflr war of 18&I*A3 (Medal). 

10 Assist. Surgeon Browne sened iu the Indian campaigi^ froui Nov 1857 to April lb&9, and was weieat at tbr 
aicfe and capture of the fort of Auoh, also at the sivge storm and capture of the town and fort of Kotah (Medal 

"■^Sf*""} 1«* ^Tke Qtuen't) Regt. of Lt. Drag, (tmcert). 153 
ColMu/.— V HOH. SirEdwarA CoMt,' KCH. Cor. IC Mm-. iO; i(,f37Dcc 10! 
Capt.r 9 Dee. 13; Mni.rUOct. Bl ; Lt.Col.PiO Dec. 10; Co/. 23 Nov. 
*l ; jrif/.<?(n. II No».51;i(.Gin«. 14 May 51); Col.lBth Ldiicen, OApr. 50- 
LimtColoMel—Chariea Jolm Foster,' Cornet. '6 April 30; Lt. '21 Doc 38; 
Capt. PI Dec. 47 i Jfiyor, "21 Sept. Si; Lt.CnI. P17 Fob. C7. 
S Mnjori. — William TiiomasDickior, Come(, 1123 Apr,47; Litut P^it'eb 48* 
C«p(. I"25 Apr. SI ; Jf^w, P Ifl Msy 54 ; Bt.Lt.CuI. 28 Oct. 58. ' 

t^ Thomu Woollaitoti While, Comet, v 7 May 47 ; Xiedf. P 7 Apr. 4B ; Capt, 
PBS Sept. 5) ; Major, P3 Nnv. S5, 


L&neetot HkltoQ ii'-JS Fcl>. 4tl|'' lUApriUll i<|-iOel.5tf 

DacidBarclBy k 1.^ April 4a|'' 2 Apr. 50 c n Ocl. OT 

PMrick Dynou' S9 Hay 3!) l«Jiiiie4a USrpt.SSI 

Jamc* Stewart Ip 12 Aug. 53: p 13 Oct. 54 pig Mar. 58' 

Hugli D'Arcy P. Bumelliv 14 July 54! 14 Sipt. 5i psd July SH! 
" P21JuIy 54 "• aN'ov.5i|,.siIjec. Oe; 

ItJMar. 55 '18 Jan. Wlcij juneOl 
iWfBb. 5(1 PlSMay 57 1 1- 1 7 June 51 

I4.M«r. oC! 37 Nor. i,, . _^ , -■ 
3Jui>e5« Pll l>«e. ^".7 C.™ twLl^up ,o' w* 
7 Nov. 50 6 Mar. 58 1 oeL IKI, Inclwllni tiw batitt 
24 Fub. ."i? '23 Mar. .>8 of .llmii and ti-x' of Sibu- 
10 April 57. "30 July 58J '"!*"*'"'■'"*»" ^^i"!")- 
30 Mar. 58, PW Dec. m!'«»I'}|"« ,"',•'•'■"",,■ 
20 Oct. 58 , P 1 7 June 611 i ^^ ".j,.^ AlllX ^'£ 
^Oct 58 "17 JunL'5<JithiBl>taii,wuler Lanl Khih. 

■ ID Nn,. mI«''"^" (>'i^'"' "" "^ ""'' """"" ■" 

Go. Wm. Hutton lUdddl 
^ Fnncia PiyutoD PIgott 
'A Thomas Boyca 


Bdwm Co*tBD,* Aij. . 

Pmlerick Stoodlcy 

^ Arthur Jolin Aniulroug 

Leonard Wilma Atkinioi 

Winism Rlclid. Corballia 

Artliur Gooch 

Rieb. FiaEding Morriran ' 

Uorton Eagle Harmar . 

Xtiomaa Fnaaia Agf . . . 
vt' Francli Joaqih Barron . 

Bilitanl Philip aalLcr ■■ — iijun. ot>. 

Charlei AQtbony p 12 Jan. 5U 

George Jamei Gilbanl .. ^ ISJan. 51)' 

Edwin Andrew Corbot ... 27 Nor. 57 j 
rt !r- Wnilnm John Wauchopc. v 7 Oct 50 

84 .i'avMwter.— aeoi^FrcdetickBawer,*!8Uay47: £n«.SO Aug. 3G, 

5 Adjutanf.— Lieut. Edwin CowUii,' ti6 Oct. 55. 
13 Quarter' Matter.— Q«oi%c Lamb," 4 June 47, 

3 'ffWi#vJiro*(n-.— Thomas Brown,"? Sept.SB; Corttei, 29 Dec. 5". 
15 I SuTfton. — WilliamKer Park, eOet. 54; Amat.'Surg.ZX 0<A.ib, 

6 i.4«rirf.-5Hr;a(ni.— Andrew Knox Rickardt, 24 April 55. 

tS , iFeferinorySMrjeim.— Francis Frederick Collins, 8 Dec. 48. 

Soarlet — Faeingi Blue. — Agenti, Uesir*. Cox le Co. 

[Betvriud from Bengal, 28 Dot. 1810.] 

1 SirEd«BnlCiut}iiuicdUiel)iikcerWtlUBf|toD'iuiBypri« to ISa (dnnce rroiu Portu|{>l 

U^NU J*tli* IH^ of Fiuila d-Onu, ud Tith tke 14th Dnionai H ll.e lintlln or Sah'tns'nM, ViUuria, 

tlie Pinue^ ^>*>U<i ■nd Km, iBTBintnt gf Cindul KodhiN. >iefni nrBiiIiJDi, and ecutrnlLj in *11 thg 

■([■in at tbnt poud, until Lc quilWd tlig Ukike'i uu} an proiuDtmu. Ik hui [Mdnd tlio Wu 'lledal with 

17/4 Segt, of Light Dra^ootu {iMtuxri). 

- -- - ^"^ ■p\aiVk*UoW," Or Olen."-" klMt.' 
Sir Jamei Maiwell Wkllaee/ KH. Cdhm^ 14ADEt- O^t Xtral. 
; Capt. 32 Oct. 07; MajOT,l Jan. IT; Lt.-Col. it SaptSS; 
Juiiaaai ^rf^'or-Gm. U KoT. GI;Xl.-0«n.6F«b. 6fi; Colonil 
r*.S8 Jan.Cl. 

'Henr; Roxb; BeniOD,* C«rn>l, »31 Jan. 40; £f, 'ISAprlMS; 
rune 46; Afiv'. 33 0ct. 64; Zt.CoI. PSOSept.fia ; Cri. S3 Sept. SO. 
larmonth,' Comtt, '31 Ang. 40; LUut. P SS log. CO; Capt. 
I Jlf<i/ar, I* 30 Sept. £0 ; Xf.Col. p1 Jol; SS. 
ttert White,' CarnH, v lb Oct. 47 ; Limt. 'St Dee. 48 ; CapU 
I; BtVB.Vq/. lSDe0.fi4; VitAir, IS Juir 58. 
Oordaii,' St. Com<f, rl4 June 60; £<«it. PIB Jaly 51; Capt. 
; Breo-Mnj. 7 Dec. 68 ; Major, f 1 Jply fiO. 

1 Knight .. 



w Barcl* .. 

'\t Sipt.60 I 
P'J7 9Bpt.33 
PlOJuly SS 

pas July 64 
'13 July 47 

lU Aug. 61, 7 NOT.64 
lDDec.34| leUu.eS 
20 Oct. 64 » 30 Mar. 66 


7 Koi 

16 Deo. 419 
18 Oct. 64 
10 April 67 

'86 Feb. 6« 

17 Sept. 57 

nWiwi" i 

I Billing 
t. Macgregor: 

e Scott ...J 
>ldsworthy" i 

No*. M 
18 Sept. 67 


•n Apr. 60 
87 Hay 69 

> 1 July "^ 

LlObL LiHSunUi mmt 
Il» BuUn eaniwIcB it 
lUi-« (H««al and cW). 

t M^oi wall* Mmd JB tte 
BaMRn landn vf ltB«, Jb- 
elmtlH III* aflkfr at Bulfwud, 
tattlHof Alnaaad BaUklxTa 
(HTwtlj •••■dad}, and ilt^ 
at ai t a rta pnl (IbiUl avl 

p 10 Jan. 56 
8 Dec. 64 
1 May 66 

6 Not. 64 
13 July 66 
>n July 66 
> 30 Feb. 66 

T Sept. 66 

• 3 Nov. 66 

• 3 Oct. 67 
30 Feb. 68 

4 Oct. 67 

6 Oct. 67 

I OOcl. 67 

Fraaer ... .^36 Har. 66 

cue-Haniaoa 18 Jan. 60 
ird Abadie ..[ Aug. 68 
ideneU Bnicel * 7 Aug, 67 
im Young . . 93 Aag. 6B 

er St6Aug.68 

iiiBliiinbe^.,Fl6No*. 60 

tha tBbiina^'(lRatI~aadaMi). 
-Oenrge Berkeley Belcher, 26 Not, 58. 
lAfUt. Jamea Duncan, 91 Nov. 60. 
i«in-.— William Oarland, 18 Apr. 66. 
i(*r .—George Pumfrett, 16 June 68. 
amM KelUe, M.D. 3 Oct. 67 : AtiUI.3urg. 6 May 48. 
wtu. — Yorlie Hobart Jobnaon, 34 Kot. AS, 
Osorge Carleton CEery," 18 Sept. 64. 

10 April 67 

17 Sept. 67 

17 Sept. 67 
K S Oct. 67 
■> I Feb. 66 
Kll Sept 67 
P84 Dec. 68 
T 7 Sept. 68 

97 Hay 69 
' 16 Ang.60 

■ "" ClMm BnvM niter, a ._ 
I ait WlUlam a«dwi Mmd la the SaN- 
ipalsa of ISM-M, Inciadlactke Uuk 
.kliv* (wMiided lad kacM ibat) aad 
«< of SebHtopol {Medal and OIbbl Kalikl 

Dombti*. Orderlr OOht. 10 Ullil hli Bngtdc.llijar.Cipl. 
XiHliiiilniTi. btln* Uk(D prkuBti lb* folloirliit d(T. Xe look 
WillK*. aeIlni-Brltadt-H*|ari aad Robali bfliit tlllHl on 
7 <^p<aliu Lowe and OlbHM, and Ueul. Cnnon, lerTtd 
a MitioT BiKl trntd with Iha nh LariMn [n the PunJinli 
CtaJlllanwilUh ana Ooritnt (Ucdil anilciu|»). 

B CapUIn BImL Hrvcd iD Ihs Ctlmca tram Nth Ju1:t ISii. 

g killed), aod aleKoCSthu 

[FerooQUanaUOD of Votaa, aaa l^ot of m 

16th Regt, of Light JOrageotu (Huasars). 196 

dwiid Btiiii,' JRw. 11 Not. 11; Lt. SO Apr. 13; Cafl. psfl 
; FI6 June 96; lA.-Col. 'S6 Sept. SO; Col. 33 Nor. 41; 
Not. fil ; Lt.Om. 16 Nov. 58; Oil. IBth Dri. 29 Feb. 66. 
khird Knox, On-. "SB June 31 ; Lieut. 20 April 94 ; Capt. 
r.Mqj. 20 June fi* ; MeJ. PB Dec. 54; Lt.Cal. 10 Feb, 68. 
amblsr Jinyn*,* CB., Cor. >>aO Dec. 15; Liml. p24 Sept. 
)ec. M); Br ee.Attfj. 12 Dec. 6* : Mnj. 19 Peb. 5B. 


'SI Juna39 
' 16 Dee. 40 
' a Dec. 48 

'12 May 48 
■ I Ap -" 

11 Feb. 43 P 36 July ai 
3Miy 44 P 13 Dec. 63 

17 Jiino51 P 7 8ept.66 
„ 23 Feb, 50 98 Feb. 68 
50l 10 June 6T|p31 Aog. 68 

'12 July 50,"' 1 8ept.54| 36 Jio. 5(1 
83 Apr. 55,P31 Aug. 65 P 6 Aug. 60 

23 Mar. 56 1' 10 Jur 

Mot. 65 1 (I Sept. 55 

20 July 66 1p Oct. 57 
16 Hay 67!P3UPeb. 68 
38Scpt.5e[ 36M«r,68 „ ,i,ilT'l»ni" 
IflMar. sel 6 Aug. 59 -~' ■ - ' 

17M»r.68fP 6Aug.50 

23 M«. 58 > 16 Sept. ee^'-^^J^^ .<-'X"i,Vh 

I LI. Unci, mil of Ihs cbirn u MUkUn. «■■ 
90 Hw. 68 i "-flmHil Ihi lUfhnrBt. &r whloli ha r«1t«I 

]3Apf.6« """""-' 
IB Jui. 60 
IS Oct. 60 

>f Uia I1*4|I<11>. 

B«twn,* 10 Htrcb 6B; 1 Not. 36 ; H(>)i.CRjif. 1 SepL5e. 

Wm. Pembarton Heiketh,* 13 Dec. 60. 
.Jflupb Henry Pickle*,* 93 March 68. 
MwBtd Hilcolm GreBtrex, 14 Hiy 68. 

Seott Doeher, 14 May 51 ; AuUl.Sarg. 30 Dee, 40. 
,— Uaalmiliaa Grant, M.D. 10 March 57. 
*. — AOiUn Cooper Bbaw, 91 Aug. 48. 
rtumt* 3\n».—Agtntt, MesBn. Cox and Co. 

1 Unt-OrMeal^an mrfd th> euajmitat of IS 

LI Diet 

_„.j of Tsknttoui. laUli atlba TakgnHTatnd M 
Tvkbta Xtdal). Sand via lb* Iwl Dr. Uuirdi lii 
ttmud e^iunot LoekMnr. — " ' 

WofScbaiu. . 
it Buna »dK«iiaaln nhlpblhtnniinindad ■ d(U 

gilwo Bani^ Hioia ATUDary (oni (manllontd In dianalch, Ilcdul nod CIh|i). 

4 CaptalB Scstt wnad In Iha Mh Laactn al Iha eloae or Iba PuDjiob HDipalEii In 184D (U^dal). 

■rrtd aa D. A- Q. U. Oaniral id Iia|(nl<i dlililoa [ram taih ttb. IMS, and mi pirKnt at the ukini 

IS Unit. Wood Mmd _. 

Kanl Brliadi *• Alda-da-Canp to Captain Vi 
mndad earrrlBf up KaUnr — ■-— - ■■■- " 
t»Claap^K«%tt--^- ' 

[Contimuit'wu qf Notttiv llthLanttri.^ 

aa a Mldihlpman of 

^^Sdmrtky Knred ta tka Indian CHipalgn ail 
* ' an, Tliniilliiiinii, BtulitacitiniiH. Billi 
dcftaKO. nOM a LBakunr 

lipilrlld (Unlal with 

BilboDT, Uniiinnriir, uul Uumbub, relief of Ludmotr 
- Ian( Esihiea (Hedal and CluVl- 

Military Tram, 

\ Colenil CbmmaiuJanf.— Williim Montagu Scott H'Mardo,' CB. 1 April fi7 ; Mu, 

1 July ST: Lt. 6 Jta. 41; Capt. 7 July 49; Brtv.Mof. 19 FA. 48} Bl. 

Ll. Col. 81 Oct. 69 ; Col.SS Not. &* ; Mq/. 12 OcL 65. 
Brigade Mftfor. — Mnjor CharlM Robert Sberrinton, Unattached. 
Lieut.Caloncli.— QeorKS Enkiae,' .Sni. 17 Aug. 33; U. H Jal; 30; Cap!. 

vlMaytO; £t.Jfi{;. SO June 64 ; Bt.Lt.Col. IS Dee. 64; Jfi^.M Ang. 6S ; 

Xf.CaJ.30 Oct. 56. 

3 James Peter Robertaon,' CB. Biu. SB Oct. 41 ; Lt.f 30 Sept. 48; Capt. *%l 

Jul. 48; Jlfq;. SO Feb. 67 ; BI.Lt.Col. S4 Mar. 68; U.Cal. 4 No*. 50. 

4 BartbotomewO'B[len,*£nj. I 16 Aprllse; X^ '13 July 38; Copt. 3 Aog. 50; 

Bi.Maj. 13 Dec. 64; JlTirwr, 30 Apr. 56 ; Xi.CoI. S8 Oct. 6B. 
Mniori.—a Ja«eph Sails,* Eiu. 10 May 44 ; Lt. B Jan. 47 ; Capt. 7 Aug. fil ; JftV- 

SO Feb. 57. 
.1 Jnhn MTnni-t ' J!nt. 1 Jnn. 4:1 : £t. ] Julv 4.'^ : Cant. 9 Sent. 51 : JVai. ' 90 

9 J. Hnketb, Atff, 

'.H, 6 VC Gaorge Synioiu** . . 

I Robert Btuto 

8 John Devine** 

C C.W.Far»ell 

8 Wentworth Dawea 

1 Jn.ADg.Qen. Fred.Sewcll 

9 Frederic Bond 

6 John Walsh 

% 1 Ednrord JelTis 

I Vincent A pplln 

4 James Bodkin" 

5 Bernard H. Burke 

4 \Vllllaio8h«ck1eton,"Ji(j'. 
1 3 William ThonipBon,"/I((/. 

|l John Brings," .li^ 

;6 Robert Cope Hardy 

3 Heury Ksogli 

Uenry James Lano .... 
3 Unben Hill Powell .... 

5 Eminnol BenjamlD But 

7 I»M»e CummlD,** Ailf, . ■ 

1 William Townl«T 

21 Feb'.' 66 


16 M«. 66 


20 Feb. 57 


23 Not. 65 


23 Nov. 65 

23 Not. 66 

23 Nut. 66 

18 Jen. 66 

81 Jan. 66 

30 July 66 

Oct. 57 


' 16 Jan. 68 


BOM. 6 7 


27 May 66 

aOApi. ba\t 

20 Fab. 
80 Feb. 
80 Feb. 
80 Feb. 

20 Feb. 

13 F«b. 
26 Sept. 

7 SepL 

1 6 Jan. 
2 Feb. 
a Feb. 

26 Feb. 

17 Mar. 
17 Mar. 
17 Mar. 

14 May 

21 May 
33 June 
30 Jane 

6 Mar. 

SS^ar^ 7>vm. 

StklB— iklnWi irllta Ik* tmni slilli condueiiBf Sdjot BMrk-i Urlgiula rmn Huiurxi lu Corm ■ 
avttfeBlr Ckuin Nroier't torn »l HTilnlHili ind b»i[l« of Hjdnbiid, *^"* bttKr\iwi % Hbn 
H «■ r%W btiHt. Hi acalB hitmI u A«l.i.QiiMi(riiM.HF C.Beml to §lf thDriei SBBl.r-. Army 
a* mil 11 nil MjiPit tk* IfgnnUlfl Hid Dmcrt trtbti illniilad «q Ui* rlthl InulL nl lh« l»>^u, «m\i 

mmftlfBMt Kin 


158 MilUary TVotn. 

9 LLColonel £nkin« Mrred with tlie MM Roft. In the EBttara e«B|Milfa of 16M-65, iac l od iw t tb* b«IH« 
of Inkerman and siege of Sebutopol : he commanded the piequels of the Light Diriiion on the 14th OcL 1854, 
when they repulied the attack made on them hj the enemy (Medal and two Claapa* Brertft Lt.Coknri, and fth 

Clau of the Met^idie). 

3 Lt.Colun(fl Kohertfon lerrcd with the Sltt Kegt. thf Sutl^ camiiaign of 184&-40, indudinfi the batilee of 
Moodkee, Peroiethah. Buddiwal, Allwal, and Sobraon (Medal and three Claspi). Berred in the Crimea from 
82nd May I8A5, includint: the siege of Sebastopol, and atUcks nn 18th June and Slh Sept. (Medal and Clasps. 
Comma ndKl the Military Train, acting as Cavalry, in the Indian campaign of 1M7-58, ladudmg the nlief uf 
Lucknow by Lord Clyde, occupation of the Alumbagh ander Outram with the sereral engagements there and 
commanded the small force which repulsed the Enemy's Cavalry .fOOO stron;r on the 10th March 1856, and tall 
of Lucknow ; commanded the Cavalry of Lugard's Fi«>ld Furci' from Sttth March to 1 0th June, and was present 
at the relief of Azimchur canture of Jugdispore, and subsequent operations (Rreret of Lt.Culonel, and CB.). 

4 Lt.Culiuirl O'Brii-n si'rvcu with the 77th Ri-::t. the Ktiatern c:ini|M)ini of 1S&4 and up to 86 Bfarrh 1855, mrlad- 
in^ the b:ittlcs uf Aluin and Inkcniian, niid sie^o of 's'ii:idtii]ta)l lirt-vti Migur, Mirdul and Clasiis. and &th Class of 

thi: MrtljiilK •■. 

5 M^jor Bulis served with the Capo Mounted Riflemen throughout the Kaffir war of 1840-47, afainstthe 
Insurgent Boers at Hftcm IMaats, in 1848. where he was dangerously wounded, and had hts horse killed under 
him; also in the Kaffir war of 1850-53 (Medal', and whon in command of a detachment atOrmham's Town, he 
quelled a wrlous mutiny of the Native suldiergt; rtervc-i in the Crimea from Feb. 1653 ^Medal and Clan) for 
Bebastopol;. Daring a period of IS years* service abroad he was in nineteen actions and skirmishea, and was 
frequently mentiom-d in public orders, fur gallant and skilful conduct. 

Mi^oT M*Court served ss Brigade Major with the eipedition against the King of Keenung, rirer Oambis. 
In the actions of 0th, 7th, and Htli May 1840. Was present with tlie combined British and Ifrench Naval and 
Land Force at the attack and defeat of pirates in Basis Islund, Jeba Kiver, Dec 181V. Commanded the British 
and Native Force during the Ashnntcc invasion of the .\ssin country, Gold Coast, in March and April 1S5-J. 

7 Majur Hill lerved in the Kaffir war of IS 16-47 (Medal). Serve<l in the Crimea at the battle of Inkemiii 
and sicgu uf Scbastopol (Medul and two Clasps), after which as Migor in the Turkish Continfcnt and commanded 
the Garrison Artillery at Kertch and Yenikali (4th ^i^s of die Me«ijidic\ 

8 Captain Willianis served with tiie Wth Lancers in the Kaffir war of 1 851-53 (Medal); also at the aieg^ of 
8ebastopol (Medal and Clusp\ 

CapLiin Buller served wilh the 57th Regt. In the Eastern eamiiaign of 18.14, nnd was very eoverely wounded 

mentioned in di^p:iti'hes, Brevet of Miijur, Mnhil nnd Clasp 

11 Captain Gale landed with the 48th R^gt. in the Crimea on the 31st April 1855, and served at th«> 
ilcgc and fall of :*ebastopol (Medal and Clarp). 

12 Captain Powell served with the 30th Rrgt. in the operations ogalnut Kumool in 1830. Landed in the 
Crimea with the Regt., did duty with it In the trenches at the sieire of 8ebastopol, and was selectetl 
to take charge uf a party of the 30th, and to superintend the erection of a work under Are, for the eifficient 
performance of which he was selected by Lord Raglan for Staff employ, and attaclied to the Land Transport 
Corps on 37ih March 1855, the 8th Battalion of which he orvnnlzt^i and commanded (Medal and Clasp). 

IS C^tain Oakes served with the Royaliat the siege and fall of Sebastopol, from 11th July 1855 (Medal and 

14 Captain Gibson served the Eastern campaign of 1854-65, including the atffliir of H'Keniie'i Form, battle of 
Balaklava (severely wounded in the head by several sabre cuts), and siege and fUl of Sebastopol (Uedal and 
two Clasps). 

15 Captain Hunt served with the Field Train, Royal Artillery, In the Eastern campaign of 1856, and was 
present during the siege and fall of Sebastoiiol In tiie trenches with the siege train, at the bomlwrdmesta of 
the 0th and 17th June (Medal and Clasp, and Knight of tlic Legion of Honor). 

10 Captain John Blake served with the 47th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 
Berred In the Indian campaign of 1857-58* including the relief uf Lucknow by Lord Clyde, and occupation of 
the Alumbagh. 

10 Capta\n Berry served with the 01st Regt. in the Pui\Jaub campaign of 1848-40, Including the pas- 
sage of the Chenab, battles of Badoolapore, Chillianwallah, and Goojernt, and pursuit of the enemy to 
the Khyber Pass (Medal and two Cla*ps). Served in the Indian campaign in 1857, and was prvtent at the 
siege, assault, and capture of Delhi, and action of Nii^ijufghur (Medal and Clasfi). 

SO Lieut. Thumpsou served in the Eastern campaign from May lb55, including the expedition to Kertch (Medal 
and Clasp). Served as AiJJutant of the Military Train, actini; us Cavalry, in the Indian canipaign of lNi7-58, in- 
eluding the relief of Lucknow by Lord Cljde. occupntiuu of the Alumbagh under Outram mith several engage- 
ments there, fa// of Lncknow, relief of Azim^har, eapturc of Juirdisporp, nnd luhsequent operations. 

5(1 Lieut. BrijR^e served with the 9th Kegt. m the Criiuea from Nov. 1854, including the negc of Sebaatopol, and 
capture of the Cemefery and Suburbs under General Evrc (Medal and Clasp). Served in the Indian campairn of 
18ii7-58, including tVve relief of Lucknow by Lord Clvdr, occupation of the Alumbagh under Outram with the 
ae^'eral eugnircments there, fall of Lucltnow, relief of Azunghur, capture of Jugdispore, and subsequent operations. 

.31 Paymaster Jumes served in the Indian campaign of l*^.i7-5S, including tLe relief of Lucknow by Lottl Clyde, 
occupation of tlie Aluial)agh under Outram, fall uf Lucknow, and relief of Azimghur. 

32 Paymaster Macquarie, previous to his having been appointed Paymaster, served In the army for SO 
rears, and as Captain in the OSrd Regt. In the Crimea from 0th Nov. I8A4 to the end of Aug. 1855. including 
the siege of Sebastopol, eapeditlonto Kertch, attack of tlie Redan on IBth June, and repulse of various nighi 
sorties (M»'dal and one Clasp). 

34 Qr.Master Greenway served the Eastern campaign of lH54-5;>, including the battles of Alma and Inktrman, 
siece aud fill' ' "' ' ' ' ' "* * ' ~'^ "' ' *■'"'"' '■•-■-« - » *■ ^^^ » - ... 

Indian cami 
Outram wi 
sequent oncmtiona. 

an , . 

koosha'and Le Murti'iiiere and throughout the openitions resultiug iu the relict of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, and 

was wounded on the 14th Nov. \hU1. 

87 Kidin;; Master Ritchie served mith Ihe Royal Artillery in the Enatom campaign of 1 854-55, including the 
hattlr ot inkerman. siege undfall of Si'hastopol in the trenches with the sitv'C trtun, and at the bombardoieats of 
October, .^pril, Titli and 17th June; was iKounded hy the explosion of tht- French ma'traziues uf the ISthNov. 
1^5') ( and Clasns>. 

38 SurufH^n Macbeth servetl with the 20th Rrgt. in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-40, including the ntt- 
sage of the Chenab and battle of Chillianwallah (Medal;. 

4'2 Lieut. .Milne svrved at the siege and fall uf Sebastopol in 1855 (Modal and Clasp). 

43 Lieut. Cnnimin siTved with thoOOih Lt. Infantry in the Crimea from 5th Dec. 1854, Indadlng the stace 
and full oi Sebastopol, and assault of the Kcdan on the 8th Sept.—mentlonid In despatctact (Bledml and C1mp)> 

Iff (or Orena£ar) Seaiment of Foot ChutrA. 199 

"uxasiixs" "obivmi" "BAKBioak" ■• PKHinauLi" •• w*terux> •• "alu" 


CWomI. — Sit Eagal Highnit* Frtucii Albirt Aagoitiu BmanDsl, The Prinee 

Cmuort, IhJu of SsioDy, Prinet q/'Saxe-CoburK and GoCha, KO. KT. K.P. 

OCB. GCMO. Ptild Martkal,S Feb. 1S40; Col. Oreoadler Odi. , 33 Sept. St. 

LI.Cat.—Chu\f Algernon Lewla,' Cornel, ' 13 Oct. 86 ; £(, P 15 Aug, 20 ; 

Copt. K12 Apr. 33; Capt. kLI.Cel. 'SO Dee. *6; Col. SO Jane 54 ; Af({/. 

11 Jan. SB ; Lt.CoI. 13 Feb. SO. 

Xtflort.~l Fred. Wm. Hftmilton,' CB. £^. & X(. 18 Jnl; 31 ; Lt. Sc Cast. I 

Dm. 88; Capt. k Lt.Col. r3 KprJl id ; Co/. SO Jnne 64 ; Xaj.^ Dec. 68. 

3 Han.JkinmLiaiiaj, Etu.k Lieut.i'ie Unr.Si ; Lieut. IcCapl. >>3 Dec. 36: 

Capt. ft Lieut.Col. p U Aug. 40 ; Col. 20 June 54 ; JUifjor, 7 Dec. 58. 
2 Jobn ArthatLaiahert, Eat. Ic Lieut. PWJxi]y 30; Lt.lcCapt.fli Eitpt.40: 

C«p(.fti(.CoI. P16NOT.50; Cd(. 28 Nov. 64 j 9r<vM3 Feb. 60. 
C«pf/.4-X(.Co(i.— 2V«Etfim. Hy. Hugh Manvcri Percj * Ent.k Lt.f I 3alj 
3fl; Xf.tcCupf. P29DCC.40; Co/i^&Zt.CoI. PT Mar. 61 ; Cot.m \ot.64. 
1 Bdwirda. Wjnjtji,' Ent. IS Maya?; Eni. t Lieut. pU Jan. 38; Lieut. 

ft Copf . P 35 Oct. 42 ; Capt.k Lt.Col.30 JaueM. 
n Hon. S1I.W111. Ponn Cunon,' CB.Hnj. ft Lt. P 14 Jul j 38 ; LI.L Capt. P5AprII 
44 ; Bree-tlej, S8 Haj 63; Capt.k. Lt. Col. 20 June 64; Co(. 17 Ndv.67. 
Ralph Bndford,* Btu. & Lieut, r 30 Out. 40 ; Litat. & Capt. ' 10 Dec. 46 ; 

Capt. ft Lt.Col. 14 July 64. 
Uichael Bruce," £>u. ft Xieut. p 16 Dec. 40; Xinil. ft Cn;i(. p30 Dec. 45 ; 

Capl. ft L(.CoI. 14 July 54. 
rbo.8jllBiibainConiTBy,"'C8., Sn«. UFeli.SS; £.(.l^ApriI31 ; CnpJ.PODce. 
36; £rra.jl/q;'.4 July 43; Jir<u'.4 Feb.63; Iff.Xf.Cnf.SOjDnc 64; Capt. 
ft Lt.Col. 16 July S4 ; Col. 28 Oct. 6B. 
Charlel Lennox Bronalow Mb1(Isd<1," Ent.k Lt. I'O AprlUl ; Lt. ft Capl. 
P27 Mar. 40; Brev.Maj. 16 Sept. 48; Capt.k. Z(. Co/. 38 Sept. 64. 
;! ZordArthur Hay," >. .Eni. ft Xi<uf. P3U AprlUl ; Xifut. ft Cn/i^ P3Apr. 
40; Co;it.fti,in(f.Ca/.I0Ocl. 54. 
Henry Edward Montreior,'* £n«. 15 Dec:. 40 ; .Sim. ft £i«f^ '18 May 41; Capf. PlBMay4e; Capt.k Lt. Col. t Ifor. 64. 
:{ SaicWe1mar,'*CB. Etu. 1 June 
41; £>u.ft£t.PS June 41; LLkCapt. PlO Ut.; 46 ; llrtt.lUqj. 90 June 54; 
Brm.Lt.Col. 12 Dec. 54 ; Capl. ft Lt. Col. P IB May S6 ; Col. 6 Oct. 66. 
Ju. Fred. Dudley Crlchton Btuart, Eru. Ic Lieut. eiS Oct. 42; Lieut.k 

Capt. P IS Feb. 47 ; Capl. ft iie«(.Co?. p 10 June 55. 
£ord Frederick John PitiRoy," J?fu. PlSSept 40; fiu, ft £tout. p14 July 
43; X{eti(.&Ca;>^P31 Iilar.48; Cnpt.ftZf.CoJ. P32 June 56. 
yf_ Hy. Fred. PonKnby,'* Etu. 27 Dec. 42; Bm. k Lt. PIG Feb. 44; Lt.k 

Cajif.PlB Jnly4B; Bm.Maj. ID Oct. 40; Capt. kLt. Col. p 31 Aug. 55. 
^ !'.' C.Geo.EUI>Dn,i'.£:n«.23r;ov.43;£ni.ft.Z,^P6Apr.44;£(.ftCap.P10Apr.4d; 
£r. J(({j'.13Dee.64; Bi-,X(.Co(.2Siit.56; Cnp(. ii(.Coi. 8 July 66. 
It Jobn Fiancli Cuit, Ene. 26 July 44 ; Ent. ft Zieuf. P 2 Aug. 44 ; Lieut, ft 
Copf. P 1 Jnne 49 ; Cnpr. ft Lieut.Col. P 10 Sept. 60. 
!S Alfred Capel Cure,"t Em. 30 Jul; 44 ; lAeut. r April 47 ; Capt. v 17 Aug. 

5); Jlf^or, P25Msy 66; .Brett. X(.CoI. 2 Nov. 66; Zf.CoI. IB Jan. 50. 
Jfqf. IS Dec. 54; JTiti'^l^et. 55; .Br.Xt.Cef. 2 Not. 55; £^Cd/. ID Dec.6e. 
Wm. Henry BeauniantdeHorKv,".£:H/.4-i:.isuf.P32 Nov.M; Lieut.lfCapt. 
P 33 Mar. 60 ; Bree. Mqj. 13 Dee. 64 ; Capl. ft Lieut.Col. p 13 Har. 57. 
Geo. W. A. HlgglnMin" Sru. k Xt. P14Feb.45; Lt.k Copf. p ISJulf 50; 

A.3fq;'. 12 Dec 54 ; fi<. Lt.Col. 2 Nor. 65; Ciipf. ft Lt.Col. P|0 Apr. 57. 
Ang. Hen. Lane Foi," Ent. i; Lt. P 16 Hay 45 ; Xf . f Capl. p 3 Aug. 60 ; 

.Brn-Afd). 13 Dec. 64 ; Capl. i( Lieul.Cal.i'\6 May 67. 
CbarleeWilaoaRaudolpli, J;n>.P10Fcb.43iXieut. SSMar. 45; Capt. p16 
Feb. 60; Capt. ft Xieuf.Cof. p17 July 67. 
;j Edward Henry Cooper, Cor. PlO May 46; X(. Pll Scjit.iO; Cap/, p 15 Aug. 

48; Capt. ft Lt.Col. p 17 Nov. 67. 
H Edwyn Sberard Burnaby, " Ent. ft Lieut, p 3 Not. 4fl ; Li^il. ft Capt. 
P 27 May 63 ; Brevtt Mn/or, 2 Nov. 65; Capt. kLieut.Col. p IB Dec. 57, 
Alfred Tipping,'* .En».P22 June 38; Xi™(.P30 May 43; Cnp(.P7 May 47; 

Brev-Afq/. 12 Dec 54; Cnp/, ft Xf.CoJ. 11 Jan, 68. 
T?ff Sir Cbarl™ Huaiell, B(.* Bn*. p 26 Aug. 43 ; X(. P 9 June 4G ; LI. fr 

Cob/. Pis Sept. 53; S/.Jfoi. 3 Nor. 66; Copf. ftX(.Co/.i'M3 April 6B. 
Henry Hume," CB.£n«.P0 May 36; Xt.PlDee.S7; Capt.' l&Jaa. 44; 

Jir^.PS4Dec.59; J9/./-/.Coi. 12 Dec. .M; Z/. Co/. 9 March 56. 
Cameron NeTille Hogge," Em. 1 Dec. 40 ; Eiit.k LI. I'O Aug, 47 ; Lt.k Capl. 

P34Feb.54; Capt. ftXf.Co2.P7Dec. 68. 
Sidney BnrTard,£Vi«. ft Xt. PS April40; Lt. ^ Capt. P3)Iay51; Capt.f[ 

£*.Co/. 13 Feb, 59. 
Sir Wm. ThomaB Fra. Agnew Wallace, Bt., Enl. 20 July 47 ; Ent. ft Lt. 

IP3Mar.48i £(.& Copt. 30 June 54 ; Copt, ft Xt.Col. P30 July 59.' 
13 Frederick Chartea Keppel. .fiw. ^ Lt. f SI Via. 48 ; Lt. ^ Capt . W a<aa&tA-, 

160 lat (or Grenadier) Btgimaa ofFota Gvardt. 

10 Fell. 49 
3 Dec. 47 
9 July SS 

30 Not. 40 

as Feb. 49 
' llU*j49 
'IdUar. 60 
> 9 Asg. 50 
■16 Aug, SO 
• 14 Feb. SI 
•19 April 51 
'16Hmj &1 
'21 Jui.63 
' 27 Ma; S3 
' B July 53 
G June 54 

' 15 Dec. 53 
' 1{I Dee. 53 
ITUkr. 64 

'27 Jun 

4 Hot. 6S 

' 7Jia. 

> SJan. SO 
t 4 Apr. SO 

pi4No*. se 

p 15 H*r A7 
Pl7 JoljST 
■> 7 Aug. 07 
'• 57 
I'll Sepl.S7 
'1 7 Not. 57 
"18 Dae. 67 
19 Feb. £8 
» 3G June 68 

_ f 9 Nov, 58 

™ 23APT.58|P 7 Dee. 68 

*^'>^"'"»"« '-'""- ,>'31Dec. 68 

"""> Fox P 5 Oet. 68 P 1 1 M«r. 59 

a.. n .. , , ^.**'""'" ' 27 Oct. 58'P2*Ji.De68 

1 Robert ChBrle.deGrBrVjiifir v 17 June 50 M8 Any. 60 

A^KtaMU.—\ Cupt. Robert An»lrullior, 3 Aup. 56. 

3 i^. aim, Wm, Edw. 8tckvU[o W«t, 10 Hot, 68 
2 Captain Philip Smith, 25 Fob. 59. 

6 Jane 64 
S7 Oct. 64 
le Nov. 64 
1D«C. 54 
6 Dec. 64 
19 Dec. 64 

50 Dec 54 

51 Dec 54 
32 Deo. 64 
S7 Feb. 69 

6 Jan. 66 
19 Jan, 66 I 
> 9 Feb. 65 
'10 Mar. Sfi 
90 Dee. 64 
' IS Jua« 66 
' SO Jul; 66 
■lOAng. 66 

14 Jul; 54 
14 Jul; 54 
14 July 64 
Sfi Jul; 63 
17 Oct. 54 
22 Dec. 54 
22 Dec 64 
p 8 Jane 56 
P 18 Jane 65 
r 13 Jnly 55 
29 Dec. 54 
20 Dec 54 
K 30 Har. 66 
P 10 Aog. 55 
P30 Nor, 55 
P 7M*r.6r. 
P2S Sept, 5(1 
r 7 Not. 66 
p 13 Mar. 57 
P 10 Feb, 65 
P 10 April 57 
P17 JdI;67 
P 17 Jul; 67 
PS8 Aug. 57 
Pll Sept. 67 
P17Ho». 67 
P 18 Dec. 67 
8 Jan. 68 
33 April 58 
26 Jane 58 
7 Dee. 6B 
7 Pee. 58 
10 If ay 58 
94 Jane .'■9 
S9Jnly 60 
16 ka%. 59 








! 9 



. ^ 

' 19 

. 6 


; 6 




Ui\er iSrenadier) Begimeni of Foot Guardi. 161 

Intiruet€T9 (^ Mtuketry.—i Captain Flti Roy Aug. Tklbot CIayton,90 April 67. 

3 Captain Edward Hear j CUve, 80 April 57. 

2 Captain John Julius Jolinftone, 12 Haj 69. 
Quarter Matttrs.—l John Lilley » 8 June 30. 

2 John Atkinson, 28 Feb. 51. 

3 Esau Collins, 2 March 55. [A,S. 13 April 38. 
Surgeon Majer.--^ George Eleazar BlentLius,^ 24 Jan. 58 ; Surgeon, 1 Oct. 54; 
Battalion Surgeone^—l Charles R. Nicoll,* 20 Dec. 54; A,S. 26 June 40. 

2Jame8johnMarjoribanksWardrop/*2Mar.55;ilMit^.5ifr^.21 May 41. 

Aeristant Surgeons.-^S Henry John Hughes Lawrence,^ 24 Feb. 54. 

3 Constantine Caridi Read,^ 13 May 53. 

1 Gilbert Prout Girdwood, 24 Not. 54. 

2 William Ralph Lane, 29 Dec. 54. 

1 Frederick GustaTus Hamilton,^ 28 April 54. 

2 William Henry Pickford, M.B., 19 Feb. 58. 
SoUeitor.-^EdwKTd White, 20 Feb. 55. 

1st Battalion returned from Portugal, 1828. 
2nd Battalion returned from Canada, 22 Oct, 1842. 
9rd Battalion returned from the Crimea, June 1856. 
Facings Blue. — Agent j Sir John Kirkland. 

I GuloBfll Lewis lerved darfng the Utter part of the liege, and at the Ikll of Sebastopol (Medal and 
CUcp, and 5ih OlaM of the MefUidie). 

3 Colonel Hamilton tenred the Eastern campaign of 1804, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, 
and Inkerman (tererely wounded), and liege of Sebattopol (Medal and Claepe, Oficer of the Legion 
of Honor, and 8rd Claat of the Me<Uidie). ^^ 

6 Ookael Hon. Henry Perej Mrved the Eastern campaign of 18M-S5, Inclnding the battles of Alma 
(wounded), Balaklava, and Inlierman (wounded), and liege of SebaPtopol (Medal and Clatps, Aide do 
Camp to the Queen, Victoria Croat, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 4th Olaie of the MetUldle). 

6 U.OoloBei WjBjard tenred in the Crimea in 1865 (Medal with Clatp for SebattopoL and Mb Olaii of 
the Me<Utdle). x 

7 Colonel the Ron. B. W. P. Cnrson served at Aide de Camp to Sir George Catbcartin the Kaffir war in 
iass<3 (Medal), for which tervice he wat promoted to tlie Breret rank of M%|or. Senred at the siege of 
Delhi te 1867, as Acting Quarter Master General of the Queen's troops (Colonel and CB,), 

a Lteot.Oolonel Bradford served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the battlee of Alma, 
BalaklaTa, and Inkerman (severely wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 0th CHass of 
the Me<yidie). 

9 Lt.CoIoneI Brace served in the Crimea (Medal). 

I <ColoMl OoowsT ■crrcdttuvagboat the opcnuions la Seinde ( MedalX inelnding tlie battles of Mmumc sad BydcnVad t 
and he •wnwnwfed the Light Canpany (dctMhcd) at tba {mrlout dcfrncc of tb« Ilesldcoejr at Hyderabad. Ha Barred alao 
the eampaisa In the fkmtbam Mabratta eoantry, and was praseat at the taTettaient and eaptara of Panulla and Powngbvr. 

II UeuUColonel Maitland served the enmpaign of 1840-47 against the Kaffirs (Medal), as Military 
Secretary to 8ir Peregrine Maitland, and received the rank of Brevet M^Jor for his services. Served the 
Eastern eampaiga of 1854 as D. A. AfU.Oen. to the 4ih Division, including the battles of Alma, Bala- 
klava» and Inkerman (dangerously wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of tba 
Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

li Lord Arthur Hay served the SutleJ campaign of 1840-0 as Aide de Camp to Lord Hardinge, and was 
present at the battle of Sobraon (Medal). Served also in the Crimea from 29th Dec. 1864 (Medal and 
Clasp, Sardinian Medal, and Olh Class of the Medjidie). 

13 Lieut.Colonel Montresor served in the Crimea from 29tb Dec. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, and Olh Clus of 
the Medjidie). 

14 Colonel Prince Edward of Saze Weimar served the Eastern campaign of 1804, including the 
battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (wounded in the trenches, 19th Oct.): 
Medal and Clasps, Knigbt of the Legion of Honor, end 4th CIsm of the MccUidie. 

10 Lord Frederick FitxRoy served under Sir Robert Stopford daringthe operations on the coast of Syria 
in 1840 (Medal). 

10 UeuLColonel Ponsonby served at the siege of Sebastopol from ISlh Aug. 1850 (Medsl and Clasp, and 
5th Class of the Mediidie). 

17 Lieut.Colonel Hlison landed in the Crimea on the 18th Oct. 1854, fVom which period he served as 
Brigade Msjor with the Brigade of Guards, and was present at the battles of Balaklava and Inkerman 
(promoted Brevet M^Jot), and siege of Ssibastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Msjor and Lieut.CoL, 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 6th Class of the Medjidie). 

17t Lieut Colonel Cure served with the 55tli Regt. at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855 ; commanded the 
party of the 65th at the attack on the Quarries, and commanded the Regiment from the middle of June to 
the 8th Sept., including the attacks of the Redsn on the IHtli June and 8th Sept.— severely wounded 
(Medal and Clasp, Brevet Lt.Colonel, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of ilio Medjidie). 

18 LuColonel Tipping served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the battles of Alma, Balaklavs, 
and Inkerman (severely wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of 
Honor, and 5th Class of the Me<Utdl«)- 

I8f Lt.Colonel King served with the 49th Regt. the Eaxrem campaign of 1854-05, including the battles 
of Alma and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, sorito on tlie tfGth Oct., capture of the Quarries, and assaults 
of tlio Redan on the 18th Juno and 8th SepL— sercrely wounded, left hand amputated (Mndal and three 
Clasps, Brevet of Major and LieutCol., Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Cla»s of 
the Medjidie). 

19 Lt.Col. de Horsey served in the Eastern campaigrn of 1854, including the battle of Alma and siege of 
Sebavtopol (Bledal and Clasps, Brevet of Mt\)or, and 5th Class of tlio Medjidie). 

20 Lieut.Colonel Uigginson servtid throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, as Af^utnnt 3rd 
Battalion Grenadier Quaids, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (horse killed), siege 
and fall of Sebastopol ; after which he served as Bri{;ade Mejoraf the Guards until the conclusion of the war 
(Medal and Clasps, l^revets of ytajoT and Lieut.CoL, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of 
the MeiUidle). 

91 Lt.Col. Lane Pox served in the Eastern campaign of 1854 as D. A. A^J.Oen., including the battle 
of Alma (Medal and Clasp, and 6th Class of the Me<]lJidie). 

9X Lt.Colonel Hume served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 95th, including the battles of the 
Alma (woonded, and horse killed under him) and Inkerman (severely wounded— shot through the thigh), 
sisfO and fall of Sebastopol, and sortie of 20th Oct. in command of the Regt. : he succeeded to the 
eoamaad of the Begt. at Inkerman, and received the brevet rank of Lieut.(?olODel (Medal and Olaspa, 
CB^ Knlfht of the Uflon of Honor, and 4th Class of the Me<Ui<lie}, 

IW l0t ipr OremuUm) lUgimmit qfFM Guardi. 

9t Lt-(MoiMl Bunahj ttrrtd in the BMtarn cftrnpalrn of 1864, inelodlBf the battla of iBMnnaa nd 
liege of Setefltopol (Medtl and Clatph, Breret Miaor, and 5th Olaat of the M e^fidle). 

94 Lt.Gol. Hone,Oap<niM FlBrfaeon,UM Bad or Oarrick, Malet, Staalef, Wyane, andOaaeolfiia MVtad 
durinf the itafe of SebaatomA (Medal and Clasp). 

S5 ICi^or Barnard serred at the tlege of Sebastopol (Medal and Claep. and 6th Olaas of the Me^jidie). 
Served at AJde-de-Oamp to Sir Hennr Barnard commanding the force before Delhi (Breret Mi^}. 

90 Sir Cbarle* Rueiell tenred the Baatem campaign of 1864-66 (latterly as D. A. Q. M. Qen. left IMTielott), 
teelttdlag the battles of Alma, BalaklaTa, and Inkerraan, and siege of 8«bastopoI (Medal and Clasps, 
Bnret li^Jor» VIetoria Cross. Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 6lh Class of the MedJidie). 

98 O^ttaina Alexander and John Murraj serTod in the Crimea from Dee. 1864, iaeluding the siege of 
Sebastopol (kedal and Clasp). Camain Aleiandor has the 6th Class of (he MedJidle. 

99 Captain Ponsonby served with the 48rd Light Inlkntrjln the KaiBr war of 1861-66 (Medal)Jnclttd. 
ing the battle of the Berea. He served in the Crimea as Aide-de>Camp to Sir George Brown during the 
expedition to Kerich, attack of 18th June, and as Aide-de-Camp to Sir WiUiaa Oodrington on the 8ih 
Sept. and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of the Medgldle). 

80 Sir John Burgoyne served in the Eastern campaign of 1864, including the battle of Alaa (severely 
wounded) : Medal and Clasp. 

69 Captain Start served the Eastern campaign of 1854. inclading the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkerman (severely wounded), and liego of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian Medal, and 6th Class 
of the MedJldie). 

86 Captains Versehoyle and Bathurst served the Bastem eaanpaign of 1854-56, including the battles of 
Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the 
Medjidie). Captain Verschof le was wounded in the trenches before Sebastopol on the 5th Septembw 1855, 
and has also the Sardinian MedaL 

84 Captain Clayton served in the Crimea (Medal and Clasp). 

85 Capt. Hamilton served the Bastem campaign of 1864, laelttdlng the battles of Alma (wounded), Bala- 
klava, and Inkerman, and fiafi of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of tfan 

•6 OapCaitt Brantton served with the Rifle Brigade In the Kaffir war of 1869-69 (Modal). Also the 
Eastern campaign of 1864-55, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkennan, and siege of 
«abaetopol (Medal and Clasps, and 6th Class of the MedJIdie). 

97 M^or Poarson served the Eastern campaign from April 1864 to Joly 1866, as Aide-da-Camp to Sir 
George Brown, including the battles of Alma and Inkennan, siege of Sebastopol, atteck of Uie 18lh 
#Bnf , and espediUon to Kerteh (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Mi(}or, Sardinian Medal, and 6lh Olaas of the 

88 QailtalB Btanletea served with the 48rd Regt. In the Kaffir war of 1861-68 (Medal). 

99 Qr.-Masler Ulley served In the Eastern campaign of 1854, induding the hattlee of Alma and Bala- 
klava (Medal and Clasps). 

40 Surgeon If ieoU, mid As8lst.-Sorgeons Lawrence, Read, and Hamilton served in the Orimea (Medal 

41 Snrgeon Wardiwp served (he Eastam campaign of 1864, indndtng the bctilae of Alma, Balaklava, 
and Inkerman, tnd siege af Sebastopol (Medal and Glasps;. 

49 Captain Bwart served with the 98ffd Highlanders fai the Bastem campaign af 1864-68^ Includfaig the 
battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

48 Captain Davies served in the Royal Navy in the Burmese war (Medal). 

44 Captata Barle served with the 40th Regt. the Basiera campaign of 1964-66, Inalnding tha battles of 
Alnut and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, sortie of 90th Oct, and assaalt of the Badan •■ lOtfa Jeno 
(Itodal knd throe Ciaips, Sardinian Medal, and 6th Class of the Medlidie). « 

46 Soigaon Malor Blenklns served In the Crimea from the S9th Dee. 1864 (Medal and Claap. and 6Ui 
ClMtof theMe^Tldie). 

4a Major Lowa served with the 74th Highlanders thraughont the Kaffir war of 1861-09 (Maial). Barvad 
it Ordany officer to M^|or-Qen. Reed and as Aide-de-Oamp to Sir A. WUson at the slega a^d asegnlt ml 
DelhijfBrevet M^or). 

47 (mahi Grey earved at the siege and Ihll of Sebastopol, and attacks on the Reiaa an tha IMi Jane 
•ad SfliBapt. (Medal and Clasp). 

CMtlfeam Jt^wMif of foot Owmbt 

CMoMl^V ta John Sari of Stnfibrd,' OCB. & OCH. JSni. SO 8«pt. 1708; 
Xt. 1 Un. 03; Capt. 34 Mkj 94; Xt.CoI. 14 Unrch ISOO; Col. «& Jolf 
10; Jir^sr On. 4 June 13 i Lt.Om. 87 HajSfi; fira. 83 Ko>. 41; Fkld 
Marthal, S Oct. U i C0I. Colditreun Oiuirda, 16 Aug. 60. 
Ucut.CMMcI.— £<tnf Fred. Paulet.'CB., .fiu. ftXJniMl Jon* 80; 
Cairf.PSlS«pt30; lA««i.C0l. >8 Ha; 40; Cal. 90 June 64 ; Mql. 
WFUI.A5; £(.Col.96 0ct.58. 
ir^or*.— 1 vriii.StuDuelNewtoD,'fu.&i£wii(.l>6Dec.B4; LI. tcCapl.TOl 

DacSO; Capt. ft i.(.6V. >>36 Feb, 4B; CuI.Se ^ot.64; Jrv'-lSNa*. 60. 
I Bptaum reraertl,' Erit. k Litut. P19 Jan. 97; Xtmt. & CopMilfi Oct. 41: 

CB]rf.&£t.-CB^>'SSJun«48; Cef. S8 Not. 64 ; Jfi^or, 96 Oct. 6S. 
ai7la<fulc£init.Co^(l(.^l Thomu McmUgu Stacli,* CB. Ccmct, 13 Jkn. 

38; .Ku.&Zt.raa July 38; £«. & Copt.HO Kn,4*t Capt. Ic Lt.Col. 

V 91 OcL 61 ; Ctl. 36 >ot. 64. 
I WUllam Mark Wood/ .Otff^, PSSJalfSO; £l«u(. 94 Mar 41 ; Capt- '80 

Aug. 44; Capt.^ Lieut.-Col.f IS Dec. 63; Col. SO Not. 64. 
1 Charlea Lygon Cocks,' En$. P2d Jul; 98; £m. ff lAtui. p24 Jan. 40; 

Utut.k Oipt. p7 Aug. 46; Capt. & Xt.-Oil. SO Jaoa 64. 
:} i JamMHalkett/fni, pI JuneSSi Stu. If Haui. P93 April 41; LieiU. li 

Capt.lJntj 47; Cop(. A it.-CoI. 20 Juno 64. 
^ 1 Dadle;WIlinotCar1elon,>Sn<l£i>ut.vlOAprll40; BMf.^i.l«ii(.rll June 

41 ; Limit. Ic Capt. P 13 July 47 ; Capt. k Lt.-Coi. I* Jnlj 6*. 
1 AithiirBt.GeorgBH.8tepiiey,'°CB. Jfnj. i'ieHay34; Xtnii. f IOMot. 37; 

Co^r. I>16 April 48; Brevet ilajor, 8 April 46) Major, P9 July 60; 

£mwl£t.-CM.S0June64i Cnpt. Ic£>t.-CoI. IG Jnly 64; Col. 38 Oct. 68. 
I JuncaTalbotAirey," CB.«.Snl.Il Feb. 30; Zlnt. >S Haj 33; Ca7iM'33 

Jnly 49 ; litoor, 1 1 Not. 61 ; Capt. & Lt.-Cel. 16 Jul; 64. 
1 DUiiACatiniDK,Xor<f DnnkelllD,"£'>M.«:£ini<.PS7H>r.46; Litut.kCopt. 

■>«April49j Capt. Jc£i<uf.-CaI.P3 Not. 64. 
1 WIQlamOregary DawklDa,>'.Sn*. v8 Aug. 44; Eiu.kLimt. r 6 Sept. 44; 

Uimt. * Capt. ' 96 April 48 ; Capt, k Lieut.-Cot. Hot. 64. 
3 ClnDMtWUUam etrong,".»u. 18 Jan. 90; £i»f . 6 Ha; 4S ; Ctrpt. r 1 

Sapt. 48i Capt. ft LUmt.-Cel. 6 Nov. 61. 
1 Fnuicl*WiD. Henry, .Bariq/'Waatinorland," CB. Stu. 84 Fab. 43; Lt. 86 

Jnly 44; Capt. P 1 Aug. 43 ; £r«v. JV^. 7 Jnna49; Jtfi^'in-, p S3 April 63 ; 

£rw. Xf.-Col. SOSapt. 64; Lf.-Cbl. 13 Dec. 64. 
^ I JTm. Arthur Bdward Hardlnge/' CB. fnj. >'7Jane44; £t.33Dee.46; 

Capt.fl June 49; flmftATippr, 18Dee.64| CapMXI.-C0J.9o Feb.66; 

Col. 26 May 68. 
a ffoi(.P«reyIlobertfiaallF«ildInK,'*(.£fM.F6Aag.46;£*U.^Xim((.P7Aiig. - 

46; Ziexf. ^ Capt. SI Auif. 61 } nTm.-Mi^. 13 Dm. 64 ; Capt. ^ Xt.-CW. 

P 33 Not. 66. 
S WiUlam Henry Reere, Eru. k. Litul. rSO Dec. 4G ; Xieut. Ic Capt. '33 Aug. 

61 ; Capt. & £t.>CM. r 9U Not. 66. 
i Chvia Baring," Bnt. Ic Lint, p 9 July 47 ; Ximit. Ic Capt. v fO April 

63; £rro.'3fq/or, 13 Dec.64; Capt. A ZiMif.-CoI. P91 Dec. 66 
S Hon. Henry Wni. John Byn^ Sni. k Lieut. 87 Aug. 47 ; Zient, fr Cnpf. 

P3Har.64; Copt, fc i-t.-CoJ. PS May 60. 
I Jo1inUatkettLeCoutcur,*'t3ndj:.tnit. P3MBy44; Xtcut.37 Har.46( Capt. 

15 Mar. 63) Bm-et Jlfq/or, 9 Not. 66 ; C^p^ Ic Xf.-Cnl. 18 Not. 6G. 
S Henry Armjlage," Ent. k Lieut. p30 Jnly 47; Xtnt. A Capt. p 13 Dec 63; 

Bt.Mtiior, IS Dec. 61 ; Capt. k Lt.Col. SO Oct. 68. 
I VV. Oersid Llltlefaalea Goodlakc,'* Snii Litvi. p 14 June 60 ; Eiu. ^ Lteii. 

PS7June61 ; XJeuf . Ic Copt. 14 July 54; £(.Jtf'{/fn-, 14 Jnna 66; Capt. k 

Xf.CW. P38N0T. 50. 
• George, Lord Blnghaiii*>, 2ad Lient. p20 Dee. 48 ; Em. ^Lifut.P 140ct. 61 ; 

lAeut.k Capt. 39Aug.&4; Bt.Mnjor, 17 July 66; Capt. k Lt.-Col. 

V SO Dee. 69. _^ _^_^^_ 


P. Sambrook Crawley ,"v<(/.lijl> 3 Mar. 47lpS3 June 4B 

Harrey Tower" p 17 Jan. 61 i p 31 Not. 61 

Wm. H. ri*e. Dangan" ntj. ta Apt. w j 1 ■> S3 J uly 6S 

ArtharJameaPremantlei^i^ ' 10 Dec. 63 1 p 90 April 63 

ITon. Wm. Henry A. Feitding \ 13 Feb. 62, p 30 July 63 

Uiefaaal Walker Heneage" i MS Dec. 63 

Xorrf Eoitace H.B. G. Cecil p31Not.6I p|3Jai " 

Chriitopber Edward BIwkett** .... I 21 Dec. 44 p I Gel 

Geoige Bobert nuBoyO P93FroT.48P BAp 

Seia.Wm.Geo.Boyle,''v4.iti>*e.M. P Feb. 49 PieSej 
VCJohnAug.Cono]lT*Kaf.iTjDiTW pS6Feb. 46 '96 Au 
WUUmArelw.rbe.HabaMdi^" P 3 Hi 

14 Jnly 64 
4 Sept. 64 
31 Sept. 64 
6 Not. 61 
16 Dee. 54 
S3 Deo. 64 
26 Dec. 64 
4 Feb. 64 
i>13Jaii. M 

Faciagi Blue — Agmti, Mcun. Cox fc Co. 
\\tt Battalion rttitmedfrom the Crimea, June 1S66.] 
[Ind Battalion Tttunwdfrom Canada, S91A Oct. 184S.] 

■Illu UMBr miiBudcd br tin- r«f.M Cstll. Dpw LardHilliiliuiif Ikc —i aliajf riti AiMTil Ihi 111 ■!■■ 

ki w^^JfdilDtbv'cnHliiianlSrKiidliaBluuikarikafanlkTniuL— nuiVjndkSfmhnMih^ 

„ , jc!!n^HlMdihmife«ud«kbf a>lk>/4U>*m.'uih>MiDJ!S!ili<t 

STiuhn Wu Mc^^iih ani'ciHr fit ThImh ; lit ill biliEl •( Hula TlkaM™A<i'ii'rli,'uJl"»l ClM t^.'i 

■ Uird Fiidcrlck Piu] 
BdktUn, unil iDkimi 

■r ■/ IW liifia (f R(Mi, OnnwdB to4 ckH ti. MHrtH aaa IL I.UUHI «4 ii4 Ciw (rito ■MIHkk 

Coldstream Regimmt of Foot Guards. 165 

7 Oaio— 1 Wood nrrtd the EMttrn c«inp«ifm of 1854, ineludinf tho tattlM of BilaUa?a and UkemMn, 
and sltffr of SobHtopol (Ifodftl and OlMpt, and 5th Glafs of the Me4}idie). 

S UmaiL-CoL Halkett lerved in the Eastern campaign of 1854, inclnding the battlei of Balaklara and In- 
koman (trverely wouoded), and tlefe of Seba»topol (Medel aiid Cla«p»t Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 
5tb Clan of the HecUidle). 

9 LieoL-Col. Carleton serred in the Eettem campaifni of 1854, including tho battle* of BalaklaTa and 
Inkermaa, and ilege of Sebattopol (Medal and Clatpt, and 5th CMaii uf the Mef^idie). 

10 Colonel Stepney lerred with the 28th Ri><t. in the 8utleJ campaign of 1B45-6: the command of 
the Regiment derolved upon him on the cveniDg of the 21st Dec. at the battle of Feroiethah, which 
he retained during the nif^t of thpSlst, and the action of the 22iid Dec ld45 (wounded), and during the 
remainder of the actife part of the campaign, until lererely wounde<l by a grape-tliot at the eoneluslon of 
the battle of Sobraon, 10 Feb. 1S40 ( Medal and Clasp, and CB.), tHT\ t>d at the siege of 8ebaktopol from 
January 1855 (Medal and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Me<yidie}. 

11 LIfQt -Colonel Aircf acted as Alde*dr-Camp to Sir Robert Saleattheitonnlng of the Khoonl Csbool Pan In Oet. 1851, 
and had his horse shot under him. He served at Alde-de-Camp to Major-Orn. Elphinttone, in AffirhanJiian, from January 
IMl. and was present In every skirmish or sortie made by the farrison from the cantonments during the Insurreriion at 
Cabool. and wasaflerwards given up as a hostase. He acted as Alde-de-Camp to Sir John M*Casklll at the storming of 
Jatallff, and was present with the Buff's at the battle of Punnlar (Medal). Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-&5 as 
AAsisC-Qri-Mr. Oen. of the Light Division, Including the ba'tles of the Alma. Balaklava. and Inkerman, and siege of 
Hebattopol (Medal and Clasps. CB., Kuigbt ot tbe Legion of Honor, and 4lh Class of the Medjldie}. 

18 Lord Dunkellin serred in the Eastern campaicn of 1854, including the battle of Alma and siege of Seboi- 
iopol, until taken prisoner in front of tho trenches before daylight on the Stfnd Oct. (Medal and Cluspt and 
£th Class of the Medjldie). 

14 LieuU-Col. Daw kins served the Eastern campaicn of 1854, including thcbattles of Alma and Balaklara 
and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Kniglitof the Lesion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Met^idie)*. 

15 Lieut.-Col. 8tr(mg served tlie Eastern campaign of 1854, including tho battles of Alma, Balaklava,* 
anl Inkerman, and siege of Sehastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian 
Medal, and 5th Class of tho Me^Jidie). 

17 Lord Westmorland served in Uie PuivJaub campaign in 18-10, and was present at the battle of Oooji^rat 
(Medal), for which he received the rank of Hrevet-Major. Serted also in the Eastern campaign of 1854 
as Aide^de-Camp to Lord Raglan, including tho battle of Alma, the Dispatches of which he conveyed to 
England, and received the rank of Brevet Lieut.-Colonel (Medal and Clasp, CB., Kuight of the Legion 
of Honor, and 5th Glass of the MeiUidie). 

18 (Lionel Hon. A. E. Hardinge served as Aidc-dc-Camp to Lord Hardinge throughout the campaign on 
thcSutlej in 1845-0, and was present in tiie battles of Moodkee,Feroieshah, and Sobraon, for which he has 
received a Medal and two Clasps; served tlie Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as D. A. Q. M.Qen. of the Srd 
Division, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Claspe, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 6th Class of the Mct^idie). 

10 Lieut.-CoIonel Hon. Fercy Feilding served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Brigade IL^Jor to the 
Brigade of Ouardt at the battle of Alma, and on the stafTof the 1st Division at the battles of Balaklava and 
Inkerman (severely wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor 
and 5th Class of the MecUidie). ' 

and Clasp, and Brevet Msjoe). EmpU^ed as Assistant Engineer under the QJi. General; also as Instructor ofMnsketrv 
to the Turkish Contingent under Bir B. Vivian (ith CUss of the Mcdjidie). ^^-^^j 

21 Lt.Col. AnnyUge, Msjor Crawley, and Capt. Tower, served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the 
battleeof Alma, Balaklava,and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 6ih Class of the 
Me^Jidie). LLCol. Armytage and (Captain Tower are Knights of the Legion of Honor. Mijor Crawley haa 
also the Sardinian Medal. 

22 Lt.Col. Goodlake served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battlef of Alma, Inkerman, Bala- 
klava, and Tchemaja, and siege and full of Sebastopol. He volunteered for the Sharpshooters of tlie 
Brigade of Ooarda, commanded them for 43 days, and was engaged at the repulse of the sortie of 
98th Oct. 1854: and he serred on the Quarter-Master-Oeneral's staff ftom Feb. 1855 (Medal and Clasps. 
Brevet Mi^or, Yictorla Cross, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5th CUss of the MecUIdle). 

38 Lord Bingham served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aid» de-Camp to Lord Luean, inrlnding tho 
battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (Medal and Clasps, Knight of tbe Legion of Honor, and 5th 
Class of the MctVJidie). 

24 Captain Heneage served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Balaklava aad 
Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Me<Uidie). 

35 CapUin Blackett served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the 9Srd Highlanders, including the 
battles of Alma and Balaklava, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medlldle) 

20 Captain FltzRoy served the Eastern campaign of 1854, in the 41st Regt, including the battles of Aim^j 
and Inkerman (severely wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

27 Lord Dangan served in the Crimea from the 17ih July 1855, as Aide-de-(^mp to Lord Rokeby (Medal 
and Clasp, and 5th Class of the Medyidie). Served as Aide de Camp to Lord Clyde in the Onde campaign 
(Medal and Brevet of Mi^or). " ^ 

38 Mijor Hon. W. O. Boyle served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aide-de-Camp to Sir De Lacy Evans 
iaeludiag thebattlesin the Crimea, and aiege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Me^Jidie)! 

90 M^or ConoUy served the Eastern campaign of 1854 in the 40lh Regt., including the battle of Alma and' 
■lege of Sebastopol: was dangerously wounded (shot through the body) at I he mpul«e of the powerful sortie 
on the 96tta October (Medal and Clasps, Victoria Cross, Sardinian Medal, and 5th Class of the Medlldle). 

91 CapUin Hon. R. Monck served with the 4Srd Regt. in the Kaffir war in 1853 (Medal). 

99 Lwd Holmesdale served in the F<astem campaign of 1854, including tlio battles of Balaklava and 
Inkerman (severely wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

S3 Captain Jervoi«e served the. Ea«item campuign of 1854-65, at Aide-de-Camp to General Airey, in- 
elndhig the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sehanopol (Medal and three Clasps, Sardlnhm 
MedaL and 5ih Class of the Medjidie). 

94 Captain Lambton served at the siege of Sebastopol (Modal and Clasp). 

85 Captain Hon, H. W. Campbell served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Aide-de-Camp to Sir 
William Codrington (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the fiegion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

30 Cnptaln Wm. F. E. Seymour served as u Midshipman with the Baltic Fleet in 1854 (Medal). 

87 Captain Egerton served witli the 2Dd Battalion Rifle Brigade the Eastern campaign up to 18th 
April 1855, including the battle of Alma and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Cbsps). 

38 Quartermaster Falconer served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the battles of Almt, Bala- 
klava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

99 Surgeon Wyatt embwted with the 1st Batlallon on the Eastern expedition, and served with it 
In Turkey and the Crimea until the end of the war; was present at the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkerman (horse shot), and siege of Sebattopol (Medal and four <4asps. Knight of the XASion of Honor, 
and Turkish Medal). 

40 Asslsl.8«geoB Trotter sewed ths Eastern campaign of 1854.64, iacludiaff the aiege aad fall of Sebastopol (Medal 
and Clasp). 

41 Oajpitaln Wignm scnrad at the siege of Sebastopol from 11th Dec. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, and ftth 
CiMQf tbeMi;)klie). 

Seou FutWer Otutrda. 

• • Lixra U.U"— n> • 


SaOtFuai&r Ouardi. 

SlrfW«»-. -Frederick Oa 

rry, 9 Nov. 68. 



.—Agent; HcHra. Coi k Co. 

IIM BatliUUm rdKrtud/r 



iiXi. a-ul 




ta Pertvfljn 

m Dtc, I8SB la 

alarck IBM.] 

1 Tha DukaarCuBbrkKcUE 

nnindcd lb* 111 D 

T^lon of Ih 


of l«M, ImlwUnr tki t«lll« of 

(horia .hoi). . 


(Uidd uid lear Clupi). 

a Colimal Wklkar liiulMl In Ih 

Bapt. 1U4 



ludlnr Iha b«Illn 

d lokarmanrr 

Ktlltd liirtt 


ou'^il.^^d bid uTk^i^ • 

Dl Dndar blm), .Ir 

• of Sabu 


(•Duudad), and 

rapulH of 


Mth Oct. (Madal ud Clupa, Ci 

., Offlcai o{ Iht LfglsB of IJon 

ardLulu. Medal 

and 3rd CUi 

laof tlH 


SCi»o«imidl«TKrT«d lb. 

S Iht b«lll« o 

Atinii (bar 

» .bol). 

Mlh Ocl. {Mcda 

and CJMpi 

and nth 

Ctatp*, Odlar Itf Iha Wx»> at Umai, and 4th Claa of Iha U(d)kllf). 

T CidOMi DiliTBpla Hnid In Uia Eailara euDpalin of lit*, tneludlni Iha billln of Ujoa (wonndad) 
ud lakttiuD, and liat* '' Babuloiwl (Madtl whI Claapi, anil Mb CIhi or tlia Uailjidit). 

8 CMmali daBalbaud L<>IdAdgl|ihuiTeiDptaltanad In Ika Crinaa fnni Xm. ISM, and ocra pnanl 
M lb* aWf* aad tall of Babutspol (Mtdal aod Claap, ud Stb Claaa of (ha UadlMIr]. 

10 UeiiLGeloaal Karriek ud Gapula Tsltnhani. aarrrd In Iha Crlmrarroni Kov. 1«M, and warapn- 
ifBI at Iba ahia ud tall of BabaatajMl (Mfdal and Claap. and 3lh Claw of Iha Holjtdle). 

11 UaoLColoiial Blapbanun KirnHnihtBaitem unipai(n of IBM-bt, Inclndlni ihsbaillaa of Alma, 
BaUklaT*. and Inkaman, iIfm oI Sabaaloiial and lorlia on Iba Hlh Ocl. (Uedal and Claipt, Knighl 
o/t*aLa«looof HoBM, and*thCla..ofU,»y«IJLdl.). 

It UnU>>laaal Uapbvm urrad in ibn Eaaltm caiopaifin of laM-w, InoludlnR lb* balila of Alma 
(,aa>w«l7 woBBdad), (laiaudlUlofaalioaUipaUXiHUIurlClup^andllUi Claaa of Iha Uadjldla). 

168 Scats FusiHer Guards. 

IS LIratColOMi Haygarth Mnr«4 In tbe Battern cunpatfii of 18S4, Inelndlnff tbt tallte of , 
(•ereivljr wounded, shot throuf h ibouldtr and thigh) : Mtdal and daip, and 5lh Otaw of Um Ma4|ldifc 

18 LieuLColooel Hon. J. 8. Jnctflyn Mrred in the Eastern campaign of ISM-fift* indndloff tha biuiiai of 
Alma, Balaklara, and Inkennan, tlege ofSebattopol and sorlie on SBth Oct. (Medal and Clatpa, Kn^fkt of 
the Legkm of Honor, and Sth Clau of the Me^Jidie). 

17 Lt Colonel Hon. W. F. Scarlett eerred In the Rastem campaign of 1864-65, Incloding tha battlesof 
Alma, Inkerman, and Balaklava, siege of Sebastiipol and sortie oi» the S6th Oct.; waa a^kointad aatra 
Aide de Camp to Major General Sir James Yurke Scarlett on 3rd Nor. 1854, and rejoined his BegC 1st 
Aprill865 (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Clats of the Me^Jidle). 

18 LieuUColonel Alfthlson serred with the 1st Batt. 01st R^. at the Capa of Oood Hope from Dee. 
1845 to March 1847: engaged in a screro affair with the Caffres 22nd Majl84d, when hia horse was slral 
under him (Medal). 

10 Lleut.Colonel Neville served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Alde^le-Camp to Sir Rldmrd 
England, Including the battles of Alma, Bulaklara, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Clasps, Knight of tlie Legion of Honor, and 5lh Class of the Medjidie). 

21 Lt.CoIonel Larabton served from Nov. 1854 at the siege and fall of Sebaatopol (Medal and Claap). 

2S Lt.CoIonel Hon. \V. Coke served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the siege of SebaaU^I 
(wounded) : Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, Sardinian Medal, end 5th Glass of the MedJIdle. 

25 LtXJolonel Oipps served tbe Eastern campaign of 1834, including the battles of Alraa(wottiided, bayonet 
wound of hand), Bulaklava, and Inkennan (eevereljr wounded, shot through neck), siege of Sebaitopol and 
sortie on the 26th Oct. (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Mi^or, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 6th Class of 
the Medjidie). 

20 Lt.Col. Haring served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma, Balaklara, and 
Inkerman (wounded), siege of Sebastopol and sortie on the 2tflh Oct., wounded by grapo-ihol at the siege 
(Me<lal and Clasps, Brevet Mi^or, Knijrht of tbe Legion of Honor, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

31 Capt. Hon. H. Annesley served with the 43rd Licrht Infantry in the Kaffir war of 1851-9-S (Medal), 
and was severely wounded. Served with the Scots Fusilier Ounrds In the Eastern campaign of 1854, 
Including tlie battle of Aima (severely wounded) : Medal and Clasps. 

32 LLCoionel Mure served with the 60ch Rifles iu the KatRr war of 1851-53 fMedal) ; and the Eastern 
campaign with the 70th Kegt., Including the battles of Alma and Balaklava (Medal and Clasps). 

33 Captain Beaumont served the Eastern compaign of 1854 with the 21 st Fusiliers, inctadlng the battles 
of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

34 Doctor Bostock served in the Buffs at the battle of Punniar (Medal). Served In the Eaatem cam- 
paign of 1854-55 with the Scots Fusilier Ouards, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, 
siege of Sebastopol and sortie on the 20th Oct. (Medal and Clasps, and Knight of the I^on of Honor). 

33 Assistant Surgeon Elklngton served the Eastern campaign of 1854-65, incloding tiM bmttles of 
Balaklava and Inkerman (wounded), siege of Sebastopol, and sortie on the 96th Oct.( Medal aad Olaspa, and 
5th Class of the Medjidie). 

90 Captain Cooper served with the 03rd Highlanders throughout the Eutem campaign of 1854-56, in- 
cluding the battles of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fhll of Sebastopol (Medal and three Claapa, Sardinian 
Medal, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

37 Captain Farquharson joined the Battalion In th« Crimea in the winter of 1864-66, and was at tile 
siege of Sebastopol (severely wounded) : Medal and Clasp, and 5lh Class of the Medjidie* 

S7t Captain Campbell Joined the Battalion in the Crimea In the winter of 1854-65 and waa at tke siege 
of Sebastopol— wounded (Medal and Clasp). 

38 Captain Rous served witli the 00th LiRht Infkntry at the siege and fall of Sebaatopol and waa 
wounded at the assault of the Redan on the 8lh Sept. (Medal and Clasp). 

30 Captains Hay and Moncrictf served In the Crimea from May 1855, and were at the aiefa of Befcartepol 
(Medal and Chup). 

40 Captain Beresfbrd Joined the Battalion in the Crimea early in Sept. 1855, and was at Um alegt and 
fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

41 Capt. Gordon, Doctor Robinson, and Quartermaster Allen serred tbronghont tlie Eastern eampaign 
of 1854-55, Including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege and fail of Sebaatopol, and sortie 
of 96th Oct. (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

48 AssistSnrgeon Turner serred In the Crimea from Dec. 1854, including the siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasp). 

43 Assist.Surgeon Perry serred in the Crimea from June 1855, including the siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasp). 

"SfiSToSE?*] la{'nuI^ar)RegimmtafFoot. 169 

Ito Xfaf*' Cffktr witbiB tiM Collu of St. Andma, and the Omm otv tt. In the 

•MMdMloor thaTUrtla^OMDK.— "St. Ldcia" "EoKoxT-oF-ZBa." r»*A)Ua*, 
"Bem" "CoannMA' " Bosaco" " 9*L&iitHCA" " VtTToniA" " Bt, Bbbas- 

TIAM" "NlT«" ■• PxRlnSOLA" "NiAOlaA" " W4TB«I.0o" <'IfAaPOSS" "MA- 

■HDPOOm" "At a" "Aliia" "Ihksbiiah" "Sbtaktofol." 
CBlnut.— 9 A^Af /ron. Sir Edward Blakeoej,) QCB. QCH. Ctenut, 98 Feb. 

17IHi£t.MSept.Hi Cap(.34 Dce.H; Jr<[/. 17 Bcpt.lBOI; Lt.Col. U 

April 06 ; CW. 4 June 14; Jtfif/.Oni. 97 Mtf 3S; Xl.Oni. 9a June S8 ; 

OM.S0JBlMMi CdJ. lit Foot, 91 D«c.U. 
£<.Clb^-l Alexuider Barry Hoateoraerr,' CB. Bnt. U No*. S4 ; Lt. 30 Get. 

96; Capt.HtXTia.Xl; Maj.rbDtt.i3i Bm. Lt.Cal.WjMaeM; Lt. 

CaLSHarchsaj Cof. 13 Jan. 68. 
3 Bdmaad Hafthonie,* Bm. 1 8 Way 37 ; LI.H Oet S9 ; Capl. 1 1 Sept. 44 ; 

Brtt. M«4or, 7 June 4S ; Mt^or, r 1 April 63 : Lt. Col. r IS Haj 64 ; Ctl, 

M IToT. 64. 
1 Alaz. B«ei F. HoleombG.^t Bm. ' 3 Dte. 30 ; Limt. 19 Sept. 34; Capt. 

99J)a7 49; JWiiJar, 1-6 Aaff. SO; Xl.-Caf. 98 June 66. 
VrVInv.— 1 BartoD Dtjenej* Sm. 97 April 90; Xlnif. 'T Julj96; Capt. 

* 8 IToT. 97 ; Bnv. Maj. 23 Not. 41 ; £r». Xt.CoI. 11 Not. 51 ; il^vr, 

IS HaT. 63; Col. 98 Not. 64. 
1 fm.Cha.D»wwtiPlniikett,*£ii«. PllOet. 33;£leiif. 'lO Har.37; Capt. 

'90 Dee. 43; Brer.-JVqf. 90 J nne 54 ; ATf^'or, p 3 Hareli 65 ; Bm. Lint. 

CW. 9 Not. 66. 
9 PrueU Oregoi Urqahsrt,* Siu. r IB Hot. 31 ; Litttt. r 16 Ang. 33 ; Capt. 

» 14 April 37 ; Bm. MaSor. 11 Nor. 51 ; Uaiar, 96 June 05 : Bm. Lt. 

CM. 9 KoT. 65. 
1 PnderickB.)leiii,T£pu.990ct.33i£(.Fl4April3T; Copt.* 3 Hs744i 
Brwt. Mttfor, 7 Stpt. 56; Majcr, f 30 March 68. ^^_^____^___ 

I Jmea Pollock Oore> . . . . 

> apt&MfPMl 

I Richard OMrn ColM* .. 

1 Prederick VelliO 

nf 1 OeorgeTaaA" 

i Henry FnuieU Bythewa.. 

• Qeorga RoirlaDd 

1 John AlecandarChiyitle" 


1 Fr*d*rlokAagutt«*Bmlth< 
9 MoBtagBAdantHea.Lterai 
1 Wm. FrwI. John Bndd'*.. 
9 Biehvd L. WllUuni''.. . . 

I Fiad-HanyHope" 

■ % MoifuiJainMO'CooDell" 

1 Fnd. Pritiler Xotler" .. 

g 9 Bdvaid Andrew Sturt'* 

1 Hmry 0«oige White** . 

9 BowlMdL.8tdiieyCart)ili>' 

I WllUani Newcomen Watb 

;; 1 Sherioek VigDollaa WlUil" 

n 9 Rlehd-AImbamHiniien** 

I Adolph. Halk. Ventnmie" 

1 Prad. J. Poiuonby mU .. 


9 Alexander W.Lon^ ....]■■ 
^1 1 JamMWillleBHaMen**..!" 

I Albert Seagrlm" '' 

I Doncan Camereii firock".| 

1 Jamei Creagh" | 

1 JoiephHodftonl'awcett ..i) 

1 WUIlam Freeborn" 

1 Jobn JtBetUefwood^^itf. I 
1 John Arehlbald Camming., i 
S ffim.T.O. WMtennPlonketl'* 

I Qeorge Dane* 

1 John UeroDMaiwell-Hann 
9 William Oeor^ Brown .... 
9 George William Thompeon < 
» Oeorea Gilbert Stewart.... I 

a 9 Charlaa BajM steer : 

S John Parker Qilloiare .... 
t ThoBM BcBvy Tovnahwd | 

r 6 Feb. 36 
■> 5Jn]; 
' 3 May 44 
19 Oct. 41 
» 30 Not. 46 
f i July 47 
Pie Oct. 49 
F lJune49 
'16 Mar. 60 
' 99 Nov. 50 
'14 May 59 
'97 May 53 
17 June 61 
'31 May 59 
30 Dec. 53 
' 10 Mar. 64 
9 Dec. 46 


13 May 63 
10 Feb. 64 
13 May 63 

UJnly 64 


lOAog. 64 
> 26 Aag. 64 

35 Jan. &A| 

36 Jan. Gb] 
Feb. 56 

16 Feb. 66| 
90 Feb. 66 
P 30 Mar. 56, 
30 Mar. 66 
10 Apr, 56 

SUDec. 3» 

14 April 46 
'14 May 47 

3 Aug. 44 

' 3 Sept, 47 

9 Feb. 49 

15 Not. 50 
SOJoly 51 

' 31 May 53 

' SO Apr. 69 
19 Mar. 63 

' 97 Hay 53 
OJnne 5* 
ejone 54 
8 Dee. 64 
BJnne 64 

11 Ant 
29 Dec. 64 
99 Dec. 64 
31 Mar. 48 
13 Jan. 66 

>18 Aog. 64 
19 Jan. 66 
13 Jan. 65 

6 Not. 64 
8 Dec. 64 
12 Jan. 65 
12 Jan. 56 
IS Jin. 56 
12 Jan. 56 
1 May 66 

14 Ha; 66 
16 May 56 

16 Mar 55 
i5 Ma; 56 

15 Maj 56 
e Jane 56 

17 Jane 66 
35 Jane 65 
96 Jane 66 
17 Aug. 56 

38 Oct. 47 
11 Jaiy 51 
8 Sept. 64 
6 Not. 64 
9»Dee. 64 
90Dec ~ 
99 Dec. 64 
19 Jan. 56 
19 Jon. 65 
SO Hot. 56 

SSept. 56 
16 Mar. 68 
30 Mar. 58 
'30 Mar. 68 
91 Sept. 66 
• 30 Oct. 58 
30 June 69 
'39 Jaly' 69 
> 13 Dec. 69 

B Jane SO 
9 No*. S6 

lit ( Tlte Royal) Stgimait of Foot. 

9 81. George Gray 

S lUehird LleweljQ Itoberli 
i AlMBndErBracsTulloch . 
1 Ch«rle«Atklaion Logan . 
1 Wmikin John SliBiilr ... 

a Lloyrt Evang 

3 Henry George Thnmann . 
1 John Itlehinl Whn-ler . . . 
3 John Kfchard PalUacr . . . 

I Alfi'cd BlooRiDeld 

, a Arthur Tn-fugii Jonu ... 

1 Wm. Mauger Duve.v . 

1 tlioiDM Arthur Uilla 

1 John Slanirelil 

''' S Emannrl Trale, A^ . 

3 CreHwull Ksaiio Clia. Rookr 

a Fergu. F.rroll 

1 Alfred Moberlj 

a Robert Cuaena 

I Percj Ulngham Sehrelbi 

1 William Stewart Thortiu 

1 Nathaniel SteTenioD... 
Sf 8 ArteinajThomaa Aglen. 

I Thomaa Atkinwn 

i Bdnard tirokir Fringi . 
L? S Kerculea Akermaii ■•. 

a HratT Hedley Balnbridgr 
^ a Lnke Frederic Si " 

36 May 55 
11 Ua;S5 


4 Julj 65 
13 July 55 
>a6Jan. 50 
20 July 65 
8 Oct. 66 
1 Mar. 58 
> 7 Uar. 56 
n June 65 

"«SNo».65 !*• 

89 Feb. 50 
4 Apr. 6G ' 

la Apr. 56' 
' 20 Har. 67 
' 22 May 57 

11 Dec. 57 1 ^ ,„ 
' 12 Feb. 66 I d.iiH .i 

Aug. ee' (H'wi, 

P 24 Aug. 58 '"'- " 
P 35 Aug. 68 . 
^aoOct. 561 P"t ol 

so Oct. 68! * " 

1 1 Mar. 69 , 

lflMay60j - - ,,,-, ,-.,, -, 

P31May50 fcfsr hoUiii M irtiw k tMrit ta 

" U 8apt,5Bl ■■ ■-■--- -■■ - 

^ a John Mammond i 108ept.59i [11 Sfpt. M. 

PaynuHtM-i. 8 Wm. John BampflBld,"30 Jane U i Sni.lB Mir.4ai Xltmt. 

r^ 1 J»niesl}«acon,>°90e(.56; Sru.OAog.M; Lt.«ApltiOb. 

n H Adfutanli. a Entign Bmiinuel Teale, 18 April 60. 

1 Lirul. John Jamea HeywDod, 30 Apr. S8. 
Jwtmefanr */ Viuitelry.— I Biuign AlfM Halierly, IS JniM 00. 

B Airipn A. T. A^Ien, 86 Aof . 60. 
QKnrfrr-Jtrnitrrf .— I JoMph M'Qce," 8 Sept. 46. 
a Jamn Moon, 1 July 50. 
^'t 1 CliaileaBuBhII(arD,*'ieNaT.49; ^ulrt.-5Hrf.l<ABill4a. 

% » CharlNWrn. WoodroA, H.D. SB Jona 68; AmM.9itr§. tl 

Amtttani-'nurftonM. 2 Thomu Knox Blrnle," 7 Jan. 63. [Mareh 61. 

^ 1 Bobert Atkinioti,"6Hay 64. 

a Angus John Maclcay," M.D. 87 Oct. B4. 
SS 1 Jobn Wild Hulaeberg," 14 Dao. 51. 

^ I 1 Matbpw Lawrenc* While, S2 BepL 68, 

a William White, 83 June 68. 
fkcingt Blue — Agent; Mcura. Cox fc Co. 
[l(t BatfaliA ntvmtd /ram the Crimea, 3 Jufy 1850. Smbartid for IndU, 
88 Jtdg 1857. H^tot el Caleiiatrr.'i 
[2nif Bntt. Foreiijn Sereice, 31 Jan. 1853. nepet at Birr.'l 
1 8lrE<lirmnlBl«HnniiceDidpaiilcdIliB..pertllloii under »ri]or.Q»n.WhllHolhtWifilIndl»^aB4».i 
Ifane llmei toXm prluner bf prlTilcrn >nd lufl^ml Hrin hirdahlpt. In ITW ht ucoliBaBIed Uh «np. 
dllkmlo Htriland, aBdirxprHmtlnlhaictlontiif Uitlnili uid ISIh Scpl., und iliw In £oM •! tka £d 
*ad flih OetotiH. In IHOT liinllcd wllk thuXoTai PuillLaniaihe BaliLciJolDwlLaMCilhcart^ tiTwdl- 
tinn. .nil wuDHwnt utht ei|i(iire of Iha Danlih Flt*tand larrndfr sf CnpnihiHB. Id IMS Ih>u 
ilnhiu*. Inieil haulliTdl«LliboDliii:<nninandat(h(FariUan,aDddnTlw 

. .-IfBiof ISIt, 13, and U.bawai prManl at Ihe baltlual BaM« aad AltahMa- 

„ jded thrDUKh tbo thigh | acllon al Aide* dc Ponlr.>lF(ai of Ciudad Rodrl|a and Badafot— 

••••■•It wounded ihfough Iha ami (I Ibc aiiaaltt ballln of Vlliuria, Pampeluna, Pfimafi, and triialit, 




n Id IS hi 

a Bflflun.a 

XlTcllf. and Mil ; and !• a KnlKhl of Ihe Tnoar asd Bmtd of Ponufil. 
tColonrt MonliDmHT ifired In *.«l>lKlam alio the liaitara campalfn of IS 

Bart^lanK'Jal.nd^lh'ciatioflheMmlJIrllel. '" '"*" " '*'' 

3 0alonalBarl>iar7i«ti-r>edi>llh1ht(iethHrirl.«nlb»Chlnai?IpwllllDnlnI9l«(l(p 
thtaltaakandcaptureDf ChlnKI*B(Foo,andat ibt Innalmrnigr Mantln. HfHr 
Bit Colin 0am pball In Iha Puojauh sain|ialcni>f IM»4, and wai pnaeni al U>« haUli 
HaovaHak, aBdOwtJanl.andatibgiabaaquiDtiMeupaUanorpHhtwiir (Uedall. Bi 

, and vp to tin (l>< 

' awnwandj a?| 


Ijf {Tlie Enyal) lUpiment qf Foot. 171 

CompulM mt tbt Mth on Um tzptdltlon to th* Koh«t Put with Sir Chftrlet Napier, th« Comminder-ln- 
Chi«r. 8«rf«d villi Um Itt Batt. Rojral Heft from 99th Auffost 1805, and at tb« iIm* and fall of Stbaa- 
topol (Mfttal and CiMm aad flCh Olata of tho If «Uldie). 

4 OqIoimI DavcMy Mrrod la tho Battoni eampalgn of 18ft4, IneludlBf tha batilat of Alma and Bala- 
klava, and ilaiioor Sabaitopol (Modal and tbr«« Clatpt, and 5th Claia of tho Mo4Jidi0). 

ft LL-CoL Hon. O. D. nunkett lenred in Canada durinx tho R«b«Ilion of 1S87-S8. Alto tho Battem 
■ilHiaiia mt lt04-6ft| indndlM tho Wttkt of Alma and Inkorman, •logo and fdl of flobattopol (Modal 
aad Qlmp§, Bi^rol Lt-Ooloaol, Kalght of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 5th ClaM of Ihe 

a Lt.-OoloMl Uiqaliarl landed la tho Orimea with the «nd Bati on tho 99nd April 1850, and wai at 

bo alago aad fUl of Bobaalopol (Medal and Claap, Brevet Lt.*4;olonel, Bardiniaa Medal, and i 

tko alago aad fUl of Bobaalopol (Medal and Claap, Breret Lt.*4;olonel, Bardiniaa Medal, and 6«h CUui of 

7 Miilor Main iortod tho Baatern campaign of 1854, and up to the Srd Maj 1855, Inelodinr the battlee 
of Alma aad BaUklaTt, and tiege of Bebaatopol (Medal and three Claapi, and 5th Clart of the MctUldie). 

8 Haiar Gore aarred with tbd tnd Batt. In Canada durinf Ihe rebetUoh In 18t7-f8, Inclading the 
atona aad oaptora of St Charlea and 8t. Euataehe, and alterior operatlom on the RIehellea and adjacent 
cooalfy. Waa with the right wing on lK>ard the Premier when that tranaport was wrecked. In Not. 
1841, In the Oulf of Bl. Lawrence. Landed with the Battalion In the Crimea on the 9tnd April 1855, 
aad waa at the ilego aad Ihll of Bebaatopol, and wounded in the trenches un 0th Julj (Medal and Clasp). 

Oaptaia Colea serred the Eastern campaign of 1854, and up to 5th Feb. 1855, laelnding the battles 
of Alaa and Inkormaa, and slot e of Bebaatopol ^Medal and three Clasps). 

10 M^or Wells aerred thoKastem campal^ of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and tnkerman, 
siege aad Ihll of Bebostopol (Medal and three Clasps, Breret Major, knight of the Legion of Honor, and 
Mk OIMB of tho Modlidle). 

11 Caplalaa Taafib and GuKols, and Lt. Freeborn, and Paymaster Banipfleld, hinded In the Crimea 
with tho fad Batt. on the find of April 1866, and were at the siege and mil of Bebaatopol (Medal and 
Olaap). LlOBt. Fracboffi has the 5th Olaat of the Medjidle. 

19 Oaplain Chtretle aerred the Bastem campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inker- 
man, alego aadful of Sebastopol (Medal and three Claitps, and Ath Claas of the MeiiUldle). 

18 Caqptain Bmtth sorred the Bavtom campaltn of 1854, and up to 8nd Jmlj 1866, Including the battles 
of Alma and Inkorraan, and siege of Bebast^ol (Medal and three Clasps). 

14 Captain Legge sorted at the siege of 8el>aatopol from S2nd April until wounded at ihe attack on the 
Qoarrtea 8th Jano 1886 (Medal and Oiasp). 

15 Captalna Badd and Hope served the Bastem campaign of 1854*55, including the battles of Alma and 
lakerman, and alego and fisll of Bebaatopol (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian Medal, aad 6th Class of the 
Mediidio). _^ 

16 Copiuia winiaBie and Lieot. Hon. T. 0. Plunkett aerred at the alege of Bebaatopol f^m 89th Aog. 
1856, aad wore woaadod oa 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp). 

17 Captain O'Oonaoll sorred at tho aiogo and fUl of Bebastopol from 9lsl Nov. 1864 (Medal and Clasp. 
aad 5th Claao of the ModOMio). 

18 Captain Mailer aerred lathe Kaitem eampalgn of 1854-55, Includiug the siege and fall of Bebastopol, 
from Iftlh April 1866 (Medal and Claap). 

19 Captain Btaart aoteod at tho alego of Bebaatopol from 98od April antll severely woanded on 7th Jane 
1865 (Medal Mid Claap, and 5th Olaaa of tho MedJidie). 

90 Captain Whitoserrod at the alege of Bebaatopol fromS 1st Nor. 1854 to 10th Aua, 1855 (Medal and Olaap). 

91 Oaptahi Willla aerted at the siege and fall of Bebastopol from 9th Dvc. 1854 (Medal and Cla«p, and 
5th CiMa of tho MedUldle). 

92 Captain Maanora aerred in the Baalcm campaign of 1864-55, laelnding the alego and fkll of Bebas- 
topol from 9th Jan. 1860 (Medal and Olasp, and 6th Glass of the MedJi'iie). 

23 Cq»tain Vefatnrme aerred with the 17th Begt at Hw aiege and fall of Sebaatopol from I9tk May 1856 in- 
clndmg aaaanlta of the Bedaa on ^e 18th Jnne and 8th Sept. ; alao prcaent at the Umibanlment and surrender 
of Kinbonme (Medal aad Chap). 

S9t Uont. Low aerred at the alego of Bebaatopol from I0lh Jane to 6th July 1866 (Medal and Claap). 

94 Lieula. Haoaell aad Beagrim aerted at the siege and ftUl of Bebaatopol from 90th Aug. 1856 
(Medal and Claap). 

96 Liodt. Bro» aorrod at the afege and ftill of Bebaatopol fram 98rd April 1856 (Medal and Clasp). 
90 Uoat. Crooffk aortod at tho aloge and roll of Bebaatopol. from f7ih Jan. 1856 (Medal and Qasp). 

97 Uoat Heyoood aorrod at tho aiego and fall of Bebaatopol from 1st June 1865 (Medal and Olaap). 
SO Paf maator Deacon aerred the Eastorn campaign of 1854-65, including the battles of Balaklara and 

Inkerman. and siege and fall of Bebastopol (Mvdal and Clasps). 

81 QrJIaaior M*iBee aerred the Saatem campaign of 1854-56, including the battlea of Alma and 
lakeraian, aiece and fkll of Bebaatopol (Medal and Claapa;. 

89 BoffOOB Ileam aerred in the Eaatom campaign of 1864, and up to 90th March 1855, Including the 
kattloa of Alma and lakanaaa, and aiege of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasps, and 5th Class of tho 

88 Aaslat-Boffetma Blroie, Athlnsoa and Mackay aerred at the siege of Sebaatopol In 1855 (Medal and 


84 Aaatot-Borgeon Hulaeberg aerred with the 8th Hnaaara the F4Mtern campaign of 1855, Including 
Ike batUo ot ihe Tchernaya and fall of Bebaatopol (Medal and Clasp). 



1 72 2nd (TAe Queen't Rm/al) Regt. of Foot. \^n^^ 

In Iht Oirler, Iwf lajlht C 


•iCyrktr. ThaSfUu-.wllk tkfvoidi 



'■VmiERA" "CORUS] 

dim Spink,' KH. f'ni. S Sept. 00; Lt. S Mirch 07 ; Capt.\90<i- 
»-,Pl3UayS4i i^.Cfll. »20 Miy 9G; CdI. S3 ITot. 41 ) Jtf^r 
Hot. si ; Lt.Gm. 3C Oct. &8 ; Cal. dad Foot, S8 Hay 51. 
!cb.— 1 Sunhope William Jc\,htoa,' Eni. vSONot.30; Xt.PlOPeb. 
M>2B Dec.4Ii Jf^'. l" 4 Aug. 46 ; Xf.Cot.l Ju1t&3; C»I. 28 Not. &1. 
> c^.. ■« I Qg. iM'BSMay40j Cflp(.»ai July 48; Bl. 

ieipt.50; Lt.Col.* 1-2 Utj SI. 

u. IS Bept. 37 i Litul. 31 Jan. 3D ; Cap*- ' 10 

i Mo/. IS May SI ; Bf.Xf.Ctol. 34 July 37. 

■DCS,' £n«.P31 Jan. 40 i LtMU. ' 16 Dec.40 ; 


j£t.2BDec.4e; Copt. * S Oct. 49 j £^JW<if. 




iu.%Vm. Stoart" 
^horle* CoghUn " 
Diuucombe" ■ . 
leoTg« Brady".. 
'ohn Hercy . . . . 

nry Crampton" 

. Thomion' .... 
lenry SpencEr " 
tahiTG Lynch".. 
ffcblMr Martin 
L.Tyrwhitt Drake 

31 Dec. 3D; Xf.eApH143i C» Aag.lA; 

m. 41 

SD May 43 

P 4 Aug. 48 

aSHaj 63 


30 Hay 43 

f 2 Not. 48 


37JHU. 40 

10 Sept. 61 
P SO July 63 

n. 47 

P 4 May 49, 


3 Apr. 49 

P 30 Dec. fi3 


P 8 Nov. 49 

12 May S4 

ct. 49 


P IS Jan. SO 

. . ,>.ar. 40 

P 17 June SI 

24 9ept.S6 

PIS Oct. 62 


p 7 Mar. 6C 


13 May 63 

P 86 Jan. 66 

P29 Nov. 4D 

P 17 June 61 

P 34 Oct. 66 

» 22 May 46 

IB July 60 

13 Jan. S6 


30 Apr. 63 

13 July 55 

» 33 Not. 6! 

► 3 Feb. 64 

3 Oct. as 

'17 Jan. £1 

' 3 Jane 63 

3KoT. 66 

'38 Oct. 63 

37 Get. 64 

' 9 Not. 66 

r 3 Peb. 54 

8D«:. 64 

P Not. 66 

P 6 Not. 47 

IS Aug. 60 

17 Not. 67 

' 18 Aug. 48 


13 Feb. 68 

na May 61 

P 86 Mar. 62 

96 Mar. 68 

P 18 June 61 

p 8 Apr. 63 

30 Har. 68 


P 13 Dec 63 

14 Hay 68 

P 12 July 61, 

SSJaly S3 

26 Ocl. 68 

PISApr. S3| 


30 Oct. 68 

lelllcuddy Magltl' 

le St. Croix 

R. Andenon 


r Henry Ilatduae 
IGTC Tucker. ...I 
'. Pra. Honrood 
iTille Ilatelicll . . ! 

SI Julv 64 
20 July GS 
30 Nov. 56 
I Feb. 60 
SO Feb. 60 

toche Oubblna.. 

relleeley GoeMt . 

'arlng , 

u a n'vu—u Wiliiam Stokes .i 
3 SidneyH.L.T.Widdnngtonl 
IS Eutiaee I-anlnra Hercy 
S FMerfck Squirl I 


37 Feb. 06 
8 Jan. S8 
P6 Feb. 68 
30 KoT. 67 

'18 Jan. 66 " 

30 Feb. 66 « „ _ _ 

■SO Hay 67 "^"U-" •'i»»l-M("li»*»l»i ■!« 
' 14 Julv ST •»"'P-"'K» "•"» •!«»• o™if 

17 C>piilnCs(UuHtTt4la 

17 Nov. (J 

12 Feb. Z 

13 Feb. B 

12 Feb. 68 fiviu'th.^aih'i 
5 Mar. 58 •im CImp tor ( 

20 Mar, 58 '»"' iiSitaaij » in j^iK 

BO Mar. 58 Kfk™ 'SnSifciStrtillM'ii 

13 Apr. 68 CiMj). ' 
5 Ocl. 68 

• 11 Feb. 60 

I ^S 9 John Coitui, 10 Oct. &5. 

8Hrgtmu.—l Henry Clinton Fow," 17 Juno 61 ; AuUt.Surg. aO Feb. 41. 
' 2 Daniel Joha Uotiertf, 30 Julj Hi ; Atiul.Surg. 36 Sept. 41). 

Auittant Surg«i>M.~l Henry Joeepli Row, March 66. 
I a Jamei Siactnlr, M.D. & Aaf. 53. 

1 Slephen Henry Manhall, 7 May 68. 
3 Henry CaU Peppin, 9 Nov. 07. 
1 Richard Berctrord Canon, UB. 32 Jnae 58. 
' J^oeiR^ nine. — AgenlM,N.eun.Cox kCo, 
lUl BattattmitmlnFitilJitrtlit Cape of Goad Hope,Si June 1851. Drpal, Walmvr.^ 
^^titdBatlalmi embarked far Malta, 13 Feb. 186H. Bepat, Walmer.^ 
1 UnUliatnl SpInk (rmd vlth tli« UgM Compuf of Iho Isih BfeI. In Hrenl urUiini In lb* Tn- 
■■poil'ilon ai Bt-Uirr, 1[ --■■-■ - . . ... 

U.CalIiHl AUlm M>w4 lk» mninirB in Afitui 
n t* IMM llHlaiiilil >^ "M" <>< fiuKlli.— wouds 

..I I 111 ^ -■--'-■- -*"-[ IW tint Bf I^> nr. 

• M^liir turn wfcd villi IktWtk Rrgi. ihcEuWr 
an< iBknnwB <tnn«lr nniiM), >It«> of Bctuioi 
IMer. and Otb Clwaf th* Mt'ljldlc}. 

TlWiir- ■■■ - - 

aadUeri ,-.- „ 

_ _ . -it.{lltil»ltndlll»tCI»«pl,Bl 

TiliiMji. Ileal ind (hllor Brbulaiiai (lltdil irnii clup). 

(■DapMeCaaiil^lKrTfdwIiliUiitlXLi.lnbiiiii'lnili? Cilmti-lii ibc i»Dchn ■[ ttia tint anil 
fcltaf DtliMhJMl.— J OB til c MfeJIInui lu Koileb lUedtUnd Cle>ii). 

Jim SniilaMnpnl mi r- Um njirdlikiig lo K.rlck. In Au^utt he w'ti ■I'pnlnicd Bricidt Uajoi lo the 
VJlliliailt lUfiMai Olditon, ud wu pnunl ■( (he AiU a1 tiel)utoiKl (Hnlat and Clu)j> >cil tub OIih 

u OMarn thBMonb* timd with ihe Mih Bast, u Iha drfe or Btbulopol In lUt.M (Midal nd 
due. aad SudlDlu Mtdal), 

If Capnda BndT f«f«d i>Uk Ike lit Bnrala et Ik* tl«t* aad U irf Bebeitopel ban lit Juw i«h 
(Medal Bad Cla^i). 

174 9nd {The Xlu§M^9 Bo^ B0fim€nt ^ Foot. 

tt GapUla Lynch Mnrad in Pvnia with tht Onvtlrf Division la ItiT. Jtin«4 9«vdoek*t tent fln Ito 
flnt tnkittir the field, and wti nrMtnt In 9Wtj aotion Ibufht bj that eolanin (horin |UM«4 |rt Cnwnfoiny. 

la nomnaad of tho Tolnntaar O^vnirr with the On4a laU Im^ m4 w» 

Berred luhMqumitlj ai second la oonmaad or tho Tolnatoar Oavniry with tlio Onda Md Hf^ 
prwent in all tha aeUons font ht hy that fbtoa until the relief of Loehaov 9« 91 Itpt. WK (aaftiolf 
wonaded, mentioned in Dlenatchee). 

St Lient Crooma eenred in the Kaflir war in 1868 (Medal). 

14 fttfinMi F^M aenrad with the lOtli Begt. in the eampaivn on the Sntl^ in 1848, and wm prawnt at the 
batlto of SohnMn (Vadal). Bar? ad with the Queen's Boyala la tha KaOt war of Mil^St (ICadal) ; «ad with 
Iho wpodHlon north of tho Omafa lUfar in 18a9-«8. 

ICkmHMHatiom qfNotet to drd Foot.^ 

10 Captain ^earson wnred In the Crimea firom8rd Sept. 18a9,iadadlog thaiiafaof SohMlipol and atlaek 
on tha 8th Bept (Medal and Clasp). 

17 Qaptataa Stewart and Baadeaenrad at the siege of Sehastopol in 1865, and beloagad to iho e«wlaf and 
ladder party at the assault of the Redao on the 8th Bept. 1866 (Medal and Olaap). 

18 Captain Roe sarrad at tho slefo of Bobaitopol in 1866, and was Aetlnc Adlfataat of tha Baft al tin asaalt 
of tho Sodaa on tho 8tk 8ept.~isontiooed in Dispntehca (Medal and Clasp, aad Kalfht of tha ttfiH of 

10 Captain T. A. Cos aervedat the siaga of Behastopol in 1866, aai was wouadtd ai tha afwalf of the 
Bedan on the ath Bept. (Medal and Claap, aad 6th Class of tha Ma^lUle). 

SO Lieut. Letu tenrrd at the siege of Bebsstopol In 1856, and wss daiwerouslx wounded al Uia aasaalt of 
the Redan on the 8th Bept. (Modal and Clasp, and 6th Class of the Me^llAa). 

Si Captain Newton served as Aide da Camp to Brigadier General Stranbensee at thosiegaof BshagtftP"^ 
in 1866, and at the aiaault on the Bedan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp). 

22 Lieut. Peaeher served the Bastern campaign of I864-M on the Amsjr Medlenl Btaff (Madal aad OtfpV 

88 Qr.Master Blteeet served with the BuA at the battle of Punniar, 98ih Bea. 18a (Modal). Altaal 
the siege of Sebastopol in 1866, and assault of the Bedan oa the 8th Bept. (Medal and OUimi. 

84 Buff. Burke served with the 60th Beat, throughout the campaign on the Butlai hi iBdBoi^ aad was 
preeent nt tha hattles of Moodkee. FerosoAah, Allwal, and Bohraoo (Medal aad thma C»as9s)l i» tha l«n 
latter enfsgements, and to the ead of the war, he was in UMdlenl eharfa of tha Begiiaat. B aif ad with 
tha Buflii at tha siege and aesault of Behastopol (Medal and CUspK 

at OaptaiaBtasoaservod with iha lilh Boyalirish throaghoattha saaoad Baraaaa «ir(MMB|)»MMta8 
the ciataia of Martahan, Baagooa, Frooo, aad tha Doaahow stoekadas. 
•J» ft pialaBo»ataaiiamdwmilhaOayaMaaalad BiiaaMa tai tha Xattr war al IBir.Mi lBlM«f 

l.ft.'iSt.] MUB.Xml^JUsLtfFMHtrTlltBuft). 176 

Ik* Drmttn" Danao" "Titiumi"" Ai.miii(iBi"" Pimiaau" •' |tiiai,i,a" ••Hits" 

Manff.— iBBukBlfjDnimmadil,' JFju. 5 Much 13; LLi Quit. I July 16; 
Capl.f Lt.C»l.*n D«e.Mi X^.^ CBl.a»Voy. 41 ; Ll.Col.'ai Dee. 44 i 
M^.Oin. II No*. 51 ; Lt. Om. 9 Apr. 69 ; Col. 3n] Foot, IS D«c. AT. 
S^ CJni/.-Cotonelt.— 3 VC Fred. FrUEUHaaite,* CB. Bnt. ' 13 Har. 40 j U. HI 
Aug. 41 : Ci^. >■ 10 D«. 41; Jlfq/ar, 15 Utjii; Brevet LI.Dol. a Not. 
66; Lt.dal.MAag.b7. 
i QvagtJuaetAaibiMt'Biu.ftJulj 46; Xt. 5 Nov. 46; Cnpt.o 13 Oet.fiSi 

£r«iMt JVi^ar, IT July 66 ; Mnjor, Hi Hay S7 ; Xf.Cal. ' 31 Dee. &7. 
L JohD Neptune aargant/ £■«. p 19 Jan. 44; Zl«u/. '11 Sept. 40; Ctpt. It 
Not. 53; BnvJlqjor, 9 Not. 55 ; Afqwr, 90 Feb. 6S j Xf.C^f. '39 July 69. 
^ Vo/on.— 9 John Uardman Burke,' fit. p t Ndt. 39 ; Xlfut. ' 3 Harcb 43 ; 
Cejit. JaaG64; Bne.W^/or,l2 0lX. 6i; Jtfi^r, H Aug. 55. 
L HeDrTJobnKlDg,.KM. PBAur 45; Xf. p 23 April 47; Ccjif. P 19 Not. M; 
AfofOT-iPSl Dec. 57. 
n t WBlterPowDal1,'Au.)'6 0ec.44; Xi«i^ p 18 Oct.«5; Cap(.»6 DecM; 

JfiljOr, 17 Sept 58. 
n t Fred.WillianQore.'fiii. >'0Juue46;£ini(.I'7 Apr.4B; Cut. p7 Jun«64} 
Jftyor, 'a9July 59. 

1 BtBMdfd.WarburtoD" 

I Thoma* Kalni" 

1 Pliil.H.PreiideT.ApUn" 
1 Pe&roie John DoDbar'' 
1 Ve Mark Walker" . , 
1 B. K.Vaug1iajiiArbuekle 

1 WiUlam Rom Tunier"' 
3 Arthnr Welleiley Joyce 

2 John Salmon Qordon 

8 CUffbrd Pamn* 

1 Jobn Otway Wemyu" 

3 Cha).HooreB. SIree'* 

2 Chaa. Knight Peanon" 
I Henry Bobert Cowall 

i William Jaa. Mewlon" 
1 WlUlani Stewart" .... 
1 Qeorge Noble Rue" .. 
I Jraut Harpar Rcada" 
I PraneU Btcaon " .... 
i Hen. Geo. B.Xomrmt*' 
i Willlani Edmund Cater 
I Talbot Aihlty Coi" .. 
I Henry Thomas Anley" 
1 Chaa.JohDEopnTyler" 

1 HarTyA.Atth.Breedou' 
1 BaniaaJohnCaldecaCt* 
1 William Henry".... 
1 Oeo^ Qrant Suttie' 

1 BaiioD John Cox,"*. 
'■ I Arthur Wortlilagtoii' 
; 1 Praneli If orley .... 

2 Rd.BiackbnmLeatham 
' 3 Henry Parneli 

2 Ley*Ml Edwin Lewla.. 
1 Alfred B. LetU," Aiff. 

3 John Awdry 

3 Ltoael 8l Aubyn .... 
1 CbarlcaVerey 

I I Alfred Qeoiga HDyabB 
1 WaHcT Aug. Daubeny 
I OeocgaThomaiQape.. 

9 William Ker 

1 JeniM H. La Cocq 

1 Cbarle* Dejmtn Balllle 
I Albert Peaeb^ 
I John Cottar, A^f. 
i George Edward Kundle 

; I K'MJu.WlirrSdHawiU 
I Bobt. BnrdMt Horany 
1 fdtsTbeusJMw* .. 

80ct. tllplB June68'P 8 Dec. 54 
'SDNoT. 30 SO Hay 49' 15 Hay 65 

31Apr.48, 33Sept.5ll 15HByA5 
' 8 Dec. 48 P 30 Jan. 53' 16 Ha; 65 

35 Sept. 46' 3Veb. &*] 16 Hay 55 
' 10 Dec. 47 1 f 91 Hay 59 99 Jane 65 
' 93 Nov. 59 . fl Jane 64 P 93 May 67 

17Apr. 49> 98 Mar. 44 3 Aug. 6 "^ 

SO July 44'r30Mar.t8 31 Aug, S 
■ 10 Feb. 49 P 10 Dee. 53 ' 95 Sept. 66 
. = ^„ .a I. o,...._ c. 31 Oct. 55 

' IB Aug. 69 
•93 Nor.ftS 

15 Apr. 4S 
'17 Dee. 59 
' 91 Jan. 53 
> 18 Ffb. 63 

10 Apr. t» 
■ 8 Aug. 47 

13 0cU 48 

16 Srpt. 64 

15 Juno 55 

I Mar. 44 

'99 Sept. 64 

I B Dee. 54 

99 Dec 54 

9B May 59 

15 Apr. 59 

97 MxyAS' 6 Har. 58 
31 Aug. 55 P 95 June S8 

16 May 551 |T BepL 58 

18 Jan. 60 
' 15 Feb. 66 
7 Aug. 67 
'11 Sept. 67 
•16 Oct. 67 
'31 Dec. 57 

26 Feb. 58 

'99July58 , „ .,„„„„ 

8Jnne54l 15 Hay 65 1* 10 Deo. 68 
'95Aug.e4| 16Uay 55|pieSept.50 

I L)hi.G(s««i : 

91 July 54 15 May 65[ _ 
'34 Aug. 54 16 Hay 55'«pH(D 
>90Sept64, 16Hay 56|l>>'liilia(ili 
■ B Dec. 64 15 Hay 66 f^'',^.' 
' 6 May 64 ' P Feb. 66 i^"f qiiS 

ISJaa. 65| lJune55!lM. 

13 Hay 55! 1 Sept. 55. 

14 May 66' 8 Oct. 55 
93 May 55 9 No*. 55 

95 Hay 56 . 9 Not. 55 

96 May 65 U Nor. 56 
31 Hay 65 ; 18 Hoc. 56 

dJuae&&! 1 Fab. 66 
'95iiepl.56,L'll Aug. 67 

97 July 55 Ml 8s]>l.57 
18 No*. 65|PI8 0ct. 57 
'33 Nor. 55 l< IS Oct. 57 

90 Not. 56' 17 Not. 57 
7 Dm. A6|P 9 Feb. 5B 
6 Dec. 56 5 Har. 58 
14 Dec. 56' S3 Har. 58 
1 Feb. 56' 33 Har. 68 
'36 Feb. so; 33 Mar. 58 
1 Fab. 56 23 Mar. 68 
PSOJan. 57 30 Mar. M 
llB4>t.67 PlODae.01 

I r— ■■t. ] 176 ird (E. iTen/) Regt. (ff Foot (or The Bt^). 


' 9 SbapUnd Grmvei . . . 

i Theupbllo* Jonei ■•- 

{S Fml. Taflor HotNiw. 

< 1 9 WiUiBUk Pitt BatU . 

98 Feb. M| 6Jaly 59 
,Pie Oct. &7 PI6Sep[.a9l 
"■30 Oct. 67, P 30 Sept. 50 p 
: 19 July 66 10 Feb. 58 

Elwn ' S Feb. 58 
rrine Mir. 58 ^ 

' 16Har.5B 

Itim ; 17 Mar. 68 

I 18 Mir. AS "" 

..: S3HU-.68 

..I 94 Mar. 58 

I 13 April 68 

' 14 April 58 

16 April 68 ' 

17 April 68' 
15 Oct. 58 

t1Uu1| 31 Dec 68, 

Zntlruetari of it 

16 Oct. 68. 

14 Jan. 58. 
BreadOD, 6 Nof . 68. 


[lit Bait, embaried 
[SmI Batt. embarlcti, 


4th(T/uKin^$ Own) Se^. of Foot. 




' TtrroKiA ■' 

CtleHeI^-9 Sir John Bell,' KCB. Em, 1 Aug. (U; LUul. 1 Oct. 07; Capl. 

IS UATch I! I Miy. SI June 13; Limit. Cel. 12 April Uj Col. 6 Msf 91 ; 

iriVor-Gcn.SS»uv. 41; Xt.-Gcn. 11 Nov. SI ; CoMth Foot, 26 Dec. S3. 
XL-Cofoiub.— I ThoiuM William*,' Cfl. Em. T IS Sept. 32 ; it. p 7 July 95 j 

C^. vn June 28 j £r«r.-Jlfiu\ S3 Not. 41; Major, 1 June 4Q; Sr«c. 

U.-Cel. II Not. 51 ; Col. 28 Not. 54; Lt.-Col. 7 Aug. 55. 
3 FMlnud Wliittlughun,' CB. Eris. 2 Nor. 3'>; LI. p 19 Feb. 36) Capt. '30 

April 41; Brnet-Major, 33 Doc. 42; Mnjor, vi Oct. 47; Brevtt Lt.-Ofl. 

90 Jana 64 ; Ll.-Col. raO Aug. 56 ; Cot. 20 Oct. 58. 
IWlUiun Vfllbj,* Eni.rSJ May 3(1; Lt.'l Oct. 37 ; Capl.' 10 U«c. 47; X^. 

71ng.65; £t.CoI. 15 Feb. 5:i. 
Jfif/Brf.— 1 Thomu Hartin,* Eat. 37 M>; 36; Lt. 27 Oct. 39; Cnjit. 6 D«e. il; 

S QtOTgt Lathtm Thomion,' £hj. P S7 Jul; 36 ; Lt. April 41 ; Capt. P July 5S ; 

Bt.Xnjor, 3 Nov. 55; Vl.Ll.Col. 3G Dec. 50; M^jor, 30 Jao. 57. 
3 Wm. Oonioa CureroD,' En*. 84 JUy 44 ; Em. ^ LI. P IS May 47 ; Lt. ^ Capl. 

PI5Julyfi3; Brpwf Mqjor, 34 April 05; ^Vfyor, 23 Oct. 67, 
' " — '-■-'-—■'■aQftmble,' Bn«. » 19 AprU 44; if. PSfi Feb. 45; Capt. P 10 July 
June S6 ; Mqjor, 15 Feb. 50. 

I Cock*' . 

ry Anwll ' 

, Trevor' . 

: i Frincii niber Hamilton"' 

1 1 Tbomti Sheppard'* . . 

1 |3 Cntbbnt Ecclea" 

1 Auguitut Joatph Sykd' 

1 John Wimbnm Laurie" 

S Henry John Bowyer" 

I 3 Donald FarrlngtoD .. 

I '9 JofaD lUlpli Carr" 

1 13 BawdoaC.P.deRobeck" 
) S Frederick Boehmer ... 
) 1 1 Cliarin Patrick Btokci" 

3 I John Uowtey" 

) 8 Tho*. Blakiiton Houiton 
3 AlKred J. Donglai Smith 

8 William Conrreie 

■i I John William Madden . 
I JahDM'DoircUEIlIol". 
1 Henry BndgcnHaule'" 

. I 

30 Mar. 47 » 17 May 50' p 4 Aag. 64 
32 Dec. 48 28 Aug. 50 SO Dec. 61 

'l5Aug.4B PI0Peb.5S PlO.Tan. 55 

le Jan. 50 P 39 Apr. 63 p 3 Mar. 56 
' 10 July 63 < 15Aug.64f 1 May 55 
' 15 Pel). 50 6 Jane 64 6 May 65 

14 Feb. 61 OJuiM 54, 7 Auk.65 
' July 63^ IlAuff. 54| 18 Jan. 50 
'17 Aug. 62 I ' 16 Sept. 54 1 Feb. 50 
S Sept. 63 ; 8 Dec. 64 p 13 May 57 
' 13 May 53 ' B Dec. 64 I Feb. 60 
'17 Dec. 47iP2fl Aug. 40 1 PSe Oct. 65 
'3aApTll53j S4Sepl.54'K 3 Nov. 66 
'18 Feb. 63 p 6 Sept. 64 i p 10 Nov. 55 
1 Aug. 48 ' 5 Dec. 60 Not. 57 

UJuly 64; 89 Dec. 541p 8 Jan. 58 
• 2 Dec. S3 ' S Dec. 64l 15 Jan. 68 
> 9 Jan. 6rp 18 Aug. 64' 30 Mar. 68 
•10Dec.'t6iP888ept.47: 33 July 68 

30Har.4e,P July .W 28 July 58 
<S9Jan.47l eSepL64 33Ju]y 68 

31 Oct. 691 39 Dec. 64 33 July 58 
7 June 64 30 Dec. 64l IS Feb. 60 

S£ I JamsiConalable** |p213ept.6a; lOJan. 55' 2 Aug. 60 


I Kcb. A1ei.Law»Ji{/...lp 2 Feb. 40 
1 Cbaa.E. Bayard Breton*', ]6&ept. 54[ 

1 1 Thomai Bnrrjdgc' 5 Not. 54 

'1 Edw. CrDuwctlerOrorgB" 5 Jan. 66 
,1 John Clarence Boyee" .. 'ISJao. 56 
il Charin Thomai Wlbon..' 10 Jan. 65 1 

\i William Fagan j 10 April 55 i 

,3 Henry Arthur Blake ....' 26Jaa. 56'. 

3 Thoma* Tinner IpU May 66 i 

18 WiUiam AdimiNiih ' 3 Feb. 661 

|3 Edwird Broiaheid i 15 Feb. 551 

I JofanJimei Martin . IG Feb. 55 

,3 Joieph Daniel Dickinson, 10 Klar. 55: 
' 1 Henry Arthur Grey Todd; I May 65 

I3 Daniel Geran Clery PI4Sepl.66'i 

1 George H. Kittoe j T aept.56'i 

■ Martin SimuclSbarpe.. P33 0ct.55. 

RicbsrdBoyce ' UDcc.65! 

Aug. Charlee Tnealyniau 21 Di>c. 55 

Franeli Rynd { 86 Feb. 56 ; 

DaTid Smith !'a6 Dec. 56' 

ChU'lM Bdwiid Billing 1P]6May67|l 
S£ Bdwwd^blnq 1 15 P«b, 66|i 

9 Feb. 55 
OFeb. 56 

May 66 

7 Aug. 55 
31 Aug. 65 

21 Dec. 65 

1 Feb. 5(1 

29 Oct. 67 

33 Oct. 57 

8 Jan. 58 

16 June 68 

83 July 58 

80 July 6ft 

e Aug. 66 

J'acUi§*Biie^^AfftHtM,U.e—n,Coxlc Co. 
[lit BaU.rtluni*dfn>m lluCnmta, liJulgae. if mterinf /«■ JTannttM, SI 
JJtpct, Ckiehtttar.^ 
[and Bait. embarlKdfor Corfu, May 1850. Depot, Walmer.1 

ci.,~KDlthl or lb* LgflDn of Hon. 
• ODiMri WfelttlBikMa •ami u 
CUM (KMal), ud *u pnunt it 

S H^or Hwtm HTtid wJIh llw leib Rord in>li IbniiiiliiHil Iba Cbln& BipcdlUun (Utddl, ud wu 
pnHDt It Ihi Momlni oT Amoji iltick Add aplurf of Chapoo, WowBm>> h mih«i|inaObla sluif Fdo 

In Iba Orli 

a—t^. OaptalaSfkMliuilwlhiBtfdiiilnMnbl. C>i>Ulr 

l> n(MlB BMla Hmd ttaraanhinil ttic Rulcin «in|Mi|in u' ion-i», luiiiiiuiiiii m ••■•m di ^idii 
■•<lBkHiua,fl>(aiBdfall oTBibHiopal, undiHulU or IM I8ih Juh ud Sib e*p(.ikcd*I nd ikn* 

ciwT>, u>i Mh atM or im ii*djiiii«). 

IS duUlB lanrli Hrttd ftl ihc lifts nrd hill of Bibulopol fnnn Not. ]«M, ud vu luuid In tk* 
rnalH o( lb* tirn »RM an lh> nlfhi gf Ilii Und Nui. I»M, ud Urn rollowiiif imnlai (£m ud 
Clup, ud Bib Clw at Uit Hoilfldli). 

18 OuUlB Boirrir Mn*d Ib U« Buuia napilfii rraw Hoi, 1(M, tneluillBC Ik* bUUa ml lifcMMiii 
•lift lA Ul iT ■aftHlsrM <H*«m ud m Ckifi}. 

4ih (Tks Kin^i Own) Xegi.qflM. 


BMttm CMmOga of 1SM-U, IndndiBf Um bftltlM of 
' MMMdls of the Ittli Jbm u4 81k fltpC (Metel and 

It fljptih Clif ■■rfii with tha atrd Reft tlu Bii 

aft Hii tahOTM, riin iM M) of SebMiopoi, Bad 

HBO. avi Hk Oiaia or Hm Ma^lidit). 

. ~ - ^ ^^y^^ ^y^ ^^ ^^ 1^1^ ,g ^, OrlmM Awn tl Dee. 1M4, laeludlaf tba Blefe 

awl aaauilts of the Itch June aad SUi Sept (Medal aad daep). 

lod Hovbj eaiTtd aft Um eiiM and Ikll of iataartoMl from Mot. 1854 (Medal aad 


tt dptalna Hafcn aad Hovlej eeirtd aft the eiafe 
ClaepX f^ftaln HpfrWqr hae alio (he flardiniaa Medal. 

« Qa^itaim BUIoi aad Ckwetable, Lleuti. Law, Qrelon, Geone, and Bojce.ferved at the »Uiffe and W 
of iakotloMi (Modal a«d ObMp). 

M Ouptatm Made lanredat Um iloga of iebastopol Uom Jan. 1866 (Medal and Glaip, and fith ClaH of the 

tft Ooalor aorri^o, la the let Dnfoona, lerred the Seatern campaign of 1S04-S5, including the battlea 
«r BdaUava a»d Intermaa, tlefe of Bebaetopol, night atUck on RoielaB oatpeitc lOlk Feh., and eapedl- 
MoB to Koftok (Medal aad tkioe Ola^ey. 

8f Aaeiat^^Soiiaoaa BkU aad Bnkine lerred at tke aiege and faU of Sebattopol (Medal and Claap). 



ICtmtinuaiien qf Notes to 6th Foot,] 

11 Major Maara lenred with the 8th TuiiUeii in India daring the Mntiny of 1867-58, end wu oreeeni with 
HaTdock'a Ibree in the actioaa of Mangarwar, ^ture of the AlumbaKh, lelief of Ludmow, ana eubeeameat 
actione on the 80th and 97th. end Sortie of the 89th September. 8occi)eded to the ooamand of the Aegt <m 
the 8th October wd eomaannfid it until the end of the liege. and at the etonning of the Engine Hooae end 
King'e Steblee^-mantioiied in detpatehee and thanked faj the Goremor Oenenl in Council (Brevet Mi^o^. 
Served under Outiam thnmghont the operaticme at the Alumbagh from Nov. 1867 to March 1868, and at the 
Bi«e and capture of Lneknow under Lord Clyde j aleo in the Ouob campaign of 1867-68, including the action 
of Bnxar GuU and defeat of the rebeli nader Bani Madhoo, capture of the ftnrt of Omerah and dMtroction pt 
aeveral other torta (Medal and Claipe). 

IS Gaptahi Adair ■erred during the Bepoy Mutiny in 1867-8^ ineludlng Havtlock'e advance on Lucknow, 
afettone at Mungarvar and Alumba|h, aaeaalt of Lucknow and relief of the Beiidenejr (horM ibot) and 
eortie of the 96tk BepC; wat e ere rely wounded on 97ih Sepc, and tpeeieUj noileed by General Havelook 
for gallantrv on the 9Mk Sqitembor* 

UCapuieMactetaaeNnedwiik the MMh B«it. the la«tem eeaq^ilgB from Oct. 1M4, indndiag the battle of Ink*. 

u, lUCe aad Ml ef iebMCoeol (Medal eed Cla^). 

liCeptaiB mriiBiH lenedwilh the Mth lege la the CifaBM Ann 81 Dte. UM, iaehidiM the dcge aadflJlef 
■ebertopol aad attache ef the Ifth Jane ead athSepl. (Medel ead ClMp, ead ith Cku of the McdUidie). 

17 Ceptain PoekUafton ecrved with the S8th Begt. throughout tke Eestem carapaigu of 18M-A8, iachidlag 
the battle of Atana, aad elege of Bobaetopol (Medal and Claepi,and fitk OaM of the Medjidle). 

18 Oaptaia HarkaeiiierTedwitktlie 65th Beet, throoghont the Eaetem campaign of 1894-55, including 
the battlM of Alnift andlnkennaa, ilcge and iUT of Bobaetopol, iortle of SOth Oct. 54, aad aeMuU of tke 
Sedan on 8th Sept. (Medal aad three Glatpe, aad 6th Claee of the Me^Jidie). 

lot Gapcala FitaBoy eervod dnriag the Sepoy Mutlay In 1867-58 aad wee present at the relief of Luck- 
■ow by Lord Clyde iaclading the attackionthe Dilkooeha, Martlniere, andBecunderhegh ; with Ontram'e 
MvleiOB iB tbf Alambagh aad ongegad la the varloue operatloae there i aleo at the eitge and eaptiiio 
of Tank now I 

SI XJont. Maiay Joined Havelock'e Ooiumn at Oawnpore on 18th Sept. 1867 aad waa preeent In the 
aettoae of Masferwar and Alambagh, aeaaaUon Lucknow aad relief of the Beeldency, engaged theaee at 
the taking of the Cawanore battery, aad etoraiiog of the Engine Hoaae and King's Siables ; wee tubae- 
qncBtly wifb Outram'eroree la the Alombagh and engaged in repelling the numerous attacks and in routing 
Ike tMny on SSed Dee.| aleo at the siege aad fUl of Lucknow. 

ft lieut. Lewie wae at the relief of Arrah and delisat of the DInapore Mutineers at Jugdeepore. 

SS Captain Ohifleld served In the Indian campaign of 1867-58, and was present at the relief of Arrah 
(wwaaded) and defeat of the DInapore Mutineers at Jugdeapore; with Haveloek's force la the aetiooe of 
Mnngarwara and Alumba(^, and defence of the latter uatll arrival of Lord CI} de; actions of LaMarti- 
Blaio aad relief of Lnckaow ; witk Outram's force at the Alnmbagh with repulse of numeroue attaek4,aad 
opoiBftloae ending In the capture of Lucknow ( eabeequently In the llnel campaign In Code (Medal and 

98 Captain Vaeoa wae at the relief of Arrah (hoaorably mentioned) and defeat of the Diaspora Mutkieere 
at Jugdeepore. Aeeompanled Havelo«k*s Column from Cawnpore ia Sept. 1857 ead preeeat la the aetiooe 
of Mongarwar aad Alumbagh, aesault of Lueknow and relief of the Resldeney and various sortiee tkenoe. 
Barred also wttb Outram's oivlsloa be8Mre Luekaow including the action at Oullee. 

IS Pajmastor taster wae preeent at the capture of Lucknow and subsequent operations (Medal and 

98 Ceptala CuMtt eenred ia India during the Mutiny of 1867-68, and was preeent at the action of Ku4fwa 
wader Sir Wm. Peel, at the relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, with the force in the Alumbagh under Oatram 
fimm Mov. to Martk indading the aetimi of Gouiiee and the whole of the operatious till the capture of Lack- 
r<— wounded on 19th Marcn 1868, was eubeequentiy present in the Oude campaign of 1868-69; including the 

actum of Bniar Gh^ eaptare of Umereen and other fort* (Medal and Clnapa) 

97 Doctor Swettenham aerved with Havek)ck's Goluma in the action of Muiigarwar, attack aad capture of the 
Alambagh, aaeanlt and relief of the Besidenejr uf Lucknow and ita subeequeat defence (vouadad) ; preeeat 
with Onbam'k divialoo t h rnaf k oat tke ocenpauoa of the Alumbagh and the Soitjae thence, aleo at toe capturo 
of Lneknow by Lord(3ydek tfie eubeequaat campaign in Onde, ineladhig theadiim of Bniar Ohat,IlDQadmkma, 
and other wmar afbdn (Medal and two Oaepe). 

98 Doctor Bod iarvad witk tke Slit Begt. U tka Kaflb War in 1861-19 (lM8l^ 

ISO 5th Begt. of Fo<a 



^ij nut 



17 [ 

ONoT.Mi ^ IK Fob-M. 

MeliQoth Bnt. r S3 Bept. 84: Ll. 

PIS Juno S»i C(r;f(. PaODec.37; JUiv'.SUJuly47:£t.>CW.'8IHmjGO- CoJ. 
98 Not. Si. 

Iwi.'Sndtt.'SSAag.Sl; Lt. H7 JnlySSi Capt.fG 
Hi; Major, 17 JnljCfi; Bt.-i^.-CoJ. SB Dec 56; 


30;Xinff.i>36Oct.4l; Ca;rf. 
^; Zt.Ccl.niMx.6S. 
Litut. SO Sept. ii; 

£«. lA Jan. 41 ; Lieut. IS Sept. 43; Capl. B Mm. 5S ; 
SndX^P0JuIlc43; Xis>rf.0NaT.46; Cfapf.SJaMSS; 

3 creaeric rocKiingion' 
3 Harkneu" 

1 mm SlmmoM'^ 

p 15 July ^ 

: 1 1 Aug. S4 

p 7 June 54 

p 97 M«r. 4C 

S4 Dec. 40 

SI April 40| 

P2l July 47 

S3 Dec. 40 

P13 Juae&:i| 

PUMi; 69 

P 19 Oct, o3 ' 

13 May 53] 

39 June 49 

p 21 Not, 51 


IS Dec. M, 

G Not. 54 1 

31 Sept. 51 

30 July 47 

5 Dee. 51 1 

3 Jan. 5S 

P 20 May 53 

''28 Dee. 49 

■18 Oct. 53 


8 Dec. 51 : 

IS Aug. 54 

90 Jan. 54 

S Jdt 


' 8 Dec. 4G ' 

1 Sept. 54 

' n Oct. 54 

. P23 June 55 

P 28 Oct. 63 


1 Bdwanl BtudloT Lewis'" 
:■; Tyler... 

u 1 2 L< 

' 1 Jamvt 

'S IleDryll 

ll George Alex. Shcgog.. 
I[ Henry Batbc 

I Cliarle* 

1 ChnrleaJohiiMllea.... 

P31 AuR. 56 
p 10 Feb. 5(1 
I 30 Feb. 58 

I 38 Apri[54' 
' June 54 
, 1 Hay 55 

. lU June 55 
J S2MUr.65 
3 Aug. 5.'i 
l>30Mar. 65 
: 15 May 65 
8 July 56 
' <J Jan. 57 
n 13 Mar. 57 
P I) Oct. 55 I 
P 33 Oct. 66 
P 7 Mar. 50 
. 26 Dm. 57 I 
: 38 Dpc, 57 I 
p 6 Sept. 50 
' 1 1 Sept. 67 ' 
I S3 Oct. 57 

1 1 Aug. 54 
2B Apr. 51 
PIO Har. 57 
4 Sept. 57 
99 Sept.57 
PIS May 55 
P 6 OcL 64 
6 Oct. 67 
10 Oct. 57 
20 Oct. 57 j' 

15 Jan. 5f 
S4 Oct. Sfi 
34 Sept. 67 
93 Oct. 61 
4 Sept. 5S 
fi Sept. 6a 
' 7 Dec. 5S 
SI Dec. 55 
3iDee. 55 
MS Jan. 5G 
36 Ft:l>. 50 
■17 Feb. 57 
31 Oct. 57 
S6Dec. 57 
3 Jan. 58 
lOMar. 6S 
'13 Apr. 58 
33 Apr. 58 
'24 Aug, 58 
7Si'pt.58 *; 
I Oct. 581 
3 Oct. 58; 
3 Oct 68 


P3i Aug. 55ll6Aug; 59 

n Not. 85| 

8 June 60' 

24 Oct. 66. 

4 Sept 67' 24 Mar. 58 


Oct. 57! 

' a Jan. 67 

■84 April 65! 

'27 July 65' 

'18 Jan. 56 

18 Jan. 56 

31 Oct. 57 

30 Dec. 57 

35 Jan. SB 

3 Fab. 68 

16 ft 


'16 April 56; 
' 7 Sept. 681 
17 Dec 58J 
' 4 Feb. 59 
>3I limy 68| 
'ESNor. 50: 

5th Segt. of Foot {NorthtmherUmd FutiUera), 


1 JaineaHutlay 

L? S Fruda B. BndfoTd .... 
3 Wm.ClMrlMShooIbrcd. 
3 Jdo. CoUiDgbtm Wadllng 
S Arthur Edwaid Flood 

1 TbaD'AlmiiDeMMklDla; 

X JohaLMlit 

3 WUUam DoBglM L«gge. 

1 Adolphni NicoU 

I RobrrtHuU 

1 Jolu) Jobnion Bradihav 
I Fn. H. DcDDjr BromB . 
1 Fred. ATthar Fonyth . 
I UerbCTt S. WillUiDi -.. 

1 LuduiJnliDBIikc 

D |S Wlllum FordLougbouroi 
] Wlllkwn Church Ormond 
is WilliMn Berlugton Knox 
Is JohD Igglewlea Troup . 
,1 William Uenr; Ovcrtoo 
D 1 3 Geo. Todderick Beailcy . 

3 Thomu TarletoQ 

3 DiTld OregviT BonmlHh 


30 Dec. ST 

13 Uet. 68 ' 

30 Dae. SJ 

Ml Jan. 60, 

31 Dec. S7 

■■ 4Fcb. 60l 

t J«o. M 

» 7 Oct. Mi 

SB Aug. 57 

38 Hay 69 1 


1 LKal.4]fiinnl Vilton urrtd vlUi thi 

ejan. &S 

CDldiinui Ourdi ■! iba tl«ira ud ciniun 

19 Fsb. se 

ofCupnhMEtBtnllOT. Hi (nbaiksl for tk> 

33 Uar.Ce 

PfhIiiiuIii In IMS, ind tcned lh( »ap&l|io> 
or iBO». 1810, .nd Ihc nm ptnof IBll ; >»! 
wu pnonl IX (In pwiK* of U» ttouro mad 

30 Mar. &8 

31 Mar, 58 

BujKO, ■)» rflmt 10 U. Llu« of Torr.. 

1 Apr, 68 

23 Apr. 68 

Brliluir, m i'nuiM, "rum* Ho". I8lt°la 

4 June 68 

Nov. IBIHi ud ■» pnHntil lh> bom. 

15 Jane 58 
13 July 68 

bardnKnl of iiilw<n>, 'hi uUe^ on Btrgoi- 
op-ZooD, IhB buLlii or Quitra Bru md 

13 Aug. 68 

ACII^K A.IJul«.. of Ik. Snd«i of fall 

P 30 Qct, Q^ 

lUglm^nl (I W.Uirloo, ind wu BppoLntad 

P 30 Oct! 6B 

BiltidAll^or Is (tit 9Dd BiiiHla of Ouvdi 
OB in. Ducrta frT.Pi tl..(_pta« to Pwt.. Hr 
Hrtfd 40 ;ni» In [he 6o]di(iHm Ouudi, 

SO Oct. 6B 

» 18 Jan. 59 

33 Aug. 60 ?;'o"Sl-"t; 

' TaUfcn ud Biui 

M War Xedkl with 

Poyin»«t*ri.— 1 Fred. Blanco Fonteri^S Dec.61 ; Em. IS Kot,40 ; X/, 1 3 Oct.48. 

2 JamM Wny, 7 Sov. 67. 

Aif/Kfalltf.— 1 Xleut. John Creagh, SI Sept 67. 

3 Lieut. Charlet Bultou, S3 Oct. 67. 

tiutnielar* qf Mmkttry.~\ Lieat. Edwaid Jamet Tyler, 16 Sept. S7. 

2 Lieut. E. W. B. Vmieri, 17 Apr. 6B. 

Qiutrter-UtuttTM.—-! Fiancii Dralu, IT Not. 67. 

' S Edvard Henry Drake, 18 Jaa. £8. 

Siirge<nu.~l WlUlaai KilnerSwetirnbani,'' M.D., U Oet.CI ; ^. 5.9 April 41. 

'■ 2 Frwicl« lUld," HD. 26 8ept.40 ; A.S.2 Aug. 43. 

AmUt.'Surgtoni.—l Tboinls RaTeaicToft Whilty, 25 Tfoi. 63. 

i 3 John WmianiB GlllnpJe, H.D. SS Jan, 6B. 

1 3 Peter Fred. Newla&d, S5 May 68. 

1 Clurle* Henry Lect, 3S Jau. 68. 

9 I 1 Qeorge Simpson Cameron, 7 Hay 58. 

Faemf Bright Green. — Agenti, Meun. Cox k Co. 
[Irt Batt. embarked for Mauritlut, 25 Jvly *7. Depot, Colehtittr.'i 
Tiod Sad. imbartedfor Maitritiui, Aug. 1858. Depot, FtiHbroko.X 

, _ lanrnnnmudedthelTiAntrjB-' " — ---- "-' -■*-- 

i^nftb Mot. IW •! Mniliunm; r. •■ 

.■ n ™e - ' 't'lili^iltr', '" 

I CjIomI Out 

1 LL-CaLKMIudinnllbtZuHra anpunof UXudip u IIL Aii(. ItU.'iDA. ML-Ot 
I 1 1 riil«i a* builn D< Almh S*Ul*n, ni Iikanii. aB^ licii dI >rbuiinDl (ll«l*l nd Ciui 
•aduTZ^ iHduilH una, -J Ilk Clu>X_ih. II«Ui'i-> 

m Il>|b tn 

Khnml daiincllHtdiai 

MboiIiIbi b* VI 

rlodiDi Ifcc I 

iiiiraniwindstlbcrellcr ari.DrknoirliiNi 
ilkhvothi and Uaitlnkit* (tn*Blioiicd In INi 
OuMun'i focca al Ibt Alum Bt|b In all 

_ . ., .luRof Lucknow— aeiir^ 

' ~ rbnmlduiincl 

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iwliiinilnii. hr whiA thr Rural Huuinna Soclctr csnr 

i lUcr hnkTMrml viik iba «h Ugl. (ki Eatm mm^ af wt-u. iiduiii 

li^TMM^sl [Mid*l »dlB»aCli»i,6rnMlIilsr,^FlIbCI(Hi)ribe>h4idi 

• lUtur Btolt lUTad Hllb UieM(ti R((l. at Iba ilaxa nt BebMlopal la Ii 

Mb C^ of t)ia Mrdjldla). SarfM «IU Iba 91b rwillart durln* Um Mapny I 

ruM Hardork'i Coli 

II GbiiUIa Cirdtn Hriad wlih II 
10 Caplata Blnta teritd -Ith i 
cladiaf Iba aawiH of tbi Quarrt 
ud VM aaaadad In iba InsibH 
MadJIdta). Barred wllb tba Hh ] 
A]nbHlla(M.a<>d Mot., rail 
taiearl^Aaaw, aW iBB^aika li 

lb Itril. u tkd ilaia of Brtwt 

a Um Blfbt Of Iba Mta Au( 

•Ulan Id tba Indlaa eaaipatpi In IMV-sa, li 
of LugkM* by Laid Clyde, dalaua o( tha 

Ok. 1«M <Hadal and Oup). 
li froBl Iba lH(b Nut. IBM, In- 
and •'b ^apt. 

nnbaifkb] ^MUm. tK*- 

[Fn conttBwttoB Dl Sotaa, wa «*& <A l&'Vx^ 

6th ( The Boyai Ut JVarmduhin) Regt. nfFoai. [ 'if^^fSiiSSS 

Mm. -r*. fliuT*! fiTMl." — "ROLHIA" '''VimEBA" "COBUIIKi" "YITTOMA" 

KH. £m. Hkr. BS; Ximf. IB April M; 

Capt. ii Dec. 0»i M^. 10 Dm. 07) £t.-C*I. 4 JomIS; CW. SS/dI^Mi 

tf<V'ar-G'ni.S3Ifar.4l; £(.><7m.11 Nor.GIt Om. 90 Sept. ST | C«J. 0th 

Foot, 36 June At. 

.ieuttnant Coloiult.—i Robert W. Uaclefld Frmier,* XL-CM. U »o». 67. 
Jsmes ElpblQitoD RobertMrn,' Au. i>8 Apr. 8T; Xf.'ll JaBaaB; Cupt.m 
Oct. 13 1 Brrr.-Afiv. 2D Judc M j Xi^f^r, 10 Ha; SB| Xt.-CU. 5 Ituch S8. 

William Albert Btratton, Snt. « Unj *»t JU. »IB Hor. 44; Cbsf. rso 

H«r. 40 ) Jtftv'vr, p 1& April 00 ; LI.Col. Utj H. 
r«fari.~l Edward Jamei Blanokley,* Au. M UajaS) LImt. 17 Jan. SB: 

C^t. T Auit. 46 , fir«r.-jr(i/. Jana 66 i Jtfv'. 5 Harah B». 

Henry Pratt Qore,' Sut. 'SI JdIt 43) Litut, HO Jan* 48} Cbjif. rSO 

noT.M; Jfit/or, Hi7 S8. 

H^Ein. Francli Cotborne,*CB., fiw. r 1 Oct. SO | /.«. ' IS Jab. M ; Ctuft.rU 

May 44 1 Bt.-aftiji)r,ai Oet. &9 ; Bt.-U.-Ctt. 19 Dm. Mj Jfvtr, IGOcl. 

bS ; Oil. 9 Apr. 68. 

CbaiiMParkerCattr,' JSw.fa Hajr 4A; J^imt. WJaD.47 ; Oi^'- I'M Aug. 

63 i Jfitfor, »■ 30 July M. 

BIchard ThompMin* . 
Philip Aug. HofM... 

Hinrr Eilsy JoDM ... 

Robert Unirln 

Edward Lloyd' 

Henry Broome Feltden"* 

Wiliono Black" 

Thomai John Qrant .... 
Walter Tyler Banlty ., 
William Omve ADnealey 
Richard Rcnr; Qoodwia 

John Danraon" 

Johu L. Otwny HinHrgb 
W. C. F.Bnrlton Bennett 
Thamtt Folllott Powell.. 

Henry Parklnaon 

Jamet StHloiaD" 

John Edward Tewarl .... 

Richard Bolton 

John Arthur Broekmaii . . 

Uwi* BIyth Hole 

Henry John Lawrell .... 


Elehard Shell 

John Orahame 

John Augiiatiia Staines . . 
Tboi. Hnrtlmer Kelion" 
DaTid Qarrick Protheroe 

Rowland O'Connor 

Wm. Charles Wolaeley .. 
Herbert Burrowi Adcock 
Aubrey Wm. O. Baauden 

Thomae Bowcn 

John Thomion Bowert • . 

William Wartle'^ 

Dawaon Kelly Brans... . 
Jan)e« George Cock burn 

Charlca Whyts 

JameaThomaa Nugent .. 
Patrick Bromia Btrnpaon 
Henry Kllcheiwr, Adj.-. 

d Hall.. 

Qeorge Qandy 

Albert Henry Harrbon .. 

Oesrge William Morland. 

3 ^ Thonaa Hill tueat. . 
Cha*. Bdw. W. 


B Any. 46|P1S Not. 4J 
l(t Apr. 48 31 jDly 40 
S8 Aug. 40; P 80 Hai 

'87 Oct. 43] 
It Apr. Gl 

•12 Not. 47 

<!1 Bepl. 

93 Nov. fi9 

1 1 Aug. C4 
May 4A 

!0 Dee. CI 
I S3 Jan. At 
I St Jan. 6S 

SB May AS 
' gjuly fi! 

17 Dec. 6S 

18 Feb. 63 
■2B April 63 

S Sent. SI 
' 8 July 63 
14 July 64 
SO May 49 
3 Dec. 63 
B Dec. 64 

7 Dec. 64 

9 June 40 

flJuly " 
SO Dec. 61 


B June fi4 

B Feb. 6fi 



' Ifi Feb. 63 

' 1 July 53 



9 Got. 64 

< BDm:. 64 

99 Dee. 66 

16 Juna 56 
'16 Apr. 66 
'99 July 50 
• 7 June 44 
' 7 June 54 
■93 Hot. 66 

16 Aug. 57 

OFeb. 59 1-97 May 53 
•13 Feb. 56 96 Dot. 66 
16 Mar. 5G; is Jan. 60 ; 
10 Aprll6&| 95 Jan. 66 
15 Mar. 56; 80 F»b. CO 
•I0AprilB6 PSBAprllaO 

2 Mar. 56: p 17 " ' " 
98 Apr. 66 99 
93 Apr. 65 
18 Hay 66 
90 Nor. 65 

15 Jan. 5B 

16 Apr. 66 
B July 6(1 

9B Feb. 66 
'25 Any. 67 

3 Aur. 66 
July 6a 

'SSAug. 60 
13 Dec. 67 

16 Dec. 67 
8 July 60 

17 Dm:. S7 
IB Dm. 31 

15 Jan. 68 
SO Jan. 68 

16 Feb. 68 
96 Feb. 68 

6 Har. 68 
10 April 68 
■93 April-" 

BHay 68 
'98 Hay 68 
' 98 July 68 
■39 Oct. 68 
' 11 Jan. 59 
18 Jaa. 59 
'18 Mar. 60 
'96 Mar. 60 

9 Oct. 64 S June 50 

II umtt Lar< WUIU 

19 DM. 6l\ 90 1«l3 H I 

* Ji i^iiarier-iHiufn-f.— 3 Samuel HBiIea,^>Jkn.S6. 

Ij I 1 Patrick Sliceran, 37 July 55. 

12 ' Surgeon*.— 2 George Hyde," U.D., 1 May 65; Aaiil.-Sarg. 6 Dee. 48. 
U 1 1 Alei. PcilGCa1iill,»MD. S8 Aaa. 57; A. 5. » A|>rll 4(t. 

G| ^MufnnJ-SuroeDM.— 1 AlexuiderRobertHii^n.H.B.SGlIty 54. 

9 1 BeiOamln Cuwan Kerr, 17 No*. 65. 

3 ] William HinmBn,3aJaii. 63. 

9 9 Hampden Healy Maelean. Si April 6«, 

a ! B Thomaj Ryan, 1 Sept. 5B. 

Fncinfit Blue. — Agmti, Me»ra. Cox and Co. 

l\tt Batt. embaritifir Ihe Ctpt a/ Ooed Mapt, m A«j. 1840. Vepet, Calche*lir.] 

•"'"-" — *— '(rfjSr G-"'— "— *° ■' -•" " — ■ "— ■■< 

[id Bait, tmbarktd/or Gibraltar, IB May 58. Dquf, Cbrt.] 

. ...... ^..^nm .. . .i....i._... ._. r '■—' — '-'■•■ '.u^MtU. -.— .. 

imucM Ik* iDhnli 

10 allhai wh BW- >■ 0» KaOlr »f af i» (Heiliil). 

roniliUni; of IhiH comiMnln ol the «lh, and oilt onnpuf ol Ihr ?lrd RafU. al 
BooDlh Phi InUo Amalolii UgunUlni Mlh Ikte. ISflO (lIDrw Ibol), ind dIki Jg Ih« thlnrlfb on tl» fol- 
lOHUuillT >•<"•« ■■i*K*Lil»i>iiu Hock ud Fori Wlilli.whnilknia bodf or KUInw>nd*iMl«4Kia 
riHllDHlainillaBHIaOanFnIOnIrn}. Coniniiiiiled th* Olh Rogi.oniha <th Pcb. when UticM kj ■ 

killed (nmltoBW In Oaaarnl Ordera). Appnlnlnl Cominindnnl or Porl Ellubtlk anil llM dialilet of 
UUaali^i Id Marck lU], and >■■ plwJ In emiitnand at 300 Inlu and IM nwnt«d tmnlMn Ite Ikr 

■MBT tnm tk* abm ilm* idUm e)n» ot Iht war In MarcK Iwa (Mtdal). 

4 H^sr naneUar teriad vlih a dalachmaiil i,t the «ih Begt. unl rrom Romliar In tUt a(»lBH Ika 

Hotlialnl raballloB of lUI-9-5, wat pr«ml wldi lUe' Raft, on naarlr arair palro], and acianl limai 
Mtncad villi (b* SDainj ) mniiwndad Iha Rofl. In aikirmiih at IhtCaboula Hill, MUi June lUI, wbn II 
htmud tk* r«ar.iuud lo IbadltiaioB than prolrctliu leapturtor l.tM litad of OalkauMla (Hadil). 

5 UajoT Gore anJ Caplain LlordHind in the Kamr nr of INl-S (k*da1|. 

7 lUloTOamaarndUimiahaulibaKanraaror )SM.»(K>dal)! act«lH Pl*lill4lutant lolbdn- 
fuDlrrat tha caniiMHdDail dT koatllitlraln Iha an^aiinnanl In lb* Bumuli PaH.and onibe rallgwla(d*j, 
wlH-n Ineapacllated bf iraandi, materanil llmM Btirlr t*k«i prlivarr. Proirnlat Fori Wblu whia Itat 

SibBHrtli. In Htj lUI b« vat appointeil Cumi'nandanl of an Irrrgular corpi o( BurDpniii, dwl|uwd 
" Caur'i BIOh," bd4 durlni Iklrttvn monlhi ol ih* msal arlin period of npcrmtiona tlili lerpa did (ood 

s^«a*l*d|*d In Ooncral Oidcn. and (he virloui reparli of Cemniuidrra or Diiliioni. On Iha dlikaof- 
Bail oT "Oallr't Blllea." k* rdnlnnl hli ittitt. (ilia atli|, and pnKfnIad vlUi Iba •ipedlLlon adalaal the 
paranioBBl ehlaf Krall, and on hi> return to hend-qearUn oia appolnWd la tk* asiniiiBnd of Fort Or*ri 
■kich ke keld till Ih* teaaallon of lioulllllea, durJn( vhleh pcrWd, bialdaa rtsdarlni lb* p«l jMrtKliT 
dafenalM*. vatfona and a*lllc, which vais on thma««lon> taken hf IkaaMmr MddrlinioKvararHBii- 
tured bjllie nrrbonaNdar Capt. Oallji. U'w [vie* MtBtcli wouadtd bf lanakM ballelilbaBaomahl'BU. 
B CaplUn TbanpiaB atmd with th* tlh Raft. 1b tha Kaai war at lMS-9. Alio Ib thu si laai-M) 
va> pnaeat at ttw opataUaa* la A* WatorUoDl In 8*pl. IWl aad In MBRh ItM i aad r*talTW a eimpU- 
wniarj Mtar tnm Wr Haitr *■■■>> 'kll* la eoBBBad of Port Orn, lot rawatlBf with a nr; iBall 

184 eth {The Royal Irt fVarmckskire) ttegt. t^PM. 

LLCol. Elklngton tenrwl with Um flth ReffU In the Kaffir wan of It47aiid ltSI-n(lf«d«IX~d«iliif 
which he wiu present at the operations in the Fish Rircr, WateriilooC AnwHohtt, and Tmaa-Kei Expedi- 
tions In command of the Light Company. He served as Assistant Quarter- Master-Qenerml to the Octomaa 
Contintent from its formation In May 1S9A, to the close of the war, for which he reoelved tlie Breret rank 
of Malor and the 4th CIas< of the Me^Jidie. 

10 CapUln yeilden scnred with the Mth Re^t. the Bsstern campaign of \%!A and «p to Jolj 1896, in- 
clnding the battle of Alma and sie^e of 8«ba«topul. wounded (Medal and Clasp*). 

11 Captain PhiUipps senred with the S9th Kegt. in tlie Crimea from SI Dec. 1864, including the dege and 
fall of 8ebastopol,and attacks of the 18th June and 8th Sept (Medal and Clasp). 

19 Captain BLsek servad with the 43nd UiglilaBaers in the Crimea frou Uth July 1M«, iadaUiff the siece aad fUl of 
■chMUmol (Medal and Clasp). 

It Captain Dawson senred with the 0th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1846-47; also throughout that of 
1860-6S (Medal), including the operattoits in the Fish River, Aroatolaa, and both the Tmns-Kel Expedi- 
tions, on the latter of which as acting Adlutant. 

14 Ueat. Kvlioo ssnrsd with the 4f th Hefft.Tn the Crimea from the 18th Aug. 18W, iadodbig the siege and fall of 
8el»aatopol ( Medal aad Claqi) . 

17 Ueut. Wastle senred with the 6th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1846-47; also throughout that of 1856- 
63 (Medal), Including the operations in tlie Fish River, Ajnatola*, and huth the Trans-Kel Expeditions. 

10 Ensiffn Helyar senred with the 43ad Highlanders in the Indian campaign in 1868, including the 
action of Khankur, defence of Jail (wounded;, and subsequent operations at tthah|ehanporo (Medal). 

91 Pafmaster 0*Coanor served with the 1 Ith S«gt. ia the Crimea from 19th Jaanary ISM, inclading the siege and fall 
uf Bebastopol. and assault of tiie ISth Jane (Medal and CLaep). « 

2t Doctor Hyde served in the Raslem campaign of 1834-65, and was speclallj nealiooed and reeom- 
mended for promotion in Sir Harrj Jones' dispatch of 16th Sept. 1866 (Medal with Clasp for Seba^opol, 
aad 6th Class of the Me<Uidie). 

[dmiinuationof Note$ to 7 th Fooi,\ 

15 Captain Clayhills served with the 96rd Highlanders in the Eastern rampalga of 1864-66, iacluding 
the battle of Balaklava, siege and fall of Bebastopol, and assault of the Redan on tlie 8th Sept. (Medal 
and two Clasps). 

16 CapUin Herbert serred with the 31st Regt. in the Crimea fkom S9nd May 1865, ineluding the ilege 
and fall of Sebastopol, and attacks of the 18th June and 8th Sopt. (Modal and Clasp). 

17 Captain Daubeny served with the 90th Light Infantry in the Crimea from 6th Dee. 1864, iaOlading 
the cu>ture of the Quarries, siege and fiiU of Bebastopol, attack of the Redan on the I8th June, and 
formed one of the storming party on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp). 

18 CapUln Coope served with the 67th Regt. in tlie Crimea in 1866, ioclndlng the siege and fall of 
Sebastopol, capture of the Quarries, and assault of the Redan on the 18lh June; abo at the bombardment 
and captnre of KInboum (Medal and Claup). 

10 Captain Campbell senred with the 72nd Highlanders In the Crimea from ISth Jnna 1866, iaelnding 
tha expedition to Kerteh, liege and fUl of Sebastopol (wounded in the Trendiee on the 19th Aug.), and 
attacks of the 18th June and 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp). 

90 Captidn Dowson served with the 90th Regt. throughout the PuiOaub campaign of 1848-0, laclodlng 
the affiUr of Ramnuggur, passage of the Chenab, and battles of Chi llian wallah and Gocjerat (Madai aad 

93 Captain Bennett served the Eastern campaign of 1864-56, Including the battles of Alma and InkarBaa 
siege of Sebastopol, and sortie on 90th Oct. (Medal and Claspe, and 6th Class of the MedJidle). 

98 Captain Blackall served with the 40th Regt. In China (Medal), and was present at tha iint taking of 

94 Oaptain Plummer served at the siege of Sebastopol from 19th July ]e66 (Medal and Clasp). 

96 Lieuts. C. £. Hope, Browne, and Gardner, served at the siege of Sebastopol firom fth Jaly 1866 
(Medal and Clasp). 

96 Paymaster Scott served the Eastern campaign of 1864-65, including the battles of Alaia and Inker- 
man, and sioge of Sebaetopol (Medal and Clasps). 

98 Quarter Master Metealf served with the 40ih Regt. throughout the Eastern campaign of 1864-66, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, sortie of 90th Oct., and assaults 
of tho Redan on the 8th June and 8th Sept. (Medal and three Clasps). 

90 Assisu-Surgeon Hale served in the Crimea from Jan. 1866, and was in the trenches daring the bom- 
bardments of April and 7th June, and In the assault of 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, and Tlctorta Croe«). 

80 Assist-Surgeon Rlcfcetts served the Eastern campaign of 1864-66, including the battles of Balaklava 
aad Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, sortie of 90th October, and capture of Kerteh and YenlkaU (Medal 
and Clasps). 

81 Captain Whlgham served with the ifnd Highlanders In the Crimea from 9nd Dec. 1864, iodndlng 
the expedition to Kerteh, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault of the outworks on the 18th June 
(Medal and CIa«p). 

88 Captain Wedderlmme served with the 34th Regt. during the Pui^aub campaign of 1848-40, and was 
present at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and one Claup) 

34 Captain Rnssell was at Meerut with the Carabineers at the outbreak of the ^pov mntiny, and at Knrsanl 
when Colonel Gerrard was killed, was afterwards present witli Seaton's Moveable ColaBin at the battle of 
Gongaree where— his three senior officers heme killed — lie commanded the squadron of his Regt. and a 
detachment of the 9th Lancers, again on the lyth I)ee. 1857 he commanded the Cavalry in Uie actios of 
Pntteali where over 700 Sepoys were killed,—" to Lient. Rnssell," writes Sir Thomas SentoiT in hit dtopatcb, 
" who connunded the Cavalry at well as to his brave companioM in anas my tbanke are tpeeially Ave, far 
their gidlaatry in action aad vigoor in nurtait." He commanded the Cavalnr ^ao at Mynpoona wtea SttO 
-^tktnMi mn kUidd, and wai with hii Begt when General Fenny was killed and Bareilly takei. 

7th Rtgt. of Foot {Royal Funilien), 

I* Oc Mntre of tha oofeari, Th« " S«ir" wltbin the "Gnrttr" ind llic " Croien" otor it- 
And Id the corneis of the iccond Colour, The " White Harie." " Martimqub" 


^ 'S:Tooloo«b""Pbiiiiibci,a" "Alma" "Iucbruan" "Skvabtopol." 

Samuel Ben]. Auclimutf,' KCB. Btu. 12 Oct, 07 ' LI 13 U« 
" ».05i 3r(i/.3IJu_nei3; X(.-Co(. Ij Apr, 14 j CDl.eUafSl; 

SIfov.4t;i>.-Gm. I 

Not, 51; Col.lth F, 1 

and Lt. PIS Aug. 44; £r>u(. 
-MJ ; Ll.-Col. f 20 Msrcb S7. 
Use. 43 i Zitul. r 1 1 Dec. 40 ; Capt. r 30 
«S : I.t.-Col. 27 M»y 50. 
ii>t ; £t. P e Aag. 45 : Capt. 

e Jan, 50, 
Pub. 50; Co^(. 21 Sept, 54; 

. " IB Aug. 50 ; Capt. 22 Dee. 


n 4 















I Oeom 

>■ 10 Sept. &] 
P July 4i 

pa.T N0V.5; 

■- p 21 May 5: 

10 Aug. 5- 
P 1.3 Dec. .".I 

1 1 Auff . 5' 
P!3 Nov. 5! 
P 15 Oct. 51 
P 23 Nov. 5; 
P 17 Feb. 5 
P 10 Aug. 51 

3 June 4! 
.- B June 5- 

■ ■'p 3 Dec. 4; 
• • PS2 Dee. 4f 

..| 28 Apr 
P 19 Jan. 

P 13 Doc. 53 
fl Dec. 54 

22 Dec. 54 
P 18 Feb. 53 

12 Jan. 50 

13 Aug. 51 
P 10 Due. 52 
>> 8 Sept. 54 

June 54 
27 Jlar. 4(! 

I ThM. Qeo. Dnprt Payn" p le Feb. ' 
1 VCHuchS. Cochrane.. I 13 Apr. • 
3 JaiDM Ml Joa. J 

i ■■' 16 Dec. i 

54' Mar. 55 
40 3 Apr. 40 
38 (t Mar. 40 
AS ' 1 Aug. M 
' 35 Oct. 50 
|P 15 Oct. 58 

) 3 John Bniilina EIkm .... 
I Charlea BcTolllopa*... 

I 1 HeniyKerr 

I I m^^ Spark* . 

I 1^ 

I 1 Jan 

I 1 Iln 

I |I Cbarfu ». Con-—-" 

I :1 Pnncia Burton 

i Hardluge 
I Edw. W. 
) Cart. HouBtouD Kempion 

P 12 Jan. 55' 


[ 90 Jan. 55 

16 Mar. 55 1 

Mar. 55 

50 Mar. 55 1 
P30 Mar. 55' 

24 April 55; 

14 April 55 1 
P I June .55 
, 19 July 55.1 

27 July 65 I 
P 3 Aug. 65 ' 
P27May 53! 

51 ^apt.55i' 
inUar. 561' 

PSl Sepl..'>& 

10 Oct. 55 I 

' OJnly 6S;i 

S7 July ib' 

' WNOT. 55 

8 Oct. 55 

16 ffov. 65 1 1 

P99Fcb. 60,1 

1 Apr. 5011 
P 4 Apr. 50 i I 

' 4 Apr. 56 1 
■ lONoT.OS, 
' IS Dec. U 

e 56 

13 April 55 

10 Jane 56 

26 July 66 

27 July 65 
" 3 Aui<. 55 

10 Aug. 66 
Sept. 55 
Sept. 55 
9 Oct. 55 
10 Oct .W 
10 .Voir. 56 
' 10 >'ov. 55 
" 17 Not. 65 
S8 Not. 60 
33 Oct. 55 
' 98 Aug. 57 
'SO May 67 
SaOtt. 67 
P 90 Jan. .'18 
' 19 Dec. 50 
PS9 May 57 

14 July 57 
13 April 5» 

I- 30 July 6rt 
'13 Aug. 68 
'94 Dm. 68 
' 1 Apr. 60 
10 OU. &1 
18 Sept. t& 

Piajulv 5,-) 
' » Aug. 55 
P 30 Kov. 5.) 
P 98 AUjT. 57 
p3I Aug. 55 
U Sept. 55 
30 .VoT. 55 

90 I'-L-t 

' 20 July 50 
33 Oct. 67 
12 Sept. 50 


2 Fit. _„ 
9 Feb. S8| 
1 May 58 I 

17 Apr. 58 ' 
16 Mar. 63 ; 

M8Feb. 60: 

lOct 58i 

94 Au^. 58 i 

>9t May 59! 

18 S(>)il. 59 

at Lieut -CdIddfI 


~ KK vViiiiam 

re; BnUm 
r Batter . . 


cka Fiddou 
I Fiwcctt . . 
OD Roehforl f 
a Halter. 

e Ftb. 69 „„ 
7 Feb. CS IMI, 
B Feb. A8 ' 
U Feb. i>8 
10 Feb. 68 

as M«3- ca: 

° muLi. 

68 cuip'- 
6 Aug. SB' 

II Auf;.68i 

F S4 JUDB 61 

in of KiiJ|<^(liur (vSdil Md 

'^'/-,l 'L ' JohnMorHmBr8eott,''lCFeb.C6(Qr..Jfr,ieAng,64. 

/_) i William Hundadydc Buchanan, 10 Nov. 68. 

^T" I J j!..i^.,. _2 ^Mign Jowpb Smith, 6 Not. 57. 
■in ^ 1 Lirut. Gwynae Ortno Levfi, 1 1 Aag. 5B. 

VT • r Jfuilrfry.— 1 Copfain Adrian Beanetl," 1 Ha; 67. 

, Til I 2 i*'"'- H- 8- Harrlwn, 1 Apr. 69. 

rfert. — 1 Thoma* Murphy, 4 April 66. 

S Timothy Bf elealf," S3 Oct. 57 i Etu. 7 Dec. 66. 
Thomaa Moorhstid. M.D. 9 Not. 61 ; AttUt-Surg. U Oct. 46. 
Edward Wm. Tlioa. MandcTlllc," IG Feb. 6fi i A.S. U Sapt. 40. 
rgrons. — I TC Thomai EgertoD II»le,**U.D. 14 Dec. H. 
I CharUaRlcketli,*>dB April 64. 
>S 1 ThomaiSheehy, H.D. 88May64. 

i Michael Quinlan, 8 Dec. 67. 
:i i Eilward Acton Gibbon, 1 Sept. 68. 

FaeingM Blue. — Agenti, Ueaira. Cox k Co.»a.2TJuia5B. Mmb./orlwtia.iljtdylil. Dtpet.Clkatlmm.] 
[Snd Bati. embarked f^ aibrattar, 27 May 1B68. Dtpot, IFalaur.] 

;<in In the Wnl lBdlH,Hd >u prrHBt ■! tko itonilBf 
mpmnlvllbtWEDndBiIullDB RoikIFiuJ1)«i la PDrtii(«l. 

1irtiiii(c,St. Luclt. In I 


>1 M^joril; 

Brarti Llnit.-Cu1anil. Hi bu ncMinl tha nold »>4i|] ud on* ClHp fo 
ToBloiMl and lh> Sil>«r W»r M«l»l wlih bit Cliiin for ihi olhrr bullH. 

1 Uf-CuL AJdvorth lerTdl ihc Euivrn «iD|»l(n of IU4 up lo 9th Ngmil 
Ainu and laL*nun,il>'gi' or 8<'baMupiil. and loRlr af aittii (Klober (Ilfdul SI 

« Lt-Cul. Bhipler KFTtd lli« E-iKio cuipalia of ISM, Imdudlnc thi bcl 

an oullyini iiii'lul. and *u itannlj engaged (llrdil and Cllapi. Orarrt MiJoj 

. audlalan Mtdal, ai 

lua (U<idal ud Clu|i, and 6lh Ulw 

4 UtJar TrroB Kr<ad In ihe K<»Ier 
ibulopol, uul »nie on sr 

5 M^or HlblHrt uitmI 

tb« HMUIdil 
(Urdal uJciMpi; 

10 Lord Rrcbud Hi 

in DiupBtctiB (Xnli 
>t Ibf Qt 

, IUDd«I ' 

Id ClMp). 

fba^topol from Mth March IftU, lac 
unllnror ■•biUiHefbaiU^.Iti: 

ilopol rrom rih Juna 1899, Ineladinf aaanlli sa Uw 
IUdanon)«lb Jouaud«lbStpl.(wi(r(ly Kounded): Ucdal ud CIup. 

11 Captain Wail« Krrid al Ih* ilmt of Sitaiwpvl from IJit Nor. IBM, Includlnr forti> sa Mh Xar, 
attack ud eaptura of tin Quarrlii 7th JuH (woundrd). aiiuiii on ibe Badao iSih Juai (wsaadad), a*a 
**• la U» imelw* on lb* 8th Sepu (Midal and Clup, ud Kalf ht ot Ua Lfcton ol Hour). 

14 OipulB XoMaioa wimi at ttw ilita at Srta*toi»l from I7lli Feb. lait, laoladlac tfc* aaaoH M 
Ik* KtdM *B UN »tk ttu» (■ma«*d) i IMal aa* Oaap. 

8th ( TTu XiMffi) Regmenl of Foot. 


Bit. OltfBltB'.'J 

Tha "WtluBfM."cimtrt fnnid wftlilii llw " eartir," ud 111* "!>•»■" onr IL In in* 
ahf«« contn of tte •■aoHl coMr, tht " JVa|iaK;Mj|f r «jiil Ov»ii/' " A'ff onA-a ttrrtnt^" 
rg^j^.j Tki "S^fH," wltli ihe >atiti ■'EQYPT" "UARTINIQUB" -NlAQABl." 

■a i CaI)met.—9 gg Roderick Hacoeil,' J?>u. 17 Much 08> Lt. 2M»jOO; Capl 
r»^\ 1 Uec. U; JTujor, 9 Auc- 31; Z/. Col. ii6 Jbd. 22; Coi. 10 Jan. .17 ; JWr/ 
I P«T- i Oen. D Nor. 46; Luait.-Qtn. 20 Juno 54 ; Cot. Blh Foot, 18 M«i-. 66. 

I I Lt.-Coloiulj.—l John Longfleld,' CB. JEiii. p 23 June -26 ; Lt. r 20 Sepl. 36 ; Capt. 

I O P30JU1.36; JVivor.^lU Nov. 44; £ieut.C0l. 3 Apr. 46; Coj. SO Jane54. 

1 Jt 3 ThoTDM Uutlnnd W'Uinn, Eru. i' 16 A|>rfl 84 ; Lt.v IS Uaf 30 ; Capt. p 33 

' I Dec. 31 ; Br.-Mi^.O Not. 46; X/yor, IS Aug. 43; Ll.-Col. >• l&lntMiS; 

Col. S3 Nur. 64. 

O .1 Fml. Pul HBlne*,' Etu. '31 June 30; Lt.vla Dec. 40; Capt. 10 AIb;4R; 

jn.Mft;. 7 Jbiic 49; Bt.Lt.Col. 3 Aug. 60; JIfn/or, 16 Nov. 64; Col. 33 

Nov. 64; if.Cof. 34 April 115. 

lUnJart.—l JamM Crofc Brooke,' Ent. ^ 31 Oct. 31 ; Lieut. 3 Sopt. 93; Capt. 

31 March 46 ; 3f^(>r, T 3 Oct. 4'J ; Srroet £f.-Ca(. 14 April 57. 
3 Jobn HindE,' CB. Ent.fiB Feb. 36; Zieut. P30 June 37; Capt. r *Ja\j i6; 

llIqjor,il Oct. 67; firn.Zt.Col. 19 Jan. 6B. 
3 Jaioes Joimiton, £iw. P7 June 30 1 £ieut. P 13 May 43; Cnpi. >>31 Apr. 40; 

ATnjor, 26 June 68. 
1 Alex. CnnnlDgbam Robertoon,' Ent. ' 15 Sept. 37 ; Laeut. f 30 Ang. 41 ; Capt. 
P II Nov. 45; at.Mi^. 19 Jan. 53; Bt.Lt.Col. 20 J uly b»i^Mi^^ Ju ly 58. 

I BdwinareamDuleU' ..:p 3 Oct. 35i' T3ept. SBIkSS Nl 

William Bayly* 30Jan. 30 39June43| 31» May 4E> 

George Edward Baynu' jP S July 41|PlSDec. 43< 17 Oct. 4R 

'■ " - " "IT Dec. 47|PlOJan. r>l l>32AprJl63 

31May4l| 36 July 44 j 47 Oct. CS 
16 Oct. 68 llAng.64 15 Jan. 6lt 
eOct. 43! eOet. 61 <i>31 An^.SA 
10 Dec. 46 P 13 Nov. 47 ; 14 Mar. ^(\ 
31 Hay 43' SB Jan. 44! 31 Oct. 
4 Hay 43 3 Apr. 46 I 21 Oct. 
31 May 48 " ' 
IB Dec. "" 
10 Nov. 

D Millar Bannatyne" 
tell Thamu Welihi' . 
I 2 DaVicTupper'* 

1 Richard Raphael Meade' 

< 11 John Whiteaids'* 

I ll Thomu George Boater'*. 

I j-i Daniel Beere". 

\ 1 Enk.NimmoSandllandi' 

3 S winnerton H alt Ida; Dyer' 

8 Rob. C. Dalrympte Bruce 
^ 3 Owen WynneOray" .... 

I 3 Oror^Corry*' | 86 July 44 

I 8 JohnVereW.Hen.Webb" SB Jnn. 47 

ItfJan. 53 
1 3 Dec. 59 
19 Jan. 68 
18 Jan. 58 

I '2 


I 6 

1 Alexander RoM B 

I Fnd. Bradford H'Cre^. 

,1 Fortter LongflBU" 

1 WUIiun SnA. Metge" . 
3 WUliam Bdwlrd Neirall 
S John M'Qneen "t 


i,^ 1 Fnd. AndenonStebbing" 
:! 1 Alfred DoKnle Corfleld 
't I Xneai Gordon Blait . . 

1 VV. Andrew Hoynlh«n> 

1 Wn. Kdw.n''helaD,»>Mi0. 

t Janci Q. Palmer 

9 Chai.Bradr. Bra*n,".i(/j. 
3 Fred. Geo.PurlongMoorv 
3 Jamei F. Maqihnten ■ . 

^ 3 June* O'Hara 

^ 1 CharleiNorrUPty".,.. 

1 lUchnrd Thi». B. Brownt 

3 Edward Turner ........ 

I Robert Yallop StokM .. 

1 BvlHOd Wblttlngx .... 

1 Walter John Tarte 

i Henry Leeeon 

I AihlBy George Weitby .. 

3 Jamea BetKcr Wheelsy . . 

1 John William Hughes .. 
'£ I Jamet Ifnganli Lovekin 

% Wb. Theobald Bntltr .. 
ic i JobnSvaiuFrekeAylinei 

I CbarlM DynaUy BayiMi 

a BabwtD. Eiarb«aBbimff|i 

3 Apr. 47 

7 Mar. 50 
3 Hay 66 

16 May 66 

8 Mar. 55 
IS May 65 

1 June 56 
8 Oct. 66 
l(t Mar. 55 
36 Oct. 55 

30 Nov. 56 

13 Dee. 66 
86 Dec. 50 

5 July 56 
OJuly 55 

14 July 67 

31 July 67 
ISIny r 

3 Apr. 46 I 81 Oct. i 

' 84 Heb. 54 f 7 Sepl. 66 

14 Apr. 46 31 Sept. 65 

18 Hay 40' 23 Oct. 57 

3 Apr. 40 16 Not. 67 

'31 Feb. 51 " 

6 May 63 
35 May 63 
13 Dec. -■ 

14 MaT 61 
14 May 58 
14 May 5)4 
21 May 51} 

P20July 65 36June5e 

'' 1 Aug. 66 xsMSept-dt^ 

7 Sept.56 P 28 Apr. 6" 
!6 July 6.0 30 Dec. 57 

8 Mar. 55 33 Sept. 50 

13 Apr. 66 
> 16 Hay 67 

5 Sept. 57 

IG Sept. 67 1 l^« 

18 Sept. 67 KFiedln 

86 Feb. 66 '"■'■•"ll 

36 Feb. 60 r^nui 

36 Peb. 66 in ltll4, 

20 Feb. 66 ™ Bfrgm-op. 

P 20 Dec. 56 fHalfl" of ft.irti™ 
f 34 Feb. 67 i colond L^«gMd 

15 Nnv. 57 minUcd the fd BngidA 

7 Dec 57 '''E= "' ^'''^'' '" '*S' 

23Mar:6S «"XinT/ G ',""" 

S3 Mar. 68 lii dnyi' flghliui that > 

Pl3JuIv 58 [CH) 

P 23 July 58 .J miu' cTl' (i'Jd' 

3UJnly 68 .Mpr^.tm m Anoj C 

80 Sept. 68 oni Chlnhie, Includli 

:liK]iDi the atluek 

e 65 
6 July 65 
37 July 66 
31 Sept. 66 
> 4 Sept. r- 

1 Oct. 

1 Oct. 

1 Oct. SB 3«rv>d~liilhaSM"£^'i.u"ttw 

1 Oct. 58 iin*"! I>*ii>i. ud wu w 

1 n^ ^a virtiT mnnded Him ani «1 

t VKS. an ^^ ,^ nudnMn on tbt hk 

tOet W Jnl7lS8T(Br«TMKitaiV 

Fiwin^ Blue. — Agftttt, Sir Chn. R. M'Grigor, Bf.,Bnd Walter n'Orignr, Oq. 

[Irt Batt. tmiarked/ar Bombav, 80 J;)r. iO. Depot, ChatXum.^ 

[3Hii £a(t. tmbartedfoT Gibraltar, 7 5ej)(. M. Drpot, TtmpltmanJ] 

n CoIuiifI IIiuDH'HniiviL— ORlliprnniinlinnnflVltrinvnf tWSnMfjinintShcirHimaiiiMtaiiUM 
uWUtuii SMRl*r; tn tbr Cmiuiiinidi-r ii Ctui'T inliilln,1>ir11ii|h0oucli, itiMI hithw npKilT he vMpratM 
01 (he lattlM III ilMiktt ul Fnumbik (Ualol ud oM Ctuii.i i ia tlir IMtn ragwnunt Itt ra tusrii 
iniiukii^hy |0*feihiit It tfarmll>rkutkpnnB3^'i«<i<iiLbv1uwlidn;EkillrdunlFrOnat thriHieBiavvi- 
AnhcnniiiiiicndaUiiDid'IjiidUMtli.ttwuiniBaMtoit'nniaq^tathelOthFbat.wttliaiitnKtat. li 
UdUinSMKtuylahiilinbliipitrKTnd Ihr PiuJgiA onuniicat IMS-*, uid m pfaaU at It* •■« rf 
mtuinil KaninMHrnr, Siai Sw. 1"I1 mil m'-irniinil iirrnlliimrTT~'t'rir~ ''r rn""^ Tif itir niiM>. ad 
tbt^ilu of ChinuuH-illiili ud (:ai4nM<H<d>l>nil[>ivClu]«^ fmrd >ilh the Slit IWItei tte btan 
nmiwca oC lU4-(t, bdwUnic tkr lottlr) of Aliiu, IliUicInm, mi lukecmu, and •!« oT iirliaatcnt nitWiU 

>t Rri;t. Ihroafhci 

■t protecliiilt ^ ^ 

licMdiBE rnmlK nf i 

_...UiBBtbBeitin lylbifniiB"5(KLSepi.l8i7j ntsDiudid thi>Mt,htk 

ulion tt BolimiUliiir, alhlt of AUjtliur, battle oT Ain, "cUhd of Dilkooatm md nHrf of IwtM* t^ 
I«rd Gidci alhirof the Sd tnd *cinn sf Iks 8th Dee. il CaTsixne, ud acticn of Kbnduul (Bnenl U. 
vol. u.rCB., (ad mnillDiMd In dHnuhnV. 

8 M>k)r Wn. BitI; ••■ pRwnt U th« Wtle of PlultilKiiT in Anuineii In \»U. Sentd ml tkc tin* ol 
Delhi rnn 38ll> Jnna to 3d SfbL ISiT. iRrindiiil re|>nlK of Aoilifl on llie Dlh, 1 Mb, IBtb, ud »d Jal;-cw 
nuded llie two Sink Conipiuilct anibc hit nmuioB. 

* K^or G. >:. Knnn lenvd it Ilie iief^ of Ucllij in 
■nrl SU Juljr, lul cuuTuniled the itanuiiiE part; of II 

1 1 Jikjur Bannttine aennl with the Sth Bejit. at tlie lirm ud uiiull of Drlhi [n iW, iBeladlnt npiDt d 
SortiHon thetlb.l4tli. aDillMhJulj, tnduiditi' %litiiir m lli<; C^l; (twin iiiniiidadli csBBiadedHw 
Rnt. at iht captnn or ttie Born Uailion on tbc niibl or the IDIb ^pl„ aud tlie Inrantrr or tkx ColsBi vtiA 
i>ceuiiiedtlieJaiin(Mulidonlli«tnihS«p(eDil»r. !<eirTcduBni:BaeUi]cit ro GmtKrd'i IfamUiCMa^ 
iDcladinl (he ution gl JkiluHdihnr. iffiir of AllTihnr, ud biltJe of Afn. Pimil u IiM* Mdtrll 

JhitMla of the ani^ nsdet Laid Cl^dc in the uSon of Dilkeoab* ud nlief of LaekKnr, d^ tfNW 

telmn of (be ttb Dec. il Cawnpon, ud utlon d KhaOstan) (.Bierct Uajoi}. 

Bih {The Kin^9) Regimeni of Foot. 189 

il OipUiii Vddi iwrnd with the 80th Bnt. in the Bormeee war of 18S3-S3 (Medel) ; iDcInding the bom- 

Widnent of RanfooD end sehMqaeDt operatiout of the ISth, ISth. and 14th April, and capture of the great 
Ofefoa FWfoda (with the atomiiig party); bombardment and capture of Piome (tpecialiv thanked bj the 
Scremor General of India in Couucil), nf^ht-attack of the enemy on the camp ou the hci^nta of Frome, and 
expediriott into the Ponnsdey dietriet in Keb. and March 18S^). 

11 Captain Tapper aeired with the 88th Reft, throuuhcmt the Eastern campaifn of 18S4-S5. indndinr the 
Vattles of Alma, lukenuan, attack and capture of the Cemetery ItKb June, siege and fall of 8cbeBtopol (Medal 
aad tlifce Qaspe). 

H Captain Mrnde was present as a Vnhinteer mith the Artillery in the action at Agra on 6th July 1837. 
tared with the 8th Begt. at the relief of Lttckno«r uuder Lord Clyde ; alio at the affair of 3d and action uf 
f t|M Ml Dee. at Cawnpofc^ and the action at Khndagunj. 

-•^ U Captain Wliiteaide senred thronsliout the cainpoigii under General Pollock in Affghanistan iul843 (Mednl) 
^mk t&«t OB the Sntlei in IMMd (Medal and Clasps), urludiug the battles of 3loo<Ikee. Fcroze«bah, and 
^^^feiami. Canmanded the 8lh Rqct. whilst engaged on field service in Onde in Oct. 18M and nt the attack and 

tnan^BM ef the fori and imtu of Sendee, and served in Oude durioK the campRivn of 18S8-u9. 
^r~M. Capuia SmOer aerved in the Bvffs in the ection of Punniarl^Oth Dec. IMS (Medal). Served with the 8th 
■ Int nt the aiege of Dalbt in 1867, including repulse of Sorties on the 14th, IStli, and S3d July. 
1^71(7 Cafteia Beere aencd nt the siege of Delhi and was wounded at the assault of the City on the lith Sept. 

the City (wounded); hIbo 
erund (ifedal and Chispj. 
es of Alma, Balakhiva, and 

... IS raptain Snadilaode aerved with the 8th Begt. at the siege of Delhi in 1857 iuclnding repulse of Sorties on 
.' M^ lS|h« and SSd July (wcfonded by a splinter of a shell ou the lUih August), and cummandrd the light 
jCoHfaaj nt theaeaanlt of the City (wonniled); also present in the action of Dilkoosha and relief of Luckuow 
..Mdrr LoKd C3|de, the aSair of the Ski and action of the 6th I>ec. at Cawnpore, and action of Khudagnnj. 

19 Cntaui i)ycr serrcil with the 17th Hetct. at the siege of ^»«bastopol from Sud Jan. I896, including assaults 
•f IIm Bednn esi I8ch Jane and 8th Sept. ; was also at the bombardment and surrender of Kiubonrn (Medal 
Md Chap, and fith Ckas of the Hediidic). 

U CapialA Ofnv aerved with the »8ih at the nffair of Gom^rare, near Knmool, on the 18th Oct. 1839; and 
«]ao at the hnitle hi lUharajpore, 29th Dec. 1848 (Medal). 

5S r-pli'n Cerry wai emiHoycd in various desultory operations against the Mutineers in India in 1837*68. 

S3 Cap*ain Webb serr^ at the siege and assault of Ik-ihi in 1857. iucludiiif; repulse of Sorties on 9th and 
14th JuJ«,captare of four ^nna on l2ihAu?., and six days' fighting in the Citv; afterwards present in the 
action nl BoTundshnr, aAur of AUyghnr, and battle of Agra, the action of Dilkoosha and relief of Luckuo'r 
under Lord Clyde, affair of the Sd and action of 6th Dec. at Cawnp'irc, and action of KliudagunJ. 

21 Captain A. R. Bayly served at the sifge and assault of DeUii iiicluUiov repulse of Sorties on 9ih, 14th, 
and ISth July, and the six days* fighting in the City ; afterwards present in tue action of Bolundshur, affair of 
Allf ghur, battle of Agra, action or Dilkoosha, and relief of Lucknow under Lord Cl\ de, affair of the i!d and 
•ctioB of Cth Dee. at Casrupore, and action of Khudagnaj. 

35 Ceptaina Ximenea and M*Crea served in Delhi from the 18th Sept. 1857, and was afterwards present in 
the action of Bolundshur, afiair of Allyghur, battle of .^gra, action of Dilkoosha and relief of Luckuow under 
Lord Clyde, the affair of the 3d and action of 6th Dec. at Cawnpore, and action of KhudagunJ. Captain McCrea 
was also at the action of Kanouge, and served doring the Oude campaign of 1848-59. 

26 CaptaiB tongliekl aerrcd sA the siege of Delhi m 1857 nud repulse of BorUea on 9th. Uth, 18th. and 23d 
Jnly, and captore of four gnus ou 12th Aug. ; afterwards present in the action of Dilkoosha and relief of 
Lucknow under Lord Qyde, the affair of 2d and action of 6lh Dec. at Cawnpon*. and action of Khudagunj 
also served in the Onde campaign of 18S8>59 as Br^de Quartenuabter to Brigadier Hale's force, and waa pre- 
sent at the attack and capture of the fort and town uf Saialee. 

S7 Captain Metge aerved at the siege and assault of Delhi in 1867. including repulse of Sorties on tlie 9th 
and 14tn July, and was with the storming pwrty ofthe Tjcft Attack Ht the assault of '' '^'' ^^' 

sened in coniinand td the Police Cavalry with General Wliitlock's C^umn in Bund 

-27t Captain IfQuern served the Eaatera campaign of 1864-SS. including the batt 
Inknrmaii. aiege and fall of Sebeetopol. and aaaauU ou tho batteriea on the Iblh June^wounded in the left arm 
(Medal and Claspe. and 6th Chwa of the Mcdjidiei. 

Sd UeuL Stebbing served at the siege ana assault of Delhi in 1857 and during the six days* fighting in the 
Citv ; afterwards present in the affairs of Gungaree, Pnttiwalla, uid Mynpoorie. 

30 Lieut. Moynihan served with the 90ih Ijtght Infantry in the Crimea, from Dec. 1864, including the siege 
and fall of SebaaUpol, and nsnuU of the Redan on 8th Sept. witli the storming party, bein^ the fiirst bmb to 
enter, and was made prisoner when rescuing the bod^ of Lt. Swift from a party uf Russians inside the Redsn, 
bat released by an aavaace of the British, after having been twice bayoneited ; he held a position inside the 
Redan for a omsiderable time, and was again woundol in aeveral places — mentioned in TKspotches (Medal 
and Clasp, and Yictoria Cross). Served in the Indian campaign firom Nov. 1867 and was present at the 
defeat of the rebels in the ravines of the Cbumbul, attack and capture of Bhnjah and Seorale; aUo sen'cd in 
the Onde campaign of 1858-69, including the attack and capture of the fort and town of Sandee. 

Jit Lisas. Wkclan aarvsd ta tlia InAiaa campalin ttmx Nov. 1867 and was prparat at tlie daCtat of tba ratals In tba 
nwfoas af tho CknabaU attack and eaptur« of Bbajah and Saorala ; atrTrd at Adjutant of tha 8th Reft. In Ouda during 
Aa Maafaign aflBSt-Si^ Inehadlnc tba attack and eaptura of the fort and town of Saadaa. 

99 Lieut. Brown eervcd with the 63rd Re^t. at the assault of the Redan and fall of Sebutopol, also at the 
toMVafiineBt and inrrender of Kinbonm (Medal and Gasp). 

n Lient 1^ served with tbe I8th Boyal Irish in tho Cnmea (Medal). 

n Fumatter Unddleaton served at the siege and capture of Delhi in 1857, also at the action of Bolundshur 
afhir or Alljgknr, battle of Agra, affair of the 3d and action of 6th Dec. at Cawnpore. and action of Khndagnuj. 

IS Sori^iNi IC^ior Annesl» served at the siege and capture of Delhi in 1857. 

as Swr|[eon Madden served with the 43rd Light Infantrv in the Kaffir war of 1861-53 (Medal). 

37 Aeeiet.SnifCon Yates served with the 8th Regt. at the siege and cspture of Delhi in 1867. Aceonipanied 
ITiiUlMifi Noveable Column in medical diarge of the Rext. and prcient in the action of Bolundshur, afetir of 
AJb^lDB^ taUlle of Am, action of Dilkoosha and relief of Lucknow under Lord Clyde, the afbir of the Sd and 
BCOiB Of Mk Dee. at Cawnpore, and action of KhudajennJ. 

H iUsiat.SnrMOQ Biddle served with the 49th Regt. iu the Crimea from 13th Sept. to 2?d Dec. 1864 (Medal 
aad Clnqi for Sebaatopol). Served with the 8th Regt. at the siege and assault of l>elhi including repulse of 
•otffcs OB I4th. 18th, and S3d July, the capture of four guns on l2th Aug.. the six days' fighting in the City, and 
capiUve «r tbe Born Bastion. 

St Uent. WUttlng served in the Indian campaign from March 1858, and acted m Staff Adjutant to a de- 
-feldMeiit nl Saaacram and waa encaged in the operations against the rebelsi c the J ingles uf Jugdeespore 
wader Sir E. Lunrd : also senred tne campaign 01 1868-69 in (hide, indidmg :« at i:k and capture of the 
fort and town oiSeBdee. 

190 9tk ( TA* East Nor/oik) S^immt of fbot. VSSM^oSt!^ 


Colonel. — 95irJBine« Archibald Hnpe,' KCB..^(. ISJin.OO; Lt.SJiaiet)\- 

Capl.\6 Ycb. (Hi; Major.O March 11 ; Lt.Col.2} Jane 13; Co/.S2 JaljSO: 

Mnf.Otn.iSSor.4} ; Ll.Oeti.lX Nov. SI ; Gen.UJmieliOi Col. 9 P. 1 8 Feb.48. 
Lt.Coloiir.l»—-i Cliurlp* Elniliirel,' Em. i' 14 Auk. 35, Lital. I'll Oct. 37; 

Cap!, -i-i Dec, 45 ; Jlftt/or, i" 8 Jiiuo 63; Lt.Cal. March 5j ; Cul. 20 May M. 
S: 1 DuiicaoMunro BcthuiH','£jt*.17Apr.35;£ieu(.SlMw.38; C«;((.28 Dec.ii; 

Mifjar, 80 Dee. 54 ; Lt.Col. ^4 Dec. 08. 
jtffll/or*.— 1 ChBrici Hfnry Leslie,' Em. ''20 Jn\j39; £f.16JaIy4I: Capt, 

!• 14 Apr. 40 ; M^Jor, 20 Feb. 50. 

2 Alexander Tayler,^ Bnt. 21 June 30 ; XI. 30 July 41 ; Capt. ' 23 May M; 
JUnjor, 21 Oct. 57. 

Ki awilliam 8ankey,*t Em. "11) April 44; £,f. p B Aug. 4S ; Cs/iM* S7 April 19; 
Ht.-M^cr, U Dec 64 ; Bt. Lt.-Col. S Not. U ; Mqjor, 24 Feb. 67. 
I Q<!orKeHarringtouIUwe9,'£'tu.d4iNoT.43; i.f. 4 Jan. 4I>; Copf.rlO Sept.46; 
flrai.Jt/n/. 2 KiiT.&J; . tf njor,24 Dec.58. 

I Sydney Durlini! 

i2 1 John William Percy,' 
i Hoptoii Ua.'iiett Seutt, 
1 William Burdeu" .. . 
1 Henry John WilkiiKOo" 
1 Wm-HarkcrTcrry" .. .. 
S 2 Bowcn Van Straubenzec" 
1 Arth. Oswald Richard! ■* 
) Jno. H. HnustonOauimsll 

3 William Dauiit'i ! 

S William Nngc 

3 Henry Fltleher Maralon' 

S Donald lUTH'Bamat".. 

1 Ambr. Mstahill Cirdew" 

2 Jamc* Graham 

i George Spaighl" 
I Ciiaa. Caldwell G: 

^ i Henry Murcui Bereaford 

I William Cronbie Harvey" 
^ I Alien Geor^ Douttlas". ■ 

I Hen.ColliiipwoodVibart'*, 

i Thomas Grace *" 

! Roltaud V. 6. GrimBloD*H| 

I William Henry Perl" ..! 

I Hi>n.Fred.LePocrTn'Ucli \ 


. H.MaatermanThompBnn'' 
^ ! ChB.Jaine»Borton,'M^. 

Thoma* T«yier 

. William Harris Burland" 
I Juhn Hunt Cnrnminn . . 

William Aug. Elmbirat.. ; 
^ Rich. Chas. Hen. U<^mir.D ' 

Henry Oiii. Uuiit Grabbej 

: Hinry Gippx ! 

S Ar.F.llin)-.Wriglil,<li{f. 
rS John Haycroft Bullon . . 

Eli ward D'Oyly .lotley . . 

bpcncer Field 

•i rims. A. Massy Uickin .. 


William James Itlas>.v . . 

W. H.ErringtonRidMlitc 
K Patrick William Hackctt 

Chao. Mastcnnan Srnvtli 
;S OeorueMinciilnCbudwick 
S JoimAplii." 

Joliii Samuel JirSbrrs.. .. 
S James Lewis BnidsliaB-.. 

Si«ncer Lynne 

Charles Thomas Coote . . 

Archibald Shaw" 

Charles Smith Perry .... 

Diehard Roberts 

ilrowDlow VilUar* Layard 
^ AMda&lwanlEcclN.. 

"25 Jan. 6ti 

liUcc. m 

11 Miiy 55 

5 June 5.") 

OOcl. h.'> 

r27 Jan. 57 

4 April 513 

P|7 Fib. 57 

9 Aug. 56 

' 20 M.y 57 

pU Dec. 67 

10 Feb. 68 


' 11 April 5e| |i,^'?|,kB^Ch^ flrCMH 
'UMay 68'B°«g^tt»*'« >a«iitKB>'^l«. 

si) July 6fi U'^'g^^j;^,^;!;)*^^;^ 

PSIlJuly 5» X'din™j;B-f»lSi**nrf''sIC 

P 91 A II J Rfl '"P"' "^ •••salt of lk> MCIHU 

ii Aug. 58 „ |„^ ,.„ |„^^ „^ CI 

I' 7S>'pl.68 birt(DriiHMno<nw>i,u, 

1 Oct 58 •""«»««*• "•*'**•)■ 

' 22 Apr. 50 

9tA (_7%e Saat Nm^) R^mmt of Foot. 


I BIchud FentoD . . 

I BilJIerOlvlM I 

ThniDW EImm I 

I EilwBrd Collini j 

: Harry Elmhint i 

Arthur Henry JoMclyn . . i 

Nathsalel Forte 'i 

Ed<r. Wm. F. LcightoQ 
Zacbarv Stanley Bayly . 
Arthar F. Plercy Coseng 

r! Kllawonh FurtitoD 

Richard Qadeadea Dirnu 

8 Oeorice Waugh 

1 Charleg Gvorge Kane .... 

9 JamaEdwanlHenniii);.. 
1 William Qu»le 

1 1 Joha C Fergason Grier ■ . 
S '3 ^T^l. Havkin:! Halhway 
1 Hubert Dillun ll«r« .-.. 
1 RarbertW.M.Badcer*Ulei 

17 Not. 07;„ 
ISNoT. &7^to 

I b Uar. AR !■ 
aSHar. S8n 
i\ May Ad r, 
' 24 Aug. m .n 
' 7 Sept. M^' 

5 aept. h% CL 
9 8epl. 68 

aooct. 58 

' II) Nov. 5B 1" 
7 Dbo. 58 '■ 

18 Mar. ffi) 
16 .Vpr. SO '" 

G May 69 ti 
81 Hny &II .i. 

6 Aug. 6il "" 
18 Oct. 59*^ 

(Mrdil ud CI»r). 

PaifMluten.—l Andrew Sierwright,"3 Apr.6S ; Sns. 1 Apr. tS -.Lt.rl Sept. 48. 

2 Waller HorTboa," SO D»c. 67 : En*. 13 March S7. 
,i4r'«te)K(.— 3 /.imf. Arthur F. B. Wright, 6 Not. 67. 
1 Lioil. Charlee Jamea Borton, 7 Ocl. S9. 
Itulrneton nf Mutitlry.—i Lieut. Hsnry Glppi, 20 April 68. 

I Lieut. OeoTge Uincblu Chailwkk, 16 Uay 69. 
Qmtrttr Matttrt.—l William Bauburj," 8 July 61. 
I S Jamei Parrott Arrowimllli, 17 Jan. 66. 

Surgteru—l Jamea Carroll, H.B. 20 Jan. M; Auut.Sarj/.S Jto. 61. 
3 William ArmitroiiK, 26 Jaa. 68 ; Auiit.Surg. 10 Jod. 61 . 
: AMitt.SuTtt9>u. — 1 John CooleOTena,"I0 Dec. 63. 

1 James Cro.<Mi Johniton," 3 Xur. 64. 
S Charle* Chriatopher Piptr, 12 Sept. 55. 
S Jame* Heury Jeffuost, 6 Aug. 68. 
F attngs Ysllow.— Apcntf.MeMn. Cox & Co.—Jri»h Agmti, Sir E. R. 
Borough, Bl., Armlt & Co. 
[l/( BoH. rstunwiJ^m Canada, 4 AToc 67. Oipot, Xtmrrici.] 
[SMi Batl. imbarliedfoT Corfu 30 Oct. S8. Depot, Ximerjft.] 


at HtnwinAvtwakYvA. 




Full Uttll 
P») . P-y. 

24 : 








20 . 











10 , 




































1 0th ( The North Lincolnshire) Reyt. of Foot. \^ JKb^oSSti 

Thc"5iiAtiu:,"with the words, "EGYPT" "PENINSULA" "SOBRAON" 

Co{.—95iV Thomas M'Mahon,* JS^GCB. J?Nf.2Fob.U7; £<.S4act.OO; Ctepl.S 

Oct. 03; MfQ. G Nov. OG; Lt,CoU 4 May 00; CoL 4 June 14 ; Mi^,Oen, 27 

May 25 ; Lt.Gen. 28 Juue 38 ; Gen, 20 June 54 ; Col, 10th Foot, 8H Sept. 47. 
L^Co/^.— 2 William Fenwick,'CB., Ens. 26 Dei-.34; Lf. i>8 Jane 39; CapL 

i'15 ApriU2; ^Ifa/. 13 Sept. 48; Bt.Lt.CoL 18 May 55; X.f. Co/. 8 Jan. 58; 

Co/. 20 July 58. 
1 llcnry Errington Loug<leu,=^ Cn.,ii:itf. lOScpt.SG; Lieut. V7 Auk. 40; Capt, 

P2(; Mar. 43 ; Breft.Mnj. 7 June 49: ilfry.21 Feb. 50; Jit.Lt.CM, 8 Dec. 66; 

Lt,Col. 20 July oS ; Col, 20 April 50. 
I Mitclipll (loorge Sparki),^t Ent, 4 Nov. 10; Lt. 20 Dec. 23; Capi. 98 June 96 ; 

Bt,M<{}orj Nov. 40; Bt.Lt.Col. 20 June 54; Major, 8 Jan. 58; Lt.CoL 

20 Oct. 58 ; Col. 25 Sept. 50. 
Major»,^% Richaril MDrdesley Ikbt,^ Enr. v 20 April 32 ; Zf . p 10 Jan. 35 ; Capt. 

1*7 June 30 ; Bt.MnJor, 1 1 Nov. 5J ; M({ior, 8 Jun. 58; BLU.Col. 26 Oct. 68. 
2TIiomaa Byrne, Ernt, 4 Nov. 10; X/. 5 March 23; Capt, 22 Jan. 99; Bt, 

Af^or, 11 Nov. 51 ; Mtijor, 8 Jan. 58; Bt.Lt.Col. 20 Oct. 58. 
I Henry Radford Nonnan,^ Etu. i'23 Feb. 38; Lt. 8 April 42; Capt, 4 Oct. 

48 ; 'Mqjor, 20 July 58 ; Bt.Lt.Col. 20 April 50. 
1 Steplivn Francis Charles Anncskv,<> Ens. vQ July 38 ; Lt.^M Aug. 41 ; Capt, 

P220ct. 47; Bt.Major,20Jn\\ ot<; Major, 20 Oct. 58; Bt.Lt.Col. itAJnne 59. 






1 J.V.HarthalsMonta^u'^l? April 40 p22 April 42 1*10 May 51 
1 iSamucl Burges Lamb * p 14 Dee. 32 p 5 Feb. 30 7 Julv 48 
1 CUat. Doyle Pat torson'i 21 June 30 4 Oct. 41 15 Mar. 53 

1 NV.K.Ormc'<<.<-.2*JuDc6«Pl3Mar. 40;P31 Dec. 44 p11 June 47 

2 Rich.ConulckClifrord"^t 17 Oct. 45; 1 Jan. 47 30 July 57 

I Cuthbeit Barlow>« 18 April 45: p 10 Dec. 47 j 

1 JuhnMontrcsorSmyth^^ 23 Sept. 45 P 7 July 48 
1 Patrick Browne Lucas'* P 10 Oct. 45 4 Oct. 481 

1 VCJo8ephP.H.Crowe»»; 27 Oct. 40: 17 Sept. 50 1 

2 Charles Hurt'^ Pl7Juue5l! 30 Dec. 53 

2 George Fred. Coryton . . 2 Aug. 44^ p 14 April 40 

1 W.H. P.Gordon Bluett'", P23 May 48] 22 Fob. 40 

2 John Edmund Whaite'^j 18 Dec. 47 21 Feb. 50 
2 Douglas Ernest Manners' 18 Apr. 45 18 May 40 

8 Jan. 58 

8 Jan. 58 

8 Jan. 58 

8 Jan. 58 

P 10 Nov. 55 

OJan. 58 

30 Mar. 58 

15 June 58 

14 May 58 
2 Geo.C. Bartholomew*^ P17 May 50 P 13 Feb. 52|r3l Aug. 58 

P22 Juue 58 

15 Jan. 58 
lOcL 58 

18 Jan. 50 
24 Feb. 59 
13 Mar. 50 

. ., ^ — ^ ^....^.u^.w , - .^ ^««. ^w - *w «•».. .'v, 31 Aug. 58 

2 George Wra. Graham '* p 10 Juue 53 p 7 Sept. 55; p 18 Oct. 50 

10 Jan. 
20 Oct. 



20 Dec. 59 

1 John Byron "' ,»' 13 Feb. 62 1 4 Juue 54 

2 Robert Willock Davies j 27 Feb. 45 7 Aug. 47 
2 George Ernest Bulger. . I Nov. 47 p 6 Nov. 50 

1 William JumesHales^triO Aug. 51 25 May 53! 

2 Henry Henderson " . . jP 13 Dec. 50 P 24 Dec. 52' 
2Fred.BrowneSandwith=",p I Dec. 48 Feb. 55 
1 >;CA.CttthcarlBogIe»fP28 Dec. 40 p 18 Mar. 53 

2 Mar. 55! 25 Jan. 57 


1 Henry Rudkiu Vigors . . 


1 8t. Andrew B.St. John ^IP 12 Mar. 52 23 April 55 

I Percy Boalo,*» Adj p21 Jan. 53 23 Nov. 55 

1 Carteret A. Armstrong 20 July 55 4 Apr. 50 ,„ ,^„^^, 

1 M. M'Pbersun Batlye^l 23 Nov. 55. 30 July 50! »t €*.»■, Frm)i.»e.,a«., 

1 Sir Tboaat M'Makoa MVTt<l 
vith tkc Kspcdiiioa mdrr Sir 
a«lph Abcrcromty is ISOS.di 


fai t am mt 

1 John Ball *• ' 8 July 50, P 1 1 Dec. 57 i ••q««tiT ' t tb« 

;2 Chas. Proby Fitzgibbon; 30 Mar. 00 25 Jen. 50.,^•»;^„ "'iST^t.'nJtLd";::^ 

2 Robert T. F. Stammers, 25 .May 55 P14 Mar. 50, isi«.<Beiudinttb«epcnctaMMik« 
2 Spencer Edward Orr ..1 April 55 10 Dec. 50 i'^'"'" *^ Pori«^ «* Sfate. 
•2 Robert An^o^ley 1 May 00 p 3 Apnl oO : Affu<^« « ac um Udm or Twim 

2 Walter Uedger 

2 Wm. John Byde Martin, 22 Oct. 55 
1 Frf*d.AujxustineLvnam*®j 18 Jan. 50 
2>7CJttmc8CraigJ".4^*. 25 Jnn. 50 

IJohnCarr^ ' 10 Oct. 57 

1 Rich. Salisbury Bagge . p 3 Nov. 54 

1 Philip Wrifle Matthews 

2 Herman Wayn? 

1 William Betson'* .«.. 
1 Theophilus Scott 

2 Charles U. Newbatt .. 

2 Owen H. Strung 

2 WilUam Nassau Wtiitty 
1 John Rudge *. 

1 Henry Long W. Phillips 

2 John Dickson Power . . 26 Mar. 58 
2 Hmrgood Thos. Suouke 30 Mar. 58 

16 July 55'P20Mtiy 57 

P 14 Aug. 57 
15 Jan. 58 
20 Jan. 58 
20 Mar. 58 

Vedrai, and at tte MhwqMM ad- 

ranee thtntrmm €m tlia retiMl af 

the Preach Araay. He eoomaadtd 

a eorpa •( Portafvetc Imhuoy, 

whirh was posted oa the left of i!k» 

AHieil Armjr, duriag the haltio of 

, Fucatesd'Onor.iiroteetlBvtlkefboda 

25 June 58 J on the Duos Cacai, aad cofertas 

P 14 Sept. 55: P31 Aug. 58, V'^'^'V j" "" i» proewdod u 

n n r\ \. er'n.-ti -«* . ^ ! the East Indies as AdJutaM«.Oetteffat 

P 2 Oct. 55,p21 May58|jo the Kim's rmu «h«« a. 

2 Oct. 58'««rTed for twelve yean. la MM 
2 C^ot fiA' ^' *** nmtihiated Lle«t.*Oa««r)Mv 
* Z^l* rr or PemmmiUi. and rn— iHi iba 
'£ (let. 08 < troops In the Soath Waal IMalrfal | 
8 Oct. 58 luid In 1839 ho waa awolalad 

17 Oct. 
P 11 Dec. 
26 Oct. 

22 Oct. 

7 Nov. 
Pll Sept. 67 

OOct. 57 



8 Oct 58 

20 Oct. 58 

24 Feb. 59 

13 Mar. 50 

P 24 June 50 

maader4a> Chief of 
Anny, which 
oatll 1847. 


•/mi» \xitw ^vurtn jLMKoitun»re} aegi, oj xom, ivii 

JBOTUIAirTS. I INSION. LIEUT. | » Colontl F*S«1U Brnd *lth 

rt.«/UM«BuiieU 1 Apr. mImB Oct. M S" '^ .•JSiiHiX'^SS; 
■Ud JdIidmhi .... so Apr. £a|P30Nov.Sn|(>>c iDdlm Uulnr of IK7-U; 
laalHennlMHajM' 13 M«r. fiai'SO Aug. 5D ?^™|?JSJi' JSt -" " 

3 Apr. 
1 Mny SBilJ" 

niMll. PoH*U.. 
eric RabeHMiii . . 
\ BaiM Hn*ton 
olMWhidoa .. 
tunWblUa .... 
■Jd A. H. Ro«.. 

rt Hunro DIcklDson 
ud Fred. Puoie . . 


ry P. Bluett .... 
rf Mmten ^roule 
ge Win. Caftn , . 

Rkbard Montfort ^ M»y M J.'S„","mUh 
tamMllColin 1 4 Juna5H|nl>erur Atln 

. .. ,. ~. ., jg^p,_ jjg.,| . - - - . 

10 Sept. 68 " 

IS Nor. 581 """ "•>»■ '" "» 
SAJftii. A9|or sooijkiiiiiHi,» 

18 M«r. 6fl>n, >Dd turr»dc. ». ..,. .....^, — .»» 

1 Anr ,-rfi ■■^' ""MBi at Ik* NKik or OaqXnl (l<*d*l 
i *S, ?:""■'' C"«pi). Dl.lilutj>UlinFMi»n*T<>luMcn 
SApr. ■>«, dunii(<lMBriuy Mutiny in lenfModU). 

24 June Ml 

SfiJiiw.JO e»iii|iii»n oriMK-B, mri.idiiiii ini wMiaor uit 
nan 1..1.. r,i ilrK* oixnlkiH twfan MdoIihb and wrrcDdif of 

" 15 H DV. 601 iroiindMl la Lbs Itn at ilia bmitta 0/ OoriDrii 
f Capuln Nsniaiu ni-nA *lth Iha IMh Srct. 

In the tadla «r eahnan (Uid*I>. 
uteri.— 1 Jimei llurpliy,'' 1 June 66; Qr.Afr. 3 March 4)). 

2 Ilcnrj Barrett Broii,leY,3S Feb. B8. 
inii.— VC 2 Xi«ii. Jkmea Creip,'' 20 Jan. 58. 

1 L^ut. Percy Beale," S6 March 68. 
Mort of MtulUtty.-^i Liait. 8. E. Orr, 17 July M. 
S I Litut. Theoplillus Scott. 

3 er Maileri.—i Wttliim Sjkts, 6 Peli. 60. 

1 Jams* Darker,*" 3 Dec. 5.^. 
wf.— ICbu.Alri.Qordon^HD. CB. 10 July 40; AuiU.Surg.iJunetl. 

2 Frederick Douglu, M.D. 9 Oct. 67 ; Atiut.Surg, 30 March 40. 
.Surgl.~l John Tullocli," 7 June 64. 

1 Thonii» John Tucker, 18 Jnly&u. 

a Theotiald Pcttiersluns T^ngiUIT, 23 Jaii. 68. 

S WillUm Laugworthy Baker, 89 June 68. 

/^infi Yellow. — Agmlt,1iettn.Coi i: Co. 
[1«( Batt. Ttlumtdfrom hdia, July I860. Dtptt, Devenport.'] 
tidB«lt.«mbarludfir Cape itfOted Hope, Dee. J6Sa. Depot, .] 

3CulnMtr«ildnHr'*4*i<bllM l*Ui ia Iha Builtj «ap^u*r IH-M-B.Hid 'U prrHnl 1b llMbiUto 
rsabma (Medal). HiHnedalaoA) Puajaafr nni)ialgaoriMa.W,andiiupnHalduilB|lbt abolaor 
<a •tmoiicni'de* krftiia KoDltan, Imrindint iha alTak ol ika SIh Soiit.. ilatintnii Uia eatm^'i MRHifri. 
ilmtehadaaaitlaabrfonUaiilMN Itlh Sapl., action or OKirllioaiid.carrTlnx the htirtiU m ITIh Ure.ln 
nBaa4«r lb* ^•■•;<>d nrni^dararilia foriMu a< FMd BaflHar: afiarwudi |i»Kai *< ikt lama' 

' — - lad a field lam In Ika *iin|liiir add Jeimper* 

vmUn; nniiniHdfilinadiraab'diiuifdafatak-' 
.uehnD> iniludlni Ika actioai el Chanda, Vnn 

.; vaaatlvked ta Id* Onerka Trm 

thtDi'KBn- " ■■ '—• - 

■iirt,*a< DMBila, elin and eafitim ef laekiHnr, cemiDaDdeirtha advanced nrli iuu ihc JUiHliaali 
wadad a pertro' nTaiitcen eecaniBii the larin Uoaqsa aonnaadini; the KiiiiabuU— meutlBi 
^^■ddaa ■ lariaf "Uikly diftiunliBai Uoutlf:" alUnnud* oKaeiii at tbe iclxl ot Aiinelii 
lalfiHat ^mlloB* atAtdaeran, Bievatel Uayn and HKaU. 

194 lOih {!%€ North Lincolmkire) Reg$. ^ Foot. 

8 CapUin Lunb Mxred durinr the Indian campaign of 18S7*68 and wat wtaent at tlM aetkm ol ShabnoM 
5Ui July and battle of Agra on 10th Oct. 1867 (Medal). "^ 

Mijor Patt^Kon wrred with the lOth Re^t. in the SiitloJ eanipaifn of 1845-4, inelodii^ the baUleof 
Sobraon (Medal). Alio the Pu^JaDb campaiirn of 1A48-0, Includinjr the whole of the siege operatioas 
before Mooltan,— action of Sooijkitond, carrjiiig the helghit before Mooltan, eoptnre of the Dowlat Gate 
(commanded thestonning party Xandaurrenderof the fortrMt: afterwards preeent at the battle of Qtxsjrnt 
(Mt^iil and Clas]>»). Commandeii three companies In Shahabad with Eyre's field ftircc, action at Ddavur 
iind capture of Jiigtlcevpore I'J Aug. 1867— nieiitioncd in OUputolieit (Hrcrot Mi^or. and Medal). 

10 Lt.Cot. Ormesurved with tht* Itith LuiirerN in the action of MaharMjportt on S9 Dec. IMS (M«>dal>. 
Also in theSiit^J eainpalan in lH4tf and was priwnt in the bctiuns at Uuddlwul and %llwal, in which last 
he received a teTere bayonet wound when charaing theSeikh infantry (Medal). Serfed with tte luth Rigt. 
in the Indiim campaign of 1857-59, including the advance uii Lurknow uud actions at (^haoda, Umeerinire, 
and Siiltanpore, sieiie and capture of Lucknow, relief of Asimghur, and operations against the rebels in 
the JiigdeKr*ore Jungle (Brevot of Uajor and Medal). 

18 CapU Cllfrord waspreBent xith Ihe lOih at the battle of Ooujerat (Medal). 

IS Captain Barlow served the INinJaub campaign of 1848-B with the 10th, inrlit'ling the whole of the siege 
operations before Mooltan, action of doorjkoond, carrying tlie heights before Mooltan, capture of the 
Dowlat Gate (grape-shot wound), and surrender of the fortress: afterwards present at the battle of 
Qpojerat (Medal and Clasps). Served in the Indian campahcn of 1857-58, Including the captare of Jng- 
deepore with Byre's force, capture of Atrowleca, Mctions of Chanda, Umeerpore, Sultanpoiw, and Douraha, 
siege and capture of Lucknow, relief of Asimghur, and operations in the Jogdespon; Jungle {Kedal). 

14 Captain Smyth ivrvcd the Punjaub canipuipnoi 1848-9 with the 10th, including the wholcof the kirgc 
operations against Moolian, stomiinir the unt* my's strongly-entrenchc'd position, action of Sooijkoond, 
carrying the heights before Mooltan, capture of the Dowlat Gate, and surrender of the fortress: afterwards 
pre»ent at the battle of Gtoojerat (Medal and Claspn). Was engnged with the Dacca Mutineers at Jelpi- 
goree In Dec. 1857 (Mrdal). 

15 Captain Lucas served the Punjaab campaign of 1848-0 with the 10th, Including the whole of the >if>ce 
operations before Mooltan, affair ofihe ttth Sept., storming tlie enemy's stnmgly-entrenehed position, and 
surrender of the fortress: afterward* present at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and Clasps). Served in the 
Indian campaign of 1857-58, incliidintf the advance on Lucknow and actions at Clianda, Unoeerpore, snd 
Sultanpore, sleffe and capture of Lucknow, rvlief of Asimghur, capture of Jugdespore and operations in 
its vicinity (Medal). 

16 Major Crowe served with the 78th Hixhlauders in the Persian campaign in 18o6 and was present in 
the action of Kooshab and bombanlment of llohaiarah. Served in India with Ilavelock's Column from its 
first taking the field in 1857, including the actions of Fnttehuore, Pandoo Nuddee, Cawnporc, Oonao, Busrer. 
ntffunge, Boorbeakechowkce (Victoria (hross fordistiDguisheu and gallant conduct), Muugarwar, and AJumlAgh, 
reuef of Lucknow (wounded), defence of Alumbagh under Qutram, siege and capture of Lucknow, relief of 
Azimgliur, and operations near Jugdespore (Medal). 

17 Captain Hurt served with the Royals throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, Including the 
battles of Alma and Inkerraan. siege and fall of Sebastopol, and with volunteer sbarpshootara from 17th 
Oct. to 81st Dec. 1854 (Medal and Clasps, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

18 Captain Bluett served with the 10th Regt. in the Punjaub campaign, including the latter part 
of the sicKe operations before Mooltan, and surrender of the fortress, and battle of Qoojemt (Medal 
and Clasps). Served at tiic relief of Asimghur in April 1858, capture of Jugdespore and operations in its 
vicinity (Medal). 

19 daptaiii Whaitc served in the Punjaub campaign in 18i<l, including the latter part of the siege opera- 
tions hefore Mooltan, surrender of that fortress, and battle of (xoqjerat (Medal and Clasps). 

20t Captain Bartholomrw commanded a wounded detachment ofthc lOth Foot during the operations against 
the rebels in the Shahabad district, from 9th Oct. 1858 to 4th Jan. 1859, and was ■everal times ennsed 

21 Captain B>ron served In thn 84th Regt. at the Siege of Sebastopol In 1854, and was wounded and 
taken prisoner In a Sortie by the Ru^iians on the nlitht of the SOth December (Medal and Clasp). Served 
in the Indian campaign In 1857-58, including actions at Cawupore under Windham, siege and capture of 
Lucknow, and relief of Asimghur (Medal andClaip). 

81t Captain Hales served with the 18th Royal Irish in the Burmese campaign of I853'5S (Medal). Also 
at the sl^e of SebasU>}»ol from 80 Dec. 1854 (Medal and Clasp). 

S2 Capuin Henderson served in the Ind>au camoaigu of 1837*^8. and in June 1857 was attached to an Irre- 
gular Levy of 141)0 men cngiiged in the district for the protection of Agra being also vested with the powers 
of Joint Magistrate in the diatrict of Agra. Allyriinr, and Muttra; present at the action of Agra on 6th July 
and was afterwards Assistant Field Engineer in the Fort ; in October was appointed Orderly Offlcer to Col. 
Greathed. present at the action of Diikhuosha and relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, the afrair at Kanouge, 
aflkir of tlie Snd Dec. and action of the Gth Dec. at Cawupore ; sen-ed afterwards as Aide de Camp to Geaeial 
Franks and present at the actions of Kusrutpore, ChandH. Umeerpore, Sultaupore, and Dhowraha, ai^e and 
capture of Lucknow (wouiuled by on explosion) including the storming of tne Emaumbaim and Kaiaabech 

98 Captain Sandwith served in the Indian campa^n of 1857-58 and was present with the party of the 10th 
Regt. under Captaiu Dunbar (who was killed) at the attempt to relieve .Vrrah (wounded)} advance to I^uck- 
noMT and actions at Chanda, Umeerpore, and Sultanimre, siege and capture of Lucknow, aiormingof the 
Emaumhara and Kaisabagh, passage of the Tonse, relief of Asimghur, capture of Jugdespofa and operations 
in its vicinity (Medal). 


woundeir, and nifiitioned in Disiiulches for ''* conspiruous gallantry "'(Victoria CrosB)w Present at Cawnpore 
under Windham when attacked liy the Gwaligr Mutinrers. Served as Adjutant to the Regt. in the force under 
Otitram at Aliinibagli. including tlu' rupuUe of the numerous attacks, and also in the operationa ending in 
the AimI rapture of Luckuor. In Bohilcund in lh5b under Lord Clyde and at the action uf fiareilly (Medal 
and Clasp). 

•H Lieut. St. John served in the Indian campaign of 1867-58, including the advance to^Loekaow and 
action* at Chanda, UmtH^rpore, 8ultan]>ore, and Douraha, hiege and capture of Luclcnow^ storming of 
the Kmaumtmra and Kal«abagh, rvllef i>f Asiinirhur, skirmish at Biriit-ea, luid action of Jugdaspore, and 
was severely wounded at the action of Cliutomah (Medal). 

i2o Captain Graham served in the Indian campaign of l8o7-u8, including the capture of the fort of Atiow- 
lera, advance to Lucknow and actions at Chanda, Unieerport;, Sultanpore, aud Dourahn, aiegte and capture of 
Lui'know and stormmg of the Kmaumbara and Ka'sahugh (Medal). 

'26 Lieut. Beale served with the lOih Kegt. in the Indian campaign of 1857-58, and was present at the 
Mutiny at Dmaporc, di-feat of the rebels by Kyre's force and capture oi Jugdespore, advance to Lucknow and 
ncliitns at Chanda, Unie«rp(«re, and Sultanpore, sicKC and capture of Lucknow and led the storaiing party of 
the loth Kegt. at the storming of the bmaumbnra imd KuiSAbafrh (twice mentioned in despatch) ; aa Ad- 
Jutant of the Kegt-. he was present at the pussnge of the Tonse. ruief of Asimghur, capture of Jngdespora 
anil operations in its vicinity ; aud was Staff Officer to Colonel Longdeu commanding in Aorih Behar, daring 
Sir J. Douglas' final operations in the winter of lo58-59 (Medal and Chup). 

il lieut. Rattye aerved in the Indian campaign of 1857-58 and waa preaent at tha Mtitinr at Sfnapon Mni 
attempt to relieve Arrah; capture of Atrowleca. advaooe to Lucknow and aetaoaa at ^— ^n Umgnac, 
StthMBpony and Douraha, liege and capture of lAcknow and itonning of the Emaombara and Kainhagh (MSal 

,Bdl MTPai i* the Isiiui canpaigB of 18S7-58, inelndinf the tdvuMe ta Imbkmtm and eelku at 
Cheaie, Uaeerpofe, SnlUnpon, uid Douraha. li^e and capture of Leckaow, relief of Aiimghir, and openi- 
tioM Bear Jiudeapore (Vcdal). 

Sellanpove^ an 

80 lievt. Lyoam terretl in the IndUn campaign of 1837-&8. and was at the Matinv at Dinapore, capture of 
▲trowlcea. advance to Lucknow and acUonn at CUaoda, Umeerpore, HuUanpore, and Iwuraha, aiege and cap- 
ture of Lecknow, relief of Aziraybar, and operationa near Jufdeapore (Medal). 

SI lieut. Creiy ttetred the £aaicm campaign of 18&A-;»6, iniludiBf tbe tmitlet of Balaklara and Inkov 
laan (aofenly wounded), siege and fall of ^baaiopol, end toriia of wih Oct. (Medal and three Cla»pa» and 
Vietoiia Cfuaa). 

33 Uent BetioB aerred with Brigadier ONrAeld'a coluam at the effair at Peeroo on 11 May 1868, and with 
Log ard'a force in the <9eratioa8 near Jngdespore (Medal). 

98 Peymaatcr Murphy served with the 10th Regt. in the ButleJ caropaigB of 184^-40, Including the 
buttle of Sobraon (Medal). Also the Punjaub eempAign of l8i8-49, and was present during the whole 
of tbecftife operutious before Mooltau, including the repulse of tlie enemy'a night uttaek on 17th Aug. 
184Sf ead surrender of the fortress ; afterwards present at tbe buttle of Ooojerut ( Medal ai»d two Clasps). 

S4 Qr.Kaater Darker served wiih tlie 2drd Fusiliers in tht* Indiau Campaign of 1857-68, Including the 
relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, defeat of the Owalior Contingent at Cawnpore, siege and fall of Luck- 
now flledul and Ciuspa). 

So Doctor Gordon waa preaent with the 16th Lancers at the battle of Maliarajpore 29 Dec. 1813 (Medal). Had 
medical churge of a force in an czpeditton lu 1848 on the West Otaat uf Afiica, and waa thanked in Despatch. 
Serv^ in tlie Indiau rampaign ol 18j7-&8,— in medical charge of Franks' lorce in tts advance to lucknow 
including tbe actions of (;handa, Umeerpore, and Badsliagunge ; was preaent triih the lUth Begt. at the 
aiege auo capture of Lucknow } had medical charge of Lugard's fmrce iududing the relief of Aiimghnr, cap 
ture of Jugoeapore, and action of Chiiowrah (twice mentioned in deapatchea, CA^ Medal and Oaaf)» 

[Continuation of Note$ to 9th Foot.] 

If Cavtelu Vltart aad Lfrat- Thorapaon sarrwl In tha CrioMa tnn ICth Prb. lau, indadiof tht sieffe and Ml of 

fhaslopol.aad aMaolt on tbe lMtterip»oiitb«8(b Jane (Medal and CU«p). ,^. 

Se Capcate Doaelas trrrtd af tbe tlet* of Srbattopol fVom Mov. 1844 until the lUb June IBM, wbonbo rtcelved a 

MiidattboiiMaaUoatb4Pbatt»flM(M«dalaad ClMp). ..... ^. .w .^ ^r «.w.^.. 

set Capcate OriMMoo served with tbe Mri HivbUnders In tbe Crimea from Jan. 18i6, ineludinf the u«f • of SebaMo- 
poU asMttiU of the latb Jane, and eipodttJuw to Kertch (Medal and Cla.p). Serred in India at the battle of Cawnpoia, 
tbe teUef of and eapum of Lneknow (wnunded at the aa»a«lt of the Return's Palace), and encaacmentt In Barcilly. 

n LleaU Aplin letTrd in the Crlmeafrom the »7th June tBW.lneludlnf ■ie«e and fall of 5r»>".«|»P?i™!l'?i Z^fZ 

S4 Or. Maaur Banbury aarred in the eampaiKn of 1842 in Afgbanwtan (Medal), including the forciag of the Jbyber, 
/,iiX"k7«d T^nVa«*s ; actions of fiaiookhail. Te«ea, and Huft Kot'lj """k •"«« ^^^"11^ J,'^,' Ifc 
SaSkTeam^ain of l»«-4«. Inclodinir the baffles of Moodkee. Perosertah. and Sobiaon (Medal and two Clasps). The 

■main from Ifov. 1«»< to AprU 186*. inclading siefc of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). . . ^„. . _. 

S AStaJ!tarfe«n Oven, lerved irSe Crimei fVmn Wtb Not. 18M, ineludtef tbe .iege and fhll of Sebastopol, and 

^mi{ an tibebatiertea oa tbe leib June (Medal and Claap). . ^ . 

JT liiiiil.lTngsou J.C- JobnstoB aerred with tbe 9th Beft. la tbe Crhnca from Jan. lUb, Includtag tbe siege and 
fhll of Sets itotMl, a<ad 'aMauli of tbe battsriet on ISlb Juno ( Medal and Clasp). 

7 \cei»n*l.—Slr lUchud Dohorty,' Bni. 

Oct. M. 
1 Edward Moore, Biu. til 

! Xn/ 
\Xmor4.~l AuKuiti J( 

I Capt. I 

I JohD 

33 Not. M; Oal. 

iB 90 i Ct.93 Nor. 

rt-W; aSnit.M. 

17 r:^ 31 Dec. 87; 

trtt.Lieut. , 3U June 64 ; Lt.Cot. 

r iff "nyif. 7Feb.3U; Biw. 

A8;£(.Gil. 1 Apr.&9. 

: LUut. PSI June 31); 

; JV^ar, 30 Feb. Ca. 

; lAtul. r 6 aept. 43; Copl. 15 

1-90 June 43' 

)• 1 Dec. 4»:i 

ll 90 June 49 ,>■ 31 

O \i Kt.Vau([h*ii Dickens"' i 1 Hty 40l i 
I Wn. Henry ClarkMn , SI)June49; I 

U I Owen Daviei 'IQAu^.W t 

j Richard Kotliain ....i SOct.SOl Hal 
1 Thoma* HIU |r80Sept.53i 93 Mi 


I J Uarcu* I 

> J Tliomat Llnduy fliarJi 

I 2 Aag. Fred.DeB. Diian 

1 2 F™. Wm. Henry Pelric. 


. 05 
a Feb. 44 < 93 Dec. 45 
13Sept.4S'>>14 Feb. fil 
3UF«b. a>' SUJuIy 06 
10 Feb. &5i 18 Jan. M 
ISMay SI rieAiiK. M 

' 7 Not. M ' 
BJsn. 58! 

30 Feb. 56 
' 31 May SS ' 
> SB Hay 58 : 

15 JnneM,' 
•16 June Sa! 
' 13 Jnlr 68 ' 
n 24 Aug. 68 
P 7 Sept. SB I 


I Oct. 68 j 

» 3 Oct. SB 

PllJan. Sit 

G Koi. 47 

1 May &6 

7 Jai 

e April55 9 Auf 
I lOApHlfi.'i >> 3AtiL 
30 Feb. 55| 9 0ci. SS ^ 
11 May SS.P 7 Mar. M I 
'I IS Mar. S6I 25 Mar. 50 

11 May 55] ISJnn. 58 S 
I 15 May 56 16 Jan. S8 2 
' 1 June 561 15 Jan. 58 
B June 56 30 Feb. 68 
' OJuueSS. S3Mur. 58 
I 97 JnljSS 14 May 68 
SMay Se 'il May 58 
B July 50, » 98 May 68 -o: 
r 7 Nov.fl0'''15 June58 
h.! 5 Feb. 58 i* 13 July 58 
.1 10 Feb. 58 P94 Auf. 68 
jl'SSfcpt.S,^ r 7 Bept.68' 
21 N"T. 60, IB Feb. 58 
..\' 5JiineS5 1 Oct. 58 
I GJuly 55' 1 Oct. 58 
35 Sept. 55 1 Oct. 58 
17 Mar. 59 " 2 Oct. 68 
OOcl. 55' 5 Oct. 58 
u.iuu. 17 Jan. 58 '38 Jan. 50 
JordaDJ 18 Mar. 58 1»32 Apr. 59 
A Hilii.l IS Jan. 68' 14 Ha? KO 

a Ja>.Farq«batwn OllTer: 30 Mar. 58 <* 17 Jnn« 59 

,1 WillUD 

13 Wm 

k imm^. 

Jgrmt, E. S. Codd, Eiq.— A^A Agtutt, Sir £. H. Borangb, Bt., Armlt k Co. 

[lit BaUaliem ntwmtdfram Neu) Swih Wait*, 10 Fti. SB. Stpot, Fmnqr.] 

T Cipliln CnHBpMn iirtttt willill»«IadIII|b;uiltniLlUi*iIr|iuidUl of BcliHlapairnfli) jBlTltH 

(Ucdil ud Clu))). 

B (.'npuiii BosiU ■FFT>4 Id the KutUr wir r>r I»M-SI (Mtlil). >iid In ISMSJ ia th« Onnn RItm Ti^ 

10 CtfMa MclHBi Hrrsd Willi thr Mlli Urft. In Uic P«nlu uuptliB <i( ISat-GI, ladudlif lk( itMH 
■■d c^BHOf BaUrr, nirrtgdrTsrBudilrf. ind bombirdiiiHil of Uobunnti. SirTtdlD B«|il>iid H.W. 
PrarlDiH InHpiiRHlBillHmiillnr in lUTGS; pmnt wllh HairdMk'l colDon In tti* ■rtlani etVutUtf 
paH.AauiUb >>tmdM Saddam, CmiBmm (woundfd). ud Bllhaor; In ui mflUr al Blilrupen andn Briib 
ain Vlhoa i ud iru l-Uitut Englnm durlnt ttedfrmn ol CHnpin. 

11 CipMIn RlcbudHu icntd lb' rampiten an Um AuIIii] ■lih th* Bih Rfgl., and wu prwini nt tka 
kattlo af Itoodkag. pBoaabah and Subr-ion (Xedal and two Clatpll. Brmd In ll» Punjaub raBptlo of 
tau-y wUb iki aiM lUtt., and wai piHnii at Ranninii' wd Uw pauaf* of Uia Cbvnab, ike tatllM af 
Baioolnata wd CUUUawalUh, and with Ihg fltld fiiica In pirMlt ul Uu <n«aiT Is iIh Kh|bw Pua la 
1lmiiT»Mat^MlMmdiwaG\M>iM\. Himd u tlx liefr, awuU, and nplunof Mlttl In ISA7. 

rniui Ihf JltMiron nndfibriSSl (Mtdal). Senrd nlw In 11k Crinua mm «4hEo(. 

Ka lire* and Ul nt Sabuloiwl (nm «aUi Auf. lUI 

IHSCIMid wltb Claip t»ra<badii|K>l). 


WEui|Bpri»isn«d wlibltat 41it lta«t.attheilCKCof 3abailopnllnlSM-fi9andwai»nnlT « 
bf acnpaabat OB tlw lift iliouldR lain* adianad Btfte Fll en Sih J una (Krdil and Clwp). 

1S<A(^. Suffolk) tUgL a/Foot. 

" MINDEN" '■ OIBRALTAB"— vith the Caitleani Ktj/~" JfMHi Zmiaida 

C#toiul.-1l OS ChkTlM Anthony Ferdinand BentiDck,' Bm. 16 So^.Ot; Lt. 

tmt Capl. 34 Sept. IS; Bm.-Mi^cr. IB June \b; Capl. and 

Uay 22; Col. S8 June 38; Maj. ' 3U Uay 13 ; Xf .-Co J. Nov. 46; JfaJ,- 

Gttt. 11 Not. 51; Lt.Om. IS Jan.SS; Cat. 1 3th Foot, U April HI. 
Lt.-Coli.~\ JohD Maxwell Pen-eval,> CD. Ent.' 31 June 3S ; i,t. * IS Har. 36 ; 

Capt. Pie Hay 38; Afi^'. » 14 April46 ; Xt.CoJ.PS ApHI 50; CW.S8NoT.A4. 
I Thomaa Brooke, Btu. ' 31 Oct. 34 ; Lieut, p SO July 38 : Capt. r 19 Hay 

4U; iln/m;'* April 50; Lt.Cal. H9 Uij 6i ; Cef.ESNoi.M. 
Midori.— I John Francis Kempt, EnJi. ' 16 June 30 ; Lt. 10 Hay 37: Capt. 

aa Apr. 4S) Mn/or, » 10 May 54 ; Bt.Ll.Col. 30 Oct. 08. 

HenryHaiideHamllton.'fiu.i'O Aug. 30; i.M' 360cl.41 ; Capt. r 11 Hay . 

40; Brtv.ifaj. i3 Den. U ; ifiy. 10 Dec. 60; Brni. Zt.Cvl. 6 Jane £6. 

WlllIamJanieiHntehins,£>u.3Dec.36; Z,(. 3 Dec. 40; Capt. :iO Dec. 46 i 

Mnjar, 8 Jan. 58. 

EdvardGeot^ Hibberl,* E*t. r 30 April 4B; Lt. Oct. 48; Capt, 'SS 

May Si; Bt.Mqj. 1 " "" " 


i-lSMar. 43 


Richard Atkinson.... 

PI8 Feb. 4U 

p 30 Mar. 49 

P3l)Apr. 42; P 18 Aug. 43 

33 June 60 

: Wm. Henry Queado' . 

OJune 43|P37 JuNe45 

P 11 Apr. 61 

SThoniaeDundM' .... 

87 Dec. IskUApr. AH 

P30 Feb. 63 

i ThomasGeorgeTerekei 

PS3May4fi>PIl Dec. 46 

P 10 May 64 

v 37 Oct. 46lP 3 Apr. fiO 

P 37 Juno 64 

John Reynold* Palmef* 

I May 42' 6 Jan. 40 

36 Aug. 54 

! Bdirard U. FMter,' « 

SHay 43i 14Apr. 46 

14 Feb. 56! 

1 Samuel Pairtlough' .. 

35 Aug. 46 

P 93 Oct. 47 

P3T July 66 

1 Ediraid Herrick * .... 

P 16 Dee. Aa 


P 39 Hay 67 : 

1 HenryTol 

Sept. 46 

Sa July 49 

B Jan. 68 '■ 

t Frederick Bagnell* .. 

30 Oct. 40 


8 Jan. 68 

[ CbarletJ.CecllBlllery 

31 Jan. 63 

81 8<>pt.64 

Sept. 66 

! Horatio Nelwn Kl,.pgi, 

' 18 Apr. 45 

30 Apr. 48 

OJan. 68 

, Thos. Bdmnnd UMler 


13 Oct. 63 

P 10 Feb. 68 

! AkuodarH'Lood.... 

IT Sept.£0 

9 Feb. 56 

36 Jan. 68 

. JohnDaTid Downing.. 

P S3 Not. 49 

P 8 May 51 

9 Oci. 56 



PBlMay 62 

P 13 April 68 

1 Oeo.GlaKOtt Hewton 

9 Hot. 48 

14 May 62 


I Edward Hireon 

13 8epL48 

a Dec. 63 

30 Sept. 68 

John Lunan Wllkie .. 

33 Not. 49 

p 37 July 66 

P 20 Oct. 68 

P 30 July 47 

3 June 63 

SO Oct. 67 

! CoinptouA.B. Dickhu' 

P 13 Dec. 60 

P 30 Hay 59 

17 June 66 

! Samuel Henry Harford' 
. Jai. Fielding Sweeney' 

Pie Apr. 61 

3 Dee. 63 

P 11 Mar. 68 

31 Ani. 49 

P81 Oct. 63 

M. CaulSald Sannden 

P 17 May 50 

P 19 May 64 

! Juliu. Henry aUrke*. . 

18 Sept. ID 

86 Aug. 54 



P 16 Hay 56 

S Golunal PareaTal caai- 
lUDriad lb* iwTi BiUtUsa 

1 GMr8(!0ibun,>.d4-... 

34 Dec. 63 

3 April 67 

1 John WuTOO 

PIS Aug. M 

3 April 57 

iUfa Rft. In tbt KaAr aar at 

1 Sept. 54 

8 Not. 56 

lUl-aa, and t« tall ivTlm 

. Coninnby M. Uarwanl 

P 19 May 54 

8 Jsn. 58 

a lilvai^C'lQBtl HaBdlaa 

! Henry Neabilt 

33 Dec, 64 

mini lilt Eaiiam eamHlcg 

S Wm. Dummer Jariii . 

8 June 65 

8 Jan. 68 

\ Samuel Hall 

13 Feb. 66 

P 10 Aug. 66 

and u A. 4. M.'a.'trsa bit! 

l»A£, tnelidlBf Iba ballll of 

I George norland 

33 Feb. 5o|P20OcL 66 

1 Jno.SoameRlchardion" 


-iff B '.nd f»U of Bebaiiapol 

( Gilbert de Lacy Lacy" 

14 Har. 55 Dec. 56 

H,'d>]>ndCl«p4, br*»<or 

[ Frederick Alban 

8 June 65 ► 8 Jan. 66 

Sth Clau or IhE M rdju'e)" 

I Matthew Coke 

37 July 66 

3 Feb. 68 

[ Reuben Pred-Magor.. 

e July 66 

P 23 Mar. 68 

PoMar, Hfrrlek, and Bainill 
LItult. Bxenr;, Bllrka, and 
Olbua.icr*^ m tht Kaflli 

1 Wm. Henry Crawhnll . 
1 DaTld Seymour 

P 10 Aug. 65 
P 1 Feb. 66 

P 16 Apr. 68 
P23Apr. 68 

. ThophilusHenrvOliver 

9 Oct. 66 

I Oct. 68 

"- C>iii>. Dl•■ld■■■nd'Fai^l- 

. William Keougl 

6 June 66 

3 Oct. 68 

Dy|[h.r^•«d ID <h*K>a,war 

\ Joacph Ollcer Johnson 

7 Dec. 56 

3 Oct. 58 

with llie MUi R^in. In )M 

1 Robt. Brads. Moorhead 

8 July S" 

3 Oct. 68 

, Edward Jas. Dudgeon 

P 20 May 67 3 Oct. 6a 

crirn*. ftniD aaih Am. ibu, 

36 Itlar. 58 

P 7 Dec. 68 

mA hu lb* Mtdil wlib CJaip 
or !9(l»iIo|»U 

Henry M acgregor Lo wr j 

31 Aug. 55 

33 Mat. 58 


SB Mar. 68 

P 16 Aug. 50 

1 B<ib«rtBdward Dawson 

30 Mar. 58 


' TFjii.S.Hffiii7DDiileTlB 

31 Har. M 

P 98 Oct. 69 



» 4UU.W 

isa (£. si^M) a^L «r J>w. 

riwa. Qto. D. lAtoacbe 
nonM Jrta Ony 

Benrr Mum 

BdwariPldde* ... 

IS Not. 56 

Hnr; J. lUc Doonell 

ChMtM Bdwird Hunt 

Walter J«hn Bot** ■ ■ 

ArtbDrLcTODX Wliippli 

WllUam Lenta Harpbj 

Ed«. Cba-CoUar Fntcr 

Vn. IiMfMM) SaoDder 

Robart BajroM Rwd. . 

CimpbaQ nut. MonU 

Villiun UuueU . . . . i 3t Avg. 69 

Havj SidHIi Andnm vMAug.fiS 

HuDilton JohnWallKce P 13 Dec 69 

36 Jen. OS 
ST Hit. 66 
1 Apr. 6B 
i Apr. AS 
a Apr. fiS 
i Apr. 68 
S6Mar. 66 
SI Utj 56 

II lint. UekknUoB ttmi wUb ih« Vtad 
It tiM >i*|« ud (kll of BrtBMopol 


leih JvIt IU6 (Hedul ud CIhp). 
It Uiul. Uc>Hr>*4 vltta tbe Mrd Rrft. M 

'HWl alio U th* bonibudnMBl Ud ap(ui«or 
:iiilHH.n (HFdtl ud OlHp). 

uriiE iwrlbiMi of Ittl-U (HidBl). 

li SnrfBon WfldmrthaBndinlhcEAJllr wv 

n8SI.B{(McUl. StrrtdwithtliciaitiLucen 

1 the CriMun norain fniBi ITth Ut; IBSI, 

idvdinii Iki battle of tlw Teheruji, uege ud 

sg ! fall of Sebialapol, and OHrUiaBi nnr Enpaloria 

u.. HI ! under Oucnf D'AlloBTme (Medal and Clupl. 

,-.. ?5; AliowtUilbelJUiLancMidminilbepipprnBni 

13 May fi9 1 (« ibe Isdtu dsUs^ witli Ihe Ker)iii£i Md 

33 Aur. 69 ftrte, and vaa pmeBt it the ihin of Jeiunfe 

„. .r" .» ud Kahai. hifile al Baoda, aod nnoder 1 

B*l^ Kiivee iHedal). 

: ByBuufdrt.— I Walter Rice OUvey, 6 Apr.5fi ; Snt. H4 Feb Jil ; Lt. ' S0 Oct.6S. 

I S Robert William Burdett Desangea, 9 Harcb SB. 

^ i{jWaH/«^~-S Zim^GeorgeQibuiD, ST July 66. 

1 tAtul. Franda Aagnatua FltaOerald, 1 Oct. 56. 
itmiet»nqfMiukeirg,—l LUut.S. t. SweeDay, 13 F^. 58. 

8 Lieut. Gilbert de Lacy Lacy, 36 Mar. 69. 
Mirier Ma*t«r: — 1 Robert Laver, SI April 54. 
8 William Rom, 14 Hay 68. 
S irfeont.— IW.IHck,'*U.D.A.5.13U*y36;Sury.7AnE.4e;5ur0.Jlfii;.lOet.66. 

I S Dudley CllftODWoiIiworth,"3(i Jan. 58; .4uut.5iire.lUJtO.61. 

•A *$itt«iit Surpemu. — 1 Oeorga Banlii Floyer Arden, 9 June 54. 
' 3 Qeorge Allan Halton, S3 June 64. 

1 Arthur Henry FrftncU Lynch, 1 M*T 56. 

S Joaeph Win. Carter Neyuoe Murphy, 1 March 68. 

Patingt YelloiF— .rf^rnfr, MeMra.Cox & Co. 
[Itt Ban. e«hH-»eJ/«r Auttrvlk, 1 Jvly 1654. i>9(rf, Walmer.'i 
[ind Butt. Tetumedfivm Cafe qf Qood Hapt, Sept. 1658. Btpel, .] 

200 \iih, or Prince AlberesRegt. of Lt. Ihj. Ci^,?5SSW 



s is 


"CABooL, iM«" '■ iBVAnurou- 

CdIom/.— ifit Sir WiUlam Maynard Oomni,' GCB. She. 34 Ha^ 94 ( Xl-ll 

Nui.04; Cnp(. aj June 03 ; JWiuor, 10 Oct, 11; Lirui.-Col. 13 Aug. IS; Ot. 

lUMay !»; Htnj-GeH. lllJau.3T ; ir.-Cm. S Na*.4C: Om.aOjDnBMj CU. 

13th Lt. Inf. 11) Mur. 46. 
Lt.C<ilmiet».—\ LordHitV. Kerr,' CI). Eiu. r IflJuDeSS; Xf. '14 Sapt.X; 

Cnpt.i'iOJunclO; Jlf-7j. J-2iiJuly6l ; tJ.Crf.PSODac, M; Coi. 88 Mot. 54. 
' I George King,' £'iii. 13 April 31 ; Z.M'IS Jan. SS; Capf. 8 Auk. 4S ; BIM. 

SUJoneSt; ^fi;/. 31 Au^. fiS ; AC.iir.Coi. SO Dk. S(t ; Xt.CU. 17 Nor. IT. 
S Arthur Homo,'* En>. » 10 Nor. 35 ; X/. P S7 Nor. 98; Capt. > 81 Fab. 94; Br.- 

Mn). Not. 40; Mq;'. P30 Uar. 40 i Brtv. Lt.-Col. SflHayaS: Cil. N 

Nov. S4 ; Lf.Ctff. e Jan. :>a. 

Mfjort.—l John WlUiura Cox,' CB. £nj. 96 June 98; Zl, 9S Anr. 40; Call. 
US Apr. 47; a(.itf.(>. 15 Uee.S4 ; ihjor, 2S Jan. 66; BLU-Col-'aO /nlr S*. 

I George lIcnryTylGr.'tEnit. S3 July 4S ; £/. 14 Apr. 46; Casf. *8 IfoT. SO: 
Ar<U. 17 Nov. r>7 ; Bl.U.Cdl. S6 Apr. 00. 

S WilliafD Unes Ptto.'t £ii*. t>l0Mny44; XI. PSB Juiie4a; Capt. ' 8 Frb. 
aO; Jlffifor-Sl Mny:<'4. 

S Herbert Vaiii^liaii Munilcll/ £». 2 Sur. 40; Li. P30 Dee. 45; Ci*<. IS 
Mar. 53 ! Atujor, ' 81 May_58. 
Captains. {. 

1 Robert Peei^ 

« WiHiamHenryKurr..| 

1 Fred. Van StraubGiixcG*. 

1 Hobcrt B.Hontgomcry'^ 

1 GcraldFitzOcroldKlng*, 

1 MchlUc Browne .... 

! 1 EdwanI Buyd^ 

I I Arthur Baiiibrigge" ..' 

1 Cbikrles Poore Long* . . 

3 Charlm Power Cobbc.. 

8 Nooi H. Bryan Vardon 

3 Wm. Henry Grim iton": 

3 Richard Morgan Hall'*. 

1 0«ddei SaniHin iTw jnam " 
; S JohnCumniiiig Clarke' 

S J.HoberlaonTurabuU" 

1 Jiio.AngenlcinRowley' 
: 1 Curnw. lly. Cliivhettor' 
't 3 Saiauel Head | 

I Coorge Honrj Cohhain*' 

1 O'NeilStewanaeijravc" 

2 Am-JameBC. Dormer', 

2 Tho.ChpmliM' Hob.-rtM>n i 

3 VO Air. StOWeU Jone.'t 


; I Hy. LewU FitiOerald* , 

1 John Frederic BTcrctl' 

2 RiL-1iiI..\iigeiit Clayton' 
! S Henry Ednard Hall'.. 
'„ 1 Phil.Edw.VictorGilberl' 

3 William Uaslcit' .... 

1 Henry Gilletl" 

1 William Wlllianu" .. 
i Thomai Tyler Gould . . 

! 3 John Codd Conington , 
I 1 H.Alax.C.Wroughron: 

3 John J. Pateiion Fox 

I Allan Shano Adair .. 

3 John Bond, Ad'i. 

1 Wm. Knox Lent, Atlj. 

I John Fencotl Jamea .. 

1 TliomanMcNeilleGlil 

3 Frpdk. Wliliam Ruck. . 

1 nUliamCox" 

a Clinrle«EdwardiiiPi.lmcr 

2 Ed v. LutwyL-lie England 

8 June 66 

brey lienzell . ■ 

I Fra. Hrew^ Edwardi . 

a July 

5 July Ji.', 
n July 56 
20 July 65 

• 3 Oct.' 551 
25 Jan. 561 
' 38 Har. 54 ' 

' 1 reo. oU "nntr Ainar ikan anvn 4ff 


I'J Feb. 67 b«l(h((. arawal tgoSu tt- 

B Jan. 58 >«■. anil moptarr oTCMhI, 

B Jan 58 '" ^h'eb he hai • ll»*a,Milii 

14 Mar. 68 ,„ ,fc, en™, fta. mmi Jaa 

7Apr.r>B lUMndmiatlbibatdeaflM 

3IIApr.68 Telwrn*Tbit*^>i>4IUI*fl*. 

31 Auir 58 l»-iopDl (Mrt«i ud CtaftaaA 

31 Aug. 58 
ICJuly 55 

ISM, er.Pruwt M^f» B^gimtU of Ugki Infantry. 301 


t LL-Coloix 


ill vt StlwhiiHl (Vedsl ind Clup, uid 
.nl|LI of Iha LeflOB of Honor;. 

( Alnied F. CaDlngbainc 

if 1 CbtrhiFnuf 

I Alax.HuniiniiiRomc 


1 Lloyd Picton jEDkini 

'X L Rieb. nugnald King 

I Arthur H'G. Denny .. 

K t Arthnr Brooki 

1 HnryKiQcFenwick..' S4ApritSd 

1^ 1 Pierce WilUani Hughet' 38 Uay bS 

^ 1 Dudley Thomu PerHcl SO May Hi 

I Hubert StoartClarke..' 9oJuneC8 

a L Matthew John Brll . . , v S4 Aug. 58 

I Aad.Cha.CunnlnghBin| S4Scpt,58 

t WlIliMD JameiHaU.. 2a8ep(.&e 

1 William L«B 9 mith ..[ & Oct. 50 

I G«Hge Kemmla- ....,; )■ Xor. 58 

Richard IlareUoma.. I 12 Not. 58 

Rubart Warren ; 31 Dec. 58 

I OerardSepIlmuaBurloiii 38 Jau. M) 
Tc . Charlnncd. Powell..' 39 Jan. 51) 
! JohDDroaghtE.lIuoney ^ 18 Mar. 5!) 
I Alex. Duke Slinpton . . ' ■■ 3 June 50 
! JohnA. P. K.Harwood' 7 Oct. i)2 
9a]ii»QiteTt.~\ Dancan Cameron M'NBiighl«n,"il5Mayr>5i Q.^/. IS Aug. 

SThomaa Caldcrhcad Brown, ti7 July 55; Cnn. 5 Nov. 54 ; u, 
I4iutnnli.~-i Lieut. John Bond, 13 April 58. [15 May 55. 

1 Lietii. William Knox l^t,2 Aug. 58. 
rMtmetBri of Mutielrf.—2 Lieut. A. G. Wyiieii, « Not. 59. 
'^ 1 Sniigii Richard V. Kinit, 10 Hay 59. 

luarter-MaMteri. — 1 Thomae Ilobaii," S5 May (iS; Sni. 19 Jan. 55. 

2 Tliomaj ArBCiit, 1) Nov. 53. 
lurgamt. — I Jameg Jackjon, A.S. 11 June -11 ; Surg-il May 52. 
[? 2 Wm. Orccii Troiudcll," M. 1). ISDecat): Auiit.Surg. 6 Apr. 42. 

\uitlant-Surgtont. — 1 Purer Nevil JackBon," S8 April 54. 
S 1 Arthur Ednin Tompio Loaglmr^t, 27 Oct. 54. 

I Charlca John Kiriran,'*20 Uar. 55. 
3 Nleliolaa LoTtua Gray, 23 Jan. 58. 
3 John iJtuarl, 13 Oct. 58. 
Facingt W«e.—Agenti, Hcisr*. Cox S: Co. 
{Ut Bait, embarkedfiir Oibr/illar 25 Afny 61. Depot, Feriaog.] 
{and Ball, vaibaritd for Cape of Good Hope 33 Feb. 1851). Depel, Armoy.] 
1 Sir VlillaraaomiiiierTtdlntliceiiiRllllDnlullieHrrdvr.lnlTtlH.lilcludlnglhcutlonorihcimb Stpl. 
. BipBUlIonM tbecoanorFnnMiiidSpaln,underHirJunc>l>ulien«r,_liiJBM^ tiptdiUon 

batllM of BaHcuaad I'lMnlHa'ODur, 
ill* UurM, Htll* or VlUorl*. tH 
If 1413,1a ■ ■* 

B kai nalTtd llw Gold . 

Mi Hi** ) aad IbeSUnr War HfdBl 
■ — ■■ 'a Knlfhl " ' ~ 

wHiTt. Btricdali 

.1 • ir , 

901a IS/A, or Primes AUwIft Sept. if Lifkt tnfimHrp. 

f LlmU.nita«i<dauAHMl«tl MTTci at th* aUn ud Ml of t^UM»po1 from Sf<lcpt.1»l(lfUilaa<ClMp). 
Uoti. BmUii MtvtA alM U ikelndk* tmmtaiga la lat^MMl vas ptaMWt iritk tka B n aa iriA farca ai tht a a riaai tf 
Aaorak aa4 tka lakiag ef Naffor (Mtdal) . 

10 litaLOUUtt wna4 at iha liaft and fiUl of labaalopo) tnm fmi Sept. I8U (Mc4al aad Claaf ). 

11 IkaL WUliaaw Mnad at tha sicf* and fUl of 8«ba«topol froai 7th Bcpi. 18U (Medal aad CImf)* 

M PiifaaMar M*NaafluaB Uadad vith tha Int. ia tk« Ciiaaa oa tht MNk Jaaa lUi, aad vaa at tkc aiaga a«dMl 
of la^Mrapoi (Madal aad Cla^p). 

IS GttpUin Qrlniton Mrvad with tha find Regt. In the KaAr war of IMI-A« (Madal), and with tha ai- 
ytdtUon north of tha Oranf a River In 1809-58 

14 OaM^B Hall loaded with tha 48lh Rtigt. In the Crimea on tha Slat April 18M, and aerrad at tha 
•laRa and fkll or Aabaatopol <tfedal and Claap). 

10 ir^Jor TumbttU serrad a» Alde-de-Cainp to Sir H. Barnard, to MiJ.-Gan. Read, aad to Sir A, Wlffon , 
dnrhif tha tlega, asaault, and capture of Delhi, In the action of Badla ke Beral and all the minor engafe- 
menti (thanked bj GoTemor Geoarnl in Oaanctl» Brcrat'lCaJor). 

If Dr. TrouidalUarfad with the fiOth Rent. In the PniOaub oanpalfa of 1048-0. and waa prwant al the 
battles of Chlilianwallah and Ooojerat (Medal aad two Claspa). derved the Eastern eajBpalfn of 1804-00, 
iaeludiag the battles of Alna and Inkemian. and tiege of debastopol (Medal and Clasps). 

15 Captain TVyaaaiMrvedwlih the SIM Ragt. at the aiage aad eaptartaf Dcthiia ISCTlaahidingtheaeliaBofVai- 
lallKhurCMadal aad Clasp). 

90 Assiat.-8urgaoa Kirwan serred at the liege of Sebastopol from the 14th to the 00th Jona 1800, In- 
dndiac tha tssuiit of tha 18th Jnna (Medal and Clasp). Had medical charge of the left w1b« lOlh Lt. laf. 
la India in 1808 at tha action of Amorah, assault and eaptuia of Nuggur, and various actions of the 
Banin Bald isroe (twice mentioned In dctpatchaa, and Medal). 

81 Qr.-Mutar Hoban senrad with tha ISth LL Infantry throughoat the eampaigas In AflirtaaBlalaB ftem 
1888 to 1849 Inclusive, and was present at the itorra and capture of Ghusnee (Medal), assault and captnn 
of the town and fort of Tootumdurrah, storm of Jhoolghur, night-attack of Baboo Kooah Gliur, deatruction 
of Kbaadurrah, asaault of Parwandurrah, storming of the Klioord Oabooi Pau, affair of Teaeen, fordnf 
tho Jogdnlluck PasiL recapture of the fort of Mamoo Khail, heroic defiance ol Jallalabad and aortles of 
14th Nor. and 1st Dec. 1841, B4th March and 1st April 1848, general action and dalsat of Akbar Khan 
before Jellalabad 7tk April (Medal), atorming the heighu of Jugdulluck, general action of Taaeen, and 
recapture of Gabool (Medal). Serrad In the Crimea from 80th June 1800, Including the battle of the 
Tchernaya, siege and fhll of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp). 

99 Aasist.SoTgcon Jackson served In the Eastern rampaixn of 1804-00, Inaludiag tha battlea of Bda» 
klava and Inkermaa, aad siege of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps). 

98 Lieut. Cox was present in April 1808 In the actions at Amorah aad the taking of Nnggur. 

M SSl hIS^.I i*^ ( y^ Bueiinghamihirt) Eet/t. of Fool. 

CoIoMf.— Sir JuQu WaUan,> KCB.fiu. JlJaneSS; £t. 18 April OS; Capt.W 
fii tl»,T.UiiMiy.aDi!e.Oi;I,l.-Col.UUayOa;Cci.*]anc 14; Uig-OtH. )» 
K JulySl; £f.-(7iin.I0 Jui.37; <?en. 11 Nor.61 j Col. 14th RrifE. &4 May 37. 
^£(.Co/DJuIt.~l lUlph Budil,' £i». 10 ^lur. 22; ZifuJ. P 10 Mv. 90 ; Caur. 
lJune41 -,Brm.-aii^. BU June S4 ; Mi[j.ili U>j£6; Zt.-OiJ. r a? Ju. &7. 
9 Srr Jame* Edward Alexander,* Curniit, P 30 Jan. 35 ; £f . ^SUNot.SA; Cb/Mf. 
'ISJuneSD; BreB»t-Mnjttr, Nui.4a; JJf. Xf.-Co/. 80 June £4 ; JUoier, 
39 Dec. U ; U.-C0I. 96 Uareh A8. ; Col. JO Oct. M. 
XtffaTM.^! WiJIlam Conno Trcvor,*l Eiit. 1 1 Har. 4S j Xieuf . S3 Jan. 40 ; Capl. 
'SB Hot. GO; Brtctt-MojoT, June 50 ; HTuJor, '"il Jan. 07. 
t 1 EdmnlJobn Holworthy, Snd LUiut.r 12 Feb. 30; tUut. fSHm.SO; Capt. 
. »i7 0ct.45; Af<tfor,'7 Mar. SO . 
9 John Dwyer,* £Su. P 10 July 31 ; XI. 31 No*. 34 ; Ca^. 33 Jan. 40 ; BI.-MnJ. 

9 Nov. U; jrq^fT, ae Sept. K. 
3 \rilliam Douglas,' ^lU.rKJ May 34; £f. 1 Aug. 38; Capt. 1% Btpt. AO ; Bl.- 

Maj. 8 Hot. 65; Jf^or, B Jan. 68. 

CAPrAiiia. I siMOii. I LiEvr. ct.rti.iti. Ibhbv.-haj. 

t Frederkk Ilaminerdt?' I 
1 Plomer John Young'. .{1 
1 Wm.HanburyHavl'y'j' 
! CflaTlceEdvftrdOraganji 
1 JohaGittensmayeock" 

1 Martin Pctne, * 

! Daw.StacklcyWarren^ 
1 TbonwaPrittleCaaby' 
3 WlUiam Heywood' .. 
1 Walter Fred. BIuDt'.. 
S lUchardllDuey Vliiau' 
1 Edw.D'U.Pairtlough" 
3 HugliMuey Lloyd .. 
3 Dniry Richard Uarncg' 
a Edward Win. Saunderi^ 
3 Hy. Theodora Vernedi^j 
3 Edward DyaaFealori" 
' " Alexaudcr Strang.. .. 

< Henry Cowell" 

' Gage Hall Dwyer" ..| 
Aad. Air. U Mcaurier" 
Wn. Temple Porratt 

Banuay Harmaii" 

John Owmi '* 

Alexander GonJon" . . 
I FicOerardArmMrong" 
Jan.Doi] aldsoB Bradley' 
Uy. William Meatoa" 
G.J.Newman Benmiah 

'23 Nov. 681 

■15 Mar. W I 
■84 Not. 6S 
■17 Aug. 62 
' 3U Oct. 48 
■lOJult tP, 
• 7 Apr. 4H 
30 Uar. 64 
' 10 Jan. (f't 
'IS Aug. 47 
12 Jan. 40 

Iver M'lTt 

John Taylor Caaton 
! PcterBarlow 

John GUncy,^.>l({/.. 
! Jaa. OcUtIu* Uachell 

Kenrick Hill 

Gwrije Uarwood Cupe 

Jamet Alex. Andaraoii 

1 George Robert Morgan 

2 John ahaw PhclptU . . 
S 1 Henry Auguitui Bur tot 

i 1 Stephen Wataon 

\ I George Leslie Bryee . . 

1 John WIImq 

3 JohnJoMpbUiUCarbery 
! j Anthony Robert Keogli 

1 Edward John Brl«co« 

! 1 FrancUForbetAtkinioa 
3 Henry Jobu Haringlon 

2 Ja8.TDWii>endEc]watdi 
E 3 John BrocVfield FilieU 

1 Bkh. Seymour Lemon 
1 jMtph iuiog,.,. 

• & Sept. 40 
' 1 Svpt. Hi 
Aug. 64 

1 1 Aug. G4 
<1S Au|{.64 
> 36 Aug. 64 

S3 Det-. 64 

12 Fvb. 66 

13 Feb. 66 
33 Mur. 66 

1 Irluy 66 
37 July 66 
17 Auc. 66 

Mar. 66 
16 May 66 

21 Apr. 40,1' 

' 1 N0V.8UI 
16 Ftb. 60 
28 Apr. 48 

' 7 Jan. 48 . 
IBUee. 63 
11 Aug. 54 
lOJau. 52 

18 Aug. 64. 


ID Oct. 60: 
23 Si^pt. 47 
'22 Aug. 61 
2D Dee. 54 

16 Uay 56 
13 July 4D 

4 Ajir. 61 
13 Apr. 62 
3« Uar. 64 

1 7 Aug. 66 


39 Dec. 64 
17 Feb. 

Har. 65 
U Mar. 66 

1 Feb. 60 
' B Feb. 60 
'17 Feb. 57 
■24 Feb. 57 
■23 Oct. 67 
'30 Oct. 57 

SJan. 68! 

J Doe. 64 
3{) Dec. 64 
29 Dec. 64 
" 6 May 64 

' 10 Apr. &7 

'S4 July 67 
16 Uay 66 
" 2 Oct. 57 

> 9 Jan. 67 
8 Jan. 68 
6 Uar. 68 

10 Mar. 68 
' 20 Mar. 68 
> 30 July 68 
'18 Oct. 67 

1 Oct. 68 

1 Oct. 68 

3 Oct. 68 
■ 6 Oct. 68 
'24 Oct, 48] 16 Jan. 68 

> I July 60 
33 June 68 

3 July 66 

8 Apr. 57 

'35 .May 66 

17 Aug. 66 

2C July ,w 

p 27 Nov. 67 

16 June 65 

9 Jan. 58 

S6 Oct. 65 

20 Mar. 58 

16 Jan. 60 

16 June 58 

1 Feb. 60 

16 June 68 

15 June 68 

P 38 June 68 

6 July 65 

I Ocl. 68 

E4 Feb. 67 

33 0cl. 67 

5 Ocl. 68 

30 Ocl. 57 

P 10 Dee. 68 

97 KoT.67 

' 10 Dec. 68 

SO Mar. 68 

MODec. 6B 

3SDec 67 

r 8 Oct. 68 

87 Mar. 68 

•■ 1 July Ml 

FatiHf* Bar~Agtnit, Mewn. UowneiftSao.— /riijk J;«Mi,Sfr U. K. 

Borougb, Bart., Annlt & Co. 
[Iff Belt. Fartign Service, 35 Apr. (>4. AuMf, Fermo]/.} 
fi U^nt DowtM trrrtd >■ Um iirathH at IhsiirmMil [llla[SM«iapol,uilwnaliaraMlSth Jbh 
(M«Ul uil Clup, BmM U|j«, and Stli Claw af Uu MHUMleJ. 

a U^nc HimiMnlcj Hntd la llwimobn st thxitfl anllaltof Brtutspol, «biI «Mi>]l«r thilMI 
Jnn« (M f4il Hd Clap, Bnici M^m^ SudjDiM Medal, ud Stk tilu of Ik* ll(4|idle}. 
7 Ciplklu Unvlar, Wunn, G«lv, UtTWSod, BIubI, ViTiui, SiuPdm, Lliub. BmdKr ud Olvii 

If Sabulopol, ud uMOlt of lilt IMti JiH (Medal Md CIMB). 
. ».». »lu»oii In lbs KiSr ou or \»tA^1 (Utdsl), wu pnwai li 
._ __. ' " ^_ ^1,(^1 

lb* (Ul sf il«k>do|wl QLtiit ud 

10 Captain Dwjcr Ki-Tcd In lb> Innctiti at Lheiltfeo' B'>>**to|x>l ud asull arUt lUh Iua(IIadal 
•Dd Clup). 

11 Captain Lr Mnurhr, Lluali. Armilniiit and Hmlon, •erred la Ih* tirnelui at tba •icf* aad lUI 

1« Oaplala NlT««k Hrrnl lb* £utrnic>inpa1in Dl l!ut4 In (he Iflh RtflM InrlndlDiIha bMUnaf Ite 
AlB* (aromdad) and Inherman, ilrti nt Stbulopul, and uKM at IhD SSIta Octofeac (kcdal and CItm, 
Baidli^a Medal, and aih CIiu at Uw UedlldUi). 

■•Opiahu lUnkiuthaBd Haraian mnri Intha tnnchei althaiitpar Sebailopol (ktdalaad Cla^i). 

14 Canlahi l^•nlan wried irlUi Uie G3id Beat- la lb* Punjaub campaifn la 1MB, tndddlu Ika baula si 
Oocdtni (Msdal nad cra*p). 


It Capnin Oweni terred ailb Hi* 

<ir AlnaudInlc>rniBn(d>nKn>iuly . 

(Hsdal and thm Claipi, and Sih Clan of the Utdjldir). 

IT IJ«I.OarJsn lerrsd tb* Kailencanip^iD ans;>l-U, li 
•ad la tbstnnchH » tbaiinf* and hll of SebaiMpDl,iind an 
ud ttth Clau of lb* M<djidlt). 

IB Uoetnr KInf terred III* Kutern einpalin ol i»H ai 
DMIlci ot Alna and Inkeiman, and lirf • of HebHlopol [Madal i 

IV A«LU,Hiirt*i>n BlteU*7 aarrad In lb* liesehHat Ibailc^- _ 

W Aailit.lliirieon Il^da aeiftd in Ih* titncliea al lb< liec* of Bebaitopal, ■ 
ISlb jHnt (Urda) and ClailO- 

li (Jnailrr Mailer Arni>l»a( lemd witb IbeWIb Refl.lfannilthwl Ih* opcnilua la China (Xadsl). 
IncUdliHi the ukint at Chuu (Inth openlloai). ttorm and eiplura «f Uw beifbl* ahsn Caatoa. Mlwk 
and eaptBRsf Ado)' and the hilihti uf Cblnkan, nccnpalion of Mnnia andrepulx gf lb* alihlsr ' 
alurk and cnnlur* at Chanao. Womnn*. and (.'IiliikliniitiHi. «1u Iha Eaalam onpaltn gt IM. _^ 

, ... _ -.,-r- .- d), itefaaadkUat 

dilopal (Medal aad na ClaiptV 
■t Lint l-heipa terred al Ui* tlr 
ek OB lb* Krdu on lb* Isik Juu- . , 

.jhoWB (Htdal Md Ciatp, and filk Claai ol lb* Hsdjldlt), 

i5^{nerorJi$NnSa»tSuiltiff)Stff(.efmt'. SOS 


St. GCB. QCMQ. Snd I4et,t. I Jin 94 i 


11 Jin. 30; £(.3« Ua*33; Cnp^ p 
K ; Jr<i/. 2 Feb. 6S; Zt.Cet. SS Au;. SO. 
•y 31 i if. P 4 Oct. 33 j C™r. » IS Jan. 3 
i& Har. fia ; Lt.Col. 10 Feb. sa. 
D Aug. 33; X(. P 24 Feb. 3J ; Cf/it. f U 
ZJ> Aug. 66 1 Bt.Lt.C(il. 17 Oct. fiU. 
^; Xf. Pit Oct. SO; Cnpt Hi April 4 
'0 Feb. 58. 

, Bl. Lt.Col. 
w.i'ieFeb, 38 5E;40i Ctipt.f 

i f 

m'a F«lrfn»" 


2 F. U. £brciiber][AII1iiiKii 

1 JohnW. Coveulry 

1 John Low 

1 n 

1 Fraocu IroniidG Rawllna 
1 HagraaJimeBC. Browne 
J Wm. 
I Wm. 

2 S7<B . A^. . 

> Gerald Butler BrrrE . . . 
it Bumll Hirrti VIcth . . 

8 John LmiU Biall 

1 Henry W.B.dc 

I HentrWm. K. Hairki.. 

22 Dec. 4B 

ai Kiiv. ai 

3& Aii^. 01 

15 Sept.£4 
HoDre. M' 
■>S3 lUsr. 55 

leMay 65 ; 

10 May 5A 

11 »lay A5 
]5Miiy 05 
10 Mar. 5i 
30 Mar. ftS 
24 »[oy 55 

■> A July 55 
I' 14 Mar. £S 

[»37 JIaySG 
I IT Aug^. 55 
I 14 Sept. 50 

I 8 July 50 I 
I '24 July 57' 
i|'18 3ept.57[ 
I 4 Ui'C. 57 
6 July 55. 

21 Sept. 55 
* 8 Mar. 5(( 

27 Slur. 5g I 
■> 13 Juneau : 

38 Mar. 6?'' 

21) Mar. 66 ! 

13 April fiB|i 

; ciMp). 

'15 Apr. 51) I 
'83 July 5S[ 

1 Apr. S7 
' 4 Dee. 57 , 
18 Xoi. e»- 
' MO Dee. W ' 
7 cipujB Builtr 
S5 Mar. 56 ' ' ' 
'BO Ai». 50 
"27 May 6C 
!■ Oct, 55 
'17 JuIt 57 
HI Sept. 57 

•20\'tli. 5(1 
r n Frb. 58 
13 Feb. 58 M.M 
23Mar. 5tt luin' 

2nMar. 5B )l -, -- 

fllar. 00 f■J^^,P^ j-p^,^ *^iu| Mav J 
33 ApllI r,a ■ anil .HI unHnVu iIk mn i 
21 May SSIfHll ft rttolopol. -' - 

31 Mayas'"'"-""'' 

'iS .May 58 1 ' 
23 May 58 


iptiln Oitt irtitd all 
riom dill 


[>r tilt Ibili Junr uhI Htli ^. 


'S2 July ■■ill I 

»ie Oct. ai 

206 Wk iTke ronUfttiv £a*t RiJimg) Regt. ^ thtt. 


1 Gwrga Lock 

I Oeorge Wm. Iltyne . . . 
1 Oro. Onilaw Cliurchill . 
i Franci. Henry (iarnelt . 
■i Jolin J. P(irt;thGr>nt. 
1 Kilward J. Uuultbco ..■ 

I WllkiiiKHi SIiiw 

i Joint JiHCiih Gricr.. .. 
1 Dl- Durglio Sa\v. HodiiC 

S Wttlter Laiirence MurtiD I tiJulyM 

> IS April ae_ 

17 April58,H.™.;Si" _ 
tta April 68 ChlBh-u Ika inK 

SI a pril 68 llw •(-'"ioi.. Mo 


30Apr[l&B (Mcd*l)| miMiHi: 
21 Miy 6B Muntfj (na tauli- 
Sj May 58 , 
■ 13 July - • 

In H, H. 8. V(f MVt !■ 

Cliarlei Clidon Tabu 
Edwiril CuthbcrtWird., 
Al». Hrr. ArthoT Siiiltli 
Ofo. Ainivorlh Fielding 
Joseph M'Miirniy .... 
BcglnnlJ Cartwrlght . 
TbM. llrinBrdK.FlrIc 
Hpiiry Jotrph livieclc 
William Henry 11 Lid»<>i 

1 Sept. 68 

17 8rpt. 58i 
8 Oct. 68 
1 Apr. 6Q . 

in All J. 00 

Q:) Allg.6» 
S4 Aug.69 
!1 Oct. 59 

Paytnarttri^X Rd. Mi1b*nkTlt(;liman,!80Gt.G3i fw.rSO Dec.46; Liatt. 
3 3 Robert SaTcn ltou*e, 16 April 68. {PUJaocSU. 

Si ,j^"u(nn(*.— 1 Iiea(. Henry /anllae Hallunn, 4 Dec. 67. 
S Xfrtft. John Macdonald, S3 March M. 
latiruHon of MuiMrj.—i Captain H. T, P. Cuthberl, 16 March 66. 
1 Lieut. O. J. MttunBcll, 10 Feb. b\i. 
ri ;;u>Ti'(er JITrijifcr*.— I Brvan Sltatrord, 6Aug, A3. 

2 Alvmnder R. Mitchell, 20 March 68. 
SnrpNMtf.— 1 ThomaiiRawDycc, jlout.Sur^.l JnneSO; 5BiVMfl,9 Ang.lO ; 
[SwT«0» ATft/or, 7 JpQs 69. 
3 Uibar WllllsmKm Evani," U.D. 8 Dec. 6t ; ..4.5. 3 Apr. 40. 
Vi AttUt.Surffeoni — 1 Johu Dcnii Htaly, 6 May 66. 
1 Edward Coffey, Si Jan. 68. 
S Jamet Hiuton, 10 March 68. 
S FrediTlc Murray Chalk, IG Aoff. 6», 
Facing! Vellow. — Agentt, Uetart. Cox It Co. 
[Mt Beltalleti rttitnud /roni OibraHaT,6Jvne 1667. Depot, Pmhnkt.^ 
[Sd Battalion eitibarlud for Malta, 26 Ifoa. 68. Depot, Pemtreke.'\ 

- .... »i*1 wd mlllUry fiptruioni sa 
>diicilaii of ttqiiFilD, and (fbronln ii 

na. Sit Rmiid hai ncrliad Aa War 

16/& (7%« Ba^eriMhirt) Begt. ^ Fo<a. 207 

HamUton Berkeley,' Em».l If a; IBOO; £(.8 Sot. 00: Ce#». 

'cb.08i £I.CW. SOJnne 11 ; Grf. S7 Ma* 35: Jfttfer 

9l(»i.«j Gan-SO JuneMj Cirf. 70 ¥.16 Sept. 45; 

Audaln, £«f. UDcc. 30; ii,«(. i Ool. »8: 
9U June 01; Jtf^^or, I«ipril00j fl(.i(.Cfl*. 

34} Ca^.^lOKov. 43; 

July 41;C«^*.F]0 Mar 

■7 8epl. 4!; Co;«.» 38 

P SO Jan. 82; Lieat.ii KoT. 
64 ) iUq/n-, 19 Fab. £6. 
£ni. r 1 5 Feb. 3t> ; Xinif. 2 

£fw. I June 41 i Lt. 

11. 08. 








r^Apr. W iU Aug.43 

>30Oct. 90' 97 Mm; 43 

V 8 May 40. p 35 Aug. 43 

KJgS^? ii- 1 May 46 i>2l)0cl. 40 

Charle*C(K)teOr«Dt ..{f 9May 40 30 Aug. 40j 

Chriatr.Jaa. Hagnaj* ip 13 Apr. 00 • 90 MBr.03 

Wm.CharleaBaDcroft.i. 36 June 44 31 April 46 

o 8 Out. 46,0 39 Uar.49. 

PS1 Mar. 46' SOUay 4S| 

10 Dot. 46 / 3S Ucc. 4I>; 

'2aNov,4B'r33Juty 03' 

fSIKo*. 01' flJnnoMl 

IT Auk- OS 010 Aujt. 60^ 

l>33 8epl.64 
31 Jan. 48 
r IS OcL 63 
* 18 Apr. 01 
» 11 Ocl. 44 
9 April Oo 
11 May OS 
37 Seji- ■" 

1 Oct. 

B Oct. 60 I 
34 Apr. 00' 
1 1 Aug. M ' 
IDMiiy 46 
■ 7 Nor. 06 
lOXor, 06, 
SCFeb. 00 ' 

April 4el' 4 April 01 
18 Aug. 64'o IT Aug. SO 

1 May 66 S3 May 67 

' » Nov. 4U " 
SI Apr. 64 
Juno 04 
' 4 Aug. 04 
IB Apr. Ofl 
90 fBb. 08 
g Uar. OS 
10 Mar. OB 
10 Uar. m 
10 Har. 68 
■ T Way OH 
■93 June 08 
' U Sopt. 08 
7 aepl. 08 
7 Sept. 68 
SO Oct 08 
< 10 Nor. 66 
1 3 May 0!) 
I' 34 May 00 
''17 JuDi&O 
10 AuR. 66 
aa Feb. 58 
'18Uet M 

I 1 BerDBrdlli 

) 1 Laneel' 

I S Albert afeaSjSK 

1 8 Albert 

I 1 Jamci 

«• IB Apr. 6 
31 Apr. a 
6 June 6 
'80 Mar. Oi 
34 April 6 
033 Oct. & 
33 Feb. a. 
Not. & 


Westbi !• T Dec. & 
vSO Apr. 6 
30 Apr. 
3 May 
8 July 
V 16 May 6 
11 May 6 
P 23 May 6 

14 Dec. 0. 

July & 
7 Sept. & 

P38 Dec. 5. 
20 June 6, 
30 Feb. 01 
87 Feb. a 
83 Har. 6i 

P 3 Ocl. 6 

36 Mar. 6 

37 Mar. 01 

p 18 Aug. 64 

STJuly 00| 


SB Apr. 661 

30 Feb. 68 

36 Feb. 68, g 

P 10 Uee. 06 r 

I 23 Mar. 58 1 

I 83Mar.0Bl 

, 2.1 Mar. OB I 

i 93 Mar. 68 { 

: 93Uir.QB 

P2.1Apr. 58 E!! 

p 7 May OSl 

. l3Sept.60,^' 

I 4 June OBI,),, 


TSept. 58 <■' 

7 Sept. 58^ 

1 Oct. 08 " 

1 Oct. OS 

I Oct. 68 

."> Oct. 68 

Mar. 58 

p 20 Hot. 08 

p 31 May 09 

P 31 May 09 

PIT June SO 

FacingiYdlow~A3«nli,iiei»n. Btrroa jc Smilb. IrUh Agtiiti,SifZ,R.horo'af,h,BI_ 
[\$t Ball. Tetmrneifnm Canada, JwntM. ihps<, TaiqifaMsn.] 

B Cai'UIn O-CilltilMin Rn*d «Hk ihtSliI ihtDDghoat I1i« Banr«M *(r oflMtM : m bMri lb* B.I.C- 
■Mmrrilila nrM>durJB(tlK»nlu»oauddHtnicl1o«ofU»nn7^itiKtad«emlk«Bu(agHRIiR; 
Hr>c< dnrlnc iba lunWIaf IhrM t»J<f opuUlnH In Ih* tIcIbIij (laelsdliw tba itBimlai al ih* WUW 
1lM»tl*diMbl),aB(lBllkaiUiiiaaDd ca|>luRDf DingooB (Mtdil ud ClMp}. 

* CaplalB Iniln Hrrtd vllh th* Knd Bf(t. al tha Ktond ilrge of Hoaltn la \Mt-9, Iadi>d<M Ut 

tba fori and (artlioB oT ClisnlDlr, and ■! Ihi tiallle of Uonjcial (Nnlal ud LOvfa}. 

10 CaplBln WiHJlbDUa jolnrd Gtntiil HaTcliickV Raid fsRs In Oudc on 4tb Aik Its;, aad wm anwat 
Ih Uu adkini of Buaatraigunin-, RDoihmtt (.'boikcE, Bllbooi, UDnfirwii, aBdAJumtBib, b«bII Bad 
nllalol Lvikniw (ht«*Ij aDUDdcd, ri(b( irm ungiDtalrd). 

ha In 111* Na»l Bitgada toilHlUlaf StbaMapal (NMalaBd Cla>rJ. 

[Cimtiimatwn of AW« to 17(A Fii»/.] 
« Pyt. JamnS.TnTtnHFTadiillh^llwJtthltW.lnlhr KalRrinrgriMI-UCUfdat). 

iln J'«ph Oitf. TiaiMi irrrrd wilh Hi* If Ih Rnt. al IliaileKt of SfbMlainl froci IS Jan. IMS, 
ra {Midal ind Claii., and Kamht'orlha ™itlcm of Hmor)." " ' """ '"* """*'' 

>1b Macn^^ghl Hncd allbailiitc at StbaMopg] rmm Juna IMl.and at lb* ajnallonlba Radia 
»»■.; Blioatlhrboiab«rdnirnlaacLinn*ni>(rol Klnbeura tMtditaed CkaaL 
a. F. ('. S. DrrrandUllanoBRtTedatdii'iltfFDr griwtapoinwn Jul/ ISU,and al thiuiaall 
laBOBih*«ibErpt.(N(dBlBnd ClHp); Llaui. Vittnon wu aha at tba bombardarat iMtBi- 

!i5!!i'I[il,'b;:!:i yi^i""** '" "" *^''"" *»> 8*l* ••».»*•«• •» *!■• ba«*a*ml 

mbmluSml' J 

17tA ( Tb* LektHerOure) lUgl. ofSiiot. 2l0 

IT, *'aniMO>us'"'ArraHJUniria** "OKu^nx" "Kmui" " ■■»«niF«L." 
ThDinMJaBM«Wempi,>CB.£>M.liOci.ieOO; Lt.\ HirebM; 
Hat. 06; Maj.i\ JimalS; £(.-CM.31 Jid. 10; CM. 10 Jan. 87 • 
.0 Not. 46; Zt.-Om. 10 JaneU; Col. ITth Foal, SI Ha; U. ' 
*,— 1 Arthur Umrj Cole," CB. Jii». PM Aug.34 ; i*. »20 Not.98- 
Itpt. 41 ; ItifjoT, >> U JuTiea) ; X(.D)(. S Har. dfi ; Col. 9 Mir. £6. 
■ncklyu, 2iu. '30Apr. 2T:Z'.23NoT. 30; <:^;>/. P9 DecSA; JTaf 
41: BULt.Col. II Not. 51 ; Col. SB Not. 64 ; II.C0I. 33 Oct. 66. 
tVUIIam Gordon,' £ii*.T20 July 86; Lt.r aApr.40; Capt. '3 Feb 
«'. 17 July &5; M^m;l Sept. 56 ; BIJA.Col. G ime 66. 
H'Kknitry,*Siu. i>23 Feb. 30 ; £i«rf. ■•SABcpt.40; C«i(. SI Aw 
^M^jor, e June G6 ; ^Tfu'cr, 9 Mirrb 68. 

Kirge RiTratome,' .^(. sij Jul; 13; Lt, 18 Aug. It; Capt. 10 Oct. 
Tiv'. 11 Nov. bl ; BLU.Col. SB Ddc. C6 ; AT^'or, 10 Mar. SS. 
lolm Rom O'CoDor,* Jinf. c IS Apr. 30; Xt. 1 Feb. 4S: C«p( 
49; Ji-w,Jlf(y. B S Dgc. 50; AfBJor.i'aa July 68. 


lUaT.LatoacbeCollhnnt'f-jU July 47;>' lu Nu*. 48 i- 7 IJept. 53 
il PbillpM-PheraoD" .. 27 Oct. 46 p 10 Har. 48,^34 Feb. 54 
!l OcorgcTitoBrice" ..1 32 Dec. 48 pSONov. 49 l* 7 April 64 
'1 Clein.Il.J.Heigham'^ 'plON(.T.4S'plONov.40| 20 Dec. 54 

■' " ■ ■ 3 Apr. 40 P 25 Oct, 50 20 Dec. 54 

eFcb. 50>t7 Oct 61 10 June 66 
k Klng>*{p II Jnty 511 8 Dec. 64 
3 JamBfli.HonicrIlo)d"P2a Nov. 30 pS8 Del. 53 

1 William HeDryEarlei<P13 

1 RJcli. Edm<MVilliflmi"Pie 

1 William AMerk King^^P 11 

3 Jamerli.llnnicrlloj'd'^SS Nov. 50 r!t) Oct. 53 p 23 June 55 

1 Anty.l*owellTraharne'Hp 99 July63l 6 Jung 64 ' 4 Dec. 57 

3 \V.D»lryiTi.Tompion''|pl60ct. 52 P 3 Mar. 54 1 14 Dec. 55 

,1 Cecil H'Phcru>n»....lP10Sept.51 B Jane 54 9 Mar. SB 

S Fred. Aag. Daridcon..! 34 July 43 

9 Jnhn Hunter ' 21 May 47 

e WniiamTylfT Stuart.. SO Oct. 40 

1 Jaa. DalmlmiTraven*' 8 Oct. SO 

S CliHrlmF:d«ardJobua»PS0JDne46 

' 3 EdtranlJohnLeei" ..'p aMar. 64 

S Morrii Goddard p 17 Jan. 61 

i Pranda Horatio Gee . . I 4 Apr. 49 
9 JohnCrawfordLangfurd P 8 Dec. 48 

fi CbarleaGrBneCi 
i JoKphOatetTraien'i 
1 PrMl.ATch.MtKreight ' 
1 Hen. Hawlcy Smart :f 


1 Ffttlk. CarrB. Dyet" 

I A.HaniinondUltpnan' 

1 Wlinam RobliKon '• . 

1 Wm. Henry Parker" 

,1 J.HooreCUrkel'raTei 

S Fra.HonltonHartwell" 

1 Fr».Ja!.Berke1eT,J({j' 

9 Geo. Daniel Webber" 

I W.P.Aug. 8. PreigriTi 

1 Samuel llnidburnc, .. , 

~ Joba T. Bolton Mayat 

Jobn Jamea Perceval.. 

laaae Colqubonn . ■ . ■ 

Tbomaa Bochfort Hunt 

Datid FMderlck Allen 

Jamra Urqubarl Hoa«e 

George Aug, Crlckitt. 

Alntander Fludet ... 

Edward llaHin 

Duncan Malcolm Irtii 
Rob. G.Wynne Wrench 
Henry S. Weddnburn. 

Francia Wood 

Tbomaa Biaddell . • . . 
Hatnilton Bamrlt .... 
Hen. Clem-Wilkinmn" 
Wcbanl FoDett Bmi.. 
Atai. H'NgllCalrtl .. 
UMiry Ckailea Dane 

as Oct. 63 
G June 54 

7 Aug. 67 

10 Har. 68 
10 Mar. 68 
16 Mar. 68 

3 May 44 

G Dec. 50 

3 Mar. 53 

8 Dec. 54 
27 July 49 
20 Dec. 54 I P 7 Sept.SB 

1 Apr. 53|P31 Aug. 58 
16 July 63 10 Sept. 58 

G Oct. 54 6 Oct. 68 

8 Dee. 54 1 30 Jan, 
20 Dec. 54 1 P GMay 50 

OJuIy 63| 15 May 66 

Feb. 55 1 
35 Ang. 64 
17 Mtfy. 
13 Jan. 56 
S3 Mar. 65 
S6 Jan. 65 
8 June 55 
20 Jan 
20 Feb. 66 
39 M( 

30 Ml 
a Apr. 56 
4 Dec. 65 

31 Dec. 55 1 
IB Jan. 5Gi 
IB Apr. 561 

OOcL 55 I 10 Sept. 5^ ^„ 
30 Not. 651 13 Nov. 58 " 
29acpt. 55|p 8 Oct. 67 " 

39 Mar. 5« P 18 Jan. 60 1 nwdiu. in c»Id.: Tih^Tr 
37Har.5e 30 Jan. 50 Hi.t.i Uitvr.. HiM .iifa »_ 
30Uar. 58 P 4 Feb. 60 i";;!";.,,,..,, . , .,^ 

9Joly 56 PS6JnnG68!,hVl.tlCil.°^^v«5 

'S3Apr. 6B P3SBepL6»i 

36 Apr. 6B)PQ8 0cl. SB I 

37 Apr. 60 P 38 Oct. 60 I 

ail I7<A (7Ae Uieeiterakire) Jttgl. of Foot. 

a Rdward ArttiurEluia. 

1 B<liriinl jBckioiiMim 

1 Henry Qrejr MticUi-C|[or 

i KerbsrtKerr 

3 1 Henry B.jBrksan 

I Edin.Saiiilitiin<l-3iivuKe 

j Laniturtl'.WiltuiiDwyvi' ,. . __ ,. ,.. „. 

1 Jniiatliaii Wm. Eltiii'ii .i 11 Jhd. AU "' s.'l>uwi>.i 
a 1 WiUi»inFr«ii.\Voo<l».. '■ 

U<i Apr. 68 an "<• Bfdu on tlw tlh Bmfk. II 

■iO May 6i m rarnuitr H«r.ii ■!f«d .1 
i June fid vt Hcljiiilapul from AUK. IMS. II 

S3 Juuu fiM uunullau Ibn Ilrdiui uutlM «Ili St 
■1 r..'v 1- u !>"•"' «'""« IwmbartBieNl miiil Mir 

. ju,} >>» Kmboiirn (Hrdmlindcrua). 
17 Stfi. bi 9« Ur^UMtarCimi'MI tetni mi 

;i > niuiKm rrcu. II wn(..| uo^an. •*" nodrror KlobournfMedal aaiiciinii 
S 1 AlfteiljDlinJ.Rilvculiitl 11 Tvli. 59 sv Sar«»i> Wird htthI Uh Buuran 
9 Wm. VUli'lt Rolkttan. .^17 Jiiiu; C9 r<k>r> "f laM^ incliidimtteaiikJr oru 
1 OwlA«y Wills Burleigh > IS Jumi CD ^'^ 
I Chulfi W. B. Aylmcr I S4Juiu-fi9„r" 
:i S Fra.?r.D.Orovc]Ucu«>u: lUJuly50Utd< 

3 JolinMiuU i> ai) July 30 J^nyv"™?"'. ■"" •"";''"" "' iiuwu'ii 

1 1 Joli.1 llonry ThoroU. . ' " -JO Aiij. 50 iJ^^LV) '"' ' " *"' *'"" 

3 Cliiirlcal'orli«iLeith..if 31)S<'|>I. 59 m Aulit.-auri. fiHMiil HrriiliiiiK •.lio 
I John OutlioniB Wood ' I' !!H Oct. ^9 >>t i)<'l>i»ioial from F<b. ts lg|. litu (UmkI 
I Henry Fraucli Drnt . , ' !■ 20 Oet. 59 "'"' '='"!')- 
Paymattrn.~~\ Ilfary Hullia lIowett,"l MavdS. 
. 3 NolMnic Qiiplii Siiiiih, U May 6S. 

.4r(fufan(t.— -3 ^ieuf. Alrxaiiiler Ailkeu Kuis, 13 Apr.fiS. 
1 Dent. Fmicii Jaineu Bcrkalpy, 13 June 58. 

CI Inttnietariof .\tutielrs.—-lLxtut.i. U. M<i»f, 30 July SB. 
1) 1 Licl. O. F. Allen, i3 Jnnr 69. 

7 : QwirterJ/nj/frJ.-! Jiiliu Cumpbcll,"* 3^ April 63, [Apr. 67. 

4 I 1 < S Jnm(» FHlliiicr,S(l March S8; Cornet,l Dec. 65 ; Xf. I 

13' Surfieiin*.~\ William Piurtun VVui'<l,>"^G June&S; ^MfK.Airjf. 14 Junc4T, 
Ij I SJaiDo EdwtirJC1ulterbiick,M.U.iOct.57i ^.S.S'JDce. 46. 

e . : Auitt.SHrgtoni.~\ Walter Moses Qibuul," 3 Fob. 54. 
3 0! S James Greer Cu]>pagi>, 10 March 5B. 

3 I i William Cbalmen, 14 Ucc. 58. 

1 I < AleisnUer Allan, M.D. 12 Jan. Sa. 

FaeingiV!]iiie.~Agertti,Cox k Co.— Iriih Ageiitt, Sir ^. R. Boroufib, W. Arm It b Co. 
[Iff Batl. inbarlttd/or GUrallar, 94 April 1361. Depvt, Unuriek.} 
t CulonplCuta cwnnaiidid Ibf mb H«(t, atttailate (irSMaiinpol,ui4 at ikaaMaalloi Uw Itedu 
onihi laih Juni—ntnilaiied In Ulipaulin (MmUI iihI Maqi, i:a., ind Mli Cluiar O* Vc4U*). 

3 Llrui.-Ool. OoMiHiHrirdiu UKilF|eataal«U(>|inllnnii INblBMi wup 
» .. .. ,_. , ■ — ■ 1, Dii^iitBh^), Bmi ciimromded tli« lIiJiar|i.i 

i( mrti th* Sfttn cUB\»\gn sf ISM-U wiih Il» 4ili Ufhi DnccHMi, lududluc Uh 
baiun Di AiDb lUlahlva, sud Inbmun, and sIch of hlutiauDl (Utdul nail Ctvpi). 

IT CspUlB ItojdBtivrd «IUi Llie ITtli Jtrfi. ml t]i« ilffr of t^Lhihtuiiol rnini Dec. 1B34, lnolud&nf Munlta 
ar>lM UcdsnuB inh Juno ami Bth Bn-l.^iniuiidrHlIn Ihtlmirbn]; iru bIh m the bonbwdinm uid 
■mwdn' of Klnbunm (1IhI)I and Cli»p). 

la CaiiL.TnhmrcoTird illlueiegoarltcbMloiKilfnHn Dec. ISM. ud ■sault of Ota Bolin «n lilk 

Ill Bill. 8«eaBdnlwd.-| 
ind Ball. Aldanbot. J 

18^A {B^al Irish) Regiment of Foot. 

23 ; 






: 30 










t IS 











; 7 

























i ^ 











III lb* IhTM eorMn of tli« tecoiid Colour, the Lion 0f SaM»au, ** rtrtutff VtimuretHaiM Ptm- 
MiWM.** Th€ Sphinx, '* Eujpv.'* " The Dragon," " Tiiim a" ''Pbou " " HKVAttTOVOL.** 

CoUnel'-Jf Sir Jolm Forifler Fitx{^rald,> KCfi. £tu, SO Oel.03; Lieut, til 

Jan. 04; Capt, May 04; Aftgor, 25 8cpt. 03; Lieui.-CoL S5 July 10; 

Col. 14 Ally. 10; Major-Gen. Hi July 30; LieuL-Gcn. 23 A'ov. 41 ; Oc/i. 

20 June 54 ; Col. 18th Regt. March 50. 
Lt.'ColoneU.'-l Clement Alex. Edwards,' C H. En». 11 June 20 ; Lt. I'SS Nov.84; 

Capt. v 13 Mar. 40; Brec-Mf^. 1 1 Nov. 51 ; ilfr</. 25 MHy 53; lit. Lt.CoL 

Dee. 53; Col. 28 Nov. 54 ; Lt.CoL Miirch 55. 

1 Qcorgc Fred. Stcveuson Cull,* Ene. i*7 Ajir. 37; Lieut. 1*20 Sept. 30; Capt, 
P30 Dec. 43 ; B rev.- Major, 20 June 54 ; Mt^or, 20 Dec. 54 ; Jirevci-Lieut.' 
Col, 6 June 60; Lt.-Col. 18 Sept. 57. 

2 Alfred Augustus Chupinan, Ewf. 20 May 42; Lt. P 17 Jan. 45 ; Capt. f 13 
Apr. 40 ; Mtu'or, 15 Mav 55 ; Lt»Col. 17 Sept. 58. 

I U<oore,—\ John Borrow,<i Eiu. f 10 Feb. 41 ; Lieut. >' 23 Fub. 44 ; Capt. 1 Apr. 
j 47; Major, 18 Sept. 57. 

1 2 Anthony Won. Samuel Freeman Armstronf;,^ £/i#. p21 June 30; Z^ 26 Jan. 41 ; 
] Capt. 12 Die 52 ; Bt.'M({jor, 2 Nov. 55 ; Major, 18 dopt. 57. 
' 1 Kdmond Wm.SarKcnt,* Ent. 18 May 41 ; Lieut. 2U July 42 ; Capt. 25 May 63; 
Major, March 58. 
2 Oliver Barker D'Arcny, Ens. c 8 April 20 ; Lt. p Dec. 31 ; Capt. 10 Dec. 45 ; 
M<{jor, 30 Sept. 5ti. 


I Cha5. Frederick Kelly* 
1 Wm. Hcury Graves . . . 
1 John Swinburne'* .... 

1 Geo. AuL'ustnsKlllot" ii'lO Doc. 47 

2 Geo. Wm. Stacpoole'* ''18 Apr. 51 

2 Apr. 43 

25 Nov. 42 

5 Apr. 4(! 

1 C. Jat|>er D. Anncfrluv'^ 
i2 Win. O'Bryen Taylor'^ 
1 Geo. Hen. l'ocklin(;tuu" 

1 John Canavau** 

1 VCTStrllenryM.Have- ] 
lock,^^ lit. e.SOApr.M ) 

1 Nov. 42 
14 Sept. 52 

5 Dec. 51 
KiJau. 47 

31 Mar. 40 

1 R. lIooyJex-Blake«.. 23 Nov. 52 
1 Thos. Henry Stoddard 20 Oct. 41 

3 John Inman 11 Jan. 47 

3 Wm. Dennis Chapman" 10 Dec. 47 

1 Alfred Macdonald . . . . ■ p24 Nov. 48 

2 Rd. Pretyman Bishopp , p 8 July 53 

1 Charles James Cootc'' 14 July 54 

2 HenryJamcsHaydock'" p 10 Dec. 5n 
2 Edw.'Abliot Anderson . ' 15 Nov. 50 

2 William Crozfer*' 20 Dec. 40 

2 James Tarrant Ring'<^. . p 1 1 Mur. 53 

2 Thos. Durand Baker" !p 18 Aug. 54 

3 William Kcmp» . . . . ' p 24 Au^'. 54 
2 Hen. G. AusUn Vicars'* I p 17 Oct. 51 

; Lieutenants. 
: 1 Jacob Francis Bryant. . 
1 1 Walter Blake Burke .. 
1 1 Fairfax Fearuley** .... 

1 Edw. Langford Dillon *J 

1 Charles Hotham" 

1 J. SUadwell Theobald"" 

1 Robert Isaac Adamsou** 


p 5 l-cb. 47 I 

2 Feb. 44 ! 

13 ?ept.4s' 

P 7 Mar. 51 

21 Mur. 53 ' 

11 Oct. 45 I 

(! June 54 . 


P 4 Anj,'. 54 


j _ .«. 

20 Dec. 54 : 

20 Dec. ri4" 

2(Uun. 55, 

22 June 55' 

17 An-. 55 

2 May 50 1 

June 54; 25 Sept. 57 ! 



P OJan. 54 

June 54 
P25 Aug. 54 

1 Sept. 54 
20 Oct. 54 

P 10 Nov. 54 
20 Jan. 65 

5 Aug. 51 
P23 Juno48| 

11 Aug. 54 j 
5 June 44 , 
1 Mar. 49' 
1 Mar. 50 

P 30 Jan. 52 
PIO Nov. 54 
20 Dec. 54 
20 Fel). 55 
June 54 
27 Feb. 50 
20 Dec. 54 

12 Jan. 55 

OOct. 57, 19 Jan. 68 

Mar. 58 
10 iMnr. 58 I 
1 Mmr. 58 | 
10 Mar. 58, 
10 Mar. 58 I 

14 Mhv 58 
13 Nov. 57 

P14 May 58 
10 SopL 58 
10 i^ept. 58 

P 20 Oct. 58 

12 Jan. 55' p 10 Aug. 59 
P27 Oct. 54 13 Dec. 50 

,^ , ..: 1 Sir John F. Fitu«ral4 

12 Jan. tM. Joined the 4f)ih Rest, at tb« 

12 Jan. 65 ago of «ixtv«ii In 1801. Hs 
20 Feb. 55!<!^>ni»An<l<^<l * Light OaltalloB 

gy -yw ' r- ■*"(*" B''')^'*<l*in the Penlniuls, 
V Mar. «*0,anjhg,, reived the Gold Croes 
Mar. 55 . for Ilad^os, Saltmaoea, Vit- 

13 Apr. 55 ■ ^o"^'*. »n<l **»• l*yrenw«. 
10 June 55 " *''^"' Horrow lerved with 

^^ ,^ 9? > the CnpeMounteilK met daring 

1 Sydney Darvell > 15 Blar. 55 p 23 Oct. 5o i the ' Kaffir war of 1846-47 

2 Rd.>V.E. Dawson, i4((/.iP80 Feb. 55' 18 Jan. 50'(MhHrI): alio afrainst tht ia- 

1 Hugh Shaw, ^r(/ 10 May 5i> 25 Sept. 57 !"TJ!l « '^w ?*r'« ''**!: 

« «j J .1-1 »*iLf 11 aa\ oi *i ^ ..- MM -u the ISihlloyal InihlnBunnaJi 

2 Edward Abbott ^oblettj 31 May 5i> i Mar. o8 fromtheatvanceaffain^tPninie 

2 Thomas Charge Wray ' 1 1 May 55 27 fioY. 57 ' in Hept. iwti to the cIom of th« 

1 John Wily , 1 J une 55 ' 23 Mar. 58 "" ( Medui). 

^ TT A I . . r* 1 1 . I - .'>a \iu. 'wU iO I'nptain Vicari served as 

2 Henry Adams.. ......I (.July5i>i 23Mar.*>8 Adjutant flut Reiti.atihe«iei«e 

1 Richard Hlllmau Daniel t 13 July 55 23 Mar. 68 nv^uuU and capture or Delhi, 

2 Edward Hall ' p 28 Dec. 65 ' 23 Mar. 58 itnd rqi-iho of tortles oa 4th, 

2 MalcolmJ.R.Macgregor, P20 June 57 !p23 Apr. 58 ?JVv\V^VS7HVi«!f rllJ ^ 

1 James Franci- Datib^ny Jan. 57 14 May :m ''"'^ ''"' ^^*^" "** ^'■•»'>- 

2 Wni. Albert Le Motlee* 

3 iMac William Home»^ I 
2 John A. Julian Briggs j 
2 Wm. Hogh Thomas 

1 Wm. Orme Boarko 

2 John Bland Sawyer . , , 

10 June 57 jP 23 July 58 
27 July 55 10 Sept. 58 = 
PdOAug.55, 10 Sept. 58; 
14 Sept. 65 > 10 Sept. 68 
OOct. 55 i 10 Sept. 58 
20 June 55 2 Feb. 68 

218 18f A (Aiyar Irish) Stgiment of Foot. 

! Bamnel llioniM Corrte 
! Wm. Fry«r Thkckcr . . 
I Fra.W«1li«L1iacoiiib.. 

1 Itwtey T^lbol 

L Cha. UcnTy StcienMn 
I Geo. LftWMD Hall Poole 
I Wm. Edwird Twyning 
! ErIw.AihhuntManlind 
IGcorifoAug. Mcolla •■ 
ICbu.Qoring; MianltC- 
I Bl. Oeorge Alex. Smith 
I Thoi. Bojlo Meredith 
1 John FmInm Uouc . . . 
1 Ferd.OgllvyFJtiQeralil 
I EdnmndCliBB.PrichBrd 
I ChsB. C. Yetes Buller 

1 Wright Sherlock 

I Walter Carroll 

! i Chat. Orcbant Comlah 
a JoD. UodillngtoDJ aekann 

1 CliariM Uawuii 

t Willinm Ilpnry llrrberl 

: i Uinry Goriunllmith. 

IROet. 87 
13 Apr. 56 
33 Mar. 58 

1 e Mar. se 

14 Apr. i» 
I6Apr. ce 
24 Apr. 38 
35 Apr. M 

80 Apr. 68 
I May 68] 
3 May I 

81 Hay i 
S-2 May i 

' 9S Hay ! 
I G July 
S3t July I 
n Oct. 

Lr nrnT U^S 

. r X*SV ud UlJL 

3t Jau. &{),Hoitau Hntd In tU CttaMa 
ft™ Dw.iew. »rf ■•« iBWi* 


14 Lltul. Ttualif •tnii In Uw Cctair* (MP 
Die. 1S.1( to luij ISM, and vh rraial i>. ■ 
Mdlf an Ih* ISih Vv. *wt » n* aMidt n Ot 
nniinuli of Scbuwinl, ISUi lua»: Mtantr 
■ouutHi |ir«dal ud Clup). 

W Qr.-Hutcr Cinuj unid tbranknt Oi 
wir fp China IHedill, lonlodliw Ih* aM^la 
CiDiuii, uWnf or ABoi, Chapoo, W*aan(, 
Shinthil, uid CblnUanitiM, iiul linilkn laliiit 
Xinkla. tcrorniMnM Ihc ■■bMaiiaiU npaM- 
Uon under Qnfnl D'it|a>)*r ■I'l'h aoaalM 
and tooV (h( totii or Ike Bom Tl(tb. ibiH or 
Iho Stake Butler, and of Iha ell; oF CidIob. 
Srnad thronftiout Ifce DumtH nr or ISM-M 
(Hediil}. InrUdltiK the iloimlng of the elUdel •( 
IUi>|i>oa, ind capLun oT Fnaw. Barred alio 
In Ike Climes, and wm al lh« attack nr Iba Cena- 
i«T on Ihc ISIli June anil at Ike Wl at Bebai- 

.. -. ,r.)1uln Gmlfrry invsl sith tho Sajil 

3G If or 56 Kii>>aeen in the npolliion in the Bollie in ISM, 

, , c.i.' CO ami itM niwehl al the (ice e and unlBiaof So- 

4 t-eb. 5U „,^^jfy^,,, Emtd Willi Ike JL Kawtn 

'Sfi Mar. fiO mllielrcncliia iirfiite Si:bae(a)id ftoia ISiTllce. 

SO JuIt sn IHStto IheduK of Ilia (1(11, aail wat uinui l at 

'. aiicr :n tlw l>kini or the Bile m ua Slat AwiLaadtlie 

I I {Medal nnd Clup). 

Paymarteri.—\ Chai.Eiltr. pTGitnn, 6 Jan. 64 ; Snt. SO July i*;U.r 19 Mar. 47. 
2 JohQ Coraoi," 15 Nov. 47; 'Q.Jir. 35 Jud«41: C«r. S Oet. 46 ; ii. p9S Har. 4T. 
Adjttlattli^i Lit*t. ItichanI Wm. firsklne Dawaoii, I Hay 08. 

) lAtwt. Hugh Shaw, 2!) Sni. 50. 
lattructort tjf MaM>alry — I Lieut, JoLn Wily, IS May 50. 

i Lievt. Edwnnl A. Noblctt, 90 July 50. 
^narttr-Matten, — 1 ThomBsCamey,'']* Oct. 51. 

3 Corni'UuaOaitrrey,>TaOMareh5B.