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rmoriKTY ov 


. ...7 ^^^^J 



VftOriETT 09 



, 1»17 


VftOriETT 09 

A he 


. 1»17 







FOB 1 891, 





Corrooted to the 30tti Dacember, 1890. 










Foreign Orders. 

The Foreign Ordfers mentioned in tJie War Services belong to the following Countries, and the Dates an 

those oj the Institution of the respective Orders : — 

Busna—St. Andrew — 30 Nov. 1698. 

AffjfkanUian — Dooran^e Empire (3 Classes) 1839. 
Au$triar—yLa,Ti& Theresa (3 Classes) t8 Juno 1757. 

Ijeopold (3 Classes) 14 July 1806. 
Savaria — lis^imiliau Joseph (3 Classos) i Jan. z8o6. 
^«J|^'triN— Leopold (3 Classes) 11 July 1832. 
JFVaiM«>-MilitaTy Merit (3 Classes) March 1759. 

Leg^oA of Honor (5 Classes) 13 May x8oa. 
Oroeee — Saviour (5 Classes) i June 1833. 
JSoNOMr— Quelphs (3 Classes) x8 June 181$. 
ifop^M— St. Jamianaa (i Class) July 1738. 

St. Ferdinand and Merit (3 Classes) z April x8co. 
St. George and Reunion (3 Classos) z Jan. Z819. 
JV«£Ur7afwb— Wilhelm (4 Classes) 30 April z8z5. 
Ftnior-lAon and Sun (3 Classes) 1801. 
jPortugal— Tower and Sword (sjClasses) Z7 April Z748. 
St. Bsnto d*Avis (* Clattes) Z789. 
Conception (3 Classes) 6 Feb. z8x8. 
PrMMo— Black BMrle— z8 Jan. Z701. 
Militaiy Merit— 7740. 
Bed BaJe^le (3 Classes) xa June 1793. 

St. Alexander Newski — 1722. 
St. Ann (2 Classes) 3 Feb. 1735. 
St. George (4 Classes) 26 Nov. 1769. 
St. Wladimir (5 Classes) 4 Oct. Z782. 


Sardinia — St. Maurice and St. Lazarus (2 Classes) 13 Nov. 

Military Order of Savoy. 
Saxony — St. Henry (3 Classes) 7 Oct. Z7^6. 
Ernestine (irciasscsy 35 Dec. 1833. 
/S^s— Charles the Third (3 Classes) 19 Sept. 1771. 
San Fernando (5 Classes) 3Z Aug. iSii. 
St. Hermenigilde (2 Classes) 10 July 1815^ 
St. Isabella the Catholic (3 Classes) 18 15. 
Sweden— ^yroT^ (3 Classes) 17 April 1748. 
Turkejf — Crescent (2 Classes) 6 July Z804. 
Me4jidie (5 Classes). 
Osmanioh (4 Classes). 
IVMeaiiy— St. Joseph (3 Classes) 1807. 
Ynri«»6«ry~Military Merit (3 Classes) Z758. 


K.ii. Koi^lit oE Un Drdw ot tbs (l«4tin'. 
K.T. KuBlU or Uia Omar of Uu ThliUo. 
K.P. KalttU of Ae Ordar uT 81. Pulnrk. 
UU.V. Kal<U0rva^Owerih(!iJr>tnrarcfaaBaLt). 
K.a.B. KaWfcl a»— Jirof tbt Onlcr or Uw Bill. 
O.U. thn^aiwiet UlsOnlarcil'IhgUiUh. 
<^«-JLI. Knwtai <Mii>< Owwrtdn- uf Uio Order of the 

Biarof luUa. 
K.C.IU. Knl^a a MM »*r tJ th- Star ^if IndU. 
CJJ. CkapHMa of th* Btar of IuUb, 

O.O.M.O. Knialit Oniti CWu or tba Oriior nt t 
«inbiHil mid St. Hoorgo. 
M.a. Koigbl ComimtiUrot iliUo 





KOH. Koi 

K,H. Kniitlilof 
K.O. Knight of 

. ijUi er [Atb Juno if 

P ne&n tbe Kanw JsnoUs thkt Ibu ijfllosr Mrvcd In the Prni — . 

 w-,.j,„«_i.i f Wllrw- ■ctiinUi- pmimDt Innlihor of lie hoUohb 

fC VMtoiiaCnw. 

nM F>ir*t*> iHcAuO 14 Uu Xanifu iloiuM Uw DaUiiUnni to >i)ilali tbe QtRivn nn atlmllt Ula-W-I. 

a. ki^vv tlia fune •lanot** tlmt Ih* Odliiw hu rocvl veil a cenincuU l^m Uio Bculur DepnrUnout of tlio Ha;i>l 

Tki I.aUfi fM.r. tn pUeM t<AM Uio Kvnaa Ot OIIiMn wtto bnvo pnued the RlalT CoIIorii, 

Tba LMWt r. ki plMcil o/ln- the tuaatt of ORlMn of tbe Royal Uannea eiuplitrerl od Iha %»»j«i'iiy 3i:'ci» 

Tba* «yw*>h« Muia or Daw nr Ctommiuioa ilaHOMA Tumpocw? BAuk antr. 

>e Dais iudioiUB tbce Iba Comniluloa wot pmrckatiJ. 



Diploma in Publio llmlih. 
hiUow at (bs RojaJ UollegB or 

nUow of IlM Ooral OollSM DC 


Id the U ill 

ftip^iflCB qiutliOed Toi 

le of flnnrerj . 

L iewlLa t e of Itia TioulU of Pby 

•loau k Bniveasi, dlMgav. 
ti«MiU»M orthsKlsg'* A QaMB'a 

CaHnre ofPta Tiloluiia in Ireland. 

( [ I f iffiuaea qoitliflcd for appoiotniont u TnAtruc 

<S) obiuoed Certificnto at Inalractor In Ai 

~ ' Liiied Special Uention in XiamtnaUoD 
 '- '. Jown tor CapisiiuiD tbe Annj be) 

T Jan. ic 
I'c-tilloate or Prollciency. or olherwisa qiuMcd 

) -Suhallam's Ceitificate of PrDftciBnC]'. 

.. Beglmcnts. u" 
le by eucb Rociments on tb( 

LKSO. elaulflae LioenliBie of Mlrtwifeiy, Iliij-ul 
College oF Sureeona, 

ZSCP.... „ LleenHalo or tbo Bo^al Coli 

Lacs. ... „ Lleentiateortbo KoTitlColI 

BorffeoDe. — 

ZSA LiDcntiaM of (be 8ooi«ty M ] 

XA ^MuterorArU. * ' 

ItAO MutaiorthoObatetrloArl. 

KB „ Bachelni-af MedldTin. 

JfCVorC'if. „ JlMtcrorSuraory. 

HD. Doctor ur Uediel no. 

■i.i.B. „ UacUaWemanat QoldUoiIitl. 

inCQCPt. „ Uamtw of the Kiagn. k QuHi'** 

Colleee of rbnjaUu tn lieliiiMLiI 

<■.■ UODUdorflUwlftlaDdPriU. 

URCP Uemtier or tbe Roral (.'oUciia 

itRCS. . „ Mfmbf r r,r til-! n.^y-il CuHcso ot 

;>.(.» PuVkBi Mumuriol Bronifl MedaL 

p. CeniBcale of Proflclancy, or otheririie qualiBed M 

8 .a. passed Scbool arioatructinii for bighar rank. 
i.t.) Scbool Certifloato for Yeomanry SubalWrns. 
['] paeaod tbe eisminatlou in Tactica laid down fur 

Captains in tboArmv. 
(HoblftinBd SpMinI Mention at eiamtnMionfn Tao- 

ly Ixbra 

::aMd d 



o the HonoraiT Dta- 



Cammonicationi □oaoemlog tlia oontsnU ot "Hart'i Army List" should b« addreiBed 
ONLY to 


60, Albamarle Strset, 
___. LONDON, W. 

\ tha lit of JkanuT, April. 





The Queen i 

Private Secretary to the Qaeen ... i 

Aides do Gamp to the Queen x 

WarOflQce a 

Staff of the Army a 

Field Marshals 3 

Generals on the Aotive List 3 

Colonels, ditto ^^ 

Lieutenant Colonels, ditto 40 

Majors, ditto 47 

Btaff at Home 97 

Staff Abroad 100 

Regimental District Btaff 109 

Staff Officers of Pensioners xiz 


jBdueaiional BHahlUhmenU. 

K. Military College , Sandhurst 1 1 3 

R.MQitarj' Academy, Woolwich 113 

StaffCoUege 113 

School of Grunnery 114 

Artillery College 114 

School of Mibtary Engineer- 
ing, Chatham xf4 

School of Musketry, Hythe ... 1x4 

School of Signalling X14 

Medical School. Netley 1x4 

Royal Militarv School of Music, 

Kneller Hall xi4 

R. Military Asylum, Chelsea. . . x 1 4 

R. Hibernian Military School X15 

Army Schools X15 

0rdnanc4 TaeiorUt. 

Arsenal, Woolwich X15 

Small Arms Factory, Snfield. . 1x5 
Small Arms Factory, Bir- 
mingham 1x5 

Gunpowder Factory, Walt- 
bam Abbey 1x5 

Army Clothing Depot xxs 

Committeesandlnspection Staff 1x5 

Mi9ceU<in«ou9 E$tabli»kmeni». 

CavalryDep6t xx6 

Remount Establishment xxo 

Royal Hospitals— Chelsea,Kil- 

znainham xi6 

Pay Office X17 

JudgeAdTocateOeneral'sOffice 1x7 

Prisons 1x7 

Staff Officers of Pensioners xx7 

Officers who have received Certifi- 
cates at the Senior Department 

of the Roval Military College x X9 
Officers who have passed the 

StaffColiege xx9 

Victoria Cross xa3 

Gentlemen at Arms X30 

Yeomen of the Guard X32 

Military Knights of Windsor ... 133 

Cavalry 133 

Artillery X64 

Engineers 904 

Inrantry 229 

Army Service Corps 366 

Ordnance Store Department 369 

Army Pur Department 37X 

Medical Staff 377 

Veterinary Department jif 

Chaplains' Department jpi 

Maiines m 

Indian Army 40} 

Reserve of Offloera so 

General Officers retired nnder 

Royal Warrant j^ 

Unempl^ed Supernumerary Lilt ^ 
Officers Retired on Full Pay or 

on a Pension S0| 

Officers (other than General and 
Field OfflcersVon Retired Pay 6|s 

Officers on Half Pay foi 

General and Field Officers Re- 
tired by Sale, Commutation, 
with a Gratuity, or by Sur- 
render of Half Pay 744 

Militaiy Decorations 777 

Officers receivizig Rewarda for 

Distinguished Services ffe 

Civil Decorations jK 

Pay Tables i^f 

Retirements, Ac 79> 

Deaths m 

Index— Aotive List W 

Retired List 819 

Honourable Artillery Company 

of London t# 

Militia 1*7 

Yeomanry Cavnlry H* 

Field Officers Retired from the 

Militia and YeomanryCavalry IM 
Indian Civil Service Ijt 

N.B. — ^By means of this Table, Regiments oan be found in this book by their new titks. 

BA.GB rial 



Aoademyt Royal Military X13 

Active List 3 

Aden Troop 524 

Adjutants on Retired Pay 695 

African Commissariat, Half Pay 704 

Aides de Camp to the Queen x 

Aldemey and Guernsey Staff ... 99 

Aldershot District Staff 98 

Antigua and Leeward Islands, 

Staff in 107 

Argyll and Buth. Highlanders... 337 

Army Hospital Corps, Half Pay 725 

Pay Department 37X 

Retired on Half Pay 705 

Bombay Staff Corps 5x3 

Btaff in X03 

Veterinary Department 532 

Schools XX5 

Half Pay 743 

Service Corps 366 

Half Pay ... 703 

Arsenal, Woolwich 1x5 

Artilleiy College T14 

Coast Brigade X85 

Malta 186 I 

Militia 847 

Royal 164 

Officers Retired 

onAnnuitieB 743 

Royal Marine 397 

Asylum, Royal Military, Chelsea x x 4 

Australia, Staff in X04 

Bahamas, Staff in 107 

Barbadoes, Staff in 106 

Bath, Order of the 777 

Bedfordshire Regiment 255 

Belfast, Btaff at 100 

Bengal Cavalry 43» 

— General List ... 450 

Civil Service 892 

Ecclesiastical Dept.... 4C0 

Infantry 433 

General List ... 450 

Medical Department ... 453 

Border Regiment 278 

Buffs, The (East Kent Regiment) 237 

Caicos Island, Staff in X07 

Cambridge's (Duke of) Own 

Middlesex Regiment 30X 

Cameron Highlanders 325 

Cameronians 970 

Canada, Staff in xo6 

Canadians, Royal (Prince of 

Wales' Leinster Regiment) ... 346 

Canterbury, Cavalry xx6 

Captains on Retireu Pay 692 

Half Pay 706 

Carriage Factoiy , Woolwich x x 5 

Cavaliy Depot, Canterbury x x6 

Regiments of X33 

Central India Horse 447 

I Ceylon, Staff in X04 

Chaplains' Department 396 

Half Pay 74X 

Mountain Batteries 433 

Sappers and Miners ... 433 

StaffCorps 410 

Staff in xoi 

Veterinary Department 457 

Berkshire Regiment 293 

Bermuda, Stan in 107 

BirminghamSmall ArmsFaotory x 1 5 

Bheel Corps 448 

Bhopaul Battalion 448 

Black Watch t86 

Bombay Artillery (Native) 524 

— Cavalry 523 

— ^— ^-^— General List... 528 

CJrDBervioe 5^05 

Bcclesiaatical D^L ^a 

Chaplains (Hon.) to the Queen. x 

Chatham, Staff at 98 

Chelsea, Royal Hospital 1x6 

Military Asylum X14 

Cheshire Regiment 264 

Chester. Staffat 97 

China, &c., Staff in X04 

Civil Decorations for Gallantry . 786 

Clothing Depot 115 

Coast Battalion 223 

Coast Brigade of Artillery 185 

Colchester, Staff at 97 

College, Royal Military 113 

Staff 113 

Colonels on the Active List x 

Retired on Full or Re- 
tired Pav or Pension 612 

Colonels Retired by Sale, Ac. ... 744 
Commissariat and Transport De- 
partment, Half Pay 713 

Commissariat and Transport 

Staff, Retired or Half Pay ... 702 

Commissariat Dept. Half Pay ... 7x3 

Committees and Inspection Staff x x 5 
Commutation, Ac., Officers Re- 

tired by 744 

Connaugnt Rangers 334 

Control Department G^te), Offi- 
cers on Half Pay of 714 

Cork, Staff at xoo 

Comets, &c., on Retired Pay ... 69s 

Cornwall's (Duke of) Light Inf. 376 

Curragh, Staff at the xoo 

CyproB, Staff in lox 

Depot, Cavalry, at Oantexbury... 
and Training School, Al- 
dershot 3** 

Derbyshire Regiment »•» 

Devonport, Staff at 97 

Devonshire Regiment t4g 

Distinguished Service Order ... 7U 

Dorsetshire Regiment sl| 

Dover, Staffat 9» 

Dragoon Guards 11 

Dragoons, HuBsars,& Lancers 141-1 

Dublin Fusiliers 

Staffat x» 

Durham Light Infantry 3i« 

Eastern District Buff ff 

Ecclesiastical Dept. Bengal 4^ 

Bombay 53* 

Madras... 50^ 

Edinburgh's (Duke of) Wiltshire 

Regiment 30^ 

Edinburgh, Staff at 9^ 

Educational Establishments ix> 

Egypt, Staff of the Force in xos 

Enfield Small Arms Factory xx^ 

Engineers. Militia 851 

Royal »©♦ 

Equerries to the Queen t 

Bnnpoorah Irregular Force 44p 

Essex Regiment aW 

Falkland Islands, Staff in lof 

Field Marshals 3 

Fyi Islands, Staff in w^ 

Foreign Orders hack oftitk-ftp 

Garter, Knights of the 7T7 

General Ottlccrs on Active List % 

Retired List 57I 

Retired by Sale, Ac 744 

Generals Retired on Full or Re- 
tired Pay or Pension 599 

Gentlemen at Arms 130 

Gibraltar, Staffat xoo 

Gloucestershire Regiment »jt 

Gold Coafet Colony, Staff in xe6 

Good Hope (Cape of)* Staff in ... 105 
Goorkha Regiments .... 442, 4431 447 

Gordon Highlanders 3*1 

Gradation Laitt of General acd 

Field Officers 3 

Guards tsQ 

Guemsej* and Aldemey Staff ... 99 

Guiana, British, StaR iu 107 

Guides, Corps of 444 

Gun Factory 115 

Guxmery, School of 1x4 

Gunpowder Fac.,WalthamAbbey 1x5 

HalfPay 7o» 

~ ^J't^t'S rwKitmmn t tm t ^^yym 9^^ I ^JTfft^UOf BbtMl All lOZ ^i^.— ^— ^— OfflCCrS BSUIPeQ Dy 

• ZDAfl/ijr^.^.^^...^,.. ...... s»j^ JDeathB dnrin^the year 1890 794 \ ^^^*™^^^^_;:i;ii:j 7f^ 

TaHe of CoiiltmU. 

Itvi'-ai DcpartiueDt. Bengsl ... 411 

Dopsrtmenl, HomOM jig 

Hair or IWtirod Pkj j ig 

^-^'^ Reflerve of Offloflra 717 

B«hoo1, NeUBr - 114 

ataff m 

Uej-wuBliMlOinpB..., 148 

Ubkirwarm Batufion 449 

UiddltMi Beglnwnl jni 

UiUlary D«inn<l<na m 

KngfOMrinB. Sehcol of 114 

Knii^U oT Wiadiot ... 131 

Store DmiiJrDiunljliiu), 

OmcenonHiUrPiraf 741 

JIlliOK Artflleiy M 

Bnataeera '~^^'~Z 851 

neldOXcenBeUred from G S6 

IiiJ»Dlr7. 151 

UiicelUneoueBalAblialUBeiiU... iiS 

UuDiUr t>tulUBn .. J4; 

Hnaie, 8ehi»lor(Kjie11«r1)*n) 114 

UnikMn, eoba«lof({l7Clu) .'. >'« 

HateLBuSIn. igj 

NeUn Mgdloal Sobool m 

KewAunlUutd. SUIT In ic6 

NawGulDait. euuTis.,,.. ids 

Kaw Booth nnlu, SUff ia 104 

Now Zwluid. Suff in las 

Norfblk ftflsimont .,-.. *4* 

Nonh BtilUi Dinriot BtaB' gg 

Nonbunptouhira IkwiiBaiil ... 39a 

HarlbETO Diitriot Staff 97 

NonhOBibvrtBBd Foailian 140 

Oritnotttaa»neT,te. ...- ... rn 

OrduiDC* FulDrlM. •. •>} 

Ditto, Halt Pu 714 

Ordouiee filon DepaRsunit ... ^ 

Ditto, ttsUred or Half Fay 704. 7>4 

Oifordihini Ugbt IiitkDI.r; 3S7 

IV7 Depanmeat jji 

BMlnd n U&ir Ph; T"! 

, Btafr Office 

Phjilolanf (Bosorar;) 1 

Poooa Hong . 

Porumontb, StalTat 91 

Prince Albert's (SomarBetekiro 

Ligbb lufBjttl?) .....,-..,,,.. 1^3 

Pon)sl.'ca»«lry "l!!!!!!!!!!!.!!! 44) 

Frontier Poroo 4*3 

Infcncry 44* 

Panevont" Dspartment (lute), 

Omcersonl&irPBror 7.) 

Qoaner IduWra on Retired Vxy £97 

onUnlfPsy .. t" 

Qaeen, The < 

Qneeo'iOwD CamBrooHiglire. 3.5 

Own (Weit Kent Re«i.) i^i 

BoyilllW.SnrrojRiBt.l Jjfi 

BeeimentarDlatriM Stiiil 109 

Ramouni Kicabllfbminl . ... i>i 

BeaerTe of OlDccia sj] 

llsdieal Onwn 717 

BcUrcidLiU orOsDcnl Offloera %ji 

RetireineDU, Ic., daring, iSSS... 791 
Rewanlt for Diattngniibsd ^t- 

vicea, Offlaan reoeivlBg 7^5 

Ridmii Moilon on Betire-1 Pay 69; 

oil HBlf Poy ... jov 

RiHo Brigade ji* 

RoM-abire Bntri**",'.'.'."^!!!!! "^'^.^1 ji8 

— ^aiBblanrteraJBliickwVwb) iB(, 
Mil. Amdcm.f . Woolwieh . 13 

CoUBgl.Siuidhnnit iij 



Senior EtepHnmeut .. tig 

BofniScoM (Lothian KegimeDl) >,4 

St. Hclcnil. BlAtr Id... luo 

St. Michael abd Bt. Gfloree, 

Onlerof lit 

SI. Patrick, KnlgbU of.. 777 

8ale. lie , OBsara B«Ured by ... 744 

S^Diihi^rtt, R.liiliutij Collin 113 

SujrCoUann Ill 

ofaunaery ,,4 

— Uilltaiy BuvtamenBir tu 

— ifatio, KncUer Hail ,,, 
-Jfuetftrra t fl.ittie... 114 


fihropbbire Ll^ht Infani 
BianslUiig. School of . . 

Small Amu E^toiy, ibiflold .,, 

oiitb AnaitBtiB. Staff in 

9t lonui^... 

Ra^menM Dtitrldt 1 

BatSbrdililn (North) BaKiuent ; 

(BonUilReKliiieDt j 

Blamfladla.OrdvDflSe ... . 1 



OlSeera Betjrad b] 



-■- BtafftaT. 

TbamEiB DiMriiit BUtr 

Thistle, KDigbU of tbs .. , 

Toh«BO, Stair In 

Wnlca' (PrmcH 
lea- (Prince 

llhST'on Wb 

Wottem Auatnilla. Blaffin 


illtbirc Rrgimenl .. ... . 



. 6l* 

I /Set, 

YeoiDoa oC ibe Qi]u4 .. 

York anil laincnswr Rogtaenl j« 

York, Staff al <n 

YorkBblTQUBlltlllfBDtfl *W 

fUnpment *V 

— — (KasU HcRtmen^ »1 

iWaaL^ tUMtaubtA ..■ v 

Table of Contents. 

Changes in the Titles of Begiments of Infantry. 
N.B.— By means of this Table, Regiments can be found in this book by their old nun 


ZSt ... 

2nd ... 

3rd . . . 

4th ... 

5th ... 

6th ... 

7th ... 

3th ... 

9th ... 

zoth ... 

nth ... 

lath ... 

13th ... 

14th ... 

15th ... 

16th ... 

17th ... 

x8th ... 

19th ... 

aoth ... 

aiBt ... 

23nd ... 

23rd ... 

24th ... 

asth ... 

96th ... 

artli ... 

stSth ... 

29th ... 

30th ... 

31st ... 

32nd ... 

33rd ... 

34th ... 

35th ... 

36th ... 

37th ... 

38th ... 

39th ... 

40th ... 

4iBt ... 

42nd ... 

43rd ... 

44th ... 

45th ... 

46th ... 

47th ... 

48th ... 

49th ... 

50th ... 

5tBt ... 

sand ... 

53Wl ... 

54th ... 

55th ... 

56th . . . 

57th ... 

58th ... 

59th . • . 

60th ... 

6l8t ... 

6and ... 


Tho Royal Scots (Lothian Resriment) 234 

Queen'g (Royal West Surrey Regiment) 236 

The Buffa (Bast Kent Regiment) 237 

King's Own (Royal Lancaster Kc(;iinuut) ... 238 

Northumberland Fusiliers 840 

Royal Warwickshire Regiment 242 

Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment). 243 

The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 244 

Norfolk Regiment 245 

Lincolnshire Regiment 246 

Devonshire Regiment 249 

Suffolk Regiment 250 

Prince Albert's (Somersetshire Light Inf.) 252 
Prince of Wales' Own (W. Yorkshire Regt.) 253 

East Yorkshire Regiment 254 

Bedfordshire Regiment 255 

Leicestershire Regiment 256 

Royal Irish Ketriment 258 

Princess of Wales' Own (Yorkshire Reg ) 259 

Lancashire Fusiliers 261 

Royal Scots Fusiliers 262 

Cheshire Regiment 264 

Royal Welsh Fusiliers 265 

South Wales Borderers 267 

King's Own Borderers 269 

z Bn. The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) ... 270 

I Bn. Royal Inuiskilling Fusiliers 271 

I Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment 27a 

t Bn. Worcestershire Regiment 273 

I Bn. East Lancashire Regiment 274 

I Bn. East Surrey Regiment 275 

t Bn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry ... 876 
I Bn.DukeofWellington'»(W. Riding Regt.) 277 

X Bn. Tno Border Regiment 278 

Bn. Ro3^al Sussex Regiment 279 

B a. Worcestershire Regiment 273 

Bn. Hamjpshire Regiment 381 

Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment 282 

Bo. Dorsetshire Regiment 383 

Bn. Prince of Wales' Volunteers (South 

Lancashire Regiment) 284 

z Bn- Welsh Regiment 285 

I Bn.The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) a86 

X Bn. Oxfordshire Light Infantry 287 

X Bn. Essex Regiment a88 

X Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire 

Regiment) 289 

Bn. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry ... 376 
Bn. The Loyal North Lancashire Regt. ... 291 

Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment 392 

Bn. Princess Charlotte of Waleci' (Berk- 
shire Regiment) 293 

I Bn. Queen s Own (Roj'hI W. Kent Regt.) 294 

1 Bn. King'g Own (Yorkshire Light Inf.)... 295 

2 Bn. Oxfordshire Light Infantry 287 

X Bn. King's (Shropshire Light Infantry)... 297 

a Bn. Dorsctsbire liegimeut 283 

2 Bn. The Border Regiment 278 

2 Bn. Essex Regiment 288 

1 Bn. Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middle- 

sex Regiment) 301 

2 Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment 293 

2 Bn. Bast Lancashire Regiment 274 

King's Royal Ritle Corps 304 

3 Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment 372 

X Bn. Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire 

Regiment) 308 


63rd ... I Bn. Manchester Regiment 

64th ... I Bn. Prince of Wales' (North Staff 

shire Regiment) 

65th ... X Bn. York and Lancaster RMfiment 
66th ... 2 Bn. Princess Charlotte of Wales' (B 

shire Regiment) 

67th ... t Bd. Hampshire Regiment 

68th ... I Bn. Durham Light Infantry 

69th ... 2 Bn. Welsh Regiment 

70th ... 2 Bn. East Surrei' Regiment 

71st ... I Bn. Highland Light Infantry 

72nd ... I Bn. Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-s 

Buflfe. The Duke of Albany's) 

73rd ... 2 Bn.The Black Watch (RoyalUighland 

74th ... 2 Bn. Highland Light Infantry 

75th ... I Bn. Gordon Highlanders 

76th ... 2 Bn. Duke of Wellington's (West Ric 


77th ... 2 Bn. Duke of Cambiidge's Own (Mid 

sex Regiment) 

78th ... 3 Bn. Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-s 

Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) 

79th ... 3 Bn. Queen's Own Cameron Highlan< 
80th ... 2 Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment... 
8tst ... 2 Bn. Loyal North Lancashire Regimo; 
Sand ... 2 Bn. Prmce of Wales' Volunteers (Sc 

Lancashire Regiment) 

83rd ... I Bn. Royal Irish ttitles 

84th ... 2 Bn. York and Lancaster Regiment... 
85th ... 2 Bn. King's (Shropshire Light Infau 

86th ... 2 Bn. Royal Irish Rifles 

87th ... z Bn. Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish F 


88th ... I Bn. Connaught Rangers 

89th ... 2 Bn. Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish F 


90th ... 2 Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) ... 
9xst ... I Bn. Princess Louise's (Argyll and Sutl 

land Highlanders) 

93nd ... 3 Bn. Gordon Highlanders 

93rd ... a Bn. Princess Louise*8( Argyll and Sutl 

land Highlanders) 

94th ... 3 Bn. Connaught Rangers 

95th ... 3 Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Dorby«l 


96th ... 3 Bn. Manchester Regiment 

97th ... 3Bn. The Queen's Own (tloyal W. K 


98th ... 3 Bn. Prince of Wales' (North Stafib 

shire Regiment) 

99th ... 3 Bn. Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltnl 


xooth ... I Bn. The Prince of Wales' Leinster Rt 

mont (Ro.val C*na»1ians) 

loist ... I Bn. Royal Miiuster Fusiliers 

loand ... I BiL R<iynl Dublin Fusiliers 

103rd ... a Bn. Ro>al Dublin Fusiliers 

104th ... 3 Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers 

xo5th ... 3 Bn. Tho King's 0<vn (Yorkshire Li^ 


xo6lh ... a Bn. Durham Light Infantry 

107th ... 2 Bn. Royal Sussex Regiment 

xo8th ... 2 Bn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 

109th ... 2 Bn. The Prince of Wales' Leius 
Regiment (Royal Canadians) 

Ghangcs in the Titles of Regiments of Militia. 




to bo Antrim Art (Southern Div. R. Art.) 847 

Argyll 3c. Bute... Argyll * Bute Art. „ 849 

Cardigan Cardigiu An. (West. Div. R. Art.) 851 

Oarmarthen ... Carmarthen Ait. „ 830 

Clare Clare Art. (Southern Div. R. Art.) 850 

Cornwall and ) Cornwall and Devon Miners Art. 
Devon Miners i (Western Div. R. Art.) 850 

^st Sii "!*.; } ^'^ Artillery (South. Div. B. Art) 848 

Devon Devon Art (Western Div. R. Art.) 850 

Donegal Donegal Art. (SouUi. Div. R. Art) 848 

Dublin City Dubhu City Art „ 848 

Durham Durham Art. (Western Div. R. Art.) 850 

Bdinburgh Edinburgh Art (South. Div. B. Art) 848 

Fife Fife Artillery „ 848 

Forfiur k Kin-) Forfar and Kincardine Artillerr 

cmrdine ) (Soathem Dir. R. Art.) M 

Olamorjrmn Glamorf^An Art. (\Vf§t. Dir. R. Art.) 850 

M»€f€//n/rtoa ...HadtliDiftonArt. (Soath. Div. B. Art.) 847 

Hampshire to be Hampshire Art. (South. Div. R. A 

Kent Kent Art (Eastern Div. R. A 

Lancashire Lancashire Art.(South. Div. R. A 

Limerick (jiiy... Limerick City Art. ,, 

Londimderry ... Londonderry Art. „ 

Mid-Ulster Mid-Ulster Art „ 

Norfolk Norfolk Art (Eastern Div. U. A 

\r/^*»v«»K..i«»/i f Northumberland Artillery 
Northumberland [ (Western Div. R. A 

Pembroke Pembroke Art. , . 

Bligo Sligo Art (Southern DIy. R. A 

Baffolk Satfblk Art. (Eastern Div. R. A 

Sussex Bnssex Artillery „ 

"Tip^^HS^V^i Tlpperary Art (Seath. Div. R. A 

Waterfbrd Waierford Artillery „ 

Wieklow Wieklow ArtUlery „ 

Wight (Isle of) Isle of Wight Art ,, 

York Yorks^^e AxV ^Weat Dir. R. A 

TaU^ o/ Confenls. 

I. Becir«rililitr* Rue 

Miadl«*os. jBa.RFiuillt 

"""' sBD,R.FiuUieTi(rft»ofLwiaooHi 

1 Bn. The I>Hkii ot C(  ■'   

)i« T Rii, Ktas't Ro7iI Ktfle Corpa ... S£i 

,Ii. n " — ■■•— .rCityorLoEdOBH^gt.l »S5 

.. Su UonlgoiDCr; . 4 Bn. gouUi ff 

.. M I Norfbllt J Bn. Kgrfnlk lUinintDI 8j* 

.. Sit J Norfolk .. . 1 Bb. Norftilk Roi^liiiiuit s?* 

.'■Li. iDAkDtr? 861 >'<irt^Tnni<m...3ft4 Dm. NonbBTnplni»hlrB Rd« < *^i 

ee* Kortbinnlial-DdjBii.Norilinnilwrliinii Fmlliem Bj. 

v <jB KDUiDKbum ...4 Bs. BbsrwiiHl 1^1mler• Dnbr- 

 (DeHq-. idilre Bfirlninil) M, 

8fis I OH«pd«h«« , 4 Do. OKtbntdiire LIkU Iiilkaci7  «* 

 i'^^ aiiiDi»lu™ .. jDn, HhwnilittBLIeht InlknlTB..... Mr- 

. 8sj ,  1 a Somenet..! It 1 Boa. Piinm ilCmt'ii (Somenct- 

 'S'i» _ . •UratdBhilnninlryl Sjj 

.. 8iSj,a.W«lBsBonI,.,!Bn.9titifliWii1o«BtBjl»™i« ««. 

.3 A 4 Bus. Boiith Sulltnitshin R«si. g^r 
^1— _„ BUJRmlBhiHRcginioBi),., 

— yKeifli _ 



Ikiy*f 8bih!x Bep ,,. 8/.^ 

' — IPriucBCoinort'sOwn) 871 

Wltio) (,, 

.1'^ WwiH^alunBeKliiieiiE 811 

Doke of E£nlnirgb-a (WllWdre 

 ny _ (c, 

WoroioMivhlnReRtnient. Cv 

:Tnrfc«hlni JlsTTtti*!)! ... I-,,' 

.. BAgjHighlaDilRiilcsjDu.Scnn.rt 

LtberUnd HIghUnde 

3 Bn. Uieblnnil Liulil Infuiitry 
.3*1 Biis.Ciimerobi»ns(ecottiih 
.3 llD. BLnck Wntob (B._Hij;)ilu 

__. -..nee.- Loiiii._ ,_._„ 

Satherlana HiiclilnnilcrB}.... £71 

3n. King'i Own Scoltiah Bonlcnirs SsV 

B' Le)iiMcrIt<:i:(. 

L. Rtyyti Iruti RfgiiotDl 

., B67 Lfittim 8 Itn.Rif.nriK.lPrlncel-'unsorfsOH-i 

h I.imericlt Co ,,.5 Bn. Rojsl Munsler Fusil im 

.. 870 Lonjtibnl Ridaefi llii.Rir.Bria.(rrincgCoiiB(in'BOiii 

.. 8«} Louth .£ llD. RojallriBh ItiHea 

.. B71 N, * 8. Mnyo.,.3 Bn. ConnanRlil RiuimJ™ 

.. ejD (RocBl Oni 

.. 870 MonBRfaan ; BQ.PnnceBi 

. 8?) ' Qneen'B CouDtr, Bn. Prina t 

.873; (HojBlCsni 
.. S;g Roecommon ...; Bn. Connnui. 
.. Sfi  N. Tipptrarv ,., lln. RnjBl irlfh ResimBnt 

■n'B(R. Irish Fob 


MalrJtenfar, laik, Q.». ., Geneml Sir Henry Frcdcrtsk Pwn. 

JUdeB de Camp to ttie Queen, 

{?Wd Muihll Bit anal mihwi, tkf FrUrr s( ~ ' -- - 
rtotd Murstul HUXtrf'tUisktiu lU DukteJ Oai 


ui cuif. 

I Uainr ifu ^'M' Hv*<<u Albert Viotoc 
rsa. JobD WElMw. £~r<i WlamLrteiKb. 3rd 


Uncwtiin UlUUa). 

— T.B. P. Xsrif MHliaeD, jrd BatU WilUhira Rflttc 


— ^.A. Vtrfxiiaf Bieter. }r4 nod dh Bait*. North- 

•zafUiBtlinReff. (XontaampCon UiliLii). 

— WJIiuB Boll, CS. fto;aI Goaniuy UttiLia. 

— » fill. Fralfrick Anliar, Ltnl SudIbt of Preiton, 

OCS- a„wer O.uivl 1^ Canaia, laM U. and 
[^uun Orsnadlcr GiunJa} jnl Elatt. lAiuiuMr 

ftqtUDCIlt (ft>»rr..»r«r.). 

—a a. J*-! 0/ WanrLck, WnnrlekAira Yeomanry 

~ Juaaa Godt^r, Kojul Jcnar UiliUa. 

— riiB(^K£c<i/Weni7M, 1 Middlnai Bifle Voliis- 

— ArJUBHdvdua^L^CaiV.i Midlothian ArtU- 

Vt Valnnuen. 

— »^M. ITillikiD C^mua, . BoiT. 'C^iro. II Mid- 


m-rj OmvtAj, and i] Ulddlewi 

— B«Mn Banjunln WolHlef , CB. tup. yoik and 

— bWIHkm Fnacia Butler, fCB. k.p. aciB. 

Slico/ClanniHan'lAvondnlEi, rs.XP. loHiuBsn. 
JtlMim, Cbuloa Bcbert Ctande, Z.W Truro, 3 
Bom Linooln 

UiddlHoi Artillaix VolaniMn, 
Xt. Bqh. W. J. ruel. OsenbrtdKC, . 

Ragimeni (North Lineoln MiUUH(. 

James Womliiud SooU, Hoyul Uariosi 

p.i.c Henry Grey Mi«Klregy)r, CD, b.j 

Henry Hallain Parr. CJf ff. Bomeram 1 

TZ p.'.f. Jlarli Seller Boll. Rovai Kngii 

Wilbelm Lackhanlt. CB. Bombai- sun 

Robert ^(kegrei^r Stewart. Ruyal 



i=Hl ClBUd 

St. UoH. C. A. £>rl of Boms, Lsun 

Caittlrr (&i>*ri>aia>nirT}. 
lecr Baiulion Deionibin Ben. (Smivraaiwrarv). 
Bonuio Herbert Eltsbsncr, CB. CMS. R. 2ng. 
Anbur FrenBhj^yal Marine Anillary. 

id Orrery. KF, 

Bn. S. V 


3rd Baltjillon King"! 

XqneiTlea to the Queen. 

Oiri Ifan^f.— Oeneral Lord Alfred Paget, 
C>.o'<''Sierali;barIc* Taylor Du Plat, C£. r.f.p. R, " 

4ml Henry Lynedoch Gardiner, CB. R. Arliliei 
o.iHlBo.. Henry Wm, John Byng, l»i" nnldul 

.Cmrd., ir».. (^(■■«' J *;. a;i^>jJi &>tai 

Jfo.. Beg. A. J. Talbot, OS. (from h p. 1 Life Gda.). 

John PoLner Bisbaion. la Htiwnm. 

Sir EUtraid Wdiej U. Dndfird, KCB. SCSI. Mad- 

raa Staff Oorp*. 

John RamBj Blade, CB. h.p. Rovnl Artillery. 

Pie ArihuT George Hammond, DSO.Banaaf 3. C. 

Beginald QameK, Seafbrth HlahlnDders. 

Jehu lienry Bvnurd, CJfO. Mnntter Fusilier*. 

leral Rl. IIe<i. 

iral Ho: Sir Arthur 

orAnhir Jot 

itaira M'Nelll, A'CB., C/£.ColdBtrsam Guards (u-frai. 

I General Si. Hon. Alei. N. Vi^tl. Bridport, i 
y. Major Stanier Waller, Royal Ent!ineera("f 
ate < LcCotoncl Sir F. I. Kdwarda, A'CB. R. Km- 

Bonorur? Phyildans to tbe Queen. 

r Gordon, J/D. { 


□ Hackeni 

, MD.i 

eon Genoml Sir Joteph Ki 

Bengal Bsinb. 
Deputy Surgeon General Tboma 

aD. late Bengal Botab. 
Surgeon General William Robert 

■rer. .VD. SCSI. I 

BODgnl Ettab. 

, ilD. Ii 

neral Sir Thoa, lADgmore, £■(. CB. h. 

Honorai7 Surseoni to the Queen. 

John Robert Taylor. CB. halfpaj-. 1 Inapecior General John HeoryOrr.KD. CE-'aioMndraa 

Mtor'^Generll Sir Thoniai Crawford, JID. ECB. \ BurKeon Gcoanil James Maonabb CuLincLftm, JfiJ. 
■urrd pay. CSI. late Bengal Eslab. 

I'dneni General JameaMouat.CA. half iiay. Deputy Surgeon General Henry Vandyke Carter, Ifi}. 

(KjD Uajor Alexander GrnDI, late Indian Army. ' li^te Bombay Estab. 

HonoraJT Obaplaini to the Queen. 

J.C.Edgtutl. I>I>- Cia/Aait Qntnl. I Sts. R. H. Ituliock, CCZ.Clap'ala lit Oan. tU.tih, 

H" Ma«5Tt'8 Skcbkijlbt Of State job Wai Siffhi Hon. KDWAED BTAKHOPB, M.P. 

J 1 t n • i o ^ t • f Charles G. E. Welby. 

AtstHfant Private Seeretarxei ^^ , ^ Captain Hon.K, H. Hcnuiker-Major, CaM*^ Gds» 

Hm ifAJBSTT'8 PAELivMBWABr UwDKi Sbcbbtabt ow\ ^ ^ g jj^^; Bfownlow. latc Grcnad'er Guards. 


Private Secretary A. i Beckett. 

^mb^Wa"" ** PKBMAifBKi UkdbbSbcbbtabt OF SxATB j ^^ ^^^^ ^ ThompsOD. KCB. 

Private Secretary A. R. M. Uniacke. 

i 'A A-rrjt cr / •- 4f ot^tM f Colonel H. G. Deedes, late of 60 Rifles. 

Aimtant Under Secretaries of State | ^.^ ^^^^^ Lawrence Haliburton. KCB. 

Finance Department. 

FiMneial Secretary Hon. W. St. J. F. Brodrick, MP. 

Private Secretary H. D.DelaBfere. 

Aeeountani General R. H. Knox, CIS. 

n , J , i a I ("H. T. De la Hire, C2?. 

Deputy Accountant* General \ George Lawson, CB, 

A ' t I a t » n ^ 1 ST. Cave-Browno-Cavo. 

A*»i$ta»t Aeeountauti General -j ^ Maior 

Director qf Contraeti Evan 0. Nepean, CB, 

Atsietant Director (^ Contracts AV. J. Stacey. 

Director of Clotkinff George D. Ramsay, CB, 

Assistant Director 0/ Clothing O. H. Morshead. 

Director General ofOitt.mnce Factories W. Anderson, M,Inst.C.E, 



Field Marshal His Royal Hufhness OEOROX W. F. 0. DUKE OF OAKBRIDOE, KG, XT. KP. GCB. GCSI. OCMQ, 

GCIE. Aide de Camp to the Qiteen, Colonel of the Grenadier Gnards, &c. 

Pt'ivate Secretary Colonel A. C. F. FitzGcorge, h.p. 11 Hussars, 14 July 86. 

I Colonel Zor<2 A. C. Gordon-Lennox (from h.p. Grenadier Gaant*). 
Colonel G. W. A. FitzGeorge, h.p. so Hussars. 
Colonel R. B. Lane, Rifle Brigade. 
Bt.Major A. Davidson, King's Royal Rifles. 
p.s.e. Colonel J. C. Ardagh, CB. (from Royal Engineers), (cjrtra). 
Colonel A. Harness, CB. h.p. Royal Artillery {extra). 

Military Secretary Lt.Gencral Sir George Byng Harmon, KCB. 1 Nov. 85. 

(v.s.e. Colonel 0. W. Robinson, CB. h.p. Rifle Brigade, i Apr. 90. 

Assistant Military Secretaries < Major GeneralJ. J. H. Gordon, CB, Bengal Stafl* Corps, 8 Oct. 90 

C (for Indian affairs). 

Auistani Adjutant Generals 


Ad/utani General (rciik rank ofU.General).., T€ Mi^'or General Rt. Hon, Sir R. H. Bailor, KCB. KCMG. i Oct. ^ 
Deputy Adjutant General Major General Godfrey Clerk, CB. x Apr. 87. 

^'^^Pirci^i'!!.'!!'.!. ..^"f.?.!...{!r...l!!!!!!!!?!.} ^'•®«'*«™^ ^ J- ^yon-Fremantle, CB. x8 Nov. 86. 

ji.t.e.Colonel W. R. Lascelles, h.p. Rifle Brigade, 1 Apnl 86. 
p.s.e. Colonel C. Grove, CB. (from h.p. East York Regt.), 17 Xov. 88. 
p.s.c. Colonel A. G. MacGrcgor, C0.(from h.p. Worcester Uegiinent'i 
3 Apr. 90. 

(Colonel A. S. Wynne (from h.p. Yorkshire Lt. Infantry), i JulyU 

Deputy AssisttiKt Adjutant Generals 1 2>.«.c. Lt.Colonel A. £. W. Goldsmid (from h.p. Munstcr Fusilier* 

\ I Apr. 89. 

8taf Captain p.s.c. Captain E. W. Fleming, Royal Artillery, 13 June 83. 

Director ofMiHtary Intelligence 

'p.s.c. Captain J. J. Lcvcrson, Royal EngiDeci*s, i June 87. 
p.s.c. Lt.Colonel J. C. Dalton, Royal Artillery, 1 Sept. 8S. 
p.s.c. Lt Colonel F. W. James (from Norfolk Regiment), t Apr. 8> 
p.s.c. Captain G. AVemyss, West Yorkshire Rogitnent, 24 Juiij 90. 
p.s.c. Captain J. M. Gnerson, Royal Artillery, 1 Julj* 9.1. 
^pa.e. Captain C. R. Simpson, Lincoln Regiment, x An>f . 90. 

'P.9.C. Captain C. E. Callwell, Royal Artillery, i Oct. 87, 
p.s.e. Captain C. St. L. Barter, Yorkshire Light Infantry, i Apr. 8^ 
p.s.c. Major J. K. Trotter, Royal Artillery, ? Jan. 90. 
p.s.c. Capt{iin H. J. Foster, Royal Engineers, 24 June 90. 
p.s.c. Captain C. k Court, Rifle Brigade, x Aug. 90. 
> Captain J. Haughton, Bengal Staff Corps, x Jan. 91. 

J»»peetor General of Recruiting Miyjor General J. H. Rocke, CB, 19 Apr. 88. 

ifejfHfjr ^efit/aiei Ad/Ntani Gintral diUo „„„.,. Bt.Major C. Gmtchley, Soots Guards, 95 Mar. 89. 

Deputy Assistant A'livtant Generals (Ditto)... 

Siaf Captains (Ditto) 

Blaff of the Army. 

F>4 i4»tM# Ofxral ...,„.» „ Major Gmeral E. Unrkbun, 3 Joiia tr. 

UiMl JUirtatl antral Colonel G, J, Burgmaan. 31 Tlec'/o. 

tt% djujitaitt Ai;.lt*l BniTat j^.i.g. MajorB. A. UoTitgomer:^, 1 Sopl iy. 

RoML Kseiiii». 
M^iri.i.fOM*«I(«0'ini'i»«rJ'*^j ,,.,,.. Golouel H. Gnini, Cif. b.p, , JaljES. 
u<nl .l^ataal Qtwrrml ■.■..- A Colouel K. Woiii, CB. i Ocl. B9. 


iirfirVurrr 0MWf«I -> ;ij.r'. Uajor General »rT. D. Baker, fCB. 1 Oct. 90. 

- . n.-^_ v..b. A.«;. f i>.i.e. ColoBil J. N. Crealocl:. CB. ij M«y 90. 

Ht»( QHTfrr Jfwirr SMOOM iOolOnel H. S. K. Hoiives, f B. Annj aerTim Corpa. .3 Aug. 90. 

fLtColonelG.T. HninilloB, ArayBerviwCorpa, 11 Dm. Sg. 

1..^.. .^ » n-i^-. MmveerHooCorps, II Dec. B3. 

i, Uilea (FruBi li.p, Muaiter ruxiliDn), 

I Lt.Colonel C. H. Bridge, Army Si 
■■■'--- ' - '■-'— il H. 9. r.. Miles 

I .Apr.»9. 

iw<ir«nH(.irJkriJ((i>>7libM'i<>* Lt.GfDenlSirR. BiddDlpta, SrifG. TB. Rayal Artilicrf , i Uar. ». 

faJCiSSt i^^'oSliw)'*"'"**'}'^^' "-^'O"' *■ "• D^'OT* ("0" h-p. KMBiHegt.). u Apr. GS. 
Iff^JaHf. KrK<rr •/' ITiUtafy KlnaHM p.i.s. Lt.rolonel D. r, Jonu, (rromli.p. Itofi.1 Aitillci7), i3 June B9. 

'■^j^SJIf' •^'^'"^ '■ *'^| *^J liUIenenil Sir D. 0. Dnirj-Lon-B. rCB., T Apr. 90. 

f i^li If^r . .... .- p.>.e. OapUia J. F. DoTD-HiiFdocb, Roytl BnehiMn, 1 Apr. 9>. 

'^IM aSbm*^ f?^!!?!!!^;.^„I!3 *'"»^"' *■'■ '^ N"il"il»oii. ICB. Ruj-nl Bairlnocrs, 3 Jnlj Si 

U-DOlOMt B. H. Uoyarl „ 

"  '---"f.P. Kno^lKr. aoynlKoBintti 

r4 Jan. 87. 

^-fHiar 4 Sthmarint Drfiaen Colonel R. Y. Armstrong, Roj«l Enginceri, 11 Juno S4. 

(-.'/> I /..(.ft-lor of,h Major B. il. Ruck. Royal Eiuin?"", i Jan. 36. 

'^^'l ^:!''Z}'!1"'^S^^°'} '^"^""^^ "■ ■'■ AWorson, CB. h,p. Roj-il Artille.r, . Jan, fj. 

lM.ti,.r Di^^Uf iifArlilUrj ColonelC. H. F. EllislfTOinh.p, H. Aniner.v),iojQn. J). 

Lm, ., „ ,^„, „, *r/,v;,r. f LtColonel C. Morlej (from h.p. Roj-al Ai[ii;cr», 7 Sept. 85 

i™>iili >o (if Cnrior .^ drtillrrf ^ Captain W. C. Saiilc, Roj-al AniUtry, ig May 8a. 

'"^'a^'o^r!^ Giwrai 0/ OrdiMf! J jj^ (,^^^1^ q^jj ^i, Ordnance H. J. Mills, CB. 1 Apr, BG. 

'"x,t^g^Zl} °^ *""""'' *"" "'If.rn^''""' *"■ "^^ ^'""''i" (fro"" b.p- R. Artillery), 1 Get. 87. 

(■Colonel C. W, Duni-ombo (from h.p. 1 Life Guards), 3 April ) 
''>-,^-, Oficeri of r««Mrj CatB(r» i" ) CaH.lT,DM(rJc(-if«orfQ"<ir/cr., !-«■*. 

'>inr:i,^„^at 0} ArmtiitiicaXtitptrlmnii William Alexander Mackinnan, PaC5.E<l. CB. 7 Maj 8;, 

Fr^tmhtal Airiil-i^l ■. Snrgeon Ooneral J, B. C, Reade. CB, 1 Apr, as, 

''wv*' Tathnirj Strynn J- Dnnnmond Lamlierl. :S June 9;,, 

M"0~r«l En. i.e. 'Edghill.DD.S Feb. 3s. Ciapla^nTiwrr of LoiI«-<. 


Field ilarnJiaU, Oenerab and Lieutenant General*. 


1 1 II ll S II lli^llsllllll I llllillsl^' 

■SIS?! ""SSKSfi KS.J'&K"^^ SJ~^S P."" SSiS Kk.£ 

llll U 1 4- 1 llllllll^llll I lll^^ll^ll 

iifi iiiiiiliii||iiiil iliiiltlil 


I i 




I i 




LiaaleitaHt GenemU aadMaior OeneraU, 5 

jj}iiil|llllil||iyillfelllillil liiiyilllliliSls 

1 1'lliililil I liijiiifiiililiiiliiii iiliillil iiiSSi. 

- - J - _■;■_-" i -J 1-. t ^ ..-..,-. - - : J -i ^S.!l-'SSS-= ■=^&ifrH^.&-= iS^-aSBfluli 

• zHiMiiit I iili^ljllillMiillB luii^lli iliiiiil 

il^:ltlillll ilKllirjr 


iliijor Gcnwale. 

3 a^a^iiO-«'?>?o=o>=Q*!;o-^5as.ooocsoaoWo5«4'?a5!5!BSzao->Qe-i-i-ns-a-i<'>i 

I li Mllill|J|||:i|i||i 

I llllllllllllliiililJillllllllliilljIltlillllillllWWl 


gs'sa- - - 




8 War Services of the Field Marshals. 

1 The Dako of Cumbridprc commanded the xst Division of the Eastern Army throughout the c.impai^ of 1 354, 
including the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and lukermau (hor&e (»hot)» and Hicgc of Seba&to]>oI (mentioned 
in despatches, received ihe thanks of the Houne of CommouB, Medal with four Claspii, and Turkish Medal). 

* Sir Patrick Grant served as Deputy Adjutant General with the Army of Gwiuior in 1343-44 (mentioned in 
despacchcB, Brevet of Major, Bronze Star). Sutk'j campaign of 184^-46 as Adjutant General— twice severely and 
dangerously wounded by grape-shot through the arm and musk(;t-f)all in left breast, and horse three times siioi 

including thi> battles of Alma. Balaklava, anil Iiikerinan, and ^iege uf SitbaHtoiKil (Medal with four Chisps Cfi., 
Offlcor of the Legion of Honor, Commander isit Class St. Mauru-t- and St. Laxarun, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, ^d 
Turkish Medal). 

* Sir Liutom Simmons wa.>!« employctl for three ycirs in the dia-iiutcd territory 01; the N.E. fn^ntier of the United 
Ptatos in constructing w^rk.-? fi>r its defence and in miikiug miliriiiy oxpl<irati<)nft. Ilapi^euing to be in Turkey ju 
1853 ho wab r,peciuily employed by Lord Stratford ib.' Ucdclifie on >ever;il imixirJani grrvieiv* ; jiiiiied Onmr I'u!>lui iu 
Mtirch 1854; ejtcortcd the new Governor into SiliMria nflert!;e fi-riror one had been kinc>l.:ind wa.-s itre.seiit dunLir 
partoftlh; sieire of that fortress: laid out and threw up iheliiic.-df .SloIiodziean'UleorgevoontlieDan'ibe.hnviLe 
entire charge of the opettitiou witli -.'o.cwo men of all nrniii uijiler hi^ (■oiniiiaiid,.-4 Rur^sian Army of ro.-wx* men heiuj 
within seven miles: wns pi-cAi'iit ibirinir the occa])ation of Wnllacliia uii-l had frequent chnrire of ree<»nii:ii>pa3C»* 
upon the enemy's rear. Went to the Crimea in Dee. 1354 to eoi tvit with the allied Cumniatulers i'l Chief as i'> (Le 
movemer.t'i of the Turkish Army: was present at the battle of Knpatoria, laid out and threw up the elltrencL^l 
camp round that place : afterwards was before Sfbaijtopol fritiii Apiil 1855 until afrer its fall, antl then went ti 
Mingrelia and was present at the forced paa-*a^e of the ini^ur, w here he eonuniinded the Division w hich cr.»^ihe 
river and turned the enemy's position, capturing hi-* works jii-.rl guna : Omar Pa^ha in his deK])atcli tin? 
saecess of the day chiefly to Lt.( 'olonel Simmon*. He r>erveil as Her Majoj^ity's Comniisaiouer to the Oitomaa Anny 
throughout the war and was employed in all the negotiations lui ving reference to the movements of Omar Pa.-bi'« 
Anny. Has received the Crimean Mcihil with C):)b]>,the Turkish Gold Medal forthe Danubiancampatfrn, theOnUr 
of Medjidie 3nl ()l.i«8, and a Sword of Honor from the Turkish (Jovemment; also the 4th Class of the T^ogior. i-f 
Honor. Was Her Mjyesty's Commissioner fi>r laying out the Turco-Russian boundary in Asia, antl grantetl ttii» 
2nd Class ot the Medjidie' by the Sultan, but was refused permissi-jn to accept it. 

* Sir Frederick Paul Haines' services:— On the formation of tlic Army of the Sutlej in 1345 ho was appointed t* 
officiate as Military Secretary to the Commander in Chief in India, Sir lIughGough, and in that capacity he wa* 
present at the battles of Moodkee and Furozeshali ( ^ledal and one ( 'lasip) ; in the latter encngement lit; was severely 
wonndeil by grape-shot at the attack on the enemy's works, his horse being killed under him at the rameutomeM. 
At the rc^'oMinxendation of Lord Goagh he was promote<l to a Comi)auy iu the loth Foot, without purch.ise. A? 
Militiiry Secretary to his Lonlship he >orvp<l the Puiijaub camp.iign (»f 1348-49, and was prci^ent at rhe alfaii' of out- 

floats at Ramuuggur, 2:^ Nov. 1848. and stibseiiuent operations renulting ir. rhe passage of the Cheuab, an^l the 
Mittles of Chill iauwallah .and Goojerat ( Brevet of Major, with twi> C^Insps). Serveil with the -jist FuMliem 
the Eastern campaign of i3<;4-55. including the battles of Alma. Baliiclava, and Inkermaii, anilsietfeof SebHsti>]Ml 
(Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal with four ClaspR, 5th Class of the Mdljidie, and Turkish McmI-iIj. Duriiikr the Afirlmu 
war he <lirected the miliuiry operati<>U8 as Comurinder in Chief from September lij} to ^^eotember i-33.-> ».rece:vei 
the thAuks of both Houses of Parliament). 

War Sere ires of the General Ofliecrs. 

• Tor the War Ser^'ices of General Otticers being Colonels of Regiments, &c., see the Corps to which lh«y 
resrectivelv bolonj;. 

• Lord W*olbeley served with the Soth Regiment in the BurniCije war of 1852-53 (Medal f«»r Pegu), wtis with the 
expedition under Sir John (.'hoape against the robber chief Myattoon.and was severely wounded when leadinfctiw 
Btorming party against the chiefs stronghold on the 19th March (mentioned in des|)atohes). Landed in theCrimn 
with the 90th Light Infantry on 5th Dec. 1854, and was employed iu the trenches as Acting Engineer until Selmstopol 
was taken ; waa engaged in the assault and defence of the Quarries on 7th June, and on dutj' in the Trenches at the 
attack of the li^th June ; severely vronndcd in a sortie 30th August, when in charge of the advanced sap— t«Tcnl 
times mentioned in desnatches (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Clans of the 
Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaigns of 1857-59, and was present at the relief uf Lurk- 
mow, iefe^ice of the Alumbagh by Outram, with the several engagements there, siege and capture of Lucknow, 
■nbscquently as D.A.Q.M. (.ieneml to Grant's division and with it at the affair of Baree, action at Nawabgiuwier 
and all the others fought b;v' that force (repeatedly mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Methil with Clup). 
Served in the war of 1S60 in China upon the Quarter blaster General's Staff, and was present at the asaanlt '-f tht 
Taku Forts, and in all the onga^ments throughout the campaign (promoted Major unattached. Medal with t«t> 
Clasps). Comm.inde<l the Expedition sent in 1870 from Canada to the Red River Torritorj- for the snppressi-in of 
the Rebel (lovernment established at Fort Garry against the Queen's authority, ancl was created a Knight of St. 
Michael ami St. George and Companion of the Bath for his services upon that occasion. Was Governor and 0>B* 
mander of the Forces on the Gold ('oast during the Ashanti War of 1873-74 (receiveil the thanks of botli Howet 
of Parliament, promoted t-o be Major General for distinguished service in the field, OCMG. KCU. and Mediil vtth 
Clasp). AVas sent to Sout!4 Africa in Juno 1879 ^^ Governor and High Commissioner of Natal and lanils a<ljnccDt, 
with local rank of General. Completetl the subjugation of the Zubis and brought the Zulu war to a C(mchw<H). 
Afterwards overpowered Sekukuni's hostile nation and destroyed their stn>nghold ; ami finally sulxlued the di#- 
aflbcted Boers and completed the annexation of the Ti-ansvual {(iCli., Medal witli Clasp). Won Oommnmlfr in 
Chief of the British Kx])r-ditionnry Army througliout the Kg>'piian wnr of 1S82, in which c:iro))aigii that Anny ia 
the space of 25 da\'s ef!i*cte<l disembarkation at Ismailia, tniversed the desert, and seized the c;ipit«l of Ksrypt 
together with its citadel and the rebel chief, havinir in that ))erio<l fought and defeated the enemy fi\e lime^-- 
finally at Tel-el-Kebir where the enemy's strongly entrenched position was taken at the point of the' baycmet niler 
an arauons night miiroh, all his guns captured, and his army overwhelmed (rcceive<l the thanks o:' botli Ho:!!»es of 
Parliament, riiised to the Peerage, promoted General for distinguished service in the field. Medal with Cl•f^p. iM 
ClasM of the Osinanieh, and Khedive's SUir). Commanded the forces in the Soudan cami>ai{;u in i'6Sy '6^. '.reivtvcd 
the thanks of lK>th Houi^rs of Parliament, was raised to a Viscount in the pcenigo, and rcceiveii two \.']a>pHi. 

' Sir Leicester Smyth served in the KalUr war of 185-^-51 (Medal); also at the Battle of Berea. r^ervfd the 
Eastern campaign of 1834-55 as A»>istant Military Secretjiry to Lord Raglan, and afterwards to (general Simiwn; 
was present at the affair at Bulganak and at the battles of the Almi) anil Inkerman and at the ^iieL;e and full ••■' 
Heba[iBtoi>ol (Medal with three Clasps, Brevets of Major and Lt.Colonel, Knight of the Legiou of Iiom>r, 
Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

• Lord Chelmsford serveil with the Gn.-nadier Guards m the Criniea from the 31st May 183;^. includinc the sieffs 
and fall of Seba>t<j]iol (Meilal with Chusp, Jirevet of Major. Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5rh (.'iass uf tLtf 
Medjidie). Serve<l with the 03th Regiment in the Indian (*ampaign (Medal). Served in the Ah^^slnian camiuiiiru 
in 186S as Deputy AdjTiiant GeuemI of the Kxpcditionary Force, and was nresent at the capture of MaLsdaia 
(mentioned in despatches for " great abiUtyand untiring energy," CB., and Methil). Served in command of the 
British forces in Uie Kafir war of 1878, and in the Zulu war ot 1S79, being i)resent at the cngigcmcuis of Giugia- 
dblovn and Ulundi (Medal with Clnsp, and GCB.). 

" Sir Archibald Ali!»on ser\'ed with the 7^nd Highlander^i the Ka.stern camiwign uf 1855, including the expedition 

to Kertcli, sicff^Hni} fiill of Sebastopol, and attack of the i8th June (.Methtl with Chisp, Brevet uf Major, ntui Turkisb 

MedalJ. Serial uh Miliutry HocrcUiry to Lord Clyde in India diirin.: the campaign from August 1837 to March iSsS. 

/9w/ n-ay ficrcre/y ironnthil P;>t lefl :inu):it th(relief«»f Lucku-jw (liiovel of lA.C.>\on«\,VlcdAl with Cla»p, and C'lT.), 

... . M. •! ni^^.i .•i<-i.ii;. .-L-i \ciiiii-ij Hi iiiL* iiiniiiu oiiiipai;; 11  >i ios7-5n. iDCiiidiiiir iiif* :ictii»n lii i }i\viii»i>ic. 
ii{-c;arc •■!* L-ickiiuw. fnxninanded tho (\iincl Oirps >it the capture (»f ('jilpco hikI tluhnir tlie hiiliscfjucxic 
n t "...nil a I Irnlia fiiii'iitinncti in dospatcln.'!*, Hroveti)r Lt.Cultmfl. CB., Mctlal with two t'hij*p>«). Servoil 
irtf lSr:-,'h«K' in the North We*t Frontier of Iiidift ciiiuimii^B of 1863-454 (Medal with J'lusp'. (DinTnaiKleii 

rr>A<p-< iliiriiii; the «)p«.'rntionsin the Miila.v Peiiin^uhi iii 1S75-76 (mcwtifniefl in JicmTJiI Onlcr-; of tho 
lit of laditt. McIbI with riaitp). CommBti'led tho Iii'lian Kxi)Oditionar\' Force wliirh was sent to thir 
lOiin in 1S713. :*er\'eil in the Aff^han war of 1878 3); roininande-i the ind Divisicm Calml FieM Forco- 
;»to.l tho e^iomy iit Slieknbad (receive I tho thank** of the (Jtivemor (Jcnoral in Cnincil !in«l of t le (.'oui- 

I'hie; in Iniiiui; nrcompunic<l Sir Frederick Uoberts in the mnrch V) rjuidalinr in comnunil o^ t'us 
nvij.i ^Q .i!,(l i\> ^nd in command, and waA i)reaeiit at tlif l»atth» of (.'andahnr (m«Miti-»ni'd in de-tpatche-, 
ti*" think*, "f lioth Houses of Parliament, KClf., Medal with ('hi5»i», and Hron/.e Decoration). 
• rerienil Wiili^ was prencnt with Gen. Havelnek's FicM Forcoin the actions oroonauand nuse.^rnl fJunL'O- 
iiy 1^57 ; ronimandiHl the 84th Het^iment in tin? actions of Buscerut Gunirn on tlu' «th Au;?., lloorbivikif 

prc~-ni lit tho fall of Jjucknow ; 'accomi>anieil (ienenil JjUi^ard'H Fore*', am! j)resi.Mit at th • relief of 
" . iT'O'vi'.-'l with Uri'^uUer Douf^las'rt cohunn iu pursuit of tho rebel chirf Koi«r Sinu'. nnd iin-s^Mit in tho 
17th :iiiil .' 4L April (mentionofl m desnatclie*, CB., and Brevets of Major and Ll.l'iibiuei, Medal witU 
•!-._ aiid irniTii of a year's service for Luckuow). 

Oemmi H-in. I'erc.v Folldinir («on-cd the Kasicrn cnmpai^ of 1854 ns Bri|?n<le Maj<)r to tho TJriimdo of 
ih'.- liarcli.' of Alma (mcntioneil in dOHimtcho!*) nml on the Stntf of the ist I)ivii«ion at thr ItattlCH of Hala> 
I Iiikenuait vovcrcly wounded), and hiejfo of acbastopnl (Brevet of Major, Medal with lour l,'la}*pj», Knight 
-':..u of Uon'iur. 5th Clawi of the Mcdjidie. Turkish Mcdnl, »n«l CB.). 

■ I BuIui.T >crved tin* Ka?>tom campaiifii of 1S54 witli tho ami FusiliiTs, includine tho battle oC" 
.!*:f.'ei.f Selm-lop«d (Me<hil with two Clasps, and Turkish ^Icibil). Served in tlie Indian mutiny «»f 1857-59, 
il.-f M«';;<' aiid capture of Lucknow, and oi)cnitii»ns arros*. the (ioonitoe under Outiani. t'tnnmanded iv 
■f tr .■.■iji> with tins In'rt, Win>r of tho a.^nl Fusiliers in the Hueswarni district of Omle. iiicluilinir the capture 
rt '.r Seb.'uptire. anil two oiher sncccssftil ouicai^enients at Julruwleo and Ponrwah, cMniiiaiidi-il Lell NVingr 
■I .•: :a^ -iea-at uf Be nee Madho by Lord t'lyile at (Brevet of Lt.C'olimel, VB., Mclal with two 
id ii^eijii>i.o«l in tleK|uitche!-). 

^tit-neral Newdii^atv hcrve*! with the ami Battalion Rifle Briirado the Kustcrn campni^rn of 1854 ami np to 

, incladi!.:; the iMttleit of Aliua and Inkermau (wouude<l),anil siourc of Scbnstopol (.\It>daI with thix>e rianpH, 

iL-4j'.r. Kniirhtofthe F/Cifion of Honor, stb ClnsH of the Modjidio. and Turkij«h Medal). Serveil in thcf 

of i37y ii. command of the and Division, and waa present in the cn>ra»;ement at Ulumli O^^'^'^l ^^'^('^ 

d IB). 

mthe lUh March 1856; waM jireMntwith it aurinif the whole of it8 services in the fiebl in India, fr>)nk 
r 1057 Co December 1859, inclndiniir the action.s at Cawnpore(danflferou»ly woumloil, two bayonet and one 
•nndp), aie^Rud capture of lioekiiow (Brevet of Major). Ouile campaiKTi of iS^S under Sir Hope (,. 
Lord (.'lyde in bin Trans-Groiati operations, an Bri(?ado MiOor to Bri>?A<licr Sir Alfred I! irhford, and nub- 
' as his principal HUitT Officer on the Nepaul Fmutier, in his advance into Nrpaul, and dnrini^ tho hocoiu& 
ffni cami«tjrn ; alao as Briipide Major to Brigadier Holdich durint^ the operatiDU.-^ on the Oucio Frontier in 

amp to the Queen, Ccaonel, aitd Modal). 
• F^nenil W. ti. Cameron Hcr\-o*l in theGrenndicrGuanls durinetho E.i'«t^rn campaien of i3^4. iiiclu'linu- 

lo War Services of the General Officers. 

tijc lir-iiilk AftcrwnnlK with tlio 4rn(1. ft cun, and Ri)ckct Dotaclimoiit, fi»roe«l the imsiiion nml pro*siiiL' iliO 
f j'-'i'.i'r*. witli iho ]]i:;))luiiik']s uiitercd (^ll)IlUl^•'ie ihe muua cvfiiinj? tiiid wn.«» iii»|M'iiitc<l Cij:iiiiiauibiitt <»!' t'n? »•'•'" 
(•«i*\ cfjil liiiic- iiuMit=oiir<l in ilo-tiisitchos, K<"H., >rc( with Chiii;)). 

•■' Li« i;i.<5<'n«nil M. Wiilkt-r .-inr;d tho Kjistcni oampnipn ot 1854-65 oh A'ljutant ufllic .^'.Ih Rck't.,iiK'!««liiij:!Le 
liritih:- ..I AIiiiu iwomulrdi iind hiki-riniiii, hioure ot' SoliHtitojidl, iiiid s4)rtio mi .>(th Oct. Uii the uiL'ht of ihi- =i-t 
-April III' vi»hnit<roixMl iuhI hnX u ]mrty whicli ti)')k ilehLroyeU ft Uiuwinn Iliiic-pit. for whioli hf was nitntinnwl lu 
thi' ikspMtches. Mini inonujtril into the IhiHs. C>ii the niuht of the oth Juno he whk dan pi; run sly unnniti'd m thi» 
Tn.iifh(S— lif^'ht Hnr. ini.putatcd (Ih'ovol nfMiijor, Vicf iria Crot»*«, Medal with three Clnsp".. oh i.'IiUhO'.' tho Mivlji.lii: 
nml Tr.rki^h Mt-ihil) : received Iho 7'«C *' lor hftviMj? nt lukcminn. ^th Novfinber 1R54, difttii:u'm>heti hiiiii*eir in 
fnnit of his ro;rinient, by jiiiupinu' over 11 wall iu the face of two hattalionn of HuNsini Iiirjiiiiry •.«hic!i wcrp 
MiJirchinj; towaids it, for the pur]>t>»«e of pncourajrinu his coni»*ndc« by his cxumplc !■> ndviinci' jitriiiu-'t ).Meh hmxy 
iniils. which they ditl. nnd snci-ei-dfii in drivinir back Ix)th baitalionn." 8er\erl thi-onuhunt tb-. e nii;. lii^n nf i-.m 
in rhiiia as lini:ade Major of the 4Lh IJri^Milc iMcilal with two Clasps for the Takn Kurtn an-l IVkir:, an! Urtvctif 
lit. r.)'.. men. 

** Lii-ul.Ciencral tho lion. R. Monrk served with tho j^nl Retriment in the KulHr war in iS^; (Me< 

*' LiiMit. General Hon. W. H. A. Feiiiiinir aceompanictl the French Head l^uarieriias Military At tac;5i- <iuiiii.: 
the Krniico-(iennnn war nl" 1370-71 (t'hcvalier of the Let?ion of Hononr). 

«' Lieiit.tSeneral A. H. Dunne M.-rv.d with the 2iKt Kn>ilien» the Ka>um caranaimi of i3^«. includ:n_' t1i<« b.iitlf-i 
of A'nia, Itulakhivn, ami Inki-ni an. fritL-e <»f Scbastopol, audattnek ^n tho \Ui\hu on the iSth June « Me-la! wtih 
four (nii»«ps, 5th t'la-s nl" the Mnljiilio, and Turkish Medal), herved withtlio ovth Rou'miei.t in tho ,■ .'i;;.!!-!!-! 
\6i'k> in iht!ni)rth of t'hina, inelmlin^r the action of Sinho, takincr of Tanuku, a*i«aii!t anil eantun* of ib.- .-n r .^^ 
Taku K(»rt-. aoiionB of the Chanjr-kin-wan and Paliatehow, Hn«l j-nrreiahT of Pekin (Mc<hil with tw<i Cla^i-'. 

♦' Jiifnt.treneral T. ('. Lyons M-rvod in the iJi-ih lio^iuiont in the Indnin caiupaiL'-n f.f 1857-5:. :ivd r-ni- 
nnindcd the M-leeted n»avksnien of tlio I{C'.;iuient in the nctioni* of Chanda, I'nieerpore, Sultnnpon*. an I K-.n nl 
Dhowniha, whence he assisted in brinirin^r away two L'uns UTiiler a heavy tire; wa» present at the sii'u'<*M'ii 
<'a])tnie of Lnekn«)W, the snbsoipiont openitions in Oudo and alVair of Mohan, and connnanili-d f'>nr r.nii-tinu* 
5it ^dorar Mow and JJcerah, Fort of Sinircc, ami action of lluxar Ghat; scrveil as Ih-itruile Major to ihi- :inl 
iSritrside Oudc Force, atid was present nt the capUireof Fort Oohmrca (three tiniert mentioned in de-palL'ii«'<, McMal 
with Clasn, and Hn; vet of Major). 

♦^ SirRetiiinM iJijip.- served llio Kazitcrn cainpaiirn of i?54. inchnlinjr the Ijattles of Alma (bavo:.. • wnini'l if 
liand), Halakl.iva, ami J nkcrniaii (•««'v<-relv wounded,' shot throuudi neek), sieir*' of Seba-^i'-pol and f-rtii- !>a tin' 
;'th Oct. (Mfilal with four Clasps, IJrevct'of Major, Kni;5ht of the Leijion «)f ll'inor, 5th Cla^^ <;f the Mi- Ijil r, «»:■! 

Turkish Medal. 

5th tins- of the Medjiilie. and Turkish Me«lali : recciveil the YC "for roHciiiuir Colonel Haly, of the jrlh K(p>!i« 
'xjcnt.froni Rin^sian (t-ildiirr*. Colonel Haly haviu^r been woundiHl anil surronndctl by theni, and foriranavii exTtii** 
in lioldinir the jrronml occiijiii'd by ni«i ailvanced piipiet au'ainst the enemy, nt the commencenient <if thu l»;itlloof 
Inkennan, 5lh November 1^.54." ' .<erv« d in the Kafir war in iS77-7'> oil Hpi'cial 8ervico "*■ I'""«'^'yT"-'. "«»d cum- 
inamK'«l the tToo])B in tin'' ••nirairfjavntat Ti^lako Mountain (nientii^tncd in ile.M^atchC'*. .Medal with Clasp). 

— nieiitioniKt in despat<'lu-rt (Medal). Kinjiloycd in i8.vj ^>'=>, wlidc coninmmlinjf Ji*t lle^nnient J'.ratsuns Hone, 
in hiintimj down rebels in the Seronj^o JumrloH; thanked bj* the CSoveninn;nt of India for an attack madonna 
band in December 1830, ami ffazetU'*! ^) the Victoria Cross ** for havinu: on the Oetr.b«r i.":,3, duriMir actiou at 
Sindwah(», wlicn in command of a Troop of the jnl Lijrht Cavalry, attackeil with much L'allantry, :ii;i-.--.««L sinew- 
handed, a br.d3- of rebel, s who had niatle ft stand, whom ho routiMl. Also for liavinvr subM.'.|ia nrly, in- ir .S:ijilh'>r«,  
irallaiitly a<lvanced with a duffadar and wnvar of Beatson'« Horse, and re^||'ue«l from a banil if rii>)bi'r- a I*'|ti«|t 
Chenimiim .Sin^'h. whom they liad captured nnd carried off to the .lun;?h'-*. w'.iere they iiin-nile'l to h.iii!? him. 
RaisL-d tho --'nd Rciriment Centnil India H')rse. Acconipanio<l Sir (iar-n't Wolvi^.y t . tbe tj -M Const m 
Sejitcndifr 1877 on si'Oeial srrvico. ami servetl thi-otiL'hout tho A^hanti war of if7;-7i. Orirani/.od tho iiulivcf 
lormiiiL' "Wooil's Ib-uriment." Commanded the aitackini? force at the aeli'-n ot K»aiiiMii <reci-;'.t-.i tla* ox- 
I)ro>sion t»f Iter Majestj''s a]iprohation). Commamled the troops at tho luail oi' the r :ollijwni.r ine tiicmy 
fn)m Mfivp. to tho river I'nih prior to the aiTlvnl of tlie Knr«)i>eftn troopn, inebulini,' the— .aiice lu 
force of the 27th NoveTMl>or. Commanded the Ri.i,'ht Column at the battle of Atnoaiul fsliiihily w .'ni'lc-H ; 
mid eomniande<l the Head (.Quarters of his retriment at the battle of Oi'il.di-n a::il eaptun- of c . .vui-sii' 


<\»lley. as Governor of Natiil and Commandi-r-in-Chief of the British forces (/f'tj/<t'.i. Served in the Kirv])tinn 
>vnrof ifcoi in command of the 4th llriirade in the operationB near Alexamlnn. incbidinir tin' surn-ii-ier ■»: Ki'fr 
Dowarund Daniiitta (mentionc<l iti ilespalchcs. received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament. M.-tial. a«'i 
^;ia-s of tin; MLMlj.dio, and Klu^Uve's Star). Seivcd durinir tho Nile Kxiv-'iiititMi in i':'\-'--, in C'>niiu;i!nl t)f llw 
Line of Cuuimunicaiions (mentioned in ilehjiatehe4, ist Class of the Medjiitie, Cla-p). 

-* Sir G. Ji. Harnuin served in the ;!4tli Ueu't. in the Crimea Ironi .ytl" I''*'*- > "554 to ii',li .Inly iV;^, iueludini! 
the sicire 'ff Soba.«»t'ipol, capture <»f the llitle l'it«< on nyth .V])ril. ;nid commamled the tirenadiers of ihv -^Oi Kefft. 
at the a>i>aultof the ICodan on the i^.lh .hme, wln.-n ho recciveil si'Veii severe wnumls (Me lal with (Ma-»p, Un-vctof 
M.-ijor, 5th Class ot the 3!e<ljiilie, amlTurki-h .Mcilal .Served in the Indian Ciiinpamn of i::^7 -S. »iielii<lin_' aMainiof 
.:' Ill, a7tli and .'olli November, with the (.iwali<>r Cuntiniront at Cawnpore. -i eye ami ciipt'.ii« oi Luekiiow. :i!id ulluT 
minor alia ir.«i in Omle (Medal with Clasp). S-.-rveit in the Kiryptian war of fiS.' in C'->mni:inl >•:' the b ijt -if o|»en4« 
tions at Ahxamlria (received tho thanks of b th Hi)U*cs of Parliament, .Mi-ihil, ami Klichvc'-* Min. 

*^ Sir D. C. Dniry J^owc si-rved with the irth Lancers in ilio Crimea from 18th .lune i.-'--. i'lcluilru' the biittlo 
of thif Tcheniaya. sleueaml fall of Seba^ (Mo-ia' with Cla-*i). ami Turkish .Meilal). AN > tin.- Indi.-M emipaiira 
ot ib5i.--;9, including' inirsnit i>f rebel f'-rci-s undtr Tantia T-ipie, ami the ai'ti'Ui of ZeeiaiMiie \Me,l;il with I'lasp ti.f 
t'cntralindia). Commanded the 17th La;ieersanfl the Cavalry of the ami Division in the Zila wju- of i-^^.i.auil wa.* 
jiresent in the onuaKement at L'luudi— wouudul (C//., Medal with Clasn). Served in tin* lioer war o: i j.'i under 
Sir Lvely II Wood lu comuinntl of the Cavalry Unmade Serve<l in tho Kiryptian war of iliSj i-i cimiiii:;-! of the 
I'livalry Division, and waa present at tin* en lm cement -. ot^ Kl .Ma«far, Mahsainn, tho two actions ji' Ka isasitii 
and tho battle of Tel-tl-Kebir, immediately alter which ho C'>niinenoe<l li iorceil march with the rivalry by 
which ho obtained iiossession of Cain), the gurrcnfler of its citadel, and of tho rebi 1 chief Aral-i ivix tin»e« 
mentioned in ilesj)aiches, rcceivetl the thanks of both Houaes of Parliament, KfJU., Med:- 1 with Cla-p, 2nd ClH*a 
of the Osmaniih, and Khedivc'h Star). 

** Licut.Uciieral Lyon Fremnntte commanded at the defence of Suakiii from July 1^-4 till February i^^Ss, onA 
in tho Soudan campaign in i^'S; he cmnmanded tho HriKade of (.iiinrds, iiicludinK the « n;;ii-.'emi-nt at Hasliecn and 
thtf destrurtion of Tiiuiii unentionid m ili-^-palfhis, Cli., jnil Class of the Mi'iljidn'. Me«hil wiih Clasp ». 

«'>/r r/O'-nso frrr.ti-cM s/rrni »L J't-fchJiunr durini; tho Indian ninllnv in i;-'^ 7 ■,■■<. Merved as Deputy Awiatanl 
^U'utujjt o'e/jcruJ m the Kuf^jUyc f.viid.'iioii ot ifc^d uudcr Sir Sydney i:vjUou ^.u.euv >uetl in de»|»uicbea, M«(Ul 

■1 •i»--ii:in;in.Ti, iii'jiifiicM .uajwr ufucmi lor nisiiiiLjiHMm;ii h«.tvi«.m" hi uiu huhi, .^i-juih wn.ii < ui"!', 
lilt! >Ictl;iilii.'. »unl KhL'ilivu'H .Stflr). S«-i voil willi the Nile K.xpLilitioii in ir.35 in cjuimaml ol':i' 
ufterwarila ■»f the Xilc FieM Force (Cljiftj)). 

rlv> K.nii.'ht lV«re«in aervcl an AdjuUiut of the 31st Rc^rimcTit in the Crimea from ^ril Sojit 1*^55, 
.e .-ipiri; au<l fall of Selwislopol an<l nttiu-k of the Sth Sopt. (.Mivhil with Chisp, tind Turkish M-(h»l). 
.ts Zulu wjir uf 1C7Q in coinmancl df Nd. i Cohnnn, a force of all arinn, which inva<lotl Ziihihi!i<l Uy the 
he I^jwer TiicrelA. On tbo srnrlJannary In: defoateil in the arr,i«m of Inyo/.atio a Zulu f'»rco which ni 
irilKr> hail uikt'U iin ])''>siti(in V) overwh.-hn him ol a furniidiihlo i>:iss orillii! Maji-v's Hill. He thi-n 
-k'i f'-rmc'l the fiirtilieil i^wtof Kkowe ami lioM it while invoKtfil bv the enemy fur two nuinth.-, alter 
'jii c W!i.« reliove<l !jy Lord Chclm.sfonl {k'CVd., Meilal with riasii)'. 

Gvner:il John Davis Mrvcil with the "oth Reiriment in the Shahalja'l district duriuu' the LiUiiiVi 
i(KiiL:7t iu i?:,fi-59 (Modal). Served in ihe Souilnn Kxpedition under Sir (Icrald (;ruli;im in i>"^4 in 
'f the ami Infantry lirlpido, and was present in the en^f^cments nt Kl Teb ami Tomai Uevcr;il tinu-s 
ia dopaichcsjL, Clt., Medal with ChiAn, and Kheilive's Star). Served iu the Soudan ciimiMsirn m 11X5 

Iverh Henn- Bullcr perve«l with the 2nd Kattalion Cotli Rifles thronirhoiit the campaign ofi? >. iu (.'hina 
I tw'j tJI:iJ*ps). Served with the ist B:iuali'»n on the lied Kiver expeilitiun of 1870. Aeoumiianied Sir 
it^lcy t't the Ciohi ('onjit in September it;.?, and ser\'e<l as 1). A. A'ljatant and Quarter Mn>lur (Jenenil 
'f the liiteilitrenco Department Ihroujrhiintthe Ashanti war of i?7;j 74. inchidinir theaoti-m of l']ssa- 
! ijf Amoaful, advanced Kuard enf^irement nt Jarbinbuh, battle ut Unlahsn (sbt^htly woundeil) and 
C>>ORi»'i>Me VGVcral times mentioneKl in despatches, Drevet of Major, Cli., Medal with • 'Insp). Served 
r war of iS;^-?^, and c»mmanded tlio Frontier Liorht Horse in the encraj^enient at Tuba lea 1 -d'lda and 
iti'>r:"* at Molyueiix Path and apraiuht Manyanyi)ba's8tron;;bold (several times mentioned in despatche.--). 
'lUL'h'jut the Zulu war of if7), and commandeii the cavalry iu the en^ratifements at Zlobano Munntaiii 
ulfc ; oonductctl the rcconuaissanco bcfoi-e Ulundi, and was present in the euiruiremviit at Ulundi 
Difi uiCDtiom-d in dcMiatehee, thanked in C^neral Onlers, lirevet of Lt.C'olonel, Aifle dc «':unp to tho 

•c, wUofie horifc had been kdled under him, to a place of safety. Later on, Colonel Duller, in tho ffamo 
ved a trooper of tlm Frontier Lij^ht Horse, whose liorso was completely exhauRted, and wlu) otherwi?© 
! Ipccd kilJe<l by the Zalus, who were within eighty yards of him." Served in tho Hoer war o'' i ? 11 1 as Chief 
ff to Sir KveljVTi Wooil with the local muk of Major (jenenil. Served in the IVyptiau \v:ir of iF.^i in 
the luteiliL'cnirc Department, and was present in the action at Ka^isasin (oth SeptemlH*r), and at tho 
vl-el-Kcliir (mentioned in despatches, KCMG,, iledal with Clasp, .^rd Class of tho Osnianich. and 
Star). Served in tho Soudan Expedition under Sir OcruM Grttham in 1884 iu comnnnid of the^ I'^t 
ri^'iidc and ni» second in ctjmnuuid of tho expe<lition, an<l was present in tho enpaifements at Kl Ti-b 
(twice mentioned in deitpaichea, pn.moted Major General lor disiinuuiphed service in tlie Meld, two 
"krveil in the Souilan campai^m in 1L34 £5 as Chief of the Staff t> Ijor<l Wolselcy ; wheu .Sir Ifcrb^-n 
«A wt>unded anil Colonel Burnaby hail bwu killed, he took command «jf tho De.'Jeri Column utmI wit.h 
m Uuhac (o Gakdul in face of tho enemy, defeatiuv^ them at Abu Klea Wells on the i ih and i7tb 
mentione«l in despatches, KCB.^ and Clasp). 

Geaeral the Hon. C. W. Thesi^-er acted as Onlerly Olllcer to RriL^adicr Tattle command^is' tho f'nv:ilry 
irinjf the cam(iaifrn of iS<X> in China, an<l was present at the affairs of the i-jth Au^ru.-t, i iind -:i>t 
rapture of Fekin (Medal with two Clasps). 
Gencnil \Vi!»cman-Clurke servetl with llie girdHitthlamlersthe Knsteni camimij^ of i.':^4-". iiH'lmiin^r i 

of Aliua and llalukhiva, fiie«rc and full of SelMWtDpol, capture of K«:ric]i and Yenikiile (Medal with three 
ITurkiiih Methil). Also tho Indian campaif^^ of i857--;9, including relief of Lueknow by JiOMl (Uy<lo, I 

ftwnpure « »n &th Dec, pursuit of the enemy and capture of iheir ^uns at Seniivrhat, aeti-in :it Kalleo 
kinsr of Fuitchifhur, exiKilition tu Mhi'W un«kr Brii^raiUer Hope, sicire ami capturo <>r Luck tnw (men- 
rE.Laffanrftdebpatchei*),an<l*ub80<pientartViirsendinirinthecapturoofUareilly (Medal with I wo Clasps.). 

(W^ncntl F. R. 8. FUkwI serve*! with the ^xn\ Uoriment in a fore<' under Sir ('olin Campbell in it^i sz • 

12 War Services of the General Officers, 

nml WAS proRoiit nt the b.ittlc of Tel-cl-Kcbir (mentioned in despatches. CB., Medal with Clasp, 2-^ CIiu Of th» 
MiMljidie, and Khedive's SUirj. 

** Sir Thomas Durand linker scn'cd with the iPth Ifoyal IriBh in the (.'rinioa from 30th Dec. 1854, inchidinff tto 
BiCR^e and Tnll of SolNiHtopo), mentioned in doBpsitehes, and awnrdod the S:ir.liuifin meiUU f«)r "Knilantry dispiavM 
at the attnrk ot'the (-cmetery and Auburbs of ricbiistopol on the loth .Innc r^^s " (Medal with C-Iasp, Sanlinian ani 
Tiu-kibh Modnls). Served in India dnrin>i: the mutiny (in 1857) with the FieM Force under Colonel Deaitu^o. 
Scr\'e<lin New Zealand during the Wuikato and Wuni<ranuicampai}^'n8 0t' 1864 66 first as Deputy Asniatn at A'^ntant 
(reneral and subsequently uh Aswistant Adjutant (renernl; waa present nt the action at Ranf^whia :i4 Accicg 
AsHistnnt Militar>' Secretary to Lt.(rcncral Sir Dancan Camenm (mentioned in despatches, brevet of M:ijor; ; wm 
Stair (Jllicor to the Force under ilajor General Carey at the attack and captni-e of orakau— mentioned in de«pacctaet 
for •* urallantry and untirinjr cnerjry and zesil evinced" (Medal). Accoinpaniwl Sir Garnet Wolscley to the <ioW 
Coa«t in September 1B73 an<l Ber\-cd throuf;;hout the Ashnnti war of 1^73 74 as Assistant Adjutant and Q-utrtrr 
Master (icneral, including? the action of Ksuaman, relief of Abmkrampa. battle nf Amoaful, battle of Onlahi'i aivl 
capture of (.'oonia&sio. AIm) in addition perforiiied the dntiesof (-hief of the Suitfft'om the 14th Octol>cr &> the i;Eb 
J)i comber. Wivj* mentioned in dei^patches by Sir Garnet Wolscley in the followinjf terms: — "The duties of Ch ef 
of the Stntr were ably carried out to my entire satisfaction by Major Uaker, A.A.G., to whose untiriM; enortO'.S 
owe much of the success that has attended all our openitions. In my opinion he posses^cA every (luality that i* 
valuable in a SuitfOlUcor " (scvcnil times mentioned in despatches, Jirevei of [jt.Colonel, C'A., Me«lal with Clii»pi. 
Served in the Af^'han war in 1879-80 in command of the 2nd Infantry Itriumle from Septemlx^r 1S79 ^' ^H'lobcr 
iSii, and was in command of the troops in the enjfaKomentat CharasiaJ* on the 6th Octolier 1879 (nientionc*! in 
despatches), in nuniernus operations around Cabul in December 1S79, ii. eluding the enfi;afremcnt on the Aa>mai 
Ib>:i;hts (mentioned in des])ntches! and the repulse of the enemy at Sberi)ore. an<l the exi)Ctiition into MnidaTiacd 
Kiiinstan. Accompanied Sir Frederick Huberts in the march to ('andnliar in command of a Brigade, an •! wm 
Mi'sent at llie 1 'attic of Caiidahar (niontioned in de!»patche^, KCU., Mc<bil with three Clnsps, and Bronze Pnconi- 
tiiiii). Serveil in the Bucr war of iSSi with the local nink of Brigadier General in command of the Base anil Lixw* 
of Communication. 

"'•' Mai«»rGcTii-ral Dunham Mn^syserve<l at the hitter part of the sie^rc of Sebaatopol. wan under fire attlte hsttlo- 
of the Tchcrn:iy>i. and commanded the (rrcnadiers of the 19th Hc^t. nt the asitnult of the Redan on tltcSth!?ept.f 
wherewith miiior injuries he was dangerously wounded liy a ball which pa.s.sed thrfjufjrh his left thitfh.xhattchai; 
the buijc. Itciui; left on the t^round, ho fell into the hands of the enemy the ensuLiiK nijrht, who, HuppoMi))? himta 
be mottally wouiide<i, did not remove him withtheir prisf)ncrs. Wjih recommended in u si)eciul tlospatch by tlie 
(.'onimiuMliir in L-hief in the Crimea for his gallantry at the Redan, his fortitude, and the patient endurance wi*h 
which he bore his most severe sufferinijdurinu a cinitinonient to hiscamp stretcher of nearly six month»« (pri>mow«l 
('•intain. Modal with Cla*>p, Kninht of the Le^?ion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Afjrhnu war in 
xA-j) fio in conunand of a Cavalry Bri<^ide, and was present at the battle of Charasiab on the 6tb Oclo'Mjr iS?^, 
the captun- • f the cantonment of Shentoic, the enpijrcmcnt in the ChHrdeL Valley, and the operations iroana 
Cabul in December 1879 including: the investment of Shcrpore (twice mentioned in despatchcf>. Medal withtwa 
I .'.asps). 

'•'^ Jiajor fJ'nersr. A. L. Lyttclton-Anno.-h'y »er\-cd with the nth IFussars in the Crimea fh>xn 29th July i3i5» 
including the sie^^e and fall of Sebastopol (Meilal and Clas]), and Turkish Mcilal). 

■■'•* .Maj<ir (iL'uernl J. K. Fmser served as Orderly Ofllcer to Sir Kdmuud Lyons on the Rxpedition to Kinlioara 
in iSis. an«l Mas present at its bombardment and surrender (Medal). Has received a Gobi Medal fn>m the Pre«- 
dent of the French Hepuhlic in reco^iitioti of his devoted services i>i the wounded on the field of battle iu tht 
Franco (lerman campaiurn of 1870-71. 

*► Major General II. F. Da vies served in the Royal Navy in the Burmese war (Medal). Also in the BsltiC 
iu tl>e Russian war (Methili. Served in the Zuhi w:ir of 1-^79 as Connnamlant at Conference Hill aud afidrwardt 
as Commandant of Fort Nuvvdiiratc (mentioned in desjiatches, Mc<lal with ('l:isp). 

** Major Genenil II. R. L. Newdifnite lande<l in the Crimea wirh the -.Mid Hnttalion Rifle Dri^nde. and wa« prefCnt 
at the battle 1 1!" Alma (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Ser\'ed als') (lariTi;* the Indi-iii camp iii^n of '857-5** 
including th«' action of (.'awnpore, and capture of Lu.'kiii)W; and with U xhs' t.'.un-l Corp* at the capture of 
Ciilpe'.' and operations in Central India (Mrevet of Major, Medal with twn (."la-iiwK Served in the Afjfhan waria 
1J7S-79 with the re.-shawur Valley Field Force in eonmuind of the 4th Uatt:di<)nof tlic Rifie Brijj^de, commaDdei 
the L«iwer Koorum Kiitrsnle from April t«i Auvr. i35o [CB., and Mela!). 

"■• Majiir (ieneral (iinlfrey Clerk served with the Ritlo Brigade in the Indian mutiny, and wa« present »t tht 
Alumbajfh anti relief of Lucknow (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clas])). Served in the campaign on theNurth- 
Wcbt Frontier of India in iS()4, and was present in the en;;a^oment at Shubkudder (Medal with Clasp). 

' " .Major Genenil II. C. Wilkinson served with the 95th Uc{;iment in the Indiancampaif^n of 1858, and was preMBt 
at the sie^e and capture of Awnh, sie^e assault andcapture of Kotah, battle of Kotakeserai, genenil action resulting 
in the capture of i;\%-nlior. asMiult and capture of Howa, sie>re and capture of Tourec, battleof Beejapore, and sSiir 
of Koiuidry ( Medal with Clasp). Serve<l m the Afghan in 1880 in commandof the Cavalry Bri^de in Sontliera 
Af>:hanistan, and took part in the march to Cnndahar with the force under Major General rhayre (moutioued in 
des]iatches, Metial with Cl!i>p). Served in the Ki;y])tinn war of 1S82 in command of the Cavalry Brigade of the 
Indian Contini;ent, and was present at the battle of Tel el-Kobir (twice mentioned iu despatches, CB., Medal with 
Cla>p, and Clahf of the MeiljnUe. ami Khedive's Star). 

'*• Major Ceneral J. U. Hall scrvcil at the siejje of Sebastopol firom 20th Nov. 1S54 to i6th Jan. :85s (Meilat with 
Clasp, ami Turkia>h MciUil). 

'"♦ .Major (ien» ral G. D. Kirker sorvi'il wit'i the 73:h I Highlanders in the Persian war in 1857, including the nlj?ht 
attack ami k-itlle of Kocshab.bombanlmfMit (if MohumRih. and expedition to .\hwaz (.Medal with Clasp). Served ia 
lien;,'al w ith Kavelock's Column fnnii its tlrsE t:ikinir the tie'd in 1837, iucludmor the actions of Futtchpore, Aoonfft 
Pan<lo» Nudd«>e, Cawnpiire, Onao, liuseeriitj^ini^e (fir>t and secimil), B(.>orbenkechowkee, and the several acUw* 
loadsiiiT to and endiiu; in the n>Iief of the Uesidency of Lucknow and sut)sei|uent defence, includinic several iortiei 
wouiiilL'd) ; With OatramV Fwivc at .\bimba^!i, iiioludin); the repulse of the numerous attacks, and in the operatio&i 
(•Tiding in il e final capture ofLucknow. where he officiated as D.A.Q.M. General, ist Division, and was mentioned ia 
de>paiehcs: the Robilcund campait;n in \--\^. a!id canture of Bareilly ^mentioned in desuatches. Medal wita tiro 
Cla^p"". Brevet of M:ijor, anil a year's service for I.ucknow). 

'■■'Sir Gii)ru'e White ^eI■\ed with the .'7tli Ke^iment on the North-West Frontier during the Indian mntiny 
iu I \i7 s) (.Medals ServtHl wi:h the }.-i id Highlanders in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present in tb» 
enura;.'eir.enr :ii Cliara^inb k\\\ the ( th Detitln'r iv>>, ami in the various openitiims an>iinil Cabul iu DecomlK*r 1870, 
inclMilinir the investment «>fSh(.-rp<ire : wa^ a1>o present in the en^iirtMiicnt at Charasiab on the 35th Aliril iSdoi 
nceon:pMnied Sir Fntb-nck Hnlii-r;.- in the march to Candahar, and was present at the reconnaissance of jirt 
Aui;u.-.t and ill tlie battle if C:iud:ihiir (frL'iuenilv meiitioneil in despatche-*. Brevet of Lf.CoIoncI, CB., Victoria 
Cnl^s. Medal with thne C'st-ps, aiid Bron/e Dec 'rat inn- : was awarded the YC *' for ciuispicuous bravery dunnc 
liie enKau'<'ii>eui at Ch:ii:itti;ib on the (tIi Oi-i>-ber 1^7 >, when, finding' thai the artillery and nfie fire lailed t» 
ili>l<<i|;r,^ l):<' enemy from a fv>rtitle\l hill which it was nreessary to captun'. Major White led an attack upon it la 
person. .Vdvai.eiiiLr w:th tw" c<>m|ianii« nf Ins reirimeiit, and climbini; fmru one stuep ledtre to another, ho cams 
upoM a Imdy nr the enemy, stnuu;ly pl>^tetl. and outnumlit'ring his force by about 3 to i. His men bein;; murh 
r\hai;.«led. ai:il inimediate actinu bein:: ncc(>sary. Major White tiHik a ritle, u!id. poing on hjfkimtrlf^ thot thiS 
le ider of the enemy. This act m> inrimiilatevl the rest that they tied rounil the side of the hill, and the p)siiioB 
wi.-> wiin. .Vu'ain, on the ist Septimher i ■><•<. at the liattle uf Candahar. .Majiir White, iu lea<ling the final char^, 
uiiiter a heavy tire fnun the enemy, who hel>l a stmii^ ivMUion ami were su|iporteii liy two guns, rode stnrcht up 
Ut within a few .vard> <>f them. and. sei'intr the i^uns, thished forward and secure<l one. immediately after which 
the eTi^'iiiy n.'tireil." Serveil witli th<^ Nile KxiK^lition 111 1S84-85. dcnm; the latter part of the time af A •^stitant 
Ad n!aiii anil i^itarti-r Master (ieneril Oleda! with I'hisp, and Khetlivj's Star). Served with the Burmese 
Kx|ieliti"n III i::.-'e--.7 in commandof the .-ml Infantry Brigade (received the thanks of the Government and 
of the Commander in Chief in India. ])Mmiite«l Majnr General for distinguished service in the field, fk^t|iient1y 
meiitionetl m desjiatches, KCB., and Meiial with Clasp). 
'' ~ M.-ijiTdvucntJ T. L. Bell fcrvcd (he KasU rn ciimpat»rnof 1854-55 in the aSth Reuriment, inelndtngthe battles ot 
^/jua mad Inkermnn, Bicf^eaad full orSiduihtop)!, and atftiir in the Ccw.cIotv V^^Ve^V^LVTcilhairMClaBp*. aardiniaa 

k#^WC 4L&Cn« ^ A«., <HC<4.kl Willi >.-l<r<|'/. 

rtfuenil Cf. H. Mnicrietr serve*! in the Crimea from 2nd May i355» inclu(liu>r tUc 3ic;jrc and ftiU of 
fe<Ial with Chi<>i>. anil Turkish MlmIhI). 

^Ttcral >'ore»iticr Walker served a» Assihtant Military Sccretiiry to Lieut. General Sir Arthur 
during the K'lti- warof 1878 (nieiitii>ned i:: dortpatohC8, CB.). Was employe«l on special »ervico 
be Zulu war of 1379, lirst a-* l*niieipal riuiff Ofliccr to No i Column, bcinR present at the action of 
1 durinj^ the occupatiuu of Kki)wc, and Kiib^cipicntly on the Line of Conimnnication.s, ai^d in com* 
t Peanvin and the Lower Tu>?ela District (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clu^sp). Served 
thuanaliind Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85 as Assistant A Ijutant and Quarter 
ral iCJfO.). 

rencral Arthur Ellis sen-e«l with the 33rd Re>;inicnt at the siejje of Sel)a8toi>ol from Jan. to 24th May 
I Aide de Camp to Major (ieneral Cunyughame at Kertch and elsewLerclMedai with Cl:isp, Sardiuiuu 

reneral Simpson llackett served throuf^hout the Eiistem campai;^ of 1854-55 as Adjut^mt of the 28th 
cludinur the battles of Alma uud Inkerman, sie^e and fall of Sol>H«topol and affair in the Ccmotory ! 

thT«e l^laitpc, 5th Class of the Mc<ljidie, and Turkish MeiUl). Served with the 26th Cameronians m 
1668 (Medal). Served in the Egyptian war of 1&S2 (Me<lal, and Khedive's Star). 

^uexal Heury Cook was present with the 32nd ReifimcDt in the action of Chinhut, 30th June 1837, <^°<1 ! 

he defence of the Lucknow Residency ; commandc<I the outpost at Innes' House during tlie UtaI part t 

and at ISa;^*i» House during? the latter part commandc<l two sorties, in one of which he took a ^un in 
c head of twenty men, for which he was mentioned in General Inglis' despatch as having "highly 
1 bimself " (Medal with Clasp, and a 3'oar's service). 

leneral Maxu*fleld Clarke served in the 57th Regiment with the Column under Colonel Warro on the 
in co-operation with the Central India Field Force in 1858. Served also in the New Zealand war of 
V present at the operations before Te Arei. Also dnring the war in 1863-66, present ns Adjutant of the 
rtion of Katikara (mentioned in despatches), and as D. A. Q.M. General from Juno 1863 to March 1866 in 
of Taranaki, including the action near Poutoko, capture of the Maori positions at Ahuahu, Kaitake, 
ind Te Arei, operations at Wurea and Te Puru, and various minor aflairs (repeatedly mentioned in 
tfedal). Served in the Zulu campaign of 1879; commanded the 57th Regiment in the engagement 
orn (mentioned in despatches) and relief of Ekowe ; afterwards commanded the 2nd Brigade ist Divi- 
.hsequently was appointed to the command of "Clarke's Column"— a force of all arms— formed by 
P'oI«eley for the following object« : the second advance to Ulundi, the capture of King Cetywa3'o, the 
at the Znlu tribes near the Midillc Drift of the River Tugela. ami the iwciflcation of Zululand ; these 
•uooeseftilly aooomplished— th:inked in General Ordern (mentioned in despatches as having "i)cr- 
latica of his respomublc com-n:ind in the most highly etticient manner,'* Brevet of Colonel, CB., 
Claap). On the oocrlusion of the war was appointe<l Commandant General of the Colonial Forces in 


leneral T. F. Lloyd served with the force under Brigadier General Chamljerlain attached to the 6th 
aitrj affainst the Mahsootl Wuzecrees during March, April, and May i860, and was present at the 
useen, f<vcing the Borramih I'ass, taking and burning of their stronghold Makiu, and various min'^r 
U with Clasp) . 

cneral C. J. East served with the 82nd Regiment in the Crimea from the 2nd September 1855, an<l was 
le siege and fUl of 8eba&top<i'. (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Also in the Indian campaign 
was severely wounded at Cawn]>ore on the 26th November (Medial). When beloiiizmg to the 41st 
as Assistant (Quarter MiUiter (jenonil with Uie Chittitgong column of the Lushai Expeditionary Force 
«ntioDed indeapatches, received the thanks of the Governor-General in Council, Moilal with Clasp, and 
joi). S<n^ed in the latter part of the Zulu war of 1879 tis Deputy* Afljutaut and Quarter Master (ieno' 
present in the engagement at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, Brevetof Colonel, Mcilal with Clasp). 
Uie Burmese Expedition in 1836-S7 in command of the 1st Brigade after the capture of Mandalay (men- 
ipatches, CB., and Clat>p). 

itnenl B. W. Hinxman served with the 60th Rifles in the campaign of 1857 against the mutineers in 
ih Jane, inclading the Itattle of Budlee ko Serai and taking the Heights l>eforo Dt-lhi, the subsequent 
one, assault and capture of the city, with the final attack on and occupation of tlie i)alace (Medal with 

14 War Services of the General Officers. 

the Gold CoaHt in Septcml)cr 1873 on special Berrico. Organized the natives forminfif " Russell's Regiment," ntf 
commanded it throuvhoat the Ashanti war of 1873-74. Diirinir the repulse of the Ashanti Army at AbraknuM| 
on the 5th and 6th rvovcmber he commanded the defendinpr forces. His repriment with Lord Gifford's Boo3 
formed the Advanced Guard of the Army ftom the River Prah to the north side of the Adansi Hills. CommaaMi 
the regiment, now forming part of the augmented Advanced Guard under Colonel M'Leod, nt the attack ail 
capture of Adubiassio, battle of Amoaful, attack and cai)ture of Bec>iuah, Advanced Guard enKSgcmeirta 
Jarl)inbah, nkirmishcs and ambnsca<lo atfairs between Adwabin and the River Orduh, battle of Ordahsa Ml 
capture of Coomassie (several times mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt. Colonel, CB., Medal with CUiflh 
Accompanied Sir Garnet Wolt^eley to South Africa in 1879. and commandc I the forces in the operations agAiw 
Sekukuni resulting in the storming of the stronghold and subjugation of the tribe (mentioned in despatelMl 
KCMG-., Aide de Camp to the Queen, Medal with (jlas])). Served in the Egyptian war of 1882, first as Astiirtii 
Adjutant General for Cavalry, and afterwards in command of a brigade of Cavalry, and was ]>rcsciii at thi 
engagements of KI Magfar and Tel-el-Mahuta, the two actions at KassasBin, the bat^e of Tel-el- Kebir ami di 
capture of Cairo (mentioned in despatches, ATCi^., Medal with Clasp, 2ud Class of the Medjidie, and Khedifftl 

'■■" Major (Jenenil J. P. C. Glyn Rcr\'ed with the Rifle Brigade in the Crimea from the 17th June 1855, incladiq 
the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Kmbarked for the Gold Coast with th 
jud Batutlion Rifle Brigade, and served throughout the second phase of the Ashanti war in 1874, including tk 
battle of Amoaful, bjutlc of Ordahsu, and capture of (.-oomjussie (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

>*♦ Sir Franci'i Grenfoll served as Aide rlc Camp to Sir Arthur Cunynghame in the operation of 1S77-3 i 
the Trunskoi ; also as Staff Oflicer to Clolonel Glyn, commanding a fleld force in the Tran.skie, and was present in tb 
engagement with the GalekaH and Gaikas atQuintana Mountain on the 7th Feb. 1878 (mentioned in desxMtche 
Brevet of Major). Served in the Kafir war of 1873 as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General f 
Head Quarters. Ser\'ed in the Zulu war of 1879 *^^ Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at Head Quarters, on 
was iiresent in tlie engagement at Ulnndi (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp i. H»  
tmder Sir Evelyn Wood in the Boer war of i83i as Assistant Quarter Master General. Served in the Egyptian a\. 
1882 as Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General on the Head Quarters Staff, and was present at the eiigaj^ 
ments of Tel-el-Mahuta and Kassjissin (9th Sept.), and in the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned ni despatches, Aide i 
C^amp to the Queen, Medal with Clasp, ^rd Class of Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). Si'rved with the Nile ExiK'dition I 
1884 85 on the Lines of Communication (mentioned in despatches, CB.^ and Clasp). Served with the Kxyptig 
Frontier Field Force in 1SS5-86, and was present in the engagement at Giniss in conunond of a Division (inenu<Mil 
in despatches, KCB,^ and promoted to ist Class of the Medjidie and 3rd Class of the Osmanieh). Commandetl tk 
trooi>s during the operations near Suakin in December 1888 including the engagement at Gemaizah (mentioned t 
desi>atclu>s, Clasp). Also commanded, the Nile Field Force in 1889 at the engagement at Toski (mentioned i 
(icHpatches, promoted Major General for distinguished service in the field, and Clasp). 

>»* Sir Owen Tudor Bume served in the Crimen with the oth Regt. subsetiuent to the fall of Sebastopol, fromll 
14th March 1856. Also in the Indian mutiny campaign of 1857-58 as Adjutant of the 20th Regiment and also Bri 
gade Majoron the SialTof Brigadier Kvelegh, and was present at the actions of Chanda, Umcerpore^and Sultin]Km 
siege and cipttire of Lucknow, actions of Mohan, Mecangimge, Poorwah, Hnssungungo, Morar Mow, Fort 
Simroc, Fort Churda and Fort Musjeedin, Muchleegaon. Kaber Jungles, Fort Dooniha, and final operati'ios b 
Ou<lo in 1859 (several times mentioned in despatches, promoted to an Unattached Company, and Brevet of Mi^ 
for services in the fleld, Medal with Clasp). Appointed in 1861 Military Secretary to Lord Strathnaim, CommaiuU 
in Chief in India. Accompanied Iir>rd Strathnairn to England in 1865, and remained on his Staff when CoM 
mander of the Forces m Ireland. Present during the Fenian disturbances in 1866 67 (received the thanks of Ai 
authorities in Ireland). Proceeiled to India in x868 with the late Earl of Ma3'o, Viceroy and Governor General, sai 
served with him as Private Secretary until his assassination in 1872 (received the thanks of Govemmcn'j for Ui 
services, promote<l to an Unattached' Majority, and appointed a CSI.). 

'^" Lord Frankfort de Montmorency served with the 33rd Regiment in the Crimea in 1855, including tk 
siege and fall of Sebastopol and attack of the Redan on the 8th Sent. (Medal with Clasp, Sanliuian and Tnxliiil 
Medals). Commanded a Detachment of the 33rd against the rebels, and after the deaih of the senior OAcM 
commanded the Dohud Field Force in suppressing the insurgent Bheels in the Rewa Kanta, Guzerat. Serrti 
with a Wing of the Ke^imrnt at the siege and occupation of Dwarka, Okamundcl. Served in the Abyssiaiai 
cami)aignor 1S67-6S (Meilal). CommaTided the Frontier. Field Force during the operations in the Soudan il 
i836 87 (Khe<live's Star). 

'^^ Major General W. Allan served the Ea.«tern campaign of 1854-55 with the 4i8t Regiment, including the battlH 
of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, assault of the Redan on the 8tu September, and repulse O 
the sortie on 26th October (Medal with two Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Mc(hil). 

>3v Major (icneral G. J. Wigram served at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from tith Dec. 1^54 (mentioned i' 
despatches. Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Commanded the 2nd Battalia 
Cohistream Guards in the Egyptian war of 18S2, and was present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at tb 
battle of Tel el- Kebir (mentioned in despatches, CB,, Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive" 

•*" Major General W. Mussenden served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 8th Hussars, including ifa 
battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse shot), Inkerman, and Tchemayn, affairs of Bulganak and M'Kenzic'a Fans 
and siege of Sebastopol (Medal with four Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Sen'ed i 
Rajpootana in 1858-59, and was present at the capture of Kotah and battle of Kotaria (Medal with Clasp). 

i» Lord R. D. Kerr served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present at the engagement at Futtehabad i 
command of the loth Husstirs (mentioned in despatches, CB., and Medal). 

'" Major General W. D. Bond served in the Zulu war of 1870, and was present in the engagement at Ulundl- 
severely wounded (mentioned in despatches, Brevets of Lt.Colonel and Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 8en-cd i 
the Boer war of 188 1. 

*♦* Major General W. Arbuthnot served with the Rifle Brigade in the Indian campaign in 1857-58, includla 
the siege anil capture of Luekn:)w and some of the minor affairs of the campaign (Medal with Clasp). Ser^'cd i 
the Abyssinian cainpaiirn as Aide cle Cam]) and Assi>«tant Military Secretary to Lord Napier, and was present 
the c:ipture of Ma^rdala (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Ma^or, and Medal). Served in the Boer war of iSSt i 
command oTthe 14th Hussars. Sorve<l in the Soudan campaign in 1885 as Commandant of the Base and huInK 
(|uently as Oeimty Adjutant General to the Suakin Field Force, and was present in the engagements at Ha»h?« 
and Temai (meutioue<I in despatches, CB.^ Medal with Clasp). 

*♦* Major tJeneral \V. L. Pemlwrton 8erve<l with the 60th Rifles in India during the mutiny, and was scvcrel 
wounded, with loss of two Angers of left hand, at Cnwupore on the 27th Nov. 1857 (Modal). Bcrvcd in the Ziil 
war of 1879 and commanded one of the two divisions of the column raised for the relief of Ekowe, and was preaci 
at the action ot Gingindhlovu and relief of Ekowe (CP., Medal with Clasp). 
'♦* Major General J. C. Le Quesne served with the X2th Lancers in India during the mutiny (Medal). 
**' Major General A. Lambton served nt the siege and fall of Sebastoi>ol from nth Dec. 1854. and the sksauIL* < 
the i8th June and 8th SeptemlK>r (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Alcdjidie,andTurki' 
Medal). Served with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Egyptian war of iSS?, and was present in tli 
engii^^emont at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh. axi 
Kh«.>clive's Stan. Served in the expedition to the Soudan in 1885 in command of the ist Battalion Coldstream Guard 
and was present in the engagement at Hasheen. at the actii>n near Tofrek on the 34th March, when he was in comnia0< 
and at the <leitructionof Teinal; was appointed Commandant at Otao (mentioned in despatches, CB.^ and Clasp). 

'♦" Ma.;«ir General W. K. Klles serve<l with the 38th Kogt. in the C'rimca in 1854-55, including the siege and fi* 

of Scl>a»t(ipol. the attack and orcu]>ntion of the Cemetery on Uie 18th Juno (mentioned in despatches, Medal wit' 

Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Meilal). Served in the Indian Mutiny campaign fhmi No^ 

1857, inelmiin;: the battle of Cawnpore and defeat of the Gwalior Contingent on 6th Dec. 1857, capture of Mcufti' 

gunge, siege and cu]>ture of Lucknow, affairs of Barroe and Nnggur (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Haz0i 

cHwpniffu uf 1868 and accompanie<l the expedition to the Black Mountain under Major Gcncial Wildo as DepU^ 

Aasir-tJint Atljiitant (lenoml (montion&l iu despatches, Medal with Clasp). Served with the Barm Me ISxpcdiU^ 

Ju t88^8/ (mentioncilin despatches, CB., and Chisp). 

ajor G«ucral C.'o-nm^n;liTii;, Medal). Served with the 70th Re^^imcnt in the Afghan war in 1878-79 (men- 
1 despatches, Medal). Sjfve:l in the Soudan campaign in 1B85 (mentioned in despatches, CB., and 2<fodaL 

jor General John Fryer commanded the Carabiniera throughout the Afghan war of 1879-80. On the 13th 
liSo, in comuumd of a force of Royal Horse Artillery and Cavalry, ho repulsed with heavy loss a larg& 
Mohmauds at Ali Boghan. Commanded the Cavalry in the expeditions under Lt.Gcneral Bright to the 
n Valleynnd a?ainst the Wuzeeree Khugianis. On the 5th July 1880, he commanded a force of Carabiniera 
Beng]ircuva:r3- at the attack and de^tractioa of the Ghilzai vUlages of Nargozi, Arab Kheyl, and Jokan 

or General O. H. A. NicoUs served in the Crimean campaign of 1834 till October of that jrcar. Served 
c;:tm]> tign of iSss from Septeml>er, including the siege nnd fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and 
Meilal). Wa.* in command of the Royal Artillery throughout the operations in Perak in 1875-77 under 
^ncrnl the Hon. Sir F. Colbome, including the advance on and capture of Klnta in December 1875 (Brevet 
Itiiiel, Medal with C'nsp). 

jor General H. B. P'eilden 8crve<l with the 38th Regiment in the Eastern campaign of 1854, and np to July 
luding the battle of Alma and siege of Sobasto|>ol— wounded (Medal with two C]asx)8, and Turkish Medal), 
■or General C B. Knowles served withtiie 77th Regiment in the (Mmea from the itth July 1855, including 
iaitd full of Sebastopol, and was wounded at the assault of the Redan on the 8th September (Medal with 
ad Turkish Meial). Commanded the 67th Regiment throughout the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was 
in the engagements at Char^isiab on 6th October 1879 (mentioned in despatches) and in the opcration.s 
Dabul in Decemi>er 1879, including the engagement at the Asmai Heights on 14th December— mentioned 
tchej* (CB., Mc<lal with two Clasps). 

jor (jrcneral E. A. Stuart served at the siege of Sebastopol from aand April until severely wounded on 
» 1855 (Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served the campaign of 1863 in 
QCludiiig the taking of Sinho and Tangko, occupation of Tientsin, and surrender of Pekin (Mcda! withu 

^or General W. C. Justice served with the 75th Regiment during the Indian campaign of 1857, and was 
at the siege of Delhi (h>m asrd June (in command of the Light Company from 13th Sept.), storm and capture 
Ij (Medal with cnasp). 

jor General J. E. D. Hill served with the 97th Regt. in the Crimea from the 39th July 1855, including the siege 
orSeba.«topol. and was one of the lieutenants of th,e ladder party at the attack of the Redan on 8th Sept. , on 
ecasion he was wounded in the lefthip, and mentioned in despatches for "distinguished conduct" (MeduH 
tap, and Turkiah Medal). 

FiiUUURAlci.i'iiiniiliell.' Cbl.Cum.: 

II03 111^.^1,.* 

HtBrr I-Lilii. lIii«keH, CS. Li. 

Madras SlalTL'onie  

•Qia Annealn' PreadoTRUt, Li. 

HsngB] Staff Conn 

Horaas 8«arle AodenoD, CB. LI.Czl. 

DambHBUS Corpt... . 
Cecil D'Drlna La Toucue, ij.iai.i' 

Bombaj- Bluff CoTM ) ^■ 

Francw Morlsj',' Ll. CbI. b.u. Beri- > 1 

mfflilal Dislriot ( ,'■ 

Lawreiinill.Wlllniiui, U.Cel. Bbdrb! r I 

SuffCora* J " 

««rne BiD]>li C. W«Dopi}, U.Cnt. 1 


Qiltwn Jb>. Puky, U.O>r. BsDsal B.L'.... > 
JbtKikeltTiidCliamben.I'l.CV. Bengal ) ! 

— ff Ourpi 
Cliarl*« FergiL- 
_nl EtaffCurjii 
PMUp Henry FiLrrelia«r™,('il.t'.tW. 


8. F. 9. T. Grant, S ftl. Mannm B L'. 
L. H. r. DfUi>oL,-iiwL Liinn'i't. l.<.f„l. 

KliifffLi'i' '  ' ""J ioyijb.sii3Noy.;6i 

"Shs-..:.:,:.,, ' "- ..j™..«k„.„'. 
"liisin™,. ;;,;»;;■;":. "':::j'..i>".!.'sii-.», 
'K.'Rijfii'i-ss, ".■.„^'-,':;:!: )..-■.-«.. 8„.-..;. 

TWiHougbV C. Bmnley Clarke, U.Col.\ ,„„. 1 «„„ ,' 

JatnOBHoolbnj'iliL. Prummuiiil, 1 I . „^ I „,„  
BomluySuM  . ,1 - .. M Joneji^ 3 M"? Si ' 

'"^b'Iw!,!.' ' '" : i ,, Juno iH3 Nov. s6. 
OeorKo I'bLjii- :. !■  i., Dtc. so ij Feb. ii'i 

Carp* ^ .'.jnnos' >8Jan. 54' 

"safe";. :^";::;!:: »i.'^°'i j I- F... „ . Apr. „ . 

GtDTg* FraiutU Borille, i*.CoV. Bom- 1 _„, , .1 

ln;SlsffOnpa j' 4 BepLsj 4 Jan. 5B 

Bobert Whi(lwm,i* lt.Cil. b.p. IteEl- 1 1 , , . „ „ I 

nenUt^rlot ....,:..} *'''°'" S Dec S4 1 

Charlea WUmer Quueombe, I/.Cd/. 1 [ I 
(nttiab.p. I Life Qoardi], JVom/ino iiJntT s«i6AnB.ja 

Oglnr qf jMi/w™ CutalrM, rhri . .\\ I , 

mental DliUlM, .a-ri .i " 8«pt- S» M Aug. 54 

b.j.. ft^BiiocDlBl D«lr!cl J .4JiilrS4«Dec. S4' 

Fraoda John Heref," J.t.Voi. b.p.)' . -, I ^. 

Be^imeDial CWrict ..{ '8 Oct. S3 U Oct u\ 

EdtntaAnhm Gon," A.A.Grm. CiHtrr .-, 19 June 60 I 
Anmew fimjihe M. Browne."' ll.Ci,!. !,...„ ' . „ I 

h.|i, RBHimtnwl Dulrtcl i  >ov.53 >6Mar. si a 

■*m^n'^V»crH?^Z,™i7i'''^':^^'"; ■.A''B.54' sMar.55'= 
DiMlrici,'oif«ri'.....'...°..'...."!!!^^.....i -■■v'ulr6i' !iJuno6j 

ji.i-r. Tbomw KnkiiiB Arthur Hall.v i 

M.^.h.p. ,g Foot i CsbKHt M Iti ^ ' 3 Bept-jj s June jj t 

niomu R, BM'ieiDsoii',''"ci'."'jU.'Cu! 11 , , ' < t « I 
RMjnenUtl Dialrlitt, llamatan J ' * ••■"■ °' '° J»"- °3 ' 

WMiCal DinCricL (^fo«wt ~..-.\ '3 "oj SS bNot.jj 

Ml. He^ental DiilrlN ) '" ""' " '3 *P'- 5=,' 

*^Xl^SS'^™.~±':;.?^:j "-"^M ,Feb.«', 

Henry Jaa. Alderton,* I , i | 

Vt.An.iDlrtclorrfAHUItTf4;8li,r,;\ =:June5iiiFeb. J4 

■lllml^Arv'or 0™tr^ ) , , I 

frad.OM. RaTNbill" irRm bp. B. ) I I 

Art.)..ri>iipn4srSM«wJ(»M(l£>fe*-[ 1, Junejs 11 Feb. u 

<3ia>.SlmeuuTlu>ma«n.£t.Cb(. R.Enir- tj June 53 « June<T 
U«Tj«iln-r Liuanl. J I '6 Mar. 67' 

Jan. 64 



J Aug. 68 


J Jnly 73 



3 Bept.68 


Not. 55' 

oMar J. 

Apr. 6,- 

i, Mar 69 

Deo. sB 30 Juno 69 

May fa 



c June 7- 

Ua7 6aiSJiine7i 

»"■«,'« '""" 







Apr. » 




July J 

J Jul, 7' 

Feb. 70 

I JnlJ Bi I 

I JoIt Bi 
I July Bi 

Ibvn Brett." iLp.j 

•tfCwpa . -J; 

IUclEHr,£i.O>l.Deiig^B. C. 
1^ CS/TU.CW. BenKBl a.c... 
it- u nto. C£. U.^ Sen- ) 

' OiUTda J I 

Wanir/.Ca.U.Ott. BtogAi i \ 

JJa. Sn. fiHaJ SiWiiiMn j i 
bA, £<.CW. fiaig»l euff C. 

r. CKMiMk. iC£.,- J. «.JK. 1 
r«Qg» J 

■1 dimHbi J 

nt^'CS. Zi.CM.h.p.a.) 

 imiamt tBK.X.U. A»tltmt, > 

I Wkmn, 0CJfS. X&fl. ) 

ijnd KiiEiiiHrs S 

imin ^olHla;." CB.LI.\ 
York A LuiQMer Re^ ( 

M* ^ a>»r to u> QuM, r 

; Aiit <!• Cau« tJU Q»n. I 
itaJlH* g jr rt w of ^£u*4- f 
nHta/Jrvn-enTal ) 

 Pranaia P. C. U A. Ikt\ 

tA.i'aCB. } 

■rPiHiklaJXCel.Jfadnui B.C. 
• Cax-CB. U.OtL Uadiai&C, 
HsM, X(.CM. Baidbv B.O.... 

~ *,•■ CB. (ftwm b.p.1 

oirBotaN, Z*.CW. B. Bas-' 
lWbMtcn,£f ,<U. S-Eas. . . . 

D. MMphenwD." £;.Co7.)| 

i^ill £ru>^ Itf^lry VbIi. ) I 
rrnr, 2(.a>J. fiadru S. C. ..' 
.OlkAa.J^.Cgl. UmIiuS. 0. 
P. famuli, LI.OA. Bom-) i 

Acheaon Jalmaoo, U.CbI. ) , 

MJohniitona,'" if'.ti/.iLp.t ' 

Mi DiurlcC I ; 

I Willum WilHn, XCO. ) I 
.f.C«/^h.p. Ronl Eaginaan J 
" CB. 1} Has. t 
OiamJ D^ C'occi.ri ix Jwlu j 
danoD. lt.Cf>l. Bouba; B.C. 
»imeui'*<fh]iii iLD, DabLiD ) 
\.D.A. Or,>tr=KIrtlamd ...i 
lUlCQlm, CB. Ll. Oil. h.p. ) 

nut, Ut^VBangia B. C..!l... 
M. CB. ftimbay 8. C, 
sPaiM,Xf:a>(. lUdnw B.C. 
in Hoonom,'* U.^f. B«Ei- \ 

Tbrosit," CB. Major [horn ) 
uHarGoaKb)! AtMit.i'j.t 

irOitlnrt J 

*er,» Cfl.iJ.CW.h.p. Regi- 1 

alkar Piimbenoa,"'Li.Coi'.i 

B Gwrae''t:uljiii;"'2is6!), 

DgBl Staff Corp>.,.. S I 

. g>n«T, JfLijar, Scota U aardi 
II. tr.CoJL llmOna SUIT U<in» 
GrULt, U (M. Bombav S.C... 
donBM. £(.CW. Baagsl S.C.... 
SwllaT C BntdOnd, XCB. i 

C^JTHa^M B.C. J 

8.0u«>." ClfS. L(.tW,| 
,00^ CWnul oa lit BUtf, \ 

niciwi. cir. cri. zJi.tM. I 

KS Oarpm _ f 

 Maj68 .Apr. 7('j' 
4 Apr. £6 t ipr. yjii 

joApr. jBiwJan. 6911 

F SepLstl 


■3 Not. s« 
9 Feb. 

16 Aug. 64 >& Aug. Ti 

14 Aofj. sB 
7 Not. 63 



lOct MiBJanajj 

ig JiiiieC]| J 

6 [,UaT. «: I. 

qKoT.671 iUar.7B i< 



Oct. J, 

31 Oct. 8. 

Oct. 77 

1. Oct. B. 

Nov. 79 

Oct.' J; 

Oct. 77 

(> Dae, 3i 
J Feb, a. 
i8 Apr. 81 

Fab. 76 

., May 5. , 

Julj ,9 
Aug. ,8 
Nov- 78 


Nor. 7fi 

11 Ncv.S> , 

Nov. jB 



i< MOT.S. 


iB Nor. 8.1 

Apr. a= 


Dec. 78 
Dao. je 


Deo. 7S 

)> Dec. Si 



Jaa. 75 


« Feb. B3 

Hat. n 

4 Mar. Bi 


5 Mnr. Ej , 


, Apr. 63 3 
™Apr. S, . 

tiny ll 1 

Fab. ij 

Apr. 74' 


iDec, j6 loSapt.s 3? Jan 


iNoT. s6|ii JunB6si 
lOct. j5']oJana6;l 

1 June 73 



July .4 

B Nor. 54] 4 Dec. sT 

5 July J, 

.7 June 71 


3 Oct. 6. K, 

sMur. 73 

i July B3' 


jOct. J.SMayS. 

9 Deo. 73 

9 July 79 

9 July 63 

Jiiiy sj' 



J ln\y J9 


July S3 


6 July 73 



Aug- 53 


S Aug. 73 

4 Feb. 71 

5 Aug. 79 



a Feb. «s' 10 
14 D'^i. 6s [4 

\ \. 

t'.Cb/.Boi.tfnl Smirl^orp* 

Frsderlek J.Keen. CB.Zt.M.Beng.a. 
HoDiTCDllttt, CB. U.CqI> B6nB»l a. C 
KoLt B. P. P. Cswpbell, CS. Ll.Cel. > 

BenguJSliiltCori.ti S 

yc (fwrjre N. (■<-,T,pp.t, CD. l.i.i:^l.\ 

AIulGbo. Bdiu, CH- LI.Cil.Beagtia.C. 
Tb«. UiiTiiard UoilorCKe', Jf<v'Br, R. Art. 
n[lbi!liDLDckli«jilI.,C£.Vu>r. Bom.B.C. 
UerufordLavelt.CJI. CSI. LMV.H.Edb. 
p^i.c. Sumilol BguJilerson,"' if.CW.l 

Freifiiri'''  ' 


RoTiil AnQlery _ I 

ang. C. TnentjiMii,'' CB. Zt.Ctl.) 

UfsiifleDtBl DiUrtol, irarrjiv<M ... i , 
l>>.r,KdwnrUl<iitmehB BafflMUl.^i*. 1 ' 

r.i.e. Hurconrt M. B^ngonab," CB,\'' 

U.Cot. b.n. Uiddlnex Bsg^inC ...  

CbM. JoLn Uo7'ty, CltQ. LI.Cnl. b.p. 

M. Eegi- 

1 Sept.ji 1 Sept.;;! 
^ajpt-MJsMay «', 
ijaly sB joSept-ssji 

(,Bipt.s6i3Uar. 64 s 
J Oct 5j'i7 aopt.57 : 
o Fob. ij ,10 Apr. 58 ! 

. Adk. H, 4 Aug. 74 ai 
: Janafi7 S June 15 }■- 
Bcpl.67 4Bept,73'": 
I SBpt.71 u Apr. tin 
iJnIy 67'3.Miiy j6 li 

; jQlyMisJnly 7611 

i 8epl.M 16 Bopt.j* J= Not. 7' 


> Feb. 69 

ijUeoi ! 

t. Albert I,, 1 

ell Tongu 

John Uoore 

(fram b.p, bOUUl waicp jwnjcraiBj. I 

rBi,t(.fJf»jor(;f.m.i J 

J..iiie> Epouce. i.'.r>J. Bann! SMffC. .- 
Wm. Fopbam Dicken, £IW. ll.Ctt. \ 

lUdrasSmirCoi™ J 

TbomuWcMon.r/S.i'.r.Ciil. UsdrSBB.O. 
Wu). H. M. HolroTil,£(.(to(. BongJilS.O. 
John aermatn H'dim. U.Ct,l. Bom. S.C. 
Ueniy I, Liigurrt, J.I.Cd1. UadruS.C.... 
Jms.KotiiiEl^laMcj.Xr.CW. MkdnsS.C. 
Ju. M, a.MuillBBd, CB. U.CBl.ii.B.\ 

B. Eng. ™. on/*. «^,Pw(™oii/i / 
Btuilsr Dd AbUI Culvert Clailce,^ 1 

CUB. liajor b.p. fi Dmoooa Gds. ; 

Sntrrtlc a.E.U.IitBnnctrflPaUii, [ 

rw»«- 0/ ir-f« ...'. I 

AmbroM liiii>hiill Curdinr, Coft. b.p. > 

DepoC ItscialLoB, B. O. or Penckmen t 
Tbo>. EOmoi^il SlruiiE. Ll.Oi. Boca. S.C. 

l/i; S.yn^, ; 

Gearea RobeiUon Hem 
(\^ Bengal auirrCorp 

Mnntasue t'liarles J-^i 
BcdrilI Suit Corps 

.Junos8!a7Ao([-sB^ : 

j  Oct. S7  

I Dec. ss 15 JanasS ( 
SJuly Si jApr. sS, ( 
iMm-.jj! 3 Oct. 5s'j= 

lOct. 57  


", Dm'- 

IT. 6]' 8 Mm. ; 
I. 63! I o 

II Nor. S.I 




I Oct. 

13 Sept 54 )7 Jon* 56 i 


hur tloitii^.cK.Zl.Ci^l.BsnnlS.O. ' 

JubiwMWdkUin Boj-d, LI.C^I. 1 

Tbonua TliOHiMn Simpiiin,™ 
' Imental Duthct, itah/n 


knehinleek,*' U.CbI. t 
t.£„^IArtv / 

17 Jnly 63! 9 Jiiy *' 'S Oct. 7 

>9 Dec. iT }i> Deo. s 


> 10 D«. 8 . 
14 1>«C. »3 

13 Jan. 14 3 
.4 Jan. (4 
.ej-n. 14 
4 Fab. B4 
4 Feb. 84 
4 Feb. (4 
4 Feb. G4 
•. J FAS,,, 


}. 80 ID Fob. 84 

«llBr. I4 


d J Birch. U. C<A. Bosgiil } 

Ikw Bul>tn*ou,« CB. U. 
0* Soabniu," CS- l^- 

{ HaDdenDa.™ CB. Li. ) 
p. Klwc'a Boj-al HlBia). ' 
•pSmKJMm, in<l» ... 
iiracv. BoSilAj'S.i 
MIL I<.CW.)lii<tiuB.L 
M.O>^ MadnHi a, c. 

T.t.'.CV.iadtuB.';. ... 
Inc. U.Q>/. Un^iil S. O, 
««. £t. Ct(. Branl S. C. ... 
uMiV*!).'* CB. i*. Csf. I 
■AlDuiirlct 1 

limn, B.C. 

n^^B. l/.CW. Don. H.C. 
)■<«. If.CW. Btnnl »,l:. 
RtoRkMy. U.cS. h.p. 1 

(.vMi n ?:l 

'•<T j 

^^'« C«, K.CW. BeBi-1 

lict, -Ikt^Ha J 

c. CS. Cat. CBm. H. U. Art. 
I BniWD», Xf.CW. Bengal } 

chu, U.(W. BamUj fi. C. 
I Powleu,£(.ar.Bni8a] 3.C. 
•at,"" Ib/tr li.p. BcoU Gil«, 
er, CVf. lt.Ctl. B. Ku. ... 
•n BaTnett."'IJ.Col.[lnim ) 
.ia«)i A.J.Ol'.iUrr.lUl] 

IFBUl DintrlM; ^t{;>(ail(L 

t4rmi.lrmt I 

in BLicb. U.CmI.Vod, S, C, 
, Oortuun,™ t/.CW. (from) 

•ulna, if.tV. Bmipil a. u, 
<.D, U.C-I. BotM Ei.iinwn 
fv.i« Hxninnu. JiOII. t 

^SUffConw .... I 

an. CB. U.C-I. Bcmnil S.a 
ird BB-ilh, Xi.CW. Ben. 8.U. 
oinoBd CB.l.l.Ctl.Ura.S.V. 
! B rt, CB. lA.C-l. Uul. B.C. 

P™h, CIS. LI. C«l. Ifci^gui j 

!i(.(oi. Hoj-alArrillerv. IriJ 
•n.CB. Lt.Cd. BBngiil f^X i J 
un RejnolilB, Zi.tW. | ,- 

Boj-raAllwTt Combe "Cfi.t/.Coi. h.p.l 
19 Buuan, BrW- Snrrol Coiaiiaiufiij [ 

17 Apr. 66j . 

(firf, BimlW, 

Ruben Bailc 

AluanQer Ruben Bailcoclc, CB.LI.Col.i 

Benuil Bluff Corpi. J 

UonlBKii Gilljert OeiBUl, CB. LI.Col. > 

BedrsI BuffCorfii ■■■■) 

nolial GaUKl Woodtborpc, CS. Uajcr, ) 

Bojul EngtnoeM J 

Tt Kdnanl Pcmlwnon Loush, CB. 1 

Ifafar. Roynl KagliiDDia ! 

Frsiici. Jm. OUdt'Oolt, LI.CiA. KoyalAn. 
Cbnu. Wolft»n NuBTOlOuiiineM.* CB. ) 

if.Co/. RegU. DiMriet, Otntam . .... J 
Eriwnrd SleOmBD, Cif. Xf.CM. Bengal i 

BtnlTCorpB j 

O«moail HvncB. X'.Ccil. BcD^l StoffC. 
dwirgG AuouaUX Waj', U.CbI. Ben. 6 d' 
Edirura C.^om, CS(. i».n>(. Bom. 8. L\ 
O. AuDitiu MnDio, ZtDit. Benml B, L' 
Thonuia KOT QatliTlii. Xt.Cbf. Uid. 8. U. 
Cbkrlra M'lnny, U.CU. Uwlnu! B.C. . . 
p.i.t. M. W. E. QoeMt. CB. K.ttoJ. Dor- i 

teuhire Hep. (n F.) j 

ChulH R. UBttbewa, U.CU. Ban. B. C. 
Cluu'IcBBd<iudFlehBr,£<.CtoJ.Bani.S r. 
EdiTMd Walter Tt*vor, J,/,£W. Bom. S A' 
HeniT duu-lea WHirbt Xi.Ctl. Und. 8.r 
_.. . ..,.,. "-oo^e, i(jaj. Mad. B.C. 

jt.jB 8May 70 ja>"ov.79 

I I 

> 6UaT 6s iiFeb. ri^Ko^'IS > 

13 Jiino6i 3! Mny jS ii Not. j( 
17 Apr. 66 31 Deo. 78 » Not. % 
BJuuBto 15 ilay 71 i Apr. Bi 
i9Aag.6j li July69 B Apr. 81 
19 Dm. (o|isDcc. 71 19 Doc. Si 
ijNOT. ji fMnr. 67 iMar.7< 

ir. 67 4 Mar 

<i H. B. BrDOke, 

III DiifH 

, £jH|< 

en. S.f 

11 JnnejSJi; 
31 Ang-sS 1] 

16 July ijl 
13 Not, 5« J 

:i (inxmlao Fori 

:d Henry K 

^Blaf Co 

IVilliam OBborne 1 

^maliM^'gi^'D'^ri,I.Bnigat Ami .... | 
An«uMo> Manhall I'hiltipH. if.fW. 1 . 

BcmbnyBlatt Corns ( 

Wm.Cbai. Planl, li.CiprMadni.BtB(l U. 1 
Edmird Lacon OmmannBy, CSl. LI. Cut. I 

Bencal BtalTCorpi i ' 

HontyMoDtBonwry Barton Burlton.ii. 1 

CVI. Beniru Slalf Corp» t ' 

BiigbM'UaluKiDt,C£.U.C9/,4l)iB|[ouD I ^ 

Btairt Janeii'Nlc^liiMi,'' .^^'. b-P. ( 

Mar. 67. i 

rDM. 68 

) Apr. 67 » Apr. j 
1 Apr. 67)0 Apr. J 
; Sopl-Ssl I Oct. 7 

f BJiincC7 8Jane7S 
6 9 June 67 9 June 75 
; 9 June 67 9 June 75 1 

Sainei AUejno, u'^bt, Koyai A; 
f.,.c. JohnTred. il^aiiyX, LI. C. 


c. ColertdRB Grora,* OB. afqio 


17 Mar. 6 J 

if Ahuimxt Qnrral, Omnia . j 

ary WllllMM,'" Lt.<M, Htgi- 1 ' 

Ibt^!i" £(.Ceir'iUBriiBBnial > 

Guorge BajlBT, 

Diiirfet, Ximgil,- 

F. CoulOHmt Ellon, Hf CB.LI.Ctl. 

Ll.Cbl. b.p. Bovol 
HenT)- DowdnireU Pii 

rl,),CiiiMla.i.Jrt.,ia*B«».r-i.iiiii J 

oba Booib RicbardMn.'*' Lt.Ctl. b.p, f 
nrinr Van BlrBQ|j«n£e«.'«"eB. LIX^ol'.-, 

irrom h.p. Kofkl Anillai;). nmdf. t 
t.A'l.,BaiilaUrtDituin ) 

ji fiept.7' ' Julj- S 

'» July 66 

JI Fob. 60 sJnly 7 

loApr, 5(ijrob.63 sJu'r 7' 
1 Ang. 5i 3 Au(C. 63 17 Aog. ja 
T ADB.;si(Aag.b 6Ma7 r?| 

I Jiilj Ej 
I July 

1I; Bil I 

i7lUr. 8s, 
i7UaT. 8( 
i7Mar. 8sl 

* Apr. Bil 
t Apr. «^ 
4 Apr. 8,: 

.a May 8jl 
.. May gj; 

IS lunalj'ii 

11 JnoeB;! 
. July Si 
1 July S5 17 
, July »s 
, Jnly 8jl 
1 July 83!, 3 

, July Bj 9 
. July Bjl 

M BnMi>tnHb,Ll.a 


n McrewcUier, U. 

ml (from h.p. I 


iDtll Ba wUu. U. Of. ao*al An. 
Ilnr. lit CV, Koral Bn^nem 
■rlHT CIa}Mn, Lt.cit. h.p. i 

«HM DnwdCD. tt.Q>l. R. Xi 
ll«t MloWinciila."* 
kl OSHrlct, SiMUf ...,- , 
Vatkiir. Lt.Col. Boy^ kHIilerj 
n tMlii*, /JOif, Bm^ArtULcry 
tun. U.a.1. aonlArtiUery ... 
T ttfBH(ftva ^p. B. An.l.l 

titn^.cui»tn^ ..... r 

T¥l^>R. CIK. I4.CtLR.SBg. 

b Shtfto; BniMl)'" L/.0>C\ 

wt. £<.CW7R<nr»l Eaim>«n-. 
I X-3IMI«. li.tW. Sanl Bng. , 
n>Smiopf,U.CU. B^Kng.aaen 
mKUIv (rntD b-P- Kojal ) 

■wta% .^Htilrfj OUw f 

•OB pnon-LMrlo,'-* £«.CW.-, 
t— iMil DMncn), AoM. ^'. ^ 

••miMV, Xl-UM } 

taih>" CV. ILOJ. h.p. UlKb' i 

nkawrfnynot) i 

ar« 8i*A."* Cdl. ((nm li p. i 
pj*) i CMUt. Uyik 8<t»J of'. 


 fiBlu-Sehnbe."' U.Cbl. 

Mi DiUriet, Briilol 

dnrd Kine, U.Otl. Bsitl- 

tmnl DsTidHW. £ 

fl.Ttrk ) 

ibriafa,'" U.CbI. Higi-' 

mli Hop*.'*' Li.GtI. Htsi-) 

HUTiM. ir<w«(;> ... , J 

l*itaMaIcl,£(.CU. h.p.iS Biu. 
iw. ToM^r," i(.rul, Itegl-j 
nnUilt, KarUamplon ... J 

HKnn, P>n«« J 

liCBfVUIt On SlookHeLl,-) 
~ eoluMnBcgt.), t 


'J.Cbf. Be^mea- ) 

r^ior Hataon."' JU.CU. B^ ) 

I DuUiBI, CVsdrisnr J.' 

mbmm BtMUoU,,>* Z1.(W.)1, 

Ul MKncC i«nt/bU 1 1' 

f% CaDiBm."* U.C^. Beg<-)l. 
tiaha. Bmrf Bt. Mdmmtdt ... J .■ 

Mmt^M/ Qrnrnt'. /nianj ... I j 

laSj es' 

Jaly Bj! 

jDly Sj I Oct. S; 

Julj Ssj 

JoJy 8s 

Joly 8s 

July Bj 

July 8; 

July 8^ K) Sept,8< 

July 8i 
July B5 

July 8j' 
July 8] 
July Bs 
July 8s 
July »s 



Gcorpre Clayton Swincy.»'*IZ/.Cc;7. Regi- / 

menUil District, Bodmin J 

John Fletcher CaldweU,»7« Z^Co/. Re-/ 

gimental District, Omaqk \ 

ObwrUI Robert Mirtrtletoii,»"» Lt.CoLi 

Reg^imental District, l.anctutfr ) 

H'>nr\' T.nnBlrr.''» Lf.Col. h.p. 8 H'l«'Pn^^ 
FrancisMagsyDrew^^'Cfiromh.p. 7 Ha».), \ 

A»n$taHt Inspect or f Uemount Jittub ) 

Chai. Stephen Walker. Lf.Cot. h.p. 3 Hu> 
Henry Richard Abaaie,»« Lf.Col. Rogi- > 

mental District, Armatjk j 

COKJffcT, I 
2nd LISUT. 


20 Oct. 57 18 May 5: 15 May 6^ 

28 May 58 15 Nov. 6 30 Oct. 6^ 

19 June 57 15 Oct 5^ T5 June 6( 
16 Aug. 61 24 Jan. 6 3 Apr. (-g 
18 Sept. 60 21 July 6; 1 13 July 67 
10 May 61 ,26 Feb. 6. '22 June 67 
6 Aug. 58-18 Dec. 6t'i4Feb. 7s 



31 Dec. 78 

5 Feb. 79 

27 Apr. 79 
29 Apr. 79 
23 July 79 
4 Nov. 79 
12 Nov. 79 




I Jal] 

"^^r^SLl I)Ts?r%?,"S^iC.^^ I - F^b. 58 " ^e^' ^^[^^ D-. 6; ,x JuneBc 

^™p'''2 dJJ^^us^.T..™'^^^^^ ! 1=8 Apr. 6330 Mar. 6- ',0 May 7. ^i June 8c 

^ili*'"r?*''"?''^^V^'iS^''^^^^^^^^^ ] '" Nov. 65^21 Oct. 6; '• 5 Nov. 7^ i Dec. 8c 

goon GuarAB; Attnt. Adj. Gen. A etUg i \ ^'^. 'j ^ «» / 

'^X~^Klil"X';.^:;r.Ki«"/XV l •« ^0". & .. Joly 6,|„ J„„e«, .o Apr. 8. 
"William John Seaton, Li.Col. Madras S.C. I20 July 55 20 June 5^ '20 July 67 20 July 75 
Cnarles Swinhoe, Lf.Col. Bombay 8. C... 27 July 551 8 Sopt-sc 27 July 67 27 July 75 

18 Feb. 62 '29 May 75 

Henry Jardine Hallowca,'" Lf.Col. t ,, „ . ,,«««♦ r. 

Regimental District, Bevtrl^ ) " ^^'^y 55," Scpt.57 

Hugh P. R. F. Crawftird, i^.Cof. Mad. P.C. 1 Sept. 55, 10 Apr. 56 
Bobert Spencer Liddell,i«7 x,^. Co/. Regi-V « vr-- o'^., ThW ^/^ 

mental District. Wrtxiam !!.. j \'^ ^^''' 58 22 July 59 

Constantino Maguire, Lf.Col. Regi-) I . t„«, , ThItt a^ 

mental District, IFa;/^ .. ji'5 Ja«. 59! 3 July 6c 

Francis Weldon, Lf.Col. Madras Staff C. '26 Sept. 55 13 Nov. 56 
Wm. Henry Field, Lt.Col. h.ja. 15 Huh. .. '17 May 61 10 July 66 

ITon. Joshua C.Vanneck.X^ Co/. Scots Gdp 1 1 Dec. 63 

Reginald By thell.Xf. Co/. Bombay Stuff C. 2 Oct. 55 8 Apr. 59 
Herbert Charles Borrett,'** Lt.Col. \ ^ ^.^^ a' , n*w. ^o 

Regimenal District. i?#«d«»»«7 1 '9^"* 5^ 7 Deo. 62 

Henry Geo. Saunders, Lf.Col. Bengal) 

Staff Corps j 

p.t.e. John Boughcy, Lt.Col. (from h.p. > 

Wiltshire Regt.),.i. A. Gen. Gibraltar j 
Hen.ColebrookLewcs,''*Xf. Co/. h.p.R.Ari 
George Tindal Prctyman, Major, R. Art 
JioH. Walter John Stewart. Lt. Col. (from') 

h.'p.\2lainccT9),Ar»i$fantCommandatif, > \ 

Cavalry Depot ) 

John Ewing, Lt.Col. Madras Staff Corps 
VC Francis David Millett Brown, Lt. 

Col. Bengal Staff Corps 

Duncan McNeill, Lf.Col. Madms Ftaff C 
William Henry Thompson,'** If. Col. ^ 

h.p. X Drngoor. Guards j 

Fred. C. Keyser,'^? CB.Lt.Col. (from h.p. |^ 

R. Fus.). In>p. ofSiffHallinff, Aldertkot ) 
Henry Edw. Colvile, CB. Major, Gr.Gds. 

Wm. 8. Hebbcrt, Lt.Col. R. Artillery 

Arthur Robert C^hapman, X/. Co/. Bengal ) 

Staff Corps ) 

William Henry Noble,>>« Lt.Col. h.p.S 

Royal Artillery. Snpt. of Guupowdery 

Factory with rank of Major (leneral ...) 
Edward Draper Elliott, Lt.Col. Roval An. 11 Dec. 57 27 Apr. 58 
Francis William Ward, X^Co/. Royal Art. 11 Dec. 57 21 May 58 
Fred. Charles St. John.X^ Co/. Madras S.C. jo Jan. 56 17 Aug. 55 
Sebastian White Rawlins, Lt.Col. Regi-> „ . _' «._ ^ 


20 Oct. 55 21 Jan. 57 

8 July 62 7 Nov. 65 

19 Dec. 55 

'21 Mar. 65 

14 Oct. 68 9 Oct. 69 

7 Dec. 55 16 July 57 

8 Dec. 55 7 June 57 
8 Dec. 55 s Nov. 58 

10 May 64 20 Feb. 67 

28 May 58; 4 Mar. 62 

I Oct. 70 
10 June 59 

4 Jan. 56 24 Sept. 57 
6 Mar. 56 

1 Sept. 67 

2 May 6S 

1 Sept. 69 

26 Sept.67 

7 July 69 

26 June 66 

2 Oct. 67 

22 Oct. 70 
20 Oct. 67 

3 Feb. 69 

I Nov. 65 
I Oct. 77 

3 Oct. 74 

7 Dec. 67 

23 Aug. 64 

8 Dec. 67 
12 Feb. 73 

18 Apr. 68 

15 Mar. 72 
6 July 72 

4 Jan. 68 

30 Mar. 66 

29 May 66 

5 Oct. 66 
20 Jan. 68 

I Sept.75 
I July 81 

16 Sept. 76 

26 Sent. 75 
I July 81 

I July 8j' I July 85 

X July 81 X July 85 

I July 81! I July 85 
X July 8i' I July 85 


X July 81 • 1 July 85 

X July 81  X July 85 i J.^ 

I July 81 X July 85 1 

X July 81 i I July 85 

X July 81 1 T July 85 5 Jul] 

I I 

z July 81; X July 83 21 Julj 

X July 81 i 1 July 85 
20 July 81 20 July 85 

27 July 81 

27 July 85 

2 Oct. 75 
73 June 80 

ToOct. 75 

I July 8x 

31 Oct. 74 
22 Nov. 79 

X July 81 

7 Dec. 75 

8 Dec 75 
8 Dec. 75 
z July 81 

27 Aug. 80 

15 Aug. 81 15 Aug. 8sj 

1 Sept. 81 j I Sept. 85 
13 Sept.8i 13 Sept. 8.1 


16 Sept. 81 't6 Sept 85 

26 Sept. 81 26 Sept. 8s 

29 Sept. 8x [2) Sept. 85 

10 Oct. 74 

2 Oct. 81 

7 Oct. 81 
2oOct. 8x 

1 Ocr. 85 

2 Oct. %i 

7 Oct. 85 
20 Oct. 85 

28 Oct 81 28 Oct. 85 
31 Oct. 8i'3x Oct. 85 

mental District, Cardiff j 

Elborough M.Woodcock.X^ Co/. Bombay *) 

Staff Corps i 

Frederick Augustus Le Mo8uricr,X/. Co/. ) 

h.p. Royal Engineers ) 

WilliamVePeyBrownlow,«»Ci?. i<. Co/. ) . ^ ^-oxfo,. v^^ 

Regimental District, CW«- j -'9 Apr. 59 / 2 May 61 18 May 70 29 Nov. 79 

BdmundSmith Brook, Jfu/or. Connaught 

21 Feb. 65 
4 Feb. 56 23 May 57I 4 Feb. 68 
I Oct. 57 II July 67 

X July 79 
4 Jan. 76 

16 Jan. 75 

16 Jan. 75 
t6 Jan. 75 
20 Jan. 76 

X Oct. 77 

4 Feb. 76 
X Oct. 77 

a Mar. 81 
30 Nov. 81 

7 Dec. 8x 

8 Dec. 81 

8 Dec. 8x 

9 Dec. 8: 

X3 Deo. 81 

X Nov. 82 
18 Nov. 82 

4 Jan. 82 

x6 Jan. 82 

16 Jan. 82 
16 Jan. 82 
20 Jan. 82 

25 Jan. 82 

4 Fob. 82 

18 Feb. 82 

18 Feb. 82 

z Jal; 

6 Nov. 85 
30 Nov. 85 

7 Dec. 85 

8 Deo. 8s 

8 Dec. 85 

9 Dec 35 

12 Dec. 85 

2 Jan. 86 
2 Jan. 85 

4 Jan. 86 

16 Jan. 86 

16 Jan. 86 
16 Jau. 86 
2o JaiL 86 

35 Jan. 86 

4 Feb. 86 

18 Fob. 86 

x8 Feb. 86 

9 Dee. 


Angers ... ..^..^^.-'^^ , 7 Aug.66;25 Jan. 71' 3 Dec. ySJ x July 81 .8 Fob. 82|x8 Feb. 86 

Geo. Paton,«» CJ/g! ii.Co/! Regimen 

tal District 
Evelvn E. T 

(Midstream uuaras > •' ^-j '1 

Reginald Whitting,**'^*. Coi. Regimen-) < t»-^ ^ y.t o .. Tn« /: \.^v^v. - 
tal District. Tor* j|-'6Dec 56 23 ^r. 58 15 Jan. 61 20 Feb. 74 

«CJ/g! ii.Co/! Regimen- > ' . ' e * ^r ' rk«» ^ ' >r«^ q x^.^k e L..rrti, M 

t Brecon . . j -3 Aug. 59 5 Sept.62 30 Oct. 69 19 May 80 25 Feb. 82j'5'0b. 80 

. Zord Falmouth, cir. J/'oi. ) i r » z-^' -vr., ' <^v^\^ o'^.. f«k jw. 

a Guards . ... j ,^2 July 66 5 Mar. 70 16 Feb. 78 27 l^eo. 86 

Alfred Bloomfleld, Lf.Col. Bengal S.C 1 7 Mar. 56 23 Aug. 59 7 Mar. 68 7 Mar. 76 

Philip Edw. Popc,*^ Lt.Col. h.p. 4)' »xr«-^ ' t.i x ->-, o«f - I . t..i« o 

Drigoon Guarcfi^.. .*.....*] ," ^^y ^3 " July 65,22 Oct. 70 i July 81 

Arthur G. H. Church.w Lf.Col. RegiO , t^^„ ^ ' !«« a ,r n«.» aJ , TnW r. 

mental District. J*A/o» *^.. j sNov.6x 9 Jan. 63 25 Dec 67| x July 81 

Edward Cunningham, L<. Co/. Bombay S.C. 20 Mar. 56 23 Nov. 56 20 Mar. 68 20 Mar. 76 
Fred. Beiij. Price White, Lf.Col. (from) | < j I 

h.p. X W.I. Regt.), Commanding }Ve$t \ 18 Dec 63 4 Apr. 65 26 Feb. 67 24 Mar. 77 

India Depot ) I I j 

Henry Meredith Vibart, Lt.Col. R. Kng.... xx Dec. 57 27 Aug. 58 31 Oct. 68 31 Mar. 75 
Harrington B. D.Campbell.lfq/.Scots Gds. j xo May 64 iB Dec. 66 

7 Apr. 56 7 Sept. 66 x Apr. 75 

William Southwell Curxon, Lt.Col. h.p. ) 

Royal Artillery > 

yhomas Arthur Cooke.*»»X/. Co/, (from V I i I 

Ji.p. t/Lanceiv), AttUt, Atf/, Qttural^ > id May 6<» 9 July 65 20 July 70 1 July 8x 
-^^^y^ )\ I \ \ 

7 Mar. 8a 7 Mar. 86 

7 Mar. 82 
7 Mar. 82 

7 Mar. 86 
7 Mar. 86 


7 Mil 

18 Mar. 82 18 Mtr. 86 
20 Mar. 82 '20 Mar. 86 

24 Mar. 82,24 Mar. 86 

. 82'3» 

3x Mar, 
17 May 76 

z Apr. 82 

Mar. 86 

z Apr. 86 

X Apr. 86 6 Oct 


X Apr. 8a' x Apr. 86 


:kB(>iiu>d.£/.(V.UkdragS.C. tApc 

W. ItTom R. Art.],) 

>nin>y itarUm.Lt.Ctl. ttaa-i 

u«™,... - f 

bitU&s '" Zf.Oi/. iLp. Uimp- 1 

9 J»o. 53 


.1 Fllb. 6v 




S Feb. 6. 

r Apr. {6 
I J11I7&7: 

4 Apr. iS\ 4 Apr. jfi 

'iBept.fii igOi 

WiUuuu. U.C>1, h-p. LlTBT- : 

*. d Foot) i 

-doBYuBUff, Zf.Cel.fieDnlS.C 
. ^tMi^Ll.a>t. BtDgS B. C 
Du,X<.CW. B«DKBl Staff Corp 

:Miir. 64 3 SepLio 

4 Jan. 79 4 Jna 

DdmoD, £t.CW^.p. • Dtuooi 
slo-B. IUIiiBli,>uC£.£tICbf. - 
lA But. OxKtt. >r ■^"'•rJs' 
naT^U p«» ifitahr On. . 
llM CB. CW.iaiTCaa.a. Uarinu 
rBomdtila, CB. U.CtiU R. Ar 
lAauld Moodr, Cgf. Coo. 

s. cHZ-i 

■DM Kmv, XI.CU. h-p. Kor~ ' 

^^ i."'j."TiSi^n»"CB!i 
»mi lt«. I Ub 0d>.),inu- 1 

^ci* FiUGentld Cologan, LI. \ 

rti SujTCorpi.^ ,^... i 

IJ. aobKt,"*L<.Cul. h.p. R. 1 

ftriAlndtnt tf Ml Om Oir- \ 

ttarj. FnU^alur .} 

iHaBirKiDR-HmiTBan.J^ CuJ.S 
n^ Anflluy), C*i>/ J-ui^clor '^ 

kxT.'^ CB.'! L.p. Bamp- ) 

•bell, Cs^. #£<.Od(.j 

lie. U.CbI. BombsT SMflC. 

SbcOD.U.CM.Uiulima S.l,'. 
iiru,"" l,<.tW. h.p.i 

(11 Fool) ; 

iJnnesfi eJnly __ 
i JnDes6i4 Juiy jB 
rKoi'"Of -■ 

e Sov. 6s 
iS Hot. 

jS Jnlylij 

Co(. (fromi;. 


Tunuhmd. Zf. Col. > Life Ddi... 
ilmund, ii.Cof, h.p. R, Bng, ... 
ink BaaiJllan. Zf.C^.R. SflK- 
A W. D. Pringle," Bar*. i,(. ! 
€ofiUi SlAffi^nlULira Reift. ... ) 

Mh. W.Co't R. Mm. ArtlllerT*' 
m BonJ, Lt at. R. EoglDeerA 
til ILO'Onid? Hftly.'MZlSO. j 
I'. SuBblh RegV (13 Foot)... j 
wl. Ronl Rnxineen , 
[p Bsnon, CJ U.Cbi. Buval 

t, (11 Foot) . 


3 An e. 67 


9J»U. 63 
p Ang. «4 

■Apr. 56 u 
r Apr. s6 > 

I JuacjC. 

I Jul; Id 
: laVr (i 

iJnIf SiuJuiy E( 



I July >i ] 

}1 lOol, I 


1 Sept. £a Ki Sept. 76 
i}Sl!pt.6S :3SepC76 
1. Sept 60' 

i Ang. 67 


10 Oct. 76 


■4 Star. 68 " J11I7 78 


I Oct 


sS jAag.7=].>0£ 

I Feb. 6iji 

, Dso. lo ^iS 

t Feb. 6s' I 

ly 79 

ISoptSi a BcptSO >6 Fab. «s 


) Sept. e I ig Scpt.B6 
ISov.Si sOet. B6 

& 99 lfJ7 S7 13 Jiiaa ; 


I \ \ 

lUr. Art.! 


Zi.Col. RArt. 

BotmldDoi , „-,- 

John Prod. Free, K.CW. H. ArtliletT- 

AUieloB C. Tokff en i^-C 

Thomna J. Jopc 

Artliiir G. YeaUnan-BiKKL. 

George C'o«, if.Oif. Iriih FnsUlet* , , , 

Jahn B. Bojt*. £(.CI^. Gonlnn Higb-l 

taodfni (7sF.) J 

■,i.c. re Kiulou Hsuiy Burtofini,""! 

Xoj'gr liyom b.i'. Bui LiiDCBBhire^ 

Hegt.l.^«f.(, .!*■. On. r«-(«ioiif» . . ) 
r™nk GrievB,"* X(.Oi'. b.p. Dnko of) 

Co™w«ll't Light mrhntry (.6 Fool) ) 
~-  -"-jn, XI.Oil.- "-'■—-- 

9 Jnij sB loApr. 60*30 Jnly Si 

Otm. Brtat .. 

ChariM PlenDDCnuncr.Xr.aiJ.Kiiig'i) 

Hoy»l EiB« (60 IToot). J 

Btn. Oliver a.Poirl<!itWoiaBga,U.Ctl. I 

Bonl HnrBdOaftrds _ i 

Alfred BlbbT.ZtCW. 4Hiua*n 

BlBhudLMeb. U.m. Highluid Light) 

Inhiitrj(;j Foot) J 

Wm, A. Jfu. #al]BCB, ClE.Ll.Cet. R.EnJI. 
Ar Arthur Wm. Uaekwottb, £arf. ) 

Jf.ftf. RBTdlKOBioctrt , J 


LbndF. Pott, U.fw.' Kvriii AJrUii«T. 
>.•.(. rc BetrtnaM Clats Hut.'" C>I. 1 

Srom EotkI Knginee™) ; Dimter \ 
■ural afiimittry Einrotiimjii^ii,... J 
S«. NctIIIi! G. LTtlellOD. ir<{y. niOeBrlg. 
f^.t. Henry J. T. EilaT)Lrd.» U.Col. 1 

U^omh.p. Hlohluid Light Infftnizi'), > 

.iHlif. A4/. Gn. itiU' ) 

■Aasnalinna V. U. A. A. ParUUi, CUO. \ 

Zt.Oif. Malta AxtUICiT S 

p.t.e. Heon' Grej MaoGregor,"" CB.Zi. 1 

aj. {trorn h.p. Wurccalcr R<BtJ ; AiJr ^ 

a^fH-( OMrtwi 

ry UBlIani Psrr.>« CJfO. Ll.Cel. 

na. Jsnkiiu, JU.Cnl. llkdraaa. C. ... 

WuHlamCADdcnoii.CS. £(.CM.Baii-) 

fal Staff Corp* J 

CbarlM H. Cantor, u. nit. BennI 8. O 

ftaOTsa A. Jacob, XT.ra;. Bembar &. 0.... 
Ihoa. O. nudBniiwd, Lt. O.I. Hadraa B. C. 
OteriM A. PorUODB, U.tM. Uadraa S. C. 
HtuyB. aaadsnan, U.Col. BeogiU B. C. 

OaoTM Atkiu, i.<.(%l. Bengal S. (J. _ 

^adT J. a. Adnm, Lt CbI. Bombaj B.C. ... 
Oha*. J. O. CfaambBn.l^.Ckf. Madnu S.G. 
William B. waiou,Ll.Cat. Bombar B. C. 
Kalodlm FnrloDB, Lt.tM. MadnaB. O. .. 
■j.c. Hagb T. Jot) M-Tanghao ,** tt. Cal. ■) 

h.p. Kbm Xorluhire Bcgt. ; A.A. On- \ 

nt.Dtaitport ) 

jr™.Fi»».Cbnrla(i Brideeman,"" Major, ( 

h.p. Scot! Gnarda. MF.fur BaUan ..,) 
Oaonn Aqr. Strover, Ll. Col. Madiaa B.C. 
WUtlani Tertoe, LI.CbI. Madcaa S. r- 
WlUiam Ward Bciinltl,"" LI.CBI. 

t July 61 iB July Ssljo 6ept.7< 

oFoll. ss 6 July ss. 9 Oct. CS 
7Nor,6j 11 Jan. £7] jilay 6? 
4 =6 Feb. £4 3" June6«" Apr.6]i8May jo 
iJulySj aK0T.6S: (July 70 



8. .8 Nov. S. 

tB Nov. til 

a. 18 Not. a. 


8t x8 Kov. 87 




8. .a Not, B:. 


(May jB 



loreoey, 1:1. Col. 

Ohadn Hanry Swart, LI. Cel. ] 
Edwin Baddy, LI.Col. BeDgal 


Alft«d011lT>nt,U.CU. Bengal Slaffl 
OhailM Wodahouia. CIS, LI.Col. uum- 

htr BtaffCorpa , 

Oharlaa J. 0. flUevakl. CB. Lt.O,!. 




,- -,Aog.5B| 

» Feb, }7 30 Apr. 58: 
KiPeb. s7'B'"y 5B[ 

^Mi ^ Ouw ll il.B.U. 11- Duk 


■.I.e. V€ Uark Bever Ball, LI.Col. B. Bng 
~ 1. SetfeU, M.Col. Uodraa B. C. 

Andrvw Miirr*^,™' 
S-'i, Uerbert F. kat 

Lt.Ctl. Uadna B. O. 
- - - K*gi.J 

J Jan. 6v > 
4 July 6,1.3 

 b"'^ " 

B Sept-Sj 
rj Dm. }6 

'3 Dec. s« JO Apr. s8 
■3 Deo. j« » May jS 
■} Deo. je  Oct. H 

10 Dec. s6 3»Apr. sB 
M Dae. s6 S Bept sj 
iDeo. 56»9B*pi.i9 
1 1>»0. s6 » May (11 

10 Hov. 
J3 Jan. 78 

.8>'i8NOT.S9 1SN0T.S3 

, Har. Ej I Mar. 5B 4 aar. » 4 auir, 
, Mar. J7 .8 Not. sS 4 Mar. 6« 4 Mar. 
tlar. i} 9 Dec. j8 4 Mar. 69 4 Mar, 

4 Mar. S7 Jj Not. jJ 4Mar.(9! 4 "ar. 

^lIBr.s^\ aSept.fe 4MaT.Cg' 4 Mar. 

»Dee. 8« 

» Deo. 86' 
4 Jan. 8jj 

10 Jan. »] )) tpi. 

13 Jan. 87 ]i Hu. 
4 Feb. Ej' 

I Mar. 83 4 
I Mar. 83, 4 
I Mar. 83' 4 

lOot. 84 16 Mar. 87, 
.Mar. B3»Uar. 1.7' 
. Mar. 83 » Mar. 8f 




2nd LixuT. 



Tlujinns Jns. Cotton, JJ.Col. Madras B. C! 4 Jan. 58! 9 Sept. 59 

J'ninciH Middlucoiit, Lt.Cul. Madras S. C 
(Umrlcs J. B. Cahill, Lt.Col. Bombay B.C. 
Iforaco Riciirdo, Major ^ Grenadier Guarda 
.luhn Graliam M'Kne, Lt.Col. Bombay B.C. 
Robert Atkins, Lt.Col. Bengal Btafi'Corph 
Jus. Uichard Marctt, Lt. Col. Bcueal S. C. 

Kdmund Austin, Lt.Col. Madras S. C 

Charles James T. Whitlock, Lt.Col. ^ 

Madras Staff Coqis ) 

JohnBiddulph, Lt.Col. Bengal StaflT Corps '20 Jan. 58 
Henry Marsh Sept. Maerath, Lt.Col.) \ . -m-.. ^q 

Madras Staff Corps ; j 4 Mar. 58 

E<l\vin Glass Fcnn, Lt.Col. h.p. West)- /-«««♦ ^ 

RidiutfRcKt. (76 F.) j ,16 Sept. ^9 

Robert W.W. YoUvtt, Lt.Col. Coldst. Gds. 
Charles K^tIo ChatfloId,»« Lt.Col. h.p. ) 

Yorkshire Li^ht Infantry (51 Foot) ... / 
p.f.e. Henry Manvers Mooruom, Lt.Col. \ 

R. Artillery- i 

Wm. Reeves Bunburv, Lt.Col. Bengal S.C. 

Jas. W. A. UlchcW, Lt.Col. Bengal S. C... 

Honitio ir. Kitchener, CB.CMO.MaJor,^ 

Royal Kngiuecrs J 

Henry C. G. Dugdalo,*'* Lt.Col. h.p. > 

Rillo Brigade i 

Thomas Pilkiugtou White, Lt. Col. (from ) 

h.n. R. Eug.); Colonel on the Staffs > 

Edinhnrgk ) 

Churles D. A. Strnker, Lt.Col. R. Art 

<ha8. J. O'N. Ferguson, Lt.Col. (from^ 

h.p. R. Eng.) ; Colonel on the St^f, > 

Che$ter ) 

Edmund Antrobuc», 3fajor, Grenadier Gds. 

ITjos. J. C. A. Studdy. Lt.Col. R. Art 

•Francis T. Lloyd, »^« CB. Lt.Col. (from> 

R. Art.), Chief I,t»t.^ Shoeburyne$$ } 

Edmund Hunt Hollev, Lt.Col.'K. Art 

treo. H. T. Golwcll, CiJ. Cof. 2 ni2 Com. R. Mar. 
^lox. Ferrier Kid&ton, Lt.Col, Blacky 

Watch (71 Foot) ) 

Reginald Wm. Dalgety, Major, York> 

and Lancaster Rcgt. (65 Foot) > 

Hugh SutleJ Gough. CMO. Lt.Col. 18 Hus. 
Elliott Wood, CB. Major (from R. Eng ), 

A. A. Gen. for S. JCng. War Office .... 
Killingworth R. Todd, Lt.Col. R. Eng. 
W. Freeman Kelly, Major (from Sussex "> 

Regt.); A.. I. Oen. CapeofGood Hope., S 
Andrew Gilbert Wauchope, CB. CMO. \ 

Major, Black Watch (42 Foot) j 

Wm. D. Welch. Col. 12nd Com. R. Mar. Art. 
Mildmay W. Willson, CB. Major, ScoU") 

Guards > 

4 Jan. 581 a July 60 
zo Jan. 58 21 Feb. 59 

|i7 Apr. 69 

a Fob. 58 30 Apr. 60 

4 Feb. 58 i 7 June 58 

4 Feb. 58 25 I>«c« 58 

laFeb. 58; 5 J^ly 60 

20 Feb. 58 9 Mar. 60 

18 May 58 




I wnm 


Hill tiT. 


Wm. LivcRay,*^ Lt.Col. h.p. Disch. Depot 
Wm. F. Vetch, Lt.Col. h.p. Dublin Fus.... 
Rich. WaiTcn Stewart, Lt.Col. h.p. Roy. "> 
Eng. ; C(:lonel on the fifajf, Deconf^ort ^ 
Kenneth J. L. Mackenzie, Lt.Col. Mad. B.C. 

3 July 60! 4 ^'ov. 64 

Jas. Wm. Macdougall, Lt.Col. Madr. 8. C 
John T*annoy Twcodie,""* DSO. Lt.Col.) 

h.p. West Kent Rcgt. (50 Foot) j 

Clarence Hy. Palmer, Lt.Col. Bengal S.C. 12 June 58 '27 Aug. 58 
4ieo. Herbert Trevor, Lt.Col. Madras B.C.|i2 June 58 27 Aug. 58 
Maihew Morton Bowie, Lt.Col. Madr. B.C., 12 June 58 27 Aug. 58 

2 Nov. 55 

31 Mar. 58 
4 Apr. 58 

5 Juno 55 

za Juno 58 

12 Pec. 57 

II Aug. 58 
9 Nov. 58 

8 Juno 67 
2 May 08 

7 Mar. 67 

21 Nor. 65 
24 Juno 57 

X Fob. 59 

IX Feb. 62 
2x July 66 

4 Jan. 70 4 Jan. 78 4 Jan. 64 4 Jan. S8 

4 Jan. 70 4 Jan. 78 4 Jan. 84 4 Jan. 88 

20 Jan. 70 20 Jan. 78 20 Jan. 84 20 Jan. 86 

17 May 71 I24 May 79 29 Jan. 8S 

2 Feb. 70 2 Feb. 78 , s Feb. 84 2 Fob. 88 

4 Feb. 70 4 Feb. 78' 4 Feb. 84 4 Feb. 88 

4 Fob. 70 4 Veh. 78! 4 Feb. 84! 4 Feb. 88 

xo Jan. 69 12 Feb. 78 12 Fob. 84 la Feb. 88 

20 Feb. 70 

20 Jan. 70 

4 Mar. 7c 

17 Mar. 69 
17 Feb. 69 

20 Feb. 78,20 Feb. 84 20 Feb. 88 
8 Dec. 77 '24 Feb. 84 24 Feb. 83 

4 Mar. 78 

4 Mar. 84 4 Mnr. 88 

z July 81 15 Mar. 84 15 Mar. SS 15 Mar. tfi 

15 June 58 13 Oct. 64 

29Scpt.77 aoMar. £8 

X Oct. 77 26 Mar. 84 26 Mar. £F 26 Mar. 93 

7 Sept. 71 ao Feb. 78- 19 Feb. 86.30 Mar. £8 

31 Mar. 70 31 Mar. 783X Mar. S^lsx Mar. f£ 
4 Apr. 7o| 4 Apr. 78. 4 Apr. 84: 4 Apr. 8S 

4 Jan. &3 3 Oct. 84 

10 Nov. 65 

22 Feb. 68 
I Jan. 70 
4 Mar. 68 

z May 78 

15 Juno 85 IX Apr. ££ 
I I 

12 Apr. 84 12 Apr. 88 ra Apr. '.0 

I Oct. 77 3 May 84 3 May 85 

24 May 77 
I Oct 77 

26 Oct. 55 
8 Mar. 64 

II Juno 58 
II June 58 

I Oct. 57 

17 Mar. 63 
25 Jan. 6x 

4 Jan. 71 

z Sept. 57 

I Oct. 57 
10 Dec. 58 

1 Oct. 57 

iS Feb. 69 

27 Aug. 58 

X Oct. 57 

19 Juno 60 

20 Apr. 60 

2 Dec. 62 

8 Aug. 68 
v8 Oct. 71 

15 Jan. 64 joSept. 77'i8 Nov. 82'2x May 84'2i May 8S 
24 Juno 63] 6 June 77 24 June 84 21 May 84 [21 May 83 

28 Oct. 71 

7 May 84 7 May 8Si 

10 May 84 10 May 88 

24 May 79 XX May 83 j 
XI May 84 XI May 88 

21 May 84 21 May 88 

23 Nov. 72*13 Mar. 8z 21 May 84 21 May 83 
14 Nov. 72 j I July 81 21 May 84'ai May 88 

12 Fob. 73 I July 81 21 May 84'2i May 88 
12 July 74 z July 8z 21 May 84 21 May 83 

17 May 71 
2 Jan. 68 27 Nov. 78 

28 May 70 24 Nov. 77 

23 Juno 75 13 Sept.8x 

2! May 84 21 May £8 

23 June 67 

20 Sept. 59 

3 Aug. 66 

3 Apr. 57 
I Jul3* 69 

1 Oct. 57 

27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. 58 

24 Jan. 80 5 Mar. 84 21 May 84 21 May 88 

I ' I 

Z4 Sept. 78 14 Mar. 84 ai May 84 21 May 88 

3 Aug. 67 2 Oct. 79 24 Juue 85 21 May 88: 

3 Sept. 70 '14 Dec. 7$! 1 JuneSSi 

30 Apr. 64 19 June 76 19 June 83' i Juue 33' 1 Jnnetf 
22 May 75 it June Si . 7 June 84 7 Jane 8:i 7 JunCfv 

17 Mar. 68 i Oct. 77 n June 84 xi June 3-^ n JuueSj 

tz Juno 70 II Juno 78 n Juno 84 xi JuneSS. 
XI June 70^1 1 June 78 II June 84 n Juuvbd 

2 Jan. 69 9 Sept. 70 n June 84 n June 33 21 Dec. h 

12 Juno 70 12 Juno 78 12 Juiie84ji2 JuneSS 
12 June7o|i2 Juno 78112 June84't2 JuncSfe 
12 June 70 12 June 78x2 June84'x2 June 83 

Montiign M.Cari)endale,£f.Co/.Bomb. S.C.!i2 June 58, 2 Juno 59 12 June 70 12 June 78; 12 June 84 12 Juno 83 
Henry Chaf^. Morse, Lt.Col. Bombay B.C.'x2 JunosSj i Oct. 59.12 Jane 70 12 June 78 12 Juno 84 12 June 88 
David T. Hatchell. Lt.Col. Madras S. C....'i2 June 58 19 July 6o'ia Juno 70J12 June 78 12 June 84 12 Juno 83 

Fred. Wm. M. Spring, Lt.Col. R. Art.......] n Dec. 58 x July 7o*3x Dec. 78 iS Juue 84x3 June 83 

Chas. A.C»iuiiig2mm, Lt.Col. Bombay B.C. 20 Juno 5S 26 July 61 jo Juue 70 20 June 78'2o Juno 84 20 June SS 
- . -. . ... „ . , _ JuncSci 

Juue 83 

JuneSS 6.Se|»td9 

Honryde S. Isaacson, £^CW. h.p. R. Art.) : I ! ' ' 

Commanding Auxiliary Artillery-, Home, \ 23 June 57 10 Nov. 68 x July 77; i July £4 i July Si 17 Anf.9* 

Wooliciek, and Thames Diatrictt ) I ' " 

llonry H. II. Hallctt, Lt.Col. Madras S.C. 4 July 58 a Jan. 6o| 4 July 70 4 July 78; 4 July 84 4 July S3 
Wm. Henry Iloskins, Lt.Col. Madras S.C. 20 July 53 31 July 60 20 July 70 20 July 78 20 July 84 20 Julv 33 

"piVhamU.^^^^^^^^^^ ^'•^'- ^-P} -oFeb. 58' 12 June 60 xoMay 7:, x July 6. =3 July 84 '28 July S^.jOcU » 

^^KSVT)'^.^.^^^^^^^ 6o'.o Feb. 6325 Oct. 75' I July 81' 6Aug.S4' 6 Aug. S3 oAujr.^o 

George Young, Lt.Col. Bengal Staff C. ...'20 Aug. 58,22 Apr. 60 20 Aug. 70 20 Aug. 78 20 Aug. 84 io Aug. S3 
^Stoir C^V^s^'.'T'r.^^^^^^^^^^ '»« A"ff- 58|«7 Juno 60 20 Aug. 70 ro Aug. 78 20 Aug. 8420 Aug. S3 

^fofkRi^'^''.^^^^^^^^ 4Jan. 62'xoSept.64'22July 71 2 Mar. 81:20 Aug. 84|=o Aug. S8 «, Aug.ja 

Fred. G. Jockeon, Lt.Col. h.p. Scots Fus. 30 Mar. 58 6 May 5972 Sept. 65 11 Oct 77 25 Aug. 84 25 Aug. 88 «5 Aog.^o 






mj. B. Cshill, LI.Col. Bombny B.O. 

e ElCttnlo, ilajar, (Jrotindiw GOBOlt 

SmlumSI'ttaB.Z'.Cttl. BomburB.C. 

RobenAtkiDi.U.CVI. Ben g>I SUIT Con» 

I, U.CVI. BennlSI 
Kiirelt, LI.CbI. 8ei„ 

tin, Zt.Ci;. MwIruS. 

- - je< T. 

Uwlrw Sulf Carj 

. WhlUocIi, Xf.Co 

UwlruSulf Carpa t 

Henry Uanb Sept. MaBtnUi, ■"^" ^ 

ChnrlM Kytie ChBlOBia.™ £(.ai. b.p.i 
YorkHliiro Llult liiftintrT (ii Fool) ... | 

r.'.°. Hesrr Uuiveis Uaonom, Ll.teL I 
n. Artillery f 

Wm. RCBveiBiiDlJuiy, U.iM. BenoBl 8.C. 

Ji». W. A. Hicliell./t.Ciil. BcDinil B. C... 

Roy.! Engine™ j 

Rjlf^ li.r-..i. 

h.n. R. Edk!): O'limtt ini III AIo/; 

;*. tU It. Art.... 

1. O'N. Fn^num, Lt.Cel. [rrom 
R. Enj(.) i mioifl a. t*. Sf^. 


0. ifVT, 

iadd.v, U.Cbl. R. Ji 

I.LI.CbI. (Drora) 

.n... ^m6i.»hh i 

Kdmoad Hunt tioUey, K.Cof. R. Art. 

'"-- II. r. Culircll.CB. Ctof.i>iJi:tiii.R.Miir. 
"orrier Kidiwn, Zi.Qiil. Bluk) 

York 1 

J»!ex „ 

Walct (71 Fooil 

Reinnnta Wm. DiLlge^v, Jfq/'er. 
— Hspt. {65 Foot) 

.. Suclaj GoQj. _, _, 

liott Wooi, €B. SIvJoT {Vsom R. Eog ), 1 
i.A.Om./fS.X-t. M'»i-^M S 

n.ltingworthR.Todd.Xf.CpJ.B.EllK. ... 

W. Freeman Kellf, Ifiirfr [Oom Sns)ei> 
K(Kl,); A..1. Ori. Capiiff Oaed Htpr.. S 

Andraw Gil1>«rt Wanchopc, CB. dO.), Blaelt Watch U» Foot) ( 

Wm. D. Welch- fa.'. hmJ r«. R V>r Irl. 

JJildmRT W. V 

" Ll.Ciil.b.p. DiKh. Depot 

., il.Coi. h.n. DulJliu Fus..., 

Rich. Warren Stewart, LlCol. h.p. Boy. \ 
Bng, ; C-IoKti OH the S/n^t Dtconporl S 
Jaa. Wm. yocdonftiill. LLCbI. Mailr. B. C. 
Jolin iJinno;? Twccdie,'" DSO. ZIXbIA 

ClflTwicc Uy. Palniar, Lt.Cot. Ben^Bic. 
<.)co. HerlwitTrCTOr.Xr.OiI. UadrosB.C. 
Mnihew Morwn Bowie, a.Cel. Mftdr, B.C. 
MiintiguM.Carpcndale.Xt.Cgl.IIamb. B.C. 

1 Fob, s8 30 Apr. £» 
iFeh. sfcl 7 June 58 
I Feb. 58 1} Dec. jB 
I Veil. ;G 3 July iSo 
)FBb. sS bMot. 6q 
> Jan. 5S iS Muy jS 

1 Oct. 57 

4 Jan. 7c 
4 Jon. 70 


, Feb. 70 
4 fab. JO 

« Feb. 70 « 

4 Mar. 7^ 



17 Feb. 5, 

.3 Oct. 64 


JI Ifar. 7a 3 
* Apr. 7^ . 



=aiiay jo',. 



3jS:?e 1 

. Feb. St 4 Fob. BS 
13 Feb! Bi'ii Feb' Be 


4 Apr. 76, 4 Apr. B4J , 
30ct, a4'isJuneBsln 
I Itay 78 1 1 Apr, 3. 1 : 

Oct 77 . 
■Nov. 781 

'May St 13 May SS 

.4 Sept, 7B I. 

iiMay 84 I'M . 

11 Uay S4U Uay BI 

iiMay S,':, May a 

II May 84 31 Uay E 

iiUay B4'iiMii}- e 

II May 8411 Uay E 

M Juuo 78 , , Juno 84 It Juno ifi 
19 Jnno 7b'i> Jonc 84 13 Juuc BS 

I Jane 70' I : 

Fred. Wm. II. Spring, LI.Col. ». Art. 
■Cliae. A.CnnluubHm, 14. Col, Bombay i 

Richard U.t'lillbr'l.i/.rii' ■' '" 

Tlioa. Hy, B. Youiitc, U.Vc 
AllicrtBdir. 11. Smyth,"' 

,0.[. a.Art.™. 



Wm. Henry Hoa 

urbnm LI. InFanlry .„ 

iKlbrd,''! Li.Col. 1 

•George \oung, i^l 

BongalBtaffC. ...' 
- "'^' Uulniajl 


..Durham I 

"•Cry l,oS foot) ) 

Jnly 70 4 Jnly 7S, 4 Jiilv B 
July 70 cut Jnly 78 ,0 July S. 
May 71J [July Et'^SJuly 8. 
Oct. 7S 1 Jolj- 8i| SAiig.E 
An(t. 7o'm Aug. 78 10 Autf. 8 

•Chaa. M. Suiokley, 

3'iDBcpt.64iiJBly 71  
Bl&Uay »iiSepb.6s'ii 
A«J»n.MJ.jlUr.„ 1 


lomijnil I'mmiore Payne, i 

t'ninell linnplicflii, iSnrf. > 

. K^FiI Su.fffuri,« J 

..I.I <W.Iji-«r|>i>n! K*jit.{B K.l 
r. llitimliciul, Li.Cal. Ijaiith > 

I'rem i 

lyltrMliK", if.'V.UenB.S.C. 
^inno I'reiich. ll.CI. lo Hus. 
ickiimon, J/.'>r. CJreii. litts. tW.S.Staffutilltejtl. 
« FcrriK. LtX-1.1. litng. S.V. 
,11 aeiiior. Z(.Co(. Uenjt. B.C. N. SuiB'. Dout. 
nlin. Ll.Ctl. Hulnui S. L'.... 
V eiddODB Mih-.w t(.0.(. > 
Dd t^nculer R«rt. j 

■liireRegt .'.....' !J 

: Saporuw,"" tf.Col. h.p. i i 

aegt. .„. .„; 

oa,DliO. Zt.Cs/. Boas. B.C. < 

Ll.a>l. b.p. BpyalAnini 
Fisnou A . I 


,3 Apr. w 

liODiv, LI. Col. beni 


Arthur Single tonWji 

V" —»U.Inr,i.B. ^ 

Leyltod Iloin^. Ll.cJi. E. SnmT Hce 
i^nt. Obii. C. </. Btdc, Afo/'iw. t Ulb Uil 
Ain«d EHw.TnrDBT,* if jTal. b.p.R, Ar 
Alrtcd BiHcl ilnrTej, Xt.CoI. ; l,ucen. 
ThomM Uarlimii li.tViI. 16 LBDoer* .... 

"I <Aog.6j 
;; Sept. 63 

DSO. ZI.Cul. SaiatiL Rtgi , 

HnrrBy Rrgt I 

Pliillp iJurlum TlolMr, ZI.Cnl. AthtII 1 

Fnd. llry«r Wndnm, U.tW. 11 LiiDm> 
John CompiCFD Hanrord'Flood, Mi^cr, ) 

DdubIsi Ali!i;;'B<!Mi."DSa Jf^w,a"EnB 
L-lMU. CogtUn emjlh. Knior.ftrl^ Rcitt. 
Wm. FluHenr; Spugbt, Lt.OJ. B. Ene . 
p.i.e Kilwia Bannr H. CbHbii, CIS, LI. 1 

CbLBrnimtBttaCorja 1 

Fisiicii John GnTM, O-Cal, 30 Huiaan 
Uorgu SuBuc) CrortoD, HSO. Xtjiir. \ 

SouUi SaHToid Hegi J 


'30 Junes, 
;; June 64 

Jsme* Fun) Domrd. lUiiior. Rornl Eng. 
DouglM M. Bftlllia HainlltiiD, Surl q/^ 
punOonald, Jtf<v*«', i Life OnKdi,,.... J 

Ricbard B. It. F«th««oiiti*ngb,. 

King-i Royal fllflei .....A 

T.u-t.,.^ ^ . "J.b.p.King'ni 

JoboTiUbot Coka,>N Lt.l 

Own Bcottlib Borderer. 

G«otge Wm. Tbomp.oo. if.fW. R. 
John Randul Wilmer. Xr.CW. Bengnl B. I 
CalinBalwrtOarlieti.^r.rW. Bengal 3. C 
Hubert h.p. RojaiCng.. 
Jame* Fellonn, Ll.Cal. h,n. Rojral EDg-.. 
Andrew ScoU tiWTDOiaD, Jfui'sr, B]*cfc 1 

Watch j 

G(0. rnudtVetey. Ll.Cal. Oiford Lt. Inl 
Ftsderlok Georse SJad " ' - - 

DOLUl ] 

r Coki 

ieorn 8J 

■rt, B.X ..^,!! 
AtlBsu, LI. a 

I. Rogi- 


Jobn Barnea 

14 Jnnojg 

UlebMl Ht. „ , _. 

Arttllerj.. ,„ 

JmnM U-UeretU', Li.r^l. D. 
Henrjr <l* Pnmr Bennick, U. 


ID Barnea Spiirkt, LI.Col. Uenn] S. I.' 
. laPmttOjAjtnoat.Li.Col.tliuKani 
Georga Ricbtnl Pearl. Lt.Qil. Horn. B. C 
CiewwellK. U. Booke.A'.Ctl. R.Seou,, 
Thomu Walker, Lt.Ctl. Royal AttlllerT 
'-or John V. HBrbo*. VB. Xajnr, | 


Alexander Oirfc Keonol;, 

Uadrs* Staff Corps . , 

John FalDierBraba HID, Vvir loHnawn 

17 MaV. 69 3> Dec ji ' 
31 July 64  OoU 77 
laApr. 7.'nApr. Ml 

j:^ I 

Apr. Bs|" 
Dee. ti iB 

6 u!i; 8j' 6 

» Bee. ,81 



10 a«pi.68 

1} Dec. to 
5 Mxr. «4 

ijJan. 6} 

.7 Feb. (, 

I Feb. 68 

J Aug 67 

16 Mar. 74 

BJ»U. 70 

. Jnly «, 

iBOcl. 7. 

'"T Jp 


g Jnly 6, 

rtOoL 7. 

rfOct. 7» 



w Jlay B9 t July Ig 

7Sept.BD',j JaneBjis Jnn 


.Usr.7e'>aM>TBi I 

14 June gjj i 
. J"lT 83  

I Oct. 77'9Jnl}'B4 1; 
>ApT.7S ri Jan. 8s I! 
'Uay 80 tSApr. Bj 1; 




11 June 84 



» June ,8 I 
iBOct. 7t I 
14 Doc. sb| 

S 8ept.67'" 

I Jan. 7911 J^;; 
I Feb. u B Sept. 79, 
iJunoT,! 1 JuljBsl 
I May 6S j; Dec. j8 


'7 July JO 
.59 "7 Mar. «j' 

--  Jan. 61 
Uar. «<>| 

iJuiyBi 1 
s July 8s . 
g July 8i' 8 

H July Bj'., 



July B9 

a Scui.6B 
>4 Ju^ !><: 

1 M»y B3' 
7 June 87' 

J Aug. B9 
S Aug. B9 
J Aug 89 

3 June 6, n 

?CSI*S7 3 
I Jan. a,' ] 

i I Sopl.Bft 

, I Sept B9 

:' )Sepl.89 

i 7Se|4.S^ 

on, bso. i^.tM. Some. s.a 

nUil. £4.CW. EaHxRagl 

lenkitwoti, Lt.Oet. Mad. S. 0. 
. BbiHla. Xtjt. I Dn 


iBUHMntiail. U.Cil. Ban. 

■nuuD. £t.O>l. KIadc. Rg> 
- 1, CJIO. U."  " 


Apt, fA q KY«. ip, 

i any aj 9 Ji-Tir. ^\ 

- - - -— Surrt'j- Hpp, 

M. C. G. BjnR.Viu'sr. iliUetidi.l 
AllkrdBlueLUimT.If.CD/, iSiAnctn... 

TbaiiiKgllivi£OD,Z,I,CW, iSLaDcerB 

Mnnden fiiufLnei Jhthab Soiidei'laQd, ) I 

DSO, Lt.Col. SiuMi HiRl. j ]■ 

FnJeriekHarvcjUatiiilu. JTa/or.iluii 

SuirejIteBt I 

Philip Dnrbam Trollsr, £(. (W. ArBvin ' 

■nd SoUierliiKl Hlgbluden ( . 

Fr*d.U>y>rWudn>p,I,f,(W. i» Lttncmt' 
JobD Compum UioTatd-llMid, KivW,)! 

Damrlm Alpi.Bi:oit,"DSft H'l^w'.ti^Xnal 

> Jims I 



Col. BenRiil Bt 
Francii Jf  " 
llonnui 8 

South SmlTiird ttgi, 

enr* H. CdIIgd, CIX. U. ) 
itaffCo™ ,l| 

 Crolton, DSO. M*jtr,\ ] ' 

lamtn furd Dorward. il-U 
OoDglu M. BiilUs Hnmill 
Dondonold, Wcu'rw, " - 

«. U, FcllianloiihBugb,Jfs> 


dwrfta Wm. Tbomptdu, XI.(W.'r! ScoU 
John Randal Wllmcr, tJ.Cal, Bsninil B. r 
CoUb BolierlOarlietl. £'.«>(. Bennl S. ( 

RobmAihi.n.o, ZI.C..'. h.p. RoyilKiiK. 
James J'l-IICnfH, U.C;I. L.p, KoJ»lgDg. 

Jsinw M'i!le.(tt;-, LiCol. Derl.y lIciH.'. 

Bl»ff Conn ,„. 

John Buhm Snrlu, Li. Col. Uennt 8. i 
Ocorm Richud Peart. Ll.OI. Uaa. B. 1 
Cnuwall K. C. Rooke, Xl.faf. R. BcoU , 
FrudliWaJter Cmiy, U.Ctl. B.Tork Real. 
Tboaiu Walker, Roral AiUllcry 
/..I.e. Iror John C. Horbert, CS. IfHwr. 1 

GnDndicrOaaida , j 

Chaa, Frcdenck BwhM, U.tM. Bom. ] 

BlaffCorpa !7. j 

" ■'— Clarii-Keiinadr, ■- "  • 

uSInirConu Jl'9 J" 

BolwrlAleundar.U.f^f. RojilAninnT 
Ju. Foord HilUto.Lf.Col 8«aft>nh Bldn. 
Duncui Gfo. FUttift. ir.Crl, Btaesl B.C. 
ffmugv John BartniaDD, LI.Ciil, B. Art., 

.Apr. Is 
I Oct. Bt' 
II Apr. Si' 

I Apr. Sb 
9 Apr. B9 33 Uaj ! 
1. Apr. 69! 


I July «i, II 

7 11 Ang.;i 31 Dec. jS. 
e>3l>cD. 71 lOct. T7 
4 1 8ept.69 1 July Bi 

j'.8n)t.£8' .July oJ 

4' B Jnn«7o I July Bi' 


.9 M.y B9. 

» May I9' B July I 



1 JODBlt I 


'i Mar. «9 

8 Jan.™ 

13 Aug. 67 

14 June 63 
. July 63 

I Feb. L 
SOct. 71 

(Dec! 71 
jDm. k 

. Jnnabg' 

rBcpt.73 7 Sept-Bo'ij JubbBj I 
tOot. 71 I July Si'i; jDDeB)ii 
)Aug. ;3 I July Bi'ij JnneSji 
.Mar. 7, > JalySl.lJ1lnca,'> 
lJullC7J iJulT Si.iiJunaB]'- 
rAag.ji 1 July 81 1} JuBBflj 

) Mnr. v8 ao May Bi' 

SFob. 73 2lOCt. Sj!; 
 MBy jSiaNOT.Sjl; 

i< JaueBjii 
. July S3 , 

jOct. B3|. 
3. Oct. bV. 




iApr.7B 19 Jan. B; 15 JuasSj 

! June 71 '7 Juno n'lj JuneBs 
tJuB. T> u JUDB79 iJulySs 
r Feb. 71 88opt.79 iJulyBs 
)JunB79! iJalyB;! , July S3 
! May 66 3: Ucc. 7al B July Bs 
jJuly BiiiMay S4 ijJuneB; 

)Oct. €7' I July Si » JulyBj 

; JODC B9 

>7 June 89 , , 
.Julys; • J"/ 

Juij i;! 'WJ 


S Aug. 79' ; 
1 Julys. ; 


IfM JaiB7i|  July Bil I 
III )Bppl,7i 3B*ni,79! J 
.7I iBept.7i'iaFeli. 78'ic 

. July B9 


1 July 89 

7 July 89 

S July (9 

A Anir. Si 



S A"tt. 89 
7 Aug. 69 




3 Au(f. a, 

JO Auk. 8, 

4 Sept.B^I 
7 SeiX.Bgf 

,^'"«i( lUDX. 1 <!X«,.». 


<."lo".l. """-'■ 


lUlrl. U.OA KUUM Rogt... . 
JfenliiOMp. Lt.aj. U»L 9, C 

iwb U. 0'Brien,U.CbL b.D.i 

J Stpi:i5 I'mTii jtieW-Ji 
.6Sep..„«g«.63.6 8*^t,,. 
 I SDpt.&aijDM. fit' }Bept.7a 1 «n. 6j«9epl.7i 

lOd. sB 3Altg.7i 


,aepi-Bi 7SBp"t.i!) 

.« 8cpl.9s iS Sept. B) 


i^e. Surni^ Diuat, illcw. >'"I»«!.ej 


.= B8Pl.»s'" Bept.*) 

air, LI.CbI. fi'Dimonati Ciaitrila 
llunuon. K.laoo. He« 
c (iu(, 1X61. iif.aiJ. Boyaf ) 

3 June k' 4 Fsb. n 15 Jal)- 7^ 



7 AUE- Bo' I OCh B9 
I on. ei'ilOdC tg 
„ Oct. B, .> OM, B, 
IS Uot. Ss ;; Oct. io 

jDft!. 8l«MDT.B,, 





[i OoTal Artillerr J 

1 .Oct. ij' jJao. ). 



•a (*!»».»• 





ut Ki^t^ aij]^. ij.aJ'.) 


.D«. » 

iSOd. 64 >l}ec. 71 
9DM. i»! 9 Use. J. 
9 Dw. 59 9 Doc. 7' 

0D«. 78 

I nco. bV' I nee. ft> 
9DDC. B; 9 Dm. 89 
jDm-Bj, 9 Dee. S? 

iMjTOon- .- 

Mt Kno amilh NaiU, U.Cbl. 




, 1.1, ., 

9 DCD. 65 

9 Dm. Ss 

L, Deo. «s 
9 DM. Si 

, Deo. 8) 
9 Dec. 85 
9 Dec. 6, 
9 Dm. B= 

. Bd-wi AUeii, Xohr. JUm 

9 Dec. 55 

i. OCT. 76 

liiSSr^.. LLIM. Sii^p. 

lenrr J"!*. X*". aoj«l 


3 June J, 
iBOct. 7> 

17 Apr. j8 


.1 July J5 

9 Deo. Bj[ 9 Dec. 89 

i>cTidtoU.u.c^. iiiiddL^) 


}. July 67.7 8<!pt.7i 

 July !, 

17DM. Sji/Dao. 8i 

n-wingiUA, L'.Q'I.BeagnlS.C. 

1 d'o* *' 

 Oat. iS 



.3 Dw. Sj 
m Deo. 8, 

wDee. Es 


ir.U.Cbf.Ma^iliua 1 

nuicUPn<lekm, XI. Cot. Sam-) ,^ 

H BurSMK, zV.ri'f. ii^yiu Art. 
it, Ll.CSI. BoiiUlSloirC'irpi . 8 
iHy Stade, CJ>. iftior. li.p. j 


la D'Crtm.n lluirmj 

Aubmoa Kiirdiey 
i.p. MarUmmb. Fue 
'•i(^ Ainocalt, LohAh 


iciiaegt ). 

iOemia, lii. Col. Wi 
1. UuiogtOD, i( 

rffimuit — } 

M. Ll.Col. Bomb.y BIM.irC0TJ>s!i: 
.ckborDi HMOiltoD, Lt.Otl. Ml, 

rigbt Stoiiiiy, Lt.Cot. l£ui->l 

a^lmaat j ,  

Abcrt Stenit, Cupi-Ha, Bea- j 

lillis*. U. Oii. B<>rder B«n '' 

irdC. Digby." Jfv'o'. np. J 
lUoa. ji(Bj«r,QrBn»diBr Gaiirdt: 

eLQaiiitiii.UQ>' B Humn )> 
T. HuTin, U.CoI. Boffolk Itogt. 1 
■n Bwwfoid Btoptonl, Ll.-V 
« of CornwmU"* LigM Inr. ... J '■ 
uk* Witooo,"* X<.C«f. b.p.),, 

?rii — ... Boy. An.'Ti 

ni^ U.CbI. Hot, Art. II 
Lt.Oil. Beafortli ) ^ 

IS liny 66 i( Slar. 69 

I July 6j iJ June 6973 

, Not. 70 3 
. July ki 

7 Apr. 86 7 Apr. 90 ji 
9 Apr. B6 9 Apr. fJ 
9 Apr. 66 1) ^"[n. <) 

e} 9Mt.?\ 

ctl, Ll.Ca>. DoiwjfJ 

Wm. PslricTt lloJi 


BamFUN', Auky.£l.(tor.W«lBb 

pj.r. FmDciS OOClUBD, U.Dol- 

■W™ BORiideBt I 

Wm, Bronlts BBtliD,It CoV.CSwhiro Regi, 
Almeric Goo, apemcr, K.CW. Euei BigL 
John Hciirv ftinmra, ClfO. i».C»(.V 

Fusflim J 

Hy. Gnv CarUton. Ll.Cel. Linaoln 
RbeiobIiI K»»n. U.Col. BeagBl 8. 
Vmcont t'nniB Fither, £(.Cr>). Rojr. 
GcorjTe Siuir"nn. XI.CdI. UMInw 3. 
Auk. C'liMi, Fttrt. FiUOeorfte, Ifi^ 

Co?on g7i. 

mdmST.' ITIDT. Cl 

9«0M. ;B 13 Dec. 61' jo 
14 Jan. «i II Feb. 6s'»3 
B Jaly t> 31 Uay 64 33 
11 Jam 6a 7N0T, 6>i» 

J9JU1. 61 iijuir«3" 

eM»y 66j«July 69J j 

S Ttb. 61 II Bspt. 
4 J(«r 60 I jBn, 

I Jnly !i'i4 Apr. B6 14 Apr. 90 

aMBr.8i>li»7 89 13 Apr, 90] 

May 6j 5 Oct. So 3 M«y 81 

D«e. 64 "4 July 6»i4 Kdt. 7J  Jnlj Si iB M«y B6 iB May 91 

yj.t. ailitnni B. tTeok, if.OJ. WeUi) 

H,iniv' ir m.i«rtMo,''t'icw.''Boy.'Art!...l 
Ih'Ni;{iti»d,I.*,Cbl. 01ou«iie«r( 

Fru'l. A^ei. wiiiimV «!cU.''B«ni(«a'8."c, 
-Vmnut l(ivu, U.mJ. Bennl BlalTO. ...< 
CliLBdiT. BKlktld.Xt.CM.fiaunlB.C.... 
Jama SlnHrt F. Mukouds, jU.GW.>.' 

Mulru ewrOBnia .■ 
ShcllevI^iBliHnii- '■ 

'") 19 Fob. 67 '; 

I, n.'cM. "uadnaBlo. ^Jone 

I^.CW. 9. W»1m) 

). Jfi/of. BcoU aoanli ,,. 

I July 6o!»6 Fob. 64 

97 Ju>7 » 

6.' jOct.' tj 
|» Juno iS 

-D. RollTrieCDU, tt.CbJ. Baymruuines a Uay 
p.i,{. Hf. Chiw, Rcyuolrlo, J/q/or{rtoni> ^y.y. 

b.p.VariiBmU.lBl)>ll.i ' ""■ 

AroB. Ivor MMlaverty, LI.Col. Boy. Art. 

GeorROOokH.&.CnI.lLOrlubireBeEl ... 11 June 

Albion J. Bbmtleworib, Lt.Col. R. Sri. 

Oon. W. Omrlea Etolbo, LLCal. Roy. Art. 

Froderio JotvK Homo.' Llictl. RDy' Kng. 



)y]«T T 

- Bmea, U.Cot. Roj^ BnftinMra 
Uilla OoodBTO, Ll.tXI. RojbI Art. , 

- " illh Uarroy, Zf.Co/. Roy. Art 

. Boton, Ll.Oit. HampaMro j ' ^ 

lay Uamy. Royal Artltlvy I 
es Tyler, Royal Art... 

'oDkiif','^°.CM, Eloyal"lc^. ...' 


1 June jB 17 Aofl. jE 

" Oct.' s8 

B.6oi4Nov.6]l 3 May j 

t;July 6ji}JuneG 
11 Judo 59 i« Oct. 6 

16 Fob. ;P 

p.f.f. Usroiu PriDcii U. U'Caiuland. > 

tf r-r Hijyiil Artillery. ) 

BLiunn i^KniMoiiiiil.rDl.RanlArSUory... 
W". K.,rclj,nMU MnUoy, £l.Ctal. Boy. E. 
Wilhiijii Itaixlnll aiacks. Li.Ctl. Boy. K. 
Uiu'n.11!' J. King- Hnraian. J4.CW. Bon- 1 

ipil MuirCoriM i 

Doaglu U, 1)0 WCDil, Ll.tM. Vol ' 

Bcginient tjj Foot! 


 ■—luiiuNoria, Z/.CW.JI, 

j .July 6c 

NOT^E 1 

Jaly Bi II 

i May 9o| 

4 July B« 

4 July 9^ 


 3 Jul)- 91 

4Jnly B< 

.4 July SP 

4 July Bi 
a July S6 

i« July m 
I a July*. 

« July 66 

« Jnly 90 

7 July 86 


4 Kal'. 96 
.poo. ; 

Jb Jul)- % 
30 July 9° 


it.B6 7 Sei.t.90 

pt.B6 B8*pt.9a 

• 63opt, B6 16 8ept.9a 
J Not. B3 29 Bopl.9» 
19 Sept. B6 >9 Sopt.go 
io»opt.r' "  

Oot. Bo a Oc:. B6 i Oct. t 

. •'.ll, 

-Ulttnet] i,' 

KBBlHlne. Ll.m. R. Eds.; 
i. Boral Aitillery.... 


Not. 6d|jd Dm. 

;!.\." Ill Dwi 


«ni. 66 19 
' ,1 itco! fa I 
i uDec. eo'iaOot. 

ll,I>SO. XCtU. Ifad.S-C 
 Peofc, Z(.Cu;. ttTfeng. 

■l^BiUBoU^. .. 

, U.Ctl- RojntI KnifinMn 
9(0BkuB». M OI.B. Eug. 



Fob. J. 


Ffll>. 76 

.JiUy S 

Dm'. 71 

1 Dec. a6ai Deo. 90 

32 War Services of the ColoneU not lelonglng to Rejiments or Corps, 

[For the War Ssrvices of other Colonals, vide their respective Regiments or Corps 

1 Colonel F. A. Campbell served with the R.M. Battalion on the north coast of Sj;)ain. Served with the c 
force before the town of Sebostopol daring the siege in 1854-55 ; was on the expedition to and occupation o 
and advance toYenikali; commanded the ist Battalion of the R.M. Brigade serving ki the Crimea, nnti 
of Sebastopol, also with expedition to and surrender of Kinboum (^edal with Clasp, 4th Claas of the Me(\ 
Turkish Medal). 

B Colonel F. Morlcy served with the Buffs in the campaign of x86o in China, and was present at the 
8inho, and taking of Tangku and the inner Taku Fort (Medal with Clasp). Also throughout the o]>er 
Perak in 1875-76, including the attack on the camp at Qnalla Kangsa, and the expedition against the \ 
Bungor. Comxr andcd an independent force of the Buffs aT\d ist GkMrkhaa on the left bank of the Perak 
20th January 1876 which captured a stockade, two guns, and two war gongs (Medal with Clasp). 

1^ Colonel A. H. AVavoll serve with the 4i8t Regiment in the Crimea from nth July 1855, including t 
And fall of Scba<itopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Boer war of 1881 as 2 
Adjutant General at the base of oxHirations. 

''* Colonel H. J. Degacher served in the Kafir war of 1877-78, and took part in the operations agi 
Galekas and in the attack on the Taba ka Udoda; also served in the Zulu war of 1879 (CB., Medal with 

^* Colonel U. Le G. Geary served in the Crimean campaign from May 1855, in the Trenches with t 
train at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and bombardments of the 6th and X7th June and 17th August 
with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the field during the Indian muti 
October 1858 to 1859 in the Jugdesporo diatrict, and with Sir Hope Grant's and Gorruckpore Field Forces 
throughout the Abyssinian campaign firom ist January 1868 as Brigade Major of Artillery and was pi 
the action of Arogee and capture of Magdala (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, and Medal). 

><^ Colonel R. Whigham served with Uie 42nd Highlanders in tne Crimea trom und Dec. 1854, includiug t 
dition to Kertch, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault of the outworks on 18th June (Medal with CI 
Turkish Medal). 

^ Colonel F. W. Fremantle served with the Rifle Brigade in the Crimea from .^rd Dec. 1854 to 9th J 
inclu<lingthe siege of Sebastopol ; also commanded 163 men at the last sortie of the Russians against the 
on 7th-8th June, and comamandcd the Woolsack party of the Light Division at the assault of the Rcdai 
June— severely wounded (Medal with Clasp, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). Served also in the Indian cs 
including the siege and capture of Lucknow, Trans-Gogra campaign, with expedition into Ncpaul— ment 
•despatches (Medal with Clasp). 

3' Colonel F. J. Hercy served in the Eastern campaign in 1855-56 after the fall of Sebastopol. 

>s Colonel Gore commanded the Inniskilling Dragoons in the Boer war in x88i. 

2^ Colonel A. S. M. Browne served with the Scots Greys in the Crimea from 30th July to ist Sept. and fro 
Dec. i8s5. including the battle of the Tchemaya, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish 

^ Colonel A. H. Utterson served with the 17th Regiment in the Crimea from the nth July 1355, inclu 
siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault of the Redan on the 8th September ; was also at the bombardr 
surrender of Kinboum (Medal with Clasp, and Tiurkish Medal). Served with the t7th Regiment in the Af( 
in 1878-79, and was present at the capture of Ali Musjid and in the exxHsditions into the Bazar Valiey, inclu 
engagement at Dch Sarak (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

*^ Colonel T. R. Stevenson served in the Egyptian war of 1882 in command of the zst Battalion Ro 
Fusiliers, and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, CB., Medal with C 
Khedive's Star). 

"* Colonel Hon. H. Pamell served with the 3rd Bufis in the Crimea subse^iuent to the fall of Sebastopo 
manded the 2nd Battalion 3rd Buffs throughout the Zulu war of 1879, and was present at the engagement 
xane and during the occupation of Ekowe (mentioned in despatches, CB., Medal with Clasp). 

*> Colonel M. J. R. MacGregor served with the i8th Royal Irish in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). 

'' Colonel F. D. Walters served with the 44th F^ogt. in the Crimea from the 37th Jan. 1855, including t 
jtnd fall of Sebastonol, and attack and occupation of the Cemetery on the i8th June (Medal vrithCUisp, and 
Medal). Served also the campaign of i860 in the north of China, including the action of Sinhu, asA 
^capture of the Taku Forts (Meoal with Clasp). 

^^ Major General H. J. Alderson served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the b 
Alma and Inkcrman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, in the Trenches with the siege train, and bombardment 
October, 9th April, and 6th and 17th June (Medal with three Clbsps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 

*> Major General F. G. Ravenhill served in the Crimean campaign from April 1855, including the siege an 
Sebastopol, end battle of Tchemaya (Modal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

^ Colonel L. L. Brett served against the King of Quiah, Western Africa, and commanded adetachmen 
2nd West India Regiment at Songo when attacked by the enemy in great force, and whom he repulsed 
Dec. 1861. Served in the Ashanti war in 1873-74, including the action of Essaman (Brevet of Major, 
^.See also Civil Decorations for Gallantry, " Hart's Annual Army List," p. 786.] 

3' Colonel J. N. Crealock served with the 95th Regiment in the Indian mutiny campaign in 1858, inclu* 
iSiege and capture of Kotah, battle of Kota ke Serai (wounded), and general action resulting in the ca 
Gwalior, siege and capture of Ponrie, and surprise of the rebel camp of Kunrye (Medal with Clasp, ai 
mentioned in despatches). Served throughout the Kafir war of 1878 and the Zulu war of 1879 as A 
Military Secretary to Lt. General Lord Chelmsford commanding the forces, and was present at the a 
Oingiudhlovu (slightly wounded) and relief of Ekowe, and in the engagement at Ulundi (several times m 
in despatches. Brevet of LtColonel, CB., Medal with Clasp). Served with the 2nd Battalion Derbyshire I^ 
iu the Egyptian war of 1883, and commanded the troops in Alexandria from the 25th August to the 14th Sc 
(Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Colonel B.Hopton served with the 88th Regiment in theCrimeafrom 17th June 1855, including the {)ieg 
of Seliastopol, and attacks of the Redan on the 18th June and 8th September — severely wounded (Meilal wi 
And Turkish Medal) . Served also in suppression of the Indian mutiny in 1857-58, including the siege of J 
in March 1858, and siege of Calpee (Medal with Clasp for Central India). Served with the 88th Regiment 
out the Kafir war of 1877-78 (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Coloncl), and throughout the Zulu wa 
during the first portion of the latter as Director of Transport (Medal with Cla«p). 

*^ Colonel A. Harness served in the Kafir war in 1878-79, and was present in the engagement at the 
Udoda (mentioned in 'despatches); also served in the Zulu war in 1879, and was present in the engage 
Ulundi (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of LLColonel, CB., and Medal with Clasp). 

«i Colonel G. B.W^olselcy served with the 84th Regiment during the latter part of the Indian mutiny, and wa$ 
in all the minor aiTairs in the Shahabad district under Sir John Douglas (Medal). Served in the Afgha 
1878-79 aK AsMstant Adjutant General with the Candahar Field Force (Brevet of LUColonel, Medal). Scr\ 
Egyptian war of 18E2 as Assistant Adjutant General with the Head Quarters of the Army, and was prose 
battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, Aide de Camp to the Queen, Medal with Clasp, 3rd Clai 
Medjidie, and Khedive's Star); also served with the Nile Expedition in 188^-85 as Assistant Adijutant G 
Head Quartern, and afterwards commanded at Abu Gus (mentioned in despatcnes, CB, ,and Clasp). 

** Sir William Butler served in the 69th Regiment with the Field Force which repelled an incv 
Fenians into Canada in May 1870. Served throughout the Ashanti war from the 23rd October 1 873, and was e 
AS Special Commissioner to the Western Akims (mentioned in despatches, substantive rank ot Major, CI 
with Clasp). Served in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General on t 
tQuarters Staff, and was present at the engagements of El Magfar, Tel-el-Mahuta. and Kassasin (9th Sep 
4iud in the battle of Tvl-clKcbir (mentioned in despatches. Aide dc Camp to the Queen, Medal with C 

War Service* of the Cotongg. 

<Jii<li«. and Kbadin'* Slur). Bervad wltb the Nile BipeJiiiaa in i99t-d;B 
'UVTUsml. And tnu pr«*mt m thvdctlan «t Kirbelna (twice mentionoct in 
CfTpum FitmtlR Picld Tone in iSa^-SA la oorafoiukd oi A Dhe«d4 &a<J w 


Tal4l'Kal)bO>na>BMdC<daiiel In Uia Anny, Uadal wltb Claap, BJid Khedlie-t SUiri. 
lM>Ba Black wrrad wltb Uu und HiiiUuidan [n ihg Ctiuea rrom i.tJi Juoe iBji. iiiDlailliiic the >iei» 
■Mtopol IMadal wilh Clwn and Tnrkiali Modal). Bwred In tb« KaAr war la .e^B. iiicTudiug lis 
mM-ka-Ododa. Swrwl uu in lbs Zola war or 1879. anil Dommandcd the pufvr wlucb reoovsred 
> of (bs Mill POot (moUlanad In daapaWliH, CB.. lledal with Clasp). 

R. D. Kmefttnaa mmi with ths oird SlghlaDrlon In the Crimea trom the tttii Jatr iScf, 
•i*8a and fkfi of SobuMpol (Hedal with Clup, ana Torklili Uedal). Sarred alu tho tadiaa 

a- }.j^ iDOlndlBA (he raUoT of LaoknDw br Lord Clyde, battle of Oawonora on £th Dm. tt^j, and 
itBH.a(HJan(»f rnvdannn, liageanafUl oT Loslcnow. attaek on (h* Vorl oF Kwyah, actionaat 
aMailly. cwnpaign In Ooifi, and attack on Kon UMhowlie (Uedal wUh twoCIaaiw). Sarrod is 
npiiin id il^-«l,aad at UiaDaihej-UPaaaaDiler Sit John Qarroalc (Medal wlihClupj. 
O. J^mtasa aanrsd wUh tha iird RcfflmHil iu the Crimsa In iBt ;, iBClnillnii tb« sioiio aF Sebulopol 
teBadanonthaiUbJiuiadfedAl with Chup, ami TurkithHedan, Suveilin th« AbiBilnian com- 
•, acd waa pitawt at tbe HornUng uu) rapture of Magdala (aumtiODnl in dtBrutcbea " llir abla 
r BBUn eaRiBB&" Med^l. 

in Jiumarr iS^S (Slaaal wttli 
M, inniauing the ulYnniie fJ Khelat-1- 

B oarairr at Takhi-i-Pnl on the 4tli Jaonanr iS7Jr(BUKhUf wouodsil, montiaoad in doapatclie 

or the tstb Unaun and a Inop 

idwilhlhaTtall-ChotialiFMldParca nndar Bruadier aaneiKl Blddulph, _ ,_ 

 in eomiaand of hi* mgiowak in tbamarab to Inenliaf of (Kandahar in AugititiaSi>(nwntionedia 
^. SorvadlBtheBocTwarofitBiineommandoriheijIhtlaesan. 
Doncazi aanrad la tha ladlan mntlaf eampaign of iIjf-sB, inelodlng the Ktion of Soonlpani, 
jUamlwcb nndsr Colonel H'lnOre, llonnina of the ascaudrabagh and Shab S^jlIT ond ie»ef6t 
ad Clrua. oneapatloii of tlie iiambaich ander Ontma, oaptare of Lncknon, wnpaign of iSsS 
pwua of Uia Ooomtoa, aotJon at Bhahponfi and other minor alTalrit (Sdcdnl with two Cliupak and 
 Ikir LnclEnow). Serred witb tha BechuanKland Expedilioc in iSSt-Sjaa AiotiUint Adjacaot aad 

i, Moonom aotTBd witb tba )D(h BeBunent in the Crimea nvni tha i8t totbe iSib aoptomber iS;;, 
ian aad lUI of BobaatoBol Mid UMOll of tha Kedsji ud the aih Scutemlwr-nvvuruiy wuuudeil la 
adal wittt Claap, and Tnrkiab Ueda) I 
T. Tbynna larnd Id the ZbIb war o. . . 
Iwred wUb tba «d BatWion Orenadlei 
Bid Kliadlta'a Bla^. Sentd lathe Souilnn campaisnin i^8i. after the sngniiemeut m Uuheen 
'tha ird Batt^ioo of tba OnHsdiBr linarda (menticmed in deBiwU'lm, CB., and I'luip). 

B«pl. BfMTod in the Poiak operatioiu in iSjA. part oftboume » UriEKda Majors eomiiuuidad the 
wop«»Uunia«aiii«tgekukiiiiiiui9;ij 1 DOinm*ua»d (he&itb Begimouv In the Oulumn under Oolooel 
.".t . .Pi?._^"^i'^^'l Ju^ ,t^, ^ jlodal 

lOl Jaly i9;j. tuolodloc 
iOt fimedaUolntha 

■le Arghan war of iSiS-So, Untlaa Aiililaat Adjutant General Id the Koor- 
g preaont at the capture of tha Feiwar KoLai (mentioned in dcapatchae), in the apeiatiooB in tba 
It Vallej-i. Id the enmrement at Cbarasab on the «th October iB 79 (montlDDadindesiwletaeiU 

D (BTo<ret of Li.Colonel, Medal wltb tiro Clupd. Barred with the Haunt 

a Urigade tCB . and Uedi 

LWltiuiea Kane; IbiiReguneDt waipaitol the loree under Biisadler Ueneral Troup which 
"' ' ' ' I in the Zolawarof i97ti,andwu pcei 

lal with Claapl. 

withthe Artillery at Pethannr (n 1SJ7, and in iSst-u 

B loree under Brigadier Ueneral Troup which advanood 

, . j1, Uedal w ,,. 

. C TmenLjman sened ibroogbout tbe Abysainian oampaigD la the Tianeport Train (Medal). Berrad 
r in iBj^JBroTet of LtColonel, Medal with Claspl. 

le i;tb and >;ih April (Medal). Benred in the nperaUane anmit SekuHuTil in the Trensyaal in 
: the etorming of Tulyana'e BlAdt; alio throuKhoul the Zulu irar of 1 8;$. taking part in tha 
•t Zuogin Nek and Kambnla Hill, and. In command of the lat Battalion, in tha action at Ulnndl 
deepatchn, Rreret of Lt. Colonel, Medal irith Clsep). 

M. ficnsongh commanded a Battalion of the Natal Native Contingent during the Znlawar of iSn, 
U in tbe enncement at Ulandi (mentioned iu detpalchae, Breret of Lt.Co!onel, Medal with Claap). 
le Burmeaa^ipwlilian in iSSj-M aa Aaeitcant Adjatant and guartarMaeter General (mentioned In 
I., and Medal with CUwr' 

. F. Owen aerved with 1 .__ 

-aa preient in (be engagement at Ulnudi (mentioned in deapsichee, Breret of Lt.C( 

et served with the «tb Reciment IhronghonI tha eampalgn of iS6a in China, inclodii 
and Palialcbow iind luriender o( Pekin (MedaljrUh Clatpl.^ ^"/^^ 4'".'*n""ii'i''„) 111 

Monnled Gatlins 
 "" ■alwliE 

prcaent in the action of Ginfindblovu : af tarwardi urred aaAi 
i wilta CI —  

SipedlHon Ifl iSBj-Bc in oommandol the Light Camel Beffmea^ 

, ID. including the encagement at Abn Klaa WelU oD (he i«th and 

imentfaRked in deepatchee, OUG., and Medal with Claep), 

on. W. 8. D. Home aerrad wltli tha gnd Battalion Grenadier Goarda in tha Egyptian war of <U>> 

Dt at tha baule of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Claip, 4th Claaa of the Oamanieh, and Ehadire e filar). 

Sandan taiiipalKn Id iSBj la command of tha iM BatUllon of tha Qteiukdivr Ooaidi qsIU ilun um 

ElaabBBa (Ctaa^ 

34 War Services of the Colonels, 

*^ Colonel E. Leach served in the 50th Regiment m the Crimea, sahaequent to the fell of Sebostopol, fro 
September 1855 nntil the evacaation on 12th July 1856. Served also in the New Zealand war of 1863 6c 
Omeer to Colonel Waddy when commanding a Field Force in the Waikato in 1864 ; present at Waiari ; 
Aide de Camp to Brigadier General Waddy 7th Jan. 1865 ; and present at the attack and repulse of the 
Nukumam (mentioned in despatches) ; appointed Deputy Assistant Adjutant General 26th Jan. 1865, ai 
at the repulse of the enemy at Kakammea (mentioned), and served throughout the campaign Wan'gan 
under Sir D. Cameron. Accompanied Major General Chute as D.A. Adjutant General dnrini; )u» cai 
the West Coast in 1865-66, and present at the assault and capture of Okatuku, Putahi, Otapawa, KcK 
Waikoko Pah (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, and Medal). Served with the xst Battalion ^ 
Hegiment throughout the Egyptian war of 1882, and was present at the action at Kassasin on the 9th of i 
(Medal, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Nile Expedition in 1S84-85 in co 
the iPt Battalion of the West Kent Regiment (mentioned in despatches, CB., and Clasp). 

" Colonel J. C. Russell served throughout the 2nd phase of the Ashanti war in 1874 as Aide dc Camp to 
bald Alison, and was present at the battle of AmoaAil. the attack and capture of Becqnah, the battle 01 
and capture of Coomnssio (twice mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). Serv 
Kafir war of 1878-79 in the operations against Sckukuni under Colonel Rowlands. Served in the Zulu w 
andwas present in the cngagcmciit-H of Zlobano Mountain and Kambula (several times mentioned iu d« 
Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

** Colonel W. Ij. Dalrymplo served in the Ashanti war in 1874, <^ Special Commissioner to tiic Wa* 
Denkeras, on the left tiaiik of the Main line of Advance, and KubHoriuently on the Transport Service (mt,*i 
despatches, Brevet of Major, Modal with Clasp). 8er%'ed in the latter part of the Kafir war of 1878. A 
in tnc Zulu war of 1879, ^^^ ^^ HtafT Officer to Colonel Glyn's Column, and afterwards as Brigade Mujor 
Brigade, 2nd Division ; was present in the engagement at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of I 
Medal with Clasp). 

•" Colonel T. T. Simpson Berve<l with the Peshawur Division during the Sepoy mutiny in 1853. Se 
the Force under Brigadier General Chamberlain in 1859-60 against the Cabool Khail Wuzeer.M>s, 
present at the capture and burning of Maidaneo (Medal with Cla»p ). Served %vith the Zhob VMUe3- i-'. 
under Brigadier General Sir O. V. Tanner from the 2nd September to the and Deceml)er 1Z64. 

®* Colonel .W. L. Auchinleck served with the 53rd Begiroent with the Oude Field Force in 1858-59. 
present at the action of Toolsepore, and minor affairs (Medal). Commanded the 63rd Regiment in 
Afghanistan in 1879-80 (Medal). Hervcd in the Egyptian war of 1882 in command of the xst Battalion M 
Regiment (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Colonel C. W. Robinson served with tho 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade in the Indian mutinv 
Served throughout the second pha so of the Ashanti war, from 12th December 1873. as Brigade Maj 
European Brigade, including tho battle of Amoaful, battle of Ordahsu and capture of Coonuutsie (men 
despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). Served iu the Zulu war of 1879, and was ])rese 
engagement at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

•* Colonel H. A. Bushman served with tho 9th Lancers in tho Afghan war in 1879-80, and accompt 
Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned iu tie 
Medal with Clasp, and Bronze Decoration). 

*• Brigadier General C. F. Clery served in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in the cnpajjc 
Isandhlwana and Ulundi (mentioned m despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). Sorv> 
E^ptian war of 1882 as Brigade Major at Alexandria (Medal, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Soml 
dition under Sir Gerald Graham in 1884 as Assistant Adjutant General, and was present in the engiiirc 
El Teb and Temai (twice mentioned in despatch^. Brevet of Colonel, CJB., and two Clasps) ; also t^cr 
the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 (Clasp). 

iw) Oolong K.G. IlendoTson served with the 60th Rifles in the suppression of the mutiny in the Shahabai 
of Bengal in 1858 (Medal). Also throughout the campaign of t86g in C?hina (Medal with two Clasps lor Tu 
and Pekin). Served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 as Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master GeDc 
Commandant at Shellal and at Assouan (mentionc<l in despatches. Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Stai 
*** Colonel C. M. Stockwell served with tho 72nd Highlanders in the Crimea from 16th July to j8th S( 
including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served with the 7:: 
landers throughout tho Afghan war of 1878-80 with the Koorimi, Cabul, and Cabul>Candahar Field Force 
ing the Khost Expedition ; was present in the engagements at Mattoon andCharasiab, and in the o]icratioi 
Cabul ia December 1879 (twice mentioned in despatches) ; comnuinded the rear guard of the Divii«ion at Z 
during tho night attack of 4th October 1879; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Caiuh 
commanded the Regiment at the battle of Candahar after tho death of Colonel Brownlow, and brought 
action (mentioned in despatches, Medal with three Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). Served in the Egyptii 
1882 iu comm.<ind of the ist Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, and was present at t^o battle of Tel 
(mentioned in Qesx>atches, Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of tho Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). Received i 
for Distinguished Service, 1882. 

*<^ Colonel J. A. Papillon served in China during 185S-60, accompanied the expedition to the North in 
i860; during the campaign of the latter year commanded as a Lieutenant the 8th Company Roval K 
present at the siege and capture of the Taku Forts (Aug. sist and 22nd) and engaged at the aftairs • 
Changkyawang, and Pahlichaou (Medal with two Clasps). 

iw Colonel G. U. Prior served in the Afghan war in i878-79as Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General C 
Field Force, took part in the advance to Khelat-i-Ghilzie and in the oi>erations in the Argha^^an Valiov an 
Thnll Chotiali line, and was present in the engagement at Baghao in command of half of tiie column (liicn 
despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal). 

i>* Colonel James Browne served with the 94th Regiment in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in tho 
ment at Ulundi and in the subsequent operations against Sekukuni, including the storming of the btronghul 
with Clasp). Served in the Boer war in 1881, part of the time as Commandant at Newcastle. 

"' Colonel W. Green served with the ^2nd Highlanders in the Crimean campaign from tho T4th Ji 
including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served also tlic enn 
1857-58 against the mutineers in India, including the actions of Kudy gunge and Shumsabad, siege and fall 
now, and assault of the Martiniere aud Banks' Bungalow, attack on the Fort of Rooyah, action at Al 
attack and capture of Bareilly, Sisseaghat (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). Knibnrkcd 
42nd Highlanders for the Gold Coast and was there placed m command of 100 men at Tanc'Mintas» 
(Ashanti Medal). Served with the ist Battalion Black Watch in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was p 
the battle of Tel-el-Kebir ^mentioned iu despatches. Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and K 
Star). Served in the Soudan Expedition in 1884 in command of the xst Battalion Black Watch, una wm 
in the engagementa at El Teb and Temai— ^9lightly wounded (mentioned in despatches, CB.. and two 
Served throughout tho Nile Expedition in 1884-85 in command of the xst Battalion of he Black Watch, > 
present at the action at Kirbekan (mentione<l in despatches, two Clasps). 

"* Colonel T. P.Graham served with tho ist Battalion Scots Guards in the Egyptian war of iS?:;, j 
present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

iw Colonel C. J. Burnett 8crve<l in the Ashanti war from the 30th November 1S73. Did the duties of , 
of RusseH's Regiment f^om the Prah till invalided at Quarman, including the attack and ck])ture of Aili: 
commanded the post of Quarman at tho commencement of the enemy's attack upon it on the 31st 
(Brevet of Mi^or, Medal with Clasp). Served in the Afghan war in X870-80 as Assistant Adjutant He 
Division Candahar Field Force, and was present at the defence of Candahar (mentioned in ilespiitches) ii 
the sortie of Deh Khojah (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal). 

^^* Colonel H. P. Pearson served in the 84th Regiment throughout the operations of the Column under H 

inolnding the actions of Futtehpore, Aoung, Pandoo Nuddee, Cawnpore (wounded), Oonao, Buseonit (iunge r 

second), Boorbeake Chowkee, Blthoor, Mungawar. and Alum Bagh, relief of Lucknow, commandod a Con 

the 84th Regiment in the sortie of 26th September 18^7, and at the storming of the Him Khana; ser% 

^&iSnKii7*#/orcc at the Alum Bagh, also at the assault and capture of Lucknow, relief of Azimghur, and pi 

' ijiiiitioncil iu <lcsiintclicd, Breeets or Major auU Lt.Coloucl, Medal with four Clasps, uiul Bronze* 

el (.'. W. N. GuiniicHS scrvotl with the 72nd Highlanders throughout the Afghan war of 187S-80 with tlio 
.'iibul. ami Cubul-randabnr Field Forces, part of the time as Brigade Major to Bri(;iidier (luneni! 
{tf; was prcAentnt the attack and capture of the Pei war Kotal.andin the engagement at Cliiira?«iuh, and iu 
I'jna around Cabul in December 1879 (mentioned in despatches) ; accompanied Sir Frederick R<jbert8 
rch U) Candahar, and Wiis present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned iu deHpntche:*. lirevet of 
. Mc<Ial with four Cla8i>8, and Bronze Decoration). 8er\'ed with the ist Battalion Seaforth Hiirhhnulers 
-ptian war of 18S2, ana was present at the liattlo of Tel-el- Kebir (mentioned in de.sputchc.'*, Mo.lul wiih 

('las«t of the Osmanich, and khedive's Star). 

ltd D. M. Homo Ber>-cd with the Royal Horse Guardn in the Egj-ptian war of 18S2, and was prosont in the 

Its at Kl Magfar and Malisama, and in the action at KusMasiu on the 28th August (Mudul, 4th CliihH of tlio 

and Khedive's Star). 

•d \V. O. Barnard commanded the 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment throughout the Egyptian war of 
d. 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

lel S..I. Nicholson served in the Soudan campaign in iSSs, and was present in the en?aKcmonts at Hnslipfn 
tfrt'k zerebA and at the destruction of Temai (mentioned in despatuiies, Brevet of Colonel, Medal with two 
[1 Khedive's Star). 

kvl C Grove served in the Egyptian war of 18S2 as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master Gunoral 
od Quartern Staff, and was present at the engagements of Tcl-el-Mahuta and Kas&aMu (9th Sopt.i, and in 
of Tel-«1-Kvbir (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lieut-Colonel, Medal with Clasp. 4th ClasH of the 

and Khedive's Star). Served with the Nile Expedition in 1834-85 and in the campaign in the Soudan in 
■i^tant Adjutant General for Boat Service; Commandant at Gemal, and Assistant Ailjutanl Guneral u:id 
jiary Secretary at Hea<l Quarters (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Colonel, two Clasps). 
iirl James Goldie served with the 9th Lancers throughout the suppression of the Indian mutiny in i357-^.>, 
ihf liattle of Budlekeserai, siege operations, assault and capture of Delhi, actions of Bolundslmhur, and 
attic of Agra, affair of Kanouge, relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, battle of Cuwnpore on 6th Deo., uctii.m 
It. action at Shumshabad (in command of a Squadron), siege aud capture of Lucknow, the summer cam- 
jdc and Rohilcnnd and actions of Rhodamow and Allyghur, capture of Bareilly, action at Shuhjclianporo 
1 to Mahomdec, passage of the Go^a at Fyzabad and affair at Kumdakoti (Medal with threu C;hisp.'>). 
lel Montgomery Williams served with the 84th Regiment iu the Shahabad district until tlie tlnnl !»uppre<<- 
; Indian mutiny in 1858-59 (Medal). Served with the ist Battalion 19th Regiment in the Huzara campaign 
.'luding the cxiiediiion against the tribes on the Black Mountain (Medal with Clasp), 
lel George Bayley served with the 31st Regiment in the Crimea from 22nd May i335, including the siege 

Seliastopol and attacks of the i8th June and 8th September (mentioned in despatches, Meilal with Clasp, 
»h Medal I. Served during the operations against the Taepings in the vicinity of Shanf^hui in April and 
roAulting in the taking of the stockade of Nanhsiang. capture by escalade of the walled cities of Kudin, 
nd Tsulin, the fortified town of Najow, the affair at Nanhsiang and relief of Kadiu and Tsinpoo (mentioned 
aeM. Wont to South Africa on special service in May 1879 (Medal). 
\cl F. C. Elton ser\'ed in the Crimean campaign from March 1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastonol 

.. vd ClMS of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

lel C. E. S. Scott served served in the Crimean campaign from May 18^3, in the Trendies with the siege 

e si<^e and fall of Sebastopol (wounded), and bombardments of 6th and 17th June and 17th August (Medal 

, 5th ClaM of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

icl J. B. Richardson was present with three Batteries of Royal Artillcri* under Colonel M'C'rc.i in tho 

which npsct the Emperor Fausti in Hayti in Jan. 1859 ; landed and protoctc«l the Kiiropcaus ot Port ;vi 

•i carried olT tho Emperor his family and ministers ; received the thanks of tho Engli^th anil French 


el T. Van Stranbcncec served in the Egj-ptian war of 1882 in command of Ro3'al Artillery Indian Con- 
ul was present at tho battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, CJU., Medal with CIiisp, 3rd Cia.v. 

36 War Service* of the ColoneU, 

lu Colonel W. R. Lascellea served with the Rifle Brigade in the Indian campaign of 1837-58 and wan prewntor 
the alege and capture of Lucknow (Medal with Clasp). Served with the ist Sikh Irregnlar Oavalry througbont the 
China campaign of i860, including the capture of the Taku Forts, actions of Sinho anoTangchow, and sarrender st 
Pekin (Medal with two Clasps). Served with the Rifle Brigade in the war on the North West Frontier of India 
in 1864, and was present at the action at Shubkudder (Medal with Clasp). Served with the Nile Exnediiion in 
1884-85, during tne latter part of the operations as Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General (Medal vith 

^» Colonel T. B. Shaw-Helller served with the 5th Dragoon Guards in the Egypt an war of x88a, and was praait 
in the ei^^agoments at Tel-el-Mahuta and Kassasin on the 38th August (Medal, ana Khedive's Star). 

1S9 Colonel H. D'O. Farrington served in the Indian mutiny campaign in 1858-59 (Medal). 

^ Colonel W. Byam served with the 6sth Regiment in the New Zealand war in z863>65 (Medal). Served la the 
expedition to the Soudan under Sir Gerald Graham in 1884 with the ist Battalion York and I^aneaster Regimeat, 
and was present in the engagements at £1 Teb and Tcmai (mentioned in despatches, CB., Medal with Chwp, sad 
Khedive's Star). _ . , _ 

1*1 Colonel D. J. D. Safford served with the 97th Regmient in Bengal in suppressmg the mutiny in tSsj-sS^vith 
the Jounpore Field Force in the actions of Chonda, Ummeerpore, and SiUtanpore, afterwards at the msfft sad 
capture of Lucknow (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Boer war of t88t with the Natal Field Force 

lu Colonel G. Salis-Bchwabe served in the latter part of the Zulu war of 1879, in command of the Native Carxicr 
Corps (2,000 strong), which ho organised (Medal with Clasp). 

iM Colonel T. Kelly-Kenny served the campaign of i860 in North China as Orderly Ofllcer to Brigadier JephtoB, 
including the action of Sinho (mentioned in despatches), taking of Tangku and Taku Forts (Medal with CIsipu 
Served the campaign of 1867-68 in Abyssinia in command of a Division of the Transport Train ^mentioned m 
despatches for " zeal, energy, and ability," Medal). 

iM Colonel £. T. Bainbridge served with the 3 ist Fusiliers in the Zulu campaign of 1879, and was engaged in tbt 
operations against Seknkuni, including the storming of the stronghold, where he commanded the storming paity 
(mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

^•7 Colonel C. E. Hope served with the 7th Fusiliers in the Crimea from 7th July 1855, including the siege and tiB 
of Sebastopol and assault of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

iw Colonel C. E. Foster served in the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). 

<7i Colonel F. T. Hobson served in the campaign of i860 in China (Medal with Clasp for the Taku Fortk). 

17S Colonel C. 0. Hcathcote served with the Zhob Valley Expedition in 1884. 

ITS ColoneU. R. Collins served with the 70th Regiment in the New Zealand war of 1863-65 In the iirovincesof 
Taranaki and Waikato (Medal). Served with the 70th Regiment in the Afghan war in 1879 (Medal). Herredia 
the expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with the 3nd Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment, and was prewnt in tbe 
engagement at Hashocn, at the attack on the convoy on the 26th March, and in the subsequent advance to Temii 
(mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). 

^'* Colonel \V. h, K. Ogilvy served in the Zulu war of 1079 (Mednl). Served with the srtl Battalion 60th Rifles in 
the Boer \rnr of 1881. Served with the 3rd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Cori)s in the Egyptian war of 1882. and ins 
present in tbe reconnaissance in force fVom Alexandria on 5th August, in the engagement at Tcl-cUMahuta. tHt 
aotion at Kassasin (9th September), and in command of the Battalion at tho battle of Tel*eNKebir (Medal with 
Clasp, 4th Olass of the Osmanieh, and Kheclive's Star). Served in the Soudan Expedition under Sir GersM 
Graham in 1884 with the 3rd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps, was appointed Commandant of the Bare at Trn- 
kitat, and was present in the engagement at lemai (mentioned in despatches, 3rd Class of the Moi^iilie, two 

^7* Colonel G. G. Swinev served in the Indian Mutiny campaign in 1857-58 with the 7th Hussars and was preteat 
In an engagement near Allahabad in Deo. 1857. 

17* Colonel J. F. Caldwell berved in the Kaflr war in 1877-781 and was present in the operations against the Gaikti 
including tho engagement in the Perie Bush ; also served in the Zulu war of 1879 (Medal with CloMp). 

i7« Colonel 0. R. Middleton served in the Zulu war of 1879 as Staff Officer to the Northern Division (Medal with 

17* Colonel H Langtry served with the ird Dragoon Guards in the Abyssinian campaign in 1868, and was presnl 
at the storming and capture of Magdala (Medal). Served with tho 15th Hussars in the Condalmr CVilumn in tht 
Afghan war of i 878-8^?. including the advance to Khclat-i-Ghilzai ; commanded a detached squadron of liis Rd^ment 
attheaffair in tho Ohio Pass, 4 th January 1879; <^l<^o served with tho Thull-Chotiali Field Force under Brigadier 
General Biddulph, and accompanied Major General Phayro in his march to Caudahar (Medal). Served in the Boer 
war of 18&1 with the i^th Hussars. 

1*0 Colonel F. M. Drew served with a wing of tho 7th Hussars, comprising part of the Doaba Field Forrt 
employed against Native tribes on the North West Frontier of India, in November and December i86j, sad 
commanded a scmadron at the action of Shubkudder on the 2nd January 1S64 (Mednl with Clasp). 

1^ Colonel H. R. Abadie served in the Abyssinian campaign with the Transport Train, and was present at thi 
action at Arogee (mentioned in desi>atohes), and capture of Magdala (Medal). Served with the Qth Ijancers in thi 
Afghan war m 1879-80, including the engagement at Takht-i-Pul (mentioned in despatches), tho advance on sod 
occupation of Candahar, and the affair at Saif-u-doen; accompanied Sir Frederick Ro>>ert8 in the innrch to 
Candahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, and Bronze Decoration). 

1*3 Colonel R. V. Butler served in the Afghan war in 1879-80 in Southern Afghanistan (Medal). 

!*■ (Jolonel U. J. IIuIIowos served with Brigadier General Gongh's Brigiulo in tho Arghuu wnrof i87>-^. and 
was present during the march to and subsequent occupation of Cabul, and in the operations ut Jugdnlluck (men- 
tionod in despatches. Medal with Clasp). 

**7 Colonel R. S. Liddell served in the Soudan Expedition in 1884 with the loth Hussars, and was present inths 
engagements at El Tcb and Temai (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Medjidiiii and 
Khedive's Star). 

i«o Colonel H. C. Borrctt served throughout the Abyssinian camiwign, and was present at tlie action of Arogee u» 
capture of Magdala (Medal). 

>«> Colonel H. C. Lewes served in the Afghan war in 1878-79 (Medal). 

iw Colonel W. H. Thompson served with tho King's Dragoon Guards in the Zulu war of 1S79 in the squadroa 

nAn'T Mnlnr ^TiLrtAr. in<«1iir1{n(r tViA /•a.vaIcv • nt ir.rxiiii(rava.n l\tg»Ha\ ivitK r^lAani 

»» Colonel W. V. Browulow served with tlio Kinjr's Dmgoon Guards in tho Zulu war of 1879, and was Onlertr 
OfBcer to Colonel Drury Lowe, commanding the cavalry in tho engagement at Ulundi (mentioneil in d«»}*patcli«^. 
Aflerwanls commanded a squadron of his Regiment in Baker Russell's Flying Column (Brevet of Mujur, Medal 
with Claup). Servcil in the Boer war of 188 1 in coniumnd of the Mounted Squadron of the Natal Field Force, ami 
was present in the action at Lang's Nek (twice wounded and horso shot) and in the engagement at Ingogo Hiver 
(twice inontioued in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel). 

»" CdIoiicI G. Paton served in the operations in the Malay Peninsula in 1875-76 (Medal with Clasp). Servetl ia 
the Kaflr war in 1877-78. including the operations against the Galekas; also served in ihe Zulu war in 1S79 
{CMO.. and Medal with Claap). 

>M Colonel Reginald Whitting aerved in the Indian campaign from March 1858, and acted as StaflT Adjutant to 
a Detachment at Sayseram, and was engaged in the operations against the rebels in the jung'es of Jugdcsnore 
under Sir R. Luganl ; also served the campaign of 1838 59 iu Oudo, including the attack and capturo ol the ¥oA 
aud town nrSuudcc (Medal). 

ler &ir unaries btraaocnzee; anu iii uio in\> noyaia uio caiupai^u ui icuo m uie iiurm ui v^uuia* 
the lakinK of Siiiho and Tangka. occupation of Tientsin, and surrender of Tekln (Modal with two 
Served in the RKTptian war of 1889, and was present at the bombardment of the Alexandria Forts as 
^taff Officer to the Admiral Commandinfi: in Chief (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.*Colone1) ; 
f sixteen volunteers who landed fh)m H.M.B. Invincible during the action, swam through the surf, and 
c fTuns in the Mex Batterj when its garrison had retired to the citadel in rear; afterwards served in 
igcnce Department, and was present at the action at Kassasin on the 9th Sept, (ns Acting Assistant 
Cleueral to finiham*s Force) and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, CJi., Medal 
Cla»i>w. 3rd Class af the Mct^jidie, and Khedive's Star). 

no! A. h. Morgan served in the Haiara campaign in 1868, including the expedition ngainflc the tribes 
kck Mountain (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, ana wiis preM>nt m tho onga^e- 
agdulluck, in the ailvance to the relief of Shorporc, and in the engagement at SaiiUibad (Mcdul witli 
Served in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Assistant Adjutant Qencral. Indian Contingent, and was present 
tie of Tel-el-Kebir (CP., Medal with Clasp, 3rd Claus of tho Mc<Uidie, and Khedive^ Star) . Served with 
e^e Expedition in 1887-89 (mentioned in despatches. Clasp). 

nel the Hon. R. Talbot served in the latter part of the Zulu war of 1879 on the Staff of Colonel Baker 
C^ilomn (Medal with Clasp). Served with the ist Life Guards in the Egyptian war of 18S2, and was 
1 the engagements at El liagfitr and Marsama, in the two actions at Kassaain, at the battle of Tel-el- 
,d at tJia capture of Cairo (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmauich, and 
1 Star). Served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 in command of the Heavj' Camel Regiment, and 
mt in the engagements at Abu Klea, El GnlMt, and Metammeh ; also commahded the Column convoying 
iroande<l when attacked near Shabacat WolU on the 14th Febmary 2885 (mentioned in despatches, 
two (.'lasp^). 
nel R. T. Maillard served in the Boer war of i88x under Sir Evelyn Wood as Brigade Major of the Cavaliy 

>nel G. B. B. Uobart served with the expedition to China in x86o, and was prcKcnt at Siuho, Tangka 
ire of Taku Forts (Medal with Clasp). Served with the Bcchuanaland Expedition ujidcr Sir Charlei 
n i2£4 85 in command cf Roval Artillery. 

inel George Baker served with the b7th Regiment throughout the campaign of i860 in Cliina, and carried 
it-ntal Colour at the action of Sinho, taking of Tangku, and with the storming party at tlie Taku Fort, the 
rhich he crossed and planted the Colour on the cavalier ; also present at the surrender of Pekin ( Medal 
ClasiMr. ScrvcMl with the 67th Regiment throughout the Afghan war of 1873 -do, and wa>» present in the 
'uc at CharoMiab on the 6th October 1879, and in the operations around Cabul in I>eceui1>er 1879 including 
iiurnt of Sherpore (mentioned in despatches, Medal with two ClaspH). Kcrved with the Bunne'te Kxpudition 
) in coumaud of the and Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment until after the surrender of Mandalay 
^d in despatches, CB., Medal with Clasp). 

iiicl W. T. Uud^en aerved with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 (mentioned in desi>atchus, DSO., and 
tb Clasp). 

■nel M. C Morris served with the 75th Regiment in the Indian Camimign of 1857-58, including tho occu- 
't«r the relief of Lucknow, of the fortified outpostH and camp with Outrani's Force, and rexmise of the 
httacks ; also present at the battle of CaMmx)orc on tlic 6th December (Medal ». 

in«l R. k. Bayly served in the Crimea from the ijtli October 185^ till the 23rd July 1S56. Served with the 
ilanders in the campaign of 1857-58 against the mutineers in Inaia including the actions at ("awnpore (6th 
I. Heraighat, Kudygunge, and buumsabad, siege and fall of Lucknow and aKhanlt of tlio Martinicre and 

Qiigalow, attack on the Fort of Rooyah, action of Allygunge, attack and capture of Barcilly and action at 
it^wounded (Medal with Clasp). Kmbarked for the Gold Coast with the 42nd Highlanders. Served in the 
UMe of the Ashanti war in 1874, and was present at the battle of OrdahhU and capture df Coomassie (Brevet 
Medal with Clasp). Served with the ist Battalion BUck Watch in the Eg>i>tian war of i £82. and was 
t the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's btar). Served in 
in Expedition in 1884 with the xst BattaUon Black WaU'h, and was present in the engagement at Kl Teb 
I of the Medjidie, two Clasps). Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the ist Battalion of the Black 
«k part with the River Column imder Major General Earle, and was present in the engagement at Kirbekan 
;d in despatches, CJ9., and two Clasps). 

38 War Services of ilie Colonels, 

s» Colonel F. Griovo served with tho 46th Rc^ment in the Crimea ft-om the ^nl September 1855 to the ictfa 
Mav 1856, incluain>; the 8ie|:;o and fall of SebaBtopol (McdAl with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Senred with the 
2nd Battalion Duke of Cornwall's Liflfht Infantry in the Effvptian war of iS82,and was present at the recouxuiit- 
sanco m force i'roin Alexuudria on ihc 5th Auj^st in couiiutind of the Half Biiltnlion, in the en^spements alK) 
Ma^far ami Tol-ol-M;ihutn, at tlio action at Knssasin on tho aSth Aujrnat {mentioned in dcripatchCH), nml at the 
battle of Tcl-el-Kcbir (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with CliiHp. and Khedive's Star) ; also served in the Nile 
Kxpeditioii in 1884-85 with tho River Column under Major Gcneml Earlc (Clasp) j in 1885 he was employed 011 ite 
StnfT of tho Line of Communications as Commandant at Kaboddic. 

*♦" Colonel K. D. Munay servecl in the Ejo'Ptian war of 1882 as Deputy Assistant Adjntant and Quarter Master 
General 2nil Division, and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in deiipatclies, Brevet of Ll.C'ilonel, 
Medal with Clanp, 4th Class of tho Osmanieh, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Ktryptiau Frontier Kiclil 
Force in 1885-86 as Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Muster General, and was present bi tbc eu((af;cmeut at GiniM 
(mentioned in despatches, DSO.). 

^*^ Colonel Reginald Clare Hart sen'ed with tho Kbyher Column in the Afehan war from January to Jnne :S7% 
first with the 2Ud Division attached as a Reprimcutal Ofilcerto tho 34th Punjab Native Infantry durinptho 2nd Itsur 

private soldier. The Lieutenant General commandiuv; the and Division Pcshawur Field Force ropt>rt.s that wheu 

on convoy duty with that Force on 3iBt January, 1879, Lieutenant Hart, of tho Royal Engineers, took the initiati\'e 
iurunninj? some 1,200 yards to the rescue of a wounded Sowar of the 13th Bengal Lancers in a river l>cd cxj^^ 
to tho Arc of the eiiemy, of unknown strcn^h, from both flanks, and also (Vom a party in the river lieil. 
Lieutenant Hart reached tho wounded Sowar, drove off the enemy, and brought him under cover with the hid 
of some soldiers, who accompanied him on the way." Served throughout the Egyptian war of 18S2 as Aide de 
Camp to Major General Graham, commanding tho 2nd Brigade, and was present in the reconnaissance in lorce 
from Alexandria 5th August, the engagements of EI Magfar and Tel-cl-Mahuta, the two actions at Kassasin (as 
Acting Assistant Quarter Master General to Graham's force in the second action), and the battle of Tel-el-Keliir 
(twice mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Ot>umnit'h, ami 
Khcdive*s Star). [Sec also Civil Docorations for Gallantrj-, " Hart's Annual Army List," p. 7S6. ' 

'*^ Colonel il. J. T. Hildj'ard served in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Qusiter 
Master General 1st Division, and was present in the engagements at El Magfar and Tel-el-Mahuta, at the action 
at Kassasin on the gth September, and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in dCbpatvhes, Brevet of Lt.Coiouel, 
Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's Star). 

*** Colonel H. (r. MacGrogor proceeded on s])ecial service to South AfVica in November 1878, and served in tlie 
Zulu war of 1879, rtrt*t as 2nd StalT Officer to Colonel I'ears^m's Column including the engagement at Jnyewne, 
and afterwards as Brigade Major of the 1st Brigade ist Division (twice mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Majors 
Medal with Clasp). Wont to South Africa on special service in January 1881, and served in the Boer war of iS3i 
under Sir Evelyn Wood as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General. Served in the Egyptian war 
of 1882 as De])uty A^sistiiut Adjutant and Quarter Master General on the Base and Lines of Commuuicatlon 
(mentioncil in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonol, Medal, 4th class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's Star). Served in 
the Soudan campaign in 1SS5 as Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master Gonenil, Base and Lines of Commuaica- 
tioi.s, Suakin Expeditionary* Force (mentioned in di'spatches, Clasp). 

s**'-* Colonel II. T. Jones-Vaughan served in Bengal with the loth Regiment in suppression of the mutiny i« 
1357-58 ; including the actions of Chanda, Ummeerapore and Sultanpore, siege and capture of liUcknow (Medal 
with Clasp). Hurved in the Afghan war of 1378-80 as Brigade Major, Pe&hawnr Field Force, and was preMontat 
the capture of Ali Musjid; took part in the exi>editiou into the Bazar Valley as Orderly Officer to Brigadier General 
Tj-tU-r, and in the exL»edition into the LuRhman Valley as Brigade Major (mentioned in despatches) ; was afterwardi 
Brigade Major with the Koorum Field Force, and served with the Zaimusht Expeditionary- Force, including tb» 
affair at Zawa (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of LtCohmel, Medal with Claspi. 

*^ Colonel Hon. F. C. Bridgeman served in the expedition to tho Soudan in 1885 with the and Battalion o( the 
Scots Guanls, and was pi-escut iu tho engagements at Hashcen and Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive*» 

"■ Colonel W, W. Bennitt sen'ed wth tho Inniskilling Dragoons in tho Boer war of t38i, and commandetl aa 
escort with Sir Evelyn Wood to Zulnland. Served in the Bcchoanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Wanxn in 
1884-35 with the Inniskilling Dragoons. 

'" Lord Algernon Gordon-Lennox served with tho 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards in the Egyptian war oc 
1882. and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

"5 Colonel A. Murray served with the 73th Highlanders in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). Served with ihe 
detachment of the -^nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders attached to the ifit Battalion Seaforth Highlanders ia the 
F:g.\-1)tian war of iHSs, and was present at the battle of Tel-ol-Kcbir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class uf the Osinanifh 
and Khfdivc'.-, Star). Served in tho liazara campaign in i883 in command of a Re.»*erve Column until iransferrcil 
to tho command of a Column for operations at Thakote ; afterwards commanded the 2nd Advance Column into 
tho Allai country till the conclusion of the campaign (twice mentioned in despatches, DSO., and Medial with 

*^ Colonel J. G. Cockbum served as Brigade Major to the 2nd Brigade of the Ifaxara Fii^ld Force of iSfS. iiiclml- 
ing tho subsequent operations in tho Block Mountain (mentioned in desiiatches, Mvdal with Clasp). Served in the 
Looshai campaign of 1.^71-72 as Aide de Camp to Briga<1ier General Brownlow (mentione<l in desjiatches. Clasp). 
Colonel C. T. Wallace sen'ed with the 2rid Battalitm Highland Light Infantry in the Egyptian war of iSSt. 

and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of theOsmaniL-h, and Khcdive'0 Stsrl- 
^'' Colonel (J. T. L. Carwithcn served with the 25th King's Own Borderers in the Afghan war in 1878-79 with 

the Pesluiwiir Valk-y Field Force, incluiiing the Hazar Valley Expeilition under Lieut. General Maude (Modal). 
•"*' Colonel Furl les-Uobertson served "With the 93nl Highlanders in the Indian campaign of 1857-58, including 

the action at Kudjwji, relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, defeat of the (Jwalior Contingent at Cawnpore anil pur- 

Huit to Seraiuhat, sieL^e ami capture of Lucknow, atfair of Alloirunge, battle of Bareilly, actions ol Pusgaonand 

Russulpore. and evacuation of the Fort of Mithowlie (.Sicdal witli two Clasps). Served in the Eusofziii campaigu 

of 1863 64, ami at tin- L'n-.boyla Pass under Sir John (Jarvock (Mcilal with Clasp). 
-" Colone! M. F. .Stores served with tho Burmese ?^xi)edition iu 1836-83 iu command of the and Battalion Royal 

Munster FnsiliiTS (llrcvet of Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

«.'lasp). Also served in the Soudan campaign in 1S35 in the Egyptian Army and as Governor General of the 
Red Sea Littonil aiiil Eg3-ptiun Military ('(^mmissioner (mentioue<l in despatches, Ilrevet of Lt.Culouel, itA 

) the despatches (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lieut.Colonel, Medal with Clasp, 4th Cla 
luich, and Khc<live*s Star). 

home the 

«M Colonel A. Peel si-rvcd in the loist Fusiliers thrrmghout the Imlian X.W. Frontier campaign of i3rt ; and 
was present at the st<jrmiug of tho Conical ilill, al.-o at the attack and capture of the Crag Pi'iuet ami rul>eyla 
(Medal with Clasp). 

--W Colonel C. A. Chalfield sened with the si.^t Light Infantry in tho Afghan war in i37>-So (Medal). Served 

t Oolati^. 

War Service t^Oe I 

■naiio Kipcdiuou in iBSj in oommiuid of the lat Dattitliaa d[ ttis Torlubirs Ligbt Inbntrv (Uedil 
. lSm b1«d Civil DeootHlioM fur aBllsuUy, " H«rt'« AublibI Amy I^m." p, tSS. T 
il U. L'. I». Ua^ilala Hived wiUi thu mil lliHalion lliao J3rrKiulo ilnrinj^ tae wliuJo of Its icrrioo ia 
I at An liulMu naliur, inclatUDK Ibe ttcliuoaiil Cawopurs. eaptnrsorLiickiio*, uiU uumatiml alTalrt 
Ood* OKOipitlKB (Miilal Willi (llup). Bmnvked (or Uie C>Dia OooolirlMi lbs lud OaUalioti BiOa 
4 acnad (luoiifluiiiE -Uu Mceai4 ptuus of Lha A^iuuiCi mr in 1874, lualitdlpg tin bmila of Anuoful 
IdMBohmeniMilnfSDMafqBkrauui, baUIsofOrdiOi*!! nnd captaro or CooiaauiB (Veulnl wUh LUup) 
1 r. T. Lloyd Mrred In ihe Bgn"'*'' *"" <•' >■>■ (MsditI, aud KbaliTD'a BLu) 1 atnai wiUi t£a 
poUUoq undor Sir GerWdGnbamia 13S4 in Boumunil of tha Ra;al Anilleir- >i>d wai timaeDtio Ilia 
« M Kl Teb ktul Temni ImenUoaed in dnpubchoi. Brevsl of Lt.OnIgnel, Ciro Ulainu). Serrail during 
pvdUlUA ui iS>l4-S$ as CoBUDBudaDt u Aiwiaut (mentlutml la OesiratohM, (7ff., nuc] Ultupj. 
1 WlUlaio Liieujr Mrred in CIw aappruiioa of the Indfui mntln; from Dec. 1S57 to Jan. iSSo, 
■Rluna M Kaliao and Puttrai (Uedsl). Also netvtd in ths Hew Zealand war in iM^-t;. iuEindiaft 
Ui (be twi-ilKce ot lusoald aad in command of ouijiosl^ demrojdug many Fuhs and faniSed rUlaKea 

il-U. TiTMdl« •orrwl in ibo Boor war of iSSi with ihe Kalal Fifild Fnn», Bortod In Iha Nils Expa- 
t«-Ss "^U) U» t*t Baualiaa Df the West Kenl KegimDat (Medal with Uiasp, and Khediie's SivJ i arto 
I Kb* Soudan IfratUler Field Force in i&9s-&fii and wae nreaent in the cDjzairviacnt ut Glmu la com- 

ilA. K. B. amnli aerved Willi Ibe md BatUklion ijth Fool in tha Afghan war in iBSd with Ihe Can. 

I a. A. Cnwbicd wrvcd olth the ind gaeen'i Royals Ihnniehonl (be caaiiulga of i96d in North adna, 
• ■•liaaaoE SlDbo, laXtng ol Tongku, actiuu ul Itie iGtb and net Seplembec, and Kunundec of PdkiD 

dW.T>ilKin«rr*diD-Jie Egyptian war of i33i (.Modal, and Khedive's Star). Sorrcd !n the Hile Bi- 
■M(-8j wuh the ut Ballalian Of Uia Rojal Unaaei Oegimunt, and took part iu the operaUona of the 
BB oiutet Bir Berbun dlewart {ClaapX 

t C. U. Suwklay aiiniBd in cbe Indian S.W. Frontier war of iBiii, and was preesnt at the atiask on the 
LandmraMj woondedonUicUmbeylaEaiBlitaaatbc igtb NavemberlUednl mtb UUxp), Served 
ki tmaytlgu Of art-t^ — Brtfnde ^or Co the lat Origade (C!a«p|. Herveil tliruiiicbuai tOo Afgluis 
-Sckfintaa Brigads Uajor iKlnDulry Brigade lat UiviBidn Soixibem AfglumiiUu Field Puree, aud 
rtlii Us and SuuUen otb Foot In Northern AfglianisiAn, mcludiuK the affair ai Uhokabad niuliir 
lal Boh tnenUoned to deapalohea, Brant of Major, Modal]. 

' "iiM awrad with ttaa Saodan FranUer Field Fores in >9Sj~S6 in aommand of a BaMcre Butca* 

It In tba ancagBakanC M OIniw (Uadal, nod Ebodire'e 8 tarl. 

■■- ■" '- "'■- ■-• — ■- In 1874 in the Trunaport 8»i vice, and w»a dangorooalj- wounded 

itoh. Brevet of Major. Madal nitb L'laaiil. 

- J — R««imentin iba Crln>oa((om jj 

•kwatr Scbutopol (UedalwIthUbup, and Tnrkiab Medal). 

k*r SctMMopol (UedalwIthUbup, am 
in iSte, liudBdlaB tha aation af Snbo, 
jnnff tba ojtentiaaa agaiui (ha Taa 
tk* MUog or tha BMckMle of Nanhnlai 
. Iha tonOwt town af K^oir, Oe aOaii 

Llentes&at Oolo&els, 

AnOren AjMmi.i h.p. Bo.vm] AjtiUeo 
ThoA. Rd«. Keuuiuu.' Ll^Cot. h.n, Eoyftl Artillerr 
Ar Wm. Oonlou li^.rdun-I.IUDmiDg, SarY. JfvV, ^ 

in.«-ICoke, J(<«»r, 

Bobl. H. Unira;, Jf<u'iir, SnTorUi HlghlBDden ..... 
Ju. G. H. G. MoDlKooiery,' Ifo/iir, li.p. Coldst. Qd*. 
JahnannUvni>r:Fcwbte,>£l.CDt:h.i). King's Royal) 

tbinCitagh, CnpfaVn, aoyal Arljllerr,.. 

[■ Glan 

Allan Ji 

„, (. (frtni iLp. K-LUBOa-I 

ilrl RsRl.). /).^..f . Oentral, Uaurilit 
1 Jo«epli C. CnnTiingham, LI.CbI. B 
. y WiUmm LoTMl HIme, Ll.a,l. R. . 

iMmanl Dowdbb, Ll.Col. Royil Artillery 

BocKc Richard LgU. Carey. U.Cbl. ^onlS.C 
Jimea Andrew B. Colquhoun" Lt.Ci>l.\.tM 

Kmnt Uanh UoyO, £(,OpI. R^iJ EnicineBn 

Bonry Wilbsrtorce Clarke, U.Oir. Royal Enginsen 
Williau GDTdoa Palcbett. Ll.Cil. i Wan India Regt. 
&uilu RuliiMon GreiB-, tf.CW. Royal Artillery ... 
Th<iBiu HnnEer/onl Holdlcb, If i(/^, h.p. R.Eng.... 
PolhamJuDMMaitUlnd,Vi|/"'iliointiaySufr Carpi 

raChu-lei,l.r.CtoI. Boyi 

M. BoyalS 
I Anltfery , 

John Becher 6nnliby. Lt.Ctt. (rrom h.p, Bayal) 
ArtllleiT), aupTi'ltninl fi. Carriajt Faclory ... f 

inland RotbI ArtUlery 

' " "-- ,i(.6ii.R,Mar(nBArt 

i.Cot. Boyat Varlnu 

ra/nr. BctbI Uarlnea 

B, uai. BoyalUKrisM .. 

U.Cet. Royal Uuinea 

*- - BoyJUariiiea] Bir.\ 

Aitllleiy), Supfi'ttnilnl E. Curriaat 

Edicu^ Honry MoorB, 
Edwnrd W. Q. Byam, . 
John iKnatlui iSoTrir, 
Honry Bcton Bourchic 

Robert William P. Kl ._,_....„, 
nuk Matfrr, CItalltaM Bieilif, 

AuguiRu Henry Tomer, Zf.fM. Bannl Btaff Corn 

Edward Molloy, X*.CW. Benaal Blaff Corp* 

John Kdward aandeman. X^Cdl, Bengal B. O. ..", 
HoDcy Byam Abbott, Lt.Cal. Bombay Buff Corpe, 
Janei Tamar C'umiaint. DSO. Xt.Cbl.UudraaS.t 
ColndonCbarlesBrownloWjW.OaJ. Bengal B, C, , 

Alfred Hercnloi Maybaw, Lt.Cal. Bombay 8, C, 

Fre-l.UereerHtmtor.CB.CSI'.if.CDl. Bombay B.C. 
F^'crlck'WilliniaKicalay, Ll.Cal. Bengal B. C. . 
Eccry BtmtTord Tandy, U.Ci>l. Bombay SlaffUurpi 
" ^. Blokfotd, JK-ucr. h.p. Boyari 

|i.<.r. nmiam kr. x. oioiEioru, Ma 
Marine Artillery;; Barrack ila.1 

.. „-.— n. Ifomet Eegt.. 
if, Lancaataire faa tsa P.) 

Mtajir (Tfom h.p. Oifbnl 1 

I1.A.A. BrniTiU.Tirt 

CharlM Kdward Huauy, Uajnr, 


r.-.r. Rowland 


QciJlflA, - 


.■«ui» I'OnKorWhitton.a.rDr. BooUPntilierrt... 

Charlee B. ndeitOD, BSO. tl.Cal. We*t Bnrrny Regt. 

"l,lftwor,h.p. DorwlahimBMCt.... 

iiy Uaoriceor BatUnberg, Jta. [ 

, ^a^gUHiofrarvinafCaM.! 

Charlea Denroche Sireu, U.CM. Bengal etalT C^HTM 
Lothian Kerr BcaU, ..„  
Arthur Junre Poole." LI. Orf. h.p. Hampihire Begt. 
Bdward Barry Bishop, LtOrl. UeBant 9w(I Corpa 
Wdlhim QatUvQi Nicholion. K^^Vr, R. Engmen 
Fr^dcnclt Witaon BemmiOK, if^nr, s DtaRwm Gd> 
Edward A, Brinil,U,CW.ConnaoghtiUn(f«n(SSF,l 
WilliaiB W. E«rIon, U.CM. LlTerpDol Regt. IB ¥.] 
AUnd C. B. Hall, Ll.(M. N. Lanwhln BaBt.(47 F. 

Frederlok Bailey. U.Col. Royal Kogineen ...." , 

Sdward Vincent Siaeo, CB. Ll.Col. Bombay 8. C. 
fi,i.*, Patrick Douglm JeUYeya," J(o?or, h.p. Con-} 

uaag-ht Bangers, A, A. Qntral, Bnaal ( 

William Clark.«»>r, Oitord Light Inftntry (45 F.l 
BobCTt Henry F. Ronnick, U.IM. Bengal BtaJTCorpa, 
Wdhnm Henry Frederick Borall, jr««-, R.ArtiIlnT 

WalwrHailM.Xf.CcJ, Bengal Blttirborpa ' 

Wlllliun AltkCB, llvar, Rgyal " - 
rm lord U m. L. De la Poer Bbi 

' - , 1] lAacen ) Hiliiarj 

iOeo, fi7 
i Apr. jB 

I Feb. 74 

I Aqk.<; 

6. .iiMay. 
6i,joJoly (., 
61 ;4 July 63 

61 13 July 6s 
6iji4July «i 

Sn'ijOct, «4 
yil 4 June 

>)Cay £s'is 
( Apr. S3 ij 

) I Apr. li 

• «aept.aiiiApr. 
,.5 June a, 
: $Jnl7«6,IJilj 
: 14D«C. M 

,2 May 17 
>4 MMy B7 



July 6)Ui Dec 70  July 81 




ijMur. 7S I July Bi  July I 

r««-, R. 
r Corpa 


- .ilil'larj&c.laritaraaafl,£ai 

Robert AlaiaBder Bwewnham, Jfaiar, Bangal a C 

Willian. Oooke. J(n*»r. Uadna BlafrCorp. , 

Ian 8. 11. HamUUm, Ca/lala, OordoD HfKlUanderi 
Neville F. F. Chamberlain, Oaflaia, Bengal s U 
Ralph A. P. Clemenu, Uajar, b. Wales Borderen " 
Blaurl ErskiiiB Roilond, ir-;or, Madw Slaff Corps 

Oct. 6j 

4Juni63j^.Jan. 76 
sjii'cjliDec. \i 

6 Oct.' Hj 

c Sept 84 

July 87 
July t; 

June 67 

6July,t,'x7l>cc. 76 

1 Dec. 84 

July S7 


; Apr. 7 t'>i Fob. \\ 
9 Aug. J, 9A"SPS 
1 Dee. 74 4 nt'c. Eo 
aDec. 66. eKoT.73 


4 Feb. 8A 


July «7 
July S7 

• '. U. baVnutL, HLjar (liiioi tup.1 ' 


I, Uajar, h.p. Ehh ) 
Jniilnn^lu J " 

e, ZtOii. R. Aitl"- - 

BMinl fliair Carpi . 

CW.Btrnl B--" 

:«4M. WeuJ 


5- Ulclnaiui, tA,Cat. vi jiomv* 
WolucTnOebla, MCW. B. Kiwi 


Pnikk UiwTilL LIX:tL Bu, _, 

*« In«[a. iAiW R«j»l itiU«y 

ombu Buff Uir]iii. . 

Boral EdvI 

- -„ ,ilitU- 

lory i-UWU, Xi.fU. Ran] BnglneBn. 
b« B^pcr. DSQ. U-Oil B. " 


irlor (from lup. i 

fulaim Unlit, ZJ.Oo*. Kojnl AtHllerT ... 
rtearyrmfb, fJ*a. (IVoiua.artlllart), 1 
'WiHt tWMia/Anw, OwMiia.J. t 

ir««l,i*.C>J: Bw>lJr«SKr !^. 

buiHa, LLCal. Sastl balinns. . . 

immy.u.(M.aapi SifMtn. 

ilncit lUnnc, Il.CtL Bm^ BUS L'orH 
tnnr ttraiTM, Ll-Cat. Buinl BUS Oarn 

tXiwmr. H.Od, Sasml iivLaj 

■■soinctmn, LLOJ. Banl BoglBMn . 


Hmnv. ATM. Bojslliniciswn 

■M yfttalu$f I4.CM. Bai^» BMir CoiTu 
mwm m Wanl, JU.CU. BMBnEagUien* !7 

Baufal Buttri 
mtBT SUffCorp* Bombu a. cT. 

- — - — , — _■ Bombu E 

! Rtfuki, CJfO. L(.CDlT7froic h.p. i 

k Fiuiu^ litlibuni, U.Oii. Davoualim / I 

1. Swka/u.CU. M. BWBbii'ReiV.'Vfiili'.) i 

'cdufalUlLbj, U.a>;.UrHtln(liiiReEt. ...': 

Qtj Kiullf*. U.C»L HojfUAnmmy | 

Uudawr. Lt.Cti. BonTArtUlerr 

.. Wm. ritiWOlUv Blli(A'ii(.CW. (ftom L 

17 Aug. 58,  
n July ei'iG 
3 Jiiiie6o' 3 

; Not. 68, »« 
"Dec'. 19' I 

1^ jllUOtiD II 

:9 Jiine6D II 
Doe. n'li 

» '9 Dec. &| 4 
Si i Jnlr 6]' 7 


liar, 6j ciOcl. (q'lfaspl.j! 

■(9<un>f, r«rt.,. 

Itp, Bu«)i 

■a Tokt DmiH 


my mttppmrA, Ll.a 

jtnuxUe.Lt.Vcl.Bvaiaiat^aCinit ... 
btajih I-jDcti, Ll.iW. bnmbuy Suff CarTif 1 
•Mil Ofidtwvj BirA, Ll.Otl. Kojsl JUnn'esi 
L,laa4 Guabuir, ££ CW- Royal Anillory ' 

Iiil. X*.tW, Royal KoKiueon 

iliiwiM Tkjlor, U.Cg); Ra™l *KilLi.rv  

■J. M*iin DolavDj-e. ^t.CW: 
S' F-l. J«W. Dinttor of ," 

iS, i;»k«, L(CiJ.Cb«„.., , ., 

iBTBt. Lt.Cml. BcDgal SlsirCorp* 

ITiiliuo TboBuob. LI.Col. Braml AnillBry... 
■eodUoImB, £(,t>I.DaI]tlDtni.|ii>3F.}... 
nruu&m XLxtu^ U.Cbt, r. EnglneDrm ...... . 

rtukrow U%itaaa, Lt.Cvf- Tho BntTa (i F } 
HutBtt, LCCt^ .VonhanibeilBnd Fas, u F , 
frrdral Tomkiiu, CJE. Lt.Cct. B. BnR. „ 
Vtniar BlU*. JJ.Val. Bmnl Buff Corps ... 

Bnu HalWet. W.Oil. B«iinl Butt Corps .. 
k R^lieKwD Twjnuun, if.CW. R. Amllorj 

Sinthwi. U.(V. B. Kagmeins ,, 

Wjuoa Appcrley," LI. Cut. (from h-o. o'i 

.m. c«9«4 ."..zr:.- J 

dpb BmBibaort," U-Ctl. b.p. York uil I 

ICrRi^ I 

'. Gaaua,^ Zf.fM. ta-p. 


7 Aug- SS 

9 Pel.. 6, 

. Doc. «B 

1 July fa 



I bee." £.7 
SDBO. 6» 
•g Mnr. «, 



n anptsj 





1 Sept.ti 

Dec. (0' 

:i Apr. a: 

IB 89 71 JuneBB 

July 88 I J 

iii\i ei\i 3n\s aa 

Lieutenant OolowU. 

: I Cul. it. Englneera . 

IS 88pl. 6 J 

Iculiu lvjs,» Ll.Ctl (from b-p. BIm: 

luiprelBr tf Gjmiaia. Alimlal 

'— "'yiob, p.CtL RoyBl ArtOlery .. 

•L Bonl Ennlnon ... 

llcnO' BeoricD Pilth.., .^. „„. — _-„ 

ataTjIoyruUiySmUYasajXivirr, Royal Aitmtrjl 
Jacob Plcter D. Tannneii, MCbt. Bengal StaffC-.^ 
Faster Cnnlidk L. Kit;, U.Cgl.  Dragoon Guinl*.. 
I'mlBrlck ^ritllaDi Oarnr, Ll.Oit. Roysl Artillery. 
p.>.& AlbcK Etiw. WUliuuon OoldKnuO. Ll.oi. 
h.p.Monelcr Fii».|, D.A.A. Gnm 

] «D«.«i| 


, Mar. 6r,>B Oct. 


C.Bonte WulN;™ Boinira. BffO. Ll.Cal. BfHRal 9, U 
Clcrvani Morley, l.(.rul, (frum h.p. R. Anillorv), 

AniilaiU Dirtrlor <if ArUiltn 

FrodBrtck B. J. Jcrrwvl," U.CbL h.p. W. Uiillii« 

Ratn-. D.A.A. OtHrrai, Hung A'avf 

Hcnrj PMeinon i(.Cri. Bennl HliA Conis 

IlariT Wiltiiun Rooke. Xt.Cbl. RdvbI Aniriory .,. 
William M'CUnUKlk, LI.O-I. (nom h-p. B. Art-I. 

S>|><((. SmullArmi Fasten, Birmiinlttif 

KdmoDd Boinhndn, U.CA (from li.u. II. Art.). 

UcwttrofOritaHct CammillM 


pj.e. J»meaWatloD FoircU BoUod, Mtuir, b.p. 

InniokiUinit PusUlen . 

i Jan. 6a 
ij Apr. 69 

iSDec. f 

1 11^ }g'i9 Ans-lj'^ 

BamatiPrm, Ll.Cal. aoytlAi&Xaij 

Jo*liiuBeirl«WBUoa,U.(W,B(iiDb«retBlICorpil j 

deo. A]iBaDlllllvard,£f.(.V. OIHeBrinda jiA 

Allu Baiu>d«TF. lACSI. BOaUi BUlDirS Bogt 13 

Krole K«T Amj^u BnnwTi .1' " ' " -j- -. 

18 Deo. «i>iiUbt. 74! ' 
9Aa(r.6< .001. 7» 1 
iJuo. 6910K0T.T7 IS 

iBOM. yi'uKor.jSiJ 

19 Die' 6i>| I Jul)- 741  
19 Dec. 6s I JdIt 74'  

.Apr. f ' '  

Jojy M 



July J. 

„__, .. ; R.inuimx 

'»-:>Aii<'i>i uuuii corsytli Bald, Uitiar, Benaal S. U 
l<.i.c. Sdmood Bochi) BIIh, Vq/H-, Itoyal ArtlUei? 

ItoiMrt Piitoli, itCoi. BBDgal HUlffCotp* 

lieatge Fredarlcli ronng, Si-im-, Bennl BulTC. -. 
Artbur KcQUCxlT U'Caualaiid. £f.Ctol. Walah Ragt. 

AlftBd Uljnii bejfliie, Jfii/or, Bor«lKnginHer» 

^'redarieli FirehrsM, LI.Cul. Uojal Knsinflera .. .. 
Mklaolm Wm. B0Keni,U.O9l.Ii.p. Rojvl Eiwliietn 

iVilllitni OHborD, Z(.C\>I. b.p. BojrBlBBrrtnaen 

Tlumu B. B. Bavt. iV.twrb-p. KonlllDKiiuerB.. 
WilUud SBdgwick, £1.(M. h.p. Ooyal EoRiaMn .. 
Andrew Wll«an BHird, Ll.cJ. iLp. Rorml Kdiumn 

JiiDiM Rolwrc M'CullOBb, JA.CoCK. anelUMTii 

BieluiraAnhurBara™Qiit,if.Ciil.U.p, R. Edk, 

I.eBlaok Fntueia Bofkan. U.Oil. fa.p. B. Bnnioaan 
llqnrj TlioiDB* Ttaamuun Bandoa, U-Ctl. R. Art... 

Alfred Logan," i».CBl. Kojal ArUllarr 

v I.e. Hanrr UamilioD SelUe, Jf«'ar, B. Bngtnnn 

WilHaio Johii Inria, Jfiirop, aoUiuann 

y.i.c. Uerbcn Bcott Could Mile>, LI.Ciil. h.p.) 

UmuMrFaailien, S.^.ajf. On., ITw (Mtr* J 

OiMBld Churlaa Hall Pnrlbr, U.Cal. B. Artulerf .. 

Habere GeoTEsBiraTiiaUaralkall.X'.f^if. R, Art. .. 

Robert Williaia Ktfe, U.Oil. Royat ArtiUerj 

Arthur 8miit(in,it.£li/.KQy»lArll\lBry NoYllle Lloyd Waifonl," K^ar Ifrem l,,p. , 

wmhiniiii(r«'Arm.trtMiB,"-'.C''l. "jarMnriiici 
Witliui Fredgtlck Campbell, M.CVil. Royal HaclDBi 
A\tndQ*m9ltB, tl.VBl. Benml BiaffCorpr 
iloDtoga Fanrkic '.' "-i i"-i> r.,.ni«- 

a Jan. 67 6 H 
1 Juuc6] 27 Jl 

.h Fuaillm .. 

Gi!0TBaT0DikynaMarria,U.CDl.B«nAl8UirCDrpa 9 
CluurnJobn^rrudham. Z/.Cs;. IrUbRlflai ,.., 1 

Wmiiunahepbanl,U,0>(. Royal Kuglneen 

Robert Aliternon Uveaay, U.Col. Royal )Cnj(laeer 
lien. MackeiuioMiieUoDBid Wood. Xt.CU. Bengal 

William Edmu^'Hobo'na.'iil'.'i^rbnlie urCorii- 

wall's LiKhv iDhntn' 

ji.'.f. Archer A. Uomhead^** JK<yap, 'h.p. Bouth 

18 Dei. fi ijUar, 

( Dec. 59] 4 Fob. 74 »' 

.9 July 64 Ji July 

h.s. N< 

Alured Do Vero Bi 

Bengals, C 

wi-ii.-- '.  ■^- "oysl fiugineore ... 

John pj.idi,oa, if.tW. Bennl SlalTUoip. 

>>.'.i'. Arthur IVllkinaoa./J.O^. a. Lancubirs RsgL 
'fatomr l^flor SlttiHt, IJ.V^. Bujal t:ngiiiecr* 

I'tlDer. Si 19 Hi 
, I. Not. M,, Mo 
. I July Bi 37 Ha 

n Aliinu, Zt.CtJ. BannlSuS Coni 

Lf tv/. Suuibar SUfT Can» 

laury nu-kcc, Ll.Cbl. O. Ba^lDeen 

BruttKl^ 2a£ibI. BU7>1 AnajBTT- 

|U«B lUratngw. H. SiOUaty 
■(ill tla ImuUmt, U.AL BvalAMiUei 

., JM.CW. MwlnwSi»irOorai... . 

' "* "liv. b.n. ShMpdiiie^ 

. . J.Ctor.fUyitlBDKinH._ .... 
m Hcsrx Hiiltoa. MtUtr, Kv. l 
.]« »»»«. D.A..L ar»rral. AUmlot S 
rail Ati4anciB, lJ.O>;. Royal ArtiUeir 
nr; AEuier, U.Cd, Roral BoKinsCT* ... 




LTjD'CaJbdrium, M^rr ((tam iLp, H. 

Den aiMtuoM, tl.ChL Bomlia; Buir'a... 

. B. [AckyBT. JT^H-, aonlAnOlnT 

11. KoBSticT, U.CW.b.p.BoralSDjcIuMn 

£<.(M. k.p. Bqi-Ml KDRtneen. ^.. 

la«ua Slurn. &.CW. I-uuMtar Rwc . 
Uortf oH^n, U.Ctl. Elng^ Om 

I Ba«H«T> ._ , 

luMr, U.Cvt. tLrgtii and Sotbeiljuul 

n bouikld Dai 

>tf i—rg.]Wf _ . , 

wtOmra Ball, Mit/«-,fl.lbdne Alt..,. 
H^MI. Jf«^, h.p. £ Diuoon Oniudi, 

r, R-AnffiBrr 

- --, ,_,-p(a«mli.p.SaoUlihl 

•MB. WOm. Zt.CM. VaOloUi ...„,.. 

BHkanirai,l«.CW. BaBgalBMrOMp*,.. 

KAUUmabXirCW.BMAiatoS'Oorn.. izJDbrAj 

i.acanAa.*iirvw,k.p.sDKOiii. iof*G.s^ 

An H. Wyltie, U.Oel. Bgnfd SUlTOorpf ' '" " "" 

1 lljn-.*r. VSO. Capl. LrinCBiMr Bstft 

I. RnDdle, DSO. thjif. Boyil AniU«ry .. 
17 a. Rai«iluU,£<.{W.SIinnHliin Lllnl 
B. U. Otmtt, itaHir, h-p. it LuuMn ... 13 ^o^J T°{ 4 Fe 

Itnmd. ir-rsr, BiflB Urinda I jApr. m'dSUe 

luailbM Kellr, U.CW. Uadiu &. O. ifi Feb. >t>3 Oo 

c Qnffney Tuvaa, Cutl<um, BaoMl S- O. 

x. H. DwkCmmpbeU.MCM. Bengals. C..>> '•"a. "J a><iBu. os 

lu. Keir|i«tar.0«O. JTuyivr, Jliuiat«rFiu.| lu Uar. i<. 

r»l«lull Thomu, U.OU. B, loik Beat. 9 Jaly Ci ^i Aun. 6, 

:nB<ul.£f.C'J. B«agiiieteltOaTH Iii SepLAj iHaz.ti 

ftnry Si-ldiirt, Il.fW.BcnMl8»BCOTi»  SepLSj' j Apr. 6, 
■mi KiCv. L1.C1I, Boug»l Btair Corpg ...  "— ' •- — '■■-■=- 

 - .'■,.-,. I. I,. l/aior.BoynlArtmwy 

' "-n,i.r.C[>aCidd1«MxB«8t. 
, J/..j«,K.Artil]»i7 

,' '-.'.Uu/or, h.p. ILirtiiiorT 
]/...^h.p. ItoyalArtlUeiT ... 
i(..iiir.*. Ifij,)--. h.p. Ro.val Artillery .,-.., 
II41 Hr»t Lloyd. i(i>r, tLp. B, Art, ) 

II Dorp*. ' sOct. 61 

, _ SMMlB^tt. »lNoT.63' a„aT 

(cry Lare, £<.C^I. SentUih Bidai m July 67 17 On. ;i': 

^udytMoDiK(niien',"Afi{i>r.h.p.BiaBlJr. <8 Jan. d jAng.fS' 

HU«urx>«. Kviv, Q.p. Boy^ArUUety.,.! 17 Deo. ta'; 

lU- J. reildon. Vif'or. b.p. BoyalArt. ...I >7 Jan. «i : 

*lcTick('«mMsr, JT^r.b.p.BayalArt ,.l 1 Mar. Gjl 

«(l«iLUKla]:.*'J>IV>»]-»lAn..,i ..... 1 Mar. 6j : 

LowBln-, Zii.caLBoyalBBr' — '■— '-' 

nw. ff.CU. Bmoal Staff 1 

0*0^ Bamft«J. £(.<W. bamiaiy o. u.,..i ^ "ui. uj 17 ^ug. 
BtltBriuai-B«iiukt,a.CW.B»n»aia-Q...'< Not. 63 1 Fab, 
tlaUmp.JJ.tfcl. iBaUtmingiraalUeia... ■' Aa^.GjiB Jan. 

«*I>(mcuuid. U.CX. I«lut«c Best. '« Sepl.63 1 Foil. 

na. e^Ib, Jfa>er,b.p. BoyalAltillBry.,.! i Apr. 

kaaaw L3in«liiU,<' Major, iLp. KonhO ' , p.h fq' . ,,„.. 

l^^;J^a?S^c^!!!!^!!:.\ '^ ^''- «"* «"■ 

war. JVa/«r. h-p-BoyalSna^MT* .... 
aw Kalhtniw JlvV. RoTalBBir. 

Lwdmani Ootowali. 

-Jobn I.I mUiil Hunt. tf.Col. J U\in»n 

Ck'UKui UsJIciBTDlr Cany, JU.(M.KajBl Bob. ... 
JuhD (iLO. Bpukei, X), CW. Derbnhirt RBSt. (ij F.) 
F.i.c. Gta, HniMoif-Voljntiui.M^jrr, Bm. B.Q... 
Geo. Liincclot U'Los Fumgr, Zt.Oii. EIdb'i) 

Royal HiB« (Co F.) / 

•Cb>8. Henry tjcoH KensMly, M.ftl. Will»lur»7 

HdHt. (w P.) J 

Ve vim, iobnyaotOtD, LI.Oil.BengalB.C 

j.«,e. »ed. WoodbouH JuDci, Jfttjn- ((torn b.p. "J 

Sorrolk Begt.) ; J)». ^. J. G». it«d QHrlm J 
■ei soccr Acklom, Xf.&il. CocniilBht Banger* (94 F.) 

Anbar Flsfat, Zf.OiI. BsaEnl SUlTCoriia 

Km. Godtnj ■Hiomat.*' MajsT, h-p. UuiobMlci) 

OearBB Frixm," J/WDT.b.p. CmiiaDBbtBiDnn... 
tJliu. Vim. Eellii LowDdei, Itvor, h.p. Biirh&iid) 

U. Infliuliy ' ...J 

p.i.r. JomtB LuUirier CmwBbij Bl. Cl»ir,* JKvor, » 

b.11. iTBjM •nd Bulbcrlud HiubisEdn* J 

B) dney F«». Fosiir, Ifsjor, h.p. a WHt Infli* Eeg^ 

Jobn TlidmM CBirutlien, LLCil. DombAv e.C 

CblrJai Birington BcsTe, Lf . CM. K. Unriuoc 

Vm. Itogg Hoipb, iJ.ttof. Ldcwler Beat, [ij F.) 

Fred. Hardy DlaMhiird.if.CW. Bombay 8.C ,.., 

Wm. J». Gftlocf, LI.Col. Konl KhbHhmt* 

jDhD Ftdb. Jas. Uiikr, Xf.CVif. Benaal fiUITC 

CniXoKl Boyd Uooln. Zf.CiI.IUdni* BUirC. 

Geo. FiM.Chnrcbai, ZI.CpI. Bangui eutrC... 

Edwanl Niabllt, Zl.CMf. Weat HldlDg Rect. (76 F.) 


Cbirlci KdRnnl Panndgc, XC.Col. WsiC Kanl) 

Res'. (97 F.) i 

Fdmasa ubvl» ELIistoD, Ll-Col. Bengal S. C 

««irge Frider.flk WliLi«, iJ.CpI.Yorkibira Lighl j 

Edwurd liayuo AleiM<i«r!''Jtfi'^Vb.p. a«»roftb i 
lligblusdeis, Sn,„cloT if Otmntma %% Uii.. ... S 
rjM. Vrm. Jni. Birker, llmtr, b.p. BOTBlAitillery 
Cbtt«. AnulcHa Knipioa, Majnr, 6. p. Hoyal Art. . 
Wm. Fred- dc BabbanaE Cnrtii, Jlajtr. b.p, S. Art. 

KdmoBdWabbUMb, K.feJ.HoyafArtilleiy... 

Waller IVcalore tttit.ZI.Cnt. N«r[b«mpwn Begt..,, 
p.i.c, J«i-, Cecil XIalLoo, Myor, t.p. R. Artillery : ■. 

O eo. W iiiBoi ik; Tariibulll iV. CwV Boyiil Art.' ! !" ! , ! . . 

ilagkde la UoneUBrrBy.Zr Oil. Bengal B.U 

p.i.r. Ueory BUdboIme Bn)wiirigg,l.(.Cal. Bifle) 

John iuir Bnn'ier/trcW.' 'B™b«y Btiir'dOTpa' i ;; . .. 

KdwiD Poole. lf.j»r, Royal Marinea 

Htnry Donald Browne, t(.0.(. Kjng'a Bojal RISeB 
FrBDCu Frederick DltniM, Ifa/iir, h.p. Binal Art. . 

jBinea George Pnradtoot, ^I.CV1. MadnuS.C 

Wi.liini HeBiy Broume, it. Col, Bengal Btafl C 

U iTbert Paget Knocker, i*. Cto*. Ro™l Kna.;, Royal ArUUery 

Anbur Augoitni SaDndora. J[aw-,b.p, Soyal Art. 
ArOiur JaniH Pearaon, Mtyor, b.p. Boyal ArttUBry 

St. Aubyo Moleawortb. il.Cof. BoyalArUUery 

.AtcUUld Yonnti LeiUe, Lt.Cnlnml Uamnrao) 

Uigbliudera J 

f . .c. Harry Casper " M^er, b.p. North Kncft- ) 

.tain Bcgt, (,; F.) Z.......... j 

Herbert Cbaa. Uuryat, il.n>(. UanobeiUr Regt,... 
l-^biw. Fiu. (iDsF.) ... 
Wui. cfaa>.Fied.lU(ldiia. if.Ctor. SoniorKtU. Int 

Henry p. 1). WilUo. Ll.Cal. i Dragoon Goanli 

l^eo. Wettrenenfiawyer,i(.0.(,Bnml»?S.C 

W m.SloeUirSmiU) Uuad.CiJf. Jf»y«r,t.p. H-Eng. 
Wm. HennCoaker JfiJcT, ta.D. Ronl Bbgliiaan 

OraiTUIa VemoD, Ll.L^I. BflUOrdafaiTa Begt 

Ueorga will, Jfujw, b.p. Bqial Artillery 

Heary Plncke Lee, if.cbf. ftoyal Kngineer* 

Fred. Wm. VanaLockie, il.otl. BomlwyB. C 

AlleD Aag. Win. Beamiiih, Unjtr, b.p. Boyal Bug. 

Albert da Clancy fiennlek, U.IM. Bangars. C 

lUchard Wace. J(W, h,p. Royal ArtilKy 

By. SacBl. Bpillar Watkin, CB. UaM. h.P. B. Aft. 


HaruldPemberlon Leach , «aj»r. Royal Engineers 
George H»iiry,Kajar,Koj.l£ngin*era .... 
Henry L-Batrauge HalOQa, JTbim-, b.p. 16 LaBMm 
John JaouB Hainilain, Unjar, b.n. Li*erpool Begt. 
law. PrimroM T. Goldinjitb, il^or, LaoCBrtiIra j 

Barry Croker Foi, *(„«■. b.p. EoyiS KosineatB ... 
S-hoe. Jitain bmilef, LI.CA B«ogal fiiffgorpi 

iiDer. 6a 
A Feb. 70 

S Jan. ,0 
re Apr. 6. 
ti Bapt.6] 

i Jan. 64 

7Uar. 6s 
r, Feb. 67 
4 Oct. 67 

13 Jan. 69 

18 KOT. U 

12 Aug. «a 

14 Feb. 6s 
■lOct. ; 


1 Apr. 6j : 
.11 fly*!, 
I Jnty 68 1 


] Jan. 82 1 Jan. $1 

iApr. 7S"8«P'-»' 
I Oct. to 31 Jan. 1. 

IB Jan. V 

c Feb. }« 

16 Fab. B4,i6Fi 

17 Deo. (3 I Hi 
I Uar. B4' I Ifar. od 
8 Uar. 84^ t Mar. go 
8 Mar. Kt, 8 Vx. 9° 

14 8ept.84 8 Uar. 9c  M 

> KOT. 73 96 July 81 19 Mu. < 
I Hnr. 76 13 Uar. i^n Uar. 91. 
1 July 71 ' '"'y O'!"* Mar. 90 
I Jiily77J7U«f-83.7iri 

i4Jnne6AsJan, ; 
77 June 6^1; Jan. ; 
;6July 6j'i5 Jan, 7 

t6 II Apr. 84 II A[<r. ; 
i8 14 Apr. 83 14 Ap- - 

, iJuly 

3.. Feb. 76 IJ Apr. 
7 16 Apr. jftiSApr. 
8' 3 Maj' 76 3 May 

i'ioFob.7S "Unr. 
311 Uar. 76 II May 

16 Apr. »..; 

84 3 Jli»- 9"! 
%l 6 Mny 9u 


4lliir. 6d 

■9 Uay 6j{ I Apr. 69'ii Jan. 7 
ijJim. 6v J8ljct. 7"7U«r.7 
iBl>ce. tu|]oJune65iiApr. j 


S July 6, 
e July 6( 

I F«t). 6j 
] Aug. 64 


Jono;«| 'July gjj 1 

.'May 70 

July 68 

Mar. 64 

6 July 76 
g Aug. 76 

» Aug. 83 

ig July So 

! June 8s' >8 July 90 
I Feb. 87>8J°l7 V> 
I July 8130 July 90 je J 
1 July 81 31 Jnly (H |i * 
I July li ji Jalr V 
I An«. t) 1 Ant. 9* 1 


7tt. Souai Osift. ' 
EUtaU Ou^cU, Majar. li.p, lBDis-)| 

OtBbua Wanll, Ll.Cat. Karfuik Begt. i 

ArUllar; ... 

>, H>j»-, h.p. Sorkl ArUllu 

■I Addsln, JCVv, h.B. B. . 

•■auiK&r-CMBambuaMffCc , 

.'rtttcM HalkM*. U.CM. Booaml & Corps' , 

MM, £f.CU. Kngkl SWff Corp* I r 

Boh, U.Off.KlDc'BOiniacauiihBard.i. 
b«rt BiMM, U.Orf- N. Luuublre Ragt. ii 

 BdB^ JUw, h.p. CluAIn Ragt - 

rniMr, £lCM.H>dn*8HIT0aTp( ;. , 

HMBaolMaCmininl.'* VsMir (Avml 
rOadri BMbariud Hi|tblu£n)i Ai-y t 

n tH arm Stirtin. qitfaUmr )\ 

. Kanli But, U.Ctt. b«dI>» 8. C. 
■S-imuaiB Xtrir, Uajtr, L^osaler E 
•aaJkmn/*JC«w,ti.j>. DurlwaiUH 

wiM Muttfli. U.CM. BBigslSeaff< 
!telBer, U.CM. Klaa'a B. Rifl«(& 
' — !• Braw«ll, Ifiu"-,  -  - 
-" "■^jw.h.p.Ki 

fa^,h.p. W. 

. _ . M. i. JiiUm athg' ... . 
H Monu, Ct.Os'. KoithUDpton ) 

Ja«>» n 81iifll«cmi, iKCiaL Highland > 

hMTf (H KJ J 


•to UvmBvri" M*iir, h.p. Uniaxial ) I 





» Dee. 77 




1} S=pt.6s 




^ u»r «i 




lOci, 6, 


a Oct. ;. 

lOoL 7c 

JO Apr. 77 


i Jaly ,: 

iJu. £6 

aooi. ;i 

6 Uar. »s 


I D03. 69 

M lalj 78 

» Aug. 6s 

« Jane 68 

» X0». IS 




« Apr. 6j 

H> Feb. K 

. Apr. 71 



'J 1^77 

7 «ixr 6a 

9 Aug. ajl 9 Aagl, 
loAog. BjioAoR.s 



I J SepLja 

II OoL 84 It Oct. ai 

*Msr.giisOi- -^ 

iSOet, t]<i«Oi._. ,. , 

uOct. S,{»OdI. 911, 

P7 JO JlDt 83:13 Uot. (D 
OT.8j17Nav.llo 1 

ily S. .. S 


Serr-ic^a 0/ the LietUenant Colonels not fitZonjinj to Regimoils or Corps. 
Wax S«rTlcM ol Dtber Uentenuit Coloneli. Tlda their reipMtlve BcKlmtnta or Corpij 

■t AjtaoD Hn-sd Id tha Sontbern Mslirutls cuopalgn of iS4t-4j, iDclading the sicga and c-.pturs , f 
unellib. Powughar, Monohnr, and MongaDtoKb. SarrDdtn BUppnaaEoaofttia Indi&D matiDTln i^^tL-cn 
— ~ . - . . otD«rk»,and«(!tionorBomnai>ft(iredal). 

icloding tba battlei ot Moodkiw, FaroiesliBh, anil 
 wonndBd on tha ifltli Jn'r, and Myaraly woimJedi 

h S? snd°"B8ll 

t. Pownghnr, Monahar, and Mamantwh. Surriji) 
be pDTiiiit oF Tantia TopM, actiomiinth Bheela,  
Dcl Keniiion aenad the SnllejoampKignof 1845- 
ledal and two Clasp*). Slags of Delhi m iBji, lU, 
tkriD •BdehaatonCthAngnit {BnTctxr «•.»> 1 
iDcl J. U. B. a. J(oalgom«7 ssrved wi 
Tsa pn*«Bt in lb* •ngaEemaat *t Tel-( 

and Kl tha baUls ot Tsl-el-Keb 
RlBas in the A((h*n w 

datau, and wu pretent at tha bntlla at Candabar 
Soudan Kipedttion in iSat wilh tUe 3rd HaiuUali 

IikmI R. KUiu aerrsd wtlh (hs ;;tb Regiment In the Afghan war of 1S7S-80, and n-u preaenl In tlis 

VIS at Aluned Kbfrrl and Unoo near Qhutnee (ktedal with Claap). 

Jiniel J. A. 8. OolanhOBn Mrrail in the Afghan war in 1S7B 79. and was preaent at the capture of th» 

xal ( If edal with Clasp). 

ikosl B. R. ToBBg ssrved on the H.W, Frontier of tbe Fobjanb from Jnne iSfs to FebrD:ir7 i3 ij. »itti 

iBKor Uab in Angost and Ssptamber 1861, and tbroDgbaut the opentioni inlbe UoiboyU I'su, lutbtrlr 
nt of tbs Bsglnwat [spsoiallj mouIdoDed In deapMshesand in IhsPaDJaab GovemmeaVTavsiti., At^-^ 

40 war oervices Of ine jjieuituani Kjuiuneus rws utfi/irnying iu j^fcyiinenu or uor^ 

" Sir St Vincent Hammick served in the New Zealand war in x 864-65, and was mentioned in despat 
having *' performed his duty as Acting Adjutant with great coolness and courage under a heavy fire " 
Action at Te Kouga (Medal). 

. 1' Lt. Colonel A. J. Poole served in the operations against the Taeping rebels in China in x863, inclui^ 
second capture of Kadiug (Medal). Served with the 67th Regiment in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and wai 
in the cugaf^ement at Charasiab on the 6th October 1879, and was severely wounded in the affair at Scrol 
loth November (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Maior, Medal with Clasp). Served in the Burmese 
lion in 1886-87 with the Shan Column in command of a wing of the 2nd Bc^taliou of the Hampshire B 
<mcntioiicd in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonol. Medal with Clasp). 

i<^ Lt.Colonel P. D. JefiVeys served with the 88th Regiment throughout the Zulu war of 1879 (Medal witb 
Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 as Brigade Major 3rd Brigade, and commanded the 
\vh1ch captured his bivouac and killed the Kemendine Prince on the xst January 1S87 (mentioned in dctc 
Brevet ot Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

i» Lord William Bcresford served with the JowakiAfreedee Expedition in 1877-78 (Medal with Clasps 
in the Zulu war of 1870, and was present in tne engagement at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, Victorii 
nnd Mednl with Clasp) : was awarded the lT(2r '* for gallant conduct in* having at great persona) risk, di; 
retireiueut of the reconnoitring party across the 'White Umvolosi River" on 3rd July 1879, turned 
Ijergcaiit Fitzmauricc, ist Battalion 24th Foot (whose horse had fallen with him), mounted nim behind 
bid Uorhe, and brought him away in safety under the close fire of the Zulus, who were in great force, and 
on (inickly. Lord William Berosford's position was rendered most dangerous from the fiftct that : 
Fit^innuricc twice nearly puUed him Aram his horse." Served with the 9th Iduioers in the Afghan war ot 
and was present at the capture of Ali Musjid (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). Served 1 
Jiurmcse Ea.i)cdition in x886 as Military Secretary to the (Governor General of India (mentioned in des 
Brevet of Lt.Colonel. and Clasp). 

31 Lt.Colonel the Hon. W. F. Elliot served with the Mounted Infantry in the Zulu war of 1879 (Medal wit 

<3 Lt.Colonel H. W, Apperley served with the 9th Lancers in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and took part 
iBazar Valley Expedition, in tne engagement at Charasiab in October x879, and in the operations around < 
December 1879 (mentioned in despatches); acconipanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar. 
present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Major, Medal with three Clasps, an( 

** Lt.Colonel E. R. Bromhead served with the 2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment throu^l 
Egyptian war of 1882, and was present in the engagements at EI Magfar and Tel-el Mahuta, iii the two a 
Ka.sHa«in, and at the battle of Tel-el-Kcbir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's KU 

>^ Lt.Colonel Edward Gunter served with the 59th Regiment in the Afghan war of 1879-80 with the for 
Sir Donald Stewart, and was present in the engagement at Ahmed Kheyl and the subsequent operatioi 
Logar Valley (Medal and Clasp). 

^ Lt.Colonol G. M. Fox served with the xst Battalion Black Watch in the Egyptian war of iS3r, 
prf sent at the battle of Tel- el-Kebir— wounded (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

•**" Lt.Colonel F. B. J. Jerrard served in the Ashanti war in X874, in the Transport Service (Medal). 

^ Lt.Colonel A. Lo;;an served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star) 

3« Lt.Colonel N. L. Walford served in the Egyptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

3i L«i.Colonel A. A. Morshead served in the Kafir war in 1877-78 as District Adjutant of the Trans 
Cisviiul Districts, and was present in the operations against the (>alekas and in the engagements at .S 
and Qiiintaua (mentioned in despatches); also served in the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). 

56 Lt.Colonel Hon. C. Dutton served in the Afghan war in 1879-80 as Assistant Quarter Master Gen' 
Divi:^i()u Cubul Field Force, and was present in the affair at Shekabad (mentioned in despatches. Brevet i 

*7 Lt.Colonel T. B. Humfrey served in the Afghan war in 1880 with the 2ndfBattalion of the Livori>ool R 
in the Ko<jrum Valley (Medal). Served in the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 with the 2ud Battalion of il 
])ool Regiment (Medal with Clasp). 

^ Lt.Colonel D. A. G. C. Graham served with the Carnbinicrs in the Afghan war in X&79-S0, including t 
at Ali Boghnu under Lt.Colonel Frver, and the expeditions against the Wuzeeree Khugianis and to ihe ! 
Valley, under Lt.Geueral Bright (Medal). 

39 Lt. Colonel U. E. Gaulter served in the Burmese Expedition in 1887-09 with the ist Bnttiiliou Un 
Regiment (Medal with Clasp). 

«" Lt. Colonel W. W. James served with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in X885-86, and was prcpciit i:: 
ga gemcnt at Giniss (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

♦I Lt.Colonel A. U. S. Montgomery served with the Mahsood Wuzeeree Expedition in x 881. 

^ Lt.Colonel M. Wynyard served with the 50th Reg^imcnt in Now Zealand during General Chute's cam 
1866 (Modal). Served as Adjutant xst Battalion West Kent Regiment in the Egyptian war of 1B82 till i\ 
from Kassasin (Medal, and Khedive's Star) . 

«> Lt.Colonel W. S. Langley served throughout the Abyssinian campaign fVom the 13th Doc 1867 as J 
to Lt.Colonel Wallace, and was present at the fall of Magdala (Medal). He served as Staff Officer of a 
under Colonel Wallace at various periods during the advance on Magdala; as Acting Brigade Majo 
Brigade under Brigadier Wilby, alter the capture of Magdala, during the illness of the Brigade Msj 
appointed Staff OflBicer of the 3rd column on the commencement of the march down country, and serve<l 
and as Assistant Quarter Master General till it was broken up previous to embarkation. 

** Lt.Colonel M. Churchill served in the Zulu war of 1879 (^edal with Clasp). Served in the Boer war 
as Deputy Assistant Adjutant General at the defence of iSfetoria (mentioned m despatches). 

*'' Lt.Colonol H. D. A. Cutbill served throughout the New Zealand war of X863-66, took part in the Ext 
to the Thames and the Waikato, and was present at the taking of Orakau and in the engagement at O 

^ Lt.Colocel IL M. B. Brunker served as Adjutant with the 26th Cameronians in the Abyssinian cam; 
x86S (Medal). Proceeded on special service to South AfHca in X878, and served as Staff Officer in the ti 
of Gri(|ua Land West (mentionod in despatches). Served in the Zulu war of X879, first with the Fronti 
Horse of Wood's Colunm, and afterwards on the Staff of Line of Communications and Base (mentiuned 
])atchcH, Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). Went to South Africa on special service in January i 
j[>crved under Sir Evelyn Wood in the Boer war as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master Gene 

«7 Lt.Colonel W. G. Thomas served in the Afghan war of X878-79 with the Transport Train in the a<i\ 
Caiiduliar under Sir Donald Stewart, and afterwards with the expedition into the Argand Valley uudi 
C^neral Biddulph (Medal). 

^ Lt.Colonel G. Froom served with the 94th Regiment in the Zulu war of x 879, and in the subsequent oj: 
against Sekukuni, including the storming of the stronghold (Medal with Clasp) . Served in the Boc] 
18S0-81, and took part in the defence of Standerton (mentioned in despatches). 

«9 Lt.Colonel J. L. C. St. Clair served with the 91st Highlanders as Adjutant in the Zulu war of X879, 
present at the action of Gingindhlovn and relief of Ekowe (Medal with Clasp). Served in the £gj-pua 
1 38 2 as Aide do Camp to Major General Uarman (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Lt.Colonel H. Cooper served in the Ashanti war in 1874 in the Transport Service (Medal). Berv4 
Boer war of x68x in Barrow's Mounted InfiuiUy. Served with the Burmese Expedition in x686 as Aide < 
to tbe Governor General of India (Medal with Clasp). 

M Lt.Colonel Houison Craufurd served with the oist Highlanders in the Zulu war of X879, and was pi 
Xhc action of Gingiudhlovu and relief of Ekowe (Medal with Clasp). 


A, Vv^> b-p. BoTBt Enfrinecn 

(DC UilUpul, Oafl. h.p. Hilitarr TnlQ. SUIT) 

inmnian — , — J 

nana,' C^(uiti h.p. BonlUarins Artilliry 

■e Stamka,* K^(*r, b J). BwbI UtirinM 

ok,' jr>var.b.p.lUi&uSUff Oorni... ..... 

w Miinliill Cnml. M-itar, Bgni. EagJatBra „ 
  " S.WidM" — ' '- ■■-— 

tw. Knar. BvnnI Buff Corps .. 

. !«Craa^lr<{/«', Bein1nT9BirCorp« 

LdHTlaiHaBUer, Utjer, Liiiooliu'-'" "— 

Bratt OmM*. lfv«r, RonlKulnea 

laorgs Knoc CB. J^ifsr, Ba7alAiIUlet7 „ 
'. H. StRmtt, Jr^/w, WonHaii*fali«R«ffL,Ji9 
tArd OowdiDZ. Vt/w, Roj>I X 
igb On^ JVv°r, Boilbra Bi|A 

% Onnt, JVv°< . - „- 

..rbca, Jrai", Ktral Arlillsry 

BS. Fru. K. BlsoHt-MwAinuUI. U«jor, g U 
:baries Bnivn, U*iar, Bene*) StoO' Corpa 

kBniadlbol, JV<i>ir, Bdjml Artilllrr 

— — "■ — '--^ ■»--— "engil Buiff Cor 

STDT Bubcul, Xtier, Bcaoml &Mt 

iMSoottOliUhiiliBa, ir^/ir, <!«. 

IDf d Baillr RlohudMo, M-uar, BangAl SUIT Corpa 

r. Bca^nl &Mff Oorp* ... 

dOe>aEb.V<uer,9 ._ . ._ 

imaa&iiia A.maiX.CXO.Jf^er.BaiKalSlMSCariK 
■dip CnmptoaKvTlIla. V«iH-, BbukbI SUO'Carpg.... 

•^jTsOa Muuwl, i^for, Bifla BrigBdc .,. 

luDblei BIUoU, Kmt, DsinlBUITOorp* 

«T«n Li^CWd, JTifsr, Koru Antllery 

olknat Bnnn. tfi^w, Bo;^ Kniiiieen 

tihir KubsM aaidoa Kane, MainT, BeaIonb\ 

Bi»w«(pF.I -....,.-...„ - J 

» SeaM H^pWr, Vivar. Oonlon HtghlMnlar* <a> Fool} 

- ■*-'- *mwi Staff Oditib „ 
, Uonlty DoogUi, 1 

iirrBoVdar K«t.''(iii' P. ) '.'." 

^laBa«ll,Jfajorr»»'inn''-'l>ira'n'i-^t (4? F.) 

nnncT, ir«rar. GlonceMmhlre Ben. (aS F.) 

■-  "iloriMB, JKajor, Koisl SooU <i F.).. 


HjvDu AbHMvaioe rooM, Ifi^DT, 19 lAncan 

>. Bdwari OoodirTD, Malar, Bum Laaeaahin Itczi 

^ iMttiwt. (161 

Oiu1«* BnnrnB, Vm'nr, Seota FiuiUert (ii F.) .... 
lUu-Uh PBtenoD,l(q/ir,B«dAlrdshlnK«gt, (iS 1 

-1 «--.-_ D .. 1.1^ D — ^.{joF.) 


icbanl £»pford ^livafaTiraiei'. Hifla Brinile 
-ahntidr.J"-- -^--■?--^- -"-^ 

_ _.. JTwBr, B«*LBii(iHWreR«el. (jo_ . .. 
UKkwood UuCkU, irqior. King'! B07id BiSv [6d E 

na«li. ir>(i*r. 7 DngoaaQtaiaa 

- "—'— ybWB, Xmsr, Ooni BeoU (i " ' 

ntDRlMm, ifmsr, Hani 
rd Scopford Bawkvaia, 1 

ra/or, Eul lATicuUrs Eegt. 

A«or, Yorluhlre Uglil lumalry... 

ipcrOanoB Hani, JfiMT. Seola Fiul)iaii(i[ F.) ... 

-MVBBooih. JfajV. LoiLi«nB«et. (■ F.) 

iaat»p« QildM, Vo/xr, Scofonti ll[ablsnden (7]F.) 
■Icrick LaBmu-Jotuuon, Jfo/or, Tocit Mid Ion-) 

X<05 F.| — i 
Yorke. Ifv". UncMtar BBgt. (4 F.) 

ilh U'Srian Blmke, Major, I/iDBoltuliira Begl. (ro F.) 

r Wm. Waoa, lfa»>r, Iruli BuR. (li F.) 

rkjlor Miller, JIaisr, h-p. R. UuliieA, fuf wuf cr, j 

jr Rtgl. U 

p, Boyil Mariaes 

B. Jema, Jr^/w, Hlghluid LI. InTan 
^rpaat-Stri. Unjtr, CaDnnaglilRin 

rajsp, Canniaitht Raninn (94 F. j 


Isrn^, ^V«r, 4 Dn^ooatJaanli 

eock.' If^jiir, h.p. SsTSl Uftrino*, San 

1. B. Heljar, Hajor, ] HuMn .. 


Cecil Harloj SI. Paut. 3fa/or. Riflo BriRade 

Hanrv Bats, Xai'sr. UaiuUr ruBlUen (loi F.) 

Putrinlt FnmoUfiobBBKiii, JfujW-, Gorton HiriitaBi 
}..i.e.iloi. Henry F™»«r,if^»i\H»mpiMroE«t. 
p.t.e.TbomMPriokeU. ITsier.llHMBeg*. (56P.) - 

Williaai Phllibt Jfa/or, DotMtahlre Baet. {m »^-) ■;— i- 

Fredartck WilUun EUrch. Ifm'vr, l«noaidiirs Coabon tin F. 
FredoriB John Cartin, Ityor, Glom»rter»hlr« Raift (Gi F.) ,. 

Robert IVm. F. PtUUp*. Ifiom-, K. Bmror Kegt. UiV.) 

Bdwani It. FiUhwlKrt, Jr«»r. lancMWr Bap. UW-} 

George Knieit B»rl«. Ifqifr. The Bnffe ........j.-- 

Complon Norman, M^v", w«l«'i Faeilie™ ('3 FJ 

St t. Bsnry T. Huehet flUlett, Ifajor, Midaleee* o-"" 

Philip Honry Smith. Mq/or, DoTomhire Begt. (n 

■~ leii.iiajor, uoyai MdnnoBTOiiBTj 

^..._...» wn,jr<i/'"", HoralJUrloe Artillery ... . 

Rdmrd SelL; lonea, Uyor, h.p. Boral Uuinei, llan 

Herbert ki. tieorice Behomhani, KvV, Boyal Miuinea ii 

Fnmel* Fred. Fjler Boup^ Jfny«r, But anrrey Beglinen' 
Thoioiu AnJiur FreemBD« Ifuvr, KmI Bot 
Oecil Conar, Ifo/or, WaM Bldbg Begt. ( 
LioD*! BdwBcd B. Booth, JTijer.WMt B 
p.i.t. John C, R. QlBaEOV, Vq/«r. BnBblk Rft 

e I e, BvelTQ Ciimpl>eU Money, ifdi'sr, Irlih 

SenryWalMr Trench, Arii|-«-,W,auiToy Rairt. (» P., 

Kdw»rdArnbih»lfl Braoe, Jf«,-«-,Tork«litre Regiment (19 F.) 

0>Ten Wllliama, UnJor, SoOblk Benmeut(i< F,}. 

Henry Philip Mjles Wjrlie, Uiu^, Klng-a Royal RiUea (So F.) 

Chariea Bdwnnf Beadnoll, Ifajiff. Royal ArtiDerj 

Charle. Alei. Uorri.. Minor, WeM Tort.hiio Regt. (.4 F.| ' 
».!.«. Richard Chariea Hare, JTojo^ CTwihlre Regt. (11 F.).„ 
Wm. Baniogion Broime, JfiyVr, Duke ofOomwaU"" Li, In 
 le KTBlra J. W. Noble. Msjar, Royal Uariue Artillery... 

Howard UeUiai, If 01 H'.BomlJayataa'Corpa 

Donnett Thomaa Kinder, tta/tr, Deronahir* Begt. (1 

 inter Waller. Ifa/iir, Royal Knglneate 

lorgeB. N, Uartln. CB. Xiu'if, RDjal Artillery... 

e. Chariea Uoore WaUon, CATS, jr^ar. Royal Engineer 

Ualednn Philip Kgerton. Myor, Doraetahite Her' 

a I.e. Charleg Kdnaid Beckett, Afa/or, 3 Hniean- 

WilliOBi O. W. »aabay. Caplv. tfombe; Staff Corpi 

William aaiaeTuckor.Ifq/or.Boyal Marine ArUUery 

Edward Owen Hay, JfuFo'j Royaf Artillery 

Chariea KdwardBwaine.ilj/iir, 11 Buaaan 

HL«hardC, B. Lawrence, If^cw, 1 Dragoon Giuirdi ,, 

Walter Henry Holbech, ITeiVr, King'* Royal BiOee (teF.) 

Roger Pin* CoUn. If «i>r, BoyalMarlaea 

p.t.c. Wlltlam L'hriaupber JamM, Va;«r, 16 Lancerg 

Adiien Baniuel Wood*, Kai'i"', ^Inaler Regt.liag P.) 

CUude M. MuDonald, If^r, Highland Lighb Inf. (74 F.) 
JamM Uaitland Bant, Vv>r, Cameron BlghlandeiB In 7.', 
r.f.r. Sdwd. A. W.8. GroTi, l^w, n«MCentBegt.(jor., 

Oeorge Barker, HiUar, Boyal BnginMia 

Biduey Smilh, Jf<»«r, Royal Bnglneer* 
Wm. JohBaua KirVpatrlck, Mai^, "- 

irlip»trlck,lf<iiV, Yt 

„„ ohftn-Bord, Mvtr, Royal , 

Beniy Viiian Cowan, tfWer, Royal Artillary 

John Lewit Roee. Majnr, Wore«alenhir« Raginaot (36 P.) 
Aiihor William Shenogham.Afa/t^.Uheihire Begt. m F. 
O^nliiitr Frederic Gojoo, Jfojor. Bojal Fuiilien (j F.) .. 
JkaxM K. W, Baijth OiulMJd, Uvor. • W-I. RegiaMBI ... 

Feb. ft: I Jan. Ij 

rrii. V^rv. Uidaloui BKlnant (;; 1 

ten ShMiberd. DSO. Mtjw, Norfolk B«ftt. (9 ^ 

Ui«BmBdWalk0T', ir</«-, KinlAnillsrT . 
«Sidd DwwUw. M^/tr, SooU raalUen (11 r.) 
£si Dais. JCiw-'. Wax aomr Kaslmut (1 F.). 

■br HMknu. Jr4f#, K'ljal .ArtDIai? 

vJmt rwrtnr. ICwor. Borsl AnUl«r]r 

r Burlaw. Jtfit/«r, MkUObssMr Bagtment 

njr tAir>*iK«, jrv«l,liuliBei(lio*iit(iSF.> 

rt ai«*w»ii,*'*"i™«BiilIk(iF.t . 

Td Oofdao. Jrvor. WHtTarksLira Kegt. (1. F.). 

KBlehl, Majar. SHTonh HittbLuidtn (71 V.J . 

( Backeo, JC-isF, Bov&l Pnailutn (7 F^ 

M Eoslvdae U^. vW". IiueHblra Fusilien ., 
tLOT Bkll, jrV"-. War>nol»hiia BoKiment (fi T.). 

QwMiD. MnJar, llidtllaui RaipiiieDt (57 F.) 

nm*. Vsifr. 5 DnwDinmaud* . , ..— - 

u SMplBca, IfVB'. YoTkabiro L 

are ac««>rT, Maior. Rani ArLU 

;ibvi wlllUbitt, JTaAr, Vr-'- 




„ M*jr, L»uuMre Fm. {10 F, 

, LoBBdmla BaBTar. MJjBr. Kojol Anillary. 

■Iker Andnin, JTi;'"'. DxTanihitv Bcgt. (11 1 
vt Tula, 'kfiuar', Dnonaliiia Bagtmeat (it F.). 

luff, ir<u<v,%<uuiB««iiB«ne(io7F.) .. 

GecHB Impay, Jf-vsr, aiuMiH^mnil 

■BC4 BilUud, MuKT, TorkAIn Ligtit InlkDb'r 
tunBowlok, J(<^,N. BMffiirdnlilraBaiit. (98 F.) 

[■Lead Caodwrlud. IT^rsr, B, BtaObrd Beat. 

Hiub lf"r»"* Briekandao, Uajar, BiMkWaub 

Mb. U^ivr, B. LanculdreaaalmBit (uF.)... 

lAJlan Way. Vajar. Monhnnbarluid Fw>. (s F.) 
Bik dwfTT, Vivar, NoiUmmbenuid Fas. (j Fool) 
I Djrha, **»"«■. "w*'"™'™'"'' ^"' Is *■«"' - 

«nOUi*»ai, ir«/w. aor«i AitoierjF 

1 raiJS, lU^, MoiUiuvMMhlrallwt. Ill " " 
Ui* O'LWT', MajBT, 8. LuuuMhlra Rant. (40 F, 
»»ne. Jf-j'i--. Oift>rd.hirt. LlBbt Infiplry ... 
Tumour, M-ijar. K.iii7> Hoynl Rifles (^ F.J .. 

liun Boekle. Major, llotal Anilleir 

ueia Williun*. Ifo/er. Hoyal Arulbry 

I] WtdkhBm, JM/sr, BadToRlibln Begt. (iG F.) 
teil^, "V"^ Bdjal AitiUery 

T«or. W. 

8«i»Uk mac* (>e Foot) „ 

Ebt Archer, iranr. Kick-* BojbI Ride* (&> F.J 
« CoMObBdie. Major, Royil ArttUBI? 

dl^jr««-. Ouxham Lt. loftiniry (loiS Foot) ... 

it DotaniiB, M-tif. Rot»1 ArtUlery 

bm. Brock. ^"V^. W^«t Kont RjgiraoM ..,-,. 

rsi PMer. Jf-V"". S Huwri ,... 

Xirii»*tM"=. -«•■."-■. "■ a"'"? B»f t- (3' "■■ 
,^fc f.>.i-- Maior. aonloD BiRhlaaSeii (7; ] 
rjjl,, HowBiUi, If'yl"', WMt iDiiiK BsglniSDC 
.-- ivi.^khMHi_ Maitr. Bovk] Artillerv 

1. JAvor. "o™! AnOUwy 

h - Baww. Jf'jV, Bojal BugioHi 
^.T'^C^ '. T^^^. kr.*;A« n.kuki A*4kii*..v 

Mraiar.. BOT*' AJ^uierj 

'rAStZiny. ar-,«- aoj.iArtiii 

«.r Jirivv-. Boyal ArUllery .. 

J7?i.5utrif-«^. BOi.1 Anm 
w -' 'F^IL _J aj-Ti^- Rn..i anil' 

jp.i.r, GcorED HerTiert P»lmw, Uaior, Boynl An!ll»ry 

p.i.c. Jubu Tbooma Biur. Uaj<^, ttojBl AtWlBr:? -. 

■Norton Povr1olt,M«i(.r,Wa[Artillorj - 

Uhu-lei! Bilniinl Orown, ifnitr, nojti JatiOtry 

John DoD|il>a Ucoglfti, Uhhit, RayAl AnlltnT- J... 

Jamea Edwud JomoIvq, ijo/tr, Sojwl ArtUlery 

Ooorn Hunter O'Uallcy, Ho/in-, Boyal AiHllsry 

John Juno CDondaD. MaJar.&aytX AxOHniJ 

KolHTl de Uirylakl. Uajar, Rarnl AitUleiy 

Orniel!eC«in|]bcllHftnn»y,Viifiir. Argyll and 8utherl.i..J ) 

Hiahlsndera (gj Foot! J 

Cbariea Hiittmy B, Hotcok. Ifaier, RiOg BrignUo 

Wui. LetlBom aronuw, Utijar, UaocbHtec BcglmeiiV (6j F.) 

BaiDHy W, RmiiBloril-HluiiiBjr, Wnfm-.KoyBl AitUlarj 

Jubn Oeosgt Uppleby, llajir, Roykt AnOlatJ' ~ 

Atihur KaJronf, Uaior.RnyiilAiaitory 

Jamea Flamsr Prmili, il^-r, Soyiil Artillory 

Bainuelftiirdiiior Smyth, Jffl>r,Koy»l hxtaiety 

l^rftndH Z^ouall, Jfiirnr^ RoTiLl Bofflnear^..... ^. -..,.- -. 

Kaory Etgilale. Uajor, BoislEaginnn 

Johnaoa Win. SiivaHO, Uyor, Buy&l Bniticmn 

Hendloy Paul Kirkicood, irajur. boyat BnglQeBn 

Pntnk tincanl Curbett. U^iar, Btin[ Sagiamn 

Arthnr Oraniilla Olayton, ifiytr. Royal Eagineora 

John Walter Otlloy, iTci/oi-, Royai BoBlneari 

Sydonham John LamlHrt, Italor, Boyal Knglnnra 

fj.e. Henry Homphreya CnioIicndBn, Mv'r, Hoyal Anilli^rv 

Jamea a. Silver 0. Howltt. JfujV. Boyal Artillery 

LairranccCharlaC. Thompson, Kivor.Ureriioo!&eh-t... 

Frsd, Honry Whitby, Jfa;»r, Darhnm LighUnfantry 

Uartin John Siokley, Jflf/iir, Dublin FBalllen lioj Foul) 

Edward Tboiopaan Dlokaoa, Mnjtr, Berksbiro Roglmetil... 

BsiriaiLd Hill Martin, Kf^'or, 31 Uuiaara 

f.t.i. JnttiniSD a. Ponaanby, ITai'in-, Berfcahlre IteBimeDC... 

AnBDBtaaBnryLlardet,ifq/Dr, Hoyal Man nea 

George Ssarorth Budon, Jf^jnr. Hoyal Beau (i Foot) 

Alfred Burdon Ellia. ifu>r, i Woat India Begiment 

AJeiander Donald M' Arthur, Uajar, Bayal Bngineen 

John Oneii Quirk DUO. Mtyiir, Welab aeRlDiant 

John Lawrence Klacphoraoo, Afq/vr, Boyal Bnffincera ,. 

JamoaAnaon F. Null, Miijiii-, Ri^ Artillery ,, 

Jin. Jamea P. Napier, JifivV,ii>Huaaan 

CharlH Hacdon W. Cafe. i(ii/i>r, SoHea Ken. (31 Fool) .... 
Wm. Hunter B. LiUle, Uiyiir, Kaat Lancaalilre BcRt. (sg F. 

Arthur Bciiiverie Slopfbrd, Majtr, Boyal Artillery 

FtanoLa Horace French, Jf^yor, Boyal ArtlUtry 

Artlinr Jamea Duamtge, Afujor, Binal Artilloiy 

Arthnr Law Woodland, ifajor, Dnrbain Lb. lalantry 168 F. 

IdwiDJame>Fell,lfit;>r,«Hnaaara .. . 

eomeraet Jamea Butlor. i£a,i^, Berkehiie Regiment 

Ucbard Uadman T, Cotton, Uiuar, BhrDpihire Lt. iT^fnoiry ' 

Goorgo Alherlev W. Forrest, JfVer. Hampehiro Itett 

William BaihforJ. iTei ji>r, Hampahire Be^ment 

ArUn-rliharlu JaokiDn. if^/er, The Busi {|Foal} 

JebD II. Bymea-Bulleu. Uajar, it Hulaara 

DoIvaiUroaghtDii, UiuViEaatYarkahiraHagt, (13 Fom) 
Joseph Hamilton Hudgaen, Jf v«-, Linoolnahlre KeKI. Kto F.) 
Charlaa ArunJol Barker, Jf^er.lnali Faailiera (8a FooH . 
rraneiaWlngaeldRobinaaii.JfcoW.ebroiiahinLt.Iiif («<^ F ) 

'William Aleiaiider Ramlay, Vajar.iHnMan 

• i.r. Arthur 0claTiQB0rei>n,if4/«-, Royal Ennnean 

Jamea John B. Mooiiea, Jfujor, Oorion Hlghhmdwi (75 F.)... 

KdwBTtl BoAvllle Jnmea, Majir. Horfolk Baut. (9 Pool) 

Oharlea Bradford H. Jenkina, JToiiir, i« Hnaaara 

Herbert C. Thornton LiUladale, Cv/imim, % Dragooaa. 

Xeuueth-Sclialch Buyuoa, Xajar, Oamerau Hishlanden 

Edward Wm. Herbert, fMrtaiu, Klng'a Boyal Kiflea 

Jolin David Fothetitonbaugb, Jfu'er, Argyll and Bnlhor- ) 

land Hlghlanlora (01 Foot! J 

John Croker, Uajor. Slunsler Fuailiera 

itlohard Tbomna E. Dowae. Xajar, Suffolk BsgimeDt (n F.) 
Edward Prenoh Onena, lfa;'Br.XeiDater ReglmeDt (log Foott 

John Hiobard l-OTih, Umar, Dublin Fuailiera (>o> Foot) 

Hoiwrt Conatablo Paall, Uai*r, Laanaablre Voalliira (» F.l 
Frodenok Bi. L. Toiianbam, Monr, Boyal FDalligrs (; Foot] 

Bydnoy Tyers, Caftaix, Royal Uarlnea 

Aloiander Wm. Aoatruther, jry'ar, Bi^al Artillery 

nichanl Chicholey Thornton, «*or, Uiddlgaet Ragt. (s; F.) 

CtiarleaW[Uian>Uare,Jf.Uiir, Wait Biding Raillnieiit 

Wm. Anguatua OoningB, Utuer. Berkahlte Bogiment (19 F.l 
Dlvia Koigbloo Boiionaoii, Ifajur, NocMk Reglioeol (o F.I 
Frederick Aleiander L'ume, Uajar, Norfolk Hegimimt F. 
Wm. Charles James Laoy, Vvar. B. Corkihire Wt. Ii; P.) 
IMogBB June* U. UacDouald, Jfiiior, Argyll and Butber-] 

laud Highlandera («> Foot! j 

2h. llUoa Stuploiun, tttuar X, Husaim,.., 

Fraooia Selwyn Camubelf, H^ir. Bqahi Regiment (35 F.)... 

PhlUp Bylon, Jfo/op, Border Ueglmenl (55 Foot) ,. 

Henry Cecil B. E^irraDl, itaj~.T, N. Laueaihiie Hogiment 

Arthnr Ely Heothcote Tottenham, Majar, Argyll andi 

Suihertond Hiablaudera (9. Foot) J 

Walter G. Crele WjudhMn. Jtf»yer, 11 Hiuaan 

t-t-c, Oooriie Uaedonald, U.ijar, Boyal En^uaera 

JabnChiiioryllUliard, JfivSr, Untham U.^nlkntry (61 F.) 

ij Apr. jS 

Oct. n le reb. i^ 

ij Apr, S, 

15 Apr. U 

16 Apr. t* 
19 Apr. «4 

jiiiy e< 


sNoy.k| jJnii 

9 July 64'9i Oat. ;Ti9JaV<4 
s Dm. 71 30 Oct. ji'ai July St 


ia^. lUiar. ktgja ud anUurUiia Hfgfaluiden 

rgaa AIleB, Jfa/iir, Bofiil AnillHr; 

4wt. Mm'ar, SoaCh LancMhlra Ragrount (Si Fool) 
nUu, Va/sr. BoHvi Kanmnit las Foot] ..... 

IvTick HarmBn, llaiirr. HOfSl AttilLery ~ 

BdinrdDuUir, Jlo/ir. RorBlATtillu'y 

bjtmn* lUnmaDil. X-ttfr, BiBg Brlgide 

■m PowBr.ifaior, NerUuH&ptOMhin BBsimE 
xlM DsBiun, i<i|i*r, Leiutot Raet. I iw Fool 

1. H. DoanuiiB. Ita/«r, Bonl Artillery 


.WdlJ. ShoreJUfv. Kd^lArtlireiy 

llJarvia, ![««■> Bajul Andlir?... 

Im aUkfc jr>u«r, Boj^i ArA^i^, 
-m Biaitb, Jfryw, Boyki A 

i. 0«or«M, K«>r, Bsnl Kogiiiceis 

p. Jarrto, Jb/v, DarhEmUvU loTUitTT 

nitar- .Vvar. Wmt Koai BMbaent (9; Foot) 

7 B. OBKBer, JTiiycw, DarMdhin Rest. 

rrar BaibanI, Mvar, BiSe Brimde 

IiarB7 Oanitll, Mujar. Royal Armiec? 

\Uitingar.MaJar. Rnjal inmuty 

ucboima. tlaivr, WarwIslaldrB Raiment (a Fool) 
roMelins Hebar-Parcr, Mnr, Rifle Rrigwia 




6 Ang. S4 

jDir 6a it 

., Jm! aj l« 
H Dm. ix ,1 

'Parcy. Umm, Rifle Rngwia ..... 

,11. Jfajor, JUmieWirHoginiBiit 

uker aidl^. lt<u>r, SlusliMtar BagimeDt (96 F 

con- Acnhiaen, ifai'ar, BayBlArUUorr 

tr fr. K- Smith, Jlaj>r. Roykl AHlUeiT 

■Aoa, Kugr, BojbI Anilloy 

TOD, JC^, Itayiil ArtUWy 

iim Tiiitii. Ifiijiii.ltiyafllitllliiij 

«9i>l> BIkiidy. llvtr, Horml AitUlenr 

•lAM^^ .. 

irtaaa* Busaby. Kajar, bat Boiray ReRt. (;o 1 
John aamm, Vi^jar, BcdRirdahlra^fl. (16 F.| 
ndiUi Wada, Vivar. Liierpoiri Bcilineiit (B Fool 
I d« U Poar BereatOnl-Fadu, MtStr, BeilubiK 


OMabniadjHvV. R(i)«) Bii||li»En ~ 

MqnA>1naba.lG<J»,I>aAaaUriulatutrT ... 




iffcrrJ Llojd, Jfajur, Uerbv«hira Rpgimaiit (4} FJ 
711 WUliBmaTolliuny, JTiu'gr, LoiwMr Regt. (17F.I 
rtuiBi* H- da BatRli, Jf^or, liai««aiar Regimaut ... 

: Bim, U^tr, Royal AitUlerr „ 

1 ^a Itoisan, Jfw'or, Banl ArtiUny 

nor Or«T TJ^JfaTn-, N. LaDcaahlra Ragt. 
il aaatea. JUr'"-. NanbampUuuhlra RegV 

u Tbriu Same, Jfawr.'Deitaihlra degl 
■'•-----"-"- ifcw. BiileBrigBdB 

■DCda OoTdoB Forbai, . . 

. Brdn^ OrifflUu, Jtfvsr, Soyal Artillery 

I HhusII Tnntar. Jf dMT, Rinal AnU]ai7. 

UuBYnbnry.JCtfjw-LBoJ^ jbuilary 

Abcn atona. JTafar, Liverpool Rairimenl (S ¥. 

mkiBaaD. Jfiy'Dp, i Dngooiij 

lifford Alauader, JfajBT, RajKl Rogiuean .... 

thaHnt, ITitivr, Rsy&l BDglneerB 

'tMr LiadieU, Umir, Royal KogineerB 

lat Aadcnon, H^isr, LeioaMenMre Regt. |i7 Fool) 
iBiaaoB, Major, Danmataira Regl. (11 Fool) 

Bobert CUMaa, Major. We>t Item Regt 

gr Wu. Dor?, Jfin^-, Wnt KeolBsgl. 

k BaUvio, Kur, ltoy»l UuioM 

~ rd Baldoek, Va/nr, Royal Artillery 




:o July 6, 
loSaXj 67 
10 July 67 

oarwn saa ji lUKiuuDi '4*ri nojai aanoaa... .. 
DnBBCDasdTnnibiill. JIa/tr, MQgal BlaffCorpii.., 
apwecr Bardlcr Childen, OvMa.Royal Boginet 
' PwoalKrOonun, Jfqjor.lijwoliiiliira Ragt. |iol ,, 
Bc WUbam nUoit, JUun'.Liiwaliuhlra Bsri. (1° F.) 
yM8iiarka,J(i9^, TorkaUraliglitliilkiitrj ts>F.){ 

a CBiapball SpaBoar, Ifa/er, I DiaffooiiQiianli. 

Altnd Bola. Jfoi'Dr, H. etaObid^in Begt. (a* F.) 

Kcao. JCtrn-, ficnnl Huff Corpa ' 

raw Caataia, BoraTArtillei; 

UoTd SranMB, Jrof H-. UnnMar Fnailian (lai F.)... 


kCarpeoUr, Jrujsi-.Coiuuii-'-' " — 

tulqi Wadahoiua, ~ 
frei WaioBRhby, . 

Unr JotaB Oalwnia 

naat Bdmrd Bmioe, Ifvii'i iBOiiklJUDg FoFiUara. 
iliwa Asdmr Tola. Mn/or, Boou PiulUen (11 Foot) 
Idnrd rnatso, Jfv'sr.lloyal AnillDry .. 

Htsry Heott, Ifa^/or. Royal Artillery 

towlST Hadanr. ICdw, Royal ArUllery 

U Ang. 73 ] 

iJalr Bdi 

Cot. 84 

a Aprl 7^;^ 
]o May ;; : 

J Mar. asjiT iriig.6g J 

J til 

9 1 Jan. as 
?| J Jan- 85 

July as 
g Feb. 70 

fujiti., CaananKlit Ranoan (SB *.) ., 
•a, ITaior, InnblcnUngf a*. (loB F.l. 
by, jr^r. Scot* ruiliera (ji Fooli. 
ma rollock, Mi^tt, Scola Fnailien. 

iNot-.jIIiuJbd. a 
.Feb, «i isJim. » 

.4 Jan. 77 .4 J*"- 8 
^Jao. i;'>,Jai>. S 
uJuneSi »jHn. 3 


oBtb BUObcil- 
rdoD Uighlaoiten jga Foot),' 

, ,-., .._,_. ...nillBTj 

S.i.e. Joho abu-lB Unka. Maiar, Weit Riding Ba^ 
ohnHRnrrKden, V<u'n-. YorkthtnEtftgl. |i "—' 
Fraoei* John Bur-"— "■- " — ' '-'"- 

irrldgo, Xaj 

Peter Heorr Hummond, Voiiir, Bon) Aitillsry 

1h FilrTu HuUon Riddell, Mtjn; BoffoUc Regt. Iig 1 
RclnnArttiiLrUoDtfinmei;.lfv<ir, BoyBlArtillBry .. 
■- —  " -■a] Artillery 

HnueURichirdPalfbrd.JUiuiir, Boynl EoKiac. — 

ThoniM HoHon, Jf^im-, lorlt bbQ Luicutsr RagL (84 Foot) 
WllliUD Onn Collia, Ittiict, Weat Bnire; EMst. (A'doI) 

WilUuii Uiulen Campbell, Uajnr, Royti ArtUlsI? „. 

Henry MuRBT. ifu'w, Unnatcr FoiUlHl 

Biohard PhsTre. Vo/sr. TorkaUre Rei^t. (>» Foot) ... 
CbMlM Jansa BBller-Keoniey. Majcr, UoDelflr Faa. 
Lionet Jamaa Andiar Ohapmir ~ *' <>---« ._-■■- 
Bvdnaj Oonrd Frederick Bel._. 
Cliarlea tUchud TownliT, JTaii 
Hlohard Jan--""-- '•  ^ 

,.^a)ir,L „ 

. . . . . illi Bljth. Haia: Welah PiiwUo™ bj Fool) 

CfaBrlaaRDBaell, Jfqnr, HofalAnlllerT 

Thomaa Majlioi'. Mn/or. Boyal Artillery 

George Oabome Bnulh, Maiirr, Iciata FaaiLiera 189 Fool) 

Aleiundor ETHua OoidoD. Uqior. Bengal SuiT Corps 

William Cooke-CoUi*. Jfi^i'. Irish Rides (83 F.) 

OoorgB KdwUini Bcale Brairne, Hvor, iS Hnsaara 

AiUinr DaiidBon, Owtii*, King'a Royal RlSea (6i>P.) 

Walur Jolm Morse. ICvor.IkuDtiiiTBUfrCarpa 

Henry Robert Roberta, If •!«■, LlDDalnablre Beet. (loF.)..... 
Pnderic William Key GUBs,»ivn-,LincalDBta)reReEt.(ii>y. 

1 RiteihiB,lra(or.Oo«stBripulBDr Artillery 

"— Me, jSjV, Doraetahrre Regt 

■^ ^ If njiir, BomBTaet Lt. lufanlry 

ly, Jfaior.aomar««t Lt. IntonUr 

„ _ .. lyop, llicidleeei Roirt, (57 F.l 

Franoia Onslow Barringlon Fuole, llajor. Royal Artillaiy ... 
Edmand George Henry bin gbajn, Mijtr, Rival Artillso 

Waller C. Warner ArliaUmoM. Jfiyor, ttoyal Artillery 

Edmund Baker Btandbrldge, Vi^or, Rojal Artillery 

BdgHrHoironl Walker, Jfq/sr.Boyal Artillery 

Lyndon Bolton Iririo, Major. Bengal Elofr Corps. 

George Dodsnonh Stawoll. Majar, Deroniblre Kest. (it F 
WiliiHo Parry Moockton, Jifiiriir, Hampahire Regiment .... 
Evelyn Broombeld PocllUagton, Unjtr, OiTordshiro Light 

Henry Kemble, Afiuvr, 
Jlnjth Hoiell Tlinrlow, _ 
John Ulller Klgee Waddy, 



Ohnrlis Frai 


.for, Beng 
■hire Bejri 

I BtatrCorpa ... 


Henry Theodore renrbTS Brana. Ma/or, E, lancaiffire Regt. 

JohnllDmfrey,If<ui!r. Bombay BUff Corp* 

Uerard Virian Ames, If i|r<r, > Dragoona. 

VTQiiara Leslie DaTidaon, Mq/W, Royal ArtlUary'.. 
Predarlck Hnlchlnaon Foijatt. V^sr, Bombay E 

ibay BtalT Corps 


King's Rc^al 

Godmy Aatell, Jf^or, Kiwi'a Royal 

Unmphny David Parry Oliodou, JfoiV 

Rldea (£.F.) T. 

p.t.r. Charlea Fitigerald Tbomaon, linjar. 7 Huaura. 
Thomas Bdwaxil Bpenccr, Jfa»r. BeDgaieuffUorps. 
Kdward ResUilnin-Crooke.]ffl,W,R.llariiieArtill( 

Hanild Paget, Vi/or, 7 Uosaara 

UenryAlexioa Abbott, Jfq/or, BenEal BtHff Corps .... 
.. ..._..,._._ „__.^_ — _■__ „ — lAj^Br, . 

1 1 Wybiir 

!T NelaOD Rochrort, Uv"- Royal Arti 

ThamasF. Dojueomb Bridge, Jfv'ur.BoyatUarlDca 

John Ficlden BroeklehnnI, Maier, Royal Hone Gnards 

6:r. Henry William Newton tiuinneas, JfiyVr, Irish Begt. .., 
onilju Anhnr Yorke. ifv'iw. Bojal BnKineen 7..... 

Algernon Bt. Lsger Burronres, Itahr, Riijal Uarinea 

Aylmor Charles PearMo.CsBtaw, Royal liarinoa 

John Hope Wynne Eyton, Stjir, Bhropstaire Lt. Inf. (53 F.) 
aamoBl Job Lea, Caflaiu, lait 3 Itntart; Jrmt Strui™ 

Ccrpt J 

HerbartDuneombeArniatrDDg, Jfiviir,W,KenC Re«. (07 F, 

CbarleaBoyd Wllkie»(n,J(,^, Royal Knginem ,.,..: ' 

FsrdinaDdoWallaeaBannet. ifu'Dr, RoyalBaglneera ... 

Charlea Berkeley PiROU, DiO. Cafiai%, i. Haiaan 

Archibald Coamo Llltia, Ci^ia, ] Laneera 

'"■"-m Gn^on Oarur, OtrM^. Ks.oi Bogiment (j6 F.) .. 

Ivory Parry Carden 

ararga Sran ilojd. JiaO. iltjt 
BavidPbeUpa Cbapwma, CaJai 

. , LaneflihireRegt. . 

Itire Bo(fiiDcat (19 F.) 

11 Jan. 6gl 4 Oct. 
iSOot. 7il3> Oct. 


6Mar. 7'l 7 Joly 
.3 Jan. 6, n Not. 
.3 Jan. 69.5 Nov. « 
liOct. ji lo Apr. io 

|Uar. C;:i4 0i 
I Jan. C; 44 N< 

13 Jan. 6^'i 


... . llj Jan. Cgl i Jan. Bo 
-Jnly69li7Jl - 

... . ; Joly 60 ij Ji 
i May 6s' sDee. M 16 M , ., 
I Uay «el o Feb. 70 19 May So 1 
r Feb. 69 98ept.7110Feh.B1 
. Feb. (I9 15 Jan. 7S 

[ Feb. !j 
I Feb. Si 

it Uar. 81 

[SUar. St 

.Apr, Sj 

.Apr. 8j 
a Apr, S, 

a Apr. 8} 

i Apr, 8, 
S Apr, Bj 
', Apr. B5 
i May Bs . 
I Uay Bs 
I May U 

.May 8s 
3 Miy Bs 
I MayBs 


r July Ci 




9 Ant 

,\ j^^ 







) eevt.Sj 

I May 9; 
.May 6s 

: Uay Bs 
i May Bs 
1 May S; 


*TT«l^n^. C 

I. AlluiKatt0o,O»ic4ii,Bi>TBlArtillerT... 
■y WllUiua, Bvl ^Alrlie, &|*u<i. » Bui 
I', n. WUioii. O/Mfc.ioHiuwn . 

ei at. John HU Ju^C^iteta, dranwlii 

I Fiamlag. Oifiaix/i—i" RaBimeDl ... 

■ruil PaoBf* BeUlj, Cbriiria, BombB; SUtTOarpt 
riuld Onl*. Ov*"^, HiSa BiigtAe 

XBuTBold, O^^mm, Knvl BiurUiBera 
r K«iii«d7, uiDlnln. BUck WoUb 

laauBHslcy, Oipltit, Lanculiii* Fob, (h P. 
-ick nuOanJd, Oi^talm. Ktna'ii ItDj-Kl ititlsa 
9 L. Lj^lon Colbom* * Oi/Eali.b.p. IruhRUlss 
ChuUia L(«s*. lf»'ar, Oolll»re«ra aa>nli.. 
rlMiAn AbdEnm, CuvraHU, Bojal Artillery.. 
d Willimm*. Majn-. S. SlaSbnlsbtra Begl. (3 
a Bkndolpb Bnaih, Vw'er, SnllbllE Hegimei 


sDDb Ron, JTajDr. BarmlSmU(i PootJ. 

nut O'CouLor, timer, Iri*h Fuiillen 

«u-OrUBta, Mk/ar, Welib rniUini {11 Fool] 
■MidaB-WbMbuo. Utitr, Wrtak FiDulien (>} J 
wjManV- "v^^' alinpabln Lt. InlbiUr;.. 

cbnter Hut. Jfiin^-, Rojil BBgiDoan 

»b«U Smckiiiliary, Ifsjv. BojwI Rn^win .. 
■~w WMhiDcMB, mysr, Koyal Baguiesn . 

Rotien Pntu, V4>«r, UilWdibir* U. lof. (s> F. 
 HavkM, Ifv<v. Bengal BUffOo— 
Miler, Jruior, Beogal SMffaorps 

.kjna Hantkei, It^fur, Bengal BUffOorps 

nu Miler, Jruior, Beogal SMffaorps . 

nrd n«w*r, IfaJar, Dn-tviblra Rcgt. . 

■rgtrd TTom*t, Umor, un-bjiliira Rcgt. 

nil Diww, Vofir. Derbridifn Bwl. U5 F.) . 
■B Hnbon Mils, lti}tr. VajtiAaSirj.... 

-i WnWr, aCuir, > Dncoooa 

■■WllHD.l^ifor. BniKalEtaffGorp* 

Kqj;*! AnUlery ... 

Tsiil raiKlouah, Ifujur, Kaj-al An 

ill* tookJOT, Jfa/or, EojllAftillBI 
rard Whitalif — ■- -■ - -— i .- 

.aad£r GilshrLiI, llvjir, Dsngal Bull Cocp* 

Rant Barlioo. Unjer. DerbysbiiB Hagt. 

laoGodBjb, Ifo/or, } HuHan.. .,...„.„. 

ICTD Webb Bspbunie. Major, Boral ArlllleiT ...,., 
EC WabWQ, ifu>r. Krui Uncubin Regt. (30 F.| 


i/ix-.IluliBsBtalf Carpi 

lulu U^Cncken, Caplaim, Herk^Iin'ueffi! 
aaitLer. VnjiH-, ». Walsa Bardenn Un f.) 

:», Major, 7 Hmtfoon Guard! 

a. «j?»r. Sbrapahi™ Ll. Infanlrj (sj F.| 

Ik. Ifawr. Wel,.h Ssgunenl 

KloQ Kirkirood, Majcr. Bombay SMITU. 

arnai Sjjcnccr, Si^ixt, Royal AniUer; 

in"No™, Jf«ji-, West aurrej Host, ^i fI) 

•I, ir.Mr, W«l Surrcj- Eettimanl (1 F.) 

jck. «->>;■, Eaaex KesLnient 

an) Porteora, Manr, Madru aulT Uorpi „ . 
JacKO, ITayir. ULoncealcrablrs Regt. U» F.) 
■n Adama, it^iiir, Kln^'i Own Bcottiali Bonle 
Atd HapeTonn, lfan<>-. ij Hqbhus 

iuiald llmdi, Jfaj'sr, 
B. F. Walksr. Afaysr. 
 Dnnad. CB. MaivT, _ _ 
dn rumeau Stokoi, Uo 

Roral milsa |6o F. 
SUff Corps 

■»MarB Biddalpb. Uajo, 
lliuuaD, Jf»>r. NortUai 
iH FlaTtur, ka»r, Buyal 
•m Haalbcots. Major. B 
[bt ifv^, Bo^al ArtiUec 

Alf«*CholnnlwE»rl«'Welby, Jf^/w, jDracoorn 

Will am Prinn Koon, ilaj<^, UeTODBhlre Ke^il. In F.I 

Willism Boirlaa William*, JfiMor, WUtabirsRsgt. (61 F.)..,.. 

John Ueory flpurgin. Vah'^<x\t Ftulliers Ui F.) 

ITiS EdwBrdS Kro me, Ifiuar, South WoIh Borderen 

Henry Q. UainmriDti, Uaj,r. Bonth Wsle> Bordaren (if t'. 
GenflVey O. Grinmood, ll«jor. King's Rojful BiOn (6o F.) .. 

Bobert Brooke Kirohbofl^i, Vajtr. BojiO^Uartne* 

■JoKpb SnBTBota. UajBr, Royal Usita Artiller;.., 
•PmIo Berr — ' ■■'-*— " — ..<-.— .-^n — 
•Jobn Rati. 
Tbon — 

OBOrRO Carao Femrick, Jih>>ar, Madnia SialT Corps,. . „ 
George Rol>en Uoore. Majtr, Royal Anlllery .. 

* si Healon. Jfq/or, 800U1 WnltR Bonlere™ 

, V-.. 1 r, jmgj,_ ]£^gr. The Buffli |3 

Alherl Ednrd Omnu 

Caiirlec EdwMd Book, Jfi, _. 

JoUn* Bau. Backtaoute. Ifafir, The 
Uwyyn Henry Archdale, Ka ' 


.. joOcL «»a;Oct. 7 


, . —njoT, Benfml Baft Corps, 

Waller RuponKsuyou-Blaney, ItuJnr, Rille Hrigsde 

Edmond WiUiam Unrphy, Uajor, Leimier Begt 

Tbonui QooTKe Clery, Unii^, Leineter Rent. (log F.) 

Rdwanl George^iV.BliickWaicti («>F.) 

Thomas Georga Tbomiun. Ifuior, Bengal Staff Corpi 

BmeU Riddle Uvane, lfii;'ii>-, Wctib Fnsilien (91 r.i 

air Bartle C. A, Frere, H-rl. DSO. Cofiain. RiftBBriaadB 

" LyaagblMortimer, Jdv"-, Hoy. ■" ■' 

u AUcHi 

:k Regiment (9F.) 

B Own Boottiab ) 
'■ oirii Bcattieti I 


,. . ioyal Enjriii 

_ „..,.jilCHnplieU, Mivir, Hi., 
m Robert Pnrchaa, M^/cr Boyal 

. Royal Bngineen 

..u.._u. .^u=... ,....u_, —tr^, ..oyaJ Bnglneere 

Alfred RuUlHUcJTiu'or.WeBt Yorkshire Heut.CuF.) 

Harold CammiBm, llvi-r. West Kent ReRiminl («> P.) .... 

Gordon George Uonek-Ma'Oii, Jifh^, Ruuil Aitilleiy 

rrucili Jobn WiUlHn EuBlaee, Jtfuiur, U>o»l Artillery 

Heatbcote F. G. ClnmnlDD, Maiar, L'onunii^bt lUngcnlj^r 

Arthar Hogbee Blailani), Xajer, Rovni H.^rnir- 

Aleiander Hamilton Dot Barros, Majur. Royal Marinea ..., 
B.I.C. Henry T, W. AllaU, U-jbt. I>uke oCConmll'e U. lul 

Bamnel Holt Iabuu. Jfiiiir. BeoHJsh RiOcB 

Arthur C. FitiH. Vincent, Major, Bcottleli RiAee (»o P.) .... 
Ral]>hB.R.W'ill<(iiow>n,Ksisr, Oxford Lt.In&ntry (4] F.). 
UeorgeAibtnrAehhy.CHji^ailt, I>akeofCom<rair(Lt.]nr..... 
Henry Ubarle* Harford, JAu'w-, WiliHhire Rcairaent (99F.I. 

HeunTeie. JInjor, Kina'a Royal Biflea (60 F.) 

Uiarfe* Arthar Umawen, Vanr, Hadraa BUffC'onie 

William CampUrll Black. Viijir, Bombay Stuff L'or[ia 

William Hany Salmon, llniir. Bengal BiaflConn 

s.i.c. Hlrbard Stanley H. HoO'ly. »»«■, The Bun* 

Katbauiel Newiiham-SavlB. llajtr, The Buffs (j F.) ... 

Jame* Ardiur Btraclian. Uajtr, Oxford U. la'aiitry 

Walter Howell CauliSe. Vajsr, Oifimi liffUt Infantry 

Harry Uolyceai Carter, Itiitr, WiUahiia Hegluairt [61 F.) 
' ■'olanc Vaahon Baker, Maior, Ht^l Artillery. 

Brooke Hoiintu, Maiar, Royal Anillary ..._.. 

'-" '—CSke.Mt^r.'- —  '-"— 

Jnue»,»Jan. ;n 
July 69iSOct. 7, , 
Deo. 65'iB Jnly (.ai 
iiBFeb. 7,': 

II Oct. !<<. 

Sept.bfieOct. 71'. 
-jMay «7»SOct. 7,', 
>eF«b. El I July B.: 
Uar. 6718 Hay jJ 
Jan. 6aiSJnno7, 
Dec. 6; 14 Doe. 69' 
Jan. ta.jJOct. }!\ 

:::::; \ll S^ III 

Ill Deo. U 

Oot. «;iaOct. 71 

; Jane 8a[}i> Nov. B5 
. Dec. n\ I Dec. 8j 
,1 June So I Dec. Sj 

1 Jnly Si! 1 Dec Is 

Uar. 84:14 Dec. Bj 
July rS IS Dec. is 

, Hay 7U 

. Deo. ts 

Vrancis Edir. RamulasINillaid-Uiiiuhi 

u /..-.. — Uajtr, lb Laucorx. 

ceUbr, if^' "■  


!i July 78k! Deo. Bi 
,4 July 7S::Dea. I5 
t Sepl-Tc iiI>co. ts 

IS Mar. 7,^1 Dee. Is 
^jDec. F.MiDee. B; 
9 July E- v.s Dee. B) 

i|jii1y 80 3; Dec. B; 

11 Dec. n iB Deo. ts 
itJuly T&\ I Jan. S' 
II July Sol 1 Jen. B 

AKxtindcrl^liaiiceUDr, ifitAv. KorthanifaerlBUd Fhh. (j F.).. 

Beiuamln Ohflmncy Oraves, Jfa/ar, Banpal BtilTi'oriB 

Wilfiam AleiHUder Wetheiali. Miyar, BotolnT Buiir Uorps., 

uj.r. Jamn Keith Tntler, Jfii>r. aAtilAtvUtTy 

Vrolcrick Arthur Aylmer, Uajar, I)i^ Arlilk-ry 

Philip Kilmuud Uonckton, ViyW, Bt^il ATtlUery -.,-—., 

KdwanlHcniy Bingham, Jf>u<*'.BmpaKlBfft.'iir]ia ijreh. 60 7 Sept. 

Henry Grey Uison, Xajat, King's Own Bcatti»h Bunlerera... 13 Dee. It t Aug. 

Blchurd H. Wm. Hemy Hatrls.lfwW, Bait Simey Kc)^ la Apr. r° >B Oct. 

Vharln James I.iiuai Jfiu'MVBval AiWlciy ~ '~ '" 

Janica Boiler, Vv<>r, BeuiiBl Maff Cjirns 

Ueorgc Lake Tallxit Hri.niss, Moih; Wlluhire Hcgt iOir.i 
Chanel John Whitakcr, Mithr, Vnrk anil IdincasieT Kut... 
Richard D. Hnokley RuibentinU Malur, Hlahlnud LL. Inf. .. 
Rirhanl John Dcnua, Ifiifgr, WaivTckahire Rcgimcut (C W.) 
William Locb, M<ijit, Boinliay Htnff Curpi 

!i. 7S 17 Jan. SB 

EdvanI James UouUiia Btnart Wortley, CitO. Cat4.iit,\ 

King's RovalltiflemfcFo-.t) j 

Denman Croft Hurray, Uiyar, Wamick Reglintnt (« K.) ... 
■dwanl Henry Coiao-Scolt, »!(>«■. Warwick Rfgt. (6 K.) ... 

John «roBanGUincy,l/iyi.>-.Leiniler Regiment liooF.) 

AiidTe<r Henry Unomtirc, .Viif'i*-, Mwlran SufTUurps 

Ualby Edirani Crotloo, Mv-r. Lancaster HoKimmt I4 Vool) 
Bichard Hawea UacCartby, itajBr, Lniicattcr Rcgt. (4 F.) ... 

Fob. t6 9 July t 
37 Aitr. 70 as Oct. 7 
i July 69 4 Jim. J 
Oct. (^iBOct. J 
. Bept.U iS Oct. 1 

Sept. Ban 
F.-b. jB., 


I. ii 3 Uar. K 
I. 78 a Har. U 
y 79, a Uar. a« 
1. »e 9 Uar. U 

nta Poricr, JTars^C DnfMtiGoinia-.. 


KMItT. 1 


t,Tttm Krnr, Uvar. Yorlabln BeBimmi 
a. LjilBnl, llijin; Bnical Sins' Dorpi. 
'niL Atexawtor Tarnbdl. JfifV, Ddks 


:>ii4e Rctd, Vaior, EUchlmnl Lidbt 
em, Jfar». Blunnture lAfhl Inruii 
t« WoMhotuo, iivvr, B«nj 
IkUalHUT 8t»nK«, KoMP. 
im)onAliu>Kiair.J(4£r, Wei A Regiment „,... 

7. V uiDf. Scnih Btujlordilili* (hgimenl 

1, VHa. VqA'T, B«nl BoirinwTs 

_ i>eC1>n>IIn. ]<«;«■, ItinmlEaaiDiien 

'mWr aihbailil Mmn. Xv<>r. B(i7al BnjfuiMn 

f^ipMBiTiinuF. Jf^nr. Rar«l Baainoera 

Baarr f^ieall, JTaHr, Oojal BuRioeBn...... 

lB*i*(tonroni4, JTajv. RqnlKaiinecn ............ 

■AbmiuI Fymklrn, Uaier, Yorkuh&s Sein. (ig F.).., 

>M SmAi. Jfv'T. BwBiHbiTvRcKiiiunit (1; F.) 

< Jr^W, Khm aceiawBl (t6 r.) 

. k . Jopp, JTanr. Northnmiiwiulilra Begt, I1S F.) 

hBKw£lC4>ir,IriiliHinH(MF.) ....:..' 

OBorn Ckn. Vitfv, SntmUi Be^Unnt ju F.) 

larVMCT. JT^fx-.SnllblkBeglmeniliiFaal) 

iBBcdr, lt*lar, ealfalk Rcrlnnit (i>I\icit) 

lEiiek WUIlHB fientmi, Ifu-ST', 11 Lunn 

omwm NMld. irtfiir. If Laocgn , , 

■CFDve P«um. Xv. WniMln Seitimant (10 Voot) 
■>, Jra>M-. CIlniHuuntain HcKiisiDI litl FooO .... . 

^ulcatVCnBMll, Moiiii-.DiiljKiiFnlilXira 

Snnioar Allnl. JV«£r, B. TorkAir* Ben. lis F.) 
Juhiv. irv, WM mdiDB Rejcimant (j) Foot) . 
fe Oektnm CuRia, Hfjar, Oiiriri M. Inf. (53 F.) 
li*. TkanMon. V^f^. Cnti^Ure ae«c, (91 Foot) 
ni«wwU>Bvi>M,jrator, SoiHxRfKt. (ijFoMI... 

Jobs natrwH, JTaMr, Bengd Siafl Owm 

WMQBTbcU.lra&r,Qlaui!MMTBcal.(«iF<Mt1 ... 

PEiBMD Lo«dr£^^, B .WalaaBordinm Cat F.l 
(QiM. Kig&t UwulwUn Rurimmt (lo Fom) 

■niTVabaUM. JWw. aa5^B«rl»r* 

olhoiiy Bllaril OoTB, Ifa/Di-. Hnynl Murlnos 


19 VA, (9 J Apr. 7^ 1 
11 July Cd'iA >Uj Go ) 


.- Apr. Ct 
- July «! 

18 Fab. „ 
6 la\j TD 

BOot. it 

I] Jal7 79 

li Jan* G; 

iB Apr. 76 

16 ub; se 

iEbt Inbntiy {}! Fmt) , .' 

WoRfaiBgMa IVnona, Uijar, <toy^ AtliUcry..., 

'.JUmi ItedDllff. Jf«(.r. 

icr PMUp AJcwMdn-. Mtv'ur. > Dreawm* ... 
. H. Bpeam, Umjtr. InniikllUnit FiuIUen |iot 
«garr SCToeolS Wwle. Va/Dr. Hnyol Artillery 

IIUA. UiJar. Royal Artillery 

Diywlala Moller. Vo/Br, >B Hnuan 

■■Mia pa BndH Davlibnn.ira/ar.BlBaknBleli (73 F. 

'Uliam HirnTy a»ly. Ifi/or, Iti 
wd Braadliei;t. Itiii^r. kanf I 
■MTam Bnglc. ir<yi>r. Bnysl E. 
Khard Bffibie. Ilv^r. Beni^iil 

'. Jtf->r. ttoyal AnJlLe 
^trrlar, Jfaiw, W. York 
rintn, lf*tar. Rojti Ai 
inbarBoTko. Mahr. tt U-* 
I J. rna. BauMA. M^i«r. 

BMay 7j iSDec. So , 
i6 igFefi. fi7!iT Not. 7«'ii 
- T.;i{ iJan. Bo 14 
y«6,,jJoly 78,17 


.^.T.WorcialerRcffiai ,-,-., .. -. -— . 

«. ir*>p. BenRiH Stair Corns ii Anj;. K 6 July ( 

ir BalMrUimiM, ITq/. N. Lnao, Rast, (Bi P.) ifi Oct. G; iS Oct, ; 

mrj IVm, Munr, Gonlon UighUuiilen 

ID Roboi Juhn Janilya, U- ' 
loww Fonll. Um-r, "- - 
;Aanlins Prlea. Uaja 


^'To U. Inr. (5. K.).,, 
Royal Anillery ...I 

orfeialdwyn. Va/or, BeunI aiaffCorpa .. 

ibpuawaan, It^far. Bayal Anillery I 

UlJOnta. Maiw.LBiuiaiiat BegiineoM* F,) ' 

Ibait. Xwar, llqyal Uarinei ,. .> 

nTlDa Corbn, Vaiar Ea> itl Uannea .... 

4ArdCainiu, Jr^'sr. W«tBiuTBy Rngt. (sF.) . ...I 

C Kmye, Jra/«r, Ijoiiuter RaHnuDlT™ F.| 

TilUui BraeaeBbory, UuJbt, g^yal Artillery ...I 

UA Frwr, ifniir, NarthampunihiFa Rgri. (48 F.) 
tan AbUKKiT Sawyar. irajsr, Baogal aiatrGDrpi...! 
.R.CaiTaii,lrv>r, W«t RiiluigHegt ..I 


Alfred John C. Wrsniib, Vi/or, W«t Hiding H«ftt. (76 F. 

Bobert Wm. P. RoberWon.Vv'iir. Ho;a1Antll<n7 

Blohard Grarn Bandall, Mnjar, Liuioiubiro Fuiilien (w 

' Bogtiit O. O'Bnltiiin. JTver, Borml ARlllsiy 

HwuT Vaogbui UDnt, Hit/or, B0711I Artilliiy 

u.f.Bdwud Lto;i], J/abr.BasfatHMir Corps 

Dudley KlpllnUaiKGouldBba^.irvDr.DfliKral Htm IT Corp* 

WUlUmHBTrjIoriiir.lfitior, florobiu'BtoffCo™ 

rTkaoUOr:(ihtoa Hiiltbr. Jfw'or.Madrufiuircorpa . .... 
■,(.11. Arlhnr J.>bn WkUon. UiyBr, Snflblk RaKlmsat lit F.) 

wUliHio Hiht; KewCou. Jf onir, RonI ArtUIonr 

■William GorgH LowUmr jRyor, Rural XrUllery 

Lawii Bdmnnd Ooksr. JlWiu-, Soyal Artillery 

Jhum Rnrlef BuwMr, X«in-. Bojal Artm«7 

Vm. Hnbt Cuiwia WjIIIb, CIS. U^or. BonfnU Btalf CorpR .. 

B«rban01iail« Jgnloai, V«fvr, 17 lAacert 

AUater WllUam JBmlewn, Ifii/ar.BeDirBl SurrCarpi . .. 
Hwiry AJaxMidar Vincaac, Major, Boniljsy SmlTUurp* .... 

irmiamFIUGenhlO'abBngbncti;. Jdvnr. I DrKgouu 

PJ.C. WUlUia Aldwirtb Hume Hurt, Uaior, BnyBI&nainean 

WilLlam UulnnCole, Umer. 3 Dmiioon Cloiuii* 

Sdnnl J. WianlnirlaD-lDKrun, Major, Warwick BaKiinenC 
WiUouRhby B. O. PotbM, Jlf«jor, Warwick Kegimont (6 F.) 

WarrmHastingiFriMi.ifaAir, KoyiilArtiilerj 

f.i.o. John BBCkwitli Leafs, lta,or, Hoyal Uurfns Artillery.. 
Hamillon Da la Poer Botwfiird, Majvr, BavtJ Marine Art. .. 

Jobii WillikDilfiad, Jfit/W. ThoBniniljF.l 

Waller Lntlrell Uknsal, Uvtr, B. liBCMhira Rajt. (Si ¥.).. 

Jiusaa Frederick Lewli, Uajor, KoTbl Bairlimra 

Felieian Rolade Woliki. Major, Roral EniriDMra 

EtobenPruiun Blrkett Bodick, .Ifuir, Riivil Fuailiera 

CbarlwDftTidHTanQall.ACiiiar. KoielFaiilierad Fl . 

JohnHolhmo.Jf^i'Dr, Royal ArtJUBty,. 

lianeChBrleaMmiuMll WDods. Jfiyoi; Hoval Anlllery. 

Bdward Jobo Fohdw, Maj^v, Someriet Lii-hi IgrH^trr 
Kdmoad JsHph Galiirv. J(u/vr, Som»-ct l.i^hl li.rsfilry 
AJeuniterLtuliBSeoU UurraHSa, JJuiW, Ij '' 1. . \- . .  
Robert Martin Bnrkli*. Ktiir, Eoyal Kr. 

(I.e. WillamO orge Uonta, Jfo^r. n- 
canoliiJami»Jiuuoe,Viu>,Slmerx[r: I. . 
PraoDJi JenTn7DaT.Arii,D-,RanlEn.^i . . 
Sir Oharln Henry Lealie, }l,irt. ilajo--. ii.. , . .1 .. , ; . , , 
TbDiBBJt Alei, (frerieriek Leuin, Uajor. Mn.ln.i i^f.lTf.iriir! 
Oeorge Wemyu AneoD. ttujor, Boogal Uull Uorua 
FredBrLck DrUTnmQnd BaMje, W^or, Bong«lauff Ooppe'.!!!! 
Booe* Tborpa M. GamperU, U^r. Uiulr>a Staff Uorps .... 

MontaijUB Jboim, Uajor, Bombay BlsffOoriui 

Jgbn Junee Monnv-^mgn. Ma,or, Bengal aiaffC.irpe 

Arcbibiild apiem U'Raa, lliJor. Bengal Buff Corps 

A'lc;i,m I'eca T.lbot, CIS., Umr. Bangal StsU Corp. 

Duucaji AlaunderJahutoo, Jlrver, Boyal Bngineers 
VLnC'iit. OoufgoLBFTeneoKjrre, If^or, BenaalBtiirUiirpa,. 

Kicbuid liitrdiner, Umr, HoTal KngiDeeri 

W.iiiam A.hflold.Mvw.BoaibayBtairConM 

Bou Franklin Koura, Umot, Eoyal BngluMn .. 

Cluu-les Ltirrord Dale, Mnjor. a Weat l£lU Raglmeiit 
Fil»gwald Wlnioor, Cwfaia, WeaHent Kaglusnt (;d F.l" 
TbomaaOreaiiairay, KVoi-, Jiulnu BULffUgrpi 
Barnard Cbaimer, SSO., Mi\S«r, Bengal BtalTCirps 
James L^berigb-Maokay, ifm/'w, Bengal Staff Corpi ".'.""." 
Jghn A. W. Falu. CapttiH. Duke of Corn iralCe LtBhi Inf . 
p.t.c. Wllllani Pucovke, CMO. Major. Royal En^een 
r.if.ArlbnrFredk. Berrnw, CITO. Casdiia. aeDgalBlnffC!; 
Ht. George Corbel Qore, Jra>r, Royal Eagineera 

Rdniunrl George B»m»r, Caplaim, BongaTstaff Corp« 

Harry H. Roie Heatb, C^t*"'". Bapga] SUIT Conu 
i/fin. K^la Oeorge Talbot. Coflait, Royal KngioBori 
Francii H. B. Cmmmond. CyHtiii, Beogal StaffOorpi'!!!;!;;; 
Edward Brooke Asderuni. M^jor, Madraa HUff Oorp* ,„ 

Cbarlen Hor»ey Bngol. If owr, Royal Kngineera. 

UsDiy Ueifaifa Row. DSO, Moiar, Bengal BtelTUDnii 
Leooittl Wm. Clhriatapber, Myor. Bengal StalTOorpa 
George Sydenb.m Clarke CMa, M-^jor, Bqyal K-igiueere '".'. 
Elenry B 'Ogbey, Mn/,r, York and Utncaaier Hegioient 
Robert Bamnei aaibsrland. Major, Coast BriKiUleof Attilleri 
Ubarlea Martb Kelgliiey. DSQ. Mnjor, Bengal SuiS Corps 

Frederick O. I. Welch, Major, flumlisy aiaff Dorps 

UwiB Doniag. DSO. Major, Bengal Staff Corpi 

BMochamp J, Cololoiigb Doraa, CWsja, I,|^ti Rent (it F I 
Cbarlea Comyn Bgertoo. Major, Beogal BisffC'orpi 

Charles A rebi bald Moroer, Major. Bengal aiaffCorpa 

ThoniM Holbniw Ooldney, Jfujw. Bbuk«1 8tn9 CorM 

Oeopge Aleiaoder Cockbura. Major. Royal Knaiueeir. 

Gerald Ward MarUn. Jlqjw. Bengal Blail Corps 

George Albert Ijswronce Rawetorae. Uajtr, S Uar. ArWIerr 
William WhiieTord Bell WbiHllird. Jfujor, R. Enaineers 
Oharlea CmtcIiliiT, Ciiifala, Boots Guards 
CbarloB Arlhnr Hou. gsge. Jfajor Bengal SlaffC^™' ■;;:": 
Bt. George Merryn EIrke. Jf^ur, HojarBnniieBrs 
William Arthur Jamee Frero. Utjor, ecots Fiutliera "(ji F,) 
James Rsmsay Hobday. CWfoie. Bengal SlaffCiime 
Wjlimm llemurd Wilson, lto,or. Bengal 8laT Cori* 
Attbiir aobtrt Ford Iiofini^, DSO. Major, H-jjol Eusl^eei 



iFeb. 7S'4Ndt.«6 
I Apr. Si ag Not. K 

laSepl.ecijDee. SA 

i Feb. So >a Deo. > 

JatL 71 


May e; 

iHUt flckkloh, M^r. B*ac*l Staff Oorpi 

t- X. BpnM, ITuw, Rqnl Englnnn 

lUaBSBOadM*. ir«'>r,B«^ArtlUtr7 

i^ nknoB, ItWv, BifinlMf Staff Carpi ... . 

»lW. CmIiw. Bni«iil8E«ffCarp« 

nntaw B— M oa. C^vUvi. Bengal 9Biff Uarp* 

" " '-i.Opj*rt«,M^f»»8UirCorp«.. 

"-'v, B«ng>l SMff Dorp* 

, Mm-, B«ngll Buir Ooip*.. 

I, Jl^tr •■ ' """ " 

rTOMmtaGoldte.Jfvvr. L_, „ .. 

■Bu WkUwMsliL. Majar, BasK*! BUff Corn . 
S. BtcbftrdMD. jrV"-. 9. lAUubin Kan. (41 

■AB Walker, Mq^r.BamliKr Bluff Oorpi.. 

Ilckw4 RbwUbhd, I>SO.ird>r,U»aruSl«ff Corps 
' WUUmi Soun, Jf^'or, Ra^l EnguiHrB ... . 

[la, Mtjtr. Rojml KaginMn .. 

I u uiM hwoo. Jtw. Bojml KagiiiwM 

nButa IioTiw.jru'tr. 4l^«|{iiQDUiunl* ., 
TOtuBk CbaLnar*. ir^'.r, Baagal Buff Ujnu 
-idbaa Omn. Mmjar, Kovid AnjUarT 

Jobn Bb^UsIi. llV*r, >• HBmn 

TjMM MMUuUr B«ilT«r, ^t^itr, Baj%\ Artillery 
\mixj llr«ok«aj Maitr, Rajal EuiftnaBT* .„,-,—,-,...— 
<l»tUr. Majf. B^a) Uartn* Anillaij.. 

LameDca MooWoBurr. U^^. Boonl BC 
trrj ThmXjia. Migtr. Beagil Suff uorp* 

MliaCaMy, jrii(^,«taTBl A.rtU]ar7 

Aai-iiB Dhd-PIUi Uahf, Bonl Arllllnr 

WaMoB. Jfaur. aojulArtUlwr 

^HlM Kne Na*rlll|MiBK V^r. Bujat AiUUbf}... 

lAar l^aa. I(<i/>r, BiiTal AruUanr 

•onPawtTaa. ihjfr, aural ARiOarr ,» 


ab><oaaC«iill Knc, K«», aor*! lrtiU«f 

•Mn*PliiUlmat*,J(>>/V, aojalAniUeiT 

4ElBrda ChaUaaaT, M*Jar. Rrnl AKlUaiy 

Cl«fka Bawami. m^tr. Boral laitiiiwr* 
MWO Byalop. livj. Rot*! Boiiaaan... 

bailM Warn, JMO. IfaV, Bon) AnULaiy 

I WOllMi CsmiAall. Jf<v*r, S»nl AnaiVT 

fsha Bartow, E^ur. Br«al Aillllar*.„...... 

raanMb M»*ai>a», UiAt, fturl fatatot* 

Kapm Bunbary, Vit/or, Boral ' -■"■ — 
^ir^em KiBjr. Wajw. .■ Bd»e 
l».iB,;JConl --  ~ - 
rit BiLker. If. 

>an, kif. KotM BBKueen .. 
) nonler ff>!f«nl, M'^/rr, Bo/il 
OTiar GTahvn, Mnjvr, BojukA' 

UQH Biaadar. M^vr, Bangal 8»ii i,Drn 

M-raidYata. CS/. (7J(0. foior.BDmlJiD-Sutrcurpa 

^ PiUEUw*™!, Jr<i»r, Roj-ai BarluBsn 

: tCibBa Watkliu, Majtr, Oajal Bagiuen 

"*», Mv". Boval BniiDMn... 

•cmHl Smytll. irivVTHnnl U( 

tXH Goodrleb DleJc, If^/or, aoral Uai 

Kirs. J(^r, BnTal Uarioea 

Uiiard dnwier, ifawr. K. Laiunuhln Baft. (47 F. 
- Ha TB imtBa. Mtitr, UakBorCamwaU'a Lt.lnr.(jiF. 
laCuapball Barker, Jfo/V, Bo;alBDglr - 
ipluut Balbf, Jf*>r, Roj'Bl RnglnHTi .. 

Dona Uoaa^. Muar, Bengal Buff r 

rharlat Dainau, Ma/tr, Cb— •■■— " 
soedj Pukr *'— ' "^ 

Icnck Willlao Bomillf, USO. Oaplaim, BooU Oaardo 
ieoTf BUiwm AdwDwiii, C/ff . Vajsr, Mailraa Buff C 
BiclBuit Eu'b] BidgawAjr, ^V"". Baagal Slaff J. 
awnoca Bliot. 1^/«F, Bnial Staff C( 

_^. , ^ wagooa .-...-- -. 

u>l%llud, JC^ior, Uadnu Bcaff Oorpi 

IcnckjrilllaiB Bomillr, '-"^ o— ,-.■- o—.- 

a, VfrV, E 

Edmnl Fenion, J^nir, Bombsr BlaffCc.. 
lolhird Suiiell, JCv«r, Bombiij Huff Corjii 

t LaoiitaarDa, K->Kr. Boyal Bngiasen 

UntgioD Suan. Mtinr. Bojal AnillBrr ... 
Idclu KHul, llSO.Ilnjtr, fiumbaf SuirCDrpa..,. 
Urn. Jasia* Hlnntou, M^rsr. Bsnnl Suff Jurpa 

'ArUmMllse,3ra;>r, B.KarinaArUII«rr 

ma. Mv*p,IilaliraalUan(ggF.). ... 

 CrofWB H*Mb,£k*(sia, KoTalEDgin 

Intem TkamBOD, u^ata, (tajBl Bog 
tA.'wmti0ta»r,M»j9r,fUi3ii,\tni\my ..... 
ntliHwaB Maddao. JCvW, Weal India Begii 

liM* HBl*. JMar, Bennl B— ' " 

iMrili.J. lfj;.ar. Ilwigal Btairi 
nSanr IWnMi, ttaiar, Bamlt 
aibrf Toiiag, lC»r. Ba<lr<iru. 

r, Cbeahire Hegt. (. 
3 DnKoon aaar>la. 



John FroJorlct Wjloy. Kaior. Cbesbi™ JUgiment (ji F.) 

Jnmes fBDitron, Mujur, Bdj-»I Bngine*™ 

UnrUnier IlQTBUt WUlmore, Xnjur, Rojal EaBioeere 

BiehsTd TbiorttPTo Orpen, MajDr, Roy»1 Bnjrine«™ --- 

fjunr^c Uijbeit Rollo B^vag^ Motor, Roybl Enaiuears 

pEChcl. HaalBlt, M-ow, Koyiil Emtinee™ ,. 

(iunrBS Wilbnm Aadieon. ifoiw, Rojal Kr-' 

Allndroml1i,ifajor,aoriitKnBini!e™ . 
Junica White Thurbani, JTa^gr, Roiml En. 
Froilcric OotMt, Jfoicr. BoJBl Bngtiwer*. 

enhira flHiment .,,. 

', IhibUn FiuiUni - 

HkjDi. jri,'«-, Bo 

„'!>jLrlcB [iiinwn Cooper, tlufi 

liiliii lepriUK. lf(yi>r,Che«liiIom.-»j>-o"v ii.r 

irimiB Wi]]iHRi Audenon,jriijV,Bambf^ Staff Carpi .... 
^ijTTJOiir l:. B. Monro, Cnnfni", BenfOrtli HigbUnaerB (?» - 
Anhar HuoknalL Shnkeapear, If-jV. B. U*t1iib Artlllti7. 
.ieDri.1] AiLhUT Mills, Mnjor, Dublin Faallien |idi F.) .... 
.:h»l«i JOBtpb CbeelhuD, ifv'n*. K- Miirms Artillery ,„. 

iidfcini Kab«rt HiUMy, Major, Itoysl EDgiuMra 

lohn Wm. Aiuillc DrumniDiid. Cofliiiit, Hcota Goanla .... 

VFilliHiD I'ottcr Neirsll. ilajor, Itcntnil Staff Curps 

IVilbam Fnnda HungerfonlGrfy, Jfejor, Bengal amffConn 

neriKri flyro Rnbline, l/o/ur, BoyulMarineii 

Coamn (ieorge Gordon. Uajor, Royal Uarinaa 

Francia Hcary Hull, if«>f. HoyhI Artillery 

James Monro ilnntoa, Ifjf'or, w'ilu-hir* BeglnuDt (*i F.). 

Keginuld DharlM Tunmr, If^or, . I.ifo Gaaiiie!!!;!!"!!™!!; 

Thomaa UanioB Wtblnn, lfn,„r, go Knaaara 

Jubn Jebb Mcf nfll. Jfu/or, Trieh BiHeH (B t F.} 

Tbonuu Cnrrie, Uajar. Nurib Slaffordslilra Rf gt. '9E F.) . 
Cbarlea Kdnaul Bmdley, Afo/tp. K. BtoffonUibJro Bigt.(64 

Itoben llaubury Drawn. Afq/ir, RoTsl EnglDesra. 

Robert OlLrtr Lloyd, Moior, Boyal Knginoere 

Claude Helfniiar Condor, Uainr, Boyal EngineBra... 

Fredfrick Henrj Munn, V>J«r, Iriah Fuaifiera (E? F.) .... 
Uontagne Geo™ Johnalone, Ifajor, j DiaROr- " 

Uuuglae DaTidion J-ryct 
Fmncis For»ytb Rol«rt 

ifiijerr iitilinii BMff "ccmia ! . I!!! [^i ! !! ' 

Vu,V, Bengal Blaff CurM ! 

rrotl, Major, UailniB atalTConn.,  

U-jcT, Uailraa Stan Uorpa 

irgeaH, Af^yor, Bcm-iil ^lal 

, Bengal SUiffCorpa 

Woodfunle Geoigg ilu Bunlay, itujor. Royal Engin« 

WallerlltkrrySykea.Vv'or, Royal Engineera 

Jiiicpb AlMBUdrr Lambert, Mijtr, a UrsfiooD Guan 

Frsnii Abbott. lfu'»r, Bombay SluffCorna 

l«<rlaHalUiyIlolf»u,Arru.n-,B<npalBtaffC«rpa . 
(icorjis lluluroda Edtamiil Radcliffe. lAvar, UoidLia 


JauuM Slanrt Xivif. ATifiir Bumbaj BtMVVmpa. 
Kdmniul William CtuiwvlL Ifajer, Du^I Ennliiaa] 

Alexander finlttnxle FrnlOD. OiftSt, Umdm Swfl CuriM 
l'an«lanline Kodiier Wm. Kerrey, iriiJDF, Royal ArtillGrr.. 

Kdwanl 3>[onlaffB Flint, Mmr, Uojal Artillery 

Clanilc Kalnlar Xnoen. M^tr, Iriah FudlirrB (tu F.) 

Gennro Ihaby Filmcr BnllTau, Maitr. ij Hdxara 

WnKer 8, llarln Llanlet, JTvar, Uieeateivbira RoeHnent 
""■■'- FiaberhrdTBl Hamilton, JCiciv.IlnjBlAttillaTy 

Ik'unr I'lerfc, U^/tr, i Uibbooii Onarda.. 
('harlcRSUirattllkiulau. Jfa/ecRovi' ' 
Artbur HuwIcU, Mtjir. Uadraa StatTi 

JfH/N'. Rant Ai 


Aiimcrnct llcniT- I^inl Ora*c», 3t«h 

" JfwM-, IlumlnyBtairC..,- 
I Hubertiion, Jtujar^ Ibiyal A: 

Herbert ManalleM.I.i 
Malcolm Alexanilcri:) 
William Moore. BiJLiLh 


, il, Kvsr, 9 Lancem ... 

Ed<r. FJtimaurlce Hughu Bo«he, Major, 3 
I'm. Huttingt Fotl*. If^i'ar, Royal Artillcr 
l/cnr^ C'iillrell, Jfi/er, Riiyal AniUtrj ... 


nsn BHuaH*, M^r, Kojvl Anillci7 

nnoB Adair. JCvw. [biysl >UnDi!a 

 Pyna, jrf/WvB^IUuiBW...-. 

WWrtsbl.Mnr.EmlMsr-Dai^ .. 

iUd Hkju.lCvvr.^nl Mariner! .... 
Q Heiv Jf'Jt*-, Ro;al WriDiS 

■UtUentKOMD. Jfo/'M. RofDl Miir i:- 
Etobnuoo. Jeiiv, Ro^ llu^ne- 

ll'aw, Oif Can. BaoinlBlaff I'.r, - 

Uue'. Rsyill StwiuHn 

% Cat^iri^ Bstml ataffCorp* 

I lUdrord. CVAhi, BeaniHuin'i' 'U^ 

> UsMan, OajriaU, ttoria KBgtneen 

m IKvkKl^ lUKTaai, J(««v WeWi Bikuih 

. JV.»r, RujalioKinMn 

: Uafa. Jf^rsr. Rnfal BnfftDaan 

n HbtimnI, M-^farjSajti ZDirlc«*n 

Sauay-tiuismt, Mmr, Hoju Bneluocn- 

l£w*r. K«ld Ki>«4iwin 

upon. Hwr, lUtjti KBglBoen 

» Uohnll. ilitjir. Woraeatcr Baginwiit ... 

■a, J(v>ir, &«a] ARillen ... 

Jbi^, Hojal Aitiltor 

\lBDa DaBDa, aui<aia.l9iu(u nDXimnil ... 

ilej Sanly, V«>r, Roi^ AnlllBry 

Coibcwl, ICiJ^.RojiiAnlltory _.... 

m tlMUal»m. iTvor, Boyll ArUUsn .... 

tiaahtis ClaDKbtoa Wallnr, KofH-.Bonl AiL 

M. JV«ir. Boral ARUIbtt ,. .- 

anid BcnriqiMi, V^/ir.Bonl AiUllur; 

■caafon. JfifHT, Boyal Artillery 

retta Uunar, lf<>ir. Royal Anallnr 

>a StuidcB, ICuir, Iriib riuilioa 

Mby^Sm/U, irv-<>r,Iri*ta aia« 

Bart. Jf^ior, Bo^l KagiDSBa „ 

1. Jfatw, B<i)»l Artillery 

kvldy. Majv, &njalKatriiuer«.....„ „_,..,...,... 

• UaidiwcLnrU. Jf^tr, Banzai Slaff Can» ... 

aiOaasa, JCv^'.BNitalBMJTCatpa 

MildWwnia, CfO. ClHMa, Rc^al AitiUarf . .1 

bo SaltilMniia, Kv'"-. BoAabln RaginieDl I 

M Bnall. Uiifar, BaahM Stag Cofyi 

»Ba>4i>B,J^I>v,fi«rtahinH«iiBBnt . , I 


a MathaBtal flawleks, »■/»-, HsnehMMr Hagt. 
•QKMackeniie.lfir^. BoDibaySUiirCi.rpii ...I 

..-icli lliuirell, iliiiar, BauuKl SUUI ColTia . .... 

y^mer. M'itr; iTitb ^giiDfot 

■n Cbaa. Ucatli, C<v<al>,TDrkabi»U. loltett? 
larreMutliaU, Jf^er, Baiotaiur BIAtTOnrnB ......I 

: iHiena Tbomaa, Jfa/er, Bombay SUIT Corps. 

Fraa. Jobuaati, Jfvor. Boral Artlllei? 

gir YeoiiK, K^r'tr, Bombay Staff Corpa 

laNaviibam-Bmith. Va/ir, Bomtw SUUTCar(u{ 
g\imtrj Bttf tatd,Miitr, fLajit Eogiacti* ... 
ra BeDdaraoD, Umt, Boyal Ebginaera ............1 

•y. Major, KdhI EBgiitfers 

^>twKniDaiieIl.Jf<uw,Qi:[oriltUiaL.I. Intaniry 
tt. Bubcn M'QriBOr, Oi/^jii. Kina'a R. RiOea...! 
ml«y K. llDUar, Ma/or, Boynl ScoU 

Muin, Jf^i'iir. Koral Eninaecrii 

. Johnit™. if™. Eoyal Bnginoen 

iMoo, JfiuBr, B<nrBl kngiDBin 

rneK KO(I K«1. )f ^D'. Boyal EaKinecn... .... 

ii4ee Jnacp, Malar, Royal SuRmsorB 

ta uraat D'AtfuUHT, if^ior, Hu^aJ EugiaearB ... 

r. Jfafirf', Boyal EoKidtcn ... 

9»r. it«jtr. Ilittblaoa Linbl [nfaouy 

E4l<J Cburt«]iair. Ml^Jor, 11 Uueaw ..— ., 

.Bi ekmsvrTafajo'', Royal En(iMcri> 

n« Bh^ne, DSO. Major, Roysl Kojincira 

ulmug, Carlaia, Bemtanhmifblsiulcit 

u|[UaB. I(>i<r, UloaccaLar EtgliDtLt 

•. ifajar. Houencubirt LiEhilnfiini.iv.. . . '. 

uryWbiia,JU^'ar, Royal Encibceiii 

MlLAinb. Jfafxr, Beai^BulTLVrp? , 

inP«hailUaii(ellb,ir<vH', B^.mbHy HWff Corgis 

(iwT. fiadglay, M,t,of, Kayal EugiQCErs 

•i;!!, lli(far,])orIh Lancashire RasiaioiU ....... 

m ttapenar, Mivor. Royal SogiDevn 

mil (rood. ir*>r,Bar(lHRe«?<nBiiC 

Lanwhl^ Jfo^ SbropabinLlebllDFiuiuy .. 
t:u Biclicy, Aqin-, Coaai Brigaile of Aitillery I 

< ApniTfi). / 

•4v^C)B«dM>DdAT01>llBlS,£a.£i>.UiVD>-.) I 

■s. ifa/an WaJwicbahira Htgimont I 

BM, J^m*. Ha)*l Baginoen 

WtBiAimai,Mkior. isHdihih , 

a E^.Jf'MT, Bengal SlalTL'orpa 

ra, XiJ'r, feoyal KiwJnwn. ..„ _.../ 
SnriBflyB. Jfvcr, a^ral UariBct / 




6 Dm. 6; 
6 Deo. 67 



. Jbi> e. 

. J-ily 8. 


...lio Feb. £9.18 OcC. 

6 Oct" tl 

itOoI. Ei 

mOcV !i 

c.Uay «( 


ijJan. Si 


'i Fab; 4 


r Juneasii JoneS; is 

11 Juniii^V 

Kiehani Donnv, ttijur, Hojil Uarinn 

John Jerome Quill, Ifojfr.RoTBlHuiliw 

Ediranl BucriiiBtOD atapbem, Cuptaia.Rojil Uarinei...... 

Kilm. Jib. Tbor. Rota of BladRuhnn, uAr, Rofsl Eug. 

euwiit M'MuidD Usycock, JTufor, BdTal EsgiuKn 

Cbarlu Cheictr WillmmB I}uidrldgc,»ir<i;«r, h.p. King'i 

n Scottiih Borden 

m Jolin On, Uajai; BombBJ BUff Cutps .. 

m Max. Alton lUcphenon, Ifojor, Bergul 

"" H X.a.a,CIE. Uajor, B«ng»l Huff 

July 6,.! 

1, jmynr, Bombay 8.C 
BangHl atsB Corpa . 

usun, 'aijiir, BeniTBl Btaff ijorpi 

AUunder William C^clLburn, Miyar. Royal Engineer 


Fredoria-Bnce SuDHT, i/oisr, BotbI Artillsry 

Henry Luke Wells, Bojor.Eloyai'BneiiiMra 

CliarfBB HaggBrd. ifajor. IriBiKiiloB 

ISdicnnJ iU!£u, Uajor, Kuyal Engineen 

Alfred Maneel, Jf^or. Royal AniGery 

<irorio Glcncaim OirininghsBi, Coufain, Derbyahln 1 
Jolm Grenrell Maiirell, C«0. Caplai', Blacli WiLtcli . 
WLlliiun Builer Fertit, iI<iior. Bombay Siaff Corpe .. 
lij.e. Wm. Uarconrt Bavycr, itaitr, S. SumirdBBire 1 
Hugh i;iiinde Edward Lucr- "-— '■ " - -~ 

ErtiiardChanier KetUe, 1 

AtmelJ Roliert Porttt, tlaio', Bengst Staff (;or^_ 

Bull Edirard Spragge, Jfujor, Vork Light Infoutry 

Eenry Cbarlaa baTege, Uajtr, Soatb StaObrdBliire Rsglmgn 

Idwanl Arthur SmiUi.CuiuiB.BoyalArmiery 

<;hBrl>BUeiiryW«tiaartund.flvt<iii. Bengal ataO' Corps ... 
titorge Dnlryniple Uore Niabett, Xajnr, BedfordBhire Baet. 

Arthur MoiuKoiin H swat, itt^'or, Boy»l ArUllory... 

Harry lleorge Weir. Ifo/ur, Royal Anillorj 

UucbBuan Beott, CIE. Uajor, Royal Eugineera 

Ueorga Uamllion JubustoD. M«;or. Eut Yorkshire Regt... 

John Dscraa Cunnlnghaiii, Uajnr, Royal Artillery 

Ueorge Fred. Farquharaou Sburefl. Majat, Royal Artillery 

JameaGro a Wb to Ma, Miiluleaei fteglmanl 

J hD V am Uarton Macartney, irajor, DonsUhireRegt 

ha d ha Qordon C ced, itujar, llriiicOBteiahIra Begt.... 
J hull pottPercy Viyiir, Damatihlie Roglmont 

n y J hn ya ar if Royal Aitillary 

A hu M da u U rr^ Uajor. Koyal Artillery 

Ph n a oia ah u loyal ArtUlory 

Ho yB ro ir™ J-, Royal ArtiOary 

y . Moj^, ttoyai ArtlUory 

if^yor. Royal Arlillery"!!^^^'i^ir. 

Kdna U al Artillery 

A hn P e- Ponton ^Jf,v __Bpr»l_Artl]l«-y^„,.^^. 

* lefH^ry 

Th mHB lloo 

Kobcn Williama Aodrena. Uv", Border Bagimeot 
AIm. Henry Uiblia Anton, tt^hr, CoHnaauhl Bsngei 

Jamca Uung Fliotc, K^ot, Royal Artillery 

Edward French B«hBr.ifaji.r,BorftlArUIlBry 

r. Boyal Artdlery 

7 July 4 

\ July 4 
7 July 8, 
7 July 89 
J July Bt 
jjnly B, 
7 July gq 
: July 89 
, July 89 
, July «9 
.-July &9 
IT Jaly S» 
19 July «9 
,0 Jaly »i 
>« July 8? 
ji July 89 
). July 89 
] Aug. 89 
6 Aug. 89 


6 Bent. N 

la SepV 8$ 

iB Sapt.89 
J! Sept. 8, 

lOel. H 

 Oot! t9 
I Oct. 99 

lUct. 89 
I Oct. «« 

.Oct. If 

I Oct. Bf 

!Tel7n o'o'r, 

Michaal Kiug Man 
FitiHay Somen 

a 1{. Alhertey. Jla/ar. Boyal Horaa aoniilB,. .. 
iHlarlok Surdou, Unjar, Bengal Buff Coipa 

,, MnjQT, Bangal BtalT Oorpa .. 

rtBniylb.ainypr. Royal Anillery . 
non U. A. Uuniud, d„, Bea^a 



. Bom I 

St. JuhnFancouftU-chell.Jfujpr, Bcn„ ,_ ,. 

^.t.c. Alfred Kdirard CodiiugloD, irajar. ColdDtream (iua 
Cbarlea A. de T. Burrougha. Itaier, B. lAncaBbira Kogim 

BobcrH'r»nciiTrull«r^*(or, Bengal BtaOCorna 

Auhruy de Vere Aleundcr, Uaiar, Baogal BtatT Curpa ... 
Kiiward Archibald Youog, Malar, Bengal Staff Curpa ... 

CharloBAloyaiuiByau, J/Wsr, Boyal Artillery 

Piu-kiUB Ueurla. Miiar, Royal ^ailuaa 

SicbanJ iUnbewM Ruck. Mv<^, Royal KnginMn 

uajii, Vs/sr, RoTil BD|{Iiu«ts 

Ifiuw, Bonl Engiiwen 

iibciad, Ifamr, Bon] Bneiiii 
tuppind^l, jrafiir,aaTitl Bug 
Itbsa. Major, B'ljal EdsIilmi 
nr. Major, biih KiOM 

na Fentmi, Ifo/'r. Bomba]' SWIT Carpt 

tq*«,ir>.W. ijUoiun 

UviriUnd, Jfa/or, Eu( Xorlutui* Rasimenl 
wd Deiuir. MVBT, CaDnaoBbt [Ungec- 
>ura Buonden, JU-u'<r. Ru;^ ArUllerT 
SimpMiik, U^nr. MasdusMr B«gimEi 

CoucT. M*Mr, Rof al XngiMcn 

[o^M*. Mtnar, BonlBr Suiognl 

Hsraian, Majtr, CoDiHtaslit fUnesn 

T. Wiuw. Roiml Bngiiuen 

■dhuo, M^ar. iligbluil U^i Inlkulry 

■lav*, Ifattr, Kox>l Aniuarj 

lidse.Jiswr, WaMlndUBagitnent. 

Hmdw, Major, lirieuur Ssgfmeiit 

lUnt E«nnnl/, Idnftr, BoiDl»y SlaCT Carpi 

U09. ITvaf. BSDgKl auffCorp* ,. 

"-' - "nmbMBUiirOo™ 

1 Co(lB7. Major, I 
. Ifw>r. Itodrw 1 
lUoUalioB, irv> 

», l(u;m-, Rojl 


Ln TUIr. »>• 


■rwsr, Ocykl EuEinei 
Malar. BedroMiEire __„ 
Boptini, Mmjor, KotiI ArtiUcrr 


aarix Hu^Kin.'irsier, Oanl EDgiMBn .. 
nj. Jt>>r, iMiauihira Fa^llan (» F.) .,... 
WwtiiMiealt. Uajor, Luicuhln Fium«B 
nali*. J''W''i.'^'l<'lili« [[•aimaal(«P,) ... 
lOL BUa. Uyar, WAiiXotia. Rtcrt. (77 ?-). 
D^ Fvjmer. x^ar, [UiTftL Aitillwy.., r 
BU BromStld. Majar, GbMbin Bsxlifl* 
- luttT Barter, itajcr, Yorkahirs U. lal 
asjiuit.rd. «»jor. WareuUr Regl. (>« r .| 
WL Haghcs-aaUnU, Jf-^sr, Suforth Bijcb- 

[, jfaiM-, iiarai jituiicr; 
Dna OiO, Mm, Rojal * 
lUr, £)nf JutOlBrr 
l^r.ftoyal ■— " — 

'■UruD, ttajor, Boj«l 
BicLd. Ho«>rd'TiH, Majtr, HujhI 

iBiKK.Vajor, RoyKlArtiUsry 

Tilta BUokcu, Ifi^'or, Rofsl Artillery 

JSTl. Jf«y^, Bifl'o Bn^o ""*" 

dldTsU. Uvar, KL " 

dc Jetccy, Jtaj*r, R-jiu ■...,,.„. 
Hn'sr, Royal Eiit(lEL«iTii ..... 

K»oironlj»y Prfettity.afnjt", II ■, .: Ari. 
ptall Hkdoir, Viu'dt. Bonnl SluU mrpa 

 Ti>n DoBap,"j(aior,'BojBl Bngim —  

Uld CODDOllT, Jfw, RoTil Uuiu 

HB Lye. Mv«r, lath BBiimont .... 

. CliDUm Bwldcley, Jf^/M' Royal Kngineers 

<p«tUwaod«, Jfajiir. TuriubirB Rcgl. (19 F. 

ib-HueIim. Vdw, BoymJ AnUler; 

lick HtditB-M^ar, Boykl Artiller 

SBl^tliuid BroDkcr, Musr, Royd Aitillcry 
toon* IfDrno, ITVbt, Inib RmlaiiDt (iS F.) 
IHlioD, V^, Woe Vorkehini Regt. It4 F.)... 
ibirm, WuDT, RoyftlAiUllary 

Uarria, Major, NorUi Luicuhin Ra^C- |S< F.)' 
rood* Bocbtan-Boyit, VitiDr, MuDcbcetgr Rexi. 

is DkTid, Cn^uH, Boyal Uulna 

w.d* la P«t Benifotd, Major, WllUliini Reel- 
■t Kcka, Mvar, Dftblln FiuilJBra .. 
« WiUiaa Strru, If ^sr, Kuik'b Oira Sc 

wt Lt. lofujt], .... 

.. ,. 1 Dtagoon OuBrai 

av, Ifv"- DoiMItlim Bcgimenc 

< Jeoia, JV^°r, WandonbinEesinient 

Ednid Fsuirick. Majar, DorMWlilrg Regt. ... 
OODBillK, M^for, KiDg't Raygl Rill« 
d Tancbui, M^^, Riyal Artillfry ... 
1 OUiisi^ Maj<»-, Boy»i Bogir 


tl.nrlcB OlilBeld KicholdtB, M.ijcr. Bomtny Slaff Corps 

JiiiDCa Hayw EndlBr. Hortr, Bengiil StuBCDips 

John Edmood Meln. Jfajor, HfBMl Buff Corp. 


y.rottl Armona BmrUj, Mafar. Botnlnj' SUtfCorp* 

H«rtj D'Arch BroKio. Wyw, Rnyal KnrtMe" 

Cli«-I» Winisin Bom KitllinB. U'Jv, Boy«l MmnnM.... 

CbKrie»C«ilH»rrordThoTOld,Jfiijrw. Welsh Fosilicr« 

Mnlcolm Edir. H, Oinn Wclth, MbJot, Van» Btaff Oorps... 
Herbert Spencer Complon Gorton. Mvr, Argyll Bndj 

Sutbemnd Higl.lnndKf  ,- * 

JToii. ChariM Bobert WUliim Collille, ITatitr <^ Coltllls. j 

Vb.>, Grtnadier Gn»rf» , i 

MbiitsII Archibnld Clow, H^'". " Hiu«u» 

t'yril Heurr Bicktrds, JVoior, Kd^M Artlllair ■■• 

iJeopold ArrtedU'Clinio<ik,.Uiuor,BDral AiUII«iT. 

Frederick BlaplBton GndiiB. Cajitain, Bensal Bits Uorpi... 
WentlT JiButc HodKn Bond, Cnt^t. Bennl BtaffOorp* ... 
Anhar tlJiiry elnrk-KcDnedr, Orlait.UtiTt* eialTCorp*... 
Berkelci CroBblo Ooill. UVn-, Tork aiid Lkneuttr Kcgl. ... 

Jbthcb tleWillr Bnbingion, Uajar, i6lAneci* 

lVillL»mTvldnn, JiDjor, nortlArtlUetr 

Cbsrles JnmciBlDiDllDld, K^/sr.I.uuiMhlraFiuillen... 

gtopfaFD DtckionBalnifDTil, JfoAir, RoralAnUlerr . 

Arthur HcBiy WilforU BrtU. Jf^nr. Bo)-ml Amnsry ... 

F™nCT.raloTBi(art.Jtfo/«r, iSHiMMn.- 

i:reT6kinwilh, irajor.RojullrUnoBI ,. 

HeoirBpmMrWbealley, Jf».;V,BeBml Staff Oorp* 

Henry P>ImtrKDiBhi,if«(»-,Bo™lBnriiieOT 

Willism Heniy Goldney, B^or, fior«! fei|t!neers 

Richard MenioliL GramfleW, ir-»r, ItntaCuiiDg Fmnliers ... 

Albert Evelyn Hcojihion. Jf«"-, BoyilMirioes 

Chirfei Albert BiuhiDM),if^/»r,Bl«*WBeah .... 

Wmi»niGtbb»Btt»BlMn, J^nf"'. KorfOlk Hoguaeot 

JohnWaroer RoddKli.ifw'or.DorhKnlAlnlknlry. 

Frederic Porrj- Lonfi»i», UtJiiT. York wid LaDUeter Regt... 

John Henry Collier Coode, Mtj<,r, Black Wmch 

M«iry Huwlett TTonng, IMar. Uadni Blaff Corpi 

foitcr Lionel CnnlUft, Kaiirr, RoyU AnDleiy , 

Terence BD|ilBnaBii>taii,Va/>r,BDyalAnillery 

John WiUiam Martdln Newton, Uajor, Bo»l ArtiHery 

Gci>ri»DaTldH>n Campbell GaMreBV^AT.BeDRalBtaB'Carpi 

KdnBtdEyiuii Kenny, Jfaior.Madraa Staff Corp*.. , 

George LiadBcyGariLin.irqAii-, Bennl Staff Coipa 

Colin GeorcB Donald, KvV.Boyalrnallian... 

p.,.r. JdbullBUiy Sewnll, Jf.^pr. Norfolk Btgiment 

Thw^> JiuUro Art^iir'sBIhw. Jr^jw, lUng's 'Own Bco'^'i' 

Harry Eteicirt Bmre BodsIiiiiaoD, i(<fh*, K. Iaiic. Regt. ... 
Owen Ednara UTtton Dailte. Uajtr, Cbeeliire Iteeiment ... 
Gcoraa Blnkemore ReLbllt, Jfifjer, Atgjrlland SDlherland ; 

HiAUnden i 

Charlei WiUiaoi Croue. JTwer, 6 Dnsuoni 

Lcwli Hotaoe Phillip*, Jfsiir, Norfolk Befflment i 

FrancUSoymonrLealie. ««wr Boiellingineen I 

Arthur William U'Klnairj'.Jrwer.LelDeatsnhire Regiment I 

Wcutworth OreBTille Bownr. ViiAir, Boyal Xnginecri I 

Artbnr Unnro MBunaell. ifv,/>r, unnUer ?n>Ilisra 

Stewart John Trvnch, Xiijor, Wnt Riding Raj^racnC (;6 F.l' 
ToHtnce John BockeKDaiine Jf n/Br.Weit Snrre; fiep. (j F.l 
William Botien Le Oejt Andanon, Mahr, Bombay SlatTC. 

Wlllliun MuBh Edward Dobie, If oriir, Boyal AitUln? ' 

John WilliiiD Kilwart Anaelu, itajiir, Bennl Blaff Corps . ' 

Henry Donald BoHOUr, 'u«r, Dnrfaam UKht Inlkctn ' 

Uol-ert John RomBhei, Jfiu'iir, Kioft'* Oitn BCDtllahl 

Arthur AlineyBandyii ifii/iir, 4 DraBoiHi'linirda 

Clnmlc Mn.on Bnicgard, Maitr, Royal ArtlDery < 

<:»™ichBel Light iounii,Ji^«r,Ii™lKnKinecni ' 

]{.lw«rd HuniT El. Lawranc* 6laiia, Mai^. Worcealer) I 

Kpgimenl (»9 "-I J ' 

Ulick Ciporge Campbell da Burf|h, l^or, i Draiioon Goanlt 

Fnncii Uerhen Kngland, JVivim-, Walab riulUan ...' 

SI. Andrew Bmoe Wanle, Jf^/sr, Royal Artilleir i 

UeDrge Frankland francli, Mvar, Bombay SlaffCornii ' 

Jiibn^iUoujBbbyWnty.lfw'iJr, Bombay Staff Corpi .... 

AleunderTbomuWeller.Jf'i;"', Bennl Staff dvps 

Oaillnm ScottBangh, X-nor, Hadraa Blnff Corpa . ' 

Charles WUUam Honry Eraiu^ Miyvr, Weit Kent RefiiDiciit I 

auiudiah Henry Harrlaon, Xnjar, LirerrioDl BoetaeDt I 

Carteret WulWrCaioy.Jfjtof, Highland LiBhltnliniry. ... i 
ei.c. Oeorn Fitiberbetl Biowne, CSO. VvV, Northamp- ) 

'^<:onRegim*nt(iSP.) i' 

Llewellyn Balnibni? Uelkir, 1><vt, Urerpool REgimont .. 

AlaianaerUaatnaitfiQar, Bennl Staff Corpi ' 

I'redcrlok DelHald Welobman, Mmitr, Bengal Btaff Corps ... 
Fnderlck Oardim Aleiandar, MaJtr, Boiobu Btaff Corps ... I 
CbulnFiideilfkVyu, Jr<)^, Bengal BMirOorpa I 

gFeb. jiis'Dae. Si i; 

...... ■> Feb. j6 6 

Ang.tSrSOct. 71 1 


14 Deo. Bi i<I>et;. 90 

War 8orvi<xr of the NnJQnwtt hthnging to Rtgimenh or Cor^^t. 63-9 

|F4r UiB Wti a«rflCM o( oUtBT Ha]i»s. vlil« tbslr rMp*cU*g a«gliiiaDta or Corpi.) 
^orK. aiKlMnna uned wllh Iha BaIIIc SipoliLlOD ia iSjt (Jfoilsl). Aldo iu iAqBIscIcSsb id tlui luicr pact 
i;,tad tuiul ihs clBcluiuioD ofpCKS in 'isi. 

[■ion Honnifanl fUd HaHMb—For Wu SerriMS, Ma Bo^al Mkrinei. 

Mer J.B.StaBBk| HTTod irtlh Uw R. U. BMUllouit Bautorinin tBtt, tind with ths Bri^iAsIii the Orimen 
«tka iiM|a«CBAalopo)lai9<s (Undal wittaClup. 5lh dua oriha UDEiilma. maTutkiBh MctUI). 
[^ktA. (Mok «•• •mpland urith  deUchmsat or Uia }iDd Msdnu Kmive InGinlTy itut farmad pirtof tbfl 
IB lbs Btld 10 iBUlPoapt tba rttwU nuder TimtiB Topee ttom 9111 Noconiber iSjS, Wiuengagsi! in the puratui ' 

viMBt Bbaaa an tlui natUi-wuUni IWmtler uf Tsnuunini and Uutsbsn I'ruvincBa dariau Hay i36o. ! 

Ittar Vr. BOhMod wned In tbe ■ipadiUdn lo tba Bondao in 1994 wltb ilie iit Batu lioaVork and Laocutcc I 

■anktill' vutnaaDlin IheanekgnnentaalEITallodTaaiiUIMisdil wtUi Claip, and Klieliva'i SUi|. 1 

tatsrlbaHoD.P. L. L. Oolbarna tntd in the AFghita war in iS/q-An, sad UJOk pait in Ibe mxrcli to Can- I 

r iritbiliattireanodtTlCijaTactinmlPhBirTBlUedall. Bcrrcd iriih Uie Naial Field Furoe in the Boer irar 
b. Ww nnployad irlLh tbe Boals during tha Nils Btpodltloii In iSSi't;. and iraa prtacnl at the action of 1 

^■B (nwBlioncd In OeapMobM, Brarel of Uajor. Uadiil vith two CIn»pa. and Kiedifo'a ElurJ. Sorreil | 

aaSoadui Fnwtler Figld Fares in iSB;-S6aa fieaforOffinria charea of water Truxport. 

tiiar Kinran fcmd in Uu Afghan oar ol t39« (Uadi^). 1 

Kaitir DandndBe ■erred irilb tha ijlli Kios'a Oini Btinlerera in the Afihan war of iSjB-So, Cral wiili tUo 
ia>nTa!l<r Fiaia Forae, inoladins ttie Baiar Valle; Eipedition onder Lieut.Usneral Uauda, and arternirila 
M0Mkll*i^*ndD.A.Q.U. OeneralC&bnl Field Force (Uedal). j 


1. NORTH XA8TXRN DISTRIOT.—HeftdQuarien, York. 

VLuoM GxvMAL CoMXiJiDMO Mfljor G«iiera) N. SterenBon, i July 89. 

Aids de Camp Captain Son, R. White, Wekh Fuulien, 1 J11I7 89. 

CtmmandiMo B. Art. (Colonel on the 8faf)... Colonel C. B. S. Scott (ftom h.p.) 1 Jalj 89. 

Commanding R. Eng. (Colonel on the St^fT)" Colonel O. W. Stockley, b.p. 1 Jalj 89. 

- .. A A J' J An 1 fp.».c.ColonelT. Kelly-Koim3<flromh.p.W.Burr«rBegt.), 1 JiiljBl. 

Anxeiani Adjntani QeneroU Itiolonel F. F. GoddSrd. AttSv Berriw Oorpe.77nly8i. ' 

'p.:e. Lt.Colonel Sir St. Y. A. Hunxnick, Bmrt, (Arom h.p. Oifild 

Deputy Aeeitiant Adjutant Qeneralt 

Liffht InfantTT). z Jaly 89. 
pa.e. Lt. Colonel Hon. w. P. Elliot (flrom h.p. Argyll and Batkv* 

land Hiffhlanden), x July 89. 
Captain J. Stacpole, Leicester Regi. (with Army Service Corp^, 
\ z Julv 89. 

Dep. A$ei»f. Adj. Qen.for Inetruetion p.e.e. Major Hon. J. P. Napier, 10 Hnuara, 33 Aug. 90. 

Dietriet Inepector of MuMketrjf Major H. Hall, Derbvahire Kefiiiment, z July 89. 

ftfajjr Capfatn, Boyal Artillery Captain W. N. Lloyd, i July 89. 

Commanding Atunliarg Artillery Lt.Colonel J. C. Bobinaon. Sunderland. 

Senior Ordnance Store OJlcer Deputy Gommisaary General of Ordnance F. G. WinUe. 

DiMtrict Paymaeter CbifefPavmaater G. H. Anaon. 

Principal Medical Officer Deputy Surgeon General T. Walsh. 

2. NORTH WESTERN DISTRICT.— Head Quarters, Chester. 

liuoB Gbkbiii. CoMHurniBO Major General J. H. HaU, i Apr. 90. 

Aide de Camp Lieut. J. B. Hall, Coldstream Gnarda, a Apr. 90. 

Commanding Royal Artillery Colonel A. J. Mac!averty, z Julv 89. 

Commanding R. Eng. (Colonel on the St<{f)... Colonel A. G. Durnford {from h.p.), z July ^9. 

Aeeiatant Adjutant General Colonel E. A. uore, z July 80. 

Tk * A -^ * 1J4 « /3.«..^i. f Lt.Colonel L. A. CI utterbucfc. Army Senrico Corpa, z July Bo. 

Deputy Aeeutant Adjutant Generate J^, , ^ Lt.Colonel J. Spence, bin. Yorkshire Light Inf. z6jtB.V 

Dietriet Inepector qfMu$ketry Captain H. M'L. Young, Inniskilling Fuailiers, Z5 Nov. 89. 

Staff Captains for EecmUing | (,^p^ j j, Acland-Troyte. Essex Regt. z Jan. 90. Bitmingkam. 

St<\f Captain, Boyal Artillery p.e.c. Captain F. E. Cooper, z July 89. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Assistant Commisstiry (reneral of Ordnance R. T. Stainlbrtb. 

Dietriet Paymaster Staff Pa j master W. U. Mortimer. 

Se nior Medical Qffictr De put y Surg eon General 8. Archer. 

8. EASTERN DISTRICT.— Head Qaarters, Colc^estor. 

Majob Gbitbbal CoicKAHniHO Major General H. J. Buchanan, CB. z Jan. 89. 

Aide de Camp Captain G. H. D'Oyly, Devonshire Regiment, z Jan. 89. 

Assistant Adjutant General Colonel E. Leach. C£. h.p. West Kent Regt. 18 May 86. 

Ti^^i^ j.^*^nt AAiutn^i o»*graU (p'.c. Lt.CoL F. T. C. Du Vemet (IVom h.p. Essex Regt), i I>6e. H 

Deputy Assistant Adjutant Generals t^iliyor H. N. Bunbnry, Army Service Corpa, 33 JnlyW 

Dep. Atiist. Adj. Gen. for Instruction p.s.c. Major F. J. Titiy, E. Lancashire Regt. Z2 Mar. 84. 

District Inspector of Uusketry Captain C. P. Barchard, West Yorkahire Regiment, z Deo. 89. 

Commanding R. Art. (Colonel on the Staff)... Colonel S. P. Lynes, 7 May 89. 

Commanding R. Eng. {Colonel on ike Stqff) Colonel C. J. O'N. Ferguson, 94 Jan. 00. 

Commanding Auxiliary Artillery Colonel A. J. Sbuttleworth. Great Yarmouth. 

Senior Ortlnance Store Offietr Assistant CommiBsary Greucral of Ordnance C. D. Durnford. 

Di$trict Paymaster Chief Paymaster W. Hughes. 

Principal Medical Offic*^ Deputy Surgeon General G. H. Giraud. ^^^^ 

4. WESTERN DISTRICT.— Head Quarters, Devonport. 

Majob GBirBBiLCoxicAKnixa Sir R. Hurrison, KCB. CMG. Royal Engineers, Z5 Apr. 90. 

Aide de Camp Lieut. G. R. Lascelles, Royal Fusiliers, z May 90. 

Commanding R. Art. (Colonel on the Staff)... Colonel J B. Richardson (from h.p.), Z7 Sept. 88. 
Commanding R. Eng. (Colonel on the Staff)... Colonel R. W. Stewart, z July oc. 

J. ' * M 11- t ..4 /2^„^— »- Cp.t.c.Col. H. T. Joucs-Vanghan (from h.p. E.York Regt.), 3Z Mif I7- 

Aiexstant Adjutant Generate i Colonel J. W. Elmes, Army Service CoVps, z Apr. 9S. ^ 

Deputy Assistant Adjutant General p.t.c. BtLt.Colonel A. G. Creagh, Roval Artillery, z July 89. 

Dep.A$sist. Adj. Gen. for Instruction p.t.e. Major R. J. F. Bnr.flcld, Welsh Regiment, z Oct. 87. 

District Jnapector of Itutketry Major R. H. Green, Lancaster Regiment, 4 Nov. 89. 

Brigade Major^ Royal Artillery p.t.c. Captain E. R. A. Kerrison, Royal Artillery, 17 Aug. 90. 

n^-.™^.— A^^Ur.^ A^mi**^ fLt. Colonel G. C. II. Parlby. Deconport. 

Commanding Auxiliary Artillery Icolonel T. B. Tjlcr. Ne^jx^H. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Deputy Commissary General of Ordnance H. Taylor. 

District Paymaster Chief Paymaster G. W. Rippon. 

_Prineipal Med ical Offlcer D e puty Surgeon General 

5. SOUTHERN DISTRICT.— Head Quarters, Portsmouth. 

T — n.™., r-^wwAw^Tw^ iH.S.H. the Duke r>/Connaught, EG. AT. EP. GCSI. OCMO^ 

I^BUTBHiHT Gbkbbal Commakdwo \ Q^,jjg j^.^^ j^^^j^^ Brijrade. 25 Aug. 90. 

Aide de Camp Captain C. R. Burn, i Dragoons. 

''ZT4i'^of-2tijor ^e«~/..':"..'^..^'!^!:}Co'<""" H- ^ O. Geary, ,8 Apr. 90. 
Commanding R. Eng. (Colonel on the Sttff) ... Colonel J. M. II. Maitland, CB. h p. 31 Jan. 86. 

Colonel W. H. Lee ffVom h.p. a Dragoon Gds.), ^s Jn^J B7. JWIqf- 
VC p.t.c. Colonel E. H. Sartorius (from h.p. East Lancashix* 
Rof^iment), ai Aug. 89. 
I Colonel W. F. Cavaye (from h.p. Sussex Regiment), 8 Nov. 90^ 

{p.$.c. Major W. C. James, 16 Lancers, a? Jan. 88. 
Captain C. A. Hadfleld, Army Service Corps, zi Dec. 88. 
Lt.Colonel A. A. Baker, Army Service Corpa, z6 Oct. 89. 

^'A^t^Ad''Gji^f^''lnJt^^^ CapUin H. D. Drake, Royal Marine Artmety. 16 July 9s. 

Deputy Aisitant Adjutant Gen. for Musketry Major C. J. Whitaker, York and Lancaster Regiment, z Aug. §6- 

Brigade Major^ Royal Artillery p.$.c. Major L. G. Fawkes, R. Artillery, 6 Dec. 88. 

Commanding Auxiliary Artillery Colonel H. M. Robertson. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Deputv Commissary General of Ordnance T. Pease, CB. 

District Paymaster Chief Paymaster R. B. Farwell. 

Principal Medical Officer Surgeon General G. M. Slaughter. 

Quarter Master, Invalid Depot W^illiam Henry Hirst,* z April 85 ; Hon. Lieut, VHUm. 

Comm. Discharge Dspot, Fort Broekhmr9t,Qosport Lt. Colonel H. W. Apperley (from hj>. 9 Lancers), z Jam tgi^ 

Paymaster Staff Paj-master P. D. Costa, Hon. Lt.Colonel. 

^maritr Matier William Neate, 7 May 84 ; Hem. Lieut, 

* LieuL Hint Barred in the Egyptian war of i88a (Medal, and Khedive'i Btar). 

Assistant Adjutant Generals 



e. THUCEB DISTRICT.— Head Qoikrterf, CluiUuim. 

.11. CvntBDnia p » *. M»ior Henoml W. H. GDoilBnonKh. CB, R. Art. i Apr. 5. 

i«p Cnpliiin P. J. Fii, Hots] AtuUery, i Apr. cp, 

1^ jr. .irt. (CUwl •• Ht Slaf/ ... I'lilimel E, D, TUIioU. 1 Ade. oo. 

^ «, .F-J |0>;,.-/'- . '. '-r -■'.'.■f - |-..i. I..-I .■ .1 M..J-Bey, C3ia., I Jnly89, 

4W/fe/««l G^irri' < '..I ... 1 .1 i. r'..j;khnni yitora h.p. Ruyal ArtiUaiy). 16 Feb. j 

•>■<■■( jUfBlani '. -.. . ,T I'nrkyo, Aimv BerTiooUorin, 1 Jult to, 

™,«iM/^rh(.',-, . .. .-.I, A-iy<. K. A.I. 1 Jnty 85. 

:■*>« Start Q^ci' . . V. -' .. - . iiimiwiur GenenlafOrdnsuBeJ. E.Ttiylor. 

awmuUt ... S'MiT I'.i: Tiiik-.'ivr T. Cr. BoOLfa. 

tL»irtm,tr Ilr.BH.lp Riirienn W. H. B. C1«np, I/O. 

7. 80TTTH EASTEBN DISTSICT.— Hrad QDari«ra, Dovtr. 
•■ • -  - ~ Moniffomory"' 

_..«(*#SIrf MsinrGensml J. C. LoQi 

%gM. Art AtMmtit— tU St^f^ ... CnlonolP.r, Elton, CB.jJbdb 87. 

StaRbnlihlre Oest., t 

WWat AAjwI. 

U. Xnf. (Chlnil « U> S*8f > ... Onlonel D. C. Wftlkw, ii.p. 31 Deo, . . 

 - "  iirlH.Kit.mijole(froniT),p.Ot(bmLt.Inniolry|.Qjn1r«, 

Colonel T. fl, 8tew«rl, Army ectrlMCorpB, i.Deo.S8. 
T.CapUlaH.U.Smythe.Soital'aUIICra, li Jnlrsa.StorKlij'B 

I.Aij70n./^r»3hi^ien ;i ».*. Captain T. W, C. Vernw, ftldeBriff. 13 Oct. flj.aionie/ift. 

iiwrbr •/' Jfutftrir „ Hiijflr F. O, A. Wl«b>, Durbua Uxbt tiifiuilrr. 11 Oct. Sg. 

\iimlmtl Miijor C. a. Dun»W. Onnl FaMien. 17 Julv'go. 

H >«i>tT>-''*''*'rT LLOolonel H. N. Jonse. 

— — - ■— ' " — loilMWy aBneralofOniniinoaW, D. CookB. 

nmtttrr ,. Chlof P«rBia«terT. Dr»ge, 

B^i«l QjPt. ,., DBpniy Surg oon rienp nill F. W. ^ 

8. HOME DI3TSICT,— Head Qoirters, ffwse 
luCowKiwDua Ui^iur Qonenl P. Binitli. CB. t 

CAbbAlo H. fioulbum, □tenulifr GLinnls, t Apr, 3g. 
fC^loDBlR. T. TUyiine (rrom h.p. Grenmdier Cnsidr-]. 1 Apr 
.^ColoDelK. O. BendorsoD. CB. (hoia li.p, Kiog** Bujml S 
< t Ujuch G3. LoniloH {tor Ef^rnitina]. 

.,_,__.., . ..,__._. .__„ — -■--"— p».. 

iWr» ii»jorB7H, B. CtbOIw, Greiiadr«VGuards[ 1' 

;r Piij-miigler W. Hue 

1 Ktf*fB<g.' 

[fir Etmiliit DmIiiifCllar, 

.1- , I />„_„j. jCoWel J. Arfjiic, Rojal Artillcir, u Tel 

"■'■'''"' t'"'"" 1 Colonel A. W. Andcnon. ArmT Service Ci 

Sfair I.CK^.namiiti r,tU Art,)... Colcmel W. S. Cnnop.b.p. a^arSo. 

.; d^n-i»> ArliJJir/ Colonel U. de U. Tup) •.-. 

m) Rufal Smfinrtr Lt.Colonol A. C. U'nti'. 

■f Atiiliarf ArtUltrt Colgnel H. de S. IsBStron. 

itMffl- CliierPayiiiMlcrT. P. Senior. 

Utiirai QffinT Deputy Surgeon GeneialJ. Warren. 

lj,lt<M Gixtmlfar Suppl, JZwftM f Colonel W. C. W. Il.ibineon. CB. Army Sei 
AJjmti'l Onrral (fcr JVuMJirt ( Colonel C. K, \Vnltoa, CB. Army Seryi. 

■p ^CuplainH. D. F«nshiiwe. 19 HnMan, 91 Sept. 00. [{titn 

Kv'- Bt.Major C. R. It. M'Qrigor, King-i Royal SiHee, joIJot. ; 
I Colonel J. T, Skinner. DSO. Armv Servico Uorpa, » bee. Bg. 

. , , „ , J ii...<'. Colonel H. .1. T. Hildynrd (from-t.].. Hiablaad Ligbt Ii 

'"'"' """f"' \ filntrj), 7 Oct. 65. 

U...r.Coi™elC.J. Bnrnett.h.p.IrifbRiaca.jsMayQo, [lOota 

U-lI AJi-lanI Otntral p. I.e. Lt.Colonc1 £. T, U. Button (rrom b,p. King's Royal Ri(le> 

'^Q.^^fi!^'LlnMn ,?."' .^.l!' }'•*■*■ ^■J"' ^- ^- r'fol'lJTi. TfOfl' Rogiment, i May 8S, 

Xt,. (Jti../oriiu«raetim,.'. i>...e. M«JorH. C. B. Furrant, N. Laneash ire Rent. 7 Feb, 88. 

Or'iuu Lt.Coloneta.M.Foi (from h.p. Black Watch). 13 Fab, 90. 

^iliv ./ Ofmrnatia Major R. C. Qiiiil, York andiaoMHter Regiment. . Au«. 88. 

SignaUiiif Colonel F. C, Koracr, CB. (rrom h.p. Royal Fusilicra). 1 Jau. 8 

j»rlBT<il Sunallimg Captain B. T.C. BoiTer, Oiford Liglil Infantry. 17 July 89. 

St/or B/UmrMrg Major E. M. S. Crabbo. Grenadier Guarde, 16 Dec. 90. 

idiral QJi«r..'...'. .'.....'.",*.'.'.*.*.'...' Surgeon General J, G. Fanghl, 

titrimtrw Smratom G, A. OliphaaC. 

H'JCuf^ -..^. JammSim. .oJan. Bo: mm. Ifa,«: 

Ur JnmesMagoire, ™Jan.8]i Hn.l.M~l. [_IIi,n. ITjj, 

ikml Qr.MastBr Cbss. It ' -" " ' " ■" "-'■— " '-'- ' 

mm FtUrinarjatkaiil v „.„_;„.„. h.,™.^ 

ymmr Arm^ViUrinarf Seiml ... . . - „ ..... 

99 Staff at Home, 

^""""Q^n^'alontheVt^^ ^' WiHUtmi, CB. x Not. 86. 

Brigade Major ofArtiUerg... !..,.*. p.$,e. Captain W. A. Smith, x Jan. 89. 

CoxKAiTDiHo Rori.L BwoiWBBB {Col, o» Stc^.,. Coloncl B. Briue, 20 July 83, 

Cavalry Brigade. 

CoicirAirDnro Bbxoa.i>b Major General Sir B. C. Bossell, KCB, JtCMO. x Jan. 90, 

Aulede Camp 

Brigade Major p.f.c. Major IT. Paffet, 7 Hussars, 22 Ang. 88. 

1st Infantry Brigade. 

CouvkVDiva Bbioadb Major General T. Lynden Boll, x Apr. 88. 

Aide de Camp Captain H. P. Treeby, East Surrey Regiment, i Apr. 83. 

Brigade Major p.a.e. Captain H. E. Belfleld, Munster Fusiliers, i Aug. 90. 

2nd Infantry Brigade. 

Co]nci.irDiira Bbioadb Major General J. P. C. Glyn 

Aide de Camp 

Brigade Major p.».e. Bt.Major F. Hammersloy, Lancashire Fusiliers, x9Ncr.89. 

3rd Infantry Brigade. 

CoKiTAirDiiro Bbioadx Major Gcneml C. M. Clarke, CB. x Jan. 8-3. 

Aide de Camp Lieut. Hoh. P. R. Binprham, Royal Artilleiy, xi Nov. 89. 

Brigade Major p.e.e. Major C. Kennedy, Suffolk Regiment, xo Dec. 89. 

11. NORTH BRITISH DISTRICT.— Head Quarters, Edinburgh. 

Majob GsirBBiL CoicsTANDiKG Major General Arthur L. Lyttclton-Annesloy, 33 Feb. 88. 

Aide de Camp Lieut. C. W. Darby-Griffitb, Grenadier Guards, 2 May 83. 

Ateietant Adjutant General p.f.e. Colonel J. Bougbey (from h.p. Wilts Regt.), x; .\pr. 3). 

I>rputg Ateietant Adjutant General LtColoncl F. W. B. Guttey, Array Service Corps, xi Dec. 33. 

JDep. Auitt. Adj. Gen. for Jnntruetion p.a e. Major G. C. Wynne, Royal Artillery, 13 Aug. 89. 

District Inspector of Mutketrg Captain G. G. A. Egorton, Seaforth Highlanders, 26 Oct. 89. 

8taf Captain for Recruiting Dutiee Major H. Boughcy, York and Lane. Regt., 23 July 89. Olatger. 

Ommanding Bogal Artillery (Colonel on the Rtajf) Colonel G. B. B. Hobart, 10 Oct. 90. 
Commanding Bog al Engineer (Colonel on ike Staff) Coloncl T. P. White (fVom h.p.), 9 Mar. 90. 

n J „ A f A j'li i Lt.Coloncl C. W. Thomson. Leith Fort. 

Commanding Auxiharg Artillery [ Lt.Colonel G. Fircbrace. Aberdeen. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Assistant Commissary General of Ordnance H. G. FIncham. 

District Pavmatfer Paymaster H. J. Meares. 

Principal Medical Officer Deputy Surjreon General C. G. Irwin, MB, 


X^TBUT.GorBBiroB axd'Cohmakdiko thbTboops... Lieut.Goncral C. B. Kwart, CB. Royal Engineers, x Not. 87. 

Deputy Af9i»tont Adjutant General p.e.e. Captain H. C. O. Plumer, York &, Lane. Regt., 7 May 90. 

Commanding Boyal Artillery Major IT. A. Scott. 

Commanding Royal Engineer Colonel E. Stejihcns. 

Se»iorOrdnanceStoreOJ!cer(u:itkrankofCaptain){^%^;^^^^^^^^^ »• Si^P*"* 

Dittrict Pay matter Staff Paymaster U. M. Ireland. 

Senior Medical Officer Brigade Surgeon C. S. Close. 


LiKUT.GoTBBKon A?ci> CoMM AiTDixG THB Tboops Licut.Gencml Sir E. G. Bulwer, RCB. x6 Mar. 89. 

Deputy Aeeistant Adjutant General Bt.Lt.Cnlonel R. 11. Murray, Scaforth Uighlaudera, xsMayJ^. 

Commanding Royal Artillery Major W. G. Pbillimure. 

Commanding Royal Engineer Colonel H. Cnutley. 

i Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. of Ordnance P. G. Parkinson, Ceplti* 

SeniorOrananc S,.r. Officer. Dop^'Atlut^Com'^Gen^oTSSaance H. >V. r.rnr, C.^.i" *V' 

\ Fuailieri. AlJemey. 
District Paymaster Staff Paymaster 11. C. Ryder. 


LiBUTBVAKT GBVBBi.L & Gbvbbal Gotxbhob The Right Hon. the Earl o/Zetlaud. 

Aides de Camp. 
Cnptain IToN. O. V.G. A. Lumley, XI Hussars, 14 Dec. 89 Captain R. H. Fowler, Shropshire Light Inflkntry, 
{Military Private Secretary), , 14 Doc. 8j (extra) 

Major W. F. O'Shaughnessy, i Dragoons, 14 Dec. 89. 
Captain lion. H. F. White, Gren. GuHrds, 14 Dec. 89. 
< -aptain L. W. Matthews, 5 Dragoon Guards. 
Lt.Colonel T. H. U. Garrett, h.p. 16 Lancers, 14 Dec. 89 
{extra) . 

Lieut. W. G. R. Earl of Craven, Berks YeomaniT» »4 

Dec. 89 {extra). 
Captain A. U. Ridley, Lancaster Regiment, 35 kng. 9> 


CoicifAirDiiro thb Fobcbs General G. J. Visct. Wolseley, rP. GCB. GCMG. i Oct. 90. 

Assistant Military Secretary Bt.Major E. S. E. Childcrs, R. Engineers, x Oct. 90. 

Aides de Camp ( Coptain K. MacLarcn, 13 HuFisars, 5 Oct. 90. 

{p.s.c. Coloncl J. Duncan frrom h.p. Dublin Fusiliers), 30 May S^ 

Deputy Adjutant Generals - p,$.c. Colonel W. L. Dalomple (IVom h p. Connaught Bangen)i 

{ X Oct. 88. 

Deputy Assistant Adjutant Generals j P'-^' ^f,>\ ^- ^\P^^^?\\^ Hussars, x 5 Sept. 88. 

' ' •' ' p.s.e. LtColonel i{. Auld, h.p. Northumberland Fus-, 15 Mar.l^ 

( Major 8. H. Winter, Army Service Corps, x Apr. 90. 

District Inspector of Musketry Captain T. N. Basnall, East Yorkshire Regiment, X3 Feb. 9* 

Commanding Royal Artillery (Brigadier General \ J . . ^ 1 ,t t /^. t 

on the Staff)... ........7., j Lieut.Goncral IT. Le ( ocq, x5 Jan. 90. 

Brigade Major, R oval Artillery p,s.e. Major J. S. S. Barker, x8 Oct. 89. 

Commanding Royal Engineer (Colonel on Sttuff) Colonel F. A. Le Mesurier, 16 Sept. 89. 

Brigade Major. Royal Engineers p.s.c. Captain E. H. Bethcll, Royal Kug nee rj, 19 Aug. 90. 

Deputy Judge Advocate 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Assistant Commissaiy General of Ordnance A. W. Br* Jgmui. 

Chief Paymaster Chief Pay ma nor A. S. Murray. 

Prineipal Medical Officer Surgeon General J. Sinclair, IfD, 

yie^/wfiMy Fgttrinarj 8urpeon , U. Thomson. 

■■W.^»l0nmlJ«r/iulnWbB ■>.•.>. Cftptoln 9. 

IM JhyJ W ag l mt i r -,■■._„..„ „... VSOoloonlM. B 

44imtamt. OupHfH P. A. Fo 

!■■■(■ AW«(WlnT.„ 4wi«t«ot Commi 

MtMMolfmair Depntj- Snrgsoo Oeaen 

Mnlmmt tftmtrmlfar Bitrmuiiit Dmila Oalonsl J. I). Dvtoa-Ln 

'Jhtr/triU— .„ BunjEooMnjor'M. L.n 


n Cnum Bmisin* Maj.t i-:-nn„.HJ. H ""-i-TicIT, r An'. 9=. 

O— C l■^^■^^1 I- .1 H.,v>i..,.i.,>..jt,CJn«,U,.Apr.,o. 

Hta-fXtjalail c... ,■ , ; .. . ., ., li .j,i,.Bni»ini.3ku»a™,iOrt.a). 

^'^•^'ji^'J:: '  rv.:',;/,!/.:,^^ ,.<.».k.«5„.™,,k<.v.«,. 

driflftw . IIi.l:,,.!.. S„|-^-.. .„.! tt:|..„,,,VO. 

rivjfubr. . ., J„l,i. ri..„i.i„ i;,u.,l, ,. Ji.i,. Sa; CTbii. C^I.mJud.od. [ITdii.Zt. 

frVMi* Jbnial Joliu Liiniaa Bn.or«.jii,' Mil. Uoantal Polioe Corps, lo Sopl. Bt- 


• BSWAM DlKVer - UsjarOeBenie. M. ViMnuiCliEriie. CB. tAdt. St. 

"^ — — — C«ptitn O. O. Wi«em«n-l,Tiij-kc. BoyiJ Aitilleiy, i Apr. Sr. 1 

-■-■—■ ...... .- -. !C»plainC.C. Knoeker, AnnraervicoCorpi, .1 Dbc. as. 

•" iB.i.c. CapLT. H, B.Po»lor,nalcootCornvrall'HLt. Inr.i Jaa.M. 

, _ jr. Peiry. ZoindmJ...,. 

. LtJJolonel B. J, U. Psrker. 

bmam Stan OtUf (DeiMity AwisC. Commiimary General of Ordnanoo F. IV. «T. 

- , crJ. 3.BL , 

... DepDCrUuiKsan QDnunl A. U. Tf|ipetU. 

'aOoisDinsm MnjorOenenim. F. DbvIm. i itaySt- 

t. ..... « ^ „ . „ tnadler CnsnU, 3 

« £gwl 'JLriiiUrr (CUeuJ « sijj ) p.. c,i-^j1oneM\ ,^. i;,,riiim irnVm b,p"itTArt.),i/soVi-K. (Dco.M..' 
dAittntenmf ,...,■..■, I. K ii ,:vy,CI!l.illTimh.p.KlV«B.Biaas|,it 

Sept. ^ 

fv*'. ^ofat ArtHtrrv . 


3 Stor). Served with the eipedition lo 
(luentionsd in despatches, two Clupi, 
S.pedLtion m 1864-85 (Claspj. 



&>L, Smyth. rCJ). J 

'" <. SaUwrLand Uiahlaadera ), ?; Sept. as. 
... Capuhi F. E. I'. CuriOD, Irish RlHes, n Sept. 90. 
... Major General H. R. L. Nowdiftato. CB. i Apr. 63. 
... Cojitoin H<:it. C. C. Winn, RiJle Brigade, 1 Apr, 83. 
(Colonel J. Draper. Army Service Corps, 11 Dec. 66. 
f. CoLoaelW. Black, CB. (from h, p. South WftlBjE 

'?^V(ii'l('u^»nW/wiwr«t^iI".''} f-'-'- Captain K- A, S. Barkwonb, KOTthamplouRoBt., 13 Sept-Eg. 

•j" y.i.e.CaphiinF, S. Inglefleld, Bail Yorkshire Kegl.,!! Sept. 83. 

,^^,alArlilUr, lBr.^d„r (i^,rat | ^^^^^ General B. L. Foralcr, . Apr. ft,. 

t'lhr, EmI Aritiirrf * p.i.r. Captain II, C. Diinlop, i; March 85. 

J B-,,al SniiHT [Celentl ,>tatSlaff) Colonelj. A. I'apllloil, h.p. .7 Feb. B6. 

Ijmt^m a'dQ.arlrr iI,-Ur Itichanl Fnderick Rankin,' ij Aug. 89 ; Uon.Saiur. 

<»•« Sl-rt Offierr Assistant Cnrnmiaanry General orOrdiianco F, Pridham. 

Wieal Offirr SurRoon'tieneral K. W. Meadows. 


l.t.GEner^lAr Henry Auifustus SmilbifClfa. R. Art. leFeb. w>, 

,_ ..._ JnptainK. 8. S. BadBO-Powell, ijHusiara, joFeb.90. 

»-p ~ Lieut. A. It. Moslcy. 6 Dragnons, JO Feb. 90. 

) £ri«l> Major General Uafci Wilkic. i Jan. £8. 

, Captain A. G. Duff, Black IVatoh, ji Jno. 69. 

-. ., „-.... ^» — :nh,p BlaeklVntchl.joAoB.B,. 

rfuf Mjitl. 

;. F. Lcacb, Anuy SerTicB Corps. 
E, Heiitb, Army ScrvioB Cnrpa, 11 
--  ir P, W, Romilly, S 

>>r p.t.t. Captain F. R, P. Kane. Ensi Snrrey Begimeot, u Aug. o. 

,R,m*tATtMirHC'>to<ulo.l\iSI-iin Maior(;h:neral A, U. King, 10 Dec. 69. 

Ujrr, Mtr^ ArtiUtr, j....c. Major T. S. BaldocE, > Jiin. 90. 

MBflSmsitetrlCtlmlntXtSlitf) Colonel J. R. UogR, •« June 89. 
itmml AtjMianKJn.for Iiutnetia*.,. p.:t. Captain C, J. Cuckburn.WarwickgUr* RBginwal.^liilS *o, 

—rtSltrtQtUtr JJepoH-tSominiamry General otOrdnioHjft W, B.H»,\4»B». 

"-<>»■ Cfiiorftiymaater H. F. Luko. 

Barjfcon General D, A. C. Frn!er, UD, 

¥ 2 

xoi Siafi Abroad, 


Sipk CommiMtioner and Commander in CkUf Sir Henry Kraest Bnlwer.GCJfff. yicotia. 

Aids d4 Camp 

Brigadier General Major General W. Allan, o Oct. 90. 

Deputy Aeeittant Adjutant General p.a.e. Major J. C. Duke, West Riding Bcffiment, 26 Sept. 8^ 

Commanding Royal Engineer Major T. R. Main. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Assistant Commissary General of Ordnaace C. B. BacLanan. 

Dietriet Paymaeter ^ Paymaster G. A. Alexander. 

Senior Jfedieal Officer Brigade Surgeon W. E. Riordan. 



Viceroy and Governor General Tke Moet Hon. the Marquie ofLtLnBdovfnetGUSLGCMG.GMIB. 10 DecH 

Frioaie Secretary «.#.c. Colonel J. C. Ardagh. CB. (from R, Kngineers), 14 March 89. 

Military Secretary VC LtCol. Lord W. L. De la 1*. Bercsford, CIS. h.p. 9 Lanoen, 10 Dec 81 

/ Captain H. Strcatfcild, Grenadier Guards, 10 Dec. 88. 

I Captain Hon. C. Uarbord, Scots Guards, 10 Dec. 88. 
Aidee de Camp ' ^^c^^^ ^> ^' Pakeobam, Grenadier Guards, xo DeC. 88. 

"] Liout. G. P. Bmsier-Creagh. Bengal Stalf Corps, 10 Dec 89. 

I Lieut. G. C, Lister, King's Royal Rifles, 23 Dec. 89 (extray, 

V Lieut. S. H. Pollen, Wiltshire Regiment, 21 May 90 (extra). 
Surgeon «. Surgeon Major E. H. Fenn, Medical Staff, xo Deo 88. 

Commander in Chief ( ^^ General Sir F. S. Roberts, Bart. GCB. GCIE, Royal (Bengal) ArtiUttT* 

' (. 28 Nov. 85. 

Military Secretary Bt.Lt.Colonel W. G. Nicholson, Royal Eng^inoers, x July 90^ 

Interpreter Bt.Major E. A. Travers, Bengal Staff Corps, x Jan. 90. 

C Captain C. V. Hume, Royal Artillery, 28 Nov. 85. 
Aidee de Camn < Captain C. J. Mackenzie, Seaforth Highlanders, 19 Apr. 90. 

Surgeon Surgeon Major C. W. Owen, CMG, CIE. Bengal Estab., 5 Jan. 89. 

AnjUTAHT Gxitbbal's Dbpabticbht at Hbad Quabtxbs. 

'^%t^il^.'!!*![^^,}!^!.[\^^^^^^ Colonel W. Galbraith, CB. h.p. Shropshire Light Infantry, xs Oct. 90. 

Deputy Adjutant General Colonel P. H. F. Harris, CB. Bengal Staff Corps, 4 May 87. 

A»$i$tant Adjutantt General, 

pa.e. Colonel K. D. Murray, DSO. (from h.p. Irish Fusiliers), 6 Jan. 90 Simla. 

Simla (for Royal EngineenX 

Colonel T. A. Cooke (from h.p. 17 Lancers), 6 Jan. 90 Simla. 

Deputy Aetietant Adjutant General, 
Major W. B. Wilson, Bengal Staff Corps, 7 Sept. 85 Simla. 


Quarter Master General Major General Sir J. Browne, KCSf. CB, Royal Engineers, 6 May 8> 

Deputy Quarter Matter General < 

Aaeietant Quarter Master General 

^t^l4e?<!i%i'In^"!.Z?^V.'^^^^^^^^^ ^ ^- WoDdthorpe, CB. Royal Engineers, xs Feb. 89. 

A$»ietant Quarter Matter deneral, do. p.v.c. Major H. A. Sawyer, Bengal S. C. 26 Apr. 87.— On special da^. 
Dep.A$aiet, Quarter Maeter General, do. Captain £. W. Dun, DSO. Bengal Staff Corps, 18 Apr. 88. 

Intpeetor General of Artillery in India. 

Inepector General of Artillery for India Major General C. E. Naime, CB. i Apr. 87. 

Brigade Major Captain H. F. Mercer, x Oct. 89. 

Aatietant Adjutant General for Artillery. 
Colonel M. H. Saward, 2x Nov. 89 Simla. 

Intpeetor General of Cavalry. 

Innpeetor General of Cavalry in India... Brigadier General G. Luck, CB. h.p. is Hussars, xa Oct 87* 
Brigade Major Captain W. C. Pollard, Bengal Staff Corps, i Oct. 90. 

Director of Military Education in India, 

V€p.9.e. Colonel R. C. Hart, Royal Engineers, 20 July 89 Simla. 

Attittant Adjutant General for Mutketry, 

Bt.Lt.Coloncl I. S. M. Hamilton, Gordon Highlanders, x July 90 

Intpeetor of Oymnaeia in India. 

LtColonel E. M. Alexander, h.p. Seaforth Highlanders, 29 June 87 Lucknow, 


Deputy Attittant Adjutant Generalt for Mutketry, 

MaioT J E. Moin, Bengal Staff Corps, 15 May 86 4th Circle, Mccrut.— Furlough. 

CoDtainH T. Faithful!, Bengal Staff Corps, i July 86 6th Circle, Mcean Mcer. 

CaotAin Sir R. A. W. CollcUm, Bart. Wclah FuHiliers, 3 Nov. 86 3rd Circle, Pnchmaree. 

Captain H. B. Irwin, Warwickshire Regiment, 31 Oct. 83 xst Circle, Fort William. 

Maior H T P. Evan«, East Lancashire Regiment, 31 Oct. 88 2nd Circle, Puchmaree. 

Caotain I Eardley-Wilmot, Bengal Staff Corps, 13 May 89 Eth Circle, Chungla Gully. 

Captain R. L. A. Pennington, Northumberland FnsilierB, 7 Feb. 90 7Lh Circle, Chungla Gully. 

Captain C. L.Wool?combe, King's Oivn Scottish BordererH, xo May 90 5th Circle, Umballa. 

Intpeetor oj Army Signalling. 

Captain E. O. F. Hamihon, West Surrey Regiment, i Sept 88 Kussowlie. 

Deputy Attittant Adjutant Generalt for Inttruetion, 

Canlain J. E. Nixon, Bengal Staff Corps, 2 Apr. 88 Chuckrata. 

CADtMin A. O. MarDonnell, Royal Engineers, xs Apr. 89 Kupsowlie. 

tf.^.e. MnJorA. J. WAtson, Saffblk Regiment, ao June 89 Dalhonsie. 

.Ar. Major D. G. Stawell, DcvoDBhiro Regiment RAmkhct. 1 



Btaf AhroaS. 

Mmit 1. J, T. Wclchmmii, Basxal InflutiT. 7 


. r€ M»ior Gener 
.. OpUin A. V. Pi 

J. Hu 

son, XCa, Bongil BlaffCorp's, i Not. 

i'Ww'Hi*".".".. '.'..... r« M«jor 

\immmUi»mMui**^iD<-<r'a'\\""".'. MsjorG* 

^MiJitiW — .---. CupUiii C. H. D. Mict„, 

^■i«ft«jr»Ji f-iiti III >trOOTaaiiorsl.«.P«rlilB>, CS. RD^ianr 

 - , Cnpliiio L, C. Ko». Iflili ReRimonl. 1 Apr. (o. 

.._, , w, K.S11m, CB. 15 Oct. go. 

cnenl Sir Geo! 
'. U^DT Cton»r«l B. E" "' '' 



anisiB Olim Dntain UoHviiBau. 
r B.C.LoiT,irCB,llniimlCiiTiilr;. tj J>n. S7 aobiUmnd 

_ 'Cli, 

a. T. PnLTman, KmiiI ArUllnr, n Nut. c>» 

H. CollaU, CB. Dmsal Bwff tterpa. S Dto. Eia 

A. A. A. KlDloohirrsnifa.p.KlDKiRornlIiint>). ijOoi.^s 
Mr W. 8. A. Lucktuut, KCB. CSl. Bengul iBfaDtiy 

MM«lB.B.B.Wer>leT, rB.Bar.Eil Stair Corpa, 14 No"' 
Mdid A. r- PmlmaT. CB. Bcanl SuITCorpi, m I>h. SS..... 
H«.C*tMMl II. A. UiHls. CB. BuDi^mlStnfrCorpi, SApr. So 
BWJ r. Un»«. CB. Bepgal Sf g Poim. la Apr, flj .. 
CtlimlA.J. C. Btreb, Benfml BiafTCoTpi. i3 OH. 87 
I'lt— tr t r Iiiiili II. (fi. KasgrniauirCarpt, >. 

99 KarboddK. 

<l CIw S 

Ci*Ml0.1.Wa*, BengKiaiaffCorpi, ijFeb. B9 _. 

bXHMMl R. W. TowMeail. Koyal ArtUlery. «i Julj 89 ... 
lAOitaHl J. A. D. U^nlan. Pengal Inftnlrr. J Mar 90... 
Ufalaal A. M'C. Bru«, Bcninl IcAmlry. » Uty go .... 

MBbMLK. XIUol,Beni(al3b>ffOoTp«. II JnlTgo 

n lUor CrH Cr»8)i. BomlW)' BUS Gqrpa. i« JulT »o 
ll4Br£.C. Bmrsv. Aas. »] 

. SKTMkpOH. 

. Dlualxica. 

1^M C C. KeaftOD. BuDoal Staa'CoFi'a. y> Kot. a 
Ctaul K. A. MODar. Beiinl Stuff Oorpa. t Dm. it 

CL^.l W. 1. Uu, bengal iDfiiiitry. 6 ia\y S3 ... . 

.nlH, lS Not. Bg ... 
luhire FKRlmeat). 

. Cr»«ley (from h p. LuErp 
ikinii. W»I RidtnK Wfnenl 

WL b 

, Allahahad-OETg.A. 

^•MtLi tt. F. Oanaide TippiDE. Sanaal SUSCDrpa, i Apr. So Punjab Froi 

kiujorl'. 8._G»alkin,BeQB.iaiB«(;orpB, i7Jiin8 89.. A«Bin. 

cr. NortbamberUnd Pua 
3 u. O. KiUan. Kina'a Koyal Kines, 17 j 

amb, Benaal SlalTCnrpt, iS Jnn, qa 

. Rvniu.T, BeninI Staff Uorpa. T Apr. ifa 
,. Dund^A, Dso. LivBrpoal Rafilmaat. sj 
1 W. U. Hamilton, BajtLaaoubire Ragii 

lUwol Pinaec. 

July 90.,.. 

riiBiad Jfg>. Gftlb] 
J. D. Ueea. Madma C 

Caplsin M-i'. K. Biri 

t. G. Kekewich, 

r. C, Dormor. ECB. 
HDiakillmg Fiieinem, 
I, King'* Own acDtCinb 

I T;'42^'S'lI5i*.."."^ico'°"> H-gb r. P«r»n, Pfi. (from b.p. Bagiman 

' ■ifWrA'l./a'ulO'MrgI ColoB«l H. R. Hojw, Madra* Cavalry, 39 March 83. 

'-uMA^y.mlSnmli ..-{ooioilelW. B. lAckhaVll"t^'y8lA^leT'"i'Siu'B. 

Co/oa*ii. fl. Hatcbiat, IfAdru lafantrj. 18 Not. SS. 

103 Staff Abroad. 

AiMtani Adjutant Oeneralfor Muiietrf. 
Colonel E. Austin, Madras Staff Corps, 8 June 89 ist District, Bangalore, VLadras, Ac 

Deputjf A$$i$tant Adjutant Qeneralifor llutketrg. 

Captain W. H. RiddtU, Bedford Regiment, 30 Sept. 87 2nd District, Secundcrabad, &c 

Captain R. C. Andrews, Madras Staff Corps, 16 May 89 3rd District, Barmah. 

Deputy Aitutant Adjutant Oeneralfor Inetrueticn. 
p.t.e. Captain E. C. Bethune, 6 Dragoon Guards, 20 Oct. 87 Bangalore. 

FiBST Class Dxstbict CoicvAimxBS. 

Commandina Secunderahad Dutrict p.t.e. Major General C. J. Bast, CB. 23 Apr. 89. 

Aidede Camp Lieut. C.C. East, Warwick Regiment, 31 Jan. 90. 

Commp^n^^Surmih District {icith rank ^ ^^.^^^^^^ General R. C. Stewart, CE. Madras Cavalry, 26 Oct.gok 

Aidede Camp 


Brigadier General G. J. Smart, Royal Artillery, 24 Dec. 87 Madras. 

Brigadier General K. Kaunce, CJJ. Madras Staff Corps, 7 Feb. 89 ... Soathexn District. 

Brigadier General G. B. Wolselcy, C£. h.p. York and I^oncaster^jr -j,^ Ofl-jr. inCom. BurmabDist. 

Regt. I Apr. 89 ^ --.•».%*-«.j . & 

Brigadier General G. Rowlandson, Madras Staff Corps, ir July 89... Rangoon. 

Brigadier General T. Graham. C£. Royal Artillery, 21 June 90 Myingyan, 

Brigadier General A. F. Hamilton, Royal Engineers, 6 Nov. 90 Belgaum. 

Colonelt on the Staff, 

Colonel J. G. H. Prendergast, Madras Staff Corps, 12 April 90 Bbamo. 

Colonel F. C. St. Jobn, Madras Staff Corps, 14 July 90 Bellary. 

Aeeittant Adjutant Oeneralt, 

Major T. Harris. Middlesex Regiment, z Got. 88 Bangalore. 

Colonel F. Smalley, Madras Infantry, 1 Oct, 88 Madra8.--Pnrlougb. 

Colonel G. Simpson, Madras Staff Corps, 1 Oct. 88 Secundcrabad. 

Major M. W. Saunders, Royal Artillery, t Oct. 88 Belgaum. 

Major C. D. M. Gall, Royal Fusiliers, 1 Apr. 89 Southern District. 

p.t.e. Colonel A. B. Morgan, CB. (Trom h.p. Norfolk Regt.), i Apr. 89 Burmab. 

i)t.Lt Colonel A. G. B. Teman, Bengal Staff Corps, 27 May 89 Myingyan. 

Colonel S. E. Atkinson, Ma<lras Staff Corps, 10 March 90 Mandalay. 

Colonel E. W. Begbie, Madras Inrantrj', 20 Oct. 90 Rangoon. 

Deputy Attittant Adjutant Oeneralt, 

Captain G. P. M. Pricbard, Madras Staff Corps, i Oct. 88 Belgaum.— Furlough, 

va.c. Captain E.J. Sharps, Middlesex Regiment, i Oct. 88 Secundcrabad. 

Major J. E. Porteous, Madras Staff Con)8, j Oct. 88 Madras.— Offg. A.A. General. 

p.f.e. Captain C. £. Poynder, Madras Staff Corps, x Apr. 89 Mandalay.— Furlough. 

Captain A. G. Bum, M!adras Staff Corps, i Apr. 89 Southern District. 

Captain C. M. T. Western, Royal Artillery, i Apr. 89 Rangoon. 

Captain C. W. Burton, Madras Staff Corps, 3 Oct 89 Myingj'an.— Furlougb. 

p.t.e. Major J. H. SewoU, Norfolk Regiment, 31 March 90 Burmah {addiiioHol), 



Oovemor Jtt.Hon. G. R. C. Lord Harris, OCIE. 

Private Secretary S. W. Edgerley, Bombay Civil Service. 

Military Secretary Colonel F. W. Rhodes, i Dragoons, 12 April 90. 

C Captain A. W. Forbes, Bombay Staff Corps, 12 April 90. 
Aidet de Camp I Lieut. Hon. St. L. H. Jervis, King's Royal Rifles, la April 90^ 

Surgeon Surgeon Henry Martin, Medical Staff, 12 April 90. 

Commander in Chief Lt.Genernl SirG. R. Greaves, KCB. KCMO. 14 Mar. 93. 

Military Secretary Major F. T. N. Sprntt, Royal Engineers, 14 March 90. 

AiAmm Am /?««.« f Major P. L. Clowes, 8 Hassara, 6 April 90. 

Auueae K.amp I Lieut. W. J. Peyton, CMG. Bombay Staff Corps, 4 Oct 90. 


'^di?'Sti^^/T"'..^.*'!^r.".".^ ^*^^®°®^ ^- ^' Gatac'^* ^^^- ^P- Middlesex Regiment. 

Deputy ^d>te»<'^irner*tti '"!!!!!!!!!*.*.".'.*.*.'.'.'. Colonel C. A. Cuningham, Bombay Staff Corps, 25 Oct. 88. 
^.w./««/ AAiut.^i amnm^»u iv»'C' Colonel R. L. H. Curteis (from h.p. Bedfordshire Regt.), x Jnlyjft^ 

Attittant Adjutant Oeneralt { Colonel P. U. Grcig. Royal Artillery, x8 Jan. 89. 

QxTABTXB Mastbb Gbxbbal's Dbpabtmsitt at Hxad Quabtxbs. 
^'B^gldi^aln^Tiy^^^^^^ Colonel F. J. S. Adam, Bombay Staff Corps, 3 March 80.-Farlough. 

Deputy Quarter Matter Oeneral Colonel G. C. Hogg, Bombay Cavalry, X4 May 90. 

Attittant Adjutant Oeneralfor Mutketry, 
Major C. B. Parker Jervis, Durham Light Infantry, 10 July 88 xst Circle, Poona.— Sick Fur 

Deputy Attittant Adjutantt Oeneralfor Mutketry, 

Major C. A. P. Burroughs, South Lancashire Regiment, 12 Jan. 86 2nd Circle, Deolali. 

Captain J. P. C. Thatcher, Bombay Staff Corps, 30 Apr. 87 ., 3rd Circle, Deolali. 

Fxbst Class Dxstbict CoMUAsrnxBS. 
C^mwMnding Mkow District 

Aidede Camp 

C0Mmandina Poona District M^or General F. R. 8. Flood, CB. 5 April 86. 

Aide de Camp Captain J. HanwoU, Royal Artillery, 25 Feb. 87.— Furlough. 

Sbcoitd Class Distbxct Coicxakdbbs. 

Brigadier General H. 8. Anderson, CB. Bombay Staff Corps, i Nov. 86 Nagpore.— Sick Furlough. 

JRnf;?»dJer (General B. A. Combe, CB. h.p. 19 Hussars, 9 Jan. 89 Sind. 

Brigadier General W. T. Badgen, DSO. Royal Artillery, 26 Jan. 89 Bombay.— Sick Furloiign. 

Brigadier General G. F, Bevillc, Bombay Staff Corps, x Apr. 89 licta«L. 

Brigadier General J, Jopp, Bombay Staff Corps, 14 May 90 l^eiea. 

Colaul SB lit SUff. 
inma, Bomlmy Btair Corn*. ! Am. Ej. 

•I Ii. F. Hcaih. It<inibii,T 
— Jt.mntiiDal^ — " — "-■ 

1. Bombi» Btaff 

''^<^W^H«lTiaoo. B™1«J 8»ff Cnt^. i& Anril M 

Q. r. W. UuiMKhaa, Bombnv Btaff 
U> *. B. Uolii, {•'■rabav 8uilICnn». j 
b k. L. HlMlc, Ea*t Yorkihln Rcglii 


BiUly, t>ao. B-iinbay dUlTCo'n'*. ' Sov. 87.'..] 
'■-^nlil, Durlum Liiibl InfluiliT. ' ta^ ^ .... 

W>r.SwT*uuu, BonbBySUff Carps, fiJalf 84 

J. lUiat A. G. Tld;, X011I1 Luoaliin Beelmml, 

UifKltr ^ a„miatta, . 

iiqiHtiH- ^ jFdf Bigiaitiiif, Jfiulru owl iltnhijF. 
Ifet*r M. K. FmOD, Boab^ Bun Corpi, u March 90 


» Y^ n gnw i'^iZl'.l!!^!^"!!™.'."!"!^',"".""".".""!! Ui^or Hoaenil W. fl. UiiuHinn kiutf . CJ<. i Apr. 68. 

(■l 4 JufttaM jjjwinit 0m^i T! f...-.,p. NortlianiptoaKftrt. 

aMiilafJiyW.4*U{tay r.,i„MlA. l!.Gumault, 

teaMfc^Af^ '<^wr l,i^-..lnuelH. LdwUdt. 

9^0>jii^^rptnO/tmr VksKuimComniiimry Oenenilof OtdnBooo 

f. C. Rol.ioKin. 

(.,. .  .. /.v,.,/ .,,,,;/,„ K-/^."J ."^ '^f St;f\ r.,i„iicl O.'b.'mimSwi^II. 

'■.,.■... /,■ ,..i A'f.r-r^ . ,.,. c, f-ptain N. W, H. dn Boiiluy. 

Ummatdi., Sif^l Etgiiur' l,Cala«rl an IKt Sl'\g') Cgloiicl A. T. SWrer, h.p. II Nov. 8f., 

*w frj.o.n S'on OJIiar AMUanlCommiiwrT Geoeml of Onloance F, E. Miilcnlij-. 

e-ic ?«■!.(«■ UbiefPftj-mMierCH. Clmiincy. 

I'l^rti il'itcal Offi.:rr Deimly gnrgoon Gtinral H. V. Pgttrson, ]/D. 

Straits SettlementB. 
Uxl.htj PHtLtiaf WaM ItUnd, Ualofta, Sinaaptrt, ami Clrumif Wa»*.) 
i"'^^ ^n4 Ccmmatdtr in Ckiif Si>l3ceil UkinaDti SmlUi, ITCifO. Sins.<pi>Ti. 

JJ,J,c„,p fnpttUnW. a. iluav.K.AnilleiT, joeapl. 67. 

r...<( n Ikt Siaf I rift rant 0/ Jfujw Otatrtl) Cdfunel Sr C. Wbitoii, O CJf O. i'cS. R. Knginf ere, 4 April &<i. 

fkf>'f Juufa.i AJinlanl Omrral.. j>.>.f. Usjor P. H. llnDimond, RoyHl Anillcry, t8 Dec. 8P. 

Swnn. JJ,./4n(.., lAvai. O. A. Bramwcll, NortliBinplon Begt, 1 Apr. ^. S;"jn;"r». 

t>«a.J..j ff,^u( ArldlrTf. Lt.Colonel A. Itunon-Bronti. 

'-^■^•i,>p Ratal Snginiir „ Miijor A. G. Akwindor, 

•"Mtd.ail ojlrrr !,!!!!!!!!!!,"!!!!!!"!'".'.'.' Surjreoi:' Major J. G. ^ 


New South Wales. 

Imnir tii Cummanirr in Ckiif fi^tl ]{„,, V. A. O. EurJ n/'Jertty, aCMG. SjfJufj 

^■'"tC-J.. JLieur,MrforloJ'Anir«m, 

'.<.:iipuia II. n. <J holm un dell 



E(.I/«. J. A. I.. E..W./Hopel0Dn. rtClfO. J/.l(=.r... 
»;ai>lBin A. F. Acland-flood, Grenadier Ciuarda, 16 Oct. 6,. 

Weitem Auatralla. 

105 5/a/ Ahroaih 


Ooveruor and Commander in Chief. General Sir H. W. Norman, OCB, OCMO. CIS, Bri^ktut. 

Aide de Cutup 


Oopernor and Commander in Chief Sir Robert Greorjife Crooksluuik Hamilton, KCB, Eotart Temu, 

Aide de Camp 


Qooernor and Commander in Chief Rt. Hon. W. H. Burl c/Onsloir, QCMQ. Wellington, 

Aide de Camp 


Gooernor and Commander in ChU/, and Uigh ) ^. j^ 3^ Thurston, KCMO, Suva. 
Comwiationer for the WeBtern Pactjic ) vw«*a *#»t,«o Auutoi>wu, ^w^vr. »•»•.. 


Adminietralor Sir William Macgregor, MD. KCMO. 



llajor General Mi^or General P. W. E. P. Walker. CB. CMG. 19 Dec. 90. Cmn, 

Aidet de Camv ( Lieut. *". J. G. Manners, Scots Guards. 

T* s J. '.* s A1' t tn - I- 3 Lt.Colonel W. D. Richardson, Army Service CJorps, a8 Feb. 89. 

Deputy Aee^tant Adjutant Qenerali \^^^ Captain B. L. Guildlng, Essex Regiment. 6 pib. 90. 

•'!ji'Sf.fxi7;5.^''SJ:iri^^^ J- H. Sandmth. Royal Marines, as Jaly 83. 

St a f Lieutenant {AeeiMtant Proooet Marshal) Lieut. T. S. Fox-Strangwavs, Irish Rifles, x Oct. 89. 

Dep. Ateiet. Adj, Gen. for Inttruetiom p.».e. Major J. Johnstone, Oxford Light Inflintry, 19 May 8d. 

Commanding Bofal Artillerjf Major J. T. Bury. • 

Commanding Soyal Engineer Lt.Colonel J. Gore Booth. 

Senior Ordnance Store Qffleer Assistant Commissary General of Ordnance F. G. Wtntlf. 

Dietriet Faymaeter {with rank of Colonel) Chief Paymaster E. Roberts. 

Frineipal Medical Officer Deputy Surgeon General J. Jameson. If D. 

Senior Velerimarg Surgeon ist Class Veterinary Surgeon M. P. M. Caae. 

Qarrison of Alexandria. 

Colonel on the Staff (with rank of BrigadierGeneral) Colonel Sir W. P. Butler, KCB. h.p. 69 Foot, 33 Feb. 90. 

Daputg Ateietant Adjutant General p.e.c. Captain U. N. R. Reade, Shropshir3 Light Inf., 6 Dec. 89. 

Staf Captain {Militarg Police) Captain C. Greenway, Dorsetahiro Regiment, 5 Sept. 89. 


Governor General of the Red Sea Littoral ami) n..i.^««i n xi a^^i^v, irs«»*. n/x»ai n:ii«. ... a^^^* m 
Comwutndant at Suakin j Colonel C. H. Smith, King a Royal Rifles, 13 Sept. 88. 



Governor and Commander in Chief, and High Com- 1 o. „ r._^ 1. t v nn-^n vr^-o r% m 

mieeicner for South Africa .:,.. j ^.r Henry Brougham Loch. GCMG. KCB, Cape Town, 

Jfilitarg Secretary Major H. L. Sapte, Sussex Regiment, 8 Nor. 89. 

Aide de Camp 

Li'utenani General e. William Gorilon Cameron, CB. 13 Feb. 90. 

Aeaietant Military Secretary and Aide de Camp... Major W. P. D. Cochrane, Duke of Cornwall's Lt. Inf. 33 Uiy 9*fJ 

Aidr de Camp Liout. Hon. C. T. Holland, Coldstream Guards, 13 Feb. 90. j 

A»$ietant Adjutant Oeneral Colonel \V. F. Rellv (from Sussex Regiment), 17 Doo. 90. 

Deputy A,»ietant Adjutant Generate f Lt.Colonel E. PitzSiubbs, Army Service Corps, 18 May 9a. 

Dep. Aaeiet. Adj. Gen. for Instruction p.t.c. Captain H. P. Northcott, Leinster Regiment, 7 Apr. 88. 

Commanding Royal Artillery p.g.c. Lt.Colonel H. Kiullys. 

Commanding Royal Engineer Colonel George Philips. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Deputy Assistant Commissary General of Ordnance E. Hsatb. 

Dietriet Paymaster Chief Paymaster E. H. Gorges. 

Principal Medical Officer Deputy Surgeon General J. Colahan, MD, 

Senior Veterinary Surgeon ist Class Veterinary Surgeon J. C. Berne. 


Governor and Commander in Chief, and Spee'uil Com- \ < Lt.Colonel Sir Charles Bullen Hugh Mitchell, KCMQ, rat. ptf ^ 

mie»io%er for Zulu Affaire j \ R. Mannes. 

. AidedeCamp •, 

CoUmel on the Stajf Colonel P. G. 8. Curtis, CJfG. (from h.p. 6 Dragoons), sj Od. H * J 

Deputy Aesietant Adjutant General p.a.c. Captain P. 8. Thornton, Ride Brigade. 24 March 90. ^ 

£0Mm^MJim^ Boyal Engineer Colonel K. R. To<l<l. 

n^J*^?^"^"*^ ^>wv OJteer Assistant Commissary General of Ordnance B. Hoa|rliU». 

^if/rie/ J'i^mae/^r Staff Pay maaler U. BhieXeis. 

t/«r T. R. Griffith. 


md CommamUr in Chief Sir William Bradford Griffith, KCifO. Accra. 

dfuiamt Lieut. G. B. Morifan, W. I. Regt. i Au^. 90. 

mi Omaaa^M- in Cki*f Sir Cornelias Alfred Moloney, KCUG. 


{At Sierra Leone and on (he Oambiit.) 

tdCommand^im Chief Sir James Shaw Hay, KCMO, Free Town, 


<?■<•»* Lieut. W. L. Jackson. W. I. ReRt. 30 Augf. 90. Sierra Leone. 

f E^jfml ArtiHrrg » Maior S. O. Fairtloagh. Sirrrn L^me. 

f MofMl Emfimaer Captain W. H. Robinaon. Sierra Leone. 

tml Q^err Surgeon Major l\ L. Kilroy. 

999ermorand Cnmauder in Chi^ 

^•r Gilbert Thomas Carter, CMG. 




tnerml of the Dominion of Canada [ "oM jii' ^'"'' ^^''^''^ ^'**'°''' ^'"'^'^ ^'^"^''^ ""^ Preston. OCB. 

wSoeroUrm | Major Hon. C. R W. Colville (Uaater of ColoUU), Grenadier 

' ^ I uu'irds. 19 July 83. 

, Camm (Lieut. Hon. E. G. V. Stanley, Grenadier Guards, 8 Au^. 89. 

' - I Lieut. Hon. G. U. W. WaUh, Grenadier Guards, n Sept. 90. 

^*»trml Sir John Ross. KCB. 24 May 88. Halifax, 

MUiUrjf Seer wt m r g and Aide de Camp Major J. D. Manscl. Rifle Bri«rade. 24 May 83. 
"■F Captain A. K. Jenkins, Ritle Brigade, 24 May 38. 

r 0*!IS!IS?.!^.!!;!f^!!'.". Colonel L J. C. Herbert. CB. Grenadier Guards. 

Lieut. R. Streatfeild. Gordon Highlanders. 

Ijaiamt Oemtrml Colonel J. Goldio (from h.p. 6 Dragoon Guards). 25 Feb. 87. 

■j^ J AA^mimM* ammMmmim S Lt.CoIonel S. J. Lca, Army Service Corps, 1 1 Dec. 88. 

w^MMf jMmjmMmmt %wwmmrmu... lp,,,c. Mnj^r F. Waldron, Royal Artillery, 1 Oct. 90. 

'«>7-S staff Abroad. 


^^Mded0 of ^<'«»«»*'*»-»'« ^*w/' Sir WiUiam Frederick Hayncs SmiOi, KCllG Sf. Jtk%*$ 

Acting Trendentt 

'W. Porter, Esq Anijm, 

C. M. Eldridge, Esq St, Ckrittoyher and StM, 

J. K. T. G. B. Charchill, Esq Dftviatea. 

J. Meade, Esq lIo»iMmi, 

'Ml. ... 

\R. H. Dyett, Esq Virsiu I»hwi», 


Oooirnor and Commander in Ckirf. Sir Ambrose Shea, KCUG, Na$9au, 

Atdtdt Camp 


Governor and Commander in Chi*/. JTon. 5»r Walter P. Ue\y'IlMtchin8on,KCira...St.Oeorge,Gre90k, 

St. YtmcKn,—AdmiaitUrinff the Oovernmeni I. C. MalinflTt Baq KingtNmt^ , 

St. lLvcik,'—Admini$tering the Qocerument Robert Baxter Llewelyn, Esq CmHrim. \ 


GoiHrnor and Commander in Chitf. J. W. J. Turf. Gormanston, KCJIG Georg§Ten» 

Aide de Camp 


Governor and Commander in Chief. Sir Roger Tackfleld Goldsworthy, KCyfG 2rllMi 

Aide de Camp Captain A. B. R. Kaye, 3 Battalion Irish Fubihers, 10 Aaff> 89. 


Captain General and Governor in Chief Sir Henry Arthnr Blako, KQUG fui^rfMi 

Aidede Camp Captain C. T. M'M. Kavanagh, 10 Utissars, 7 Mar. 89. 

Brigadier General on the Staff Major General W. C. Justice, CMG. 18 Nov. 90. 

Detnttti AstiMtnni Adiut^mi a^u^^,rU f p.».e. Capt. C. E. de la P. Beresford, Wiltshire Regt. 3 Aprfl 90. 

JJeputg AMMtant Adjutant GencraU icaptoin P. W. B. London. Army Service Corps. 12 Nov. 90. 

Garrieon Adjutant Lieut. F. B. Rvdo, West India Regiment, 9 March 89. 

Commanding Royal Artillerg Major F. Howard. . ] 

Commanding Royal Engineer Colonel W. P. Spaight. [LiV^Mr./. JM»J 

SeniorOrduanee Store Officer {with rank qf Captain) Deputy Assistant Com. General of Ordnance E. A. M. BtlTM^ : 

Vittriet Fajmaeter Staff Paymaster C. E. Souper. 

Frineipal Medical Officer Brigade Surgeon S. E. Maunsell. j 


Governor and Commander in Chief Sir William Robinson, KC2£G ^ Tort rftjftlaB _ 

Aide de Camp 

ToBAQo.—Committioner L. G. Hay, Esq. 


Chief Commiseioner H. M. Jackson, Esq GraaiAflw 


Governor and Commander in Chief Licut.Gencral E. Newdcgato Newdignte, CB. X30ct.£8. 

Aidede Camp p.t.c. (Captain N. W. Bamardiston, Mi(idle!^ex Regt., 11 Maye}.. 

■n A J  A A J ,- A , tj r. C Lt. Colonel R. A. Nugent, Cit. Army Service Cori^t 19 JiUM lib 

Deputy Aeeistant Adjutant Gcnerah [^^^ ^,^p^^j„ j j, ^^^n^er. Welsh Regiment, ri dct.Sg. J 

Commanding Soyal Artillery Lt.ColouelS.rym. i 

Commanding Moyal Engineer Lt.Colonel R. A. Javceay. 

Senior Ordnance Store Officer Assistant Commissary General of Ordnance L. F. Grahaaa. 

District Paymagter Staff Paymaster E. Boyle. 

Frineipal Mtdical Officer Brigade Surgeon J. R. Murray, HD, 

Governor and Commander in Chief Thomas Kerr, Esq. CMG. 


I 1 Stimt'lal Diilrid, OLXItDD&SS. Cunj-lin, Edinbvrqb, PoBics, ntDDiKGTOii, S(i«ici, 

'* ■*• ListixnoDw. 

HimUmatt Ctltmil.— Charm W. t>. Guinnew. CB. >; Maroli go; Colosrl. : llnrch at. 
•rrtlarimlV^imtnl. Bnyml Beota (I 1'. Dill Ediubureh Hit I tia I. —n^f •»((«-•, The Quceu'i Riaa Tulante:r 

Br^jCMlf , till, 5Ui, «|J|, 7U1, «J ELb, Volaiiwsr UotULlloas Vf>st\ Boobi. 
k O lbyiH>f>f J>ufri«t, SUILDFOU). Csiixi'*, PaNi/ ScnaT. 
Ii A. XiwiMMlCaliML— EaiumLovelEoalteTDT. »0(t.87) nlB't, t Julj «t. 
irwifLHmi Kftmnt, W«t Bnrrty Hoirt. (i J. ind Biirrej UiliUa).— rol.-hrrt, «t, mil, 3rd, anJ 4(h 

T*lBate«T Battalioii* VeH Sorrey Bc^nmeDl. 

, O Xvw'-'ali>t.frW,OjUrTXXBmT. Contti.PiHn/Ktn. 

'• i*. J-*«(«a.* Rilo«I.— Frederielc T. Holnon, iTOot. «?: Co/o«(, . Jh'tBs. 

•rrtti^iml Mtt^mnl.Tbn Unlb fi F. siJ E»t Kent Uililinl. — rpJunlwi, laC uaJ jiid VuluDtccr BatullQus 
Baal K«Bl Beirimeni, 

'• T' /JwlcaMlQi^DiiW.-lhiiraWR. MiitdlMoii, JJ«D. M; (l,?o«/, 1 Jaly 5;. 

^'«4.l Xtfima.1. LnoiaUET Regt. (i P. a™rf itt Laiiraishira Millcl*)— rp'""iffr(, isl Volantccr Battalion 
T a nr a ai ar Itegimmt. 

. R Av^-wrifaf OiifrM. nVOASTLB. Cgxn/ln, XDiTBCvaniiHD.DuBHiv. 
'• i^. LuHlmawl CDtoi^,— Chnrtes B. Hope, tj Ajinl 80 ; CoIbutI, i JuIt Sj. 

WMvldl Mrmiaiil, NorthninlicrlDiid Fnailiert (s F. u>il NoKhumlierlunil ^LibiB).—rs(a ■(<«'■, laC, iiid, a*<l 
V* Tolanlwr OMUIioDB NurthuuilMrLaDd FiuiLiere. 

t Rft r*m(«^(B(j,i«»(. DnrmunT-lBhtlnrnntry (SaF. omJ >o« F b-J lat nuj sod DnrbamMllItta). 
f, WU. —frfimlttn, isl, ind, ji-d, <Ih, o«i slh VuiunteorHMtallona Dorbnin Liglit InBintrjf. 

, Q Jtiyif-fa' Zliilrief, WARWIDE. Caanly. Wiawiei. 

'• D. Ux'nua' rWhiail.— p.I.r, HrLRinin D'O. Fui-i&Ktnn, 17 Oct, S7 : Cu'o.itl. i July E;. 
nitei^ S^imar. Royal Warwtckaliin HukI.(6 F. iid oil »J md ITarwicE UUltia).— i'DJufHi-t, latnif 
and TolBUtMT BalUlions Boj-ul WnrwLckihire RegiineuC 

^ n X>«>-«»taI DuTr^er, HOVNBLO V. CV»i>(r. 

rr.ijrul X^iHaf. i.i.3.tau.(. Bn». Royal Fn»mr>ni (j r.o-J ^TeMinlniiun:. L 
UiilUa).— I'Dtaafirrt, tit, ind, ami jrd Vo1uiil«« BatUIiona Rojal Paiilian 

I g Sf}imfiral Diitrltl, WJOLWiKaroV. Coinfj. Par* «/ luck awa. 

-f -. '( K,^,, Livm..-,! RL"'t. (S l\ u-.J iHii 1,10 QiHii ire MiLtuiJ .'— I'oIuulV-i-.." i,l', ^ild, jn] 
u.i r^h Vuluulr« Bnluilioui l-ivtriiool Ui-KiuienU?!!' VuliioKcr UnlUilKm I.ivoriiool Ki'Sime. 

, jt n Terrilarial SMimtnl, South Lanansbire RcKt< (*•> F, an.! Ei F. an/I jth I^DOBshire 
>• %L/. I'sJaiKnn. isC a>J ind Voluatcer Uatcaliuug South LnucuLiK Scs^nicut. 

, a Eniainlal BislrM. KORWICH. Coi-«li, NoiroLI. 
'. y. ij(«((oou/ r»(o«; .— Chnrlen S. Pei-ry. ,s Mnrcli go; C<ilo«i-7, . May Sj. 
TTifw*/! J!,ji«»/.Sorrur. Bosl l9F. + iBt^inU Norfolk iiililia).—ro(iiu(ffr.,iBt, iDd,3rJ,^4tl 
BauolionB NorCulk ReKimeut. 

. in S^imtilal DUIncl,LIKfiQJ.II. Co^nfil, LlflCOLX. 
I. -M-KJ. ii^./.-u-fCofo-.i.— JohnRuiiBO, !;No¥. 8Si<W<.Bf/, 3 Mbj 85. 

ml..ri,il SrgiwitHt, UucolLBllirB HcKt. (10 i'.aaJXrirklS. Lincoln llllllia).— fWnjj((fr., istnuJin. 
Baualjoni Liaculnahiro BogiQieut. 

'. J.^. i.i,.(,««.( CoJouff. -John R. Collins ^ ,-. - . . -,. 

rrHorial Btfimrikt, KuTolk Root. (11 F. lail WealSuQuIk <iiiil tJambridfie Mililiu).— roInnlHri, iBt.iud, ^rJ, 
■•4 4ib VujauKcr BaiiaUoua SulTulk Rogimcnt. 

, 1 Q Krgimrnlal DUIricI, TAV1TT01T. Cdanf^, SovmioT. 

I. J.O. iif.(«a,( ro;o«f,— U...C. KdiTKrU l.iilvvychF EhbIihicI, j llarth SB i Cofos.f, 19 Nov. Bj. 
m(wi<rl J!fj,M,/. SomcrBctBbLrel.iubt Iiifnnlry (n F. ^ 1 # a ULlilin).— Vi.(k"("--., lat, ind.aad 
3ni Volauicer BaUBlioiu SoinerBelsliiro Lijfhc Infaotry. 

I 14 Ji^-'-'o' i>«(riW, TURK. CoK.(j,fop(o/WB>T RiDiKO o> Yo«. 

^^il B'}imA"vi"al YorkBhTre RoRt.'d* F. o"I('i'r.d u«J 4th W^« York^rilitis), 3 Kn. Yorkabire Rogt. 

I ig aji-f.rtrl Dirfri^f, BEVERLEY., RioiBO or Yo>.. 

■rn/mal MrfiM,!, East Yorkshire UcHt. (i; F. ariJEoBl York Militinl.— foViiiilffrj, ist a«J jTld ToluntacT 
banal looa Eaat Yorkehirc ReeitDCUt. 

I 1 R Btfimttlal PMriel, BEDFORD. Ca.nlir,, Hcktihgdo:!, Bidtdid, UiBTioBD. 

• *". Lirmlncnl CohKrl.—Ooberi W. M. IFetbercd, i Sent. Sj; Ctlanrl, 1 July 3 i. 
rnitrtml Mtfimn/, BearordiHirt Ke^ (,S F. a.rf BeJford onrf Horttonl UilitiBl <Dii Kiiin'«myjB.\^Atia 

l i. , t^.-~r^.Mi«^. „,, Md, „rf jftf l-oJuBiecr Oaiialiona UedfonUhire ReaiQSnl. 

1X0 Regimental DisMet Staff, 

ICr^ 1 FT Begimental DUlriet, LEI0S8TXR. Conntiet, Nottzvgkjlv, Liicn-ns. 
Ji^ ^a X ff • Litutenanl Coto>itf2.— Archibald H. Uttenon, x May 88; Colonel, i Oct. 8t. 

Terriiorial BtaifMnt, Leioestorahire Regt. (17 F. and Leiceatershire lli\iti»).''Voi»ni€f^ zai v* 
Battalion Leiceatershire Regiment. 

ICr^ 1 Q BegimtHial District, CLONMXL. Counfie$, Kilkbitnt, TippbB4KT. Wbxvobd, WATsmvoi 
Jk^ \J* XOa Lieutenant Colonel.— Uoh. Henry Parnell. 23 Oct. 88 ; Colonel, i Oct. 8x. 

Territorial Regiment, Royal Irish Regiment (18 F. and Wexford, North Tipporary, and Kilkenny ^lilitii 

T^-^ TQ £tf^tM«n/a/ Du/rte/, RIOEKOND (Yorkshire) . Coniify, NoaxH Ridiho o» Yoax. 
XM \J% jLsJ% Ideufenant Colonel.— llenTy R. DavidsoD, 5 Jan. 88 ; Colonel, i Jaly 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Yorkshire Regt. (19 F. and 5th W. York and North York Militia.). — VoUnteere, xst 
Volunteer Battalions Yorkshire Regiment. 

l^/^ 00 Regimental l)ietrict,BJJB.Y , Countg, Part qfhkXOksni^M. 

X^ U« ^ V/» Lieutenant Co/on«/.— Thomas U. Oarkson, 21 April 89 ; Colonel, 14 Oct. 89. 

2Vm'torta2 JBej^iMen/, LaDcoshiro Fusiliers (20 F. and 7th Lancashire ^iliiiA). — Volunteere^ zat, and 
Volunteer Battalions Lancashire Fuailiers. 

^^^^ Q 1 Regimental ZHetriet, AYR. Countiet, Am, Vfiatomt, Kibxcvdbbight. 
X^ Urn 2j X« Lieutenant Colonel.— ISdwhrd T. Bainbridfce, 19 Dec. S? : Colonel, i July 85. 

2*errt<or»a/if«ytM«n/, Royal Scots Fusiliers (21 F. and Scottish Bortlerers, and Ayr and Wigtown M 
Volunteers, zst and and Volunteer Battalions Scots Fusiliers, Galloway. 

lC^r^ O O Regimental District, OHESTZB. County, Chbshibb. 

X^ U« ^Zkm Lieutenant Co/onW.— William V. Brownlow, CB. 30 Aug. 89 ; Colonel, 18 Feb. 86. 

Territorial Regiment, ChwhireRtgt. (aa F.and ist and and Cheshire Militia).— KoiiiJi^«er«, zst, and, 3rd, 
5th Volunteer Battalions Cheshire Regiment. 

^rr^^ OQ Regimental District, WSLEXKAM. CovN<i««,AKaLB8B4,CABKAByoir.DBHBXOH,Fx.iVT,MB] 
X^ 0« ^0« Lieutenant Co/oii«/.— Robert S. Liddell, 3 June 89; Colonel, ij Sept. 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Royal Welsh Fusiliers (2; F. and Denbigh and Merioneth and Carnarvon Militia), 
talion King's Royal Rifles {attached).— J olunteers, ist and and Volunteer Battalions Royal Welsh F 

lOTi^ O A Regimental District, BRECON. Countiee, Cabdioxv, Rxdkob. Bbbcoit, Moitmoutk, Mov: 
X^ Urn ^^. Lieutenant Colonel .-George Paton. CMO. 3 June 89 ; Colonel, 25 Feb. 86. 

Territorial Regiment, South Wales Borderers (24 F. and Hailnor and Montgomery Militia).— ro/mi/. 

and, 3rd, and 4th Volunteer Battalions South Wales Borderers. 

"KTrfc OR Regimental Disfrict.'B^RWlOK-OV-T^EEJ}. d 

X^ \Jm ^\J • LieutenaHt Colonel.— Georjrc T. L. Curwithen, i / 

Territorial Regiment, Kiu{;'8 Own Scottish Borderer** (25 F. «/ 

Counties, DuxraiBS, Roxbuboh, Sblkib 
Apr. 90 ; Colonel, 37 June 87. 

, ^„ ^ „ y.j -. and Scottish Borderers Militia). — Volstn 

Roxburgh and Selkirk, :ud and 3rd Volunteer Battalions King's Own Scottish Borderers. 

^*Vr^ QC\ Regimental District, KAVLLTOV. County , Part of hkVkUK., 
XN sJm ^\Jm LieHtenuHt Colonel.— ThowB^ R. Stevenson, CB. 17 March 87 ; Colonel, i Oct. 81. 

Territorial Regiment, Scottish Rifles (a6 F. and 90 F. and a Lanark Militia). — Volunteere, zst Lanfl 
Volunteer Battalion Scottish Rifles, 3rd Lanark, 4th and 5th Volunteer Battalions Scottish Biflaa. 

^>^f\ fTT Territorial Regiment, Highland Lt. Inf. (71 F. and 74 F. and zst Lanark ^\\.) .—Volunt 
^X^ IJ. i X. and, and 3rd Vol. Bus. Highland Lt. Inf., 9th Lanarkshire, 5th Vol. Bn. Highland Lt. 

^^ f\ 0'7 Regimental District, O'M.LQTL, CoHn/i««,Loxooin>BBBT, Doxbgal, Ttbovb, FbbxjlvjlOH. 
X^ \Jm ^ f  Lieutenant Colonel.— iohn F. Caldwell, 12 July 87; Colonel, i July 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Inniskilling Fus. (27 F. and zo8 F. and Fermanagh, Tyrone and Donegal Militia). 

^Sg-\ Q Q Regimental District, BRISTOL. Countg, Olovcbstbb. 

X^ xJm Zl Q . Lieutenant Colonel.— y.t.c. George Salis-Schwabe, z8 Jan. 90 ; Colonel, z July 8$. 

Territorial Regiment, Gloucestershire Regt. (28 F. and 61 F. and South and North Gloucester M 
Volunteers, ist and and Volunteer Battalions Gloucestershire Regiment. 

1^/^ O Q Regimental District, W0R0E8TSR. County, Wobcbstbbshibb. 

XM vl. ^ C/  Lieutenant Colonel.— Fred. Chsrles Ruxton. 19 Dec. 87 ; Colonel, i July 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Worcester Regt. (29 F. and 36 F. and Worcester Militia).— Fo<iis^Mr«, zst and 2nd V 
Battalions Worcester Regiment. 

ICT/^ Ork Regimental District, BVAVLEY. Cown/y, Par< qf Lawcashibb. 

dm%\Jm OV/a Lieutenant Colonel. — William J. Fmmpton, 12 June 83 ; Cofone^. a Mar. 8^. 

Territorial Regiment, E. Lancashire Regt. (30 F. ^ 59 F. 4- 5th Lancashire Militia).— I o/imfeer*, zst J 
Volunteer Battalions East Lancashire Regt. 

TCT-i qi Regimental Di»tnet,Kn(QST01X. County. Part 0/ Svuntr. 

X^ yJm OXa Lieutenant Colonel. — George Bnyley, 1 Dec. 86 ; Colonel, i Jul}* 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Bfi»t Surrey Regt. (31 F. andjo F. and ist and 3rd Surrey 2i.i\iiia).— Volunteere, zst 
and, 3rd, and 4th Volunteer Battalions Ea^t Surrey Regiment. 

TCT/^ QQ Regimental District, BOBHIK. County, Couvwxhh. 

Xl Urn KJ^m Lieutenant Co/on*/.— George C. Swiney, 7 March 88 ; Colonel, i July 83. 

Territorial Regiment, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry (3a F. and 46 F. and Cornwall Rangers Mi 
Volumteere, ist and and Volunteer Battalions Duko of Coruwall's Light Inlautry. 

TCr^ QQ Regimental District, HALIFAX. County^ Part of Wbst Ridi.xo or Yobx. 
XM \J% OOi Lieutenant Colonel.— 'rhomwi T. Simpson, 27 Jan. 86 ; Colonel, 6 March 84. 

Territorial Regiment , Duko of Wellington's West KiUiug Kegt. (33 F. and 76 F. and 6tU West York Mi 
Volunteers, ist, and, and 3rd Volunteer Battalions West Riding Regiment. 

TCr^ Q2I ^•gimental District, CARLISLE. Counties, Cckbbblahd, Wbstmo 
X^ KJ» <^'X* Lieutenant Colonel.— Fercy L. Bellumy, 8 Mar. Sg ; Colonel, 1 July 
Territorial Regiment, The Border Regt. (34 F. and 55 F. and Cumberland and Wi 


_ _ _ 'estmoreland Militia).- 

teere, ist and and Volunteer Battalions Border Regiment. 

TCr^^ QC Regimental District, QV10EX,%TEK. County, Svsazx. 

XI Ut SJsJm Lieutenant Colonel.— Robert F. Butler, 3 Nov. 88 ; Colonel, t July 85. 

T^rrUorial Mepiment,The Royal Sussex Regiment (35 F. and 107 F. and Sussex Militia).— r#Z»»/#»rf, ist 
Forte, rat amJ aad KoiontMr Bftttalions Royal du^sex Regiment. 

SagiToenlal DUtriei Staff. 

Orr Bni-ntal D>>frjrf. WnC&XSTER. rsK.rr, HtHrimiai. , 

1. -a I A 1J..U„«( Co;.«l.-Cli«le.Jol.Qllcior«IBi..jAprlVB6j C.I»«I..! 

writtrmt JiMhMtf. HkniinUn) Huff, (j; F. --U 67 P. "'"' Han.p»Uir» MlliU»>— 

saJ sih (UleorWisbfrtinco*! BeBtnfle'*") Volunwer Baiailion» Hampabin 

. 00 Xniwifuf ZM-frwl, UoaHBLS. (^iialf qTSiirroiD. 
>, 00. J.i.lnm<-t CWoW.— CbarlM «. HeUbcole. 11 Nov. Bj; CtJn.tJ, t J 
r.T«»-rw( IbyiwiK, Boalh SMffonlihire Eegt, (38 F. d.J Bo F. B*i . SlalTord Mi 
ui( 3i>l Vulual«er BulUlionB Soalh BLitII\inl>lii» KcjnmeDt. 

^ OA Trrriltri.! ««•>••(. Morlli SUUIonLiblrs Regt. (6, f. aaJ 98 F. ond md Dxd ^rd 
J, 04. lliliU^-rolnXHri, iM «-il mil Volnulcor UaMUon* NorUi 3I«[rgril.luro Rogii 

- QQ »«i«»(o/ DWrJt/. DORCKBBTSK. CBM'y. Domh 

3. oy. £i;.(,MJii,-tii«ii(« " ■*' - - ■— "- '^■ 
r<r*ii»Hi SMiMfii. Ixinmbiro itcgc (m ^' 
Donttotun IKwln.tnl. 
il 1 SxiMidil Dulrirt. OAROIPT. C»»fif>. Piaitoi*, CtaiiiBiiriii. OuHoxaiv. 

r^^t^tl X«imr.l, W«1.b Reul, (i- K. onif 83 f. n»J UlamorHOO Stilitfii).-rof../.rf*. iH. lad, 
TolustotrBkwJiaiu W>I>bltc«lin«Dt, ita Olumurictuiiliite. 

Vin Xf-H-'^'DWric^.FKBtB, OwartH.FaiTii, PuTH, Fin. 

uti Valumwr llMUiionn B»>iil UiahUudcn. 

Jl O JtHiwaf al I>M(<-irl. OXrOSS. Ctmilia.Oxwoto.Bveit. 
0, *0. ZS*1<HH« CWe«J.-ThoinMJI. B»UiB. loNov. B?i CUul, , Oct. 8.. 
roT^Un^ CMHWI.Oirord UeW InfkoUj!. F. o.< Bock» «~1 Oltonl !Jl1ili»),-roJ.»< 
•■rfisa raanUerSkUAliaiuUxrardLigbiliitUtTi, itt BuckiDghiuiubirv, 4II1 VoluutacriliitliiUDi 

■bXCMrlcf.TABLKT. Cmh/jt. Kbsit. 

■■■I Cbloul.— ConuaiitinF UkKUire.  -Apr. 90 1 Calontl. 16 g<[>l. B;. 
.™__ ..,™-., SH«> Bugl, (,4 F m4 St. F. ..~l Euei Kifleii »d We»l £ue. Mililia).-!",.!..;, 
»!. jnl. aiU 4th Volu.. - - 

;rd BUffnrA 

r. Derl^yiblre Reft, in F .. 

KlE^U) r^t^ntrrf*, i>t it»d jD<L Tolaiit««r BaUalioDA l>orb;flhii'i? Ucguu^uk, i» .iw^MH^hau/, ^.^ ,^.^.^, 

V-iliuiMr KuUliOD DetbribliB Bccuncnt. 

O. 4/. lJU««tCel»»l.-K»dericka MorliBloy.iiJolTM; tWe«(.. JulyBv 


 lir. 8^ : CoUiiil, 1 July fis. 
Irrrilanal MisimnI, Sorlluimplnii KSgt. 140 t . a<a 511 r . aim norlhainploa Mllllia).— f liiaH(«r», lltVolimW«r 
B«l»lion NonliMopton Regiment. 

10. *y. I«i.(™.«<CtoI«fl.-H*rberta BBrretL.o March ^i CoJo.rf, j Oct. 6;. 

T,rTib<~i £>»•»', Royal Barfc.hire Eeeiment (« *". '"'' MF. oml Berk. Militia).- FolBJifin-., lit TolonlMT 
BMialion Boysl Berkihin ReKiment. 

r_ Ct\ Bnimt'lnl DUIrirl. MAIDaraHS. Ce*<li. Part B/KtiWT. 
10. OU. t«.(™.(C.l.«(.-Da.idJ, D. aaffonl. .jJalvB*: t\,i..,f. , JuljB;. 

Irrr^ria: S^mtrnt. Royal Weil Kent Regiment (50 F, dud 97 F. i.i.J We.t Kent Militia). -rof.Jil«rr., ist, .ad, 
,td }nl ( H »t>irl) Volunteer BallalionB Bo;al West Kent Regiment. 

Tn CI Sryiw'"' Piilrief. POHTEFBACT. Comi^f , Wast RiDiwa or YoiitHiaa. 
10. O 1.. I«>l*u Hi CslsHl.— William B;aiD, CB. 1 Apr. 87; CWdhfJ, 1 July 85. 
r»ra.™ii Mnimi'i. TBe Kinn'aOwn Yorkshire Light Infanlry (ji F. a*d .oj F. ui.J 1 W. York Militia].— Fein ■- 
Ifrn, iKVoloDKer Battalion YorkBhire Light lufaalrj. 

J« CR Tfrri^a™iJ2'ifi-"',York and Lancaslar Regt. (65 F.a» 
10. DO. Vo(.»(«r., i.f .J >Bd Voluuleer Bntu.l.ona Yorkau 

■J CO Hfjij«*n/«I Piff.'irf.flHRBTBBURT, Couoiiit. SajOMH 

rim(&frt/ JTfpianf, BhropahlTC 

.tlnliong Shropehire Light luraulr; , 

■j,i^i>. Wilwhira BegV (6jFrW99F.ariJ'Wiftiihiro Mdit 
lilion Wiluhire Beeiment. 

|»_ nn Snimtnlat Diitricl, SXTIZES. Conmli, 
no, OZ . L^l/toml Culoul.-p.t.c. Albert L. Wain 

1J. 00 Staimfrlat Diriricf , ABHTON. Cniia/r. Part o/LiaciiBiia. 

no. 00. I^ifraiatCDltiii'J.— Arthur G. H. Clurcli, 11 Jul)- 38 1 Cblonfl, 18 March 86, 

 TRegl. (SiF.uaJ gfi v. anil 6Lh Lancaaliire Militia).- t'ol-alnri, lat, md, jrd 
naiulinnB ManihOiter Reg'iuBnt. 

Ba to £«ia«fali>Mritt, FOKTOXOBOX. Ciiii>iI.», OaiitBT aaJ SniTLinii. EDTBBaLiHD, CimKilB, 

no. fZ. BoiXiaJ^^iaillBIT.lHTaaHBB 

  ■"■.-■  -  . - Murr^jT, DSO. 39 Dec 

:7a F. oaJ ?S F. aaJ H.„ 

l.jnl Vol Hn. Stafonh Uigbluiilen. 

112 Beg iuiental District Staff, 

ycr^^ Tl C BegimeHtal District, ABEKDEEK. Counlie*, Abbbdxiv, BkVWW, KlVCA-BDUri. 
JM 0« i KJm Lieutenant Co^n^/.— William Green, CB. i Apr. 87; Colonel, 13 Jan. 85. 

Territorial Regiment , a :iTAonli.\ii\\\an(iQr% (75 F. an J 92 F. and Aberdeenshire SiiUtia) .—roIi<Mf«vrt. itt,andf 
3r(l (Tho Buchan), 4th, 5th (Deeside Bighland), and 6th Volunteer Battalioni Gordon HlghlAudert. 

M"^^ fTO i^<•^^m«ll^l/ Dw/rwr^ IKVEEKK88. 

JM 0« i %^ • Lieutenant Cvlonel. —Chiirlna M. Stockwcll, CB. 39 Dec. 85: ColonH, 3 Sept. 84. 

Territorial Reginienf, Cameron Ui^^hlandcrs (79 F. and Highland Light In&ntry 3lilitia). — Votunleen, irt 
Vuluntocr Battalion Cameron Uighlanders. 

T^^ QQ Segimental Di'trirt, BELFAST. Cown/i>#, AsTitiir. Dovir. 

Xl O. 00 • Lieutenant Co^onW.— William J. Holt, Cli. 25 March 90 ; Colonel, 6 May 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Royal Irish Rifles (83 F. and 86 F. and X. Down, Antrim, S. Down, and Louth Militia). 

1^^^ Q rj Regimental Diatrirt, ARKAOH. Conntien, Catait, Mowaohav, Abicaoh, Louxh. 
XN 0« Of. Lieutenant Colonel.— Uiiwry R. Abadie, 14 July 90; Colonel, i July 85. 

Tirritorial Regiment, Royal Irish Funiliers (87 F. and 89 F. and Armagh, Cavan, and MonJighan Militia). 

TCr^ QQ iyr^iiM^n/a/ 7>M<r«e/, OALWAT. CoNn/ic«, LBiTsrii, Sligo, RoscoxMOir, Mato. Ga.l WAT. 
JL^ w« QQ% Lieutenant Colonel. — James Browne. 16 Fob. 86 ; Colonel, 27 Dec. 84. 

Territorial Retjiment . (.-oniiau^bt Ranfrcro (88 F. andg^ V. and South and North Mayo, Galway, and! Roscomnoa 
Militia), 3 Bu. RiHe Brigade {attached). 

^r^ Ql Regimental District, STI&LINQ. Counties, Kiirxoss anJ CLACxacAKlTAir, Stibleito, DcrXBABIori 


Lieutenant Colonel. — Arthur C. Nightingulc, 6 Dec. 87 ; Colonel, i July 85. 
Territorial Regiment, kT[;^y\\ and Sutherland Hijj^hlandcrs (91 F. and 93F. aii<2 Highland nnnlerers and Renfimr 
Militia). — Volunteers, ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th anA 5th Volunteer Battalions Argyll ft Sutherland Highlander!, ii( 
Dumbarton, 7th Volunteer Baittulion Argyll & 8utberlniid Highlanders. 

^r^ 101 ^^gi^ental District, TRALEE. Counties, Limxricb, Kkbbt, Cobk. Clabb. 
Xi vl. XV/X • Lieutenant Colonel. — Martin P. Blake, 21 June 89; Colonel, 7 Nov. 84. 

Territorial Regiment, Royal Mun5.ter Fusiliers (ici F. and 104 F. and South Cork, Kerry, and Limerick 
County Militia), 9 Bn. King's Royal Rifles (attached). 

^r^ loo Regimental District, NAA8. Counties, Dcblix, Wicblow, Kildabb, Cablow. 
X^ \J» X V/^OI • Lieutenant Co^h*/.— Frederick J. Fane, 20 June 89 ; Colonel, i July 85. 

Territorial Regiment, Royal Dublin Fusiliers (102 F. and 103 F. ami Kildare, Dublin City, and Dublin Ooaalf 
Militia), 8 Bn. King's Royal Rifles (attached). ^ 

Rijle Dei»ot, WIKCHESTEB. 

Lieutenant Colonel.— p. s.r. George Hatchcll, 13 Jan. 87 ; Colonel, 22 Nov. 83. 
Pagmaster. — William D. Graham, 28 Jan. 79 ; St (\ff' Paymaster, 25 Apr. 85. 
Quarter Master.— 'Ihom&A Riley, 8 Feb. 88; Uon. Lieut. 
Line Battalions, .ist to oth Bns. King's Royal Riiles (60 F. and Huntingdon, Flint, 2nd Middlesex, Carlow, uJ 
North Cork '^\\\t\ei).— Volunteers, 2nd, 4th, 5th (9lh attached), 6th (ist attached), xath (zsth attadked), ijth* 
zist, and 22nd Middlesex, ist. 2Ui\,and 3rd Londun. 
Line Battalions, ist fo 9th Bus. Rifle Brigade (Rifle Brigade and Queen's Own Tower Hamlets, Longfbr^. 
King's Own Tower Hamlets, Leitrim and Wustmeath Militia).— r«/MN^**r», 7th, 14th (26th a/ZariM)^ iStk, 
lutb, i8th, 19th, 20th, and 24th Middlesex, ist Tower Hamlets, and Tower Hamlets. 

The following Regiments of Auxiliary Forces are attached to the Brigade of Foot Gnards:— 
Command of Lt. Colonel OrenaJier Guard*. — Militia: 4th Ba. Royal Fusiliers. Voluntetrs: ist, and, flW jid 

Loudon; 15th and 24th Middlesex, ist and and Tower Hamlets. 

Command of Lt. Colonel CoUistream Guards. — liilitia: 7th Bn. King's Ro^'al Rifles. Volunietn: 6U1 (dk 

attached), i6th, 18th, igth, 21st. and 22nd Middlesex. 

Command of Lt. Colonel Scots Guards.— Mil it i<i : slh an I 7lh Bns. Rifle Brigade. Volunteers : and, 4th, jtll 

(9th attached), 7th, i.«th (25th attachtd), 13th, 14th (20th aitavhtd), and 20th Middlesex. 

GuABDs' Dbpot. 
Quarter 3fu«^#r.— Thomas Widdowes tJuuton,^ 4 Jan. 90; lion. Captain, 7 Jan. 90. 

Wfht India Depot. 
Lirntenant Cb/oMf/.— Frederick B. White, 4 Oct. 83 ; Colonel, 24 March 86. 
Paymaster. — 

> Captain fiunton serve<l in tho Egyptian war of 1882 with tho 2nd Battalion of the Grenadier Gnards, andwM 
present in the engagement at Tel-el-MahuU and at the battle of Tcl-cl-Kebir (Metlal with Clasp, and Khedire's Slu}i 


Aberdeen 75 Canliff 41 Inverness 79 'Preston •«- 4> 

Armagh 87 Carlisle 34 Kingston 31 : Reading ^) 

Ashton 63, Chester 22 I^ancaster 4 j Richmond (Yorks.) ... if'* 

Avr 21 Chichester 35 Leicester 17 I Rifle Depot ua^ in 

Be«iford 16 Clonmel 18 Lichfield 38, 64 ! Shrewsbury o; 

Belfast 83 Derby 4''. Lincoln iq! Stirling fi.i 

Berwick-on-Twecd 25 Devizes 6^ Maidstone 50 Taunton ifl 

Beverley 15 Dorchester 39 Naas 102 Traleo ., M: 

Birr 100 Exeter 11 Newcastle 5, 68 Warley „ 4|i 

Bodmin 32 1 Fort George 72 Northampton 4S Warrington $,0\ 

Brecon 24 (Jalway 88 Norwich 9 

Bristol 28,Glencorse i Omagh 27 

Buniley 30  (Juildford 2 Oxford 43 

Warwick $'' 

Winchester ., j|; 

Worcester i|- 

Bary jo, Halifax 13 Perth 4 ^ Wrexham «| 

Bury St. Kdmunds 12. Hamilton 26,71 " - - - - 

Canterbury S'Hounslow 7.57 

Bury St. Kdmunds 12. Hamilton 26,71 Pontefract 51, 65 York !!.!!.'!!.!*.!!!!!„ 14 

Regiment, 34 Mar. 90. 
Lieut. General Sir G. W. A. Higginton. KCB. 30 Mar. 89 
2[<vor, Lieut.Goneral G. B. Milman, CB, 99 Aug. 70* 

Tower of London. 

Chaplain, Re% 

Surgeon, Surgecn Major E. A. H. Boe. retired paj. 

Constable, General Sir Daniel Lysons, GfC27. Derbyshire Chaplain, Rev. J. C. Edghill, DD. zApr. 8y: CUpM 

General. ' ^ 

J Herniary CoUeee, SunUurit. 


KP- oca. ovsi. acun. ocie. Cim- 


Pr.,ftmr 0/ Taftir.. itililart Ad 

Gtnenl B. H. 

,l.-r.:t. Mni. 

i^m^ianl aai Amfsry— Lt.CaLoDfl ii 
I&OB ta.p. Wall Emit acgimsnt}. i Jan. ^ 
K^.—TtKjiDH King BnuUDir, i Apr. t*- 
rr.— Jacob Hotleiat.i} F»b. Bi; Ban. Caftain 

D • b a rn-_i„ 1U>. rCtjICd p*y, 

Block, ret. pay. ' Apr.89. 

rfbrrjitmUM.— Uajor E. J. T. Boks iT S'<>- 
B>T»> taxuwan, 1 June S9. 

VfT'fDnl, UnvBl Arliilwy. 11 Oct gj. 

Proft-ior of Litd-c^M i>™-i.y.— M.CilonBl D. T. f. 

Ucltrmve. m. nur wait EenC Oiii^imnE. 
Praf^or -.f CKt^vlTti -ltd Piy.iM.— W. K. B. Hoflgkln* 

a^yJ ArtEHerj-. >5 Don 


,Lnr«<fro<ab.p,Iin(ilmma. Raul. 1,1 Bgpt.M. 
■,T»ll"it,ahroj»h[ro Liglillnf,i Sopi. M. 
K e<i>ia'Adsiiu. Ilitrbluul LE.Inf. la r«b. SB. 

Xncbaiui. Uonlqn MigbJiiDdon. i Sept. IS. 
I. C. KsaneT-Bc'lxn. NorthwnptQB Oegt. it 

Irsa^Crorp^, ChBflurv Raf^ntant, 6 Get. go. 
/ T^ia. UMmrt AiminUlralin ■■<! £<w. 
IlasI O. L. La U. Tajlor (from h.p, S«dlbrd 

ii r^uMcf. Vif>C«<v J-IniaMniliw and £">. 
IRBJ. SbToiwbIre Liftht Inlluibi;, t Sept. K. 

K. ttuBMBS. OoTftl AiliUarT. t Sapt. M- 
3. H. ^n, Walab RaKlment, u Fib. IB. 
to vr. O. L'aTOBBiOi. Badford kint. i Fob. Ig. 
..r. K. ll*iidenc>ii.¥orkftLan(i.Itettt-iJ*"-9a- 

1; iTj-.ijunl. DSO. Welsh ttoei-iJ Ahs. ^-j. 

Unitar; Academr at Woolwiab. 
-FicMUnrshul //.*.«.<*. H.tiip/CiiraliridBP. 


r. Colonel J. F. Uii 

jnlifur)rIViju»ru)ity,— p.f^.Lt.CalanaiW.Xveretl.DfS. 

(IVaui h.p. Weti mning aeglmaiit), 1 Jan. IS. 
Sl«r D^Iio. ir.iil^n AimiiUlr-li 

U.Colunol J. S. Raihxoli, h.p. R. 
Tntet.— UoQ!. U. DMbumberL 
atnauN,— C. Je«r>. I £aal<».— H. mala. 

liQUlOD, VrilU Bi^glucni, I Apt. ^. 

Captain W. O. D, WeaMra. Won Kent Bos'm^ni 
Liaui. U. H. Wlurum, SuilLn Ciisrils 
ikUii^or Utt. a. li. 'f allioi, OAjral BTi^iaaeri. 
CapUlu H. t), Lkttkn, It^ral Bnttiaeora. 
Llant. O. B. B. 7. 8h'>ni, Bdaiciil )!iiil!rrjrp>. 
Lieut. P. J. Da»ibj. Grenadier lii.nrclj. 
Uttpctiin W. K. Taylar. KoT*l Ariilbiry, 

Captain A. Orair'ard. Hoyal Ariilldrj'. 
BHTab Unioc P. Winkfut, WSM Kent mgimant. 
Limit. W.I'. WalMr, UiaDasbira taiiiim. 
Captain A.. R. Stuart, lt«ral Artilloiy. 
M^ior i. W. !ta«klnj, Boyttl " -'" — 

Uaptftln a B. Vrvyan, Kait Jl ,_._ 

Llral. A. B. W- (?"••* OHlebw, QrwaHi 
Capuln C. f . Cranils, Hatapthlrs Bagin 
LlmL S. M. Woad-rMd, L*'^^--'— " - 
Captain W. P. Hlood, Iilili 
Cniplun .J H. Limllt 


<b Fmlliapi. 



nl W. StirliDB, 

CJ(. R. Art! 





Harness, Cfl, h.p. 


iTTle, Royal AniUary, 1 
UfSMD. Bfyal Artillery, 
G. San, Royal Artillery 

Jan. d«. 
,3 Aoa- 9= 


, R. Artillery, ji Dec, 86. 


V. a. J«i>ir 

..-H. Hart 





Major M, C.' If. 'f. Walker. Kin^B fiiiyal liiSas. 
Cnpt:iiJi .). S 'r.i vmia, Iflflo Erijjnile. '" ^'f™'" 

~H til ^y ibaU prario laly l> . 

. P. Lc»Ch. tCiyal Arlillcry, n liny g;. 
'. D. i.'ODner. Itoyal Ki.uineGra, lo Uar. 8]. 
. E. EamiDds. Royal Engineera, : Mar. 90. 

1 E. Konsintrton, if. It. Artillery, 20 Aug. S4 

. Shiffnar. Royal Artillery, 1 Oct. B7. 

 1. F^Talbol, Royal Artilfe'ryf 1 Mar. B5. 

TrafmoT if tiiMan Topwrop*. 
lUcnU. Boyal Bnginwrj, jjon. Sj. 

tmltrmtUrt of JtiUltrf Tspcyrayj^y. 
LB. May, Royal AnUlery. iS Dec. 85. 
L A. Csitaide-TippinKe, Royal Art. ijUir, & 
:. K B. Hayiaan, boyal Aitillary, 16 aapi. 91. 

Major a. li. Iiomil, rieoltiab lUdei. 

CniiUiin A. B. N. Cbiirohlll, Kjyal Artilk'r>'. 

UiiptiuQ It. W. P. Wbiie, Walai ae;iini.-^i. 

Lieut. R. M. Udiina, Border Re^tlmeiit. 

Lieau T. L. N. MurlaiHl, Kiait'a Koynl Ri le<. 

Captain K. II. RoJwdll, Bansal Htnir l^jrpi. . 
I Ciiptaia B. K. Hairas, Uuuaiar Kasilieri. 
I CAiiUiiall. li. :itsntau,KayalArtllleiy. 

Cit|<t:iiu H. A. E Hlckaon, Ruj-nl Enitiua^r:!. 

Cnptain T. D. Pilcbcr, MorihamberUnd Fniillert. 

Captnia f. R. C. Utf loton, U.irbam Li^hi lufaitrr. 

Lieut. A. PoBlor,Ar^ylland3utb«rlanaHi7bl:>ul:r 

Captoio E. H. C. Griliani, Ubosbire Rettimont. 

Ciptiiiu E. O. Walhea. Leinslor Rogimmt. 

Oaytaiu II. P. Sbeklclon, L incaibira R?j(iia 'n 


Commandant ir Superintendtni,— Colonel 8. J. 
SOD, 3 March 87. 

Chief Imlruetort. 
Ck>Ionel E. Lyons (from R. Art.) (IToo/ricA), 17 Sept. £8. 
Colonel P. T. Lloyd, CB. i July 89. 
Brigade Major.— p.t.e. Major E. O. O'Sullivan, 1 Jan. 89. 

Inatruetora in Gunnery. 
Captain A. 8. Pratt [Woolwieh), 29 April 86. 
Major W. E. Hardy, 21 Dec. 86. 
Captain W. L. White, a8 May 87. 
Captain W. E. Blewitt ( Jfoo/icicA), 5 July 87. 

Edvcattonal Esta I lishmenU. 
School of Gunnery. 



Captain H. P. Hickman, 9 Jan. 88. 
Major E. O. H. Bingham, 2$ Mar. 90. 
Captain A. C. Hanrard, : April 90. 
Captain A. J. Hughes, 1 April 90. 
Major E. H. Walker (Alder»kot), i Oct. 90. 

A$*ittant Smperintendant of JSjiparimemte. — Majo 

Ferrott, la March 85. 
7nd Ataiatant <io.— Captain T. D. loglis, a6 Jane 88 
Adjutant. — Captain A. Stokes, t April 90. 
quarter Maeter. —Qr. Master O. O'Neill, 23 Sep 

Hon. Lieut. 

Director.— Colonel C. Trench (from h.p.), 29 July 90. 
A$$i9tant Director. — MajorJ. F. Harman, 2a Nov. 87. 
Jim/, in Artillery.- p.B.c.MRioT i.R. J. Jocelyn,i4 Apr.Si. 

Miyor E. M. Baker, i ilay 86. 
Captain Instructor Moyal Gun Factoriei. — Major H. P. 

WUloughby, i Apr. 88. 
Captain Imtruetor Royal Carriage DfpaWmenf. - Major 

E. V. Elwes, 2j Feb. 89, 
Captain Ineiruetor Boyal Laboratory.— lit.Coloncl H. M. J. 

Feilden, h.p. 19 Feb. 87. 

Artillery College. 

Frofetaor of Applied liathemattca, — A. G. Greenhill 
Lecturer on MelaUuroy. — H. Bauerman, FGS, 
Lecturer on Armour Pm/m.— Captain C. O. Browne 

of R. Art. 3 Sept 80. [, 

Lecturer on Chemiatry f Pkytiea. — W. R. B. Hodgki 
Lecturer on JPraetical Meckanict. — H. W. Jones. 
Veterinary Lecturer, — First Class Veterinary Sui 

G. D. Whitfield, 19 Feb. 85. 
French Jfaiter. — Mons. Albert Barrire. 
German Jfaeter. — Dr. F. Althams. 

School of Military Engineering. 

(For Instructing the Corps in Military Field Works, at Chatham.) 

Commandant. —M^OT General R. N. Davrson-Scott, 

X Apr. 88. 
.^0n«t.CommaiiiaNf.~Lt.Co1.A. J.Hepper, 2)50., 2 July 00. 
Brigade Major 4- Sec— Major St. O. M. Kirke, 4 June 89. 
Q«arferirut/«r.— Alex. N.M'Culloch, Hon. Major Royal 

Engineers, ?6 Nov. 90. 
Instructor in Construction 4- Estimating.— Maior E. C. S. 

Mocre, 14 Feb. 90. 
Assistant do. rfo.— Captain W. II. Turton, i Apr. 88. 
Instructor inSurveyi«g.—p.s.c.'M»jorA.O.Green,23 Nov.89. 
Assistant Instructors in Surveyino. — Captain C. W. R. St. 
John. 7 March 88 ; Captain A. E. Haynes, 1 July 89. 
Instructor in FortiJIcation. — M&ior J. W. Savage, 27 

Aug. 87. 
Assist. Instructors in FoWi/fmfioji.— Captain A. W. Roper, 

X Nov. 88 ; Captain W. M. Hodder, 23 Sepi. 89. 

Assistant Instructor for Charge of Warlcskofps.—C% 

J. Winn, I July 88. 
Instructor in EleetrieUy. —CHptMU R. L. HippL 

I Jan. 89. 
Assistant Instructor in Electricity. — Captain A 

Stnart, 17 Sept. 89. 
Atsittani Instructor in Chemistry, Fhotograpiiy^ , 

Captain A. M. Mantell, x Aug. 88. 
Instructor in Submarine Mining. — Major A. T. Pre 

16 May 86. 
Aftistant Instructors in Submarine Mining. —' Cb\ 
F. R. Reynolds, 6 Feb. 88. 
Lieut. E. C. Seaman, i Apr. 90. 
Lieut. W. G. Lawrie, 25 Mav 90. [Jan 

Instructor in Tactics. — Major U. w. Smith 'Rewyf 
Instructor in Ballooning. — Lt.Colonel J. L. B. Tem] 

7 Bn. King's Royal Uiflef), 1 Apr. 87. 

School of Musketry at Hythe. 

ComMaMiati^— Colonel C. G. Slade (from h.p. Rifle Brigade), 31 Jan. 90. 

Deputy Assistant Adjutant General.— HajorQ. E. Harley, The Buff^, Ji March 89. 

Chief Instructor. —hUColonel W. B. Burton (from h.p. Scottish Rifles). 28 July 89. 

^ , . , . . J Lieut. J. D. Hunt, Highland Light Infantry, 13 Feb. 90. 

Captatn Instructors. | Captain J. dc Hoghton, Lincoln Regiment, 1 May 90. 

Ti^t^n^f T^.t^^*^M f Lieut. H. P. De hi Bfere, Scots Fusiliers, 13 Feb. oo. 

jAeutenant instructors. | j^.^^^ ^ g g^rtOQ^ lAUcaster Regiment, 15 July 90. [ifon. Capl.^t Oct 

Qr, Master ^Acting Adjutant and Acting Paymaster.— 'iS.oore Murphy, 2x Dec. 81 ; 2nd Li. 31 Oct. 77 ; lA, 22 Julj 
Surgeon.— TieyivXy Surgeon General H. J. Rose, retired pay, 17 Aug. 90. 

School of Signalling. 

Inspector of Signalling.— Colonel F. C. Koyser, CB. (from h. p. Royal Fusiliers), x Jan. 89. Aldcrshot. 
Assistant Inspector of Signalling. — Captain E. T. C. Bower, Oxford Light Infantry. 27 July 89. Aldershot. 

Army Medical School^ Netley. 

W. A. Mackinnon, FBCS.Fdin. CB., Director General Army Medical Dejtartment, President, 
Burgeon General Sir Joseph Fayrer, MD., KCSI., Physician to the Council of India, 
The Professors of the Army Medical School. 
The Principal Medical Officer at Netley (ex qfficio). 


Clinical and Military Surgery. —Surgeon General Sir T. 
Longmore, Ent. CB. h.p. 

Clinical and Military Medicine.— Dejiuty Surgeon Gene- 
ral Henry Cay ley, late Bengal Estab., 4 J^n« 89. 

Military Hygiene.— Surgeon Major J. L. Notter, MD. 

6 Oct. 88. 
Pathology—Sir W. Aitken, MD. FRS. 


Clinical and Military 5Kry^ry.— Brigade Surgeon C. E 

Clinical and Military Medicine. — Surgeon M^jor W 

Stevenson, MB. 28 May 90. 
Military Hygiene. — Surgeon A. M. Davies. 
Pathology.— Surgeon U. Bruce, MD. 
5f PTf/ary.— Heiurich Theodor Gustav Borchert, Es^ 

Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall. 

CbsisianJaa^— Colonel T. B. Shaw-Hellier (from h.p. 4 

Dragoon Guards), 2x May 88. [Capt. 21 May 84. 

Quarter Master.— Fred. H. Mahony. 15 Aug. 8 7 ; Hon. 

Royal Military Asylum, Chelsea. 

Ex Officio. 
The Secretary of State for War, President. 
H.B.H. the Commander in Chief, Vice Presid*nt. 
The Bishop of London. 
The Bishop of Winchester. 
The Paymaster General. 
The Under Secretaries of State for War 
The Qnarter Master General. 
Tbe Adjutant Generai, 
The Governor ofCbeJaea HoepituJ, 
The LieuieDMnt Governor ofCheleetL HofpitMl, 

Director of Music. — Quarter Master Samuel G. GrifB 

24 Deo. 90 ; Hon. Lieut. 
C hnplain {Ae tinQ^ .—Be e. R. Tahourdin. MA. x Apr. 

The Governor of the Royal Military' College. 

The Chaplain General. 

The Judge Advocate General. 

The Director General of Millttiry Education. 

S/tecially Appointed. 
Field Marshal H.B.H. The Duke of Oamhridre 

KT. KP. GCB, QCSI. QCMG. GCIE. Gren. Gda.i 
General Bt. Hon. Sir Edward LugMti, OCB, '. 

Surrey Regiment. 
Field Marshal Lord Wm. Paulet, GCB. Durham Lt. 
General Sir R. C. H. Taylor, ECB. Cameron B 

p.f.c. Major Ggtx«t%\ J. P. Battoraby, retired pay. 
General Sir A. J . HeT\i<tn. KCB . 

SdmeaHanal EstaiivhrnmU. 

. 3 Aug. 86; 
:. Whipple, 

ral Hibamlui lUlitar; Sohool, Dablla, 

da^H*.— Colonel C. de K. O. Slaokwall [from h.p. 

lOnlB Bvrunsnt). ;i Msr Bo, 

1m Mailir .ai A4J,laal.—0. Cook, B SvpL ««; 


..:\7y^.^' '■ 

Armr BohooU. 


K.W.M'GOYsnieTt eant.«i> JohnSIUtarsoD ti Apr. 9j 
aicb. T. Kenny u Joly Si Frtderio M^or . 11 AaR.Sj 

drldge . 

> Apr. aj Wm. OoacUnB 
[a Apr. Si ChsrlM S. Co 
i]/ul;aJ JohnA.amei 

Apr. 89 



■!!"■■ *CoiniiianaorE 
CsDMinr. L. 

r.r-irc.K. dcl. t Aug. b». 

H, ObeTKlller, SJV. i.< Apr. 90. 
Iftihftn, K. ArUILerj, i Feb. S9. 

17 Feb, gj 

Soyal Laboraiory, 
H>n4f*r. Colonel W. K. Bmriov, nUnd 

•7S. ArUIIarr - -1 

in if Dnjwr Snililiv. C*pB»in G. T, 

liman. R. ArUllB7 -.. ..-...,-,-...  4^1- w 

mnC.K KDRiKh. BojeJAitmer]' 1 Apr. IB 

Jtoifnl Oti" Foftory. 

tx. .' ; Apr. aa 

orml SmaU Arms Futorr M EnSeld. 

n f*« ( . J. Kigby. tan., H-i- i) Oct. Bj 

rtl Bnftll Armi Factory at Birmingham. 

iWi.U C'j- W.M'ClluiockliromtLp.R.A 1 1 Koli. 83 

Building Warla. 
..Colonel U. T. Sile. CKG 
'Sajgr 3. 

■»r. H,' 

SaJ^ai Traffii Mail 

r H. H. Ifalrbead. 


or B. B. ConaoUj 6 Ang, «i 

Ceogh.ifD lUu.Bj 

'i. flacplmrBon. KB. ... '- ' 

KojalOimpowdQT Fkotory at Waltham Abbey 

Bufirinli^tnl |Bi« «.* 0/ Uv^ antral), 

CuloHCI w. U. Noble, r.p. B. Anillerr i July Sj 

" ■%!»., U.OolonsI F. 

tifiery 1 Apr. 3i 

Ur,. ,/ Cij. 

*Mp«r-, 11 . L. Kennedy. 

Boyol Army Olothlng Depot. 

ly, Cfl. I Midifal OJiMt " 

retired p»». 

;. Oen. 1 


B. L. Vealo. JfD. 
a. Woodi, ECUQ. 

dIohI E. Beinl 


( Uitdt' Ikt Diriclor iff Artillery). 

Ordnukoe OomToitteB. 

PrviiUnt.... Lionl.G«n«r«l ft. J. H«J, CB. Royal Artillery, 1 July tq. 

nH-FrnuInC CiplainU. B. Domrlle, B.N., la June 40. 


ilonel J. A. 8. Calqnboun. b. p. B. Art. I Commander R. B. UBConoobie, B.N 

_. ,. , ,<____.__,_ J. _ , „.o^^ i]NoT. 8i Capuiin A. B. Jenkingi, B.N j6 8ept.» 

l.Art.) I Oct. 83 SirF.}. Bm.mveU.B'.M.I'ul.CS. ess. I Apr. Il 

Kdi.)... ijApr. 8S 

...LtColonel D. D. T. O^DallsabsD (from h.p.B. Artillery) ...1 Apr. M 
A^mnani sterttar) Commander Mr H. Ogle, fit. £ JV 11 Apr. »i> 

OommlttM on KxploilYes. 

rraiini Sir F. A. Abel, Co(. CB. JfiS 10 July Si 


atari. Dent. MA. FES. loJnlyBS | Profeeeor A. Dupre, fJiA 10 July M 

Deputment of DirBOt<>r of Artillery. 

olaKlH. 8. S.WatkiD, CB.(from h.p.}, I UojorA. U. W. Brett, B. Artillery wJuattl 

•^lttrttUr^PttUitmn*ii<it lApr.M Captain E. Tinker. B. Arlillory j6 Apr. B? 

•m J. H. Thomoon, B. Artillery 4 May 87 | Captain W. Lambert. U. Artillery m Jnua 91 


i. ArUUery, i Feb. BS. 

nr.— Itijor W. F. Nothali. 

r Ii— (Ur.-ColoDel W. H. Eing-Hai 

AfUUerr).  Feb. BB. 

V W. N. Lockyt 

mthmM^t Beffinunt. jo Apr- 89. 

Ktsr.— Captain ^. C. CiUTT, 
LaaoBuon Bniu. 
iarCr. Haddan, B. Art., 1 Apr. BB. 
ritat /wXor.— Cw«^>l A. a. V. Cod, 


F. L. Macgrcgor, R. Artillery 
A. P. Pouton, R. Artillery, t 
n a. C. L. Holden, B. Artille 


Captais F, M. Lowe. B. Artillery. 1 
Capiam E. T. Young. B. Artillery. 
Mivior W. P. Blaodj, B. AniileiT. 
Lieut. H. B. Adair, R. Artillery, ., 
(Japlain C. W. M. Lane. B. AruUa 
Captain C. B. Ueaiaa, a. Artillery 

Apr, IB. 



Committees and Inspection of Warlike Stores. 

/jiMjec/or.— Captflin D. F. Downing. R. Art., x Feb. 88. 
and Cla$9 Attiftani In»peetort.—lAe\3X. G. H. Harrison, 
R. EnginpcrB, i Feb. 38. 
Captain T. B. Carte, Royal Artillery, 23 Apr. 89. 


In»peetwr.—yLfi.]OT E. Ward, R. Artillery, i Feb. 88. 

Itupeetor.—J. A. C. Hay, CJC., i Apr. 74. 

GXMkRAl. Stokkb. 
Super! nfenJent.^f.i.c. CommisBary General of Old- 
nance J. T. B:tninf?ton, retired pay, 1 Apr. 88. 
Attulant SuprriHUndeMt.- Quarter faster W. McCanlis, 
Ordnance Store Department, i Apr. 88. 


FiBBT Class. 
GifrroWar.— Major F. C. Morpac, R. Artillery, 3 Mar. 86. 
Jftf//a.— Captain W. W. Grittin, R. Artillery, 23 Mar. 88. 

Sbcovd Clam. 

Bermuda.— Cs^tedn L. Barrett, B. Artillexy, la Apr. 90. 
Cape rowM. —Major T. Mayhew, R. Artillery, x Sept. 87. 
Ce$flon. — Captain A. C. Burm^ter, B. Art., 4 Dec. B6. 
Cork.- Major J. P. Freetb, R. Artillery, x Apr. 86. 
J^ecow^wr/.— Major C. W. Kennaway, ft. Art., i Feb. 87. 
ifa/>/a.r, JV:&— Lt.Colonel G. Will, B. Art., 13 Dec. 85. 
Hong iToM^.— Captain P. R. Sinunonda« R. Art., 5 May dn. 
Mauritius. — Captain H.H. Rich, R. Artiller>^ 16 Aiif^.S;. 
Por/«moifM.— Maior H. Croflon. R. ArtillerVi 1 Apr. 86. 


Woolmick.—hierxt. H. Waring, R. Artillery, i JuW 88. 
P/yMOH/A.— Captain J. Lcvres, R. Artillery, 15 July 88. 
Golden J/i//.— C^apt. K. F. Hoblyn. R. Art., 15 Jnly 8& 
Porfgmouth.—Jjwut. K. S. Cooper, R. Art., 15 July 83. 

Army Sanitary Committee. 

President p.$.c. Major-Gencral Sir T. D. Baker, KCB, 

If em fere. 

Sir D. Galton, ECB. hUe Capt. R. Eng. 

Surgeon General J. A. Maraton, MD, CB, ret. pay. 

Sir C. A. Cameron, Snt. Ph.D. 

Colonel H. Locock, b.p. R. EuRineers i Nov. 87 

Brigade Surgeon W. Nash, MD, 

Surgeon General Sir J. Farrer, KCSJ. UD. (for India), 

Srcretarjf J. J. Frederick, i Dec. 6a. 

Royal Engineer Committee. 

President Major General R. N. Dawson-Scott i Apr. 88. 

Ex-officio .ifembere. 

Sir P. A. Abel, Knt. CB. FBS. 13 Aug. 67 

Colonel E. Wood, CB J Oct. 8<) 

Colonel R. H. Vetch a Aug. 84 

Lt.Colonel R. Y. Armstrong 1 Apr. 76 

Lt.Colonol H. P. Lee a? Aug. 90 

Ma^or J. W. Savage 27 Aug.87 

Major E. C. 8. Moore 14 Feb. 00 

Major A. O. Green aaNov.e? 

Major A. T. Preston i Apr. Sy 

Captain R. L. Hippisley i Jan. Sj 

A»»oeiate Membert, 

LtColonel M. T. Sale, CJfG 27 Aug.87 

Major G. Barker 15 Deo. 87 

Major D. C. Courtney, ret. pay (for India)... ao Apr. 87 

p.e.e. Major C. F. C. Beresford x Jan. 85 

Secretary Captain H. E. Rawson, x Jan. 90. 

Dress and Equipment Committee. 

President .p.s.e. Colonel C. J. Bamett. 


Major R. M. Ruck 1 Apr. I7 

MajtrG. W. Addison x6 8eptl9 

Major P. Cardew i Jan. 89 

Colonel J. D. P. French, 19 Hussars. 
Colonel E. L. Street, Devon Regiment. 
Colonel F. Glonnie, 8. Wnles Borderers. 
Colonel W. R. Slacke, Royal EnpineorR. 
"Aaaistant Com. Gen. of Ordnance J. Stcevens. 

Secretary .p.s.e. Major W. E. Franklyn, York Regiment. 

Surgeon Major W. Johnston, MD. 
Lt.Colonol E. Grattan, Army Service Corps. 
Lt.Colonel W. F. Kerr, The Buffs. 
Major E. O. Hay, R. Artillery. 


Cavalry Depot at Canterbury. 

(^MmaiKian/.— Colonel J. C. Russell (from h.p. xa Lan- 
cers), 8 Apr. 87. 

Assistant Commandant and Superintendent qf the Biding 
Department.—Colonel Hon. W. J. Stewart (from h.p. 
la Lancers), X Jan. 88. 

Aifmtant.—^la^OT H. M. Ridley, 7 Huaaars, as Apr. 89. 

PuvMoWn*.— Staff Paymaster D. C. O. Spiller. 
Bidiny Master. — Thomas Henry Jones, 25 Jane ffl 

Hon. Maior^ 15 June 87. 
(Quarter Master.— "Eonry Thomas Kay lor, as Aug. 1*1 

Hon. Lieut, 

Remount Establisliment. 

Inspector General (witJk rank of Ma for Gener at). ^-Colonel 
F. G. Ravcnhill, 1 Oct. 87. Head Quarters, 

Assistant Inspectors, 

Colonel F. M. Drew (from h.p. 7 Hussars), 19 Oct. 87. 

Ckarleville^ Co. Cork. 
Colonel C. F. Morton (from h.p. 14 Hussars), 19 Oct. 87. 


LLColonol B. L. Tollner (fVom h.p. Royal ArtilkryK 
23 June 89. Woolwich. 

Sfq^ Captains. 

Major H. J. Blagrove, 13 Hussars, _§ Nov. 87. DaUia 
Captain J. J. Porteous, R. Art. a6 Sept. 88. We sM k 

Royal Hospital, Chelsea. 

Governor. — Vic\d Marshal Sir Patrick Grant, GCB. 

GCMG. Royal Horse Guanls, ao Feb. 74. 
Lt. Governor 4- Secretarjf.—ilAjor General E. A. Stuart, 

13 March 85. 
Assistant Secretary .—J. Dowling. 
ilrf;«/ttn^— John James Charles Irl)y,> h.p. Unattached, 

7 Sept. 55 ; JF«#.'i7Jan.5x ; X<. 8 Oct. 54; Ca;>^ 16 Jan. 

63 ; Hon. Major, 20 Mar. 78. 
Chaplain.— Rev. Sydney Clark, MA. h.p. a Feb. 78. 

Physician end Surgeon.- J. A. M*Uium,> M2K l^m 

4 Nov. 68. 
Deputy Surgeon. — Thomas Ligertwood,' MD, liJH 

12 Jan. 69. 
Quarter Ifuf/^r.— Richard Barry Jnpp, 1 Jan. 85; 

Captain, 9 Sept. 81. 

Captains qf Invalids. 

J.Vander II.Rees, late 40 F. 
Major J. W.Danioll, ret. pay. 
Major E. W. Humphry, ret. 

Colonel A. Green, ret pi|^ 

Muor B. Bmttofn, ni. p^^ 

M^jor A. 8. Carter, 


1 Major Irby served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inkermnn, captort itf 
Balaklava, siege of Sebastopol, repulse of sortie on a6th Oct. 1855. and storming the Qnarriea on 7th June its}*^ 
severely wounded, left leg amputated (mentioned in despatches. Medal with three Clasps, and Torkiah Medal). 

s Doctor J. A. M'Munn served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the siege of Sebastopol (Msdslvfll 

C7a/fp, and Turkish Medal). 

'Doctor T. Lifrertwood served throoghont theCrimean campaign of 1854-55, including the battlesof Alma(oa»« 

tioned in dcftpntrbpn) and Inkenuan, siege nnd fall of iSclMwmptA ;^\eiVn\ t>v\\\ v.\.T««ClaspStKn}ghlof thsLegiM! 

of Honor, and Tarkittb Mcda]). j 


I EtLibUihmsntt. 

7ad<e &dTOCAt« 0*aetal'B Office. 
r*V^-'MAN* Onmf sftkr PtUt* KioaOtm.—JII. Bpn. ' n , - 

Mr ITLlIlaB T!tf ckenr Murrioll, Qr. ilF. I '■"r~o.*»j^ff.F..i 

ft]W ^»^ d^Iiwai..— r .,r. IMtonol W. A. KunUi^ 
wiIiBai. h-p. NotUmiBbcrlHiiI Pustlt«n>, Lan<lau. 
tmtt. It. ClMlQiwwKa BWB «t. W—uaUitlflr. 

RofBl HoaplUl, iriimi^ifitinin 

«»-«■.— The CdmoiMirtOT nrtho Vanat iu lr.!!«o<l 
J^> IV. V.^... f ^l" !'•»''»? *'lj- 0"i. In Ifi.-Lrtiiil, 

Cnsiimlt, TOI[ni1 p»y. 
Paniiep, nciivii paj^ lliiMiin 

Lico».'j»iiM»WBi«.n,<h,p, Mil.Tnlu 

Afmj Pay Office 

itfn(. dr.. Br^. SorK. w/F.^Huilicli™. ret imr. 
Cof*.-fiitf-»-ao«r, a.AnWncr. '^ 

DlUin.—tAuf Warlrr. (T, Jk«un> 

K-(. Off finimon Uaior N. Al< 
ao-p,H.—ai,r.. U.aalau*i a. W»r 

JfrJ, QjT.. SnrKem B. OhjinOler, 

■UnLj>iiisaW>UouMnTdlntIw8DlM«Aii.iifti|n]«riSis-4U with the <t>tli BMriiiiBnt uidwi«iftlli«, Faniiohah, Aliwtl. and B^Hmm— tuTerely eoD-.uiM Wlui »r,onil m ihe r 

'.-Ktrc jr^bufiijwl [Modal wiili ihnio i:l«»p», und Turkisb Medml). ■«■"■' 

nnd IitkarBimn, BicRi i 
(Mcdnl <Tlt 


{AmbroH Hu 
d«w.' tp. Deput 
(CdKhh), ]i D«. a^ 

TiHTr.iT. .(-Berainl H. Bariie,' h-| 

•*" — t H«i.£t.CVi/o«f(,.Jul)Si 

fc.„., f Wiji,JnhnIj«nelIilllKiin,'h.p 

""™ i (i(«..E(.CW,«(,jD«,!.). 


1 tair S3'«3 SaptM'a? June 56 5 July j, j, Dec. ;8 
J So». ss 16 Fe*. jS. ' Api". TO 

] June $4 Pi7Apr. ;; 

War Servic 
It oj the i^th EU^ment 

• Jll l-|»i.. kod Tnrkiih iltUn. 

* U CuloncI Mnikc ■RT*d wilb the 6Btb Li 
iliit il«l« P»h. en»(WBieiit « Tb R»nga und »lt 

 Uf.uluBel ttaiisan Mr>«d in the ladlaD matin; oampaiffn 

Putahi PBh |Ue< 


■iiiR ths n 


«Br 10.864-66 



i>ii the Ouda a 

nd Nepau 


Lift of Officers, now lerving in ths Army, toht patted the Examination and reetiotd 
GertificalM at the Senior Department, Koyal Military College. 

arB. OCJTO. :4orfo1k Rtgi. Not. I JuTli, CoIddbI B. p. CJfO. h.p. Si F. Mb; itjC 

ron, Lt.Oencrftl Wm, Got 
MHior Oenen ■'■""" 
iela, Capuiii 

. nn. CB. M»y 1853. 

l^Csptiiiii a. b. hji. Unalt.' 
, Q«n. Sir Robert Ptrcr, Barl. 

■D Bagt. Nov. 1834. 

:y. Mlior Osoenl J, W. Not, 184;. 

r, Major Genenl R. J. CB. Mbj :! 

i.Gepiml Sir J, A.. KCB.Gorduu ] 

1, Mnjor 

5. No.. i6«. 

H'ClSTert7,a«B>Ts]ff. A.Ni>rtli*mpiiiB Kl 

MscdonelT, Genenl 9ir Alai. KCB. Rifla Biinde. 
I UmodoDs^l, Gnwnl Sir P. L. TCMO. > Bd. V. 1. 1 

Btiffonl- meat, «>7 1S49. 

IPktcnan, Catonal Wm.UnMCIIaT. 185$. 

, PeHooeke, Ilnjor Gcnsnl a. J. Deo. i8;6. 

tB«lk«r, a«ne™i Wm. CB. Not. iBji. 
iler),Mi7 ! Bawjcr, Lt.GsnarB] C. 7 DnmooD GaKrdB. NaT. it4i 

' BaiOt. aer.eni\ M. W. CB. i; Hntun. Not. itjf. 
Supylun. Major Oanir*! Q. Q. C liar 1B49. 
L. Goinla Btewan. Uajor A. F. h.p. 36 F. Deo. iE;7, 

lw( 0/ 0(pcer 

rM4«d, Sioraliar IIU. 

'etrie. BtLt. Colonel M„ h.p. 97 : 

IA.H.,h.p.W<]1ih Regt. 
Uaoeral R.. CB. b.p. 

w serving, who have passed tlm Staff College. 

BoiiBhcT.coto.w„b.p.wui.K«Li \^r?.-}^°r,L?rJ'-.*'V:: 

■■■-■-%, i^pulnC. H,.h.p. 41 F. 

B, liCol, W. B., ObeahiraRcgt. 

Bsll, Colooel T. B. A., h.p. 49 F 

ttfi. SiiaBbtr 18«l. 

RaaC, Major General C J., CB. 
Raker. Major Gen. Sir T. D., Xi 

OfrilTj, Colonel V 

Faaud, BMimbetlBM. 

GoodcDODKb. Hnjur General n 

OliTO,' u'aiur t 
y« Woort. L..„ 

PaiMd, I>M*DbeT 1170. 

Manrice, Colonel J. F., tt. An. 

Olcri, OolDDBl C. F., CB. h.p. jj F. 
, Uarvey, ColoDtl C. L. (lyom b.p. 

Wilw Real.) 
; riff Hartonai, Colonel K. H.. h.p. 
; East l^neaafalre Reec (19 V.) 

L:tlle,ColaaalH.A.,C~B. BeagalB.C 

I are'plBOed In'ihe oAe'r of Merit it' 
I ohicb the Offleen paaaed the Inii 
: K.iaiEinaUon, u oBctallj noUfled, 
bnt, IhB Older of Merit Id which 
OKlcera haTBpMaedonlof the "■ ~ 
their name* ia tbe/g/bcKr li>I .. 
cnnaariuentlr giTeii In the Order ol 
Merit 10 vrbicb LkOf paiieil into tlir 

. U. General Sir B. 

AndrewiJUajor J. W..D 
Cooper, tt.Colonel H., 
Tanpaabim ReAiment- 
Doncajl.Col. Di 
PolgSMid. l' ■■- 

Puaed, fieoaiBber Im. 
Hare, Miijor W. A. H„ S. Kni. 
Anlagh, Cioloael J. C, CB. Itnm L 

Courtenay. Ll-Col. B. J. . SoBai B«L 
Gatacre, Colonol W. F., DBO. h.^ 

Miridleiei Regc. (77 F.) 
BouUleraon.ColonelFb.p.i jLwuaM 
LiiKHrd,Oalaae] B. J.. lanMilerBiili 

Paaaed, Deeanber ItTi. 

MoTTie. MajorW. G.,R.Kb>. 
Hall, Colonel W. B. K., S. Art. 

tulrr (it P.) 
V. yf. \ttam 1 

Paaaii, XaciiBbei IMS. 

UacOregor, rolonel H, tl., CB 

Woreeiterabire ReM. (jo p,l 
Bother, Colonel C. C, R. M, Art. 
Robinaon, Col. C. W., CB, h.p. Biflt 

Knollja. LtColonelH,, R. Art. 
Eh&K,BtM«jor W., Dublin Fna 

Barker. Major General G. D.. CB. 

Farrlngton, Colonel H. CO., Riki- ' 
BluDdell, Majur General R. B, II. j 

Paaaed. Beeenber IHT. | 

Oriffltbe, CoL H. H., B. I*iir. Reitt. 
Pitman, CapiiunW.. h.p. R. M. Art,' 
NaliOD, Ceptain W. »., R. Art. 
I'rior, Colonel U. U.,h.p.Bojiil Scola. 

I. L., Bapl. DHt. 

onel'j.K., CB. b.p. 

' i'vMJ ibe Final 

O. H. A., R. 
p. RiHe Brig. 

PUHd, Deee&bet llTt. 
. Colonel A. FiliRoy, CB. Rei 
■rey Regt. (11 F,l 

-'-'- U.C0I. »(■"■"• - 

ElJan, Lk Colonel 

-B., Rifle Brir. 
R. Artillery, 
h.p. W. Bnmr 


rtuU (.'orpa iymi 

MiOur R. H, L., Blaeb 


R., h p, DoneUhire Heel. 
;ol. V. T.. Inni.k. Fu^ 

I ECB^c'u 

I Paaaad. Dewiabai Itst. 

Pilkington, Major H., R. Sng. 
Graver. Colonel G. K., B. Bng. 
bniMker. LtCol. 11. U. B„ 

Seotlish Rifl.4. 
Villiera.Colouel J/o«. 0. P. H., < 

iiauitht Sangi 
orhBOi, CaloD< 

Uall, Lt.Co1<Hiel L., h.p. 

t, Lt-ColoncUTei 
[ciigb, Ct.loiiel I< 
ddletei Regt. (17 

Fnnee, Lt Colonel D. r., h.p. S. Ait. 

' ' ' Ford, Colonel H. -LM^"^. 

Z^^HL^Kn, imo^v^^ah^av^MM 


iifc. Umioi W. W. M., R. Art 
*«r. SUlor J, C. B Edr. 
iljsnl. Colons B. J. T., b.p. 
SiMMHl Ll iDbnlry h> F ' 

a. ataati %., Oordon Htgb- 

i>ta>|^{&iniiarB R.P„LaBcu- 

ai ^5. l^ -Cofeiiel A. B. W, <rhHn 

noD, JUcirF. da I... h.n. Tt. Scntai. 
Aw-B^lMt, U^f l/. T., Mid- 

•toM,Oui»el F.,HuDp(biT« Rtgl. 
Hi, lACalooel J., h.p. NottbniD- 
bnksd rnalieiii. 
mr. JI^j™ A- s,. SuHci RcBt. 
ilIlwJiU(prC.W..Le>c«lFr RfgL 
iH;]^Qi'a.C.,Cb«Mrt Begu 

FoHd. jriHHiMt iwn. 

BM. Coiosel U n It. Ki,i- 
■ft Kwbr U 

i>«,b>lent J e.b.p. R. Art 
wn. U.CalaDel W.. CKS. ti 
teBidfaiK Bagt. 

b4 1— a n E»n. («; F )" 

nuite, Coknal H. C. b p. Dsr 

rja^B, M^or J. A.,HiBc Brindt 
» 1 M i.K^MrA-«..BedfoiilRM. 
Jdn. WunrJ K , B l*ac. Regt. 
^C IA.CcdoD«l T, B., b.p, B, An. 

now Mrt)t«7, vrAo Adna pout 

Donicll. Unjor De C, R. AnJllnr. 
Sobl*. Major B,  "' " "  - 

Hag-he*.' Sot I', j ,' Bout Lioh' Rifles. 
Tidj.Mijor?.' " - - -  - - 


«*in,a>jn.J. J.. R.B111 
■. BbXLCoL B. k.. K. A 


tt. J., H. ArUllor 

t*v«.ltvjr J.C. K..SolfuJ«Reirt. 
di»d.EtU.Col.w.o.T., h.p.R.M. 


i- e., B'KblaDd 

A, LlCoL B., h.| 

■Ifie. lUtfoT J. 1 

t,ltigorJ. V 

. T., R. i 

Wted, H^T C. P O., R. Eos. 

11°^ OkpUin □. U., DeiOD Ben. 
tnaa. tUOoati A. J., York Rest. 
M. Ifajor B. T. W., Ouie of 
itenkirt Li«fal lafkDETT (4a F.) 

>akim.Wiu.T., BunI 
Onj. ttalQT J. W., 

fcTi. liColDoel P. D,, h.p. Con- 
^WktBKUcnieSF.J ide), 
^^lAC^onel J., h.p. York U 

Bnffalk Kegt. 
Yestberd, r---" 


J..K. Lancuhjre B( 
"'. H.. Boffolk Regi. 
HenBTBl I. J. C, CB. 

O'O., SSO. 


later Regt. 

ildrt. OSm. 

vuMjipi, Lt.Odlaauj n. if. a., u.i 
Iriali Biflea. 

Peaooake, ULJorW ,ClfS.R.B.(paH« 
I Cotltgt wi£k t\4 ptrctdutg Cltutf 
>a, Colunei Q., CB. Royal Fnai 


M*.llHrA.O. R 

O. R. Knjrinetr*. 

SiDg'ft Royil R 
Piittd, D< 

omi. LuL'olonel A. W.p Northamp- 
Wnsbire BokI. (58 F.) 
Lloyd, MKjni E,, BpnanlSMff Corpi. 
"-iB,»H.,R, Bngineen. 

i&, Mtjcr J. B., R. UnrlDO Art. 
JniDec, UtjoeW. C. '.blAtiMn. 
TnitMr, Uajor J. K., R. AkUIet]'. 
Diilton, LI.CqI. J, C, b,p. R. An. 
Mortimer, Majur H. B., Nonb Stal- 
"Ta»bi™ Hegl. («4 P.) 
ID. C'-oloDSI R. B„E.¥Drk RegC 
HuUon.CapUin C. 11.. Oiford tLlnf. 

" — MnJorT. K.EsMjRegt 

  " " ""— reRegl. 



ibay auifl' 
Puud, DMambei 18B3. 
Mbj, B.A.W.a.,W. KenlRegt. 

Kjll Bod anherluia Bicbldn. 
. Jt, Colnnal H. P.. CB. 7 Dr. Qdi. 
V£ Rldgewa;, Muor R. K., Bon. S C. 
Buter, Mmjur C. BL L..yark Lt. Inf. 
"-—Ine, ibS. S. B,. InnlBkilling Fu«. 
— iLmer, fl^orC. L„ R. PneiTiem. 
WilkiDSOD. Lt.Col. A.. S, Lane. Rtm. 
i«, C»pt. J. U., W. BiiliDg Regr. 

FuHd, DtHnber 18M. 

otort. Majnr P., B. ArtiUery. 

ryer, Major H. A., Bengnl S. C. 

Lake, Caplain P. H. ti.. B/Lnac.ttegt. 

Wjooe. Hnjor O. C. Royal Arllllorj-. 

"riMKW. Captain B.,h.p. Bsngal H. C. 

oody. Miijor R. S. U.. Tbc Bun. 

ore-UolyneQi,,Bt.LL Colonel O. H., 

Bengal Btalf Corpa. 

BKnflBld, Malar R. J. P., Welsh Reifl. 

^rpe, Capt. B. J., MiddleesE Regt. 

T.Capt- L.W.a!, King's R. Rifle*. 

n.M-yor A. J 



Iviile.Capt-A.B. h„Ritl 

lair, Majur W. T., Royal 
BcgtK. Lleriu J. W.. Beagal BtalT 
IngloflBld, Capt.F. S-, K.To  ~ 
Napier, llojor ^oa. J. P., id nuaian 

Cuvmaeh Capt. W.U., Badfurd B«Bt 
Darand, LLCoV A. G. A.. Beogal 8.(\ 
JobneUino, Major J., OiTord Ll. luT. 
RohiDaoa. Major F. W., Bhiopabire 

'toff CtHtege. r)0 

Pa«Md, Decnaber IIM. 
WyodhiUo, Major W.G r..iilt\ifnn. 
FHget, Major if., 7 Huxsnra. 
Allott. Capuin A. J. W., Tho Buffb. 
Callirell, Caplun C. K., R, Anllleir. 
Pleminff, Capalo E. W., R. ArtUl«r]', 
Agar, CapDun E.. Rnyal Kagtneera. 
" —  uapl. H. P., LeiaalarRegt. 

Emich, Captain W. A.. B. Artillerj. 
Fleiflher. finjorW. B., R. A«illarT. 
Daoiell. Captain J. P„B.»itinoi._ 

Bmjrcbs, Capt^n H 


. Bengal S. C 

Farraut, Maj. H.t.B., N. [,ane. Regt, 
UeiliaDeiCapc B, <.',. i Dr. ()Dard*. 
Bimpson, Cspt, C. B.. Llacoln Rcgk 
MmJieniie.Capt.U.F.Ci'.,Bu)rilk Rnt. 
BarkiTonXC^plun U.A.i)., N'or&- 


CbnrehiU,!.! " " 

MJddlBsez Regt. 

ampion Ragt. 
VtI]iama.(;api.R. B..Boni 
l^ogan-Brown, Capt. P. ' 

Pauad, SeMmber 1»7. 

'orsltr. Captnio T. 11. B,, Duke 

«ade, CaplaiuB. N. R., Slicopibi 
Light InDuitrj. 
awkes, Uajor L. 

R. ArlilloiT. 
ULiDiWr Fns. 
1.. R. Anillrry. 

O' Sullivan, Miuor : 
Waiera. OapUis II. a. •i., a. mi.. 
Waldroo, Major F., B, ArtiUery, 
aainilloB, Oarl. W. [!., B. Lane. Rsgl. 
FrMklyn. MiynrW. B.. Vnrk BegV, 

"— CaplAin P. C, Willa Rogt. 

Captain J. B., Wt-l^bBegt. 

•son. HI, Major 
IPaiiri imU IIU CbUijc <eilk OU 

Wemyaa,iJapIaiBI3., W.Yjrk Regt. 
Benny, Captain A. 1!.. Bongi.lS. O. 
Creaga, BuLt.Coloucl A. II., R. Art. 
ColliiigB, Major W. A., Berks Regt. 
aiuniiierBle.v, Bt,MajorP.,Jjino. Piit, 
• fonl, Mnjor C. K. de la P.', Wilt- 


'». Major J., Irish FuilUers. 

6-Learj-, Cnpuiii W. B 
 1, Captain U-Ri 

GuilclLag, Captain B. 1 

I., k. Eng. 
rith Ki&t. 

Jiirine Art. 


, King's 

» Regt. 

BV, Captain .N. A .InuiskilUngPoi. 

irdim. Capiain ir. Il„Tlie Umft, 
^.woll. M«Jor J, H , Norfulk Ragt 
Btawall, Mnjor G LI.. Dovon ElAgt. 
" ,«,CaplaioH,U..Gor,IonHLKb- 

LeM OSlccTe are lieTS gtaM&Vc 



Ligf uj OJiccrt', now scrvimjy who have passed the Staff ColUfje. 

l!iMvi k-, <;.iptJiin P.. C. A. li., Kiiiir'h . GoMwliuiidt, L'nptaiii E. S. D., Wele-h | Inf^lcfteld, Capt. N. U.. P.. \rt I ry. 

Un: :i I i{il1">i. I liORiuiLTt.  Koirholme, Cii]»t. W. K. U.Aii l'..Ty. 

Anii;tiiL'.\ lsipl:iiu .1. L., Innibkilliujj . I^"*ter, Captain ('. M.. W. Y"i'k J\oiit. Somini, Capt. V.. Li-itvMcr Uo-i, 

1' :, lins. I Jjiitk-«ljilc. Jit.Mnii.r H. I'. T-. a l»i>. Addison. Mnjor A. O.. U. Au/.i-rr. 

A«l-. r. IUMji! .r .1., W. Artillery. iieOHho«r«ii,Ciipt'.T. I*., Uumlniy S.i . (iraiict, CiipL K. J., Ri\:i'. AthI'.ltj-. 

ilcii; il.« v-.MiiM r. (.'iM t»i" ^^''"- A. H.. DalrympN'. Ciii.t. Hon. N. Uc ('.. U^mhy, Capt. (1. S. 1».. lilt'..- Br. 

C<i;il>n'::tiu Ci-iril.-. ^^c.•t'^ (nuinl.s. Cole. V:\\it. A. W. G. L., WJ-jj Fu*. 

Cav« •■.(I'sli, Cjiiitni'i A. K. .1., An?\ll I'oott. Ciiia. J. H., I'civct Ritft. 


Fa^secl, December 1883. 

IJi-'lc ;i. Cui.tMi'i E. H.. K.>:ii-ii-...< r.-. 
Siii,l:,i". i';ijt. il. M . U. l-:riKiii'. 
Hrj.>'ii-. (Mi.tiiii. (;. !■:.. I!. Av;i;li'r.v. 
M'l^ij.ckru. lU.M:..!..r \\ W . N., lU':li- 

».liin' Ilo:;:]iM'iit. 
ICcniMni, J.'nptMin K H. A.."R. Ait. 
Dnrt", (.'-.iiL. i; . iSi-ii.Lfjil rJt:il!"Ci;r|-s. 
\tn\tb, Cii\)i. F. S.. inirlijiiii Lt. Inf. 
Orjikc, Ciipt. If. !>., W. Miiiiiie Art. 
Klli«<in, I^iV'.U. G. !■'., N. L-.iuc. lli'i,'t. 
Lcversiiu. ("jiptain (!. F., ii. Kn;,'. 
RollifM. Capt. U. K.. Mimi.-.Ut Fus. 
J«U'n-,VK. M;i.i')r II. li., H. Artillrry. 
IfMiniitiMi, Ca])ttiin A. H., Kniii^V Own 

fcJcrjtt>.'>h llotdcrtT-.. 
Shtito. l-icut. H. <r. I).. C..M>.t. fJ-U. 
Wbilo. Mnj.T J. (J.. MiiMlfsoit Hojft. 
• iiiinno-.-'. .M:ij'»rH. W.N., fri.-h HL';jt. 
.Vltliaiii. Capt. K. A., U'.yal Jsc.'ts. 

! anil .SuiliiTland JliuliIamU'ja.. 

I W.l.lina!: - I.u.-.lM!iirti»;;. Caj-tiin 1*.. 

Knii^*> Own .■^i'"it''>h li-n-'UMiT:-. 
• (.'>inip'on. Captain T. K., N<.rthanii>- 
' t .n llou't. 
.1 'iM.v-, ('a|ta'n W. D.. Wil** \{o.i:\.. 

Monn>, (?apt. C C. W. .<iirjey Keet. 
DenuG, Cnpi. II. W. D..f :'>nl-iii Higa. 
Vouiri?*, Ciiloi'.cl F.. K-r-cx lif»:i. 
IVdWy, Lioat. O. II.. Under Kn,rt. 
Y'lunif. Ca])t. J. C-. Sn^.•*^'X Kiij**. 
Western, Csipt. J. S. i:.,M«ilra»S.C. 

Kaiir. i:ii>t. F. K. 1'., K. ^^nr^L•y lU;',i. \ Mncdouiilil, Capt. N. I>.. Wi'.T* K(ft 
It lick llollin.-lu :.i.l, Cn])taii: Ti., Wir.-^t ' Urecntield, Mujor Ii. M.. r.iui«kiltwg 

K>iit Ili.'ijt. 
fill JJouay. (.'aiitaiii N W. H.. R, Art 
J{inn-Murd«nh, Ciii't nn .1. F., t l»rs. 
V,'i:s.;n. Dt.Maj.»r K. H. F.W., lo JlU:». 

Passed, De:eniber 1890. 
Dc Rr^th, Copt. E., liou^'ul S.l.\ 

Tia8Ci.'lIcs, Lieut. W. K , Rit^o Brie 
Lawrence. (Japi. II. D.. Kit; i Surrey 

Rrondwood, Ciipr. R.G., i.>Ti«neerf. 
Sitwoll, Cnpl. W. [1.. N.irtLumbn«- 

land FuBiiiiTf. 
Gflwnc, Cnpt. J. M., T^iirnMier BegL 
Courtcnay, Major K. U.. ij HuM«ni. 
SymoudA, Cnjit. (r. il., Ir.sli Rr^t. 

IJankon. Capr. A.W.. .Snit'.ishUiflw. Wortloy, M»jiir E. .T. II. S., CXO, 

V\iu\ Capt. J. C, Dor8tt Koi.^- KiuK*** Uoviil RjtJif. 

rvnibi-rton. Capt. E. St. C. H. Encr. T'CLysoim. Capt. H . Scuttiali RilltL 

Clniru'.', I'ai-t. 11., R'-yal Artiilery. Maude, C'.ipt. F. N., R. Enijir.eeri. 

Officers uii'Itr Section F., Furatjraph ?4, of the Queens Regulations Qnjilijied far 
Staff Kuiploijiiit'ut in Conspijnence of Service on the Staff in the Field, vitMt 
Passimj the Staff CoUetje, 

M.^JOR GKirr.sAL. 
Grcnfell, Sir F. W., KCB. 


Rtitler, Sir W. F.. STJi. 

Alleyno, J.. l{oya I Artillery. 

rolvile, 11. E., CB., Grcnjulier Guards. 

M<;rton, ii. lie C., Muu.«*tcr FH8ilier!i. 

L!ini>, R. n., Ritle Hriirude. 

YeatmanHiL'^r.o. A. (J., Royal Artilkry. 

J'ockhurn, J. G., b.p. 

.Stewart, K. Mc'.t., U<n-al Artillnrv. 

Kitchpni'r, H. H., CMff., Royal En-inocrs. 

Wriod, F., t'Ji.. Royal Eni;iiiccni. 

Kolly. W. F., Sussex Regiment. 

Wynnr, A. 8. 

Turner, A. E., h.p. 

<', M. 8 . I)St),, South ytaffordbhiro Rc-imcn». 

Vcntri.-*. F,, E.'i.scx Ke^'inient. 

Sandwiih, J. 11., Royal MiirincH. 

Slade, F. Ct., Roynl Artillery. 

limlin/.on, J. 1'.. to Hnssart*. 

Shide, J. R., CB , h.p. Royal Arti'.lery. 


Murray, R. H., Sea forth IliirhlHuder^. 

Hcmniint^. F. W., 5 Drapjon Guards. 

(Jlark. W,, Oxford Liuht IiifaTitry. 

Nichols. m, W. C!.. RovnI EnKiueer.*.. 

V^ Hercsfor.l, L":,i \v. L. d»j la P., CIK. y Lancer:*. 

I'lemtn'"*, R, A. P.. South WnloB Honlererii. 

Money, G. L. ('., />.S'0., Cameron Highlanders. 

Yaien. II. T. S., Royal Artillery. 

?U'Kean, A. C, 6 DrairooiiH. 

Dutt^rti, JfoH. (.., h.p. 

IMunke-.t, G. T., Rovftl Euginecr«. 

Handle, 11. M. L.. VSO. Rijyal Artillery. 

Penr*on, A. J., h.p. Royal Artillery. 


Grant, H. G., Sonfonh HiKhltindcra. 

Chalnier, R., Kinp^'b Roynl RiHen. 

|)ou^laiai, C. W. H., Gordon Ili^'h landers. 

Hare, H., Muuster Fusiliers. 

Cochrane, W. F. 1)., Duke ot Comwnli'ii LigU: lof. 

HoUioch, W. H., Kinjf'8 Roval Ritio!'. 

HillianI, W. E., Y'ork Li^lit Inftintrj-. 

Smith- Re wi*e. If. W., Roynl En^^ineers. 

Quirk, .1. O., IhSO., Welsh Hcirmient. 

Raynes, K. S.. Cameron Uiitldtiuderji. 

Cliddors. E. S. E., Roval Eni;inetT». 

C-xiko-Collis, W., Irisii Rifle.t. 

Chapman, D. P., South LaiicnsYiire R^^iment. 

Kekewich. R. G., Ea»>t Kent Rp>;iment. 

Sclatcr, H. C . Riual Artdlory. , 

MontaKU-Stuart-\<*ortlcy, E. J.. CMG., King's RflJ« 

Cave. C. R, Suffolk RG^mGn^ 
Crutch Icy, C., Scots Guards. 
Saunders, M. W., Royal Artillery. 
John-tonc-Donglas, C. F., 5 J^anrerA. 
WinKftto. F. R., DSO. Roj-al Artdior.r. 
Snrajrge, B. R., J>S(). York Liubt Infantry. 
shephard, C. S., DSO., R03-UI Fusilien». 


FiizGcndd, H. S., Durham Lluht- Infantrj-. 
Hidnie, H. F.. Eaat Kent RoKi*"<*'^t. 
Hiekson, S. A. E., DSO., Roynl Engmcera. 
TriM'ott. «'. P., l>SO., Ro\*al Artillery. 
I>oui?la4, C. C., SrotUsh Rifles. 
Hick man. T. F... DSO., Worcester Regiment. 
Ternan, T. P. Ii., DSO., Menchcdter Regiment. 

Cyieen now holding Sank in the Army vtAo have received the 

Victoria fiDtoss. 

 dstaUs of the Awurda. see tbe War Serrlcaa of the OfBoera 

which they TeBi;e::Uvel7 belong,) 
lu-k Bern-. Bofkl Enini'BBn (novCeloarl). i limftl, Lii 
aplaiM LrrJ W., ^ Lancen (aoir Ll.Colmr', I Native Is 

1 the CorpB U 

Vma Sn-MH^ JIajor John, 1 L»uiHn {noiv 
<u(*r ud J7M. U^M- on relired put . 
JkUM, I Bamtnj Okt. (how Xf.Sriural, 

isf (V>y«WAtmbsm, StUi Ilej(i<Deat (now 

(. FruDi^ David UilleU. iZoropeiLD Beng^ 
DOIT U.CpIaail Bangui SUCTCarp). 
ii/.E4<rs[a 8i*ien»oii, M Poo' (°''» Jr.-i'-r 

■«(. lUmtT G«otx*. V>^ Rcgitneikl (now 

V»r BwDiial Jamwi, ^t BODfral K.I. (now 

r. XCB. XCSI. BsBinl ai&fl Cottm). 

tMs ^ S>.U.a>b»'f Hinrr tterfren. (7B. 

 J^H-Swrai B/.^&'.ii. Sir. rCB. rcira.). 

U. Anmia Adair, ifrt Ktuopenn BifD^^ 
BOW Mot. Jt*if ret red on a peiuioo). 


ioit. AjlmOT Splnr, rrod Hiiihlander? fnon 
nf. GlorKC KiooUa, Geni^BlSIafl Carpi <iioiI 
Wifa John Worth]-. ^Ttli Regiment (nan 
urea p»2 ^''' HoM»rs, CBX 
t. JohuB.U.. SoT>I EDginien (noir Xnjeri 

ia O'Uooni. BmnlAj' 8. 

U., BiSl Grinds (lu 

,1I1^ ftwf., Boid 0.111. 

UjDf^wood, Bo^ ArtLlteT^ 
1 ksithew Charlen, Rajftl Anlllci 

■nral nllivl 

<n CuQpbcIl Jlillia, MD., mc 
Vtlv. Sojul Uuinc ArlUlcrj 

Jiurelt, Z«.f, Ennnen ChKnbora T«lor, j6Ui Beognl 

N»tive Inrmnlrj' (now Colomil Bengal Stuff Oorix I. 
Jee. S.rjjFiii. Jo«cpli, 7tih IliahlundiiiB (ooti rolirccl 

Dcpul) Im^cioT Btvral, CB.i. 
JominB, LhnK Henir KdwarnJ, Bith Rcginieiit (now 

Ifa/w Oe^tfal relind paj)- 
Jone*. lifuf. A. S.. jrb liiuMr«(onK X^. Csloml rotirtrt),' 
Se&UngD, Oip'sio Blobunl Harts, Bambiy Anillcrjl 

(Qoir Litul.Gturrtl, CSI,, BombOLf Sifcff Corpa). 
Knoi, Si'iffi Jabn Simpioii, Rifie Scigiido (oow reliriMI . 

Leaeii, Coftait EdrrBrd PsnibartDi], RovbI EnfriESer* 

(na>T Colovl, CB.i. 
l.c -r. .1f,.,V WilliwD, ijth Raglraenl Uinv Vijor Oiniral 

caiLewl p4T &imbruuhlro Lli(h£ lafabCrT. CB.). 
Lonnai, ItnLW. O.. B. Ens. |now Li-», CS.}. 
Lenon, Lint. K. H., 67tli RskL (now rairvC Uajar). 
Le QaesaB, Surjnn Ferdinand Blmt iii, JJj.licuL StalT. 
Loyd-iandimy, £{»(. Robrrt Jnmcs. Scot* Fnsiliw 
 (oowralirod W.tWn"'/ e.arJ Wsoinge, JrCB.l. 
1, Zinrl. l!en,,Bi:vttl«1injai»(now nietaii), 
p. Harri. Hammun, jmd BeoffKl NuiHe m- 

John OinUlra. lorUl RenrnDDl 

,u..<> Viior 9<Hml Sir, KCa. KCUO. rec. list) . 
IiIaalDiiitlil. OaUmr Btraianl Henrv, R. Sngioeers (n«w 

Qui^n- IfuCir on hnir |>» nnd foorary OtMplami. 
Macinl;r«, ITiwr Dao«td, Bengal S.(M now rol. Oslnuf), 
Mslcolmaon. lirnl. John Gtnnt, ard Bombnr LigM 

Cavalry {rnllreil. now Cnllniuii u( ,<'iaO, 
Mnnley. .*Hi.<n»* ftiign* Wm. Q. N,, Riivsl ArliliBrr 

(T •» ifoaortirtr ^pvwa Gtnrro! an retired pHvl. 
MurllDg, £4(ut. Fercival B.. 3 Bn. Klng'i goyil RidM 

Marshall, Qr.ltr. Bnata-t W. r., 19 HusBsra (now Linl.}, 
Maude, CtftaU Trandi CarniralliM, Royal irijLlery 

(nowratirfd Colattl. CSX 
Uande. Jf'jor Frederick FranciB, ^rd Begliseut " Tha 

Buffs," Inow Ofunil air, QCB., rutired). 
Jtoon, £>rat. Bill d^mlml ARAor Thamuaord Bombajr 

Uonat, Affwn JalVCa, 6^ Drmgnnna (nnw ffamMM 

<f*«™f, CB. on half pB3l. 

I.j-iiMr,'«i ._ ,. 

fannr (now Jfa/w «<««' ra 
X'Ninll, tinr.Cbtmrl John 0>n 


Arullcry (now 
Imlmi Engineers 

E»>(. Wm. U. U.. nd DoLUIion Hiu 

bnirr (now ^p<«ui). 

i«t. Gaarge Vmcenl. tale ^Ih Bengal 

jor C. C., 7 Hniaara (now CbI<i-i1 S Hni 
inl. Edric Tmderiek. Zard, 14th Aeg 
wt Vivir luo Mlddloeei RceI.), 
. Linir. Charlea Angnatnf, Royal Eng: 

fiaim Charles J. S.. 5th Eun 
nowJfa,«-0. ■"■ • 

^nr. (3«raid. Ii>iyal t 

Probys, Ca/i'aiit Digbtou UacnRi-liIa]. ird EuropcA 

EeogalLi.Caviilry(nuw Omrul/lir.^CB.XCSf.). 

ReaOe, Strjmt Herbert Taylor. 6iat Rcaiment (nui 

Air^mii aitrral retired pay, CB.). 
Rennie, LUnt. ani Aijuiaiit WUIlani, (lolb Liai 

Beynnldi, .Si-tt™. Major James Hsnry, ll«?loftl B- 
Robert-, 1.'. ' ri..;,i.l. ■-■', .■■li, BcDijal ArHUery 


r. XCB.). 

BimfaJ Cnv- 
ral stair Corp"). 

b Light Infantry 
lerlcn. ilD., 7th 
V, 63ih Light In. ' 

]rin», Jfu/ur RFulnnJd V 
r, Cuf/luiii Hnifh, tSthBCi 

iw Ll.Oniral. CB.) 
Rent, (now Colo.^l 

0, fifa., iicnsal li 

if. Begmabl CI 
illan. Ii«.(, Hen 

A^B Richard, 

-., LIrmt. Jainr 
«f, XCB. 

Ion Sepment In. 

Lrtillcry !now Iir 

ithony Dickion. c»tb Ltght InFanl 

Blcr, AiiitliHt S.iwm Henry Thoniai, Ifl)., : 

Ills. Litut. Christopher Chnrlex. Royal ArLil 
w Major Onrral Sir. ECilO. CB.). 

^1e.^..ii'iiii'.^'j'0" Wilham, 3(i(,, Royal Artd 

(nnw Brigailr Sirgraa, retired). 
I Tbactemy, Lini. Edward Tablet, R. (Bengal) Engin 
1 , (now Coloi«;, CB. retired), 
r Trevor, Cofitain W. Spnttiawoodo, R. Ei.e'Dcers (1 

I W«ll(er,ii<'i',Mnrl;.3DthR™t.lnoivi,i<*/.tfM(ro;,'c 
I. Wantage, Lonl. it Loyd-Lliidmy, 
» Watson. Linl. John, 38th flomluiy Native Infa 
(now LU't.Qnrral Sir, KCB.. B.>m'— "■--'■— 


y, Rim 

in UIghltuulera 
LOW Sir Henry, 

Her Majetfy't Body Qvard 0/ the 
Honoorable Corps of OentlemeQ-at-AnuB, 

Tht BDdv Ouard 0/ t\e Sovtreign an all PTiiUc and Slalt 

" ' r«*l ijog.) 

ToimlB*, Earl ^ Tmrborongh, 
l.i ruf.Ute Bt.Ll.CoirDin 

01i»rte» Alfred W orwe*. Sari ^ Ymrborongh, 11 Abb. •& 
«r OnslBTOi HoBis.i ICtt.Xxtt Bt.Ll.CoirDii»tt., to No», jt. 
PhUlp Linboroh TUlbrook,! lata M4jor Com., iB Dm. U. 

tJUpltloa CbnrlM Cotton '■ 

I'r*. 0. Wemyw, Colonel 1 S*. ITtrt £idiKy| 

£u(. (6 ^< Fort Ift'itw) 'i 

SteBLopa LoODHd DongUu WUUii,'l*M Citp- 

".Colonel «. 

PagMJohaBoi ,. 

Hmtt Jobling Watluk,: lau C 
JohnllcnrT ^wndSB >lBU LC. 
John Wklrond C1v1ig,<laUCapt 
Jai. Harljcrt Freme," late Ciipt. 70 r.. ana 

WiD. OuulnRlnnie Gonia^iUDe," Ute Cap- 

UUa n T. 

JohnOha.D.Uorrisoo,!' late Col. R.Marlnsg 
Ju AlualieStairan," late Coloael B. Marinoi 
laba ais<i Sandeman," ^ite Captain i Dn.... 
Itobert Edw. Hanrj," Eato Hre». Lt.Col. » F. 
tiha.EavrrD Wyatt," lataBt.Uaiior B Houan 
Walter Clapton Wingfleld.i' lata Jtajor Matl- 

gom*ry Ytomaitrf Cueatiy 

9C John OniDl Ua]<iolmTCn,*>lateLieDl. 3 

John Hampden WaUerV'i'iataLiBut.'iaF."!!!!! 
Wm.ClieiterMaBtar, CB,» Lata Coloael j8F. 

>toiitJifruJ'ua.BatITe,ii'late)ItuarLndian Armj 

BhadirellH.Clerto," Colonel late 1.1 F 

- — • BCapl.MFoot, 



FocklingtoD," lata Ll.Col. il F...' ; 
■m7,"ilaio»I«jorDopfllBii(t.| 1 
luller," lale OdIodsI Mllitujl 

rilliam Ua'then Dunbar," Colonel" niuirad' 
psv^lFoot I ,1 

irdHeDTj Edmnl Brudenetl Bomenat,>*lua' 
Lieut. Rofal Horw Ouardi, OlamailinUrr' 
r««.f,C.«/™  „ 

run. Gomrd Noel Bonej," CB. Colooal r.f.p.' 
Benmia. C "1 , 

nbar AllfnO«an,» Colonel retitvd p»T »»Ui' 

fuunaiiBht Rangera , 

i?rbert Alei. Ijl. John MiLdniay.»LbColi>iiaI 

Ibis Rifle Briaade.. ' a 

' Colonel ntlrad paji 

h Riflei 

lard Varlji Bogersl 


Drkg. Odii.' y, 1 

J5 May 70 I linrlei WbBlor Uame " 8t. Major liUa Rifla 
■1 Apr. ,'=, I Joiiml pay Munsier Fmiliers 


Eernold Alleyne Clement, 

and late I(. C  ' " 
Charlos Coocfa. 

Cltrli Iff lit Citjti and Aijnit 

Scarlet— fa 

> RirOnstaTiu Hnme lerred Triththa 3Sth Bagt. tbe EaslamoanipaiKiiof . 
or Alma, liege and fall of Bebaitopol, vat Aide da Camp to Bir John Caraob 
aaaanlt of tbe Redan oQ tbe iStb June, in wblob tba Major General waL _ 
JulT iBjs (Uedal with tbrea Clupe. Breret of Major, Enlght of the Lafcioi 

and Turlilsb Medal), aerred in India— '•*■"—-'"'■ ' --■!. m - - 

■ieiie and capture of Lucknow, an ' 
~.„„- .H-..i« (V.Hal with CLaip). 

Llbrook BorvBd wltb the jgih Re|taienl in tbe Crimea 1c 

nl.— Hanry HufihOldbam. 
.f.— U.Colonel J. O. Sand 
riijri Bine Velvet. | 

India with the iSthfraoi 

** LVCol. 

^i.Colcnoi retiiiii 

Gordon Klahlondem n | 

r Frederick Kelioj," Colonel ratirM 

inri retired p»r Cameron Higblaadara, je Da 
,» lata Captain i Dragooaa, ti Fab, ;«. 

d with ami 

, — — — — rjditlon to Sarte 

General wai killed ;waa D.A.A.Q. jnl DtrUa 

k. .r .1.,, Lepon of Honor, jth Olaai of the Ma 

■. i8s; to 9th AngM- - " 

 Major P. L. TiUbrook Krvedwltb Ibe jglh RoEimeul in tbe C 
alege and taU ot Scbaatopol (Mcdat with Claap, and torkiab Medal). 

> OBplBin Willan landed in 
battle of the TeherziajB. aiesa and ntU of Sabatiopol 

* Captain Boarke earred with the Cape " •— ' ' 

the Orauj^a River Territory, where he 00c 

baUICi of Uoodkee. Feroiciha 


uful p 

{Q in Onde, iaelndinf a 

3}nd Aofnit iB$5, Fp^'l''*^ 

InJhatry. and was pr^Bct 

lab Medal). 

of iSso-,! (Medal) j andinilji 

If Ainu 

=-,--., --, -vmpaignof i84S-4S and waa prai 

Sobraon (Medal and two Clnapi) , " 

irved with the tTth Regt. throughout the Baitem oampalgn of iSji-ji, jnc 
nan. capture of Balaklava, nieiife and Kill of Sebaatopol, lortie of 96th Oct., ani 
eeverely wounded IMedal witb three Claepa, Brereta of Major and Lt. Colonel 
ininn and Turkish Medals, and jth Claas of the Medjidie). 
BTitb the lath HuMarein IheUrimenn campaign from 17th April igjj, ioclad'-- 
um. bnltlc nf the Tchemaj-a *here he commanded a lonadr 
witb Che CoBBscks near Kertoh (Medal witb Olaap, utd Ti 

jnpaign oj 
le 7iiih Higbl 

ABscks near Kertoh (Medal with Olaap. and TnrklaliMt 
jf 1854 and up to 9th Feb. iBsj with the ntb Bichk 
B of SebaatoDOi (Medal with threeCiaipa, and Tnrdb II 

1' Colunel Hor 

and Torkieh Medal) 

befcre, norm and capture of the city. florvBd as Pni-ro«t Marthal to the e.padilit 
ileoFral 10 the Army in garriwn at Canton (Breret of tlajorl. Served thecampaigi 

ipalehee). and Bubse^uentope'raiiona (Medal with three (.'la^pi, and Brevet of Lt.Col 
" Colonel Stewart aerredthrouKbont the campaign in Synn in 18,0,— at the Camp 

tbeMormaudcajilureof Sidon, eurrendsr of Beyr.iul. tjiiinlinrdment and oapti ' 

with Uhisp. and Turklah Medal). Served a] no on the West i.;r>nEt of AlHea fro 


ich superior force, and after liberating the alavei and doitroying ( 
ine iieach wiib three men mortally wounded, oloeety preaaad by a la 
dceoHlcheai. Served with the liattalinn of Royal Marines sent to Japan I 

, and Turkith Medal). 




in tbe B-ith 


lb tbe M 

Iwr. N 

erbudda. a 





'' ''""' """ 


^^ T}u Simourahle Corpi of Qenllemeii-at-An 

tTfmU. lenod with tlie Mlti^'Ebt Dngoonein ihtPeninn eipedilian ot iGs7 {MudslnlLli Claep). Alto 
nULndik Field Force nixlor Sir UuKbRouin iStBaiid wupreHninttlioalefiduidcBpIarBor Balijtehnr, 
IkjodiB. relief of Situgur. oaptute of GnirakcIA, fortiUK tke Uudtlunpuio Puss. BtsRS iu>d capliii* ol 
d&l oUbUlaspi. 

WiBgneld HrvcJ witb the lal Dngoan Gnu-da thronKbout Cbe campaign of iKo in CIudb. and whb prc- 
Rtll of the Taka FdtW. and enngcd in the aclion of Slclio. alio ibaie of the t8th and iint Seplember. 
d tbs CkTBlij Ibrca 1001 to Tan(rchon with Ur. Wade to ilenmnd ihaglTbig uportbepritoneraon Lbe 

okDl'UaleoliBKiiieerTBdiiiUM 3rd Boaiba; Ligbt Cuinir; >nlb tii'o FErBiao Kipeditloniu; 

(TictoriaCttM*, and Ued^ with Cbup): wsi awarded the ¥«. under the fDlLawing dioamiiuuiMI 

._ . ^ ....=.■.«... o__ ■--—■■' -nanlColonBlVo7be»,Cj8., Lit 

I'i langth. HiJ ' - -  - -  
ilemi, anuhing- down bli rider, and brealclDB hl« ewnrd H he fell 1 
ol Uoore (pceiUl; extricated bimteJf, and alumpiedKitbbli broken 
is wenld aaaaredtr haie loot hie life had not the ftatlaal Toanv Li 

, -^ — _ February iSji. li_ _, „ , , 

I AdJBlanl of the raBtniBst, was, perhape, the Bitt of all by a horae'i langth. Uia bnru leaped Is 

^ . .- A.1. •ead, gjuiiinB' down bli rider, and breaklDg hit eword H he fell amid the broken ranka 

ixeifijy eitrie— -■ ■- " --" — ^_,..-...-.— . . .- v. 


. , . „ . tnbiediainoiuiiiidooairedaOiroBgliacnjwdof BOdjniM lohiereecoe, andiiilYlDa 

fcmpi safetr carried Um (hrongh vni^lbin^ out ef the threap. The tboa^btAilneM for cptheTS^ ei>ai 
DDB. d«RHM eonra^ and raadj' (CIJTi^ (hown Id (atreiDB dsniret b; thia yoans OJficer, Lleiiifnaot 
u, *pWAr to have been feoBt admirable, and to be worthy of the bi^beat honoar/' Served aUa with Iba 
dia Field Foroe, inslitdiDii thaeiwe of RMfiliiiT sod tBJIaf Calpea (Medal with Claap}. 
WsUar MrriKl in the Onde 0aa»ibiili iSja, ioalDdlBg lb* CBptnie of the fort of Kaill (Sledal). 
tl Mnti** ooDudaTidcd the 5th TuMtlere at the relief of Laelcnow in Nor. 1857, and eorved with it in 
ForeaaltheAlnmBaghinalllheopcraVK "■ ' -..._..... 

~'~o threujtbout IheOade 1 

f MooOkn, Fen» _ . ._ _. , . . 

I J. BatUrewaa nrweht with the field Coroenndcr Brigadier England in all ita operatioi 

' - inn Itam Kandahar in 1641-11. Aleo with Colonel WTiner'ailiigBde In tlia Ot;ibaauHUTivBije]> 
la of Hj'denbKd (kledal). Joined biereainient (the mt) attbecomineocomsntof tboostbrea 
iskan. Serred on Qeneral Oatram'a itaff with Iho Light field Force In SawuntWarree. Pieeen 
._ woapatjon otUnnotaor aod UuDBODUwh, Engaged nitb tbo advanced guard at Uolior, 111 
■ma W Hoolia, 6lh FabnuuT— hone ahoi under him. 
ulB.H. derkeierredwlUi the lilt Fuiilioriio ibe Butern cimpnigs of 1 834-5 j. Inclndlog the battle c 
■••BdlUIOISebaalopal.attackDfthoBadanon the lEtb Jons, when be cammanded the seal in l;- lad de 
f waa neniiouedtn da>paloh<*:iiencdB*&djuULntatlbefnJl of Eebulopol and cipedlUon to Klobour 
«k liwB Cbupa. Saidialan aud Torkich Uetlala) . 
tdmel Clemut aecred in tbe New Zealud wu in iBAi-frfi (Ucdii) , 
Bol Cooch aerred with llie Kind Reglnieiit in the Criu 

taBMopol and tbe eortlea of the jlh ^ih and lotb Maj, _. , , ._. 

lUe tUb Jonelin command u( the Wool-bag party of Ida regimenLI aod Sth SepMmber (raeDtioDed in 
■a, BmH of lUjor. Medal with Claep.KaightoF the Legion or Honor. stbClaaa of I^Uedjidie.Sardiniaa 
lUMadale). Appointed Town Ui^or in BebaB(a)iol immedi&tel; aOer lie tall for hiaaen'icea during the 

imN~arii^riM2~iriik~0ilMi^~^i«diB~^Tndian N.W. Frontier "<vnr uf it6j;nj."d "a.i 

A andeaptsniirtha Conical Bill and IJBbBTla(Claap). 

ohiiiel a. U. FookbHEUiD aarred with ihe lath Boyal Irlah la the Burmeae campaign of tGsi-j] (Uednl 

tbe 1I-. . June (Medal with Clasp, and Turliiah Medal). 

ir Biackesburj ttrvcd with tbeeitt Rogiment iii the PiiDJauh campaign of ig4S-4»,and waa preaert at tlio 
Gaojerwt. and with the Field force In pnranit ofthe eoemy to Ibo iilijber Paaa In Fcliniory ardMar.h 

imeni in the CriKCB fromtbe iitbJuly iB;;, inrluiling the 
on the Btb Sept. (Medal with Clasp and Tnrkiab Medal). 

) aoliooe at Cswnpore on ]6[h, 37th and iBtb Nov. 1B57. elcge 

„— . Jf the rebela at B<i"[>ibl, and aHair nl Ubo.niiiie (Medul with 

, 14th Regiment in the Kafir war of iStS. Commauded the latBatlalion 

lull lit In iha taccnd advance into Znluland in tbe war of >i 
Biereiof LVColonel. If 

1 BBni7 Bomaiaet eerred with the itoyal Horte Quaida in the Eg>-ptian wi 


>r the 9tb i4tb and ajrd Jnlj, lat nu „ . 

.the all' fighting, reaaltiug in iti capture an the iclh Sept. Sabte. 

killed under him at the action or Namool (mentioned in det^lchcx). Was Adjolant to his itcgiintnt in 

imbagh and Trauaiiogia o'peratione ; at tbe alorra and cnpluro' of Lucknow, sRair'of barru^, and 

iuuaii»T>*>nnighaii1lbeUmbei1a campaign of iGfij (Medal with Claapi. Served with the jrd Sikh In- 
I the Jowaki Expedition of iS;7-S (mentioned in deapatcbes. ';lnspl. Commanded at the repulse of the 

Iff Fradenck Roberta m tbe march to Candabar, and nae iircBoiil at tbe haliic of C ndahnr (re'pejtoulv 

•d IB desivlehea, C& , Medal with two Clasps, and UronielJccotalioij), 

^d A- A. Owen aerred m the Kafir war in 1977-78. firat as Aaaietant Adjulsnt C<«neral to Colonial Forcea 

wuNewinakaandBObaeqnentengagEaienUintheChicBbRandXei River Valley (mentioned iudeepalclicr. 
nwl tba Ibsoka of Colonel Ulyn, Commanding Tranakei Field Korce, for baring, with iiaaiilauce, tavcil 
•* ' pnva M aold ier, "ho waa very teverely wonnded, by carrying him to a place of sbBlter untler « very 

UoMl H. A Si. JohB-Mildnuiy eerred witli the Ride Bnga 
MfHttaoMsaBBdltllofBebaauipal [UeiU; wicA CIw3. s 
tefWM* malis of India ia lU, (Utdl). 

Ser Majesty's Body Qvard 0/ the 
Honoorable Corps of OentlemeQ-at-AnuB, 

Thi Body Guard of the SoBenign on alt PuiKe and Blali 

Caplaim Cluule»A!fredWorBle»,K«r[«fT»rboroBgh, iiAn«.«tt. 

Linlnanl ArOmtaTOBHume,! JTiK.laMBl.Lt.CDl. UbUL. bMdv jt. 

atanianl Btanr PhUlp LUnborohTUlbniok.ilMaltajar ITiuM^ iB Dm. 16. 

□■■niHIB-lT-UlU . 

8Up]«tan ObBrlea ( 
rr».0. Wemym, C 

Sft. (6 Wul Turk IfifUw) .... 
StaBbopt Leoiurd Douglu Willi 


John H«nrjdvnaH*lM<Lt.Co1on«16?. ...' i; Dee. «t. 

JohnWalrondClu-kii'laUCapUiB loHa*. ...' S U>r. 6j| 

Ju. HarlMi-l Prema," late Cupt. 70 F., and 
lat« Lt.Colml I SkroftUn Mift rsrii ■(«»..,' ig July i-y 

Wm. Cunlngbama Cuoiagbuae,'* l>t« Cap- 
tain )5 F i8Ans,67' 

JohnClm.D.W — ■-.-■••--'— r.^..., ._,r.. . 

Jai AiunlieStt 

John 01 Bt Sac 

Kobort Edw. henry, "iaie 

Cha. Ka"jn Wjatl. '' lalo ! 

Waller Clojilon Winrfald, . 
,»— r, rto«.«Tr AmIti.,., 

YS lola Oram Malcolmsoi 
Momlny C»TBlry 

John Hampdnii Wallf 

eo. El0Dt7PODlcUii|rtoD,>'L«MLt.Cal. iBF,..' i] 
cnirBiackanbarv.'MBlolUJorDqjolB-tt,; tt 
irnEn HonHi7 Buiror," Uu Oolonal HlUtan 

Trntn... \ „\ 

illism Matbew Daubnr.'* Colonel raUradl 

par n Fool ,6J 

£on< Heniy Edmrd Brudenall Bomenet,>lue^ 
mi. Boiml Hone ODsrda, OltmtttltrtUn' 

omatrj Caialrf  ,.) 

Gimrd Noel Konej," CB. Colonol r.f.p. 

teCalooelB. Marine 
.■'BreT.''Ll.CoV jo'j 

erUaater, I 


lur Allen 0*eD,» Colonel rMind paj'niji 

mnaoifbt Ban^^arm .," * 

bertAlai. Si. John Ulldnay," LLCMoiMl 

w RiaaBrijtadB  p 

rici Ctiiheruw Oan,*° Colonel ntlred pay. 

iTty Bucen,*> LtiOoioDei 

Fife^ Coiqnej IM* i Dr^'.Gii.'^ ; 


KaTnoldAllBjnBClemeut.'ibUaCajit. &8 fool. I par Gordon Mlflhlandera „ >l I 

tadltleLtCalaiifliBmckiBi/lfyalmnlttri... tAm.-jf n'alier Fredcncic KelBey,» Colonel retirad 
Uharloe Coocb," Colonel retired pay ', 14 Uar. 77 j>By aeaFgrtli Higbloudcra iJl 

I iKirlpa Whaler Hume" Bt. Ilupr lala RiBa 

llritfoiti Jt>in.U.aiL.S*.tl'.SmlBMt.' >J 
Anihoojr CollloH.x Lt.CoI. r. p. UlOdt, Befit jH 
L LrrdLopliar Mlddlemaae DavidBOn,* LLCol. 
relirea^By MonaterFoeiliera ji 

1 Sir QuglBrna Hsme aerred with the jSlh Begt. tli 

ir Alma, Hiego and fall of Sebaalopat, waaAlde de Ci 

uuauli of the BedBn od the iBth June, in •rhioh the H^i 
luly 1855 (Medal wilh three ClBapa, Bt- - ------ --' 

tndTurlciebUed^l. Berved in India 

," Colonel retired pay Cani«ron Highlftsdan, yt 
Ddaman." lata Captain i DtagooaBi ai Feb. J4. 

I Afnti, tfeaan. Ooi and Co. 

SaaLerasampKlgn of 18(4-5;, And waanrsaentat tte 
- Sir John Campbell on the eipedlUoa to Kectd 

uionr HtTHirs (Merisl irilb Clup). 

> Uejar P. L. Tillbrook served "ii 
aiece and [all of fiebaitopol (Medal v 

' CapMtn Willan landed In the Ci 
battle of Ihe TobemaTB. aiage and I 

 Captain Bonrke aerred with the 
the Orange Biver Territory, where I 

I Csplain Wallnc* senred with thi 

b Clup, and lurk i ah Medal). 

lea on jothJunoiBsj with Ibe ijCb Lli 

1 of Sehaelopol (Medsl with Claap, ' ■* 

or, 5th Olua of thel lei 
iKD In Oude, InotudlDf • 
ind Augaat .855, laolnllF 

9tb Begt. tbrougboul the Suilej 

I S.ibraon (Medal and two Claani 

47th Regt. througbont 

ilgbl InflinlTT, and w 
Torklah Uedal). 
of 1810-51 (Vedal), ' 

inof 184J-46 andwi 


Baatem campaign of 1854-5*. IncbuUi 
.ad fall of Bebaatopol, sortie or 16U1 Oct. and Mo 
reeClBspB.Brefeta or Major and LI. Colonel, Knj 

!Hn campaign from i7tb April iSfs, lnolndln|t (ba 
rcbemaya where he commanded a anuadron in n 
1 near Kortob (Modal wilh Claap, and Torktah III 
and up to gib Feb. 1855 witb the jglk Hlghki 
bastopnl (Medal with IbreeOlMpe, and TniShll 

' Capiain Clarke eerved with the 10th Hi 
and [nil of Baba«topol. capture of Tchorgi 
of alroopofHotseAnillory.t— "^'■ 

11 Ll.ColonelFreme served I 
in'^lndin^tC Lhe battles of Alma 1 

« Captain CuninffhamBierT__ . , 

Blaofrom Jan. to 9th Feb. 1855, including the baureB of Aimn and Balakbii 
tbroc Clasps, and Turkish Medal), 

|> Colonel Morrieon wbb preaent when the batlerieB of ObUgado In the Bliar Psi 
Totlj Nov. '345. Served OD the China eipcdilion ol 1857-59. lacladiogtbe blockade c 
before, hlom and capture of the clly. Berred as Prorosl Marshal to the aipedil 
llenersl lutbe Army In garrison at Caoton (BrFcet of Mnjor). SciTedlhecampai) 
mclmling lUe BClion of Binho, taking of Tongno, Btonn and coptura of the North 

!' CnlonclBiewart served througboul the campeign in Syria in 1840,— al the Camp al'D'Jouni as 
withClsBp, and Turkish Medal). BcrTodalso on the 'wesl •.Imn of Africa from 1841 to 1844-1 
Black Point, Loango, Punta ila Lmha, 1; miles up the liver Cango ; and a eeonnd time at Kahmds. ihn 
inland, whan he was attacked by a much superior rorcp, and after (ibcratinslbo 
Doun.. etrected a safe retreal In Ibe bauch with three men morlatly woundei' 

on, and anarwardt aa I 
n in tha north of China li 
Takoo fort (moutjoaed 1 


i, closely praasod by a large 

eU with the lit Royal Dn 

goons in the Crim 

klava. Inkermnn 

ml Tchem 

iho B61 


IwB, Kerbu 

Ida, an< 

of Ihe fori 

iiid tow 

.of Jbansi,1iaul 

aof Bctwa 


.rl'awed > 






laign ftvm the 6th Od 

111 India Field Force In li 
ctions at BDd in Itaot ofO 

^^^^^ TIte Honouralle OoTjat of Qentlemen-at-dm 

Fnlt HTTsd with iLe uih Light Emgooiu In tha Penlun eip«dIUao or i8s7 (Moilnl nitli Cluip). AI>o 
raJlDdiiine1dFunaBii<)srSlrHugtaKDieiiiiejSudwupr«>ciiiaILIiBsle)(0uidcaTiturt o^IUlb^lLEb^^, 

lal with Ulmsp) . 

n'io^eld Krved irlththaiil Diwoon GnudalhrDORbout theciiTdpiiJgiioriE6oiii CbiiR, uid wee pra- 

it 1^ Cainlrjr Ibrce lenl to Tongclioii viUi Mr. Wwle to asDiiuid Ibe gtving ap olCbe prlBoncre on tti« 
iber. wkd prtMnI at tbe awTeQiier af Pekin (tl«<lal mLh two Clnepa). 

laiUaK the Huull SDil nplare of RcHhln, ■orreDclei of Boshire. Expedition to BarujODn.iinilBftloD of 
[Tietoria Uroi*, uid Usd^ Kith ClHpl;waaBiFaLrdsd tbsUtl under Ibe folloiilnfr oirauiuBUnBi :— " On 
B ol iLB uiank OD Iht tanas if UieStn ITeliruuy iSjti 1*^ tif Lieu tcniiai Colonel FoTbSH, CA., Ueatcnnnl 
Adj(UaD(slll>*rai|iiB«t, wme. pcibupa, tlie Gnl of nil by  boico'e length. Hia bono iBspfd into thg 
9 liiMiiillj lUl datiT, oniabliig down liis nder, ud brtidciag hii ■word u b« fell amid the broken rnnkB 
KT. IdeniBiuit ICiMi* speedil; eitrinUd himtetr, and altempted wil bill* broken aoonl la fonw hii w»y 
 jiiiae ; bat he would ■HuredlT baie l0(t his life liad not tbe mlliint joans Lieolcuaol Mnleolmaon. 
^u peril. (Ought hi> way to hla diunonDied conmdellirougLa cmwd of eDamics to bia renne. and, ^riuE 
i rrcp , mmtcty earned blm UuoD^h Dvorylbing out of the throng. The thoagbtfblneaa Tor otberSf eool 
iim, dcntad coanHe and raadj' adivliy >liDwa in tiutme dsnicer b^ tbie yDUns OtUcer, Lleacenint 
n. uipeu- U> bare been mod admirable, and Co be worltay of tha bltiheat hoDoor." Served alao with llw 
lA^uad Force, inolodlDK the aiBge or Rutgbnr and foil or Colpea ttledal with Claap). 
Wkller aaned in Ibe Onde camtmign in liiB, ioclodlng ihecaplnre of tbe Tort of Kaill (Uedal). 
>1 "-rt — eonmaDded the jib FuitUiera at the rsUet of Lncknaw in No*. 1857, and served with il in 

Inuknow, a* alio tiiranghaDt IhoOado ounpaixnof i8s8-jg, insludln'g the aotion of DounderEeira and 
. and caqiuin of the Fort or Unmerea (wroral times mentiobcd iu despalohea, fircTel of LI. Uolonel, CB. , 

, ^dtbree Olaapa). 

If J. Battjewaanrnenl wIlhlheGcId foroaandeTfirigndierEnKlandtnallitiioperalinnBon itaaccond 
DaadTMsnhtiiBKBDdaharln iBti-ii. AJao with ColoDelWyniBr'a Brigade in the UrKhnndaubvalre;. 
Um battle of Hjdenbod (Uedal). Joined biaregiaent (tbe mtt) &t the commencemBnt of ttao ontbrenk 

[« ftDd ooenpation of Uunobur and UnDaODloah. Engaged nilh the advanced goard at Gollor, gift 

smd M Ilooha, Mb Fsbrtuu-f — bona abot onda c bim. 

«1S.H. C1nkaa«TTedwiUilhaiiat Faadieia in the Baalem campaign of i8m-!5> 'bclndtag tbebaUlcof 

ruid fall otSabaaUipal, attack of the Redan on the lEtb Jnn^, where he commanded the icalintf-Iaddet 
■■• msntioued in de«fiMcb<«;aerTtd» Adjntanlntthel^ll of Bebaatopol and cipeditiun to Kinbonrn 

„ — - 1854. Inclnding the Bitge end 

ipol asd tbe Bonlea of the jUi 9'li a"^ 'oib Uny, defence of ibo Quarriea »ib Jono, mbh-uIm of the 

a, Brdvel of Ilajor. Medslwitb Clup.Kiiigbtof the Legion of Uonor, sLbClnasorttae Uedjidio. SardiniBs 
lati Medala). Appointed TowoWAjoiin BobMlopol ioamedUilelji after if '-" '—'■'- -' — —~ ■■■- 

Mi B. Brown aerred ttaroogbOWtt 

. i«n«dTnlbe Indian K.W. Frontier! 
' '^mberla (Claan). 

yat fiHab in the Bormeee campaign or tS^i-i 

i«tli Deo., and 

it Pf^nl. Served alto in tbe Crimea from 


_ le IMedH with niaap, and TarkiabMedalJ. 

3oojenH. and with the Field Foroe in poreuit oflheenooiy In tbo Kflyber Paas in fcliniary nrd«nirh 
lal with \.*la«pj Pre.entwiib tbe EipediLion to tbe Euaufiit CountrjHnd at tbe iiiloclt ami cimtiipy i>{ 
inllaigM on iba iithand Mlh Dec, iSjg (Medal with Claapi. Served with the rank of Captain with tbe 
^mdnBentandperrnrmeddutTaaaa RogineerOIScer in the Crimea in i3sj'56 (Turkiah Meilall. 
ael Bnllar acrvtd with tbe J7ib Reglnient in tnv Kattf in campaign of \in, and was very aeceivly 


B<l W, M, Dunbar aerred with the 34th Segiment in the Crimea from the nth Jnlj ie;c. inoluding tbe 
tiall of acbaalopol. and aawnlt of tbe Bedan on the Bth Sept. (Uedal with Clasp and Tiirkiab Uedal). 
■• Indian csmpaigna in iBs7-sq, including the acliona at Cawnpora on i6tb. 17th and iStb Nov. tSa, eiegs 
in of Lueknow, relief or Aiiiugbur, deleat cf the rebels at Bunlwul, andaflnir at Bhowanie (Medul witn 
Bsnwl with the ind Butalioc :4th Begiment in the EaHr war of iSrS. Commanded tbe let Battalioa 

Brevet of Lt-Colonel. Medal with Claep). 

1 Banrj Socnefa«t aervBd with tbe Hoyal Horae Gnaids mtbo Egj-ptianwar of 1S83. and waepreaent in 

(•moiu ht Bl Uaitfar and Uahaama, in the two actioaa at Kaeeatin, and at Ibe battlo of Tel-el-Kobir 

-ttb Claip, and Khedive'a Slar). 

atna. N. M«M7 aerved in Barmata in iBjj-m- Berved tbroaghout the aiege operationB before De)hi from 

ilj iBsi, indnding Che aotiona of the 9th 14th and sjrd Jalj, istaid and Angnat, and other minor aOkira; 

lad eacalading panj Mtboitormingof tba Caebmere Battery Brencb on tbe 14th SepC and was pi«scnc 

ill rbii liaanll nf Ihn eilj and the an dar'a' fighting, reKoltinK in ita capture on the icth Sept. SnbEC' 

■Tied aa SlaA oncer to Colonel Oemrd'a CoIuud in the operauona againct tba Jondpore and otlier rebels. 

a killed under him at the action of Mamoul (memionod ip despaTcbcul. Wai Adjutant to hie Regiment in 

labaiiT Ibmngbonttbe Umbayla campaign of M3 IHedal with' Clasp). Served nitb tbe jnl Sikh ^n- 
lb* Jowski Iipediuon of 1877-8 {mentioned m deepatebee, Ciaepl. Commanded at the repulie of tlio 
t the SbatargarUan pott in October 1970. Commanded the }rd Sikli Inrantry in theArgbannarin 1^79-80. 

inlanibeiiem tocne 'ITaniaei ritic 

n enuav m in o Ffeid "j 

ei Field Foi 

«}: alBDaarvad In the Znla warin 1379 in command of a draft 

^aia.iL BcJohn-Uildmajr aerred wltL the Bide Bogadelj 
M^ Ik* •■««• and fkllo: Bebaatopol (MedaJ iritA Clam, and ^ 
rtlTMtniMillsoriBdla Id ise, (UaOl!. 

13 1 « TJie Honourable Corps of Qentlemen'Oi-Anns, 

^ Colonel C. C. Oore was present irith the 83rd Rcciment at the siege and capture of Kotah on the wth MarA, 
18^, affair at Banganeer, defeat of the Owalior rebels at Kotaria, sarprise of uid attack cm the rebda at Beckar 
(Medal with Clasp). Herved with the Natal Field Force in the Boer war of t88i. 

'** Colonel H. H. Oldham served in the China Expeditionary Force of i36o, and waa present in the actions of Binho 
and Tangku, assault and capture of the North Taku Fort, and surrender of Pekin (Biedal with two Clasps). Barred 
in the Cossyah and Jynteah HUl campaignn in 1867. 

** Lt.Colonel J. E. V. Rogers senrod the campaign in Onde from Jane to Dec. 1858, tnclading the occnpation of 
Fyzabad, capture of Sultonpore, passage of the Qoomtee, action of Bhahpore, capture of the Fort of Kaili, and othtr 
minor affairs (Medal). 

^Colonel A. G. Fife served with the Carabiniers in the Afghan war In 1879-80 with the Ehyber DiTisioa of 
the Cabal Field Force, and took part in the expeditions against Aamatulla Khan in the Laghman Valley and acafaisl 
the Wuzeoree Khugianis ; was also present at the attack and destraction of the Tillages of Nanrozl, Arab Kheyl, aad 
Jokan, and in the engagement at Nargashai (Medal). Granted a step of honorary rank for Field Berrioe. 

** lit. Colonel C. W.IIume serred with the 3rd Battalion Bifle Brigade daring the Indian Mutiny campaigB of 
1857-58, includinj? the siege and capture of Luoknow, battle of Nawabganee, and capture of Fort Birwab. Wm 
Staff' Officer to a Field Force under Brigadier General Wheeler in the final campaign in Bondlecnndin 1159 
(Medal with Clasp). Promoted to an unattached Company fbr aerrice in the Field. 

'^ Lt.Colonel A. Collins serred in Natal during the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal). 

^ Lt. Colonel C. M. Davidson served in the Abyssinian campaign as Adjutant of the 4th Begiment, and wu 
present at the action of Axogee and capture of Magdala (Medau. 

«7 LtColouel G. K. M'Callum served widi the 92nd Highlanders in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was preml 
in the afiUr at Karatiga,in the ens^gement at CharasTab on 6th October 1879, and inthoTarioua operationi 
around Cabul in December 1879 (mentioned in despatches. Medal with two Clasps). Served in the Bser war In 18I1. 

** Colonel W. F. Kolsey served with the 7and Highlanders from the commencement of the Afghan war in 187$ 
till Jime 1879 with the Koorum Field Force, including the KhoatKxpedition.and waa present in the engageBal 
at Mattoon (Medal). Served with the zst Battalion Soaforth Highlanders in the Egyptian war of 188a, and mt 
present in the engagement at Chalouf on the aoth August in command of four companies of his Battalion, and at 
the battle of Tel*e)-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp, 4th Claaaoflka 
Osmanieh, and Khedive'a Star). 

ConHnuatton of Notes to Military Knights of Windsor, 

^7 Major R. V. Dickens served with the 64th Regiment in the Persian campaign of 1856-57, inclading theetom 
and capture of Reshire, aurrender of Bushire,and bombardment of Mohumrali (Medal with Clasp). 8fmdl| 
Bengal and N. W. Province in suppressing the mutiny in 1857-58 ; present with Havelock's Colunm in the toUBiM 
of Futtchporc, Aoung, Pandoo Nuddee, Cawnporo (wounded), and Bitboor ; in an affair at Shiraxpora indtf 
Brigadier WilHon, and was Assistant Engineer during the defence of Cawnpore (Modal). 

»» Captain Hon. F. T. W. Fiennea served in the Eastern campaign m 1855. and waa present at thetlm« 
Scbastopol, including the assaults of the Redan on the 18th June and 8th September— slightly wounded (luM j 

with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). . ., r j. %r *• <• « « , . .^ .^ 

w Captain Fftench served with the 53rd Regiment m the Indian Mutiny campaign of 1857-58, inclndlagaii 
relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde (wounded), battle of Cawnpore on 6th December 1857, and pursuit of the GwaHBT 
Contingent to Serai Ghat, action of Khodagungo and ciitij' into Futtehghur, stonn and capture of Meanc"— i^<< 
siege and fall of Lucknow and aflH^ir of Koorsio ; served subsequently with the Oude Military Police, and wl 
command of 500 of that force defeated a body of rebebj i .000 strong with two gnns posted m the viUage of B 
mabad ; was also present at the attack on the fort of Birwah (Medal with two Clasps) • . _^ 

« Captain H D Marsh served with the 82nd Regiment in the Crimea from the and September 1855, inchiOfl 
the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal wiih Clat»p, and Turkish Medal). Served aUo in the N. W. ProrinMil 
aunpressing the Indian Mutiny in 1857-59, and was present in the operations at Cawnpore under Windham '*— ' 




Tsoman of u.« Oiurd. 137. 

Htr Uajeily'i Badtj Ouani. 
Fiu. .» H.»iir VII, 1, t.. ti.. .,Si ) 

mil'hulM. £^rIi(/Liiiiericli, latf ; Bn. UniuiarFiULlKeni, u 

William Jvaet Colrille,' UU of Riflo Brlaiul... ij Mtr. B9. 

»....-. OohinsI Henr; Uumi,* CJf.lnieoIGmisilierGukrds. t) Uh. Sq. 


U.<Vi1aMilCbu'1»D-)]']ePat[eniiuii.'lataDriDFant, i; Fub. Si. r 1, Oct, 6t. 

Po1m»1*f FtBoMtBrookniivnMorler.ii'CB.jBn. JiiHidlfioi RBct. aad Into rBiil. .o F, 

IA.C0IUU11I RfcbiLnl Gtnrga Bllis-ia,' IsU of 17 Foot, 4 Dec. 84. 

I.t Col<m«l Hontlo PusViiDce.MaU of jS Foot. . Apt. »■}. 
/>! ri>ti><a«.l,ii(,iil»'.->LUColDiielFniBdHBiuing',>It>Wof acuuGnsF'Ia. i; JudcBm. 
^iH*"^Me«r>. Goi and Co, 
loo. WilliBin Calrille «rvad with thf itiSa Brigade In the Baaiem compal^ of t9s4'55, mdadlDa 
nw. aiegeKBd full of SebsMopol (Modia with two Claapa, Brevet of Maior.Kuliibt oflljo legion 
alu oaU Torkiab M<dali, and jtb Clue of the Meiljidifll , 

ittenoa lerved irilh Iba lolh Kagt. In the 8utm wunpiifaTi of 7345-48. toolodina the battle of BobtBon 
hit Ponjanlj runpaiffa of iB^b-^y. including the wholo of tbi? qie^ operaUunA before Uooltan, aation 
eMmlng Uie halgbte Iwfore Uooluin. ospiure of the Doirlui OMs In Bammanfl of the ■tonmnK 
' of iba Cftraw, and batUaof Omjsnt (HedH] with tiroCIupi). CasiiDaBdeA thrs« sooipnniea of 
1 ahahatiixl niih Mi^jnrEyre'a gald force at Dllairar, aod npluce of Jugdeipore. and wu looiitiDnod 
r bia B>I>>i»^ (Breret of Major, and Uedal). 

MorlCT umnluBiUTSirCbarleaNapler dnring theorenilioDa InBcindein i34i. Sirred with tha 
lOw*uaF auoouign.vti WM preaent at the battle of Mabac^jpore. 14th Dm. 1S4] (Branae Slnr). 
» aerreil tlia nutan eampalBD of 1SS4-JJ with the njCB Bogl. Including Che battles of tbe Alma 
) killed nader bim, and nuntioned In dMpa(oh«a) and tnkoRiuui (anerely woundod— >hoI thiougb 
t and fall of Sobaalapol. aad aortla of 1Mb Ontobar in oommand of the Regiment ; b« eoeceoded 
d oflba fUsimcnCMIcdEemBB, Kadi«iiaiTedth«BrerMor Lt.Calonel (Uedal with three Clupa 
Iba Lvgion of B<>M>r,4tb.0lMiotlha Hedjldle. and TurMob lledal). 

».. ..,.--—. ,_...=_ ._._.^. .^^ -Bgt,, inoludL. „ 

t, (Uedal with lhre« Cloiipg, SanllnJaa 

r iSs4-5s In ths 4Tih Regt,, Inoludiog the battlei of Alma and 
neof BaJalcIaTa.«l*Maf fl*)>ait(ipol,uid«artie - '■■ " ' '" " "' - - 

d»l*. asd ith Claw ef tba HadildiDV 
Tanc* MSirad wUta IbaiMh Htgimtat in Ibe Criiooa from Jinuarr to the i;th jlpril tti;. in- 
ecta«baciapol(Il*dBlf^(bCla«p.aadTiirUttiM?ilal). Aho in the Indina cioipiiiiin fmni Not. 
raacDiallbaatomaDdCapbuaDfMeeaBgange, ■lege and captacv of Luclcnow, alTain of Bara«e 
nlioned la daapaMhaa. Brarst of M^or, Medal with Olasp). 

(rifiKur>«<l thraaabontliha BMUm o:impa!giiof laji-i; with the SoatB FatUier Onnrdi. Inc^Iudlng 
ma. Halaklani. and Inkgmiiia (woondnd). liaita and fait of Setjutopol. and lortleon tbai'^Th Oot., 
u-ahM la Iba Trencbn (Medal with four Ctaaps, Brerst of Htjat, Kalghc at ths Legion of SoDor, 
H^didjle, and Totklab Medal). 

lesple BanlCRi,< Iftts of 


Mnjor Rut>crt Vaughan DicV™s,>i lite of ii Foul, 
(.■ofonel SiiiDUel l^roy Lea, late of Soolb MiiyD Militra. 

I C«pUin&rEdw,Hei 

lem (erred tbe esmpslgni of 1B3S. j;, and 40 in AtTghanistan, withlha iUhLiHbtInhoir}-,and w»( 
MrraandcnptureorGbuinestllcdalliBMBUltandcBpiurcortbe town andforlreHofTuDtiiaidurrab, 
lar. night attack at Batxui Kooah Qhui, destruction of Kbarilnrrab, and B^anuH of Pf rirnadun-ah. 

;e«dsd on a Survey of tbe ilefilH Ihroogh the Hindoo Koosb— 30c milea in extcal— u KoQllnm, 
Joccpb Sandereou aerred the Butlej campaign of ia4i-4£, including the bulUc* of Firoieabab Bod 

" ~ '  Ih the !7th Beginionlin the Criioea iVoiE isliKov. 1E54 to 3rd Ji-'- — '--•-■ 

' Sebutopol end hi 

ilendwaaDllor tbe Redan on the iStbJune-^rerBlv wounded in the right leg and foot 

, J ualy wounded iu tbe bead and face in the TrBDchci (Medal wiihClnap, jth Claisof Iho 

rurkiah Medal). 

Uiam Haloncj aenad tbe Bnilaj campaign of 1845-46 with the Both Regiment, including the battle* 
!TDieahah. and Bobraou (Medal and two ClBapa). Served also in the Burmese war of 1B51-53, 
anture of Uartaban, operations befors Rangoon and capture of Promo {Medal nitb Cisap for 
lin thelndianeampaignofiBja-ss, including tbe affairs of Hurra, Bimrcc.Bcra, Dhoondeakeira, 
e (MedBl with Ulasp). 

- iBj4, andorganistdandcopimaDdedlheBlh BatUlioncf theLand Transport Corpa (Medal wilb 

id served MLh tbe |iit Regiment in tha Xsetem Campaign of 1BJ4-;;, Including tbe bnltloa of 
Tj»n, aiage and fa)! of HebHIopol (wounded 91b June), eorlie of 36lh Oct., and bhbuIui of the 
Sth Jnna aclBth Bept. (MhIbI with riasp, and Turkiah Medul). 

la. battle* uf Alma. BalaUava. Inkwman, and the TobemByB. affairs ol Bul^nnk a id M'Keniie'a 
llallnfSebaMopolfHedalirKhroarCbupa.Freuch War Medal, and Turkish MedHl). Served in tha 
na of lesS-sgsnd was present at the capture of Katab,raaccn|iatioD ofChundKree, IjBltlool Kou ke 

lived the Brevet rank of Major for wr- 

imbla from i3j6 lo 1341 : was present wllb the 

nleiiorin 1837^ empioj-ed 

t ( Brent nf Major, aod Medal) . 

_..^ ..._ ..._.. ! r .1,, fjjgro insorreo^ioa in nv. 'V.ui 

tb> Native Cbieh in Burra Kingdom, '« sat. Coau 
aod CoDDCii). 

IFur nmainitr tf Veto, ■« pnediag f*)* 

'is iBt Ufa Ouardi. [i^ 

.; Th« noXBl Aran, "DRmBM""Fmirigu" '•W*Ti»LOo""ltoTn, i|g,""Tii.BvKi«».' 

II It Ca}il. ■'19 UiLy t< 

aCm. la Usy So. 

« "J Wnle« and C»h qf 

 June 4- i »«. ♦£(.'! 
i C«;rf. + i(.CW<-i,I,», 

u CbHrlei PliTdell Oi 


80). AiJHiiiit 31 llaroti Si 

Qeorge CodMv Holford, CIS. Jj^urty « 

111 GLjnne Riobuda Hniiifny 

iCT (inrard Leigh," JM> ^ Camr lal 

T„J^ On^t J.r. Fr.Hr '..J 

iti chord G POT* Cotlerell 

Wilwr de Wlnlon 

Henrv Arthur Clowei 

 ^dw»rd AlgernoB fltiRoy .. 

BDTllIe, ViKf. EudutKire.,.. 

3 Mm. Bi[ iSBept. t} 

I IdI; Sij I Jnly ie 

SJu. 81, laOet. 8« 

iUbt. Sd' ajMay 90 

JAM. Sj! .3M«r 90 

 "-- °- i; Sept. 

:aBh Craufunl fntat" „.... 

Bidita Umlrr.—lnnKpiilaatOB. iBFeb. Sii Hd«. £■»<. 
l^.jrf.r ««(«■.— win Uun Wraag. 6 Nov. 86 j if p.. Linl. 
SurHtti ir^f'sr.— Henrv Frank IleiumiiD.i' lo June Bo. 
" irsrt»:-Sctoa Gnthns Harnilloit.i 17 April Si ; Strgion. j Psb. Si. 
ir>rii>ar]i.$irfNi.— JoboD.EdwardV'ii Sept.89; I'tC.Smry.^ Aug. ;G; uiCi 

1 PrinMEdirardofSi.__ 

baUlse ar Alma, BalaklBTK, uid Inkei 
tncatioDsd in de>p*tcb«. Aids de Cunp Ut tt 
of Uocor.itliCIUBoriheUsdjidio. uidTurl 

* Cnlonel Nesdbttm «eryed with tho -■ ' 
(BrngEaenU at Bl Magferand UabHD 

at Ihp captgnj of Cairo (lirtivet ot Lt.C< 

I Colonel Hon. U, C. O. BjTig eerv 

Kaa piEiBut in ibe eDirag*m<ni« at 4 hi 

February lESj (mentioned in deapalt he 

■ngagenjtnta at El Master and Mahgai 

IiaptaraofCairo(U(>lHl«itb Clacp, an 

TMaiorTui^ur served with tho ini 


• CjuwinMiloaaorred with the 
at Ei Magfar and Mabeama, in 1 
Caira_ (M«dal with Claip, and Kh 

at El Uagrar nnd Mahaama, in 

Cairo (Medal with Claop. Hnd K 

" Captain LDigh lerred irilh tl 

SearlM— Acii 

Xilmrniifnm Frat 

aerred the Butern Campaign of 18:4 

■Agnit, HMtn.Coi and Ue. 
Jamwtrf 1816. 

,_^ .._,, tbg Grecadier Oaard>,iiic1t 

or&ebaatopolfwooQdedinthelflgin the Trenohn. 14^ 
theQiieeasndCoIonel.CA., Uadal will) fonr Clup*, OUctr of tk 

uardi in the Egy 

n war of 1881, and wa* unwnti 
Aagaet),at tbal«ttI>arT«l-*l-Ki 

Life Ouanl 

e Expedition In iSBt-S< with tbe HeaTj CamslBiclB 
iBDst, end Ueiammeli. god at the atiaolcoDtha eoDTOjea 

I Qanrds in'tho Egyptian warofiMt. and ma jmnrt 
iwo actiosB at Kuuun, at tba battle of TbI'(1-K*Ut, Wi 
a Star). 
RiBa Brigade in the KOond phua of the AahanU ml 

n the BgyptianwarafiSBi, andwMprenntin ttaeogM 
It Kaaeeiln, at the battle of Tsl^el-Kabir, and at the oi 

tmUie BgjiitianwHrorieSi.andwai prtHot in IbeeDfM 
n the Rgjj 

.1 in the RgjpOan 
u>ea«in <9th Beptei 

30 convoy oa the 14th Kehi 

.n UajoT EeDimu and Bdi 
lar; Sargeon Edward; .— F 

baulo of Tel-el 



altbf ci 

Abu Klea,' 







88,Ui . 
mth, am 

nary .Ms (t'^o SiMM). 
Decomtiong for ilallantry, " Hart'i Asnoal Annv Lial," 
neon Hamilton,— For War Berrleee, He Uedical Stair. 
31 War BeiYicee, tee TeMrinarj Depaitmoit. 


2nd Ziua~ Stian 


pw OaTasiI-i^OhUt. 

'S. XO. XT. tcr. aCB, aC.^I. OCMH. GCIS. IS Mny fc. . -i, - J vuiu-«ii, 

" I'faB. Sirl How»,l CB. B-t.* LI. ',^ latyjg; Zt.t Carl. 'ii.pT. ui Bl, 

 £(.C.I«.I, ,D Jone HI C-fc,.!, ., Nor. „; Jfa/W 3..«il, 6 rf.r. M 
■mtnt, iG Uvcb ec i ColntI 17th Foot, ij Jane 79 1 fblsnil nd Llfa Qauda, 

, 1 Ctlowl.— PrederiEk Tnnoh Tgwiuheod.' QnmiuJiiiv tti Styuunf, k IIubIi S?- (Vnif 

•4jDna «iiXf.»igJui.6>; Cn". *S Aug. «, : B'>»(iriuv, i Oct. 77; l^Vor.  Jul; B>i «f^.CMn«r. 
itKoT.Sti Jt(.Cet,»*I,ii J»i.. 85; CeJoiwl. iBNos. 86. 

_ _i BtilllB 

J •/ DaadonBld<{B(.U.CW«M;, i| 

Janxaii raI«Kl, rs Jam ig) 

VilUun Anhm- KdinudBord ....—.».>. 

lUdlMl JWDM HugbM 

rt Jobs Onuruujr Loncflebt'* 

d Artlwt Eawonli PmI . 

— --'-h L^ - 

in Francis HotTonl fergoBoo.,.. 

ij Teb. 

*IOot. 71 
•BOol. 71 

, Mar a. 

;Feb. 85 
lOct. 86 



ijTharaltill KvOaJ-..-. -..r,^-..-,.- 

lltatUr. — OhulmMBiirj Burt, S , ._. ._ 

ipjraMir,— TbamuOMrnBatiiltUa, ijOii, Bfii Un. L 

-^-r-J» Itajv.— rercr GontOD Badstoek Yaaog-, ijOot. Ssi 8m 

Rrtart^n «taM*M.— AlTrad Adrln Jodm,*' <G V*7 ^- 

Boulst— Kufui Blni.— .^Hiite, *"— ' 
"-■- 'froH vfaiiH. 

SJnlj 7« 
a April t9 

6 So J!" 83 
iJU. S; 
.Jm. Bj 
t Bopt 87 
ttUr. 18 

3 Feb. ;8 ; JTur^Hi Utjar, ti Aoit. fOi 


.1 Toin 


Cuinp to Bir OoorKa Ci 

oopt (Colonel, C^.ModaVwrthJ 

U sana. Cos anl Co. 

ths Kaffir war in iBj 
ihe eiega of Delbi in 

e Bgjptia 

> Camel Coi 

Umfffv and UAhauna, in thfl 

aerrcd frith the Nile Bipodition in 1884-9^ in conimiind of the ^nd Life 

and lia9K*e« <>' the Dner'. CDJumn onder Sir Herbert Steirut in the advi 

left ijiibM oa the evaninRi of iird January 

and Khedive '• 
d iritb Ihe tai Lih Guardg in the Gimitlan irar of iSSi. and n 
batUaorTBl-el.Kebir (Uedal with Clup, and Khediva'aSMr). 
Llfa Qnnrdi In the BgTplian wr ' '" ...^-- 

of Kb«n 

I of T. 

sl-Kebu- (Medal iriih CUap. 

-Hanbury aervod witb 

rrad irlth the ind Life Gnarda in i 

M n Kufar and Mahaamn. in the action at S . „ 

irith Claap. snd lOiedlTe-a Star). 

■MtoLonxBaldaerTad In the Kile BipedlUDntni8tt-8j witb the *ad Lift Guard! 
PtaU wltli CUap, and Uudlre'i BMr). 

I and UfS Goarda in the Eftrptiu 
a the tffo aoliong at Kawuin, an 

Egyptian war of liSi, and waa I 

of Tel^l'Eabir 
of thoCMoe 

I* Bojul Armi 

Royal Horse QxiardB. 

0*lMuI-fii-Ch4er— ri«Id Manbal J/ii Bna: JTvtuii Albeit Edward, trl 

 xa. XT. KV. acjt. acsf. ocmo. ifcis 19 uay so. 

" ' ' *' PntrictGnnt,^ QCB.OClIQ.OiixrKiiritfClitUia But firal; 
iy3»! Bt.VaJar,- ■--' - "- - --'— - — '■ 

BuilCslgBal.— iba.OIlT' 
IUIJ63: I*. 8 Not. M: 




a/ Wilu ud Dull 4^ Con 

a(l> JCntaHl, I JnlJ 3l : ft 
.nit«il, ig Not. U; UM 

Orlsuj, ] April i< 

... iChnrlea Gore, Lori Kilmarnock (St.. 

I ColowJ, 14 Bep(. fif) 

... Jiihii Fielden Brooklehnnt:' 

... JEvalyn G«orge Haimiunul Atbiarls]' .. 

el FraDoU G«args Btub 


'if John OhriitnphsrWilloQiflil^^" !»(... 

. tteols- TboiHH Fanwietl ... 

. CbarleiBydsVillisn.... 

. . Weld Foretu 
ulM Oora, rwri. andlaj- 

'srAn«. 71 
 Deo. T4 
ij Aprtl »3 

»BapL Sc 

;JiilT B( 
6rcb. B4 

ijoir Bi 

i ilJnly li 
4l[ay B7 sDea Sj 
>i Not. II7 I Juoe B« 
iJHay 8S iB Bept. tg 

'Aithur JoMlynChuiMOora, rwri. Sndlar »Not. B9I 

'Joho Tbonnon Kraaar lEJone 90] 

Sir ChulBB HamlttoQ Raahout, Bari | } Dm. 9a' 

;SMia«ifiii(*r.— Robert Weir. 13 April Gii an. Lint. 
|o«rrfcr^a.(.i-.-^yndh(im D»ke, iB Feb. Sj^; Hoa. 

iiB«pt 7! 
ajAog. Bj 

I Jona _, 

ifiy'sr.— Hcmrich Fmidricb LkwhoU Melladen 

rivH ifur'c 

Vittriuar, Sary. 

I.— lie* MaUhsn 

b. B; ; SMiynH, 30 Bept. 74 

™«i/r™ JVoaM, a 

Uraiet or Uajor, Bnnua f 
okIjf wonnded by grape-ahoi 
i'ar>«t*dly men Jooed in doap 

I and Co. 

or Gwilior i 

la GuArdi in tbe Agyptiau n 

in the Krvi 

It Kaaauui on the iSth AurbM (B 


Bur). Serv«l witb ibe MQe Kipedition In iBg^-ej In oturge of tha  

in oeapawofa, orevct ot Major, Ctaep). 

rn lerved irith tbe Royal uona Ouaida in the Egyptian war of iBSi, and wu prwaa t i 

Uanfu (Jledal, and KDsdiva'a BUr). 

■erved vilh the Knvnl Uoiee Guaidi and in oonunand of the Signallera of the CaTnliy Br 

mr o( lESi, and woa 'prewnt in ihe action at Kh^usIii on Ibe eth Beptember, at the bad 

itthecapture of Cairo (Uedal witb Clup, and Kbediie'a BtarJ. Beiied in tliu Nile BipM 

.., ..IS Uoavy (JbiubI Curpn in the DsMirt Column, and nu prceest at the action! at Abn Kleaa 

be alTur beloie Uelammeb and tbe attack on the ConToy on i^tb yebruary (tno Clnapa). Barred) 
Eipedition in lEas irith tbu Kiver Column, and wae ureacut in the enaasemant al Kotkai (msBtion 
IS.. UcdalnitbClup). 
._^. .,.:,.... ... ....._.....  ,rae Gnardiin the Egyptian war of iBSs, and waapiawDlf 

I" Sii John WDIongbby Mn-ed withtbe Boyal Hor . . _ . . 

aciieu at KiLwuin on the 9th September and at tbe battle of Tel.el-K( 
SerT»l with llie Nile Bipeililio:: in 18S4-B; on Traneport duly |i 

" Vtiericary finrgef 

ioned in dflapal«hM, C 

HwtaT. I 1st (7^ £i»p'«} Dimgoon Ouarde. 

Tbi't Cypher triihiii the Outer, '-Bujibiim'' "H.uilliu" "Od; 

Mnal— JaaWB Babm Sicadnuia S»yar ' CB. Ctrml. ' 
Jf««-, '6 fell, sf ; £*.CWomI, 'jt Ool. ssi C\>IiMiii. >■» 
ijNarebSi; Oii™.! i«Dr»Kooii Ouiirdt, as JoneM. 
al0aUi»l.~Heni7 Pm:, Douplu WiJlui,' Cgru 

OnDiKAaDi" "Ha.TU.vm'' 
h" "SoDia Aiufu, 1S79." 
LI Uucb,!! Capl.' 

:i Oot. tj ; lA. '14 Jaiy f^ ; Oajrf. 17 Dee. ) 

r. Kichard Cbu1«aBcrstnl L««ni 
Umilmml JJi.lamI Gi.rriU, BnSal 

IfnitM Campbell Bpencer" 

bm Tbomaitirafe. Lcurrj' 

t^cn Hiniy Hu^, J J/nAaf 7mi 

JfoaitoaiHTjr r, mw . j OiHlrr J 

John MirenWUlen.* Ai^Unt JTMtiv-l 

*•• lAnvMd Jbinn) rtwowj Oie. , j 
Jokn ^niil Beoboir, ilalito Slafl 

0/tf^, ItUmmr Dn<^ _..} 

Henry Lm Pnoelt _ 

ruini Edmud YounKhiu 
MtrrA Bunnion UuEeoil 
WillUiD liasTj Birkbrcki' . 
Cbarlt* Loltoa Buea 

caTLa&liiMt Halton 

II Smiili. J4i. ,3 Dec. 9= 


ijnir 6e 



Kdlmf irubr.-.Genn!» Malthewa, S Fob. Ei ; IToil Li 
^ _ j__ «_^__ ...^ TDonnell, jj Feb. n ■. J/™. C 

Vu«n-.~Johti O'Dannell, 91 

Mnenl a»7er •erred n 

Ite nam vid tiki] of BebHl<ipal (Uedsl 

niBbonitluEunpaJgn of iSfc, incLadin 

'arinHHlufl.— .ijMij, UcBsre. Uoi and Co. 
EnbarkUf^ir Kafit, iS Fibnary 1S79. 

aeoD ounpaicn 
Xadkl). CommB 
ihoce Dflbo iGtl 


iug. iSss. 

_ . . m ^D (iDDtuHiuHB, I'l-. Mecial iritb two ClAApa}. 

vel WiUan wttbiI wilh the Kini'e Drkgoon Qiurdi Id Ihe Zulu wbt of 1879 (Modal wilh Clupl. 

[AWT«n(n Hrred in Iha BgyiKJaii wur of iSai (mentiancd id deepatoheg. Brevet tf Major, Medal, ilh 

• Ha4ildie. and KhacUie'e BUr) . 

apencFr (erred with tbe NUe Expedition In rSSt-e; with the Heaij Cunel Regiment (Medal with CUvp, 

LowTT aCTTed in the Zulu war at 1S79 with the King'i Dragooo auards (Modal with Claap). 

B Oaold-Adama aerred with the Kinjc'i Sragooo Gnarda in the Zii]n war of 1379 {Medal with Clasp), 

It tbe UaaBTB Kipeditioa in iS3t asSnperlDtendBDlof Army SiRnalliDK (Medal wilhClup). 

■tat Dlmull (Medal with Clup). 

lWiI leUav-red in tbeZala war or 1170 with theField Fores in Natal aiidtheTranmaUMediil Willi CUapl, 

D Xdwar<]a Mrtr' — ■'- ■'- '" *" -■-'— -■- -="= — ■— i-. — n ." — .-- 1 -h-j-i ^.^ ...__!:> 

Qt ProvoU Marihal (Medal w 

William Rose WyiiUiT) ... 

Frederiok Ooriion-M»clieniii« 

John Cflcilde Tool TatmrMll" 

OutbbBrI PilltlnHton UawBon --i-;-;- 

Blcbud Aleundsr ScoW, A ij^tlatl O^/ird- ) 

2nd X>r^oon Onards (Quem't Bayt). T nSlfSSi 

The Rnj-ul Cyphir vlthin lbs Outn. "' Lncuow." ""P^ 

3b«ile« Bemohmmp W«lk«r,i SCB. Soiifn, 'tj Feb. 36: 2*. » JaiM ja 
Ifajor, g l)«c. s.  l.intnamiCBlBm.l fj Nor. js i CbfeMi, » No*. 601 llvtr OtimtU. 61 
Jl, 1 Oil. 77 1 «tNrr"t' °«- ** i (W""' Jnd Kiuroon QuriU, 11 Dm. 81. 
Isnitl.— Puatcr Cunlifl^ LKtar Kb;, Dec. 71; Cmfi. jjunnft; ir^/>r,» J 

lam Hor.le. Pbim. 

Inm Willte.1 CDnloui ... 

. .-lea KanilBl l!ii«liP" ..,,„ 

[fdnud Roberuon GorOoa ... 

Robtrt DoocIh Harnm 

"lOT Uolsnrarai Sjkea ... 
. jTlll Huksljma 9mytb ... 
James LoiUe Al -"■ - 

imu Wsnl . . 

10 April 7" 

Bapt. IB 

jAng. j6 
I Bept. 76 
3 July t8 

Sltay e, 

6M.J Ss 
SNo*! «5 


iJnlr 81 
jDso. » 

Kiliiii ITiufn-. -Rsnrr Andrew HoEhBa.tiJalTfgi Hba. Cbrlwii, 11 JniT Bo. 
liiarln-Kiuf'r.-.FrankllKiDiltaiiCharMn. iiU^rB/i Am. £«/. 

Scarlet— f-ufii^i Buff.— .^von, Mcsara. Coe and Oa. 
Smiartid/tr/mlia. 11 tfac. iBB;. 
n cimpalgn of iBji u Aide de C>in| 

-irClurlea Walker w 
battlaaorAlma. Balkklai 

H.U.B. iMTBfi^ at Ch( 
tb* UeJjidie. and Turkin 

imbardmeiit of Bcbafito; 

e aeld ii 

'Ssfl. ( 

whlcb accompanir 
S«rT*d in Cblna tl 
tbe adloDB Qf tbfl I 
Served in Ibe »m 

1 17th April, n 

-wab Pan ( 

KonlftRn~lA(Uedal). Tbe iDd C1b» of Ibe Rod Btgle irith Swords 
prevenWd from ariepiiug by eilaiing reitulatlons, but having reooiv 
Medal il wai torwarded CO him dlrecUf b; Ihe King or Pruaaia, ace 
Ifajeeiy, Served Ihronghoal tbe Fr8nco.Oernum irnr in 1871^77 as 
Qoarlenoftht irdOenoaD Armf under H.R.H. (be Cnmn Prince 
WeiMembnrR, Worlli. and Sedan, and IhrouEhont tbe InTeatmenc o 
IWe«T to aoeept and weu the Inn CroM, and tbe If edal Rraabed at 

i, «nd received Lt 

lof tt 


g-s Dragoon Guards ii 
i Krsungarmn (Uedal 1 

ci«p)7" ° ' "■ "" 

le sqnadron ande 
Corps (Medal, jtl 

... __ served witb 

Haitm. incloding tbe eavalr; 

 Oaptain TaUenall eerved 
•r the kedildJa, and Ebsdive'a 

H OaptalD DoD^aaservedintbeEgvptlaiiwarotiBB] witb the 71b Dragoon Ouardsask volsjtteer.and' 

lathaeacacemea)BalElHagfacandMahtama,al "■-• "  " • ' ...>...-..i- ^. ~._i _ 

oapWii^Caln. " -■-' -'"■ "' ' «^-^'~—  

" UapUin Dei 

Id Kbedive'l Star). 

n Dewer eened <d the Soudan cumpaign in iSBj ns Orderlj Oflleer to Brigadier Oeaen Bmi 

n OvftUr Brigade (lledal irith Clasp, and Xhediie'a Star). 

Bosbe served lb the Nile Bipedillou in T3Bt-«s "Itb tbe ist Battalion of the Oordon Bighlandi 


River Column under Majiw General Barle (Usdal wili ._, ,. 

 Lieak V. a. WhlUa served In the EnptUn warol iBti aa Midshipman on board H.M.S. AiUaa, and « 
■eat at the bombardmeni of tbe AlsiandHan Forts i aflarwarOs landed Tith the Naval Brigade (Uedal vlU 
and Kbedive'l Btaci. 


■] 3rd (TO* Prinee of Wale»') Dragoon Onards. 

— !0b[««(,— Wni«m Hbbp* Seymoni-i CB. Ennsn, 

, Uv S»i i».CVI«.I, 7 ialj ,» 1 CoU.1. - Jnly 6,. Ma,W e«B-.t, ,, Leo. m' 
I Onnnf. I J»o. 85; CoUntl jrd Drafioou OuKrdB, i Not. Bi 

„ liHtnuut (MaB*l,— ETtUa _K«rr Ainfatt Dume;, Cnntil, i^a 


. IwaiiimUuiagColB- 

- |ItoSBrKuiiii>Q'p*rka 

. irndenokSteraiiiDiiDond... 

. WillLkmHiiuhliiioBHillu...,. 

Aoluid ALfml Ooriloa AndwMs..., 

Valtu Tngtt,' A^ntaaf 6 Jalr 37 ... 


iCharlH Inglu BooH ,. 

iWiiiiui Bob«n Oabmaou.,, 

 FmucuJahD Rjder ... 

14 Apr. Si I »H. 

iliBlI,' 17 Fib. ; 

. BsTmonr Hmd with the fiSili Light InfiDlry during the CnmeBn campalgc of iSji-sj, 
Jes at Aim*. BaJsklsvB. <U)d iDkerTDBU, and Biege o[ Sebulopol (Medal nith Tour Clupg. uid 

iljH^ iulsding the acUon of NnsKnitponi, Bioge iinrl csptare of I.ncknov (charger irounded), Hud labeeqnenb 
WMcuu, action of Naitabgnnge (in oonunaiid ot three BqaudroM 3f ihe aegunenti, and rooceujiatian of Fyia' ' 

tlllmliiii ih 


ill VuLlud b 

n at Bmigaon (QHnettfd S 
vhT in iSBdp and was pr 

HAigDitaiid in the battle otCandahar gMtidal with Clup, and Bronze U 
• Linn. Trigga lerrrd in ths Afghui war in 7379-80 (Medal) , 
' Ucot. Uaitin aerred in the Bttrptian war of 1881 (Mala], and Khedira 
' Captain Ifanhmll urved with the gib Lanoera in ths Afglian war of xi 
ih ijoor and in tluopcrallani around Cabal in December i3;9 (Uedal w 

with the iBl Ponjanb Caralir in the aCtair a 

a preatDt at Iha alhli at 



2nd Dn^oon Gttanb (Quwn'i Bayt). [ *3 

Ttae Bajkl CrphCT witUn tlia Qan*r. " LncMnv." 
Ori«.l.-»ir ChKle. ^dar B«nch«np Wilker.' JTCB, Xiu^ ',j Feb. jA; «. >i Im 

Ii«/. S™™J.  Ocl ,j i (;.«f-l. J Got. 8* iCW«rf ind br^i^ Qunli. „ li«o.l7. 
LlnUsut Ooliutl,— Fon«r OoBUBt LiMat Kaj, liaf. jo Dee.Ti; C^. t Juw 78 1 JT^fW 




»":") '""• 

e«T«F. !..«.«.. 




iBApr. t6 

tAnc. U 
•J Aog. Ij 

6U07 >s 

.sss. I; 

4 Vat. C 

trOei. K 
.Apr. 9. 

oOot. ai 


tUr. r»_Hrj Ci-olry / 


Bdward WilllHm Llevhellio DrqnlwTt 

KWiM JfM(«-.-HsnTy Andrew Hnxhei, aj 

Qiurftt- Jfuifrr.- 'Frank Hamilton Chanan 

Scarlet— J'ue<>f> BulT.- 

I Sir Charles Wallier urred tbe Guitem cBraiMigD of 

to Ainu: ■> Itis aorpriia of tbe Ruuien rour-gnard ai 
U.U.B. BriUrBfiini at Ihe bombardraCTit of SnbaiLopiil o' 
tilt 3(edjidls. and Turkish Medal). Served iu the field 
fieorora in Oude. near which pince he dereuted the robeh 
which accomiunied Sir Hope Grant to the Nepaul Pro 
Serred in China Ibroafchoat the caiDpsiKoi^r iS'o u An 
(haacUcoiarUieiithAiifioet, lethaudiihtSepiemher.) 
Served in the sampaign of 1866 In Bohemm an.l MoraiLi 
orthoBecondProMianAnnj neder H.R.H. tUe Crowe 
KcniRKTeti (Medal). The lod Clau of the Red EaRle v 
prevBDledfrom arcepliue by eiiuing reKulatione, but t 
Jled^ It wea (hnninled to him diremly b; Ibe Kins ol 
lUleaCj. Berred thronghoDl the Franco-German war i 

ha T7th Oolober [Meil 
1 17th AprIT, sml alten 

lUiaCy to accept as 

roTth. and 81 


u the Iron Cm 

» If adal Kiantod at the t 

ir Claepe, cth Ulu* ot 
u v„,„.,iu,d of a Field ForsaU 
wards in command of ibe ColaM 
on of the Jsrwah Paaa (Medal. 

kin [CB., Medal with two Claara). 

nt Bt the batclea of Kaobod ud 
im by the Kmji orPmaiiahewM 

hv no auLojrraph letter ttam Bla 
luirj' CommiBsionar at lb* Head 
ann wu present et the Iwttlaa of 
I received the permieaion of Bv 

tbOUap). ' "'' 

rith the Arm/ Blgnalli 

[ Corpe (Ucdal, jth CaM 

• Captain Tatlarull •erred in the Ee^plian war of ■: 
•f the kediidie, and Khedlve'i Btarl. 

1* Captain l>aulae samd in the EnpUao war ot iBSi wli 
In the ennjement  at El Metfet and Mahaama. «| the two 
MpMte olCalro (Iledal wilh Claip, and Kbediie'a Btar). 

■I CaplAiD Dewer eened in the Bondan osnipai^tn in iBts km Orderl; OIBcer to BrigHdIer Genera Ewart, Com- 
^.i^njiifp the Oavaliy Brigade (Medal wilh Claap, and XhediTs'a Star). 

>< Lient. Boahe aorTed In the Nile Bipedition in 1M4-I] with the lat BatMllan of tha Oordon Highlander* and 
with the River Odiuno under MljorOeneialEaile (Medal wiLh Claap. and KhediTe'aSlarl. 

laLiaat-V.Q.WhlUa Barred In Ihe Enptlan war of lUi ae Hld^pman on board H.M.B. AUas.and waa pi«- 
eenl at tha bomhardmit ol the Alexonditu Forte ; attaiwarda landed with the Mavsl Brifads (Medal with Claip, 

D-pot. cum^*^''"] 3nl {The Prtnee Of Wales') Dragoon Gnards. 

fleaeL—WUliim Henry Sejinonr.' Cfi. fiuioa .'i Uiy 17  Zf 10 Jhdi' n- fv 
ScMnl, I Jan. >}! Cuien.J jriiDr«KOaQGaanl«, 3 Nov. Bi. ' ' 

|''<. *j8 Oel. 6k Z/.fjoJiine69! Cp*. j. Oi 

, I WiUismCttinR Cola .....'.,., 

, Cbuia Hcrtwn FHaohAnon 
I Douoaghi* 

. iCUr* Bkana Eetlh .. 

... Bobwt Joba aponBll .. 

..- Aelaod Anted. doFdiMi J 
ChBTJH LeonDd CoUnn 
JWaliH Trtn*.* .4d(r>ta 

aertwrt Anboc L«roai 

nw BciJair Nolan . 

inu-d iluT JoHpb Uolrnani 

- Pomercy BollAbd-Prioi 

... [JkUM William FaiKUBOn . 

t *fi,'.P«BJifiT.— JohnCeota. 14 Apr. 8j; Ku.'iiOeC.Gi; U. *»Kov. ^1 Cu^r. 11 Feb. 73; K^er, t JalyRi, 
' .. 'XUiu JTuifrr.— JobnUkMutn.'li Fob. TCI ilui. Caiituii, 17 Feb. 3;. 
1 ... ft.jr(.rJf«f»r.-ThonillB»ro«D,3aNoy.8ii ifm..i.™(. 

Gesml W I 

B 68Lh Lght Intknlrr d 

MkM Bhau (mcntfoned in Bngi 

la the march from Cabal to Cuiite 

jot AofVit and in Ibe battle of CandKhir IMedsi 
 LieDL TtiK»»er»ed ioth( Afghan wi- '- "— 
• Lieu. Ifaniii aenred in Ebe Enyptian -x > 
' Qtplaiii llanhall ktyhI with ibe 9th L^ni 
Biali Snog and ia the operalioni around Csbal 

Mil] a 9, p n n b he at FUBj*ub Caialrj In 
r'a despBlcta). Wu Blluihed to (be ijth Bikha w 

rsVa-B^ Medal). 

nr .SEi ()Iedsl, and Kbedi'C'x Star). 

I in the Afsb&n oar or iSjS- Bo, aS' 

Decembar 1S79 (Medal with Claap). 

pnaeot at the afHtlr at 


4Ut {Botfoi Jrigh) Dragoon Onardi. 

Ths Harp and Crown, and ths SUr of SC. Patrick. wiLb Iba molto" Qtitu^nUi 

Bglsaal.— fiir Edward Cooper Hadf^e,' QCB. Cbnuf, j Ang. z6: £(, '3 July 3S1 Ctaji 
' ~)ec.4i! Lt.Oilonrl,'} OcC 481 C^laid, aS Not. si: Maior QtHtral, ja Ju. bi 

. . antral, 1 Od. 7; ! Cgfonrl 4tb Dcw!ooii Guards, 6 Jui. 74. 
Untuut OoloiHl.— UDKh U'Cklmoti^* CB. CbmaawIiM Ut siimtnl, j Kmitb 8S ; 
'— ■*. '37 July «; Cajif. '10 May 69; SI. Major, 30 Not. 7B ^ Bt.IA, CBIeial, it Jn 
CWomI,,5 JuMBsi £f.6ri<ni(?.5MBy86, 

' Arthur Abse; SsHdya' 

 (Jobn AlRBrnon Aylmai* 

' {Robert LeMDiurlBrWiI1oaRhliT,>.J<l/ataaM 
I Lannuliirr Human Tiomaiiry ' ,J 

Obarles Micbael EdKuwanti BrinUeT'"! 

FraocH mij-naj-Luoui Woodwright 

"— "-lin John 8t. George 


Ooorge Sidney Sheppiird ".', 
William Bulk 

Thom» Fredenc 

Qeerse Frederick llappin . 


. Sir Edward Cooper Hodse a 

inded Ihe »lh Dr»go{- " — '- 

J Eostern campiUKD of 

board H.M,8. *<■•( 

vilI uttAc'c on Sebaatopol tyw uc«> 

■A \ nlto prewDC at the laUlt* If 

_lBkl»TA and Inkermui, lAtft t 

Scbnilopol. niRbl-aBMli on Bsnin 

DDlpoBt*. igth Feb., ana latUi «( 

Tchemaya. 16 Aug. iSss (Kaial w«* 

three Cbapt, CB., ODIcst o[ Iti 

Legion of Honor, jrd ClaM otlH 

UettilOie, and Tiirld*h Uedall. 

Siiina Ifwdr.-Bmcab FetUtt Cant, n Jan. SH. 

Qurftr JfBJrtw.— JoBhan Fielding," >i| Sppl. Bs; Hon. !«.(. 

" — -^i—ratiugtSlaa.—AsnU, HBiara. Halt, Lawiii* Co. 

Btturntifrem Bgfpt, 1881. 

Jie Red Rlrer Expedition in 187° (hnmghl home Che doipatchea). 

ait in September 1873. ag Aide de Cunp (Aghuiti Medal). "' 

,,„j^j ,. .. , , -. - ... 1- ...... . -. 

79. and iraa preaent in the aatMHMai 
reiet ol Lu Colonel, Uedal wlib Ofa^ 

„^ _. . ,... tho oatbrea« 

ipanied the Turkiah armiaa in the field Ihroaghoat the campaign * 

companieU Sir Garnet Woleeley to South Africa ae Aide de Camf '- 

operatloii*. inolnding thoae agaiDU SekTikDni (mancioned In deapatc 

Serredonthe Staff of Brigailier General MaogreRor in the eipodilic „_ . 

dcapalchM). Served In theKgypUaii war of .SBa a< Brigade Major of iho ist Cavalry BrigadB. and wa« : 

.. ...II., =_.!.. . .. tr ._.i _. -iiebatlleof Tclel-Kablf andthe 

Ijidie. andKhedive'eSur). B< 

. 184-85 as aeoond in oommluici and aflenrards in ootnmand of Ihe Light Car 

inclnding the operations of the Deecrt Column Imenlioncd in doepatches. HreraL of Colonel. CB.. ai 

> Uajor Sandyi eorved with the 4tb Dragoon Uuards in tha Egyptian warof 1S83, and was pnnent 

ment at Tel.el.MahnLa. ihc two actiotu at Kaiuiln. the battle of Telal.Kebir, and the oaptnte oi 

wilb CUup, and Zhediie'i Siar|. 

* Oaplaln Aylmer aerved with the 4th Dragoon Goarda in the En'ptiau war of iftBi. and wai preoi 
ongagemsnU at Kl Uagbr and Tol.el.MahnU, the two actiona at Kaaaasin, the liatUe of Tel.el-Kobi 
CBpturearCalro(Uedalwithmaap, andKhediie'iStu). 

• Captain Willongbhy nerved as Adjutant 4th Dragoon Qaardi in the Egyptian war of tB8i, and waa] 
(heengumDeDtalTelat-UahuiaanilMtheacilODat KaiaBnlnon the iBth Augost (Uadal, and Khedire 

» Lieut. Veiekci served in the Nile Eipedllion in 1884-85 with the Light Camel Corpa {Medal with CUip, 
KhedlTe-e Star). 

" Lieut. Fielding served in the Egyptian war of iSBi, and was preaent in the engagemenU at Tcl-el-Mal 
and Jlahaauin, at the action at Kaiisagin on the iBIh AugasI, at Ihe battle of Tel-el-£ebir, and at the ci^ni 
Cairo (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star]. 

1 Clup). 




6th (PrlvetifOhfrrTvffe of Wdlen') I>TagO(m Gaards. 

ilaaA—Sir TbouIMWMtTojipU'UsliDii.'Siirr. CB, Cantel,-. 
M^ior.*i-i fnly <;; Zf.CMHal.ii D*«,]4i CaUintl, it ])«( 

" * -"-t-ij i&ninif. I) AprilEoi doiuMi jUi Dragoon Gusrdi 

■J.— JohiiB»llli«B»H»ntyD8 Diction," C  -- ■'-  

Ural. 1 J«n. 6a i Capl. ai Pn. 7a; JfajV. 1 July 1 

,(.Q.?...i;. at 

»Bgi (>UMr,| 

 Llrweilin WaaUnl 



• iHsrbcn HOH<.... 

- [Bobttt UoBtucn Bi 

Edwnrit Nouey Oooker, A^alatl 

- .'GcornEdi 

13 Henrj UubTihirt ... 

- . Jidui ChBTlB WUb 

SicoKD Lurnsum. 

HfDTy Fredeno Ti»rk« 

" 'Henry Gtr^ri H«g&a EeBiunl.,., 

IvtS. e 


\mdiiis K-'ltr.—Boben GilTbrd, 3 April 78 ; fin. Caftan, 3 Am. 
Sosrlet— I^>n''<>> □reen. — ii>«'', UeH 

UeHn. Cox Bud Oo. 

in th« Bnllej cunpuj(ii ia 1S4B, and wae pretnit at tliv 

,-gn of iS}* M AMwiintQimrMrMaBWrdflneral lo the 

tbs AlDiB, BalBklsTB, ind Tchemajm, and Hi^Re of SebastopDl ; eerced 
'the sOi Dragoun Uuirdi (Usdul wiUi ihnu (JliupF, CS., gaidiDian 


imiDif lerrcd in Ihe Afglian war in " *   - - ~ - - - 

. . iipeditioDaiulotbeBaiarVallsj (E 

di^W  Dcpnty Aiitetut Adjalanl and Qaartcr Uaatcc Ot 

•koth* campKig^ of iSssin comman 
udTBrkiah_)lKlsta, and iltaCluaof 

n the Nile Eipedition 

• Haiw Hrf»n aer 
'OipuiD Macke* 

 f^piala 8t. LkWT«Bce aamd in the Kajpiian war 
iMUa of TU-el-KabiT (Medal vllh Claap, and Khedive 

' C^itain Qon eerred in the Nile Eipedition in iSSi 

 CapluB AmiDvall aerred with the 7th DnKDon 1 
fatifaMMHa or BI ttm^tki and Mahmuna, in (be actio 
K«Ur tad Ihe capture of Cairo (Iledsl with Claap, ai 

' Captain Slobart aerred in the Nile Bipedition in 
«d Khadire-i Stai). 

with the Camel Corps (Medal wiiU Clasp, uni 

of 1S81 with the 4th Dragoca GDSrds, and naa present at thi 

a Blar). 

-3s «ilh Ihe Camel Corpa (Medal with Ct»pp, and KhediTB'y 

igardi in tlie EBn>'ian war of iGSi. and waa preaeoCiD thi 
nat KaaaaainoD Che iGthAugsei, and at thobaUle of Tel-el 
.d Khedive's gtar). 
iSB4-«s with the Heavy Camel ttegiment (Uedal with Claip 

srred wlib the and BaUaiion Highland Light Inlaniry in the Egyptian war ol lEtli, and wa 
rwtrmt mt, urn Brntsm m i^^l-KeMi-^niindad (Uedal with Qaip, and KhedlTe'i Star]. 
"Captain Bagwell-Fonftiy aened with the Beehnauland H ipeditl on onder Sir Charles Wan-en in iBSi-Ss wiU 
be iniualciUiii£ Diapion a. 


6th Dragoon Oaards (Carabinigrg). 

"Dt-ufBiix" " BiaiLLiti " "Oimiiiiiii" " UtLTuijinT " "S 

,— GflorsaCiiWsrlClsrbB,' CB. Xthgn.'jBiltj m Z(. '7 Oct. i^i Ciutl. 'u Sspt. » i SI. 
• ij ai.LI.CiloHil, liDaa.mi Jt-t/or, 16 reb. sS ; Caltiut, n Apt. in; U.Cbl^, 31 1 
r Btnnal, 6 Uvch 69 1 Zual.Onrral, i Oct. JJi antral, 1 J11I7 li j Cetmul Uh DnKOOi 

ui'OiJaBil.— Jkikh Dennia,* CmuMwUif U> Siimtnt. i Jul; a,; Conut, '< Uaroh ( 
t.eai Cu;<r. ioJiine;4! Jf'rsr, i J11I7S1; Xi.Cafoiul, isOot. Ssi CMoiri, ij Oct. t9. 

am Henrv U 
UB Cule Pan 

I Rich. Fn. Bnibaian HftlliiWM,' 

mt Biclj rmiuiirr Canlr/ 

[ugb UamOB ilMtx" 

1 PliiUip*,'' Or^ft 

,"Jd/y(Mt }Feb.S6. 

Henry Mo«tTaO>r»B. — j — ;■-■..--.- i". 

OoHntfar /M<rM(M". Ba^gmlort^ i 

Ii'rs'larlDk HenrjArtfailr D«( Voi 

Fru. SudloirQMTml- ' •" " "" 
UoDURu )jnit]o«k>' 

.0 RDbarl 

la HamlltOD _ 

IIioD Uutdook Orat 

7Aiig. »i 
J Fab. S; 
sreb. B7 

KennDtll J. R. Campbell (U«t. £« 
Rigimtnl, 18 Aug. 86J, Mm>; wii 
Cija«( (towiB»»liir. 

Duniol Pwros Buuderluiil" 

WUliniajDhiiCliMihyrBllaUer .. 

WiHittin Percy Uurnell Wird 

 -oa KertUw BUronhy 

ID Hajb M'Gavin 

Ojril Onalow Peter- HoWyn 

WalMr Dottgiiii".' "'.".....,! 

OwoHLyillPnmcU ...'.'.'".', .!,'," 

tuH«a Vdi[«-..-WilUiim Busby M>y«.ii Ang.jS; Bon. Cuiloia, 11 Antf- W. 
UarUr Jt«(.r.-Ja.ojih Uriltlob,ink,« ij April gi ; Hoi. Lint. 

BLuo— ^■iniw Whll»— .iy»li,Moa>n. Co» ft Oo. 

5 Oct. it 
fiApr. (1 

, jt with tb* aipedit 

iha Lngbmaa Vallaj aad 
tba Wiuaar» Ebngianu, a 
attack uid deatniauon of at 
lagaa (Uadal). 

' QaiMTal OUrka aarrad tfaa Eaatem campaign 

U'KMuia'* Paim, baltla* oF Balaklarft (Mibra > 

(oiHil lUcdal witb ihna Claipa, Urav- "- 
and Turklth Umlal). 

• Oolonal Deanli Hryad In the Boi 

• CapuUn Dm V«qx aarred "ritt 
pedlUoDa Into the Lu-*-"— v-""" 

i^it-S) with the Sonu Qreya, inolading the 

aackj, XnkBnnan, and Tohomaya, aiwa andbll c 

Lt.Colonal, Knight ot Uia Lagion of Honor, jtb CUaa of tb* ] 

A^han irar in i3Ta-3i>, Knd Cook pi 
e KLugiajusi wu alao preacal at iJ 


win Hall 

1 1879-80 (Medal). 
.._.*in the Afghan WL. _ 
o the Lnghman Vallej ai 

iS7g-4a, incln 
_ ^ , againattbeV 

>»aDk aaddeaimntioa of the TillagM of Nargoii, Arab Kl 

Allgbas war In iS^g-Bo, indading tba ongagamenc 
Of ie79-ts,and wok part in thaaipeditioi 

" Malor Port.. , 

•aWr at All Uoahan under Lt.Colonol Fryer, 
Kboglanla and to tbe Ulaaarlk Valley. and at 
Jokao (MeiUl). 

<• Jlwor anrot lerrod with the Carabinlo 
Mohmundi at Dakka (Uadat) . 

" CitiiUln Haaay eariad wlib tba CaiBbiniera in the Afghai 
the Wuuorco Khugiauli (Medal). 

M l^plain I'hllllpa aarred in Uia Alkhan war in iSSo (Kedal). 

" OaptalD Owon lervad with the Oarabtniara in the Afghan war in ilTfi-Sa, inelndiB 
Unbniiinda at Dakka and the eipadltion agaloat the Woaeerea Khugiania (Uedal) 

"(.'•plain Bethnne aerred In Uia Afghan wai of ietg-»ii,and wai preaant In the 
Daoambar iln (Medal wttb Claapl. Bemd with Ua ^ind Hlghlaadan in the Boer war 1 

•• Uoptain Cradook aarred with the Uarabinlera in ibe Afghan war In itrv-^. and 
lata the LuBhman Valley and agalnit the Wuaeeree Khugiania, and waa pivtent at t 
tbe rlllagea of tfBrgoal, Arab Kheyl, and Jokan (Medal). 

 UeuL Bnadatlaad tarred wtib tbe Burcwee Ktpeditlon in ittj-Sj (Itedal with Cl> 

■. Cli«rlm SawTEt,' X«iiffi 

\ QtMtrai, I Jaly Si J t'sldiil J DiMoon Go»ri 
- Iliauuut Cflloaal. — prt.e- HtDTj Fanv Gnuit, 

aininr, 19 D*c. 9i ; C1>ni<t, '13 Deo, 

' iWftUsr t7r*aub... 

■> ~ iWilUunEiInnl UurriUD RoilEt 
>. Ht. Buka.' Oia<It. CuKw'ti 

lOliek U«)tn citopbull de BbtrIi," JUj". ) 


 WiUism ThamHon," 'M'**'' 

•tiukin Ytmanrj QmJfy 

; WaiiMn Baid^Duhu^ 

[D Edoin DanbT 

n Henry Hjoroft^ 

rd WiHium l^BTtoa-Flllml)•o^.. 

- 'BolwTtCDopar -. 


IE UMOsoTiia .■.— 

.. ja tAnsurorUur 

^dl WilUum QutGis „....„... 

.. IWUluin aiUol PDjtan 

- Ooii; AndanoB Lagapriaia 

„ irilUaBDuMllI'H«tii*r ......... 

.. mundBAmrtSoau. 

.. lltOa Mdwrd fniariek Djpi .... 

1 July So 19 Dec. 


RycroH tervsd in Ibe Nil* 
n iSaj-S; alUclied la loa 

DeMHTciiliiaui. wd arwrwurd!! with 
tbe Moonlcd latuliy (Msiial «it)> 
a>^, ud Kbedltre'i Suu). Sarrsd 
wltb Ills Baadao Fiontiec Field Fa»« 
in i£I; in comiDUid d[ thi! ImGoliiT 
TroDpaor th&EgyptUn AnuT, AQU iTiL> 
,- ., „m „ antra. 

I Ooudii (Ucdal, and i 

it\a,—Faei^gi Black.— jij»«i 

' U.CcDcnil S»«™ 

 CoI[>]>f 1 liVast fhile EBi-vmif nith Itaa Errpllaa nnn; !□ 1S84 anppraHsd a matinj of ths Turkiah UUtalioB 
(btTH or Lt. Colaoal. 3rd ClaH oF lh« Medjidie). Berrcd with tbc Mile Eipadilion in 1SS4-B;, and in ttio subHqnCDt 
mnBouiDllia Soudan m iBSj iacomiDaiid of & Battalion or Uonnud InraaUy (meotioiiediD deapatcliaa, CB., 
■Bill mii two Claapa. -"■' "'—'"--■- "<-■' 

JO Claap*. and KhedlTC' 

a Tth Dra^ooTi Giurda in the K^fyptj&ii var of iS9?, and vroa rircsf'nt in Ibfl 

" inonthB^thaeplomber, and at ILb Wttlo Qf Tul-cl-Kebir and 

ILvB'a Star), 

-- „-- . - ..rdBintheEgrptinnwnrof iGBi, and mua present in the ooEam- 

borw ihot) and in the action at Kuiuuin on the >eth Auguii (Uodal, 4tii Clasa ol the Medjidia, 

rgh Hrred with the jtb Dragoon Gnarda in the Esjptian war of iSSi, and whb present In Iha 

a^nnof Cairo (Uedal with L'laip, and kbedive'a Star). 

" Cajriain Du Boola; Krred in the Itgjplian war of tiSi in commaad of the SiKnallera of the Carslrj Dlvisi 

•^■upresantin Ilia engagementaalKlMaiifar and MKhsamB. in the two actio " " '- -■---•--■--■ 

itf Tti-el-Kebii and tbe capnre nfUairo (Uedal with Clasp, and KhccliYe'ii Star). 

"Cajwin DiUnaa aarved « lUi thojib Dmgoan liiiardain theKKj-plian war of i. 
il Til-d-Kebir and the capture of Cairo (Medal witb i;laap. and Khedives star), 

"nurf El Maglar and Mabaama, in tbe acUon at Kasiaiin on the iSth AuRuat. 
»Mili( apmre ol Cairo (Uedal with Uiatp, and Khedive's Blar). Served with It 

■CipiaiaThompeonaened with the ;th Dragoon Guards in the Egvplian war of iGSi, and was 
•nnniuKaiuain. and at the balUo of 7el-cl-Kcl>ir and the canUire of Cairo (Medal Wltb Clasp.andKhcdiveaHt 

'"fA'i FlimK Celamn during the invasion of Znluland and the engueement at Ulundi IMedal wilh Clai 
te'tdaithihe Nile Kapedilion In 1684-35 nitb the ibI llmuilion of the South SlaSbrdsbire acginieni, and < 
pnwnl at tha acUon of Kirbckan; iJlerwaidK xervcd as Depot; Aasistant Cnmrniiaarj General of Trans] 
IllMalwiibtwoClaapa, and Khediia'i atari- Served duringtheoperationa Inlhe Soudan ncdsr Sir Vredai 
5>"rt*uoBiniISj-M»aConiBiandaBtonthaLiiiaof Uommunicationi. Served with IheChin-LuahaiEipedition 
'"rctu iB^BcdcT 11 rigadiar Genual Tragaar on special serrice wilb tbe Kaatem Colamn during its advanc 
UiU (mantuuMil In deapatchea). 

the battle 

Eipoditionm i386-8t 
n the two 

1st {Roy<^) Dragooni, 

The CnM of EdrIbticI within UuGkrtn. AnBacl*. 
" D«Ttisaiiit" "P«Bi«wj." "WiMBioo" "Biuim 
I OolontL— Frederick Uanfaall.' CKO. OmM.^^iB Sept, 44; LinI, 


- UaatvAAJit Oaluii 

.., . _^. _. OiUnil, n Mar.«4i 

)pt. B4 1 Cb^Hff ipt Uruooni, » Mar. 91 

— ' "Ian UiclMa, tSmiiiiati*f fU 

a 70: Uoftr, I Jnlj 81 '■ "  

JO SBot.asi Colontl, !o Sept. B)). IfJi- 
toTj Src. It Hi Emmrwo/Boaief .... 
ffm. FluGorald O'BhanghneMy. .iw. 

Utal.uf Inland 

'diDnnd WillUm uimim, i-r— 

liHHiuui, 5. .ff. DitlritI 

■rIcB Rosdew Burn,' .JMi ii CsBp 

'.X./r. Ut Ball if CamniimsU 

rard Gcorga IroyU-BBllock 


- Jimw Andraw Uarphy 

- John Edward Lind' — - 

D. George Limbi 

at St^ir Ctlltg* . 
. iclater-Booth ..,. 

. ArtlinrI 

 Ralph Starj CUT-KlIlaoE, orri 

Dsth Robert Bniroor.. 

miM Elliot HsFTisDn '.'. 
1 Wreford JolianHan 
h Hurry RoberlBOD-AJ 

, , jdHaidy 

. John WiUUun MuMyWood, .l^j'alnal 1 

:ir Albsrt jar Duteep Blai ' 

riMFr«aol« Jowph Leopo 

Frederick ^fCt-"- 

1 Unrch BB 

. nm 

Dhn Mod 

a Mar 64 'B Jnly 1 

} April 75! 15 Oot B4 

I ig June «] 


30 Jan. 
II Hot. 84 

:h)>u Jf<ut>r,- 

imptarer l^kia Webb, i Hay Soj .?!>■. Caflai; S Uay 90. 

Boarlet— nicJHj Blue.— .ijniM, Messrs. Coi and Co, 
SfCunHd/nii  -  — - . 

[ Criua, 1; Ifaj 


^„. j1 Rhodei" eoned in I 

Major Oanerol Sir Herbert Siewi 
'I'eb and Temni (mentioned in dnpntchei 
in iBB4-3;a« Aidede Cmnp 10 SicUerbe 
arAba Kleaand El Gubnt IborBeihol); 

1 Lt. General Mirthal) Hrrsd in the Crimea from ist to 16th Sept. iB^c. ea Aide de Camp td Sir Jamea SoUlMI 
<MedHl wllhClup Tor Sebnetnpol. and Torkteh UodalJ. SeneillD the Zulu wamf 1S79 in eamnmndDrttaeCaTalrr 
Urigade, and after the dlBtoluiion of the Brigade commanded ihs adranoed poet* on the Line* of CommnekBlkB 
(Medal irith Clsep, end CUO.]. 

'.^.i...i I1V..1.. — ,^ i- .!.« an„^„. T.„^H:.i,- .inder Bir Gerald Grahain In 1SS4 a* Aids de Caop fai 
alr.r Briaade, and wu preeent is the enfrKmnuniia •> >i 

p, and Khedive's Star). Served with the 

ii.JLHKlhe Desert Column, aiidwaa present at UwBe 
iiie do Camp to Major Genenl the Hon. J. C. Do 

. Sl«i»«r 

• Canuln Barn Murdoch lerv 

_ _ ined with the Haiara lijnediUon in i9S8 . 

tnsnJIin the Haw* Field Faroe [meDtlanM In d* patches, Hadal witta;Cla*p). 

iih the Koyal DtaaoDna'Deiat 


. I , n« Thint* wliliia til* Clnls *ixi Mai 
'<_: OalHtL— Ar JobnBliKoulSeldGough, 

2nd Dragoons iRmjal Scoli (Jtey»>T" 

r. Ad Basis. "SaCniid U 

n (rmgh Mrted durtne tho war in Cbina of i3.i-i5 1 

. untdiiriDjr the eipBdUiop.BiiilrPpeiveaihe brevet rank of Mnjor 

>f tbcBatb (Medul). 3crvod iii iheGwoliur oaiiipsieii oriSfj-^f 

;antlej ■si<'4e; commanded tho ind KdEBdo of Cavnlryat tha 

d as Quarur UuUr CHiu^ntl of H.M.'a farcBe In India at the 

btoIt wounded (Medal and two Clasps). Served IhoPonianli camnaicn or 

I T. „_,_ H.U.'i ForocB in India, and was present at tbe bii 

|<>i;«al<ll>d>l will) two Clupi), appointed Aide daCnmptoibe Qaecnirith Brevelra 
r 'lUvlohriMona nrrail with the Beehoanalana KipediUon onder Sir CIlwcleB Wan 
I <>^umte»Ht.»iiAi*it^ap'm^ar loo men fOithsindMouDlfld aides (DarrlnRLon'i 
' r^Ma Till I run Tlrr rfrll rrrnrillinii fnr liMintrr. " Han's Annua] Army List," 
• r>|>ii» niiiiilalnj ■amd with thfEing'a DnBoda Gai-'- '- " - " '' — - -'"-- ■- 
llvMr. ImiifiBii: Ins urmlrr aflalr at EnnoitByaa (Ved. 

•OMun MiitdWIon served 

md KbediTt' " ' 

linled Adjnti 

Bps, and Kbodive'i Siar). 

:ip«dLUon in 1334-35 nitb lbs Ueavr Camel R 

leut (Medal 

IriUtedalc served in the eipedition to lie Sindan under Sir Conild { 
(l«>pM«lMe, Brevst of U^or,' Medal wiliiCUBp, and Kliedire'4 Star). 

i 3rd ( The Kuig't Own) I 

ThaWhluHorHwttliiiithaOiutar. " ffMai^wa (««*■*_."_ _';D»iinf«_ni "J 

/.( 'i1 May 44: Caiil.'ii DtB, li; Mijor, •'19 Feb. sSi Ll.Coltatt, 36 July j»; Cb:g]iii 
Uoicr Omtraf, 13 Mu. 6a 1 £i«il. Gmtraf , i A])r. gj 1 Cslioit jRl Hnaain. le Apr. »a. 
LitntnuDt Oaloml.— John Furcfoj- BIlli Jerrolse. CawiHfiduf (»• A^n(, 1 fa\s Bji a 


ir Frederiflk 1 

BrlRhC- Smith . 


right 1 

„.,., .. NlobolM WogHiO 

Browno, I'lr. Aiiitl.A^. Qtn. CumfkS 

St. Clair Oiwald 

-  Tlniihiun Cralilw,' Aij. =7 Aag. ti 

Betbane Pntloo-BoiliimB' 

Bich u-d tiodolphln Witlmeiliijr 
"•.iiMlJfiinl-E '^- — 

Jownior llfatUn 

ia KiDguote FluilATdiDS« Chipmrni 

John WilllBm Bnn 

WillUm KlchatA Jddu-B] 
Fredsriok Thwmhea Lniu^ 

ii John Milchell .. 

10 Nov. Sjj 
.a Jnlj 8s 


hard lames Vllliii, 13 Mirch So ; Son. Caplait, ij Unrch « 

[jcntiui. ig Oct. Ei ; Jlon. Liml. 

-Aciui Sckrlet.— ^Hud, U«an. Cox uid Co. 

> Sir rrcderlck FitiWygram wnedlcithsCiiniuwith th* 6th Dragoou, wu preHut ■CthabkUls oCTAtn 
mnd full of Bcbastopol (Uedal with Cliuip, Mil Tnrkish Medal). 

 M»ior Beckett «rved m tho KByption »" of '38a in cotumandor Mililary Mounted PoliM. and wu on 
In Iho BctiDD Rt Kusuin od Uie 9^ Septsmbei and sc the bsltle ot Tel.el-Ksbir (dwdUodhI ia dMpBtobw, B< 
or H^or. Medal irUbCUep, tth Clou of the Medjidis.and Kbedive'a Stu). Served throoirhoat (he NlLeKii 
,_ .,» ._ _..^ .^. ,..v. /. . t.— imgni. and took port In lie operaliona of tha Dwirt CdIuhh InDln 

1 iSSj-as m 
ir GodBOD'i 

e LiRht L'ainel Regim 

Seiied tbraaghont the Nile Eipeditjon in iWt-«c 
ma of the Dewrl Column (Claepl. 
' t,-apiaui uiauDB mftoii aaovoinmeorwimmo om inniekillinK DraBOons in the Bo«rw«rof iSSi. aamd 
olunWer with the iglh Huuan In the iKjpliau war of iBSa, and was present at the battle of Tol-Bl-Kablr (H 
ith Ulaap, and Khrdive'i Star}. 

• Captain Patton-Belbuna served In the Boar war of iSSi as a volnnteer attached to the InDiskllUtiB Ciui 
 -   DragoonQnoKlamlhBKKrptianwarof iBai.andwaapreaeBlinll 
at KoaaasiD, the battle of Tel-el-Sebir and the oapture of Cairo (X 

lfag«ment at Ma h sa m a, the two 
mUi Clasp, and Ehsdive'sfitar). 
' Captain Chaloner served with the Carabi 

u Kbuffli 

Ca-alrj B; 

ii the 4th bfogoon Ouordi in the FetpI'ui' 

ined la despalches. Hedi 

_e engagements at Kl Teh and Ttni^ltwoClospe). Served with lb 
and Bobiequently as Staff Officer to the Cavalry irtlh the River Column 
It la the aetiOB at Kirbekan (mentioned in deipalchei, two Clasps]. 

4th iTJ.e Queen- sOiCi) HuflBars. 


'OilimiiL—ilrauaerLow.'CB.Cornrl, 'zDot.iji LI. 'tJalj ji; 
M^ar, i60».i,; Bt.U.CaUMtl.iiTiti.n-.lj.aiUiil.xAiiy • 

Mat 0(>I*m1.— Airnd Blbt?.' Ommaniina t>> SMimrni. iiDo'c.Ef i Conui '• Jan & 
«9: (Wui, r,, JU1.J.J ilajar.i JoljBii Colevl, iS Sor. Sjj K.&Io..!, 

idcsto^iction orTenui lUcdnlwlth Clasp, and Ktwdi 

6th {Boi/al Irish) Lancera. 

1 •' MlL/LlQDM " "8UUlV,lSl5." 

Cslsnel.— JTsiL Bomsrael John GancbCklUionie.' Cgrur. r,, Uty tS-.Lini. 'ij Xu ji i Cbjrf. '14 SapL IS 
S5 Julj7oi i«-(.O."™/,iJLiWB.iC0l<.«{5thLaMe™,,8NovBT. ^ 

;.(. ,l!af.69i Cflp/ai-,5Jai.= 75i*f'U°'. i Jalyg.; J(.K.C=(<.mI. -s InneSs; i«.CW™l, .4 U0T.I5 

CofcMl, IS JnnoB?. 

TtioniiuFletelier(jeUi>irVnil>rSDM. 7^ 

»D tUDt, 

"■"■ 1 "-""■ 



'loNoV. «9 

.Maj ,8 
.4 Jii'. Bo 

.M.n!h;» t Mar. 63 


Alfred We.wn' ;T 

Archibald Cosmo Lilllo.' .iJj.(«(> 
tFa^urt Ttemanr, Ciaitrf i 

,■ :l? !; 



WilliBm Heiir ....a^iAm-"^ 

S:srvS'fflK#.:r;"oK :: 

SitronD Lr.DTi!r«TB. 

ErnsBt E.lWHra WeM 

Harold tlalloiiHulae... 

Jphn Aletrmder WI-Mn 

It Dm. 9<> 

>nl n. ILiTem-ka, t March So: Sn. : 

louijPavao, iB JulrBSi Bon.Littt. 
ticurgo Wuteriann, IS Feb. SB ; Bn. 

I, Heisn. Coi and Co. 

Bmhvkei/iir Itiia, 31 JTeiuBtd 

a Lhe Eulera umpaigD of iSjt-ss w Aids de Canp to l«l 

, aail Inkariiiiin,iUfBiriiorBulgBiiakaiidlI'Euul>'*ram,al 

8Dt)Uioiiol(McilulnithrouT t'laapi, Uievel orMioor, Kniitht of the LfsIdd oTBoDOor, jthClManlM 

ileOjiuiB, ami Turluah Modal). . _^ 

' Colcmel Uarve; Krved wiUi Ifae expodltiOD to Uio SoDdaa in iSBjlncDmmiDd oTthaaRrloa aqiiBdicoi M ■• 

clh LiDcers unLil Lbc iitt March, and Ru preunl ia the ongnKeni'iit at UathsaD— MTanl; woandtd {fi>***A 

LLColnnel. Medal with Claiip, and Khcdivc-a Star}. 

• Uojor JuhimWue-DoaKla* served aa BriKada Mpijor to the Cav 
Fi:Id Farce in 1979, aod vritb tbo ijth llusaan in Boutlieiu Abhaaie 
iBEi withttaaijthlluH'tnrg. 

> Major IVestou seri>sd as Ailjiitsnt orthc Carabiniera Id the AfFchan irarin iBjg-So.and toekpwtfallktnpr- 
ditioni iato the LushinHn Vulley aud ssamit ilie Wuieeree Khugiaiiia, and at the attaok and d««tnroHBi tta» 
*>1lageior.Sarit<jEi, Arab Khe.Tl, and Jokani NraaftatT OOcer and Frovoat Manhal of tlia >nd Morabla GohMt 
KhvSsr Lino Force, from ^Vb May to nth Aug. .a&.(UBdal), . 

• Major ChlaboimcacrvedwiUi tbo gtta Lanceu intha AfKban warof ia7B-So. and irai preunl at tha oaptu* « 
AliMoajid. m[~iiei.!lair atSiahBnag (nevoroly wDuaded). anri inthe oooratiana around Cabul in D«e«uber itrr- 
woniided (mentioned m [icapotcliea, Brevet of Major. Mtdsl with two Olaspa). 

• Major A. u. Liltle eervod with ttin eipoiUuoa to tlio Soudau in iSfi; ai Staff Officer to Brindiar OoBtral Inn 
Cjmaianding Cavalry Urigade, HEid was present m the eui^-atremonla at Haiheeu and tha Torr«k lanba, and U 
tb; dC9tinction of Teniai luicutirihcdindeFpalcbea, Brevet of M>oor, Medal with two Claapa, and Khediva'a Blai). 

' CLipUiin A).non niirvcd wiihibeNilcBipediUonin iGS^-Ej with Che Ucht; Cuuel Regimant (Medal with Our, 
BDd Kbivlive'B lilar). • 

<• OaptmaU'Langb'inntrva.'linCheBocrwarofiBSa-Gi, and took pari In thedcfenceof Btanderton. Bemd ta 
the Kile eipcditionin lESi-B; with tha 19th HoHira (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive'K Blar). 

)• Lisnt, l.oodairjenvl with llio Bxpeditiouto tha Huii'hinin i9g;, and waapreeent In IbeeagagemenUatHathMa 
»nd the T^ifrek lerabs, and at the desUuclicm of TemaiiMolal with iwo Clativ. and Kbedivc'a Blarl. 

« t'aplaLiiKingJHiricdin the Murmoae Kipodilion in iSSj-S? with the lat Hattalinn Rojal Welsh Fusiliera an* 

>' Cip eln i)o , -no Hcrted wilJi the expedition (a (ha Sondiin in iSe^.and was present in theengassneiitaatBaahtta 
and 'he Tofrek lenl-o. nn<l at the doHtiucCion ofTemai (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive'a Btv). 

" L' -lit. lira imn -lerccd in tha n]<eratLont againal the AwuaabK, on tha Weit Coast of Anrin, Id 1BB4 (manUoDDd », Dso). 

Ciil««1.— Alv: 

Ot£(tHttllkUU^lg') Dragoons, 148 

?riV™??.''''i^/^?*'f>"'Vl*''2''.?l'^''i,*'''yj?;<^"»''-**Mnr. «jirff;«., , 

•c'.ilOcr.,!) ( 

18 Oct. :i; CUfJoi. 

ABdmc Gmifi Tftimipmn' I 

Bdwkrd GntbUD PSDDeliiihn* tBI. LI. i 

C^-ul, il Od.B8» j 

Cliu-lo William Crgoa" 

Hre^^Cockcroft P., 

Bileiffb Gref, trii^t) 

l>wl Fetiet Ftrt* 

PUnck WllliwD Varbtt 

■Bderio RimiBinoo" 

l.lmnnd Heaiy Hrnioin AllaobT," 

• .U.I rj llMT. Sf 

otaD WiiklBB lardlaji' 

r LiQilMT Jenningt-Bnijulj'' 

in IUirtn!7 RegimW Ooii* 

aboRM Hkireia Pkjiilv 

InHiu Rowlud Uu>l«, .JUi ill {^H n ) 

I Kr a. .*. Btua J 

'Oudl Barn? Sanndan... 

iOatIm SAinra Pieran," uiriHaiUAiM- ] 

Utd JEmtm P*U» «Wm „ _.„ i 

Adam Brack-Bqrd-wnvni» .. 

<r*orire Kniasi mdcanx-Btim* ..„..,^„».„ 

D Li» 

Charlaa Edmud Valal d« Carteret 

-Wmian 01i*«," 


irl« Shuts acted as AOj 
of Koraool, B«gtlnili« 
UjDUnl (>«nerm1 of tbe 

Ul or 3eb>stopo1. niitbl 

rYelloir.— ^j«| 
/r^- S^.lh -If' 

n of .8s,-sS u 

ubnenoently in 

. Served , 

the iqnudron noder 
tl'a Flv,n); CDlomn 

n Page-Senderton iervad in the 
KpeditiOD QDder tin CLarlea Wan 
n BratuD saned La tba Boer war 
in4-«S "itb the Inniaklllinj, Fnii 
B* rorbaa, KJinlnglon, Alianh/, 
and Eipoditlon unSer Sir Cbarki 
D Coi aoTvaii wiUi Ihs Bechasn&l 
Pterceaerved In tha Nile E 


stilling Dragoon >, Served wilb Ihi 

itbe TnniftkiUEns DrairoonB. Scrrc 

c Inn^ekiltTDg Dragoone. 

B the Uccbasnalana B>i>edition und 

ngH BrnDily and Lieut. Hughet bi 

134-S; utulcr Sir Cbarlee Warren. 

-8; nitb tbc i«l ButtJiKoil Yorknbi 

.il was pment In ttae ent 
rlea Warrea in 1SB4-8J it 

7Ul (TA. «« 

!<».■. 0. 

TkI Cypher iritbLnUisOkrWT. 
WMIiKtu Tlionms DJolMon, CwMf, 'jj \pi 
; m.Lt.Valaill, a6 Oct. jS; if.CoJuiuI.'i 
„l.aihrr^l, I July Si 1 CJiiul 7th Huuan 
It OdIdiieI.— Jubn Lombud Hnnl, CstmI, 
I July Si i Li.Cotofl. It Dm. 99. 

11) HoBuirfl. [' DM«i.- 

""P»irmiJi.i" "WxTiBLOo" "Loi 
j; Z(. 'ijFsb. 48; Cflit >« April ji 
».6ii (7>i«>l, i Jan. 641 Jfv«- O" 

i.r. CtaarloB FitiGonld Tbonuon' 

I.e. lIuii1dFBKei,«Jlrto.J(i>|M',^UintDl 
JJ'pirf J 

I. lUcharcl Thompeoo Laicloy,' ilil 

GeorBe Alfred Penthi* KyBna," Slalinn 

SlqfOp-rtr, Selliry 

ttiehara Lionel Wiultar 

BenUuird Kdmrd Uamm 

Andenon Liniluy KeDj 

(3«irEoA]l>crt LwleCmren , 
George KaltjillGobijf .......... 

UeorgB \Miit Holdiwi 

BemEnd Robsrt Llotx 

Robert Montagn Poom 

"—■Jd OeorRe Brooke 

Joho Grftbun Ha 

M Logon SUfwarti 

art BiBWU Cr»w 

II. B«i;ln&ld UulinKi Msnbim..., 

m Willi 

Jolin Fryer.... 

% Jofy 

>3 J11I7 

.1 July B, 

-HariT Dibble, j; Out. W. 

— William Jghn Waii«,i> II Oct. 761 Ba*. Otpt^n, 11 Oct. 96. 
Kaa.—AtnU, If eun. Cox uid Oo. 
Smtarttd far India, 16 Xtr. tSM. 
■erred In the Boer wtx el iB 
~ Hp&tcheLBret 
iUi* Nile Exp* 

_ _ _ .. Sernd in (ha Sondaa mmpaiga In iDj m BHgid* 

lUor or CkTKlry (menUoned is dwiKtchee^Bmet or U^or. Usdal with Olup, UHl Shedln^ aiar). 

^ ll^Or PkeMeerndthrouKlioutUitNilaExpeditioiilniSBi °- " •-•:■■•--■ -- "-- ••-^- "- — ' •« — • ' — > 

ik»ftlii&*op«rMioiuof thaDawn Coluoin inelndlng 11 
:b Fabnu ~ ''' ' " — ^ •- ^ ■■-- -- 

1 M^jor C. F. Thomi 

or PMMaemdthrouKlioutUiaNilaExpeditioiilniSBi-asuAdinlant to th* LtiAt Oftmel Ila«tm(nt,u 

jtln&aoparMioiuof thaDaien Coluoin inelndlng Iha enguemeDt M Abn £lm Walla onUMiMac 

- - — nnded (raaaUonad In daapatchea. Brevet or JWor, lladal with Clup, aDd Khedira^ Btark 

,_ _abnuwj— 1 , , , .. , _ 

' Uajor Ridley larYed with Ihe i^th Hiuur* in the Biryptiui war oF iSSi, and waa pnaaut in (be m. 

Kaaiuln(9Ui Beptember). and at Iha battle of Tsl.el-Keblr Iksdal with CIa>p,Bnd Ehadlve'* Stu). 

• Captain Hon. R. T. Lawley aened throngbouL tbe Nile Bipcdiiion la last-S; with the LishC Camel Baftmail, 
and (00k pen in the operation! of (he Deaan Column inalndiog the engegemeDt at Aba Elea Weill on (ha iHhaid 
17th ^bmen (IfoUTwiCh Clasp, and Khedive's dl«r). 

'* Ckptain Er>DB serred In the -Ughon war la iS;^ with the 9th : 

rs (Medal). 


Captain Cols-Hamlllon serred wlib the isc ButaliDn Bhropehire Light Inf^try in the Egyptian war of itti 
. .1. ......u-.^r, nd Damietta (Medal, and KbedlTs'a SlaiT Serred in iha r- 

and WAS present *t the 1 

10 tlie Saudi 
in by British troops in 

t SsCUUon Shropahire Light InfluiCry (ClMp). Berred in tlie ooonpattoi 

use Expedition in iBSj-iS on Traniport dot; (Uedal with Cbtip). 
of ibu Tth Uuiaart with (ha eipedlUon *«inM (ha Hobmond' 

Colonel A. UacdoueU (Uedal with 01am), 

a Hobmond Tiiba 

] 8th (The Kmg't Boyal Iruh) Hubbbm, 

ThBHunkOdCroHD. "fnilinaci'-tifiJiuHDrri."— ■'LiBwiiHt" "HiiinootT**" "Ai.Mi' 

. "tii'ti"" "l*"""""  B.T.M0POL '■ "CHii"i.rin.ii""AMinijn»Mi.,.8;a-So." 

nt\. — ¥g ChurlM Cimulonl FrBMr,' OB. MP. fur JfaHk LambM; Comrt, '3 Dnc. 47: £«■ 

BOB joi Cayl. 'i, April S4! iW.ifa/or. » July s9 ; Jf^«, '13 Uaj 59J L/.C-Anil, tjB Jn 

Wo»l.rSJiui. Mi«.,wOi«™(. 5s Juljjo; Ziwi-StMru^; i Oct. 86 ; O0j&«i Sth HoMiira, j. Ji 

laL— Ttaorau Attell 81. Qniiilia,* CBmmaiiilinaUtSrgimint,ioloiyeT. Carnil. w Di 

r Lagh OletTM ,■ jlUt ^ Camp ie 

-.a.Ormn ..._ 

Edward ocmei Palij 

DarM Xdnrd Toad* ... 

WUlluB KaDToD MiUiird*"! 

- Iphilip LiiBfcdala 

 iHulrpFogiirlj Dwyor* 

n'my GnMbed 

att\ GordoD Beduigtgid ... 

M'Canuhu ... 
In Saiididlli„..„. 
a«rbsi1 Ron Qnltoa 

lAfulisa war iniS79-So(Mediill. 
Ci^italB Wood HCTTsd Hilhthe «tk 
Htuun in tta D Argban 

^ 1 


BJalj i!sS, a 

(•oudron iguut abody of Guiiu fsnaLics. mentloaed In Sir Hope Grunt's deBjiBlch for "moat conspicuoDS 
nliutrT," bnTCl at Ubjot), Uu-ouRhout Ihe Trans-Gogia campalga, {deluding Ibe aTitr near Chorda and parsait, 

.-Mcae of Captain Sciawd and some men ofUiB jtt HnesorB, who were in immiBonl danger of being drowasd in lie 
B-Tcr Raploe, vbile in pannil of Lho rebels. M^or Fiaser succeeded in this galltint service, alChonBh u Uie lime 
partially diaablsd. not has-inBrocoyBfodfroma sevorowoand received while leading a Sijuadron in a chaiBB Bgainst 

CnmmandaDl at Uwd Qnarten, and in charge of the autposu.andwasprceent si tbo aclinn of Arojiceand caplm 

ueotJoBBd in deapatchBB, fl. . .... 

' Mi^or Daridaoa BBrred en the Egyplian 
1 Kaaaaam (otb September) — -• -■ ■'■- ■-' 
' Msjora Fell and Clowes Bi 
' L.'^nt. L>>tyer aerred in L 
Ii.-.Ui iMedal with CiMp). 

ar of iSBj with the iitb Bengal Ijuican, and was preaent at the action 

e of Tel-el-Kebir (Uedal with Claip. and Khedive'a Btar). 

th HuBsara in ihe Afghan war in i»n-io inelndinR uie engagenieDt 

iB79willi Ihe ijlh Lancera, and was present in the engagement at 

9th (The QtMs»'( Royal) Lancers. 

The Rojal Oyphsr wflkin tha Oarter. "PiimiDLi" "pDimu 

, , Oct. 31 i LI. >]i AoR. ji 1 C^. T14 Fab. j; ; Vv*'. t 
.; Celanai, X, Sma iT, Jfiti'n- 0*iura/, 6 March M 1 £<«'»»' 0«Mri''. < < 

:(f 9U1 LaniHin, E Marcb 71. 

 i;»m.™n.-  Ay.(a.n 
™o,r_, C«»lrj j 

'ilKnrn Jemiflr, ^(fyateir/> 
rj Comanic^ WilioaKiib}' 

. Csnf Dnoglu Ja 
. Ms*. Victor Bar 
. Herbart roaUr 

. Daiid Graham MiubMOampbsll... 

m Hear; von SohrMtr... 

13 Hay as 
jUaj M 
ciAaR. 8 

n-Jfatfn-.— JobaKo 

mryNlchalBon, i4Usy7g) Ben. Ca;>l'»,>4 Uaylj. 
arthe," 17 Sept. 791 Bon. CtptaU, ij Sept. S9. 
OlDB— Foeiiat ScBTlet.— .l;n'>. Uamra. Coi and Co. 

 Sir Arclilbaia Littlatcrvcd with tbeQltaLanccrB 

Id the Sntlfu campalgii iD iSi«, incladingthebattlc of Bobnoa 
[Javalrf at tho rellaf of Laoktiowiand comibandcd tha ikai H 
irnuiuiiusreoalvcdthathaalKof Iha Commander Id Chief and GoieiMC 
dtheCBvalryandChrea troops HoiM AdllloT; at the baUlB of CHnrnin 
the 6th DEc,,&cUouaiitSora[afaat and KbixdarzaoKe. ComDusdail Iba 
jknow.oBtil sejerelr wonnded by a muaket-balf Ihroogh the leflelbo* 
ul«l_llli twnrloupgj. 

TKhBD war of iB^a-Sa. and took f»n with tha B 

VnlleyBipeilitloB, ihe oipa'liiioa to Maidan, the alTBir m Kilin Kui (wtcn he bronRht tha regiicant oaiit 
KFilun. anil nas HTerely wouDded).aDdiD thsoparatioaa sroDniKJabul in December 187$ (moDtioned in deapUcliMll 
 ccampamcil Sir Frederick Roberts in ChB march to Canilahar, anil waa preuot at the battle of Oaadilul 

DfU^or, Uodal witfa 
»)ioh4r 1379 (Uodal with 1 

le Afghan . 


 December 1879; ueoompaiiinl Bir 

DBiue oi Candohar (Mveral timoB mectioaM n 

r of 1878-80, and waa present in IheopcnlMi 

' L-i.p 

.- ^ round Csbul in DecembBr 1870! ae< — r 

Inhar.Bnitnas present at Che bBttIa of Ciadahar s> Urderly Omrer to Brigadier Oeuaral U. aoilch(aM» 
in <l/'i|>r.t:hoa, Mods] with two Ulaipa, anil Uronze Deooration). 

Mlii'n irn^nsTon eerved In tha Affcban war in 1879-811, accompaDiod Sir Frederick Roberts in the nun* 
lahnr. and WHS present at the battle of Candsher (Mednl with Clasp, and Uronse Deooration). 

ronvtheservad wlih thegthTisnceni in tha Arghau war of 1878-80, ssd took part iniheopersKiM 

is Deoembar iB7«(3Iodsl with Clasp). 

"Ti g"^"- ecjftf. oc/i. c.i<.»,j, 9 Nov. 
- R.^._ rl April «.. 

•IsmL— da|m Biebmni. ri.«. 

IDowne.i cry., * 


/.i.t. So*. Jkmes Pesru Nipioi,' C<p. , 

;Ai> Kar*! a^luHAIbsnVlAHir inniclMi ' 

, Cdw^rd.Ihitia/CUrcDita A Arondata. 

XO. lie. Fnwruj .i«l< A Cany (t (!• 

- LlobD Palmar BntMTCn" in^U.Cbbxiil 
•I Ma; 94: CtUitl, iB Aug, 3«1, UM 
^ C*./ 1< U< I^un 

irWilOUD. &W ii^ Alrlta,'! 

.. tAnhar Hogbea^ulcm 

> BiK. ETenril BarluE 

- iB4mrd vaiian David Biifid .. 

- \lmi4 Om. mUiam Untecn-DanitlU-BcMt 

I a Mar. 
.. Jnlj 

,'a K.J »'\ '"4 J«"^* 
>;J«ik. Bi\ 4 Jan. 
6 fell. B4I 1 Feb. 

I Mar. B« 
iMoj C9 

[Feb. ajwliki 

CDIllainHon, G. L.Biynnacrveit 
- "-- lotb HnusTB In tbe Kfgbsm 
Dywar iji iSjB-jo. and viui praaaiil at 
Eg the attack and capture of All MuhjIiI 
S^and ia Iha enKWRnieab U Fnlieh- 
Bg>baa (mootKmeil in deapatobn, 
»UBdalHithUlvp), Satrad thioi^tli- 
' • — Bjpedlteon la iSS4-8< 

:h tb6 Tii){hc CnmBl Baprnt 

rt Cnliir 

rt WLlUam Waita, 97 Anit. 90. 
Uur Edward PoolB," 3 Dec. Bi, 

rred In the Zulu 

. Coi and 

r. Medal i.Ub Clasp}. 


't, Mossi 

Ida da Camp to ] 
the Afghan war i 
an in cbe Argbnii 

■E*Jp'i>: April 1S34. 
sjor General Marsbal 

a preaant In the ongngo- 



 10 battle of Candaliar{aBverol times ■— -■^- 



the enimK 

brougbout Ibo Nile 

t IboAfKhanwar ( 

• MahJi» 

4[ULn Durham Mrred inih the toIu Huhi 
11 MaUooD, in tbe oparaUone in the Kboet 
niu BipediiiuQ in t834 irith tbe idUi Hi 
•I -LtS Clarp, ind Khedire'* Star), 
(ird Airlie nened wUb tbe loih Boaaan In 


d Kbediye' 

Iipcdition in 1684-8; "'i'b the 1 

1878-80, and woa present at 
habad, with the expedition ii 
and in the operstions orooi 

ilh three Clasps, snd Brom 

h the Kile Eiped^tlon in iBB^-Sj as Urii.'aile M 
ibn Klaa (sliBhtlj wuniidud), la the onuaiome 
-ilightlj wounded (f 

"). Scnedin 
Db and Temai 

["at Abn Kloa 


le Albert's Oieii) HasearB. 

loeCoDBon. "Ebtft" (<Tflhlha Sp 

Cap/, j Apr, ;S ; Mh/jt, 

:J.CoJoim','5 Aug. S9i Calmi 
, I Jul; Bi 1 CaJonttiith Hu 
relit, Cammatii*} U< £viM , . , _ 
Jn lj Bi I U.Colcntt, 14 Jnly 86 ; Caio' 

. Il>rcb6a. 
Htuoarft, S Feb- 

ij ; CbrMt, 'k Oct « 


rU™ Botroww 

moll Archlbaia Clow 

-dKiIiDancl Bernaid TatboC... 
- "- rjArtbiirOrnnhyGore 

UoiTBll lo^ 

 FrederiDlc Hapo Lebinaim 


1 Mu.' «7 
igVm. Bt 

Dt Btmrt Knklne HBJri*™ 

Tin Owen WUllusa 

lada Tsmple BMOn 

3UUI ADdeidoo Sktt ' ^^'ilaat S Jui. 91 
I. Ucrbcn B'reilerick TbUoo Uille«...-. 
inn DaXlat Tyndslc Tf luUle-autoa 

—Albert Worthington, lo Hi 

far B> : f Di. t 

9r &>■<» 4fri^, >3 Al/ 1B9C. 

Tehcmaf » (Uedsl itilh lb 

> Major gwiina lerred irlth Ibe 1 lu LanMn in tbe Zola war of iS;;, and waa pn 
maiuli {Uedal wiLb Clup). B«rY»d m Che Boer war or 1SE1 ai Aide d« Camp to Major Otntral DmryX 
maDdiDKllia Cavalry Brigade. Serredluthe KgTptiuiifar of iSBi as Aide deCunp 10 Uu or General Di _ 
UomnuidlaB the Cavftliy Division, and was prMent at the eDKBgemeDts of Kl Magfar and Tel-el-Uahat*, 
•nljiina at KuhbId, the battle ol^ Tsl-el-Kebir. and the CHptnre of Cairo (loeiitloned in deepttchcB, I 
M^r,MadalwilbCla*p,4UlCla»ilfthellediidie,aDdKbcdive'ifitaT|. Served in the Nile Bipedition 
Bj wil^ the Li|cb( Camel Regiment, and leak part in Che aperstioiiB of the DeHrtColutnn (Claep). 

• Captain Waring served aa a volunteer with the itb Branoon Qoardi in the BgypUan »m o( iBSi, 
pmrnt at the MCion at Kaasaain on iSth Aninat (Medal, and Ehedlve'i Star). 

I Lleut.Bftlt*erTed wiihtbeeipeditloniffainsCtbe YoDDlca, onlbeWe>tCoutorAtrle>,iu iBSr-GB. 


lath (The Prince of IFitlBH' Roijal) Lanoera. 154; 

lunia^ ThBRieiDgSannndRodDTSffnu. "■Esiir" (itith tLe Si)Uni) "PmmrLJ 
,; LI. '1 Ann. aft; Cupl. ^i* Aug. ji j 

JO Juna 6j! £f. 'to Aue. 70 ; Catt. 1 
IS JoDBl); Ll.Caloat], ii Dw. S7 ; 

1 [loliuid RoKombi Poola 

• Kdflranl Beck. 

1 acDi7 Anbdsla .... 

a Aluuder HUl, JditUni Ws 

«i. Itobcrt tleerRi Bniwlwaid 

'lllUa FTDdarlck Hoaririiod Hlndg, I 
'"'^ ■- lit 

- John Muwell Qordan... 

<• . FniKn* EKerton-Gm 

' ' Jobn Oireiu J-tboKm ., 

~ EwUusa UAa.... 

 Komrd CliAon Brown .. 

eicom LuDTi 

MCnwIa? _.... 

I.Nov. ,3 


sAag. Bi 

BjSij y 

I l«pt. 89 

3 Sepli 90 




^"vSr 'S 

JO Not. B. 

iSept. B] 

I yab. >7 
.,|LV EC 
J Feb. )S 

sAug, » 


30 Nov. S3 



Blue— Ain'a^i Bcarlot.— Jj.ii(», U< 

' Geceril PMraonMrredinlhe 11th Light Dra, 

Wule of llaharajpoie. sgtli D™. '^43 (Bronio a 
iHlndiu Uui action of Uuddinal, and baulee of 

d ex patches, Uodal 1 

(BEMnaiciita or Gl Miiu&r, TFl.ol-MahnUi. Kusiuin |(|tb Sept.), anil in the battle ol Tel-el -Kct>ir( me rtiODed 
~-^-*. Braret of M^inr. Hedal with Claap, 4th Ulau of the ^edjidie. and Khcdive'i Btarl. Served with thv 
- 1 In .aa^-Sj as Depntv Aaaialaat Ai(jutant and Quartor Maalor GodBral with tho Desert Colatnn, Hurl 
■a* uiieiiii M Uu action of Aba Kloa, in the reoonnalBBBiiBe to ilctunmah, aod in tbe engitgeiiient aC Abu Kle» 
irslb eartae i6tli and i/Ili Pebruarr (ureral times mcalJoned in dcepiuhei, Brovelof LCColoael, IwaClupe). 
 CaMiat Moni*gn aerved ititb the 7th Dragoon (Juanla iu tlie Biivptian war or 16B1. and was preaonC in Iho- 
™S<-.l^of BTM«a£»r.Tel-el.M«hut^andMihaamB,aod In tho aolioo at Kas»a«ln on the ,etb Augost- 
ivbUT wlidcd <)'- '-' --'■ "■•■-"—•- "—• 

erced In the AtgbAn w. 

87^-80 iritb the G 

iHaesara [Ucdall 

Cirtitinuation of 'Sole* to the tolh (The Prince of WaW Own Royal) Utmars. 

Jfa.DT WiU'in aerrdd in Ibe Aahanti ompaign In 1B73 aa Midebipman on bonnl H.M.B. Salllmat; 

i ItoberU in the 

npoM^ si-DODiI Cabal in DoEember 1^79 a> Tranapor 
vpor* IsaavUoii-^ id da*palchei)i accninpsnicd Sir F: 

•an* K( the IvBle of Candahar Imcntioned in dapatcl.,,,, _. ., r-i 

nd » Uie SoodBO ExMditian In tBS* witb tbe lotta Uusnara. luJ waa prpscul in the cni;U)ieiueuta at El Tab 
I Tmmai (H«U1 wiai Oaap. *ad Khodiva-i Slar). Served in tbe Soudan tumpaign in 1885 atlacbed to the 
nlrr Brixads (Brmi* of Uaior, Claap). „ ^ 

• tasuma HarreT, Hon. A. Lamle;. Haghei Onaloir, and Hon. J. H. G. Ityng xerved id the Soudan 
Hduios in 1R4 with the icth Huiaan, and Here preaent m thcengiigoments atElTeb audTemu 0'L«i\>.\'flil.>L 
>^. Hd Kboim-a Star). ' 

' Lmmt. Poi>I«aBrvoalnili»SoBdaD*jip«i;iJoaijii««< with the loth HujaaiB (Medal, lIldK\le^1e■»a«>.T^. 

13th HoBsan. 

gltial.' llicbaM Bnolilay PnlMahn,' CB. Camtt, 'ii Fib. it : LU*l. 'iB Oct. 39 : Cart, tj Bei 
III.M.i}<>r,ni«Witi ai.LI-Caintl, i lais 60 ; ^•I'm-, j JnlvS* ; a>l»tt, j Jalj-fS: U.tMn'J.i 
-.,,U«J'ramfat.x,M»iebtS: Lt.QrwirnI,i lalj 3,; CofovJiithHiuun, ilaljja. 

I*iilci»at OolOBtl. — Joha Kinder Spilling. Cammaniiiig fit Xwanf, i Ja\j »i; C^rur,',jD 
1.1. *t fell, Tlj Ca fl. ij Jiilyja; Ka/tr. 1 JnlyBi; LIOiloiul, 19 3ept. I;i Colaml, ag Hgpt. t] . 

innl Hnjie Tc.rta 

r<l ll>Kli>i>l'l t;<>i>rU»ay* 

i|. HtAlihan-uin amylh Bwlen-IV>w«11, ) 

«i.i«.i Uii. strrrt'tf,. u<au J 

lliil' (Ilmrlm HmllbMin, Aii. » Njv. !7 ' 

l.iir I'VCtbnni' 

rlKrlfk JuiiKMMiuiaiy* 
imo Jubn William Nobl 
.'1,1 rr winiM 

111 MHcIioreu. Aidt it Camf 


IteRiaald OsiWy, A^. 

lanri Oirtrrg 

TBumiH UrocltlchunilPbllliix 

KcliriirdWiHalriirJainvy .. 

.... .J July 79 •sFeli- 

... i. Jnn. U 1 July 

 ~] I Jan, to I Inly 

.Bo I July 

^l Wllliiim Nuwihkm I^dOsr 

II Hmv Bolt 
Hahcd^lirid B 

^ n'ir 'l>'l^'h^Uv inaHarhwrj^iHsrWn 

. llli>'l»inl(I»>rin<TyB<tall llHHhl : 1 

I Jf..l.'.'i Wi>r*i-. -Jiwoph Wood, i« Aiiv. Ki I Il„*. 

' I J-..fJft. i(,ij*«, -WifUani rurier, j Jm. Ba i J(«. 

'j>>hni<«n«4 will) tbr Wins gfihc uth Lifilit Dc 

lAiaWHi iliv I'uiuHub n 

.rWinsgfihc uth Lifilit 

aptara oC lbs fonrauu or Pai 

■• Mltitmn* 

lo tbg SoEtbin 
ith the chMiai 

__ ^ . iB^r-jB, ftnii waipzTBcnt ft( mc iWKVViiqpvtwv 

-- NlKror^iHdT.Miaiuw-ilUamlEoti.farfinctlia Itnddtnpon Pan (weuiML 

rifln, m A>iniinnil i>l tikv IhTM "noiil* nMuatly cni(>g*<l iluina wounded in tuo plK«i), tlMN aat 
ilii>i<'«HRiull^<nTM>i>f JIuwl,tallto>^tKtVGCh.andoJB>m»iidcd ibe BiicbtWins of th« 14th Ufli 
■I ihviiuT-iii). HlDim >lanu< lh<> NiIranM i<a I'jlpir. nptun at C>1 pee, action of Marar andneaftan 
><i aii>l ii>ilrp» >>f llwaliiT aihl iHtnait niilir,; m Ihr action oT Jowia AUipan. in cotnieatul of Ik* 
a.'i.'H.'t lttii>-.l*lnA<iBiiuinilt<ttb#>mly ^SdMilnKii'nHnt— 4«icrcly iruuDdedfftiurtiBiBanaBtloaM 
..••, Ilivirl> .1 Ma;.<r nn.1 1.t.i'.-lonp'. MnUfwith («,- Ctafps'. 

' •'nay Hn#J tbnin«lk<M tb# Zi:a nr <,>; if'i a« SiaO' Ofir?r of tb« monntad troopa af M 

:<.li i*..]iiuin. Ri'.>l a a* prHiT.t at ih« cs^fmnii c( lrjrcun«, ibt Milan at Giu|[iDdlilafB,aBd ik* 
,.>nii inuniit.—.r.l indi^<M«hM.lI«lBlvub t'larpV Sfnvl ibroosluni thp Nile EipeditkHi is iMHi 
.1 ..t i!id iT.-AK .<r >J^llii4aT**uti ib« Ui^K OaoK'. Kf;.3i«a:, asl o^k part in the opaiaUauit (he tvify <'r. Ih; itih Fenraarr aad Ibe cacasemeDt at Aba EM 

d the banlaol Td-el-KaUt, ail 
■p, and EbsdiTe'a Star). Ak* 


imml.—Chmrln Will nm Tli. 

'</Sir ti. >•'!. 178 

i (XC &>> OtntnU. X Jaly Si 

[>iaataiimBtCalaul.->Hc>iir7 Uli 

t4th {The Kinfa) Husaari". 

IhcUarter. Tbv PniiHAuEuKK "ruDto" 

.7 J»il, in: Cjpl. 'i Dso. 48 i Ifojs 

I,' Com-undf-g in Srtimn 

AbkwIii* jahn Bn||lisb> '.. 

ItKhMl AnLOT Burke* 

irthnr Chartn Kimt' 

Ollbcit Bbdit Claade Bkralluii, MJi. 

I Ifiif t'srt F*m«n C^hJt* ... 

fnrv Wilmot lliMitiell.H JUmlaMl 
MnlMrKx T-mmrf n>Mb,....„ , 

Huh Klr'- 

UeoeH* Killer 

Cnil &uiwr 

ftKlunl Gyibj Bnoiuliiti 

' m July Is 
! ifi Km. . 
I 1 Jolj 8f 

S }a(j sjl ' 

F4 a«pe. i^ i Dm. BB 

la April A 

- aJ^l^irJ.rrr.— Richiird Odiun 
 4Mcf«J(»riM.— Frodecick Ml 

1 Aprd 9a| 


Ba^nuiiitFcb. iM (Mi 
tta Afff hftOA to Pesbftwarr 

aAerwKTTld Mt Aids de I 

i.'H. OnuEhM 

iniBra in tho Afi;liini 
lodding'a eipedr - 
>f the Regimeal 

Lb Clwp. 4tb Cla» 

.riiiK the 

h AOK. iBssi 
WHS sevBrely 

1 u dQlAcaad pnrty 
:ohmuDd8 in Harcb 
e Luifhrnnn VBlley 

killed (men 
at Abu Kloi 

' Lkpuin KiUg wrred in Ibe Boei 
 Ctpuin Mitchell Hmd in the ) 
" U>(>lun Eicli«riUon «n«l "itli 

HigblaBdora in the Bun 

Huusn Troop Light Ci 
1 EgyptlEtn Proaiier Fn 

15th (net King's) Hussftrs. [ 

The CroBiatEDBinnawUliliilha Ovtct. "ITn-itiiaiir." "E»Doir""Viti.i»a iirCorcma"" 
-  -■•-,„■' "PlHlHITLl" ■'WiT»Loo"-'A>aBii>inii.iBTB-<< 

. b. 4j ; LLCalaitt, 'S Uftr. so j CtU—l, iS Not . m llajcr Gtmtrai'' 
 9 Jna. }i; animl. I Oct. 77 1 CdIohI ijth Hiusarx, ai Aag. Sj. 
Llentnanl Ddlsnel.— Fnderlcli Henry Beok,' Coml.fij Feb. 6}; U.^ii 1 
Uyor. . Jnly Bi , U.<M -'' - '■■-- •- ' ' ^ 

in* ea j c>jK. 

JsnriDrsirXxCMUKVn I 

Chulia SdJoBud Krowne," Aijulaul 1 

irorrU>e»(a*d rnMSKry CT<naIry i 

men Redmoiid Patriik Oonlon." JifjV 1 
lu«* ForijAir. j3>i>Hn r.oMsiy Cur. i 

Hqitt BtcIjd Htni«y PookliDplon" 

TvreFl Other WiUi*m Cbuaplon ds) 

CrMptgiiv," dii'tatl 17 Deo. Bfl 1 

Ircinnia (^okiyno Cok»jne-FriUi, Wi(f j 

hiiB.Wm,'WsncwoiiJi"i)a Vwa Beancierk 

BMiiei. jDbnMundy" 

- ralWontwunl.flewicka 


Frnni; tenia ili 
John HargrBBVi 
Frederick John 
Fnineia Evelyu 
Robeit LoRiiile 


ifillar. Bs 
31 July »9 

6 Feb. bJ 
1 Sept. B^ 
5Msr. ;S^ 

TV ... KUiao Ifua^n-.—David Noble Smith, B Jnna 71 ; Sua. Capliiim, B June I3. 
il ... |g.jr/>rlf»lT.— jHmi»WjlliiimUampbre;.'>i8JulyS]i Han. Linl. 

' Uluc— J^itd, Uo93ri. Cox Aud Oo. Silariuil/nii JTaial, iSBi. 

rank of tuior Gfloenl in 1 
ned Hit TnA^ ruk o( L 

n KoU-ka-Seiii a 

0>iiiUor. nl>oiittho>iO)(e aud capture ofPowreei commanded at Lhe aurprian ot tharebi 

KninnunuitorTunUnTupea Btiii tbo lUo Bahib lliledalwitb Ulup iULdCif.,fisquBl',yiaeali 

' Ll.UoloncI Beck irn od with the ijlh Hiuurs in the Atghaji war in 1B80 (MeclaJ). Sorved in 

• il.ljor BuUrnn Mr°cd*"!th"l'hB iftb'uiiMa^" '" " oar war . 

clu.iii.K the ad.aiise lu Kbelal-i-Uhiliai , also servec 

(iicnlU^diliiliih.andiotheUolumD under Major Gi^uen 

le ItJcr wiir of iSBi. 

* ' b tbe isth Uasaira la tbeCandaharColnmnintbeAfKban varoF iS;S-Ba,lDI 

. __. ■_ ... ._ _..!. .1. "-'-■i.c^mrfU Takl 

__.... . . _ gadierC "- 

and aeeompanlcd Mitior Concral Pbayre in hia march to Candahar (Modal). Berred in Cba 

Serred Uiruu|cboa( the Nde Bx[>editioii in 1SS4-8J iriih Iha Li 

or the DeaertOolumn Inoluding the auKagemenc at Abu Klea Wc 

Ulup, and Kbodiifa Star). 

• Cailtain Waldron ■ar<i«l In Iha Hivr wor nf ifllti. 

 U*|>tain AlllVtT 1 

the Afghan 

 ihB Afghan CaTalr, „ . — ,. 

Brigadier Oanaral BIddl 

. iniTsd in tb« BoBcwuoT 

itj] Elegiment.aadtiiak jiartiiithcapanl 

Candahar Colnmn in tba A/ghas war in iB7>-j9, Indi 
the Afghan nr of ilt 

iDciuding 1I10 ulvaiica to KbeUii i-iihi)iai, and was preHiitin the engagemantg irllh the Afghan oknliratil 
(■Pul (unolioaed in deBpaich»l j also eorvod with the Thull-Chotiali Keld Foroa under BrtnUw Qm 
Biddulnb, aad iccumpauied Uajur General Phayre tn hia march to Candahar (Medal). Serred in (ha Bon* 


• I Phayi 
 (\r<«ial . 

I' Captain da CrespijrnyaeTTOd with the TslhHaw... . 
warDf iSBi. SarTcd with the 19th Huaaara ia the Efyptia 
<gth Beptcmber), andaclbai>atileorTai-e1'Kobir(Ue<lal wi 

andatthedettnicliouof Temat (Mrdal with Claap, and Khedivt 
'< Capliimi Urovrne and Pockliugtua >erred with the ijlh Uiuaara in the AfRhan war in iBSa (Mtdal). B( 

» Captain Uordan lerredin the AfghanwarinTeBa with the iith Riuaara (Medal). Barred in the Boar war « 
u Adlutanl i^tb Uueun. Berred witb Ibe liechaanaland liipedilion in ■S«4-Bs ondu Sir CharieaWan 
AdlDlant of Melhuco'i Uorae. BeiTvd with the Biumese Expedition hi iBBt (nair ' 


inthaArghan warini)r9-BjIU«dall. Ban 


iSOt (Th*Quten'$) Lcmoara. 


_ n* Bdral Orpb*r within tha GarMr. 

I Use. 4i; Jf^V.'^i tJvpl. 511 Z,«.f'OI>«(, '17 

r, }«; £r. II Dm. iB: Oditf. 
I » SepL S. i If.;-- 0(M-»/. 4 Uan: 

UBt DelHtl.— TDoDuu Dariscm.i O^mmatitag tlu Maimtnt, 1. Juir BB; CCri 
JaT;&9; C4f(. jAuK- riiV^i"-. > Julrtt;fif.£e.Oil««(, >} Junes;! Ll.Celaiul 

r I-dU: Oof nit. 
. , eh. s;i fW""'. 

jStBTj Cnbrnm 

tiuaeiMalTillr BablDgtoi^.., 
HairT_L*y«eBler Ayhnsr' .. 
'- - !.Trmianj Clini 

Robert OordoB SbaTioiui-Crmttfori,J.ijti- 
-" D—Hflukirt Jiu>*T Cnatty 

AJemmlw On-Kwiag, Aiii ii , 

CWapta tin Ltrd 

~ ;BertvrtCro«*Diwik1a,^j.DirtfrM.CiB. 

- I John D)|c)ir Oallay 

- BesiT PmriuU CirkpMrlok 

- Xhtj pBfoy WjDdbjun. ., 

-' Unn) de Or*T Beunuua..' 

OirCT Sfnondt.^ Mm.« nia » 




jr.*. I««u Anhiu luun 

»~H»rs'.sr"::™, .. 

tJoly e?" 

iJolf jt\ 9 Jan. So. 

. '/■•»■*•/«■,— WilUam Hanry BattaMluw.ii JnnBftji floM.J 
- IBJ.^Jf"'".— Ttioni»iA.hBrToolh, iiOct. 81: If,.. Liinl. 
 9Mrr«-irM(«r.— Edward H«]HBer.s Nov. f " "' ' 



.5 War- 

.7 JaDB 








8 Deo. SS 

= July 90 


iljjor, >j Jans rS. 

I iStli Lancera dnring Iho cunin^iign in AfTHhsniitan 
— , „ , UhuiDM (Medal urilh ClBSi)). He eerred aluo al tliobn 

Utidt Oanip to Briitadier Coteloo}. and aoSraoa (Modal and cUlp). 

ndsr Lird K«na. 

*at>l. Hcdal Willi liro Claapi 
*ter SftbingWu aaned with 

:a«UiB ArlBwrHrredinlbsi ._ 

iKdt BtylM—u. wiUi Ui« adranoad snanl ui 

id KbedlFB'aSlac). 
BostauHnaland Bipeditian under Si 

— •' '~am the »lh Novombpr iS 

. .blinder Major Puno dnrii 

ID IhaliDa of aommoDrcatlona (Madal 
tha i^ib Laneerg in the Zulu war at ilr 
wounded (Medal with Claap). Sened in 1 

rn .aa ia (9ihS^pt.landinttiBliatUe of Te1-«i-KBtiir (mflntian<..d in 
r.dhCLaaaotilwUadjidle.aDdlUiHUTa-aSbU'l. Semdwl(bUi«e 
NMI Adjataut and Quarter MaaUr Qsneralfrom tho t6lb M&rch Co 1 
■Hileit Uta OaoHl Corps ; waa pnaant in itas ennntBDot at Ha^hE 
H la dcanMClua, Claap). 

l^fuia A-rndbun Quui aarred with Itae Inniakininit Ilra;;oan< in tb- 
Itti. Srcuksda aerred in tbe Zulu wnr in 1S79 itiiti lae ijih L:ince. 
naafajaa aad ka the •ogagameni at Olundi (Uedal Willi Claipi. 

in_iaa4-a5- ' 

>e Prah; and anerwanla 
it in the anKajemant at 

le oaralrjr aSair 

ZHttl.; Bni, 

17th {Tho Luke of Camhridge'* Ovnt) Idncers. 

'illithe Jlotto," Or CJorj(."—"AiHi""Bii.i«tiYji'""I»"«iuji" 

Bd in Chiif. —Field Miuvhal Ui. Botnl Uigktm Goorgen. F. C, Dubi^CunbriaKC,' f^. J 

Vh.QVSl.aVilQ. OCtX. Ca-HflndH-iHtliif, ai Jono j6. 
Oolootl.— Honrv Boihy Benaon," CB. Camt, ')i Jan. 401 i(*»(. 'ij Apr. 47; Cn^. 'it Jdii«4s 
:< Oal. S4 ; /lCdIohI, '10 Sept. 36 1 Celt«il, 13 Bspl. sji; Kivir Ot-ural, 6 llmieb tM; Lift. 
Oct. 77! arnirol, I July Bi ; CefdJiil ijUi I<>iictn, loJnIy B4. 

uCaunt Oiliiial.— BtarbB^r Menx Benton, CniiB«ilijiy liiXiiiniiif, ij Jan. IS; C*nW, '30 
- -• - - " - • ■■-■- "- - - '-'- - (.->... April Btt 1 CiptwHJ, 17 Apr. 1 

tin, tk, X, 

, ll.Cr.Ii.. 


■. John Ploj-il*ll-BooyeriB* 

«. Frederick Williwo Banmn 

rtlmer Gmhiim Nesldi 

rLerl Cbulei Janlnn** 

utiu SUels*' . 

aa Oordoa BanIO 
Oharlea Coyenlrj" .. 
r William Silpli 

Bicardo ... 

.Herbert AlM.L«wren(!e,^*'.i3M 

le Fm^oi. uTlnw 


Bertram Percy ?orMt... 

m Nickalli ... 

Tbomaa a. 


rrsrd Collini 

ciAdi>tphuC.A.A.G.G.F.ja^ : 

jn in 1(86  

QOTemoT Omcml of Ind 
irilh Claap}. 

m If ontuue Boaiell," 16 Jan. B 

14 April 71 1 Cafl. iS Oct. So. 

"1 JoljBi. ' 

 Th« Dukeot CuntiridiTe i 

lllea of the Aim*. BsliJiUya 

the Tcbi 

Bine— TtiriHi White.— Jjntt, UeMre. Ooi u>d Co. 
SMUma/rom Iniia, 3 Smf. 1890. 

Diviaion ot the B»gtem Arm? IhrouKlunit the cuDpalRn  
d luliermin (hone shot), aadaiege orSebaatopol (mCDti 
anuoona, Uedkl with four Clupa, and Torkithlledal). 
-"■ '- ■'-- "-imea from 14U1 Jan. iBis, lnc'~"' " "' ' 

1] of Sebaalopol. nnd commanded the Squadron of tlie IJght 
•» on the 19th Feb. iSjj (lleiUlvithClaaD, jth Otaiaor Ui» 


.B Indian UnilnyoampaigD of iBi7-„, 

 Id Central India and In ponuil of the 

. and defeated wilb Kraat Ion at Zempoi 

(Colonel, CB and Iledal). 

> Uajor Belford eerved frith the ijlh Ltmcera in the Zala war of iBig. and wu pna 
Dlundi (Medal with CLaap). 
. ,...__ .L_ T,... ....J, pieyaell-Bonyerio aarved with the 17th Lanoera in the Zi 

"-' ■- "  ' '"uQdi [Medal with Claip). 

raror ]fi*g,and waapreaent aa OrdarJy OJBmt 
Lt yioodi {Medal wilh CUep). 

reaonl in the enffagemenu at Zuinauin Monnlain and 
• MsjorHeeld BerTedi>iththei7tfiLancenin tbeZal 

the and Canicy ColBBiB. lUhfa B 

•>'- 'Hntlo Tope« and tba Bao 

lSjI lij the ud Canfay 1 

pnaant in t^ sgifa 

of «79. K 

[679, and iraa prea 

„ ._. ... - ,.-.'erely wo:Lndad, ICvuaj wiHiiy 

::;apiain Parria aerved with the 17th lAncera aa Tranaport Offloer is ttaa Zulu war ot 187s. and •■ 

. .. ..,__j. "'TaalwithClaap). 

■erred with the 17IU Lancera in 

in Coyentry seryad ia the Zola war of 1B79, and waa praaest in tho angaRauant at Dlimdi (Had 

In tha ansagan 

1879. and w 


" Lidut. D'Agnilar aeryed in the oi 

iBki (mentianed in deapatcbea. Medal 

•• (Japtaln U'U« aerved with the lotU ui.hui lu 

ittcltabad— aliKbtly wounded (Uadal). aerred in the Soadan Eipediii' 


n Captain Boaaall.-For War fiarTl«ca,aaa Army Fay Dtpanmaat. 



18th BuBsarfl. 

'Ftv lltgt, prt Lrgt, fn Palrid «»ui»i.r." "Piiiiauu" ' 
I Diytflalc,' CB.Cmtl. 'ig Dec. is; II, '31 Aur, ji; CbvI. 
.T^h ,8 : III LI Cn/owJ, SB Jnly sS J i(. Cofciiid. ',4 May 61 j I 
July li : O,/™,/ isth ttuMsni, 16 \tucb 
—'■""'" "- iHJi«fl /*« W-wl 
1 BlLt.Celcttl,,, 

, SB Jnly 

). 70 : Lint. Onrral, 1 July li ; C 
■al— Hi^ta Gatlej Gau)[b,> ClfS. 

CsIsMl, IS Juus fii i kver 

. ™ ouK. aj: Camel, '1 Mny 
May £4] nijoual, ai ilay GB ; 

d UF7*dBl( Muller 

Pnaeia Dais TkKmrt, .J^t, &>rl, 

Fniuic Jobs Paul Badar ... 

BuaUceOhalnsarKBoii'^'iitiiiil rSepili 

rc pBTciTBl aeropa Mu-liuB* 

Bnaal Cbarlaa Peon OnrHin, J^tlm 

t^ift^trtkiH Tatuwrf Omtutrii 

Bainy TbornUiD lAOlllK 

Heaij AlnrcoD Fulke Cb^rlu Far- ; 

diiADd ^ephui Grerille ... ' 

Willi*™ HoPTor WU!i«n»on 

WilllBBi Pollot Morria PoUok 

UoeMbu Sioolair WiUby 

Bonca BraU D^^ij 

Cml AnbD? Ho« „ 

Anbar HaTnn Banlky „ 

u Hindd CmbsH ... 


lliuls Kajao BnrnMt .. 

HunldCutMB Riclujdi 

CliariM Benr? Le* mod 

Cbuin Lonlt Oatuaan 

Uiuoti tamm TVnr BUwa 

KKilCVlHAU ... 

J<«n HMlMt OlIMBlIll ■■■.,.. 


Bnbart F. M. F. M, Syngs,' 

Jfj.ffr.-Joaffrli BBVer. 

gNov. B,, 
;f,37i J/o». 

ijUar. as 

6 JuljSS; Mo>. 


Bla*.— .i^nlt, Usaara. Cgi and Co. Smbtrkti ftr In 

lenl Diradmle Mrved irilb tha 41b Ligbtf Drftgoona daring the c 
idna»pr«»«nlM thBiiegoiBdoaplJiraorGliiiinaelMedftli. Berv 
laclndinaitheaclioiiKlPaiitiiar, lalhUec. ie43(Dron»tSUr|. Thi 
■rfSobraoD (Uedsl asdClup). The Puniutb csmpAiKn af iG48-i> 
nor. uid twulei of ChilliuiirallBli iiiid Qoojsnt (Uiidal with l> 
id prewntBtDalMdnringlheBiege operations, comoiBnding the 

(■hoLatUieuualt; commancleil tbo Regt. vith Orealfaed'a CdU 

ndwD.wid preaem in ctae KtioniorAllyehurssd Agra (meDtionod ia despatch)! kuu nresem ui ua 
iBcknow (BrsTCt of Lt. Colonel, C'£., Uedal with two Clupal. 

'I a«ub Barred in Iba Afghan war in i3ia-7» on iponial duty, and was preaest at the attacli and 
r Att UnaUd (UnUi with Ulaap). Berv»d in the SonOan E:ipedition in 1SS4 with rhe ictb IlLissra, and 

- . — ■rf-- --.-—-• . .-_-.._ .. has, Brevtt of LCCoionel, Medal with 

. 1934-85 under Sir Ciiarlea Warren, 

[laignio 1845-46, incladi OK 
thepaeaagc of the Chenal> 
Tbo I^an oampaiKn of 
iSthAng.tothefallof the 
Bolundslmliur, norw 

:najld /UedtU with Ulaap). Berv»d 

re'aatkr). Served wi 


Nile XipoditU 

4-8; wiUi t 



two Claapel 

C beet. abol. w>. Uft«i 



of Lieul4 

mant Uarli 



ai Marling dbmannled, and gare up bia horw for the parpoaeof carry in^t off Private 
Eioae on to them onlil they gncceeded in carrying him about go yartla to a place of 

(■ aaMj." Served in ilie Mile Bipedition in iBe4-Cs with Ibe Uoiml«d luflintry. and waa present at 

of AbB Klek (two claape). 

B Maxwell Sheraton lervedin the Nile Expedition In 1^64-8; wllb the Moniilfd Inianlry. and wai 

Uke cDtfa^eiDenta at Aba Klea and Abu Kra and in the reconnaiaaance to Metammeh (Medal with two 

d Kbadlve') Stark Bened with the Surmaae Expedition in 1^6-87 M Aide de Camp to Sir Fiedeiick 

wiiliiaMrl in dauMobe*. Medal with CUap). 

o Bjiiic.— Far War BarTi«M, ■«• pigi-i--< Light tutabtrr. 

>6i 19th (Princess of Walea'i Ovm) Hoasan. 

YB.'Sirr" r»» SI«p*oiif.— "Myaod" "itatim" "Kiiuni" "KuTn, lUa, 

rrni Hall "Kltl. 1SB4-S5" "AJD Kl»i." 

""" ??I OolwBl.— Coot* Sjagt Hatcbinson,' CoT'iif*, 'i< Jnne yi\ ii™*. '1 Aiut 
I jiaWhi-. Ol.l.'.l„(o-rl,!6Av^-M: Colovl, if Not. 66; JToiW StiwraJ, 

ji ; 6Ji»cf 19 HnasBTS, 14 Uar. S9. 
"— jMiil OolMnl.-J.ibn Donton FmVitonrFtenrh.'OmmaniiwaaiiSiaimiil.aj Bern. 88; 
'. 16 Oct. En; U«j„r,i *pr. Bj; JJ.CflfaW.7 Feb. 851 CoUmU.i Feb. 89. 


,1. »»NOT.J5 

CoaipWii KHufjril-Flood' (8*. LI. \ ' 
■Ml, .5 June 8;; Curow). isiuneBuJJ 


Ditul Grimetoi 

. Ilex 

Hmtj Graham Msrab" 

ywooa Broit 

Hania Gcorgo Us I'le 

PiudU John Zlgutunla' 
, Proderic BfI mar Barry 
. Harry Plun  - 

. JcbnChi 
. Anbq  
. Hiigh 

I Ajlmet'".... 

iWiiiiier" >"..'.';.".'.' 

ge,^ Ai)'.'i"feh 
"i-iaiipjeirwek:" !. 

39 July Bi' ig ApriU; 

ij May 85 KhBdiv 

il vlU Vim 

in la iSl 

iKbDdire'a Star). 

X. ThQzaaa MarshBll," 1 

rsn. »s I Han Unl. 

• I.t.GeDenI 

ina-Gogra aOUn at Bungai 

in tbo Nile Eipi 

Aba ElB* Bod Mctammeb (□ 

i DrkRoan Gnarda in Lha Indian ouaptlftn in iSjt-si). b 
ent oprrMiona, and commaaded a dMaabad Sonadron in tl 
I and NewabKbar (nueDUancil in daapalchca, Medal witb CI 

Bt KsHiwiin (alb Bepunber), 

iiitb Ulaap. tui Claaa or tb« Medjidi 

:8St-B; witb Uu igth SuBaora. and waa prtaant i 

.mecCioned In dcapaUhca, tfedal with two Cbiapa, and Kbedira'a 

Flood »rved with [be ijlh Kmaarain tfaa Bgypllan w ' ■"■ ■" •-.!... 

„, r idwaapreeeotin 

e oF TeL-el-Kebir (mentioned Id dsspalcbea, f reiec or U«ior. I 
■dive'a Btar). Benta in the Boudan Bip«dllioa in tU* wiih th< 
-"'"'-'--DdTeznal (ithClaaiortbaOainanieb, two Clispal. B 
m. and wBe preeeot in ibe action at Kirbekan 

uim (gib Beptamber), 1 
in Expedition in iB8t 
1 in dfapatohas, BrBTI 

n Ills gth Septsmfac 

I igth Hnssars in the E^ptian war of iBEi, ai 

n the ai 

It El Tab 

t of Mejor, 4ih Olaae of the M«ljidie, two Cla«p»). 
Lib lbs 19th Husvani in the Evyptian war of iBSi, and waa preaent La the aetJ 
ber (Mfdal, and Kheiliva'I BlarJ. 

— tb Che igtb Uutaars In the Egyptian war it ;'iSi, and waa pr«teat in the acti 

^r (Modal, and Kbcdirs's Star). Serred in the Soudan Gipedltion in iU4Wll 

'" Teb and Temai (twoClaape). B erred In the So 

" CaplKin Aylmer eervodwilh 
iwnl« at El MaKntr and Mabaama, and at the b 
in the iiuudan Expedition in 1834 wilb the i;tli 
riwo Clnepe). Served in the NUe Bipedition 

i Kbcdin 

,tlIo c 

n the Egyplisi 

r (Medal' 


>, and waa pnaeat in tbe esi 
leap, and fhedlie'a Btai). Bi 

nu at El T»b and I 

preaeot In tbe mat 


ondan Expedttion is 
ned in deapatchei, ' 

le Einptian warofiSBi, and waa pr«MDt la lb* acti 
l-Eebir (Uedal wICb Claap, and Ktedln'a Slat). 8) 


id in tbe Soudao Kipodition in i8«4 will 

.iraai (Madal with Claap, an'l Khedive' 

:i|lh MuBaara (OlBip). 

iln Walker aerred in tbe Sondan BipeJilion in 18^4 witb 

Barred In Ibe Nil* 
9 iglb Hmwai 


I, »nu wBV prvHHU id taa 
BipeilltiOD in 1114-8] wKI 


mcnvat kI Teb and Temai (Medal waa \iuap, am 
tUo iirlh Hu«-ar« (Claap). 

'■ Ciipuun Ynung BSTred in Ibe Boadaa Expedi 
AaL-cticnt ac Temai (Medal witb Claap, and Khc 

19th HnsMrs.and waa presenlin the enttagsmenw 

K .- — ..._ ri. EiBiigg ,jr,j,i in the Bnudan Kipedili'io ic 1884 niUi the 19th Hneaan, and waa praagal Ii 

BlTsbandTemal (Medal with Olaep, and Khedirea Biarl. Barred in the Nile Kipeditia 

10 191b UuaaaTi. and wupriiohtin lbs on gn cements at Aba Kleaand Uelammeb |Mn} Ciaapaj. 

raball eorred in tbo Egyptian wnr of 18S1 and waa present a', the battle 0( Tel-el-Kubir (H 

d Khedlve'i BLar). Alao aerred in the ex^redifion to Ibe Soudan in 1BB4 and wua prevent in t^ 

tl Tab and Tsmai (mDntinnad In d»Daiehe>, Victoria Croei. and two Clllipa) : waa awaidCd Ua 

e at BI Teb on igih Febniary lait. In briQsinB U.Ca; 

ii.- been BeTorely wonaded and hla taoru killea. waa 01 

-Bsrieant Marahall, who aiayad behind with hln, M 

le regiment. Had Lt.Colonel Barrow baas iMb boll 

" fur lii.i rouiplcnoDB biSTBry dnring the Ua 
DnrrooM^thllDBian.DatofaaUon. Thalc 
Kroimd aurrnundad by ibe enamr, when Qhj 
kia haaianddragndbliB UuvUKti the eneD 
■BBat hare bem UUed." 

20th Hussars. 

•Blcbkrd ICll0». tW. 'iB Juno Ji ; U. lo A 
.141 Lt.<MiFnJ,t^Ttb.ii;0A!nil,<9Ftl 
< »(fi nnuan, it ivg. Sj. 
ia< C*lm*l.~FniiciB John Gr»TB«.' Cbmma 
; Cari. , Jaae 791 H'J". 3 Oct. B]i BI.U 

l» SlmplsMii* -^ „ 

John Wis* |Si.£I.CU<wl ■« Dw. U) 
Bafnes W««Iod 

« Wllliain Kenll Thomu 

DoaalH Wtiktmsn" 

HoTOfl BoIieliT JoDtt" 

I Thonw G«CTBe Sdvsr 




PreMOn Cmttt . — 

Waller Ju. FiuGcnUd e< 

 Uvur.—rrtiii TaUkciI. i< 

Una.— ilanto, 
•tMrmtd/rtm J 

«■, KBd Kbedira'* BUi). 
m. Ji. BtaplaUii Hmd is I 
X HaoBted Croopa. Served 
■u at OiniM vie 1ml. uid E 

□Bud otUonntfd troopiof tba'ind Brinda, 
. :_j ■-•, Brevet of Lt.ColoDel.H^I 

iBBi-t; irith 

with CiMp, ui . . 

Field Por< 

, .SSi-a( 

Kbedire Stu) } . 

Otraaj aerTad vilh tlie Kniiliim Frontlar Fisld Force In 

te (Ibdal. uul KlMdlTe'i Sur). 

Ocurwn Hrred inthaSiiuUnounpaifn taiSSs. and was 7>ri 

Uwiih two Ctupa.aadKbadiTe'i Star). 

BMuebamn aerred 10 Uie Sontlui campaisD id 1U5 Oledst i 

Am FroDtier Field Foroa in iSSs-U and waa preaent in Ibe f 

• Wliitiiiui aiul l^gge aerred 

ad wUh Uia Enptlan FninUar Field Fi 
. Baadi aarrad u> ihe " 

i;-e6, and Traa present in the enRBcc- 
:ni in tbc on^iRemont at the To*r«k 
LhClaip.&TidKhediTs'aSur), Serred 

itionod 11 

Egjptlan war ol 
t. ite battle of Tc 

Bondaa oaaipaign in iBB; (Uedal with Clup. and KherlJvF'a 

ircoin iBBj-M, and wore preaent in theengagsinenlat Gim«a. 

 "" - ■' - Veterinary Depanmenl. and was present 10 

l«with ClMp, andKhedive'aBlar)- served in 

— f— - in oaapaunaa. (WO Claspiy. Berved with the Nile Eipediilon in 1 364-35. and was prornt 
1 at Aba Klaa (two Claapa). Barred is the □pecstioos near Buakin In December i BBS including the 
lalOamsixab (mantiODed in daapMcliea. L'laap). 

I Jonaa aerred with the Ej^yptian FronTiBr Field Forje in rBB^-S6, and wa^prcfcnt in the en gag ^n: rut 
—— -~' of llaa eaoort to the Oeneral omctr Comoandin; (Uedat. and Kbgdive'a Stu-). 

^aaOrdai-lTOOcerto thetiffloerCummanainKMiiuBted tioopi— hDTHihotdledal.and Kbciliie'a 

lEB; including the engtwemenl at Toiltl 

; inclndiag the aaj^gamSDtatClen a'z&h 

:n[ al tbc iMIIle of Telal-Ecblt (McHal 

Maaton aerrad in th« opcraltona ntar Buakin i 
kC^f, ^ CUmoI Elia Uedjldle, and Kfaadlvi 
waukim aariad is tba Kgfptlan var of iBa 
^aadXtadlTc'aBttr). * 


Oolaa*!.— Boburt WbiW.'Ci. Con 

■Ju^fisi I 

I. 'i( Oot. 17 ; Lint. '23 Doc. 48 i Capf. »ifi Marel 
Ctlamil, 'ai Feb. 60; CDIiiwI.ii Fab. 6j 1 Kvtrt 
, 1: Nov. 901 CotaMlji Hn««*, 5B M»rcb 86. 

pl«». .6 Aug. 76 1 ty-r. • Ji'J g' i -^' "^— ' 

i jf.c»toiwi.iTAiit[.i: 

orin Orole Wynilhuii' 

ryCharlM Higg»,'=J 

rj Lionel PutiBaton". 
lom UukhaiD Dafne. 


tbnnhj Henry Krnow Dnnnoej" - 

Juan Gsoree F^r. Ai/ulttnt 1 Jolr S9 . 

DuTid Bowly.. 

Paol AlaTaioi K 

Hndion Kinahim — 

Chu-lee JuDH Clerk 

wailnm Noble K«ns - 

Tan. Raimand B>rvey Jddge Joaenb' 

ds Uontmoreooy J 

'nmelB EDnard ^anlet 

loQsld MMlooWan 

rhoBiBe LyHer Uolla .. 

isnt. Roche lamd thnrnt 
the Nils Eipodilion Is 1U4-S1 
" itb Houuv Troop of Ibe 1 

tloB* Ot tt 

Dieei L Oolugm u^ 

M Abn Kle« W* 

the 16U1 KDd 17th VebiuiT {i 
wilh Clup, uid KhedlT^i t 
Semd wun the Bondui Tn 
Field Force In iB8j-e<S, ud 
._ [dg gngngenieiit « Oi 

tr Jliulrr. — George Li 

rr King, id June B; j Ham. Litnl. 
lie □, 14 June Sj ; San. Lienl. 

Smiarlaifar india, 13 Jfomtitr 18B; 

* MBjor Wyndhum senod with Uio King"> E 
aoMeU'i Fifing Colnnm (Uedil w^Lb Clup}. 
CsniBl Refrimont, ■nd look part in the ope rati' 

> Uajor F. 11. King Mrved in tbe Egyptiim 
nuruemsat M Uahuma, U tho t"0 ictions U K 
C^ (Uedkl with Clup, uid Khediio'i Bur). 

• Muor plgou Mried vith Vbe 3rd BaluUon 
wilhClup). AleoierredwithttaeHi 

in tho engagemenM a. 
Mrvice), andallboB 
Uedul, slh Cliui of 

NileEipedJtionia ifi 
Uolomn nndet 8Lr U 
■ancB 10 UeU 

ifl BHyuda Ilt^sert fri 

commaud Imenliuiied in desputcheii, DSO.). 

' Captain OHemorTed in fliB ArRhannarof 187^80. flrati 
Camp to Sir Doniild SMwan (Uedal). Served nitb the uli 
Woni Berved during the Diirincjic Kipedition in iMs-B; a 

>ign of i8;4 ivlth (be i7tti Lmoen. laclndiDE tha tt 
e or Sebaetopol. Al BalaklaTa ha led tha ■qiia<Inin ofdli 
lal with three <:iupa, Brevet or Uajor, jth CUm or the Hi 
eoC to India in 18^7, and aerved tbruu^fbont the csmpa 
ndofarijijigColBmn, including the aotlDnoC Barodell 

Eipadition nndar Sir Chaites Warrao Id 1BB4-B5, dnii 

>n Gnardain the Zalnwar of il79. and rabtequntlT [b 
led thniagbout tha Nile Eipedition in 1894-8; irith thi 

Ltie DeHit Colnnin (Uedsl irilh Clup, and Khadtva'a BB 
of 188) with the 7Cb Dngoon Qaarda, and ira* pnaent 
iUiin, and at tha battle of Te|.al.Keblr and tha cap) 

6alb RiSu ia the Zulu war ti^m April to Saptamber 187; 

.be Mounted Intantrj' In tha Bgyptian war of^ 
tria on ^Ch Auguet, and ooDiuundad the Mounted li 
lentionedlndoapslohaa.promolad Captain fur diUini 

rmenls ut El Tob and Temai (two Cbupa). Served w 
of Uouiiled lulHntr)', look pert in Iha opcntlona of tlK 
: at the actions of Abn Kiea and Aba Km, in the reo 
"■'""'"" " '"' " ' 7tb Febmary : ( ' *■ 


<d iu deipatrhea, Brevet of Ba 
le Weal Coast of AfTioa In 18B ; 



Captain Fowle lervcd in tlu 

kplain Finn larved iDtbaAfghuin 

leepsKhgii. Kedal with Clasp, Uadn) 
Captain Uiggi aeried In the Nils Ei 

nti at El Mazlar and M 
ro (Attdm} iritb CiMp, I 
.-p. 7^6-2 

n the Egyptian wa the Iwo  
Id Khtdive's Blar(. 

Ihe jtb Lancen.and afterwarda as . 
n the Boer war of i88i under Bir 
'amp to Sir Frederick Roberu (Ited 

I in 1884 wilh the Light Camel Regiment (He dal with Cjl 

378-80. and was pnimnt In the engHgomenlsat Killa Kaiiai 
OacamUer 1879 luclndinglbo ii.ieaimont of Sherpore (me: 

u in 188; irKh the Li^t Camel Regiment (Uedal wilh CIs 

a[ 1S81 wllh the ;(h Dragoon Onard>. and was areient in tha  
tiena at Kauaain, and at Ibe baltle ot Tel-el-Kel>lr uid tbe og 
tSee alMi Civil Uei^urationg fot Oallantrr, '■ Hatfi Anooa 


U Ml 




^_S S i 2. 

UUiUmHiHsU Si \ mi s 'iiUiii i 

.|ii!l:iiliiliiliMiiJii liisiii ssiiiiiii t 

«,-! ^ . |S?.'RSSSS£5^;5'S."J i-^g.^ 5 £ S 5 P. E. £ ft SKS^K^RR C 

*ii g S ii-gfiliigls^e d Sisl skills 3 & |sis^ 3 ^ ^ I 

iills!llin|i:|iiH|iii«i s !i jij^ I siiiMii i 

<=!l2i3 iinUllllli i iii! HI j 1 i I SttilltSJ t 

■^Ijsss 5a s~55=a ai 


=,i£,5SS4;S 3 SJ'Sl 







> t's, 



si ^llllllllllssllltilll 

- ja-y=' 

i 'IISl'|.5o5s|l3oH5l5Ssl-i 



^1 j£ -=a i e* a ■? ^ -1 -1 zo -n z 1 -" 6-» 





B . .* *a . 

° 5'io ena^oBo s&&E"S oS S t u o S » 5 § g § a'g &s STE uS 5 o oStt^SS°SSiSiis 

2 b"6S'oj|iS^fi,jgs«xiS|-5'|'^se£S^SS'i|^||^p.fe. !!8aS.aE,8-|sg£Kgag^i 





-,- . fr NiMU. Cti^ I-., 

iuh«n>e. ArUiDT Haitanl 

ptnme, ftobert Oorcloi 

■«. AnhBt BcslDiJd 

I. apnoar. John Winitan Thi 
irtaara, Oeoi^ Daliyiuplal*' 
ritr, G«oive •— — 

late. Heari*" 

■»••, H«oiy Ml^et™ 
«« 0«>rxa BotMttu* 

BmksT, Jaran Tatuit Vuh 
BoBgao. William Brooks'^. 
3 CdEd, Bdnrd Bemttord''' 
S Pollud-Urqnhul, Fnnoi  

X itadelia; Franois WilUuj' 
1 Wade, Arthur Gregory & 

■■> Rich, Ctiarlaa Car 

" I'; 

,--■. Fawk«,Lion8ldrita^i, 

P,mtt. ntmat. Ant. Sty/ ,.j I 
 Birialoa, JDhn Jaaai"^ 

B.f.9. J'KWln.^ntHia 8c^. .','., 
1 Fowsll, Newton Plomei^ .. 
7 Price, Georga Btchantaon . 
1 DawBOD. HeaiT PUlIp ... .. 
t, Braoksubar;, Herbert Wiiiiiim' 
-I DiF, BobertKin.Bobait IS'illii 

p.t.e, O'Sullinn, Eugcnt Ovorl 
Otttmrf. Bliatiurjnat .... 
J H"nt, HentTTaQttian"" . 
• irowtaii, Wlllian 
> Lowthsr, Willii 
Ooksr, Lewie Ei 
9 Roohtbrt, Alaxfl 


7 Woods, bana Charle* IfaiuiHll'" 

r Oweo, Qeorn Prldhui 

T Beanr, Fr^oriok Tmen M ~ 
a OaacT. Chariei Ladle 

■6 Wati 

e, WllUam Gaoig 

Kins. Robert 

 Phlfflir — " 

iOhallai „. 

rBawlw, Frederick Aninut^it 

> Waoe, Bmsat Ctiarlai>* V^". 

I Oampbell, Frederick WillLnu -■' 
) Barlow, Uaiirlce JchQ*" -. 
i Uaokanile, Samael Kenneui 
Baker, BdenMoTle,"'/"/'.:. '-I- )• 

> Waimrd, WlUlun Swordar 

Slade, rrederiokGAornWiA'. f - ( ' 
Osloatl, loJaljBg) 

> Oraham, Walter Ferrier .. . 
Bannden. UaanWilllam,»' .1 . ' 

t Baart, Wlllian Bod^a'^ 
I OoAt, Oharlea Edward ... 
I HbII. FrancidHonry"". . .. 

 HarrByjCunataiHinBRoducy XV..; ,.,, 
1 FUnl.lIdwnr,! Mgnlapi .. . 

r Hamilton, P«ier Flaher PetcLviir-^ ... 

> Hkipton, Charles awwarl 

 RolMrlaon, John Albert .. 

Willoughbr, Herbert Pertlval,'" /»f 
BIwaaTkmost Ven«i,»> /Hfncter, A 

I Tbrine, William PowlBtl"'... , , 

> 8coM, Hugh Abooklr... 


■e. JoaeoUno Hco 
r~ tPiuOerald Uairi 

WDanneil. Joh_ 

Temole, John 

Ilard7. William Etenlev, 1 
4> Coxbead.Jamei Alfred...... 

UaoUahOD. Farc7AleiandF 



» Jan. , 

S Jan. 7< 

TiDec. Be 

•9 Dec. 8° 

9 Feb. 8i 


J Jan. 7 



^ Aug.;, 

' Aug. 7. 

I Aog, J, 


.., Jul/ 8. 

Deo. J, 

I)«. ?■ 


• Oct. 9t 

Sep 1,7= 

gOcl. Si 

9 Oct. B: 

_. , _ _.ji*M,Artkar 

■« ■» WbIt, H»rt7-ai..__ 

i» I M»gwinlinli«m, iolm Dnen^m 

f/^f AUnwCOMiyamdaletPtu'qnbkrww .. 

h'uyal ArliUprt/^ 

c. JaffnTi. HeoTj Brmn 

- — netaBT.WalUr SIuDi 

L JobB Wt]lniD,>" u 

?niori, AtAdc ?<i*v" ait/ ioymli^ 
Flkou, JutMfl Idinf , Sipmjk^flWjif . 


inn. Chula AtoTiin*'^ .... 
■biHpolM, Anbut B»nrT Cml 
or. B^duk. Thomai Hu 

AHill^t. M^tlo 

iand*n, WUliun Anbur Ui 


e. John , 

Inl. B[. John B(. George . 

n II Dee. >t 
n 14 Dae. St 
rV)i Dao. 81 
7) II Ju. t> 
7)'<SJacL 8i| 

n It JiuibN. 

f3 8 jolr a. 

I3>iJ<>l7 Hi 

ij'ii Joir Si' 
>.« juij-a.i 
13  Sepi.Svi 

lonoD. Hubtn... 

iJoiuda. EiutW4 _ 

lanrd'VrMtGrUTUIeWiliUiDi ii 
£>«. Beb(irtAddlHa,iW., tt4i< I 
lluksH. Kdnrd UrnhniTla .. 

I* Itntf. wuiiam Omit 

rntrlln, Eim. Jtlia Ktvnrtir,, J 

InulEOT, JunMUiUOraSuLbecinu : 
ttbiM. JobaUblTMW 

''wuliaii, TbbDUa Tweed. Cam^-- 
luplcis*. WftDter Ogden'n ... 

lickmrdl, Crrll UenJT 

IfainlMk.lAOpoldAmBd, «ij.f ' ., . 


Iilf. ArtUrSfmrj fr,(firi 


Iksnnl. CUudsilu 
rtrd^ BC Aadnir Br 

'r'- V, 

.X Stilts- 

I Oct. Si 

\'.r' J) 



"bZuib. Gaorfe Wada Rabarttun 
r«odrair.Tbo3iu UuirT Jackaiii 
— ^H«rv-i 

Iron*. Anbor UBan-),.. 

mr, David ■nkla^ 

•J-. 0«uL.JrfA«'(,)X:li.*>|fif.l..- L .-.,,. J. r.,.; 

a—trJ. bnatmnn 

'•Uv4. 0>raU IWM. Jua. £a>u>r Bi,ild.i,g: Bcy^ 
■iltrard, Actboi Uborebill"' .. 

r, rndBTiak Srant Ainudcll™ 

iKabanmo, WOUam John 

nrvia. Harrr AlfiXAuder Djvr*** 

>■• PUet, Willi 


vadoD, Aobert Ddud, A^JxIitMt 
anta«i-Ik>tacld, W. Dabbon"" 

nit, Aramr apnrtr . 

Uwil*,,, .^ : . ' 

iafs.OillMn8*tb>Dn>" , 

[ambr, rnAd* Jowfib . . . 

, UabeiW, CfaariM CTmn 

■yv. OcrlM rwtv illVMrr , 

avt«hAw, Bdmrd Cricblon 

■Hani. ArOmr Ctiftn. t-ulrm.tar Scttwl nf O 

ais/.timMiU HMtH" . 

I BorlDn. Banjamio 

Uea, JsbB Biehard Bomrd, IiulnrfBr *• Onu-^ 
Wij»^ J^ia> WiVtW, Artful D,iVin Ctl. Art. i 
•wtt/Tn*tifi rfUrritk Itamat?* Cam.afOri.,  

ill. Jsba Percy 

spna. JobDlf on 

■/ZvTvriM''. WHim'Dai 

L JMrrl Artliir Orfmmi. Aij'ilaiil 

ri ■'■*'«• 


i« Jiil;«i> 
iC July 90 

6 jQly a, 

7 Jnly g, 'JAOB. 89 
7 Ju'j- Sj 

I SspI.S] 
. Sept. 8, 


.0--89 J 









P^ycd AfiiOerp. 



"7 Oct. 83 

17 Ang. 74 as Oct 83 
17 Aug. 74' J Nov. 83 

4 Nov. 83 
7 Nov. 83 

22 Dec. 83 i 


Urquhari.WaUer Andrew '17 Aug. 74 

£Simp9OH,H0MryCutkb*rtC<mHen ) 

iSunhp,"* Adfutant Hants Y 

AHillerw, Southern Dividon ) 
Balfour f Wm. Edward Lufonier, S 

Adj. z Satt Biding of York- S 

•hire Art illerjf Volunteere ...J 
Galton, Hubert Geo. I foward,^ \ ' 

Ad/'uf^nt I Worcester Ar-\ 17 Aug. 74 

lii'ery VoUnteere ) I 

Purvis, Alexander Bnrridge, >l «„_ _^ 

Adj. B.A.^orlk British VUt. j '^ Aug. 74 

'■'■Lfs^i^L^wJo^:'::.] '« J""- '-' M Nov. 83 1 

DoiTHing, Dacid Fitzgerald. In- ^ « ,„_ _, .^ ^r ,„ a,': 
J I'll- i-» fl«— - f 28 Jan. 75,10 >ov. 83,1 
npector of \\ art ike Stores ... ) '-^ •' 

Towmskend. Georqe Bobert.\ „o t«« -,L/: v««. b,' 
.^«.*^/»V.r^/•IfV/W■e5^o^wj »^J*°- 75 16 Nov. 83 

MX Bell-Irving, Aiulrew** 28 Jan. 75' i Dec 83. 

WK Nasb, Edward 28 Jan. 75 10 Dec. 83 

= 2 Sclater.Hei.ryCrichton«o («<. j ^g Jan. j-'^i Dec 8, 

Jitffpr, 15 June 85) y '- 

PkUlius^Tkos. Vaugkan Wenn,^^* ') 

At^f.CVtrnwallJi-J^e'yui Miners r 28 Jan. 75 
ArtilUrjfflVestcrH Division ..) 

Simpson ^:*«'-';' ^'•'^'j''-. (;- { 28 Jan. 75 29 Dec. 83 
•truetor Bo^al Mihtarii Coll. } \ 

JTcijr, Edrard Sinclair, fnstrue- ) ' g j^^^  ^^^ 8 

tor B.if. Academjf ) '- -^ 

I^,ek B^gi'l^ild PrmbertoH.i ^g j^^^  , j^^ g 

Instructor li. Jf. Academjf ... 3 
Rove^ OciaviHSt^^^ Adj. North- ") « t 
umberlaiid Art. Western Die. J ^° •'"°- 
71 Boothby, Ropinnld Kvolyu*" .. =8 Jan. 

EA Dnrbv, \Villi:im Ilcnry 38 Jan. 71. 

AjdiH, Hugh Morgan,^^^ Ord- j ^g j^„ 

nanre Store Departinent > 

J KOA Lindsay, Walter Fullaiton \ , „ t,^_ 

Lndovic=«"f } ^^ •'"°- 

BHA Bannatino Allnson, Uicbflrd-*'* s8 Jan. Duiilcu, Heurg Clelimd, > I « t„_ 
Brig. HaJ. It. Art. Oihrallar ) "* •'""* 
lIodafson.JameBOwcn, /im/ rttc- > 

tor in Qunuerg, Gibraltar ) 

p.s.r. Kerriso»t Edmund Rogrr / 

Alldag, Brig.ilai. Decoufiort } 

BiiA Tlioiuax. .V/> Godfrey Vijj-S 

nolcs, Unrt.,^^^ Adj. B.U.A. J- 

Dr/tot, H'oolieich ) 

BO Kiiip, William Frederick-'*'... . 

Werttrn^ Charles MaximiluiH \ 

Thof.,D.A.A. Gen., Madrat j 

N BHi Duulop, JaniCH William"* .. 

Snrton, Gilhtrt Fnd. Allnu^^^ ) 

{Hf.H'tJor, 15 Jjinc E5), Adj. - '^g Jan. 75 
Devon Art. ll'rtierii Div. ... ) . 
ss Artoii.Tliniiiaf* Hniupdeii Evan^^^8 Jan. 7.' 
GiUt, Gicriff /■-'('fTi/n/,'"' Adj. ' ,, , 
Gufrnr-gArtHhrg Militia'. J ^8 Jun. 75 

B TIaiiies, Hubert Lewis"* j8 Jiiu. 75 

Jfickman, Ifuijk Pallistr, In- > . 

strut tor, Srh.,ol nf Gunnery ..} '!> '^"*^- 75 
Turner^ Alfrtd Ut-gUind Parrii/i 19 Aug. 7^ 
Chunhtruid, U'liltfr S/an- \ 
huni,-^^^ Inntrkctor in Art. A . . 

Colonial ForreM, N. S. Wales, ( ^0 Aug. 73 9 Jan. 
Kith Ivral rank of Major ... ) 
Dnnsfercillt', k'niaktlevktalker, i . , - „ 

Com. of Ord., 2.,d Class ! i '9 A"*?- 75 9 J«in. 84 

Trnceg, Arthur, A'ij.Wett Cork) . i- i o 

Art Soythfrn Diri^inn ^.i9 AU-.75 16 Jan. U 


I HB Iff. I 


19 Aug. 75 

19 AiBg. 75 
119 Aug. 75 

BUmnt, CharUe HmUri.AiJi. a> 
W, Biding of York Art, Volt, S 
Barlow, G«o. Newton HAlUhXf 

A^utant 3 Oct. S7 

Bootkhj, George Mmrrug, Adj. 
Foifir and KimcardiM Art 

8. Dioieio» 

Elmslie, Frederick Baumgardt 

p.s.e. JngUJUld, Norman Bruee^^ 19 Aoff. 7S 

BA Dawkin8,Hy. Stqpford, 5. Coll. 19 Ang.7S 

Holden, Henrg O^ Loffi,^ ,0 A-«r ,, 

Chi^Inep. of Warlike Storeej *^ ^^^' " 

BO Maxwell, Nigel z9Ang. 75 

BO Heun, Richard Arthur Milton,) '» An.* •• 

Adjutant 91 Nov. 90 ! j ''^ ^^- ^^ 

Foster, Raymond Charles I s Feb. 76 

D BHA Xcir. John Lindesay , a Feb. 76 

Curteie. Francis .^/wraoa,"*") I .. w.k mH 
Instructor B. U. Academy ... j | ' ^^^' ^ 
Batterthg, Tkomae Freaton, )  . «,-|. .^ 
Ordnance Store Depmrimtnt }\ • 'C"- 7«», 
BA English, Joseph Oxley I a Feb. 76 >S Oct. U 



17 Aug. Ba 
•7 Aug. 84 


I Oct. 84 

1 Oct 81 

lOet. U 

aOet. 84 
aOdt 84 

40ct 84 

18 Oct 84 

9 Feb. 76 
a Feb. 76 
a Feb. 76 

4 Nov. 84 
7 Nov. 84 
7 Nov. 84 


ree > . 





I Jan. 84 

I Jan. 84 
I Juu. 84 

z Jan. 84' 

I Jan. 84 
X Jan. 84' 
I Jan. 84 

a Feb. 76 ao Nov. 84 
a Fob. 76»4Nov.«4 

28 Jan. 75: I Jan. 84 

28 Jan. J J I Jan. 84 

28 Jan. 75 I Jan. 84 

?8 Jan. 75 
■j& Jan. 75 
28 Jan. 7; 

I Jan. 
I Jan. 


1 Jan. i'4 
I Jan. &4 

I Jan. 
I Jnn. 


I Jan. 
I Jan. 

9 Jan. 84 


O BHA Trench, Fred. John Arthur*** 
Anderson, Charles Alex,*" Adj. 

B Carter, Duncan Campbell*** 

Barrett, Leonard,^"^ Inspector \ « ip^v. mst 

HfWaHike Stores j, « F«^- 7« 

Llogd, WHford NeoUle,^ Staff \ 

Captain B. ArtdUi 
Brig. Major B.Ar 
Daniel I, Arthur Caims,^^ m-itk] 
Local Forces, Victoria, with 

local rank qf Ma for 

WW liauua, William , . 

6 AlKly, Anthony John I a Feb. 76 5 Dec. 84 

Fox, Francis JoAb*" I a Feb. 76;«o Dee. 84 

I Barlow, Charles Mervyn I a Feb. 76'>« Dec. 84 

^-i&a^;-- ^^^ ] ' ' Feb. ,6;.3 Dec. U 
Ucyland. John Rowley Kyilln") ' 

Lloyd.i'" Adj. B. Art. Bateul \ a Feb. 76 1 Sko. 85 

Findi Division ) 

Crnig, Jokn Francis,^* Adj. \ , 

Clare Art. Southern Division ) ; 
p.e.r. Adge,JohH^*^ (Bt. Major,^i ; 

24 Jan. 85) ; Staf Captain for S : 

li.Ariillerg, Chatham ) i 

White, William Z^irt*,"? ■^*-'\} -c..,!. r'-* t-« f- 

sfrnrtor. School of Gunnerg... \ I » ^^^- 7«,*9 ^^ *> 
iHA O'Neill, William Horemou,*"» ij ' 

Adj. R.A. Jubbulpore > j 

Hughes, Arlulhnott James, In- / 

strurtor. School of Gunnerg.. i 
BO TliackLTiiy, FrcderiekUenneU'*' 
fco Blacker, Lnthaui Chas. Miller^*" 
Mnrchison, JLenntth J. Walker, \ \ 

Adit. ArugllJ^ Bute Art. S.D. ) 
' DHA Eardlcy-Wilmot, Artlmr"» .. 

so llnteher. Hen. Townscnd '14 Aug. 76 as Feb. 85 

GuHdrtf,Hvnrg BoKslen,^^*Adi.\\^^ .„^ ,' «-,, •. 

Durh^im Art. Western Die. S - '* ^'^^' ^.^ ^*^ ** 
Morrie»on,HenrgWaiter*,Adi.'}\ ».. . .j.' o »»it fi* 

am qf London Art. Vols. ... j I '* ^"K" 7«.»8 Feb. 85 
Williams, William JIugh !i4Aug. 76J i 3lBr. S5 

^^rA S'y A:y.7i " i ^ au^. ,« .. »«. u 

2 Fob. 76 xo Jsa. 8j 
a Feb. je^^J^T^h 

9 Feb. 76 3 Feb. 55 

a Feb. 76. 4 Feb. 65 

a Feb. 76: 6 Ftb. 85 
s Feb. 76 x8 Feb. £5 

2 Feb. 76 19 Feb. 85 

a Feb. 76 90 Fek 83 


,14 Aug. 76 


p.n.c.Smith. WM.Ajtrleg,*'" Brig. > 
Majnr li. Art. AJtiemhot ) 

19 Aug. 75 13 Mar. 84 

Bundle, Henrg Macleod Les 

/u,i«» DSO. (Bf. Major, 15 

June 85; Bt. Lt. Colonel, If ^ 

Auj?. So), leith Egyptian Arm^ } 
Torlts,ThomatWtltiam,-^**Ad/.\. . . v.. ic 

, Forfarshire Art. Vols ...... J M ^^' 7^ '3 Mwr. Bs 

F RiiA Sandbacb. Henry Martin*^' U^ Aug. 76 13 Mar. 85 



Bitllesion. J.Jco. HustiiiirH,*''* I 

Adjutant IJorre and FicldArt. 1.5 Auif. 71 :8 Mar. 84 

Wonltrirh q Mar. i^J ) ; 

llitkt, William John, Adj.) , o ^r o 

Ih.neQal Art. Sonthn-H Dir \ |'9 Aul,'. 7= 'S Mar. ? 
Birr*, henry Oitattnt, ^'^ A>lj.'f \ . .... 

{.irmirtlunArt.Wist.Div. ., '9 Au- 7.^ ji May t4 

WN Howanl, Cecil Arthur 'ivAuu". 7.= n Junor^ 

K KHv. (.haniljer-, Arthur ig Aujr. 7 17 JiineK4 

1 HHAlbirniW:*, E<lmundd Augiia-/ . t 1 •• 

i,j„.j«; y i.;Aug. 7j 2 July 04 

71 i>.».f.Wutert*,WallbCourt llely- > , r 1 o 

'• ^ Hut<;hiu«m "^.j .9Aag.75 >o July S4 

wjr Cotlrcll, Charlen Dorn er ... . '19 Aug. 7.« 30 July 84 1 
Carter, Alfred lit nrg,Adjutant A \ 

1 Kent Artillerg Volunteers y- it) KxxK'l: i Aug.84 ' 
{Eastern Divisinn) ) 

nam .uaKuuugaii 1  . _ -i . i»__ «. 
Francis !..... ] '^ -^"ff- 7«,'3 »"• « 

Kelly, Richard Makduugall ) 

Hi-isbanc Francis ) 

Montgomery-Campbell, Hugo,^''*^ , ^ 

-•(f//. 2 rlii. {Sussex) Brigade, > 14 Aug. 7ft 18 MlP.8j 

Cinque Forts Division ) . j 

u.f Ki'ut, Frederic ICdminul 14 Aug. 76 25 M«r.l5 

r>o Alexander, Charles Henry 14 Aug. 76 x Apr. 85 

F'trttuHn, John Jamts,-^^ Staff 1 . , 

Capf. Bemount Establishment i .*♦ "^"S- 7«> 
liHriHctter, Arnold Charles, \' . ^. 

Firemarter, Cegloa j 14 Aug. 7O 

Felly, Hnryaerald.y^^ Adj. i> .. Aug. 76 xoApr.85 

Qufhtre Art. } otunteers ) ' •'•^"k- t" **"'^r' 

Minter,JohnSnrteeii,^''*' Cfimmis-'} ... * i«- Be 

sarvnfOrdnanc,,:ird(^lass j »4 Aug. 76 W Apr.BS 

Triscott, Charles Frideitux,'^ ) . -' ._ t* 

l)SO.,Com.ofO,-d. ird Class) »4 ^ug. 76 X5 ApT.W 

1 Apr. 8S 
7 Apr. 85 

K BHA linmbart. Edgar Alan"*. 
Matnrin, Charles Edward, Ad- ) 
Jutant 2 Kmt Art. Volunteers j 

19 Aug. 7.' 
19 Aug. 75 

14 Aug. 84 
14 Aug. 84; I 

Shiffner, John,»* Instructor B.\ . <' - a«. It 

ililitarv Academy j 1 4 Aug. 76 1 J Apr. « 

64 lla.v, Arthur Erneftt*" a Feb. 76seNor.l4 

Jutant 2 Kmt Art. Volunteers \ '9 Aug. 75 14 Aug. 84:1 BoiJeau, Arthur Cadcii Tait,> , a,» «c 

MMA CrottoD, BIcbMrd Martin .. J19 Aug. 7« 17 Aug. 84 | Adjutant x Feb. 89 j .»S dMSU n|sS ^F* « 

Jtojfal ArliUenj. 

ivUm Fni., Aij. 




_^ JHilltrg tndt - 

trU, J-^ it n-in- ) I 

wla* TunMT 

Mnnl UamUtuu 

. ; II Doii(rl«. J«.me» BWwwi^' 

^1 li) M'E.eod, ReEiiMlciaea.U'Qcteon 

l' ;E] Blbiert, ArcUbBld Laoii. 

I Adj. Xid-Bldir ArtilUr., 

51 a. OintMJ. f 

j| HO UsUbBWE. Ain«l 

■» Fomll. AUienuD (n>lUoll>u 

j|i 7 OoLm, How«rd 

I touj.r. Gnnet. Bdnnl Jobn" 
Wlor. FbiUp Beuchumti, ( 

i A^ilant I 

u p.i.e. Kemtnll, Gwrge Vcro"- 
;' Armitog; JSdmnUIi-mi^ ..... 
J us HarrcT, Jobn Edw.. <ti 3i«fi 
li 0.(i»»..... J 

I Dec! 7H 

:. 8ji 6j NbLeoii, BrlnrForl 

1. a  Block. Arthur Huarl 

I OldBeld, Hsnrr 

.J^tl ffDHtW 

, ImuailiinAriauri Vel:... i 
Ffndlar, Keil DoDglw 

taml I Ji^ 1^.. f 


 -   ei.«j-i 

Kay B7 

J . Julj 87 
v| . Jtily 3, 


g'li Sept. £7 

Bundle. Ceo. Blcbanl Ty nil ...\^]nly iq i Oct. li 
GooIil-Aduns.Henrf Kdw.FnneVyi lu'^ H lOW. *I 

Sannel WlllinsUin I» 

mi'.Ptr^ aUhari.Flr*- \ ! 

>,r.B»is»f ..-. i,y 

il],Cl>»«. PMirt.™ />iO... !«, 
, Joim, IntfKlo,- if J>L«- > . 

D/id«i)« I 

C^ Lanaln, John Panrica 


•to T'Jlblll. Frucla Wiliiam i 

Gilbmlth ...J 

Vum., JfBurbc iCnwil, ^.r/. . 

aUqn An.Sa,t\re,i U<P. .. .' 

wn TjTvhlit, J/M, Riipeit., „. 

30 July 

J 39 Oct. B;l 
r/iDOM. 8;, I 

j'ljOct. «r 

./(I Dec. 8; 

9 Hay >e 1 )u. Ij 

Priori. oUn/anirit/Hi'"'" '.jijllaj |g'  Ju. ]j 

S EnriEh, W^linBdmnnd" .1.. ■9lI>J S° g^uii 
1 Betbell. KMurAitliur [a? Jnlr tai: Jn. ti 

'. ASj. lAr*4imtafrJ A 


rtTi/ roIf.'iB Feb. 8,>|;: Jan. 8C 


V.nw, ClUrI> Aw 

lorpttlar a/ fTsrtil* Stan* 

^'j 17 July Ss'l4JULh 

ISO. {St. Uti. IS Jan. tal t it Joly In 11 Jio. S, 

Wyting, Juhn Game Xnktne.. :t JuIt to 11 Ju. t, 
X-}liA. Oarlf Smtit, ■■); 

•Martt efDm-fw fluiMiyt, ^ >; July lo 14 Ju. Ii 

Ori. AotoTJu J I 

LI Fovtori AVillifua Vuriro -..'i 

Elrj-nnt, Giltwn Baiviinl«» ....'. 
HUkn. AlfireJ,™ .I.IJ. Sr*»f 1 ^^ 

Tiiirr.EJ^'d ■! 

" ElN-r'. Ifidia-,"' Adi."'i.,n' , 

Arlilln-1 CE-iln-M D.rU.i,,) J 1' 

n DalB, Al^edllorrle Cecil'-'. ...'< 

.. *, , .^....-^^o I, 

(■ TitdBll, ArthL 

CardCQ .Louji Pelle, 

It Feb. S^';6Juuc8g!|, 
iS Feb. S. 1; July 86' : 

Jt'u/iriiu, Lmtori ff*cnm,"*"i i 
Jwl^, Iniprrlvr On. itf'Oti- \ 11 JbIj £e It Ju. k 

noar.Btvl  }\ '• 

i> Fultor. RJchuil Woodfleld 1; Jnlj I314 Ju. t) 

°/«'MSi.5'"^,ti I""* -.■»■■. 

S'»,t,aiAHf Mrnrr"* ^7 Jul^ «l> >}rrt.l| 

'1 Johiuon.FnDkKnuU ^7 July to i< PA S 

Urtfla. n'lfliM WaiMt, AhM. i ,„,, ^,1 * -j, . 
fiip. WatiatSI<n^.MaUaS , 7 JWJ •»<< Fdj.1, 

10 DuliaiiiWm.Waash Taylor :jJtilj »a\bTth,U 

"iigcsii?:.'.''™".-)'..'-^ ■.;.■"..■. 

10 Bicklurd. Edirard'" „ Jnly Ig.iiillar.h 

BroK^iiim, Utnn, Blaiki^^ [d July Ib;i6IUt.I( 

inir. BdHeT.rratieitUlilTim ...'>• July IdVMu.Ii 
ID Da»l[Uu,JotmWynilbaniG..,.'i7Jnly W ilK-l) 
[(Himtilnio, Claude de CoDTDy ...i; July (c lAtv-ll 

r» BirsHge. Robart Qdorn"* 27 Joly to  

« Rbudca, DomamUaltlaiia 17 Joly fa,  

17 July til i 


e HlllaLt" 

ir«>j. c 

rurf. fo'.f. Ciorlx Orli'rrHH'iq May if I 
i.'.r. Du Baalay, Vot\ Wilmot ) 

Vrce^T^ward Uuw'elL !!.'.. 

Home, Heorr Sinclair, «</> 

Captait. Mirul } 

6 Wing.ftBd.Drumioand Vincent 
Ciini. nowu SUitiH.iiU Clan I 

TiMH, Srul Thv'*! ilHlM. 

CiK<ftT-Xv, AUta M'ytil<^ 

^nlrtiHr a. k. ailt<i:'.....i 
I. Jika, aranit fYiatla Wm., } 

irampMn. Fiennel Uuut*" ,.. 

ir, Alfrert ft!i»rd"* 

'. A [iffOBtua Theodore ...... 

Bosd, Ralph Fnmda') 

LerMcGeonicb J 

, Mnn Qmrgt.'"'* Aij. \ 
rtlSa^llUraD'w.} i 

.. Jnly loH—.^ 

■oXV to ijiult 

37 Inly la 1 JucSf 

July fai (Jidj^ 

• Jnly te| i 

)Uay 83,7 
)Uay 8c' 19 
|Uay Ju,} 

._. _, 1J15I1 
jDlyte iMO 
Feb. Ill I JOiy b 

Tremaliie, Hichard 

Br»W. Sdrari SMh>" 

Kerr }, - 

Philliiu. UerbendaTDDttre-ll -.. . 

in''"t Ji*3F*b.ti 

OrKirrard. Arcliibkl(l.<* ■() I 

m-if CaOtftt }■' 

Str-tt.Fwrcj it9atimartt''i i\ _ . - I .,,|,t 

minb, Frederick Arthu iij Feb. li'iaJilrll 

g Seuti. AKhorHlBDy Iii Feb. ti 11 JiVlf 

- . . .. "ariWa"- •- -'' tJilyH 

J>arl», ffilan IPa. Wtllnin, > ^ 

jl jADiti. William Reginald ) > 

Wallwyn J, 

o Warre, Aonealey^ndafa*" ... 
a VTsakxa, UoulaKiieMonam 

£»«.. AUt. rtaim. Aif. I V 

rarkArl. VaU ;, 

Hawkini, Henry T 

ji lllunt,8dward Walter 

JfoIiKHPfA, JrUir iMitwtt.X 
AA,. , Btv. «. IrUk Di: i, 

vsBn»k'Smi^,Wlirrld Lionet ... 

wt Ban, John Uarehall 

mt Mtlwmra, Clement lUnrT,"i > : 

.dJ,t^al t liily ia J 

» l Uc k joMB, Otnld Wbitmort 

rs SUy Bo 14 


it Uay Bu:^ 
rg May tu'^q 
rj May 60' jo 

9 May fai J 

i9Mayto 8 
19 Hay to!), 

•Maatla^rfl .,- 

ife/inaa. JTaUK .BMiUut, > I 
Sniar Clam, Art. CalUgt '" 

"FatZ jt™f'»ir'tB. '■ L Fob. li 

. . . Irf.) 

X>di. UaT<^d Ha»rda<i .... 

IK Smith, John lAidia 

r4 LuagOeld, Alfred l^uoell 

m Mauuetl, Pruoia Blcbanl ... 




1 '*^ 

9 Hay Sk! t Jan. to'. 

' -V,",' ■" -   ' '■;;{ JiFeb.»i lOcLK 

^'/V,-„' ■' '}.3rcb.»;.0fl.H 

1 I-.TL'y.Sni,.t,,Bonnell a] Feb. 81I I OM. b 

i l-arf, Knui, tOtl.* 

.M'lrov.vfn:JcnckJi,ljuBU.K»n ,, Feb. li iO«tlp 
9 (JoeUII, Ubarles Bdinini >.i Feb. ti iOct>l 

> MaoUibon. John JcMcph siiPib.*i iO<Lh 

> A'l.llnaUD,/'"-. IlaralJwilUam ,] Feb. ti. f OM. ■( 

m»n (Depot. 

a Cap-l-CaM, hV™!'" •» Jaly li! 

i]Feb.ti. eOM.!! 
maryiiJuati J(M.ll 

>« Joir >. 

■• Witti^ Gh" 




El H«f—. 


A<»te JfUAHl 

A«(.a45'. ■/ 

^fljnl, 8, 

»"»-* ) 


>t July B. 

.6 jQlj. B, 

>« July B> 


>6JDly B. 

r«*3rt. r.i.. 


i»w - 





i« JdIj 8i 



Kl Jnly Si 



.6 JdIt 8. 

^rUir y.r*».) 

i6 Jnly Si 



9« JaXj 9i 




7iw5. Swiiij 

^.D.G ^j'fV-'f 



.6 July 81 



-« July 8i 

J. Feb. e:^ 

«Feb. B> 


» Feb. 8' 


H Feb. 8:. 

1, HTilUva Oauon 

H F.b. S> 

iHj. Vartnder 

» Feb. 8j 


■• Feb. S. 

b*U Galbniiii!!!!" 

»Feb. B> 


i> FBb. 8> 
n ir<b. l3 

iS JnlT Bi 

•iiua Wklkoi'" 

Ji Feb. Bi 

uu,Gm. Mirctia 

)9 Feb. Bi 

illiKO Kelly 

iiFeb. S) 

?™aci» BodunM 

.1 Feb. 8^ 

GOben ... 

iBwood mghion- 

1= Feb. Bi 



[Igb Suidhui 


B. B«r» I-w Ada 


.c^Oir. .Artillery f 




Do.<iwHd p'™« 



^rau B<l«u>l' ...' 

lobenSuCUur . 


«.»>"' !! 


* .<I<Ai*rw JTayi, Com- 1 
ir'ca teirta WOlimni HorUr 

AJilr.BMi Settrl,jMtiH. /m 

If-erdt. ««■»! 

DO BUr-ttoD, William deCouroy .. 

u SleiemoD, Aobert Crawfbrd ... 

D iBi Voung. Artbar DHTidson*' 

Parry. n,v,II,t Hitmff-rnt ...... 

Tajlor. J/«(™y,«" O.A O,, 

;8 BubbiKton, 

Pariir.JiA* Limn''' Fort All, Altact .. , 

<4 BwlaUffi), William Cbvlei AlTnd 

■o Fooie, HmuT Bnioe 1 ! 

Ooknu. nUian WUdtT.... : 

StII. OarlH n-irnliSi i 

Mtrtau, SiiJwf Oiargt, Uitiil. J»- > 

ntelorifirailOiSltiTa J ' 

; Gobbina, KumU DmunoT* i 

eUUr.Frturii Ttrrtane _ i 

Slm-k, llarM CmrUn WMtnOl, AkUI. ) 

Iiuprc/sr ^ ITlrlib Atsnr ,. ...Jl ' 

Oilri, FratA Unn ^tg'"' .. .....I i 

■X SQble.MoDtiufiwa«*>» , .,  , 

EI iBi llamcud, JiibD. Dawt- j i 

i-iBiF. SDwalin],CbiU'IeaO«w*liL»' i 

UiuTle, Artbnr Cecil,**' Zinl. ^ a 

IB Selrny 

...J, ' 

i-t DW. FoXiBobert Fmn___ _ 

ws da BeRT, Georee Jobn tiew« 

i III4 ClocU, Evelyn Uitcib Usury J<Mi*i« 
n>H.t, HHiy 0.i»«, J<r. > aincaltr- 

■wBnnrnioir.CliBrU* WUliun ..,..! 

i~i Mr. UaabMD, WUtiut Allcyiw, akiTat 
(hivlen, JfatMlB a/iiikam Cfanb,>» 
CmairurjF ^Orimmtt, 4U OoM 

'mnria Ricbura .. 
• J! n«D, I barliwCiLiitre 

>r. 50J io WilllBiosaiipOlKiiiaChejlasi 
iH Kave, Ealpb Anbor 

Aur! ^! r 


I IfiJfMtueJnilfny t'slHlnri, •>,() t I, 

«.!•«/- Ci/rfBiu J i 

TbQrp.JthnClBQda „., , 

BenHD, RiOQ Fbillp, Z.(u(. tf u L'bm- 1 : 
fangofGLllrmra CadiU j |' 

oot. atury E«"' 

bapherd, Junea Lannnco Fredan 
— - "■ '-■■- -nborDooglM .. 

I Feb. 8j 
I Feb. B) 
I Feb. Sj 
1 Feb. Bj 

> Feb. Bi j L<is<i<',htciiS^*hta<H\t»,'r.Aij. ,01a- 

} inne Gill r. ini ITjrnir, Uonry Uinobln ..."........ 

1 July ga I /.f«Jy, rtnrfM rriirrM, .itit.j rift 

Ljall, Gbmrtci N 

rs Vuu-Aeneir, Fmnti' 

in Knai.ArtbarSic'-. ! 

■m Qray. PhUlip Erif-wB 

. ini neaalmu, Jobn RmsrHni WborUni 
11 Peri:eTml,CliiudeJobn,Jc<ii«.l<(/'>>toii 
-1 Bir Johni'lw>,Fn!ilerloltC»Bipb«ll™,. 


Au>»r, irilUmmJokn,J4i. I Xsr/'v't ^rt. 

1^ Chusier, Sanaden Mmw 

 KenniieH. Praderirt Gaj 

r Mnr. a, 
-i Mif. Bj 

Joly 8j 

|tB Inly 8) 


Bot/al Artaierg. 

sfi OuilOW. WilUatn Honrr 

Jtanwri. J0I.H Uerltrt. mi Clou Amul. 1 

/WKrfor 0/ IFnrfi*. Star- „.... S 

Bniit-CI,i3. KcoUlt Bwni, AmMmt 

aaptTKHItndnl of Fatltiria, Btiieai ...S 

U Mu V-lieekiui, Franoia Baay Fremoalt ) 

Hawer...... —...J 

36 OflddSB, John Gonlon. Atting Aij. 

49 TCmlker, iLleunderLiiiiioiia 

OisiWUUama-Wynii, BcnrrCaiiliata 

Basliam, Jlo*. Fraitrit Sichar^ Hit ii\ 

Omp la Uajor Qtntnl C. M. CInrtt J 

3J OprfoD.LocliiiivarAleuiidBrCliwles ... 

78 RiLchls, John Botwrt 

Rdbi, HoisUo SL George, Li— I. <tf at 

Omamgi^ Onlltmnt Caibto < 

8 iBi CkirVfn, Hictoi: 

X^r; llarUml aia»ltv^ 

T ■■! Gordon, Lbwtmmm George Fnnk ... . 

6 SmiUk HarbenGnUnia 

Tfockt, enrai, AhM. Smpit. ^ Ej-i 

ftrimiml; miturjum ....> 

60 Sandilanito, Henry George 

UiBiBcbinKin, WillW Arthur 

6; LtuhinBton, atephim 

JO BnmeU^ John Cbaplyn- 

■0 Gkmeron, Siren Doniilcl Chsriea''* 

Wardtw, Birkard Eiicnrd, Adj. j If^rli . 
XiUnatfTtriMrt Ari. Fob. ( IT. &id. 

a.ATmTf),<ciUmllitfCmflat<, \ 

Brtmittr,I>i>m. wrniij wU Ejjtrtiw .lrn,f 

It nxi Fold, (Ih&rles Hopewell. 

K ui BehcSelil, HuryKorton 

T ■■! Ounpball. Henri Uoatcpuierr 

XfHM^t, WtUiimlliHry OtjJtert, Adi. 1) 
DnctMliir.Arl. rtl>.{W. DIs. X.2rl.) S 
FUmtr. Fkilip Bii«^, Auil. /lupKfgr) 

lif Wurliti BtoMI J 

ws Bunpryide, Henry Eavrud 

45 OuemSDt, Boger 

71 Andarun, Jamea DookIu 

SiInKW, Aiui JTiliM, 0.9. Dmrlmint... 

B D». (■! Dn Cane, John FhlUp 

Lamrit, Ckarln Ximati, itrtitij mUk\ 

BnJuamalmlPtUHFanH $ 

tB Dennla, Ueada Jamu Cnabie 

K IB^ Gr^am, lAnoeloC 

I. RU tIaxiTdl, Jamea U'Gall 

JO Fuaon, DlwieT John Henikia I 

LgU. OtorgtaamiulBBltKn.Aii. t diti,- 1 ' 
wfArl. F>lt.,v<»n»»i|^0,,,r... . i 

J iKiWray. John Cecil 

7s BBlnbnilKa, Percy Agneir ... 

ij Pr»lt, Henry Arthor 

P ■■! Fane, WilUun Thonmn . 
M Fowler, FTUicli Charlai .... 

JUM'Ji. Silurt Batil. A\ii .1. 1 .,..,,■ !., , 


3; Oeddea, Qeorfce HeaeinB 

g Coibe(Hl,ThoniBalAnftboina,»°Ziac 

■o HanhaU, Hawtrey Chariee 

70 Klrfca, Henry LiulilnBtoa 

41 DodIc^ Arcbibald Somiuil 

A lu Kilner, Charlea Harold 

«■ Norrli, Arthnr Qunbier 

VH Warren, William LowlB 

;t Idujhlan.BnnetHonoHeT. 

II Uii Radclllfe, Bobert Ednmnil Lo>Tnd< 

Pami Bonae, Hnbert 

X lu Lloyd, Maarice Brickdslo .. 
H ■■! HumphreyB, Gardiner... 

77 PlByfair, Fredericlt Lyon 

3) Buberu.HichaelBnidloy... 

WN Cuniinf!, Atthnr Thoma* 

F »Bi AskwilhjHBnTy Franoia 

KIT Pairy, Jenaini Bacchoa 

DO BsMman. Bemafd Uonikgu 
 Merriman, Reginald Gordon 

Mir Hardy, WUIiwn Kyle "I 

43 Whice, Georpe Francia 

r.I'hi..,. . 

>S Cooper. Philip T 

4a Norrii.Emeet Edward 

BO Friend, FreneieNmoion.. .. 
ABHidii Plat-Taylor, Bt. John]. . . 
S iBi Lambert, Bdward Puny . 

I BaUiaconbe, Chartea 

flrowH, Jm»m Fititrici*^. . . . 

50 Cleave. Bgorton SUwart 

ij RBby.HonUirae Henn Bart'in 
Rmai ndgood.TlioinaaEilwaM Willi 

trattim CMtttfiir St^^if 

<fj Bimmcktr, Franoii Henry Eruest 

 Fiveth. Fimnci* BdwBtd .. 

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4 Tyler, Arthor Haloolm, 
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IBl Boiler, Arthur Townley 

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 Pniurls, GaHin OcMnm ShkW ,, *^h S« 

MAtaSmm.nTlUuD PMiiek. ,; p,b. 66 

73 Chapbdl-Muton, Cloidiin 17 Pub. Bfi 

wrmcbsl, WIOiWDlMi ,, Feb. e« 

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«a Hoopor, Stout HunCiy. 

ir- Booth, Son. WmiiHi': 

I Binklaa, WilUain . 

AlhelatanM „ 

-3 Mr. Lyon, Vmuit . 

6 Veb. 17:16 Fob. 90 
SfBb.B^iAFcb. 9a 
sreb. e7.SFeh. 90 
1 Feb, 87 16 Feb. 90 
i Fob! bJ le "" 

S Fob. 8 J ' 
i Feb. 87 
> Fab. ij 
i Feb, 87 

i Feb. }g 

I July I 

I Jul; G 

I July B,_._.^ _ 


I July 87, i July Sl 
iJaly g7|ijJn1j-^ 
iJoly 87',=3Jnfy jr 
I July 8733 Jnly Bt 
iJ°ly 8j.jJaly i» 
Jaly 87 >j July 9a 
--, -, .,Joly eo. 
July 87 " ' — " 

July 87 


, Jnly S7 -. 

; July 87 " 
I July 87 
I July 87 

•aJulj-gs ,| 

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'JJolyio ^ 

13 July 87 
rj July 87 
|3 July 87 


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•0 Coley-Bromfleld. John Coley . 

■v Cmwrord 

AUh»l Temple 

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dward M-U>bQD 

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1 Feb. 87 

t Feb. Bt' 
S FaU. 8; 

^_ J, Charlea Wheltr .. 

ji Herbert. I'ercyThomaiColihiiiiv ,..,Vt Vb'O.'w'. 

JO Oarev, WilUain Hayilland ViTSO. W 

trwTbTnpp, Frands Morton Vt««i. Wi 

M IiBDgtfon, PAolPamun Ntif «ti> 1 

lio^al Arlilhrg. 

■II Dullard, Chules Stttmyib Brucn 

 Siiundcn, Vitliun Power 

•0 PeBDCtlionie, Henry Ercljn 

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 norti*. 4'illiam Fiancii Tiijlor .... 
ITurraf , Alan Bnillt 

IS GaOKbsKaD, Robort 

41 LamliBTils. Fnuici* Fans 

a« Walter), Hubartde lAiuar 

iranelUe, William Juhii Ken- 

(7 Mnrriann. Miuikell MackcDiia Hon 

 liDtlo, Hiiroia Rahih 

•a r.repe, Arthur WelluiOey 

-.1 Roeii.Hamillonl.v.ter 

j6 Hauy, Edward Clurlee 

6 Trier, Ralph Bclmtd 

12 McbolloD, Graham HeoTj Whallc, 

««B^er, Kichard WhanoQ 

■a Wailes. William Bt»on 

M Kirknalrick, Aleiaader Rooald Y 1 

a MonllTia. UuRh Crawford 

37 Edlmuin, Krorat KllJot 

•o Freeland, ADthonv Drase 

a Tgimkiiia. Kneel Leitta 

■> Home, Boben Elton 

"--■--"—■—■- Edward Uojd ,, 

a Darker, Prcderi 

10 GonlDO 

ai TiRhe, ''™J"*'J;^„„ - 

BO 8miib, William Hagh Usher"! 

BO GBllDWay. Frank Lennoi 

BO Bellaira. Norman Edirard DrcU 

w» LelhhrtdgB, Byilney 

(I Coningham.tlanrj 

 Butcher, Frederick I<))nrrel1 .. 

^s UaoMnnn, Hoome Fletcher 

wsaorrice, Herbert 

ID Cciuea, Douulai Ricbirdion ... 

a JohMif,ne,Houe 

wvChekc, KdwaraODorKe 

a Cohbe, llenr7 hercules 

M Bmilh-Neill. Fi-vsk James 

, Strong, V 

b, John 

61 Coalca, Reaiuikld CailiOD 'iiF<b,ta 

ws Noott,t;nlEl)iirt Cecil ,. isFsb.ta 

» Blanfunl, William Oeorgt* ■, >». b 

a Poole. Frederick Cnihbarl .' 

(« aimpwm-Baikio, Hagh Arctic SaniM ... ij Fib. k 

wa Bamca, lleoiT Uai^all 11 Feb. la 

soHardnuin, BealnaldSlaaley ijTeb.S 

4 Diion. (ieonce Fredcrio ...liiFeb.S 

I CmLg, Robert Annealey ' 

76 Vallenlin, Henry Edward liirabLla 

» BojlB, OcoTffeGnitUn isAb.!* 

a Brurc, Jiibu KlUot Liilderdale isFW.i* 

a yukinpon, Wm. Aloiajir]roCiinnlngUam'ijFBb.SB 

a Oraiter, Rdmand Beu>7 Uertiim i5F«b;l| 

10 Hobsun, John Alciandcr ,i{ 

j6 Stockley, Arthnr.. Cniaekc _ '11 Feb. la 

WD Crocker, AUterl Gilbert 'tsAb.S 

SI Owiy. Ucni7GcaTg< Fredciiuk i]I^b.ta 

36 Thomai, IIcnnrMcTtilla ijIU.!) 

Dnir, Ucorn Uiabam Eayll uFfb-te 

G4 Sandara, Edward Caraw 

U Buton-Ennf, Hurry Jamea 11 Fab. b 

■o D»w»on, Honrj- Finch uF^S 

■0 Sherar, James DoDuelly i;FA.l> 

■0 Qaaiii.John 'i5F«b.|e 

go Parwmn. Kraderick ['bar>i Airrril itFehS 

15 IdUuUiiu. ReKiualdKdwardArtbur 'i(PBb,S 

B Vereker, (.^harlM Q rani ill* ^it F^kfi 

10 de Brett, Harry SimoDda... isFeb-la 

a Pinbey, WinthoipaMolyiiaux isPalLb 

wv Blffoen, William Welbome L'uell D'UrlT|:s Ptb. la 

7 Hay, James 'uFChS 

1 llume.Jamet „„ it Feb.* 

a Orr, Ctiarlea wminm Jaam ><F« 

a Xerinson, Tom St. Anbyn Oarfeu-j' lu. ■. 

LeuuTd „..),'»"*■* 

>o Baker, OnlMy Hnah lUaay nJncli 

33 Emery, William BmbU *7 JBlr S 

>g Olllman, Wel,b '^I^S 

to Jacob, WaKarHanrrBdl :>aS5 

a Kane, Arthnr Hyd* !i7JUl| 

jt Maringlon,KlliattCopetand „ stMh 

» Grove, Kracst Williams irJitTll 

a J)e Sauimaivi, Cecil 17 Jair H 

wa Ai«, Percy Thornoy- itJSIi 

BO Cbartrea, Richard Osraw ^jJalik 

a Campbell, GordoDU'ClBllsnil nja^b 

aoMorriM,n, Norman M-lTor >7Jii55 

41 Uorwlen, Richard Travera , tjjiiiili 

wi Howorth, Henry OodlNy irJtilH 

a Bmiih. Arcblbsld Gooive 'iluah 

K> Burton, UnrrsCbarlea Hay 17 July l» 

so Bowrinff, Arthnr Uautayna '.; Jollti 

na rniley, Robert OojnoLaTallia 'jl'ilh 

 Fire, Robert Balnbridge 17 JUj)) 

:n Briiibt, Reginald Arthnr. . ijjvati 


■a Hill, Howard Uerkelc] 

ea<,4fi'ra,aarTf Coirf.i 

ra Dent, Frank Wilkinaui 
10 Kenny, Conrtney .... 

 Uetcalre. Fenwick Mei 
S3 Maaaie, Roger acnry.. 

a Thorp. Arthur Hagh .. 

J7 77 WadrliDBloi 

... 1; no Elves. Walter Vah»Une JepbBOD L'l 

k ... .,  - i8 llepper Lionel Lcea 

.... .'7 I Peel. Edward Jobs Raaaell 

. . --7 6l Poltinger, Robert SouthBY 

,• .s Fisher, William Anncslcy , 

-•• "■Povroll.KdwaiMWoyUndMariin..,. 

.'7 «r James, John Edgcnmbc 

.. .. .7 «o riorfiom, Charles Annna 

, . .. ,;: i snTuUocb, UonaldFiddes 

a Kendall, John Ksj-D 17 wrt Kompaon. John Woilgwood ... , 

^S Pim, KdwanlHugh ,7. ... 7] Allen, William JeD^riu llenei[ 

so Bcuwell, Albert ,. 27 .r.j'v - »» Alexander, Erneat Wright 

HI K I Icrahaw, Arthur zTJoly S! wa U'Qihlawiiy, William 

•a Nott. St. Lexer LuardNialB j7Jiilyaa' to Bykas, Clement Arthur 

I'j llichoae.ThomiuiSikcB isAb.Bg' 7s Clerka, Auauatna Baail IIoH 

Mt Uardcostlc. John llenichal ijPeb.I^:! a Mrlcaire, fyilnoy Fortoscue 

 Urock, Uenry Jnukiua 3 Fob. Sa! ao Lane. Kwcn Uoulfianiery 

14 Thomson. Aleuuder Fredenck Hubert^ m Frb. 84 19 do Wintnn, Hichanl StrctUn 

/; Rndwonh. Charles Edward UuttOB i^Fub. S9 Ji )>bpii|iatil. Ileriisit Cecil 

Mj Fsrmar. William (^ccil Rosaell 1; Feb. S; so Ardcrno. Ihivid Davlea 

K Heilftjm, Peter YoiuiBS'.»n isFvb.Bt. a Cape, Ueurm' Angniitiu Ktewiu t . . ... 

.r. Oldham. FrabkTrevur ij Feb. a. BO lleweiMO, AlRcamlcr William 

|.i IJurdon, Soil Frnner 1; Feb. 8b s (iilhi^m, Uotlftcy. 

17 Tcm pier, Cyril Frank i;Feb.Bq w-i Tbombill, Clement Ikiisley 

: tiuldie, Adrian llcipc ijFcb. Iv 47 Beit, LyonelJobn 

to Williams, Arthnr Cecil isFeh.B'/ 5{ Kelly, lieDry Edward Ttaaoilui« 

a Hunt, William lluldsworlb ■« FaU i., , ao FluHoy. t'bllip PitiWllliam 

Bi CtaaUeria, lleniy Byrne ij Feb. 89.: 76 Wylde, Boben Daretl 

a Bishop, Oharla* Frederick i; Feb. Ci, 1 a Uray, Cbarlo* Lloyd Raskleigh 

to Bossi, Arthnr Addi*on ij Full. Bo ic Willis, Hdward Henry 

a Forbes, Arthnr.... i; Feb. B^  Owen, CharloB Richard Blaekstono 

,,■ Banem, XnetL 15 Fob. [9 I so furlui, Arthur William 

 Ifootlt. Otorjre Ortrille .Irt Feb. fo lo Ashworti. Leonard Tampla 

Rrid, Oeornt KUivl ... ij Feb. Sg to Walron,lolitifl«OTHtltkSttMul ... 

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Boben Itapier 


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Uariocka, WQliun Ktbait* Napier . 

LePollov, E'lirnrdCKej- 

Tudof, Hearf Hogb 

Fslmer, OrtflBBsuiec 

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SV KiraoD, Beitnm Richard 

raLiddDD, WiUiun (iooroo .j-— j r 

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ITS I«ffnmoo-ArcIier, Jain» Renrr - " I! 'nlj ft 

m Walker, Gdmnl Wflliun Uar , ; (., .r»i» «. 

VhiUtttaO, Bdnuad L'Kiitruigis .. 

WHWlUcItuoa, Arthur Cleraenl,.. 

- BoTM, Uarrj AnffMttu 

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Hopv, W IIUeud Besrr Weble; 

FuekatJ, Hcnij Norrianon .. 

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SlflWBil, DaTison Brneo 

WolslcnlttilBie, Oltrcr Slnclaii- 

Blddulnb, Mlcmaol 

HavenUll, GoUinjtwoa) 

_ ._... ,. ._ Dnnnmona, EmNica Unney ,,. 

olla;r t)oll«sBireb, AnhoTOharltB ,. 

toUty ga  Ballliif, aeorge 

4 JdI]- 90' m Ifonia, Penttm Shakaarreitr .. 

ij July tc]\  an«i,13ltbertV]«l(>r 

rj Jaly OD 63 RobaitMa, Charlca ChslirDaa 

1; Jn^ >>ihr.iaait«n,&srbBn Wattn 

tfl-aXf acjlio Farinhar, Hercnlia Timmu ... 

15 Julf 90 to UiupraCt-Wllliama, Hei^iialil I. 

15 July 90 50 Oravford, JohnHalkot 

'J Jul; go > Hgurj, John 

Boyal Artillery. 

DHurr ADJDiurr Onrmiu. 

Uajor Gencnl E. Hnrkbun, i Joue 37. 

AaainTiST Ad/itiit GmuL. 
Colonel G. J. Burpnonn, jt Dec, »o. 

DtruTT AiaisiiirT Adjdtut Guiiut, 
p.i.c. Mi^or B. A. MonlHOmecjr, 1 Sept. a». 

Bipms Uumi. 
luhiibtun.WmiKm,**' ir»Irial, 


k. Pstrson, John^u^lIiifliM . 

ig Ifa; 6^ 1 July t : 

i.i.i. bnper, Fradui!^ UmliaUa. 

HfiDBon, OhrlatopheTi JWffltof-. 
i.E.i.GoDde, RlohBTdJolmjrntrUfi 
!.«.!. Bterem, Jobn.lfr — 

WlUcin, John, BiUia. 
i.B.i. Elmpian. Bobert. Jfimif. 

n, Culdtaltr 

a, John, IFooiBi 

ue. Jftinn, &eiiii<!*raiad ... 
n, ThoB. Henry, Wttlriti.. 

.M.I.. ScuUet, John, > 

'Ta4?s-i,".»*«....j|— ■"■ 

WardiTbonuu, BfMJMwrt jCJooeji 

.v.k. lAtngriibfThstaax. Alitiiltat !i7 Den. 7; 
mpm, C*ar(«,Carfisiiii,irf.ll jjjj,^ 

r^TfK^'fff^lJ^ oTJSJI'"!' } ■' '">■ 

Waller, Alai. Warfiii^f™ 


B B<l>t,8; 

PoiMlJ, Jrfii J«.Clo.. Wfl.. q^« > 

(Sn. Viij'or, jD Oct. Bo) i 

Willmnil, Jm. w .l»(riai Jrt. & Bir. 
RnntU, Hen. ywyM* Art. S. Din 

Cook, Oeorgo,'" 7ar<His*U 

Munro, John, fi^oU Art. B. Bit. 
J Faton, WiUiui« 

Harris, ChM-liM, «■/«■' 
Uutin. AlDiuidsr^w n 

PirOi, 8a,iBu«l," Si»i*on> 

Wisbun. Rich. Jm, ft £>;<. JTaWo 
Lano, Fredk. Intp- O"^. HiuUitrrf 
Clark, Bobert LeBTn, f. Onl, It. 
FitaliOD, Jobn J^niwa' ^^r^. V- Oli. 
ttobiiKon, Wmii^?" n»fiir f > 
£iiiHnl>H 'fr'. a. Z>>irfi<m ... J 
O'Meill, Oiron, StMbriyiiw 

Ikmohae, William Ednntrd, la- ) 
jHriir a^OnlHaerlfiiriMiarrJ 
JwriB, Wm. iTnl .Jrf. S. D». ... 
Carlylo, 7taitJiup.Ori.irtdiiiuTf 
Kdwarda, JamM, Limtrlct Cilf \ 

Art. S. DMriiii i 

Cooper, Thoa. FrSDOia, attraUar. 

mFalroj,' , ...- ,- - 

u M'CafiirW, durles, WaalKifIt ...I t Dec. 
Begbey, Hbwt 7. 6nl. Jf ., awn- 4 Jan. 
HaolOT, fraderlok jDHph./aqi.l ' • 

qfOM.iI•uMmlrf,Bmt<m»^S\ ' 
Brown. Frank, I. CM. ».. Cij/o. .9 V 

Anderw)n, William, Enali jaA 

8addF,ffm. Bnj., t.0.U..Jam9iai'yj A 
" nT,Ii.3amiir.,Fir,ArHllirgliS3 
7. Wm. Channe, Spiti IiUni' 6 T 

Dickens, Jobiii LinidmtJfr7 


^ Stip€TiittfniKHt.—'IA.Qolon^l J . K. SAarr 

ifiior.— F. A. Torke. 
' LiiMf^nU.—O.n.C ' 
. i U.S.. PowclL 

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Hone Artlllfliy. 

D BiUcry, Aldanlisl. 

J.lV.Inge. Woolwi 

R. (joDibiar.BADRklDra. 

Ci flail! F. nrnpor.Umballa. 
^^pi. J.SwvBM. BiuiHolure. 
Liiat. a. Blmpson, lieenil. 

Cupi,,l\,.^. B. M»l«rly.<,li.—J. B.W. HoAdltim. 

61. J. L. U. Cu-rut- 

C. U. KilDcr. 

BBaUor;, MMnt. 

»|-,i;c.i-.-U, fl.Wiokhiju. 

Aj^sJn,— H. J. Jsokeun. 

i ji.'..— A. D. Younu. 

W. A. llohiufou. 

E. H. DAviB. 

a/,.>r-W +J. Knox, iS. 
(V(uJ«,-A. E.Tl-jImoI. I 

II. L. A.Jcnkh^gon. 
f. H. F. R. M'Mcelian. 

C«,(ui..-J. I 

. iUilcUire. 

.— H. A. OllivonI 
i«.~n. U. S&udl 
.—C.L.W.M. Knight. 

C«j^iii».-F. E. A. Hnnl 
Z:l».'n<»f*.— H. M. For 

.1. U. CoBtee. 

C. ProscoU'SuciH. 

U BbHctt, Bulksto. 
Kajnr.— B. Blaltsley. 
li^U.—E. P. s'loii' 


H. alfcrfBion. 

L BMl«i7.T»olwlah. | B BUW17, X< 

Jf..,i)'.— J. C fiillwiile. Ifni'oi-.— A. Bit* 

Caji'uiM — W. J. RobcrLBOD, 1 CaftaiM.—B. C. ] 

i,v.(..-J, MCC, M««BlL |i**.'..-E. a- H 

C. a. Ifiiokoniic. H, Corbyn. 

O. T. FonaUer-Wilker. M. B. Lloyd. 

T BHUiT, Kki 
Uajor.-C. J. L< 

I Battery, Titmaltkuij, 

raioi-.-J. LeMt. 
.,plniii.-B. Bunnti. 

If Bktlcry, Xbow. 
r/w.— W. A.EdoB. 


Bfi.-S. B. YonTitf. 

F. A. li. Y. Ell.iu. 

K liiiUBry, Allnilist. 

afu/BA-F. O. B. Tuolt. 

dji'-rij—E. A. L-tiDburl 

Battery, XmbiUc*. 
Unior.—C. H. Atcbison. 
Cuplaim.—r. J. A. Trench. E. Gray. 
H. C. WilliamB Wyun. 

F Battery, Lnokiww. 
aivnr.—a.H. CoftflbndiD. 
CaftntH.—F. H. Ward. 

f«>r.— Ho*.F.W. J.Bhott!. 

wiiin.— Mr J. a. J, W, 

Jervls. :B(. 

.if.f..— C. T. llanlfoUd. 

R. W. Urmka. 

H. L. Tenmiat. 

n Battery, ZlrkM. 
fojor.—W.W. Smith. 
Vfnin.-E. A. Funahn 

"V.E. W. Biilnwil. 
U. Didduliih. 

if. Co (an f J. 


i .Vr.;"',-p. A- V. 

Field ArtiUenr. 

1, S'onoaMlo-Dn. 
■. D-U. Murray, 
ba)l. AldershoL 

r. F. BmuRh. Jhuisi 

Sf. torubull, Lnck-i 

_. J. Xrilh HawBl Pmdee. 

i.S.JLirsliill, AthloDo. .T. R. Siiuey AiliUuibiH]. 
J. B.Lixkyer, Hilnea. fti((,„ 3fa.ffr, 

Bollfr;. GhelSaU. 
Jjr.(/V.-f..r.J(.C, Danicll, 

.f..— J. A. Tyler. 
C, W. Tyler. 
C. BatC'DOomlic. 

4 Baiury. AldvriliBt. 

J..-B,D. UubbiM. 

I C.B.l«> 

1S..Y.. Ts\et. 


__ _ _ A, BelhoU. 
LintK—H. A. t'. ClDWB. 

T. B. C. HdiIwh. 

L. L. Hepper. 
39 BatteTT. Oltoiul. 
Oijplui*.— T. K. E.Johnst 

if(i,a»It.— A. I.. Wallcer. 
A. B. DuslDp. 

3 Ba>tIeT7, laokno*. 
op.— 0. T. F. BhirroK'. 
i<a.— D.E, Dewir. 
iliiciHn.— K. K. Knap p. 
D. H. CamctOD. 
R. FiUllaoiioe. 

— R. C- W«Ile«l»j. c^i 

R, F. RbcIc-Bmi^. 
11 BUleiT. Bunwkpiiw. 

,,or _ f. T. U. B«»*er. 
jrtaiB.— W. H. Connollj-. 
ii«U,— K. B. Benoett. 
C. J. PereeTSl. 
S. P. Buf liuitl. 
33 BBtKry, AUanlmt. 
ujoi-,— C. M. II. DowniBi 
iirfaiM.— C. F. BlMW, 
•W-B. 8. WUita. 

Usir.'tl.D'O. O.OitiM 

-A. M. Balfour. 
(■.— W. at. C. Bland. 
B. T. Maraden. 
G. Z. GBlbnitli. 
. BaKorr, Woolwioh. 
:or.— R. U. B. Nartb. 
(oiii.— A. B. Heljar. 
,-0. Calvort. 

B. T. K«Uj. 
Bflttary, Bowoaitli. 
r.— U.I.I', Q. U. PalDiei. 
, li..— J, H, Bttlguy. 
i«iii5»Bii(..— W. H ■• -■- 

LinU.—X. M. D. UoniMB, 

jS BtLtUTJ, Ejutv. 
JfB>r.-H.T. Curling. 

tKtriu<«t..-C. O. Head. 
E. H. nm. 
H, W. Taylor. 

Udior.^F. a. Hall. 
" - -I. E.Cosbill. 

— M-H.C 

B. Caumeat. 
W. a. B, Uanlay. 
45 Batwry, rjiiia*. 

Mnifr.-i. A Coibaad. Ma/of.-W. H. Frilb. 

a^iaui.— M. 1^ '-'""?;'■ I Qiptoi*,— W. J. A. Beauwn. 

O. a. Etodym-Snotaai]. g g eaudiliuidi. 

llhoaie. j.'fl. AliWdje. 

Aiatnhot. (], Bnlipry, BjLniiloti. 

I LlrMteii 

— A. r. 

i'. Grit 

<. J. .s- 

i( BaLtcry, AlUhitiad. 

R. A. Brijftll. ' 
,' f. D. H, ftVtM. 

.Jfujor.-L, J. A.ChBpi 

" f.i«.— H. O.BuiTU' 


W. H. W. Pflrrolt. 

T. P- Ljunbanio. 

L'iij>' rj i>.— A.S. Wcilderbit 
Li!ui:-i. O. 
K.E. Ktnckdflle. 


.-^A. E. liar. 
-W.C. A. Raile 

J. Snndnra. 

-n. Tromaiiie. 
(..-U.C.Uldnull- f 

51 flallcry, Bb 
tajar.—Oi. B. O' 

'"". I 60 Batlcry, OfcriaUlii 
sinni*' 1 Jfiyi"-.— J- llolbam. 

.C. Bailward. Copfoii 
J. O. Paoiaeti. "—•- 
.Bodwortli. y 

19 BatWry, Fusn^or*. 
— R. H. B. Baker. 

H.G.F. Geary. 
J J Battery, Kiikw. 
ruior.-H. J. I'T""''- 

I. kcnnard. 1 Copfo 

.J. P. Laiiglej. 
.... J,J. BaKni-KvanB. 

T. L. L. Boullon. 

D. G. Pfobyn. 
6j BaU«ry, Alinihet. 

1 Lapxam.— M. ii BLi' 


63 liuttcry, Meean Meer. 

Iffjoi'.—H. H. Murray-Gra- 

Captain. -A\. L. Hej'jfate. 
Lu'nt.-naniB.—V. '£. Oooper. 

U. v. V'ji.s.-ar-.Smitn. 

'*. ('. Uobertvjn. 

C ; Battcrj, Limerick. 
Il-tJ'/r.—D. \V. Buckle. 
Oii'f'iio. — C. D. Guinness. 
J.inK*' ."tntu.^K. H. S. Goff. 

I). McKay. 

it. H. Kinran. 

70 Buttery, Xeerut. 
H'ljoi'.—W. A. G. Satmderd. 
C'ljtfitin. — A, G. Johnson. 
Li«nti'un.ih.— ,\. C. Bomctt. 

P. A. Bainbridge. 

H. L. Kirke. 

71 Batter V, Allahabad. 
Jfrt/y,-.— G. W. K. Howard- 

Cipt'ii.i.—W, E. Boothby. 
Liftitftinnft, — ^^i*. A. Kkipwnth 
J. D. Anderson, 
r. G. Stewart. 

7^ Battery, Deesa. 
l[aJor.-^p.i,.c. J. W. T. 

Captain.— Y. E. Johnson, 
fwrw /*.—(;. Campbell- John- 
P. I). Hnmilton. 
T. M. Uabonic. 

Lteu(e»aut Colonelt. 
Colo.iel II. M. Burgess, 

Murrco Hills. 
K. J. do Lautour, Jutogh. 
('. J. Dciyhon, DSO. Quctta. 

Ctipt. rt. D. LoudoD, Quetta. 

I Battery, Rawnl Pindee. 
Mu/or.—Bt. Lt.Cof. H. B. L. 

Ciiptaiii.—V. T. Robinson. 

Ijiri'/eha>i(8.—V. A. Molony. 
W. K. Hard 3*, 
11. A. Knye. 

-J Buttery, Mandalay. 
Major.— O. a. Smyth, DSO. 
r^,,t.-('. P. Fcmliill, D50. 
J.k'$. — W. A. Per88<5. 

('. K. O'Lcarv. 

T. K. Marshall. 

Lieui:—^, C. Owen. 
G. A- FitaGerald. 
W. J. B. Allen. 

74 Battery, LoBfford. 

Jfo/or.— E. Lake. 
Captain.^H. C. G. Taylor. 
Li«uienani$.~\{. Mallcsou. 

T. H. Crozicr. 

P. N. G. Read. 

75 Battery, Aldershot. 

Major. — G. R. Hadaway. 
Captain.— F. J. Gneme. 
lAvu f rnan/*.— R .Greoghegan. 

M. C. P. Ward. 

A. B. H. Gierke. 

76 Battery, Belf aom. 

Jiajor.^B, G. Smyth. 
Captain.— A, L. Uibbert. 
Lieut fnanU. — W. M. Grover. 

H. E. Vallentin. 

R. D. Wylde. 

77 Battery, Oolehester. 

Major.— F. M. Banister. 
Captain.—^. D. Flndlay. 
Lieutenant*.— V , L. Playfair. 

C. P. Stevens. 

W. N. Gordon. 

Boyal Artillery, 

7; Battery, Ipswich. 75 Batt^sry, Baagor. 

Major.— J. A. F. Nntt. | J/a/or.— W. K. Jerrift. 

Captain— p.t.c. W. U. H. Oi;>/ai>i.— J.F.Vans-Agncw. 
- ' LirrfM.—D. M. Babmptou. 

M. J. C. Dennift. 
J. B. Ritchie. 

79 Battery, Trimalgherrj. 

Jfayor— H.W.Brackenbury. 
Captaitt.-B. F. Drake. 
Litut€i>aiita.—C. W. Clark. 

F. Vane-Acnew. 
T. A. Tancred. 

80 Battery, Athlone. 

Major.— J, M. B. Bmnkcr. 
aipt<tin. — E., B. W. de 

LieHi$,—Q. N. Cartirrigbt. 

G. A. Sykes. 

Lieutenant Colonel$, 

J .P.Free,x8tDiv.jWoolwich. 
L. Downes, and Div., Wool- 


Lieut, W, Osborne, iftt Div. 
Lieut, A. B. Chamberlin, 
and Division. 

Mountain Artillery. 

3 Battery, Daijaeling . 

Major. — J. D. Cunningham. 
Citptain.—B,. M. B. F. Kelly. 
Lieut».—0. G. Traheme. 

W. H. Jones. 

F. R. Patch. 

4 Battery, Vatal. 
Major.— Z. A. Robertson. 
Captain.— C, M. Gonne. 
Lieutenante.-yJ, B. Parry, 

T. Jones. 

R. S. Macgowan. 

5 Battery, Jatog h. 

Major.— Bt.Lt. Colonel W. 

Captain.— K. ff. Powell. 
Lieut*. — L. A. G. Clarke. 

R. H. Hare. 

A. T. Crawford. 

6 Battery, Rawnl Piadee. 

Major. — ^A. Manseh 
Captain.-^, E. Kent. 
Litut$.—Y. L. Donaldson. 

G. C. Dowell. 

W. D. Nichol. 

7 Battery, Qnetta. 
Major.— p.9.e. F, Beaufort. 
Captain.— J. E. Harvey. 
Lieuts.—O, W. Brownlow, 

H. A. Roid. 

G. R. M. Church. 

8 Battery, Jutogh. 
Major.— p.t,c. Bt.Lt.Colonel 

E. R. Ellen. 
Captain.— C. de C. Hamilton. 
LUutt.—G. S. Ogg. 

F. W. S. Stanton. 

C, J. Blunt. 

Midimff MoMtert. 
Lifut. J. M'Lennan, ui Div. 
Lieut. T. H. Brogan,3ndIhT. 

Quarter Matterr. 
Liei.f. A. Martin, ist Div. 
Capf. J. M. li*Kcnna, 2nd 

1 Battery, Wodwieb. 

M<Juor.—yf. J. Fowler. 
Captain.—^. F.X. M.Bond. 
Lieutenant*. — R. F. Fox. 
W. A. Macbean. 

C. N. Lyall. 

a Battery, Wedwich. 

M<Oor.—J. F. BaUy. 
Captain.— J. F. Manifold 
Lieutenanf9.—U. C. St. (•. 

F. Prendergast 

F. C. Johnston. 

1 Battery, Woslwi«h. 
Iftf/or.— C. E. Beadnoll. 
Captain,— V. C. Bower. 
Lieut$.—y/, H. MU1». 

J. Berkley. 
M.S. Williams. 

2 Battery, Woolwiefc. 
Major.— K.W. P. Robertson. 
Captain.— Bi. Major H. C. 

Lieutt.—C. O. Smeaton. 

D. P. L. Birch. 
F. Lyon. 

9 Battery, Rawol Pitlit. 

Major.— F. A. Bowles. 
Captain.-R, W. Fuller. 
Lieut9,—C. R. Hodgins. 

C. B. Hill. 

A. M. Smith. 

10 Battery, Hewpsrt (Itn.) 

Mojor.—F. W. Radcliff. 
Cajttain.-A. Bell-Irvinjf. 
£irii/#.— J.C.Kirk. 

C. M. Maxwell. 

A. S. Jenour. 

Garrison Artillery. 



.St.vif at Houi. 

Lieut f.uvit Colonel*. 

Colon rl i\. McG. Stewart, 

(olo.icl B. (ic B. Tapper, 

( itioiirli". s. Harvey, Dover. 
|{. .f. lUv.lct. Shcofue8S. 

Ad i lit 'int. 

C'lpttiin Jfo).. A. Lambart, 

Quii rter Matter*. 
Lieut. W. Frtircy, Sheer- 

L'fut. C. M'Caffcrty, Wool 

8t\fp Abboad. 
Lieutenant Colonel*. 

coUmel M. F. H. M*CauB 

land, (fibraltar. 
A. Lotran, Gibraltar. 
A. N. rcurso, Bombay. 

Quarter Ifagfer, 

J.irMt. T. F. Cooper, Gih-i 

ml tar. 

I Battery, Mandahiy. 
Captain*.— \i . R. W. James 

Hon. R. E. M. Mostyn. 
Lieutenant*. — M. M. Noble. 

W. H. Hunt. 

J. E. L. Bruce. 

2 Battery, Dover. 
Major. — A. R. Fraser. 
Captain. — J. 8. Dongla-. 
Lieut*.— C. Q. Verekcr. 

H. N. Packard. 

E. L. Tomkius. 

3 Battery, OibralUr. 

Major. — R. do Marylski. 
Captain. — A. H. Short. 
Licutenantf.—A. M. Cnvl-.n* 

W. A. C. Pilkiiigt.ii. * 

G. Buillio. 

4 Battery, Ferozepore. 

Major.— A. Radfonl. 
Captain.— S. B. VouDoiiop. 
Lieut*.— W. F. T. Corrio. 

R. B. Fife. 

C. E. Palmer. 

5 Battery, Sheemess. 

Major.— J. J. Congdon. 
Captain.— A. C. Counnl. 
Lieutenant*.— {2, PbiUips. 

J. Home. 

G. V. Green, 

6 Batter}', Gibraltar. . 

Major,— yy. H. Suart. i 

Captain.— \y. II. Cummings.' 
Lit'uf*.—yf. P. Saunders. ; 
F. C. Poole. 

E. J. U. Peel. 

7 Battery, Sheemess. 
Major.— Bt.Lt. Colonel W'.H. 

F. Sorell. 
Captain.— B..\i, Brady. 

I Lieutenant*,— K. A. Craig. 
! E. H. B. Craster. 

8 Battery, Boorkee. 

Major.— J. J. Swiuton. 
CV//^^/l».— T.ff.Chamberlaiu 
Lieut*.— U. J. W. Farrell. 

J. K. Kcmhill. 

C. W. J. Orr. 

9 Battery, Gibraltar. 

Major.— G. B. Allen. 
Captain.— 3. O. English. 
Lieut*.— U. R. Ootto. 
F. B. Butcher. 

TO Battery, Sgypt. 
Major.— pa.c. J. T. Bur>'. 
Captain.— a. E. Oldfleld. 
Lieut*.— F. E. L. Barker. 

II Battery, Dewr. 
Major.— p.9.e, W. B. Flet- 
Captain.— G. W. Rickmas- 
Lieut*.— BX.Seria- 
G. A. S. Cape. 

t2 Battery, Oibwlttf. 
Major.— E. Gunner. 
Captain.— R. A. Vignf. 
Lieut*.— G. Gillsen. 

W. M. Pinhey. 


23 Battery, Ih»jtt»J«' 
Major,— A. Browne. 
Captain.— A. T. Baker. 
LiV«f«.— H.H.Cobbe. 

R. E. Home. 

B. Gosselin. 

14 Battery, Eawul Pis**'*' 
Mufor.—Vi. S. BaWoct 
Captain.— R. Morris. 
Lieut*. — A. L. Bray. 

A. J. Peile. 

G. M'G. UampbeU. 

Major.-C. H. Smith. _^ 
Cuptain,-'W. J.UlldeWO*^ 
U«ut*.-W. 8. Amittftb 

D.O. Morris. 
\ Q.4i 

tVrr.—H. KWgU. 
•H-fc— A. U. Tlwrp. 

M—— F. A. UUgb. 


JL U-M. Seadcm. 

i'<^a/ Ariillery. 

FV 'M.— M. J. Ad Coiic. 

IW> -J. I'. 8. OUBCIDD. 

\. f. a. KtilbuigUm, 

'■ iiuiBj.ltn Si. Gmtci, 

Ca,./,iii W.Elliot, Dover. 
CbrhiuiHn. A. Bldne>', 
ureu yarmoutli. 
Depot, Dome. 
UiOar.—3. A. GriDve. 
Ciij>(»f«.— r. J. 8. ClMve. 
t<«'<.— B. Q. Uerrtinflii. 
O. D. 8. Pciu;Elo. 
r. H. FKrketi. 
lot Sab Dc^l, Woatiruh. 

jry.r,— w. r. ciobyo, 

"u,!..!.,— a, ite T. Phillips. 
.if»f..— A. B. BnkST. 
H. J. UacdoBsUL. 
mil Sab Depot. Oiekt Tu- 

; BnUoir, All«lul»a. 
CV/ifulm,— (t. Wrigti. 
H. K, fiUDlon, />S0. 

C.rioia..— 1.;. D. Soott. 
£i«(.,— A.A. U'Hiinl]-, 

('. A. IIOlTBtL 

R. L. U. WiUiunt. 
sOitteT)', BuiEMn. 

Otrli BvbDUi. 


Portan«(*. W. 0- a Fanniir 

Hiui .t Hon., B- H- P«"rtam. 

Lieulixa*! Colai-rU. 'o BatUTy, Soag Song. 

B. n. OroU. PoiumoaUi. Jf<;>r.~-W. F. Graliam. 

('o/uHfL.r.PeiTj, LODdoa-i d.^iii,— c. E. Rpjnolclii, 
ilerrr. Linli.—U. 8. Woodeu"'- 

•l H. I. HaoUTerty,' F, C, Vlgaolei, 
0ba*lsr. A. K. Lee. 

Oarey, WejTOOQth. l^!*',".™;. ■■?^-, 


■i".— M, M. W.'ckei". 

L H. E«yoD. 

LUmI. V/. Patoo, Goiport. 

a. TuiFloc 
F.F- SiaciuQAOii. 

J^'.-w. a, d* Joncr. I 
^**~R. A, K. Uunt-j 

f' I. Bslfcn. 

IBUlciT. Oibnllu. 

I , L D. il. Buckln. 

Ww^i— E. B. f hilUp^l 

>-A G. S. WKle. 

J. lUisea. 

Cofn»>t A. K. 

1 Tj BnlWry. 
0". Ijf,i,.„._a.a. 

W<m»/». ; Oiplun..— * 1 

■. Warn. 
C. II. Burton. 

ti. n . Hoolce, UiiUa. > 

. tl . UnidtDKe, Ransaau. i j 

34 EUUr.T. Oinpbattpiio. 
JToj-w.-C. B. Sklptan. 
C\iflaiii.—F. R. ITmolursv. 
'i«i/a.— J. B. JtaokiDtosU. 

C, C. DasDTUii 

>S Batlar;. AtU, 

J. li. SI. WotMO. 
17 Hatters-. Ooldtn Hill, I.W. 
Jfuor.— W. 9. Wnlfunl 
Lirmlmi^li.'—F. N. C.HliTy 

Wiijor.— L-, H. Riokard". 

"V'; A. Cleghom.' ' 
F. F. Fit/ll03-. 

Ifoy'or.— R. F. WUliama. 
0.,.l.i;».-R. D. Andoraoi 

(«'.,— A. P.HJJeilwrooah.' r 
A. (i. WiUinQH. :t 

b.T. Alhnonb. j 

1 Bittcrr, Wajnumtfa. 

ry»r.— C. J. Blake. I, 

[.(.-K. a AnitaMon. 'J 


-H. K. P 
U. B.Ja 

latlcij-, I 
—A. B. Stopford. 
..-E. Bioktord. 
llX'tl.— L.J.l.'bB] 

F. PotlB. 

U. H. U. Baki 

«(•.— A. It. Y. Kirkpat- /, 
A. W, KciTCttoii. 

r Baiterr. Splka Idand. , 
ii'or.— A. 8. Urimthf. 11, 
I.*.— A. B. N. Chiirehill. <■ 

,■. Uop 


33 Battery. Ceylcv. 
-Vtf/wr.— ,1. W. Ycrbury. 
i tif.1aiu.—\. Matthews. 
Litutn.— J. B. Mauiiscll. 

A. W. Grcpe. 

W. B. Browell. 

34 Battery^ Oosport. 

Jilujur.—A. Burton. 
(\ifttaiu. — A. H. Browne. 
LU'iitt. — C. H. Chcpmell. 

n. D. Arderue. 

R. Waring, 

ZS Battery, Kalta. 

^tijor.—h. E. Coker. 
Oi/,/aiM.— J. W. Ormiaton. 
ZieuteHantf,^!). R. Coates. 

R. ('. Chartres. 

K. F. Lanxl>e. 

36 Batter?', Malta 

Cuf'faint.—H. '£. Butcher. 

W. W. T. imhan. 
Zieuttt.—H.. L. N. Beyuon. 

T. 0. W. Molony. 

F. J. Smith-Ncill. 

37 Battf>ry, Malta. 
Major. —W. Riddoll. 
Captain. — ^L. C. M. Blacker. 
LtcutenanU. — A. Benwell. 

K. M. Lanj;. 
N. D. Cochrane. 

j& Battcrv, Honf Kong. 

Jdujor.—T. H. French. 
Captain.— R. E. F. Goold- 

Lieut*.— y*. C. A. Nicholson. 

J. Quain. 

39 Battery, Weymouth. 

Maior.—ColoTiel F. G. Slade. 
('u)>tuiH. — C. E. Goolbum. 
Lieut*.— A. O'C. Scott. 
E. H. Drumraond. 

4c Battery, Spike Island. 

Major. — v. L. Catioy. 
i'aptaiti. — F, J. Murphy. 
/.u.rN.— W. H.U. Smith. 
\V. V. J. C. Klwe«. 

41 Battery, Singapore. 
J/... or. —J. M. Tuber, 
r.,;./,ii/,.— A. M. 0. Dale. 
Luutitmntt. — G. H. Sanders 
W. Ki. Hlanford. 
C. E. Kudy. 

4^ Battery, Portsmouth. 

Miiinr.—3. M. Alve^;. 

Ciiffftn.—J. H. Foster. 

J^.i atrnu lit*. —V.h.GixWoway. 

n. HaidcMstio. 

IJ. U. L. Puxlcy. 

43 Battery, Ceylon. 
.V.r,or.— S. (.'. llickuniu. 
('•ij'f<ii>i. — y. MaxucU. 
J..riif< ii,i.itf.—G. \'^'. Hicc. 

U. (.. Morris. 

H. T. Funiuhar. 


Lieutenant Coloneh. 

i'oJo.iel H. M. Robertson, 

Fort Rowner. 
Colonel T. J. Jones, Spike 

('. W. Thomson, Leith Fort. 
Cdvitel S. Simpson, Sea- 
forth. ' 


Captain H. ( '. C. D. Simpson, 

Depot,Fort Rowner, Oosport 
J/a/bf.—j. Q. Upplehy. 

Royal ArttUery. 

ist Sub Depot, liTcrpooI. | 7 Battery, Plynoath. 

Major.— C. Rassell. 
CaptHiu.—yy. F. Kiiw. 
Lieutenant*.— V. H. Yoanjf. 

2nd Sub Depot, Leith. 

Ifdyor.— L. 6. P. Selfo. 
Captain.— W, M. T. Synge. 
Lieutenant^.— Y. C. Fowler. 
J. W. Matthews. 

3rd Sab Depot, Spike Island 

Major.— F, W. H. Miles. 
Captain.— C. D. Cottrell. 
Lieut*.— W, H. Carey. 

AffHiaied MilitiaArtillerf. 
— Antrim, Haddington.CorJt , 
Donegral, Dublin City, Edin- 
burgh, Fife, Forfar and 
of Wight, Lancashire, Lime- 
rick City, Mid Ulster, Tip- 
perary, Waterford, Argyll 
and Bute, Wicklow, SUgo, 
Londonderry, and Clare 



Stavv at Hoxb. 
Lieutenant Colonel*. 


W. Nash, 
Colonel H. H. Goodeve, 

U. A. Barker, Devonport. 


Captain C. H. Milward, 

Stjlti Abbojl . 
[Lieutenant Colonel*. 

S. Pym, Bermuda. 

p.t.c. Colonel G. A. Noyos, 
I Halifax. N.S. 
\ Colv.iel M. H. Saward, 
i Simla. 
, A. D. Anderson, Simla. 

1 Battery, Bermuda. 

Captiiit9.—C.^. Richanlson. 

J. F. Cadell. 
Lieut».—\l. W. M. Parker. 

R. H. F. M'Culloch. 

H. Crichton. 

2 Battery, daetta. 

Cupf*.—Vf. Hanna. 

Hon. R. Tyrwhitt. 
Liiuffnantf.—C F. Almon 

O. A. Smith. 

F. G. Small wood. 

3 Buttery, Halifax, N.S. 

3Iaior.—C. R. W. llcrvcy. 
Captain.— J. P. Fell. 
Litutr.-i. A. Thornton. 

J. M. MiioKowan. 

C. F. G. Low. 

4 Battery, Drakes Island. 
Captain*.— R. M. Campbell. 

C. H. A. Hervey. 
Lieutenant*.— {3. O. Adair. 

E. G. Cheke. 
C. F. P. Parry. 

5 Battery, Devonport. 
Major. — F. B. Bunny. 
Captain. — J. H. V. Crowe. 
Lieutenant*. — A. 8. Miller. 

F. W. Dent. 

6 Battexy, Roorkee. 
Mq/or.—A. H. Callwell. 

Major.^'A. J. Nixon. 
Captain.— T. B. Nowlan. 
Lieufenante.—F. M. Thnipp. 
A, C. Birch. 

8 Battery, Devonport 

Major.— IR. F. Johnson. 
Captain.— F. R. Maunsell. 
Lieutenant*.— F. T. Ayre. 
H. W. Bowen. 

9 Battery, Pembroke Dook. 

Major.— A. D. Addison, a/ 

StaJT Collece. 
Captain.— C. E. Jervois. 
Lieute.—F. C. Owen. 

K. W. Alexander. 

C. 6. E. 8. Nash. 

10 Battery, Jamaica. 

Major.— F. Howard. 
Captain,— A. Capel-Cure. 
LieuteHanta.—Q. G. S.Carey. 

St L. M. Moore. 

U. M. Drake. 

iz Battery, Rawnl Findee. 

Major. — 

Captain*.— R. C. Foster. 

M. F. Fegen. 
Lieutenant*. — H. A. Lake. 

8. Lethbridge. 

S. D. Bullen. 

12 Battery, Agra. 

Major.— B.. N. Jervois. 
Captain.— F. B. Johnstone. 
Lieut».—\Y.W. C. D. Biguell. 

A. 8. Williams. 

F. A. Wynter. 

13 Battery, Mhow. 

Major.— C M. Western. 
Captain. — C. A. Howard. 
Lieut ctnntn. — 8. H. Hooper. 

C. B. Tbornhill. 

J. H. Paine. 

14 Battery, Guernsey and 

Ma/or.—\V. G. Phillimorc. 
Captain. — (A. S. JoneS. 
Licutcnaittt. — L. D. Fraser. 
J. W. Kcmpson. 

13 Battery, Aden. 

Major.— \l. A. Rig}?. 
Captai>it.—T. R. Harkiie.^s. 
Lifnt*. — F. Burge. 
J. H. L. Archer. 

1 C Battery, Roorkee. 

Major. — V\. U. Blackett. 
Ca^'fain. — J. M. Burt. 
Li€ufK.—U. P. Molcswonb. 

K. W. Davics. 

11. G. Howorth. 

1 7 Battery .Halifax, N.S. 

Major.— J. McDonnell. 
t'«fy</ii»/».— G.M.Yungc-Bato- 

Lieutfuantf.—T^. E. Stuart. 

(t. N. Johnston. 

\V. CJ. Lyddon. 

18 Battery, Devonport. 

Major.— \y. Tylden. 
Capt.—W. L. Brook-Smith. 
Lieutenant*. — W. L.Warren. 

G. S. F. Broome. 

W. M'Gildowny. 

20 Battery, Bermuda. 

Major.— ^. Powlott. 
Captain.— A. Crawford, at 

Staff College. 
Lieut*.— C. F.*Ru>?gc-Price. 

A. M. R. Mall'Kjk. 

A. C. Wilkinson. 

21 Battery, Jersey. 

Major.— tL. A. Scott. 
 Captain.— a. W. M. Shewell. 
' Lieutenant*. — T. A Cuming' 
W. J. K. Rettie. 

72 Battery, B ami ay. 

3[ajor.—R. T. Lugard. 
Captain.— \V. D. Burrarjl 
Lieut*.— F. R. Phillips. 
R. Singer. 

C. C. Noott. 

23 Battery, St. Lucia. 

Major.— Jj. W. Pnrsons. 
Captain.— A, L. TisdMll. 
Lieutenant*. — R. W. Bogcr. 

J. E. James. 

A. B. Denne. 

24 Battery, Halifax, N.S. 
Capif.—Hon. J.E.P.Vereker. 

A. J. Mullins. 
Lieut*.— ^y. Arthy. 

H. M. Elliot 

H. M. Barnes. 

35 Battery. Plymouth. 

Major. — W. G. Lowther. 
Captain. — E. Nash. 
Lieut*.- B. W. M. Powell. 

D. R. Poulter. 

Lieutenant Coloueh. 

Colo>iel G. C. H. Paill.y, 
I Devonport. 

; T. B. Tyler, Newport, Mon. 

J. C. Hobiiifiou, i3uuderl;iml. 


nt.Muior G. F. A. No'-ton, 

Quarter Matttr*. 
Caftaiii J. Kelly. L)cv(Jiiiiort. 
Lit::*. S. Firth, Devoupvi r. 

Depot, Plymcuth. 

M'ijor.—\\. P. Ho^rgan. 
Ct:ptinn,— \{. (J, Struii;^'!'. 
L'.iuts. — H. K. U;iinptyl(lc. 

(J. L. J. do Lk'ii V. 

F. L. Alfor.l. 

::»L .Snb Depot, Sundtiland. 

Majui'.—C^. P. Owrn. 
Liij't'ii'i. — 11. (.'. .Mi)\'s\\ ". ill 
Luutf.—\. (J. I'ull. tk. 
H. Morrici". 

AJiliated .MHHi" Arfi:!> . ■'. 
— Cornwall^ Dt \ "iiMii 11-. 
Devo:i,DurUaui,(ilaiii()i „;.i.. 
NijrthuTal)crljintl. Cjii 1 1 1 - 
iLen, PomhrokcYork-h i . , 
a:ul Curdigau Art;ller.\ . 

iiE<.;iMi:NTAL DLSTi;-.'- 



Co'oxlT. M. llaz/.tii^'-. 
(i>r. Mr. — Licnt. A. iSciith. 
MaJ'.r.—W. H. Ncwtoii. 
Cnpt''i»f'—E. Dixon, .l<!/. 

T. H. E. Acton. 
Lieut*.— J. H. }i. Johnston 

F. Chevallcy. 

J. Chridliau. 


19 Battery, Pembroke Dock. 1 

'^' ^J. ^. Curncron. 

O. M. Franks. 
E. W. M. Walter. 



Major.— U. V. Cowan. ' St. Helena. — Capt. F. B. 

' CajifaU.—H. L. Gardiner. I Elmslio, Lieut. 11. R. 
Li«uf*Ma«ti.— li.L.IlaTv^T. \ Palmer. 

A. C. CTOC\teT. \ SVerra UoHe.--Ca|A'^.VO»\YV. 

viQIi » L\« Ul .\< X» . ^Tek.\X<i\\ » 

doast brigade ^HlTUIlarr. 

Hitchia, Bli^qmrrr, Gu.irit, W. O. 

Samosl BuUwrlBDiI.i riirrwurt In 

ianna B«Ibe^ I^.Ur. i Apr, j6),P(»«Mf*l". 

a«U. BilmtM^...., , ... 1 

Inaoiitl K'Cill&ry, OrutrlntJl ' 

BoDH lUplM, ArWi* „ , 1 

lotepkPottmr.Ttmtftr Lfion . I'l. 

Pnderlck Pitar TudiT, OKtrurg , ... 't- 

9nTfSa»iul M^li. Jdi. , Za^„ri.lL,n A'-I.y:,li .. i' 

l U miTi ri»illai». Mi. eXaiic.i-:.. Ii >.:,.,.i.,,- i 
Bdmrd IHaon,' WodIhc* 
ltdmrd AIdriil|n,> forfnoi' '. 

JamnLaftt.Aij. lAtrMri,, , {- [ 

OauT^ WebMer, C^f 

W. I>M«i.. ill/. jDnntai-tM. I Wi.W* roll* of t»iu/, li 
Snnr ff7«l<i« Alliert CoUini^" d,lj«ta,l •. la— ) i 

miBaUy.Adj.,brkMgAH.r«U., ma\ rank ef Carll 7 
lUwrf .&■■«■." AtJMla%t I IbinsuM Arlilttr. i , 

_F>, ■iUr«.l<i/-CiiBlal '( ' 

trklMrOiibOnie,.Ui'ii(a>« t /u. so iS 

krtliiu Braoe C&uulMrlU), Aditimi j Jan. w Iio 

- KdwM4 Tamer, emi(r<in.',.». ...T., ., iig 
•' . Cuibvd friH, AAiitint i Snfrit a,i I'iiml-irlc.,. I 

, AniUtrfyellAn,<tiaruKkofl..,.l,i,.. ' ' 

-- I Hanrr Otcbatd, Q««B>4 . .. ... 7 

.. lWi!lMmPiolcap,.^j/;-«*r*-lo/T.:;,'-.i-- i,l'i:j:., i 

- wmmm Hauiy l^uploaloiie, f.^^n !' '. lUii 14 

I ^r(flf«yFiJ<Hb>n, via >.>./'. r.. ■„ ., 1 - 

.. Uao.ArtliluCMilDiKlnrWiT^.^:.. . . .\ , 1 1/ .1 

"[ in^rf,f.*?^w'«-."l-',''''t.„', .,:',.' ;  



IMedBl trlth Clup), 

Altchau WBT of 1878-79 — ,.,™. 

M ihe atuck itod capture of All Uus 
OleAa.\ with maap). 

" CipWlQ " 

BgyptuH — 

BoiCDWn servcil i 

liattle ' 

r (mi 

I deapBtelica, Medal *i[h t 

: Uk 9th Hcptembai 

It (Uedal fflUi Clmap. and 

'Willi nl llic -iese orSetMiBtopol (MeJiil 

1 8 6-8 Royal Malta Artillery. 

The Royal Cypher and a Maltese Cross. ** Eorrr. 1882." 
liT.CoLOirxLS.— *Aufru8tinuB Panlus Michael Alexius Aloysias Portelll,* CMG., i3 Nov. 82 {Cotonef, »S Nov. 86) ; 

Commanding the Regiment ^ x6 Apr. 84. 
•Frederick Gatt, CU&., 10 Nov. 85; Colonel, 10 Nov. 89. 

•Joseph Speranza, 10 Nov. 85, I • Jolin Rnttcr, 10 Nov. 85, 

•Paolo Bernard, 10 Nov. 85. | 

•Alfred Snnt-Foumier, 25 March 84. •Alexander Mattei,- 15 Nov. S4, 

•Antonio Gatt (Jtl/if/an/isMay 84), 16 Apr. 84. I •Charles Trapani,* lo Nov. 85. 
♦Alfred Cavarra,=» 15 May 84. 1 * Alfred Trapani,' 10 Nov. 85. 


♦Achilles F. P. M. J. A. F. X. Samut, i Sept. 80, ' *A'.fted Vella.* 16 Muj 83. 

Ordnance Store Department. [If oo/trtVA. •William Savona, i^ Jan. 85. 

•Achillea Baron Carbonaro, i Dec. Bo,Lonff Cour«e,\ "George Dallas Enriquez, 14 Jan. 85. 

•Rinaldo Briflfa, 29 June 81. •Edward Savona, ao Oct. 86. 


Henry Alexander Balbi, 31 Dec. 87. I Louis Monreal, 31 Dec. S;. 

Adjutant. — *Captain Antonio Gatt, 15 May 84. 
Quarter Master. — •Carmelo Grech, 5 Mdrch S4. 
Medical Officer. — Surgeon Major •Lorenso M a) 1 cl it*, If D. 27 Feb. 75. 

Blue — Faringii Scarlet. 

» Colonel Portelli served in the E^Typtiau war of 1882 (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, CMG., Mednl, niul Khedive's Star). 

* Captains Cavarra, Mattel and A.Trapani served in the Egyptian war of 1882 (Mudnl, niul Khedive'H Star). 

^ Captain C. Trapani served in the Egyptian war of 1882 with the Commissariat and Transport Staff (Medal^ 
and Knedive's Star). 

* Lieut. Vella served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 as Transport Officer (Modal witli Clasp, and Khedive* » 

War Sei^tces of the Officers of the Boyal Artillery, 

1 The Duke of Cambridge commanded the ist Division of the Eastern Army throughout the campaiprn of 1851* 
including the battles of the Alma, Bali^lava, and Inkermnn (horse shot), and siege of Sobastopol (mentioued i\\ 
despatches, received the thanks of the House of Commons, Medal with four Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

 Sir John St. George served in the Crimean campaign IVom March 1855, ond commanded the siege train at the 
&11 of Sebastopol (Brevet of Colonel, CB.^ Medal with Clasp, Officer of the Legion of Hoiior, 4th Class of the Me<liidie, 
and Turkish Medal). 

* Sir Collingwood Dickson served on the staff of Lord Raglan during the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and waa 
present at the affairs of Bulganac and M'Kenxie's Farm, the bnttles of Alma and Inkerman, capture of Balnklava^ 
expedition to Kertch, and siege of Sebastopol (wounded 4th Feb. 1855) ; commanded the right siege train, nnd wn» 
present at the bombardments of i^th October, 9th April, and 17th Jans C^Tedal with four Clasps, CB., Aide dc Camp 
to the Queen and Colonel, Victoria Cross, Officer ot tha Legion of Honor, 2nd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkifili 
Medal): was a«rarded the YC "for having, on the 17th October 1854, when the batteries of the Right Attack 
had run short of powder, displayed the greatest coolness and contempt of danger in directing the unloading of 
several waggons of the field battery which were brought up to the trenches to supply the want, and having 
personally assisted in carrying the powder barrels under a severe fire from the enemy.'* He is also a Knight of 
Charles the Third, ist Class St. Fernando, and Knisrht of Isabella the Catholic. 

* Sir David Edward Wood commanded the Royal Artilleiy on the Eastern frontier of the Capo of Good Hope 
during the insurrection ot the Boers and Kaffirs in 1842-43 (Mediil). Served in the Crimean campaign of 1854-53, 
and commanded the Royal Artillery of the 4th Division at the battles of Balaklavaand Inkei*man, repulse of the 
sortie on the 26th Oct. 1854, and during the siege of Sebastopol, until the final capture of the town ; war* aftci*^>nrds 
removed to the command of the Royal Horse Artillery, which he commanded until the close of the wnr in June 1856 
(Medal with three Clasps, CB., Brevet of Colonel, Officer of the Legion of Honor, 4th Class of the Medjidie, mul 
Turkish Medal). Commanded the Royal Horse Artillery in India from Oct. 1857 to Feb. 1859; commaiulcH tbf* 
Roj'al Horse Artillery in the affair of "Pandora, where they acted as Cavalry and charged and defeated a larpo 
force of rebel Sepoys; commanded as Brigadier the Field Artillery in the operations previous to and during the 
siege of Lucknow, and at the conclusion of the siege and final capture of the town commanded the tvIkUc ot 
the Artillery until the Army was broken ui>. Subseqiiently to the capture of Lucknow was appointed to coninirnid 
the Station and Fort of Allahabad, and carried on the succcssfnl operations against the rebels in that i)art ol" ibe 
country— four times mentioued in despatches (Medal with Clnsp, KCB.). 

* Sir James William Fitzmayer served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the nffiiirs of Bul>rnnnc n^id 
M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and repulse of the sortie on the .jfth 
October 1854 ; was complimented on ])arade by Sir De Lacy Evans for bis manner in bringing the Artillery :»i tho 
Alma under "the hottest fire," and was again thanked by Sir De Lacy, and twice mentioned in his despntch on the 
repulse of the sortie on 26th October 1854 (Medal with three Clasps, CS., Officer of the Legion of Honor, 4lh Cla>v ct 
tho Medjidie. and Turkish Medal). 

* General Askwith while attached to the British Embassj' in Spain in 1838-39, was attached to the Spanish Army 
during the Carlist War. Tho decorations of 1st Class St. Fernando, Commander Isabella the Catholic, and Kni^br. 
of Charles the Third have been conferred on him. 

7 Sir Charles D'Agnilar served the Crimean campaign from September 1854 to March 1S55, including the hattlo 
of Inkerman (horse shot) and siege of Sebastopol, in the Trenches with tlie siege train, and iit the bombunlnient of 
17th October (Medal with two Clasps, CB.. 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served the Indian enni- 
paign of 1857-58, and commanded the Artillery of General Franks' Force at the action of Secundra, also comnmnded 
the Royal Horse Artillery at tho siege and cai)ture of Lucknow (three times mentioned in despatches, lirevti of 
Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

* Sir John Miller Adj-e served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Assist. Adjt.General of Royal Artillery, nnd 
was presentat the affairs of Bulganac andM'Kenzie's Fann, tbebattlesof Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, eji]auro 
of Balaklava Castle, siege and fall of Sebtistopcd (Medal with four Clasps, CB., Commander of the Lctjion «it Honor, 
4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Ser\'ed in India in 1857-58 as Assist. Adjt.CJcncral of Royal Artillery, 
and was present at the action of Paudoo Nuddee 26th Nov., operations before Cawn pore under General Windhjini, 
a7th 28th and 29th Nov., battle of Cawnpore and defeat of the Gwalior Contingent 6th Dec. 1857 (three times men- 
tioned in despatches, Medal). Employed on si)ecial service with the expedition of iS6} againnt the lribe> on tho 
North- West Frontier of India, and was present at the storm of Laloo, capture of Umbcylah, and «le>truetion (,K 
Mulkah (Medal with Clasp). Served as Chief of the Staff in the Egyptian war of iS32, with the rank of Gener;il, 
and was present at the engagements of Tel-el-Mahuta, Kassasin (9th Sept.), an<l in the battle of Tel-el-Keliir 
(twice mentioned in despatches, received the thankt of both Houses of Parliament, GCB., Medal with Clasp, 
Grand Cross of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

* General H. L. Gardiner served in the operations at Prcscott in Upper Canada in 1033. Al»o in the pursuit 
of Tantia Topee in Central India in 1858. 

'* Sir Michael BicMulph served throughout the Ea.stem campaign of 1854-55, including the battle? of Alms, 

Balaklava, and Inkefman, and siege and fall of Sebastopol ; served as an Assistant Engineer in the trencher 

and as Director General of Submarine Telegraphs in the Black Sea (mentioned in desnat<;hes, Brevets of Major and 

LcColone), Meda) with four Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Sicdiidie, an^l Turkish Medal). 

j^"m°^ '^^ ^^f^^'^^ vrnrin iS^S-jg he commanded thcQnetta Field Force and the 2nd Division of tho Caudahar 

Si%ii^\^'^^' ^"^ ^'^ present at the ocoujmtion of Cauda bar and in the euwgcment at Khushk-i-Nakhud ; aacr- 

ofl'j^ri,^^J^/^"J-f/l^^^'^^'*^^ r/iotiili Field Forcj (mentioned in des^wtches. TPC«\v<^\V^le X.\v\xvV^vNU>cMh Houses 

nmmcat, A c li., nnl (Sec also Civil Deorations for GaUauUv, " Han's \.w\v\v\v\ Kvuxx \a>>v» v- i?.^ .\ 

( aj (he 0§kiiv of the Bo'jal 
■mir Bil*aTilH«aiil«T anmt tbt BuUmoampaiininriSM'SsJiidluiUns the&ITiunofSalgsnaoaiidU'KtDiii'H 
Mn.D..hUUHar AlDUttborwtltoil. BalaUayH.tiia Inkemuui Ibortn ElUwU.Cba suss and fiLllor Setaaaiopol, 
<tt Uto aortis on Lho iStli Oclobor xSn (meutlaDcnl in denpucbn, Usdal irlth (bar I'lvips. Brvists 
d U-Coktiiel, Kplfhtoftha Legion ot Honor^BardlDtiui Mid TiirkiiJi Moa»li. and inaCinm of liia 
r." H worii ihM may oonadoolly ba 

_ ._ . IhetB oiitta noUiinB io ooinpiira 

aiUllbbened, ■DisnUHB.ftnd saber leBcbingia Iba {reneral an or vnr i " vide 

•iTliiun (neeind Iba Ihanln of both Houws of PftrUoDWDl, tnica 

■dfc it ia (he KiwUbIi l^trotT* (br anlllbUneii, ic 
n> na» of i«tS<iT. iMa. Bsnad in tba BsTptiwi 
HUa tMUa Of Tti-el-KaUr, «bai« ba led Uia DItHIi 
^miaoad Is denw ~ "' "' 

u LtMUaslnl 

■baaHpal (•srar* 


. — dMpUcbaa, KOB^ Hodftl irltll OtMp, and Clu* of bbg Oumaniah, knil tDuiiire's Star). 

L(<M.U«senl HeniT tarred in die arlsieui Bimpalgn of iSsj, in tbe TrBneln.- '■■- 

ftMotapsi (esrartl/ mandadl, uid it the bomlMRlaitnU ol gcb April, 9th tsd i 

.„_.. ...i_, ^ Lt.Ootaaiil, Bfttdioiio and Toikist Uedklt, jth Clam ot the MeaMie, and Cfi.)- 

"~ Or M. ynaareamLiB tba Kaatom oiunnafffn of '^34, InalodinB tb^ battle oriiitenmm 

'"- ' »edali>i;blm>C)a(pB. jSiClaMOf the Itaitjlille aod Tnrkuh MsdalX 

, lllerf la the aotioii M HydargburijlhSov. 1858, dermtof a rebel form 

It Menli^ eaptun of ton UoJmUa, andacLluii at Banlioa (Bhtsi DfLt.Coloneli M«lii1. and CB,}. Surveil iu 
aa ughan nmr in iBr(~-7Q- and took part in lho ancond mpodiUon to ttao BaHir Vallo^r aodar LioiU. OBOiintl 
lAad* (manUonad m doniiMlia*, UedalJ. 
' Qnaial Yatea ■arrad fn tba Surtam aampaixa at iSu. iiuiladiDg IhD alDilr itb M'Kaniia's Farm, baUla* of 
11^ and iBhannao, aiega of Sabsatopol, ami npolM of ibe sortia on Itao afith Oototoar iK;, {moutlouwl In det- 
aM*aa,IIad>l vUh tbna Ulupa, Brarat of Mai<ir,a«rdialan aaH TmlcUh lledala,aaj ;th CU^i of t-ie lloljidic). 
iarndlBttalBdlBaBanpW)[nof iaj/-sS,pnasatatttaB aDU'aniirSaCDadra,eainiiianaeri n traop of Hans A.rtitlery 

'-- AadcascaniofLiiokBOK.vid comaiBQladt'Ji ArtiUerj'AttheaeoupaiiaBorpjDikbvl and in (be aetloa 

tram the iitb Aiuasci!:3, and wiu prdiDut nl le'emlni.ia'ir affaira thTOoabjiii the Ouda oamnaijix 
'- '-—•tahtM.BcnatarU.OnloDel, U«U1 with Claap. and C£.)- 

A, WillUuna BammMided the lloyal iniJlery In NewZesUod in liStSe dnrtnjc the Walkaw, 

md Wang»nni Cttinpeiga*, and WM present at Banilswhia, Baarinl, GalePab "-' ' ' 

la {tirieia mentlantnJ hi daapatchaa, C'B, . and U cdot) . 

Mivga Arbutbntn tarred In (lie Crimoaa mr rrora Uay lilj;, tnclnflingtho Ria«a and fWltd 

a TraDDhea tHUi lbs alaga tnln, and at (he hatabanlnienta of 6ih and iilh of Jnnt^—tirlM 
■d in doapatohes, Dreret of Uajur, Uodal wlUi Clasp. «Lh ClMn of llio MHtjidiC, and TiirUd 
_..-..>.. _. — ... iLoJ comnuindedthD niiedlUon Bgalnat the WuieerH Kliuiiudt 

,.„ opentioM in lho Hiuarlk and Lnghman Vallpya Cnienlionefl  

iLXCB^aod Medal), Bonrad with (he Barmais BipeUltian la ita? In chief cnmniiuid uf I' ' ~~ 
' u Ibanka oT the QjirenLinent of India, iccntiouAl in diupatehH, Medal with Obunt. 
D17 amjOi martai in the Crimun eampaign from June iS;i, Ineladfng Ibe siege ft 
(IlaOal wilii Oaip. and Torliiab Medal). 

■"-■ ""^iilph >er»ed Cbrvighonl tba Baatero oampidiniof ig]t-$s,1noliidlD)[ (he '■~"i— "' 
ul EOl of Sabaatopo], and aipediUon to Kencb (Medal with three Clu^s^u 

_f DaoOdpoOTe. Socrvd ■« D.A.AiynCUit Ol 

add WB« pr**eut In the opei^tlona in (he flyawKiTa dlibriolt paaaaco of the OorTs, and vatloPA aotJo 
MCBSI IkvntMTi aJao operatlona dkera In tltarMaBltMfinc^ ^s Ibronig of thsJsnru Pas* laereral tl 


. . . _. .,_ . ^onaod, on_ .._.._.._.. 

tr ;hD Armi,iice. Fur UiaaorviDea in ttuaBapa^ha waa appointed Omcac of the Iienibu of Uonor hi Bpecial 
decree of the I'reneh Government of Mstlonal Dcftnee, was maile a Knight of the Firat Class of tho Royal Bavarian 
Order of St, Uichael. snil received the Iron CroEs tiom tho Emperor of Oenoany. AccompHniea Sir Uaruet 
Wolieley to the Gold Coast In September iSjj as Assiiitant Milllnrj aecretary, and serred throughout tho Aahnnii 
war ot 1873-74, inclndlnx tbo ncltou of Ksaaioen, relief of Abraknimtia, buttle of Amoafiil, liaitTo of Ordahsu und 
rsptnre of CoomaBHio [mentioned ill dcrivitehc!!. Brevet of Major, Mcdnl with Claap). In iS7;wa!tfnrtherrewnrdcd 
wjih the BreTei of LuCulonol on return froui upecial service with Sir Garnet Wolscley in Xiitnl, ScrvcilHn Military 
Secretary 10 Sir Garnet Wolscley in tbe loiter jinrt of the Zntn war, and throughout (he oneradmiB aRninat 
Sckokuniia 1E79, beinspreacn( at theatormint; of ihe HtmnEhold. Performed the duties of Chief of the Staff in 
Bj'j(h Africa frum the itth Sept. 187910 tho 7th Kolj. i33j (iiicutioneil in dcspntcbeB, CB., MedHl nitb ClOHp), 
Serred In the Soudan campiiigii in iSis under Loni Wolscley lis Deputy Adjutant and tjuitrter Miislcr Goneml. 
iDrl wu prcKDt lu tbo onsaucmcnt at Kirbekun |ni?n(ioncil Iti dcepstchcB) ; after (he death of Miilor UeuersI 
Eirle he cotomanded (bo^ile C'lliimii (mentioned in dcspntcbcd, iirumotcd Major OenemI for diatiiiKUlshtd 
•ervioo m Ihc field. Medal with two CUisps, and Khodi— '- ^— ' 
" Licnt. General Et. .1. Hay Bervcd a» Aaiiacant Adju 

CJ Major, Me.lai witb'twoCliBM). ' ™'"'"' 

■' Lient.Gencral W. J. Willi.ima acrred in the Criaiean campaisn from May iSs.i. including; ilje sicKC and 
f»!l of Sebaslopol (wonudeil), iu 'rroiicbes with aiese train, and at lunubardmenta of Pth and 17111 June (Umrot of 
Major. Uadal with aaap, 5th Glnaa of tho Mecljiilio, and Turkish Mcelnl). Served with the Jowuki Afreeilco 

I- — 1:.:._ :_ .o s j.. . ------ Artillery (nicutioned In dcapnlcbos. Medal with Clasp), (-ervod Inilio 

-  ■- -  -' *" " — =--' '— — Moned In deapatche*. Modal 

linB tho action of Pandoo 

,..„ „,. „ „. __. urcly wonniled (three times 

amiioned in JoBpatohc*, llrovcl of Mujor, Jlcdal with Cla«i.l. tiervo.1 in the Biiyptiao war of iSSj in eoinnianil 
■if the Royal Arultary, and him present at tbecnira^^meutB ofBl Matfitr, Tel.el-Mahiitn. Kiiaaasm (.)ih p!i>pt.),au.l 
n the battle of Tel ■ct-Kcliir (twice monlionca in despatches, VB., Medal with CloHp, ind Clnas of the Meiljldic, nml 

neral Goo.leuouih served in tba Indian campaign of iB; 

I or seven and a half hours under B very heavy Bra D  " '' "" 

is'of (ho TurkiahTE 

.loapatch. Received a severe eontnsion from a grape-shot iu tbe leu. The ram 
(ho Turkiah ImpcriHl Order of the Medjldie were cunfkiiTedupon him by tbe Sulii 
UJBce, dated yit March lEjs.IIer Majesty's Oovemment conveyed their arnse 

during (be bDl(c»( pnri or (bo action, irben (he enemy's Bre liail driv 
•nlJifd tba latter, and by bii loinpid ci ample induced them lo relui 

et the attack of the Rus; ..._ . 

'e redODbt, he onoonraui.' 


leaamberor the disabled xiDonR llic cniims, -wVi-* ww* ^ji^ft ■wi™' 

1 90 War Services of tlie Officers of the Royal Artillery, 

ouUide the works,— an action witnessed and acknowledged gratefhlly before the Bossian Staff by General 
Mouravielf. * 

^ ^ujor General Stirling Rerved throughout the Eastern campaign of 1354-55, including the affairs of 
Bulganac nnrl M'Kciizie's Farm, the battles of Almn, Balaklava and Inkcrman, the siege and fall of SebnHtopoI. 
and repulse of the sortie on the 26th Oct. 1854 (Medal with four Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Houcr, and 
Turkish Medal). Served as Brigade Major of Artillery with Kajpootana Field Force at the capture of Kotah on 
30th March 1858 (Medal, and Brevet of Major). Served with the expedition to China in i860, and was present at 
Sinho, actions near Tangchow, and surrender of Pekin (Medal with Clasp). Sezved in the Afghan war m 1878-79, 
and was present at the capture of the Peiwar Kotal (CB.^ and Medal with Clasp). 

'^ Major General H. M. G. Purvis served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and took part with the expedition ai^nmst 
the Wuseerecs and with that into the Hissarik Valley (Medal). 

*^ Major General A. H. W.Williams served in the Crimean campaign from June 1855, including the siege and fall 
of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served in India in 1858, and was engaged in the repuUe of the 
mutinous sepoys at Moolten on 31st March (mentioned in despatches) ; also served in Central India, and was 
present at the capture of Fort Nanurgah ; subsequently commanded a flying column in pursuit of Tantiu Topee ; 
and afterwards served as Brigade Major to the Royal Artillery of the Malwa Division (Medal). 

*'' Major General Forster served as Aide de Camp to Major General Pratt during the New Zealand war of 
1860-61 (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, and Medal), 

*« Major General King served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the affairs of Bulganac and M'Konzie'i 
Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, repulse of the sortie on the 26th Oct. 
1854, and was Aide de Camp to General Markhom at the final assault of the Redan on the 8th September (mentioned 
in despatches. Medal with four CUisps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie,and TurkishMednl)> 

^ Miyor General Markham served the Eastern campaign of 1854, and up to January 1855, including the atTair of 
M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, and repulse of the sortie on the 26th Oct. 1854, 
(Medal with three Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). Served in India in 1858, and was 
present at the action of Sccundra on 23rd Jan. (Medal). 

** Major General Smart served in India in 1857-58, and was present at the actions of Chanda and Snltanpore, 
siege and capture of Lucknow, actions of Barrec, Sirsee, and Nuwabgungc (twice mentioned in desjiutchcs, Medt I 
with Clasp). 

*» Colonel W. Carey ser\'ed in the Afghan war in 1880, from August to December in command of the Royml 
Artillery Lines of Communication, and afterwards at Candahar (Medal) Served with the Burmese Expedition in 
1885-86 in command of Royal Artillery (received the thanks of the Crovemment of India, mentioned in despatiheK* 
CH., and Medal with Clasp). 

» Major General H. LeG. Geary served in the Crimean campaign ftx>m May 1855, in the Trenches with the ftieffe 
train at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and bombardments of the 6th and 17th June and 17th August (Medal with 
Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the field during the Indian nnitiny froni 
October 1858 to 1839 in the Jugdespore district, and with Sir Hope Grant's and Gorruckpore Field Forces. Served 
throughout the Abyssinian campaign fh)m 1st January 1868 as Brigade Major of Artillery and was present at 
the action of Arogee and capture of Magdala (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, and Medal). 

'^ Major^CTcneral U. J. Alderson served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of 
Alma and Inkerman, «iege and fall of Sebastopol, in the Trenches with the siege train, and bombardments of 
17th October, 9th April, and 6th and T7th June (Medal with three Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, an<) 
Turkish Medal). 

^ Colonel A. Harness served in the Kafir war in 1878-79, and was present in the engagement at the Taba ka 
Udoda (mentioned in despatches) ; also served in the Zulu war in 1879, <Lnd was present in the engagement bl 
Ulnndi (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt. Colonel, CB., and Medal with Clasp). 

^ Colonel F. S. I^e Grice served in the Zulu war in 1879, and was present in the engagement at Ulundi (men- 
tioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

'* Colonels. J. Nicholson soryod in the Soudan campaign in 1885, and was present in tlie engagements at 
Hasheen and the Tofrck sereba and at the destruction of Temai (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Colonel, 
Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Scar). 

*» Colonel F. C. Elton served in the Crimean campaign from March 1855, including the siege ard full o*" 
Sebastopol, in the Trenches with the siege train, and at the bombardments of 9th April, 6th and 77th June (Mednl 
with Clasp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Egyptian war of ibSv in com- 
mand of the Royal Artillery of the and Division, and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kobir (mentioned v.i 
despatches, CB., Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Mcdjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

*• Colonel C. E. 8. Scott served m the Crimean campaign from May iSSs, in the Trenches with the siege train ai 
the siege and fall of Sebastopol (wounded), and bomUu-dments of 6th and 17th June and 17th August (Medal with 
Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Modal). 

»7 Colonel J. B. Richardson was present with three Batteries of Royal Artillery under Colonel M'C'roa in the 
revolution which upset the Emperor Fausti in Hayti in Jan. 1S59; landed and protected the Europeans at Port an 
Prince, and canned off* the Emperor, his family and ministers; received the thanks of the English and I'reucU 

s» Colonel G.B. B. Uobart served with the expedition to China in i860, and was present at Sinho, Tungku, and 
capture of Taku Forts (Medal with Clasp). Served with the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren 
in 1884-85 in command of Royal Artillery. 

^ Colonel W. T. Budgen served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 (mentioned in despatches, DSO., and 
Medal with Clasp). 

♦^ Colonel P. F. Gallwey served in the Afghan war in 1S78-79 in charge of the field parks of the ist ami :n<i 
Divisions of the Peshawur Valley Field Force, and took part in the operations against the Zakka Kheji Afrecdtes 
in the Bazar Valley under Lt. General Maude (Medal). 

*» Colonel A. E. Turner served with the Nile Exi>edition in 18P4-85 as Deputy Assistant Adjutant Gonom;, 
Intelligence Department, Head Quarters Staff, and was present in the engagement at Abu Klea (mentioned 1 a 
despatches. Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive'b Star). 

** Colonel J. R. Slade served throughout the Afghan war of 1878-80, and took part in the Bazar Valley Ex- 
pedition under Lt.Greneral Maude, and as Adjutant of Royal Artillery with the Peshawur Valle;i' Field Force nndci 
Lt.General S. Browne (mentioned in despatches). Afterwards served with the Candahar Field Force, and wni* 
present at the affair on the Helmund with the Wall's mutineers, in the engagement at Maiwand (where he cont 
manded the Artillery after the death of Major Blackwood), at the siege of Candahar, and at the battle of Can- 
dahar (several times mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, CP., M^al with Clasp). 

♦* Colonel J. F. Owen served with Wood's Column in the Zulu war of 1879, in command of a Mounted Gatlinpr 
Battery, and was present in the engagement at Ulundi (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colouol, Medii! 
with Clasp). 

*^ Colonel H. M. Burgess served with the expedition from Aden against the Foodlee Arab Tribe in 1B66, i:> 
eluding the destruction of Shugra. Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1887 in command of the Ko3'ai 
Artillery, Ur»p«r Burmah Field Force (Medal with Clasp). 

*' Colonel T. C. Martelli served in the Afghan war in 1878-79 (Medal). 

^ Colonel H. M. Moorsom served with the expedition to China in i36o, and was present at Sinho, Tun ^k 11. 
capture of Taku Forts, and surrender of Pekin (Modal with two Clasps). 

M Colonel T. M. Ilaslerigg served in the Afghan war in 1879 (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with ClaspX 

&s Colonel Rothe served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present at the capture of Ali Musjid as Adjutant 
of Artillery (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

s* Colonel C. S. Harvey served in*, the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present at the capture of the Peiwar 

S^olonel C^Crosthwaite served in the Afghan war in 18^0 (Me*lal). Served in the Egyptian war of i2^> 
rmentJoncd in despatches. Brevet of Lt.ColoneT, Medal, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 
** rw«/if/./. if. jrurraraerved in the Afghan war in 1873-79 (Mo<lal). , ^, ,. . « . 

>» ColoiH 1 SoycB served with the Roya) ArtiUen'in the Kgyplian war of \%%7 CMcdal. and Khedive sStar). 

^^^^ War Services of the Oncers of the Eoyal Artillery. 

 '^PeFlanelT. J. Jodw Mrred in Ibe Kmittan war of iSBs (menlitmed la despitchas, Brevel of L; 

* Ca)sB«) J. Younctr Krrcil in lli« Argtumnai in i8)3-t9 <!>(e<li~ 

 CWtonel C. J. De^^B aurveil with lbs Burmere EtpeiliLlgn 
•Ih daipl. SarvM wiCh th« HUum ExpodAtion is iB33 id eomut 

 tiohnel O. M. B. Honuby Mrrad In Ibo Afabau vriir ta 1075-40, tuoK ut 
t«Wlm» the wttte at Deli Khinah. and waa ptewnc »t tlicljalllo of Cioauhsr.O 

•• CqlOBfi Danon-Bnnrn, u  Tolnnl«gr on boara H.II.S. Xttfr^ In Septeml; 
m4 daMnctloD of the mnto Hranghold al Tvrebiu, on ihe const of Barneo, sud 
lualH; of lb< ptntiotl tiOAU uid pnbiu, ami recelTsd the thank* of tha aulun 1 

 LfunioMl In^ uned in Uia Aliilian *rar of .SrS-g^. 
tetth OcMIwr larn and in [ha oiwntioni round Cn' "' - 

* OOeaM HuIIe]- swrea with tha expedition 
MHrt la tba enea^ment at Temal imentjaniid 
n>£>e'* Biarl. 

^ tA.CaUiTial E, A- FitiRor Barred thronvhonl the Abfaainian oamiHLlen from the nth Dec. iBfi?. and ms 
••t at lb.; r.11 on£wdalB (Uadall. 
"■ Lt.f^oljuel T. Wood nrveil durtug the opcialioii* agaloittliD Taiplng rebelB In China in i36i-&j (Ohi 

..■ l>™n<>n) 

uAdlHtftnl^fai Aniilerj- tn t'be Haiira Giini'paiKn'"in 1363 against lli 

in the Afghan war of ig/B-Bo (Brevet of Major. Modnl). 
"■■• -It BajBl ArWllerj- tn the H '— "- 

4i MuuBtBin (maoCiouedliidaepatcbaa.ltedal). Scrred io the Afffhau wiu In 1978-7911. <_„_„v „ 

1 . -~'>^— -i-niOaadShKr Field roiM (mmtioBedindwpiiWliei.BraTMorMitiDr.aiid Modal), L 

__ Sondsn in lUj u AMMonl Adjolwil and Quner Uaner Ganenil ta tlif iDiltaii Cob- 
It Id Iha «n|)is«meiin at Uuheaa and the Tafrck lerelia, uid at the deitraclion of Temiit 
. _. . . iBa,Br«Bt(ifU.Oalon«l,lledii1(rlUiliroCbi*iui.uiaKUedive'aSinr). 
^'OotaMl A.Q.TeaUniin-Bigg«nTedBgaiiutt]ieTaepinBreba1aBiahanEbB[lDit6i,andwBanrHentattb«i«- 
MpnresriCahdiDB. BerredMD.A.A.andQ.ll.tMneHlbtbebkttR'partofthoZaluwaTaf lan.aiidaiSiattOfflfer 
talk* t^dfbbarg Colama in tlie opnBtiona agalnat Selcnkoni. and wu preMut at the elormfng of the BtTviriirhobi 
(HmwnfSl^iw, Medal irith Cl»p). Serred in the Egj-ptlan im o( iSSi u BrlEiuls Uhjot of Koyal Arcillrpr 
 ' — ' ■- ""giwhBi.Bri-Tet of Lt^ Colonel, ^wIbI, 4th CIom of the (Mnijaloli. ami ^bedive'a Star ), 

" LLCoTcoal Alei. Camplictl Bcned nlth the R^fal Har«e Artlller; !n llio Afghan 
tM nMnttlmiB in ibe LniiHr Valley <Uedal|. 

" LVOolonBl A. lAgan lerred in the SoiidBn oiim|>Bii(n io iSSjIUeJal wilhOlaap, 

■• Calanal Perry eeriod in the KimitiBn ynr of iSSi, and ooinmandoi' " "-- 
Mute of Tel-el-Kebir imcntir,ne,i in Jt»|,aicbe-. Btovei of Lt-CoHmel. Mod. 

-U-Cnlooel J.d RoUin- r — n.l I.-....- , 11 iLl' KWlf wwof.«!;-;3ipoommaQdoflbel-.)l.inlnl 
Md(r««prawn( in ihe oki: i . •   . jnI uiimeniuii minor allKira, iooludine that at Mnlao' 
tM ■Maek on llio Kubniiir'   1 i-iitioa to UamranBlBod (mentioned in dtspaiehn. 
'■-'" " .".-.~. ,___»._.■_,., . -iMnTntb. 

tlia openiiiic,- 1! .iini ii,.in' .^pniiBfio Aeeompanied Sir Ftwlerick Bohert* 

-~- ■--  - ' " — i ArtiUoty M tha liilloof Ouulahar (mmtioOBd In daapjwlii 

] iS9t.Ii. 

I a lottery of Royal ArtHlerv nt t'lO- 
with Olaap, jRl oWi gf Ibe ilta,Uln, 



dahartmeouonedia daeiuiKihn, Heibil n-lcb three Clrups. ind llronio Deoorntion). 
I. F. Uaarira aceninpuiieil air Garnet Woliiele;- to the U'lld Coaat In September i37t on Kneeinr 
nci'FCd as bii Prirate 8ecrctnry thronghont the Awbnnii war of 137^-74, inrlnding'tbp relief of 
. iHitile of Amoaful, capture and deslnirtVon of Beoiuab (as Staff Offleer to Colonel SI 'Lewi) . Imttle- oP 

uiii A'liritaiii and (jnarter Slaiter General In the flDerntioiin Hmuuet SBkaknui in lijg. ami ir.m pre- 
iiiriniiiif r,r the »[ron«liold— Mverelj- woiinde.1 (nusiiiioned in donpatchcn, HrevM »r Muinr, UoiUil 
Si'rrc<l in the Kejrptiitn war of iKt u Uepuljr Aanistiiuc AiUiitint andQuBrtpr Mnntrr (iuniral uii 
inriert SlnlT, and waa preeent nt the engngementn of Et Uagbr, Tel-el-Mnhntn, nml Kaiiriuiii 
ifri, Hiid in the battle af Tal-el-Kebir (icantioned in deapnccbes. Breret of Lt.i'ulunet, Jleilnl villi 
iiss»r tbe Oimanleb.and Khedive's atari. Serrifl durinir the Nile RxpeilUion in ig34-9;a» I'om- 
Isnionl mill 111 Abu Fntmeli (mentioned ill lieBpatcliBS, Brevet of Colonel, (ilJuip). 
lel T. R. Di'uey«rv«l tbrou^hont the Abrdbiniua campiiiun from tbefithPelj. i3^3,aiidwasprosent 
rl n'. S. Lai«lcy Krved tbnughout the Abyseiuinn eampaizTi ttum the i]lb Doc. 1SG7 m Adjutant 

•I WailaCB nt various iierlo-lB during the advanee on Magdnla: ae Acting HriKmlo Mnjor of iliif 
er Bclgadie: Wliby. slur the caiitiire of Magdnia, during the iilncBB of the Brigade Uiijor; ivii. 
iR Oniccr OF the 3rd column on ibe commencement of the march down conntrj-. iitid a?rred iis ^iich 
am ljunrier Mailer General till it was broken np previous to cnjborkalion, 

el a. F. timyth serveil in tlie Afghan war of 1979-3^, Qnt 111 the Koonim Valley, and alVrwanU in 
! in cinimaoil o(n Hninm Battery. Snbseqaently served with the Royal Hone Artillery in the ex.- 
iiheWiiieerandHlsBarik valleys jSlednl). Served with (be Zhob Valley EipeiUlion in i834«s Provost 
-vediTi the Soudan campaign in iS3;,andwaapreaentiu the engugemtntatllnshe'utUDdul with Clasp. 

Mountain Ballery throughout the AhvsEini:in ca^npaLffo from 


a Steel Monntaia liatUry throughout the Aiir>.ginlnn campaiim 
ui lue cuplure of Magdala (Med^l). 
a the Afghan war in i3So with Ibo force nnder Major i:;cneral Fha.vrc in 

lheHniBrjcampnignini369(Medii]withCtaei>|. Ali^servadin theAfghiin 

Allcync eerveil in commanil of the Detachment of Royal Artillery and /'pounder moiintnin giina 
ipanied the Red River )!apsdition from Oanada in 1B70. Served in the Kidii war ol 1979, Hnd wns pre- 
enRagemont al UlundL (mcntioneil in despatcheB. Brevet of Slajor. Medal with ClaK|i) . ^ KerveiE 111 Iba 

id was present in tlie cnjoiircoieDt at TL-I-el-lfabuia and nt the Ijaltle of 'Ve\-i\.Ke\i« t.iwrm.Mm«.\ m 
Bnr™iti''/.i.fu''™o/. i/eJn(--i«iri..sp, 4ilinaM0flhe0«manieh.iindK.\ii?d\ve"»auifl. *iiv^\-«\v 
,/:«^i ™ ,ast ss " D<™-lor or B/i-er Tmnsport and ABgietanl AdjoUim nnd Hvwt\ct VVteWT V,«u  

19* Wo^^^ Services of tlie Officers of the Royal Artillery, 

at Head Quarters, nml wfis present at the actiou at Kirbckan in comxnaxid of a 'Ictiichcd force (twice mentioned iii 
Uespatchep, Brevet of Colonel, two Clasps). 

^'* Lt.C«>lonel W. H. F. Sorell served with tlie expedition from Aden against ilie Foodlee Amb tril)c in iS66, in- 

-eluding the destruction of Shugra. Served througnout the Abyssinian campaign from the 4th OctolK?r 1867 ; com- 

mandcda Mountain liattery during Captain Marett's absence on other duty, an«l was also employed in the Lan«l 

Transport Train (Medal). Served in the Afghan war in i83o (Medal). Served with the Burmese Expedition in 

iS86-£7 (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of JLt. Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

i»'-' LLColonel II. R. L. Morgan served with the Jowaki Aft-eedee Expedition in JS77 (Modal with Cla.«p). Served in 
the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the attack on the Shutargardan, in the operations round ('a1>nl in 
Deceniber 1879 including the storming of the Asmai Heights (mentioned in despatches) and the inve-ilmout of 
Bheqwro, and with the expedition to the Hisearik VaUey (Brevet of Major, Me<l:il with Clasp). Also Ker\'ed with the 
Mah.sood Wuzeeree Expedition in 1881. Served with the Hazara Expedition in iS£8 (lirevet of Lt.Coionr-1, r'htsp). 

>=" Major R. Corbett served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the attack and cainuvc of Ali 
Musjid and in the engagement at Ahmed Kheyl — dangerously wounded (mentioned in despatches, Urevcl of 
Major, Medal with two Clasps). 

i-" Mjyor E. A. Ollivant served with the Bcchuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in iC3» S3. 

'=w Major J. F. Ball^' served in the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). 

1" Lt. Colonel Browell served in the Egyptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Klie<live's Star). Sen'Cd in the SnalMu 
campaign in T885 as Chief of the Si«imlling Department (mentioned in despatches. Clasp). 

i»* Majors R. H. W. Plunkctt, E. Lake. G. R. Moore, W. B. Hoggan, E. B. Coke, C. J. Long, .T. W. II. 1 ott>« uvA 
J. M'Donnell, Captains T. V. W. Phillips, F. R, Thackeray, J. C. Marston, and F. B. Jackson served i'l tho \ri,'han 
war in 1879-80 (Medal). 

^^ Major Domvile served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and took part in the operations in the Mazinn Valley in 
Hay 1880 (mentioned in depatches. Medal). 

"• Major J. M. Tabor served in the Egyptian war of 1882, and waa present at the battle of Tel-el- Kcbir (^'cdal 
with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

1*" Major Siddous served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-89 including the operations of the ^id I?rii,':ido 
under Brigadier Generals Lockhart and Collett (Medal with two Clasps). 

*** Major Blak.sley served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and took part in the march to Candahar with the 
force under Major General Fhayre (mentioned in despatches, Medal). 

*♦* Major A. F. Fletcher served in the Afghan war m 1879-80 (Medal). 

*** Major A. Broadfcot servctl with the Bhootan Expedition in 1865 (Medal with ( 'lusp). Served in the AbysKinhni 
campaign from February 1868 (Medal). Served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present at the attuck and 
capture of Ali Mu^tjid, in the engagement at Charasiab on the 6th October i?79, in the advance to Calml un<Itr 

and destruction of Adubiasflie, battloof AmoaAil, battle of Ordahsu and capture of Coomassie (Mtda! wiihCi.-is])), 

^^* Lt.Colonel W. Hunter served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85, an'l was present in the eu^aneaicia at 
Abu Klca on the i6t}i and 17th February 1885 (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Modal w .th Clasp, 
and Khedive's Star). 

'5* Colonel Prety man served throughout the Afghan war of 1878-80; was Aide do Camp to Sir rr.'.loiiek 
Roberts from November 1878 to NovemlKsr 1879, and was present at the capture of the Pciwar Koinl simI in all 
the operations ui the Koorum and Khost ValleyB (mentioned in despatches) ; look part in the ad\tii cc «>n and 
occupation of Cabul in i879,and was present in the engagement at Charasiab (mentioned in drspaiclKX ; wns 
reappointed Aide de Camp Sir Frederick Roberta in March 1880, and accompanied him in the march tt) CaiKlaliar, 
tiud was present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches. Brevets of M.')jor and Lieut. Coloi.ct, Medul 
with three Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). 

i-c Major C. E. Brown served in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). 

1^7 Major J. J. Congdon serve<l in the Soudan campaign in 1S85, and was present at the di-f-tuKtirn of Tenia i 
(mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

''■" Major A. Radfonl eei-ved in the Hazara campaign in 1 863 (Medal). Scrveil in ilic Afuli.'iu \v:ir in ■'■':'' -7)f 

•<i' Major J. P. Freeth served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present in the opemtion^ rouml Cal>ul in 
December 1879 including the investment of Sherpore (Medal with Clasp). 

'•■•J Major H. H. Crookenden served in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in the cniisigon^eM at Ulundi 
(Mc<lal with Clasp). 

^"^ Major J. R. S. O. Hewitt served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 fMedal with Clasp). 

»'^ Majors N. Powlett, W. W. M. Smith, J. Leach. G. D. Fanshawe, F. M. Bani-sti'r, Jl. <r. Weir, A. M. Murray , 
r. Sultmarshe, E. H. Pickwoad, and F. L. Cunliile, Captains E. C. F. Holland ami F. C. .Sione .--orvcvi ti ilio 
Afghan war in 1878-79 (Medal). 

J*"* Major A. B. Stopford served in the Afghan war of 1S78-S0 as a Deputy Assistant Quarter Master Cuicial 

^•"■^ Major Cotton served with the Bhootan Expedition in 1865-66 (Medal with Cla**])). 

»'0 Majors 8. G. Smyth, J. A. F. Nutt, W. H. Suart, J. M. S. Brunker, and M. O. Hopkins, Captain's II. O. Tiovs, 
J. R. K. L. Hovland, G. G. Simpson, J. S. Mintor 8. G. D. Smith, W. St. P. Bunbury, N. S. OKilvie, and C. L>-i,ui u 
served in the Afghan war in 1880 (M.cdal). 

^"^ Major H. A. Rigg 8er>'ed in command of detachments of Royal Artillery in Simghie Ujong, thr ••i_'ii .iit iho 
operations in Perak in 1875-77 (Medal with Clasp). 

*"=• Major G. B. N. Martin served in the Egyptian war of 18S2 as Aide de Camp to Brigadier (lencral ii d -. )u_'h. 
Commanding Royal Artillery, and was present at the battle of Tcl-el-Kebir (uientiono<i in despatches, liii \< t <.f 
Major, Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). Sn-ved with the Nile Kxp i:;i(Mi i;i 
1884-S5 on special duty with the boats, and was present at the actiou of Kirbckan (two Clasp.-). Scrv«.>i v. :i L i iio 
Burmese Expedition in i336 (Medal with Clasp). 

»'♦ Major A. E. Dulhy served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and waa present at the attack and c.iin.::.' . '^ A^i 
Musjid and in the engagemeutat Nargishai ; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march t > Cjn-Lil;;.;-. :ii.i| 
waa present at the battle of Camhihar (mentioned in despatches. Modal with two Clasps, nnil Hrouze Doo.- ..t . ,!i  . 

»"* Major C. M. H. Downing served in Abyssinia from the 29th Dec. 1867 to Feb. iStS (Medal). ^^lAcd ::i I'.c 
Afghan war in 1878-79 (Medal). 

'^ Major VV. W. Smith served with the Royal Horse Artillery in the Afghan war in 187S-79 (Meilal). 

'^ Lt.Colonel E. R. Elles served with the Looshai Expedition in 1871-72 (Me<hil with Clasp). Scrvci i:. tl.o r._'.\ i»- 
tian war of 1882 as Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General Indian Contingent, ami was present at th" Imii :o "i" 
Tcl-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the Medjitlie, and K lu-ii rvcs 
Star). Served with the Hazara Expedition in 1888 as Asbistant Quarter Master General lUiovct d Lt.C ; • il, 

*" Lt.Colonel Aitken served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and waa present in the affair at JhandcO.i (mot i .i.< d 
in despatches. Medal). Also served with the Mahsood Wuzeeree Expedition in i8;i. Served with tlu r. irm -o 
Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Cla^])). 

iw Ma^or Atchison served in the Afghan war in 1878-79 (Medal). 

^"i Major H. Croflon served wit^ a Steel Moimtain Battery throughout the Abyfj-^inian camiiaicT. from .'n... 
1868 (Medal). 

'*• Major NV.G. Knox served throughout the Abyssinian campaign firom the 13th Dee. i^r.;. andwa^ -tif '^ • a :it 
Addigerat with the two guns there (Medal). Served throughout the second phapc of the Ashnnt i w:ir inun tit 1 ; t h 
Dec. 1873 with Rait's Artillery, including the capture of Borborassie, battle of A moaful, battle <'i Or i.ih^n jiml 
caiHiiru of Coomassio (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Afghan war of 187S-70, llrst a^- Ordt-rlv O'Siv r to tlio 
'^^''^-'•^[om/w/im/yn/T'.Rrjij-a/^rtiiiery, ana afterwards o^ present at the a^^mlt uwA cii-tiir.- ui 

,^» /'r^V^ ^»/c//;i/ with Claap). Berved in the Transvaal in the operatioua against Sek a knni in i^-i. m-.mI c -m 
jii^'{'^'f.^^<^«Ji^ fiery in the attack on the stronghold (mentioned in dcspalchca, Y\tovcH^^ ^\Kv^T,^Vv'^\•.v\ w viu i la -i») . 
^iK/or h. ISacklQ served vf Oh th© Jo If aki Afwedeo Expedition m 1877-7^ k^^><i*V'^^v.\\\vv:VA^\V '^v.vnvm\ uvWn^ 

of £ha Scyal ArtSUry. igj 

lUni'lc nnd cnpture or All Uiujid, bdiI took pu-l la Ibe nurali ta 

Af^liBn wBr la liii itiib Che Royal Horn) Anillery in tho Eaorani Figid Forte, 

, . — , captufooriheFeiirajKoUiHaediilwiibClMp). 

 Major r.)I.K.TibBftMmdinlhdZBla«>rDriE7» (Medal irithCLiuip). BeFv«d ia tbo Boer wftr of iS3i. 
s-Rel miaa tlie Bantuae Eipeditioa in iSM-Sf (mentioDed ia deanaichei, Uedal niib DIup), 

K tUiaa- Haj aerred ia the Kn-pUan i»i of iISi, nnd wu nnsMtit lU the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (msDUoa»d ia 
«»«Ud>M. BnvM or M^or, UmUI irilh Clup. 4th Clnaiof the Ue^jldie, nndKheaive'e Star). 

** LLi'oloocl H. T. B. XM«a Mrred irltb the Bonaeee Kipsditioa In iSit-ij ia oomaiaad of ibo Northern Sbaa 
fn^TTnn Cnuatiocad id dHpatohu, Brevet of LLOoloneT, Uednl wlEIi Claap), 

^ XBlor O. B. BbiUk*; Hrved in Vav Abhaa war in 1G79 (Uednl). 

 MrwocB. T. CarUaa ««rvBil in tbe KaBr war in iSjS-jg.and in tho Z.n\a wiiroC iBja, includioBlhe engag<^ 
■eu at liudhliraiia (Medal niCbClaap). Serredin tbe Afflbnanrar iu iSSo (UeOal). 

•—''-—- - " — ■- -— —  .-..-. T ..( jjft^pjiee Blpcdition in 1317-78 IMedRl wilb C!ii»p). Bprve-i ia th» 

■■-— "-'•-idcaplaroorAUMnnjidund in tlic opemtlona roond Cnbul 

U^a <nr of iStS-Bu, aad waa pn»eat altbc 
Btevmbrr igrs (UedBl with two Claa»), 
n lljJen W. I. Fowler lemd la the KaSr v 
" Meuir Blaekbnnaamd in the Jowaki Al 

* Major LugardevrradlBthsAbtianwar In 1378-74. and was prmeni in tbe endaaemsnt at Abmcd Kbeyl 

„-j ,_ ., .._ » . _Vu-;.- ...J.. _,^(j Q|„pj_ Ali, „r,ed ^tb the fiahnood Waiaewa Kipe- 

'-1 iS3«-37 {mencioned la dedpiubes. Medal wilb Clup). 
le MahWDd Wuteereo 

'• MajorF, O.'i). Fool* jorred in tbe Afpban w»r in iSSo (Medal). Herved H Depulj ABsIilaal Annual 
^A Quarter Maclcr Gencrsl at Ibe bawi of opamtioDB at Aleiaudria in the XK^ptian war of iBS> (maationed 
II JtMicJmj. Medal, 4th Claai at the Uedjidie. and Khedivo's Star). 

!■ S*ior Bingham eened in Ibe SODdaa oampaign in iBSs. and wne present in Ibo eoffagemeiit at Baibeea 
iidU thr daaCFnctionorTeaiai (Medal with Clasp, aad Kbediva'i Star), 

"■  "inlhaA(ghanwaroli3j8-ao(MedBll. 

lie. aad ^ed: 

Clau otihe Meiljidic. aaiffbediTa's Slai 
[. Wwlera served ■•-■--  - 

a. DaTideoa letre 

. d (nnitltnitd In A. , ___, .^,. „ 

 IWor R. H. 8. Baker aerred (taronsbont the AfghnD warof iSji-ia wilb the 

-_ ^..— .- ,, -- IbeBoei 

Selie ■erred with the Bnnaeae Tttwditioa ia 1887-33 (Medal wilb Clarp). 

mw of i8jo, and waa preaent io tbp enBaiwmont al Dloadi— 

., _.u,.. , = ^'" tbe Afghan war in. eSd (Medal). 

d wilb tho Roynl Hurse Artillery, and 
Sesad ai Onlerl; Officer to Brigadier 

■MttlT woBBdedlneaUtnitd In dMpatchee, Medal with Cloap). Served \u Ibe Afghaa war in iS3o(McdE 
^ U^or R. H. 8. Baker aerred (taronstiont the AfgbnD warof iB73-3a with tha Rovnl Hurse Artii 
inaeat a> Jagdnllaok and in Ibe 

Major C. U. Wulem served in the Afirhnn w. 
Kant Selie aerred with the BnrmeaelttHdi 
Major \r. L. DaTideoa letred In tbe Zaln 1 
Hit woBBded (nnitltnied In deapatchee, Heda 

~  8. Baker aerred (hronriiont tl 

1 enn«ataeat al Jagdnllaok and in Ibe opccsllona in Besad ai Onlerl; Officer to Bris 

edalC Sairedio Ibe BcTpban war afiSBi aa AdjntAnt of Boysl AFtltlerj, and waa pr 

l-el-Kehirae Ailjrabuit orCorps Artiti cry (mentioned tn despalchea, Medal witbCluep, 4U1 

-_—cv.u.,»id Khedive'* 8Ut}, Served wl lb the Barmcee KipediUon in lagj-sa (Medal with Olaipl. 

' UedcT Bigg* aerred in the Zulawar of 1879, and waaprsi^eiit in tbe caeagement Bl Kunbola (menUoncd bi 
bmaulia, Mwlal mth Claapi. 

"■ Major Uevbane Mrved in the cipeililiaa a^inst the Jowaki Afrtedeea in 1977-73 (Medal with Cbiap). 
frrni in the Aahan war in liiTB-Tg. and woa prceoaL at Ebeatcsnk and capCoieot AliMuiJldaad in the ensaire- 
c.^1 a) rnU^abad (Medal with 61bbp). 
' Mal'n' J. W.T. Speneer served in the Baerwaraf iSBi with the Katal 5'ield Ttiree. 
- Major B. Salgbt aerred In tbe Kgnt'ui war of lUi (Medal, 4th CUn o( the Medjidie, kad Khedira'i 

M..:..r H. N, J[Tvmaicrve<l in Iho AfBbnnn-nrof 1875-80, and was proaent nt the attack and capture oC the 

iliiBUahi Enwdicion inclading the aFsanlc of Zawa (montJoned ia degpalchea. Medal with Llaap). 
" Haiot Honok-Maaoa aerved la Pemk with the Indian Colamn nnder Brigadier Qeneral Roes from Navetnber 
dji to Pehraarj ie7« (Medal with Clasp). 
■R Major Kn-taoa Mrved in tlio Arnhnn war of 1873-80, first aa Ai(jutant of Royal Anillery in Sonihera 
l(l^i;ii.lan. and aUcrwarda ai Aide do Camp to eir Donald Stewart, Commanding tbe Forces in N'ortbim 


the Koval Anillery in lie attack onlhePaaair; 
Brigade, in the aUvanc " • ' ' 

iri'jenl at the buttle al Tet-ebRcUi (M 

Kipedititu nndrr Sir Cliarlea Warren in i33i-3j 11 

,n Porak from November 1875 to Jannary iBjii wi 

 Salah eloekades in November 187;, and waa with 1 

colnmn nnder Major General the Hon. Sir F. Colbome, ai 

, ,^. Waa AotingAai ._.... , , 

fweired the thanks of tbe Governor of the Straita Betllemeale for hii serviceB (Medal with aaap). 

=• Major C. C. Rich.— See Civil Decoratioaa tor Gallantry, "Han'a Annual Army Liat," p. 7B6. 

" Mijots J. J, Swinion and P, H. Hall, Captaiaa T. H, J. Woodrow and R. E. lioolhhy served in the Afghait 
»irof i37JJ-So(Mcdal|. 

"* Major N. P. Fowell served in tho Afghan war in 1875-80, took part in the defence of Candahar, and wsi 

Pcinr Kotul and in the eogngemcnt St Chsraaiab on the 6ih October 1879 (Medal with two Clasps). 

" Major B. W. P. Robertaon served in tbe Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present in the enKagomenl «l 
b^bao {mentioned in deepauhee. Medal). 

" Major H. V. Hnni aerved in tbe Afghan war in 187B-79 (MedRl). [See also Civil Deooratione for Gallantry, 
" Hi-T'' Annoal Army List," p. 736. 

"' Major W. ti. Loirther eervedon tbe Gold Coaat from December 1873 to tbe end of the Aahanti campaign 

•" Major A. N Rochfort served in the Soodan campaign in 13S5 (mentioned in despauhee. Brevet of Mnjor, 
"" _."p,«m veeiar. r of iBSi, and waa preaont al the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal 

war aa Orderly OfDeer to Brigadier General Pbayre from Jaaaair 
of Candahar in 1B80 with the Koyal Horse ArtiUery (Medal), 
naland E.pedition aader 8ir Charles Wamn in 1884-85 with tbe 

,an war in i37ii-Bo (Medal), Served in the Egyptian war of i8B>, 

,._ „ Medal with Clasp, 4lh Claaa of the Medjidie, and Khedire'B Star). 

w R. A, C. King aerred io tho Afalian war in 1878-75, and waa preaent in tbe engagement at BaRbao 
^««>diade*patcha. Medal). .„„,>„ _ 

]^_Jb.for Challmior served in the Afjihan war in 1878-79 wilb tbe Candahar Column nnder Sir Donald Stewart 

c\ with tbe expedition asalnat the Jowaki Afret 
(1878-80. nnd iTHipriMent at Che attack aad capti 

:. Waceaerieil with tbe eipedltion asalnat the Jowaki Afreedeea ia igjj-iS (Medal «Uk C^u«^ . 

ifghafiwirot 1878-80. iind mu prseent at the attack aad eaptnrr -* '" -'--■■■ -■-^- ■' si..™. 

ufl YmllvT, lad ia the namoeB u Cabal onder Brigadier Genei 

t Sxped\iloa ia iKs-t} ; wM in Coaunand < 

oC th« HasMk UoauXKOkSaMvi v^^ 

193^ ^<»^ Serv^Cces of the Officers of tlie Boyal Artillery. 

April 1886 ; was present in the cnfnii?cmcnt at Xyoun^o-Mingyan, at tho barrendcr of Manrlalny, in the expedi- 
tions to Bhamo (slightly wounded), Mogoung, and against the Kachins on the Chinese Frontier, and in the 
engagement at Choang Pang (nicniioned in despatches, D80., and Medal with Clasp). 

«» Major P. W. Campbell Bervcd in tho Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). ^ , , ,^, , , . , 

*»" Major Barlow served in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was present at the battle of Tel-el Kebir (Medal with 
Cla^p, and Khedivc'H Star). 

»» Major E. M. Baker served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and took part In the advance to Candahar and Khclat- 
i-GhilKie ; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar 
(Medal with Clasp, and Bronze Decoration). 

«« Colonel Slade served in the latter part of the Kafir war of 1878, and afterwards in the opcration« against 
Sekukani in 1878, including tho storming of Tolyana's StadL Commanded a division of a field battery, and acted 
as Ordnance Officer t^, the TraiiHvoal Field Force throoghoat the operations. Served throughout the Zulu war of 

Soudan Expedition under Sir G«ruld Graham in 1884 in the Intelligence Department, and was present in the en- 
gagements at El Teb and Temai (nientione<l in despatches. Brevet of Major, two Clasp*.). Served with the Nilo 
Expedition in 1884-85 as Deputy Af»sistantAtljutant(fenerol, Intelligence Department, and was present at the action 
of Kirbekan (mentione<l in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, two Clasps). „ 

*** Major M. W. Saunders 8cr\-cd in the Afghan war in 1879-80 (3Jodal). Served with the Burmese ExpediUon 
in 1885-87 (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). 

**♦ Major P. P. P. Hamilton ser\'ed in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present in the engagements at 
Ahmed Kheyl and Urzoo near Ghuznee (Medal with Clasp), 

*» Major H. P. Willoughby ser\ed in the Afghan war of 1878-80, first as Commissary of Ordnance and 
Division Southern Afghanistan Field Force, and aiterwards in charge of the Ordnance Field Park, Koorum Valley 
Field Force (Medal). 

•»« Mfvjor Elwes served in No. 3 Battery, 5th Brigade, with the Indian Column under Brigadier General Ross 
throughout the operations in Perak in 1875-7 (Modal with Clasp). 

**'MaJor Thring served in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was present at the action at Kassasin on tho 9th 
September, and at tho battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's SUir). 

»• Major A. H. Call well, Captains (\ E. Jervois, A. M. C. Dale, L. D. Jackson, and J, W. Ormiston, Lieuts. 
P. R. M. do Butts, M. M. Noble, M. 8. C. Campbell, F. W. 8. Stanton, G. B. Galbraith, L. C. Gordon, and K. 
D. C. Cameron served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (Modal with Clasp). „ ^, , , ,. 

*** Colonel Wodehouse served in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in the engagement atiUlundi (3ledal with 

including the en^gcment at Giniss (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, ^nl Class of ihc Mc(linlu') ; 
and in the operations on the Soudan frontier in 1889 including tho engagements at Arguin and Tot^ki (mentioned 
in desiNitches, CJB., Clasp, and 2nd Class of the Medjidio). 

*** Major E. N. Hennqaes served with a detachment of Royal Artillery in Suughie Vjong throughout the 
operations in Perak in 1875-77 (MeOal with Clasp). 

«« Major P. Beaufort served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present in the engagements at Ahmed Khey 
and Urzoo near Ghuzneo (Medal with CUsp). Served in the Burmese Expedition in 1888-39 with the Karenni 
Expedition (mentioned in despatches, Medafwith Clasp). 

(mentioned in despatches. Clasp). 

267 Major A. H. ilewat served in the Afghan ?rar in 1879-80, and was present in tho engagement at Ali Boglian 

** Major J. D. Cunningham served with the Zhob Valley ExiMjdition in 1284 (mentioned in dospatche.-). 
Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, Medul with Clasp). Served with the 
Sikkim Expedition in i838 (Clasp). 

*« Major II. J. Lyster served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the 
inarch to Candahar, and was iiresent at the battle of Candahar (Medal with Clasp, and Bronze Decoration). 
Also served with the Mahsood wuzecree Expedition in x88i. 

«» Major J. W. Hawkins sur^'cd with D Battery A Brigade Royal Ilorse Artillery In tho Afghan war of 1S78-80 
(Modal). Served with No. 7 Screw-gun Mountain Battery ist Brigade in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was pre- 
sent at Oic action al Kassubin (jih September) and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medul with Clasp, and Khc^livc'a 

^^ ^i^T P. M. Bland served in the Soudan campaign in 1885, and was present in the enfrapcraents at llii-jUccn 
and the Toftiek zeruba and at the destruction of Temai (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

•7* Major Pole Penton served in tho Afghan war in 1879-80, including the defence of Fort Battye (mentioned in 
despatches, Medal). 
«^* Major Becher served with the Royal Artillery in the Egyptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 
*7e Major A. D. Addison served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present in the cngagenienls at Aliniv. J 
Kheyl and Urzoo near Ghuzneo (Modal with Clasp). 

»^ Major O. S. Smyth Borvc<i in tho Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the attnrk an-l cnpt.nro of Ali 
Musjid, with the expo«lition inU) the Bazar Valley under Lieut.General Maude (mentioned in «losJ^utclJe^>, himI mi thi* 
engagement at J ugcluUuck; aecoinpHnied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar. an<l was invsoiit :if the 
battle of Candahar (Modal with tw«i Clasps, an«l bronze Decoration). Served with the Burmc-sc Kxiwdiliou •'_' 1 5- 
86 (mentioned in despatches, I)SO., ana Me<lal with Clasp). 
'7» Ma^or C. A. Ryan servtMl in thi5 Egyptian war of 1882 (Me<lal, and Khedive's Star). 

*^ Major A. H. C. PhillpiHts served in the Afghan war in i88o, and took part in the march to Candaluir with 
the force under Major Oonornl Phayro (Me<lal). 

>*» Major Vaughan Hughes served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present in the cn'jr:'i:<'niriit nl 
Charasiabon the 6th Octolx'r 1879, and in the operations round Cabul in December 7879 (Modal w.ih i\\(» riasps). 
Served in tho Egyptian war of 1882. and was present at the Imttle of Tel-el-Kebir (Modal Avith Cla.^p, an<l 
Khedive's Star). 
*» Major W. F. Cleeve served durinir the war in 1880 in Southern Afghanistan (Medal). 

*"• Major E. Gunner served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, an«l was present in the engau'cmei.t at ^:har.l^iao on 
the 6th October 1879, and in the oi>erations round Cabul in Decem1>er t879( Me<Ial with two rla.'<p>>. 

»♦ Major Howard- Vyse served in tho Afghan war in 1878-79, llrrt with the Candahar Fiol<l Force, and artcr- 
wards with the 2nd Division of the Peshawur Field Force (Medal). 

*** Major Shirres served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the capture of tlio Pciwar Kotal, at 
the forcing of the Sapn Pass, in the engagement at Mattocn, at the assault on the Shutarganlan (mentioned in 
despatches), in tho ojMrations around Cabul including the investment of Shen^ore, and with the oxpo<lition into 
the Hissarik Valley (Medal with two Clasps). Also served with the Mahsood Wuzeeree Expedition in iSSi. 

«•* Major K " """ — 

manding 3rd 
Hie 6th October 
Had the storm in t 

tnnt Ro^al ArUlh.^ „ , ,„„ „«, h— »— — -« —v..^ - - - 

<ie»imtojc8. Brevet ofM^jor, Modal with Clasp, 5th Chiss of Ibo^cdiidxe, wxOLlLYi^'ii^ii* Star). 

War Bmiieet of iha Officcn of fha Sogai Artiikry. 

^ Vi^Oif B. Dp RAiaAfi:>r4 amd in the At^bHn wnr in iS^S-^g, ami nua preaunt 

uiicd Id [IcBpaubea, Scorcl of Uajor, Uedal Tltb ( 

 lUjot I. W. X. Hvtiuia Hirved Id Hit ilghan war in iG/a-Ekh and took nait in the Zalmiulit EtnaiUlioai  
(neliid^Ui«MmBltarZ»r>pieds1). 1" <» | 

* Uijar HBcaud mttvI In Uw Af|(luD mr In iBjg-;} with [h« Koonun Valley Flpid Totu 
sib* ■MMttuduMargarEbaPBiirBTKoMl, anil In Uu eD^avDiDni at UhuBaiiUi as Iba Mh Oc 
■lUi two VlUM)- Mned Willi the BanastgExpodillOD ill i336-87 (Bfintloned ' ' - - 

~ Cai>UlnX.H. Browne wrvea in tho AfEhau mr In iS;a-Bal^eiUI), 

^ CaoUlaD. B. DaWBT Hived In Uw Abbui war in iSSa (Uedali. Bervidwiib llie Soiulnn Frimtlcr Field Foroe 
ta l«te-M IHBdtl,aiid Kbedlira'* BMi). 

■"U.UamolCn*gka(rT«d in Uw latter pari of ths Zulu war of ilrga* Aide deCarapbi Sir GarnMWoiieley.aad 
tosfc pin IB tba panait oT Kiog Ctltjmjo. Served in the pponuioni MmiDsI Sokukuni in 1879. ua4 wse pmenC 
Hl^oaMnnoflhaMroDiEboldjiDBnlianediDdMpaUlief, MedBlwilhClup). Snmd inlbs BrTpuJAnwarariSli 
I* AM* 4e Ounv to 811 OuneC Wolieley. and ma prwenC u tlis Dagaosmeaii of Bl Uaehr, Tsl-el-lilabuta, 
ra—ain Iglh BtpMMbarl, ud in Lhe buUlB of Tel-el-Keljir (twios DienUaawl in dMpuobei. Breoei ot Uajnr. 
)latalwUbUIWp,»lliOlaai at lhe llcdiiOis, and Enisdive'i Slu), &'rred with !£• Nile 8ipeiUUc>n in itS4-«;, 
•ol W IM BMMm aoBdAn in 1U3 B« Aide do Camp to Lord WolHley (meutioned in dcepiuchiia, Bnvet of Li, 

M Captain A. C. Ballwiud nerttA In tb« AlxJian war in 1 SjI-tq, and wo* pmcni in lhe ^nniiana todikI CaLmI ia 
C« j w » b»r ilra> '■■B'ndlni lhe iDvealnieal of Sbctpoce (Medal HlUidup). 

~ OuMUl r. E. A. Uddui. il F. Fegen, and U. B. H. Herman Hrvedin liie Bgvnlian «u ol tee?, andnoreiiM- 
•oaM&c battle of Tcl-et-Kebir (Medal »ltb Clup. and KheOf"— °— < 

w OuMalM IL A. D. Cnrtii. W. F. King, B, A. Burrow*. L 
Ckn«4dl. UetUa. O- C. Dowell Khd A. t'. Cnrric loneU wlU 

Tcl-et-Kebir (Medal » 

oriGTE-So.Bnd : 

» BBrdsrUMtoT Oaneiml Pbayre in Bommand of two jrutia nf No. • Uonouin Bnuer, 

tail. 8«rT«ilwltbth(BunaemBipeaiUi>nlDi8t}-a6(aiDnUoiieilinde>pBlchia, ilSO,, andUsdal wi 
'f Capialu W. A. Flant aMred in the ADcboii war in 1879-80, took pan in ihedercoos 1 ' " ' ' 
■m HIb* batUa or Oaadahar (Uedal with OUap). 

^plalai QuiMM-BoUeld and MaBtgooiaiT Campbell (eired in the Doer war ol iGti. 

ae Ui^ E. A. Smitli leried wllh tbo Jowakl Aftcedee BipedlUoo iii 1877-78 (Itedal wicli CIncpl. Serrad In 
ib( AActian wvoriSre-tSiaodwaaitmenlbi lli(«aEi«amentsiit)liiUoonaaduual!andlnieiitiont<l UiilcapatcIwMi 
■cl Lu lb« operationi TanndClibnliaDewnit>«ri!;viaaumpuiied Sir Frederick BobeiU in thamonih la Cuidiilw^ 
■wl >u prcecm at Uia battle ol Cnndahar (meiiWoned in deanotolm, Medal trtth two IJlaJp»,and arop»e DetfOjaUmrtt 
iftmrt wiib ttaa Banneaa Btpelltkin in iSBt-S$ (mentioned in deapatokea. Brevet of Major, and CUiap). J 

~ OpuuiU. li. Jonca nerved in the Afgban wnr in 1879-80. and «a« preienC in lb* eaaageiaenC at Oiriabk, Rt, 
■hadafeiicnofCvndahar ItaectionedlndeBpatcbeal.andallhobatlloofCiuidahar (Uednlwi 

S. If nhcclf «rved witb lhe Nile Eipedidon in liSi-Ss o" Tranaporl doly 'Uedal iriih Otiun. m 
Kavdlvt'a BMt). 
'■ CaptAui B. U. Bliiot lerTHl lo IbeZoIa war ia i8;9, and woe preaent in IheaBgngementacGlundi piedat 

iS;8-io, Look pan in the daftiMM Ot Casdahar, and v 

Ung Uia optradaBa in the Parle Baiti and the aS 

run*. Berred Ihroonhoot the Zalu wnr of 1II70. nod w 

wonDdol, and bona iliot (mentioned in dnpatebei). Servcil in ibo E^ypUHti nut a( iSii, and vms preHpntaii 
eugaatmeni of Tel-el -Mahuca. la tba aiition at KaaaBslu (gih Septetnher), and inilie battle of Ti-ltf-Kcbir tiae 
uoned >o deapaiobeh UreieC orUoJor. Medal wilb UlMp. ib Vint of the Uediidie, and IChedive'a Rtar). 

M Oapuu&U. C. C. D. aimpaoa aerveil witta the bnrmnh EipaliUoo in jK6-ij m camauiud of a MoiiuU 
BMterr of Boyal Artillery (menlhined in doapatcbei. Medal with Clanp). 

" Capuin H. O. H. UiiHon serrcd In the Egyptian «iir ol .fiE, (ModiO, ond Khc.livc'j Slut). 

>" Captain licll-irvinK served io the Afghan war of 1878-80, took purl in tho defi-nce of CHndohar, and w 
present at tbo battle of i;aiidaliar (menUoned In dcapaioheii, Medal with (.'lasp). 

"■ Mnjor H. (J. ttcliiier Berred witb Ibe Nile Expedition in 1SS4-811 aa i^tnil i^cer nt Gemal and nnrrwai'ls 
Dtpgty AsiiBlant Ailjulanl General at Bead quarters (mcnliaiicil in dcspxtcbea, Urevot vt Major, Meiliil nilli I'iuf 
uud Khedive 'a Star]. Alsoaerved wllb IheKfiyptinn Froiilier Field Force in iBSi-S6aa Deputy ApsiBIaiilA'ljntii 
and Qouter Uaaler General, and moe preaont in Ibo om^aaemenl at Blnlsa. 

■" Captain O.Rowe served in the Egyptian war of iSSi lUclal. and Klifiive's Star). 

"' Captain H. M. Aplin served in the Esjptiiul wnr of .881 (Medal, and Kbcdive-a Star) 

"'t Oplain W. F. L. Lindsay aerved in the Egypliao wnr in iB8i, and wa» nreaeiil nt the IWHIe of Ttl- 
Eebir IMedal witli Chiap, and Kbedivc'a iitar). 

'" Captain Uannstino AMaaon aervod in the Arghan wnr in 1870-80 includiDC tlie ennBRCniciit nt Sliahji 
was Adjutant of Field Artillery in BouChcrn Alghnniatsn IhMu AUKnal 1879 till Jnniiaiy iSUn, ivhcu he « 
aiipuinled Adjutant of Anillcry; in April 1880 bo look part in the aUvauco to C'alinl nuder iiir Ubnalil i^tewi 
u (stair Officer of Artillery, and was preaonl in the enKasemcnta nt Ahmed Kheyl (Tnentloneil 111 deapatcbi 
and L'rroo near Ghucnee! accompanied iiir Frederick Kuberia In Iho inarch to Oiiidsliar na OrtlerlyOfllecr 
Colonel Johnaon. and waa present in the rccnnnaiuanco on ttaejitt Angnitnndnt (ho batUa of Cnntfohar (OK 
(lined in deepaicbes, Uedul with two ClaKp!-, aud lironie UccorHtion). Mt'rvcl in the Sondan oampniini in ' 

in del patches. Meilal w: 

,T m. 1 ^_ mg Aianiin warm 1*78-79, aiicitooK part m lue niivanco Ui rnmlnhnr nmi 

stbe Eirvntinu n-arofiSEj. andwai pivcntat the nclian nt Kiia'asiii on ilio 
Ueilal with Oln»p, and Kbeilivu'a Ijtnr). Berreil in the S •nihin 
id nna iiresent in lhe eniriixremeuis nt El Ted (hoi'se kllTcdlunu 

1^1 tbe Zaimiiabt Expedition (Mediil). 
ir(VciaTwioi"cinip,Tnd kiwdiVo's sTatjrSemd wfLh^i.lio Nile Ei'iwilliioii in iBsJ-ej.'ni 

le Expedition in i3Be-S7 (Medal with Clasp), 
red ill tbaAfi;hnowariniS7S-79. Servediii tlieKirm 
"leialwilhClasp.andKhedivo'saiat). SemdKiLhi ... 
it Abu Kleaatid El Gubat, 111 IheTeconnni^Miim' toMclnmmeh.Bwl ill the e: 

.._ li7thFohrL... , „,.. 

'-' iJapiuinGileaaericdialliBKhUrn'iirur iE7SiucamiiiandoftwamoMiitiiia ^nadncntiooediudcB] 

" * "loCapoMuunteilKillcnieni ecrveilinl 

1 (twice mentioned iu deapatebee. Med' 

_._„ ...„ _.._ ..__._._ „ 3!. 

»ia;orW. S. Choriiward porvcd with iiie j'owaki Afroedce' Eipedition in 1877-78 (Medal with I'lnap). 
-1 in thaAfgkiin war of 1878-50, and waa present at the attaek and capture of Ali Muajid and in ilio cnca.^o- 

.t Ahmed Kheyl (Medal wlih twaClagpa). Served in the Eiirptian war nt iSgi,uil«<ATi1c?<cvA. u. V\>B 

-,-., .. D-.^:. ,«.,,,,_;.,.,., , ti„.,.-.„., g(„r). 

195 ^<*^ Services of the Officers of tlie Royal Artillery. 

*" Captain G. H. Bittleston served in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). 

^* Captain E. A. Lambert served in the Afghan war of X878-80, and was present in the engflgemei:ts at 
Ahmed Kheyl and Urzoo near Ghusnee (Medal with Clasp). 

***t Captiiin X. U. Ingleiield served in the Afghan war m 1878-70 with the Royal Artillery (Medal). 

**3 Captain F. A. Curteis served with the Sondan Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

*** Captain F. J. A. Trench served in the Zola war in 1879, and was present in the engagement at Ulundi (men- 
tioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

*»7 Captain C. A. Anderson 8er\<'ed with the Jowaki Aft-eedee Expedition in 1877-78 (Medal with Clasp). Served 
in the Afghan war of i378-^» was present at the attack and captare of Ali Musjia, and took part in tne advance^ 
to Cabul under Brigadier General Gough inclading tiie afllftir at JugduUuck (mentioned in despatches, Medul with 
two Clasps). 

*** Captain D. C. Carter served with the Sondan Expedition nnder Sir (Serald Graham in 1884, and was present in 
the engagements at £1 Teb and Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Kile Expetlition iu 
1884-85 with the Egj'ptian Army, and vras present at the action at Kirbekan (two Clasps, 4th Class of the MeiUidie). 

*** Captain L. Barrett served m the Egyptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

>^ Captain W. N. Lloyd served in the Kafir war of x877-78,and was present during the operations in the Cis-Kci 
and Perie Bush in command of a division of field guns. Served throughout the Zulu war of 1879, and was present in 
ciommand of the Royal Artillery of Pearson's Column at the engagement of Inyexane (mentioned in report) . and 
during the investment of Ekowe (mentioned in report) ; afterwards accompanied the advance of the ist Division 
(mentioned in General Crealock's despatch, Medal with Clasp). Served in the Sondan Expedition in 1884 nnder 
Sir Oeral<l Graham with the Cavalrj' Brigaide. and was present in the engagement at El Tcb (Modal with Clat^p, 
and Khedive's Star) ; afterwards presented the 3iahdi's standard, taken at Tokar, to Her Mi^esty the Q:iccn nt 
Windsor. Served with the Burmese Expedition in x886~S7, first as AdU^tant to Royal Artillery ; nOerwanU 
organised and equipped the Gardner Machine G\m Batterv and accompanie<l the Expedition to the Ruby Mine» 
in command of the Royal Artillery (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). 

"1 Major A. C. Daniell served in the Afghan war in 1879-80 (Medal). 

*** Captain F. J. Fox served in the Afghan war in x88o, took part in the defence of Candahar, and was present 
at the battle of C-undahar (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Soudan campaign in 1885, iind \%-ii8 present in tho 
engagement at the Tofirek sereba and at the destruction of Temai (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

»> Captain W. H. F. Taylor served in the Zulu war in X879 (Medal with Clasp). 

»* Captain J. F. Craig served in the Egyptian war of x88a, and was present at the battle of Tel-ol-Kebir (Medal 
with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

•** Major Adyo served in the Afghan war in 1879 with the Koorum Valley Field Force under Major GcnerHl 
Rolierts (Medal). Served in the Egyptian war of x88a as Aide de Camp to Sir Garnet Wolsele3', and whh pret>cnt nt 
the engagements «f El MagflEu:, TeleVMahuta, Kassasin (9th September), and in the battle of Tcl-el-Kcbir (men- 
tioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Me^jidie, and Khedive's Star). Served 
with the Nile Expedition in X881-85 and in the Eastern Soudan in 1885 as Aide de Camp to Lord Wolselcy, nud mu.s 
present in the engagement at Aou Klea Wells on the i6th and 17th February- (mentioncKl in despatches, t\\ o ClRflpj»). 

"7 Capt:iinW.L. White served in the Soudan campaign in 1885, and was present at the destruction of Tciuiii 
(Mednl with C1hj»p, and Khedive's Star). 

*** Captain W. H. O'Neill served in t-he Egyptian war of i88a, and was present nt the battle of Tc^el-Kebir 
(Medal v\ith Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

*^ Captain Blacker served in the Afghan war in 1878-70 (Medal). 

^^ Captain A. Eardley Wilmot served with the Mahsood Wuzeeree Expedition in 188 1. 

*^ Captain H. B. Gundry served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present at the attack and en nt 'ire of 
All Mu4id (Medal with Clasp). 

**^ Lt.CoIonel Bundle served in the Zulu war of 1870 with Wood's Flying Ck>lumn, and was present with tlie Gut liMg 
Battery in the engagement at Ulnndi (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). Served with tho FiiMd 
Artillery in the Boer war of 1881, and took pert in the defence of Potchefiitroom (slightly wounded) . Served with 
the Field Artillery' in the Egyptian war of X882, and was present at the battle of Tel<el-Kebir (Meilal witli CMaap,. 
Aid Khedive's Star). Served during the Nile Expe<lition in 1884-85 on spccinl em])loy with Bedouin Trilns 
( nentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, Clasp) ; with the Soudan Frontier Fiehl Force 
in 1885-87 including tho engagements at Giniss (3rd Class of the Osmanich) and Sarras in conimnnd of Mounted 

(mentioned in desiratches), in the operations round Cabul in December 1879, and in the en^Hgement nt rh:inini)ib on 
the 95th April 1880 (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Soudan campaign in 1885, and wsxs present iu the euguire- 
ment nt Uasheen and at the destruction of Temai (Medal with Clnsp, and Khedive's Star). 

*^' C-nptiiiu J. J. Porti'Ous served in the Afglian war in 1879-80. and took part iu the operations in tho MazotMri 
Valley (Medal). 

'*» Cnpuiiu H. G. Pelly served in the Afghan war iu 1880 (Modal). Served in the Egyptian war of iSS^, and wa.-» 
present at the battle of Tel-el- Kobir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^*^ Captain C. P. Triscott served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present in the engagement at C'bnras*i!»)> 
nu the 6th October 1879; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Can<lahnr, and wa» ]>resi'nt at tho 
battle of Candahar (Medal with two Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). Served with the Banneso Kxpc<litiuu iii 
1885-87 (mentioned in despatches, DSO., and Medal with Clasp). 

*^* (Captains J. ShifTucr, J. S. Douglas, and J. H. Thomson served in the Zulu wnr iu 1879 (Modal with Clnsp). 

*** Captain A. E. Haj' served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at tho engniremoni of Aniotl Khcyl ; 
accompanied Sir Frederick P.o1>crts in the march to Candahar, and wns present at the battle of Candahar (Medal 
with two Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). 

^*^ Captain W. H. ConoUy served in the Boer war of x88i with the Natal Field Force. 

**' Major W. C. Anderson served in the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). Served in tho Sou<l:in omnpaiuMi 
in 1S33 as Aide de Camj) to Sir Gerald Graham (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with CluHp). 

=•'■'♦ CupUiiu Mercer served in tho Afghan war in i38o in command of two Field Guns at Khelat-i-tihilzie, iacUnlini? 
tho advance to tho relief of Cnndiihar; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was 
present at the battle of Candahar (Medal with Clasp, and Bronsc Decoration). Served with the Bnrmese Kipoili- 
tion in 1886-8^ as Staff Officer to the Lower Uurman Field Force (Medal with Clasp); and aflerwanU as Adjutant 
tif Artillery LpiKJr Burmah Field Force (mentioned in dcsjNitches). Served in the campaign in iSSj 
and was present in the engagement at Kotkai and in the subsequent operations with the River Column (mentionea 
in deK])atcheH, Clasp). 

*" ('aptain Jer\ is- White- Jervis ser\'ed in tho Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). 
*** CapUiin 11. M. Slater served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present it 
Iheyl and Urzoo near Ghuznee (Medal with Clasp). 

,, --, x- ^^ t^® engagement:* nt Ahmoit 

Kheyl and Urzoo near Ghuznee (Medal with Clasp). 
"•^ CnpUiin C. T. Robinson served in the Afghan war of 1878-80 with the Khybcr Column (Medul). 
^^ Captain K. B. Anderson served in the Afghan war in 1878-79 (Mc<lal). 
^' Captain W. J. A. Beatson served in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). 

3** Captain A. W. B. Gordon served in the Egyi)tian war of x88a, and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir. 
(Medal with ClaNP, and Khedive's Star). 

*^ Captain J. M. Grierson served in the Egyptian war of X882 as Depnty Assistant Quarter Mnntcr Cencnil 

Intelligence Branch Indian Contingent, and was present at the action at Kassasin 19th Sept ein)>er) and nt tho 

f/mitJe &/ Ti;] -el -Kebir (mentioned in despatches, Me<lal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Khodivc'H ^^tar; 

Served with theExj^cditian to the Sondan in 1885 as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Mnster (fonernl nt IloatU 

«/#!?f^' _""''. ""'** pivficnt m the engagements at Hnitheen and Temai (mentioned in despatches, C1h»«p). Served 

AsaiataittQuarXeT Master General 2nd Brigaile Ilaxurx 

ZL/V''' ***^"'"" '" '^"» ii/atk Mountain in 1888 as Deputy 
«r\^7/i(-"?'Ii''''*''^ '" *^^P«'chc»i, 3rrdal %»ith Clasp). 
^ipniu, 11 ./ // J,^t,^ r served in the Afgh m w.iv in 1880 

Ifghm W.IV in 1880 (Med v\). Served wvVAV\i(i K>^\m^\t^A:\unv w v^ \ .y 

War Bemeet of ii» Ogieere of the Royal Artillery. 19G 

*rtyw4 wlUi the BunocM Eipedltion in iSej-B; la commsna ot ihe Rum MoanUia Bultw* Iroai Auill i3B6 (men. 
■lM»a In <to-|wt.:h«, Medftl wlUi Oup). 

" rapt. in r. B. R. Toma Mrvf.l ii. tbB KiTj-ptlBn wnr of iSSi. ami WM iirM.'nt M Ibo biHUe or Tol-el-Rrbir 
lllnL.! wiCb t.1a»p, snil KheJlvB's Stur). 

•■ ll*paun Phinps Hurniir served with the BBchuanttlomlBipoditionniiilor Sir Clmrlijt Warren tn tSS^-Sj. 

 i'a;iMln it, B, a.ltCkMoa served <riUi Uie Nile EipcdiiiDii iu lESi-A; (HaOHl Kith Clasii.Bod Kbedive't. SUU'I 
•Iw Hrrtd lo t^e operUiuni or ll.e Soud»ii Fronller Piald Far™ in 1885-86. 

•=• C'lpMln X. A. fknlhaweaeired in tbe AfRbsn wsr oriB;e-Go(UBdAlj. Berrea in the Soadaa ounpnini in iSEj, 

•> Ue dcacnotion or Temu^^I with Vwo Clupt). ' 

"CtjiHtlB C. E. (WlwoU BBrved wllh  batter/ ot Rojal Artillery io Uio Afgbui war in tSSo (McUalJ. Servid in 
tbeDoRwu-of iBSi. 

■' CapBtin F. H. J. Birch served in the Afgliiin war In 1874-60, and was pwsont m Ibe nffliir at Jhandola 
n>nil(n»llDdesnuches, Uedall, Alio Mrvsd the MaliBood Wuiooroo Bipeditioa m i«Si. 

""W""" ?- B- Lec^ aervBil in Ibe Egyplian war ia iSfli, ana was pregsntal Ibe baltle or Tel-nl-KoLir 
tUfdalwIlb ClMp, andKhedive's 8Ur). 

 C^pMn H. B.BaBenHrredtiitbe Arghannaclii iGSo (UfiIbII. Served niili the Mnhsood WuECFr«e Bipeill- 
UiaiBiUi. Bertedwith No.? Sorew-Ban ^loaDialaltalien in ibeBiryiiliaiiwarorieBi.and waspnwcnLln Ihe 
•ajoo M Jf aa eH inoathPiilliBaptembermii al the bsule of Tel-Bl-Kebir (Mo^Ulwiih ClB»i), aiul Riedive's Siar). 

■• CtiiXkin C, B. Watklnsaemd In the Afghui wsc of 1878-80 and wu preBcnt in Ihs cuL'RKi.mant'f at Abmed 
Kh*)rl ud Vtneo oMrObiiEnee (Ifedal nitb Clasji). 

•• CuplKlo A. B.Powelieerred with Ihe EgvplianPronlier Field Force iaiB8t-86lMadal, and Khedive's SlarX 

"■CanUln E. J.QmietHrvedindieArgbaDWuiD ie79-So lUedal) Served with ttan eijieilitloii to tbs Boudan 
■ndrr Bb Osimld Orahsm in leBf.aod vraipreaenllo the euKagemcnUalEI-Teb and Temnt IModnl wilb Ulai-p, and 

« CkjUnin G. V. Kemball Mned lu Ihe Afghan war in 1379-80 (Medal). 

I^lkin E. H. AnuiUga served with [he Burmese Eipedition In 1686-87 (mcnlloncd in dciipatcbca, Medal wilb 

»• llaiiUIn A. B. 

WcddeThnm eerved in the RfrrptiaD warof <C8i, and was pceicnt a 

..nahol (Medal with GIup, and Khedii 

*Ca|iUio P. B.Unouer served with No. 7 fiorew-trun Monntain BalAorv in Qie Keyptian war of iBBj. and iraa 

■on U Ihe bBttle of ^-el-Kobir (Medal wiOi Claap. and Khedive's Slur). 

•X^apiBlaa. ». ]if'LaqsblinBer^-cdllltbeERfI)tlaonarinlBe3(Uedal, andKhedive'H Su.r). 

" rapUlB r. F. UlacbiQ served witli the Burmese Eipcditlon ta iSSt-S} with the Upper Darmab Force (MoiUl 

CiHkMo B.A.Inglig served in choATtihaiiwnr in 1679-80, asoorapanied Sir Frederick Koberts nibo manih H 

" Oa{)tain O. B. Smith setvcd in Itae Abhnn war In tSig-So. took part In tbe dcfouce of UaiiilaliH.r aod «>■ 
TreMntaC the lAUIe of Candabar (Medal with Clasp). Served with the Zhob Yaltuv Bipeilltion in 1S84. 

■• C«plala C. V. Home sented with the Bannaie £ipeditioi] In 1886-87 " Aide do Camp 10 Sir Fiederick Robtila 
tmaUoMd in dematobea, Medal with OlaapJ. 

"■CapHlaP.II.KnlltoTaD served In the Esvptian war of iBSi.and was present al the battle ofTel-ol-Kebir(Mei]Bl 
Willi Ctaiv, and Khedive's Stwr). Also servaf in the Soudan enmpaicu in iBS; (aaapl. 

^OaptainH.L.OardlBersarTedinthD Afghan war ia 1879-90, loc* part in the derince ot Caodabar, and waa 
piwDlBtthetMttlBiirOaiidahBi [Medal with Claap). 

^^^MiB C. p. Peadall snved wiUi the Bnraiese Ecpedltloa in iSS!-S6, and waa preient in ibe encscement M 

I Daoaraber iW> ; was Btall Ollloer to Ibe Easiem Fnmtlec Column and at TaaaEdwln^ 
iini[WfMDiaiiUanBiIIalleaDatabeB,SSO., and. Medal with Claip). 
I a. L. W. Grienson served In the AfEhiiii wDT in 1S79-E11, and tooli part ic the adu 



« Captain A. L.Tlsdallserted with Ihe 1 , , 

^iicbtly wouiide.ll and at tbe deWnielion of'Tomui (Mcital with (ffasp, and Khedive's : 
— Caploina R. C. O. Htnait and E. Bickford, Lieut*. A. U. Young and A. P. PuUe 

r.ppdition in i8Ev-8; (Medal wilh Clasp). 
■*t Captain DuBonlayeervcd in the.*; ileEipeilition in iS84-£ij,Bnd was present at tl 

Ihe fTii-aarcmcntaBt AbnKrn.Mctanmieb.Bnd AhuKlenWellsOB tbei6lhaudi7thl'Bl)ri 

•• Captains Cooper Kej, H. T. Hawkiu*. and B. G. Blrange served in the Egypi 
«bedive-s Star I. 

"■ rapiain p. H. Cramplon served in tbe BouilancampHian in iBet.and wnaprescnl 
I M.'dal with Claap. and Khedive's StarJ. Also served with the Kfjptisn Frontier Fie 

•"cIpUinA.T. Wsrre served with the EgTplian Frontier Field Force in 1885-8611 
Cini*. (Sledal, and Khedive'. Slur). 

"• Captain Veres served in ibe Egyptian wsr of 1881, and was present at tbe buttle 
Ch'P, and Khedive's Star). Served wiib the enpeibtion lo tbe Soudan under Bir Qeni 

in Ibe Egyptian war of i83i with the siege train u 

ioCb' King served in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was present at the baitl 
'■"'—'■-— a etatl. 

tbe cngai 


,tnt Hashoen 

n served 


tbe Butmese 



> [Medal, and 

Id Force 



the c 

ngagenient at 

.of Tele 


,r (Medal with 
,88,, and waa 

gu in™83 


'. R. V 

:aior General on tbe Line" of C'l 

locloding the engagement at Toski (mentioned in .lo«patcbe», OSO., and Ulasp). 

■" Captain 8. M. Renny served nitb Ihe Bnrme«e Eipedition in 1885-87, and was preecnt in the engagement at 
Nronngoo-Jlingyan, at tbe surrender of llandalay, in the espeditions to Bhanoo and Mogoong, and against the 
Kaehius onlbeChinefe Frontier, and in the engagemeols ntChoung-PanK and Paung-Ycng (Ifedal with Clasp). 

•-' CapiaiBsH. B. Bro»nlo>vandJ.Hauwellandl,ieut.H. n.Cook served with the Burmese Eipedition in 1886 
(Medal ). 

d with the Nile Eipedition in 1884-85 (Mortal with Clasp, and Khedive's 91*r), 
. . .a the Egyptian war of i9Ei on Transport Duty, and was present at the battle of 

 .-spwoB.G. Birch served with the Royal Artillery in the Egyptian war of 1881 (Medal, and Khedive'a Star). 

 Oaptein ■. B. Brooke served with the Bornioe Eji^dition in iB8e-87 (Medal vrilb Clasp). 

t Cwoin H. de T. Phillips eemd >r>'ik the Zlioh V-alley Eipedition m 1BB4. 3crg«& willkibo'fi'in&tiw'Kxtn- 
alB iU6-a7 (Hedmi with CUip). Berved wilh the Siiliim Eipedition in iBSB iiie^ii*uiR ^-^la * — —* "* 

197 ^^^or Si'i'vices of the Officers of the Uoyal Artillery* 

^^ Gaptnin A. Cmwfonl Hcrvcd in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the I-l^ptian Army, nnd wasprcMnt at th9 
action Ht Kirl>ek»n (^rothtl with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

^^ Captain Biirncy nerved with the Royal Artillery in the Sg3i>tian war of 1882, and was ]>reBent at the 8nrren(ii.'i- 
of Kafr Dowar (Mechil, and Khedive's Star). 

*^ ('»I>tnin A. Capel-Ciirener\-cd in the E>ryptinn war of 1882, and was present at the battle of Tcl-cl-Kebir (Medal 
with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

"' Captain T. W. G. IJryan and Lient. F. H. S. Giles served with the Bormose Expedition in x8S6 87 includini.' 
the nifrhi attack on Hliamo (Medal with Clasi)). 

"* Captain L. H. Dncrut served in the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1885-&6 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

*^ Captain C. D. Scott served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (Medal with Clasp). 

^''> Captain H. E. Stanton served with the Burmese Expedition in 1S85-87, first with a Mountain Battery, and after 
wanis at* Attache Intelligence Branch (mentioned in despatches, JiSO.^ and Medal with Clatip). 

''^ Captain R. D. Anderson ser>'ed with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 (mentioned in despatches, Medal with 

^'^ Captain Terry served with the Royal Artillery in the Egyptian war of 1883 (Modal, and Khodive's Star). 

*^ Captain M. B. Bicknell ser\-ed with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 
Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

^^ Captain A. U. Short served in the Soudan campaijim in 1885, and ^vua present in the cn^^emcut at lEafhcer- 
and at the destruction of Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khodive's Star). 

•■' Captain S. U. Browne.— Sec Civil Decorations fbr Gallantr}', *' Hart's Annual Army List," p. 786. 

*^ Captain M. Taylor served in the operations of the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 (McdbMond Khedive'd 

*" Lieut. J. L. Parker sor\'ed with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, )[cdal with Clasp). 

431 Lieut. C. O. Smeaton scn-ed with the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles warren in 1884-65. 

^'^ Lient. F. L. Donaldson served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85, and was prcxent in the cnf^niirement at Aha 
Klea Wells on the i6th and 17th Februnr>' (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). AIsc served with the Soudai) 
Frontier Field Force in 1885-86, and was present in the engaRcment at Oiniss. 

"HLient. O. C. Wiiramson served with tne Burmese Exp«lition in 1886-88 — slightly wounded (Medal with ( -htsp). 

*** Lieut. C. N. Lyull served with the Nile Expetlition in 1884-85, and was present at the action at Abu Kk^ti — 
•cvei-oly wounded (Medal with two Clasps, nnd Khedive's Star). 

*^ Captain Logan.— See Civil Decorations for Gallantry', ** Hart's Annual Army List."p. 786. 

*^ Lieut. F. C. Johnston served in the expedition to the Sondan in 1884 under Sir Gerald Graham, and w:ia 
present in the engagement at Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Soudan cam]Miigu ir 
i83<, and was present in the engagement at the TofVek soreba and at the destruction of Temai (two Clasps). 

^ Lieut. M. ». Eyre served in the Burmese Expedition in z886 with the Royal Artillery, including the cxpeditior. 
to the Ruby Mines (Medal with Claiip). Served with the exi)edition to the Black Mountain in 1888 tmentioued n. 
despatches, Clasp). 

*<** Lieut. T. L.Coxhead served with the Burmese Expedition in x 886, and was severely woimded in an engagement 
at Ningyan on the xoth October (Z> 50., and Medal with Clasp). 

♦»» Lieut. AV. K. Hardy.— See divil Decorations for Gallantry', *• Hart's Annual Army List," p. 786. 

*** Lieut. H.*B. Strange ser^-ed during the rebellion in the North West Territories of Canada in 18S5 as Aide dt. 
Camp to Major General Strange, (>Dmmanding Alberta Field Force, and was present in the engagement on the aStli 
May at Frenchman's Butte (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

*"i liioui. C. E. Hill served in the Bunneso Expedition in 1885-87 and again in X887-8Q with the Upper Burmah 
Field Vonx (Medal with two Clasps). 

*" liiout. Bruce Kingsmill served with the expedition to the Black Mountain In 1888 as Assistant Transport Officer 
ird C^>lumn and subsequently in the Advanced Clolumn at Thakot and Allai, and was present at the capture of 
Tlmkot (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Sikkim Expedition in 1888 with the Artillery at Fort Gnatong and in the 
Chumbi Valley (Clasp). Served in the oi>eration8 near Suakin in December 1888 with the Egyptian Army, and was 
present in the engagement at Gemaizoli (Medal with Clasp). 

*** Lieut. J. F. Browne served with the Hazara Expedition iu 1888 (Modal wiih (Masp). 

*^ Lieut. I), (i. Scngrim served with the Burmese Expedition in 1887-88 (mentioned in despatches, Medul with 

*** Lieut. W. F. A. Hopkins served with the Burmese Expedition in 2887-89 with the Upper Burmah Forco 
(Meilnl with Clahu). 

«*• Mtvjor W. Ji>iinston scr\'ed in the Eastern campaign in x854-55,and was present at the battles of the Alma. 
nalakhivA. and Inkermau, and at the siege and fall of Scbastopol— slightly wounded (Medal with four Claspi^, 
and Turkiith Modal). 

••• Capt:iin Tawson served in the Ea*«tcm campaign of x 854-5 5, including the battle of Balaklavo. siege niul 
tkW of SobAstoi>4)l, capture of Kertchand Yenikale (Medal with two Clasps, and Turkish Medal). Served with tlf^ 
«>\)M«dition to China in i860, and was pre^ozt at Sinho, Tangku, and capture of the Taku Forts (Medal with Chihp). 

*"* CuptAiu Simon Brown served in tne Crimean war in 1854-56, and was present at the battles of Almu ant' 
lukonuiui and at the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with three C'lasps, and Turkish Medal). 

•*• Ciiptani Uillurd scrv«*<l in the Ea»tcm campaign in 1855, and was present at the siege ofiSebastopol (Mcdttl 
with Cta-p. uiul Turki^h Methil). 

*** Lieut. WiUH^uilMTvcd in the China war in i860, and was present at the capture of the Ttiku Forts and at 
tho surrender onVWin (\ledal with two Clasps). 

•*• l.ioul. C »»>k '.or^-tHl with the Hliootau Expedition in 1865-66 (Me<lal with Clasp). 

«^- I.ic'it r.Uoii scrviMl in the Afirh;m war in 1879-80 (Medal, and Medul for distinguiKhod conduct). 

•'* liu-ut. A. Martin Kci-ved in the Indian Mutiny camjiaign in 1857-58, and was present at the actions of ran- 
dom aud iKioMilcnkcira (Mislal). 

•** liUMU. W\\\\ w,<rvcd in the Egyptian war of 1882, nnd was present at tho battle of Tcl-cl-Kebir (mcu- 
tittiiiHt III ai'»t>iitclici*. Mtslal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

•*' Lieut. \V. H,>binnou serveil in ths China war in 1S60, and was present at the capture of the Taku Forts ami 
Ht tho .Huru'.idi'v of Tckiu (Medal witli two Clasj)s). 

W\ir SciTicts — lioyal Artillery {late Bengal Artillery), 

» ttoiwiiil L:iuo sorvod the A!r^hani:«tan campaign of 1842 under General Pollock as Commissary of OnliiMi'.co 
and «:»-« pll■^l•llt at tho fvTcing of tho Khyber ra!*s and rccai)turc of Cabool (Hrcvetof Major, and Medal). C<.:i.- 
uuiiuU'd .1 'l'r\K>p of Uor!4«> ArtiUer^v iu tho (.iwalior cnmimign, including tho l)attlo of Mahiirajporc (Itrovct < '. 
Lt \\doiu'l. :i\tdl>r\>iiio Star), Sutloj oani|»aiiru in 1S45-46, including the battles of Aliwal and yolirnnii (Mcdnl jituI 
tM;i<p. and i'H >. rui\,mubeamuHiirn i>fi:«4S -40, including the action of Raninuggur, ami battles of CliillinnwaHnh 
uittl U%s>ioriil \\lo^hil with two r)aHp<t). 

* \ioiuM;»'. Vl'hi'tl '•ovvod at tho hioijo aud capture of Hhurtpore in X82S-26 (Medal). Cjirried tonus of nccom* 
Mi*i/m/i.*ii /)%•/!! tiu* Ct»iirtor Kheva t>» the i'ourt of Russia. Was cut down in n ni^ht attack 0:1 the bniiks of tliM 

S V'l.t It .*t>'iM. 

^S V"-"* "•'«'•'>«. Mill' I /i*lAiii<*4f II I iriKiiner. but ultimatelv completo<i the negotiation al St. I*eu.'r:»burg (riM'oived t)--. 
» ^V-i" **' '' " yy/»"»li*rll»r>\»n«ii.'n Aflhir:*, andthe'DtMranee Ortlorof the TiTdlUass). Reduced to subniisnion tho 
■""*'""" vemmeiit. On' *nveTi\v>T <A "Wwt.wt^. vs\l\v two 

mnnv castles f '*i Olcc\wVa\\; ^.t IVci^t^X, \i'> 

rJ^"l! ""!■'"• •'''.""^'•»» "» uriiMNl n';>,«itu>n against tho Government. On * " VnveTi\v>T <A ^wrwYtL. vcxlVv two 

•^».#i^ ../ /%..,.:i..ji- r.,H»,„. ..jifuu^. n!:.nho Karrisonnofmnnx 

eerviee* of tie Officert of tliR Royai (lale Sen 

( tb> MpnlalioB or Hnnuii, and. *nsr sunr small kflain, rJULfiaedraulwaf tlisdlitrictsnil ot nenrl; all 

m i afttfrwanla niarcbcd upoD and accapivd irftti 1.50 uiiEctDO' k men. Lhe MATnnella rnns, whlcb 16,0m &' 

il i.oe* DoninDiK liotM vmre prepsriiii lo Lhrwd (rnmivti' the thank* of H.H. Uinl«Un in both Qoo 

iCDl. the Breiel of Major, oaJlbB I'uujaub Jleifal. with all its C;lmip»). ScrvBd In tbo HUBpaiitn 011 ' 

Wsl rimllor of India ID i9siinclBiliD)ilbDODerBl,iDa9cintbc Black Moon IninlMtdat}. 

*n*oet»l OrlEton cominuideA the BqngHl Anillorf DivisioD xtege train at tlie tiege and capture of Lockn 
 -*'" andeilArtiUeirlatheacUoiiiJfNawabBiiUBa (twice mentioned in dE«pBlfiheB,BrevttorLl,Coloncl,C 

irXdwlD Johiuan sBTVsd in the Sull^ muupaign of ig^5-t6,inDlnding tbi 

ml mbA CisMkl. PoDJaub campai^ of 1848-40, Incladintf thewMaitife e, .-. ^^^.- 

lb and OoiqeiM i lerredDn IbsKtaffirita BirWallo'aitbert'aforoeiiitbe sabuqi 

AfTebwu (insntioQNl in dupUob, Biwret of Uuor, Hcdnl nlth two CIbsim). Sened diulnE 

.jyiBils^MAjHlMuiIAajinaiii&anem of AitilleTy, and ma presant at IboaotionE ofthe Hindun 

e 3E*h and jtu liar (aUgbtlr wounded, mentioned), battle of BudlNkeieral. Rlege and eaptnre of Delhi 
ijoayj. Bi«Tetor U, Colonel), tien and oaptore of Lnaknaw (mmtioiied, (75.. Uedal witti iwoClncps). 
* Sr mniOB OtpberH coniBapdtd (our Gum on ■onlce in BonnitliiD 1S41; and two ansa in action at Jbima 
ttM darins Iba inaarreetlon in Saogor and HsFbtidda lenltttry in 1S43, Oonuaanded n Ll)(bl FMa Bnitc; 
ItwrtaiM It* Gwalior oampalgo if i943-4t. including bnttle of Fnoniar [mBBtloned In dciimtrh, Branrii 
^1. BMNd Mid oommaaded Artillery of BiiBdlccnnd Lei^oii in the Hill eampnii^ in Bind lunlnr ^ir CI.Rrlet 
■Hl i w in itt4-4s. Commanded ArtiilBry of Native Cootlngent against KoM Kntljrm. Served IvitU Sir t'olin 
fUnpMlinCha P«bawar Valley in 1851 (Medal n-ltb Ulajtp). InTnrkejnnd tbeCHiaeaio iSs4-js-;i:. L'om- 
Bunlcd tkn* 60:111. which, with Detachment of lolb Foal anil > few Modraa fiuiiiera nnder General Kcil (in 
 ' xn XampeaBi) ronteil ttarao Native ResiiDeDiH at Benarc* on 4th Juno tSij. Conunncdcd a Bnlteiy wlib 
-' : 'IjcVarunn iniheanions at Bithiior(bnrM »hoi), Mnngorwar.nnil AhimbBKh, Bnd llrnt Belief of the Reai- 
V at Lnoknow ; acted *a Brigadier of ArtlUen' in defence of tbo Hesidencr A«m iTtn Sept. to i£ib Nov. iti7 
.ndtfi, mantlDned in daapatcbeti. Commnndeil a Batfrry at the Almnbsfrh from imd Hov. iB;7 la lylb Much 
' , nBd ma prcaest in all tba eagaKemenie there daring that perioil, also at the captoro of L icIeddw by Lord 
..Jf (9rnvtUarMaiOTBiidLt.CDlonf1.CB., Victoria Croaa, Medal with two Chupa) : ¥ra«awa.i:ed ibDre"[or 
tufWiidiaUBei'i'died oondast on thaijlh Soplvmbor 1817. wtwnthe troopa penetrated into the eitrof Lucknow, la 
kariME ehvgod on honebaek, vrllh Her Maieatj'a ^tb Raginent, when, giUlnallf hckded li; Colone'^ Campbell, >t 
aaplwcd two grma in the lUca of a haary firs of trraps, and baring aflarwarda ratomed, under a severe &re of 
■wafcauv, to tiring np llmbora and horaea lo carry offtho captnred ordnmce, which he aceompllahed.— Jii(rjc( /nut 
AUfoHOntm a/ '*•!•« Mijer Otwrral Ha'Arct. iaitd ,jH OcbArr iE;7," Co^nmandeda Untlery of tloris 

«l de Teisner aerved ic 
of 1348-49. Inclndlngth 

. _-d Ihronehont the Indian mnUny of iBjt-jB ni D.A.Q.M. Ijoneral of ArliHery, 

laeiiiduis UiBCJega and eapCnraof Delhi from the sSlh June to the wth Bopt, (wonnded 14th Jniy. boTae Ibot 14th 
*--•—' — ' -- ' ' "-'—'-'■Tr (horse abot) , Aliygbar, Agra.Konoj {borr ' — " --" "■—• " <• — •— 

- GcnenI de TeiHier aerved in the Bntlcj oarapKlgn in iSiS.inoludinglhc battle ofSobraon (Ucdnl). 
' -- battles ofChilliiin«Btiah(ueutiDned In despatch) and GoDJeraKUcdul 

l7«Muod capcnre while reconnoitriojri preaent in UeaklnnlsheapriDrtoandthtoatrhouttheoperallcna 
ed vUh tfan reliaf of Lneknow by Lord Clyde i openttcmi at Cawnpore from zRlb Nov. to eth Dec. iBsj.amf 
.■t«rik*B«*]fOT Contingent, ikolion ofKbodiurnnge, Teoeon»iJoDOf Fnttobghnr, storm of Ucanganga, action of 
KogOM, udltM varlooc otMralioiia ending with the aaptnreof J.asknow (thanked by the aoTecaorQsnenil. Viotoria 
OM^Binvtori^or, HedalwiBithreeClaap>),nfielTedtbeBCtLnd«rUulUlhiwiuolrouraalBnBDsi— '-LieaBaaaiit 
witBRar otlBiitrT ua on every eaai bee nuni m»rked On foO wins p »• retreating enemy on the md 
Jannry SA a Kbodasnnga, be law In the dlMaon tw lopoya golog HWK wlAi a itandatd. Llentonant Bobana 
pa ipon w hia horae, and took tb m na aa tlisy were aba toBnter vilage. The"- ~ii.'"i- f~™..i 

mnniKf Ij- ll-.p Ciip Pnsppetl 
; and bayoncl, lie.>[i.ii«'oH- 1 

tm r of Uie DenartRientalZoi 
Napier aa theWrer of his Hi 

o^ aary fl mm K ram F (Vom lhe Co - 

ctbothlioinesof pBtliamenl.aiid A-Cil.). CommSded lbeCabnl''FSuiF.>rcodiiringlhoiulv»iiceonand ocoiipBlion 
offahnl in the niitumn o" if 75. and wns prewntin tlie angagamenl at Chamsinh, and throughout the opcralions at 
Sbprporc during the winter ol 1679 So (C/E.). Commanded lhe Csbul-CanrUhsr Kiold Force which mntcbed from 

ivned the army nnder Avllb Kban (I'eoeiTCd the thanka of both Hoiiiea of Pnrllnment, Mednl with four Clasps, 
■cl BronscDacomtion). JCominnlail oca. nnd created aBaronelforhiBdiBtingnishedservieeHiu India. Una been 

ibanked by the Viceror vid Commander in Chief in India. Commanded tbo forces in Uuraiuh in i836 alter the 
nplnre of Mambdny (received the thiinkK of the tiovornmenl of India. Onsr)). 

" Lieut.GeueDil 5ieho1l wna thnnkeii by the Governor General and mentioned in Sir Hugh Rose's dcspalch for 
Hnicea during the defence of aaugor. 

'^ Major General Griffin served in suppression of tho Indian mutiny in iS;7-]£, including the Ijnttleof Agra 
(mtDlioncd in dcanaleh. Medal). 

^- Major Uaneral Nsirno served during tho Indian 
to Ensoftal, North-Weat Frontier, in iSCj. Serrccl in tl 
i'lrcc (Medal). Serveil tnlhoEgypll>in wur of iSSi in c. 
I'w two actioiu at Kaaaaain und at the bntUo of Tel-el- 
jr-l CiiH of the MciUidie. and Khedive's SUir) 

^ Colonel T. R. Hvan aerved at the siege and capture of Delhi in 1857, present at the actions of Novnotil Oon- 

" M.ij'rCene'ral A. Walker ecrve<l with tbo Bhootan EiperliMon in t86s'-66 (Mednl with ClD'p). 

"■ Culoncl Dyke served m the Inilmn Mutiny camniiign in i8s7-sS, nnd was prcaent at ine aicge and captnre of 
L^cknow (Modal with Clasp). 

" Colonel Swiiiton scrTed In the Indian Mutiny cam pnigc in iS;t-51 (Mrdal). 

" Culijoel Wiinl aerren in the Inilian Mutiny campaign in 1857-58 (Medal). Served in ihc campaign on tho 
North Wot Frontier orindiAiu:S63-I',4 {Meilnl with Claipl. Served in the Afghin ivar In 1879 60, und took port 
mlbemHreh 10 (.'iilidnbar with tbe fores underMnjor CirnerBl Phavro (Molnl). 

"Colonel M. W. Ommnni.t.v nerved In the Afghan war In :879-8o, and took pnrt with Ihc expedition into tho 
Hacnrik Va liny (Medal), 

liattleot Candahar (iu*niianeJ(u<ic!.;«[r(ie», Brpiot of LLColonel, Medal with two aasT», anaBTomsllectrWinnV 

199 ^^^r Sercices of ike OffUers of tJie Beyal {laie Bengal) Artillery, 

*^ Colonel Ford served thnMi{rbout the operations of the expedition of 1863 against the tribes on iLc North- West 
FrouUei' of Indiu (Medal with Ulnvp). 

^ Colonel T. A. Davis served in the cami>aign on the North-West Frontier of India in 1863 (Medal with Clasp). 

^ Colonel Uaniault served with the ez))edition of 1863 against the tribes on the North-West Frontier ul India 
(Hedal with Clnpp). Served throughout the Hazara and Black Mountain campaign in 1868 (Clasp). 

M Lt.Colonel Charles served in the Afghan war in 1878-70 (Medal). 

*4 Major GeMcml Chapman served throughout the Abyssinian campaign Arom December 1867, having broii;rht the 
*' B ' Battery of Mounted Ordnance from England, and was most energetic in getting it into order previoui^ 10 the 
arrival of No. 5 Battery axst Brigade ; served with the Battery until the 9th April 1868, when he was appointcil Aide 
de Camp to Brigadier General Petrie commanding the Artillery, and was present at the action of Arogee ard fall 
of Magaala (mentioned in despatches, and Medal). Served in the Afghan war of 1878-80 as Deputy Adjutant and 
Quarter Master Crcneral of the Crhuznee and Northern Afghanistan Field Forces and Cabul-Candahar Force, und vras 
present m the engagement at Ahmed Kheyl (mentioned in despatches) ; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in 
the march to Candanar, and was present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt-UoU-nel, 
CB.f Medal with two Clasps, and Bronse Decoration). 

*' Colonel T. Graham served throughout the Hazara and Black Mountain campaign in 1868 (Medal with 
Clup). Served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Ciuidahar 
(mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal, and Bronze Decoration). Served with the Zhob Valley 
Expedition in 1884. Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 in command of the Thayetm^o District and of 
the troops engaged on that firontior (mentioned in despatches. Clasp). Commanded the Sikkim Expeditiou in 
1888-89 (received the thanks of the Viceroy and of the Government of India, CB., and Clasp). 

•* Colonel Cowie served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and took |>art in the advance to Cabul under Sir 
Donald Stewart, mcluding the engagement at Ahmed Kheyl (mentioned in despatches) : accompanied Sir Fredei ick 
Boberts in the march to Candahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches. Brevet uf 
Lt.C?olonel, Medal with two Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). 

*> Lt Colonel B. V. Arbuckle served with the force under Brigadier General Chamberlain against the Mahhcod 
Wuzeerees in April and May i860, and was present at the forcing of the Burrarah Pass, and destruction of Makccu) 
(Medal with Clasp). During the Afghan war in 1879-80 he was employed on Commissariat duty (Medal). 

*i Colonel J. F. Free servM in the Afirhan war i.i 1879-80 (MedaJ). Served with the Mahsood Wuzcerce Expe- 
dition in 1881 in command of Boyal Artillery (mentioned in despatches). Served in the Egyptian war of i8£2, 
and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Sledal with c'la^p, 
and Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

** Lt.Colonel J. A. S. Colquhoun served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present at the capture of tlie 
Feiwar Eotal (Medal with Clasp). 

** Colonel V. C. Fisher served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 in charge of the Ordnance Department 
(received the thanks of the Government of India, mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal ^v]lh 

^ Lt.(yOlonel R. W. Kaye served with the expedition against the Jowaki Afreedees in 1877-7B (Medal with 
Clasp). Served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the attack and capture of All Mu^id and m tLc 
engM^ement at Kam Dakka (Medal with Clasp). 

*» £t.Colonel R. G. S. Marshall served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present in the cngngemcut at 
Tukht-i-Pnl (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Migor, and Medal). 

^ Lt.Colonel de Laiitour served with the expedition of 1863 against the tribes on the North-West Frontier of Ii.dta 

Sientioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). Also served with the expedition againet the tribes of the lilnvk 
onntain in the Hazara campaign of 1868 (Clasp) ; also against the DufOa tribes on the Assam Frautier in 1&74. rxA 
in the operations against the Jowaki AAreedees m 1877-78 (mentioned in despatches. Clasp). Served in the Atvhan 
war in 1878-79 with the Poshawur Valley Field Force under Lt. General Samuel Browne, was present at the atuick 
and capture of Ali Mu^'id and with the expedition into the Lughman Valley, and commanded the Hazara Mounuun 
Battery at the surprise of the Fort of Shergash (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Medal with ClasiO. 

'1 Lt.Colonel Anderson served in the Afghan war in 1879-80 as.JBrigade Mi^jor Royal Artillery with the Souibciu 
Afghanistan Field Force (Medal). 

*• Colonel Swinley served with the Bhootan Field Force ftrom November 1865 to March 1866 (Metbil wiiU 
CJlasp). Served with the Hazara Mountain Battery in the Black Mountain expedition in 2868 (Clasp). C'oinnianiied 
two guns of No. 2 Mountain Battery in the Jowaki AfVecdce expedition of 1877-78 (mentioned in despatches, C'Ims]) . 
Commanded No. 2 Mountain Battery throughout the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the affair at Mat- 
toon, in the engagement at Charasiab on 6th October 1879, and in the operations around Cabul in DcceQil>er \i^:^). 
including the investment of Sherpore. Was also present in the engagt^ment at Charasiab on the asth April ido, 
and accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and took part in the battle of Candahar (>evfr:il 
times mentioned in despatches. Brevets of Major and Lt.Colonel, Medal with three Clasps, and Bronze Deconttic i) . 

War Services of the Royal (late Madras) Artillery. 

Sir George Balfour served with the Malacca Field Force in 1832-33. Campaign against Kumool in ir,o, ii- 
duding the taking of Zorapore. Served with the expeditionary force in China throughout the war of 1840-4^ 
(Medal), including the first and second captures of Chusan, attack and capture of Chinhac, Ningpo, Thekce, 
Segoan, Chapoo, Woosnng, Shanghae and Chin Kiang Foo, and investment of Nankin. 

* General Robert Cadell served on the Staff of the Turkish Army during the Russian war from October iFm, 

including the defence of Eupatoria, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and Omar Pacha'swinter campaign in Mm^nelia 

(mentioned in despatches, Crimean Medal with Clasp, Turkish Medal, 4th CUas of the Medjidie, and Brcvetof Major). 

Served in the Indian mutiny campaign in Bengal, including the actions of Doomooreagunge, Baunriah, and Tool- 

meeporo {menUoned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

_/-^'^''^^«D«r»/ Pearae «orrad the Pai^Aub campaign of 1848-49;— was Assistant Field Engineer under General 
thJ'^^^i?^?^^^^ o/3fooytan, and at the action of Soorujkoond, and subsequently commanding tlio Artillery of 
HongS^Zi ^^ ^oB^^rxMlpore xmder Mnjor H. B. Edwardes; pr*™* •♦ t^e carpttax^ ot th« cv\.^ ot ^oo'.\a.Ti (,m«n- 
«/««» jn aespatcbea for conspicuouB gallantly when repelli '^ tJ»ft toTUtaa on yA.^ IiwccA\>«t \%<%^. 

War Sereieea oj the Officeii uf Ihg Hoynl {late 3ftH7rw) AiUBerif. 266-3 
flw««liuiilcr Major R. O. TitrlDT<^>I> tl>i> Knm in Die Di^riijiit, nli.cli ilr^vo Lbo AStclirtnii team BuimiHi (riiniriiLli 
MaUl iT.ib CUfpl- On iba mil Jan. iSjo, u tlie Gnuu^liutUE I'iikb, i>t lIic hoix'. at Ore border levite ilviniuil tbu 
qikt or iVoumjra Vli«erM> who nutde ftjaocut on Ummoj. Iii Xpveial*r iBji wmiu cauuaml of (ooaCotli- 
MsaRaoalu' Troop* mulllntiab IrrsRiilar LerlcB in Ui« Ki|>e<11iiun ui KlukV]ui niid llto Bbiok UnDtitain (UciIhI 
■Ilk lU^aPI. Batted throagtiout th* luiUiin mutiny, onmuuiiiiled iJii< Cnviilr)' ur Om Hiirreeaus Imgulur Viei J 
r«M'-Tti«u«nil ViuiCgrtluidlMUiaM(Uiii*nfAadahsBillClieir«cka. lupamiuaiidaf 4oaBithtana^pc«'iCftnlr7 
■r KckKiHr.—mnde a mnwd Bunb on Iha lAlh June i8j7.tiy «Uch HiiHr nai mlieTid. 0>niiiuiDd«l a I'oru* 
rtMtU^miMlaiirlMpUiicdlheninlftadpaiilicnuuf BlmtoaluiitUiuigBlcDliiHamMniiB. (.'anuiuiadeiltheiJitviiliy 
«f aatblpiiar. Serve4 Willi Oenanl Showcni' Delhi Colamn. and wu present ai Lhe occiipatios of the Porti of Dadrcf , 
Anior.iuil KuLuud. ODmnaudedaboATorCBTalrj'lTi BriEwtieiGemird's DoUiiUolaiiiuiitthebaHlaorXBnioul 
W H Wl^twaatd). Ocinimaiided>h«^BiUi Oavalry WChc BiegB uulFSfittiriiDrLaakiiDn'fDUiimh iBjt. Serteit 

, , , .. . , (Mwi "■ "~ "~  """  

Ltvot-Ocitera] H. M-litod Hired Id lh« Atghan wu-in iSjB-jqiMed 

' fibi^ inoLadlng the aotlona of Ajuiilta:hiir 17th April t^s^* Mann«. 

■sadntim InlnlheJaaiteapora JnntrloadDrinir June and Jul^r iE}B(MoIb1 wilhCbup, 

«..-,. n 1 „ M-IjMd »ei»ed In Iha Atghan wu-in lajB-j^lMedaJi. 

ka prMBDt in saieral akinnwbsa in the Biunbolporc ooiuitr; 

iicr-a(iic_ .. 

■•Col''ocl Coine sorvodin tha Central India eamnaliiii fram July iS)7 la UajiSsj.uidnw preaouiUEttoafl'tir* 
rfKuLnxhw. tialacau.iiad NuniDgbur (Medal with Ctup). 

' rgionel A. M. BawUiK KTved in the Indiui Muiiu; cuutiabni iu ies;-j9<Mediii). 

' Ceiuiicl Hun. A. B. da Uonlmorenc; Mrinl dnring the tnppnuinu of the Iniliaii maUn; with Cbs Cnr- 
FKkBon r^eU Forw and the Saogar Piuld DiWaion (Tom iGjS tilllhe endof iB!9 (iledalj. 

'* U.Uoton«t O. B. HaoilanellaervediDiho Sgrptisa war of iSSi (manUanad m daspoCahea, Medal, inl tllaaa of 
lie IMJiOia, wid Khcdin'i BUT). 

•• Oaknial C. W. Brennon aarred in the China war in iCis (Medal]. 

"Cblaaal He'ibcrt an-red in Iho Bgvplinu warof iS3i, and w^ present at ihe l>atllo of Tol-ol-Koblr (mao- 
imsd ta deapMebfa. Bravet of Ltoat.(&lcinel. Medal with Cbiap. jnl Ciau "' Lbs Uedjidia, and Kbodlva's Suarj. 
(itTTtd with tlH. fJBTpLian Pruatiar Field Forae in :aei-S£, andwna present in the emgugsmenc at (ilniu in itoni' 
■aBdvf Iha RoyBlArtilleiT (msntlDDed in dwpuWbes, promoted to Colonel). 

u taVBlehM. Madal with Clasp), flarredinthe Arzhanwarin iSEolMedal). 
 i:UaiielC-.D. A.Blrakerwrrai[nlhe Afghan woriniSH-SalMedall, 
• LkCOkwl O. R. Gambiei temd la the AfEliaD war io ,S9a (MediJ). 

of the Jloyal (laU Bombau) ArtHkry. 

IHedalJ. Scrrcdin Persia in 1657 (Medal with Ciarp). Relief of Kulaparc. Atuick on insurgent Ulicclsnt Duba- 
i.nrecand Amhapawnee en nth April iSjS. OueiatluiifLinthcSautiiurc Hlllnin lEsS in cumuaudof Mouiil«in Train 
isd Urt Colninn ofiuuck (Medal, and Brevet of Mi^or). 

 Sir Arnold Kemlnll seryed thecsminignof tB^-»in AfTgluinUitnn.inelmlliiii the alcgc and capture of Ghuinca 
OInlil). Campaign of 1S57 in Pcnia (Medal with Clasp, t'Jf.. and Brevet i.f Majiv). The Qoremor General ol 
India lutAl iu bis notiflcaiion of the iSth Jniic 1857 ibnl "the valiinble ahHjsiaiicc aRbnled on every occnsiDB of 
J.1Bcull7 aiid danger, and especially in the lirilliant eapwlilinn aBSin«Abwai, by faimnn Kcmlmll had been 
I- jrlilj emnmended by Sir James Ouunni and merited tho uninnlifled approlmiioii and the lienriy thanliB of ih» 

rvcdwilh the expedition to 
:d in despalches. Medal with ' 

at.General lUyly served iu the I'linlaubesnipaignof <84S-49, niid was present at tha aicRcuiid capture of 

■ui.GcDCral Le foen served with the I>cninn expedition of i8j6-s7i and w!i< present at tboatnrm End capture 
-re, surrender of Bii»biie,lmtilo of Kooi.hab.nndbonibiitdnicntof Mohiinirah (Medal with Cbisp). Boned 
oupiiressicn of the Iiidiai. rnQtiiiy, including Kolah, KoubkeMrai. Gwiilior, Knoiirni, and piirnuit gf Tnnlia 
(mentioned in dcHpatob, Medal wiihCluBii). [See also Civil DeeurHti™* fur Cnllonirj-, •' Harfa Aiinunl 
r-iUp-p, 7S6.] 

IBM MohiimraTMEdal' with Ssto-^Sm^idcii a^MuuntaiiTT™^ 

re (Indian Mutiny Medal). 

loiiEl BormdaiiB commanded N Batterv, A BriBiuic, Hoyal Hnrso Artillery, in tho Eirypliali war of iBE.-, 

II preaent at ibe batlle ot Te l-el-Kcbir (meulioued iu despslcbcs, CU., Medal with Clasp, jtd Clacs of the 

s D.A.Q.M. General thronfihonl Ibe Abyuiiiian campaictn.hniing landed at 

isjorfaiidM^lnir'' '' ''"'*" " *" '"" " ""^''"'' 
Ibo Afghan war in 1879-80, took part in the defence o( Candahnr (mentioned 
Inpalehes) inclndinR Ihc sortie of Dch Khiijsh (Rieulioiicil in dCBpoIcbcs), and wss preBentst tbe batUo ot 

Colonel Bprlng served thronghout tbe"Ar)»inian''c»nipaiEn from 13rd Cte. if'! as CommiftRrF of Ordnance 

was la eharga ot the Ordnance Depdt enlabliFlicd at Scnaf^ (Medal). 

Colonel MortiOicr served throughoiil the Abywininn campaign trom Sept. if'J, bavinc proceeded 10 Zonlla 

Ubestor "ability, energy, and lenl" (Mediil). 
ciinT..! f-.irf.nn.i, served throiiHboiit the A Ipyssinian campaign with tbe TmnsT'orl Train IVom Sanlember 

tcsl.'- Medal) "- ™"! - "''-""' '? " ^ . . . . 

iclodiDK tbe sortie of Dth Kl 




^ ^ «A rr «« "^ 

00 OO OO OO "X CO 


OQ CO t-8 < "-a •-5 




I Ilia 

S 0*7.0 g 

I • '^ - 

• -^ s ^- § 

1 3 111 ^ 






o s 


OB •'? 

i ^ •>," 

*» • s ^ ^ 

/->. • o «o •— 





:2 :KaS 

I iiisUhUiiUMiii 

M .::!■■■■ i i I 


.1 ' i iitii i mthiiiiiUs 

^'Sv'ft'S.^^'S.S R £ S S K £ S S S R S a S S £.8 ,8 ^ i ^ Jf 




f liyi|fiii!i{ 

:|ii|is|| !i|i|||st|, 
IfiliWllaal?? !■ 

If ! M 


iiHItfitll 15 :l!i 11511 



il,5«liiliiliiiiiilliliiiiiiitil i i 

iiilii 1 1 1 HUM - 

Illlll III llillll  

iiniiinnii ij 

;| itepl^.^^aai-MJiniii^i^tli 

s I Hall! .' 

3°ss :»fjS|i 


■^OTi &„■"«. a B h B ..^ KS -".!-• 







it'l|i?|l|"|fl EESilSllilsifllllp 









|l jniniunnM;jMijnininniM|jM!|h|in|i|n i 
|i| «||8j|ijs|ji|j| jifjlllj|tjiljj 










III iji iplSfiSiliSli 

WH W III !i 

21* i«5 iSS is 


Gorpt of Soj/al Engineert, 


BflKOi, Cliarlcs Hervcy,"" Hi 

Xnsiuear, 3rd Onde, ) 

Hcrvcy.!'^ Hallbi, Nova Bco4Ja 

ByilenbuD.w CUB., WurOOIce, Wbib 

Eic^nR.,3ndGrade,D.P.W.,Sm<irialuaBuiU:); , , ,, 

A. Mooltan. Leave, EoropB J 'S July « 

rv>ii,BHRadel[aJDraDdaaorMUT,a.U.E., ChaUuun '<; Jnly Gi 

1, Eiecntivs Kuginsor, iit Giadc, Depu-lmeac Public) | < ,!„ « 

L«Ta, KnaUnd ... 

natracuirrn Submarine Ulntng,S.U.£., C'liMbam [i. 

IiecaLi ve Bnflineer. and Grade, UUittry Worka Braccli, ) | _ , 

Kiecntive EnBiiiea-,")Od Grafle. i). F. Wotia, VeiiurolT; 

rke.i" Bi«CDtive Kagiaeer, iDdGmile, D. F. ' 
rt PoiA,">DSO. IBt.Saiar, i July B7), Chathai 

UjiilojJ,Rol,crlMaiwBll,'» .^, .,__., ._ . 

Yorkp, Horatio ArtLnri" '.Bl.Svirr, 15 Jons 8jl, War Offlco, wmehall ,, Jan. to , Juuc £. 

Darker, GccirKS'" {Bl.llajor, ig Not. 81), t;oiniiianding BridBinnlJatt., AldcmLot-lii Jan. 69 =5 Junt , 

4Jordou. C-liarlcs HadSeid."* Siok iHiave 11 Jan. 60 ^ Juno 3i 

DovB, Honilio,"' Edinljurgb 1, Jan. 60 i Juli Er 

fimith, BiUD»'>i(B^iriii(>r, iaNoT.Ba),EiecuUvoKaRiDeer,3nlGnda,D.P.Worl(ii,V , , 

UndctBccrclarjloaoyernnnni.D.P.W. Railway B^acli, Madia* i UJ""- *9 1 July 3i 

f.j.r. I'llkiiiRtoo, Henry, Dirootor of Wocka, AOnuiilty ij Jen. 6^ , JhLj- e, 

<'larkD, Henry, Deputy Binminar. iii.Ur.,D.F.W.,BiamiiierDf ADoauiiU,Bolarmn ...'ti Jai.'. 6e  TmIV f, 

£...r, Bnrkct. iKmeaOaoipbell. HongKonR '.^ Jan. ^ , J„iJ- b, ,? Kr' S 

.Selby, H(!nry01inbant,'"Depnly CaDsulUngEagiiieerlbiRailirBy>,Pooml.Bombav ti Jnu. 6u  juJv fi it I>i>r' Hi 
LnoHbariie, Monlague, BieiutiTo Engineer, "U Grada.D, P. W.,i(. W. Branch ...',, Jan. 60' , Jnli- f, I ]„,,' 11 

icivko, Willinm 
ticlinrd Theodo 

I" CB. IBI.Mt/iT, 16 Feb. 87). t 

Addiaen, Ucorge William, I'oatal Tolcgniplia, London 

Poreelli, AlftKl, Cork , 

-Tharinum, Jamct Wbite,'*?Ex«cnliTe Knuincer, indOiBde, D. P. W.,H.W., i 
'DHMjt, rrcdcric, Ualtk ... 

HoBk]-na, Uluiinliw."H P^moolta  ^ 

IlUMWv. K<lward Robort, Commanding ajUi uomnany, Glbnltar .(Fob.Si),-'  

Gimt Trigoiiomatriiial Buirey or India, (Jalci 

nnany, t 

rob.S9).D«pnU8npuiutenden(,4lh Grade, > 

igatioQ Depaitment, Baypt 

=...-. ' Qiidi, b.p.w... 

rJniy 6, 

) July ! 

3 Jan. 7.. 

,^ , . .itapoor, Madras; a .1. 

dor, Ulanilo Mclgnior,"' "- ' " = — ... .— - . 

Coiulor, Ulanilo Kclgnior,'" Onlnanee Snrvoy, SonthampM 
t<col(, Doitglaa Alex."" DSO. {ai.M:iiar, iB Nov, 81; it. 

CflB»il, ij JoncBgi, Spitheaa 

DeVillainll, Iticloid, DnlilUi 

Dd Duulay, Wuodlbrde George, Cape oT Oood 

Sykeii. Waller lUn- "— •" 

<;roiFc11, Kdmnnd 

Martin. Martln,i>* Dover. 
Mnin, Tbomna nyi'"."* < 

Ilcnny-Tiiiljour, Henry Waogh, Gibraltar ,, jniy m ,, j„iv i, \ 

PHt, William, Aldcr«hol...„. _ _ _ jjjoly 7<:'iiJu1y Ki , 

WilkluPOi -  

Unrl, Uaratlo Holh KiecBtiTSKngineir, aaA Grade, MflitAry ytatka Department, ) 

liolgaum DiTialon _ J 

Dodily, Owen Vidal, Bieo. Eng., snd Grade, D." '" "-' — "' — '— 
JjorMford, John claudina V"~'''-~— — " — "■ 

MH'in.Uuthor Fyern,"' Sheemeaa . 

Ji.hriKl'.n. James Tnylor.Xalal .„. 
lliekiii-'in, KciKar.t,"'Aldi>n.liot . 

r>jlge, Ceylon.. 

> {Bl.ll*jar, a Hov. Bi), Vntragh .. 

VhlUp, Ilixtrd oITrada, 

Hionft^llltam T«r»nBe,""l /Wfft XxN. ItaSIT^^r^^ii.PVw.VM. wib'.JUwiii SiidM 

Wbiie, Waller Hanbury,'" Eieootive Bna., md Grade, D.P.W., Samidi, Madras 

Dailgley, Jamea Montague Tttylor.i" Commanding U Company, Soppera and j 

13 July T=: 

3 July B 

■^jjuiy 7=' 

3 July 8 

'.3 July 70' 

3 July 5 

13 July 70 

3 Julj- i 

n uly ;o 

5 July ( 

4 Jan. : 

Duiwrier, Ueury Willi«»i,'*> Eieontivo Engineer, »t Grade, D. I'. W., M. W,. 

branch, Pooiut Diviiion J  

Itgiinet, Pcrdinando Wallia'** iBtUi^tr, ij June Bj], Edinbnrgb . 

Ilealbcote, Alfred, (JardiU 1 , 

Imond jai. Tbo*., Prelnior, Royaj Kil. Col., Bandiiunt.!! . 
.... _ __rdo. Halihi. Nnva Bcotia 

II Apr. 881. Jiiti^&niFto 
^ug"Mllm'°!. !!™". 

Oorpt of Bojfol Engifuen. 

I*k«,'"Tel8e»«pliSBrrioa in P 

tf. Xbob V«ll«y lUilwv Barter 

Ek Ooarn Freoeriek,''' OeDntr UuuEi 

■(41, Beoiy aetfcken,M KieiniUTe En» 


riemUTe IniKiDEeT. ind £rmlo, D. 
I. M^' Aaiiit.* BMraUiy, i 

» Sabmaiiaa Uinlng Dsreiioea, War ' 

,___ I. BullOIng Work*. OriiiiiioeFiisWrle*,! 

Kb^ AimmL Waolvrich I 

niSiili t1^l-^ i^.p— — .1— p-^-- _ ladGnde, D.P.Work^ Itilituy Woilu i 

I, BftlUki, Kl 

phB Umr7 ObaoOTli," AuUlwtl BnKinttr, i>t Grade, O. P. ff.i) 

prtnOtetJor ThomMonCoUBHB, ftoorkee J 

««,i«bec. Eng., irdGniile, D. P. W.. Mi). tV'orki Bnoefa, Uhow Dir. 

I« iMop, Palbaiii Q»rBe,'*' liupccMr SubmatlDU DeAncei, DbIsdIU „ 

|HU>hT,WtltemI<ettuCliiiU>n,Bi«DUvBBiitt., jrd Gnds.D. P. WoTka.UiulrH 
MfDrir Merai. BieciUlVB Kueicesr, jrdGnde.D.F.WDrka. Temponry) ' 

Aug. tj 


^ Sepl.8, 


 Oct. S« 





AQg. Bj 

JDM. S, 

1 Aoc. n ' 


id Buphsn, 

lf<{»r, ig Dm. S)), 

II any I>*Ai«h. Special dB:^, ItupeclOT Geunl ^1 

[uub H«)r7k CLuDmel.... 

I^I>, VWictB SejiuDaT. Woolwich 

Eamr.WnMironli areoiilLe," BxeentiTs BnolBiit'i 
IHC iB^pMMr Gsnanl, tlUiUr)' Worka, Slmk . . 
toDC CBnMObael lAghi, Adjutant i Olnuce«Mnl>ii' 

t Ornde, D. P. Worki, Uilltuy Won 

'Boiwrt Cbarlu,>" aomber or i 

 jolm Colin LiTinaton,^* Adji 

aeon[e,i'*BiLee. Bng., ]nl Grade, D. 

iHMr, WuHl JameiKn, BiscoUtd Bnginoer, - 
«<Bd, Charl«» Kniriit,'- ' -■--■-- 

_>, Gerald &Dpe^^Jdlg,"*DiiuiceauiffOItl(ior,QaaUa. Leato. Buran] 

Brueat,"' md AHiatunt PrlaoipBl, TbomalDn (.'ullc^e, Roorkoe. Temp. Daty, B.M.T 
tun- Mordoch, JotiD,>" OfflciallDg Commiuiiling Buguieer, State lUUiraTB, BomluL}' . 

fM. BHvpc, Jaoiea uircn, uepa 
Oi^, Thomaa,"' Tempomry I 
VarUn, Maurice Charles,'*^ Indi 
Ituoell. RonAld Charlen,"* Ae&uu. nuj 
yUrr, Algenuin Camptiell,'" Alderabot 

Love. Hmrr DaTiwu, Principal of Ibo QivU KnginoaringCoUogi 
au, John Waire, Adjouuitii Tower Uamlete Bagineer Vomntei 
Haek^in, tCeuiitli,'* Adjoual < Lancaaluie KnglDHr Volnotet 

tbe OivU Eagiriflgriag Callegu at Utidrai 


£uBeid,'ArUiiii Henry" [BiMtJur, ij Juno JjT. School or lliliBuT BngineBring. Chaiham 
Coaa^Ue.WiUaasbbv Vener,"* EiecaUve BnglOGBr, ard Grado.U.P. w., Deputt Cqn-l 

_".-?__ ^ t J^r^ D.n..*.^ ^"TPOre. Tamp. ""I^ nn>innl nr \4nJ*a'.<r 1l!nn:haa*iT.» f 

{ngiBMt, jrd 

I, Chiuiai Henry,** Conimuidiug jGtli (Field) Compan;, SbDmeliffa , 

D, BertMTi Edward, Seeireiarj, E 
1, Bme.t Frederic *•  

0. E. Com<niitoa. Chatham.... 





A^imn-epeed, Henry Speed,' 
■bb^, Fiiilip TtiomB*'<"(9Ri 

1ati», Bapuen and ViDera, Bawul P 

ler Totan Cnarle*,*" Sapjien and UiuDre, Re 

Deo. B» 

•q Apr. go 
6 May to 
Hay so 

i Deo. i: 
l Deo. t'l 

ja June 9a 
t Jnly so 

SJolyso I 
i Ang.ta - 
! HepMo 

a, John DȴldMn,'" 

BDakyii.Cbarie>Baginali). i 


BBiwin, Philip Bell,"" Oonunlndlng P Company, Uhatham 

'  " '" ■'» Bappen and Uinen, Kirkee. OnLeaye.... 

Rnyal Military Acadcmj 

J^ley. Hvvfv...-,' ,__ 

ux. BslieU, Kdw»Jd Hiigli,™ Bntfado Major, 1 

Auteo Frederick ^''J' TVirc'^c^uanfandEn^C^vu 

I ^^atCSi»,iaioOtorse'"lBI.Xaifr i6 Feb, ijj, %\ 

- lilm. r 

lofl[iliOrjiKni.,QhaUikni\ ql&b. 1 

«•; v^k^i. 

May B4 

May S4 
.M«y 8* 

r aoBt.8t 
I Sai)t.S4 

I Sep(.a4 

8 Jan. (5 

OorpM of Jtoyal Bnginaen. 

UciD. AlciBDHer Ucbmere.™ Eiec. Kag., mdCnde, D 


Uu:ksoD,SBmue1Anlii]rEiiiem,>«i}SO.,Sul(Collegs, Suidhont..., 

r, UMiot Dlilaiou... 19 Apr, 

En^tcr, and Grade, U. V 

Waller, EdmUTi 

St. Ulsir WUliUD AuKU 

Special ilnty, Gambia. Boundr; 

Grade, Saner DepL On lain a.. 

Dhildera.EdmoDd Spencer Evdlej''*' \Bl.lIifJtTi . 

WiBgfleld-Strcttord, Cecil Veruoc, Goaport 

Maiu-ell, Cedrie,"* BchoolofMillwrr EnglLeeL..,„. — 

IS, Walter,'" Inalruetor Rojal Uilltary Collejra, Baudhnrat .... 

i^ueerlng, Chatham ., 

[iSnUiit". Vbtihin 
ick, 1  - 

__.nsKinl.Haiin«y, Frederick, Local Foi 

u.'.c, HaiE, Hn-bert de HaBa,*" Pemljroko Dock 
Pennwe, Cooper,™ War Office 

■•■;•» Apr. 7 
..If Apr. J 


'"9Apr. 73' BJ""- «s 

^] «9Apr. 7]' «J«ii. ii 

R jZ 

Bcolt-MoocricIT, GeorKB Kennelh.'" Comdx. •nil 1 

u.i.r, Sinclair, Hneh Uonlgomerle, Alderahot 

Kenron, Edward Katiul^h, Bcbnol of MiUtary Kn«i 

HiddlmuBBB, John Cn 
Peel, Frederic li.i" Kn 
LutjBQS, JoliQ Gcllwej 



Compaor, Boyal Bnginei 

.... _,_fiBurverorG«neral,Peiiaug 

Wrottealey.AlIi^ EdiTBrd, General PoslOmcBTelearapb*, London 

CleaTC, Stewart DalrjmplB,"* Inatmclor, Rojal Mih^ry Academy, Woolwich ... 
ifacDonnell. Alliwl Creagh,'" D. A. A. General fur Inatructioii, Kuanli, Pnnjab 

Bofce, Emeat Joeepb Georse, Cammaoding lethCompanf, Ordnance Surri 

Xaaon, Alex. Herbert,'" Deputy Aaeistaat Quarter Uaatei " • -  

Applebtn.Heary.x'Rxecattve EDR.,ttb Grade, S.P.W. Uilil 

ll!,.l,ia .Inl.n Elfnr,! « C.omili... Kt.,. jUj GnidB, C" '""' 

itelliKenoe, Siuia 1 

irxnrancb, MaDdnlnv 

W. B.. Chnokrata 1 1 1 V 1 

ie,JobnElford,«K.ecoUveEBB.. _ . . 

Kler,HenrjEdirerd,aQdClBa« AMffctaut InipeciorotWarl . _. .. 
bott, Herbert Edward 9tacv,>» Ezecative Enirlneer, 3rd Gmde, D. P. Worka. Allali 

p.i.t. Foster, Hubert John,"" Siaff Captain, IntcIligenCB Department, War Ofllce 

Baynra, Cbarlee EdiTar<1.>"0nlnannSarvev, Sonlbamptos 

Bamet, Horace Uuuan,''' Exec. Knccineer.itb Grade, O.P.W., M.W. Branob, Qaeiu . 

Rock, Oliver Edwal,™ Ordnance Survey, York. 

Hayne,CbarIeilllair,'>'Prof, R. H. ColleRe. KingHon, Canada, with local rank of Mi. 

Goodwfn, Henry Kdward,"=* DSO, Queen'aOum Sapoersanil Minere. On Leaie 

Gale, Walter A., Secretary B oval Kngineen' Inati Into, Chatham 

Uawkini,W. Francis,'" latDwiaion Telegraph Battalion, Aldenbot 

SUter, Mortimer Jobni" .,.., 

Bandolpb.Altted Herbert.'" Commandin84lhConipany,Submarine Mining SorTlco,Oi. 

Jact»on.LouUt;barles,"- Harwich 

Liteledale, Balpb Fudaay,"' Uauritlns. School ofMilltary KngineerinK 

(jommellBe, Cbarlea Erneat.'" Adjuiaiii i Devon Engineer Vol unteera, Eicler 

C'owBD, James Henry, War Office, Whitehall 

LinOiay, Henry ]i:dtell Mor(raa,'°° Adjutant Roynl Monmoathahire EDglneei' Uililia . 
Boad,frttnoUG .....— 

i George,**' Bengal Sappera and Miuera, Roorkee .... 

a, George Francia. Aldemhot 

irick Gilbert.™ Aide do CamiJ to General Sir L. Niol 

Turlon, William Harnr, Aasiaianc loatractor, School orMibtary BoglnecriDg, Chatham 

Gordon, Georse Uuntfy blair,*^ Adjutant lat London Engineer Tolunteera 

Brotberton, IhomsB dela Uaye.'^AdiataDtinNewcaaUeau-Tyna Engineer Volunteeri 

Kelly, Anbnr Jamea, Inatrnclor Royal Mililarj- College, 
ataaton, Edw. Chae.,"':Xiccutive Engineer, ]rdar.,D.l 
»...f. Heath, Fredenck Croflon"; (Brtrrf Major, 16 Jan, 

UluUb, Fredcnc ilftulev. Hong Kong 

ThomBOn, Andrew Graham™ (BrirrI Jfoior, li Jan. 8S), Onlnauce Surrey, Bdinbur^ 

JohoBtone, Haory Melvill. Sick Leave 

B...r. Pemberton, BmettSt. Ulair"" 

Layard, Arthur Austen Mac Kregor,rS Adjutant . ifiddieaen Kiigineer Voluntaera 

LalTan, Henry David, atSUff College ..,.. 

p.i.c. Luwsou, Henry MBrriek«' (Brecrl ilairr, i Apr. 68), D. A, A. General, Dublin . 

l^nner, John Anhur,'"D50.,Scb9ot of Miiilair Engineering 

Baukey, Alfred R<jbert Uandeville, Adjutant i Lancaabire Engineer Volunteers 

Baynolda.FrsnkRomilly.AulBt. Inst, in Submarine Uuiing,S,M,B,, Chatham 

UacCartby, Fein Denis FranciB,*^' Cheater. „ 

Pateraon. Hugh AugnstnB Lawrence, Commanding jjrd Co., S.M.S., Cork 

Irvine, Jame8Laird,r'«Ordnanceann,oy, Clifton 

Haaaey, William CUve,*" General Poet Ufflce Telegrapbi 
Jackaon, Hugh Milboome,'" Assiat. Sur  -'•—'- = 

at.r. Agar, Edward, Home Diitrict 

Bice, Spring Robert, Adj. Submarine Uu — „ 

Kaeree.ArthurDouglaa, Ordnance Survey, Carlisle 

Domlileton, Horatio Korria.r'' Goapon. 

- idergast, Theodore John Warrenier, Isle of Wight ..,. 
ay, Hampden Hugh, '•---•' 

i, Survey of India. Leave, Europe" 


b, Cape Towi 

', Cheatm- . 

!47iMiiei7,'"Aeai*taa( Instr., School of Military Bngineeriog, Chatham '^ 

' Robert, Commanding aSth Couipany, Qrnveaend '1 

Ji^aetme/rBXnriBter.jnl Grade, D.P.W,, Military WottaBrijwh.Sioila 3 

"Corpg of Rq'jo.1 Etigin 


.^. . . .B«pnfrt 

.umaj L««ieDiMOi>uU«il-lUawird,ConiDUiidinK3iMC'tmpiuiy,C 

M—mi<i. FrftnoU Jnnue."* Poitluid 

4ifeWTtibi.L*insnlArttiBr, "(l"Caiii]iiuiy, tichiulanill, Guginferdig, C: 

(ilUtM.rblli«ChBriM, OlbTBlMr 

fcwKi UU . IICMM. Venbroke Dock ... 

fWtl. Wirfcnr'T.Tl-i — ir-f 

■mIIiIii II  rmk HartiRt. tLthiitaDm 


aiMlL Bnca Bnma«t, ComiHiE; 
l^iiurt, OhulH 1>wibU>,-' tlitc 


ixltn. jd.SJnhr at 
ii Jan. Tl I Ang. 88 

11 Jbd. tI ifi Dec. Bs 
]i Jan. 79 1} Dec. U 
11 JUD. 7a 'i Dee. 8B 

ii Jan. tS iS d«. ea 

1 18 D«c! 78 

llS DCD. 78 

>B Dm. t! 
.8 Dec. 78 


"rlnbsps. School ot jiilituy Kn|lD«riD|ti Dhutui- 
I1 Uiww, Toposnp. Sarv«y of India . !>«»«, Hniopc 
>.- . jrd amile.l'.W.a, ». W. Bnuiob, Kamobea ... 
I»r., D.P.W.,liaWartuBnuieb,Ptti»<nirDivUtc 
" - -0™do,DJ.W.,Lilta>r» 

idins .. 

Man, AiKtrair Mitcbell,** A»1M. iiwuncHit. cano^i 
YIM. WllUaiu S<*lr."* UltpBTliueuuil Ufficsr. Sulimvi 

— ^JD^B. t!nir.,Snbii»rise kllnlBgBeirTinj Acting 

Itio'lUHDicuiatm, Fsmbrnknrock... 

Mlnlog ScrviM, Sohool or Mil. KaglacerfnK. Ubathtm 

Or..M.W.'Brwieb, Pre»iiUBey»n^Oui(e 
 Dep«ri "-"'- "*-'■- " " - 

>3 Mar. Bg 
;o Msr. 8j 

18 Dec 78 1 Apr! By 

1 Apr. 8» 

lion, Kllyi 
Branch. Prr* 

.„,„_ .jdOmde, D.P.W., pMihawur Divtal_ 

r,ii4 lindF.b.P.W.SlocltanSTKiiiBlDeimieeDivtiian 
.fciiiive KnEineer.^Ih Orade, D.P.tV., UlliUry W(r-^- - 

imtnuiia rbitwilluini DiTisioa 

BUut liiUrnElor In Piold Portiflcnlion, ^f. U. K. I. hM 
[iHiiyur Native liubmiiriiie Mini n. Ceylon 




U.W.B., S 





. i-tGnuli. D.P.W. 


Corj>8 of Royal Engineers. 





Stewart, "William Robert, War Office 

Blliot.GilbertSutherlandMcDowell.Assifit.Kng., jstGradc, Howrah 

Sslvesen, Charles Bmil,*!* Ordaance Survey, Clifton, Bristol 

Godby , Charles,^^^ Ej^yptian Army 

Pringle, John Wallace, Assist. Engineer, ist Grade, D.P.W., M.W.B., Rawul Pindee Uommaiid 

Seijeant, James Robert Beza, Sappers and Minors, Quetta 

Kent, Herbert Yaughan, Sabmarine Mining Service, Halifax, N.S. Ordered home 

Houston, Kyre, Aswet.Eng. and Grade, D.P.W. Leave, Europe 

Horony, Burdctt Edward, Gibraltar 

Brown, William Baker, Submarine Mining Service, Mauritius, local rank of Captain 

Mould, Charles Frederick, Submarine Mining Service, Chatham 

Benny.Tailyour, Thomas Francis Bruce,*'* Survey of India, Mandalay 

Rose, Charles Stuart, Assist. Engineer 2nd Grade, D.P.W.,M.W.B., North Western Rly., RawulPmdee. 

0'Moara,WaltcrAlfredJobn,«» Postal Telegraphs, Aldershot 

Haggitt, Edward Dashwood. Assist. Enp. 2nd Grade, D.P.W., M.W.B., Simla 

Gordon, WilliaiT) Staveley,s*> Egyptian Army, Cairo 

Lang, John Irvine, Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Lawrie, Walter Gray, Ai^siataut Instructor, School of Military Engiueeriug, Chatham 

Painter, Amaud Clarke, Sappers and Miners, Bombay 

Swainson, Arthur Lake, Assistant Engineer, 2nd Grade, D.P. Works, M.W. Branch, Barcilly Div.^iou . 

Broke, Harry, Bridging Battalion, Aldershoc Ordered to Ordnance Survey 

Purvis, John Spottiswoode. Simon's Town 

Bonham-Carter, Herman,*'^ Lahore 

Taylor, Ernest Frederick.rChatham 

Bnckland, Reginald Ulick Henry,''' LagOi»,|Survoy duty 

Curtis, Reginald Salmond, 24th Company, Royal Engineers, Egypt 

Brett, Walter Percival, Commanding West India Submarine Minmg Co., with local rank of Captain .... 

Johnston, Bruce Campbell, Chatham 

Johnstone, James Henry L'Estrange, Malta 

Gibbon, James Aubrey, Executive Engineer, 4U1 Grade, D.P.W., M.W. Branch, Sibi Divisiuu 

Ashworth, Perceval, Shorncliflfb 

Bullen, Edward Darley, Bengal Sappers and Miners, Roorkoe 

Harrison, Thomas, Sappers and Miners, Kirkee 

Weston, Aylmer Gould Hunter, Roorkee 

Reynolds, Arthur Reynold, 1st Company, Royal Engineers, Chatham 

Gaynor, Henry Francis, Singapore 

Laurence, Richard Thos. Raynes,^'^ Assist. Eug., 2nd Grade, Militarv Works Branch, Bombay Division 
Birdwood, Herbert Christopher Impey, Assist. Eng. and Grade, D. P. Worics, Sind-Pishiu Railway, 

Northern Section, Dera Ghazee Khan 

Dealy, John Anderson,^**? Madras Sappers and Miners, Bangalore 

Perpr, Cecil Charles James, agthCompanv, Royal Engineers, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hoi)e 

Wright, Henry Brooke Hagstromer,^ Madras Sappers and Miners, Upper Burmah 

Fowke, George Henry. Ordered to Curragh 

Rimington, Joseph Cameron, Assist. Engineer, 2nd Grade, D. P. Works, Military Works Branch, Meerut 

I^ons, Henr^ George, Egjpt 

Honter, William Spiller, Assistant Engineer, xst Grade, M.W.D. Defence Works, Rangoon 

Boe, Cyril Harcourt,^ Sappers and Miners, Bangalore 

Carey, Herbert Clement, Halifax 

Close, Charles Frederick, Assist. Supdt., ist Grade, Sur\ey of India, Mussoorie 

Laflau, Joseph de Courcy, Submarine Mining Service, Ceylon. Ordered home 

Harper. George Montague. Sick leave 

Jones, Ernest Augustus Tudor, Submarine Mining Service, Bombay 

Macdonogh, George Mark Watson, Hong Kong, with rank of Captain 

Brewin, John Palffy, School of Military Engineering 

8key, Frederic Edward Guthrie, Assistant Engineer, xst Grade, D.P.W., M.W.B., Peshawur 

Brooker, Robert Lee Cecil, Natal. Ordnance Survey, Derby 

Young, Julius Ralph, School of Military Engineering 

Phillips, George Edward, Gibraltar 

Simmons, George Francis Henry LeBreton, Submarine Mining Ber\'ice, Karachi 

Hills, Edmond Herbert, 20th Company, Gibraltar 

Baylay, Fiederick, Sabmarine Mining Service, Rangoon 

MacAdam, Walter, 34th Company, Submarine Mining Service, Malta 

Speranza, Waller Stephen John J. Lawrence, Eastern Bn. Submarine Mining Service, Mauritius 

Edgell, Edward Arnold,^' Executive Engineer, 4th Grade, Jhansi Division 

Powell, Sidney Henry, Assistant Engineer, 2ud Grade, D. P. W., M. W. B. , Quetta Division. Sick Leave... 

Harrison, Gilbert Harwood, Assistant Inspector of Warlike Stores, Woolwich 

Ewbank, William,^*^ Military Works Department, Quetta 

Livingstone, Hubert Armine Anson, Cape of Good Hoi)e 

Stevens, CLarlei Richard, Mhow 

Chapman, Leonard Palmer,^'-^ Sappers and Miners, Burmah 

Liddell, William Andrew, Quetta 

Schreibor, Acton Ijcmucl, Hhomcliffe 

TuUoch, John Arthur Stanford,^* Madras Sappers and Miners, Bangalore 

Bvans, Usher William!«on, Madras Sappers and Miners. Sick leave, England 

Bland, Edward Humphry, Bengal Sapi>ers and Miners, Camp Pur 

Hedley. Walter Coote, Gibraltar 

8tokes-Robert8, Edward Rowland Bennett, Madras 

Williams, Hugh Bruce, ist Division Telegraph Battalion, Aldershut 

Fanshawe, Gerard Lewis, aint Company, Submarine Mining Service, Harwich 

Enthoven.ChurU's Henfi*ey, Bridging Battalion, Aldershot 

Huleatt, Alfred John, Sappei-sand Miners, Rawul Pindee 

Gale, Henry Ricbmoiid, 17th (Field) Comi^any, Curragh 

t'lose, Geoffrey Diminie, Umballa 

Soi*sbie, Robert Fox, Bangalore 

Lloyd, Frederic LinJ.^ay, 28th Co., S.M.S., School of Military Engiueeriug, Chatham 

Jones, Harry Balfour, Aldershot, Balloon Detachment 

Sherwood, Harold Joseph,"* Rcorkee ,., .., 

Lambert, Douglas Reynolds. 33rd Company, Submarine Mining Duty, Penibruko Dock r.j Apr. b> 

Di.xon, Richard Tra vers, 35th Company, Submarine Mining Duty, Pembroke Dock [29 Apr. f;; 

IjCC, Richard Philipps, 20th Co., Gibraltar I-9 Apr. i'-. 

Perceval^, Charles Cecil, Sappers and Miners, Roorkee .._ .^ jagApr. '\ 

iks iiraucb, Uiirmab. ..'?•; Ai)r 

I Oct. 

I Oct. 

1 Oct. 

I Oct. 
14 Feb. 8i 
14 Feb. «j 
14 Feb. 83 
14 Feb. 83 
14 Feb. 83 
14 Feb, 8i 
14 Feb. 85 
14 Feb. 83 
14 Feb. 83 
14 Feb. 83 

14 Feb. 83 
is Feb. 83 
26 June 83 
a8 July 83 
28 July 83 
28 July 83 
26 July 8 X 
28 July 33 
28 July 83 
28 July 83 
28 July 8< 
28 July 8; 
28 July Si 
28 July 8< 

15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. S4 
15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. S4 
15 Feb. 84 
15 Feb. 84 

15 Feb. 84 

15 Feb. ?4 
15 Feb. £4 
15 Feb. £4 
IS Feb. 
15 Feb. 
15 Feb. 
15 Feb. 
15 Feb. 
26 June ?4 

5 July i'4 

5 July 

«; July 





5 Julv 
5 July 
5 July 
9 Dec. 



9 Dec. 
9 Dec. 








Dec. Hi 












29 Apr. 85 
29 Apr. 83 
29 Apr. t'5 
29 Aj)r. t> 
29 Apr. £,s 
29 Apr. S% 
2i) Apr. c s 
29 Apr. ?.s 
.'9 Apr 

Moore, Thomas Brown, Assistant Engineer and Grade, D. P. Work?*, Military Wci 

h'lJwHfds, Richard FJehlin, srnd Company, Submarine Mining Dutv, Uosporl 

<lfarM, WJUimn (»r:int/^^ Aldernbot ". 

yunzon, Herbert CoUjorne,'' Afisi'it. En<:. ist Grade, D.P. Works, MiUiu.y VJutk* D«\mvtmeut, Beilary 

j() Apr. 1 ; 

30 June 8 

30 June J^ 

Cfcijw 0/ Smjal Eaym 

JO JoooE 


aia«T. tbodiiH rMriylc, Mali* _, ^ 

fc— luw^lini P<i)lak,4lbCo.,B.U.B.,G<i*pun ,a Jane is'. 
nay.WB. rkirbBini,B.uidUlaDn.KUk«-- '- — "-' 

■WVN). Ban7, Fl^inauUi 

&■!■ J Itjbt. GJCTgB etrnelma, Aden laJanG 

UttlMCnak.GvwevHMaiilar, iird(n«ldp 
Omiiut .rhmiliAm .... .... 

tMn»t»wyiiyh»Bi.lJt»*l<l PoiiHiibr,l>«im 


tmHnmiAtorttt AltlniJ, icBuqwu^— ...-.■■— 
~- — — -i. blnrd L«aU«, Uwbsi B»p-; 

fan snu Hlaen, HocandslmlMd 

turn, TtaoBiHii Artlmr HMilsgB, a60il 

fniM) CoOMa*, Cbatlum 

tltiwnii. BAward Henrjr de V«», Fie- 

■i»BtT imil Omie Oommimd 

UiH(^, tknolua Unry, iTtb (Field)) 

ClB|IUIJ. CuiTigb _ ... J 

^^*; Johu H««uy, Qii«la 

■*  -h (Fisld)| 

wiKon, CbuliM BluH i 
Robertson, I'hBilr* 1,- 
CUjton, Henry Ell"i^ 
BnmnhT, ctuilesi^ii 
Hani,, Bilmn] LhLc, I 
Keoiii, GegSiet Chict 
Young, EiltiBM Ooidi 
Banou, Uvgti Jcl 

SBi«Ti,Tht'>]OTtHd«aril,Cl)«UiiitD i( 
U«1*le, Kdw.GolUQiTToad.Kiikfe ,<' 
Elkiugliin, CliMleiJiinie.TelB-) , 
ari.iih ItaiuUan, .K)iltnhf,t ... f " 

HslUbx. N.S. { 

t Bept. S; 

Corps of Royal ll,igineert. 


0»llOWllJ, JOllll,.-' M. K .. 

Nunm, CharlH Hi,u-Ii !li"li;<?^, Kl-vivi. 
dBtottiDiini.lIojrHiii.-t.ivi' J.iv.uJ 
OaldUTHio, VVilliiir.i Mtn^lLn. L;ill<-i[<.' 
FnoilBriclu, Duntii! AJovonier, Ain.i 
BkrkiroTtli. John Haymond. w.-dIaicI 
WMikeB,HenrjWi]wD,H. M.K. .. 
Baundora.I'VedBiiekWilliun, Ruirui i 
Soon. Qbotsb TbcobaMs. Ordered to 

Orinth, OoorRo Hsrbart, UeiirDC 

WUkliuon, Ohitrlet WiltiBm, Calcutta 
Ooliliins, Fiidehc William BtittI 

Bbomclim  ... 

- ■iingtoii. -  

Crookahkiik. BrdneT D'AkoUbt 

rt FereutDD ... 

Wimdell.B. U. B. .. 

Puot, /iptaonae Euetnei Bomb 
Bremuer, Anlmr Grant, B. U. I 
KMkB. B»rtr.iu Haicmmlor ... 
BoBHiker. AIna llajor, L. A K. W 

HMer, nolTrt Htantey, „".'.'.'."... '.'.'. 
"-■— B, Uh.irlM Uordon 

■rJuly U . 

.47 July 83 

!l!?Juiy aa 

{ .B July S3 


.,;.JJuLyE8 1 

r. Unnto llairlMin .. .. 

jDtaniOD, JoBCph FioldiDK Wall 

Beaieley, Heorite Adam 

Hepper, Harry Albert Lawless 
Uililebrand, Aribar Blaii Rou 
Shoppard, Boymour Uultien . 
SarKMUDl. Artbiir Frederic . 

Boiieiii, Cluy Usmi'lt™!" 
ElkinBtori. Oeorxe Edwanl 



CbBries Williun  

; Feb. «9 
IS Feb. 99 
sFeb. Bg 

ral, Juic-i Willun ... 

. . . lamUsiwell 

iln. Gwroo Bohon, L. ft X. 1 

S(»ra, Henrj HDhoflehJ 

OniTln. JkmeH MDrrla ColqnlHian .. 
Di«luon,Wil1inin Edmund Hilehie.. 
do Vilri, ■■oipyTbcudoeluiDonii . 

Uriffltli, [Mriit Maitland 

CiuniD^UKB, AIIbi, UiinDiy 

Bonx.Fninci!! Henry CBnndlrli .. 

Rundle. Frsuli Peveril 

t) ol land. Ale landrr 

Tmill, WiniBra aicwBrt 

Campbell, Uirald Bei^amin l>o*iBLd 
Lttgnt. Kdward Hamplirey Manialy 
Uarpenler, Charles Murray 

l-tuncellor. John aobVit'!.! .'"Z"^^.'". 
, Oreen. Eiic UroTT Kmcsl 
. Hnnter, CharleaUeorne Woaillium 

" , fbarlea Wilircd. . 

ToA-lUmr, llerRird Uerrick Uitrccr.. 

Uaod, Philip 


Wail,HuBhG'jdfrerKU1iBn™ ^. 

tl.U. Th« oaiRen irfan 

F Julys, 
r July Ca 
F July 89 


MacOoorue." John Buxton. 

■Sfn^iTwiiii^tr::*^"" . ... 

Jolley, aefElaaia Frank 



TvltT, AlUvil Hartieit 

OUonel, MBn'u B».ll UnRh .„ 

a Iialicsare holding Ci-ilEmploymcni. 


UfMlloch, Alci: 
(Jouldinir Wiiiii 

Btputf AJiMtant Of •■w-a(.— Grant. Colonel H. CB. h.p. r July 16. 
A.t,i.Unl AJJiiI««I tt-vJiMf.— Wood, ColOUOl Kllioll, <JB. 1 OcL Rj. 

cr. Captain J. A. D.SiO. 1 . Sir. 39. 

Boid-s'irutford, Uiii'U.iu*-. V. 16 July 8, (fur g.iMrim Mi^M .i^ft.i-l. 

1, (Jr. Mr. t^tL-.ol-f 

«onl OUec, Chnthain . 

n.iaer.vTiciiiiiu, Home Jhntrict 

L''><. William Hoiiry, AktenhoB 

Ilo .|Wr, FiivloriFk. Ht. Ilalena 

3yniuiia» Thituaa C^rntliua, ihirojipun 

Auilnir*, Frimcia William, Einrpt 

.. • m — a>, EaaWtUlen. Ui 

...| 3 

Morriian.ttaorKi, _._._..._.. . 

Kuuaey.Joli.-. Monry, Boathamuloo Iji ttept.g. 

'.IrHuis.Wln. IlcnryliiravQaiirwrtfinrrr, 11 Ki''>. i-j^.InlslUgaucollDul.War UlBreits Jan. ti 

Vrtll. Kdword JamM, IncelflRtneo IJcmrtmiut, Vat UUk-a 1 4 Apr. S£ 

HR. tl-'Orm .... 

„ (lo'iiva ( 
.. .. ,-rt ,11. Will 

({••diVcy.ComfliBB HrnjBmJi, Dublin 

Hi I'll, uiiiTKC. AUendioC 


Hiil«iiih Uii'TMo William, Chattuun.... 


Rajt'. Eagtneer Troopi. 






l* = 


N'. I 


1 II il i| 

In: iiSiJii : nlunM mm 

mi U n 

ills' ■! -. 

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|nM huni i MMiNM iiii 

-sits ?. C Ci 

nil II II 

1 Iii 1 3 «l|il 1 ll«lli| II Iff 

fill li II 

[lili 4111111 iilliiilll III! 

llllilillilllJIIIinN Mii .. 

i -!! If 

^ ; : , ; : - : : .  

Ifiii il II 


^ iS ;- :| 

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at , »• >. 

•A t^ 
W 00 

00 r« 

M M £o 

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M 00 

S" (3. 

03 ^ 

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• lA/ CO 
^ • • 

4 CO 

00 30~ 






c. JO uu ^c cu <>-<^ > 
•  . • • • 

.. -• C4 toQO (• ar> r* 

•'» ^ r* »• 

" <^ ^ ♦•*; s:. >c 'C O 
oo 00 oo 't o> ju> cc u: 

«**.•< O o^  f. *• w 

C« - W " " T- 

" »• v. •« fr, f'-, r. 

Ci-t 00 00 00 00 Ol} 

SI _ 

r>v r* 

m p. •M N C^03 


3 O 

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tl . 

( - i/> iTivO O 00 oo oc 
i^ r* !■» t-* i-» r^ t>» 1^ 

• * • • * * • 

a. * C c i * ^& 

M M o t*«CiO oo r^ O 
.. -^ f« — — — 

•••^-jO uO O O — — 
vj O \0 O t^ C 

r% 1^ 

- -vO O " C C 

( p~ ►« »• ""^ 

■>> >; oo CO v.. ?v 

>l% u^ w. 

'- ;?s: 'S 

bi. tl tt bi e; t s = 


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idw, Wirol 

, Prine. JnUn IQ^-rltr Jf«.(. 

l^ojie, William, DniidM 

Limioii, Jbbws, Hall ,-,,.. 

. Ornn. Jbiub. tilth 

. ttobstta, Umm, 

 .Drawn, WitUamatargaClmt^' 

, Gtady, Vr'illiaa RiEbuil Gt-ni^ 
. lUnui, Jobn, Nortb Bhiildj^ 

of xbe AInui, Balaklavs. nad lolii 
. __. . .. fd t]ielh«Bl[« of ihB House ofLJoninioiu, Mcdi 
- ea fnieri£lt Kdfnrd Chapman nrncMxlMl on  ■iHK-inl nilMinn 

TiBk*7i «ii«»[t»eheil 1 

rw* ; mIm pnwDt M tlis built* 
■rlj put ofwhlch he irue JHrece 

' Sir lAotan ainraonii 

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Adnmnoplfl, nnA Baguk Tchckuudffltf, pn>riniis t* 
the iBt Dii-taion. mnd ftceominnled tl lo 6ul(ririii it 
rAlmaasdluluriiiBn. Served tlironjihaut tlie ilci 
 or the Left Altack, and in the lalior JioK he w«» 
nHliii oUelalda'patchca, and rercii-ecl the bn-vet 

r, Lt.Colonel, 
labi, Bi.d jrt 

1 t>i4 i •MOHed It 

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ktllad C/ommaDderala Chief nalo II 

il bjr Lord Siratfsrd de RedobiVe . 

„. Governur Inift 811i«i ' " "' 

(Wlvrtiiaaleva al ihstfaTtreui laid out And tbTv 
'«"rr cI.4.'j;BofthcoprrBMonwilh»o,oooineBof ali a,uis 
•.liL- ureii iii1I«b: »»a]PT«»eiildQrtii(f lliBOfciipaMonol 
' -Miil't rear. Wmt lo the Crimea in Dec. iSst 

tiljeTnrMsh Army: WM presmtBllbBlHiCtleol' Kiipiitorla. _, __. __ 

. !>..! place i aRermrd* iru hetan Btttnuopol Irom April laj; unLiI after ita fall, and theo venl 10 
^ I nun preHot at the ftmedpasugenrtheliigut, where he eoniDianded the DivinioB irblch onwud tha 

.. ---■>— en6i)iy'ep<wiitioii.c»pluriDitUiiwi>rkBandgnn»! Omar PmIui in hli deapatchi --'——'••— 

■,=_., t. ^-,.^..n, ,,.,_, — ' aa H«r MajWy'a Coau^aaioner ta the O , 

u nunemenU or Omar PaAal 
DknUUan oaiotiaipi, Die Ordr 

ha tth ClaaBiif tbelAsIini 

in Ann, niid ttrnnted the an* 


TttrUali GormuBeD 

Mrtaxvw* I 


~aiid~faU of 
r, Sardinian 




niided in the Crimea on jolh Ecpt. i£it a 
" ' laprosental thebaiileof Iiikrn 

«-i^ C'^p) : has been fr 
" Lieat.tieDemI Lenoo 

jtiiliirc-ambarkedinJi - .- , 

>9r. iSu (Victoria Cro3>), eieaeand Allof Sebai'tDpol(Me<ln1 vill 
:i^ Ubsj or th8 Mfdji.lic): was Bwnnled the I'f for'' cool and 

T!7i:.'t RiSB Pit (,!), and asBLdinato repal the ' 

'irth a apteialordcT from General fjinTY^IwTt " Si>r<vnlintTi4 
of Kiaj! 

eoramntnlTil tth Comiuuiy 
ISBionol Hoek.i-ord (Modal 
lulnilinn L'iLmpaiin> I^ou 
uf lA.i'ui'.'nel. ('B.,Ucdal 

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._ ,... nem.v. TniB Iji 

„. _. Canrobcrt.  Scn-cilintbolndiiiiirnmpaitnior i8s7-s8i was [ ihenrCiOB 

mandeil ibc Engineer Brigade si tbo reliorof Iidcknow by Lord Ulj-dc (mcniimiwl i-.i liirA Clyde's 
ukcd l.y llie Governor General in Council), and Bimlnft the OwBllorOontinBcnt endinlf in its oeiBat 
■1 tLe'atlleoIl'nn-nporc on 6tli Dec. ipresent at the action of Kho<liiRaqj;aerred Bt the ficifcorLiieki.nvi in March 
■i;! Imeniioned iTiCtiief Knginccr'sreport nndreecived Brevet of Major) ;eomiDatidedthct:uainL'f runt theaitaek 
.5 Fr,ri Boova, nml iii the action of AUeeaiinj j present at the capture of Bareilly.and at the iiciu":"fl'MUiilenlierB| 
nsma^.ded the KhKinrcr^ ut the Attack of t'ort Onmreeah ; present at tho iLtfaIr of BuTgeeiliii. the rnpt^^rc of KurB 
«-i-jrtJia. and the affair on the Kiver Raplee near DankcejiM Dee. iSsS (fonrlimeamentioneil in d.^iputirlies .Medal 
»ai ti-o Chvpr, nnd Brevet of Lt.Colonel). Was MOl to the German nrmiea dnrinft ihormnC" tJi^nnnii war, and 
«>i.r:iliibcmfromllicnthKoveniberi3To till tho loth March 1S71. Present at the siege of Puvis from nth lo 
■■liDtcember T870: at thesipgeof Moiierea from the 34lh Deceiubcr till m surrender on the ;u.l January igjii 
>t the Eiege of rari» fruni the .oth January till the nh Fobriinrv ; and at the sieao of Bclfort jth FoliniBIT 
111: the entry of the Gemian troops on the iSth Februsrv 1871, Was Military Attach.! iriih lUe Tiitki-li Troop* 
.l3TJT^Ilhe BDaso-Turkii'hTrarori876-7S (Turkish War Med " 

 "^M i : 

SetTtd in the eipeilii 

rupledly until Ita return in Jnne i8s6, ineiudina one year as 
: in the affairx of Balnanak nnd H'Keniia'a Farm, ut the ... 
t the siege and fall of Bebastnnoi {mentioned ia despatches, -<u:ubi ith 
of the Union of Honor. Sardinian and Turkish MjttU. and 5th Class 
f iESe he n-BS appointe.1 Commnndinfc Etoyal Kngincrr to the t^ital Field 
s Hrigiidler (Jencral in conuaaad o( Uie Bwkj tmi \axie ^ 
rihuronlPirpliilecl railroad lo Berber (ineMianwS. vti 4w 


221 War Seroices of the Officers of the Roi/al Engineers, 

*• Major 
Storming Party 
Brevet of Major). . 

** Colonel PhilipB ecrvcd in the Crimea from September 1854 to February i855,inclinlinff theniege of Sebastoiioi 
attack and capture of the Russian Ritle-pitB on the «>th Noveml»er 185 1, tind )mttle uf Inkonnan. Was mentioned 
in despatcheti with other Lieutenants orEnj^inecra n? havine ''pnrticulnrly dibtii:irui.-)Led UimAcIf" during tLo 
aieffe (Medal with two Claspft, 5th Clnpp of the Medjidie, and Turkish Me<lRl). 

** Major General KdwardH served in the Crimea ffnm 14th Sept. 1855, and wa« cm]i]oycd in the demolition of the 
Docks of Sebai»toi>ol (Medal, and Turkish Medal). Served in India in 1837-59. and commanded a Company of the 
Royal Engineers tbrouf^hout the campaign in C-entral India under Sir Hugh Rose; present at the siege and storm* 
ing of Chandairco (commanded the ladder party at the asaault. mentione<i in despatches), Riege and storming of 
Jhansi (directed the only two succeftsf^l columns of assanlt), actions of the Betwah and Koonch (mentioned iu 
despatches), notions before Calpee from the 15th to the 21st May. action of (iroolowlee on 22nd May. in which he 
supported with his Company a portion ol the 25th Bombay Native Infantry which had l)een driven back by over- 
powering numbers (^iieciull'v mentioned in Sir Hugh Rosses despatch for " prompt resolution in charging most 
-««^..r..n.. .1 .•„ . ..^ »-_, .1 T. ..u , S : — .u :„ -. r rcach"), 


^, ^ ,^, ^ _, . . Topee 

(Medal with Clasp. Brevet of 6ajor, wad CB.)."SerTed m the Soudan camiMiign in 1885 as Colonel on the 
Staff Commnndin^ Roynl Engineer, and was present in the engagement at Ua««heen and at the destruction of 
Temai— mentioned in dfS])atchos as "having commanded tbe Royal Kncinceiii in an exceptionally cble 
manner," and for having rendered "unfailing assistance in carrying out the many engineering operations 
which had to be undertaken " (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Major General R. (irant rerved with the Nile Expedition in :884-85 ai< Commanding Roj-al Engineer (men- 
tioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's 8Ur). 

^ Colonel E. D. Malolm served witn the 23rd Company throughout the Indian mutiny, including the action of 
Futtehpore, iclief of Lucknow, battle of Oawnpore, affair of Scraighat. ca]<turc of Luckuuw (mentioned in 
despatches), capture of Rooya, AUygunge, and Bareilly (Medal with two C]ui<]>ti). 

" C-olonel J. A. Tapillon ser^'ed in China during i858-6o, accompanied the expeditions to the North in 1838 and 
i86o; during the campaign of the latter year commanded as a Lieutenant the 8th CV.»nipany Royal Engineen*, 
present at the siege and c:<pturo of the Tsku Forts (Aug. 21st and 23nd) and eugi.ged at the affairs of Sinho, 
Changkyawang. and PahlicLaou (Medal with two Clasps). 

*• ColonelJ. M. H.Maitland served inChina in 1857-50, and was present during the occupntion of Canton antt 
at the storming of Chck-Huiig under Sir Charles Straubenzce. Served at the attack on ibo Peiho Forts on tho 
•5th Juno 1859 under Rear Admiral Hope, when ho was in command of the Marksmen on bourd a division of Ouu 
Boats during the naval action, and in charge uf the ladder party when the assault was made over the mud 
(specially mentioned in ilef:):.tcbe8 "for gallantry, Ac," Medal). Served In the Egyptian war of i83j, and was* 
present at the battle o'.'Tel-olKebir (mentioned in despatchcs.CB., Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Me<ljidic. an(( 

" ----- "n the operations of the Soudaii 

the eiigngementat Gii^iKS. 

^ ^ ., ^, ,^ lilh the 2 ^nl Company Royal 

ISngiucers. and was prcwnt at the artion of Khnjwa, throughout the relief of Lucknow by liord Clvdc, iMittle of 
Cawnpore on 6th Dec. :857, action of Khotlagunpe, siege and capture of Lucknow, throughout the Rohilcund 
campaign, including tba attack on Fort Rooya, action of Allygunge, and ca]>ture of Bareilly ; throughout the (hide 
and Truns-GJogra cnmpnign, including the action of Dounderakera, attack on F')rt Oomrcah, action of Burjeedia» 
capture of Fort Musjecdia. and atfair on the Ra])tee near Buiikec (Medal with two Clasps). Ser\'ed during the 
China war of 1S60, and was present at the actions of Sinho and Tangku, led the assaulting party (after Major 
Orahum, Royal Engiuorrs, was woundid) at the storming of the North Taku F-^rt, beincr one of the first to cntrv 
(mentioned ill dcspatcbps for gallant conduct in taking up ladders and l)ridK>ug the ditch under a heavy fire'; 
was present at the aflairs of the i^tli and ?3rd Sept., and the surrender of Pekin (uiontioned in dchpatohos. 
Medal with two t'lasp*. and Brevet of Major). Commanded the loth Compiiiiy Rry.1l Knginccrs throughout thi' 
Abys&inijin campaign and was present at the action of Arogee, and storming of the Fortress of Mag<lula— 
wounded in the right arm and shoulder (mentioned in despatchti*. Brevet of Lt.Coloncl, and Medal). 

"Major General R. Uarrison servedduringthe Indian muti)iy of i857-(;9, and was proi^-cnt atr.ttacksonthe Alum- 
uagh under Oui.rnm ; at the siege and capture of Lucknow ; throughout the Roliiloun«l«'ampaign, including affairs nt 
Fort Roolah, AUcetfUuge, and Bareilly ; throughthe Oude camimiKTiof 1858-59, inoludingtho affair at Buxarglmt ,- 
and as Acting Adjutant to the Commanding Royal Enginecrin India during the Tniii*-(iogra onnipuign, including 
affairs at Burgudiah. Fort Mudjidea, and Bankcc (Metlal with Clasp). Snvcd during the China war of iSio, nint 
was present at theatriiirhof^inho and Tangku, and sieue and capture of the Til ku Fijit-. Wii'iuttachc<Uothe(juartir 
Master General's StMtT during the advance on and suiTcnder of Pekin, ami i'iL-»ciit at Ibo affairs of Senho and 
Olean^'hoon the 18th and 23rd Sept. (mentioned in despatches. Medal with two I'lasjis, 11 ml Hrovet of Major). Ser\'e<l 
in the Zulu war of 1879, first as Engineer at Head Quarters, alterwarda as Asni^tant Quart^'r Ma^ter (icncrul, and 
was in charge of the Quarter Master General's Department during the second advance into Zululand, and present 
in the engagement at Ulundi fmentioned in despatches, and CB.). Was subsequently ai))>oint«d to the commanii. 
of the Flying Column. On the dissolution of that column was placed in command of the Transvaal District, 
conducted the reconnaissances that preceded the operations against Sekukuni, and, afterwards, maintained the 
supplies of tlio forces enf;aged, and made the military dispositions necessitated by the hostile attitude of the 
Boers (mentioned in despatches, M(^dal with Clasp). Scr/cd in the Egyptian war wf i£P^ as AssisUint Adjutant 
General, and was Chief Staff Officer on the Lines of Commun- cation thioufih'»ut the campaign ; was present in the 
engngcnieiit at El Magfar and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, ( l/r/., Medal with Clasp, 
3rd Class of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's Star). Served ^^ith the Nile Expe«liti'.»n in zt?i an Aissiblant Adjutani 
General niMi Ci'lonel «m the Staff on the Lines of Communication (ClasjO. 

•♦ Sir ("1 nrUs ^Vil^(,n served in the Egyptian war of xbEr on M)ccial 8<.rvi«r> (MrdMl, nnil Khedive's Star). 
Served with the Nile Expedition in 1885 ns'chief of the lutoliigeiice Det)artiriciit, aii«I wi'>i present at the action of 
Abu Klea : after the cnuayement at El Gubat he comniandeil tlic Desert Culumu w. if •* adviuioi; to the Nile and 
the reconi.ii.hSiinte of Metnmmch, ,ind proc(M-<led u]) the Nile to the vicinity of Kbar?o>nn with a small fore 
of the Sussex Heirimcnt and Soudanese troops in two steameis with the objectdf rtiii". i^it; 'Jordon (nientioned iu 
dcsnatchoK. AT//., tw.) I'lasiis). 

•* Colonel D. C. Walker served with the Rnjpootaiia Field Force in iZ^t-^-^, and w;.- j resont at the capture o^ 
Fort Awah and the sie>;cof Kotah(Me<lal with Clasp.. 

<• Colonel Durnford ser\'ed with the Deehtiuimland Kxix^lition njuln' Sir < haih - W... • • .11 t. '4 85 a^ Coinniund- 
ing Royal Kngineer (mentioned in deHftatchcs). 

** Brigadier General Sanfoni s.erve<l in t'hina in 1^36, during the occupation o.'' « :i: :■ n. :ho . vpodition to Peiho» 

demolition of the forts at the mouth of the river and lulvance to Tientsin. AI^o ii. !!.•. r:inii)JMgii in the North ot 

China in iSCo (Medal with Clasp). Also in the oiH-ratious HKain.-t the Tiiepnin^iii 1   . . ■. :.iil'.ti;r the capture of the 

Stockades of Nanhwunsr, escalade ofthc walled cities ot Kadin, Ts^np-iO,alldT^o:lU. ai.'l ih«.f<)r'.!ll».Ml ti-wn cf Nujow. 

Served in the JowakiAfreedee Expedition in 1P78 as A. (2. M.Gencral. I'eshawui l»i»*i.-..i "M did withCla^p). Servt'i 

in the Afghan war of 1878-79 as Assistant Quarter Master Gencjal of the 1st Divinui in ihe I'cNhawur VaMev 

Field Force, and was present at the capture of Ah Musjid (mentionwl in desnatcho-*. Hr.Mit of lit.CoioucI, Medjil 

with Clasp). Scrve<l with the Burmese Expedition in i&85-S6iu command of Koyal i;ii^:n« <;rH (icceivc<l the thank'*. 

of the(«overnnient of India, mentioned iu despatches, C//.. and Medal with Clasp . 

'^OoJonel Le AfoHiiriorservc'i in the Boer war of i89i, and t-jok part m the defence of Pr<^! -jrin ( Ftrcvetof Lt.Coloncl). 
^Uf^ ^".^^^ 'VvM//rtn campaifm in 2685 in commMnd of Iho R"val Engineer- . : ':."...ii^ ^f C )innri'iieatioif 
3Sf/2S^/ V? rf'-'/^afc/jfl^. Medal with CIhav. and Khedive'a Star). 

tfcSnlJS?.^; /J'*''"-^ «orvv.W in the 7 •' 1870. and was pre-cnl \n Oic cu.- ^.•^.^■ •. ;,• //-uvVv V^^^i^^u^^ued 

vegpatchcs. Brevet or Lt. CoJotk •»„,,). ' 

~ofl^i}0aM ofOeK-^^Si^uu 

a iho Keir Zealand w 

trtt IxC Iwi 

taHoTM an 

• ddoo'l ttrnv u wUh pa B<t la in luunuDgpatr 

~lU)>>UBt uid Owner U Me G" anU-li™ lau^ ao-tKpa w ««i rtry 

Kit Mnunea M da 
Ued with up 

liMaaMatoKBnddrJ to nadaUira a pe rob ru 1^ de Med 

■IB Otoml. Serred tn mkl freedea Bii>«il -7 '■ni ture 

IWWlumdta awptohw Claa eenad (b nr S, So are« »dth) In m 

~~ * iTlDlbflBrJUahrraotlwat Tliull.uadallamrdiasFUldEuHmeerivlthlliiiiaij .arLiBaFbrefliuiOtr 

Btight IBrrm eT Major, Mtdil) . 

il C. Ciuisiafffaiun Berfcd in tils Aliysiiniim camiMlsii >b Acting Qu>it<.TMus[cr?:idi:tBClwd duly at 
iMile •BMrtBtandiuit worlu in tliat divi*(Qn Kltli Uaiinu Eappera (Ueilal). 
"UCMOoal A.Hili>«rTMIi]tliaAfgban wu of 1978,6:1 lUodal). 

■l«.0ataacl7.W. MbraBHrredlntliaKaflriTiu-tii iBr;-;S nii CominBiidinK IIoyftlBi>?iDWrl<)lIiBTTaaBkciFi(lil 
tan la tha eraratiaiia aoalait Uia Onlekun, uid *■> presenl In tbr en^purDtncDi ui UuiuUn* (meatiODfd in 
^tUOm, BrtmoCUajor, Uedal Tvilti (;iiup). 
"(Mooal Wftllue aetrsd ia Ibe Afxliikii nar nl ig;g-So n£ a Field Kiiuiat'cr iritb Ibo K^amm Colonm, and 

._.. ... 1___., -f airDoiuadSwwart'a Division In Siivcnilier iSjS oier jjo mlleaof theBBiito 

_.. MiMlWn nnd Sakknr tncoiviM tIJD Ihanlii or lie OitamuidtT la Chief tn 

. _-,. « Zg^tiAo mi of i89i Id oltaniaortliataUirarainnCiaiu, and mia niVMU M tba. 

MM1« tt TtUti-JUUtr (mmUoBsd in doapalohpi, Br«iret oTIXOiloatS, 3I«dlI witb CUm *0i (Tlaaf of tfee OnantA., 
«d Khadlie-a SI«). 1 

"Coloiiet Blood HTTed in IliD J'ovakl AtrtKiut Expcdilloa In iS;t-)B (Vcdnl ■"iib rlntp). Ban 
r;;»ari>f :»7-) [BrcvetofMnjor, Mc.ialn:ihl'I"»|i). HbttinI In tbe _.<rgli«n wi.rnf i8;^-3t, IJfodnl). 

U-Cviiuiuil, Ublal viih Clup, tUi Cliua -A [Le Udiiiunieh, uiid KhcdiTe'" ^tar). 

■•U.CQlon(!lU.T. SaleaervedtbroaKhoIittlicBboniikni:ampnisnnHe<'4-6iincon:ii:ap>l'jrnCVjipan}-ofBBni[il 
Bupara and XiDert. and aaABiiatoDtFlald Engineer IMcdnlwiLhClas]!). 

 Sir A. W. lUclnrarUi (CTved tn ihe BttjP''"" wa' ■>' 'SSi in coniiuunii of ibr FieM Tik'frmph Cctps. and WM 
rrwaul at tha aatioa at Kmaila oatba «tb Scptembac nnd at tbi' l)BnI>- of Td-cl-Kebir (inci\tl)at:il in daBiuiLcheB. 
Bitr« rf LtColoael, Mtdal wiib CUflp, i— '■' •>.. "~.^:j-. — j r,. 

in aoi'^ 

1, inl CtM» or tbs Medjidie, and Kbedlva's Btai 
d In cbD Boadan cumpaiita In lE^^. nnd vss 
I at (be dcKtriiclion orTemai (Mediil nitb In-O ( 

iHaihecnand thcTafrekurtba, aDaatlbcdcntriiclion aFTemai (Mediii nitb lio da'pn.nnil Khadive'B Htor). 
" LLOilonel Rogers Kived in ibo Algban war in iSjS 79 witb tholorc.!; undci Sir Lion.ild BMwort (Brevet o[ 

campalgu io cbareo of Water Supply 

tbo Abj-isiuian camptlgn and per- 

Sapptre and Miners and Bcrvodea 

■" Lt!i;olon« 





Hpnichcx, Me<1al). 


0>borr. se 


with So. 1 C 

ompany Bon 

liay Sappers ii 

fmaed ibe d 


mJan. toMa 

y 1S6& (Mei 


- Ll-folot. 

111 Company of the Bengal 

d Eagineer 

Ibe Icri Coin 


notan Field Forf 


in IheAbjBBi 


•a desntcbtM in br 




" l^lonel Frma. 

r was .pee 


mployed in t 

a Besica Bay, accc 



13 Uie Boer war of iSBi aa Depiily Aeeielant Quiirter MnBter General in [ho Intelligence Ilrancb (mentioned in de- 
QKIcbe'. CUG.). Waa aiterimrdi Assistant QuarUr tinnier General, and Biialiy Aui»taDt Military Becretsry to 
Bir Kielyn Wood. Served In the Fg.rptian war of itii as Brigade Ifa^or of Royal Engineers, and was preaenc In 
theeDgagemenlant EiUBKDir and ilieanioii at Katvariii loib September), ncrl at tbg battle of 

I deapate^*, Brmct of LkCotoncl, Medal vrilh CiHrp, 4th Cta#a of 

.■d tbel 

DC Jt I gilt Column Bbootan Fi 

Kbedive'i Slarl. Served wilb tlie Nile Bitcdiiion in iCfi-G; aH A!Pt!ita]>c AiljutaRt Gene.— 
..i.ti-iition (mentioncil m <ieBpatclie», Brevet of Colonel, wi Cbi»B of tbe M-iiJidio, I'biep). 

11 eommanded tbeDetaehmentnf BappersandMiucriiaiid aervedas AwihtantFleW Enffineej 

„. ntofBappBraandMrnernaiuiJervKlaaA*!' 

ilie Uaur-j L-anipaiini of iG4S,— (hefarccilniarc'liof^nimilei'nuidcliy (he Ihlarlm 
Dftlieaitieer coDunamlinic pnnninenllvliroiighctnnntiepin deiipatrher |Me<hil «iib Cluap). Served tlinragbont 
theAi>banUHarariSi}-74,iDCludInptbs taltle of Amoariil, lintlle of Or-lalisn and viipluto or Coomaaulo Imen- 
ijoitd m despnlchea. Victoria Croaa, and Jlcdnl vrilb ClaBpi : wan awarded the Yt "rcrl.iaill-tiuKniBhcilbiayeiy 
ind itnlonH, rcBoluic, and »1f<dcvotcil coniluet at ilic hnillc of Ilrrluhsn, on tbe 4lli Fibrnary 1874, while •ervine 
gnder Ibe immi^iBie onlera of Colonel Hir JohcChelbnin JId.roil. i.TB., of the irnd Betfiment, ulio commanded the 
Advinect Guard. Sir JohnUcLeod wnaiinej'c-witnei'iior Ida pillant and diKtinpiinbed eiiuclnrt on the occasion, 
indcoD'ldera ibal Ibii tlBcer'H l^rlnx and nwolnlc Iwaring. lieiii(r alwny* tn the fn.nt. urt-fng un and cneouragina 

 Lt.tolonel BouffJjcy trrrad in Ibc bbuoua Eijic^iilicn In iSi",s-66 (M'^lnl «il^ Oft-pV K\>'1 (ttn>:4 \n Wc 
AlChas Kmr at tS'S-So {Ucdml}. 
~fU.ColaneI ADfif^- iir^c:iin the Ziih! irar of i.'ro. nnd wii« rre<cntiMliC evcBSHr.-;-.', n', \T,v.MaiV.'*kc(ai\^«\' 

2 33 War Serice? of iJic Ofiicers of fhv Uoijal Ewjinccrs. 

"•• I.l.Coloi.t 1 Lnm.iric kovcmI ia il.e Af^jfLan war in iS7> 3o, and was present in tliC en|n»gcniCi.U at ALuiCci 
Khcyl (lueiiiioned ir-. deepatthep) and Urzoc near tihuznee (Brevet of Major, MchIuI with Clabp). 
^ '■ Lt.L' T. H. HoldichBerved m i865-66on special duty with a Survey Detnchmeut in lihootan (Medal w ith 
t -lasp). Hervcd in the AbyB&ininu campnijrn in 1868 and was ciiKa^fcd in curryinp on the TriKonometriCHi SurN «\v 
from the Coast to Magdalu (mentioned in de.-paitchcs*. Medal), bervod in 8outiiern ArfrhanistaLii in iS78-7<> om 
special burvry duty (twice mentioned m despatches^): 8erve<l in Northern AfKhasi»tan in j87«y-So in chHrge "!' 
hurvey (jperations: was present in the opemtions around Cabul in December 1879 and the iaveatmtnt of bherporL- 
(n.entioncd in deapatchcB, Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). Also served in charge bur%-ey oi>erationi* in tho 
Maheood Wuzeeree Expedition of 1H80 under Brigadier Geuenil Kennedy. 

■^ M!«jor C. di* B. Cai*ey served in the Kgyptian warof iSSa, and was present in the action at Ka.«>^a*'iu im iLo 
.ih September (mentioned in dcsputcbes. Brevet of Major, Medal, and Khedive's JStar). 

'"* Lt. Colonel W. V. Rathboriic i^ervtd in tlie i^oudan campaiuu in 1S85 (3dedal with Clasp and Khcdive'.«i Star). 
^ '"= Colonel K. R. Ti>dd served in the Soudan Expedition under Sir Cerald Graham in 1884 as Commandinic 
Ilf '\-jil Knjfineer, it:id was present in the enjrajremeuta at Kl Teh and Temai (mentioned in despatches, Brevet ot 
(ir.Co'oTiel, Medal wiLh Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Nile Expedition in if'84-ii5 (Clasp). 

•''• Colonel \V. P'. ypnivfbt Ffrvcl vr'. the Nile Expe<lition in 1884 85 in cluirge of Transport at Dal (meutioiod 
311 ilcspai^jhes. Brev.-t of Lt.Colo:iel, M.- lal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

'" Lt. Colonel bisset served m the .\fcrhau war in 1870-80 with the Quettu Field Force (mentioned in despatcbi.-.>, 
r.revei of Maj...-, Moiijil). 

'•** Lt.Colonel Conker servci.l nsa an<tant Field Engineer, working with the 4th Company- Bombay Sapper.-* 
ond Miners throiij^hf.ut the Al>yi«sini;in campaign (Medal). 

' •■' Colonel E. \Vt i d served in the Eg\ juian war^f 1882^ and was present in the rcconnaiseaucc in force fr'.»ni 

: of Major, Medal 

under Sir (ferald 

and Temai (twice 

inc::t!';ncdiiidospaichca, Brevet (fLt" Colonel, two Clasps). Al.<o sor\-cd in the Soudan campaign in i38s, and was 
|irc.^e:it in the en ira cements at Hjish-^on nn«l the Tofrok zereba (mentioned in desiMtchea, Cif., and two Clasps). 

'»^ Major H. Klsdalo served with tb? Bechunnnland Exi)edit]on nnder Sir Charles Warren in 1354-85 in command 
of the BuUoon D«'tachmcnt. 

'"^ Major Macphersou sirved in tbo Afghan war in 1879 3c as Field Engineer (Medal). 

'•^ Colonel J. K. Dcrwjird hcrved throughout the Egyptian war of 1882. and was present at the two actions at 
Ka.^saMJi and at the battle of Tcl-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star;; hcrvetlwith the Soudan 
Expedition under Sir Gerald Graham in 1S84, and was present m the engagements at El Teb and Temai (mcu- 
xio:ied in 4th Class of the Modjidie, two Clasps). Commanded the Koyal Engineers who ascended the 
river Irom H!i:t*:» to Korti Pioneers of the Nile Expedition in 1884; commanded the Royal Engineers of Sir 
Herbert Stowarth Desert Column, a::d was present in the action at Abu Klea in the engagement at Gubat, in tho 
recoiiiiaissance tv) Metnmmeh (mentioned in despatches), and in the engagement at Abu Klea Wells on the iCih 
atid i-th Febr.firy (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, two Clasps). 

*" Major Waller ecrved in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Aide de Camp to Brigadier General Nugent, Com- 
manding Royal Engineer, and whs pr^-'sent at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, Brevet uf Major, 
.>re<la'. with Clasp, 4th Class of the Modjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

"•' Lt.Colonel Nicholson served in the Afghan warof 1S78-80 as Field EngineerCandahar Field Force, and as Con.- 
manding Royal Engmeer Thtill Ohotiali Field Force (mentioned ir despatchce), and afterwards as Field Engineer 
Cabid undCabul-Candahar Field Force, and was present in the engagement ut Chamsiab on the 6th October 137 ) 
jmd in tho operations around Cabul in December 1879 iucludirg the engagement at Lata band (mentioned in dc- 
t«patchcs) ; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the' march to Candahar, and was present at the battle of Caudahar 

icrs (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Me<lal with three Clasps). 

"* Maior M. C. Brackenburj* served in the operations in the Malay Peninsula in 187S-76 (Medal with Clasp). 
♦Ser\-ed in the Afi^han war of i878-?o, and was present at the attack and capture of Ah Muhjid ; accompanied Sir 
Frederick Robert>in the march to Car.dahar, and was jiresent at the buttle of Candahar (mentioned in despatche:?. 
Medal with two Chisps, and Bron^.c Decoration) ; also served with the Marri Expedition in 1880. 

"=^ Colonel .iflf served with tho Bechuarialand Expedition under Sir ('liarles Warren in 1884-85 as Director 
of Military* TeiejrraphB (Brevet of Lt. Colonel). 

^^^ Major S. L. Jacob serve<l in the war in 1879 as Field Enirineer at Ali Musjid (Medal). 

*'' Colonel R. G. Woodthonx-- served in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the capture of the Peiwfir 
Kotal, in the engagement at Maltof"., in the operations round Cabul in December 1879 (mentioned in despatches), 
and in the engagement at Shekabud (mentioned in despatches. Brevets of Major and Lt Colonel, Medal with two 
Olftsi*). Served with the Akha Expedition in 1833-84 and with the Chitral Expedition m i385-k6. Served with 
the Burmete Exjvei'ition in iB8G-37on Survey duty (mentioned in despatches, CJB., and Clasp). 

^=' Major Btre»-ford served i.i the Uccr war of i83t. Served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, 
and Khedivt V .*<tar). 

"** Major C. M. Watson ser\-iMl in th? F.iryptian war of i33- in the Intelligence Department, and was i)resent m 
the engagemc'jt at Tel-el-Mahuta, at the action of Kaseasiu on the 9th Sf^>teml>er, and at the battle of Tel-el- 
Kebir (Brevet o:' Major, Medal with Clasp. 4th Class of the Medjidie. and Khedive's Star). 

•^" Major H. Jekyi; served during the Ashanti warin charge of the Telegi-aph until invalided on the 3olh January 
c374 (Medal). 

tho Afgh] 

the Bazar and Lughman Va 1 1 e3-8— severe Iv wounded'at Maidanak (s-evenil times mentioned lu despatches, Brevet 
of Major, and Victoria ('ross) ; served with the Candahar Field Force in charge of survey operations and after- 
wards as Brigade Mujor Royal Kngincers and Fiel<l Engineer; was present in the engagements at Girishk and 
Maiwand, in th^» deJenco of %nd sortie from Canilahar, and at the battle of Candahar (received the thanks of the 
^Jovermncnt o{ Imhn and twice mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, and MotUri with Clasp) : wa-^ 
awarded the Y^ " for having, in action with the Shinwarris, near Maidanah, Afgh;^ui^tan, on the 17th March 187.;, 
when coveriuL' the retirement of the Survey Escort who were carrying Lieutenant Barclay, 45th Sikhs, mortally 
wounded, behaved with tho utmoet trallantry in charging, with some nien of the 45th Sikhi*, a very much larger 
nTmi1)er of the enemy. In this encounter ('a]>tain Leach killed tw o or three of the enemy hiniself, and he received 
« severe wound from an Afirhan knife in the left arm. Captain Leach'h determination and gjiilantiy in this affair, 
in attacking a!id driving back the enemy from the la^t position, saved tho whole part.\ from an:i;liilation." Served 
in the Soudiin campaign in 1885, and was present in the eng:ii;ements at Uasheen and the ToiVik zereba and at 
the destruction of Temai (mentioned in despatches. Ci/., Medal with t^^o Clasps, and Khedive's Star). Served 
with the Frontier Field Force in 1S85-S6 as Colonel on tlie Staff in command of troops at Korosko. 

"^ Major a. C. Turner aerved withthe Mah^ioo^l Wu/.eeree Exi>edition in i36i (mentioned in despatches). 

^•"^ Major Chard served throughout the Zulu war of 1879, a)id commanded at Rorke's Driil during tho gallant 
and successful defence of that post (mentioned in despatches, promoted Captain and Brevet Major, \ ictori-'i 
<'roB:», Medal with Clasp) : together with LiMit. Gonville Bromhead, a4th Foot, was awarded tho YC " for their 

5allant conduct at the defence of Rorke's Drill on the occasion of tho attack by tlie Zulus on the rziid and 330! 
anuarv 1879. I'be Lieutenant General commanding the troops reports that, had it not l>eeu lor tho tine example 
and excellent behaviour of these two officers under the most trying circumstances, the defence of Rorke's Drift Poet 
-trouJd not have been conducted with that intelligence and tenacity which eo eM«euti;ill> chartcterised it. The 
Lieutcziant Gi-nentl adds, tbnt ita buccc»» mcLHt, in a great degree, be attributable to the two young officers who 
**fS^J^^^^ chief commmnd on the occaaion in qnestion." 
r,/.///- r^<*' ^' ^''^o aenred iu the EfryptiAn warof iS3: on the Staff otlVie 7iniI>\v\iwou.viuii w^^i^rewntat tho 
r^acaeo. Tol -el Kebir (Medal with CJiu*p,4th CJa** of the Medjidie, and Khedive' a ft^rV* Afttv^Oy. mWjA^xiajkw 

r S^Tn-w of th:- Or}h-(1 

tipmiiidB in .St, nuJerSiiOeral'l Ornluui nt Inwlliufnc Olfiwr, nnrt irn* pie«ot in Lhe eHg*aeu>enl st Kl 
*— — nrwwl* 'irnaa(l*<Huieuiioii*aioi1»pll»bi'*. Breym nf Itiiji.f, anillWHClMMl- 

lU" R,M.B«rklieii»rv«l Willi th.Snii*:«wUilwiT, 193,-3; (M?.Lil iritliCl*']!. and Khedlva'aStaO. 
^ LtColiiTial n. H.eMtle aervnl wilL I1i( Mlp Kxpc.llltnn in i«3t-ej us auffuIDccc nl Gvaou BndaQthc Liu 

 'P-n«U>u MSiukui in lUS loclmUnir'tlic i'iij(.tt(iine«t'nHlemoi»Hli HDBnliQned iu Jeiialtliw, BreMt i 

' '^OII*l.[:lHtI>,ltSlllDd ClHKorihFHedjldtf), 

f Mv"* !■- '■ Brown wrred in tJiB Afglmn nnr In iSt* Sj. und iras prcwnl 1b Iho omwttaoient cil AUiM 
-' '— — ' id in (le«p»tcb«, breret of Mnjor. Meilnlwith Clssp). 

">! U.Colonel O. BeniT iwrTffl In [he Afzlmn trarof iijS-1o (McilnlJ. Snrved wiilt [he Burmese Ecpedition 
: 'I)^r»I>«pi>tyAMiu«ne AiljatiiDlnnilUnii1i!i)luteT0«ueal (meDtianpJ Lndcspauih?*. MedilMitbCiaipi. 
■Tv-lwlUi tb* CbiD-Liubki BipcrtiHoBarr Fotco Id 1889-50 m COminaaiJlng Rojul KosioBor [niBoIionea in 
>[4i*h», Bnrvel or LtXalosdl). 

Hi^nr r*, 11. B»)m HTTMl in iba A&linn wnr or iS;8-n. iaol^ilioE tbe odstbCIoiii In Ehc Kooriim V&lle; 
■JiMiij. Brrrrrt iriib tb» Bwhonniiliinil IfitpeiMlion under Sir Clmrlpn WorrBo In 1884-^5. 

Hi|>orU,B.CI«rb)HI cd in bg Bftrptlun n S (Undal Bad Kb«dlv«'aBlsr). 8en-edlullB Soodnn 

■fifiiiT' 1" ■'"S '" b jw wDrp«nBi n snil M Awtotan p tica OlSmr, no^l inw orweni in ibo reoon- 

> '-oner En Uubca be ^^ m n  « be« n n tti rtcs tlon of Tem»i (menliooed In de^alobee, 

 HUfOr "- A. C kbort n M dnl wfib Clmp. mid Kbedlvfi SUr). 

" Iftajnr W. W. B ¥b b in 9- nnd look pnrt in Ibe mnrcb [c '-"•'-'■- 
^* UM jot B»*M>n »e ^ n mma d of BCompnny^r tho "(}«» 

„ „ _ , jdUlod.1). 

"It^vrA. n.r Oorw   - -- " 

OktbaoMiBtia m rrnl w b tbo BanaoHO EipedT . . 

or lh«QB«B>0 pu   moumdna BotaI Kairiiiaer (nunlioneJ 

—^ TO ladU a » 

Ydwilh li R b C uom h L bn FBiaforc"in 

, . -BBgii anpp M m l^a deipnKt 

Hedml wub OlB pT S rred h fg p k 6S b id was 

^ihli. Hnnto Muo 
■■M^sr R. H. Hj^pserr dwitb li R b C unui h L bn F BldfoTceln tbf oBBinatKs oti3;i 

UMrdlaOBl wiib CUap and Kbedi 
■"lUiBt H. A. YoHcenrredin be AI)tbi darltie tba Nlio Espeditmn in i334-Ss u 

lbMMn*aIlteA*»wukn1{iu wKf mm et |» n Uodnlmtb i:'liisp,Biid if buUve's filar). 

■■i^O. SitrkcrwrrMlliiUi Etrrp d jirem in UwDagnacriw^Blnt Tcl-cl-MnbntB. in 

■tttMlBa M KMstsm on Iib 9U1 B p embe bn K bulmmiiiaued iu deepulcliee, Brarrtol 

— -  ith oup b Cj« Pli li Iv Bdi SlBr). Served wiib tbo BeobuiniBlBail 

r air Chiric* » wren iH S< 5 pbc n 

_,^C a Ourdon BBTTcd n cbe Ep pi un war of G3 {Uednl and Kbed id s Star). 
* Iwir DsTfl Mrrnl wlcli tba Bonear Sappcn and M nora In tbe Jamki cumpalgn in i$77-jS (MwUl iritb 
Oim» AsmdlDUiBA^butraroriBTa-Ss luidirupi' 3cnlaltbPBBp(4nsorA]lUii(jid (MedBiKltbc:bMpl. 
*^»jnf DMoer Smith Bernd in tiw Vcrpt wiir of 1° n d vns rr" col at [he baUle of Tel-BUCebiv (meii- 
MKl m ili-uatrhia flrvml of Uajor MpH i n K I 

l' W HailiuuiBeiT^nlli / 1 ntbcBovinvoriesi. 

} seib] Mrved ntbc V a tba BMab U C&ndaliBi wUh ib* 


■"Haiiir Jai 

TiUn(w«iUoned in de» 
'■tlNor IL T. Orpen 1 
lieaed u de^pntchea, Uc 

"■XiJorG.R. R. Suti 

S86-87 KB Du^cior or S gnill np (menl on 

el u li»[ ^bo>, Ure^et of' M^'^r, Uedal 

»er»»l n tboKnllr war in 1 a 1 nnd 

Be-i-sl ntheFir)[MB tmrod (V« «l 
Tved in tbBAIfebnnmir in i3;g-;9."ndlo 

tni pnfBrnt b> Orderlj OtflMr lo Colonol 
Updalwlbt nspl. 

edTn the Afghan war or. SjB-So with Ibp 

forco undar ll(0-jr General Pb»yrc |mira. 

IhVlS. ru?iinnd/r Sir rS'nBld SlVwaVl (m 
1 «ttb the Jnirabf Afrredco Eipcdliion la 
"■:.- prefent iu Ibo omiBgcmonls al Ah 

chnrgo of Bdvnnced Firld Teleiirnph und 
-nliqBrdla dBap-.tcbej, Medal wilbOlBPp). 
377-78 IMedaiwitbCl.i^pl. 8Br\-odintha 
Led: Khefl (mealicmed m deapatcbeil and 

, U, ftocii, nnd J. Krtii?. Cui'tJiinan. M, r 

nernnd I,. C- jMl«o=Mrvedmtlie Argba-i 

it tbe JovTBki cnmpnicn in iS;;-;! (M«]i 

wlthClaap). SerrHintboAfsbanwarof 

Uuned Kbeyl and Ural , 

Klml (Medal with i;ia»p). 

'•Vajor R. H. Bto»B -erved in tbe AfghBn irar nt 1 878 3a ini-liiilinir Ibe operM.on? in Bemi (Mednli. 

I" Major R. U. Ll^yd KSried with tba Bnnnne Kipp-liliim Ib mS;-86 iii' Field Eniiincer Bud was severely 
•ODdedinan enitagemeni near Mandalny on the athjaniiarj- (menlinned in deapatehw, Medal with (.'iMni. 

"■ Major C. K. Cornier nBrred la the KgypEInn wnr of iKi, and wa> preient nc the Inule of Tal-«l-KcbiT 
IVedilwith C'lwp. ilbClaasor the Uedjidie, and Kbediva'R Stnr). Served with the UcchnHnnland Expedition 
■Mer Sir i.'harlcs Wnrren In t jlf-S; on apeclal servire and In rbBrseofttaeTniiDKTapblciiI Depanment. 

c Afprhan «-ar of iSfS-aj ( M  Ull. S.-Pivliu tbe Eit.vplian mic of i33j 
.«B«i<i 1U.J.... »M... «iiin.™.„vi;B9tar). Alw^erviilwitbllipSilp Eip^ibtion in iS34-9sa8 R""""? Of!"* 
attoODmllonaor the SDnilnn Frontier Field Forrc i'n i93j-^ including the enga'arment at Gini^ (i)«0.). 

IkB ODsnliona or the 8Dnilnn Frontier Field Fon^ in i93j-^ inclinlinft the engaar 
 Hdar Idania Manin aerved in tbe Af^biin nur of 137S So, and wnn present In 
■jllMadal with Ou«pJ. 

^. _.. .n Ihe KaHrwarof !3;7-t8, anil wrw ptenert in theeng«sfeniental NennabB; utao 

■>TB< io tba KbIb war In 117^, nnd »-a> presant ia tbe eniniBBiBent nl Inrmne, al Biowo during ib« iniestment 
Imiililiiiiliil hi dwpatehea). and in the enflagemenl at L'iDndi(Mi:dal»itbC'liisp). 

" lI«or I.'. W. BBrred in the Zolii n-nr in 1879 IM^ilnl nilh I'lnspi. 

"' IWoi C. B. Henderson nerveil in the Afehnn war in 1879, and look pan with the pipediiion agfliusl tbo 
OinDlaa&d into tbe Uiiinarili Valley IMGilnt)i nl>n served wtib the expedition aRSiuvtlbe ,VngB U1II Trlbea in 

■■lIa]arC.%. WUklesonaemdin theSondnnennipniiinin iBBi m rommandof the Mndraa aupperaand Uinera, 

fc?»et of Eufor. Miilal •'tib two Claspa. and Khedive'a Star). Served with the Uurmew Kipeii\uou \n iMv^ »* 
•JiManiotKojBl KnKineeisfniMrionK/ in <(cj.piKrJieB, Medal wiihClaap). 
'* HejorC F. Munn u-rvrdin iHe AtOaaii n-jir from 7H1 (Icioiier .871 nnlil inToUdWi otH.'be icA'tt Iw\\\M^ An«» 

*25 War Sei^'ices of the Officers of the Boyal Engineers. 

Having made tLo road from I>un(]iiah to Jlansu (mentioned in dospatohcs. Modal). Served during the opcrutiuui 
in the Malay Peninsula in 1875- 76 (Modal with Claisp). 

'**> Major E. DickiuHou served in the E^^ptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Kbedivc'b Star). Also served in tbo 
Soudan campaign in 1885, and was present in the cn^^emruts st Unsheen and tlic TufVek zereba (two Clajips). 

^** Major Rocbfort-Boyd served in the Egyptian war of iB-^u (mentioned in desimtcb>.'S, Brevet of Major, MedhI, 
and Khedive's Ster). 

*•* Major M. W. Skinner served on the Gold Coast from the 14th Peccmber iSrj until invalided on the i-'tb 
January 1674 (Ashnnti Medal). 

^« Major W. T. Shone sene.i in the Afghan war of 1878-80 (Meoal). Served wr.h ibo Mahsood Wuzeeroe 
Expedition in i88z as Assiiitant Field Engineer. Served with the Burmese £xi)edit:oa in ibid 87 (mentioned in 
despatches, DSO.jmd Medal with Clasp). 

'«» Major J. M. T. Badgley served in the Afghan war of 1878-80 (Medal). Served with tlie Burmese Expedition 
in 1885-86, and was severely wounded in an engagement on the 6th May 86 (Medal with Clajnp)- 

>** Major H. W. Duperier served in the Afghan war in 1870-80 (Modal). 

Major F. W. Bennet served in the Fgyptian war of 1882 (Medtil, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Nile Es:- 
pedition in 18S4-S5 with the Telegraph Department (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Mi^^^^* Clasp). 

^•7 Colonel H. H. Kitchener served with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 as IXputy Assistant AdiutHitt :in*l 
Quarter Master Ceneral (mentitnu'd in def-patches. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal villi Cla^p, and Class of the 
Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). Served in the operations near Suakin in December i?h?, and present ia the 
engagement at Gemaizah m command ot a Brigade of the Egyptian Army (mentione.i in de*^patches, Clasp), nutl 
in the operations on the Soudan frontier in 1889 including the engagement at Toski (mentioned in desimtche", CB.^ 
and Clasp). 

*^ Major Kurhardt served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 (Medal with CHasp, and Khedive's Star). 

1^ Major A. W. Cockborn served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, 
ivith Clasp). 

**» Lt.Colonel Wells served in the Afghan war in 1878-So. Raised a corps of Ghilzais, and with them constructed 
the road over the Khojuck. Was present in several minor engagements— wounded (mentioned in despatches. 

*•" Major E. Balkan Fcrvcd with the expedition against tlie Nagu llill Tribes in iE;9-5o, aud was present at il e 
assatilt of Konoma (mentioned in d(.h})atches. Medal with ( -lasp). 

*^ Major Cf. F.Wilson served with the Nile Exi)edition in 1884-85 as Superintendent of Railway Works (men- 
tioned in dcs])atchas, Medal with Clasp, awd K^'edive's Star). 

»7» Major S. Grantserved in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the captij*c .)f the Peiwar Kotal (men- 
tioned in despatches) and in the engagementat Charaaiab on the a.^th April 1S80 (mentioned in despatches, Mcd-il 
with Clasp). Served with the Hazura Expedition in 1888 as Field Engineer (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp). 

^^ Major S. H. Exham served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was present at the attack and capture oi' 
Ali Musjid (Medal with Clasp). 

174 Major E. Ulennio served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present at the attack and capture of AU 
Musjid; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar, and was present at the buttle of 
Oandahar (Medal with two Clasps, and Bronze Decoration). 

*'* Lt.Colonel H. P. Leach served in the Afghan war 0^*1878- 80, first with the igt Division Khyber Field Force in 
command of a company of Bengal Sappers and Miners, and was present at the attack and capture of Ali Musjid 
with the expKeditiona into the Bazar valley, and in the engagement at Dch Sarak (mentioned in despatches), 
afterwards with the Koomm Valley Field Force as Assistant Field Engineer and in command of a company of 
Bengal Sappers and Miners, took part in the Zaimnsht Expedition under Brigadier General Tytlcr. and was 
present at the assault of Zawa (mentioned in despatches, Meolal with Clasp), ^rvedwith the N^ile Expedition 
m 18S4-85 on Commissariat duty, and was present in the engagements at Abu Klea and El Gubat (Brevet of 
M^or, Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). Berveu with the Chin-Lushai ExpediUonarv Force in 
jSZ^-co as Commanding Royal Engineer, Chittagong Column (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Lt. Colonel). 

}'* Major W. U. Chippindall ser\'eA in the Afghan war of 1879-80, and took part in the march to Candahar 
with the force under Maior General Phayre (mentioned in despatches. Medal). 

''7 Mi^'or Bruce served in the Afghan war from April 1879 antil invalided on 26th May 1880, as Assistant Field 
Engineer, first with the 2nd Division Peshawur Valley Field Force, and afUirwards with the Khyber Line Force, 
including the operations in the Shuliman Valley and the engagement at Kam Dakka (mentioned in despatches.Medal). 

'"'Major K. W. Cotter served in the Ashanti warof 1873-74, and was present at the defence of the post of 
Quarman (Medal with Clasp). Commanded the 4th Company Benf^al Sappers an<l Miuer<« and was Field Engineer 
in the Zhob Valley Expedition in 1884. Served with the Nile Expedition and with the Nile Frontier Field Force 
in 1885 as Station Royal Engineer at Assouan. 

'"» Ma^or P. G. Von Donop served with the Nile Expedition in 18S4-85 (Medal with r.jisp, and Khedive's Star). 

^" Major B. S. Hill served in the Afghan war of^ 1878-80, and was present during the operations round (/abul 
in December iSjq (Modal with Clasp). 

"* Major H. W. Smith-Rewse ser\'(-d in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at tl,o utuick and capture of Ali 
Mosjid (Brevet of Major, MedaJ with (.lasp). Served in the Soudan campai«;n in 1SS5 as Br;;-»ade Major of Royal 
Engineers, and was present in the engagement at Hasheen (mentioned in desputcho!*, Medal with Clasp, and 
Khedive's Star). 

"* Major J. E. Blackburn served in the Egyptian war of rSrti, antl was pre.-cr.L a: tl.c battle of Tel-el-Kel»ir 
(Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Nile Expediticm in 1884-85, aul wai present at the action 
at Kirbekan (two Clasps) ; also served with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in i8£s--<-'- 

'•* Captain Leverson servetl in the Egyptian war of 1882 as Acting Deimty Asr^ictant OouimiHsary General, and 
was present in the action at Kassas n on the 9th September (Medal, and Khedive's Stai). Served with the Becbu- 
analand Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-65 on special service. 

"* Captain R. L. Uippisley served in the Egyptian war of 1882 (Medal, and Khetlive'f Jrtar). 

'" Captain Hcllard 6erve<l in the E>ryptian war of 1882, and was pro.xeut at the actii-u at Kassasin on the 9th 
September (Medal, and Khedives s^tar). 

'"• Captain J. C. L. Campbell served in the Jowaki campaiRU in 1877 78 (Medal). Served in the Afghan war of 
1878-80 as Adjutant Royal Engineers Khyt>er Line Force, and was prenent at the atfntk and capture of Ali Musjid, 
(Medal with Clasp). Served with tbe 24th C<m»pany of Royal Engineers in the Eu:ypuan war of 1H82, and was 
present at the action at Kassasin (wth September) and at the iNittle of Tel-el-Kebir i Medal with Clasp, and 
Khedive's Star), Served with the B<:'chuanaland Exj>e<lition uu<ler Sir Charlc:* Warnr. i:. :Sg4-85. 

**» Captain C. K. Wood 8cr>-ed with the Nile Expcditiou in i834-S^ on Tt-loKraph du*} (M.:dal with Clasp, and 
Khedive's Star). ' 

»»« Captain G. U. W. O'SuIlivan served in the Afghan war in iS;9 So, and took part ii: the march to Candnhai 
with the force under Major General Pliayre (Medal). 

•»' Captain E. Blunt served in the Afghan war of 1878-80 (Medal). \Uo hcrvcd with i)>e M.ihsood Wuzcerce Expe- 
dition in I 88 I. 

^ '•' Captain J. Burn Murdoch served in the Afghan war of 1S78-80, and was preKCui :n the engagement at CTliant- 
siab on the 6th October 1879, and in the operations round Cabul iti December i87«> .ncludiug the storming of the 
Asmai Heights— wounded (mentioned in de8j[)aicheH, Medal with two C'la^p8). Served in the Egyptian war of 
ib82, and was present at the battle ol Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, Medn'; with Chisp, 5th Class of the 
Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

'•* CaptainDit^byservotlinthe Afghin war in 1879-80 in com tnancl of a company of the v^ueea'sGwn Sappers and 
Miners and as Assistant Field Engineer, and was present in the afihir at BosujI (ment.:i>tied in iio.spatches, Medal). 

'•* Captain M. C. Barton served in the Afghan war in 1878 79 'Modal). AUo served \sitij thoAkha ExiK'ditiou in 
1881-84. Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-86 (mentioned in despatchoH, Medal with ('lubp). 

^* Captain R. C. Maxwell served in the Aftfhan war of 1878 80, accompanied Sir Fre*lcriok Kolierts in the march 
to Candahar, and was pre»cat at tbe battle of Candahar (Medal with Clasp, and Bronze Decoration). 
f S^P^^^ ^. C. Folev merved in the Afghan war of 1878 83. and tivok. pait in the udvanco to Khelat-i-Ghil/.ie 
ana the occupation ofCundnhnr rMeri«l). Served in the operations neur Sna\i\n \n \\» oom\\ot \^ZZ and wa^ nro 
^vocju Zhccr.irnfrcwcm nt Gemhizah ^ircntioncd in despatches, Meaa\ \\\iV.v:\vi*v.^^^'^ V.\wv\\N«:^^\«t>. 

Serviwi of the OJUxrt of th« Bayal Baytntm. 

"> detain KftfKua mtcv] in tli« Znia war Id iS;g (Ksdal wiih Clup).' 

nab DcpattiBMil CnH^nliiwB-l m iloepBlcbBB. Brcret of Msjor. Mpdul itlth l^IiisjO. 
 C«I>l»la W. Y. CODsIabie «cn-cd la Uie SDarlmi csmpnizii in rSe^ IMninl «it 
■" CapiaiaR. B.JannifS* •crvodin [he Afglus nv to it 
■t rattuiml OlSear (meniiC'S*'! in dnpmtcbH, UhIkI). 

"Clipt»nT)*TllaewrT«(l in tbe Atgtvui mr in i3r9'3iiiii i^>i.u<u,iu,.ui » i. r,<ii, 
KlBBnaBd w Auirant Fif Id Engineer, including ibe npenkllana nrtheUnvea 
Wtatbsol lUedat). Berrwlm UieBBTpUnn wHrof iBSjincommimd or* onn 
ud inner*, and iru preHot nt ih« Wile ot Tel-el-Kebir (Media nitb Ci 
I Kbidtn'a Burl-.alMHmil inilie Sonilun cnmpiLlsnin iBSjiaasn). 
I *C>MiUd iLmlraoi BpMil terred niib tli« Hailraii Ssppensnd Ulnapiini^.1 
I itopUan "T <>' '*^'- >>"<■ I"" pn»Bt nt tbe baule ot Tel-ei-Xobir lUeiln 
I iKTMiallui Barmeie Bipedill<>ii in iKi (tledsl icith i.'l«pl. 
I * llaJOT P. T. Bi»ton B«rird in tbe Arghfta nnr of iS^S-So, iind «iu preirnl m Ibe aDgnKsinenc ntChiiniilab 
' « Ito Mh Oetober il/t and is (he npemtioni mitnd Culiul in Drcenibat iSu inolnilinii Ibe su^nniiiic of Itia 
JUbbI BdBbM (nMieicin*d lu ilerjiaiebM. Mediil H>iihCbi«p). Scrri'd ■villitbi' Kiisra BtiiMiliua in i34Su Field 
Cwjaair (bt«v«of Uitjor. McditoiUiClMpt. 

■■Oiptala J. CTjlerwrwdlii tiM fi^pUan wur of 133], ami wai prewat .ii tbe nation at Kuu« In on tba 
ad, SnuoMrjUedaJ. and mcdlre « Blar). 

« i'sl>(iiin(I. B. BLmtmpdin the Afghao iTsr of la^a-ga (Uednl). Serisd lu lbs Boodan osnimliiii in igSi 
f«^,>w..','-|«-p, nnl KhedlTB'iStor). 
I  I ,11 ,(. r (■ , iMjiiwli •erred wttb tbe Hennl Sappere nnd Uinora In Hip Jowakl Aftasdee EipedltionlD 
I'" ' I '^ '--<^ Snved tbrontrboni ine Algiutii wnr ot i3/S-Ba aa AjibiMime Field Eng^nDar, aad in 

:ng^n»r, Bad in 
and capture of AliUaiJla 

'■' r,ri-., , .1 A I i-.-i-r arrred in tbe Ari[hBn wnrof lajg-go (Modal), aefrad "rtlb the Nile Sipaililior 
iii,-C.,,M^.il *it:. Cu.hp.Hod Khedive'jaiir). Alao aerred witb Ibe aoBdim CroBtier Field Fort* in iSas-W 
(vinmaDd m Aml>iuol.>, and nai pnaeol at Ibe uttaak on Amblgolo Wclla [DHO.y 

■• CW<^" J- D.FUllBtton aervrd It tbe Afghaowar In iS79-So aa A * ...._. 

4 lOncn (Medal). Beryed •riib ilw Burmese Kip«iltlon in liSs-ij nii 

patcbra. MeilH] wilb Claap). 
r in ia;q-8D. mul W()k- jist! 1!, ibo march u Camialuir irllb 

Banpertnr..!  ■, -- Field Engineer in tha 

-_, -. , . ofTei-il ; ■-(!. and Khedire'B atari. 

AtaWTTtdlB theSoudnncamMignlnieEi frith the Stb IRoii'> sincere. 

" CtoUIn n. T, Jnote eerred in the AfRban war In tS;^^. t I'l.'iiDdBliar inoiudinfr the 

lomeM Deh KbMahfaieDtioQBd lu deapatcbef.andixiBUDeDdi'il i:: . if S.I1. tbe Field Manhsl 

CgDBaedinc In Chief for bJaKatlantbebaviaHr oa Uie i>th Aui^.^i, .-.^^,. an; ~.i>- iiriMontat the buUeof (^u- 
.Uai (Medil with Clup). 

« Captain Conner served in Ibe Afftban irar (n i3j3-79 in eommaud of a oompany of Ibo Qown'a Oiin Sappera 
ltd UlDen and aa Aul^tuil Field Kneiueor, and look part in the BsMir Vuliar Kipeditlon (Medull. 

■"WplaiiiUttOlBraerredlntlie Afitbanmatof iSjS-ScilnoonKnand ofainmiinTij-of ilieQueen'aOirD Sappaoi 
»*i liiMta ajid at AaaleUWI Field Koiineer, and toolE pari In tho Bazar Valley RipB.liiiDu and in tbanpeiutlaBa 
■r tha ItavMble OolnmB under Brigadlsr Goneral Arbalhaol (Hedal). Served with the Uadnia Bappara and Miner* 
anlaiAHiMant Field KagfaNTtn Ibe Bmi>l«> mtfof iSSi.and Vuprewolnlthe bUtlaotT^'el-Kebir lUadal 
■iikClue. and iChcdlva'e Star). 

™ Captain Bethell serted in tba Afehsn "nirof iSjS-fto (taantinnsd in deapatcbe*. Medal). 

" Captain (i. C. P.' Onslow aerred in tba AfRbau war in iBju-So, iiud wne pre!.cBt in the enmifoi 

— ai Heiubia [mentioned in despatcbFn, Uidnl with two CliLSpa). 

Captain W. F. H . Stafford .erred in tlio ArRban war in 1B7S-79. and took part with tbe ei 
unSB and HiFeartk Valle> i (Molal). Also icrred with the Mahsood Wuieer^'^ Eipediliou in 

in deapaWhca, and commended in liei.eraf Orders by' the Field llarabal Commandin« In Cbief f< 
gjllanl beba>ionr on the i:lh Augni-t lifol. and wb» preaent at the battlo of CaiKiahardlediil with CIa.p), 

tal (Medal w^lbClaspl. 8cn-«d in IbeNi 
nlal with tiro Cliu-pa, uni) Khedive-a Sla 
» Captiin Wabab eerred in the Afiihun t 
Field Eneineer, and took part in tlio B«; 
pedjtioQ in iSei aa Aa-i-wal Field EnRin 

I Ms' Medal w'ltb'Claap, and Kbedive'a S: 

■"Capuio A. H. Kennejuened in tbe Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present nt tbe rapture of the t*eii»ar 
Ktaal (Medal wiibClanpl. Sen-ad in IbeNilo Eipedition in 1881-85, and tcaa preatrnt at Iho action of Kirttkan 

diniheAfiihun warof 1373-Biiwith theQuesb'sOwn l;api>craandMmersand as Auiat- 

-. aerredwiilj 
lu Afghan war 

„„ OBiDi9S4-SilMedalwithCla'.p.BndKhedire'«Starl, 

m MBjQrChilderBBerredinibeAfjthHn war of iSjS-So, and wae preaent in the engnKeioentaat Takht-i-Puland 
iiCharMiab on the 6lh O«ol>er iBjj and in the operationa round Oabul in Decemlwr 1879; accompanied Blr 
Frederick Rolwna in Ibe march to Candnhar. and waapreooot at the tattle of CanciHliari mentioned in deapatcbee. 
Medal "ilh three Clanpn. and Bronie Decoration)- nerved m the EL-jplian «arofi3), as Aidrde Cninp to Bir 
iJamel Wolaeley, and was prefent nt the cnsagcnicntu of El SlnKfar, Tel-el Mnbuln. Kawaiin (qtb Sopl). and In tbe 
hiille of Trl-cI-Kehir (mentioned 111 deaiiniibea, Breiet of Uajiir, Medal witli Clasp, ilh Clafi of the MeOjidie, and 
Kliedire'a Blarf- aeivoU wilb tho Nile F.ipediUon in 1834-85 aa Aide de Camp Ij Lord Wolaeley (meutluuad In 

^''Capta'in O. aaiwell wrved in the Afghnn vpar of 1378-80. includine ilie oper-itluui ruand Cahul in December 
i!- ((Modal withCiwpI Served with the Zhob Valley Eipedition in i8fi<. 
 Captain W. Coles popved in ilie Afuban wnr of iSjg-So, and tooli part m llie m ircb to Cindahnr with the 



in 1B79-80 with the Qucon'a Own Piippen 

"olwUiolMn the North Weal TeriUoiiL') of 


nni of 187! Eowith the BcnUBl Sl^ppev^ 
B A» war uf 1S7S Bo, nnd w%s ii-.- 

227 1^^'c Services of the Officers of the lioyal Engineers. 

and Khedive's Star). 

«** Captain S. D. Clccvc ecrved iu the Egrj'Ptian war of iFEs (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

^s Captain MaeDonnell bcrved in the Al'gnan war in 1878-79 with the Quoen** Own Sapporo and Miucra and 
as Assistant Field Engineer with the Teshawur Valley Field Force, and took part in the Baxar Valley Expedition 
(Medal). Served with the Rumpa Field Force in 1S79 So in command of a Company of the Queen's Own Sappers 
and Miuei*s and as Superintendent of Army Si}jruallin^. Served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 with the luaian 
Contingent (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

2*6 Captain Mason served in the Afghan war of 1 878- So (Medal). Scrvc<l with the Nile Expedition in 1684-85, 
and in the oneraiions on the Upper Nile in 1885- 86 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

^•" Captain H. Appleton served with the Mahsood Wuzecrec £xi)cdition as Assistant I'leld Engineer. 

9« Captain J. E. Dickie serv-ed in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and was present in the engagements at Ahmed Kheyl 
(mentioned in despatches) and Saif>u-deen (Medul with Clasp). Served in the Egyptian war of 1883, and was pre- 
»ent at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clat^p. 5th Class of the Mediidie, and Khedive's SUr). 

»*9 Captain II. E. S. Abbott served in the Afghan war of i£8o as Assistant Field Engineer with the Khyber 
Line Force and the Khyber Brigade (Medal). 

*^ Captain H. J. Foster scr\'ed In the Egyptian war of 1S82, and was present at the action at Kassa&in (9tb 
Septembei) and at the battle of Tel cl-Kcbir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^^ Captain C. E. Hay nes served in the Zulu war of 1879, ana was present at the relief of Ekowe (mentioned in 
despatches, Mc<lal m ith Clusp). 8cr\cd with the Bechuanahind Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85. 

«i Captain H. H. baniet served in the Afghan war of 1878-60 (Medal). gcr\ed with the Burmese Expedition 
in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). 

=*" Captam O. E. Ruck etrved in the Boer war of 16S1. 

*** Captain H, E. CJoodwyn served in the Afghan war of 1S70-S0 (Medal). Served with the Madras Sappers and 
Miners and as Asfri.>taiit Field Engineer in the Egvptian war of 1883, and was present at the battle of Tel>el-Kebir 
(Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in de- 
spatches, DSO. an<l Me<lal with Clasp). 

2" Captain W. F. Hawkins served with the Nile Expedition in 1604 85 (Medal witli <;iasp, and Khedive's Star). 

-'7 ('aptain R. P. Littledale 8er\'ed in the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal with Clasp). Also served in the Boer war of 1881. 
Served with the Nile Expedition in i884-F5 iMcdal with Clasp, and Khedive s Star). 

^(^ Captain C. E. Coiumeline i-en-ed in the Zulu war of 1S79, and took part in the defence of Pretoria (Medal with 
Clasp). Served in tht- Boer war of iE£i. 

*<^ Captain H. E. M. Lindt^y ser\-ed in the Boer war of x88i. Served in the Soudan campaign in 18S5. und was 
present in the engugdnent at the Tofrek zcrtbu (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

*•* Captain F. G. Bond sened in the Zulu war in 1870 (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Egyptian war of iSSj, 
and was present at the action of Kassasin (9tn September) and at the battle of Tel-el>Kebir (Medal with Cltt^p,and 
Khedive's Star). 

««» Captain F. G. Bowles served in the Soudan campaign in 1^:5, and was present at the destmction of Temai 
(Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^^ Captain F. ii. Longe served in the Afghan war in 1879-fo, and was present in the engagement at Cliarasiab on 
the 6th October 1&79. and in the operations ronnd Cabul in Dccen;l»er 1879 (mcntioDed in uespatches) ; accompanied 
Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to CanJahar, and was present at the battle of Candahar (Medal with three 

the engagement at .Tugdulluok ( Medal). 

«• Captain T. de la H. Brothcrton was employed in Natal during the Zulu war in 1879 (Medal). Served in the 
Boer war in 1861 (mentioned in despatches). 

*>7 Major F. C. Heath hcrveci in the Eg3'ptian war of iF6-r, and was present in the engagement at al Mngfar and 
at the battle of Tel-cl-Kebir (Medal with Clatp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Soudan caiu)>aign in 1885 
and was present in the engagement at Ha^iheen and at the dcstinctioii of Temai (mentioned in despatches. Brevet 
of Major, Clasp). 

-<» Major A. U.TliymbOu strvcd in the Eiryj^itian war of if£.% and was prcsrni at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal 
with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the expedition to the fooudau under Sir Gerald Graham in 1885 
(mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Major, Clasp). 

"• Captain E. St. C. Pemlnjrton served in the Boer war in i£8i. Served in the Egyptian war of 1882, and was 
present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

'^ Captain A. A. M. Layard served in the Soudan campaign in x'iis, tmd was prescntat the cngagcmentat Uashecu 
and at the destruction of Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star;. 

2'i Mi^or H. M. Lawson ser\-cd in the Soudan Expedition under Sir Gerald Graham in 1884, and was present in 
the engagement at El Teb (Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Mei^jidie, and Khedive's Star); also servea with the 
Nile Exi>edition in i£E4-65, and was present at the action of Abu Klea, and in the engagements at £1 Gubat, 
Motammeh, and at Abu Klea Wells on the iHh. and 17th February (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of M^jor» 
two Clasps). 

'7* Captain J. A. Tanner served in the Soudan campaign m 1885 (Medal with JIasp. and Khedive s Star). Served 
with the Burmese Expedition in 1885-88 as Adjutant of Royal Engineers (mentioned in despatches, DSO., and 
Medal with Clasp). . ,. . „ , , , ,« , . , , 

«^ Captain F. b. F. MacCarthy served m the Soudan campaign in 1^85. and was present in the engagement at the 
Tofrek zereba and al the destruction of Temai (Medal with two Clasps, and Khe<live*s Star). 

«7« Captain J. L. Ir\-ine served in the Egyptian war of 18E-1, and was present at the battle ol Tel-cl-Kebir (Medal 
with Clasp, and Khedive's Star) . 

^'^ Cap^in W. C. Hussey ser\ed with the Bcchuanalaml Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1864-85. 

«^' Captain H. M. Jackson served in the Burmese campaign in i8£o-€7, including the Southern Shan Expo- 

»o Captain A.M.MantcU served in tlie Eiryptianwarof 1882 (Metlul, 4th Claes of the Osmanieh, and Khedive's 

«i Captain Godfrey Williams served in the Soudan campaign in iff 5 (Medal with C'la^p, and Khedive's Star). 

»* Captain F. J. Audcr^on served with the Burmese Exi»edition in xi^ty (Mrdal with ciat<p). 

*o Captain Caimes served with the Burnie><e Expedition in 1865 66 (mcntione<l in despatches, Me<Ial with Clasp). 

M* Captiiin C. D. Learoyd served in the Soudan campaiL'n in i: 5, ui.d was present in the engagement at 
Uasheen (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Mar). Served with the Hurme*»e Expedition in i6g5-fco us an Orderly 
Officer (mentione<\ in despatche.'*, Medal with Clasp). 

«*» Captain S. L. Norris served in the Eiryptian war of xZZz, and was present in the eugagemcut at El Magfar 
(Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

wjfCaptain H. MuUaly served with the C'hin-Lu.«*hai Expelii:oii;iry Foice in iC6^-',o as F.uli Engineer Chit- 
thffong Column (mentioned in dcspatche**). 

^ (5aptain Winn served in the Egyptian war of 18-j (Modal, uu<l Khedive's Star). 

=*" Captain F. H. Kelly hcrved with the lijrmese Expedition in i£: ^-!^7 "Medal with C'lHsp*. 

»« Captain A. E. Sandbacli m rv»'d in the Egyptmu war of I'S.-. Htid \%as ])n sent at the battle of Ttl-tl-Kwbir 
/Medal with Clasp, and Klu-l.vt's Star-; aUo served in the Soudun cam])aign in it65, »"<* was prehent m the 
(//iTHircweut Jit Thfik.fOl n:\t\>i* . ,.,,,. 

-" (.'rtptmn A. M. Stmrt -m v.-d with ih*' -Nil' ?:rp«,iljt'.<M ::i : ^ , - -. ARdjil wiih CKip, au-l KLc .aveS S:ai i; al-o 
,Ci vvd jn tbv cj'.:.i::'',r:^- of :'.'.• •"'-;; Kin ?'•■ •.: • / fivld V-jw: .n : .  -. . 



HI at KklBllf is Oi 

I nilh Ulasp, iii»i KhDiIivs'a mat). Hnnwl iritli < 
e EgypLiao Frontiat F/old Poioo la leSj-BS, l»ilu( 

■• C»pt,.ii. E. M. Banna tnreA in Uio Egyptiaa war of iS5i, nnii flccompftnioi Sir CliiirlM Wwrun lo IJ 
naWiUoB tnta' Anliia Feinu deiuiktc)i»l tor the uutpoae ot lirin^ina lojua'.loa tba iniirdorura of I'mlbHor 
PwoertiDd hiJ^puij (nunlioncd in de^paldiM. Madil. iih Cluioribc Madjlilic, itnl Khedive'* fcliar). Serred lii 
UaHmdliioB'tathaSoiiiJiui in iM< wlvh Uio iStb Field CompBayo/ tlia Royal Engiaaen, and iron pro«cnLia lie 
La kt Bl Teb md Tsmuf (iwn Claips). Bcrred in the Nile Kipedition in iBSt-S^ vith tbo i6tb Field 

~ CapMio M. L. Take iterred Is lbs Bgyntiftn tear of iBSi, and ivxipreMnt at-Jie octiDQ alKiuulsin ODitie qlj* 
»cn?iabcr|M«iInl.udKlie>iive'e8urK aorrsdiuthsexpiiditioD lo tlio SouiIaaundDr UirlicnildGr.ihua m lE^,, 
t •) nai pnisenc ia the enniKement kt Tomiil (Cwn Clncpil i also served xlth tbe Nile Bxpoditiao ia 1SS4-B5 (ClitipX 

'*• Capuio Diippmir-HepeostBliKr>«diDaiaE|iTpl^awuari£ei(Uedal, andKbsdWs'saUT). 

■• Capuin W. 11. Hoddsr.— See Civil Deoonicioni! (bi OolUntry, " Han'e Aouuil Army LiM," p. 7BS, 

" l^pulik Ualeaic tened ia ilu EgnKlan <rdr ur iBEi {UedAl, eud Kbedive'a Star) 1 nim eerveJ iu ibe Ki)« 
KnadliMin ia tiySj wilh the Egyptian Army («tli Claw af the Qtmiuiich.ClMp). yervsd id tlie operatiasa ol tha 
•lateB Pmntler Field Pons In iBBj-BS IflctndiiiK UiB engagemeDt al ainisa ULb Otui or tbc OuBUuehl. 

"OulBlB J. BuwanisrradmlhlhoBarniMe EipedriianiniSSt-GaiUedul viUnJlae-pl, 

» CuMin KlsoUd aerrod "lib the Klla Bipedililia id >3S4 Si, and \vea preMot nt Ibo a>::,iOD of Ktrbaluu 
MM wltfa two OUqii, BDd Eherlive'i Blai). 

■> CapWU A7IBUT •arreil with the Burmeee Eipoditimi in lese-STtniBnEioiiediDdeBpaichcEiUodulwIitiClani). 

~ChmBlnA.V. BBrManrreddnrliigihe Kgrpiianvnr of iSIj wtUitbe einediilun inu Anbin ratriea da- 
MtAaS tor Iha pBrpeae of UriaiinK to jmtlcD the murdenn of ProFeaiw pHlmor anU bis parly (manliaaa<l 
tillTiUhw. Medal, jth CImm oAbn UedJl'Iio, and Kbadive'a Star). :iervsd lu ttu BoabuirAluDd Bape'IiLioa 
«*»»aM3h*rl«a WairanlniMi-SsDntpBciolMi-vice. _^ , 

*Ol(iUlDBaddeltiyiarTaa'riih tbF RarmBicEipcditianiQ iKS4-S7(meniioiiedis tleaintohca.Uedalwitb Olaip) 

''OBpWlaC.imiacrTsd wllb tbeHile Eipeililion la 1W4-S} (Medal wlib Clup, and KbDi1iru's8LarL _ 

* Oaplahi Petrie aarred witb ibe BurmotolEipeditiaa In iSEA-aa (mea 
«Ma mnti with the Chin-Loihal Eipcdiliaijury Foi'oa in iB^^-^o wltli 
Kaw* Imonileniwl la deipatDbei), 

* Oapicin II. B. Mackay lerved wiih ihe Beuhiinnaliuiii Eipediiion 01 
■aanal aarrlM. Bfl-rcd ia tbe eipcdiiloii hewiisI Ibe Vounies. an thii We 
To IniBU'lirs. DSO.l. 

— liipiaiTiP.OIaoYllleMrvBdwilhIhe BnmiEie Eipcdition ia I6E5-SB (n 

'. Roper urved 

.._.... 1 l-tajlea wntmam iM4-es. 

and vnu proeent 10 the enifageBunit H 
u or the Soudan Frontier Field Fuco in iIEj-ee (Ued*l, 

[doouy Force in iSe^-ga oa SucTaj- dntf (rei 

KaptdlUoik under Sir ChWleaWttrraalo isai- 

la tfSti, ud vita pteaent in tha BBaae«iiHiila -' 
-"— -Star). 

u in i!8s-E6— toTorely (vo-audeil ImtaUaned in 

Suatin In Daeerahor iSBS, and nii» prsBenl with the 
' mdcepatcbea.Medfll wiihCUep.HndRhaiiive'aSiu). 
piin 1683 (Modal Willi ClKp, and Khc^llvo-tBar). 

Iha operatiant ueor Su&lun \a December lESS 

„_., iodeapatahoB, jlbOlaaeoftheMedJidlo, Clasp). 

■bleat. R-T. R. Lawrence nerved with the Burmeee Bipediliou in 1SG6-SE (Medal with Claapl. 

-B Iilent. J, A. DftBJTMrved with the BnrmDBO Bip edition iu Mi (Uedal wlihClaKpl. 

« Ueol. H. B. H. Wnghl atnei with the Buriocse Expedition in i38<-S3 (Modal with Cla'p). 

•■ Lieot. C, H. Roe sptved wilh the Burmene EipcdHioa in iSfifi-fl; (Medal wiLh CUipl, 

" Lieai. E. A. Edeell nerved wilh the Burmeee Expedl Lion in iBsS lUedai with (;buip). 

™ Liaol. W, Ewtai.k sorved with tho Burmoae Expedition in 1887-68 (Jledal with ChiKpl 

■» Ijeat. J. A.'fl. TnlloohHrved withlheBiirmuiw Expedition In laSj-BB (Mcdul wilh ClaBj>V 

« LiBBt. H. J, Sherwood eerved with the Chin-LusbBi Kipeilllionary ForoB in iSUt-^ with So, : Company 
Beo(»l Bappera aiil ilinars, part of the timo in commaod of a half cDrnpany (menlionod in doaputches). 

a* Lieat. Suirn aecompanisd Ur. U. X. IJMiiley in hie expedition to the relief 0'. Einln Pasha at We/lelai. 
■nMeMfOllj accompliBhed alter a march acrOHS ibe Conlitenl of Africa ooonpying a period of neaily ihreft 
rtar» and inrolvinn froqnanl oondicie with [be natives (ird Clau of the ilediidio). 

■" Lient. H. C. Santon *orved durina Ihe rebellion in the North Weet Territoriee of Canada in .BS; with tba 

■• Lient. P. H. di> P. Casgraln lenred during the rebelUon iu ilic North West Terriloiiue of Oanula in lEEj with 
lie jih BalUlion of MililialUflniModall. 

■^Lieal. a. M. Dulf lerTed with the Burmuie Eipodition in i8E;-83 (Uedal with Clnbp). 

» Lieal. a. M.Bt. A. Wada.— Bee Civil DecorationaforUallABtry," Hart'* Auinal Army Lilt," p. ;E?. 

••' Ucut- R- A. F. Kiniracote Bervc.1 with ibe Cbin.Lnibai Kipedltlouarj Faroe 111 liHrV s* Aaeiatant Field 
ilnrrneer Cbitlajion^ Column (mentione'l in deapatcbea). 

•"Liaot, A. T. l>wiBBerTBd in the Zulu war In igjo (Meilalnith Claep). Bervoii in the Egyptian war of lEEi, 
B»dwa*pr»*entattl\ehiUlloofTcl-el-KabirllIed»lwilh CU.p, niid Khcdita'a Slar); aim »crvod in ihe Eoiidan 

22Sa War Services of liuyal Enrftncers {late Bengal Engineers). 

* General Frascr served iu the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, and was preeent at the battle of Sobraon (Medftl 
and Glaap). Panjaiib campaifrn of 1848-49. ab Adjutant of Sappers at the aiege of Mooltan and battle of Goojerat 
(Uedal vrith two Clii^pii). liurmegc war of 1852-53, and accompanied the Colmnn under General Steel to Touj^hoo 
(Modal with Clasp for rcgu) . 

^ Lieut.General Mnun^cll served the PunjHub campaign of 1848-49. throughout the operations before Mooltan, 
including the first siege, storming of the intrenched positions on 9th and 12th September, and surrender of the 
fortress, also surrender of the Fort and giirriwn of Chcniote, and battle of Goojerat (Medal with two Claspe). In the 
Indian mutiny campaign commandetl 8Hpi>ers and Minerv at the actions on the Uindun, battle of Budlekeserai, lAd 
throughout the siege of Delhi, directed the right attack during the final operations, and was dangerously wounded 
when conducting the Column of af^sault on the l^aharcei)ore suburb on 14th Sept. 1857. Commanded Sappers at the 
siege and capture of Lucknow. in the Rohilctuid campaign at Rooyah, Alygxmge. and Bareilly, and at Mitowlee in 
the Oude campaign of 1S58-59 (mentioned in despatches. Medal with two (Clasps, Brevet of Major, and CB.). Serrsd 
in the Afghan war iu 1878-79, and was present at the attack and capture 01 All Musjid (mentioned in despatches. 
Hedal with Clasp). 

« Sir George Chesney wa«« present at the battle of Budloekeserai, 'and served as Brigade Major of Engineers 
throughout the siege of Delhi and was twice severely wounded at the assault (mentioned in despatches. Medal with 
Clasp, and Brevet of Major). 

• Major General Williams servoil as Adjutant of Engineers with the expedition to Pegu in :853, and was 
present at the bombardment and capture of Martaban and Rangoon (slightly wounded), capture of Prome and 
occupation of Meaday (mentioned in despatches for ** gallant conduct," Medal with Clasp). 

'> Major General Perkins served iu the Indian mutiny campaign, including the battle of Budloekeserai and siege ot 
Delhi— wounded (^^ledal with Clasp). Serveil in the Afghan war of 1878-80, and was present at the capture of the 
Pciwar Kotal (mentioned in despatches), in the engagement at Charasiub on the 6th October 1879 (mentioned in 
despatches), and iu the operations round Cubnl in December 1879 including the investment of Sherpore (men* 
tioucd in despatches) ; accompanied Sir Frederick Roberts in the march to Candahar in command of the Roynl 
Engineers, and was present at the battle of Candahar (mentioned in despatches, CB., Medal with four Clasps, and 
Bronze Decoration). 

>* Colonel Thomason served in the Indian mutiny'campaign, including the battle of Budloekeserai, and through* 
out the siege and capture of Delhi (Medal with Clasp). 

1^ Colonel George Newmarch served as Assibtant Field Engineer in constructing the defences of Mecrut from 
Mav to Sept. 1857 ; afterwards in command of a Detachment of Sappers and four field guns in the Seharunpore 
and Mozuffeniuggur districts under Colonel .1. Briud, assisted in the operations against the Rohilcund rebels, and in 
the disarming of the town of Meeranpore (Medal). 

^7 Colonel Peipberton served in the Indian mutiny campaign, including the battle of Budloekeserai, throughout 
the siege of Delhi, and accompanied the storming party at the assault of the Water Bastion— slightly wounded : had 
charge of the Engineer Park at the siege and capture of Lucknow (Medal with two Clasps). 

^Colonel Forbes served in the Indian mutiziy, including the action on the Uindun, battle of Budloekeserai, 
throughout the siege of Delhi, actions of Bolundshuhur, Ahrghur, and Agra, relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, battle 
of Cawnpore, relief of Futtehghur, siege and capture of Lucknow (wounded), attack on Fort Rooyah, action of 
Allvgunge, and capture of Bareilly (Medal with tbrce Clasps). 

>7 Sir James Browne served with the expedition against the Mahsood Wuzoerecs, on the North West Frontier 
of India, iu i860, and was present at the storming of the Bnrera Pass and the capture of Kaneegurum and 
Mukeem (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp). Served throughout the Umbcylah campaigu in 1863— 
wounded (three times mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Major, Clasp). Serve<l in the Afghan war in 1878-79 as 
Political (^cer to Sir Donald Stewart, and was present in the engagement at Takht-i-Pul and in the advance to 
Candahar and Khelat4*Ghilzie (several times mentioned in despatches. Medal, and CB ). Ser\'ed in the Egj-ptian 
war of 1S82 in command of the Royal Engineers of the Indian Contingent, and ^-as present at the battle of 
Tel-el-Kobir (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Osmanich, and Khedive's Star). 

** Sir Oliver Beauchamp St. John served in the Abyssinian campaign as Director of Telegraphs. " The telegraph 
worked well and rendered important service" (mentioned in despatches. Medal). Served in the Afjirhan war in 
1878-79 as Political Officer, ana was present at the battle of Candahar (CSI., Brevet ofLt. Colonel, Medal witb Clasp). 

^ Colonel B. Lovott served in the Afghan war in 1878-79, and was oresent at the attack and capture of Ali Musjid 
(Brevet of Lt. Colonel, Medal with Cla^p). Served with the llazara Expedition in 1888 (CB., and Modal with Clasp). 

•*Lt.Colonel Cunningham served as Assistant Field Engineer in the Bhootan Field Force in 1875-76 (Medul with 

** L%.Coloncl H. W. Clarke served in the Abyssinian campaign in the Water Supply Department fromSenafrf to 
Addigernt and performed excellent service (mentioned in despatches. Medal). Served with the Nile Expe<litiou in 
1884-85 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

*> lit.Colonel Tomkins served with the Zhob Valley Expedition in 1884. 

*• Lt.Colonel Strahan served in the Afghan war of 1878-80 (Brevet of Major, Medal). 

Wai' Services of lluyal Engineers {late Madras Engineers). 

* Sir Arthur Thomas Cotton sei-ved throughout the Burmese war of 1824-26 under Sir Archibald Campbell, and 
ivas present at the capture of Rangoon, reconnoitring in gunboats and jungle fighting near Komundme, attack ot 
stockades and Pagoda of Syriam, capture of Mergui and Tavoy, defence of the Lines at Rangoon and attack of the 
left flank of the Burmese Entrenchments, atuck of the Stockade of Kokein, siege and capture of Donabew. attack of 
€hau Stockades and of stockades on the left bank of the Irrawaddy near Prome, capture of Melloon and jungle 
fight at Paghammew which termir.ated the war (Medal with Clasp). 

* Sir H. N. D. sorvctl with the Madras Sappers and Miners in Pernia in 1857, and was prcsoni 
at the1)0mbardment of Mohumrah (Medal with Clasp). Served as AswitjUint Field Engineer with the Malwa Field 
Force ifi 1857, and with the Central India Field Force under Sir Hugh Ro*io in 1858, took part in the sie gt'» of Dhar, 
Ratghur, Goratote, and Jhansi, wttspre.<*entat iicarly all the battlcrt and min«)r aftairs of the above lorces till the 
capture of Calpec (Brevet of Major, Victoria Cross, nml Medal with Cla.*.!*) : received the V€ under tl.o following 
circumstances:-'* For conspicuous bravery on the vist Novenii>cr 1S57, ut Mundisore, iu having the life of liieu- 
tonant G. Dew, 14th Light Dragoons, at the risk of hii* own, by attompiing 10 cut down a Velaitee, who covered him 
(Lieutenant Dow) with his piece, from only a few paces to the rear. Lieutenant wn.s wnundod in tbis 

affhir hyth^ dischiirgc of the piece, and would probably have boon cut down had not the rebel been killed by Major 

Orr. He also diBtiii^zfiitibed himself by his gjiliantry in tho actions at Ratgurh and Botwa, when ho w:is Mverely 

pounded. Major General Sir llagh Ro3C, in forwarding his recommo'idation to tliis Otlicor, states:—' Lieutciianl 

t'rou'Jorjfnat, Madma Kngineera, was apeciaVv mentioned by Brigadier, now ^vt Gbatks Stuart, for the gallant Jut 

War Sercicet of Royal Engineerg (late MadToe Engii 

iSjte^lMR,*^ *•*»• MTiiMlT wonndHl. Seconrllj.hB ntu'speeinJlymontianea' by loc wt 
~^MB*Aid« d» CMip In the BoLon brtoro betuialag Hoiffurh. on tbu BcBoa rivBT. fur (nOIm 

_,^_;,i_— ^ ----., Ill" brsvwytn the Charge which ImidBwitliCopuJnNeBa'sTnK 

iJ^-Sfa^S-' " .OoBunaoded the DeCuhmeDt of iliriM Compani™ gr MsdroB Happeri and Min, 

Ml ptwr "r piaaiW.lnitnlarlr ratuable »n.i in,port«il SBrvioea," Brovct of Lt.Uolonol. ia,l Mod.1). ComibaodS 

W^BnaMXfiniUUaBDt .BSj-W (received tlio Ihankii of ibo Qo»erninoLtof Iiuila, menlionBd indcpaMhiie, 

Bjr wrred m tba lodiaa maUi^cDnipaigD in iSjS, and waa prnneDl at theaBUn of Jbeeminc' 

ofBuidk,raliaf or KlrKee.andiDtheReeetTednrinEibesU>riDOfl,heHeiirbtFi>rPmiwarr« (^edia 

"* '"^^•'^ wp to iBjs-Bi^aod took part in the maroh us Ottadahiw wiUi the force under 

-■— ; ■—- ,-- — ~- "— .- ™4lJn}' campaian of iBsT-sS.and wMpreaenlBl the rollefof Lucknowbv 

ICvdapioiMaluiO.attliaaanipaUanofUiaAliunfaaeh by Onlnun'* Foree. aod at tbe lisgo and caplore of 
■JBw (*«*' ■"* '"* Olaipa, and ana jmr't aitn aetiimt, 

WoMinintASsrvMaaAHinaneFtaUBngiDserthraBKhoiit theOhineaeminpniEn of iSiSa.BndwsBsreHnt 
WUm orei^O. eaptaiM of Tangko and the Taka ForU. and aurreader of Psktn (k«dal with two Cluiiat 
- B«M TbDiDiwan itfTed in 1^ AlK^n war in .j7?;8oaiid toe* pan with Uio Hl»>Brtk and Lugb 

g a n ar»l pliayre (meolioned in dnpatche 


P*MOBtf A. r. HamlHoa 

—- al ika banl« of Tel-el- Ka 

mc] S. C darks tarred 


•*—"-'- "— i. and aurrendar of Pokjn (Uedal wilb two ClMpal."" 
BjQ-Soand t"""""*— — ''^^ "■- "'- — '*---> T..r:.'_ 
3. Uedall. 

.__r_.„.. in conunand of H Oompimy Madras Bappen (Medal). 

the Itadraa Happers and Uinsr* in lbs EffvptfaD wur of iSlli, and WM 

r(BrB*etofLi.Coloool. Medal with Olaap.andKboUlTO'eBlar). 
the AfKban war at >ej3-«u (Medal). 

dbi deapMcbea, Bnrrrt 

llBthe AbyaainiancanipaiBn 

' OBWml Tumor 

* of Boyal Engineers (late Bombay Engineen'), 

D oipeditJoD airainHt Kolaporoin iStj. 

, , of Khooibab.a 

J »mr with the AbTHlolan Bip " 
mtvl iltj.tx •* — "J—  — '■ 

._ ..__ _3bedonllsada]a; prcaeQlaUbBaclionof Aroeooand atorming ol Magdala 

I Pili.llai a* havina " dinplayed great istelUKence and activity in evernhing IhroiiBboat tbe< 
' lijb^, OB., and Medal). 

liiionarjr Force in i»s6-j7.and waaproaeotat the 
1 (Medal with CIup). Barred aaBiDcntiTe Bd- 

-' '"■ paten i>a 8en?or"Eli{i^ee? of the 

ol Magdala (mSDliDned in dH- 

If lUor, OL 

 bior Oeoentl HaiK aen-cd with tho Pontian Bipedltinnarr Forci 
rwnrtahaad eaptore of Mohumra (Medal with LTatp). Served In the Indian matioy UHnpalgQ m iBjB, inclading 
aa Mh* Hd awanlt of Kotsh and Dwarka-nonuded (Medal with Cbup). Waa Auiaunt Field Eanuecr 
nklkt OkuBiiDdel Field Furea in tG^g. 

■l^BT General C, A.Goodfallow Bcrvadwitb the Central India Field Fcrco in iB^j-jS. and woa prcnenlal iha 

a»|! w««»i«rdeil thar«"'furBaJlaDt conduct at Oia attack on the Fort of Beyt, on Ibe «lb October iSjg- 
ftrtiitimaeliiii.a mlil I the leili BegimeBC waa abot under the walls of tbefort. Lieataoul Ooodfiilloii roabed 

_ . ._, nd bore oH tho body of ibeaol 

inppoaed u be woonded only." Wna AasiaUal Field Engineer wl 
Bjfl. Served aa Brigade Major of Royal Knaineer" - ■' ■■-- ■' 
I .. J i_ J — -■-'"laror Lbe "elfiaient 

lainian BipediUonary Fori 

1 1 >iinliiiiil the nampaign (mentioned in deapatcbea for tEe "elBoienlmiuiaorin wbi'cli beCB 
\ ■•wpaintmenk" bevel of Ui^ior. and Modal) . 

J •OduelMcreweUiaTamadwAulMaDt Field EDClneer with the Okan..-. 

I, Ih Ujmtiai^n eampaign on detaehad dBty at Koomeylee in aorvering and conatructing ea 
I na|iauAdjatant()tBombaT8appenBnd Miners (Medal). 

"OdoBd Dawdm asrved In tbe Afghan war in iB^g-So, and took part In themarolito Ci 
te Kaior Gmaivl Phajra (meoUoMd in deeptcohaa. Medal). 

'Tij»inlan eaapolgn m haad otthe Water Bnppljr Dapartmante to tbe Army. Organifed the waterinKnn 
■teachpiMtukdaaoampanJadtbaadvanoedniioetoUagdala; preeeniatthenctloo of Amim. and am 
jalwbaCDteTed Magdala (mmtionad in deapatehai, Medal). Serv»l in the Arghin 

rrad p*n)5 in aorveymg 

at at Balf-n-daan (Braret of Lt.ColODal. and H 

iphoni the Abyallnlai 

mpaign in iB<t-CS ; 1 

Hion of Arogee and capture of Ma;;-lalii (maul 

"9 Orenadiar Gaarda. 

A Company Ibdfce. KGnaaHe. ;;Bi,iMim" "R*i.iium"_;'_Oddi»i.d»" 

ot" "Eoirr, iBSa" "Til-il-K>hk " "Sciiur, 1885." 

GwrasT. F. C.Dnfai/OaiiibHdRa.'Xe. XT, XP.OCB.OCBZ.aOMB 

lf«'>t'OtHr*I,;MV4;i Un(.fiM<nii,igJaiieui Onwnil.ig JnlyxS) IWi 

ni7*ri> Cll^. 3& Not. 87 i CsJsiiir of th« GrtnadlFT Curd^ 15 Deo. 61. 

mry Trotter, Commanina lU Btgimtnl, ij 3n\j ia; E»i. * Ll.'^ Octeii U.  

r. ^ Zt.CblDHi, '31 Out. 71 i 1'<V'<><-, I in\i ii 1 .LW«(I, 4 Not- 84 ! Lt.Oilii—i 

l.iiurnittJaraM01iph>Dt.*Siii. ^-Xf. 'it Oct. 66; Ll.^ Cmfl. 'i^Hte. tig; Capt. ^ Ll.Ciliitil, 

r..'!^-.7f.'..". aoQTBepBlrSi'HjdB'vaiien.'CJro'. £m. ^S'. 6Mar.67i Ll.fCapt. »ii, FbIi. 70; Cv*- 4 

llio^rfl, iiBmt. 17; Oalrw^, 19 Oct. Bi ; Jfrv'ar. T4 Apr. 8 1 i U.Cohiul, i Jnlyoo. 

f/'.M ll«rl>enFnnFiB<:fttoii,£». .f£l. 'igUftyfir: £1. ^ (W. '9 ApHI 701 CapL ^ LI.Ctle<ul, m Uir. 

^S ; ila,^, a Jlsy Si ; CWnfl, 19 Ukreh 8; ! Lt.Calml. ij Jalr 90. 

«iir».— 3 /out Aithiir Ch«rl«» Solle^y, Jui. ^ Lt. '13 Jbob «8j 1(. f Capl. 'ij Fab. 71 i C^. + 

Zl.Coloiid. ; Apr. 79 1 Jf^w, 1 Aag. Bj j CiJdiiil, 1 Aug. S;. 

Eilmuijil AnCrobas,'°£'aMiii-l.<. 'iBFeb. 69; 14. f Cvpl.'ijllajji; rspC. # Zl.Cbfmt/, 14 Unym 

Karw.-eRi<>nlo>£ii>. ^^4. '17 April 69; £'- t C'V- ''7 Ui« 7>; Cvf- t U.Ctlaml, 34 Uay 791 

i/.'i' r, I Apr. Sj ; Calawa, n Jm. 88. 

(.'luiili' ItobeilHoiTler,!' Su.^Zt. '19^(769] U.^ Capl.Tf Sept. 71 ; Capi. 4- Zl.Cttaml, 7 Jus* 79; 

»,iiV, iiApr. Bji CDfouI, 17 Sept. tS. 

W^llhiTEi Henry Mnckinnan. £iii. 4' U. I'll Jane 70; £<. # Cof^f . 3 Ang. 71 ; Oipf. 4- Xf.CoIiiiKl, 1 Jan.Bi 

VilWbHBtion, Katijurf-w! '37 Aag. 70; £(. # (V- 4 Deo. 7=1 Capl.f- Lt.Colancl, 5 July Bi; Uijtr 

S March 86 ; Colciul, 11 Miiroh 00. 
EUry Edward Colrlle, 14 CS.,£iij.^Z(.>i0cL7Oi£'.# Cop', is Uu. 79; Cwr.#£f.Cof«i(I, 1 NoT.Bi 
ITiu'Dr, 1 Jaly 86 ; Cohiil, 1 JBO. B6. 

p.f.r. IvrjT John Caradoo Seibeit," CB. CammiKiiiwg lit ttililia t* Cama-lt, irilli mnk ff Uaj^r Gtirrat 
Eh. 4- 2'. '5 Not. 70; U.^ Cai>r. sj Not. 74; £<-''««-. iBKOT.Sii Oipl.flJ. Cot. iK^y SaCaliMl 
iBAna.toi Major, i^ Oet. ^. 

Kyre MnccloDnell BUirart Crabbe,'* Dittrirt Ittftctar sf ^nitlry, Aldtrtkal; LI. iS Oct, 71 ; Gijil. > 
Not. Si I SI. liajar, 1; Jung Sj i Major, I July 90. 

p.f.c. ilDi. Frederick WUUam Stopfbrd,* i^. iS Det. 71 ; Capt. 7 May B41 ff.Jtfq/tr, ij Jnno 85; Uojtr 
a July go. 

SoM. l-harles Robert WlUlam Colvllle. Ualrmf CoMUr," IfilHaiy Strnfory fo «< Oowrjior Of Hmil 4 
CaudtfiJ^. iBOct. 71; CBpf. B JaueSt; If >>r, i] July 90. 

FmnciaCeeilRicardo , 

it. John UildmarB IBLM^or. 15 Junt Js) 

eynolda" AiBfriof niof •/ UrMtaite.ifMi* iMafpief 
° Eigimtnlml A4j%larl 7 Uay 89 

r Fnller Acland-Hood," ^idi iti Camp 


'.it Charles Tn>Ucip«H ... 

'"-- -wmer , 

itiara.AiiladrOin^ -,. _. . _. 

Uniry Fredsriek White." AUf dtCtmp It 


Alexander Einloch .. 

bn Townnbend St. Aubjp" iBI.M^)«r, a Jnly 90) ; 

df Cataitaike Gortrmar of Mmtg Xcng 


[DbeitGordoo Oordon 

m-Ant^n .. 
oil is Bnufror 

id Joihua Cooper* ... 

Aabreyllnpe M'MBhon, Aijatai 

EdwaidKlohsra Taylor" 

Charles Heury Ilalfoi 
CharU. 7.. „ ~ 
Qrtiral H. F. I>ani. 

lauAieibalitiamn,- AHi ii Camp lo lIajoT\ 
"l^keii bam ," A%it"ii"camp 'to o'lii'. O « .' '^ ' V " 
Apr-90 .'.■'■'. 

1 Ilii.rvltoKerCnii 
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'Banry OrliuHloiLord,'".Jiin(a»t ij Joly 99 

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7 Feb. |?[ 

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i Sapt. 86 

• ir». Biob»nI Fitirer BoiBDnM 

J St. John Halford Uaviinur- 


, wuliani liIuiTOj-Tliiiiipl»Bil ~...-..^ - -„ 

1 WUfred 8«iwn Aba aalWi , 

QMThr Jrut<'>.-'3 Williun Holmw K ,8 Jalj S4 ; U«,. Unit. 

40011 Il«i7 UBU, s Jan. 43 1 .uoa. Mint. 
iliBOin PowBll, 3 Dmx. as J Btih Ltnt. 

Jhu.MnrdHaiiliaa.f'irS.ifAiHi.biSbHHiijaBapt. T4 1 A>V'Vti/<>r,iaAug.8«. 
Uaiga BsUUsall Muut. JCS. •« BbU. Ui ^.S. i April i> i «S,y«w, > Uv. tit 


I .Lot), ii 

_. OllphnnUerved in 

■ColenaltbeHon.G, P. H.Vi 
Firid Fona, Bnd wu nreaeml 1 
etmd In >ha Zuli 

IT tlirongliont tbe en 
.ml (lege of SebusUi 
ir Olupa, and Turkii 



u C0I0& 

 Colonel Bavl 

;lie aaoOftQ oampaign in i33s (Mo^ 
llien lerreil in Iha ATgbaii war In 

K Iho CBptUTB of tlioPaiirar KolL .... ,,. 

■ud took put IniiiBnaMaitwitionplurBcr King CoIjwbjo (Moiliil vrith CImiiJ. 
idopw, ruid UaodoDaid rarvsd wish the mil BstUiIion Gnniidier Ouunii in lbs 
I prsMot at tha baUlaofTal-e[-Kebir (Medal witbClup, nnd KbeiliTo'sSlarJ. 
ifaa Soodaa oampalEa [□ iSSi (Uedal wiibClup, nod Kliedive's Slxi}. 
be aandan campaign in ifiSs (Uedal witb Cl*Hr. >">! KIihUtc'i Siar). 
DvlaT HTTOd In the Nile EEpeditioB in iB8i-Ss frltb the Qnaids Camel Eaaimeat, asll WBii preeoDt 

at Abo Klat and Bl liubat (Medal with two Clupi, and Kbediie'a StorJ. 

lel CoUUe Hnad with the Sondna Bipaditiun aader fiir Qemid Grahiuii in 1SS4 In tba InWlligeDCB 

_ .^ jot, and was prBMoC ia tba eagagamsnt at £1 Tab (menliooed in daijiatcbea, Uedal with Cla>]i, and 

thcdiTC'i 8lar]. SerrDd in tha Kile Ripeditian in iSg^-Sj with the lntsllii{xin(» Depsnmcnt.nDd wna preseat 
u the action of Aba Kica (laeotLdneil in deipalelica, CO.. and two Cluspa) ; also een-cd wllb lUp Ewplinii 

*u present in Ib'o enganiimoni m Umiss (mentianod in deapatches. Brevet of Coionai]. 

(iT««iitialho bottle of Tol-el-Kebir (racntionad in deapBtobeg, Brovet of Major, Mediil witb Clasp, itb UIbm of the 
Medjidie. and KhediFa'a Star). Uerved in the Nile Bipoditiin in iSB;-e6 with Che GiiRrda Camel Itcgimcnl, and 
wu pr^Hnl Bt the action! at Abu Klea and El Gubit (two UlB>pg|. 
" Mijor Crabbe aeriod «iUi thu A.ix.liary Transport in the Egyptian warof iBS) (Medal, and Kbcdive'B Starl. 

" Major Hon. F.W. aiop.'onl iwrred in the Bayptiaa warof iS3i aa AidedB Oaip l" Sir John Adye. Chief of 
the Stair. »id was preeeiit at Che engogoinenta of Tal-el-Mabota. Kauanin (qtb Sept.). and in the ballluof 
Tet-al-Kebir (mentioned in deepatchee. Modal with Clasp, jlh Clan of the Medjidie, and Khedive'e Star) Berred 
. .^ . «__.. ;__ i_ -nj,^; as Aide do Cump to Major General Lyon K ■'- ■■"■' -n„™._i. .. 


doaed in deepMcbeii 

la tbaZala warof 1879 (menlioaed in dtspalchaa, llt^ol nkfii CVUfi) . 

2^oa Grenadier Ouarde. 

** Captain Cranitird eerred with the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 on tpedal acnrice (Medal with Clasp, aid 
KhediTe'a Star). 

* Major St. John Mildmay eerred with the and Battalion of the Grenadier Gnards in the Egyptian war el 
1882, and was present at the battle of Tel-el- Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Sondan 
campaign in 1885 (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Major, Clasp). 

** Captain Beynolds eerved in the Egrptian war of i88a with the snd Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, and 
was presentin the engagementat Tdi-el-Mahnta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khe<live'» 
Star) ; also served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Clasp). 

* Captain Lloyd served in the expedition to the Sondan in 1884-85 as Signalling OflBcer to the Brigade of Gnarda, 
and was present in the engagement at Hasheen (Medal with Clasp, and Khedivcrs Star). 

" Capiain Aoland Hood served aa Adjutant and Battalion Grooadier Gnarda in the Egyptian war of i88a, and 
was present at the battle of Tel-el- Kebir (Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Captain Crawley served with the 3rd Battalion 60th Rifles in the Zulu war of 1879, and was present at the action 
of Ginfondhlovn and relief of Ekowe (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Modal widb 
Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

s* Captain Trollope served in the Beohnanaland Expedition nnder Sir Charles Warren ia 1884-85 with the Balloon 

** Captain Hon. H. F. White served in the Sondan campai^ in 1885 (Medal with Clnap, and Khedive's Star). 

** Migor Hon. J. T. St. Aubyn served in the Sondan Expedition nnder Sir Gerald Graham in 1884 aa Aide de Camp 
to Brigadier General Sir Redvers Bnller, Commanding ist Brigade, and was present in the engagements at El Tcfr 
and Temai (mentioned in despatches, Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the Nile Expedition in 
1884-85 as Aide de Camp to Major General Earle and after his death to Brigadier General Braokenbur^-, and waa 
present at the action of Kirbekan (mentiotied in despatches, Brevet of Msjor, two Clssps). 

" Captain Legh served in the Soudan campaign in 7885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

** Captain Gordon-Gilmour served in the Zulu war of 1879, and waspreeentin the engagement at Ulundl (Medal 
with Clasp). Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the Gnards Camel Regiment, and was present at th» 
actions at Abu Klea and Abu Km (Medal with two Claspa, and Khedive's Star). 

* Lieut. Scott-Kerr served in the Znln war in 1870, and was present in the engagement at Ulundi (Medal witb 
Clasp). Served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive s Star). 

^ Lieut. Lane-Fox-Pitt served with the oistBighlanders in the latter p«^ of the Zulu war of 1879 (Medal witJk 
Clasp). Served in the Sondan campaign m 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

** Lieut. Sandford served in tiie Egyptian war of 1883 with the and Battalion of the Grenadier Guards, anci 
was nresentat the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served in the expedition to 
the Soudan in 1885 with the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier Gnarda, and was present in the engagement at 
Hasheen ((>lasp). 

** Lieut. Lindsay served with the and Battalion of the Grenadier Guards in the Egyptian war of xS8a, and was 
present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Also served in the Soudan cam- 
paign in i88k (Clasp). 

** (3onnt Gleichen served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the Camel Ck>rps, and was present in tho 
actions at Abu Klea and Abu Km (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

M Lieut. Cotton served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Lieut. Taylor served in the Soudan campMgn in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

^ Lieut. Manners served with the 15th Hussars in the Boer war of 1881. 

^ Lieut. Pakenham served in the Soudan campaign in 1885 (Medal with COasp, and Khedive's Star). 

M Lieut Mills served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

ii Lieut. Davies served in the Soudan campsSgn in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

" Lieut. Powney served in the Sondan campaign in i88« (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

w Lieut. Lloyd served in the Sondan campaJgn in 1885 (Medal with (Hasp, and Khedive's Star). 

M Lieut. Tighe served in the Burmese Expedition in 1886-88 with the 1st BattaUon Rifle Brigade (Medal with 
two CHaaps). 

■* Lieut, w. Holmes served in the Sondan campaign in 1885 (Medal with (Hasp). 

•^ Surgeons Major Harrison and Campbell, and Surgeon lutehelL^For War Services, see Medical Staff. 

CoiUviuaiion of Notes to Coldstream Guards, 

*o Lieuts. Hamilton and Shnte served with the and Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Egyptian war of i8d?, 
and were present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahnta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Meoal with Clai»p, and 
Khedive'a Star) . Served in tne expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with the lat Battalion of tho Coldstream Gnarda 
nnd waa present in the engagement at Hasheen, at that near ToCrek on the a4th March, and at the destruction of 
Temai (Clasp). 

» liieut. Frederick served in the expedition to the Sondan in 1885 with the ist Battalion of the ColdBtrcam OuardR, 
and was present in the engagement at Hasheen, at that near Toirek on the a4th March, and at the destruction of 
Temai (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Egyptian Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 as extra 
Aide de Camp to Sir Frederick Stepbensoa (4^ Class of the Medjidie). 

■* Lient. Folson served in the Soudan lampaign in 1885 (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

** Surgeons Major Magill, Fenn and Alexander, ~For War Servicea, see Medical Staff. 

Coldstream Onardi, 

- rn&cJJAjluu 


i]  " ■'^"°BaTrt. iBSi  '■ " " aoiKia, iSSj." 

(MtMl.— «, B^K.Sir Ailhuf Eannnl HardinK*.' KCB. CIS. Eitrm BttirrtlaHi Oimh : ilu. > 
U. II D»o. is: tUpt. "i Jann 44; BlMujor, II Dec. S4: C-'P'. * JA-CaUnS, loIfBli. ss 
f( Miir sB; ttaj-r O.urif, 6 Mar. 61: W.O.uml. . Oct. 7,1 (7.upaf.i Apr. 3j ; tW.w' " 
Kiog'i Rornl BiBej. .j Mnr. 86; 0.;<.i./Gold>t™i»ai Que-'- -' "— — 

i(sa.H«iU7W[llTwn Lowry Corri.*£ii(.4'U. 'nJuIiM; LUCapl.'a Best. W; Capl. » If 
■) Stpt. 77 i Jr<>r, ifl Jan. 84 : Vthttl, » Aug. 9? i U. Caltnil, la Nov. to. 
Bobcn wtmam WaUb FoOMt,* Bmr. f Zl. '11 July f6: Lt. f Capl. '17 Feb. Go : Cant. » Li 
If Sept. 77 1 Jfv'ii'-, >S Uarch B4 ; Ctlsmrl, j&Uar. SS; /4.rDl»<(. n Sept. on. 
>^1mi.— >RTalfDBdw»rdThoma.r<i((. fllmoath," CS. £ih. J- £(. '13 Jul; M ; £(. fCapt *t 


>S Uarch B4 ; Ce'»'(, 
mrdThomo. r<i((. fa 
■6 Veb. rS I VW, S Dec. S4 

HeaUiiilil Pole-C«n)i. . 

Is ; Majrr, 10 Mil. Sj 1 CW>« 

rmncw Cspel Uuiley.l'Au. r u 

Major, It »tjpt. S6 ! &IeMf , ig B« 

TeeejjQlut Daman." Xt, iSUct. 

r.>.c. Jobn roMer Qaarn EOM af BUidensbi 

rj.A Alfred Bdiibnl Codriotitoa," " ' 

I. f Carl. I, 

■- 7j; CV.7i(. *«.»((,«(, 

»l, 4 Jalr 

Bept. 90, 

tt; Xtj-r.ioJatySg. 
LI. I] July W : Capl. iB Unr. 3s ; Vqfor, 

1 Capl. iB Apr. S: ; ITaiw, 4 Dee. Eq. 
Co »e Q.H.; Xi«(. J. lug. 73 ; C^Jtoi., 

(. Dooglu Frederick RawdoD Diiiraoti,*i Militan \ 

ttw*/al r».i>, bJ* «■* ^fMiDin- J 

'moa Bubart SwpfOrd . ' 

f,, Arthur Haarj HonTi;k."-M.i,-. ' !l r . 
t»UIJJJulamli6)Ut.aa; .i—r -J'-  

Herbert CODvan Hnrlaa^ 

Herbert CODvarB Hnrl 
Oeorre Ple^aU-BonT 

A>a. Anbiu CmoTlUe ronsMua^ 

tf». Il,.lMd WlnQ" 


Sir ChMleaJobiT&ubert Miller, SarV. 

.J Sept. 



JO Sept. 



Onm.illn (iolsnJ ffmodo SmiUi. S/^f C=l>j. 

CluirlifB Arthur Andreo Frederick," icTr>.y n'U I^ ) 

lilt. Cecil TreTBlj-an HullBod," ^U. <ti Cdap to) 

John niDbnril Ha>l, AM* di Own ie iiv'er Omral ) 

Iba. UetiFr Bobert BaiUis-HuntlUD 

Jama. Herbert GuiCama Maredjtii, X«iJ Albiuni- 1 

v<risr" '"- ■"'••'"-'■^'^^'^-"'■j 


)i Apr. 
I Hay 


Geoffrajr FrrcyThynno f eliding 

Williem Henry Lamhlon 

a Cacil Edirunl Pi 
I Thomas BlDbiDi 
1 Blohard 

n U'Carty Steele 

 aodwell ffilkiiuon .... 
«• Henry Syre Uoyd . 

Bo» Cbalfoner Qanatt 

l"!^?^ 2^2 Coldstream OucltcU. 

iFmU Half 

lO ... 

6 ... 

15 .- 

16 ... 

9 '< •*• 

6 ... 


• •• 


• • • 

Quarter A£tuUr:^2 William Webttter,>« 15 Oct. 8x ; Mom. Uemt, 

t Henry Fol«oa,* i Apr. 85 ; Hon.IAemt, 
Suryeom JIaJor.—2 James Magill,^ IID. 9 Dec. 85 ; Surgeon, 3 May 76 : Sargeou Utjor, o Dec. 85. 

Krno»t Harroid Fcnn, »• laMay 88; Surgeon, 30 Sept. 75; Smrgeon Major, 13 May B<i. 
I Alexander Charles Archibald Alexander,"* 29 July 82; ftify*oi», 29 J^^X ^a ; iinr>jeo.t- 
Major, 8 Nov. 88. 
SurffeoM.—2 William Alexander Carte, IfB, aa July 85 ; Surff^on. 30 May 85. 
I Robert Uippisley (>>x, 7 Apr. 86; Surgeon, 30 Jan. 86. 
X Uayward Reader Whitehead, i Apr. 89; Surgeon, ao July 82 (aUaeked). 
Solicitor, Robert J. P. Broughton, 7 Jan. 6a. Faeinfft BKxxe.—Agtntt, Messrs. Cox and Co. 
I \9t Battalion returned from Eggpt, ix Sept. 1885. and Battalion returned from Eggpt, i88a. 

* General Hon. Sir A. B. Hardinge served as Aide de Camp to Lord Hardinge throughout the campaign on the- 
Butlei ia 1845-46, and was present m the battles of Moodkce. Ferorcshah (horse ishot). and Sobraon (Medal an»l tw«> 
Clasps). Served the Eaotcm campaign of i8«:4-cs, first as D.A.Q.M. Ueneral 10 the ist Division, and at Heacl 
Quarters, and from the spring of 1855 as Assist, (jr. Master General at Head Quarters, including the or 
Alma. Balakluva, and Inkcrman, and siege of Sebastopol (Brevet of Major. Medal with four Clasps. CB., Kj>»gbt 
of the Leirion of Honor, Turkish Medal, and 5th Class of the Me<Uidio; promoted to and Class of the Met^jidie iit 

* Colonel Sterling served with the and Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Egyptian war of 188?. antl 
was present in the engagement at Tel-oI-Mahnta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir— slightly wounded (Medal with 
Clasp, 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and Kbcdivo's Star). Served in the expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with the 
1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, and was present in the engagement at Hasheen, at that near Tofrek ou 
the 24th March, and at the dostmotion of Temat unentioned in despatches. Clasp). 

* Colonel Corry served in the expedition to the Soudan in X885 with the xst Battalion of the Coldstrcnni 
Guards, and was present in the engagement at Hasheen. at that near Tofrck on the a4th March, and at tbo 
destruction of Temsi (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

* Colonel Follett served with the and Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Egyptian war of 1882. and was pre- 
sent in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta. and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 
Served in the expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with the xst Battalion of the Coltlstream Guards, and wa-i i)rcsent, 
in the ezigagement at Hasheen, at that near Tofrek on the 24th March, and at the destruction of Tomai ((Hasp). 

^0 Lord Falmouth served with the 2nd Battalion 0>ldstream Gnsrds in tbo EgvpUan war of 1882. and wn» 
present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, 4th Class of the 
Osmanieh. and Khedive's Star). Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 in command of the Guards Can rl 
Regiment, and was present in the actions at Abu Klea and El Gnbat and in the reconnaissance to Mctammeh,. 
where he conunanded the whole force after the departure of Sir Charles Wilton (twice mentioned in despatches,. 
CB., and two Clasps). 

" Colonel Gravea-Sawle served in the Nile Escpedition in X884-85 with the Guards Camel Regiment, aad whs. 
present at the actions at Abu Klea and Abu Km (Medal with two Clasps, and Khedive's Star). 

u Colonel Pole-Carew served in the Afghan war in X879-80 as Aide de Camp to Sir Frederick Roberts, and: 
was present at the advance on the engagement at Charasiab on 6th October 1879. and in tbo operations 
around Cabul in December 1879, including the investment of Sherpore ; accompanied Sir Frederick in the march> 
to Candahar. and was present at the batue of Oandahar (several times mentioned in despatches, Medal with three 
Clasps, and Bronse Decoration). Served as Orderly Officer to H.B.H. the Duke of Connaaght in the Rffyptiani 
war of x88a. and was present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with 
Clasp, and Khedive's Star). Served with the Burmese Expedition in 1886-87 (mentioned in despatches, CB., and 
Medal with Clasp). 

u Colonel Manley served with the and Battalion Coldstream Gusrds in the Egyptian war of 1882. and was pre- 
sent in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star) . 
Served in the expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, and was prcMnt 
in the engagement at Hasheen, at that near Tonrek on the 24th March, and at the destruction of Temai (Clasp). 

*' Major vesey Dawson served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the Guards Camel Reffimont, ami wn- 
proneiit at the actions at Abu Klea and El Gubat and at the reoonnaisanco of Mctammeh (Me<lal with two Clai>i>r>, 
and Khedive's Star). 

»• Major Ross. Captain Winn, Lieuts. Milligan, Holland, Drummond-Hay, and Maude served in the cxpc- 
diti{»n to the Soudan in 1885 with the ist Battalion of the Coltlstream Guards, and wore prCBent in the en- 
gagement at Hasheen. at that near Tofrck on the 24th March, and at the destruction of Tcmai (Medul witl.> 
Clasp, and Khedive's Star) . 

»• Major Codrington servedintheEfryptianwar of 1882 as Aide de Camp to Lieut.General Willis, Commandintr i^"* 
Division, and was present in Uie engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in 
despatches. Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Modjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

" Jfiyor Lcgge served in the expedition to the Soudan in 1B85 with the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream G:ianl«!. 
imd was present in the engagement at Hasheen, at that near Tofrek on the 24th March, and at the destruction ot 
Temai (mentioned in despatches. Brevet of Mnjor, Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Hur). 

«* Major Douglas Dawson served in the Egyptian war of 1882, first with the and Battalion Coldstream OunrdH, 
• and afterwards with the Mounted Infantry, and was present in the engagements at Tel-el-Mahuta and Kft»»Hft«m 
(gth September), and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir and capture of Cairo (Mednl with Clasp. 5th Cla^s of the Modiiditv 
and Khedivo's Star). Served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the Guanls rnmcl Regiment, was Sfflfl t)lHc( 1 
to Colonel Bodcawen while in command of the column, and was present at the actiona at Abu Klea and El,. 
in the reconnaissance to Mctantunob.and at the attack on the wonnde<l convoy (two Clai»i>»). 

** Captain Hon. A, H. Henniker-Mnjor served as Adjutant with the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards in tbo 
EgypUan war of 1B82 (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

** Captain Lovell and Lieut. Webster served with the and Battalion Coldstream Guards in the Etryptian war 01 
iSSa, and were present in the engagement at Tel-el-Mahuta and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Cla>i»,. 
and Khedive's Star). 

** Captain Hon. A. Fortescuo 8er\'e<l with the and Battalion of the ('oldstrcam (Juards in the Etryptian war nf 
1882, and was present in the engagement at Tcl-el-Mahuta and at the battle of T(>1-el-Ke))ir (Medal with ('liit')>, aii<i 
Khcdive'e Star). Ser\'ed with the Bcehuannland £x[>edition under Sir Charles Warren in 1S84-85. 

*'' Captain Surtees served in the Nile Expedition in 1884 85 iu command of the Turkish Mounted Infantry of 
the Egyptian Army and afterwards of a 1>oat convoy (Medal with Clasp, 4th (Moss of the Medjidie, nnd K»jc<live's 
Star). Served with the Egyptian Frontier Field Force in 1885 86. and was present in the engagement at Glni^^v 
in command of the 3rd (3amel Corps of the Egyptian Army (4th Cls«s of the Osmanieh). 

•* Captain Pleydell-Bouverio served with the 2nd Battalion of the (-oldstream Guards in the Egyptian war r>f 
1 887,.and was present in the engafiroment at Tel cl-MahuU and at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with Clasis 
and Khedive's Star). Served in the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir ('harles Warren in 1884-85. 

" Lord Winchester served with tbe expedition to the Soudan in 1885 as Aide de Camp to Sir John M'Neill, nnd 
was present in the engagements at Hasheen and the Tofrek zeroba and at tbo destruction of Temai (Medal with 
two CI: sps, and Khedive's Star). ^For remainder </ JS^otee, $ee end of Grenadier Guards, p, a joa. 

— UMbiwU.— HcnirHortinBa Denne Stme'ey 

S: U.tmlCa-' '•- 1 '- --■--■  '-*- 

( Si ; £l.r.lo 
. I #Ullwn Ji 

. '= Hi,*, Jbckoit 


CliorlM Vanneok,' Sum. ^ Lt, *i Der. 6j i 

Soots Quards. 

.'. V.w"'"''"'![ .'.'"■'■'T'.'J''"'' ilie SphlnYl. 

ooonBught,^ jti'. ir. fp. ocsj. aciro. 

63 ; !'■ *■ Cmt »6 Fab. 46; Rij^f, f Ll.Calaaet, J5 Junt 

hboii  J.™. T «. -.DflC 6ji U.»a^. 'jS JuneOSi C«J)(. * Ll.Calnait, 

,,, Jf«,w, iOl*.8ii Co/aM^iOct-Sj: E(.CJjfej.rt, I. anysa. ' 

Utn^i B»n4.gI0B Snlkle; Doo^lu Camphell,"' jM.ifi*, 'lo Mny (It | £*. iOifrfuftt '18 Dec. «i 
I Oaft,i Lt.Oilot^ijiiijii: Miyir, 1 Apr-flj; Colauil. < Apr, 86. ■. t . 1 

t a*BtJ FlndyBr," A>. J' W. '19 Mny 66; Xf. |- Cap(. 'ji Ang. 69; CaB/. * iJ.Cofanti 
I itajar, it June B.; Cotautt, ji Drc. 9/. 

WuliarnKdmrd aftmUnimsiT," .ff«. f Zf. '17 Joni (A; Ll.i Caul. '1 Uar 711- (Vp< J- LtCbJuxl. ' 
» Apr. jE 1 tMauI, 11 Mny B* ; Jfyui-, 1 July Bj. . <•  1 ■» . 

UDatDU wation WilUoa," C«, Ku.^ K. 'j Ang. «6 ; Ll.i djrf. Pj Sept. 70 ; r,.,i(. ^ £f CWojhI 
iS : Jfiwr, 1 July 85 ; foleiMf, 1 Juno B8. 
• IiiiRaltioIuDuiurjoDeB.OfBi.f U. '18 Deo. 66; Z*. # Cuji(. '< Fob. 71 1 Caat.^LI.Ctlanit, iiMdrahn* 
Jrv>r. I JolJ 8*5 Ob/h*!, . JnV ^. -T- ■. . 3 Tim 

1 Kir WilliiMiiQtirdQaQonli>il-CniniiilBg,"Baif., Jiu, ^ I*. »:s Doc. 67; ii. ^ CVi«l, ',7 May 71- Ctaat 

, thomM WUlinai. ri.rt. CokB.i» J!m. i £*. 'ij Fub. 53; i(. # C«p(, '30 Aug. ti; (l.iJ. * K.Coinari.^ 
I iDeo. tsi Kd>>-, agNoT. BS. •> ' . r 1 .n 

I ArtburBnndiraod,<'SiM. #Z(. 's ^tay^g; Z'. f Coft. >iS Oct. 711 Cafl. i Ll.a 
OiBtuiuutiLt.OiIoBaU.— I Frederick Lorn CampbcU," 

cmt.4i.i.aiiai ■' "- "- '■-' — ' -- "— " 


Sir CaUib«n 

AitAardlii . _ 

c, ITm. Nortli doOoiguy l^.i'.'j ■■■■■': 
tmi.^'.Uam. Diririct 
:Ubi^ilSp«ucerDninm":i'J ' 
j.Fradli.Wni.aomiUT."/-. ■.'.■■ 
laBoarcUlcrStracey'' .... 
H. Ctmrlca Hu-bord, i4iJt cir Ciintfiu 


1 ChMle* Crotcliloy," flr(j. jBirt. Aij. fli 

'1 Neil Juan Ufiul(»* 

|i CUuilBrlinnlSlnc«y»... 
JoliB WUUam AlDille Dn 
JuUnt JI Deo. 81 
li tflka.ZcrJABii^i 

t BotenDaaOa^.. 

'■ iMUOBoa Gearse DrHBUBotd". 

Bronird Enunl. Hanbnr 
Haon Bunpdan Wisrai 
Genfd Jamei Uathbait' 
BadBD FIMsber B^uyib Baden- 1*0 « 
JaiCM Fnnoli ^tiytiae," AiJuUai 
Waller SarymaoiiTD Folbrinsti&>a 
JuneaBoir " 
7r«lerlc Jn 

Oarral F. IT. ff. y. »'„ 

Bertoleylol " " ' 
Uearj Bdirard 
Air lUlpb Barrcu MUDBitliu I' 
HOOry CbbU Churloa BBUumi.i, 
Sberard HaDghton ODdai;ii> .. 
Edward Fraocii Clayton.. 

Bicbard tiaorjo Lrcbuii Bolton 

GnrilleJ'. , 

John Kaatiu» Hinvy 
Charlw WarJon ^tprgiwQ 
Walur Jofan Franeli. Sari 

Cecil Lowchi 

Cocil FoMer Beymoi 
""" — "tank La« 

OoUd, F>k(. Uhi 

 BotrUe ToUei 

it ... Brigadr Sursion.—i Artbar B. B, Uyeri.- 13 Mar S3i AuUt. Ai^ Bcpl. sg; Smr^en, 1 Usr. 7j; 

Burstoii Itm'ar, jt Hot. Sj ; Sri/ait aurgron, 11 Mar SS. 
II .. Surjigiii IfiyV.— 3 Qeoi-in Somervillo Boliinson," 31 Dec. 87; fiwyioa, 6 Uarcb Boj Strgrot Jfajm; 

7 ... aipjr«iii.— 1 WBHorCsluorley liecTor, WD, ail Not. B;: Surywi™. j Aoe. 8<. 
S ... I Hoberi Adhton BostiKk. JO Not, II7 : SBfjnni. iB Julj 96, 

' .s .,.1 1 Herbert Munai R«insiiy,ii Apr. BS; S-iv/ro", 10 Jftii.SS. 

Aciift Bins,— ,Jjn(i. UuBrs, Coi and Co. 
i*<£aitet>«r('Knwil/rimS^fi(, iBSi. and BiUUdiot rilmntj from S^pt, 10 Ihfl. riiy 
' Tbe Data orCoDnaogbt urred In the BgTptlui wkt of iBSi in commuid of tbe iit Brlnds (the Gakrds). aad 
wu prCHnt at the battle of Te!-el-Keblr (menttoned is itespBtchei, nceiTed the tbmlcB oflnth Hatues of Pariia- 
nunt, CB., Uedal with Clup, mdClus of the Uedjidls. snd Kfaediva'i BUr). 

* Colonel Stnoey serred In thn expedition Co the Bond&n In i9S; with the md BattallaD of Ibe Scots Gnirds. 
and *u prcHmt in the ennc-emanta at Huheen uid Tenul (mentioned is deapBtcheg, Usdal with Claap, and 
Khedive'* aiar). 

* Goloaal Oaaoolgne aerred irith tbe lat Battalion 8coLfl Onarda in the Egyptian war of 1B83. and waapreeenl 
BtlhebattlaorTel-el.Kebir (Medal fith Glaqi, and Kbedlre'a Star), Beired in the aipedlcion to the Soudan in 
i88i with the and Battalion of tbe Scota Guard*, and waapceaentiii the ensagemenu atHaahaenandTemai(Claapl. 

* Colonel the Hon, J, C, Vanneck aerred *lch the iit Batullon Bcota Qnarda in the Eeyptlsn war of i893. and 
waa present at the batUe of Tel-el-Keblr lUedal with CUip, and Kbedire'e Star), Eerred in the eipedilion to th» 
8ondan in 1B8; irlth the and Ballation of the Scota Qnanla, and waa present In the cngagemecta at Haabeen 
•nd Tamai (Clani) , 

u DoloDel B. B, D. Canpbell aerred with the lat Battalion eeota Goarda In the Bgrptiao war of iSSi, and wia 
preaent at tbe battle of Xel-el-Kebit <Uedal with Claap, and Ebedlre't Star). 

" Oolonel Flndyer aerrad with the let Battalion Bonta Ooarda In tbe Kgrptlaa war of 1BS1, and waa preirat 
■t the battle at Tet-«1-Kel>ir (Medal wUbCtaap, and Kb*diT0'aBlar). Barred in the expedition to tbe Bondan in 
lUsi'lthtbs and Battalion of the Bcota GnaidB,andw«8pnaentJn the engaoements at Haabean and Temal (Claap), 

■• Colooel W. K. HomgameiT aerred in the Zoln war bi 1I79 aa Depntr AJulatant Adjutant and Quarter Uaeier 
Oenaral and Dirlalta from the 6lh Hay to the iitb Jtily, and waa preaent in tbe engai^enient at Ulundi (mentioned 
'- -" 'obaa. Medal with Claap). 

" Colonel U. V. WiUaon eerred In tbe Hlle Eipedltion In iSei-f; witb the Qi 

meeent at the actloaa at Abn idea and Abu Em (twice mentioned [- ' •-•-" 

EbedlTe'a Btar). 

deapatcbee, CB., Medal with two t'lnapa, ai 

aerred In the expedition to the Bondan In t8S] witb the and Battalion of tbe Bcota Ooan: 
— tbe ed^axcinenta at Haaheen and Temal (Medal with Claap, and Kbedire'a Btar). 
Gordon Cummlcg aenred In the Zulu war of i§79. and waa preaent In tbe aagageineDt at ITIun 

<mentlonedliideapatohea, Medal with Claap), Barred with the lat Battalion Bcota Qnarda in tbe Egfplii 

18B1, and waa preaent at the battle of Tel-el-Kf''--"-"-'-"- "'  -^-j^— ■- — --■ '^- •>-- 

— *"'-T In 1884-85 w - ' '  - 

6m CI 

-* Lord Coke aerred with tbe lat Battalion Bcota anarda In the Xoyptlan war of iSBi. and was preaent at t1 
battle of Tel.ri-Ksbir (Medal witb Ctaap. and Kbedire'a Btar). Berredin the eipedition to tbe Bondan in iSS; wi 
tbeandBallBliontrf tM Bcota Ooarda, and waa preaent in the engageDwnta at Haabeen and Temal (Claipl. 

■* Iit(}oloiiel finwdwood wnTed In tbe eipedition to the Sondan in 1SB5 with tbe and Battalion of tbe Sco 
Onarda, and waa prcaant in tbe enngeminila at Haabeen and Temai (Medal witb Claap, and Khedlve'a Star), 

•I Coloml F. L. CampbaD aerred in Ibe Bondan campaign in iSSj (Medal, aod Khedire'a Star). 

OLLColonelPafntaervadln theaecondphaaeoftbeAahantiwarfromthe 17th December 1873, attached to Captn 
Bntler'a oommand (Medal wiUi Claap). Served in the eipedition to the Bondan in tSSj with tbe md Battalinn 
tbe Soots Onarda, and waa preaent in the engagementa at Hasheen and Temai (Medal with Claap, anij Kbedivi 

" Captain the Hon. North Dalrrmple aerred aa Adjniant with the lel Battalion Bcota Gnarde In tbe E^yptii 
r 1881, and waa preaent at the battle ofTel-el-Kebii^hone ahot (Medal witb Claap, jlh Clasa of the Uedjiili 

id KhedlTa'a Star). Uerred in the Bondan campaign in iBSj as Brigado Major to the Brljiade t 
as preaent in the engagement at Haaheen and at that nFarTiirrekon the 34th March— serereli wn 
» CaptalnA. B.I>TDnimond aerred with the Nile Eipedition In iae4-as>and was present at theactii 

(Medal with two Claspa, and Sbedire'a Btar), 

•• Mi^or Romilly aerred In the Egyptian war of iSei with the lat Battalion Bcots Qnnrda. and waa nmrntat 
the baUle of ToJ-el-Kebir (Medal mth Claap, and Khedivo'a 8Ur) ; aerved in the Soudan Eipedition m 1684 ati 
Aid* de Camp to Sir Gerald Gruham, and was nreeeni in the rngagetnenta at El Teh and Temai [mentlonrd in 
daapalchea, two Clasp*). Barred in tbe Nile Expedition in 7884-85 with tbe Gnarda Camel Regiment, and nna 
pnaentattbe actlonaal ibu Klea and El Qnbat (two Claaps) ; atao aerred with the Egyptian Frontier Field Force 
Id iBts^ asAidede Gamp to Sir Frederick Blephetison, and waa preaent in tbe engagement at Q in ias (men. 
tionsd in daepatehea, DUO.). 

" Captains Bteaoev, Dmidaa, and I«rd Aanaly. Lienla. Fnlleneyand Hanhnrv aerred with the tat Battalion 
Bcota Guards in tbe KgyptiaawarDf 1881, and were present at the battle of Tel-el'Kcbir (Medal witb Clasp, and 
Ebedlre'a Star). 

" M«ior Cmlohler aerred with the isb Battalion Scota Qnarda In the Egyptian war of iBSi, and was preaent at 
the battle of Tel-ef-Kebir (Brevet of Mi^or, Med^ irith Claap. jth Class or the Medjidie, and KhediTB'a Star). 
Served in tbe Nile Eipedilion In 1884-85 as Acting Adjalant to tbe Quarda Camel Regiment, and waa preaent ut 
tbo aotlona at Abn Klea and El Gntiat amu i ely wounded itwo Claapa), 

"Captain Straoey aerred with the and Battalion Manchester RsglnieDt tbroogbont the Egyptian ward 1881 
(Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

" (Japtaln Menilea. Lleola. Scott-Murray, MDnor. Wigram. Cutlibort, Erakino, and Ilcyworth termed in the 
eipedition to tlie Soudan in >G35 w;ih the md Batullon of the Bcou Guarda, andwercpTisent in the engagemente 
at Heaheen anil Temai (Medal witb Claap, and Khedive's Star). 

" Major J. v. A. Dtummond served la the eipedition 10 the Bondan in 1S85 with tbe ind Battalion of the SCDU 
Guarda, and waa preaent In the engagemenU at Saaheec and Temai (mentioned in deapatchea, Brerit of Major. 
Mnlal irith Claap, and Kh»live-a Btar). 

B Captain L. O. Dmnunond aerred in the Beobnanaland Eipedition under Sir Chartei Wan^n in 1834-8; witb 
Hsthnen'a Hotss. 

" Uent. Finnle aerred in the eipedition to Die Bondan in i88j with tbe ind Battalion of tbe Bcota Qnarda (Medal 
wi'^ Claap, and Khedive's Star). 

lyal Soots (Lothian Regiment). 

9rlij the let (The lioijal Seotg) Begimeut. 1"%''"'^] 
(ThiTjrd BallnUon isrorraed of tlie Kdinbnrgli Light Iiifautrj Militia.) 
The RojTil Ctpher wilhm the Collar of 8t. Andrew, and the OroiriL orarTl, In the »econd Colour tlio This 
Cnin. "Biiiniiiii"  RiBiiiini" ■■Oddw«bi" ■■Mitn.iuDit" "LouiiniW -at. Loci." "Kom. 

^bIouI — Veni? PUppa HajmoBA. Sutij/i, g April 
9 Not. ]6; M•^jfr,'iJ DeC4ji J^i.Cblontl. 'it Jui 
Xf.nruraf. i«MajTJ! 0«»mi[, t Oct. 771 Csloni, 
'ego WlUiHD TiioinpaoD,' 

11 7ia.ieb 11, Stlttjir, 

^___. itflkt Baiioliaii.ilaWij; Eti 

... 5J5; CVipl.] SepL fiij Migpr, 11 JnaD Boi £(,(Aifaiul, >i JoneSj ; Cidml. 31 . 

IimaireU KenBO ChnrlH aooko,* OtmrntHiima ikM Bjllalioii. i< Ang. St: Xwin.'aaMnr. sj i . 
to; Oiyf.'iianpt. «! Jfii>r. I July at 1 E<.&toMi,; Cninitt, ■< Ang. 39. 


Qoorge Booth' 

Coarse Seatbrth Rodoa 

Tbonuui Frnucli Bou 

Hut; C)*rd&ei>° 

WiUiam Drorj' aiiair..... 
Bowtand ?sarnl»7 Kjrli 

H«t.LoD«dB]cHftlloirel1,i>^dj'.34l[ar.e7 1 


 Alejuadtr Farqnhsrson, A4j. > | 

«. May 64 '13 July Sj 

.7 Oot. 
>t Oct. 

7 rslanfw BaHaUoa £«al 
B^rtOD ^{lai UDTfian-FaT] 

IBirvirt] rtlJiM. K.b. SiKitlM Bordt. ( 
OlurtH WllUun Sontbootl Ballau,) 

Army amiH Ctrfi j 

Charlea Harcoart StMiti, AifiUmt t 

AKhoTliMnaTd WlJtlama."^',iTi''( 
WiJliBm XnklDB OraluiD I^gin''... 

Bflbert Townloy KnowlM" 

Vlnrenl Mackur liirkbcek, AiMaiH t 

<iteii-i Si/U TolMHlrrr Bri/ivSt ) 

Oliver Kamaay Brtuh" 

Arthur Vinosnl DowiUll FiUOenld, ) 

!_o Fleetirood Bartoi 

 Cecil Daaiel" 

Oeorge Wlllilun Hiut, j 
Wm. Aleiivider'ilarie Pi 

Bdirard Ouata ChHmley Tm 
rnucia Lao Bainl Smith... 
Rabert Foptuun Spuriray 
Gaorn Barry Daiidson ... 
Davif AubrayCaUauder ... 

Harry M'Micfcina 

Uichaid Caarlea Dnndaa ... 

i3 Feb. ., 
9 May Si 

.3 Aug, 85 

Kb?,' al\ t jliS" '• 

Fr«D0ia John Dud 

id Herbert Campbell ... 

OrmBTill* Gtorga Lucb ... , 
Bagh Blanlmr Sathtrltnil 
traramo Olaelmlr Caghm .. 

J May 90 
19 Oot. go 

Ye*r.g«. 2^j ^^ j^^^^^ ^^^^ (Lotkian EegimetU). 




jPavM(M/«r«.— 2 

I X 

Qiiarf«r ifa«<er«.— 3 WiUiamCole Fuller, az Apr. 8i; ifon. Xi^^ 

I Walter Frederick Homiblow," 33 June 86 ; ^011. LUui, 

Facings Bine. Jg^ntt, Messrs. Cox and Co. 
lit Battalion embarked for Malta, a6 Jan, 1878. and BaUaUon 4mbarkedfor Malta, tz Dee. 1890. 

> Colonel G. W. Thompson served in the Canton Police Force fVom Z858 to i860, and was present at the action 
of Shckstin^ with the Kwang Tung rebels on 8th Jan. 1859. Campaifpi of i860 in North China, including tbo 
taking; or Sinbo and Tongkn, occupation of Tientsin, and surrender of Pekin, the latter part as Orderly Officer to 
Brigadier Urquhart (Medal with two Clasps). 

* Colonel Rooke served the campaign of i860 in China, including the taking of Sinbo and Tangku, occupation 
of Tientftin, actions of the 18th and 31st Sept., and surrender of Pekin (Medal with two Clasps). Served in tbo 
Bechuanslnnd Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85 with tbe ist Battalion of the Royal Soots. 

* Major Morison served in the Afghan war in 1878-79 with the Koorum Valley Field Force, and was present at the 
capture of the Feiwar Kotal (Medal with ClaRp). 

' Major Coningham served in the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85 with the ist 
Battalion of the Royal Scots. 

* Major Booth served with the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1684-85 with the ist Battalion 
of the Royal Scots. 

^^ Major Gardner served in the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85 with the ist Bat- 
talion of the Royal Scots. 

*' Captain Hallcwcll Kcrved with the Soudan Expedition under Sir Gerald Graham in 1884. and was prendnt in tbo 
engagement at Kl Teb (Medal .with Clasp, and Khedive's Star); also served with the Nile Expedition in- 1884 85 

^ Captains Peard, Gostling, Altham, Goold- Adams, Knowles, Brush, Barton, and Macgregor, Lieuts. Daniel, 
Verstuime, Pollock-Gore, Sandilands, and Homiblow served with tbe Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles 
Warren in 1884-85 with the ist Battalion of the Royal Scots. 

^* Captain Douglas served in tbe Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-85 as Adjutant of the 
I St Battalion of the Royal Scots. 

^^ Captain WiUiams served with the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884 on 8i>ccial service. 

1" Captain Liogin served in the Afghan war in 1880 (Medal). Served in the Bechuanaland Expedition under Sir 
Charles Warren in 1884-85 with the ist Battalion of the Royal Scots. 

Continuation of Notes to the West Surrey Regiment. 

* Lt.Coloncl Ilderton served with the 68th Light Infantry in the New Zealand war in 1864-66, and was present at 
tbe attack on tbe Gate Fab (Medal). Served with tbe Burmese Expedition in 1886-88 including the operations 
under Sir William Lockhart in the Pynmana, Yemetben and Meiktila districts (mentioned in despatches, DSO., 
and Medal with two Clasps). 

* Major Bealo served in the Burmese Expedition in 188^-87 with the snd Battalion Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clasp). 

* Major Cust §cr\ ed in the Burmese Kxpcdiiion in 1885-87 with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal West Suncy 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Me<lal with Clasp). 

* Major Collins served in the Burmese Expedition in 18S5-88 with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockliart (Medal w ith Clasp). 

* Captain Dent served with tbe expedition to the Soudan in 1885 with tbe Transport Staff, and was present in 
the engagement near Tofrek on the a4th March (^edal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

* Captain Ikxldam served with tbe X7th Regt. in tbo Afghan war in 1878-79, ana was present at the capture of 
AH Musjid (Medal with Clasp). Served in the Burmese Exi>edition in 1835-87 with tbe 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal 
West Surrey Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart ; commanded the Meiktila Mounted Inrauti-y from Juuo 
1887 to Februarv 188S (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). 

'0 Captain B. O. F. Hamilton served in the Afghan war in 1879-80, and took part in the defence of Candahar as 
Aide de Camp to Lieut.Gcneial Primrose, and was present in the sortie of Deb Khojab (mentioned in despatches. 

" Captain Fowler served with the Burmese Expedition in 1888-89 with th« and Battalion Queen's Royal Weft 
Surrey Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clasp). 

1' Captain Fain served in the operations in tbe Soudan in 1889 including the engagement at Toski (Medal 
with Clasp, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Khedive's Star). 

*♦ Captam Kobson served in the Burmese Expedition with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal Weal Surrey Regi- 
ment under Brigadier General Lockhart, was Station Staff Olllccr at Fyinmaua from November 18S6 to*Au^ru^t, 
1887 (Medal with Clasp). 

» Captain Atkinson served in tbe Burmese Expedition in 1885-87 with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal West 
Surrey Regiment under Brigadier Gcnernl Lockhart (Medal with Clasp). 

>« Captain Pink served with the Burmese ExjMidition in 1885-88 as Orderly OJflcer to Brigadier General Loekhart 
and as Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quarter Master General to tbo 3rd Brigade (mentioned in despatches, DUO., 
and Medal with Clasp j. 

17 Captain Kstiidgc served in the Burmese Expedition in 1885-87 with tbe 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal Wc^t 
Surrey Regiment under Jirigndicr General Lockhart (Medal with Clasp) ; comnian<led a detachment of the Regiment 
which accompanied the Southern Shan Column ftota November 1887 to April 1888. 

»• Lieut. H. I. W. Hamilton served in the Burmese Expedition in 1885 87 as Adintant of the 2nd Battalion Queen's 
Royal West Surrey Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart. (Medal with Clasp). 

!• I^eut. Parsons served in the Hu^me^e Extiedition in 1885-87 with the 2nd Iktttalion Queen's Royal West Surrrv 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clos])) ; was Post Tran9i)ort Ortlcer at Pyinmnnu for lour 
months, and 8ui)eriulen<lent of Army Signalling 3rd Brigade from July 1887 to February 1888. 

*» Lieut. Taylor served in tbo Burmese Expedition in 1885-87 with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clasp). 

" Lieut. Tiacy served in tbe Burmese Expedition in 1885-S7 with the 2nd Battalion Queen's Royal West Surrey 
Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clasp) 1 served with tbe Mounted Infauiry for seveu 
months, and as Staion Staff Officer at Pyinmana from December .887 to February 1888. 

» Lieuts. Moody, (Glasgow, Warren, Whiffin, and Dyke icrved in the Burmese Ex|)edition in 1885-87 with the 
and Battalion Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment under Brigadier General Lockhart (Medal with Clup). 

^ The Qaeen'a (Kojal West Surrey Regiment). jj* 

S'S^f^:Sl2..fc^L ] Forn>edytl>^2n,i(TI,o Queers lioy^l). LKr/^'c^-SiS^: 

(The 3r<l Butlalion is frtnueJ of thr Itul Surrey MQitin.) 
n» PMchkl L*a.b.wilh the Mollo«-JVi««iw ».>(■'.•""«■." Md " Vil .rt^ Iriumpluml." The Royal Cjphtg 
riiluniiiiiOMner.tiininK'-titCrowaattiii. "Eoym" (wlOilheSpWin), '■Tii(iii«*""CoiBa»i" '•eiiiiii»=i' 
"TmoBu" "Piauiu""NirKi.LB" "TanLoiai" " PHiBnuLt" " A>aH»»ttB " " Qiiciiiia" " Kiii 
"BcpiaAFaici. iBji-ii-j" "Tun Fosii" "PJalir " " Bo«iu, "Ms-*?." 

Hgnrv Bmrtli,' CB, SiHign. 'iB Jiins 33 1 i* 

>r. Oilnil. '»> Dec. sii e.y.ii.l,3» Sot. s 

Janer«; e«mt/, m Bept, 78 : Colomijndyooi, 

"-■ — ■- - cbu'lH r«irbiuik» l*w«on, Cc 

iB OcC 36 ; Cxffnii 

Bk» iiw«on,'foi«iM»ii'ii> tkr BatlalU,; 51 3j>.r 90: fiiiija, 'jB Jani 

- 71 1 itnlur, t Ivij i\ 1 Lt.Colotit, va Sent. 86 ; CoIbvI, i<, Sept. «a. t 

UdBrton,' D»0. K.ifc-. 'i Sept. 61 1 i-i«'. '» May M j Ov'"". 'J' Oct- Ji i if-J-w. 

Edward IMbtIct- ' 
1 Ar.U^tMiMl, 

I J Mper Belwjn Tapper .. 

:.;s? : 

WlIllUD QuD Callii. 

IT Bcrlwrt Manna,... 

BamDton JaniH 

> CharlH WiUlBmBoddam*. 
I Edmrd Owm Tiiliar uanuiKm,'- 



- I WlUiam DamBsl BurMU, ^<(j. 3 

Bi. IK. SarrijSi^«»l 

•■  SMwan Holoomtn Knttnidger... . 
-■ I aaorKBWiUtaaHaokMPaU^Mw'af: 

cl Uddto. at Slaf Cvlligt 

1 Jane Ki 

I ALeundsrWiIliuii Tailor" .. 
Willlaai U»i«eU Traoy,"' O, 

I Juoca OuTirooi) KinR.kiDi 

.TrtoCletvauli Jtoodji'' 

I O'BiieDZsncli I>arTah 

I Moium Calverlcj- Culn 

I BBlnichaiop IV?!!''*'! l**" 
1 Digby Uaoknoriti 


GflOrn Kynaatoti Cocke 
I HvniT fl(. Clair WilUni 

7 Ttbtot CkiehelB Plowden 

) Robert Baton TraTcra 

I HeniT RniMl] Hard; 

 OtOTge AiOiar Campbell TKylor 

1 Hucb Bdward CotlBFllI .. 

ji rradvie Bai^aiDlo BlncU fiokar 

1 Arthur Doaglu fUtU 

'i Harry HodBrick Boccomley 

'i Hugh Fawoelt Wanlen. 

30 May B? 
4A1W. gt 
jiHar. BB 

, laustBrHBimpiilgnof iBs4-ss,los'iid- 
;3l,na the laiuns urAlnutmul Inker- 
Ijnijiu (horiB killed), alega und full or 
-•.Siihuiapol (Usdal with three Claip?. 
*iCB..Onio«rof IheLBRionof Honor, 
t'lBardiuian and Turkidi IfEdaH.nnd 
'iitthClwaoftUe Uedjidle). 
1=1 I t^aplain Blverson mrvoil 
"SitlmioglioiitlhB Afgluinwur of iSfB- 

^^iWiM preaent nt £0 oecumlioa of 
SSKhBlaH-QhiUio under Brl(!«iJirp 
'^ Gonoral Hughea, and in Iho nflair 
^.at filialillil and the opsratluns in Ihc 

Inear Ghuinii aoojin]Jnni»l Sir 
KreUonek Roboria in tlio mnroh to 
Caniialmr (meationsd in deapntohea, 

luedal «ith Olaap. anil Bron»o Dc- 

j [Fiir nmaiiJtr tf Hala, k< pri- 

Avnt': Mqwm. Ooi 

.-larltrf/.r. lf.l<J 


j.VoT.Ki BDi.Iinif. 

937 The Baflk (Bast Kent Regiment). 

IU'dfiiwI.AiJ.lKt,""'^] Formtrbjthe 3rd {East Keni—Tlte Bvgt). [ 

(The 3rd Battalion is formed of the East Eent Militia.) 
" VtliriframJtttiHeom:' The Dragon. The EoM andCroira. "Buwmi™" "Biintii! 

-^  ■■DoDio" ■■Titiraii" "Atinaiii" "Vin, 

■■" ■' TouioiTia " "PmaBnu." "Pd»kii; 

"Mivmnuii" "D«TTiiia»a' 

slDntl.— Julias Anfciutiu Robert Balnea,' Cfi. £ii(in, i« Jan. 49; £<. ; Apr. 14; Coo'. '13 Apr. 511 SI. 
ifujor, 1, Apr. 5s i IfiyV, iMay Jirtt.CofoKj, ,7Kdy. ;7i Co{o«i, ™ Jnly 5B ; Jf«w &«»ra;. 6 
Mu<:h«Ei Lmt.anml, lOei.jj; Oneral, 1 la}y ti ; CoIhiI The BaOl, a; Bept. 83. 

itDMsut OtluiaU.— I Williaia Frederick Kerr,' Cimmaiidixg thm Baitalion, I jQly 87 ; Etuis*. 33 Uar. 

S~.; Lirut. 'i Feb. 63; CVijif. '16 liM,j6i; Mnjor, i Ja]]r Si 1 ll.Cvt<nul, toDea.»6; Coltnui, ID Dec. 90. 
CDrrUrinkibit HBrriaoD/Xiuwa, 'lAng. 611: Xt.'igUar, 64; Ciw(. '19 June to ; Jfowr, i Julj Si i 

w Edwanl HoevBB' 

•oa Edoard Roper Ealli' ... 
e Emeel narlaj. Drp. AiiUI. . 
. Scltoot ofUnitrhJ, ayHn ... 

e. Itlcbarit Stanley Haiik« Mnidy» 

■.tc. Cosmo Huntly Oordoo" 
Vranele Sm<Ib." AjlIohI t 1 

Battalvm Tlu B^ 

BryiLaFraDclBBoliDfli'... ......... 

GeoTse Herbert Cbipplndall" 
David rrancia Lsma," irr 

fka SffgptiaM drm) ...-.....,..-. 

Henry Balelgta KniKht," ■< Stof (Vli^ 



Hogh BlaokfiBrn" 

George Adrian portar, 1J4'. 3 AalbiliH.. 

Curry LaDgriihe CoDDellan'' 

Courtonay BoQTcbier VrTraa,"" lU Bt^] 

Cillv > 

Aleinoder M'Lachtan 

Arthar Henry Tylden-Paltenwtn" 

Archibald FrancuOanipbaU-Johnatoi^ ... 
Kdgar BTsIrn RaTeiihlll. Jl4jmtaml 9) 

fulM^Hirin. Wit Xm BtgimnI ...i 

notaeit Edward Philips 

Danalaa Abercromby HsinllLun, Adj. 1 1 

(Tf Wntlil QfXtil) fut. B». TUBufii 

George Viclor Daoaliah 

Walter Stewart Stenart-SavUa" ... 

er Rowland BiiaUC 
Eeveley MiUOrd," 

ennini Revetey Uit 
(tr Bgyrilaa irnty 
Slls Uolyntni Berkelsy 

r. Apt 

_-T Vertne, AiJ. to May 90. 

Kendal Graene 

■gan Parry, .^ijV/jmtj 

FranclB Deols Jack Annesley 

George Gilett Hunter, •.roiiiji 1.1/* <»• I 

Ea:^lianArmf ...J 


Be^Dsld Hngboi D'Aelh 

Frederick Knlgbt Xaaell, Armi Br 

Bernard Richard ' Klnneir Tairte' ".'.'. 
Henry Cecil de la Hontagoe Hill,,, 

Anirustal David iieddes 

Harry Francis Sparrow 

Blehard Oaorge Armine Uaniolt 
Leirli IgEilIden BaolthoBse Hulke 
Aribor QrantTiollope 

Old Gay Tullocb flainbridi 

, ia75-;G(llediLl 

d JQ Ifac opera- 
Frontier Field 

I July 8j 
iJnly aj' 
4 Aug. 8;. 

ved throughout I 

Ualay Peninsula 


ona of tbe Souda 

Kbedive't Slar)i alsi 
jperallona on Ibe Boi 
.les including the 
3emalsah (Ciaspl, 
ia«9 ibclodinii Ibe t 

■ud Clasp). 
" Lieut. Falrley se 

owedDilnglhelnT esUne a I (U edal 
' IJauVCoonibeBSBrTeddnHogtlie 


Tho Buff* (Eatt Kent B^wwnO-^^^^ 



. Joliw H».tar. eiiiiM iWq^ qfir^.-i 


>9 Sept. es 
3 Apr. ft 

I S««ld tWrymple Agnew 



•awtH- V<.(.n.-> JoMph Wobb F»irlBv." B Feb. Si j Htu. Z^-«. 

, John WiLluun Ctfombea « « Feb. «> j .Hm. ti«t. 



1' BTitr.—AftnU, Uexan. 
'/or*  ■"■ 

 Oeaanl Saioe* tBrrod thioi 
Wcis or AlDUL (wben fae 
»Ulia at tDkunnon vui I 
&jj>l Bagtonr tbraaKlmi) 

»til BaUalioK T, 
.f .85,-51 

-lifrtm S^ipl, J.) April |SS4. 

.._ . _ yahout clis Eulern i ,_ ^. ,^ .. 

twcls oT AlDUL (wben fae Ckni«u tbs queen'o Color u uCsptain), Ihofluilc mkrch by M 

^ ^ ~ ' Tcbflnuyii. «ni] ropa^Be of Uie Aortie t>f the abtli October 1^54 1 eerrea lu 4n A.4Ai«efto 

lat tba ■iDge ami fall ol Sabutopol (Bsvarely wotuided in Itag TrcaDbes ilurlng Ul 

- ' prcMat to Iho TrsnalUM aC Itus siMekof the Redan on chs iBLh Jan. _ 

1MSIJK1 wiuk toioa ui>B|>B, ujDuwuuumu uiMpAtflbDi ofl '* bAvioff Bervfid witb Eul and dlntlnction f>4m LhooponlDor fl 
oCtliaauipiugi]. BtarMarMiLjur, aBTdialanaQiITarkieb Uedidi. and jlh U^ouof tba tlgdjldie). Berredtbrc — <- 
imi Ilia looiau motia; campaigQ ia 1^57-^. aommaDilod the troop4 M (he auault aod Baptora or Howa 01. v<v 
JaniuaT iljl li«oMrad ths high oommmuUllDa ofUia Oanrnar and lh« Coauniadar (n Chief oC Bombay ln> 
CkHuieil (or "nllaiUiT diaplaynd and ably ooDdoolinK tbCM Dpanulona"); oatnouDded Ibe Left Wing gith 
Raipusi at £■ lOaM and capHirs of lirah oa a^tta Jknuryi eotaauwded Uu 9}th at IbB alan and upCure of 
Eaiah, and oamnuaded the jnl luualllng Di^unui on vih Uarah i vn* pnwnL at the aaptnra or Chnadane a611k 
Hay I oaamModsd (he lotknin of Brigadier Smith'! Colama a( Iba UMla af Knta ke Semij bafara Qmllor on (bv 
irib JoaaUpHiaUyiiualioneiliBdaiMlehe* by Sir Hogb Roae fl>r " good «arrlM and aaaiHlDg to take and hold 
ilu poaitioo of Kaca-ka-Beiia") i and [0 the smieial aclum. atDRn and oaplon of Ibanitr aBdnjitrwaofClwaller 
OS itth Jona (wonwled by a nukM-ball in the left arm, apeoiftllj meatlODBd by Blr Bwli Bom Ibt " gallantry anl 
Hkiu by aaunit tm lO-poundeiB" and (or " good aanriiie In taming Uiogiua<»pMi«daa (haeoamy"); preienl 
HiiteeiueaiiilsaptanatFoaiMDnutbABstut iMi and tho anrpidM ud daClM of Aa rabgla acKoon&ye on 
■ka 19U1 Jannary 1839. (In adiUilon to (ba above he bM been fbor tloua meDtlaaed In daapalohei, and marched 
l.oQii luilea tn eontoand af Uia gitti Bsslmeat In Oentral India, Uadal with CIup, Ootoiol. awl OB. lor dlatin- 
(iKhed ■srricM In the Oetd) . Aa Brigadier OaDaral mmmsoded Iha expedition tto-a Aden into the interior of 

inbia In iS6}--06. when the tmopa oaptarad and daitro^d mi —  ' ' ' — '- "--"—■- - - - ....... 

...vol .-.I MMi rannon |rasal*M the oammendniionot i 
t eSboled). 

Ekow* doriog l(a ini , .,-,. 

• Xalor Sanea aarrMl ititb the BnHk u tiu campaign in the Xahiy ^snlniula 
«r thaiolk January (afedal with Claapl. 

 UVr Ka<'f lerved irilh the Buffii In the operatloi 

Bjs-7«. ine 
Ualay Peoiiuuln In 1875.76, [ 

" iL^sr Omn^anaDy and Captain Chippini 
i375-7« (Medal with Clup). 

" llijar Buthoasa Mrred with tbe BuITi 
Inrfiuie and QingindhloTU (Medal with Clu 

'> Utjor Uoody larTed in the Zulu war In i 

79, ami wai preietil lu the ensiRcmont St loypzaao ami it Elt^w* 
aarired with the Bulfliio ttieaperationi In the Ualay Peninsula ilk 
the Zula war of 1S79, and was preient in the engagemenU at 


l^rse (atlor 


i!79. and waa present 10 the e 

a. Uaitnl 

""^"^ipUin Holme Mrved with the Duff, th 

n Iho-S 

iilay Po 

Claap, and KhediTB'e Star). 


, i in the Zulu wnr ,„ . , . . . . _„ __.. 

(Medal with Clsap). Served In the opsraUoni in the Soudan m 1889 including the cngatremantj 
T«ki (Medal with Claap.irdClau of the Medjidi«, and Khedive's Star), 
n <:apuio KnlHbt eerredtliniughonichBZulu war gf iS/j. drat aa Order lyOffloer to Colonel Peano 

Ulcer to Colonel Rowland! (Uodal with Clup). 
" Captain Allen seried vriihihe jrd Uuffa tnrauzhenc the Zu1< 

b tha Nile 

lipchtion : 

*■ Captain OamphnlM' 
> Captain Slawait-Ba 
Force, aod wal protenl 1 
UW anin al AA £an A 1 

1884.85 (Uedal wiLh CUip, !nd 4th Class of the Osmanleb. 
.0 Ptontiar Field Force In 1887 inclndina the enga^ment at 
r in iBSg includiuB tbe engagement at Toeki (mentioned lu 

til Clasp).  .-jn 

and was present in theengigemenC at tnyeiaaa and during 

id waa present in the engagement at Inyouao and at Bkows 

LniBn, aod WM presantin Uie engagement MGlniiDdhlovii 

,r tha Zuin war in i8» (Medal). 

le Afghvi war in 1B1B-7Q with the EhjtMi Ua» 

338 The King's Own (Royal LftseastAr Regiment). 

"n?B«.r.lKS5;-,.«nb.,.] FomrerJy (ft« 4*1 (Tft* King', Otr,, iloyal) [^f:^'^'^" 

(The 3rd Biiii 4tli Battalions are formed of the ist Lancashire Militia.) 
The Lion of Eni[lad(l. Tho Boj-bI Cypher witliin tliB Garter. '"" " "- 


, ri}g." 

elsnel.—c Williun Bankey,' rfi. £>«<•, '19 Apr. (4; lAewl. t Aag. ti; Capl. 'ij Apr. n ; Srn,r, 11 Dec. St i SI.Zt.C„l«„l, , Soy, 5S F ioj"-. 'I Feb. S7 ; Cafotrf, 19 Kar. 61 1 Jf.jor Oc*m 
« Mar. 6B! ll.flMtral, 19 Apr. So; Qintnl, I Julj III ! C!glsii<l Lancaster ReglaitDt, 1 Sept.. oo. 

liDEton Shu'p. 
. 3gJ nne8 9. 

f BaHiilUm. J Ool. B7! £ 

lul, i» Sept. B« ; CWsHff , 19 Sept. »s. 

; CofX. 3 Hat. „ ; jr<v<>r, 1 Jnl; Si ; 

Philip Charlo» Yerke.... 

p.r.r. Edtnrii lohnhjifcv^"(ltl. LI. 

I Benry Moore" 

3 H».c, Eilw. Bobe . ._ 

1 KdnaraHerberbFiUherbart . 


r. BoberC Prevoat Woodgate" 

Ualby Bdward Crofton' 


i/ifntMfy, Drmpart 1 

in RiwMiAton,"A4/alc 


^.-..'. Emeal Walter Yeatbenl 

1 ? Ann 59); •miiv <""'* .^MtMb" .^riv , 

(i.i.f. JcJld UooreOawna " 

tumuli Sroadwood UatOnrs* 


7 April 65' 
1 Jnlj 65 ' 

^uguatusPrederio Cartel* . 
3»ylBi Riillcj." Aidi it ('» 
LoTiLiratnanliflrtlliai .. 

LnoelotJamM/At,-.. F.f.> 

leron Fitigaiald BotnerrUIa 

le [l»ne8, Ji4l*t<^ ■< ApHI t6. 

.r Audonln Corleton 

Cbarlct Oerard Barton 

Tbomai Charles Hunt . 

' •i^ISir.^flluStlutliifilniluhj'. 

Alouuider Jaoiei Kins 

Henry Lynct "—'— ' '" - 

Frrai SiklK 

JobD Henry Arthur^oyoa^itf- 
CharlBB Fnuioia Goldie."— "— 

Leslio Fslkiner John 

Btokea ... 
irlon Laurie, htcim mUI,\ 

.'i Turner Rowli 
.■~ ROBlj Clarke 

Maneel Arthur Charl^a BamplVldq) 
lOeralil Lindaay IWinea, Cammam'' — 





ttJona 7« 


SOet. r« 





I Ju 



»Mar. So 




30A1.B. s. 


.BHay 84 
.8 Apr. B, 

_9MW |S 

=9 Sept. SI 

;5^^' I; 

. Feb. SI 

.Feb. S8 
I.May es 


May B, 

N-OT. 8, 

May Bs 
May Bs 


3 Sept. Bj Zulu wnr 

iJ Apr". «4 Zaln "r of 'Sj? (Medm with Claap). 
■Auff e-j ' MajorCninoa.CBpUina Matlbew*, 
jiiAui. Leaner, and Jame- served in IhcZulu 
"Au5 BsimrofiSMlMedalwilhClaen). 
..Adk Bf,' " I.t.Colonol Hunter aerreil In the 
Sent. 3„'Nile Expedition in 16S4-S1 with the 
fv., b_iBirrntiflii Army (mentioned in do- 
Irevet of Migor. 4th Class 
lenieh, %tA CIxbs of the 

Star)! with the Kifyplian 

(? snaioh— 

Thomaa John M 

is GordonTuring Briiie";!!! 

ill Be Herbert Baymond 

Id Barclay Hcrlven 

UaliBs Anne anham 

ftrd Bunbury North 


, Frederi 

Harry ltd tb Tomj 

'  Ulat^i^Irart 

BruyaaJamt ' 39 Nov. v 

I WtlliMm Batohelor, 11 Fab. S(; . 
 JOba O'Neill, ti Apr. 85 ; Un. 

^^^* The Kiug'i Own {Royal Laaeiuter Regiment). ' -ijBf 

' Oiticnl aaakai jarrei Ibo EuMni otnipiiigTi ap In i6th Don. •S51. uia ttora litU JuIt iS':< u D.A.O U (1 . 
.^A, .... .,.«».- .. -. »:-^,V<.n. iDtUiQBtheBfflifnor BulRonitk aud M'Keo/li'j F«™. lull 1m 

staDrUajor&DdLl. Uolanel,' jCli CIhi of tbs UsdjidiD, and Turklsli 

" Colflnsl Liinrd ocired in tb(r ilh BwlmmtttirtiiiBfaoiiCllie AliySHlninncamp&iini of iS6;~S9.BQd wsi 
plarailirithtbeTnuRiartTntiTi (Hedal), SitmicI In tlic KKyptian war of iBSi a^ Dsputv Aieiiunt AOjaUnC 
Qoular IfaiUrOeDor^ in cbe znd Dinsion, BDd wupreunl in Uia boltl* of Tel-el-Kabir— harso ihot Imentia 
In diapUehn. Brent of Ll.Colanel. Vtedal iriCh OlHp. 4lh Ctua nr Ihe Oimanfeh, nud Khcdiv-0'* Suir). 

"Uk^cH. UoorsierTadiatbaZalnirarln Ttn(M«lal wiili 01ai°>i 

u M^jacWoodsateHnnliritfa tba f tta Kofrt- tbiringlutu Ib« Abrsii 

or AiDgeeiad cBpniTsa/MKfrdBlBfMiiIiil). Annnipanied Sir Oitroel . ^„ 

•a (ptettl larrlea. and — — ■< •!— — p.>.^... .w- ».i— m» '-°tj ji ' — '-• '^g t*-! -nlin nf Kanmin, injiiilx 

tiia Aihanti umy u AbraJmmpa during the jthand 6tta Harambor 1(7} (In Baminiukd of (ba KowkhI, riKcmnBl.. 
— >— ' in itmt of tbe Sth ud ifih Norombor. a a d baMla of Amoiftil {mmUaaei in daipatohaa. Usdal iritti Clupl . 

8«T*d Id IhaHalo mx in iS;^, kndwuprasenlinthsaDSBgamaDt* M JCBmbnla (ountioned in dosMCcbei) ind 
UluBdi (mentioned In dBapBtrhe*, Brant of Major. Urinl wlfti Claap). 

" Major HuCaithr •arred In tha aeoond pnuaor ■'— '-' ' 

in abvxaor thePMlal AocrofglfUedBl). Barred '- 
■I Zlobuw Uoontuii and Kambnla (Uedtl triCh CI 

'•ICaior Butcbinwn aorred — ^'- ■■■- "■ •* 

ITlaadi and in tb 

Srant of Hajor. Urial vlth Clup). . 

iba aeoond pnaaaor tbo Aabaoti war In iHjfin CbaTranapon Berrlee.aiid wlk J 
UedBl). Barred in the Zulu war oF •in, and mw nment In the raKaaemsnlifl 
. (Medal ■itbClMp). ^ "^^ ^^ 

lb Che UoanMd Inbntt? in tb« Znla war in iS>4, and m* praiant In OimM 
[iDarationa a^aiDat Sekakiuil Inolndlns tbe •lonntus of Uia atroajHiald Iman' I 
,ior. Medal with Clainl. ^^ ■' 

«iiB»m«il al Uloadi and in tbo Doorationa asaiDet Sek 
tinned in deapnlubsa, Breret of Major, Medal with Claipl. 

"t^ptalna Rowlandian, BonomigSnd Bldler terrad )□ ihe Znln war in i3;g (Meda! with Claep). 

" Oinlain 0»wne aorred tn tbe Zola war of iBjj llledal with Claap). Serred wlUi tbe Beebnanalaod Kinedi- 
(iin imdsr Sir ObirleB Wamn In 1SI4-S5, 

■> Oaptala Barks served with Che lU BaUnllon Bayal IHsb Fueilieri In tbe Rffrrtian war of tSB], and wai 
immnl at tha balUe oT Tel-el-Keblr (Hedsl witb Ciaap. and Khedive's atir). 

" Lieut. Fenwiek aerred In (be oparatlons In tbe Bondan in iUq laolndlns the annKement* at Antnin and 
T(Hki (Uedal with Hup, 4II1 Claee of the Medjldle, and Kbadlra-a Btar], 

Continuation of Nvlcs to the KoftliKmherland Ftiailien. 

• Oenofal tJj-e aerred with the jSlh Beiriomnl H Captain daring- tbo New Zealand w»r of 1345-47, and waa 
noyveljr aagaiedin Iheaasaalt andoapturaor K«irlU'» Pah an Ua iilb Janunry i!46 (menUoaad in oniorij ^ waa 
nUo engaued in aeTCtal miuor sHUra In Ilie Bauthem Prorisec. Oommandcd tbe Troops at Vrsn»i>ii[. and wu 
inuntneni^ in the naptore of Bra Haliiei wbaliad bacbuoosly mnnlBrad andmntitatwithB fainilror aaettlsr. 
The Chieb of the DIHriel, wbo wen nearly related to the oulprits, usonihled a war part/ oC jaa men far their 
r»caB. while tbe Briliab IbnM coBalaied of onl.r 170 men. notwIthMandlnt; whloh Captain Laje ordgroJ a Court 
Martial, oonpuaed of eaballana, fbr tbe trial of tbe msrdenn, and on Iheir ooarlotlan had Chit of iheai haDceit . 

UTOf 6mm 

^dprtWrseted raMlioD." He Te»lTed (he special appri^HAhnt cT^ar Ilajeac^ througb Rsrl Oroy 

>aai poasibla. Tbi esatntiim was (bllnwadiiy uaUMkupcm UiB satUanant Uy Die wup*...^. 

— ,_. _,^ .. — r, =.-nT„ Orey.intiro dsapatobM M Kail Ony, llia SwiretMy of 6MM 

mA dadtafOD with wliiob OulalB Lara saleil had aaied Hie eoontry 
probathnt of Bar Uajea^ througb Rsrl Oroy 

■ditltli great loss. Oonrnor Sir Oeorga 

^' "(^tBuflRnan — "- 

rabOllioD." He 

avett especially 

lovornmenl (<SBetto snd rlotpntcbea. rcceiied ttao Brevet oC MFUi>r, end Medil. In iSj^ be 
Uf, HadwH appuiated Aiiy tanc Uditar; Secretary to Lard William Psolot cammiadinK 

irred with tba Hatara Expedition in i883 (mantioDed in deapatches. Brevet of Colonel, 

I in the Afghan war of 1878-So, took part In tbe two eipeditionB into tbe Busir Valley, and 

accment at Kam Dskka Imiatiaoed in dospatcbes. MeiUl). 

In tbe AfghHD war in 1878-79, and took part in tbe two expeditions Into the Biiar 
ineludiag the aagigamenl at Deh Ssrakh, and with the Besad ead Kama Eipedilians 

'■ Uijor A. Cbaaceilor screed in cUe Afshan war of i978-ei3, and tookpnrt In tbo Brat expeditioQ into tbeBaiar 
Vsller and in the engaicenienl at Deh Barak (mentioned in dcspatohos. itedal). 

'• Major H. E. Buchansn servBd in the Afghan WBr of i8j8-«o, and look purl in the two expeJilions into tbe 
Batnr Vallev and In the engagement at DsrunM Pnas (Medal). 

"Uaplnin R, L. A. Pennington Ben-ed in the Afaluia war in 1378-79, and wub present with the eipedilion into tbe 
B iinr Telle]- and in the eaimfement at Kam Dakka (Medal). 

<• Captain Mulct i-erTcd throughoat tbo Afghan war of .378-80 with the slh Fusilieri. part of tbo limo aa 

the Dsranltt Pa»e, with the two eipeiiilions into the Baiar Vallev, and wilh tbe Kurna Ei'pod.tion (Mo'dal). 
Hen-ed wilh tbe llanm Field Force in the expedition to the Black tloutitain in 1888 (Modal with Clasii). 

" Captain Harding served during the latter part ol the Afghan war in i8Sd (Medal). 

"Captain Cartsr Bcrvod in the Afghan war of 1S78-80 (Medal). Served in tha Hainmoampaign In i83S aa 
t'li'M iDtolligencc Officer (twice meutioned in dcspalcbee. Medal with Clup). Served with the Loostaai Eipedi- 

■> Uaptiiin rnsnn served with the ml B.itlnlion Highland Light Infantry in the Egyptian war of iBSi aodwu 
lireseit at the haitio of Tcl-ol-Kchir (Medal with Claap, and Kiiedive'B9iar.) 
" li.iotain IVhilaVer served In the Afghiin war in 1880 inriludiiiK the ongaKoment at Darjnti Pass (Mediil). 
o Captain HitwDllservedin the Afghan warm 1880 (Medal). 
■' Lieut. Pepper served in the nporntlons in the Malay Peiiintnla in i87S-76 (Medal witli Claip). 

340-I ^te»::JrJ^S;iB(aL ] The WorthiimbarlaaBa gniiUBrf- [■ 
Formerly the ^th {HoHhwnherland FuaiUert). 
(The 3rd B»tUlion ia formed of the NorthimiberlainI Uilitu.) 
V.^'*"".'*™"-" Bt. G«irge»nd lhBDr»gon, The RoBomd Crown. ThB Kine". oUirt. -w.... 

" "'*" "Vin™." "CiHI7»"A" "Bn»tCO" '■ClBDlD EODMBO" '■BlDUOl" 'eitMlBO ••' 1 

Winded FItiAllu W>^, CtmmaniamlX 

I^iMiamr Dtptl J 

Henry Aitksn Chary , 


ilgon^ .. 

1 Henrr Kilgoar' . 

1 UiddlatonWeatei. 

-   WiUiun»Do 

JUeisnaer Chincellot",,. 
HarriB BngliiQd Bucbaua 

Chules Gilbert ColTin Uont-j, Xij- \ 
lant I TomTSatmltU X-JUVoliMlHrti 

Blcbard Liooel AjlliDr FeimlagtaB." I 
D.J.A. Siniral/ar Itmikrtrj, Sngal J 

John Warre HaJet" 

OeoTRe Fread," AJimtml i rtinnlor) 
Battalion JV<>rf*ii>brI<»it FutUim^. J 

Sua. OhatlH LunbloD... 

TbDa. Gravn idwiy Harbert-Am- ) 
■troOK, .44'. iBm. CkttkirtSKimntS 

tVilllam Eden Btaron, Adi. j Baiialin 

Ganld lI<mtr«»rllftnlln|{,"J4f'K(«l') 
TlCIachumnaliaiHiniirHJlXol.Aa, l 
Jlrgfit and am-trbKi* HigUaMitn...} 

FnuiciaCliarIn Carter," Dip. AuM, i ; 

■"liUey Birr-- " 

Kng. 68 ij May 78 

\j BtntlieBni BUmn 

' AiJ.  

mj George 


teCtita.nenry.A^. li 

Joseph Beori Lucblui While ., 
CjTilHoDrytfligliJuMS ., 

Bdwud (lakes 

Kdwsrd 6e«rin Hesni 

UowbriLT Lees Suit 



id Qeorge Cuson 

ir FreUeHck DHwkiM,.. 

Arthur Bdward Lowther CrofUin.... 
J(»..MiirnraKh O'Brien 

Genri^ LakB aiitue; Hsf '. 

Humpbny Lonns Bluid.... 
Hector Uichlan Kuswmn Mi 
Waller Bun ki Wnibt .... 

Robert An>l»j Chambei 
OtwafdUaadLairion .. 

13 Feb. 61 

:'»"iu";'B J. 

iSOcL. 7 

'socti ? 

.6 Jan. Bo 
. Feb. ei 


>9Maj 7= 

. Bept, 8. 

» ficpl. 76 
>0NOT. 7= 

9Sepl. e, 
i.Oot. e. 


=9 Nor 76 

.4Jnir sj 

9 Dm, 77 
jaJen. 78 

3" May 7; 
3 April ;B 

4 Hay Bs 

.Ma, ,8 

.(.Feb. Sc 

ilJnne Sj 

■lUy ,e 
aJan. " 

 Jld. s> 

. Acg. (s 

itFeb. M 
13 Not. K 

«Ang, 7» 


lAag. Sk 

AUR. 9= 
7 Apr. flo 


ID Ma; 81 
9 Sept. 8, 

«Oct. 86 
BJory 87 
-.Jnly l7 
.Apr. B, 
10 Apr. Sj 
loApr. 89 
.8 Nov. B9 

'?Feb. U 

sJaiy B3 

J^; ^!J'.bS^<.^*1!SS^! 

Birldolph »ned Id (h« 
' '" "''" "• Soperlnlendent 
lo Uie Sonihem 

I Krend served In the 
ol 1B78-80, lint u Pro- 
li 9Dd Brigade, - ~ 

) Field Force, 

„ -.,.. — ..-jsportOfflcerlo 

^ The jlh Fool (Medal). Served in tho 
frKgiTtlan war ol i8Sa (Uedal, and 
^ Kheaive's 8t«rl, Also served in Uio 
'■  'i iBSsfClaep). 


la^nin-ij Soli 

F«i«s. fl 
Coi and Co. 

imiarlni for Bngni, 

ipr. tg: Bn.Unt. 


The Xlornl Warwloki 

B..^' 1 Formerht}te6th{Iioyalt«lWarwuAshire). [n?'"-! 

l3rd md 4II1 BallalioDa ni 
"^' — ■"■--RDMSBilCronT.. 

Sir FrsnciB ColbOTin 

-14 rtru. od; Cw#i*#i, 14 Feb' 90. 
I JwuM PluOenld,* tbraiuiulii 
K ja.6g : Uyar., Juljlij JJ.i 

nil Wurwiult Slilitin ivBpeelivclj,) 

,1 XCB. *■«•(?",  0«, j6i ir. 'iB J*a. jii 
, II Dbc. J( ; »vo', 16 Ool. J5 ; Colatttt, 1 April 
■nrral, r Apr.Bi ; Coloail WiLr«lcksbire Kei^imeDt, 

3 Apr. e^ [ Smlf, u April 5B : i(. ' 


 Edmjd Anhar B>U'o 

a fr&nk Larufboomo. .^ -■■^. 

I Kjc^ufd John Dajne,..-,.-..-,.^-,.- 

llenDiui CroItUunur 

> Ednnl HcDi? Oons-Beon 

Edwifd Jnba WinniiiEctoB-Ilucrftm 
1 WUlonghb; Kdnnl Gordon Fortm" 
' Qrcgory HuDr* 

ijle JoDu,"^'. > GtHnurt Mi 

fbr MttMry, B*Hal 

Henry WeMon BaljBT, ^'- 1 


Aluunder Olurlu Vi 

< OmU de Connr KUi( 

mj.r. Ohvlea JuDW CookbiiTD,!* D. A. > 

X Sn. At J«(fl>iitlaa, VaJld j 

Boisu Junw BhaUey Lanilon 

I Panij aie4s Hoekler," Sfolie* $14/} 

D^«r, iWt IFilUn* / 

Oalxini AagniliEduiiiben'i ,. 
BukUe Cwrw U'Cklnumt, ^. 
~  OcornO'Neil "~ ' 

Bar, ■ii/'f^t 

John rredertck Willu 

■dwmrd Ltdd Allen ., 

CbAi-laaEdir. Maniiea Pyne^if/.i Bepi.i 

Arthur BenidfiB LoogileD 

Qmorga Rainier TtmrBnaii 

Aleiuider Deuie ,. 

WiUiui UelTille UuriiLon I^ ... 
Xonnmn AlexADiIer UnDdoiuld .. 
Rjjdenclc Geor^ UBcpheiBon 

Waiter LaUuira Lon 

GeorK* Tular Tonag... 
FruiaU Alfred Barle .... 
Clemeat Cur WrlgleT,,.. 

Jobn Enetl HutJo..., 

Walter Bear; Nonun 

UaoGrflMr OrMr 

Jamaa Bichard Forbca Elsmio 
Thaodora BTardBpraU 




1° >'0>. 


,9 Jan. 


■7 May 






w Apr. 






10 Hay S. 

4 May 


7 Feb' 


3= Jan. 


I Apr. H\ 


intlDthe action of St. KoaUelie. 
. . id Ihrougtaoal Cbe Boatern cam- 
1^ of iBit-iS, aa Aaaistant Qnaner 
-valor God aril to Iha int DiYlaion, 
idudins the battle* of Alma, Bala- 

^iklayi.. . 

9or aebartopol (Meel 

Facim^i B}'ae.—Js' 

(orlttl /or Bngal, 

343 The Bo^U Ftfkllien (Cnye^ London Iteglment). 

inditatt.ter."™'"'' ] Fohnerl^j the Jth (Eoyal Fusiliers) Btgiment. [JSf^! 
(The 3rd, 4t]i, and 5tli Battalions ore formed of the 3rd Middlesex, the Lottdon and tLc 4tli 
Militia respectively.) 

Tlia White Bose within ths Garter, and tha White Hone. " ii±rnai<iiix" "TxLiTiit" "An 
"BiDiJOi" ■■8*i.i»inc»" "Vmoiii" "Phwmb" "Oiiaaa" "TorioOM" "Pibiksci 
"Alsi" "Isiikxav" "BiTUTOroi." "KudiiAi, iEi3o" " AraHinnis, i37q>BD." 
snFl — ffvBicb&rd WllliTBhnm.'f CS. *idZt. '15 Uar. aB ; May 31; Cast. '» Jalyi^! 
T ri-c J I KnJ"-, 'iQ Jki, 4t i SI.Lt.Cnlomtl, !■ Not. j. rCo;™./, aS Sov . u j MvorOnttrtl, 
,M;.;rrr,i/,3i Mmr.Mi Orafof, 1 Oct. J7i CoJniijiRoj'iil PiUiliar», isaflpvSl. 
uUnant Coluuli.— I George Brooke Uearu,* CmiiiiitiiJiiiir t\tSiUMiB%, ii Dee. 8;; Eaitgu. ' 
.1. !; N V.61J Capl. 3 JnW 71 i Jfo/iir, 1 July Si J LI.CctBiitt, II Dec. 8j; CoImI, ii Dot. B9. 

(..■.V.c..inTBarloii,-CB.l;«wii ,•-"" '-■ '■-' »■■>'-'- «-■ "— ' -•—-.-.- » - 

J/u «r, . Jnlygii Si.Li.Cnlml, 

:'-i .. 


1 GnnlmcrFmlerie Goj-on 

1 Jolin Bobcrt Beckett 

 Proderiek Bt. Leger Toitenlam 
1 Bj.c. CbarleB LyaaKht Mortimer 


~ rl?« Davi<lMTerBGall,>>.<Hl>(>'>t} 

Jj\lajil Otml, Jladrm J 

,rle» .Sinclair Sheptaard," D30 

Ill George Dgnalcl," Onrri»o» Ji- 1 

I Gaorftc Ewbiml 
a Gerald DenM... 


iltiLiert Uiler StnlTord Addin^ton 
I'i' OiibDmHiDdler uhamberlanGal ] 

crick Ivor Maise 

. FawLer Burton ...,....,..,4,.... 

3 UeTiry Herbert NichoLfloa .......... 

1 Uuxli n'lilter Georiie Campbell,,.. 
J BlBiiles- Bird 

 I GvoTfn Bcsbui'd 


•e BcgiDal _ 

rarsdrX. ArrrteB , 

I RicLanl FowUr-Batler, Ml. a JoIt « 

1 C-lwrldi CaUIer Can..... 

I KmCBt Ueiii]' waller ., 

3 Henrj- Tklirard Beikelcy yeweuham ... 
1 C'bor;ea FitiCtarcnee „ 

J Waiiani Maurice m"™™'. 

I Willi.-im Derington Turner 

I Jnniee UooKlaii Simrks 

I FieUeiick Frere Sullv Flood 

a Henry Adolphus Smith Wrigbt 

1 Hiirry Ashley Vane Cmnmina 

I Godfrey Cnncfurd ArkKTiffbt 

I Thooms BajTHond Mallock 

a Vivian Henry 

I Heury George Yonng 

Arthur Colin Boberla 


I May 73! I July 

'i July I] 

I July 3] 

iJoly Si 

1 Feb. Bs 
SMuJ Bs 

i JsjU Si; 
sOet. S9 

77ifl Kaiwf-ft»f;;eM (Oily of LmiSfm Eegiment). 

■. Gaorgs Fcnacis Tbuaier, >e Ool. fli ; £iii. 'iB'NoV.eS ; ^l- »J Apr. 71 

. — a WrlLi»Bi Slmpion, 6 Not. , 

Fiin-in Blin.-Jsn.(,, MeMT*. Cm nnfl Co. 

• Mr Rlohud 'WillinhuB nerrcd iho Syrian campalni of iBia-4 
~r JUkclon (BrOTCt or Uajor. MeOnl, anit Tarlculi 3Je<la1}. »cri 

lUMpol ftuooti 

maiir-jni ti-Hui .u. j.-ijii.i*. Bnd turkl«l»MBlUI|. ' ' """"' "' '"" ''OB 

" Calrmi)ilM««n>»»erTWlwiMitbB;ihFn«IUera in the InrlUnN.W. Frontiorir«rorigti withtht- Kuanfu.. 
tvttit, anS wi» piMentBi chg deCrocD of thd auDgnlw ki tbo ITmliorla PuBaand aL [bo ntuck nn nn^ Mnmil^^ 
OmiadBniULddHUnHicm tiflAlloooa tli« ijUi I>oo.,b1«o in Iheaciion ■[ llm Win «b<1 .immVtion or 11 

nSUfe. Almtilua and aMbUtoAflt tOkin tiMirMn AdwiWn and tha ri-i-^™ -■S!'.-^ ^?«?"l?"f =' ."'-, 

nmianea and ambiiKAdt •niira Bttireen AdwaWn and tha river Ordah l»liirhtlT wmimiiuii i.oiiia »• 

orOmtXt^ BMUlidn of rinal NmIvj OottttajTml. to ths <md of Ibo war. UUn« mrt tath" "oesgtCnl of 
Owl. «^md Id Uie Bn-iitiaB war of lEM M Dapnty Aadatant Ai]jtUiHi( Baoaml n cmnmuifl of the MHiiorv 
gte h aaJBWTM Of LiencColoiwI. UwU! wim Claap, jth OIbh of tiM Osmaoiob, «Dd BSicdtrs-a BUir) ; nlii iericd 

» Mujor llodiek aBrrta In the Alkhan war !n 1879-to. and wa« prMCiiL la the nunkianuni «t Koket 
MMBd b dMMMhta) Id tti« defWiM of Oandahar, and «t Uio bstEle of CaBdabnr (Umfiil vitli Cliun). 
.l.!?fcr3«S' "f™ '" ""■ A(J(h«n war iu .B»»-Sd, look part in tho dal^n of Cnndahar inclulinz .„„ ,.,.™ 
ta?SS3S';ShKS?d"'iaIiVv.^tL^ ServlintUe 8,«d.n%««,p„i;i; 

a "■S&.^^'^.'*'fe^ inUwZalnwarIn ,S,5(iyteda)). 3cr.«d wild lhsBunn=ap E.pedfUon in ,386 Sf 
SwS OAdr to BriCadiH Oenenl AedorMn (mentioned in dupBlchen, DSO., and WeduJ wIUi CiiM.), ' 

" IWdr Donald HrTod Id IheAtehan war in iSjS-jg In the Tnatjan DepartniBbt iMedall. 

,"*££S!£r»Vd""'.hrU.p "' '*" °''"°^* Expedition In .aS6-37 a> Dripido Tr»niport Omoer 
Id Fni-has served in the Afithnn w»r in i?jj-eo, and took pan in Uie deninrenl 
tbo boulc or CULdahar IMcdol irllh Cbi*p). aerred ttllli t£e Duimeae Jiipedill 
a Dnnninic ipmd in the openliou ofthi Sondiui FranUer Field Pofm in xxaj, ii 

dalwiih rlii»ni ' '' "" — -e— " j.B.u>iiuri. uiaoBr (moiuioa»4 

u served in the Afithnn w»r in i?jj-eo, and took pan in U 
.... _M> boulc or CULdahar IMcdol irilh Cbi*p). aerred ttilli t£e Duime 


a«iai&>ma(i __ _ „ 

^^,'l'™oa«>«aon4iUilh«Mi*tiBiM9iBBlBajn|f the ui(minunt at iSA (meairoiiod^Bd(»t«tihe'p ,'£so' 


Continuation 0/ Koles to the TtoJjal Waitoidsliira Hcghi 

iSCi'lBlwintbElliiiiiRiGampalga o! !ii%, mcludia'^^the eubHsaneuI opunil^ua iu tUc . 

IB tK6i ; also in iLe Hhiara camnQisngr i^iSB-mcladinv t^eeuba^nuc 
•iill ClMpJ. 
" Ilaior Hall eeryed with the 6ib Regiment In the liaism campaisn of i36S, inclndinK the auiine^ 

I » llAjor f orbea «orvod in the A 
b> Orderlj OCBcor u> SrigKiUtr Uci 
paicbea. Ueda) with t'liiip), 

Cabiil i'ielii For^MMolim*. 

" JlHJor 11. yii.i-.lj JohCHWri-? 
Major in [ho jih I'l.uccr Keiiiuicui 

^' Captain Llhcndt'c oervcd in (I 

.egg-90 as Aeeielant Inlclliscnco 
KliCdiTO's Slcr). aar;-iiiiwi',\i 

f^ban ^nr in 

.a„-B=, a. 

nd ««» prosent in the edkb 
d In dupaichoa) and Padkoo 


mel Kfa 




m ,3j,-8o 

as Transport Officer 11 

itb tl 

e Kliyber 


>\„n Ii 




d Expedition under fl 

r Charles 





, including the opera 


llic K.» 


Valley a 


ion in laSi-Ss with the ist Batlali 


oltoyal E 



1 m the Sotidan campaicn in i!3s (Medal with Claap, and 
in .ES5-86 [[ueiilioncd in licsiialchee, MedaHtilh Ckspl. 


3 44 '^^ King's (Liverpool Begtment). 

"'AuL *W^S»a«i .1 1 Pom>^h "'« 8(A {The Kings) Regiment. [^1%'^;l'^u,. 

Lard Aleunder Oeorgt BnauU,' CB. ind Zt 
b 6<; it<vor 9t<ural, 6 Uuuh 6t; LiiHl.a 

:iB, iS;S-Ba," ■' Bdihi. 1685-87." 
iil/39i Xt.iiAprillll Caff.'j/ 
ane 56; Li.&lBnd, '17 Dec, jS 1 
I Marcb ji; ffdwrol, 7 April E^i 

andlia llu BaUalin, 10 JanB BSi Suioa, '11 Sept, 
ti : L€.Colti<ul. JO Jan, 3j , Cohtit. jo Jnn. S9. 

1 Stonley NapiorBoberU' 

I LiIiwreacoCliBrleiiFTHlarickTbompsan , 

aeni? Ueredith Wada< 

GeoiJTB Hoberl Btonn I 

Chiri™ Mbt Hftje* Namntrtoo 

BdnBrdPoblman Browne, j<il;. iTdI. Sh. 

Slnudiah Heary Karripnn/^ Ai^^lant 9 > 

Llewellrn 8BlaVLnryMollor.ii,,JiH«taii( 1 
1 VnWuUtr BatUil^BH lAairpaiil Rtgt.l 

Peroy 8ch 

>n BC Georg« Rlcliud*on 


Bonlio Jnmei BTBnB,>* AJjulaiil 4( 
BdmaDd Hurlnstoa HdlTneai-Seel, ^ 

VBlentioe AniraaCiia Milmu Fcntler,>' ) 
AJjulml itt\X*. I7 f 

Biobud Loan If ilne," I>SO. ^itjuMnC) 
BaJafwuEi^ VnbtiUttrt i 

Banry JohaWiishtOniM 

Gilbert Thomti Elliot 

AngDatna St. John Betoii" 

Oaorse Campbell 

8tBpiMon Lynoh Cottoa," AJi. t<iji<J4) 
BaU.liUnclOUriMUUiai 1 


Louis ei,C1nirNicbaUoi 

ClevBlend Edmiuid GrSBavi 

Thoa. Geo. Powell aifun.AdJt. 1 j Aog 

Haaiings Roaa Johnaon" 

HoRh Wsltere Beeumont JohnaoD..., 
R»lpb Ltgh HMtley 

Mortmer KLopibrd Ad:r* 

phry Slepben Woolrjcb „. 

— 1r KLopford Adj-e 

Gordon Bloia-Johsaoa 

Ch»rlBa M'Leod Pi 

I Warren Henir 

1 CharlM John 81 

Fnderick Blepben Forater Meaden ,. 

BapisTlLiomlTfta der Qnelit 

Francia Cranatoiin Onunumey. 

Kenneth Ljon Tapmiin 

WiUi«n flmdlay Hickie 

Wilfred Romney RAwliuaon 

ijoly Si 
I July El 

4l><c. 7B iiApr. Be 

> Cii plain ScblcU 


10 Kooroi 

AfKhaiiwarm 'ijS-g. anclwmpr™ 

---IB atUlik and mplnre oribo Pen 

aUUedal trilb Olup). 

CnpU, UraUBD ani) E> nna aon 

tto AfEban war in eG7G-?o, u 



■orrert wllh tbo iBtBaUolion Biae Bnjrndeii _._. ,. .^ „ ,.,. 

Utbe iMDinilan.n'Kl *i" P<^"n' ^'^B bnttlDoFBerea— mancinnBil in Gsnaral Orilerd (Msdsl, Hud Brers 
tfuorl Sarred slwi In Iha OrimM trom tlis iilh July iBjs, inoludin^ ths siege nnd fall of aohMtopiil, and oqhi- 
iBudc4tbe iw SKtulianrronitliBiiib October i9j; milil Uia Brmoaatiun of Ihe Crimea (Medal viibClup.Brsnt 
or LLCOloael. Sftnlinian awl Tarki*h Ueilale. Knd jtb Oluaof the Uedjidi'l 

 Colonel DawBUn Hrred with the rail Battalion BIh Fool Ibroa^hout . „ _ _ 

■eat in tbe tmirtn of Uie >S(h Nor, iBjS id Cba Koarum VaUe;, Bad at the atiaoii and captc 

. , ''—'— tarred tn the BanneH Eipedillan [a i83]-Br with tbe md Baltalian of tba LIverEool R^iri- 

ht dHpatehu, BcaTst or IiLCoIubbI. Medal wllta Clasp). 

■-' "*■ ' — "■- Af«h«n war of 1878-60 with the and BatUtlioo of [be Lirerpiwl Real- 

ofQieFeiwarKoMiriiedal wilb Claipl. Served m the Burmejj Eiiisdl- 
. ._ .^s~«r with the and Battalion of the Llferpool KtHilnieiit (Ueda] witti Claap). 
Uajor Wad* (enad In Ih* Burmese Expeditioa In iBSj-S; with (he Ad BaltaUsu or tbe Liierpool R^glaiiat 

)« HarTison lei-vcd in the Baimeae Eipedition in 13^5^7 wllb the ind Battalion or ihs Liverpool B 
m'ln i^adal with aaipl. 

" iitior Uellor sn-red UtranKhoiit tbe Afghan war of 1878-3^ with Ihoind BatUtllon oFthaSt^ Fnot.anl 
nnnenlia theoperaUanalm^eEoainio Valley nnd nt the capture ofcbe Pelwar Kcital(Hedal with Claip), 

" Capcain Dondaa aerred ibfoughoat the Afjthau, war of i37B-»o with the md Battalion of tbe Ll»eri 
ReoiiBeat. and waa preaeotdoriog tbe operationa in the Koorum Valley andU tbeiMpCare odha Pi>i«r ir 
IIIadalwUbOHn]. Bmired wtth^lbe BnnD_a«25ip_(iclUion^iD^i8ej^-S6^(DSO^^ 

Ji the ind Baiulic 

tr Field Foroea, 

!iBadltioDlBi8M'B7 WL.. - . , - ,,. 

i^n llllneBeirTsd with Ibe jiodHlorhlaaderithruu^bont the Afghan war or iBfS-^ with thsKoontm. Cabal, 

" — parlafthetiaie an AsUngAdjatuiIiand waapiaBmt in tbe enmnaicenCi n( 

ear-enantof the division at Z^dabad dviius ilia ntghC anaclc of 41b Ooiaiicr 

iabnlin December 1S79 [mentioned In deapalchsa) i accompanied Sir Frederick 

la Candahar (daring tbe latter part of ICM ReslmcntlilTranapartOJIser). andwu pretsot 
bar (mentlaned in deapatebea. Medal wfth three Claape, and Bronre DeoarMiOD). Serred 

_ Oaafbrth Highlandonin the Bityptlao warof iSSi.aiidwa)pr«Mn(althe batUeof Tel-el- 

r (Kedal witli Clasp, and Kheilive'i 3Ur). Served with the Barmea* ■ipedltion in iS9;-37 aa Deoiily 
AuUtant AdjuIAat and Qoartor Uatler Oeneral to tbe ind Brigade (mentloaed in deapalcheB, DSO., an 1 Medul 

» Ciiplain^eton terredlathe Baraliti: Bipi^ditiaD la iBJj-S; with tbs and Batlaliga of the Liverpool Bsilment 
{Urdal Willi aasp). 

 CuptalD Cotton aerred in lbs Afghan war in 1S80 with the ind Battalion of the Liverpool Rsninwnt (Medal). 
Kerred iailu Bnrmeee Bxpedillon In iSgj-Sjwith ibe ind Battalion of the Llrorpool lteKlia«nt(Meita1wit)iDlaepl. 

II Caplaina Tripp aadOr*«Bway, Lienla. H. Klliol and Roas-JabDson secred in Ibe Bormeiw Bipedltloain 138; -3/ 
■lUi the Mid SatMliea ol tha Uretpoel BeclmBnc (Medal with Glaap). 

" Captains Nietaolaon and Boalea aerved in Che Burmeae Eiprdilion bl i5tS-)j with tbe mil Bjltalli a of (be 
[,ii-prpool Riginient (Medal with Cliup). 

»nii iraa /resent at thf capture of tbo reiwar Kotul [ Bitii Ulaapt. 

'•>S 'V.fZ:,.X^^S^:''^'"- ] The Norfolk Regiment. [S^T-'l'^^.'ir' 

Formerly the glh (Eaut Norfolk) Ite.jimeiit. 
(The jrJ nnJ 4tli Diittalions are formed of tlie ist anil 2ud Norfolk Militia rcsppelivcly.) 

Sepiimui Burtou,' Shi;*, it Ju 
lell,* Bmija, 38 July 6} ; lAiul. 

! U. ») April ji; CajJ. jo Jnl, ,1 ; 
; Celofl li Nor. M : ilajor Omtril. 
1 W«at India Oe^uiDal, 11 Mb; ;« ; 

.Si LI. '>9 Dec. eij Cdj<(. ; Jd1;73i 

June 66; Cipi. . Miy j5 ; J(u>r, 

lDr.i<r«r Ballali^A Surfolk Srgl. ... j ' 

. Dliie Kniffbton RabcrUon 

j, Frwlf---'- " '--•■ — ■- 


Williun UiLbB StnEhan," ^>'a>') 
4 BaHaajn{2 Sorfilk UlUtia) i 

A„i,la,UddJmla,lOn,Fil,Burmai { 
[/eirlB BcincsPliilllpa" 

B«lph Henry Fanwick [•Ombo". 

OIwiT llBfiie,i> AijMWiU i FnJu- 


Junes Lonie Ghv—" 
Andrew 'Cracron 

Cmcron Bflcber," Xtufait' 1 

„_ .\umU J'-r/'IkMiUtia) i 

WillUm Francis Percy 

Fndarlolc Jobn Dultrr i.agaxi.'^DaO. 
CbuleB BdwH-d Bortoi " 

Henry Ricbard Boadon Uenne 
WklMr Bnrey BewDt," icrni, 

B. J.^biU^del^EsDiie'Kmi'u^yi' 

_, l^II<i,JlafiilkBtfi....i 

Robert Pr«nei» Cnnynfthiime "-'— 
"  Brale 

Godrrs; Uusr . 

Wdliam Carrie Tuniio. Adj. 11 Sept. E 
Cbkrias Bury Cloae ^d>. 6 Marcb 9a 

Hurry Bumam Appiawtulte 

PhiUp ChriitiBD Wniiam Trevor 


Evelyn Cblappin) Peebles . 

UkcCortby Roa«b Kminn 
Brelyn -ffllllBni MruKCUOi 
Artbnr Lytton Belluny .. 
Arthur Edward Lascellea 

Oeorge Artbur Becber 

JobnTIerbtrt Llevil ., 

Alamndcr SlnUin CumnbeJl 

FrHnci« de Bemivoir Bell 

Francla Herbert <inldlhorp 

Gai.rgoEraBBl Wilson 

Anhor Jame* VsTnfuir Durall 

HownrdVincBnlgnoi .„!;*"!!!!!!;!!!!; 

Patrick Cb&rlM BoberUon Baioiay!. 

I July 7- 

I Dec. j8 ijreb 

.July i 
ijnly E 
iJnlj E 

31 July B 

JO Deo. a 

iGUar. St 

31 May I, 

iBJone %, 

i)Ang. 8i 

30 June B, 

30 June 6) 

ig Fob. SB 

31 July SB 
.May Es 

II Sept. E9 

Willi ClBap). 

■"Captain Brmnl served b 

' cnEBKemenC at (:i»ii4 (41b CIbm 
the Unman icb tor liJoerviceBnilb 

IHiimtM Eiis^Uion m 
ppeiial Kervice '"^^^" ^J 

The Norfolk Etgitnenl. 

. . Pagmarliri.~i UoitinBB A. Eyns, 13 liny S;; ffu. aj Bopt. 77 j I(. 13 Sept, 7} ; C 
I ... IquarUrUarlcr—^ FrMcHGrcban, 1 Dec. So; Hoi. Oipt. 1 Dec. go. 

Faciaji White.— .isinU, MoBBra. Hnlt, Lanrio anil Co. 
mah, i Uarck li 

Iff Batl. riUmtJf^em Smut, s Uarrk tiga. 3*J Uitl. iml^^laifiT Ind 
T Anhnr Bonon tcrred with (he glh HegimBnl IhO oampaigTi of 184! In AfgUiiniitaii fUeil»t), nuil Lhot of 
.»„_ .k. u^.i...- ;_„...*; — ••-biltlBBoflIoocllcBB»ndKBra!eahiili(McaulHndcrMpJ— mlhelnllerliDjiTeoeoilPrt 
Mserenlyn-ouQaod. Berroil •Iw) Uio osmpaign in • ~  

ttis Begimeiik ftom iTtb. K«r. ilji, Inolxidbig the sloge hdiI fnll of SF)insu>pal, ftnd Hiaalt on the batterio 
-- ■--■"-'-■• -^-^■^—p CS.,-KBifibl.o{iliels^oaoCaoTiat.itH:\i-- -•'■ - ~   " 

nth Job* (Medal with Claip, CS., Kalnht ofthe Lei^oa of Honor, jrd Clus of the lleiljldie n 

Banon Mrreii with the gOiI'oot in the ATRhan war in iBjg-ftj, w. , 

iil*r BrinAior Oaoeial ChsriM G«aaa aa Brigade U*jor, InolatUug the engniicmeDta at Jajntullai< 
id thB tdlaf of Bharpors (Medal wif Olaap). 

• lAOobrael WaTBllasnedin tbeZalD warla iSra (Mbdal with Clup). 

* Major ehepbonl >orred with the Boroiem: KipeOitionln Mh-ia (oantiannl in despatches, D 

 rr OntrleaervBd in the oipediUon aKsinsttbo Jowslii Afrorfcce in 18; 

the gth Foot in the Afp^Lan war in 1678-79. aiid WI14 present at the ntUck A 
lenifant of Annr BignalUos is Sir Bunnsl Bronoe*! LiTisioa (Medal with (;Ih>pi. 
>i Maior Stnurhan aerred in ebo Jomki eampBjgn of 1S77-7E (Jfednl with dun). Scrv«l with 
iStiH^ (pa" or the time ae Aeting AiljuUntI, and tnok pan in tlie adv 
tiarlea Gongli, inclmliog the eDgagemcnts at Jngdulluclf and Esidsbad 

qT Bbarpora Oledal with OUap). 

nOledi ,.. 

__, —In Loanln Barred in the JowiLkl eunpaign of 1877-7B rMedal niUi Claap). Borvcd in the AfahL. ._ 

i!n-eo,toal[ part la Uia advanco to Cabnl under Brigaaier Qencral Cbarlea Googh (oientioued in decpHtchesl. 
and was ptnant In tha ensaveinent at Bajdaliad (Medal with Claap]. Served wiili the Burmese Eipeditiou in 
1SI3-E9 ImBnlioned in deapalchea, Claan). 

■> MAiorSewail urTOdwith the 15U Hnisara in the C^ndahar Column in Ihe Afghan war nrtM-to.lneladlns 
the aduanec lo Khahit-1-Ohitia] ; alao aerrad iritb the ThulI'Chotiall Field Force nnder Brigadier GenaraJ Bidanlr^. 
aEd in the Column ondar M*Jar Ooiiarol Fhajrie in eonthern Aretiauiitan nfedal). Senodinihe Boer war in lEti. 
Ssrved in Iha Hlle RxpeaiUon in iKS.~3; with the Calnmn uniler Sir Herbert Stewart a> Atliutnot to the iit 
Battalion of the Mounted Inlkntrr, and was preMot at the nctinn at Aba Klea [Uedal n-ltb tivo ClBsna, anil 

'• 'Uajat I^UipB lerred with the expedition nsniuet the JowakI AR'eedeea in 1877-78 Oledul wiih Clasp}. 
Bened with the ^th foot in the Afghan war of ifi78-8D, inclu'ling the operationa in the khyber Pass (Medatj. 

u Captain Uayno serred nltb the eipadlEion aguiniiL the Joncaki Afirvdcc* in iij-t-7% (Medal with Claap). 
Served with the ath Foot in the Afghan war in 1370-80, and look part in the advancui to Cntml ondcr Brigadier 
Geneial Chariea Gongh, including the eogagBiaebiaat Jugdnllucli and Snidsbad and the relief of Sherpore (Medal 
mill Claap). Serreo with the Burmeae Expedition in i£E) and ivab Eovercl;^ waaadul'dutisg the operaiiona in 

i). Serredwitb the Burmeae Gxpeditioi 

~nnt^ (Olaap). 

J. L. Ooran ia — _ 

igadier Oenenl Cbarlea Gongh Inelading tl 
I (mentiuied in deapaicbH. Mcdat with Uaai 

" Captain J. L. Ooran iarredin the Alghan war in 187^-80. took part in the ! 
ander Ui^^adier Oenenl Cbarlea Oouph Inelndin^f the I'ellcr of Bherpore, and 

the end SaUalioi 

jharlea Oongb, h__ .. 

duilnck andSaidabad; was afterwards Orderly OOoer to Brigadier General Gongh 

BMher MrTadiathe Al^haa nar in 1870-89 with the end SaUalion of thagtb ?uob, and took part in 
•- •■■ "-' -^ Cabnl under Brigadlar Qeneral Charlea Oongb, Inclndlag Ibe eoijiemBnte at Ji)«- 

rindier Q^ersl Charlea Oongb, IncliUling Ibe engaeemi 

Jrly Offloer to Brigadier General Gongh (Medal wll£(31a*p.- 

laeanl eerred with tbe gth Foot ia the Afghan War In iSy^^o, and was preaent In tbe eneagtoieitt 

Continuation 0/ Noif^ to tlis LineohisJiire Regimetil.  
S Juhns G ya Kr\ m tb in the action with and dalV^t 

r here el BocraatBoei. I eKafflrwnr of i8j:-si (Medal). 

» the Eatlero csmin t n ho Light Division, iiicrudidg the 

utl  nf Alma and Ini 1 » Srcveta of Major nud U.Colonol, 

I. kht of he Legion ol Ho or j Q u- ) Servcl the Indian cainpaip" of 

7 ia no ml ng Ibe dcfcal Of the C u.ciii, utLuio hi oc aber. floal capture of Lucknow, 

cu u ;Lt \an'Bb)nmgB (eonunanded BatLol on) a ifsul B»|ne toieratona Medal with Clasn. and CB). 
Major Hnntlo; c mmaoded a detachment of the oth Rc), ment at the a tack and capture of the Kapajan 
irksdu SanghiB U anif Mala; Fen niola in 874 A ao si^ried thronghont tbe Pcrak Eipcdillon in iS75-:6 

tluni; IceJeti'Jnl Africa u ^ovem er SiB a d Beried througbuut the :£uln war (il 

CotiiiwMtion of Notes to the Devonshire Regiment. 

1 rolcinel Sircoi served with the nth ReKiment in the Afghan war in 1B79-80 (Medal). 
' Li.CDloncl Uibbona served iu the Afghnu irar in iiJ79-8o (Medal). 
' Majir AndrevBaervedln the Afi^bnu warof iS79-Sa (Modal). 

' MHiorn Kinder, Yule, and KelBOlleerfed vriibtbentb Begimentintho Afghan war in 1879-80 (Mcilal). 
'" X..\iOT Noon nerved in the Afghan war in 1379 with the Traiupart Staff, and waa prssunlat the occap 
'jfCanJahiirandin the enftagemcnt at Ahmed Kbeil (Medal with Clasp). 
" Capi-iin Harries eorved in Iho Afghnu war in 1878-79 in the Transport DeDartmeol with the Sou 

the Afghan war in 1879-80 aa Adjutant with the ind Battalioa iilh Reglmi 

,,. , „--„„-, jmbe Bcryad with the iilb Regiment in the Afghan w 

 Captain Duckett.— For War aemcc!, see Army Pay Department. 

' Lieut. Carr served inlhe Afghan war in 1879-So with tho md Battalion nth ReKimeni in Soutlom AJ 

an (Medal). 

_] The Linoolnahire Begiment. [ko, la.-.'uaMim. 

Formerly the loth (Norih lAncolnsliire) Eegiment. 

(The 3rd and ith Btttuljons are formed of the North and South Lincoln Mihtia respectively.) 

■■■■lii" "RxHiu,iia" "OuintiiDi" "Ui.L»nqf«i" "Kqim" (with the SphittK). PiBuneii 

..Cl^ ^^l>MD-«*.* IIU^Af^j.tJ "fVknTVBAT" ''LOOISOir. ' 

(.'13 Oot.43[ CajifBin. '9 Jane^S; W. 

ColsHtl LiooolDBtiire Sifft, 19 Not. 9^ 

M?r67iB'.J(v"^.5 0ct.So,if.U»r.. Julys,; Z.«tr«.t ('oio«ff. 3 MnyW; 

CaHa.Au «. Ba«oJi«, f r Mar. BS 1 J.w. ' j Feb. «« i £'. '19 la\y 64 ; 
■, . jQly Si? £i^w( Q.1^..*). .B Jnno 66 ; ^i.J..n,?, .8 June 90. 

■'PD«in»" "MooiTii" 
nlias Richard GIjb,' JTCB. Emwh, 16 
ffi. 54 i 6 Jnne s6 ; Jfojiir, 5 . 

gul, ^Mayw. 

c. Arcbilialil Glen, 

'I. u Mar. 76; »(^i° 


iDK WiltimnElliotti). .. 

totaen Roberta 


S Sept, 63 » 9 May 65 i 

81A00I ilf Ufkclr) S 

BcurF Compioa SeneUOoldtnip 

BeriwrORl Kobert UamUton,^^'. it) 
(JforfUl UiMlitri Eyit Valtiitrm... S 

Henry lvilej,J*B'(iii*3Ja««fioii 

ji.'.d.CliBTleaRudyerdBininoD^.l.X > 
Oiuenl. /■(•«. SrameC, ITartMiti 

BeBmlili Bt.Iohn Buittr Jal.B.ll.CiiU. 

HsDiy Boluin Malnnuinii 

WLlUam Cecil WelibRawUnaoD ... 
Wm. Biiiaj Carpenier, A. ft Corju... 

George AapiatiulT»« 

Walter Latham Cox, A^. tA B» 


William OrllBth QnDl, Olalii* Stajf, 
OPcer, Piirkmartf 

ii RaikaKaKbory, JiO'-i 

BDrrffrimiMn* ; 

len Ganible.'>at«<)f Cd£ 

sLLoyd, AdiV--- ■' 

Fredarlok Qanld QrUStka GilSn .. 

Babert Paoy Kaxwall 

Steiuut UFDilH, Aiffriiitndnf £m# 

117 U-Aod 
Arcliur Sandere Viu_ _ _ . 
Alfred KdnBTd QuHbard . 
Hlclmnl Ori 

Cbss. Ed«. SevDiOir Ball-Hnffbaa.. 

Erneet Benloe WiUdnaon 

Grahpm KrnMI My be . 

Borold r ~" " 

STtilyit fioothb: 

14 May ^™ 

William N*orrii KmzGrimbli .. 

lu({h» I 9 May 

KiTDeit Douglas Uaoay 

Cecil Non-ii Baker , 

Jameg Beynoldii Uaxirell Manh ... 
C^ Bertram Byerr 

i9 Fab. i 
11 Sept. ; 

;^S:5 If 

13151? b; 

Begimeol in ibe FBittk Eip«diiiog in 
.875, and wa* aereroly wounded ai 
be aauult on the Ualay Stockade of 
?tMAi Sala (Madftl with CInap). 

>' Utiir Pkton aerved with tlie lotlt 
[torlment thnnighmit lbs I'erak Ei- 
HidiUnD agaloat tbe Ualaye ib iS;;- 
■6 ( mention od in deapalchc^, Medal 
iritb Ctup}. 

"Major Uoyrlck and CapUia 
U>irtliiMiTcd wlib ibo loib Rpgimeei 
□ tbePorak Eipcdition lni375,aii<t 

3 May 69 flasp). 

,1 Fasaii Bala (Me<.<ul wKli 

» C^aptAin Gai 



c BtcbiM 

. ... EipeditlDn under Sir Cbnrli 
I aS4-8; na Adjaiaiit of the inl Moiuiunl Itiflcx. 

" Captain Tanffe.— For Wnr Berv'.ccs, «e Army 
[■ny Department. 

[For iTHoiiMitr tf WjIh, ki j-rierJix} pa}' . 

■tl Saltalu* Hlnriti from SiuaiHrt. 17 AjiTil 
[977. lid Ballalicw imlarttdfiir Malla, iS'>E. 

JWinf I Vt'biu.—Asmii, Meaan. Coi and L'o. 

I CLriMapher B. Taafffc," n June Bj ; 

vrf/rjriufm.—i Jama TamplttOBit J Bvpt.ji; J 

1 Albert Clay, 30 Not. jl ; iTn. I 


] The Devonshire Heglment. [^''Td^il!^ : 

Formerly the iilh (North Devomhire) Regiment. 
(Tiic jrj on J 4th Battalions are foiined of the 2!] J n.ucl ist Devon Stililin respectively.) 

TheCMUoor Bi 

Lintout OsUbiU.— 1 Klirard Lee Street, 

; Sntraf.ii MbjBj; Cole 


r 1^' 1* ' 

a. 6* ; Cap/. T| Setn. 

prtdericlt FL[»ro/ WUboae,' 

irard I<ee Street,' Cemmndins lU BallaUmi. i Jalf St; Emiiaitfii r*b 
6)i JToiDT, I July 9ij It.Po&Mj, 19 Mav ej ; 04(dm(, iq JjSj ao. 

Hicturd Bdmud Saliall* .. 

r,:e. Gmrga Uukirorth Bollock,: 

b1 Kellb aurlet".. 

Cwil WUltam PufcH ., 

Foi. Bh.... 
ueonts uuiom D'UTir, Aitli it CUmf \ 

ttit*}ar OrMraHi.J. Bit%ata» .i 
Tbo« , Ar.HuknenDaviH,' 'JJj.i BcpLSg 

Frsderlck Cliflon Brig^'* 

EdmondTklbatSunlcir," O.SSvt 

MODtftsu Orriirhlan Onrry, Attiilaiil \ 

I—l-KiBf i^TFarKIn aiBTti J 

aoben BeuaeK, Ordmiiur Shir* Dot 

Bid. Uomrd BsdlnfftSld, ^. ] Vil. £1. 
JobD HiicH«iU WiUsr..... 
Oaoiga JobD BUiemub*" 
"-' — «flBBQ«n — ' — 

iCiliriird Waikln 
JoMph OMei Tn 
Reynold Perej S 

HuTj Neptnaa Sarj^iit, A, S. Corpt... 

WLlIiwa ttHnanl Lauder 

Lonu Jean BotK. ^ 

HorUii Seoundua Lalande Bavcniha 
EJ«ar EdviD Barnard, A. S. Oirf .. 


'y Andrair Im 

Jaaper FiUgerald Bodoliffi 
Ctiatlei Spenvor Warwick 
Cluirlgi MonlRjiDBne ItyKc 

Bilvrard Sliulderl 


'14 Mb>. 
-■S July 
'31 Aug. 






=6 j'u'm 




6 0*1. 77 



.8 Deo. 
4 Feb. 

,6 Nov. 



. Jnlj' »3 

iJao. B,; 

30 Jus* St 

J Oct. B5 

36 Opt. Bs 

=5 Oct. 85 

i3 Oct. Bs 

»8epC. S& 

.Ofll. Si 

fPil uninier- 

= ' wilfi tliB ;7ih"Rogl.' until Mnj- 1855. 
j.BfUrwliieU Ha D.A.Q.M. Goiieml nl 
4' UepilQiuiners.nndruA.Q.M.Oenisra' 
1 ofthe4tliD[»l»loii;wMprefloiilatthi 

5 nffliiraon thflBnlBWuiDanflntBBlBk 
J iBim.bntUmor AlmHBmllEkennaii, 

6 aaaaiiltor ihoQanrriM, attack of thn 

Bvalj-u FitiUenld Uicball Wood 

Cturlu Doaglaa FUjld ..„ 

Balfour Lagiui , 

G«rg« llortiDwr Moma 

Kdnrd Coawaj- Wren 

Clurlaa Clarluoa UbtUd MaynanI .. 

CharlB* KgailoB Ajenl 

Jobn UoKli Gonton Bvtuu OVitha\m.. 

Aittor Boarke SooMr 

illiani M. DuckuLi," 18 Sor. 
-J JoiinCarr.i'.fiAiig.Bj; 

Bg'aadwiui ft^qaeutly ii 
Bg the fidraace Trencliei 
go, tUroa CUiapa, BrevDtA 

o otEI Magtor. Tiil-Bl-MaVnlJi, nni 

; of™u".&hir'-«liSilly mu "dpS 
(Sre time* maalioDHl in denpnuhcu. 
rvceii-cd the ibankn of lioth Iloniins 

I t'iMp. snd Cliuw at the Osmanioli, 
aod Khedlre'sSUir). 

(4r ffDr/oU ffi 
, J-uiifi Wb 
I Cni and Cn. 
I irf Aurbific] 

rj Jppi( 1B77. 
,/«■ i.*«I. B ^. 

i( DMtM No. I 

250 jr,*a"ii'.'^:.?S^"**"^J The Soflblk Begimflnt. [" 

Fomwlij the lalh (East SufoU) lieffiMcvt. 
(The 3rii and 4th Battalions are ionuid of the AVt^t Suffolk jind the Cambridse Militia wspectivcly.) 
^D.iii»GEs";;ui»BM'' ■■Giii>i.i,TiB"ilie Castle, Kej. Mid Mouo,jfo««/«|o,racv./pr. ■'Smibo.miim " 

FBI! luif "•Jj^'I'-J"'^ *''^^,'l ^V~TH'' f*--™^"l '"■"u>e3Jii<"''.'ia JJnr: 16; C^p/Bin. 'iS May 36; 
^•j r.T ^'1'"'. *'**?■■■ <fili'.C>'"«I.''Apr.soiCDti.i(#J,a§ Not. Ml l^u'-r Ot«fraI 6 Aub c..- Lt oTZi^al 

ji ... UiutM.iil(lBli»ieU.-3 JnniMBclwirclHiuTU. Q>mmami«u tk, BalMin. . Aoir.ea: £■.«., '6 Jaii 6o- 
LI. ^3 Otl,,6ji Ci.;.(. fiDec.Wiifq/or, .JoljB.iitV&iMtl. lAiir.Sfi- (WW 

1^. John Ciuai>lwli KtfbiinBOii Q1U-) i^ 

iAng. «4» 

e. Williiuu Oiuiiiolpb Kouth ... 

Joba Logan Pruer . 

r, C1hi(sIi) Eennadj'iJSn^aiti Mnjiir, 

p.i,r.a«) Fred. Can pbellUkckBDile. 
.iJl>(.i>ir I Vet. Bh, ai^kBaimt 
Frederick WiUiam BciuUmon,'* At 
3 BullaUi- (IfiHS^MUililU) ... 

AJfficujdar Uaiiri(»I<e*iie>' 

Frank OnUiami" 

Anhor FaaloODBT Poalton ," Ailji 

I Ads. 6a 
oNOT. djI'ijApra 6s 
1 Anff. 681 ,e JJa; 
9 Deo. 68| iS Oct. 
t Jan. 6» >B Oct. 

J Jan. ' 

Hsnrr Erelyo Toni'ba*'.... 
William Hewla n<i.\,.vi.r. 
ITivian WUdcR; 

le Caleman.x Jirclma, 


Aon GrooUiBni. A<lj:it, 

3oiiynglunn Arbotbno 

WlUiaoi KsUes 

Srdne/ Bajls Stotherd 

Gay Mortimer And* Lb. 

Oathberl UoQUirua Do Qru 
StaliaH SMJ Q/«r, J^tuiul.... 
WilUun Be. Lawrsnos Saiindvi 

WllUun Bnrlula; WiUlocs'i 

Eli ward PapUlon Proaf" 

Charlei Aribar Hogb Bretl^" . 

Henrjf roregrlna Lander ..'."!!' 


Georso Harbert Btemrt Bn)inu)<i 
AtaianderBiaiUiirtilaUDri " 
Cbarim Hsnr " " " 

inry Falkliu 
b1 Kyro U«Hy Lloyd .. 


Walvor A Jdraw "PriMr '., 
,. 1 Krank GadKlen DsTiB*" 
,. :» Honrr Fredarick Honh Clifford 

.. I CadrTo tUotiftnl Kansua 

.. 11 Jobn Randolub Oorsl Hookinn 
„ ,» Prank DdlHll FlaUi 

.fruDder abakaBpear iSarnj .'. 

3 April St 
J April Bt 



Uiiy jt 

Xag. ,8 


Nov. n 

April Eo 



April Bi 
July 6> 



Apr. fl3 


Joly 83 

June B4 

Deo. 84 

Feb. 8^ 
Mm. Bs 

Apr. H 

M»y es 

Oct. 8s 


Dec Ii6 

Sopli S^ 
Mnr. i; 

6 May 8; ,"^|'j,^„'^^''j,';| 

,; ahk %6 Cnptoin 

ij Auk! ^6 Ip-p""? " 

1 liludu 

1/ Cii.idi" 

S Jane B4 
 Bept. 89 

la lluirh B«rTO" ItoiiTlanat . 
|i Cbulea Uampilcn Tuner 
'■> Onoret Eilmr Jobn Pcrrj 

jMsJ J 

P'jricMUn.— I AltreA H. Liador," i Stpt. iSj CapttltSfffhll Etjimimt. 

. 4««rt*rifin(n-».— .WiHiiiniNoiTi»,''|oIloT.8i! San. LUul. 

 I a William SdwnrU Beamni, 37 Apr. Gg ; ^dh. £inf. 

cbaiuialBDd EipraicTaii under Sir Cturtes Warrm In mi-Bi u Brixndv Major. 

' Gensnl PDrceval coBuumrlH] ths Reserve BalUtiaaor tlie i ilh Bcniineiit ia ths Eaffli wnr ofiSii-^i n 
hii «r>icM WTB nominiitHl B C». (Medal). 

• UBjor niiugiiirBervnd with tiioittBBlIalion iKh Pootin the AfVlian wsrln iBBo (Sledul). 

'Major WilUaiBB served with the iBtBiiMlion ijlh Ptwi in lio Afurlian warin .879-80 IMednl]. Served 
Huan Eiwditton in .683 wJtb Iho itl BallaUon Suffolk KcRinienl (menlioued in lieipalche., Medal •llli I 

'"■J w TOwnley lermd  Amount ol Iha let Bsttalion ..Lb Poot ia the Afahaa «.r of iStS-Bo. ai. 
gJ^»^tta«i(njmniBnl»tAliBoirhan, tliBocca|)aiJon of the Laghnmn Vallty. und the oipeilitioH ai 

' U^for Pike aarved is the Huan EiDedlUon In i3G3 witb the leCBattalioD BuSbik ReElaieDI (mcDllou 
oopMAw, Uedal urith CJiim). 

•ll^|^0«TeMr*eainthlIiai«tB8tUlion mb Foot io the Afghan mw in .B?o So (MoiJal). Ber»f rt ( 
Run bpntlHon m >U8 with the .at BatUIion BuSoik HeElmenl lucludms ih. cD(>a^Ktnciti at Kotkal 1 

" 1UJ« Watacn anted niUi ihe BectoiL , 

atnti tatlu BuWk BipMlltlcm in 1888 as Briande Malar 
IBOIJODM In danatiAia, Medal vit^Claan). 

<■ (Main Maottenile, BaadMOore, Graham Mid ronlioa eervBd with the iK BalUilion irlh Foot in the AfihMi 
warm iG7;-«a(Meda)]. 

OBDtaiB Cabitt Hrr«l In the Hniara Eapediiim in .£B8 as BriijadB Major to the <tb Column under Br^Badwr 
OeoerKl OklbnJUi (Medal with C'lup). 

'- CacUin Lealle served in the Enrplian wnr of it3i at Acting Dopolj Aiaistanl Coramiagnrr Qenaral, Conmiia- 
MnatandTiMuportStalKMedal. and Khedive's SWr!. = ' -^ 

■^Capt^laileniWoierved wlthlhe.alBatlalioniithFootiolbe Af«hanwarin 1S80 (MMnl). 

■• Captalu Llovd and Moolaitii, Lieola. LennoiV. He GmjThor. lVBll«cP,Fre«l, lirett. Kryer, Olosaop, Browne, 
md MfjiRBn, and Beoond Uenl. DavleiBcrvod in Ibo Haiora Expedition io liiB with tbo let Batlaliou Bullblk 
BemmeBI (Uedal with Clup). 
n^^ w?lh cSlI^7*" **"" '" ""* Baiars Eipeditloa la .868 U Ailintant U tlie m Battalion Bnftolk Besiment 

» Lieol.- Norria Bcrrad io the Hatara Eipedilion in lEBS BBQiuulerMnBlertolheiBlBaiulionSatrijlkEeKi'oeliliB 
(meutioned in despatches, Kedal with ClaBp). I 


Continttalion of Noles to the Prince of Wales Oicii (West Yorlcthiro Regime'il). 

' General Heyland served with the sstb Rogt. in the KMtern Campnign of 1854-55. Including the battle of 
Alm-i (aeveiHly wonnde-l— arm anipuvaietl) , BioKO and fall of Sebaatopol (mentioned in despatchee, Medal "ith 
IwoClaapi, Brevet of I.t.Colunel, t'i)., Bardinian and Turkish Medals, jth Clau of the Mcdiidle). 

• Colonel Uarington ecrved in the New Zealand war uf iSej-6^, inciuding the actions of Kohewn, Gate Pub 
and Tanrsnn (Medal). Scrredin the A/ghan war In i8Gii,and waapreBsnt in the aSair ut Mazcena and with the 
Kama Eipedltion (Medal). 

• Major Noye* serveil in the New Zealand war in i8&i-66 (Medal). Served as Grign<le Transport OIHccr in the 
Afghan war of 1B78-80, and was present in the arfalr at Mazecna— wounded {montioneU in despatch rn. Modal). 

II Majors Morris and Gordon, Captains Leetcr and Vialls served in the Afghan war in 1880, and were jireaent 
in the aSair at Maieena and with the ICama Bipe'lition (Medal). 

'• CaptainThroslonsefvedm the AfKhan war of 1B7S-S0, and WHS present in theoffaira at DchSarakiincnlioncd 
in despatches), Banda, Kuddeo, and Roghani (Uedal), 

" Ciplaia Adye served in the Afjjhan war of 1878-80 with the 4th QoorkhaB, and was present at the altack and 

" Captain Schuyler served in the Afghan war of .878-80 as Assistant Superintendent of Transport nith tlio 
Boorom Field Force (Medal). 

■' Captain MIUh served with the Bechnuialand Eipeditloa under Sir Charles Warren in 18^1-8; on special service 
as ActioK Provoat Marshal. 

" Captain Wemysa served ialte Afghan war in 1880 with the Kbyber Field Force (Medal). Served with the 
Bechnanaland Eipedition under Sir Charles Warren in 1884-8; on speoial service in the Intelliiience Department. 

the Kama Expedition (Medal), ' 

M Capt«inM»cAdBjaBerved with the Beehaaiuthuid Eipedltion andtr Bit Clajl»i^«rW^\a\Mv-^^OTi>ipw:^A 

The Prince Albert'* (SomereetsMre Light Infantry). 

1 Formerly the islh (is/ Somersdohire) Prince { ^'/''"-T^i^xim 
Alberts Light lufautnj. l . 3- 

(Tlic3ril nnd 4th BnCtnlions are formed of the ist and luil Somerset Uilittu respectively.) 
DimiiHTK" ■■BQTTi"(iriUithe8phIiil). "Mibtibi^di" "Ati" "AisMuiBU>""Gauiiiii." 
ipencribsd "JiLiLiiBUi" "Ciaooi. 1841" " Situtotoi. " "Bomm Anic 1,1873-9." 
•IS iSBj-Bj." 


-^r.^^ |Coloii.l.-£wJ MsrkKerr I TCB. Sniit 
" " JuLyji; «, CoJonfl, PjoDec. S31 Oil 
Jnlj 76 ; Omrat, ii Sot. 78 : f"'o»' 

in Pbtt,> C^a.htMin 

, 'i Sopt. 65 ! /in'. '» Oct. fa ! Can/ajii, II Jan. tB ) . 
! If^ar. B jiUy gj ; VbIoa'I. h Sqv. 66. 

cK JfMJor. 

HuBh Hoiell Tlmrlow' 

JobD Millsr Elges Woddjn 

  ard Jolin Tom "'-" 

Etlioonil Joseph Oetlweji" 

Frtncia JamM JuMice,« A^. ni IV. 1 1 
Baritlie-SaP-riftikirr LigM In/ailry i I 

Brjan Palmae.. 

Charles Herbert Beb It li 

 6 Jnly JS: I 

AntbODT hoax 
'Aijutar- " 

:1loD WUllami^") 



Li". Man'n / 

ichard Lloyd Pajne," OSO. A^-\ 
tauli Fol. i«. fforftii K^ij«a( J 

or WUUamaon Alaaker P' 
iutamt I Fe/Mfw 9»». 

1. Hen. Holbecha ' 

N»pi«r'* , 


I Herbert Itbye Lloyd" 

Henry WilwnLovetiaiJ^.i.ffm 

Baalk Atutraliam Arc«, viM I 

raniofU^oT I: 

I 'novinQ'Ovis^nayf,™A4)*lt»t yiDccii 1 
'i Robert EdwmCorbMl ' 1 

II WUIiamCbarleaCoi" 

,9 Char1a>llIakeiiu^Llttle,'>Sf<i<io»5/irf 1 

Ofliyr, »>/fmo/oJi JVi»( 

HortHjrl Cokayne Frilh,"! woi 

I t\t EggpiuiH Armg - 

II Uontaouc Amoi F«ber 

J Ferdinand Haneel PflMiock" 

DoDBlai Grant SMwart.," Aijutanf 4) 

SallaliBo (] SamtTit HUitia) } 

John JerviB Palmer." -r^'g -iMl 

Snplian drm^ S 

\ Hobcri Brocklehunt,* A^. i« Nov. SB... 
1 1 Stradlinf; Louis Vaoghan CrMloek" 

I Arthnr Barton Foi» .". 

II Henry Joseph Kverett 

Ij John UBjimilian VallcnUn" 






jiUar. 78 flWay 85 

10 Apr. j6j . 1 a May S5 

cm:. J! 

■6feb. K 

18 Dec. 86 
>S Due. S& 

Oct. j< 

"Mar. 80 

J, Dec. BS 

Jan. 7. 

Oct. ^t 

..Oct. B>| 

.Way i> 

n June ^ 

N-OT. 73 

,3 May Bj 

Feb. 74 

•oOct. Bj 

.5 June Ss 

Feb. 7s 

. Aprtl is 

. April 8, 

Nov. 75 


Jan. 76 

81I.J- 8, 

April ,6 

Ubt'. So 
Nut. So 

July S. 


July Bi 



Jgij- 81 
Jan. St 

 iSept. a?' 
13 Sept. 87' 

.ran. Si 
May Si 

S3 Sept. S7 
fM^y i 

July U 

3JiIar. 90 

Jan. Bj 

'4 June 90 

Feb. B4 
Sept. Bt 

 4 Jnne 90 

Not. B4 

Apr. S6 
Aug. 81 

May 89 


WaUh ten 

atentry in tb 

clufllng the 

>d with tb. 

[i Junes Eads Ubgdell ... 
I Ambent Blani WhaUu 
I Arthur Gerald Boyle ... 

I Adelbert Orlando CDekayn* Cuet... 

I Oirea IhitTS Biss 

" iiftaald Tackor Hooti^sor , 


Sdirant KirkpttriBk .. 

n the Nile Eipediuon m 
 lib the UooDled Infantry 
It of the Camel Corps, ard 

VirttbliKiClMpiABd EbodlTt'aSMT). 

s AllfrCn {SomerseUhire Light Infantry), 

UaraU Fiuwnu , . 

Buler Richiud DATidioa : ifi Apr. 

Hurf Boh ' 31 May 

ilcbn, Ucdal w 

mwe KipedtUoD in iSS6-Sj nith U 
SoraerMtahii-e Llglii InDitjU; (Mci 
Mwart G«orge Le«.' i Feb. 81! k": «"■'. 

Facimn Blue.— Jinfi. UtMni. Cox and Co. 

H<a jr<<>J, iSjg. »<l BathdiBH miarlnifcr Uallt, =7 Jify 1977. 

IS UHdm (Votd tbe joth Jnne iSjj, ind »■ 
Ji ClMp. TuiWiih M«l.)^«iiil ith ulsM of i1j 

« ealliuiUT ii>il '(iirul uuniKO'neiil w)ii< 

.flBauahau in tbe ^eort oT h jAi-gc coAva., _. , ^^„ ,..^b»-'-"4 

Uirilud tbaHDbusquEiiipursDimrKaer 8iDs'sBnn;ciBi4Ui April icroHccl Iba G&dnanid. 

Aeld force in i3iB ahnlubail Dietrict. Coramuided thn BdIiI rorna oT ArtQlery Cnvity uiil 

bUmck on Hid retrcAt rtojA ihe ForL oC faKdcfipom (wouiUIhI). ComiuiiDdfid the BnttaTion tn tha 
""'"■"'■■" . - . ...«., "ndln Jaouaiy 1S59, 111 the pllr- 

In^jiUy Ln the feUmck on Hid retrcAt rtojA the ForL ot taiedcapoTO (wouiUled). Coi 
TnsvUwm wmpalKD, iaclading Che aclioa at Toolsepon) and duriDg December 1 

Id ii»yij with the md BatlalioTi Somcr 


iplorcd 10 iiwpoct and ' ^. .--._. » ^- .. .. — .. -. ...- ^_. —,- 

■ntrr (»od>I witb Clup). 
-   - d during 



Iftnoled InlkDUT. Comnuuidcd the ICoanted lufkntr; la the Eirpcian n 

MnnmeDt at Tcl-ei-Mabuta— oaTBrelr ironiided (twice m — " — ■" '- ■' — 

MedjidM. lledal, and Kbadiva'j Etw). Bervad in the i~f. . 

Bnaala and anarwarda In eammand oT Kalive Trodps at Soakio; orgnniied a cii 
Bnuah tnopa uid alia A Iroop ol Monnlcd luntDtrvrgraoautlnEdutia*^ nwpreunt: 
(awulOBHl ui Adminl Bir wBliam KawitCi dt^tchas, Bnval of LUColcmel. two 1 
EipfdibOD in iSSi-Cj aa Comnuuidant of eh<?Iia1 (Clup. )Td Llaaaof tha Oanunleh). 
• Uajor Tbarlow aerrad in (ha opnaliuni ai^inuSekiikaniintheTraiiavan] in iSv^.-^k^ .^.u^M'^uBkiHi ^aii 

Served in the Bunncce BipediUun id iSE^-i; icilb Ihe and BnluUlcn Samemn^hire Light lnlluiU7 (ilt-dpl wKl 

' UAior Jnftioewrfed ia tba ZalawaroriEig, and wiBpritMot ia Ibc an^gcmCDt Bt Ciooili (Ucdal with Clan) 

'• M^n Waddy, Fownaa and OaUirey, and Caiila'-^"'"' -• '- "■- " ' — "-'-' —  ' 

^ , ._ .... ,_,._j. ^ , , j.^, 

prtMot ia Ibc an^gcmCDt Bt Ciooili (Ucdal with Clan).  
Witllanu acrnd In Ihe opemUont airainn Selinkani in 
— ■-— Mil; al,otlirongSoutMi»Zuluirarori87 "■ 
tlte «DK*it«(aenta of Znngin Nek, Kami 

■M ClBDdi (lladal wiCfa Oaap). 
'• rapuiin Poynwn wrvad in ibo oponiiir.n» ncninat Sekaknni in the Trnasviuil in 1S7B inclndlog I 

1 war of 1879. and ma prc«eai in the onpagemeni* ot ZLiuvtin \ok. 

.._. ., ilcdnl mill Clii"p), Served with the Barmesa Bipadition in -.BE5-86 .._, 

Bitiahon Somernewhirc Light Infantry (meiiiioned in rteiipfttchM, DSO., nnil Medal witb Cloapl- 
" Captain AlU^n terved in the openilioTit ngninet Sckukuni in the I'ranBvaal in iSji. inclucling Ihe nlnrm- 

(SIMal withClaap). 

I' Captain Napier eerved in the Burmese Eipedilion In iGEj-Bi with the mil BatinliOQ Somcraeuhini Light 
iT^rantrr IVeilal with CHasp). 

» Cspia[n Coucbmaaacrrod with iho Biirtneae Bipedition in tSe;'87 witb tbe md Batwlion Somcnjctkbira 
I i^H. Tnf.ntrj (twice meutlgned in dospulchcs, DSO., Medal witb Claap). 

boultho Zulu wnr of 1B79, and WBspreBcot in theengasrem 'nUat 2an«in Nnk 
Claapl. ecrvcU witb the Nile Bipeililioii in .884-85 m 1 10 Kggyuan unoT 

[be .-nd Iliitwlion Sanier«itibir«l,inh't Infantry (Medal w.ib Clanpl. 

oC™pf, unJfKhediWs'siarl!''' " » a — 

. __. __ le Burmese Kipedition ia 1686-B7 with the ind BatUlinn Soineraetahiro Light 

tniMiiujt a^u ^.lafllightty wounded in nn eniragcment on tba aind March 18^7 (Medal Aith Clanii). 

"l Captain Fnih served in the oneraiiouB of Ihe Soudan FroDlier Field Force in 1885-66 with the EinntiBn 
Army and waapreaenl in the enRBBemeTit «t Ginise (Medal, and KbeJive'i Star). 

1 CapIAinPeaaockiierved with the Itunm.cKipaditian in 1885-87 with the snd Bnttnlion 14 omereete hire Light 
Infantry, and was slightly woundcU in hd eiiULigemcut near Uliuedel on the ;lh April (mentiuoed in despuiobea 
Medal with Clasp). 
" Captains D. U. Stewart .Brooklehnret and Crenlock, Lienl*. Vallenltn, Johntone. unit Donnelly served in the 

n CaptainSSmerierved with the Buudaii F run tier Field Force in iB87aiid waspnwent in the engagement at 
Barraa as Staff Officer to Colonel Cliennsiite. Commaniliag the Force ImenUoned in despatchea. Medal, and Khe- 
di4a'a8tar); also served ia the operatiar.a nenr Suakin in December 1BB8 as Aide dc Camp to Colonel Holled 

 Captain Little served in the BnnncBe Eii^cdiUoa ia 1883-87 as Adjntant Co tba md Battalion Bomcrseiabire 
Idrikt Infantry (Medal wiib Clasp). 

TfLt«oLA, B. Foi served with ifae Burmese Eipodition in 18BJ-86, and wa* severolr wonadadlnsaennv™. 
mntatBisyowalion the i^at March i83b(Mi:'dnl with Clnsp). 

a UaovSwayoe served in Uiei'Dnuctct'tiieiJiiiDn is iSa7wiilithe >iidBKtUtUnD'fiQmcret\s>>'>T«\Aa^\,'totuiU:^ 

f¥iibr wUt ci—p>- 


Jo. nerved with t 

The Prince of Wales' Own (West Torhshlre Regbnent). 

] Formerly the i^lli (Bwkiiighamikire — r^^imntat Diitriti 

The Frinee of Wales' Own) R^egiinent. Lno. .4.-T«k. 

ipee lively.) 

lett., TFiiii..Ua, B«i(>i. J rp^g Pnnce of Wales' Own) Regitnenl. 

(Thi; 3rd and 4tli BattnlionB are fanned of the and and 4II1 West York Militi 
Tba Prince of Wales' PIuqib. The White Horse. "N<t mptra (»*»■*."— "ToBiwii" "Coin 
" JiTi"" Wiiiitoo" " Bauswoai " The Roral TiRer, anpsraeribeil "iBWi.'J 
'i a •- •• "-BZiinBD" " AiaaunatiH, iBjj-So." 

<d Thomi 


Jfurw a, 

; LI. a 

Rictiard SojmonrLemoD, Com* 
,pl. II June 70 i ifyor, 1 July Si 

il 33 ; LI. »i8 July 36; Cap!. »ij Dec, *j i Bl.if 
c. Mi Ll.CaU.^A Juness; Coln/l, 1- Mai. 
rafTii April Sm Culnel mli Fool. aiKov. -^o. 

: LI.ColoRtl, ij Dec! Bji Cilomi, aj Dec' Sn. 
fien, 7 Mar. Bfl -, J(~.;j«, ')8 May j3; it. '3 ijct 

:b Sten-ard Oordon'> 

red RuUlHlge" 
imnB WUliam " 

I Gcrahl Graat-Dalton .. 

John Walter Thriuion," Aii<tt\. .. 

Vppir BtrmMli Si/ft VoUttin i 

Ciir<il George Adyo.iJif/aAiB* 1 B». .. 
Gdn. Ell iionS utLoaScba]r1er, "AiJ. iDecSi 

._ ,...,»At/.,DBC.B9 

J. rredoriek Waller Kiwhoner" 

EdBird Crril Ulllfl," Adj. 3 Vtl. Si 

AL'heeon Whitmora St. George, Adj. 

Vol.Bn. Wat XarliMfaigt. 

Uu'sliAloi. yowialil's." 

il Uorria I 

Mf. George WemyH,"" Dtp. AttUt,\ 

.Mi. Gm. hUU. Branch. WarQgiH.i 

Villiam Fry. »5faf ■« 8(af Qfflttr,Diigitai 

Chnri™ Pereiva! Barebard," Auitlant 1 

Juptcler «/ itiuMrp, ColtluiHr i 

Clement Jn.UaleolinH«Bham,^ity£[ 
Henry WftlVer." A4i. » ret. Bm. Wat ] 

erkAiH Elf I. 



1 Hnrold Uasa Sept. CritclilDy- Salmon- ) 
bjD, SupJI. D/6yi»i>o.iu, Cork J 

IB Handon Rattie; 


leSsoenuueiCaylcy .. 
Sadleir Bouford '. 

I Hubert Diui 1 1: 
1 Frnnlis Willia 
> ArtUur Jamea I 

Alecander Jam 

7 Jniie 
7 Oct. 67 

 May ,8 
>Uay ;3 

. May 7a 

J Ooilfrey George I*ng.... 

I Tbcinaa Hngh Bemo7 .. 

Chorlu EmeatBliaa 

a BolorlPi 

Kdiaiind Ultobini ., 

CbiiletnoderickMaelagan Hutchinsoi 

Georae Barry Drew 

Cborlcii Leveuax Ualdano 

85 Officer wilh th 
. Ss'SamuelBi 

aFeb. S^'pi^^s^QtlntlieadTanceoiiCabulun 

S Hay Ej tiirF. Itoliorte, in the engagemcii 

8 May Eji'CbarAHiab or (-■>» f.rh n^t.Ai^^ .< 

S Maj e^lia the aCTair 

. S»JKbo 


. . . ...^edalwillhtwoClarp.). 

. Si)' i*0njiiaiuFr7BcrvedinlheAfL-linii 
. Bj>rariiii879-eo[MadBl). 
. 93] " Cnptuiu Banjhanl serrcil la tl^o 
t. 90 Afgbnii wu in iSja-Bc aa £rii;:i.l.' 
t. Jo Tmmporl OBlocc and BriiriHli?^ ilc- 

t. 90'Orderly Officer lo Brigadier Gei?iTi.i 
t. 90 Sals Hill, Commandiog jrd Diii.ijii 
Klijbor Line Force (Ued£). 

[>or m.iinJ'r iflfcte,, tt m,( cf 
fariiigi White. — *<j"(i, lIcssTs. 

H( Ba'lal'un Tilurnti frvm ll.,ll... 

';< Kynli .. 

BoylD Golan 


. IDaly 4Jbde9j 

iVLi;iam Christopher WanlaHarTiion.,.' :a June 9^ 

>>J.;;ar Patrick Caraao Porobaa I ii Ju^y «a 

Vi/«.T ITm. freii, CharleaMiugravD...! 8 Oct 90 

'iiayn itnasel-Joma 6 Oei. 00' 

IrrllaUn.—a Rohtrt 8coU, II Feb Si |H»<.I«a'- 


■^ "I 'the Barf TorlSfilt* Heghaent. [?^,''J:iJSi^ 

Fornierhj the 15W1 {Yorkshire East Hiding) Hegivimil. 

(TLe 3rd BatUlion is fonocd of the Enst York llilitU.) 
'BkUBSM" ■' BiMniJs*" "Oddibudi " " hUlPUQflt" ■■Ldoisbubu" "QoKsmc, i; 

"MuiismnB" ■"CoiDii.oBM" '■AisHucwiiB, iBn-Bo." 
obert Brace,' S«)jyi^^ '0 Jona 3B ; ^«"'- '=»M«y oi Ca/pdiiir, >jt Jnly'^B j Bret 


, 1 JnJyai 

X4«*. i« Uay 6j : O'-^l. 'MJuly ^ ; Ifo 


Jolj Si : hi 


9 D*e. 8; ; Calmtl. g Dao. S9) 

DilTHBnaRblan „. 

Artbor AdwU Ddbjcx' 

rredarick Seynii — '"'- 
GearKr " — -'— 

milMB Juhn^ou,' ^d^'idaiiJ 

>BU>i Genrin SiioitJaod,' Afjidaiil : 

yreilorieli Georgs Pogaon' 

Cecil Frauci* Gnmcti' 

^.1,1. ynkDOLtlii'Ilj "i:r il.L-l 

Eaw»rJrninkKn;Li..=.-L . 

'uJbd. 6< 
' T April 6s '■ 
fij Jnno «s 'i 

SJaly 69 
Jj Sept. 

WooJ.'"fl«0. ^ 

■i Rtgt... 

..iTiinin Porj BUindSii 

ArthDrJabnaloaa 11iaharduiii,i~ uifl'Un 

. ..iraioji BUopoio," Or'J»aii«J 

Ch(lfj( .. 


LeoBUd Umrr Ocda ... 

Rlcluird ErU BecBon ... 

k> Gibbous HairkwwurUi Smj^ . 

_„^ Prioleou 

Charlca Dallon Bdwordi 

near; Moot«!aa Clifton Snwlics 
Sdvud WilUsm Anketell Jodgb . 

BasDcbunp Si. OLair-Ford 

Miclmol JUDOB Swei?Unnu 


it JiUt ( 

7llBy 76 
iniy Js 
.Aug. ,8 
30 Not. 18 
iJoly Si 
 July 3i 

J Sept. ELi J 
oMar. 83 : 


Henry Robert PritlioPEiTy . 
Walter MeridjihThoiuBa .... 

AuBiutiu ilotia Carelon 

RicL&rd AnBOQ Firtb,..-.,.-,..-.. -.......- 

Jobu Lonii JnaUoe Clarke 

ff»Ilcr Herbert Young 

Kmeat Theodora Hanball 

Ctmlon MofflU 

Joba Alfred tTneU 

Bermaa Gcarge WelUngtoD Wsfiie . 

Cecil 8peid Soote {Lt. i i>n;;i»», s 

Dec. K) 





4 Bftpt. Bg| 

gHay Ss 
jMiiy 8s 
3 May Si 

Oiipt»iii Hamillon atrved willi 
ItbeisthEegimeal In Iba A/Khan wor 
In 1S811 witli the forao uoiler Uajor 

.9 aopt. 85 S^"i^,^^a^o','*^3'"-„^i?uf i"o 
'« l!S^ SSici^P to Sir QaorgJ Culley. and wb» 

Si: !i!{=!;;,;s^as;r;ss 

'"" SjSnlrward. Mirvoa BaAida deCoiii[i- 
"" In flic Effllyn Wood until tbs con- 

The Eait Yorkthtrt Begimont. 

Aufunns Nonnie FoiU .. 
:k PiUuiilMlI Hacaiieby 

It CnpUln Wood ■ened in the Affehin w»r in 
iSto-So MTraiiipnrt Ofilcer Candabar Field Force, 
uid wu present al tbe derenee or Onmlabai auu 
ut«d a> Orderly OOcer to Brinadin Qaaanl 
Brooke in tbs •ortle □[ Deb Kbnjah— <«vcr«lj 
«onDded«adlioTaeklUad(Uedat). Serred withtha 
Nile BRWdiUon in iBe4-B( on ancdkl MrTieo (>i>en> 
tloned In dMpMehaa, lledal wftb Clup, and Khe- 
dire'aBtail. Serred wllli the Bnrmen Expedition 
I Biiinids Tranipon OIBecr (menUotieil in 

in iBBiuBiifnidsTranipan ( 
iMpatebes, WS0.,mi Medal 
"Cainkin Slacpole wrTed ii 




QiiiiTicr lliirtin.—i Williitm Speak," 14 Sept. 9^; An. Xinl. 

1 WllliunAICnd Wabb, id Apr. 8a; Bon. Linl. 

.AniKn Vltdlti.~AftmU, Uawn. Coi and Co. 
lit Stilalioa rmtarlttifiir Bitrailar, ij XarA laSs. atiSallaUeMrtltriui/nm ,iin,%i Du. iS3B. 

General Bruce aened with the jttti BighUndera Ihronghant the Kaffir war or iSji-jj [Uedal, and Brevet cr 

Uijor L« Motlta aerrsd with thB md Battalion isthFootlnths Afghan war in latla with tbe CoDdahar Field 


1894-85 M Depatf 

in iB«s (UtatJ with CIiwp). 

d with the md Battalion isthFootlnths Afghan war in latlawll 

,.. Al Phejre (lleda]). 

> Colonel Allen aened with the BechouulAnd Expedition nnder Blr Cfaarlea Varten 
■-'itant Adinlanl and Quarter Maater Oeneral "■  -"  "-' — " 

, „ _ ion ijth Foot itiih the Candgtar Field 

Force nnder Uajor Genera] Fhajie (Uedal). 

' OaptkiD PoaaonBerrediDtheAfghanwrnr Id iBr^-touTnuapint Officer (Medall. 

 Captain Ward Mrrcd In the Afghan war In i«e with the lod BktCalian ijth Foot with ihe Candahar Field 
Force under Major Genual Fbwre (Uedal). 

• Captain auneUNrred In the Aftrhwi war in iJSoirilh the and Battalion igth Foot with tlw Candabar Field 
Force under H«iar General Fhvre (Medal). 

» Captain Steele aerved aa A4)nlant of the and Battalion 13th Foot in t^ AligbaD war la iSBo with Ibe 
Candahar Field Fcrce ondec U^or Qanaral Pbnirre (Medal). 

" Captain Conran Barred In the AfEhan wai in iSGo with tbe and BattBliun 15th Foot with Ibo Candahar Field 
Force nnder Major Oeneial rhayte (Medal). 

I* Captain DaTlea aerved In the Afshui war In iSBo with the and Battalion isib Foot with tbe Candahai Field 
IForce nnder Major Qeneial Fhayra (Medal). 

" Oaplain Matuuellaerred In the Afdban war in tSDowlUi the ind Battalion 15th Foot with the Candahar Field 
Force nnder Uajor Genenl Ffanre {Medal). 

» Captain Sladen Mrrad irll£ the md Battalion 'T;th Foot In the Afghan war in iB«i> with the Candahar Field 
Force nnder Major General Phajre <Medal). Served in the Bnrmeae Xipedition In 1887 with the Mounted 
InlhntIT (Medal with (Mlap). 

" Captain Rlchardaon eerred In the Bnnneas Xxpaditlon in iS«5-S7 with tbe Moonted Infkntr; IMedal with Claap). 

 Lieut. Bpeah eervedin Ihe ATjthao war in iS/g-Sg (Medal). 

Ootttinualion of Notet to the LeicMterghire Segiment, 

> Lt.ColonelMoirKTTcd with the 17th Regiment in the Afghan war In 1878-79. and waaproaent ai 
of All Muaild and in the grcond expedition Into the HaiarVHlley. Wai Brigade Timnipoit Offlo 
qnently, Cieneral Tnntport Officer in the £ooruin Taller in 1870-80 (Bnvet of Major, Medal with L'la 

II Mail 

of All Ml 

It M^oi 

Tved with tbe iTtta 

.9-80 (I 

.-B iCwriBient in the Afghan war in 1S78-79, , 

e eipedillona Into the Buar Valley (Medal iriih Claap). 
jrred with tbe i7Lh B«iiuent In the Afghan war in 1S79 (Medal), 
■erred with tbe ijtb Regiment aa Adjauuit In the Algliaii war tn 1878-7$, and wi 

All Uii^id 

the Afflliaii 

, , „ . _.2y (Medal with Clajp). 

Cteed iorved with tbe 17th Regiment in the ATghanwar in 187^-79, and waa present at the capture of 
.,-_ and In the expeditions into the BaiarTaU»,lncluding tbe affair at Deb Sank (Medal with Claau] I See 
ill DecoiationafDrOBllantry."Hart'a Annual Anny List," p. 186.] 

jor Reader aemd in the Afaban war In 1878-79 aa Orderly Oncer to Siigadier General Cobbe, unl was 
at Ihe Btoiming ot the Pelwar Kotal hnenthmed (n daapatchea. Medal with Oup). 

jor M'Kinstry served with the jtb Punjab Inhntry In tbe Altiban war In 1S7S-79, and wss pnwent in tbe 
engagement at Cbsrasiah on (be 61I1 Ootober 1S79 and the sabaeqnentoconpstlou of Cabul (Medal wiiJi Clssn). 

n &ipialDHjBlop ssrved with tbe 17th Beolment In tbe Afghan war in 187S-79, and nas present at thecaoture 
«l All Musjid and in the lint expsditian into the Baiar TaUey {Medal with Clasp). 

■> CapIaiD Griffith aerredlnlhe Afghan war or 1878-79 with the istDiTislonofthePesbawui Valley Field Foree, 
«ad took part in the expedition Into 3ia Basar Valley (Medal). 

» Caplsin Tarry aened in the Soudan campaign in i8Bj, and wa« present in the enRagement at tbe Tofrek 
aereba (Medal wiUi two ClasDa, and Ebedive's Star). 

B Lieut. Glossop served in the BunMae Enedition in 1B8S wltb Ibe Cbin Frontier Field Force— severely 
•nuuded (Medal with Clasp). 


:>M^MEld,x.^.] The Bedrorciuure negonent. [jio'. Te ~x*~i/^; 

Furuierly {he l6(/t (The Jied/<>r<Uhlr,^) Uegi,!,«,it. 
The jvd an.i 4tli lUltalioiia are fonned of ibe BfilforJ anil Ilprtronl Klililin rpsncttivily, 1 
The Oote. " Bluhiim " " EimtLnii" ■' Opbiii.iib«- " Milh.umi.- 
aKad^Predcriflk Rabgrt BlringUn.i C£. iniLievl. 
BI.XVBT, i> Dm 34 I ''■yw. >9 Ota. s* : B'- i<- C=Io. 

*£ ' ' 

. Jul, Sj 

I JdI; v 

, l6 Dh. ,6 1 £1. Calaail, ' I Bepl. 5; ; C«fK»I. 
Mu. Id: Otntrat,  Jol; 3, i C^l,.,i Bidforil- 

D Uo;d Price, £»^a, 

W«Oi I 

log. 6(; Cspf. •) OCI. Ji 

Hilly^rd HcDiT An^iu CiuBIron ,.. 

■.t.t. AluKodttUaniii r'uerwni 

Sdianod HmWiskli«iii,^i|/>liii«  V-il. 1 

Ba. S>4/br4 SMt. J 

rredariek John Hudan ....„ 

WlltiUD HsniT Yornig, ^^■''■'3 '■•- 

MtMT, ftnWinikiJ ^. i 

George MlrruplcUanMlalisn' 

JmUce Ch^mim Tfllj. - 

Willlun Henrv BldOell.O' •'<-'• S»'r«' 1 

/•r H<*Mr>, JTorfnu 

rndniek Williuu Beoher 

BiklMrt Hsreer BuT7 

WiUiMB AWwoilh.'DSO... 

JaDMAichibaJd Campbell 

AIA«dB«b«rtLLcjd „.. 


Kf .(.WentyrorUi DdtMse Omai»tO'Ji^ 

.Kmltr S.yal Kiljlan C.U>tf< 

Wilbrd LkarenoB Ohild 

Theo. GkirdoB Bitnliv.^4. Xalolar a. I 

Afflsok Alenodnr rrsior 

GeoTRO Jubn Ninlma Lonn-Hame 

Obuliu Dn Pl>> BJobmi^Km-Gnmilii 
AtjuUtt ] Bu. S. LametMrt 

Obkilea Uoonhud Buniilon 

Kdnrd Daronre Piokard-Oknibridfn' 
HeaiT latum Goddeo, Aij. i Jan. W 

Jobn BtuiLaj Ugbtroot •■ 

ThKdore LmtTTdn, AiS<Llaiit t Hay 



M Coau 

John Edward L&arie 

BeDjuDJn Kabort Roefae 

LoBii Sidnej BooU Duobur*... 

Harry CUffonl franks'" 

Bobert WooeoOwBiu 

CliarlH lUohard Jnbb Gnflltb ... 

Gaarite WiUiant Dnndai 

Jobn MoTTBT Trail! 

Joa«ph He^^-- "- ■• 

WiUiam Daniel 

Natbislal KelhuiHli Ci 
Anthony Bjli 

Bobnt Percy &UTU 

Aluander Bnwel PiBlay 

Btnan Goods 

Bacom LiamutiKii. 

Edward QylM Vaotfian 

tni-Omns atnkeioy Palmer Sn 

Oeorea Munay Rolland 


Harry Boniner Oarnat . 
Georgv Pnderick <^uUen Sanikd. 

Jamea Boben Ketmedy 

Frederick WUliam Orawahay ... 

ftiohird Wartjr Waldy 

Chailea Kaokeuaie 

KeiBieih Cmiu« Wrifbl 

LrdieCockbnrn Jonm 

B*Ty Handle Know)« PonL .. 

D Oct. 6; g OOC. 67 
I April 6» '.3 Not. 

5 Fob. Bj 
I May E; 

iSeptl ; 

Id Not. K 

1 1 Doo.' 89 
1 July 9c 

o[ Beboalopol (Modal 

lb« Legion of Honor, ; 

the Modjidic, and Turkia 



Caplain Piokard - Cambridge 
aervHl iHUi the Biinneee Eipedjtion 
in tBI6.3r (monliaiied in daspatohea, 
Medal rrilh Claip). Berred witb ibr 
Cli:D-I.iuhBl EipediliDoary Forcu 
in iW)-jD aa SuperinUndrnt of 



f.d V 

Sofal IrM Krftmr 

Fatiitf Whll».— Agnli, Uaaan. 

■It halMitt •miart'Hftr ilalln. 

'^j.'] The Leicektershlra Regiment. 

Fvnnerlii the IJtk {LeUenievshire) Heijimenf. 
(Thr 3ril Bntlaliou U fonned or the LciccatenLire Milit 

.. 'xiaaMiiutaaltneli — 1 ^ 

Ih IhB Roy.) TigeT).^ " AiOB.MWriB" "Gb 

lopUer Guise,' CB. St: rt Jane ."lif. '"oc 
Hrr, ^lUaroh^S; Lt.Coltmil.r, -Jane 6a i OiIumi 

Villtom koKBHolph. i... r, Aojt. 6t j Ij. r„ Oe 


t« ; C<>.r. G June S4 : Vvjgr. 
. 7.*llg- 6j; J(.jVUf.rr«I. 

«4; ^'. 4 Ju. 74 ; V'jV, 

HID Mo?^,' K». 3 Dec. 6i ; If. , , Ool. ft ; Ciq.'- 3° 


c. Colwvn WitllnmB Vultiamj'" I ■, 

irrn- fi. V. CWIiTi 

'OftHrtMrfl. ! 

fttBB:* WUIIbid Render" . 
ir sh HTlVm . M ' Kl nel >7 ,» ^iTj. 


Bj.c. Genrge Dadlcy Caritton 

KdmnndRicbaid Scott 

Maxwell Robertmin Hjitop" 


JsmpB (iorOon Leonoi Bomett, A^j, ( 

1. LrieitlrT BflmnH 

(ienrge Golbonrn Tarrr" 

Ra1p% Leslie Ssnilnith Victor Bcmlnl (EJ«(. Btfal] 

MMa Fnciitf AH. it 0«1. -m j 

V»My Thomu Bnnhory 

Bichnrd AiiiniBtoB Toirell 

Harry Moiriou Welileod ........... 

M C^„j, lf> FMIieal K«iil(.(, Adn i 


Wm. Locke Jocei, OntnanH Slort Bifl. 

ican Vltshb.Army Bmiiet Carfl... 
F, Mab1i0ItWaoilwBnl,a(M>if CV 

am gUfTurd Copland 

[ohn nippiBley Haycoi 
ValUT BydneyHelTllI 




dLanKfordSnUlran . 

r, Aii. Omit TqI. Sjih 

t^trick tinham A>Hl«i«n.... 


Llqnd Ariiii 

I July 8j 

 July 97 

iJolj B7' 

.July i,\ 

jAdr. es; 

s |epb. aa 

. G)|]ruui \lli to 24th Dec. |3S4. Inclurlilri 
' s.mIju tioiif of SobaBKipol (Medal wiili 
r StrlLi.r. nr.d TuTkiah Unlal). Alao in 

. ^..„rle> WiUlhm Bcnoouffli .. 

I George Ini-irarity Vti.\rb 

I fisH.llarold Brouko Uavke .. 

Eyars Carter. Armw Servia Ctr. 

laeGiniuini HcHleft 

» Alexander Rootmale Cocq ... 

a Henry Bpcncer Lojran ... 

.ture or Lncknow 


wkll Clnsp, 

y« for couipicuo 
tlun on the i^Ih u 






jQu^trr Matin. - 

:t'Kli:.^iSr^;i..^] The Royal Irish Regiment [^'^'""'■'V.;^:!:' '^^ 

Foruierli, Ike iSM (The Ilvjal IrUh) Ueffimetil. 

{Tl»« 3"i, 4tb, laJ S"" Il«ttali*na ure tonmjd of the M'exfoiil, North Tipinrary, iiml ICilkoiny 

Militia n«poctirelj.) 

Tbe Hirp and Crown. Thr UaB oTKauka, " TirlutU Ximurrratit Pnrminm." "BLisiain" "IlA«it.u«s" 

"OBmaiatt- •• Un.n.Lit\imt" "aatrt" (wiLh ilia Sphlni). "Cam" (irltb tlie Di-asiiiil, "I'ecu^ 

W«mL— OeOTHa FreUoOok Steiemoo f»ll,' C«. »•». 'i Apr. 371 Ii»'. •» Bept. 39 : Ctplain,' joDw. 
ti: Bftnt Mii'or, 10 laae ji 1 Mirjoe- ^9 ^^- St' BlM.Ciiuuil.b Jane <(.-. Ll.talitil, ia8e«.s7i 
aUiil, » Oct. £1 ; UajtTOmral.fiiiueiiiii lidtl.Onrral. 14 July 79; a>ii«M(. 1 Jnl;Bi) Csfeit: 

1 BvBlmaiit, 4 U 

andeijBefcKin,* Comiaiii 

j)Oc( &>: Urtl. '«■ Bent, ii ; COff. It Vtb. n t Mlajof, 1 Jntytii Lt.CoUn 
(MQivB WiIIIbib Koliil 8oger»,» «•<. '17 J»a,fis ; l5«u(, »i /sb. 68 1 Outt 

Lt.ColntI, 11 Not, 

AlauwdBr Word Simp»i^. 
WUIlam W7II; LawnoM" ... 
John HnuyAnfbJitus Bpr^r^ 


Idintail i Bal- i 

Mit* (IftttM UilOia.) J 

I. Henn WillUm KewlOB QndineaBi* 

rjSlmri- •  

tiilm JdI 

BrTjrSliiirilliiiia L;e"... 


H«u>- UfMUt Hatohalli* 

ITrdcriek J4m«* 0*^111 

AUn Uuwsll BOIutffO!^ 

Ainu 0«aree (.Ihlotawtw, i' A4i, 

Wllkea JdUUA, A^S'la't 4 BuHtHi- 
Cticrln BcrlwTt LathM-idge Baakcr- 1 

Title," Jdi'ateKt I J>M4m Sufinvr ; 

r^,tn^ ' ) 

AnliHc Nairn Lnsshe — 

Anbdale lib; WUiod,» Arm^ atrcinX 

CbrM i 

p-».r,Gay Henry Snninula'^ 

uymand CmrroM.OrduoH Start Drpl. 
Bnoehkmp Jobn OaLdauch Donm" 



Bnieil Fnre Riokmin,* Ait iBaHalioi. 
Waller RobcrtautlBrDoran.'JJj. I feb.Bj 
H}-. Tbos. Diedrieb WLIkiiuaD," DSO. 

PbiUp (la Satia Ban 

Henry John DowniDji ... 

Aleiuidor Bawen Kina. 

Lancelot Cliarlei Kne,' Aiit id Cawip I 

(ajr,j«-0«™lJJ.P<cW« i 

JMepbKatiace Cnlllnan 

Charles WlUIam Crimirar. 

SJoly 6 
611iir. 6 

CUB* H«nrr Vi..-Mr- 
StkODui Gaoitlii-i^ii'i 
Wilfred Cbarlia >'[Ln) 

Ifonon OotteaCvtlo .. 
Jamea Titi. Joaepb Uoct 
DadlST Herbert Daiia .. 

Jotui acnan HMbi!niic 



WiUiam Alfrfl J 
Arthnr JeBfe.v- 
deoTKe FraoiM- 

Stnlford Bilaanl SI, LeitBr 
HcaryKewton Keltjr ........ 

CharfwiMjlflsO'Reillv . ... 

Jbd» BMBmoat Standi; A 
Jabn OeorK* Albert Uany. 
GMnS* Haredxili (trogan . . 
Beitram Boehlbrt Daant . . 
WkKarTbooOon IllDDt .... 

Ch«nw WiranI anKrej- . 
J^in Oaiaae StJwardet ... 



uNor. ;6 

.JRepl. 7, 
1 Jan. Ii> 


,6 Feb. ix 


nUitr t. 

IS Jane R; 

1 July Bi 

 »M.y H, 

«Feb. it 

IJ April B, 

ijMay «T 

•jJaly U 

joOct. Bf 


.ollay s* 

loJUy 9" 
ij».y v 

Egyptian warn 
tent HI Oie ncl 
the otli Sept. a 

, and WM pr— 

77i« Boyal Irish Itegtmtnt. 

fliHii-(»rJftui»M,— »TliOn)i«H»milton,»'jFe1t, 69; Sim. Captain, 1 July Si ; Hon. U«/or, j8 Kot 
I FriliPbiltpRegcr, iiFeb. 90; Hn.J-irtl. 

nWMiBlua.— Jatnfi, MBun. Cox and Co. 
iftBuffaltoantunud/VM^jit, 9&pl. i«as. ikiI faHaliDiiniorbJ/'sriraUii, 1U4. 

mM mniBil witli Iha lUh 

M tlM flrat ei 

. id dMtractfoD of [be farli and cuptaru oT Amo; : and emplojeif dd the I ._._,. ^ 

C irniin l iMr y GSDenl. Served tbronghoat iho BunatM war of iSji-u (Medal witli Cl»Bp for Pejfu) aa Brifmdo 
lUoT to tb«iBl Bengal BrigBde, and Tor a put of the period uAaaWkt Adjutant Oeneral or the I'egu Divuion. 
and wu prewnt at the dsMrncilOD of th« ttockadeB al the eotruiM of the RaDgcxiii Hirer, at the operatiuas 
lielbra, and (ubuqiient ■tormina of, (he Citadel of Rangoon, at the cnptgn of Prome, and reiialrci ofibe eoeniT- 
&imi that poEiiion. Berred lu ibe Crimea from Dec. 1814, inclndlne the ■ien and fkll of Bebutopol, (Medsl Kitt> 
Claap, BmeC of U.ColDDe], Bardinlan and Tarkiib Uedala, and jlh Clau of the Uedjidtol. 

' ColoneUuluon Hrred with the iBth Bo7alIrlahtJUiinghautthsNewZeaIandirarorig6]-IK, snd vaa pment 
Bttheaffalroftbe>6th>'OT, iS6)ln IhsWairoa Buih, atese and capture of Onkau, andaclioLt at NukumanifiL 
■4th anil isth Jan. t86| (Utdal). A1k> aorred irltb the iSth Royal Iiuh in the Afiihan irai in xiSo with the Kbjbtr 

Field Faroe (lledal). ' 
- ~  >1 Bagt 

Dd wai prcaent at the action at Kafmvin 00 Ibe 9llt 
is deiFBtchca, Brevet of Ll.Colunel.Ue^aln-iib Claap, 

4th Claki of the Oamanieh, and Ehedi 

* U^ort Bimpaon. Fonter and Moi,— . , 

SipadlUoD in 1BS4-85 with che lat Battalion of the 

■lUoT Lawrence aerred Id the Tiaaiport Department thnni|rtioiit Iha Znln war of itn. 

U^ort Bimpaon. Fonter and Morgwi, Caplalna Botaracon, Apthorp, Blckman, and Koa served in the Nile- 
._.,..._ ._ .. . _.,.i .^. _. ^. ....... . .. I Boj-allrlah Begiment (Uedal with Claap, soil Kbedive'e- 

>' U^pr Bpyer aerred in the Afghan war of iBJS-So (Uedal)! Sei 

the lit Ikiuafion of the Beyal Iriih Regiment (Uedal with Olaep. and 

■• IC^orOainDeMienedlii theKileKipeditiDnlniSej;-e5Wtththe 

of iBJS^So (Utdai)!' Served In IHe Nile cTpedllion in iSGi-i 

id Khedin'a fitai). 

, , -. tieiat Battalion 

(menUaDed^tn deepatehea, Bnyet^oC Uajor, M«lal wiU Clup, and Khedive'e Star). 


Kipedition In iSBj^s yXlh the lat Battalion of the Boyal Iriib BrgiiaciiC 

. aervadln thg Afgban war In 1979-80 with the iStb Royal IrUh (ICedal), Borved In die Enypl 

war of itSt, and wai ureuBt at the action at Kaiaaiin on the otb BepUmber and at the battle of Tel-el-K( 
(Kedal witb Claap, anS Khedive'e Star). 

u c^tain Hatdisll urved In the Af ^lan war in iBtj-Ss with the iSth Royal Irlah ReglineDt and si Ordc 
OOmt to UaloT Qenoral Robert! (MedaJ), Served In the Egyptian war of iBSi, and wag preeent ■( the aclioc 
Sa^ulu rraUia 9th Beptembet and at the batUe of Tel-el -Xebli lUedal with dan, and Kbe^ve'a Start 

■> Captain Chlohtaler aerved in iheEnyptianirarof itei, andwaipnaeDt atuie action at Kaaaaain nn the 
Beptemberand at the battle of TeI-e1-£ebii^aBvBrely wonnded (lledal with Claap, sthCtaeaof the Medjidie, a 

" Captain BukerrlUa aerved In the Afghan war in i3Sc 
aaoond eapeOitlon into the Ltighnian Valley Inolnding the 1 
SxpaditiOQin iMjon the CommlMarlat and Traniiport Stat. 

•<OaplainWiieonHrvedjntboAfgbanwarln>8&a(Medal). Servedlo the ITUe Sipedltlon Id 1SE4-E; wiib the 
■It Battalion of the Boyal Iriah Regiment (Uedal wltb Claap, and Kbedlve'i Star}, 

>• Major B. J. C. bon^ aerved with thi 

Bmedition in 1884-65 witb the nl Bati 

of tUjor.MedalnitbClsEp, and Khedive'e SUi 

h Royal Iriah In the Afghan war in 1B80 (Uedi 
m or the Boyal Iriih Regiment (menUoncd ii 

"Capiin W. a B. Koran itrrved in the Ktnpiian warof lESi, and wae pra 
■e 9lltBepl«inlier and at the bUtle of Tel-el-Kebir fUedsl with Clafp, andKhei 

igerooaly wonndcd at [ho 

Claap, and 

,, , , al with Claap). Served with the Cbin- 

in ohirzo of the Traneport Department of the Soatbem Burma Column 

laof the Oevamment of India, mentioned in deepatcbea. DBO.}. 

Continuation of NoitM to (he Bed/oril»h\re JiegimerJ. 

' M^or Mere Klabettaanedtn the Egyptian warof itBa (Medal, and Khedlve't Star). 

• CutainAldwoTtb aerved witb the Bnrm«aExpcditlan in iBSs-86a(AldFde Camp and Acting Military EccnUry 
, Sir Hany rrendergaat (mentiaaed Id deepatehea. DSO, and Medal with Claip). 

 Captain RIcbardMO-OiUBUki eeived In the Algbaa war In 1679-80 wiih iheSih Bmgat Native Infantry (Medal). 

* IiienV Donbar aerved In the Egyptlaa war 01 itti, and waa preient at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir iMedal with 
jaap, and Khedive'e Blar). Bervtd with the EipedlUon to the Bondan oudei Bir Qerald Qraliani la iGCi, lucludmg 

aI£lTebandTamai(twDClaqpa). Al*o aerved with the KUe Expedition in 1 684-8 j. ai 
— _...^ at KJrbtkta (promoted ind LleuL, two Claapa). 
'.FrmDkMMmndwUbthetxfeiitimi i«nt rgalnit the Yonnia, on ibe Wcet Coa*t c 

The Priaceaa of Wales' Own (Yorkshlra Regiment). a59 

Formerly the 19/A (ml yorl:akire [_ BitiiiiwBd. x»ikiUn. 

Nurf/i Jivimg—l'Tiaceti of WaW Own) lUgimeuL 
iiiJ 4tb Battalioiii ure forniud of Ihu stb Wfst Vorlc aud lUc North Vort Militia res [ler lively.) 

The Whii: 
CaXeatL-Sir Ro. 

LmtiiulC . .._ _ 
. . j : tW. .6 Jiji; 

>. All^d Jimu P- 

C«P<. I Jin. 78 ; Jfitii 

 Bnsbl.' XCB. But. 

LmuikBlDaltHla.— 1 OcargD Oi 
Dwt. 6; : (W. lb Jitr.t ;i : Xajt 

U.(bfsiiiI,ieueD.;«l Ll.aiuaf'.iS Nov. }r; Bi>'«> 
I Apr. 80: Oiiful. 1 Apr. 87; C»(o"l Yor'iml 

'-'tSiI t«.Celu. 

iV l»* Bulla , _ _,. _ , . 


,7 boi. a 

,.,.j ,., &l™.i, JSJoU9'- 


liun GnliuB WuiRh IfCliDlook*.. 

. _ rani ArcbibaldllTDiM 

Jotui Hoary Kd*n,M4f atiHil i Buttaiinn 
I Richard Phajn'. 


« 7«4i 

UK. A) 'ijJan. t^ 

li ailtfir IntlrHtin. AUtrlUt , 

Kdwvd JohD BeDlliy Baolil9'°. ., 

rhomx David KlrkpaUlok, AAtMlnl i ( 
r.f. . («- £ iflaliH FonMiiw Jt«jiuat i 
■■loiotT-lf..— '• 

Bitiniid WtlluuD Kill* 

Obarlei Tnllo lUDIiata. Alinititl fit I 

BnlMion {ir-H>i rrrkJCmta) i 

Oenid CuUle StnUIOTd HBDdwHk" 

Wllliun Anaotuir Cliaaiuii* 

ArtbsrOe Salia Uadow* 

Miolucl HarrUDn Or" .. 

Jaisiei WiUlam B'ndlbTJ 
Uiolual Uojrd fsnmi* . 
GcoiKe Paanan" — 










•anl Snnuilaiu Bi 


J»n, 8.) ... 
ipLelona Boiilusii 

'Hoi™ !!""!^'""!!;!!. 


Bsorv Ruthn ittawiirt Uaitiai 

Bcrkpley Cole ) 
L»lie Uicfanel 

Udnalil D'Arcf FUb 


It WlUIaau . 

BJwarJ LnrBlaoe \ 

lUnrin HillArd ' 

Kardiaand Harper Ed 
WU&id Uarrv fiant .. 
HarrT KUinu Ra^rnon 











>, Usaan. HoK, Lawrta k Co. 
..93). !•.! BttlAaitrkti Sir l-Li'.i 

26o The Princess of Walcs^ Otcn (Yurksliire Beglmeui), 

1 8ir Rtilieri Bright served the Eastern campaign of i854-c5 with the i9lh Regiment, including the Iwttlea of Alma 
and lukennan, viege and fall of Behastonol, and storming of the Redan on the iSth Jnne and Bth September— men- 
tioned In dcsnatchcB (Medal with three Claros, Brevet of LtColoncI, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the 
^[edjidie, ana Turkish Medal). Commanded as Brigadier General the :st Brigade Hazara Field Force of 1868, in- 
cluding the cxitedition against the tribes on the Black Monntain (mentioned in despatches, thanked by the Govern 
luciit of India. C//., Medal with Clasp). Served in the Afghan war in iSro-lo in command of the Khyber Ltine I<^cld 
I'^orce, bicludiiig the operations in the Hiraarik Valley and the expedition against the Wuzeeree Khugianis (men- 
tioned ui despiitches, received the thanks of both Houses of Parliament, KCB., and Medal). 

* MiVJor M'CIintock served in the Hazara campaign in t868, inclndinff the expedition aprainst the tribes on the 
Black Mountain (Medal with Clasp). Served during the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the zst Battalion York- 
shire Recriiiient on the Line of Communications up the Nile. Served with the Soudan Frontier Field Force iu 
1^.85 86 iTiiiiDg the operation* on the Upper Nile, and was present in the engagement at Giniss (Medal, and 
K hod ivo's Stat). 

^ Ilajur VAeu serrcd during the Nile Expedition In 1884-85 with the ist Battalion Yorkshire Regiment on the Linr» 
of Conuniinlcntion up the Nile. Served with the Soudan Frontier t^eld Force in i88s-86 during the operations on 
the Upper Nile, and was present in the engagement at Giniss (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

7 Idojor Richard Phayre served in the Afghan war in 1880 us Aide de Camp to Major General Robert Phayrc, 
Commanding the Reserve Brigadci and took part in the march from Quetta to the relief of Candahar (mentioueJ 
in despatches. Medal). 

* ^lojor Spottiswoode, Captain Hadow, Lieuts. Ksaon and Connop served during the Nile Expedition in 
1884-85 with the I St Buttalion Yorkshire Reeiment on the Lines of Communication up the Nile. 

*t Major Bowles served in the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 as Staff Officer at Assouan (mentioned in despatches^ 


* Captains Matliison, Channcy, Cartwright, and Ferrar, Lieuts. Mercer, King, Somervell, and Organ serrecl 
during the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with Uie ist Battalion Yorkshire Regiment on the Lines of Communication up 
the Nue. Hojrved with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 during the operations on the Upper Nile and waK 
present in the engagement at Giniss (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

i« (;aptahis Bucklo and Orr served during the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 with the zst Battalion Yorkshir 
Regiment on the Lines of Communication up the Nile. Served with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1E85-86 
during the o|)eration8 on the Upper Nile (Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

>^ Captain Ilandcock served with the Soudan Frontier Field Force in 1885-86 during the operations on the Upper 
Nile ( .Medal, and Khedive's Star). 

» Captain Feanm served during the Nile Expedition in 1884-85 as Ac^taitt isl. Battalion Yorkshire Regiment 
on the Line of Communications up the Nile. 

■* ('a])taln (Jotesworth served in the Soudan Expedition in 1885 with the Mounted Infhntiy, and was present in 
the engagements lU Haaheen, Temai, and Takdonl (Medal with Clasp, and Khedive's Star). 

" Captain Pearson served with (he Nile Expedition in 1884-85 (Medil with Claap, and Khedive's Star). 

Bookv. J The Lancashire Pusiliera. [nS!'»'1^ 

Forineehj the sotli (Tlie Eiul Devoiinhire) Rei/i,Miif. 
(Thi! 3nl ftellalion [a Tunned uftliu 7tli Laii'.-aahiiv Militdti.) 
'.^'"""" ""t"""" " 8oiio»i-or-Zii - ■•Betn- (with Uio SuLiiiii. ■'Mudj" 

OOI.1,-.B." -■TlTH«IA""»I."-O.IBl.B""TOUMIlP»l"-P.lcl«»Bt." -ALHi- 

OaloMl.— Sir Freaeriak Horn,' OCA. £«.'a6 Jkn.3fi:Xl. 'it Aprllid : Cini«.>i« Jdiii> ii- If 
I l/.CsIiiuI, 14 April (biOilfuI.n, Iubb Ui HiJ^Onml, nOm.iaiZI Oinrnl iH llu 
I JooB 7i; t\.io«(iolliFoot.ij Mw-jd. 

Uutauat 0«lsHl*.~i WlUIam GLencrum, BiM. .6 April sB; £(. s Mnv .0  Cvul loJan n 

Bi! »«».*it.(WoMl,=iJunBl7J iJ.O^iMj," 8«pt.te, ,-'"'  > ' 

'9 Almnl PHiDTDie Trcgortbii OoianDlIb, Stulgi, 11 t>ab. «ii Zi'mr. >i jBlf fis, Csrl 

Uuau. ' 

FrederleV Willlani Biroh ' 

Onthban Qtorgt OoaiBitwnaX , ' 

Oaoncg LrceU KiiKltdiu] Kbt ' 

HobartOoiuUble Paull ' 

Richard OoarnBBiidall.., ' 

AHOB Uontpunorr ^ i 

BiuoaaitM field WeMmtvAt; Aii. > I , 

P«J. Sa. Jrsjil t S* UtrU S^kUn. S 
Charlai Jamn^Blamfiald _. _. 

rWlip rrancli T^lJl"'. „..., 

Qeorgc Bdwiud 0*0*1 Care I 

HonuMWilliiua SmU ' 

Edward RDdcrteOwon, I 

Muier, AUtnial S ' 

Charlw Digb* WaUEniiUHi ._ I 

Bdward Ba£ Oanlay BlVtiari ~ 

SMohen Fluokton ChnrlBa. Jdjufaiil 4 ) ' , 

PtlM-lirB^llalloM amlirwSiiliaitlil ' 


BimrT Townsbaad FInniDg . 

Janu 0*iii(md"~Neiioar^'»''>>i 3 ' I 

raJn.fivrA*. ZsixuMtlnFWilim.. ..J 

Chulee Poylc Budn1pll..U^»(ai>l 4 ■'»'- ( 

a*. Dunmm LifU i./""'T 1 ' 

DuDitlu PaynWr atawart Keid 

RlBhard Powta MoDk. 1 

tUebiuil WaodTDrdB Deans 

aobart B>w(an n«« ..„ ' 

jMuea HtMx ffidim " -1 

lAutmtart. \ 

BJWBnlCucilTidilMll... .*"' 

WilLiam Frederick Waller, ■•! Sl,.ji M-ii 

Frederick DuTid Milwanl 

Wilmot FoMer KlmiUo, ^ J/, ij Uor. tS... 

WUliam Henry Norriii* 

HuTT Voro Beneii 

Owen CBdotran ley- Dod 

Si»no«r BdwarJ Orr '...IJ^Z'"^^.\ 

Harrr Oswald Diebop 

Herbert Stoiirt Sbaw 

Edftar Herbert Arnutnaii 

Laurenos LockhartUiiiwell 

Rtuh Ken'tumDalretl .....' ! 

Riataud WatkiiiB BiirtoD 

Tbomai 8tewan Henrhel ffade 

Manalleld Elliol Nntlall 

BobortGraT Kennedy 

Bdward Arthur Waldegr&io UounaeT ... 

FraDk UiudoDald LiiDD - - 

Wcmju Oanne Cnnulnghaia Fellden .., 


(ieatn Dathwond Uniwell Uoore 

D«TidOrelg Bryca 

Waller Bmou IMkthotL I 

fflUlaoi Cotton Frensh ' 

' Sir Frederick Horn eervtyi Ibmaghdul Iho Eaalem campi 
DiruioD al the baUle ot Alma i and -Jhe loLh KDaiment at tlie 
" ArabTabia" andtcnnilrom the Etuuians. which thgyhftd t 

aad In the Trencbea at the'two uuulto and the Tall of the « 

aDt*iaiaa[]ledal with fourClaapi, C£., Offlecr of the Leg! 


.»T.>.>. 1 

Oct. M 

Sept. 70 



Oct. fi 

Feb. j3 





B«i.l. ,6 

gj] .J Jao* i-. 

It Bepl 

Jaly Bo 


July So 


July 6. 



Joly e.^ 



JiJy 8,, 

19 Jan. 

■"."" !■. 


.d KhodiTe'i SUrl- 

Funui White. — A7'*l; Kewig 

Cei and Go. 
[•( BHIallam ntumifnu Btrmtia, 

iBEi, 7KiBaltidio*itiiirte.iftrBait- 

. 'J4 Jiir.o'i/i i,/. _=nc.. ,1; tVj... ^ Apr. 791 Jf"- 

,ign of 1B54-55: cemoinndcd the RiRht nri([ade 4tb 

.ken from the Turkish Force the w.ine inumioil and 

WD ; at Inkermanhe aoccecdcd ta Ua cnmva.M& tA^^iA 
)n of Honor, Si«4mi«i ».ii4 tiatai"tillii'i»*,»»ft.V* 

Tba Ihulls vrithi 

„_.«.M»i.j ^^* Royal Sootfl Fusiliers. [S^ 

Formerly the 2Ut (Royal Seot» FusilierB) Regiment. 
(Tht 3rd BatUlion U formed of the Ayr and Wigtown MiUtiB.) 


Cypliar and C 


6 6. ,C.p(. '. 

July ai i 


77ie Royal Scots FiuUien. 

Fob. <t 1 Bo*. Linil. 

Bobnt Jiua«Bi>ddr,*i3 0cI. S4 i Bn. Lirnt. 

trnti fr-^Atid-a, iSBi. indBiiHalin tmbartiJfvr A'ufuT, it Fibruarj 1379. 

kk FkBt Halnu' aBrricet:— On Che foroutian of the Armr af tlio Buclsj in iS|t be wu BppoluUtl to 
IliurSegretiu'TtoCbeCoaiiaiiDder in Chiefin India, air Hugh Gough.nnii in'lbnl cnpicity he >rna 

- -..mar Lord Qoug-h be iru nromotoil to A Oompkny in Ihs iith Foot, without purohus. As 

UiliE>i;8«eT*lar7(oht*Lardabipb> wrredtliel'nnJaab auDpainn of 1843-4^, aad wasprewtntal tbo aflbiraC ont- 
fHAt* Bt RamnuasT, aa Kot. eB^B, uid HabRBnaenG oporstimia reftaltinj^ In cb« paAAUH« or the Cbeniib, nod livi 
l<Ull«orCbiUiu«>UkhuidOo<unM(BrSTM af Malar. UeiUI with tirnClaswI. SsrrHl ollhthe lot Fnsiliors 
tM KaMorn (ampaigaoF iSu-s;.inetaaing the battle* or Alma, B^Uclnvii. sml InkDrman, aodiitge dT Sebattopol 
IBiarataf Lt.CaloBal, kedal with four Cliwpa. jth Cla» of the lledjldie, and Turkiiih Medal). Durluulhe Arghaii 
var ba ditoetnl Uie mQitarr apentiotu w ComDuuider iu Chief I^m Septamber i3;a to a«ul«iDber iE3o irMeived 
tbe Itianka of both HoDBta or Parliament). 

• LkCaloaslWUttonHnedhitliH Boer war or 1931 with the Natal Field Fon». and liad charse oT a Laager darlnjt 
Uie ennicmeBt al lAtu*! Nek. 

> M^OT Brane aerr^ irtUi the Royal Seota Fuailien In the Zuin <nTnf iSivtMedal with Ctaep). ficrved In 
the Boer wm In ttSi a« AuiMaol Dlrectnr of Traaapurt with the Natal Field Fciroi. Served with the Bnrmno Bx- 

• Main- Bewat UttmI u Ailintant of H.U. Hospital Ship I'icUr ffnumid oS Cupe Uoasl C'ulle. Hnd was 
'-■---■■ • "- 'Slodai). Served in the Boroieiie Bipedi lion ill 


_- . „„ r ttfttllMof AmoHfiaand Oidah»u,'aod tbe capture ol Cijoaiasaie (pto- 

SQied Oapuin. Medal with Cloap). 

 Xajor Willonghb]' aerred witb the 31M Fusilier* in the Zaluwur oF 1J7}. and afterwards ia the opsi 
aninjt Sekakimi, and wai prwent at the atormiofi nfthc eirnnKhaliJ (■ligbtly noiiocled. Mednl with Ciup). 

• Kaiur PoilookMrvBdiothoAiibanii war from the joIbNuTember 1B7J (Medal with Claap). 
'^ Uaior Yule aerrcd in the Arihan war In iItS-to, and wna present at the attack and oiptnrG uf All Mnsjhl 

(Sfeital witb Clasp). 

" M^orBpunAiientdwiUiiheiiBlFnalliBrsintlioI^ulnwarof 1870 [JteJal with Olaapl 

'* OaplBia ColilBga (erred with tbe nit Foiillere in the Zulu waroriS79 lUedal witbClaip). 

-■ CabWaKeatanndwitfabbEMBbiood WuieerBBKipsdliionia 1881. Serve!) wilb tbe tteobnaaiilDml Sipedl- 
Ko«lBeoCiFiaiUen(I[adalwiihClup)! « ' '• " ' i ! 

'• Oaptatn (SiIehnMt MiTad withQiB >ttt FoslUen In (ho Zola wiuof il», andM Ailjalant ia the operations 
ai(iaMBBkiikBiil,tBdndlwrtlisat»nlHtorilw«tri>iigbold{UsdaIwiUiC[BBpi). Serradlnthe BoarwaroTiSBi aa 
AAnlHit of tlu Gantoon aTPiamik do^ig fu inTMtBieiU. 

■^ CaplBln Ltndnll aerred iritb Iba •■stPnallliiri in the "-^ ' -- "'-'- -■"■ " — ' ■' ' •- ■'■- 

" Capliiin Yoong ssrved in Ilia Zulo war of 

nt ia the eng 

K^mcnt al tnundi. A 

f n.-Ba in tbe oporationa nraiost Be 


Ithelnaogo River. 

" Caplain H. H. amj-tha eerved 


prManl in th 


he Mounted lufantry 

uLaciB-s Kek- horse ihol (mcntij 

ned in ilotpalcliw). 


ed « 

th'lhB BuVm 

«e'E"[Ii™°Q''Q?n ."5" 


ocBervedwilh Ibp 1 



s in the Zulu 

war (,t .8,9. and w.if 

pre sent in 

he eonicement at UlundiraiBO b> 

diniF the storming of t 

liold (Modal with Clay)). Served 

n the Boer war of .83 



prosenl at tbe dofenco of Pretoria aa Aotiss 

eived in (he Burmese Eipedi- 

ion in iSSs-a? as Adjutant ind Battalion Rival acote Fu 



Burmese Eipeditio 

835-87 with the ind Batlalion Royal Scots 


Medal with CI ospjT 

"Capintn FieoDcsssn-ed with tbe iist Fusiliers In 

s against 




of iSto. and was present in the enca 

gement at 

:i-jndi(MedalwitbCLasp). Serve 

d witb lbs jistFusili 

. and took part in tbe 


;rttoria (mcnliooed in deapatches 

aerveJ in the Kl 



on in 1881-83 


encttonsat AbuKlea 


twoClBBps.and Kbed 


" l_'a|ilBin TbomeyeroU served t 

th tbe net Fusiliers 

d in (be operstiona aga 

net Sakn- 

nn'in the (ielence oTPreioriB. 

stronghold (Medal w 



Also ser>-ea 


X Captain Lt»a serMd with the 

r ofiJjs.and 

a tbe ope rati ODE asa 

kuni. inclndina the stornlinK of the 
art in ihe defence of Powlnrstroo 




and took 

a. Served in the Bu 


dition in .885 

on Royal 

lal with gasp). 

Borrsd if the Barmese Eipedition in i38s-S7 i 
(He<larwiibUlMp). ( 

'1 Uaplam Dai idson served ifith the Burmeie EipedLtionin 1885-8$. and was preaenl in several engagemenla 
 Dclu.IIng Iho Uking nf the Minhli (Iwiouht and the raptn™ of Mnndaliv (Medsl with Clasp). 

" Lieut, acudsmors served with the Burmese Expedition in T8B6-S7 with the and BatHlinn Royal Scots Fusiliers 
(mentioned in despatches, DSO . aoTUeda] wilb Clasp). Also served with tbe Haiara Field Form in tbe eipedition 
to the Black Mountain in .383 Unentioiled in deapalcbes. Clasp). 

" Lieut. Churchill served with the Burmese Eineditiou in 1835-86, and was severely wounded in an engagc- 
mpnt 81 TbailiinbsQ (Medal with Clasp). 

" Lieut. W. D. Smith served in the Burmese Expedition in i38;-87 with tbe ind Battalion Royal 8coU Fnsiliera 
(Medal With Clasp). 

" Lieni Aanew served wilb tho Bunnree Eipedition in i88s-8e as Traneport Offleer (twice maationed in 
ilsspalcbea. Medal wltb Clasp). 

with Clasp). 

>i Uent. Shortt Berrad in the Hile Eipediiion in iSS4~g; with the rat Battalion Black Watch, took part lo. 
Uta DparBtioDS of the River Column nnder Major Ueneral Earte, and wu ottwU vn <.VtiUi\^ii:Q.Q\^\Tli^>tKa. 
(Madal wilb iwo Clasps and Khedive's Star). 

"Llanl. Boddr «r>'J f la Ifti Z'lu wnr in iSra (llelnl wth ^ni^V Barv6\ TO tttc ^an&wtt 'f.a.'V****'**-^ 
jj(mrw^itaMjfl.<(ufniu K'jof Sjjtai-uailiers (Mjd.l wii,aCbi-p'|. 

The Chesldre Regiment. 

(Tlie 3rd aud .,11, it^ii till ions Ate foniie.l of the st Jind iml CheBliirc Militia re«i";cli(«ly.) 

BH. Mobiav" Si 

a Brookii Baliin, 

p./c. WlliluD Smith 'Caa)ce, Jluifn. j July bo ; i.1. ' 

Jfmiiai, I July 17 ; Zinl. j Jan. 41 1 1 
>i !>«. S3i CAnni, iB Nov, yj jtfo/w ( 
■lay j» I CWMrl CfaBthirs Rrgl- i J^" 
mandiiu Ul Btllalioa. u Ua; B7 ; fiujfa. 
1 Jul; ii ; £r.CWiikf(, II Apr, 86; CWoimI.i 
 —  - Cmji*. 'j July 71 ) ilujV, 1 

tShtmiffluTii . 

in Frederiok WylBj, 

»™u«*«*77:. .., s 


'. Franei* Wlltlam Btiniiflcila 

IB Bdward Urtton Davtia. Dimilt i 
tuluml J^Mlaul flnml, Srm^l...i 

Candler NerlUc, Jilj.tat 

Btnry BUkpUUm MtahtU JtiiHtaol 
VofnH vr StitlaliHt QkHiiTj &sl.... 

Kilnarcl J bn LBmb . . 

GeargeJunoiiBiitcbci' Itrdmi. 

I^lt.H^r H M.\ 

SlifOmctT. TlmfMmtl,.. 
Wilbam >rederiok Whilo 
^^liarlea HifrfDrd Chapinaii 
Senry BaKiDBld Cholmondclay, Jiili 

.Hit it \ 
I. if'ttfi 


Rdmr RIlioLl Hi 


Bdmnl naaelRgb Tucker,' 

i(.6jQ!jto I 

<r OcorgB WilLiam Tod, Oti- \ 


>■ April 6, 

Hiirrj Frani 

... '■ RalpliDc 
.., !i Dudlc ~ 

'". 1 Arlbi 

... Ii Wlllioni i.ionei strstton ,„ 

\". ]i John Bbawe-Tsyi^r" 

... J ThanuH OwBU .\l:,r.|.„ 

... '9 WllJinra ViDcf ul M...I 

... a Arthur Baotliiv I!,..iu,,rr 

...  Henry Baraci.i],. 

... I . CbailcB Htrn-y l>0Dald Lyon-Cam|.bpll !!. 

I Sacam Liaunxian. 

.., 'a Bttoh LeiHuiter ... 

... I cWim Henry Da»i«. 

... [1 Wnitam MarUii-LeakB 

... I ViDDsnt Randolphg Plgoct ... 
... I Oeorss Lnral Pbilip Cbirkg 

.„ J JotanOpha* Howard 

... 1 Jobn Frino]"Wol»e!ty 

... '1 Allan Bntlar Gonet 

... 3 Aiinin Sanmal Cooper 

... I ffillaoi Anobinclon 

... I Manncri Ralph Wlllmot Nighiiogiii'";; 

... 'i WaiTOn Hauling. Aaderion 

... j Thoma* Gaapard Couiin 

— Pi.jim.Hm.— 1 ioftasO. Wliitc, 16 Uay gi 
... «iM.ri«- Jfoifm.-j Jlflb,,itAflg,wFoh,, 

- /  Tbomu YatM. ,9 Sa, 
' J » .. , Fades' While.— J. 

"t battalia, imlai-irdfir aiiraUar,K 





jBOct. 7< 

I Jao. En 

.. Apr. 


 6 Aug. Si 
.) Sopi. 83 


14 Uar. 

iiKoT. 7J 

J. 8.PL. B3 


=6 Jul, ,6 
t} Jasa j7 

loaepi. s. 

G SspU 8s 

«An(i. 7S 

£ Sept I5 

./April bJ 

6 Kept, as 

.7J«>. B. 

ijHepL B, 

,„6m H 

.Jan. E, 

9 Mar. Ii 

..Apr. e6 

ii,Apr. 8, 

.July 8. 

igApr. B7 

.July Bi 

iiOeC Si 

IjAog. SI 

10 Mar. B, 

l5F0b. 8; 

loUar. S3 

6 0... ^ 

ij Ana. B, 

■I Nov, B4 

J Fob. 95 

ni";. M 

VA7,: It 

f"«. u Feb. Bo. 
H«(. * 

, Coi tod Co. 
»4 BaKatin T((ar 

The Chtihire BeglmenL flfi4« • 

_- „. — ._> AnlmUnlQuiiFicrUiiiiuirGanerBl of Ihi Arm; noilsi Sir (ThBriCHNapindariTiif 

Ibmmpugn Id Bflinde ia 1643, uid wu prew;nt«t cho boKlo of Meocneo— in which hi* bono wn» "hni nnder 
S'"::?'"'' "i^ "" noemy wBile condncunK Mivjor SUofa BrtK»da fn>m UntUm lo rnrm s junction wiib 
«ir CharleB Napitr-s fone at H; dmbad 1 snilliutfe of Hvdrshsd, when h« received a BHlim wonud in the riiibt 
bmai lUedil with Uro CiMpi), U« Bg&ln Hirvii] u Auiil. QoBner Mister Gancril lo Sir Chcirles Nnpier iluriim 
the SBBQiikliii) ■sBlnit Ui« UoDntalDknaDeMrlTrilica ■■toMid on tha riiibl bank of ths Indns. enrly in 184^. 
Btrvwi IU AuiRaal AdJnMot Oainnl Queen's TmonB andsr Sir (nurl«ii Nuier <n i3ci>;3 tu tlie Bxpadltion 
nRUB(tlhaA<rr«nlic^lBi)lndlBBt)ietbMliiEortheKoWnlP>ua<Usd>l<ri(h Clasp). Served in the Ewtorn pmu- 
pB-^ M Direaior 0«nenU Land Timfiepon Corpe (Uedttl « ttti Chun for Scbuupol, OIBcBF d[ the Legion 111' Honor, 
,ih Clus af tea Usdild1«.iu>d TnrkiahM---" 

Aaoa%l (al 

Sfrptiui w 

M.g&i-. TbI , ___ ____ 

Clan of lh« Uadjiiie. and Khedive'* SurJ . 
' Captnin Haidv' aarved <D tba Sondau campaisni In iSSs (Jfcdaloith Claip, nnd Khediva'a -'Jlar). 
• OapUiD Stnbbi aervadirttlitbaeird Rmmeutin Bouliioni ArKhuiman in iSTg-Cc {Medal). Sorva^wilh th» 
III BaculioD llansheHsr R«g<maot la lb* BurpUan war ot 18B3 [Medal, and KbiAlru'i Star). 

 Caplain Birch lerred In tba expedition (□ the Bondan la iS3c vtith Iha Moonted Infantry— sevaiely hou 
tneDHoned Injaipatobfa, Uedal witli oitMp, and Khedlre'i Star). 

10 Alsban-warioiBra-ftJwilhlbostatl.ightrpfiintrj (Medal). Served ii 

. .„ ._-.^.f. .. „ .. ■■:H,oflheVork»hlrBLlghl InftiDlry 

I ID lef^-QD with the iBt BlIUIiDi 

Oonlinvation of Notet to the King's Oien ScollUh Boidererf. 

' Oaptain Oordon urnvd wlU) the ijtb King'eOwn Borderers In tha Afghan wbiiq iBtS-to with the Peahai 
VtUey Field Force. Inolndiag the Saiar Vatlej Bipcdiiiou nader LienLOaaaral Uaode (Medal). 

' LLColoael Curlelon, Captaiu Claoahloa aad R. H. B. Tajlur tervod with Iho >|lh King's Own Bordi 
IB the Afghas war in iBrr>-Ba with the Khvbor Lino Faroe nnder LieutOenoial Bright ()■-■-' 

Vill^ Piold Focea undac UwU-OnMnd : 

Ehvbor Lino Faroe nnder LieutOenoial Bright jMedalj. 1 

Kfain Own Bordcron ia the Afghan war of iSji-iii, flnl with ihe Peabawnc 

, Jfaadc, and afterwards with the Khj'ber Lino Form nndsr Llant.OenenI 

Bhrtt, InelildlDg II laimliaai In lliii niiltiiimi Valley and IhDatlaoli and d«IrueUonat tbevDlagHat Nnrfuif, 

AiAziMTlaiid Jotaa (BaaaMsiMa In daapatobes. Medal >. Sorvod with the gnd Battalion Klnx'^ Oirn ScottUlt 
Bordacera with tb* SuaidB FWd F«roe is Daeeaiber lESS during the Inreitinent of Suakiu and iraa pieieul in 
Uie enncament at GsnHliali IJtaiml with Claip). 

*ll4oTHo«ttb •orradwitkttMiiUiKliig'BDwiiBardateri In Uia MSaui mr in iBtG-ia with Iba Paibawiir  
rallnriadtc>nMiniderUBDI.Qenen ItonSa Medal J 

» ^l^na Bade aa Aobag Adtntan WMlIcomba and Jamu B pe aemd wtlh h Ih K (r'a Onl^ 
B. rdrreri h A ghan war tSBoflrawh Pww V FdF ralM nda ^ 

■larp. and Khe 

dive'iBtarl; eerve.! at Su, 

akin in eommand of the :st Battalion of the Egyptian Army during 

ihf ID 

at place by Oanian Dignn 

from May iB94 until March iE8j (4th ClaJS of the O^manirh); alto 


on in Deocmlier i8Bs including the ougageracut i« Ginirt (mci.tloned 


m Bnudiin gnd 

, Khedive'a Star, and ird 



llHrvea with Ibe ijlh Kin 

Field Force, including tht 

1 Baiar Valley Eipeditlon under Lieut.Genetal Mnude IMednl). 

rved in the Afghan war 1 

sf .e:3-fc, aid li>k part with the Bainr Velley Eipeditlon ; was 

he Helmnnd. and at t^e defence ot L'ands bar- wounded (.Mediil). 


iplaina Cavn; 
■hers an<l Rati 

ilfan, and Second Lieut. B 

and Macrarliiuc, Lienls. Selliir. Ciirelon. Hsig, Cnlilinl.l, Sfndcn, 

iell Ben-cd with the snd Baltaliun King's Own ScotU»b Borderore 

be Buakin Fiel 

Ucdal wiih Claap, and Khrdivc't Stall. 

uin served with Clie Nile Eipeditlon In ,884-85 an Trannporl OfHeer iMedal with Claip, and 


rveilaa Adjutent tatheii 

Jn Decemlier 

IMS dunng the inve.ln,. 
(ebcB. Clasp), 

,.,ned in tie»|.a 


*erved with the islbKiniC 

sOwn Borderers in the Afirhan war in iS75-Bowtlh the Khyber 

!nl.Gcneral Bright (Medal). Served with the Burmeae B.pedition In lEBS-es (menlioned in 


■chM°M^l 11 

rilb Claap). 

ipiain Vemer 

•erred with the nth King's 

Own Botderera ta the Afghan war in 1879-80 with the Khyber Lino 


under l.lent.Gi 

tneralBrlghliMe<Ull. Ser 

vcd with the Nile Eipeditlon in 1884-8:. and was present in Ihe eu- 


>B Weill on the ,6th and ,7 

Ih February (Medal with Olasp, and Khedive'a Slar). 

r in 1870 80 with the isthKing'aOwn Borderers m the KbyUerLina 
Served in the Soudan campaign iu tS8; nnd was present in th> 


;eneml Bright (Medal). 

cment at the T 

ofVek leretia (Medal with 1 

»o Clasp,, and Khedive'a Star). 

■' L; 

eat. Tbellufao 

n served with the Monnlei 

1 Infantry with the Suakiu Field Force in December iltSS dnrmit 

le engagement al Gemaiiab (Uedal wIthClnsp, and Khedive's Star). 

eo't. I^ac KT 

ved''wab Tho'ind*I(aiUili- 

nn King's Own Scottish Borderers with the Duakiu Field Force in 

ng Ibo investment of Buai 

iin and was present in the engngonKnt at Oemaliab (Medsl wttb 


and Kbcdive' 

1 opemliona on the Sondan fronlior in 1889 including the enuage- 

Lt TMkl Iment: 

ioncd'^in desp^^hM. "lb <' 

lasaoftheMcdjidie. Claap). 


ent. Connolly 1 

the mil Battalion King'aOwnScoltisli Borderers with the Buakin 

Field Force in Deoen: 

lalmenlof Suakiu and waspretentin the engagement at Geu.aiiab 

with Claap. a 

rat. Howe »erved in the ATuhan war of 

.878-8= with the >5th KiuR-a Own Borderer, wiib ihe Pishawnr 


Oder Lteut.Uencr.1! Uau'le 

, and aftcrwaida with the Kbfber Line Force >iudKi U«ah&v>t.tkv 




1 BbU.. rnhamt, >•■(»]. 1 


J The Royal Wel«h I^lUan. [iJ?.].-irnxk>B. 

i'omierhj the 23rd {Royal WeltK Funliers) Bagiment. 
4tli Bstls. nrc fonned of the Denbigh uid Flint and the Cunarron and Merioneth Militia 

TespectiTely. ] 
Ick Din." The BiiineBon. The BBdDragon. Tlio WWte Horse. "^""F"' 
DLUEiis' "uiHiLLiai" " DnoiMDi " "MiLruqun'- -a)>nueii" "Miaoia" "Eeiri _ 
BphiDi) ■■CoauBBi- -'Uabthiudb" "Aibdhbbi" "BiBiJoi" "SiiiiiiBM " "ViTto»n,_ 

'■ •■NiTBl.l.B" "OBIEU" "TOOIOO*-" " PaBlBBUtl '■ "WlTBaLOO" "Ami" "IBKIBMI" 

It" "LneaBow" "AlEiBTBa" " Boam, laSj-B;." 

,,,™iobU,— ChBrlrsCrutchley, and LI. 'S Apiilii : Li. it Julvio; Cepl. '11 Dec. jSi ■*'''«<"■■ '" °''* **,' 
, ii.CoJoiiil, ji Julj.o; CVm.I, jBNot. Mi Jfa,""?™"^. 31 Jan-64ii-'.S«i.™f, ijiprtlj'i Onnul, 
- tOet. 77 ; CoIokI 13rd FEBiliors. ■* Mar. 75. „ „ >. 

-■  -■  -■ Fiedericlc Williftmion,' aw.ii.oi«ri>B«< Bai/o/ion, ) AprilBj; *".8reb. 

I Sept. 70; JflfM".  JQ'r 8'! -".CWwl, 9 D«>. as 1 CeJeMl, IT Mar a6. 

>(7<n»>iHliiwM<Ja<fa««, I Jolrg?) ^inn, 3< Jane 61 ) LI. '# SepC «* ! 

■--- K. £*/««!, iiS May M; c3iiuI,»6JJ»r 94. 

rd iWinlej Creek," 1 



Bowluid Broijihloa Uaiawaiiug,* ) 

Oomiiuiiioii/ fuctmam Difal ) 

Krneil Riddle Bvani' 

C'liarle* Cecil Kayford Thorold. Adju-l 

(d»i t-al.Bt. ITifd JVntim i 

Francis HFrL;rt Kngland 

JTh. lI«Kiaiild Henry Bertie 
AlTred fitepbcn Chapman 



D.A.A.Gi, JtrllniMrj.BiitBl ... } 

Hogh James Afohdale"" 

Jobo HarriBge EinK Griffltfa, A4i. 4I 

Batlalbm ICammrm MilUia) j 

Cbarlea Beury HilToid 

OeorKe Ferdinind Walker 
'Boben HeiuTf*UUu>i Dann. _ ,.. 

1 rsUmlHr B*. WM. lV«Urn 
- -  rle,»D50. 

h CDnon Faowlok . 


I Randal H 


Robert Bertram nnaan" 

, - „ Irtgh 

gnalns PrtdoiieCoopei 

r. ArtbiirWillODRbbyOearReLowry 


ilbert Helbert" . 

Kiel.vij Llnice Buglobeart.... 
Alau Percy QesrKe aoush" . 
Patrick B&era UsntellH .... 
Charlea Edward BaDDroIt ... 

ch Gwynne"' 

tderic Barttel 

mi-Bad clini" 


»tTupp H'Haboo .. tfalkot* 


ErtwBrd Lavion, Adlrlaal ^l^ AiminA 

BH.y.n.r. sjiit VoWniim j 

Ricb. Caurtgnni'tlnbuonTbnickmortDn 
Omrge WUIima David Bowen Lloyd 


Kic^nrd Stirliiuc Uram-Thorald 

Harry BurmaiiEBB Ford 

Henry Osbort Samuel Cadogan 

John Gtsham Croetbwoita 

a»lDb Henry llrer 

ID Fnuk Bi 

iCB Arooid ' 

n Holbam \ 

UaoryUeredylhSl .. 

Orabam REcrtOD Rtokman .. 

rhsrlea Rdwaid Wlllea 

Charlei MaepbeTBon DolieU ... 

1 Deo, 6i'3oilar. jo 

,Mar aj 

jAog. 83 

, Noi. as 


I Sept. 8} 
Joly I4 

I April 
1 April . 

r xUBwumB nBDarMa (or lOB uoia uoaitwiui inetsaiiuuiiaD iimFiuiii 
1 Uw BDnaMe Rneaillon ia iSlj-U wltb Uie lU Battalion Rujul WaLab Kui 
« ftWB BbkBUi to l[«([QQU In il86<Uc>Ul wlchCIup). 

r Bwu urrsd M Slpul OOeer to tba Zulu mr ia tin (Ualal wlbhClup)' 
gnph daiiiiEl]M> ubMiniatit opeiMJoni ft«<ilti>E Bskiikaai 6 erred In lbs Bii 

IVT TUegnph doiiiiE l]M> igbieiniatK opeiMJoni k«<ilti>E BBknkaai eerrad In lbi*Biinncae Kipe 
with tha trt BUUliroRsjat Walib Fniillcrm. [ncladin^ iba sipedllion u> Woonthoo lUedal witu I'l-..,. 

• UkUUn Itonia irmd in Ibe Bnrmsn Eipedtclon la i8gj-Sf iricb Ltae lU Baculiaa itojsl Wcleb Fiullien 

■* ^^tp^^ln Arsbdalc icrved n (he Soudui pnmpiilsn in iSSs (Modal with Clup, mi Khedive's Stu). fSecrcd Id Uia 
BonBHa ■iHdltlaa In tSSb-8? «ilh the i» Baiuiion tlojai Welih Fniilisn iHedul with CJitpl. 

B OVMte ItiiBB KTied wilb Ibe BunneBe Expedition in LhSyM u Adtutut M t1i« iil Bstliilion Royal Wplili 
PiMiUBI (KtdKl wlUi Clupl- 

It DaptalnLjlo Hmdwilb tba Bunaaao RipsdiUan In tSSj-K wilh Iba ist Battalion 0.171! Welib Fiullier* 
•ad Wirt pmant tn ttia aipedJiIana to tlogonng Bn'l uiUnaC tbe KuMua on tba Ctauie«e Kiundar In iS£« — 
»nnl7 wonnded (manliontd In dHiMolua. DOO., and MtAml with OUapl. 

" O^MId BoailoTd ■ernd with tte Bornwaa Eipediliea la laSj-M vllh lbs iit BUlaiion HotiI Welah Fiuilliin 

^i»j4..-«k- «._^,M«_b. mk 7^.^.— -.J vm^.^ d'^-.u,.,...^ 1. deiHbihaB, Medml with Cliup). 

._,._. ion in iSa+^s on^rUMpon dnij, uidmapreaeot atthe kUoo 
>uu Kbsdivo'i St&r}. Btrrti in Iha Bnnneii Eirodlcion in lagS-Ej with ths 
Ifedalwllb Clasp). 
ie«a KipeeliiioQ in iSSs-e? irilb tbe lac BaMnlian Rojal Welali Foiilicta (nieii-. 

edniita the itiBsttalion Royal Weltb FaBilieralUedsl 

~C<tptiSnHoa. K. Whlt« served with tbe Nile Expedition in iBSt'S; (Ucdal with CLun, and Kbediro't stkr) 
B Iiiaot. Oouajb Mzred witb the Bnnueu Bipedilton in tSS^-M with Ibe iil BaKalioa Royal Welib Piunisra 

iBelo^lDg tha BBKi(«BwnI* al ZePduw and Kadas, and wm iligbllr wtmoded in an <'UgagemGBl at Tingottl on tb» 

16U1 If ay ItwtM monliaiied la defpatcbei. IVIedal witb Claap), 
•* Lleat Uaotall aarrcdia the Birmeie Eipcdition in iSS;-S7 with ths tat BuUallaa Royal Webb FuaUieiv 

Yalta* (mealtaned Id deapatehea, Medal with Claq). 

_., — ,^^..,,. ■• Ln tha Bartnaae KiDodl' 


Eipsdliionln iga;-8fi, and wu UTersly wounded la 

In iBM-e; with the lat Battalicm Royal Welab FuLlilBn In 

" LicQt. DelmS Etiultliffo aarvod in the Biirmoje EipeJilion in iSaS-S? witli the i?t [Ijilulion lloj-al Weleb 
(MertaTwi'lb CTaap") """ armeao ip 1 on in i , wi e 11 a ion jyj W t »b-Fn.i!ier» 

 Major Rraaa-Oordon.— For War Serrloe*. nije Berkshire RcKiment. 

 Captain Graf Bcrred in the BnrmaH KirediUon in 1885-87 will: tba lat Battalion Rnval Wetah FDaillBi-s 
(llrdal wilb Cla*p). ™' "' 

.0; aa.SaSli...™^] The South W>le> Borderen. [K-i-SSr 
Fonnerly the 2^th (The and Warvtickthire) Jtegime»t. 

(Tlie yi aiiJ 4th Battaliona ate formed of the South Wales Bardemra Bad the Montgomery 
Militia respectively.) 

'*Buiibmim""IUhilliis" '•OciiiBi»D«" "UiHL»qiiMT""EQT«'' (wEch (he Sphini). "Cirior Good Hon, 
i9o6'" "TiLUMM- " FuBirrii d'Obo« ■' " H»i.»iukc»" '■yinom" "PTHnia" " Nit»i,i,«" "0«thm" 

"P«»lHlDLi""PCHJ»DB" "CBIl,LI»»W»Ll.iB""OOOJI»»T""aODIB AfIIOI, -.877-8-9 "•" BOBMi, l3a5-87." 

irtf. 'i; Jen. 4ii Cairf. 'iB Apr. 46; Mnitr, 
Har. 6a: Ottoul, i fane bi; liajar Otnial, 
\ CcIomI Scuth WalM_Borderers, 13 Nov. SS. 

nt ^Isndi.— 1 ChuIetJamei 

j6"3»r. 7! i '»£j^. -'"^ 

; BiMajor, I Apr. 7. 

. July B. 

I JatiB M ; Cjfam^ b June y^ 

. 1 Ctplai' 

WiUiam Penn a7nion«,*CB,(BI.I(.Cbf. > 

i7U!iye6: CojMii. I Julj Bj) j 


,i,t.c. lIerLertBelu7Hllom^ 


Oeoree Stanhope Banister" 

rS Edward 8 WTenmn Browne" 

Henry GenDain Mainirarlng" 


Ralph Arthnr Penrhyn Clemenw'*) 

(Bt.£(.C(i(o«I. I July 87) J 

guautin M'Kinnon Loffan" 


. Mn. Click Do Rnpe Burke Roohe,"! 
Dtp, AuUI.Aii. O.Mra', BJiij7aI.....i 

Oonttmy Yor Trower" 

QeorRO Chnjnpne J Palmee" 

WilUam Woanen»,w Aij«l<tol 15 Mar. 90 

. John rSv^ Art^ht'r" hJSm. Llo^= '".'.. 
Froderio Philip SniTlT," Hiutamt 3 ) 

YoUitUtT Bn. SoM WaUi Bwitrmi 
Arnold Wilson Biroh,"AV . 4 Folmifwr ( 

BiitUdionBoHlliWalnBtritttrt ) 

Allied Cranworth Worllodge," Atmg \ 

Paf Dtfurimtnt J 

perCT Totliani Armilaire." AiiUani i ) 

Fo'Iinlitr B*. SH'ik WaUt Boritrmi 
H«t(inBld Camnbell," Slalien ai.ff 1 

Fraud* CharlM King Honier 

Arih. ThoB. DlRliy Neare, ^i(;. 4 B« 

Joseph John BQ^net^" Anty F-j J>.-| 

Anhar Maitiand'sugden, Aij. j B* 

Henry Edmund Every 


Jonas Hamilton Uu Bonlay Travora 

UoaRlas John Oalafbrd 

Henry Mail eod' Graham" 

AllVed Cotton Way," «m»jr,tt (Jo«| 

Georsc Turner **. 

William Uunou Watla 

Bowcn William Sutton Van EtraubenHe! 

fienrcqHuFhFB Grant" I 

Hcrlim Fmlinaud WoodEBle | 

Anlinr Ileurr Morria Hamiiion Jones ...I 

ThomiiBKitiro.T Kelly" 

HuKliCilliPi't CniBOn, J*-*.../ 3. July B9 
Frederick St. John HuBhej 

johnXiiiB'"--" ".:::"!!!:::;!!!;;!] 

Wulliv Hammond NorriB« I 

Charles Edward FluUeiald Walker i 

Sydney Sheridan Bradfocd... 1 

Bacoan LtiuiuiBTs. | 


Krnett Frederick Hood 

Henry Percy Pnlleine.- j 

Wrirrid Eilwsnl Bownal Smith ...I 

rhnmai WilllMniMLIirbtfaot I 

ViJIinia HcarrFnaeii Baaeri I 

4 May «. 
6 July 64 


7 July 80 3 

I Nov. H 


u dM[>ulchc», IK'uul 


' Colonel 

rombgiul miuoQir 

T!iB Sovtk Wale» Borderers. 

Edmand Oantiinic Jnoea . . ' ioSo»7"¥a >' Li(i_ _ , 

tUnmJolut H»iT«aBl»P«rBBreiford; 6 July 89 BOrvgd with lUoBarniese BipMitloQln iSSj-ar ' 

Bdamnd KmsnoD Boiuiflsld 11 8ap(. M (Medal trilb Clwpl. 

Alellnilor BUtibn]<e Cobbo I i> aeH. 89 "Lieul. Wnv Borvflcl with the Uarmeai 

aimorillBpmmoniUBrETanB 1 16 Juiy 90 peiiUon in iSBi-Ba (Medal with Cluapl, 

Hioholu BliikB Dani>combe S Oat. g-l " Ueul. KeUyaerved with lbs liurmBW 

' pBdiHDnin iSB;-»S()(edBtiTitb Olup). 

' Byaa AhUi 

in Junw T. 


.fa««i (Tbice. 

}■. S*pr. B4T S«. 'liOot. 63; £f. II No*. Mi Caff. 7 Maroh 77, 

inpkiiu,'' 96 Not, 19) Km. CaplaiR, lA Var. 3g. 

i-Uiiyso; //™. Z«*. 

-.fstuli, U«ure. Holt, Liiwri«, iDd Oo. 

iiJ Jtufurtsji tmiarttdfar tin Caft ^ Stai Baf, fWriury i8i9. 

.. , lied Sir Q» 

OHKbont the A»hanli war of i373-74- 

JHUiana uien U theKlDflor Abm. WBaSli>9^< 

Hanqiwh. CammBnded the Ahnw at Uie repulie 

Vr..>f|,t,oT 1S7]. ConuDaiided (hg Taoonnaluance i 

B^^ M SM oaptoni ud dsnrBotion of AdQb 

lead goud ramgencot at Jarbinbali, : 

h.baUlaorOnlahaa and itantDTa oT Coot 

itinff at tho at 
lyii Abraiir 

.b Not umber. AFternardise 

Sji nnapecml •errice, 
lo the K\n|{ orKanlora 

■« sthBQd «th 

lauuaie (mentioDed in deep 

(llaBgOTOIulT . . 

• CMoaal Emmons wrnd 

Zulu war in ilra (MmW with OlupX Servad 
■nd QoartBT iitalft Osneral and oiganlHiJ 
SroTCti of Lt. Colonel and ColDoel, Utdiil  
liif [nctfred ChelluBlu aFlba OoVBtninant 01 inuic, 
'■ Sir Frtdeiiok CairinRlaD organtwd and camnanded 
T 187J, aod CarringloD'B Qone (mmTiied fafkntTj) 

edal with Claap). 
t Tnba ka Udoda 

S-TBlnciodiDgthfloperHtlanABgAliLittTMiGalckafi; a 
the Barmaea BipediUon in iaas-93u Deputy Auiet 

_„ — tbe Uoaalad toluitrT (awntionad in dwpntchaa, 

Ohup). Commaaded the ChiD-Lu&al Biped iilonary Farce is 
of India, mentioned in deipaMhen, ca.) 

 . .- - . ... .ipedition to the Diamond Pielda 


KnOr war In the Trfttulcei 
•niRaRemeDt at Qnln" 
Barred in the speral 

rinbar ggotoHari 

»Kalnat SaknkUDi 

deepalcbatj u 

'" ' the oaptnre of lb 


18 rape Mounted T 
■aaii uunng the opent 01 
in Cn ocia despatches . 

skfl anJ PoriB liaBh. 


^M Ripedition in tSSj-SS (Mfdat with Cla«p). 

" Major Uanister aerFcd in the Kafir wu- at 1B77-73, a 

the Zahi war of iB7» (Medal w^"- '" ' 



..~ .uiho Kafir 1 

1 WBB prBsent in t1 

and in the Operatii. 

1 19th March 1879, n 

onnied ni' 

„ Miiinwnnng » 




H Cbar^.^jal E^iKiuura. waa 
s on the occnsioo of tbe nttnck by Iha 

° "n s'nnd r he moK tryiUK circiims'ta'ces, 
ted litb that iatelligeuce and tannctly wtiiuh bo 

[ part In llie operations asainat the Gulakns, and 

c the opemtiona acniuHt (he GHaiian ; also served 
Zlobane Sloimlflin (Victoria Crose) and Piandl 
[ii(Medal with Claap) : was awardtd iho Y€ •■ for 

:ludia): tbe operations agalnat tho Galekai ; alto 

■57J-7«- 1 

Irf. Colonel I 

rrveil m the Kal 
1 (Medal with Cli 

_ le Zulu war of 1573. and was present in tho'enBagemcnt at [Ilundi (Medal with ClBBpl. "served with the 

f[.irni':49 EipeditioD in i&d$-g6 n» Urii^ade Major, and was prcsoutinthecTi^aizementaat Obu (severely wounded) 
andTaindah-Blighllj- wounded (meniioneil in despalcbes. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

> Maior Lozan aerve-l witb tho ind Battalion 14th Foot In the Kafir war of 1B77-78, and took part in the opora- 

■-•■-- '•■'-'--a. and in tbe Zulu war of 1B79 {Medal with Claspl. 

Roche aerved in the Kafir war in 187J-78 wilh the ie 
St tbe Gaikaa and Ualckaa | Medal irith Clasp). Serm 

.h Clasp), 

1 1877-78, aid was present dun [ 

leZuiii war in iS75,*and was preaent in tt 
"'^VplainsCnrll, Lloyd. Smyly.G.K. Moore, BirchandArmitaee served in IhaZnlB war of iB79{Mc<li 

" Captain Fhlppa served in the Zulu war in 1S71J. 81 ' - ' -..-. 

wounded (mentioned In despatcLea. Medal with Clasp). 

at the Galf 

^1 in the Zulu war in .870 (Medal w 
lis I^tlmoa aerred in the Kafir war i 
I enirai{ement at QuinUina ( Medal 

t Ulundi-sei 


Medal wit 

ilnyed in 

lalnl du 

 in 1879 (Medal with Claspl. Served witb tbe Bur 

in 1879 (Medal). 

Foot, and was ^meDV\iifti«ti 

s69 ' 

Tha Klag^ Creet. 

!.«.. ih. pu»c> K«,. T The King's Own Scottish r 

Bad., vniKiu, Bupi. J Borderen. L 

Formerly the 35"' C^^e KtJig'a Own Borderert) Hegment. 
(The 3rd Battalion is fonced of the Scottish Bonlcrera Militia.) 
'■/■ VtrUttU BtUaicoU mibMd." The Cutis of BdinlmrBh. "Jfiti 
"Jr«afpm(>rrnif.'- " MinDiir " " EoHOFi-or-Zn." "Sbipt- (wit 

B€fimtnHl DMrUI No. >: 



fiiUiHJf Colonol,— William Cntig Bmilin« N«piBr,> J»n»i., 38 Oct. 35 ; Xf, 'ij No», 371 Capl.'ig At 
'Jl ?»f| ifujor, iSFe)). 4§i Sr.«( i-f.OiIoml, 30 May J. ; t^ileMl, laOot. Ml Jf^^r, .i6ol.s5:i 

I 9MiLrcli6j:£<»f.eii»ntI,9i Ang. n: Stturat, > Ocbni Calniul ELUu's On Borderer*, 
,D ... LiflDtcnuit OnlDDili.— 1 FruciiEdwkrdCarletoDi'funjii, 19 Jan. 61 1^. >i Mar.At; Cup 

I J(?J=r,, JalE6.iif,n,/o,ri.,TJ™Bo. , _ , 

. nHeQryHickmuia.D.HogBrtb*, 

I KUgBrW.W.Doring.JA', 

'. HonTv Grey Diion" 

r. John Williaoi GodfrBJ 

. Tho«. Wm, Hewak Mi-j (Biuf ' 
itnat Jostioe Artbor Batber, Adj. ' 

Airred George StrcatHald BMdsell,' 
A<ij. i> liidiliMi Btji Volmtiltrt... , 

CluiB. Thoodorc Decker," J*. J^i"-> 
in. N.W. iVociMwi rDtajii«n J 

AndrBiT duK.Parkpr BaEgard,'-* 

»j«u V-s/t. 

Tinrton Cavsye.!' 
 imbe,"' D^puly: 

I AD.C.Ul 

CharleiLoi. . ,. 

AuUI.Aij, Oiii ././■ .\i<ub!lrl,an3at f 

j Uoata^QniniWilkii*on,JJJlii|"-3«». 

J Jamei Hope> J.IM'nt ~ ' " 

I aniS'lHTtailurohinU..- 

;j Boriralil R. Wimim.''.^*'. 3' Jul J 89 
a Dnncan Alwyn Macf-LcUDe". 

Itej-uell B. Uaylej Tuflor,' O.S.D^t. 

Fill roy Hemphill 

"■ ilieitSlafQJfir''; Rangoon 1 

Randal Flemint -... 
yj.c. Peroj WlldmiiTi Lmhington 
a.ij-. AleianilFr [in'iiuuah Hamlltoc) 
A^ntanlxil&t.^, i 

HarcldJamoe CUfford Stantoi 


FiauciaWilliaiQ UvifaaU ..... 

,1 Ar.WontHonbW 

( Aog. Halisr Usgoe. Adj. Hi^'i's.' 
;i Edgar John DenC 

'i RapertMaiirell Rou-Jotmaon 

1 Ceeil UacdODUldStephensoD 

~ Id Slepboi Km 

1; Laaceltei Oarldeon. 

Barry Torrluio Priljjhani ... 
9 Bdnaid n 

1 Bsymoar Catnpbell JitiDHio 
t Alexander CharlcBQane .. 

T ADEUi Qeorge Fraaer .- 

t Alan Ralph Cobboldi* 

9 DaTidfUmwyeiadSD" 

3 FrsDiii* JohD CarmUieiai*.. 
3 B or borl William Kaiilgan" 

... jj NtirnianKmeitrinyair 

;:; ^i Edgar quartun ""'jir^s^^-i- -jih- 
;:: i, "h™ieS7c.bSnmwrogo *..... 

. , |i Tliumaa BtDedin PullOD 

'.''3 Alemader meroD OgiirjBpmce .. 

/> Chatlet Bmldwia ClatttAaek 

/b Arihar Blair. 

' £^""^7"^^ OtrwUhta 

«i'.*L2i««, B«t,.i. ] The Cameronlans (Scottlah Riflaa). [S^X-H^awn! 170 
Formerly the 36th {The Cameronimi) and the goi/i (FcrlMiire Volunteers — 

Light Infantry) RegimeuU. 
(The 3M kDd 4lh fintulioot me formed of the Boyal Lanark Uilitia.) 
" "S^""'""" "O"""""" ■'Miifufliin" "M.itDi>Bi." ■■BoTTT" (iritJi tha Bphlni). 

Bmu-y UsBEiDDon.i CS. »J X<. «i 
CVifil,4-£f.Csbi»l,>34 April 4a;CaIdB>t. iiN 

5j; antral, ij Jan, n ; CoIomJ i$(b Foot, i, _.. 

LlntvDaAl ColoBftU. — i Juaeph ^tary l4Je,* £iuhi«. 'io JuIt ^ : Z/, 
iff.ifaiH-. 19N0V. la; Jfa/or, I JuljSi: Xf.C^loi'f. la Ool. So. 
John RnMclI MccUm. ««.rj«, '19 July 6, '■  - - 

Ll.CeUiut. ij Uec. »<.. 

(with Ihe Dmiron). .„ „,,,n, 

1" "BocrraAiHoi, 1877-9-9," 

ae34i jr»i>4'£«.'«Nar.t4: Lt.JtCapf.'i 

SJaly «$l nSDct. ^ 

nwiM TbHtinr Bvroir » D30. ) 
Hmuy da Oour 

1 1 KrBBt Gooka ,. 

Bydnar PtuUp Stroi 

Jiar PtuUp StroDE," Aijmlanl 

,. I SdmnI Doa^wH Kannadr ' 

.. a p.:i. ArthnrVTiUiaB Bukra ... 

«lBaddal*7 Wood 

1 CliariM Harrie Iniiaa HopUu,** 

SMinAiUf (Ubtr.AtabWB. 

Ii TorUaoaa John ffaaon^'" ^4~Bte«/i$ 

.Mar 78 

. May 78 
iillaT ;8 

I July t 

.3 May S] 
JoJUy I3 
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