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OKMMad td Qu SBth DMembir, IBM. 










/ aG 5 PAGE 

Actions or Battles 572 

Adjutants of Recruiting Districts .... 418 

Aides-de-Camp to the Queen 1S5 

Artillery, Roy^ 162 

Barrack -Masters 440 

Canadian Rifles 406 

Cape Mounted Rifleraen 405 

Cavalry Depdts 408 

Ceylon Rifle Regiment 404 

Chaplains' Department 408 

Chatham Garrison 408 

Chelsea Hospital 601 

Colonels 31 

Commissariat Department 419 

Dep6t Battalions 409 

Dragoon Guards 129 

Dragoons 138 

Engineers, Royal 193 

Field Marshals 3 

FixcdEstablisliment of General Officers 4 

Foot Guards 208 

Foot ( Numbered Regiments) 218 

Garrisons 501 

General Officers 6 

General Officers of the Indian Army . . 466 
Gentlemen at Aims, the Honourable 

Corpsof 123 

Half-pay List 506 

Hibernian Military School 501 

Horse Guards, Royal Regiment of . . . . 128 

Indian Pay and Allowances 504 

Indian Staff Corps 468 

Inspecting Field Officers 418 

KUmahihmm Hospital 501 

Lieutenant Colonels.. 61 

Life Guards 136,127 

Local Rank 505 

M^ors 82 


Malta Fenciblcs 417 

Marines, Royal 44-J 

Medals, &c. (Gold) o70 

Medical Department 4!2'2 

Military Asylum .001 

Military College at Sandhurst oUO 

Military Establishments dU I 

Military Kniglits of Winrlsor "2 

Military Prisons oUl 

Military Store Department 4:38 

Mi itary Train 205 

Military and Civil Department* 490 

Militia 651 

Officers who have passed through the 

Staff College 5()o 

Order of the Garter 574 

**- Thistle 574 

St. Patrick 574 

Star of India 574 

Bath 575 

St. Michael and St. George 574 

Paymasters of Recruiting Districts ... 418 

Pay Tables 502 

Prices of Commissions 503 

Purveyors' Department 434 

Retired General and Field Officers 103 

Rewards for Distinguished Services . . 2 

Rifle Brigade 303 

School of Gunnery 407 

School of Musketry at Hythe 407 

Staffat Head Quarters 125 

Staff of Great Britein 493 

Staff on Foreign Stations 495 

Staff Officers of Pensioners 435 

Veterinary Medical Department .... 433 

West India Regiments 399 

Yeomen of the Guard 124 


It 1b particularly requested that ALL Communications be addressed ONLY to 


50, Albemarle Street, 


*•* To insure attention in ntxt year*f Volume, communicatiaiis should hs received 
not latsr than the snd qf October. 


K.G. Knight of the Order of the Garter. 

K.T. Knight of the Order of the Thi«ttle. 

K.P. Knight of the Order of St. Patrick. 

G.C.B. Knight Grand Crou of the Order of the Bath. 

K.C.B. Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath. 

C.B. Companion of the Order of the Bath. 

K.S.J. Knight of the Order of the Star of India. 

G.C.M.G. Knight Grand Crot of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. 

K.C.3I.G. Kn\^hi Commander of ditto ditto 

C.M.G. Companion of ditto ditto 

G.C.H. Knlftht Grand Cross of the Royal Hanoverian Giielphic Order. 

K.C.H. Knight Commandtr of ditto ditto 

K.H. Knight of ditto ditto 

K.C. Knight of the Crescent. 

C Before the Name, denotes that the Officer was at the battle of Trafalgar, 

P Before the Name, denotes that tlie Officer served in the Peninsula, or the 

South of France, 

I Officers actually present in either of the actions of the 
laH Waterloo Medal. I 16tby 17th, or 18th Juno, 1815. Such Officers are 

C allowed two years' additional service. 

VC Victoria Cross. 

The Fignres prefixed to the Names denote the Battalions to which the Officers are 

actually attacked: #. isplaeed hefore the names of officem who have passed through the 

Sufi* College ; the Letters #. and r. ^fter the name distinguish Officers employed on 

the Staffs or on the 'RecmiHng Service. The Letters J?. Jf . in the Cavalry Regiments 

allude to the Riding Masters. The * hefore the Name or Date of Commissi' n denotes 

Temporary Rank only. The Letter p hefore the Date indicates that the Commis^iun 

was purchased* General Officers, with Uie prefix of a f, are on the half pay of their la»t 

Regimental Commissions. 

The words subscribed to the titles of Regiments, as " Peninsula," '* Waterloo," &c. 
denote the Honorary Distinctions permitted to be borne by such Regiments on \\w\v 
colours and appointments. In commemoration of their Services. 



Cofino Gordon 
Helier T«iuzt>l 

Lieutenant Oeneral. 
P John Dniinmond 

Major Oenerals. 
Charles William Ridley, CB. 
Sir C. T. Van Strati lienzee, KCB, 
E. W. F. Walker, CB. 
T. A. Drought 
Hon. A. A. !4ponci>r, CB. 
R. H. Lo«rh, CB. r. (. p. 80 F. 
Wtlliam Parlbv 
R. W M. Balderi, OB. 
V. Hprn, CB. 
9 Henry John French 
fervnce O'Brien 
Lord Fred. Paulet, CB. 
W. J. D'Urban 
John R. Smyth, CB. 
John Orattan, CB. 
William Sulliran, CB. 
A. A. T. CiinynKhame, CB. 

fSffi J. Fitzmauric«, A'H. Unatt. 
. B. Brooke 
9 W. A. Le Mosurler, Unalt. 
C. Trollops, CB. 
tjord George Paget, CB. 

fj. H. Bainbriggc, Unatt. 
E. R. Hill 
. Pole 
H. F. Robe. CB. 
Utr Rob. Walpole, KCB. 
A J. Lowmicr, CB, 
David I<iiBi«eIl. CB. 
UB. H. K. Blovmtleld 

JP c£l J. K. RoBB. Unatt. 
ohn Longficld, CB, 
H. 8hiri«y, CB, 
Sir H.K. Storks, GOB. 
Charles A«hmore 
Hanry Cooper 

a aSL Thoma* C. Smith, Unatt. 
RUw. C. Hodx«, OB, 
William Jonet, CB, 
John HMDufr, CB, 
O. Sraanton. 
M. Smith. 
H. Bates. 

W. Hamiltoa, CB. 
W. O. Brown. 
H. JenriB. 
M. W. Smith. CB. 
P, M. N. Qny. 
G. T. Golonib. 
CbarlM Steuart, CB, 
J. F. G. Campbell. CB. 

Sdward W. C. Wright, Depot Batt. 
a Sir John M. WllMm. CB. KB, 
W. O'Orvly Haly, CB„ 38 F. 
F-ank AdamP, CB„ S8 F. 
L. 8. O'Cminor, CB, 

W. 8. Noreott, CB.y Unatt. 

Arthur Borton, CB. Depot Batt. 

Daniel Lysona, CJi. Onult. 

O. T. Finiicane, ret. full pay 
I H. C. B. Daubeney, CB., h. p. 71 F. 
I John Tlioniton Grant, CB., 18 F. 
. J. T., h. p. 80 F. 
: J urates Creagh, rei. f. p. 80 F. 
' J. P. Sparks, CH Inxp. Field Officer 
I O. CumpbcU, CB. Intip. F. O. 
I Sir John Jtmea, KCB. Imp. P.O. 

Thoniaa Hooke Pearaon, Unatt. 

It. Fyler, h.p. 12 Dra. 


B.ll.Aiealhed, CB, UnaU. 
; E. Imsx, r. f. p. 21 F. 

C. A. EdwanlR, CR. h. p. 40 F. 
; Sir R. D. Kelly, ATCB. 34 P. 

Sir John Douglas, J^CB. Unatt. 
, F. D. George, CB, Utiait. 
! H. D. O'Halloran, r. f.p. 1 W.I. RegU 

A. Little, CB. h.p. Lancers 

W. Purko, CB, h. p. ft3 P. 

W. 1). Deverell. r. f. p.. Depot Batt. 

Hon. St. Geo. Foley, CB. Unatt. 

A. I. LtKjkhnrt, CB. 02 F. 
> R. I)e SAliR. CB. 8 Hussars 
, H. R. Jonen, CB, h.p. 6 Dr. Gds. 
I G. M. Reeves, CB. OUF. 

C. VV. D. StaTder, CB, 44 F. 
I B. Ilaythortie, 1 F. 
I J. R.rttiart, CB.iil F. 

A. Miicdonell, CB. Rifle Br. 

T. Patile, CB. 1 Di*. (Ma. 

W.N. Cu-^tance, CB. Cavulrv I)ep6t. 

W. L. Eenrlqf Ijongford, KCB. Unalt. 
• E. K. Wetherall. CB, Unalt. 
' O V. Maxwell, CB. 88 P. 

H. H.Graham, CB. Imp. Field Officer 

E. R. Jeffroya, r'A. Deiiot Bait 

8. T. Christie, CB. 80 F. 

John Yorke, CB. Unatt, 

A. E. F. Holcombe. I F. 

A. B Utmtgomery, CB. 1 F. 

A. SeudNmore, CB. 7 Hussars. 

C. Berbmn, TB M P. 
; W. K. Stuurt, CB. r.f. p. 86 P. 
' il. A. Ouvry, CB. \i, p. I^anccrs. 
, R. N. Tinley, Capo M. Rifles 
1 4.F.W. Wyatr, CB. <f5 F. 
' J. T. Alrey, CB., Ooldst. Gds. 
H. Blngfaam, 00 F. 
A. 0. Erilngton, 51 F. 
William Monro, CB. SO F. 
T. Williams, CJJ, 4 P. 
A. F. W. Wyait, CB., «S F. 
J. R. Brunker, Insp. Field Officer. 
E. A. G Mullor, Di-pot Batt. 
R. Budd. 14 P. 
C. C. M'Intyre, CB., 78 F. 
T. S. Oonway, CB., h.p. Gr. Gds. 
R. Gardiner. Insp. Field Officer. 
Sir J. E. Alexander, h.p. 14 P. 
St. Geo. H. Stepney, CB. Ooldst. Gda. 

Wm. Drysdale. CB. Lancers 
S. Wells, CB. 23 P. 
H. Hamilton, CB. 78 P. 

Lieutenant Colonel, 
T. M. Byrne, Unatt. 

9 B. H. Edwards, Unattached. 

Quarter Ma.sten. 
Captain James Murray, h. p. 24 P. 
Captain T. W. Kdwardn.h. p.s4 P. 

apUin J6lm Liliey,'h. p. Or. (idt. 
Wl Curtain S. Ooddurd, h. p. 14 F. 
I!23 Captain C. Grant, h. p. 23 F. 
9 John Morgan, h. p. .'i2 F. 

Royal Artillery. 
T. J. Forbes 

9 Wi Sir Hew D. Ross, GCIt. 
9 Robert Dimglas, CB. 

Major freneralt, 
John E. Dupuls, CB. 
p££l William Bell 
f P. V. England 
T. G. Hitfgins 
I'd W. C. Anderson 
VJISSL W. B. Ingilby 
|l H. Pester 
^ ££l John Bloom field 

Ve. Collingwood Dickson, CB. 
J. H. Adye, CB. 

Quarter Matter, 
8. Barnea 



9 Sir John P. Burgoyne, Bart, fif'/i. 

Major QentraU, 
T. Foeier 
L. A. Hall 

J. W. Gordon, CB. 
F. K. Obspman. CB, 
E. D. Harness, CB. 

MiDTOAL Dfl»A«nrajiT. 

Inspeetorg General of Hotpitul*. 
Sir John Hall. .1/2). KVB. h. p. 
9 Sir John MaoGregor, MD, KCB. 

h. p. 
Jamea Henderson, MD, b. p. 

John Rawlins Cor>ton 

Tliomas Lemon, CB. 
J. H.QascolgDe, CB. 


M^)or Charles Moore, formerly of 32 F. {Oovrmor) 
Captain A. W. Cassan, formerly of 00 F. 

Lieut. Richard Nantes, b.p. Afi F. 

Captain H>>nry Ilollinsworth, Unatt. 

Colonoi E. A. Aiigelo, KB, late of 30 F. 

Captain Joiieph Douslns, Unatt. 

M^or John i'uul Hopkinii, KB. lateof 08 P. 
£211 Captain S. Guddard, h. p. 14. P. 

B ra|»t«in Francis Gee, Unatt. 

9 Pmncis Cnllins, h.p. 11 Hui 

f est CapUin F. Miuchiu, late of 61 F. 

«.?-l('aptaln Alex. Hendry, h.p. Depot Batt. 

9liaLt.Coloiiel P. P. Nortll, late of 63 F 

liljj^ Lt.Colotii-l A. G. Sedley, late of 3 W. I. Regt. 

C'tpittin S.Scultuck, h. p. De|K>t Batt. 

9 Captain John Leyburn Maclenn, late of 48 F. 





Ifu Mikity the KINO of the BBLQIANS, KG. QCfi. OCH., General, 2 May IdIO; 
Field Marshal, 24 May 1810. 

9 8TAPLBT0N, Vieeount COMBERMERE, GOB. GO 11. KSI., Seeojid Lieutenant, SO 
Feb. 00; Lieutenent, 16 Marcli 91 ; Captain, 28 Feb. 03; Mqjor, March 94; Lieut. 
Colonel, 9 March 04 ; Colonel, 1 Jao. 00 ; M^for General, 30 Oct. 05 ; Lieat, General, 

I Jan. 12; General, 27 May 25 ; Field Marehal, 2 Oct. 55 ; Constable of the Tower 

I I Oct &2 ; ColoMl 1 Life Guards, IG Sept. 20. 

9 Mfki Hon. aw EDWARD BLAKBNEY, GCB. GCH., Comet, 28 Feb. 94; Lieut. 
94 Sept. 04; Captain, 24 Dec. 94; Major, 17 Sept. 01 ; Lieut. Colonel, 25 April 08 ; 
ColonH,A Jnne 14; Miyor General, 27 May 26 ; Lieut,General,2S June 38 ; Gener/tl, 
30Jaa#A4; Field Marehal, 9 Nov. 02; CdoocI 1 Foot, 21 Dec 54 ; Govemor of 
CheUea HoApital, 25 Sept. 50. 

9 HUGH, Vieeount GOUGH, KP. GCB. KSI., Eneiyn, 7 Aug. 01; Lieut, 11 Oct. 94; 
Captain,^ June OS; Migor, 8 Aug. 05; Lieut, CtHonel, 20 July 09; Colonel, 12 Au<^. 
19 ; M({jor General, 22 July 80; Lieut. General, 20 Nov. 41 ; General, 20 Juno 64 ; 
Field Marehal, Nov. 02 ; Colonel in Chief of the (X)th Rifles, 28 Jan. 54 ; Colonel 
Ri>yu1 Horse Guards^ 20 Jane 55. 

CAMBRIDGE, KG.KP. GCB. GCMG., Coltmtl,^ Nov. 37; Major General, 7 May 45: 
Lieut. General, 19 June 64 ; General, 15 July 50 ; Field Marthal, Nor. 62 ; Colonel 
of the Cirtnadler Gimrds, 15 Dec. 01 ; Comnianding-in-Chlef, 15 July 50. 



1861. It Not. 
9 Sir John Wright Gulno, 

Bt. ecu. M F. 

Riclianl IMgot, 4 Dr. Qdi. 
1£W^. 30 June. 

Charlei Ilickard Fox U Mur. 
PCharUi Au^. Hliawe, 74 ¥. 



GCB. B. roff. Iwip.Ofn, {I £;ii' 8. B. A uclimuty.OCT}. : 1803. 

of EHntHMCrs, aytd Di-\ 7 F. 11) June l^&BL Hon. Sir ChAt\c»Gore, 

rector of Work* 3 Sf]}t. ^ Air J.Ailclilson, AT//. 74F. KCB.KU.QV. 12 Feb. 

l) i<i<fA< Bun. Sir Qvo. | 80 Jul> ' DS£l W. L. W&ltuii, .'* F. 

Drown, OCJI. KB. 3S F. P Sir F. Cockbum, 9S F. 

■ml Colonel in Cliief of > 1-2 Nov. 

t) 12.1 A'tr Alex. Woodford, iliu UiHe Urigade 7 Sept. 

/V6'il. nCAia. ScdU Fun. 9 2S.I .S'/> Juuiti Sim]Mon, ! 1801. 

Hdf. Lt.'Oov. of Chelsea ' CCU, l»l) F. 8 Sept. PCSl 5ir U. Llucllyn, 7if Cil. , i£l M. Fane, 51 F. 27 Mar. 

Uotpital ' 1 di'^- 18 Jan. I £a Air J. M. Wallace, A' 7/. 

C«>anio Gordon 1 \kiol, ; ^£2* P. A. Loutour, 3 Dra. , 17Lancen 8 Jun« 

II ££1 Sir Jttuick W. Sleisli, V Charles Meniitf. A 11. H. ; cii, KlI. 9 Mar. , Sir RIcliurd EngluDJ, OCB, 

^6'JJ 9 Lancflw Warliio Artillery 1 July , i^jjil Sir De Lacy Evansi, KU,\\V, July 

B Sir J.F.Fitilieruld. 6' t'/7. >*»^- » Stp^- I ««?. 21 F. 10 Mar. Sir W.J.CodrinRton, A' CJ*. 

^ lg p^ G J. ]). Corytou, K. 3Iarinci 

aici Sir Arthur 11. < lliflon, < 

aCB. ^ KCII, 1 l)r«. , I860. 

1) i/im. Sir Hugh Arbuth- 1 Thomai J. Forbca, 11. Art. 

nott. A' C*ll. 7UF. 
Henry Sliadforth 

gW. H. Scott, 80 F. S3 Mur. I 39 F. Oow. and Comut. in 
Sir CO. Ellicombtf, KCB. \ Chief oj Qibrultur 
11. Eng. i!0 Apr. i liJ July 

. Sir J. M. Fred. Sniitb, KB, 

10 Jan. lr<n-2. R. £n». 3 Au«. 

c. 5 Sir J. A. Hopo,067*.9F. ^ Sir John M'l)onald,K:r2}. Sir Geo. P. Wyiner, KCM. 

KCB.* liJune Oi V, 7 War. 107 F. 9 Sept. 

p.S'ir Fred rick Stovio, 6' Cil. 9 Sir Geo. W. Paly, KCB. W in. Pattlu, C'A. VJ HuMari 

A'C'i/f;. 83 F. UAujT. KB.liiV. 1 4 Mur. i W Oct. 

B U jV#*rv. of Twti'ddalp, F.Cuinpbell.ll. Art. liSSfpt. PfCl Sir William Rowan, jc. Sir Geo. Aup. Wetheral!, 

A"/'. A'rJJ. t> Life Cld«. , tIT.Kenan, CH. 03 F.iiO lioc. ' KCB. 52 F. 13 Aug. I KCB. KB. 84 F. 83 Oct. 

c. Ur;i N^r W. M. (lumin, ' I $>M)l Ja». Shaw Kennedy.; {) Sir J.MicU>ll,A'C7y. it. Art. 

(.C7M3 r. 1600. ! CB.4,1 ?. 1» Aug. 27 June 

]^Sir Win. 
7 iluKorf 
11<-llir Tuuzia 


lbG4. 28 Xor. 
llJil Sir 11. U. Rn>f, «C/J. 
K. Art. 

P Win .Wo. d, (.'il. A'//. 1 1 F. 

SI Aur. 
p Sir J. r. Burj,'(.vi;(-, Z;^ 

Z Sir 8. n. Ellli, KCn. R. 
Miirini'* 2U Feb. 

££,■1 Alex. C. Mercer, R. Art. 

28 Aug. 

Cha. Geo. Jat. Arbuthnot, 

91 F. 1» Mur. 

c. P Alez.FIiherMaclntoth, 

KB, 98 P. S Aug. 

J.Spink, IT/r. 2 F. SO Oct. 
WPSi Sir Juinca Jackion, 

KCB. KB. 6 Dr. Ods. do. 
9 John Drummond 20 Oct. 
P Sir Ju«. FreL'th, KCB. 

KB. M F. do. 

Sir Charles R. O'Donnell. 

18 Huinani. do. 

a Koliert 1). Colos, OA F. do. 
PX£IK. P. Buckley 20 Oct. 
Geo. Cha. Larl of Luoaii. 

KCB. 8 Hu>sttr< 24 Dec. 


Sir W. M. CJ. Colebrooke. 
CB.KB. R. Art. 10 Jan. 

Pfi® Sir Cha. Yorke, GCB. 
RiOo Hr. 18 Feb. 

C pi/f>M.Si}E.Cust,K^C7/. 
10 Dr«. 14 May 

PF. J.DaTici<,G7P. ItAuir. 

P Will. Cutor, CB. H. Art. 

25 Sept. 

Mitrcu -llcrotirord.CO F.7 Dec. 

Piil SirJ:im.^C. Chatter- 
ton, m. KCB. KB. but*. 
1 3 Dec. 

J . A . All rl 0/ RoMly n 20 Dec. 

pWin.T.Knollyk,CjF.l 1 Jan. 
Sirll.K. Feigu«onl)avio, Bt. 

28 Jan. 
P E. F. Guscoi^fiie, Ot) F. 

13 Frii. 

Sir lluuh II. Rofe, (iCB. 

4 F. (iiittrtd ami Com- 

P Sir James FcreuKon, '■ p Geo. P. nigi;in8on, 94 F. 

r;c7?. 4SF. 15Fub. ' y Not. 

P Sir Tho. W. Rrothcrton, PTU Sir Georjie Howies, 

«CV*. I Dr. Gdji. 1 Apr. ; A't7J. I W. I. R., Lieut. 
P Sir A. J. Dalrymple, Bt, \ of the Tomer of London. 

11 Apr. 'J Xov. 

P Sir John Boll, GCIl. 4F. P Bon. II. F. C. CaTi-ndi^h, \ 

P5ia Sir J.F.Love, KCB, 
KB. 07 F. 10 Auir. 

A.Roberts, ('It. 101 F.S t)cl. 

P Sir D. M'Gregor, KCB, 

2«i Oct 

PL3d Sir K. C. Whilu ui»-i, 
/vC7i. Ji//.I{.Art.lOl>ic 

15 June I 2 Dr. Gds. 

wander in Chirf En4t , P W. R. Ord, R.Eng. 20Apr. 

£0 Henry. Lard Rokeby, 

y Not. Geo. Cubbe, R. An. 15 D.c. 

KCB. 77 V. 20 Sept. 

Henry Kd ward Porter luNov. 
John DawsonRawdon I 5Not. 
PCOWm. Beck with. A'il. 

14 Hu»iars 28 Nov. 

Henry K.Hreton,5C F.I5 Dec. 
PSQA.T. Macican, 13 Ilus. 

20 Dec. 


Inditt 28 Feb. 00 

P St. J. A. Gierke, KB. 75F. 

II Apr. 
Sir Henry J. W. Benthick, 

KCJf. 28 F. 24 Apr. 

c. HB T. Roed, CB. 44 F. 

4 May 
Henry K/«c. MelvlBe, KCB, 

tju F. ff May 

P A. MacUchlan, R. Art. 

22 June J. J. W. Angersteln, from 
A. B. Dyce, 105 F. 20 Juno Or. Gdi. 2 Feb. 

pSirHarryD. Jones, GC/I. PCfll Tlio. Marten. KB. 

n. "Eng, aovernor Boyal 6 Drs. 18 Feb. 

Military CoiUge July P Tbof. G. Ball. 8 F. 7 Mar. 
E. F. Morris, CII. 49 F.l 7 July , p H.J. R.E. 3 Apr. 
Henry Colnle, 19 F.20 July C. M. Cariiiichad, CB. 2U 
P£a E. Wm. BouTerie, IS HuMurs 14 Apr. 

Hussars 30 July | Geo. Dixon, fr. Scots Fus. 

IfffM. Tlioinas Akbbumhain, i Qds. 30 Maj 

( 'B. 82 F. 3 Aup. ' pFrcd Muunsel, 53 F. 1 June 

Sir M. White, KCB, 7 Dr. Sir Jolin H. lK'ai*ey, KCB. 

Gds. 31 Aug. 

P Wm. Cuthbert Ward, 

R. Kng. 20 Sept. 

John Scott, CB. 3 Dr. Gds. 

13 Oct. 

21 HusMirB 15 June 

John llall.from 1 Life Gds. 

lO Aug. 
O. H.Lockwood, CB. 12Dr<. 


StrJ.L.P«inorather,A'67f.j Sir Patrick Grant, CCB. 

22 F. Comutandinff at \ 78 F. 24 Oct. 

Aldcrthot 12 Not. Sir R. J. H. Vivian, KCB. 

P H. I. Delacombe, R.I 102 F. 24 Oct. 

Mui iiies 22 Dec. j Wni. Wyllie, CB. 109 F. do. 

P E. W. BtfU.OO F. 27 Dec. I e. SirRich. Airej,A7:il. 1 7 F. 

1861. I tl. Matter Gen. 

Sir David Capon, A' (7^ j Hun. Sir J a^. Yoike 

liNl F. 25 Jan. , 

H.A.6cotl,R.Art. 24 Jan. 
P€£l O. Macdonald, 10 F. 

29 Jan. 
O. A . Windhain,CB.40F.5Fib. 
James Bobertaon Croufurd, 
07 F. 12 Feb. 

Wm. S. Balfour 13 Feb. 
William Booth, 1;F.27 .Mar. 
II. W.Gordon,R.Art. 19 May 
Cpj.A.PIiilipa, R. Mariaes, 

28 .May 
R. OmiTC*, 40 F. 8 Juna 
ptiCI Sir Win. Hen. Elliott, 
A'r.». IF. 27 July 
I^A.UBll,rr. R.Euc 3 Aug. 
P.Taylor,A'i7.24F. VOcti 

c. T.H.Johnaon,87 F.31Jao. 
Sir Geo. C. Whitlock, KCB, 

9 Apr. 
Henry A. Han key 29 Apr. 
CAJ.Campbell, 97 F. 4 July 
Francis Rawdon Chaaner, 
R. Art. 28 July 

H.D.TownBhend.2&F.8 Aug. 
T. Wright, CJi. 30 F.lO Aug. 
Thomas Wood, fr. Gr. (ids. 

9 Sept. 
Wm. H.Kden. 9OF.l0S(>pt. 
Sir J. Hojie Grunt. OCB, 
411uisari, Kntt Indiis 

3 Oct. 
JuM-pU Clarke. 70 F. 
24 Oct. , Sir J. Guii]kurd Le Marol-anI, 
ie Scar-: OCMG. II F. JS Oct. 

Thuuius Gorduu HiKUiiit, I 

lri»iu R. Art. Jan.24 , George Moncrictf, from Scots 

PF.Qraliain,C'/I.R.Maniiot,i Fu4. Gds. 14 Juna 

2(1 Feb. Sir Edward Lugard. A'CTI. 
p££l William Bell, from U. j 31 F. Umlfr Secretary oj 

Art. 29 Aug. I State for War 20 July 

Jas. Tho. £>rl<//'CiirdI;:nn,< 

KCIi. 11 Husbiirs 13 Feb. 
John i:«U>n, CB. 31 F. 9 Mar. 
/foii.Chas.dn r.71 F.lOMur. 
W. L. L. F. Lnrd de Ros, 

Depntjf Li cut. of the 

Touer 12M.ii. 

P. H. Stanhope, 18 I'. j Sir A. Josias Clovle, KCtt. 

20 Apr.: A'i/. lOF. 21 Doc. 


P P. V. Knglaml, from R. 
Art. 9 Aug. 

latt, A'(7i. .'» Dr. Gds. Ad- ■ CJiarles Ga»cuyuc, 89 F. 

Jufant Oeneriit 1» N'uv. ' 25 Nov. 

Sir Oeurgo Buller, A C7i. | Sir Richard J. Dacrea, A' ('If. 

Rifle Brigade '.'Nov.! R.Ait. 10 Dec.,(;i^9Drs.UNov. : S> W. Fenwirk Williams, 

Ifoii. Arthur I'pton, fruin 

Cold.f. Gdv H Nov. 


Marcus Jolin Sladc, 50 F. 

28 Aug. 
T. A.Brown, R. Mar. 8 Sept. 
G. H. MacKinnon, 671. 20 F. 

22 Sept. 

Bart. KCB. from Royal 
Art. Lt.GvH. CoiHMam^ 
iny in Avrt/i Aiucrwa 

15 Dee. 

20 Oct. 1856. 
Bon. G. F. Upton. CB. M Y. 
Boh. a. a. Daliell, 48 F. 
Cemmatutiny Ktutwf 
Sir T. fl. Pratt, Ktm. 37 F 
c. W. N. Hutchinaoo, U F 

SimcM BayiiM, 15 F.I 
lie. Johnstone, 88 F. 
e. i Wm. F. Fonter, MTS. 
fl F. MilUmty 8§6paafy 
F. Jofaibtoa 
$3ir Bdv. Xacarlhar« 

K(}R 100 F. 
Dv Hors VaedovaU, 8 F. 
y^&'rSaWn QsnvU, iCCB. 
aCH. 4 Wett ludiat Rfgt. 
0. T. Oolooib 
Sir 8Ua«f Joha Colton, 

iTCB. 10 F. 
Xuirioo Iterlow, 8 W I. B. 
BJ. H. JarkHiD, 09 F. 
IB J. CtaBk, ITJr. 89 F. 
L H. Dw S. Kapter. 01 F. 
Ju. EoM. Yaui«, 8 W 
«. «<> John Xlehel, MCCli, 

88 F* 

.S»R.P.Dou«tas, Barl.lMF. 

■ Lt-Otm.OomM. the Forces 

mth* Cof Good Heye, 

mkd i,ieutJJo9. 

CtaP. Craufurd H»ri S8 F. 

Au^ Om. tU Hpikt 
W. L. DunM, from 37 F. 
C. W«fnn, CB. M! F. 
ft. A. Mnloolm, CB. 
SBV* C. Anderson, from 

Ilfvy Ejr« 10 Xov. 

Lffrtf Wn. Pnuldt, C^il. e8 F. 


R. £^. Armstrungr, from R. 

Art. 10 Jan. 

C. W. Ridlej, CB. from Gr. 

64t. C^M . DuMIuDiMtrid 

18 Feb. 

John Palton 80 Feb. 

ir.«r O. ▲. CuneroB, XCB. 

48 r. 'J5 Mar. 

Ti VttliMon 9 Apr. 

9 O. Ion. (;il. IM F. Apr. 
a. SIdiirdMM-Jlobtrtson, 

CB, M May 

•.■nfbrookOifkwtt Ceylon 

Bfln Id June 

17 Jaly 
AIrChA.|T. Vm Btraaben- 

W*. JH7JI. U Auf. 

9CBJ- Bloomfleld, from 

R. Art. 25 Sept. 

W. O. Gold 17 Oct. 

T. F«t«r, from B. Eng. 

25 Oct. 
A. C Von. N. Pule 13 Dee. I 

fhted Etiablii/ment of General Officers. 

E. W. F. Walker, C7B. Itwk 
8. F.Odii. 98 Dee. 


T. A. Drouifht U Jan. 

Clurlei Stuart ?8 Jnn. 

flon. A. A. 8peneer 15 Feb. 
C. Ashniori> I Mar. 

9£iiiF. Warde,from R.Art. 

HO II. K. Bloomfitiia, Com- 
iHUHdinff Cork JJlttriet 

1 Apr. 
J. Lawreuion, Inspector 

Ootural of Cavalry OA pr. 
S. J. Rodfison 1 1 Apr. 

F. G.IIy. Stfymoar, Equerry 
to the l^ueeH 4 May 

W. A. M*CIe»erty, on the 
Stq/r in India 4 May 
L. D. Williams 5 lUj 

£. Wright, from R. Enp. 

17 May 
R. B. Wood, CB. 3 June 
C.E.GuliI.flrora Q.'i V. 15 June 
J'j»c])h Hale, 103 F. lU June 
C. A. Lewis, from Or. ildn. 

10 June 
il£2E W. B. Ingilby, from 
R. Art. 'Jejune 

n.Saudhum,fr.R.£ng. OJuIy 
Wm. Farlby 17 July 

John T.Hill SOJuli 

M. Williams, from R. Kngi 

2 Aug. 
John Lonpndd 3 Aiig. 
C. W. Balders, flroni 17Dn. 

31 Aug. 
F. W. Hamilton, from Or. 

ad«. SI Aug. 

Clia. Huntings Doyle, on tht 
atajffin Novn ScotialCt^pi. 
B. J. StoUierd, from R. £ng. 

20 Sept. 
F.Hom, CA. 18 Oct 

J, F. C. Campbell, CB. from 

91 F. la Not. 

Lord Fred. Paulet, CB. 

from Coldst. Gds. IS Dec. 
A. B. Stransbami R. Mar. 

38 Dee. 
J. B. Smyth, CB, 24 De& 
W.J. D' Urban 27 Dec. 


fH. J. French 18 Jan. 
T. O'Brien 13 Feb. 

John ffoUiott Crofton OMar. 
JohnOrattaa, CB. 10 Mar.. 

Horn, James Lindsay, flrom 
Gr. Gds. 18 Mar. 

Wm. SalllTan, CB* 88 Mar. 

A. A.T.Ounyughame, CB. on 
the StafTin india 80 Apr. 

E. B. Hrooke, C^tHmamdhig 
the TroojtJi in the Wind- 
7eard and Leetcmni Jsie* 

1 Mar 

I'rcd. Uoyo 7 May 

J. S. Smith 17 June 

II. A. O'Neill All?. 

R. I'urkcr, from 1 Life Gils. 

24 A 'It'. 

CiiR. Trollope, CB. 30 Sept. 

lA^rd Qto, A. F. Paget, CB. 

1 1 Xov. 

Hrook Taylor 15 Nov. 

T. 0. E. Nupitr, Cn. 15 Dec 

2 F.b. 

10 Feb. 

7 Miir. 


gE. R. Hill 
lO. W. Key 
R. Pole 
Artliur Shirley 
F. H. Hobc, CB. 

A. Anderson, It. Marine*. 

20 Mar. 

B. S. SU'helin.from U.Ln?. 

3 Apr. 

Sir Robert Walpolc. KCB 

Commanding at Chnthnm 

SI) Mdy 
•F. A. Ljiuruure, CB. 1 June 
HoH. (}. (.-adognii, CB. 

3 June 
J. C. Hope Giblone 2S June 

C. P. Ainslie 7 July 
F. Murray 13Auu'. 
Iloit. A. X. Hood 10 Au]|. 
1). Russell 3 Sc'pt. 
H. Shirley, CB. 24 Oct. 
W. S. Newton, Nor. 
E. C. W. M. Milman, fr«>ra 

87 F. 
3. Perceval, from 

H. CooiM-r, do. 
It. Rumley, do. 
Sir H. K. Storks, 




9 .Nov. 




18 Xov. ■ 




A. Rowland, R. Art. 8 Jan. ' 

SH. Pester, R. Art. 24 Jan. 
on. O. C. W. Forester 

SO Jan. 
£. C. Hodge, CB. 80 Jan. 
T. Orombie 5 Feb. 

H. E. Doherty 8 Fob. 

A. H. Ferry man, Cff. 12 Fcli. 
W. J. Ridley, from Srors 
Fus. Gds. 13 Ftk 

W. R. VjibHr {) .Mar. 

T. J. Oall'iway, from 70 F. 

27 yj-\T, 
Sir John Garvock, KCB. 

1 Ap.-. 
Wm. Jonof, CB. di-. 

W. B. OoodieUow, K. Kii;. 

14 Apr. 
Sir W. M ( ophlan, KCB. 
U. An. 17 .Apr. 
T. Hollo*fty, CB. H. M«ir. 

"-•0 Muy 

Uun. A. Ilaiiiiltoii Gurdon, 

CB. 8 Juno 

Corbel Cotton Julv 

H. Servunle, from It. Bn?.' 

ii Aiijr. 
•M. Smith !J »opt. 

li. UatHR luKj. 

J..Ma«Dun,r71. 2a Oof. 


i:. Frome, R. En?. .', Jhu. 

T. M. WII«m 7 Jim. 

G. Staunton ]•.> Jm\, 

(\CrutchU-y .'Jl Jjm. 
W. Hamilton, cn. ;; Ki-li, 

C. \i. Stort, Jst. Gor. ,.;' 
(iuenisitt -J I j.',-!,. 

D«ii!l H. t'Mi'pn','*^. li-o;:i li. 
Art. 1 Mj;:. 

M. K. AriKil-y ]'J \I,ir. 

Trevor Chute !i A|.!il 

\V. (I. Brown '.'i April 

H. JcrviH ir .\J:lv 

R. Burn, R.Ari. 27J(iir' 
e. M. W. Smith, f '/;. A J niy 

D. Thurnd i ke, R. A rt. 2 1 J u 1 *v 
T. P. Fliide, do. 2HJury 
J. M. l*ercvvai, (.'7/. 8 Auf. 
A. W. StiBtiJ, CB. 10 Aup. 
P. M.X.Guy. C/t, USept. 
F. Seymour. CB. lOSept. 
0. Stenart. CB, n Oct. 
J. L. D«nMi«, from 52 V. 

98 Oct. 

e.C.B.r».ickri;ie, ZorcZ Weat^ 

CB. 29 On. 

F. P. Haines 25 Nov. 

A. Tulloh, from R. Art. 

10 Doc. 
H. G. Toetdale, do. 15 Dec 

OElfERAL OFFICERS^ Supcrnnmerary to the Fixed EitahlUhtwntj who were prmioted, 
''FOR DISTINQUTSTIEV SERVICE," out qf their regular turn. 

Jobn Edward Dupuis, CB, R. Artillery 


2 Xov. 55 I .Sir William Rote Manstlild, AY'JI., 38 F. U.CieH. and 
Cummandtr in Chief at Bombay IS Muy r}^ 

H William Crokal 
Peter Edwards 

GENERAL OFFICERS on a SPECIAL RATE of £400 per Antmm. 

21 Dec. f2 I 9£a Arrhi.r Gore 
9 Oct. 83 1 1^ David Oood«man 

Oct. Chi 
Oct m 

9 Fre<l. Mea<le 

20 Oct. .-.!^ 

GENERAL OFFICERS on the HALF.PA Y of their for 

■ Robert Martin Leake, Unatt.21 Dec.n2 
A]ex.Matilc-anFraser,Lnatt. S7 July t-3 
I^Jia Wm. Cartwriirlit,Uuatt. Oet.63; 
liflfiia. Whichcute, Unatt. M Jan.64: 
SIClJamefi Aithur Sutler, Uuatt. do. ' 


MBD.Z.or<2 Hotb&m, Unatl. 

20 Aug. 58' 
max Sir W. R. Clayton, Bt., Unait. 

28 Oct. 68 
J. H. BichardM>n. Unatt 8 Apr. 59 
William Chambcrlaync, do. 17 July 
arims.P.TlMmipfOn. Unatt. 82 Doe.00 
O. SThifaitaa, ta. p.57 F. 18 Feb. 81 . 

MAJOR oexp:rals. 


|)££l Cbas. Rob. Bowers, Unatt. 

•26 Oct. 58 j 
Ricliard Counnp, do. do. 

WWm.CowweT Ooles, Unatt. Sfar. 61 \ VTbomasALWiUlams. A'iT. do. do. 
Jaa. M'Hafflc, b. p. 00 F. 18 Ko? . U2 1 ji&t G. T. Karl 0/ Albemarle do. do. 

tner Rnyitnenial Comtuitsiona, 

Fra. Mart/, of Conyuglmm, KP. 
GBB., Unatt. 8U Oct. 5<l 

D J. H. Buiubrigge, Unntt. 20 Apr. UI 
6 W. A. Le McKuricr, Unntl. 1 May 
9Z& J. K. Ross, KII. Unatt. 1 May 
Eardlev Wilmot, Unatt. do. 

PJISI J. Fitxmauricc, K/I. do. 7 May 
^ L. A. During, Unatt. 17 June Ml 
#££1 T. C. Srnilb, do. 21 Dec. ( .' 

B 9 

I n :i I- eoM'smj"^^ 

f5 S 5 .-^SSSS^SSig 5 S335555555 
5 5 § S 5 = I I S g S g s > S g S g > > >■ g s^ 

'is^RRcia fi eS 

gg 2 8S23 = = = = S2322 

fa I fl stall Si ill? 

3- « 3ja3°-'S::ag52» a a g- 2- 


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si i IllolllSall^'a ^ a llllll^jl ill 

g'Sl a I llMflSal I a33sa?lsl.ii 

: Sa-'Sas— '19-8" ■- j g-2a?'-SS!2 3 gfig-'- S -SH 

I j li f 4 Jlltfl'ISiSall I S y liillll I 111 I'l llial 

s.,SS 3 SgSsisgSSsiss g s - 5?.5-s"3~~I~a~SSg = SSSSS. 

.too gcEag;g gcgg; g ^ ; 


i 54s= S.I i-f i.= vS shs-s .-^ 5.1 

■ I'm •-• 'T *^ * - »•» •■• O »■• »-T '^ »-T »•* vj K^ »-s "-J Ma •■• »i •.,»■*••,»■•.• w -* -^ -*■ * c^ wa V9 

• CSOC 00 91 40 

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.gS2S SSS35 


^,^ .<^ ^ P^ •« L.^ I."^ L.^ V4 ^1 «rf BM ^ ^L Al >/« ^ _. ««^ ^M. . 



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U? 't iCi »fi to tfi 

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C) 0) c^ S jg 
C* Ol c* 

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• "O S ik «?!$' ^ i3 k5 

• Bi« (M 

^ l-H ^-1 "^ "* 
O Lt »'3 O t 

5 eooOns'9'rS'asoo § sC 




?» — ^ »-» r^ 

O X 30 ■-' ^ 
^ C^ ffS ^ "l* 

^_ ^ vai V* ^ ^ ^ «tl ^ «* «• «4l «* «it «* «« ^ai «ii ** «* ai* viMi a^ ^«i ^Z'^^H ^M ^ 3 

3^535333333 3 333333333^ 

ct >'^ 3 3 ^z o o 




rH i-i C C I— i-« i-« 
•- ^ T» "N p- ^ r^ 

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Sao c:o«« 
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« «» C^i ©» 5» CJ ?l -51 <?» CI <?• 71 « « ^ CI 



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C2 W »-■ CO 
^l_«?l_r- CI f?» ©* 

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O C» O O 
I ©< «* fr?. 

»3 r» e*^ Ci t^ 
-.r 57 CI c» n CI 




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CI CI R CI CI CI CI eb 09 Si 


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•r w- d ^ 1^ a V 
•< T: f-a W <i ^ B 

c» 00 •-• i-i n 00 

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<~i *^ O >-i *-^ t-i z/a >-i »^ O 

^ ■* t O CO i-i 00 CJ -^ "^ 

CI ^ CI ^ C< C* II CI 

t d oc "t CI O 00 CO r* CO 

»-^CIOFHCI'-«»-<i-«i-i •-< 


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i-H O "-^ O 1^ rH 

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CO CI d 

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. -- -^ .A — •. .a^A m.0^ ^^^^ JM& ^M^ ^aM . . Jtf« P^ B.^ ^K _«l ^^ ««A B^^ L^ H^^ ^U .^K *^. ^^ 


gS SCSI'S g--g5 58 g g-3 III 5 a g g 3 § §3 ^-S « §5|.^ I 3 S'S-'S § |'3j| 


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i*< "^ ►^ "^ ro 

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• • • • • • ' ^ » • ■ m - « - p - ^^^"^ » ^™^^~ ' * ^— — ^— ^* ^t 





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O r* CI oo CI 

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h; Q ») *-»;5 -e* 

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r* CO 

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a a a 

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p- iC X •-• 

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CO o c 

r^ PH CI 

a ^P^P 

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1 .^^ ..^ ■ ^^ — ^^ ^m. mam. M«^. ^SK. ^M 4^*^ .««\ m^t m^ m«> «^ A^^ .m^- a^N a^ i^ ^^. a^ . «« k a^ _Ad «^ m^ ^» k <^ m^ k^ ^^ ^ 

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• — . .^ • M ^ — ■ 

20 IVar Services of the General Officers wIm are not Colonels of Regiments. 

1 General Gordon ftt>rvGi1 at theaiego of Pondicherr^-, baitlo of Argtnm^ aiegei of Aisecrgkir, 
Gftvrilgbnr, and vnrioui other hill forts. Serred also at Walcheren in 1809. \ 

2 Sir B'lwArd Nicitllr, with thirtr<>n Tolnntpcni in a boat of the Blanche frigate, boarded ud 
captnrrd, on tho 3rd Nov. 1803, the Vrcnch nrmeil cuilcr Alhum from under the gum 4)f 
Monti" Christie, SL Doiuinu^s — in this A'nii>n he was ucverely Wiiundf^d by a musket-boll, whi^h 
entering Vw nbddmop, and coming ouc nt his riglit titie, lodp'd in the arm. On koaid tht 
Stnnditrd nt thu pn^snq;«t nf the Dnrdnuclles (?n the 10th Feb. 1807. On the 2Cth June IMM. 
with a bt nt'd crew, he bunrdod and captured thi: Italian gun-b:>at Ko/pc ni'sr Corfu. Present at 
tho reduction 4if the Isliinii ^^f Anh(»lt in May 1809. St-vi'ifly wounded at the attack c>n Fort 
Boirypr l.Mh Sept. 1814. Wns treqconily cmph'^id in buat and battery itctions. In 1804 *ii, 
in a biat at the cbpture df a French brig ; in 1604 he cunimandcd the Ki>yal Mariaei dariftg 
the sie^u of CuraQda, aiul {kw 28 consecutive days was exposed to sureral atta'^ks of the eDcnj* 
At thn p3]>sag:e of the Dardanelles lu^ captured the Tnrki«h ilag,aad waa honoarablj mentiunifL 
In 1807 he was u^. the blockade (tf Corfu, and the < xpcdition to Ejrypt. In North Amerieakt 
raised and commanilcd a regiment cif Indian*, and was senior Major of all the troops cnf^aged 
in the attack on New Orlcan:i in I8ir). AVns altfo goveruor of tho islands of Anholc ail 
Ascension. During the above service he h&d his left leg hntken. and right U'g severely woubMi 
was shot through tho l>rdy and rigta urm, reo<.uvril a bcvcre pubre cut in the head, was baiHW* 
netcd in the* chest, and K)St tho sight of sn eye in his 107th action with the enemuaof Wl 
country. He was frequently mentioned in Difpatches, and re(*eivid a sword of honor from thi 
Patriotic Fund. 

3 General Uniacke served in Ireland throueh<!ut thi^ ribellion of 1798-99 and durinc tbi 
precedji.g nnd subsequent disturbances, part of the time as Aide-de-Cauip to Sir James DuC! 

4 General Douglas served at the capture of the Danish and Swedish West India Isli^li 
in 1801. On tho expedition to tho north of Germany in 1803 and 6. Peninsular caupaigiu 
from Feb. 1813 to Murch 1814. including the battles of Salamanca, VittOTia, ard thePjrealfl 
(27th to 3 1st July) ; siege of San Seb.'iatian from i4th Aug. to tho 8th SepL, and battla sA 
Nivellc. Ho hart the Gold CroiH for Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, and Nivelle, having MM" 
mnnded a field battery ; and the Silver War Medal with ono Clat>p k*x St. Sebafttian. , 

/) Sir Adolphus John Dalrymple arrved as Aide-dc-Camp to Sir James Craig in the Kaftlcii 
District, Malti. Na])le.s. uT.d Sicily, from July 1803 to May 1806, and a) Military SecrctaiJ 
to Sir II eM' Dairy m pic in Portugal in 18U8. y 

G Sir Duncan M'Gregor was actively employed in Sicily and Italy in 1806, including tkl 
skirmishes nt St. Euphi'triie, battle of Maida, attack on Sc) Ha Castle, and capture of CairQift 
Campaign of 1807 in Es>pt, inuludirig the attacks in the Desert, and sivge of Kosetta. GaM- 
paign in ilulland in lSO(),'iiicluding the uttacUs and captures of Ter Vfrrt and Flushing. €«■• 
paigns in the Peninsula during part of 1813 and 14. Capture of Corsica in May 1814. 
Wounded 1hrou£;h the right shoulder by a muaki;t-8hot at Maidd, for which battle he ktl 
received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

7 Lord lUitham served in tho Peninsula with the Coldstream Guards from April 1 Bid J|a 
Feb. 1814, with the ex^'eption of a short ab^tnce in coubequence of a wound received at Ac 
battle of Sill aniancH. S.'rv« d hIsd the campaign nt 1815, nnd whs pr<-bent at the battle ot Walarkv. 
He has received the AVar Medal with four Clasps for Sulnmunca, Vittoria, Nivelle, and Ni?v. 

8 Sir Wm. Kobtrt Cia}ton aociropanted hlii regiment, the Koval Horse Gnarda, Id Ai 
Peninsula in Oct. 1812, and commanded a squadron at the battles of Vittoria, the Pjrenecfiaiii 
at the period when Marshal Sijiilt atterox>ted to nlieve PamiMfluna. In IS] 5 again ace.'mpiuiild 
his regiment to the Nftherlande, (tCid was at the battles of (.juatre Bras, Genappe, and WateikA 
He has reij«ived the M'ar Medal with ono Clasp ft r Vitturin. 

9 L*enr. Gent nil John Druramond served in the P<iiin&ii]a with the Coldatronm Gufdi 
fVom J-jnuary 1813 to the end of that war in 1814. nnd was present nt the battle of VittM^ 
the crusting of the HidiMoo, capture of St. J* an de Lnz, battlea of Nivelle andNivt, tki 
investment of lUyrnno nnd II pulse of thesoiiie, and has received the War Medal with IhifC 
ClasjR ; served also with tiie army of occupation in France. 

10 Lleut.General BuckUy served in the Peninsula with the Grenadier Guards, from .Vlar4 
1813 to the end oi thut war in 1814, including the passage of the Bidnsica. Inttleof the Kifdk 
and investment of Bayonne. Served aUo the ci!njpai«;n of 1815, and was present at the betlkl 
of Quatre Braa and Waterloo, and takii.g of Peronne. He his received the War Medal wiU 
two ClHi>ps f « r Nivplle end Nivc. 

112 Lieut. Cicnernl Sherbournc Williams served Lt the capture of Guodaloupe in 1813. 

13 L'eut. T. P. Thnnp-on, prior toenterin^the Army, was several yeara in the Roy a! 
Navy. He M-rvcd in the KiHo l)rigadc at tho attack ou Buenoa Ay res, and waa amuag dU 
captured under General Cranford in the church of St. DoiT^litg;o. Served in the Peninanla will 
the 14ih Li^ht Dragoons, and was present at the battles of Nivc lie, Aire, Ortbo!), and Toulouie 
for ';vhieh he has received thu AVar Medal with four Clasps. As Captain in the 17th Ligk' 
Dragocus, was in the Pindarree and other oamprtigns in India from 1815 to 1819. In 1819 wai 
in the ex[>cd{tion under Sir Wm. Grant Keir to tho Peraian Gulf, as Secretary and Arabi< 
Interpreter, nnd l>eing left there as Pohtical Agent, he commanded a dttachment of Matiw 
Troopa ordered to act against the tribe of Beni-Boo'Ali. which detachment being defeated bj 
the Arabs, necessitated the expedition under Sir Lionel Smith in the followinff: year. 

14 Lieut. General Thwaites was actively employ id from 1795 to 1817. He aerved in tl|i 
expedition to the coast of Holland in 1796; in tlie £a8t Indies ixom 1799; then on bmiw 

War Sermeet qf'ihe General Officers. 21 

Mf OB botfd IL M. & Z« Farte^ till wneked in the Uci Sea. The oampaignii of 18U1 in 
Ejgypf, haTiDg Tolantfeerpd, croMini; the Desert of Sues with Gulonel lAoyas DBtftchncnt, 
Pick which be joiued the Grand Vixicr*A Array on the advuncc to aod surrender of Cairo. Ho 
icr««d in the Peniaeula as Captain of Liff^hfc Infantry, 4dth Ilpgicaent, from 181 1 to 1813, incIuiU 
lap the alege and storiniDi^ of Badajoi in 181^, the battle of Saluuanoa (wounded), advance 
te Hid occupation of Madrid, battles of Yittoria and the Pyrenees ('wounded in commuid of 
the I^ffht Cooopanies of the Bri(>[ade), be&ides minor alFairs. He lias rcccircd the Sultan's 
Sold MedsJ of the Order of the Creso<>nt, and the War Medal with ftre Clasps. 

15 Lieut. General Coles serred in South America with the 14th in 1807, including thn 
ipeimtloiis previous to, and storming of, Monte Video. Serrod afterwards in the Peninsula 
hoH Avg*. 1803 to Nor. 1811, and again from April 1813 to the end of that war in 1814; preaent 
eith the 40th at the battles of Rnleia,Vimiera, and Talayera ; with the 4 th Dragoons at Busaco, 
Ubnhera, and Usagre; and with the ISth Light Dragoons at the passage of the Bidassoa, the 
fflfw and the Adour. Ho has received the War Medial with seren Clasps. 

!• Lieni. Gmeral Marshall served in the Poninsula from January 1811 to October 1813, 
■el odi ug the first siege of Badejoa* siege and storm of CiuOad Itudrigo, siege and storm ot Kan 
MastiaiL Slightly wounded nc Ciudad KoJrigo 16th Jan. 1812 ; severely wounded twice by 
■asket^f hots at San Sebastian 3 1st August 1813. when leading the advance of the column of 
Ktaek up the great breach. Ho has received the War Modal with tlircc Clasps. 

17 Li nut. General Piper served six campaigns in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, from 
larch ISIO to the 27th Jan. IG. From 1810 to 12 wa^ employed in the Lines of Lisbon and 
lIiMida ; and from Jan. 1812 to the conclusion of hostilities in 1815, held the command of a 
Uma/Um of a Pontoon Train (having been entrusted during that period with the organisation 
fed egulpinent of four several bridges) ; threw the bridges of the Guadiana, Tagus, Bidaston, 
liw d'OlcTon, Garronnc, and Seine; served in the ti*enches at the last siege of BaduJDS, from 
ha ■oming of the 18th to the 23rd of March, when the bridges of communication below the 
owfe beinr destroyed and sunk, was despatched (by order of the Commander of the Foroes) to 
■ mabliah and remain with them — passing shot, shell, and ammunition during the nights, and 
envisions daring the daytime — for the remainder of the operations; received the thanks of Sir 
lowiand Hill at the passage of the Tagus in August same year, on the advance of his column 
s Madrid ; and subsequently, when en route to Stlamanca (in consequence of the enemy's 
iva]rj intercepting the communication through the Sierra-do- Q at o) was commanded by 
rrittcn instructions from the («ommander of the Forces to retire iiith the bridges on Alcantra 
s U Reina and Badajoz, to Elvas, ar.d finally to Abrantes ; where, equipping a fresh train of 
lats fiMT the optratioDs of the ensuing year, advanced with the army iVom S^bugal and Frey- 
ida to the Ebro and Vittoria ; passage of the Bidassoa in OcL and latter part uf the blockade 
F Paaspeluna ; aetions of the 9th and 11th Dec. 181.3 at Bayonne ; do. Toulouse inl814 ; passed 
id repassed llis Grace the Commander of the Forces and Staff during the operations of the 
iy«fhiin the right to the left bank of the river, on a fiy-raft of three boats; and suhseqiiently, 
AfMieiiiK to Moogiscard on the Canal Royaldn Midi, proceeded thonoe to Bordeaux. Pmceeded to 
hj^fea, Baat Indies, 16th June 1816. Served as commanding engineer in the Kandiau Provinces, 
Viar the insurrections of 1817 and 18. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

198lr Robert Wesley served in a Bittalion of Marines formed from the squadron under Sir 
ika. Goobnuie at the attack and capture of Guaduloupe, St. Martin's and St. Eustatia in 1810. 
I Uhebndlng squadrons off Brest, L'Orient, and Basque Roads, including terrral successful 
sataffiurs under the Batteries of Rochclle and Isle d'Aix in 1811. In coanc operations, north 
PfijpaiD; and, with the Ist Battalion of Marines, in Portugal, in 1812. At the attack on Nor- 
ilk«and the entrenched camp of Hampton. &c., iit the ChLsupeaho. Served the campaigns of 
IIS and 14 at the advanced posts in Lower Canada, and in command of a division of seven 
■B-boats employed blockading the enemy's flotilla at PlalBbui'g. At the defence of La Cole 
lilL Adjutant to a Light Corps formed of the flank companies of the 2nd AVebt India livgi- 
iSBt md Marine Battalions at the attack and capture of Fort Peter, the fortified positions of 
L yui7*s und Cumberland Island (coast of Georgia). In command or a detachment of Artil- 
ry Id H.M.S. Phaeton assisted in repilling an attack of Algerine gun-boats in 1821. Adjutant 
> a battalion under Colonel Owen serving in co*operation with the Spanish army in 1836-7, 
oMing the affair betore Fucntarabio, 11 July 1886, the field actions of the lOiJb, 12ih, and 
Ich March, and of Hernani, 16 March 1837. Served as captain in the same battalion until 
e Force under Lord John liay was withdrawn in 1840. He has received the Military War 
edal with one Claso for Gnaduloupe, and is a Knight 1st Class of St. Fernando. 
SO Lieut. Gpnenil Crokat served in Sicily in 1807; in Portugal in 1808, under Sir Arthur 
ellaaley; in Spain and at Comnna under Sir John Moore; on the Walcheren expedition in 
09; ■ob^qnently in the Peninsula. He bad charge cif Napoleon nt Sl Helena whc n he died, 
dlia brought home the despatches of his death. Served afterwards in the East Indies. H« 
I rteaived the War Medal with four Clasps for Vimiera, Comnna, Yittoria, and Pyrenees 
(vwely wounded). 

13 Lirat. General Darby served in Hanover in 1803; at the siege of Copcnh en in 1807; 
il the Comnna campaign in 1808-9. Has the War Mf dal with one Clasp for Corunna. 
M Llent. General W. H. Slade was present at St. Sebastian in July and August 18 13^ 
tckade of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. He was one of the officers selected to accom- 
IIT the boats from Bocoa to the mouth of the river Adour, and to assist in laying the bridge 
fie has reoeiTfld the Silver War Medal ifith one Clasp for St. Sebastian. 

c 2 

22 JVar Services of the General Officers* 

25 Lieut. Qeneral King iGrrod in a mortar-boat in the IToro of Measina for two montha 
in 1810. Advanced into the United States with Sir George Frevo8t*B army, and oommanded 
a battery agaiott FJattiburg. 

37 Ldeut General Dalton serred at Walcheren and at the siege of Flushing in i809. 

28 Major General Barry served in the Peninsula Arom August ISTi to October 1813, and. 
was severely wounded by a grape shot, Slst August 1813, when leading a party to the breach 
at the storming of St. Sebastian. He has received the Silver War Medal with one Ciasp^ 

29 Lieut. General Whinyates was present at the attack on Algiers by Lord £xmouih oa- 
27th August 1816. Served with the army in France in 1817 and 1818. In February 1839 
was commanding officer of Sngincers with the Field Force in New Brunswick when the di|^, 
putod territory was invaded by the state of Maine. Has the Medal for the battle of Algiers. 

30 Minor General IL G. B. Wilson served in Holland, Belgium, and France, from December' 
1813 to January 1816, including the battles of Quatre Bras aod Waterloo. 

31 M;jJor General £mmctt*s tervlaes : — sieges of Badajox in 1811 and 12; passage of: 
the Nive, battles before Bayonne, Orthes,aDd Toulouse. Attack on the American lines at New 
Orleans, every affair on that expedition, and the siege of Fort Bowyer. Slightly wounded atr 
Badajosin 1811; again on the advance towards Orthes; and very severely wounded at the 
assault of Badajos in 1812. He has received the Silver War Medal with fcur Clasps. 

32 Major General Waters served in the Peninsula from April 1812 toSeptc^mber 1814. Was. 
at Cadis when the si^ge was raised in the former year. In 1815 he was present in the actions 
of Quatre Bras and Waterloa He led one of the columns to the assault of Peronne on thf. 
26th June 1815, and was at the capture of Paris. 

33 Bfajor General Pilcher served with the boats of the British fleet in 1801 in theLr- 
occasional attacks on the Spanish gunboats and vessels off Cadiz. In 1803 he served in thiL 
North Sea. In 1804 at the attack on the gun-boats and batteries at Boulogne. On 22nd July 
1805 in the general action and defeat of the oombiued fleeti of France and Spain ; and oo 16tL 
Aag. in action with La Topaze French frigate. In Jan. 1806 he landed with the H. M. Batr. 
talion at the attadc and capture of the Capo of Good Hope i in June following with the same. 
Battalion at the attack and defeat of the Spaoish troops on the ruad to Buenos Ay res, and at 
the capture of that city ; also at its defence in August, and after three days' action was tidico 
prisoner with the rest of the British. In 1811 he served in the North Sea in several actions 
with Danish gun-boatt. In 1813*14 off the coast of France and America. Appointed to the 
2nd Battalion R. M., and as Adjutant was at the attack of the American Army audits defeat oa 
the road to Baltimore : at the attack on the ^Vjnerican troops at Farnham Church he comnuuifled 
the advance. In 1815 ho was at the attack of the Amerioan Rifle force near Point ti Petie, an! 
at the capture of that fort \m West Florida. From 1 8 1 9 to 182 1 he served at St. Helena^during 
the last nine months of Napoleon'n life, and assisted with the Ho^al Marines at his interment . 

34 Major General Thomas Stevens was present Uookadiogbrest, the Holder, and Cadiz, and na^ 
engaged with batteries. In 1809 he was engaged with gun-boats in passing convoys through thf^ 
Sound and Categat; in 11. M.S. Cerberut^ with convoy of armed transports and gun-boats iji the 
Gnlf of Fricdlaod ; in the boats of the squadron in the succeasfal attauk upon the Russian Flotilla 
of heavy armed gun-boats and iitmod Transports; and at the oapturu uf a Russian achouoeCi 
From 1836 to 1840 ho served in the Rojal Marine Battulion on the north coast of Spain; wss 
detached in comaiand of a (Company for the defence of the Eastern Heights of Passages attacked 
by the Carlists, and in the Carltst attack of the Lines on the 6th June 1836; and he was also pre- 
sent at Fuenturabia, Uth July 1836. Has received the War Medal witn oce Clasp. 

35 Major Gcnf ral Donald Campbell served at Walcheien in 1800, Has received the WkT 
Medal with one Clasp. 

36 Major General Why look served in Sir Robert Ca1der*s action off Ferrol; in boats cutting 
out from under batteries at Ilota, 7 th April 1808; oommanded the lioyal Marines landed from the 
Anglo-Sicilian Squadron to assist in the defence of the island of Capri when besieged by Gen« 
la Marque; at the capture of Leda from the harbour of lloviguo, 1st April 1809; nt the attack 
and capture of a oonvoy under proteotion of a battery at Pessaro, 23fd April; on 15th May 
at the attack on the town o( liota and destruction of seven vessels; cm 8lh September at tha 
cutting oat of La Pitgliettte from the harbour of Barlctta. On 1st June IS 12, commandod a 
storming party in Isle Verte, near Toulon— enemy rout^ aud u demi-luno battery destroyed 
At the capture of the Islaud of Powsa, 27th February 1813 ; ut the cutting out of an armed 
vessel from under the batteries of Orbetello, Olh May; and I4th O^^L following, at the capture of 
seventeen vessels at Marinello, after destroy iug a bittcry which protected them; at the si^e 
and capture of SL Maria in March, and tho siege aud capture of Gerooa in April, IP 14; coai- 
mandeu the Royal Marines at the st^^rming and capture of Sidon,26ih SepU 1840 (made Brevet 
Major), and was slightly wouudcd in tho left arm; on lOth Oct. was in command of a super- 
numerary battalion when the city and garrijon {2,000 men) of Beyi'out surrendered; was senior 
officer of Marines at the bombardment and capture of St. Jean a' Acre (Medal). lie has 
received the War Medal with two Cia:»ps. 

37 Major General Bury served with the Royal Marine Battalion on the north coast of 
Spain in 1836-38 (Knight 1st Class St. Fernando). 

38 Major General C. C. Pratt was at the taking of Capri in the Bay of Kaplcs, under Sir 
Sidney Smith, llihMny 1806. At thu cutting out of six armed vessels from under the bat- 
teries of Lamica, in the Island of Cyprus, in January 1808. Belonged to tho Battalion of Boyal 
Marines commanded by Sir James Moluoloi, which served in SpaiUt tho coast of ^Vmerioa, and 

War Services of the General Officers, 28 

*«ni^ fbr four vein, uid was present ot all the lerrlccB performed by it, including; the battle 
r Frampton in toe Chempeahct and the stcrmio^ ani takin«; of tho Kfiemy's furt and pobt ut 
h^e^o on Lake Ontario. Served also in the Hiltalion uf Ittjyal Marines in Spain and waa 
iTtcnt at the battles of the 16th Juno 1836, aod llernaiii IGth March following, togrther with 
A the at^rices performed there for neorly four }car8 (Knight Ut Class St. Fernando). 

39 Major General Gilleapio was landod with n dc tuuhment of Koyal Marines at Rosas oji 
ih Nor. 1808, and occupied the ciladeL Present at tho sortie on the 8th, when tho Britiih 
rere forced by the superior nnmber uf the enemy tu retin*. Served on tho China expedition 
Meda^), and was present :it the attack and oapturo cf tho firUt and works at Chucnpee, and 
he capture of Annunghoy and North Wantnng. 

40 Major GeneralJohn Harrey Stevens served in the West Indies, &c. in 1806 and 1307, 
lorinz the expedition to Wafcheren in 1809, and was engaged in sevifral flotilla affAirs vn 
he SSieldt Serred also at the successful defence ot C-idiz nud of Tarifa in 1810 and 1811 ; 
rai engaged hi several detached operatinnfl, particularly in ono oF a severe cbaractfr on the 
iver Gaadalquiver. In 1813 was employed on the coutt of America, where he was engaged 
a an attack on Craney Island, and at the taking of Hampton and i>cracokc under Sir 
aaorge Cockbnm. Serred in Caonda at the taking of Odwogo, on which occasion lift was 
Ktttioned in Sir Gordon Druramond's despatches. Engsged during a six weeka' siege of 
fort Erie, and was intni«ted with the construction of a iield'work for tho defence of thu 
!|;bt of the position on Chippewa Creek, which was menaced by a very superior force. In 
.816 he was on board the Queen Charlotte at the attack on Algiers under lx>rd Exmouth 
IT wiiom he was detached to fire carcases at the enemy's vessels within the Mole. He was 
Uo preaent at the demonstrations before Algiers under Admiral Sir II. B. Nenle. Has received 
le War Medal with one Clasp. 

41 Major General Reignolds served with the 'lOth on the China expedition (Medal), and 
ras present at the storming of the heights and forts abore Canton, takiog of Amoy, second 
«]ttare of Chuaao, storming of the fortified hoighta of Chinhac, taking uf Ningpo, attack and 

be 4th April 185S embarked with a force of 1.400 men fk-om Maulmein for the attack on Mar- 
ihcn. Commanded at the attack on shore. Was on board H. M. S. Battler during the ship's 
sgiffement with and destruction of the stockades on the river sido in front of liangooo, 1 1th 
^prif; the foOowiDg morning landed at Kangoon in command of the 18lh Ituyal Irish. On 
fSth April iucceeded to the command of the 1st Bengal Brigade^ which he commanded 
bnmgfaoat the war, and was present at the storm and capture of Rangoon, capture of Tromc. 
rnd repulse of the enemy on the night of 8th Deceinl)er 1852. For his sorvicps, was st^vtral 
hues recommended by General Go«iwin to the Governor- Grneral of ludia in Council. 
Setramed from India with the 18th Royal Irish in May 1854 ; embarked December following 
br the Crimea, and was at the siege of Sobastopol until April 1855 (Medal and Clasp, ond 
^ufUsh Medal). 

<3 Major General Yule served in Canada during the greater part of the war of 1812-1814; 
ni present at the affkir of Street's Creek, and disununtlcd under tire tho bridge there, by which 
like advance of a saperior force of the enemy was retarded ; was aiso in the ;icii<.nsof Chip pcwa 
[borae mortally wonnded) and Lundy's I^ne. 

44 Major General James Gordon's services : — attack on tho Castle of Scylla, June 1809; 
liege and capture of Santa Maura, March 1810. 

45 Migor General Aahmore was in the Monarch in Sir Samuel Hood's action with the 
Eteeh frigates in 1806. From November 1807 till August 1 80!) in the &rawi/?ictf, employed 
it the Cape of Good Hope, Madagascar, and blockade of the Mauritius. From February 1810 
to January 1813 in the Paidiers blockading Brest, Basque Boads, and in tho Tugus: whilst in 


[jeBeral Trant to destroy the Pontoons preparing by Mnrshal Musscna at Santarem to cross 
he Tisgoa: 'wai on piquet under that town the night f>f the Marrthal's retreat from the Lines. 
[tt 1812 he was attached to the 2nd Battalion at Santander, north coast of Spain. On tho 
ftnm of the battalions to England ho joined the Ist Battalion; was at the attuek on Norfolk, 
aiisg of the town of Hampton, &c. When the battalion was broken up at Isle Aux Nuix he 
raa left fbr Lake serrice till 1817. From August 1826 to August 1829 was fcrving on the 
kinth American station in tho Ganges : was landed at Rio, on the occasion of the German and 
riih troopa revolting in 18S8, to protect the Imperial family and palace of San Christoph, acd 
o-operate with the French and other forces Janflcd to quell the mutiny. 

46 Major General Faddy, prior to entering the lioyal Artillery, was a Midshipman on board 
he Asia, at the capture of the Dutch Fleet in Saldanha B.iy in 1705: present at the attack on 
^ort Jerome, SL Domingo, and at the siege and capture of the city of Santo Domingo in 1809; 
nred in the Peninsula and France from July ISIO to June 1814, including the siege of San 
tebaitian, pataage of the Adour, investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie, besides 
iriofia minor affidrt. 

48 Major General Hnghei served in the 80th Regt with the army in Burmah in 1852-53; 
raa present at the capture and occupation of Prome, and at the night attack of the enemy on 

24 War Sercica ofihe General Officers. 

tlie ctaip at rromo, d Dec. \Kr2, Cdtnmaniled the expedition tent into the Foungdey dlfttriot.ri 
in Feb. and March 1853 ; sucuccdpd in capturing nrms und ammunition, and in bringing to .{ 
Prome a larpre qoantity of jrrai" (Meda! ). ■ » 

49 Major G^nfral Ct)1e hns r(>crlved the Medal for the Kailir war of 1851 '53, daring whidl 
he commftuded the Royul Kngincc-rd in Sooth Africa. 

50 Major Gfnorul Vv. Yorkc Moore eervf-d ns a Captain in the 39th Kegt. throoghout the - 
campaign against the liajth ot Coorg in Ai-ril 1^34. 

51 Major General Mutson scrveri in the rtninsiula from Nov. 1812 to the end of the war, 
including the aiTair of Sm Milan, advance of the army and crossing the Ebro, battle of Viitoria, 
blockade of Pampelunn, tiegie nrd storm of San Sebastian, passage of tho Bidx^soa, battle of 
the Niyelle, blockade of Ba^onr.o and rcpuli:e of the sortie. In 1815 on the expedition to' 
America; und with the army in tho Netherlands from Jimo liS15 to Nov. 1SI8. He bat 
receivfd the Silver War Afedal with three Clasps. 

52 Lieut. Grncral Alex. M. Fruser was employed in tho expedition against Sambas in tho 
Island of B-jrnoo. 

53 Major Gener.;! Hawkins r*tnmkiidod the Royal ^laiiros, about 2(J0 t^trong, at the 
atrack and destruction oi MalloiKioo, in Borneo. 

54 Major GinrrnlJumcs Clarko was prcsentat the capture of the Fnnch Ship (f Iffiutpoultf 
17 April 1809. Served wirh the K. M. Jlattalion at the captnro of Guadaloupc in 1810 (Annj 
War Medal with Ci?.*»p). Served on tho Coast of France in 1811, and blockadin;? the Tcxel 
and r<)ii8t of France in 1812-14. Present at the battle of Algiers in 1816 (Navul War Medal 
with Cla^p). 

oo Major General .I«.hn Kyre's services : — Expedition t.> Portugal and occupation of Li «bon iB 
1808; advance upon Midrid and retrcut to Corunna in 1808-0; afTiir at Lugo and battle of 
CoruTiUa, for whith he bui received tho Silver War Mcdul with one Clasp. Eighteen years con*" 
tinu(d service in tho West Lul'os, from Oct. 1810 to April 1828; aiid in commend of the Kojal 
Artillery in China, at He ng Kong, from August 1847 to May 1S51. 

rtO Major General Childs fervod in H. M. 8. Gibraltar^ blockading Cherbourg, L'OrifnV 
and Basque Iti^ad^, and frequently in beats cutting out French ccaatcrs. Early in 1813 ho • 
volunteered to serve in the l»t Batt ilinn under Colonel Sir Bichard Williams in the Chcsapeah^^ 
and was at the uttick of Cran.-}* Island, taking of the enemy *s camp at Hamptcn, and capturf 
of Kent Island, and in many minor engngimeutson tho enemy's coast; a^tcr which ho acoooi* 
pauied the battalion to Canat^a, and was actively employed on the Frontiers, aud frequently in 
command of gun-boats on Lake Cbauiplain. On the llth Si'pt. 1814 he was engaged on board 
tho Conjtance, in one of the most sevcro actions fought during the war, in whicti Commcdon -. 
Djwnie (the captain of the ship), Captain Anderson, U.M., and 41 men were killtd, and ' 
upwards of 100 wounded, out of u complement of 260. He also served the Syrian Cimpaiga 
(Medal) of 1840, including the attack and capture of Sidon, capture of Beyrouth bombardment - 

Silver War Medal with five Clasps. Served the campaign of 1815 with the 10th Uussars, and 
was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

58 Lient. General Goro served the campaign of 1815 with the SOth, and was alight^ 
wounded at Waterloo. 

i>U Ueut. General Goodsmun scivcd in the Peninsula with the 6lst, and was wonndcd ai 
Talayera, for which battle he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

61 Lieut General Whichcoto joined tho 52nd as a Tolunteer in Dfccmber 1810, and tenrtd- 
with it in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders, and was present in the actions of Sabngaly Jgl . 
BodoD, and Alfa^ates, siege end ^torm of Ciudad Hodrigo, and of Badsjoa, battle of SalamanoTf 
retreat from Burgos, battle of Vittoria, action at Vera, battles of tho Pyrenees, Nivelle, the Nile, 
Orthes, Tarbes, Toulouse, snd A\ atcrloa He has received the War Medal with nine Clarpa. 

62 Lieut. General Butler served the campaign of 1815 with the 3rd Battalion of the Grent« 
dier Guards, and was present in tho battles of Quatre Bras aud Waterloo (where he carriod 
the colours), storming of Peruime, and capture of Paris. 

05 Major General Fogo served in America during the wholo war, including the battlo of 

G(} Major General tho Honourable William Arbuthnott served in the Peninsula, and was 
present at the patsage of the Donro, and the battles of Oporto, Talavera, and Busaco : for 
ihe two last he has received the Wur Medal with two Clasps. 

67 Major General Blachley served in the Prninsuia and France from Feb. 1812 to Ang. 
1814, including the sie*ge and capture of Badajoz, affair of Castrajon, battle of Salamanca, 
rapture of Madrid and the Retiro, siege of Burgos and retreat from thence, affair of Osmo, 
buitle of Vittoria, siege and capture of San Sebastian (both operations), passage of the Bidass^^a 
f'.ud the KiTellOy actions of the Uth, 10th, llth, and 12tb Dec. 181.3, in fiont of Bayonnei 
passage of the Adour, invtstment of bayonne and repulse of tho sortie, on which occasion he 
was wounded in the head by u niujket-ball. He has reciived tho {^ilrer War Medal with fire 

Gd Major General Bolson served in the Peninsula and South of France from July 1809 to 
the end of tho war in 1814, including the retreat from Talavera, action in front of Almeida, 
action of the Coa, bettle of Busaco, ftotiont at Pombal^ Kedinha^ Cacat No?% Foz d'Arovce, 

JFar Services of the Gtueral Djjirers, 26 

lad Sabagal ; battle of Fu<*ntc8 d*Urior, u'jttona on the hci^ht^ wf ili'« A<rir-dii, sit-grs of Ciudad 
fiidrigo iind n^ajoz^ n-jtiuns ut Ciivtrujiin (lOViTrly wiiuriiluni ^hu Miitios, Sju Miiun, imd 
QfiDA; bt'.tltf u Vii;<jri:i. uc.i. n m:\\ iiri> Frt !i<h. 2?<tli Jn\io Hi:), in tUu luuriiiii^ but'urtt they 
rctcml pAUSpuIjiia, ir» >r'iiclL ho c<ipiur:d thtli- Iddt {^uu ^roiu Vittori<( ; u.t'uuis iii thv Pjieneci, 
p^Aijgc of the Nivclle, Nivo, aud Gave dO.'eron; and b:iUlc uf Ortiies, b^didet varioiu minor 
sdttirs B.Tid skiroiiihes. He hai ro(?civi.d Uic War Mfdal with nint> Clasps. 

7i> Mjjor G*^neral Parkf^r hni tho war mM>];i[ with ono cl-ispi and the Cio&i of the Tower 
13d Sword of PortQ<7Gl. 

71 Major General Wordiam ion- rd the campaigns 01' IS 13 and 14 in Spain and France, 
iiuthidiDg the nej^e of St. Sebastian, from 20th Aup;. to \)ih Sipt. 1813; batiltis of Orthua and 
Twioase (War 3Iedal with three Clasps). Served uft^rwardd ivith th» army in America, 
t'pMi 14th Sept. 1S14, to 21th M ly 1815, including the attack on the A'aciiuan Lima before 
!«ev()rh^an«,Sth Jan. ISlo.and tii- si»j; • nndcipturo of Fort HowypriV)tuSiUto i 1th Fob.lSlj. 

72 Mftjor General Harold sii ved the campaign and battln of Corunn.i. for nMcW h« hae 
itCfiTed ilic Wur Modal with on*? Claap. Kxpaiititm to Wal(']ior4'n inn\ sii't;*; d^ Fiuihing. 

73 Maj>v GcDcral George Elliot Sirvtd with the Koyal Mitrine liittaU<'n in co-operation 
■iUi iho Sp'iTiish tro('ps against iho Ciiiisis in 1837, nnil rccirivid th.» ()im.*s <it S m IVrniodo, 
!itCia»i. Served on t\ir. Chin.t ixpuuiil.n (Medal), &nd wns w^>un(l*:>i in ili4^ utii'c'iv on the 
inmnchid camps on the hei^hti (.f S('j;;«inii, loth March 18 1 J. NVhs piv^uit at the bomb&rd- 
Btat of OJcsau, 22nd April 1^.54; landed with tbe Koyul MariniJ iur the defence of £iupa- 
torift; maa at the siege of Scbastopul (^M<.d;il and Clasp, 5th CJ:us oflho M-iuiidie, and Turkish 

74 Major General Lanf^ford served with tho Battalion in Spain from June ld3(i to Sept. 
1840, and was present in the actions of Fucnti^ral'la and llt^rn-aii, bi'»i(1cH various mini>r atfairs. 
Wbiie MTving iu U. M. S. North Star, ir«>.n i3t>pt. 1841 to Sipt. l^U], he participated in the 
uptiations < f the Expeditionary Forci' in din i, includiap; tli'.' bluckudo ut tho Wi o<»ung Hiver 
(UedU). On the tcrtDioation of ho»tilitii-:i wih Chln.i he -(<ruci.<:U<l in thu Xo:th Star to 
Nfw Zealand ; and was landi-d with hH tl:r dot u-hrnvnt.-: of Ri>yal M-irii.ts frum II. M. ships 
{tflKDtv and appointed to command th:it fLr<-i% together \iith a d<'taehmcut nf the Otiih liej^t , 
•ith which he was actirely emphiycd iu the tield u^^ainst the insurj^ont chiefs, whose strongly* 
ifilfekadcd pahs, or Villages, were succcksfully attacked and dottn>y(d: for thnst* scrvici^s he 
obtained the Brevet rank of ^laj 'r. Ace >u]p:inicd the cxpidition tfi the Baltic in 1S54 (Medal). 

7d Mijor General Meade served with thu SScli in the Peninsula in the campai<:uj of ISIl, 
IS, 19, and 14, including the Lattle of Fuenics d*(>njr, siege of lUiiiijuz in 1811, battle of 
Sahaaaca (wounded), sirge and storming of Bu'lajox, pu^fage of the Nivtlle and tho Niv«, 
banhs of Orthes and Toulouse. In 1814 ho ncuomponied hit Rpgiuient to America, nad the 
foUawio^ ytar Joined the Army of Oc'cjpation in Fiance. Ju 1821 he embarked i'or India on tho 
S^ of Sir Thomas Beynell. and was at tho siege and itormhig of Bhurtporo, for the capture i>( 
which fiirtresi ho received the rank of Major. He has received the Wax iMedal with six Clasps. 

9\ Majur General Bowers wa*} slightly wounded at Waterloo. 

e^edilion to Walcheren the samo year, and served in the sqn-jdri n of ;;un.boatH iu the Scheldt 
eeverinfr the disembarkation of the or my, and at the bombardin<>ut and capture of the fortresses 
of Ter Vere, Ramakiop, and Fludhiog. Landed with a division uf &ui;o:s on the Island of 
Soath Bereland, and was present at the taking of Furt }> its, und at thu 5ul>.*c(iuv.'nt dtftncu aud 
repnlec of the enemy in their repeated cifoits to rc'pusse>i themselvLs of that imfM>rtant post ; 
also in fre^aent gnn-boat actions cooperating with the army daring their evacuation ot' thofie 
islinda in 1810. lie quitted the Navy and entered the Army in Fib. ISl 1. unil joined the 4ib 
Rcgt. in Portugal in August of the same year, and served in that ci:rp.H and the TTih, into which 
be was promoted from that pcrio<), to the ttnnination of ihut vviir iu loU, without beiiig a day 
abieat from his RegL He was present at the siege and btormiiig of Uariuj<»z, at the operations 
on the Bidassoa and Adour, and affairs tit St. Jean de Luz, atd at the Miyor*s House in Irort 
of Bkiart in DcC 1813, acd at the invistm< nc of Bayonue and repulse of tho sortie. He bss 
rtceived the War Medal with one C'la^p for Badiijoz. 

66 Lord Albemarle setved the Waterloo campaign with the 14th Foot. 

86 Major General Colomb served on the Siuff of Major G' neral Vin(?(.nl in North America 
in 1 SI 4-1 5 until the clotc of that war. Also the Campaign of lb 15 in FunJcr:*. 

92 MvjorGeii end Dames served in the CGth Keg t. in Canada durin^^ tho rolH-ilion of I637-3S. 
Served In the 37th in Ceylon, and was sent on to India with «>00 men of the Jtegt. iu June liS37« 
oaibe outbreak of tbeinutiny. At Ghuzeep>:ro dirt'irmed a ngiment of Nu;ive Infantry, the 
])TB«p«>ro mutineers thrcateuiug that station. Was besiegi d at Azimghnr by Koer Sin^j's force, 
snd had hii horse shot under him while making a sortie for the purpose of taking a gun that 
was constantly firing on our entrenchments (Mi dui ;. 

94 Mujor General Malcolm served on the Ciiina expedition (Medal). 

9G Mrfjor General Sacdilands servid with the expedition to Walcheren; aldo the campaign 
of 1815, and was engaged on tJic 17th June with tho Horse Artillery in covering the retiring 
aavwaent from Quatre Bras, and on the 18th of Jnnc he was present at tho battle of Waterloo. 

99 Hajor General C. W. Ridlry commanded the Grenadier Guards and afterwards a Brigade 

26 War Services of the General Officers. 

iix tiie l»l Division at tho sirgc and fMll of S. bistopol from lat Decs. 1854 (^[odtl and Clasp, h 

Officer of tho Lrgion of Honor, Sardinian and TuiUish Medals, and 3rd Class of the McdjidieV • 

103 LiruL General Griorson served at Cndiz during purts of 1812 and 1813, and afterwarai ■ 
on the eastern coast of Spain. 

104 Major General Bichardsun-Bobertson served in South Africa, in command of the soo- * 
cesiful expedition against the in8ur)j;cot En.igraut Boers, bejond tho Oranflre River, in 1849. i 
Also us Brigadier, and in commaud v>f the 7ch Dragoon Guards in the Knfiir campaign of i: 
1846-7 (Medal ond CB.) 

lOo Major General Ilrajbroiikc served at the capture of the Kandian territories in 1815, i; 
and in the Ivandian rebellion in 1817-18. : 

107 Major General L' Estrange served the campaign of lSOS-9 in Spain with the 14tb, and e 
was prisent at the battle of Corunna. Capture of tho Isle of France in 1810. Capture of 
Javu in Ihl I, and engaged with a Dutch brigade at St. Nicholas. At the storming of a strong ? 
Dutch Port on tho coast of Bantam. Oa bjard II. M.S. Rmrins at the boarding and capture » 
of eUvtn Frtnch gut-boaie. Prrscnt at the tige uiid siorm of Corntlis, and storm and , 
capture of the heights of Seraodole. At the capture of the toivn and fortre&s of (>ambas, Isle .- 
of Borneo, in March ISl-'i. Nepaul war in 1810 ; siege and capture of llattras in Mnruh 1817 ; . 
Mahratta campaign in 1817 and 18 : siege and storm of Bhurtpore under Lord Combermere. .-. 
He has received the War ^ledal and two Clasps for Cornnna and Java. 

108 Majdr GcncrulWilliamson bcrved with the 27th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1834>35( Medal). \ 

109 Sir Charles Van Straubenzoe served throughout the campaign against the llsjah of Coorg i 
in 1834 re»uUin<; in the annexalion uf ihat territory. As Major he succeeded to the command :; 
of the 39th Itegt. during the notion of Maharajpore, Gwalior (Medal and Brevet of Lt. ^ 
Colonel) on 29th Dec. 1843. Commanded the British Contingent in Greece flrom Nov. 1854 to 
April 18oo, when he proccidod in command of the Bufls (o the Crimea and continued there !■ 
command of u Brigade until duly 185^; ^\as present at the two assaults of the Redan in Jose , 
and September, at tho fornicr he commanded a separate Brigade, and nt the latter of the 1st 
Brigade Light Division whtn ho was slightly wounded (Medal and Clasp, CB.^ Officer of the ; 
Legion of Honor, Sardinian and 'J'tirkish Medals, und 3rd Class of tho Sledjidie). Proceeded ; 
to China in command of a Brigade in 18o7 and succeeded to the command of the forces there 
in November ; commanded tho laud forces at tho capture by assault and ocoapation of the 
city of Canton on 29th Dio. 18.^7 and in all subsequent minor operations, and continued in 
command of tho British forces in China until ^rarch 1860 (^KCB,^ Medal and Clatp). 

110 Major Goneral Parke served in co-operation with the Spanish forees and Legion near 
San SL'bastian, and under Espartero in raising the siege of Bilbou — Medal (Knight 1st Class St. 
Fernando and Knight of Tsabclla tho (.Catholic). 

111 Major General Jardine served during the Lidian campaign of 1858, including the occu- 
pation, after tho relief ot Lucknow, of the fortified outposts and camp with Oatram*t force and 
repulse of the enemy's attacks (Medal). 

1 12 Afujor General W. G. Gold served as Lt.Colonel in the 03rd liegt. in the campaign on 
the Sutlej, including the alfair of Buddiwal, buttles of Aliwal and Sobraon (wounded). Be 
commanded the Bvgiment during the subsequent operations (Medal and Ciasp). 

113 Major Goneral Hurdle was at the attack on the forts and harbour of Courageaux in 
1815 ; and battle of Navarino in 1827 (War Medal with one Clasp). Pie fcrvcd during tho re- 
volutionary war in Greece in 18:^8, and received the Cross of tho Kedeemer of Greece. Wai 
present in the engagement at Punta Obligadu in the river Parana on the 20tli Nov. 1845, for 
which ho received the Brevet rank of Major. Commande<l tho Brigade of lioyal M irioei 
serving with tho army in the Crimea, including the battle of Bilaklava, siege and fall of Se« 
bsstopol in \\i^\-bo ; commanded tho 2Qd Brigade of the Army at the surrender of Kinbonm 
(Medal and Cla>ps. CB., Aide-do- Camp to the Qucon, Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sar- 
dinian and Turkish Medals, und 3rd Class of tho Mrdjidie). 

llo 3Iajor General Walker landed in the Crimea on the 22nd Sept. 1854, and commanded 
the Scots Fusilier Guards in tho subsequent campaign, including the batthn of fialnklava and 
lukermon (received three woundu, one severe, and had his horse shot under him), siege of Se- 
bast'^poi (rtoundcd). an.l repulse of the sortie 26th Oct. (Medal and Clasps, CB.^ Officer of 
the Legion of Honor. Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of the Medjirlie). 

1 16 Major Gfberal Drought terved uninterruptedly for 41 years in the 15th liegt , the last 
ten ai Lt. Col. Commanding. He commanded the entire of the troops in the Kandian Pro- 
vinces in Ceylon during the successful suppression of the Hcbellion in 1848 ; — received the 
thanks of tho Queen and of tho Local (iovemment, and was most honourably mentioned 
throughout in tho Dispatches of the Governor and Commandtr in Chief. He was continued 
commandant of those Provinces for four years (two years longfer than the usual perifid) In 
conhidcrutiiin of the services he rendered. (M quitting the command the European resident! 
and the loyal chiefs presented him and his Begiment with a most gratifying address accom- 
panied by a valuable testimonial. 

117 Major (ieneral Lowth when Brigadier commanding at Knrrachec disarmed the 2Ut 
lUgt. Uom'bay N.I. on tho night of tho 13th Sept. 1857. Served with the Central India field 
force in 1958 in command of the 84th Begt. and was present at the siege storm and capture of 
tho strong hill fort of Chundairce, battle of the Betwo, siege storm and captorv of the town 
and fortress of Jhansi, action of Koonch, operations before Colpee from 16th to 2 1st May, 

War Setvices of the General Officers. 27 

iMtlki of Goiriowlie, oaptiiro of the town and fort of Calpee, battle of Morar, battle of and 
capture of the towu and furtrvsi of Qw^ior (severnl timej mcnlioncd in despatchc3| Drev'et of 
CvioDfrl, disCio^idaod service pension, CB., Medal and Clasp). 

lid Major Cienvral the Hon. A. A. Sp«^ucer sorvcd throughout the Eastern campaign of 
]854>d5,8ndcumiiHuid«>dthe44ili Kegt. at the battles uf Alma and Inkerman, siege of iSebaatjpol, 
mod aitauk and ocsuupatiou ai the Cemetery and Suburbs on the 18th Jauc — wounded. Served a« 
lirigadier General, and cumm&nded ihc Ist Ikigade, 4lh Division, in support in the right attack 
in the assault of ttie Redan, and fall of St-baitopol on 8th Sopt., and subsequently commanded 
the Britiah land forces in the i-xpeilicion to Kinbourn, resulting in the capture of those forta 
ftnd the garrison of 1400 men (Medal and Clasps, CB., UHicer of the Legion of Uonor, Sar- 
dinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd(yl-i86 of the Medjidie). 

119 Major General Blachford served with the 24ih in the Punjaub campai;*a of 1848-9 
(Mudal), inclading the pasasge of the Chenab and battles of Sadoolaporc, Chillian wallah (suc- 
ceeded to the command of the Hogt). and Goojerat (Mcdtil and Cl:;i>i)s). 

I:e0 Major Greneral Bloom field served with the A9th Uegt the campaign of 1815, including 
the battle of Waterloo, storming of Cambray, and capture of Pari?. 

1*21 Mojor General Iinwrenson commanded the I7th Lancers in the Eastern campaign of 
1654-55, ineluding the cavalry affair of Bulganac and battle of Alma. Appointed in July 
1855 with the rank of Brigadier- General to the Ueuvy Drignde, eunsiiting or the l»t 4th and 
5th i>ragoon Gaarda, 1st 2ad and 6th Dragoons, which he commanded at the battle of Tcher- 
nayA. Suooeeded Sir James Scarlett, in December following, in command of the British cavalry 
in the East, which command he held until ihe return of the army in 1856. (Medal and Clasp, 
Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

122 Major General Hodgson served with the 45th in the Burmese war (Medal). 

134 Major General M'Cleverty served the campaign against the Rajati of Coorg, in April 
1834, with the 48th Regiment 

125 Mi^or General Robert B. Wood served as Aide de Camp and Military Secretary to 
Lord Hardinge throughout the oampaign on the Sutlej (Mi'dal), including the battles of Mood- 
keoy Fcroaesbah (severely wounded), and Sobraon (Medal and two Clasps, and CB,). 

126 Major General Lewis served with the Grenadier Gunrdd at the siege and fall of Sebaato- 
pol from ISth Aug. 1856 (Medal and Clasp, Turkish Medal, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

127 Migor General Bedford served with the 60th KiHes in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal 
and Brevet of LtColonel). 

129 Migor General Parlby commanded the detachment 4th Lt. Drs. during the Rebecca riota 
in Walta in 1843, and received the approval of the Civil and Military authorities. He brouEht 
the 10th Uubsars from India through Egypt to the Crimea in 1855, and commanded the Cavury 
Division from 17th April to 30th June, and the Hussar Briga le from 1st July till Sept. 1855, 
and waa present at the reconnaissance under Omar Pasha on 19ch April, ns also at the Dattlo of 
the Tchemaya (Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, Sardinian antf Turkidh Medals, and 4th 
Glass of Ihe Medjidi^). 

131 Major General Loogfield commanded the 2nd Brigade at the siege of Delhi in 1857, 
the Reserve during the assault, and served in the City during tho six days' fighting that en- 
sued (CB.f Medal and Clasp). 

132 Major General Balders served the campaign on the Sutlij in 1845-6, and commanded the 
3rd Light Dragoons in the battles of Moodkee and Ferozeshah (Medal and one Clasp, Brevet of 
Licut.Colonel and CB,). He was woundod in the groin whilst charging the enemy's batteries 
flU Feroaeshah, on the evening of the 2 ist l>co. 1645. 

133 Major General Hamilton served with the Grenodier Guards tho Eastern campaign of 
1864, indnding the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and lukcrman (severely wounded), and siege of 
Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasps, Otficer of the legion of Honor, 3rd Class uf ihe Medjidie, 
and Turkish Medal). 

134 Major General Horn served the Eastern campaign of Itio4-55; commanded the Right 
Brigade 4th Division at the battle of Alma; and the 20th Rogt. at the battles of Balakluva 
(■Bd reoaptore of the redoubts and guns from the Russians, who had driven the Turkish force 
therfcfyom the same morning) and Inkerman (twice wounded and horse shot under hinj) : pre- 
sent fcbrougbout the siege operations against Stbaatopoljand in the trenches at tho two assaults 
and fall of the town (Medal and (clasps): at Inkerman he succeeded to the command of the 
•4th Division (Medal and Clasps, C^., OAioor of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish 
Medals, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). 

136 Major General J. F. G. Csmpbell commanded the infunlry force which formed part of 
the expedition against the Insurgent Boers, beyond the Orunge River, South Africa, in April 
1846; and be commanded the Reserve Battalion, 91st Rogt., throughout the whole of the Kalfir 
war of 1846-7, and was speciuUy mentioned in Colonel Somerset's Dispatches of the 17 th and 
I8th Apr. 1846, as also m Lieut-Gen. Sir George Berkeley's General Order of the 17ih JAc. 
1847, as having conducted and commanded one of the columns of attack ugiiinst the chief 
Sondilli, which concluded the war (Medal). 

136 Lord Frederick Panlet servtd the Eastern Campaign of 1854 and up to the 26th May 
1866 with the Coldstream Guards, including the battles ot Alma, Balaklava, and inkerman, 
and siege of Sobastopot (Medal and four Clasps, CB,y oiKcer of the Legion of Honor, 3rd 
CkM of tU Medjidie and Turkish Medal). 

137 Major Gkneral Smyth served with the 16th Lancers at the siege of Bhurtpore, under Lord 

28 M^ar Services of (he General Officers. 

Combermere (Medal). Served the Qwalior cumpaigu of 1843 arid commanded the advanced 
wiog of (he cavalry at the action of Hahanjpore under Sir Josvph Thuvk well >- hone 
wounHc'd (Medul). Served in- the Sntlcj campaign in 1846, coiniunn<JL-d tliu 16ih Luicerd at 
tile battle ot Aliwal, at wMch he captured eibV(iu pieces of arlillitry and dxovv tho ^^ikh f.iree of 
infantry coinpleioi^ uti' the iield at'Kr three disiiuot charges— Mcverely wuiiiiiiod thruugh the 
thigh in the hr»C charge. (Meniiuned in despaiches. Brevet of L':.Culoucl, C7i. .Medal with 

138 3Iajor General H. J. French servml in the 8oth Light InUiury in the Teninsula frdm 
Acgust 1813 t<) the end of that war in 1814, lucludiug the biige oi' ^t. Sebastian, pari:au«;e of the 
Biddssoa, battles of NivcUe lOth November, and Nivu <>n 9ih iOth and 11th JAceiubi:r, und in* 
vestment of Bayonno (War Medal with two Claups). Served aUuiii the Aiacrieiin war, in the 

.Rctiuna of Bladeneburg and B;ilti more, the attack on New UileauH, and taking ot Tcrt Jiow^er. 
He ftubacquontly served in the came liegiment during the whole iif the Canadi%n Uebellion of 

139 Mujor General Crofion wu3 uppolnled Persian interpret jr to thn force under Brigadier 
Of* ntr 111 Litchfield in August 1832, end served with ic throujj^houc tbc ard aoui« ujin a tiuu 3 in 
l*«irkur, and ngnin.'t the tribesi in the N. W. Desert^ nhioh ended in ilifj taking ol' Bdliuocr. Hi* 
was also emptujed nc tbc dt^f« nee of Aden agniiibt the AiaiM in 1840-41; mid comuijn.^«i-d the 
expc^dition Sfiit to the Ked Uivir, Prin^re Kuperi's Lund, via Liud^on's i>:i}, in 1S46. uudi-r in- 
6tt uutions ior the defence of ilio Hiiiiiih setiiements m the evviit of war with Ainericu tur the 
Oregon Tirritory. For this service he received the thanks of tbc IJuke of Weliingtoii and 
tlie 0^1i.>nial Secretary. 

140 Major Geneial Gratian was actively employed en the frontiers during the r<bellIou in 
Canada iu' 1838. He served in China with the 18th Koynl Irish ( Medal), and was prebunt as the 
ctortaiug ot*' thi* heights above Canton, aii<l led the ndvaHce against ttii- euem^'sentrouchrd camp, 
for wiiK-h he was relccted by Sir JUugh Gough us ihe bearer ul hij despatches, prumoud to the 
rank of MHJ«ir, aud appointed Brignie-Majur ut Fort Sr. George by Lord Hill. On hi« rcLurn to 
China— ou board the Madagascar — in charge ot Lord Auckhiitn's deKpatehes; the ship having 
cuuglit fire during a gale ot wind, he with a i'ew other4 narrowly eitcuped ihu fate of dlty*t>cven 
Bouls who perished upon that (.u-ensiou; he tell into tbc handrt ot the Criiue«e, aiiil wui detained 
108 da}s in captivity; alter whiuh ho wa« at th^ atfavk of 8i'g<un, and coiitmandcd the ISih 
(after tfie fall ot Lr.-(.Vd. Tumlinson), alCbapeo, \Vou5UUg, and Cwangliui; auU hu was )ire«ent 
at tho btorming of Chin Kiang IPoo uud the isinding bi*!'ore Natikin. S..'ri'ed with the Icili iiojal 
Irish in the last campaign in Burmah < j^lcdul). 

141 Major General buUivun served the Ui3tern eumpaiga of li*b4 aiiJ up to Uh March 
1855, as A8»i«tunt Adjutant General to the Light Uivieiou, lucluding tho battles of the Alma* 
Bahftklava, and Inkenunn (hcr^e shoi), and eiogo of iSebaacopol (^Afedal and (Matup*, CJi,, 
Knight of the Lpgion of Honor, 4ih CJoss of the Medjidic, and Turki»h Medal). 

U2 Mujor GeiiL-ral KJward Trevor bervod the campaign of 1S14 in Holijnd; and that of 
1813 in i'lanriers and KniiK^o, and was preHbiit at the battle of Wuierluo nnil captures of 
iJambrey abd Puiis. 

148 Major General Biinbriggo 6er\*ed with the 20th in the Peninsula, iu 1806 rnd 0, and 
again in 1812 and 13, and was present at the baldcs ot Vimiera, Gorunna, Viitoria, and the 
FyrcMCtt (where hu was twice v«onndbd and lost au arm), for wliich he has rcce.>i>d the War 
Medal wirn four Clasp;*. Served also in the Walchcren exp* ditiou. 

144 M>ijor Gtni.'rul Cunynghame proeeeth.d to China in 1841 m Aide de Camp to Lord Sa!- 
toun, uKii \\ pro.<en!;ut ihc storm ami cupture of Cldn-kiaiig-ioo (kd iho cuiuuin of attack 
o:i lac heights of M.ikui'i^iow), und at thu inveatiui lit of Nankin (Medni). In l8d4accom- 
I'anied the kriuy to the Ki^c at Assi>tant Quarter Master Gcuerai to the l*t iiivuitn, was pre- 
sent at tho atf-iir of Bulgenack, oattht of the Alma, tiiking ot Bahiklava, otUir of Jlird Oct. 
o:i th(> tei^hts of the 'LViit>rna;, a, bultt* b (tf B:il.iklava and lukvrinuii (served with ihe Gnnrdf 
in the bitnii^bi);; butttry, and led inco atjtion ii lii lached pi-rtioii of ilio 2U(h Itegt.), aiidfeirgc 
of S'.bii?ttop<.>i lip to iMuy 1855 (Medal and four C'luiipe, C Z/., Ohict^r of tiic Ligiou of lluuur, 
Turkish ^li(JMl. uiid 4th (. la^s cf the M«KJiitii). In Alariii 18^ was uppuinicd local Mdjor 
GeniTuI, in .May tfr.»k command of a J>iviftK>ii of tho Turkish Contiii;^eut, aud in Aug. 
rcceivi'ii ihf p:-r.s: nul ihaitkH of the ^^ultan and v\hs crciited a Lu-ut.Geueral in the Turkish nrmy. 
Jn Oct. ISo.O sail' d iu eomu.nnd of iO.OUO incn to oceupy Kertuh, nnd assi&ted to muintain that 
position throughout the trci'iid rioter in the Crinjvn ( lurkiiih War Medal, und 3i-d C.'lacs of 
the Medjiiiie). 

145 M>ijiir Goner:)! L'i M*;surier served in tho i24th at the cnpturo of the Cape of Good Hope 
in \bi)f>, in 181 1: he j>^ined the I'ud B.ittjlijn in the PudnsuU, whore ho served UDiil the tnd 
of thdt war in 1S14, uml was present at tho sieges <>f ( lu^tud iuidrigo, BadinoK, b.itiles of Ssla- 
mmca, Vi<'tMTiM, PvreneGs, Kctmlar. Niveile, unti Orihcs (severely contused); and iu the sevtral 
Dlfiirdon lii«i baiil j of tlie Doiirdogne in fionl of Bold -ziux, LeiUi^ on continual udvanee guerd 
when that p:ii'C <:t the :irinv was luoving forwaid on Angouleme. He hus received U-.e W&r 
M' dal, with four Ciaap:^. 

I j7 Muj«)r G« n Mil B»s --vrvi-d Vvith the 02nd Highlanders the campaigns of 1811, 12, 13, and 
14, iiu'luiUiig tho actions of Arroyo de .Mohno, t iking of Almarux, in the atV<drs with the coveriDK 
i>rmy iluring last siege of B.rlujoz. ndvanc>e to and retreat fh)m M:idrid, defence of Alba de 
T<jiuie!(, baitlv of Vittoria, hffdirs iu the valley of Bittan, aflair at tho pate of i^laya, batUet 
of the Pyrencei, wounded in the left l6f( by a muaket-hall i M Aide-d«-Canp M Mr John 

py^ar Services of t/ie General Officers, 29 

Buchan *i the battles of the Nivelle and the Nin>«, taking the Heights of La CoAta, batttt 
• •1' OrthMy action at Aire, battles uf TuuIoum, served the campaign of ltfI5 wttli the Oilad 
Uighlanders, including the battle of Quatre Bras — wounded in the left foot by a uiusket-baili 
and beetle of AVaterluu, — wounded in tliu right arm by a musket- ball, and capture of Paris. 
Ho hai received the AVar Medal with six Ousp:^. 

1-18 Major GenoralJephaun scrvid >vith thu :ind (^aeou's Uio cjiopaign in Anghani«taa and 
B.*li>ochi)ianf in ^iudiii>; thu sturm und capture dl' lihuuiec (Meiialj and of Khelat. lie served 
also the ra:npaiga iu thu Southtrn Habiaiti louiitry in 1644 (ineluiiln,^ thoatorui of the For- 
triBM of Panolia;, unU that in tiio Concan iu Ii<lj: ho ivminaniied thu stcrmiiig party at the 
Western Height* of Puueila (wounded). Serv<?d aUo in the campiiign of 1S60 in (Jnina {CB,h 

149 !^I:iior General During served in the L^eninsula during the Coruniia cainpiiign, and »ubse- 
uucntly irom the latter part of ISlsI to the end oi' that i\ar in lbl4, iurludiug the baitUs of 
Oorunna, Vittoria, Pyrt^nees, the J!Civelic, the 2iive, Drthe.^ und TouIouk**, fvr whicu ho lias 
received Ihu Wur Mciiul with 8u\eii CIuspH. 

loU Major Gt'ueraL Xrull-jpe commauded the troops in liiv i.sland uf (Jrplial< nia in liM8, 
1549, Bn<l Ihji). In Augu&t, li>l$, the towns of Argoscoli and Lixiiri Here aitacketl by armed 
B^uidiiti, who wire r^puhi-d by ihe troops with loait on h.>iii siilt». Jn 1<'549 ihu island was 
Giiturbed by ariiicd Iii<«urg('nti», — niariiid law wu;* piociiiiiiud, whtcn ]tm.iiiicd in force for six 
W'^'cks, uuil was can led lulo ifi'^jct by him: rtceivid ibu tnunkii oi' the Qui.fii, uud ot the 
L>!gislature ot thi- Ionian l.^luiiits, onl wq;) voti d a swcnu by the inhaUiiaiits ot CophMlunia. 
bcrved the Kaatuni campuign lii m 10:h Nov. I«ij4, — ii*om Wm 12ch ^«ov. niitil July, 1855, as 
rulonif] on tue aiatf, he comiuunued the Ist Hiigadii l'uiI J)iv-iai<)U} on 31st July lie wus Gazetted 
Brjga'iicr-GiueTai. tiud conimaudtd iJnil Biigudi* Urd Uivibitui lr(»ni that diiti^ until thu army 
wsi br4ii(eu up. Cloiaiuaudcd in th-: trenched usi Uenorai ot ihe i)ay, Ui^ttt bttai-i{, on three 
spir at «.- tiCiTi^ ions when 8vr ties wiru made U]:on them iiii'l ropuleCcJ, (tud was presc^nt on all 
'Jitter occibiiua when the 2nd r)ivihi<m was cmplo^cJ, includiiig the 6ih and IbLh June,— 4HL 
*^be torn:er m Lomuiaod ot ihc Gid Guard, and on tae Jailer in oomruHnd of tivo ilvgiDients; on 
the 8iU Sopt. he woa in oommiuul ot 2iid liiij;a']c in reAvrve \%tth the 3rii i)i>i»ion (Aledal and 
Cbfcpa, Cli.y Uilii'tr of the L"gi ni of ilrnor, iSiruiniau uud Tui kioh Midair, and 3rd Class of 
the Aleoj id !«.-). 

151 Lord Goorjije I'a^ct si^'rved in tlte Eatti rn caujpai((U ot lc«t';4-0<'i; coinmanded llin 4lh Light 
Dra^ooikt at thu b:itlie of Abua, and in the ijight Cavalry charge ui IS^laklava. Coinwandad 
the i«ighc Civalry Biii^ado at thu batliea of JukLriiiUU ajid TchiTua} a, and on too expedition 
to Ijupaioria and opcrai'tjus thince with Gincral U'Allonville. Commanriud fur a iioie the 
Cavulry Uivi^ii'U in IB.V* (Mtdal and Clasps, Grtictr of the Legion of Honor, i^ardiuian 
aud Turkibh Mudais, and 3rd CJa»s of the Aledjidie). 

lo2 Miijor Gi'Utral Daveney fierved with the ist iloyals the Crimean campaign of 18ij4, in- 
cluding the bittlcs uf Alma and Baiaklava, and sit'-go of Stbsiatop.d ( ^rcdul and throe Clasps, 
.^tli Class of t)ie 3Udjidie, au'l Tuikiith Mt-dai). 

\b'6 Major Gentral Gc-ur^e T. 1-. Napiv,'r commanded the Cape Mounted Uilkmcn at the 
baUle 01 itie Gv\aiiga, and ttirou^ihout the Knibr «i:ir oi li<4Ji-47, tor which biivic.b ho lecbived 
tbo Brci'ct rank of Liirut.-Cjliint-1. lie ul&o commanded thu licgimL-nt tiir4>u);hou( thu Kaffir 
war uf LSoU-j2 (Mudal), and commanded the Civulry Brigade ut the action ot the Jisroa, for 
which Le wa« nominated a CB. 

134 Major Gi-iicral £. U. Hill served in the Pouiu.>Uia iVom ^^i pi. 1812 to the end of that war 
in 1H14, including the atfair of San Munos anti ritruut irom ilurgi-ik ai a voluotetr; battle of 
Vittoria package ot the Bida:isi/a, bultUs of ^'ivclie and 'ioul* u^c: he lii^ the War Medal with 
four ClaMffj. 

\bb M»jor General Pole commanded the VlCu LioiCsrstiu thelvahir war uf 1801-3 (Medal): in 
General bomerdefs expedition over the Ivci iu 1U'>1 h«*«i liii; (yak-.dry tua Arlillary : 
and in 1^62 he cou;maiided se*i-rul patruln and columnii. ^iervcd iu the Cf Ubi^a irom 9th May 
1860t and wa^ prceent x\\. the capture of Tchorgoun, i>atilt'ui Tclui-nRpVu^ tou^e and Tall of Se« 
bastopol, and at Kupit«jria with the Light Cavalry Brigade (Minal and Clabp, «jLh Ciusi of tbo 
ISIedjidie, and Tuiki&h Midui). 

156 MHJir General Arthur Shirley served in Canada \«iih the- 7ih liuitsuid from IbSS to 1S42, 
and wa^ autivtrly empluycd during the rebellion ot 1838-39 on the froiiUer:*. In ^luuh 1855 aas 
appuintt*d to thw rommand of tlu; CavsJry I).vi»iuu oi' tho Turkish Coniingcub niih IojjI rank 
ot Major Gmersl, and held this eomuiund until the i-nd ot tt\v Kusbian war, wai> p;*eaiint at 
£u])atoria with Ouiur l*a&h-i in May 1S5j; iu Jan. Ib.Vj was sti.i tw iShumU to nikptcK the 
Babhi Baaouks, and was chargid with the norganixHtion of that Ifjcc; recdt^i the 2ud Class 
of the Mcc\jidie, and the Turkish McduL 

1 j8 MMJor General WaUh coronmiidtd a Battalion en the Ciiina cxp^diiioa of lS57-5d, in- 
cluding the blorkaiJe of the Canton river, the hnicing belofe and storming of Canton {^CB. 
Mtdal aud Cla^p). 

lo9 Major Gtnoral Cunnin^bam served tlic Gwaiior campaign of lt'4.j-4U and was 
present nt the battle of Puuniar (bri>n/» Htai). Also btrved tl.e Punjaubcauipaigi.- of 1848-49, 
mcluding the battles ot Chiliiun^ulia and G<<ojt^iat ^.Mcdal niih two Ciu^pa, and Jirevet of 

lou Major Geucial M'iuilop served wUh the It. M. Battalion in conjunction with the French 
army at the bo.'nbardmrnt cud surrender ot the Torts ot Ijomartiund in Aug. 18-j1 (Medal). 
101 Sir Ilobtrt AVuipolo commanded a dctechmeut of the BiHn Brigi^e at the Pandoo 

80 War Services of the General Officers, 

Naddco on tho 26th Nov. 1857, a Brigade on tho 27th and S8th Nor. at Cavmpon* under 
Major Qen, Windham, th« 6lh Brigade of Uie Army in the action of Cawnpore on tho 6th Dec. 
anaer Lord Clyde, the 3rd DiviBion of the Army at the capture of Lncknovr, and a Field Forre 
that entered llohilcund including Port Rohea and battle uf Allygunge, also th^ troops at the 
battle of fidreilly (wounded), under Lord Clyde ; commanded at the li^'ht at Muyluh Ghnt on 
the Saarda I5th Jan. 1859, whon with Sno men, €0 only of >vhom ifrere fiuropcen?, he entirely 
defeated 2500 of the enemy (CB., KCB., Medal and Clasp). 

162 Majur General Lawrence commanded the 2nd Bitt. Uifle Brigade throughout the Eastern 
campaign of 1854, including tho battles of the Alma (horse killed) and Inkerman, and siege of 
Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, C/?., Officer of the Iiegion of Honor, Srd Class of the Med- 
jidie, and Turkish Medal). 

163 Major General Hon. Geo. Cadogan served the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the 
battles of Alma,Balak1ata, and Likerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CJ9.,0om- 
mander 2nd Class of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, 3rd Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish 
Medal). He wis employed as the Queen's Commissioner to the Sardinian Army iii the Crimea. 

164 Major General Moore was ac the destruction of 58 piraticil vessels at Cho*K(nim in 
October 1849. Accompanied the expedition to the Baltic in 1855 (Medal). 

165 Major General Cleaveland served on the north coast of Spain in 1837-39. in co-opera- 
tion with the Spanish urmy towards the conclusion of the war in St. Sebastian and its 

166 Major General Simon Fraier served throughout the campaign in Syria (Mcdil and 
Clasp, and Turkish Medal), including the storming and capture of Sidon (in command of three 
companies which forced the Citadel Gate), surrender of Bevrout, bombardment and capture 
of St. Juan d* Acre. Served with tho R. M. Brigade in the Crimea in 1854-55, including the 
battle of Balaclava, and siege of Sebastopol, acted as Major in the Marine Batteries, atid in 
command of No. 3 Battery was actively engaged at tho battle of Balnklava (Medal and two 
Clasps, Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

167 Major General Gibsone served throughout tho Kaffir war of 1846-7, and was present 
on almost every occasion in which the troops were engaged with the enemy ; and ho bad tho 
command of and led the charge of Cavalry in tho decisive affair cf the Gwanga, on the 8th 
June 184C, when a large body of the enemy was encountered and utterly broken, leaving up- 
wards of 400 dead on the field, on which occasion his services were warmly acknowledged in 
the public despetchen, and his name particularly mentioned in General Orders. 

168 Major General Fraser commanded a battalion of Royal Marines in the Crioicu at the 
siege of Sebastopol in 1854 (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

169 Major General Roasell commanded the 5th Brigade at the second relief of Lucknow 
— tererely wounded and particularly mentioned in despatches as having much distinguished 
himself (C'B.); commanded 1st Brigade under Ontram at the repulse of ecvrral attacks on the 
Alumbagh; at tho fall of Lucknow he commanded 2nd Brig^e which stormed the Imaam- 
barra and captured the Kaiserbagh (Medal and Clasp). 

170 Mijor General Burmeatcr commanded the 59th Regt. at the operations before Canton 
and capture of the city (Brevet of Lt Colonel, Medal and Clasp). 

171 Mi^or General Horatio Shirley served the Eastern campidgn of 1854-55; commanded tho 
88th in the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol ; was General Officer of the 
trenches in the attack on the Quarries on tho 7th June, and at the uttack on tho 18th June, 
and commanded a Brigade at tho attack on the Redan on the 8th Sept. — wounded (Medal and 
Ciaipa, CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of 
iSbt Mcdjidie). 



173 Major General Dixon served with the 77th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and biege of Spbustopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet Lt.-CoIonel, CB.f Knight of tho liCgion of Honor, 4th Class of the Mcdjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). 

174 Major General Milman served with the Coldstream Guards in the Canadian rebellion in 
1838. Served in India during the mutiny, and commanded a field force in the Ghazceporc 
district in Dec. 1857, preventmg the rebels crossing thf? Gogra and Ganges at their junction, 
and at Azimghur on in March 1858 ; was engaged with the enemy at Atrowlea and Koelsa on 
filst March. Commanded the left wing 37th Regt. at Azimgliur until relieved by Lugard'a 
force on 15 April ; held a bridge on the Benarcb read with a small picqnct against n ItLVf^o. 
force of mutineers on April and secured the pasEugo of a large convuy of stores and am- 
mnnition into the Azimghur entrenchment (Medal). 

175 Major General Percrfval served with the Coldstream Guards at tho siege and fall cf 
Sebastopol frcm 8 April 1855 (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

17G Major General Cooper commanded the lioserve Battalion 45th Regt in the Kaffir war 
of 1 8-16-47, and a wing of the Regt. throughout the Kaffir i^ar of 1850-53 (Medal), and was 
appointed Commandant of the Natal Colony at the close of the war. 

177 Major General llumley served with the 6th Regt. through the Kaffir war in 18-17 

IVar Services of the General Officers. 30a 

I7i» Sir Henry Storka served m AssUtant Adjutant- General ut the Cape of Good Hope during 
tbe Katfir war of 1846-47 ( Medal). 

179 Major General T. C. Smiib, prior to enteiisg the Army,8erTed fur a »hort period In the 
Navy, and was three timca wounded. He served in the Peninsula from June ISU to the end 
of that war in 1814, and waa present at the affair of Ordsl. He served also the campaign of 
181 J, and waa v^ounded at the battle of Waterloo. 

ISO Mnjor General Morris served in the Eastern cumpai^i^n of 1804-5r}, and was present at 
the sieg^ and fall of iSubostopol (MeJul and Cisflp, Turkish Aledul, and .'ith Class of the Med- 

181 Major G«ntrul Pester wui preicnt at the defvuco of Cadiz, luid ut the buttle of 
Barrosu — severe!/ wounded (War Mcdul with ono Ciasp). 

\i<'2 Major General Hodf;o commanded the 4ih Dra^ouii Guards in the Eastern campaign of 
ld$4-au i was oil board JLI.M.S. dan^fpanil iii thu uuvul attack on«topol, 1 7th Oct. 1864 ; 
also prcueiit at the battles of Hulukhiva uni Jnkermuii, siuj^c of Seb:iiit}p.>l, night*uttuck on 
Kuiaian outpost*, 19th Feb. and battle of Tcheruaja^ 1(> Aug. 18jo (Meaul and Clasps, CJO., 
Oificcr of the Li^gLiin of Iluiior, 3rd Clais of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

183 Majur General Crumble embarked in Feb. 1554 with the Coldstream Guaxds for Turkey, 
BD(1 »f rved in Bulgaria. 

1S4 >[ajor General Duherty served vvith the 14th Lt. Dx;ig0ins throughout the Puujaub 
campaign *of 1848-9, including the actioa of liamnug'^ur, passage uf the Chcnab, battles of 
Chi liian wallah and Goojerut, pursuit of the cm-my across the Jhelum, and of the Affghana 
over the lodua through the Kb^biTPasa (Medal and Clasps). At Uamnuggur he brought 
the charging squadrons, under Col. Iluvelock who was killed, acro<is the nullah and out of the 
enemy's entrenchments; and at Goojerat he commanded a body of LI.M. Dragoons and Native 
Light Cavalry. 

180 Major General Ferryman commanded the 81) th lU-gt. at the sir^e nnd fall of Sebastopol 
from 13th Dec, 1854, uud atcacks on the 18th June and 8Lh Sept. (Medal and CMa^p, Knight of 
the Lepion of Ilouor, 4th Class uf the Mcdjidie, and Turki»li Medal). 

186 31:ijor General W. J. Ridley served with the Scoti Fasilivr Guards the Kustfrn campaign 
of 1854 and up to lu January 1855, including the buttles of Alma vl^or^c shot), Balaklava, and 
Inkerman, siege of SKhist^<pol, and sortie on the 2Gth Oct. (Medal with four Clasps, 5th Cloaa 
of the Medjidie, and Turkibb Medal). 

187 Major General James acrved in tin* IVniiisuIa and France, from OcL 181:2 to April 1814, 
including the battles of Yittoria. the Pyrenees, Nivelle, and Orthes, \'or which he has received 
the Silver War Medal with four Clas^is. Served riubaequently in the American war. 

188 Major General Fabc-r served with the 49ih Itegt. throughout the war with China (Mf dd), 
and waa present at the first and second captures of (^husarj, slorm and capture of the heights above 
Canton, attack and capture of Amoy and of Chinhae (mentioned in despatches, and lirevet oi 
Major), occupation of Ningpo aod repulso of thi? night utiuck, attack and capture of the enemy's 
entrenclicd camp ou th« heights oi Segoao, of Chapoo, uLd of Woosung, and iuvi;slmcnt of 
Xankin. Served in the Indian campaign in 1857-68 in coutmaud of the 53rd Kt^t.,and waa 
present at the battle of Cawnpore on 6th Dec. 1857, and in the aftair at Scraighat (mentioned 
in despatches. Medal and CIa>p). 

189 Sir John Garvock served on Sir Harry Smith's stuff in the KaAir war during 1850-^2 

Sikh campaign of 1845-40, and was present at the battles of Moodkcc, Fcrozcshah (horse 
ahot under him), Buddiwal, Aliwal,and Sobraon, where he was himself severely wounded, and 
his horse struck in three places (Medal and three Clasps;. Commanded the EubOi'Miio field 
£urce, consisting of 12,0U0 men and 24 guns, in the operations on the North Western frontier of 
India in December, 18G3, which Ud to the completely successful termination of the >iur and 
submission of the enemy (KCB). 


1'jO Major General William Jones served with the 01 it in the Punjuub campaign of 1848-9, 
.. ji present ut the passage of the Chenab, and in the battles of Sadoolapore ana Chillian wallah { 
after which he commandrd the Krgt. at the battle of Goojerat; and he commanded a portion 
of Sir Waller Gilbert's field force, consist ic<; of a troop if llengal Ilrrse Artillery and the 
61st Rei;L in pursuit of the enemy to the Khjbcr Pa^s in Murch 1811) (Medal and two Claspr, 
and CB^,' Commanded ta Brigadier the 3rd Infantry Brigade at the siege of Delhi in ltt^7 
and repulse of the Sortie of the Dih July; commanded th(* 2nd Column at the assault on the 
1 ith Sept. during which the command of the 1st Column devilvcd on him on the fall of General 
Nicholson, and he continued in command of both columns during the six days' fighting within 
the city until its final capture on the 20th Sept. (mentioned in Despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

101 Major General Hon. Alex. Hamilton Gordon served ou the Quarter Master General's 
Staff throughout the lOastern campaign of 1854-55, iucluding the b ittlcs of Alma, Balaklava, 
and Inkerman (horse killed), and siege of Scbsst^^pul (Medal and Clasps, CB,, Oificir of the 
Legion of Honor, 3rd Clsss c^f the ^Icdjidie, and Turkish Midol). 

11)2 Mai'»r General Spence served with the Slst K(gt. in ihu Crimea from 22nd May 1855, 
inc1udin<; the siege and tall of Sehast«>pol and attaK;ks on the 18th June and 8ih Sept.; com- 
uau'ii-d the IlugL from 13th Nov. (.Medal and Claap, Knight of the Legion of Uonor, 5th Class 
of the Medjidir, and Turkish Medal). Commanded the 31st Regt. throughout the campsign in 

80A Pl^ttf Services of the General Officers, 

^h» North of China in 1860 and was prcsput at tbo action of Sinho, and Bfcorrain^ of TAn^ku 
(Medal with Clasp for the Taku Forts, and Cli). Also durin<^ the operations ugumst theTu-- 
pin^fl in the vicinity ofdhonvhai in April and May« I8G2romIt'n;; in the tnkinr of thesttifk^'ii' 
at Nanh»inn«r. tmpture by csc-nlade ofthe wtillod cUits ot* Kaiin.Tainp-^', '^.^• Imand the r»rti- 
fied town of Nnjow, nnd the atfair at Nunhsini)^. 

193 Mnjur Guncrul Matthew Smith scrvtd a* Mjijor of Brij^adp with the nrniyuu.l«r Gciinal 
Pollock diirino; the campaign of 1842 in AH'{ih:imstn'ti (Mcdul), and wn^ present (is J>. A. Adj.- 
Gen. of th«' Inf. Div ) aftho forcing of th»^ Khvbtr PrtiS, ncion at IMam«io KhuiJ, forcint^ t!.o 
Tezecn and lluft Kotul Paiges, attack iwA ciqilure ot Istalifl (received tbo Hroxct rank cf 
Major). He served with thn :2&)(h in the Pdnjuub campaign in 1848-9, inclnding the passago of 
the Chenab, and battle of ChillianwiiUuh (wounded); and he rommandcd the 24th Krgt. nt 
the battle of Goojerut (Medal and C)a.)p^). 

194 Major General Bates has served thn:o years in the West Indies und twenty-one yenrs 
in the East Indie--. Served ni Aide de Camp to Sir Rohprt Dirk, who v^iu killrd. Qt iJu; 
battle of Sobraon (Medal) ; and was appointed ufu=!r that action Aide de Odmv to Lord Gough 
the Commander MI Chief in India, in which cnp&city h(> nervi-d in the Viitij-job campiicin of 
1848-9, and was pn^pent at. the :itiair of KaniiiuifjTur und ^ub. -oqiirnt op.'rntions rrsullin;; in tiio 
pasnage oi the ChenHb end the battlftj uf C'liiliniiKrdUh uiid <jo >j>:rat (Midjl und two Cl:i:po). 

195 Major (i >neral Ma^DufF servid in India upwards of 11 yoHrs with tnc 40ih U-i^t.., ic- 
cluding the opiTuiionit in 1840 in Lower uTid Upp;.'r Scinde : ii'ho the campaif>n3 in B.oioi..- 
chifltan, Candahur, and Cabo d durin>7 1S41. 12, and has received the Medal in<cribi.d "C^mi:. 
dbliar, Ghuznre, CalKxd." Was with the 4()rh Hcgt. in the operations opainst tht* Givali t 
State in 1840-4, and commanded the Gnnadit-r Company at the bitcle of Miihariijpiirc 
(Medal). In 1852 ho commanded tho Ist Infantry Bri^rado with the force under Sir G«orgo 
Cathcart in thu uflvince sktoss the Orango and Cak-don rivers, Sontheru Airica, into the 
Basuto Chief ^loshesh's country i nfcerward« he commanded the force encamped at th«* 
Dhoonie Siaiion in K ilfrnrin, until the end of the KafKr war in 1853 (Medal). lu Drc. 1857 
was appointed to command the 2Qd Brigade in the Bundlecund field f>;rce under Cien. A\' hit- 
lock, aod waf present nt the taking; of Kirwee, and afterwards in commani of the Jheloun 
and Calpne fi«ld furco in the attack on the enemy's position at S:ihoa, and in «. thcr min<ir 
afiairs ( Medal and C?n!>p j. 

196 Miij>>r Gin4;rnl Pott served the Gwalior campaign of 1 840*44 and wni prr«fnt at the 
battle of Mahnrnjporc (Brouze Star). 

197 Major Gvueml Burnett served with Brigadier General Wheeler's force in the Punjaiib 
in 1848-49 (McdnK). 

198 Major General Woosuam servrd the campaign of 18<'i9 in Aif^fhanistan, ii.i'lndin'!: (ii<-» 
atorm and capture of Ghuznee (IVIedal), and of Khelat. Also served nt tho ticge and burreadtr 
of Mooltan in 1848.49 (Medal). 

199 Miijor General K_\re8i'rvrd at the defence of Cabul during the Aff^han in«urrcclion 
there in 1841, and commanded a detachmeiit of Horse Artillery in two successful nciinnji, and 
was severely' wounded in the action of B<<ymaroo, on 22nd November. 3Ttut.ioned in desjiateh 
of General EIphin«tono, as follows :— "Throughout the whole siege the utmost zeal was mani- 
feited by Lieut. V. K^re, Conimisjary of Ordnance, who, in consequence of the paucity of 
Artillery otiicers, on all occ'isions volunteered his services." Was made prisonc-r on retreat 
from CabuL Commnndud fiilJ force for relief of Arrah, and in two succeg&ful aetiont. epfuln^t 
the Dinapore brignde and Ju^^detpore rt-bcds under Kocr Sin^, (u 2nd and 12(h Aug., l^": 
(special thanks ot GovtTnoT-Genfral in CuUDcil, Bri-%'pt of Lii-ut. Colonel, and CB.), also in 
defeat of a body of rebels (;n lltli Sept. following (special thanks of Goveruor-Cieneral in 
Council) i wp.s Brigadlt r <»f Artillery at the first relief of Lueknow by Ilavfdock, and occu- 
pation of tho Alumhigh by Outiam. IJnvelock, in his despatch, says — * Brigadier Eyre has 
earned my be^tthaijk) ;'* and Outram records, "t>) the gallant Brigadier Eyre commnnding the 
Artillery, whoso victor ir<( at Arrah and Jugdec^pore have already given him an European 
reputati«)n. rny hearty ai;d sii.ciro tituuks are due ■/' Hinl the Governor-General in Council 
'*ctmTeys to ^lajor Eyre tho assurance (;f tho satisfaction with which he has received tho 
evidence of his zeal ani ^.ilhiniry " (Brevet of Colonel). Commanded Artilh*ry Division at 
Alumbagh during tho final Met; t} of Lueknow, and in repulse of attack on 10th March 185>^ 
(Medal with ii^o Closp^, and a y tar's service for Lueknow). 

2U<) Mnjor Wi:ruiuld served the campaiKu in Atfghaniatan from O^ft. 1838 to Jan. 
1840. includinii: the storai iind capture of Ghuznee (Medid), and occupation of Caboid. 

201 M;ijiT G.niTal IV'tingi r st-rv* d throughout the Persian campaign of ISoG-.*!? r.s Brigado 
Msjor of Artilh ry, im-luding the sC^irm and cipturc of Heshire, surrender of Bu^hire, night 
attack and battle of Koonhab Olodal and Clasp). Cctmmandeil Ahmcdnuggur field force 
during the Indian Mutiny, from Got. lSi'i7 to Feb. 1858 (Ci^ and Medal). 

20i Major Generrd Young served with the Jbausi fiild force, PLd as Adjutant of Snppers 
at Jou(lh{Mirc in Ib.'JO. Gwal'or c:ii)}a:gn of 184!3-44, nnd battle of Mahiir»i[M)ro (bronze 
star). Punjaub campaign of 1848'41), including tho ha Itles of Chillianwallah ;ind (ionjiiat 
(Medal wiili two Clasps). Barmtsc war of 1(^52-33, including the capture of Prome (Mi'ilnl). 

203 Major General E. W. S. S^utt served in supprobsion of the Indian mutiny in 1S57>5:S 
including the buttles of tho llindnn on 30ih and 31at May 1857, blege of Delhi, and i operations 
of Brig^ier Showers' column (Mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Licut.CoIoncl, Medal with 

204 Major General Barr served as ustittant to Lt.Co1. C. Wade at the forcing of the IChyber 

PVar Services of tlte Oetieral Officers* 30f 

Pam aad ftdtanoe to Cabal in 1839. Satlej campaign of 1845*40, inclading affair oF Buddiwal, 
ftodbattliM of Allwal and Sobraon (MpUaI and Clasp). In garrison at Lnhore during Fanjaub 
campiiirnin 1849 (Medal). 

203 Miijor General Goodwyn aerve<l the CAmpai^^ii of 184*2 in Affghanistan ( 3(edal). Satlij 
c;mpaiuii of 1843-46, including tho batllc of Ferozohab (Medal). I'unjaub campaign of 
lS48-4d, including the battles of ChillijnwAllali and Go< jo rat (Medal with t^^o Clasps, uud 
Brevet <if Mnjor). Indian Mutiny CaiLpuigu, iucludin^ the relief of Luukuuw bj Lord Clyde 
in Nov. 1857 (Medal with Ciaep). 

506 MMJ.jr General Staunton served with the 10th Kpgt. in the Sutlcj cr.mpaign in 184G« in- 
doding the battle of Sobraou (Medal). Commanded the 3l8t Rogt. in the Crimea from 22nd 
May 1855, and was present at the siege of 8cbastopol and attacks on the Hedan on the 18th 
June and Sih Sept. ; commanded 2n(t Brigade 4th Division as a Brigadier Gmcral from 13th 
Nov. (Medal and Clssp, Knight of the Legion of Honor, {Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 
4th Class of the Medjidie). 

507 Major General King scr\-cd throughout the campai;^':is in Aif^fhauistan from 1838 to 1842 
inclusive, iticluding the ftonn and capture of Ghuzueo (^ledul), slormiug the Khoord Cabool 
Pa<*^, ail'air of Tezeen^ furcing the Jug-liiliuck Puss^ reduction oi* the fnrt of Manioo Khali, 
defence of Jcllalabad, and sorties ou the 14th Xov. and 1st Dec. 1841, 11th Marcii,!24th March, 
and Ittt April 184*2, general action and defeat of Akbar Khan before Jcllalabad (Mcrlal), storming 
the heights of Jugdulluck, j^cneral action of Tezecn, and rccaV'turc of CnhonI (Medal). Served 
In the Crimea from 30th June 18.>5, and was at tho ^iei^e and fidl of Scbastopol (Medal and 
Clasp, Kni<(ht of the L.e*t;ion of Honor, oth Class of the ^iedjidic, and Tnl■ki^ih Medal ). Served 
in the Indian campaign, and commanded tho left wini; 1:3th Lt. Infantry in the o])oruiions under 
Col. Kelly in Tirhoot and the Terai, including the actlous at Bootivab on *2/>th and 28th Mureh 
1859 (Medal). 

208 Slujnr General Hamilton commandetl a Brigade durin? the Peisinn war in 1857, and was 
pre«rnt at the bombardment of Molnnnrah (Medal). Commanded the 78th lli^^hlundcrs in 
Ha%elock's Column fn)m its fiiYt taking tlic field in 18o7, incUidini^ the actions tit Futtchporc, 
Annng, Pandoo Nuddee. Cavvnpore (horse i>hot) (.)nao, Busuerut (iunu'c. on 20th July and 5th 
Aug. (iior^e killed by a round shot), Boorbcakochowkce, and Bitlioor ; commanded tlio left 
InHiniry Prigaile in the several actiun» leading to and ending in tliu relief of t))o Bc'tidcncy at 
Lueknow and its !iub»equent defence; served with the force under Ontram at Alumba^th, in- 
cluding the reiinl>e of the numerous attaeks (frequently mentioned in i)is])atelie9, CV.y Medal 
and Clasp, a penMon for distinguished service in the flchl, and a yearV service fir Lticknow). 

200 Maior General Llovd served with the Arinv of the Kast Ironi Mav to Oct. 18'V> as Com- 
mfindiu;; Hoyal Engineer at Constantinople, and from 14th Oct. to the termination of hustiUtics 
a» Commanding Rriyal Engineer with the Army in the Criinea, during which period the total 
destruction of the Ducki« at Sebastoprd was effected under his directions. He has the Crimean 
Medal, the Turkish Me<hil, and is a Knight ot* the Legion of Honor. 

210 Major General Uochfurt Scott served with the expedition against New Orleans, and was 
present at t!ie attack on the American Lines on the 8th Jan. 1815, and at the capture of Fort 
Bovcr. Served afterwards in France with tho Army of Occupution, from July 1815 to Dec. 1818 ; 
and with the allied Anglo-Turkish force in Syria, from Dec. 1840 to Nov. 184 1 (Medal and Claip). 

SI I Major General Macbean served in the Peninsula and France, from July 1812 to Angust 
t814, i Deluding the affair at Oima, battle of Vittoria, both sieges of San Sebastian and 
capture of it; passage of the \ivelle, 10th November, and actions of the Nive, 9th, 10th, 
11th, and I2th December, 1813. Served also tho campaign of 1815, innluding the capture 
of Pari?. Served after wards.wiih the Army of Occupation until 18i>^. Ho has received tho 
Silver War Medal with four Clasps. 

212 Major General English served during the ludian campulu^;) of 18.j7-o(I, and while in 
commend of the I^ft Wing o3d Kegt. IHO stronir, witli IGO Seikh:), aitueked and routed at 
ChuMU a furcc of lOUO Mutineers chiefly of the Bauighnr Battalion, talking all their gnns, trea- 
sure, and camp equipage — thanked by the Coniniunder in ('hicf and nominated a CB. Was 
thnnked by the Governor General for havin;; cleaivd the I3e)iar District of the mutinous Sepoys 
of the d2d JV.I. whom ho encountered and defeated at Gopalgunge : conmiandetl the 5:)d Rcgt. 
at the action of Khiicugiinj^o and entry into Futt«.'lii:hur, ar.'.l tlio affair of Snunishabad; com^ 
mandcd the right column of attack at the .storm and caiiture of Mean;;ungc; communded the 
5Sd throughout the 8i(^e and ca))tiirc nf f.ncknow, and tlie alfair or' Koorrie, ixX^o at the paB:<uge 
of the Gogra at Fyzabadon 2dd Nov. the action of Toolscpoie (horse wounded) and minor affairs 
(Medal and Cla<p). 

213 Major Gtnoral Brown sen-od throughout the Panjaub campaign, and was present 
with the 24ch at the pissuge of the Ch^nnb and battles of Sadojlapore and Chillian wallah 
(wounded), and as Major of the 29th Ilegt. at the battle of Gooj^rat (Medal and CIu&ps). 

214 Miijor General J or vi.<j served in the 72nd Highlander^; the Kaffir campaigns of 1834-35 

215 Major Qennal ^I. W. Smith wii) appointod to the Turkish contingent with local rank 
of Maj.r General in 1855, aui subsiqueuiiy t) the or)mm<inl of the Oamanli Irregular 
Cavalry, and obt:r'ni>d the Turkish rank of Lieut General (2Dd Class of tho Medjidie^. 
Commanded a Brigade during the Central India campaign; commanded at the recapture of 
Chandalrce in May 1858, also at the actions between Kota ka Serai and Gwalior on I7th Jane; 
commanded a Brigade in the action of the 19 th Juno resulting in the capture of the dty and 

80rf fVar Services of the General Officers. 

foriresa of Gwalior, aUo at tlie siege and capture of Towrec ; comniaDdcd at the lurprUe of 
the rebel eunp at Koondry, also in pursnlt of Taotia Topee and the Hao Sahib (Medal and 
Clasp and CB,, frequently mentioned in desputnhes). 

i216 Major General R- B. Bumaby served the campaign of 181.*^, inchiding the battle of 

217 Mijor General Heunis served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of 

218 Miijor Gencml Freose served on the China evpcdltion, and was slip^htly wounded at 
Chinkiangfoo (Medal). Served in the Kustern cainpaiq^u of 18o4-r>«3, includinpr the biittle of 
Inkerman and siege of Sebastopol, in the trenches with the siege train and bombardment of 
October (Medal and Clasps, CB,^ 5th (1as8 of the Meiijidir, and Turkish AfedHl). 

210 Major General Perceval commanded the reserve liattalion 12ili Regt. in the Kaffir 
war of 1851-52, and for bis services was nominated a CB. (Medal). 

2-20 Major General Stiii'.ed eeried wltli the Queen's Kovals dnring the campai^ in Afighani^tan 
and Beloochistan under Lord Kcane, incladin;r the storm nnd capture ot Gtuizne.i (woundech 
and of Kholat (Medal for Gliuznce). Served with the 7Sth Hi^rhlanders in the Persian war in 
1857 ; commanded a Brigade in the niglit attack and battle of Kooshab {CB), and the 7Hth at 
the bombardment of Mohunirali. Served with Havclock*s column in 1857, pn»>cnt in the action 
at Bithoor, conimandeti the Regt. iu the several actions leading to and ending in the relief of the 
Residency at Lucknow. Succeeded to the command of the Ut Hrigudr* on tlie death of General 
Neil on 25th Sept. and held that command during the whole of the operations throughout the 
defence of the Residency, also for two months with Outram*s force at Alumhagli including the 
repulse of several attackti, and the operations ending in the final capture of Lucknow (frequently 
mentioned in Dispatches). Sorved the Rohilctmd campaign in Apr. 1858, and commanded the 
9d Brigade at the capture cf Bareilly (Medal with two Clasps, nnd a year's service). 

221 Major General Guy commanded the Infantry Brigade of llopo Grant's Column at the 
defeat of the Rebels on 4th Xov. 1857 at Marigunge ; commanded at the Alam Bugh from 13th 
to 30th Nov. during Sir Colin CimpbeU's advance to the relict' of the Lucknow Garri&un ; from 
lit Dec. 57 to j(h March 1858 commanded the 5th Fusili^-rs with Outrum's Division at Alum 
Bagh and engaged in repelling the numerous attacks as aUo iu attacking and routing the 
enemy on 22nd Dec. and 25th Feb. capturing guns ; oomnLiiided the 3ril Infantry Brigade at 
the siege and capture of Lucknow, from 5th to 28th March (C'Z^., Mcdul and Ciasp). 

222 Major General F. Seymour served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the Scots Fusilirr 
Guards, including the battles of Alma, Bilaklava and Inkerman (wounded), siege and fall of 
Sebastopcd, and sortie on the 2Gtl) OctobiT. Was severely wouiided in the head while iield 
officer iu command of the right attack on the 24th August 1)^55 ; and Iio succeeded to th«) 
command oi' 1st Battalion at an early hour at Inkerman (Medal with four Clasps, OHicor i>f 
the Legion of Honor, 4th Clasi of the Medijdie, and Turkish Medal). 

S23 Major General Mitchell sorvcfl witli the R. M. Brigade in the Crimea iu 1855; also at 
the surrender of Kinbourn (Medal, and Turkish Medal). 

224 Major General Steusrt served wiih the 14th Lt. Drs. in the I'unjaub campaign of 1848-9, 
including the battles of Chillianwullah (sabro wound) and Gocjerat, pursuit of the enemy across 
the Jhelum, and of the Aft'i^hans over the Indus through the KhyberPass (Medal and Clasps). 
Commanded a Cavalry Brigade in the Persian expedition of 1857 (Medal and CB,), ('om- 
manded the 2ud Brigade of the Central India Field Force under Sir Hugh Ros'c in 185S, and 
was present at the sioj;e and capture of Rahutghur, relief of Saugor and capture of Gurra- 
kota, forcing the Muddenpore Puss, liiege and capture of Jhansi, battles of iSetwa and Koonuh 
(Medal and Clasp) . 

226 Major General Di-nt'.iA served with the 40tli Regt. in China (Mcdul), and was present at 
Chusau (both o]ierations), Canton and Amoy ; after which he was employed as a military 
magistrate at Chu<an. In August 1841), a determined and desperate band of insurgKut fanatics 
having deflated a native forco wliicii hud ijocn marched u'^ainst them, killing a Muropciin oMicer 
and seveiul Sipoyti, Major Dennis, with u force consiiiting of Grenadier Company of tne 04(h 
and 100 Sepoyn of the Madras Native Infuntry, ciicoiintertd tlu-ni ut a Pauodu nour Tocrmanani 
Coonettos, in Malabar. On the upprouch of our troops xW^q niaduicii, luirtd witii maicldorks, 
sp^rs, swords, and war knives, rushed out upon X\\v dutaehmeut, and a »an:;uinury conflict 
eusue<l, terminating in the destruction of the eiitiic Mupia liaud, (14 in Tiiimlu'r, tlirce of wlmiii 
were killed by Major Dennis, who receivid a contu:»ion on tlie che»t and a few ^light wounds. 
Served with the5*2d Lt. Inf. in the Indian C;in)])aiun of 1857, inclui1in<; the dcfeut of the >St'aI- 
kuto niutiucrrs on the banks of tlic Ravcc on the 12th and KUh July, tho sieue and rapture oi 
Delhi from 14th AniiURt, protected tho camp daring the as;«ault on tho 14th and 15tii Sept., 
Joined the Regt. in the city on lOrh Nov. and ctnnmanded it until the flnal capture— mentioned 
in despatches, and thuijke4l Ity tiio (jiovonior (iencr.d (.Medal with C]a«p). 

227 Lord West served on Sir Hugh Gnugh's Staff throughout the Sutlfj campaign of 
1845-40, a9 AiJe-de-Camp in tho battles of Moodkee and Fcrozeshah, and a.s ()thi;iating Mili- 
tary Secretary during the remainder of tho eanipaign, and in the battle of Sobraon (Medal 
and Cluips). L-indid with the 2Iat FuiilitTs in the Crimea and was present at trie battles 
fought there: coraiDand»-d a detached wing in the ha'tle of Inkormun and subsc^ufntly tho 
regiment during the sirgo from 17th Nov. is.Tt to U Aug. 1855, imduding a special command 
of two llegiments in .support of tho storming p>iity of the left cdumn a{;ainit the Kcdan on 
the I8th June. Had command of the K**giment again on tho 8th Sept., and during the assault 
was ordered to move to the point of attiick in » upporr. In the e\pcdition to Kinbourn he held 

War Services if the General Officers, 30e 

■and of A Brkiid* (liadal aad CIm^ CJ9., OfHoer of the Le^n of Honor, Sardinian 
Torkbh Medali, and 3rd Clnst of the Meiljidie). 

!8 Ma|or General Hopkins uirved with the li. M. Brigado in tho Crimea In 18M-55 : in com- 
d of the Ist Battalion at the battle of Baluklava, and rrom the time of \\a landing until 
ebod In eoomand of lour e»ni>|»anii!t to Join the Light DivLuon of the Army beforo 
istopol, with which ho rcmaioed tloinpf duty in camp an«l in the advanced trendies 
Bf ibetlegcirom Nor. 1854 to March 1855, and commanded tlie Royal Marines en^ugctl 
lie IkiUIo of Inkerman (mentioned in Dispatches, and promoted Bi-evet Mujor): uficr- 
la eoiuniaDdod the let Battalion at Baluklava from March to June 1B65 (Medal and threo 
pa, Brevet Lt.Col., CJ9., Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, 4th Glass of the 
jidte, and Turkish Medal). 

» Major General Aylea served at the battle of Navarino in 1837 (Medal and Clasp). Com- 
dad tlia Royal Marines at the captai-e of Aden, 10th January 1839 ; and was also at the 
netioa of S9 war junks in China in 1840 (Medal). 

10 Miijor GeiieralHaiBea'aerTieeai-OntheformationoftheAnnyof theSutlejinl845he 
npojpited to officiate at Military Secretary to the Gomiaander in Chief in India, Sir Hugh 
gBt aad in that eapaeity he waa preaent at the battles of Moodkee and Feroaeahah (Medal 
one CJaep) ; in the latter eagageoient he was soTerely wounded by grape shot at the attadL 
ke enemv ■ works, hii horse iMing killed under him at the same moment. At the recoo:- 
dation of Lord Qongh, he was promoted to a Companjr in the 10th Foot, without purchase, 
Military Secretary to hia Lordship, he served the Ponjanb campaign of 1848-9, and was 
ml at the afFsir of ontposta at Bamnusgur, 22Dd Xov. 1848, and subsequent operations 
Itiog in the paaaige of the Ohenab, andthe battles of ChiUianwallah and Cloojerat (Medal 
two Clasps). Serred with the 31st Fneiiiers the Eastern campaign of 1804-55, includipg 
battlea of Alma, Balaelava, and Inkerman, and siege of SebMtopol (IVIedal and four 
pa, 5Ui Claae of tlie Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 



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•o o o »e o »o o "O o o *.*: o o o o o lo o o »t »•'? o o »'? o •■? o »t ^ o •'5 1^? o >■■? o 


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ei«-!'si^gt ijiei — acids'?! -wpgigti;. a si -3 ^ tj -ji ■;' — ■-• ^X.^^JH a 



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lO »/3 iC >0 ^'S ^ *0 to k'd >0 *0 to to 4.0 O O tO to to to to tO >o to 


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'C 5 t "C *C u ^ ^ >* ^ >» ^ S5» 

S, a p. 5, £. 5, 5. • c3 a « cs « 

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lis >S o o o o >^ to >o to U 3 O k^ O O O k{ lO lO o wt S £9 o O lO 2 19 3 O O to «3 ^ 3 to aS • 
<il» I.-} o O »0 ".^ O o O ^ "^ "^ «» "^ ^ O '.'i »i8 to ^ »0 ■<# kO lO to ti^ 

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9300COCO 9* 00 75 9900 eC 99 "^ GO 9 d CO 05 OO » 09 ^ "« ^ <« s9 '«f> SO « CO 99 9 ^ S CO « <« rN M 

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3 3 o 3 3 S S i'? tS 3 L? 3 § S 3 S 3 S 3 S S 


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•n -^ *< •-» •-» >-» »^ •-> no S5 25 « Q < •-> i-» 55 O "n O ^ 

3^SSSS5§r5S33S35SS59 5 

o s^ > 2? > ••* & > > > V ^ § g ► > V > > 5 ►•' 


'N ^2 2?_r±^! »?< -^ I'M 

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lO o »o o ua 

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CI c X « -^ 5< ':i 

»-» — t-^ ^ »*• C* CI 

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;£.;&. ci4 &« Fk ;x4 ;<. 

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-I CI ^ — -, *:• 

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CI ct i-^ c; 

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•—-Hcin ^ p. CI 



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O O -? •'5 O ^ 





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War ^Services of the Cokmtls. 49a 

>ir John Morillyon Wilson serred as Midshipman in tho Nary for noarly six >( ars. He 
iOiployod on the coast of Ireland during the rebellion in 1798 ; in the expedition to the 
V in 1799, and Iigypt in 1801, where he received a medal from the Capitan Pasha for 

Lsmred the lires of a boat's crew belonging; to a Turkish man-of-war. He received three 
while a Midshipman ; and the last was a severe wound on the head, which produced 
Irafness, in consequence of which he was invalided, and quitted the Navy in ISaS. His 
I being restored, he entered the Army in 1 804 ; and served in the third Battalion KoyaJs at 
leren in 1809, where he was twice wounded during the siege of Flushing. lie afterwards 
I in the Peninsula,, and was in tho battles of Busnco, tho retreat to the lines of Torres 
#, and at the actions of Pombal, Bedinha, Condeixa, Casal Nova, Foz d'Arouoe, and Sabugal, 
>ckade of Almeida, and bittle of Fuentes d*Onor. In 1812 he joined the 2nd Battalion 
i in Caoa'la, and was in the attack made on Sackett's Harbour, and Great Sodus (where 
eired a serere bayonet wound). He was also in the actions at Black Rock, Buffalo, and 
ttle of Chippewa, in which he received seren wounds, and being left on the field of battle, 
I into the hands of the enemy. Diirine his career in the two professions he received 
n wounds, and has two baUs still lod|;ed. The brevet rank of Major, and that of Licn- 
-Colonel was conferred upon him for his conduct at Buflnlo and Chippewa. Sir John has 
^d the War Medal with two Clasps for Busaco and Fuentes d*Onor. Was Gentleman 
of the Privy Chamber for nearly twenty years to Queen Adelaide. 
Lionel the Honourable Frederick M. Cathcart served as Aide-de-Camp to the Commander 
Forces in the expedition sent to the North of Germany in 1805-6 under General Lord 
)it ; and on the expedition sent to the Island of Bugen in the Baltic, to co-operate with 
n^ of Sweden in 1807; and subsequently in the same year at the siege and capture of 
bagen, on which occasion, being sent homo with tho despatches, he was promoted to a 
in the 25th Light Dragoons. He continued to serve as Aide-de-camp to Lord Catbrart 
the campaigns of 1813 and 1814 in Germany and France, and was present at the battles 
:zen 3rd May, Bautzen 20th and 2l8t May, Dresden 28th Aug., Leipzic 16th, 18th, and 
>jt. 1813, Brienno 1st Feb., Fere Cbampenoise 25th March, and caprure of PdrisSl^t 
.1814. In 1815 he was also employed in the same capacity at the head-quarters of the 
^Vrmy under Marshal Prince Schwartzenberg. Is a Knight 2nd Class of Sc. Anne of Russia. 
olonel Scopford- Blair served on the expedition to South America in 1807. Tho 
ign of 1815, including the battles of Quatro Bras and Waterloo (received a contusion), 
iptnre of Paris. 

olonel Fynmore was at the capture of a French privateer schooner of 16 guna and 96 
lesides other boat service in 1811. In tho partial action with tho French fleet off Toulon 
4. Was landed at Mahon in command of a guard to protect tho person of the Spanish 
lor fi-om the threatened violence of the Walloon guards. Sent to the city of Florence in 
to place himself under the directions of General Count Nugent, commander-in-chief of 
istrian army, as extra Aide-de-Camp, and was at tho taking of the city of Naples. In 1823 
8 sent op to the city of Lima to protect English merchants* property against the attacks of 
egro slaves dnring the civil war. The 20th Oct 1827 was at the batSe of Navarino, for 
serrice he was promoted by His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, bnt in consequence 
snging to a gradation corps the appointment was afterwards cancelled. Served with the 
h army at the reduction of the town and fortress of Patras and the Morea castle ; served 
rards in the West Indies, North Sea, and off Oporto dnring the civil war between Don 
\ and Don MigueL In 1833 joined the Royal Marine Battalion at Lisbon, commanded by 
el Adair, CB. In April, 1837, embarked on board H.M.S. Castor (36), on the 10th Oct. 
inded in command of his detachment on the Albanian coa^t to attack pirates. Servrd on the 
coast of Spain from 4th Jan. 38 to 30 Jan. 39. Has the War Medal and Clasp for Navarino. 
>)lonel Terry served the campaign of 1799 in Holland with the 25th, includiaoT the 
of £gmont-op-Zce. Expedition to Egypt and surrender of Alexandria in 1801 ; capture 
ideira in 1807 ; capture of Guadaloupe and St. Martin's in 1810 ; re-capture of Gnada- 
in 1815. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Egypt and Guadalonpe. 
'olonel Fairtlough serred at the bombardment of Tor Vere, and siege and capture 
ishing in 1809. Also the capture of Guadaloupe in 1815. 

[Colonel Hughes served the Egyptian campaign of ISOl with the 24th. Engaged 
i French sqnadron in the Mosambique Channel, 3rd July 1810. Served the Nepaul cam- 
I of 1814, 15, and 16, and was wounded at Harriapore. Servrd also daring the Mahratta 
f 1816, 17, and 18. Gold Medal fVom the Grand Seignior for services in Egypt; and alfo 
iver War ^ledal with one Clasp. 

Colonel Harty served with the 33rd at the capture of Bourbon and the Isle of France in 
; the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in Germany and Holland, including both the attacks on 
em, and tho assault of Bcrgen-op-Zoom. Also the campaign of 1815, including the 
of QuatreBras, the retreat on the following day, and battle of Waterloo,— slightly wounded 
Colonel Burney served at tho capture of Ischia and Procida, in 1809 ; defence of 
in 1810 ; action of the Coa and Sabugal, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, retreat from Burgos. 
d the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the action at Merxem, bombardment oF 
erp, and storming of Bergen-op-Zoom. Engaged in the Burmese war at the attack of 
ira Pass and the fortified positions of Mahatce ; storming the stockades and hills near, and 
I tho town and works of Arracan. Wounded on the 16th June 181 5, at Qaatre Bras, by a 
Bi-«hot in the left shin, and dangerously by a ball which entered the back part of the head. 
la reoeired the War Medal with one Clasp for Faentes d*Onor. 

Cokmel Dnndaa lerved in the 47 (h Regt on the expedition to South America in 1806-7, 


49i ^V^r Services of the Colonels. 

and WAS presout at tho taking of Maldocado, in several aklrmishrs, and at the attack and' ^ ' 
storming uf Monte Video. Ho served afterwards in the East Indies, and was present in 1814 at 
the capture of the Fort of Now Nuggur, and in several skirmishes. He served also in tbt 
Burmese Territory from Jan. IS'iC till pence was proclaimed. ''^' 

13 Colonel Willington served in the East Indies from May IS 13 to May 1823, indBdr,^ ■ 
tag the cimpaigiia of 1815 and 16 in Ivaitytvar and Kuteh; takiog of Aojar; Deccau cavpidgns., : 
of iSl7 and 18; campaign uf 1S19 in Candei»h; aud in Kutjh in 1820. , 

14 Colonel Wutmore servid the campaigns of 1S13 and 14 in GtTmany and HoUand,^ ■ 
including hutb uttacUs on Merzem, and the assault on Borg^n-op-Zoom ; served at Waterloo bii.p • 
tho 16tb, 17tb, and ISih Jane, and was severely wouiuled. '' 

15 Colonel Puule served throughout the operations in Sdndu (Medal) under Sbr Charlei ^ '• 
Napier, and commanded tlie 22ud at the battle of Meeaneo, and a brigade at the battle of Hyder- ' 
abad. He was uUu previously at tlio destruction of the Fort of Imaumghur in the Desert. Hr* • 
served the campaign in the Southern Mahratta country in 1844-5, inolndlng the investment snf " • 
capture of tho Forts Panulla and Pownghur. *| 

IG Colonel White's services : — Campaign in Spain, under Sur John Moore, indndil^' ' ■ 
the retreat to and battle of Corunna, where he was wounded. Siege of Flushing, and captait^ 
of Waloheren; campaigns in Canada, firom Nov. 1813, to the end of the war. He haa reoeiTcd.^ • 
the War Medal with ouo Clasp for Corunna. '\ 

19 Colonel Tyrwhltt served the Eastern campaign of I854,as Aide-de-Camp to the Bake'' 
of Cambridge, and was present at the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol'^ - 
(Modal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidle, and Tnrkiik''' 
Medal). '7 

:iO Colunol the Hon. Henry Percy served with the Grenadier Guards in the Canadian in-'*' 
surrection in 1838. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Almt^^' 
(wounded), Balaklava, and Inkerman (wounded), and Siege of Sebastopol (Medal with fdor^' < 
Clasps, Aide de Camp to the Queen, Victoria Cross, Knight of tho Legion of Honor, 4th ClUf '^^ 
of the Medjidie, and Torkiih Medal). Commanded the 1st Batt. Grenadier Guards on tJM ^ 
Expedition through New Brunswick after the Trent aifiir. l: 

21 Colonel WiUiam Napier scned as Aide-de-Camp to Sir Charles Napier during liia ^b- !; ' 
paign of 1845 against the Desert and Moantain Tribes on the right bank of the Indus. 8erve<^ ^' > 
also at the siege of Sebastopol as Assiitant Director General of the Land Transport Corppf'/' 
(Medal and CUsp, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). /^ 

22 Colonel EUioe served during the Indian ^lutiny of 1857-58, and commanded tho trbopi'? • 
at the defeat of tho Jheulum mutineers on 7th July 1857 — dangerously and severely woandeff'J • 
and horso killed (CB., 3Iedal). ^ ; 

23 Colonel H. B. Jones commanded the Carabineers in the Crimea from 14th Aug. 1855, la^.^ < 
eluding the battle of the Tchemava, siege aud fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 5di Clasr 
or the Modiidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign ; commanded GenctaK? : 
reDn;^'s column in the action of the Kirkrowlie, that officer having been killed by the fbtjtlri : 
shot tired by the enemy, and captured a gun ; commanded a Brigade of Carahry at the ^H^i ' 
tare of Uareilly { commanded the left column with Lord Clyde's force In the attack on Bema^ i 
Maidho*s force at Dunderkera; commanded the Cavalry with Lord Clyde^s force in this Trifi^ ' 
Gogra campaign, inclndins affisirs at Magedia Chunda), and Bsiikce, also pursuit of the refiSll'V > 
to the Bnptco (CB., Aledal). 

Clnss St. Manrico and Sr. Lazarus, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). '^ 

*Jo Colonel Birtwhistlc served the campaitin of 1814 in the sonlli of Prance with the t^dL 

Also tho campaign of 1815, including the battle of Qiiatve Bras (slightly wounded), retreat on lh£!! 

17th Juno, and battle of Waterloo (scvoroly wounded ). ■ i 

20 Colonel Palmer served the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the attack upoii . 

actions in which the left wing of the army was en'j^aged. Served al.-j0 the cam]>aign of 1815, BfJL^ 
was present at the l>attlc of Waterloo. He hnn reoelvod the War Medal Mith two Clajtps. ^^-'3 

28 Colonel Lu^t commanded the troops in the southern district oF New Zralsnd during the 
greater part of the operations against the hostile natives in 1846. lie tissisted in driving badC^ 
the rel>els who attacked the detachment posted under LieuL Page (5Sth Regt ) at BoulcoUl'i 'T 
farm in the valley of tho Hutt on the 16th May 1846 ; commanded at the capture of Te IUa<«''.'l. 

Gttey. 1 1* 

2U Colonel Scargill served with the Olh at the defence of Tarlfa, from May to Doo'^ \i\\. 

War Services of the Colonels, 50 

in Uic south of France from Mai-ch to May 1814, Iticludiiijr Mie l)l«;ckadc of Bayoiiiie and re- 
\pt the uoTlift* 

'Colunc-I Uolicrt Lewia sterved U the Burmctso wmr. 

, Colonel WUbcaham gcrted tkw Syrian campaign of 1840-41 (Medal), inclndtog the 
noe on Gaza and nffair near AskeluiL Served thelSasUrn campaign of 1854-55, aa an 
Itaat A<yutan(-Ocneral, including the batdea in the Crioiea and aie^ of Bebaitopol 
IftlAod CIiUip4, C7i., Officer of the Legion of Honor, drd Claas of the Mcdjidir, and 
iah Medal). 

CalDnel Webber Smith ier?ed with the 48th Begt tho campaign against the Rajah of 
g; in April 1834, and waa wounded. Commanded the 95th Regt in the Eastern campaign 
151, and waa severely wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, CB,, 5th Class of 
ledjidie, .ind Turkish Medal). 

Brigadier General 0*Coiinor commanded a brip:nde of detachincntii, — Ist, 2nd, and 3rd 
Tndin RegiinenUi Enrolled Penfiioners, lloyal Gambia I^Iilitia, Conimnndcr BradgliaTr, 
JB^aailorsy and mariuea of II. M.S. RttiBtanee, against the Mahometan Robelaoi'Co iiho; 
led, cipturedy and totally destroyed the strongly stockaded town of Sabajco on the 1st 
i lj&53,aiidacqairedf by treaty, a valuable tract of territory; the soniie entertained by 
. Governnicnt of the very effective manner in which this service was ]>ei'fonncd by Colonel 
nnor and the otficcn and meu under liim was conveyed by the Doke of Newcastle in a 
Ich to Colonel O'Connor. On the 17th July, li<5d, ho attacked and repulsed a numerous 
of Maliometana commanded by Omar Hadujee, the Bluck Prophet, on whicli occasion SO 
were kiiled and 4>3 wouuded of 240 British, and Colonel O'Connor was sioverely woondod 
9hol») in the right arm and left shoulder, but remained in tlic field, and on 4th Aug.. 1B55, 
landed the combined British and French troops against the Mahometan rebels of Upper 
jower Combos, and after four hours' fightinpr in tho Pa&s of Baccow Konko, stormed tlicir 
ade, and totally routed the rebel forces, with a Io4s of 500 killed and wounded. For tlieso 
:cs Colunel O'Connor was created a CB., and placed on the list of oiKcers receiving re- 
i for dlstiacuished services. 

Colonel Gheorge served Uiroughont the campaign in Scindo in 18412-43 nnder Sir 
ics Napier, including the destruction of Imaumghor in the Desert, and the battles of 
nee mod Hyderabad, at which last he commanded the 22nd Begt. (^fedal. Brevet of 
r. aad CJB.). Served also throughoat the campaign in the Southern Alnhratta oonntry 
A tba Southern Concan in 1SI4-5 and commanded a corps of detachments at the taking 
e Petahs on the northern fronts of PanuUa and Pownghnr, and vras present at the 
Un^nt and oapturo of both those forts, being in command of the left (tank post. Again 
g th« operations agaiast the Forts Mannohur and Munsontosh in the Southern Concan, 
rnnnanded the left wbg of the 22 nd Ucgt., and afccrfvards commanded the Field Brigade 


Culooel Torke commaoded the Boyal Dragoons in the Eastern campaign of 1854, nud 
BTfsrely wounded at the bottle of Balaklava, his horse also was severely wounded with grape 
W ^pporting the Light Cavalry charge prior to his own leg being shattered by a RiHe 
Ifcdai a&d Ciup«> CB,^ Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 
landed the Regt during a violent gale in the Black Sea between Varna and the Crimea 
rfiaat diaastar resulted in the loss of 250 horses of the Regt including tho greater 
« ofliceTs* chargen and those of detachments of other Regts. under his command. 
Coloiiel Mends served as a Biidshipman, Royal Navy, during the years 1812, 13, and 
L North, and South America. Served at every British possession in Western Africa, for 
e^ yesra, and was present at the first attack made upon the Ashantces near the village 
ofurnah* 96th September 1823, under Sir Charles McCarthy. Present also at the destruc- 
^ue natire Dutch town of Snccondee, 17th February 1824, and employed in the boats of 
[.'s ships of war skirmuhing with the natives of that town and the Ashantees on the fol- 
i^gaaoriung. In action against the Ashantees, 2Ut Muy 1824; and at tho defeat of their 
r on the heights in rear of Gape Ccast Castle, 1 1th July following. On the 4th February 
, whilst in command of Dixcove Fort, he was attacked by about 6,000 natives, the gar- 
. consiaUne of onlj one corporal and nineteen privates (natives), Royal African corps; 
ifirsfr he oefended the post, and forced the enetny to retreat with mnch loss in the kiUed 
■jniflided. Besides the above he has l>een in various skirmishes with the nitivei. 
' Colonel Dalrymple served in the Eastern cnmpaign of 1B54 up to 8th November, in- 
iklje the battles of Alma (wounded) and Inkerniun, and sicj^e of ^ebastopol (Mcdul T\itli 
» Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

Colonel C H. Burnaby commanded the Royal Artillery on the Eat tern Frontier Cape of 
1 ITope, during the Kaffir war of 1846-7, and for this received the Brevet rank of Major. 
2ib commanded tlie Royal Artillery on the Eastern Frontier from the breaking out of 
rar 1]^ 1^*^ 1^^ *^^ ^'^y 1852, and was appointed commandant of Graham's Town, 
flie District of Lower Albany ; for services in this war he got the Brevet rank of Lieut* 
■^ (Medal). 

,' CoroiieUohnAr or strong was appointed Proviyioiml F.ns. CM. BiflcslOHi Miirci), l^.'V}, mni 
kl^ throughout tho Kaffir war of that period. He vrtis present in the attack on tlie Ainntnlu 
il64n. and served on the Staff of Major General Somerset during the whf of that period, 
^A 'Aojii taut y and subseqiioutly as Aide do Camp, a iwl was present nt the action of the 
^k^L. Coin loan ded three squadrons of tlie C. M« Rifles under tfir Harry Smitli apainsi 
3p( 'Boers over the Omnge. Biver, and was in the action at Boem Plaats 20tb August 1848, 
rafcc' ^A severely wounded, and had his horse sliot under Iiim,ibr which he received the rank 
Srevyi ni^iier. Wm selected by Sir Harry Smith to form and command a corps of Irregulav 

61 V/ur Services of the Colonels. 

llorso C' ^Vrmstroug's lloi'^o **) during tlio war of 1852-3, nnd was on several ocensiout men 
tiuuiMl in general orders, having coinninuded detuchmeutB in various succeMful alBUra agBiiti 
the enemy, for which he received the rank of Hrevct Lieut. Colonel (Medal). 

4:'. Culunel Phillips served with tlio 43rd Lighc Infantry in the Kaffir war of lSol-3 
(McdaJ, and Brevet of Ll Colonel). 

4o SSir Alfred Horsford served with the Uiflo Brigade in the Kaffir war of 1846-47, and OMU 
mauded the 1st Battalion in that of 1852-53 (Medal and Brevet LtC'Olouel). Also aommaiids 
tlie 1st Battalion in the Eisti-m campaign of 18rj4, including the battles of the Alma, BalaUan 
and lakerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and CJasps, CB., Sardinian and Turkish Medai 
and 5 th Class of tJbe Medjidie). Served in the Indian Campaign of 1857-5'J; commanded Si 
Battalion Kifle Brigade at the battle of Cawnpore on nth Dec. 1857 (wounded); commanded 
Brigade from Feb. 1858 to the end of the war, and wa=i present throughout the Oude can 
paign ; commanded the Infantry at the battle of Nawabgunge; in Feb. 1859 was left in ooa 
mand of the Oude and Nepaul frontier, and on one occasion took 16 guns in on engagemei 
in Nepaul agamst the rebels (Medal and Clasp, and KCB.). 

47 Colonel Patton served witli the 74th thniu^^hout the Kaffir war of 1851-59 (Medal), an 
was present in all the operations; commanded tlie Regt. from Nov. 1851 until Oct. 1852; U 
Iiis services he was promoted to the rank of Lieut. Colonel. Served in the Eastern campaign ( 
1854, and was present at tlie battles of Balaklava and Inker man, and siege of Sobastopol; vi 
also presuut throughout the battle of the Alma with Lord Raglan's Staff as an amateur (Mcdi 
and four Clasps, 5lh Clas!> of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

49 Colonel tbe Hon. Percy Herbert served with the 43rd Light Infantry in the Kaffir Wtrc 
1851-53 (Modal); al:so in the Expedition into the Orange Kiver Sorereignty, including it 
battlf) of Berea. Served as As&ist.Qr.Mobter General to the 2Dd Division of the Eastern Arti 
from its formation to Nov. 1855, and subsequently as Quarter Master General to the Army i 
the £ist uutil June 1850; was present at the battle of Alma (wounded), aff^iir of SKtl 
Octobf^r, battle of Inkermaii, H\*%{i and fall of Sebastopol — wounded (Medal and Clasp, Aid 
de Camp tu the Queen, C'iJ., Oiiicer of the Legion of Honor, Commander of 2nd Class of 8 
Maurice and St. L izarui, Srd Class of the ^Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served with tfc 
82nd Ilogt. in Rjhilcund under Lord Clyde in 1858, and was present in Tarious affoin an 
skirmishes ut Bireilly and Shahjehunpori'. Commanded the districts at Cawnpore and M 
tehpore till the spring of IdoU, and a force in pursuit of Feroceshah and a rebel force to tb 
banks of tho Jumna (Medal). 

50 Culoni'l Browurigg served the Eastern cam])aigu of 1854-55, as Assist. Adjutant Gcmo 
including the battles of Almu and lukerman, and siege of Sebastopol, and was Chief of Ift 
Staff to Sir George Brown in the expedition to Kertch (Medal and Clasps, CB., Officer of th 
Ij€)*lun of Honor, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

51 CuKmelM'Murdo served as Assistant Quarter iMa^tor General of the Army imder.9 
Charles Napier during tho campaign in Scinde in 1843 (Medal), and was present in the batll 
of Mpeance, — in which his horse was shot under him — skirmish with the enemy while oondMl 
ing Mbjor Stack s Brigade from Muttaree to form a junction with Sir Charles Napier*a forea a 
llytlrabad; und battle of llydrabad, where be received a sabre wound in the right breast. H 
again served as Assist. Quartermaster General to Sir Charles Napier's Army during the euD 
paign ogaiubt the Mountain and Desert tribes situated on the right bank of tho Indus, etfl^ 
in 1845. Served in the Eastorn campaign as Director General Land Transport Coqis (MMi 
and Clasp for Sobastopol, Officer of the Legion of Honor, 4th Class of the Medjidie, w 
Turkish Medal). 

52 Colonel Kd wards served with llie 18th Royal Irish throughoat the war in China (Medil] 
and was present at tho attack upon Canton, at the taking of Amoy, Chapoo, Yrootiiii| 
Sliaaghai and Chinkiaogfoo, and at the concluding operations before Nankin ; was empkqfti 
4>n the staff during tho war, nnd afterwards appointetl by Lord Gough Assistant Quaita 
MabtiT (ieueral to the Force m China. He served also with the 18th in the Burmah war fjPM 
July 1852 to the conclasiin (M«Mlal); was at the taking of Prome, and cmpluycd ci^ I 
detuuhcd conunaud for six months, \vh(*n the provinces of fadoung and Kanghein were cIfi|M 
of tho eiiumy, alter beveral skirmishes and severe marches, by the detachments under U 
comnianJ. in January 1853 he led a party on special service from Frome to Arraoaaii ftl 
which tet viiv tho Goveruuient of India and General Godwin recorded their appitibatta 
StTved at tho >ie^o and fall of Sobastopol from Dec. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, C/?., KniglUli 
the lit-gion of Jlonur, 3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Received the Bn^ 
of Lt.Cvil. for his services in Burmah, and that of Colonel for services in the Crimes. €!■■ 
maiided the Bri^'ude at Mhow, at the termination of the Mutiny in 1858-59, and received Al 
thinks of thu (jovernor General in Council, for tho promptness of measures, wherelgr 4i 
rebels under Tantia Topee were prevented entering Kandeisn. 

.03 < \donel lieury Smyth commanded the GSth Light Infantry throughout the Kastern camp||U 
of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and lukerman (horso killed), t>iego and &JIT1 
S-ti:a«topol (M(!dal und Clasps, CJJ.^ Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and TiuUi 
i'Me«liil>i, und 4th ClaiS of the Medjidie). 

55 Colonel Wilkie commanded the loth Uussars in the Crimean campaign from the 17th ApA '. 
18.V>, includmg the capture of Tuhorgaun, battle of the Tchemaya, siego and fiUl of Sebailgpol 
(Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Mccyidic, and Turkish Medal). 

56 (yolunel Tuly served with the 14 ih Regt. at the siege and capture of Bhurtpora il' 
IK25-26 (Medal). ' 

57 Colonel H. D. White served the Eastern campaign of lii54*55 in command of thl' 

ofSebMtopol (Medal aud Clasps, Knight of tho Legion of Honor, 4Ui Clau of the 
e, mnd Turkish Medal). 

>lonel Robinaon terred the campaign in AfTghanistan and HelooehistaD, inoIudiDg the 
tid capture of Ghuznce (gevcrel^ wounded) and of Khclat : Medal for Qhuznee. lie also 
a the Kaffir war of 1851-52-53, as Assistant- Qaarter-Muster General of the 2nd Diviaion. 
ilonel Wiffston serredwith the 18lh Royal Irish on the China expedition TMedal), at 
Amoj« Chusan, Chinhae, Kingpo, Scgonn, Chapoo, and Chin Kiang Foo. Sen-ed also 
lAh from July 1852 to the end of the war in 1S53 ; was present at thocuptare of Fromc; 
auuDded the infantrj, and subsequently, on tho force b<^ing increased, tho Hight AV^ing 
COM employed under Sir John Cheapc in the'Doniibew district against Meah Toon, and 
mj wounded at the assault and capture of that chiefs last position on tho IDlh March 
Gteoeived the brevet of Miyor for tho China service, and that of Llcuf .-Colonel tor the 

I Mrrice. 

ilonel Kice served with the olst daring the war in Burmoh from April to August 
u on board the £.1. C. steam sloop Seiottris during tho Navnl action and destruction 
■leiiiy'a stockades on the Kangoou River; served during tho succeeding three days 

II in the vicinity, and at the storm and capture of Rangoon; also at the assault and 
di B— aeiB, 19th May (severely wounded). Colonel Rice was mentioned in General 
s dispatohee as ** deserving tho best consideration of Government" for capturing bv 
ih lua oompauy and a sub-dividiou of tho 9th Madras Native Infantry the enemy ^ 
Id, and entrenched position south of Rassein, armed with sixteen guiH and twenty 
; honoured with the best thanks of the Governor- General in Coimcil. 

ilonel the Hon. R. C. H. Spencer served throughout the whole of tho opiTationt in 
od was present at the destruction of the batteries of Amoy, in H. M. S. Blonde, in 
t the capture of the forts of the Bocca Tigris, and subsequent operations in tho Canton 
It the storm and capturo of the heights of Canton ; attack and captures of Amoy, 
(second operation), Chinhae, Chapoo, AVoosung, Shangliao, and Chin Kiang FoO| and 
ration before Nankin (Medal). 

lonel Eld served with the 90th Regiment during the Kaffir war of 1 846- 47 (Medal). 
lonel Land served as Adjutant to the Royal Marine Battali on at D*Jouni, and wss 
X the Bombardment of St. Jean d*Acre ( Mdal and Clasp fur Syria, and Turkish Medal). 
loDfcl Mitford was employed on the coast of Syria during the whole of the operations 
he Egyptians ; he landed and served with the Battalion at tho Camp d*Jouni, and was 
It the TOmbaidment of SL Jean d'Acre. He has been presented with a Mcdsl from 
m, and has ihe War IJcdal with one Clasp. 

lonel James Watson served with the 14lb Regt at the siege and storming of Bhurt- 
.825-26 (Medal). Also at the siege of Sebastopol from 10th Feb. to Ist April 1855 
ttd Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

' Thomas Troubrldge served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the 7 th Fusiliers, and 
' Mveraly wounded at the battle of Inkerman- -both feet amputated (Medal and Clasps, 
I of the Mecytdie, and Turkuh Medal). 

lonel Forbes served with the 91st Regiment in tho last Kaffir war (Medal). 
loDsl Norcott served the liisstcrn campaign of l851'o5; held the ind(>pendent com- 
m wing of the 2nd BatL Rifle Brigodo at the battio of the Alma — horse killed 
ly named in the first Dispatch), as also before Sebastopol on its first bombardment. 
.Tebffoary 1655 he commanded the 1st Battalion engaged in tho siege operations (Medal 
pa. Brevets of Lt.Col. and Colonel, Aide de Camp to the Queen, CIS., Officer of the 
if Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, 3rd Class of the MedjiHie). 
lonel Lysons served in Canada during the rebellion in 1838-39, including the actions 
mis and St. Eostache. Was honourably mentioned in Dispatches and General Orders 
jflaiiiit" of the wreok of the transport Premier on 4 th November 1H43 and promoted in 

~~ lampaignof 1854-55; was present at the " 

Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55; was present at the battles of Alma 
fman, the minor affiurs of Buigonac and Mackenzie's farm, csipture of Balaldava, and 
At the whole siege of Sebastopol; led the main column of the attack on the Rcrlan 
abt Division on tiie 18th June, and commandLd a Brigade in tho latter part of the actiun 
wounded); was engaged in tho final assault of tho Redan on the 8th Srptember 
r wounded); commanded the 2nd Brigade Light Division from October 1855 to tho 
he war (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Colonel, CB,, Officer of the Legion of Honor, 
B and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of tho Medjidie). 

vd Longford served the Eastern Ciuupaign of 1854-55, as Assistant Adjutant General, 
lio 24th June 1855, after which as Adjutant General, including the battles of Alma, 
'A, f<* Inkerman, aud siege and fall of Sebastopol (]^ledal and Clasps, CB,, Officer 
iosion of Honor, Commander 2nd Class St. Maurice and St. Lazarus, 3rd Class of 
|tdM» and Turkish ^ledal). 

io n ffl Tudor served as Aide-de-Camp to General Grey, commanding the left wing of 
f of Gwalior, in the action of Puuniar, 29 Dec, 1843 (Medal). Also served the Suihj 
a of 1845-6, as Aide de Camp to the same General, commanding 5th Division of the Army. 
loael James Graham joined the 54th Regt iuBurmah, as a volunteer, in Deo 1824, and 
entnt the carrying of the entrenched Fords of the Mahattco River, 27th ^larch, and at 
tk on the fortified heights of Arraoan, 29th March 18*25; at the latter he was wounded 
Kde and face: has received the Medal and Clasp for Avq. In July 1855. Medical 
ronounoed hun as "totally unfit for service in the field;'' but in consideration of the 

nature of hu paat lerrices he was specially promoted to a LUttt-Colonelcy,t And •Uo||r^.|o ir- 
tire npoa the (ViD pay of that rank. 

73 Colonel Wctherall herred in Canada Uunng the rcbellionft of 1887-38, 1838-99, A|m1 wu 
present in the actions of St. Charles, St. Kustachc, and I'ointo Oliviere. Was shinwrrckad with 
the llo>-al Ilegt. in the transport '' Premier." Served in tbc Crimea aa AMistant Quarter Master 
Ceiieral and ^v(l8 present nt the buttles of Ahno^ Boloklava, and Inkcrman, the aiege and fall of 
Sebastopol. Served at KertcU as Deputy Quarter Master General of the Turkish Contingent. 
'Was subsequently Director General of Lund Transport in tlie Criniea, and was cliargcd with 
the iTorgauizution of that force (Medal and four Clasps, CB,^ Knigbt of the I.fgion of Honor, 
3rd Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Ser\'ed as Deputy Q. H. General to the forces 
in China in lt>o7. Served in India in the Mutiny of 1857-58; was Chief of the Staff of the 
Central India field force and present at Koonch, Muttra, Golowlee 20th and 2^d May (horse 
shot, mentioned by Sir Hugh Hose for gallant conduct in a charge of the Camel Corpe;, and 
Calpee. Commanded South Oude field force in the campaigrn of 1858; and oommanded the 
force at the attack and capture of the intrenched camp of Kampore Kussea on SrdNov. (2? 
guns taken), and the subsequent operations of the campaign (Medal and Clasp). 

74 Colonel Strange serred «itn the 26ih Regt. on the China expedition (Medsl), and was 
present at th«> defence of Ningpo, at Tscke, Chapoo, Woosong, Shaaghae, Chinklangfoo, and 

76 Colonel Payne served with the Royal Marine Brigade in the Crimea and at the surrendi-r 
of Kinbouru in 1855 (Medal, and Turkish Medal). 

77 Colonel John AVataon aerved with the 14th Regt, in the Crimean Campaign from 1 9th 
Jan. to 25th Aut?. 1855, including the aiege of Sebaatopol and assault of the 18th June (Medil 
and Clasp, uud Turkish Medal). 

78 CofoDcl Nolloth served with the expedition to the Baltic in 1854, and ai Lt.CoL of the 
Battalion of Royal Marines at the bombardment and surrender of the forts of Bomaraond in 
August ^mentioned in despatches, Medal and Brevet of Lt. Colonel). 

79 Colonel Uttlo served with the 9th Lancers in the Sutlrj oampaign in 1846, iadladiBg the 
battle of Sobraon (Medal). Served as Brigadier in command of the CaTalry at the relief of 
Lucknow, and commanded the post at DJkoosha from 16th to 24th Nor. 1857, for which he 
received the thanks of the Commander in Chief and Governor General in Council, and CB. 
Commanded the Cavalry and three troops Horse Artillery at the battle uf Gawnpore and pur- 
suit of the Gwalior Mutinecn on the 6tn Dec, actions at Sc^aighat and Khudargnnge. Com- 
manded the Ist Brijgade of Cavalry at the siege of Lucknow, until severely wounded by a 
musket ball through the left elbow (twice mentioned in despatches. Medal and Clasps). 

80 Colonel Dou^flas 8erve<l tlie £a^tem campaign of 1854-55 in command of the 11th 
II UKUirs, including tlie affair of liulganak, battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkennan,.and siege 
of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasps, CB,^ Knight of the Legion of Honor, 4tli Class of the Med- 
jidlo, and Turkish Aftdal), 

81 Colonel riuuconc hod served in Spain, Franco, Italy, the Mediterranean, Jumaica, and 
India. In 1814 ho was with the Austrian Army in Italy and at tlw surrender of Gcmoa. He 
was in several uiraiiD in Ava rluriug the Burmese \Var : also at tlie stomiing of Bhnrtpore. In 
the Spouisli service in 1835, 30, as Lieut. -Colonel on the Staff, and has received the Crocs of St. 
Fernando ; uUo the AVar Medal lor India with two Cla^^ps. 

82 Sir John Douglas served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, in command of the 79lh 
llighlnaders, including the battles of Alma and BulakJuva, siege of Sebastopol, assault of the 
18th June uud expedition toKertch and Ycnik ale (Medal and three Clasps, CJB., Sardinian snd 
Turkish Medids, 4th Class of the Medjidicand Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian caiapaign 
nf 1857-59; commanded the Infantry in the action of Sccundra; commanded a Brigade uuriDg 
tho siege of Luuknow, taking tho Residency, Iron Bridge, Great Emaumbarra, and aeveru 
other important positions; afterwards commanded the Infantrv of the Aximghur field force, 
and prcient in the action at Tigra, taking of Aximghur, detached in pursuit of Koer Sipgli, 
actions at Aximghur, Munnear, Sheoporeghat, and various operations in and around Jegdet- 
pore and thu jungles^ and pursuit to Buxar. On 1 5th June 1858 appointefl to command the 
troops in tho Aximghur and Jounpore districts, and on 25th June to the command of the dis- 
turbed districts of Behar, Dinahporc, Ghaxcpore, and Shahabad, and constantly engamd in 
pursuing the rebels during the hot and wet seasons; took the field after the rains, defeated 
tho rebels at Karisatb and drove them into the jungle, took Jugdespore, pursued and drove 
the rebels into tbc Kymore Hills, killing 1200; campaign in the Kymore liills and snoceisfnl 

A'Ci)., Medal and Clasp). 

83 Colonel Daubcney served with the 55 th Regt in the Coorg campaign, Boat Indies, in 
1 U34, and was present at the assault and capture of the stockade of KiasenhuUy, and at the 
attack on Uie stockade of Soamwarpcttah, where he had charge of one of the two guns altacbcd 
to the Column, which by hia perseverance and exertions he saved from eaptura during the 
retreat, served during the Chinese war of 1841-42, commanded the Light Company at the re- 
pulse oif the enemy's night-attack at Chinliae, and at the storm and capture of Cbapoo; aerved 
on the staff as Major of Brigade to fcrir Jnmes Schoeddu at Woosong, Shanghai, and Chin- 
kiangfoo — twice mentioned in I)nipAtch«!S (Medal, Brovet MHJor,and CB.). Served the I'lastern 
campaign of 1854, including the bittles of Alma and I nkerman (wounded and horse shot)* sieao 
of Sebastopol, and repulse of the sortie of 26th October. Cominanded tho 65th Begt at the 

WW «*# Ki/i«# ■/•■•■,» \fi kftv «^«/»i/#ftvco* ft#r> 

b«Mfc ^ ftAf iB i ii, and tneeeeded to the eommtnd of the Ist Brigade, 2nd Dlfiiion, after 
Cotonel Warren waa woomled, and brought it oat of action — mentioned in DlYirion Orders for 
Iha AloBia and'in the Dispatches for Inkerman (Medal and three Cla8|>s, Knight of the Legion 
or H6B<lr, Tttilttsh Meda], and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

84 Colonel Maulerercr served with the 17th Begt. throughout the campaign In AiP^hanislan 
and Beloochistan under Lord Keanci and wfis present at the storm and ciipturc of Ghuxneo 
(Medal) and of Khclat. Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the .MOth, including the 
battle of the Alma (horse shot), shortly after which lie succeeded to the command of the Regi- 
ment, and was present at the battle of Inkrrmnn (severely wounded), sie^c of ^ebastopol, sortie 

7 !26th Oct. 1854, and assault on the Kedan 8th Sept. 1855— wounded (Mednl and Clasps, 
nentinned in Dispatches, CB,^ Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian itnd Turkish Medals, 
and 4th chun of the Medjidie). 

85 Colonel Seagram serred with the 45th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Mfedal, and 
Brevet Major). 

86 Colonel Hon. R. W. P. Curzon served ns Aide rte Camp to Sir George Cathcart in the 
Kaffir war in 1852-d (Medal), for which service ho was ])romoted to the Brevet rank of Major. 
Serred at the sicfse of Delhi in 1857, as Acting Quarter Master General of the Queen's troops 
(Colonel, CD., Medal with Clasp). 

87 Sir Thomas M'Mahon served with the 9th Lancers in the Sutlej campaign in 1848, and 
was present at the battle of Sobraon ^Medal). Served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as 
A.Q.M.Gi to the Cavalry Division, including the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and Tcher- 
naja, and siege of Sehastopol ; served also the campaign of 1855 in command of the 5th Dragoon 
Gasitii (Medal and Clasps, Ci/., Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

89 Colonel Maxwell served in the Crimea from 8 Not. 1854, and commanded the 46th 
Regt. at the siege and fall of Scbastopol (^Tcdal and Clasp, CB>^ Knight of the Legion of 
Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

89 Colonel Low served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma, 
BalaUava, Inkerman, and Tchemaya, and siege of Sehastopol, also present with the Light 
Cavalry Brigade at Enpatcrla; at inkerman he commanded the Begiment (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevtt LtCoL, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, 4th Class of 
the Medjidie^. 

90 Colonel Greathed served with the 8th Regt. at the siege of Delhi in 1857 (in command 
from 90ih Jtne to the end of the slese), present at the repulse of Sorties on the 9th, 14th, and 
18th Jidy, and commanded the 3d Brigade dnring the repulse of the enemy's attack on 28d 
July } commanded the Column sent to occnpy the Khoodsiabagh and Ludlow Castle on 7th 
Sept. by which operation the batteries were advanced to within 180 yards of the walls ; led the 
Regtw to the assault and served with it in the City ; on the 24th Sept. left Delhi in command 
of a Movable Column and defeated the enemy at Bohmdshur, All3^ghur, and Agra ; commanded 
the 3d Brieade of the Army under Lord Clyde from 10th Nov. 57 to 9th Jan. 58 and present 
at the actum of Dilkoosha in Lnolinow during the operations resulting in the relief of the 
garrison { commanded advanced pickets at Cawnpore from 80th Nov. to 7th Dec, including 
tha aflkir of the 2d action of the 6th Dec, aho present in the action of Khudagnnj and 
cceopatloii of Futtehghur (CH., snd promoted Colonel for distinguished seryice in the field). 

91 Colonel Bentinck served with the 7th Dragoon Guards in the Kaffir war ir. 1847 (Medal). 
^If filr Blc^ard Denis Kelly served with the f)4th Regt. at the siege of Schuittopo] in 1855 ; 

eofmnanded the guard in the trenches on the 2ihid March, when he wa!« Moun<Vd and taken 
prisoner in a sortie of the Russians (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Lieut. Colonel, Knight of the 
i>glOtt of Honor, 6th Clnss of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served In the Indian cam- 
paigns of 1857-50; commanded the 34th Regiment In the actions at Cawnpore on SOih, 27th 
(wounded), and 28tli Nov. 1867, capture of Mceangunge, sie^e and capture of Lncknow, and 
lellef of Atimgliur ; commanded the Azimghnr column in the operations In Oude in the winter 
of 1858 -DIJ; commanded a ticld force from Feb. to May 185t), engaged in the operations on the 
Kepaiil IVonticr, and def.ated the rebels under Bala Rao near Bootwul (horse shot), capturing 
»ht gwns and mnch baggage (thanked by Governor General and the Commander in Chief, fre- 
quently mentioned In dispatches, CB., Medal and Clasp, KCB.j and distinguished service pcn- 

' 9? Colonel F. A. Campbell served with the R. M. Battalion on the north coast of Spain, 
•erred wHh the combined force before the town of l^^cbastopol during the sieee in 1854-55 ; 
waa on the expedition to and occupation of Kertch, and advance on Ycni Kmk ; commanded 
the First Battalion of the R. M. Brlg;ide serving in the Crimea, until the fall of ^^ebastopo), 
ato wIUi expedition to and surrender of Kinbonm (Medal and Clasp, 4tii Class of the Med- 
jidie, and Turkish Medul). 

93 Colonel the Hon. Robert Roll') was one of two officers sent from Malta on a special 
mission to Tripoli in 1846 and received the thanks of the Secretaries for Foreign Affairs and 
Coloniea eonrejted throagh the Commander-in-Chief for his services upon that occasion. He 
imbai^CKl with the 42nd for the East and served with the Regt in the campaign of 1854-55; 
was Brfoadc- Major from the battle of linlaklava and throuehout the winter until he took com- 
mand of bis Regt.; commanded it upon the expedition toKertch and surrender ofTenikalo, 
and afterwards in the siege of Sehastopol end assault of the outworks on the 18th June (Medal 
snd Ch»pi, Brevet Lienf.Colonel, 5th Cla» of the Mcfljidie, and Turkish Mednl). 

94 Cokrriel Thorold served in the Indiun campaign in 1857, and commanded the 42d High- 
Isnders in the action at Cawnporo on Cth Dee. (horse shot) and at Seriaghat (Medal). 

95 OoNmd E. K Smyth serf ed as Brigade ^lajor to the Forces in the Southern Concan and 
Sawant Warree country during the campaign of 1844 and 45, and was present at the attack 

55 War Services of the Colonels. 

and capture of seToral atroDg stockades as well as in the operations before the mountain forts 
of Honohur, and at their final assault ; also at the forcing of the Kirwatteo Pass, and subse- 
quent occupation of the country below the Ghats. Served also in the Ivaffir war of 1831.52 
(M«diil), and mentioned iu General Orders for coolness and intrepidity in command of a 
column in action in tho Fish Itivcr Bush — Brevet of Major ; with the expedition north of the 
Orange River in 18o2-53, afterwards as Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General of 
the 2ud Division ; and subsequently as D. Acy. Gen. and D. Q. M. General to the forces in 
South Africa frum January l8o4 to July 16G0, during a period of peculiar difficulty and immi- 
nently threatened war. 

96 ColunHi the Hon. Francis Colborne served in Canada in suppression of the rebellion in 
183S-39 and was present in the action of St. Eustache. Served throughout the Eastern cam- 
paign of 1854-00, as AssistQr. Master General to the 3rd Division including tho battles of 
Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of 
Lt.Culone], CB,, Knight of the Legion of Honor, oLh Class of tho Medjidie, Sardinian and 
Turkish Medals). 

97 Colonel the lion. St. Geor«(c Foley served in the Eastern campaign of 18.'>4-o0, as A?- 
si^taiit Cn.-inuisbioiirr ut the Head Quartera of the French Army, and was pi-ei^ent at the battles 
of Almai Baluklava, Jukcrmau, unil Tchernuya, the Kifge and fall of Sebastopol (Meilul an J 
Clasps, Brevet of Lt.(^llouel, CB,, Otliccr of the Legion of Honor, 4tli Cla^s of the Medjidit* 
and Tiirkiflli Medal). Servtd as Military Secretary to the expeditionary forcr In Chum from 
March 1857 to Feb. IBHO ; was present at tho capture of Canton in Dec. It*;'? (Brevet of 
Colonel), and other afluirs in the neighbourhood. Served throughout the campaign as B^iti^ll 
Commissioner at tho Head Quarters of the French army iu China from Feh. It^CO to Mcircii 
1801 ; was present at the storming and capture of tho Taku Forts, tlie actions of the 18th .'ind 
21st Sept. (mentioned in Fronch devi)utches), and snbrtoqui'nt advance on l^ekin (good service 
pension, ('ommamlur of tlie Legion of Honor, Modal with three Cla^p.'i). 

98 Colonel KeUail servtd in Canada dunne tho insurrection in 16H7-38, and was unoicd 
in General Orders, for dislodging a number of Brigands from two islands on tho Detroit Kiver 
and Lake Erie in the winter of 1838. 

99 Cohmel Taylor served the Eastern campaign of 1854 -5^'), including the battles of Alma 
end Balaklava, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, oth Class of the Medjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). Commanded the 79th Highlanders from Feb. to 16th Xov. 1858 in tho 
Indian campaign, including the siege and capture of Lucknow, and commanded a brigade iu 
Oudefrom Nov. ISiiS to Jan. 1809 (mentioned in despatches, CJ},, Brevet of Colonel, Mi.'dul 
and CUsp). 

100 Colonel Somerset served with the Rifle Brigade in tho Kaffir war of lSo'2-i}'\ 
(Medal). Also the Eastern campaign of 1854-t>^i, includint; the hatlles of Alma, Baloklavn, 
and Inkemian, and sie«;e of Sebastopol (Medal and CIa<«ps, Knigiit of the Legion of Honor, otli 
Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

101 Colonel Faddy commanded the H. Artillery in the engagement at Port Natal against 
the revolted Zoolu Chief Foro in 1846. He served in the Kuflir war of 18o2 in command of 
the Royal Artillery, and was named in the official Despatches, especially to that relating to 
the capture of the Kaffir chief Macomo's stronghold, called "Macomo^ Den," on the lOih 
March. Also commanded tho R. Artillerv at the buttle of Berea against the Baauta tribti 
nuder the Chief Mosheth (horse shot) 20tn Dea 1852, and was again mentioned in Dispatches, 
and received the Brevet rank of Major for his services (Medal). Commanded as Brigadier thi- 
column detached from the Sanger field force, which defeated the rebel force at Kcutee in 
Buudlecund on 4th ^[arch 18r>9 (mentioned in despatches. Medal). 

102 Colonel MncDotigall was employed on particular MTviee in the Crimea, acting on tl ^ 
Quarter Mooter General's Staff to the Kertch Kxpe<iit:on (Medul and Clasp for Sehustopol, :ii>>l 
Turkish Medal). 

103 Colonel Ciaremont has received the Medal and Clasps, the Breve ts of Major and L^'eut.. 
Colonel, I'B., Knight of the Legion of Honor, 4th CJass of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal, 
for his services in the late war witli Russia. 

104 (-olonel J. W. Arms'ti-oni? s<;rved the Eastern campaijfn of 1B^'»4-.V> (durin;; 18o4 as a Alajor 
of Briga(h> in thi> 2nd Division), and was present at the battles of Alma, Baluklava, and Inkf-ruinn 
(hor«c killed), and aioiie of Soboiitopol, sortie on 2()ih Oct. (horsu bliDt); cominanded tlu' kU 
coluum of the stjirminur party at tho capture of tiie Qoiirries — twiee Mviri-ly wounded, Iir^t bv 
n gnipe-ahut in tlie thi;ih,aud iittrrward-* by llie txplotiion of n l-VMiL;a>s (.MiiJal und I'onr Chisj»>, 
Brevets of Major and Lt.ColoncI, Knight of the Le^ii^n of llimor, 4tU Class of the MiMljidic, 
ami Turkii>h Medal). 

IOj Colonel John l-'iii^er suTved iu the Peuinsuia with the .Vh-d from Au*,'. 181 J to tlic end 
<if that war in 1814, including the niege and etipture of the fortitird convents at Salamanca, 
Iwttle of Salomanca, sittge of the castle of Burgos, battles of Vittoria, tlie Pyrenec.>, the Xivelle. 
und Toulouse. Se\erily wounded ut Pami>eluiui on the 'JOth July 181 ;"{. lie lia.->ifreived tlic 
M'ar Medal with five C-lasiiS. 

106 Colomd Waile served tlirouchout tho campuigurt in Aflghalii^tan from 16*38 to 1842 in- 
clusive, — he Mas Adjutant of tliu 13ih at the storm and capture of (ihuznec (Medal;, aiul Majcr 
of Hrig!ide at the ahsaidt and capture of the town ami fort> of Tootumdiirrah, storm of Jhoolghur, 
night attack at Bahoo Koorih Ghur, destruction ot Kliardnrrah, and assault of Ferwandurrah. 
PrcHcnt with the 1 3th at the stonning of the Koord Caljool Pass (woumled), afi'ulr of Tcziien, 
forcing the Jugdulluck Pass, reduction of the fort of Mamoo Khail, heroic defence of Jellalahufl 
and sorties on the 14th Nov. and 1st Dec. 1841, 11th March, 24th March, and Ist April, 184^ : 
general action and defeat of Akbar Khan before JclkUbad (Modal), stonning the heights oi* 

JVar Services of' the VoloneU. 56 

JugduUnck, general action of Tczeetij and recapture of Cabool (Mednl). Has the Order of the 
Doorau6e Empire of the 3rd Gluts. 

lOCf Colonel Conway served throughout the operations in Scinrlc (Medal), including tlic 
battles of Mceance and Hyderabad ; and he commanded the Light Company (detached, at the 
previous defence of the Residency at Hyderabad. He served also the cami)ai^n in tlic .Southern 
Mabratta country, and was present at the investment and capture of Panulla and Powni^har. 

107 Colonel Pearson served at the siege of Bhurtjiore, or.d was a volunteer for the dis- 
mounted cavaliy storming party. He served also in the action at Maharajporo, 29th Dec. 1843 
(Medal), and in the campaign on the Sutlej in ld4G, including the battles of Iluddiwal, Aliwal, 
and Sobi'aon : at Aliwal he commanded the right wing of the lOth Lancers, and subseqncntly the 
Regiment, as al»o at Sobraon. 

lOS Colonel Fyler served with the 16th Lancers during tho campaign in Affghanii«tan under 
Lord Keaue, including the biege and capture of Gliuziiee (Medal >. Also at the battle of Maba- 
rajpore (Medal), 29 Dec. 1843; and in the campaign on tlie Sutlej in 1840 (Mcdul), including 
the battles of Duddiwal and Aliwal, at which last he was severely woundid hy a musket sliot 
whilst charging with the Squadrc-n he commanded a large l>ody of infantry with three guns in 
tlieir front, and wliicb he broke through and dispersed ; for this service he received the Brevet 
rank of Major. Serve<l in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9 with the drd Light Dras^oons 
(Medal). Served in the Crimea with tlio 12th Lancers from 17th May 18/>i>, and was present 
at the battle of the Tchernaya, siege and fall of Scbastopol (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of 
the Medjidie, and Turkisii Medal). 

lui) Sir James Alexan'ler served in the Madras Light Cavalry previous to being transferred 
to H.M. Dragoons. Was present with armies in the field during the first Burman, the 
IVrsian, Turkish, Portuguese and KafTir wars \ and was on the personal staff of Generals 
Sir Benjamin d'Urban and Sir AVilliam Rowan, iind employed on Government ezpeditinns, 
exploring, and surveying in Africa and America. Served in the trenches at the siege 
of Sebaiitopol, including the assault on tho 18 th June, and commanded the 14th Regt. c4 
the fall of tbe city (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the 
Medjidie). AVas knighted by the Queeu for swrvicett in Africa, ond has received several de- 
corations and War Medab, and 24l Class Lion and Sun of Persia, rommanded the troops in 
the Province of Auckland, New Zealand, for some time during the Maori war of 1860-61. 

1 10 Colonel Porcival Brown served witli the 41st in the Burmese war in 1824-25 (Medal). 

111 Colonel Beaumont was actively employed during the Canadian rebellion of 1838, and 
commanded tbe Volunteer force of the Uouvillu district Lower Canada from April 1839 to May 
1840, and was ])rcsented witli a highly complimentary address on relinquishing that command. 

112 Colonel Creagh served in the Anglo-Spanish Legion, and was engaged on the heights 
of .\rlaban in Alava, on tho 10th, 17th, and Idth January 1836, besides several other affairs. lie 
was also employed ou a Particular service in Canada at the outbreak of the rebellion in 1837. 
Was employed during the Eastern campaign of 1854 > 55 — with the OMuauli Cavalry till the 
retreat uf tlic Russians fi-om the Principalities, afterwards served on the staff with the army in 
the Crimea, and was present at the battles cf Balaklava and Inkcrman. lias received a Gold 
Medal from the Sultan for his services on the Danube ; the.Crimean Medal with three Clasps, 
and the Turkish Medal. 

113 Colonel Blackliu served with the 3rd Battalion Royals at Quatro Bras 16th June, the 
retreat on tlie 17th, and carried the King's Colour after four officers had been killed from it 
at Waterloo on the Idth (wounded), capture of Paris, and wltii the army of occupation in 
France in 1815 and 1816. Ho was one of the only five oflBccrs out of 30 who marched with 
his regiment to Pari«, 34 having fallen, killed or wounded, in the battles of Qnatrc Bras and 
Waterloo. Embarked to join the 2nd battalion in the Rnst Indiea, and served with the army in 
the Deccan tlie campaigns of 1817, 18, and 19, including the pursuit of the Nagpore Rajah, 
battle of Nagpora, and other minor actions and skirmishes. Served with Sir Joim Doveton's 
force in pursuit of the Peishwa \ at the siege of Atiseerghur in 1810, and commanded the leading 
company at the assault. S'.rved afterwards in the West Indies and Turkey. Has the Indian War 
Medal with Clasp for Nagporc. 

114 Colonel Fauuce commanded the Light Company of the 4th Regt. at the recapture of the 
Fort of ^'epaunee on the lilst Feb. 1841. 

115 Colonel Mayow served throughout the Eastern Campaign of 1854-55, first as a Brigade 
Major of the Li^iit Caviihy Brigade to the 10th Dec. 1851, including the affuirH of Bulgaiiac 
and McKeuzio'rt Farm, ucd battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and afterwarrls from the 
20th Dec. to tho end of the War as Assist, (^r. Ma.<(ter General of the Cavalry Division, 
including thu night attack ou th<: Rus»iau outposth on lOtli Feb. 1855, battle of the Tchernaya, 
and tiie siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sar- 
dinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

IIG Colonel Hale served in the N. W. Provinces and Ondc in suppressing the mutiny in 
1857-51^; commanded three companies of the 82d Regt. at the relief of Lucknow by Lord 
Clyde, and succeeded to the command of the 5ih Brigade on Brigadier Russell being severely 
wunnded and Colonel Biddulph killed (woimded and horse killed by a round shot); com- 
manded the 82nd during tlie latter part of tho defence and at the battle of Cawnpore, and the 
5th Brigade at the acUt n of Khodagtingo, subsequent occupation of Futtehghur; served 
throughout the Bohilcund campaign and was left in command of the post of Sbahjehanporo on 
the advance of the army under Lord Clyde to B areilly (wounded ) ; comoianded the Regiment 
at the actions of Kaukur and Bunkagaon; was appointed to the command of a Brigade for 
field service in Oude in Oct 1858, and held it to the end of the campaign (frequently men- 
tioned in despatches, CB,y Colonel, Medal and Clasp). 

I lOf Colonel Bwart served thr<mghout the Bastem campaign of \^b\-CK>\ v'^^^^^^^^'^^^^ 

Wai' Services of the Colonels. 

03nl nt ihc butllc orAlnia, nuil until after tlic occupatioo ofBolaklava ; appoiutcd a D.A.Q.M.G., 
2f»Ui t>ept. 18o4, uu'l a« &uch was prr-scut at the battles of BalBk]a\a and Inkcniian, and 
throughout the siege opemtioiiii before SutMwtupol up to IStli Feb. 1856, whctn he rrjoined the 
Odrd ou promotion; accon)])auied the expedition to the i^ea of Axoff, end irns at the 
capture of Kcvtch and Yenikali; aftcnvnr<te ]>resent at the siege and fall of Febastfpol, and 
assaults on the 18th June and Sth 8epL (Aledul and four Cla6ik<i, Brevet of Major and Lf.CoI., 
Knight cf the Le^gfiun of Hunorj Spriliniun and Turkish Medals«and Ath Class of tlte Modjidic). 
Served in Bengal during the Indian Mutiny ; was at an enjtagcnient near Bunnec, and after- 
wards at the final relief of Luckuuw; held for a bhort time a command consisting of three 
squadrons of Cavalry, «iguns, and .000 Infantry (e:fpecially named in dispatcheii, and appointed 
a CB.) ; and on the iGth Nov. commanded ihe leading party of stormers at the amanlt of the 
Secunderbagh, on which occasion ho personally captured a colour, receiving two sabre wound? in 
an encounter with the two Native Ofticers who were defending it; was again (very severely) 
wounded by a cannon shot (left arm carried away) when in action with the Gwalior rebels *at 
Cawnpoi^e on the 1st Dec. 1867 (Medal and Cla^p,Aido de Camp to the Queen, and Colonel) ; 
commanded the 03rd Highlanders for a short ]>eriod during the siege of SebnKtopol, and was 
Lieut. Coloiu'l of the 78th Highlanders for upwards of fivo years. 

117 Colonel Parke servcMl in the Crimean campai^^n from 13th June 18/>5, in command of the 
79nd Highlander:* from July, including tlie expedition to Kcrtch, kicgcand fall of Gieba8toi)o] , 
and assaults of Idth June and 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp), Knight of the Legion of Honor, 
Turkish Medal, and (>th Class of the Medjidic). Served in India in 18(i7-C0, was appointed 1st 
Class Brigadier, and commanded 2iid Brigade of the Rajpootana field force from March 1858 to 
July 18o9, including the siege and full of Kotah, on which occasion he commanded the leading 
column of assault; sub^tequcntly throughout the o]>eration8 in Central India In 1858-50, and 
pursuit of the rebel forces under Taniia Toikh; and Bao Sahih, who wei-e attacked and defeated 
atOodcypore in Dec. 1858 by the 2nd Brigade R. F. Force. (Received the thanks of the 
Governor General of India and of the Governor in Council of Bombay; Aide dc Camp to the 
Queen, and Colonel CB, Medal and Clasp.) 

Il7f Colonel Longden served with thclOth in the Sntlej campaign of 1845-0, and was present 
in the battle of Sobraon (Medal). lie served al^o tho Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, and was 
present during the whole of the siege operations before Mooltan, including the affair of the 9th Sept., 
storming the enemy *a stronglj-cntrenched position before Mooltan 13th Sept.; oction of 
Sooijkoond, carrying the heights on 37th Dec. hi command of the Regt, and surrender of the 
fortress as l^eld Engineer : afterwards present at the surrender of the fort and garrl9on of 
Cheniote, and battle of Goojerat (Medal and Clasp?, and Brevet Major). Served in the Indian 
campaign of 1857 -58,~ commanded a field force in the Azimghnr and Jounpore districts in 1857, 
lncludln-4 the capture of the fort of Atrowleea; commanded an advanced guard of picked 
marksmen and guns of Frank's force in irs advance to Lncknow, including the aci ions ofChanda, 
Umeerpore, and Sultonpore, and attack on the fort of Donrahn; was attached to the Goorka 
Troops at the siege and capture of Lucknow ; present at the storming of theBegum*s House and 
Serai, ftorming of the Kmaumbara and Kaisabaxh* attack on the Moolvie in Abbasoodowlah*s 
Kuubullah — mentioned in despatches; present with a wing of the 13th Lt. Inf. at the Ist relief 
of Azimghur ; appointed chief 6f the staff to Lngard's foi-ce, and pi*esent at the passage of the 
Tousc, 2nd relief of Azimghur, capture of Jugdes{>ore, and several (^kirmlshcii in its vicinity 
(Medal and Clasp). « 

118 Colonel Lloyd served the campaign of 1815 and was ]>rcsent at tho battle of Waterloo, 
taking of Cambray, and c-apturo of Paris, Served one campaign latter part of 1836 against 
the Rajah of Kola]>ore. Also tho cam])aign in the ^uthei-n Mahratta Country in 1844 (includ- 
ing the stonniuc of Punella), and that in the Concan in 1845. 

119 Colonel Benson commanded the 1 7 ih Lancers in the Crimea from 14th Jan., 1855, in- 
oladinc the battle of the Tclicrnaya, siege and fail of Sebastopol, and commanded the sqaadron 
oftbo Light Brisadc in the night attack on the Russian Outposts on 19th Feb. I 855 (Medal 
and Clasp, 5th ClaGS of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in India in 1857-59, anrl 
commanded the 2nd cavalry column Malwa Division in various operations in Central Ir.<iia, 
and in porsoit of the rebel forces under Tantia Topee ami the Rao Sihib, who were attacked 
and defeated with great loss at Zerapore on 29tb Dec. 1858, by the 2nd Cavalrj^ column 
(Colonel, CJ3., and Medal). 

ISO Colonel Congdon served with the R. M. Battalion on the north coast of Spain dnrlng the 
Carlist War. Served with the expedition to the Baltic in 185v> (Medal). 

121 Colonel Bradford served the Eastern campaign of 1854, and up to 9 Feb. 18r)5 with 

including tbe battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (dingeroosly wounded), and siege of 
Sebastopol (Mtdnl and Clasps, Iwnight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medijidie, 
and Turkish Medal j. 

123 Cohinel DevcrvU served thcDeccan campaigns of isio, 17, and 18; in tbe Persian Gulf 
in 1819 and 20, including the capture of the Arab fortressra of Bas-el-Khyma and X^^ah; and 
in tbe Burmese war from Nov. 1825 until tlie peaca in 18:21^ iocluding the capture of l>onabew, 
attacks on the height near Frome, of Maloon, and of Mveral atockadea. 

124 Colonel Keane acrvcd with tbe Malwa» Neibndda, and Ceotral India fiehl foroe in 
1857*58, and waa present at tho siege, itorm, and oapUra of Dhar, operatlona »t Mmidofoiv ht 

)Var Seruices of the Colunch, u8 

commuivi of a wing of the 86th RegL, capture of Goodarea (led the a«0&uU), aclion of Kotab- 
kasTtfui, baUle before aad capture tS* the town and fi>Ttreis of Qwalior (several t'tmea mentioned 
in d-*apatcbes» BreYct of Lt. Ct>lone1, Medal with Clasp). 

l2o Colonel tlie Hon. J. W. B. Macdonald served the Eai>tcrii campaign of 1854 ns Aide 
do Camp to tbo Duke uf Cambridge, including the battles of Alinn (liortic shot), Dulaklava, and 
Inkerman (horse abut), siege of Sebastopol and sortie of d6tb Oetubi-r (>rodal end Clasji:}, CJi-t 
Kni^^bt of tiie Legion of Honor, otli Cla^^s oi the Medjidio, and Turkish Medal). 

1:26 Colonel Blane served the Ea^item campai;^ of 1854-50 as Assis^tnut Adjutant (leiir.ral) 
and subsequently as Military »Secretary, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and In- 
kerman, and aiege and fall of ISebastopol (Medal and Clojips, Knight of the Lcj^ion of Ilouur, 
Couiiuandcr 2nd Cla» of St. Maurice and St. Lazaru9, 5th Class of the Medjidic, and Turkish 

127 Colonel ForUyce served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 47th Kegt., in- 
cluding the battles of Alma (oontusion of left foot; and Inkerman, capture of Balaklava, 
Mege of Sobaatopol, and sortie of 20th Oct. 54 (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Lt.Coloiicl, 
CB.^ 5th Class of the Modjidie, and Turkish Modal). 

128 Colonel Whimper served with the 98th Kegt. on the China expedition (Medal) and 
w IS preaent at the captare of Chin-kiang-foo. Served with the 55th KegL in the Eastern 
campaign of 1854, iuclading the battle of Alma — severely wounded and horse killed (Modal 
and Clasp, Brevet of Lt.(>>lonel, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

V2^ Colonel ConoUy served the Kastcrn campaign of 1854 as Brigade-Major to the Heavy 
Cavalry firig^e, includiiijc the battle of Balaklava and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Kniifiit of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medul). 

130 Colonel Kelly served with the Slst Regt. in the Crimea from 22nd May to the enl of 
June 1855, ineluding the attack of the outworks of Sebastopol on the 18th of June (Medal 
and Clasp, 3th Class of the Medjidie, and Turlusb Medal). Served \n the Indian campaira of 
1S57-58 i commanded a detachment of the 38th Regt, at the battle of Cawnpore on 6th i}eo. 
I857t A'ttd the same day commanded a Brigade in the defence of the enemy*s captured camp^ 
repolsing two attaoka and captoring three guns : commanded three companies of the 38tn 
with a troop of 9th Lancers and some Pnnjaub Cavalry against the villages of Whera and 
Nattypore ; oommaoded the 38th Regt. when escorting the siege train from Mynpore to 
Cawnpore, also at the storm and eaptare of Meeangnnge, and attack of the Dil Koosha; preicnt 
at the taking of the Martiuiere ; second in command of the Regt at the siege and captnre of 
Lneknow \ oomraanded the right wing dSth Reet.. with two eompanies of the 84th ana two of 
the 90ih attached, for tha capture of the Qaeen s Palace— nine guns of various calibre fell into 
bis habdf \ commanded the 38th from 93rd March to 9th Jnne 1858, and was present at the 
affairs of Barree and Noggnr in Oode ; eommanded the 3rd Brigade from 27th March 1858 
nntil ita xednction (slightly womded on the head by a musket ball on ISth March, repeatedly 
mentioned in desnatehes^ Medal and Clasp, and CB) . 

132 Colonel Fosbroke waa employed on shore against the natives in New Zealand in 
184C. Served with the R. M. Battalion at the bombardment and surrender of the forts of 
B«}marsund in Ang. 1854. Served with the expedition to the Baltic in 1855, and was landed 
to destroy a tel^raph station (Medal). « 

134 Colonel frakine served with the 33rd RegL in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
including the battle of Inkerman and siege of Sebastopol; he commanded the picqnets of the 
Light DirisKXi en the I4tb Oct. 1854, when they repuhed the attack made on them by the 
enemy (Medal and two Clasps, Bre?et of Lt.Colonel, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish 

13C Colonel Shnpson lerved with the 34th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
9th D<*c. 1854 ; commanded a party in the assault (wounded) and capture of the Quarries i 
also present at tlie assault of the Itedan on the 8th Sept. (Medal ana Clasp, Brevet Lt.Col., 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, 5lh Class of the Medjidie, and Turkiih 
Medal). Served in the Indian campaigns in 1857*59, and was present in the actions at Cawn- 
pore on the 26th 27th and 28th Nov. 1857, capture of Mceangnnce, siege and capture of 
Lneknow, relief of Azimghur, and commanded a column of Colonel Kelly's force at the defeat 
of tha rebala under Bala Itao near Bootwnl on the Nepanl frontier (twice mentioned in dc- 
spstchest Medal and Clasp, and CD). 

138 Lord Walden served the Satlej compaign of 1845 6 as Aide de Camp to Lord Hardinge^ 
and waa present at the battle of Sobraon (M<Mal). Served also in the Crimea from 29th Deo. 
1854 (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian and Tnrkish Medals, and 5th Class of the MG(\jidie). 

140 Colonel Hallewell served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as B. A. Q. M. G. to 
the X4ght Diviaion, inclnding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol 
()Iedal and GUsps, Brevets of Major and Lt. Colonel, ICnight of the JLegion of Ilonor, oih 
Ciasa of the Me^idie, and Tnrkish Medal). 

141 Colonel Walker served the Eastern campaign of 1854, as Aide de Camp to the E&rl 
of Locan, including the battles of the Ahna, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and sieee of Sebastopol. 
was also at the Cavalry aiFair the day previons to Alma ; at the surprise of the Knasian rear- 
gaud at MaekeDsie*a farm ; and served as a volunteer on board H.M.S. Hclleroiihon at the 
bombardoieDt of Sebastopol on the 17th October (Medal and Clasps). Sorred in the field in 
India in 1859, first in commMid of a flekl force at Secroa in Oade, near which place he de-. 
feated the rebels on S7(h April, and aftarwards In command of the column which accompanied 
Sir Hope GmaI t6 the NaJNinl (Irontier in6lildfng the action of the Jerwah Foss rMcdiil). 
Served in China thronghont the campaign of 18G0 as Assistant Qr.MasioT QexvcrvX ^^Cwciia^^ 

39 IVar Sertnces of the Cokynels. 

and was present at the actions of the 12th Angu8t» 18th and Slst Sept.» and in the advance on 
Pekin (CB,, Medal and Clasps). 

142 Colonel Campbell served with the 77 th Kegt. in the Peninsula from Aug. 1812 to 
the cud of that war in 1814, and was present at the blockade of Bajonne and repulse of the 
sortie. Served with the 30th Uegt. at the siege of Scbastopol in 1855, and was wounded at 
the assault on the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). 

143 Colonel A. J. Herbert served the Eastern nampaign of 1854-5ri, including the battled in 
thi! Crimea and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th 
Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish IVIcdal). 

144 Lord Seaton served in the field during the Canadian Rebellion, as Aide de Camp to 
!Field Marshal the late Lord Seaton. 

145 Colonel Gardiner served with the 22iid Regiment throughout the operations in Scinde 
under Sir Charles Napier, including the destruction of the Fort of Imaumgliur, and battles 
of Meeaneo and Hyderabad (Medal). 

146 Colonel Hart when commanding at Templemore received on the 8th July 185G 
a despatch from the magistrates at Nenagh reporting that a serious outbreak had taken place 
on the part of the men of the North Tipperary Militia, who, being in a high state of mutiny, had 
overpowered their officers, seized upon the ammunition magatine, stormed the police barracks, 
taken possession and control of the town, in which they were firing shots and committing other 
outrages. Without a moment's hesitation — time not admittine of a reference to head quarters 
for instructions— he assembled his available force to the number of 574 of all ranks, and with 
these made a forced march of 23 miles in less than five hours — reaching Nenagh about six hours 
before the arrival of any other succour — and thus saved the town from being sacked. For his 
services in quelling this mutiny Major-General Eden commanding Kilkenny District expressed 
''approbation of the promptness with which he proceeded to NensgU and of his judgment in 
taking so good a force ;" Lord Seaton commandiog the forces in &cland requested that " his 
thanks may be conveyed to Lieut.Colonel Hart for Uie promptitude with which he moved the 
Depots under his command to Nenagh, and further judicious control and forbearance with 
which he acted while in presence of the armed and infuriated insurgents ;" and Major-General 
Sir James Chatterton recorded his 'Hhanks and approbation of the steadiness, zeal, and good 
conduct of the officers and men evinced when employed at the late unfortunate conflict at 
Nenagh under the command of LieutColonel Hart, to whom Sir James Chatterton especially 
fisels much indebted for the ability, activity, and intelligence there manifested.** 

147 Colonel MacKenzie when attacheci to General M*Donald*s flying column during the 
Irish rebellion of 1848, was mainly instrumental in capturing Smith 0*Brien and forwarding 
him to Dublin. Immediately after the capture he stopped a Railway Engine at Tliurles by 
placing a loivded pistol at the Driver's head, he having refused to ha1t> and this Engine at 
once conveyed Smith 0*Brien to Dublin. General M'Donald in his report stated, '*the con- 
dnot of the Officer in this emergency I cannot too highly commend," and Sir George Grey, in 
the House of Commons, said " the conduct of Captain MacKenzie has received the unqualified 
approbation of the Commander in Chief (the Duke of Wellington). Served throughout the 
£astem campaign of 1854-55, as Brigade Major Light Division, and as Assistant QuarterMaster 
Generid; was present at tlie battles of Alma and Inkermau, and siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal and three Clasps, Knight of the Ijegion of Honor, 5th Class of the 3IedJidie, Sardi- 
nian and Turkish Medals, Brevets of Major and Lt.CoIonel). Proceeded to India in Jan. 
1858 with 92nd Highlanders and served in Central India; was subsequently appointed A<sist. 
Adj. Gen. and Deputy Adj. General in BengaL In June 1859 was selected by the Governor 
General to quell the mutiny of the *>th Bengal European Regt. at Barrackpore, for which ho 
received the thanks of the Governor General in Council and the Secretary of State for India. 
Proceeded to China in Jan. 18G0, as Deputy Qr.Master General and head of Department 
(CBn Medal and two Clasps, and promoted Lt Colonel Unattached). 

148 Colonel \yhitmore served the Kastern campaign of 1854 as Aide de Camp to Sir George 
Brown, Including the battles of the Alma (horse shot) and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Cls(>ps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Otli ClaFS of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish 

149 Colonel Sampson served the campaign in Tuscany, and was in tbo action before Genoa, 
and at the capture of that city in 1814. Served in the expedition to the Chesapeak, and was 
in the action at Bladensburg, and at the capture of Washington, 24th Aug. 1814. Present in 
the action before Baltimore, Sept. 1814. ^Served in Florida, and was in the action before New 
Orleans 8th Jan. 1815; also at the capture of Fort Bowyer. 

150 Colonel Willson served as Adjutant to the Royal Marines of the Mediterranean fleet; in 
that capacity with the 1st Battalion in the operations on the coast of Syria (Xaval War 
Medal, and one from the Sultan); was at the attack and capture of Sidon ; and on board the 
Princess Charlotte at the battle of St. Jean d*Acre. Served four years in the Koyal Navy 
prior to his appointment as Second Lieutenant. 

]5(lt Colonel Bleukin&opp served tlie Kaffir campaign of 1817 (Medal) ; and he commande<l 
tlie detachment of the 45th Uegt. in the action with and defeat of the Rebel Boers at Boem Plaats 
(South Africa) 29th August 1848. 

151 Colonel Kaincy berved throughout the whole of the operations in China (Medal), com* 
menoing with the first taking of Chusaii, and terminating with the demonstration before 
Nankin, including the storm and capture of the heights above Canton, attack and capture 
of Amoy, aecoDd CH>tare of Chosan, attack and capture of the heights of C^inhae, ocoapatioa 

War Services of the Colonels. 60 

of Ningpo, repnlie of the night-attack on Ningpo, attack and capture of the enemy's in- 
trendied camp on the heifj^hts of Segoan, attack and capture of Chapoo, WooBong, and 
ChioUan^foo. Serred with the Gist Regt. at the sfcge, assault, and capture of Delhi, and 
comman£d the Wing engaged at the a-'^tion of Nujjuf|p;Dur (Medal and Clasp). 

152 Colonel Sutherland served with the 92nd ilighlandiTS in the Indian mutiny campaign 
(Medal, CR) 

153 Colonel Maude serred the Qwalior cnmpaign as Adjutant cf the Duffs and was present 
rtt the battle of Punniar on 29th Dec. 1843 (Bronze Star), and had his horse killed under him. 
Served »t the siege of Sebastopol from April isr>5, and commanded the Baffs from Ist August 
till the final assault on the Hedsn on the 8ch Sept., on which occasion he commanded tho 
covering and ladder party of the 2nd Division furnished by his regt., and obtained the Victoria 
Cross at the recommendation of his reg^ent for conspicuous snd most devoted bravrry when 
inside the Redan by holing a position with nine or ten men against overpowering numbers, 
and not retiring until he was dangerously wounded through the 8honld(>rs, and all but two 
of hia party Ming killed or wounded — mentioned in despatches (Medal and Clasp, Brevet 
of LtCol., CB., Knight of the liCgion of Honor, 5th Class or the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal) . 

154 Colonel Thackwell served with the 22nd in the campaign in Scinde and was pre- 
sent at the battle of Hyderabad (Medal). Also the campaign of 1844-45 fai the Southern 
Mahratta coimtry. Including the investment and capture of forts Panulla and Pownghur. 
Served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 as Brigade Alajor to 1st Brigade Snd Division — in- 
duffing the battles of Alma and Inkerman (horse shot), siege of Sebastopol and repulse of the 
sortie on 36th October. On 4th August 1855 he was appointed Assist. Adjutan^General to 
the 3rd Division and served with it until broken up in April 185G. He has received the Medal 
and three Clasps, the brevet rank of Major and of Lieut.Colonel, is a Knight of the Legion 
of Honor, has tne Sardinian and Turkish Mcdalti, and 5tli Class of the Me<Ijidie). 

155 Colonel Koche served the campaign of 1838-30 in Beloochistan and A^hanlstan 
as Aide de Camp, and at periods as Assiet. Adjutant-General to Sir Joseph Thach well, 
and was present ut the storm and ca]>ture of Ghuznee, the occupation of C*andahar 
and Cabo<H, and in several skirmishes. He served tho campaign of 1842 with Sir George 
Pollock's force in Affghanistan, including the forcing of the Khyber Pass, relief of Jellalabad, 
and was Staff Officer to Colonel Taylor in the expedition against Lolpoora. Served as Assist. 
Quarter- Master-General of the Cavalry Division of the Army of the Sutlej in 184G, including 
the battle of Sobraon (charger wounded). Was thrice thanked in General Orders ; has re- 
ceived three Medals ; and promoted to the Brevet rank of Major. 

156 Colonel Hugh Smith was present with the Buifs at the battle of Punniar (Medal). 
Served the Kaffir war of 1850-53 as Aide de Camp to Sir Harry Smith, and subsequently to 
Major-Gen. Torke, and was present witii various patrols and expeditions (Medal). Was se- 
lected by Sir George Cathcart as one of his Divisional Staff Officers when proceeding to the 
East, and served as D. A.Q. M.G. to the 4th Division at the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkerman; was then appointed Assist. Adjutant General to the Division, and served as such at 
the si^e and fall of ^bastopol and at the attacks of the Redan on the 18th June and 8th 
Sept. (Aledal and Clo^pd, Brevet of Mcjor and of Lieut.Colonel, Knight of the Legion of 
Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, snd 5th Class of the Medjidie). Was senior staff officer 
at the capture of Kinbourn. 

157 Colonel Lnm Icy served with the Hist Regt. in the Crimea from 22nd May to the end of 
June 1955^ Including the attock of tho 18th June (Medal and Clasp fur Scbasto])ol, and Turkish 

158 Colonel Sbadwell served with the Odth on the China expcditioji in 1842 (Medal), 
and was present at the attack and capture of Chin Kiaiig Foo, and ut the investment of Nankin. 
He served as extra Aidc-de-Camp to Sir Colin Campbell at the battles of C hi Iliun wallah and 
Goojerat (Me<lal and two Clasps). Served the Kastem campaign of 1854-55 as Aide-de-Camp to 
Sir Colin, including the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasps, Brevets of Major and Lt.Colonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sar- 
dinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

159 Colonel Foster served with tho IGth Lancers during the campaign in Alfghanistonimder 
Lord Keane, including the siege and capture of Ghuznee (Meaal). Ho served also at the 
battle of Maharsjpore, 9th Dec. 1843 (Medal) ; and in the campaign on the Sutloj in 1846, 
Including the battles of Buddiwal, Aliwal (as Aide de Camp to Brigadier Cureton), and Sobraon 
(Medal and Clasps). 

160 Colonel Spalding served in command of a Componj throughout the operations in Syria 
in 1840, and was slightly wounded at the attack on Ocball (War Medal with one Clasp, and 
Turkish Medal), ^rved as Provost-Marshal on the Staff of the Army in the Crimea in 

1856 until its evacuation. 

16 1 Colonel Brooke served with tho .Slst Begt« throughout the campaign of 1842 in Affghan- 
istan (Medal) under General Pollock, and was present in the actions of Maxeena, Teseen, and 
JugduUuck (wounded), the occupation of Cabool, and the different engagements leading to it. 
He commanded a Company during the campaign, and received his wound whilst protecting 
some guns attached to the rear-guard. Servea with the 8th Regiment at the siege ot Delhi in 

1857 as second in command, including repulse of sorties on the 9th and 14th July, commanded 
the Regt during the repulse of the enemy's attack on 23d July, present at the assault of the 
City and wai one of tho four !E1eld Officers who commanded in the trenches — severely wounded 
(Medal and Clasp]. 

lOlf Colonel Bruce served with the 74th Highlanders throughout the Kaffir war of 1861-6!% 
(Medal, and Brevet M^or). 
163 Cokme) O'Neitt aery fid as a vo/untcer with the BSrd "RegV. Itom \A ^^"^^ ^^'V^Sfc- M 


60« If^ar Services of (he Colonels, 

tlic I2th of August fullowiiiflf, when he waa appointed to au ensjgiicy In thiit i'egiinent| |krefent 
with It at the liattlc of Salanianca, capture of Madrid ond the Retiro, ititroat from Madrid and 
Salamanca, buttle of Vitturia, blockade of Painpc1inia,buttlei uf the Pyrenees (frcin27th to 3<)th 
July), Xivelle, Nivc, and Orthes, actions of Suiucturie, Vic Jjif^^orre, and Tarbet, and battle of 
Tonloupp, ho!)kido9 several afTuirs and ttkivmishcs : he has rLXcivcil the ^Vur Afcdal villi eiglbt 
CIusps. lie served aftcrvvanU in C'^'ylon during tlio Kundiaii war in 1817, 18. and 11), and wa« 
the individual ofTiccr who made the twu K»ndian irhief:*, t >j^cther widi many of their followeniy 
prf^'onci's. which at once put an end to thtit forniiihildc reliellion, nnd for which he received thu 
thanks, in General Ordcr^^ of the Ciovcrnor and Cunimander-in-C'Iiief >Sir Itobeit Drownrigg, as 
also of the Duke of Yoik. 

lG*2t Colonel Hamilton joined Sir Hope Grant's column advancing to the relief of Lucknoiv 
in Nov. 1857 ; commanded aBattuliou of Detaehmcnts in the skirmish before and iu the attack 
and capture of Buuterah, as ulso during the operations resulting in tlie relief of the Garrison of 
Lucknow ; commanded 78tU Highlanders durin'j; the occupation and defence for three month* of 
Alumbagh, and in the closing operations against Lucknow; was present at theafikir of Gailec; 
served in the Rohilcund campaign in April 1858, and commanded the 78th at the capture of 
Bnroilly (CB,, Medal and Clasp). 

ICS Colonel Hadfleld served with the B. M. Brigade iu the Crimea duriflff the aiege and fall 
of Sebastopol, and also at the surrender of Kinboarn (Medal and Clasp, ana Turkish Medal). 

164 Colonel Currj served the Svrian campaign of 184U, — at D*Jouni, the storming of Sldon, 
and bombardment of Acre (Medal and Clasp, uid Turkish Medal). Senred in the Baltic in 
the latter part of 18r)5 (Medal). 

\i\^ Coloni'l R')S8 served the Eastern eampaignofl854-o5 with the OOrd lligldanders, including 
the battles of Alma and Balakhiva (mentioned in desputcheA. and Rrcvetof Major), nnd siege of 
Scbastopol, latterly employed on the Qr. Master Gencrar6»Staff (Medal with tlirce Clasps, Sanlioian 
and Turkish Medals, 6th Class of the Medjidie, and Brevet of Lt.Co]ouel. Served the Rohilcund 
campaign iu Indiu in 18o8, and commanded the W^tH at the battle of Baredly (Medul). Served 
tlie campHign of 180U in North China as A.Q.M. General at Ilead Quarteiii, present at the 
capture of the Taku forts, and surrender of Pekin (TZ?. and Medal). 

166 Colonel WUHa served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 77th 
Regt until April 1855, after which as D. A. Q. M. Gen. at Uead Quarters, was present at the 
battle of Almn, surrender of Balakluva CjsUe, battle of Inkermao, assault of Uie Qnarries, 
attack of the Kcdan on 18 th June, battle of Tchema^'a, final assault of the Uedan on 8th 
Sept., and during seven months in the trenches, includmg the repulse of three night sorties 
(Medal with three Clasps, Brevets of Major and Lieut Colonel, ICnigiit of the Iiegion of Uonor, 
Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

167 Lord A. C, PitzUoy served in the Eastern campaign of 1854^ with the Coldstream Guards, 
including the siege of Sebastopol, and battles of Balaklava and Inkorman — severoly wounded 
(Medal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Claas of the 3Iedjidie). 

168 Cidonel Carruthers served in the Peninsula with the 43rd Regiment during the cam- 
paigns of 1813 and 1814, and was jti'osent at the Nivelle, Bayonue, Nive, Tarbes, Toumefeuille, 
and Toulouse, aud has received the War Medal with three Clasps. 

169 Colonel Morris served the Eastern campaign of 1854-5o, commanded a Field Battery 
at the battles of Balaklava and Inkerman, and repnUc of the sortie on the 2Gtli October 1854. 
IVas attached from April to Nov. ]8<Vj a^ Military Commissiooer to the 2nd Corps of the French 
Army, and assisted at the carryinq^ of the Lines of Tchernaya 2oth May, the assault and capture 
of tlie Mamclon, and of the Mnlakoff; on the pei>iona1 Staff of Qencral Bosquet who commanded 
on these occa!»ion8, and was ei^pecially named by the General in official Dispatches. Vim appointed 
an Anitist.Adj.Genernl in Nov. 1855, and attached to General Windham, Chief of the Staff (Medal 
ami (Mas])?, CU.^ Brevets of Mnjor nnd Lt.C'Ol., Officer of the Legion of Honor, .Sardinian and 
Turkish Medals, and oth Class of the Medjidie). 

170 C(donel Maydwoll served as Military Secretary to Sir Harry Smith in the Kalfir war 
of 1850-r)3 (Mrda1,and Brevet of Major). 

171 Colocel P.J Somerset served the Eastern campaign of 1854, as Aide do Camp to Lord 
Baglan, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (hor»e killed by the explo- 
sion of a shell in him^, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, 4th Class of the Medjidie, 
and Turkish Medal). 

172 Colonel Ouvry served the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9 with the 3rd Light Dragoons, 
and commanded a squadron at the affair of Ramnuggur (horse shot under him); the paseace 
of the Chenab at Wuzeerabad on the Ist Dec. 184S, with the force under Sir Joseph Thack- 
well ; and at the action of Sadoolapore, aud b&ttlca of CI lillian wallah and Goojernt (Medal and 
two Chirps). Commanded 9th Lancers before Delhi in 1857 until appointed as Aide de Camp to 
Sir A. Wilson, whom he attended during the assuult (receired thanks of Governor General 
in Council, Brevet LtCoL, and CB.)* After the fall of Delhi commanded the Cavalry Brigade 
of the Moveable Column, including mrtious at Bolundshur, Allighur, and buttle of Agra. 
Commanded the Force at the action of Kanoj, and the Cavalry at the relief of Lucknow under 
Sir Colin Campbell (thanks of Governor -General in Council). 

173 Colonel RaJcliffo served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 20th Regt., including 
the battles if Alma (as Aide de Camp to acting Brigaiier General Horn), B;&laklava, and 
Inkerman, siege of Seba4top<il, and affair of the 18th June (Medal and Cia^ps, Breret M^er, 
Stfdinhin and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Mcdijie). Served in the Indian oampeign 
of 1857-53 and was present at the actions of ChaiuU, Ameerapore, aad Sultanpore, and at the 
sJf^ and capture of Lucknow — ^wonnded and twice mentioned in despatches (Medul and Claap). 

/// ailoael EllioU Berred in Sytm in 1840 (Medal and Clasp, and Torkish Mcdnl). Serred 
9 Brtgath Mmjor to the Hoyal ^f arinei at the bombaTdmcnl anOL cav^wa of the forte of 

War Scf vices of the Colonels. 60b 

Bomftnond ia Aur. 1854, for which he roceived the breyet rank of Jl^Iajor. Was with the 
BalUe •xpedition m 1855, inciading an action with aiz Unssian gun-boats off Cronstadt on 
iMk Aognst ; and terred again in the Baltic in 185C (Medal). 

174+ Colonel HRiTlson sorvcd wiih Ihc lOth Hussars in the Crimean cumpnign from 17th April 
to 5th Aug. 1855, Including the capture of Tehor^auu and siege of Scbostopol (Medal and Clasp, 
5th Clin of the Mecyidie, and Turkish Medal). 

175 Colonel Wolfo served with* the 3\)th Kcgt. at the siege of Sebastopol in 1855, and 
at ihe auauU of the Redan on the 18th Juae (M^al and CUspi 5th Class of tne Me^idie, and 
TariKi^i Medil). 

176 Colonel Miller volunteered and commanded the combined force (lilnu'I-sh und Banish) 
during the iu«urrt'ction at Tortola, W. I., iu August 1853. On his arrival niartitil law 
was proclaimed, and enforcetl for a period of six weeks, the i:atives, amounting to 7000, having 
completely destroyed the town, and threatened the lives of the European inhabitants, who fled 
for refuge to St. Thomas. He suppressed the rebellion, aud i-cstorcd the island to a state of 
order and tranquillity, und after rc-establlBhiog civil authority, received tlio thanks of the 
Pre«ident and Council, and was most favourably reported to the Colonial Office. 

1 77 Colonel Cotterson-cd in the Indian Mutiny campaign in Bengal from June 1 857 to Sept.1858. 
Was ordered to AUuhabad, but detained at Benares in consequence of the Mutiny ut that station 
from July to October. Employed in a command in the Palamow district in Nov. and De:. 1857; 
joined the Jounpore field force and was present at the taking of Nu:»rutporc and Chinda, actions 
of Ummeerpore and Sultonpore, attack on tlie fort of Dowrnra; commanded the Madi-as Artil- 
lery at the siege and capture of Lucknow. Afterwards present at the relief of Azimghur, 
taking of Jugdesporc, and several minor actions in command of the Artillery (Thanked by the 
Governor General of India, five times mentioned in dispatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, CB., Medal 
with Clasp). 

178 Colonel Bingham served with the G4th Regt. in the Persian campaign of 1856-57, in- 
cluding the storm and capture of Ite&hire, surrender of Bushire, night attack and battle of 
Kooshab (Medal and Clasp). Served in Bengal and N.W. Provinces in suppressing the mutiny 
in 1857-58 ; present with Havelock's column in the actions of Futtehpore, Aoung, Pandoo 
Kaddee, Cawnpore, Onao, Buieerut Gunge (1st and 2ndj, Booibeakechowkee, and Bithoor; 
commanded a convoy with provisions firom Cawnporb to Aiumbagh; served in defence of the 
Alumbagh and afterwards in the actions at Iia Blartioierc and the second rcdicf of Lucknow { 
commaMed tha Regt. during the defence of Cawnpore and defeat of the Gwalior mutineers, as 
also in the actions of Kala Naddce and Kerkcroulie— on General Penny being killed suc- 
ceeded to the command of the whole Infantry Brigaric — capture of Bareilly, Shalijehanporc^ 
Bonnie, Mahomdie, pursuit of the enomv the following day, and occupation of Mahomdio 
(mentioned in despatches, C7/., Medal and Clasp). 

180 Colonel Stuart commanded the 86th Kegt at the disarming of 4 companies of the 27th 
Bmnbay N. I. at Rutnagherry on 11th Aug, 1857. Present at the siege storm and capture of 
Chandaree 17th Mareh 1851 ; commanded left attack before Jhansi 30th March to 2nd April ; 
led the only successful escalade attack at the storm of Jiiansi and commanded the party ot the 
86t]i Begt. in the fiight of the stable of Jhansi (Brevet of LtColonel) ; led tbc storming patty 
(wing of the 86 ih R«gt) at Koonoh ; present in all the actions before Calpee 13th to 21st May 
and commanded the pickets on 20ih May j battle of Gowlowlee, capture of Culpeo« battle of 
Morar, and capture of Gwalior (several times mentioned in despatches, MeJal and Ciaups). 

181 Colonel Primrose served with the 4drd in the KafHr war of I85I-o3 (Medal) und was fur 
S4ime time D.A.Q.M.Gen. of the 3nd Division ; accompanied the cx])Gditiou to the Oruuge Kiver 
8o\ereIgnty and was present at the action of the Bcrea. Commanded the 43rd Lt. Inf. ou its march 
from Bangalore through Central India to Calpee in 1858 (a distance of 1300 miles during the 
hottest season of the year) and throughout the various operations iu Buudlecund, and towards 
the conclusion of the rebellion he commanded one of the seven colunms under Brigadier Wheeler 
s]>eciaily ordered to clear a large district infested by numerous bands under Rebel Cliitfs (Medal). 

188 Colonel Loftus ser\'ed with the 38th Re^. throughout the Eastern campaign of 
1354-55, including the battles of ^VJma and Inkerman, and siege and fall of Sebastop<d, attack 
and occniuitlon of the Cemetery on the 18th June (Medul wiih three Clasps, Brevet of 
Lt.Colon(u, Sardinian and Tuikish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). .Served iu the Indian 
campaign from Nov. 1857, Including the assault and captni'o of Meangunge, siege and capture 
of Luoknow — severely wouuded at the usiuult (Medal und Clasp). 

183 Colonel Wllkl'nbon served with the 42nd Uighlandci-s in the Crimea up to Oct. 1854, 

action ot Allygunge, and capture of Barcilly (Medal and Clasp). 

184 Colonel Stratton served in the Indian campaign of 1858 ; commanded the 6th Regt. 
and a body of drafU in the attack on the rebels ou Sie 11th I^Iay, and in other operations in 
the Jagdetpore Jangle (Medal). 

185 Sir William Russell served in the Indian campaign from Fob. 1858 to March 1850, and 
was present at the repulse of the enemy's attack on the Alumbagh, siege and capture of Luckuow 
(Brerct of lit.Colonel). Commanded the 7lh Hussars ut the affairs of Barrce and Sii'sce, action 
of If awabgnngCp occupation of Fyzabad, pasiSgo of the Goomtec at Sultanpore, throughout the 
Byswarra campaign, Including the affairs of Kaudoo Nuddee, Polcegbat, Ilydcrghur, and pursuit 
of Betilii Madho's foi-cc to the Goomtee ; also the Trani-Gogra campaign, iucludiag the affiiir 
near Churda and pursnlt, taking the fort of Me^ecdia, attack on Bankeo with pursuit to IIa 
HnlMi Advance Into Ncpaid an«l ollklr of Sitkaghat (several timas m^wWuxie^ uv ^«a^%N/^iA, 
Vf: Medal and Clasp;. 

60c War Services of the Colonels. 

186 Colonel QuiiO seryed in the Crimea from 5th to 24th Deo. 1854 (Medal with Claip tot 
Sebaatopol, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign, including the siega and 
capture of Lucknow, where he led the attack upon the Seounderabagh (mentioned in despatches, 
Yictoria Cross, Breret of LtColonel, Medal and Clasp, and a year's service). 

187 Colonel Haly was engaged in field service with the 41st Madras Native Infantry in 
Kimedy from 1828 to 1834, and was wounded in the right side by a matchlock ball in the 
attack on the stockade at Macapardo ; wns also iiresent at the night attack on the town of 
Kimedy, and frequently eogaged against the insurgents in quelling the rebellion in that 
district — received the thanks of the General commandiDg the force. Served in the China war 
of 1842 and was present at the stormiog of ChiokiaDgfoo and the operations before Nankin 
(Medal). Was Politically employed in Vizagapatam and Malabar and frequently engagtd 
with the insurgents in those districts. Baised, trained, and commanded the Malabar Police 
Corps, and was present at an affair against Moplas at Maroor in Oct. 1855, and received the 
thanks of the Madras Government. 

188 Colonel Bobert Carey served vrith tlie 40th Begt. throughout the operations in Candahar 
and Aifghanistan in 1841-42 (Medal). Served in the Crimea with the Turkish Contingent aa 
A.Q.M.Gbneral to a Division, and afterwards in command of a Brigade, for which he received 
the Brevet of Major, 4th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish MtMlal. As Deputy Adjutant 
General in Australia, served with the force emploveil in Now Zealand under General Pratt 
during the Maori war uf 1860-01 ( CJi,). 

189 Colonel Hon. II. Clifford was at the battle of Bocm Plaats in 1848, and serveil in 
the Kaffir war of 185'2-5.') (Medal). Also the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 us Aide-de-Camp 
to Major General BuUer (Medal and Clasps, Bn>vot Major, Victoria Cross, Knight of the Legion 
of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish M(>dnl). 

190 Colonel William Bell served with the 32nd Regt. in thePunjaub campaign in 1840 and 
was present at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and Clasp). 

191 Colonel Impey served in the Indian Mutiny campait;n, at the relief of Arrah, and sub- 
sequently in Oude (Medal). Served as commanding engineer with the Sikkim expedition of 
1860 (mentioned in dispatch). 

192 Colonel Crcalock landed with the 90th Lt. Infantry at Balaklava on 15th Dec. 1854, and 
served at the siege and fall of ScbaHtopoI. Commanded a party of the Begt. in reserve at the 
storming of tho Quarries, and assisted in Iiolding that work ugalust the attacks of tlic Bu8)«iaiiii 
during tho following day ; present with his Begt. at the attacks of tlic Bedan on the 18th June 
and 8th Sept. (mentioned in despatches); api>oIutcd D.A.Q.M. Gen. at Head Quartei*s on 17tli 
Sept. and at Constantinople in Dec. 1855 (lirevct of Major, Medal and Cla.sp, 5th Class of the 
Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). A])pointed D.A.Q.M.Gcu. to the China Expeditionary Force 
in March 1857, and was present at tho whole of the operations at Canton in Dec. 1857 and 
Jan. 1858 (Brevet of Lt.ColoncI, Mednl and Clasp). Served in the Indian campaigns of Bohil- 
cund, Byswarrah, and Trans-Go(p*a during 1858-59 on the Staff of Sir Wm. Mansf)cld, in- 
cluding the actions of Bareilly and Sliahjchanpore (mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 
Appointed Military Secretary to Lord Elgin special ambassador in China, in March 18G0, and 
was attaclied to the Head Quarters of the British Army during the war of that year, including 
the action of Sinho, capture of the forts of Taugkoo and Taku, action of Palicliau, and sur- 
render of Pekin (Mc<lal with two Clasps). 

193 Colonel Sargent served with the 95th Begt. tho Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
the battles of Alma (wounded) and Inkerman, sortie of 26th Got., siege and fall of Sebastopol — 
wounded (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Major, Knight of the legion of Honor, 5th Claaa of 
the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served the campaign of 1860 in North of Chma (CB., 
Medal with CUsp). 

194 Colonel Luard served in the Crimea in the 77th Begt. fram March 1855, and on 
the Staff as Bri(;a(1e Major to General Straubenzee and D. A. A. G. at Head Quarters from June 
18^'V5 (Medal and Cla«p, Brevet Major, Sai'dinian nnd Turki>li MeilalH, and 5th Class of the Med- 
jidie). Served in China as Brigade Major 2nd Brigade in 1857-58, nnri mentioned in despatches 
as l>oing the first person on tliu walls of Canton (Hrcvct of Lt. Colonel, Medal and CInsp). 

195 Colonel Seagcr served the Kustern campaign of 1854 and up to Feb. 1855, indodini^ the 
battles of Alma, Balaklava (wounded) and Inkerman, affairs of Bulganak and M*Kenzie*s Farm, 
and siege of Sebastopol. In June 1855 was appointed Assistant Military Secretary to Major 
General Lord Wm. Paulet commanding on the Bosphorus, and continued in the same capacity 
to Sir H. Storks until tho end of the Russian war in July 1856 ( Medal and four Clasps, 5ih 
Class of the Me<ljidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in Central India in 1858-59 and was pre- 
sent at the action of BoordAb (mentioned in despatches, Medal). 

196 Colonel Gibb served at the Cape of Good Hope from August 1841 to April 1848, ac- 
companied the overland expedition to Port Natal, and commanded the Boyal Engireera during^ 
all the operations connected with the capture of that settlement in May and Juno 1842. 
Served the Bastern campaign from Nov. 1854, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal 
and ClftHp, 5th Class of tho .M^djidio, and Turkish Modal). 

197 Colonel Searle served the Syrian campaign (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal); 
was at D'Jouni, the attack on the fortified position of Gebail, at the surrender of Bcyrout, and 
the storming of Sidon. Served with the Baltic expedition in 1855, including the action with 
a battery at tho mouth of the Narva i8th June — wounded (Medal). 

198 Cnlonei Whiteliill served in the Indian Mutiny campaign, including the siege and etp- 
tnre of Katghnr, action of Barodea, relief of Sanger, oaptore of Garrakota, forcing of the Mad- 
dcnpore Past, alege and storm of Jhaaai, battle of Betwa, the atorm of Lohari, actioiia of 

JCatmeb, Mating And Galowlie^ oaptore of Calpee, battle befbre and oaptnre of Qwalior (Medal 
mfa Cbuph 

coe«f^ ^ 

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CS SJ S W J: 3 »$ C6 ^ -^ 

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'^^ 5<^^ oo«-"00'-*«-ii-«pHi-io»-«r-ii-i»->«-ic^ci»-'»-«eico»-'i-i'W©^»-«<35eo©i^«-i©ici 

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lO o o o '.^ o w-s o o o o 3 »o < 

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ot ^ '?» ai -^ — «- ,»^ .^ .— — <y« <y> M^ CI ^t «" — ^~ .t .. .... .-.. -- 


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kS O ? i-t o o o >^ ^ o o o S O •«<• O lO >S o o o S & o o 9 <l 

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'^'^'^'- --* — '^'.rwt^O'M o -- o a Q ^ o 51* — ^ ii 

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•^ to *^ -» *^ •-» « R Q O *^ •-, ^ •-> "^ 1-^ -J •-> 

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^^B tl^Bl ^MN gHrt ilB^ BM 

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a £, 9 a iz: S 9 

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A -^ K«> c^ Q r« X 

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50 W 

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<♦ CO ^ 



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^Ki ^ «»• _< ^ ^x /^> ^ Ak A 



•a . S-U-a • 



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9 o CD QD S S S S 3 S S S S S 5 o S 3 5 o S 3 o o S o o o 9 o 3 9 o o o ScoSSS 

-^ ^^ >M ?« — « i"« w II q< <M 

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• • • ^ <2 • 

•-» irj )-) ^ n A pc« 



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C» C» C> 9 C» CI ^ 79 

»-* ^" ■-* — «-* ^^ CI 

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ri 9 >0 00 

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c/k ^ n CI _ g^ ■— — CI cic^i— dciciW--^ 

t^r^ecci^-^cjo — 90 

Ci o* C» ec 

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1'. O X "T x* 

"V ^"1* ^v t" ^f 

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C3 ^ C O 
•-^ •- CI 



f^ C* 9 ;? S R d> 
"f ^ « ^ O ^ ^ 

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7G War Services of the Lieutenant Colonels. 

1 Lieut.CoIoucl Spcdding served in the Peninsula with the 4t]i Dragoons, and was present 
at t)ie battles of Talavera, Bdsqco, Albuhem, and Salamanca (for which he has received the >Var 
Medal with four Clasps) ; actions of Campo Mayor, Los Santos, and Usagre, besides other afikirs. 

3 Lt.Colonel Elrlngton served in the Ponlnsula in ISll and 1812 in a confidential and active 
capacity under Lord Hill. 

5 Lleut.Colonel Goate's services: — Expedition to Germany in 1806 undtrr Lord Cathcart; 
storming: the heights of Soril, siege of Fort Bourbon and capture of Martinique in 18l>9 ; Nopaol 
war in ISlt*), and was ongagfKl on the heights of Muckwanpore 15th Dec. ; capture of Hattrais 
in 1810; Mahratta and Pindarcc campaigns of 1817 and 18 ; Burmese war in l&S/i and 20. 

7 Lieut.Colonel AVillats served in the Peninsula from 1812 to the end of the war, including 
the siege and storming of Cindad Hodrigo, siege and storming of Badajoz from lOth Jan. to Gth 
April 1812 ; operations near and blockade of Bayonne. He has the War Medal with two Clasps. 

D Licut.Colonul llandcock accompanied the expedition to Hanover in 1805 ; joined the army 
in Sicily In 1806, and was employed with its various operations from 1806 to 1810 ; went witli the 
expedition to Naples, and was present at the capture of Ischia and Procida ; returned to Sicily 
and cmployc<I against the French army in 1811. Served in Spain during 1812 and 13, Including 
the battle of Castallu, siege of Tarragona, and affair of Villa Franca. Also the campaign of ISlfii 
and was severely wounded at Waterloo. 

1 8 Lt.Colonel Fred. Wright served at the capture of Madeira in 1808 ; and the campaign In the 
Peninsula, under Sir John Moore in 1808-0, and has the W^ar Medal with one Clasp fur Corunna. 

13 Lieut.Colonel Barou served in the Peninsula from Jan. 1813 to the end of that wai* in 1814. 

15 Lieut.Colonel Bonamy served in the Peninsula with the 6th from Sept. 1813 to Juno 1814, 
including the battles of Nivelle, Nivc, Oth, 10th, and 11th Dec, and Orthcs. lie has received 
the War Medal with two Clasps. 

H« Lt.Col. Manners served in the Peninsula with the 50th from Aug. 1812 to May 1814, in- 
cluding the bnttic of Vittoria, sicjxe and storming of San Scbastinn in Aug. 1813, buttle of the 
Nivo on tho 0th, 10th, and 11th December 181M. Woundcti at the storming of Bhurtpore on the 
]8ili January 1820. lie has received the War Mrdal with three Clasps. 

17 Lieut.Colonel Jackson scrve<l in the Peninsula from Dec. 1809 to 1814, and waa severely 
wounded through the left breast and in both arms at the battle of Albuhera. Served subsequently 
in the American war. He has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

IS Lieut.Colonel Robertson served with the expedition to Walcheren in 1800, and was present 
at the siege of Flushing. Also at the taking of the Kandian country, in Ceylon, under Sir 
Ilobrrt Brownrigg. 

10 Lieut.Colonel Warburton served the Xcpnul campaigpis of 1817 and 18, and subsequently 
in the Dcccan, including the capture of the Fort« of Rhyghur and As(«ecrghur. 

20 Lieut.Colonel Boyd was employed in the Peninsula and south of France from March 1812 to 
the end of that war in 1814. and was present at the siegi^ and storming of Badajoz, siege of Bur,|^, 
b:itt1es of the Nivelle ami Nivo, pasnagc of the Adour, where ho was actively om])lnyed iu laying 
down the bridge of boats ; investment of Bayonne, affairs of Vic Bigorre and Tar1>cs, and battle 
of Toulouse, at which last he was wounded on the hip by a 12-pound shot; and he was wounded 
in the thigh at the storming of Badajoz. He has received the Silver War Modal witli four Clasps. 

21 Lt.ColoncI Newman served with the 14th at the siege and stonning of Bhurtpore in 1825-6. 

22 Lieut.Colonel Alex. Campbell served tlio cami)aign of 1814, in the south of l^ance, in- 
ehuling the investment of Bayonne. Servetl also throughout the Burmese war (Moilal). 

23 Lieut.Colonel Poyntz served in the Peninsula as a volunteer with the 30tli, from February 
to November 1811, including the occupation of the LIn(?s at Torres Vedras, pursuit of Massena, 
actions of Sabugal, Almeida, and Barba del Pucrco, and buttle of Fuentes d'Onor, for wliich he 
has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

24 Lieut.Colonel F. Smith Hamilton served in the China ex]»edition iu 1842 (Medal), and 
wa^ present at thtf assault at the camp at Sa?ahon. 

25 Lieut.Colonel Lynn is a Knight of Charles the Third, First Class of St. Fernando, and 
Conmiandcr of Isabella the Catholic, of Spain. 

20 Lieut.Colonel Kenny lerved in the Peninsula, from Jnne 1813, to the end of the war, in« 
eluding the action at Osma, battle of Vittona, siege and capture of San Sebastian, passage of the 
BidnsMia (severely wounded above the left hip) ; St. Jean de Luz, uud the series of actions between 
the 0th and 13th Dec. 1813 in front of the Intrenched camp near Bayoime. Served also in Ava, 
and was present in most of the operations throughout Uic war. Hu has received tho War Medal 
and three Clasj« for Vittoria, San Sebastian, and Nivelle. 

27 Lieut.Colonel O'Grady was present with the 02nd in the operations In 1814 against the 
French in retreat from Leghorn, including the affairs of Savonaand Spezzia, forcing their positions 
on the hi'ij^hts of Neroi, and capture of Genoa. In the same year he served in the American wer, 
and was present at the capture of Castlne. He served with, the 48th at the capture of Coorg in the 
Kast Indies in 1834 ; in command of the left wing of the Queen's Royals, during the campaign of 
1844-5, in the Southern Concan and Sawant Warree country, including the investment nnd cap- 
turc of the Forts of Monohur nnd Munsuntosh ; and on particular service in the Kaffir war (South 
of Africa ) during part of 1 840-7 ( Modal ). 

28 Lieut.Colonel L'Estrange served the campaign of 1815 with the 71st Regiment^ and was 
pro?<'nt at the battle of Waterloo. 

31 Lieut.Colonel Norman served in tlic Peninsula, and has received the War Medal with 
two Clasps for tho battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees ; and ho was severely wounded and 
taken prisrn'-r in the Maya Pass. 

34 ]it.(*olonel Poarce strved at the bloi'knde of Flashing, the Texel, nnd Breat, and was en- 
ff/iged in opcrationB ttfiolnii the French when landed in tho Scheldt, on the Ultud of South 
Bevolaadin 1814. l^^red in Chinu in 1842 (Medul). 

War Services of the Lieutenant Colonels. 77 

35 Lieat.CoIouel Riley was in au engagement with a Freucli squadron in the Mozambiquo 
.hannel 3i'd July 1810; served the Xupaul campai;;;n of IdU and 15. 

30 Lieut. Colonel Fynmore, previously to entering the Royal Marines, served several years ns 
lid»hipii)an in the Navy, and was at tlie battle of Trafalgar and at Buenos Ayrcs in 181)7. l.i 
Si^-lU he sen'Hl in the Great Belt in conimaud of a gun-boat employed in the protection of our 
mvoys, and was engaged with the enemy's gun an«l row-hoat.s. U.i tlie night of tlie lyl of Au;^-. 
SIO cut out three merchant vesdids under a lioiivy firu of HoId-fiicciS and musketry. Six weeks 
.'tached from H. M. S. Vamjuurd the same year, to iuterci.'pt the communication between tho 
i>rt of R4j?tock and Wismar ; asf^isted at the capture of a convoy of five sail, and (hove on shore 
id desti'uycd an armed row-bout. In IdlU lie .served at Al^icr.-t ; und in 18*21 , '2'2, and 23, in (he 
<*est Indies, and was engaged with piratical voxels on t lie coast (d'Cuba, live of which were capLure<l . 
[as received the War Medal viith tw«> Clasps for Trofalyar and Algiii"s. 

37 Lieut.CoIoael Nuwhouso served in the Light Division of the Deccin Army in the Mah- 
itti warof 1817 and 1818, aa extra Aidc-dc-Camp to Sir Lionel Smith, and commanded a RasseU 
'the I'oona Auxiliary Cavalry, and was wounded at the action of the 3 1st Jan. 1818. Served 
io in two expeditions to Catch, the first in 1819, under Sir William Kier Grant, in which he; 
>Ianteerod with the Grenadier Company of the 65th in the storming of the Hill Fi^rt of Bhooj, 
hich was taken br escalade: in the second in 1^20 with the right wing of the Gjth, with the 
rcc under Colonel the Honourable Lnic.»ln Stanhope. lie served likewise on two expedition i 
' theGoIf of Persia -the first in 1819 under Sir \V. K. Grant, and tho second in 1821, under Sir 
ionel Smith; and he was present at tho battle and taking of Poonah in 1817 (Medal). 
3S Lieut.CoIouel Iloworth was actively employed in Canada during the HubcUion in 1837-8-0 
I siTred a]!*o in the KafHr campaign in 184(> (Medal). 

39 LieuLCulonel Tudor served with the 3dth Regt. throughout the Burmese war (Medal). 

40 Licui.C'donel Peel i^erved the Eastern campaign of ld^j4-Otj, including the atfair oi Bulganak, 
kttle of Alma and Tchi:rnaya, and sii^ge of Sobastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet o£ Lieut, 
olonel, otii (lluss of the Medjidie, and Turkish Metlal). 

41 Lieut Colonel Beaufoy served with the 1st Battalion 27th licgt. in Sicily in 1310; afrer- 
arJs on the eastern coast of Spain from 1812 to 1U14, and was present at the battle of Castalla 
x>ntusf'd), tiiking of Alcoy, battle of Villa Fi-anea, and sio^e of Tarragona. After the con- 
aslou of the Peninsular War he embarked with the Army for North America, and was present 
. the battle of Plattsbnrg. In 1819 he embarked for the East Indies, and served afterwards as 
1 acting engineer at Sholapore. lie served also in Canada during the rebellion. 

42 Lieat.Colonel J. C. Macpherson served the Eustarn campaign of 1854 with the 42nd 
iighl&oders, including the battle of Alma and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and two CUspj, and 
urkish Medal). 

43 Lieut.CoIonel Lardner served with the 47th Regt. in the Burmese war from Dec. 1824 
itil peace was proclaimed (Medal); also in tlie Eastern campaign of 18o4-05, including thu 
ittles of .11 ma and lukerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, and Tm'kiih 

44 Lieut.CoIonel A'lamson served with the d8th Regt. throughout tho Eastern campaign of 
i54 and up to the 2jth Jan. 1855, including the battle of Alma and liego of SebastopoIT* 
ul commanded in the 2nd parallel cf the Loft Attack during its construction when a Russian 
irty attaeke<l it and were repuloed — actf d as Miijt)r of his Regiment, duriog ten months of the 
sstem expedition (Me(hdand Clasps for Alma, lukerman, and Sebastopol, and Turkish Medal). 
40 Lieut.CoIonel Wakefield served with tho 40th Itcgt. in Lower and Up^ier Scinde in 1839 
id 40. He commanded the Grenadier Company during the whole of the operations in Can- 
tliar and in Aflghanistan in 1841 and 42, and lius received tho Medal for Candahar, (ihuznee, 
id Caboul. He was also present in the action of Maharajpore, and hai receivcil the Bronze 
ar. Served also thu Eastern campaign of 1854, including tiie battle of the Alma and siege of 
il>a:>to])ol (3Iedal and Clumps, and Turkish Medal). 

•16 Lieut.Colonel Shuckburgh served with the 40th Regt. in the Tenijisula, from 1811 to the 
id of that war in 1814, and wa« prcAcnt at tho buttle of Vittoria, the blockade of Pampeluna 
am 3rd to loth July ; skirmishes from Roncesvalles to Pami>elunu on the 2oth and 2Gth July ; 
Uck;^ OD the heights of Soruuren on the 28th and 30th July ; action of Iran, action of Vera on 
G7th Oct., battles of the Nivelle, Orthes, und Toulouse, besides various minor actions and 
iriniAhes. lie has received the War Medal with six Clasps. 

47 Lt. Colonel J as. Richanlson served as Adjt. of the Royals in the first Burmese war (Medal). 

48 Lieut.Colonel Cockcraft served with the 58th Regt. in the expedition against Kawiti's 
lit at Ruapekapeka in New Zealand. 

49 Lieut.(.'oh)ne1 Jennings served with the 13ih Regt. throughout the campai^^ns in AfiT^han- 
au from 1838 to 1842 inclusive, and was present at the storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal), 
Mult and capture of the town und forts ot Tootum<lurrah, storm of Jhoolghur, night attack at 
iib:>o Koo::ih Ghur, destruction of Khardurrah, assault of Perwandurrah, storming of the 
hoord CaiK)ol Pass, afiiiir of Tezeen, forcing the Jugdulluck reduction of the fort of 
amoo Ehail, heroic defence of Jellalabad and sorties on the 14th Nov. and 1st Dec. 1841, 11th 
arch, 24ih March^ and 1st April 1842; general action and defeat of Akbur Khan befoi-e Jcl- 
labad (Medal ), stormhig the heights of Jugdulluck, geiteral action of Te/cen, und recapture of 
iboul (Medal). Was severely wounded retiring into Jugdulluck with ihe rcar-guurd, 2(jth Oct. 
in, and slightly wounded in the general action before Jellalabad, 7th April 1842. 

fiO Lient.Coloael Andrews served with the 2dtli Regt. at tho siege of Sebastopol in 1854 
ledal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

61 LtColonel Crawley senred with the 20tU RegU at the liegc of ScbiuU>po\ (>Le4«CL^\kdLC\»s^, 
4TitrkiihMedal). " 

53 lAmUCifJonBl H^gginbotbsm serred with the 63rd Regt* at the &\e^c o^ ^v\>«a\&v^\ vvt 
u^ and W9i 99T9nly woaaded in the trenches ( Afedal and Claap, and TutVUV >\e&«A^» 

a "1 

78 ^Var Seriiccs of the Lieulcnant CuioNtls* 

oi} Lifriit.Colonel Stock Bcnrcd yt'uh the lOih in tho Satlej campaign of 1645-6p and wi« 
present in the batcic of Sobraov (Medal). He served also in the Punjaub campaign of 1848 \K 
and was present during the whole of Uio siege operations before Muultaa, inoloding tho aifAir 
of the UCh Sept , storming tho fneny's strongly .L*ntrouohed position before Mooltan on 12ih 
Sept. (in the latter part of which he commanded tho liegt.)» nation of Soorjkoond, carrying the 
heights before Mooltan, and surrender uf the fortress; was afterwsrds present at the battle of 
Ooo.ierat (Medal and Clasps). 

r>i) Licut.C*»loncl Byrne served with the 2nd Battalion of the Ivoyals at the i»iegc of Scha«. 
topul from 2:^nd April to 20th May m05, and was wounded in the trenches (Medal and Cl&ip, 
Brevet Lt.Coioncl, 5th Class of L'le Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

({:) Lieiit.CuIoncl CUrton served tho Kiisterii campaign of lUCti as Aidr da Camp to the Duke 
of Cani)}i-idi;Cf including the battles of Alma, Balaklavu, nnd Inkcrnian (wounded and horse sbf>t). 
sicae of KJcbiLHtopol, and sortie of 20th October (Medal and Clasps, 5th Clasaof the Me<yidiey and 
TorkiHh Medal). 

65 Lt.Colonel Broughton served in tho Eastern campaign of 1854-55, in the tronohea with 
the siege train before Sebastopol, and at the bombardmcntof April and of Jane (6tli and 1 7th): 
Medal and Clasp, Knight of the L^jgion of Honor, 5th Clnss of the Medjidie, and Turkish AUdal 

60 Liout.Colonel Sibthorp served with the 1st Battalion 6Uth llifles during the Puqjaab 
campaign of 1848-9 ^ Aledsl and two Clasps); and was present at tho second aiege operations at 
Mooltan, including the siege and storm of the town (covering the advanoe of the storming 
parties), and capture of the citadel. Afterwards at the battle of Goojerat^ the porsuit of the 
Scikh army, and the expulsion of the AlFghan furee beyond the Khyber Pass. Succeeded to 
the coDimand of the Companies of the (lOih Rifles thst were engaged against the Hill Tribes in 
the expedition to the EusofKyo Country on tho lllh Dc-c, and also on tho 14ihJ>ee. 1849. 
Served with the 97th Keet. at tlin siege of Sebastopol from 20th May 1853, arul was with this 
ladder party ut the assault on the Uedaii on the 8th S-^pt. — severely wounded (^fedal and Clas^ 
Brevet of Major and LtColonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 5ih Class of the Medjidis). 

G7 l.t.Colonel Cardcn served with the 77th Regt, tho Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
the iKittles of Almu and Inkcrmun siege and full of Sebaitopol (Meilnlanfl Clasps, Brevets of 
Major anil LtXolonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the !Ntedjidie, and Turkish 

69 LieutColonel Ffrench served with the 2Gch Hegt. in China (Medal), and was at Chasau, 
Ning^o, Chapoo, Shanghai, Woosung,Chin-Kian(r-Foo, and Nank in. Served as a Brigade Major 
in the Puojaub campaign in 1849, and was present ut the battle of Goojerat (Medal and Cla<p). 

70 Jjieut.Coloncl W. H. F. Clarice served with the 47th Bcgt. in the first Burmoae war with 
the53nl on the Sntlej (Medal), and was present at Buddiwal, Aliwal, and Subraon. lie hu 
ulso the Punjaub Medil. 

72 Liout.Colonel Alison served with the 73nd Highlnnders the Eastern campaign of 1855, 
inclnding the expniition to Kertch, sii*ge and fall of Selmntopid, and attack of tho 18th June 
( Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, and Turkish Meriftl). »SurvGd as Military Secretary to Lvrd 
Clytie in India during the cam|NiiKii from August 1H.'>7 to March 1 858, and was severely woundtd 
(loitt left arm) at the relief of Loicknow (Brevet of Lt.Colond, Medal and Clasp, and Ci?.). 

74 Liout.Colonel William Wood herred in JLM.^^. Niger of 30 guns at the cuptura of the 
French frigate L/i CrreM of 4G gnus; also, of tlie Ainericun \iTiy alecv Dtirtt and the rocaptnreof 
the English ship Adventure. 

77 LieiitCnloncl MacCarthy commanded the 84th Hc^. with Haveloek's Column on it* 
Arst uflviineo on l.ueknow, including the sctions of Oonao and Buseerutgunge. 

78 Li.Cnlonf>l Brnce served with the !2:)<l Fusiliord at tho siege and fall of Seiiastopol frctfn 
10th Ant;. I85r> (Mnlnl and (Mnsp.and Tnrki^h Mcdiil). Also in tho Indinn eanipai^n in 1857-ii8, 
including the rt'licf ol' Lnckiiow by Jjord Clydo, defeat of the (iwalior Contingent ot Cawupnre 
on (iili Dcc.fCupinre of Lucknow with a(i»i:k on and o<.'CU])ation of the Ivtm Bridge from 11th 
lu 14th March 1 8.>8 ( Brevt t of U.(N»lon(], Me<lal and (Masp). 

Rl Li«'ut.(-olonel Wheatfltone servcil with the 4.0th Regt. in the Kallir war of 1851^ 
(Mod:il, and Uivvet of Major). 

h:) Iit.ik>lonel Cox served in the Indian campaign of 1857'5f), and acted as Staff Olioer in the 
affair of Kudjivah on 1st Nov. 1857) serve<l as a Brigade Migor with Lord Clyde's foroe at tke 
relirf ot tho Residency of Lucknow (horse shot), and throughout tho Jntfian Mutiny* aad 
wuH present at the battle of Cawnpore and fight at Snbatlah Tank the same day, uniir of 
SeralKhat, action of Kala Nuddee, affair of Shumshabad, siege and capture of Lucknow, affiilr 
at Uaycuh, and battle ot Bareilly, capture of the fort of Mutoulie (six times mentioned ia 
despatches, Br«-vets uf MHJor and Lt.C<don(d, .Medsl and two Clasps). 

84 Sir II«'nry Ilavolock mtvimI as a D.A.Q.M.iicn. In the Pi-r<ian expedition from 15 Feb. 
1857, including the bomhardinent and oaplure of MttJnnnrah (Medol). 8ervcd throu|^at the 
Indinn cnniiNii<xn>i of 1^57-5i> as Aide de Camp to (Jenertil llavcluek from 7th JulyyintJis 
actions of Fntteh|)ore, Aoun;r, I'undon \udd(.>(S and r»wni>ore, and as D.A.Adj.lion. to the force 
fvtnn *20 Julv 1857, in the actions of Oonao, Bii<«betTUt (junKK O^oi^i' *hot ), NawabgungK, Boor- 
be«)ake Chi)wke(', Hiihoor, Mun«arw«r, and Aln!nh«i,'li, nnd relief of Lucknow <ui 25tii Sept— 
dangerously wounded by mu.fket hall throuuh lirft elbow, and hoise shot; defence uf tho Rssi- 
denry until titlicveil by Lord Clivo on ITtii Nov. on which dsv ai^ain sovt-roly wounded by a 
rifle hall tlin>ngh left shonliUr. Within a month joined the .)oDU)X)re field i'oi-cu lUMler U«n. 
Fninki aH D.A.Adj.Geu. ami wns preteni at the actions of ^'nHrutpore, Chanda, irmrcrporei and 
Sultaniwre. Present with the 4 th UlvUioa before Lucknow fnmi 4th March I ill its lali, kidl|d- 
hig the storming of tlie Leh^er KinuumUirra and tlie KaiMTba'ih. Served aa U.A.Adj.Gaiki (^ 
JltMt AfMrrh with Lugard's column, and prcttout at the relief of Atinighur; <i|MTatHaia.4u.}ftli 

War Services of the Lieutenant Colonels^ 79 

June (sabre cot on rigiit hand) against (ho Jiig^csporc rchelB, including the attuclc on that 
iftoi Bgh oW and clgiit niidor skitTnlahc^. As D.A.G. in the di:»turbed districts of Gfaasctpora and 
Behar ondcfrBilgndier'Ooiiglwi from 16tli Jtiuo to Not. 1858, including tlie op«ratioosja tho 
fomier district in July and August, and tiic campaign in Stiahabad in Oct. and November. Com- 
mended u <letnehcd bodj of 250 Mounted Riflemen and Cuvalry in punmil of the rciiels after they 
(VoittuaCed Ju^espure on 18th Oct., iMercoptcd and turned thLin from theiiuane rirer, and throe 
ifmes-eo^Bged and detested thcm^ once at Noiiadee on !20th Oct., inflicting considerable Blanghter. 
Commanded a detachment or Ilodsiou's Horse with the Army in Ondo nnder Lord Clyde, and 
pment at tbc skirmish at Bur^udoea, capture of Muttjeeitia, nud flmil action on the Raptee on 
ilst Dre, 1858. Served till the conchMion of the cami)a!gn in comoiand of the 1st Ilegt. 
Hodson's Horse. Was repeatedly mentioned in dispatcher, has n eeivcd the Victoria Crois, the 
Brevets of Major and LLColoucI, and a Year's Service for Lu«<kiiow. 

85 I«t Colonel Wolseley served with the 80th Regt. in the fiurmcse war of 1852-i>3 (Medal) ; 
«aa with the expedition noder Sir Jobn Chespe against the robber chief Myattoon, and severely 
wounled when leading the storming party a;{ainst the chiiTs stronghold on the i9th March 
(ornttonpd in despitches). Landed in the Crimea with the 00th Light Infantry on 5th Deo. 
1944, and employed in the trenches as Acting Engintwr until Sebastopol was taken ; was 
SBgnged in the assouU and defence of the Quarries on 7ch June, and on duty in the trenches 
lithe attaek of the 18th June; severely wounded in a bortie 30Lh August, when in charge of 
fbe advanced safh-several times mentioned in Despauhes ( Medal and Clasp, Knight of the 
Lq^ito of Honour, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian cam 
pajigae of IS57-50, and was present at the relief of Lucknow, defence of the Alumbagh by 
Oaii«fB, with the several engagements there, siege and capture of Lucknow, subsequently as 
D.A.(^II.GeD. to Grant's diriaion and with it at the ofTair of Baree, action at Nawabgunge,. 
sad all the others fought by that force (repeatedly mention(*d in Despatches, Brevet of Lt- 
Oidoael. Medal and Clntp). Served in the War ot 1860 in Chiua upon the Quarter- Masters 
Ocneral'a alaff, and was present at the assault of the Taku Forts, and in ail the eoga^eawnt 
throefcbout the campaign (Medal and two Clasps). 

87 Lt .Colonel MacQrcgor commanded tho llight Ccmpany of tlic 10th in the early part of 
t!ie slece operations before Mool tan in 1848, including the repulse of tho enemy's night attaek 
nfAn the British camp at Muttce Thol, 17th Augu:$t, and storming their strongly entrenched 
poiOtion before Mooltan, 12th September: severely wounded — left hand shattered by a musket 
ihot ( Medal and Clasp). 

8tf Lt.Co1oneI Lncas, with the cifectlve men of the wing of the Gth Regt. stationed at Aden, 
fimsietl pert of an expedition of 500 men under the command of Lt.Colonel Pennycuick, whicli 
datreycd the Arab posts of Sheik Modi and Sheik Othman^and skirmislied between those places 
oflthoOth Oct. 1841. 

90 Lt.Colonel Baynes scrfcd in the Crimea from Nov. It554 as Captain in the Mounted 
Staff CorpSy and afterwards as Military Magistrate of the Army (Mudol and Clasp, 5th Class of 
the Mcdjidie, Turkish Medsl, and Brevet of Major. Served in India during the Mutiny, and com- 
manded xlte force consisting of !2 gnns Horse Artillery, 160 men of 8th Regt., and a detachment of 
Ponjanb Cavalry, which surprised the garrison and secured tho fort and magazine of Phillour, 
on the HiitleJ, 13th and 13th May 1857. Served with the 8th Regt. at the siege of Delhi, and 
wa9 dangcruiKilv wounded at the assault of the city, leg amputated (Brevet of Lieut.ColuncI, 
Medal and Clasp). 

92 LuColonel de Teissier served in Scindf , in command of a detachment, protecting the 
storea and arnnmnition of the army tracked up the Indus. Served also in the Light Company 
of the 17th during the campaign in Aifghaniston and Ileelooohistan, and was present at the 
storm And eaptve of the fortresses of Giiuznee and Khelat, for which he has received the 

03 LtColonel Yongo sorred the Punjaub campaign of 1841), and was present during the 
second siege operations at Mooltan (including the siege and storm of the town and capture of the 
citadel), battle of Goojerat, pursuit of the Sikh army until its final surrender at Rnwul Piodw, 
flceupation of Attoek and Peslinvrur, and expulsion of the Affghau force beyond the Khyber Pass 
^Medal and two Clasps). 

O614.0oloncl Follows was present with the 43rd Light Infantry in the attack on New 
Oil^n^ ill January 1815. He landed with his Regt. nt Ostend on the 18th Juno folluwiiig, and 
was tw e et nt at the capture of Paris. 

07 Lt.Colonel Hudson served with the 3!nh Regt. in the Crnnen from 31 st Dec. 1854, and 
iras prraiflt at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and attacks of 18th June and 8th Sept. (Brevet of 
3th)nr, Medal mid Cl»(p, Sardinian and Turkish Mcdsl:*, and 5th Class of the Medjidic). 

Si8 Lt.Colonel Mein served with the 13th Rogt. in Affghanistan in 1838, 31), 40, uud 41, and wus 
pKfeiit at the atorm and capture of GluiL-n«e (Medol), nssnult and capture of the town nnd fortst 
of TuOttinidanmh,Btorm of Joolghur, niieht attack at Ilabco Koosh Ghur, destruction of Ksr- 
durtab, assault of Perwandurrah, and storming the Klioord Cubool Pass, wliere he was dangcr- 
evbTy wounded and sent into Cabool, and was consequently present with the force under Major 
Geai'Tiil Elphlnstone during the insurrection at Cabool, and on tho disastrous retreat, until tsken 
pfffeOner at Tezeen on tlie 8th Jan. 1842; he was released with the other Cabool captives in 
flejitetaber f«>)lowlng. Was specially mentioned for gallant conduct daring the disastrous retreat 
from Oabool In 184*2, by Sir Robert Pei.l when moving a vote of thanks in the House of Com- 
flhbns fr> the Army of the Indus In 1843 at the conclusion of the Afighan war. 

trj| Lt.Cfdonel Drannuond Hay served in the Persian war in 1857, including tho night attack and 
HefHb of Keoiliali, ■« Brigade Major (Brevet Major, Medal and Clusp), and bombardment of 
lAilMimraltk SksTTiid in Bengal in the several netion4 leading to and vndin*^ in the relief vk{ Wvi. 
'||eirf(tewy' at Lu<*know and its »ubsc«|iiout dercinco ; sem-d wUU OiUiWa to\x^& vix. K\VLm>i«^\^ 

80 Vfar Services of the Lieutenant Colonels, 

including the repulse of the numerous attacks ind operations ending in the final capture of 
Lucknow ; the Rohilcund campaign in 1858 and capture of Barcllly (Medal and Clasp, Brevet 
of Lt. Colonel, and a year's seri-icc for Lucknofv). 

100 Lt.Coloncl Hunt served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battle of Alma 
and tticie of Sebostopol (Medal and CIasp«, 5(li Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

101 Lt.Colonel Farrer served with the 38tb Uegt. in the Eastern campaign of 1 854-55, inclading 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman and siege uf Sebastopol (Medal and three Clups, Brevet 
of Major, Turkish Medal, and 5th Class of the Mrdjidie). Also in the Indian campaign of 
1857-58, including the capture of Meeangunge, siege and capture of Lucknow, and aflfaiis of 
Barree and Nuggur (Medal and Clasp). 

102 Lt.Colonel Gamble served with the 4th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from May 
1855 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, and Turkish 31edal). 

103 Lt.Colonel Taylor served the campaign of 1842 in AfiTghanistan (Medal); and that on 
the SutlcJ (Modal), including the battles of Moodkoe and Ferozo&hah (soverely wounded). 

104 LuColonel Shakespear served the Eastern Campaign of 1854-55, inducUng the nf)utrsof 
Bulganac and M'Kenzie's Farm, the battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse (»hot), and Inkerman, 
and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). 

- 106 Lt.Colonel Rudman served with the G^nd Regt. in the Sutlej campaign (Medal and 
Clasp), including the battles of Ferozeshah and So braon, where he carried the Kogimental 
Color! Was present as Adjutant of the 32nd Regt. with the force under Sir Colin Campbell 
against the Hill Tribes near Pe$hawur in ^lay 1852. Joined the Delhi Column under Brigadier 
Hope Orant in Oct. 1857, and was present in the several skirmiFhes with the mutineers during 
the advance into Oude. Served on the Staff at Head Quarters as Assist Adj. General H.^f. 
forces in India from 10th Nov. 1857 to 5th Jan. 1858, and was present at the relief of Laoknotr 
by Lord Clyde, battle of Cawnporc on 6th Dec, actions of Kalee Nuddee and occupation of 
Fattehghur (twice mentioned in despatches and thanked by Uio Governor General on both 
occasions, Dnvet of Major, Medal ana Clasp). 

107 Lt.Colonel rdlowes served ti»e Ea«»tcrn campaign of 1854-55 as D.A.Q.M.G., Cavalry 
Division, including the affuii-s of Bulganuk and Mackenzie's rami, battles of Alma, Balaklara, 
Inkerman, and Tchcrnaya. and siego uf Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian 
Medal, and 5th Class of the Mcdjidie). 

108 Lt.Colont'l Netd served the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49 as Aide de Camp to General 
Wtiish, and was present during the whole of the siege operations against and capture of Mooltan; 
after which he was at the battle of Goojerat (Medal and Clasps). Served with the Persian 
expedition of 1857 (Medal). Also with the Central India field f^rco under Sir Hugh Rose in 
1858 and was present at the hiege and capture of Rahutghur, relief of Saugor, capture of Gur- 
rakota and pursuit across the Beas, forcing the Muddenpore Pass, siege and capture of Jbansi, 
battles of lictwa and Kooncb, affairs during the advance on Calpee and action of Qolowlee, 
capture of Calpee and pnrsuit, a'^tion of Morar, action resulting in the rc-caj)ture of the town 
and fort of Gwalior, pursuit in 1858-59 and action of Rinnde and pursuit of lantia Topee (four 
times mentioned in the despatches, Brevets of Major and LtCol., Medal and Clasp). 

109 Lt.Colonel Cure t'>n served with the 10th Lancers in the action at Maharajporc 29 Doc. 
1843 (Medal); and with the 3rd Light Dragoons during the campaign of 1845-6 on the Sntlej; 
including the battles of Moodkeo (severely wounded) and Sobraon, for whioh ho has received 
a Medal and one Clasp; and served with the 12th Lancers in the Ivafiir war of 1851-53 (Medal). 
Served with the 12tli Lancers in the Crimea from 31 July 1855, at the siege and fall of Sebas- 
topol and at Eupatoria (Medal and Cla«p, and Turkish Medal). 

110 Lt.Colonel Rogers served in tho Eastern campaign in 1855, in the trenches with the 
Siege train before Sebastopol, and at the bombardmenu of April and 6th and 17th June (Medal 
and Clasp, 5tli Class of the Medjidie, and Turkibh Medal). 

111 Lt.Colonel C F.T. Datiicll served the P2astern campaigrn of 1854-55 as Brigade Major in 'he 
3rd Division, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and 
attack of the: IHtli June ( Meilal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5ti) 
Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

112 Lt.(.'ol(M)el Hon. D. G. Fiueh served with the G8th Liuht Infantry throughout tho I^astern 
campaign of 1854-55, ine!mllng the battles of Alm:i and Inkcruian, siego and fall of Sebaslo|H)l 
(Medal and Cli^ps), Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal;. 

113 Lt.Colonel Pa got Bayly served inthoKastorn campaii^n of 1854 with tho 30th Regt., iu- 
clu<lin^^ the hiegc of Sebastopol, repulse of tho sortie on 26th Oct. (wounded in the cheek), and 
battle "of Inkerman (severely wounded in the face and leg) (Medal and Clasps, 5th Class of the 
Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

114 Lt.Colonel Gr«ville served as Aide de Camp to Sir Harry Smith and to Sir George Cnthoart 
in the Kaflir war of 1851-53 (IMtdal), and present at the b'lttlo of Borea. Served again as 
Aide de Camp to Sir George Cathcart in the Eastern canapa^gn of 1854, including the batttes 
of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (where Sir George waa killed), and siege of Seba!>topol 
(Meilal and four Clasps, 5th Class of tho Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

115 Lt.('i)lonel Maclean served with the 4l;th Regt. throughout the war with China (Medal), and 
was present at tho first taking of Cliu.^an, stonn and capture of the heights above Canton, attack 
and c;«p".ure of Amny, second capture of (!hu?un, attack and eapturc of the bei|ilits of (^hinhae, 
occupation of Ning])o and repulse of the night-attsck, attack and cupiui-o of Clm]K)o, ^Vousaug, 
and Chin Kiang Foo. 

110 Lt.Colonel Ruttledgc served with the 17th Regt. throughout the campaign of 1838-31) in 
Afighanistnn and Beloochlstan under Lord Keano, and was present at tho storm and capture of 
Ghuzneo (Medal), and of Khclat. Mnn at the siego of Sebastopol from Dec. 1854 to Aug. 1855, 

irar SServicei of t/te Lieutenant Volonels. 81 

incladbig the asMoIt on the Rednn on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, 5th ClaM of the Medjidie^ 
and Tarkish Medal). 

] 17 Lt.Colouel Watnon served with the 7th Fosiliers in the Eastern campaign of 18/>4, and 
was sererelj wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal with riasp, 5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). 

118 Lt.Colonel Dancan Campbell 8er?e<l in the SSrd Regt. during the suppression of the insur- 
rretion in Lower Canada in 1837 ; also in repulsing the attaeks of the American brigands who 
lauded at Prescott, Upper Canada, in 1898. Served with the 90th Light Infantry at the siege ot 
8ebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkinh Medal). 

11;^ LtColonel Hume served with the r>8th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and was 
present at the battle of Alma, siege and fall of Sebastopol, was Aide de Camp to Sir John 
Oam{^ell on the expedition to Kenoh, and assault of the Itedan on the 18th June, in which 
ihe Major General was killed ; was D.A.A.G. <)rd Division from July 1855 (Medal and three 
(!?laips. Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion uf Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkic Ii 
Medal). Served in India with the 38 ih from 12th Nov. 1857 to 9th August 1858 ; was pre- 
fcnt at the siege and capture of Luuknow, and with Graut*s division during the summer 
cami>aigii in C^de. indndisg several minor aflTairs (Medal and Clasp). 

120 Lt.Colonel Peel &ervo(I witli the 34th Regt. in the Crimea in 1854-r>5, including the siege 
of Sebastopol and capture of the Quarries — severely wounded (.Medal and Cla^p, Brevet 3Iajor, 
5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

ISl Lt.Colonel Ajtonn served in the Southern Mahratta campaign of 1844-45, including the 
Mcge and capture of the forts of Punella, Pownghur, Monolmr, and Munsuntotth. Served in snp- 
predion of the Indian Mutiny in 1858* 50, includini? the pursuit of Tantia Topee, actions with 
Bheel«, siege of Dwarka, and action of Somnassa (Medal). 

122 Lt.Co]onel A. J.W.Elliot served five years in India, the last two on Lord Hardinge's staflTf 
prior to entering the Royal Army, :uid was present with his regiment, the 8th Bengal Cavalry, at 
the battle of Panniar (Medal), as also in the Sutiej campaign, including the battle of Feroseshah 
(Medal). Served the Eastern campaign of 18.'>4-55 as Aide de Camp to General Scarlett, 
iocladln^ the battle of Balaklava (severely wounded) and siege of Sebustopol (Medal and 
Clasps, Brevet of Mf^or, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). 

Ii3 Lt.Colonel Maxse served the Eastern campaign of 1854 as Aide de Camp to JiOrd 
Cardigan, including the battles of Alma and Balaklava (wounded), and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

124 LLColonel Wm.Bayly was present at the battle of Plattsburg in America in 1814. Served 
at the sieg^ of Delhi from 28th June to 3d Si^pt. 1857, iacludiug repulse of Sorties on tho 
0th, 14thy 18th, and 23d July— commanded the two flank Companies on the last occatiou 
(Medal and Clasp). 

125 Lt.Colonel Gibson served In the Indian campaign of 1858 in Rohilcund (Medal). 

126 LUColonel Dowbfggin 8crvc<l the Eastern campniini of 1854 np to the 1st December, 
and again from drd May 1855, including the battle uf Alma, siege and fall of Sebantopol, and 
rapture of Kimbourn (Medal w;ith two Clasps, Brevet of Major, Knight of tho Legion of 
Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). S€r\'erl tho campaign of 18(U) in China 
with the 90th Regt., including the surrender of Pekin (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Modal with Clasp). 

127 LuColonel West landed in the Crimea with the 48th liegt. on the 2l8t April 1855, and 
served at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the legion of Honor, 5th Clas>s 
uf the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

128 Lt.(>>loocl Hon. W. J. Colville served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the 
liHttlc of Alma, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and two Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of thu 
Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

129 Lt.Olonel Steward served with the 41st Regt in the Eastern campaign up to 19th Oct. 
1654, including the battle of Alma, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and two Clasps, 5th Class 
of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

130 Lt. Colonel Wombwell sened with the 46th Regt. at the siege of .Sebastopol in 1854-55 
(Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, 5tli Claf^s of the Me<1jidie, and Turkish Medal). 

131 Lt.Colonel Garrett servetl with the 4()th Hegt. and on the staff at tho 'siego and fall of 
Sebastopol from 8th Nov. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, ^Sardinian and Turkish 
Meilals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

132 Lt.Colonel T. L. Mayno served the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49 with the 14th Light 
Dn^oons, including the action of llamnuggur (with the charging squadrons) « iiussinge of the 
Chentb, battles of Chilliriuwallnh and Goojcrat, pursuit of the enemy across the Jhelum, and 
uf the Affuhans over the Indus, to the Khvbcr Pa^s (Medal and two Clasps). 

133 Lt.Colonel Whitmore landed in the Crimea with the '2nd Batt. on 22nd April 1855, and 
WIS at the siege and fisU of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, 5th Class of tbe Medjidie, 
nd Turkish Sledal). 

134 Lt.Colonel Greene served with the 43rd Light Infantry in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 
t Medal). Nominated to the 4th Class of tho Me^idie for service with tho Turkish Contingent. 

\'M> Lt.Colouel Nelson served as Sab- Assistant Commissary-General, Bombay Army, through- 
oat the operations under Sir Wm. Nott, in Candahar and Aifghuiistan during 1841-42; and as 
aach under Sir Charles Napier at the battle of Hyderabad. Served as Aide-de-Camp to Sir 
Thomjs Valiant in the action of !\I&harajpore 29th Dec. 1843, and had a horse shot under him. 
He has a Medal for Affghanistan, another for ScLnde, and a bronze star for Maharajpore. 

13G Lt.Colonel Dysart served in tho Ord Madras European Regiment with the i^ugor field 
division in tho Indian Mutiny campaign in 1858-59, and was present at the battle oT Banda 
(Kcdaly and Brevet of Mi^or).' 



Sil LIEUT, or 

Jan. 07 

^ Thoiiins Wilson,' Captain, li.p. 00 Foot.. Oct. 
ChristoplnT Wilkiiisou,^ Capt., li. p. R. Art, ^7 Oct. 
)i 9^) Charles FrtH'niuii Sanillmm,' do. do. . 27 Oct. 
9?2:l5;/-Trtvor\VlM ler,2?f./.Vr//. jUnatt. . . 
D MoyU' ?Shercr,'' ( 'aptain, .... 
9AViriinm lloury ]IiirtmBn,*^Cff/>/rfi>i,Uiiatt. 
rfamucl Charters,' ( 'aptain, li. p. R. Artillery 

Charles Royd,' Captain, UnattachcMi 

Cioorpc Monta<EU, C/tptain, Unattached .. . > 
Joliii Bucklny Custieau,' Capt,, h.p. R. Mar. 

William i:iliott,r//y)//irw, Unnltachotl 

9;2:1 WiUouphhy iMonU^u,'<> </o.,li.p. R. Art. 
(ieonie M*LoodTew," Major, Unattached.. 
"Mcdorico dc Mnrcticsi Alinui, Captain, } 

ret. full pny, Royal Malta Fencibles ... ^ 
John Kenneth Mack(Mizip, (.'/i/;i<n'/i, Uuatt., ^ 

Adjutant, Antrim Militia ) 

Oliver I'ry, Cnpt. r. f. i>.. R. Artillery 



7 Jon. 
1 Au{,'. 
7 iNov. 





17 Nov. 0811 July 11 

4 June 07 

July (n):-28 Mar. Oo 

14 Dec. 04|l3 Feb. 00 

15 Aug. 04 19 Dec. 00 
8 Dec. 14181 Oct. 2*2 

2-iSept. 08-13 April 24 

Aug. 12 2 Sept. la 

20 Nov. 0811 Augr. 11 

14 Nov. OojSAag. I»il0]lay 
24 April 0<l \t Aug. 19} I Jiilj 

1 June (Hi|i2 Aug. 10^ 7 Jam 
10 April 17! b Feb. S9|30 Nm 
2GMar. 12i22Jul]r 3(m 6 Jirij 
:)0 0ct. 12,22 July 30] 16 Feb. 
16 Jan. laiOJan. 37 S FcU 
12 July 17 10 Jan. 87123 Apt 
22 0it. 25 28 Jane 30| 3 Jan 
10 July 07:10 Nor. 40; 

OJuly 2<W3 Nov. 41(i7 JAn. 

Nov. 27 23 Not. 41 i 6 Noi 

19 Au-^. 
23 Jan. 

13 :M) Sipt. 10 12 Jan. 34 lO April «• 25 A«g 

25,15 Jau. 27 

10 July 4011 Nov. 51; 

10 Dec. 31 10 Sept. 30;23 April 42 20 Jauc 54.12 J^n, 
17 Oct. 94,14 Oct. 01 28 Nor. 64' 

Geo. St. JoluiGitforU, Jo. do. 11 R.Vet.Ratt. 20 Feb. 90,25 April 971 3 Sept. 04 28 Voy. 54 

9 Archib. Fullurton,»*rfo. do. R. Vet. Batt. 
Thomas llui*flle,'''' // Royal Marines 
9 Alexander Skene, ><> do, do. 4 R. Vet. Batt. 
^JohnLyonHulnie,'^f/n. do. R. En^inecrB 
^ Thos. Ramsden Agnrw,"* Capt., r. f. p X 

2 R. Vet. Batt % 

Richard J. F.Crowthor/^ (/ R. Mariocs 
Ives Stocker, Jo. do. R. Knyineera 

Wm. Stcph. Knflpmau,^ Jo. do. R. Marines 
John Wilson," Jo. do. R. Mariues 

(.91 William Lemoiuc, Jo. do. R. Artillery 
II Charles Manners,'^ do. do. R. Artillery 
And. Archer Win. Schalch,'* do, do. do. 
Charles Gordon |-' Jo. do. 93 Foot 

Aylmer Dowdull,'''^ Captain, do, HA Foot 
Richard Fry, do. do. 03 Foot 

Thomas Waters, Jo. do. R. Marines 

John Geo. Richard^ion,'*'^ Jo. do. iIa. 
Ja^. Hunter Rutlierford, Jo.ilo. Ruy.Kng., ) 

(wov, of JJubitn Military Prison ) 

10 Mar. OlUoOct. 03; 2 April 12 

15 Jan. 98' 1 Dec. 03 18 Mar. 13 

28 May 07'25July 09.11 Nov. 13 

24 June 09 10 July 10.20 Dec 14 

19 Dec. 07 12 Oct. 09*22 Jane 15 


2 Dec. 98l8Aag. 0419 July 
14 Dec 11 IJuly 12,2S)JuIy 

1 Nov. 03 17 Jan. 0(i.3l July 
22Juoe 0410JnnQ 07.31 Aug. 

3 Oct. 
3 Oct. 

17 Dec. 
22 June 

20 May 


07 1 5 June 08= Nor 
07 24 Sept. Ot*. 6 Nov. 27 
07ilO Mar. 09 Nor. 271 

09 15 Oct. 12 

l:)! 2 Mar. 17 

26 April 10 18 June 12 

30 Nov. 04 27 July 08 

18 Sept. a'j 14 Feb. 09 

20 July 13 15 Dec. 13 

9 John Hewctt,^ Captain, i\o, H. Murines.) 12 Nov. a5|24 Sept. 1(» 

Peter Kanon, do, do. 61 Foot 

Wiliium Ilonry Dcvon,^' Jo. do. R. MariucM 
9 Hvan Mor^uni'' do. do. R. Art., } 

Lt.Col. Glamorgan Militia ArtilUry \ 

28 Fob. S8{ 
2 May 29; 
5 June 301 
22 July 30 
17 Mar. 31 

12 Nov. 31 





David Galloway, 
Jcrvis Cook," 
James Shute,'* 

William Da\ is** 
Colin Mackenzie,^ 

5 Oct. 
11 Feb. 

17 Dec. 

4 Mar. 


26 May 06 28 Oct. 12127 May 34, 
21 June 00 30 Jan. 13 27 May 34 
26 Feb. 07:23 Feb. 

Capt. tlo. R. Marines 

do. do. do. 

do. do. (lo. 

do, do. do. 

do. do. R. l':ngineor8.20 July 13| 15 Dec. 
JohnMiniquf'tHQWsouy^7,/0,(lo,^9 Poot ! 2 Sept. 12:22 May 
Lewis Edw. Walsh, do. do. R. Artillery 5 July 13! 13 July 

Fred. Augustni Griffiths, Jo. do. do. 13 Dec. 13^ 8 Oct. 
Geo.Chas. D(-);i'n Le\vi.<«, Jo. do. R. Enjfineers, 1 Aug. 
Francis Holcombe, do. do. R. Artillery 1 May 

9 Henr>' Jnmes,^ tlo, do. R. Marines 7 Dec. 

Adam Von Bcverhoudt/'Jo. do. 58 Fool |21 Oct. 
John Kelly,*' do. do. Foot 8 Nov. 

14 27 May 341 
13 20 Oct 34 i 

15 13 Mar. 35< 
10= May 351 
U; 19 Aug. 35 
15j 5 Dec. 35) 
lul OJau. 3<;i 
21 18 Mar. 36l 

IS 9 April 1029 April 3<li 
13:20 Dec. 24 27 May 86 

14 1 July 

15 9 Nov. 
07! 19 July 




Henry Sniith,*^ do. do. 

reterJnoJas.Dusautoy,*'V/o, do. 

Hol>ert Stuart Ridge,^ do. ilo. 

Francis Wm. l*ettingal, do. ilo. 

Thomas I'ark,** do. do. 

f Seorgc Griflin,^' do, do. 

Jolin Campttell, do, do. 

Henry NichtdN, dn, do. 

William Lamey, do, do. 

R. Mur. 18 Fell. 4H) 13 Aujr. 25 10 Julv 37 

do. l4Mnr. (KMO May 26 10 July 37 

30 Foot 8 Si-pt. 14 28 Ihc. 21 29 Sept. 37 

R. Kng. 1 Mar. ]n23.Miir. 25 20 Nov. 37 

R. Mar. 30 Aug. 09,v28 Feb. 28 7 Dec. .I? 

df. 18 Ke]it. 001 Mar. 28 9 Dec. 37 

74 Foot IOSri»t. 13i28Sepf. 20 15 Dec. 37; 

94 Foot 25 July ll|l5Sq)r. 14 9 Feb. 38 

R. Eng. I Aug. 1(1 7 June 25 -J5 .Mav 38 


12 Oct. 32' do 

09; 8 Oct. 10'2l June 331 do 

00. 15 Jan. 12;23 Dec. d3i do 

12 23 May 15; 10 Feb. 34|28 Nov. 54 

10 April 12121 Hay 34^28 Nor. 54 

William Joiiu Stokes CV//;/. r.f.p. R. Art. .. 10 July 15; 2 April 21 29 June 30 

JohnRich. MascalV^'Co/;/. ret. f.p. R. Mar. 7 Sept. 08:10 Dec. 22 10 Jan. ."17 28 Nov 54 

John Dyson, do.tVy R. Artillerv 11 Dec 15 11 Aug. 23 10 Jan. 

Rich. Wm. Fascoe.^ Jo. do. R. Marines 12 SepL 08 10 May 23 23 May 

Wm. Young Feuwick, Capt. r.f.p. R. Art. ;15 Dec. 17 2t) July 25 23 June 37 28 Nov. 54 



■doB," Capl., TCt. r. p. U. M«r. 
Vtorell, ilo. do. R. Ait. 
inli«w, do. tlu. B. Kng. 
nsreien," da. So. 48 Fool 
l«iutii«O'Uriin,({a.d0. B. Art. 

I May 



4 Oct. 
14 Feb. 
8 July 1*10 July 
1 Auk. 1(1- - ■ 

SOUec. " 

OOcl. U 

3 Oct. 18 
33 Oct. 

8 Dot. 

to. *.. B. Art., ProftMor, B. | 

t^ademy, WaoliBieh ) 

r. Cap!., ret. full p«y, B. Art. 
Ittm," da. dii. B. Har. 

1 Kius," ^ do. 31 Foot 
■ Fouldeu, do. do. H. Art. 
;ht," do. do. H.Mar. 

.Campboll, do. ilo. B. Art. 
a," f/o. <)u. R. Mar. 

, M'KcUu-, do. do. R, Mar. 



imaiandirnt Donegnl Art. 
tiU, Cnpf., ret. f.i). 07 Fool 
"d Yoang, do. do. R. Art. 
in*, do. do. Ceyton H^gt. 

■tham, do. do. R. Art. 

fB. PapiltoD, do. do. do. 
" do. do. R. Mor. 

Ib>d, ^0- do. R. Alt, 

t Wynne, do. ret. f. p., R. Art., ) 
oMmandsHf Fi/e Artillery . . J 
rchlsoD,'* Copt. ret. f.p. 20 F^t 

77 Foot 
do. [)9 Foot 
dn. R. En;. 
do. B. Mar. 

S hUr. 
I Apr. 
19 Hay 

«UI a June 


14,30 Nc 



3828 Nov. 
3B do 
M' do 

Ifi »0T. 34 
1(1 Not. 

1 Mar. 17 
IWJuTy 95 

G-May 13 
lOSIfty 28 
II) Nov, 12 

17 April 
9Auf. 33 
S.tujf. 3tl 
GAag. an 

ii Jan. SJ 
Auk. ^ 
leMay 32 
IflUcc. 31 
16 Dec 31 
lajnly 35 

18 Dec. 31 
JODec. 3a 

!7 Not. 
W Jnly 

V) Jan. 
!2 Feb. 
4 A,.r. 

. 18 

W jEino 
1 Oct. 
16 July 
H3 0rt. 
7 May 
23 Jaa. 
5 June 

Feb. 30^ May 

July 00-JiiJuly 

K) Au|. S7ll3Jan. 

10 Mar. S923NOT. 

13 Mot. 33 e April 

■23 May ••'■" " ' 


. , 1. f.p. 54F. 
t, Capl., rtt. full pay, 81 Foot 
wrter," C«ip(.,dD. aOFuot ....'40 Dee. iliSOJulf 
mf, A4/.^rfarArt.\]6 Jxme 41 II April 
ia..ydverlOD,*'Ctip<. .p.R. Arlju Jan. 4.T14AprU 
.rti,*'iV.,r./'.p.,CnjlonHoBt.; 7July 37t.>0Jin. 
liam Ueheiix,*< A>. do. R. Uar. liG Dec. «> 10 July 
I, Cn|)'.,«et.fiai])tty,&8Foot aSJuM 41 14 Oct. 
Bdy,*'Caf».,Trcf.]i.It.Marinra'91 Mar. 34 10 Aup. 
allbUv. l^>l. r. !. p. B. Maiinc*:23 Feb. 3(> 10 July 

Mb, 'iUryor, 98 Font I 1 Not. 30||0 JiiIt 


. W. Uwwnce, Cnpt. b. p. II. ) a? Dm 
Papmatltr Artillay Dirilion ) *' """ 
Vmttrong, JA^"'! Depot HaU.. 1 Not. 40' JS July 
kcK," .V<c!(ir, UdBtlaehed ....2U0et. 43- 3 Dec. 
afhea Kuox lock. Cfpl. SO V. '>e Sept. 47 8 June 
Witb, Miyer, Depot BaltaliDD.. 3 Kov. 4<t|t5 Ovt. 
lipladBll, Jfr/jor 9Foot 10 Dec 47 

. May : 
10 May : 
20 May ; 
31 Uay : 
37 3Jalj i 
17 11 April • 

30 10 Aug. . 
20 3 Get. ■ 
3«« Oct. ■ 

31 13 Kov. ' 
30 14 April ■ 
8911 May ■ 
39 11 May ■ 
St* 25 June ' 
30 !1 July • 
30 8 S«pt. * 

s» ac Oct. ' 

311 iA Nov. ■ 

34 »Oct. ' 

93' 4 April ■ 

33I 4 April • 

34 12 April • 

34| 3 Uay • 

30!lS April • 

41S9Etee. ■ 

10 8ept. • 

3 Dec. ' 

12 Fob. ' 

1 14 July • 

3 Dec. ; 

17 JUE 


1 April 
3 April 

M«yM«B«lUy,Cll.,ri'pr ItArt 18 Dec. 4fi 

uiCartheK.Copf-HnvnlArtllkrj' R Aug. 46 

BHv, ^IfiglDr, 7 Puot ii l>ec. 48 

nrtVliij-mau," M<!for, truall. .. 14 July 41 

r'l, df>f«itt,S7 Fint 3 Oct. 44'ltt Ma'y 

1 Hniry, Cff/i/fnji, II. Artlilerv.. 10 Dec. 48!i3 0ct. 

Spencer Churd>ill,C''7^'.(t't'F. llO O'-t. 45 -J4 Sept. 

CcTcnlryP<Hocli,"'.>Wn/ UH«it.ll5DM. 4H .I Oct. 

■ef I*u • XiOnr, irnalitnlicrl, ( I.,, j. , ,1 . 

«ld»W('tS>,JtfiV<)'-,9P<Kit ....^IDoe. 3ff SAprll 

7 May ; 

« OJnae t 

44 16 July I 

42 3 Mar. 4 
37l97July ^ 
49 AJano f 
40 26 Oct * 
37ia7JiiIy i 

43 17 Aug. i 
48 90 Oct. I 
4dl3NoT. I 
43' 3 Dee. ( 
4;lai Dee. i 
40ilSAuc. : 
47:11 Nov. t 
40'93Dec. ; 
4617 Feb. £ 

146,17 Feb. C 

47 24 Feb. £ 
40i 7 April I 
43I CJiine F 

48 OJune J 
47 90 June C 
4; I 4 Aug. .' 
40^ i Aug. 
4^1 7 Aug, 
43 19 Aug. 

I Nov. hi 

28 Nov. 54 
"" Xor. 54 

29 Not. 54 
D<.c. 6t 
Dec. I 
Dec. ; 

Dee. 54 

12 Dec 54 
16 Mar. 55 
21) Mar. 1 

13 July 55 
4 Sept. r>5 

!7 Sept. 55 
9 Nov. 56 


54I 9 Nov. 55 20 F 
54: 3 NvT. 55! 8 V 




William John Williams, Capt., R. Artillery 2 May 47 

VQt Hugh Rowhindg, M(tjor, 41 Foot 


30 June 48 


25 Sept. 49 21 April 51 

6 July 49 

24 Aug. 54 

25 Aug. 54 

15 Sept. 54 






17 May 5030 Sept. 54 

12 Oct. 
18 June 

29 Dec. 
47 30 June 
2 Aug. 
1 April 


18 June 45 

18 Dec. 

1 Oct. 
18 Dec, 

2 Feb. 



48127 Oct. 
48l29 Oct. 



15 Nov. 


1 April 4n 13 Dec. 

1 April 4G[13 Dec. 54 



80 June 

1 April 

19 Mar. 

40 24 Nov. 
48 25 Jan. 
48 14 June 


1 Oct. 

1 Oct. 
18 Dec. 
18 Dec. 

1 May 
18 Dec. 

18 Dec. 

19 Dec. 
17 Dec. 
19 Dec. 

4930 April 52 
49 25 June 
47 1 11 Oct. 
45: 1 April 
47,30 June 

47)30 June 
47)30 June 
47 30 June 

20 Doc. 
22 Dec. 
22 Dec. 
29 Dec. 
29 Dec. 
29 Dec. 
•29 Dec. 
29 Doc. 

29 Dec. 54 


30 June 

10 April 47 10 April 55 

19 Dec. 48 
16 Feb. 20 

21 June 50 

18 Dec. 
4 July 

47i30 June 
48 19 Dec. 









48 j 






29 Dec. 

29 Dec. 

29 Dec. 

3 Jan. 

7 Feb. 

7 Feb. 

8 Mar. 

1 April 
1 April 
1 April 55 

13 April 55 



William Bollairs/** Major, Unatt., Assist, } j « i^r ^r 

Adj. Gtn. in Canada ]\ ^ 

Charles Mingaye Green, Captain, 30 Foot. . 20 April 49 
Nathaniel Stecvcns,^' Mnjirr, Unattached ..19 Dec. 4o 
Cha. Edward Oldershaw, Capt. R. Artillery 2 May 

Frederick Wells, Captain, 1 Foot 

Louis John Aniadeo Armit, Captain, R. Eng. 
Charles Brisbane Ewart. Capt. Royal Eng., ) 

Assist. Quarter Master General .... ) 
C. Butler Pet. Nugent Hodges Nugent, do. do. 
Phillip Dickson,7* Capt.,\\. p. Roy, Artillery 
Edward Chas. Acheson Gordon, CW^i^.Ii. Eng. 
Daniel William Tuppcr, Captain, 50 Foot 

Charles Elgee, Major, 23 Foot 14 April 40:i8 Feb. 

James George Hay, '''^ Major, Unattached ..31 Dec. 44} 1 Sept. 

Richard Pi-eston, Captain, 44 Foot 127 Feb. 

Geo. E. Brown We»thcad, Maj. 31 Foot.. ..7 April 

Fitzwilliam Fred. Hunter, Mryor, 30 Foot. . !21 July 

Richard Lyons Otway Pearson, Lt. if Cap. I « r. .,; . ... -, 

Gr. Qd9.,Deputu Assist. Adj. Gen. • • 5 I ' ^ 

>7C Fi-cd. Cockayne Klton, Major 21 Foot. . 19 Jan. 

Charles Cooch,^^ ' Major, Unatt '21 Aug. 

Arthur FrederickWan-en, J/a/or,RifleBrigade 23 July 
Whitworth Porter, Captain, Uoyal Engineer* 18 Dec. 
John Edward Hope, Captain, Royal Artillery 
Wm. Windham Aug. Lukin, Capt. do.. .. 
Charles Edmund Walcott, Captain, do. . . . 
William John Boltcm, Captain, do. • . . 

Philip Ravcuhill, Captain, Royal Engineci-s 
James Sinclair, Captain, Royal Artillei7 . . 
Lewis William Penn, Capt., R. Artillery . . 
>7C Frederick MUler, Captain, R. Artillery 
Charles Herbert Sedley, Capt., R. Engineers 
Charles Henry Owen, Capt., Royal Artillery 
WUliam S. Philips, Capt. ret. full pay, 02 F.|25 Oct. 
George Byng Harman,'* Major, Unatt., J I 

Assistant Inspector of Volunteers, with : !18 Sept. 

Local and Temporary Rank of Lt.Col. 3j 
Paget Walter L' Estrange, Capt. R. Artillery 19 Dec. 
Reginald Henry Champion, Captain, do. . . . |l9 Dec. 
William Gilly Andrews, Captain, do ... . 20 June 
Roderick ^lackenzic, Capt. Royal Artillery 20 June 
Fra. Horatio De Vere, Capt. Royal Engineer? 1 Oct. 
Henry Wm. Dennie, Capt. ret. full pay, \ 

28 F., Barrachnaster at Maidstone . . \ 
Robert HockiugH,'" Cajyt. r. f. p. R. Marines 
Hcrbe rtRussell Manners,'** <fVry.h.p.Dcpot'> 

HkM. Assist. InsjHC of Volunteers,tcifh ^ 

Local and Temporartf Rank of Lt.Col.) 

Robert Dillon , Major, 30 Foot *. . 

Edw. P. H. Usshcr,'" Capt. r.f.p., R. Mar. 27 Dec. 
John Felling Pigott,r/o. Unatt. S. O. of PenJ.X'i Feb. 

John Arthur Gildea, Major, 81 Foot |23 Aug. 39 30 April 41 14 April 48' April 50 

Richard Roundell Roundcll, Major, 2S FootJO Sept. 3<i!27 Sept. 39 20 Oct. 4(M6 April 50' 

Jamis Owen Bovill, 3^(yor,0 Foot 23 Mar. 47'200ct. 48 10 Dec. 53 29 April .'id' 

Robert Bates, Mf^jor, 83 Foot ■ Juno 34 25 Doc. 

Henry Woodbine, Capt., 45 Foot ..I 9 Mar. 39 15 Apr. 

James Pollock Gore, Major, 1 Foot \ Feb. 30 20 Dec. 

Humphrey Gray, Major, 1 1 Foot 25 .Mar. 3(5 1 Jnly 



55 15 Oct. 

55*30 July 



15 May 
15 June 


10 June 55 

19 May 49;29 June 
6 Mar. 5018Aus:. 

27 May 
9 July 
16 April 50,27 Oct. 



30 Dec. 42:29 Dec. 

19 Sept. 40 



7 Sept. 55 

24 Sept. 55 




1 Mar. 

28 Aug. 38 7 Jan. 42 13 Nov. 40 

2 Nov. 



2 Nov. 

2 Nov. 

2 Nov. 

2 Nov. 


2 Nov. 

2 Nov. 

2 Nov. 55! 4 June 


16 Jhd. 


30 Nov. 
17 Dec. 


8 Jan. 50! 4 Jan. 

8 June 

38 29 Nov. 
36'13 Jan. 
39'28 Jan. 

39 30 Nov. 
4l!lO Aug. 
42 19 Dqc. 

49 15 Feb. 
49J20 Mar. 
45 31 Mar. 

1 Sept. 

38 15 Oct. 
42, (! Feb. 

39 29 Oct. 
38 15 Feb. 
4M 6 Dec. 



Cha. Rulci^h Chichester, Major, Depot Batt. 31 Mar. 46 

c. Frederick Hamuicrsley,*^ 3/r<yor, Unatt. 1 July 42'21 April Ai\'l'i April 51 

Hercules Wulker, Major, Rifle Hrignrie ;22 May 42 30 Dcr-. 4o; 8 Aug. 51 

Robert Hamilton Currie, Major, 39 Foot . . .28 Dtc. 

William Leckie, Major, 39 Foot 10 Nov. 

Rob. E. Fuzakerloy Craufnrd, Capt. R. Art. 19 Juno 
Thomas Wickhara," Major, h. p. 33 Foot . . 25 Oct. 

38 14 Ft'b. 
43 10 April 

40 10 Feb. 

2 April 52 


44 1 

Thomas Bcckwith Speedy,*^ Capt. Unatt,, > 

See. 4" A4j. Royal Hihemian School . . > 

John Stokoe^ Captain, Royal Engineers . . . . 

Ajn-il 40 22 Mar. 
25 Mar. 

15 Mar. 
20 Dec. 

42 22 Dec. 40 
39 23 Oct. 4) 

43 1 April 46 


17 Fob. 
17 Feb. 


6 June 






1 Apr. 



29 Oct. I 

6 June 5ei6Auff. I 
6 June 5&17Feb. 


Tick FitzUuffh, Cttptain, R. Art.. 18 
TICS Soady» Captain^ Hoyal Art.. . 1 
dby, Captain, do .. 1 

;kley Sayage, Major, 86 Foot 30 

ch.irdsoD, Major t 11) Hussars. • • • 26 
way, Captain^ Royal Artillery . . 6 
ex.' Bos\f ell Gordon, M<^or, 60 F. 21 
Buobury Maulcvcrer, Jlf£r/or,B8 F. 30 
w. Drewe, Mqjor^ Depot Battalion 17 
>bert Sijervintou,^ Maj, Uoutt. \ 

Major ^ Military Train ] 

2d. I>alla5,^^ Major y Unatt 16 

ler, 3rq/or, 57 Foot 2 

Ic8 \Vm. St. Clair, Captain, 57 P. 18 
iley Tucker Steward, Mqjor, 21 F. 15 

Miller, Captain, 80 Foot 16 

^urtiSy Captain, Royal Artillery.. 1 
looald Cuppage, Major, 89 Foot 10 

i>rc. Captain, 88 Foot 3 

imes Oillum,® Major, Unatt. . . 14 
mi 111 Vaclier, Captain, 22 Foot . . 8 
il^Tue Bertram, Cnpiain, 41 Foot . 6 
trU Uicbardg,»" Capt. h. p. R. Art. 1 
BrendoD, Captain, R. Artillery . . 1 
Uavilland, Captain, R. Artillery.. 1 
intham Brcdiii, Captain, do ..18 
•y Randolph Simpson, Ca/;^ R. A rt.] 1 8 













40 20 
SO- 1 
46 28 
44; 8 
50 23 

20Mav 42 

derson Miluian, Capt, R. Artillery 19 
ilward Burt, Captain, do .. 10 

vine. Captain, do ..19 

Morley (irylls,^ ' Captain, h. p. do 19 
lenley,^' Capt. ret. full pay, 95 F. 6 
Moore, Capt. ret. f.p. H. Maiinei. . 15 
.ug. Capel, Captain, h.p. 51 F. } m 
ficerqfPenMioner^ {Q.M.,\1 Oct. 93] S \ 
Southwell Brown, Mqjor, 55 Foot . 14 
:harlea Butler, Mqjor, 30 Foot . . 13 
inghain Jcnings, Major, 19 Foot.. '21 
Vni. Sydeoliam Ross, Mqjor, 16 F.. 9 Nov. 
cholas, Cn;?/. ret.fullpiy,5Foot, } ■ g Appj] 34 













































46;20 Sept. 

6 July 45 22 Sept. 







47 23 

48 24 
50: 2 
45 4 
47 30 






47 30 







48 28 






























man at Arms 
fncb, Capt. h. p. 15 Dr. S. 0. o/PJ.31 
mpson Aslctt,^ Capt. r.f. p. R.Mar. 16 
Bldridge HaineB, Major, 92 Foot . . 26 

\uder»on, Captain, 56 Foot 8 

fiarles Fitzgerald. Major, 33 Foot . 25 
e Collingwuod, Captain, 21 Foot. . 23 
Bawctt Scott, Captain, 9 Foot .... 24 
iraot Crosse,*' Major, Unattached 25 
r James John Macdonald,^ Capt. ^ ^.a 
Fort Major, Edinburgh Castle S \ 

dier,^-* Capt. Unatt 13 

ae«t Appleyard, M4{jor^ 85 Foot . . 14 
Sayer,'"" Capt, r. t". p. H. Marino*. . 14 
loke*, Capt. h.p.4 F., S.O. of Pens. 22 
. De Courcy Ilamiltou,"" Maj. 8 F. 30 
riiomas Vcjcy Buubury, J/(f/;o/-,82F. 30 
rim Hutton,**^ ilfajor, Uuatt. ... 9 

)aunt,'«» Major, Unatt 28 

smeif Buchaiian, Mqjor, 9 Foot- ... 14 
Lacy, Capt. Uuatt., S. O. of Pens. 20 

dauusell, Major, Depot Batt 24 

MartiD, Major, 4 Foot 27 

^uey, Capt. li.p. 20 F., S.O. of Pens. 

ler Plcvdell,'*' Capt. r.f.p.R. Mar. . 

trien, Capt. h.p. 36 F., S.O. of Pens. 

Barrett,*** Captain, ret. full pay, \ 

Batt. iQM.ZO Oct. 3o) \ 

DOW Davis, Captain,^c,\ii\ Ariillerx 18 
idtllemore, Capt.Vn^\.i.0.oJ Pens. 10 
» Lyrter, ^«!;or, 94 Foot 28 





























25 May 

26 May 
5 Mar. 
4 April 
2 Sei>t. 





47 2S 








431 •J5 
40 16 
50 15 
2('. 30 




























13 June 45:14 Aug. 
47,30 June 















6 June 

6 June 

6 J une 

6 June 













































54 6 

54 > 






30 July 44 

4 Aug. 
23 Aug. 

1 July 
16 Jan. 





June 50i21 Oct. 62 


Juno 56 


June 56 

June 56 


Juno 56 









22 Aug. 56 

19 Sept. 50 

23 Sept. 66 
30 Sept. 50 
17 Oct. 56 

36 22 Dec. 45 24 Oct. 56 

19 Aug. 50 

21 Feb. 61 

22 Si'pt. 02 

1 May 46 


1 Oct 
17 May 

3 April 

29 Dec. 

2 Jan. 
28 July 

4 Aug. 

30 Aug. 


51:29 Dec. 54 



































8 Dec. 

1 1 Dec. 

26 Dec. 

26 Dec. 

26 Dec. 

26 Dec. 



23 May 51 

26 Dec. 56 











44: 4 
48 10 


48 6 June 


















20 Dec. 64 
26 Not. 58 
3 June 59 

Dec. 44 

April rjO 
April 59 

6 Doc. 44 


34jl2 July 
38,18 Aug. 


25 Feb. 

19 May 

6 Oct. 

54 28 Aug. 57 


28 Aug. 57 

5 Sept. 57 

18 Sept. 57 


Sept. 50 
April 50 

9 Nor. 56 






{ Ul 

Hon, Emelina J. Wt'lil Forester, '0'Oijy/.Unat;28 Dec. 32l April 08 23 AFay 4o iO Sept. 57 5 Mj 

571 4 Ni 
67i 7 Oc 
67 19 A] 

JamesIIandasy ilc Kclgur^ Major ^ li. p. GO Fuui Oct. 3.5"-^ June Ofi 20 Jan. 47|I 7 Nov. 
Stanhope Mason GiMea, Major, Unattached --20 April 37:11 May 38 19 Afuy 4(\^A Nor, 
H. M. Smyth, Capt.,h, p.44 1'., S, of Pens, 7 June 31 20 Mnr. 8r>i24 May 45 20 Xot. 


8 Apr. 


20 July 38 




7 June 63 
23 April 47 
Ulub. 14 

22 Apr. 6^ 

30 May 45<I2 Dec. 67 

GApr. 6620 Dec. 
12 Nov. 52 31 Dec. 57 22 Oc 


IG Sept. 46 
14 Jan. 68 

11 Jan. 68 
16 Jan. 68 

7 Sept. 3826 Nov. 46 19 Jan. 58 23 Jai 

Fred. Gordon Christie, Capt, Uoatt. do, 

FC Thomas Esmoudo,"* Major, Unatt. \ .,„ ^ 

Auut.Insp.Gen. of Irhh Con/tabularj/ j j* ^^' 
Henry John Rln^/'° Mi^or, h. p. 3 Foot. . . .[ 8 Aug. 
Alfred Knight."' Captain, Unalt., To\cn \ \^ , 

Mfoor at Quebec jiiCJune 

VQl C. Cha. Tecsdalo, CB., Capt, R. Art., \ ,^ j 

Equerrif to If. K. //. ihcPriuceqf Walct r '«» •' "»<5 
Kdwin Greani Daidell,'" Major, h. p. 8 Foot! 2 Oct. 
George Edwanl Bayne*, Major, 8 Foot •••.! 2 July 41 12 Dec. 
AlfxandcrWillium Gordon, JI/f{/or,Gl Foot. .Ill Mar. 42 3 May 
Andrew John Macphcrson, Captain, 24 FootjlO April 42j26 July 44114 Jan. 
Wm. Edw. Duruud Deacon, Major, 64 Footj 3 June 42 26 Jan. 44 28 July 
Tliomas Clement Dunbar, Mqjor, 76 Foot.. I 1 April 42 31 Mar. 43 26 Apr. 
Henry Edw. Hillman Burn»ide, Capt, Gl F.,27 Dec. 42.20 July 44 2 Sept, 
Henry Robert Griudlay, Major, 21 Hu-sary 24 Feb. 37,' 1 Aug. 42.24 Feb. 62 10 Jan. 
Webber Desborough Harris, Cff/?^, 104 Foot26 Jan. 4l]2G Dec. 42| 1 Mar. 62 19 Jan. 






17 Oct. 

44 29 Dec. 


10 Jan. 


John Millar Bannaty no, Crt/;Mi«, 8 Foot ...'l7 Dec. 47 10 Jan. 51122 Apr. 53| 

George Charles Svn'gc. Major, 62 Foot . . . . jlG Jan. 4G 14 Apr. 48*27 May 63! 

Richard Dawson,'" r«»M».p. Staff Corp?, ) L, «^ .. ,. . ^oUo rk * -^I 

r> •*' /-jjw- ^ * n :^ u t 21 May 41 14 Apr. 43:22 Dec. 64 

livcruitxng Officer at Omatjh ) ^ I * I 


29 Dec. 
12 July 
4 Feb. 
11 June 
1 1 June 

1 Ang. 

live rutting Officer at Omatjh 
Itichard Freer, Major, 27 Foot 
(Jharles Potts Rosser, Captain, 20 Foot.... 

Edwanl Brown, Major, 101 Foot 

Clharles Kenrick Cro8se, Captain, 62 Foot*. 

David Kemp, Major, 107 Foot 

Thomas FMwanl Kcnnion, Caittain, R. Art. 

Alfred Light, (\tpfain, Royul Art 

Wm. Carmichacl Russell, Capt, do Ill Jime 42' 3 

R. K.C. Drury Lowe, Lt, .V Capt, Or. GdH.!l7 Sept. 60]27 
«. John Robd'tsiinTumbulI, Capt,, 1 Dragoons: 14 Jan. 
John Higgin Graham, Major, 22 Foot .... 6 May 
Edmond William tSargent, Mqjor, 18 Foot..jl8 May 

John B. Flanagan, Major, 81 Foot 8 Feb. 

Charles Duric, Cajitain, Unattached 
Thomas .Vnderson, Mqjor, G4 Font . 
Harvey Welleslry Pole Wclman.3f(f//«;r, 10 F. 

Robert Mockler, Major, 64 Foot 

Winter Gtxxle, Captain, 64 Foot 

Henry Francis, Captain, 64 Foot 23 Juno 

Alfred Picton Bowlby, Captain, 64 Foot . . 31 Oct. 
Charles Thompson, Captain, 64 Foot .... 19 June 
(Jeorgo Itobert Hopkins, Cr/;>^fliM,63Foot.. 28 Ang. 
Dominick Sawfield Grt'cne, Captain, R. Art. 1 May 
Charles Edward Mansfield,"* Major, Unatl. 1 Sept. 
Thos. Theoph. Boilean, Major, 20 Hussars 27 July 

Bcndyfrhe Walton, Ca2itai?is 38 Foot 16 Jane 

George Newton Fendall, Captain, 53 Foot . . 11 Dec. 

Browning Drew, Cajttain, 75 Foot 7 Mar. 

VC Samuel Hill Lawrence, Capt.,\ 1 IIus»are 12 Dec. 

David O'Brleu, Captain, 84 Foot 122 Nov. 44 20 May 

William Henry Petty Meara. Captain, 6 Foot 24 Dec. 40 5 Dec. 

22 May 46:i3 Dec. 40:2.S Mar. 55J19 Jan. 
8 Jan. 41.' 3 Apr. 46 26 June 5.i!l0 Jan. 
44 10 Feb. 

19 Jan. 58] lb Oct 

46 14 Jan. 66 19 Jan. 

50 15 Oct. 62 15 Apr. m\ do 

40.15 Feb. 51;31 Dec. 66}19Jan. 

42j 3 Julv 46' 6 July 67;19.ran. 

42 3 Jul v 45 10 July 67110 Jan. 

42' 3 July 45l8Sci)t. 57ll9Jan. 

60l27 Feb. 62; 8 Jan. 

48 4 May 4911 Jan. 

42 7 Mar. 45| 7 May 

4126Jnly 42T?6 May 

31 28 Aug. 

34 6 July 
16 May 34|20 Dec. 
2 Apr. 36 28 Dec. 
12 Sept. 43 
20 Apr. 44 












58110 Jan. 
68 do 

52 6 Mar. 

53 Mar. 

45 13 Mar. 

46 in Mar. 
48 16 Mnr. 
46. 22 Mar. 

48 OMuy 51124 Mar. 

46.25 June 62*24 Mar. 
6M do 
6:)| do 
63l24 Mar. 

3511 Nov. 
38 9 Jan. 

37 22 Ang. 

38 OJan. 
12 Jan. 
28 Aug. 

14 Sept. 46 15 Mnr. 
12 Mar. 48 16 Mar. 

2 Juno 48,28 Oct. 
26 July 44| 7 Nov. 
9 Nov. 46,17 Feb. 
8 Aug. 51 29 Dee. 
8 May 49 13 April 
50 8 Jan. 

49 7 Nov. 
47 13 June 

50 IJuly 






58 « Oct. 




24 Mar. 

8 Feb. 

4 May 

8 Jan. 

22 Feb. 

56'24 Mar. 

John Edmondritounc, Cnj9/rmi, 32 Foot ....115 Oct. 50| 5 Jnn. 55 

Charles Manthall Foster, Captain, 32 Fm>t ..118 Apr. 51 • 1 4 Apr. 
I^uis Howe Bazalgcttc, Mt{for, 24 Foot. ... 26 June 38' 

John MTourt, Major, Military Train ' 1 Jan. 43 

RoUrt William Romer, Major, 59 Foot '30 Sept. 36 

Chailei* Kendal Bushc, Mqjor, 59 Foot .... 14 A]>ril 43 

Geo. Edwd. Owen JackRon,r</7;/.,R.Marine> 27 Deo. 42'27 July 471 I Mar. 

John Henry Liitman, Major, 24 Foot I 8 Jan. 41 16 June 43; 14 Jan. 

George King, Major, Depot Uattalion .. ..il9 Oct. 38 
Kdward BulUr Thorp, Major, 89 Foot .... .12 June 46 

21 July 

4 Sept. 

2 Oct. 

26 Nov. 

38 24 Sept. 41 7 Apr. 

1 July 45 9 Sept. 

15 Jan. 40j 2 Feb. 

14 April 46 11 May 

7 Feb. 
2 Feb. 

4(»| 5 Nov. 

49'll Mar. 
Fn!d. Fletcher Vane,'" Captain, h.p. 2;) Foot'17 Oct. 51 '23 June 54;23 Mar. 
George Richard Browne, Captain, 69 FiK)t .17 June 51 jU Aug. 54 24 Apr. 

Godfrey (^loper, Mqjor, h. p. Military Train 

Henry Call Lodder, Major, 47 Foot 

W. Urc,'»* Capt, r. f. p.6 F. (f^.Af. 28 June 4l) 


27 June 45' 2 Apr. 
16 Jan. 41119 Apr. 

28 July 46*26 Dec 






16 Jun( 



24 Mar. 
21 Mar. 



do I 

do I 

do ' 

JJOMur. 58' 

JO Mar. 58 

13 April 58l 

13 April 58! 

do } 

17 Apr. .^8J 

r^Apr. 581 

May 58' 

4 June 58 

4 June 5HI 


7 Nov; 

4 Aug. 54!l5 June oH 28 Feb. 
10 dept. 48|25 June 58! 
10 May 55! 2 Jnly 58| " 


KMiUy, Captain, 34 Foot . .... 
.p Ji^seDy Mqjcvy Lancen. • 
h Cocklram,*'' Mt{)or, Unitr. 
M. Ommauiiey, Otpt, U. Art. 
Jier,** Captain^ h. p.Roy. Art. 


U Mar. 

*iO Dec. 

•2') D<^c. 
I Middletoii. Captain, Sf) Foot :30 Dec. 
i|fo Hardy, Caju/., 31 Hufsar* 22 Feb. 

y Maitland, Major, 70 Foot : 4 July 

acKenzie, Wajor, 78 Foot . . . .| 7 Feb. 
Thriug, Coptain, R. Artillery. . : 1 9 Dec. 
iry Kerr. Major, Depot Batt. ..'31 July 
ockbum M*ltomct, Maj., 79 F.{19 Aug. 







, JohnSf Capt,f lililitory Train . . 

e Vaiwe, Mtiiar, 3d Foot 

'oungi Captain, Royal Artillery 

r, CVip^/iin, 95 Foot 

fervoiae, Mc^or, Depot Batt.... 

by. Captain, 86 Foot 

ca Nixon, 5fr(;or, Rifle Brigade 
3S John Addintftoi), Capt, 38 F. 
>rd StevciisoD,"* Mt^oTj Unatt. 

ftle, Mt\ior, 42 Foot 

le Wade, Captain, 53 Foot 

■(>Mo titewart, Captain^ 2 Foot. • 
ipond Scraae Dickliw, M^. 31 F. 
Lcgt^ Ncwdigate, C^p^ Rifle B.^ 
eb Talbot, Captain, R. Artillery . 
I Watflon Millea/^ Capt. h, p. ^ 
y Hecr, Officer at Birmingham 

dlie, Cbji^am, 60 Foot 

>^Ooiidenough, Capt, R. Artillery 

ark, Capfom, Rifle Brigade .... 

. BoItuBj M<^, 106 Foot 

Powlett Lane, Capt,, 91 lIiusarB 

l!U), Bari,, Capt,, 10 Huisara .. 

5VMciEihv.TwislctoiiWykehara 1 
Mnoor^l Hiusari ) 

alkar Haocaga, Jlftv*. 9 Lanoers . . 

'NdU, C«p<., R. Art 

aUi^ BrawD, Capt.y 102 Foot .. 

kvorthy, C«|i/., R. Art 

nnmoadt Ctipt,, R. Bng, • 

eary Harrison, Capt, R. Art 

inny, Capt, R. Art • 

^ -AleK. Beany, Capt* R. Art. . . 

'. Haggard, Capt, R. Art 

iierani Sankey, Capt, R. Bng. . . 

wker Catty, Jkfo/or, 46 Foot .... 
i Lillicrap,*="ai/i^. r.f.p.R. Mar. 

20 June 
3 Dec. 
3 May 

•25 Nov. 

13 June 
6 Sept. 

30 Apr. 

10 Aug. 
29 June 
22 June 

2 Feb. 
25 Oet. 
19 Aug. 
16 Sept. 

18 Dec. 

28 April 

5 May 

19 Dec. 
5 Dec. 

11 Judo 

20 Jan. 
20 Oct. 









40. 8 

44, 1 






45 9 

50 9 



50 30 


47 12 






13 Dec. 31,10 Nov. 

14 Apr. 40.19 Apr. 

15 Apr. 42 9 Sept. 

3 Sept. 45 2 Jan. 

4 Sppt. 45 14 Jan. 
Aug. 48 OJuly 
Sept. 4225 Nov. 
July 40.24 Dec. 
Apr. 42,15 Mar. 
Apr. 46 19 May 
Jan. 51 13 Jan, 
Nov. 45 10 Mar. 
July 49 OJuue 
Dec. 50 4 Aug. 
Juua 48 13 Sept. 
June 4821 Sept. 
May 51.21 Sept 
July 42119 Dec. 
Oct. 5r29Dec. 
July 52:29 Dec. 5 
Dec. 52,29 Dec. 
Oct. 52 12 Jan. 
Feb. 54 2 Feb. 
Sept. 45 7 Feb. 

7 June 54 20 Feb. 

6 June 54 23 Mar. 

30 June 48 1 Apr. 

20 June 51 

22 Nov. 60 


!oe Tritton, Mtijor, Dep6t Battalion 

mt^Mqjor, 77 Foot 

laoMS Madacblan, Capt, R. Art. . . 

Ellia Walker, Capt, R. Art 

irlett Bvdioii'Capt, R. Art. 

atlor Frith, Capt. R. Art 

Tod Brown, CB. Capt, R. Art. . . 
law Gibbi Capt, R. Art. •• •...•••* 

Wibon, Capt, R. Art. • 

Plttqian, Capt, R. Art 

rilUam CjulUvor^ Capt, R. Eng. .. 
eliard Mauniell, Capt, R. Eng. • . . 

F. C. Thoroaa, Capt, R. Art 

Uiwmrd Watson, Capt. R. Eng. .... 
raneif Tei^iant, Capt, R. Eng. • • • . 

eovgc Medley, Gipt, R. Eog 

fft i. M'Leod Innes, Cupt, R. Eng. 
romkyna Chcaney, Cavt, R. Eng. .. 
:4doiuad Wairand, u^pt, R. Eng. . 

er StromtilioWi Capt.lLl^ 

StMmrty Oapta^t ^ml^vylneevt 
L John HoTenden, Cktpt, Il,Eng... 

10 Aug. 
16 June 

13 June 

11 June 
8 Dec. 

11 June 
8 Dec. 

7 June 

14 June 
11 Dec. 

2 May 
1 Nov. 
22 Mar. 

8 Aug. 

11 Juno 

9 Dee. 

13 Juno 

14 June 

12 June 

11 June 

10 Dec. 

10 Dec. 

12 Dec. 
12 June 
12 June 

11 Doc. 
11 June 
11 June 

8 Dec. 

8 Dec. 

9 Jono 
11 ]>cc. 
14 June 



















52 20 


























July 58 
July 58 





















ttAUf PAY. 

29 May 63 
3 Oct. 03 


































3 Sept. 
3 July 

15 Mar. 
3 July 
I May 
a July 

21 Dec. 

6 Oct. 

1 Sept. 

1 Aug. 
20 Jan. 

16 June 
8 May 

23 Aug. 
28 Mar. 

1 July 
30 Juno 
25 Mur. 

3 Mar. 

3 Mar. 

3 Mnr. 

3 Nov. 
15 Feb. 
15 Feb. 
11 May 


23 Oct. 60 

10 April 55 20 July 68 

Jan. 56 do 

Feb. 5C.20July 58 
June 56 do 

June 50i20July 58 

Nov. 50:20 July 58 

Jan. 57|20Ju!y 58 

20 July 68 

8 Juno 69 3 Msr. 57 

1 Aug. 

1 Aug. 

I Aug. 

1 Aug. 

1 Aug. 

1 Aug. 

1 Aug. 
. . JAug. 
50 dDec. 

54 12 May 
4515 June 
50 21 July 
45 12 Sept. 

49 20 Sept. 

45 27 April 
45.27 April 

46 27 April 
4H 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 

47 *26 Aug. 
38 17 May 
4('. 23 Sept. 

50 27 Sept. 
53 27 Aug. 

47 18 Aug. 

48 27 Aug. 
40 27 Aug. 
53 27 Aug. 
53 27 Au$. 
53 27 Aug. 

53 27 Aug. 

54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aag. 
54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54127 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54 27 Aug. 
54,27 Aug. 
55127 Aug. 





57*20 July 
57 20 July 
57 20 July 

57 20 July 58' 
5820 July 58' 
5820 July 58' 

58 20 July 58j 
58 20 July 58 
58.20 July 58: 
53 30 July 58 
4824 Aug. 58'. 
51, do < 
54i do 
58*27 Aug. 58| 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58,28 Aug. 58^ 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58:28 Aug. 58. 
58*28 Aug. 58 
58*28 Aug. 58 
58,28 Aug. 58 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58^28 Aug. 58! 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58 28 Aug. 58, 
5828 Aug. 58 
58 28 Aug. 58 
58'2d^\jjg. 58: 
58!;^ Aug. 58; 
58^28 Aug. 58 
58126 ku«. (^^' 






mas ValentiiicCooke, Capt.WoyViX Mnriiies'; 7 J ul y Al 
rles John F.llis, Cuptuhi^ Koyal Murinefi'lO Mar. 44 


44 18 

28| 4 

47 II 




Id Juno 

3 Juric 
28 Nov. 

8 Dec. 

3 Mar. 
10 I'el). 
16 Dec. 
10 Mar. 
28 July 
27 Feb. 

1 Dec. 
20 Nov. 
13 June 




AV.iltcr r«)wnull. Major y 48 Foot (5 Dec. 

F. T. Moik, Captain, Unatr., N. O. of Pens. 1 Nov. 
17(1 Howard Craufiml Elphiiistrjiie, Otpf. I ^^ . 

U. Kngiueers S\ 

Arthur L«al»y, Captain, Royal Fiigimer.< ..27 June 
John Clavtoii CowelUriJ. Captain, H. Kiig. 1 J) June />(» 17 
Charles Chipeott,''-'* Major, h. p. 32 Imh)! . . 18 Aiuil 4.") 12 
James Grinitf, CV/^/rt//j,retirc<irullpay,l)'J F. lo Jsm. 47 8 
James Wuddell-Uovd, Captain, h. p. 14 ^, - f 1 

Foot, Staff Officer of I^-nsionera .... 5 *^ *'''*• 
Cha. Win. jVleadowes Payne, Capt. Unatt. .' 1 Aug^. 
Geo. Bayly, Capt. Unatt.', .S'. O. of Pens.., 10 Feb. 
Dip:by St. Viniiont Hamilton, Captain, ) «/^ » 

Unatt., Stafjr Officer of PeuHiom^s. ... 5 *"' '^"^• 
Wm. Pilsworth, Capt,, Unutt., S.O, of Pens. 24 May 33,18 
Cha. Kdw. Stuart (Jlei^s Capt. h. p. 14 Foot,' 1 Juno 41*24 
James Montagu Hrown, Major , 03 Foot .... 17 April 28" 14 

B. B. Keuno, Capt. Unatt., ^^ O. of Pens. . 8 May nojll 
Hercules Atkin Welnian, Major, Depot Hatt. 17 Jnn*. 40 ICJ 
Thomas Andrews Uawlhis, Staff Captain^ 1 ■ m ^ ill on 

and As8iist.Contm.atn. Netley J ' '^"^'' *y^ 
Tho. Hare, Major, Cape Mounted Riflemen. 27 Mar. 30 

G. F.Moore, Capt. Unatt., ^\ O. of Pens. '2o Oct. 
Balcan-es Dalrvmplc Wardlaw Ram>av, ^'i- rv 

Capt.\]mi\t.',Dep.A:<Hist.Qr,Ma.^.aen. S\ 
Jas.Dulamain Mends, Afo/w, 2 W.India Rcgt.l 3 Nov. 
Georgo Hu<;he8 Me^sitir, Major, GO Foot. . . 

Thomas Tydd, Major, Hi Foot 

James Florence Murray, Mryor, 07 Foot .. 
Henry Macmanua Sall,''^ -V/yor,h.p.22 Foot 
Rupert Barber Deering, M({/or, De{>ot Batt. 
Algernon Robinson Sewell, Major, 15 Foot. 
Geo. Lynodoch Carniichael, Capt., 05 Foot 
Godfrey Rho«Ie»,'-^ Major, Unattached .... 
Robert Prescott Harrison, Captain, 03 Foot 
Cha. J. Orton Swaffiehl, Major, DciK)t Butt 

Cecil Rice, Major, 72 Foot 

John Henry St. John, Cfiplain, 02 Foot .. 
CharlcH Smith Lomarchand, Capt. R. Art.. 
Rob. P. Malcolm, rV//>/. h.p.R.(Boinbn>-)Knit 
Daniel H . Mack! nnon, CV/;/^., Unatt., ^\ 0,ofP. 
Kdm. Mannin^ham Bnller, Maj. Rifle Biig. 
(leo. Rand,*'"' Captain, r. f. p. Invalid Depot 
(^hris. Monteith Hamilton, Mqjor, 02 Foot 

//c^M.Wm. L.Talbot, Major, Depot Batt 

T. Smith, Captain, Uuutt., iS. O. of Pens,. 
John St. LegcT, Capt.,"^ h.p. York Chass.. . 

Jamr'.<( Arthur Gore, Major, 71 Foot il7 April 42 

Wm. B. Tho. Rider,'" Capt., r. f. p. R. ^far.'lO Sept. 30 

C. Pulti^on, Capt., h.p. 5(i F., S. O. of Pens. 7 Oct. 30 
Thomas Peebles, Mqjor, 1 1 Foot 
Frank (^h;*pliii, Major, 4 Dr. Gds. 






33i30 Nov. 







47 10 





■ ■•— _ J ' 

15 Sept. 58 
15 S«pt. 58' 

45' ODec. 50|17 .«ept. 58; 

32 3 April 46 22 Sept. 5?? 12 Nor. &i 

A]>ril 50. do 

Dec. 57 23 Sept. 58 

Sept. 58|23 Sept. | 

Julv 52,20 Sept. 58 23 Jan. 64 

Nov. 57j 5 Oct. I 

38 1 May 40 ]0 Oct. o8i-30Juiie 57 
3i;20 Dec. 35 

51 20 

54 2 
5 1 22 
40 23 
40 24 

30 8 May 40 

37 i Nov. 40 

38' Nov. 40 

42j Nov. 40 

30, 1 Jan. 47 

30| 8 Jan. 47 

43 3 Feb. 47 

4;V 5 Feb. 47 

20 Oct. 
20 Oct 

. 58 24 Sept. 41 
. 58*25 June SS - 





Nov. 38! 1 Apr. 47 
Nov. 4i:21 May 47 

5 Aug. 42,25 June 47 

37 7 



48 22 




48 2 















30.20 July 



42 14 

.13 June 51 1 1 Aug. 

1 July 
11 Oct. 

8 Mar. 

3 Feb. 
20 Mav 
13Sep''t. 31 

2 Oct. 40 


17 Mar. 37 
















34 10 


8 May 40i31 Oct. 

J. E. Sharp, Capt., h.p. 1 F. S. O. of Pens. 24 April 35| Feb. 


J line 

Thomas Teulon , Major, h. p. 35 Foot 20 Dec. 37 • 1 5 


Fitzroy (ieo. Smiih, Major, 7 Dr. Gds 31 Dec. 47 

Henry ('. Marrititt, Mtijnr, 13 Foot | 5 Sept. 43 

c. Samuel PeJers Jarvis, Captain, 82 Foot, r', , , ,r 

if. J. r Lft jr/-^\ti . t 14 June 45 

A tljutant of Staff CoUetje ) i 

Geo. Samuel Voung,»» Major, Unatt [lO July 41 '20 


Wm. Roberts Farmar. Vapt. of a Conip. ^ 'i- « i, 
of Cadets, If, Mil. Cullege .... Sf*^ 

• • • • 

/ Au/(. 
30 Jan. 
14 Feb. 

3s :)0 
40 2 

F. Van Sir.iubcnzee, Captain, 13 Foot 
Goo. Mill ray Miller, Capfain, 70 Fo»-t 
Robert S t aey Ci >1 1 s, Major, 32 For) t . . 
Frn. Ktlw. Cox, Captain, R. Kiipiuoeri 

Jolm M*C. Campbell, Captain, 11. Art j27 Juno 48 

K. C. D. Rftdcliffe, Cajttain, 88 Foot j July 52 

Melville BrownOy Captain, 13 Foot |24 Fcl>. 43 



45|1I April 



Auu. 40120 Feb. 

1 Nov, 

18 Aug. 

9 Apr. 
















































20 Oct. 58i30 Nor. » 

30 Nov. U 
July Gj 

20 Oct. 58 
26 Oct. 582 
20 Oct. 58 
20 Oct. 58' 10 Aug. » 


20 Oct. 58 Oct U 


20 Oct. 

12 Nov. 
15 Nov. 

19 Nov. 

20 Nov. 
7 Doc. 
7 Dec. 
7 Dec. 
7 Dec. 
7 Dec. 

13 Dec. 
17 Dec. 
11 Jan. 

47 10 Jan. 

48 28 Jan. 

5P 1 April 
5;) 1 April 
47 2 April 
47 April 
52' 10 April 
40 20 April 

58 24 Mar. O 

47! 13 
52 4 
52 18 
47 2.> 




10 Nov. U 

2 Sept. 61 
11 Feb. 64 

10 Nov. 47 
59 1 Dec. ffi 

59 10 Aug. » 

50 5 Juno u7 
59 17 Sept. 61 



21 Sept. 52 do 

31 Oct. 52 20 April 59125 Feb. flS 

13 May 53 do 

June 54" do 


4 Au^. •')4 do 

20 Feb. 55 do 

1 April 5«3. do 
1 April 55 do 
8 June 55' do 

26 June 55 20 Apr, 69 


'aacy Lyont, Jf^'or, 87 For>t ....31 Aug. 4 
mtt,CB. ifiiJcr, UilitGi'y Traill ..iaoSupt. 4 

aa Joaea, CaplKin, m Foot Bo Feb. 4 

Johoion, Captnia, Bov, Artillerj 10 Juno Q 
nacit, Cnptaia, Royal Artillery . . [ 8 Jail, i 
I. Sl\»,teA, Captain,! -RuiiviTi 9 .April 4 

;. 4!);a7 July 1 
e 40, 3 Aug. { 
. 53 CMay 1 

taudcF DaUel),Copfnii>,&3FooE. 
cu(;cN.O'Brieo,Cop/oiii,20 Foot 
itagu Aluoit."" Mnjor, Unutt. ■■ 
9dfTey Pearse, Capl. R. Art. .... 

iwelt, Cnptain,R. Art 

idge, Cnptain, R. Art 

jr«ng«. Captain, Canailliui Rifles 
lardlnge, Mnjar, 80 Foot . 
loM King,'" Mnjiir, Unat 
. G«o. D. Stewart,'" Mo^r, Unatt. 
JoDca, Captain, Uoalt. Aniat. ' 
'tr 4/* Votmitter*, with lion. 

fU-Col ^ 

acombe,*" Caplaiii, r. f. p. R. Mar. 
. de Winton, UaJ<ir, TG Foot . . 
Aug. II.A. Anson,'" j^yoi', Una 
Uoloswni-lh, Captain, 27 Foot . . 
U Cnptttin,li. p. 27 F.,S, O.ofPei 
A. B. PakcnhaiD, JUn/ar, Dnatt. 
IM C. Dornier,'"* jlfiyw, Uiialt. 
Ctoaglas, Cnptain, R. Harino Ar 
lenry Omic, Captain, 85 Foot . . 
■y Edn. Jerome, CnpfnJn, 10 Foot 
ipra Brabaion,"''.'lf4/or, Unnlt. . 
1. Lambton, Captain, 71 Foot ... 

Jutland, Jllujor, 55 Foot 

es,'" lUn/or, h.p. 4 Dragoon OiU. 
laenaghten, JTiynr, 6 Hiii^an ... 
yd. Captain, r. (. p. m Foot . . . 

•ott,'" Hvor, h. ]). 5 Foot 

Tm. Ueorv Hawker, Cnptain, i\ I 
tovl^ Ptitt,* 3IiiJor, li.p. (I Foot 
I Cbarlea Smilli, 3t<^or, 8U Foot 
lawion Sladc, Major, 1 Dr. Od 
fred Macdcnnld, Mruor, 77 Foot 
3. Pocr Field, Ciiptoin, lU Artillery 
impbell, Mryor, C-^ast Artillery .. 
iMervyuNugenti'^Jfiyor.Unalt. ] 

qr.3I. Gen. Nora Seaiia j 

nnnw«ll Warner, Capt., 20 Hiun. . , 
ay FcDKelloy,'" Capt. r.f.p. R. .Mar. 

A, Byao, Mft/or, 70 Foot 

ph P. H. Crowe, C«;t(i>i. ■ 

an Jau. 

Sept. • 
17 Oct. i 
4 Juno - 

13 Dae. . 
3 Nov. 
1 1 Jan. 

3 July ' 
10 Dec. . 
UUar. i 
iMay i 
I Sppt. t 
3 July J 
3)lBr. J 

115 Sept. ; 

*J 3 May ' 

4n|3I Dee. < 

! June 48 21 F.'l. . 

9 Oct. 
10 Not. 

8 Feb. 
13 April 
27 AuB. 
27 Au(f. 
27 Aug. 
31 Dec. 
33 Dec. 
30 July 

30 Deo. .1(1 SO Nov. 4! 


a Feb. 
12 May 

3 May 
a Jan. 
31 Jan. 
30 April 
16 Sept. 
IB Sept. 
33 July 
27 Oct. 

8 April 
15 July 

July ^ 
26 Oct. fl 

a April ' 
2 May ; 

2 20 Oet. ' 
■ 8 Aug. ; 
iibiWy • 

3 3 April '. 
J 30 April I 
3 20 Jan. ' 

1 22 Sept. ' 
1 17 Aag. I 

10 May 4 
123 May < 
MaNor. n 
1 15 Dec. I 

31 April * 

2 20 July < 
t 24 Doe. ' 
! OJuu( 

23 Jan. 
10 Mar. 


58 26 Ajiril 

5820 April 50 

58'SG April 5!)i 

47 1 Hay 59 

4^ 4 May 59 

53j May 5i(| Stay 50 

54 May i'J May 59 

48,10 May 50 7 Jan. 63 

5l!l3 May 50 
4e,i4May 50| 
55|a« May 50l5F<'b. 01 

8 Oct. 

II Mar. 

7 Way 
13 Jau. 
JO Oct. 
23 Oct. 

30 Juno 


DJune I 
n May 4 
il Oct. 4 
31 Dec. 3 
lOScpL 4 
36 June 4 

fDiy Price, Mi^or, It. p. 25 Foot. 
I. Pym, CaptaittjfL. Marines ... 

ITiAdall, Cn;)tai», 36Foot 

foung, JU'tfO''|l'. p. Depot Bait., ' , 


nd temporary raai of Lt.CoL. . y ' 

« Sense Dickins, Capt., 28 Fool 13 Dec. 

Wirgraon, Major, fi Dragoons .... 

Uaoib^. Jir^or, 09 Foot 

bbn Ellerninn, Ciipl., 08 Foot 

. Mqi-v, II Foot 

iDOx J«rvis,'" J/r(f. h. p. Dr. Gdt. 
i Wm. Gostliiig, J/ru'or, 40 Foot.. 
tiGlbbon Lewis, Captain, 80 Foot 
R. MastOTH, Capt., R. Marineu. 
ice. Cap'., Unatt., S. O. of Pen 
BllBrton, Capt., b.p., Rifle Br., 
1 Odbome Creagh, Afiijor, 80 F 
off,'** il^or, Dnaltached 
Joney, "Jtfiuor.h.p.Depot BatL, 
tnt Intpector nf YoluTUaert, teilh 

I 31 Dec. ' 

17 SepL J 

3 May ' 

31 Aug. 

14 April 
17 Oct. 

I Hay 

40 28 Aug. ' 

43 20 Jan. < 

48| 1 ApHI . 

llOMay . 

16 .Mar. , 

I Oct. i 

15 Kov. ' 

Slljn June 
5*1 1 July 
— 1 July 
8 July 
•7| 10 July 

54 32 July 
48 5 Au^'. 
51 5 A UK. 

55 16 Auk. 
55 10 .Aug. 
43 25 Sej't. 
51 18 Oct. 
53 18 Oct. 

J 31 Oct. 

59 S July £ 

5920 Feb. C 

50t4Jun« « 
50 19 June fl 

BatL, j 

. Hi May 
. 11 July 
. il May 

jt n Oct. 
. 15 Feb. 

. . 15 Feb. 

a. 2tl July 


42| 9 Nov. . 
33:27 July ; 

. 3615 
. 42| 1 
I 4815 

8 Jan. 58^20 Doc. 59, 

15 Mar. 53 8 Fob. 00 

Jnne 65 3 Feb. UOl 

Oct. 57 3 Feb. fio; 

Feb. 50 14 Feb. CO 

July 5014 Fob. fiO 

Sept. sajai Fiih. ml 

Doc. 54 21 Feb. 60 26 July ( 

Dec. 54 21 Feb, 60 

July 5823 Mar. Oo' 

Juno 6430 Mur. OOi 

July 48| 4Mny 0015 May 

Aug. 481 6 Muy (W,14 0ct. , 

Mar. 5411 May m 

Sept. 54^18 May 6(X]B Usy I 

USept. 38|3U April 41 lOJulj 









7 Sept. 62 
4 Aug. 54 

3 Oct. 
6 June 


•il Aug. 4n2r>Auff. 47 22 June 
10 Nov. 41,2(J Jan. 44;20 Feb. 

2 Jan. 1030 Jan. 12' 7 Oct. 

8 Dec. 
24 N«r. 


. 48 28 Ai)ril fi3 27 Aug. 
. 3515 Nov. 30' G Juuo 


10 Aug. 
30 May 


25 Sept. 0023 July 
18 June 41 5 April 

8 Dec. 54 10 April 58 
4 July 45'20 Dec. 48 


Davl.l L. Colthurst, ilff(/V, 17 Foot 20 July 47 10 Nov. 

Oi-tuvius Ycnk<? Cooks, Afftjor, 4 Foot .... 30 Mar. 47 17 May 

e. Jo-liua Ilniry Kirby, Mojor, 08 Foot.... .10 Aug. 38 8 April 42|:J0 April 52 
C. E. Thornton, Ofpt., L-iiatt., S.O. of Pens. \^) Dec. 42 20 Aug. 44'19 Sept. 48 
rha. K. Cuiiibrrlund, Ca;>/., R. Knifineers..ll8 Dec. 47 13 Nov. 5l[l(»June 56 
Jjiints 11. Edwanls, Ctipt., It. Knuinccrd .. 22 Doc. .'/i 17 Feb. 51' 1 April 
C. E. Astrll, Capf., h.p., 45 1\, ^S'. O. of Pens. 24 Fob. 37 HI June 3J>' 3 Oct. 
James Baillio, Capt.y Unatt., S.O. of Pent.' iS Nov. 34 31 Dec. 30' 
Edw.H Ea?ar,'« A/.<;i;r, h.p. Depot Batt.j 13 ^jj 3016 July 41 

AsMtt, Adj. Gen, tn Tasmanm J ' L_ _ 

Edw. Tjiwes Pym, CVf/j/rt/w, R. Morinca 
Thomas Penton, Captain^ 8 Ilussars . . , 
Wm. Pcddie,"^ Capt., r. f. p., S. O. of Pent. 
Andrew Hugh Doglc, Capt,, R. Artillery .. 
William Thomas Bctts, Major, %% Foot .... 
VC MMlliam M'Bean, Captain, 03 Foot .. 

Sydney Darling, Major, Foot 

|ijas.'Buubury Hamilton,>^*C(n//^r.f. p.l4 F. 

T. \V. Prevoat, Crt|>f .,h.p.,42 Y,,S. O. qfPen». 

Jamet Sinclair Thomson, Major, 54 Foot ..|25 Nov. 42^13 June 

Herbert Gcf)rge Decdca, CapL, 00 Foot. ... 1 1 Aujf. 64J23 Mar. 

James Ainslie, Mqjor, 1 Dragoons j 13 Oct. 48*21 Dec. 

Cha. Jas. Stewart Wallace, Major, 25 F. ..: 5 Nov. 
Geo. Dowden D. Cleveland, Capf.,m F. ..|10 May 
Charli-s David C. Ellis, Captain, 60 Foot ..|17 Jan. 
Charles David Rich, Captain, Lancers ..1 17 June 
Fred. Rich. Solly Flood, Copt,, 82 Foot, ) .,j ^ 

Military Secretary at Bomhhy J T *' 

Fred. Arthur Walter, Major, 97 Foot .... ,20 Jan. 44i23 Jan. 40.26 Nov. 
Thomas Edwin Blomficld, Mqjor, 35 F. . . . .i24 May 44 
Wm. Bonj. Battiscombe, Af/yor,01 Foot ..|15 Mar. 50 

Shurlock Heiming, Major, 20 Foot 20 April 40 

Ve. Fred. Sleigh RoberU, Capt,, R. Art. . .Il2 Dec. 51 
Sidney Godolphin Quickc, Mr^jor, 53 Foot. . j July 52 

f. Robin>t Petley, Capt,, Unatt., Professor \ l^ . j. 
qf MUitary Surveying, R. M. College j f ^^' 

Edw. Thomas Wickham, Captain, 61 Foot..ll0 Ang. 42 
RIchardFrancisUolmea, C//;7/Ain, 89Foot..26Sept. 46 8 April 53 
#. Ve Alfred Stowell Jones, Captain, 13 F.j July 52 21 Sept. 55 
Charles Cynric W. Vesey, Captain, 72 FootI 8 Nov. 50 6 June 54 
John Jas. Hood Gordon, Captain, 46 Foot .;21 Aug. 40! Jan. 54 


25 May 
25 May 
1 June 
3 June 
15 June 
15 June 
10 June 
22 June 

22 June 




lULr I 

35 Mm 

60' 1 OcL 
6092 Apr 





1214 Aug. 
44 Feb. 
40, July 
55' 2 July 
40 1 1 Oct. 

20 Dec. 44, 4 July 


2 St»pt. 45: 11 Oct. 
20 June 54|l4 Dec. 
23 Dec. 53 22 June 58 

8 Aug. 5l!l7July 60 

22 June 60 

3 July 60 
17 July 60 

24 July 601 
54|31 July 60! 

10 Aug. 60 

31 Aug. 60 

4 Sept. 60 

20 Sept. 60 

21 Sept. 6U 

25 Sept. 00 
16 Oct. 00 

23 Oct. 60 
23 Oct. (M) 
23 Oct. 00 
23 Oct. (JO 

8 Oct. 

21 May 



8 June 57112 Nov. 
6 June 54 

S9|12Aug. 34 

20 July 44 

Edward Smyth Mercer, Captain, *M Toot ..10 Mar. 35' 11 Juuo 30j23 Mar. 40|l3 Dec. 60 

Charles Steol,'*^ Mtynr, Unalt 14 June 50 13 Oct. 54 

Richard Atkinson, Mt\jor, 12 Foot.. 

HenrvWin.Goodwyn,Or/?Mrnatt.5.0.o/P.. Dec 36^24 June 40 
Ed w. JohnDickson, Staff Capt. , Me of Man 27 Sept. 30| 1 4 Oct. 42 
Jacob Glvnn Rogers, Capt, r. f.p. S.O, of P. Oct. 14' 5 Mar. 

23 Oct. 
10 Nov. 
23 Mar. 

8 Aug. 
18 Jan. 




23 Oct. 60 

26 Oct. 60 

ONuv. 60 

12 Nov. 60 

13 Nov. 60 
13 Nov. 60 
23 Nov. 60 

23 Nor. Ol> 

15 Ntfr. 

13 Feb. 52 30 Nov. 60 

28 Aug. 57,30 Nov. 00 

lOMur. 58 30 Not. 60 

15 April 5030 Nov. 00 

2 Dec. 50 30 Nov. 00 

*M) June 57 18 Doc. 60 

18 Mar. 42,18 Feb. 43 30 Mar. 40 22D4'C. 00 

3 April 49 24 Dec. 

13 April 49 27 Dic. 

28 Oct. 531 I Jan. 

22 June 55] 4 Jiin. 
i>4'J0Aug. 58' 4 Jan. 
55" 4 Jan. Ol{ 5 Jan. 



- 4 1 

18 April 51j21 Mar. 

10 Dec. 40:17 Feb. 

20 Aug. 531 Aug. 

25 Feb. 45|20July 49 23 Mar. 5515 Jun. 

George Wm. Stackpoolc,'** itf^ryor, Uiuitt. 
Wm. Jauies Stuart, Capt, R. En^incei's . . 
VC Hugh Henry Gouj^h, Capt., R. Art. . . 
Richaid Ilarcourt Robinson, Major, Unatt 

Lionel Hook, Mqjor, Ceylon Rifles 

Arthnr Lvttelton Annesley, Maj.^ 11 Hussarh 

William Campbell, Mqjor, 100 Foot .... 

Dndlev Clargos Hill, Captain, 40 Foot . . 

Dugald Stewart Miller, Mt^jor, 07 Foot . . ..j24 Feb. 43.11 July 45 31 Jan. 51 15 Fob 

Thomas Walter Milward, Capt, R. ArtillcrvllO Juno 44! 1 April 40 

5 Sept. 34 4 Dec. 3d'27 April 40il8 Jan. 
21 July 54! 8 Dec. 54124 Feb. 57'l8Jan. 
12 April 50j 1 3 May 53 25 Jan. 5fi. 8 Feb. 

OJan. 38(10 Sept. 41 4 May 40 13 Feb. 
43 11 Julv " 

Rol)ert John Hay, Captain, R. Artillery ..0 Aug. 
Philip Bedingfeld, Captain, It. Artillery ..10 Dec. 
(Charles Maithind Govan, Capt. R. Artillery 10 Dec, 


7 May 47 

1 April 42 15 Fob. 
17 Mar. 54 15 Fob. 

Fred. Hay Swinfen, Major, 5 Dr. Gd« 10 April 

Robert Wilmot Brooke, Captain, 00 Foot..|:30 Dec. 
Edw. Price Usher, Captain, R. Mnrioes.. ..;27 Dec. 
Fred. Wm. Gregory, Captain, 44 Foot . . 
Bo wen Van Straubonzee, Capt. Foot .... 
Robert Children Whitehead, Major, 58 Foot 
Wm. Robert Gray, Capt. Military Train ., 
Henry Ersklne Hick-, Capt., R. Artillery . . 
John Basset Prynnc, Capt. R. Marines .... 
Fra. R. Charles Grant, Mq}or, 5 liAnccrs . . 
Hi^nry Francis Brooke, Captain, 48 Foot . . 

5. 40 24 Nov. 47 20 June 54 15 Fob. 
'. 4(i.30Juiiu 4Hl20June 54 15 Feb 
il 40 10 April 5(J|15 Dec 54 15 Feb! 


'29 Dec. 

4 April 
7 Oct. 51 
7 April 43 

11 Juno 41 

5 May 40 
16 Sept. 51 

OJuue 54 

12 Oct. 
27 July 
24 Mar. 
'25 Feb. 
18 Aug. 

8 Jan. 

3 July 
27 May 

15 Feb. 
15 Feb. 

49 23 Mar. 55 
47 29 Mar. 55 

19 June 55 15 Feb. 

31 Aug. 55; 15 Feb. 

30 Nov. 55; 15 Fob. 

15 Feb. 50.15 Feb. 





45 11 June 5(U5 Feb. 01 


















01 J 







10 April 

4 Jan. 

15 Jan. 

4«i 1 April 57 15 Fob. 

23 June 54 10 Mar. 58 15 IVb. „* 
15 May 5524 Sept. 58 15 Feb. 6l| 


11. 30 July 

H. Shav Sti^KtH, Copt., R. Eag. .1;) June 
F. E. Bicita, Ca/iL, R. ArtillKrv H Ai>ril 

?OTb«, rn;>r(tiNi91 Pixit '..^ ^pt> 

r CniniblF, Sfrtfer, 72 Foot ! 8 Slay 

'flblrire Lynch, Cuplnhi, i Voot. All Svpt. 

MnPitt, Cftptaln,m Foot !ll Oct. 

t O'DamrW, Cap-aiit, 37 Foot . . |3S Vn\. 

larm, JVirr'ar, 69 Font : I Juno 

■im Caliper, Mnjar, 39 TorA . . . . ;33 Not. 
Fniiiefaihrr Uofil. Captain, 00 F.IW Dm. 
ntnrch Tilllirook,"' Wfyor, Uiwtt..ll April 

dar Strrice in ff. Amtrica tti7l[- ! 2 
»S temporar]/ rimk ij Lt.Cal. ) 
ry T. B. it- RnTtgnes,*" M»j. r.'nau, 
in;l(]r, 0>;)fm'n, R. En;{in^■on....|:I uas. 
r«. ArbutliQCFt, Cojir. R. ArtillDry MA June 
(Ming, Cnptain, K. ArriUcry .. .. !JS Jiiiio 
F. JriuM, Cnpl. A<U- Urpol Bait JU July 

rdnd, JIfit/or, 3 W. I. Brgt "■!!) Di'c. 

nmu Cni'ter,'^ Mnjer. Uoatt... I'D Sept. 

utBenO. C>i;rfn(n,03 Fnnt 'a7 Sipt. 

J. B. I>jtk>, JITT/or.SDr. Gil». ..,13 noc. 
Iliibrit*, C(r;t(. R. Marine Art .. rBOrL 
lenry J. Hp^nm, Mi0or, 17 F»oi 10 Not. 
;f>ntlo1d,Caj)<.r.fp.Il.Ncw.Coiup. Aujt, 

»rT,'" Cir/jf. r. f. p. P Foot ."flJiily 

I.II Rock-, Afff^.S Foot JTjBn. 

Bratt, MqjoT, h. p. IB Huwun, ) ;.,, , 
( fitjor of Carahy, Cnr.egh \ 

.KeinpMu, Caplatn, &9P'iot ; 8 J una 

urdea,'** fnpfnfn, r. f. p. Foot .'X Oct. 
npball, Capl. Vaa/t.X.O. ifPtiu.AO .\pril 
ekfiin] J<-bntioiie. Jf^i/or, IS Fool ^ Hay 

oaag, Xfi>r»r,S7 Foot | j9 May 

[bDiKlngtsiii,>'°Af«'iM-,h.p.lOOF.|U July 

SDsblw, JIfnjar, Bn Foot' |'JB Juua 

1rzaBd«r (>]>r. Rifle Kri^iadc . 

All I Aug. Hi* yov, 

^14 Oct. 54i 7 June 
4x117 May ^t'lS Fib 

4G-J5Jau. 40| eJuuc 

5019 Dec 63l4M»y 

3!P'10Jad. 44! 4 Hay 

45:11 Feb. 48'l9Juue 

41 1 SSi'pl. 4fi^ June 

WJl Mar. 5:<13 Dee. 

42 11 July 4.^ GJiily 

4!)->4Sept. sqiS Oct. 

£8l5I>cb. 01 

6:>'t3 Fsb. (II 

01 19 Fob. 01 

M' S Mar. 01 

a) S Mar. Gl 

41)! Mar. 01 

JDlUMar. Gl 

411 It Mar. 61 

M12M»r. 01 

40 '-■3 Mar " 

3 2!) Ma 

61 a 

Sept. sat B Dee. S4|13 May £7 9 April 01 

46! 2 Nov. 
S-XW June 
!a'M May 
S4' 8 Dec. 
4fi 17 Oct. 
44' 8 Aug. 
51 i1 May 
17, I Oct. 

le Not. 

25 Not. 
9 A|>rlt 


4DI1 Sept. 
5419 Sept. 
£4 1 April 
5-1: 1 A|>ril 

54 w sr*y 

SH 17 Julv 
51 13 Dec. 
45' 3 Aug. 
Sn; 10 June 

4SI14 April 
40 2t)Di«. 

1 Jui 

10 Aug. 

19 Jan. 


. 1, M^ar, 84 Font 
_ DwaieB,'" X^or, Onatt. 

fajor, Copt Tom* 

idMB W«od, CaptiHn. 07 Foot 

'. Haelrra, Mt^jar, IG Ilnuan .- lu mig, 

m. Caiot, Xi^or, 76 Foot in Dec. 

dmiltt Him, Captain, VnKtt d May 

■BDwr, Jtfi^^87 Foot .'2 Dec. 

trgtlMAtfufe, CaptaiH, 101 Poni Dec 
aalil, Affr^or, 13 F,((j.At. in MijUj B Si'pt, 

t1II», JIfa/W, 41 Foot U June 

nidy, Opfafn, 2 nr. Gdi IT Nov. 

). Dovell, CiTpt. R. Horlne Art. . iH July 
fbf Barker, Captnhi, 64 Foot . . 21 J«d. 
ti. Bvrry, dtptolii, S4 Fnot .... 7 Jan. 
«ni, Oiri'"m,Dnyat Artillery ., Dee. 

I. Pjipinaiiw, Afnjor, 12 Foot 30 April 

ria Williainorm, Xftijar, 4B Foot 5 Dec. 
ly Baring. Mi(or ]"T Foot .. . . 1 July 
imlrontt, Major, 35 Font ....-■ ii April 
kncr, Citpt. Unatt. S.O. <ffPtHi. 1-3 T«ov. 
jhl. Capt. l'.p- 1« F S.O.qrPen'. 14 Fab. 
Ivard Gordon, fVpfnin, ft3 Foot . 2t Aug. 
AT«i11IiHlg. Mojai; Mfi Foot . . ij^l Dec. 
. WemviHThea'ger, Mirjar,R On. 5 Adz. 
e*lc»*C";rf. r.l.p- * O. afFau. 1) Api-il 

Boii'If«, JiJajar ai Pont 10 April 

ltd Cafe, (\ipf«(n!)4 Knot .... 37 t<cpt. 
iwlndJ.-v,'*'Mi>or,hp.8Dragoon!''l5 Jun. 

iBor.Stnjnr 101 Foot |i!) Jan. 

■ry Traven, Ara.iir94Foot .... Dec, 
«t Row, Captai* Rifle Brigade. 

50 10 Jan. 
30: IE) Fvb. 
4S 10 Sept. 
4RIi!0 May 
Mill Aug. 

44 8 Deo. 
5'.'i-25 Aug. 


sri ;o April 

42 5 Dec. 
5-2 SO Oct. 
4(130 July 
35 9A>]g. 

43 3 ricL 
0423 Nov. 
40 10 Jan. 
43 4 July 

45 eOct. 
53 16 Mar. 

42 35 April 
62 I Sept. 

43 I R Aug. 
4317 Nov. 
40 12 NoV. 
35 in M»y 

43 M Jun. 
40 3 Die 
40 -t May 
Ob 30 Doc. 
4012 Auit. 

44 I) Dae. 
47 S3 Die. 
41)13 flov. 
4d S/au. 

...34 Aug. 

49.25 July 

, 67'30 Nov. 

4n'20 Dee. 

38122 Aug. 
4L, 4 Not, 
4B 37 Oct. 
&4 9 BapL 

4fri9 Aug, 

54 ia Utf. 
53' 7 Bi'pt. 
40; 9 1{oy 
43^28 Aug. 
S4M e Jan. 
47' 1 8 Not. 
31)! 4 Eilept. 
4S 13 Oct. 
6C|21 June 
m 3 Feb. 
45 '23 April 
6t> n June 
51 22 Sept. 
55! 3Apvil 
45 ao Oct, 
5710' Oct. 
4nl24 June 

4fll OJUDO 

43,15 June 

57; 9 April 

59 9 April S 
CD Atirll 

60 Apilt 
Sfl 16 April 
40 90 April 
40 I May 
57 10 May 
SO to Mav 
54 17 May (I 
65 17 May 
67 17 May O: 
4084 May 

61 !4 May 6 
GO 9 June 6 
54 11 June Q 
40 17 June e 
53 18 June 6 


2 Nov. 


an^ Nov 

4-. 16 Vov. 

6: IM Dee. 



24 Not. 



2 July 







4.- 28 n< c. 

60 5 Mur. 


4S' 8 Mar. 

40' T Aug. 


8 May 


ae|2SJuiy t 

40 OAug. ( 
EGlOAust. ( 
52 23 Aug. ( 

SUli; SepL |] 
58|17 Sept. e 
OdIiT Sept. 
Oil 17 Sfpi. fi 

4" 'JO e 
mpi Oct. 

SfflMOct. 6 

64i-'9 0ct. ti 
a Nov. B 

a.^ Nov. ( 
9 Dee. I 
\'S Dec. I 

!1 IVe. fil 1 Mar. 01 






Wm. Butlor Gosset, Captain Royal Eng. .. 14 Aug. 
Robert Henry MucGregor, Captain Go Foot 31 Dck!. 

James Paul, Captain 65 Foot 8 Nov. 

Charles PiL^sley, Captain Royal Engineers . . 20 Dec. 
Geor^^e Owen Dowdier, Captain 40 Foot • . 26 May 
Ilonry Slrover, Captain Royal Artillery .. 19 Dec. 

Robert Unwln, I^fajor 6 Foot 11 April 

Henry Ferdinand Turner, Captain 65 Foot . 8 Feb. 
Tliomas Kdmund Miller, Captain 12 Foot .|30 Mur. 
Frederick Mould, Captam Roval Euiiinecrs 15 Aug. 
W. J. Dorchill, CaptAi.p. 43 F.'^'.O. qfPcns, 16 Jan. 
Charles JoUifle, Captam R. Marine Art. . . '29 June 
Uilliam Francis Siehelin, Captain 67 Foot .j30 April 
Fitnne:* Middleton Colvilo, Major 4^ Foot ..|14 Aug. 
Harry Lewis Evans, Captain 11. Marines . . 29 June 
Duncan Stewart, Captain 92 Foot ...... 

c. Francis RichanI Taylor, Capt. h.p.44 F., 

Professor B, M. College 

Raymond Richard Felly, Maj tr 37 Foot . 

Win. E. Mockli r, Afajor 4 West India Regf. 

James Van Hartlials Montagu, Mqjor 10 Foot 

Fra. W. Featlng, Capt. R. 'Murine Art. 

R. Steele W. Jones, Capt. 2 West India Rcgt. 

Jolin J ago, Major 74 Foot 

Henry (ileo. Cha. Buminghani, Mqjor 58 F. 


3 July 
28 May 

20 Jan. 

8 May 
17 April 

3 July 

13 Aug. 
16 Jan. 

14 Mar. 


431 1 

49 26 


42! 8 
48' 4 

50 23 
55! 2 



















54: 2 

45 28 
45' 2 

46 17 







Edwanl William Rray, Captain 83 Foot ..i21 June 

Robert Cecil Dudireon, Captain 01 Fwt. . ..'28 Aug. 

William Creagh O'Brien, Mt^jor 73 F«>t . .;19 Nov. 

Dniry Curzon liOwc, Major 17 Lancers. . . . 2H July 

Cuthlicrt Ward Burton, Capt, R. Marines .. 28 June 

Adolphus Ulick Wonibwell,ilfr{/or 12 Lanccrh 19 Aug. 

Henry Ant<m, Mqjor 1 West ludla Regt. . .14 Jan. 

Thomas Clark, Mqjor 24 Foot J26 April 

Joseph Bh'aymire, Major 104 Foot :1 1 Doc. 

Charles CanipbellIIook,Jlf<^*0rh. p.20Hussars. 

Rixierick BanuntyneMaclcod, J/ir(/0r21 Hus. 

Henry Phillips Tyacke, Afrf/or 106 Foot .. 

Edwanl Charles Warner, Major 20 Hussars.. 

Henry Joseph JepM)n, Mqjor 102 Foot .... 

John Robert Mackontie, Mqjor 105 Fix>t .. 

VC Henry Evelj-n Wood, Captain, 73 Foot 

George James Ivey, Mqjor 4 Wc<t India Regt. 

Wm. Miller,'" CaptjandAd(j. r.r.p. Cav.D.pot 

James Trevor White Andrews, Mqjor Unatt. 

Thomas Lynden BpU,'" Mqjor Unatt 

i/on.Bem*ard Matliew Ward, Mafor^SQ Foot 

Edward Wm. Blackett, Mqjor Depot Batt. 

Francis Seton Kempt, Mqjor 103 Foot .... 

Leonard Sidebottom- Venner,*** -iVo/or Unatt. 

William George Margewon, Captain 56 Foot 

Augustus Alexander Dick, Mqjor 13 Foot .. 

James Ilarwood Roeke, Mqjor. 18 Foot. . . . 

James Wallace Dunlop Adair,**** Af^'or Unatt. 

Douglas Robinson, Captam 72 Foot 

Henry Croflou, Captain y h. p. 67 Foot .... 

Patrick Johnston, Captain 99 Foot 

Rich. Sweet Cole, h.p.(.Vi/j^ Army Hospital ) 
CoqK», Recrniiing Officer at Reading S 

Fred. Samuel Blyth, Mqjor 40 Foot 

Richard (ieorge Ellison,'*^ Major , Unatt. . . 

Fn*dorick Hurtly, Mqjor 84 Foot 

Richard Thompson, Mqjor 6 Foot 

*Ciinrgic) Virtu, Capt. r. f. p. R. Molla F. Art. 

Charlen Ughtrcd Shuttloworth, Mqjor 68 F. 

Thomas Wri<(ht Marten, Mt{Jor 7 Foot .... 

Henry Rlinklioni,r'a/)/.h. p. 25 P. Super- 
intemient qf the Riding Department, 
Cavalry Depot at Maidstone 

Fmncia Fisher Hamilton, jM({Jor 4 Foot 

10 May 

15 Feb. 

12 Dec. 
25 Jan. 

20 Feb. 

21 June 

7 July 

I l>ec. 

17 May 


1 4 Feb. 

6 July 

13 Dec. 

16 July 
31 Dec. 

4 Aug. 
•21 April 

17 Mor. 
, 8 Sept. 
'20 Nor. 

12 Aug. 

4 May 
18 Feb. 
•-'3 Nov. 

8 Aug. 
30 Dec. 
18 Sept. 

6 July 

J 6 Feb. 
18 Jan. 

42 16 May 

41*20 May 

40 15 A]iril 
40,»2-i April 
50'24 Feb. 
4711 July 
4(J:19 Feb. 
51|29 July 
39.21 Jan. 
40;26 July 

41 26 June 

54 7 Nov. 

49 8 Di c. 
62 23 Dec. 
4-2 3 Mar. 
44 23 July 

40 18 Nov. 

41 31 Aug. 
40127 Sept. 
40po Nov. 
41 1 3 June 
4629 Feb. 
4:) 21 Jan. 

55 1 Feb. 
44 15 Jan. 
46 :0 June 
54 -23 Nov. 
5017 Feb. 

50 10 Feb. 

51 6 Juno 
39 16 July 
50 23 Nov. 
41J12 Sept. 
44 20 Mar. 
48 1 Mar. 
46 3 Jan. 
43 19 Mur. 
46 19 Nw. 
38ll8 July 




44! 7 
54J 6 
47 7 
44 21 



53 26 
531 1 
4.">! 2 
43| 6 
43 15 
44! 2 
47 5 
47 15 

50 'no 


54 30 

42 1 



52 25) 
47] 2 
























































52 28 Jan. 
53128 Jan. 
54 '28 Jan. 
55|28 Jan. 
66 28 Jan. 
56 28 Jan. 
56>28 Jan. 
58 28 Jan. 
00;28 Jan. 


2 Feb. 

4 Feb. 

6 Fob. 
11 Feb. 
25 Feb. 
11 Mar. 




53 11 

Mar. 62 













61 10 

5.) 18 

54 29 


49, .30 

51 :W 



54 30 


57 ,'30 

61 ,19 


54' 2 


55; 1 

56{ 1 





30 25 Dec. 38 28 Feb. 51 














50 23 Dec. 

50!2J) \h^. 


14 Sept. 
29 April 





16 Sept. 
2 Mar. 











































































62 31 








12 Nov. 62 




21 Nov. 62 

21 Nov. 62|2l 

21 Nov. 62! 

1 Di;c. 62 

2 Dec. 62 
2 Dec. U2 
2 Dec 6a 

2 Dec. r2 

7 Dec. €2 


I 1 Feb. SS' D Dec (13 
t 7 May AJIU Dec. Gjj 
i 3 Nov. 05:30 DcB. Oa, 

10 Sept. &7,30Dea. ftij 
U April I 

I s Nov. ;; 

Gn.Fn^. CunpbdlBraT, .ViQ'erMPont ..'3i Mnr. 41 '27 Jun. Vi ^ 
Bern Ur Beniy Pti^l, .Vatar, 19 Fu,t . . £1 Jul; 4u 10 Sept. 4M ^ 
tlDiM U'aFan,ir<(f{>r,I WmiIdcIU lle|,'l'3"^'o'- ^^l 8 Juac 52 • 
ftttr nillilDgt'D, .Vq/or, C^rslry Depot I 

m-snlerlwlT f 

Ithi Yitp Holland, Cop/nin, R. Marines . . 30 Doe. *7I 5 April -in H 
iKlmJtnKtSFiiildham, ^njor, lOB Foot !I8 Uur. 41'inMar. Vi i 

hnvLJama John Graiit,3/f[r'T,7Poot.. 114 April toad Ai'ril AtXl-l April 0(1 OJaa. 031 

InTHKfX.n. tUinninnd, .Vfv'or, 9UPiH>t33XnT. 03 4 Auu. &I, 8 July fi<l| I) Jan. R3 

|amrlMoIvneuz Clarke, .Vnjcr, 3D Fuet^ Kot. 40! 5 Mur. ji-J3!>Di'c. 0410 Jiui. 03 

InhrUFrbertCaiM, jVujor, 10 Huittn ..!l:i Dee. Sl)i fi TTov. A:t'33 April .'iH lit Jun. 03 

ila.i.P.B™»ne, -Wujnr, 100 Foot ....'l3 June 40' 6 Get. 5iil ! May on^ R» 

VD.0.DuDbimMattv,3r'(/ar,OLancera.. 37 Oct. 54' 9 Feb. (i5:3U Feb. 67 3» JaD. at 

hntUPellcy, C»pf>iin,fiFoat I30 OcU 4»37 Aug. 03^ 7 Oit. 0n33JnD. 0:1 

Ck-tt! Fvtiic Rnberti, Captain, R. Artillery 3t! Feb. 05i 1 April -Vi'^S Si-pt. 6:! 3:1 Jiin. m 

nLuD I'JFur}- Qiirnde, Capfam, 13 Fool . . I June 48 37 June 4.'i.'l I April .'il 34 Jan. 01 

Dub ;^niut Baker, Cn;irnin,Ce Foot . .Isn Unr. 4j1 8 Jan. 4T|II April 51 3!) Jan. m 

IdaHrtR-U. Erane, C'i;itam, R. Artillery 17 June 43I 4 Feb. 45 Jane 01 3n Jan. (« 

farinfiol IVotion, Miliar, 00 Foot ....] April 4J|U Not. 48 38 April Cl' I'eh. Ca' 

ittiflH-Creagh. • ,v,4Dr.Gdi(. . . SC July 44 10 Mar. 4710 July 01 8 F.'b. I13i 

'fafrli • . .J, R Artillery. .30 Di'c. 43! O April ir^H Auir..51 12 P.*. ttii 

.Mir, I .-, r ..■■;..,, R. Artillcr7 ..(20 Dec, 4.l'lO April 4u| 3 Sept. 51 13 Fub. 63' 

ffcliffi;!;:.-. -l/n/u'-, ^t K^>iil 16 Aug. 04| 3 Jan. 50i'34 July 57 30 Feb. Kl' 

J^oriSli-upe, 6ipf«;",r-f.p.WFoot ..I 8Nov. 43| 8 Jan. 47l30 -Mar. 58;3U Ftb. 03' 

■*WM.fFarisD, C.ip/"m, n, ArtiUery ..IllJiine 03'18 Sept. 87 30 Feb. 0331 Keb. (lal 

Lij,.._.^ .. .._ ^n..-^ ..'31 Sept. 0237 Jan. 54 37 July B.V 3 .Mar. (I~' 

'Oi> u c.i I 1 1.... Rd'l4 T....» i^fi 1^ \ra. n 

1,3 Foot ., 
. •-' Foot 

in, 81 F. 

HaawiDburnr. .V"jor, Depot Battalion 
«n l^h Thpinbv,'" .Vojor, li, p. 23 Foot 
H« >• Wm. On), Cnp'Tin, 20 Foot . . . 
tk J. O. Hutherfurd, .Vq/or, 70 Foot . 

jAIbald Itulter, Caploiu, 10 Foot 

■hrt Campbell, iVnjsr, 13 Laneen 

W. n-flj, Capt., Unatt., 3. 0. of Pent. 
Sen^ Waller Baldirin, Mnjar, 30 Foot 

■ij Cwk, 3SmT, 1 00 Fool 

EHarry X. D. Prenderga*!, Tup*., R.Eng. 
niam Heary EbtId, Haiof, 17 Foot . . . 
uki William Aylmer, M^ar, 00 Foot . 

Wj C. Ci«lfle. .«'l'jl•^ IQHuasan 

L.Aw. O. Srowae, Mmor, 4 Hiusura . 
.6. Hibbert, Vifjar, R. CanullaD Rifle 
M. Williain Jebb, Major, 67 Font . . . 
rilThoma* Webb, Ca^aln, 109 Foot . 


t Biehaid Huve Brawne, Mi^or, 00 F. 
r.H.C.O.Morria,Co2it.,R. Marine An 
ry AJeiaiXiler, X"jnr, 1 Draff. Oda. . 
i.LMdon, Xtuor, a Wet India Ilegt. . 
■orBoanyca!iUcOrittoii,''Cap(.,r.f.p. ) 

M'Doniiell, Cafluin, Cape M. Hifles. 
m Henry Crtagh, -Vii/iir, 37 Foot . . . 
CiBiler Imibert. Jtfil/or, 101 Foot . 
B. Drew, Captain, A^., Depot Batt. 
!■ Brat, Jfo/oi 
VlUer, lUigm, 
,■ EainB, iligar, 3 
lel Alex- llarldeo, HsioT, 51 Foot .... 
inl King Freeth, Captain, B. IrtiUery 
I D'Arcy P. Burnell, Uqjor, 10 Lanccni 
Kerrey F.tiGeraM, Captain. fi8 Foot 
I H, BuBer, .Vtijor, Military Train . . 

■itG, Pinter, Majirr, 32 Foot 

rd H. M. Owen,'" Capt r. f. p. WS F. 
r E. T. Wini«m4, Mirjor.lOSFoot.... 
itieo. Aiutin Vicara, ('flptnw, IBP... 

E7 Ju. 

Mbt 5311 Au(f. 64i3J«"ia 110, « Mar. m 
ScpL 33^7 Jan. 40,10 Kept, ill Mar. rd 
Oct. 431 5 April 47 7 Uet 01 17 .Mar. at' 


Apr. 4()| 
.0 Sept. 48' 8 Ji 
8 Sept. 44I 6 Ai 
8 May 41 1 7 July 4<! 

1 Aug. 54 8 Dee. 54 
13 U«y 48 8 Feb. 

3(1 Dec, S4:17 -Mnr. (B) 

14 Sejit. 5.^134 Mar. 08 3A July M 

'"Oct. SI 37 Mar. flSi 

Mar. m!37 Mur, rai . 

13 Not, 58i97 Mar. 0:11 

30 Dee. M;3I Mur. 1 

5 XnT. 30 11 Oct. 01! 1 April 03 

31 Oct Oil t Ai>rilon 

1 June t»', 7 April (KK 

7 April 0.1 8 Ajvil Iffl! 

30D.e, 54 14 April fl.t! 

40| 1 Hept. 54 31 April IB 

Olj3aSoT. «([33Apr. (» 

04 31 Htjit. 05. 5 aiay 03 

r>-z\ 8 June 0i->il3Way (^ 

April 40t20JuIy 411 
o June 3j;31 Auir. 05 
a June 04 37 Api-tl 08 

SApril 4n,8.'iOcl. .Vl , _. ._._.,,. 

31 Dec. 44;98 Aujr. 40{ I Hept. 54 31 April lU 
ifOAug. 48<11 Sept. 01 j3? "— "■''"* "— "-' 
■3 Dec. 00.36 Oct, 04 31 
OApril 51i33NoT. .'i-il bjune Oi>il3 « 
nJune 54:10 Not. frl| 8 July 50|l9 Maf 031 
!l May 4l3(lJnly 44 17 Oct. 03,33 .May ft) 
3 Oct. 441,16 Not. 43' 8 April 53-33 May rd 
« Dee. 43,17 April 4.i;il Sot. 51:30 May (wlB 
33 Not. 03, 8 Dec, 04.l3Jiily 6o:3» Muy fW 

37 Dec. 0aiS4Feb. 54,33 Mnr. fti'iO May RW 
Rapt 47 (1 Dec. .'xl I Feb. 0<i^I3Jiinc m] 

in Sept. 40 8JDue 40,^ June S3,3;>Juoc 
17 May 43'lOMay 47 31 Oct. 34;:i9 Juno <« 

38 Juno 44' 8 Jan. 47 H Nov. or OJnly (ta 
19 No*. 47 21 JuDB 50, May 03 10 July 0:1 
SUF^ 4011 Feb. 411' I Peb. On. 11 July 03 
33H*T 40l7Aog. 4H 21 iVov. 51,37 July G3 

10 Ap^ll 43,13 Oct. 43,15 Mnr. 0.1<38J»Iy 03 
8 Not. 42] 4 June 45' 3 <>«. OS, 4 Aug. m 

30 Not. .S030May 43 10 May 50 Aug. 03 
TJuly 43: 4 July 40 June 54111 Anij. li 

30 Dm. 43, 1 May 45 '30 Nov. Ol' 9 i^ept. IS: 

14July 04'l4Scpt. 05j30Ju1y OUiiS Sept. 03 
May 37| OJan. 41 9 Dec. 51,00ct. 0:1 

33 Jan. 0311 Auif. 54! 1 July 05| 8 Oct. ~ 
' MtT 6718 Feb. OH" ~ " 
Judo 43,36 H«r. 40 

11 Feb. 45!30Apr. 
17 Oct. 61 37 Oct. 

5 Oct. Ol|lflOct. 

1 Nov. iid'II Oct. 

May £9 S :roT. 0:i 

13 Dec. 0I<! Nov. m 


Prederio Brine, Cnjif. R. Bnginwrs 1 Out. 

AmbroM Wolrige. Capt. R. Marine- \M Dec. 

^Vm. W. ArbulhuoC. M.^or, 18 Huuui ■■{ 6 Dee. 
Wm. Oilryeii Tivlor, afiyor, a-i Foot •■■ USipr. 
:t Dean*, M.UOr, 18 Foul '13 Mi 

10 July 
18 Feb. 
16 Mar. 
31 0:t. 

James Frandi Hickll^ Stitjor, 7 Foot- 
Wm. Hanburj Hawie;, Slajor, M Foot . . . atsrk,!" Captain, T t p. 67 P'lot , 
HuKh HumllTcin OooM, Capt., F.r.p. R.Har. 

Julin Win. Bolulcr, Captaia, 37 Fdi>t 

Fwd, Torren* Iflilw, af<l/»r, ai Potit .... 

Leopold G. Paget, Capt.R. Art 

Wdi. Bdinginn fituart, Afq^r, IS Hiann- ■ 
Cbarle* Edward Grogaii.^iV'i'r, U Foot -• 
JoBCph Jones,'" Coplaia, r. f. p. 3 W. I. R. 
«. JoliD CliHrles Weir, Mqfor, 9 Foot 
Itowley Wile* Hln.mun, CaflaU, 01) Poot!3 X. 
FO Hughs. Cochrane, Ca;f((Mii.7 F.. " '" 
Morgaii Crortoii Sankcy, Capt. R. Alt. . 
Tho9. Alex. Fatley Dfriim, Capt. do. . . , 
Jd)>d George Danncll, Cavt. '^T Foot , 
Charlei lleDry Striitt, Capt. R. An. ... 
TCJamc* HiU-i, Cap^nJn, B. Artillery. 
Tl.omaai>un<lBa, Ca,itaitt, IS Ifool 
George Coleloiffll, Cnpla'm, Rojil Artillery 
Fred Wm.C Ord, Ca;?(«'R,Rny^1ArtIlIiT.r 
Hon. Ernnjt (ioorge Cunon, Major.tii Foot 
Oiarlei Dcni-on Peddct, Ccptiiin, 30 Fool 
Iteary Edward Warreti, JVi^Or, SO Foot 
Andrew John Cuwper, Mtyat, \b Foot . 

John Inman, Caplaai, 19 Pool 

Alexander St raiiKB, Caplnl^, 14 Fool ... 
ArtliurSattmiirahe, Captain, WVi^ol.. . 
George Richard Grca>e«, Caplidn, 70 Fttui 

Wm, Hcory Grc^ion, Captain, 6S Fnot 

Wm. Aldeney Jamc* Shorn, C«;i(. 57 FOol 
nickniau Ro)r Ruuell, Capt. G7 F. 
Kiln. Tlioinas Brooke, Caj^. R. Bni 
Chrutopher W. LcClibrldye, Jlfoj'ffrrl^^P.- - 
Edward Granlbani, Captain, 03 Fool. . . 
HolierlJ. Brown, Vajar, 14 Huuart .... 
Peter Henry ^ratcbley, Capl. R. Eng.*. 

Sturirart Alex. Cleevc, l^qfor, 13 F 

ITon. t)aia'.[e Uokiyn. Jfayor, 33 Foot ....jlS May 

WIIUsiD Moau, MaJor,S6 PonE 41 Aiifl. 

Courti'Doy Wm.Brticc, M/ijir,^ Dr. Od*. 15 Ma; 

JobnPenloii M'.j'r,Ql Fool ' fiJii.iB 

8i»ncer H.-mJ F.dwanla, Capt. Otf P.. .30 Xoi'. 

Win. L.D. MeariT, J/'y'or.ei Foot 

Heary C. S. Djer, Cafl. R. ArtlllL-ry ... 
Win. Fred. Adanit Coliiian, .Uajj., oJ 1'. . 
Robert Wtn. Ilurley, Vajor 3W Regt. 
HnttbowBllEliPordit.CafiJ. H.Art. 

Thomas EtlmuudiHcbnes, JtfVij.T. 4n F. .. 

Ruborl John lliiKhe*, Mejitr, Depot Bu1L..I 7 Jun. 
Oeonfe B. P. Kaun'», Major. 7 Dr. UiU ..ilO Di-e. 

c. George lljgot, JIfo/ffr, 06 F*wt ''JO June 

FrwiciM PadB..'ld, Mnjar, Depot Halt 

PeiKOw Joha Dunbar, Sliijor, 3 F. 

RobcrtEdv [^en^y, <lip(. PC Fool 

Henry John Wilkin. Ca/jf<im,UI Foot .... 
Lennard II. Ll.iyd Irby, .If aior, 74 Fool . . . , 

Oeor.e Ednr. Hernt. Major, IU» Foot 

George Curdin, Major, & Foot 

CuUibert Bwlow, A/a>r, lU Puot 

Gconie Henry Wuilcr, Major, 7 Foot 

Wilford Urtll, MajfiT, Unatt 

Win. Townscnd Uariieti, Capl. R. Art. .... 
John Sbarman Holoay,'^ Major, Uiiatl. . . 
ti.o. Biuliuiun,(Vf/>/. r.f.p. MlUiury Train. 

. -H »i 

18 April 
10 Aug. 
■O) M.>y 



i D'Arcy G. Odiome, Majors 87 F. . . 

c9 Swiubume, Major, 3 Dr. Gds 

D<ir<w fjammell. Captain, 31 Foot, ^ 
)c7>«/y Asmt, AtfJ, General in China S 
TfvF (jrren, Capi, Rifle Brigarle ...... 

a Otway Wcni vm, Mvjort 3 Foot 

I. Win. HcDn Cur»>n, diujor, ] 7 L:iQCtT^, 
b. &Iw. H. Anaon, Capf, R. Art. ••• 
iry Campbell Smith, Major, 26 F. • • • 
D Fanninp,'" Cayir.r.f.p. 1 W. I. Reyt. 

•maji Tjacke, Miyor, 2'i Foot 

I. Macl^n, Cnpt. h. p. Gold Coast 
ift. Corps, Staff Officer of Pensioni rs 
-ind«j!>im Francis, ^^" Mqjor, Uoatt... 

in S. Tullob, CB. Copt, R. Art. 

<L Koylc De Bude, Ctiptain, do 

liaus Elliott Hiiglteii, Captain, do 

lucU R 'bert Duct, Captain, do. 

nry Weill rigtoii Painter, Majitr, 90 Fout 

arie» Coote Grant, M^or^ 10 Foot 

as. Nt ville Lovell, Copt, R. Art. 

>>B Oct. Chicliester, Major, 10 Foot .... 
•b John Faj rer {I ickoj-,"" Capt. T.f p. 101 F. 
iv.Van .v.* Pole, Capt. Cape M. Riflea . . 

Dill F. Eaton Travers, Copt, R. Art 

leph de Montmorency, Captain, 50 Font, 
a. Harry \ooit,'*' Capt, r. f. p. R. Mar. 
leph Brownell, Major, d West India Rcgt. 
^illc 8. Keats BavJy, Capt. R. Art. . . . 

William PaUlaer, Miuor, Unatt. 

iin«eppeS(«iBO,C€i/i/.r.f.p. R. MaltaF. Art. 
irdon Douglaa Pritehard, Capt. R. £ug. 
chard Harrison, Capt. R. Engineers .... 
ephen Henry Edw. Chainier, Capt. R. Art. 

larles FitzGcrald, Major^ 40 Foot 

tomas Scoveli Bi;£ge, Major, 6 Foot 

IB. Morridoa Bell, Major ^ 3 Huf&ara .... 

an Stewart, Captain, 67 Foot 

Ibor Henry Coney, Captain, 07 Fnot.. . . 
ttrlci M. S. L. Gwynne, Major, 02 For.t 
Sv.WooIhoaMS,'^ Capt. r. f. p. R. MU. Col. 
mrj Wray, Captm'm, R. Engineers. . . . 
frinion W. de Ciiinrcy, Capt. R. Marines' 

arte Tlioinpsou, Captain, t>d Foot 

D. Henr>' Barry, Major ^ 73 Font . • • . . 
giruiM S. ^VilliaBM, Af^/>or, 03 F(M>t . . 
d. B. Chapman, Major, 14 HuMars . . 
irJc-s .M. B. Siree, Major, 3 Foot ..... 
ic# Ainslie Stewart, Capt. R. Marines 






































9 Oct. 66 30 Xov. 

30^ Jan. 49 
















8 April 63 
4 April 61 

10 Sept. .56 
8 June 4-2 

17 Sept. 67 

1 April 40 

1 1 June 48 
April 4M 

2 Nov. 66 

1 Fel», 
•26 Feb. 

4 Aug. 

31 Ocf. 

30 Dec 
9 July 

II July 

23 Oct. 


























1 July 
23 Jan. 

3 Sept. 
17 May 

2 Oct 
10 Nov. 
20 Aug. 

1 April 
•27 May 
17 June 
14 Aug. 

1 April 
14 April 
27 May 
10 Feb. 

1 April 
31 Aug. 
•iO July 
M Jiilv 
31 July 
27 April 

20 Oit 

21 Sept. 

3 Mar. 

10 Nov. 
8 Juno 

23 Sept. 

24 April 
1 April 

11 April 
31 Mar. 
1 7 Sept. 
21 Oct 
26 Mar. 
i6 Sept 
21 Nov. 




12 July 64 

12 July 04 

12 July 64 

12 July 04 

19 July 64 

10 July 04 

62|21 July 04 

60^20 July 04 

67 '20 July 04 

67 26 July 04 




S3 July 62 28 July 64 


40! 18 


















































































































































6 Aug. 64 

4 Oct 64 

97 trar Services of the Majors. 

1 Mijor Thomas Wllflon MntT«d In Uio 38tli Reirlnient the Egyptian oampaiga of 1801 {OiM 
Modal). Eipeditlon to Hanover in 1R05-6. In the Puninsala, aAd was ]ireMnt at the battles 
of Busaco, In tlie Lines of Torres Vedras, affkir of Campo Mayor, inyettment of Oliren^a, fim 
siege of Bodajos, battle of Albuhera, Aurpriso of Qiraitl's Corps at Arroyo Molinos and Lu 
Navas, affaii's of Fiientes del Maestro, Miravete, and Bridge of Almaraz, retreat from Salamanca, 
and battle of Vitturia (Ncverely wounded). He has the War Medal witli four GhMps. 

2 Major ChriAto|ther Wilkinson eierved tliecumpaigu of 1709 in Hollaml, under the Duke of 
York. AecompHnled the expeflition to the north of Germany in 1806, under Lord Cathcart. 

9 Major Sundham sen'od the campaign of 17iH) in Holland, including the actions of the 27th 
Aug.. lOth and U)th Sept., and 2ad Oct. Expedition to Copenha«;cu in 1807 ; to Sweden, and 
afterwards to Portnflpal and Spain, under Sir John Moore in 1808*9 ; subsequently to Walcheren, 
ill 1809 ; the campaign in Holland, in 1814 ; and in Flanders and France in 1815, including the 
battle of Waterloo. 

4 Sir TrcTor Whclcr served in the l^eninsnla with the 16th Light Dragoons ftom June 1810 
to the end of that war in 1814, including the pursuit of Massenafrom the Hues, actions of Pom- 
bal, Ilcdinha, Foz d'Arouce, and Sabugal; battle of Fuentes d'Onor, actions of Llereua and 
Costrejon, batile of Salamanca, retirat from Burgos, battles of Vittoria, the Nivelle, and the 
Nlve, 9th ti» 12th Dec. Served also tlie campaiirn of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo. Sir 
Trevor has the W^ar Modal witli four Clasps for Fuentes d'Onor, Salamanca, Vittoria, and Nivelle. 

6 Major Sherer served in the Pcninnula with the 34th HcKt. from July 1809 to Dec. 1811, and 
from Auguiit 1812 to July 181 B, including the battles of BuKaco, Albohera, Arroyo de Mulino^ 
Vittoria and Maya in the Pyrenees. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Busaeo, 
Albuhera, and Vittoria. 

C Major Hai'tman served In the expedition to Hanover in 1805-6 ; at the siege of Copenhagen 
in 1807 ; in Swoticn, Portugal, and Siiain in 1808-9, including the advance and retreat of the 
army, and in the battle of Corunna. Expedition to Walcheren 180i) ; subsequent campaiioi* in 
tlie Peninsula and France, inchiding the defence of Tarifa and affair of Casas Viejat), battle of 
Barrosa, actions of krvoyo del Molino and Almarai, battles of Vittinna, the Pyrenees (2dth, 30lh 
and dlst July), Pass of Maya, NIvelle, Nivo, Bayonne, and Orthes ; affair at St. Palais, aud 
battle of Toulouse. Ho has i*eceived the War Medal with eight Clasps. 

7 Major Charters served with the expedition to Hanover, under Lord Cathcart, in 1806; the 
Walclieren expedition, in 1809 ; and campaign in Holland, imder Lord Lynedoch, in 1814. 

8 Major Boyd served as Assist. Kujtineer at tiie reduction of Mai'tinique in 1810 (War Bledal 
with one Cla«p). In 1836 joined the Anglo Spanish Lcccion and proceedetl to Spain in charge of 
tlie Q.M. General's ]>epartment, and served as Lt.Culonel ; was prettent at the relief of Bilboa 
and utTair before that place, advance upon firiviesca and Vittoria, general actions on the lieighti 
of Arlaban 16th, ]7ih, 18th July \%'Al, raising investment of St. Sebastian, aflhir of Hernaoi, 
pa«saf<e of the Uminea and capture of tlie Port and Castle of Passages, genenl action of 6th 
May 1806 Ivesides numerous minor affairs : reedved the Onier of St. Fordinaud. 

9 Mujor Castioan served at the sieges of Ter Vere and Flushinir, and was in action with tlie 
batteries on 14 Aug. 1809 ; the subsequent operation* in the Scheldt and retreat from Bats. In 
1810 off Bre4t, I'Orient, and Ba^ue roads, and in several afihirs of boats. In 1811 on th«. 
North C/oast of Spuin. Present at the attack on Oporto by the Mlgnellite forceSi 29 Sept. 188SI^ 
and subsequent operations; present in the Pedroite works at the attacks of 6Ui and 26th Sept^ 
183;). the action which raiicil the siege of Lisbon 10 Oct. and at the battle of Loures 11 Ovtt 
In 1834 at Jctuval and visiting Ihi* pustsin tlie Algarves to ascertain and report upon the state 
of the contending armies. With tlie H.M. battalion on the North Gciist of Spain oo-o})eratiqg 
with the trooits of the Queen of Spain during tlie Carlist war in 1836-40, including the action ot 
Fuentnrubia, and all the services pcri(>rmed tjiere — (Brevet of Major and Cross of ^n Femamio). 

10 Mujoi* Willouffhby Montagu sensed at t)ic siege of Dantzic, in 1813; also the cauipaiga 
of 1816, including the battle of Waterloo and capture of Cambray. Is a Knight of 4th Class of 
St. Wladiinir of Russia. 

1 1 Major Tow served with the 60th Regt. in the battle of Punniar (Medal). Also tlie campaign 
of 1846*6 on the Sutlcj (Medal iind three Clasps;, including the battles of Moodkee, Feroseshahf 
Aliwal, and Sobraon (dangeronsly wounded). 

14 Major Pullarton served in the Peninsula with the 38th Reg^, and was present at the battlsa 
of Uoleiu, Vimiera, Talavera, and Salamanca, for which ho has tlie War Medal with four Clasps. 

15 M»ijor Hurdle was present at the partial action with the French fleet off Tonlon on 5(h 
Nov. 1813. Also at the capture of Genoa in April 1814. 

10 Major Skene nerved in the Peninsula with tiic S24th Rect, and was present at tlte battle of 
Talavera (severely wounded), for which he has received the War Medal witli one Clasp. 

17 Major Hulme served In the Peninsula from Murcli 1810 to the end of that war in 18 14, including 
tlie *2nd siege of Budajot, battles of Nivelle and Nive ( lOth to 13th Dec. ), passage of the Adour, in- 
vestment of Buyonnf* and repulse of the sortie. In Murch 1816 he joined tiie army in the Nether- 
lands, and assisted in the organisation of the Pontoon train at Antwerp :— Early in May, in onler to 
secure a shorter and moi-e direct comniunieatloii between Brussi'ls and Antwerp, he was entrusted 
with the constrnction of a bridge of vessels at IkKim, acroMt tlie Uufiel, a large navigable branch of tlis 
Scheldt, which having completed and maintained until the victory at Waterloo rendered it no loiiger 
requisite^ he followed the army to Puris in command of a division of the Pontoon ti-ain, whore he ro* 
mained until 1810. He liasi-eceived tiie War Mcilal witli two Clasps for Nivelleand Nive. 

18 Major Agnow served with the8'2nd Regt. during the Peninsular campaigns of 1808^ 0, 12, and 
19, and was present at the capture of Oporto, buttle of Talavera, and subsequent affairs ; also at tha 
battle of Vittoria, where his leg was so severely fractured as to require three separate ampalaUooa 

or th€ thigh. He hu reeeivetl the War Medal with two Chispa. 

fFar Seivket of the Major$. 98 

10 Major CrowllMr Mned on <h« Gout of Fnuot In 1799 and 1800 ; In Um West Indies in 
1801 } on tb« ooMt of Fnnoe fh>m 1803 until wrecked off Naniei in 1809; wn« nt the capmro 
of tereiml t#«mIb. Sovnreljr burnt in destroying a fpiael in 1806^ and seTerely wounded in the 
brvast by a boording pike in taking a Tenfei in 1807. Primenfi at the capture of MapWi in 
1815. Ilaa twice reeeiTed injnriea in the Sf-rvice. 

20 Major Kimproan served at LtMS, in 1811 (wounded); ajid in boats cutting out an Algurine 
brig at Biioa, in 1825 (War Medal with oiie Cla»p). 

^\ M^or John Wikon served in the Artillery Companies oi the 2nd Battalion Boyal Marine 
daring tbe war In North America in 1818. Has received the War Medal with one Clasp for 

SS M^or Manners served in tlie Penlnsala iVom Feb. 1810 to Dec. 1816, and was present at tbe 
battle of Borrosa (wounded), and the defence of Tarifj and Cadis, lie has received tlie i^ilvor 
War Medal with one Clasp for Barrosa. 

S4 Major Sclialcb served at the capture of Ouadaluupe in 1815. 

'J5 Mi^r ChcricB Gordon served in the American wur in 1814 and 15 with the 08ird Regt, and 
vssKverelywonadedinthe left cheek at NewOrleans, Hth Jan. 1815. 

S7 Major Dowdall served the Mahratta campaigns of 1818 and 10, including the taking of 
L^ur, Isapoor, Kooaree, Rhygur, Karee, besides sc^vtrsl other imall fortu, and he wuh Mverely 
wounded at the storming of Harue. having sustained the total 1oh4 of the right eye, and a pur* 
tioo of the nose and Jaw-b<»ne. Served al»o in the Burmese wur under JSir Archibald Camp- 
bell, and was severely wounded in storming the Dalla stockadt« uear Rangoon on the Uth Dec. 
18i4. Commanded and led the Light Company of the t^ih Regt. to five different ilorms. 

^ Major J. G. Richardson served \n tiio Channel Flot.-t, nndor Lords (idrdiiier and St. Vincent; 
tlie Belleisle squadron, under Siir Riclurd Keati'S, when endeavouring to intercept JenVme Bona- 
parte ; and at the capture of X/i Rhin by Mart 74. With Admiral Murray and Brigadier-General 
OauOird'S expedition of 5,000 men originully intended for Lima, but on arrival at the Cape of Guod 
Hope ordered to join General Whitelocke's army in Rio Plata ; landed with Marines at Monte 
Video, and brigaded with detachments under command of the Hon. Lieut.-Col. Deane, 38th Regt. 
Srnrefl in the Baltic, and while passing tlie Sound, partially engaged the castle of Cronenberg ; 
Joinerl the squadron under Sir James Suumarez in pursuit of RuseiHn fleet, to Rogerswirk Bay. 
ifeverely wounded In several pieces on tmiuti ^/Vica 64, inaction with Danish flotilla consisting of 
S6l»eavy gun and mortar bontt, in Kicnxc Bay, near Copenhagen, 20 Oct. \ilM6— Africa seven 
killed, flfiy-six wounded, lilockade of Toxel, under Sir Samuel Hood; and Scheldt under Sir 
Riehsid Strachanand Sir Edward Pellew. Scrvcfl with the W^alchereu expedition in the Theaeut 
74, and dHmantled and brought away its la^t gun-boat. Toulon fleet. Landed in company with 
other detachments of marines and seamen, and s«ime Spanish troops, on an island iu the Bay ol 
Bosss; dielodged French garrison, and blew up the castle. Landed in company with other detach- 
ncnts of marines and seamen, I8I3, at Sagona Bay, lilurid of Corsics,-^estroyed and brougbi 
off a great quantity of valuable ship timber. Affairs of cossts, &c. Served in the West ludiey 
sod North America; and has received a reward from the Patriotic Fund. 

90 H^or Hewett served blockading the French fleet off Brtet, Rocliefort, and Fenol, and 
was severely wounded In the action with the combined fleets of France and S])ain 22nd July 
I80S. In the 1st Battalion Royal Marines under Sir Arthur Wellosiey, in Portugal, and at 
Lawrft, and Galesga. In the 2nd Battalion, under Sir Sidney B«ckwith, during the war la 
Iforth ABierica,^-at the attack on Craney I»laud, tbe storming of Hampton, taking of Queen- 
town, and Kent Island ; frequently employed as an euKineor officer, iu commiiod of outposts 
tod of gon-boats whilst attached to the (^orps of observation, led tlie forlorn hopo at the capture 
of Fort OswsKO where he climbed the flagstsff aud tore down the American Colors (severely 
wounded) ;— officially thanked hy Cohmel de Wattevilla for his conduct on thii occasion. 

81 Major Devon was Adjotaut of tlie Artillery Companies of tlie Royal Marines serving In 
Ncrth America during the war in 1813-14. 

3:2 Major Evan Morg^m nerved in the Peninsula and France from October 1813, to June 
18I4,taclnding the passagu of the Adour, and buttle of ToulouKe, for which he bus the War Medal 
vith one Clfttp. He served also the campaign of 1814 in Canada, under Sir George Prevost. 

33 Majftr Jervis Cook served at the capture of Martinique in 1800 and cutting out the 
French brig ffims. At the destruction of Loire and ^Viiie at A nee la Barque, and the capture 
ofQuadalonpe In 1810. On the north -coast ot Spuin and in the Giro nde, and attached to the 
Artillery in Flanders (War Medul with threu Clasi)8). 

34 Major Shnte serve<l in Holland in 1813*14. Also with the Koyal Marine Battalion in 
oo-operatioD with the troops of the Qaeen of Spain against the Carlists in 1838. 

35 Major Willisfa Davis was landed In 1800 at Mahon, in Minorca, in cnmmand of a de- 
taehment of Marines, to prevent the prisoners of war in the Lazaretto from rining and effecting 
tMr eM«pe during a Mutiny of the Spaulsh Walloon Guurds. At the capture and dostructioa 
of ifnrt on Isle Verte, near La Civitat, 1st June 1812, he received a severe wound by a rifle- 
hsll, in the right thigh. On the 8th May 1813, as a volunteer, at the cutting out of an armed 
Xybee from under the fort and tower of (>rbitello. At the capture o( the iKhind of Pouta, uuder 
8ir CharlM Napier, wliere, as a volunteer, with a detachntent of Marines, he lauded, and 
itonied and captorc-d one of the lotteries. On the 4tb Oct. 1813, as a volunteer in tlie storm- 
ing of tlie Ibrt protecting the anchorage at Mariuello, when one gun-boat aud thirteen ol the 
enemy's vessels deeply laden were captored, and one gun- boat sunk. At the landing of the 
Italian Levy at Via Rcvgio in 1813. At the Innding neer Leghorn, in Dec. 1813, when 870 
Marines eharged and d&ated between tiOO and 700 French liitantry, sapported by 30 (}avalry 
(neefived n sabre womid fram* the charge of Cavalry). At tlie capture of a cattle near S^WaU^ 
S5th March 1814. Present at the sii^e and capture of fort Banta Matta, ^tfMn l&mxa^k^^Vnv 
Also at the cmpture ofOmum, nnHer Jjord WiJJism Bentlnck. 

90 War Service of the JUiJJorim 

36 Major Colin Mackenzie Joined tbo army of the Nethorluuds on Uie 4Ui July 181 i, and 
leryed under Lord LynMloch, ilie Prince of Orange, and llie Duke of WelliiifftoD, ccmtiiiuiuisly 
from the above dute, in Flanders and France* till the evacuation of Pariii by ilie Allied Armies 
in the spring of IdlC, and wus jtrcM'nt at tlie captui*c of Pari)*, Kmliarked in coininiiiul <'f a 
Company of Royal Sappers and SUiicrs for Canada, on tJie fint outbreak, aud avrvud as Senior 
Royal Engineer on the Niagara Frontier during 1838^. 

37 Major Hewson served in the American war, and was engaged at the battle of Niagai'a and 
alege of Fort Erie. Served al#o in the Burmese war (Medal). 

30 Major Henry Jamea vas prrsent at the capture of Furt San Philippe (Balapenr), aodtlegc 
of Tarragona in 1813. Alho at the bombardment uf Algiirs in 181G (War Modal with one Clasp). 

40 Major Beverhoadt served at the .capture of Gua<Ulou|ie in 181^. 

41 M^or John Kelly acconopanied the efiectk^'e men of the wing of the Cth Regt. stationed at 
Aden, which formed ])ait of an expedition of 500 nun under ihe command of Lieut.-Col. Penny- 
cnick, which destroyed the Arab posts of Sheik Mt di siid Sheik Otliman, sud skimiuhes belwecD 
ihose places on the Gth Oct. 1841. 

42 Major MascuU served in oo-operation with the army at Corunna and during the defence of 
Cadiz. Was in a general Boat action near INirt St. Mary's for which he has a Medal. 

43 Major Pascoe served in the Baltic in 1800. At the captm-e of the Isle of France in 1610. 
In the sction with the French fri-jates and capture of one off Mada^rascar ; surrender of the Ule 
de la PaJkse ', and with the R. M. Battalion at the capture of Java in 1811, at Caning Sambanc:, 
Taggall, and Sourubaya (Army War Medal with one Clasp). Served nitli Ihe R. M. Bettalion 
In Holland In 1813-14 ; and with the 3nl Battalion in North America during tlie war in 1814-15, 
including the action of Bladen»burg and othi>r affairs. On the coast of S^riain 1840 (Xavil 
War Medal with t\v'> Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

45 Major llcnry Siuiih served off Toulon and the coast of Spain in 1810-14 la 1815 off coskt 
of France blockading Kochollc and Kochfort, and present at tlte surrender of Buonaparte. 
Served with the Royal Marine Battalion at dMouni in Syria in 1840, and was present at Iks 
bombardment of St. Jean d'Acre (Turkit^h Medal, and W'ar Medal with one Clo^p). 

40 Major Dusautoy served at Walcheren ; at the capture of Genoa ; and in two partial 
actions with French Fleets off Tcuhm and Marsiilles. 

47 Miyor R. S. Ridge served the Mahrutta aud Pindaieo campaigns of 1817 and 18, and after- 
wards with the expedition to tlu3 Persian Gulf, including the siege of Ras-el-Kynia. 

48 Major Thomas Park was actively employed in the iJaltic during 1810, 11, and 12. From 
1813 until the peace, served on tlie coast of America and the West Indies, including the attack on 
Cranie Islands and landed at tbe taking of Hampton, in the Chesapeake* 

40 Major Griffin served in tho R. Marino Battalion on the N. Coast of Spain during tbe Car- 
list war in 1838-;39. Has tlie War Medal with one Clasp. 

50 Migor Valentine Bciidon served off the const ot France from 1811 to 1814, and wii 
present in various boat actions. In 1815 he was at the capture of r^faples and Gaeta; and in 18S4 
severely engaged with pirates in the Wtst Indies. 

51 Major Header Mounsteven served at tho attack of various posts, 5cc., on the FronticM ef 
Canada, and within the United States in 1813, 14, and 15. Served also with tlie idtli in the 
operations against the Rajah of Coorg, in April 1834. 

52 Major Gardine Shaw served at the siege and capture of Hattrass, and throughont the 
Mahratta campaigns of 1817 and 1818. He served also at the sicKC aud capture of the Forts ef 
Punellu and Pownghur in the Southern Moliraita Country in 1844 5. 

53 Mttiov Edleaton served off Cherbourg aud the Scheldt in 1812; at the blockade of 
Norfolk and in several boat expeditions in the Cbeaapeak, and received the thanks of the 
Commander-in-Chief for destro} iug a vessel in Cheriton Creek in face oF a large force of the 
eneoQ^. Served with the Buyal Slarines at the attack on B«iltimore in 1814, and c^a New Orlc an*, 
8th Jan. 18)5. Wat Adjutant to the Battalion in the Tagus during the Civil War in 1S3S-M. 

54 Major W. J. King serve<l Ihe campaiuns of 1818 and 10 in Concan, In India. Served la 
the BurniMe wur in \\^•X\. and 25 (Medal with one Clasp ^, and received a severe oontnskin when 
ceding the attack on the White Pa^odu, an <<utifvork of the stinrkade of Donabew. 

55 Major Rr»bert Wright served with the R. Marine battalion co-opcrul iug with the troops of 
the Queen of Spain against tho Carli«t*» in 1837-38 (Cross of San Fernun<lo, l»t Clace). 

56 Major Barnes served blockading Flushing aud tho Texel in 1813. £xp«diiian up tho 
Fennbscot, incluiling the taking of Cavtine and destruction uf the '' John Adama** American 
frigate in 1814. Served on the coa^t of Portugal during the revolutionary war, b«ing in 
immand of St. Joa de Foy at the entranoj of the Duuro. 

57 Major Kuowles >erved wlm the 50th Reut. in the battle of Punniar 29 Dec. 1843 (Medal) ; 
ftnd also tlie cainpuiffn on tho Sutlej in l(<45-0, including the battles of Moodkee, FerozMliah, and 
Allwal, for which he has reeei\ed a Medal and two Clasps. He was slightly wounded at 
Ferozrshah, and dangi^rously wounded (right leg auiputated) at Aliwal.. 

58 Major John Miller served at tho battle of Navarino iu 18*27. Also with the R. M. bat- 
talion in Portugal in 1835. Commanded a Com|)nny during the operations on the coast of Syria 
in 1640 (Medal) aud was with the battalion at D'Jouui. Sustained a severo fracture of the 
right l'^ in the service (War Medal with two Clasp!*). 

50 Major Murclilson served In the SOth Hei;t. in tho Sutlej campaign of 1845-6, including the 
battles of Ferozeshah and Sobraon, iu the Iu»tof which he was wounded t Medal aod Clasp ). 
Ali-o In the Puujaub campaign In 1840, including the passage of the Cheuahi and battles of 
Chlllianwallah aud Goojerat (Medal aud Clasps). 

GO Major Onslow was at the slormiug of Sidon hi Syria (War Medal with one Claip and 
Turkish Medal}. 

Hfur Servicet of the Majors. 100 

fil Ifdjor Oufierier irkife in the 4th Light Drasroons was cfnp1oye<t hi Persia from 1833 to 
Is-'W on:a .izing- the army of the Shah, who conferred on him the Qolfl Medal of the " Lion and 
dun.'* He served with the *2Gth Jta^U in China ( Medul ), nt Nini^po, Chnpoo, £)hanghac, \Voo<tu»gt, 
aad Chin Kian-z Foo (woandeil) and Nanlcin. Served with the 80th Regt. in tlie burmeso war 
in lHo2-d3 (Mfdal), including the <)i)cr.ition$ in Donabew against Numentoon. 

(i-J Mujor Hon. W. C. Yelverton served in tlie Kaatem campaign of 1864-5<j, including Die 
liaitle of IolcerDian(hor8e killed), siege ami fall of Sebastopol, ami repulse of the sortie on the 
26:li October 1854 (Medal and Clasps, 5th ClaAS of tlie Medjidie, and Turlcisli Medal). 

(S3 Mayor Robert Watsontterved the campai^ms of 1814 and 15 in Holhind and the Netherlands, 
ioeludinic the actions at Merxem and lK>inbardment of Antwerp. 

64 Mtjor Meheux served the Eastern campaign with the Brifcade of Royal Marines during 
the siege of Sfba»t(»pol from 1854 to April 1855, inclndiog the battle of Balaklava (Medal and 
t«o Clasps, snd Torkish Medal). 

65 Major Eiu|th Kennedy served with the R. M. Battalion in Spain during the Carlist war; 
with the BaJtiti Eippdition in 1854 («MvdaI); and with the Brigade in the Crimea during the 
sirfft of Ssbastopol from Feb. 1855 (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

G6 M^jor Hackett served with the 38th Regt. at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 27th 
Jan. 1855 (Medal aad Clasp, Brevet Major, 5tli Clsfs of the Medjidie, and Turkihh Medal). 

67 Major Uaymao aerred with the 1 8th Royal Irish on the CNUia expedition in 1842 
(Medal). Aocompanied the snbsfqucnt expfditiin under General D'Agnilar, which assduited 
and took the Forts of the Bocca Tigris in the Canton River, thoae of the Staked Barrier, and 
of tha city of CaaCon. Served also in the Burmese war of 1852-53, Including the operations 
before Rangoim and capture of Prome (Medal). Served at the siege of Sebastopol from Dec. 
1354. and was wounded 18th June 1855 (Medid and Clasp, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion 
of UoDor, 5tb Class of the Medjidie, snd Turkish Medal). 

68 Major Pucock served with the 30th Regt at the sirge of Sebastopol, and was severely 
woVBdcd iH the assault of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, 5rh 
Class of the Medjidie, and Tarkisb Mfdal). 

09 Major F. P. Lea served aith the 6;th Regt. in the Crlmoafrom I5th Nov. 1854 to 3rd July 
U55, including the aiego of Sebastopol and as*anlt of the Redan on the 18th -June — severely 
w landed in the right W a&d foot by grape shot, aJso previously wounded in the head and face 
m the Trenebea (Medafani Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Midal). 

70 Major Bellairs served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 (from Dec. 1854 as 
0. A. Adjutant General to the 2ud Division), including the Battles of Alma (as Adjutant of 
the 49 ih Rcgt.) aiid Inkerman (where be was detached in command of the right wing of the 
49th ID operate to the right), siege and fall of Sebastnp<»l, sortie of 26th October, attack of the 
Quarriea on 7th June, and of the Redan on the 18th June and 8th September (Mrdal snd thne 
Clwp«f Breret Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor. 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish 
Medal)- Appointed Assist.Qr.Ma^t(r Gen. to the 2nd Division at the close of the campaign. 

71 Major Steevens served with the 8Sth Regt^ throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
indodteg the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol (contused wound in the 
tr^aohea S6th Jol^), and attack i>n the Redan on the 18ih June abd 8th Sept. ; and was em- 

Syed as Assistant Engineer in the trenches. Bight attack at the ocmmcncement of the Siege 
cdal and Claspa, Brevet M%jor, Knight of the Lt gion of Honor, and 5th CU^s of the Med« 
idie, and Tnrkiith Medal). 

72 Major Dickson served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma 
and fialaldava, siefte and fall of Sehustopol, in the trenches with the sii-gc train, and at the 
bombardments of April, and 6ih and 17th June (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of 
Honor, 6th Class of tlie Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

73 Msjor Hay served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma^ 
BalaklaTa, and mnkermao, siege and fall of Sebastopol, aflair of 18th June, and capture of 
Kinboum (Medal and Clasps, Hrevt^t Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish M«dal). 

74 Ms^r Cooch servtd with the 6i2nil Regt. at the siege of S< baatopol in 1854-55, including 
the aortics of 5th, 9th, and lOih May, attack of the Quarries on 8th June, and of the Re^an on 
18th June and 8th Srpt. (mentioned in despatches, ftledal and Clasp, Bn vet Major, Knights 
of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Mecijidiu). 

75 Maiur Harman served in the 34th Regt. in the Crimea from 9ih Dec. 1854 to 1 1th July 
1855, ineludiag the siege of Seba^topo1, capture of the Rifle Pits on 19th April, and commaiided 
the Grenadiers of the d4th Kfgt. at the assault of the R^an on the 18th June, when he re- 
ceivid ieven severe wounds (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign of 1857-58 including affairs of 26tb, 27th and 
agch Nov. With the Gwalior contingent at Cawnpore, and siege and capture of Luckuow ; and 
eih'T minor aflkirs in Oude (Medal and Clasp). 

76 Major Hocbings served in Spain with the Royal Marine Battalion (Cross of San Fer- 
nando). Also with the R. M. Brigade in the Crimea during the siege of Sebastopol in 1854-55, 
Indoding the battle of Balaklava (Medal and two Clasps, and Tuikish Medal). 

77 Major Ussher served in China in 1S41-42 (Medal), at the firf>t capture of Chnsan. 
attack on Chuenpee, and capture of Amoy. Served aleo with the Baltic Expeditions in 1854 
and in 1855 (Medal). 

80 Major Hammersley served in the trenches at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and aisauU 
of die I8th June (Medal and O'a^p, Brev<^t Major, Sardinian Medal, 5th Claas of theMedjidie« 
and Turkish Medal). 

S3 Major Wiokhaa served at the siege of Srbastopol, and was severely wounded at tho 
attack on the Redan on the I8tli June (Medal and Clasp, Brevet Major, and Tu\l\aVL\lv^A'^« 

lai WarSenicn of tkt M€ffoif. 

6» JCaJw Speedj MTftd tba oampaigiis of \M\ «id 48, io the I3cli I^ght Lifiralrr, sad wtt 

f resent at the stomiiiig of the Kbo Td Gabool P«m, affair of TVaeen, foreiij^ the JugduUnck 
'•ae, ndiotioii of the ftirt of Mamoo Khali, defeive of JeUalabad and aortieB oo the 14ih Not. 
and 1st DeOi 1641, 11th March, 84ih Marek, and Ut April 1842, and general action imd defeat 
of Ahbar Khan. MedaU for JellaUhad and Cabool. 

86 Mi^or Sliervintan serrod in the 46th Hegt. throuc^oal the Eastern campaiga of 1^54-55, 
incladuig the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and inkermany sortie of 86th Oct., siege and fhll of 
Sebotttopol. Having served uninterruptedly throughout the siifre lie was appointed to the ^XsSt 
at Balaklava, and suhsequentlj to the command of the let Battalion Land Transport Corps (Medal 
and Clasps, Brevet of Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and TUridsh Medal). 

87 Mf^or J>aUaa sarrcd throughout the Bastem campaign of 1854-66, indodlng the battles 
of Alms, Balaklaya, and Inkeraiaa, where he suoeeedcd to the command of the two Companies 
46th Begt*y aicfge and fail of Sebastopol < Medal with four Chtsps). Breyet of Migor, Kmght of 
the Legkm of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidir, and Toikish Medal). 

89 Major GiUom served with the 2nd Battalion Royals at the siege of Sebastopol from 23od 
April 1835, and was ae?erel/ wotmded at the attack of the 8ih Sc^— leg ampauted (Medal 
and Clasp, Breret Miyor, Sardinian and Tnrkiah Medals). 

91 Major Richards served the Eastern campaign of 1854-53^ indodtng the aflairs of Bol- 
ganao and M'Kenzie*s Farm, the battles of Alma (horse shot), Balaklara, and Inkcrman 
(hone killed) sic«a of Sebaetopoi and repulae of the sortie on the 2eth Oct 1864 (Medal 
and Ciaspik Knigfat Of the Le|^ of Honor, end Torkish Medals). 

03 Major Grylls served the Eastern campaign of 1864-55, including the aflkirB of Bulganae 
and BI'KenaieVFamt, the battles of AJma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, capture of B^ftlaklava, 
and aiege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and Torkiph Mctlal). Served in the Indian 
eampaigB of 1868-51^. including the capture of Rampora Kossie, the passage of the Qogr^ and 
minor aiSurs on the Nepanl firontier (Mrdal). . 

94 Mi^or Henley aenred the oampainpi of 1814 in the Frainsola, indoding the battle of 
Toulouse, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

06 Major J. T. Aslctt served the Syrian campaign incloding the storm and oaptmre of 
Sidon, D*Jounia, smrrender of Beyrout, bombardment of Acre— plightly wotmded by the 
fxplosion of a magasfaie (Wtf Medal with one Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

07 Major Crosse served i n the 88th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1 86 4 , including the battles of 
Alma and Inkerman (si'Verely wounded), and siege ofSebastoj^ol (Medal with three Clasps, Brevet 
of M^or, and Turkiah Medal). Served In the Indian Mntiny campalijrn!in 1858, including the 
siege of Lueknow in March, and siege of Calpec (Medal with Clasp for Oentral India). 

S8 Mijor Akz. J. J. Maodooald aerred in the 95ih Regt in the Eattem oarapafgn mp to fltk 
Not. 1864, ineloding the battia of Alma (woonded), aiege of Sebastopol, sortie of 26ch OMober, 
and battle of Inkerman where ha was daageronalT woonded having received seventeen hayoaet 
ataba (Medal and three Claipa, Brewt Major, Sardinian and Tnrkiah Medals). 

90 Mqor Bnller served with the Rifle Bri^de in the Esstem campaign of 1854, including; the 
battle of Alma, aiesce of Sebaatopol, and batde of Inkerman— severely wounded (Medal and three 
Claspe, Brevet of Major, and Turkihh Medal). 

100 Major Sayer served tlie Syrian campaign of 1840*41 (Medal with one Clasp and Turkish 
Medal). Also with the expedltkms to the Bsltic m 1854 and 1856, and with the R.M. Battdion 
serving in co(»perntion with the French nrmy at the vit^c and capture of Bomarsund (Medal). 

101 Major T. De C Hamilton served with the 90ih Regt. in Kaffirland during the whole uf the 
war of 1846-47 ( Medal). Served with the 68tti Light Infantry the hjuMm campaign of 1854^ 
including the battles ot Alma and Inkerman, siege and tall of Sfbastopol (MecUl and Clasps, 
Victoria Cross, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Tarkish Medal). 

102 Major Hutton served with the 3 1st Regt. throughout the Sutlej campaign of 1846-40, in* 
eluding the battles of Moodkee, Feroteshah (wounded), Bnddiwal, Aliwal, and^braon (Medal 
and three Clasps). Served in the Crimea in 1855 during the siege and at the fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasp, nnd Turkish Medul). 

108 Major Daunt aerved with the 9th Regt. the campoign of 1842 in Affghonistan (Medal); 
also the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46, including the battles of Moodkee, Fero2eshah, and Sobraon 
(wounded): Medal and Clasps. Served in the (Mmea from 16th Feb. 1865, including the siejre 
and fall of Sebastopol, and assault on tlie batteries on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, and Tarkish 

104 Major Fleydell served the Syrian campaign of 1840— at D'Jonni, the storming of 
Sidon, and bombardownt of Acre (War Medal with Clasp and Turkish Medal). Serred also 
with the Baltic expeditions in 1854 and 1856 (Medal). 

106 MHJor Barrett served in the Kandian Territories, Ceylon, daring the whole of the 
Rpb«*llion uf 1817 and 18, and commanded an outpoitt during part of the abt^ve period. 

107 Major Hun. £. J. W. Forester served throughout the campaigns in Afl^haniataa frooi 
1838 to 1842 inclusive, including the storm and capture of Ghuinee (Medal^ storming the 
Khoord Cabool Pass, afFahr of Teaef n, forcing the JugduUuck Past, reduotiou of the Furt of 
Mamoo KhaiU defence of Jellalabad, and aorties on the 14th November and 1st December 1841, 
1 1th Marah. 24th March, and 1st April 1842, general action and defeat of Akbar Khan bt-Ata 
Jellalabad (Medal ), storming the heights ot Jugdnlluck, general action of Tcscen, and recaptura 
of Cabool (Medal). Served as an Aide-de»Camp to Sir Willoughby Cotton in 1838, 89, aad 
40. and at Qhnsnea. 

lOU Major Esmonds served with the 18lh Royal Irish in the Bormeea war of 185a*6S 
(Medal). Also in the Cfimea firom 80tb Dae. 1854 to ^th Jidy 1856, inebidiDg tba aieKo of 

StbMtPfwt,— inH Md oftfCiii»or the CaMMrjr ua Iha 18ib Juae (M«dAl nd GlMp, Vlotoia 
Cnm»^ Bmvai df Major, aaia 'Aiifeitli Medal). 

no Major KiarMrvad M Aid* d* Camp to Sir Udbtrt Niehle dnrini^ the diaturlNUM at 
Ike Balwkt QoMMldsiB l«54^ Served the oampaigii of 1860 hi Cbiaa and wm pNient al 
the affiwr at 8ir.ho (Medel). Commanded the troopa on board the transport ** Milea Barton ** 
whieh waa wrecked on the S.B. eoaat of Africa, and for his aerricea receired the thaaka of 
H.R H. The Gomnander fai Chief, who attribnfeed the aafetj of the men to the good trrange- 
■^Rta made en that oooaaioB. 

Ill Mijor Kuwht aerrtd with the 6tnd at the eaptore of Genoa in 1814, and anhaeqnently 
St the takiDg of Swtlne and Hamiltown in the United Statea of N. America. 

IIS Major B. O; Daniell served with the 66th in China (Medal); and was pment at Amoj, 
Chnaan, and Ohiahae^ inohidiag the repolae of ihe night-attack ; alio the ezpediUon to Yoa- 
Tou, ap tke Kiagpo River. Served in the 8th Begt. at the aiege of Delhi, and wae eeverely 
voDnd«i when engaged with the matineera oa the 9tb July 1867 (Brevet of MmJot, Medal 
and Claap). 

I U Major Dawaoa waa attached to the 29nd Regt at the battle of Hyderabad (Medal), and be 
WM present with the 40th Rci|$t. in the action of Uaharajpore) at wtilch be waa wounded (Mednl). 
Served with the 76th Begt. at the siege of Delhi in 1857 and waa severely wounded in right leg 
by arouBd iihot on the 8th June (Medal and Clasp, and Breret of Mi^or). 

11 & MaJ4C Maoafield served a4 Aide de Camp to Sir Colin CaBopbeU thvonghont the Eastern 
eampaign of 1854-55, including the hatclca of Alma and Balaklava (Medal and Clasps^ Bar- 
duriai: and Tnrkiah Medab). 

117 M»j(« Yane aerved with the 83rd Foailiers the Eastern campaign of 1864-66, in* 
dnding ihm baole of Inkerman (wounded) siege and fall of Sebaab^oi, attack of the 
Qaftrriea» and attacks of the Bedan on the IBih June and 16th Septi^— severely wounded (Medal 
and Claapa, 6tb Claaa of the Medjidie, and Turkiah Medal). 

118 B^jor Wa. Lee served with tbs Royal Marines at the eaptore of the Tdand of Carabn»a 
together with aevera* p ratical veaaela in iu harbour, in 1 828*S8 (Medal). Served aa Adjutant of 
tbe 8th Biegt. ia the Kaffir war of 1850-^3 (Medal) 

1\9 l^Ujor Corkbnm joined the Central India Field Foroeat Jhanai and watf appointed Aide 
de Camp to Sir Hugh Base, was present at the action at Koonch, thoae in fWmt of and captan of 
Calpee, and rveaptare of Qwalior (twice mentioned in deapatcfaes, Brevet of Major, Medal and 

120 M«j<vr Fahaer served in the Indian campaign of 1857-69, and commanded a field batterr 
of Royal Artilierr with Wkitiook*s field division in the action at Bandab, actiin at Chitrakoia 
with C ar p e iit ar^s farce ,and defi^t of a body of the Qwalior Coatingent at Koreri. Bight hand 
psrIiaUy disabled throa^ exposure to the sun during the hot weather eampaign of 1868 (four 
teea BeBtk>ned in despatches, Brevet of Migor, Medal and Clasp). 

1*il Major Steveason served with the 70th Highlanders tltTouglwut tbe Biwtcm campaign of 
1864-M, including the battlea of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fall of fiebaatopo], assaults of 
tbe 18th June and 8th September, expedition to Kertch and Yeniltale ( Medal and three Clasps, 
Sardinian and Turlush Medals, and 5th Class of tlie Me<iyidie). Served in the Indian campeign 
of 1868-59, Inehiding the siege and capture of Lucknow ; aerved as a Brigade Major from Feb. 
1858 to the close of the camfMiign (frequently mentioned in despatches, Breret of Major, Medal 
and Clasp). 

13-2 Major Uon.L. W.Milles aerved with the 4Srd Light Infantry in the Kaffir war in 1861- 
$9 (Medal> Served in India during tbe rebellion of 1857-58, and was severe] j wounded at 
Usvnpora ouL the 28th Nov. 1857 (Medal). 

123 Major Ltllicrap aerved with the R. M. Battalion at D'Jooni in Syria m 1840 (War 
Hedal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

134 Major Clapcott aerved with the Adnd Begt. at the firht and second siege operations 
htfare Moiiltan, including the attack of the enemy'a poaition in front of the adveuccd trenchea 
on 12tb Sept. 1848, the action of Soorjkoond, storm and capture of tlie city, and surrender of 
the fbrtresa ; aiao present at the sunvuder of tbe fort and garrison of Chcniote, and at the 
battle of Goojemt (Medal and Clasps). 

135 Major Bail served with the lOcb Foot in the Ponjaub campaign of 1848-0, including the 
whole of the siege operations before Mooltan, repulse of the enemy and night attadc upon the 
British camp at Muttec Thol 17th Aug. 1848; action of Soorjkoond and capture ot the 
taemy'a gnna Mov. 7th; carrying the heighta and anburba befim Mooltan Dee. 27th i md 
smrrender of the furtreaa SSnd Jan. 1849 ; after which joined with the Mooltan force the army 
under Lord Gough, and was present at tbe battle of &iojerat (Medal and two Clasps). Served 
with tbe 87ih Rrgt. in India during the Mutiny ( Medal). 

126 Major Rhodes served the campaign of 1853 and tbe spring campaign of 1864 on the 
Danube aa Aide de Camp to the Spanish Geneml Prim, was present at the battle of Oltenitza. 
8ab4equently was attached to Selim Pacha's staff and accompanied the Turkish Irregular 
Cavalf^ in three snoeesHful sorties fiwrn the Quarantine Station ; present in the Tete do Pont 
when tfaeBnariana unfuceesafully attaoked and bombarded that position, retiring with loss ; was 
alio at the retreat of tlie RussiaDs from Giergevo and Slobodsia in 1854. For the abovemen* 
tlooed servicw he has raeeived the Spanish OrdcT of Isabel the Catholic, also the Turkish Order 
of tlie Me^Uie 4th Class, with a sword of Honor from the Sultan. Served the camiwign of 
1854 on the staff of the army in the Crimea, and was present at the battlea of Balaklava and 
Inkenoaa and siege efflebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and Turiiish Medal>. 

H9 MaiDr Band served- witk :tlie 4eth Begt. throngfaont tbe operaticns in China (Medal). 

102fl Wat Services of the Majors, 

1*28 Maior Rider served in S>rin in 1840 and has the Mvdal and Clasp and Turkish MedaL 
Served also with the Baltic expedition in 18o5 (Mtdol). 

129 Majnr G. 8. Young serv«d tlx; cimpaign on the SatI* j with the SOih, includini^ the battlei 
of MuuUlcee,Forozothah, axid Subraon — wouudcd (Medal aiKi tw<j Clasps). Si-rved in the Iummu 
eampaign in 18o8-59; commanded the Head Quarter wiog of the 80ih Regr. with a coluo.n in 
Oude ; at the capture of the fort of Simree, at Bera and Do<»ndeak<-ira ( Br«iv« t of M«^or Medii) ). 

130 Ma)(»r Alison served with the 7:2nd Highlanders in tiie Crimea from ISih Juno lt^55, 
inuluding the expedition to Kertch, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and attack of the 18ih Juue 
(Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served as Aide de Gamp to Lord Ci>'do in India 
from A.Dg. 18'>7 to July 1860, and present at the relief of Lueknow (wound«d)» battle of C-vwn- 
piure on 6tli DtKL 1667, action of Kala Noddee, siege and fall of Lai know, the Rohilcnnd cam- 
paign, includ ng the actions and ocoupaticn of SUa^Jehanpore and Bsreiily, also in the Biswarra 
and Trancgogra eampargos. and a<-tioDs of Duundiak^ra, Mufljidia, Bur|{id:a, and final action 
on the llNpree (Brevt-t ot Major, Mtdal ai<d two Clasps). 

131 Major Kom King KTved with the 74th Ui^lilanders throughout the Kaffir war of ]8ol-o3 
(Medal)^ and was present in the engagements of the AnmtolaH, KnHiuiie, Waiirkloof, &c. — thrice 
hoDonibly mentioned in dispatches, also in (xeneral Order« 20th 8ept. 1852. 

18*2 Major Stewart served wiih the 03rd lliglilanders tlic Eaatcru campaign of 1864-<5d includ- 
ing the battles of Alma and Balaklava, sii*ge aud fall of Seba^topol (Medal and tbiee Clasjts, 
6tli Class of tlio Medjidie, and Turkish Medal ). 

133 Ma}or Delaconibe siTved with the li. M. Battalion in conjunction with the French troops 
at the operation*} prior to and at the furronder of the lorts of Bomarsund in Aug. 1864. Served 
with the Baltic expedition in 1866, including the bombardment of i)»eaborg (Medal). 

134 MHJnr Hen A. U. A. Aoson served with the Riile Brigade at the siege of 6ebasti>pol from 
Jan. li*66 (MeJal and Ca^p, and 6th Cass of the Medjidio). Served in the Indian campaign of 
1867-58 a-i Aide de Camp to General Grant, and wai prestnt at the siege and capture of Delhi 
(wunnded), action at Bolundshuhur, the second relief of Lucknow and a%savlt ot tlie Stcuodra 
Bagh (wounded and horse kiUtd), assault and capture of Lucknow, and afiairs at Koorsee aud 
Barree ; was thanked by the Governor General in Counoil and repeatedly mentioned in 
despatches (Medal and Clsrps nnd Victoria Cross and Brevet of Major). 

136 Major Hon. James C. Dormer served in the Crimea from dOth June 1855 as Adjutant 
ti the l3ih Light In'iuitry, and was pref><ni at (he fiege end tall <*f Sebastopid. and b.ittle of 
the Tchernayii (Mei'al end Olotp, and Turkish Mec^nl). Also served in the Indinn Mutiny, 
iocludngtbe relifrf of Aiimghur and eampsign in Gorruckpoie in 18^8 (mentioned in de- 
spatches) } was aftirwards appointed Aide de Camp to Lord Ci>de, and present at the actions 
during the Oude and Trans- Go^ra campaign of 1858 (meniioned in de^ patches. Medal, and 
Brevet of Mb jor). Proceed* d to China in 1860 as Assist A<)jutsnt General to the Expedi- 
tionary Force, and was present throughout the operations of that campaign, including ihe 
oapture of the Taku Forta, advance on and entry into Pekin (promoted to Unatt. M^jurity, 
Mifdal and Clsspt). 

130 Major Brabaion was present at the storm and destruction of tlie fortified native Mandingo 
town of £^al>ajee on the Gambia, on the Ist June 1863. 

197 Mtijor Tnomas Jimes si rred with the 4th Dragoon Guards in the Crime an campMgn 
Irom 26' h May 1866, including the battle of (he Tchemaya, siege and fall ot Stbastopol 
(Medal with Clasp and Turkish Medal). 

138 Major Scott served with the 34th Re$tt at the fcicgti of 8ebasto)>ol in 1864-65 (Mcflal ami 
Clasp, 6th Class of the Medjidio, and l'ulki^h Medal). 6erved with tlic 6ih Fusilier* durim: the 
Sepoy Mutiny of 1867-68, present at the relief of Aritih and defeat of the Dinaporo Mutineers 
at J ugdesporu (men til -ncd iu dispatch) ; accomi)anii'd Ilavclock's C4»lunm in df ptcmbcr to the 
relief of Lucknow, including (he actions at Mui>garwar and Alumbagh, assault on LurJcuow and 
relief of the Itcsideney with various forties thcuce — wounded on the Gtli October (Medal aud 
Clasp, and grautof a year's service). 

130 Major Piatt commanded a wing of the 6th Begt. dnrii^ the operations in Sikkim in 
1861, and was fk-equently mentioned in despatches. 

140 Major Nugent served with the 2!)th Ue^t. in the SutleJ campaign in 1846 (Medal and 
Clasp), aud was present at the battles of Feroscshuh and Sobraon (severely wounded). 

141 Major PengcUey served with the expedition to the Baltic in 1866 (Medal). Ho faa« also 
the Silver Medal ih>m tlio Hoyal Humane Hociety. 

142 Major Young served with the ft8tli Hegt.'in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-40 (Medal). 

143 Major Jervis s«rved with the 13th Light Diagoons the Eastern campaign of 1864-66, 
includiog the reoonnaiasance to Silistria with Lord Cardigan, afiaira of Bulgauak and M^Eien- 
lie's Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse shoi), Inkerman, and Tchemaya, and siege of 
Sebastopol ; also present with the Light Brigade at Eupatoiia (Medal and four Clasps, and 
Tuikish Medal). 

144 Msjor Ooff served with the 45th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 184C-47 (Medal). 

145 Major Honey ser^-ed as Major in the 1st Jager Corps, British ifcrman Legiiui, from its 
formation, accompanied it to the East, and was eventually appointed to the commiind of tltc corps. 

140 Migor Eager served with the 40th Regt. throughout the operations io Canduhar and 
AffgliHuistau in 1841-42, and was severely wounded at Beui Badsm (Medal); served also in the 
battle of Maharajporc — wounded (Medal). Served in the Crimea from Feb. to Aug. 1866, as 
acting fluid olilcer uf the Land Transport Corps (Medal and Clucp, and Turkish Medui). 

147 Major Peddie served in Holland with the 91st Fui«iliers in 1813 and 14, and was pment ai 
the attack on Moniom, the bombardmeni of the French fleet at Antwerp, and assault oa Bcrgein 

War Services of the Majors, 102b 

148 Major Hamilton lervcd In the Peninsula and has the War Medal with one Clasp for the 
iMt'ile of Salftiiianca. 

U9 Major Ctmrleit Stocl served with the 12th Lancert in the Crimes from 29th July 1856 
(Mi'dal with Clai»p for Bebastopol, and Turlcish Mcdiil). 

150 Mttjor Su4ikp)ole Haivvcl with the l8Lh lioyal Irish intheBjrmffle campaign of 1852^3 
(MedaJJ. Alao in th« Crimea from 30th December 1854 to 11th April 1835, inoiudiog the 
siege ur Sobtftopol ( Medal and Ciusp, and Turkish Medal). 

151 Mij»p Tillbrook served in the Crimea with the 60th Kegt from 22ad Aug. 1855, 
including ihe siege and fall of Seba.«topol (Medal and Cloup, and Turkish M-^rial). 

\iii Mijor Laurie served with the 4th K-gr^ in the Crimea from dth Nov. 1854, in- 
cluding the siege and fall of Sebastupnl, and rvpulse of two sorties on the uight of 22ni Nov. 
tni the fuUowing morning (Medal and Cla%p, 5rh Ciads o\ the Medjidte, and Tuikish M dal). 

163 Mfljor de Ruvignee served with the 80bh liegC in the Burmese war of 1852-3 (Medal) ( 
was preeens at the capture of Pr«>me, iind repulse of the pnemy*a night att«ck. Sarved with th«. 
force which escorted elephants from inlia acriws tan Gonin Tonug Miuntains, and in pursuit 
of the Wooseer MiMiung Sacra Monoog^s force, rcsuUiug in the destruction and capture of the 
entrenched position of Tonesh. 

154 M ijor Craster served with the 38th Regt. in the Eastern campaign of 1854, including 
the battles of Alm:A and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and three Cia4ps, and 
Turkinh M'-dai). 

155 Maj tr Ctrrj was employed in various desultory operations against the mutineers in 
India in 1857-58, and wai prest-nt at the defeat of the rebcdo on the bdiik<t of the Cbumbal, as 
slio at the h<{ ^^k and c ipture of Biajah and of S^role, on which oeouious he commanded tha 
Europeans ( 2 :X) of the 8th Regt) under Brigadier Showers (Medal) 

lofl M>«j ir Burden served the campaign of 1842 in Aii^haniatan (Medal). AUo at the 
siege of Sebaitopol from Nov. 1854 to Feb. 1S55 (Medal and Clasp, and Turkirh M- dal). 

157 Maji«r C. A. Dantell served in the 55th Regt. on the China expedition (Medkl) and vas 
prejenf at the attack and capture o* A uoy, Chusau, and Chin-kisng<foo. Served with the Quid 
Cua^t ArtilUry with ihe expedition a<;a'nst the Crobboes during 0:.u and Nov. 1868. 

158 Majtir Manners served throughout tlie Burmese War of 1852-53, and was present with 
the 5U( Ughi Infuntry on board the E. I. C. steam frigate Feroze at the aUack and destruction 
of tha eLemy*s batteries and bttickades on the RatigtMm liver ou the 11th April 1852; 
on the following d^y oommandt^d tiie skirmishers which covered the disembarkstioa and 
sdvanc^ of the storming party at the capture of the White House Redoubt ; ut the final assault 
and taking of Rangoon he oommandrd the Esotirt of the Maj«ir General Coinmandiug, and at 
the sttirm and eaptore of Ruigoon (Medal) Was appointed Brigadi^ Major to the Ut MadrM 
Brigsde in Sept. 185S, and waa present at the engagement on the lieights of l:*rome (Medal au4 

159 Major M. F. Steele served at the cspture of Java in 1811 as an officer of lioyal Marines, 
and has received the War Medil with one Clasp. 

IGO Major Swindley served with the I'Jtli Lancers in the Kaffir war of 1852-3 (Medal), and 
was at the action of the Bert*a. Also the Kustcni cnmpaign from 9ih May 1H55, in<.'ludiiig 
s.vae and fall of Sebasto]>ol (Mudal acd Clasp, and Turkish Medal), and cominaudeJ Gt>neial 
SmijMO./s escort in the Crimea. 

162 M4J tr Miller served the Eastern campaign of 1854-56 with the Scots Qreys, including 
thi* afi^ir of M*K*jUzi«)*a Firm, battles of B^Uklava and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopul 
(MdU and CUj^ps, and Turkikh Medal). 

163 Major Bell a* rv»d the Eastern ca'npaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and 
iLkt^r.iian, siege aud fall of SL'buatopol, and affair in the Cemetery (Modal and three Claapa, 
Sardmian and Turkish Medals). 

165 Major Sidebottom-Veuner served with the Buffi» at the siege of Sebastopol in 1866 
(Medil Hnd Clasp). 

ItiG Major Adair served during the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857>B, including HaveltK-k's sdvanoe 
on Lucknow, act! 'Us at Mungarwur and Alumbagh, assault of Lncknow and relief of the Kei»i- 
deney (horse shot) and sortie of thu 2&th Sept. ; was sevtrely wounded on 27 ih Si-pt., and 
tp^nnally noticed by Gt-n^ral llavelock for gallantry on the 25th S<-ptcmber (Medal and Clusp, 
atid grant of a 3eir's service). 

167 Miijor ElliS'in served the Eastern campa'gn of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma 
Slid Inkerman, capture of Bal ikiuv^ sitge o^ Sebnatopol, and sortie on 26ih Oct. (Medal and 
Clasps, Sirdinian and Turkish McfialA, and 5th Class of the Medjidit). 

168 Major Grittrm served on the China f xpediiion of 1857-60, including the blockade of 
the Canton river, the storm and capture of the city, attack on the Takoo torts, and served 
as Military Ma;(i6trat« ai>d one of the Allied Commissionirs at Chusan during the txpeditwn 
of I860 (Medal and Clasp). 

170 M^j'^r Ingram bervrd in Bengal in suppressing the Mutiny in 1857-58, and command(d 
a d(-tichment of the 97 ih Regt in the escort of a lar^e convoy of stores and ammtmition I'lom 
Beitares int«» the Azimghur entrenchment on the 9th April 165S (Medal). 

171 Major St. Leger served witli the 53nl Regt. in the Sutlej eam])ai^u of 1845-0, including the 
afHiTr at BuddiMral, and bottles of Aliwai (wounded) and Hobrnon (severt-ly wounded by a inusktt 
ball through the liody) : Medal and Clasp. 

172 Major Stack served throughout the rprrations in Scinde (Mudal) ibcludiug the 
destruction of Imanmghnr and the battles of Mwaueeand Hyderabad (severely wounded), 
Wss afterwards present at Fannlla, Powogliur, Munnohur and Munsunto^h. fi^ei ved in Cliiua 
dunu'* the oporatious against the Taeping rebils in the vicinity of i^faanghui in April and May 

102c Wtar Senke€$ of the Majon. 

18e9j resultltig in tb« taking of the f toekacfe at Kanilner, eaptsre of thawaUed eltiea of Kading, 
Tftinpoo, and Tsolin, the fortified town of Nirjoir, and the afikir of Nansing ; alio commanded 
the 67th Regt at Fahwa when the rebels were compelled to evaeoale thfr dietilct within the 30 
miles radios. 

173 Major Thursby served w!th the 0th Rrgt in the Crimea from Srth Nov. 1864, inclnding 
the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault ou tliu batteries on the 18th Jane (Medal and Clasp, 
and Turkish Modal). 

174 Major Owen was employed during 1865 and part of 1856 with the Tarkish Contingent, 
under Lt.General Vivian iu Turkey and the Crimes, and lias received the Or<ler of the 4th Clsss 
of the Merfjiilie. Commanded a detachment of the 28th Madras Native Inikntry in the 
soppression of the Indian Mutiny in the Jubbulpore district in 1858. 

175 Major Joseph Jones served in India during the Mutiny, was present in operations ag^ainst 
the Dinapore mutineers onS4th July 1867, accompanied tiic small expedition sent for thu relief 
of Europeans at Arrah, and assisted in saving the life of a Corporal Lea in lifting him from a 
boat upset in a Nullah and carrying 1dm to a steamer more than a mile distant while under fire, 
the corporal having received a musket ball in the groin resulting in amputation of the limb, la 
June 1858 was sent in charge of a wing of tlie 37th Regt. to join an expeditionary force, but 
Ghazeepore being in danger was ordered there, sent with 200 men to defend an Indigo factory 
and intercept rebels on the principal roads of approach to Ghazeepore (Medal). 

176 Major Molony served with the 88rd lU'gt. in suppresbiiig tlie Indian mutiny, and was 
present at the affair of Sanganeer, and defeat of the Owalior rebels at Kotaiia on I4tli Aug. 1858 

177 Major Fanning served with an expedition np the River Gambia in Feb. 1801, whioh 
stormed and destroyed the stockaded towns of Swarraeunda, Curanan, Kiiity Cunda, and 8aba. 

178 Major Francis served with the lOth Lancers at the actions of Buddiwal and Aliwal, and 
as Aide de Camp to Sir Joseph Thaekwoll at Sobraon (Modal and onv CUisp). He served also 
the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, including the passage of the Chenab at Ramnnggur, and 
battles of Chilliaowallah and Goojerat (Medal and CIaspt»). 

170 Major Uickey servod in the Burmese war of 1852-53, including the storm and recapture 
of Pegu on 21 8t Nov., and relief of its garrison on 14th Doc. (Mi-dal). 

180 Major Noott served in the White Bea, blockading the Russian ports during the sumnwr 

181 Major Woolhonse commanded the Light Company of the 84th Regt. at the outbreak of 
the Mutiny in India in 1857, and was sent to keep open the communication between Allahabad 
and Benares, near the village of Goopegunge he defeated a large borly of rebels, afterwards he 
escorted luill a battery of Artillery from that place to Mungarwar in Oude and there Joined 
General Haveloek's field force un 4th Aug., and was present in the aetions of Bnaecrutgnagey 
Boorbeeake Chowkee, Bithoor, Mungarwar, and Alnmbagh, assault and relief of Lncknow where 
he eaptnred a guu (severely wounded, righ^tarm amputat^ Medal and Clasp). 

Howden. Juhn Hobart, Lord, am. KUA ... 26 Dec. 59 

2¥cl. JtiMiht I/ou, JoiMtlniii, Uofttt ii Oct. 69 

W^iiiwgiun , Arthitf . jUukt of A'tf. IJi»tlach »d.. « r<ib. 08 


B Bbli*WHi, RobeH,' Uimtt 

pliri!>»u>«. HeiiiT,*M F 


B liK Liiabtft. LaiuU William, Tuc' AO F. 

9 I'uilsfcon, i'et«r,^' Uaatt 

Uayc-r, ileitrr.'liiiatl 

8ii.\ Vojd. Sir HfUkfT, BmrO ... 



Ual^ ThMi«a,«« Gniadier Guudi UITvt. SI 

Hamilton, Sir Cha. J.J.48 Rt. CB.HcoU Piu.Odi. 90 June 64 
f Hamilton, John Hutt«r.«« KU. 5eoU Fui. Gds. 12 Auf . 19 

Hainmond, Fred. 76 K 1(0 Jane 64 

Harcourt, Prancis Venable*. CiiUbt. Gdi Kov. 4« 

Hwy, Alex. SobMtiaii Lp1iIi,«> C'il. VS K. ... 10 April 68 

Uaj, Lord Edwanl. 7 liiisimrk 9 Nov. 4B 

Hill, Stephen Johii,n CB. f Wett India Begt., 28 Nov. 64 

Hill. Hon. Williani Noel.»> IS F 80 June 64 

Holland, Liiuiicelfit. 94 F 4 June 14 

Hi)pjiriio<l, llervey, Grenadier On»nl8 SS Aug. 56 

SI Aug. 66 
9 Nov. 4H ! 
19 July SI 
Rl Aug. 56 , 
2UJune 64 I 
U Nov. 61 
luMay 57 
i'i July SO 
80 June 64 

10 Jan. 87 , 

f l»«vn. l^iZtUa,** LMllI 

ia Ruokit, Sir Hen. Wllloughby,»* Ctt., KCll. 

piudd, Kd«i«ni, Unatt 

yi£| Wooaford, Sir Johg Oeorge,i> KCB., 

A 0*Z. UC OOtp ... ••• .«• ••• ••• 


▲rlame. Wm. Hrnry, Unatt 88 Nov. 64 

Aioflie, Willtaiu Bernard.^ CJt. 98 F. 88 Nov. 54 

AMwuriki, Kkbiud William.s 7 ¥ 80 Mar. 08, Andrew Tlinbivll,*a5 r 1 Apr. 03 

B Aii.:elo, Kdirard Anthony,' A*Z7., SO F., 

MMiarg Knight of U indiur 9 Nov. 48 

Ar.?k-<e}, Heur>. Mn^qniM oJ\ 48 F 88 June 38 

Arti«-y, Cliailes Aug.:«(u»,^ tiiUlt. 88 Nov. hA 

Art nor. Sir Kre icric Leopold, Fnrt. I'natt. ... 14 Mar. (i8 
BjC-iC. Ch*.. Orpn. Q'.>^ Col. S Slagord MUititi II Nov. 61 

BaiUie, Uuxii* Snrrej R»nfttn 

Ba-luw. (ieorae E<1 ward Pratt.o 28 F. .. 

B»rr», ( l.arUs Unatiached 

ft^uisette. John,' 8 W. 1. Rest 

B Bv^uir, Tlioinaii Stirling,'* 44 P 

biadUMrntti WlUiiMii.llVF. 

Biike, Mattlie* tircsory.CanadiMn ReRt... 

B-i!>«rll. >irGeit. A. F. Hou»tuun, H/.Culil.Odt. II Nov. 51 

Bridge, U*|*ii«»,^*-'^ P 80 Oct. 68 

{ I Braokia^ Tlioiiw*-^^ <><«'•• <3d«. 10 Jan. 87 
rwne.l:liu.Gbi«.^* C?i^.-ll ¥.(Jov qfTtumania dO June 54 

86 July lU 
a*} June 88 
MS Nov. 84 
11 Nov. 61 
if June 64 
88 Nov. 64 
... 88 June 38 

Bmibiiiy, Hvnry U' CB.iaF. 

bafdetl, Btr Robert, Bart. 68 F 

B«no«n, lU»bert £a«ard,i7 KB. 66 F. ... 

Belief, WttM»e,^* 60 Foot 

B Campbell, Architialil,l>t Unattai ht*d ... 
f. mi bell. ti«>rg- Herbert Fred., Unatt. 
Cunpirt'll, Jaiue<, 87 F. ... ... ... 

L'K'.e, &tuplt*rd, 30 F. ... ••• ... 

Carl •npbt, Henry, Gr.Gd*. 

Cecil, Lord Ttioiuaa, (.'oldtt. 04*. 

( la'kf, Guy, L'natiariied>tiring, Henry Mordaunt, 98 F. 

CUlliira, Ri.berlCavendi^h S|iencer,Ur.Qd«. 

t'lii.u.n, Fre-ientk, Gr Gdn 

Ciiit •»«. H^-nry, 11 l*ri. ... ... ... ... 

Uto.«, Maawell,** 79 P. 

LVitfil, William. ^» 16 Foot 

link-, Philip Kcsini' Id, R. Ariillery 

UI*. Ariiiur Urmry.'*' CB. 17 F 

Oinroy. Henry tSeorgi", Or. Oiln 

C-ruKii. (ill*'* Vaitdolcur, Deimt Uatt 

Daiii^l, Heiir\,^CuMit.Od« 

4'Aiet, Chwrg'e ^. K.« 3 WcmI India RegU, Go- 

vfr'rtor oj' ihe Ottnhin 7 July 57 

IDe Lacy, John,"* 30 F 8« Nov. 64 

de 84ttmarez, John St. Vincent, Lord, 16 Dra.... 8<) June 54 

llrnay, Willia«ii,*7 11 t. 
ie Riittenbunili, O'Orai- ** CR. 100 P. 
bdberty, Charlea tdmiiiid.'* 13 Dracoona 
bo: ovan, Thomas,** Capi* Munniod Rlfli>» 

Dttodaa. Philip* F. 

!)• Ven:et. John Francis l-nattHched 

bfion, Joiiii D^nii-I, 3 Oraguon Guards 

Eveleeh, Fred. cB, 80 P., liar rack 

MAsUrmt ClvHinrt ... 

Mey, Hon. Aurf. Fred , Oren. Gd« 

FoMye^Huclian Oeorte William," 74 F. 

Fhiiicklyn, <iill>ert WiUiiim. 17 F 

Fr*^r, James, 78 P., Chiff CommUtioHtr of 

th€ City of London Police 

B Ffater. W'illi:«m,^ 43 F. 

Gaban, Henry, 5 Weai India Re«t 

B i<i tiawler, Cle«»rgc.« KH. 58 P 

Gir*r«. Ji hii Ororco NuUjani».|,»* 60 P 

B Gordon, Arthur Helfhom,*o (jp. (jj» 

Goolbnru, Edward, Greniidier Guards 

Qrabam, Williem, .Sr«it» Fu^ Qdt 

■ (inhain, William,^* F 

£^D«ood. George, 8 Life Od* 

oSo^en- ji. Mkl.ell,« 8 W. I. Regt. ... 

80 J une .i4 
88 .Nov. 54 
'J8 Nov. 54 
3<iJuly 60 

9 Nor. 

9 Apr. 
'i» Nov. 

Ilea Horton, Gei>rce Wlllani.fta 7 Dr. Odi. ... 89 Nov. 41 
Houktoun, Al< aai.dcr. ITiialtaohed 8H Nov. 64 

gVBL HUk'hea, Robeii,^ 1 W. I. Regt 88 Nov. 64 
u me, Henry, C*//. til eiiudier Gil aid* 6 May 60 

f)£0 Hutchinson, lion. Henry Helj , a? 0Dn. ... 8h June 38 

<ii£i ImiKHt. John." 74 F s& Mar. 6B 

JoddreJI, Henry Kiimiind.i^Or. Gdi 10 Jan. 87 

aa Keune, Kdwanl.m ur. Gda 88 June 38 

K}le, Alexander" -20 F 80 June 64 

.ake, Hi'iiry Atwetl.M CB., I'naitiehed, Com- 

u*i»tumrr of Dublin M* tropttHtan PoUet 
9 ££l Une, Henry,(» Qt. (ids. 

1 July 68 
... 9 Nov. 46 
... ai) June &4 
... 9 Sept. 64 
...16 Oct. 6H 
... 90 4)1*1. 66 
...88 Nov. 64 
... 11 Nov. 51 
... 30 June 54 
... 9 Nov. 48 
... 88 Nov. 54 
...*J9 April 08 
... 7riept. 55 
... 11 Nov. 51 
... 80 June 54 
... 9 Nov. 46 
... 88 Nov. 54 
... 1 May 68 
... 9 Mar. 58 
... 88 Nov. 54 
... 80 June. '>4 
88 Nov. 54 


18 May 68 
80 June 54 
88 Nov. 54 
88 Nov. 54 

28 Nov. 64 
80 Aug. 57 

88 Ffb, 

9 Nov. 
11 Nov. 
10 Jan. 
2.S Nov. 

9 Nov. 

8 Sept. 67 
19 Jan. 88 
16 May 67 


Law, Charlei Edmund.*" 6ll P. 

sua Le Blanr, Pranei»,«4 46 P. ... 

B Leronrteld, Gi'Oreo, iMrd, 87 F. 

|l Lealie, Cliarb»,u KH, Gren. Gdi. 

Lidiluli, Uttn. Ge>. Aiik- Frt>(l., Culdat. Ode. 

Groom in Waitinq to the Queen 

fla Linton. John.OT Coldvt. Gds 

Lluyd, Riibert C'lilTord. 68 P 

Lowe, Arthur Charl^.e? UP 

M'Gee, Henry Kdwiiril. « 8 We^t Indin Regt.^ 
M'Douall. Jame«. l.itt- f>f 8 Life (iuards ... T.. 

S Macadam, William.** h'lt. 8 Foot 

B Mai'kay. Hoiitfyinan.'^ i; F 

Macli>au. siir CharUii Fitiroy, Jit, 13 Dra. 

aa Madoz. HiMiry.n Klf. 18 Lamrra 

.Mhitland, Fred. Tiioinu*, h. | 

.Mariyn, Fmnn* Monnijuy, tf LiifOna'da 
Masaey. Ui.h. .\utlMUirl Henry Cha, 70 F. 
Mazviell. iS/r W illiani Alea. Hart. I Dn. 
Mieyrick, Win. Henry. Gr. Gd*.. . 
Monk land, (}eorg«,7* 94 F. 

84 June 66 

... 88 June 38 
... 18 July 68 
... 83 Nov. 41 
... 88 July 30 
... 9 Nov. 46 

Murray. Lord James Clias. P.7i i^cots Fas. Qdl. 

Groom in Waifing to the t^ueen 

Myera, WlliluiaJaniet, R.Siatr Corps 

Ogilvy. Tliommi. 8 Lite Guards 

Owen, Rob.'rt,7J« 78 F 

Paget. Frederick. Coldst. Gdi 

Patience, J atiiew.?' 05 P 

Penleaze. Hrnry, Or. Gd« 

Pennant, Hon. Edw. Gordon Oonclai^ Scot« Pus. 

Qd». CoL Carnarron MUitta 

Phippa, lion. Sir Clia. H. AT//. ScotftFus. Odt. 

Ktej/er of the Prlrff Purer 

Pbipps, Richard Leckonliy^ Unuttaehed 

B l»ralt, CharleH.:* 1 1 F 

Princle, John Henrv. ScotR Fua. Guards 

Pumell, Williani P.>» CB. W F „ 

Ramtay, Jame».'7 rnattarhed 

Raiit,Cl>arleN Holiert, I.'naitiirhed 

Reynardaon, l->iward llircli,?" CB. Gr. Gds. 
Ricketts. Ht. Vim^nt Wm. *.' DrHuoonH ... 

B ^.a KiddleMlen, John Hut k.;> 87 F .*' 

Kii^ertton, JameN AloxHndi-r, H*iF. 
Rolwrttoii, jHuici MiicdonulJ su 4 Dr. GdN. 

JJPulwey. Hcnr>-.«-2Dra. 

Savage, John Morris R. Art 

^Saundorson, Hardret« Robert ,89 73 p 

Scott, Hon. Churlc^ ((ranthaiu, Scot* Pus Gds. 

Sillery. Charlei.BUr m) F 

Skelly, Francis 37 F 

St. Quintin, MiittliewT. D. 17 Drs. 

Sliipwith, Henry.aa 43 p 

Smith, Giorge Haiiliey.^A 73 F 

Sterling, Sir Inthuny Conlnghani,**A'C/I.Unatl. 

SuIivun.Goo. Aug. Filnier,^ 5 Lwncers 

Swan. Graves Chainney, (natt. 

Talbot, George. 43 F 

Ta\lor, Pliillpott* Wriixht, Canadian Rifles 
IVuiiMtst, llioiinis Riilijird riiiiJil»e, JIJ F. ... 

Teulon. (teorae. 10 F .' 

Thornton. Wiilliim. fir. Gds 

Todd, George, Coldht. Gdii. 

Traverv. John, R«i\!il Arldkry 

Tulloch, Thonias« 48 F 

Turner, Frd. Henrv, Scot* Fns. Gds, ... 
BSiaVaiiilelcur. John.M 4 Drs. 

▼Icars, William Henry,») 61 F 

Vyse, George Howaid, 9 Life Guards 

90 June 64 

Nov. 46 

9 Sept. 59 

16 Mar. 66 

19 June H4| 

10 ApiiU? 

...83 .Nov. 41 

... IK) June 54 

... 9 Nov. 46 

...88 June 38 

... 80 lict. 68 

«.. 80 Ang. 68 

...X) June 64 

... 11 Nov. 6] 

... 10 Jan. 87 

... 88 No?. 64 

SO Feb. 66 
86 Oct. 66 
88 Nov. 64 
11 Nov. 61 
1 1 Nov. 61 
88 Nov. 64 
30 June 64 

Nov. 40 

11 Nov. 61 

86 0cL 66 

9 Nov. 46 

8u June 64 

84 Mar. 68 

80 July 60 

88 Nov. 64 

80 June 64 

80 June 64 

1 Ang. S6 
16 Sept. 67 

9 Nov. 41 

. 83 Nov. 41 

14 Jan. 

11 Nov. 

80 Jan. 

81 An^ 
88 Nov. 64 
11 Nov. 61 
88 Nov. 64 
88 Nov. 64 

17 Oct. 67 
16 June 60 
88 Ni.v. 64 
18' Feb. 68 
88'Nov. 64 
20 June 64 

9 Nov. 46 
11 Nov. 61 

9 Nov. 
84 Jan. 
26 Oct. 

80 June 64 
23 Nov. 41 
98 Nov. 64 
80 May 6i 





Vysc. Richard Henry R. Howard, R. Horse Gds. 88 Nov. M 


Field Officers who have retired. 

Wulpo1i\ HnTatii>,M 70 F 11 Not. 01 

WelltMlcv, Will a-ii Hiiiry Charies, 7 V 2S Nor. 54 

Wmliiio'rLii.ii . Cli. K. \V .11 . . Karl ([/.'•Coldi Gdi. 1 1 J un. 0(> 

Wiijrte, Joiin«'ii, 1 Dr. (idn llNov. ftl 

Wi|rr»-ii, Kir ]>uiidt><'iiiii<i, Srut« l^uf. Otli. ... 11 Nur. 51 
WiIbrihMiii.'lfoM. Kdw. Uoutle. Col(l>t. Gdt. ... II Nov. Al 

f •]i% Wildniiin. Ji»liit,<«« 1 Dr. Gdo SO June 64 

Wilford, Krite^l C hri>iiaii, SfiuK^l of Miiiketry 2A April 58 
Wi»e, Cimrlr*. d^ K. Lt. Cot. 1 Uarnpiek UU... i*< Nor. 54 

8£| Wno-1. Jolin MHn^t.tOi 5 P. «B Nov. 54 

WimmI, Jaiin 8to«.irl,>0& CH., Deputy Insptttor 

Orntral of Irith t^insttihtitnrif 

fWyait, Sir Henry Koiiarto.N><X 29 P. .., 
Wyii.ihain. Ci>arlcft.ioa 90 P 
arborr>ua!h. CiiHr|.« Cooko.XM OB. 91 P. 
Yolland, Willian. UovmI Knfliie< n 
Torke, I'liilip Jaiiit^^, ScoC< Fua.Odf. 

la Dec. 57 
*ia Nor. 41 
«8 J lint 3ft 
28 Nor. 54 
I:)Jnn. SH 
.Nnr. 44 


AddAms. Jamfa, K. Art Nor. S7 

9 Alexander, Heorr.t M F 11 Nur. 61 

▲IlM, Jamw, 2 W'. I. Kegt. tt Nor. 44 

P AndMvoii, Jo.«i»li,a CU, KH, 50 P 1 Api il 41 

Andrew*, Cnarlcs 40 F II Nov. '51 

AndMa, Will inin 355 P II Nov. 51 

Anvtrutlifr, Sir Kohert. Barf. Orenadler G<tB.... !7May 01 

ArmitroDK Alut. BukwelU^ Ciipe M. Hilies 

Arthur, ThitmaN •*< Dr. <M«. 

Aatl«]r, Joliu Duh'dah'.ft Scots Futi. Gd« 

Atohlnon, H«orjr Alexander, Unattached 

AikmM>n, E Iward D.. 97 F 

Auiten, H«*nry Kfliuiind, 51 F 

Aylmer, Fredt rick Cimrle* ,■ 89 F 

Rabbi nffton, William. 7 HuB««n 

Biiddeley, Wm. Ilcury Clinton,' 40 F 

Bailey, CiiiirlHt, R'lyai Kngintfen... 

BaliifS, Outhbort A. 10 P 

Barrett, Knox. 50 F 

B.irron, Feiiwicli: Hoyre, 3 Dragoon Ouarda 

B;irton, Hu,:h Willmin, 00 F 

Btitliiirct, HoHry. Scot'* Fu«, Odi 

f Bayli, Sir Ho.irv.W KH. 77 F 

BeMufun, HoM-v. l>nkeof, Unutt. Lt, CoLCoiH- 
mmmliimt H. GLiUC»-\ter»hirc Hunart 

M Rarklmin, Tlionias.x rnattm''h6d 

Bell, Win., 1:1 F. numuk Matter^ Brittol ... 

9 Bell, Thiiin .«.H CB. 48 F 

Bennett, Williaiii, 48 F 

Brriwrd, Fi-i.t. UiiAtiHcli rt 

Betbune, Duncan .Miinro,i<9P 

Biokmrtaff, KolNsrt.'^ fl Diugoon Ouarda 

Bi{,'ge, William Mittliew. 70 F 

Bingham. (}iH>ree, l.tprtl,^^ i.'oid«trrmm Goarda 
BUchlord, 0*11 alil S^inuel^ 15 Dn. 

BUiek, (leti ac, 7.i F. , 

Blair,'d llun'fr. Scot« Futiilnr fluardi ., 
811 HI me. Sir ilngli S., Ht. Sciiti Fa«. Odi. ., 

C£t UlmiiA.iyl, GiMigK Win. 1 F. 

UlHiRfrlai^i'l. ILi r,v,i' 71 F 

Bl>niiefttflii.(>. «iru<-, 7 I)n 

BoMrru. lliMir> <j.(ir)(c, :iH F 

Bund, Kdoranl.i^) Dup. U.itt 

B 'Hd, llenry,»i |,', |(ii«riar!i 

Bfmliam, Jdliii I)mtnnaiti','^J50 F, 

6 Nor. 47 
, 11 M:t7 4S 

10 June 57 
80 June 54 
M 5S 
SO June 51 

. 2 Nor. 55 

. 13 May 59 

, 23 Mar. 55 

9 Nur. 50 

88 Oct. 08 

11 NiiT. 51 
, 1 Apr. 59 

SO Dec. S8 
13 Jan. 4S 
93 Nor. 41 

Cathcart, Hon. Adnlphu< F., Unatt 

C irun, Philip Cliarlev, SO F 

Ceell, Lmrii K>ii»tac«- Henry R. G., Coidit. Oda... 

Cliarteris Ihm. Kii«ha>d, Scots Fudllar Gd 

<j!ii':wuiie, ((• >>rKi',^ > Iiu6(iar» 

Cliun-li, Sir Hi.liurl *J Ctt. C^CV/.OreekL.!. ... 

C ctlluT, K-lwar.i Joiin. 41) F 

CIcpliane, IlnStcrt n.:ugla8.« 71) F 

t! itiitrow, John Chrikt it', <^uld»t. Gila. 

C ickburn, Alexander, Una'tanlied 

Cucker, Haniaid William, 38 P 

Cocks CliarU><i Lygtjn, ^ Ci)I litr^m Ouarda ... 

Cole, Kubcrt,39 F 

Ciilen, Jofci III llo.;i>r« Jolin.^s L me^rt 

Coiinim, Oi'or){ii llntterTri^cott, UnatL 

C >, Thomas, 9 F. 

^ JliU CtdthiirM, Janiod Rubcrt.M 18 P. 

|l Cuoke. Jimn IhMiry, SI F. Entign, Ytwtun of 

tfi€ Uuaril 11 Nov. •! 

Cuiiper, F<il«rard Henry, Greuadler Guardi ... 17 Nov. if 

Oxiie. Chillier, 81 P II Nov. M 

)!££lCowell-Ste|nie.v.J.£ttepney,4tifir.Culd.Qdii. lA Jmm M 

Cox, Suiniiel 8>inea, 50 F IS July AS 

Cro«s, WiUium Jeniiinj(S, Uoatttched ... ... 11 Nov. 61 

Ciiildy, Alfxander Duniol, Unattached t8 0et. AS 

Cuniberlami, Uentiiick Harry, 18 P. 11 Nov. H 

Cumniina, Henry Wodderburne, Coldkt. Qdi. ... 87 Hay AS 

Cn<t, John Francis Grrnndier Ouanla IS Sept. At 

9 Ciist,//oi<. Pvrejrine Praiieis^'SS F 9 Nt>r. AS 

Dalirety. James W. 74 F 80 July Al 

80 June 54 

81 Hmf it ' 

8 July •! 
U July At • 
SO Utf. SS ^ 
19 Nov. 18 
80JuiioA« ■ 

6 Jut AS 
80 May 4S 

1 Apr. Si 
11 Nur. Al 
31 Dee. «f 

SSopLAI ■ 
98 Uet. AS } 
11 Nov.AI • 


Boteifr, Kobtrl, K«>\h1 l*>:i:in>-»-r8 

80 Oct. 08 
... 80 Jnno54 
... 81) Mar. 49 
... 80 Sept. 87 
... 10 Jan. 37 
... 20 Jam* 54 
,.. 84 D'C. 68 
... 90 July 68 
...83 April 47 
80 T)ec. 59 
20 June 54 
... 18 Feh. 5U 
... 10 July 03 
... 81 Aug. 31 
... II Nor. 51 
... 7 Dec. fib 
... 83 Nor. 41 
... 11 Nor. 51 
... 80 June M 
... 11 Nor 61 
... 14 FeH. 51 
... VO Ort. 5^ 
... *Jil July 5'< 
...87 Jan. 38 
... 14 July 51 
... \'2 Mur.01 
... 10 Ju.e57 
... 80 Ort. Si 
...'.'7 May 50 
... II Nov. 61 
... II Nor. 61 
... 8.-) Nov. 41 
...8.1 Nov. 41 
... 8 J 8i*|it. 5;t 
... 3:1 Antr. 51J 

19 Oct. 48 

Dalzell, IfoH. lloburt Alex.Grorge,«'(70.OAF. 
Dangan, Wm. Henry, Vitc.^^ Culdst. Gds. ... 

D.ishwood, Alexander Wiltun, 74 P 

Dnries, Ariliur. Unattaebed 

Durls. Alfhsl,^ 80 F. 

Day, Henry Jnmen.^t 90 P. 

Dearo, Geo.. 81 P. U.IM. Cm. fr.SufblkJUil. 
De Rathe, Sir Win. Plunkett, Bart.V* 53 F. ... 

l)f l/ancey, I'etcr, 75 F 

de MoreI.'Ch:irle9 Cuiew.l^t 43 F 

Dtfx V(Bux, fitrUvnrr Wm., Bart. Unatt, 

gDeVisme, Francis'.MoiP 
ick«on, Qrahain lii' Ffiri'.'' Unatt 

9 Ititfby, Henry Acoto Pus. Qdf. 

Diirbr, John Alinerus^MJreo. Gds 

Dill, Marcus liutal Enginoen 

Dillon, Francis William," m» P 

P IZl Disbrowe, Oeorge,'«f KH. Or. Ods, 

Dixon, Jolin, Or. Odii 

Dixon. Johu 73 F 

f Doyle, Michael Taylor,s« Rifle Br. 

P JjSL Drought. John Head,A7 16 F 

Diihcilcy. Ccoi :;f, 77 F 

Dunkellin. I'llick Canning, Lord, Coldat.Gda... 

DuMMnure. Charles 4'i F 

9 Kilinunds, Huuiilton, 7 F. Barrack Maat- at 

Jlotrnsloir ... ... 

9 Kd*ard*. Hn^h Gore." 10 P 

Rq^Hitnn Hon. Arthur Fred., Gr. Gda. 

Ellison, Cutlibt^n Grenadier Ghiards... 

Kyres, tlcor^'c Willinn. Gr. Gds 

9 I'Hlkimtr, Samuel,* :>3 F 

Fane, Henry, 15 Dn. 

Kaiiiiihar«on, Jano-^ Rus*,^ Scots Fu«. Qdt. 

Bourrrii-, Lawn'oee Plcrtk-li,'*' 78 P. ... 

CSI Ba«en, K ilnTt. Culii^t. 

Bmdluid. Uai|ih.-4 Ui-enudier Guirda .,. 

Bridge, GiMirgo, 3 F 

Brisc«i, H)l<uii, 8 Dr. G'ls. 

BruBiiley, l-.dwani ()>boriiH, T'nnttuche*! 
Brown, Kdwaid Ji>n<. Ve-e),s> UO F. 

Bniwiio. Br thi-it >n, (14 F. 

UlBiOirne, Uaiton Parker.nil Drs. ... 

9 Browne. rfCorui-.J-'it f.'/i. »4 F 

• ££1 Hruce. Wiilia ii,i" KH. 48 F. 

Bull, Fred. G''iii|<-i. In. inai'hril 

Huidett, ( ImrlCii Sidi«r« M Culdst. Gds. ... 

Bjtdeir, Pranri'', 17 l)r» 

Bariiii>iie, sir Ju^nt .M«>nta2U, Rrrr '.'* Gr Od^i. 30 Nor. OU 

Bualie. Willuin D.iKi'un.^i 7 Hii«sar« 9 Mar. 00 

Burton, A'lulpliu^ Win. Dt^urt.M c;.7l.7 Dr. Gds. I .lune fi8 
Burton, Finn. Aug. I'lii kitl.«3 Coldkt. Gds. ... 85 May 55 

Butler. £il»ard Kent S., 35 F 17 Jnne 30 

Bute. John Wfll-, U.i F 86 Oct. 58 

Byiig, Hon. Henry Wm. Ji»hti, Coldstream Gds. 8 May 54 

SIM CaMI. CliTirloH.-w A"//. 94 F 27 Sept. 33 
iiie, Williani.i** ;.Mi h. 11 Nov. SI 

Cul.lwell, Willia II IM. tieriUMn. 7fi F ^H) June ri4 

(JMinp'-ii'll, llt'iiry Dii.dut, Uuult. 8'<.luncS8 

Canipiiell. Jao e<. Ill F 19 Aug. 4U 

Campbell. V. Wm. FiizHoy, Scot* Pu«. Gda. ... 9 Nur. 88 
Carter, Johu M'mfy, Unatt. Aifjutanl MOH' 
Mtvutk Miliiia ' 80 Oct. OS 

Kcilflen. Kobe. t. 61 44 F. 
9 Fenddl, W-lliain.<=3 4 Dr>. 

Feru'USim, Robert, 79 F 

Findlay, Ah'.tander, 3 W. I. R. ... 
FiNher. Hfih Niittall.80 F. 
Fi^k. William Hawluy.O^ Unat'arhtfd 
hit/Gonild, Charles Liuncl, R. Art. 
r. Kitr(;fiM!d, Kdward, KH. Uh ! . ... 
D Cn Kiiz K«}, Litrd ChiirIi>N.f« H\ F. 

A Nor. AA 

17 Apr. SS 
83 Nov. At 
11 Nov. Al 
II Nor.AI 
SStioe. 8A 

.<! April 4A 

18 OC CS 
II Not. Al 

S JomS* 


7D«. SS 

II A««.SS 

7 Doe. « 
17 Auf. 81 
IBMsf 41 
11 Nor. Al 

10 jm. m 

1 1 Nor. At 

8S ltec« At 

S Nov. SA 

16 Fob. m il 

11 Nov. AVa 
lOJkD. 99' <• 
11 Sept. St I 

8 N.v.A»o 
1 Julv S» w 

II Nov. fl 

17 Get. Wf 
10 Any. Mr 


■ i 











...17 July It 
...84 iJoa St 
... IS Mar. Si 
... It Fob SS 
...90 J lint A4 
... 11 Nor. AA 
... 1 AprilAt' 
... IflJunati 
91 Jan. It 

Fii/I(ny, i.urit Fifd. John,*^ Givnadii-r Guards 18* Ju 

Fitz Ro.i, Ilnch, Gr. Gds. 

Flellicr. R.,Gr. Gds. 

K«rlH»s John, CoiiNt. 0\\%. 

FiM l»p^, Joiiathan,07 78 P 

Forb»»<, Jiihii Alexander, 98 F 

Fore«U'r, Cecil William, 58 K 

' Forester, Hon. Ilcniy Ti.wiiM'ud, Gr. Gda. 
I Forii>>cue, John Charlf*M Win.,«» Uniiil.... 
! Frail r. Hon. \\fx K.lw..(W ScoU Pu-. Gds. 
i Freeman, 'riioinas Inlsn Wlrkhain, 13 F. 

9 IHA Fuller, Pranci*. CB.'*> 59 F. 
' ^ Foliar, FrptlriM'k Hcrvey,7i Ul p. 

Gai^ford, Jiihn William, 7-.' F 

fiiiiiily, Fnd .Scot* runUior Guards ... 
I Oardii'T, Jhuu's. .'•:} F. 

^(iarner, John Hutchinson,'* OS P. 

(•i:>bin2S Thumaft, 'J Wfkt India R«'et. ... 

GiMiert, Walter Kaieitih, U. Artillery l9Ili«.M' ' 

Gilpin. Rich. Tho.. RiOe Br. Vol. Beds. Militirt II Nov. A|» t 

Gli-gf. Edoard Holt, Unallached 88 On. Ml* >• 

80 Doe. At 
... S8Nov.A» 
... 7Anf.4i 
... tNo«.At> 
... t Niiv. Aw 
... 88 
... 84 Aog. ti 
... 8 Nov. At 
... tPMi. IT 
...11 Nor. M 
... 87 Vav Si 
... II Nor. sr 
... StJuMSi- 
... 8 I Ml. At 
... II Nov. Al 
... II Nov. M 
... 9'A Apr. St 

IS ».«. tA 






field Officers who httee retired. 


Icfflittf FrMBua, 12 F. 

•17 Yaitargb, UnrntUcted ^ 
b, Heiir7.'«Cold*t. Od« 

Bir WiUiaai,?^ bUh., 17 "Lancien 
Kr .William. Burt, a W. I. Hegt. 
"•■cii AuiriMtus, 4d F. 

wXm Ua« ^J X« ... ... .., 

ilMrt. T 00 P 

•mM M*Caul,»7 CB. 7 HuMn 

btflM B«nard»7« d7 F 

laaM»*> ColdMreain Guards ... 

Ela^ Scots Put. 4Mt. 


p JMr Jainet John, Bar/., 30 P. 

, temufrl B. 2ft F 

ThoaiasOochmDe,**C«ylon Regt. 
Hanry, /T^. R. H. Grii. 

Bc^lauiio. S Dr. Gd*. 

K-ffliain.M 3 P. 

... 14 Apr. 46 
... SO Jane 54 
... SO Nor. 92 
... IADm. M) 
... 10 June tftf 
... 20 June 64 
... II Not. 61 
... 91 Aup. Aft 
... 8 Nov. 6ft 
...14 Ausr. 97 
... 19 Oct. 60 
...SO June 64 
... 19Auar. Sft 
...S8 June 98 
... Nor. 49 
... 24 Not. 97 
... 11 Nov. 61 
... 18 May 26 
... 14 July Sft 
93 Nov. 41 

,Bmnxj,^ BUe Brigade,0«it/.a< Aruu S7 Apr. 80 

Biaa Pasle.T.osUaait. 

•. Blchard, tfuF. 

riMfi. J. Chriftopher.M f ^. 23f. 

Iff B 17 B.tSiiP. ... ... ... 

HIIhv Ia ToucIm, 6r. Qdi. ... 

Fired. William, Rojal Artillery 

Charles, Unattaclied 

Tbomu ScoU,i9 1 F. 

id, Dr. Gdi 

, Vraacis,B> Scott Puillier Guards 

I, Edm. Yeamaus Walcott, B. Enf., 

«6 Oct. M 
...II Nov. 61 
... Juue 66 
...22 July 90 
...20 June 64 
... 8V Jane 56 
... 1 Apr. 60 
... 11 July 60 
... 12 Dec. 64 
... 1 Nov. 49 

14 July 64 

CM. of ytiiitary PrisoHS 
BU WiUiam. 59 P. 
John Bowlef, 7 F. 

^f ••• •*• eoa eee 

In John, 7 Huisurs 

ga Btaveley, Kifle Br. 

. Fled. 59 P. Col. 8kfvpskir0 MiL 

lOfgef**^ 6 Lancers 

asa Hacnaghten, 1 LUis Ods. ... 
leary, 13 Draffoons 

9S Mar. 63 
ID Auff. 28 
Hmrraeh Jtmster 

20 June 94 

... 5 April 83 
... SO June 54 
... 19 May 90 
.. S4 Dee. 60 
... 89 June 6ft 
... 91 May 60 

liwlet,»« Scots Pus. Ods. 17 Auf. 65 

u Whaler, VitCt Qrenadier Guards ... S9 June 69 

BC Francis, Scots Fus. Gds IS Mar. 14 

loiaph Henry, Gr. Gds., Su p e r im t tn- 

Armg ClothUtg 

loqBe Pontonby, 16 F 

y, Beolamin Oeale,M 07 F. 
neid jyxtcf/f 6 Dracoons ... 
a. Iboa. 9 W. I. Regt 


■WW , mW M % ... ... ... 

M, Fred. James Tag$art, Unatt. 

iiani. S Km ... ... ... ••* 

aa, Basil, B. Staff Corps 

krius w'yndbsim Grevis,M "% f. 

... 16 May 46 
... 96 Oct. 68 
...11 Nov. 61 
... 10 Feb. 61 
... 6Aur. 42 
... II Not. 61 
... 97 May bA 
... XI Nov. 61 
... Not. 46 
... 90 June 64 
... 10 Mar. 61 

r SBmnal Bayraond, Bkr<.,*' b. p. ... II Not. 61 
ifMi.JohnStranse,^«> fleots Pus. Gdi. 6 Not. 94 
1, Wrniam Fred.,i«^ Gr. Ods. ... 10 Jan. 97 

99 Aug. 90 

.M ... 11 Not. 61 
... .•• 11 Feb. 62 

34 Dec. OS 

10 Jan. 97 

\ QmQit%^ 15 F. 

^BflHBrp wO P* ■*• •■• ••• ••• 

iCh' 79 F 

I9B Williams. 11 Hussars 

Mf* Uster Utter, Unatt. Xf.CW. 0am. 

'wHt Militia 

iQifa Mleiiael, 2 P. 
Dharlaa, 9 Dr. Gdi. 

iaaes ^ngcr. Ride Br 

hn Bmith. 83 P. ... ... ... ... 

haftas^ Ceylon Regt 

ruilsim Henry, Unattached 

• M'Mabon, 87F 

WBM »V • • ••« ■•• ••■ «■• •■4 

, B. X. F.,iM CB. Scots Fue. Gds. 

y^ 9V«itingtothe Qu€9n 

^dnw Hyacinth, 06 F 

» Banry Horatio, F 

II Not. 51 
... 11 Not. 61 
...98 Oct. 97 
... II Not. 61 
... 90 June 54 
...90 June 64 
... April 60 
... 92 Jiine64 
... UAuf. 10 


Mralow WilUara, ScoU Pus. Gds., U.CoL 


I, Guldst. Ods. 

19 l#rs« ... ... ... 

Im Brnle Money, b. p. 

ukarles Wyndham, Unatt. 
lonia Archibald, Royal Ungineers 

. M., Royal Artillery 

b,Aleaander,io& 17 Lancers ... 

ir, John,'^ 2U F 

W^Earlof, bXP 

Moa, JUurd George ,77 6 Drf. 
h»,*M 9 Weet India Reft. 
ha Edward, ^^ G8 P. ... 


16 Not. 90 
...97 July 98 
... 99 June 48 
... 12 Jan. 60 
... 20 June 64 
... 91 Jun. 60 
... 4 June 19 
... 1 July 60 
... 11 Nut. 61 
... 20 June 64 
... 18 June 89 
... 7 Mi^ 66 
... 80 Dec. 00 

17 July 66 

11 Nov. 51 

6 Mot. 

f LnUe, Sir John Scott,i>o CB, Or. Ods. 

Liudesay, Patriik,iiie9 F. 

Undsav, Hon. Cliarle« Huiib,ii«Or. Gds. 

LindseU. Robert IIcnry,li« 38 F. 

Litter, Fred. D.>l«ODr<. 

l4>ftud, Perrart, Gr. Gd«. Col. 9 W. 
lAtatf, Samuel, Or. Gds. 

10 Jan. 87 

OMnr. 05 

14 July 04 

86 Dec id 

8 Not. 00 

York Mil... 97 Dee. 99 

19 Sept. 97 

6 Jane 66 

Lowndes, John 6 P. Gtnf,at Aruu ... 
9 Lowther, Bun. lieu. Cecil, 12 P. CuLCiinibnr- 

laml Militia SO April 17 

V4l Loyd-Lind»ay, Hub. Jas.,U7 ScoU Pus. Gds. 92 July 60 

9 aB Luard, John,ii8 30 p stj June 98 

Lushlofton, Franklin,'!* CB. Scots Fut. Gds. ... 20 June 64 

Lyon, George, Unattaehed 11 Not. 61 

Lys, OeorRe Moirbray.U* CB. 80 F 16 May 66 

Saa M'Alester. C. Arch.,ui JCff. Ceylon Regt. 8 June 90 
'Call, James, 8 Dn 

McCall, Williuin, Unatt. Cltrk of tko Chuiuo 

4* Adj. Corps 0/ GentlemtH at Arms 

9 M*NiTen, Thuniai William Ogllvy,Ui 70 P. ... 

fP MacBean, Prederick.m icir. 84 F 

if acbeath. Ocorge,i^« 6'if. Depot Katt 

Muedouald, Alexander, 68 P. 

MaedoneU, Ocorgc.i** CB. 70 P 

SMacdongall. Jaues,^ 48 P. 
ackay, Henry Povrler, 76 F 

Maekey, John Alex., 67 P 

MacPheison, Duncan, 42 P. ... ... 

.Muir, Corncliufi Cuyler PhiUp, 94 F. 

Malet, Chariot St. Lo, 8 P 

Mansergb, Juliu Craven,>*7 25 P. 

Marryat, George, 83 P 

9 aa Marshall, Wm.^s lusp. Field Officer 
Mathias, Wm. 62 P. 9 Lancashire MiUtia 
Maude, George Ashluy.iao CB. R. 

Crotm Equerra 

Maxerell, Cluiries Francis, 82 P. ... 
Maxwell, Hon. James Pieroe.iU 50 P. 
Mayers, John Perkint,i» 86 F. ... 
Maynard, Edmund Gilling,i33 88 P. 

Mayne, William, 1 F 

Metsiter, John, 88 F. 

Sao Mill, James 50 F 
iller, James, >a9 11 Hassan ... 

Miller, Thomas, ^ 91 F 

Mollan, WilUam Campbel>,i» 96 F. 

9fla Molloy. John.13' F. 

MoncktoD, Hon. Horace Manners,^* 9 Hussars 19 Jane 00 

Moatgoraary, Lamb. Lyont,M« Scots Fas. Gds. .. 16 July 04 

Montresor, Henry Edward.M't Grenadkar Gds. Nor. 04 

17 Sept. 41 

9 Not. 00 
91 Dec 41 
8 Not. 98 
...SO June 64 
... 80 June 64 
...84 Feb. 14 
... 1 Not. 49 
... 80 June 64 
... 80 June 65 
... 19 Jon. 97 
... 89 Not. 41 
... 86 Oct. 49 
...96 Oct. 68 
... 11 Not. 01 
... 16 July 90 
...90 June 04 

29 Feb. 00 

87 Oct. 48 

... 18 Dec 04 

29 April 60 

26 April 60 

11 Nov. 01 

^ Aug. 49 

99 Not. 41 

... *•• o star, on 

9 8epL50 

90 July 08 

11 Mot. 01 

Moore, Henry, 21 P. 

Moorsom. RGbert,ML Boots Put. Gdi. 

9 Morrla. Sir George, 40 P 

Mostyn, Bon, Roger, Scots Fuiilier Guards 
Mure, WiUiam,i4> Soota FasUier Guards 

Murray, Charles,!** Unattached 

Murray, Jolm,'^ Grenadier Guards 

Murray, John Digby, 5 Dr. Gds 

Murray, Samuel Hood, 9 W. I. R. ... 

9 Muter, Robert,>«A H. Canadian Rlflat ... 

Kaylur, James Sa-ller,^^' 8 Drs 

Netham, Thomas W. 00 P 

9 WL Nevill, Park Perey,i» 69 P. 
Newdigate, Francis Wm., Coldst. Gds. 

11 Not. 01 
... 4 JnaaU 
...96 Dec 00 
... 16 Dae 09 
... 17 July 00 
... 81 Sept 00 
... 11 Not. 01 
... 7 Juoa 04 
... FW>. 48 
...91 Jan. 08 
...20 June 04 
... U Nov. 01 
4 Sept. 04 

Newton, Wm. Henry ,itf KB. Canadian Biflas ... 99 June 98 

Neynoe, Charles Fitzroy, 63. F. 
Nicholion, Christopher Haiupden, Unatt. 
Nicholson, Thomat William.^ kH. 65 P. 

NicoU, Samuel John Luke, 80 F 

Nlcollit, George Green, 1 Dr. Qda. 

Northey, William Ilrouk, IP 

Nugent, Sir George Edmund, Bt. Or. Gds. 
Nugent, James, 90 P. ... ... ... 

Onslow, Arthur Edward, Scots Fus. Gds. 
9 (VReUly, Anthony Alex.,is> Unatt. ... 

Urine, William Knux, 15*10 F. ... 

Onntby, Anthony,^^ Unattached 

Urrasby, Owen Lloyd, Unattched 

2£l Packe, George Hasse}',iMh. p. ... 
Page, George Curry, R. Engineers 
Paget, Patrick L. C, Scots Pus. Gds. ... 

Palmer, John, 94 F 

Parker, Edward, 00 F 

Parlby, George, 4 P 

9 SfSt Paschal, George Pred..>^' Depot 

Chief Insjfector of AittropoUtan Police 

9 Pearce, William, Kli.ii* Coldkt. Gds. 

Pearson, Charles, F 

PhilUpps, Henry, 6 F. 

Pliillutt. Fredeiick J., Unattached 

Pitt, Hon, Horace, U. Horse Gds. ... 

Pitts, Francii, Unaliacbed , ... 

Pwtal, Robert,^ 5 Lancers 

Porter, John,iM 67 p 

90 June 64 

20 June 04 

98 June 30 

4 Aug. 40 

89 Not. 41 

11 Nov. 01 

OJan. 98 

... 2 Aug. 60 

... 10 Dec. 47 

... ONoT 48 

...84 June 50 

... 97 Dec. 60 

... 88 Oct. 66 

...11 Nov. 61 

... 14 AprU48 

... Nov. 64 

... 28 Nov. 64 

... 80 June 64 

... 11 Nov. 51 


11 Nov. 51 
... 80 Aug. 20 
... 11 Nov. 51 
.. 11 Nov. 51 
... 20 Oct. 68 
... 2 3ept.59 
... 20 June 54 
... 12 May 01 
... 9 Aug. 60 

Uiiimi, Jowpta Itob*it.i*< W P.. 
fal Xm'nisiUi. WUJUm,C3y. . 
BuB^alDit. John Wncii. ftJ . 

field Officers who have retiteL 

.. tmti U\ WMlmpm Edwui) Utnrr.lM M F. 
an Dm. M Vibailtj. William. Scoii. Fbl Oda. 
, 11 Km. U rWhtfUr, Jolin Bow. SM K, 

ii«n,joh[.,iHa[. odo. 

Bleterdun, Fnd., M P. 

lotxrii, F. Thstnu. Qt. Gdl 

labtMB.O»rg».]lllllarf TniB 

RiAliHOBi John George, Heou FUL Odi. 

BobUIt, FndcrlDk, BcoH Fih. Odi. 

Boh, John Bote HoIiln.<" IT Iaochi 

Botbc, Ldriho, M P 

Koua. Gcarge Gnr. Gr. Gdl 

Bovler, 61rChtr>i,Air(.SDn. 

■ BBiUdril, Sir Joxpb, Or. Ode. KRH0. 


Buiun, tjnd Ctiu. Jb. Poi, 00 P., SntfanX ■ 

19 Jkll U 


a June 06 


llrbul. a UiuMn ... 

vrilHB, Ctaulo To* 

, _ .. J. Uarg. tf, IK Uiuan, CM. 

Hantpikirt HUitiii W 

WniiiiiF. Airr..! Ko'mtlDe.'HK.ifllUaT ... 1 

BUrcMctl i: llmiKQiKT-t* Dn. M 

SB WvEidliiiii. Obult^wiDn. KMjHre/'tV 

BP. .. 


fcMt, Biehud kail 
»«li,Fr.ili;i.,li. I 
leirmu, John, 4 

■ Btatc''''-'- ■--' 


mtdlner.maW.I.R. . 



illDdURait. IdNoi. 

Spnc«r.ifiin.Gi>iir«eAiiKiiitui,>. ...MUm. 

Sploir, WllUnin Fred., » P. Hat, 

BIuliT, Han. Chi. Ju. Pgi, Or. Odi. CM. f 

Z-anolAIrr itiUlia M Oct. 

■MniHB, ae<>r(eUllii*,Caldil.GdL . 

f. Pamii 

If IV. situ- 


H. 11 

Leieri w P^ tlM. l« 

rarth,' R. Arthlerr'" .*.'.' M 
F. 44. 1 Somenet HIllUii l« 

.,'h'f, Z 1 

rf.MDn Ifl 

Mull Bt.0Borie,4>F,... t 

Iniore.wmiani, Id P., 

I;lnKr, G* 
BaKvt, 0«r 

r. RIB* Bri|idi> 
nrd.tOF. .'.'.' 


aiHui, DoHld, Urwtt PtymaiiT It. An. 

aUnH,Pll*rI>Mbrlii>l,l7tH. Art. M D». tl 

at.]iur,£dnrd,>»elF 4Jb1j *:, 

Sttuir, Edwud' 8coU Pu. Gdi ... M M>r 1< 

■up)llBD,Herinui,WP. '.','. SAik' A' 

■£(Mtin, aertm Wllliui I^bub, W P. 

U.Vrt., nampihin ItUilia d Mut 4-^ 

Biiun, San. Archibald Oeorre, h. p Sd Oci. S- 

Sluvt.JmwiFml. Didl.T(&ii:liton,ar.Odi. IB June K, 
■inn-Warller,Arch. Henrr P.i'^t (JnMt. ' ' 

Berbor. Bnbert DoubUi, M F., Bar«c» IT 

Ba%]ir"^ni^. Unilllrhed 

Baring, RrniT BlnKhsn,] Lift Gdf. ... 

RimiMn, Wllll»n.»NF. ' 
Bnihunt. Deiijaniin. Ronl ArtlllcrT ... 
Baltlrr, D'OrleT W. T> V. (TarMte JtUitia 
BiTHj.Jubr ■- ° 

Wah*. Rlcliiid Willi! 

•aWalllDBton,]. C. 

to Juno S4 


«aDee. 49 


Bolinn, Cbi 


M Not. 41 


B Nat. 40 


Boj.'. Henrr 

__(;*. UP. **»«. _. _. , 

CaUtl.adi. ta Apr.48 1 Blarkbvrr, John.MP. 

b. p. M June M ' Buarrmn.JumnJohnH, bap. 

il» ». Artlllwj" .'.'.' 18 Noi. B» i Rnb^a^n, Hu'ih, Mlliu- ~--- 

eJuii BT :f8aiBnid».Willi»tii 

WMion, AlMrl,"! UD>lt»lied td On. M 1 Brand, June*, Id P. 

WdMb.WIUhiniPilrlcinidDn. NJbmS* tlr«i»n,J>n>a, Unattuhod 

aMWfb<Wr.Jaii»aCanieflr,>M](F. 11 ROT. SI Bnlt, JiAb DlTf, IT Uri. ... 

Wnt, JahB tamplSiOi. (M VJal]> U I Brig^QMrge," 1 Dr. Gda. 

Held Officers who have retired. 

... 3S Dee. 48 

• •• 

... 1 Dee. 37 

Jokn Henry, 00 f 

id Phillp,»t 7 HiuMn 

•. G«orfe Aug.,04P 

. TrmUf 18 F. A4/utani King's 

lUitia Dee. 68 

am, Unatt. 91 Jul/ 80 

Qo 13 F 8 Not. 50 

r 100 F 7 Not. 66 

t« 98 F 9 Not. 46 

t«r, Unftttacbcd 9 Nor. 66 

IM..M 98 P. 4 Wtst York MilUia ... 4 Dec 98 
Diam Henry^Mt 3 F 89 July 61 

00. Berkeley.^ M p. , ^ 10 Jan. 37 

Henry," Or. Odt. 8a June 86 

ry, 19 F. Li. WiU* Yemiumrp ... 7 Any. 48 

«nton Arch. Colin, 48 F 18 Dec. 64 

olio, 91 F. 80 June 64 

olin Alexander, 74 F 93 Nor. 41 

. S. Norman, 90 F 9 Nov. 40 

"red. Mf Cape Sfoonied Rifles ... 98 Oct. 68 

red. Charlet, 87 F 88 Oct. 00 

[earj Wotton,>7 79 F., Govtmor of 

Prison at Montreal 36 Dee. 66 

'obn Caineron,»9 Drf. Governor <if 

Prison at Groenlato 7 June 49 

lobert,» 46 F. 16 Hay 46 

homaa Edmund, Unalt. 4 Not. 40 

1. Ceylon Rifles S6 Oct. 58 

iee Le Metorler,* 68 F 8 June 60 

Nnas T. Spry, 3 Dr. Gdt 37 June 54 

3eorge WiUUm Wallaee^f 98 F. ... 19 Hay 69 
. John, 6 Dr. Odi. Lt,OoL Com. Boi- 

Militim 10 Jan. 97 

D.,7Dr. Qds. 90 Dec. 98 

, John, 68 F 11 Not. 61 

is James, 11 F 8 Har. 69 

B. HarTic, 80 F 9 Not. 88 

iam Jonathan, 77 F 9 Not. 46 

ados Fred.^r 19 Lancers SO Not. 60 

rfe % Hussars 7 Dec. 68 

jD«a,*>41F 89 Not. 41 

, Hon. Wm. Erskme.M 15 Drs. ... I6 Dec. 18 

, Wm. Horace,ss 96 F 98 June 88 

a Adolphus.M^ i\ Hussars, Captain, 

«/ Yeonuinrp 13 Pee. 64 

■ard Bowen. 89 F 7 Har. 69 

ry JosepIi,37 h. p 16 Hay 67 

lliam,69F 15 Oct. 68 

eorge, 371 09 F. 94 Mar. 68 

Ficnnes.s'* 4 Hussan 17 July 60 

MS D.. *^ 6 Uraicoons 86 July 68 

rard,s*96F 8 July 68 

iharles Fred. Whceler,>Bt Bart. 66 F. 96 Apr. 69 

I, Geo. Burrell,M4s p 16 Peb. 60 

rfe Alfk«d, 76 F 80 June 64 

, John,66 F.^firrocAirr. Dtwonport 9 Har. 82 
Ter Bark-r. Cape Hounlcd Rifles ... 80 Sept. 66 

ryJolin,^OOF 88 Not. 64 

juM Geo. Ancits,^* 61 F. 90 June 64 

Treror, 19 F. Adj. 2 OUthirt Mil. 1 1 Not. 61 
William DaTenport, 94 F. Lt.CoL 

•aUUitia 9 Not. 48 

rph, 89F. 'JO June 64 

tea,8F 10 Jan. 97 

in FitsThomas,i« 06 F 99 Dec. 64 

y, Geoife Webb, 4 Drs. Barrack 

Exeter 10 Jan. 97 

lex. George.^ 19 Hussars 9 July 80 

»hn Henry,«V 51 F. 18 Sept. 67 

Robert,41F. 6 Feb. 47 

\r Thoa. T. F. E..** Bart, 68 F. ... 96 Hay 14 

Edward Ward, 88 Foot 9 June 97 

r George Floyd, JBarf.9W. I. R. ... 11 Not. 61 

^<»23F 90 July 68 

•ard, 8Dr. Odf 8 April 63 

s, BldwelU KB. Unatt 9 Hay 94 

hard, 9 W. I. R. Paymaster Waters 

Xia 1 July 61 

0. de Cardonnel,^ 1 Drs. 12 Dec. 64 

i, Capt. 46 F. 1 Somereet MiUiia ... 9 Not. 46 
u Harry, Earl of,*^ Rifle Brirade ... 19 Dec. 64 
M. David, '21 F. Cot. Sec. at Natal ... 9 Apr. 66 

iardJohn,^t 16F 99 Oct. 60 

ton. Charl*^ J ames Kaith-,^ 4 Drs. . . 8 Hay 60 
jJ^ 4 Drs. Lt,Ooi, Com. 8. Lincoln 

• •• ••• ••• •«• ••• ••• Av A^We ^tXM 

eknrd, 97 V. 16 Nor. 41 

loratio, Unatt 80 June 64 

Itrard, 74P 10 Jan. 97 

t, Richard Henry, Rifle Br 9 July 47 

jchard D Oyly.** 1 West India Regt. 90 Oct. 68 

yUUam,n44F 6 June 66 

]rii.9Drs 90 June 64 

llkfliy77F 99 Dae. M 

Ford, Geo. 38 F 

Forster, John.Hf I6 Dra«oon Guards ... 

Forsyth, Gerrard Juhn,*' 67 F. 

Fotiiergill, William, 5j F 

Frampton, Heathfleld Jamefl,M 60 F. 

i Ml Fraser, James. 84 ¥ 

Freer, Daniel Gardiner, 17 F 

Freud, Geo. 96 F. A'. Tipperary MilUia 

Fyffe, DaTid, 44 F 

Pyfle, DaTid, 46 F 

Gage, Edward, ScoU Fn». Gdc 

Gavin, Qoon[9 O'Halloran,^ 16 Drs. 
9 Cell, Thomas,M 29 F. 

Gerard, Sir Robert ToUer, Bt. 68 F. Lt,Col. Lan* 


... 19 Hay 99 
... 18 Feb. Afl 
... 98 Dec 59 
...98 Not. 41 
... 99 Dee. 64 
... 10 Jan. 87 
... 19 Not. 47 
... 90 June 64 
... 4 June 19 
...16 Dee. 69 
... 98 June 88 
... 10 Dec. 47 
... 99 June 18 

eashire Hussars 
Gibson, Charles Frederick, 94 P. . . 
Oiflkrd, Edward Carter, 00 F. ... 

Giliey, Thoroa*, 7 F 

GiUman, Bennett Watkins, 19 F. . . 
Glllum. Prideauz William ,>«• 64 F. 
Godiey, Henry Robert Crewe,A7 98 F. 
Gordon, Duncan,u 59 F 

Gordon, Stephen Bilton.»4A F. ... 
Gordon, Webster Thomas, rt6 F. ... 
Gore, Annetley Paul,90 69 p. 
Gore, William Ricliard Ormsby, 13 Drs.... 

... 11 Not. 81 
... 90 June 64 
... 90 Dec 44 
... 96 Dec. 68 
... 90 June 54 
.. 11 Not. 67 
... 6 June 66 
... 4 July 84 
... 90 April 00 
... 1 Jan. 69 
... 19XoT. 67 
... 19 Oct. 5C 

9 Gosset, John N., Rifle Brigade, Barrack Mae* 

ter, Cork 96 Hay 86 

Graham, Cliarles Campbell, •143 F S Not. 16 

Graham, George, 1 W . I. R 7 June 81 

fl£l Graham, Jame^ Reg. ToTin, 9 Drs 10 Jan. 97 

Grant, James,« SDn 9 Not. 40 

Granville, Bevil, 23 P. Amu,mnd M«U . 

2 Wantick MilUia 94 AnrilSO 

Granville, Fred. 2UF. U.CiH.2 Warwick Militia 19 May 48 

Green, Andrew, 48 F. 18 Dec. 68 

Green, Edward Liiter.^t 77 F 15 Feb. 61 

Greene, William, 61 F 8 Har. 14 

Greenwood, J., 9 Drs 81 Dec. 97 

Greig, John James, 24 P. Chief Constable, Livfr^ 

pool ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 90 June 54 

pOrubbe, Tliomns llunt,<« 10 F 33 Not. 41 

Hall, 8amuel Madden Fninris, 76 F. 11 July 87 

Halliday, George Edmund,** 69 P 96 April 60 

Hamilton, Hon. Robert Bailllf>,«t 44 F. ... 16 Feb. 81 

Hatton, Lancelot, 10 Lancers 9 Oct. 69 

Hamilton, William Digby, 13 Drs 14 FM». 45 

9 aa Hare, William Hear) .« 61 F 10 Jan. 97 

WL Head, Sir FrancU Bond, Bart., KVH, ... 09 Dee. 96 

Heard, William Hodder, h. p 9 Not. 98 

Herbert, Arthur,*' 99 F 90 Jane 54 

HiU, Edward, 08 F 11 Nor. 51 

Hill, Lord George Augusta, Unatt 8 July 90 

Hill, James HorrU,» Hiliiary Train 4 Nor. 80 

Hinehliff, Chamberlain Henry ,«9 Unatt 96 Sept. 60 

Holmes, James Nlcol, Canadian Rifles 99 Dee. 54 

Home, James Murray,70 I6 P 11 Not. 51 

P Hopkins, John Paul,7i kH., 98 F. MUUary 

Knight of Windsor ... 5 Not. 85 

Hopson, William Hopson, 96 F 5 Sept 58 

Hume, Alezaiider.'if 101 F 90 July 58 

Hutton, Thomas,7> 4 Drs.. . OJnneM 

Ince, Ralph Piggotr, Rifle Br 11 Not. 51 

Inglis, Rajmond.'* 7 F 6 June 58 

Inglis, Wllliam,7« 6 Dragoon Guards 19 Doe. 54 

}\ Jacks, Walter,78 7 Ur. Gds 10 Jan. 87 
ackson, George Wm. Collins.?* 7 Hussars ... 30 Feb. 16 
Jary, Robert Herbert Heath,7«t 19 Lancers ... 11 Feb. 88 

Jeffery, John Horton, 08 F 98 May 59 

Jeif-Sharp, Henry, 86 F 98 Not. 41 

Jocelyn. Hon. Aug. George Fred., 6 Dr. Gds ... 90 June 04 
Jones, William Prime, 66 F 11 Nor. 51 

J I Judige, Arthur,?? 1 W. 1. R 10 Jan. 87 
ulius, William MaTor, 6 Drs 11 Not. 51 

Kean, Henry,7« 97 F 98 Not. 41 

Keane, Lord Edward A. W.,7»87 F 6 Har. 41 

Keene, EdmundRuck,*0 2 Dr.GkU. 16 June 57 

Killesn, Arthur James, Lord,^^ 8 Hustars ... 9 Oct. 66 

Knox, Hon. William Stuart, 51 F. 16 Nor. 65 

Laehlan, Robert, 17 F 13 Aug. fiO 

Law, Charles Fred., 69 F 36 Ang. 63 

Lawrell, Digby Henry, 64 P 8 May 49 

Lawrie, John, » Depot Battalion 9 Nor. 55 

Leighton, ForretterOwen, 36 F 90 May 98 

17<S Leith, Jame«, 2 Drs. Oent. at Amu ... 98 July 58 

Lepper. Hazweli.^r 14 F. 90 July 08 

Leslie, Lewu Xiivifr,i« W F 11 Not. 51 

Levett, Edward,M 10 Hussars 16 Ocr. 80 

Litiledale, Edward, 1 Dm. 9 Nov. 48 

Lockyer, Edmund,** 67 F. • 19 Aug. 10 

9 Longmorc, George.*** K. HtaflT Corps 24 Aug. 89 

LoTett, Thomas llcaton,*' 98 F 4 April 49 

Lucas, Richard, 99 P. 8 July 89 

Lutman, John Henry ,** 94 F 17 Apr. 58 

I 8 


Field Officers who have retired* 

... 19 June 60 
... U Nor. 41 

L«I«b John lftek«nil«,» 99 F 
Lvoa, WiUitm, 67 P. 

M'Uabon, William,wt 14 llutfan 80 July 68 

M'Inroj, William, 09 P. 9 Ko». 40 

MacAndrew, Jamot Duncan M^ 78 F Julj 00 

Maraitner, Jtmei Nixon, 7 Dr. Odi. Adj. yorth 

Devonieomanrif 20 June 54 

Maclean, William, 27 P 11 No». 30 

MacpliCTSon, Evnn, W) F 20 June 6i 

9 MacQueen, Donald J., KIL, 74 F. Barrack 
HaMtcft rtrtM •■• ••• ... ••• ••• 

Uaeenls, Richard Henrj,"t 82 K 

Malr, Arthur, OS F 

Vairiv, Valentine Hale, 7 F. 

Manlev, Robert GeorRv,*!! Dn. 

Maniarj, Alfred Robert, M F 

Marindin, Henry Richnnl, I F 

llarth, Aup. T^arock,''t 5A F 

Marsh, Sir Henrr, Bart. 8 Dr. Guard* 

9 Marth, Roberl.M 34 F 

Marcton, Daniel. 80 F 

Martin, Alexander, 45 F 

Martin, Samuel Yorlce, 52 F. 

Matfon, Hearj,^08 P« ... ..• ••• ••• 

M4ule, John, 02 F 

Mauntell, Ooo. 1 West Ind.a Regiment 

Mayne, John, 1 F. ... ... ... ••■ ••• 

Mercer, Arthur Hill Hiisted.n 89 F 

9 Meredith, RlrJiard Martin,^ 13 F 

mX Methuld, Kdward, 3 Dr. (idf 

MildreaT, Sir Henry St. John, 7i/. 9 Dr. Gds. 
lA. Colonel, Hants Yeomanrff 

Miller, Geonce Cumminf, 84 P 

Mllligan, William, 08 F 

Minter, Oeon:e,»» 20 F 

8 Mitchell, Pnrry, 53 F 
itford, John Pbilip,Mi8 W. I. R. 

Molony, WiliiHm Hill«. 92 F 

MoDtffomcry, Francift Oeturiuf, 45 P. Lt. Col, 

Narlh Down Militia 

Moore, Charlc«, 92 F. Oorernor of Military 

29Julr 30 
20 July 58 

18 Nov. 35 
98 Nov. 41 

19 Dec. 54 

20 June 54 
20 June 64 
12 Dec. M 
94 July 67 

5 April 46 

18 Not. 13 

10 Dec. 10 
B Nor. 48 
7 July 40 

11 Nov. 51 
20 June 54 

9 Not. 48 

6 June kA 
15 Dec. 4.1 
lOJan. 37 

11 Not. 61 

19 Jan. 55 
28 Not. 44 
90 Not. 48 
28 June 33 
90 June 65 

18 Dee. 61 

Sept. 30 

Knights uf M'indsor 

Monrc, William, 74 F 

Mundell, HerbiTt Vau?hai)." IS F 

Mundf, Robert Miller,*? R. Art. U.-Ooo^of 

or^uatta ... ••. ..• ... ... 

Mnnro^ Joliu St. John, 60 F 

Murray, Charlen,"* 10 F 

Murray, lion. David Henrr. Scots Pus. Odi. .. 

Murray, David Monimer,l«s 64 F 

MnrniT, WilUam.iO' 10 HutMn 

Napier, ifOM. Charles, 71 F 

Nash, Charles Widenham,io* Canadian Kifios .. 
Nisbet, Tliomas,*<>* 1 DraiTDon Guards ... 

Northey, Aug. J. W.,41 F 

Nuirent, Audrew, SO F 

9H Nugent, George, 7 Dr. Gds 

O'Conor, RIchird John Ros«,io5 17 F 

O'Grady, Ban. Tliomes, 74 F. 

ORie, Arthur.iM 9 F 

9 Orr, Jobn,l<" 7 F. 

Ovm, Kdward Barrr, 17 F 

Parke, Ohaiiee, 8 F. 

Parratt, William Temple, 58 F 

1>nyne. Wm. Aug. Towniiond, 70 F 

Paynter.Oeorge,*** 1 Dragoon Guards 

Peach, James Peach, 1 Dr. Gds. 

Peacocke, Strplien Pnnsooby, 60 P 

Perey, John WIlliain.M 9 p 

Petley, Patrick M*Leod. 88 F 

Pelo, WillUm Laires,iM> IS F 

PhiUppa, Courtenav, 15 Drs 

Philllpii. Edward, >» 8 Uuftsan 

Plunlcett, Hon. Edward 8ydne7,iio 05 p. jigr- 

raekmatttr. Fort BtavfortfC of O.Hope .. 
Pole, Mundy, 40 F 

?l Pollock, 8amuel,lli Rifle nr. 
oore, Robcrl,»>t 8 Hinsars 

Powys, Hon. Charles,"* D Drs 

Prideaux, Sir £dm. Saunderson. Bt. 63 F. 
PringlB, Norman, 91 F. Consul at Dunkirk 
Quentln, Gtiorxc Aur. Frederick* 10 Drs. 

Rawllnson, Ooorgo,"' I W. I. R 

Rawilnton, William Hawn»y,i»f 19 Lancers 

JReid, Henry,>'« 61 F 
enny, Oforgv.iHt 78 F 

Richmond, Mattliew, CB. 90 F 

Riley, John Filwarrf.iu Unattached 
Robertson, Ohartes.iM Ml p. 

99 July 
21 June 
21 May 



90 Oct. 4fi 
... 14 Aug. 48 
... Nov. 48 
... 9 Not. 40 
... 18 Sept. <0 
... 86 Dec. 60 
... 17 June 20 
... 23 Not. 41 
... 25 Feb. 60 
... 97 Dec. 60 
... Nut. 4G 
... 11 Jan. 88 
... 26 IVc. 60 
... lUJuly 46 
... 98 Dec. 49 
... 16 Mar. 15 
... 5 Not. 47 
... 19 Aug. 10 
... 16 Jan. 58 
.. 11 Not. 61 
... SOAprlUR 
... 12 Nov. 39 
... UNuT. 51 
...99 June 64 
...20 Julie 64 
... 21 Muy 68 
... 6 April 88 
... 11 May 00 

. . 20 Dec. 66 
... 9 Not. 40 
... 10 Jan. 37 
... 20 July 58 
...18 Sept. 57 
... 5 Apr. 81 
... 93 June 14 
... 28 Apr. 40 
... 10 Jan. 37 
... l.*) Feb. 01 
... 19 Jan. 37 
... 15 lice. 01 
...28 Nov. 4; 
... 24 Aiiff. 60 
... 10 Jail. 37 

R<>biiMM>n» Sir George Abercromble, Aarl.99 F. 96 Sept. 57 

RoMnson, Joseph, 00 P S8 

llubin«on, Wm. l^verlfy, 3 West India Regt.... 26 

Rockt>, IIerbert,i>U9 F 

Rullc«tou, ComHIiis Charlen.^iTt 8i F 94 

Ro«e, H. M. Ht. Viment,'.»5 K 98 

Rnascll, Lord Cokiiio Gcirgv, 03 F 10 

Rux Ion, George, m F. 4 

Snitoun, Alex., Lord, 2^ Y 10 

Sawrey, Henry llivkwJth, 88 F. Adjutant Frr^ 

nianaffh MiWin 90 

Srott, Fkiwurd. K l>rs. 11 

Scult, Hcnry,>iB IK IIussarN 20 

Scmple, Henry, S.*! F. 19 

Semplc, John, 10 F 80 

Seton, Oeoige, U.Canadian Rifles 14 

Seton, William Garden, 41 F 16 

Shucliburgh. Geo. Thus. Fra.,U0 .ScuU Fax. Gds. ... 13 

Skiirrny, Francis Chnrles, 24 F 9 

Skynner, Aur- Charles, 10 Dry 98 

Smith, Kdward Simeon Webber, 29 F 9 

Smith, Richard Playne.iM 10 HusMri 30 

Smith, Scton Lionel, 64 F. 20 

Smyth, Robert Camiichael, 03 P. « 18 

Speedy, Juinei, 8 F. •• ... 98 

Siapylton, Henry Miles.i'^ 9 Dr. Guards ... 17 

Stophenson, William Walter, Rifle Brigade ... 10 

H Stevenson, Edward K, 76 F 17 

Stewart, William, £>0 P. 13 

^£1 St. Jolin,GeorKe Frederick Berkeley,59P. ... 8 

Stocks, Michael,!^' 1 Dragoons 9S 

Stralth, Hector, St. Helena Rest 29 

Stuart. Doiiald,m 46 P 8 

Stiiddert. Charles FitxOerald.iM 80 F 90 

Sutherland. F.dwanl, 7 F. Barrack Mattor at 

WoolaUh, UeHt.'rtt-Arms 11 

Sutherland, Willinm Jnmet, SI F 10 

Sutton, John, 47 F U» 

Sykes, Cain.»« 4s F 9 

Ta> lor, William, 70 F 23 

Tennant, Ge.>ret', 85 F 19 

Thellusson,"? Arthur John Belhell, Coldst. Gds. 9 

Thnmpiion, Ijculie Ijirkins, 58 F 10 

Thiimson, Ui»b«rt Thomas, 1 Dr. Gds 14 

Tuwubhend, Lee Pnrcher. 49 F. 99 

TreTor, Frcl. Anthony, '*?! 4 F 4 

321 Turner, Miehuel, i Dr. Gds 18 . 

Vunc, Charie* Uirch. F U : 

Verney, Sir Harry, Bart. Unattached 13 '. 

Viall% Henry ThoniaM. 45 F 28 

Vivian, Chai. C, Lord, 10 Dm. Lord Lifutonant 

0/ Corn trull 19. 

Walker, H.nry Gi'orge.i^a 29 F 95 

Walker, Sam. Ar> p. Lt.Co!. Quern's ownMilitiaWi 

Waller, Jame^ W. S., KM. 10 P. ^ SS i 

Warbiirton, Henry William f^rtoo, 47 F. 

Barrack Masttr, Mullingar 17 '. 

Warburton, Robert Saiidrord,^^ 3 F 6 1 

Waring, Henry, 60 F. 16 

Warrm,5ir Augustus Riveradale, Bar/., ^ 90 P. If 

Warren, William, Rifle Br 93 

Worry, William,iw Dipot BatUIlon 9 

Way, Gregory I.43wes,i«* 29 F 8 

Webb, Theodoshis, Hoyal Knuimeri tt . 

9^191 Webb, Veri,i3i 3 W. I. Regi fi. 

Weuiwortli, D'Any, Unattached S 

Wc}land, John Tliome.iM Tnatt. 19 

White, Hans Ruben, i«7 89 F 9 

White, Hans Thomas Fell, 40 F. 99 

«. Whltmoie, George Sioddart.m 09 F 6 

Wilkinson, Alfred EastfleldJ«i> 7 Huunra ... 98 : 
Wilkinson, Arthur Philip Savagc^M cb.\9 P. ... 4 ( 
Willan, Wm. Mofflit Douglas, R. Artillery, 

Adjntant Ptmhroke ArtUlerit 18, 

Williams, Richard Llewellyn,* ^9 1 F 16 

Williams, HolK>rt, 22 P 98 

Ve Wllmnt, lleniy, >«3 Rifle Brigade 90 

Wilson, Henry, 14 P. 19. 

Wilton, Jdlin Kol>«Tt,i<M 60 F 19 

Wing, Vinct-nt,*" iVpot Halt 12 . 

Wodehouse, Hon. Berkeley, 8 Drr. Col. East 

Norfolk Militia 9 ! 

V Wolie, Edward, 98 F 10. 

Wollaston, Fred., Dm 1] 

9 Wood, Henry Owen.»* 87 P 10 J 

WiM)il, John JosepluX' MiliUry Train 96 

WouUurd. Gilbert, Bt Helen:i Regt II I 

f Wrixon, Nicholas, 91 F. Paymaaier, Notts 

Milifla ... ... ... ... ... ..• II 2 

Turd, Pre lerlck,iM 8J F 901 

kVar Sei*mce8 of Ueneral Ufficers. 108a 

I Lord Howden lerred m Aide-de*camp to his Graee the Duke of Wellington during the 
years 1S17 and 18, to the doee of the occupation in France. Employed bj QoTenunent on % 
tpeeial miMion, and wa& preient at the battle of Navarin in 1827 (woanded, and mentioned in 

and Commander of the Saviour of Greece. 

3 Major General Bateman Bailed with the 5th on the expedition for HanoTer in 1805; was 
sfaipwrrcked off the Texel and made prisoner of war. Having been exchanged in March 1806, 
he sailed in June following with the expedition under Major Gcnerul Traufiird, which landed In 
flouth America, and he was present at the attack of Buenos Ayres. Served also in the Peninsula 
ia 1810y 11, and 13, and was severely wounded at Vittoria, for which battle he has the War Medal 
with one Clasp. Accompanied the regiment to Ameiica in 1814, and was present at Plattsburg. 

4 Major General Bristow serred in the Walcheren expedition in 1809 as a Captain in the 2nd 
Battafion 1 1 (h Hcgt, and was present at tlie siege of Fltishlng. He was in Garriaon at Gibraltar 
in 1811 when the Smmish army of General BaUaateros took refuge under the guns of that For* 
Hvaa. In Oet and Vot. of the same year he was in Cadis, part of the period dnring whioh the 
plaoe was blockaded by the French. In Dec. he joined the army in Portugal, and waa imme- 
dialely placed on the Quarter Master General*s btafl^ on which he continued to the end of the 
war; and attached to Head Quarters the 7th or the 1st Division, was present at most 
of the operations carried on in the north of Spain under the Duke of WeUington. He has rc- 
esifed the War Medal witli three Clasps for the battles of Salamanca, Yittoria, and the Pyrenees. 
In 1823 he waa at Cadis during its bombardmMit by the French fleet 

5 Major General Charretie serred three years in the East Indies, ind was present at the 
ouUiny at Vellore in 1806, when nearly tl.c whole of the 69th llegt. w .re massacred in their 
barrasks. He serred in the Peninsula with the 2nd Life Guards, from 1812 to the end of that 
war in 1814, including the battles of Yittoria, Pompeluna, and Toulouse. He has reoeiTed the 
War Medal with two CUups. 

6 Viscoont do Chabot served in Holland in 1799 ; in Spain, under Sir John Moore; with 
the expedition to Walcheren 1809; and subsequently in the Peninsula imtil 1810. 

7 Major General Dwyer served on the Siaif of the late Marquis of Hastings, Commander- 
2a-Chief in India, and was present during the Nepaul war, at the reduction of the Province of 
KiaBioon« and the storming of Almorah. He served also throughout the Pindarree war on 
the Staff, when he had charge of the communications of the combined armies. 

9 Sir Henry Floyd accompanied General Sir William H. Clinton to Sicily in 1811, and to 
Sfoin in 1813, at his Aide de Camp, and was present at the battles of Biar and Castalla, siege 
aad blockade of Tarragona, in conveying orders to Ordal, and subsequent blockade of Barcelona. 
Served also the campaign of 1815, with the 10th Hussars, and was present at the battles of 
Qjoatre Bras and Waterloo, and at the capture of Paris. 

10 Sir Henry W. Booke embarked with the Srd Guards for HoUand, in Aug. 1799, and waa 
pnient in the actions of the 27th Aug., 10th and 19th Sept, 2nd and 6th October. Embarked 
fi pin for Holland Nov. 1813, in command of the 2nd Battalion of that Regt, and was present at 
the advance to Antwerp, bombardment uf the French fleet at Antwerp, and attack on Bergen- 
op-Zoons. AUo the campaign of 1815, including the battles of Quatro Braa and Waterloo. 

IS Major General Dudgeon served with thc5dth in Egypt in 1801, and was present at the 
samader of Grand Cairo and Alexandria. He served in Italy in 1805 and G ; and in the Pcnin- 
fila from 1800 to 1813, including the Lines at Torres Vedras, coverinfp the siege of Bad^jot, 
battle of Salainant-a, capture of Madrid, and siege of Burgos, at which last lie was twice wounded , 
tlkc second time most severely. He has tlic War Medal with two Clasps for Egypt and Salamanca. 

13 Sir John GeOb Woodford served as Deputy Assistsnt Adjutant General on the ExpediUon 
to 8tndsiind« and afterwards to Copenhagen, in 1807; and aa Deputy Assistant Quarter 
•pfgitTT General on the Expedition under Sir David Baird, which joined Sir John Moore's army 
m Qalicia, and waa present at the battle of Corunna, for which he has received the Silver War 
Medal with one Clasp. Served afterwards in the Peninsula oa an Aasistant Quarter Maater 
Gfneral, and has received the Gold Cross for the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes,and Toulouse. 
^ I f^ the caapaign of 1815, induding the battle of Waterloo and the taking of Cambroy. 

U Migor dencral Owen served on the Qoartermaster General's Staff with the Walcheren 
Iipedition in 1809; thenoe to Sicily, the Ionian lalands, and the eastern coast of Spain, 
where he waa present at the affairs of Biar and Castella, siege and blockade of Tarragona. In 
1814 he went in charge as a Qoarterma&ter General with the troops to America, where he served 
OB die expedition up the Penobscott and at Castine. Commanded the 2nd Battalion, 73rd Re- 
' giaent, at the taking of Paris in 1815. In 1816 was employed in the Candian War in Ceylon. 


1 Colonel W. B. AinsHo commanded the 03rd Highlanders throughout the Eastern cam* 
■ paign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Balaklava, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal. 

and three Clasps, CjB., Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 

2 Colonel Angelo served with tbe expedition to Egypt in 1807; on the coast of Cala- 
bria in 1808; with the expedition to Walcheren in 1809; with the army to Catalonia in 1812 
and IS, aa an Assistant- Aajutant-General. Attached to the Austrian army, and acted as Aide- 
de-Camp to Maior-General Count Nugent in the campaign aeainst the Viceroy of Italy; present 
St the siege|anci capture of Trieste, Cattaro, and Ragusa, and in various services in the Adriatic 

3 Colonel Aldworth served the I'last^m campaign of 1854 up to the 8tli November, with the 
7th Fnsilicrs, including the battles of Ainia ana Inkfrman, siege of Sebastopol, and sortie of 
Olh Oct. (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

109 War Services of Retired Colonels. 

4 Colonel Allan serred with a detachment 57th Regt. against the rebels In Canada in 1837 
Commanded the2Dd Infantry Brigade in tlie Eusoofzie campaign of 1858. Commanded the troops 
on board the ship Eattem Monarch when she blew up and caught fire at Spithead on the 3rd 
June 1850, on which occasion a General Order was issued expressing the Commander in Chiefs 
gr aUfication at the conduct of Lt CoL Allan, and officers and men, and another conrejing the Qneen's 
approbation of the discipline and good order displayed under such trying circumstances. 

5 Colonel Arney commanded three companies of the 58th during the operations ag^alnst the 
hostile natives in the Southern District of New Zealand in 1846. He commanded the troops 
encamped in the valley of the Ilutt and Porirua; and the 68th at the affair of the Horokeivi, 
when the enemy ivere driven baclt and dispersed. 

6 Colonel Barlow served in India under Lord Lake, during the eampaigns of 1803, 4, and 5, 
and was present at the siege of Deig, battle of Futtyehur, siege of Bhurtpore, and battle of 
Afzalghur. Served abo at the captures of Bourbon and the Isle of France in 1810. 

7 Colonel Basalgette sailed with the expedition from India to Egypt, under Sir Davi<i 
Baird, in 1801. Returned to India, and served two campaigns in the Dooaband Ceded Districts, 
under General CampbelL Served also on the expedition to the Penobscot, in the United States 
of North America. He has received the Silver War Medal with one Ciasp for Egrpt. 

8 Colonel Bcgbie served in the Peninsula with the 82nd Regt. from Ang. 1808 to Nov. 1809, io- 
eluding the capture of Oporto and battle of Talavera (War Medal with one Clasp). 

10 Colonel Bridge served with the 58tli throughout the whole of the operations in the North 
of New Zealand from April 1845 to Jan. 1847. Ho commanded the Regiment in the action st 
Maule ; planned and conducted a night- attack in boats up the Waikari River against a rebel tribe, 
which he routed, and destroyed their Pah (thanked by the Governor and Council). Again com- 
manded the Regt. on the second expedition against the rebel chiefs Heki and Kawiti : re-captured 
a hill at the head of the Uegiment on the morning of the 1st July 1845 at Ohaiawhi, and led one 
of the storming parties at the assault on the Pah on that afternoon, and was at the capture of the 
Pah at Ohaiawai on the 11th July, and also at the assault and capture of Kawiti 's Pah at Rna- 
pekapeka on the 11th Jan. 1846 (several times named in Dispatches, Sec). 

11 Colonel Bunbury served with the expedition through the Kohat Pass in 1850, ai 
Aide de Camp to Sir Charles Napier. Served also the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, indading 
iho battle of uikerman and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Knight of the L^ioa 
of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

13 Colonel Butler commanded the 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles in the suppression of the Mutiny 
in the Shahabad District of Bengal in 1858 and was wounded (Medal). Also served through- 
out the campaip:n of 18G0 in China (Medul and two Clasps). 

14 Colonel Brooke served in the Peninsula with the 1st Guards, and was present at tht 
battles of Comnna, Nivelle, and Nive, for which he has the War Medal with three Claspt. 

16 Colonel Gore Browne commanded the 41st during the whole of the campaign of ]642iB 
A%hanistaD, and was present in the engagements with the enemy on 28th March and S8th 
April in the Pisheen Valley ; in that of the 29th May near Candahar, 30th Aug. at Goaine, 5th 
ScpL before Ghuznee, occupation and destruction of that fortress and of Cabool, expeditioa 
bito Kohistan, storm, capture, and destruction of Istallff, and in the various minor aflkinln and 
between the Bolan and the Khyber Passes. 

17 Colonel Burrowes served with the 12th at the capture of the Isle of Prance, in 1810, 
and commanded a detachment of that Regt. in boarding and capturing two French Privateers 
off the Isle de la Passe. Commanded a Battalion of details with a force under Colonel the 
Honourable Leicester Stanhope in Kattywar, and was in advance at the storm and capture of 
the sti*ong hill fortress of Mcetialla. 

18 Colonel Close served the Egvptlan campaign of 1801 (War Medal with one Chaip), 

18t Colonel Archibald Campbell served in tne reninsnla with the 4th Portuguese Regt. flrom SO 
May 1810 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battle of Busaco, Lines of Torres Vedrai, 
action of Campo Mayor, battle of Albuhera, first and second sieges of Badi^oz, action at Arroyo 
de Molino, battles of Yittoria, Pyrenees, Pampeluna (severely wounded in the side): on tbs 
37th July with the Company he commanded he defended the hill where the principal attack of 
that day was made, and drove the French thrice from it at the point of Uie bayonet, for which 
he was promoted to the Brevet Rank of Captain in the Portuguese Army, as stated in fbe 
Gazette of 11th Auf. 1813—*' Em consequenua da sua boa conducta no Campo de Batalfaa." 
Abo present at the battle of the Nive on 9th Dec, and in that before Bayonne on the I9th 
December. On the 20th Dec. 1813 he commanded four companies of his Regt., with which 
he took the Island of Holriague on the river Adour, and captured a number ofprisonata and 
a quantity of provisions and forage, which were forwarded to Lord Hill's head qnartefs. 
Afterwards present at the battle of Orthes, the action at Aire, and battle of Toulouse. Head 
aevorelyinjnred 24th June 1813, when pursuing the enemy to Fampeiuna. Has received the 
Silver War Medal with seven Clasps, and a Gold Cross firom the King of Portogal for Us ser- 
vices in five campaigns. 

19 Colonel CockeTl served with the 14th Regt. at the siege and capture of BhnrtM* ta 
1825*26 (Medal). 

UO Colonel Cole commanded the 17 th Regt at the siege of Sebastopol, and at the assault cf 
the Redan on the 18th June — mentioned in Dispatches (Medal and Clasp, CB.^ 5th Class of 
the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

22 Colonel DanHl accompanied the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards to North America in 
1838 on the occasiou of the insurrection in Canada, and returned firom thenee in 1849. Joined 

th« Ul BaittUnn In the Crimea and served with it daring the siege in 1866^ and was In eoniMani 
of the Battalion at the period of the attack on the Redan the 8th Sept., and subsequent fall of 
Sebaalopol,<Mi whiiib night be was in Orders as General of the Trenches (ICedal and Clatn 4th 
Oasa oTthe Me^iidie^ and Turkish Medal). ' ' 

S3 CoIoimI d'Aroy was present on the Staff daring the operations of a field-force in the 
Soothcm Mahratta Gountrj in 1844-45, onder M^orGeneral De la Hottt. Commanded the Boyal 
Gaashia AitiQflfy Militia at the atorm and capture of the town of Saba, West Coast of Africa. 

95 Colonel de Laey served with the 48th Eegt. in the Peninsular war in the battle of Busaco, 
lines al Toma VedraSy pursuit of Marshal Maasena, action of Campo Mayor, first siege of Ba^ 
dajos, battles of Alhuhera, Vittoria (wounded), Koncesvolles, and the Pyrenees (28th July to 
Sad Aog. 1813), besides minor actions and skirinishes. Ho serveii seven yeais in Jamaica and 
tlia WesI Indies, and has received the War Medal with four Clasps). 

S7 Colonel Denny served 36 years in the 7l8t Begt. and was 14 years in command of either 
the let or Reaenre Battalion. Served under Lord Seaton in the Canadian Revolt in 1838-39; 
was in omnmand of the advanced guard of the army on capture of NapiervUle, and waa 
eaiplojad on especial and particular service; placed in command of the frontier line, afterwarda 
in ooBunand of aonth aide of the St. Lawrence. Landed in the Crimea in January 1865 in 
oomound of the 7 1st Regt. and waa invalided in June following (Medal and Clasp, 6th Clau of 
the Medjidie, and Turkiah Medal). 

28 Colonel de Rottenburgh served in Canada during the rebellion and received the Brevet 
rank of Mijor for services there whilst employed on a Particular Service. 

29 Colonel Doherty commanded the 13th Lt Drs. in the Bastem campaign of 1854-56, in- 
oliiding ttie affairs of Bulganak and M'Kensie's Form, battles of Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, 
snd Tdiemaya, and siege of Sebastopol ; also present with the Light Brigade at Eapatoria 
(Medal and four Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

90 Colonel Donovan served against theFitcani tribe in 1828 under Col. Somerset. Commanded 
sn advaBoed poat in the Neutral territory. Cape of Qood Hope, in 1832 and 83. Served against 
the insurgent Boers in 1846. Was actively employed throughout the whole of the Kaffir war of 
1846 and 47 (Medal), and commanded the advanced guard in forcing the passage of the Fith 
River Jungle from FortPeddio toTrompeter'sDrittin May 1840, when the troops were engaged 
with the whole of Pato's tribe for upwards of three hours ; previous to the action on the 
Gwanga he led aa a volunteer a small party into the jungle, where he had a personal rencontre 
with four armed Kaflbs (the Cliief Zeto and one of his Captains being of the party), two of 
whom ha slew single-handed. For the above services he received the brevet rank of Major. 
CoBSBBanded the troops in the Sovereignty during the Kaffir war of 1851-53; crossed the Orange 
River in Feb. 1851 (effecting the passage with guns, wagons, &c., in a temporary boat o<m« 
structed on the occasion) to assist in the protection of the Albert District, and on the 28th March 
flowing, with one troop C!iq>e M. Rifles^ one six-pounder, and a small Burgher force, defeated a 
large body of Tambookies and Basutos, under the Chiefs Moocrose, Umhali, and Spepere, leaving 
apwarda of 300 of the enemy dead on the field. 

31 OoloBel Bvi^gh served with the 20th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and waa 
pruant at the batdes of Ahna, Balaklava, and Inkerman, both attacks on the Redan, and through 
the whole of the siege operations before Sebastopol without being absent from a single tour 
of duty in the Trenuuies ; aUo at the capture of Kiabourn. Embarked for India with the 20th 
Ragisaiii, was made a Brigadier, and was present at the following actions and affairs, — 
Chanda, Ameerpore, Snltanpore, siege of Lucknow. Also commanded an independent force 
at Mohan, Hussengunge, Meeangunse, Poorwah, Murrowmow, capture of fort Simree, Berah. 
Bozargbal, and the fort of Oomero. Was mentioned about fifteen times in despatches ; thanked 
twice hj tiie Governor General in Council ; has the Crimean Medal with four Clasps, order ol 
CB., Lesion of Honor, 4th Class of the Medjidie, Turkish Medal, and Indian Medal with Clasp. 

33 GMonal Fordyce-Buchan served with the 74th Highlanders in the Kafllr war in 1851 
Medal). Served alao with the Scots Fusilier Guards at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Clasp, 5th Ciaaa of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

85 Cdon^ WUUam Fraser served in the Peninsula and south of France with the 92nd, from 
Oatohcr 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and has received the War Medal with one Clasp 
inr the Hive, in which battle he was severely wounded. 

87 Oolooel Qawlar served in the Peninsula with the 5Snd Begt from Nov. 181 1 to the end of 
Aat war in 1814, indnduig the siege and assault of Badajos, battles of Vittoria, Pass of Vera, the 
Hivelle, the Ntve, Orthes, and Toulouse, besides various minor affairs. Served also the cam- 
paign of 1815, and waa present at the battle of Waterloo. Wounded below the right knee by 
a moakei-ahot at the storming of Bad^oz, and in the neck by a musket-shot at San Munoa. He 
has received the War Medal with aeven Clasps. 

88 Coloiiel Gibbea served with the 40ih Regiment in Sooth America in 1806-07, and was 
St the storming of Monte Video, at Sacramento de Colonna, and attack on Buenos Ayrea. 
Served aa Deputy Assistant General to the 4th Division at Walcheren in 1809, and was at the 
sttaok on Ter Vere and siege of Flushing. 

40 Colonel Gordon served in the Peninsula with the 5th Dragoon Guards and waa present a 
the battle of Salamanca, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. 

41 Colonel William Graham (9 F.) served at the siege of Flushing in 1809, and afterwards in the 
Peninsula, including the blockade of Bayonne. Subsequently in the American war, including the 
sction at Bladcnsburg and capture of Washiagton, action near Baltimore, and those in front of 
New Orleans on the 20th Dec. 1814; and 8th Jan. 1815 ; also at tlie taking of Fort Bowyer. 

42 Colonel Gregory served in the American war in 1814 ani 15, and commanded a gunboat 

Ill War Service8 of Betired Cohneb. 

bdk>zigiD|; to the Flotilla under Oonunander Oven, <m Lake Oatario, to whfcdi be reeeiTfd Okm 
tbaolit of the Navel Gommender in Chief. 

44 Colonel Hall served at the capture of the Isle of Franoe in 1810. Aleo in the expeditSeo to 
Java in 1811, including the actions at Batavia sod Weltevreiden, storming the entienebed 
lines at Fort Cornelis, storming the heights of Berandole, and capture of the fort of Samareag. 
Served aiso as D. A. A. G. to the Army undor Sir Hudson Lowe in the South of France in 181^ 
Present at the siege and capture of Bhurtpore in 1825-6 as Aide de Camp to Brigadier General 
Edwards who fell leading the storming column (thanked in General Orders and promoted to the 
Brevet of Major). Hat the War Medal with one Clasp for Java, and the Medal for Bhurtpora. 

45 Sir Charles Hamilton commanded the 1st Battalion Scots Fusilier Guards at tlie battlo af 
Alma, and had his hnn»e shot under him (Medal and Clasps, and Turicish 3Iedal). 

4G Colonel J. F. Hamilton served as a Comet in the Scotch Qreya in the armv eommanded by 
the Duke of York in Flanders and Holland during the campaign of 1794, and was preaent la 
the action near Catean, and suhsequentlj at tho siege of Nimegncn — having pnvionsly to the 
latter been pfomoted to a Lieutenancy in the Greys by the Doke, for conveying very important 
detpatofaee, under diiBonlt and peiilona circumstances, to the Prince of Orange, then eommand- 
ing the Dutch Army. In May 1813 he commanded a Battalion at the battle of CutalLa, and in 
the same year was second in command in the attack and outore of the fortress of Baluaar in 
Catalonia. In the spring of 1814 he joined the Duke of Wellington's army as LieakColoBel 
9i the 83rd Regiment. 

40 Colonel Leith Hay served in Canada daring the Bebellion, and was in the affiur at Preseot^ 
Served the Eastern campaign of 1854 up to 8th Feb. 1855, and sgain from 13(h Aug. 1855, 
including the battles of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol, aud commanded the 
93rd Highlanders at the assault on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasps, &night of tha Legion of 
Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Comman£d tha 93rd High- 
landers at the relief of Lncknow 14ih to 25th November 1857, deieat of (the Gwalior Con&- 
gent at Cawnpore on 6th Dec. and pursuit to Scraighat, siege and capture of Looknow ; com* 
manded the Highland Brigade at the battle of Bareilly, and served in the Oude campaign in 
1858-59, inclnding the actions of Purgaon and Rossonlpore^ and evacuation of the fort of 
Mittoula (Brevet of Colonel, Medal ond Clasp). 

50 Colonel S. J. Hill commanded an expedition 80 miles up the Gambia in 1840 ; stonued 
and destroyed tho fortified town of Bambacoo, 6th May; attacked and partially dcslroyed the 
fortified town of Keenung, 7th May ; action and defeat of the enemy on the plains of QneneUf' 
Ho also commanded a detachment of the 2nd and Srd West India Regts. in the combined atiarK 
of tho British and French naval and land force undor Commodore Fanshawe in the attack sad 
total defeat of pirates at the Island of Basis, Jeba River, Western Afiica, 12th Dec 1840. The 
thanks of the Lords of the Admiralty were conveyed to liimself and detaclunent, and he received 
the brevet rank of Major. 

51 Colonel the Honourable Wro. Noel Hill served in the Biinneso war, in 1825 and 26 
(Medal), and was present in the actions of Frome and Tandwayn. 

53 Colonel Ilorton served in the Peninsnla with the 71st RegL and was present at the battles of 
Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Tonlonse, for which he has received the War Medal with four GlaspSi 
He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

54 Colonel M'Gce served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 19th Regl, indodiag 
the battles of Alma (wounded) and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and three 
Clasps, Brevet Lt.Col., 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

55 Colonel Hughes served in the Peninsula Arom 1809 to 1814, including the first siege of 
Badajos, and the oattlcs of Bnsaco, Vittoria (wounded), Salamanca, and the Pyrenees, besides 
various minor actions and skirmishes. Present at Waterloo on the 16th, 17tn and 16th Jane 
and WBs wounded on the 18th. He has received the War Medal with four Clasps. 

50 Colonel Lake was transferred from the Madras Engineers to the Royal Army as a 
Lieut.Colonel Unattached for his services at the defence of Kars {CB^ 2nd Class of tht 
Medjidir, and Officer of the Legion of Honor). 

57 Colonel the Honourable H. Hely Hutchinson joined the Army in the Peninsula on the 
12th July 1811, and was shortly afterwards appointed to a Troop in the 4tli Portuguese 
Cavalry, but was employed principally on the Staff until the conclusion of the war hi 1814. 
Ho a'as prenent in most of the affairs in which Lord Hill*s Division was engaged, particularly at 
the suTfirise of the Bridge of Amarz ; and he was one of the first who gave ii^ormation that the 
Fi^nch had passed the Tormes. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

58 Colonel Impett served the campaign oi 1816 with the 71st Regt., and was present at the 
battle of Waterloo. 

59 Colonel Jodrell served in Sicily in 1806 and 1807. He went to Cadiz in March 1810, sad 
remained there till April 1811, having been present at tho batUe of Barrosa. In Sept 1819 he 
joined the Duke of Wellingtoo's army in the Peninsula, and served there until the end of thai 
war in 1816. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps for Barrosa, Nivelle, and Niva 

00 Colonel Kesne served with the 23rd Regt. on the expedition to the north of Germany in 
1805 ; in Portugal and Spain under Sir John Moore, indnding the retreat to, and the battla of, 
Corunna. Served afterwards in the Peninsula with the 7th Hussara, and u Aide da Camp to 
Shr Hussey Vivian, from November 1813 to the end of the war in 1814, including the battles of 
the Nirc, Orthes, and Toulouse. Also the campaign of 1815 in the same capacity, and arts 
preeent at tha battla of Waterloo and capture of Paris. He has received the War Medal with 
four Clasps for 0(»nnna» Nive, Orthes, tnd Toulouse. 

01 Colonel Kylo served in the Peninsula with the old 94th, from Jon. 1810 to the end of the 

War Services of Retired Colonels. 112 

m in 1814, indvdliiK the defeiiM of Cadis, Unet at Toiret Yedrat, aetlons at Bedliiba» Casal 
Novo, Fos d'AroQoe, and Saboi^; battle of Faentes d*Onor, second aiece of Badajoi, action at 
BBodon, aicgv and ■lorm of Ciudad Rodrigo (slightly wounded), third siege of JSadaioz, and 
itormingof Fort Fionrina, where he was severely woanded in ieadlngthe 94th party 8rd JJivision 
to ana <^ the most desperate assaults that took place daring the war; retreat to Portugal, battles 
of Yittoria, die Pyrenees, Nirelle, and Orthes; action at Vic Bigorre, and battle of Toulouse. 
Ha ha« reoeired the Gold Medal for Yittoria, ( having succeeded to the command of the Rcgi* 
■eat); and the Silver War Medal with eight Clasps. 

63 Colonel Lane served with the 15th Hussars during the campaigns of 1813, 14, and 15, in 
the Peninanla, France, and Flanders, and was present at the battle of Waterloo, also at the 
l»ttles of Orthes and Toolouse, for which he has received the War Medal with two Clasps. 

63 Colonel Law served with the 0th Lancers in the Sotlej campaign in 184G, including the 
battle of Sobraon ( Medal). 

04 Colonel Le Blanc served in the Peninsula with the 4th Regt. and was present at tlie battles 
of Comnna, Foentes d*Onor, Salamanca, and Vittoria, and at the sieges of Badiijoz, and 8t. Sebas- 
tiaa(se««ralj wounded at the assault and capture), fbr which he has received the War Medal with 
ifat dasna. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

65 Cokmel Leslie served with the 29th Regt. on the secret expedition under Sir Brent Spencer, 
sad an b e a q i i cp tly in the Peninsula from Aug. 1808 to Dec 1811, and again from Feb. 181 3 » 
inelodini^ the battles of Roleia and Yimicra, capture of Oporto* battle ot Talavera, first siego 
of Badigoa, and battia of Albuhera, besides skinnishes and affrays at outposts. At the battle 
of lUavara he was severely wounded in the right leg, where the ball still remains. He has 
rsceived the War Medal with four Clasps. 

66 CdoEuH Linton served the campaign of 1815 with the 6th Dragoons, and was present at 
the battle of Waterloo. 

67 Colonel Lowe served with the 16th Lancers at the siege of Bhurtpore in 1826-6, and waa 
wounded (Medal). 

66 Cokmel Macadam landed in Portugal 1st Aug. 1808 with the 9th Regt., and served through- 
oat the whole of Che Peninsnlar war, including the battles of R'^leia and Yimiera, passage of the 
Dooro, defence of Tarifa, affairs on the retreat from Burgos in 1812, siege and storming of Saa 
Sebastian (twice wounded, and commanded the false attack on the breach on the night of the 
29Ui of Aug.), passages of the Bidassoa (shot through the body) and Adour, several affisirs oon- 
aeetfd with the investment of Bayonne, and also the repulse of the sortie, besides a variety of 
miaor affairs, and other desultory services during the ]?enin8ular war. Proceeded to Canada 
with hia Regiment, and served tho campaign of 1814. He lias received the War Medal with 
Ibar Claspa for Boleia, Yimiera, Yittoriu, and St Sebastian. 

69 Colonel Madox served the campaign of 1815 with the 5th Dragoons, and was present at 
the battle of Waterloo. 

70 Colonel Monkland served with the 74th Highlanders in the Kaffir Wor in 1851 (Modal). 

71 Lord James Murray served vrith tlic Scots Fusilier Guanls the Haitern campaign from I6tb 
Oet. 1864 to the 26ni May 1855, Including tho battles of Balaklava and Inkenuan, siege of 6e- 
baHopoU end aortic of S6thOct. (Medal and Clasps, 6th Class of the Medjidie,and Turkish Medal). 

72 Colonel Robert Owen served with the 72nd Regt. at tlie capture of the Capo of Oood 
Hope and battle of Blanberg in 1806. 

7S Colonel Patience was present at tho siiiTonder of Martinique aud at the capture of the 
Ssintes and Guadaloupe in 1815. 

74 Colonel Mackay served with the 68th Re^t. on the expedition to Walcheren, and at the cap- 
tare of flushing in 1809. Also in the Peninsula from June 1811 to the end of that war in 1814, 
indadittg the battle of Salamanca, retreat from Burgos, end battles of Vittoria (wounded in the 
bead), the Pyrenees, the Nivellc, ond Oi-thes, for which ho has received the War Medal with 
flf s Claspa. 

75 Colonel Pratt served with the 82nd at the siege and capture of Copenhagen in 1807; in 
Portugal and Spain in 1808-9, including the battles of Roleia and Yimiera, retreat to, and 
bstile of, Corunna, for which he has received the War Medal with three Clasps. At Walcheren 
ia 1809, and was severely woanded at the investment of Flusiiing. in 1813 ho was appointed 
to the Quarter Master Generars stsff of the army on the eastern coast of Spuin, and served with 
a portion of that army in Italy and in the South of France until tlie close of the war in 1814. 

70 Colonel Pomelt served with the 90th Light Infantry at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Clssp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Also in the Indian campaign of 1857-58 
(Medal and Oasp, CB., and Brevet of Colonel). 

77 Colonel Rsmsay served with the 49th Regiment in China (Medal) and was present at 
Asioy, Chosan, Chinhse, Ningrpo, Segoan, Woosung, Chin-kiang-foo, and Nankin. 

78 Colonel Beynardson served with the Grenadier Guards the Eastern campaign of 1854, in- 
cisding the battles dT Alma and Inkermaui and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., and 
Taildah Medal). 

79 OoioBel Riddlesden served in the Peninsula with the Royal Horse Guards and was present 
at the battles of Yittoria and Tonkmse, for which he has received the War Medal with two 
Osipa. He aerved also the Waterloo campaign. 

80 Cokiiel J. M. BobcolBon saved aith the 25th Regt. at the taking of 3Iadeira in 1807 ; 
atthec^ture of Guadaloope in 1810, and again in 1815. 

81 GoLonel Salarey served the campaigns of 1818 and 14, with the Coldstream Guards, and 
wu present at nearly all tho actions in toe Pyre nees> the eroasing of the Bidassoa^ capture of 

113 Wat 8erviee$ ofReiktd Cohmeb. 

fit Jean dt Lili» batOe of th« in?eUe, heighto of Bidart, crotdng th« Adonr, invMtaMl of 
Bayonna, and npnlaa of tha aortia. Ha haa reoeiyad the War Medal with two Claspa. 

99 Oolonel Saundanon aarred at Malta and in Sidlj. In the Li^ht Battalimi nndar 8ir 
Jamaa Kempt on the expedition to Naplea in 1806. Aocompanied the 2nd Battalion of the 89th 
Regt. to the Peninaula in 1809, and was present at the battle of Buaaco, in the retreat to iho 
Lines at Torres Vadras, and the advance from thence; re-captnre of Campo Mayor, inTeataaant 
and opening of the trenches before Badajox, battle of Albohera (slightly woonded), captore of a 
strong Dirision of the French army under General Qarard at Arroyo da Molino. wheia he was 
seTerely wounded by a musket-shot, which fractured his skull, and was seat to England Hdt 
recovery. Rejoined the army in the Peninsula, and acted as Deputy- J udge-AdToeate. After 
the battle of Toulouse embarked with a Division of the army for Canada, where he waa appointed 
to the Quarter Master General's Department, and was present at the afiair of Piattabnrg. He 
has ixHicived the War Medal with two Clasps for Busaco and Albubera. 

82t Colonel Sillery proceeded to the East with the 30th Rpgt. in May 1854. Sen-ed at Scutari 
as Commandant of the Depot formed at that station in June on the Army proceeding to Bulgaria, 
and WAS Assist. Adj .General there from Nov. 1854 to Feb. 1856 when he was removed from the 
doth Regt. and appointed by Commission Commandant of the Hoepitol and Convalescent Estab- 
lishment at Scutari, which appointment he held until the conclusion of the war. Served in New 
Zealand during the Maori war of 1 860-01 as Deputy Quarter Master General, was present at 
several affairs, and was slightly wounded at Mahoetahi. 

83 Colonel Skipwith commanded the 4Sd Lt Inf. in the Kaffir war of 1851-53 (Medal). 

85 Colonel Smith served in the Kaffir war of 1846-47, and was severely wounded. In Sir 
George Berkeley's General Order of 17th Dec. 1847 he was mentioned in the following handsome 
terms : — ** The Lieut.General begs to thank Major Smith, 7drd Regt., who has commanded the 
Head Quarters Camp during the whole of the Bctive operations, for the zeal and ability which he 
has shown" (Medal). 

80 Sir Anthony Coningham Sterling served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, first as a 
Brigade-Msjor and afterwards as Assistant Adjutant General to the Highland Division, in- 
eluding the battles of the Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopoi (Medal and 
Clasps, CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, Turkish Medal, and 4th Class of the Medjidie). 
Served as Military Secretary to Lord Clyde, iu suppression of the Indian Mutiny in 1858-50 
(Medal and Clasp, and KCB,). 

00 Colonel Sulivan served the Kastem campaign of 1854-55, including the affair of M'Ken- 
ale's Farm, battlea of Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchemaya, siege and fall of Sebaatopol (Medal 
and three Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

01 Colonel Travers served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the siege and fall of 
Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

92 Colonel Tulloch served the Eastern campaign of 1854-5«'>, with the 42nd Regiment, in- 
cluding the battles of Alma and Balaklava (commanded the Regiment), and aiege of Sebaatopol 
(Medal and Clasps, 5th Clsss of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

94 Colonel Vandeleur served in the Peninsula with the 71st Light Infantry, and afterwards 
with tiie 12th Light Dragoons, and waa present at the battles of Fuentes d'Onor (severely 
wounded), Vittoria, Pyreneca, Nivelle, and Nive, for which he haa received the War Medal 
with five Clasps. He served also the Waterloo campaign. 

95 Colonel Vicars aervod with the 6 1 at Regt in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, including 
the passage of the Chenab, and battles of Sadoolapore, Chillianwallah, and Gocjerat, and pur- 
suit of the Miemy to the Khvber Pass (Medal and two Clasps). 

98 Colonel Walpole aerved the campaign against the Rajah of Ccorg in 1884, with the S9tk 

09 Lord Westmorland served in the Punjaub campaign in 1846, and was present at the battls 
of Goojerat (Medal), for which he received the rank of Brevet Major. Served also in the Eastern 
campaign of 1854, as Aide de Camp to Lord Rsglan, including the battle of Alma, the Dis- 
patches of which he conveyed to England, and received the rank of Brevet Lieut. Colonel fMedsl 
and Clssp, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Oaasof the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

100 Colonel John Wildman served in the Peninsula, France, and Flanden, with the 7th 
Hussars, and was present at the battle of Waterloo. Has the War Medal with one Clasp for Orthes. 

101 Colonel John Mauley Wood served the Waterloo campaign with the 14th Foot. 

102 Sir Henry Wyatt served the campaigns of 1814 and 15, with the 1st Life Gnarda, and wu 
present at the battle of Toulouse, and capture of Paris. He has the War Medal with one Clan. 

103 Colonel Charles Wyndham served in the Peninsula with the 10th Husaara, and waa ptmmi 
at the battlea of Vittoria, Orthes, and Toulouse, for which he has'tha War Medal with threeClaaps. 

104 Colonel Tarborough served with the 91st Regt. in the Kaffir war (Medal and CBX 

105 Colonel John Stewart Wood aerved the Coorg campaign in 1894, in the Light Company 
of the 48th Regt: he waa on the storming partiea of the Stoney River and the aavml 
stockades leading to the capture of the Hnggal Pass, and at the taking of the hill fort of 
Nucknaud. He waa throughout the campaigns in Affgbanistan:— in 1838 and 39 aa Aide-de- 
Camp to Sir Robert Sale; in 1840, 41, and 42 aa AdjuUnt to the 13th Regt., and waa on the 
storming party of the fortress of Ghuznee (Medal); on the storming party of the town and fort 
of Tootumdurrah; had charge of and planted the ladders at the storm of Joo!ghur (wounded); 
was in the night attack at Baboo Koosh Ghur, the destruction of Kardurrah, battle of Perwan- 
durrah; at the storming of the Khoord Cabool Pass; in the skirmish of Teseen; the fonimr of 
tiia Jngdnlloek Pasa, radootion of the fort of Mamoo Khail, in the haroio defonoe of JeUmbad 

War Sifviees of Retired CoUmeU. 141 

(voHidad XtHk Mmh 1842), and in the lortlet on the 14th Not. tnd lit Deo. 1841, llthMtreb, 
S4th Meicb, and let April 1842; the battle of Jellalabad and defeat of the benegin^ force under 
Akbar Khan cm the 7 ih April 1842'hone tabred under him (Medal). Waa on the storminc 

Srty of the Jogdalluck Pose, in the battle of Tezecn, nod at the re-capturc of Cabool (Ucdal). 
rred the Eastern campaign of 18A4-55, as Assist. Adlutant-General to the 3rd Division and 
sabaeqaently to Head Qaarters, indudieg the battle of Alma, capture of Balaklava, battle of 
Inkerman, and eieffe operationa before Sebastopol, with the exception of the last attack ( Medal 
sod three Claepa, CB., Knight of the Legion of Honor, 4th Ckss of the Medjidie, and Turkish 

fVar Services of Retired Ldeutenant Colonels, 

1 LieuLColonel Alexander, served in the Pcninsala and South of France from 1812 to the 
end of that war in 1814, including the battles of Vittoria (wounded), Maya Pass, the Pyi'enees 
(i8th, 29th, 30th, and Slst July 1813), Nivelle, St. Palais, Nive, Bayonne, Ortho8, Aire, Turbesj 
and Toulouse. He has received the War Medal wiih six Cluttps. 

2 LieoL Colonel Anderson's services: — Expedition to Calabria, including the battle of 
Maida and aubscquent operations, aod capture of the fortress of Catrone*, expedition to £^pt 
in 1307 i Peninsula from April 1809 to Jan. 181:2, including the battles of Talavcra (wouxSed) 
and Busaco, retreat to the lines of Torres Vedros, and various affairs there; with the advance 
at Espinhal, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, and many other affairs and skirmishes. Served at 
the capture of Guadaloupe in 1815. Commanded a Brigade at the battle of Punniar (Mcdul), 
and was severely wounded at its head when in the act of chargiog the enemy's guns. He has 
received the War Medal with four Clasps for Maida, Tolavero, Busoco, and Fucntcs d'Oiior. 

3 Lt.Colouel Audros served with the 65th Rcgt. during the camjiaigns of 1814 and 1815 in 
Guzcrat and Kutch, and was present at the capture of the Forts of Joosio, Aiijar KhuucootOy 
Dhingee, and Dwarka. Served also throughout the Muhrattu campaigns of 1810, 17, aud 18, 
iaeluding the battle before and subsequent capture of Poouah, and the affair of Ashtee. Has 
received the Medal for Poonah. 

4 Lieut.Colouel Armstrong served at the capture of Genoa in 1814, and subsequently in the 
American war, including the capture of Wushiuj^ton, attack before Baltimore 13th Sept. 1814 ; 
sud on New Orleans, 8lh Jan. 1815, where he was wounded aud taken prisoner. Prcseut when 
Graiiam'a Town was attacked by about ton thousand Kaffirs, 22nd April 1819» and who were 
repulsed with great slaughter by three hundred men uuder the command of Colonel Wiltshire. 
Commanded iu the Kat Biver Settlement during the Kaffir war of 1834-5, and wa^i thanked in 
General Orden for his defence of that locality against an attack of Kaffirs on the 19th Feb. 1835. 
Served also throughout the whole of the Kaffir war of 1840-7, and was present at the attack on 
the Amatols, 16th April 1840, and two subsequent days' engagement. 

5 Lt.Colonel Astley served with the Scots Fusilier Guardbi in the Eastern campaign of 1854 
mtil aeverely wounded at the battle of Alma. Served at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, from 
2 May 1855 (Medal and two Clasps, Brevet of Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish 


Lt.Colonel Aylmer served with the 80th Begt. at the siege aud fall of Sebastopol from 
15th l>ee. 1855, including the attacks on the 18th June and 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, 
Brevet Lt.C4ilonel, Knight of the Ijegion of Honor, 5th Clo^s of the Medjidie, and Tui-kish Medal). 

7 Lieut.Colouel Bad[deley served with the 4Uth llegt. iu China (Medal), and was present at 
Amoy, Chusan (2nd capture), Ningpo, Segoan, Chapoo,. Woosung, aud Chin Kiang Foo, at 
vhieh last he was twice wounded— once dangerously by a ball which fractured the thigh-bone. 

12 Sir Henry Bayly served the campaign of 1808*9, including the retreat to and battle of 
Corunna. Also on the Walcheren Expedition, and present at the sieg^ of Flushing. Embarked 
with the 51at Light Infantry for Lisbon in 1811, and was present at the battle of Fuentes d'Onor, 
corering the siege of Ciudad Bodrigo, secoud siege of Badiyoz, storming the Fort of St. Chris- 
tovalt^Sair near Val Moresco, battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the Betiro, covering 
the siege of Burgos, retreat into Portugal, battles of Vittoria, the three days in the Pyrenees, 
ind on the heights of I.asaca in front of Sebaatian, where he lost his left arm and was shot in 
His right arm. lias received the War Medal with five Clasps. 

13 Iieut.Colonel Beckham served the Peninsular campaigns of 1812, 13, and 14. 

14 LtCoLThos. Bell served with the 48th at the blockade of Malta, and siege of La Valetta. 
Also in the Peninsula from 1809 to the end of that war in 1814, including the passage of the 
Douro. battle of Albuhera (wounded), actions at Aldea de Ponte and Fuente Guinaldo, siege of 
Ciadfid Bodrigo, siege and assault of Badijos (severely wounded), battles of Salamanca, the 
Pyrenees, Nivelle, Orthes, and Toulouse. He has received the Qold Cross for Salamanca, 
Pyrenees, Nivelle, and Orthes, having on those occasions commanded the regiment ; and the 
Silver War Medal with fbnr Clasps for Albuhera, Ciudad Bodrigo, Badajoz, and Toulouse. 

15 Lt.Colonel Bickerstaff served in the Indian Mutiny campaign; commanded the Head 
Qutrtera of the Carabineers in the action of Kukrowlie, and at the taking of Baroilly ; com- 
manded a wing of the Begiment at the attack and bombardment of Shahjehsnpore ; commanded 
the right cavalry attack in several subsequent affairs against the Moulvie. Commanded the 
Carabineers with Lord Clyde's force in the Oudc campaign, including the action at Doon- 
deakerea; also in the TransGogra campaign, including the affair near Churda, taking of 
Fort Meejeedia, attack on Baukec, with pursuit to the Buptee (several times mentioned in 
despatches, Brevet of LtCulonel, uud Medal). 

and destruction of Istaliff. He senred also the campaign on the Sntlej in 1845-G (Medal) as 
.Aide de Camp to Sir John M'Caskill at the battle of Moodkee, wYieie tlh«>\«^^QfT Qi«n.«R\ 

1 J 5 War Services of Retired Lieutenant Colonels. 

killacl,— tB Aide do C«inp to Brigadier WftUace (who was killed) at Ferozebhah (charg«r shot), 
— and in command of the Light Company of the 9 th at Sobraon. Served at the siege uf Sebaa- 
topol from Xov. 1854 to Feb. 1855 (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medyidie, and Turkiah 

17 Lt. Colonel Blennerhasset served with the 71st Lt. Infantry at the siege and fall of Sebas- 
topol, from 20 Deo. 1854 to 13 Feb. 55 (Medil and Clasp). Served also in the Indian campaign. 

18 Lord Bingliam served the Eastern campaig^n of 1854 as Aide dc Camp to Lord Lucan, 
includin;; ihe battles of Alma, Bolaklava, and lukcnnan (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the 
Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

UO Lt.Colonel Edward Bondecivid with the 5Srd Itegt. in the Sulk-j campaign in 1846, and 
was present at tho afi'air of Buddiwal, and actions of Aliwal and Sobraon (Mcoal and Clasp). 

21 Lt.Colonel Henry Bond served in the 17th Light Dragoons at the taking of Anjar in Cutch 
in 1816 : also throughout the Mahratta campaign of 1817 and 18. He was present with the llth 
Light Dragoons at the siege and capture of Bhurtporc in 1825-6 (Medal). Accompanied the drd 
Light Dragoons into Affghanistau with tho force under Sir George Pollock, and was present at 
the.forcing of the Khyber Pass, and in every engagement in the advance of tlie army on Cabool : 
also commanded the Rear Guard on three different occasions, — engaged the enemy at Tezecn and 
JugduUuck, and safely covered and protected the whole of the baggage of the army, notwitb- 
standin;:^ the repeated attacks of the eucmy (Medal). 

23 Lieut.Coloncl Bonham was present with the 50th Regiment in the battle of Punniar 
(Medal). He served also the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal and three Clasps), in 1845-6, 
including the battles of Moodkee, Fcrazeshah, Aliwal, and Sobraon (dangerously wounded). In 
all the»c actions he commanded the Light Company. 

33 Lt.Colonel Bouveric served in the Persian war in 1857 as a Brlg^e Major, including the 
bombardment of Mohamrah (Brevet Major, Medal and Clasp). Served with the 78th High- 
landers in Bengal with Havelock's column from its first taking the field in 1857, including the 
actions of Futtehpore, Aoung, Pandoo Nuddeo, Cawnpore, Onao, Busseerutgunge (1st and 2nd), 
Buorbcakechowkee, and Bithuor ; as Brigade Major in the several actions leading to and ending in 
the relief of Lucknow and sub^icquent defence ; with Outram's force at Alunibagh, including 
the repulse of the numerous attacks, and in the operationn ending in the final capture of Luck- 
now (Brevet of Lt.Coloacl, Medal and CInsp, and a year's service for Lucknow). 

24 Lt.Coloncl Bradford served the Eastern campaign up to 10th Nov. 1854 as Aide de Camp 
to Sir Richard England, and was present at the battles of Alma, Balakluva, and Inkerman 
(severely wounded), and siege of Scbustopid (Medal and Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and 
Tnrkiiih Medal). 

25 Lt.Colonel E. J. V. Brown served with the 88th Regt the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebaatopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet of Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

26 Lt. Colonel Bushe served in the Indian campaign from Feb. 1858 to March 1859, and was 
present at the repulse of the enemy's attack on the Alumbagh, siege and capture of Lucknow, 
affair of Barree, action of Nawabgungc (mentioned in despatches), occupation of Fysabad, 
passage of the Goomtee at Sultanpore, affair of Shahpore, throughout the Byswarra campaigB, 
including the affairs of Kandoo Nuddce, Palceghat, and taking the forta of RehoTa and 
Reowlee; also tho Trans-Gogra campaign, including the affair near Churda and pursuit^ taking 
the fort of Mujeedia, attack on Bankec with purtuit to the Raptee, advance into Nepaul and 
affair at Sitkaghat (Brevets of Major and Lieut. Colonel, Medal and Clasp). 

27 Lieut.Coloncl B. P. Browne served tho campaign of 1815 with the llth Dragoons, and was 
pi'esent at the battle of Waterloo. Also at tho siege and capture of Bhurtpore, under Lord Com- 
bermcrc, in 18*25-6 ; and was a rolunteer for the dismounted cavalry storming party. 

28 Lieut.CoIouel George Browne served with tho 23rd Regiment in Portugal and Spain, in 
1808-9, including the retreat to, and battle of Corunna. On the expedition to Walchcrau In 
1809; the Peninsula campaigns of 1810, 11, 12, and 13, including the siege of Olirenca, first 
investment of Badajoz, battie of Albuhcra, affairs of Fuente Guinaldo and Aldea de Ponte, siega 
of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and assault of Badajoz, battle of Salamanca, retreat from Madrid, 
affair at Osma, and battles of Vittoria and the Pyrenees. Very severely wounded at tho assault 
of Badajoz, slightly at Salamanca, and wounded at the Pass of Ronceavalles in the Pyrenees. 

29 Lieut.Coloncl Bruce served in the 79th Highlanders in Portugal, Spain, and France fkt>m 
1812 to the end of that war in 1814, including the battles of the Pyrenees from the 2dth Jnly 
to tlie 2nd August, tho Uockade of Pampeluna, battles of the Nivelle and Nive (10th to 
13th Dec), investment of Bayonne, and battle of Toulouse. Served also the campaisirn of 1815, 
and was severely wounded at Quatre Bras ; and was with the army of occupation in France 
until 1817. Has the War Medal with four Clasps, the Waterloo Medal, and is a KIF, 

30 Lt.Colonel C. S. Burdett served with the Coldst. Guards at the siege and fall of Sebaatopol 
from Dec. 1854 CMedal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkifrh Medal). 

31 Sir John Borgoyne served urith the Grenadier Guards in the Eastern campaign of 1854, 
and was severely wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

32 Lt Colonel A.W. D. Burton served in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, and commanded the 
5th Dragoon Quanls at the battles of Balaklavajnkerman, andTchcrnaya, and siege of Sebastopol. 
(Medal and three Clasps, Brevet Major, C!B., 5th Cla^s of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medals). 

33 Liout.CoIonel Francis A. Burton served at the siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 
and Turkish Medal). 

34 Lieut Colonel Cainc served in the Nepaul campaign of 1815, and was present in aetkm at 
Jeetghur. In the Deocan war of 1817 and 18, including tho action at Jhubbnlpoi«, wheie be 

War Services of Retired Lteuienant Colaneb, 1 16 

drried llic re^imentQl coloar of the 17th In the attack of the heights defended hy the Arabs. Ho 
«M Major of Brigade at the assault and capture of Bhunpore, and was present during the whole 
of the siege : wounded by a grnpe shot in the left foot whilst charg^ing the enemy's guns on the 
d^y of the capture. He commanded the Grcnadirrs of the 2fUh at tlie capture of Cliusau 
5th July 1840, and was British Commissioner, and Military Magistrate of that island until its 
<-noflintion in Feb. 1841. He was attached to General Srraubcnzce at the c^tpture of Canton In 
Dec. 1857, and escaladed with Captain Kean's Company 5!)th Rcgt.— General tftraubcnzee in his 
despatch says *' in thanking the officers who accompanied me on the 28th and 29th (Dec. 1857) 
ibremost of whom I must name that old, distinguished, and still energetic officer the Lieutenant 
Goremor of Hong Kong, Lt.Col. Csine, whose martini sphrit could not be restrained when the 
ficeoe of war was so near his Government." He held the appointment of Lt.Govemor of Hong 
K<Hig for nearly six years; administered the Government for 18 months, and in that period pre« 
pared the laland to resist Ru^ian invasion in 1854, when he raised a Corps of Volunteers and 
was Dnanimoitsly elected Colonel. In Nov. 1857 he put down an ^mcuto in which 20,000 
Chinese were opposed to the Government. Upon the abolitiou of the post of Lieut.Govemor General 
of Hong Kong he received the thanks of Grovemment for his past valuable services, embracing a 
period of military and civil duties Including 45 years' continuous fomgn son'ices, and he is now 
rewarded with a liandsome Ci>il Pension. Has received the Indian War Medal with two Clasps 
for Nepaul and Bhurtpore, and the China Medal with two Cla^tiw. 

35 Lieat.Colonel Cadell served at the sieg^ of Copenhagen, in 1807 ; with the expedition to 
Sweden, and afterward to the Peninsula, including the battle of Corunna ; with the expedition to 
Walcheren, in 1800; the Peninsula campaigns from 1811 to the end of that war in 1814, in- 
cluding the following battles, sieges, &c., viz. : — Barrosa (slightly wounded^, Cadiz, Arroya dc 
Molino, Almaraz (reduction of forts), Vittoria, Pyrenees (25th to 31st July), Nivelle, Nive, St. 
Pakrs, Orthes, and Toulouse. Served also the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle 
of Waterloo. 

38 Lt.Colonel Chetwode served with the 8th HuAsars the Eastern campaign of 1854, and up 
to 2Dd Aug. 1855, including the battles of Alma, Balaklavn, and Inkcrman, affairs of Bulganak 
and M'Kenzle's Farm, and siege of Sebnstopol, having commanded Lord Raglan's Escort in the 
Crimea up to the time of his Lordship's death (^Medal and four Clnsps, Brevet of Major, 
5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). Also served in Rajpootana and Central India in 
1668-59, and was present at the capture of Kotah, reoccupation of Cliundaree, battle of 
Kolahkeaerai, capture of Gwalior, sie^e of Powree, action of Bccj.ipore, battle of Sindwaho 
(wounded)^ and actions of Koorwye and Naliargur (several times mentioned in despatches, 
Medal and Clasp, and Brevet of Lt.Colonel). 

St9 Sir Riehard Church served at the Ferrol in 1800; the Egyptian campaign of 1801, including 
the actions of the 8th, 13th, and 21st March, and taking of Alexandria. Served afterwards in 
Naplea, Sicily, and Calabria, and was present at the battle of Maida, and defence of Capri, at 
which laat he was wounded in the head. At the capture of I:«chia in 1809; on the expedition to 
the Ionian Isles, and at the taking of Zante and Cephalonia. Severely wounded in an attack on 
Stellann,— left arm shattered by a mwiket-shot. Sir Ricliard has received tlie War Medal with 
one Clasp for Maida ; Grand Cross of St. George and Reunion, and Commander of St. Ferdi- 
nand and Merit, of Naples. 

40 Licot.CoIonel Clephane served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, inclu«ling the battles of 
Alma and Balaklava, siege of Sebastopol, assault on 1 8th June, expedition to Kortch and Yenikale 
(Medal and tliree Clasp, Brevet of Lt.ColoneI, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). 

4d Lt.Colonel Cocks served with tiie Coldstream Guards at the s!rs:e and full of Sebastopol 
from 2nd 3Iay 1865 (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

43 Lt.Cokmel Coles served with tlie 4th Light Dragoons in the canii)uign under Lord Keane 
ia Scinde and Afi^banistan in 1838-9, and wm present at tiie taking of Ghuznee (Medal). Com- 
manded a Sqaadron of the 9th Lancers at the relief of Luclcnow by Lord Clyde in Nov. 1857, 
afao at the battle of Cawnpore on 6th Dec, and action at Seraighnt, capture of Mcangunge where 
his Uofse was killed in personal encounter with the enemy ; commanded a detached force of 
Horse Artillery and Cavalry to cooperate with Brigadier Franks, also two Squadrons of the 9th 
Lancers in the attack on the Moosabagh, and commanded the Regiment during the summer cam- 
paign in Onde and Roiiileund inclnding tlie actioa^ at Rliodamow and Allygunge, capture of 
Baniilly, action at Shahjehanpore and pursuit to Mahomdee; present with Grant's fi>rcu in the 
lAiir at Kumdakote (thrice mentioned in despatches. Brevets of Major and Lt.Colonel, Medal 
tod Clasp). 

44 LienLColottd James R. Colthnrst served in the Peninsula, and was present at the battles of 
Corunna and Salamanea, for which he has received the War Medal with two Clasps. He served 
also the campaign of 1815, and was slightly wounded at Waterloo. 

45 LieutColonel Cowell-Stepney served with the Coldstream Guards in tiie campaigns of 
1810-1 1*1 2* 13 in Portngal and Spain. Was present with his Regt. in the retreat from Busaco, 
lines at Torres Vedras, advance after Massena to Santarem, and the French army's subsequent 
retreat from Portngal, affairs of Redinha and Foz d'Arouee, buttle of Fuentcs d'Onor, siege of 
Ciadad Rodrigo, covering army of Badajox, battle of Salamanca, affair of Larena, sicirc of 
Biirgua (led a storming party, 18th Oct.) retreat into Portugal, advance into Spain, affair of 
0*mfl, battle of Vittoria, affair of Tolosa, siege of St. Sebastian, and affair on the Bldassoa, after 
whicli lie left the army for England in command of a detachment in cliarge of the garrison 
of St. Sebastian as prisoneni of War. In 1814 he waa at the bombardment of the French fleet at 
Antwerp. In 1815, Waterloo campaign and capture of Paris. In 1816-18, witli army of 
Occapation in France. Has the War Medal with four Clasps and the Waterloo Medal and is a KH, 

117 War SemceB of Retired Lieutenant Cohmb. 

46 lieatColonel Hon. P. F. Cuit terFed with the Srd Dragoon Guards in the Panlnrala from 
April 1809 to the end of that war in 1814, except the year 1812 ; and he wae preicnt at tha 
battles of Tala?era and Busaco, in all the affairs with his Regiment on the Retreat to the Lines 
of Lisbon, and lastly at the battle of Toulouse. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps 

47 JiOnl Dangan served in the Crimea from the 17th July 1856, as Aide de Camp to Lord 
Rokeby (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie'and Turkish Medal). Senred as Aide de 
Camp to Lord Clyde in the Oude campaign (Medal and Brevet of Major). 

48f LLColonel Davis was present with a squadron of the 22nd Light Dragoons at the battle of 
Maheidpore, 2l8t Dec. 1817 ; and at the tailing of Talnier in 1818. 

49 Lieut.Colonel Hon. B. A. O. Dabsell served the Bastern campaign of 1854-55, with the 
63rd Retdment, including the actions in the Crimea and siege of Sebostopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Sardinian and Turkish Medals). 

49t LieutColonel Day commanded the 99th Regt. during the campaign of 1860 in China, and 
was present at the surrender of Pekin (Medal with Clasp). 

60 Sir William de Bathe served as Aide de Camp to Sir John Stuart in the diffisrent operations 
in the Mediterranean and defence of Sicily when attacked by Murat, also in the expedition to the 
Bay of Naples and reduction of Ischia and Procida, and received the Order of St. Ferdinand of 
Merit. Subsequently he served in the Peninsula, and was present during the retreat from Barges, 
passage of the Bidassos, and in the battles of Nivelle and Nive, and investment of Bayonne, 
for which he has the War Medal with two Clasps. In 1813 he embarked for America, was 
present at the attacks upon Washington, Baltimore (wounded), and New Orleans, and was 
mentioned in the despatches for personal bravery in the field, for which he was promoted 
Brevet Major. 

50t Lt Colonel de Morel served in tha Eastern campaign of 1854*55 as Aide de Caap to 
General Estconrt, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebas- 
topol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honour, 5th Claaa of the 
Me<yidie, and Turkish Medal). 

61 Lieat.Colonel H. R. Digby served with the 52nd Regt. with the Walclieren Expedition in 
1809, and subsequently in the Peninsula in the Light Division, including the siege of Cludad Eo- 
drigo, retreat from Burgos, battle of Vittoria, ad vance in the Pyrenees, affair of Tarbes and D'Oleron, 
and battle of Orthes and Toulouse on the staff of Sir Andrew Barnard (War Medal with four Clasps). 

6i LtColonel De Visme has the War Medal with one Clasp for the battle of Fnentes d'Onor. 

63 LtColonel Dickson served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the 30th Regt., indnding tiia 
battles of Alma (severelj wounded) and Inkerman (wounded), siege of Sebastopol, and repnlse 
of the sortie of 26th Oct. (Medal and three Clasps, 5th CUssof the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

64 Lt.Colonel J. A. Digby served with the 12th Lancers in the Kaffir war of 1851-63 (Medal). 
Served with the Grenadier Guards before Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

66 Lieut.Colonel Dillon served in the expedition to St Domingo in 1809. Served also in 
China (Medal), and was present at the first capture of Chusan, storm and capture of the heights 
above Canton, and of the sea^batteries on Amoy, and subsequent capture of the city. 

66f Lt. Colonel Disbrowe served in the Peninsula with the Grenadier Guards from March 
1810 to July 1813. In Holh&nd from Dec. 1813 to Oct 1815, and was present at the stormiag 
of Bergen op Zoom (wounded), and battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo. 

56 Lt.Colonel M. T.Doyle sailed in 1805 with Lord Cathcart*s expedition to Hanover, and 
betngr sMpwreoked be came a prisoner of war to the Dutch. In 1808 he went with Sir Arthur 
WeUesley^B expedition toPortogal and was shot through the body at Roleia. In 1809 he was at 
the siege, sortie, and capture of Flushing^ and storming of Fort Ramakins. In 1810, 1 1, and It 
he served in the Peninsul a in Pioton*s Division, — in pursuit of MassenafhHnSantarem, actions 
at Pombal, Redinba, Boblida, Condeixa, Sabugal, and Fnentes d* Onor i sieoe of Badajot in 
1811, cavalry affair at El Bodon, siege and storm of Cindad Bodrigo, siege and storm of Bada- 
Joi (a bail lodged in the o avity of the cheat, Qneztracted—a ball through the right arm, whi^ 
was splinterecf— neck and head wounded) ; battle of Salamanoa, oapture of Madrid and tha Ba> 
tiro. In 1814 embarked for Canada in command of a detachment of the 6th — ^repelled two 
attacks on the Transport by Privateers. FresenI with the Army at Plattsbiffg. Ho has n* 
oaived tha War Medal with seven Clasps. 

57 LtColonel Drought served in the Peninsula, France, and Flanders with the 13th Dragoons, 
and has the War Medal withfive Clasps for Albohera, Vittoria, Nivelle, Orthes, and T<raIoase. 

58 LUColonel Edwards served with the S7th Regt. on the Coast of Calabria, and was present 
at the capture of a frigate, corvette, and 24 gun-boats in the Bay of Naples ; also at the taking 
of Ischia and Procida in 1800 ; the subsequent campaigns in the Peninsula, including the action 
at Ordal, battle of Castalla, affair in front of Villa Franca, siege of Tarragona, and^ invaatment 
of Bayonne. Served afterwards in t he American vrar, and was present at the action at Piattsburg. 

59 Lt.Colonel Ellison landed in the Crimea on the 16th Oct 1854, from which period he 
served as Brigade Major with the Brigade of Guarda, and was present at the battles of Balaklava 
and Inkerman (promoted Brevet Major), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevets oi 
Mijor and LtColonel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Claas of the Medjidie, and Turkish 

00 LieutColonel Falkiner served in the Peninsula with the 61 si Regt., and was present at the 
battlea of Talavera, Bumico, and Sala manca, for which he has the War Medal with three Clasps. 

61 LicntColoncl Feilden served (he Eastern campaign of 1854-55, witli the 44th Regt., 
including the battles of AUna and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, aad 
Torkish Medal). 

War 8erviee$ ofHetited Lieutenant Cohneb. 118 

M UeatColooel Fendell tenred in the Peninsula from 1800 to the end of the war, inelading 
the btttlee of AllNiherB» Usagre, Yittoria, and Touloufe. 

63 Lt.Colonel FIsIl eerred as At^jutant of the 17th Light Dragoons daring the campaign of 

64 Lord Gbarles FitzRoy was at the battle of Comnna, and served on the Walcheren Bzpe- 
ditioQ with the Guards. In 1811, he joined Lord Hill's staff, and was present at the siege and 
capture of Badiyoz, battles of Yittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, Toulouse, and Waterloo, 
and has received the War Medal with eight Clasps. He also served two years with the Army of 
Occopation in France. 

65 Lord Frederick FitsRoy served under 8ir Robert Stopford during the operations on the 
coast of Syria in 1840 (Medal). 

06 Lt.Colonel Farquharson served in the Crimea from 18th Nov. 1854 until 7th Aug. 1866, in- 
elading the siege of Sebastopol (severely wounded) : (Medal witli one Clasp, 6th Class of the 
Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

67 LieoLColonel Jonathan Forbes accompanied the 78th Regiment to Holland aa a Tolun- 
tssr, and waa pre se nt in action at Merzem 13th January, also on the 2nd February 1814, and at 
the bombardment of Antwerp. Served also the campaign of 1814 and 1815 in Flanders. 

68 Iit.C!olonel fortescue served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the affiiirs 
of Bnlgaaae and M'Kenaie*s Farm, battles of Alma (horse killed), Balaklava, aiM Inkeman, 
esptora of Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevets of Major and 
LlGoL, Saidinian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

69 Lt.Colonel the Hon. A. E. Fraser served the Eastern campaign of 1864 with the Scots Fusilier 
G^Ards, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol and sortie on 
the 90Ch Oct. (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 6th Clasa of 
the Medjidie). 

70 Lt.G<rfoBri Francis Fuller served with the 69th at the capture of the C^ape of Good Hope hi 
1806; the Penhisular campaigns from Dec. 1812 to Feb. 1814, including the battle of Yittoria, 
liege of San Sebastian, and battle of the Nive, where he was wounded in the shoulder and 
th^ CaiDpaign of 1815, including the battle of Waterloo, storming of Cambray, and capture 
of Paris. Commanded the regiment at the siege and capture of Bhnrtpore, in 1825-6, under 
Lord Combermere, and was slightly wounded in the arm. He has received the Oold Medal 
for San Sebaatian, having commanded the regiment there } and the Silver War Medal with 
three Clnapa for Yittoria, Nivelle^ and Nive. 

71 Liettt.Col«nel F. H. Fuller proceeded to the Peninsula in 1808, and was present witht e 
53rd Regt. at the capture of Oporto, battles of Talavera, Busaco, and Faentes d'Onor, beaides 
viriona akirmishea. He baa received the War Medal with two Clasps for Talavera and Busaco. 

7i Lient.ColaBel Gamer joined the 1st BatUlioc of the 40th Regt. in the Pyrenees in 1818, 
aad he served in the campfUgn of that and the following year. He has received the War Medal 
with one Clasp for Nivelle. 

73 Sir William Qordon (17 th Lancers) served in the Eastern campaign of 1864-65, .including 
the batUe of Balaklava (wounded and horse shot) and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, 
Kalght of the Legion of Honour, 6th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Served in 
tiie csunpaign of Central India, and commanded a Squadron in the affiiirs of Rajghur, Mon- 
gpowlee, Sindwaho, Kharee, and Zerapore (twice mentioned in despatches for gallant conduct at 
B^gharand Mongrowlee, Brevet of Major, and Medal). 

74 LlenLCoIonel Goodi served in Holland in 1814, and commanded an advanced party in 
protection of the ladders at the attack on Bergen-op-Zoom. Present with the Light Companlea 
of the aaeond Brigade of Guards at the battle of Quatre Bras, and assisted in the defence of 
Hoagoomont at the battle of Waterloo. 

76 Lient.Golonel Gordon served the campaigns of 1810, 17, and 18, in Malwa ; in the Persian 
Gulf In 1819 and 80, and in Ava in 1826 and 86. Wounded at Donabew 80th March, and on 
the HeightB near Prome, 8nd Dec. 1886. 

76 LLColonel Grove served throughout the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal). Served also in 
the Crimen at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and was severely wounded at the assault of the 
Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Lt.(3ol., Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 
ariktah Medal). 

77 Lord George Lennox served in the 9th Lancers and 16th Hussars during the eampaigna of 
1819, 18 and 14 in the Peninsula ^ was present at the aflfair of Morales de Tore, battle of 
l^ttoria, blockade of Pampeluna, and battle of the Pyrenees, and served as Aide de Camp to 
the DnIbB of Wellington at the battles of Nivelle, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, from which last 
place he brought home the despatches. Also served as Aide de Camp to the Duke of Welling- 
toa in the eampaigu of 1816 including the action at Quatre Bras, battle of Waterloo, and 
occupation of Paris. Has received the War Medal with six Clasps, and the Waterloo Medal. 

78 Lt.C(^nel Hague served with the 67th Regt. throughout the campaign of 1860 in North 
China, including the aotion of Sinho, taking of Tangkn, capture of the inner Taku Fort, and sur- 
lender of Pekio (Medal with two Clasps). Commanded a detachment 67th Regt in the operationB 
against the Taeping rebels in the vicinity of Shanghai in April and May 1802. 

81 LLColonel James Halkett served with the Cloldstream Guards in the Oimea from 18th Oct. 
to 7th Nov. 1854 and wss present at the siege of Sebastopol, and battles of Balaklava and Inker- 
man — severely wounded (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 6th Class of the 
Medlidie, and Tnipkish Medal). 

88 LlentColonel George Hall served in the Peninsula from January 1811 to Jime 1818, and 
ifiin from October 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, indndlng the battle of Foentea d'Owir, 

1 19 fVar Services of Retired lAeutenant CohneU. 

siegct of Cindad Kmlrigo and Badajoz (severely wounded), battle of the !flv«| Oifbet, abd IRta- 
lousc. Served also tlio campaign of 1815, and \vo9 present at the battle of Waterloo. 

83 Licut.CoIonel Hamndll served the caiD})nign of 1814 !n Upper Canada. 

84 Licut.CoIonel Ilardinf; Mirvcd in the Prniiibula with tfie 5th Reg t. from Auga.^t 181S, to 
the end of thnt war in 1814, inchiding the retreat from Huiirog nnd Madrid, battle of Vlttoria, 
blockade ^of Pampeluna, battles of the P^'renoes from the 2({th to the 20th July, the Nlvdle and 
the Nivc (from 0th to Idth Dec) ; passage of the GAvo d'Olcron, battle of Orthe«, actions of Vie 
Blgorro and Turbes, and battle of Toulouse. 

85 Lt.CoIonel Hardy served with the 58th Kcgimcnt in New Zealand, and was present at the 
attack and ropulso of the liohtilu natives on the settlement and stockades of Waoganui, 10th 
May, and action of tlic 10th July 1847. 

80 Lt.CoIonel Harries iservcd witli the 3rd Regt. tlio Eastciii campaign of 1854, inclading 
the battles of Ahna, Balaklava, and Inkerihan (severely woundedj, and siege of Sebaatopol 
(Medal and Clasps, 13i*evet Lt.CoIonel, Knight of tlie Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, 
and Turkish Medal). 

88 Lieut.CoIonel John Clirlstophcr Harrison served at the siege of Copenhagen and capture 
of the Danish fleet In 1807 ; the campaign of Martinique, siege and capturo of Fort Bourbon In 
1809. Served afterwards in the Peninsula and was preiK^it at the actions of Redlnha and Campo 
Mayor, siege and capture of Olivenca, siege of Badajoz in 1811, battle of Albnhera (teverely 
wounded), siege and capture of Ciudad Rodrlgo, siege and storming of Badajoz (received tliree 
severe wounds on the grand broach of San Trinidad). He has received the War Medal with fear 
Clasps, and alsa the Waterloo Medal. 

89 Lt.CoIonel Hawkins ser\'ed witli the 1st Battalion Royals the Eastern Campaigns of IB64 
and up to Hrd July 1855, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of i^ebostopol 
(Medal aud Clasps, Brevet Licut.CoIonel, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

90 Lt.CoIonel Hillier acted as Aide de Camp to Brigadier Cureton in the action of Maharajpore, 
29th Dec. 1843 (Modal); and served as Aide de Camp to the Governor General, with the army 
of the Sutlej, and was severely wounded in the action at Moodkee (Medal). 

92 Lt.CoIonel Haygarth served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Eastern campaign of 
1854 until severely wounded at the battle of Alma — shot through shoulder and thigh (Medal 
and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

93 Sir Samuel Raymond Jarvis served with the 25 that the capture of Martinique in 1809, and 
of Guadaloupo in 1810, for which he has received the silver WacBIodal with two Claspe. 

94 Lt.Colonel Holder served with the Scots Fusilier Guards at the siege and fall of Sebaatopol 
from Nov. 1854 (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

96 Lieut.CoIonel Humfrcy joined the 45th Regt. in the Peninsula in 1811, and served there 
until the end of that war in 1814, inclading the siege and storm of Cindad Rodrigo— aeverely 
wounded, siege and storm of Badajoz — in both of these attacks he served in the storming party 
composed of the Flank Companies ; storm of Fort Picuriiia under General Kempt, battlt of 
Salamanca, capture of Madrid, retreat therefrom into Portugal, battle of 'Vittoria, bloekadsof 
Pampeluna, battle of the Pyrenees (severely wounded), battles of the Nivelle, Orthes, and Toa- 
louse, besides numerous minor aflkirs and skirmishes. lie has the War Medal with nine Clii8|Mb 

97 Lt.Colonel E. D. Hunt served with the 9th Lancera in the last Punjaub eampaign, and ftm 
present at the battles of Chillian wallah and Goojerat (Medal aud Clasps). Served the Bastan 
cam])uigu with the 0th Dragoons, including the battles of Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchamaya, 
and siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 6th Chss 
of the Medjidie). 

90 Lt.Colonel D. W. G. James served in the campaign in the Southern Mahratta country in 
1844 (including the storm and capture of the fortress of Punella), and part of that Jn the Con- 
can and Sawant Warree country in 1844 and 45. A\^ in the Kaffir war of 1861-6S (Medal); 
and with the expedition north of the Orange River in 1852-3. 

100 Lt.Colonel Hon. J. S. Jocelyn served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Easttfn. cam* 
paign of 1854 and up to 1 July 1855 includinor the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, 
siege of Sebastopol, and sortie of 20th Oct. (Medal aud Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Uunor, 
5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

101 Licut.CoIonel Wm. Fred. Johnston ser\'cd in the Peninsula in 1814. Was pieaent at the 
battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, and taking of Peronne. 

102 Lt.Colonel H. M. Jones served with the 13th Lt. Infantry in the Crimea from 80th Jaas 
1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidis, 
and Turkish Medal). Also in the Indian campaign of 1857-58 ^Brevet of Major and Medal). 

103 LtCuloncl Kelson served with the late 103i*d in the American war, and was present in tlw 
action of Lundv's Lane at the storming of Fort Erie, on the morning of the 15U& August 1814, 
and at the repulse of the sortie on the 9 th September following. 

104 Licut.CoIonel Kingscote served the Eastern campaign of 1854-56, as Aidc-de-CaBp to 
Lord Raglan, inclndini; the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Cla9i>s, CB., and Turkish Medal). 

105 Lt.Colonel Learmonth served with the 17th Lancers in the Eastern campaign of 18M^Ui 
(Medal and Clasp for Sebastopol, 5th Cla«s of tlie Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). Also in the 
Indian campaign of 1857-58 (Medal). 

107 Lt.Ctdunel Lg Couteur served during the whole of the last war in America. IIo was 
Adjutant to Colonel I>e Harem, who commanded the Light Division and seven hundred i"M<fg n«g 
under Generals Vinocnt and De Rottonbnrg on the Niagara frontier s wss csigaged at Saokttl'a 
Harbour, the battle of Niagara, and was in the storming division at Fort Erie, wh«r» ha wm •, 

W§T Servieet of Betired Lieutmmt Cohnds. 120 

Mom np by tha nringliup of % mine ; preient also tt the action of the Cross RoaJs and nian3' 
iIIMiSm with the I4ght Dirision. 

108 Lr.CoIontfl Lewes aerved with " The Baffif" at tho siege of Sebastopol in 18f>o, and 
poMMandcd the coTerine party of the Buffi at the assault of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal 
nd CU^p, Brevet Mmot, Knight of the Legion of Honor, r)th Class of the Medjidie, and 
Tvkish Hedel). 

109 Lt.CoIonel Lewis served with the 68 ch Light Lifuntry throughout the E^it^m 
caBpaign of 1854-55, indading the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebot-topol 
(Medal and four Chisps, Brevets of Major nnd LtColonel, 5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish 

no Sir John Soott LiOie served in the 6th Uegt. with the first expedition to Portugal in IS08, 
Ukl was ^reaent at the battles of Roleia and Vimiero, and capture of Lisbon. In IS(»9, iik 
Captain in the Lmitanian Legion, in variona engagementa for the defence of Portugal during 
tkt i«poitant interval between the embarkation at Corunna and the return of tho second expe- 
dition to Lisbon. Campaign of 1810— Battle of Busaco, and retreat to tho Lines nt Tories 
Yedras. 1811— Aetlons o? Pombal and Bediuha, capture of Campo Mayor, sieges of Oliveac.i 
ind Bedajos. 1812 — ^Battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid, nnd retreat from Burgos. 1813 
— ^Vctiona at Ardea de Ponte, Osma, and Briage of Subijana de Morellos (wounded), battle of 
Yiitoiia, blockade of Pampeluna, actions in the Pyrenees on the 24th, 25tb, 26th, 28th, and .Ooth 
Joly, actions of Lmn and St. Martial, capture of San Sebastian, passage of the Bidassoii, baulrs 
of the Hivelle (woonded) and the Nive. 1 8 M— Battles of Orthes and Toulouse, at which 
he was aeverely wounded and left for forty-eight hours on the field of battle, supposed to hiive 
bean killed. Sir John has received the Qokl Crobs for the battles of the Pyrenees, ^ivrllr, 
Orthss, and Toulouse; and the Silver War l^Iedal with seven Clomps for the others. Was sc1( cted 
ia 1831 by the Begent of Portugal to organize and command an expetiition to that country 
with the rank of Major General to aupport tho claims of Queen Donna Maria. 

111 Lioat*Colonel P. Lindesay served in tho Crimea during 1865, and commanrlefl tlic fi:)nl 
Regt. at the assault on tho Redan on the IBtli June, and on tho 8th Sept. ^severely wounded) ; 
alM) atil»e bombardment and capture of Kiuboum (Mcdul and C'lasps, and Turkish Mfdul ). 

112 Llei;t.Colonel Hon. C. H. Liudsay served with tlic 43rd Li^ht Infantry in (.'amuJa dniinjf 
tilt.' insurrection of 18«'i7-38. Served in the Grenadier Guards in the ('liniean cuinpai^n (tiirin:r 
the winter of 1854-55, including the flank march from Alma to Duluklavu, takin;; of HaIakIu^a, 
battle of Belaklava, repulse of the powerful sortie on the *i(3th Oct. lbo4, hattlo of Inkcrinini. 
sod liege of Sebastopol (Medal aud three CIu8pt»). In thn Euhtern campaign in lt^04, indndinLr 
the battles of Balaklava and Inkerman, and sicgo of SebastoiK)! r Mcdul and TIusps, and Tiirl.}>Ii 

lU lieuLColonel Lindsell served with thoSdth Itegt. in the Eastern campaign of 18o4. and 
op to the 15th Feb. 1855, including the battles of Alma and lukeruian, and siege of Sebastotu*! 
(Medal end three Clasp», Brevet of LtColoncl, 5th Class of the Medjidie, aud Tnrkish Medal;. 

116 LCJColoiiel Liater served with the 9th Itegt.the campaign of 1842 in AdghanLstou aud 
VM wonndeil et latalliF (Medal). Served a^so in the Crimea from 27th Nov. 1 854, including tlio 
lisgeeDd fiUl of Sebestopol end assault of the enemy's batteries on the 18th June (Medal Ptid 
(ilaep, BfereC of Lt.Colonel, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). 

116 lAColonri Lowndes served with the 47th Kegt throughout the Eastern campaign of lc''< ! - 
S5« »iMJn<iw»g the bftttlea of Alma and Inkerman, capture of Balaklava, siege and fall of Seb:i»- 
topolf aortie of 96th Oct^ and storming the Quarries on 7 th June — severely wounded (MiTdal 
and Clftspe, Brevets of Mi\jor and Lt.Colonel, Knight of .the Legion of Honor, Sardinian ntd 
Terkkh Medeb, end 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

117 Iil.Colanel Loyd-Lindsey served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Eastern eam- 
peign of 1854-55, inoloding the battles of ^Vlma, Balaklava, and Inkerman. siege and fuM oi' 
Sebastopol, eadaortie of the 20di October (Medal and four Clasps, Victoria C-ross, Knight oi' 
the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the Medjidie, aud Turkish Medal). 

118 lieuUColonel Luard served in the Peniosulu, from Jan. 1811 until the end of the war. 
iadHdlBg the eelions. of Pombal, liedinha, Condeixa, Campo Mayor, Los Santos, and Ui^iurc, 
Kicgcs of Ciudad Rodrigo, Burgos, and Salamanca, battle of Salaniaoca, blockade of }':in:. 
Iidna end bettleof Toulouse. Presentat Waterloo 18th June 1815. Siege of Bhurtporo IsOu-C. 

119 Lt.Colonel Lushington served the campaign of 1842 in Aflghani^tau, and was scMMty 

wwBded (Medal and CB.). 

190 liCColonel Lya was at the eaptore of Coorg in the East Indies in April 1834. Si-rvi d 
in the Crimee finnn 10th Jane 1855, at the siege end fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, .'iiU 
dtti of the Medjidie, end Torkiah Medal). 

It! LientkColonel M'Alester served with the Sotli Kegt. in Holland in 1 7D!) ; ot the siogo and 
faploie of Malta in 1800 ; battle of Maida (War Medal with one ClasjO; i^iege and ca])turo of 
the Fori of Soylla in 1806; Egyptian campaign of 1807, including assault of the Wcjitoin Line-^, 
tsfMaie of Alexandria, and battle of £1 llamet, in which he was wounclcd and tukcn prisuncr. 
Id 1811, at the capture of the Ionian Islands. In 1813, oomniandid the 2nd Battalion U'nh 
Btft. daring the campaign in the Mctherlands, including assault of the villugo of !M(-ixen) and 
banbeidment of Antwerp. In 1815, eampaign in the Netherlands and Prance, includhig liaiilc 
of Waterloo, assault and capture of Cambruy, and capture of Paris. 

IK LlenLCokmel M'Niven served the camitaigns of 1813 and 14, inchidiii^ the invotuicnt 
of Beyoone In 1813, betUe of Orthes, action at Aire, and battle of Toulouse, where l.e was 
inj,Jy woended near the groin by a mnaket-hall, while carrying the roglmcntul colour of the 
4W H%h]ender>, In IMO he WM appointed on a partiealar aerviee as Assistant Adjutuot 
Qcocfel in Byrit. 

121 fVar Senriees of ReHi^ed Lieutenant Cokneh. 

123 Lieut.ColoDe1 MacBesn'i senrlces: — Battles of Roleia, Vlmienii and CorannA; tfspcdithm 
toWalcheren; Peninsula from Oct. 1812 to Nov. 1813, including the battio of Vlttoriiiy Ma(ya 
Pass, Pyrenees, 28tl^ SOtb, and Blst July; and Pass of Eohalar. denred also the eampaifn of 
1815 In Upper Canado. 

124 Lieut.Colonel Macbeath sprved with the 68th Light Infantry the Eastern eampAign of 
1854-50, including the buttles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sobaatopol (Medal and 
Clasps, Suidiuian and Torkish Medals). 

125 Lieut.Colonel MacdoncU served in the American war, and has receWed the Gold Medal fat 
he action at Chateaiiguay. 

126 Lieut.Colonel Macdongall served the campaigns, of 1813 and 14 in the Peninsula, indod* 
ing tlie affair of San Marcial; battles of Nivelle, Nive, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and ISth Dee., 
Orthes, and Toulouse. 

127 Lt.Colonel Mansergh served with the Gth Regt in tho Kaffir war from the attai^ io the 
Boomah Pass 24th Dec. 1850, to the conclusion of the war in 1853 (Medal). Was placed hj 
Sir Harry Smith in command of the isolated post of Fort White in the enemy's eountry en the 
28th Dec. 1850 ; caused tho post to bo stockaded, and with his party of 120 men defended it 
on tlic 3rd January 1851, agaiust a force of 1000 Kaffirs under Sandilly, Auta, and other efaieii, 
who were defeated with scTere loss, for which service he and his garrison were complimented in 
(leneral Orders. Was afterwards present at both affairs at the Waterkloof, and .commanded 
tbe Regt. at tlio first attack. 

128 Lieut.Colonel Marshall served the Egyptian campaign of 1801 ; at the siege and eaptnre 
of Copeiiliagen in 1807 ; the campaign of 1808-0 in Portugal and Spain, including the battle of 
Corunna ; Wulclieren Expedition in 1800, and subsequent campaigns in the Peninsula nntil the 
end of tiiat war in 1814, including the battles of Busaco, Fuentes d'Ouor, and Salamanea, aiega 
of Burgos, wounded at the capture of the homwork of the Castle when in command of two com* 
panics, and mentioned in dispatches, battles of NivoUc, Nive, Orthes, and Touloate (sevcrriy 
wounded), besides various minor engajiements and skirmishes. Served also the campalgfn of 
1815, and was severely wounded at the battle of Quatre Bras — once In the leg, wit^ loaa of an 
arm. Served with lucul rank of Colonel in Canada from 1888 to termination of the Rebellion 
in 1830. lie lias received the Turkish Gold Medal for Egypt, the War Medal with eight Ctaips, 
and tlie Waterloo Medal. 

130 Lt.Colonel Maude served the Eastern campaign of 1854 in command of a troop of Royal 
Horse Artillery, including the affairs of Bulganac and M'Keniie's Farm, the battles of the Alma 
and Balaklava (dangerously wounded and horse shot), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Claqis, 
CJi., 5tli Class of tlic Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

131 Lt.Colonel lion. .7. P. Maxwell servi^l with the 50th Regt. the Eastern campaign up to 
3 Nov. 1854, including tlie battle of Alma and siege of Sebastopol,— <scverely injured in the 
head by a round shot in tlie trenches in October (Medal and two Clasps, Brevet Lt.Colonel, flth 
Class of the Medildie, and Turkish Medal). 

132 Lt.Colonel Mayers served with the 86th Regt. during the Indian Rebellion of 185T-A8, and 
was present at the disarming of four companies of the 27th Bombay N.I. Served with the 
Central India field force under Sir Hugh Rose, and was present at the battle of Keonch tad 
operatioas before C8l])ec (Medal and Clasp). 

133 Lt.Colonel Maynard served with the 88th Regt. at the siege of Sebastopol, the attack en 
the Quarries 7th June (severely wounded), and attacks on the Redan on the 18th Jane and 8th 
Sept. (Mcdul and Clasp, Brevet Major, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

135 LtColoncl James Miller served with the llthHussaiv in the Crimea from 80th July to 
19th August 1855, nnd has the Medal and Clasp for Sebastopol, and theTorklah Medal. 

136 Lieut.Colonel Thomas Miller served in the 40th Regt. at the capture of Manora and ior- 
rendor of Kurrachee, Lower Scinde, in Feb. 1830. He served with the 10th Regt. in the Put^anb 
campaigpi of 1848-0, including the whole of the siege operations before Mooltan and anmader 
of the fortress : was Major of Brigade at thr. repulse of the enemy's night-attack on the Britiih 
camp at Muttee Thol on 17th Aug. : commanded the reserve of the Regt. at tho storming of the 
heights before Mooltan on 27th Dec. 1848. Ho was afterwards present at the battle of Qockjerat 
(&ledaland two Clasps). 

137 Lt.Colonel Molloy served in the Peninsula with the Rifle Brigade, and was present at the 
battles of Rolein, Vimiern, Salamanca, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Niv(>lle, Nive, and 'l\>ulouse, for 
which he 1i«is received tlic Wnr Mcdul with eight Clasps. lie served also the campaign ef 1815, 
and was severely wounded nt Waterloo* 

138 LtCoIonel MoUan served in the Indian campaign of 1857-59, eommaoded the 7ilth 
Regt with Outram's force at Alombagh, from Deo. 1857 to Feb. 1858, indnding reoolie of 
attacks on 12th and ICth Jan. and minor afikirs. Served as Brigade Major with the 
Rifle Brigade at the siege and capture of Lucknow, and actions of Koorsee, Baree, Bimree, 
Nawabgunge (horse killed by round shot), and Snltanpore, operations terminating ia the 
passage of the Goomtee on 28th Aug., action at Daodpore and capture of the enemy'a gnu, 
surrender of tho forts of Ameethie and Shunkapore (frequently mentioned in desp«tehefy 
Medal and Clasp, Jirevct Lt. Colonel, and CH.). 

130 Lt.Colonel tlio Hon. 11. M. Moncktnn lenod with tho 20th Regt. throughout the Punjaub 
campaign of l^W^(-il), und wus present at the passage of the Chenab, and battles of Chilllan- 
wallah (wounded) aiidCoojurat, and pursuit of the Sikhs with the force under Sir Walter GilbeK 
(Mfdnl and two Clbsprt). Sen-eil with tlio army of the Bast, attached to the 4th Light Dragoons, 
and a Aerwards with the rank of Mi^or in command of the Sultan's " Royal Regt. of Okmetantiao- 
ple," with the cavalry under Major General Shirley, and has received the Turkish War MadaL 
140 Lt.Colonel Montgomery, when on passage to India in the transport Briton^ with tcoopay 


I Wgr Senieei of Retired Lieutenant Coltmeb. 122 

■M wsnkfld «i Ilia Immi AnduaaB, im Not. 1844, and Nmainad on iktt bland fil dayi inflsr- 
iiig TBiy MTcra prlTitions. He served in the 80th Begt throughoat the BntleJ <Hi—f ^<g« of 
IMA4^ inoludlng the battlee o£ Moodkee, Feroiedkah, and Sohnon (Hedal and tvo blalpa). 
Alio in the BarmiBie war of 186i (Medal) inclading the captnre of Martaban (wounded) i the 
opeiitioi befiBte Rangoon on the ISth, 13th, and 14th April, and the captope of the Great 
U^gon Pagoda (with & ttonning party), and oaptore of Frome. 

140t- LtColonel Montresor served with the Gronadier Guards in the Crimea irom S9 Dec. 
1654, including the siege aod fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and 
Turkish Medal). 

141 Lt.Colonel Moorsom served in the Crimea from Nov. 1854, and was present at the siege 
aad fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 6th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

142 LtColonel Mure served with the 60th Rifles in the Kaffir war of l8dl-58 (Medal). Served 
with the 79th Highlanders the Eastern campaign of 1864 and up to 0th Feb. 1866, inolndlog the 
battles of Alma and Balaklava, and siego of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, and Turicish Medal). 

143 LLColonel Charles Murray served with the 42nd Highlanders at the siege and fall of Se» 
baitopol from Juno 1866, and assault of the outworks on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, 6th 
Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

144 LLColonel John Murray served with the Grenadier Guards in the Crimea from 20th Dee. 
1854, indndlng the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

146 LieQt.Colonel Muter served in the Peninsula with the 7th Fusiliers, and was present at 
the passage of the Douro, captnre of Oporto. The subsoquent operations against Marshal Soult 
in the North of Portugal, and battle of Talavera, where, being dangerously wounded on tlie even- 
lag of the 98th July 1809, and taken prisoner while in liospital, he was detained in France until 
the Pea4M of 1814. He served at the assault upon New Orleans in Jan. 1816, and commanded 
the right advanced picquet on tlie night the army retired from its position — tlie picquets were ex- 
posed at intervals during the night to a heavy cannonade. He has the War Medal with one Clasp. 

147 liLColoDel Naylor served with the 8th Hussars in the Crimea from 29th April 1866 : 
iachiding the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and battle of the Tohemaya (Medal and Clasp, and 
Tarkiali Medal). 

148 LLColonel Nevill served in the Peninsula with the 2nd Battalion of the 30fch, ftom Joly 
1810 to Maj 1813 ; also the campaign of 1814 in Holland, and that of 1816 IntheNether- 
Unds I he vraa preaent at the defence of Cadiz, occupation of the lines of Torres Vedras, 
variona minor actions when in pursuit of Massena, battle of Fuentes d'Onor, siege of Ciudad 
Bodrigo, siege and storm of Badajos (severely wounded in the head and leg when leading the 
ladder party in the Escalade of the St. Vincent Bastion), battle of Salamanca, capture of Madrid, 
siege of Bovgoa (severelj wounded through the left shoulder in the storm of Uie first line of the 
cutloy 4th OeL 1812) bombardment of Antwerp, assault on Bergen-op-Zoom, battle cf Water- 
k>o, and eaptore of Paris: throughout all the above-mentioned sieges he acted as an Assistant 
Engineer. In 1817, 18, and 19 he served in the Mahratta war, firom the battle of Mahidpore (as 
a volunteer) to the siege of Asseeighur ; and in 18^0 he was attached to the Nisam's Troops 
at the oaptore of a Predatory Force. After serving 92 years in India with the 30th and ISth 
Dngooaaf aad 26th aad 63rd Begts., his health failed when in command of the left wing of 
the o3rd, in a very unhealthy climate. He has received the War Medal with four Claspe ; the 
India War Medal and Clssps ; the Cross of the Legion of Honor for services rendered on board 
the Flrench shin Bengalie on passage from India to Europe in Aug. 1831 ; and the freedom of 
the CitT of Doblin for his services. 

149 Lient.Colonel Newton received a commission at the early ag^ of twelve, in consequence of 
the services of his father, then commanding a regt. of Light Dragoon?. Served in the West Indies 
lathe campaign of 1810, under Sir Geo. Beckwith, as a Regimental Officer; was afterwards 
sppointed AisUtant Quarter Master General and Major of Brigade in St. Thomas and Grenada. 
Joined hia regt. on their being ordered on service to the coast of America in 1814, where he 
icrvod with the division under Sir John Sherbrooke. Joined the army under the Duike of Wel- 
Ungton in June 1816, wss appointed one of the Staff Commandants in Belgium, and was present 
St the taking of Landrccy by the Prussians. 

160 Lient.Colonel Nicholson served the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the bombard- 
ment of Antwerp, and storming of Bergen-op-Zoom, where he was severely wounded. 

161 Lient.Colonel O'Reilly served in the Peninsula with the 4th Dragoon Guards. 

162 LtColonel Orme served with the 16th Lancers in the action of Maharajpore on 29 Dec. 
1843 (Medal). Also in the Sutlej campaign in 1846 and was present in the actions of Buddi- 
wal and Aliwal, in which last he received two severe bayonet wounds and several slight sabre 
eats (Medal). Served with the 10th Regt. in the Indian campaign of 1857-68, including the 
advance on Luck now and actions at Chanda, Umeerporc, Sultanpore, and Dhowrnha, siege and 
espture of Locknow, relief of Azimghur, and operations against the rebels in Uie Juedespore 
Jungles commanded the Regiment in action at Uhitourah (horse shot) and in the subsequent 
gperutiona until its return into camp (mentioned in despatches); commanded the tuo flank 
sompaniea of the 10th for five months in the Shahabad field force in the final operations against 
the rebels in Bahar in 1868-59 (Brevets of Msjor and LtColonel, Medal). 

163 LtColonel Ormsby served with the 80th Rcgimont during the Sutlej campaign of 1840, and 
was present at the affair of Buddiwal, and in tiic battles of Aliwal and Sobraon (Medal and one 
Clasp). Served during the Burmese war of 1862-3, and wau present at the assault and c<ipture 
of Pegu on 4th June 1862, wli^rc ho commanded the storming party ; commanded at the Pagoda 
HIU stockade at Martaban on the night of the 18th July 1862, when attacked by the enemy ; and 
wu also at the capture of Prome (Medal). 

122a IVar Services of Retired Lieutenant Colonels* 

154 Lt.Cul<mel Packe Mrted the cainpa!|(n of 1815, with the 13th DragoonB, and waa aligbtly 
wounded at Waterloo. 

156 Lkm*. Colonel PaMhal mnred in the PeiiinsQla with theSnd Line Battalion of the King'i 
German Legion, from Oct. IdlBto the end of t)iat war in 1814, including the battles <if the Nivellc 
and Nive, investment of liayonue on the i27t)i Feb. 1814, and subsequent operations before tliat 
Ibrtress. Serred also the campaign of 1815, and was at Quatre Bras, attached to Sir Henry Clinton 
on the 17th June, and at tlio battle of Waterloo. lie has received the War Medal and two Clasps, 
at also the Hanoverian War Medal. 

166 Lt.CoIonel Pcarce served iu tho Peninsula and has the War Medal with thrt-e Clas^ for 
Fueotes d'Onor, Bada}oz, and Salamanca. 

157 LtColonel Pui'tti aenred the Eaatem campaign of 1864-55, and was present at tlie 
batUea of Alma, Balaklava (horse shot under him in the Light Cavalry charge), Inktrmayi, 
and Tchemaya,and siege of &>eba8topol ; and was Aide de Camp to Lord George Paget doriBg 
the period he commanded the Light Cavalry Brigaile in the Crimea, including the expc-diticn 
to Eupaloaria (Medal and four Clasps, Sardinian Medal, Tariush Medal, and 5th Class of the 

158 LtColonel Porter torvcd with the 67tli Kcgt. throughout the campaign of 1860 in 
Ckina, inalading tho action of' Sinho, taking of Tunghoo, storm and capture of the innfr 
'rakoo forts, and sumnd *r of Pf kin ; also commanded a rcconnoiteriog party whtck accom- 
panitd LtCoL Wolseley of the Head Quarter Staff on the morning of the 9th August ; com- 
manded a party of the 67 th Rcgt on the 20th Aug. to cover the operations of the Engineers 
while engaged in throwing bridges aoross the ditches in the rcur of the river North Tdko 
fort i also on Lt.CoIonel Thomas bcin(^ wounded before the furts on the 21st Aug. assumed 
command of Lt.CoK Thomas' wing, which he retained until the forts fell ; also present at the 
surrender of Pekin (Medal with two Clasps). 

169 Lt.Colonel Pretyman served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 3drd Regt., up to 
20th Feb. 1855, when he was appointed Brigade Major to 1st Brigade, Light Division ; was pre- 
sent at the battles of Aloia and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, and assaults on the I8th June 
and 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp!*, Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of 
the Medjidie, and Turkisli Medal). 

100 Lieut.Colonel Raines served at the battles of Roleia, Vimiera, and Corunna, besides mhior 
aflfairs during the retreat; sensed also at Walcheren. He has the War Medal and two Clasps. 

IGl Lt.Colonel Rnwstorno served in the Peninsula, in the Chasseurs Britanulques, from Aug. 
1813 to the end of the war, and was present at the battle of Oribe»: he has received the War 
Medal with two Clasps. Present with the Ulst iu the Kaitir war of 1840-47 (Medal), and covered 
with his company the movement of a division of the force from the Dobie Flats to the vidnity 
of Block Drift in April 1840 (wounded). On the renoval of operations in July 1846 he was 
entrusted for several months with tho charge and defence of the Seminary at Block Drift, on 
isolated post, containing the magazines of the army, and maintaining the communicatlous b(.>* 
tween the Colony and the divisions iu the field. Ho commanded the detachment of the 91st on 
tlio expedition under Sir Harry Smith against the insui-gent Boers in 1848, and had charge of the 
position at Botha's Drift, Orange River, to keep open the communication with the advanced 
column. For the manner in which he marched these troops to the camp of Sir Harry Smith, a 
distance of 250 miles, Sir Harry conferred on him tlie ap|)ointment of Brigade Major at 
Graham's Town. 

102 Lt.Coloncl Ready landed In the Crimea in 1854, and commanded the 7 1st Highlanders at 
the siege of Sebsstopol and expedition to Kertch : he held the rank of Brigadier in the Kertch 
District during its occupation by the Allies (Medal and Clasp, Knight of the l^>gion of Honor, and 
Turkish Mudal). 

103 Lieut.Colonel Reed served in the American war, including the action at Baltimoiv, Blad- 
ensburg, aud capture of Washington. 

164 Lieut.Colonel Reeve served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with the Grenadiir Guards, in- 
cluding the battles of Alma, Baloklava, and Inkcrman, and siege of Sebustopol (Medal and ChL<i>$, 
and Turkish Medal). 

165 LtColonel Rose served with the 3rd Light Dragoons throughout the campaign 
of 1842 in Atlghanistan (Medal), including the forcing of the Kh^ber Pass, storming the 
heights of Jugdulluck, action at Tezeeu and Huftkotul, relief of Jellalabad, and re-capture of 
Cabool. At the battle of Punntar, near Gwalior, commanded the left squadron of tho 9ih 
Laneert (Medal). He served in the Suiiej campaign in 1846. including tho battlo of Sobraon 
(Medal). Also in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-9, including the passage of the Chenab at 
Ramnnggnr (where he commanded the 9 th Lanoers), and battles of CniUlanwallah and Gooje- 
rat (M«U1 and Clasps). 

100 Lt.Colonel A. H. Russell servtd with the 2'2nd Regt. in Scindo during its conquest. 
Served with the 58th in the south of New Zealand from 9th April 1845. 

107 Lieut. Colonel Schroiber served the campaign of 1815 with the 11th Light Dragoons 
including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo (horse shot). 

108 Lieut.Colonel Sodley served in the Peninsula from March 1812 to Dec. 1819, hicluding the 
takr.*g of the forts and the affair of the Guarena, battle of Salamanca, actions at Osma, Sabuganna 
de Morrilla (severely wounded through the lungs), and Pyrenees, 3l8t Aug. Wounded on the 
18th June at Waterloo. Served also In the Bunuesu war, during the latter part of which hu wsjk 
detadied with the command of two companies to keep open the communication on the Irrawaddy 
between Rangoon and the army under Sir Archibald Campbell. He has I'eeelved the War Medal 
with three Claapa for Salamancai Vittoria^ and Pyrenees. 

War Se^^ices of Retired Lieutenant Coloneb. 12Zb 

UiO Lieut. Colonel Simnioiids serTed in the Peninsula from Feb. 1806 to Feb. 1813,iaeliuifaig 
tiH: affiiin of Talavei'A and Albcrcbo, t>attIeeof Talaven, Bumco, ftod Albaliem; oorering the 
hitfgc of Badajoz iu IBlii, engaged every day during tUe retreat fhxn Madrid and Salamanea; 
the reti-eat to Portugal, aud sabiequcut punult of Maaeena from the Lioes, besides several fninor 
4ffaj». He lias recdveU the War Medal and thi-ee Cbtips. 

170 LtCoUSimmous serr cd iu the Peninsula, as a Tolunteer with the d4th Regt., and afterwaWb 
a« an officer in the 23id, uud in the Rifle Brigade, from Sept. 1811 to the end of that war in 1814, 
iiuladiiig the storming uf the forts at Almaras, uS&vn of hun Muiios and San Milati, battle of 
Vittoriu, actions at i tiiizi Bridge and Echalar, storming Vera Ueights, crossing the Bidasioa > 
hu':*c of Nivellc, buttles of the Niir^ on the 10th, lltb, and 12th Deo. 1813. Serred with th® 
4ltt Begt. throaghont the Burmese war, and eras present at the storming of Baiigoon and Syrian 
Pagoda ; led the head of the left oolomn storming the trenches iu front of the Dagon Pagoda^ 
storming a strong stockade in front of the Dagon Pagoda. Commanded the left wing <3 tko 
4 lit Regiment in the field against the Kolapore Rajah. Served with the regiment during the 
cumpai^ of 1842 in Afi^hanistan, and commanded a column of attack in the action of the 28tti 
April ia the Pisheen YaUey; present abo in the actions near Candahar, at Goaine, nod before 
Gnozoec; occupation and destroction of that fortress and of Cabool; expedition into Kohiatflai 
itorm, cnptare, and destruction of Istalifi^ and in the various minor affiiirs in and between the 
Bolan ana the Kyber Passes. Uas the War I^Iedal with three Ciusps for Vittorin, Ni velle, and Nive. 

171 Lieut.Cofouel J. J. Slater scTvcd in the Peninsula and also in America, in 1814. 

17:! Lient«Coloncl George Smith servoU the campaigns of 1814 and 15, in Spain, France, aud 
Flanden^ and was present at the battle of Waterloo. 

17^) LLColonel Somenillc served with tliu Gth Rcgt during the Kaffir war of 1840-47 (Medal); 
nnti with the 68th in the Eastci-n campaign of 1854-65, includintj^ the battles of Alma, Balaklava, 
aud lukerman, aud sii>g(! of Scba^topol (Mcdul and Clasps, 5th Class of the Mvdjidic, aud Turkipb 

174 LtColonelP. D. Stewartserved iu Hanover in 1805; audatthesiegeof Copenhngauin 1807. 

175 Lieut.Colonel St. Maur accompanied the 5Ut Uegt. on the expedition to Burmah in 1852, 
aud was ou board the E. I. C. steam frigate Ferooz during the naval action uml di^struction of 
the enemy's stockades on the llangoou River, lauded in command of the regiment, and was 
ooinpelled to leave the field from a suu-strokc on the lOtli April, during tlie operations in the 
TicJnity of Rangoon. 

175f Lt.Culuncl Stua:t Wurtiey served with the Cape Mounted Riflemen throughout the Eaftir 
^■9X of 1850-53 (Medal); aud was present in all the principal engagements with the enemy : 
dann&,ihe operations ogaiutt the Waterkloof he commanded the cavalry attached to General 
Bjller^ division; on one occasion, while out with a patrol, he attacked aud defeated a far 
aopenor Ibrce of the enemy; and on auutlicr, while in command of the advanced gnard of 
General BuUer's column, he surprised and drove back the enemy, inflicting severe lost. In 
Much 1854 he was appointed D.^i.Q.M. General Eastern Army, and served the campaign of 
1854-55 (Medal and (;iasps^ Brevet Alsjor, Sardinian aud Turkish Medals, and 5tli Class of the 

17G JUeut.Colonel Stracey served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Eastern campaign in 
18.i4, including the battle of Alma (Medal aud Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

177 Lt.C^lonel eitraclian sen'cd with the 3l)th Rcgt, the canipnign agaia'Jt tlie Bajah of Coor,; 

and fall of Sel>a8topol (Me<Iiil and Clasp, Sanliuian and Turkish Medals, and 5th Chitu uf tho 


17S Lt.Colonel Thc'lIu:»fton served with the 72nd Ilighlaudei'S in tlie Crimea from 13tb Juno 
1M.V>, including the ei^pedition to Kcrtch, siege and fiill oi'Scbastopol, and attack of the IHtli Jniio 
(Modal and Clasp, Knight of tlic Logidn of Honor, Turkish Modal, and 5Ui Class of theMudjidie). 
('unimandcd the Uogimentat tl>c siege and capture of Kotah on OOth March 1858 and \vb» prf»c*ui; 
vith the leading column of assault; sub:jcquently tlirougbout the o])Ci*utious in Central India 
3 ri:l pursuit of the rebel forces under TautiaToiioc and Rao 8ahib in 1858-59 (iMcniioiied in 
(l'.-»patcbes. Bi'Cvet of Lt.Colonei, Medal aud Clasp). 

178t lit .Colonel Tliompson was prevent at every action, assault, and skirmish whicli took place 
ilitring tho operations carried on iu 1845 aud 40 luider lieutCol. Uulme, and subsequently umier 
C'olnnel Dcspaitl, against the insurgent chiLfs iu the nurtli of Now Zealand, lie was thanked 
in Gtneral Oidcr« by Sir Bohcrt Nickle, conimauding tltc Forces in Australia, for *' tlu; prouipti- 
i>He with which he checked the insubordinatiun among the detachments proceeding uiirler his 
c'lTumand to Now Zealand on boai-d the "Bgrnont in April 1854." 

170 Lt.Colonei Tipi>ing ser\'ed witli the Grenadier GuardA the Eastern campaign of 1854, inclu- 
ding tlic battles of ^Uma, Bsluklava, and lukerman (Rt-veitly wounded), and siege of debastopel 
(Moflsl and Claris, Knight of the L<>gionof Honor, 5th Class of the Me(\iMlie, and Turkish Midal). 

181) Lleut.Colooel Toole jciined the 40th Regt. iu the Peninsula early in Jan. 1810» and wus 
present at the battle of Busaco, retreat to aud occupation of the lines at Torres Vedras, pursuit 
of Massena, action of Bediuha, capture of Campo Mayor, siege of Badajux in May 1811 and 
rfpuiso of the sortie from Fort San Chri^toval, sicgo and storming of Ciudad Rodrigo, siege and 
itorming of Badajoz, in the breach of which ibrtress he wus severely wounded. In October 
1813 he rejoined the army at Vera, and was present at thu battle of Nivelle, and in several nunor 
tifkirs. Subsequently he served nearly one year aud a half with tho Army of Occupation iu 
France. He has received tho War Medal with four Clasps. 

181 Lt.Colcmel Tremayne served with tlie 13th Hussai'S throughout \\ve¥Aa\ATli^l.xiV^\^^JEi^A 
1854-55, including the rcconnaisMiiicc on fho Danube under Lord CaTd\QVLn, aS«!ki% o^ t^NiN%^^*«^ 

Ifiic Wwr 8ef*vic€8 of Retired Lieutenant Colonels, 

and M.'KmiM§ Parm, battles of Aim a, Balaklava (hone shot), and Tchernnya, and stQge of 
Sebastopol ; also present with the Light Brigade at Bapatoria (Medal and three Clasps, weTet 
Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 6th Class of the Medjidie, and Torklsh Medal). 

182 Lt.Colonel TomUnson proceeded to the Peninsula in 1809 with the 16th Light Dragoons, 
and was present at the passage of tiie Douro (severely wounded), battles of Ba»aco, Fuentcs 
d'Onor, Salamanca, and Vittoria, and the actions in the Pyrenees (War Medal with four Clasps). 
Also served the campaign of 1815, and was present at the battle of Waterloo (Medal). 

18*2t Iit.CoIonel 'Pryon served with the 7th Faslliers in the Eastern campaign of 1854, in- 
eluding the battle of Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, and sortio on 2Gth Oct. (Medal and Clasps^ 
and Turkish Medal). 

183 Sir John M. Tylden served as Brigade Major to Sir Samuel Auchmuty during the 
operations in South America in 1 806-7, including the capture of Monte Video and the attack 
on Buenos Ayres. Served with the 48rd Light Infantry during Sir John Moore's campaign in 
Spain in 1808-9, and accompanied it again to the Peninsula in 1809. Accompanied Sir Samuel 
Auchmuty to Lidia in 1810, and in 181 1 served as the General's Military Secretary on the ex- 
pedition to Java, and was present at the assault and capture of Cornelius. Served with the 
52nd Light Infantry in the Peninsula during the campaigns of 1813 and 1814, including the 
battles of the Nive, Orthes siid Toulouse. In 1814 he accompanied Sir John Lambert's 
expedition to America as Assistant-Adjutant-General, and was present during the operations 
against New Orleans. He has received the War Medal with four Clasps. 

184 Lt.Colonel Tyler landed with the 13th Lt. Infantry in the Crimea on the 30(h June 1850, 
and was present ut the battle of the Tchcmaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian campaign ; com- 
manded the rear guard at the relief of Azimghur on Glh April 1858^ the left wing IBth 
Lt. Infantry at the actions at Doomureahgunge, and was present !n the action ot Toolscpore 
(Brevet of Lt.Cul. and Medal). 

185 Sir William Verner served with the 7th Hussars the campaign of 1808-0 in Spaia, 
including the retreat to Corunna. Rejoined the Army in the Peninsula in 1813^ crossed the 
Pyrenees and was present at the battles of Orthes and Toulouse. Also served the campaign of 
1815, including the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo, at which last he was wounded in the 
head. Sir William has received the War Medul with four Clasps for Sahagun and Beneventc, 
Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse; also tlie Waterloo Medal^ Brevet of Lt.Colonel, and Knight 
Commander of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order. 

186 Lient.Coloncl Ussher served the Nepaul campaigns of 1816 and 17 with the G6th Regt 

187 Lieut.Colonel Van Cortlandt was engaged at the following battles, sieges, &c. in the Sist 
Indies, viz. Sarsni, Bijighur, Kutehowra, Agra, Deig, Bhnrtpore, Allyghur, Delhi, Laswarrie, and 
Futtehghur. Also several skirmishes during the campaigns of 18(J9, 4, 6, and 0. Present at 
the sieges of Komona aud Gunowrie in 1808, and at Kalunga in 1814. Served the campaigns 
against the Pindarrees in 1817 and 18. 

188 lieutColonel Van der Meulen served in the Peninsula from May 1809 to Aug. 18I1| and 
again from Sept. 1812 to the end of tlic war, including the battles of Talavern (severely wounded), 
Bnsaco, Albuhera (severely wounded). Vittoria, Pyrenees (severely wounded 98th July), Nivdlc, 
Orthes, and Toulouse, besides various minor engagements and slcirmishes. 

180 Lord Adolphus Vane Tempest servtMl with the Scots Foailirr Guards at the siege and fall 
of Sebastopol from Nov. 1854 (Medal and CInsp, 5th Class of the Medjidie, end Turkiali Medal). 

100 LtColoncl Ward served with the Olst Ucgt. in the Kaffir war of 1846-47 (Medal). 

101 Lt.Colonel A. Watson served during the suppression of the Rebellion In the Kandlan 
Provinces, Island of Ceylon, in 1848, and was present when the insurgents wero defeated it 
Matole on the 20th July. 

103 LieutColonel Waugh served the Mahratta campaign with the 16th Lancers, includinir the 
battle of Maharajporc (Modal), 20th Dec. 184.3; also as Assist Quarter Master General to Sir 
Harry Smith during the campaign of the Sutlej (Medal and one Clasp), indudhig the battles of 
Buddiwal, Aliwal, and Sobraon (wounded). 

104 LtColoncl Webster served the campaign of 1815 witli the 44th Rcgt and was severelv 
wounded at Quatre Bras. 

196 LtColoncl W^stropp ser\-cd with tlic 29tii Regt. in the Sutlej campaign of 1845-40 
including the battles of Ferozeshah and Sobraon (Medal and Clasp). ' 

107 Lient.Colonel G. F. Whiteserved the campaien on the Sutlej in 1845-6, with the 3IstRefft 
including the battles of Moodkee and Ferozeshab, for which he has received the Medal andrae 
Clasp. He was afterwards present at Buddiwal. 

108 Lt.Col. T. White scr>'ed vrith the 32nd Regt. in Canada during the i-ebelliou in 1837-98 
and was prcMnt at tlio action of St. Euntache. ' 

202 Lieut.Colonol C. T. Wilson served the Eastern campaign of 1854 with tlie Coldsti«am 
Guards, including the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol and hotHa 
of 2Cth October (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). ' 

203 Lt.Colonel Wilton served the Sutlej campaign of 1845-46 with tlio 50th Regt. • was sent 

sabre wounds in the loft shoulder, right arm broken (Medal and Clasps). Served the Eastern 
campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, at the latter in command 
of the right wing 60th Regt. throughout that day, being sent to support the 1st Division and 
commanded the Regt. at tho fisll of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, C£., Kniffht of the 
rj^a of Honor, aaidlalan and Turkish Medals, 4th Chias of tho Medjidie). 
W Zt Colonel Wngge served at the siege of ScbaslopoV ttom liw, IQM to May 1855 in 

War Sernees qfS^Hred Lieutemnt Colomh. l2Zd 

tht tftnobflt with the liage train^And at the bombardment in April (Medal and Clasp, and 
TnrkUi Medal). 

305 Lieat.Colonel Wyndham reeeived two eevere wonnds at Waterloo^ ou the 18th June. 

806 Llaut.CQlonel Yale baa received a Medal for the battle of Albuhera. 

9U7 Lt.Cok»el Hagart served with the 7 th Hussars in Canada durlnyr the to volt tliere in 
1858, and returned home with the Rogt. in 1841. Servinl in the field in India as Lt.CoI. 7t1i 
Huasars i>om 4th Feb. to 17th J^Iarch 1858, including the affairs of Meangnngc and the sicce 
of Lucknow (Medal and Claep, and CD,), Commanded the Cavalry of Sir Hope Grant's 
column from IBth March to 38d July 1858, including the advance on the Mossebagh and 
skirmishes there I9th and 21st, also the affairs of Barree and Sirsee, and action of Nawabgiingo 
ontbe Fyiabad road; was also in command of tlie 7th Hussars at the occupation of IVzabad 
^(Rvetnl times mentioned in despatches). 

SOS litColonel T. H. Smith served with the 18th Royal Irish in the Burmese war of 1852-53 
(Medal) ; was present at the capture of Martaban, at the operations b€fore Rangoon on the 
ISth, 18th, and 14th April, at the capture of the Great Dagon Pagoda (with the storming 
party) and capture of Prome. Also served with a force detadicd for the purpose of clearing 
tlie rl^lit bank of the Irrawaddy of the enemy, from November l^-')2 to March 1853, and was 
employetl aa staff officer a considerable portion of the period. Was on board tlie troop ship 
"Peneveranca'* in command of six Companies of the 2nd West India Regt. when that vessel 
wu totally wrecked off the island of Maio on the 21 Oct. IBOU. Present at the destruction of 
Bovana, and commanded the combined naval and military forces at the attack and destruction 
ef the Fetish town of Robagga on 7th Jan. 1802. 

209 Lt.ColoneI J. W.Thompson served the East4>rn campaign of 18o4-5o as D.A.Q.M.G. t» 
the Second Division, including the battle of the Alma (severe contusion from the splinter of a 
nbefl), repulse of the Russian attack by the 2nd Division on tlie 2nth Oct., battle of Inkerman 
(for which he reeeived brevet rank as Major, and where he had his liorsc wounded), sifge and 
fall of Sebastopol, and attack of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (Medal and Cla!ip<i, 5th Class of 
the Medjidie» and Turkish Medal ). 

210 Lt.Coh>ne1 F. B. Ward served at the siege and fall of Sebastopol in 1855, and at the 
bsttU) of Tchemaya (Medal and Clasp^ Sardinian Medal, 5th Class of the Mi.'djidie, and 
Tukiah Medal). 

War Services of Retired Majors. 

1 Major Adah: aenred with the 27th Regt. in Sicily in 1810 and 11 ; In the Peninsula and 
Fmoe from 1812 to the close of that war in 1814, including the talcing of Alcoy, covering the 
retreat from Biar, hattle of Castalla, siege and subsequent blockade of Tarragona, and actions at 
Villa Franca. Subsequently in Flanders and France, including the occupation of Paris in 1816. 

2 Major T. P. fi* Armstrong served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including tbe battles 
ef Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, sortie of 26th Oct., and assaults of tbe 
Bedaa on 18th June and 8th Sept. (Medal and three Clasps, Knight of tlie Legion of 
Hooor, aad Tuildah Medal). 

3 Miyor Amsinck served witli tlie 27th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1834-85 (Medal). 

4 Major Anderson served with the 51st througliout the Burmese war of 185*.i-53; on board 
the B. I. C. iteam frigate Ferooz during the naval action and destruction of the enemy's stock- 
idea on the Rangoon River j during the succeeding three day:»* operations in the vicinity, and at 
the storm and capture of Rangoon (Medal and Clasp) ; commanded the Regiment from Dec. 
1852, nntil its embarkation for England in April 1854. 

5 Major Austin served in the Peninsula from Oct. 1811 to April 181*2, including the siege and 
storm of Ciudad Rodrigo, for which he has received the War Medal with one Clasp. Campaign 
of 1814 in Hollandp induding the taking of tho fortified village of Merxem. Campaign of 1815, 
ioduding the battle of Waterloo. 

7 General Bacon served in the Peninsula with the 16th Lancers from February 1818 to the 
cod of that war in 1814, and was present at the battle of tlie Pyrenees on the 2dth July, with the 
covering party during the siege of San Sebastian, the different uffiiirs on the Bidassoa and 
passage of that river, battle of'tiic Nivelle, actions of tho 9th, 10th, 11th, I2th, and IStli Dec. 
eoMeqaent on the passage of the Nive, passage of the Adour, besides various minor affairs (War 
Medal with two Clasps). Served the campaign of 1815 with tho 10th Hussars, induding the 
battle of Qoatre Braa> retreat on the 17th June, and battle of Waterloo, at which he was severely 
wounded in the last charge, and had two horses shot. In 1882 he was appointed Colonel Com* 
saandant of the Portuguese Cavalry : during the siege of Oporto, overcoming many difficuitiea 
aad daily exposed to fire, he formed that Regiment of Lancers which rendered so many important 
lerrices ; was promoted General on the field of battle at Loures 12th Oct 1888, by the Emperor 
I)om Pedro in person, and he retained command of the Cavalry until the termination of the war, 
baving taken part in nearly all the battles, sorties, and other oporatious. For Hpecial services 
was created at different periods a Knight, an Officer, and a Knight Commander of the Tower and 
Svord, -and baa tbe Portuguese Cross. 

8 Sir David Baird served with the 74th Highlanders throughout the Knffirwarof 1851-53 (Medal). 
Major F. W. Balfour served with the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade in the Eastern camiwign 

fd 1854-56, induding the aasault of the Redan on the 8th Sept., and siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal «nd Glaefs Brevet of M^jor, and Turkish Medal). 

10 Mfiot Banaton served with the 56th Regt. in the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, indudhig 
tlie battibs of Alma and Inkerman (severdy wounded), siege of Sebastopol and sortie of 20th 
Oftabtr <iC«dal ud Claepif Knight of tha Legion of Honor, and Tnrldah Medal). 

11 Major Bayley serrcd with the 3bid Xt, Inf. at the defeat of the i^aVkolii m\x\.Vn9:ct^ v»x^<& 

122e War Sermces of Retired Mnjcn. 

banks of tho Hnvec on tbo ISth and 10th Joly 1867 ; alto at the riege of Delhi, and oomoHiided 
and led tho (storming jNirty of the 8rd Column at the assanit of the Cashmere Owitn on 14lk 
Sept., whore he wni acvcrelV woanded ( Brevet of Mi^or, Medal and Clasp). 

1*2 Lord George Beauclerk served with the 10th llussars in the Crimea from 7th July 1866, 
including the battle of the TchernaTa, siege and fall of Sobastopol (Medal and Clofp, and Tuikisli 

13 Major Boll served throu^liont the Kaffir war of 1860-63 (Medal) on tlie staif of Major 
General »Somei'si-t, commanding the Ist Division, and was present in every engagemeat with tho 
division ; commanded a detachment of Cape Mounted Rifle5 at the Kaflir attack on Fort Hare 
und Alice, i\ Jnn. 1851, when the enemy were repulsed with great loss. 

14 Major Bcre served with the 16th Lancers during the campaign in A£%hani8tao, under Loid 
Keaiic, and was jiresent at tho siege and capture of Ghoznee (Medal); and he commanded the 
party of the IGth Lancers, under Brigadier Careton, sent to seize the guns and secore the posies- 
sion of the citadel of Gabool.and was appointed at Cabool Assistant Adjutant General of C^Taliy, 
and continued so until tlic redaction of Lord Keane's army in the Provinces. Also thocampaignoa 
the Sutlej in 1846 (Medal), including the battles of Buddiwal, Aliwal (wounded), nod Sobraon. 

16 Blnjor M. G. Best served with the 34th Regt. at tho siege and fall of Scbastopol Arom 10 Aug. 
1866, and assault of the Hcdnn on tho 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, andTurkhih Medal). Served in 
the Indian campaign In 1867-58, and was present at the aflToir of Fandoo Nuddee on 26th Nor. 
and subsdiuent operations at Cawnpore under General Windham, also at the storm and eaptore 
of AToangungo and siege and capture of Lncknow (Brevet of Major, Medal and Clasp). 

1 'ft ^[iijor T. C. II. Beitt served with the 7*2nd Highlanders in the Indian Mutiny campaign, 
including the siege and capture of Kotah 30th March 1858, and pursuit of Gwalior rebela in 
Rajpootann, and battle of Bunass (Medul find Clasp). 

10 Major Bcthune served with the 92nd Highlanders In the Indian campaign of 1867-58, and 
was present at the actions of Riyghur, Mungrowlie, and Sindwaho, and a&Irs of Kurai and 
Burode ( twico mentioned in des))atches, Medal, and Brevet of Major). 

lOt Major Berwick served In the Eastern campaign up to 8th Nov. 1864, as Adjutant of tlic 
38th Re^'t., including the battles of Alma and lukennan, and siege of SobaBtopol (Medal and 
three Clasps, and Turkish ^ledal). -* 

17 Major Blakeney served with the 48th Rrgt. in the Crimea from 2nd June 1856,at'the liege 
and fall of Sebastopol, und on detached duty in tho Dockyard from 14th January to 14th March 
1860 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, and Turkish Medal). 

17 f Major Bii-twhistle served with the 32nd Regt. in the Punjab campaign of 1848«4U, 
including the second siegn operations before Mooltan, including the storm and eapturo of the 
city, and surrender of the foKress ; also at the surrender of the fort and garrison of Cbeniote, 
and battle of Qoojerat (Modal and Clasps). 

18 Major G. W. Bligh served with the GOth Rifles hi the Kaffir war of 1861-63 (Medal). 
18t Major F. C. Bligh served in the Eastern campaign of 1864-66, including the battle of 

Inkerman (severely woanded), siege of Sebastopol, repulse of the sortie on 2Gth Oet. and 
assault of the Redan on 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

10 Major Borrow served with the Cai>e Mounted Rifles during the Koffir war of ld4<t-47 
(Medal); also against the insurgent Boers. Ser\'cd with tho 18th Royal Irish in Burmah from 
the advance against Prome in Sept. 1862 to the close of the war (Merlal). 

lOf Major Bott starved in the Crimea from July 1866, and was present at the battle of the 
Tchcmaya, siege and fall of i^hastopol, afterwards accompanied the Lieht Cavalry Brigade Co 
l£u])atoria, and present during the operations there under General D'Allonvllle (Medal and 
Cta5|>, and Turkish Medal;. Served throughout the Indian Mntiny from the outbreak at 
Meernt in May 1857 ; commandefl the Cavalry witli Sir John Jones* Column through Rohil- 
cund which included buttles of Xni^eeia (Brevet of Major), relief of Moradabad, and action on 
the Dojuru; c<»mmanded a Squadron of the Carabineer*, 2 gnus of Bengal Artillery, and 
2 Xat'.vc Intuiitry Regiment;! at the taking of Bai'eilly ; present at the attack and bombardment 
of S^hnhjphanpo^e, defeat of the rebels, and relief of the garrison ; also the subsequent affairs 
wlien tlie i)Iaee was three difTerent times attaeketl by the Monlvte; capture of the Bnnnai fort, 
and pursuit of tin- Sepoys to the left bank of the Goomtee, destruction of the fort of Mahnnidef, 
action of Bnnksirnon ; campaign In Onde, hicluding act-ons of Pusgaon, Mohudeporo, Rusoul- 
l>oi*c, attack and capture of Fort Mitowlce, action of Alligunge ; commanded a sqnudron of tho 
Carabineers on the forced march and ticking of Ismail Khan's guns, whieh compelled his 
suricnder immediat(>ly afterwards; also prcseut at the engagement at Biswah (Medal, and 
frequently mentioned in despatches). 

2t) Major Bra<ly served the campaigns of 1819, 14, and 16, in the Peninsula, FVancr, and 
Handers, with tho Royal Horse Guards, and was present at the battles of the NtvellOt ISiive, 
Rayonue, Orthes, Toulouse, and Waterloo, at which last ho was severely woanded, and had a 
hor!« slioi nnder him. 

SI Major Brigiot served with the Ist Dragoon Gnards In tho Crimea fh>m 10th Augmt 1856y 
includhig the battle of the Tchernoya and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, snd Turkish Medal). 

211- Mijor D. P. Brown served as Aide de Camp to Mi^.Gen. Shirley commanding tho 
Cavalry of the Turkish Contingent and has received the Order of the Medjldie 4th Class and 
the Tiirk!*h Medul). 

22 Major Bur(}k>in served the campaigns of 1838, 39, and 40 In Aflghanistan, with tho 18th, 
and was pfhwnt at the storm and capture of Ghnxnec (Medal), assanit and eaptare of tlie fto«VB 
and fortress of Tootnradnrrah, storm of Joolghnr, night attack at Baboo Koosh Ghar, deitruetiou 
of Khardurrah, and asaanlt of PemraDdnrrah. 

S3 Major H. 8. Bnsh serred with the 41st Regt, the EMtem campaign of 1864 and up to 

War Servicei of Setired Majors. 122/ 

tbs i;itti in. 1666, induding the btttlei of Alma and Inkorman (senrcly wounded) siege of 
fivbastopol, and sortie of 2(kh October (Medal and thr(>e Clasps, tterdinian and Turkish Medals). 

*24 M^or George Caimes serf ed at the siege of Flushing in 1600^ and at different periods in the 

S4t M^r W. H. Caimee landed in tbo Crimea witli the 48Ui Hcf^. on -ilet April 1866 and 
Hr%-ed at tlie siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). 

2& BIsjor Berkeley Caloott served the campai^ of 1808-0 with the 43rd Regt., inclnding tlie 
balfle of yimiera» the retreat under tiir John Moore, and the battle of Corunna. Bzpedition to 
Walefaerso in 1609. Subsequently in the Veninsuln, including the sieges and captures of Ciudad 
Rodrigo and Badajox, battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive, and Toulouse. 
Rapedition to New Orleans. Campaign of 1815, and was present at the capture of Paris. (He 
has the Way Medal with ten Clasps). 

96 Mafor Caldeeot served with the 39tli Regt. in Malta and Sicily. Subsequently in the Peuiu-* 
solar campaigns of 1813 and 14,inclnding the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivclle.and Mve 
action at Gairis, battles of Orthes and Toulouse. Served afterwards in Canada during tlie 
AflKiiean war. 

atff Major F. Campbell served as a volunteer, and afterwards as a pi'ovlsioual ensign in the 
Gape M. R. throughout the Kaffir campaign of 1836 (Medal). In 1844 he proceeded in com- 
nisad o# a troop to Port Natal, and was engaged against the revolted Zoolu chief Todo. In 
Sept. 1846 he oomroanded three squadrons at Bloom Fountain, and advance<l to Wimburprh for 
the suppression of the Dutch Boor rebellion. Served throughout the Kaffir war of 1861-6'2-63, 
iadudhig the operations in the Amatolas, passage of ond operations across the Kei in Dec. 
18oi, and other desultory operations. Comniande«l a squadron with the force under Sir <>eorge 
Cathcart against the Baralong Chief Mosesh, in Dec. 1862 and Jan. 1863, whicli Rcrvice con- 
dnded the war. He received a serious injury while actively engaged af^ainst the enemy at 
Buffalo Posty S7 Feb. 1862, by the dislocation of the right ankle and fracture of tlie bone of 

37 'tfigor Henry W. Campbell served with the 70tli Highlanders throughout the Eastern 
campaign of 1854-&6, inelnding the battles of Alma and Balaklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol, 
aisaalt of the 18th Jan. and 8th Sept., expedition to Kertch and Yenikale (Me<lal and three 
CJaspa, Brevet of Miyor, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Tiirkitth Medal). 

26 Major Robert Campbell was employed on field service in India from August 1820 to March 
1825, indudhig the siege of Kittoor. 

90 lfB)or John C. Campbell served with a wiug of the Idth Light Dragoons in the Kumonl 
eaapalgn in 1689. Sewed in the 0th Lancers in the Gwalior campaign in 1843, and was present 
at tb« battle .of Punniar (Medal) ; in the Sutl^ campaign in 1840 and present at the battle of 
Sobraon (Medal) ; and in the Pnnjanb campaign of 1848-49, including the passage of the Cbenab 
at Ramnngger, and battles of Cbillianwallah and Goojerat — in the latter battle he^cnmmanded 
tke left aquadroa 9th Lancers which successfully charged the Sikh and Afighan cavalry (Medal 
sad Clasps). 

30 Major Campsle commanded two Companies of the Ceylon Rifles at Borilla in suppressing 
the Bsbeillon of 1848 in Ceylon. 

30f Major Carpenter served witli the 7th Fusiliers in the Eastern campaign of 1864, and was 
wounded at the battle of Alma (Medal and Clas]), and Turkish 3Iedal). 

31 M^or Carey served witli the 03i'd R^t. the Eastern campaign of 1864 and up to July 
1856, inclnding the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkemian, and siege of SebaBto]K>l (Mcdul 
lul daapty Brevet of Major, and Turkish Medal). 

dlf 3l8Jor Clifton served with the Uih Lauccrs in the campnign on the Sutlej in 1840, and 
wss present at the lattle of Sobraon (Mcdul). Served with (!ic 12th Luucors in tlio Kaffir war 
in 1851 -6d (Medal, and mentioned in Dispatches). Also in the Crimean campaign from I7tli 
May 1856, including the battle of Tchcruaya and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clas]), and 

Turkish Medal). 

32 Miyor Clowes served with the 8th Hussars the Eaaitcni campaign of 18'54, including tlio 
Usltln of Atuia and Balaklava, affaiiN of Bulganak and M'Kenzic's Farm, aud siege of Sebas- 
ti»pol: waa wounded and taken a prisoner, and horse 8hot, at the battle of Halaklava (Medal and 
three (.lasps, and Turki^h Medal). Scrvefl in Rajfujotnua in 1858-51), was pi-esent at thocuptiiro 
uf Kotah, battle of Kotai'ia, and commanded a detachment of the 8th l[tis»ars> in Brigadier 
Parko'a long pursuit of the Rebels and at titoir defeat at <,'i)ota Ootleyporc (mcntiuiicd in 
dispatches. Brevet of Majtv, Mcdul and C-Iasp). 

33 Major Cochran served the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in Canada, includiug the actiou at 
Xoraviaa Town. Also the campaign of 1824-5 in Ava, including the capture of Rnngoun siid 
Usrtaban, siege and capture of Dcnobia, battles of Prome and Pagahm Mew. Served the 
cSBpaign of 1842 in Afighanistan, and commanded a column of attack in the action of the 
^ih April in the Pisheen Valley ; present also in the action? near Candahar, at Goaine, and 
before Qhnsnee ; occupation and destruction of that fortress ond of Cubool. Ex])edition ii^o 
Kohiaten, storm, capture, and destruction of Istaliff, and in the numei-ous minor affairs in and 
betweem the Bolan and the Khyber Passes. 

34 BCi^or Hon. Wm. Erskine Cochrane served with the 15th Hussars the campaign of 1P08-0 
under Sir John Moore, and commanded a troop which attacked and defeated the Trench cavalry 
St flahagiin. In 1812 he accompanied his Raiment to Lisbon, and in tluT following year com 
Banded a squadron in the battle of Vittoria : he has received the War Medal with two Cla^iis. 

36 Miiier Wm. H. Cockbnni was detached from Gibraltar for the defence of Tarifu in 1811 
ind 12, when the French were defeated, leaving their guns behind ; served sub«<equcnt1y in the 
FenlMiila to the end ef that war In 1814, and was pi'escnt at the investment of Bayonuc and 

tftig War Services of Retired Minors. 

ropolit of the lorttt. Embftrktd aftennutii for Axuflrioft, whet* he ser? ed until the tertnlaatioD 
of the war with the United SUtes. 

90t Mijor Cook MfTed with the 11th Hntsari in the Eaatem eampaign of 1864 end up to 
20th Aug. 18d5, including the affair of Bulganak, battles of Alma, Balaklava (wonnded), and 
Inkerniany and siege of Sevastopol (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

37 Major Coote senred with the 22nd throughout the operations in Soinde (Medal) 
under Sir Ciuirles Napier, and wae present at the destroetion of Imanmghur, and in the battles 
of Meeanee and Hyderabad (sererelj wounded). He was mentioned in orders as being; the first 
man who entered the enemy's entrenohed position, and also as haWng taken the first colar 
from the enemy at the battle of Hyderabad. He served with the 36th in the Ionian lalanda from 
1S49 until 1851, and eoounanded the troops at Sisi during the insurreetion of 1849, and on three 
oocasions defeated the insurgents, including their night attack on the Tillage of xVggnpader. 

d7t Major Cornwall sen-ed the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 witli the 03rd Higblanden, 
including the battles of AImn and Balaklava, capture of JUilaklava, expeilition to the Bca of 
Azofi* and capture of Kertch and Yenikale ; afterwards present at the siege and fall of 9ebasU>pol, 
and a!»Niiilt8 of the IBth June and 8th Sept. — wounded in the trendies on the 3rd Aug. 1855 
(Medal and three Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, andTnrkish Medal). Also in India 
during the mutiny, was present nt the battle of Kudjwa (Brevet of Major, having commanded 
party 9drd engaged), relief of Lucknow by Ix)rd Clyde (commanded party which took tlie Bari'seks), 
battle of Cawn]>ore on 4tli Dec. 1857 (severely wounded), Oude campaign (Medal and Clasp). 

87* Major Comwallis i$erved the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 4th Lt. Drs. indad- 
ing the battles of Alma, Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchernaya, and siege of Sebastopol, also 
with the Light Cavalry Brigade at Eupatoria (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

38 Major Ci*oker scr>'ed as AMist. Quarter Master Qcnerol in the action at Zorapore near Kur- 
nool on the 18th October 1839; and also in a like capacity in the action at Maharajpore, 29tb 
December 1843 (Medal). 

d8t Major ( -owell served with the 3rd Light Dragoons throughout the campaign of 1842 lu 
AflTghaiiistan (Medal), and was provf^nt at the forcing of the Khyber Pa^, capture of Mamoo 
Khatl, storming the heights of JugdiiUuck, actions of Tezeen and Huftkotul. and occupation of 
Cabool. He was ])resent as Aide de Camp to t^ir Joseph Thnekwell in the action of Maharajpore 
ou the *29lh Dec. 1843 (Metlal). He also served the Sntlej campaign of 1845-0, ineludiog the 
battles of Moodkeo, Forozeshah (charger killed), and Hobraon (Medal and two Clasps). Towards 
tlie close of tlic Sntlej campaign he officiated as Deputy Assistant Qr. Master General of the 
Cavalry Dlvbiou. fck^rved with tlie lOtli Hussars in the Crimea from April I85C, including the 
capture of Tchorgaun, battle of the Tcheninya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, 
and Turkish Medal). 

89 Major Cumberland served with the 42nd Highlanders the Gasteni campaign np to 
1st Feb. 1855, including the battles of Alma and Balaklava, and siege of Sebastopol; he 
succeeded to the command of the r»j;iroent a few days after Alma, and continued in the command 
until the 1st Feb. 1855 (Medal and three Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

89t Sir Charles Whechr Cu'Be sorved as Snd Assist. A6j. Gen. on Lord Clyde's staff dorbg 
the campiiign in Oudo in 1858 and ]>art of 1859, and was present in tlie actions of Doondiakeria, 
Mngedia, and the Raptee (Medal, and Brevet of Major). 

4U Major Darell served with the Ist Batt. 60th Rifles during the second siege operations at 
Mooltan, including ihc siege and storm of the town and capture of the citadel of Mooltan. After* 
wards at the battle of Goojerat (Medal), pursuit of the Sikh army under Rajah Shore Sing antil 
its final surrender at Rawul Pindec, occupation of Attock and Peshawur, anrl expulsion of the 
Affiihan force under the Ameer Dost Mahomed beyond the Khyber Pass. 

41 Mnjor Dnrrocli served with the Royals in Canada during the Rebellion of 1837-S. He 
sen'od also with the G2nd in the campaign on the Sutlej (Medal), and was wounded at f erose- 
■hah. Sorved with the olst throughout the Burmese war of 1852-53 ; was on board the E. I. C. 
steam frigate Fcrooz during the naval action and destruction of the enemy's stockades on the 
Rangoon River; served during the succeeding three days' operations in the vicinity (including 
the storming of the White House Redoubt), and at the storm and capture of Rangoon ; also at the 
assault and capture of Basscin 19th May (wounded); and served as Deputy Assistant Qr. Master 
General at the taking of Pegu 21st November. 

4S Major A.G. Dickson served with the 02ud Regt.atthc »icgo of Sebastopol from 13tli Not. 
1854 to 7th July 1855 including the attack on the Quarries on dtli June and on tlic Redan ou 
the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Was present with the Carabinecis at 
the outbreak of the Sepoy mutiny at Mecrut on the 10th May 1857, actions of the Hindun 
30th und 31st May, battle of Budlekcsemi, the affair of the 9th June, and subsequent 
operations before Delhi (Medal and Clusp). 

42t Major J. H. Dickson served with the 51st in Burmah from Feb. 1853 to the end of the 
war, and was present with Captain Irby's Detachment of four Companies with Brigadier General 
Cheupc's force until shortly before the captura of Myattoon*s stronghold, when he was left in 
command of n Detachment to protect the sick and wounded of the force (Medal and Clasp). 

44 Sir Tliomas Drake served with the 52nd Uegt. in 1808, on the expedition to Sweden under 
Sir John Moore and on the retreat to Corunna ; in 1809, on the Walcheren expedition ; from 1809 
to 1812 inclusive, in the Peninsula, and was present in the action at Sabugal, battle of F:ientes 
d'Onor, siege and assault of Ciudod Rodrigo, and affair of San Munos — severely wounded (War 
Medal with two Clasps). 

45 Major Duff served with the S3rd Fusiliers in the Eastern campaign of 1854, Ineludiog the 
■iege of Sebastopol and battle of Inkerman where ho wbb taken prisouer (Med al and C&fpf| 
5th Class of the Mcdjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

9FAr Berviees tf Retired Uaj^rw. ISSA 

46 Vtlor BbBMll tenred with the Ut Dragoons the Bastem ceinpeign of 1954^ inelading the 
battle of BeUUave (severely wounded), and sleffe of Bebustopol (Medal and ChispS| Brcret 
Major, knight of the Legion of Honor, Atli Class of the Medjidle, and Tnrldsh Medal). 

46f Blajor Evans served with the 39th Regt. thronghont the Punjaub eamyyelgn of 1848-49, 
including the passage of the Chenab, and battles of Chill fan wallah and Goojerat (Medal and 

47 lorA Erroll served with tlie Rifle Brigade in the Eaf^tmi campaign of 1854, and was 
iererelj wounded at the battle of Alma (Mednl nnd Clnsp, Brevet Major, Cth Class of the 
Me^idie, and Turkish Medal). 

48 Major H<m, Keith-Falconer served tlirre yenrs m a Midshipman, and was wounded in the 
boat BCHon of H. M. S. President and Ettrydlce against the Amb pirates in the river Augozha, 
east coast of Africa, 93 Nov. 1847. Served the Eaotem campaign of 1854-55 as Aide de Camp to 
Sir Richard England, inclnding the battles of Inkerman and Tchemayn, and siege of Hebastopol ; 
was aldo with the Light Cavalry Brigade at Eiipatoria (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian and 
Turkish Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidle). 

49 Mi^or Fane served the campaign in Affghaaistan, and was present at the storm and captnre 
of Ghnznee (Medal). 

50 Major Richard Fletcher commanded the detachments of the 1st and drd West India regi- 
ments which destroyed the town of Maageah, Western AfHca, in May 1855, tnit with severe loss^ 
owing to the overwhelming force of the enemy. 

61 Major William Fletcher served with the 44th Regt. the Eastern campaigpi of 1854-55, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol, attack and occupation 
of the C>meter>' on the 18th June (Medal and C1asp$<, Brevet of Major, Sardinian and Turkish 
Medals, and 5th Class of the Medjidie). 

51 1 Major Forster served with the 6tli Dr. Guards at the siege and fall of Sebastopol iVom 
S6 Jnly 1850 (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Was second in command of the Wing of 
the Cvahlneers hefbre Delhi ; thence he accompanied General Showers* ctdumn and was at the 
ftflUr of Kattwalec when General Penny was killed, — on this occasion he led a charge against a 
band of fanatic Ghazees and was wounded in seven places, losing a portion of one hand (Medal and 
Clasp, and Brevet of Major). 

62 M^]or Forsyth served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Balaklava 
tad Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, captnre of the Quarries, attack on the Redan on the 18th 
Jane (with the storming column), and on the 8th Sept. ; also at Kinboum (Medal and Clasps, 
Brevet Major, Knight of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). 

54 Major Frampton was present with the 50th Regt. in the battle of Punniar (Medal). Served 
the campaign on the SntleJ ( Medal and two Clasps), including the battles of Moodkee, Feroze- 
shah, and Allwal, in which last he was dangerously wounded, and had his arm amputated. 
Served the Eastern campaign until taken prisoner In the trenches before Sebastopol on the 23nd 
Dec 1854, having been present at the battles of Alma and Inkerman (wounded), — Medal and 
Claspi, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish Medal). 

55 MAjor Gayfai served with the 10th Lancers during the campaign In Afghanistan under 
Lord Keane, Indndlng the siege and capture of Ghuznec (Medal). He was also present at the 
battle of Maharajpore, 9th Dec. 1843 (Medal). 

56 Major Geli served in the Peninsula in the 29th, and succeeded to the command of tlic 
Itegt. at the battle of Albnhera, for which he has received the Gold Medal. 

57 Major Godley served with the 28t1i Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854 and up to 5th July 
1855, inclnding the battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, and affair in the Cemetery 
—severely wounded (Medal and three Clasps, Brevet Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turklui 

58 Major Duncan Gordon served with the 59th Regt. at the capture of the Isle of France in 
1810} and at the capture of Java in 1811, and was wounded at the assault of Fort Comellns 
(War Medal with one Clasp). Served also at tlio siege and capture of Bhurtporo in 18S5-S9 
(War Medal with one Clasp). 

59 Major S. B. Gordon served with the 45th Regt. in the KafRr war of 1846-47 (Medal). 

60 Major Gore served with the 7th Drag. Guards against the Insurgent Boers in South Africa 
in 1845, also throughout the Kaffir war of 1840-7 (Medal). Served with tlie 53d Regt. during 
the Indian campaign of 1857-58, including the action of Khnjwah, relief of Lucknow by Lord 
Clyde, battle of Cawnporc on 0th Dec. and pursuit of the Gwalior Contingent to Serai Ghat, action 
of Khodagungo and entry into Futteghur, anairof Shumshabad, storm and capture of Meaiigungp, 
liege abd capture of Lucknow, and afihir of Koorsic (Medal and Clasps). 

01 Major Graham served with the 42nd Higlilanders the Eastern campaign from Dec. 1854, 
including the expedition to Kurtch, siege and fall of Sobastopol, tind a8<>ault upon tlie outworks 
18th Jnile (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Maior, and Turkish Medal). 

02 ^ajor Grant served with the 14th Regiment in the Nepaul war in 1815; at the siego and 
capture of the Fortress of Hattras in Marcli 1817 ; in the Dcccan and Pindari'ec campaigns in 
1817 and 1818 under Lord Hastings, and commanded tiic Light Company when it was attached 
to a Flank Battalion in 1818. Was present with the 14th Regiment, at tlie siego and capture of 
Bhartpore, and conmnandod the Grenadier Company when it led the right storming column on th€ 
day of the assault, 18th January 1820 (Medal and Clasp). 

02t Major B. L. Green served in the Kaffir wars of 1847 and 1850-53 (Medal), was soverely 
vonnded in tiic former war when commanding the rear-guard, and in the hitter war borved as 
Aide de Camp to Blajor General Somerset, and D.A.Qr.Mas.Gen. with the headquarters of Sir 
OflOrge Catheart. Benred with the China expedition of 180i) until the surrender of Pekia at 
D.A»AdJ.Gen. lit Division (Medal and Clasp, and Brevet of Mayiry 

04 Mijor Qnbbeferrcd with the 48rd Lt, Inf. in the Peninsula dv\t\\\g l\\c\^V.V«c v^t\.q\\^V2. 
and mujn acU<m on the lOtb Nor, on retreat from Burgos. Was a\ao vit 'Sew OtV^wa* 

lS2l War Services of lietWed Majors, 

W» Major llalliday served with the aSnd Rey^. at the siege and fall of t^bastopol from 8nd 
Sept. 18J6. (Medal and Claup). Scrred in the N. W. Provinces in suppressing the Indian 
Mutiny in 1958 and was present at the actions of Khanknr^ siege uf the Jail and iabsoqoent 
operatious at Siiahjebanpore (Brevet of Major and Medal). 

Oof Major Hon. R. Baillie-Uainilton served the Easlorii campaign of 18o4-55, including tlie 
battles of Alma and Inkcnnan, siege and fall of Sebnstopol, and capture of Klnbonrn — as Aide 
(la Camp to General Speneer (Meilal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish Medals). Served also 
tlic campaign of 1860 in China m Brigade Mnjor of the 3rd Brigade (Medal with Clasp and 
Brevet of M^jor). 

OG 3I^or Wm. Henry Hare accompanied the expedition under Sir David Baird to Corunua, 
and was present throughout the retreat, and at the battle of Conmna. In Aug. 1809 embarked 
with the expedition to Walehcren, and was at the siege and capture of Flushing. Served In the 
Peninsular campaigns of 1811, 12, 13, and 14; and finally at the battle of Waterloo and capton 
of Cambray. 

()7 li^Tujor Herbert 8<^>rved with the 39th Regt. at the action of Mahar^jpore on the :29th Dec. 
1843 (slightly wounded). 

08 Major J. M. Hill served in the Kaffir war of 184($-47 (Medal). Served in tlie Crimea at 
tho battle of Inkcrman and siege of Seba^topol (Medal and two Clasps), after which as Major 
in the Turkish Contingent and commanded the Garrfson Artillery at Kertch and Yenikali (4th 
Class of the Medjidits and Turkish Medal). 

69 Major Hinchlift' served in 1857 with the 64th Regt. in Persia (Medal), and in India 

70 Major J. M. Home served the campalj^n of 1814 in Upper Canada with the 104th Regt. 

71 Major Hopkins served with the 43rd Light Infontry dnrine the campaign in Denmark in 
1807, including the picgc and surrender of Copenhagen, and battle of Kioge. In 1808 landed at 
Corunua with Sir David Bnird's expedition, and joining the army of Sir John Moore was in the 
various operations ui^til the retreat. In 1809, landed in Portugal with the Light DlTision, and 
was at the defending of the passage of the Tagus at Almaraz ; In 1810 was engaged in sevend 
affairs between Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo, action of the Coa (severely wounded), battle of 
Biisaco, and various skirmishes; in 1811 engaged at Pombal, Rpdinha, Condeixa, Miranda dc 
Coorg, Sabugal, and battle of Fuenti*s d'Onor; in 1812, was present dnring both the sieges and 
storming of Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz, commanding a Company at the assault of the breaches 
of each ; present at the reduction of the forts of Salamanca, action at Castrajon» battle of SsU- 
inauca, and surrender of the Rctiro in Madrid; in 1813, action of San Millan, battle of Vittoria^ 
action with the enemy's rearguard on entering the Pyrenees, operations therein, action at the 
bridge of Ydnzi, and attack of the heights of Santa Barbara ; present also at the storm and 
capture of Saint Sebastian. Served in the campaign of 1815 and was at the capture of Paris. 
Has the War Medal with seven ClaB])S, and was twice severely wounded. 

71 1 Major Hume served in the Sutlej campaign in 1840 and was twice wounded, once 
daugerously through the right ^lung at the battle of Sobraon (Medal). Commanded the Ut 
European Bengal Fusiliei-s in suppi'cssion of the Indian Mutiny, including the Trans- GoomtiO 
operations under Outram, storm and copture of Lucknow, and subsequent operntiona in Oude 
(Medal with Clasp, Brevet of Major). 

72 Migor Ilutton served with tho 4th Light Dragoons. Served the Eastern campaign of 1864, 
iocludlng the battles of Alma and Balaklava (severely wounded in both thighs), and siege of 
Sebaslopol (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Mc<lal). 

73 Major R. Inglis served with the 18th Royal Irish in tho Crimea in 1854-55, including the 
siege and fall of Sebasto]K>1, assault and capture of the Cemetery on the 18th June (Medal aud 
Chisp, Brevet of Mi^or, and Turkish Modal). 

7i M(\)or W. Inglis sorvud in tlio Kastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Bala- 
klava and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol, for which he obtained Brevet rank as Major (Medal 
and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

75 Colonel Jacks serve<l the camimign in Naples under Sir Janioi Craig in 1805, and that in 
Sicily and Calabria under Sir John Stuart in IHOH; in 1809 he was at tho taking of the Islands 
of Isdna and Procida in tiie Buy of Naples. Subsequently ho served on the Eastern Coast of 
Spain, and was present at the actions of Alcoy, Blur, Custalla, Villafrnnca, and various other 
affaii-s. In 1814 ho was at the eaptui*c of Genoa. In 18:15 he raised the 2nd Lancers of the 
Briti»li Legion under Sir De Lncy Evans, and was present in the varioun actions and other 
desultory operations of the Legion in Spjiin. For his services tlicre he has received from tho 
Spanish Government three Crosses of the Militaiy Order of St. rordlnand (one conferred on 
the field o\ battle), and the Conunandcrsliip of Jsubel the Catholic ; also tlie rank of Colonel in 
the Spanish Army. 

70 Major Jackson Horvcd in the Sutlej campaign in 1840 with the lOth Lancers, and waa 
present at the affair of Buddlwal, and in the actions of Aliwal and Sobraou (Medal and Clasp). 

70f Major Jary scivcd with the Vli\v Luncers in the Kaffir war of 1851-3 (Medal). Also in 
the Crimea from Oth May 1855. including tho siege of Sebastopol (Mcdul and Cla»p,and Turkish 

Ciunurid; employed agniniiL the French army in 1811. SL-ncd with that department during 
18r2 ami 13 at tho hnJtle of Cantalhi, twice hi aetirc j«io'-'C hoforn TuTniSfonn, in the nffalr at Villa 
Franca, anil the pa-^s of lUIaiMirr. Rfjoinc*! the •27tli Ri-jimciit. and bailed frooi Bourdeaitx' for 
CuimdH) piv»cntai the battlr of J^iiitlaiburg, andthoM:vcrt'ly-cont«.btcd itaMujjc of the Saranac. 


War Services of Retired Majors. ] 22; 

7d Hi|ior Henry Kean wrrcd wiUi the 25th liegiment ut the cAptore of Aladelra In 1807 ; 
after which he proceeded to the We^t Indies, where he was employed oti the staff for upwards of 
ten years, lie was at the taking of nearly all the West India Islands which were raptured from 
I soil to 1815, and was frequently mentioned in Di&patcbes : he has received the War Medal 
with two Clasps. 

79 Lord Keane served on the lata General Ltwd Keane's staff daring the campaign in 
Aflghanistan and Beloochistan^ and was present at the assault and capture of Ghozneo, for which 
he has received a Medal. 

8(J Major Ruck Keeue served the campaigns in Indiaof 1857-58 as Major in the 2nd Dr. Ods., 
and was present at the siege and capture of Lucknow, and subsequent operations (twiee men- 
tioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

81 Lord Killeen senred with the 8th Hussars in the Crimeo, from 19th November 1864, 
including the expedition to Kertch, siege and fall of Sebostopol (Medal and Clasp, andTurkbh 

&Z Miyor Lawrle served in the Crimea with the 18th Uoyal Irish from 30th D<h;. 1854, and 
wu present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, assault ond capture of the Cemetery on the 18th 
Juoe (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major, 5th Class of Ihc Mudjidie, and Turkish Med>il). 

8'it M^or Lepper served in the 8Gtli Ilegt. with the Central Imtia Field Force in 1858 and 
was present at the siege, storm, and capture of Cliundur«ie und of the town and fortress of 
Jhansi, battle of Betwa, action of Kooucli, op(?rations before Calpec from 15th to 21 st May, 
battle of Golowlee, capture of the town and fort of Calpee, commanded the European Inf«mtry 
in the pursuing column from Calpee, battle of Morar, batilo befoi-e und enptui-e of the town and 
fortress of Gwalior (thrice mentioned in des]mtches. Brevet of Major, Medal and Clasp). 

83 Major L. X.Leslie served the campaign of 1B14 in Canada; alio, with the 72ud High- 
landers, the Kaffir campaign of 1834-35 (Medal). 

81 Major Levett served the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 with the 10th Regiment, including 
the battle of Inkcrman, siege and fall of Sobastopol, und assault on the Redan on the 8th 
September (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

85 Miyor Lockyer served in the Kaudian war in Ceylon in 1815-16. 

85t Major M'Mahon served in the Punjaub canqmign of 1848-U : at the first Hiege of Mooltan, 
ioclnding the attack on the enemy's position in front of the advanced trencher, 12tli 8ept. 1848; 
with the charging squadrons of the 14th Lt. Dragoons at Itamnuggur (very severely wounded), 
aod at the battles of Chillianwallah and Guojerat; was also present at the surrender of the 8eikh 
army at Rawul Pindee, and pursuit of the Affghans to Pcshawur (Medal and Clrispff). Senred 
with the Central India field force under Sir Hugh Rose in 1858 and was present at the siege and 
capture of Rahutghur, relief of Saugor, action of Barodia, at Malthune, siege and capture of 
Jhansi, iMittles of Betwa and Koonch (<i:vei*ely wounded), action of Morar, recapture of uwalior, 
and eammanded a flying column in operations against Bunjor Sing (twice mentioned in d(>> 
apatchcs, Brevet of Major, Medal and Claap). 

80 Miyor Longmore served in the Peninsula with the Royal Staff Corps, and has the War 
Medal with four Clasps for Badi^oz, Nivellc, Nive, and Toulouse. 

8Ct Major MacAndrew served with the 40th Rcgt. throughout the operations in Cundahar in 
Afljjhanistan in 1841 and 42, and has received the Mcdul inscribed " Caudalmr, Qhuzneo, Cabool, 
184i.*' Served witli the 78th Highlanders iu the Persian war in 1857t inclwling the night attack 
and battle of Kooshab, bombardment of Mohuinruh, and expedition to Ahwaz (Medal and Clasp). 

87 MajorLovett served in the 08th Uegt. with the expedition to the Nortli of Cliina in 1642 
(Medal), and was preatnt at the attack and capture of Chin-Kiaog-Foo, and at the lauding before 

87t Major Magenis served with the 90th Light Infantry at the siege and fall of Sebastopol ; 
commanded a party of the Regt. at the taking of the Rifle Pits on the 19th April 1855, and was 
(if the storming party at the assault of the Redan on the 8th Sept. (mentioned in Dispatches, 
Meilal and Clasp, 5tli Class of the Medjidie, and Tiirkibli Medal). Also during the Indian cam- 
l^jgn of 1857-58, — present with IIavelock*s Column at the actions of the 21st and 2drd Sept., 
relief and subsequent defence of Luckuow, defence of the Alumbagh under Outram, and fall of 
Lacknow (Brevet of Migor, Medal and Clasp). 

88 Major Lutman f«rved with the 24th RcgL in the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, including 
the passage of tlie Gienab aud battles of Sudoolapore, C!lullian wallah, and Uoojerat (Medal and 

96 1 Migor Maidey served with the 6th Dragoons the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including 
tlie battles of Balakiava, Inkerman, acid Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebastupol (Medal and 
Clasps, Brevet of M^jor, and Turkish Medal). 

80 Major Lyle served with the 29th Regt. in the Sutlej campaign of 1845-4G, including the 
battles of Fcrozeshah and Sobraon (Medal and Clasp). 

81H Major A. L« Marsh served the Eastern campaign of 1854-5, with the 55th Regt., including 
the battles of Alma and Inkerman (succeeded to the command of the Regt.) and siege of Sebas- 
tupol (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

'JO Major Robert Marsh served with the 24th Regt. in the Peninsula from Aug. 1812 to the 
eod of that war iu 1814, and was present at the battles of Vittoria, the Pyrenees, Nivelle 
(fiouuded), and Orthes. for which he has the Wur Medal with four Closps. Served also the 
-^'epsul campaign of 1815-lG, and the Mahratta campaign of 1817-18. 

U3 M^or Matson joined the force in New Zealand under Colonel Despard in August 1845, and 
terved as Acting Deputy Quartermaster General, and was present at the assault and capture of 
Kawiti's IMi at Roapekapeka on the 11th Jan. 1840 (Brevet of Major). 

93 3IaJor Merocr wwnd la the 89th BegiiMiit at the aiege of Sebostopol, from tbft IMl 

lim War Servieu t^ Retired Mefjore. 

DecMnber 18M to tiM 7tti July 1856, ioohidiiig tiM attack of tho 18tti Jmw, Wm MffiMly 
eontofed in the liead on Um night d tho 13lh April whoa in oommond of a workinf party, in 
the tronohea (Modal and Clasp, Breiret of Major, and Turkish Modal). 

94 Mf^or Meredith aerred in tho Peniosum from Nov. 1813 to Juno 1814, and waa actifely 
employed from the Pyrenees to the battle of Touloase, at whicli he was present. Serrod in Canada 
iu 1814 and 13 ; present at capture of Rangoon^ May 1824. Ue has received the War Medal with 
one Clasp for Toulouse. 

05 Major Mintcr served in the Kandian campaigns of 1817 and 18 under Sir Robert Brown- 
rigg, and in the Burmsn Empire under Sir Archibald Campbell. 

OG Major J. P. Mitford served on the Staff throughout the war in China (Medal), and was 
present at the operations before Canton, and at the iuvestmeut of Nankin. 

07 Mijor Mundy was nominated to the 4th Class of the Mecyidie for service with the Oamanli 
Horse Anilkry as Lieutenant Colonel second in command. 

08 Major Percy serve<l iu the Crimea from August ISr^'j, iucludiug the siege and (all of 
Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

00 M^jor Mundell served iu New Zealand with a detachmeuL of the 06th Ragt. thxoughout 
tho oiterations against the hostile natives, iu 1845-4C. Ue served on the Staff of the army io the 
Crimea in 18l>o as D.A.Q.M. General, and was present at the fall of Scbaatopol (Medal and Clmp 
and Turkish Medal). 

100 Major Feto served with the 73rd Begt in the Kaffir war of 1846-7 (Medal). 

101 M^or Charles Murray served in the Kandian War in Ceylon in 1817-18, 

102 ^Ujor William Murray served with the 10th Hnssars in tho Crimea, from the dOth June 
1856, including the battle of tho Tohernaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Claap and 
Brevet of Major). 

103 Major Nosh served in the American war with the 103rd Regt.,and waa present at the actioa 
of Lundy's Lane, storming of Fort Erie, 15th Aug. 1814,— severely wounded in the leg by a 
musket-ball, and afterwards blown up by the explosion of a powder-magaiine ; present also in 
the action at Chippewa. 

104 Major Nisbet served with the 1st Dragoon Guards in the Crimean campaign froaa 16th 
Aug. 1855 (Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, and Turkish Medal). 

105 Major O'Conor served with the 17th Regt. in the Crimean campaign from 17tli Dec. 

1854, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and assault of the ReoEUi on tho I8th June- 
mentioned in despatches (Brevet of Major, Medal with Clasp, 5th Class of the Medjldle^ and 
TurkUh Medal). 

106 Major Ogle served tlie campaign in Affghanlstan under General Pollock, and was woonded 
In forcing the Khyber Pass, 5th April 1843. He has the Medal for the re-capture of CabooL 

107 Major Orr served with the 7 th Fuailieri at the siege and capture of Copenhagen iu 1807; 
at the siege of Martinique in 1809 ; aud in the Peninsula from 1810, including die battle ef 
Albuhera (severely wounded by a muskct-ball i» the leg), passage of the Eslar and the Ebro, 
action of Osma, battle of Vittoria, invesimeut of Pampeluna (wounded in the breast by a musket- 
ball), action at the Pass of lioncesvalles, buttle of the Pyrenees, passage of the Bidaasoa, battles 
of the Nivelle, Nive, and Orthcs, besides various minor actions and skirmishes : he has received 
the War Medal with eight Clasps. 

108 Miyor Paynter served with tlie 1st Dragoon Guards in the Crimea tvom Aug. 1855, in- 
cluding the siege and fall of Sebastopol, and battle of the Tchernaya (Medal and Clasp). 

100 Major Phillips sen'ed the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of^fialaklava 
(horse shot), Inkerman, and Tchemuya, aud niege of Sebastopol (Medal and three ClMspsy and 
Turkish Medal). Scr>'ed iu Rajpootann in 1858-50. Wt'u present ut the capture of Kotoh, and cook 
manded a Squadron of the 8th Hussars in Brigadier Ilonnrr's pumuit of the Rebels and nt tlieir 
defeat at Koorshaua (mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clunp). 

110 Major Hon. K. S. Plunkett ser\'ed nt the siege of Sebastopol from 10th Dec. 1854 to July 

1855, iududuig tlie capture of the Quarrien on 7th June, aud prei«eut iu the treuchea during the 
attack of tho Redauon the 18th June (Modnl and Clasp, Bri'vet Major, and Turkivh Medal); 
has also the 4th CIssr of the Medjidie for service iu tho late Osmauii Horse Artillery. Served 
iu 1858 at the singe nud capture of Awali (aieutioned iu dispatches), and Kotoh, battle of 
Kota ka Seria, and general action resulting in the capture of Gwnlior (Medal and Clasp). 

111 Major Pollock served with the Light Brigade of Sir John Moore's army in the Iforth of 
Spain and on the retreat to Corunna. Accompanied his Regiment (the 4drd) to Libbon, and 
joined Sir Arthur Welleiley's army at Talavera the day after the battle, and was preaent in the 
action near Almeida on the Coa, battle of Busaco, actions of Pombal, Redinha, Miranda do Corvo, 
Foz d'Ai-ouce, and Sabugal ; battle of Fucutcs d'Onor, siege and storming of Cindad Rodrlgo, 
siege and storming of Badujoz, and was severely wounded at the assault : he has received tlie War 
M^al with five Clasps. 

lilt Major Poore served in Rajpootana and Central India in 1858-50 and was prf'sent at the 
capture of Kotah, reoccupation of Chundarec, battle of Kotah ke Serai, capture of Gwalior, 
siege of Powree, aud action of B<{jiipore— severely wounded (mentitHicd in despatches. Brevet 
of Major, Modal and Clasp). 

112 Mi^or the Hon. Charles Pow;s, prior to entering tho army, served five vears and three 
months iu the Royal Navy, and was prei»out in H.M.S. i^/o/i</f at the taking of the Morea Castle, 
iu the Gulf of Lcpanto, in 1828. lie serfcd with the Uth Lancen in the campaign of 1848-0 in 
the Puijaub, including the passage of the Chenab at Ramnnggur, and battles of Chillian wallah 
and Qnojerat (Medal and Clasps). 

1 13 Miyor George Rawlmsou served with tho expedition to Egypt in 1807 ; at the takiag of tbt 
islanU of Zanto, 1800; aud at tho siege of Santa Maura, 1810. 

War ekfvim pf lUHred Mofors. 133/ 

list Ht&n Wm. 8. ItawliiMon Mrred with Oth DngooM fhe CMmMn CMnfMUgn of 1664-66 
radndlng the battles of BalaklaTa, Inkerman, and Tchernaya^ liege and fall of Sebestopttl (Medal 
and three Clasps, and TorkiBh Medal). 

114 M^er Henrf Rcid served at Cadis from March 1818 to the end of the war. Served also in 
the American war, Indnding the affair at Hampden. 

114t Blajor Benny serfed with the 73rd Regt. in the Kafflr war of 1851-53 (Medal), in- 
cluding the operations in the Amotolas Finh River, Waterkloof, and Trans-Kei expeditions. 

116 Major Riley servedwith the 88th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1854, Including the battles 
of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish 

116 Major Robertson served the eampsign of Java, indnding the investment and storming of 
Fort Cornells, storming the heights of Serendole, investment and storming of Djocjocarta, where 
be was aeverdy wounded through the thigh. Present at the qnelling of the insurrection at Pro* 
holhigo, where his brother officeis, Lteut.CoIonel Fraser and Captain M'Pliersoa, were killed. 
Served also in Flanders in 1815. 

117 Major Rocke servedwith the 40th Regt. the Eastern campaign of 1864-55, indnding 
tbe battles of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol and sortie of fi6th October 
(Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Major, and Turkish Medal). 

117f Major Rolloston served at the second relief of Lucknow and commanded a picqnet post 
antil the evaeaatlon (mentioned in despatches, Brevet Major) ; present with Ontram*s force at 
the Alum Bagh, also at the assault and capture of Lucknow (Medal and Clasps). 

118 Major Scott served in the 9th Lancers at the close of the Punjnub campaign in 1849 
(Medal). Served as D. A. Q. M. General to Lugard's division from 28th Feb. 1858, and was pre- 
itent at the taking of the Dilkooslia, Martin i^rc, Baules' House, Begum's Palace and capture of 
Laeknow with subsequent operation^); Joined detached column under Walpole, commanded a 
Sqaadron at the attack on Rhodamow, also nt the action of Aligunge (Medal and Clasp, twice 
mentioned !n despatches). Was awarded the Silver Mculal of the Hhipwrocked Mariners' Society 
f(>r gallant conduct on the occasion of the wreck of the troop ship ** Julia" on the coast of Sdnd. 

110 Major Sbuckborgh served with the Scots Fusilier Guards the Eastern eampaipn to 
Nofembtr 1854, indading the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman (severely wounded), 
and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

ItO Major Smith served in the Crimean campalfjm In 1855, including the capture of TohorgauB 
and nege of Sebastopol (Mednl and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

ISl Major Stapylton served In the Indian campaign in 1858-59, including the action of Nns- 
leratporey aicge and capture of Lucknow (charger wounded), subsequent operations, actions of 
Koortee and Nawabgungo, the Oude campaign, action of Jamo, siege and capture of BIrwah, 
•ad Thms-Gogra affairs at Bungacm ; he commanded n squadron of the Bays and Drummond's 
PoUee Cavalry (ffatlves) on a detached operation at Jamo, in conjunction with the remainder of 
the CtLwtLtry under Colonel Seymour ; and during the operations against Slrardos Sing near Seerora 
he also had a squadron partly detached (mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

199 Major Stocks served with the 1st Dragoons in the Crimea from 6th Oct. 1854, and was 
present at the battles of Balaklava, Inkerman, and Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol 
(Medal and Clasps, 5th Class of the Medj!die,and Turkish Medal). 

123 Maior Stuart served at the siege and capture of Kittoor In the East Indies in Dec. 1884. 

1S4 M«ot Btaddert served with the 9th Lanoers at the battle of Punniar on S9th Dee. 1843 

126 Mt^jor Sykes served with the 48th Regt at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 91 it 
April 1865 (Medal and Clasp, Brevet of Major. 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

197 M»or Thellusson served with the Coldstream Guards at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 
2Bd May 1855 (Medal and Clasp. Brevet of Major, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and Turkish Medal). 

lS7t Mijor Trevor served with the 4th Regt. the Eastern eampaignof 1854 and up to 16 Feb. 
1855, including the battles in the Crimea and siege of Sebastopol (Medal with three Clasps, and 
Torkish Medal). 

198 Major H. G. Walker served with the '29th Regt. in the campaign on the Sutlej, inolading 
the battles of Feroaeshah and Sobraon — wounded (Medal and Clasp); at Ferozeshah he was 
acting Aide de Camp to the Governor General, and had a horse shot under him. 

199 Major Wairy served with the d4tii Regt. at the siege of Bcba^<topnl from Feb. to 80ih July 
1855, tnawas severely contused In the trenches on the 18th June (Medal and Clasp, Brevet 
Uajor, and Turfcfaih Medal). 

130 Major Way served with the 29th Regiment throughout the Punjaub campaign in 1848-0 
(Xedal), including the passage of the Chenab, and battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat. 

131 Major Webb served with the RI6e Brigade during tho campaigns of 1814 and 15 in 
Holland, the Netherlandiii. and France, including both the actions at Merxem, bombardment of 
Aatu^, and battle of Waterloo, at widch last he was slightly wounded. 

139 Major Weyland served tho campaigns in Upper Canada from 1819 to 1815, including the 
tetlont at rort George and Stoney Creek, at which last he wassevei'ely wounded. 

183 Major Whltmore ser>'cd in the latter part of the Kaffir war in 1847. Was in the action of 
Boem Plaats and defeat of tho Insurgent Boers in 1848. Served throughout the Kaffir war of 
1851-59. and was present with the 2nd Division in nearly every aiTair, including the storming of 
the Iron Mountain. Commanded Sir Harry Smith's escort from March to Nov. 1851, durli^ 
which time he was repeatedly employed as a staff oftteer with the various columns on patrol. 
Acted as Major of Brigade to the 2nd Division firom Nov. 1851 toOet. 1852; and as Brigade 
VtM to tiie CNivalry Brigade in the Expedition under Sir George Cathcart, ending in the battle 
of Bern. Be has had two horses shot wsder him in aetlon, and hn been T«pieat«Sl3 VjeobdSmAl Va. 
Brigade and INTftrion Ordeia, a« well n in tbe General Orders and I)eBpatc\iQa ol ^t 1^, ^b^Vi>\ 

122m IVar Services of Retired Majort. 

and of Sir G. C«t)ictH (Mednl). BrorcC yki^or, Turkfeb Medal, aiid 4th ClaM of Uift Me^ldle, 
for Senioe with the Tiirkiah Contingent, 

134 Major Wilkhison served with the I nth Rogt. throughout tlie Burmese war, hicludiug the 
landing at Oheduba, Htormmg the stockade, and capture of the island; affair at Kumaroot, 
storming seven stockades at Kuniaroot, attack and capture of Syriam, actions near Rangoon, on 
tlie Ist, 5th, and 7th Dec. 18:24 ; storming of Kokien (wounded) : expedition to Baascin, and capture 
Negrais, Uussein, and Lamina ; actions at Semhike and Nndadee, storming of Melloon, and battle of 
of Pa<4ahm Mew. He also served throughout the campai:^^ in AfTghanistan from 1838 to 1642 
inclusive, including the expedition to Girislik, storm and ca])ture of Ghuzuec (Medal), stonning 
of the Khoord Cabool Pass, afTuir of Tczccn, fox'cing the Jugdftlhick Piu>s, reduction of the fort of 
Mamoo Khail, lieroic defence of Jellalabad, nud sorties on the 14th Nov. and 1st Dec. 1841, 11th 
March, 24th March, and Ist April 1842 ; general action and defeat of Akbar Khan before Jella* 
abad on the 7th April 1842 (Medal), in which action he commanded the centre column after the 
fall of Colonel Dennie. Commanded the IHth Regt. in stonning the heightti of Jugdulluck, in the 
general acti(m of Tezocn, and at tlio rccaptui-o of Cabool (Medal), for which he has received tlu! 
Companionship of the Bath. 

135 Major Wing served with the OtHh Regt. the Eastern cnrnpiiigu of 1854-55, including the 
battle of Alma (severely wounded) and siege of Sebostopol (MeUul and Clasps, Brevet of Miyor, 
Sardinian and Ihirkish ^[edals). 

136 Major H. O. Wood served the Penhisulnr campaign of 1814, including the invoHtmeut of 

137 Major J. J. Woodmnod with the 18th Royal Irish in the Burmese war of 1853 (Medal). 
Served with the 82nd Regiment at tho siege and fall of .Sebnstopol from '2nd HepL 1855 (Hedal 
nnd Clnsp, and Turkish Medal). 

138 Major Yard served in th4> 32nd Regt. nt the first ond second siege operations before 
Mooltan, including the attack on the enemy V» position in front of tbo advanced trenche9 on 
I2th Svipt 1848, the action of Soorjkoondf storm and cnf^tnre of the city, nud surrender of the 
fortrcM; also present at the sum^uder of the fort and g;irrison of Clieniote, and at the battle of 
Ooojerat (Mednl and Clasps). 

150 Major Bowdcn served with the 23nd Regt. throughout the operations in 3cindc (Medal) 
including the battles of ^leeanee and Hyderabiid, in the former of which he was wounded in 
the breast. lie served also the campaign in the Southern Mohrutta country in 1844-5, includhig 
tlic investment nnd cupturo of the Forts of Funella and Pownghur. 

140 Major Gillum served witli the 54tii Regt. at the tukin>r of the forts of Lccheau and 
Tirhol in Oude, in June 1858 (Medal). 

141 Major Dennis served with the 95th Regt. ut the siege and fall of Sebustopol from SUt 
Feb. 1855 (Medal and Clasp, 5th Clnss of the Me<ljidie, and Turkish MedHl). 

142 Major D. M. Murray served with tlie rnnk of Captain on the Staff of the Tiirklah Con- 
tingent dui-ing the Eastern campaign of 1855-50 (Turkish Medal). Sci^d us Aide dc Camp to 
Sir Wm. Mansfield during the Indian campaign of 1857-58, and was pivsent at the relief of 
Lucknow by I^rd Clyde (horse shot), defence of Ciiwni><»re, an<l defeat of the (Iwalior Con- 
tingent on Otli Dec. ; action of the Kula ^f uddee, and recapture of the Doab, siege and captura 
of Lucknow; was repeatedly mentioned iu dosputehci, and twice thanketl by the Governor 
General in ComicU (Brevet o( Major, Medal and two Clasps). 

143 Major Wiliuot served wltli the 2nd Batt. Rifle Brigade during the Indian Mutiny until 
Nov. 1858, subsequently on the staff of Sir Hope Grant; was pivscnt at tlie capture of Lucknow 
(Victoria CronK, Brevet of Major, Mednl and Clasp). 

144 Major Wilton served in the 55 th Regiment during the Chinese expedition (Medal), and 
was prefent at the operations before Nankin. Sonred in the lat Batt COth Riflea in tba 

paign of 1857 against the Mutineers in India, including the actions on the Uindnn, battle of 
Bodle ke ISerai and taking the heights before Delhi on 8th June, and subsequent aiega opara* 
tions to 1st Sept. 18r>7 (Brevet Major, Medal and Clasp). 

145 Miyor R. S. Wurburton scncd at the siege and fall of Seba8toiM)l from 1st May 1855 
(Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Me<hLl). 

14(i Sir Aug. Riversdale Warren served at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 26th Jan. 
1855; al«o present at the capture of Kinhourn (Medal and Clasp, 5th Cla»8 of the Medjidie, 
and Turkish Methd). Served in the Indian campaign of 1857-58, including the actions J[ 
C'hauda, Umeerpore, and Sulianporo, siege and capture of Lucknow (wounded), aubsaquent 
operations in Oude and aflhirs of Mohan and Meangun;;c, also nt Churda, and fort of Mnsjeedia 
(Medal and Clasp). 

147 Miyor U. R. White served with the 89th Regt. at the siege and fall of (Sebastopol fraa 
5ih Jan. 1855, and attacks on the 1 8th June and 8th Sept. (Medal and CUap, BreTat Major, Mh 
Class of the Medjidie, and Turkibh Medal). 

148 Major Alfreil E. Wilkinson served with the 0th Lnncers in the Tunjanb campaign of 
1848-4S), including the buttles of Chillianwidlah and Goojerat (Medal and two Cla^M). Alio 
in suppression of the Indian Mutiny iu 1857-59, present ut the as^tault and capture of Delhi, 
nnd action of Boluudshuhur, commanded a squudruu in the actions of Allyghur, Agra, and 
Kauougti. pi*es<.nt at the relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde, and at the final •eiege ami capture of 
the city, commanded a pquudron throught>ut the suninicr campaign in Oude and Rohilcund 
including actions at Rhodamow, Allygunge, capture of Bareilly, Shaitjchanporc, and purauit to 
Mahumdce (twice mt^ntioned in despatches. Medal nud Clasp). ' 

140 Migor R. L. Williams served at the siege of Sebastopol from SOth Aug. 1855, and vai 

severely wounded on 8th Sept. (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Served the campaign 

oi J800 in China as D.A.Q.M.Ci.y including the taking of Siuho and tangku, action! ISth |«d , 

3l2st Sept., oceupathu ot Tieuuin, ind iurrender o( Pekin (Bravet of M%ior, Medal '' 
* CJa§p§), 


T/iC Bodij Guard of the Sovereign on all Fuhlic and Slate occasions. 

Captain, I Lieutenant. 

cnrjr, Lord Foley 28 June 00 | Sir William Topliam i- 1 « Mar. 63 

Standard Bearer. — David James Ilarinar^ i' 31 Jau. 48. 

Gentlemen - a t^Arms. 

"clicstcr P30Jaii. 38 , rruncU (Martins Wcmvss, Captain. 

lukhion' (late Hi. MoJ,) .. 8 Dec. 40 . (J West York Militia i'J6Xov.(iO 

ridcrlure Milli* M 6 Nov. 48 | Cliarles Cliri»toplu-r Bayne* 1*24 Jau. UI 

jood^iD, Captain Cum- j iMajor (hiffiu Nieholas, r. f. p. 6 I'. .. 10 July CI 

TUitiu P2-iJiino49 ; Captain J. E-Bogrgis,!!.!). Pa}m.66 F. in July 61 

:hai]cs Cotton I'lOOct. 41) i Lt.O.l. H. F. Sauiidors,« r. f. p. 

I«?r ..Pl2Feb. oU | 1 W. I. Kcgt 18 July 61 

3war<l r20i\ov.60, Lt.Col. T. B. MortiniLT, Unatt '^'JJulyiU 

jio. Finch Cotton ^'21 Jan. ol ' Captain Charles Dresiiisr, h. p. 3 F. . . 22 July 61 

ai<Hlnte Brevet Major ). . 26 Feb. 62 j Captaiu Alex. DecimuaToogood,' li.p. 

Icock Midillotdn v (J , May 64 let.- Bengal Fusiliers 11 Au?. (i2 

raiiHS Lindam/ late of \ Colon. 1 Hen. Ihnne,CB.*Iatcof( 1 Dec. 62 

ii/^fde 19 May 64 Lt.Col. Ilinrv Iljinlinge." late of Bifle 

;e t. fate Jirivtt Lt.Col. ) . . 1 No?. 64 . Brigade. . *. 3 Feb. 63 

Bolton* (/ri/eO//;^ 31 F.) 7 Feb. 60 ; VC MajoiJsimcsLeitb/'Matoof 2 \)n. 5 Mnv (^3 

•oncaster i- 6 Mar. 66 H.n il dniuviWi',^^ late Jit. Major 23 F. 

R«Wnsou M6April66 Major '2 Wartcick Militia 5*ipt. 03 

m Hunt, Capt. (ihcLsttr .^JtaLliopo Leonard Douglas Wiijim,'- 8 Uct. (3 

rs i'13Ju>»i:67 I i,liitt. Capt.-i F.) 

Iis«r I 22 Apr. 68 j l*"g^t Jo'"* Bonrkc, '=» late ( 'apt. 1 1 F. 25 Apr. 64 

Hurris »» 11 June 68 Sussex L.A.B.MeKsiter,'»/«/<' /V////.2e F.26 Apr. 64 

eo.VU\\i\iii*(,iiitcCaytAZF.)V J) Julv 68 j ntnry Jobling Wallaek,'- hile Ciiptain 

iU:u,Cape.lieiifrnoMUitiuV 4 Nov. 68 i "7 Foot 17 Dec. 64 

Qing V'2'.i I'ul). 61) Ll. Colonel John Henry l^nvndcs, late 

« V 8 Nov. (iO ! "f ^» I''<^t>t 17 Dec. 64 

jy I' 10 Nov. 60 ; 

e (kcque and A({jutant.—lX.C o\oi\c\ \Villiani M'Call,^ lato Unatt. 1 1 June (».M. 

—Samuel \Vil3on,P 24 Feb. 31. I Scarlet— i-tfciwf/ Blue Velvet. 

-. — Captain N. Q. Philips, 6 Fob. 63. | Agents, Messrs. Cox and Co. 

kistoo Inviug patted through the Royal MilltnrjAcaUemj at Woolwich In 1802, ho proceeded lo India n% a 
Siiat India Company's Service, and was appointed to the Corps of Eiiglneera on the liladnis £»tab]|shm«nc, 
ludf-pay ai a Lieutenant in II. M. Sonrlce. In 1803 he served In the cam|iaigu aganibt the Maiinitta», and 
!■ tfai« iNittles of AsMje and Anraum. nnd at the sieges and a^ualts of AhmednuRgur and Oawilghur. At 
«i of tha mutiny at Vellore in IWi he directed the guns bj « hieh the gate was blown open. In 1810 he acted 
iccr aK tha capture of the Island of Bourbon. Having been employed in reconnoitring the Cfxast of the Ihle 
fioua iolbearrival of th«'eipcdition,lie wasiii<>truniental In discovering the spot wliero the descent was 
BYlfif been appointed to the charxe of theOuides,he led the advance of the Amij until the surnnder of Ihat 
Ilia iervires on the above occasion he was unminatod Extra Aide de Camp to the Commander in Chief, Sir 
mulft OB the expedition to Java in 181 1 ; and having been sent in advancewitli the Chief Engineer to fix on 
•jidjnff. he was eugagt-d in a xeriuus affair on the coast in the boats of II. II. ships Barraccuta and Lrda, 
f of the Army he was eniraged in the oAairsof Wellevrleden and Samarang, and at the siege ond assault of 
oaltion of Conielis. In I8I2, having attained the rank of Captain in the corps of Madras Engineers, he 
arloofh to England. Shortly afterwards, having been placed on full pay in H. JJ. 87th Rcgt., he was ap- 
kympany in the I7lh Portuguese Regt., with which he seivea in the Light Division of the Peninsular Army 
isaion of the war; having ^en present at the battles of Vitioria,NJvelle,Nive,Orlhe&, and Toulouse, and in 
I In vhieh the Light Division wnii engaged. At the siege of San Sebastian he volunteered as an Engineer, 
If ifril waa saverely wounded. For his services on this occasion he was promoted to a Company in the tf7th 
.0 was placed on haif-pay ; and un tlie'J-'trd June 184S he was brought on full poy of the6UtKegl.,and retired 
hiaeoinmiasions. He has received the War Medal with six Clasps; also the Indian War Medal and Clasps. 
el BrCall served the Kastem compttign of I8.'i4-d5, including the buttles of Alma and Balakljva, expedition 
d Yenilcale, ^iege and fall of 8ebuKioi)o]. und assaults ot the 18th Jane and 8lh Sept. (Mtnlal und thuo 
I or LLOoiouel, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class ol the MedUkJic, and Turliish Medal). 
Jndam B«r%'f:d in the intli Foot in the Siiilej campaign of 1845-40, and was se\erely wounded (lost a leg) at 
Bobraon (Medal). He served ulso four yoais ub raymnster in the Rifle Brigade in British Catn-aria, Including 
r of 1840-47. 

liognttus 8. Oolton served the campaign on the Sutl^ (Medal and thrcn Closps). lie acted as Aide-de-camp 
Bmitb at Moi^kee and Fcrozesiiah, unU was Adjutant of the 3Ut at Buddiwat, Aliwal, und Subnion (severely 

Philips served with the 4?th l^t. in the Eastern campaign of 1854, and whs foverely wounded at the battle 
dal and Clnsp, and Turkiith Medal). 

pI flaandera served at Sierra Ix>one and tlie Crunibia from IBSiJ to 1841 ; was present with the expeditionary 
interior in 1837; cm]iloyi-<] on ii spocial iiiN^inn to convey despiai:hes to the French at Senegal in Ib'W; 
tha troops at a riot at ihe Giinihiu in lS.*ii«, .ind whi' :tt nislit pittrolllng Ciipturcd u cun. Served In the 
r, and waa mentioned in di«patclie» as lt:ivlng distinynislicil hiinseU :tnd for most de\otc'd and gallant condurt 
Oor, and Medal). 

rof^ood served throughout the ruiijaub campaign of 1^4!4•4u, including the passage of the ChtiD&b, battles 
illah and Goojerat( wounded ^, pufkuit across the Jheliiin ai.d of the Affghans over the Indus through the 
Medal with two (Misps). ^!elved in the Crimen in HVi-Mj with the Tu-.icish Continj^ciit during i\^ occupation 
wrklsh Mcdah. 

Uaaie served the Eustern campnii^n of If-CA-.'tit wiili ilie 'J.'itli, inrludinz the lattles of the Alma .wound>.'d, 

led under him) and Inkerm.'in (!>e\erely vrounfled — &bnt tlirunsh iii<< thiuii), sh'CO tall of .^'ct>H'tii|inl, aiifl 

I On. in connnnntJ nfthe ll?«:t. : lie sncPdUil to tlie rominMiu of the U<.jit. at Inki.Tnuin, an-I ref(:vtd ll e 

ol Lieut. CoUmel (.Mid^jl iind CluHps, Cli., Knight of llie Leplitn oi Ilui.or, 4lli C'lubs ot the .\1edjid:e, und 


■I ilaxdiaiH scrvi>d with the Uifle Brigade in the KatUr wur of lri4i: until its leruiinalion in 184/ ; nml in 

Ifsrfal). Alito in the ixpedltimi a^am^t the insurgent Boeis N.E. uf the G:cat OraiiKe River In Avli. VvAfS, 

piMCDl and alight I y wonridi-d in rlit* action at Boeni Plaais. Scrvid the Eaxumt camv«\v.^ ol \%%)\,\tk^V&^VT^ 

t^Aliaa and Inkeiman, and $ieu*' of Seba%to^1 (Mti\td and Cla^pi, Bra\elMa&ov.!ilViCU« ol \\\«liA\VA.^*« 

M»dHJ >. r F»ir re id H\i\ae t kA >' oVw %e« v i>»V ot t«x\ v» V • 



Her Majesty* a Body Guard. 

Certain, — Henry John, Earl r>/'Duck', S2d June 50. 
Lieutenant. —Mqjor General 9 (Ifil John FitzMauricc,' KH., h. p. Unatt., Dec. 1861. 
Eniign, — 9John Henry Cooke,' {Brcret Lt .CoHatci^f 2\ Y.) 16 Sept. OC. 

Thomas Parker Rickrord, late a Captain in the 2Srd Fimliert, '24 May 61 . 
Lt. Colonel Charles Doyle Patterson,' r. f. p. 10 Foot, 13 Feb. 02. 
Colonel Oliver Paget Bourke,* h. p. 17 Foot, 17 July C2. 
Lt» Colonel John Augustus To»l<l,* h.p. 14 Hussars, 25 April 04. 

Ct€rk qf the Cheque and Adjutant, -^U. Col. Wm. Griffin Sutton,* r. f. p. 9 Jan. 02. 

140 Yeomen. 

Agents, — Messrs. Cox k Co. 

I MiOor Ocneral FiU Maurice joined the Rifle Brigade in the Peninxuln as ft rolunteer, in 181 1, and served to 
le war, including the affair at the Mill at Freixadas, action of Sabugal, battle of Fuenled d'Onor, sieges and 

the war, including the affair at the 3Iiil at Freixadas, action orsabugai, battle of Fuenles d'Onor, sieges and assac 
Ciiidad Rodrigo and Badi^oi* action at San Milan, and battle of Viiioria— 6lcirmi<itiing in advance, he there witi 
Riflemen, tookthe/(r</ gun captured that day, and secured Keven prisoners; pursued tlie enemr, to Pampeluna, and 
walls of which their /fit' '^i:n was taken; battles of the Fyrenres, currying tlie heights of Echalar.and the fortified 
of Bera; defended an oruliurd in front of Arcanguesfor a whole day with one subdivi||on ; battles of the Nivelle ai 
Nive, together with those near Bayonnc on the lOth, 11th and I3th Dec^ 1813; the brilliant action with ^uU*s 
guard at Tarbes, and battle of Toulouse, besides numenms minor aflisirs. lie served alsotho campaign of 1815, li 
advanced guard at the battle of Quatre Bras, wliere he had the honor of flring the first shot. Leg broken at the ate* 
of Badajoi, and severely wounded in the tliigh at Quatre Bras. Keceired the HanoTerian Order, the Waterloo I 
and the Silver War Medal with eight Clasiw. 

2 L1.C0I. Cooke served with the 43rd Regt. at Walcheren, in 1800. In JunolSIIbe Joined the LighlDivlslonin tiMl 
sula, and was present at the siege and stonning oTCiudad Rodrigo, and of B^d^Jox ( wounded at the assault), aett 
Castrojon and San Christoval, battle of Salamanca, actions of San Munoi and San Milan, battle of Vittoria (woo^ 
actions In the Pyrenees, siege ol San Sebastian, the attack on the heights of Vera, battle of the Nivelle, battiM < 
Nlve on the Qth, 10th, llth, ISth, and 13th Dec., actions at Tarbes and Arcangiies, battle of Toulouse, beeidea v 
atlkiri of less importance. On the 8th Jan. 1813, he was present at the attack on the American Lino* bofoie Kev Oi 
He served afterwards with Ihe Army during the Occupation in Prance. He has received the War Medal with e^ht C 

3 Lt.Coionel Patterson served with the 10th Regt. in the SutleJ campaign of ldi3.46, including the tattle of Sc 
(lledai). Also the Poi^aab campaign of 184»-49, including the whole of the siege operations before Ifooltan, 1 
of Sooijkhoond, carrying the heights before Mooltan, capture of the Dowlut Gate in command of tho Storming 
aarrander of the fortress, and battle of Groojerat (.Medal and two Clasps). Commanded three Companies of the lOth 
In ShabalMd with M^Jor £yre*s field force at Dilawur, and capture of Jugdeapore, and was mentioned in despatch 
his gallantry (Brevetof Msjor, and Medal). 

4 Colonel Bourke served with the 17th Regt. the campaign of ]83S'3d in Affghanistan under Lord Keane, ind 
the storm and capture of Ghuznee (Medal) and of Khelat. Served also ot the siege of Sebasti>pol from Dec. 1864 U 
1835— for a short time In command of the Regt. (Medal and Clasp, Turkish Medal, and &th Class of the Xe^Jidie). 

A Lt.Coionel Todd served with the 4th Lt. Drs. throughout the campaign of 1838-30 in Afigbaolstan, inclndli 
siege snd capture of Ghoraee (BIedal>. Served with the 14th Lt. Drs. throughout the Put^anb campadf n of IS4^ 
dodlog the action of Ramnnggur, passage of the Chenab, battles of Chillianwallah and Goojerat (UedalaaAQ 
flierYedas Brigade Major of Cavalry with the Persian expedition of 1857 (Medal). Also as Brigade Mi^ to ll 
Brigade of the Centrwf India field force under Sir Hugh Rose in 1858 and was present at the akge and capture of B 
ghnr, relief of Bangor, capture of Garrakota, forcing the Muddenpore pass, siege and capture of JhansU battles of 1 
with Koonch and affairs during the advance on Calpee and action of Golowliet also the action of Morar, recapt 
Gwallor and pursuit with action of Jowra Alipore: served as Assist. Ac^j. Gen. to the Gwalior Division in purauil \ 
Rebela and at the acUon of Ranode, also present at the capture of the fort of Fowrie (five times mentioned in Uespa 
Brevets of M^or and Lt.Coionel, Medal and Clasp). 

6 Lt.Coionel Sutton has received the 4th Clsss of the Medjidie and the Turkish Blcdal, for 8er\ices with thelaU Ti 

[Continuation of yotes of Gentlemen at ArmsJ] 

10 Major Leith served with the 14th Lt. Drs. In the Persian expedition of 1857 (Medal). Also at the sappNSilMt 
mutiny at Aurungabad ; with the Malwa field force at the alege and capture ol Dhar, actions before Mnnd#sort(ipo«i 
battle of Oooravia, and relief of Neemuch \ with the Central India field force under Sir Hugh Rose at the slego and sa| 
of Rahutgur, r«11ef of Sangur. capture of Gurrakota and pursuit across the Beas. forcing the Muddenpore Pi 
capture of Jhansi, battles of the Betwa and Koonch, and all the aflfairs dnring the advance on Oaipee <twice \ 
despatches. Brevet of Major, Victoria Crosn, and Medal). 

11 Mi^or Granville served with the 23rd Fusiliers in the Eastern campaign of IStH, Including the battles of 
Inkerman, and *iege of Sobastopol (Medal with three Cla<pR, and Turkish Me4al\ 

\'Z Citptain WiUan landed in the Crimea on :)Oth Juno IH.V) with the 13'h Lieht Infantry, and was pr ss e a t al 
battle of the Tchemaya, siege and fail of Sebaatopol (.Medul with Clasp, ond Turkish Medal). 

13 Captain Bourke served In the KufBr War of 1850-:>1 MedaP ; and, in I852-A3 in the Orange River Tenitory,* 
be commanded several successful patrols. 

14 Captain Me«siti-r served nith the 2Stli Kcgt. throughout 1h'> Enstern cimpaign of \<>A .^'i, including the batili 
Alma and Inkcrmau, siege and fall of Sebaatopol (Melal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and «Hh Class al 
Medjidie). Also against the Waghers with the Okamundel field force in 183i), including the assault on the fort of Bi] 
fithOct., with the sicgtt reconnalsance, and occupatim of Dwarka. 

15 dpukk WMliaek strvtd with the 9th Bcgt. dwlng the SutkJ campaign In IMft-i'f, and was present at'lhe biMl 
Jifoadtft, Fletoteebtb, tad Sobnon C Medal snd two Clasps)* 


Commanding in Ghibf. 

Field Marshal Hit Royal Highness George W. F. C. Duke of Cambridge, KG., KP., GCB., 

GCMG., Colonel of the Grenadier Gaardp, 15 July 56. 

Military Secretary, ^c. Major General William Frederick Forster, KH. 81 F. 1 July 60. 
Atnstant Military Secretary.— LtCol.Wm. \V. II.Greathed, CB., Royal Engineers, 6 May 61^ 

f Colonel Hon. James Wm. B. Macdonald, CB., Unatt. 15 July 06. 
I Lieut.Coloncl Thomas Henry Clifton, Unatt. 15 July 56. 
Aides de Camp . . < Colonel Charles Tyrwhitt, Unatt. 16 July 50. 

1 Colonel Hon. R. W. P. Curzon, CO., h.p. Gren. Gds., July 64. 

LLt. Colonel Hon, Hussey Fane Keane, Royal Engineers {Extra), \ April 60. 

Adjutant Genbrai/s Department. 

Adjutant G'eiierci/.. Lieut. General Hon, 5ir James Yorke Scarlett, KCB.,5 Dr. Gds. I April 60. 
lu^ Ar *^ * n /Colonel Sir Alfred H. Horsford, KCB., Unatt. 1 July 60. 
uep.A>\)ntanta Uen, \^q^i^j,c\ Sir T. St. Vincent H. C. Troubridge, Bt. CB., h.p. 22 F. 2 Feb. 57. 
Att'uttint Adjutant General. . . .Colonel Thomas Holmes Tidy, Unatt., 30 Dec. 61. 
Dtpnty Assixt, A((/utant General.... Mtijor R. L. O. Pearson, Gr. Gds. 1 Oct. 69. 
SHptrintendentofthe Recruiting Department . .Co\one\ Henry Hope Graham, CB. 1 July 60. 

Deputy Adjutant General to the Royal Artillery , , . .Colonel Gloucester Gambler, 7 April 64. 

Atsiftant Adjutant General do Colonel 11. L. Gardiner, 1 July (>3. 

Vepnty Aseiitant Adjutant General do Captain G. H. A. Forbes, 17 July 63. 

Deputy Adjutant Gen, to the Royal Engineers , .Colonel Fred. Edw. Chapman, CB. 16 Sept. 60. 
Atiistant Adjutant General do. Lt.CuI. Hon, llussey Fane Keane, 1 April 61. 

Quarter Master Gexbkai/s Department. 

Qwarter Master General c, Lieut. General Sir Richard Airey, KCB. 26 Dec. 65. 

P^miy Quarter Matter General ..Colouel ifa«. Percy K^ertou Herbert, CB., Unatt, 1 No?. 60. 
Asntiants Quarters Colonel Evelyn Henry Fred. Pocklington, Unatt. 21 Sept. 00. 

Master General I Major Charles Brisbane Ewart, Royal Endncers, 1 April 60. 
Ikyuty AeHstamt Quarter Master General., Bt. Major F. S. Vacher, 22 F., Aug. 64. 

IxsPECTOB, Gjbneral OF Cavalry ..M^or General John Lawrenson, 1 April 00. 

Aide de Camp Captain J. K. Fraser, 1 Life Gds. 

Assistant Adjutant General Colonel H. D. White, CB., Unatt., 1 Aug. 63. 

btPBCTOB General of Artillery.. Major General A. J. Taylur, 1 July 64. 
A ide de Camp Captain S. J. Nicholijion, R. Art. 

InncTOB Gknbral of Rotal Engineers . . 9 General iS'ir John F. Burgoyne, Bart. GCB.27 Sept. 62. 
Aidede Camp Captain Hon, George Wrottesley, R. Eng., 27 Sept. 62. 

IitPBCTOR General of Infantry.. c. Major General Randal Rumley, I April 61. 

Aidede Camp Major R. G. Ellison, Unatt. 1 7 Sept. 62. 

Aijuiant General Lt. Colonel A. Alison, CB., Unatt., 17 March 62. 

lupeetingGeneral attached to FootGuards, Major General Lord Fred. Paulet, CB. 24 June 63. 

Aide de Camp Captain R. C. do Grey Vyner, Gr. Gds. 6 Sept. 63. 

JBrifode Mqjar Captain P. Smith, Gr. Gds. 20 Aug. 63. 


Coload John Le Cooteur, Jersey Militia. Colonel R. Alex. Sbafto Adair, Suffolk Art. Mil. 

. James Priaalx, Guernsey Militia. — — G. W. P. MarquU of Ailesburj, R. Wills Yeo. 

. Hmr^uU of Done^^l, GCH, Antrim Mil. John Alex. Ewarr, CB. h. p. 78 F. 

. Xtfrrf DyncTor, R. Carmarthen Militia, [h. p. ri V. William Parke, CB. h. p. ftS F. 

. Sir Thos. 8t. Vincent H. C. Troubridge, Bt. CB. Charles Reid, CB. Oengal Staff Corps. 

- ^C Bon, H. H- M. Percy, CB. h. p. Or. Gdd. ; Thomas Tapp, CB. 103 F. 

*«.T. If, Steele, CB, h.p. Coldst. Ods. Kdwin Wodehouso, CB. R. Artillery. 

«— Hcary Dmrby Griffith, CB. 2 Dir. : Ooorge Rent, CB. Royal Engineers. 

■«*i> loDM Webber Smith. CB. Unatt. C. Futc. Evertiley, Ilampeliirc Yeomanry Cavalry. 

— — Horn. P«rcy R. Herbert, CB. Unatt. Hon. Sir Rtienac Pasclml TacbA, Canadian Mililia. 

•*— Coltiiifwood Dickson, CB. R. Art. * F. K. Lord Metbuen, R. Wiltshire Militia. 

William S. R.Norcott, CB. Unatt. ' W. A. C. /Afrd Burghley, Northampton HiliUa. 

^— John William Gordon, CB,R. Enj(. [CB. Or. Gds. ! Wm. Adam Orr, CB. Royal Artillery. 

. H.S.H. Prime W. A. Edward of i*axc Weimar, ' 8. N. Lowder, Royal Marines. 

, Wm. M. 8. M'Murdo, CB. h.p. Mil. Train, H. W. Norman, CB. Bengal Staff Corps. 

Edward Robert Wetberall, CB. Unatt. Alfred Tho. Wilde, CB. Madr«» Staff Corjs. 

W, F. DuAro/ Bwccleucb. KG. Eflinburgh Mil. 

^-> Jibn Wilson Patten, 3 R. Lancashire Mil. 

t B 2 

1st Hegimenl of Life Guards. 


"I OSUplflon, VUro««l Combcnnere,' GCB. GCH. KHI. ^nd Limt. 36 Ftb. 1790 ; 

\ Lie>a. 18 Mwcl. Oil Copt. 26 Feb. 03; jifftfor, Mnrcl. 1)4; ,^'^V?'- 
, SMarchO*; Col. 1 J«n. 1800; 3f<,/.Gf*«. 3U Oct. 06; ^'-Gf ■ > ''/"■/i,: 
-i 6'cn.27MByS5; Fidd Ml<rehal,1(M.a&; Cu(. IstLlfe Oiwrd., lb Sept 90. 

LUut.CatMtl. n v I. j- 

I WnB. Dudley Cliarlc* FHiGfrsld de Roc, Cor»«( ^ S«6 tutuf- "■7 'cP-^-i 

i U.Thiiaj**; Capt.r 31 Oct. 6\; Afnjor jr /.(.Co/. '30 A"g.59i i.<Xof. 

t 34 Aug. 61 ; Col. 30 Aug. fM. 

I Mnjor and Lieut. Colonel. 

I ' G. H. E4Tl qf MouiitCh«rl£s, Cornet, ""SI Doc. ** 

c4Aqg.5*i M^orflrXl.CoI. 94Aii(r. 61. 

3 Oct.Mii Coft. 


i Caftaik^, 


//on. Henrv Wvndlifiin.. 
moil Wiliisiii Peyton 

'■ Kellli PrtMr 

Aon.Rober t W .G rosve d or 
£orriCliBrlc«WM(. Brnw 
1. Ocll DnneoiiibB . 

;<rJ,WilKin l>alten f 12 July 5 

MO Mar. 49 p al Del. 61 ,i> IS U*y ^. 
P2T April 40 PIOJKD.OS P33Juncd& 
PlOAuK.51 P 4 Aug. S4 ■>2«Feb. 5&\ 
M6 April 62 PSS Mir. 65 ■> 17 No».57 
• 6 AuK.53 FSSJuneCS;' SApr. 6B' 
I>1B Aug. 54 PSnFeb. M i>30Aug.6O 
" ' "' .64 F>30Feli. 66' 24Aug.6I 

1 W«y57 fl7 No 



ffaH.86jm.J.G.Kg«li>n!r'13 July 5S '28 Aug. 67 
,.._g. Wllmer Duncombe p22 July 66 »90 Aug. 69 

I J. H. E.iorrfE«rlafort..'''2« Mar. 67 P3OAug.&0 

aUtaberi.A^ ; 7 July 64 ' 13 Dec. Rl 

HcrbcflHay LangliBm..j''a7 Mar. 57 "■ 13 Dec. Dl 

I George Lewli WuHon .. *31 Dec. 58 P aSSopt. Ii2 
fioii.HfginaldA.J.TallKi.PIUMay 69 PiSJnly «3 
Algemen Wm. F. Grs.illc; r-id Aug. 50 p 17 TTuv ■" 
llenryJohnRobertOslKiru 'SU Aug. 50 P 13 3«pl 

LlBDTEHANTS. I 'T''"' .*.? 

Hmi. Maurice Wingflcld' 23 Get. 61 ["' 

WiudliuiiTho.Ktw-.Adarc p 4 Mar.62 bo 

Alft^Cliaa.Duncnmbe.. <• SJu1y63; 
J.H.DctaP.&r/qTTyrone pSB Sept. 621 

J.E.V/.T.,3IaTg.Ormonit p 18 May 63 

CliarlOH Needham PI7Nor. GO 

ffo>i.Geo.C.O. Bridgeman P13Sept.04: 
Ge.i. Aug., ri«. Parker.. PlBOct. 64 

A/^iitttttl." Lieut. J^hnVimhtrt, 7 July 64. 

Riding JITAffer.—Thomms Cox, 13 Dec. CI. 

Quarter Matter.— Un^ Hanly, 3 Feb. 54. 

5iir9«on.— Owen Wlllmm George, HD., .A. S. 6 June J 

.tultlant Surgeon. — Rdgcombe Venning, 14 Ajir. G3. 

rtrfcrinffrySurjwon.— TliomaiiJe]i,4 0ct. 30; Ut Clatti July 

cradoni t'n tht Bl*ek tt»tm 


ban on tht tih ak. •-. 
>. AL»UM>lll^>nof 1I.U.S.'-NI 
tuHlnn on. of in »n-.1.n ^^^l*- 
,.,'m ItoTser'''!''*-'' (BaUta Me*!' ■ 

5urveoH>14A|'ril63. . 

Scarlet, — Facing! Blue. — Agent; Hetsrr. Cm 
^Returned from France, JnnuorylBIO.] 

I T^OTil ComUrniHr icrompEnltd till R«|I. (IbtBlh Dr. 04i.) to Fluidcn lu Au(. l?sa,aBilHrn 

end of tbalramnlgn, and until Juni of tlie follovin" " ' """ ' --■--'--■'- . -. 

Li. Dn. fodht Capo of Good Hop*, and lerTrdtthn 
IM ■C'oninankd bl> RFfl. Is India, wJiere ht itltti 
Tipp« »ilUun, iB^udjnflh* talllo of Uallanllr," 

2nd Reyiment of Life Guards. 127 

Colonel.—}^ George, Afarquis of T\vcc<hU\c,i KT. KCB. Ens, June 04 \ U, 120ct. 04 ; Cupi. 

14 May 07 ; Maj. 14 Miy 12 ; Lt.Col, 21 June 13 ; CoL 27 May d6 ; Mqj.Qen, 10 Jau. 

37; L/.Gw.0Nov.40; G^. 20 Juno o4j Co/. 2ml Life (Juarda, 9 Hept. 63. 
J&«<ni/.C«/on«/.— Frederick Mamhall," for. p18 Sept. 4«J ; X/>fif. VIG Sept. 51; C«»/. 

p 4 Feb. W) ; ilf/y. ^ LUCol. v G March 63 ; Lt, CoL v 8 Alarch 04. 

Mtuor and Lt.Col.— "Roger Palmer/ Cor, i' 22 Jan. 53 ; Li, 4 Sept. 54 ; O/m^p 22 July 59 ; 
Mfu'or 5* LLCoL 8 March 64. ir , t ^ , 





















Alex. Chas. H. Stewart.. 

Henry P. Ewart 

J. Stephenson Ferguson^ 
R. D. Barre Cunniughame 
Conwy Grenv. H. Rowley 
George Augustus Cunou^ 
Lambert Houlton Ward . . 
Frederick Stephens .... 

Robert Reid, Adj. 

Fred. Trench Townshend 
^'irSam . Hercn. H ayes, lit. 
Wm. Samuel McMuhon . 
George Paulet 

#. Henrv Mont. IIoz!er/\ 

{LiaitJt.JrfitUr»,\ Oct. hi.)} 

Aug. F. Arth. Lord Sandys 

Frederick Young 

John Chas. 8. Fremantle 


James Norton 

, Cocil Alfred Hughes .... 
: Alexander Cockbum • • . • 
Clamice P. T. Kendall . . 
! Arth. Chandos Arkwright 
Lord Alb. Levcson Gower 

con. AND 



»'14 0ct. 5(1 
P 20 Feb. 58 
\\\ June 52 

P 8 Oct. 58, P G Sept. 61 

p22 July 59: p 25 Mar. 62 

8 Dec. 54| 5 Sept. 5G 

P 19 Aug. 56 30 Apr. 58 p 7 Nov. 62 

~" P21Sept. 60,P 6 Mar. 63 

P 9 April 61 jp 12 June 63 

P 14 Sept. 55 !• 8 Mar. 64 



24 Aug. 58 
10 Nov. 60 
P 9 Mar. 55 
P 29 3Iar. 61 

17 Nov. 57 
4 June 61 

13 Mar. 58 
P 18 Mar. 62 
P 19 Juno 57 
P24 Mar. 63 

P18 Nov. 59 

P 6 Mar. 63 

2 Jan. 58 

p 10 June 62 
P 12 June 63 
•"Id June 63 
P 14 June 63 
PI6N0V. 61 
P 8 Mar. 64 
P 12 July 64 

P 15 Oct. 61 p 5 July 64 

! 4 Captain Ferguson served with the 5(h Dr. 
3 June 59Gd«. in the Crimea from Oct. 18.VI to 7 Dec. 
P 28 Jan. 62^'^*>> <^"d ^*" present at the battles of Dalalc. 
p *\i\ A iirr f;o.'<^^<^» Inkerman, and Tchernuya, and liege and 
» n C^' 2^ ft»» o' Sebaatopol cMedal and Cla«p«. and 
P 7 >0V. 62|furkUh Medal). 

31 Jan. 58.' 5 Captain Cunon served as a Lieutenant in the 
P 24 Mar 63 '"'^ Battalion of the liifle Brigade in the Indian 
* ' Rampaifj^ns of 18d7-58p lucl'idinir the actions at 

Cawnpore, alege and capture of Lucknow ; tub. 
leqiiently with Roas' Camel Corps, and present 
Ht the battle of Golowlee and capture of Cal pee 

8 July 62 
5 July 64 

P 12 June 63(^'«<'«' *"** Clasps). 

Uerbert Reginald Ray 

5irGeo.R.Pre8cott,Z/«r/.|p 2(* Dec. 64| 

Ai^utant.^Lieut. Robert Reid, 17 Nov. 57. 

Riding Masier.— John Reid, 9 Feb. 55. 

Quarter Master, — Anthony Scarisbrick, 9 Dec. 62. 

Surgeon, — Frederick George Kerin, 31 July 60; Assist, Surg, 18 Aog. 48. 
i Assist, Surgeon. — Maximilian Grant,^ BID., 10 March 57. 
I Veterinary Surgeon, — ^Thornton Hart, 4 July 55; 1st Class, 4 Dec. 63. 

Scarlet — Factti^^Blue. — Agents, Messrs. Cox Sc Co. [Returned from France, Feb. 1816. 

lord Twetddale served in the Peninsula as an Assistant Quarter Master General, and has received the Gold Medal 

% battle of Vittoria, in which action he was wounded, as alio at Busaco. Served also in the American war, and 

'faia wounded. 

ILColoael Marshall served in the Crimea during Sept. 1855 as Aide de Camp to Sir James Scarlett (Medal and Clacp 


U.Colonel Palmer served the Eastern campaign of 18ft4-5& with the 11th Hussars, Includin? the afiair of Bulganak, 

Issof Alma, BalaklaTa, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebaslopol (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

Unit. Hosier served with the Royal Artillery the campaign of 1860 in China, Including the capture of the Taku 

• aad Bctiona Mar Tangcbow (Medal with two Clasps). 

Dr. Giaot acnred during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857-58, with the Mb Fusiliers at the Aiumbagh under Outram, and at 

licfaaad emptitnci Lucknow f Medal and Clasp}. 

IContinuation of Notes to Ist Dragoon Guards.] 
ptiia Wadman served in the Crimean campaign from lOih Aug. 1855, including (he battle of the Tchemaya, siege 
t of SMwatopol (Medal with Claap, and Turkish Medal). 

pCato Gvater atrred In the Crimean campaign from ICth Aug. ISU, Including the siege and fall of Sebastopol 

wKh Clasp, and Tuilrish Medal). Served also lu the campaign of 1860 in China ; mas engaged at Sinho, present at 

1 sf Itat Tuni Forts, and engaged In the actions of 18th and 21st September, also in the advance on PelUn (Medal 


plataidrcirs served In theCrimesn campaign from lOlU Aug. 1855, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol 

wiA ClasD, snd Turkish Medal). Servea also in the campaign of I860 in China ; was engaged at Slnbo, present at 

. of fbc TsVu Forts, was engaged In the actions of ISth and 21st September, also in the advance on VtfAa (Medal 

ro Clasps]. 

spiahi Hubbsck served In IhecaropaiBn of I8C0ln China; and was engaged at Sinho, present at the fidl of the 

wtSfSiid engaged In the actions of 18th and :ilst September, also In the advance on Pekin (Medal with two Clasps;. 

ieot. Netbercote served in the Crimean campaign from 22nd Aug. 1855, Including the siege and fall of Sebastopol 

whh Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

vJstaat J>urgeon Watts served in the Indian Mutiny campaign of 1857-58, including the relief or Lucknow by 

Jlyde, and occupation of the Aiumbagh from 25lh Oct. to I8th Nov., and defeat of the Qwalior Contingent at 

■a SB Sth Dec. ldS7 (Mi-dsl with Clasp, and a yrar's service). 

Bisrtaary Sargeoo Delany served on the General Staff throughout the £astem campaign of 1854-65, Including lbs 

sf Alaw and BaUklava, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

Royal Regimmt ofHorte Guard*. 

.drfONri.— 9 HugL, Viteoiait Qough,' KP.QCB.Emi.J iag.»4; Lifct.U Oct. 04; 

■ 36June03;;tf<u.eAug.06;Z.(,Coi. 20JalyO9; Ci>/. IS Aug. 10; Mqj. Otm. Si Ji 

LUut.aen.2a Soi.ili a<7i.30JiineM; FiM atanhal.ti Sov.ea; Colimel ol 

Untie OuBrdg, 3D June 05. 
Lieut. Calantl.— Hugh Smith Buillic, Cornet, p3 April 40; Lt.'M M»r. 43; Co 

Aug. 46; Bf.Af^-.afiOct, 58; Jtfoj. j- Z(.Cij(. n 30 Sept. 50; Lt.Col.v&Hax.Ql 

30 Sept. 64. 
!Uq/orSfLt.Col.—Lord George John Manoen, Conir(, i'30Oct,40; Lt." iAug.tZ; 

■ 6PBb.47-. Jf.Jf.B. SaOct. 5S; MqJ.^LI.Col. 'S Mar.ei. 

CAPTAiae. ■■ — ^-' -*■ ^"'^'. !_'-**■""'■ .^ 

iicBu Jamea BailUc .. I'SS Feb. 4£' pao Sept. 47 njl April 54' 

I Tliomas Leslie' p 6 Feb. 4T >■ 4 M sr. 53 i p SS Dec. 55 

U H.BI.L.WilllannBulkeli;)- P97May 63 PS8 Dec. SB if 18 Dec. 57 
U Oncn Lewis C. WillUna p 13 Maj Ml p 95 Jan. 50 ' p 7 May 58 
<i IVilliHm ^Vray Hartopp' p II Mar.53' 8Dec.54'P 1 Apr. 59 
U .Alaii P., /:.(>r<jaarliei .. ,p 15 June ftSlclG June GT p 17 Muy 61 
iFta».Oe(u^e Aug. Fuller p 24 Fob. 57 P 15 June 58 , f 12 Apr. 64 
I .Mvtl««lt.BowycrAddarlej > 10 Mar. 57 i' 1 Apr. 50 'p SO Dec. 64' 


I Ell ward II ay ward 10 April 65 13 Auk- 57 j Cipwn Utlli 

Ctcil Kolit. St. John Irei P IS Jan. 58 V 13 Mar. 61 pUjD of IfM. in 

■ Thoa. Chas. D.WJiitmort 14 Hay 58'p 17 Mjv 61 ii'»b>tu»of ih. A 

' Dig!ijH.Rich.WlQgfleldP20 0cl. 58PI7 MaJrGl J^'lT/.h"^'!?'' 

U aoberlll'Alpiue,^itf.... 24 Det. 5B 27 Sept. 01 4 CpliUn Hin. 

I U Fred. Ouita*ui Bumuby p 30 8ept.59 p 27 Sept. 81 paiiin of 1U4-U 

I ' Chug. Filig. R. Ilushout P G Jan. CO' p 15 Oct. 61 B.l.ili.i. (•)iol 1 

I GooigeEroeat Paget. ...|P.11 July (50'P 13 Apr.64 "i'« Vld tIP" 

I U Samuel Charles Newton > 1 Aug. GO p dU Dec. 54 t V«i«rlnvy 

ConSBia. 'llie Knjal Arlitliry Ihc.Eulen . , 

Geo. rt m. P. WooJroffe p 7 Jan. (1l'|„,i„o( a.t SmiI. on iha Mill Oci. ISM (Ufdal . 
I DaTld Milne Home ....jP 6 May 0^ Claipt, uid Turklih »«!■]). fenid U tt« Bofi 
, ; Francis Slojiie Sunley ,, p 24 June eii'*"™'! l" '"U"'" '»*'-»*■ •bJ »" P""t at Ui. 1 

I G.C.jUar^uuqrBlandibnl P|2 Juiiera m F^ubid. und snin of Hacbifin ■>"< Knmd 
I O Tb.Wm.LangrordBrooke'P IS Apr. 4.4(imMii"JQllonHllndMji»li!bM, MtdalaadOtaip). 

1 I : 

I I At(/uta»t.~Litut. Kobert ItfAlpinc, 34 Dl>c. 58. 
. Jiiilittff Mtultr.—Jobn Boswrll, S6 March 66. 
|Quar(ej'JU(u(n-.— Herbert Turner, 1 Jan. 81. [5 

I Surgeon.— Cotatti Gordon Logle, MD.,'f.5. 6 Oct. 11 ; Ijiirg. 36 Not. 52; Surfe»n 
liti'utatit Surgevn. — Juhn Crown Agnfi, 1 1 Aug. 5*. 

U FrffrinarySufynin.—Mstlicw JahnHBrp1ey,'S4Apr.64i Itf CVaM, SJftti. 03. 

I Blue— Focinof Scarlet. 

1 Affcntt, Sir Cbarlei R. M'Grigar, St., and Walter M'Grlgor, Esq. 

[Retumcdfrom France, 3 F<iri«iry 1810. J 

I LdiJ tio.>(li icricO lit IbocBiiluK of the Ctpt of aood Hop;, and lb* Dutch P]«(t Id Saidulii Baj^, int. 

■riinnnli Inihc Win Indin, IPcluillnE the muck on Pono Rico, iliobrtfind wirln fi Lacia, iDdcopiurf sft 

PiocHdcd ID Ibi PmlnniU In Igoe, ■diI comnianded llip ilTlh al iKr IiiIIIh of Tmlaon, BarroM, Vlilorla. mt-i N1 

vblcb epf attmantt ha baa tacotvei' -"-■'" " .........._. _....j.. _*«_*.._. 

(ill|bllf ■oundod In Itic boail). 

that lij> Uaul.U>IOMlc)r iliouid bi 
rettlTMl Bhtfi tink f»ri«rvlcei | 
Ike Eagle of Ilia Mli I'niieh Rtgi 

lod 4lib* Anuy uiidtt bl> Lardablp'a panwial CO _ .. _ 

for Tbfob anl pravioa* aarrlcoabawaarabad 10 Iha Paarafai a , .. , _ . 

•1elar]ia>cr lh«Selkt ■lUoaJ«ni[(M<dalauilCiaq»). Hli Lordkhipit alioa Knifhl of Cbarlet tbilrd ofapal*. 

Su^Siy. ] 1st ( The Kiuff'if) Regiment of Dragoon Guards. 129 

w" S«nr. The Kinj'* Cjph«r within the Oarlcr.— " WATKKLOO"' " SEVASTOPOL" " TAKU PORTS" " PEKIN." 



31 Mar. 48 ; Capt, p22 

U James Robert Steudmau Sayor,' CB. Cornet^ i" 23 May 45} Li, PJ 
Nov. 60 ; MtQor, ' Feb. o7 ; Lt.Col. p21 Oct. 69; CW. 21 Oct. 

J/rt>r*.— Herbert Dawson Slade/ Cornet, »'26 Oct. 42: Xi^w^. p 9 June 40; Cfl«^. P28 
Aug. 49 ; Major, P 2 1 Oct. 69. 

,J Henry Alexander,* Corwc^, p 3 Sepl. 47; Lieut, p Dec. 60; Capt.^ 1 Feb. 50; Mqjor, p 12 
June 03. 


Joseph Ernest E^lmanu . . 
Arthur Jas. P. Wadmaii^ 

James Guntcr^ 

Waller Ashe 

Robt. Alf. Loraiue Crews* 

coil NET. 


20 June 66 

captain, bret.uaj. 

PIO Dec. .W 
P 26 Feb. 60 
P21 Oct. 69 
P 7 Doc. 68 
I' 16 Feb. OJ 
P 18 June 01; 

P 19April61 
23 Nov. 62 ir 9 Oct. 66 

PlbFcb. 63,P21 Nor. 60 

"21 Jan. 63 p 28 April 64 

PIO June 63 in 14 Aug. 57 
Fitzhardingc Jones • . . . . p 16 Sept. 64 9 Nov. 66 
Chas. Rob. Kerr Hubback** 7 Mar. 60 j p :)0 A pril 68 1 p 29 J uly 02 
Rich. Jas. Combe Marter P 18 Jan. 61 ii» 29 Apr. 63 i' 9 Doc. 02 
Charles Morley lialdeni .1 26 May 66 \ 9 Oct. 67 
Philip Chetwode Browne i :* 21 Dec. OU v '29 July 02 

Lieutenants. | 
George Henry Bowycr . . ' 27 Aug. 67 

Henry Barker" 28 Aug. 67 

Herbert H. Forbes Oifford 23 Oct. 67 
Thw.AnnstrongGough.. 31 May 69 
John Netbercofe/' AdJ, 3 July GO 
Charles Matthew Moraii p 28 Dec. (M) 

P 5 Mar. 01 

P 18 Jan. 69 

P 2 July 01 

»*29 Julv 02 
Pll Nov. 04: 

P2l Dec. GO 


Charles Taddy Hatfcild . . 

; Edward Hoare Reeves . . 

Wm. Edward Frere Vibart 

Noel Hope Litehf. Woods| ' 10 May 02 
Henry Crofton Lloyd . . p 23 Aug. 01 
Fra. Barren Massingbt-rd p29 July 02 

CharleH Gandy i> JH A pril ViXS 

Reginald Clialmcr 17 Mar. 03 

CharleA Rainirr Joufs ..PI Mar. 04 

5 Alitor Alexinder scrred with the lOUi 

Hussars in ibo Crimea from 7th July 1859^ in- 

6 Mar. 01 cludinz tliu battle of th«> Tchemays and ilege 

12 Mar. 01 <"><> full »' Seba*topol (Medal with Claep, and 

p 10 Mnr (\\ 1'urkihli Modal). RerTcd with the 1st Or. CMs. 

,,. •', "' intliccumpa-gnoflbCOinChlnR; was enKaRod 

10 31ay KU at Sinhn, i»rM«nt at tliv fall of the Taku Ports, 

P 9 Dec. 02 engaped in tlie actions of ISlh and 81st Sept., 

P 21 .A pril 0.3 ^^^^ '" ''"^ adTancc on Pvkin (Medal with 

II 1 o I /to ^*° Clasps). 

I 1^ .lunc (KJ ., capuin Jones stntd in the 13th Lancers 
I' 4 Oct. 04 witli tlic Snu^'ur and NcrltiiUda field force during 

P 18 Oct. 04 ,^'>i-' l"^:i» cumpuign in lb58-59, was present at 
1' 11 Nov 04. ^^^ I'wttle of Banda when* he was severely 
1 i ir 'at i^"""^**^ hnvinjc received six sabre woimds; alio 
P lo ^ov. 04 iprcsrut ttt the actions of Jejurunge, Kobra, and 
Lowlu-rii', siiid suvtrnil minor affairs (Medal with Clasp). 

13 Doctor Jephson served in charge of the 61st the Pui^aub 

cainpaii;n of It<4»-0, and was prevent at the passage of the 

ICIienab, and at the battles of Sadoulapore, Chillianwallah, and 

.Gonjerut (Medal and Clasps). He served also In medical char|e 

William Hunrv Tlioinpson. lU May 04 |of partof theOUih and Ulitt Hegts. in the Euzofsje country under 
HerbcrtdeM.Murray Prior' P 18 Oct. 04 [;''^'«'?"^* Served on the Staff and with the Ist 
. , ,, «, f u ai\ K •i/.i I Ur- Gd* in iho Crimean campaign in iwr», including the siege 

Andrew Henry Blake . . , i' 20 April 04 jof Scbaatopol (Medal with Claep, 6th Class of the Medjidle. alad 
Arthur John H. A. C^ats Ip 16 Nov. 04 'TurkUh Medal;. 

Paymafter,—\\"\\\\}iMi Smith," 13 July 66 ; Qr.M. 23 April 62 ; Hon. Captain, 13 July 00. 
Adjutant.— Lieut. John Ncthcrcoto,"* 14 Jan. 02. 
Riding Master. — Geoiiye Rayuient, 14 March 60. 

Qunrtcr Master. — John Bradbury," 20 July 66. [Surt/con Afajor, 12 July 04. 

.Su/-#/c<;n.— William Ilolmea Jephson,*' MD., Astuft.Surg. 12 Juiy 44; Suryivn, 12 Jan. 66; 
A*nstant SurgeonM. — Joseph 'VVutts/* 6 April 66. 

Joseph AugiL<itiii Fitzfrntrick, 1 April 01. 
Veterinary Surgeon.— ¥. Delany,'*26 Sept. 44; Ut ClauM, 1 July 60. 
Scarlet — Facings Blue. — Agents, Messrs. Cox & Co. 
' IRetumedfrotn the Crimea, July 1860. Enibarhed for India, 24 Aug. 1867.] 

llhThoBas Bmthcrton served in Kg>'pt under Sir Ralph Abercromby ir. IHOI t in Germany under Lord Cathcart in 
W) la Fortagal, bpain, and France duiing the whub* of Ibe reniusular war irom ISOH to 1811, and has received the War 
hMwlth eight Chwps for the battles of llusaiu, Kuentcs d'Onor. Salamanca (wounded), Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nivelle, 
■mire, in which last battle he was wounded ami taken prisoner. Besides these he was present at all the cavalry affairs 
liikhmtohM la which his liegt. the I4th Light DragooiM was eoeaged, and was at the action on the Coa : he was 
■■M several times in these akirinlshes. 

lOolfloel Pattle served with the l^th lancers throughout the campaign in Affghanistan under Ix>rd Keane. and was present 
'ttcritge and capture of tihuznee ..Medal . Also the cumpaixn on theSutlej In \HW, Including the affidr of Buddiwal, 
^ bsttles of Aliwal '.wounded and Sobraon 'Medal uith one (Maftp.. ben-ed in Thina as Brigadier in command of the 
■viIrT throughout the campaign of lM><l, including the action uf Sinlio, and thoM of the iHth and 21st Sept., also the 
»ts4cr of Pekiu /meutionid In despatches, CB., Medal with two Clasps). 

•rolonel Sa)er served with the Ist Vr. Gds. in the Crimean campaign from I'itli Aug. 1H5.V including the siege and 
Bof 8eUastop<il Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal . C ommanded the Regt. la China throughout the campaign of 
4i ioduding the action of Sinho, and those of the idth and 21st Sept., alio the »urrender of Pekin ;mentioned in 
•pikhcs, CB., Medal with two Clasps.. 

4 H^ Slade served In the Crimean campaign from l<ah Aug. 1»<55, including the bit tie of the Tchemaya, siege and fall 
^*(bsstopol .Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal . Served also in the campaign 01 1):(!<I in ('hina ; present at the fall of 
iTsku Forts, and engaged in the actions of It^th and L'Ist Sept. and in the advance on Pekin i.aiedal with two Clasps). 
11 Lieut. Barker, Captain Smith, and Qr.AIa^t. Bradbur)', served in the Crimean campaign from Kith Aug. 1895, 
HnQag the siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasi), and Turkish Medal). 

[For remahider uf Notts sec end of :tad Life Gds. 

iud {Tiu iitiMu'4) BetimtMi of Dngam GmiMb. [o^a 

Til* Ksj-il Cjiihrr vltlila iliaGarOr. "I^uhow." 
CWaiwJ.— V Him. Henry P. Cnnipton Cnvrixlidi,' LltHl. p«0 May OS ; Capt. <•« J 
Mirior, "S April 18; Lt.Col. 'IS July tl ; Col. 10 Jan. 37; UnJ.Oeti. tl S 
IJ.a*rt. 20 J ant 6ii Oeatral, Tiov. Oi ; CM.aiul llr.Udi. 3 Juiie63. 
Li*iit.Colutei.—ViUiimia Henry Svymour,' CU. £n(. p7 MHy 47 ; £.{««(. 10 Jr Dec. rii; Vtr^r, 1 S May W ; £t.CoI. 7 July .'iX ; Cxt. 7 July <n. 
. MiyOTt. — Cooto Syoufi MutchlnHiii/ Coriief, ^ 14 Juno jU ; Lieut. ^ I Auj. 01 ; £?• 
, N0V.5S; JUi(/0f-, 7 JulyfiS; i«t.J^.CW.dU April 6i). 

' .Mii>f,'ruveJame> Bradley Dyne, Corntt, ' 13 Dec. CI ; Lieut. * 37 Mav o'i; Cajit. ' 
■ 67 1 Afufor, 'lOMny Ul. 

I'll July col 


i» 7Ans:. 07 

IS Feb. oa 

I S3 July SS 

leW 7 July 07 ' 

10 :>7 2» Fob. 00 I 

e 50 16 Jane 68 17 Sept. fiv 

i>84Ju1y fi7 VIO May All I 

■' 7 Auk- S7 1' a Dec. Od j 

6 Mar. 06 » 10 Jan. 03 i 

3May OS 1*90 liM.e4' 

1 I..1u '.«' S *•"!" Catildy letTld i 
.J.\ " m. H1ghlm«S« la ih,'p,r.U«w, 
PS4Jan. OOcludini ih« niibn 
- SMar.SO'ilub. W'— ■— - 

raOMur.SS i- « Feb. 01 {**''•" 

n«a In B* 

o ind tndlD^ 

U Henry Iloldcu Hteward » J !■ IS Apr. 00 ' 
Goortricli H. Allfrey' .. P il Sept. 53 P 
1) GcuTge Thomai Ooujfli ' \ 4 Apr. 40 p 
C George Hugeoe Logau".. I lOApr.OO 

jArtliurCauiiiy' p17 ^fov. 48 ' 

(I Thomas Win. 8noyd " ..|' 3 May Of " 
1} George FreJ. Ornuby ".. >>9A Dec. 0. 
e 'WilllamTlioinai Foster ".PIO June 
O n'illlam Joiiee Thania* '< , 34 July 67 


PrancllO'Ueirne" , 

Howland Veltch Dotty . 

Bilvant Vnndclcnr ... 

Frederick Urcalorex" . ^.Tnot. ■ toiuBminiBi ■.. n™ . 

Howard Jaiua Barton ..! iM Oct. OS. I'll) May Gl g,!^ |g ;„). Iggj, Includlju itit i 

WeatToppM-MabunWeir; llFeb. 09!i> S Dec. 03 ruiichmn, Aoduc. PundwVoddi 

Anliur Brett ; lOAnB-SDii- 4 0ct. 0* e"«i*?". Bu»«*"'ir;w tlit 

U Alleu Deaiie,'* Ji(f 1 34 Uay OO' 3UDn:.0lf^ 

EdinunU Warren Cruih'io,i> 17 Sept. 01 ■' 30 Dee. 04 qI 

COUKBTD. : OuliiiB't lore* al AlunMin, loclaa 

O BenjammMmomU*....! 8? A pr. 60 ^"T,*™ :'rj;o "Si^'IESrS.'.'l 

QuorgeAllrcit Wiliu>ii .... P 7 Jan. OJIuaJir Lmd dide, •■ BiW* Uajor 

41 Jolia Kuox Ruttledgo ..if a Aug. (tSlcludlnilheripLurasr HuemriMeitaliadCIUH; 

/\ Tlinmna T»m1 i P 31 Mnr 0:1 1 B fiargooQ Walt »rveJ !□ tbc Crlmtui campaign 

Frank UnrrOW p Nut. ffl , Smad wJlb tht SUli Heat. In (li* ludlia Mulluy can 

(1 Jai. Fred. Stuart Mcntethl 4 Oct. 64 "w. ISiI, Including tS* eaplar* ot Ktvagui^. 
,HenryFrankE|(bortLuea»'i'aONov.04 ^'ll^f'"''-"^™'"'**'"'''*'™^"''' ""ftl^Ml 

]Tiioma»Or.l p 20 Dec. «4 ^^'' 

U ■ Paymaiter. — Fred. Wlndliam Lukla,=' 10 Aug. £0; Em. pIO May 61; Lt. PIS . 
C iJi^fnnt.— Zieut. Allvo Deaue,'* 34 May 50. [((on. Ciipl. 10 

C i iHtlnctor of MtalMry.^ Lieut. A. BroU, 30 Aurll 03. 
lflidi«p-«a»(ef^-Jamc« HuaMl]|Oi48ept.58. 
11 tiuartte .Viuter.— Benjamin Holloway, 5 Oct OS. 
SMrfMB.— Thomiu Fred. Wnll,*./l.,f. 31) NuT.4<t; Sur^. IS Juu. W. 
I Attittant Surgeom. — John Xoble Sii[ptoD,"i 33 Mar. 00. 
I Jobn Jamea Chappell, MD., 10 Jan. 00. 

I Vtltriiiary Surgmn.—Toiu Parinder Gudjin," 13 Oct. o4 ; l»f Cltat, Sll Julv 02. 
I Seal-let. — Fncingi Bulf. — Ageiitt, Sletan. Cox Ic Co. 

[RttuinedfiOM J-V(iMce,8 Ifocembtr 1BI8. Embnrieilfnr India, 24 July 18.^.7.] 

'moUI mill IwaClupi for SalwunanJDanExntc.aiMlCorunni. P o or un «■ ni . 

;uloael Bafmnur tcrred wlih ItiaOSili Ughl InADIrrdarlBi Uii- Crlmtan rmiiiialin at IHM-W. Includiiw II 
I, Btlaklata, and InkaimiB, and tlrf* of Sglwlnpol ( Mtdal aad fuur Claiui, aiidTurUth Uedid). Ahoi 
Dnfon OuanK to India, and wrrcd In the canpaliini gf ]9i»-W), iaclgdiiiR tliB aelliin of Kuuemtpon 

ruilud. CnniiBanded Iha Hef Inanl llir<iu|haul (ha UiHia cuiipalfn.lBcludini 
:u» of lllraili, andTrani-OoftaaHtiinalBungaoii (rrcquantlfmeiilloaadla 

I a dcluhcd uuBilron in tlic action of Hiitf, and Trana-Ooim affain a( B 

I. Ucdal and claap. and Bmel sf Lt.ColDnrl). 

idian campiisn, and wu pmeni al (he alTair o( Uiwah. and TVan-UofTa a* 

7 Captain AIIIrt Kncd In At Indian camiiaifin in lUS.ig. includinir tkt uegr and hiiIuif o[ Lacknm, 
opcnlioni, aMiun o( ^dotik th( Oudr nmpaign, and Tnni-Gonm aKiin al Bunpion and Nnalwhui (Hfdal 

>Mtt*'. ?■»■■' >•' 'Ij' ^'"!*''' '■■■'><• "^ aadiiQliniR, CkiUiaavillak, aad i;i>ii(nl (MnUl anil l>a't:iaip>J. Scried ' 
(WHPiMdid lb! iFtackntnU of Multy mli Kir (iKTn Callmn'i columa iDmlsiKil ia OnaM Oidtri lad diiMirknl 

tnrtOBiaandiaaiiUniria'IMnituDUl prveaia HiakluhH. Sened In Ibe Cninra ailk tki Itik UnRn fn» tbnr l»aii 
lai IBJt. larladina Ilir tittr an4 (til gf Muflspol.liaillt Df TcliB»Tt,a>< apliatiiial «ar EafUorunadcrtioml ll'aUi 
B»JiuUaii,aildTiiikiili»ItJal). *^ 

al JoOM (wounded). 
Ihdal and Ciaip, a 

Kcvabgbnr (nuolianrd 
a CipOln StfwanI all 
laon (ticdal). 

2nd {The Queen't) RegimmU of Dragwm Guardt. 181 

10 Cafrtaol LofBli tentd ia the Indimn raatpaign in 19S8-S9. Induding tlie liefc nd capture of hueknow, nibftMMBl •»•««* 
tinM, action of Koonefli* the Oude eeupeign, eetion of Jamo, mhwH end captore of Binvmh, and TAM-Qogrm tflain at Bii»- 


laon and Ncwabfhur ( Medal and Cla»p). 
- 19 Captain ^neyd eenred in the Indian campaign in 1 858-59, including the action of Nustertttpore, aiege andeapCsn Of 
Lachnov, aubaeqacat opefadoos, and action of Koonce (Medal and Claap). 

IS Captain Oraubjr aenred in the Indian eaaipaign in 1868-59, woa preaent with the Regt. at the action of NuaaemtpONt 
' c oaamand cd a detachment at the relicl ol Aaimghur, and aerved the Oude campaign, latterly aa Orderly O0Scer to Brmdier 
Itaikrr. including the action of Jamo, aaaault and ca|iture of Birwah, and TranaGogra affaura at Bungaon and Newaoghttr 

II Captain Foatcr aerved in the Indian campaign in l858-ft9, including the aiege and capture of Ludknow, inbaeq[aent 
opcntiona, action of Koonee and affain at Bungaon (Medal and Claap). 

iBCaptidn Thomas aerred the Oude campaign of 1858 50, including the aicge and capture of Birwah, and Trana-Gogra affairt 
at Ruagaon (Medal). 

17 Ucut. O'Beime aerred the Oude campaign of l858-59» including the croaaing of the Oogra at Fjaabad, and aflUca at 
Vangaon (Medal). 

Ib Utrut. Grvatorex ier\-ed in the Indian campaign in 1859, inclndiog the Trans-Gogra affain at Bungaon and Kewihghur 
>Vl«Uai . 

:y Lieut. Deane aerred in the ludiAU ranipuiKu of 1857-59 and was present at tlic IiiiltU' of BudJekeierai. and at Delhi ihrai||i- 

B«rviUy. action near Shafgchanpon: and advance uu Mohoindee, passage of the Uojrrn, and affairs at Muchlengdn and Mcmdakota 
i.UcUal and three CUspa). 

3i> Comet Edmooda aenred in the Indian campaign in 1857-59, including the siege and capture of Lucknow, the Oude 
campaign, and Trana-Gogra affair at Bungaon :Mcdal and Claap). 

:i CapUiB Laktn mrcd with tbr 17Ui PuM at the alrce of ScbMtopol tnm Dec. ISMto Jium 1855 ( Medal aad Claap, and Turklih Medal). 
Vrftd vtth tka ted Dr. Qoards in th« Indian eampaifn of 1858-59, Ineluding tbt tirrt and capture of Lucknow end TraBa.Gofra aftlrs ai 
•oafaoa (Medal aad Cla^p). 

?lt Aiaist.Surgeoa Shipton served in the Crimea from May li<5A, including the siege and fhll of Sehaatopol, and both 
•Backs on the Redan (Medal with Claap, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian Mutiny campaign from Nov. U)67» 
* tad iftapment at the reHef of Lucknow, defeat of the Gwallor Continprut at Cawnpore, siege and capture of LockaoWa 
;. Mtloai at TiUrowleCf Poorwah, and I>undiakelra (Medal with two Clasps;. 

- ft VcteriBary Suiyeoa Oudtfln senred the Eastern campaign of 1854-66, including the affair of MeKenale's Fann« battle 
^ if Bdaktava, Inkenaaa, and Tehemaya, siege aad (all of Bebastopol (Medal aad Clasps, and TurfcUb Medal). Swred 
' la the Jadiaa campaign In 1866-60, including the siege and capture of Lucknow, the Dade campaign* actk>n of Jamo, 
masK and eaptnra of Birwah, and Trans-Gogra affhirs at Bungaon (Medal and Clasp). 
8 Bidlnf Maater Roaaell served with the &th Dragoon Guards the Eastern campaign of 1H54-66, including the battUs 
, «f Waklava Cborae shot}, Inkerman, and Tehemaya, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Bfedal and three ClaapB, French War 
l Medal, and Ttekiali Medal}. 

I L 











3rd ( The I^nee qf Waht^a) Beyt. of Dragoon GmrtU. [ D^J^oSHSi,. 

I Coi«w(.— John Scott,' CB., Comef, v4 May 15; X(. '20 Oet. 15; Capt. viSJuaeSlj 
jr:, Mqj. "a Nov. ^i Lt.Cal. SI Au)(. flU ; Col. Ill June 46; JH^j. Gat. 90 Juiie54; 
P.7.I Lt.Gtn. 13 Oct, 60; CoZ. 3rd Dr. G<1»., 13 Fell. 50. 

:iieM(.Co/one/.—Conj-eri Tower,' Cor.P? June44; £.trH(.P(iJunu45: Ca»<.'18Jui. SO; 

[ jlf(yor,PI7 MttyCli I,(.Co(."'4Aug,03. 

A ' Majon.—Jo'hn Ulller,' Cor. 8 Nnv. 43 ; £f. 4 June 45 ; Cajil. S Oct. 5fi ; Miy, v 4 Aug. G3. 

f; James gainbumc, CoT.f\l Sept. 50; Lff»f.'>8 Apr.53 ; Cnpt. p 1 Feb. SO; Af.^;. P 12 July IH. 

Frin els John MaeFarlane* 
iJolin Joiepli Currigan'. ■{ 
I titntj \V. Ilerkclcy . . . . p 
'Geo. Tlomnpy Ranlinion ' 
Fontll Buxton Joliailon ■ 
ArlhurC. Van Conrtlandt 
Hy. Fullcrton Rlcliinond* I 
iThai. Sutton Kii'kiidtriclc' ' 


([Jan. 4a '34 Oct. 45 I (! July S5 
|»2I) JuneS5{P35S«pl. 57 

18 Feb 


13 Ma) 

21 Mbv 


24 Jul] 


18 Oct. 


13 Jan. U) 
11 Jan. 60 
8 Dec. 54 

'17 May 01 
' 35 Jun« 61 ' 
> 23 June 03; 
27 Aui. 04 

17 Sept. 58 

•I IMS-B, ud wu pi 

23 Dec. 63 v 3D Fob. 5(1 , V 
' 15 July 53! » SO Dec. 54 .« , 
14July 67l BAug. GO 4t 
1(1 Oct. 57 v\^ May 01 1^"™' 

17 Oct. 57 P 5 Nov, Ql |j,^i' 
Aug. 58' B 93 June 03 I u ib 

'31 May 50 i' 4 Aus. 63 <">'! ''••>■" or (Jhllllumub and OinlBmi 
'23ADr 68 P fl NnS «a ' (M«l»l wd ClMpi). 

'18 May 01 f 12 July e4lR((niithe Crimea tnm Drc. 1&M taUiti 

13 Aug. 68 27 Aug. 04 , U>y IhU, Includini ih* •le« or >ct>HiiHMl 

[Ktiii and Clup. and 'TuiUiIi Hidil.. 

' S Nor. 61 dnpatuhci i nctxt u Franiil UinhiL Is ihc OkmnuDdcl 

18 Feb. 02 flrtJ (or«uUlwHfgt Slid fall of Oiriirka. 
^3 June 03 

4 Aug. 63 

33 Juiv a^i 

No». 03 
29 Mar. 01 1 


William B1cukinsop,R.M. 

Alfred Henderson Wliile' 

Jalcpli Vim. Fitigerald.. 

Tlioiiiu Uawion " ' 

li.i, Anthony S.MunnoCk: 

iWiinliip Pereival Koch* 


George Frands Robtrtaon 
» Clivlea AddUon DaviM .. 

fl liidwln Brett | 

CoRNsrs. \ 

Henry Laogtiy 

Charles Henry Collcttt. . 1 
Riehin. Grifllii Nicliolut .' 
George Itobert IlcnlgHun ■ 
Artli. Bamji. Donnithumc 1 
Henry Howard Arlliur.. < 
U Huiiry Predk. Tvynam.. 1 
EilwnnI Sitnley Obrc , . 1 

I) i>«yin<u«r.— Frederick FitiWilllam Treiieli Hobbs, TJic. 01. 

Ai^utaKt.— Lieut. John Lloyd ^gtntou, 31 Jnu. 04. 

\ln*lTttctor of Ma»lietry.—HaU. Kdwin Itrett, 7 Sept, .'jO. 

Quarter ]Uiattr.—9*Ja»t\ Dc-an, 9 Oct. 03. [3D Jonf 03. 

SHi-jreDH,— Robert Manliall Alien, '>' A.S. ?.0 June 43 ; Surg. 58 March 54 ; Surgeoniloior, 

Auittanl 5urveont.— Micbael Junin Gritflu, 22 Sept. 64. 

David Cullen," MD. 1 Sept 51. 

I Vettrinary Surgeon.— VAvia Thomas CIiee«inan, 1(J July 58. 

Scarlet — Facing) Yellow. — Agruli, Mc«er<. Ilupkinaon unit Co. 
; [Seturuedfrom France, 9I> January ISlff. Embartedfer India, Ang. 1867.1 
ul.Gcnml EcMtni pmeBl wilktks rrnirli imy undet UinAalQcmd. M IIk siege of Antwerp, in Pcr.lSIZi 
prrnlHioB of tke HbdIibI, Ik utoupanicd Ikt iiwiiu upon (itry ormkin duinii: tl>e iiFp«. In Oct. 1^. be m 
' Ui Ihi: runinitnd of the nvalry gf Ibu BoiuIhiv divuinn uf the btib; at the Indus, os Brindicr; tentd in Ihnt rut 
: canfuitai of 1BS8 and St, in Seiude and AffEhaniitiiB, aiHl was iinKBl at the attack and mplwe of tjhuRi 
Duiiig the latter pail dT IVSt. he connauled n dalaclicd ndaniB.rDiiaiiimtof tbc ahuleuf Iheanlllei? (eireatini 
'- eatalry, and uoelnnaHuB of infantry 1 Ibii cohinin ■>■ iluHintd to wenrr the unhJuiialiuB of I'Dvcr Srindr, aaii 
F with Ue Biain eolBain nndn !!ir Tliui. Willsliln, dinrttd Df^it Khrlat (end Cbsa Dmiann Laipire). In ik 
Imnjpnn (Uedal) on the 39tli Dte. IBM, lie cDiainandrd ■ Erinda tl t:arHlry, as alao at lli* hMt^ of SOuKt 
'nt iiiHiiiaittd CU. fgr ■nrirti in Artlaaialan, and an .lidrHh-Ximp In the lluFm aflrr Ibr liMile ol .^loinaon. 

ilbeCrirnHneanipii' ' 

(Medal). Wa.._ 

' X LLCalaiel Tower aenrd witli Iha flih UranxHU Ilia Eoslnn ennipiiaii »■ inn. ■■■ciuuiue >iic iwiib m 
aad siH* if aalMilopol (Ueual and Clupi, and furkKh Ualal], 

t Capl. CDrrigan KTiid ai a l.iouttnani In tlie T41h ib Ike Kaffir war of IMI-U (.li|lill; wounded), and *si 
attached to. and ten--" —^ ■•■ " ' -■■ "-'— "- '-" 

t Captain Klehmon 

Tiir* irf Tcbricmiii 
Uaat. Wblla ■«< 
an* Turklah Medal). 

10 Sainon U*|ai Allen terved In (lie fltld all 
vreMDt dntlni manr laTere aklrmlalin lUeilal). 

11 IJeul. Uswwo aertrd with tlielOUitluuat... 

^^0la of L'l>or«aon, battle of tlie TchMoaya, siege 
I Doetor Cullen leired in Ih* Crimea far nine mi 
4Ilh BcgU. ; and vai irllh ttie 41h Llaht Uragooui c 
Madal). Served with the 3idB>IlallanRiaeBrlEa<l 

llli IhrCupeJIOi 
(lie Crilnn 

tltU (Medal and riiai 
piiof ISU^T, and ■: 

ilnnui ciunlwIaB frmn I'lh April IHU. awl vai iirHenl 
uf Miatli^ (Hnlal and Cloap, and Turkiih Mi'dal). 
irinR Iheaiegeof lteluila|Ml, rhlrdy attached to Ibeile 

4tk {JRayal Irish) Reyment of Dragoon Guards. 



Uh the mono 

On the StondarJfl and Appointments the HARP avo CROWX. and the Star of St. PATRICK, w 
" Quis Mrparabitr'—^' PENINSULA '» •• BALAKLAVA" " HEVASTOPOr*" 

Ca/<me/.— Richard PIgot,* JSm, 4 Sept. 93 ; Lieut. 10 Sept. 93 ; Capt. 21 Dec. 93 ; Major, 

29 April 02 ; Lieut.CoL 1 May 00 ; Col. 4 June 14 ; MaJ.Gen, 19 July 21 ; Zieut.Gen. 

10 Jan. 37 ; Gen. 11 Nov. 51 ; Col. 4th Dragoon Guards, 20 Nov. 40. 
Lt.ColoHeL—ChnTlcs Camerou Shutc,« Cor. p 10 J iily 34 ; X/. p 1 3 May 3U ; Capt. v 6 Mar. 47 ; 

Mty. 1 June 54; Bt.Lt.Col. 12 Dec. 54; Lt.CoL p 10 Feb. 58 ; Col. 21 Sept. 68. 
3f/i/ar.— Frank Chaplin,' Cor. p 8 May 46 ; Lieut. 31 Oct. 48 ; Capt. r 8 Apr. 53 ; Mt^or^ 

P 1 Apr. 59. 


























5 ; 






P 7 Feb. 40 
20 July 44 

Fra. Rowland Forater,* s. 
Michael M*Creagh ^ . . . . 
ChrUtopher M'Donnel^^. . p 12 Mar. 52 
John Arthur Bragge^ ..... p 13 May 53 

Robert Rintoul ! 25 Jan. 56 

Henry Haskctt Chilton.. !P 17 Feb. 57 

n\ Dec. 57 




20 Apr. 61 

Henry Edward Bridges 
John Clerk ^ 


, Bdward Harran' j 23 Feb. 

Randolph R. Luscombe. . i 13 May 
I James Alexander Tait . . , p 31 July 

6 June 54 


P 29 July 50; P 

P 22 June 58 P 

P 5 Aug. 59 P 

23 Mar. 55' 

Dune. Anderson Farquhar p 14 Aug. 00 


P 12 Oct. 
P 27 Sept. 01 
P13 Dec. 61 
P 7 Jan. 02 
P17 Sept. 01 

Jamea Colquhoun 
Tlio. B. Shaw-HeUler, AtHj. 
i William John Brooke . . 
George Hall Ringrose . . . 
Riddall Morrison .... 


Jobu De Burgh Lynch 

John Sidney Bates***. 

Pliilip Edward Poppo 

John Fiskcn ilalket . . 

Ja£. Cunningham DouglaBJ p 17 Nov. 03 

John Chadwick p 12 Apr. 04 

Frod. William Goesclin . . p Dec. 64 

p 13 Feb. 03 
^ 22 May 03 
P 23 June 03 

P 11 Mar. 42 p 29 Jan. 47 12 Doc. 
Pl9Mar.47lP18 July 51 8 Feb. 
P17 June 53 p 14 Mar. 50 
29 Dec. 54 p 5 Aug. 59 
2 Sept. 02 
7 Nov. 02, 
7 Apr. 03i 
p 17 Dec. 581 
() Captain M'Donnel and Riding Matter 
20 Mar 57 ' ^'''^^ *(-rved the Eastern campaign of ISM* 
p (K Alio* a^ ^* including the buttles of Bulaklava and 
a , o' xi i ^"'''""■'•» ■'*"»« o' S<'ba?topol, nlght-attark 
8 July 02 un Russian outposts 10th F^b. 1866, and 
3 Oct. 02 ' ^t^lc of Tclicrnuya (Medal and Clasps, and 
7 Nov fli ' TurkisJi Ucdai;. 

I nov. o^ g Captain Clerk served In the Crimea with 
7 Apr. 03 ; the Rifle Brigade (Medal with Clasp for Se- 
5 May 03 ' bastopol, and Turklah Medal). 
P 22 May 03 ^ Lieut. Hurrun »erTed the Eastern earn- 
u o \...r OA P"''" o' 18;>4-65, including the battle of 
•- .1 .'\ug. <» B!ilaklB>ni, Kiene of Sfbostopol. night-attack 
oil Russian out)w)sts lUth Feb. 1855, and buttle uf Tcher- 
ua)u (.3Jedul and Clasps and Turkish Medal;. 

10 Qr. Master Drake served the Eastern campaign of 1854- 
bo, lurluding tlie battles of Daltkla?a and Tclicrua7a> and 
siege of Sebastopul (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish MedalJ. 

Pay matter. — John Akin Dyer, 15 March 58 ; Hon. Capt. 15 March 03. 
Adjutant. —Lieut. ThoB. Bradncy Shaw-Hellier, 17 Oct. 02. 
Instructor of Musketry. — Lieut. James Colquhouu, 9 June 02. 
Hiding Master. — George Price,* 13 April 55; Comet. 5 Nov. 54; 
Quarter Master. — John George Drake,'^ June 54. 

Surgeon. — John Grogan, MB. ^1.^. 10 April 41 ; Surg, 14 Nov. 51 ; Surtf, Miy, 19 Aug. 64. 
Assist. Surgeon, — ^William Macnaniara, 6 Oct. 54. 
Veterinary Surgeon. — Luke Byrne, 3 Feb. 54 ; 1st Class, 9 Jan. 03. 
Scarlet — Facings Blue. — Agent, Andrew Lawrie, Bsq. 
iRetumedfrom the Crimea, July 1856.] 

I General Plcot was activuly employed in the West Indies in 1704 during the Maroon war. Served In the Medlltr- 
naean and at the capture of Minorca In 1798; at the capture of the Capo of Good Hope in ItiOO; and in the Baat Indies 
ia 1318. 

i Colonel Shute serred in the ISth Ll. Dragoons with the Field Force employed in the reduction of Kumool, Eaat 
Iidlaa. Served with the 8th Oragoons the Eastern campaign of 1854-55 (as As*if?t. Ac^utant General of ilie Cuvalrj Dlvklon 
ilsce 33rd Xov. 1864), including tlie battles of Balaklava, Inkcrman, and Tchernaja, and Kieise and lall of Scbastmiol 
(Medal and Claspa. Brevet LlCoL, Knight of the legion of Honor, 5th Cluks of the Medjidiv , and Turkish Medal). 

S Mi^or Chaplin serred the Punjaub campaiiin of 1848-U with thu 9rd Li!;ht Dragoons, atid was present in the aflhtr of 
Rimnuggar, passage of the Chenab at Wuxeerabad un the 1st Dec. 1848 with ibe force under Sir Joseph Thackwell, and 
battles of ftadoolapore, Chillianwaltah, and Goojrrat (Medal and two Clasps). 

i LLColouel Forster served the Kastern cuiiipaisn of 1854-55, includiiic the bnttlcs of Ilalaklavii ami Inkenaan, and 
*»t9 of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet Major, Sardinian and Turkish MeilnU, and 5th Clais of the Medjidle). 

a Major M'Creagh serred the Eastern cauioargn of 1854o55, includini; the battle of Balaklavn, flef^ of Bebaatopol, 
ud battle of Tchernaya (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, 5th Class of the MedJidie. and Turklnh 

7 Captain Brafge served in the Eastern campaign of 1855, including the hatlle of the Tchemaya, and liafe of 
S^stopol (Medal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal). 

184 &t!i{ Pfiucem CltarbitU of WaMs) Rtg. of DrOffoox Cfuardt. [ ''**1S!P**^ 

■n* motlii" VftiguinMllH rf(rt«i«i."— -IWlAJfANOl" "TITTOIIIA" '■ TOULOIWR " " PENI^tHULA" 

I CWoNe/.— Hon. Sir Jame* Yorke Scnrlett,' KCB., Canut, PSflMir. Ifl; Lt. i>34 0«t «• 
.^1 ^Jp^ i*tt JiinpSS; Jfif/ur, »il JuoeM; Lt.Col. f 3 July 40; Co/. II Nov. 51 ; Meiar 
'^1 Gm. 1:2 Dec. G1 ; At.UnH. Hor. Qi ; Cnl. fith DraKOOii GuknLji, 3 Aug. (M). 
2!>l' I4.Ci)imul.~ Hon. Samanet Jaliu Gougb C>ltliarpc,> Cw. " 23 Mny 49 ; £(. p 23 Mny 01 : 
3,V Co;i(. P14Hept.55i iJf.-lfiyW, 2 Wov. 65 ; jlfiiriir, 3a July 06 i Xf.Cfll. P IC Fph. 01 
U I af^or.— Freil. Hny Swinfcn,' Come', v 10 April 4U : ^f. p19 Anrll&O : CtoB(. lA Dec. 64 - 
I Mnj. r\b Feb.fll. ^ 

I CAPTAms. — 

UeorgaSapteBumaud' !'13AprllaU 'SeFeb.AS 

Richard T. Oodmui* .... >' 1 7 Hay SO ^ 3 Mar. S4 

Robert Oirraril' ., I'M May 53 18 Hov. S3 

Thomas Lcwii Ilamptou' pai Jan. S3 SI Dec 64 

'" 1. Jamci^carUU .... IIDec.ST »37Apr.0O 

34 Dec 64 ; I 

31 July 5i I 

■ 13 Fub. 55 I I 

■ 7 Sept. 68 ; i 
' 10 Jan. 03 

William Bcl<r. Maralaod' i' 17 Feb. 57 i » 10 Dec 58 '' 3 Mnr. 00 i I 

lUchil. Fielding MorKwn*. H 30 Mar. 58 p 34 Dec. 58 J >• 10 July 03 j i 

Wm. Ulle* Nairn Klogtoti 20 Feb. 58 » 8 Feb. 61 >• IQ Apr. 64 I | 

LlBUIBHAKIS. i 1 t^ulD OunnI unti lu Ilia Kulm 

ThumMYate llenynn... 14 May 58, >■ 15 Feb. Gl |™';^'*'i;"'^*Al;'^lyj'*,^',^',''''*'"'f 
(1 8t John Claud Paulet ..' 6 Aug. SB >' 10 Apr. 81 Turtiiii Itritl). ""iwiiinijji., m.i 

I) JamesDynjuBourDe.JiI/. >* SI Dec 00 i' 7 Nov. 63 ^ ci^UIn Haaviaa Hricd ibc Eaitern 

II Franeu UiBt v\Z Mar. 01 " 2 Dec. 03 | 'J^pVIV "' '**?"'¥'' '"''"<"■* '*« **'"" 

C) Wllliau, Benniqu Foulkea -SO Apr. 01 1 1> 10 Jan. 03 ^SS^rVS biJliTf"l»"Te!,!^.« 
ThotnaaAlbertquia....:' ISSepLOU >'10Uay03 (Hniniriiii itanaGluM,UKaitiCUqoriL 

. U Bdwardflardeo |P17S«pt.fll p 8 Mar. 64 MaUWii. "aTgrWrtSidnll, 

, II Ricli. Jameiati'oa(feUd..lP30Juryfl3 ' 29 «"■ «* 'J^ ^i;'fi;;"'r2™,:!ir^,,T"^ '''',J1'' 

1 U Edward Murphy i^ 31 Oct. 63 MO Apr. 64 i^Xilna Ibt .™«dWl S S.Emi«^; 

I Con:xBTE. ! and uuult <ir tbt Uiicrii* an tut IWiJiiu lUnUI «lik 

O^WgB I'ritcliard r 7 Nor. 03 Clup. ««1 Tarklih W«l.l). _. ^ „ 

1 o KlSiardJoneaSauLey .. "ISMar.OS ^^^T^J^^A^"^''i<^^ot^\^^T.^: 
I Foraler Itajera Clarke . . •■ 14 Apr. 63 iml Inkinnu, am •!«• at BstwUpsl (Medal nlih bar 
. RobcrtSllckney Bl^ne..>15 Apr. Or) ciupi, mi1 Turii.h M«r«l). 

■ , Henry JoliQ Blumbem .. <■ 16 Oct. 63 ,„'Vh"T pm ^h^JltlJ^.. .hr^™L^r''i'JS','" 
^ ., ',- T. " .. fi .a ii, "' "O'. la China tnrauMoat ID« cauiiHiH of Infill, lu- 

I ; Alex. IlargrcBvea Brown . / 8 Mar. 04 dudliw lIu uUod of Bloho, Ibi bll of Uir fafea Foru, th. 
' Geo. Oabom Springfield vSUHar. 64 urUoni of tbe inb ipd aiit BeiHetaticr, and lurnDdrr or 
' tAleaandcrJohnM'Neile >10 Apr. 64 PtW- {Mtdal«idCla.pi;. 
I PoiMuufer.— Nathaniel Eyre Robblna, I4Jail. OS. 
Ai^utnni.—Littt. 3. D. Bourne, 10 Jan. 63. 
j , Imtruetor nf Muiktlry.— 
I . Riding Matter. — Haurlec Day, 11 Uay>U>. 
I , QuarttT Afiufcr.— William Denia Lemmon, 3 June 04, 
I I •Surgeon.— J olm Coote Ovens," 13 June 03 ; AlHtt.Svrf. Itl Dec 53. 
, Auittaut Surgeon. — Edirard Louli H'Sheehy," MD. 37 Hay 57. 
! Ve/CT-inarpSurpeon.— Stephen Price ConataBt," 16 Oct. 53; Iff CfoM, SO Nor. 61. 
8aari«t — Facingt Qreen. — AgettU, Uesan. Cox k Co. — IriMhAfenU, Moiara. Cane * Soua. 

Btlunud/nm tlu Crimea, 38 May 1866. 
kaHon. Mr Junaa StwMI Htrad Itaa Kaitcm mnpal^of 19M-*9 In camnand of tbe llHT;CaTalrT ■rlfade ul 
of Iha Cinlrr UvUlan. Including Ibi l>aulM of BalMklarM, [obcnMn, and Tctiprnayi, ftegc and fiU of 
(Nodal irllhthrHClupi, KCB,,Ci>niBiuidetpri)iiLtglBn of HDiiDr, SardlnlinandTuAlihliredab, aadlid 

Iba Hfdjtdit}. 

■ LUokaelHan. a J.G. Caltliont wntd the Euicco caapain at \iU-Si uAiili it Canp to lord Kurin , iiri^ni 
ttebattlM ef Abia, Balalilara, aad takuniu, alhiim of Bulnuk ua U'Keaiig'i Fann, ncl ilFfi* of Sthartnpol (Mcdil *«l 

• — n m . g[ jtnig,^ i^ojji,, ^ tlia L^OB of Ilouor. Glh Cljw of tba Uadjldia, ual Tucklih Uedal). 

Mnrcd ihfl Euuni cunpnin of IBM-M, lududlni lb* liatlla of Balaktata fwouadid) aad Mnr tl 
■life tun cluH. and Tnrkiili lUdill. 

Slfrn ampaliD of IStS, lacladlDf lb* «l*fa of BabaUnpsI (3(tda] *IU> CiMp, lad 

im campaign of )BU-Uu Adiului sf iha dib t>ragoon Oainti,li>H»II» tba tatUn 

■Ti, andilofaaf StbaitoroI(MHlalirkh IbiwOIupi. and Turtkli Mrda)). 

i> lat Dr^oan Oiiarda Id the cam|>al(n of IMC In China, Hid wu fnraaed al Slat*. 

apt ain Id til a Mil T.) lerTtd •iUillwlilili Rriil.inihe I 


[Ccnftiiunfiiin o/ ifotri la Oik Drafeon Ouardt.) 
M Uaat. Martfn acntd ai Hldihlpuan of H.M n. " Qaten " al Hie bombard mm 

aitopol on 17Ui Ocl. 18M. Alio In tin Naril Brigade frsn the Idlh JoIt ta ^1 
ibardneata. and « Ihc »ib Sept. ( Htdal and Claip, and TnTfelah Kfdal;. 

8(M,lM5,and«aunHiilBitwvlMnbardn*ata.and«lhc»ibaept. ( Htdal and Claiu, and TnTfelah Kfdal;. 
H BnrfeoB Oilbune wrvkl wilb tha Wli HnHan la BaltarU fism eih Jok 19M. l^rrtdwiUi lhc8«th ' 

"" '-''Hlinf aiexa and full of Sctatlopo'' andaiuDlta on the ISIh Jnae andBIhS^. 

ntiTalH la India dniini (h( auppTviiion of t1i( Mntifl; in ISRJ-it, ud {n poranll ' 



falH la India dnhni (h( auppTviiion of t1i( Mntinj in 18F;7-i», ud in poranliof tha ithe'll 

It Aaattt-Sarteon l>H«porl atnad with tk* Catabinxn IVam (b« outbrtak ot Ihi mutlay at Metnt la Mar IStf aaUl 

IM dne In IIIW. and waa la latdlcal ekarft of Ibc Wft viaj duriar t1» Orlhi «iai>alin, and nrraiat at tbe ai" ■ 

Mliml. Sita* aad eaplun of l)rlbl. and aiihaxiuant DpenUnni under Bdndlcr Hhowen. haa la charfa < 
^■d qanlaia In Om. Pmnr'a colaaw, and in tba Jtohllcaad «npal|n, InrlodlM 'he «Uon nf EBkraofla ■ 
ar JMHr. Jteraarnd In tbc Oada aampalfn «I IHWAV aad «ai prvatnl al tbe acUom of Pnsnon, 
" t^ ^«WiF, —rf Mletwdli andloofcpaitin tlwcanipii|nlnIt4pODiaBa and CcMral India In pataolt «f 
nnteith (treHI ead Clmp). •— r-= >■ 

Oih Regiment vf Dragoon Guards ( Citrabiu€er9\ 




so • C0ionel.—9 iil Sir Jamet Jaekiou,* KCB. KH. Bns. Oct. OG ; X^ 86 Jan. 08 ; Capt, p86 
mT B^i: Jano 13; Bi.Mi^, 18 Jane 15; JB^X/.CWr96 If ay 20; ilf<i;.PS6 Apr.37; U,Coi,^KuJ99i 
Pt«. I^|J: - CW. 23 Not. 41 ; Maf.Own. 1 1 Nov. 51 ; Lt.Gen, 26 Oct. 68 ; CoL 6th Dr, Gds. 1 7 July 60. 
32 Lieut. CotaneL"-^, CUarlea Sawyer,^ Eiuiffny p 6 Sept. S3 ; Lieut, p 8 April 96 ; Cupi. tS 
I i Aus.46; Ari|;or»l Au«. 66; J9f.Z/.CM.90July 68; Ze.O>2. pSI Oct. 62; CV^. 30 July 64. 
10 I : A/r{;>r.— CourtenayWm.Ilruce/ Ensign, 16 May 65 ; Licm^ p 26 Oct. 66; Capt. P2 0ct.57i 
I iif^or, P 6 A pr. 64. 














4 • 










1 . 







m 1 







16 Jnne 56 
26 July 68 
23 Oct. 65 


P 7 Oct. 69 

P 3 July 

P 18 Feb. 

P 21 Oct. 

16 Dec. 67 i 
P16 Feb. or 
P 18 Feb. 02: 



Pll Apr. 02, 

P Dec. 62 

P17Nov. 0!) i 

P 6 Apr. 04 

P 20 Nor. 04. 

2 Colonel Sawyer irrved i n tlie CriuiM f torn 
P 8 Sept. 64 '.'Otii May 18&% inrluding lliu battle of the 

iR V rn (^lU andClMp, and Turklth Mrdal.). Served 

10 .Aov. oi also In India duriBRlhe whole of iheMaUwr; 

I' 14 Apr. 03 preaent al tbc actiona of Buagoon, Mobnde- 

P 17 Nov. 03 l^*^* Ru»ratpore, attack and rapture of Ml- 

1H \fnv' 'tfl towlee, actions of AUgnnite and Blawa, Md 

I o .11 uy oo ,u|^q„ent {.imuil of Tantia Touca and Je- 

rozc fihali in Central India cMcdal and Braval 

nl Lt.ColoncI). 

ly Qr.Ma«ier Orlffltli Wfrrrd with tlic Mb 
Dr. (JdH. Uuiing tke Eaatem caonpalfn of 
\^Ti\ M, iiicluding tlic battlrt of Balaklava, 
Inkermnn, and Tclirrnaya. firge and fall of Srbastopol (Medal 
P31 Mar. 03 1 '"d tlinc Clanpr, TurkJkh Medul, and Firench War Medal). 

P 23 »i pt. o;i 
P 14 June 04 1 
PlUJulv 041 

P 3 Die. 01 
1 1 Mrf. 02 

p 2 Fib. 04 
? 6 Apr. 64 
P 20 Nov. 04 


1 William Thuinas Betly^. . p 14 Alay 62 
; Edward Napier 31 Dec. 67 

Aug. Alfred de Boarbel . . ' p 17 Mar. 64 

Johu William Doering* P 16 May 56 

Francis Reid ; p 14 May 68 

. Arthur George Smith • . 10 Feb. 681 

^ John Fryer p 9 Mar. 60, 

I Win.Thos.ErskSneBookey p18 May 00 
1 Lieutenants. 

/.Ja4.Jno.NeilBuchanani^. p 10 Juno' 63 
I Walter BlachfordGiflTord^'. 2 Oct. 56 
. Wro.WalIaoeGraham>^/i<i7. 2 May 60 

Owen Phibbs ' 3 July CO 

j Percy Hughes Hewitt ,.j p 23 July 01 
j George Clajton Swiney • 20 Oct. 67 

Arthur FiUPot. Godman p 17 Sept. 01 
■ Cecil Edward 3IaTtyn" . . 
I WflUam Henry Hoey . . . . 


Arflu Cecil Stoart Barkly p 24 June 02 

Percy Richard Gay .... 

George Sails Schwabc • . 
I Morgan Jamea Snurin . . 

Cliarlcff Fred. Marriott . . 

' Samuel Gamett I p SO July 04 ; 

:Uy.Blackbum« Hamilton jp 21 July 04i 

Charles Leigh Davy . . . . ! p 20 Nov. 04 \ 

Paymaster.—CYi^rXvt Sewell. 5 Jan. 66 ; Cornet , P 17 Oct. 51 ; Jlon* Capt, 5 Jan. 00. 

A({jntant,^Lieitt, William Wallace Orahnin," 17 July 03. 

JnHnictor of Mmhetry,^Luut, W, B. GifforU, 5 July 04. 

Riding Matter, — William James lleiiseyi 7 Dec. 58. 

Quitrter Master,— George Griffitli,^' 3 June 69. 
. 5ttrp«on.— Uichard Gilborne,'« 8 Dec. 64 ; AuUt,Surg, 2 Oct. 40. 

Assistant Surgeon, — Cliarles James Davenport," 16 Aug. 54. 

Veterinary Surgeon,— WWWmw Hall, 20 Nov. 01. 

Blue — Facings White. — Agents, Messrs. Cox & Co. 

[Eeturnedfrom India, *26th July 1801.] 
JaiDi*a Jaekr-Ki Mrred in the Penlnaiila, from April 1800 to the end of the war in 1814, lacludine tk« tailtica of 
(iporto, Talavcra, and Buaaco: action at Tombal Redinha, and Kos d'Arouce (woandad). (mttla of Fuente* d'Onor(8rd and 
^ U.Bj\ drat alega of Bod^Joi, aeilun at Kl Bodon, aiega and capture of Ciudad KodrifQ, aiega and capture o f BadftJoKt 
btaleaof SaUoaanca, Vittona(lK>ra<> ahol), Maya Paaa, Pampeluna, 15lh July, Pyrenees 80th July, KiveUe, K1t«» aod 
Bwaaae. preseBl at Waterloo, and with the amy of oecupaUon In France. Served In India and Arabia from 1610 to UMU 
iadadinirthe capture of Brni-Boo-Ali, aa Military Secretary to Sir Lionel Smith, and for which aerricelMwaa recooi- 
iMiid by Iba Marqui* of Uaatinga fur the rank of LieutX}olonel. He liaa received the War Modal with nine daapa for 
Buacu, Fimtca d'Onor, Ctudad Rodrigo, Bad^ox. Salumanra, Vitlona,Pyreneea,KiTelle, and Nive. Coninaaded the 
Uralfv at the ftiieral of the Duke of Wellington. Served at the I'ape of Good Hope as Commander of the Forcee aad 
UtatjQoTanwrfron March 1854 to Mar I860. 

4 Major Brvce served with the Carabineers from the outbreak at Meenit to the paciAeotion of Oude, and eommandtd 
a iqaadrioa al tbt oellon of Bunkagaon on Btli Oct. 1868, also in tlie subsequent rampslgn including the aetiona of Ma- 
hoaduipore and RnsMMlpore, advance on and capture of Mitnwlec, affairs of AHygupge and Bimar, and pumiit of tiM 
BcMtfor three ■MMhs through Rqjpotirana and Central India (Medal). 

5 Captain BeUy acrred In the Crimea from I'lith May 1865, ioclnding the I attle of the Tchemaya, siege and fallow Scbaa- 
topol, and waa with the Light Cavalry Brigade at Kupatorla (Medal and Claap, and Turklab Medal}. Served lh»a Iha 
ottbraakat Mcerut In lt<.^7 including operationa in Robilcund, and affair at Kukrowlir (aeverely wounded), and taking of 
Vareliiy ; atao campaign In Oude in l^'OH-^!^, including the action of Ituxarghat, Doondeakeira, and nffalr of BaaalagpoM 

>> CapUln Doering aerved with the Corablneera from the commencement of the Indian Mutiny at Meerut on 10th May 
1A7 to the padficction of Oude in 18.VJ, including the campaign in Kohllcund with affair of Krrkronile and battle of 
Birellly, campaign in Oude and actions of Pusgong aii<i Kussulpore, taking the fort of Metuwlie. actions at Allygunge and 
Btnra; alao poraolt of Tantia Topcc In Rnjpootanii and Central India, andsklrmlah In the Seronge Junglra :.Mvoal). 

10 Lirat. Bocbanan svnctl v th tlir Knk liuMara in the Crimctui iiuupuign fnan 17th April 1h3:>. nuludini; the airge aad Ml 
oTSeWastopol. Iiattlc of the Tcliemaui. imd affair uf :21^l .S«>nt. near Kcrtch (Mrdnl and Cluip, and Turkish Midali. b>fr^-rd with 
'>K Cth I^r. GuardathnHigluint tiu; Iiuiuiu campaign oi' li^t-oy, iucliuiini; u]K'nitu>u« iu lUihilciind ami artion uf Nagceno, relief 
•< Banally, jrlicf of Slialoebanporc, rapture ol t]ic foil of Rviuai aud pursuit with destrurtion of the furt of 3(ukundcc, action 
•■f BualiA^Min, operatioiu in Oude and ;u-lH)iuor Mohudi|iori: uud KuMjolma-e. atttick und cuutun; uf furl Mitcukr. artioiuof 
Ailigaiy and Bis«-a. Also scnrd m ii(It<-JHtiut; 1). O. M. (f. to tlti* S^pm flrUl fon'u under llrigauicr Shuwrra in Ceutral ludia ia 
pvsult of Tantia Tupw. FtT07r Shnh. nnd I'thirs " Mnliili. 

\i Lieut. Giflbnl wju present with the Carubinecrs at the outbreak of the Sepoy mutiny at Mronit on 10 May 18&7f and 

iMi|teut fka eauipakn of that >ear, lucludUig tbe tMitle of tlM Ilindun, baiile of BudlckaMfnii, atfhir of 0th June. 
vMCUcasUirtof Diilbl. .. . 

SaMl Giahin served In tbc 17th Lancers tbrouihout the Kastcrn caaHl* ^ 1864^. Inclndlof tbt affiUrof 
WKJMrV.V^n>>hatUas«f Alaia» Balaklava, Inkennan. and Tchemaya. slMt aad (hit oC 6tbMVnv»V O&iAA. wA. Wn 
^^^^RaMiyVsh Modal}. Wsa piMMsnt wilh Um Canbjinears at tb* outbreak «C iha tttvoT 'VUt^wi ^ '^^!«^'^ ^ ^^ 
Mafnir; served the RohYlcund eamptdgn of 1858 nniU w'minded : alao tbc Oude cmupaifn ot WiA-M Oll«^\i- 

I Sir 

7M ( The Princess Ayaf #) Begt. of Dragoon Guards, [o^c^ 

CoA)iM/.—5ir Michael White,* KCB. Cor. » 15 Aug. 04; Li. p 14 May 05; Capt, 7 Nc 
JBtMqf, 10 Jan. 37 ; Mqj, 4 Jan. 39; Lt.Col P13 Dee. 39; Col. 3 Apr. 46; Af^ 
^ June 54 ; Li,Oen. 31 Aug. 60; e'er 7th Dragoon Guards, 36 Aug. 58. 

Lt.ColoneU.^ChATlei Wm. Thompson,' £iui>i, P26 Feb. 30; Lieut, p 17 Jan. 40; 
P 1 Dec. 48 ; ilT^'or, p Nov. 55 ; Lt.Col. 17 Sept. 57; Col. 1 7 Sept. 62. 

Win. Charles Forrest,* Cor. Pll Mar.36; Lt. p5 Jan. 39; Capt.fl Sept. 41 ; Mqj 
Oct. 48 ; Bt. Lt.Col. 12 Doc. 54 ; Lt.Col. P 5 Aug. 59 ; Col. 8 Mar. 60. 

il/Vyorif.— Fitzroy George Smith. Cornet ^ P31 Dec. 47 ; Z^. p 1 1 Sept. 40 ; Capt. p30 Ju 
Mqjorj 10 Apr. 59. 
\\ George K. F. Kuuntze,^ Cornet, 19 Dec. 45; Lieut. Pi>8 Jan. 48; Capt. 14 Sep 
.V^</or. P 10 May 61. 





















Newton Chas. ChichcsteriP 16 Aug. 60:p22 Sept. 54 ''SI July 57 

I Robert Clurke ' 30 Nov. 55 

Christopher Barton .... 

Wm. Bruce Armstrong • 

Fra. Theophilus Blunt^ . • 

Arth. Gonne Bell-Martin • 

Edm.Prideaux Chichester^ 

I Crofton Toler Vandelcur 


D.ScoUand(Q.M.ifl Dcc.63; 

Gdw. Hy. Ernest Kauntze 
Edmund Molyucux 

P 3 Mar. 57 

15 Sept. 57 

18 Sept. 57 

P 1 May 55 

5 June 55 

3 Aug. 55 1 

P 15 Jan. 58 «' 7 Dor. 58 

16 May 50 

22 June 55 

P 4 Aug. 54 

P 27 Aug. 52 i 

20 Feb. 55' 



P 6 Mfty 59 
P 3 Feb. 60 
P 9 Apr. 61 
P17 May 61 
8 Feb. 61 
P 30 Dec. 62 
P 16 Jan. 6.*); 


i«9 V -f > o xf- r/«' ^ Mnjor Kaunlzc vran pretonl wilh tli 
17 i>OV. o4 : » Alay oh Lt. |)r». ut tbc tieeeand capture of Bh 
11 May 55 P 29 Feb. 561 in IH-J-VOCMedalundoneCIaAp): ^rrcd « 
P 16 June 57 I' 26 Nov. 58 ' •**"* '-*• ^"- i»"f«"Kh"ut ihe campaign < 

Jns. Jno. Loudon M' Adam, i»22 May 57 ' 19 Apr. 59 J^inS^'^jlhrK^.Tir ^p^."*.^^^^ ""^."1 
F,^. Robert C. Crofton- I 26 Frb. 58 p21 Fob. 60 ' ijJlXSlrlnX th^^^^^^^^^^^ 

Robert Bury 
Arthur Hare Vincent 
Henry Bulkeiey 
Samuel James Dakin 

5Mar. 58:P23Mar. CO 

(ions nf Tczocn and Fluftkotul, and occi 

Iletervrd alro the 8utl«j camp 

onU was present fit tho battles of 

ndod), rrroteshHh (wounded), a 

(novereljr wounded), Medal and two 

P 13 Nov. (50 P 10 Mav (U '.Served in the Funjaub campnivn of 1848 

29 Dec. 57 ' P 9 Apr. 61 ' ?i J;^'"*'- 

illeri. 21 Fob. 60 P 5 May 63 i^ (IJlou" 
. . . . 3 June 59 , P 28 Ju!v l\i\ braon (xor 

(. ; George Henry Bacchus. . - 12 J.ine 00^ P 13 Sept. 04 "^ilJ^^TTxC'c^^l^^U-L^XS 

iJohuM^Bryan" 17 Oct. 57 

I « 

December I84H, with a force under Hir JofophThackwcll, 
of Sudoolapore, and buttlev of Chillianwalluh and Oi 
(Medal and two Claspa). 

9 Captain Chicheiter ■erred with the Slit FatiUen during th 
part of 1856 at the liege and faU of Hebatiopol, and czpeditioa 

oum (Medal and Claap, and Tnrkith Medal). Serrf) «|ih a 
laent of the 'J4th Kect. at the defeat of the Jhelum Mutineers on ; 
18^7. and va« ihot through the elhow of tbf right arm (Medal). 
13 Cornet 3I'Br\'an serred In the Kaffir war of l»^6-4 
ivaa aererely \T0unded— fhot through left thigh— in the acl 
the (iwanga (Medal), 

Morris H. C. Yescombe . . , p 8 Nov. 01 
Richard D'Olier George p24 June 02 
William llobinsouTruman I p 8 Aug. 62 
Wigram Montagu Money; p 10 Jan. 03 
George Tomkyns Morris .' 9 Jan. 03 
fiTan Aubrey Thomas . . ' p 28 July 03 
Tho.Hen.Monteith Brown' p12 Aug.aOj 

Walter Creagh I 4 Oct. 04 

HenryStanley Williamson p 18 Oct 04 

Paymaster.— VfWXmm Francis WMieble, 18 May 00. 

Adjutant. — Lieut. David Scotland, 17 Nov. 54. 

Instructor of Musketry. — Lieut. A. 11. Vincent, 12 March 69. 

Riding Master.— Uenry Pearce Phillips, 2 Oct. 57. 

Quarter Master. — George Gillam,*'t 17 Nov. 54. 

Surgeon. — Edward James Franklyn,*^ MD. 15 May 55 ; Atsift.Surg, 19 Oct. 49. 

Asstst.Surgeons.— 'Edward M'Gill, MD. 8 Jan. 55. 
John Harrison Robothani,'^ 23 Apr. 55. 

: Veterinary Surgeon. — Richard John Gedaliah Hurford,'* 17 July 35 ; Itt Class, 1 July 
I Scarlet — Facings Black. — Agents, Mewrs.Cox k, Co. 

[Returned from Cape of Good Hope, 7 June 1848. Embarked for India, 27 Oct. 186 

1 Sir Michael >Vhite wan in the ueld in 1809, on the bank* of the Sullej ; servetl at the capture of IIatra» in i 
and during the Mahratta camp.itgn of 1817-18; was preaent at the »iet:e and capture of Bhurtpore in IA25-(i (Medal 
one Claap). Commanded the cavalry throughout the campaign of 1812 in Affghaniktan. and wa« preaent at the foi 
of the Khyber raa!>, storming the heightu nf Jugdulluck. action of Texeen and Huft Kotul, and occupation of Ci 
(Medal, and nominated a CB.). Served with the army of the Sutlej in 1815-G ; commanded the whole of the caval: 
ththattleof Moodkce (charger wounded): a brigade at the battle of Ferozesluh (wounded, charger killed by an 
■hot); and the 3rd Lt. Drt. at the battle of Sobraon (charger wounded) ; Medal and two Clasps, and appointed Aid 
Camp to the Queen. Ser\ed in the Punjaub campaign of 1818-!), in eummand of the Ui Brigade of Cavalry ; was 
sent in the affair of lUmnuggur, action of Snduolapore, and battles of Chillianwallah and Goojcrat (Medal and 

t Colonel Thompion •erveil as a Captain in the Britiih Loition. and wa« cniafcd at Uernani 30lb Aug. 1836; at ArlalMiB, 
ITtb. and li^ui Jan . ; and the action t>«fore Aan Srbattian, jith Ma)r 1836. wlirn he wat «evrrely woundrd in tbr hipand thr hand (K. 
and Medal). Svrrvd the earapaUn of the Punjaub in the Hth Light Dragonnt ; was rngacvd at aamnuggu r ( borae noundcd), 
NtfT. 184*1. at ChiUianwatlah. 13tb Jan., and at Ooojcrat, Sift Feb. 1849 (Medal and two Clatpt). Pretent aitu at the ertnainf c 
Cbenab. Jhelum, and Indus ) at the surrendri of the Seik army at Rawul Pindee, the rapture of the Bridge of Bnatf at Attorkt and pt 
of the Affkbanato Peshawur. 

3 Colonel Forrest *erred with the Ith Dr. Ods. the Eastern campaign of IS54-M, including the battles of Balai 
and lnkerman,sieceof Sehasiopol, night att.ick on Ru«fian outposts 10th Feb. 185.5, and battle of Tchernaya (Medal 
Clasps. Brevet Lt.Colonel, Sunlinian and Turkioh Medalii, and .5th CIa<R of the MctUi^i^)* 

W C-aptHin Ariiistroii:; aertcif iii«> Ka<»t('rn CHnipai<cn of 1804-55, including the batllts of Balaklava and Inkerman, 
aiui faU of Sebaatopol i Medal iind Clasp*, and Turkish Medal). 

7 Captain Blunt aerred with the 1:2th Lancera in the Ciimean campaign from 17th May lb^5. Including the battl 
the Tchtniaya, aicfft and fail of Sebostopol (Medal and Claap, and Turkish Medal). Also aerved. aa Adjutant of Iht 
wlag Itth Laaccra. with the Smugor m NtrtMidda field force during the Indian campaign in I8S8-59* Aod waa pntet 

,Kotn-aJ, and Loirhtria, and iuircadtir of the ttajah of Klrwee i't^rice meatio 

ibe Mftia of Baoda. actlooa of Jegunge, 
/a 4t0pstche^ Mtdsl sad Chup). 

^For remainder of Kote?, 8e« lo««r part of tbt next two pagei. 


1 Ut {Royal) Regiment of Dragoons. 188 

The Creit of England within the Ghurter. The Eagle. **8p€etemur agendo." 

ri ColoneL^^ %2.i Sir Arthur Benjamin Clifton/ GCB. KCH. Comet , 6 June 94; LU 7 

Aii(j. 04 ; Capt. 27 Feb. 99 ; Major, 17 Dec. 03; Lt,Col, 25 July 10 ; CoL 12 Augf. 19 ; 

MfijorGen, 22 July 30 ; Lt.Oen. 23 Nov. 41 ; Gen. 20 June 54 ; CoL iHt Drs. 30 Au^. 42. 

Lieut. Colonel,— Robert Wardlaw,* Cornet, p 5 June 35; X^l'28 July 40; Cflp/. »» 14 Oct. 

y 42 ; Major, p 4 Feb. 53 ; Bt,Lt,CoL 12 Dec. 54 ; Lt.CoL p 10 March 57 ; Col. 12 Dec. 57. 

■ Af<y<?r.— James Ainalie,' Cor. i»13 Oct. 48; Lt. n21 Dec. 40; Capt. Pll Oct. 53; Mtyor, 

p 10 Oct. (30. _ . 


Walter John Coney* .... 1-18 Jan. 50 »' 25 Feb. 53 22Dec. 54 
• G. Metcalfe Robertson*.. »• 12 May 53 20 Dec. 54 p 10 Mar. 57 
Henry F. Geo. Colemon p 20 June 49 p31 Jan. 51 p11 Dec. 57 
John Gordon Graham . . 19 June 55 p 15 Feb. 5G p 19 Feb. 58 

Fre<leric Radford p 20 Aug. 50 p 1 1 Dec. 57 p 23 Aug. 59 

U 1 Charles Hall 20 Feb. 58 p 23 Aug. 50 p 9 Dec. 62 

' Curr Stuart Glyu p 16 July 58 " 21 Feb. (M) p 21 July 03 

y.J.RohertsonTurnbull,**. 14 Jan. 48 p 4 May 49 1 11 Jan. 58 | 10 Jan. 58' 

LlElTTKXANTJ*. C Miyor Tumbull terwed as Aide de Camp 

John Lee/ Adj 5 Nov. 54 14 Feb. 60 to «ir H. Bnmard, to MiJ.Gen. Reed, and to 

t\ ! \rrTiiir Mo«hnin P 7 Tail TiO i» lO June02 '^''" ^* ^^"''*<'"' <^"""' ^^'^ tleRe, awaiilt, and 

ArthurMcsnam ........ »*/•[*»• Jv; nioj V^po capture of Delhi, in the aeUon of Budlcliwerai 

Edmund Bacon Hutton.. P30MQr. 00 >23»C'pt. ()2 ^nd all the minor onKaftements (thanlicd by 

Thomas Joseph Walker., p 3 Aug. 00 p 9 Dec. (\'2 Oovemor General in Council, Drefet M^Jor, 

Edwanl Wynne Griffith . . 2 Fob. 58 p21 SepUOU M^,;»aj ""'J^iafji):- _^.^,k » • 

„ -- ^^ „ nr 4 «rt- r /M n -. M-.. n*> " Sunjcon Majot Jec BCTved m the Persian 

Hon.MontagucH.Mostyu p2o June 01 p o May 03 ^ar in iHsr. mcludinir the night attack and 

Charles Falkiner Morton p 18 Feb. (J2 p21 July (J3 iiattle of Koo^hab. and bombardment of Mo- 

ii !?»<.•« ^n T Aidrli P ift Tiitv n*? P17 \nv JM humrsh iMe<lal and Claspl. Served with Have- 

I Egcrlon I^igh " 1 8 J ii ly 02 ' l / ^OV. t^ j^^^., column in the wveral actiont leading to 

I Allan Maclean p 5 Sept. 02 p 29 Mar. (U , and ending in the relief of the Residency of 

CoRNET<< Luclinow And xubsequcnt defence; with ()utram'« force at 

* "' Alumbagh, including the repulse of the numenms attacks, and 




kiijorire Brown Uuwell .. Pl7i\ov.03 . 10 Qr.Mai?ier Scott termed ili« liistern campaiKu of lM4-fi5. 
r% u * J -.u iiiia !»..« «•! Indudmg the battle of Inkerman and wege of Beba*topol 

(V.rbet Smith p 18 Dec. O-l , ,^^^^^ *^^ ^,,„p^ 3„rt Turkish Medal). ^ 

Kich.M. Synnut Muunsell p 10 May 04! n Riding Mfutcr Cruse serred the Eastern campaign, In. 
Robert Hamilton Stubber p 4 Nov. 04 cludinK the butties of Balaklava and Inlccrman. and siege of 

£k}ba»topol (Medal and Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 
! PflywMM^er.— Henry Dixon,' 29 Oct. 52; Ens. pO Feb. 47; Lt. p29 Dec. 48; IIon.Mty. 
I AcUtttant.—Lieiit. John Lee/ 24 April 55. [29 Oct. 62. 

■ Instructor tif Musketry. — 
I Riding Master.— George Cruse," 10 March 55. 
' Quarter Affl^^^rr.— William Scott,»" 20 Oct. 49. 

. Swrflreon.— >'C Josiph Jee.^CB., A.S.\b Apr. 42; Surg. 23 Jun«« 54 ; SurgMnj. 15 Apr. 62. 
I Asstst.Surgeon. — Jolin Joseph Mulock, 5 May 54. 
. Veterinary Surgeon. — ^Thomas Janicj Richardson, 5 May 03. 

arlct — Facings Blue. — Agents, Messrs. Cox ic Co. [^Returned Jrom the Crimea, 27 May 1866.] 

IT Arthur Clifton's services '.—Campaigns of ISOO, 10, 11, IS, 13, 14, and 15. Commanded a squadron in covering and 
}rtin$ four Spanish guns at the battle ofTalurera, and cniplnyed in UitTurent siibkeqiieni operations; battle ofBusacn, 
lit of Massena from Santarem, taking frum him prisoners and bajigaget battle uf Fuentes d'Onor, actions at NavA 
er. El Bodon, Fuentos Guinaldo, and AMoa dv Ponto; several affairs during the rotreut of the army from Salamanca 
ndad Rodrigo; charged with a s:)aadron a body of French Iiifaniry under General Clausicl. near Salamanca, killing or 
tff nrmrly a hundred rf the enemy ; battle ol Vittoria. blockade uf Pampeluna, several affairs in the ^renees, battle 
onloufe, tkinnishing with the enemy and covering the reinat on the 17th of June, and battle of Waterloo. Sir 
ur ha* received ihe Gold Medal and one Clasp forPuentesd'Onor and Vitioria; and the Silver War Medal with ihri'e 
psfor Tatavera, KuMtco. and TuuIoufc; is a Knight 'Jnd Class St. Anne of Kiissisi, and 4lh Clans Wilhelm of Holland, 
i^lonel Wardlaw served the Eastern campaign of Id.'i4-A5, including the buttlfS of Ualaklava, Inkerman, and Teher> 
(eomraanded the Hegt.), and siege of tiebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Knight of the Legion ol Honor, Ath Class of the 
|ldi*,and Turkish Medal). 

Major Ainalle served the Eastern campaign of l^.'iS, including the battle of Tchernaya and siege of Sebastopol (Medal 
:ia*p, and Turkish Medal). 

Capteln Coney and Lieut. Lee served the Eastern campaign of 1854-A5. including lhi> battles of Balaklava, Inkerroau, 
Tehernaya. and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and (lUsps, and TurkiHh Medal). 

Captain Robertson served the Eastern campaign of I854-.'ifi, Including the battlvs of Baluklava (horse shot under hin), 
irman, and Tchomaya, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clais^is. and Turkish Medal). 

Uajur Dixon served the Eastern campaign of Ii:io4-5.'^ with the 7th FusiUors, including t!-n bnltlc> of Alma and 
Tman, anil *ii'ee oi Sebaittoiiol (MvJmI and CJlavps, and Turkish Medal). 

[Continuation of \otes to 1th Dragoon Guardtt.'] 

Captain Bell-Mnrtin served with the Uth Lancers throughout the suppression of the Indian Mutiny in l8.V>ri9, In- 
ling the battle ol Butilrkeserai, sicKC assault and capture or Delhi, nctlons of HoluuiUhiihur and Ailyfthur, battle of 
s, affair at Kanouge, relief of Lucknou* by Lord Clyde, bnttle of C'awnporc on *\\\\ Pec, actions at ^'cralghat and 
idagnnge, capture ot Mee:ii>gu(igp <;officiated as Hrii'mlv Mnjnr of Cavalry';, biege and capture of Luckiioiv, the summer 
paign In Oude anJ llohilcund and actions at Khodamotv ami Allyi;hiir, capture <:f Dnrtrilly, action at Shuhjehnnpore awd 
luU to Mahomdre :(our times roeulioncd in dvspatchet. Me<l«l and Claapt). 

Quartt-rmastcr Gili9ui scircd «iih tbu 7ih Dragoon Guards at the Cape of Good Hope, and was with the azpadition 
nil Uw iusuigent fioeri lieyond tlie Omn^ Biwr in 1645 ; and he strtMl throaghout the Kafllr war of 1M0.7 (Medal). 
' Ueirt. CroCtOB scfvtd with the Mb Laaetrs te luppreitloa of the Indian Mutiny la ItM-W.asd was ptcieatat Um aSita ^ ^'«iAk:4.- 


2nd {Bi^al Nifrth British) Regimeni of Dragooai. 


jCWamI— John BU>amfl«ldGoii8b/CB.,.au.34Feb.!!0; Ll.HOa.35; Capt. H Ami'ti 
l.i( , S6 : Bt.Mojw, 26 May 41 ; Bt. U.Col. 33 Dec. ii ; Ci>l. 3 Adb. AO ; JVAf.dflt. M Jm. 
•1' :A; £f.O«H.gFro?.e2; CoI. and Dn. SUau. (M. i' 

— ;ii«ii*.C<rfo»ri.— Henry D«rby Griffith,* CB. fnj. l'85 Noi. 38; ZM" 95 Nor. 91 j ChA< < 
A !■! Aug. 34; Jfiy. 'O Nor. ^B; I,(.Co(. P 37; tV. 28 Nov. M. 
IV-uor.— Geo. CelrmtClMke,' Bn#. •■ 30 Msyai; it.!- 7 Oct. 30; Canl. paOScpt. JOi 
«.Af.U0'-.'"'or.61; J*(.£/.C(.M8Dcc..'.4i ^ajor, 80 Feb. 6B j Col. 83 Ajw. ♦». 


' Andrew Nugent' !Pl7 1>ee.43, 34 Nor. 54 V apeb.'ia ' 

II I«nox Prenderjut* ...-!pllHDr. 53 8 Dec. 64 rlSJnnefiai 
A. 8. UoDtigQE Brovne' IS Nor. 63 i> 16 Mar. M 
CharlMHIUUnlaeke* .. P9TJaa. 54, 93 Oct. 55 ' p ij Peb. 51) 
IJL Charlea J. U'atMD Allen ' 14 JoimMI.p SJuneoS p 97 Mar 50 
U Townle; P. II. H. Fi^c 37 Mar. 58 P IS JuDtBO i'33Junce3' 

' George Clegborn p 4 Ma; 55 17 Bcpt,57 >14Jiine64' 

Hugh Edmood BrowDiD;^ 36 Feb. 5C 87 Nor. 57 ; r 10 JdIj- 04 ' 


Jamea BnuideT Duabai 

I Francb Lamb Plitip . . . 


D VC John Grieve, ^f(f. . 

Percy Cliarlo DuCane . 

Qoo. Edw.G. Foiter PigotI 

(I Thomii. Hunt 

II John Wallacs Holler . 

II William Caiinel Black . 

II Thomni Jsusop 

13 Jan. 56 p 35 May 56 I * c. 
' 17 July 67 !■ 34 Dec. 58 : f* [" 

4 Apr. 00 P 14 Feb. 60 t«m. 
4 Dec 67: 30 Jan. 03|p°i <■• 
SJnIy 68 p 30 Jan. 03 , jj;!^^; 

14 July 58 P23J.I,. 03 , ^ 
30 Oct. 58 p3B Apr. fa ' 

17 Dec. 58 « 17N0V. 03 ' 

18 Mar.SIl P 14 JuDe04| 
16 Oct. 00 P I!) July 64 '"i ciiopiiiD. inciiuiti 

uoRNET*. 1 ,^„ ._ _„._. «:v"'i':'_.^^.-"-..*' I 

iWri. Rob.WilllSaDdfonl'p 8 July 69 ;|^Vf 
I Henry Caratair* Pelly ..l" 9riept.G9 7 c.r 
HoraceStaffOTdO'Brlen.. P30J«n. 63 "-"■" 
Fra.JameaAgnewWallacGPSHApr. 03 

O Putrick Sanclemon j^ll Nov.03. 

FrRncltGlcnnieFarqnbar P 14 JuDe04 

U SBia.Frpd.BlciTArtClrlaiul|pll)Julye4 

n '. PnynofCer,— John Henry KlnK," 10 Apr. 65 ) Ctr. »33 Jan, 40; LL p31 Dec. 47; Hat, 

Aidulant — VC Limt. John Grlaro, 18 Feb. 60. {Ctiat. 10 Apr. CO. 

41 Inttnietor nf MutMry—Litul. P. I.. Philp, 93 Julr (13. 

' Hiding Matter. ~iiic\\o\tt Hilli, 1 1 Sept. 07. 

Qunrter Jlfaifn-.— John FergiiiMn, 13 April 04. 

" Suryaon.— Aug. Par«roy Lockvood," A. S. 17 Sept. 41 ; Surg. 91 Si^pt. 03; Surptt 

^ AuiMtaHt Surf ton. — Thomai Rndd,MD.,l Aug. 67. 
D Vetirinary SurgeOK.— Auinii Qalbrailh Ron, 16 Muy 
Scarlet— /''□cinoi Blue.— ^^iit(, Meun. Coi b Co, Stfrnrd frem tht Cri 

' ~' " "-- -».nopulrQii*il«r Hulfi 

■Facingt 1 


ILI.QMHi^OiKigh Mirrd during llH sv In Clilnmr IBin-lf u Depulf QiuiMr lUtlfrOcMnl and bead «! tit^^rftt^^ 
lapUtar wlft 1>» Conmiihinihlp el tl»B»ili IMwliI). SHmflnihcGwalliirwiitiaifB sf iMJ-H *■ HUllur 8«nun ta 
lkaGoi^uB4n'laClili(lBlB4lKudiTupraMil«th«bUltgDf Unhu^inn [Usdtli. Annlnttda BrludlerlB ika.^H 
«Itta*nl41l44-4<i<>«BBUHlcd tha IsdBripda of Canlrr » Ibe Mtlui st Umllm and PrmaathiTaDd aflkMrf ■ 
•^"•w Haitn OtMiM ut K. H'l. tncu in ludia at the liatlle ol Subnen, vberc he waa trttntr vonndad ' w-J-i -J-' 
I. Inrvad Ua PanJaabcaaiDaliD of WU-ta, h Qatntt HMMr OhmhI of H.H1 Pom) la India, luid waaprMluZ'' 
lor CfclUiumlUi *»d Ooojatat iHaU udCliqiO, ■ppolnltd Aid* d* Camp ta Un QuMn iritta bttrM nnk of Ci^f ' 
■■■ri OiMW Hmd lb* luun umt»lrt tt lUt^t, ■■ nmud or tk> luu brrrh iMladlM •>•' 'Silr M M-SimdnTH 
•TBalaUa-t Iramttt ta iW hmd », a rUHkUDl, liktmu. uid Tebtmiia. ii'ii ud l^n uF Mfcustd lUittl^Si' 


Ajirll lUMnrtndlm lb( 

Ibe npiorr of Ttftan^ ■ 
ililliwn In ladli, mJm' 

d *u pmtal at tlw pamtt tl 

. Includlntlht ■fhlnrrBilpa* 
m iln* or SibMiapel ; nt pwMlvM 
I ol iht LfrlDB orllonn, iU TalU* 
"-' ' ClBp). 

[Continuation of .Vein oftH IhagMn GnKnlf.] 
tl Dador Pnnbl^n tirrrd ll«t Kobni riiiii|i*iiD nr IfU-M: ■■* at IlahVlira itti'pdlui im III* wmmdnl durltitW 
nralR arilaii ihrrr; miil nai |,i»iijl iiieliarwoi iiw Bma.anwgnaiiol Piln- Uir balllr oT Inkmua i and wrrtd villi IW 
THk b(l. bffoR Scbniiopol (Hnlnl anit<-|B>|i<. Nil ClaHiif llir UrdJIdkiaailTurlibdi Unial;. 

It Awt-Rnr^xtn Itnholbtn UTTtd iiiib Ihr hiil Itr. fliln. in llip Imlijii ruipalan nf IRIt^, ineliijine ibc ittiea if 

WMaliialii 1 1 . •■•'i:' ■"'I rutuir iif lActiwiw «lmnirnt opii«i<m, artlon nf lliRrr. Ibr Oadr cannaitn. artiaa M tim^ 

' Hinnh.l'nim.tlupaalMMallianiniHiiaH'nliinirdinilnpiiMiH, Mnl^andinaui)- 

,...,.-. . _.... ... .„.. . ■''ff''- AWluuiWan Nnd-r !«,! K««. 

t UnhanUpun', «I>Ui Un. IM» (Vadtli. 
if IMS-4g, tBcliulina iba paiuiror ib> 
. ., 'W- J*"^ l" '••* " «" Hw Mi 
Id lalif ■ ol Ltckaa* tad Cawnpaie. 


3rd ( Tke King^s Own) Regiment of Hussars. 


TiM Whlt« Hone, vltfain th« Garter oo tb* Snd and 8rd Standards, with tht Motto, "Neeaspira t^rtnt,*' 

h^ -.C92aitW.— 9 Oa Peter Aug. Lautour,* CB. KII. Cor. 81 Mar. 04 ; Zt, 4 July 05; Capi. 6 

fUl-Haif May 06; Afnj\ 20 May 13; Lt.CoL 18 Jane 16; Col, 10 Jan. 37; Af^. G^n. Nov. 46; 

ll%.ifty. • Zt,Oen. 30 June 54 ; Gen. 9 Mar. 61; Co7. 3rd IIuiMars, 26 May 55. 

■ 16 . £^C(i/<wiei.— Edward Howard Vywj, Cor. p 21 Aug. 40 ; if. p 3 Feb. 54 ; CVjp/. p 17 Feb. 67 ; 

i I ( Miyor, P 10 June GH ; Lt.Col. p 18 Oct. 64. 

: 11 '^Vo/or.— William Morrifion Bell, Cor, p 1 Sept. 54; Lt. P 3 Mar. 57; Capt. p 24 Aug. 58; 


-Vflyor, P18 Oct. 64. 







Captains. I cornkt. 

Arthur Edmund 3Ian8cl p 15 Oct. 50 
Charles Talbot QoK .... I p 1 8 May 55 

Richard Blundell i P 7 Mar. 56 

Henry Ilonzcll Unett. ... - 9 Jan. 58 



P 1) Mar. 65 P 19 Feb. 58| 

9 Oct. 57 P 15 Oct. 58 

P 19 Feb. 58 P 4 Mar. 59 

P 24 Aug. 58' P 17 May 61 

Reginald Piflfard IP 2 Feb. 58 p 24 Sept. 581 P 10 June 62 

Fred. G. Forsyth Grant. . > 5 Mar. 58 p 4 Mar. 59! p23 Jan. 63 
Edward Arthur Gore. . . . ' p25 Aug. 58 p 12 June 60 ^ 19 Apr. 64 

Joseph P. North' i 31 Dec. 52 ' p 2 Feb. 55 p 18 Oct. 64! 

Lieutenants. ! 








P 20 Mar. 57 



> 1 









tliroughout the 
P 1 A Hfnv fifi' PiinJ<u>l> campaign of 1848-49, and iraa pre- 
_ *,'i „ ^ rV lent at the actloni of Rainnuggur and Sadool- 
i" 17 May r>l apore, and with the Grey 8quadron In the 
P 2 Sept. 62 charge at ChilUanwaUah (Bfedal and Chup). 
I' 23 Jan. 63' * Veterinary Surgeon Fleming served In 
!• ij A ... PQ '^* Milltory Train with the ezpedlUon In 
I 14 Apr. M North China In 18flO, and was present at 
P 26 Feb. 64 Sinho, Tanglcu, captura of the Taku Fbrti. 
P 19 Apr. 64 Actions near Tangchow, and lorrender of 
p 19 Apr. 64 '***^'" i^^»i with two Claspi). 
1' 18 Oct. 64' 

4 Comet Nettles ien*ed 
Samuel Barrett, ^<(;. . 
Daniel Henry Doherty .,'■ 26 Oct. 

Tliomas Donaldson ; i'22 July 

WilliamPerceval Maxwell P 21 Feb. 
1 Henry Francis Dent ..... p 29 Oct. 
Charles Stephen Walker i p 10 May 61 
> Walter Henry Starkey . . , p 18 Mar. 62 
Henry Richard Pirn .... p22 Apr. 62 
: Henry Gordon Lerett . . p 24 June 62 

1 CoKVSTB. 1 

Charles E. Nettlea^ j 30 Mar. 58 

John Maude 1 p 23 Sept. 62 

Louia Rudd Stevenson . . ; p 6 Mar. 63 

Albert Praed Hallifax . . ' p 30 June 63 

William Wood Clarke ..' p 8 3Inr. (J4 

GcorgeWm.EccloslIunter p 19 Apr. 64 

EfanBaillio jPll Nov. 64 

Marley Geo. Hutchinson 1 p 12 Nov. (U 

Paymoiter, — Robert Savery Rouse, 16 April 58 ; Honorary Captain, 16 Apr. 63. 
j A({jutani,— Lieut. S. Barrett, 18 Oct. 64. 
j iMtructor of Musketry,— Comet Nettles/ 14 April 62. 
Riding Master. — James Alexander Dixon ^^ 21 Sept. 55. 

Quarter Master. — Henry Woods,* 23 Aur. 61. 

Surgeon. — Wm. Ord Mackenzie, MD., AssUt.Surg. 4 Jan. 39 ; Surg. 8 Jan. 47 ; Surg. 

Assist.SKrg, — James Parr, 28 May 57. [Miy. 4 Jan. 50. 

Veterinary Surgeon. — George Fleming," 28 Dec. !jo. 

Blue — Facings Scarlet. — Agent, Edward S. Codd, Esq. 
Returned from the East Indies, 12 May 1853. 

I antral Lauloar serred In the Fenlntala with the llth Dragoons In 1811 and 19; he attavkad with a squadioo 
Oai BefL, OD the 80th Sept. 1811, near £1 Bodon, a French Catalry Regt., which had captured the baggaga of tha 
(ht Dirision, Uking teTeral priionert, and covered the retreat of the 74tb Begt., and Ave companies of the eoih RIflas 
m, Clodad Bodrigo. PrcMnt at the tiege of Badnjoz, battle of Salamanca, affkir of Caralry near the Tonnes on the 
ovJbc day, when thrse French BatUlioni wore taken, alAilrt of Callada. Camin«, and Fenu da Poso. On 7th Sepl. 
fif vkUst la command of a squadron of the llth Dragoons, he atucked and took prisoners a company of Frsneh 
nXtsy near Talladolid, supporting the enemy's caTalry, during the time the British Army was crossing the Douro; 
■bo repalsed, on Snd Oct. 1819, at Monasters In front of Burgos, sn ntUek of the enemy's pickets and advaaesd 
kid. jnaktaig one olBcer and many men prisoners. He was continually on ontpott duty, and almost dailj angagsd 
h ua tnemy's skirmlshars, and was slightly wounded in the retreat from Burgos by the bursting of a shell. Sarvsd 
: caapaif n of 1815 with the 23rd Light Dragoon*, and was present in the actions of the 10th and 17th June, and at tba 
tie ofWaterloo, where he succeeded to the command of the Regiment and of the Brigade; was present also at the 
4nre of Paris. He has received the War Medal with one Clasp for .«>alamanca. 

; Csfitaia North served with tlie 6th Dragoons at^ie battle of the Tchrraays, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Mp, and Turkish Mfcdal). 

I Quartermaater Woods served the campaign of 1»42 In AfTuhanistan f Medal), including the forcing of the Khybtr 
IS. Served the Sotlej campaign of I84>40. Inciudinf; the battles of Moodkce, F«>r07eshah, and sk>braon (Medal and two 
isps). Also the Pnijaub campaign of 1848-49, including the afntir at Kamnogi;ur, passage of the Chenab, action of 
looUpore, and battles ui* Chillianwallali and Goojrrat (Medal with two Clasps). 

' aiSInf Mitter Dixon servrd the eampaifn in Affirhaniiiun in IS4S (Mtd»l), inelndinr tli€ ferclnir of th« Khyber Paat. Served the 
14 Mm|«lfn of I9t&-4G, inciudinf the battles of Moodlcre, Ffroteihah (verercly wounded), and Sobiaon (wounded) (Medaland two ClMpi). 
Tcd alto the Ponjaub eampaifn of 1S4S-4S. ineludliiir the affair ai Raauuigfur, paiiafc of the Cbcnab, action of Sadeolaport (woiiadt4) , 
I tattles of ChilUanwaUah and Go^Jerat ( Medal and two Claipi) . 


141 ith (71u Queen*! Oum) Regiment of Hu$»ars. 




C«fonel.— Sir Jun'cB Hope Qnnt,' OCB. Corntt, pSQ Aug. SO; X(. ' S6 Fab. 9B; < 

PS0HB/3a; Jlfrv'or, aSApriUa; Srre. it.Col. 7 June 40; Lt.Col. 90 April SO; 

S8 Nov. 54; M<f}Or Gen. 31! Feb. Cd ; Lt.Otn. 3 Oct. 64 ; Col. 4(h Hiiwan, 18 Ju. 

iieuf.Codmrf.— Gcoi^e John Brown,' Corntt, HT April 40; Xi'mf. ^ 14 Jalf 43; 

P.IO Jan. 40; Bree.Miijor.M Dec. M; Jl/nfor, 13 May bT; Xt. Co/, r 4 Hay 60. 
J/il/or.—CharloB AugiutuB Giiiiter Browne,' fornK, P13 Doc. 60; Lieut. 20 Qct.hi; 
V2\ Sept. fifi ; Major, "5 May (O. 


17 I 'pred.J.Sandy«Linde*ay' 

15 I AIm. Geo. Monlgo. Moore 

10 ' O Hon. Fred. Gcorg« Ellis 

Q William Chaine 

S ' Warden Scrglion ...... 

8 ' Alexander Fair Jones . . 

B RuiBcII Englaud 

17 1,^ John Wanlen M'Karlan 

' 10 Alar. 4a 
' 13 Dec. 50 
■ 2 Aug. 5o 
' 10 Dee. 50 
' 10 Mar. 67 
■18 Sept. 57 
34 Nov. 67 
8 Jan. 47 

' aOFeb. SO 
\rU Hay 68 
P 7Sept.5H 

f 2 Feb.40;p OJnni- 64 
p 0July59 !• OMay 50 
' 3 Mar. 57 1*10 OcL 57 

30 Jim 

r67 i 

B May 00 

Sept. 67; r 17 July 00 

:i5 Jan. 60' I' 8 Jnn. 04 1 

'IB Feb. 69'plB JiiWrW 

■sa Apr. 48 p 24 June 60 

li April tt 

^.. . _ .. ••loiwl.imdTurliiih Mb) 

94 Mav 5!) * Captain LIihIiut Kntd ■iih lb. 

17 July w luiuiior thmmu on iii« siharpi. 

.r lb* T(t< 

, Henry Jen ntngi," Aif/. 
j Frank Hodgklnwn . 

. John Kennedy 

ThoophllDtOiat . . 

Henry Thntnaa Butler .. j S Mar. 00 n37 W*J Oii- 
John Uarrctt L. Ncrinson 1-34 Jnly 57 ]r 10 Dee. '" 
WUliani amfth Cooke .. -- ■ — 

'RabtTl Sojuncs 

Jolm Lanrcnco 

Henry Hyatt Coiang* .. 
David LongfleM Beatty .. 

O William Blrkptt 

John Laiuhect Svale .... 

O Arthur Brandrctli Cortie 

(I Hugli BvTki:l>;y Gdflltlu r 16 Mar. I! 

II ThoiQiL> Henry Poiker . . i P 19 July (14 

Paymaiter.— John Macartney,' 16 Hay 02. 

O A^iilant.—Lim/. Henry Jonninga,' 93 March 5.'), 

O I'utriictor of Mn*e<ry.~ Lieut. J, B. L. Kevin 

O Biding Master.— ioha Clark, 4 Sept. 67. 

O Quarter J1/os/,r.— Jaraci William Kelly,'«16 Nov. 50; Contrt, 31 Aug. 68. 

O Surgeon.— Ihomoi Llgertwood,' MB. SO Oct, 56; Aultt.Surg. 14 Nov. 61. 

vlM£«(.Snrj.— Edwin Wilaon,'!!) May 66. 

F*((TMrffrySHrjnt».— HerbtrtSewell, 14Nov. 56j 1»( Clow, 4 Dec- 63. 

Blue — Fneingi iJcarlet. — Agenli,MettTt.Coi ItCo. Irirh Agents, ila»n.Cauclc&oat 
[Returned from tht Crimea, S8 May 1860. 

3July00lP ej«n.«*rfjL.,.„™rt«y,l.K 

P25Sepl.6o:P a Feb.64l,;,h'i2.;^"™^^,;5i 

[■10Sei>|l>10 JulyA4 ihe 13th U.Un.HKunKnli 

IsrZanpanieihUct.llfW. Dcncd oltti Ih 

" * «"'■- C- 'lliSS iS.'iFcli'l'p.'^Sd^'rt'l.L 

P 37 May 031' x Snrnon LImrionxl Mmd Ikraiuhinl tki CrioKnii 
P 8Julv fiaipilgiioflXM-l.'KMwIaliiidClupl.ltBliUottheUgl 
r>13Peb. ,13 6o°»"r."iTnrt.l.hIi«Ul). 

I, 10 July 64, 

■aaanli nd capture of CI 
()l(d>1) In IM« I MUl He 

Bripde-Uajsr to L 
I iAdUb. Ha Mrr 

In tbt I^lilJ'"'! 


a Lt.Co1. Bnvn Hrrcd tbi 
■■d TdMmiyi, nd ikf n o< 
KdKM of Ilia Lralon of IIm 

B LInii. Jmninn httmI 
lakermMi »idTclKrn>}a,ui 

' will) the I 

.( Begluiiil diulnc thi r 
a bi.riMu mt JUmnnjcori uid Httlr ~ 

. Commmoded tht UTtlrr Brigida ., ^ -_,,-,,, 

■ hone ibot under fa Im dnilni Um openlloai ol the I9lb June. Wm promotid Is tat n 
d ■ KCB. ■' for bU emlntnl MtrlcHlB connindor theCivdrr UlrUloD II Itia ricfeoT I 
t the nUrf at Lnrknmr under Sir Cvlln CuHpbell. M *lM ta Ihu nbHqiWBi gpenda 
nv nuulned > toul a^..i •• (Utdal md CIu|m). Comramded the Btltleh rorccelkn^ 
■pliire ol PcLlo, lor nhicb b* recelieil the ibinhi of hriln 
fnnner Chlu Uedil, ud :2nd Clan of lh( Uflon of BowrJ 

iMi with th« Llnhi Cawlrf IMflids at Bupaluria (Uodal aad O 
L.IIH Di mo ncd)»li(, and Tutkilh Uodlll}. 

■trni elDiiMlln of IIU(-fUi, tneludJnt; ilio lialilei nf Alioa, Baliklait r«u 
of Sebulopol, alto prpwnl wilb llus Li^bl L'ardty llrlKkdo al Eiijiatarla (Hida 
VIHPtiann inraiin nanaij. 

9 Aaritt.Sorgeon Wiliun nrrml In the i lit H(||lilinden with the Centnl India Field furce under Sir Hugh Boaeta 
and vaa nreHnI at the batik of Koonrb, illtitt duilnR tlic adrance ou Colpee, battle of Gobmke, rapniic ot CI 
action of Morar, rco|>liire of Uwalbir, and Ui lucdtcal cbargc of a lyloi culumu In punult of Burgort Sins (XtM 

I* Quarter Ua>ter Kellr aerred the Ruteru ramjulun of IHM-U, li>clurllii|i the balllei of Alma, Balaklan ;b«H ( 
'-■- .-->-- --■ '"-- -.--- - ■ihtbel.irMCaTalriniiKKl.atliupalDrla.Medal 


5ih (Royal Iruh) Regiment of Lancers. 


111 ' Half 

gu^g^r^'l ' The Harp and Crown. ** Q^^t SeparabUT" 

' Celonel.-^^ m Sir JtmeB Charles Chatterton, BO KCB. KH. Cor, p 23 Nov. 09: Lt. 6 June 

11; Capt. P26 Mar. 18; Mqfory P22 July 24; X^Co/. i'18 Dec. 27; Co?. 23 Nov. 41 • 

Mt^', Oen, 20 June 54 ; Lt.Gen, 13 Dec. 60 ; Col. G Lauccrs, 23 Feb. 58. ' 

Lt.Colonel. — William Hicka Slade,= Cor, 10 Mar. 47 ; Lt, p 23 May 48 ; Capt. p Mar 

65 ; Brev.Mqj, 20 July 68 ; Major, p 12 Mar. 01 ; Lt,Col. P23 Jan. 63. 
Mf{jor8. — William Godfrey Dunham Massy ,3 Ens, 27 Oct. 64; Lt. Fftb. 55; Capt, 20 Feb 

57; Mqior, P23 Jan. G3. 
Francis Richard Charles Grant/ Cor. p 10 Sept. 51 ; Lieut. p23 June 64 ; Capt, 16 Mar. 58 • 

Brev. Maj. 15 Feb. 01 ; Major, v 28 July 03. ^ ' 




Charles Edwyn Wyatt* . . 
Fred. Walter Cardeu.. .. 
William Lloyd Browne . . 
Hyde Serg^n Smith . . 

John Chaffey 

Boyle Vandeleur 

Comw.Henry Chichester^ 

Martin Pierce Blake .... 
James Edwin Gwythcr . . 
Frederick Sedley,* Ac\). . . 
James Geo. Hubert Fox . 
William John fc^t. Aubyn 
Francis Henry Hamilton 
Edward Henry Saunders . 
Charles Edward Harouc 
Lndovick M. Carmicliael 

Groomc Olliver 

James Dennis 

William Ludlow Forster 
Harry Patrick Andrew . . 

Charles Hanbury 

Godfrey Clem. K. Baldwin 
Alfred Bissel Harvey 
CyrU Wm. Bowdler BeU . 


P 18 July 48 1 P 8 Mar. 50 
26 Mar. 58 
1 May 58 
Sept. 56 
P 10 July 00 

? 15 Feb. 50 

p 15 Xov. 55 

P25 Jan. 66 

21 May 58 

10 Sept. 58 

Mar. GO 

*• 18 Feb. 53 

P 23 Mar. 00 
P 25 May 60 

24 Oct. 57 
P 19 Dec. 60 
P 15 Feb. 01 
P 10 3Iny 01 
P 2 July 01 

15 Oct. 01 
P 15 Nov. 61 

2 Feb. 58 
P 18 Doc. 00 
Pll Mar. 62 
P12 Mar. 01 
P 9 Jan. 63 

PIG Nov. 00 P 23 Jan. 03 

P 12 Mar. fJl ] p r> May 03 

llAujf. 54 ' 

P 17 May 61 

P 15 Oct. 
p 3 Oct. 
P OJan. 
P 23 Jan. 
p 14 Apr 

P 4 Mar. 02 

P 6 


p 7 Apr. 63 

P 14 Apr. 03 

P 18 Mar. 62 

7 Apr. 58 

'2 Lt. Colonel Slade terrad in the Crimea 
with the 0th Dragoons from 14 J11I7 1 855. and 
won prowiit Ht the battle of the Tchernaya, 
liepe and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with 
Clu^i), Mid TurkiRh Medal). Served with tb 
7th Huuari in the Indian Mutiny campaign 
in lS.'i7-58, inrluding the ntfair of Meean- 
giinfTc, Kii'pe and capture of Luck now— severely 
wounded (Brevet of M^or. Mednl with Clasp). 
4 Mujor Grant served with the 9th Lancera 
5 May 63 1 '" *'*'•' '"'*'*n Mutiny campaign, including 
II on T..i«. nai*''" ''^"'* "^ Budlukenorai, throughout the 
» -o J uiy U.> 1 8i^p^ and a«sauU of Drlhi (horsev shot on the 
lOth June and 14th Sept. 1857), actions of noiundxhuhur, 
AUyghur, Agra, and Kanoge, capture of Meeanmin^ee, re- 



Mur n ' li<^f of Lucknow by Lord Clyde (Medal with two Clasps). 
XT «Q ■ •^*''"^<"^ throughout the campaign of 1860 in North China. 
Mar. 03 a.^ Aide de Camp to Sir Hopo Grant, including the cap- 
ture of Fckin (Medal with Clasps, and Brevet of Mi^or). 

•; Major Bipp »cr\Tj with the 4tli Dr. Gds. the Eastern 
c:(nij[i:iii;n of Ibo i-5!i, including the hattlos of BalaUnva, Inker- 
man, and the Tehemaya, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and 
P 18 Oct. 64 Cldsps, and Turkish Muflal). and was acting Chief Paym.iater ot 
P 23 Dec. 04 1 ^'>*' Osniuuli Irregular Ca\alr}' in the spring uf lb6G. 

Paynwwfer.— John Biggs,« 16 Sept. 51 ; Ena, p 2 Sept. 45 ; Lt.Xl Oct. 48; Hon. Mt^or, 16 

A 4juiant.^Lieut. F. Sedley, 28 July 63. [Sept. 61 . 

Riding Aftuter.— Wm. Rant,'* 6 Auj?. 58. 

Quarter Master, — 

Surgeon.— HobeTt Fleetwood Amlrows," A,S. 30 Sept. 63 ; Hurg, 3 March 63. 

jisMtant Surgeatu. — John Atkinson, 10 March 58. | Facings ScsLrlet.-- Agent, lienry 

Robert Sutherland, 10 Oct. 57. | Tucker Clack, Egq. 

Veterinary Surgeon. — Edward Stanley, 24 June 62. 

[Embarked for India, July 1863.] 
it James Cliattcrton aerred in the i2th Lifcht Dragoons, now the Hoyal LADCcri, in Fortngal, Spain, Flanders, and 
It, from 1811 to 1818, including the afTairB of Fuente Gnin&Ido and Aldea de Fonte; the sieges of Ciudad Rodrigo and 
jn; freqnentlr employed upon detached poita of obsen'ation and thanked for his exertions ; the actions of Usagre, 
M, Punge or the Tormes, near Salamanca (town), and attack of the enemy's renr-guard. Heights of Son Christoval, 
I, Castrajon. and battle of Salamanca; afikira at Tndcla, Valladolid. Celadadel Caniinho, to the investment and siege of 
M, afCtioBfl at Monaaterio, Bridge of Baniel. Quintana Falla Venta del Fozo, and Cabrzou, actions on the retrertt from Burgos 
aaaaca, thence to the combat and passage of the llnubra, Torreauemadn and outposts to Ciudad Kodrico, upon the 
ee of the army in 1813; the passage of the Ebro and £sla, action at Osma. and battle of Yittoria, actions at Villa Franca, 
I, to the siege and capture of San Sebastian. The actions on crossing the Kidassoa, and carrying the enemy's fortified 
lehmcnts. The battle of the Nirclle, the actions at St. Jean dc Luz, at Anglet, thu Mavor's House, Bidnrt, tlie liatllcs on 
rivcfiom the 9th to the 13th Dec. 1813; the pasniiiic of the Adour, and investment of Ba^ronne; occupation of Hurdoaux, 
of the Onronne, and affiurs at Etaliers or thu jiassagc of thu Dordogne, besides vturious skinuisbcs and niiuor affain. 
" " * ' " ■ lie has received the Cross of Knight 

to attend aud hear 
consideration uf his loug, 
d, and distingaished fervices " 

r^lor Dunham Mawy serv«'d at the latter pari of the siege of Sebastopol, was undrr flm ut the battle of the 
aajra, and commanded the Grenadier* of the 10th Re^t. at iho lu^ault on the Itudan on the Uth Sept., irliore. Kith 
UUnriM, he was dangerously woundfd by a ball which passed tbroush bin left thiKh, shattering the bone. UdnR left 
s groand, he fell into the hands of the cni'mx the onsuing nif^ht, who supposing hiui to be mortally wounded, did 
iBMTa hitn with their prisoners. Was rccomniVndcd in a spi cial desiiatch by thu Commander in Chief In the Crimea 
s gallantry at thu Redan, his fortitude, and the patient endurance with which he bore his moKt severe suffering 
r a cooflneraent to his bed of nearly six montJis. (Mudal und Clasp, Knight of the U-gion of Honor, and Turkish 

iptain Wyatt icrred with the Uth Lt. Drs. in the Pcr^au cxpeUitiuu of 18^7 (Medal). Also iu the Central India field 

oader Sir Hugh Rose iu IS&S and was present at the aiegu and capture of Hthut^hur, action of Barodia, relief of 

r, eaptare of Gorrakota, forcing the Muddunporc pass, siege and capture of Jhanai (Medal and Clasp). 

Bpcain Chichester served with the 18th Light Infantry in the Crimea from SOth June IbiU, including tlie battle of 

ebmiaya, s>«ge and fall of Seboatopol (Me&l with Clasp, and Turkish Medal)* 

icitC. Scdler aerred with^e 1st Dr. Gds. In the campaign of 1)<60 in China, nnd waa engaged at Slnho, preaent at 

U of th« Taka Fbrta, and engaged in the actions of the 18th and 2Ut Scpiemlier, alao in the advance on Pekin 

kt and CtafpO* 

arscon Andrawt aerred with the 1st Dr. Gda. in the Crimea from Aug. lt»^, locluding the battle o€ lb« Tc^^asir^v^ 
•f* of Scbulopol (Medal and Claap, and TurkUh MedaJ). Served with the 2im1 Dr. Guaida \a 1^ InAiuui caaavia^ 
id^ loclndlnc the siege and captiuv of Luckaow, and actiODi of Xoorace and l(awibsttn8^,tt«xA-Qov«.«SAc%«x 
Ml (Kodia aaa Claqp;. ^ ^^ 

maimfMaaUrMtaat atmd with the Scots OrejB during the Eaetem campalanof \B&4-i&,a3DA<waa^xeMn^.«X^ 
<J ' ^ ':!^ ^ *yj^ji^^.'^.^''»!^V^ ialreniian andTcheraaya. Blege uid fkU ot Sa'bartopoX (H^^ ^'*«** 

MedsUemdXalgit^f the Ugton Of Honor), 

Mt (InxukOling) RegimtHt of Zhagomu. [o.tMt.'vri 

TI..CuttaBlI«itakmiM^"WlTBRW»" ■• BlLlKLiVi." -BHtAflTOML." 

"iMiy ^iM^ar, p 13 Dee. « ; L*. Cel. S9 May 36 ; Cri. 9 Nor. 46 ; Jf^w 0«i. » 
i4- i.*.ff«i. ICFeb. 62; Coi.6Dr.. laHoT.eO. ■ 
Z,(&JoMi*.— 'nK>ioMll.Crawlej,'JS:MV»,19Def:.34! iwitt. Mir. 48 ; Cap*. ' 1 
' S4 Jtfn;. 86 Feb. 68: if.CuJ. p23 Sept. 60 ; Col. 23 Sept. 04. 
! Jolin Dc Montmorency Murray Prior,' Ent. 31 Dec. 41 1 it. 30 Apr. 48-, Capt- 8 Jo 
I BtMoi.mjiiU&S; 5t.i(.CoI. ae Apr. 60; Jl/iy. P5 M«r. CI ; ii.Cof.'Sl Dec 
j/^or*.— Hon. Cli«rlBB Wenij-u Tlieriger,* Oornrt, i" 5 Aug. 63; Lt. P30 Dec. 53; 

v2Julj6B; Jlfniar,WDcc.6l. „ . 

ThfociOTe WirgmMi,' Cor, i-ao Wov. 4 4;£i. 3 Apr. 46 ; Capl. B OetJ T ; Jtfq/or 

■ ' DRBV.MAI. 


Ricliird \Vm. Reoahaw-. 
//on.Edw. RodonBourkG' 
0«ir(c M. BilliDgton* .. 

Itobvrt John Gimctt 

Fra. liGo. Savage Cnrtla* 
Fred Al^.Weathcriey'.. 


Aleiuidcr Fred. Stewart 
Henry Alb. RMdeHevell" 

Burton Jofaa DaTeney ■ 

Robirl Davles'' 

Gcoige Lack., Adj...,: , 
William Valentlns King 

lUton John Wallace 
Vl'illlim Wud Bennilt . 

I Slevenioo 

Slocker Grant Smith 
Johi Loftui Bland 
81. lubyn Henry Tlayer 
" iBTickWtao ... 


Wiliam Josepb Power 
Mb it). Rouiter Coleman .. 
Cbai. Douglii B. Creagh 
Jamea John H. Cottle 

Albert Froom 

Frtl. Wm. Bloomflelii . . 
Tlitmiu Jolin Tfewnlinm 
Sydney CbarleaDuVernet 

18 Aug.67 PlOSept-SB PSOMnr.OO 

IBSOT.67 P25 JuneM.PSONoT.eO 

30 Apr.M'^aODec. 66 r-lO Mar. fll 

15 Jan. 58 l' 84 Aug.SS p 17 9cpL 61 
' 15 Dec. 54 1 24 Sept. 65 5 Mar. 68 

30Mar. 56 pas JnneSS 1-28 Jan. 63 
■23 July 66 SOJuneST'P 5 Feb. 61 

24 July d8 NaS D™. 00 P 14 Jane 84 
13 Aug. 68 ! " 19 Mar. 01 |P 20 Sept. 04 , 

30Mar.65 37 July 5S' 
20 July 56' SO Mar. 68 1 

23 Apr. 58 P 1 June 60 

PlOApr. 68l"'20Dec. 5Ui , „^o,the Hon. C. W.Tl...l(rr 
14Aug.68 P30Apr.61 Orderlj OlB«rloBri««1i«r PjHIUp 
P 13 Dec. 60 »30 4lir. 01 Ing ih. Ci«li*Brl«ide durtor ita. 
P 6Aug.69 M7*p..Bl;;M..« 1.. ™»J.^.5-™ .|^. 
P 10 Apr. 60 P 13 Dec. (11 , . , , ,;., , .nd cpture of Pekla H 
f 4Jan. 61 P31 Uec.01 ■." ■ ■ ■!■ ., , 

24 Juno 60 |P 21 Hot. OS , ^'1."^ d^^uion" 
P 1 Jan. OOlf 14JanB04 ., '«n], .oudeil *t ilii wi 


1 Jni 

'14 Jan 


'-23 Jan. 02 
' 33 Aug. 03 
' 22 Mar. 04 
' 6 Apr. 04 

20 3ept. 04 

SlioVFn; ilu Uu affUr oP UTapwit u 

tun of BareUlT, nttit «f BhiMebnpon aod 
ttrilnatMiliunil((>DdShahatad[IKdal*B4a . 
U Uilor Cfaunl»nicniO«ilhUie71lbIUft.l9l 
Mutiny CioiiwlgnoE 1N7 fnm tbtanlbnaksath*' 
includiax the butle at BwllrckaaenU, ateie [mndi 
Jnatl, ilonnaiHl nptun of Delhi lUido ud Claq 
Pa</mattrr.—Da\ii Francis Cbambera,' SO Jan. 40 ; Ent. " 31 Jan. 40 ; Z/. May 4 
Aifjutanl.— Lieut. Gi-orgc Luck, lit Apr. 04. [3f<v«-, 1 

InitrueloT of Musketry.— Limt. W. W. Bennitt, 27 Dec 00. 
Rtimg 3foKer.— VC Joteph Ma]one,"7 3ept. 58. 
iiMnrter Miattr.—VtL Cbarlei AVooden," S6 Oct. 00. 

Su:ff«oit.— John ahelion Furlong,'* MD. 8 Feb. 66; AuUt-Sttrg.l^ Not. 47. 
1 .4 ijui.SkTffome.— William Henry Corbett," MD. 15 Dec. 54. 
I Charles Moore Jenop,*" 17 Apr. 55. 

Wtrlnarii Sur^wn.— James Colllni," 23 June 64 ; lit Clau, 30 July 62. 
j Scarlet — i'aetnjft Velio w. — A^iti.Moin.Cox it. Co. 

iRtlumed froM llu Crimea, 7 Jnly 186(1. Embarted for Ind>a,6 AMg. lit 
■rten jotnefflhe Army In Ibe Nonti of Spiiii In January 1814, and Hrnd tba laat Ca 

17th Jam, and at Wattrloo (taoiae wounded), •«! marehtd vl ~ 

a CalaailOrawler «*« prcHBi ai the elulnf spfTaltoni 
Jan. 1B4B. Ha lenad ai eilia Alde-drbCamp lo air Iltar; 

tlon Uoolun I 

Usolfntaail In Ibepannltsf the SIkhar 
S LLCidoael Piiof lerred with the l«h la 
" aiatn«tU«KeL TheEailmr 

itipatrht*, Hedal wllh two C 

» throqihoul llie KaBli ' , ...,._. 

.., , .„n(rimi1!lhMajHl6i,ini-lBiiingtli«liallltutTelifrMyiLii.-«a»i 

hBtowd, and opniuioai near Eapatoiia nsder Oeuaw} U'AlknnUlc (Hnlal awl Clup, and Tuiklib Medal). 1 
ciaipain of IHM-M with tbe Saorirand NoibiaUa ficU fane, inclodiag tbo ariinn uf Uanda when hr eomnaad 
■iaidth* llth Lancer*, action ut Itfmt and Kohnl. Rbctuf Kintt, and uHion at thu aliiiaunf of tkehai|^ 
TUrk (Bcnlionrd in dei|iatcbea. Hmela of Uajorand Lt-Cnlonci. Urdnl and Cluipl. 

t Cut^ Weaihtricy iRnd with the <tli l.lfbl Uianon* in the Criaian cunpaiitB fnu the utb Aa|t. Itl 
pKMStatlbclMtlhsttheTdienafa, iieieand Ul of BcbaitopoL He aflerwaidi acconipanied the LlKhcUaial 
to Eupataila. and waa pnacnt duniiir the whole of the opmtiona Hietv under aepml d'AllooTille (Hedal and • 
Tutfctih Hedal). Secred with tlie tih Druoon Ouanli In Ihe Indian campu|m Icooi li)7 u ISH, iDdudtnir H 
the opaathraa in Hohlleuad, wllh anlnneadr of KnhmwUe anil tatiinir oC Btrcill;- Waa AiUntani V ■ Wina a 
Mu« at the attack and banbaidminl of SWijehinport, defeat o( the nbelt and relief of the Garriaon i nth 
qnoil iffiln whtn IbepUcewai Ihrce dilfReot tint* attacked by Ibe Maulile. Alu thecuturc of the (on a< 
puziuit of the BepoyB, dtBtrucllon of the fort of Blohnndee, and the aLlaek and takiag o( oiiahabad. Served a 
of the rtguBtDt diuidg operation* la Oude. Induing Ihc actiona of Buxarghat, Doandichexa, and puroalt ti 
chiaf Biwa Hadlw. Bcrred alao dniina the Trana-GonB mnpalfn, Ineluding Ihe iffui near Churdal and (aUna 
a^MmtUbi, 1UU M Aanke* wilt pumil d nbda ta Uv bptee (Uedal). 

,„ .. — "Ta.ii«««t,w«tfc««eq»dp*«efl(»l 







7&(The Queefi^s Own) Regiment of Huaars. 



Arthur Scudamore,=» CB. Cor, P29 May 85; Lt, 18 Feb. 38; Cant 
P 23 Oct. 47; Mq;or, I June 54 ; Bt.Lt.CoL 20 July 58; Lt.Col, P 18 June 61 • cJ 
Nov. 02. * 

HaiTiDgton Astley Trevelyan,' CoTniet, p 17 Oct. 51 ; LU p 15 Feb. 53 : CanU 8 Dee 54 : 
Mt^or, P 8 March 59 ; Lt, CoL p 10 Anr. 04. > ' /' . o i^ec. o* ; 

.V^or*.— Auff. Fred. Steele.* J^ni.P 18 Nov. 41; XM7Mar.43; Cap/, p 24 Mav 50 • Mai 
P 22 June 58 ; Bt.Lt.CoL 20 Apr. 59. ^ ^ ok,, mi{j. 

Thomas Heathcote StUted," Comet, 3 April 40; X^ ' 10 Dec. 
Brev.MaJ, 26 Apr. 59 ; Major, p 22 Nov. 64. 

47 ; Capl. 9 Oct. 57 













Frank Garforth* i p 10 Aug. 50 

!RobertHale 'PUJuue52 

JobnBayley ,'21Sept. 

Edward M. Palliser • . • • ' 

Richard Topham^^ i 27 July 55 


5 Mar. 58 

1 Jan. 59 

28 AprU 57 , 

14 May 58 1 

I Herbert Owen Johnes 
I /f(m.Fra.AIg. J.Chichester 
Hon, Walter Harbord'*. . 

Edward Metcalfe 

William Edward Shaw . . 
Arth. L'£. Hani. Holmes 

Francis Massy Drew 

Jn.Gaspard\V. LeMorchan t 

Alfred Button 

Henry Benjamin Pedder... 

Wm. Langan Forsyth .... 

Francis Arthur Hutchins 

John Lombard Hunt .... 


Robert Masters'^ 

Wm. Steoart Lilllngston. . 

Edward Dean Fisher .... 

GeraldMontgomery Porter 

Hamilton Charles Seville 

John Rob. Burlton Bennett 

William Rosa Wynter .. 

1 William Fred. Bennett . . 

WUliam Bedingfeld 

P 30 Dec. 53 

14 Sept. 55 

^ 20 Aug. 53 

P 20 Fob. 57 

''14 Mar. 56 p 16 Oct". 63 

20 Feb. 56 1 P 15 June 60 p 1 Dec. 63 

20 July 49 1 10 Aug. 50 j 10 Sept. 58 

18 Dec. 57 p 19 Nov.58' p 10 May 04 

P 9 Nov. 58 P 11 Feb. 62 p 22 Nov. 64 

24 Feb. 57 

15 Dec. 57 

9 Nov.58 


P 19 Mar. 01 

P 31 May 59 

29 Mar. 01 

\ Feb. 



Mar. 58 
6 Nov. 60 

9 Captain Garforth lerrcd in the IndiSB 
ctnipaign from Feb. 1858 to March 1869 iSd 
waa present at the affair of MeemnuBe iian 

P30 June 63; Sirse*. action of Nawabgnnge, occupation <5 

P21 July 03 *>"*'*?• ?■"*«« of the Qoomtec atSultani 

P 10 Oct 03 ' ^?^^i throughout the Byiwarra campaign, in^ 

P 14 Jan 02 ^ ""V"^ " V^'^".^^ Kandoo NnddS ^jSl 

I \k \ 2: fi"*JL ?"? Dyderehur, and pursuit of B^ 

P 19 Apr. 64 Madho'i force to the Goorotee; also tke Trans 

P 18 Feb. 62 : p 10 May 04 SP^, campaign, including the tffair near 

P 25 May 00 ! p 31 Mar. 03 1 jS^?d^orBin?^^^^^^^ 

P 10 Aug. 62 , ' 22 Nov. 041 iUptce. advance into Ncpaul wd ik& ^t 

Sitkaghat (Medal and Cksn). *"** ^''^ ai 

31 May 59 ! 
p 30 June 63 
P 21 July 03 
P 17 Sept. 03 
p 1 Dec. 03 
P 24 Nov. (» 
P 2 Feb, 04 
P 10 May 64 
' 6 May 62 


P<iymo#/er.— George Blliott," 18 Sept. 57 ; Q. AT. 1 June 55 ; Hon, Captain, 18 Sept 62 

Ai^jutant.'-Ueut. H. A. Bushman, 9 Oct. 63. 
' Instructor qf Musketry, ^^ Lieut. Edward Metcalfe^ 13 Sept. 59. 
! Riding Ifa^^er.— William Bray,^ 5 Oct 58. 

Quarter Matter, — 

5ttr^c<wi.— Henry Kendall," MD. 6 Oct. 54; Assist.Surg. 10 Dec. 45. 

Assistant Surgeons, ^Thomas Allen ThomhUl,^ MB. 28 May 57. 

Reginald Croft Lever, MD. 1 Oct. 00. 

Veterinary Surgeon.-^ohn Barker,*' 27 July 65 ; 1*/ Class, 29 July 62. 
' Blue.-^Agetits, Messrs. Cox k, Co. 

[Jietumedfrom Canada, WBcc, 1842. Embarked for India, 27 Aug, 1857.] 
r William Tuyll served during part of the campaigns of 170S, 04, and OS in the Netherlands; at the Htlder 
0; aad in Portugal, Spain* and Walcheren in 180S and 0, as Aide-de-Gamp to the Marquis of Angleser. sir 
m km reecWed the War Medal with one Clasp forSaliagun and BeneTcntc. 

ioMl Scadamore serred with the 4th Lt. Drs. throuebont the campaign of 1838-39 in Affgfaanistan, indndinr the 
ni capture of Ghuxnee (Medal). Served with the Uth Lt. Drs. throughout the Punjaub campaign of 1848-49, iaclndinc 
iOBMRamniignr (wounded), passage of the Chenab, battles of ChiiUanwallah and Ooojerat—daiiRcrously woundea 
■■d Clasps). Commanded the Keet. during the campai^ of 1858 in Central India under Sir Hugh Kose and was pre- 
; the siege and capture of Rahutguur, action of Barodm. relief of Saueor, capture of Gurrakota ; commanded the 
id ftvce sent against Maltlione; present at the siege and capture of Jiiansi and commanded the outposts during the 
MBt; present at the battic of Kofmch and all the affairs during the ndvuncc on Odpcc including the action of (}olowlie 
tkc acuon of Momr and recapture of Gwalior; also commanded a flying column for six months in the Gwalior antf 
iiifccietB (three times mentiuned in despatches, Brevet of Lt.Colonel, CB., Medal and Clasp). 

jCokmel Trevelyan served the Kostern campaign of 1851 with the llth Hussars, including the affair of Bulgansk 
of Alma and Balaklava (wounded), and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and three Clasps, 5th Class of the MecQidfe, and 


XSolooel btceic serred in the 98th Foot In the expedition to the North of China In 1842 (Bledal), and was pretest 
Mack aikd capture of Chin Kiang Foo. and at the landing before Nankin. Served with the 9th Lancers at the relief 
nwv by I^ord Cljdo In Nov. 1857, and commanded the Squadron on advanced guard at the talcing of the Secundnu 
iAdBflxif the rauef j also commanded a Squadron at the battle of Cawnpore on 6th Dec. 18S7 and at the action 
Uhait commandad two Squadrons In action at Shumshabad (severely wounded); present during the alege of 
SrftMa Sod to 19th March 1858 and commanded a Squadron in the Trans-Gogra affUr at Kunbdakoti (nentloiitd 
Bffret of LtColonel, Msdal and Clasps). 

145-146 7th {The Queen's Oum) Regiment of Hussars. 

8 Bl^Jor Stlttcd lerved the Punjaiib campalgrn of 1H44-9 witli the 3nl Ught Dngoonn, and wai preient at the affUr of 
Ramnuggur, the passage of the Chenab at Wuzeerabad on the 1st Dec. Id48, with the force under Sir Joseph ThackitdU, 
action of Sadoolapure, battles of CltUllauwallah (wounded, and charger wounded} and Goejerat ^Medai and two Clasps). 
Served with the I'ith Lancers in the Crimea from 9th May 18A5, including- the siese and M\ of Sebastopol (Medal awl 
Cla«p, and Tiirkif^h Mednl. . Served with the 7th Hu-^sArii in tlie Indian campaign from Fel). 1S5S to Alarch 1^9 and wu 
present nt the ntr.iir of MeeiipiiuKi-S sii>!;o an<l cajiturc of LiicliDoiv, alfrdr of Hurn'c. octiun of Nawabgunge, otciipatic n of 
FyxDbad. pu!i9agv of tbi> Uuomlee at ."jultanpore, throughout tbc By»warra campaign Including the affain of Doud- 
pore, Kandno Nuildeo, l*aloo(;hnt, Ilydcn^hur, aiul pu^^luit of Hcnhl Madhn'n force tn tbc Gofucteo : aldo the Tranii- 
Gogra c:unpai:;n, lnrliiding the atfair nvar Churtla. iind piir»uit, taking the fort of Meejeeflla, attack on Bankeo and 

Sursuit to the Kaptee, advance into Nepaul and aifalr at Sitkaghat [twice mentioned in drspatcbcs, Brevet of Mejor, 
ledal aiid Cliisp). 

14 (.'aprnin 'i'upham served in tlie Indian campaign from Feb. l.S5i> to March IS'il) and was present ut the rcpulM of tLe 
enemy's attack on the Alumbagli, sdege and capture of Lucknow, affairs of Barrcu (wounded) and Sirsce, action of Nanab- 
gunge ;coiitu!(vd'. occupation uf Fyzabad, pas8:ige of tlie Goomtee at Sultanpore, throughout the Byswarra campaign. 
Including the affairs of Kanduo Nuddee, Palecghat, and Hyderghur, and pursuit of Benhi Madho's force to the Goomtee; 
also the Trans- Gogra campaign, including the atfair near Churda and pursuit, taking tbc fort of Me^jeedia, attack on Bankes 
with pursuit to the Uaptee, advance into Nopaui and affair at Sitkaghat 'twice mentioned in despatches, Medal and Clasp). 

19 Captain Hon. W. Harbord berved in the Indian campaign from April IK'tH tu March li:<^0 and was present at the affair 
of Sirsee. action of Nawabgunire, occupation of Fytabad, passage of the (joomtee at Sultanpore, throughout the Byswana 
campaign, Including the anairs of Kandoo Nuddee, Palecghat, and Hyderghur, and pursuit of Benhi Bladho*s force to the 
Goomtee ; also the Trons-Gogra c:impaign, including the affair near Churda and pursuit, taking the fort of Aleejeedia, attaik 
on Bankve and pursuit to the Kapteo, advance into Nepaul and affair at Sitkaghat (mentioned in despatches. Medal and Clasp]. 

2'2 Curnet Masters served with the 16th Lancers in the SutlvJ campaign of H4'>-4^!. and was present at the affair of 
Buddiwal, and actions of Aliival and Sobraon (Medal and Clasp;. Served with tbe 7th Hussars in the Indian campaign 
fh)m Feb. 1HC8 to March 1S5D and was present at the repulse oif the enemy's attnck on tbe Alumbsgh, siege and capture of 
Lucknow, affairs of Barree and Sirsee. action of Nawabgunge, occupation of Fyzabaii, passage of the Goomtee at Sultan^ 

Eire, throughout the Byswarra campaign. Including tbe affairs of Kaudoo Nuddee, Paleeghat, and Uvderghur, pursuit of 
enhi Madbo's force to tbc Goomtee; also the Trans-Gogra campaign, including the atfair near Churda ana pursuir, 
taking tbe fort of Mecjecdia, attack on Bankec with pursuit to the Uaptee, advance into Nepaul and affair at Sitkaghat 
(Meflal and Clasp). 

■» 23 Captain Klliott and Veterinary Surgeon Barker senod in the Indian campai^Mi fnim Fob. ld.'>8 to March 18o!< and 
were present at tbe repulse of thf enemy's attack uu tbe Alumbagb, fiicgc and capture of Lucknow, affair of Barree.'and 
action of Nawabgunge, occupation of Fy/abad, passage of tbc Goomtee at Sultanpore, throughout the Byswarra cam- 
paign, including the affairs of Kandoo Nuddee and Hyderghur, also the Trans-ttogra campaign, including the affair near 
Churda and lipursnit. taking the fort of Mtrejci'dia, attack on Bankee and pursuit to the Kaptee, advance into Nepaul and 
affair at Sitka<;hat (Medal and Claspj. Mr. Barker previously served with the lUth Hussars in the Crimea from 1/th Au;. 
185iS, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol (IMedal and Chsp, and Turkish Medal). 

24 Doctor Kendall served with tbe 4th Lt. Dt^i. the Eastern campaign of InVI-SS. including the affairs of Bulganacand 
M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Alma. Balaklava, Inkeniian, and Tchernayn, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and operations 
with the Light Cavalry Brigade at Eupatorla under General IVAllonville (Medal and four Clasps, and Turkifh Medal.'. 
Served with tbe 7th Hussars In the Indian campaign from Feb. lei|'>^( to Man:h 1A5U and was present at the repulse of tbtf 
enemy's attack on the Aiumbagh, siege and capture of Lucknow, affairs of Barreo and SirsHc, action of Nawabgunge, 
occupatlonofF^'/abad, passage of the Goomtee at Sultanpore, throughout the Byswnrra campaign. Including the affsln 
of Daodpore, Kanduo Nuddee, and Hyderghur, pursuit of Benhi Madbo's force to the Goomtee ; also the Trans-Gogra 
campaign, including the atlair near Churda and pursuit, taking the fort of Mecjeedia, attack on Bankee with pursuit to 
the Ruptee, advance into Nepaul ami affair at Sitka'gbat (Medal and Clasp). 

24 Assist.Surtteon TbornbiU i!erved with the 4Jnd Highlanders in tbe Indian campaign of 1837- 6fi, Including the action st 
Kudygimge. siege and fall of Lucknow, and assault of tbe Maiilutcie and Banks* Bungalow, attack on tbe fort of Rooysn, 
action ut AllygUDge, attack and capture of Barvilly — slightly wounded (Medal and Clasp). 

27 Hiding Alaster Bray served in tbe Indian campaign frum March 1n'i8 to March 1S59 and was present at the affair of 
Barree, occupation of Fyzabad, passage of tbe (ioomtee at Sultanpore, throughout the Byswarra campaign, Including thi 
affairs of Kandoo, Nudclee, Paleeghat, and Hyderghur ; also tbe Trans-Gogra campaign, including the affair near Churda 
and pursuit, taking the fort of Mecjeedia, attack on Bonkce with pursuit to the Raptee, advance into Nepaul and affiir 
at Sitkaghat (Medal). 

IContintmtion of Notes to Gtk Dingooiis,'] 

5 Mivjor Wir^ii'.au served in tbe Austrian Cavalry and Staff Corps, and was cxtru Aide>de-C amp tn Field Manhil 
Prince Windisch-gnvlz in Ic«40, -ll.jiud 4'J. Served in the Criinean campaign of IH.Vi with the 10th Hussars, and va 
presi'nt at thi. capture of Tchorgaun, battle of Tcbernaya, siege and fall of Seba;*topol .Medal and Clasp, and Turkish 

10 Captain Evans si-rvcil as a VtiUinteer on the personal stall of Major (ieneral Sir \V. Williams In Asia Blinor during tbe 
campaign of lr<;):».6G /Hirkish MeduK. Served with the iHb Lancers tbrougliout the suppression of the Indian Mutiny is 
Ii<i7-&'J. present at tbe liattle of Budlekeserai. commanded the sipiadron engaged in the action at Huj[jufghur, present 
throughout the operations against Delhi and "-erved as a volunteer with the Artillery in the advanced batteries dtiring tbe 
siege operations a«<suult and capture of Delhi ..meniUmed In despaicbes' ; present with 0th lancers at tbe oi-tions c^ 
Bolundxhiir, All)Kluir, Agra, Kanoge, Futtehpore, Churrassic, and Mariagung, ca])t\ire of tbe Dilkoosha. assault of the 
Secundrabagh .horse killed., rel:ef of Lucknow by Ixird Clyde, battle of Cawnpore on 6th Dec. and action at Seraighat, 
occupation of Futtebghur, passage of tbe Goomtee under Uiitrani, siege and capture of Luckuow, the Summer campaifn 
In Oude and Rohilcund and actions of Hhodamow and Allygunge, capture of Barcilly, action at ShalOehiuipore and pur- 
suit to Mabomdee, and affair at Kumdakoti, und operations in the Teral (Medal and Clasps;. 

11 Lieut. Duvics served the Eahicrn ciunpui'^n of iHrit-OA with the llth Hussars including the affair* of Rulganakaad 
McKcnzie's ratni,baltlt>ofAln)a, Balaklava (wuundt'il and borte shot), and Tcbernaya, siege and full of Sebastopol cUedsl 

nd three Claxpa. aho the Sardinian and Turkish Me«luls). 

Vi Captain Hevell aer>'ed with tbc Ist Dragoon Guards during thir campaign of IHiu In China, including the 
le l:?th August, iStb and '.'1st Sept., and surreii-L:- of Peklii ; Medial with two ('la«ps;. 

14 Veterinary Surgion Collitib served the Eastern campaign of 1804-0.'^, including the battltis of Balaklnva ai 


Captain Hevell ser>'ed with tbc Ist Dragoon Guards during thir campaign of IHiu In China, including the affalnsf 
the l:?th August, iStb and '.'1st Sept., and surreii-L:- of Peklii ; Medial with two Cla«ps;. 

i Veterinary Surgion Collitib served the Eastern campaign of 1804-0.'^, including the battltis of Balaklnva and Inker- 
man, and siege of Sebafctupol (Medal and Cla^p^, and Turkinh Modal). 

15 Doctor Furlong served throughout the Eastern campaign of lt<.')4-5r), including the affair of Bulganak, battles of 
Alma, Buiaklu\a, aiul Inkerman, expedition tu Kertch and Vtnikale. tdege and fullut Selia!«to|Hil (^Medal and Clasps, 6(k 
Class of tbe Medjidle, and Turkish Medal). Served the campaign of 18.'»7-5e( against the Mutineers in India, includhi| 
the actions at Cawupore (Otb Dec. •'vi, Seriaghat, Kudygun^e, and Khumeabad. s<ege and fall of Lucknow, attack ca 
the fort of Rouyah, action at Allygunge, and capture ut Bareiily -.Medal and Clasp.'. 

17 Biding Master Malone served In tbe I3lh Light Draifoons in the Eiuitern Campaign of IS'i4-«>.'), including theaflaiil 
of Bulganac and M'Kenzie's Farm, battles of Alma, Balaklava (horse ^hot;, and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopoli 
and expedition to Eupatorla (Victoria Cross. Medal and four Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 

in QnarterMaster Wooden serve<l throughout the Eastern campaign of lt<04-r»(i. Including the battles of Alnt. 
Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with four Clasps, Victoria Cross, French War Medal, aai 
Turkish Medal;. Served In the Central India field force under General Michel, and was engaged lu acUoa with the 
rebels at Zurapore on 2yth Dec. IdM. 

10 Doctor Corbelt served in the Crimean cumpuiffn of 1804-06, including the stflfe of Sebastopol (Medal and Clan, aad 
Turkish Medal;. Served in India with the 8Ut R«gt. in the Eusoofaie Expedition under Sir B. Cotton in IbM. 

SO Aulst.Surgeon Jessop served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Crimea from June 18M (Medal and Clasp, aai 
Turkish M0iiMl,\ Wm* pruent doing dutj with the Rojai AitUlery at the capture of Canton on 29 Dec. 1M7 (MtSl tfd 

f Tflrt. 

'i fon'SfrT. 


8th (The King"* JR. Irish) Regimeni o/BuMsari. 

amICrevii. **PrUUnmvMuUsm€moru."—**LEBWARREB" "HIND008TAN" "AL1IA»» 












tl : 




8 Dec. r>4 ; Major, p 6 xiu^. oU. 

>'€ Clement Walker II encage,* Cor;le^; LiViif. 3 Sept.54 : CW71/. Pl2May67: 
Brev.Major, 20 July 68 ; Mqjor, p 10 Nov. CO. i j 9 





, Captaiks. cornet. 

John Pnget* '. pLJ !?cpt.'48 j p 14 Oct. 

, Thomas Pcnton* JPlONov. 41;i>26Jau. 44 



jWiUiam Miuaenden' 
Richard William Palliser'^ 
Horace Durrant . . • 
Horace Montagu "• 
Hubert Plunkett Burke 
I Lieutenants. 


Frederick Swindley .... 
Sebastian White Rawlins 
John George Stopford . . 

Thomas Coates » . « 

.Frederick Helyar** .... 
Edmond Hegan Kennard 
Fred. Louis Brandretli .. 
Albert Charles Wood .... 

P 10 June 53 1 19 Jan. 55 
8 Jan. 58,P13 May 50 
20 Jan. 40! 16 April 50 

P 13 Feb. 55 P 11) June 57 
13 Apr. 58! 20 Nov. (K) 
10 July 55! 5 Mar. 68 


3 July 60 


10 Oct. 57. 1' J I Mav CO 

17 Nov. 57 9 3ray 58 

5 Feb. 58 P 10 May (51 

23 Auir. 59 30 July 00 

P 2Mttr. (M)»P24JuncC2 

P H.Tan. 50 p 23 June 03 

P2(; Nov. 58 P24 June 02 

P23Sept. 02 V 1 Mar. 04 

Pll) Mar. 59 p 

P 5 June 57 

20 Feb. 

31 Jan. 58 
P23 June03 

17 July 57 
i' 5 Aug. 59 
P 5 Apr. 04 
P 6 Apr. 04 

4 M^jor Msciiachten lervcd the Eastern 
cam|)uigii of 18.'i4-.U, including the battlei of 
Alma, ]ki]uklu\tt, und Inkermon, aflklre of 
DulKunalc uiid M'Kenzle't Farm, nnd siege of 
Sebastopol (Medul and four Claspa, and Turk- 
i&li Meiiui;. Servud in II^JI>ootaDa and Cen- 
trul ludiu in lHOt<-/jl), and was present at the 
cnpture uf Kottih, rci>ccupation ofChundarce, 
buttlu of Kotah ke Si'raif capture of Ovra' 
liiir, nctlDns of Koondryo (liofM wounded 
uriii Huurduli (MtHJal and ('Iu<p). 


.Richard Chambers p 21 Dec. 00 

.Fred. Henry Maitland ...p 22 Feb. 01 
William Henry Field .... p 17 May (il 
Sam. Henry P. Whittuck p11 June 01 ! 
! John Cooke ! p 22 Oct. 01 

2 July (il '^ Lii'Ut.HelyarHervel with lite 42nd High- 
* * ' landers in the Indian ininpalgn in It^d, In- 
cluding the action of Kaiikur, defence of Jail (wouudcd) 
lU-'.d subsequent operations at Sbahjchunporv (Medal}. 

Daniel Joseph Koane . • . . 
j William .St. Lo Malct . . 
; Frederick Ekins Lindor . . 


p 4 Mar. 02 
P 20 Feb. (J3 
P 28 Oct. 04 
i Payirtflifw-.— Henry Dubcrly,'* 1 2 Nov. 47 ; Ens, p 28 Sept. 39 5 X/. 15 April 42; Hon.Muj. 
Adjutant . — Lieut, [1 Jan. CO. 

Instructor of Munke fry. -^Cornet W. H. Field, 9 Aug. 04. 
\RidiHg Master.— ^iAiii Pickworth/* 31 Aug. 58. 
j Quarter 3/«*f<T.— Michael Carey," 30 Dec. 59. 

\ Surgeon, — Jenkin Homfray Llewelyn,'" 9 Feb. 5.'!*; Assist. Surg, 17 March 48. 
Atsutant Surgeon, — Edmund MeGrath, 1 Aug. 57. 

Veterinary Surgeon, — Edward Simpson Grey,'* 24 April 43 ; \sf Ciusn, 1 July 59. 

Blue. — A gent X, Messrs. Cox ii Co. 
IKetuniedfro/n Bengal, 2 May 18(J4.] 

tjord Lacan fterred the cami>aign of 1828 on (lie Staff nf the Russian Army in Bulgaria (RuMian ^Vnr Medal and Com- 
<^er of St. Anne of Ruuia). Commanded the Cavalry Division IhrouKlioul the Kastern rampulgn of Ii«64. including the 
lbs of Alma, BalBkIaTa( wounded) and Inkcrman. and Bieiro of Seb:istopol (Medul and four CliiKpi, KCB., Commander of . 

LegM of Honor, lit Cla»R of tlie Medjidio, and Tuikith McJal). 

CoioncI de Sails (erred the Eaitrru campaign of ISGl-jii, incliidinj; the battles of Alma, Bolaklava, Inkerman, and 
temiya, affair.^ of Bulganak and M'Kcnxic'M Farm, nnd siege of Sobastopol, und commanrie<i thn Cavalry on the expe- 
Uhi to Kcrtch (Medal and four Clasp*:, Knight of the Leision of Ilonrr, Sardinian and Turkish Medalu, and :»th Class of 
Sfeiyuile). Serred in Ri^pootana and Central India in 1H59-59 ond ifw present at the capture of Kotah, reoccupation 
^adaree, t>attleof Kotah ku Svrai, captures of Uwalmr und Powree, batllo of Bindwaho, actions of Koorwye, Koondrye, 
I Boordah : he eommanded a brigade nt Kotuh, Sindwaho, and Koondrye ; and commanded the troops at Boordah, 

vUcii be received the thanks of the tiovcri^r General of India (Medul and Clasp). 

Xi^or Heneage served the Kastern campaign of l854-.'>5, includin;; the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, siege 
SeboMopol, and expedition to Kcrtch (Medal and four Clasps, and Turkish Medal). Served in Bajpootana and Centnl 
iJaia l£j>8-^ and was present at the capture of Kotuh, rooccuputlnn of Chundaree, battle of Kotali ko Serai, captures 
3«aIlor and Powree, battle of Sindwaho, and actions of Kuorwyc and Nuhai^hur: at Gwalior he commanded a 
idran of the tftli Hussars which made a suddrn and succcs»fui attack upon the enemy's camp in which the Ranee of 
nsae wm killed and several guns captured, for this ho received Iho Victoria Cross (Brevet of M^jor, Mudal and ClaspX 
Ctptaia Puget served on the expedition to Kertch, and at tlic biego of Sebustopol (Medul and Clasp, and Turkish 
U^ Served In Bajpootana in ]8M-59and was present at tiie capture of Kotnb and action of Koorsliana (mentioned 
nnldM«, Medal and Clasp). 

SL^Ior Penton serred with the 3rd Light Dragoons throui;liout the Sutig campaign of liU.VO, and was present at the 
Isiof lloodkee (ebarger killed), Feroieibah (charger killed), and Sobruon (Medal and two Cla«pb). Also throughout the 
jaab eampAign of 1648-40. including the cavalry affair at Ramnuggtir, passage of the Chenab at Wuseerabad on the 
Saeamber 1M8, with the force under Sir Joseph Thackwell, actiou of Sadoolapore, and battles of Chiliiaiiwallah and 
ent (Medal and two Clasps). Served with the 12th Lancers in the Crimea from 9th May 18.V) and was present at the 
e of the Tebemaya, stege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasp, nud Turkish Medal). Served with the 8th Hussars 
le ladlan Campaign in 1868-50 and waa present at the capture of Kotah. reoccupatioa of Chundaree, battle of Kotah 
«il, eaptaf* of Owallor, siege of Powree, action of Beejapore, battle of Sindwaho (horee wounded), actions of Koorwye 
KooBdrre (mentioned in deapatcbee. Medal and Clasp). , ^ 

C^talB Mwanden nrred tbe Earttm campaign of 186i.M, InelaOiac the balttee of Alma, Balaklava (hone ahotl, 
nmn, aatf TUMraaja, tOsStn of Bolianak and M'Kenxie's Farm, and aiefe of Bebaalopol (Medal and four Clas^ 0th 
I of tbe MeiUidie, and TnrUih Medal). Serred la RiOpootana in 1858-A9 and wai pceMUt «i lh« cavl>xx« «t 1a\^ 
katUe of Solaria (Medal and 01aq»). 

148 Sth {The Kin/s A. trith) ReffimetU of HusgO^s. 

10 Ctytaln PfeUlicr ■errcdin Ctatnl Indlm la 1858-69 and wm prcMnt at the actum of Boordah (omtioMd In d< 
Madal and Clasp). 

11 Oiptem Montacn lerred with the 8th Hmnni the campaiof of 18S8-S9 iu B^pootana and Gentnd India tnd v 
at the e^ptore of Kmah, reoccnpation of Chundaree, battle of Kotah ke Serai, captiure uf Gwalior, and actions of K 
Booidah (Uedal and Claip). 

I It Captain Chaplin serred with the 67tb!llegt. In the Chinese campaign of I860, was present In the action at Sin 
of Ton^oOy ana storming of the Takoo fort where he carried the Qneeo's colour after Ens. Fraser was 
crossed the ditch at the head of the Begt., and was sererely wounded In planting the colour on the caralie 
early period and before the fort surrendered ( Medal and Clasps, and Victoria Cross'). 

14 Tieat. Clarke serred the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, Including the battles of Alma, Balaklsra (wounded;, 
and the Tchemays, affairs of Bulganac and M'Kentie's farm. Expedition to Kertch, siege and fall of Sebasto] 
and four Clasps, Medal for distinguished conduct, and Turkish Medal). Served in the Indian Campaigns In 1 
was present at the capture of Kotah and pursuit of the Bebels with Brigadier Honner (Medal and Clasp). 

15 Malor Duberly and VetJSurgeon Grey serred the ^»tem campaign of 1854-05, including the battles of A 
klaTa, Inkerman, and Tchemaya, afikirs of Bulgaoak and M*Kensie's Farm, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and f 
and Turkish Medal). Serred in Bi^pootana and Central India in 1858-50, including the capture of Kotah, i« 
of Chondaree* battia of Kotah ke Serai, capture of Owalior, sctlons of Kooodrye and Boordah (Medal s 
Tet.8urgeon Grey was also present at the siege and capture of Powraot battle of Sindwaho, and action of Koc 

18 Riding Master Pickworth serred the Eastern campidgn of 1854-55, Indudinff the reconnalsssnce to SlUstria 
Alms, BaUklara, Inkermsn, and the Tchemaya, alfursof Bulganak and M*Kensle*8 farm, siege and fall of 
(Medal and four Clasps, French War Medal, and Turkish Medal). Serred in the Indian campidgns of 1868-^ 
present at the capture of Kotah, reoccnpation of Chundaree, battlo of Kotah ke Serai, capture of Gwallor, an 
Boordah (Medal and Clasp). 

17 Qr.Master Carey serred In the Crimea and has the Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, and the Turkish Med 
In the Indian canopaigns in 1858-99 and was present at the cspture of Kotah, talring of Chandaree, battle o! 
Serai, capture of Owalior, siege and capture of Powree, battle of Sindwaho, actions of Koorwye and Naharg) 
and Clasp). 

18 Surgeon IJewelyn serred the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma, Balaklara, and 
siege and fUl of Sebastopol (Medal and four Clasps, and Turkish Bledal). Serred with the 8th Hussars in 
campalfn of 1858-59 and was present at the action of Boordah (Medal). 

ICantimuatUm of Nates to 9ih Laneera,] 

8 Captain Morroah terred In the mppreaslon of the Indian MuUny In 1858-69, including the acUonatShu 
ficga and capture of Lucknow, the summer campaign in Oude and RohUcund and actions at Rhodamow and . 
^Rf^"' ^'^^^' **^^° *^ ShabJehanporeand pursuit to Mahomdee (Medal and Clasp). 

10 (wain Thnrsby serred In the luppreasion of the Indian MuUny in 1857-59, including the action at Shumaha 
tura of Macangnngc, den and capture of Lucknow with action at Moosabagh, the Summer campaign in Oude a 
cnnd and actions at Rhodamow and AUygonge, capture of BareiUy, action at ShahJehanpore and pursuit to M 
and affair at Kumdakotl (Medal and Clasp). — ^ r r •» •■ 

il CH****^'"^*^ •erred in the suppression of the Indian MuUny in 1858-59 Including the affair at Knmdakot 
19 Ueut Thonger serred with the yth Lancers in the SoUeJ campaign of 1845.46 and was present at thi 
Sobmon (Me<U). The funjaub campaign of 1848-49, including the passage of the Chenab, and batUes of Chill 
and Goqjerat (Medal and Clasps). Throughout the suppression of the Indian Mutiny in 1857-59, includlna the 
BttdlckeMral, the siege asmult and capture of Delhi, and commanded a Troop of the 9th Lancers with Greathed 
In the actlona of Bolundahnhur (wounded In personal encounUr), Allyghur, Agra, and Kanoge; present atth 
Lucknow by L«rd Clyde, battle of Cawnpore on Cth Dec., actlona at Seraigbat and KhndargungeT sie*e and c 
Locknow^tba Summer campaign In Oude and BohUcnnd and acUons at Rhodamow and AUygonge, BareUlr. aa 
hanoora, wltli pursuit to Mohumdae, and pasaage of the Qogra at Fysabad, operaUons on the Nepaulese fronUar i 
at Mutehlaafoan and KumdIkol (Medal and three Clasps). i^-«^ ««««»■ 

*w^ S^ U ■^ 2S^!2f~ T^ ^^J^ ***• ^^ <*"rtnf ^^ Eastern campaign of 1864-55, and wm i 

" -T; ■' CHILUAKWALLAH '■ "OOOJERAT " '■DELHI" " LL'CKNOW." '""•'*"^ 

Colona.—l^ H9 Sir Jbidm Wallaca Blelgh,' KCB. Cornel, Feb. 9S ■ ZiMt SB it Drl) 9S ' 
Capt. Si Oct. m ; Mqj.H June 05; Lt. Col. H Dec. 00; Col. i2 Ana. jg- Jfa/ O— ' 
8BJaIy30; X<.G.ii.23 Nov. 41 ; Co.. 2U Juns 51; Cof. Bth Lancers, 21 Aui 39 ' 

JMtBf.Co/ojwf.— WllilaDiDry»(lBlc,»CB. Cor.,P30Upc.M; ZM>31 Aiiff.OS- Cow* vSOOet 
47; Bt.MoJ. 19 Jan.58ijU(y-. 5Mar, 5e;Bt.X/.Cn/.20 Jalv58. ii(.Ci>/. J-atMa^Bl- 
Cbl. 20 Juno 04. ' J I 

jVq/or(.— ChanliD Philip Johnioii,* Corutt, v U Mar. 40; Lt. tU Apr. 46- Cod* 
» 19 Apr. 60 ; BLiitfj. 20 July S8 ; Major, P 34 May 0). r , r 

Hon. I?o de V«el Edward Twiileton Wykelum Flennen,' Corntt, "K No* flO ■ lAtui 
SJunaCa; Capt.r 3 Mar. 67; Brev.Mqj.WialySai Mif/er, r 9 Mar. 00, ' 

1 T-j Pt- 


Anthony Hall oy FawcetL* [> Iti Apr. S3' fJS Jan. _. , ..,.„. „, 
CharlM Darld Rlch^ . . . . >>17 June5l pS3 Dec. 63 'p22 June fit 
AkuoderMonogli' .... iP QJunaSO Apr. C7 p23 Mar GU 

Henry HoiBball I Hay 5Sl 17 S«^t. 57 '>• 1 July 61) 

Pirn Thnnby'* ,p 10 Sept. 50, b Mar. 68 p 24 May 01 

JohnHanl; [i' 26 Feb. 58. p 13 Uay SO p 3 Dec CI 

ThomMStantOD9tar]iey"|PI6 Jan. 68 p 23 July 58 I ' 6 May 63 
Wm.MaciiagbtonEralciDe/IOOct. 671 13 Dec. 60 |» 10 July 03 
»....„. . „. . . -J J^|y5,^ p8 Apr. 5U,P 9 Aug. (14 

Bobert Stewart Cletaud. 

. Freer Thonger,"jl4i'. 
Cbarlca Braiue Basfaford 
B. W. Care- Browne-Cave 
Albin Saunders 
Henry Lawrence 
Perceval Clark 
Charlea Aguew 

il ScjmImJ* Mnid It 

'17 Apr. 00 
' 23 Fi'b. 01 ; 

5 May 63 
20 May 03 

10 July ai 

SO Apr. 64 

Bdw. Pbllippa Mnckeuiie f 1(1 Mar. 03 ' p 30 Apr. 04 
.„ P21 JuncOr - ~ ■ 

Gilbort Slirirng 

n-miam Savile PlOJan. Os' 

Pnincia Henry > 30 June 63 


Henry William EdwanU 

U atnilton H. Jobniloii . . 

Henry Auguitiu Candy. . 

Ftoonld Mackiatoali .... 

Flen.Bdw.FraJno.PmUiu[»2.3 Dec. 04 

PajfnuuttT. — Maurice Hartlaud Malion, 

« (UHJll). B>n«l 

uBpulgn, Inclodlac 

Y 1 July 
.vn Wov.03 
> 20 Apr. 54 
p20Mi- "■ 

impaiin of ISM-W, iq. 

ti or CMllluwkllak and 
and Clupil. Tba Isdiaa 
-es iBd )ir*HDt at IMU 
Budlnf tlu -BaSL. tnm. 

h Onaltwd') eolamn, In 
.1 (woBOdwl), BDil pmnt 


lEJi JimtiSl.lthi 

, Mutch 08 ; lion. Capt. 8 March 03. 
i^utant. — Litut. Richard Freer Thonger," 16 Mar. 68. 
Siding Xatler. — Norman Sbarp Steienaon,'' 12 Mar. 01. 

Qiutrler Aforter.— Samuel Seggic, 24 May 61 ; Cor. 19 Feb. 65; Lt. 17 Nov. 57. 
Surtem.—John Jomca Clifford, MD. 28 Aug. 67 ; Aitltt.Surg, 7 Auff. 4G. 
i$Hitant Surgton. — Geor^ce FrederEclc Spry, MD. 13 June 60. 
Veteriitari/ Surgeon.— Qom^e Longmim,'' 20 Aug. 66. 

Blue— Fucin^f Scarlet. — Agenti,1iIenn.CoKli Co.Iriih .^irenti,— Mi'asra Cnne kBoet. 
TRetunifdfrom India, Oct. 1860.1 

lin lies: 111 IhoHlioDlliiNgrtlillDlliintlind til 

li and IBUi Bo*.. 
tcrlAD, tovajdt tk« 

tt Uw tlVtS at LudCBow 

iBd, biclidlDt ictloiii ■! Kboiliniow ud U\ik- 

)« ^twlct mmtlonrd In dHpaivhci, Enifi -' "- 

Hoa. I . nenoH Kmd In ibi I ndltn runnali^ ni 
e. iWe ind ciptnrc of I.nckmpW| ■fftlnor Burn 

>^u1, udiAlritliUkululfwrtnlUiiiMincnlliinEillnrteniUehri, BrcnlorUaJor, MRlalMdClup). ' 

Mdrii^vf8*bafttopoi{Hcdatudn>ni.uidTUrkiib3Icdal;. Srrrrdvitti thvOthLiDccntheliidiuncjUDpilBnariM/^tf. 
UBiimiiliil ■ SqaadroB at thr battle of Hudh knnal and tbnniibout Iht •!«■ nd cap lure of Delhi ;harie iliol la npaUhf 

till 1 1 of the RhI. In'nnp U Ain whin tbt eiemr alUcknl, wai CDmnindeil iluriiif ttaeeail^ |ivl of U» tngatMBeBl, ind 
k the aclien at Uctalninie i pnum il the icUcf of Lucknovr by Lord Ctfdc, bilUe of Cawnpote on 6lfa Dec., aod action 
rf linllbat and Khud^onie. and nplun of IfHuifunie; cimiiiiiiHlcd ■ Squadron at tlie (!•«■ of Lneknoiir froa llod to 



and Khuduuve. and 
iRh, and IhrDDiliaul Ihe n 

ofiarcUlT.HOOtiitShihfchuipannilpunultiallobDindee.aBJaffBlrBiKanidikBtl lUedil md ciupi}^^' 
lor Bkb urred with the Vth Lauctn il ifae relief of Luckinw by Lard Clyde Id NoT.IB67,iDd wILb thalad Bat. 
lDUuTTnln*oPlTldAd)DtiHil,irh]]el)iit Corpa acted ai Canfryla tbeRitct Ihalreoiabied IniuiKkuialAlBB- 
TSBithtnUef nnlll tbeikieudeaplirt of Ibe L'llyin Hiich 1668, and ni nitntionrd In dnpmlrh f^aenlaa In 
alAhunbafb (hone ihot) i Hmdwilh (he Mh Laucirilhnaghout the campaign In OudeiDdRobllnindiDclndloi 
■ at UodnDowicd AllTFinte, nptareof SiTelUT.KUonarShabtclUDpBnaiHljiunnlt to Nthoindeci comaaadcd 
Am at thi pnawiii or tCe tlorn and aSUri al UatcUeefaoD aucf Knnidakatl (Brent of Hm|(K, H*4e(aaaH^-t. 
[Fgr eatkUnuailin lA 'Moln im v^^^uA^Bi'fta.t 


Robert Caopsr Sawbrldge 
Hon. C. Craven Moljiieii** 
Hon. ETtrard Stourlon' 
Lord Ralph Druty Kerr 

Artliur Bartborp 

WilllBm Clmlae 

Ohcd It. Slacks 

10rt(2Tl«iW»«o< WateeiO»ti)RmfalBegt.of HMstan. (^oST*^ 

"PEinireiJM" "WiTBBlOO" "BXrUTOTOL." 
Colonfl.—Hii Royal Highiuu Albert Ednrd, Princt nf Wale* and Buit af Coniwall, 

KG KSI., CoI(»u!(,8Nov.58iGmWfaI,BI(ov.e8; Oilonri.imh Hnawra, 18 April CS. 
/.ieu/ Co/one/ —VnlentinaBaker.i andif. PI AuifMB; Xieuf. !0 July53; Ca;i(.P lAu^.M; 

Major, P 14 Jiu.e CO; lA.Col. J' 30 Mar. GO. 
JUfy'or.— Arlhur Hcrbort C«M,' Cernet, P 13 Doc. BO ; iwii*. P6 Kov. G9 ; Cup*. 23 Apr.M ; 


nlClJiin. (13. 

90 Feb. 66 
•S4 Nor. 67 

13 Jul; 56 
•18 Dec. 50 

14 Hoj 56 

IG Jnl;l>B 

U July 68 
2S Mar. 56 
30 Dec. 6Q 
3 Mar. 60 
' 30 Mar. GO 
18 Sept. GO 
' 2 July 01 
80 July 62 

16 Jan. 63 
'13 Juno 03 

13 June 03 

23 May 57 

10 Aug.dfi 

11 May 66 
17 Sept. 67 

' 30 Sapt. 60 
'16 Oct. 60 
'23 July 60 
' 10 Jan. 63 

10 May 64 
10 Aug. 6 i 
' 18 Oct. G4 
' 8 Mar. 04 

' 7 Sept. 68 
' OAds.W 
> Mar. 00 

■ 1 1 May 60 
S3 Aug. Gl 

■ ID May 64 

■ 10 May 04 

■ IS Oct. 64 


In the ( 

II tb« CBji tare af Trboi- 
S^but^i IV«U1 ud UlHp/ ud Turklili 

J Wlndbun'a 

ilar Contbinnt, Ktlga 
LockDoir [Medal witb 

Edward Alexander W nod 
Thoram Jas. W, Bulkdef f 

Robert Spencer LlddpH.. 
Cambre Brab, Piiisonby ' 
Herbert Dnvlefi Kt.nn.i .. ' 
JohDCacURQBsell, ^ijl'. 
Cbarlet Bdv. Frederick, , 
David FitiQerald Osbbatt '• 


Wmiam Herbert Watkint c 
Edward Spencer Wntson' 
flcn.Hj.Oeo.L.Crichton P 
DvedalcEd. Parry Okelenf 10 Apr. 04 
Arthur, FJHounf Valentla » 10 May 04 
Tho.Alger.Sroilh Dorrlen P 14 June 64 
HeiiryJohnLindleyWood|P30Aug. 64 

Edward Hartopp ;? IB Oct 04 

PnjfnuMtcr.— IlichnnlJohnBlriDgton,>SFab.44; .SrM.rat March 38; £ifuf.*S9Mav40: 
Aiffutant.—Lieiit. J. C. Bnuell, 18 Oct. 04. [Hm.Jifio'er, 1 Jan. 00. 

Instructor of Muiittrf. — Conitl Hon. Henry Geo, Louia Ctlchton, 1 Nor. 64. . 
R:ding Matter. — Emsntiel SimpBon, 20 Dec. 57. 
Quarter Mailer.— JoHa Hill Janie*, 10 Dec. GO. 

Surgam.—TboiaaH Fraser,' HD, March AS; A4ntt.SKrg. 10 Dee. 45. 
AuUt.SuTg. — Lucas Geo. Hi>oper,*38 April 54. 

Veterinary Surgeon.— BXAi Withera," March 54 ; 111 Ctau.Ua Nov. 01. 
Blue.-Agenti, iUssn. Cox k Co.~Iriih Agent; Sir E. R. Borougli, Bl., Armlt ft Co. 
ISelumedfroni tht Crimea, 2 Jant I860.] 


, [oB. C.C. ¥oI][iiaaiauTCdirillitlii11)inuiaanlB theludlniiHinpiignrraEiFib. ISMtoUareli IgEB and «u 

fiwiiii iltlin ir|iii1ir 'f "r -|-j'- ■-■--■- — ■■■- AJuoibaph, lir^e and opiuns a[ ' ' 
■e tto of Sawalignnae. oeCBpation of Fjiabad, tliroai'TiDat the BriWi\rA ciimpidBn, 
raiiwtit. and IlydnfaBie, pnnidt A Bahi Mad^o'a force to the QnnsKc ' •.!» 
afirir B*w Cknnla ail nnnnlt. tatlat the Rirt of MerjKdia, attack on Bmhce with ni 
and dkir at ntkafhit lUedai asd Oaap). 

4 OundB Hon. E. SloortOD tecred with llif Hth Hutaara In Rajnaolaui In ISW 
KotatU and Komfaua [Uedal and Claap). 
■ AHlaiaal Borreon HoopR Kired In the Crimea ftara SZnd 9epl, until tlar. 
wsandfa. bai nturaed le iheCilnMIIiefOlloidniiprlne, andwaarrea 
d Claap, and TuiUab UedalJ. 
aerHtmnWIIIieraaenred the EaalemcmiiiolBnof 1HJl.|U,incIadln|i IheafTatn of Bulianaeisd MlCenalc^ 
Flva.Uttlaa of Alnia. BilaltlBTa, and Inkerman.alefa of Sehanopnl gnd repnlie of Ibe lorKt oniheMthOct. 1*M 
Uadal and Clan", *"<! Turkiih Medal). Berrrd alni In Uie Indian rampalin of li», inrlndlni Ibi relief of LoeIlm* 
n Lart Oljd*, ballla of Canpon on 6lh Dec., aettona of Seria Qhal, Chanda, and Bullannorr, ileca and ravtira of 
[ aatainr. and arllun rf Bimi [Hr1al mi "laTrrl 

t LkCeloiuilBi 

"nafl-Gotrm tampiL 
to the lbpteer«di 

It (he battlfa of 

chain af 


1 IfA {or AniM AlbertM Ovm) RtgimMt ofHtutan. 

M wotdt, "EOTPT" "SUAUJHCl " 

Liaa.Colonel.—VK Chtrle. Crsufurd Frawr,' Cornrt, " 3 Dec. 47 ; LI. p U June 60 ■ Coal 
rSI April 54jB(.Y^«.,30J..lyfi8; «V, P 1 3* M.y 60^ X(.C<./. P 18 J« CI ' 
f SI Jaly fit J I.iei(f . 6 Dec, 54 i Copt. ■> M 


[Edmrd Haniett' 

kvtlil&Di Cualnghamo .. 
|AlbMt PeelOanett .... 
Arthur Cecil TempMt .. 
ORichBTdJolin Soman .. 
George Cake Robinrca.. 
Alezandn- Qurln Qrant 


U John M'Loiighlln' .... 
John Oeorga AniMiley . . 
9om«*el SaandsraoD . . . 

R^uld Calrert 

Robert Henrf TerKbnjIf 
George Clerk Cheaps.... 
iLloiiel Beaacbamp Cole . 
UeireUjnT.B. SaunilCTson 
Jaba Delacoiir . . . , 


SB Dec. fifi 
' Teh. 87 
' 3 Hit. 
' 3 April 67 
' 3 April 67 

W Kov. 49 

15 Doe. 47 

30 Alar. Ml 

16 Jan. 69 
S8 Hay 5» 
!4 Dec. AS 

19 Dec. I 

14 Oct. 61 
' S4 Feb. 67 
6 Mar. 68 
' 16 Mar. 6B 
31 Hay 
S3 June 68 
1 Nov. 64 
' S3 Feb. 60 

30 Feb. 67 
14 Jane 69 
3 July eO 
SI Sept. 80 

6 Uar. 66 1 ' 
■S3 Mar. 68 1 
'14 June 59 1 
■30 Aug. 69 1 
' SI Sept 60 
IB Jan. 61 ! 

10 Aug. sal 

I July 67 I 94 Mar. 68 
U Awtot.laTi 


of ■he8atlapt!(li*di)agdCiup). a«indla 
thf N.W. PiDTlncM la nipprcHlnttb* Matlaw 
Drm7.M.tndudliitttie apcnUao* u cWrnson 
uidR WladliuB, Mkat ibere of ihp Ow&or 
ContlnKent, icUon* or Kill Knddn (nd 

16 May « ,. 
IOJbd. 63 1 
8 Sept. 63 


Cha. Pre. Arnold Hnnti r 18 Dee. 00 
Wm. Qcrrard Walmeiley PI7S^t.6I 
Bdwaid Grerille .SartOTla P 11 Mar.69 

Jtmei Scott Black.. _ "" 

f> Algernon Edw. S. Prcatoo * 8 July 83 
Herbert Wynne Appcrtey P22Scpt.r~ 
Oeorge William Smith .. p 9 Aug. 04 
Jobn St. John, Ai(i 80 Dec. 04 

Paymailtr. — George Andreir CoTentryt 1 Feb. 6V. 
5 A4jutnnt.—Cnniet John St, John, 20 Dec. 64, 
J ' InttrtictoT of .\tH<k.-/tT,.~Liintt. R. CalTert, 14 April Oi. 

1 ^tiing AfaMer^-itdinund Corbett, 5 Feb. 68. 
1 Ctttarter Jfiufer.— Henry Kauntie * 1 April Sf 
• " . . _ . ,. - . - ^\t^^ 

AtHit. Surgeon. — William Henry Huachamp," S3 Jan. 66. 
'SO Vtttrinary Surgtim.—Dmld Paley, S4 July 60. 

B\ut.r-Agentt, Utun. Cox Ic Co.—Iriih Jgent$, Sir E. B. Borongh, Bt., Aimlt ft Co. 
{Relurntdfivm tkt CWmn, SQ/u(y \9.'A5.] 
I Unt Oudlfu amumviti the Ualit C^nlrj Btlfad* tbrmnboBt l)» BuWn Cunpilfn of ISH, iDctudl 
' -* ■ ■■ >, KCB^ ConHnudor 

. (Medal ud Ckiul. 
in uf Fort Mnrlj« 

'b«trd iltuing tliii indinn Uiitiny in iu7-Mi 
'iilv 1S5T. >iKl rruDi tU» dnlc 

iiai of Chaiou, nai butl« o< Cooju 
Vwtl QuuTcn 3M BM. tt llic n> 

QtWciin nf tht Rrwlnin' ot Lucknow luilj] id final nlicl' on 3Kb >'ov. by Lord UTile. dunni 
knrusuidcd ilic HHlna Balfery ; ]nltgiirticon7tli Jalyuidadivainnuf uUheioDSaihScpl, ic1i< 
tipauidpr run at the iKnnl of tbn bajonet — mcntioneii io dnpalrhn by Sir John Inicii 
nRKolIbe VictorinCroM (Biwct of Miijur. Uedid and Cla>p, aDl a jcir'i aciTiH for Lncii 

QutiTcn AM BM. at llic nranuiliiia uf Fort MnrW Blianin on lit Jul; 1S5T. >ikI IniDi tkal dnlc <ru rungtdia 

iare nf tht Ilraidnin' ot Lucknow luili] ill final relief on 3IIh >'ov. by Lurd CKde. duriui (he gniler part S which 

idcd ilic HHlaa Balfery; ]nlagiirtiC'ni7tli Jolvandadiviiinnuf auUher od Mlh Scpl, vliereliii Conpuij ciptnn ~ 

U-Loughlln Krred ttarosiilioul tha Ifulcm cvnpalini of laM-U, Ir 
" - '■ -• ■■— ^al«W»^., Ink- '■'- 

a, tilUif 1 of Alma, : 


Tuctl'lb lUdal). 


i lift gf Brbailopol (UxlaL 

■■ ud Ul of Sflwawpol (K 

18<& (A-inee ^ WaUifi) Boyal BtgimaU 6f Lateirt. ["^1355^ 

HI. wllh tk* watim, "EOTFT" "PKRIinDLl" " VATIUAO" •' SZTIFTOPOL" " CENTKU. nSu!- ' 
•; OilDMl.— 6«or8« Henrr Lockwood,' Ca, Cor. ^10 Ku. Sfi; U.r 10 Au(. 26; a^f.*? 
8«pt. 32; ATq/. 6 Har. 36 i Bt.U.Cot. 83 Dec. 4); Xf.C«l. 9 Not. 48; CoJ.S AuH; 
? Jlfq;.Gci.8eNoT.54; £(.Ont.3Sept.02; C«/. IStli lanoen, 13 Mu. 81. 
JiCLCBtonel.— ThDmuacorEcAUx.Oakes,* Ccr., i>ie Jin. 46 ; £<, ^3 Sept.47; Cif t. rtl 
a { Feb. 50; Afoj. n Aug.S0;£(.Lf.CoI.30JDl7 58; Xt.Coi. '5 Hit. 61 ; Col.l Oct. 68. 
D iUi^'-^^iIolp''''* ^"i:^ ^'>°^b*^">*^'>*V»>'I9 Ang.fiS; Xirat. P 23 Dec. 63 ; Clj)(. 

I «■! May55; Af.yor.i>iejuIye3. 
1 Ribert Cuopbell,* Entign, IS Miy 48; £i«u(. 'B Feb. 50; Capt. 39 Dec. S4; Xajor, 
' t-ai Mar. C3. ^^_„_^_ 

13 [ Alexander Fletcber' ■■• 
Jobn CiiDiDghame' ..• 

iRayniDJid South Paley . 

IWilliani I-kgaa 

John Chafla Le Qoeasc 
|^^'illlatn Alexander Doble 

EroBiDus flower 



De Qurgho Bdw. Hodg* 

VFllliBm Blacker 

Jamei SteTGnMO •<.■■ 
Uobn Cavtndid) Omd . 
CroFtuu T. B. VandalenT. 
John llerrey BroiTDe > 
i&dwBrd .Albert Pole ... 
JoliQ Muidy Dowdenrcl! 


O John Edv.PearceHoopei 

John Sprot Tait 

.CieoneU WilkiUMMI .... 

Alfred DavUKcr 

O {Cliarlfs Ashton 

O 'ArabroKCWolsilcyCox 
O Barry V. Deiineby, Atd- 
(tleiiry Laucuter Giabui 
O flim.Edw.lgD.J.ArUDdBll 
^Paymatli '" " " 
A4futi ■ 

SI Sept. 53 
11 Har. 53, 
Hay 56 1 
10 Apr, 55,1 
39 Apr. 50 I 
Apr. 55 I 
SO July 66 
16 Dec. 57 

rpt. 60 

' 13 Not. 60 

30 Nov. 60 

10 Jaly 61 

31 Dec. ni 

1 1 Har.e2 

18 Mar. 83 
' 8 July 
8 Apr. "' 

32 Sept. 63 
8 Jin. 64 

36 Feb. 64 
30 May 04 

33 Aug. 64 
H. Buttaiwliaw, SS Jime 63. 

Valentine Denneby, 96 Feb. 64. 

4 Aug. 64 
10 Mar. 57 

fl Hsy 
3 Aug. 66 
7 July 57 

34 Feb. 67 
eOct. 67 

5 Mar. 01 

Apr. 01 

'18 Jut 

16 May 03 
18 July 63 
' 6 Mar. 63 
'31 Uu. 63 
' SO Hoy et 
' 36 July 64 

' 6 Not. 60 
' 21 Sept. 60 
' 10 May 61 

16 Not. 6U 
' 18 July 63 

39 Not. 59 


-Mil All*. lS»(ll*daludClMrlU-ScliuioBiil, 
Id TnAlili Mfdil). 

S CapUIn n«Ick>T Kmd la th* Criiwi ft<~ 
Ih Ha; IU«(ll«lal iwiCIaiplBiScbaitMH; 

imi vllk tb* lat On«. Gda. In Ibi 

Crimea rrun leUi Aw. ISU, lulodlv tba alan Hd &U ^ 
ScbaitoKil CHadil and Clup, and ToiEUi Iftdall. 

I Dr. Baiter aerrcd Iba Eaattn Ckmpain irftb Um Ith Dtafa. 
inrluiliiii Iha aaunlt of Uh IMk Jung &», baltla.M Tcbcnma, 

'Biding Mailer.— Wm. St. Leger Stepheui, 81 July 6: 

() ^Quarter Mailer. — Jamci Proager, 10 June 63. 

'Surp.— Pn.Uastliigt Baxter/ UD. 16 Aug. 64; J. 5.1IJnly 43. 

O UaUlatU Surjecn.— OUtot BaneU, 84 Nor. 64. 

O IreierinarySurfeon.— ^^harlei Steel, 36Ang. 57. 

'Blue — Paeingi Scarlet. — Agmti, Henn. Cox mud Co. — Iriih Agmlt, Hncn. Cane t Seni. 
lUlunud/rom ImHa, 39 Jltnt I860. 
I UanLOananl Lockwosd eoiaiuiitel UialnlI.l|htDrafean>Iliroii(houtlba«npa]ni of 18*8 Id AlHaalataa aato 
Otm. Pg|leeli(lfadal (ndCB.>,*ad itaa praani at fsrdat IbaXb^iaiPaia, Honalng Uh ^IcMa of JaidSlMt, Bettaa ar 
Id HaftkotDl, occDpaUoa of (Miaoi, ibn and eanuiR of Iiiallff. Ha lamd also la Iha Paakab eaBaaln ¥ 




13th Regiment of Htutart. 





MidMipoiniiiMttU, tlM Motto, '« r<r«Hn .JEi«r»«in.*»— •• PEMIMBULI.** •* WATERLOO" ''ALMA'* 

CoUnUt.—^ QBAnan Thomas Maclcau,' Ens, 4 Jan. 10; LU Pll July 11 • Capt. P83 

Dec. 18; ilf if/. S9 Oct. SO ; X^ Co/. llJuly 34; Co2. 9 Not. 46; ilfaj.G^en. 20 June 54; 

Lt.Gen, 30 Dec. 01 ; Co2. 18th Hunan, 12 Nov. 60. 
Lieui,ColoneL^Qoame Oambier Jenyos,* CB., Ctn-. p 80 Dee. 46 ; Xf . P 24 Sept. 47 ; Csp^. 

p 20 Dec. 50 ; Bt.Mqj. 12 Dec. 54 ; M({j, 19 Feb. 58 ; Lt.Col. p 24 May 61. 
Jf4;or.— FitxRoy Donald Haclean,^ Comet, p 19 Aug. 52; Lt. 26 Oct. 54 ; Capt. p 18 Jan. 

56 ; JtfiyVw, P16 Aug. 61. 



Robert Macncill* 

Stanley de Astcl C. Clarke 
William Atkinson .>.... 

Robert Burdon 

Baker Creed Rnseell*. . . . 
Geo. Croft Huddleaton . . 
George James Gilbard • . 
George William Haync. . 

Thomas George Johnson' 
William Joice, A<(j, • • • • 

John Sannders 

William Mitchell Innes. . 


Edward Charles Starkey 
James Alexander Ford . . 
Joseph Bonham Clay 


P 16 June 48 

3 Aug. 55 

P 6 Jan. 54 

23 Mar. 58 

2 Nov. 55 

P 26 Oct. 58 

18 Jan. 50 

17 Apr. 58 

27 Nov. 57 

31 Dec. 57 

P 22 July 50 

SO Dec. 50 


P 19 Apr. 
p 25 Jan. 

9 Not. 
p 24 Aug. 

1 Aug. 
P21 Feb. 
P 22 Feb. 
P 24 Jan. 


P30Mar. 60 

12 Mar. 61 

P 9 Apr. 61 

P 16 Aug. 61 

P31 Dec. 59 p 5 Sept. 02 
P 18 May 60' p 21 Apr. 03 
Pl8Sept.60|p28 Aug.Od 
P22Sept.60,P 5 Apr. 64 




OOct. 57 
P 14 June 59 
P 21 Feb. 60 
P 9 Apr. 61 
P 18 Feb. 59 
P 5 Apr. 64 
P 26 Feb. 64 
P 9 Sept 64 

8 MaioT MacleBn terrMl in the KAstern euapaigo 
of ISM, Ineludinc Um batOe of Alma (Madal aa« 
two Claspt and Torkiab Madal). 

4 Captain MaenelU Berred the Baatcm ean- 
paiirn of 1854. InelvdiBg the affUr of Bnlf anak* 
batUea of Alma and Balaklava. and flffe of Sebaa. 
topol I alio pment with the Light Brifuie at Ea« 
patoria (Medal and three Clasps and Turkish 

8 Lieut. Johnson serTcd the Eastern campaign 
of 18&4-55t Including the rceonnaissanee on the 
Danube, battles of Balaklava (horse wounded). 

Richard James A gar Webb P 22 April 62! P Sept. 64 Inkeman. and X^heraaya, siege of Sebastopol, and 


Charles Clarke Higglns. . 
Timothy Fetherstonhaugh 

Joseph Mills 

James Tardy Hone 

' Henry Stephen Walker . . 
£d.Hamilton BlackettOrd 
James Yorke Morrell . • • • 
William Jackson Mooro 

P 3 Oct. 62 
P 4 Oct. 62 
P 23 June 63 
P 28 July 63 
P 17 Nov. 63 
P 19 Apr. 64 
P 9 Sept. 64 

expedition to Bupatoria (Medal and three Clasps, French and Turkish 
Medals, and Knight of the Legion of Honor). 

9 Mejor Prith serred the Eastern campaign of 18M>M, Inelndinf 
the affair of Bulganab, battles of Alaaa, Balaklava, Inkennan, and 
Tcbernaya, and siege of Sebastopol i also present with the Light BrU 
gade at Eupatoria (Medal and four Clasps and Tnridsh Medal). 

12 July 641 

Paymatter. — £dm. Bentley Frith/ 7 Sept. 41 ; Ens. Pdl Oct. 34; Lt. p3 Nov. 37 : H<m* 

A^jutant.—Lieut, WUliam Joice, 12 March 61. IMqjor, I Jan. 60. 

Instructor of Musketry. — Lieut, T. G. Johnson,* 12 April 62. 

Riding Master, — Francis Levison Michael,*® 11 July 56. 

Quarter Master, — William Cresdee,'' 2 March 55. 

Surgeon, — Henry March Webb^ MB. 8 Dec. 54 ; Assi$t,8ur§, 23 Sept. 45. 

Assist, Surgeon — Francis Johnson, MB. 31 March 64. 

Veterinary Surg, — ^William Varley, 15 Aug. 55 ; 'ist Class, 4 Dec. 63. 
Bine — Facings Buif. Agents, Messrs. Cox & Co. [Returned from the Crimea, 28 May 1856.] 
UtaLOcneral Maclean icrrcd iriih the 18th Ught Dragoons In cTery action and affair in which it was engaged in the 
inaoUvfrom Dec. 1810 nntti wounded and taken priioner at Coacbea, l3th March 1814. Waa present with hfs regimcat 
Dg the Waterloo campaign; engaged in command of the rear- guard for the brigade on the 7th June, and throoghoat 
icttoB on the 18th. Accompanied the 13th Dragoons to India in Feb. 1819; was employed in command of a caivAiy 
■de with the field force at the reduction of Kumool, and senred nnintermptedly with hia regiment for twenty.two 
St when be returned with it to Ensland, and was placed on half-pay as 2nd Lieut.ColoneI. He has received the War 
Isl with six Clasps for Albuhera, Vittoria, Pyrenees, Nirelle, Nire, and Orthe*. 

LtColonel Jenyni serred in the Eastern campaign of 18M-55, including the reeonnaisiance on the Danube under Lord 
ligan (in eommand of the squadron 18th Lt. Drags.), battles of Balaklava (hone thot), Inkerman, and Tchemaja, and 
) of Sebastopol; also present with the Light Brigade at Eupatoria (Medal and three Clasps, 5th Clasi of the Mc^idle 
Tarkisb Medal). He was senior officer of the'lSth Lt. Drags, out of the charge at Balaklara, and re-fbrmcd Ui* 
isunt, for which he receiTOd the brevet of Mi^or and CB. 

Cuttain Russell was at Meemt with the (Jarabineers at the ontbreak of the Sepoy mntiny, and at Knmanl when Ookmel 
va waa killed ; was aftcrwarda present wilk Seaton's Moveable Colomn at the battle of Gnngaree where— his three 
Of oOceTS being killed — he commanded the squadron of his Regt. and a detachment of the 9th Lancers ; again, on the 
I Dee. 1857, he commanded the Cviolsj in the action of Putteuli where over 700 Sepoys were killed,— "to Lieut. RnsseU," 
cs Sir Thomas Senton in his diipatcli, " who commanded the Cavalr]^ as well as to his brave companiona in anna my 
iks are specially due, for their eaJlantry in action and vig^our in pursuit." He commanded the (Tavslry also at Mynpoores 
It S»0 of the rebela were killed, and was with his Rc(^. when General Penny was killed and Bareilly taken ; present at 
relief of Bareilly, relief of Shabjehanpore, capture of the fort of Kemal and pursuit with destruction of the fort of 
kandee. action of Bunkagvon, operationa lu Oude and actions of Mohudipore and Rusoolpore, attack and esptunof 
Mitoulee, actions of AlUgnnge and Biswa ; alao served with the Agra field force under Brigadier Bhowcrs te Csvtral 
ia in pursoit of Tantia Topee (Medal and Clasp). 

Ridiaf Muter Michael Mnrcd the Butem eanipaifn of 18&4-5S. iadaidiBf the affkir of Bulranak, battles of Alma < 
I and fkll of Sebaitopol, aad wu aUo present with the Light Briirada at Eaviatoria (Medal and two ClaBpt and Turkish Medal) . 
Qr. Msster Creidf e served vi^ the Light Brigade at Bapatoria, a^ has v\ if ived the Crimtaa Medal and the Turkish MtdaU 

154 I4/A ( TAe Ktru/'t) Begiment o/Hiu. 


i Twra-Biin l "CElfTIUr, INDIA." 

— BH — 'CWoiirf.HP«*lWilliAm Beckwlth,' KH. Cormt, ri Jin. 13; Lt. IS Dec. ]&; Cawt. 

' 1 pgHaySSi Mtjor, H4 Vol.. 28; i(.Co(. 6 Dec. 33; C0M)Nov.4(l; Jfq^ir Gen. SO 

__. JuiieG4; ii.GCTi.MNov. Bl; Col, 14 ilui««™, IB Kor. 00. 

TA"!ct.CW£mri.— Pearson Scott Thompson,' Cor. p5 Aug.+ai Lt. p 7 June 44 ; Capt.P3Sept.47i 
'■ R* irnj 9ft .IiiW ."Lft T fH.Lt.ral. 3 .' ' "" " ■ - '" • "■ '• ■"-' -~^ " 

I >* 

Bt.MnS ao July 5B ; Bl.Lt. Cot. 3 July tt 
Vtyort. — Robert J ohniton Brown,* Conitt, 

53 ; MnjOT, v 16 War. m. 
Frederick Barclay Cbapman, Cor. >> J3 Oct. C7 ; 

" • -2B Not. 64. 

3 Mar. 58i C«pt. p 16 Mar. flO; 


tl iW.H.T.CIarkeTraven' 

I Robert Chadnick 


?ra,Pemberton Campbell' 
O Edw.E«exDigby Boycott 
Ij^ Cecil Fredoric Holder .. 

I Uency Bradley 

\t. William Arbulbnot' .. 


O \Hon. Fred. Anberat... .. 
J Jobti Hunter Knox 


'30 Aug. 5l{P3Uti«pt.K) 
>17Dec.li2|Pl8Nov. 63 
' 13 July ce P 18 Ui 

3 Not. 64 
> 3 Feb. se 
15 May 65 

6 Feb. -- 
il, Mar. m 

14 Hay 58 
30 Mar. SS 
SO Jan. 01 

6 ] Ji'liu Matb^ '.. !■ 10 May 81 

RH^vlonJohnCThompsoD pi7 Sept. G1 

t) Ijoiu Dtidney If 31 Uae. Rl 

'Geo. 8," 1 Jan. 83 
Francis Shirley KuHscU ..'P 6 Feb. 03 
O iJaines Logon Whit i' 3 Mnr.03 


Jjtniei Oeorgc Glyn Shan 
Thomas Kington Baker.. 
(i I^BiiLuolTador .\jhton .. 


Josepli Harpur 

Thamm AUau Henry ... . 

James Ifarrea Itobertaon 

Qeo.W.Dougla« Ki 

4 Har><t3 

29 Mnr. 04 
5 Aug. {{4 
83 Aug. 04 
I) Aug. 64 
' S3 Dec. 04 

31 Dec. Gl 

14 Jan. I» 

15 Mar. 64 
S3 Aug. 39 

' in Dec. 6^ I 
' 33 Jan. 03 d 
■SO Feb. 03. "I 
' 15 Mar. 04 In 
'30 Mar. ((4 li: 
■3;) Aug. 04 
3a Not. 04 


8 rapliln Csmpbcl] HTTcd wllta the nM 
HlglilaiiUFii u Ibe ilniT uid Sti\ of Sebw 
lopol fiom 12th Julf ISU (iid •HkulIoCtta 
!....,_ on tn, sihSipt. !M«l4l and cluB 
irklsh Medal?. Semd iLu In the li^ 
unpdcn at 1MH.B, indudiag tlit >l^ 
pluTC Dt Lurkmnr (UedilandClupl. 
iptllD Arbuthnnt icnred with ttc Rltl 
e la the ludUn nmpilin In ld.'>7.U, 


lu U^sr Pethcrilonhiucb imcd irlih ihi 
Id bmt andrrHlrKngh Roce In IMjl iid 



In^; (iiRiiij. 

Hgfh Boie 1o irvo_»an prewni II iieie taa capLun « 

nrt of Jhuul, sctlDD c^ KooKh, 
ilpte (Ucdal and Ciiip). 
Pnyjiorter.— William Fetheratonliaiigh,"' 15 June 49 ; Ent. v B Jan. 41 ; if. pso March 44; 
Aifjutatt.—Lieul. Fra. John Stuart H. Newton, 15 Mar. 04. [Hon.Majar, I Jan. 6t 

Iiutruelor ^ Miaketiy.— Lieut. F. 8. Huwcll, 33 June 04. 
Siding Matter.— J cMph TUiker, 7 Nor. SO. 

Quarter Matter.— Ttiomag Howell Clark," 2 Sept. 02. [0 Apr. SI. 

.Surgeon. — William Arden, Attitt.Surg. U Apr. 41 ; Surgeon, 35 July 01 ; Surgeon M*kr, 
■ 5ur;.~Richard Chapman Lofthnpae," MD. 14 July 54. 

, VelerinATjf Surj«m.— Henrv ^jtntp-^-o ;aiy 55 ; J»( CUut, 4 Dec « 
Blue — FaeiM* Scarlet, j^i,^^ ."^i. Cox Ic Co. Returned from JBombai 

^ ReturnedfroM BonAay, Junr I860. 

ja *IUi the lith UfhlDnci. (ism JitIr IBM 10 the and of thai nr la lltL 
of the NIn on the Ulh udlDth Dr., fbr which he hu Ih* War Uidal >M 
iwotaiipa. MITMUSOU , n^Dof IaIe,udwupr«enlul)iarelR>lsiil7lhJuneand itthebattleofWitertth 

4 Li-Col. TbonMon aen .n tha 7th Dragoon Guuda against th> InaurnDl Docn Id Soulb Africa la 18li i a^ 
)lkawliilnlb*KaarwuDflin«.7(tledsl). Scned with the tttb LI. Drs. with BuCmtnllDdl* add force andtr Sir H^ 
KOM In 1«U aod wh areaeat at the ileft and capture of Jhaasl i couEoanded the Carslrr at the csplure of tb* fnt tf 
Lohanl] pnmentat the hattltef Kaonota, the rarleai iUtmlahea before Cilpet. aeibin af OnlHillr. and cantur* ar iM 
lows aad but of Calpee i esDmaaded llw left wIdr sf the Regi. at theVlion of I 
bilifatB bethia Kolitoiaeial aad Omllor, and canture of the fo- — ' -"- -'— "- 
thfva BBBtha In BoDdlecoad. and Id a succeaaw attack Bg aini 

5 Hltfai BnHm Btnrtd alth _ .,_ 

aadcr BIT Hugh Hoae la InMand waBpnaantalthtBlenaDd nplurasf Ilahulgbur, 
hoiaand punult acroaa the Ualthone.alegt aadca|ilunof Jhlntl lllcdalani 

{.'aptaln Tra™™ arrred In the Ptralan cipnilllon of 1>'.V7 (Ufdal). Also with th 
|fa Best In IHSrt and waa pn*CDt at (be tiefi sod taplure of Rabulghnr, caplnre i 

ir, the aeveral enfaaennta dd Iha 
gmmandad ■ llrtd aelarhnenl hr 

:ceasU attack Bgalnat a vrrrauperlorhodT of rtbelaat Oarolha— thanknl brUa 

entloned lo deapatebaa, Bretet of M^or. lledal and Claap). 

OCD Of the Mutiny nt Auningabad la IM7. and with lb* Ctnlnl India Beld bm 

Haifa a 

il. battle of Koooi 

CBBtan of Calpae, Bud puiBDll (Jdedal and ( 
h Dettor LoRbouBc aemd with the ic"- ' 
topoU ballla of iha Tchcmnya, and affal 
lb* 14th 1.1. Dra. dBiiDK (he caupalifoi 


al Sept. near Knrrh 



15th ( The King's) Regiment ofHwears. 


••^'' " PENINSULA " " WATERLOO." "*»*""" ^" *v**A 


Pall} Half 
Pliy. l Pay. 

22 ; 


CoUmeL-^^^JB^ ErerardWin. Bouvepie,* Cor. p2 Apr. 12; Lt, 16 Oct. 12: Capt. p9 
Sept. 19; Bt.Mqjor, 6 May 31; Lt.Col p4 Dec. 32; C»M6 8ept. 46; MajwGfnu 
20 Jane 64 ; Lt.Oen. 80 Jaly 60 ; Col. 15th Hussaw 17 July 69. ^ v «. 

LitfM^Co/<»le/.--F^ed. Wellington John Fltz Wygram,* Cornet^ P28 July 43; Lietti P 17 
May 44; Cwp^ p22 Dec. 48 ; Mqjor, v 19 Feb. 58; Li.CoL 26 July 68; CoL 26 July 63 

Ifn/or.— William Edinglon Stuart,* Cornet, P21 Nov. 51 ; Lieut. 14 Sept. " 

Feb. 58 ; Mqjor, 13 Jan. 64. 

65; Capt. 26 








































Edwyn Walker 

Robert Penfold 

. Stewart DaviesCartwright 

. Bryan Burrell 

Geo. John Hooke Pearson 

David Ricardo 

John Rob. Heron Maxwell 

James Alston Clark*. . . . 


James Mann, A({f 

Blontogue Cecil Broun . . 

, Hugh Humphrys 

Gerald Walker 





P24 Nov. 64! i' 14 Dec. 55' p23 Sept. 59 
P 14 Mar.56 17 Nov. 57iP 16 Dec. 59 
P 20 Mar. 68 
4 Dec. 57 
31 Dec. 58 


20 Mar. 69 Pll Sept. 60 
P 23 Sept. 59 
P26 May 00 

P13 May 69! P 3 July 60 
P 1 Apr. 591 Pll Sept. 60 
P23 Nov. 52 P 10 Feb. 54! 


17 Apr. 57 25 Jan. 69 
P 15 Jan. 58 p16 Dec. 59 
P31 Jan. COpIOMjit. 01 


«• Mar. 60' P 17 8ept.61 
jJamcsLc Messurler 31 July 60 p 3 Oct. 62 
: David Maxwell | p 1 8 Sept. CO p 23 June 63 1 CttT«Tr>'. 

P2'2 Feb. 61 
P17 Sept. 61 
P23 June63 
Pll Aug. 63 
13 Jan. 64 

S Colonel FltiWygnm ttnred in (he Crlata 
with the Sth Drafooni, «m pretent kt the baitla of 
Tehernaya^and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and Clatp, 
and TarfcUh Medal). 

4 M^Jor Stuart hat received the Torklih 
War Medal and the 4th CIui Order of the 
MedJidie, for aervice as AfdedeCampto Mat. 
General M. W. Smith, commanding Otmanli 

Joseph Norton 

' Arch. Campbell Douglas . 

Francis Hood Gregory . . 


Robert Marcus Briscoe . . 

JohnDennlson Hargreavcs 

I Robert B. Wallis Wilson . 

William Macalpine Lcny 

8 Oct. 61 

1 Dec. 60 P 11 Aug. 631 ' ^^^ Walihe •erred with the 0th Rtgt. 
12 Mar 01 13 Jan n4i'!?~"8hout the campaign of 1842 In Aff- 
I- ioar. ui ^ J Jan. 04 \ ^jhanutan (Medal) under Sir George Pollock, 
•^ 20 bept. 64 including the storming the Khyber Past, 
taking the Fort of Mamoo Khail, storming the heights of 
Jiigduiluck, action in theTezecn Valley, clearing the heights 
of Huftkotul, and storming the town cf Istaliff. SerTed in 
the 19lh Lancers in the KaflRr war of 1861-58 (Medal). 

8 Surgeon Major Watt served with the tfSrd Fus. the Eastern 
campaign of 1854 and up to 34lb March, 1855, including the 
battles of Alma and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal 

P31 Dec. 61 
P 3 Oct. 02 
n23 JuueOd 
P 23 June 63 

Thomas William Gill . . . . ; p 22 Sept. 63 !:? 5:^:: A™ "'iS. ru«Tf t^^^^^^ 

I HenryW.Ridlcy BladccttjP 16 Aug. 61 
1 BochfortH.RochfortBoyd - p 10 July 64 
I William Eden Chapman |p 20 Sept. 64 

9 Quarter Master Rac serred with the 2nd Dr. Ods. in the 
Indian Campaifn in 1858, includinx the siege mod capture of 
Lncknow, and action of Koorsee (Medal and Clasp). 

10 Assist.Surgeon Browne served in the Indian campaign 
: /»fly7/tr.— Blayney Townly Walshe/ 30ct. 48 ; ^n*.P28 Aug. 38 ; Lt. 81 from Nov. 1867 to April 

Atyutant.—Lt. Jas. Mann, 1 May 67. [Dec.39;^<m.Af/(;(W,l Jan.60. J8W..«u»d watpr«cnlat 
, Instructor of Musketry.— Cornet R. M. Briscoe. 1 Nov. 64. {he fiJfofAwSi, iSS rt 

I Riding Master. — Richard Henry Boyle, 23 April 61. the siege storm and cap- 

: Quarter JlfiM^er.— William Rae,» Oct. 65. ^Surg. Maj. 1 Mar. 64. tureoflhetOT-n andibri 
Surgeon.— ^m. Godfrey VVatt,« A.S.I Mar. 44; Surg. 28 Mar. 54 ; cLp) "** 

Assistant Surgeon. — Charles Henry Browne,*® 1 Aug. 57. 
I Veterinary Surgeon. — Martin Mence, 25 July 55 ; 1«/ ClnsSy 4 Dec. 63. 

Bine. — Agents^ Messrs. Cox 6c Co. 
IRetiumed/rom Madras , 20 June 1854.] 
1 lieutGeneral Bouvtrie sexTed In the Peninsula from'r.. .< in efer*->to the end of that war in 1814, and has re- 
wived the War Medal with two Clasps for the battles of Vittorla fib- - iSthVil- Jle served also the campaign of 1815, 
mA was wounded at the battle of Waterloo. 'he brlginLw 

i CapUfai Claric served with the 10th Huiiars In the Crimea from the 17th A| was emplo/*! with Clasp for SebastoDol. 
lad liirkiih Medal). ^w whh hi-. '^> '^ ' 

- , • I'inel. 1 . ^__ 

d ' 

IContinuation of Notes to Mth Laneers.] 
U Captain Miles served as Interpreter with the 73rd Regt. during the Indian Blutlny in IB^Vfl-V.), and was present In the 
sptrsUons In the Ncpanl Teral (Medal). 

14 LimU GoUswortuy scr\fd in the Volunteer Cavalry witli Hnvclock's force on the first advance to Lncknow in the actions 
4 Oqbsa, Boscerutguugr (1st and Snd), and Hoorbeakccliowkce, prior to retreating across the Ganges ; was itlso present in the 
eeoad adranre, in the actions of Munenrwar, Alnnibagli, and nrst relief of Lucknow; serred in its subsequent defence as 
kiRitaBt Fidd En^cer ; and, after the evacuation of Lncknow, accompanied l^ord Clyde's force to the relief of M^or 
iCBerd Wrndham at Cawnporc. 

15 Captain Chamley whs present at an airair with the rcl>els at Nlinmbaira in 8ept. 18.'i7 and commanded a detachment 
if the 89rd Bert, iu the fort of Neemuch during Its defence in Not. I9A7, present at the siego of Kotah and Its capture by 
•Malt, aflkir at Sanganeer, and defeat of the Owalior rcbcU at Kotarla (Medal). 

H Uent. Young serred with the Bombay Rlflea the Persian Campaign of 18S<-ri7, inchidhig the storming of Reshlre, 
ancoder of Bnshlre, night attack on British rear guard, and battle of Kooshab (Medal with Clasp:. Also with the same 
Icgt. and the Poonah Irregular Horse, the Indian Campaigns of 18t'>7-r)9, present in operations against the Bheels In the 
luskkand Kandelah Hills; commanded during four months early in 1HA8 the frontier post of Rajapore; afterwards 
ith the Sathoora field forib against the RohiUas and Bheela in the Vlndhya mountains ; snd subsequently hi IKSS-JO on 
ic DMskmal Staff of Sir John Michel against the rebels under Tantia Topee In Central India (Medal;. 

17 Lieut. Pamfrett served the Crimean campaign of ISM^A, and was present at the affair of Bulganak, battles of Alma, 
alaklara, Inkerman, and Tcheniaya, siege and fall of 8ebastopol (Medal ivith four Clasps, and Turkish Medal;. 

19 Doctor Kellie waa present with Colonel Benson's detachment in 18A7 at the siege and capture of I)har,'actlon at 
iundesone, battle of Goorarin and relief of Neemueh. S*-rred also with the 17th lancers in the Tariui>3 pursuits of the 
bels through Rajpootana and Cenintl India and was present at Colonel Benson's action at Zeernpore In Dec. 1854 
[edal with Clasp). 

SO Asrist.BurgeoD LIthgow serred with the 76th Regt. during the Indian campaign of 1857-59 (in medical charge fh)m 
e coramcnceiiwnt of the operations af alost Delhi until the relief of Lncknow), and was present at the action of Budle- 
lacrml, slefe of Delhi and captare of the city, pursuit of the enemy and actions of Bolundshuhur, Agra, Allyghur, Akra. 
d, and Kmaa^, advance loto Onde, and aflialrB of M aragunge, Alambach, and Dllkoosha, and relief of LuckrA^ ^^ \jQi«^ 
ydc» tiMnBfler iwnalnsd with Outram's division at tht Alnmbafh and was present si tht TCp^ailM ot V^% Mmtnai aMjMX% 
d M the ifUr of Gallfo (Modal and two Oups)* 

IGlh {The Queen's) Regiment 6/ Ltmcert. 

L CdIi£ 
___ _ HIVE" "PRKn*BnLi''"W4TBB 
-j Coltiut.—^. ■ iron. Sir Edward Cut,' KCH. Cor. Id Mar. 10; LI. '37 Doe. 10; 
-' pgDeclS; Jlf q;. P 24 Oct. 21; ii.CoI.PM D«. S6 i Col. 23 Not, 41 ; Mtij.O, 

Noi.ei; X(.Ceti. 14 M«yM)i Coi. IBth Lancore,9 Apr.69. 
-^ Lieut CoIomI.— Wm. ThoiiiMDickaon, Cor. P 33 Apr. 47; X(.P3S Feb. 46; Capl.fil 
61; Jlfuj."", 'lOMay 54; B(.i(.Coi. 26 Oet. 68 ; ii.Co/., "B Oel. 64; Jan 
.Viuorj.— Thorn BJ Woollaslon Wlilte, Camety P7 May 47 ; Xieii(.i'7 Apr. 48; Ca;>. 

Sept 01 ; Major, vi Not. 00; Bt. U. Col. 10 Dec. W. 
Hiigli D'Arey P. Bumell, Coi-nrt, ? 14 July 64; LI. U Sept. 65; Capt. mo Jul 
-' ■ P 22 Se p t. 63. ____^_____ 

Win.Hutlon lUddell c-JlJuly 041 

I Thumas Boyco 

^tliur Jolin Armstrong 

He urj ClemeutW ilklnaoc' 
1 Robert Whigham*. 
Wm. Alex. Battinc 
O Walter P. Bagenal 


S4 Doc. 60 ! 
SOVeb. eOi'lCBlay 67 |i> 17 June 60 I 

3 June 06 yi' Uec. 67 |P 2!) July 02 
10 Apr. 07 ("SO July SB p 3 Oct. C2 | 
15 Feb. .')6|'' 5 Aug. 50 r 

6 June 54 R Dec. 04 

14 Feb. CO '■aoJniy e 

31 Aug. 68' "16 July SO p 

Iffilliam John Wauchope. 

Arthnc Alexander Wilkie' 
' CCarriiiytoiL Churcliirant 
I Rob.TlilrklllUalllard,^!^ 

I Aug. WilUam Erak'ltte ,. 

I Alex. Baring BlnKbam ., 

> DeTld George Bandeman 
I Augnitni Croft Dobrec . . 


) JeninettCharleaDakc.. 
< Qeorge Coalmn Child> . . 
I Rodk. Orogan Mickeniie 

I Qeorge ScUvrabc 

I John Daye Birker 

I William ChannellBovil] 
I IJamraColfnu Kcnordj.. 

> 1 Peter Leslk Peacocks 
I Harrie Archbolii 

' 7 Oct. 00 f 30 Apr. 01 
C Juno 64 39 June 55 
■16 Mar. 00 " 3 Sept. 62 
■ 12 Mor. 61 ' 3 «ct. OS 
'27 Sept. 61 P" Septoa 

13 Sept. 06 . 
' 10MayC4 
38 Aag. C3 ! 

ilaiE uHuli and ophin s( Kouii, b 

P 9 Dec. 63 P 26 Feb. 64 : , cupiHn IVUglum nncd -iiti 
I" 3 Oct 62 i I" 10 May 64 In lh> Crimea from 

p 10 July 63 P a July fn|,'i^ ■--'■■■"-- -■- '■■-" •■ 

. _ Jl of Bdwtapol, ud an 

, miaoB the lem JuD<(U<dalaDdOlU|<, aidl 

n H Man rI' I* RWIhb Uu(tr Brown mrri "Itli llie IBIfi 1 

P23 Sept. 6.1 luo, lacluiUnE Ihe t\tn ud capluH of Qlminte (M< 


■'17 Nov. 03; 

I 1 Dec 03' 

' 8 Uar. 04 > 

P31 May 61 ' 

P 5 July 641 
■ Pnynuu/er,— Thomas Djnon,'>23 April 02. 
Ai^utanl.—Lieat. Bobert Thirkill MniUard, 10 May G4. 
O HWinjafnrtCT-.— ThoniaaBrown,"7 8epl.68; Conief , 29 Dec. 67. 
il Quarter Af<u(«r.— Jamn Fuller,' 18 May 60. 

AttliLSurgeon. — Charles Aloxonder InuM," MD. 14 March 65. 
I ir^crtnary.'iuryeaR.— FiiDcfs Frederick Collina, 8 Dec. 48; let C^M, 26 Not. 61. 
Scarlet— i^iieiiuj Bine.— ^^raJ*, Hewn. Cox & Co. {SetHrn^from Bengal, 26 Dtc. 184 

1 SirCdnrdCnitJnnedlheDDkconVclUiigta'i'iU'iuiptiat lo Ilia sdtuet rrom Tortu^ in 1611, ind codUhd 
It DB (0 tka amUBBeiiU on ihe Adoar in 1813. hiTinzhoui pragntwiUitMlOihLiiibi Dn^oom aithe billlc«r 

d-Onor, ud wilh lh« Uth Dnpimil al "- ■ — - -^-- '■---■- -. ■.— ■>- - - - 

dudadltoilrigo, liege -'=-•••-- --■' — 

the tMiin 01 liiat prri'od, uniil lie qi^tiad ihc'DuliB'a aimr oa pc< 
irEdwordiilheiD!horolIlie"Aiiua1>or the Wan of iUi'l<Uh « 


17M Begiment of Laneen. 











» i 

I ! 



I I 
) ' 

> ' 

• I 




***Deatk't Htad^^wMYi the Motto, " Or Glory."—" ALM A'* "BALAKLAYA" ^'INKBRHAN » 


{CotmuL-^^SBL Sir James MaxwellWallace,' KH. Cornet^ 14 Aug. Oo; /:^ 5 ^une 00; 

Cavt. 22 Oct. 07; Jlf/yor, 1 Jan. 17; X^Co/. 25 Sept. 23; Co/. 28 June 38 ; jlffl/or, 

Gen. 11 Not. 51 ; Z(.Ge/i.G Feb. 55; 6'<f?i. 8 Juno 0:3; Colonel 17tli Ijincer8.28 Jan. 54. 
L/.Co/ort«/#.— Robert White,* Cor/le^ i'15 Oct. 47; I.<<?ttf. i'22 Dec 48; Ca/?^. i'2C Mar. 
i 52; Brev.Mi^. 12 Dec. 54 ; Major, 12 July 58 ; Lt,CoL p 21 Feb. 60. 
Lewit Edward Knight,* Cor. v\l Sept. 50; Lt. v\9 Aug. 51 ; Capt. 7 Nov. 54; Maj, 

P21 Feb. CO; Lt.CoL p19 July 64. 
afrt/ort.— Drury Curzon Lowe,* Cor, p28 July 54 ; Lt. 7 Nov. 54; Cupt, i' 9 Nov. 56; Maj, 

P 10 June 62. 
ffon. William Henry Curzon/ Cornet, 13 July 55; Lt. 17 Sept. 57; CVl/?^ i'30 Dec. 59; 

Major, P 19 July 64^ ^ 




i Heury Andrew Sarel* .. p 13 July 47 p 15 Dec. 48 
; Walter Raymond Nolan ^ j p 19 Jan. 55 p 10 ApriI57j 


James Duncan * 5 Nov. 54, 10 April 57| 28 Oct. 59 

Charles Way mouth * ..p 27 July 55 17 Sept. 57 p21 Feb. 60' 

James Qoldle '<> :p14 July 54 ^15 Jan. 56 p21 Feb. 60| 

Rol)ert Bainbridge" p 29 Feb. 56 p 2 Oct. 57 »• 18 Doc. 00 

«. Thomas Gonne" p 2 Nov. 55|P 11 Sept. 57 p 10 June 62 

!• May 55i 21 May 58 p 18 Mar. 62 
P27 Jan. 57iPl9 Feb. 58 PIC Oct. 60 


18l6ept.57i24~Siar758"| iSl-Lh.oT 
P 22 Apr. 59 

Thomas Wm.Sbore Miles*' 

Walter Balfe 

Bndthwmite Chamley '^ . 


[Arthur James Billing . . 

; Roger T. Goldsworthy ** 

Henry Richard Abadie . . 

I Henry William Young^' 

' George Rosser 

Fred. William Blumberg 

Georg8Pomfrett,"i4rf/., k 
(RidinglImvter,16June58; \ 

Hen. Augustin Robinson 

'Edward Cor bett.. 

Edward Henry Maunsell 
Stanley Veatm an Clark . 

Henry Faulkner 
John Charles Symonds. 
, William Augustus Kllis 
Ilf u. Tilson Shat'n Carter 
William Watt... 
Henson Bancroft 

P 9 May i>ij 

26 Feb. 58 

9 Oct. 57 

6 Aug. 58 

23 Aug. 59 

26 Aug. 50 

P 15 Nov. 59 

30 Doc. 59 

30 Dec. 59 

30 July 58 

P 26 Oct. 60 

P 30 Nov. CO. 
P12 Mar. 61 
P 23 Apr. 61 
P25 Juuo 62 
P 8 Sept. 63 
P 8 Mar. 64 
P28 Apr. 03 
P 23 Sept. 63 

24 Oct. 57 

P19 July 64 

6 Lt.Col. Sarel wrred with llie 9th Lanceri 
during the Punjaub campaign of 184tt-4tt, In. 
P 16 Auir. 59 dudhix thebatilet uf ChillianwaHHh and Goo- 
D ia |>.^' /•nijerat(Me<laIandCIa«pt). Alto throughuut the 
V 10 uec. \M in.iiiu, Mutiny In 1857-69, was precent at the 
siege and capture of Deliii, commanded tba 
caralry of Iho force und(>r General Nirholioii 
at the action of NuJiiflTghur. and a squadron 
at the Moirc« Ba«tion on l4thSopt., nlM) at the 
24 June 62 ^ttleof Uulundchuhur where he wai icverply 
wouuil(*d vrhilst leading a ehari;e through the 
town, {ircsont ut the antton«or Al.vgbur, Agra, 
Kunoge, MMraiq^unge. M*rvcd ai Rriv:ai]e Muljor 
of cavalry ut the a«IUir at Ibe Alumbngh, a»> 
■ault of the Secundra Bagh, and tlie relief of 
Lucknow by Lord CMyde (Ureret of Mujcr), Imitleof Cawnporo 
ontitli Dec, actions at Seraighnt and Khoiiiirg::ris;^, occupation 
of Futtehghur, |)aMa};e uf the Gconttce under Oulraui, siege and 
capture of Luekuovr, the summer campaign in Oude and Ito- 
liilcund, actioiu at Kooya and Allyg>in;e, capture of Hareilly, 
relief of Sl.ahabad the rcpuUe of the nttuck ou It and pursuit 
of Mohumdec; aUo with the caTnlry in Oude under Sir Hope 
Gnuit and present ut the occupation of Pyzabatl ; coinmandi.'d 
u Ilegt. of Irregular Cavalry during the latter imrt of cam- 
paign in Oude, and was prcsont with it at the pa^aje of the 
Oogra and the subsequent ui>erution^ in the Ti-rai (thanVed by 
the Governor General In Council, and fourteen times mentioned 

P 7 Sept. 58 

23 July 61 
P 5 Nov. 61 
P 10 June 62 

P24 June62 
p 29 Mar. 64 
P 19 July 64 

t'oloiii 1, with two (;i:tsp« fur tl:i) 
Tuku Torts and Pekin). 

in despatchen. Medal an<1 Clasp). Acted un the Aiiiiroi'Sir Mope 
PaymaHer. — de Pentheny de P. O'Kelly, 28 Dec. 60. ^^^^ ■» ^''""» "' l**^'^ (Un«vet i.f Lt. 
A(Uutafit.—Lieut. George Pumfrctt," 30 Dec. 59. 

= Riding Master. ^ThomAB Martin, 30 Doc. 50. 
Quarter Master. — John Berrymao, 12 Apr. (54. 

,SurgeoH.—JtimeB Kellie,« MD. 2 Oct. 57 ; A.S. 5 May 48. 

\ Assist. 5iir^eOM.— Stewart Aai-on Litligow.-o 3 Feb. 55. 

■ Veterinary Surgeon. — JaineB Lambert, 12 Oct, 57. 

I Blue — Facings White.— yl^p/i/j, Mcs&rd. Cox & Co. 

Itetumedfrom the Crimea, 14 May 1856. Embarketl for Ind'ut, 5 Oct. 1 857. 

Hf Hasir^U Wallace, while serving at the Cape ot Good Hope as Captain '2\ti Light Dragoons, wns <ont in 1819 in 
imbA of A iqiiailran of that Kfgt. Into Caifraria with Hrigadier Generni (iinhnm'v ex peillt ion, which in seven ninnthi 
^A U^ atvere work drove the Caffres across the Great Fish River. He served also the campaign of 1815, and wna 
^1 Ib the action at Quatre bras, the retreat on the 17th June, and battle of Waterloo. On the lOih June 1810 
VMappointedy by Major General Baron Dornberg, Orderly Officer, to assist his Brigade MiO'^^i Capt. Robais; the 
■tfll Aids do Camp, Captain Krachenburg, being taken prisoner the following day, he took Robulsas Aide dc Camp, 
i^Hai Capt^B Wallace, Acting Brigade M^jor; and Robais being killed on the 18th, the Duke of Wellington con- 
■ACtoiaiB Wallace on the Major General's recommendation. 

ilAiSaL Wklte terred in the Eastern campaign of 1854, including the affair of Biilganak, battles of Alma and Balaklava 
woundedi. andaiege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, Brevet of Major, &th Clu»a of the Mudjidie, and Tiiiklsh 

I llfaianrl Kolght aenred in the campaign of 18^50 in Central India, including the action of Burode (iMedal'j. 

I M^ Lowe aervcd in the Crimea from Itfth June IhM, including the battle of the Tchernaya, siege and fall of Sebat- 

^■(Mtdal and Claap, and TuikUh Medal). Served the Indian campaign of lH.'ie<-.^»9 in pursuit of rebel force.s uud<-r 

■Ik Topee, and present at the action of Zerapore (Medal ). 

fcM^DT Hon. W. H. Curxon served In the Crimea from l.'i July 1 Km, including the battle of the Tchernaya, siege 

il firiof Sebastopol CMedal and Clasp, and Turkish Medal.. Served in the canipuign of li45H-j9 in Central India, in. 

■fc| the artlnn of Burode (Medal; . 

V Oi^iaiB Nolan »erved in the Indian campaign of ISM, including the atfairs of Rajghur, Mongrowlee, Sindwaho, 

*" s« and Zevrapore (mentioned in deapatches, Medal). 

Csftshi Waymouth served In the campaign of 18fi8-0 in Central India, including the affairs of Rwjijhur, Mun- 

' i,8Vwtwalio, Kharar, and Zaempore (Mfidal). 

[For continuation of Notes, iet ond of tlw paget eontaininc IttViaudL \CtVV^Hw%%>.T%. 

158 [B,„r<^:i?,':^.»nJ \9th Jiegimetd of Htmars. C^tSfJi 

I V«;ns'^^l ' " I^EJ"^^^'!'* •' •* WATERLOO." 

i>-2 Colonel.— Sir l":hnrlc3 llnu!lcilui> O'Doniull,' Ji/nt.M .Sq.t. 10; Lt. 7 Sept. 15 : Capf, '. 
Fiminirr' -JC; J/w>/-, PUJoii.iiO; L/.C©/. Pi:> Aug. SO; CW.2n \u\'.4I; MnJorGiJi.l 
Pa>.T»_5. I T)! ; JJ.iinu iiG Oct. 58 ; Coh 18th IIiis>ars 10 Sept. CI. 
34": 1> L/L'Mr(^Vo«t7.— Richnrd Knox, Cov. i' :28 June 31 ; Lieut. 20 April n4 ; Capt, M 

ni\M({j. 20 June o4 j il/Jry. i'8 Dec. ,54 ; Lt.CoL 19 Feb. 58 ; Co}. 19 Feb. C3. 
17 MaJoiM. — William M'eddcrbimi Aibuthnot, Tor. i' 5 Dec. 48; Xk'm/. P 17 JuueGI ; 

I' 7 S»^pt. .V) ; Major J P 17 Xov. d.'l. 
•27 I UicliJinl Wucklcy Prettojolin,- rt;r;/e/, P:2n Feb. 38; /,^ Pl8 Oct. 39; Cfly/. 17 Sej 
Ul.Mqjor, '-lO* .Inly 58 ; Bt.Lf.CuL M .I.ily 00 ; .l/rz/or. 5 July 04. 



4 . 




3 I 

3 i 

•2 1 


2 j 

I CAi'iwiNtf. c<uiNJ:r. __'_'.ikI'J-_ cai'taik. , brkt.maj. jdt.l 

17 ijohu Ppyton i'ilJiily4d p 18 May 49 3IAiig.58" 

1) Thomas Phillips p 20 Sept. 50 . 20 Mar. 58 , p 24 Mav 01 

i Charles Arthur Tiirtall ..i 18 Jan. 50 p 25 Sept. CO p 17 Xov.03 
{^ I Harold Esduile Malct . . .' 18 Oct. 59 , p 18 Dec. 00 p 1 Mar. 04 ', 

John Lorn Stewart p 20 Feb. 55 p 8 Feb. 50 v i> Sept.f52 . 

Wni.LawrenceTwentymab. 11 Mar. 51) p 10 Oct. (iO !>29 Mar. (U ; 

5 Thomas Fuller P 4 Sept.OO p 1 1 June 01 . p20 Apr. 01 ! 

John Groves p 10 May 01 p It) Doc. 02 p 18 Oct. 04 \ 

Lieutenants. j Mnjor Bhike serTed with Oie 93r 

Henry Maxwell Howard., p 19 ^^lar. (H p 18 July 02 - landers throupiiout the Eastern camu 
Walter Yeldham P29 Mar. 01 p 7 Nov. 02 it^M-M, Includliur tho battlei of Ah 

Charles John Fletcher .. p 18 Feb. 02 p 23 Junc03 ""''f^'*^*- •*;«• o;.S^»*oi'<>V^ 
'., « T 1 /-. IT nw. xr i^-k ni'Y^r rn Kertch and ^cnikali (M«Mlal and Clu] 

Fred. John Geo. Murray.. PIG May 02 p 17 Nov. 03 r.irkHi Medal). Served the Indian « 

Fred. Charlen Hooper .. p24 June (>2 p 4 Dec. 0;),of iHsr-rA), including the relief and 
Arthur Octaviu^ Hughes i* 9 Dec. 02 p 20 Ai)r. 64 «f Lucknow, and subwquenc opernt, 
William llenry Balder. .- 7 N"v.6i .31 ^Uy VA ^'']t^^:^'^^Z1:^'S,*^^i 
Francis Alf. Barnes. Aifj. p 5 .May 03 . 20 July 04 campBlun from i:»th Nov. IM4, with tl 
Edward PuHeyno 7 Mav 58 p 10 Nov. 00 i Re?t. at the tiege of Seb.-utopol, and m 

John Fryer Chapmau .. p21 Juliv CJ -IS Oct. <U ?Sllir£r<?u:p;«d''T«"ktallM,^^^^ 

CoitNBTS. In the Kxpeditlon In the North of China In 18<H) in i 

James Walklus P 21 July 03 charge i)f one of the General Hospital ahlps, and was ; 

! 2 
: o 




James Poynter p 17 Nov. (W •« the taking of the Taku forts (Medal). 

., ,,r . n I 1^ » t*<\ fi Qr.Maktcr Pickle* >ierved with the 11th 

(fet)rt;c >^ atson » 4 IJec. li.J Uagieru tampaijin of 1854-M, including tiie affair of Ou 

Robert Stevenson p 1 Mar. 04 battlffl of Alma, Halaklarn, and Inkcnnan, and siege 

James Stuart. . p 20 A]ir. 04 haitopol (Medal and four CIa«ps, and TurklRh Hedal). 

Amelius Morland Smith p31 3Iay iW ■ 
Mdwd. Alexander Fraser 13 S(|)t. 04 i 
21 ; Pfly/;mji^r.— Stephen Blake,' 20 Jan. 49; Ens. p4 Oct. 44; Lieut, p21 Jidy4fi; 
2, -^/;M/rtM^— Z;leM^ F. A. Baiues,2G July 04. [^fff/. 1 Ja 

4 I \[nHi'uctor of Mwhctrij. — Lieut. >V. Vel-.lham, 12 M:iy (U. 
3 I (\ Riding Master, — Herbert James Fairlie, 1 1 April 02. 
I 7 j 'QMwrf^riVti^/er.—Jaseph Henry Pickles,'^ 23 March 58. 
: 13 I \Surgeon, — Cornelius Clark niitherford/ A.S. 7 May 52; Surgeon j 2 Dec. 50. 

3 ' \ Assistant 5f<r<7eo/i«. — Frederick Beaufort Scott, MD., 1 Oct. 02. 
; 10 ' VC Valentine Mumbeo M*Master/ MD. 27 Mar. 55. 

. , Vtterinary Surgeon. — John Mills, 8 July 59. 

Facings Blue. — Agents, Messrs. Cox and Co. 
1 Sir Charles O'Donnell was present with rhe Russian troops in the Campaign of 1828 on the Danube agaii 
Tarki ; and in 1849 with the German Troops in Sch!esw'g-IIolstein and Jutland, especially at Dupplt and tht V 

: Lt.Colonel Prettcjohn served throughout tlie Punjaub Campaign of 184)?-49.includlng the action of Romniigiliiri 
charging Squadrons, passage of the Chenab, battles of Chiilianuaiiah and Goojerat, puisult of the enemy ocroM thti 
nnd of the Aflghans over the Indus through the Kyber Pass (Meial and Clasps). Served with the Persian eiptdi 
iM.'i/ and was prevent at the bombardment of Mohumra (Medai.i. Alto with the Central India tield force under ffii 
iJ'ise in !><)£<. and was presi-nt at the siege ami captuie of Uiihutghur. lu-tiou ot Uarudia, relief of SauKor, CHptnrec 
r.ik-)ta, forcing the Muddonpore pasfl(woanded\ »it^:re and capture of Jhanvi, iiattlen of Botwa and Koonch, allUn 
the ailv.ince o\\ Caipee, capture of Caipee, action of Morar nnd recapture of Uwalior and pursuit ending la the is 
.Tinvr ; Allipore. action of Hanode— severely wounded (three times mentioned in despatclies, Ureveta of M^Jor aad I 
Me.lnl nnd Clasii\ 

A Poctin: M* Master servetl in the Persian war in I8.'i7i including the night attack and battle of Kooshabt sm 
bardment of Mohumrah (Medal and Clasp). Left Allahabad with Havelock'x column in Julv 1857. and was pn 
all the opcrationit rcsultiUK in the recapture uf Cawu]Kire and in the firfct advance into Uude and sulucquent enoageiMl 
13th .MigtiAt; present on the !it,>cond advance into Oude and in all the aclious ending in tberelkf of iht RcsU 
Lucknow anil subAequrnt defuncc including several sorties (wounded) ; with Outram'k force at Alurabagh until tbe 
uf Lucknow ; the Hohilcund campaign and capture of Uarcilly (Medal with two Clasps, YiutoriaCroM, and i 

ICi'iiHutiatiun of Nottt of the \'th f.nncfr.i.l 
H Captain Duncan served tlio Eastern campaign of IfUM-M, including the ntl'air of Tin Igannk, battles of Abu 
kl.iva (h<>r»<> killed), Inkernmn (horve killed), and Tchernaya, and »ipgf* of Rrbaftopol (Medal and Clasps, BaiAa 
Tnrkifcli M.-ltl .. nnl ftHi (.'lnt« of th" MeiliMI-^), Svrvod In the campalu'n of IS^'-H-W In Central India and wm ]« 
tin; iirti-iu uf Zimiport' 'Mi'daH. 

»rt!p I 
^ . _ . Shan 

■ m roiuiiMud of :\ Si|iiadron . niepa niiil (>nptun> of Lurkmtw, thr siuiimrr rainpnJLfn in Oudf and Rohilcund and aciioM 
•I imow ami .Vlly^liur. rapture of Uarcilly, action at sludyehanpure and pursuit tirMahomdee, passage of the Gogra at 1 
and affair at Knnid-ikoti ^)Ieda) and Clasps ). 

II Captiun B:uii)iridi!C M*n-n1 uith a S<|uadninof the 17th Lmrrrs m the Indian rrniipnipi of 1858 nnder Sir John Ml 
rhutine theatfrnn of Kf^jglinr, .Mimgn>wlee, .Sindwaho, Kliaree, and /eem|H)rc (Medal). 

/'/ Captain Gonne Bcrreti in India In 1h;i7-.'i9-, was appointed Acting Interpreter to the 17th I^anceraaad Staff 
/u the L*nd Cavalrv ('oUiniii ^faftvn Dlvisinn (mentioned in de«v^^h«t, Medal). 

\.Vor cQiv\Va>M.VkOTi ot tftQllc%,«tt cad of lAth Hu 

tin; !irM-»U iif 7,<»nipi)rt' ' >H'cl;ii ). 

10 t'ap;aiu <'.' v,ru'd with tin* 0»h I/iiirpn« ilnonjrlii'Ut Hir pupprisslou cf tin? Indian Mntiny in 1S57-S9, jnc 
Ijjillli' ol" Hnillfkc'iTai. vc-^'i- iipfTifioin iis^nult -.iniI r'!])tnn' of iV?Hii. nrtion* of nohin«1<ihuhur nnd'AlIyphnr. hart! 
ii'lair of K. iii'Ui:«v ic'lcl .il LniUndW liv I.'nil C!}ili', Inttl* nf (;.nvii;)i»ri.- on lir!i Pre . aruon at Srraiuhat,*a«^ion at SI 


JSlcintectairT.] 19'A Regiment of Hussars. 159 

Tkfott C«ntwbary. J 

(Mnv/.— William Pnttle,' CB., Com^f, 1) Dec. Ol); Lt. 11 May 0.> ; Ctpf, 8 June Irt ; Af/tjor 

^jDno3(i; /./.rc;^ -J? April :V.\; Col 4 July 43; Major Oni, •>«) June .-,»; LtOen. Irt 

July .70; (s'nuntf, 1) Oct. (>:) ; Colonel lUtli llussara :)0 S. jit. (»*2. 
i£/.CbAimaf.— Charlei Vanbrugh Jenkiof,^ Corrter/, 24 .Tan. 39; I A, 1 Jan. 44 ; dW. 31 Jan 5*' • 

MnJ'jr, 1 .Tnly 57 ; X/.(W. 1 .Jan. 62. " ' 

|.lf'..«f ; — Roland Bichardton.^Cor/u^, 20 Mar. 39 ; Ll. 1 .Tjiu. -1(5 • rviyi/, 20 Sept. 54 ; Bi, Major, 

juu.- 56 ; Major, I .Ian. 62. 
Ue. r y t'adogan ( .Vaiyie/ Cor/ig/. 20 Au g. 4 8; Lt. 11 S'>pt. 51 ; C Vi;>/. 23 Nov. 56; J/o/tfr, 23 Apr. 63. 

I CAITAINS. C'>RKF:T. I LIKI-T. . «'A1'TAIX. i brkv. m.w. 


Sir John UiW. Bart 20 Pet. 4l>.31 .'an. 62, 1 .Ian. 57 20 July 55 

Henry Edward Kllice 20 Vec. 4yjl8 Aug. 5l': 1 .Inly 67 

Roh*ri liaring 25 July 5120 Sept. 54' 9 Jan. 68 

Me: -lie Clarke" i»8 July 5228 Sept. 54 lu Mar. 58 

>'€ Hugh Henry (iough" 20 Au-. 53 9 Aug. 5i* 4 .Fan. 61, 5 .Tan. 61 

Ilichard Talbot Tlantagenet .Stipleton^ 20 Nov. 5217 Sept. 55 30.rulv n2 

Charles Mnnners Sutton Fairbrother . . 20 Oct. 56 12 Sept. 60 30 JulV 62 

! George Archibald r.i8hop>*> .12 June 62 2 July .'iO :}M July «2 

LlEITENANTH. I '.'Ll. Colonel JrnkiiiH ferviil in thi> IkI 

Obarles Hay Pairlie 4 Dec. 55 23 Nov. 60 ."' 'fill ''•b','' C-vairy thecampalRu of 1b4J 

AU^l TT-..,.J!. («k...»..» II J J* lOii < ~» r.' (i I- -- '" AUi^h.inlstiiii, under Ovneral Pollock, 

Abel Henry CbapnJan,'<^/(; 120 .^epl. 5l. 9 .lau. Oi;.„d «a.pre.enilnull the .ciloni lc*dh.K 

-Arthar George Web»ter^ i20 Dec. 50 10 March 67io the oirupatioii ^f Cubul Medal;, rixu. 

!Bdvard Stiriing Rivett Carnac" '. 4 Jan. 5t IS Mav 68""'' cai.ipaign of l.«i43.44, includiuR the 

Ijohn BiddnlDh'*^ . i*'l) Inn fislS Mav r.u »»>«»« «'f MihanyporH .Jlronie Star. 

Jonn Dioauipn j-U .lan. Ot> la Alay *^»suil.j CampuUn of 1K4.I. including the 

[Q^orge Cortlandt Haller Taylor ;20 Jan. 6S 18 l^lay 58 buttle of Aliwui Medal . TunjHub Cam- 

•CharlM John Prinsep 6 Mar. 58 21 June 58 P^is" "f l^ti*. including the battles of 

■fflUot Alexander Money 10 .luly 60,22 Aug. (J3j'h»ljn^«a»'»h »"«! Gooj^^^^ Medal with 

jMontagu Stuart Saunderi ,20 Sopt. 6^ 20 Sept. CO ";? M.ljo'J'Kichafdson lerverl m the 3nl 

1 Cornets. IK-ngiil Light Cavalry the Siiilt-j ( am- 

Uofeph Bouldcrwn '20 Nov. 6ui ^ ,„ , . ':"'i^" *'^»l**H'';-*^; »«»'i««'"'K t''*' ^"t?*^? 

^Vm^mwiM^, Umw,,^ U»fU I A 1 1„- ..,^t>f All wjl UMil SobraoQ . Mediil wllh ( Unp . ( ninmaiided 

jFrederuk Henry Uniil 4 Dec. 00 ^ He^i.nent i.n.1 8ub.i<quently a Brigade of Cavalry- lu 

jCharlet U'>bert bt. Qu*ntin ; 4 Jan. 01 the Turkish ( (•nthiu'tnt In tlic Kastem Cumpaiifn during 

Charles Athol Hnrrv Banister . . . . ! Feb. f>4 , ^.^^''i?' r^"!»i? "^'S^ '" ^^i'!^,"^ "«"P»» "■'«»'* '^"'"^^y 

in ., u „',v . /. - • 1.1 4 i.o '" the Punjnub ( ainptugn in lfi-l», and was present at 

/^aynwiter.— Henry Ortavius ( iirno, 12 Au^.02i ihe battle of Goojerat Medul with ( laap . As CapUin 
] JE^/l-f.4 Feb. 53 ; Lt. Juno «>7. rulsed and rummanditl u llegiment of Irregular Horse 

[Adjutnnt.'-rMut. A. H. Chaimmn, 2r> Anjr. <i2. u"«l«^«-l]»e of t'.e H.Governor of the N.W. Pni- 
Instructor of Muslcctrt/ — • Mutiny Medal . 

Ai'iin^ 3/AJ/«>r.-- George Couch/^ 2f May 02. lO Cupt:iin Huhop ira& attachoil to tlic G4ih Kegt. 

quarter Mnticr. — William Langdale, (J March r»:^<l"f' "If ^ho operation* uzainst the ttwalior Contingent 

\'Mr«rAin '" Criwupure in Ibo7 ; at the churtro mi ilu* enemy's guna 

jur^cun. ,-ooTi rr "» ll»e '-Nth Nov. he rescued the body of Brigadier Wihon 

Assist. Surgfonf, — Samuel Fuller," 23 July 55. (Medal i. 

(leorge Richard Woolhousp, 30 April Ij'^. 
Veterinary Surgeon. — 

Agents, Mesirfl. Coz & Co. 

Pattic served in Oude and Bobllcund !n l^O*.' :i, and u-as pnsent at the siege and capture of the forts 
■ad BldJegbur. Tbrow;hout I^rd Lake's campaigns of iHUa-.'i including the battle of C'oel, siege and capture uf 
r^ battln of Delhi, Agra, and Laswarri>e, relief of Colonel Burn's detachment ut .Shumlee, defeat of Ilolkar at 

ftglmr, siege aud laptare of Dcig. and sifge of Bhnrtpore. Campaign in iiundiecuud in 1{«10-11. Siege and capture 
'~ ' ""* Pirdarree warof ISIT-It*. Commauded the CavuJry thruugP 

in ldl3. Pirdarree war of isb -Ic<. Commauded the Cavalry throughout .Sir ( harles Napier's Campaign in 
liuterhsdliig the battles oi Sleoiiee and Hyilerabad Medal, Cli., Aide de Camp to the Queen and Colonel'. Has also 
adtao War 3lcdal nlth three Clasps. 

^a^OiiQ Clarke served during the Mutiny at Meerut, and leceived a letter of Ihaitks fiom Government for services 
lh« Mevrut Light Ilorsc in i£>.'i7->( (Medal . 

ICalBr Oough served us Adjutant of Ilodsou's Horse throughout the siege of Delhi ;\i-onnded'. Commanded a wing 
sBegimtnt In the actionvot lioIund«hur, Allyghur, and Aura, relief of Lucknou-, by Loid Clyde, battle ol Cannpore, 
I at Seraigbat and Kiiodaguiigf, siege and ciiptuiu of Liicknow vSeverely U'.Mnuled, ;.iul two hmsi's killed . and action 

(nenlioned in tieipatches en si-veriti occasions for ** (llsthiiiulshi'd bravery " aud thanked by the Governor 
tslof India, Urevf-tof Major, Vict'iria Cross, and Medal with three Clasps . 

3aplSlnStaplelun.«e:vcd wiih the Uajpootaua lield force in Ki/'-.'>H, and was present at the siege and capture of 
Ik. Bereed as !?nd in c im'Tinnd c-f the :<cni:aT Veonianry ( avalry In purs'iit of rebels on the Xepaul frontier Meilal.. 

Ucnt. Chapman s-.'rved li t..e Indian 3Iutiny Campaign in lr.^')7 •'•S, including the sieg^ aud capture of Dhar, Mun. 
nt, Chindarec, Jhansi, and Calpee, and aitioiu of Jlelwa and Koonch Medal with 1 la»p . 

L4eut. Webster servi'd w. lb land's Moi'Itanee Horse during the Indian Mutiny Campaign in ]>si7..';H, and was 
rat at Kakraole, operatlnns I;ei'or«' an i capture of Bareilly, Shahjehun|>ure, and capture ot Mohundee Medal'. 

iiait. Rivett Cainac curved with Kane's Horse during the China Campiilgn of 1-^UJ, and was present at the oction 
mho, taking of the Tdk>i Kuriii.actKMH .t the l^th and L'lst September, and Kubseq'itnt operations before Pekin. 

extra Or-icrly Officer to IJiiijadier I'.tttic dating tin.- acliuus of the IJth Aug. end IHih S. pt.--Ment:iMie:l in 
Ucheii .Medal uiih Clasps . 

UeaL Kiddulph i- rve>l in the In linn ?.lii iny Ciunp.ii,;!! In \<>'i, and w.x pre-<ent ?.t ih2 a'tiou of DouuihaUi'ra, 
Igof Uie forts ol Chanua au^ !M 'UJ^CK-a, and actiunon the b:tnks uf the U iptce. 

RUliiig blaster Couch served in the Cilioea in IK't'i, and h.m tiicCriiuiun aud Turkiiili Me>JaIs. 

4Mist.:>urgeua Fuller served wuh the !>th I^aucers in the suppivsMlin oi'ihe Indian Mutiiiy in lr<o8-'ii>, and was pre. 
St iJir cspturi' of Meeangnnge, siege and capture ot l.ucknow, the summer (ampaign In Oude and llohilcnnd with 
nssfC Bbodoinow and Allyguuge, capture of BureUly,acUou near SUalij>iiiinpi:re and pursuit to Mah'imdee, passage of 
twrns at Fvzabad ^Ueilal and Clasp:-. 

\ Vk 'i 




20/// Reyiinent of hussars. 


LDtpoc, Canterbury 

CWon^/.— Charlei Aronlauban Carmiclmel/ CB., ConieU 27 Mar. OC; Lt. 12 April 10 ; Capt. 8 May 
21 ; ^faJ<n', SO Dec. 83 ; Lt.Col. 1 Nov. 38 ; Col. 19 Mnrch 49 ; Major (iev. 28 Nov. 54 ; LU/e*i. 
14 April 02 : Cohnei 20th Hnuan, 80 Sept 02. 
25 I.LCMneL— Henry Jamei Stanuua,'^ (\trnct, 31 Dec. 40; J.t, 12 Nov. 42 ; Ctipt, 16 April 50 ; £t. Mnj. 

' 17 April 60 ; Bt.lJ.Coi, 28 Nov. 54 ; Major 7 April 60 ; Col, 18 Nov. 60 ; I.LCoL 1 Jan. 62. 

24 3/a>r*.— Edward Charles Warner/' Cor.25 Jan. 41 ; IJ. 8 June 44; CajH.2 May 54 ; Mqj. 30 Julv 62. 

24 Thomas Theophilm Boileau/ Coiiut, 27 July 41 ; /./. 8 May 49 ; Cap, 13 April 55 ; Brev.MnJ. 24 





Mar. 58 ; Major, 15 Nov. 64. 

Captains. cn-rnkt. 

Charles M'Clintock Cotton* I 3 Mnr."~ 

Robert Alexander* |20 Dec. 

Ashtoii Cromwell Warner? " 4 Oct. 

Aylmer Wm. John Montgomerie* ....' 4 Oct. 



42 17 
53 28 


46 23 
50 23 
o4 1 
56 28 

Nov. 56 

Nov. 56 

Oct. 57 19 Nov. 59. 

Mar. 60 

George Campbell Ross p 19 June 57;p 30 July 58 i' 11 Feb. 62 

Josiah Marshall Heath^ i 2() July 50 26 July 58 10 June 61 

Henry William Studdy | 12 Oct. 54 11 May 57 29 Apr. 62 ' 

John CutU Lock wood •' '20 Jan. 54 31 Dec. 5415 Nov. 04 

LlEDTKNANTS. \ \ ^ ^"'rTJi^.^^Ti !I*"'.'^ ^° *^*. T* 

Henry Alexander Walford 20 Sept. 54 23 Nov. 56 Krl'/i? ^K^y^^^^^^ 

Frederic Trench*'' 20 Jan. 57;30 April 58 tie of Blamoo Khsii :Medal . Con. 

Arthur Westby Brodhurst'' .24 June 57 18 iMay 

Theodore William Hogg | 4 Dec. 57.18 May 

John Robert Glover Sweeny 4 Apr. 

Robert Gordon Loch 4 

flenry Rdward Kensit 20 

John Dent Dird 20 

Thomas Shepherd 

George Robert James Shakespear 
Arthur William Gordon Brebner 
Cecil ^tangles 

i t 
> 4 


manded the iierkcnal escort of fiilr Hufk 
Goui$h at the battle of Mahan^pore aod 
throughout the Guallor caoi^lfa of 
lK4:i.44 ^Bronre Star.. Serrea throofh. 
out the Sutlej campaign of l84.'i-tts vitk 
the Governor General's Bodr Guafd al 
the battlet of Mootlkec ami feroieriiab, 
and was also present at Aliwal and :<«• 
braon Medal and three Clasps}. Expe- 
dition to Kote Kangra In \mfi. Pui^iab 
IcmnpaiKn of lK4ft-4!), present at tbeacUon of RaBouirfUf. 
Sept. 60 and again commanded the Cavalry escort of Lord 0«u|th 
Dec. 60!"^ ^^^ battles of ChilUanwallah and Goojerat, at vtlkk 
^, -last he was rerr severely wounded (Medal i»ith im 
^^ Clttsps. Wound Pension fur life, and Breret Sf ajor . Wa 


58' 5 

60 15 







George Manner Onslow 20 May 61 Ipresent at 3Ieerut when the outbreak of the Seapoy nu- 

David Carruthers liudd 1 8 June 60;H"y 57"|* r^,«<^* «\.Vh*l »i»lion In May I8.'i7. 

10 Hao i\t\\ '* Major K. C. Wanier served the GwaUor campaifii of 

1 rt XT ftV'l^*-*^. including the batUe of Piimiiar (Braaac «ltr;. 

1 o IS ov. o 1 .Also thi oughout the siege operatioua before Moeltas uti 

Henry Jopp Beattie. 

Charles Dailey 

Mansel Armstrong 

22 Nov. 64 'surrender of the fortress in TtOti-U) . Medal:. 

PaymaHer, — Charles Loder, 12 Aug. G2 ; Hiding MaUer, 5 -Mar. 49 ; JA. 7 Apr. 56; CajU, 10 Dec. til* 

6 Instructor ofMusketri/, — Lieut. 11. E. K<.'Usit, 11 Aug. 04. 

3 Riding J/«/<fr.— Janifs Edward Willis, 27 May 62. 

7 Quarter jl/flsffr.— George Masters, 2 Oct. 62 ; Ensiyn, Oct. ![>^, 

Surgeon, — 
10 Atusi. jS'i<r£<*07i«.— Nicholas Ffolliott, 13 Oct. 55. 

8 Charles Mackinnon." 28 Sept. 57. 

i Veterinary Surgeon, — Agents, Messrs. Thacker & Co. 

1 Lt.GeneralCarmkhael served al the biege and capture of Callingi-r in 1^<^J. Against Rcnah In \f>\:i: and Altrarln 
lbl4. Siege and capture of Hattrass and Moorsuun in I»lCir. Malirntta nrd Pindarree war of 1817-19 Indndlng iif^ 
lure of Joud, and Ram) oora-RHni| oors. Against the fort of Humcerghur and the Blie«>ls, as Brlfcade M^Jur In If^i*. 
CfMnmanded a Light Detachment and took possession of the Uaj of Juwra Malrpore in Inr^r-flH. The end nt IvM marcbid 
Id commsnd of the 4th Irregular Horse to Join the army of the Indus as Volunteers, and served tl\rougtaout the rampiiga 
lo Affgbaolstan under Lord Keane, Including the forcing of the Bolan and Khojuck Passes, taking of Caiidshar sad 
Khelat.l>GbllsIe, sief-e snd capture of Ghuznee, occupation of Cabool ard Jellahabnd, and passage of the Khfber fte 
(CB., Medtl. and 3rd Class Dooriinee Empire). 

4 H^Jor Boileau served with the force under Gen<>ral Wheeler in the Punjaub In 1H4»^49 r Medal'. Also Ibronghonl Ae 
defence of the Residency of Luckncw until relieved bv I<ord Cl>dc (mentioned in de»putches and thanked by tbeGorcnwr 
General In Council, Brevet of Major, Bledal with Clasp, and gnint of a year's service. 

3 Caotaln Cotton served the Gwalior campuign of l.*M."t.4-l, including the battle of >IaharBj]>ore (Bronxe 8tar\ 
tf Captain Alexsnder was attached to the 7tli Husiars at the olege and capture of Lucknow In March 18.SH and sotae- 
qoent operations In Oude (Medul with Clasp). 

7 Major A. C. Warner served throughout the defence of the Rfsidency of Lucknow (mentioned In det p a k i H i 
thanked by the Governor- General in Council, and grunt of a year's service) ; pnttnt at the defeat of the Gwdbr 
contingent at Cawnpore, action of Khodagunge, and re-capture of Futtygbur; si-rved as Aide de Cump to GeiwrsI 
Walpole during the siege and capture of Lucknow, and at the battle and capture of Bareilly i,iwlce mcutii>ned Indn* 
patches, Me<lal with two Cla-^ps, and Brevet of Major). 

8 Captfdn Montgomerle served throughout the suppression of the Indian ^Mutiny with the (iuide Cavalry at the battif of 
Ni^ulghur, and siege and capture of Delhi, and with the Arst Sikh Cavalry at the Alumbagh uuder Outram from I6lh 
January to 'Jnd Mart-h IB.'iH, siege and capture of Lucknow i^slightly wouuded', subsequent operations in Oude, and aihir 
of SImre :Medal with two Clasps). 

9 Captain Heath served in the Central India campaign in ISfiS, including the capture of Aliwa, Kotah, Gwalior, aal 
Powree (Medal with Clasp). 

11 CapUin Lockwood served as Aide de Camp to sir Sydney Cotton during the Indian mutiny in iH.'ir, was present duriif 
the operations on the Eusafzule frontier In April and May 1^.'>^: mentioned in despatch, and against the HindostaiKe 
faoatlcs at Sattanah. 

\'J Lieut. Trench served at the siege and capture of Delhi, and with Hodson*s horse in the engagements of Gungerte 
Puttlalee, and Mvnpoorie, and ul the siege and capture of Lucknow Medal with two Clasps'). 

lA Lieut. Brodhurst was attached to the ^^nd Dragoon Guards at the siege and capture of Lucknow and subscqaul 
operations In Oude (Medal with Claap\ 

14 Assist. Burgeon Mackinnon served In the Indian Mutiny campuisn in 18A7>&S, and was preient at the attack oa tbs 
r0h0}$ near Peeroo In the Jugdeespore Jungles on 1 1th May IM*6 (Medal). 

• j| Vmbftllah. "I 

m »1 tWmtft M«MalAna. J 


Depot, Blaidiione. 

21*^ Regiment of Hussars. 


X- (JUoneL—Sir John Bennett Hcarsey/ KCI^., CwmU M Sept. 08 ; Lt. 1 Nov. 00 ; Capt 31 Aug. 10 ; 
Major, 19 Nov. 35; Lt.Col. 28 Dec. 38; CW. 19 Match 49; Major C/e*. 

15 June (f2; Coloneiy 2lBt Hiissars, 30 Sept. 62. 

28 Nov. 54; Lt.Gen, 

19 Jan. 58; 3/<yor, 1 Jan. 62. 
25 IRodrrick Bannatyne Macleod, Cornet, 15 Feb. 40; />/. 27 Sept. 43 ; Ca2)t. (> Sept. 51; Major, 
' 30 July 62. 





24 Edmund Arraifcige Hardy i 2 Feb. 41.22 Sept. 4-2',25 Nov. 62 

^' Henry Krskine Forbes -25 May 4312 Jan. 49;23 Nov. 56 

lArtbar Vincent Dumbleton 26 July 43i 8 May 49,23 Nov. 56 

BBKV. M.\J. 

20 July 58 




>TC Charles Powlett Lane 20 

William John Stephens Bichardes . . 
Willoughby Charles Stnnley Clarke 

Edwnrd Baldwin Wake 

l^eorge Farqnhar Smith 

Howard Parker 


I 3 

Jan. 46 8 May 49;23 Nov. 56,20 July 68 

May 51 14 Nov. 53; 9 April 61i 

Nov. 47 80 July 49;2l July 61 

53 26 April 56 30 July 62] 

65 20 Nov. 56 30 July 62, 


65,23 Nov. 6G, 1 Jan. 621 

4 Auist. Surgeon Haward served with 

April5l'23 Nov. 56l;^« •''\*J ^T- »VSi,«\«8e^' ?,*»>"'«^»«J 
rk5» ra n T__ r>,i'rom Dec. 18.14 (Medal and (laap, ond 

Turkiiih MednP,. Alao in the ludlAU cam- 

Ll iGoor^ Ward Ohicheley Plowden 

9 Icimrles Whiteman Thomns 20 Oct. 56 9 Jan. 67 

9 Charles Elliot Farquharson 4 Nov. 56 23 Jnn. 57,pHl?n in l»r)7^H, inclucMns the actions at 

8 Frederick Bruco Prinsep 20 A pril 67 1 8 .May 68 <>«"?<>« «>n 26th 27th en^ wih Nor. 1 6ft7. 

8 lAnthony William TwyfoH.,at) Feb. rV20 Dec. 5718 Ma^ 58!SfTrgh^Xli^^i^'^^^^ 

7 '&obertCoilinsonD'Ksterrebpottiswoode20 Mar. 58 21 June 58 :> Aulat. 8urgeon Mnnday senred In th« 

7 -Arthur Henry Taylor • 4 Nov. 58 5 Feb. 69' In«''an campaign of l«7-58. Including the 

- - '"lOiA Timo »•! at'tiont of C'baudo, Ume(r])ore, and 8ul- 

cft V T J vl*""!'®"^' •'««« »»** capture of Lucknow, 

4 June OOlsubseqiient operations in Oude and affairs 

tf ;I>aiican George Pitcher i 3 

6 iHoward Goghlan { 4 

I Cornet:^. 

Boyee Albert Combe 27 

'lobert Claade Smith 27 







j William Alex. Lawrence 4 Feb. 

ChMies Rose Chase 11 July 

iBrerard 8tningirays Neave i 4 Sept. 

Kobert Carr Andrei^r .'12 July 

Joseph William Minchin Cotton '20 Dec. 

Thomas Deane I 4 Mar. 





of Musitengunge aim Meaiigunge (Mrdal and C!«:p;« 



Paymaster. — James George, 21 Mny 68 ; Q.M. 12 Jan. 55 ; Eh$. 3 June 50 j IIou.Cafi.2l May 63. 

Adjutant.— Lieut, A. W. Twyford, 9 Feb. 64. 

Instructor (f Musketry. --Lieut. C. W. Thomas, 30 July 62. 

Riding Master. — Butler Goodbum, 4 Aug. 63. 
7 QuttHer Master. —RtMy Murray, 2 Oct. 62 ; /j^n^'^i, 29 Nov. 68. 


Assistant Surgeon. — Wallace Haward,^ 7 June 64. 

John Munday»^ 4 Feb. 66. 

Feterinary Surgeon. — 

% Agents, Messrs. Grindlay & Co. 
I Sir Jokn Ueaf aay has received the India War Medal Willi tUiee Muips fur the Nipaul War. Hutilc of Sietahuldy 
K^yaff«)f aiegeand capture of Bhurlpore. Commanded a Cnvalrjr Dlvi&iun in the I'unjaub Cuiupaign of lB4t^-l!i, inrlud- 
19 llu battle* of Chillianwalla and Ooojtrat, and coniiuanded all the Cavalry in thu pllr^uit of the Scik» and Aflahant 
lad at the surrender of the Bcik Army of 18,000 men and 63 ^un* (Mcdnl with t\ru Ch«^)l5, and C'D.\ Received Ihreo 
lifbt wounds in tlie NepanI war at the affair of i'irraree: one severe and dangerous wound at the battle cf Felabuldee; and 
laeaUghtwomnd at Kombbeer when reconnoitring that Fort. \Vaa nominaled Knighi Commander of llje Batli for ftn^icea 
brhif die Mminy of the Uengal Army in 1&57, being in conmiand of the Bengal Previdency DiTuiou, Head Quarters 
IwrackBorc. la 1841, having then served 84 years in India witliout a furlougli, thn Officers uf the Cavalry Branch of 
haBeiwal Anny presented him wiih a luiiidM>ntc Silver Vaso ««iLl) li.e names of ilic biUtles in which the Bengal Native 
'dvalry had be«>n highly dittinguished, and aUo their uivn names int^cribed thereon, as uteslimonlal of their C8tce», and 
• A r«c«CDittou of bis services in that branch of the Bengal Native Army. 

*^* Tbe renuiining War Services will be given U«reat'ter. 




s s i"s~ 



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'^-S'f.-'-R — 2"ES2 _ 



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ef : li ii ■ & I : : : : .- 

-B ■ ■■■^s-s.snSrs j| = 

iff ^l-ssri-iist -n-s 

t- »lE)UkO 3 ^ » S ^ XJB-£ S 

Roiful ArtilUi-p. 



9090 OOOOQS^^ 

d C Cl 

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«i! ^ H h. 

■S 00 GO ■"* 


00 ^ ob CO o — 

O O •'3 »0 O w 


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O O O O O O '-'i *0 O O k'S U3 

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O aD;S'30eo;Sw9C3c»r»i9aO:y9p^ 

C» Ot •?* '^ "^ >- '?! 

flB =*- —i Cm *- ^ 

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V A GB ^ O 
9« 91 91 09 CO 

"-» •'i ■-» "I ►^ 

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•3 -a 

CI 9) 01 

c^ 9« eo 

3 33 

c; Oi V 

O S 3 3 

•3 3 :3 3 

•-» »-a "^ 



91 C9 CO 

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»- ^ 91 

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23 ^333S 

^1 ^» «f}i ^ ^ ^ ^ 

lU '^ "« »-< 'C 'P ^ *•? S»v 

-^^ ^ ' * ^ >^ .^ /•>> ^^ 


' ' -* o o o o 

n n 03 

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^ ,-4 ^ »^ 91 

O r* O •>. 9» 

91 91 9» 'N 

91 9< « -* 

09 CO CO CO 

CO I— -H o 

9» CO 71 


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^91 CO — 9* 



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Rojfol ArtUUn^y. 

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-yi 71 W .5«.F- <N <N 9* fN ?» , . _ 

OD so op op 00 S Cd'A ^ dTC&'b OOOOOOQdiM^'r*^' 


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J?; ;z;?3 < k; *^ •-> CD »-» — 

QO »0 W «* ap -i -^ 




V 1> CI « * 

•-»•-» -a 0% 

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iiOfQc**2:5cJo^ .i*p^ ">> to rt. ► ij 


A p. Si ft. e.^ 3 



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g) c« «o CO «o r* *« 9 

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? r t: z: sK ?& ac; ^ ^ i^, T; ;{ 21 !:i 71 S^ 91 ?i '71 (^ 91 91 9t 7^ »^ 

HotfOl Artillery. 




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OO"0G00000 Oi^»'< — Cli-i'ifd*«00'<O'tJd'^0Dr-i'a 


000000000000030000000C OC0900000000000000 

; 3 r»i« <^ 09 CO 30 ?0 CO « CO 00 CO CO eO CO d CI CI d d CI CI d CI CI d CI CI CI CI 01 CI CI CI CI r-r n -« »^ P« ri^ ,• 

•jiaSS W a S ai w d c< o» d oi « »l 51 « d d d 5i di CI CI d ci ^ ci $1 ci ^i ci it ci ci d ci ci d d d d 


Rittfttl ArtUUry^ 

1 I « lis 

£11- Captaimd. 

I) I a &.EaderbjOordoD.'"/. r.sKDT.Ui cw. » JulrnjlO J>"" << 

2 Mwani Maubi«y,'>':l/^riiN-crf.M *0 D«e. " 

lU JoUlGco. DuuDiby " Jl^f. l-Jl>«.Mi tc. Ullu.U 1 

la CharlegNoTill Lo»e[l, Jf-Jor, lOAiw.d 19 Dw. 44 

" JAinca Francis Jiulon TravuiT, itajtr IV Scjit. ** 
Hon, EU™. T Giigc,'"i.r.H(io. M C»l, S Nur. 

1| O'rf NteUIt Saltren K«att Saiilf,'*' Mq)tr Ort.«i 

M U j 4 Oeorgb liik»ton,'^ji,ijur ]}ac.M; I.e.lOXl*]' ^ 

l\ ]10 OwirgoLe»Ilc 

U Rob.EmJliiiiFCniurnr],'».Up>.OJuMM.... 

jlU Cbarlci '\^'rlKhL 

a.c.Jolin liverett Tbring,"' jfirjurMJiiij-cs 

; Ji lienrj'LaiiibnrtPulkcarcviUe 

I 10 
I 10 


1 April 46 i» July S3 
9 Apill 44 35 Sept. &1 
1 April 46 A Aug. fij 

do IAAdk. M 

ilo 31 An;. 

do 1 Sept. 

do IT Sept. 

do II Kov. 

do TDee. 

do Z3 Uar. M 

do IS April £3 
10 Uiy 


21 Jun 

1 5 

uvillo .. 

23 July 
do 6Sq>t. 

do IB Sept. 
do a Srpt. 
do iO Sept. A3 
do iO Hot. S3 
do 24Jaa. SI 
do 17 Feb. SI 
A]>rn 4&17 Full. G4 
April 40 do 

Clm 11.6 


HoD.Tcrrl(kFltzHu^b,'"Uii«.aJuiHiW .. 

John Lnwrance^ltan " 


I 11 Fraaeeiaatt^oaAj,"^ Mnl.eJuntU .-• 

li JoBepli Godby,"*!!^/. mtM 

B Domi. 9dna«ld Greenii,'*' JVoJ.MMtr.M .. 
* Wni.W Barry i"CB.,jiaJ SovH|J.r.» 

1 GeorgeJlDtUiiiCuluinb 

t. B. Archibald Hotleux C>l«crt ■ 

'i *. O'firlen BeUngluun Woolse j 

d Alfred WViti Hi-tifian 

H CaJwanudorWlllriin i*.kp.." 

1 EiLiii, 

9 April 
9 April 
S April 
3 May 


It l|:) 

]la HobeTt Jolm l!ay,'n M-jor i 
I gad,- ::inor til Jt'mhrich . 

I Alexfl..dr, .. . ., |. ..■,.u, 

, JohQgp.4--v,.v.'-",l/.v almost 

Ob J. E. Mtelirlt.™ ^r..M. J Nov. 6 

ll Cto. Crcil Hrtirs/,"'-t ilii. t ». 

, d Thomas Pieto» mirlow ... 

1-J I>lin... ll...l.r.-r'.l,!,"'t-»<.>rl.-, . 

|rf Chat. Hi ■-,■-' .i(„,WWD*c,W, (.(.UNOT.ft.' 

10 I'.'.. !■ I'.. ■!■ .,. .Iicll 

3 henty V>-el ^ iircs,"" Mnf. isDcc.Wi r.e.MApr. W.. 

A Willism John Willinia*,'" i/<7.>rl Koi.U 

I 1 CharleiFred. Voona,"'W»J.^JoljM 

j d Sanford Fretting, Colonial Stt. at Gibraltar 

8.0. 0!i*er Robert Blokes 

|l) J. F. pBDnycuick,'"j/^/.IJi).-c.9l; t.(. ISVcb.BI.. 

.14 C. F.. OlrJcr»haw,'" amtr Nur 

4 ^■tll, Oi^Uvkii SimpBon Tunie 

I M; Ic'ibksi.ea 

, 6 Hon. Lcunanl A. Addlngtoii . 

10 AnilrowOcr 

I A riiarlO) liowlaiirl Hill 

[ Patrick Jolm Cutnpbell'" 

aFCTl^'rJ. C. Mtl<l-lc,"'C]l. lt<iJ.IDJ».Mif.<!.«IJiilf3l) 

) JQKor. 46 17 Feb. H 

17 17 Mtr. 
30 Hay SI 


28 Jane 51 
8 July 
i4 Aui!. 
l3 8epL 
11 Sept. S4 

ii U.I Ji'hn De LuttrcllSaiinderwin 

d Edieurd Jackton Bruct 

IJ J. lidivnrd ilui>o,'"J/.t™r3XoT. 50-. 

7 Algernon Brciiduu,'" Ui^.B June M •• 

O lA Jaint%tleli»viUmad,"^M^.riiatxTAtt 

O la *. George Allix WilklUMU 

lOct. 47 30 June 48 : 

Bftffal ArtUUrg. 





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•J I 









1 C. Bftm. Wftlcott/** M^tor s Nor. 00 

16 UC Gronow D«Ti8,'*» Maj. ae Aug. 57 

jl5 EdgmrG. Bredin/^ifA/9r6Junc56 

WiUiam John BoltOD,'^^ Major 2 Nor. 65 

Frederick Close 

James Sinclair,**' Major s Nor. 55 

iieiiry Lynch Talbot, "^3/^7. «o July 5H 

Willoughby James Wilsou^*^ I 

Wm. Henry Randolph Simpson,'"* j/t/j.o Juneoo ..1 

Lewis W. Peon,*** Mojor s Xot. 95 | 

Hcury Renny I 

Thomas Edmund By rne,'^ •••••: 

13 Charles Johuston'7' ' 

lU Thomas Samuel Pocr Field.''-' Maj. 4 Nov. 59 

John M'Cundic Campbell,'^' j/a/. 'M Apr. 50.. 

William French "^ 

Yl ^Frederick Miller ^^'^ ^ Uaj. % Not. 50 

d Robert Woheley lla'uj ....'••.. 

d Chat. Henry Otcen,*''^ jdttj, 2 Nov. 65 

G Geo. Aid. Milman,*^* iiaj, G June 56 

Uobert Doyh^'''' 

Lambert ileury Denuo ''^ 

P. W. L' Esti-ttUge,' '» Maj, i Nov. 55 

Charles £dwd. i3urt,'^° iioj. June 50 • • * * 

II aslitt Irvine,"^ A/n/.tf June5tf....» 

Claud George William Lascelle.«, s 

Reginald Henry Champion,'^' .Ua>. u Nov. 55 

Cliarlea Car])euter * 

Wra. Gilly Andrews,'"* Jtfa./.a Nov. 55 

Alexander Henry Murray'*^ 


18 Dec. 

















! do 

18 Dec. 47 

'•27 June 48 

27 June 48 

27 June 48 

\'27 Juno 48 

1 19 Dec. 48 
I do 
i do 


It) Dec. 48 

^19 Dec. 48 

1 20 Juno 49 
20 June 49 

: 20 June 49 

20 June 49 

20 June 49 





Richard Oldlield 10 Dec. 40 

47|SN0 June48 





30 June 48 






14 Oct. 












il0 Herbert Murk Gur. Purvis 

' G Wm. llowlcv Gowleiiuugli,'"^ iZ/y. -'« July 56 

12 Albert Henry Wilmot U iliibniv,"^ ^ 

8 #. William Smyth May nurd WoUe,'" 8, 

13 Charles Fred. Cockburn"^'* 

WallerChidiuckNangle/" D.AJi,M,Gen. Wocitcich 

Henry Strover,'*^ Major , •.'« Jnn. C-i 

Campbell Hardy 

Lewis Ff cderick Hall 

Fred. Cockburn firiffin'^^ 

John Henry Peile 

John Kelly • 

Roderick Muckenzie,"^j//i;.2 Nov.55 
Robert Hoi-seley Rickets R«>wley''' 

FalklAod Carey 

Henry Hebcrdcu'"* 

Henry Lfiwtlier Balfour • 

George Kepplc Taylor 

Nor. 48 
1 Nov. 48 

1 Nov. 48 

10 Dec. 48 



8 Jan. 49 

15 Feb. 40 

2 May 


7 FebT 65 
25 Feb. 55 


8 Mar. 55 
1 Apr. 55 






1 Apr. 55 

1 A])r. 55 

1 Aiiril 55 

1 Ajir. 

1 A])r. 


13 Apr. 

\) Muv 

15 May 

20 May 

1 Juno 

23 June 

29 June 





28 June 49 20 June 

4 Sept. \ July 

5 Sept. 12 Aug. 

n Mar. 50 18 Aug. 55 
23 May 50' 7 Sep*:. 
27 May 50 IG Sept 55 
20 June 40 10 Sept. 55 

OJulv 40;24Sept. 55 
10 July 4924 Sept. 65 







19 Dec. 40 

)12 John Stilling Stirling 






i 4 




I 10 June 50 

Fredk.Thos. Whinyaies»>* do 

William Noel Waller'** do 

li. T. Willoughby Puicell " 19 June 


A lured C. Johnson,'** M«J. SU Apr. 50, Stujf Capiain 

Cecil Brooke LeMesurier 

Henry Sheridan Elliot 

Henry PlanUgenet Prescott Phelips "^ 

Augustus Wm. John»ou ''■''f 

John Andrew Price"'* 

d H.B.Augustus Henry King'*" 

3 Robert James Cuirnes 

13 Richard Roy nou J one6^ 

7 John Wilder Collini^ton 

8 John Henry Brown-'" 

I 8 Walter Aston Fox Stranii way »-*^' 

I Thomas Arthur John Harrison '^"^< 


.8 John Donald Ueonrc 11 ig^'on ... 

il3 Jas. Meredith CoUingwood Vihuit, AtlJ^ ir Junr 


• • . . . 

19 June 50 

10 Aug. 

2 Oct. 
1 Nov. 
5 Dec. 

22 Dec. 
22 Feb. 51 
1 April 

1 April 
4 April 
(» June 

24 Julv 51 
20 July 
II Aug. 

25 Sept. 

3 Oct. 
II Nov. 51 
11 Nov. 51 
30 Nov. 51 
30 Dec. 

2 Jan. 
14 Jiiu. 

17 Jnn. 

3 Feb. 
10 Feb. 

18 Mur. 

10 Oct. 

18 Oct. 
2 Nov. 
1 Jan. 

23 Feb. 

23 Ftb. 
4 Mar. 

*i5 June 

52 19 July 


' 1 Jan. 

1:3 Juu. 

i24 Jan. 

21 Feb. 



o2 -Jl 



Apr. 52 ;23 Feb. 
1 Apr. 52'2GMur. 


10 Vt'. 




5 June 52 

4 July 

28 July 

5 Aug. 
31 Aug. 

:20 April 

I2G May 


■ 14 July 

21 July 

20 Aug. 

21 Aug. 

20 Aiicr. 
10 Ott'. 



J^»- ray.' 

Royal Artillerjf. 

- -1?/ 

Sboovd Captains. 






1 ^ 
1 *^ 











































































! It. K. William Booth*^ 10 

3 William LHmbert Yonge < 























Cluirles Bootli Brackeubury ''^^ 10 

Kdwin Markhaniy'^t Adij. 20 Jan. 62 19 

Henry Richard Porter**t 10 

Edmund Penroie Bingham Tamer 

Frederick Nurse Cromartie 10 

Leonard Sumner Joyce - 

Ralph Gore«»* I 

3 17© C. C. Tee8dale,«>^CB. Mnj, i5Jan. 58 18 

4 Charles Edward Torriauo'^ 

,10 Jolin Tatton Butler Brown'^^ 

) 2 Charles James Tyler^^ i 

' 2 Qeorgc Joseph Smart**^ i 

\ 7 Alex, Walter Armstrong Ogilvie''* 

B Robert Henry Newbolt'i^t 

Thomas Mahon • 

Charles Edward Stirling ^ ..: 

William Carey, A([j, 17 May 5D 18 

Thomas Bland Strango*'^ 17 

Francis Lyon**^ 

Markham Le Fer Taylor^'* 

Edward Keatc,*^ ^^'. Uulj C3 | 

Arthur Lister Kaye ^'^ 

Jones Julian Smith ^^^ 

Eardley Maitland"* 

Maurice Edward Covey Slocker 

7 John Lardncr Clarke ^'^ 

A Henry Thomhill<»' 

4 Arthur Thornton Gratwicke Pcarse/'*Ac{;. 2U Sept. fH) 

1 1 Thomas Priaulx Carey 

Geoffrey Joseph Shakerley ^" 23 

Henry James Alderson ^'^ 

Alexander Hadden Hutchinson 

Fred. George Ravenliill ^'^ 

Thomas Henry PiU«" 

Frederic Lee Hopkinson Lyon '** 

Charles Lennox Tredcroft *** ' 

George William Holmes ' 

John Edward Ruck'Kcenc '^ 

Henry Archdall Doyno '^' • •- 

John Theophilus Daubuz ^ 

Robert Hodson 

B Ernest Courtcnay Vaughan ^-" 

13 #. Francis Towry Arloane Law '"f .22 

12 M^jor Francis Downes, ^^ A^,(i Jan. CO 

Francis Henry WUlium Nisbett '^' 

Falkland George Edjjoworth Warren*'* 

Henry Clement Smnncrton JJi/er,^*" .if.iOApr. C4 

Tliomas Lloyd Still *« 

Joseph Hanwoll,*" Adj. 1 Apr. CO 

Josliua FrtKlcrick Betty • 

John Kelly Huldsworth ..., ^ , 

Maurice Ilcnry Fitzmaurico,"^ Adj\ 1 Aj.r. Oi. • . . 

Henrv Richmond Martin *^t 22 

William Alcxaudei- Patrick Wyllic: •«*! 

0,10 Charles Gray Julinsun,'-''^'^^'NM»/ 27 Sept. C4 .. B 
d Heury Cardew^ 8 

8 Horace Percival ^^ 22 

d Henry Thomas Arhuthnot,*^ Mnjor, Apr. 01 , , . , j 

14 Robert Biddulph, *^' «, MoJ. ia F»b. oij /.r. l.'i Jan. 64I 

Dec. 50 

Dec. 50 
Dec. 50 
Dec. 50 

Dec. 50 



11 Nov. 52 
7 Dec, 
31 Dec. 
18 Feb. 53 
22 Mar. 

June 51 22 April 






■ A 

■ A 

I 1 





' d 

> 5 

i d 

I 4 








Juno 51 
Dec. 51 











Juno 52 






















1 st LIKUT.' OAPTAtir.! 

TScpt. o2ji2Nov. «' 

2 Sept. jl7Nov. 57 

27 Sept. 52 1 7 Nov. 67 
22 Oct. 52 ^17 rioT. 57 

17 Nov. 57 


22 Dec. 57 

14 Jan. 58 

; do 


20 May 22 Feb. 59 

21 June do 

28 June 28 April 58 
12 July ; 5 May 

18 Sept. 26 Hay 58 

22 Sept. ; do 

2G Sept. '- 5 June 68 

3 Oct. : do 

20 ^oy. 53 22 June M 

21 Nov. !l6 Sept. 
20 Not. ISO Oct. 68 

2 Dec. ' do 
12 Jan. 54 ' 3 Nov. 
28 Jan. 3 Jan. ;0 

17 Feb. 54 16 Jan. W 



15 Feb. 
2 March 
1 April 50 
1 Apr. ^ 
! do 
! do 
15 Muv 61) 
17 May 

23 May 

24 May 
28 June 
to July 

i21 July Til) 

25 Sept. ^ 
14 Nov. ;iO 
14 Nov. 00 



.12 Mar. (Ill 

10 Mar. ni 

24 Mar. (» 

26 Mar. OD 

William Stirling,**' Major, » Apr. 01 


. 8 


Peter Eriward Hill,'" Af/Jitfant 2 Dec. C4 1 

Champagne L'Estrangc ^-^ ■ 

Arthur Keunody Ridcout^^^ 21 

William Henry Watson •"«' 

Fxlward Chlcliwtcr Bolton . . . 
Oliver Henry Atkins Nicolls,*** 

James Barton 

Charles James Hope Johnstone l 

Benjamin Gealc U untfrcy '* , 

Charles Watson WiUion ' 

FnnclB Walter dc Wluton,^ ji 11 

Auaaatua Henry Corr HamlUoii^^ \ 

Pllkiagtou Jackson •••%•«) 

Dec. 5-J17 Feb. 641 

do I do I 

A]»ril 53.24 Feb. 54 

April 58. 7 Mar. 54 ? 

June 53(12 March 

16 May 1 
30 May 54' 
30 May 54 

17 June 
20 June 54 














April 54 






28 Jane 54 
1 July 
17 July 
V^^ 6u\^ 
- 4 kQi%« 

1 Apr. 

1 A]ir. 

I Apr. 

1 Apr, 

1 Apr. 

1 Apr. 








Royal Artilleri/. 


II ■ 










10 ■ 
10 1 
10 • 
10 ' 
10 ' 
10 '■ 


10 ' 

110 I 
I 10 i 

10 : 

10 I 











Brymer Francis Schreibnr '^^ 1 f A prll fi4 


Robert Loftus TotteDliam^ - 

Richard O'Hara 

Hugh Cbethain Lyle*" 

Leonard Gr'tffiths^*^ 

Wm. Raymond Lluellyn 

Henry John Foqaett Ellis Hlckes,*"t M. is Feb. Ol 

Fred. George Bay lay, Ac{j,2\ July co 

Noel Hainlyu Harris''^' do 

Henry Whitby Britcoe'** do 

Win. George Martin'-^-' 14 Aug. 




13 Sept. 64: 1 April 
21 Sept. .'54' 9 Apr. 

do 17 Apr. 

do '20 Apr. 

do 2 Moy 

do I 4 May 

28 Sei>t. 54 4 May 

4 Oct. I 7 June 




6 Philip Henry Sandilands 

d WilUam Jaine* IIall«^ 

Morton Parker Eden, Adj, I3 Nov. (>i 

Charles Dalrymplc Giliuour''^- ■ 

Edward John Ward"' 1 

Alexander Dickson Burnaby,^^'«lf(;. l Apr. 68 • • • . 
U Wilmot Burrows Edward Ellis 

1 Henry Auriol Douglas do Vismes*'-'^ 

d ViviuH Dering Majendie^^^ 

13 James Edward Blackwell 23 

6 Sir John William Campbell, iJM»» 

14 Aug. 54 23 Oct. 54! g juno 
|24 Oct. 54 22 June 
! 6 Nov. 54 21 July 
54' 6 Nor. 54 22 Sept. 











,24 Nov. 

do l28 Nov. 
Aug. 54 ,28 Nov. 

do do 

do 30 Nov. 

do < 8 Dec. 

do ,13 Dec. 

do do 

do do 

Oct. 54' do 


27 Sept. 60 

54i 3 Nov. no 

54 27 Nov. 60 

21 Dec. no 

54 1 Jan. 01 

,26 Jan. 01 

54 30 Jan. 01 

21 Feb. ni 

' 1 April 01 

I 1 April 01 

2 JEmellus de Vic Tupper*" 23 Oct. 

B Francis Arthur Whinyates,*** Adj. i Apr. W 23 Oct. 54 27 Dec. 

9 Frederick Coulthurst Elton'^* 23 Oct. 

- 7 Charles Richard Frank len^^'if do 

,10 Clennell Cullingwood do 

i 6 Frederick Augustus Anicy *' do 

' Lewis Paxton Walsh«"t do 

12 William Rooke*^ | do 

Il6 Sidney Augustus Bazalgctte,'^^///. ^jo Jan. 64 • • • • i23 Oct. 

15 John Robert King 20 Dec. 

1 1 Charles Orde Browne^* t do 

3 Thomas Cuming I do 

Charles B. Southouse Scott'*' j do 

jO Henry Dowdoswell Pitt :28 Feb. 


16 Dec. 54 19 April 01 
54 16 Dec. 54 28 June 61 

54 1 Oct. 

55 12 Nov. 
■13 Nov. 

5511 Dec. 
II Deo. 
3 Jan. 
55> 8 Jan. 
55 26 Jan. 
55; 2 Mar. 


6 Hale Young Wortham**" 
2 Henry Barlow Maulo'^'t 
1 Charles Wills Walrond 
9 Wm. James Smith.Ncili''*^ 


I Jan. 

, 3 Jan. 

6 Jan. 



26 Jan. 

i4 7 Feb. 

54 25 Feb. 

8 Mar. 

55 do 








1 April n2 
I April <i2 
1 April n2 
1 April 62 
1 April 62 
1 April 62 

Henry Lc Guay Geary, ^^'iAt^. 12 May 62 28 Feb. 


3 Walter Brook Rice»" 

10 George Uchter Knox 

3 William Norton Pei-sse 

d Osborne Hall Gtiodenough , 

James Hamilton Prlngle Anderson ^"t 
Henry Chamber lay ne Parrel I,"" Adj, 19 Sept. c*i 


April 55 

do I 4 April 02 
do 7 April 02 

1 April 55 12 May 



28 Ftb. 

. • • . • 


William Henry Newcome 20 

Edward McLaughlin 28 

13 Charles Fyshe Roberts,'-'*' Major 'i^ Jun.03 

14 Arthur Stewart Hunter^"* t 

ll George Adam CrmrJ'ord 

4 Townsend Aremberg do Moleynb '-'**. . . 
7 John Booth Richardson^* 

12 William Henry Wardcll « 

7 Frwlcrick John George Hill «« 

d William Henry Izod 

5 Robert Cha. Walter Canipbell,'^*'+y4r/;. iflOct.64 

1 4 Turner Van Straubeiizec, tt 

9 Henry Webster Sliakerloy 

7 John Robert Dyce ^^ 

3 H.B. Edmund Staveley "^ 

13 Wallace Gilmour «» 

8 Robert Preston Lewis Welch 

1 Henry Bdmeades"^ , 

d John Macvicar Bum ^^ 

1 3 Stuart James Nicholson, /t < 

12 William Smith«* t 

15 Walter Newman < 

14 Edmund John Tremlett 

1 1 George Blurrey Lyon Campbell 

1 George Edwin Maule, A^jntani^ so Sept. 04 





. • . a * . 






55; 1 April 55: Sept. n2 


'17 May 

'no May 

1 June 

4 June 

'20 June 

55 1 April 5510 July 
54 13 Feb. 55' 1 Sept. 


I do 

20 Apr. 

! do 

t22 Sept. 
;19 Oct. 
, 2 Dec. 
55, 2 Dec. 
117 Dec. 
20 Jan. 

20 April 55 24 Jan. 


20 Apr. 

31 July 

;27 Jan. 

130 Jan. 

12 Feb. 
55 22 Feb; 
55 I April 

I June 

1 1 9. Tune 

27 June 

'10 July 

1 1 1 Sept. 

! 3 Oct. 

110 Oct. 

I 2 Nov. 

20 Nov. 

[lO Jan. 






a^al ArtUUry, 

d Willlwn DobrM Cuej . 

S Alexander OroDt Miller, JfthO/uBttu 
I 1) Lawe. HMlor Hardreu Panon* .... 

I 4 Ramuy WmIoq Pllippi 

I 5 Jainei Charles CsTendiih 

\ 4 Itiiliert Sindhnm 

< 14 George Brtkine Cmtlnnder 

I 15 AI;criioD Augustua Steirart 

8 ifaii. Robert VillleraDillun,'**. .... 
13 Edmund Siilncj Burnett'** 

4 FitiRn.v Somencl Talbut"* 

I 7 I^iicii Duiiean, il((/. lOAug.iii .... 

a JdIiu Rjrter Oliver'" 

5 BdnardBgnn 

10 Jamci Corry Jonea Lowry"" 

1 Jatitet Pfntlifl Mort^sii*" 

S George Grolc Hennen"' 

8 Artliur Ford™ 

3 Franc!) Montagae Smitli 

16 Francis Arthur HaiiE 

3 Frodericit Howlelt 

13 CliarluMitliHolonjF 


B George Arbuthoot*" 

14 Itlohnrd Sadleir 

S William RiiiloR Barlow 

14 RohertCullwell Smith 

Chas. StcHBTt Vardon Wileon, 
7 Rowlaiid Durdon Webjlel ... 

1 Charles David Chalmert -» ... 
A Bamuel Parr I.yiiH 

11 Cliarlcs Hart Pickering "■ .. 
23 Bowea Lennox Fnr«U-r ^* .... 
I James Robertaoa"' 


31 Jily Ml 1 HtT.M 

31 Julv U'Sl Mar. (U 
I A«g. 05 1 Apr. G4 
' 7 Apr. 04 
' 13 Apr. (M 
:14 Apr. (U 
.■HO May Ut 
I- Aag. Ifb'SS Jni:e 04 
'•il June «4 
'•>« July ftt 
' 6 Ang. 114 

MSepC. fiS'lO Aug. (U 
90 Aug. (U 

94Stpt66I8a«Tit. S4 
'97 Sept. (U 
IfiOet. 81 
16 Oct. iU 
'ae Nov. (14 
;dS Mot. 04 
, SDee. IM 


. 01 
1 Dre. (A 


A SepL &5| 10 Alflcander Uicdoneli Bonar 7 April M 

do \i» llenrv John Franci» Bbe« | 7 April £6 

do [.15 Horace Hervey \yebber 31 June U 

do : 10 \Vsnt>Torth Hy. Klng-Hsnnsn... .1 do 

1 Oct. 55 I Thomas Strong Scccombe | do 

do ^ Joseph ChHS.Smyth-WlDdham....| da 

do li 1 William itruce Raike* Hall, « du 

lOct.55 ,1 5 William Tliouiis Btul^'ca - dn 

do u Edwnrd llraadrick do 

da . 1 Kilward IlovcU llinrlow do 

do I n /fait. Ali'xnnder Stewart"' do 

fi Edward Augustus Slessor 19 Dec. 55' s William Wa1|iola Munlocb \ do 

A Loala C. Aiii;. Adrian ileCcItu* .. do .'U Edivard UelavalTorlaton"' lOAag. Sli 

4 Henry Anderson do { 7 Henry Pnnntuc; Darwall. lOAug.iti 

8 Charlw Trench l!l Dec. Ml Eilwsrd Horten f'"'-' *"" 

u.R.lIenry Colebmoke L«we« 

B H«n. Ralph Hare 

a.o. Arthur SutheK*nd Macartney 

18 Robert Emroet Cane*" March SO 

3 Ardiibald Hamfltnn Bell 


9 John Haughton 

13 x.FntncisSaillelrSlonFy*' 

1 Thomas Clatks 

d WlUUm Godeffroy Brsncker**!. . 
SS Donald Roderick Cameron 

10 WiUiam Henry Noljle R March 50 

G lUehard Nenton Yonng. 

11 George O'Connor 

lU William Kemmis 7 April 66 

1 RilwanI Taylor W.irry 

Henry B.nid 

5 Henrj' Hear}' Hill 

B Wm. Uorrilt Damchy Walton 

6 Richard Peiidrill WnrUinEiInn 
li Htary BnichrnbuTy'^ 

15 Charles Alfi«d Goi-hnm 

3 William Henry Graham 

5 Aleianiier William Duncnn . . 

5 George Fred.SUnlKv Chamhcri 

A William l^onlhwenCiiraon .. 

u.a. Sauiiirl I>iiiil>ip 

19 Edwaril Lynn* 

IS WUlUinMirliielTollncr .... 

B Geo.UcrlieHrnjuniiu Hohirt- 

3 Harrir Ada! r Trace v^" 

13 William ntrohan 

:inglia^« ' ! 
Joseph ThomatDnrrin^tnn ....; do 

II John Claudius AnchlnleckX' i do 

A George Slieppard Harvey**' do 

Samuel Cotter Kyle>" ! do 

8 William Stopfbrd Maunull | do 

B Uerbeit Leonard Alltehell i do 

A Edward Vicars Boyle '18 Oct. It 

(J Henry Martin Bniton 18 Oct. K 

o.c.Edwla William Sandys CO Dm. K 

10 Jnhu Mintou aiaunsclt ' do 

1 4 George Lloyd EngstrBm de 

il CoiiWBv Ilichard Reeves ; do 

il MlciioeiJohn Sexton 30 Dec. X 

15 William Scott do 

1>J HughLalimrr Etloby*" 8 April oT 

A Vincent Fredorlek Tufnell 15 Hay HI 

8 John Henry lllackley IJi May G7 

8 Robert CinlHira T)r>-adalo do 

« Henry Willlumii Dickon do 

13 Wllliem fiuin|w<>ii Ilrowo"* do 

A IleiiT John I'allwe 

in John Bon 

Iney I'm 


I) Arthur Harness .,.t!3 June fii 

ir> Engene liny Camcran,''*( -Ja Jime ST 

H Henr>- d>' Stntevllle Ifuncton to 

n Henry Tole Mggeni* do 

4 Kdwanl ,rnmc'> Welkcp . ... 1 Oct. W 

ft Bilnanl Ommanney Hulllsl lo 

n Frederick ilwalne LeOriec do 

Hojfol ArtVkry. 



B Thin&BB BraoMton Hamilton • • . . ' 

B Arthur Hamilton Gorges 

7 TbowBS Charles Price 

5 Wm. Fra«. Moore Hutchinson, 8, . 

d Albert Thornton Wodehouse 

b 9. John Philip Nolan 

11 Ownond Francis Le MotUc 

9 Henry Weddcrbum Isacke 

3 Patrick Fitzgerald Gallwey 

7 Charles Henry Fairfax Ellis 

7 John Fletcher Owen 

6 John Egerton Gubbins 

6 Alexander Ramsay Cniikshank .... 

«l John Heathtield Stratton 

B Walter George Stirling 

lU James Robert Davies Cooke 

10 Edward Smith Gordon 

li Francis Thomas Lloyd 

10 George James Gillies 

3 George Cnmine Strahan 

B Henry St John YaughanLe ) 

Marchant Thomas ^ • - • • 

18 Granville Deedes 

14 George Conrad Sartorius 

A Henry Francis Phillpotts^^t • • • • 
G Henr>' Miles Burgess 

8 Darell Robert Jago 

17 Thomas Challoner Martelli 

8 John Cbas. D'Urban Murray .... 

4 Arthur John Rait"^ 

A Henry Manvers Moorsom'^ 

12 George John JBurgmann •••... 
/{ Charles £dw. Hood Symons .... 
d Henry Gratwicke Hasler 

13 Herbert Lionel Gwyn*^ ...•••.. 

A Charles Edward Elwyn 

4 Henry 3Iazwell Robertson ..••.. 
A William Artliur RoberU 

10 Duncan Norton Taylor 

14 Francis Beresford 

A Thomas Mayuard Hazlerigg .... 
A Julian Frederick Sandeman .... 

2S Robert Power Saunders^ 

12 Robt. Smythe Muir Mackenzie, s. 

1 Flemyng George Gyli 

4 Sayin'our Hood Toogood 

3 Evelyn Baring 

15 Henry Norris Jones 

B V€ Arthur Fred. Pickard*" .... 

1 Thomas Burnett 

12 Samuel Holworthy Desborough .. 

d Lionel Gye*" 

8 Ctiarles Henry Hamilton 

d Ashton John Shuttleworth 

2 Albert Lake Collins Smithett •• . . 
R.BJohn Robert Jennings Bramly.. 
15 Lionel Herbert Noyes 

4 Geo. Walter Chas. Rothe 

6 Basil dc Beau voir Tupper 

3 Henry Hills Goodeve 

I George Best 

14 Clement Walford Bellairs 

4 Adrian de Montmorency Prior . . 

6 Joseph Sladen 

12 Samuel Pasficid Oliver 

8 Charles Smith Harvey 

10 Robert Henderson Robertson. . • . 

1 Arthur John Cullen 

10 Charles Frederick Dixon 

5 Charles Crosthwaite 

7 Anthony Oliver Molesworth . . . . 

II Harry Dacres Evans 


I (let. 67 






: n. R.James Murray Murray 

12 Norman Spencer Perceval 

3 Walter John Tatham 

3 Hcnn' Fra. Fetorkin Lewis 

II James Mainwaring Douglas .. .. 

7 Fra. Laurence Gore Little 

1 1 John Randal Wilmer 

6 Dudley Moryon Wilson .•••.... 
1 1 Robert Henry Grant 

Hugh Allen Mackey 

Percy Charles WliuUcy • . 

Trevor Bruce Tyler 

Dudley North Allan 

Edwin Marshall 

Chas. Kdward Baker Lea cock . . 

Henry Gordon Puliner 

9 Marcus Fra. Henry M'Causland 
15 Thomas Jcsson 

10 Simon Simpson 

1 1 Christopher Wm. Townaend .... 

13 Francis Foster Barham 

7 George Augustus Noyes 

8 Henry St. John Cole Bowen .. . . 
10 Edmund Hill Wickham 

8 Robert Joseph Pratt Saunders . . 

1 Vincent Wing 

I Seymour de Lacy Lacy 

6 Morton Lawrence Porter ...... 

1 Frederick Schack 

10 Henry Llewelyn Williams 

14 William Reynolds Stirke 

1 Pringlo David Barclay 

23 Dec. 57 1 1 1 Henry Graves 

do I *^ Thomas John Jones 

15 Richard Tracey Millctt 

1 James Lancaster Bell 

10 Henry Edward Baines 

■,i 1 Henry Tho. Thompson Sandes . . 

57 • 1 1 James Robert Yule 

j 13 Robert Townsend Farquhar .. .. 
8 John Younger 

2 Thomas Mulrenan • 

3 Charles John Deslion 

8 Francis Cba. Hughes Hallett. .. . 

4 William Francis Nelson 

9 Hugh Fife Ashley Brodie 

6 Edward Clayfleld-Ireland 

! 11 Geo. Mackenzie Bent Homsby.. 

j! 7 Charles Jones 

•; 1 Alexander Burton Brown 

; d Henry Andrews Barker 

58' 11 Henry William Lovett Hime.. .. 

I 1 Chas. Domett E{;crtonParks-8roith 

8 Leonard Downes • 

8 Banks Robinson Greig • • 

11 James Walker Bernard 

1 John Becher Ormsby • • 

13 Rowland Walkey 

2 John Walter Inge 

llardinge William Browne 

4 Albert Edward England 

2 William Augustus Cook 

3 Edmund Hunt Holley 

9 Ferdinand Henry Wheeler Milner 

14 Edward Albert FitzUoy 

'21 William Gorges Mulloy 

3 Uicliiinl Jackson lit zlct 




23 Dec. 




23 June 58 






i do 
, 1 Oct. 
; do 
I I Oct. 
; do 
I do 
I do 
I do 
I do 
21 Dec. 
I do 
{ do 






1 April 59;! 10 George Arthur French 

1 April 59 
SSJune 69 
I do 
I do 

d Kohcrt Dun das Eliott Lockliart 

13 Thomas Wood 

4 Thomas Marty n Hitchins 

4 Frank Galloway 


22JDne 69 












21 Dec 60 












21 Dec. 59 

22 Dec. 59 

22 Dec. 69 







22 Dec. 69 


19 June 00 








19 June 00 








19 June GO 







Rutful Artillerjf. 


2 James Fergusson Jftnkin ........ 

11 Thomas Micklcm Cruttwell .. .. 

4 Mflitland Moore Lane 

i) F rands Carminowc Nicolas . . . . 
i) Price Frederic Blackwood 

3 Joha Archibald Campbell 

r> William Henry Wright 

6 A rlhur Warry 

1 4 John Andrew Kelso 

4 Henry Knollys 

d Spencer Gartliiier 

4 Henry Robert Yatos Bi'ownc . . 
1 Edward Oeorge Bouglitun Oattey 

1 S John Tyndalc Greenfield . . . 
9 Charles William Thomson . . . 

15 Frederick William Nind 

16 Frederick Willinm Carey . . . 

Francis Harry Emilius Day . 
10 William Henry Hoore Dutliic 
16 Price Lewes 

2 Allan Henry Maclean 

7 Gerild Charles Hall Parlby . 

7 Allan Bedford Davlcs 

i) Edward WooIlrx>mb6 

1 Clervauz Morley 

1 4 George Patrick Alston 

4 Robert McGrlgor Stewart . . . 

Thomas Charles Cooke 

7 Cliarlcs Bent . . 

3 JoRhaa Morris Saunders 
1«3 Arthur Gndolphin Yeatmau 

4 Fred William Lee Morier . 
16 Harry William Uooke . . . 

7 George Christopher Davie . 

10 Henry BeauchampRichard Harvey 
3 Alexander Murmy Brown .. 

1 1 William McCliutock 

1 3 Pemberton Harrison •*.... 

13 Edmond Bainbridge 

Alfred Edward Turner .... 

23 James Fox Brough 

7 Charles WIgram Long .... 

22 Edward Stedman 

d Herbert Frederic Gainies . . 

24 Henry Haughton Hardhige 

23 Arthur Napier Pearse .... 

2 Charles Henry Spraggc 

14 William John Ro^e IlarrLnon 
23 Wyndham Hughes llallett 

1 1 Henry L*>e9 Smith 

14 John Keith 

16 Alexander Grubb 

1*2 Edward DuncombeShafto.. 
16 Samuel Pym 

{) Francis Thoman Bircham . . 
16 James Wall 



!19 June 


60 j 



8 Hon. Victor A. Yorke 

i 6 Theoilore Carr 

• 10 Henry Sheil 

|, 10 Charles J. M. Prother 
" 1 Charles Garland Rule.. 
i 2 James Adair La wrle .. 
J 6 Barrett I^nnard Tollner 

13 De8moiidDykesTynteO*Callaghan 

i 4 Frederick Campbell 

, 16 Samuel Hopkius 

'^20 Robert Henry Francis Rennick.. 

i 1 1 Lionel Frederick Perry 

, 1) Kdm.Stoughton Braithw.Lockyer 
. 16 Kdmund Webb Nash 

8 John Ramsay Slade. 

Cliarles Edmund HawkshawoFord 

Edward Cross 

8 Joseph Ruscombe Poole 

1 Nov. 00jl2 Charles Montresor Hughes Hallett 


18 Dec. 

18 Dec. 

18 Dec. 

10 Dec. 







16 Thomas Burke Reeves 
8 John Corsane Robinson 
d Geo. Wilmot MaitUiid Turnbull .. 
1*2 Charles Larcoin 
4 EdwardGeorgeMooreDonnithomc 
George Albeit Beaty Pownall 

Henry Pipon 

Robert Peere Williams Freeman 
St. Aubyn Molesworth , 

10 Hon. Evelyn John Hewitt 

14 Frederick William Joseph 

1 1 Archibald Fullcrton Cumbcrlegc .. 
26 Kdmund Waller 

^) John Frederick ^laurice 

20 Frederick Lyon Weston 
1 1 Claude Bernard Sandys 
10 George Henry Marshall 
14 Hamilton Geary 

I 23 Charles Edward Souper 
6 Townshend Griffin .... 
16 Thomas Robert Disney 
10 Robert Warburton . . '. . 

!,18 John Day 

M 21 Edwin Henry Seaton Blenkinsopp 

21 Julian Bnl>onan Lawrence 

James Keith 

William Lacy Hutchinson 
Robert Alfred Lanning . . 
John Castell Rol)5on .... 
Geoige Firebrace 


! 2 

i 2 




1 April 61; 14 William Henry Aucliinleck 

4 Kmilius Clayton 

4 Fred. Ekiiis Blakoney Loraiqe . . 

\) Willoughby Bathurst Hcmans . . 

6 George Eyre Townsend 

16 Archibald James Anderson . . . . 
10 Do la Cherois Tliomas Irwin . . 

10 Earnshaw Bradley 

16 Edgar Kensington 

14 Edward Vincent Stace 

10 John Sutton Rothwell 

12 Thomas (iaskuU 

!) Alexander Cnniphell 

3 William Ogle Cariile 

13 Alfred Logan 

10 Augustus Henry John Des Barren 

2 Campbell Boyd 





1 April 61 ,; 
1 July 611 










6 Oct. 61 

James AUeyne 

Edward Wighton 

13 William Mallins 

7 Frank John .son 

2 Charles Stcwail 

Hugh Stewart 

George Tonnant Carre 

' 12 Cariile Greer 

17 Ernest Job n»on 

' 12 George Montgomery *. . . 

' 6 Robert Powel Hare 

1 1 1 Norman Macdonald Burt 

, Lee Percy Pennethorne 

2 Henry W^alter John II ubback .. 

; 13 Wadham Pigott Piatt 

1 16 Edward Almon •.....•- 

1 26 Thomas Henry Lloyd ,. 

6 AugUHtuA Jame<i Suiindei-s 

I 4 Henry B. Kingscote 

; 26 Felix Richmond 

7 Wulkinsluiw O. Courtney Shippanl 
10 (Jeorge W. Rogem 


15 Oct 61 



18 Dec. 01 

















18 Dec. 61 











18 Dec. 61 










26 Jane 02 








26 June 62 












1 Sept 02 

1 Sept. 02 

1 Sept. 02 

1 Sept. 

1 Sept 

1 Sept. 

Itoi/al AriiUery. 


LZKUTBNA2fTB. I \}3^' 

iR. Phibba 1 Sept. G2 

Walker HawkiuH jl7 Dec. \M 

n Vincent Legge |I 7 Dec. G;> 

Q Payne Gcort^es !17 Dec. 021 

i Edward fieaduell 17 Dec. 6:2 

!W Horace Hayee 17 Dec. 62 

tBoberU 17 Dec. G2 

ton Montague Jas. Feildon 27 Jan. 

Soamcs 30 Jan. 

Henry Granville Browne.. 12 Feb. 

Jl James Clarke 22 Feb. 

J Cecil Bayly 1 1 Mar. 

Flower Houatoun j 1 Mar. 

Fxederick Cambter ; 1 Mar. 

trachan Bridges 1 Mar. 

Reginald Uudge 1 Mar. 

n Parage Langley 1 Mur. 

nd Roberts 1 Mar. 

\ Francis Baring Grey • • • • 1 Mar. 

a Edwards Slmrp j 1 April 

rd Cbarles Ilalliday 1 April 

1 Whateley 1 April 

3 Francis Smyth , 1 April 

Douglas Richmond 
Wcntworth Boiler .... 
( Blake Knox 


Cooper Pratt 

n Ueury Fred. Sorell . . 

u Brinklet/ 

tder Walter Ferrier .... 
I Stephen Bomford .... 

a liOwry Graves 

i Sidney Parry 

a William James Barker . . 

John Rawle 

s Angleaca Kmpson .»•••• 

Henry Hayter CoUen .... 
e Fred. Darley Sutton .... 
Fred, de Hubbcnet Curtis.. 

Edmund Dolphin 

r Affleck Grayes 

t Locke Price 

r Artliur Denny 

ia Frederick Ditmas 

ion Rots I^ewin Morgan . • 
ir Augustus Saunders • . • . 

xd Corbett 

ir James Pearson 

William Buckle 

im Bucke 

un Villeoeuvc Gregory .... 

ea SenbounC Graham 

im Taylor 


pre Plunkett 

r Fras. Theodore Annesley. . 
William Esmonde Murphy 
p Henry Moubray 

George Murray 

ud Wacc 

am J-aw 

Aug. Seymour MorseDaTics 
am £vel>'u Deuison . . 

Mitchell Salmond .... 
Samuel Spillcr W^atkin 
ird Albert Ollivant.... 
jr Reginald Fox 

Graham Stone 

rt Hugh Wallace •••. 

it Peters Ewing 

IM ATary Kelaall .... 


















John Muir Hunter 

Frederick Henry Taylor 
Montagu Gilbert Gerard 
Richard Francis Williama 
Kdmund William Crippa 
Henry Torkington 


19 July 64 
19 July 64 
19 July 64 
19 July 64 
19 July 64 
19 July 64 
19 July 64 
16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 64 

1 April 
1 April 
1 April 

I April 
24 June 
24 June 
24 June 
24 June 
24 J une 
24 June 
24 June 
24 June 
24 June 
27 June 

1 July 
6 July 
6 July 

15 July 

16 July 
16 July 63 
21 July 63 

1 Sept. 63 
1 Sept. 63 
I Sept. 63 

1 Sept. 63 

II Sept. 63 

19 Sept. 63 

20 Sept. 63 
3 Oct. 63i 

10 Oct. 63 
13 Oct. 63 

2 Nov. 63 
15 Dec. 63 

1 8 Dec. 63 
25 June 62 
15 Jan. 64 

15 Jan. 64 

19 Jan. 64 
19 Jan. 64 

9 Feb. 64 

16 Feb. 64 
1 Mar. 64 
I Mar. 64 

12 April C4 

12 April C4 

19 April 64 
3 May C4 
3 May 64 
3 June C4 

Herbert John Ouchterlony Walker 14 June 64 

, u John Ford Bally 

Samuel Rudgc 

Edmund Downes • 

Arthur George Dugdale 

6 Rodney Edward Mundy ..•••••• 

d Robert Gerald FitsGerald 

d Stewart Murray 

d George Clement Wynne 

d Francis John Milman •••....... 

d George Herbert Nutting 

d Joseph Albert Curtin 

d George Marina Kennedy 

d Paul Fred. Michael Baddeley. . . . 

d Edward Thomas Browell 16 Aug. 64 

d Constantine Henry Hamilton. . ••!l6 Aug. 64 
d Robt.HastingsWilloughbyPlunkett,16 Aug. 64 

" 16 Aug. 64 

16 Aug. 64 
16 Aug. 04 
30 Aug. 64 
30 Aug. 04 
30 Aug. 64 

13 Sept. 64 

20 Sept. 64 
20 Sept. 64 
20 Sept 64 
11 Oct. 64 
11 Oct. 64 
11 Oct. 64 
Id Oct. 64 
18 Oct. 64 
18 Oct 04 
28 Oct. 64 
28 Oct 04 
28 Oot64 
28 Oct 64 
11 Nov. 64 
11 Nov. 04 
11 Nov. 64 
11 Nov. 64 

9 Dec. 64 
16 Dec. 64 
16 Dec. 64 
16 Dec. 64 
23 Dec. 64 
23 Dec. 64 
23 Dec. 64 
23 Dec. 64 


Thomas Carisbrooke Penny 

Barry Francis Domrile • 

Pliilip Henry Bowcn 

D'Arcy Bowmsn East 

Albert Beauchamp Astley Cooper 

Henry Vaughan «• 

Lambart Henry Bouwens 

Alexander Heun Goschen 

Charlf B Douglas Gordon 

Francis Broadfoot Russell 

Charles Brenton Wickham . . . . 

Thomas lie welly n Morgan . . . . 

John Duncan Cameron ........ 

George Henry Gower 

Edw. Bamston Crawley -Boevey 

William Woodward Rawcs . . . . 

Tliomas Alexander Richardson . . 

Williiim Alexander Eden 

15 John Minnitt Tabor 

15 William Henry Kcmpster 

d Edward Samuells Cooke 

d Henry George Fombelle Siddona 

3 Edward Lake 

12 William Augustus Riall 

6 Augustus Browne . . . . < 

14 Edward Blaksley 

6 John Ponsonby CundilL 

4 Alfred Foulger Fletcher. 
Charies Mitchell Smith. 

Cecil Coles Dyce 

Arthur Wcllealey White 
William Stewart Poole . 

. . . • . »< 

22 Mar. 64 
22 Mar. 64 
22 Mar. 64 
12 April 64 
12 April 64 
12 April 64 


Deputy Afffuiani OeneraL 
CotOMi Qloacester Gambier, 7 April 64. 





Atsistant Acfjuiant OeneraL 

CoUma H. L. Gardiner, I Julj 68 

Deputy Aieietant Adijutant OeneraL 

Capt, G. H. A. Forbea, 17 July 63. 

Inspector General, 
Major Oensral Arthur J. Taylor, 1 July 64. 
Aide de Camp, Capt S. J. Nicholson, 1 July 64. 

A^utant, Depot Royal Horse Artillery at 


ftnd Capt, James E?ereU ; Biding Master f 1 Aug. 

66 ; ftnd Capt, and Atfjutantf 1 Apr. 63. 

Paymasters. [Capt.l 8ept.68. 
John Sarg^t,! Sept. 68; X/.12 July 66 ; Hon, 
Bdw. Gibbs, 1 Sept. 68 ; Hon.Capt.l Sept. 63. 
Henry Wm. Vyner, 24 May 69; Hon, Capt. 

24 May 64. 
Henry Geo. Aug. Powell, 23 Feb. 66 ; Ens, 23 
Jan.46; X*.27 July 49; Hon,Capt.20 Nov.eO. 
Aug. Stavelej Murray, 1 7 June 69 ; Hon. Capt, 
17 Juno 64. 
6 Wm. Arch. Kidd, 10 June 63 ; Ens. P 20 Not. 
46; Lt, P22 Dec. 48; Hon, Mqj, 7 Nov. 63. 

6 James Scott,*" 24 June 69 ; Ens. 5 Nov.64; Lt. 

2 Mar. 66 ; Hon. Capt. 24 June 64. 
10 John BaylisThompeon, 24 June 69 ; Hon, Capt. 
24 June 64. [64 

1 Wm.Plers Brisley , 8 July 69 ; Hon. Capt. 8 July 

7 Donald Stewart,24Apr.60; lateBt.Lt.Col.nnatt. 
d Claudius Buchanan Piers, 26 April 60. 
9 James Graham, 8 Sept. 60. 
d WUUim Shepherd, 14 May 61. 

4 ThoAias C. Higglnson, 4 Apr. 66; Sns. 10 

Apr.42 ; Lt. 8 July46; Hon.Capt. 4 Apr.61. 

8 John Craven Mansergh, 26 Feb. 6'i. 
<{B.B. Thomas Hunt, *^^ 21 Jan. 60. 
d Stephen James Stevens,*^ CB., 18 June 61 ; 

Id.Ool. , laU of BoMbdy Army. 

Quarter Masters, 
d Thos.Hendley ( Commissary of Stores), IJuiy 54. 

6 Wmiam Stewart, 27 Mar. 66. 
14 William Hoge, 1 Apr. 66. 
10 John McDonald Hains, 21 April 66. . 

d Ch»B,'V^htLTTj{Superintnd,qfSehools)fiy[&y6Q, 

d Geo. Grant (Com.o/ C/o^Atiiy),8May 66 ; Hon, 

12 lUehard Keating, 1 Sept.66. [Capt. 6 May 69. 

d Henry Penson, 11 Oct 66. 

9 William Armstrong, 1 April 67. 

5 William Ciims, 1 April 67. 

7 John Morris, 1 April 67. 
4 John Williams, 1 April 67. 

d John Cochran( Commissary ^Stores) , 16 April 67. 
d Geo. Wm. Taylor (Ins. qf Clothing),\b Jan.68. 
A Geo.Marvin( CommuMry of Stores) y\Oci.b^. 
11 William Lloyd. 1 Nov. 68. 

2 James Murphy, 13 May 69. 
O.o. George Alex. Shepherd, 4 Nov. 69. 

d Henry Behennay 1 April 60. 

d David Hoge, 1 April 60. 
16 Samuel Blair, 14 April 60. 

8 Joseph Smith,«w 21 Jan. 61. 

d Charles Serbutt,^' 24 April 61. 

d Gordon Gilchrist, 1 July 61. 

d John Pitt, 13 Nov. 61. 
18 Matthew Robimon, 1 May 62. 
21 Harry Paxkes, 1 May 62. 

Royal ArtUkry. 

B Rowland Hm New, 1 May 62. 
D Robert Knox, 18 Sept. 62. 
20 David Cummings, 13 Sept. 62. 

23 Bernard Ashbee, 13 Sept. 62. 
17 James Wolfe, 13 Sept. 62. 

c Wm. CUff, 23 Sept. 62 ; Ens. 20 Sept 
p Thomas Brlggs, 23 Sept. 62. [Lf.6 Pet 
16 James Holbum, 23 Sept. 62. 

24 Francis L. Tucker, 23 Sept. 62. 
26 Jas.Harri8on Bewsey, 23 Sept. 62 ; Ens 
1 9 Jeremiah O' Brien, 23 Sept. 62; Ens. 20 i 

1 Joseph Yignaux, 17 Feb. 63. 
d Henry Nelson, 1 April 68. 
d H.B. Robert Steven, 1 April 63. 
B William Standford, 1 Apr. 64. 

13 JohnFyfe, 12 Apr. 64. 

3 Benjamin Trew, 16 Dec 64. 
Veterinary Surgeons. 

A Gabriel Isles Rollings,''' 1 Feb. 66; 1 

Jan. 63. 

B.B. Edwin Harrison , 28 June 66 ; Is/ C. 

d Wm. Partridge,*** 6 July 65 ; do. 29 ^ 

II Daniel Hinge, 1 July 66 ; \st Class, 21 

14 Francis Cotterell,*'* 24 June 64. 

4 Thomas John Williamson, 6 Mar. 66. 
d H.B. John Bunn Wm. Skoulding,*** 9 1 
11 Edward Kelly, 26 Feb. 66. 

8 John Bolton Hall, 26 Feb. 66. 
B John Tatam, 26 Aug. 67. 

14 John Baldock, 26 Aug. 67. 
11 William Dorrofield, 28 Dec. 66. 
B James Woodyer Callow, 14 Dec. 67. 

9 Griffith Evans, MD. 31 Jan. 60. 
4 Jsmes Joseph Meyrick, 31 Jan. 60. 
4 John Anderson, 31 Jan. 60. 
8 Robert Marshall, 31 Jan. 60. 
8 Adam Biyah Clarke, 31 Jan. 60. 
4 Thomas James Lang, 27 April 60. 

11 George Albert Oliphant, 22 June 60. 
14 Walter Burt, 11 Sept. 60. 

8 Charles Geo. Hetherington Reilly, II 

9 William Barker Walters, 26 Nov. 61. 
9 George Blake, 22 Apr. 02. 

22 William Albert Russell, 24 June 02. 
4 Daniel Maclean, 8 Aug. 63. 
9 Francis Walker, 3 Oct 62. 
A John Ferris, 17 Feb. 68. 

Biding 'Establishment . 
Superintending: Captain A. M. Calvert, 1' 
2mf Captain., VAUisim Booth, 12 Nov. 
Lieutenant . . J. R. J. Bramly, 1 Oct i 
J. M. Murray, 22 June^ 
Biding Masters, 
Lieut. William Boylin, 2 June 54. 
8 Lieut. Thomas Bislioj), 9 May 65. 

4 William Donald, 1 Apr. 69. 
d H.A. John Bamett, 27 Aug. 69. 
George Dann, 27 Aug. 69. 
Richard Stoyell, 22 June 60. 
A George Hadcock, 22 Juno 60. 
II Joseph Virr, 1 Juno 61. 
V James Sampson, 8 June 61. 
9 Reuben Butler, 1 July 63. 
20 George Louis Wilkinson, 8 Jan. 64. 

B Oliver Ormos, 16 Jan. 64. 
16 William Johnston, 16 Jan. 64. 
D Alexander Webster, 16 Jan. 64. 
Henry Bacchus, 20 July 64. 
Charles Clarke, 9 Dec 64. 













Royal ArtiUery. 
























o.c. James Somerrille Litle* . . • . 
d Henry Briscoe, MD 

1 Eihelbcrt Henry Blake," MD. 

8 Rich. Fitincis Valpy De Lisle" 
d Thomas Ouy, MD 

U Hugh Crawford WaUhc," MD.. 
A James Macmillan Scott Fogo * 

7 Bdward Gilbome" 


12 Edward Schaw Prolheroe^ .... 
6 William Perry' 

5 Stanhope Hunter Fas8on,'MD.. 
B Matthew Combe,*<> MD 

10 John Duff, MD 

3 Thomas Park'* 

2 Howell Walters Voss 

9 Arthur Rudge 

15 John Riggs Miller Lewis'VMD.' 

d WiUiam Pearson Ward " . . . . j 
d Alex. Scott Fogo," MD ; 

13 George Fred. Bone, MD ' 

4 Thomas Llewellyn Nash, MD. | 
d Thomas Connor 0'Leary,'<» MB. 
d George Pain 

11 WiUiam Alex. White," MD. ..* 
James Mee*" 

d Henry Bowles Franklyn," MD. 
Assistant Subqbons. 

A Joseph Barker" 

A Henry Clifford 

4 >; C: Wm.Geo.Nicholas Manley 

12 Sampson Roch 

B Randolph Webb« 

d John Henr}' Hearn ^ 

B Tliomas Tarrant *' 

6 Edwin James Hopwood , 

11 Samuel Handy Halahan, MD. 

B Robert Augustus Chappie** . . 

1 1 Thomas Jcrram Orton** 

2 Andrew Robertson Smith^. . . . 
U John Whittle Rimmer 

2 Richard Uniacke Cashman^MD. 
! 14 Henry Richard Lobb Veale^ . . 

8 James Horridge Finnemorc" . . 
Jeffery Allen Manton, MD. . . 

5 Stephen Henry Dickerson .... 
A Air.Jos.Lumby Hepworth,MD. 

6 WUliam Fletcher'" 

A Robert Lewcr,»* MD 

1 1 Henry Foljumbc Paterson . . 
d Robert David Burn, MD. .. 

7 Melville George Jones 

9 Joseph Marmadukc Taylor'" 
B Dec. Filius de Hodgson,^ MI). 
9 George Davidson Milne,« MD. 

9 Robert Walter Clifton* 

9 William Tinner^ 

3 John Sarsfield Comyn 

13 Alex. Dudgeon Gulland,»»MD. 
D Eugene Francis O'Leary .... 

4 Samuel Pratt WoodfuU • . . • 
B Edward Ilardinge 

14 James Johnson d'AItera • • . . 
1*2 George Ralph Tate, MD. ... 

4 Albert Stanley Knight Prescott^ 

13 John Robinson 

B Jn. TrehaneMaySymons, MD. 
1 John Montgomei^ FiddeB,MB.. 

8 Joaeph Bourke 

d Francis Roberta Hogg^ MD.. 

1 William Gravel y 

4 Ve^ WmUuo Temple,** MB. . . 

assist. I 


2 Nov. 36 
28 Aug. 41 
16 Nov. 41 

27 Aug. 41 

28 Jan. 42 

3 Sept. 42 

5 Mar. 44 
1 May 45 

18 April 46 

23 Oct. 49 

IJuly 46 

20 July 46 

3 Aug. 49 

I April 60 

3 Jan. 51 

1 Apr. 50 

11 Feb. 48 

14 June 47 

7 Oct. 51 
9 Dec. 45 

14 Feb. 52 

6 Aug. 47 

8 May 51 
18 Oct! 53 
28 Mar. 45 
26 Mar. 52 


23 Oct. 49 
13 April 55 

7 Jan. 53 
6 Nov. 52 
1 July 53 

8 Dec. 54 
13 April 55 

5 Nov. 55 


16 Mar. 55 

20 July 65 

23 Mar. 55 

24 April 55 

8 Jan. 66 

21 Dec. 
26 Jan. 

2 Oct. 

7 Dec. 
26 June 55 
31 Dec. 58 
21 Oct. 
18 Jan. 

9 Feb. 
30 July 58 

5 May 63 

5 May 64 

11 Mar. 59 

1 Oct. 

27 Aug. 
16 Nov. 
10 Dec. 

28 Jan. 
3 Sept. 
6 Mar. 


28 Aug. 64 



15 July 54 
15 July 64 

3 March 55 

14 Dec. 54 

15 Dec. 64 

13 Oct. 54 
IGJune 54 
29 Jan. 55 

4 May 55 
28 AprU 64 

17 Jan. 55 

21 Feb. 65 
2 April 55 

18 May 55 

14 May 55 
23 June 54 
10 Nov. 54 
23 Dec. 54 
26 Jan. 55 

4 May 55 
1 Aug. 57 

19 Oct. 57 
19 Oct. 57 
19 Oct. 57 

15 Sept. 67 
28 Sept. 67 
15 Sept. 57 
28 Sept. 57 

9 Nov. 57 

22 Jan. 68 

23 June 54 
9 Feb. 50 
9 Feb. 56 

10 March 68 
22 April 68 
10 March 58 

6 May 68 
22 Sept. 58 

8 Dec. 67 

1 Nov. 68 
26 May 68 

6 Aug. 68 

22 8epU 68 

INOY. 58 

the Eastern canipaigo of 1854, in* 
eluding the affairs of Bulganae 
and M'Keniio'g Farm, battlei of 
Alraa and Balaklara, capture of 
Balalclara, liege of Sebottopol, 
und repulse of the sortie on the 
'20th Oct. 1854 (Medal and Clasps, 
Turl^ish Medal, and 5tli Claw of 
the Me4jidic). 

9 Doctor Fasson serred in ilia 
Kaffir war of 1847; and through- 
out that of 1851-52 (Medal), and 
was present at the engagement 
witli the Rasuto tril)es at tha 
Berea^Oth Dec. 1859. Served the 
Eastern campaign of 1854-55, in- 
eluding the affairs of Bulganae 
and M*Keniie's Farm, the baUlet 
of Alma, Balaklava, and Inker> 
man, capture of BalaklaTa, eiege 
and full or Sebastopol, and repaUe 
of the sortie on the 26th Oct. 1854 
(Medal and Clasps, Knight of the 
Legion of Honor, and Tarkiih 

10 Doctor Cumbe scnred the Eastern campalga 
of 1854-55, including the battles of Alma. Oala- 
klara, and Jnkerman, the siege of Bebastopol, 
and repulse of the sortie on 26th Oct. 1864 
(Medal and four Clasps, Turkish Medal, and 5th 
Class of the Merijidie). 

1 1 Surgeon Park fcrred in the Kaiiim cam- 
paign of 1654-55, including the battle of Inker- 
man, Kiege of Sobastopol, and ropulse of the sortie 
on the 20th October 1854 (Medal and CUups, 
Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Turkish 

12 Surgeon M^nr De Lisle served with the 4th 
Regt. throughout the Eastern canipaicin of 1854- 
65, including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, 
siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal and three 
Clasps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 
Turkish Medulj. 

12t Doctor Lewis senrd with the Bille Brigade 
in the expedition against the insurgent Boers, north 
of the Oninge lliver, and was present at the actiou 
uf Boem Plaats on :Ii)tii August ISkJ. 

13 Dr. Blake served with the 98th Begt. in 
China (Medal), and was present at the storm and 
capture o( Chinkiangfoo. ^ierved the Eastern 
campaign of 1864-5;i, including the battles of 
Alma and Inkerman, the siege of Sebastopol. 
and repulse of the sortie on 26th Oct. 1854 
(Medal and Clasps and Turkish Bledal). 

14 Surgeon Ward served the Eastern caai- 
pnign of It)34-d5, including the affair of Mac- 
kenzie's Farm, battles ot Alma, Balaklava, and 
Inkerman, siege of Sebastopol, repulse of 
the sortie on 26th Oct. 1854, and assault on the 
Redan on the 8th Sept i also present at the 
bombardment and surrender of Kinbourn (Medal 
and Cltisps, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and 
Turkish Medal). 

15 Doctor Alex. 8. Fogo served the Eastern 
campaign of 1854-55, including the battles of 
Alma and Balakhiva, and sivge of Sebastopol 
(MedalaudClnsps, Turkish Bledal, andfith Class 
of the Medjidie). 

17 Doctor White served with the 47th Regt. 
throughout the Bastorn campaign of 1864-55, 
including the battles ot Alma and Inkerman, 
capture of Balaklava, siege and fkll of Sebasto- 
pol and sortie of 36th October (Medal and 

Clasps, and Turkish Medal). 
Itf Assist.Sorgeon Barker served in India in 

1858, and was present at the siege and capture of 

Lucknow, and actions of Sirsee and Nawabgnnge 

(Medal and CUtp). 

Ri,yal Artillery. 


Cljdc <)f tJil mil Clup), 

-t IlecirT Harrison" 

I lA Benjamin Biir1iind,HD ' 

H Alfrod Lcner, MD 

g EdiDundTbomas Palmer ..■ 

Laiiger Carey, MD 

1 Herbt. ChalniEri Mlles,^ ftlD 
I 7 Cliarlcs fVilliamariffilli ..- 

i Robert Cardiff Crean" 

I WllliBm Ramsay St^iKirl"... 

4 AleiBoder Ricfamonil 

it \VUII»mHBcrjPoll«nl,''BA. 

1 B Qcorge Whitla 

I d James Uackay, MD 

3 Alexander Edward Bftrtlet . 

10 JoUq ActHtU 

II William DumvilleSmjtho . 

11 Alex. Oavnld Cowan, MD. . 

1 4 Alexander Maidean" 

r William Craagh 

8 Thoniaa Rawlingi Miiuld, MD. 

n Ang.PBt.MejenCorljetl,MD."2J o< 

d Jamu Crone Juhneton'* a Nov. {)4.S'punibcr'<Meiliaui{l 

X Rickarda. ,, . .. b, April 6.S t^^.*'^^;;' J^r/^l 

12 Jail. 
3 Oct. 

i3 Dec. 64 I 

3 Jan. 60|iituLoii HlbbiHlraCuittclr Xxini 

] Sept. se.defrncB "tihofonmrtmu.reirt Ki 

I Au«. M !»;;_, 'T'HSlw'lX^/Tfb.'d 

a Oct. fix „,-! ,nj „|Bg „t iKh Hill,, lo( 

7A|)ril o4 unidurliiKlliI flflldoponUonii|> 

10 Sept. 57"'''™!''"" 'JwifiMi™ "',»^)" 
"8 Feb. 58 ""::* 'L^l1™/jlffiilVLS^^ 
iO April ■'30.Ka"i!.nd» ><«..»{» 
l3Juue A'J M .\HUtJ4urE«iii MeBUt tmi 

. . ?. I' 7% Cliwfcr iMiutapal, aid Ihe TnrUih 

1 1 Oct. M ^A—IH. baiMn Paliiid Hmri 
27 April 6i Eutmi euipilia of l*&t-M wlih 
15 Oct G9 linden, lncludln( lb* aaalr of Kb1| 
31 May C7 „„„ ,^ ji„,^^ ,,j \^.ik>l*, ale 

10Al«.Ci*wfordRobcrtjOO,'*JlD! 1 Juuo . ,„.„„,„ ,..,....„„ 

8 James Alfrod Tumer^t I 7 July OS Ui™'lo'ehili»h»d,"«ilou''Vt 

2 Arthur Cheater 1 Aug, 57 , luylwpwe. and »iiUcanmt 

1 Tlndcnmn Marlll™*' ..'lJTIa.<- ni™ In Bl«dl«l (tllK* of 1 CO 

B Charles Dodgion Maddeii** 
17 Wm. MeaaieaCalder^H • 

f Wm. Henry Yatea" 

D John WiU Hulieberg" ... 

D JameiJardiue, MD 

14 AieiBuder Robert Kllioy . 

c William Collla" 

9 William O'HalloroD 

Frederick FbUioU . , 

-UDec S4! 

. aO May 6«i''"M ABUrsa;, 

■ H Not. 5d Not. l*.(i tm 
• 14 Dec. Mli^'"'!"'/?,!; 

.isD«. 5*;i:,f.h';'i',ft';r, 

■ IS April 56;«<inintac<n{Ei;il 

.14 Sept. ss'Tu';'';"*^;'- 

1 Aug. 67:«r* pmtni 01 


«i>B> Kinannnn 
lipadlllan la Ckh 
HluUo, TanfkD, ■ 

7 1 Prkln (MnUlHilh Ivn Uhwpi). 


liipol (MMul 



Ay "7 

AIgi. SlevcQsnnRunell,*'HD.| 1 Aug. 

o George Bouchler Nov. 67'*' 

C William Sly 8 Dec. 6T c™„"^Cm,"o;,,,,iB"»7;« 

14 Wm. Cathrart lioyd \ii Jan. S8 Cloud llauniiiai .1 June, anil c^' 

14Walt.BaineltRamibotham,MD!lOMBr. 68 H Aug.lUiB. Alia ih. i;iioi|i.l» 

B Thoma* Michael O'BrieD .... '32 J uae 68 c.pmi^ot Iheftku ft.^»Sd an 

T George Alix. Moorlioad -.'3 July — ' -f 

F Joha KliialiBn,UD iCAug. 

n l^ancta Edward M'Fnrland .J 1 Kov. 

■ Arthur darieaOaye '11 Oct. 60i si 

19 Charlea Rickstta*> iH April 64' u 

i3 George Carleton Clerv" 18 Oct. 64 "A" 

28 Walter Leach" ■ 

23 Heury Llayd Randell" 

32 ¥arke Hobart Johnann 

4 Thomai Sharkey » 

10 William UUiman" 

SO Charif 1 Gray" 

Itt Hampden Hcaly Maclenu .... 
18 Henry WilliBoi DeTlio 

■ Mathew Lawrence White .... 

10 Edwin Wilkra 

1(1 JamcB Dnw Baintcr" 

22 William Millar 

18 KingJohaParr 

18 Edwin Drew , 

18 Jobn Waring BelcliLx, MD . 

18 James Watt, MD 

IG Richard Patrick Fergu>on.. . 

20 JohaSlannarUM'Adam ... 

SO Edward Nicholson 

17 HWiard JoneaOwen, MD. . _ 

19 ChBTlel Albert Mauiiiell, MD.I 1 Oci. r.-r 

20 Kennelh Wm. Gumming, MD. 1 Ocl. <i-; 1| 
lA Joaepli Rullierford, MB 1 Oct. 02 j n 

John Oeorgf FaogUt b Jan. a.', '1 

/M.iioMderH'BltBeivrldge.'UD.hs Sept. &T, 
M Jlte/iardWfUiainBerkcla]r*....%ApT. m 

Jan. 66lall 
a Nov. 65[ "84 

92 Jan. ^ ,1 Ji^^f'MuVd^piu'n'oriVthri 
22 April eg'Vuil'-danalbd'lUox'BUiiColuiBa 

*5 J,m!.' 'I' •!riI',"o?7ll«!;ur!'r.u"rf A^'rillS 
..iJuno jH„a ,eli»tofLw!knoiriind«Lnrt 
:2 June 68 or ibe m<l and acilnii of ilii: GIK D< 
1 Dec. 68iandaelloao(KliiidiiKnnJ .Medal ai 
1 March ^[|l «» AHHl.Saf»«ii HuliMirrr •« 

1 March61),killl(otUi>Tcii(riia)*,andrmliara 
1 MBTch6s!and Ctiip. tad liirlthh McdiJ). 
13 June 6!) K>*'"itl.Siirge"ii OilllnerFHl wi 
April (II ,„„f^, „„^r Sir MfUnfi t-'Ml« I 

ApHl ni m». and >i ifa* air.!! .I'h th< hm 

31 MnrcliCi-J "o "h» hrlF'>i" rf Sulwna on <l» 4< 

the Bnal ciptnn oTIiiicki 




Royal Artillery, 

177— 17y 

AssisTAKT Surgeons. 

« - 


I. '! 25 John Daridge 

♦ 7 1 32 Tho8. Alex.ClappertonMacarthur 

' ",22 RichardWhito 

!^ Alexander Campbell McTayish 

23 George Simon, MD 

' 19 John Alfred Illingworth 

18 Joseph Sumpner Joyner, MD. 

jSO John Alexander Scott 

21 Arnold Royle 

: 18 James Bell Jai'dine 

16 John Butler Hamilton, MD. .. 
« ;22 Thomas Henry White, MD. .. 
li :3o Charlos Henry Ydiiiist Godwin 
]*! 23 John Henry N. Bracken, 
l! 22 William Robert Wall . . . 




> 6 


• 4 





6 Aug. 58 
22 Sept. 58 
22 Sept. 58 

12 Jan. 59 
20 Apr. 

13 June 
11 Oct. 
11 Oct. 

j 1 1 Oct. 
11 Oct. 
10 Jan. 
10 Jan. 


• ; 


V 19 William Iron-^idc, MD 

ii : 21 Joseph John Pope 

j' !16 Alfired Fred.St«ffordClarke,.MD. 

H ,23 AugustUi! Robinson Hall 

U 1 21 George Nicol Irvine, MD 

(24 John Hamcr Oliver 



A pr. 


1 Apr. 
1 Oct. 
1 Oct. 

:22 William Wcat QuiDton, MB U Apr. 

I 8. jl4 William Ashtou,"^' MB. 

*^\ .16 William Henry Leslie, MD. .. 

* '^ * 8 Henry Cramer Guinness 

15 William Evelyu Alston, MD.. 


15 Sept. 

7 May 

II Oct. 

11 Oct. 


















I Surgeon Mijor LUlo tcrred In the Held during 
tlio rebellion In Oanada of 189i)-S0. 

4 Surgeon Mi\|or Fogo lerred lathe Crimea 
from the April bombardment of 1855 antll the final 
exacuatlon, and wan In medical charge of the left 
siege train nt the fall of Sebastopol (Medal and 
Claap, and Turkith Hcd^]). 

5 Surgeon Protheroe served in the Eaetom cam* 
palf^n of 18A4«55, including the baUle oflnitennaii 
and flfge of Sebastopol (Medal and Claspe, and 
Turkish Medal). 

7 Surgeon Perrj serred In the Eastern campalga 
of ]8o4-35, Including the bntlles of Alma and 
InlicrmKn, siege of Sebnslopol, and sortie on 2Uth 
Oct. (Medal and Clasps, Sardinian and Turkish 
BItfdals, and 5th CUass of tlic Medtjidle). 

8 DiM-tor Walshe served in the exjiedltion agalnsi 
the Insurgent Doers beyond tho Orange Kiver, 
South Africa, in 1845. He nlao accompanied Col. 
Sonicrtct't Division throughout the Kaffir war of 
1S46-47, and was present in nil tho cngHgements 
that tooli place. Herved in ilie Crimea from Jan. 
1855, and wnn tit the fall of S«bai»topoI (Meilnl 
and rittiip, Turlcish Medai, and 5th Class of the 

I»t Suigeon O'Ia-mj seived with tht> 08th L(. Inf. 
at thu siezu and full of Selmslnpol from 18th March 
1H^5 (Meiul and CUfp, 1 urkiKh Medal, and 5th 
CIu&s of tiie Medjidic). 

18 Sur:;eon biuee ser\'ed with the 44ih Hegt. 
throughout the Eoslem campaign of lH6i-^'>, 
including the battles of Alma and Inkerman, 
siege Atirt fill of Srbastopol (Medal and Clatp'. 
and Tu'ltiiU Mcd^l;. Served ul^o the canipnlsn 
of I^riU in the Nurth uf China, including the svtion 
of t^iuho, assault and capture of the Taku Forts 
Medal and Ciasp\ 
VU AkniHi.Sur^mn Cliapplo serred the Eastern 
of 1854-65, and was present with the Scots Greys at the aflTidr of Muikeuzie's form, capture and battle uf 
;korse woDndcd;, and with the Ilojral Artillery at the battle of Inkennan; served with the right siegi^ trnlu 
I than ten month* and performed constant trench dutv und was in the trenches during the bombardments of April 
and 17th Jane and flnal asaault (Medal with three Clasps, 5th Class ol tl:c MciUldic, and TurkiNh Medal). 
H DerlorFnuiklyQaenred the Indian campaign of l8u7-o8 with the Koval Horse Artillery, ircluding the attack on 
■■dra, alarm and capture of Meeangunge, capture of Lutknow, with A7lmghur field force in the affairs of 9th 
I Mb June Cwas eeveral times mentioned in deapatchcs, twice for gallantry and once for general ability and seal, 
del and Clam). 

f Uoctor de Hodgaon served with the Iloyal Artillery ensaged In the SIkkIm expedition of 1841. 

I Doctor OuUaod served at the siege of SebaUopol and ('xiicdition to Kertch -^Medal and Clasp nnd Turklsli Medal), 
rriirllh the expedition to China in 18G0, and was present at Sinlio, Tnngku. and capture of Taku Port.t (Medal ami 
ip>. Also during the operations nsainst the Taepings in the vicinity of Shanghai, Including the capture of the walled 
aofT*inpoo and Tsolin, the fortiHed town of Najow and the nffdir of Niiuksiang. 
AsaisLSurgeon Fletcher served at tho siege and tail of Sebasiopul from 'i5th Aug. 1855 (Medal and Clasp, and Turki»h 

9oetor Bobert Lewer serve<l in the Royal Navy during the operations in the Raltlc and was present at the 
terdamt of Sweaborg (Medal). 

Aaiil^urgeon Webb served in India in 1857-58, nnd was present at tlio actions of Banda and Ch^tmkote (mentioned 
Mck. Medal). 

AeessLSnrfeon Tarrant served in India in 1857-58, and was present at the battle of Cawnpureon Cth Dec, action of Kalee 
lee, asd affair of Kankor (Medal). 

il.SargpOB Orton sen'cd witli the Royal Artillery in the trenches before Sebastopol in lh55 und at the assault of the 
tbe 9tli Sept. (Medal und Clasp, and Turkish Medal). Screed with the Central India field force under Sir Hugh Rose 


Mh and was prnent at the siege and c.npture of the furt uf Chandairee. sic;:e and captuie uf Jhaiisi, battle of the Betwa, 
a et Koonch, actions of 17th and I'^th Mhv, and of 31st May ut (rolowlic and capture ol Calpee ; was afterwards preaeut in 
■■ aelioni in the Bnndlekund district f M ecfal). 

Aaeiat.Sur^n ^mitk served in the Crimean campaisn from May 1855, including the expedition to Kerleh and 
kkalc (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal). A1m> Hcrved In India in 1H»7.5B, nnd was present at the actions of 
BHln. Cfaaiiila. and Sultanpore, siege and capture nf Lucknow, ami relief of Azinighur (Mcdnl nnd Clasp). 

AnistSurg. Maclean served the Ka-^tern campaign up to the 30th Oct. \^At and from I7th Feb. lHj5,incladIng the 
leof Balaklava, expedition to Kerti ii and Venikale, ulege and fall of Sebastopol {31edal and Clasps and Turkish 
ial\ Served the campaign of 1857 -(<i against the Mutineers In India, including the actions nt Kudygungeand Shum* 
ll.llrtr and Call of Lucknow, attack on the fort of Rooyah, action at Allygnngt , and capture of llareiliy. 

Aid%L8argeon Taylor served witli tbe expedition to Ciiina iu 1m({0, and |ir'*H<nt at Tangku, and the capture of 
■ Jiorte»and surrender of Pkin (Medal with two Clasps'). 

AeeiBCSurfeon Clifton served With the expedition to China in 18G0, and was present at Siuho, capture of Taku 
8 (Hcdal and Claap). 

AMtet-Susgeon Tanner served wiih tiic expedition to China In I860, and was present nt Sinhn, actions near Tavgchow, 
■amoder of Pekin (Medal and Claup). 

Assiai .Surgeon Preacott served wii>i the expedition to China in 1800, and was present at Slnho, Tangku, capture cf 
B Forts— wounded i^menlionod in despatches}, and surrender of Pekin (Medial and two C'.aspM). 

! Aeitlat.Surgeon Crcao served with the expedition to China In 18<i0, and was present at tlic action of Tangku, capture 
Im Taku Forts, and aarrender oi Pekin {Medal and two Clasps). 

I Doctor Corbett serred with the OHih Lt. Infantry at the »i«>gu and full of Subnstopol from 18th Mu;ch 1855 (MeJal 
aaaii, and Turkish Mednl). 

, AsMSt-Surgeon Johnston served with the Uth Regt. in tho Crimea from Jan. 1855, ineludini; the :<icgo and fill of 
latopol, and ai^sault of the bntteries on 18th June (Medal and Clusp. end Turklt-h Medul). 
• Aa«iftt.8urffeon Temple served in the tield in New Zealand during the Miion War of 1801. 

I Voctor Robertson rerved with the 2nd Batt Rifle Brlg!\de in the action of Pandoo Nuddeo, In the operations at 
np«Mr« nnder (irneral Windham, tattle of C'auni>ore on (Uh Dec. lK'i7, kiege nnd capture of lucknow, snbfequent 
atiotts in Oude, action «-f .N'awub Gnnci-, pa>>ageof the (loomtee, and cciupaiion of Snlianpoie ;Medul and Clii»p). 

AaeUt.Sur;«eon Clery served In the Crimea from 11 Nov. 18.')4 to 11 Feb. \i*Vi (Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol. 
Turltiab Medal;. S'-rved with the 17ih Ijancers in the Indian campaign of lH.iT-58, iucluding the purauit of Tantai 
tv and actions of Hajliur, Mongrowlie, Sindwaho, Koorwyv, and Zcerupore (Medal). 

[ j7cr rtuiainder of Notis, see end of next pagv. 

^ Coast Brigade of Artiltery. 

•»?■ HlJOK. 

Jimea Campbell, 2atl lAeut. 1 July 47 ; Copt. 10 Ha? 65; M^ar, 4 Not. G&. 

I Captaibs. 

2j\vfaiiua Haadjt[dx,' Lieut. S May 56; Cnpt. 7 Sept. 66. 
2i Wlliiam Henry,' Xi»iii. June 6*; Cnpi. 18 Not. 65. 

O'VC Andrew Hrary,' i/. 16 May 55; Cnp(. 28 Nov. 55. 
a.J, John Mackeaiie,' Lieut. 22 Sept. 06; Cop(. 1 Feb. 56. 
a,!, Jamea RoKin,' Uepuly Aetiat.Corinniesnry, 1 April 51 ; 
Capl. 4 Not. 59. 
JohUL Swecnv,* Comtt, 31 Doc. 55; Lieut. \'i Mar. 68; 

Cay(. 4 Not. 59. 
Hobon Keltic, 4 Not. 59; Cept. 85 Aug. 6*. 

Sbcomo Captain. 
DovicI Andewon, 4 Nov. 59 ; Capi. 29 Sept. 64. 


ChnrM Phillips, 4 Not. 69. 

JiitniKThomai Colo, (.A4J-) 4 NoT.59. 
! Jii.iit7 TlioTQ.on, 4 Mot. 69. 
O Gtwge M'Murray, 4 Nov. 69. 
O Hu^hMarahall,] April 60. 
O Jobii -fajlor, 1 April 00. 
jBinEsLumberM'Catluia,! AprllCO. 
O William H'Kowii, 1 ApriieO. 
■0 Gcorgi Montgomery,' 1 April 60. 
I Willinn Itoblnaoo, 1 April 60. 
I laeX Blade*," 1 April 00. 
l> John Ramaay," 1 April 00. 
Q Qooqje Leeda, 1 April CO. 

William Crawford," ( Qr.jlfa*(«-) 1 April 00. 
John H'Lanion,i»I5May60. 
.Wimamapall, iaApr.G4. 
O John Revill, 30 Aug. 64. 
John WlUjam Garnham, 18 Oct. 04. 
IPnyHinifn-.— Rowland Webster," 30 May 49 ; 

Jan. 44 ; Xf . v 26 July 46 ; Hon. JUigor, 1 Jan. 60. 
'A5H(nn(.— X*.J.T.CoIe,4No»,50. 
'Qr.StntttT.—Lt.\fm. Crawford, 15 June 60. 

cKpturrofCbuuii. Bi 

But, ^ 

C h inkiangfPQ, bi 

April ]8j5 at tUc ticiR ud 
1«Kil (Mnlil ud Clun, 
Hcdd). Us hBB Blso tb 

niul HlglitBndtn Ji 

" "-pUlnWilUf" " 

p-udTarklih ModU}. 

imiitlEn bI IFiS4-a5, I 

|""ro "oip«'«° of U 

Cimtinualion qf Nolea lo Medical Dtpartmtnl of Hogal ATliUery. 

»««ilwllbtlirflh'Puiilitiilnlli( lodldo N.W. rmntlti wir of 1HBI with thr Eui»fiy» fltld fon*, pmint* 
of Ihe Sung»lH nt Ihe UmbiylB Tui oml ■' "I" »l"cll on and HomiLng of till ConlcBl HHl Bnd c(f«rud«l 

M ABiiUt.8nri«pn Lttdi BarrBd In n»dJ 

u AMltl,8iirg«m R»Bd*ll rrnri wlih 
SibutopQ], and BMnill of the R4dui on Ihc 

IB Ap»fBLSnrf[eon Sll»rktf »rT«i In th« 
relief or Aavjiii^iiT and bulflgBd in UiBn> 

(MBdBl). ._, 

it AalBLBnrgBon HUlsua Mir^d wllli t 

n (kaiili. 

a left wing riBt lllghluidon during the Crnl 
»ld*7^B«olnpBTllpdlho force which Dpentcd'te 


!«al the OogriBt P^ibIwI, rrtienl 

It with IhB IBIh in 







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2 • 
« I* 
II a 


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9 9 d 9 9^M 

gaaa^gg !^2s 


•0 -4 « -« S 9 

^ j 9 9 9 
w 51 •-» *» "n •% •-» 


• ••••• 

«o »«e <• cx«e«D 

S S S88 

• • • • . s 

■ • • • • Q 

• • • • •0 



•• ^ T T 1^ 

« ^ « V »: 

•^ «■« ^^ ■ 

■ • •« MM -^ • •_ 




sj*!? o S 

wr^ xxxxxx V aox x xobstgto o e>-«f» 

Oi A Ck r<- X 

^ i ^1 =1" I 

gi a ^ a ^_ 

S S22SS 5 SSS5' 




3^3^899 ^94 9:^SSSS 

1^ r>« i>« 



*f*5?55 3 


X r>. t> r<« (o t« -- 

^ S 


g g A Oi9 Di 


5 : o • 5 
% Z Z 

9 3 : 


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3 ■ aj* * 9 

S ^ JS 

a a s ^ 

«;- X X 

-I—-- -J- 

1* • • • • • 

s • • • • g 

a : : : : 4 

«• • • 
^ *• *• «J 

•n*^^ i^,^i^fcihik^ 


wa 90 CO 

15^ — ea — 5~5r 


-- •« S 

: «oM 

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: :S 

23 2a 


aa.S S = a. 

.. .. saaa 


•0 r* — 

^2SU25;8 i5^S ^SS?^^^ 9 ^9 

sss^-ag SS2 

3 V I g 0, 

o a a S 
g 9 

2 g *2 n •oeo«c5--< 


s5~l ^335 aW51^^~"8rS3"9~S!3^5¥ 

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S 32 


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g -0 sij 

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■ • • • V 

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?iS V •* ^ 

S 8-3. 

a a'* 

CO OQ W J9 flQ so 

I iiiii 

2 a»a&s 

00 oQcv n 
^ ♦* • .t 

« u & V 

a <»oa 

0.0.- aT a ^ 

s a?; ^ s;;^£;aa ^ ss 

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0039 IC so « « 

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rt o ©,•? Ok 

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'Me Bnfl j&titterj). 




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5 «>50 


M I 


M O . 
► ••. • 

B M 


^ ri »-• ©« « « OS eo « "<»• 



XI "Cl "w "w "O *i3 T3 "O 




► « 
c x> 





o» 00 



«0 H» 

05 O'^ 



O FN r* l-H 05 









ri e« 






V 'oo 





00 00 00 00 00 
kO kO to U) IQ 







00 00 1^ 
to to to 

00 OD 00 
to ws to V 

§'^:-3-: :«' 

t-» • i-» 

O^ O O) A 
r-l (N •-• *-t 




•- s 


eo eo 
to to 

c< c< 

>o »^ 


a ot -^c 

eo eo 00 "^t 
lo to to to 

■^ <<«• lO to to to «0 (O «o 
to to to to >o to to lO to 

to CO 

{2 eoeooooo 

J-* r?-Q 


-8 fki ^ O O ^ ►? ►^ 

OOrHtOO »0 r-IOC10 0i-iao«0 

CI i-« r-« d eo o< c^i i-i eo oi c^ 



to to 







«o 1^ &<- 1^ 1^ i« r* 

to to to to to lO lO 

» Pb« #i«; »-» i-j ^ H» 

^• rH O 00 to to ft^ 

^ eo r-> <N C< 

I- i>- I- |>- 

t.-^ lo to to 



o» c^ 

. . • o 

e 9 .o c o 

5 * * 9TJ 

oo O to o 

CO »^ f-» 


to to tO« 


9 9* 

•-« "-sate 

CO o t»< 



9 o e 

C4 C« CI CO "^ "^ "^ i.^ 


"^ ** "* ^ 







^Bj ^^3 ^^J ^O ^^3 ^Xm ^C3 ^3 

•-> "-a •< ►-s 
eo eo HI <o 

1-1 l-H CI 



»o d rH eo 

eo CO 


*o <o 
» eo 

1^ t«oo 

eo COM 


00 eo CO eo «o '^t <4< -v^* -^ 

« « 

fH Ofc CI iH fH »-j tH rH rH O i-« rl i-H t-t tH O 
fH f^ i-< r** f« iH f H r-i r^r-l rH tH rH *-i rH 


9 S| O O O «S 

S a; 

O i-l ^ 

e ►» o i* o o 

CO eo 
CI cicTci 

o 9 B .£ s e 

K^ ») ^ H> 

00 O to O 

00 r-« fH 


o o e 
na »o •o 



9 "O*© 


^9 fe^'S «« 

r S ^ 


s fi s I rf^s^i 

S^ 6 


O f^ « 6 , 




O P« 



CI r-i ©I 

X K» >0 ©I CO <^ ©<| to O "* 

o «o o o o « 

23 S^-S 


40 oot«r«r»t«ft^«<o<OMOto^-^ 


^ «CS« 0? 00 eo 

CI CI CI C4 d d 

SCO e;( 


21 I 

SJ Alm&dfi i^inipsoii 

Julm lUmiaj Sladen*' >. 

18 €h«rl„ Siirlinir Dundai'^' 

22 ChMld Metdlfo Tonnj! 

25 G«<nfe Holknd 

25 tlunRtrford M«y«r Iloddam " 

10 Jabn Anthony Angclo'" .,,.,.... 

19 l>BYid John Pnlconer Newill" 

» John Edmund WaUon''' 

r Anhur Ilunnj," Kaiarn h\f U 

22 Willi™ John ((mj" 

IB .loli[iSK.ivarlTiilloh,CB.,"j/..J«.iljlB,.8| 

22 ItMrir^Uodnrj ilrown" 

SS W]lEumBDbeitFiu»c»ld 

S2 Edwird HuiiMin 

18 Willinn Fnderick Cox" 

■ >'C'<iEr>. Alexandar itennj-, Stajar M JsIt i 
Ifl Hstfj Vinee Timbrell" 

19 Joie},k C'lirnrrosi CrV^ll," Caxtaituirg tf 

1» Edw ff>ik<TEll;>Wf.Iker.>'»qf.3»Ai.t :> 
> a.«ri«HtnrjCook«" 

51 John Alfx>Tid«T Richmond Mmd 

84 Jahn Fniier Anp* t" 

19 Alfred fliitei U«illi " 

25 "ffilliiun DundM Conclinun^ 

o Uenr; Parlttt nithop," Hnjir !S Ang. !m.. , 

19 Pndcric Day Urqahart 

19 Jama Gtotye UaltnrK, AiU. la Imptclar 

Gri'r.fl •'/ 'irdHioKt and 3Ii3MiUiri. 

21 Prederkk Boiria He Rude," .v^MrS Aii(.« 
IB iJhai.Sniilh Lcmaichand," X^di-t iitt. M. 
25 Abiahnm Richmond Full«" 

22 Mart Ediiard C'-rrit," Artai /er 0„» \ 

U JoiVHunteH't : 

22 AtigutW. Billing". 

f John Submier Frith," »fn,or!MlAu(.M ... 
25 \ViIli»m n»iirtn]fn« PKah" 

24 John Fulton "• 

U ThoiDii Uenrjr Bait** 

23 Robert Momy" 

16 WiUiam AUunder Bou 

34 ^VillulInI^icV.on■' 

25 <"ieoi)(t Olivet Rjbol "^ 

3fi AfllfckFnMr" 

S£ Hcnrj Monu^s.Smilh'* 

IB J»nieiKd«ardC«diMr 

21 Waller Delua 

24 F.dw»rd Simton'*! 

SlOOBC Captaisb. 

35 Attlmr WBtl Piil»j," i 

24 Thomsil'renint 

22 Alfred Dii{b; Dcnntu 

52 Wllliun Tod Btawn,><>*C]]., !U„j. t) Ang.M 

F Cliarl«McWhirterMer«r'"' 

Sfi DaTid Tboauon''" 

IS ValluJ>oweU,M<yw,U April B9 

25 }iatffuiCniUntS»iiki-y,^''M.i93iia.iHilir..Uti 
24 Hmrv RUhmnnd Btov^iKi, VmumiiiiargBf 

OMnanrt. jil Com 

IS JameighavQibb,!* vnjarpMAuj. r.4 

r Fnncli Willuin 8iabbi«» 

21 AlpxntidetQilleipie"' 

4 Willinm Wilion,"'t iif.;„r. ;fl Ang. S8 

(I Thomu Aleiandrr PBtli-y'Dirom.'**,irn/t/', j 

B LiiCT. In LnDT. 



48| 3 July 4fi 11 Jua« CT 2B 8^ H 

28 s^ a 

ET,2B BapL ST 

5TIi1 Ju. H 

SSilO Fab. SB 

27 Hw. ES 

27 April K 

. 8 July 42' 
. 9 Dec 42 do 
. 11 Dec 41 do 
. 9 Juiu 43; do 
. 9 JoDo 43 2S Sopt. 
. 8 Dec. 48 " " ■ 



19 Drc. i 

91 Iltc. 4 

23 Dm. i 

28 Jan. < 

IS Hny i 

6 Jul* ( 

13 Ang. ) 

19 S«pL '. 

i Oct. < 

29 Drc. t 
31 lAu. i 

1 July i 

1 Dec. < 

1 Jan. < 

21 Feb. 4 
10 Mar. 4 
25 Mar. 4 
IT April 4 
8 Hay 4 

)o 128 8«pL 5 

lo 2 Feb. 5 

lo 20 Mnr £ 

. 12 Dm. 45 1 July B 

. 13 Dec. 45 21 July G 

. 18 Dk. 45 1 Jan. 5 

lo 18 Hw. 5 

lo le U*y 5 

ill June 47 
10 Dec. 47 
10 Dec 47 

3 Mar. i 


21 M*r n 

4 lair u 

18 Ang. n 

27 Alt- S8 


S Dm. 48 6 Mar, 53 



2T Aug. U 


37 Aug. n 

27Aag. E8 

STAog. G8 

27 Ang. fiS 

27 Ang. 58 

ZTAag. E8 

Aug. 68 

IT Aug; SS 


Royal Artillery 

BwoDwD Catuom. 

J Andrew flugh Bogle,'"* Jrfj. l Not. ' 

16 FnuciiHutionU'Lvoi'" [' 

" Tilliom Hunillon, Airl 

ic Fiancii Cany 

2Z ThotDuKlliDltHiigh>i,i/ajaraAaR.» 

< HeDry Murmyll' 

25 William Brown 

24 JiuDf i Bjuiald ilartin 

I la Tl^miu Jfickoll,'" Cmtnili. r>/ OriniHH, 

- jiia 

ll CI*H 

22 Cliatlei Wftlilutin Unynud' 

2i Ed»ard Tienug,''^* Coma.ui.ofOri»ii»ci,ArH 

19 Alexander Hkddtn LiodHiy"* 

19 Henry Twiiden Forbes 

10 FiB.Bobett Butt, Mg^rtAili;. HI 

19 Thonmi Parkyni Smilh'" 


25 Edwird Lempriera Enrlt"' 

18 Gflorge ChatlM Depreo"* 

22 Qeorgo Aliller Dobbin 

21 C!8aior.tJflbiiMeaA'l' 

John Petcivsll'" 

21 Patrick Cbarlei Aader jon,'" Atlj. IS Jgly 5U 

Mordnum M«riin FiiiQerald'" 

tn.i. George Kennie Jlsiidcrion'" 

19 Henry Moabimy Cadell,"" Arf*. fi Not. M . 

O.nCharlc* Veughan Atbnokle'-' 

2i Da<iidJamaWeliK™\- Caii>^i'"ri''fOriH«Hti, \ 

2ri> Liedi. Isi LmvT. 

i 10 Hu. » 

9 17 Alay fil 
} 21 May Gl 
3 2S July El 
) 31 July G4 
) 20 Feb. SG 
la Hay GS 
■ " 1 65 

11 Dec. 
11 Dec. 
11 D«. 
11 Dec. 
11 Dee. 
14 June 
U June 

2G >7<|[FredetickSleighRnberta,"'(.i/i>;d^ 
21 Horatio Oito HiUhioe"' • 

2 John Suvart, CoHtmioMY 

7 Bdwatd Lindny Hawkiao'" 

e John Kichwd Peonon 

19 William Bentiack Cnmberluidi'* ... 

18 ChnrieiHunMr,™ &»•:«. o/Ori(«.nr', 
25 Hongerford Doede) Joduon ■ 

19 Ferdinand FitiSoy 

3 George Balfour TnuU, "' Adjuii^l, 39 ? 

r Chiitlophrt Hewetion Batnel 

Jokn Boobun,'" Utltr, M Ort. 41 ■ . . 

31 Jome) Aleliwdct"' 

5 Minlo Blliot"" 

r Dacid MacFBrlan,"' JTiiiir.llI'ch.aS- 

S jBBiei Cecil QrovePric*'" 

24 Jeme, Sconce"' 

18 Henry A roMbiJdJUi lock >" 

19 EdwsrdCharlei William Bsyniford . 

16 BoberlEMheFmnki 

10 Bawion Aiilabie'" 

21 Charlei Oilbett Bobinurn'o 

22 Charlei 8 omner 3edley Taylor"" ... 

21 George Grant Gordon 

18 Penlon ThoHipwn'" 

23 Howell Locke Jonet'" 

Edward Chrittian QriJlin"* 


Alfred Jamci Wake'" 

34 /VnI.»'iiirtniSyw,"'C™-i"i!^''n'«' 

1 Alcinnder Henry Datidioo'" 

10 Edward Fraaer"" 

2 Fred. Huitue J^wM 

' llEunilton^^mlthcU'" 


J CharleiKdivardNoinie llunro 

r William Gnllyi" ,. 

J Hugh Chichriler>" ,.. 

r Doncan SnittPeintKiton''' ..f,'.,. 


ill 13 Dec. t 
. 12 Dee. f 
. 12 hte. i 

. 12 Dec. : 
. 13 June E 
■ 12 June £ 
H 12 June G 
. 9 Dee. £ 

9Dec ! 
9 Dec. t 
9 Dec I 

t 21Jdi. 

f 12 July B3 

I 22 Aug. GG 
2 Oct GS 
. 16 OcL GS 
) 28 Oct. GS 
I SO Oct. EG 
1 Jan. G8 

] IT Not. Sa 
1 20 Mot. 6T 
1 Feb. Sr 
1 30 May ST 
1 31 Hay S7 
- S June GT 

It Mvor 11 June S3 

8 Jni--,. 

as June Gi 

3T June ST 

4 July GT 

6 July GT 

10 July GT 

28 July ST 

27 July 6T 

24 Aug. GT 

1 Sepl. GT 

T Sept. GT 

8 Sept. 57 

8 SepL G7 

12 Sept. 67 

14 Sept. S7 

23 Sept S7 

_ as Sepl. ST 

3 [26 Sept 67 

3 28 3epL 57 

1 23 Sepl. S7 

1 6 Oct. 67 

1 29 Oct 67 

1 11 Not. 57 

1 17 Not. GT 

I IS Feb. 58 
J 13 Feb. G8 
5 16 Feb. SB 

I. CiPTjm. 

n Aug. GS 
!T Aug. GS 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. GS 
ZT Aug. 63 
27 Aug. 63 
27 Aug. 63 
IT Aug. 53 

17 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. GS 
27 Aug. SS 
27 Aug. 53 
27 Aug. 69 
27 Aug. 5S 
37 Aug. S8 
27 Aug. 63 

27 Aug. 58 
19 July 53 
12 Sept 59 
10 Feb. 60 
12 Mar. 60 
21 Apr. 60 
31 Hay tiu 

28 July 80 

12 Not. 60 
6 Feb. 81 

18 Feb. 61 
18 Feb. 81 
IS Feb. 81 
18 Feb. 81 

29 Apr. 61 
29 Apr. 81 
21 July 61 
2S Aug. 61 

1 Oct 61 
1 Oct 61 
10 Oct 61 
21 Not. 63 
8 Feb. 63 
SO Feb. 83 

10 Mar. 83 
3 Apr. 63 

24 June 63 
1 Septet 
T Oct 63 

11 Not. 6! 

13 Jan. 61 
29 Feb. 6t 
29 Feb. 81 

1 July 61 
15 July tt 
1 Sept U 



Royal ArtiOery 


(JkU Bm§a Armtnf), 


1 TreTor Hume**. . 

nil Richard Byan^*' 

D O'Brien**" 

)der WaUser, Com- \ 
fOrdMancf^ZrdCUus J 


nJaekaon Stewart*^ 

18 June 66 
12 Dee. 66 




2iii)Libx7t| 1bt LmrrT 

27 Apr. 68 


11 Dec. 67 

12 Dec 67 


12 June 67 

cbert Coddinnton*" -12 June 67 
d Hart Dyke»«». . . . 
Bwanne Bobinson . . 


DeGrey Warter»» 
d Henry Byan .... 
• Allan Bay lay »»«.. 

Bury Baikes 

« Edw. Armstrong . 
VTnu S. M. Cameron 
d Draper Elliott . . 
!S Edw. Delafoate.. 
ii William Ward»*« . 
b Fred. Blackwood. 
irthurMadan Warde 
I Algernon Buitell. • 
I Fra. Hamilton.... 
gn Willi! Ommanney 
Arthur Tillard .... 

AlTei Iiow»«« 

ifon Syme Jaekton. 
' Stephenflon Clarke 
t James Abbott .... 
SmuelHeyland^'* . 

g. iff Orinanee, ird CI. f 
IB Henry Wilkins . . 
Hndyaid Murray.. 
Jai. Cbas. A. Studdy 

' Albony Liot 

Henry W . Ewbank. . 
I Bieh. T. Chilton. 
Ingnun ETcrard Ford 
ime Qeorge Browne 
Harrey Annand. . . . 
im Bedford Tronp . . 
^ Gott Nelion^. . . . 
M AmoU Da?is .... 
ny Hepburn Murray 
Foidall liowii .... 
Henry Alexander . . 
i Thoe. Henry Taylor 
id Bobert ConoUy . . 
M Walker Bridgea.. 

«r Cargill 

, Iiathami'' 

4 John Kiniinan . . 
eiPitt Elderton.... 
d Bdward Gamault. . 
y Ghant Young 

y Cotton 

I Charles 

f Maxw. Mackenzie 
r Lancelot Nicholas. . 
^ Wm. Thomson . . 
let Henry Beilly. . . . 
Stuart Alexander . . 
Clinton Greene .... 
Francis Chapman . . 

isi Graham 














21 May 68 
4 July 68 
27 July 68 
18 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 68 














« . • . 

11 June 68 

11 June 68 

12 June 68 




• . 


26 Ckrence Macphenon 

19 Benj. Yaughan Arbnckla 
24 Oeorgt Lamb, Commuutrfft^ I 
OrdnoHce, 9rd Class 5 

16 James Baymond J. Ddwoi 

24 John Mylne Toong 

19 Lewis William Taylor .. 

19 John Frederick Free .... 

24 John William Taylor .... 

19 James Andrew Suther- ) 
land Colquhonn . . . . ) 

26 Walter Ernest Forbes .. 

16 John Forbes Meiklejohn.. 

22 WUliam Barron 

16 Wm. Jas. Wemyss Muir . . 

22 Lionel Hy. Septimus James 

26 AlbertBerwickCnnningbam 

22 Edward John Machell 

19 Frederick Lindsay 

19 Francis Arthur Stubbs 
1 GGuilbertEdw. WyndhamMalet 

16 John Philipps Cottam .... 

16 Horace George Willis . • • • 

26 Vincent Came Fisher.*.. 

22 Bdward Albert Anderson. 

16 Harry Leith Mackensia . . 

26 James Waterhonse 

16 Biehard Baiett 

16 John Botohart 

George Bannatyne Wymer 
26 John Francis Cookesley 
16 Samud Hunter Cowan 
10 Michael Henry Sawwd 
26 8h<^to Edmona. Femborton 
26 Boberi William Smith . . 
22 Charlei Halford Thanpion 
16 Arthur Swinton 

24 HenrrStephensonHiitebinsoii 
19 BobtGeo.Swayne Marshall 
8 George Feploe Brown . 
DunW Eraser Huyshe 
22 Arth.Jno.ChambreBawlins 
19 Fredk. Alexander Wilson 
19 Arthur Conolly • 

16 Henry ShakespetrHiflttinsoB 
24 Edward Hania Steel.... 
19 Vincent Bivaa. ...•••••. 

24 Edward Joseph da Lautoor 
22 Charles Edward Salkeld*. 

25 James Edward Alexander 
22 Alfred Tritton Wintlo. • . . 
22 Alexand.DingwmllAnderson 
24 Francis PeereWro.Freemau 

7 Hugh Alexander Douglas 
19 MonLJocelyn King Barman 
22 George Swinley 

12 Juno 68 27 Aug. W 

• • 





• . • • 

• • • • 

• . • • 

• • • • 

• • • • 

• • a • 

• • . . 

• . a • 

• • • • 

• • • • 

• . a • 

• • • • 

• . . . 

• . • • 

• . • • 
. . . • 

• • . • 

• . . • 

• • • • 
» • « • 

• • • • 

• • • • 

• • • • 

• • •• 

• • . • 
« . • • 

• . • • 

• . • • 

• • • • 

• • t ■ 

• . . . 

• • • • 
. . • . 

• • • • 

• . . . 

• . • • 

• . • • 

• . • • 
. • t . 

• • • • 

• • • • 

lir Lntv. 




10 Dee. 68 



11 Dec 68 

10 Juno 69 



















21 Aog. 60 
2 Oct. 60 
6 Not. 60 




S|« I ■ ill 

■^■Sz ^ ^ 2 C 


iUi iUiii 

a'55 SS8 8 a a 

S 5 3T3" 


= «8 S 




8 S9^ 5 



iJlllsiilllliJi I 


Ill isL^iiiiiirtiii i 1 2 II I 

'21 tis r. 



|^|||||i||l|i|l I J I II I 


iJ£ sill" 

S8C n!:S!l 

Illl 11 

m m 



|i l&aaa 11 ;=;:; s * 98 3 a •% 'WiW.-:.TW.-»-fc8g«Ksa?i ga Sita 

Bot/al Artillery 

(!■(■ XsJnu JrlUUrM.. 

John Harvey Etwyn 

Rdward llalbecbfl Caucbmiin, AiHil.Adj.Gtit. 

Qti,. Betetfiird Brjdge. Holme 

Walter SluirL Msnn 

Chsclei Muleod John Tbornton •■- 

Wm. fergusDD Beation Laurie 

Oeerg« CBilelon' 

Bobeit C«deU,'.iriijDr,jKAvf.MiJ.f.M April M 

Sdmrd William Danw , 

Koberl Monon , 

Sapier George Campbell 

Richnrd Oeorge Fred. Qenegan 

Pliilip Dauie Home , 

John Richard M'Urath , 

John H'Keni'B Micintyre 

0(9. Ononing John Campbell 

Wiltiun Jiunei Bradford 

Janei Blair 

George Cajlef Sobinnn 

Francii Cobbe 

George Godftej Teutt, Majur, M Aiiril it .... 

Alexander Hairy Dawion 

Hcnij Wm. Lumiden 

MnimaJuke Chnrlei lAirion". ■ 

John Pred. Adolptiui M'N«ir 

Uonel Bridge, Jfojir, ^>s April M ... 

Junei Soiiin Beitd 

Cunpbell Cameron 

Lancdel Fm.Chat. Thomu, Uajar, £H Aof. W ) 
1j< Cloji Cam. of Ord.. Kagfort, 17 Jum X J 

Blliot Mmto PlajMr' 

8E0oai> C'tFTAini. 

Cbulea Bailee* 

John Benumonl Swele 

Hnrf bundu Oloag 

Bsbcrt Cameten Hencfa f 

Aleiander John Clgilti 

i'atrick Si. George Gneme 

George Chnrlet Murray Martin ..-■.» 

Brerard Blepneir Hilnutn 

William DaTid Fonter 

43u>tavui Piederic Bbiir' 

Hugb Qordon Thonuon 

Waller D'Oyl j Ktnick 

Archibald Boberlaon Gloflk; 

Eiehard A ufiere Baker 

£ard!ty milian ChitOtri, 3rd dan C«m. \ 
KUntri, .,/ Ordnantf. BaneMlari. \9 Af.^ i 

Itcbeit Pope 

Cbarlei Jobnioii 

Thomaa JeoatiuiHuia Bag 

Oeor^ Haggard 

John Weitrop Waikiiu 

l>aTid Itelcymple Andetion, Adj. i« aii(. m. . 

Pranni Charle. Trevor 

Dunciin John M'Grigor 

' Benjamin Lnmidcn Gm^ou 

jeifpb George Manhal! 

Chuln Jowph M'lfihoD 

' Chatltt Edmird Watjon 

' SWpbenHy.Kdir. C'hamier, U^ar, II Oel.M.. 

Henry McLeod . ., 

■ John Cliaile. Taylet , 

■ "Willimn Kurar Urey 

■ JohnMcSeill 

I Henrr MonlEOmorr Finlay •>.•>. 

1 J«!in'Hoyei 

i ^jfilliam H«nrv MeCiniUiid 

* Frederick Ed nard Hador 

I fitadM Smuj Themp»Mi 

ll June 

10 Dec 

11 Dec. 
11 Dec. 
ll Dec. 

S Jan. 
11 Jane 

11 June ' 
U June ' 
.2 Dec. ' 

12 Dec. : 

12 Dec. ' 

13 Dec. . 
13 Dec. . 
13 Dec ' 
13 Dec. ' 
13 Dec. ' 
12 June ' 
11 Dee. ' 

)Dec. I 

12 Bee. 
12 Dec. 
12 Deo. 

12 June 



SJuly 4 

3 July 4 

SJuly i 

3 July i 

SJuly 4 

SJuly t 

3 July i 

13 July 4 

?8Ang. 4 

SaTr! 4 
!2 Kcv. 4 

20 Jan. 4 
30 April i 

9 May i 

13 July i 

21 Ang. i 
7 Oct. 4 

25 Mar. ( 
2S April ( 
SJuly ( 
12 April t 

11 May 

lllUy CI 

11 Hay Si 

11 May 54 

SO Aug. G4 

31 Dec. ei 

Feb. 06 

13 Feb. £5 

11 April I 

3 Ua7 I 

2SS«pt. GT 
IS Oct. G7 

11 Jun< 

Det G0 

11 Dec GS 

11 Dec - 
11 Dec. 
8 Jan. 

11 June 67 

11 June GT 

11 Jnna GT 


31 IJec. 
27 Aptit GS 
27 April iS 
37 April G8 
27 April G8 
27 April G8 
27 April £8 
27 April B8 
27 April '" 
27 April 
27 Apr, 
27 Apr. G8 
C3 81Uay GS 
53 27 Aug. G8 

8 Jniw Gim fcag. Cft\ 

GS 27 April jS 
G027AUB. C8 
~^ 27 Aug. G8 
f27Au(. G8 
1 27 Aug. ES 
■27 Aug. C8 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 58 
37 Aug. SS 
27 Aug. 5S 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. GS 
27Ang. GS 
27 Aug. GS 
27 Aug. GS 
27 Aug. 5S 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug, GS 
27 Aug. S8 
27 Aug. 58 
27 Aug. GS 
27 Aug. G8 
!7Aug. G8 
27 Aug. C8 
27 Aug. C8 
27 Aw, B8 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 68 
27 Aug. 68 

27 Aug. 69 

27 Aug. 66 
11 July 6» 

10 Feb. 60 
2a Feb, 80 

SMar. 00 

50 April 00 
23JDIM 00 

5Ju]7 00 

IfiJn^ 00 

IBept 00 

IGDee. 00 

28 Dae. 00 
31 Dee, 00 

18 Jan. 61 
13 SapL 01 

11 Sept. 01 
2Gf1ept. 01 
21 Dec. 61 
21 May 02 

SJnne 03 
IS June 62 
2 OcL 62 

51 Feb. 03 
;16JBly OS 

1 Sept. 6S 

i!9 Feb. 61 

29 Feb.. 61 
:2eFeb. 01 
l39 Feb. 01 
129 Feb. 01 

29 Feb. 01 

19 AgtUtl. 

\Y1 iwa W 



Royal ArtiUery 

{lat4 Madras ArtiUery). 


17 FraneU Stafford Budd 
17 Hy. B. Tenifon MacCarthy 
D Hontio Powys Lane .... 
D William Hull Caine ... 
20 Wardlow Manderson ... 
28 Charles Bandolph Buckle 
D Marmaduke L. Monckton 

20 John Ford , 

17 Alexander Wynch •••••. 

B laaac Ketchen 

20 Anthony Percy Bainbridge 

28 Stapleton Penny 

17 Henry John Thornton . . 

D M. II. C. B. Steinman •. 

D Edward Thos. Ouchterlony 

: B Bobert Thomas Hamond... 

20 Charles Edward Pritchard 

17 Walter Melv. Derw. Wright 

17 Henry Lind Armstrong 

1^17 HoUoway Walrond Hastings 

B Hnrlock Galloway Pritchard 

D Alex. Macdonell Bawlins 

28 Archibald Henry Boberts . 

D Henry Follett Pritchard.. 

28 Burton Yaldwyn 

28 Kenneth J. Loch Mackenzie 
17 James William Macdougall 
20 James Frederick Pierson. . 

20 William Bryden 

28 G^rge Herbert Trevor . . 

B St. John Charles Shawe . . 

28 Alexand. Chorlcy Davidson 

B Hon. Montmorency 

B William Hy. Montgomerie 

20 Mathew Monton Bowie .. 

2hb Libttt. 

8 June 55 
7 Dec. 55 
7 Dec. 55 
13 June 56 
IS June 66 
12 Dec. 56 
12 June 57 
12 Juno 57 
12 Juno 57 
12 June 57 
12 June 57 

11 Dec 57 

12 Dec. 57 

11 June 58 

11 June 58 

12 June 58 
12 June 58 


1st Lixut. 

27 Aug. 58 




































20 William Bisset 

20 Charles Hesketh A. Gower 
17 Patrick Murray Bolland . . 
20 AlbertWm.OrmeWhinyates 

17 William Wyndham 

20 William Eliott Lockhart . . 
20 George Bean Macdonell • . 

20 Charles Edward Beid 

Thomas William Boberts. . 
23 Charles Clifford Saxton . . 
23 Charles Doyne A. Straker 
20 William Andros Warren . . 
17 Wm. Bich. Charles Brough 
20 Daniel YincentShortland.. 

17 William Freeth 

20 Charles William Biereton . 
20 Hon. Hardress S. O'Grady 

17 Bobert Thompson 

23 Arthur Keeling Seacome.. 

17 James Henry Gleig • 

23 John Graham Pollock .... 

23 William Stanley Hebbert . 

D Bobert Alexander •.•••. 

D Percy Sanderson 

23 David Cowie 

23 Geo. Fraser Eric S. Neill . 
20 Chas. B. Eliott Wheatley . . 
23 Jas. Stuart F. Mackenzie . 
23 Archibald Tver Maclaverty 
23 Mathew Bichard West . . 
23 George Boland Gambler • . 
20 Douglas Western Lawrell . 
17 Augustus John Lavie • • • • 
23 Frederick B. Twynham . . 

12 June 

2xD LiKUT. Ibt ham 

58 27 Aug.5 
10 Dec. Si 

10 Dec. 5i 

11 Dec. 5^ 

10 June 5£ 

10 June 58 

9 Dec. 59 

9 Dec. 5S 

9 Dec. 59 

9 Dec. 59 

9 Dec. 59 

8 June 60 







• . . . 

. . ■ • 
. • • * 
. ■ ■ • 
. . . • 
. . • • 

• • . . 
. • . . 

• • * . 
. . • • 
. • . . 

• • . . 
. . •• 
. . ■ • 

• • •• 

• . . ■ 
• . • . 

• • •• 
. ■ . * 

1 ift.Genertl Moutgomeiie served lo the Mahratta campaigns, Inclading the affkir with Plndareet In Dec. 1816, battk of 
and aiege of Nagpore. and as Brigade lI%{or of Artillery at liego and storm of the fortreai of Chandah. Throughout the 
Bonneae war of 1824-26 as Brigade Mi^or of Artillery, Including the capture of Rangoon, attack of Stockades on &th Hay, 
attack of Kemundine, repulie of an attack on the Linen of Rangoon on lit July, defence of the Dagon Pagoda lines from 
Itt to 5th Dec., commanded detachment of Artillery with a column of attack on the enemy'a Intrenched pMltioa before 
Bangoon on 6th Dec., and with the force which stormed the entrenched position at Kokayne on 15th Dec 1824, present tt 
the siegt and capture of Donabew and capture of Prome, commanded Madras Artillery in the attack and storm of Tariooi 
Intnocned positions before Prome between 1st and 5th Dec. 1825, commanded a battery at the attack and storm of Ifelloos, 
commanded a detachment of Artillery In an affair at Paghammew on 9th Feb. J 826 which termhiated the war (fbar times 
mentioned In dispatches). Commanded the Aridllery throughout the China Kzpcditiou of 1840-4^ including Uie first cap- 
tare of Chnnn, operations in the Canton rirer in 1841, repulse of the uight attack on Ningpoo, capture of Tsekee, Segoin, 
Chuoo, Woosung, and Shanghae (commanded a column of attack), assault and capture of Chinklangfoo, and deaoniirs- 
tlraoefore Nanldn (six times mentioned In dispatches, Medal). Has the Indian War Medal with two Clasps for Nagpoie 
and ATa, and was nominated a CB. on Her Msjesty's coronation in 1888. 

9 Lt.ColOBel Mein senred in the second Burmese war fVom July 1852 In command of a field Battery and was prca«it at 
the occuputlon of Prome and Meeaday (Medal with Clasp). Commanded a troop of Horse Artillery with Madras Column of 
Sangor field fbrce f^om Nov. 18fi7 to 98 April 18fiB, and was present at the battle of Banda (mentioned in dis)>atchet'. 
leUdT of KIrwee, >nd storming the heights of Punwarree — commanded right column of attack and mentioned in dUpatcbei 
(Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Medal with Clasp). 

5 Lt.Colonel A. T. Cadell senred thronghout the China expedition of 1840-42, Including the capture of Chuian, attack oo 
Chaeopee, capture of the Bogue Porta, attack on the heights of Canton, capture of Shanghae and Chlnkiangfoo ^McdtlJ. 

4 Captain Carleton embarked for Turkey on 2nd Oct. 185.'> as a Captain In the Osmanll Horse Artillery and serred 
with that force until its dlibandment— was nominated to the fourth class of the Medjidle. 

A Lt.Colonel Robert Cadell served on the Staff of the Turkish Army during the Russian war from October 1854 Inrindiiiff 
the defence of Eupatorla, siege and fall of Sebastopol, and Omcr Pacha's winter campaign in Mlofrclla (mentioned in dis- 

Ktcbea, Crimean Medal wiih Clasp, Turkish Medal, 4th Class of the Medjidle, and Brevet of UiOor). Served in tbe 
dian Mutiny campaign in Bengal, Including the actions of Doomoorcagunge, Bauuriah, and Toolseepore (mentioned la 
dlspatchee. Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Bledai with Clasp). 

6 Captain Lawson was in action with the fbrces of the Ri^ah of Ghor.ipore on 8 Feb. 1868. 

7 Captain E. M. Playfair senred in the second Bunnese war in 1853 (Medal). Also served In the Indian Mutiny csa- 
palgn and was often engaged with tbe rebels In inconsiderable actions. 

8 Captain Blsir senred in tha second Burmese war including the attack on and capture of Rangooo. and captnre of 
Prone (Medal with Clasp). 

ft ft 


Th4 rmaining War Servicti %nll U givtn Unaflir ; ihty havt %Qi yti hwi rteeivtd. 

•a H 



O tf 


o ai 

•a o 
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N O 

M O 

a •a 




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•0 9?-* 





• • • 

• • • 

• • • 
■ • • 


• • ► 

• • o 

• '55 


^3S 5 




^4 ^mrm n eo~ 

* * * 4^ ^ 

00 COQO«<«^H 


t^ Ok 

no <e <o «o <o«<o<D no to 

S e 3S2 






«< V « tl 

Pm Oi-» 


a a s 

00 00 00 00 00 ao 00 00 x 


<2 ffiEiS 

S 3 s 


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no 4 ^ Ok 00 







8 s ^ea a 




5^ 8 ss a 8-aag^ 8 as ss isr^ 8;s? ^ ^ft^a & ii^a 





8 ^*»a8 




SS22 :S S3 3 SS3 

=5 ?*= 




9 9 9 9 9999 ^9-9 9 99« «9 «-9999 9 99^ 






9 Q,tebo 

8 gg^i:: 


Ok tx 


8 ;g ^8& a 

II illiill I II 



00 Ok 



8 8us;$ 

8 i{SSi{ 


i~f~l?55 5 59 4? ;3:;;9 ;($ !9 9999 




•-» i-k 


o» okxsoo^ o •" ^ ^ mm^m^^ o p^o o» r>oi0k 

ok« *• "*S23 2 SSS 









^^10 - Q 

ill a I 

s^; as Sc^Nas; 

moSh aaa aas; siSHsa 



9 9 98S8 

88 88 8%8SS 

2(88 SSs; S88 88888 


190 ' 

Raytil Ariillery 






I3"i>ec. "45 

{late Bombat Artllhry], 


II Arthur Blunt^' , 

21 Kobert Charles Battiscombe {Mluiw, 1 Dec. ({3J 

21 AhingdoH Aug. Baylt/t^^ 2nd Class Com. of Ordnancn at 

21 Jamei Kenny Henderson^' 

18 Edward Spread lienmish 

21 Ckoi. aavity 2nd CIom Com. JIt/iUrabad,lDecMl2 June 46 3 
21 Charles Edward Henry Cotes" |12 Jiine 4625 


18 James Henry Reid 11 

18 Walter James Hodgson Stevenson 11 

B Thomas Marshall Harris"" 11 

21 George Napier : 

21 Thomas James Maclachlan,^^ Mojor27 Aug.M • • • • • 

18 Richard Pittman,'^ Major, S8 Jug. 68 10 Dec. 

21 Thomas Carlisle Crowe^i ;10 

21 Charles Shaw de Neufville Lucas I 9 

18 John Henry Porter Malcolmson^ 

21 John Braithwaite Hardy '' 

SB005D Captains. 

21 WUliamde Vitre'« 

1 8 Godfrey T wiss ^^ 

21 George Henry Stone'*' 

18 Francis Swanson/® '2nd Class Com. of Ordnance, 1 

18 Thomas Bridges Heathorn^' 

V Hubert Le Cocq,^ Adjutaut, VD June C4 

B Arthur Reginald Hoskins^ 

21 Francis Faulkner Sheppee 

B Charles Pasley Roberts** 

18 Thomai Nelson Holberton/^« 

18 Thomas Hawkins Turner/* t 

21 Russell Alexander Stevenson*^ 

21 Maitland Warren Bouverie Sabine Pasley ** 

B Walter William Woodward^ 

21 George Francis Worsley,**' Adj. 11 July CI 

18 John Ritchie** 

18 Charloa Henry Strutt,^^ Mt^r :u Jan. tif 

18 Thomas Porter Berthon 

18 John Talker" 

18 Philip Hanmer Harcourt^* 

21 Henry Charies Baskcrville Tanner ^« 

21 Arthur Carey »« 

18 Christopher Edward Newport^ , 

B Henry Tonfield VachelP' , 

21 Edward Henry Baker 

18 John Thomas Leishman 

18 Charles Percy Theobald 

Dec. 63 





,r7"Seft. 60 
28 Feb. 51 
28 April 61 
17 Aug. 51 
Feb. 52 
May 62 
June* 62 
46' 1 July 62 
46,13 July 52 
47116 Aug. 52 
20 Jan. 53 
28 Mar. 63 
47 8 Not. 68 
Dec. 47j31 Dec. 68 
June 4825 Feb. 64 
Juno 49 29 Aug. 64 
June 49 do 





27 Aag. 68 

Dec. 49.29 Aug. 64 

do do 

do do 

do 15 Sept. 64 

9 Dec. 60|l0 Nor. 64 

18 June 6112 Sept. 65 

18 June 6l|28 April 56 

12 Dec. 51! 3 Jan. 67 

12 Dec. 51| 4 April 58 

12 June 6227 April 68 














27 Aug. 58 

14 Feb. 69 
8 May 69 

15 May 69 
19 Aug. 69 
30 Mar. 60 
30 Mar. 60 
11 April 60 
25 June 60 
19 Dec. 60 
18 Feb. 61 



18 Feb. 61 
18 Feb. 61 
18 Feb. ei 
11 Jmio 01 
24])ea 61 


M Charles Edward BaseTi^\ . 
B Htnry Watts Stocklcy >* . . 
■ WbIUco William Benson. . 
18 nomas Carr Fletcher- . . . 
IS Honce Cowley Brown . . 

B Walter John Finch 

B John William Borradoile.. 
18 EMred Thomas Pottinger**' 
21 Bnbaiou Henry Pottinger. 
21 John Grierson .... 
B Jobn Henry Lloyd 
B Alexander Thomas Wallace 
SI Axthur Thoa. B. Stevenson. 
B Sdmnnd George Battiscome 
21 Th.Hc«thcoteOuchteriony^. 
B Henry Francis Gibb^' .... 
18 Frederic Boyd Roberts •• 

18 Philip Henry Greig 

;21 George Henry Candy 
21 ChtisiopherChat.Pemberton 
d PeB» Bold Lempriore 
JS Mmiwm Charles Nowall 
m Robert Im Metiuner 
28 WWiMmWard , 

2!iD lisot.| 1bt l ibct.. 
■8"Juii755!27 Aug. 58J 

la • • ■ 

• • • 

7 Dec. 65' 


12 June 57 






11 Dec. 57 


11 Dec. 67 


12 Dec. 57 























27 Aug. 

11 June 58 


11 June 68 


11 June 68 







1 do 


9 Dee. 63;27 April 6S|27 Jnno ^ 

do I2I Aug. 68121 Oet 
8 June 64 27 Aug. 68 

8 June 6427 Aug. 68 

9 Dec 6427 Aug. 68 
do do 

9 Dec 64,27 Aug. 58 
8 June 55! do 
8 June 6527 Aug. 68 


C Jan. 

18 Fob. 6S 

1 Joly 68 

18»c 68 

15 Dee. 68 

29 Feb. 64 

21 Oct. 64 

21 John Bridges Wslker .... 12 June 68' 
18 James Graham Ed wardes.. * do 
18 Msrk Algernon Chaldecott do 

21 Henry Stevenson do 

21 Cornwall Henry Campbell. do 

21 Charles Edward Hanbury . do 

18 Francis Ward Major .... 
18 Fred. W. Mackenzie Spring 
18 Charies WilHs Godfrey . . 
18 Francis James Mortimer . . 

18 Thomas Walker 

18 Francis C. Haunam Clarke 
18 Aug. Berkeley Portman • . 
18 Theodore Mcthuon Ward.. 
18 Charles Faulkner Glass .. 
21 Fiancis James Galdecott . . 
21 Alan Coulstonn Gardner. . 
18 Frank Lodge 

2nd LIBOT.lS* UBDT. 

27 Aug. 58 ; 1 8 Henry Cariston Setdn .... 
21 Samuel Geo. Drnry Turner 
7 Emanuel Montefioro &* . 

. ■ • 

• • . 

• • . 

• • • 

» •• 

27 Aug. 68 

10 Dec. 58 

11 Dec. 58 

10 Jbm 0t '. 






8JBB0t|r < 

» I 


AgMif Mmki. Cox void Co. 

War Services of the Officers of the Royal Artillery. 191 

flcrred in the Peninsula and France from 9Ui June iSGtf to Feb. 1814, including the action of the Cos 
•GO, actions of Pombal, Redinha (wounded in the shoulder\ Caaat Nora, Fox d'Arouce (wounded in the leg)* 
battle of Kuentes d'Oiior, action of Aldea de Punie, sieges of Cindad Rodrigo and Badi^ (dangenmsly 
be hcttd; t action at CostnOou, capture of forts at and battle uf Salamanca, capture of Madrid and the Betiro, 
1 ifnnoz and San Milan, battles of Vlttoria, anrl the Pyrenees Irom 26th to 30th July, passage of the BldutM, 
Nive ; battle near Bayonne, 13 Dec. 1813. Sened also the campaign of ItflA, and was present at the battle 
Sir Uew has received the Gold Cross and two Clasps for Busaco, Badajoz, Salamanca, Vlttocia, Nlrelle 
.e SiU'er War Medal witli three Clasps for Fuentes d'Ooor, Ciudad Rodrigo, and Pyrenees)