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Full text of "Harvard University bulletin"

-* V 



of Carbarn 





VOL, I. 
Nos. 1 TO 13 ; 1875-1879, 





%* Nos. 1 to 5 contained only lists of books added. The following references are to bibliographical 

notes, etc. in nos. 6 to 13. 

American history, notes on, 90, 110, 153, 195, 243, 


Analytic geometry, references in, 157, 246, 289. 
Antinomian Controversy in New England, 287. 
Apparatus for accurate measurements, 302, 350. 
Ariosto's L'Orlando Furioso, 357. 
Art studies, 92. 
Aungerville, Richard, 358. 
Autographs, 121. 

Ballads, 94. 

Baret's Quadruple Dictionarie, 358. 

Becket, Thomas a, 156. 

Book funds of the Library, 89, 98. 

Born's Monachologia, 359. 

Botanical handbooks, 349. 

Botany, 155, 251, 291, 344. 

Christianity, beginnings of, 93. 
Class albums, 322. 
Coryate's Crudities, 361. 

Dolet, Etienne, 362. 

Duplicates for sale, 96, 119, 310, 375. 

Floras of different countries, 251, 291, 344. 

German reading, 119. 

Globes, early, 229. 

Globus mundi, 275. 

Gold and silver, 112. 

Guarna's Gramma re warre, 364. 

Halliwelliana, 325, 376. 
Holy Roman Empire, llo. 

Japanese books, 310. 

Lee Manuscripts, 161, 200, 255, 295, 334, 356. 
Lessing, lives of, 93. 
Library facilities, 95. 
Library rules, 74, 214. 

Magalhaes de Gandavo, 317. 
Manuscripts, 206. 
Marquette's voyage, 262. 

Martial de Paris, 317. 

Massachusetts Bay, history of, 195, 243. 

Medlicott Library, 170. 

Mercury, transits of, 209. 

Mexico, documentos de, 313. 

Michelangelo, bibliography of, 123, 159, 198, 253, 


Milton's Paradise Lost, 263 ; notes on Pindar, 301. 
Miinster, Sebastian, 270. 

New England, Great Council of, 195. 
New France, 196. 

Notices, 98, 126, 170, 214, 245, 310, 375. 
Novus Orbis, 299. 

Paine, Martyn, his library, 322. 
Periodical indexes, 170. 
Peyton's Glasse of Time, 318. 
Philosophical studies, 92. 
Pietas et Gratulatio, 305. 
Pilgrims at Plymouth, 153. 
Plautus and Casaubon, 301. 
Plutarch and Shakespeare, 233. 
Pope, Alexander, 338. 
Prince d' Amour, 371. 
Ptolemy's geographies, 214. 
Puritans and separatists, 111. 

Ruysch's map, 262. 

Shakespeare's Poems, bibliography of, 207, 264, 2Sii. 

Schliemann's Mycenae, 94. 

Slavery, pamphlets on, 214. 

Soto, Hernando de, 320. 

Spenser, Edmund, 323. 

Stevenson's Norfolk drollery, 372. 

Sumner collection, 120, 163, 203, 260, 299, 338. 

Tell, William, 280. 
Theological books, 114. 
Thermodynamics, 197. 

Waldseemiiller, 342. 
Warner's Albion's England, 285. 
Westminster drollery, 374. 
Wilkes, John, 343. 




DECEMBER, 1875, TO MARCH, 1876. 


Aa, A. J. VAN DER. Biographisch woordenboek 
der Nederlanden, etc. xvii, xviii, deel. Haar- 
lem. 1874. 8. 

Abbot, E. On the reading "An only-begotten 
God," or "God only-begotten" (John i. 18). 
[B. 1875.] 8. 

The late Dr. Tregelles. Plymouth. 1875. 


Aberdeen University. Calendar for 1876-77. 

Abu-1-Fazl. Ain i Akbari. Tr. from the Persian, 

by H. Blochmann. Vol. i. Calcutta. 1873 

[1868-73]. 8. (Bibl. Ind., N. s. 149, 158, 163, 

194, 227, 247, 287.) 
Abul-Grhazi. Histoire des Mogols et des Ta- 

tares. Tr. par Desmaisons. 2 torn. St.-Pe- 

tersb. 1871-74. 8. 
Achiardi, A. D'. Mineralogia della Toscana. 2 

vols. Pisa. 1872-73. 8. 
Adams, J-, and Mrs. A. Familiar letters, during 

the revolution, etc. N. Y. 1876. 16. 
Alberdingk-Thijm, J. A. Gedichten uit de 

verschillende tijdperken der noorden zuid- 

nederlandsche literatuur. i bundel. Amst. 

1850. 16. 
Alberi, E. Relazioni degli ambasciatori veneti ai 

senato. 3 serie in 14 vols. Firenze. 1839-62. 8. 

The same. Appendice. Firenze. 1863. 8. 

Alboquerque, A. D'. Commentaries. Tr. from 

the Portug. ed. of 1774. Vol. i. L. 1875. 8. 

(HAKL. Soc. 53.) 
Alexanderson, A. M. Ofversigt af Prome- 

theus-mythen. Upsala. 1869. 8. 
Alunno, F. Le ricchezze della lingva volgare. 

Vinegia. 1543. sm. f. 
Alvord, B. Mortality in each year among the 

officers of the army (including those killed in 

battle) from 1824 to 1873. (AMER. Assoc. 

ADV. Sci. Proceedings, etc. 1875. 8, pp. 

Amidei, F. Ritratti di alcuni celebri pittori del 

secolo xvii. Roma. 1731. 4. 
Amos, S. Lectures on international law. L. 

1874. 1. 8. 
Ancona, A. I precursor! di Dante. Firenze. 

1874. 16. 

Andresen, K. G. Die altdeutschen personen- 

namen. Mainz. 1873. 16. 
Angeli, G. Piccolo vocabolario Veronese e tos- 

cano. Verona. 1821. 8. 
Anzeiger fur kunde des deutschen mittelalters. 

i-viii jahrg. [1832J-39. Numb.; Karls. [1832- 

39.] 4. 
ApollodorilS Atheniensis. Bibliotheca ex recog- 

nitione Rudolli Hercheri. Gr. Berol. 1874. 16. 
Archiv fiir mikroskopische anatomie. i-xi bd. 

Bonn. 1865-75. 8. 

The same. Namen- und sachregister zu band 

i-viii bearbeitet von Franz Hunold. Bonn. 
1872. 8. 

Archives of ophthalmology and otology. Vols. 

i.-iv. 4 vols. N. Y., etc. 1869-75. 8. 
Archivio glottologico italiano, diretto da G. I. 

Ascoli. Vol. iii. punt. 1 ; vol. iv. punt. 1. 

Roma, etc. 1874. 8. 
Arnold, M. Friendship's garland. L. 1871. 16. 

God and the bible. N. Y. 1875. sm. 8. 

Arnstadt, F. A. Fran$ois Rabelais und sein 

Traite d'education. Leipz. 1872. 8. 
[Arrom, C. (B. de F.).] Ausgewahlte werke von 

Fernan Caballero. xvi. bd. Paderborn. 1862. 


Ashburner, J. Philosophy of animal magnet- 
ism and spiritualism. L., etc. 1867. 8. 
Association pour 1'encouragement des 

etudes grecques en Prance. Annu- 

aire 9 annee, 1875. P. 1875. 8. 
Attila flagellum Dei. Poemetto in ottava rima 

riprodotto sulle antiche stampe. [Edited by 

A. d' Ancona.] Pisa. 1864. 8. (COLLEZ. di 

ant. scrit. ital., 3.) 
Aube, B. Saint Justin philosophe et martyr. 

P. 1875. 8. 
[Audiffredi, G. B.] Bibliothecse casanatensis 

catalogus. 5 torn. Romas. 1761-88. f. 
Audiflrent, G. Des maladies du cerveau et 

de 1'innervation d'apres Auguste Comte. P. 

1874. 8. 
Audsley, W., and G. Christian symbolism. L. 

[18661] sm. 4. 

Austin, G.L. Hist, of Massachusetts. B. 1876. 8. 
Avolio, C. Canti popolari di Noto. Noto. 1875. 

Azzi, C. Vocabolorio domestico ferrarese-italiano. 

Ferrara. 1867. 8. 



[B., G.] Un nuovo passatempo* [ossia Saggio di 

poesie pavesi almanaceo] per 1'anno 1834-38. 

5pam. Pavia. 1833-[38]. 24. 
Baglione, G. Le vite de' pittori, scultori, archi- 

tetti, etc. Napoli. 1733. 4. 
Bain, A. The emotions and the will. 3d ed. 

N. Y. 1876. 8. 
Bancroft, H. H. Native races of the Pacific 

states. Vol. v. N. Y. 1876. 8. 
Barbier, A. A. Diet, des ouvrages anonymes. 

3d ed. Tom. iii. 2 pt. P. 1875. 8. 
Baring-Gould, S. The lost and hostile gospels. 

L., also Edin. 1874. 12. 

Yorkshire oddities, incidents, and strange 

events. 2d ed. 2 vols. L. 1875. 16. 

Baronio, C., and Rinaldi, O. Annales ecclesi- 
astici. 34 torn. Lucae. 1738-56. f. 

Apparatus. Lucae. 1740. f. 

Index. 3 torn. Lucas. 1757-59. f. 

Barrington, J. B. Sorbic and parasorbic acids. 

Inaug. diss. Tubing. 1871. 8. 
Bartholow, R. Cui bono ? And what nature, 
what art does in the cure of disease. Cinn. 

1874. 8. 

Bartsch, K. Germanistische studien. Supple- 
ment zur Germania. 2bde. Wien. 1872-75. 8. 

Grundriss zur geschichte der provenzalischen 

literatur. Elberfeld. 1872. 8. 

[Baruffaldi, G.] Continuazione delle Memorie 
istoriche di letterati ferraresi [by Barotti], etc. 
Ferrara. 1811. 1. 8. 

Basel, Switz. Hist. u. antiq. Gesel. Beitrage zur 
vaterlandischen geschichte. x. bd. Basel. 

1875. 8. 

Bastian, A. Schopfung oder entstehung. Jena. 

1875. 8. 
Baudot, A. DE. Eglises de bourgs et villages. 

2 torn. P. 1867. 4. 
Baur, F. (C.) Einleitung in das griechische und 

lateinische. Tub. 1874. 8. 
Beccaria, C. Delia commedia presso i Greci, i 

Latini, e gl'Italiani. Roma, etc. 1874. sm. 8. 
Bechstein, R. Altdeutsche marchen, sagen und 

legenden. Leipz. 1863. 16. 
Beer, A. Die erste theilung Polens. 2 bde. Wien. 

1873. 8. 

The same. Documente. Wien. 1873. 8. 

Begemann, W. Zur bedeutung des schwachen 

prateritums der germanischen sprachen. Berl. 
^1874.^ 8. 

Beilstein, F. Die chemische gross industrie auf 
der weltausstellung zu Wien im 1873. Leipz. 
1873. 8. 

Bennici, G. L'ultimo del trovatori arabi in Si- 
cilia. Palermo. 1874. 16. 

[Berchet, G.] Illustrazione della cripta di S. 
Marco in Venezia. 2d ed. Venezia. 1870. 
obi. 4. 

Bergmann, F. W. Re'sume d'e'tudes d'ontologie 
et de linguistique. 3d ed. P. 1875. 18. 

[Berington, S.] The adventures of Signor Gau- 
dentio di Lucca before the inquisition, at Bo- 
logna. L. 1786. 8. 

Bernoni, G. Fiabe e novelle popolari veneziane. 
Venezia. 1873. 16. 

L'igiene della tavola ossia proverbi che hanno 

riguardo all'alimentazione. Venezia. 1872. 16. 

Leggende fantastiche popolari veneziane. 

Venezia. 1873. 16. 

Preghiere popolari veneziane. Venezia. 1873, 


Bernoulli, J. J- Aphrodite. Ein baustein zur 

griechischen kunstmythologie. Leipz. 1873. 8. 
Beseler (K.), G. (C.) Die lehre von den erbver- 

tragen. 2 theile. Gott. 1835-40. 8. 
Bianconi, J. J- La theorie darwinienne et la 

creation dite independante. Bologne. 1874. 8. 
Bible. Codex Sancti Simeonis. Ed. R. Maria 

Steininger. August. Trev. 1834. 4. 
Bible. [Biblia ad vetustissima exemplaria casti- 

gata. Vols. ii., iii.] Antverpiae, Christoph. 

Plantini. 1564. 16. 
Bible. Commentary on the prophets of the O. T., 

by G. H. A. von Ewald. Tr. by J. F. Smith. 

Vol. i. L. 1875. 8. (THEOL. Tr. Fund Libr. 

Bible. The N. T., a new transl. By J. B. Mc- 

Clellan. Vol. i. L. 1875. 8. 
Bible. Saint Luke in Anglo-Saxon and Nor- 
thumbrian versions. By W. W. Skeat. Camb. 

1874. 4. 

Biblioteca rara. 62 vols. Milano. 1845-66. 16. 
Biedermann, (F.) K. Deutechlanda triibste 

zeit oder der dreissigjahrige krieg. Neue ausg. 

Berl. [18..] 8. 

Billot, A. Droit international Traite de 1 'extra- 
dition, etc. P. 1874. 8. 
Blatter fur das bayerische gymnasialschulwesen. 

xi. bd. 6.-8. heft. Miinchen. 1875. 8. 
Blanford, H. F. On some recent evidence of 

the variation of the sun's heat. [L. ? 1875.] 8. 
Bleeker, L. The order book of. N. Y. 1865. 8. 

Large paper. 
Blignieres, C. DE. Exposition de la philosophic 

et de la religion positives. P. 1857. 18. 
Blochmann, H. Notes on the poems of Prince 

A'zam uddin, and on three other Persian poets, 

known under the name of Sultan. [Bengal. 

1868.] 8. 
Blume, L. Das ideal des helden und des weibes 

bei Homer mit rlicksicht auf das deutsche alter- 

thum. Wien. 1874. 8. 
Boccaccio, G. II Decamerone. 6 torn. Londra. 

1815-16. 24. 
Bottcher, F. Unseres alphabetes urspriinge. 

Dresden. [I860.] 16. 
Boisseree, S. Hist, et descrip. de la cathedrale 

de Cologne, etc. Stuttg. 1823. f. 
Bond, E. A. Speeches of managers and counsel 

in the trial of Warren Hastings. 4 vols. L. 

1859-61. 8. 
Bonney, Mrs. C. (V.) A legacy of historical 

gleanings. 2d ed. 2 vols. Albany. 1875. 8. 
II Borghini Giornale di filologia e di lettere 

italiane [Serie i.] Anno 1-3 ; [ii.] Anno 1. 

4 vols. Firenze. 1863-75. 8. 
Bouche-Leclercq, A. Giacomo Leopardi. P. 

1874. 16. 
Boucoiran, L. Diet, des idiomes meridionaux de 

la France. 1-7 fasc. Nimes. 1875. 8. 
Boulliot, J. B. A. Biog. ardennaise. 2 torn. P. 

1830. 8. 

Bourgoing, F. Hist, diplomat, de 1'Europe pen- 
dant la revol. fran?. i-ii pt. P. 1865-71. 8. 
Bouton, N. Provincial papers relating to New 

Hampshire. Vols. ii.-viii. Concord, etc. 1868- 

74. 8. 
[Boutovsky, V.] Musee de Moscou Hist, de 

I'ornement russe du x au xvi siecle. 2 vols. 

P. 1870. f. 
Boutroux, E. De la contingence des lois de la 

nature. P. 1874. 8. 
Bowerbank, J. S. A monograph of the British 

spongiadae. Vol. iii. L. 1874. 8. (RAY 



Brandes, H. Abhandl. zur geschichte des Orients 

ini alterthnm. Halle. 1874. 8. 
Brasseur de Bourbourg, C. E. Hist, du 

Canada. 2 torn. P. 1851). 8. 

- Hist, des nations civilisces du Mexique et 
de I'Amerique-centrale, duraut les sieeles ante- 
rieurs a Christophe Colomb. 4 torn. P. 1857- 
59. 8. 

- Manuscrit troans. Etudes sur le systeme 
graphique et la langue des Mayas. 2 torn. P. 
1869-70. 4. 

Brinton, D. G. The religious sentiment. N. Y. 

1876. 8. 
British and foreign state papers. Vols. xliv.-lix. 

L. 1865-74. 8. 
British Museum. Catalogue of marine poly- 

zoa. PL iii. L. 1875. 8. 

- Catalogue of Syriac manuscripts acquired 
since the year 1838. Pt. iii. [L.] 1872. 4. 

Britton J- Cathedral antiquities. 5 vols. L. 
1836. 4. 

- Hist, and descript. essays accompanying 
specimens of archit. antiq. of Normandy. L. 
1828. 4. 

Broca, P. Sur la langue basque. P., etc. 1875. 

Brofferio, A. Canzoni piemontesi. 6 ed. Torino. 

1868. sm. 16. 
Bruhns K. (C.) Astronom.-geodat. arbeiten in 

1872, 1869, und 1867. Leipz. 1874. 4. 
Bruhns, K. (C.), and Hirsch, A. Bericht iiber 

die verhandlungen der 1871 zu Wien abge- 

halt. dritten conferenz der europ. gradmessung. 

Berl. 1872. 4. 
Buchner, L. Sechs vorlesungen iiber die dar- 

win'sche theorie. 3 aufl. Leipz. 1872. 16. 
Buck, M. R. Medicinischer volksglauben aus 

Schwaben. Ravensb. 1865. 8. 
Buonarroti, M. A. Le lettere pubbl. per G. 

Milanesi. Firenze. 1875. 4. 

- Le rime pubbl. da C. (iuasti. Firenze. 1863. 4. 
Burr, F., and Lincoln, G. Hingham in the late 

civil war. [B.] 1876. 8. 
Burroughs, J- Winter sunshine. N. Y. 1876. 

Buttmann, A. Die deutschen ortsnamen mit 

besonderer beriichsichtigung der ursprunglich 

wendischen in der Mittelmark und Niederlaus- 

itz. Berl. 1856. 16. 
Buys-Ballot, (< H- D. Les courants de la mer 

et de ratmosphere. Tr. par L. Estourgies. 

Bruges. [1874.J 8. 


Calcutta Review. Vols. xix.-xxv. Calc. 

1853-56. 8. 
[Calvi, A. G.] Biblioteca (Title incomplete.)? 

Vols. i.-ii. pt. 1; iii. 2; iv.-vi. Vicenza. 1772- 

82. 4. 
Camarda, D. Saggio di grammatologia com- 

parata sulla lingua albanese. Livorno. 1864. 8. 

- Appendice. Prato. 1866. 8. 
Cambridge, A'w/. University. Examination 

papers. Michaelmas term, 1871, to Easter term, 

1873. 2 vols. 1873. 4. 
Camerini, E. Nuovi profili letterari. 2 vols. 

Milano. 1875. 16. (BiBL. contemp., iii., iv.) 
Camoens, L. DE. Os Lusiadas herausg. von C. 

von Reinhardstoettner. Strassb. 1874. 1. 8. 
Cantalamessa Carboni, G. Memorie intorno 

i letterati e gli artisti di Ascoli nel Piceno. As- 

coli. 1830. 4. 

Capello, L. Diet, portatif piemontais fra^ais. 

2 pt. Turin. 1814. sm. 8. 
Capponi, G. Storia della repubblica di Firenze. 

2 torn. Firenze. 1875. 8. 
Carey, H. C. Manual of social science. Phil. 

1874. 12. 
Carl, P. Repertorium fur physikalische technik, 

etc. xi bd. 2.-4. heft. Munchen. 1875. 8. 
Carrel, A. CEuvres politiques et litte'raires. 5 torn. 

P. 1857-59. 8. 
Cassani, A. C. Saggio di proverbi triestini. 

Trieste. 1860. 16. 
Cassel, P. Die schwalbe und ilire heimkehr. 

Berl. 1866. sm. 8. 
Castro, G. DE. Arnaldo da Brescia e la revolu- 

zione romana del xii siecle. Livorno. 1875. 

Caumont, A. DE. Hist, de Tarchitecture reli- 

gieuse, an moyen age. Nouv. ed. P., etc. 

1841. 8. 
Cebusky, A. Grammatikderbohmischensprache. 

5 aufl. Wien. 1870. sm. 8. 
Cennini, C. Trattato della pittura con annota- 

zioni da G. Tambroni. Roma. 1821. 8. 
Chaignet, A. E. La philosophic de la science 

dulangage. P. 1875. 18. 

Pythagore etlaphilos.pythagoricienne. 2e'd. 

2 torn. P. 1874. 16. 

Theorie de la declinaison des noms en Grec 

et en Latin. P. 1875. 8. 

Vie de Socrate. P. 1868. 18. 

Chichett da Frara, lunari nov con sturielli e ma- 

tieri per 1'ann 1836-38, 1840, 1842-49. 12 pam. 
Frara. [1835-48.] 24. 

Chlebik, F. Die f rage ueber die entstehung der 
arten logisch und empirisch beleuchtet. 2 ab- 
handlungen. Berl. 1873-74. 8. 

Kraft und stoff, oder der dynamismus der 

atome aus hegel'schen pramissen abgeleitet. 
Berl. 1873. 8. 

Chodzko, A. Dokladny slownik polsko-angiel- 

ski i angielsko-polski, etc. [2d ed.J 2 pt. Berl. 

1874. 8. 
Chossat, E. DE. Classif. des caracteres cunei- 

formes babyloniens et ninivites. P. [18 . .] 

Ciccone, A. Principj di economia politica. 2d 

ed. 3 vols. Napoli. 1874. 8. 
Cicognara, L. Le fabbriche ed i monument! di 

Venezia. 2d ed. 2 vols. Venezia. 1838-40. f. 
Clemens, Fr. Jesus der Nazarener. 5 aufl. 

2bde. Berl. 1875. 8. 
Cobden Club. Free trade and the European 

treaties of commerce. L., etc. 1875. 16. 
Cockerell, C. R. Iconography of the west front 

of Wells cathedral. Oxf. 1851. 4. 

The temples of Jupiter Panhellenius at 

JEgina, and of Apollo Epicurius at Bassa?. L. 
1860. f. 

Coley. H. Nuncius sydereus : or, The starry 

messenger for 1687. 16th impression. L. 

1687. 16. 
Comparetti, D. Intorno al libro dei sette savj 

dilloma. Pisa, 1865. 8. 
Comparetti, D., mid Ancona, A. Cant! e 

racconti del popolo italiano. Vols. ir., vi. Roma, 

etc. 1875. sm. 8. 
Comte, Auguste. Catechisme positiviste. 2 e'd. 

P. 1874. 18. 

Synthese subjective. Tom. i. P. 1866. 8. 

Constant de Rebecque, (II.) B. CEuvres 

politiques. P. 1874. 12. 

Corsi, D. Scene popolari liorentiue. Firenze. 
1375 [1875]. 16. 


Corssen, W. (P.) Ueber die sprache der Etrus- 
ker. ii bd. Leipz. 1875. 1. 8. 

Corticelli, S. Kegole ed osservazioni della lin- 
gua toscana. Bologna. 1745. 8. 

Coste, (X.) P. Monuments modernes de la Perse. 
P. 1867. f. 

Cournot, A. A. Materialisme vitalisme ration- 

Etudes sur I'emploi des donnees de la science 

en philosophic. P. 1875. 18. 

Cox, G. W. A hist, of Greece, to the death of Al- 
exander, with a sketch of the subsequent hist, 
to the present time. N. Y. 1876. sm. 8. 

Coxe, J- R- An inquiry into the claims of Wil- 
liam Harvey to the discovery of the circulation 
of the blood, etc. Phil. 1834. 8. 

Crane, E. B. The Rawson family. Worcester. 
1875. 8. 

Cresy, E., and Taylor, G. L. Archit. of the 
middle ages : illustrated by the cathedral, etc., 
at Pisa. L. 1829. 4. 

Creux, J- H. La liberation du territoire en 1818. 
P. 1875. 18. 

Crisafi, G. La vita di Gesu Cristu descritta in 
canzuni siciliani. Missina. 1736. 24. 

Cromie, H. Ryme-index to the Ellesmere manu- 
script of Chaucer's Canterbury tales. L. 1875. 
8. (Chaucer Soc. 1st Ser., 45.) 

Ryme-index to the [six-text] Ellesmere 

manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury tales. 
L. 1875. obi. 4. (Chaucer Soc. 1st Ser., 

Curci, C. M. Lezioni sopra i quattro evangeli. 

Vpls. iii., iv. Firenze. 1875. 8. 
Curtius, G. Zur chronologie der indogerman- 

ischen sprachforschung. 2 ausg. Leipz. 1873. 


Principles of Greek etymology. Tr. by A. 

S. Wilkins and E. B. England. Vol. i. L. 
1875. 8. 


Dahn, F. Westgothische studien. Wurzb. 

1874. 4. 

Daly, C. L'archit. privee au xix siecle sous Na- 
poleon III. [1 serie.] 3 torn. P. 1864. f. 

The same. 2 se'rie. 3 vols. P. 1872. f. 

Danchi, King, pseudon. Libro delle nature degli 

uccelli da F. Zambrini. Bologna. 1874. sm. 

8. (SCELTA di curios, letter, etc., cxi.) 
Dandolo, T. Guida per la Svizzera. Milano. 

1857. 16. 
Daniel, H. A. Codex litvrgicvs ecclesiae vniver- 

sae. 4 vols. Lips. 1847-53. 8. 
Dante Alighieri. II convito con commento da 

G. Giuliani. 2 pt. Firenze. 1874-75. 16. 

De monarchia libri iii., per C. Witte. Ed. 

altera. Vindob. 1874. 8. 

Le purgatoire avec les dessins de Gustave 

Dore. [To which is appended "Le paradis."! 
P. 1872. 4. 

Darwin, C. The descent of man. 2d ed. L. 

1875. 12. 

Insectivorous plants. L. 1875. sm. 8. 

The structure and distribution of coral reefs. 

2ded. L. 1874. 16. 

Debes, L. A descript. of the islands and inhabi- 
tants of Foeroe. [L.] 1676. 12. 

De Costa, B. F. Sketches of the coast of Maine 
and Isles of Shoals. N. Y. 1869. sm. 4. 

Deecke, E. Liibische geschichten und sagen. 
Liibeck. 1852. sq. 16. 

Didot, A. F. 
Venise. P. 

Delbriick, B. Vedische chrestomathie. Halle. 

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. 'Ai/a- 

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composed of several [5] new songs. Copied 

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N. B. In dates of the present century the first two figures are omitted. 

An Arabic numeral standing before the name of the place of publication indicates the number of volumes. 


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En sammenlignende oversigt over den ro- 

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[76.1 4. 

1/iesfinn'. Ter semestre liil>ernum ad. xvi. m. 

octobris a MDCCCLXXVI. ad d. xv. m. martii 
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The. same. Per semestre aestivum MDCCC- 
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CHARLES W. ELIOT, President of the University. 

HENRY W. TORREY, Professor of Ancient and Modern History. 

EZRA ABBOT, Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation. 

WOLCOTT GIBBS, Professor on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts. 

FRANCIS J. CHILD, Professor of English. 

CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, Professor of the History of Art. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 

GEORGE L. GOOD ALE, Assistant Professor of Vegetable Physiology. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 
JOHN FISKE, Assistant Librarian in Charge of the Catalogue. 


The care of the several libraries devolves upon some member of the faculties of the respective 
departments when regular librarians have not been appointed. 

JOHN B. S. JACKSON, Professor and Curator of the Museum, Medical School. 
HENRY L. EUSTIS, Professor and Dean of the Lawrence Scientific School. 
FRANCIS H. STORER, Professor and Dean of the Bussey Institution. 
EDWARD C. PICKERING, Professor and Director of the Astronomical Observatory. 
SERENO WATSON, Curator of the Herbarium, Botanic Garden. 
JOHN H. ARNOLD, Librarian of the Law School. 
FREDERICK ME AKIN, Librarian of the Divinity School. 
MISS F. M. SLACK, Librarian of the Zoological Museum. 


The College Library in Gore Hall, is for the use of the whole University. Its privileges are 
also granted, under special regulations, to persons not connected with the University. [Blanks for 
m<tking application for such use may be had of the Librarian.'} It is the duty of the Council to make 
rules for the administration of the Library ; to direct the purchase of books to the extent of the 
funds applicable for that purpose ; and to visit and inspect the Theological, Law, Medical, and 
other special libraries. The Librarian has the care and custody of the Library. It is his duty to 
superintend its internal administration, enforce the rules, and conduct the correspondence; and 
to make annually a written report on the condition of the Library to the Library Committee of 
the Overseers, and to the Corporation. 



1. THE Library is open every week-day except Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, 
New Year's day, Fast day, and the Fourth of July, from 9 A.M. till 5 P.M., or till sunset 
when that is before 5; but in vacation or recess the hour of closing is 2 P.M. 

2. The alcoves are not open to the students or the public. 

3. Not more than three volumes at one time are allowed to borrowers, except at the 
discretion of the Librarian. 

4. No officer of instruction shall keep any book belonging to the Library more than 
three months, nor any other person more than four weeks ; and renewals, for fitting 
reasons, can be made. In cases of new books which are much in demand, a lesser 
term of detention can be prescribed by the Librarian. 

5. Borrowers can take books only after they have been charged to them by a 
Library attendant ; and if they send for books, they must sign and date an order. 

6. Any person desiring to borrow a book, not of fiction, which is already lent, may 
leave his name and the title of the book with the desk attendant ; and, when the book 
is returned, such person will be notified, and the book held subject to his order for three 

7. No borrower shall lend to any one a Library book, or let it go out of his personal 
custody ; and the borrower is alone responsible for the book while it is charged to him. 

8. No borrower shall write or mark in a book belonging to the Library. 

9. When there are two or more copies of the same book, the least costly or rare 
shall be lent first; and the Librarian shall use his discretion in regard to the lending of 
works not easily replaced. The circulation of some books is prohibited by the conditions 
attached to gifts. The Librarian shall also withdraw from circulation all books desig- 
nated by officers of instruction as needed for reference by their classes. 

10. Unbound periodical publications shall be used only in the Library, except that 
officers of instruction may take them out after they have been in the Library for four 
weeks ; but such officers can take them earlier for reasons deemed sufficient by the 
Librarian, provided that in all cases unbound serials are subject to the recall of the 
Librarian for binding. 

11. Students who leave Cambridge for an absence of more than one week must 
first return all borrowed books. 

12. If any person shall keep a book beyond the prescribed period, he shall be subject 
to a fine of ten cents a day for every volume. 

13. Any damage to, or loss of, books shall be made good to the satisfaction of the 

14. No student shall be admitted to the first degree, nor any resident Bachelor to a 
second degree, till he has exhibited to the Bursar a certificate from the Librarian that he 
has returned in good order, or replaced, every book that he has borrowed ; or, in default 
thereof, has deposited with the Librarian double the value of it in money ; or, if it belong 
to a set, double the value of the whole set. And no student shall be permitted to 
take up his bond, or shall be discharged from his responsibilities by the Bursar, till he 
has obtained such certificate. 

15. Any infraction of these rules will subject the delinquent to such penalty as 
the nature of the offence may require. 

In the following and subsequent lists, accessions to the several departmental libraries 
will be indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles, as follows : 

A. O. Astronomical Observatory. 

B. Gr. Botanic Garden. 
B. I. Bussey Institution. 
D. S. Divinity School. 

L. S. Law School. 

M. S. Medical School. 

M. Z. Museum of Zoology. 

S. S. Lawrence Scientific School. 

It has not been possible, in the short time available, to get returns from all of the 
above libraries, for the present issue of the Bulletin. 



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Contents: Punin und Baburin. Die lebende 


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Nathaniel I. Bowditch, amounting to two thousand 
dollars, " for the purchase of books." Now $'2,100. 

DENNY FUND. A gift of five thousand dollars 
from the children of Mrs. Harriet J. G. Denny, at 
her request ; " the same to be permanently invested, 
and the income thereof to be applied to the pur- 
chase of books for the Public Library of the Col- 
lege." Now $5,200. 

ELIZA FARRAR FUND. Extract from will. " Sec- 
ond, and to the said President and Fellows of Har- 
vard College, the further sum of Five thousand 
dollars, in trust to keep the principal sum produc- 
tively and safely invested, and to apply the income 
and interest thereof to the purchase of books in the 
department of Mathematics, Astronomy, and Nat- 
ural Philosophy for the Library ot Harvard College." 
Now over $5.200. 

HORACE A. HAVEN FUND. Extract from will. 
" First, I give and bequeath to the President and 
Fellows of Harvard College, the sum of three thou- 
sand dollars, to be expended as soon as practicable, 
after it shall have been received from my executor, 
in the purchase of books for the Public Library of 
said college, which books are all to be in one de- 
partment of literature, to be designated by the 
President and Professors of said College." " And I 
do so far alter the first bequest in said will, making 
a donation to the President and Fellows of Harvard 
College, as to direct hereby that the books thereby 
directed to be purchased, shall be on the sciences of 
Astronomy and Mathematics, and shall be selected 
by the Perkins Professor of Astronomy and Mathe- 
matics, and the Hollis Professor of Mathematics and 
Natural Philosophy for the time being." 

GKOUGE HAYWARD FUND. A legacy of five thou- 
sand dollars " the income to be annually expended 
in the purchase of books of modern science and lit- 
erature, for the Library of the College." Now 
over $5,200. 

THOMAS HOLLIS FUND. Extract from Corporation 
Records, Sept. 5, 1774. The Hon. John Hancock, 
Esq., Treasurer of the College, having communi- 
cated to the Board an obliging letter from Thomas 
Brand Hollis, Esq., informing them of five hundred 
pounds sterling, bequeathed to the College by our 
late distinguished and very generous benefactor, 
Thomas Hollis, Esq., for purchasing books for the 
Library," etc. Now $2,350. 

SIDNEY HOMKII FUND. Extract from will. "I 
give to the President and Fellows of Harvard Col- 
lege, two thousand dollars, for the use of the Public 
Library of the College ; the income to be expended 
in the purchase of works on Political P^eonomy." 
Now $2,100. 

I- i.i.Di.KicK A. LANE FUND. A gift from F. A. 
Lane of five thousand dollars, " the annual interest 
only to be expended in the purchase of books for 
the Library." Now over $5,200. 

CHARLES Mi NOT FUND. Charles Minot's bequest 
of sixty bonds of the Buffalo, Bradford, and Pitts- 
'g Railroad, of one thousand dollars each, "the 

interest to go to the purchase of new books for 
Harvard College Library." Now about $60,000. 

SUBSCRIPTION FUND. A subscription, the in- 
come to be expended in the purchase of books for 
the Library. Extract from Corporation Records, Feb. 
27, 1869. " Voted that the income of the subscrip- 
tion for the College Library " fund, when the princi- 
pal shall amount to ten thousand dollars, sliall be 
applied to the purchase of books therefor." It is 
now so applied, the principal being $10,500. 

STEPHEN SALISBURY FUND. A gift from Stephen 
Salisbury of "five thousand dollars to be invested 
safely and productively, and maintained as a sepa- 
rate fund, of which the net annual income shall be 
expended in the purchase of books in the Greek and 
Latin languages, and in books in other languages 
illustrating Greek and Latin books, for the supply of 
the Library of said College. And books so pur- 
chased, which are not needed for said Library, may 
be given to undergraduate students in said College, 
as premiums for faithful scholarship, or as aid to 
those who deserve and need assistance in defraying 
the expense of education, at the discretion of said 
corporation." Now over $5,200. 

SAMUEL SHAPLEIGH FUND. Extract from will. 
" It is my will that the income arising from this 
estate shall each year be sacredly appropriated to 
the purchase of such modern publications as the 
Corporation, Professors, and Tutors, shall judge 
most proper to improve the students in polite litera- 
ture, the books to be deposited in the Library of the 
University, and to consist of poetry and prose, but 
neither in Greek or Latin." Now $3,950. 

CHARLES SUMNER FUND. Extract from will. 
" The other moiety to be paid to the President and 
Fellows of Harvard College in trust, for the benefit 
of the College Library, my desire being that the in- 
come should be applied to the purchase of books 
relating to Politics and the Fine Arts." Now nearly 

ICHABOD TUCKER FUND. A gift from Mrs. Nancy 
D. Cole of Salem, of a policy of the Massachusetts 
Hospital Life Insurance Company for the sum of 
five thousand dollars, " the income of which is to be 
paid and applied annually to Harvard College for 
the purchase of books for the Library, at the discre- 
tion of the Corporation." 

THOMAS W. WARD FUND. The legacy of five 
thousand dollars from Thomas W. Ward, " the in- 
come to be annually expended for the purchase of 
books." Now over $5,200. 

GEORGE W. WALES FUND. An annual gift of 
two hundred dollars, to increase the library given 
by his brother Henry Ware Wales, M. I). 

HENRY W. WALES FUND. Extract Jrom trill. 
" And the income of said fund is to be expended and 
applied for the support of a Professor of the San- 
scrit Language, and in the purchase of books or 
manuscripts in that department." This legacy has 
not yet been received by the College. 

JAMES WALKER FUND. E.iir<n-t //<>/// trill. "I 
give and bequeath to the President and 1-Vllows of 
Harvard College and their successors, the sum of 
fifteen thousand dollars, the income of which is to be 



expended annually in the purchase of books for the 
General Library of the University, preference being 
given to works in the intellectual and moral sciences." 
Now $15,800. 

The total amount of invested funds, Sept. 1, 
1877, was $170,351.56. 

The College Library will probably be able to 
expend during the current year nearly fifteen thou- 
sand dollars in the purchase of books, and the fol- 
lowing apportionment has been made for the several 
departments : 

for music . 


Periodicals 1,000 

Special outstanding orders 1,000 

Continuations and deficiencies . . . 1,500 

Art, including 



Politics and modern history . . . 
Ancient and mediaeval history . . 

Political economy 

Travel and biography 

Lit. history, bibliography, philology 

Latin and Greek 

English and polite literature . . . 

French literature 

German literature 

Italian literature 

Spanish literature 


Metaphysics and ethics 

Physics and mathematics . . . . 






A balance of about $3,000 is left for contingencies. 
Of the entire income, $5,236.41 must be expended 
for books on subjects indicated by the founders of 
the funds yielding such part of the income, and the 
apportionments are consequently in some measure 
prescribed by such conditions. It will assist those 
charged with making out lists under these several 
heads, if gentlemen of the University will furnish 
titles on the usual order slips (which will be fur- 
nished at the library) and send them to the Libra- 


* # * The following notes on the authorities run parallel to 
the. xyllabus of Dr. Lodge's Lectures on American Colonial 

Pre-Columbian Discoveries. The Northmen alone 
possess any valid claim to the pre-Columbian discov- 
ery of this continent. Of comprehensive histories, 
Bryant's Popular History of the United States, and 
Palfrey's New England contain the best account of 
the Norse voyages ; the latter is especially just and 
discriminating. Of special works, there are J. T. 
Smith's Discovery of America by the Northmen, 
and Gravier's Decouverte de 1'Amerique, the latter 
full, but imaginative and credulous ; Rafn's Anti- 
quitates Americanae, a collection of the most impor- 
tant and original authorities, contains the Sagas on 
the evidence of which the claims for the Norse dis- 
covery can alone be satisfactorily sustained. The 
evidence of the Sagas is discussed in the North 
American Review, July, 1869, arid the whole sub- 
ject is briefly traced and criticised in the same Re- 
view, July, 1874. Other pre-Columbian discoveries 

are well summarized by Bryant, by Baldwin, in his 
Ancient America, by Gravier, and in the North 
American Review for July, 1874. 

Columbian and Post- Columbian. Bryant, Ban- 
croft, and Hildreth contain summaries ; the first 
is the fullest. For special contemporary narratives, 
compare De Bry's, Purchas's, and Hakluyt's col- 
lections. Ternaux-Compans is a modern collection. 
Irving's Life of Columbus. Parkman's Pioneers of 
France in the New World gives the best account of 
the earlj' French attempts to settle in Florida and in 
Canada. Some of the early English discoverers 
are picturesquely treated by Froude, England's 
Forgotten Worthies, in his Short Studies, vol. i. 
Ralegh's efforts to colonize Virginia, are given in 
Bryant, Bancroft, and Hildreth. Fuller accounts 
may be found in Campbell's History of Virginia, 
and Edwards's Life of Ralegh. 

General Colonial Hist.ari/. The great defect in all 
the comprehensive works is the insufficient treat- 
ment of the Provincial period, extending from 1090- 
1750. Dr. Palfrey's History of New England is the 
single exception in this respect, but his field is of 
course limited. For this period outside of New 
England, the student must consult the histories of the 
separate colonies. Bancroft's United States is the 
best for the pre-revolutionary and revolutionary 
period, and his account of the Stamp Act and the 
consequent troubles (Vol. VII.) is at present un- 
equalled. Hildreth's United States is comprehen- 
sive, but his arrangement is defective, and he 
seldom rises above the level of the annalist. Bry- 
ant's United States is the best for the early history 
of settlement. Gordon's American Revolution is 
very full on that period, but is not always trust- 
worthy. Stedman's American War presents the 
English view. Chalmers's Political Annals is of 
value as an original authority on many points. 

By Colonies, Virginia. Campbell's History is 
the best general authority ; Howison is good ; Keith 
is untrustworthy ; Burk is full, but verbose ; Bev- 
erly is valuable in regard to the period of Charles 
II. ; Stith for the earliest period is accurate and 
valuable, containing early charters and other public 
documents. Hening's Statutes at Large. On 
special periods, Neill's History of the Virginia 
Company is important as showing the influence 
of the company on the Colony. For the first 
years of the settlement, John Smith's True Rela- 
tion (Ed. Deane), and Generall Historic are the 
best, but should be compared with Wingfield's Dis- 
course. A careful account of this period and 
critical comparison of the conflicting authorities by 
Professor Henry Adams is in the North American 
Review, January 1867. The Beginning, Progress, 
and Conclusion of Bacon's Rebellion, Account of 
our Late Troubles, and A Narrative of Indian 
and Civil Wars, are three valuable contemporary 
accounts of Bacon's Rebellion, and may be found 
in Force's Historical Tracts. For the period of the 
French war, full accounts are contained in Mar- 
shall's and Irving's Lives of Washington, and a 
valuable contemporary description may be found 
in Braddock's Expedition Letters from a Young 
Officer. For manners, customs, and the state of 
society, besides general works to be given hereafter, 
A Voyage to Virginia, and A Perfect Descrip- 
tion of Virginia, in Force ; The Byrd Mss. ; The 
Present State of Virginia, 1727 (Hartwell, Blair, 
and Chilton) ; Present State of Virginia (Thos. 
Jones), and Makemie's Persuasive to Towns, 
are important contemporary authorities. Virginia 
Historical Register, Wirt's British Spy, Memoirs 
of Elkanah Watson, Bishop Meade's Old Churches 



and Families of Virginia (which is especially valu- 
able), Parton's Life of Jefferson, Rives's Life of 
Madison, vol. I., all throw a great deal of light on 
the social and political condition of Virginia previ- 
ous to and at the time of the Revolution. For 
imaginative pictures of Virginian life, compare De 
Foe's Captain Jack, and Thackeray's Virginian. 
The latter is admirable. 

Maryland, Bozman's History of Maryland, Mc- 
Mahon's Historical View, and McSherry's History 
of Maryland, are the best general works. The last 
alone covers the whole history of the colony, but 
is often insufficient. For the early settlement, A 
Relation of the successful beginning of Lord Balti- 
more's Plantation, and Father White's narration, 
are good contemporary accounts ; Burnap's Life of 
Leonard Calvert is a valuable modern work. For 
the important question of religious toleration in 
Maryland, Kennedy's Discourse of Calvert, Cal- 
vert's Review of the Discourse, and Kennedy's re- 
ply to the Review, treat the matter in detail. The 
latest contribution is by Neill, in his Lord Baltimore 
and Toleration in Maryland ; Contemporary Review, 
Sept., 1876. Compare, in this connection, the charac- 
ter of Calvert, in Gardiner's Prince Charles and the 
Spanish Marriage. For the Puritan ascendancy in 
Maryland, and her relations with Virginia, import- 
ant contemporary authorities are, Babylon's Fall, 
Langford's Refutation, and five tracts relating to 
Maryland in Force. For manners, customs, and 
state of society, see Alsop's Character of Mary- 
land, Ridgeley's Annals of Annapolis, Griffith's 
History of Baltimore, and Bacon's Laws of Mary- 

The Carolinas. General works : Williamson's 
and Martin's histories of North Carolina; Ram- 
sey's and W. G. Simms's histories of South Caro- 
lina. For the " Grand Model," compare Lives of 
Locke and Shaftesbury ; a Narrative of the Pro- 
ceedings in 1719, is in Force. For the Revolution- 
ary period, Ramsey's History of the Revolution in 
South Carolina ; Drayton's Memoirs of the Revolu- 
tion, and Moultrie's Memoirs of the Revolution in 
North Carolina, &c. On the much contested ques- 
tion of the " Meeklenburgh Declaration," consult 
Welling's article in North American Review, April, 
1874, and the Reply by Graham. For contemporary 
works, and those relating to manners, &c., see Car- 
roll, Hist. Collection of South Carolina ; Archdale's 
New Description (in Carroll) ; Lawson's New Voy- 
age to Carolina in 1708 ; Montgomery Discourse (in 
Force) ; Purry's Description of South Carolina in 
1732 (in Force) ; Brickett's North Carolina ; Delcho's 
Hist, of Prot. Episc. Church in South Carolina; 
Hewitt, Hist. Account (in Carroll) ; Public Acts of 
Assembly in North Carolina ; South Carolina Stat- 
utes at Large. 

Georgia. McCall's and Stevens's Histories of 
Georgia, Harris's Memoir of Oglethorpe, Wright's 
Life of Oglethorpe, Reasons for Establishing the 
Colony of Georgia in Geo. Hist. Coll., Brief Ac- 
count of Establishment of Georgia (in Force). For 
contemporary accounts, and those relating to man- 
ners, &c., see Stevens's Journal of Proceedings, 
1737-1740; State of the Province of Georgia (in 

Coll.) ; Moore's Voyage to Georgia; Hewitt's Rise 
of Georgia (in Carroll) ; Hotchkiss, Statute Law (in 
Geo. Hist. Coll., 3 vols.). 

Delaware. For the Swedish settlement, Acrelius 
gist, of New Sweden, and Hudde's Report in N.Y. 
Hist. Soc. Coll. vol. i. For the Dutch rule, see 

authorities on New York; for the English period, 
those on New York and Pennsylvania. 

Pennsylvania. Proud's and Gordon's Histories of 
Pennsylvania ; Watson's Annals of Philadelphia 
and Pennsylvania ; Hazard's Register of Pennsyl- 
vania ; Lives of W. Penn, by Clarkson, Dixon, and 
Janney, the last the best. Compare as to char- 
acter of Penn, Macaulay, vol. i., Hist, of England ; 
and, on the other hand, Paget's Inquiry ; also, by 
the same author, a New Examen (in his Paradoxes 
and Puzzles) ; also, Forster's Pref. to his edition 
of Clarkson. For contemporary accounts, and those 
relating to manners, see Laws of Pennsylvania, 
1700-1810 ; Memoirs of Penn. Hist. Soc. ; Bigelow's 
Life of Franklin, and Life and Works of same (ed. 
Sparks) ; Plain Truth ; or, Present State of Phila. 
and Penn. ; Barber's History and Antiquities ; Day's 
Hist. Coll. of Pennsylvania. 

New Jersey. Mulford's and Smith's Histories, 
the latter to 1721. Whitehead's East New Jersey ; 
Gordon's Hist, and Gazetteer. For contemporary 
works, and those relating to manners, &c., see Acts 
of the General Assembly ; Proceedings of the New 
Jersey Hist. Soc. ; Field's Provincial Courts. Com- 
pare, also, Barber's Hist, and Antiquities, the Lives 
of William Penn, and the authorities generally on 
New York and Pennsylvania. 

New York. O'Callaghan's Hist, of New Nether- 
land, and Brodhead's Hist, of New York, are both 
excellent; the former comes down to 1(547, while 
the latter, a model among colonial histories, ex- 
haustive, accurate, and vigorously written, closes 
with the events of 1691. Dunlap's History comes 
down to 1789, but is of doubtful authority. Other 
comprehensive works are by W. Smith and Mc- 
Cauley. Thompson, Hist, of Long Island. For 
contemporary authorities, and those relating to 
manners, &c., see Callaghan's Doc. Hist, of New 
York ; Duke's Laws, in the New York Hist. Coll., 
vol. i. ; Modest Narrative of Proceedings against 
Leisler ; Millar's description, 1695 ; Denton's De- 
scription, 1670 ; Horsmanden's New York Con- 
spiracy ; Laws of the Province of New York ; 
Collections of Long Island and New York Hist. So- 
cieties; Irving's Knickerbocker's Hist, of New York; 
Memoirs of Mrs. Grant. 

New England. Palfrey's History is a work of 
the first order ; full, accurate, and exhaustive ; and 
supersedes other general works; should be com- 
pared with all special histories of the separate New 
England colonies. 

Massachusetts in general. Barry's Hist, of Massa- 
chusetts is the most comprehensive; Hutchinson's 
History is the best of all, originating in the colonial 
period. It extends from 1628-1774, and represents 
in the last volume the Tory view of the revolution- 
ary movement. Minot's History, 1748-1765. Brad- 
ford's is a continuation of Hutchinson, 1775-1789 ; 
Mather's Magnalia is interesting and curious, con- 
taining much not found elsewhere, but often unre- 

Plymouth Colony. Young's Chronicles of the Pil- 
grims contain extracts from Gov. Bradford's History 
and Mourt's Relation. Bradford's History in full 
and well edited is given also in Mass. Hist. Coll., 
4th series, vol. iii. ; compare also Morton's New Eng- 
land's Memorial ; Winslow's Good News from New 
England. These are all original sources. For an 
account of the troubles with Morton of Merry Mount, 
see Thomas Morton's New English Canaan, and two 
articles by C. F.Adams, Jr., in the Atlantic Monthly 
for May and June, 1877 ; and for picturesque de- 
scription, see Hawthorne's Maypole of Merry mount, 
in his Twice Told Tales, vol. i., p. 67. 



Massachusetts Bay. Thornton's Landing at Cape 
Ann ; Young's Chronicles of Massachusetts include 
various early contemporary accounts. R. C. Win- 
throp's Life of Gov. John Winthrop, covers in the 
first volume the English, and in the second volume, 
the New England experiences of the founders. 
Gov. Winthrop's Hist, of N.E. (ed. Savage) is, 
however, by far the most important of the con- 
temporary authorities; Johnson's Wonder-working 
Providence (ed. Poole); Lechford's Plain Dealing, 
Morton's New English Canaan, Gorton's Simplicities 
Defence, and Ward's Simple Cobbler of Agawam (the 
last in Force), are all valuable contemporary tracts. 
For particular and important events, Ellis's Life of 
Ann Hutchinson, and Dexter's As to Roger Wil- 
liams, are important monographs. For the diffi- 
culties with Andros, see the Andros Tracts. For 
Indian wars, see Drake's Introduction to his Old 
Indian Chronicle, a comprehensive modern work; 
Penhallow's History, Increase Mather's Hist, of 
King Philip's War, and Church's Narrative, are all 
very important contemporary authorities For the 
witchcraft delusion, Upham's History is exhaust- 
ive. For manners, &c., Felt's Old Customs of 
N.E. is an interesting collection. See also the col- 
lections of the various State Hist. Societies, and the 
publications of the Narragansett Club, and the 
Prince Society, the last containing the Journey 
of John Dunton. Palfrey devotes several chapters 
to the manners, customs, and mode of life in New 
England; while Hawthorne has given us marvellous 
pictures of Puritan life and character. The laws and 
acts are found at length in the Plymouth and Mass. 
Colonial Records (ed. Shurtleff). H. c. L. 

( To be continued.) 


ART STUDIES. Liibke, Outlines of the History of 
Art. A comprehensive manual, for popular use ; not 
to be recommended to students, and of no value to 
scholars. The American translation is not always 
elegant or exact; and the work of the editor is 
superficial. The illustrations are of various quality ; 
many of the plates are worn, and others in all re- 
spects bad. 

Quellenschriften fur Kunstgeschichte. An ably 
edited series of rare treatises and documents, re- 
lating to the history of the arts in the Middle Ages, 
and the Renaissance. Of great value to the student 
of the arts of these periods. 

Das Grime Gewolbe zu Dresden. Hundert 
Tafeln in Lichtdruck. Well-selected examples of 
jewelry and goldsmith's work, of works in amber, 
glass, crystal, ivory, shell, mother-of-pearl, &c., 
from the great collection in the Green Vault at 

Archaeologia, Vol. 45, contains a paper by Dr. 
Schlieman, read June 24, 1875, on the Site of Ho- 
meric Troy, with a map, and illustrations represent- 
ing objects found at Hissarlik; also an excellent, 
well-illustrated paper by Mr. Sandwith on the 
different styles of Pottery found in ancient tombs in 

VVoltmann, Geschichte der deutschen Kunst 
im Elsass. A well-written, popular account by the 
learned author of the Life of Holbein, of the 
works of art of the Middle Ages, and the Renais- 
sance in Alsace, a region rich in them, and from its 
position affording interesting exhibitions of the 
conflict of French and German influences. The 
chapters on the beginning of the French Gothic, 
and on the Cathedral at Strasburg, are of value as 

illustrating the origin and spread of Gothic archi- 

Rahn, Geschichte der bildenden Kiinste in der 
Schweiz. A thorough and trustworthy work, with 
many good illustrations. Switzerland is poor in 
works of the fine arts of the highest order, and the 
character of such as she possesses has been deter- 
mined in great measure by foreign influences. The 
materials for this book have been collected with 
industry, and it is written with intelligence. 

Vogue, Syrie Centrale, Architecture Civile et 
Religieuse du I er au VII? siecle. A work of curi- 
ous interest and of much importance, of which the 
first part appeared in 1865, at once attracting the 
attention of all students of the history and art of 
the early Christian ages. The architectural remains 
of this region, owing to remarkable historical and 
local conditions, are in a state of unparalleled pres- 
ervation. The style of building is in the main 
Greco-Roman. Many obscure points in the develop- 
ment of architectural forms and methods of con- 
struction have light thrown on them by the dis- 
coveries amply described and illustrated in these 

A summary of the results of the Count de 
Vogue's investigations is to be found in Schnaase, 
Geschichte der bildenden Kiinste, III., 128-138. 

Janner, Die Bauhiitten des deutschen Mittel- 
alters. A valuable study, full of curious informa- 
tion, based on original documents, of an institution 
which, in some parts of Europe, had a large share 
in the direction and execution of some of the great 
cathedrals and other chief architectural works of 
the Middle Ages. 

Salzenberg, Alt-Christliche Baudenkmale von 
Constantinopel. In 1847, extensive repairs were un- 
dertaken in the church of St. Sophia, affording oppor- 
tunity for the exact study of its construction and 
decoration. For this purpose, Salzenberg was com- 
missioned by the Prussian administration, and his 
work was published at the cost of the government. 
The text contains a brief history as well as descrip- 
tion of the architecture and construction of St. Sophia 
and other early churches in Constantinople, while 
the plates give the needed plans, sections, elevations, 
and details executed with great care and beauty. 
The importance of St. Sophia in the history of 
architecture makes this work essential to the student 
of the subject. Signer Fossati, under whose direc- 
tion the repairs of the church were carried on, pub- 
lished in London in 1852, a handsome and interest- 
ing volume of picturesque sketches of the church 
both from within and without, under the title of 
"Aya Sofia, Constantinople, as recently restored 
by order of H. M. the Sultan Abdul Medjid." 

c. E. N. 

Physiological ^Esthetics is one of the numerous 
books which are beginning to illustrate the influence 
exerted upon the new generation of writers by Mr. 
Herbert Spencer. The author, with some discre- 
tion, restricts himself chiefly to the consideration of 
the simpler or more sensuous aspects of a?sthetic 
emotion. His book is an attempt to explain aesthetic 
pleasure as correlated with the balance between 
nervous activity and rest, waste and repair, thus 
following in the ingenious and plausible line of in- 
quiry opened long ago by Sir W. Hamilton. The 
book shows ability, and is worth reading, though it 
has hardly so much merit as the work of Mr. James 
Sully, on Sensation and Intuition, with which one 
cannot help associating it. This little book, pub- 
lished some four years ago, should not escape the 



attention of students engaged in psychological study. 
It is acute and suggestive, and the chapters on the 
sources of musical enjoyment are distinctly a con- 
tribution to the study of aesthetics. The recent 
work on Pessimism, by the same author, will be 
found interesting by Professor Bowen's students. 
Mr. Lewes, in his Physical Basis of Mind, enters 
a timely protest against the tendency to confound 
or't<i>ifxin, or the synthesis of vital actions, with 
mechanism, or the synthesis of chemical and physi- 
cal actions. There is a profound difference between 
a machine, of which the parts are merely put to- 
gether, and an organism, the parts of which are 
differentiated from a common primordial tissue. 
The notion of a "survival of the fittest" among 
organs and tissues is happily introduced. In hie 
clear and pleasant account of the nervous system, Mr. 
Lewes combats the prevailing tendency toward exces- 
sive analysis, and disputes, with much reason, the 
hypothesis that the cell is of itself the originator of 
" nerve-force." In the manifestations of what we 
call nerve-force, a great deal perhaps every thing 
depends on the collocations of cells into groups, 
whether in fibres or in ganglia. These views are 
characteristic of Mr. Lewes, and quite in accord 
with the theory of reflex action announced eighteen 
years ago, in his Physiology of Common Life. 
Mr. Lewes is almost always entertaining and sug- 
gestive, but he is growing a little verbose, not to 
say garrulous ; he devotes rather too large a share 
of his space to generalities, and after a while one 
gets tired of being lectured about Method spelled 
with a capital. Two or three students have inquired 
what are the best books on materialism. If one 
wishes to get an exposition from a materialist point 
of view, one should read Biichner's Force and 
Matter, by all means. It is lucid, skilful, and un- 
compromising, not to say brutal. As a contribution 
to philosophy, it is beneath contempt ; but it un- 
doubtedly says all that can be said for materialism. 
A work of far higher calibre and purpose is Lange's 
History of Materialism, to be comprised in three 
volumes, of which the first has just appeared in an 
English translation, and discusses various material- 
istic theories from early Greek times dov/n to the 
beginning of the eighteenth century. It is con- 
ceived more or less from the Kantian point of view. 
The author is fair-minded and acute, and writes in 
an extremely interesting style. There is much that 
is suggestive in his treatment of Aristotle. It is a 
very important book, and should be read by every 
one who is interested in philosophy. Another ex- 
cellent German book not on materialism especially 
is Liebmann's Analysis der Wirklichkeit. There 
is no translation of it, but the style is very easy. 
For general information on philosophy and the 
bibliography of philosophical questions, much is to 
be got from the three admirable periodicals recently 
started in Europe, Mind, Ribot's Revue Philoso- 
pliique, and the Vierteljahrsschrift fur wissens- 
ehaftliche Philosophie. The simultaneous success 
of these three periodicals is gratifying testimony to 
the growing interest in philosophy everywhere. The 
study has never been so popular as it is now. j. F. 

-The Life of Christ, by Dr. GEIKIE, aims to por- 
tray as vividly as possible the physical, political, so- 
cial, and religious condition of Palestine at the Chris- 
tian era, and to illustrate every part of the narrative 
from the results of antiquarian research. He has used 
a large number of the best authorities, which are 
constantly referred to ; and notwithstanding errors 
and oversights, some of which are pointed out in 

the British Quarterly for October 1877, p. 549 ff, 
has so far succeeded in his endeavor as to give 
his work a distinctive value. The style of the 
book, though somewhat suggestive of sermons, is 
less painfully rhetorical than that of Dr. Farrar. 
The work of HASE, whose condensed Leben Jesu, 
unique for the fulness of its bibliography, had 
already reached a fifth edition in 1865, is founded 
on the Lectures which he had delivered on the sub- 
ject for just fifty years. It presents, in his remark- 
ably terse and pointed style, a free, " scientific " 
discussion of the problems connected with the life 
of Jesus. The biography proper is preceded by a 
criticism of the sources, and a very interesting and 
valuable re'sunitf of the literature of the subject. 
Hase's standpoint may be described as rationalistic, 
intermediate between Strauss and Bruno Bauer 
on the one hand, and such writers as Ebrard and 
Hengstenberg on the other. The work of KEIM 
(3 vols. Zurich, 1867-72) is the most elaborate and 
comprehensive of all the modern Lives of Jesus, 
a thesaurus of historical and antiquarian informa- 
tion and of critical discussion connected with the 
subject. Its^ references to other writers are so full 
and constant, that it almost serves as an index to 
the more important previous literature. Keim's 
theological position is similar to that of Hase, but 
as a critic he is far less circumspect. The English 
translation of the first volume is badly executed, 
but a corrected edition has been issued, which has 
been ordered for the Library 

The first two hundred and fifty pages of Profes- 
sor FISHER'S work describe Heathenism and Juda- 
ism in their religious, moral, and social aspects at 
the time of Christ ; the New Testament documents 
are then critically considered ; and a discussion 
follows of some of the most important topics con- 
nected with the history of the Church in the Apos- 
tolic age, with special reference to the theories of 
the Tubingen school. The work is characterized 
by remarkable candor, breadth of view, clearness 
of statement, and critical ability. Three other impor- 
tant works recently added to the Library deserve 
mention here Schiirer's Lehrbuch der Neutesta- 
mentn'chen Zeitgeschichte (Leipz. 1872), " con- 
densed, lucid, and thorough" (Fisher), and Haus- 
rath's Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte, 2d ed. 
(4 Theile, Heidelb. 1874-77), and Supernatural 
Religion, vol. iii. E. A. 

LIVES OF LESSING. The new life by Sime is the 
most considerable original account in English. 
More than in any previous life, Lessing's writings 
are made to elucidate his career. The earliest life 
by his brother, Karl Lessing, was not held in much 
esteem by his contemporaries ; but it still remains 
the original source of most of our knowledge. 
Danzel, a thorough student of Lessing, began in 
1850 the first commensurate account of him; but 
he died before his somewhat ponderous though able 
exposition was finished ; and his labors were sup- 
plemented by Guhrauer. A versatile and enthusi- 
astic spirit supplied a popular element, that Danzel 
and Guhrauer wanted, to the pa.u>j. r yrical life by 
Adolf Stahr, given an English dro,-- ten years ago 
by Evans, which was the occasidK,' of Lowell's 
article in the North American Kevie* April, 1S<7, 
afterwards reproduced in his Among -iv Hooks. 
Stahr was also reviewed in the Christian aminer, 
March, 1867. The relations of Lessing to n. times 
can be studied in the various literary hist^ties of 
the last century : like Bicderinann's Deutschland 
im Achtzehnten Jahrhundert, Hdtner's Litera- 
turgeschichte des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts, Ger- 



vinus's Deutsche Dichtung, where the chapter on 
Lessing is called by Lewes the most remarkable 
one of that able work. Lessing's relations to the 
theatre are specially treated in Devrient's Ge- 
schichte d. deutschen Schauspielkunst. Lehman, in 
his Forschungen iiber Lessing's Sprache, gives 
an elaborate study of his style. On his theological 
affinities, Schwarz's Lessing als Theologe is, per- 
haps, the best ; but a good summary can be found 
in English in Sime's twenty -fourth chapter. Further 
study may take one to Hebler's Lessingstudien, 
and to a chapter in Hettner's Literaturgeschichte. 
Fontane's Le Christianisme Moderne adds little 
to the discussion; but defends Lessing from the 
charge of pantheism and materialism, and is re- 
viewed in the Christian Examiner, Nov., 1867. 
Compare also Lichtenberger's Religious Ideas in 
Germany, and the references in McClintock and 
Strong's Cyclopaedia. On his philosophical tenden- 
cies, beside the general histories of modern phi- 
losophy, see chapter twenty-nine of Sime, with a 
note on p. 304, on the diversity of opinions held on 
his views ; a chapter in Stahr, and the Journal of 
Speculative Philosophy, vol. ii. Further study on 
his personality can be carried on in the Zur Erinne- 
rung an G. E. Lessing, 1870, founded on letters 
and papers in the Wolfenbiittel library ; in Schone's 
edition of the Briefwechsel zwischen Lessing 
uml seiner Fran, 1870; and in Prohle's Les- 
sing, Wieland, Heinse, nach den handschriftlichen 
Quellen in Gleims Nachlasse dargestellt, 1877. Sep- 
arate essays on Lessing can be found in the West- 
minster Review, Oct., 1871 ; Edinburgh Review, 
Oct., 1845; and in John Fiske's Unseen World, 
&c., for an estimate of Lessing's standing as a poet. 
Add a beautiful tribute to Lessing by Herder in the 
the Zertreute Blatter. Also a spirited critique in 
Heine's Salon, and a brief account in Hedge's Prose 
Writers of Germany. Closer study can be guided 
by the Lessing-literatur, published at Cassel, in 
1852 ; or better in the later record given in Petz- 
holdt's Anzeiger, 1867, 1868, and 1873. j. w. 

posed by the Library to issue by subscription a cata- 
logue of scientific serial publications in all languages, 
which has been prepared by Mr. SAMUEL H. SCUD- 
DER, Librarian of the American Academy of Arts 
and Sciences, and formerly librarian of the Boston 
Society of Natural History, and well known for his 
various scientific publications. This work, which 
has double the extent of any existing list of the 
like kind, aims to include all society transactions 
and independent journals in every branch of natural, 
mathematical, and physical science, excepting only 
the applied sciences, medicine, agriculture, tech- 
nology, &c. The different institutions or periodicals 
are arranged under the towns in which they are estab- 
lished or published, and the townsfollow an alphabet- 
ical order under their respective countries. Secreta- 
ries of learned bodies will find this work useful as a 
check list of their exchanges ; and librarians can read- 
ily make use of it as a catalogue of their own scientif- 
ic serials, either by suitable marginal marks, or by 
extracting the separate numbers and pasting them 
upon cards for their slip-catalogue. It will be 
printed in octavo, will extend to almost 300 pages, 
and will be delivered, bound in cloth, to subscribers 
at four dollars a copy. Other copies will be printed 
on one side of the leaf to be cut up for catalogue 
use and will be delivered in folded sheets at five 
dollars the copy. Its publication is contingent upon 
250 copies being subscribed for. Subscriptions will 
be received at the Library. 

BALLADS, &c. The Library is well furnished 
with books in the various divisions of what, for 
want of an accurate word, may be called Vollcsiitera- 
tur, that is to say, Ballads, Songs, Tales, Sagas, 
Mythology, Folk-lore, &c. While of the oldest 
books it has but few, it possesses much the larger 
part of all pertaining to this department that has 
been printed during the last hundred years, a 
period during which, as is well known, popular 
tradition has received particular attention. But 
very little is lacking in the English collection, 
which includes, besides printed books, copies of all 
known imprinted manuscripts of ballads. An eager 
student could, it is believed, rarely be thwarted by 
a gross deficiency in any other language. The gen- 
eral collection may now be made reasonably com- 
plete by a comparatively moderate expenditure, 
though a few of the oldest books, since they are to be 
found only in public libraries and in but one or two 
copies, will never be attainable. F. j. c. 

SCHLIEM ANN'S MYCEN.E. No explorations lead- 
ing to any result have been undertaken in the cita- 
del of Mycenae until Dr. Schliemann began his exca- 
vations in August, 1876. The condition of the walls 
and the famous Lion's Gate cannot have changed 
materially since Pausanias visited them about 
170 A. D. (See Paus. ii. 16, 5-7.) An account of 
Mycenae, as it appeared before Schliemann's ex- 
plorations, may be found in Curtius, Peloponnesos 
(Gotha, 1852), vol. ii. pp. 400-414; and in Smith's 
Dictionary of Geography, s. v. Mycenae. See also 
Dodwell's Views in Greece, where there is a view 
of the Lion's Gate, covered nearly to the top with 
rubbish, as it stood early in this century. A similar 
view is given in Smith ; but a better view of the 
gateway as it appeared in 1856, when the debris 
had been cleared from the outside passage, is given 
in Felton s American edition of Smith's History of 
Greece, p. 24. Besides this gateway and the mas- 
sive so-called Cyclopean walls of parts of the cit- 
adel, nothing of importance remained visible at 
Mycenae, except the underground vaulted chamber 
known as the Treasury of Atreus, with its adja- 
cent room called the Tomb of Agamemnon by the 
modern Greek guides. Accurate plans of this are 
given by Curtius in his Peloponnesos. See also Sir 
William Gell's Argolis. Pausanias, however, men- 
tioned tombs of Agamemnon and of his father 
Atreus, and three or four other tombs of persons 
murdered with Aganemnon on his return from Troy. 
These tombs, or at least the places where these 
persons were believed to be buried, must have been 
shown to Pausanias by the local guides. At the 
time of his visit, Mycenae itself cannot have been in- 
habited. Diodorus Siculus, in the Augustan age, says 
(xi. 65) that it has remained uninhabited from its 
destruction (in 468 B. c.) to his day, though Schlie- 
mann (p. 63) now finds strong reasons for questioning 
this statement. Strabo, about the same time, says 
(p. 372) that not a trace of Mycenae is to be seen. 
Dr. Schliemann began his excavations inside of the 
Lion's Gate, owing to his "firm faith in the tradi- 
tions." Previous scholars had generally supposed 
the tombs mentioned by Pausanias to be in the 
lower or outer city ; and it is difficult to see what 
there is in the account of Pausanias (the only au- 
thority for the "traditions") to show that he saw 
them inside the wall of the citadel. But Schlie- 
mann's faith or intuition was rewarded by his finding 
five tombs, evidently the same which Pausanias 
mentioned, in the citadel, within a circular agora 
or market-place, and a sixth just outside this circle. 
In all these were found works of art, of gold, silver, 
bronze, and copper; and in some of them the re- 



mains of human bodies. Two of the bodies had 
their faces covered with gold masks, and one was 
well enough preserved to be carried to Athens. 

Dr. S. first announced his discoveries by a tele- 
graphic message to the King of Greece, dated 
Nov. 28, 1876. After that date, frequent accounts 
of the discoveries at Mycenae were published in 
London, in the Athenaeum and Academy, and es- 
pecially in Schliemaim's own long and interesting 
letters to the Times. The work now published 
contains the results of the explorations at Mycenae, 
and of those at Tiryns (less important) which im- 
mediately preceded them. In both cities were 
found'heads of Hera (Juno) with horns and other 
murks of a cow, which confirm at least some form 
of Schliemann's theory of y\avKa>Tus A6-f)fn, which 
In 1 explains as Athene with the owl's face. In Troy 
and its Remains, p. 113 (Engl. transl.), Dr. S. 
makes the following bold prediction: "In like 
manner, when excavations shall be made in the 
Heramm between Argos and Mycenae, and on the 
site of the very ancient temple of Hera on the island 
of Samos, the image of this goddess with a cow's 
head will doubtless be found upon idols, cups, and 
vases; for POUITIS, the usual epithet of Hera in 
Homer, can originally have signified nothing else 
than with the face of an ox." This prediction has 
now been fulfilled most wonderfully ; although 
many scholars will still doubt whether the Homeric 
epithets meant more to the poet than " owl-eyed " 
and " ox-eyed." 

A notice of the discoveries at Mycenae and of their 
relation to the Homeric accounts of Peloponnesus 
may be found in the article " Mycenae " in the Nation 
of Jan. 4, 1877, and in the Notes in the Nation of 
Jan. 18. w. w. G. 

1. In Germany. Professors and the higher officers 
of the empire can take books from the libraries of 
universities for home use, unless the books wanted 
are costly illustrated books, or parts of long sets, 
the use of which can however be granted by the 
Library board ; and it is in some cases determined 
by the government. In receiving all books from the 
library, the borrower is required to notice whether 
they are perfect; and he uses a card, called a cavet, 
which, in cases of students or others, must be counter- 
signed by a professor, who becomes thereby respon- 
sible. Certain professors only, like those of the fine 
arts or of natural history, may have permission 
granted them to take out the costly and illustrated 
books. Students never acquire such right. This 
cavet is given by the professor through courtesy only, 
who perhaps confines the grant of it to such students 
as fail to find what they need in the Students' Library. 
This last is a collection of books usual in university 
towns, of say 20,000 volumes or more, to which un- 
der fixed regulations all students have easy access. 
It is not a dependency of the university library, but 
has ;i distinct organization. Books can be kept out of 
the I' Diversity library for four weeks, and the janitor 
recovers books which are overdue, receiving a fee for 
the labor, which is an incentive to him to perform 
it faithfully and promptly. The catalogues are not 
accessible, except under special permission, being in- 
tended for official use only. Attendants receive the 
applications for books, and give advice about tiuem 
when asked. In Berlin, the written application must 
be handed in a day in advance. Access to the shelves 
is not granted except in extraordinary cases, when 
a library attendant must accompany the consulter. 
Nearly the same precautions are taken in granting 
the use of books in the building ; and for large il- 

lustrated books, certain tables (without ink) are pro- 
vided, always under the supervision of an assistant. 
These rules are in substance the same for all 
libraries of universities, of the government, and of 
the cities in Prussia, Bavaria, Saxony, and Austria. 

II. In France. I have only worked in the libra- 
ries of Paris, the National, the Ste. Genevieve, 
Jardin des Plantes, and Mazarin. It is much more 
difficult than in Germany to get permission to take 
books for home study, inasmuch as the recommen- 
dation of persons high in position is required. The 
select few sometimes, however, curtail the use by 
the general public, for they can monopolize books 
on any particular subject. I have known one man 
to have out of the National Library every edition of 
Moliere, except those of his own editing. I have 
been obliged for other books to go to a less fre- 
quented library, like the Mazarin. 

III. In England. I know the British Museum, 
where I have worked at two different times ; the 
Royal Society ; the Bodleian, and the Natural 
History Library connected with the Radcliffe in Ox- 
ford. In the British Museum, the catalogues are 
accessible ; but it is impossible to get permission to 
take books home. It is absolutely forbidden to 
bring one's own books or manuscripts to the library. 
I had to wait several days for permission to take 
my manuscript of the Bibliotheca Entomologica 
into the Reading Room of the British Museum, 
where I needed it, in the work I was doing there 
upon it. When this was granted, I was obliged to 
take it away with me when the library closed. 
When the authorities were convinced by examin- 
ing my manuscript that it would be an advantage 
to me to visit the shelves, they offered me that 

IV. Others. The regulations of the libraries in 
Sweden, Denmark, and Italy, which I have used 
less, differ not materially, so far as I know. 

V. In Boston and Cambridge. These libra- 
ries, namely, the Boston Public, Boston Athenaeum, 
American Academy, Natural History Society, and 
the collections of Harvard University in Gore Hall, 
and in the Botanic Garden and the Museum of Zool- 
ogy, may have fewer books in natural history, for in- 
stance, than the British Museum, and the great libra- 
ries of Paris, Berlin, and perhaps Vienna, but they 
are not so much interior as to render study more 
difficult than in Europe, except in very special 
cases. Access to our libraries is always perfectly 
easy, when a similar freedom is difficult and some- 
times only commanded by influence in Europe. 

Nevertheless I do not find that the productiveness 
of Germany or the other European countries in 
scientific publications is checked by the restraints 
there imposed on the use of books ; and when our 
libraries grow to be as large as theirs, it may be 
found necessary to protect them by more stringent 
rules than are now in force. H. A. 11. 

The library of the Museum of Comparative 
Zoology contains 11,300 bound volumes and 5,000 
pamphlets, the latter mostly lesser monograph*. 
The purchases amount to about $1,500 a year, ex- 
clusive of binding, and are entirely in the depart- 
ments of Comparative Anatomy, Zoology, and Geo- 
logy, including Physical Geography. Other acces- 
sions come from the exchanges of the Museum with 
105 learned societies in different parts of the world. 
The books are classified on the shelves, and rendered 
accessible by an authors' finding list on cards. 
The collection was begun in 18til by the purchase 
of a Palaeontological library of about 4,000 volumes. 
In 1874, it received 3,000 volumes from the late 



Prof. Louis Agassiz, and 2,700 volumes from the 
present curator, Alexander Agassiz. The acces- 
sions of the year ending October, 1877, have been 
427 volumes, 869 parts of volumes, and 244 pam- 

The Phillips Library, connected with the Ob- 
servatory, now contains 2,034 bound volumes and 
4,324 others. 

The Library of the Law School contains 16,- 
812 volumes, of which number 2,618 are duplicates 
of text-books which are loaned to students. One- 
third of the collection, or 5,444 volumes, have been 
added since Sept. 1, 1870. 

Prime's Pottery and Porcelain is the most con- 
siderable book on this popular subject yet printed 
in this country. The author's private collection is 
one of the best in America. An account of the 
literature of this kind will be found in the Bulletin 
of the Boston Public Library for April, 1877. 


Oriental Translation Fund. 

Abou-Djafar Mohammed Tabari. Chronique d'Abou- 
Djafar ; traduite sur la version persane d'Abou- 
Ali Mohammed Belami, d'apres les manuscrits 
de la bibliotheque du roi, par Louis Dubeux. 
Paris. 1836. 4. Cloth. 

Djemal-eddin Mohammed [ebn-Malec]. Alfeyya 
ou La quintessence de la grammaire arabe ; pub- 
lie en original, avec un commemaire, par Silves- 
^ tre de Sacy. Paris, also Lond. 1833. 8. Cloth. 

Elisaeus, Bp. of the Arnadunians. The history of 
Vartan and of the battle of the Armenians : con- 
taining an account of the religious wars between 
the Persians and Armenians. Translated from 
, the Armenian by C. F. Neumann. Lond. 1830. 
4. Unbound. 

The Ethiopic Didascalia ; or, The Ethiopic version 
of the Apostolical Constitutions, received in the 
church of Abyssinia. With an English transla- 
tion. Edited and translated by Thomas Pell 
Platt. Lond. 1834. 4. Cloth. 

Fakir Jany Muhammad Asftad. Practical philoso- 
phy of the Muhamrnadan people, exhibited in its 
professed connexion with the European ; being a 
translation of the Akhlak-i-Jalaly, from the Per- 
sian : (with references and notes) by W. F. Thomp- 
son. Lond. 1839. 8. Cloth. 

Firdausi. The Shah Name'h, translated and abridged 
in prose and verse with notes and illustrations. 
By James Atkinson. Lond. 1832. 8. Cloth. 

Gholam Hussein-Khan. The Siyar-ul-Mutakherin, 
a history of the Mahomedan power in India dur- 
ing the last century, Revised from the transla- 
tion of Haji Mustefa, and collated with the Per- 
sian original by John Briggs. Vol. I. Lond. 
1832. 8. Cloth. 

Haji Khalfa [called Mustafa ben Abdallah Katib 
Jelebi]. Lexicon bibliographicum et encyclo- 
paedicum. Primum edidit latine vertit et com- 
rnentarioindicibusqueinstruxit Gustavus Fluegel. 
Tom. I.-VI1. Lpz.;Lond. 1835-58. 4. (Tom. 
VII. wants last page, p. 1257.) Cloth. 

Haji Khalifeh. The history of the maritime wars 
of the Turks, translated from the Turkish by 
James Mitchell. Chapters I.-IV. Lond., etc. 
1831. 4. Unbound. 

Han koong tsew, or The sorrows of Han : a Chinese 
tragody. Translated from the original, with notes. 
By John Francis Davis. Lond. 1829. 4. Un- 

Hatim Tai. Adventures. Translated from the 
Persian by Duncan Forbes. Lond. 1830. 4. 

Ali Hazin, Mohammed. The life of Sheikh Mo- 
hammed, written by himself. Edited from two 
Persian manuscripts and noted with their various 
readings. By F. C. Belfour. Lond., etc. 1831. 
8. Cloth. 

The same. Translated from two Persian 

manuscripts and illustrated with notes. By F. C. 
Belfour. Lond. 1830. 8. Cloth. 
History of the war in Bosnia during the years 1737-8 
and 9. Translated from the Turkish by C. Fra- 
ser. Lond. 1830. 8. Cloth. 
Hoe'i-lan-ki, ou L'histoire du cercle de craie, drame 
en prose et en vers, traduit du chinois et accom- 
pagne denotes; par Stanislas Julien. Lond. 1832. 
8. Cloth. 

Hussein ali Khan, Kirmani. The history of Hydur 
Naik. Translated from an original Persian manu- 
script by W. Miles. Lond. 1842. 8. Cloth. 

The history of the reign of Tif u Sultan, being a 

continuation of the Neshani Hyduri. Translated 
from an original Persian manuscript by W. 
Miles. Lond. 1854. 8. Cloth. 
Ibn Batuta. Travels ; translated from the abridged 
Arabic manuscript copies, preserved in the public 
library of Cambridge. With notes. By Rev. 
Samuel Lee. Lond. 1829. 4. Unbound. 
Ibn Khallikan. Biographical dictionary translated- 
from the Arabic by MacGuckin de Slane. Vol. I.- 
IV. Paris. 1842-71. 4. I., II., cloth; III., IV., 

Iswara Krishna. The Sankhya Karika, or Memo- 
rial verses on the Sankhya philosophy ; translated 
from the Sanscrit by Henry Thomas Colebrooke. 
Also the Bhashya or Commentary of Gaurapada; 
translated and illustrated by an original comment, 
by Horace Hayman Wilson. Oxf., also Lond. 
1837. 4. Cloth. 

Jahangueir, Emp. Memoirs of the emperor, written 
by himself ; and translated from a Persian manu- 
script by David Price. Lond. 1829. 4. Unbound. 
Jouher. The Tezkereh al Vakiat, or Private mem- 
oirs of the Moghul emperor Humayun, written 
in the Persian language; translated by Charles 
Stewart. Lond. 1832. 4. Frontispiece. Cloth. 
Kurroglou. Specimens of the popular poetry of 
Persia, etc. Collected and translated with notes 
by Alexander Chodzko. Lond. 1842. 8. Cloth. 
Le Livre des recompenses et des peines, en chinois 
et en francais. Traduit du chinois par Stanislas 
Julien. Paris, also Lond. 1835. 8. Cloth. 
Al-Makkari, Ahmed ibn Mohammed. The history 
of the Mohammedan dynasties in Spain ; ex- 
tracted from the Nafhu-t-tib min Ghosni-1-anda- 
lusi-r-rattib wa tarikh lisanu-d-dm ibni-1-Khattib, 
by Al-Makkari. Translated from the copies in 
the library of the British Museum by Pascuel de 
Gayangos. Vol. I., II. Lond. 1840. 4. Cloth. 
El-Mas' lidi. Historical encyclopaedia entitled 
"Meadows of gold and mines of gems"; trans- 
lated from the Arabic by Aloys Sprenger. Vol. I. 
Lond. 1841. 8. Cloth. 

Memoirs of a Malayan family, written by themselves 
and translated from the original by W. Marsden. 
Lond. 1830. 8. Cloth. 

Mirkhond. History of the oarly kings of Persia, 
from Kaiomars, the first of the Peshdadian dy- 
nasty, to the conquest of Iran by Alexander the 
Great. Translated from the original Persian, 
entitled the Pauzat-us-safa, with notes and illus- 
trations by David Shea. Lond. 1832. 8. Cloth, 
( To be continued.) 


MARCH IST, 1878. 


CHARLES W. ELIOT, President of the University. 

HENRY W. TORRE Y, Professor of A ncient and Modern History. 

EZRA ABBOT, Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation. 

WOLCOTT GIBBS, Professor on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts. 

FRANCIS J. CHILD, Professor of English. 

CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, Professor of the History of Art. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 

GEORGE L. GOOD ALE, Assistant Professor of Vegetable Physiology. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 
JOHN FISKE, Assistant Librarian in Charge of the Catalogue. 


The care of the several libraries devolves upon some member of the faculties of the respective) 
departments when regular librarians have not been appointed. 

JOHN B. S. JACKSON, Professor and Curator of the Museum, Medical SchooL 
HENRY L. EUSTIS, Professor and Dean of the Lawrence Scientific School. 
FRANCIS H. STORER, Professor and Dean of the Bussey Institution. 
EDWARD C. PICKERING, Professor and Director of the Astronomical Observatory. 
SERE NO WATSON, Curator of the Herbarium, Botanic Garden. 
JOHN H. ARNOLD, Librarian of the Law School. 
FREDERICK ME AKIN, Librarian of the Divinity School. 
MISS F. M. SLACK, Librarian of the Zoological Museum. 


The College Library in Gore Hall, is for the use of the whole University. Its privileges are 
also granted, under special regulations, to persons not connected with the University. [Blanks for 
making application for such use may be had of the Librarian.'] It is the duty of the Council to make 
rules for the administration of the Library ; to direct the purchase of books to the extent of the 
funds applicable for that purpose ; and to visit and inspect the Theological, Law, Medical, and 
other special libraries. The Librarian has the care and custody of the Library. It is his duty to 
superintend its internal administration, enforce the rules, and conduct the correspondence; and 
to make annually a written report on the condition of the Library to the Library Committee of 
the Overseers, and to the Corporation. 


A change has been made in the method of 
charging books to borrowers, by substituting the 
slip for the ledger system. The ledger will be re- 
tained for the purpose of posting individual ac- 
counts (the slips giving the record with books) so 
as to obviate the necessity of using borrowers' 
cards. The accumulation of cancelled slips, and of 
those ineffectual, because the book was already lent 
out, will, by assortment, enable the authorities of 
the library to understand better than was possible 
under the ledger system the work which the library 
is doing, and the progress which is attained in in- 
creasing the use of the books ; and it will also be 
effectually made known of what books there are in- 
sufficient copies for the demand. The slips will also 
tend to increase the rapidity with which books are 
found and delivered; and as affording by their nu- 
merical arrangement the ready means of finding 
who has any book, the annual examination of the 
library will hereafter be conducted without calling 
in the books. 

The present bulletin contains some pages of 
the titles of rarities, books of peculiar interest, in 
the Sumner collection. Successive bulletins will 
contain other pages ; and, when the list is finished, 
some copies of a special monograph will be printed 
separately, from the stereotype plates, as the first of 
a series of bibliographical contributions. The second 
will be a very full bibliography of the authorities 
on the life and works of Michelangelo, by Pro- 
fessor Charles Eliot Norton, of which the first 
instalment is given in the present bulletin. It is 
contemplated also to print by sections, in this way, 
a list of the most useful bibliographical helps in cata- 
logue work, and in the investigations growing out of 
such work. The particular uses and characteristics 
of the books will be expressed in notes appended to 
the titles. It is hoped to combine in this the expe- 
rience, not only of this library, but also of the Boston 
Public Library and of the Boston Athengeum. It is 
expected that the list will be of value to persons 
acquiring a knowledge of bibliographical science. 
At a later day will follow, as other sections of this 
series, the bibliography of Ballads and Folklore, of 
works on Galleries, Early Americana, etc. 

The removal of the books from the old part of 
the building to the new stack is now going on. 
Those which are in cases incumbering the floor will 
be removed as rapidly as possible, so as to leave 
space for extending the reading-tables. The re- 
moval cannot to advantage go on faster than the 
new shelf-numbers can be put on the cards of the 
catalogue, and the numbers will in due time be placed 
on the reference cards as well as on the other cards. 
The new shelf-lists, when completed, will constitute 
a convenient classed list, which represents the books 
grouped, as they stand on the shelves, in an order 
determined by the greatest ease of consultation, 
and consequently varying from the relations estab- 
lished between classes of books by the principles of 
the card catalogue. 

Packages from a distance intended for the 
Library should be addressed, Harvard Colleqe Library, 
care of Sawin's Cambridge Express, BOSTON. Gifts 
of books, pamphlets, etc., may be sent at the 
Library's expense. 

At the time of the second Centennial Anniver- 
sary of the founding of Harvard College, in 1836, 
the Committee of Arrangements, of which Mr. 
Robert C. Winthrop was secretary, caused a col- 
lection to be made of the autographs of graduates 
of the College then living. Those who were in 
attendance upon the celebration constituted the 
greatest part of the signers. The sheets containing 
these signatures were subsequently bound, and 
with them an explanatory introduction written by 
Mr. Winthrop. This volume, having been preserved 
among the papers of the Corporation, has recently 
been transferred to the library. 

In 1869 the College issued, under the superin- 
tendence of Mr. Louis Thies, in a volume of nearly 
six hundred pages, handsomely printed in quarto, a 
Catalogue of the Collection of Engravings be- 
queathed by Francis C. Gray. The price of this 
catalogue has been reduced to $10 ; and copies may 
be had of the Librarian, of the curator of the en- 
gravings in their present repository in the Museum 
of Fine Arts in Boston, and of Mr. Hermann Wun- 
derlich, No. 3 John Street, New York. 

Discretionary power will hereafter be allowed 
the foreign agents of the Library to send at once, 
upon publication, books that are of undeniable im- 
portance and permanent interest, without waiting 
for specific orders for them. These books have 
heretofore been ordered as soon as intelligence of 
their publication or announcement was received. 
The present plan will secure the books being re- 
ceived here as soon as the trade receives them, or 
nearly as soon. 

In the enumeration of the additions to the 
library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, in 
the accessions of the quarter, no record is here 
made of the ordinary issues of serial publications, 
unless of special importance, or unless they make 
the beginning of a new series or title. 

It is extremely desirable to secure for the 
Library all memorials of every graduate of the Uni- 
versity, college or school, whether published writ- 
ings, biographical accounts, or portraits ; and it is 
hoped friends of the University will assist in the 
work of gathering such. 

During the interval of moving the books, it 
will be necessary sometimes to print titles without 
shelf-marks. It is the ultimate purpose to print 
such indications under all titles. 

The next Bulletin will contain the titles of 
books added during the past year to the Herbarium 
library of the Botanic Gardens. 

The Library is desirous of procuring copies of 
Nos. 1 and 2 of its Bulletin. 



SEVER FUND. Extract from Will. "I give to 
the President and Fellows of Harvard College the 
sum of twenty thousand dollars, to be applied in the 
purchase of books for its library." 

This legacy has not yet been received. 



Accessions to the several departmental libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles, 
as follows : 

A. O. Astronomical Observatory. 

B. Q. Botanic Garden. 
B. I. Bussey Institution. 
D. S. Divinity School. 

L. S. Law School. 

M. S. Medical School. 

M. Z. Museum of Zoology. 

S. S. Lawrence Scientific School. 

Aberdeen, Scotland Dun Echt Observatory. 
Publications. Vol. ii. Dun Echt, Aberdeen. 

1877. 4. 

Abney, W. de W. Thebes and its five greater 

temples. London. 1876. 4. II. 107 

Adams, H. Documents relating to New-England 

federalism. 1800-1815. Boston. 1877. 8. 

A. R. 194 
JEschylus. Agamemnon. Transcribed by 

Robert Browning. London. 1877. 16. 
Aetna. Revised emended and explained by H. 

A. J. Munro. Cambridge, etc. 1867. 8. 
Albany, N. Y. Dudley Observatory. Annual 

report of the astronomer for 1877. Albany.' 

1878. 8. A. O. 
Alllbone, S. A. Poetical quotations from Cliaucer 

to Tennyson. Philadelphia. 1878 11877]. 8. 


Prose quotations from Socrates to Macaulay. 
Philadelphia. 1876. 8. 2.2771 

American almanac and treasury of facts, statis- 
tical, financial, and political, for 1878. Edited 
by A. R. Spofford. New York and Washing- 
ton.^ 1878. 12. 2426.2 

American catholic quarterly review. Vol. i., 
ii. ; iii. no. 9. Jan. 1876-Jan. 1878. Philadel- 
phia. 1876-78. 8. 

Ampere, J. J. Littcrature et voyages. Alle- 
magne et Scandinavie. Paris. 1833. 8. 


Ancient ballads, songs, and poems. Manchester, 
o/.w London. 1796. '24. IV. 6 

Annuaire pour 1'an 1878 public par le bureau des 
longitudes. Paris. [1878?] 18. A. O. 

Autographs. Autographs of the graduates and 
guests present at the celebration of the second 
centennial anniversary of the foundation of 
Harvard college, Sept. 8th, 1836. 4. VI. 204 

Avezac-Macaya, M. A. P. D'. Atlas hydro- 
graphique de loll du genois Vesconte de Mag- 
giolo. Paris. 1871. 8. 10.34 

La mappeuionde du VIIl e siecle de Saint Be'at 

deLiebana. Paris. 1870. 8. 10^.34 

Bagford ballads. Edited by J. W. Ebsworth. 
Pt. ii., iii. Hertford. 1877. 8. (BALLAD 
SOCIETY. [Publications], 15, 16.) 10.113 

Bagg, M. M. The pioneers of Utica. Utica, N. Y. 

1877. 8. A. R. 224 

Baker, W. S. American engravers and their 

works. Philadelphia. 1875. 16. VII. Ill 

The origin and antiquity of engraving : with 

some remarks on the utility and pleasures of 
prints. [2d ed.] Boston. 1875. sm. 4. 
Balaguer, V. Las calles de Barcelona. 2 torn. 
Barcelona. 1865-66. 1. 8. 1.575 

Barbour, J. The Bruce. Edited by W. W. 
Skeat. Pt. iii. London. 1877. 8. (EARLY 
ENGLISH TEXT SOCIETY. [Publications.] Extra 
series, 29.) 10.128 

Bartlett, J. R. Dictionary of Americanisms : a 
glossary of words and phrases usually regarded 
as peculiar to the United States. 4th ed. Bos- 
ton. 1877. 8. 

Beale, L. S. The microscope in medicine. 4th 
ed. London, also Philadelphia. 1878. 8. 


Belloy, A., Marquis DE. Christopher Columbus 
and the discovery of the new world. Trans- 
lated by R. S. H. Philadelphia. 1878. 4. 
Benjamin, J. P. A treatise on the law of sale of 
personal property ; with references to the 
American decisions and to the French code and 
civil law. 2d American ed. By J. C. Perkins. 
New York, etc. 1877. 8. L. S. 

Bern, Switzerland Naturforschende Gesellscluifl, 
Mittheilungen aus dem jahre 1876. Bern. 

M. Z. 

The five senses of man. New 
12. (INTERNATIONAL scientific 


Introduction a la recherche des 
De la methode. Tom. i. 

1877. 8. 
Bernstein, J. 

York. 1876. 

series, 21.) 
Bertauld, P. A. 

causes premieres 

Paris. 1876. 18. 

Bible Psalms. Le livre des Psaumes ancienne 
traduction francaise publie'e par Francisqtie- 
Michel. Paris. 1876. 4. (FRANCE Mim'stere 
de I' Instruction )>ul>/i</ue. Collection de documents 
inedits sur I'histoire de France. Supplementary.) 

Bigelow, M. M. The law of fraud and the pro- 
cedure pertaining to the redress thereof. Bos- 
ton. 1877. 8. L. S. 

Biot, J. B. Traite* e'le'mcntaire d'astronomie phy- 
sique. 5 torn. Paris. 1841-57. 8. A. O. 
Tom. i., iii., iv. are in the college library. 



Birch, S. Egyptian texts. London. [1877?] 
sm. 4. (AKCHAIC classics.) II. 205 

The monumental history of Egypt. Kede 

lecture, delivered on the 26th May, 1876. 
London. [1876.] 16. I. 4 

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raphy of the manuscript styled the Utrecht 
Psalter. London. 1876. 8. III. 8 

Blackie J. S. Four phases of morals. New 
York. 1875. 12. D. S. 

The natural history of atheism. New York. 

1878. 12. III. 101, also D- S. 

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to the mysteries of ancient and modern science 
and theology. 2d ed. 2 vol. New York, also 
London. 1877. 8. III. 104 

Bliss G. The New York code of civil procedure 
as amended in 1877. New York. 1877. 1. 8. 

L. S. 

Blumenstiel, A. The law and practice in bank- 
ruptcy. New York. 1878. 8. L. S. 

Bohme, F. M. Altdeutsches liederbuch. Leipzig. 
1877. 1. 8. 2.2760 

Boehmer, J. F. Fontes rerum germanicarum. 
Geschichtsquellen Deutschlands. iii er , iv er bd. 
Stuttgart. 1853-68. 8. 

Book of Scotish pasquils. 1568-1715. Edinburgh. 
1868. 8. IV. 15 

Borao, G. Diccionario de voces aragonesas. 
Zaragoza. 1859. 8. 1.532 

Boston, Mass. City Council. (1877.) Dedication 
of the monument on Boston common erected to 
the memory of the men of Boston who died in 
the civil war. Boston. 1877. 1. 8. A. R. 285 

Record Commissioners. 2d report. Boston. 

1877. 8. L. S. 

Bougeant, G. H. Histoire des guerres et des 
ne'gociations qui precederent le traite de West- 
plialie, sous le regne de Louis XIII. & le minis- 
tere des cardinaux Richelieu Mazarin. 3 torn. 
Paris. 1767. 4. 1.575 

[Bouquet, M.|. Recueil des historiens des Gaules 
et de la France. Tom. xii., xiv. Paris. 1877. 
f. 15.17 

Bouton, N. Provincial and state papers. Mis- 
cellaneous documents and records relating to 
New Hampshire at different periods. Vol. x. 
Concord, N. H. 1877. 8. A. R. 275 

Bowditch, H. I. Public hygiene in America. 
With a digest of American sanitary law, by 
II. G. Pickering. Boston. 1877. 8. 2.2772 

Brahe, T. Tychonis Braliei et ad eum doctorum 
virorum epistolae nunc primum collectae et 
editae a F. H. Friis. Fasc. iii. Havniae, etc. 
1877. 1. 8. , A. O. 

Brasseur de Bourbourg, C. E., the Abbe. 
Monuments anciens du Mexique. Palenque 
et autres ruines de 1'ancienne civilisation du 
Mexique. Collection de 'vues, bas-reliefs, etc. 
dessine's par M. de Waldeck texte redige' par 
M. Brasseur de Bourbourg. Paris. 1866. f. 

27. Case 

Breslau, Germany Schlesische Gcsellschajl fur 
cutcriiindische Cultur. 54 er jahres-bericht. 1876. 
Breslau. 1877. 8. M. Z. 

British Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science. Report of the 46th 
meeting ; held in 1876. London. 1877. 8. 


British Museum. Catalogue of British hymen- 
optera in the museum. 2d ed. Pt. i. London. 
1876. 8. 

Contents : Andrenidae and apidae. By F. 
Smith. 47.51 

British Museum. Catalogue of the birds in the 
museum. Vol. iii. London. 1877. 8. 47.51 

Descriptive and illustrated catalogue of the 

fossil reptilia of South Africa in the museum. 
By Richard Owen. London. 1876. 4. 


Guide to the exhibition rooms of the depart- 
ments of natural history and antiquities. [Lon- 
don.] 1877. 8. Pam. 

Illustrations of typical specimens of lepidop- 

tera heterocera in the collection of the museum. 
Pt. i. By A. G. Butler. London. 1877. 4. 


Brooks, P. Lectures on preaching. New York. 

1877. 16. 22.85 

Brot, A. Coquilles de la famille des nayades qui 

habitent le bassin du Leman. Bale. 1867. 8. 

M. Z. 

Materiaux pour servir a 1'etude de la famille 

des me'laniens. 3 pt. Geneve. 1862-72. 8. 

M. Z. 
Browning, Mrs. E. B. Aurora Leigh. New 

York. 1877. 24. 8.38 

Briinn, Austria Naturforschender Verein. Ver- 

handlungen. xiv. bd. 1875. Briinn. 1878. 

8. M. Z. 

Brulliot, F.. Dictionnaire des monogrammes, 

marques figurees, lettres initiales, nonis abrcges 

etc. avec lesquels les peintres, dessinateurs, gra- 

yeurs et sculpteurs ont designe leurs noms. 

Nouvelle ed. 3 pt. Munich. 1832-34. 1. 8. 

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1877. 8. D. S. 

Transcaucasia and Ararat. London. 1877. 

sm. 8. 40.25 

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Caen. 1874. 8. 1.532 

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(Clarendon press series. English classics.) 

IV. 4 

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Results of astronomical observations made at 
the observatory in 1874, under the direction of 
E. J. Stone. Cape Town. 1877. 8. A. O. 

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Edinburgh. 1878. 8. D. S. 

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32 96 

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Sacree Scripturse, dissertationes breves. 2 pt. 
Amstelaedami. 1748. 8. III. 6 

Central-blatt fur agrikulturchemie und ratio- 
nellen landwirthschafts-betrieb. Herausgegeben 



von II. Biedermann. G' 1 jahrg. 10 e , ll e heft. 
Leipzig. 1877. 8. B. I. 

Cernuschi, H. Michel Chevalier et le bimctal- 
lisme. Paris. 1876. 8. 

Chamberlaine, J- Imitations of original draw- 
ings by Hans Holbein, in the collection of His 
Majesty, for the portraits of illustrious per- 
sons of the court of Henry VIII. With bio- 
graphical tracts. London. 1792. f. 83 }>ort. 

27. Case 

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Etudes sur 1'Allemagne. Lettres sur le salon 
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D. S. 

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VII. 7 

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flective thought in Greece and the positive teach- 
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marks as presented in the reported adjudica- 
tions of the courts of the United States, Great 
Britain, Ireland, Canada, and France, from the 
earliest period to the present time. New York. 
1878. 8. L. S. 

Coleccion de libros espanoles raros 6 curiosos. 
Tom i.-xi. Madrid. 1871-77. 16. 

Contents: i. [DELICADO, F.]. Retrato de la 
Lnzana Andaluza. 1871. ii. VERD; GO, F. 
Comentario de la guerra de Frisia. 1872. 
iii. [MUNOX, S. DE|. Tragico media de Lisan- 
dro y Roselia. 1872. iv. SxtJNiGA, L. DE. 
Cancionero. 1872. v. VILLEGAS SELVAGO, 
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vi. VEGA CAUPIO, L. F. DE. Comedias ine'ditas. 
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viii. TAFUR, P. Andancas e viajes. 1874. 
ix. SILVA, F. DE. Segunda comedia de Celes- 
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A. O. 

Crelle, A. L. Rechentafeln welche alles multi- 
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4. A. O. 

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the Old South meeting house.] Dec. 5-15, 
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285. SCHMIDT, H. Ueber die allmalige 
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M. Z. 





* # * The following notes on the authorities run parallel to 
the syllabus of Dr. Lodge's Lectures on American History. 


New Hampshire. Belknap's and Barstow's his- 

Connecticut. Trumbull's and Dwight's histories. 
Records of New Haven, ed. by Hoadley. 

Rhode Island. Arnold's History ; Knowles's Me- 
moir of Roger Williams ; Gammell's Life of Roger 

Colonies of France and French Wars. Parkman's 
historical series on France in North America, em- 
bracing Pioneers of France, Jesuits in North Amer- 
ica, Discovery of the Great West, The Old Regime 
in Canada, and Count Frontenac, leave little to be 
desired ; and in his History of Pontiac he gives a 
brief and excellent account of the relations between 
the English and French down to 1762. Compare, 
also, Shea's Discovery of the Mississippi. For con- 
temporary accounts, see La Hontan's Charlevoix. 
For the French War 1750-1762, see Pouchet, an old 
French account; Sargent's History of Braddock's 
Expedition ; Knox on the Campaigns, 1757-1760 ; 
Wright's Life of Wolfe ; Irving's, Sparks's, and 
Marshall's Lives of Washington. 

General Works on Manners and Customs in the various 
Colonies. Kalm's Travels, 1749; Burnaby's Travels, 
1759-60; Smyth's Travels, especially valuable for 
Virginia and Southern States, but colored by the 
intense Toryism of the writer; Diary of Madam 
Riedesel ; Letters of Anburey, 1777 ; Chastellux's 
Travels, 1780-82; Abbe Robin's Travels, 1781; 
Crevecoeur's Letters, 1782; Brissot's Travels, 1788; 
Compare also, Tuckerman's America and her Com- 

Pre-Revolutionary and Revolutionary Period. Be- 
sides general works enumerated above, the follow- 
ing are important to a correct understanding of the 
Revolution and its causes : Frothingham's Rise of 
the Republic, Life and Times of Joseph War- 
ren, and Siege of Boston ; Tudor's Life of James 
Otis; Quincy's Life of Josiah Quincy, Jr. ; Wells's 
Life of Samuel Adams; Life and Works of John 
Adams; Letters of Mrs. Adams; Life and Letters 
of John Jay ; Life of G. Morris; Life and Writings 
of Franklin ; Irving's, Sparks's, and Marshall's Lives 
of Washington ; Wirt's Life of Patrick Henry ; Ran- 
dall's Jefferson ; Rives's Madison ; Life of R. H. 
Lee ; Sanderson's Lives of the Signers. For the more 
purely military history, Lossing's Field Book of the 
Revolution ; Greene's Life of General Greene ; Bur- 
goyne's Narrative ; Life of Gates ; Life of T. Pick- 
ering ; Kapp's Life of Steuben ; Lee's War in the 
Southern departments ; Hochambeau's Memoirs. 

Confederation, 1778-1789. All comprehensive 
works, on the period from the peace of 1782 to the 
adoption of the Constitution, are singularly unsatis- 
factory. Accounts may be found in Hildreth, Pit- 
kin, and Tucker. As a contemporary authority the 
Secret Journals of the Old Congress are most, val- 
uable. The Lives of Washington, Hamilton, Madi- 
son, Jefferson, Jay, Adams, and Knox, afford the best 

material for a correct understanding of the period. 
For the Ordinance of 1787, see Poole's article in 
North American Review, October, 1876. For the 
Constitutional Convention of 1787, and the several 
State Conventions, see Madison Papers, Martin's 
Notes, Yates's Notes, Elliot's Debates, and Curtis's 
History of the Constitution. 

United States, 1789-1837. Hildreth is the only 
general history of any considerable merit, but is not 
entirely satisfactory. Others are Tucker, Pitkin, 
and Hamilton's History of the Republic. The last 
is an extreme partisan work from the Hamiltonian 
point of view, but of essential value from the num- 
ber of original papers it contains which are not to be 
found elsewhere. Van Buren's History of Political 
Parties is valuable, and presents the Democratic 
view. Calhoun's Disquisition on Government, and 
Discourse on the Government of the United States 
(Works, vol. i.), gives the extreme States- Rights 
arguments. Hammond's Political Parties is espe- 
cially valuable for the latter part of this period. As 
an original authority, the Memoirs of John Quincy 
Adams, covering all but the first j*ears of the period, 
are of the first importance. For the latter years, 
Benton's Thirty Years is valuable. Sullivan's Famil- 
iar Letters contain many interesting sketches of dis- 
tinguished men. Niles's Register, after 1811, is 

For works of general reference, use Annals of 
Congress for Debates in that body ; also, Benton's 
Abridgment, American State Papers, Waite's State 
Papers, Lanman's Biographical Annals. 

But the history of the United States can be thor- 
oughly traced only in the biographies and works 
of its eminent men. The following, arranged as 
far as possible in their chronological order, are the 
most important : 

Life and Works of Washington, ed. Sparks ; Life . 
of Washington by Marshall, vol. v., which is of great 
value as a contemporary history of the Federalist Ad- 
ministration ; Irving's Life of Washington ; Morse's 
Life of Hamilton ; Works of Hamilton ; Randall's 
Life of Jefferson ; Parton's Jefferson, which is amus- 
ing, but partisan and untrustworthy ; Dewitt's Jeffer- 
son, presents a hostile view of Jefferson's character 
(Compare Review of Dewitt, by H. Taine, in Nou- 
veaux Essais) ; Tucker's, Randolph's, and Smuck- 
er's Lives of Jefferson ; Works of Jefferson (ed. 
Washington) ; Life, and Writings of John Jay ; Life 
and Letters of Fisher Ames, very valuable for the 
history of the early Congresses ; Life and Letters 
of Gouverneur Morris ; Rives's Life of Madison ; 
Writings of Madison; Monroe's View of the Con- 
duct of the Executive, and Edmund Randolph's 
Vindication, are important contemporary tracts ; 
also, Life and Works of John Adams; Gibbs's Ad- 
ministration of Washington and Adams; Life and 
Works of Timothy Pickering ; Life and Letters of 
George Cabot; Life and Letters of Elbridge Gerry. 
Contemporary tracts on the Administration of 
Adams are Hamilton's Review of the Conduct of 
John Adams ; John Adams's Letters to the Boston 
Patriot; .Wood's Suppressed History of the Admin- 
istration of John Adams; Callender's Pamphlets; 




The Cunningham Correspondence, and T. Picker- 
ing's review of the same. For an admirable French 
view of the X. Y. Z. Correspondence, consult St. 
Beuve's Essai sur Talleyrand, and see also Miuhaud's 
Biographic Universelle under Talleyrand. For the 
administration of Jefferson, besides works already 
mentioned, see Parton's Life of Burr; Davis's Burr, 
the latter the better ; also, Garland's Life of John 
Randolph; Plumer's Life of Plumer; Quincy's Life 
of Quincy is excellent, presents the Federalist side, 
and is, perhaps, the best biography of the period; 
Life and Letters of Joseph Story. For the Embargo, 
Pickering's Letter to Sullivan ; J. Q. Adams's Let- 
ter to H. G. Otis ; Baring's Enquiry ; Stephens's 
War in Disguise; Madison's Reply to War in Dis- 
guise. For this period generally, John Lowell's 
Pamphlets and Documents relating to New England 
Federalism, ed. Adams. A contemporary English 
view is given in the Jackson Correspondence, and 
in the Bath Archives. 

For the War of 1812, Ingersoll's and Auchinleck's 
Histories; Lossing's Field Book; Cooper's Naval 
History ; James's History, presenting the English 
view of the war. A good contemporary account 
may be found in the Subaltern in America. 

For the Hartford Convention: Dwight's History; 
Life of George Cabot ; H. G. Otis's Letters by one of 
the Convention, and Letters on the Hartford Con- 
vention and Adams's New England Federalism. The 
best contemporary account of the treaty of Ghent 
may be found in the Memoirs of J. Q. Adams. 

Life and Speeches of Henry Clay ; Jenkins's Life 
of Calhoun; Works of Calhoun ; Curtis's Life of 
Webster; Works and Private Correspondence of 
Webster; Lives of Madison and Monroe, by J. Q. 
Adams; and Parton's Life of Andrew Jackson. 

Slavery. Wilson's Rise and Fall of the Slave 
Power is the most comprehensive ; Greeley's Ameri- 
can Conflict : Kapp's Geschichte der Sklaverei. Com- 
pare also Life of Crittenden ; Life and Speeches of 
Seward ; Speeches of Sumner. 

Foreign Authorities. De Tocqueville's Democracy 
in America ; Von Hoist's History of the Constitu- 
tion is a work invaluable to the student of our his- 
tory, both from its research, and its vigorous criticism 
of our history and institutions. Compare also, Neu- 
mann's Geschichte der Vereinigten Staaten. Adol- 
plius's Reign of George III. ; Thiers' Revolution 
Francaise, Histoire du Consulat, and Histoire de 
1'Empire; Alison's History of Europe; Lanfrey's 
Napoleon, are some of the works relating to this 
period in Europe which may be consulted with 

The Constitution. Story's Commentaries ; Kent's 
Commentaries, vol. i. (12th ed.); Cooley's Constitu- 
tional Limitations; Curtis's Decisions of the Su- 
preme Court. The Constitutional decisions of 
Marshall have been collected in one volume under 
the title of Marshall on the Federal Constitution. 
Santvoord's Lives of the Chief Justices; Wharton's 
State Trials; Curtis's Life of Webster; Life of 
Joseph Story. H. c. L. 


*** The following notes are intended as a guide to study, 
Introductory to tlic scheme of reading in the early history of 
Massachusetts and t'h/moutk Colony, given in Dr. Lodge* 
notes in the Jlulletinfor December, 1877. 

Massachusetts was settled by Puritans, or by those 
who would reform the established church and keep 
within it. Plymouth was occupied by Separatists 
or Independents, who were seceders from the 
church, and in the end engrafted their system of 
voluntary churches upon all New England, as is the 

purpose of Dr. Leonard Bacon's Genesis of the 
New England Churches to show, bringing the rec- 
ord down to 1029. Dr. Bacon's book is epitomized 
in Harper's Monthly, Dec., 1874. See also Uhden's 
Geschichte der Congregationalisten in Neuengland 
and the English translation of it. 

This distinction between the Puritans and Separatists 
is maintained in Dr. Waddington's Tracks of the 
Hidden Church, and more elaborately in his Con- 
gregational History, of which there is a searching 
review by H. M. Dexter in the Congregational 
Quarterly, 1874. This distinction is also pointed 
out by I. N. Tarbox in his Plymouth and the Bay, 
printed in the Congregational Quarterly, vol. xvii. ; 
by Punchard in an appendix, p. 443, of his History 
of Congregationalism, vol. iii. ; by Benjamin Scott, 
in a lecture in London, 1866, reprinted in the His- 
torical Magazine, May, 1867, from which mostly is 
derived an article Pilgrims and Puritans, in Scrib- 
ner's Monthly, June, 1876. See also Historical 
Magazine, May and Nov., 1867, Oct. 1869, p. 225; 
Baylies's History of the Old Colony, vol. i. ch. 1; 
Barry's Massachusetts, vol. i. ch. 2; Palfrey's New 
England, vol. i., ch. 3 ; and the Essex Institute 
Historical Collections, vol. 4, p. 145, by A. C. 
Goodell, tracing the development of the different 
parties growing out of the Reformation in Eng- 

The Puritans. Neal is a defender of the Puritans, 
and he is reviewed in Whipple's Essays, vol. i., where 
there is a glowing tribute to their influence in New 
England history ; and Higginson in his Atlantic 
Essays or Atlantic Monthly, Sept., 1863, depicts the 
life of the Puritan minister in New England. Dr. 
Charming says Mrs. Hutchinson's Memoir of Col. 
Hutchinson shook his faith in the generally received 
New England notions of the Puritans. Palfrey's 
delineation in his New England of the Puritan 
character is a moderate and generally just one, as 
opposed to the stronger light and shade of Macaulay 
in his Essay on Milton, and of Bancroft in his His- 
tory of the United States, vol. i., ch. 8, touching 
upon the origin, and ch. 10, on the character of Puri- 
tanism. There is a critical history of their origin 
in Disraeli's Charles L, ch. 35, &e. ; and Belknap in 
his New Hampshire, vol. i., ch. 3, traces their rise 
in Old England. See Emory Washburn on Puri- 
tanism in the Report of the American Antiquarian 
Society, Oct. 21, 1876. The subject can be generally 
surveyed in the sections on the history of religion 
in the Pictorial History of England, and in Pun- 
chard's History of Congregationalism ; while the his- 
torical relations of the established church to the 
schools of Independents, which grew out of Puritan- 
ism, is shown from a churchman's point of view, in 
Curteis's Bampton lectures. Matthew Arnold's in- 
troduction on the Puritans and tin* Church of Eng- 
land, in his Saint Paul and Protestantism, is noticed 
in the British Quarterly Review, Oct., 1870. John- 
son gives, though briefly, the views of a tory in his 
Life of Butler. Marsden giving the history of the 
early and later Puritans, down to 1662, is also a 
churchman. Brook's Lives of the Puritans is the 
work of an industrious writer, who is zealous in his 
admiration of his subjects. Conder's Analytical 
View of all Religions gives the comparative stand- 
ing of Puritans, Independents. Presbyterians, c. 
Calamy's Memorial gives the best account of the 
ejected class of ministers. Vaughan is a sympa- 
thizer. See also Wilson's History of the Dissenting 
Churches in London; Toulmin's History of the Dis- 
senters; Stoughton's Narrative, covering the interval 
from the opening of the long parliament to the death 
of Cromwell, and its sequel, The Church of the 



Restoration, to which will follow Skeats's History of 
the Free Churches from 1688 down. See also Han- 
, bury's Historical Memorials, and the works of John 
Owen, the leading Independent, and his life by Orme, 
and Thomson's largely based on Orme. Masson in 
his Milton, vol. ii., devotes a chapter to the rise and 
progress of English Independency. See Jeaffreson's 
Book of the Clergy, vol. ii., for a chapter on Reli- 
gion under the Commonwealth. 

The American History of the Puritans in the time 
of Edward VI. and Elizabeth, by Hopkins, gives a list 
of printed authorities. Works like Warburton's 
Prince Rupert will afford much illustrative detail. 
Kingsley's Essays has a popular defence of the 
Puritan character, and instances the habits of our 
own day as justifying their views. See also Taylor's 
Religious Life of England, ch. 3 ; Parton's paper 
on the caricatures of the Puritan period is in 
Harper's Monthly, May, 1875, and also forms a 
chapter of his History of Caricature. See Mal- 
colm's Index. 

The Pilgrims in England. Until within twenty- 
five years, what was known of the early history of that 
society of Independents which had John Robinson 
for pastor, and which in 1620 founded New Plym- 
outh, was derived from Morton's Memorial, Ma- 
ther's Magnalia in book i., ch. 2 and 3, and in the 
life of Bradford in the same, book ii., ch. 1 ; and from 
Prince's Annals; and all these writers had used 
Bradford's manuscript history of Plymouth Colony, 
which was then supposed to be lost. Belknap, in 
the Lives of the Pilgrims in his American Biography, 
had made one of the best summaries of existing 
knowledge; and Dr. Young in his Chronicles of the 
Pilgrims, reproduced from the Plymouth Church 
Records, extracts from Bradford on the Rise of the 
Church, and such other original papers as remained. 
In 1849, Joseph Hunter, then of the Record Office, 
published a tract on the Founders of New Plymouth, 
substantially reproduced in the Mass. Hist. Coll. 4th 
ser., vol. i. which was enlarged in 1854, and which first 
identified the village of Scrooby as the place of their 
gathering in the north of England, and threw con- 
siderable light on their career there. The main part 
of Hunter is reprinted in the Congregational Board's 
edition of Morton's Memorial. Shortly after this, 
the manuscript of Bradford (Mass. Hist. Coll. 4th 
ser., vol. iii.), was brought to the knowledge of our 
antiquaries, and was found to throw abundance 
of light on the whole subject of their English and 
Leyden career. Hunter's investigations and the 
narrative of Bradford have been availed of by 
Palfrey in his 4th chapter ; by Barry in the 2d 
chapter of his History of Massachusetts ; by Pun- 
chard in his History of Congregationalism, vol. iii, 
ch. 11 ; by Waddington in his Tracks of the Hidden 
Church, following their course from 1559 to 1620, 
and proving them neither Puritans nor Brownists, 
while his Congregational History follows them in 
the old and new world. See also Cheever's Journal 
of the Pilgrims, ch. 4; and for pilgrimages to 
Scrooby, Dexter's Footprints of the Pilgrims in 
the Sabbath at Home, his letter in the Mass. Hist. 
Soc. Proc., July, 1871 ; and Hoppin's Old England, 
p. 242. Palfrey vol. i., p. 134, in a note, records 
a visit, and Bartlett in his Pilgrim Fathers does 
the same. There are also details in Raine's History 
of the Parish of Blyth, London, I860. See also 
Charles Deane's memorandum in the Proceedings 
of Mass. Hist. Soc. Oct., 1870, p. 403. 


Barry s iviassacnusetts, vol. i., ch. 3, give the story 

of their sojourn in Amsterdam and Leyden; but 

here, as on their Scrooby Church, Bradford's His- 
tory has thrown new light. 

Of their Church at this time an extended account 
will be found in Punchard's Congregationalism, vol. 
iii., ch. 12 ; and a copy of the Seven Articles of the 
Leyden Company was communicated by George 
Bancroft to the New York Historical Collections, 2d 
ser., vol. i. See Ashton's Memoir of John Robinson 
prefixed to his works, and reprinted in the Mass. Hist. 
Coll. 4th ser., vol. i., p. 113, and Lamson's sermon in 
memory of Robinson, and Cheever's chapter on Ley- 
den in his Journal of the Pilgrims. The story is 
epitomized in Waddington's Hidden Church, ch. 
13, &c. 

New particulars of their Leyden residence have 
been recovered by George Sumner, Mass. Hist. Coll., 
3d ser., vol. 9; see also his speech at Plymouth in 
the Historical Magazine, vol. iii., p. 332 : by H. C. 
Murphy, in the Historical Magazine, Sept., Nov., and 
Dec., 1859 and 1860, partly given in the N. E. His- 
torical and Genealogical Register, Jan., 1861 : by 
Henry M. Dexter, in the Sabbath at Home Magazine ; 
in the Proceedings of the Mass. Hist. Society, Jan., 
1872, correcting some statements in the Sumner 
account, and in the Historical Magazine, 1859-60; 
also in the notes of Mr. Dexter's edition of Mourt's 
Relation. See popular memorials in Bartlett's Pil- 
grim Fathers, and in Ritchie's On the Track of the 
Pilgrim Fathers. 

Of their negotiations with the Virginia Company, 
looking to settlement in Virginia, see Neill's Vir- 
ginia, ch. 8 ; and his English Colonization of 
America, in the chapter on Brewster and the Ley- 
den Non-conformists, ch. 6 ; and his paper in the 
Historical Magazine, May, 1868. 

The fullest account of their mortgaging their 
labor to a body of Merchant Adventurers in Eng- 
land, to secure funds to conduct their emigration in 
1620, will be found in Bradford's History, but sum- 
maries are given in Palfrey, Baylies, and other gene- 
ral histories ; in Cheever's Journal of the Pilgrims, 
ch. 2 and 3, and in Waddington's Hidden Church, 
ch. 19. They bought. their release from the adven- 
turers in 1627. See Parton's paper on the Pilgrim 
Fathers as men of business, in the Tribune extras. 
Sabine, in his Report on American Fisheries, pt. iii., 
p. 93, c., contends that the profits of the fisheries 
was one of the motives of their emigration. 

The Briefe Narration of the Planting of New 
England, appended to Winslow's Hypocrasie Un- 
masked, 1646, reprinted in Young's Chronicles of 
the Pilgrims, and reissued in 1649, as The Danger 
of tolerating Levellers in a Civill State, covers 
their Leyden sojourn and gives Robinson's farewell 
sermon to the Pilgrims on their sailing for America. 

j. w. 


Production and Uses. Jacob on the Precious 
Metals is the standard authority for facts down to 
the date of its publication (1831). See Edinburgh 
Review, Iv. p. 43. Humboldt's Essay on New 
Spain, book iv. ch. xi., investigates the supply from. 
America, from the discovery down to this century. 
An important paper by Mr. Danson, Statistical 
Journal, xiv. p. 11, reviews Humboldt's figures, and 
gives estimates to 1848. Chevalier, the leading 
French authority, carries on the investigation in his 
Cours d'Econornie Politique, vol. iii. (found sepa- 
rately with the sub-title Monnaie). The articles 
Metaux Pre'cieux and Monnaie, in the Dictionnaire 
d'Economie Politique, are by Chevalier, and give his 
results. An extended bibliography of the subject 



is appended to the article Monnaie. Chevalier's 
treatise De la Baisse Probable de 1'Or, translated 
and published (1859) with a preface by Cobden, has 
been much discussed, and is criticised by Cairnes 
(Essays in Political Economy, Essay IV.). See an 
early examination of the same subject by Prof. 
Bowei), North American Review, October, 1852, and 
April, 1853; Levasseur's excellent treatise, Question 
de I'Or ; and Jevons's valuable pamphlet, A Seri- 
ous Fall in the Value of Gold ascertained, 1863. 
Estimates of production of both metals from all 
sources, down to 1875, can be found in the report 
made to the House of Commons, 1876, by the select 
committee on depreciation of silver, of which Mr. 
Goschen was chairman. See Appendix, pp. 10, 24, 
140, 146. The estimates for 1852, as on pp. 24 and 
140, need further examination. The tables ap- 
pended to Goschen's report are comprehensive, and 
often valuable. Still later figures can be found in 
the American Almanac for 1878. Estimates of the 
amount of coin used by various nations may be 
found in Goschen's report. A curious investiga- 
tion by Jevons, of the amount of gold coin in Great 
Britain, is to be found in the Statistical Journal for 
1868, p. 438. Estimates for the United States are 
now given quite regularly by the director of the 
Mint, in his annual report. The amount of the 
metallic circulation of France is discussed by Leon 
Say, near the close of his Kapport sur le Payement 
de 1'Indemnite de Guerre. 

On the absorption of silver by the East, see the 
Drain of Silver to the East, by W. Nassau Lees ; 
also, an important essay by Jevons in the Statistical 
Journal for 1865, p. 294. The figures may be 
found in Goschen's report, p. 172 et seq. : and 
for the years 1870-77, including silver from San 
Francisco, in the Economist, Jan. 19, 1878. See 
also Chevalier's Probable Fall of Gold. Tooke's 
History of Prices, having a full index, can be used 
with advantage in this and other branches of the 

Legislation. For the present English legislation, 
the Earl of Liverpool's Treatise on the Coins of the 
Realm, Oxford, 1805, is the starting-point, but is 
now rare. The act of 1816, establishing the single 
gold standard, 56 Geo. III., ch. Ixviii., is in the Stat- 
utes at Large ; and the speeches made on its passage 
by Wellesley Pole (Master of the Mint, and after- 
wards Lord Mornington), in the Commons, and by 
the second Lord Liverpool in the Lords, should be 
consulted in Hansard, vol. xxxiv. See also Lord 
Lauderdale's protest, ibid. 

A brief statement as to the recent action of Ger- 
many may be found in Goschen's report, pp. xviii- 
xxix ; and complete details in Soetbeer's Deutsche 
Miintzverfassung. See also Bamberger's Reichs- 

The convention of December, 1865, establishing 
"the, Latin Union," may be found in the Journal 
des Economistes, May, 1866, and some criticism 
of it by Chevalier, November, 1868. For sub- 
sequent action limiting or suspending the coinage 
<>f silver, see ibid., July, 1874 ; March, 1876 ; also, 
Goschen 's report, Appendix, pp. 92-99. 

For the United Slates the important points are the 
acts of 1792, Statutes at Large, vol. i. p. 246; 1834, 
vol. iv.,p.G99; 1853, vol. x. p. 160; and the coinage 
act of 1873, vol. xvii., p. 424. See Hamilton's report 
on the mint (1791), Works, vol. iii., p. 149: also, 
reports from the select committee on coins in 1831, 
1832, and 1834, in Reports of 23d Congress, 1st ses- 
sion, No. 278; report by the Finance Committee of 
the Senate in 1852 ; Senate Reports of 32d Con- 
gress, 1st session, No. 104. 

The legislative history of the coinage act of 1873, 
from its introduction in 1870 until its passage, is 
given in detail by the Comptroller of the Currency, 
in his report for 187G, pp. 53 and 170. Linderman's 
Money and Legal Tender in the United States is an 
authoritative collection of facts respecting our coin- 
age, and contains some useful tables. See also a 
paper in the American Almanac for 1878, p. 330, 
containing many references, and preceded by a con- 
siderable collection of statistics. 

Single or Double Standard. For the full report 
of the International Monetary Conference in Paris, 
1867, favoring the single standard, see the English 
Parliamentary Documents for 1867-68, vol. xxvii. ; 
also, supplementary report by S. B. Ruggles, dele- 
gate from the United States, to the Secretary of 
State, 1870. The report of the French commission 
of 1868 in favor of a single gold standard is in the 
Journal des Economistes, April, 1869, with notices of 
the French discussion from 1865 to 1869. Parieu and 
Chevalier are leading advocates of the single stand- 
ard ; and Wolowski and Cernuschi, of the double. 
See Parieu, les Conferences Mone'taires, 1869; an 
article in the Journal des Economistes, August, 1875 ; 
and Goschen's report, Appendix, p. 94. Cheva- 
lier's article in the Revue des Deux Mondes, Au- 
gust, 1876, is answered by Cernuschi in a pamphlet, 
M. Michel Chevalier et la Bime'tallisme. Or et 
Argent, and Le Monnaie Bi-metallique, are earlier 
pamphlets by Cernuschi. His book Nomisma, or 
Legal Tender (New York, 1877), contains his evi- 
dence given before the United States Silver Com- 
mission, and numerous articles on the same question 
contributed by him to the Siecle. Wolowski (1'Or 
et 1 J Argent) is a less ardent, but more scientific, 
writer than Cernuschi. 

Among German writers, Soetbeer, already referred 
to, is the leading advocate of the single standard. 
See also Knies, Geld und Credit, vol. i. ; Bamberger, 

In English, the subject has been less discussed. 
Some pages in Ricardo's High Price of Bullion 
(Works, p. 270), state the single-standard doctrine 
concisely. Jevons, Money and the Mechanism of 
Exchange, chapter xii , is valuable. For an interest- 
ing statement of the discussion, with copious refer- 
ences, see Walker, Money (New York, 1878), chapters 
xii. and xiii. S. Dana Horton, Silver and Gold (Cin- 
cinnati, 1876), has no superior among scientific ad- 
vocates of the double standard. Seyd, Bullion and 
Foreign Exchanges, and the Fall in the Price of 
Silver, is the most active of the English supporters 
of the same theory. The United States Silver 
Commission made majority and^ minority reports 
on this question, printed by Congress, 1877, with 
voluminous evidence. Many statements in the ma- 
jority report need verification. Papers of interest 
may be found in the Journal of Social Science ami 
the Bankers' Magazine. One by Mr. Thomas 
Balch in the Penn Monthly, March, 1877, deserves 

For an extended list of works on the whole sub- 
ject of the double standard, see the appendix of 
Horton's Silver and Gold. C. F. D. 

During the past six months the Library has or- 
dered nearly 2,000 titles, of which about 900 went 
to its German, over 400 to its English, 360 to its 
French, 50 to its Italian, and over 100 to its Ameri- 
can agents. 




Among the accessions of the present quarter, two 
old books deserve mention. 

The Pugio Fidei adversus Judaeos, by Raymundus 
or Ramon MARTINI, is perhaps the most learned 
and the most famous among the older works per- 
taining to the controversy between Christians and 
Jews, and it still has value as illustrating Jewish 
opinions through its wealth of quotations from the 
Rabbinical writers, the translated passages being 
always accompanied by the original. The critical 
student, however, should not neglect the Anno- 
tationes (MS. notes) of Edzardi, published in vol. 
iv. of Wolf's Bibliotheca Hebraea, pp. 572-638, 
which give exact references to the sources of all 
the quotations. The present is the best edition, 
witli the learned notes of J. de Voisin and the In- 
troductio in Theologian! Judaicam by J. B. Carp- 
zov. For curious particulars respecting the literary 
history of the book, see Bayle's Dictionary, art. 

The Hierobotanicon of Olof CELSIUS is a work 
sui generis, to be compared only with the Hierozoicon 
of Bochart. Celsius was equally distinguished for 
his knowledge of botany and for his oriental learn- 
ing, and in these dissertations has brought together 
every thing that can be gathered from ancient liter- 
ature to illustrate the plants mentioned in the 
Bible and to determine their identity. The Library 
is very fortunate in possessing this work, as only 
two hundred copies were printed, and it has now 
become exceedingly rare. We have also the Hiero- 
phyticon of Matthias Hiller, a work somewhat sim- 
ilar to that of Celsius, but inferior in learning and 

Of the sixty-three treatises of the Mishnah the 
PIRQE ABOTH, " Sayings of the Fathers," is incom- 
parably the most interesting to the ordinary reader ; 
indeed, hardly any one but a Jew would ever read 
any other, except as an antiquarian, from a sad 
sense of duty. Mr. Taylor has given us a critical 
edition of the Hebrew text, for which he has col- 
lated eleven manuscripts, together with a transla- 
tion and excellent illustrative notes in English, and 
five valuable Excursus. His edition is a fine speci- 
men of scholarly work. 

DRUMMOND'S Jewish Messiah aims to give " a 
critical history of the Messianic idea among the 
Jews from the rise of the Maccabees to the closing 
of the Talmud." The history proper is preceded 
by a critical examination of the sources, namely, 
the Apocalyptic literature as represented by the 
book of Daniel, the Sibylline Oracles (Book III.), 
the Book of Enoch, the Assumption of Moses, 
Fourth Ezra (2d Esdras), and the Apocalypse of 
Baruch ; the Psalms of Solomon, the Book of Jubi- 
lees, the Targums, and the Talmud, with other 
Rabbinical books. The work meets a want long 
felt, there being nothing in English to take its place, 
unless one should except the outline of the subject in 
chap. ii. of Westcott's Introduction to the Study 
of the Gospels. In the execution of his difficult 
task, Professor Drummond has displayed remark- 
able fairness of mind, caution against drawing hasty 
inferences, and good judgment generally. Some 
valuable works belonging to the literature of the 
subject have not been used; but the writer has 
made a careful study of the most important of the 
original sources of information. For a good outline 
of the subject and its recent literature one may 
consult Schiirer's Neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte 

(Leipzig, 1874), pp. 511-599; for the earlier litera- 
ture, see Smitli's Dictionary of the Bible, art. MES- 
SIAH, American edition. 

Canon FARRAR'S Eternal Hope, with its notes 
and excursus, will not fail to attract attention and 
provoke controversy, considering the interest now 
awakened in the subject to which it relates, an 
interest shown in part by the three articles upon it 
in the New Englander and the six in the North 
American Review for March of this year. A few 
references to some works or articles not familiar to 
all readers may facilitate research. On the terms 
translated " hell " in the common English version 
of the Bible, and on the opinions of the earlier and 
the later Jews respecting the nature and duration 
of future punishment, one may consult J. WINDET, 
De vita functorum statu ex Hebrseorum et Graeco- 
rum comparatis sententiis, edit, tertia, Lond. 1677, 
pp. 187-266, a work of which Bottcher says, " reperi 
auctorern facile doctissimum omnium qui line de re 
scripserunt ; " BARTOLOCCI, Dissertatio de Inferno 
secundum Hebraaos, etc., in his Bibliotheca magna 
Rabbinica, Romae, 1678, fol., vol. ii., pp. 128-162; 
EISENMENGER, Entdecktes Judenthum, Konigsberg, 
1711, 4, 2ter Theil, cap. vi., "Was die Juden 
von der Hollen lehren," pp. 322-369, and elsewhere 
(see the copious indexes to the two vols.) ; J. F. 
STEHELIN, The Traditions of the Jews, Lond. 1732- 
34, 8, also issued in 1748 with the title Kab- 
binical Literature, vol. ii.; John ALLEN, Modern 
Judaism, 2d ed., Lond., 1830, pp. 183-190 (mostly 
borrowed from Stehelin) ; (J.) F. BOTTCHER, De 
Infer!*, etc., Dresdae, 1846, 8, an exhaustive work; 
G. BRECIIER, Die Unsterblichkeitslehre des israel- 
itischen Volkes, Leipz. 1857, particularly 50-53; 
A. DEWES, Plea for a New Translation of the Scrip- 
tures (1866), pp. 14-31 ; J. HAMBURGER, Keal-En- 
cyclopadie fur Bibel und Talmud, Abth. I., Neu- 
strelitz, 1870, 8, arts. Holle, and Welt, kilnft/ge; D. 
CASTELLI, II Messia secondo gli Ebrei, Firenze, 
1874, 16, pp. 282-291, 349-355; J. DRUMMOND, 
The Jewish Messiah, pp. 360-387 ; A. WUNSCHE, 
Neue Beitrage zur Erlauterung der Evangelien aus 
Talmud und Midrasch, Gottingen, 1878, 8, notes 
on Matt. iii. 9, v. 22, 30, vii. 1 (p. 370) ; viii. 12, x. 
28, xii. 31, 32, xiii. 38, 42, 47. xviii. 9, xix. 17, 24, 29, 
xxi. 25, xxiii. 33, xxv. 32, 34, 41, 46 ; Mark ix. 43 ; 
Luke x. 20, xiii. 23, 24 (xv. 7, 18, 21), xvi. 22, 23, 
26, xviii. 16, xxiii. 43 ; John vi. 40. 

On alcav and al&vios see HUET, Origeniana, lib. ii. 
quaest. xr. 26, pp. 232-234 of the App. to torn, 
iv. of De la Rue's edition of Origen ; and E. S. 
GOODWIN, in the Christian Examiner for March 
and May, 1831, and March and May, 1832 (vols. x. 
and xii.). These articles purport to exhibit all the 
occurrences of these words in Homer, Hesiod, 
-ZEschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristotle, Plato, 
and Timasus Locrus. H. BALLOU, 2d, has brought 
together examples from Josephus, in The Expositor 
and Universalist Review for January, 1839, pp. 1- 
10, and from Philo in the Universalist Quarterly 
for April, 1845, pp. 133-136 ; but the collection is 
far from complete. See also Dr. NOYES'S article 
in the Christian Examiner for March, 1854, vol. Ivi. 
p. 278 ff. For the bibliography of the whole sub- 
ject, one may consult the Literature of the Doctrine 
of a Future Life, appended to W. R. Alger's Critical 
History of the doctrine. E. A. 

The Library has become a subscriber to the Arun- 
del Society, and has received the back issues of its 
art publications since 1848. 




The foundation for the literary activity in the 
reigns of Henry IV. and V. was laid by their im- 
mediate predecessors, through their devotion to the 
church and their efforts to maintain peace in their 
dominions. Henry II., the saint (1002-1024), re- 
stored the preponderance of the German portion of 
the empire, and won the favor of the church by his 
restoration of the monastic discipline. Konrad II., 
the Salic ( 1024-1039), a ruler of uncommon energy, 
added Burgundy with its numerous and important 
monastic establishments to the empire. His strict 
and impartial administration of justice gained him 
the honor of a comparison with Charlemagne. 
Konrad himself was, like most of the laymen of the 
time, unable to read, but gave his son Henry III. a 
learned as well as a military education. This ruler 
was a devoted believer in the efforts at reform of 
the clergy, which were being made by the monks 
of Cluny and their associates in the three kingdoms. 
The effect of three such reigns could only be to 
increase the power and the security of the clergy, 
the sole depositaries of the learning of the day ; and 
the immediate consequence of this improvement in 
their condition was, that all departments of litera- 
ture, but more especially history and biography, 
received a sudden impulse. Many of the works 
thus produced have been preserved, and form the 
most valuable source of information for the period. 

GENERAL WORKS. For the study of any period 
of German history, the first and indispensable book 
is Dahlmann's Quellenkunde der Deutschen Geschichte, 
continued and published by Georg Waitz, 2 ed. 
1875 [3.52], a catalogue of all books on the history 
of Germany at all periods and in all languages. 
The titles are divided into : 1. General works ar- 
ranged by subjects ; 2. Sources and later treat- 
ises in chronological order. The latest edition 
contains 3215 numbers. The more important works 
are made prominent by larger type. For the his- 
tory of the authorities the principal work is W. 
Wattenbach, Deutschland's Geschichtsquellen im Mit- 
telalter from the earliest times to the middle of the 
thirteenth century. 3d ed. 2 vol. 1873-74. [37.130b] 
The arrangement is throughout chronological, the 
style narrative, the purpose to give a connected view 
of the activity of the middle ages in the field of his- 
torical writing. The principal seats of learning are 
described, the lives of the authors given as com- 
pletely as possible, the references to the literature 
of each person and subject exhaustive. With the 
same purpose and following the same method is a 
continuation of W.'s work by Ottokar Lorenz, reach- 
ing from the middle of the thirteenth to the end of 
the fifteenth century, 2 ed., 2 vols., 1876-77 [3.21]. 
Potthast, Bibliolheca historica medii aevi [3.52], a 
guide to the historical works of mediaeval Europe. 
1862 suppl. 1868, contains : 1. An alphabetical list 
of the sources from 375-1500 with references to 
modern treatises ; 2. Index to the Ada Sanctorum. ; 
3. Chronological index of mediaeval authorities ; 
:. List of popes ; 5. The German kings and emper- 
ors ; 6. The German bishops. 

The principal collection of the authorities for 
German history is the Monumenta Gennaniae his- 
torica [case G. 1 and 3], of which the first department, 
Seriptores, is intended to contain every known work 
relating to German history from the beginning 
through the middle ages. Two objects were here 
kept in view : 1. To obtain the most correct possible 
text of the authorities ; 2. To distinguish such por- 

tions of them as have an independent value from 
those which are mere reproductions of older sources. 
The earliest authorities down to Charlemagne have 
been postponed until the partial completion of the 
middle ages, but are promised now during the cur- 
rent year. The work begins therefore with the 
time of Charlemagne, vol. i., ii. ; the Saxons, iii., 
iv. ; the Franks, v.-xii. ; the Hohenstaufens, xvi.- 
xxii. These volumes are referred to below as 
M. G. A second department (Leges) of the M. (r. 
is to contain the laws of the same period ; of this 
department four volumes have appeared (quoted 
M. G. LL.). A third department for official docu- 
ments (Diplomata) has been opened with one volume 
(quoted M. G. DD.). The history of the whole 
publication is one of continual delays and interrup- 
tions, and its progress thus far is owing to the per- 
sistent energy of its lamented editor G. H. Pertz. 
(See Einleitung to Wattenb. Geschichtsquellen ) 
Two other departments, Epistolae and Antiquitates, 
are yet to be begun. 

Many of the most important works given in the 
Monumenta have been published separately in 8. 
[37.135b.] A still larger number of the historical 
sources, comprising some not yet published in the 
Monunuhta, have been translated under the title 
Geschichtschreiber der Dentsclien Vorzeit. (quoted G. d. 
D. V.) [37.113], of which the 53d number appeared 
in 1877. 

The long delays in the publication of the M. G. 
led to the beginning of other works of a similar 
character. Jaffe, Bibliolheca Rermn Germaiiiairum, 
6 vols. 1864-73, 8 [37.128a], an attempt to supply 
correct texts of many materials of various sorts, 
especially those not in the M. G., grouping them 
about a person or a place. Most important for us 
is vol. ii., Registrum Greg. VII., a collection of 
Gregory's letters, ordered probably by himself 
about 1081, and by far the most valuable source for 
his administration. In Jaffe's edition all other 
known letters of Gregory are added. Boehmer, 
Fontes Rerum Germ., 4 vol. 1843-68, 8, refer prin- 
cipally to the later middle ages. Special collections 
have also been made for almost all the different 
countries of Germany, partly by the efforts of in- 
dividuals, but principally by means of the local 
historical associations ; these are given in Dahl- 
mann, p. 19f. Similar collections of original au- 
thorities have been made in the principal countries 
of Europe, and some of them are of value here, 
especially Muratori, Rerum Italicarum Scriptont, 
25 vol. [37.76, 77, 91, 106] ; Watterich, Vitae Poti- 
ficum Romanorum, 800-1300, 2 vol. 8, 1862; M. 
Bouquet, Rerum Gaflicarum et Franciaritm scrijitores, 
22 vol. f. 1757-1865. A new edition, of which 
v. xiv. appeared 1877, reaches the middle of the 
twelfth century, contains not only historians, but 
also documents, letters, laws, etc. [15.17]. 

HISTORICAL NARRATIVES of the period have 
been written by historians of the modern school : 

1. G. A. H. Stenzel, Geschicl/fe Uwtschlands untcr 
den Frdnkischcn /\'uixi>ni, "2 vol. 1827-28 [37.34], basod 
upon the original sources, to some extent rephuvd 
by later works, but valuable still. The greater pr.rt 
of vol. i. is given to our period. In vol. ii. a con- 
cise review and criticism of the authorities. 

2. H. Floto, K. lli'inrich IV., und sein Zeitalter 
2 vol. 1855-56 [37.24], written in an attractive style, 
leaning rather to the side of the king, and based 
largely on the view of Henry given in the Vita 
Henrici 1 V. 

3. J. Voigt, Hildfbrand als Pnbst Grenorttis VTI. 
und sein Zeitalter, 1815, 2d ed. 1846, Fr. translation 
[38.69], was the first to treat the period from the 



original sources, especially the letters of Gregory, 
and is on the whole favorable to the pope. 

4. A. L. Grorer, Pabst Gregorius VII. und sein 
Zeitalter, 1 vol. 1859-61 [22-J.48], a book of great 
value, but to be used with extreme caution. The 
author, a Catholic convert, starts from the point of 
view that, to understand a period of history, the 
territorial, dynastic, social, and other conditions of 
the country must first be understood, and intro- 
duces his account of each country therefore by an 
exhaustive review of the growth of the royal and 
princely dynasties, divisions of territory, develop- 
ment of the civilization, etc. These reviews of 
matters of fact form the principal value of the 
work. The narrative is interrupted by long disser- 
tations in support of almost every assertion, but 
its value is lost by the bold hypotheses which too 
often supply the place of evidence. 

5. W. Giesebrecht, Gesch. der Deutschen Kaiserzeit, 
4 vol. [37.20], treats our period in vol. iii. with 
perhaps the fairest purpose, recognizing the great- 
ness of the powers on both sides, and seeking to set 
the motives of the leading persons in their true light. 
The attractiveness of its style, the clearness of its 
reviews of contemporary events, and the dramatic 
energy of its whole composition, recommend this 
work to both the scholar and the general reader. 
The same qualities, however, make some caution 
necessary in its use. Especially valuable are the 
reviews of authorities and the collection of docu- 
ments at the close of the volume. 

Villemain, Histoire de Gre'goire VII., 2 vol., 1873 
f 22^.78 1, begun before 1835, completed shortly be- 
fore the author's death in 1870, contains in the 
introduction a neat sketch of the progress of the 
papacy down to Gregory. The main part of 
the work is an interesting and brilliant, but super- 
ficial, narrative of events, with little reference to 
the extreme differences either in the authorities or 
in the treatises which appeared during the progress 
of the book. 

Several minor works written for especial purposes, 
and treating particular points in dispute, are given 
in Giesebrecht III. 1045-46. Short sketches of the 
period, giving the main 'bearing of events, may be 
found in Bryce, Holy Roman Empire, c. 10 [37.25] ; 
Hallam, Middle Ages, c. 5 and 8; Milman, Latin 
Christianity, c. 5, and in the numerous church 

tories of the time are almost all in the form of 
annals beginning at some period of the biblical tra- 
dition, and noting the principal events year by year 
to the day of writing. The narrative grows always 
fuller as the writer approaches his own time, and is 
of greater or less value according to the share taken 
by him or by his monastery in contemporary events. 
The most important centre of the annalistic histo- 
ries was the monastery HERSFELD, in Franken 
(Hessen), whose school was one of the principal 
seats of education in Germany. Its Annals, be- 
ginning about 850, were continued to 984, then inter- 
rupted until, in 1035-36, they were taken up once 
more, and a continuation to 1039 prepared with the 
help of the Annals of llildesheim. These Annals 
were continued : 1. In Lambert's Annales Hersfeld- 
enses, M. G. III. 22-29, 33-69, 90-102, v. 134-162. 
Abo in 8 [37.130bl transl. in G. d. D. V. Lambert 
wrote independently the years from 1040-1077 in 
a spirit of fairness, yet led by his surroundings 
always to the side of the enemies of the king. 
Valuable not so much for careful study of facts as 
for his literary skill, and because of his nearness to 
the theatre of events. 2. In the Annales Altahenses, 

M. G. XX. 774, also in 8 [37.130b], translated in 
G. d. D. V., written in the monastery Altaich near 
Regensburg in Bavaria and coming down to 1073, 
supporting at once the king and the church reform, 
especially valuable for the relations with Hungary 
and Bohemia. 3. In the monastery Hasungen near 
Hersfeld ; these Annals, reaching into the reign of 
Henrv IV., are preserved in the A. Ottenbnrani, M. 
G. V" 1-9, and the A. Ybun/enses, M. G. XVI. 434- 
438, two authorities of secondary importance. 

These continuations of Hersfeld are supplemented 
by similar continuations of the Chronikon of Her- 
mann (the Lame) of Reichenau, on Lake Constance, 
M. G. V. 67-133, translated in G. d. I). V., which 
reached the year 1054, and was the first attempt to 
write a critical universal history, not a mere com- 
pilation : 1. Berthold of Reichenau, pupil of Hermann, 
wrote at first in the same spirit of loyalty, then 
from 1073 on with increasing hostility to the king 
until 1080 ; he seems to have been an eye-witness of 
the principal events in the hostile party, and is, in 
many parts, our most important authority, M. G. 
V. 264-326. 2. Bernhold of Constance, continued 
Hermann, using Berthold until 1073, then noting 
every incident regardless of composition, until his 
death 1100, M. G. V. 385-467. Out of these three 
works was composed the so-called Compiialio San- 
blisiana (1053-1080), called also by Giesebrecht the 
Chronicle of Muri. 3. Annals of Augsburg (A. 
Augustani) M. G., III. 123-136, continued Hermann 
to 1104. Valuable as being favorable to Henry IV., 
yet inclined to a reform in the spirit of Henry III. 
4. Chronikon Wirziburgene, M. G., VI. 17-31, pre- 
served only to 1057, the remainder in other works. 

This chronicle of Wiirzburg seems to have formed 
the basis of : 1. The Chronikon of Ekkehard of Aura, 
M. G., VI. 1-267, the most learned and complete 
work of the kind in the middle ages. Several 
different manuscripts, written at different times and 
with different tendencies, have been preserved. 
The earliest and the latest attitude of Ekkehard 
was hostile to the royal party. The final revision 
reached the year 1125. The position of Ekkehard, 
in regard to the questions of his day, varied with 
the actual preponderance of one or the other party, 
yet the whole tendency of the work shows a desire 
for the truth, and the development of new evi- 
dence from time to time may have produced a real 
change of opinion in the author. This work was 
the foundation of most of the hand-books and com- 
pilations in general use down to the revival of learn- 
ing. 2. A. St. Petri Ephesfurdenses, M. G., XVI. 
15-20, a chronicle written in the monastery of St. 
Peter in Erfurt, valuable especially for Thuringia. 
3. A. Patherbrunnenses, written at Paderborn, pre- 
served only in other works, especially in the 4. 
Annales Colonienses maximi, M. G., XVII. 723-847, 
reaching under different names into the thirteenth 
century, but for our period copying the Annals of 
Paderborn, so that they have here the worth of 
contemporary evidence. 

Three other contemporary annalistic works stand- 
ing outside the three groups described above de- 
serve mention : 1. The Chronikon of Marianus Scotits, 
an Irish hermit writing at Mainz, of which only the 
third book, containing the historv from the time of 
the Apostles, is published, M. G., V. 481-568 ; 2. 
Chronikon of Siegfried of Gembloitxto 1111, M. G., VI. 
300-374. Both these works were more important 
for their attempts to fix the chronology of ancient 
history, than for their treatment of contemporary 
events; 3. Chronikon of Hugh of F/arigny to 1102, 
M. G., VIII. 288-502, written 'in the midst of the 
French papists, and thus of great importance for 



the history of Gregory VII. The remaining An- 
nals of the time are unimportant. Titles are given 
in Giesebrecht III. 1015. 

Even in the use of these annals, intended to be 
mere registers of events, one must first know the 
party attitude of the writer before his records are 
to be accepted. Still more is this the case with a 
number of special treatises and biographies called 
forth by the violent party contentions of the day. 
Almost all of these are written in a bitter partisan 
spirit, affecting, of course, the value of their evi- 
dence, but giving so much the more vivid pictures 
of the motives of the leading actors. 

For the relations of Henry IV. to Saxony: 1. 
Ges/a Henrici Imperatoris metrice, Waitz in the 
Abhandl. d. Gott., Ges. d. Wiss., an epic poem de- 
scribing the Saxon war, at first believed to be a 
much later composition, now regarded as contem- 
porary and genuine ; of some literary, but little 
historical, value, representing Henry IV. as the 
perfect king ; 2. Bruno, De Be/lo Saxonico, M. G., 
V. 827-384, also 8 [37.130b], translated in M. G. d. 
D. V., wrote the history of the Saxon war in a tone 
of bitter hostility to the king; very interesting and 
valuable when used with caution ; reflects the 
Saxon view of Henry's character. Best understood 
in connection with these two works is the famous 
Vita Henrici IV., M. G., XII. 208-283, also in 8 
[37.130b|, translated in G. d. D. V., written soon 
after the king's death (1006), in elegant Latin and 
inspired by the most ardent devotion to the king, 
but full of misrepresentations, due mostly to its 
partisan purpose. 

Other biographies are 1. Vita S. Annonis, M. G., 

XI. 462-515, Life of Bishop Anno of Cologne, com- 
pleted in 1105, gives only what is favorable to 
Anno, and is therefore of little historical value, 
excepting in connection with other works. 2. Vita 
Bennonis, M. G., XII. 58-84, life of Benno, bishop 
of Osnabriick in Westphalia, by Notbert of Iburg, 
about 1100 ; an attempt to give the real character of 
a man who had distinguished himself by long 
service in positions of public trust, and who had 
remained in unshaken loyalty to the king. 3. Vita 
Wilhclmi, M. G., XII. 209-225, Life of Wilhelm, 
Abbot of Hirschau, the centre of the church reform 
in Germany, written about 1100 in the usual style 
of the lives of saints, with little reference to 
events of real importance. 4. Vita Udolrici, M. G., 

XII. 249-267, Life of Ulrich, Prior of Zell, similar 
in character but rather more valuable than the 
above. 5. A number of less important lives of 
ecclesiastics, vid. Giesebrecht III. 1024. 

Another class of works are the histories of re- 
ligious establishments, bishoprics and monasteries, 
of which only the most important can be mentioned. 
They are to be found enumerated in Giesebrecht 
III. 1024-1027. 1. Adami Gesta Pontificum Ham- 
menbnrc/ensium, M. G., VII. 267-389, also in 8 
[37.130b], translated in G. d. D. V , history of the 
great northern bishopric Hamburg-Bremen, by 
Adam of Bremen. The result of most extensive 
researches and the most intimate knowledge of 
contemporary events. Especially valuable is the 
account of the bishop Adalbert of Bremen, next .to 
Henry IV. and Hihlebrand, perhaps the foremost 
man of the time and of whom no other biography 
exists. 2. Gesta episcoporum cameracensium, M. G., 
VII. 373-525, history of the bishopric of Cambray, 
preserved best to 1135 in a French translation of 
the thirteenth century, is valuable authority for 
Lorraine. 3. Gesta Trevcrorum, M. G., VIII. 130- 
200, history of the archbishopric of Trier, with a 
continuation, 1015-1132, which contains much of 

value for our period. Of the most important bish- 
oprics, Mainz, Kbln, etc., no similar records exist. 

4. Gesta abbntum Trudonensium, M. G., X. 213-H*, 
history of the monastery of St. Trond to 1136; of 
great value as a description of monastic life, not 
so important historically. 5. C/troni/con of the mon- 
astery St. Hubert in the Ardennes, M. G., VIII. 
568-630, showing the effect of the struggle between 
church and state on the monasteries. 

LATER GERMAN SOURCES. Many of the later 
historians seem to have drawn their materials from 
otherwise unknown sources, and have, in so far as 
this was the case, the value of contemporary au- 
thority. The most important of these later works 
are: 1. Annales Palidenses, M. G.,XVI. 48-98, trans- 
lated in G. d. D. V. to 1182, an universal history 
written in the monastery Pohlde, in the Harz 
Mountains, based upon Ekkehard and other sources, 
especially upon some unknown annals, traces of 
which are to be found further in 2. Annalista Saxo, 
M. G., VI. 542-777, translated in G. d. D. V. to 
1139, a compilation from every source available to 
the unknown author, rendered valueless in so far 
as these sources have been otherwise preserved, 
but important where these fail. 3. A. Disibodenber- 
penses, M. G., XVIII. 6-28, in the neighborhood of 
Mainz. 4. A. Rosenfeldenses, M. G., XVI. 100-104, 
near Stade, on the lower Elbe. Both these annals 
point to an unknown work hostile to Henry IV. 

5. Helmoldi Chronica Slavomm, M. G., XXI. 1-99, 
also 8 [37.130bl, translated in G. D. D. V., 
twelfth century ; an admirable work, especially for 
the spread of Christianity among the Slavonic 
Wends ; gives the Saxon version of Henry IV. 'a 
character, and therefore to be used with caution ; 
very useful for Henry the Lion ; continued to 1209 
by Arnold. 6. Chronikon of Otto of Freising, M. G., 
XX. 83-493, also 8 I37.130b], written 1143-56, a 
philosophical treatment of the history of the world 
based upon Ekkehard, but containing much that is 
independent and valuable from the near connection 
of Otto with the Hohenstaufen family. 

The later biographies of persons connected with 
the struggle of the investitures are enumerated in 
Giesebrecht III. 1038 ; they are generally unim- 
portant for the general history. Most valuable are . 
1. Lives of Otto of Barnberg, compared and pub- 
lished, M. G., XII. 766-903. 2. Vita Norberti, M. G., 
XII. 663-706 ; life of Norbert, archbishop of Magde- 
burg, founder of the Premonstratensian order. 3. 
Vita Greyorii VII. , by Paul of Bernried, in Watte- 
rich, Pont. Rom. Leipz. 1862. Paul lived at the 
papal court, and his account is therefore valuable, 
but rendered less so by the later publication of con- 
temporary documents (AVy/ /..///). The most im- 
portant of the histories of monasteries, enumerated 
Giesebrecht III. 1040 are : 1. that of Lorsch, the his- 
torical part under the title Chronikon L<nm'shamense 
in M. G., XXI. 334-452. 2. That of Hirschau, 
Codex Hirsaitgiensis in Bibl. des Stuttg. Liter. 
Vereins, I. 

ITALIAN SOURCES. A literary impulse similar to 
that in Germany is observable at the same time in 
Italy, especially Lombardy ami Tuscany, the battle- 
ground of the two opposing parties. Bonizo, 
Bishop of Sutri, Liber ad Ainicum in Jaffe, Biblio- 
theca II. 677-689, a violent partisan of Gregory, of 
doubtful credibility, gives full details of much 
that is to be found nowhere else. Benzo of Alba, 
ad Hein. IV. libri VII., M. G., XI. 591-681, a pan- 
egyric on the emperor, now regarded as historically 
worthless. In a similar strain is a biography of 
Gregory VII. by Beno (Goldast Apol. pro H. IV.). 
Of far greater importance are the letters of Petrus 



Damiani, printed in his complete works. Damiani 
was one of the most zealous supporters of Gregory. 
Vita Aiiseliiri, M. G., XII. 1-35, Life of Anselm, 
bishop of Lucca, the supporter and counsellor of 
the countess Matilda, a mediocre but still useful 
work. Vita Mathildis, M. G., XII. 348-409, an epic 
poem by Donizo of Canossa upon the deeds of the 
countess and her ancestors, interesting for this im- 
portant episode, but of little historical value. 
Annales Romani, 1044-1183, M. G , V. 468-489, a 
continuation and enlargement of the catalogue of 
popes which had been kept from the earliest times, 
a valuable source of information. For the lives of 
the popes immediately after Gregory, vid. Watte- 
rich. In Milan wrote : 1. Arnulf Gesta Archiepiscopo- 
rum Mediolanensium, 925-1007, M. G., VIII. 6-31, 
and 2. Landulf, Historia Mediolanensis to 1085, 
M. G., VIII. 32-100, both violent enemies of Greg- 
ory VII. ; of great value, but, especially Landulf 
to be used with caution. The historical writings of 
southern Italy are valuable for the relations of the 
Normans with the popes and emperors. The most 
important centre of learning here was the monas- 
tery Monte Cassino, whose annals, A. Cassinenses, 
M. G., VII. 727-824, down to 1137, give much of 
value for the history of monastic life, but less of 
real historical worth. Here also Amatus of Salerno 
wrote his History of the Norman Conquest, a work of 
great ability and importance, preserved only in a 
French translation of the thirteenth century, pub- 
lished by Champollion-Figeac, 1835. Amatus's 
work seems to have been the basis of a Latin epic, 
Gesta Roberti Wiscardi, M. G., IX. 239-298. An- 
other still earlier work was the Miracula S. Beni- 
dicti of Desiderius, abbot of M. Cassino, afterward 
Pope Victor III., containing historical notices of 
considerable value. Falconis Beneventani Chronicon, 
Muratori V. 82, gives most valuable information as 
to Beneventum, 1102-1140. Further information 
about Rob. Guiscard is to be found in the Chronicon 
Normannicum breve, Muratori, V. 278. For other 
works of less importance, vid. Giesebrecht III. 
1027, ff . 

The study of the original official documents (diplo- 
mata) has been rendered more practicable by cor- 
rected lists of the documents, with a reference to 
the place where they are to be found, and by care- 
fully revised collections of the documents them- 
selves. The principal work of the former class is 
Boehmer, Regesta Imperil [37.17], an index to the 
most important grants, etc., of the emperors, begin- 
ning with the Carolingians and coming down to 
1347, with short extracts from the originals, espe- 
cially full and valuable in the later volumes. In 
Stumpf, Die Reichskanzler, vol. ii. is a short index 
to the documents of the X.-XII. centuries. For 
the papal documents Jaffe, Regesta pontiftcum Roman- 
orum to 1198, 4; Potthast, Reg. pont. Rom. 1198- 
1304, 2 vol., 4. 

Collections of documents have been made with 
great diligence in the separate German states and 
in all the principal countries of Europe (Dahlmann, 
24-35). A general collection for Germany has 
been begun in the department " Diplomata " of the 
Monumenta, of which only one volume has thus 
far appeared, containing "the documents of the 
Merovingians, and the Majores Domus. There is 
no other general collection for Germany, but a 
great number of smaller ones, Sudendorf, Regis- 
trnrn, 3 parts, 1849-54, containing principally letters. 
Boehmer, Acta Imperil selecta, edited by Ficker, 
1806, f. Stumpf, vol. iii. Some few documents 
of particular interest are published in Giesebrecht, 
those for our period at the close of vol. iii. 

The most useful contemporary collection of let- 
ters, interspersed with official documents, is the 
Codex Udalricl Babenbergensis, now published in 
Jaffe, Bibliotheca V. 1-469, composed in 1125, and 
containing models for use in the office of the bishop, 
as well as a quantity of materials for the general 
history of the time. Another collection originating 
in Hildesheim is published in Sudendorf. 

The legal antiquities of Germany have received, 
especially of late, the attention of the best jurists, 
and the result has been a copious literature on 
the subject ; for the sources of law 0. Stobbe, Ge- 
schichte der Deutschen Rechtsquellen, 2 parts, 1860-64, 
[24-J.79], an analysis of the ancient customary and 
earliest written laws, tracing their history to their 
final amalgamation with the Roman law. Treatise 
on the German law itself by F. Walter, Deutsche 
Rechtsgeschichte, 2 vol., 2d ed., 1857, a short hand- 
book giving a systematic review of the progress and 
development of German law. Fr. C. R. Savigny, 
Geschichte des Romischen Rechts im Mittelalter, 1 vol., 
2d ed., 1834-51 [24|.83.] Savigny was the first to 
treat the Roman law of the middle ages in the 
method of the modern historical school. J. Grimm. 
Deutsche Rechtsalterthiimer, reprint 1854 [24^.26]. 0. 
Franklin, Das Reichshofgericht im Mittelalter, 2 vol. 
1867-69 [24^.131]. Zoepfl, Geschichte des Deutschen 
Rechts, 3 vol., 4 ed., 1872, [24|.27], a convenient 
manual, containing a critical sketch of the authori- 
ties, and a review of the public and private law 
and procedure. Treating more particularly of 
the constitution or public law, K. F. Eichhorn, 
Deutsche Stoats- und Rechtsgeschichte, 4 vol., 5th ed., 
1843-4 [37.24], Waitz, Die Deutsche Reichsver fas- 
sung (850-1150), vol. v.-vii. of his Deutsche Ver- 
fassungsgeschichte, 7 vol., 1865-74 [37.22], treats of 
the origin of the German kingdom, its relation to 
the empire, the feudal system and the classes of the 
people under it, the rise of the spiritual and tem- 
poral principalities. This is the latest and best 
work on the subject, of great importance to the 
student of political history. 

For the development of the cities in Germany : 
W. Arnold, Verfassungsgeschichte der Deutschen Frei- 
stddte, 2 vol., 1854, especially G. L. v. Maurer, Ge- 
schichte der Stddteverfassung in Deutschland, 4 vol., 
1869-73 [37.26] . In Italy : C. Hegel, Geschichte der 
Stddteverfassung von Italien, 2 vol., 1847 [37.82], part 
of vol. ii. treats also of the German cities. The 
principal work on the mediaeval corporations is O. 
Gierke, Rechtsgeschichte der Deutschen Genossemchaft, 
vol. i., ii., 1868-73 [37.130a]. The various classes 
of society are treated in Hiillmann, Gesch. des Ur- 
sprungs der Stand?, in Deutschland, 3 vol., 2d ed., 1830. 
J. Ficker, Vom Reichsfurstenstande, vol. i., 1861. 
K. W. Nitzsch, Ministerialitdt und Burger ihum im 
11? u. 12? Jahrh. 1859. S. Sugenheim, Gesch. der 
Aufhebung der Leibeigenschaft und Horigkeit in Europa, 
1861. For works upon special controverted points 
in the constitutional history of Germany, vid. Dahl- 
man. E. B. 

The Library holds on deposit from the Hon. G. V. 
Fox, late Assistant-Secretary of the Navy, the follow- 
ing sumptuous volumes, given to that officer by the 
Emperor of Russia, at the time of the former's visit 
to St. Petersburg in an iron-clad in 1866: Aiitifuitfs 
de I 'empire .de Russie, 4 vols., folio ; Mnsee de Tzors- 
koe-Selo, 1835-53, 2 vols., folio ; Description Ethno- 
graphique des peup/es de la Russie, 1862, folio; Descrip- 
tion du sacre et du couronnement de I' empereur, Alex- 
andra, II., etc., 1856, elephant folio. 




* # * The following list, prepared by Dr. Emerton, contains 
a few of tile many books which would be of service to begin- 
ners in German, for the purpose of acquit iiiy that command 
of the lauyuaye which no instruction can yiue. For gaining 
a complete control of construction, simple narratives are rec- 
ommended. To acquire a working vocabulary, miscellaneous 
and historical essays are especially useful. 

SHORT STORIES. Kinder-und Ilausmarchen. 3vols. 
16 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. A collection 
of popular tales in very simple language. [34.128.] 

Musaeus. Volksmdrchen tier Deutschen. An older 
collection similar to the above, somewhat harder. 
[34.128.] Paul Heyse. Novel/en, i. e. short stories, 
as distinguished from Romane = novels, in vols. iv. 
viii. of his Gesamme/te Werke. [94.84 1 E. T. A. 
Hoffmann. Ausgewiihlte Werke. Edited by H. Kurz. 
[34.168.] Berthold Auerbach. Schwarzwalder 
Uorfyeschichten. Short descriptions of peasant life in 
the Black Forest. Vols. i.-vii. of his Gesammelte 
Schriften. [9^.84.] De La Motte Fouque'. Sintram, 
Undine, ErzaJilunqen. Vols. vii.-ix. of his Werke. 
[34.1-34.] Des Freiherrn von Munchhausen hochst wun- 
derhare Abenteuer. [8^.49.] Moritz Hartmann. -No- 
vel-fen. Vols. iv.-ix. of his Gesamme/te Werke. [9.95a.] 

Fr. Spielhagen. Novel/en. 1vol. Especially enter- 
taining stories of modern society. [9i-95a.] The 
same. Deutsche Pioniere. A story of American life. 

W. H. Uiehl. Neues Novdienbuch. [9^.84.] The 
same. Geschichten aus alter Zeit. 2 vols. Stories of 
German life. [9^.84.] Der deutsche Novellenschatz. 
A collection of short stories by various German 
authors, edited by Paul Heyse and H. Kurz. Each 
story is preceded by a brief sketch of the author's 
life and writings. 24 vols. [9^.83.] Gustav Frey- 
tag. Ingo und Ingraban. A story of Germany in 
the earliest times ; part of Die Ahnen. [34. 158. J 

MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. Spielhagen, Vermtschte 
Schriften. 2 vols. in Vol. ii. Die Frauengestalten 
Goethe's, to accompany the Goethe Gallery of Kaul- 
bach. [9.95a.] W. H. Riehl. Culturstudien aus 
drei Jahrhunderten. [9|.84.] Heinrich Heine, Reise- 
bilder. Vols. i. ii. Shakespeare's Mddchen u. Frauen. 
Vol. iii. of his Sdmmtliche Werke. [2816.1 Her- 
mann Grimm. Neue Essays iiber Kunst u. Literatur. 
[9^.82.] The same, Fiinfzehn Essays, principally 
on art and dramatic literature. Martin Luther 
als Deutschcr Klassiker, a selection from Luther's 
shorter writings, letters, etc. [9^.82.] 

H. v. Sybel. Kleine historische Schriften. 2 vols. 
[37.128b.j H. G. v. Treitschke. Historische und 
politische Aufsatze. 3 vols. Fr. Schiller. Geschichte 
des Ahfalls der Niederlande, vol. i., Der dreissigjdh- 
rige Krieg, vols. ii. iii., of his works. [35.16.] 
Gustav Freytag. Neue Bilder aus dem Leben des 
deutschen Volks. [37.22.] Herm. Goll. Kulturbilder 
aus Hellas u. Rom. Sketches of manners and 
customs of the Greeks and Romans. [10.87.] 
H. VV. Stoll. Bilder aus dem altgriechischen Leben. 
Similar sketches of Greek life. [10.87.] David 
Fr. Strauss, Kleine Schriften. Sketches mostly bio- 
graphical. [35.14a.] Leopold von Ranke. Ab- 
nandlunrjen u. Versuche. [37.130a.] E. E. 

It is proposed to print in a later Bulletin a con- 
solidated list of all periodicals, and of the serial pub- 
lications of societies, taken by the College library 
and by the departmental libraries. 


Oriental Translation Fund. 


Musa, Mohammed ben. Algebra. Edited and 
translated by Frederic Rosen. Lond., etc. 1831. 
8. Cloth. 

Naima. Annals of the Turkish empire, from 1591- 
1659 of the Christian era. Translated from the 
Turkish, by Charles Fraser. Vol. I. Lond. 
1832. 4. Cloth. 

Neamet Ullah. History of the Afghans : translated 
from the Persian, by Bernhard Dora. Pt. I., II. 
Lond. 1829-36. 4. L, unbound, II., cloth. 

Neumann, Karl Friedrich. Translations from the 
Chinese and Armenian, with notes and illustra- 
tions. Lond., etc. 1831. 8. (3 pt. in 1 vol.) 
i. History of the pirates who infested the China 

Sea, from 1807 to 1810. 
ii. The catechism of the Shamans. 
iii. Vahram's Chronicle of the Armenian king- 
dom in Cilicia, during the time of the cru- 

Nipon o da'i itsi ran, ou Annales des empereurs du 
Japon, traduites par M. Isaac Titsingh ; ouvrage 
revu, etc., par M. J. Klaproth. Paris, also Lond. 
1834. 4. Cloth. 

Nuwab Moost' ujab Khan Buhadoor. The life of 
Hafiz ool-Moolk, Hafiz Rehmut Khan, written by 
his son, and entitled Goolistan-i-ilehmut. Abridged 
and translated from the Persian, by Charles 
Elliott. Lond., etc. 1831. 8. Cloth. 

Ouseley, Sir Gore. Biographical notices of Persian 
poets, with critical and explanatory remarks. To 
which is prefixed, A memoir of Sir Gore Ouseley 
by Rev. James Reynolds. Lond. 1846. 8. 

Rabbi Joseph ben Joshua ben Meir, the Sphardi. 
The chronicles of Rabbi Joseph. Translated 
from the Hebrew by C. II. F. Bialloblotzky. 
Vol. L, II. Lond. 1835-36. 8. Cloth. 

Ram Raz. Essay on the architecture of the Hin- 
dus. Lond. 1834. 4. pp. xiv., 64. 48 plates. 

San kopf tsou ran to sets, ou Aper^u gene'ral des 
trois royaumes. Traduit de 1'original japonais- 
chinois, par J. Klaproth. Paris. 1832. 8. 

Plates and maps to the same. ( Colored.) 

Paris. 1832. 4. Cloth. 

Sangermano, Rev. . A description of the Bur- 
mese empire, compiled chiefly from native docu- 
ments by the Rev. Father Sangermano, and 
translated from his MS. by William Tendy. 
Rome. 1833. 4. Cloth. 

Stevenson, J. Translation of the Sanhita, of the 
Sama Veda. Lond. 1842. 8. Chth. 

Timur, Mogul Emperor. The Mulfu/at Timfiry, or 
Autobiographical memoirs of the emperor, writu-n 
in the Jagtay Turky language, turned into Per- 
sian by Abu Talib Hussyny and translated into 
English by Charles Stewart. [Lond.] 1800. 4. 
Map. Unbound. 

Tohfut-ul-Mujahideen, an historical work in the 
Arabic language. Translated into English by 
M. J. Rowlandson. Lond. 1832. 8. Cloth. 

Vishnu Puraria, a system of Hindu mythology and 
tradition, translated from the original Sanscrit, 
and illustrated by notes derived chiefly from other 
Purdnas, by H. H. Wilson. Lond. 1840. 4. 




The following list comprises such of the books and manuscripts in the library of CHARLES SUMNER, 
bequeatned to Harvard College Library, as have bibliographical or other curious interest. 

Achilles Tatius. Dell' amore di Levcippe et 
di Clitophonte, nvovamente tradotto clalla lingva 
greca [by F. A. Coccio]. Venetia, Lorenzini. 1560. 
sm. 8. ff. (7), 113 [inj. Vign. I vol., vellum. 

The title-page is illustrated. A few MS. notes are on the 
margins and inside of the front cover. 

Addison, JOSEPH. Cato. A tragedy. As it is 
acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, by Her 
Majesty's servants. London. 1713. 8. ff. (4), pp. 
62 +. Large paper. I vol., red mor., gilt. 

This is the original edition, mounted on fine drawing paper, 
and with the following illustrations added by Mr. John Dillon : 

i. The playbill of what was probably the last performance of 
Cato, in London, Jan. 9, 1812. 2. Two portraits of Kemble 
as Cato, with interesting autograph memoranda by Mr. Dillon. 

3. Portrait of Addison by Houbraken. 4. Autograph letter 
of Addison to Ambrose Phillips, dated Dec 31, 170^. 5. Por- 
trait of Addison. 6. Extract from " Iconographie instructive," 
containing a biographical sketch of Addison. 7. Three por- 
traits of Alexander Pope. 8. Portrait of Robert Wilks. 
9. A curious original document signed by Barton Booth, Robert 
Wilks and Colley Gibber (three of the original players of Cato). 
10. Two portraits of Barton Booth. n. Two portraits of 
Colley Cibber. 12. Portrait of Garth. 

.2Eliaiius, CLAUDIUS. ^Eliani Variae historiae 
libri X.IIII. Rerumpublicarum descriptiones ex 
Heraclide. Cum latina interpretatione. Editio 
postrema, multo quam antehac emendatior. [Trans- 
lated and edited by Justus Vultejus. Colonias 
Allobrogum], apvd loan. Tornassivm. 1610. 32. 

The name of the place in the imprint is written in ink. On 
both sides of the cover is stamped in gilt the coat-of-arms of 
some bishop and count of France. The library has also a copy 
of the 1625 edition. 

Allacci (Lat. Allatius), LEONE. De libris 
ecclesiasticis Graecorvm, dissertationes dvae : qua- 
rum vna, diuinorum officiorum potiores & vsita- 
tiores libri percensentur : altera, triodium, pen- 
tecostarium, & paracletice examinantur. Parisiis. 
1645. so i- 8 - 

" Louis XlVth's copy, in rich old red morocco, gilt edges, the 
sides and back covered with the crowned L and fleur-de-lys, 
intermingled in gold, and haying the royal arms within a wreath 
as centres." See printed slip pasted on fly-leaf. 

A MS. note on fly-leaf, signed " Carolus de Mervimille studio- 
rum prsfectus," certifies that on Aug. 3, 1672, this book was 
given by the king to Christopher Fromont. On the title-page is 
written, " Ex libris Ghristophori fromont 1677." 

Anania {Lat. Ananias), GIOVANNI LORENZO. 
De NatvraDsemonvm, Libri Quatuor. Cum Indice 
Rerum memorabilium. Venetiis, apud Aldum. 1589. 
sm. 8. ff. (6), pp. 211. Vign. i vol., br. crushed 
levant, gilt, with inside borders prettily tooled. 
Bound by F. Bedfo: d. 

Pasted on the first front fly-leaf is a printed notice of the 

Lius, Roman Emp. Pensees ou Le9ons de vertu que 
ce prince philosophe se faisoit a lui-meme. Nouvelle 
traduction du grec, distribute en chapitres, suivant 

les matieres, avec des notes & des variantes. Par 
M. de Joly. Paris. 1770. 8. Port, of the dauphin 
and of Marcits Aiirelius. I vol., pig-skin, gilt, lined 
with figured gilt paper. 

This book is dedicated to the dauphin, afterwards Louis XVI., 
and has his coat-of-arms, stamped in gilt, on both sides of the 
cover. Pasted on the back of the first front fly-leaf is a printed 
notice of the book. On the title-page is written, " H* de Co- 

[Apianus (Germ. Bienewitz, or Bennewitz), 
PETRUS]. Cosmo | graphise Introdvctio | cum qui- 
busdam Geometriae ac Astro j nomiae principijs ad 
earn | rem necessarijs [Colophon : ] Venetijs per 
lo. Antonium de Nicolinis de Sabio, | sumptu & re- 
quisitione D. Melchioris | Sessae. Anno Domini. | 
MDXXXV. Mensis lanuarij. sm. 8. ff. 31, (i). 
Vign., diagrs. and maps. 

See Harrisse's " Biblioth. Amer. Vetust.," p. 333, no. 202. 
The passages relating to America are marked on the margin with 
pencil, and a MS- translation into English is inserted between 
ff. 22 and 23. The library has another copy with 1532 in the 

Aretino, PIETRO. La vita di Maria vergine. 
Nuouamente corretta e ristampata. [Venetia. dr. 
1540.] sm. 8. ff. (148). /. L. zportrs. 

See Brunef s " Manuel du libraire," I. 416. On the first 
front fly-leaf is written, " Cuesto Libro e di Eustacio de la Salle 
di Reins. 1594." 

Ariosto, LODOVICO. Orlando fvrioso, tvtto 
ricorretto, et di nvove figvre adornato. Con le 
Annotation!, gli Auuertimenti, & le Dichiarationi 
di Girolamo Ruscelli, la Vita dell' Autore descritta 
dal Signor Giouambattista Pigna, Gli Scontri de' 
luoghi mutati dalP Autore doppo la sua prima im- 
pressione, La Dichiaratione di tutte le Istorie, & 
Fauole, toccate nel presente libro, fatta da M. 
Nicolo Eugenico. Di nvovo aggivntovi Li cinque 
Canti, del medesimo Autore. Et vna Tauola de' 
principij di tutte le stanze, & altre cose vtili & 
necessarie [by G. B. Rota]. Venetia, Vincenzo Val- 
grisi. 1566. 8. ff. (16), pp. 682 [678]. Vign. and 
51 plates. 

The " Cinqve canti" has a special title-page, with the date 
1565 in the imprint. 

This copy belonged to Louis XIV., king of France, and his 
arms are stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover. See 
printed notice pasted on the first front fly-leaf. 

Aristoteles. Problemes d'Aristote et avtres 
philosophes et Medecins selon la composition du 
corps humain. Auec ceux de Marc Antoine Zimara. 
Item, Les solutions d'Alexandre Aphrodisee, sus 
plusieurs questions Physicales. Lion. 1570. 8. 
ff. (4), pp. 252, f. (i). Vign. i vol., gr. crushed 
levant, gilt. Bound by Cape. 

This translation has been attributed to George de La Bouthi- 
ere. See Barbier's " Diet, des ouvrages anon.," III. 1048; 
Brtinef s " Manuel du libraire," I. 475. The volume is from 
the library of the marquis de Mprante, and his book-plate, 
stamped in gilt on brown morocco, is pasted on the inside of the 
front cover. See Morantis " Catalogue," etc. I. 64, no. 331, 
where the translation is ascribed to Jean Castriot. 



[Auguis, PIERRE RENE]. Les revelations indis- 
cretes du XVIII 6 siecle ; par le cardinal de Bernis, 
Bossuet, Cabanis, Cerutti, Champcenetz, la mar- 
quise du Chatelet, Chenier, Diderot, Uuclos, Frank- 
lin, M. Garat, Mme. Geoffrin, Herault de Sechelles, 
le r. p. Lachaise, Laharpe, M. Mercier, J. J. Rous- 
seau, Saint-Martin, Thomas, Voltaire, Washington, 
etc. ; le tout precede des confessions, lettre apolo- 
getique sur 1'etat present de la litterature. Paris. 
1814. 12. 

Imperfect: pp. 177-180 are wanting. 

Augurelli, GIOVANNI AURELIO. loannis Avrelii 
Avgvrelli [poemata]. In fine : Venetiis in aedi- 
bus Aldi mense Aprili. M. D. V. 12. f. (128). 
7. L. 

The ist folio contains only the name of the author; the ad 
and 127111 are blank ; the i28th contains the anchor. Stamped 
in gilt on the sides are the arms of Louis Joseph de Bourbon, 
prince of Conde". 

Augustinus, AURELIUS, Saint, Bp. of Hippo. 
Libri XIII confessionum ad 3. MSS.exemp. emen- 
dati. Opera et studio H. Sommalii. Lugduni, apud 
Danielem Elzevirinm. 1675. sm. 12. 

The title-page is engraved. On the inside of the second front 
fly-leaf is written, " Ex Libris Desjardin A. L. D " and on the 
third fly-leaf in another hand are written five lines, beginning 
"qui dit," etc. signed "A. L. D" as before; on one of the 
fly-leaves at the end of the book is written, " Renouf 1859 (?)" 

Autographs. [Album amicorum Christiani 
Gravii. MS. containing the autographs of John, 
Christian, and Maurice, Dukes of Saxony, 1639, 
Hermann, Landgrave of Hesse, 1632, Christian 
and Ernest, Landgraves of Hesse, 1633, William and 
Philip, Landgraves of Hesse, 1638, Louis, John, 
George, and John Casimir of Anhalt, 1641, P. G. 
Count of Hohenloe, G. Cruciger, J. Matthaeus, J. 
G. Dorscheus, J. Macrinus, J. Schmidt, J. R. Salz- 
mann, J. Valentinus, Caleb Hasselt Voltager, C. C. 
Cruciger, and of numerous learned professors, &c., 
with drawings of a cavalier playing on the lute, and 
of coats-of-arms. 1632-45.] obi. 32. ff. (212). 

125 only of these leaves are written on; there are besides 
three vellum leaves inserted, on one of which the "cavalier" is 
drawn. The title is taken from the printed notice pasted on the 
inside of the front cover. 

Autographs. [Autograph album, which for- 
merly belonged to Camillus Cardoyn, a Neapolitan 
nobleman, who resided in Geneva from 1608 to 
1640.] sm. 4. pp. 283. 32. painted escutcheons. 

Contents: Sara Sarrasin, Geroldus Edlebachius, Joh. 
Henricus Svicerus, H. Sales, Friderich Jeune Marquis de Baden, 
C. Gryhanus princeps' Anhaltinus, P. M. C. de Hairax, Jean 
Rodolphe Steiner, A. Van der Grneft, Gulj. Vander Graeft, Theo- 
doras a Leubben, William Vueclale, Thomas Bilson, Henry 
Winwood, Ludouicus Comes Wittgensteinensis, Henry Clifforde, 
W. Cranborne, Rose (?), Thomas Whartonus, Bernardvis Baro 
de Virtna, Emanuel de la Nagrelle (?) Seigneur de la Riche- 
quittard (?), Henry Fitzwalters, Henry de Chinray Segneur de 
L Barre(?), Georgius Baro Berkeley, Jodocur Janss"onius(?), Spe. 
Compton, Jean Frideric Peyer de Haslach de Schaffouse, Sly- 
regerge de Brite (?), Will. Pagett, Fra: Stane (?), Gulliaume 
Spenser, Andr : Knyveton Baronet, Richard Holt, Galf. Nightin- 
gale, Gugliel. Ducy, Jacques de Croft, J. Touche, Edward Bon- 
Bam, G. Trumbull, Will Gresley, Cesar Erard (?), Hieronymus 

Baro a Zerotin, Fridericus L. Baro a Kauniz, Balthasar Baro a 

Zerotin, Charles Cristof Baron de Zerotin, Gallus L. Baro in 

Raggmtz et Pernegge, Joannes Fridericus a Wolffstein, Baro in 

Superior! Saltzburgo et Dns in Pyrbaum, Bernhardus Werdmyl- 

lerus, Joannes Corrance, Edward Ayscoghe, Mauritius L. Baro 

Raggnitz et Pernegg., Sigismundus L. B. de Burchhaus et 

btolz, Joachimus Gerstorff, Jean Christophe de Maxen, Johannes 

Dormer, Caspar Heinrich von Bamsdorftus, Edmundus Batty, 

Christophus Witzreden (?), Cornelius a Beresteyn, 

OMAS WENTWORTH, [Earl of Straff ord], Joannes 

Camber, Henricus Guilielmus a Starhemberg, Gundaccarus a 

whemberg, Georgius junior Baro a Stubenberg, Wolffgangus 

Baro a Stubenberg, Philippus Fridericus Breiuer L. Baro, 

Jacques Vanden Damme, Gothofredus Breiner L. Baro, Sittich 
de Berlebsch, Joannes Lager, Daniel Sinapius, Otto Mcrdian 
de Malzp.urgh, Jolian Mainolff yon der Malzpurgh, Richardus 
Griffith, Moritz von Haddien, Rickletius ab Haddien, Adrianus 
Zieglerus, Johannes Parkinson, William Dunche, J. Tracy, 
Ulncus Wencelaus L. Baro a Biberstein, Job. Henricus Meis- 
terus, Will : Marshall, Moritz von Falkner, Josas Carll Schuch 
(?), Ludowig von Werlorsssams (?), F. B. l-'lodroff Kause (?), 
Gilbert Pykeringe, Waller Strickland, Jehan Reidessel (?), 
Caesar Calandrius, Joh. Gosuyn Bosman, Bartholome Read, 
Joh. Andreas a Corput, Daniel A. Hysbaga, Christoff von 
Krachswitz, Sigismund von Kriichswitz, Millet von Hang- 
witz (?), Franz von Nessitz(?), Corn. Gothofredo Finich, Chris- 
tophe Ernst de Ueberiz, Warkneart Urzeik von Urzeik (?), 
Ulrich Prutz, Tho : Whitaker, Gannss Gartmann (?), Caius 
Danhoer, Luhr Megapolibo(?) Alhardt. von Brandzin, Loys de 
Bils, David Weznik de Weznik, JOANNES MILTONIUS, 
Dan. Bougeton, Thomas Tirrell, R. Baker, Jacobus Hamiltonus, 
Rich. D'Ewes, Forso de Veils (?), Joh. a Drist, Joan. Steinberg, 
Imannus de Zuylands, Jacques de Herloge, Ernst Friderich von 
Norme, C- Croock, Gulielmus Bischop, Augustus Drachstedt, 
Heinrich von Einsiedell, Caspar von Stein, Franz Philip Mar- 
shall von Orheim, Tobias ab Hamberg (?) Marcus Mauritius 
Normanus, S. Klybescus (?), Johannes Regnardus, Henry de 
Schweintz, Adam de Schweintz, Johannes a Schweinichen, 
Jacobus Brond, Jacobus Bromel, Odetto de Manua, Justus Zin- 
gerling, Philipp Streuff, Joachimus Von Bock, Joachimus 
Wernerus, Johan Georg von Salzledt, Franz von Wethen, 
Swigs. Dan. Wags., Johan de Mario a Gammanotorn, 
Petr. von Scholtzdorff, Joan Jacob Vinther, LSr.], Joan 
Jacob Vinther, Jr., Christophorus Finck, Henricus VVorden- 
hoff, Albertus Finck, Christian Roslings von Scheirbergh, 
Renard Hori (?), Fridericus Rosa, Christianus Rosa, Domi- 
nicus a Syxma, Caspar von Dorlarz, Joannes Ludouicus 
Wolff, Robertus Hatley, J. HAMPDEN, Roger Knight, Jacob 
Heinrich Hartz von Bertzbach, Hieronymus Hagelshaimer, 
Joannes Wismannus, Christophorus Agricola, Grimnus Mad- 
docks, Michael Bartschius, Thomas Gurreius, Hugo May, Otto 
von Halchweit, Guih : Wingfeldus, Guili: Armynus, Henrycus 
Poulettus, Nicolaus Eggebrecht, Riccardo Norton (?), Clemens 
Colmerus Abrahamus Plato, Georg. Preussen, Humfredus 
Tufton, Wm. Crayford, Carolus Fridericus ab Inhausen et 
Kniphausen, Caspar von Wohwolds, Gerlach Ernst von Bor- 
lum (?), Jean Morrien, Hieronymus Ettich, Jean de Beveren, 
Caspar Meningis, Bernhardus Forchenbeck, Johannes Uieth 
Diethmarsus, Jos. Georgius Zieglerus, A. Crastamder (?), Caspar 
Er.delft, Petrus ab Uffell, Paulus Borenberg Junior, Theodorus 
Colbius, Laevinus a Frybergen (?), Jacobus a Vrybergen, Johan 
Christoph. Schwallenberg, Andre Koch, Carl Randolf, Leopoldt 
Kennert, Teodor von Bannkauft (?), Adam Wall von Knecht- 
witz (?), Siegfridt von Flader, Hugo Rossus, Johannes Francus, 
Ernestus Schefe Von Zell, Martmus Dalenuus Schenaz. Hob- 
bius ab Aylua, Joannes Rous, Francois Lodreman de Milly, 
Fridericus Lingelshemius, Julius (?) Guils. Zincgrefius(?), Johan 
Burcard Wetel, Matthias a Viersseu, Otto Hobbema, Johannes 
Vueysselig, John Smythe, Erich von Lanthe (?), Basset Cole, 
De Laforge, Joh. Henr. Balberg, Hermannusab Hundscliausen, 
Jo. Junius, Henrico Kivit, Hieronimus Pretor(?), Henricus 
Lindner, Joannes vom Berg, Leonhardus Widmannus, Nicolaus 
ansonius, Joachimus Kraz, Andreas Ortol, Georg^ius Cliristoph. 
Ortol, Anthony Weldon, Paulus Stoll, Philippus Sengel, 
Bernhardus Rosing, Guglielmo Vander Burch, Joh. Celiarius 
Horib, Nicolaus Ritterbusius, Joh. Christophorus Stollius, 
Edwardus Wrayus, Hermannus Vulteius, Casparus Haller von 
Hallerstein, Burchhaclus Ewick (?), Simon Ertman, Tho. Le 
Gros, Henry Butler, Wolffgangus Adamus Pacholbe, Ed. Iron- 
side, John Cooke, Fred, de Wries, Adv. Vander Houck, Joh. 
Daniel Herpffer, Fridericus Praun Korib, Michel in Curia de 
Nuremberg, Georgius Fick, Eberhardt Reinsifeldt Georg von 

Rottnitz, Fridericus a Canitz, Joachim Enedre, Reimar 

Fridrich v. Vrietespelt (?), Casparus a Stofel, Leonhardt von 
Vestitz, Georgius & Rollwitt, Johan Burchard, Giovanni Am- 
monio, Jean de Wolff de Spanheim, Wilhelm Beuner, Stephanus 
Dobbin, And. Conradt Giistrov, Valentin Ebertus, Tl^omas 
Hungerford, Jean George de Zedlitz, Johann S.ndeih von 
Landes, Edmund Gybbon, Joh. Henricus Holzhalbius, Chris- 
tiaen Walens, Hans Christoff von Rothenbitz, Heinrich Frie- 
drich Springsfeld, Jacobus Prior Delph, Justus Henningus 
Storrer, Petrus Bergius, Jesovus Vexillum (?), Jean Moule, 
Theodorus Oelent, Georgius Fridericus Fornn, Otto Hartman 
von Shlatzgus, Johan von der Kock, Frederich von d Kock, 
Johannes Friedenberg, Fridrich Sack, Pub. Wimberley (?), F. 
P^lzevier, Henry Bludder, Julius Bladder, Robertus Hassard, 
Samuel Browne, Henry Drulimejer, Hermannus Barekhesen, 
Joachimus Godersen, David Penshorn, Johannes Sutton. Nico- 
laus Wind, Augustus Vindelius, Georg Bartholimy, David 
Erhart, Josu6 Kixton. Sam. Tomson, Georg. Thomason, Jean 
Heidock, Conradus Schiniketus, Zacharias Lbbbehe, Octauian 
Pullen, George Courthop, A. Heilligrew (?), Nicolaus Wolf- 
gangus, Christianus Scheel, Ottho Ruags., Georgius Fraem, 
Achilles Kragr, Christian Stougard, Wittm. Bagot. James 
Hodgson, Victor George, Heinrich Langenberk, Johannes 
Jiirgens Hychoa, Joachim Edwarmensterg, Daniel Herringscec, 
Johannes Rodolphus Heislerus, Thepdore de Reik, Johannes 



[Franks of peers. 1799-1845.] 

Ludovicus de Langenback, De Ceuff , Jacobus Bordelius, Jacobus 
de Boch, Nicolaus de Bye. 

Between pp. 109 and no is a cutting from the "London 
daily news" ot Oct. 3, 1861, about the autographs of Milton; 
also, a scrap from the "Boston evening transcript'' of Jan. o, 
1860, in reference to this album. On the first page is Cardoyn s 
own name and coat-of-arms. On the third page is a list of the 
pages where important names occur. 

A tracing of the autograph above noted of J. Hampden was 
submitted to Mr. Bond, keeper of manuscripts in the British Mu- 
seum, who unhesitatingly says it is not that of the English patriot. 

Autographs. [Autograph album, which form- 
erly belonged to John Esaias Sommer, probably 
a native of Gotha, containing pen-and-ink and pen- 
cil sketches and complimentary inscriptions by 
many of his friends, which are dated at different 
places. The dedicatory leaf reads : " Sufficit. Ex- 
cellentes Praeclarosq. Viros vidisse atq. eos adijsse. 
Johannes Esaias Sommer Gothan. Anno 1680. d: 12 
Sept : " Preceding this is a portrait of Sommer, 
around which is the legend, " Spes mea Christus."] 
ff. (132). obi. 24. 

Ninety-seven leaves are blank ; some of the sketches are un- 
finished, and many have no name appended. On the outside of 
the front coveris stamped in gilt " .1. E. S- .1.6.80 " A printed 
notice of the album is pasted on the inside of the front cover. 

Autographs. [Franks of commoners. 1800-1840.] 
6 vol. 8. 

Vol. I. has the book-plate of George Grote pasted on the in- 
side of the front cover. 

6 vol. 8. 

Autographs. [Manuscript letters, documents, 
etc. written or signed by George Monk, duke of 
Albemarle ; William Prynne ; duke of Alva; Sir 
Francis Bacon ; Louis Blanc ; Charles V., Roman 
emperor and king of Spain ; Christian Ernest, Er- 
nest Frederick I., Francis Josiah, dukes of Saxe-Co- 
burg-Saalfeld ; Louis de Crillon ; Oliver Cromwell ; 
Cardinal Guillaume Dubois ; John William, duke of 
Saxe-Eisenach ; Elizabeth, of Bohemia ; Francis I., 
of France ; Frederick I., Frederick II., Frederick 
III., Ernest II., dukes of Saxe-Gotha ; Hugo Grotius 
(Dutch De Groot) ; Hans Hartmann von Erffa ; 
Henry III., of France; Henry VIII., of England; 
Charles de Latouche ; Frederick II., of Prussia ; 
Maximilian I., Roman emperor; Bernard, Ernest 
Louis I., Frederick William, Anthony Ulrich, 
George Frederick Charles, dukes of Saxe-Mein- 
ingen ; Louise Eleonore, duchess of Meiningen ; 
Philipp Melanchthon ; James Monroe ; Alexander 
Murray; Philip II., of Spain; Timothy Pickering ; 
Rene I., duke of Anjou, count of Provence, etc. ; 
Cardinal Richelieu ; Henry, duke of Saxe-Romhild ; 
Sir Samuel Romilly ; Jean Jacques Rousseau ; John 
Ernest, duke of Saxe-Saalfeld ; Walienstein ; Wil- 
liam Ernest, duke of Saxe-Weimar ; Capt. Edward 
West.] 4. 6 portrs. and engr. 

Autographs. [Manuscript letters, documents, 
etc. written or signed by George Villiers, 1st duke of 
Buckingham; Charles IX., of France; Elizabeth, 
of England ; George II., of England ; Henry IV., of 
France ; Henry VII., of England ; Thomas Jeffer- 
son ; James Madison; Leibnitz; Louis XL, of 
France ; Louis XIII., of France ; Louis XIV., of 
France ; Cardinal Mazarin ; Catherine de' Medici ; 
William Mitford ; Cardinal Richelieu.] f. 

Autographs. [Manuscript letters, poems, essays, 
memoranda, etc. by distinguished men and women 
of Europe and America. Collected by Charles 
Sumner.j 3 vol. 4. 

I. Autographs of J. Q. Adams; J. L. Adolphus ; Sir E. H. 
Alderson ; Washington Allston ; Anne, of Austria ; Lady Anne 

Margaret Anson ; Benedict Arnold ; Sarah Taylor Austin ; 

Charles Babbage ; Joanna Baillie ; George Bancroft ; S > 

Bannister ; Joshua Bates ; Bauer ; Dr. Osmond de Beau- 

voir ; Jeremy Bentham ; Richard Bentley ; Nicholas Vansittart, 
Lord Bexley ; Peregrine Bingham ; Countess of Blessington ; 
Robert Blum; Lucien Bonaparte; Mme. Maria Laetitia Ramo- 
lino Bonaparte; C. G- G. Botta ; John Bowring; John Brad- 
shaw ; Sir David Brewster ; Charles dz Cosse", count de Brissac ; 
Lord Brougham ; Robert Browning ; W. C. Bryant ; William 
Buckland ; Buckle ; Bulwer Lytton ; William Burge ; Lord 
Byron ; Sir John Campbell ; Thomas Campbell ; Georgiana 
Dorothy Cavendish, Lady Carlisle ; George Howard, 6th earl 
of Carlisle ; Thomas Carlyle ; William Chambers ; W. E. Chan- 
ning; Sir Francis Chantry; Charles II., of England; Chateau- 
briand; Joseph Chitty; H. F. Chorley; Gen. William Clark; 
Henry Clay ; A. B. Cpchrane ; C. R. Cockerell ; Sir Edward 
Coke ; Coleridge ; Sir Thomas Coltman ; George Combe ; 
James Fennimore Cooper ; Philip Courtenay ; Lord Cranworth ; 
Cresswell Cresswell; Andrew Cross; R. B. Crowder; R. H. 
Dana ; Lorenzo Da Ponte ; Thomas, ist Lord Denman ; Charles 
Dickens; Thomas D'Oyly; Alexandre Dumas ; Dumont ; J. G. 
Lambton, ist earl of Durham ; Alexander Dyce ; George Dyer ; 
William Eaton; Eckermann ; T. (?) B. (?) Edgeworth; Mount- 
stuart Elphinstone; R. W. Emerson; Sir William Erie; Lord 
Erskine ; Thomas Erskine, Esq. ; Calvin Fairbank ; Faraday ; 
Theodore Sedgwick Fay ; Fenelon ; Ferdinand V., of Aragon ; 
Isabella, of Castile and Leon ; C. W. Wentworth, sth earl of 
Fitzwilliam ; J. F. Flatt ; J. B. Floyd ; J. J. G. Fcehx ; Sir W. 
W. Follett ; John Forster ; Elizabeth GurneyPVy ; J. C. Fuller; 

Margaret Fuller ; T (?) Gamier : Pascual de Gayangos ; 

De Gerando ; Ottavio Gigli ; W. S. Gilly ; Goethe ; William 
Goodell ; Robert Gourlay ; Jakob, count de Graberg vom Hem- 
so ; Horatio Greenough ; John Gregson ; Mrs. Grote ; Sir John 

II. Autographs of Adolf Haakh ; Sir Henry Halford ; Hallam ; 
Sir W. Hamilton ; Sir W. R. Hamilton ; John Hancock ; J. C. 
F. Haug ; Hawthorne; Abraham Hayward ; Heeren ; Sir John 

Herschel; John Hillhouse ; Prof. (?)Hoerdt; Hope & Co., 

bankers; Henry Hope; Hpttinguer & Co., bankers; Samuel 
Gridley Howe; Mary Howitt; Alexander von Humboldt ; Jo- 
seph Hume; David Humphreys; Leigh Hunt; Robert Ing- 
ham; Sir R. H. Inglis; Robert Innes (?) ; Edward Irving; 
Washington Irving ; Andrew Jackson ; Francis Jackson ; G. P. 
R. James ; Mrs. Jameson ; David Jardine ; Thomas Jefferson ; 
Lord Jeffrey ; A. J. Johnes ; N. H. Julius ; Charles Kemble ; 

John Kenyon ; H Bellenden Ker ; A. J. Kerner; Rufus 

King ; K. T. Koerner ; Lafayette ; Lamartine ; Charles Lamb ; 

K. b. Landor ; Lord Langdale ; Lord Lansdowne ; J 

Temple Leader ; Thomas Lefroy ; Thomas William Coke, earl 
of Leicester of Holkham ; Joseph Liard; Sir John Littledale; 
Lockhart ; Longfellow; Lyell ; Lord Lyndhurst ; Henry Mack- 
enzie ; W. C. Macready; Mme. de Maintenon ; J. H. Harris, 
3d earl of Malmsbury ; Edward Maltby, bishop of Durham ; 
Horace Mann ; Mrs. Marcet ; Armand Marrast ; John Mar- 
shall ; W Marshall; Harriet Martineau ; T. J. Matthias; 

Cardinal Mazarin; Lorenzo de' Medici; Marie de' Medici ; 
M. H. E. Meier ; C. F. Mercer ; Herman Merivale ; J. S. Mill ; 
Gen. William Miller; R. M. Milnes, ist Baron Hougliton ; 
Mirabeau ; Mary Russell Mitford ; Sir W. Moleswortji ; Basil 

Montagu; Mrs. Anne D B Montagu; Christopher 

Moore ; Thomas Moore ; Lady Sydney Morgan ; Raphael Mor- 
ghen ; James Morier ; Lady Mornington ; G. W. F. Howard, 
Viscount Morpeth, ytli earl of Carlisle ; Robert Morris; Lucre- 

tia Mott ; John Athol, 26. Lord Murray ; Lady M Murray; 

J w Mylne. 

III. Autographs of Macvey Napier; C. G. Nees von Eisen- 
beck ; H. A. Niemeyer; C. H. Phipps, ist marquis of Nor- 
manby ; Hon. Caroline Norton; Daniel O'Connell ; W- 
Ord ; Ferdinand Philippe Louis .Charles Henri, Duked' Orleans; 
Philippe, Duke d'Orleans, regent of France ; Paganini ; Thomas 
Park; Sir James Parke ; Isaac Parker ; Joseph Parkes ; Samuel 
Parr ; Sir Robert Peel ; Carlo Pepoli ; S. C. Phillips ; Willard 
Phillips ; Lord Plunket ; Jane Porter ; W. H. Prescott ; Mrs. (?) 
A. B. Procter; B. W. Procter; William Pulteney, Esq.; 
Josiah Quincy ; Henry Reeve ; Tappan Reeve ; H. G. L. Keich- 
enbach ; J. F. Reiff ; H Rich ; Charles, sth duke of Rich- 
mond ; S. P. Rigaud; Emma Roberts; Sir John Robison ; 
J. A. Roebuck ; Edward Romilly ; Sir George Rose ; Edward 
Rushton ; Lord John Russell ; Carl von Savigny ; Leopold 
Schmid ; H. A. Schott ; G. Schwab ; T. H. Scott ; Sir Walter 
Scott ; Adam Sedgwick ; Catherine M. Sedgwick ; N- W. 
Senior ; W. H. Seward ; Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin Shel- 
ley ; Lady Mary Shepherd ; Rev. William Shepherd ; Benjamin 
Silliman ; Sir John Sinclair; James Smith; James McCune 
Smith ; Sydney Smith ; Mrs. C. A. Smith ; William Smyth ; 
Mary Somerville ; Robert Southey ; John Charles, 3d earl of 
Spencer; Horatio Sprague ; John Thomas, ist Lord Stanley; 
Thomas Starkie; John Sterling; J. C. F. Steudel ; James 
Stewart, Jr. ; Joseph Story ; D. F. Strauss ; C. R. Sumner, 
bishop of Llandaff and Winchester; Charles Symmons ; T. N 
Talfourd ; Bayard Taylor ; Henry Taylor ; Zachary Taylor ; 
Thackeray ; William Theobald ; Alexis de Tocqueviile ; John 
Home Tooke; Toussaint Louverture; Uhland; Sir Charles 
Richard Vaughan ; Sir John Vaughau; Petty Vaughan : Victor, 

{To be continued?) 






Original authorities concerning the Life of 

1. Vassari, Georgio. Le Vite de piu eccellenti 

Architetti, Pittori, et Sciiltori Italiani, da Cima- 
bue insino a' tempi nostri : descritte in lingua 
Toscana, da Georgio Vasari Pittore Aretino. 
Con una sua utile e necessaria introduzzione a 
le arti loro. In Firenze. MDL. 

In three parts. 8vp. pp. 992, and forty unnumbered pages 
of index, and registration. Part III. has a separate title-page, 
and Proemio. At the end, Stampato in Fiorenza appresso 
Lorenzo Torrentino impressor Ducale del mese di Marzo ranno 
MDL. Con privilegi di Papa Giulio III. Carlo V. Imperad. 
Cosimo de Med. Duca di Fiorenza. [In regard to the com- 
position and publication of this book, see Vasari's account in his 
Descrizione delle Opere di Georgio Vasari^ 28, 30. 36, in 
the second and subsequent editions of his " Lives."] 

The last life in this first edition of Vasari's " Lives," and the 
only one of an artist living at the time of its publication, is that 
of Michelangelo (pp. 947-991). The exceptional fame of Michel- 
angelo among his contemporaries, and the importance of his 
good-will toward a comparatively young and ambitious artist 
desirous of commissions, account for Vasari's performance. In 
the Proemio of Part III. is a passage of the most extravagant 
and high-flown laudation of Michelangelo and his works. The 
Life itself is highly eulogistic; as a narrative of facts, it is im- 
perfect, and does not indicate that Vasari had had any special 
information concerning Michelangelo. His acquaintance with 
the great master had. up to this time, been very slight (see 
Desc. delle Opere di Giorgio Vasari, 3, 7). In the year of 
the publication of his book, Vasari was at Rome, and saw much 
of Michelangelo. Their acquaintance henceforth was somewhat 

Michelangelo acknowledged the receipt of a copy of the Lives, 
in a letter dated at Rome, Aug. i, 1550; printed by Vasari in 
the second edition of his book ; also in Milanesi Lettere di 
M B. Firenze, 1875, Let. CDLXVIII. p. 529. Michelangelo 
further repaid Vasari's eulogies by a sonnet of fulsome flattery, 
in the laudatory style of the age. It begins 

Se con lo stile o coi color! avete 
Alia natura pareggiato 1'arte. 

2. Condivi Ascanio. Vita di Michelangiolo Buo- 

narroti raccolta per Ascanio Condivi de la Ripa 
Transone. In Roma appresso Antonio Blado, 
Stampatore Camerale. Nel M.EhLIII. alii XVI. 
di Luglio. 

4. Pp. 50, and dedication to Pope Julius III. and address 
to the reader unpaged. Condivi was a pupil and intimate of 
Michelangelo, and this Life was, doubtless, written with his 
master's sanction, and from material that must in part have been 
supplied by him for the purpose. It is consequently the most 
authoritative source of information, though partaking of the 

they have told things that never happened, and, on the other, 
omitted much that was most deserving of record." The literary 
spirit of the period was rhetorical : extravagance in abuse and 
laudation was common. Michelangelo was accustomed to the 
sxtreniest flattery, and was not averse to the notoriety indicated 

d increased by two contemporaneous biographies. Condivi's 
ftology has the merit of sincerity; the book is that of an honest 
adniirer, and it is of the first importance as giving us what 
Michelangelo wished, or was willing to have known ot himself. 

The best edition of Condivi'.s Life is that published at Florence 

in 1746, fo. pp. xxx. 160 ; with a continuation to the death of 
Michelangelo, by Girolamo Ticciati, a Florentine sculptor and 
architect, and with very valuable annotations by Gori, Manni, 
and Marietta. This edition was reprinted at Pisa, 1823, 8vo. 
pp. 199. 

Condivi's Life was reprinted, at Rome, in 1853, edited by 
Francesco Gasparoni ; and again, with the poetry and some of the 
letters of Michelangelo, at Florence, 1858, i6mo. pp. 457. The 
notes and introduction in this edition are of no importance. 

In the series of Quellenschriften fur Kimstgeschichte und 
Kunsttechnik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance, heraus- 
gegeben -von R. Eitelberger v. Edelberg, No. VI. is 

Das Leben des Michelangelo Buonarroti geschrieben von 
seinem Schiller Ascanio Condivi. Zum ersten Male in deutsche 
Sprache iibersetzt durch Rudolph Valdek. Wien, 1874. 8vo, 
pp. 162. 

The notes to this translation are excellent. The volume also 
contains a translation, by Albert Ilg, of Ticciati' s continuation of 
the Life ; and, by the same accomplished critic, a minute and very 
serviceable comparison of the first and second forms of Vasari's 
Life of Michelangelo, exhibiting Vasari's obligations in his second 
edition to Condivi. 

3. Vasari, Giorgio. Le Vite de' piu eccellenti Pit- 

tori, Scultori, et Architettori, scritte, & di nuouo 
Ampliate da M. Giorgio Vasari Pit. et Archit. 
Aretino. Co' Ritratti loro et con le nuoue vite 
dal 1550 insino al 1567. Con tauole copiosis.- 
sime Ue' nomi, Dell' opere, e di luoghi ou' elle 
sono. In Fiorenza Appresso i Giunti, 1568. 
Con Licenza, e Priuilegio. 

In three parts. 410. The first and second parts form one 
volume, with continuous pagination. The third part occupies 
two volumes, with independent title-pages, but continuous 

In this second and final edition of his Lives, published four 
years after Michelangelo's death, Vasari gave a very much ex- 
tended life of the great master. He shows ill-feeling tow.M-.l 
Condivi ; but embodies, without acknowledgment, the greater 
part of Condivi's work in his own narrative. 

The portrait prefixed to the Life, is one of the best likenesses 
of Michelangelo. The drawing was probably made front life by 
Vasari himself, and the wood-cut was executed by " Maestro 
Christofano " [Coriolano ? ] See Le Monnier's Vasari, ix 
Vita di Marcantonio. 

The best edition of Vasari's Lives is that published by Le 
Monnier, Florence ? 1846-1870. 14 vols. i2mo. ; well edited by 
G. and C. Milanesi, and C Pini. The notes and other literary 
illustrations of the life of Michelangelo are of great value. 

4. Giovio, Paolo. [?] 

" We possess from his pen . . . two short biographies of 
Raphael and Michael Ange'o, composed in Latin, and of much 
merit." H. Grimm, Life of Michael ^.ngeio^ Kng. trans. 
Am. ed., Vol. I., p. 74. Leben Michelangelo's. Vierte Auflage 
B. I.s. 71. 

I cannot find these biographies in GSoyio's printed works. 
They are not, I believe, cited by any other bioiir.ipher ot" Michel- 
angelo. They are not mentioned by Passetini, in his Biblio- 
grafia di Michelangelo Buonarroti, Firenze, 1875. 

Giovio died in 1552, nearly twelve years before the death of 
Michelangelo. He was undoubtedly accquainted with Michel- 
angelo atlloine, but he is so little to be trusted as a biographer 
or a historian, that any account by him of the artist's Hie would 
need confirmation by other authorities. " Non e mal uomo," 
says Busini of him in one of his interesting letters to Varchi. It 
was owing to his conversation one evening, at the Cardinal 
Farnese's at Rome, in which " he showed," says Vasari, '* 
knowledge and judgment in matters of our arts," th.it Vasnri 
undertook- to write his Lives of the Artists. See Descr. 
Opere di Giorgio Vasari, 28. 



5. Varchi, Benedetto. Orazione Funerale di M. 

Benedetto Varchi, fatta e recitata da Lui pub- 
blicamente nell' essequie di Michelagnolo 
Buonarroti, in Firenze, nella Chiesa di San Lo- 
renzo. Indiritta al molto Mag. & Reverendo 
Monsignore M. Vincenzo Borghini Priore degli 
Innocenti. Con Privilegio. In Firenze, ap- 
presso i Giunti. MDLXIIII. 

Sm. 4to, pp. 64. Varchi had long been a friend and ad- 
mirer of Michelangelo, and though the facts contained in this 
oration are mainly drawn from Vasari and Condivi, yet there is 
some original information in it, and much that is interesting as 
the expression of personal feeling and of popular opinion. The 
narrative of Michelangelo's life, and the sketch of his works, 
show the hand of an accomplished writer ; but the style of the 
more rhetorical passages is inflated and artificial. 

A translation into German of this Oration, with' some useful 
notes, by Herr Ilg, is printed with Valdek's translation of Con- 
divi' s Life, mentioned above under No. 2. 

6. Esequie del divin Michelagnolo Buonarroti 

celebrate in Firenze dall' Accademia de Pittori, 
Scultori, & Architettori. Nella Chiesa di San 
Lorenzo il di 14 Luglio MDLXIIII. In Fi- 
renze. Appresso i Giunti. 1564. Con pri- 

Sm. 4to. This account of the funeral solemnities was com- 
piled, as appears by the dedication, by Jacopo Giunti, with the 
aid of a friend, probably Vasari, who embodied the greater 
part of it verbally in the final edition of his Life of Michelangelo. 
It is of interest not merely as an account of the extraordinary 
honors paid to the dead Master, but as an illustration of the 
active artistic sentiment and varied resources of Florence at this 
time. The greater part of this little work was reprinted by 
Moreni, Pompe Funebri celebrate nella basilica diSan Lorenzo, 
Firenze. 1827, 8vo., pp. 79-124. 

7. Salviati Lionardo. Orazione in lode della 

Pittura, fatta nell' occasione della Morte di 
Michelagnolo Buonarroti. Firenze. Figliuoli 
di Lor. Torrentino. 1564. [Ma in fine per 
errore 1554.] 

Sm. 4to. pp. 42. Reprinted with changes in // Primo Libra 
delle Orazioni del Cavalier Lionardo Salviati Nuovamente 
raccolte. Firenze. 1575. 

Of no importance, though Vasari calls it u una bellissima 
orazione fatta dal nobilissimo e dottissimo M. Lionardo Salviati, 
giovane allora di circa ventidue anni." 

8. Tarsia, Giovan-Maria. Oratione o vero Dis- 

corso di M. Giovan Maria Tarsia. Fatto nell' 
essequie del divino Michelagnolo Buonarroti. 
Con alcuni Sonetti, e prose latine e volgari di 
diversi, circa il disparere occorso tra gli Scul- 
tori e Pittori. In Fiorenza. Appresso Barto- 
lomeo Sermatelli. MDLXIIII. 

Sm. 4to [pp. 36}. The oration of Tarsia is followed by the 
Discorsp di M. Benvenuto Cennini [sic, read Cellini] Cittadinp 
Fiorentino scultore eccellente. Sopra la differenza nafa tra gli 
Scultori e Pittori, circa il luogo destro stato dato alia Pittura, 
nelle Essequie del gran' Michelagnolo Buonarroti. 

This Discorso occupies three pages, and sets forth the pre- 
eminence of Sculpture. It is reprinted in I Trattati dell' Ore- 
ficeria e della Scultura di Benvenuto Cellini, novamente messi 
al!e stampe . . . per cura di Carlo Milanesi. Firenze. Le 
Monnier, 1857, pp. 229-233. 

The Oration of Tarsia is a curious specimen of the worst 
literary taste of the time, abounding in extravagance and eu- 
phuism. The author makes puns through page after page on the 
name Buonarroti, playing on Buona rota, " Questa ruota 
ora mi passa ad alto, hora mi abbassa in terra." " Le ruote 
fervide della Buona ruota hanno schifato i termini dell' otio 
e d' ogni vizio;" and this not sufficing he rings the changes 
on il Buono arroto, and i Buoni arroti. 

The relative excellence of painting and of sculpture had long 
been a subject of dispute among the Florentine artists and critics. 
Michelangelo himself had taken part in it, and the position as- 
signed to the statue of painting, on the right hand of the bier in 
the temporary monument in San Lorenzo, revived the old quar- 
rel, so that it broke out in sudden fire. Although Tarsia had 
printed Benvenuto Cellini's discourse, he had printed also with 
other verses, at the end of his little volume, a sneering sonnet 
in reply to it by il Lasca, the academic designation of the well- 
known writer of comedies and tales, Antonio Francesco Graz- 
zini, asserting the pre-eminence of Painting. Benvenuto' s hot 

temper was ablaze, and he retorted in a series of animated 
sonnets abusive of il Lasca and Tarsia, setting forth the prece- 
dence of sculpture. The following quatrain, ridiculing Tarsia's 
puns, is from the second of them : 

*' Ma questa Lasca ha forma di figura 
Che gira intorno al Carro di Boote, 
Dove quel di Tarsia senti le ruote 
Ruotar pel ciel senz' ordine o misura. 

These sonnets may be found in the volume of Cellini's writings 
cited above, pp. 321-331 ; and on p. 395, eight lines' directed 
"contro al pedante di Tarsia." 

9. Legati, Domenico. Poesie di diversi autori 

latini e volgari fatte nella morte di Michel- 
agnolo Buonarroti. Firenze, Sermartelli. 1564. 

"Libro rarissimo." I have not seen it. "La mattina se- 
guente [the morning after the body of Michelangelo had been 
raid in Sta. Crpce, before the funeral ceremonies] si cpminci6 
per certi belli ingegni appiccare in sulla sepoltura yersi latini, 
& volgari, & per molti giorni poi si seguit6, & si seguita ancora. 
Eseguie. p. 16. " Intanto che quelli componimenti, che allora 
furono stampati furono piccola parte, a rispetto de molti che 
furono fatti." Vasari, Vita di M. B. 

10. Giannotti, Donate. De' Giorni che Dante 
consume nel cercare 1' Inferno e '1 Purgatorio, 
Dialogi di Messer Donate Giannotti. Ora per 
la prima volta pubblicati. Firenze. 1859. 

In 8vo, pp. ix., 66. Printed at the cost of the eminent Bal- 
dassare Boncompagni. and edited by Filippo-Luigi Po'idori, from 
a manuscript in the Vatican. The edition is said to have been 
only of too copies. A considerable part of the Dialogues is re- 
printed in the "Discorsp" prefixed by Cesare Guasti to his 
edition of Le Rime di Michelangelo Buonarroti, Florence, 

Giannotti was one of the Florentine republicans of high char- 
acter who, after the surrender of the city to the forces of Cle- 
ment VII. in 1530, and the establishment of the Medicean 
despotism, found safety in flight and exile. At Rome, where he 
spent a considerable time, he was intimate with Michelangelo, 
who occasionally sent him his verses for amendment and polish. 
See Madrigali 79, and 87, in Guasti's edition of Le Rime diM, B. 

Michelangelo is the chief interlocutor in these interesting dia- 
logues, which have the character of imaginary conversations 
with a large basis of fact. They are full of local color, and 
represent vividly the way of life and thought of Michelangelo. 
" Par di sentire la voce stessa di Michelangelo, che ragioni d' 
Amore, e d' Arte, di Religione e di Patria.' ' (Guasti, Discorso, 
p. xxvi.) The Dialogues have a further interest as exhibiting 
Michelangelo's love for the Divine Comedy, and study of it ; and 
as an intelligent discussion of some of the difficulties of the 

The year of the Dialogues was 1545. 

11. Raczynski. Les Arts en Portugal. Lettres 
adressees a la Societe Artistique et Scientifique 

.de Berlin, et accompagnees de Documens. Par 
Le Comte A. [Athanase] Raczynski. Paris. 

8vo. pp. 548. This book has a value not indicated by its 
title. It contains (pp. 5-54) the translation into French of a 
part of a manuscript treatise " De la Peinture Ancienne" by 
Francisco Holanda (or Francois de Hollande), dated 1549, in 
which the author professes to report, under the name of " Dia- 
logues," four conversations in which he had taken part at Rome, 
in the year 1539, in three of which the chief interlocutors had 
been Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna. The chief subject of 
these conversations is the nature and excellence of the art of 
painting, and the character of the works of some of the chief 
masters of the art in Italy. They contain much that would be 
of very great interest if it could be taken for granted that the 
conversations were correct reports of the sayings of the person- 
ages who are represented as taking part in them. But there is, 
unfortunately, reason to doubt whether this be the case. Fran- 
cisco Holanda was a youth of twenty-one at the date assigned 
to these conversations. He was born in Portugal, the son 
of an artist, an illuminator. He showed talent for painting 
as a youth, and was sent in 1538 by the king, John III., 
to study his art in Italy. He remained there nine years, and 
it was in the first year of his stay that these conversations 
are said to have taken place. The speedy intimacy of such a 
youth with Michelangelo, and with Vittoria Colonna, appears 
questionable ; but it is not necessary to suppose his " dialogues " 
to be a pure invention. During his long stay in Rome he un- 
doubtedly learned something, it may have been much, of the 
opinions and judgments of Michelangelo, and may have thrown 
his knowledge of them into the form of these Dialogues, ming- 
ling more or less of his own with the words ascribed to the great 

(To be continued?) 



JUNE IST, 1878. 


CHARLES W. ELIOT, President of the University. 

HENRY W. TOBREY, Professor of Ancient and Modern History. 

EZRA ABBOT, Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation. 

WOLCOTT GIBBS, Professor on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts. 

FRANCIS J. CHILD, Professor of English. 

CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, Professor of the History of Art. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian of the University. 

GEORGE L. GOOD ALE, Assistant Professor of Vegetable Physiology. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 

JOHN FISKE, Assistant Librarian in Charge of the Catalogue. 
GEORGE F. ARNOLD, Curator of the Shelves. 
THOMAS J. KIERNAN, Supt. of Circulation. 


The care of the several libraries devolves upon some member of the faculties of the respective 
departments when regular librarians have not been appointed. 

JOHN B. S. JACKSON, Professor and Curator of the Museum, Medical School. 
HENRY L. EUSTIS, Professor and Dean of the Lawrence Scientific School. 
FRANCIS H. STORER, Professor and Dean of the Bussey Institution. 
EDWARD C. PICKERING, Professor and Director of the Astronomical Observatory. 
SERENO WATSON, Curator of the Herbarium, Botanic Garden. 
JOHN II. ARNOLD, Librarian of the Law School. 
FREDERICK ME AKIN, Librarian of the Divinity School. 
MISS F. M. SLACK, Librarian of the Zoological Museum. 


The College Library in Gore Hall, is for the use of the whole University. Its privileges are 
also granted, under special regulations, to persons not connected with the University. [Blanks for 
making application for such use may be had of the Librarian.] It is the duty of the Council to make 
rules for the administration of the Library ; to direct the purchase of books to the extent of the 
funds applicable for that purpose ; and to visit and inspect the Theological, Law, Medical, and 
other special libraries. The Librarian has the care and custody of the Library. It is his duty to 
superintend its internal administration, enforce the rules, and conduct the correspondence; and 
to make annually a written report on the condition of the Library to the Library Committee of 
the Overseers, and to the Corporation. 


A sufficient subscription having been secured 
for publishing Scudder's Catalogue of Scientific 
Serials, the work will at once be put to press. 

The Library is under obligations to General 
Stone, chief of staff, for the successive publications 
of the General Staff of the Egyptian army. 

The present foreign agents of the Library are : 
Triibner & Co., London, for books ; E. G. A'llen, 
London, for periodicals ; Ch. Reinwald et Cie., 
Paris ; Deuerlich'sche Buchhandlung, Gottingen ; 
Prof. Eugenio Alberi, Florence. 

Persons entitled to use the College Library, and 
desiring to consult books in any of the depart- 
mental libraries, can procure tickets for such con- 
sultation, by applying to the Librarian of the 
University, at Gore Hall. 

Notice is now posted in the library of such 
books as cannot be reserved for applicants, owing 
to the great demand for them. On the return of all 
other books, notice will be sent to applicants leav- 
ing word with the desk attendants. 

The Library, by the fitting up of the old 
Delivery Hall, can now afford ample accommoda- 
tion to such investigators as need to make pro- 
tracted study in the library, and to have the use of 
many books at one time. 

Arrangements have been made to secure, 
through the instrumentality of the Japanese de- 
partment of education, and by the interposition of 
Mr. Magata, the representative of that department 
in New England, a series of illustrated books, 
showing the condition of Japanese decorative and 
pictorial art. 

Arrangements have been made by which the 
following libraries : Harvard University, including 
the departments, Boston Public Library, Boston 
AthenaMim, American Academy of Arts and 
Sciences, Boston Society of Natural History, Bos- 
ton Medical Library, will unite in publishing a 
consolidated list of all serial publications taken by 
them currently, in one alphabet, each title having 
against it the designation of that library, or those 
libraries in which it can be found. It will embrace, 
in all languages, the annuals, quarterlies, weeklies, 
dailies, &c, ; the transactions, proceedings, collec- 
tions, bulletins, memoirs, &c., of societies, it being 
intended to make it cover all serial issues of whatso- 
ever kind, except mere business reports and except 
the regular publications of committees and boards, 
unless they are distinctively of interest as contribu- 
tions to science or to knowledge in general. 

The printing of a calendar to the Lee Papers, 
is begun in this number. These manuscripts, ex- 

tending from 1744 to 1789, were accumulated by 
Arthur Lee ; and after the publication of the 
memoirs of Arthur and Richard Henry Lee, by the 
grandson of the latter of the same name, the papers 
of Arthur Lee were given to this Library by the 
author of those lives, while the papers of R. H. Lee 
were given to the American Philosophical Society, 
in Philadelphia, where they now are, bound in two 
volumes, with an index to the writers and recipients 
of the letters. Another collection of the Lee papers, 
"between one and two hundred," is in the library 
of the University of Virginia, given by the same 
11. H. Lee, the younger. Still another collection is 
in the possession of Dr. Edward Shippen, of Phila- 
delphia, being chiefly letters of Richard Henry Lee, 
addressed to Dr. Shippen, at one time director- 
general of the medical department of the Revolu- 
tionary army, and to Thomas Lee Shippen. This 
last lot has, also, a few letters from Thomas 

The gilt cross above the entrance of the Library 
is said to have been brought from Louisburg at the 
time of its surrender to Sir Williaan Pepperell and 
the Massachusetts troops in 1745. This date is said 
to have been painted on it with a further inscrip- 
tion when it was preserved formerly among other 
relics in Harvard Hall ; but, afier the removal of the 
Library from that building in 1841, these relics were 
transferred to a building in which the Panorama of 
Athens was exhibited, and, in the fire in which that 
building was consumed, the inscription on the cross 
was obliterated. It was subsequently placed on the 
wall in the eastern transept of Gore Hall, and was 
removed from that position at the time of the recent 
extension of that transept; and, in December last, 
having been gilded, was placed as now seen. 

Among recent donations to the Librajy may 
be mentioned the usual sessional papers of Con- 
gress, 52 volumes ; a large collection of bound news- 
papers, 160 volumes, from Charlemagne Tower, 
Esq., class of 1830, of Philadelphia; some valuable 
books, 14 volumes, from Hon. John C. Gray, of 
Boston ; a collection of Japanese and Chinese books, 
20 volumes, from Mr. Kanrokuro Nakayama, of the 
Law School ; 40 volumes from the library of the 
late Ichabod Tucker, given by Mrs. Thomas Cole, 
of Salem, the founder of the Tucker Library Fund ; 
and the completion, 24 volumes and 17 pamphlets, 
of the Library's set, of the publications of the 
Hydrographic Office at Washington. 

The arrangement of such accumulation of pam- 
phlets, broadsides, &c , as may be termed the Docu- 
mentary History of the University, has been begun 
with the intention of binding ; and the Librarian 
would be glad to open communication with any 
friend of the College, who has gathered similar 
material, for the purpose of ascertaining what 
deficiencies exist in the Library's series. 


MARCH TO MAT, 1878. 

Accessions to the several departmental libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles, 

as follows : 

A. O. Astronomical Observatory. 

B. Gr. Botanic Garden. 
B. I. Bussey Institution. 
D. S. Divinity School. 

L. S. Law School 

M. S. Medical School. 

M. Z. Museum of Zoftlogy. . 

S. S. Lawrence Scientific School. 

Abbott, E. A. Bacon and Essex. London. 
1877. 8. VII. 28 

[ ]. Philochristus. Memoirs of a disciple of 

the Lord. Boston. 1878. 8. D. S. 

Abney, W. DE W. A treatise on photography. 
New York. 1878. 16. (TEXT-BOOKS of 
science ) V. 103 

Abulfaraj, G., called Bar-Hebraeus. Chro- 
nicon eedesiasticum ediderunt J. B. Abbeloos 
etT.J. Lamy. Si/r. and Lat. 3 torn. Lovanii, 
etc. 1872-77. 1. 8. III. 94 

Adams, C. Great campaigns in Europe from 
1796 to 1870. Edited by C. C. King. Edin- 
burgh, etc. 1877. 8. I. 30 

Adams, W. (H.) D. Dictionary of English litera- 
ture. 2d ed. London, etc. [1877.] sm. 4. A 16.29 

Addison, C. G. A treatise on the law of con- 
tracts and rights and liabilities ex contractu. 
2d ed. 2 vol. London. 1849. 1. 8. L. S. 

^Ischylus. The Agamemnon, translated in 
English verse by E. D. A. Morshead. London. 
1877. sm. 8. 11.211 

^Esopus. Fables from Msop and myths from Pal- 
sephatus. With a vocabulary by J. T. White. 
London. 1876. 24. ( WHITE, J.T. Grammar- 
school texts, with English vocabularies.) II. 233 

Aguilar, G. The days of Bruce. 2 vol. New 
York. 1878. 12. IV. 31 

Airy, 6Yr G. B. Keport on the telescopic obser- 
vations of the transit of Venus, 1874, made in 
the expedition of the British government, and 
on the conclusion derived from those observa- 
tions. [London. 1877.] f. A. O. 
" Ordered, by the house of commons, to be printed, 
16 July 1877." Parliamentary papers, no. 330. 

Allard, 1 J . Les esclaves Chretiens depuis les 
premiers temps de 1' eglise jusqu'a la fin de la 
domination romaine en Occident. Paris. 1876. 

VI. 206 

Allen, J. A. Description of a fossil passerine bird 
from the insect-bearing shales of Colorado. 
Washington. 1878. 8. V. 38 

The geographical distribution of the mam- 
malia. Washington. 1878. 8. V. 38 
A list of the birds of Massachusetts, with 
annotations. [Salem. 1878.] 8. V. 38 

Allingham, W. Songs ballads and stories. Lou 
don. 1877. 16. IV. 50 

Allioni.C. Flora pedemontana sive Enumeratio me- 
thodica stirpium indigenarum pedemontii. 3 torn. 
Avgvstae Tavrinorvrn. 1785. f. 45|.37,a/6-oB.G. 
Tom. i., ii. are in the college library. 

Altenburg, Hungary K. Ungarische fifiJiere 
landwirt/tschaftliche Lehranstalt. Die k. ungari- 
sche hohere landwirthschaftliche lehranstalt zu 
ung^arisch-Altenburg. Altenburg. 1873. 8. B. I. 

American journal of mathematics pure and ap- 
plied. [Edited by J. J. Sylvester, W. E. Story, 
etc.] Vol. i. no. 1. Baltimore, etc. 1878. 4. 
To be continued. 

American Porno-logical Society. Pro- 
ceedings of the llth, 12th, 15th session held 
Sept. 1867-Sept. 1875. Boston. 1868-75. 8 
and 4. 47.42 

Amicis, E. DE. Constantinople. Translated 
from the 7th Italian ed. by C. Tilton. New 
York. 1878. 12. II. 31 

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gros intestin. Paris. 1856. 8. V. 207 

Analyst : a journal of pure and applied mathe- 
matics. Vol. i.-iv. Jan. 1874-Nov. 1877. . 
and bi-m. Des Moines, Iowa. 1874-77. 8. VI. 20 
To be continued. 

The Scottish nation. 3 vol. 
1877. 1. 8. B 13.5 

i c annee 1876. Paris. 1877. 

Annuaire diplomatique de la re'publiquefranraise 
pour 1877. 20 6 jinnee. Paris, etc. 1877. 1<>". A66.18 

Annuaire de legislation e'trangere. 4 l '-ti' annee. 
Paris. 1875-77. 8. 24484 

Arabische mahrchen. Neubearbeitet. 2bdclm. 
Stuttgart. 183U. 10. (Him.ioniKiv des 
frohsinns, etc. ix. 2.) VII. 187 

Archbold, J. F. A. Summary of the law relating 
to pleading and evidence in criminal eases; with 
the statutes, &c. ( and the evidence neeessary to 
support them. ByJ. Jervis. IDtlied. Bv W. N. 
Welsby. London,^-. 1846. I '_''. L. S. 

ArchlV for matlu-matik og natnr\ -iilenskab. ud- 
givet at' S. Lie, W. Miiller og (i. O. Sars. 
i, ii'' bd. Kristiania. 187(5-77. 8. M. Z. 

Aristophanes. The wasps. The Greek text 
revised; with a translation into corresponding 
metres, and original notes. By B. B. Ko.uers. 
London. [1875.] sm. 4. n. 215 

Anderson, W. 

Edinburgh, etc. 
Annee maritime. 



[Arrom, C. (B. DE F.)]. Cuentos oraciones, 
adivinas y refranes populares e infantiles reco- 
gidos por F. Caballero. Leipzig. 1878. 16 
(CoLECciON de autores espanoles, xl.) IV. 70 

Arundel Society. [Publications.] 4 vol. Lon- 
don. 1850-68. 1.8. Namely: 

VASARI, G. The life of Giovanni Angelico 
da Fiesole.translated by G.A.Bezzi. 1850.11. 113 
WYATT, M. D. Notices of sculpture in ivory. 
And a Catalogue of specimens of ancient ivory- 
carvings in various collections, by E. Oldfield. 

. 1856. II- 114 

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fresco of the death of S. Francis. 1860. II. 169 

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and Masolino, Masaccio, and Filippino Lippi. 

1868. II. 169 

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1877. 18. I. 58 

*A0T|vaiov. ~2,vyypafj./j.a TTfpioSiKbv Kara lifnprfau' K- 
Sid6fji.evov (TVfjLirpd^ei iroXXwv \oyicav. "Eros ^ . 
revx- d f. 'A0^i/7)tni'. 1877-78. 8. 
To be continued. 

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Vol. vii., viii., xii. are " 2d ed." 

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taken in the court of common pleas at West- 
minster. From Michaelmas term 1732, to 
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Contents : Les valets au theatre. 



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i. B". n. is 

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Contents: Joint A. Andrew. James Fid-man. 
Charles Sumner. Theodore Parker Sanim-l <. 
Howe. William E. Cliaiining Walter Channing, 
and some of his eontempor&netl K/.ra S. Gannett. 
Samuel J. May. Susan Dimock. George Keats 
Robert J. Breckinridge. George I). Prentice Ju- 
nius B. Booth, the elder. Washington, and the secret 
of his influence. Shakspeare. J. J. Rousseau. 
The heroes of one country town [West Roxburyl. 
William Hull. 

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Bilder-ailas. Kin erginxoagtwerk zu jedem 

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To be continued. 

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The first part of the volume for 1870-70 begins in IsTl, 
instead of of 1870, and conies down to 1875 only: hut, 
on the reception o f the second part, the volume will be 
completed to 1879. 

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Contents : ]6cliidn6 de la Nouvelle-Guin^e. 

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To be continued. 

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The library has received all of the parts from the 

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C<)iif<'iif.-<: VAi\p! offene frage. Sonnenscliein und 
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To be continued. 

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Munich, Germany I>< utsrlti r Xtttttrforschtr un<I 

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vom 17. bis 22. September 1877. Zusammen- 



gestellt vom redactionscomite. Miinchen. 1877. 
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Leipzig. 1878. 8. 
t To be continued. 

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Contents : KREBS, G. Die erhaltung der energie 
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The 21st volume containing the second part of Gra- 
ber\* " Jnsekten " has been received at the Museum of 
Comparative Zoology. 

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To be continued. 

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Northmen and Normans in England and Ireland. 
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Ta Qe/j.e\ia rrjs IffTOpias firoi 2etpct irptojov 

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To be continued. 

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i" bd. is "6 aufl."; ii is "3." 

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other sketches, fragments and drawings. With 

some notes by A. I. Thackeray. London. 1876. 

4. II. 174 

Thalheimer, M. E. A manual of ancient history. 

Cincinnati, e/c. [1873?] 8. 1.23 
A manual of mediaeval and modern history. 

Cincinnati, rfc. [1874.] 1.8. 1.42 

Theatre de campagne. Preface de E. Legouve. 

l e -3 e se'rie. Paris. [1876]-78. 18. IV. 123 
l e seYieis "6 8 6d."; 2 e serie is "36d."; 3 serie is 

Contents: i. LEGOtrvfi, E. Ma fille et mon Wen ; 
MEILHAC, H. Paturel; BORXIER, H., Viscount HE. 
Le monde renvers6 ; HERVILLY, E. D.'. La soupiere; 
LEGOUV&, E. Autour d'uri berceau; NORM AND. J. 
Les petits cadeaux; HEUVILLY, E. D'. Silence dans 
les rangs! LEGOUVK, E. La fleur de Th-niceii ; [LB 
RKBOULLET, A.]. Avant le bal : [Ciion^KY, K. E.]. 
Un salon d'attente. ii. LAHICIIE. E. La lettre 
cliargee; DROZ, G. Les crises de Bfnngeigneur; (Jox- 
DINET, E. Le mari qui dort ; SOLLOHUB, V., Count. 
Sa canne et son chapeau; HEIJVILLY. K. D'. Vent 
d'ouest; THEURIET, A. La vieillemaison; SOLLOHUB, 
V., Count. Une serenade ;Go>"Di>'ET, E. LeYconvfctiona 
de papa. iii. DREYFUS, A. Lagitte; HOHMKK, H., 
Viftcotoit DK. La cage du lion; HERVILLY, K. i>'. De 
Calais a Douvres ; NORMAND, J. A. la baguette; DrriN, 
H. Le coups jaune; ABRAHAM, E. Georges et Geor- 
gette; NARHEY, C. O mon Adelaide! P.u IH.I. A. 
Les prunes; HERVILLY, E. D'. Lrs n-vaiu-ln-s de 
1'escalier ; MEILHAC, H. La force des fommem, 

Theological review. Vol. i.-xiv., xv. no. 60. 
March, 1864-Jan. 1878. b.-m. and q. London, 
etc. 1864-78. 8. 19^.10 

Vol. x., xi. no. 44-46 were already in the library. 

Thibaut, A. F. J. On purity in musical art. 
Translated by W. H. Gladstone. London. 
1877. 16. H- 127 

ThirlWall, C., Bp. of St. David's. Remains, lit- 
erary and theological. Kdited by J. J. S. 
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Thom, A. Irish almanac and otlicial directory of 
Great Britain and Ireland: for 1878. Dublin, 
etc. 1878. 8. A 52.7 

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quatuor. Textum ex autographo Thoinae mine 
primum accnratissime reddidit C. llirsehe. 
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notice of the life and works of J. M. QueraTd. 
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8. 33.75, also S- S. 



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and common pleas, in personal actions ; and eject- 
ment. 8th ed. 2vol. London, etc. 1824. 8. L-S- 

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2 pt. London. 1877. 24. V. 112 

ToklO, Japan Imperial College of Engineering 
(Kohu-Dai-Gakko). [Publications.] 2 vol. 
Tokei. 1877. sq. 8 and 8. Namely: 

Calendar. Session 1877-78. Catalogue of 
books contained in the library. Preliminary 
catalogue of models, tools, drawings &c. con- 
tained in the engineering museum. Catalogue 
of museum to illustrate Japanese products and 
manufactures. Preliminary catalogue of the 
apparatus in the telegraph museum, by W. E. 
Ayrton. Catalogue of physical apparatus. 
Preliminary catalogue of the minerals, rocks, 
fossils, shells, and casts. Contained in the 
geological museum. [By J. Milne] Pre- 
liminary catalogue of the models, specimens, 
and drawings, contained in the metallurgical 
museum. [By E. F. Mondy.] Calendar. Ses- 
sion 1877-78. [In Japanese.] VII. 210 
Reports by the principal and professors for 
1873-77. VII. 209 

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public sous la direction de E. Charton. [Tom. 
xxxiii., xxxiv.] Paris, etc. 1877. 4. 10|.18 

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critical introduction and notes by J. C. Collins. 
2 vol. London. , 1878. sm. 8. IV. 48 

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ed., edited by F.Martin. London. 1877. 8 A 57.12 

Treatise of tenures. 2pt. [London.] 1730 8. L S- 

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medieval church history.London.1877.8 . III. 89 

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the Ninth. 2 vol. London. 1877. 8. III. 24 

Tryphine, Saint, and Arthur, King. Sainte 
Tryphine et le roi Arthur. Mystere breton. 
Traduit, public' et precede d'une introduction 
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etc. 1863. sm. 8. IV. 182 

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bailiwick. 2d ed. (Edited by II. Tupper.] 
London. 1876. 8. 34 

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Moscow. 1874. 8. IV. 62 

Turner, W. Libellus de re herbaria novUs, origi- 
nally published in 1538, reprinted in facsimile, 
with notes, modern names, arid a life of the 
author, by B. D. Jackson. London. 1877.4. B-G- 

United States Bureau of Navigation Hydro- 
graphic Office. 

* # * The bureau has recently completed the set of its 
publications in this library. 

Centennial Commission. International ex- 
hibition, 1876. Awards on national, state, 
and other collective exhibits. International 
rifle matches. International rowing regatta. 
International yacht regatta. Edited by F. A. 
Walker. Philadelphia. 1878. 8. 1.309 

International exhibition, 1876. Reports and 

awards. Group i., iii., x., xiv., xviii., xx., xxv., 
xxviii -xxxvi. Edited by F. A. Walker. 
Philadelphia. 1878, '77-78. 8. 1.309 

Coast Survey. Report of the superinten- 
dent, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874. 3 vol. Washing- 
ton. 1874-77. 4. A. R'. 284, also A- O. 

45</t Cong., 2d Sess. (1878.) House. [House 

bill 1612.] Arguments before the committee 
on patents of the house of representatives, in 
Feb. and March, 1878, on house bill 1612, to 
amend the laws relating to patents, by J. H. 
Raymond, G. H. Christy, C. C. Coffin, etc. 
Washington. 1878. 8. VII. 208 

Director;/. The United States business 

directory for 1877. New York, etc. [1877.] 
1. 8. VII. 123 

Geographical and Geological Survey of the 

Rocky Mountain Region. Contributions to North 
American ethnology. Vol. iii. Washington. 
1877. 4. 1.459, also M- Z, 

Contents : POWERS, S. Tribes of California. 

Geological Exploration of the 40th Parallel. 

[Reports. Vol. iv. Washington. 1877.] 4, 
and atlas of 12 maps, 1. f. (UNITED STATES 
Engineer Department. Professional papers, 
18.) ' 47.32 

Contents: 1. MEEK, F. B. Palaeontology. 2. 
Hall, J., and WHITKIELD, R. P. Palaeontology. 3. 
KIDGWAY, li. Ornithology. 

Geological Survey of the Territories. Re- 
port. Vol.'vii. Washington. 1878. 8. 1.459 

Contents: LESQUEHEUX, L. Contributions to the 
fossil flora of the western territories. Pt. ii. 

Register. Register of officers and agents, 

civil, military, and naval, in the service of the 
United States on the thirtieth of September, 
1877. Washington. 1878. 1. 8. B 15.12 

Treasury Department. (1878.) Adoption 

of the metric system. Letter from the secre- 
tary of the treasury transmitting to the house 
of representatives certain reports in reference 
to the adoption of the metric system. Wash- 
ington. 1878. 8. VII. 207 

Upper ten thousand for 1878. 4th annual ed. 
Published by Kelly and Co. London. 1878. 
sm. 8. A 52.15 

Upton, E. The armies of Asia and Europe. 

New York. 1878. 8. 

VII. 134 

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A. F. Gorio, et R. Venuti nods illustratum. 
Kom. 1750. f. II. 141 

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siecle Hugues de Lionne, ses ambassades en 
Itajie 1642-1656 Paris. 1877. 8". I. 81 

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gisches worterbuch. 2 bde. Leipzig. 1877. 
8. v II. 214 

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scvltori, e architettori. 3 pt. Fiorenza. 15(58. 
8. II. 151 

Veitch, J. The history and poetry of the Scot- 
tish border. Glasgow. 1878. sni. 8. 1475.15 



Veldegg, W. Volksmahrchen aiw Franken. 

Niirnberg. 1827. 1(5. IV. 125 

Velpeau, A. A. L. M. Embryologie, ou Ovologie 

Iiiniiiiine. Paris. 1833. f'\ M. Z. 

Vendel-Heyl, L. A. Narrationes excerpta? ex 

latinis scriptoribus. Narrations choisies de 

Quinte-Curee, Tito-Live, Salluste, Tacite, etc. 

Accoinpagn4es d'analyses. 21 e e'd. Paris. 

[187-?] 12". II. 234 

Vennor, II. G. Our birds of prey, or The eagles, 

hawks, and owls of Canada. Montreal. 1876. 

1. 8. V. 6 

Vermont Board of Agriculture. 4th report. 

Montpelier. 1877. 8. B. I. 

Vetault, A. Charlemagne. Tours. 1877. 1. 8. I. 54 
Vigel, N. De eavsis matrimonialibus Liber. Item, 

eivsdem progymnasmata fori. Basileae. 1575. 

sm. 8. L S- 

Vimeur, A. L. DE, Marquis DB ROCHAMBKAU. 

La famille de Ronsart. Paris. 1868. 24, and 

album of 3 portrs. and 17 />lates, 8. IV. 180 

Vinet, E. Bibliographic methodique et raisonnee 

des beaux-arts. 2 e livr. Paris. 1877. 8. C 44.3 
Viollet-le-DtlO, E. Le massif du Mont Blanc. 

Paris. 1876. 8. M. Z. 
Mont Blanc. Translated by B. Bucknall. 

London. 1877. 8. V. 137 

Virchow, R., and Holtzendorff, F. VON. 

Saminhmg gemeinverstandlicher wissenschaft- 

licher vortrage. xiii. serie. Heft 289-295. 

Berlin. 1878. 8. 1.435 

Contents: 289. WOLFF, O. J. B. Die rnechanik 

des riecliens. 2!)0. GOEROKVS, E. P. Mohammed 

em charakterbild 291. WfiWMANlT, A. Ueber das 

wandern der vogel. 292. HAUPT, K. Staat und 

kirclie vor 800 jahren. 293. 291. KJKWTLF, T. Die 

eiszeit. 295. GKIGEB, L. Deutsche satlriker des 16. 


Vogt, K. Recherches cotieres. i er memoire. 
Ueneve. 1877. 4. M. Z. 

Content*: De la famille des philichthydes et en 
particulier du leposphile des labres. 

Volkmar, R. Der waffenschmied von Frank- 
furt. Leipzig. 1877. 8. (NfcUEJugend- und 
hausbibliothek. 2 e serie, xv.) IV. 40 

Vuitry, A. Etudes sur le regime financier de la 
France arant la revolution de 1789. Paris. 
1878. ^8. ' I. 74 

Vulliemin, L. Histoire de la confederation 
suisse. "2 vol. Lausanne. 1875-76. 16. 1. 67 

l, J. E. Walther von der Vogelweide 
in Oesterreich. Innsbruck. 1877. 16. IV. 167| 

"Waltz, T. Introduction to anthropology. Ed- 
ited [and translated] by J. F. Collingwood. 
[Vol. i.] London. 1863. 8. (LONDON, Knn. 
Anthropological Society. Publications.) V. 31 

Walter VI. <>f Brienne, Duke of Athens. Le 
testament (1-U7) public et an note' par le comte 
de Marsy. Paris. 1877. 8. VII. 203 

W^shburn, E. A manual of criminal law. 
Edited, with notes, by M. I). Ewell. Chicago. 
1878. 16o. L 

Waters, K. F. The great struggle in England 
tor honest government. Boston, etc. 1878. 
8. 143622 

Wegele, F. X. Gothe als historiker. Wiir/burg. 
1876. 8. IV. 150 

W^einhold, K. Mittelhochdeutsche grammatik. 
Paderborn. 1877. 8. II. 254 

Weisbach, J. A manual of the mechanics of 
engineering and of the construction of ma- 
chines. Translated by A. J. Du Bois. Vol. ii. 
New York. 1877. 8. S. S 

frau (Die) und ihre bedeutungsvollen er- 
scheinungen an den ho ten /u Berlin, Carlsruhe, 
n.s.w. Stuttgart, etc. [1868.1 24". VII. 158 

Wellesley, K. C., Mari/m's ]\ r <-//,s/r>/. A selec- 
tion from [his] despatches, treaties, and otlu-r 
papers, during his government of India. Edited 
by S. J. Owen. Oxford. 1877. *-. I. 29 

W^ellington, A. M. The economic theory 
of the location of railways. New York. 
1878. 12. S S. 

TVerdet, E. Histoire du livre en France depuis 
les temps les plus recules jusqu'en 1789. 4 pt. 
in 5 vol. Paris. 1861-04, '62. 18". IV. 185 

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triguenstiick in vier akten. Stuttgart. 1876. 
16. IV. 165 

'vVesenbec, M. TAX. In Pandectas Turis ciuilis 
et Codicis lustinianei Lib. I1X. comrnentarii. 
Basileae. 1582. f>. L S- 

Weyergang, W. Maika. Erzahlung aus dem 
wendischen Spreewalde von Ellen Lucia. Leij>- 
zig. 1877. 16. IV. 149 

W^eyrauch, J. J. Theorie und berechnung der 
continuirlichen und einfachen triiger. Leipzig. 
1878. 8. S. S. 

F. A treatise on the law of negli- 
gence. 2d ed. Philadelphia. 1878. 1. 8. L,. S- 
E. J. The gospel in Bohemia. Lon- 
don. [1877.1 sm. 8. HE. 41 

Wlieildon, W. W. Contributions to thought. 
Concord, Mass. 1874. 12. IV. 77 

W^hite, E. Life in Christ : a study of the Scrip- 
ture doctrine on the nature of man, the object 
of the divine incarnation, and the conditions of 
immortality. 3d ed. London. 1878. 8. D- S- 

Whitney, D. K. The Suffolk bank. Cam- 
bridge. 1878. 1. 8. VI. 215 

^Tiederslieim, R. Das kopfskelet der urodelen. 
Ein beitrag ztir vergleichenden anatomie des 
wirbelthier-schadels. Leipzig. 1877.8. M. Z. 

W r ieland, C. M. Dschinnistan, oder Auserle^ene 
feen- und geistermahrchen. 3 bde. Winter- 
thur. 1810. 16. IV. 136 

Wiesbaden, Germany V<>rcin nassauisclur Latid- 
und Forstwirthe. Zeitschrift. lix er bd. Wies- 
baden. 1877. 8. B. I. 

W^ilbrandt, A. Ein neues novellenbuch. 3 e 
sammlungder novellen. Wien. 1875. 16. IV. 83 

Wild, J. J. Thalassa, an essay on the depth, tem- 
perature, and currents of the ocean. London. 
1877. 8. M. Z. 

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runner. New York. 1877. 12". I. 127 

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ecutors and administrators. 4th ed. *J vol. 
London. 1840. 1. 8. L. S- 

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Hinduism. London, f/r. 1S77. 21. III. 133 

Williamson, B- An elementary treatise on the 
differential calculus. 8d ed. London. L S 77. 
sm. 8. VI. 3 

The same. 3d ed. New York. 1877. 8. S S. 

An elementary treatise on the integral calcu- 
lus. New York. 1877. 8". S S- 

The same. 2d ed. London. 1877. sm. 8". VI. 4 

Williams- Wynn, C. Memorials. Edited by 

[Mrs. 11. li. LindesayJ. 2d ed. London. 1 
sm. 8. VH. 29 

^Villis, B- An history of the mitred parliament- 
ary abbiea, and conventual cathedral churches. 
2vol. London. 1718-1!).- 8". III. 83 

Willis, R- The architectural history of Canter- 
bury cathedral. London, r/r. 1846.8. 11.124 

Servetus and Calvin. London. 1877. 8. III. 33 



"Willkomm, E. Aus deutschen gauen in Siid 
und Nord. Gotlia. 1863. 16. IV. 157 

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1873. 16<>. V. 13 

Winkler, E. Theorie der hriicken aeussere 
krafte gerader trager. Wien. 1875. 8. S- S- 

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nergelande. Bistritz. 1860. 8. VII. 197 

Wolff, A. Pantheon des classischen alterthuras. 
Berlin. 1862. 1.8. (In his Die classiker aller 
zeiten und nationen, etc. ii.) II. 220 

Wollaston, T. V. Testacea atlantica, or The 
land and freshwater shells of the Azores, Ma- 
deiras, Salvages, Canaries, Cape Verdes and 
Saint Helena. London. 1878. 8. M. Z. 

Wood, H. G. A treatise on the law of fire in- 
surance, adapted to the present state of the law, 
English and American. New York, etc. 1878. 
1. 8. L- S. 

"Wood, J. G. Nature's teachings. London. 1877. 
8. V. 16 

Wood, J. T. Discoveries at Ephesus. London. 
1877. 1. 8. II. 121 

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Washington. 1874. 8. A 56.32 

^^ormell, R. Modern geometry. Witli an ap- 
pendix by W. B. Jack. London. 1877. 16. 
(NEW BRUNSWICK school series.) VI. 11 

Weight, W. J. Tracts relating to the modern 
higher mathematics. No. 1, 2. London. 1875- 
77. sm. 8. VI. 23 

"WViothesley, C. A chronicle of England dur- 
ing the reigns of the Tudors, from 1485 to 1559. 
Edited by W. D.Hamilton. Vol.ii. [London.] 
1877. sm. 4. (CAMDKN SOCIETY. [Publica- 
tions.] New series, xx.) 9.6 

"Wulp, F. M. VAN DER. Diptera neerlandica. De 
tweevleuvelige insecten van Nederland. i e deel. 
>S Gravenhage. 1877. 8. M. Z. 

"Wyatt, W. J. Hungarian celebrities. London. 
1871. sm. 8. B 31.15 

[Yih.-ki.ng.] A translation of the Confucian Yih- 
king [in Chinese characters] or the " Classic of 
change " with notes. By [T.] McClatchie. 
Chin, toad Tsm/. Shanghai, efc.1876.sq. 8.III. 118 

Yonge, C. M. History of Christian names. 2 vol. 
London. 1878. sm. 8. A 57.3 

Young, E. D. Nyassa ; a journal of adventures 
whilst exploring Lake Nj-assa, Central Africa. 
Re vised by H. Waller. London. 1877. sm.8. II. 62 

Yriarte, C. Les bords de 1'Adriatique et le 
Montenegro. Paris. 1878. 4. II. 158 

Venise ; histoire art Industrie la ville 

la vie. 2 e e'd. Paris. 1878. f. 11.159 

Zahn. T. Ignatius von Antiochien. Gotha. 1873. 

8. III. 67 

Zapf, L. Aus der heimath. Voigtlandisehe 

geschichten. Hof. [1874-75.] 16. IV. 61 
Zeller, Mine. L. (P.). Vaterlandische erzahlungen 

aus alter und neuer zeit. viii. Leipzig. 1876. 

16. IV. 39 

Contents : Aus der zeit der deutschen kleinstaaten. 

Zenti, L Elementi di bibliografia ossia Regole 
per la compilazione del catalogo alfabetico di 
una pubblica biblioteca. [Verona.] 1872. 
16. IV. 194 

Zimmern, H. G. E. Lessing, his life and his 
works. London. 1878. 8. VII. 71 

Zoega, F. S. Nouveau manuel complet du fabri- 
cant de sucre et du raffineur. Paris. 1868. 18. 


Zollner, F. Wissenschaftliche abhandlungen. 

i er bd. Leipzig. 1878. 8. A. O- 

Zouch, R. Qusestionum juris civilis centuria in 

decem classes distributa. Ed. 3 a . Londini. 

1682. 12. L. S. 

Zweifel, H. Die gesetze Gottes. Miinchen. 1876. 

8. III. 149 

*#* The following books have been presented by Mr. 
Kanrokuro Nakayama, of Tokio, Japan. 

Mabuchika. [Essay on speeches at the burial 
of the dead.] 2 vol. Tokio. 1764. 8. II. 282 

Matzunai Minamotonoason. Kokoshiriaku 2 vol. 
Tokio. [18 . .] 8. VII. 169 

Motoi, Nobunaga. [A key to the Japanese lan- 
guage.] 5vol. Tokio. 1779. 8. 11.280 

Rai, Sanyo. Niphon guaishi. [History of Japan.] 
3 vol. Tokio. [187-.] 8. VII. 170 

Seki, Hata. Kinsei Niphon guaishi. [Modern 
history of Japan.] Tokio. [187-.] 8. VII. 171 

"Wheaton, Henry. [Elements of international 
law, translated into Chinese ] 6 vol. Tokio. 
1867. 8. VI. 148 

Yukichi, Fukuzama. [Speech.] Tokio. 1874. 
8. II. 281 





\* These nates are in continuation of those on " The Pu- 
ritans and Separatists " in the Bulletin for March, 1878. 

The chief original authorities for the voyage and 
the early years at Plymouth are as follows : 

I. Governor Bradford's History. This narrative 
covering the rise of the Church in England,, about 
1(502. with their vicissitudes in Holland,' their voy- 
age to New England, and their history here to 1646, 
descended in the Governor's family ; was abridged 
by Morton in his New England Memorial ; probably 
was used by Mather in his Magnalia ; passed in 
1728 from the Governor's grandson into the hands 
of Thomas Prince ; was used by him in his Annals, 
where the extracts are signed ; was subsequently 
used by Hubbard in his New England, and again 
by Hutchinson in his Massachusetts Bay ; and while 
in his hands it disappeared. His second volume 
published in 1767, shows that he had used it some 
time previously, having borrowed it from the New 
England Library, established by Prince, and then 
kept in the Old South tower. If Hutchinson re- 
turned it to that collection, it was thought to have 
been destroyed at the time of the occupancy of that 
edifice for a riding-school by the British troops, 
during the siege of Boston in 1775-76. About 1840, 
Dr. Alexander Young discovered that an account 
in the Plymouth Church records of the early days 
of that church in England and Holland was an 
extract from this history, and as such he printed it 
in his Chronicles of the Pilgrims. The handwriting 
on the Records being that of Secretary Morton, it 
had been previously thought to have been his own 
narrative, and as such it was in good part printed in 
Hazard, I., p. 349. 

Meanwhile the original manuscript, with others of 
the New England Library (see the introduction to 
the Prince Catalogue, published by the Boston 
Public Library), strayed into the library of the 
Bishop of London at Fulham, where it was found 
by Mr. N. E. S. A. Hamilton of the British Museum 
(see Drake's ed. of Mather's New England, p. 45), 
who was allowed to repair it, and is said to have 
drawn the attention of the Bishop of Oxford to it, 
who in a History of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in America, 1846, cited it as a MS. History of the 
Plantation at Plymouth. The Bishop, however, in 
a letter to Mr. Charles Deane (see preface to Brad- 
ford's history as printed), asserts that he discovered 
it for himself while searching for material, etc. 
Two years later the Rev. Mr. Anderson published 
a History of the Colonial Church, London, 1848, and 
he used it and referred to it as Governor Bradford's. 
These references, however, escaped notice in this 
country till some years later, when Mr. J. Wingate 
Thornton, casually looking at a copy of the Bishop 
of Oxford's book, saw the references, remarked upon 
them to Mr. Barry, then engaged upon his History 
of Massachusetts, who consulted the late Dr. N. B. 
ShurtlefT, and the late S. G. Drake, and subsequently 
with Mr. Charles Deane, and the latter, through Mr. 
Hunter of the Rolls Office in London, procured a 
copy of it. Mr. Deane subsequently edited it when 

it was printed in the 4th series of the Massachusetts 
Historical Collections, vol. iii. See review by 
George E. Ellis in Christian Examiner, July, 1850. 
There has been some controversy as to the credit of 
its identification in America, and for different views 
see the introduction to the History as edited by 
Deane; the Proceedings of the Historical Society 
for April, 1855; articles printed in the Boston Tran- 
script, and reprinted in the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register, July, 1855 and October, 
1856, the former of which is also given in Drake's 
edition of Baylies's Plymouth Colony, vol. ii., pt. v. 

Governor Bradford was accustomed to keep copies 
of his important letters, and the book containing 
them is supposed to have shared the fate of the 
History ; but towards the close of the last century 
a fragment of the book was discovered in a grocer's 
shop in Nova Scotia, and what remained, covering 
the years 1624-30, was printed in the Massachusetts 
Historical Collections, vol. iii. Certain of the letters, 
being the correspondence between the Plymouth and 
New Netherland Colonies in 1627, are reprinted in 
the New York Historical Collections, 2d ser., vol. i. 
See an account of the Manuscript in Cheever's Jour- 
nal of the Pilgrims, ch. 23. Bradford's views on the 
Separatist movement, and on church government, 
are given in several Dialogues between Old Men and 
Young Men, one of which is given by Dr. Young 
in his Chronicles, and another was printed with 
comments by Charles Deane, in the Proceedings of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society, October, 1870. 
See also the Congregational Board's edition of 
Morton's Memorial. 

Our chief accounts of Bradford, other than from 
his own writings, are derived from Mather's Mag- 
nalia, and from Hunter's Founders of New Plym- 
outh. Belknap, in his American Biography, gives 
a judicious summary of what was then known, and 
there is a brief one in Cheever. An account of his 
descendants is given in the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Register, January, 1850. Brad- 
ford wrote a very legible hand, and facsimiles of it 
are given in Deane's edition of his History of Plym- 
outh Plantation, and in the same editor's presenta- 
tion of Bradford's Dialogue in the Proceedings of 
the Massachusetts Historical Society, October, 1870, 
p. 406. 

There is an error of one day in making the 22 il 
of December, new style, the correspondent of the 
day of the landing on Plymouth Rock, as pointed 
out in the printed Report of the Committee of the 
Pilgrim Society. In the first volume of Bryant 
and Gay's History of the United States, p. 893, 
note, another view of the mistake is taken. Also, 
see Helton's Winslow Memorial, p. 26. 

II. Monti's Relation. This is a journal, beginning 
with the Pilgrims' leaving England in September, 
1620, and closing Dec. 11, 1621. It is supposed that 
Bradford and Winslow had a chief hand in it, and it 
supplies fuller particulars of some occum-iuvs than 
Bradford's History does. It was originally printed 
London, 1622; was first abstracted in Smith's Gen- 
erall History ; condensed in Purchas ; this condensa- 
tion was reprinted in the Massachusetts Historical 



Collection, vol. viii., the omitted parts being supplied 
in 2d ser., vol. ix. ; was first reprinted entire by 
Young in the Chronicles of the Pilgrims, following 
the Harvard College copy ; again by Dr. Cheever 
as a Journal of the Pilgrims, with illustrative chap- 
ters appended ; and once more by H. M. Dexter 
with notes, following the Charles Deane copy. The 
identification of localities in the Pilgrims' explora- 
tions from Cape Cod in November and December, 
1620, is traced in Young's notes in his Chronicles ; 
Freeman's Cape Cod, and in De Costa's Footprints 
of Miles Standish. 

An historical picture representing their first meet- 
ing for worship in their " common house," gave rise 
to an historical sketch by Cohen Stuart of Rotter- 
dam, which has been translated into English. 

The first sermon delivered in the colony, which 
was printed, was that by Cushman, Dec. 9, 1621, 
and there are bibliographies of it in the New 
England Genealogical Register, April, 1861, and in 
the Historical Magazine, II. p. 344 ; IV. p. 57 ; V. p. 
89. Dr. II. M. Dexter traces but three copies of 
the original edition : one in the Bodleian, one owned 
by Charles Deane of Cambridge, and one by him- 
self ; a copy formerly in this library has disappeared. 
It has been several times reprinted ; is given by Dr 
Young in his Chronicles, in part ; in the Cushman 
genealogy ; and was photolithographed at New 
York and privately issued (60 copies) at Boston in 
1870, with an historical and bibliographical preface 
by Charles Deane. The copy used was that now in 
Mr. Dexter's library. 

III. Winsloiv's Good Newes from New England 
continues the record, subsequent to Mourt, and 
down to Sept. 10, 1(523. It was printed in London 
in 1623. It is extremely rare. A copy formerly in 
this library has disappeared. Mr. Charles Deane has 
a copy. Purchas abridged it in his fourth volume, 
and his abridgment was reprinted in the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Collections, vol. viii., and the 
omissions supplied in 2d ser., vol. ix. Young, in 
his Chronicles of the Pilgrims, reprinted it entire 
for the first time. Higginson, in his American Ex- 
plorers, prints extracts from Mourt and Winslow. 

There is an account of Winslow in Belknap's 
American Biography ; in Moore's American Gov- 
ernors ; and a genealogy of his family is in the New 
England Genealogical Register, October, 1850. See 
also Holton's Winslow Memorial, 1877. He is the 
only one of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower of whom 
there is an undoubted portrait extant, and this is 
engraved in Young's Chronicles. An alleged por- 
trait of Miles Standish is owned by Capt. Harrison, 
of the U. S. Coast Survey. See Proceedings of the 
Massachusetts Historical Society, October, 1877. 

IV. The Cotoy Records. These have been printed 
by the State, as well as the charter, laws, etc., edited 
by Brigham, and also by Pulsifer, in the eleventh 
volume of the large State edition. There is an 
account of the Records in the Massachusetts His- 
torical Collections, 3d ser., vol. ii., and in the intro- 
duction to the State edition. The first page of them, 
in Bradford's hand, showing the original laying out 
of the Pilgrims' house lots is also in Hazard, vol. i., 
p. 100, and it is facsimiled in the State edition vol. 
xii., p. 2, but N. B. Shurtleff, in the introduction to 
vol. i., says that all entries bearing date before 1627 
were really entered in that year. Pulsifer holds, 
however, that they were made in the years attached, 
vol. xii., p. iv. The first volume of Pulsifer's edition 
covers the court orders, 1633-40; vol. ii., 1641-51 ; 
vol. iil, 1601-(51 ; vol. iv., 1661-68 ; vol. v., 1668-78; 
vol. vi., 1678-91 ; vol. vii. covers the judicial acts, 

V. Morton's New England Memorial. This was 
originally issued in 1669, and was based largely on 
Bradford's History and the writings of Winslow. 
There have been later editions, Boston, 1721 ; New- 
port, 1772; Plymouth, 1826; Boston, 1826, edited 
by Judge Davis ; and by the Congregational Board, 
1855, with an appendix of Bradford's account of 
the church as copied in the church records, and 
Winslow's account of his visit to Massasoit, from 
his Good Newes. 

The secondary authorities on the Pilgrim history, 
or those who used original material, are Hubbard's 
History of New England, ch. 9 ; Increase Mather's 
Relation of the Troubles which have hapned in 
New England by reason of the Indians there, 1677, 
in which Purchases abstracts of Bradford and 
Mourt are used ; Cotton Mather's Magnalia ; Neat's 
New England, which is something more than an 
abridgment of the Magnalia; and Hutchinson's 
Massachusetts Bay. 

Patents. Morton in his Memorial first alleged in 
print that Jones, the captain of the Mayflower, was 
bribed by the Dutch to land his passengers beyond 
their territory at New York ; but the earliest refer- 
ence to it is in Sir Joseph Williamson's notes, 1663, 
printed in the Massachusetts Historical Society's 
Proceedings, December, 1868. Palfrey and later 
authorities find no confirmation of this belief. See 
Brigham on this point in his lecture in the Massa- 
chusetts Historical Society's course before the 
Lowell Institute. See E. D. Neill's account of 
Jones in the Historical Magazine, January, 1869, 
and a supplement to it in the Genealogical Register, 
July, 1874. The fact that they did land without 
the Virginia jurisdiction, to which they were bound, 
led to their forming a government under the com- 
pact signed at Provincetown, and to their seeking 
by the return of the ship, a grant under the Grand 
Patent of the Council at Plymouth. It was taken 
out in the name of John Pierce, June 1, 1621, and 
sent over in the next ship, the Fortune. The orig- 
inal is at Plymouth, and it has been edited by 
Charles Deane, in the Massachusetts Historical 
Society's Collections, 4th ser., vol 2. See also New 
England Historical and Genealogical Register, Oc- 
tober, 1876. 

The second patent, April 20, 1622, is not extant. 

The third patent, Jan. 13, 1629-30, is in the Regis- 
try of Deeds, at Plymouth, and first defines their 
territorial limits. It is printed in Hazard's Collec- 
tions, and in Brigham's edition of the Laws, etc. 

The 1628 patent for territory on the Kennebec, 
with an account of it, and an old map of the region, 
is given in Drake's edition of Baylies's Old Colony, 
vol. ii., pt. 5. 

General and Later Accounts. Dr. Belknap, in 1798, 
in his accounts of Robinson, Carver, Bradford, 
Brewster, Cushman, Winslow, and Standish, in the 
second volume of his American Biography made 
the earliest clear summary of all the old authorities 
regarding the Pilgrims' early history; but Baylies, 
in 1830, issued the first regular continuous history of 
the colony from the flight of the Pilgrims to Holland, 
in 1608, to the union with Massachusetts, in 1692 ; 
and Drake has added a fifth part to the work, and per- 
fected it with an index. See also Prince's Chronol- 
ogy, and the abstract in the Congregational Board's 
edition of Morton ; Chalmers's Political Annals, 
ch. 4 ; Thomas Robbins's Historical View of the 
first Planters of New England, 1815. 

The story is also recounted in the histories of 
Massachusetts by Barry, vol. i., ch. 3 ; by Austin, 
ch. 1, etc. ; in the histories of New England by Pal- 



frey, and by Elliott; in Felt's Ecclesiastical History 
of New England," vol. i., pp. 29, 57, etc. ; in those 
of the United States by Bancroft, vol. i. ch. 8; by 
Hildreth, vol. i., ch. (i ; by Bryant and Gay, ch. 14, 15 ; 
by Cassell, ch. 10. A posthumous section of Robert- 
son's America covers New England history, but 
Palfrey calls it "feeble and erroneous." Ilolmes's 
Annals, Part II., 2d period, covers 1620-43. See 
also \Varburton 's Conquest of Canada, ch. 10 ; and a 
summary in Gardiner's Prince Charles and the 
Spanish Marriage, vol. ii., ch. 7. 

Local Accounts. The history of the town of Plym- 
outh, by Thacher, and Russell's Memorials, 
necessarily preserve much of the record ; while 
Bartlett has been a follower on their tracks with 
pen and pencil, both in England, in Holland, and in 
the old colony. There is a Dutch translation of 
Bartlett. See also Drake's New England Coast 

The history of the colony is also necessarily told in 
a fragmentary way in the local histories, the most 
considerable of which is that of Cape Cod, by Free- 
man ; while there are those of Abington. by llobart ; 
of Bridgewater, by Mitchell ; North Bridgewater, 
by Kingman ; Duxbury, by Winsor; Eastham, etc., 
by Pratr, ; Marshfiekl, by Thomas ; Scituate, by 
Deane, etc. 

Colburn's Massachusetts Bibliography will indi- 
cate additional sources of local history, as well as 
the various accounts of towns in the Massachusetts 
Historical Collections. ' See also the check list of 
local history published in the Bulletins of the Boston 
Public Library. 

/'iipn/ar Accounts. Banvard's Plymouth and the 
Pilgrims, 1853; Mudge's Views from Plymouth 
Rock; Gale's Pilgrims' first year; White's Early 
History of New England ; Faith White's Letter 
Book ; Abbott's Miles Standish. Also C. W. Phil- 
leo's paper on Plymouth in Harper's Monthly, vol. 
viii. ; and Good Old Times at Plymouth, in Harper's, 
January, 1877. 

1 at cons and Essays. By Judge Story ; by Daniel 
Webster; by Edward Everett ; by Choate, The Age 
of the Pilgrims the Heroic Age of our History; by 
Robert C. Winthrop; by Wendell Phillips; dis- 
courses by Goodwin, and many others, can be found 
in the pamphlet tiles of the library. 

Dr. Waddington thinks " the most just and dis- 
criminating article on the Pilgrim Fathers known 
to us in our periodical literature " is that in the 
Westminster Review, 1871. See British Quarterly 
Review, February, 184o ; II. M. Dexter on the Pil- 
grims of Plymouth, in the Congregational Quarterly, 
vol. iv., and in the Sabbath at Home Magazine, 
March, April, May, 1807. See also the New Eng- 
lander, October, 1876. 

See also J. S Buckingham's Travels, vol. ii. 

See Malcom's Theological Index, under Pilgrim 

The influence of the Pilgrims on the other churches 
of New England is examined in Bacon's Genesis of 
the New England Churches, in Dr. Jos. S. Clark's 
Congregational Churches in Massachusetts, 1858; 
and in the appendix to Morton's Memorial as pub- 
lished by the Congregational Board. 

Rflations iritft Massachusetts. This can be traced 
in Winthrop's Journal ; Bradford's History of Plym- 
outh Colony; Hutchinson's Massachusetts; and 
Brigham's lecture in the Lowell Institute series. 

relations //// the Indians. The earliest accounts 
of the India n-s of this region are found in Mourt's 
Relation, and in Winslow's Good Newes. Wins- 
low's visit to Massasoit is described in the appendix 
to Mourt. Notices of Massasoit and his family are 
given in Fessenden's History of Warren, R. I. 

Later accounts of the neighboring Indians are given 
in Hubbard's New England, ch. ',, 7 ; in Ba\ 1 
Old Colony, vol. i., ch. 4 ; in Drake's Book of the 
Indians, Book II. ; and the same author treats of 
the relations of the colonists to the Indians in the 
introduction to his Old Indian Chronicle, and more 
particularly on the Plymouth colonists, in his Book 
of the Indians, book II., ch. 2. On their treatment 
by the colonists, see appendix of the Congregational 
Board's edition of Morton's Memorial ; and the 
article in the Congregational Quarterly, vol. i., " Did 
the Pilgrims wrong the Indians*" Their el'foits 
to christianize them are examined in the appendix 
to the Congregational Board's edition of Morton's 

Elder Brf.wsf.er. Beside the incidents of bis life 
in Bradford, and Morton's Memorial, information 
has recently been gathered by Hunter in his 
Founders of New Plymouth, and in the investiga- 
tions at Leyden by George Sumner and Dexter, 
the latter examining the evidences of the date of 
his birth and death, in the New England Genea- 
logical Register, January, 1804. See also the 
Ecclesiastical History, begun in the Massachusetts 
Historical Collections, vol. vii., p. 262; Steele's 
Chief of the Pilgrims; and Dr. Cheever's Journal 
of the Pilgrims, etc., ch. 7. Also E. D. Neill's paper 
in the Historical Magazine, August, 1869. Mr. 
Charles Deane printed in the Proceedings of the 
Historical Society, May, 1871, a letter of Sir John 
Stanhope to Secretary Davison about Brewster. 

Memoranda. Bradford, p. 217, describes the 
wreck of a ship on Cape Cod, and about ten years 
ago her hulk was washed bare and brought to Bos- 
ton and exhibited. See De Costa's account. De 
Rasiere's description of New Plymouth in 1627 is 
given in the New York Historical Collections, 2d 
ser., vol. ii., and is in part reprinted in Palfrey, 
vol. i., p. 226, and in the appendix to the Con- 
gregational Board's edition of Morton's Memorial. 
Hubbard, in his 77th chapter, epitomizes Plymouth 
History, 1633-78. There is a paper on the opera- 
tions of the Pilgrims on the Penobscot in the Maine 
Historical Collections, vol. vii. j. w. 


* # * The following notes have, been pri'pnrt'il for tin' < 
ance of aaoanced students in Pluuterogamic Botcmy, 

the more important trorka in the College Library aiul Herba- 
rium are here mentioned. 

1. Bibliography. Bibliotheca botanica. A. von 

Haller, 1771. 
Thesaurus Literatures botanicse, G. A. Prit/el. 

The second edition, incomplete at tlie time of Frit/el's 
death in 1874, has been rinis ir i by < '. ,Je>sen. ami bears I he 
date 1877. The first part of this valuable work emmr-rates 
under the authors' names botanical publications 'lo\vn to 
187L>; in Hit; second part, the publications are clas>ilied 
according to the departments of botany. 

2. History. Historiarei herbaria', K. Sprengel, 1807. 

Geschichte der Botanik, by the same, 1817. 
Geschichte der Botanik, Ernst Meyer. I S ~>1. 

This most valuable history tfives an analysis, with copious 
extracts, from all the larger treatises on plants, but closes 
at the middle of the sixteenth century 

Geschichte der Botanik. \Vinekler. 1S-~>1. 
A very concise account of the development of botany. 
Geschichte der Botanik, Julius Sachs, 1875. 

This deals largely, but by no means exclusively, with the 
rise and growth of botany in ( lennaiiy. 

3. Histology. Micrographia. Hooke. 

Anatome Plantarum, Malpighi, 1675. 



The Anatomy of Plants, N. Grew, 1682. 
The last two are the earliest methodical treatises upon 
microscopic anatomy of plants. 

Traite d'anatomie et de physiologic vegetales, 

Mirbel, 1802. 

Phytotomie, Meyen, 1830. 

Most of the important treatises published between the 
two dates last given, are in the Library of the Herbarium. 

The vegetable cell, by von Mohl. 
A translation, by Henfrey in 1852, of von Mohl's Grund- 
ziige der Anatomic und Physiologie der vegetabilischen 
Zelle. (Wagner's Handworterbuch.) 

Treatises by von Mohl, Schleiden, Schacht, 

linger, and others. 

The most recent and complete treatise is by 
Professor A. de Bary of Strasburg. 

4. Organography. Philosophiabotanica, Linnaeus. 
Handbuch der botanischen Terminologie, Bis- 
choff, 1833. 

6. Morphology. Bliithendiagramme, Eichler, 1876. 
La Morfologia vegetale, T. Caruel, Pisa, 1878. 

6. Physiology. Physiologie ve'getale, A. P. de Can- 

dolle, 1832. 

Physiologie der Gewachse, Treviranus, 1838. 
This work gives short abstracts from the physiological 
writings of other writers. 

Handbuch der Physiologischen Botanik, Hof- 
meister. Comprising volumes by Hofmeister, 
de Bary, and Sachs. 
See also monographs and journals. 

7. Teratology. Vegetable Teratology, by M. T. 

Masters, 1869. 
A comprehensive account of monstrosities. 

8. General Descriptive Botany. Genera Planta- 

rum, Linnaeus, 1742. 
Genera Plantarum, Endlicher, 1836. 
Genera Plantarum, Bentliam & Hooker. 
Begun in 1862, and now extending through the genera of 
the gainopetalous orders. 

Prodromus systematis naturalis regni vegeta- 

bilis, A. P. & A de Candolle. 
Repertorium Botanices Systematic*, Walpers. 
Annales Botan. Systematic^, Walpers. 
Enurneratio Plantarum, Kunth. 

For special descriptive botany, consult the Floras of 
different countries. 

9. Geographical distribution of Plants. Geo- 

graphic botanique raisonee, Alphonse de Can- 
dolle, 1855. 
Vegetation der Erde, Grisebach, 1872. 

10. Journals. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical 

Club, New York. Botanical Gazette, Hanover, 
Indiana. Journal of Botany. London. Bulle- 
tin de la Societe Botanique de France, Paris. 
Annales des Sciences Naturelles, Botanique, 
Paris. Linnaea, Berlin. Flora, Regensburg. 
Botanische Zeitung, Leipzig. Botanical Maga- 
zine, London. Plates. Flore des Serres, 
Gand ( Belgium.) Plates. 

Pritzel's Index Iconum Botanicarum contains references 
to all important figures of plants published before 1865. 

G. L. G. 


A volume of materials for the History of Thomas 
Becket, edited by J. C. Robertson, and published 
in 1876, under the direction of the Master of the 
Rolls, gave occasion to Fronde's articles in the 
Nineteenth Century, 1877, reprinted in Living 
Age, nos. 1725, et seq. } and recently gathered in 

his Life and Times of Thomas Becket. Froude 
doubts Becket's sanctity, and considers the at- 
tempt to restore his memory by the modern Sacer- 
dotal party as an indication of their wish to make 
state as well as church subservient to the bishops. 
This work has prompted E. A. Freeman to an 
elaborate attack on Fronde's integrity as a histo- 
rian in the Contemporary Review, 1877-78. re- 
printed in Living Age. See, also, E. A. Freeman's 
Saint Thomas of Canterbury and his Biographers, 
in his Historical Essays, originally in National 
Review, April, 1860 ; and the review of Froude in 
the Dublin Review, April, 1878, and the London 
Spectator, Dec. 1, 1877. 

Becket's literary remains consist of letters, 
printed in 1495, again at Brussels, 1682, which last 
includes the Latin life of Becket, following the con- 
temporary historians, Herbert de Hoscham, Jo- 
hannes Carnotensis, Gulielmus Canterburiensis, 
Alanus Teukcsburiensis. Bucket's works are ed- 
ited by J. A. Giles, in Migne's Patrologias, vol. 190.- 
See further, for original authorities, the notes in 
Hook's Archbishops of Canterbury, vol. iii. 

The principal monographs on his life and mar- 
tyrdom, other than those before mentioned, and in 
the series Patres Eccl. Angl., printed at Oxford, 
are the Chronicle of Robert of Gloucester, in the 
Percy Society's Publications, vol. xix. ; Stapelton's 
Res gostffi Thome, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
Coin, 1612; Candu, Vie de Saint Thomas Becket, 
1615; Immanuel Bekker, Leben des hcMligen 
Thomas, etc., 1838; Bataille, Vie de Saint Thomas, 
1843; Robert, Histoire de Saint Thomas, 1844; 
J. A. Giles, Vita S. Thomae ab auctoribns Contem- 
poraneis, 1845, and Life and Letters of Thomas a 
Becket, London, 1846, 2 vols.; Buss, Der heil. 
Thomas, Mentz, 1856; and other lives by J. C. 
Robertson, 1859, by Morris, and by Milman, the 
last drawn from his History of Latin Christianity. 
Prof. Hippeau, of Caen, gave a full introduction to 
an edition of an old poem on Becket of the twelfth 
century by Gamier, which he printed in 1859, in 
the Collection des poetes francais du moyen age, 
and a review of it by Alex. Peij, will be found in 
the Jahrb. fiir rom und eng. lit., 1860. 

Besides Milman and Hook, see also the church 
histories of Hase, Gieseler and Southey's Book of 
the Church. See also the histories of the reign of 
Henry II., like Lyttleton and Berington. 

Of the general historians, Hume, vol. i. ch. 8, is 
even-handed, and awards Becket sincerity ; Lin- 
gard takes the side of the archbishop against the 
king; the Pictorial History covers his career in its 
sections on civil and military history, and on relig- 
ious history ; and summary accounts will be found 
in Macaulay and in Henry's History of Great Brit- 
ain. See also Pauli's Old England for his Canter- 
bury and the worship of St. Thomas. Thierry's 
estimate of Becket in his Conquete de 1'Angle- 
terre arose from a misconception, which made 
Becket the personification of the Saxon race, main- 
taining a struggle against the Normans as cham- 
pioned by the king. 

Particularly for his murder, see Dean Stanley's 
Historical Memorials of Canterbury, which gives 
the original authorities, and is enlarged from the 
Quarterly Review, Sept. 1853. See also J. G. 
Nichols's Pilgrimage to Walsingham and Canter- 

Other summarized accounts of Becket's career 
can be found in Ozanam's Deux Chanceliers d'An- 
gleterre, in his Melanges, 1859; Campbell's Chan- 
cellors ; James's Coeur de Lion ; Marshall's Men of 
Mark in British Church History, etc. J. w. 




BY J. M. PEIRCE, University Professor of Mathematics. 

FRANCOIS VIETE (born at Fontenay-le-Comte, in 
the Vendee, in 1540, died at Paris in 1603) was the 
first to represent known quantities by letters. He 
is accordingly regarded as the founder of the science 
of Algebra, which owes to this improvement the 
generality, the freedom, and the power of express- 
ing reciprocal relations of quantities, which charac- 
terixe it so strongly at the present day. To the 
logistic (or calculus) thus arising Viete gave the 
name of */>f<-i(nts (that is, symbolic or formal), as 
opposed to numerical, logistic; and he regarded it as 
a new form of mathematical ANALYSIS. The name 
analysis was used by the ancient geometers, in opposi- 
tion to synthesis, to denote a method of solving 
problems or discovering theorems by reasoning 
from the thing sought, treated as it' it were given, 
in such a way as to connect it with things known. 
It was, in the ancient opinion, the road of incefit.it/a- 
tion, while synthesis was that of exposition. Viete 
says that analysis may be defined as doctrina 
lene inveniendi in matheinaticis. It is easy to see, 
then, how the algebraic method of proceeding may 
be referred to the head of Analysis. In putting a 
problem into equations, we operate on the symbols 
which represent the unknown quantities, as if they 
were known ; and by solving the equations, if the 
known quantities have also been denoted literally, 
we arrive at forms which show how the unknown 
quantities may be found from the known, and which 
may be converted into general rules, theorems, or 
(in the case of a geometrical problem) construc- 
tions. It was from this point of view that Viete 
used the term analysis to denote the algebraic method ; 
and it is thus that the modern technical use of the 
word in mathematics originated. 

Viete was the greatest mathematician of his day, 
and was an eminent leader in the modern develop- 
ment of mathematics. He made important advances 
in the theory of algebra, by the great power of his 
new analysis ; and he took pains to develop it into 
forms capable of geometric interpretation. He him- 
self actually went on to apply his analysis to geom- 
etry ; and he gave the geometric construction of 
the roots of equations of the first and second degrees ; 
and of higher degrees, by the aid of new postulates. 
But he knew nothing of the interpretation of the 
negative sign, or of the representation of a curve by 
an equation. His writings (of which only a few 
were printed in his lifetime, and those in small edi- 
tions, for private distribution) are contained in a 
folio volume entitled, Frann'sri Vietce 0/wa Matlie- 
iiiutira, edited by Franz van Sch.oot.fn, and published at 
the Elzevir press at Ley den in 1646. A full synop- 
sis of the contents of this volume, in modern forms 
of notation, might usefully be compiled. A French 
translation of the first two treatises in this collec- 
tion, by Fniiirois Ritter, with valuable notes, ap- 
peared in the lln.llet.ino di Hibliotfrajia c di Sloria dalle 
Xdi'.nzK Mali-iiKit'n-he e Fisichf, I., 223-276. It is to 
be regretted that this translation was never con- 
tinued. The following is a list of the titles in the 
collection of Van Schooten, with a few general com- 

ments, and the places and dates of publication of 
earlier editions, when such editions are known : 

I. In Arttin Ana/i/fii-fii. /naifor/e. (Tours, 1 ">'.)! ; 
three different French translations appeared at Paris 
in 1629, 1630, and 1044.) The general principles of 
the new analysis are here given. The Human cap- 
ital letters are used to denote quantities ; vowels 
representing unknown quantities, and consonants 
known. There is no sign of equality ; and the 
sign = is used to express the operation of taking 
the arithmetical difference of the quantities between 
which it stands. Stress is laid on the important 
principle of homogeneousness, an elaborate no- 
menclature being employed (here and throughout 
the writings of Viete) to distinguish different orders 
of quantity. As we give the geometric names 
square and cube to the second and third powers, so 
Viete, following Diophantus, denotes all the suc- 
cessive degrees by corresponding terms : 1. Latus, 
seu Radix ; 2. Quadratum ; 3. Cubus; 4. Quadrato- 
quadratum ; 5. Quadrato-cubus ; 0. Cubo-cubus ; 
7. Quadrato quadrato-cubus, etc. ; and he uses also, 
for the different kinds of quantity, the terms: 
1. Longitudo latitudove ; 2. Planum ; 3. Solidum ; 
4. Plano-planum, etc. Thus, he writes "A qua- 
drato-quadratum,4-B piano 6 in A quadratum, + !> 
solido 4 in A, aequatur Z piano-piano," to express 
the equation A 4 +6 BA-+4 I)A=Z ; the qualifica- 
tions attached to B, D, and Z, simply meaning that 
they are quantities of the second, third, and fourth 
orders respectively. 

II. Ad Logistictn Speciosam Notae Priores. This 
work contains the elementary practical rules of the 
analytic method. The following specimen shows 
how far Viete was from having attained the neat- 
ness of the modern algebraic form : 


"Cubo adgregati duorum laterum, cubum diffe- 
rentiae eorundem addere. 

" Sit latus unum A, alterum B. Oporteat A+B 
cubo, A B eubum addere. At vero culms effect us 
abs A+B, constat A cubo. H-A quadra to in B ter.-h 
A in B quadratum ter, H- B cubo. Culms au!em abs 
A=B constat A cubo, A quadrato in B ter, +- A 
in B quadratum ter, B cubo. Fiat igiiur horuiu 
additio : suinma est A cubus bis, H- A in B qua- 
dratum sexies. Hinc ordinatur 


"Cubus adgregati duorum laterum, pins cubo 
differentiae eorundein, aequatur duplo cubo laieris 
majoris, plus sextuplo solido a latere majore in 
lateris minoris quadratum." 

In our modern notation, the whole of the above 
is written as follows : 

&+ ( n I) 9 

(a 3 8a'& + 3ab* 6 3 ) 

This treatise closes with a trigonometric discus- 



sion, which virtually involves, as M. Ritter points 
out, tlie formulas of Moivre for sin mx and cos mx. 

III. Zeteticorum Libri quinque. (Tours, 1593; 
French translation, Paris, 1630.) This is a collec- 
tion of problems, illustrated by numerical examples. 
The first three books contain algebraic problems ; 
the last two are occupied with questions in the Dio- 
phantine Analysis. 

IV. De Aeqaatiomim Recognition^ et Emendation?, 
Tractatus duo. (Paris, 16.15.) A great number of 
transformations of equations are here given, the 
utility of many of them depending on the circum- 
stance that the conception of negative quantity had 
not then been entertained by mathematicians. In 
the first treatise, the solution of an equation is re- 
duced to a question in proportions. Thus, the 
solution of A 2 4-BA = Z- is equivalent to finding 
the least of three numbers in continued proportion, 
being given the mean equal to Z, and the difference 
of the extremes equal to B ; the solution of BA 2 
A 3 = BD' 2 is equivalent to finding the difference of 
the first and third of four numbers in continued 
proportion, being given the first (and greater) ex- 
treme equal to B, and the difference of the second 
and fourth terms equal to D. One design of this 
transformation seems to be [see chapter XI. of the 
second treatise] to give a geometric meaning to an 
equation of any degree. In chapter VI. of the second 
treatise, is to be found a reduction of a biquadratic 
equation to a cubic, substantially equivalent to what 
is known as Descartes's Solution ; although in a less 
simple form than that in which it was subsequently 
given by Descartes, and without the idea of the de- 
composition of an equation, which Viete seems not 
to have possessed. In chapter VII., Cardan's solu- 
tion of a cubic equation (already published in 1545) 
is given. 

V. De Nuniprosa Potestatum ad Exegesin Resohitione 
Tractatus. (Paris, 1000.) We have here the ex- 
traction of roots and the numerical solution of equa- 
tions, evolved from the principles of the Notae 

VI. Effectionum Geowetri'carum Canonica Recensio. 
This book contains the solution of equations of the 
first and second degrees by geometric construction. 
Through this invention only the origin of Analytic 
Geometry is commonly traced to Viete ; but it de- 
serves remark that his true claim to be regarded 
as the inspirer of Descartes rests on the fundamental 
character of the new Analysis itself, in which ques- 
tions of algebraic form were so conspicuous from 
the first, and were so geometrically conceived, that 
the notion of converting the analysis into a geom- 
etry could hardly fail to arise. It was the power of 
Viete's calculus, as contrasted with its limitation 
on the geometric side, which stimulated Descartes 
to bring the latter to a point of greater complete- 

VII. Snpjtlementum Geometriae. The construction 
of equations of the third and fourth degrees is here 
given, by means of a postulate which requires the use 
of a higher curve. But it was reserved for Des- 
cartes to reduce the construction of equations of all 
degrees to a principle, and to point out the simplest 
order of auxiliary curve for eaeh case. 

VIII. Pseado-Mesolabum et alia quaedam Adjuncta 

IX. Ad Angulares Sectiones Theoremata. The con- 
struction of equations of higher degrees. 

X. Ad Prob/ema quod Omnibus Matlteinaticis Totius 
Orbis Construendum proposuit Adrianus Romanus 

XI. A/>o/lonius Gal/us. (Paris, 1600.) The res- 
toration of a lost book of Apollonius. 

XII. Variorum de Rebus Malhematicis Responsorum 
Liber VIII. (Tours, 1593.) 

XIII. Munimen adwsus Nova Cyclometrica. (Paris, 
1594.) This is a refutation of Joseph Scaliger's 
pretended quadrature of the circle. See I)e Mor- 
gan's Budget of Paradoxes, pp. 67, 68 ; Bidletino di 
Bib/iograjia e di Stor. di Scienze Math, e Fis. VII. 

XIV. Re/atio Kalendarii vere Greyoriairi. (Paris, 

XV. Canonesin KalendariumGreqorianum Perpetuum. 

XVI. Adcerstis Christophorum C/avium Expostuiatio. 
(Paris, 1602.) Viete attacked the principles of the 
Gregorian Calendar, but was successfully answered 
by Clavius. 

Viete was also the author of a trigonometric table, 
called Canon Mathematicus, Paris, 1579, which he 
afterwards suppressed as inaccurate, and of an un- 
published work having the title Hannonicon Coeleste, 
long lost, but recently found in the Magliabecchi 
Library at Florence. See De Morgan's Budget of 
Paradoxes, p. 448. A list of writings prefixed to 
the original edition of the Isagoge also names : Addo- 
gisticen Speciosam Notae Posteriores (perhaps identi- 
cal with De Emendatione Aeqnationum) and Vario- 
rum de Rebus Mafheinaticis librise/>tein. 

The foundation of Analytic Geometry, as well as 
of modern Analysis itself, was thus laid in the pro- 
found, learned, and fruitful writings of Viete. But 
the special principle of Analytic Geometry, as we 
now understand it, is the representation of loci by 
equations ; and that principle is entirely due to 
the genius of the illustrious RENE DESCARTES 
(born at La Haye, in Touraine. in 159(5, died at 
Stockholm in 1650). His Geometric, which is in 
three books, was first published in French, in 1687, as 
one of three appendices to his Discourse on Mel/tod, and 
may be found in the fifth volume of his collected 
works, edited by Victor Cousin, Paris, 1824-26. A 
Latin translation, under the title : Geometria a Renato 
des Cartes anno 1637 Galilee edita, edited by ran Sclioo- 
ten, with notes by Florimondde Beaune, was published 
at Leyden in 1649. A second edition containing an 
extensive commentary by van Schootenand various 
tracts, containing also a portrait of Descartes, was 
published in two parts at Amsterdam in 16-59 ; and 
a third edition, differing little from the second, 
appeared in 1683. The student who feels any in- 
terest in the history of the progress of mathematical 
thought is recommended to study the Geometry of 
Descartes. It is, at first sight, remarkably differ- 
ent from what we now call Analytic Geometry ; and 
it is full of characteristic marks of the powerful 
mind from which it emanated. 

Descartes's Geometry is a direct continuation of 
the labors of Viete. The construction of determi- 
nate problems by the geometric interpretation of 
algebraic quantities, not the solution of questions of 
loci, nor the investigation of the properties of curves, 
is the ultimate object of the book. But, in seeking 
to systematize the construction of the roots of equa- 
tions of the higher degrees, Descartes was led to the 
representation of curves by equations as a way of 
bringing them into relations with algebraic forms. 
Accordingly, this principle appears simply as a 
nifthod, subordinate to a further object; and thus 
the Geometry becomes an appropriate illustration of 
the treatise to which it is appended. 

The titles of the three books of the Geometry, as 
given in the modern edition, are as follows : 

I. Des Problemfs qiion pent construire sans y em- 
plo//er que des Circles et des Lignes Droiles ; 19 pp. 

II. De la Nature des Liynes Courbes ; 52 pp. 

III. De la Construction des Problemes qui sont Sol ides 
ou plus que Solides. 42 pp. 

(To be continued.} 



Count Raczynski states that the translation was made by a 
M. Roquemont, in 184^, from the manuscript then in the library 
of Jesus at Lisbon. Since then the original seems to have dis- 
appeared (see Grimm, Leben Michelangelo's, Hand, 2. App. 
nota lii. ). This is the more to be regretted, because the trans- 
lation is obviously imperfect, and cannot be relied upon as a 
trustworthy rendering of the original. _ . 

A single letter of Francisco Holanda to Michelanglo is pre- 
served among the MSS. of the L'asa Buonarroti at Florence. 

The tacts concerning the life and works of Francisco Ho- 
landa are collected by Count Raczynski in his Dictionnaire 
H istorico-Artistique de Portugal pour f, lire suite a Pouvrage 
ayant pour titre : Les Arts en Portugal, Paris. 1847. 8vo. 

The preceding list contains the titles of the books that are the 
chief sources of the biography of Michelangelo. But in regard 
to special incidents in his life there are other contemporary au- 
thorities, and he acquired fame so early that many incidental 
notices of him occur in the literature of his time Thus in the 

Storia Fiorentina, ot his friend Benedetto Varchi, and written 
during his lifetime, there is mention of his being made "govern- 
or and procurator general of the forts and defences of Flor- 
ence'' in 1529 (Lib. viii 14); an account of the works 
undertaken by him while ho'ding this office (Lib. x. 41) ; of his 
flight from Florence in the same year (Lib. x. 31) ; and of his 
pardon by Clement VII. in 1530, and of the works he there- 
upon undertook (Lib. xii. ig) ; his reported advice concerning 
the palace of the Medici is narrated (Lib. vi. 25) ; the sacristy 
of San Lorenzo is referred to (Lib. xiv. 74, and Lib. xv. 34). 

So in the Istoria della Citta di Firenze, of Jacopo Nardi 
(b. 1476, d. 1555 ?) Michelangelo's design for fortifying Florence 
is spoken of (Lib. viii. 34); and his flight and return men- 
tioned (Id. 48). 

Scipione Ammirato (b. 1531. d. 1601) in his Istorie Florentine 
refers to the setting up of Michelange'o's statue of David in 
1504, with a warm eulogy of the artist (Lib xxviii., Anno 1504); 
to Michelangelo's employment on the fortifications (Lib. xxx , 
Anno 1529), and to the ceremony of his funeral (Lib. xxxv., 
Anno 1564). In speaking of his character, Ammirato says: 
" Essendo il Buonarroti vissuto per lo spazio di novant' anni, 
non si trov6 mai chi in tanta lunghezza di tempo, e Hcenza di 
peccare.gli potesse meritamente apporre macchia o hrutezza alcuna 
di costumi.'' Condivi's testimony to the purity of Michelangelo's 
life confirms the truth of these words. In the dissolute society 
of Florence and of the Papal Court, such virtue in conspicuous 
personages was so rare as to impress the imaginations of men as 
a wonder, and as deserving of record. The lact is a curious 
comment on the Italian Renaissance. 

See, for a mention of Michelangelo. Giov.-Batt. Adriani (b. 
1513, d. 1579), Istoria de 1 suoi tempi, daW anno 1536 alf anno 
1574. Lib. xviii. 

M ore interesting notices of Michelangelo's concern with pub- 
lic affairs in Florence in 1529, h s flight from the city, the ill- 
feeling of the nobility at seeing him in office, etc.. etc., are to be 
found in Lettere di Giambabtista Busini a Benedetto Varchi 
so/>ra I" 1 Assedio di Firenze, of which the best edition is that 
edited by Gaetano Milanesi, and published by Le Monnier, 
Florence, 1861. Busini was one of the many republican exiles 
from Florence, a man of high character, and of much ac- 
quisition He wrote these letters, which contain his recollections 
of the eventful period of the siege of Florence, from Rome in 
1 1548-49- Here he kept up an old acquaintance with Michel- 
angelo. In Letter X. he says, "Ho domandato Michelagno!o 
qual fu la cagione della sua partita. Dice cosi," etc. p. 104 
Varchi made great use of these letters of his friend in writing his 

In regard to Michelangelo's flight, see especially Gaye, Car- 
te ^gio inedito d 1 Art 1st i, II. 214. 

The celebrated de Thou (b. i5<?3, d. 1617), in his Historic* 
sui temporis, under the year 1564 (Lib. xxiv. ), records the 
death and funeral of Michelangelo, with words of admiration 
for him, ''nostra aetate, atque adeo post priscos Graecos, Pic- 
turae, Statuariae, & Architecturae praestantissimus Artifex." 

Leaving the contemporary historians we find an early instance 
of reference to Michelangelo in Castiglione's Cortegiano* writ- 
ten in 1514, published in 1528, in which he is three times referred 
to as among the most eminent artists. A more striking testi- 
mony to his repute is that given by the well-known verse of 
Ariusto : 

" Michel, piu che mortale. angel divino," 

in the Orlando Furioso (Canto xxxiii. St. 2) of which the first 
edition was published in 1516. Be:ni, in a Capitolo, addressed 
to Sebastian del Piombo, of uncertain date, but probably written 
as early as 1530, eulogizes Michelangelo in a style of excessive 
and somewhat commonplace flattery, but manages to get one 
vigorous line where, comparing him' with other artists, he says: 

" Ki dice cose, e voi dite parole." 

In Fra Bastinno's verses in reply, there is a message of com- 
pliment from Michelangelo to Berni, in return for his praises. 
See Ofere Burlesche di M. Francesco Berni. Milano. 1806. 
PP 32 seqq. 

In many of the treatises of art published in Italy during the 

sixteenth century, reference is made to Miche'angelo: e. g., in 
Michelangelo Biondo's little book, entitled Delia nobilisstma. 
Pittura et della sua A rte, del modo. et delta dottrina di con- 
seguirla agevolmente et presto. Venezia. 1549- sm. 410; 
the eighteenth chapter is, " Di M.chel Angelo Bonamta 
fiorentino pittore, et del suo glorioso artehtio, et dove." This 
brief chapter exalts Michelangelo as the first ot painters, and 
speaks of his Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel as being, in 
the judgment of many painters of Italy and from beyond the 
mountains, the most g'orious picture the world has ever seen. 
A translation into German of this curious little treatise, by Herr 
Ilg, with excellent introduction and notes, forms No. 5 of the 
Quellenschnften fur Kunstgeschichte. Wien. 1873. Biondu 
was born in Venice is 14 (7 ; he was a surgeon by profession, and 
a writer of many forgotten books. 

Another voluminous writer, of more note, but of little worth, 
Ludovico Dolce of Venice (b 1508, d. 1568), in his Dialogodella 
Pittura, intitolato L* Aretitio, first printed at Venice in 1557, 
puts into Aretino's mouth the popular objections to the nudny 
of the figures in the Last J udgment ; objections which Aretino 
had had the audacity to make in an impudent letter to Michel- 
angelo himself. [See, for Aretino's correspondence with Michel- 
angelo, on this and other matters, his Lettere, libri VI., Parigi, 
1609, Lib. i., p. 153; ii. 9; iii. 45, 122; iv. 37; Bottari, in 
Vol. III. of his Raccolta di Lettere sulla Pittura, Scultura 
ed Architettura, Milano, 1822, reprints some of these letters, 
equally offensive in their good or ill words The toleratit n of 
so infamous a creature as Aretino by Michelangelo, Vittoria 
Colonna, and other respectable persons, is another most signifi- 
cant illustration of the moral sense of the time]. Dolce makes 
Aretino compare the works of Rafael and Michelangelo to the dis- 
advantage of the latter ; some of his criticisms are acute and just. 
In sculpture "e Michel' Agnolo unico, divino, e pari a' gli an- 
tichi," p. 273 (ed. 1735). The conclusion of the Dialogue is that, 
among painters, "questi tre ottengono il Prencipato: ciofe 
Michel' Agnolo, Raffaello, e Titiano." The chief value of the 
book lies in its notices of Titian, of whom Dolce was a familiar. 

In / Trattati dell' Oreficeria e della Scultura of Benvenuto 
Ceilini, first published in Florence in 1568, as well as in his other 
writings, there are numerous interesting references to Michel- 
angelo, especially as to his work at Carrara and his methods in 
sculpture (Tratt, della Scultura, Cap. vi.); his methods 
in drawing (Sopra F Arte del Disegno, p. 217 in Milanesi' s 
edi.ion of / Trattati, etc., Firenze. 1857) ; his excel- 
lence in architecture, " questo e stato il maggiore architettp 
che fussi mai, so'o perche gii e stato il maggiore scultore et ii 
maggiore pittore" {Delia Architettura, Id- p. 224). 

In his Autobiography Cellini speaks of Michelangelo's Car- 
toon of Pisa, judging it one of his best works, '' Sebbene il 
divino Michelagnolo fece la gran capella di papa lulio da poi, 
non arrivo mai a questo segno alia meta : la sua virtu non ag- 
giunse mai da poi alia forza di quei primi studj " xii. He 
reports with disgust the sculptor Piero Torrigiani's story of 
breaking Michelangelo's nose, xiii., andhetells of the Venetian 
sculptor Jacopo Sansovino's depreciation of Michelangelo. 

One of Cellini's sonnets is addressed to Michelangelo, and 
he refers to him with admiration in several of them. 

But not only in treatises on art, or books by artists published 
during his lifetime, but in works on other topics and by other 
writers, may reference to Michelangelo be found. For instance, 
the Florentine tailor, academician, and excellent writer. C.iovan 
Battista Gel.i (b. 1498, d. 15^3), in his Ragionamento sof>ra It 
difficolta del mettere in regale la lingua ihe si par! a in Firenze^ 
wh ch accompanies the treatise by Pier Francesco Giambullari, 
entitled Del a lingua che si parla e si scrive in Firenze, con utt 
Dialogo di G. B. Gelli sofira la difficolta di ordinare < 
lingua, Firenze, 1551, Svo, reports the following memorable sav- 
ing of Michelangelo, " Soleva dire Michelagnolo Buonarroti 
quelle sole figure esser buone, delle quali era cavata la fatica { 
cioe condotte con si grande arte, che elle parevano cose natural! 
e non di artifizio." p. 29. 

The treatise by Carlo Lenzoni, In Difesa della Lingua 
Fiorentina e di Dante, Firenze, 1550, sin. 410, pp 22^, is 
dedicated by its editor, Pierfrancesco Gi.unliullari. to Michel- 
angelo. Lenzoni died before the publication of hi- book; it was 
left in charge of Giambullari, and he also dying, it svas finally 
published by Cosimo Hartoli. All of these men were eminent 
in the band of men of letters in Florence in the middle of the 
sixteenth century. Giambullari says ih.u, in dedicating the 
treatise to Michelangelo, he is carrying out I.enzoni's in- 
tention ; he refers to Michelangelo's well-known love tor Dante 
and thorough acquaintance with his works, and proceeds to draw 
a parallel between him and Dante. 

On p. 10 of tin- treatise is a comparison of Michelangelo and 
Rafael, " 1' uno e 1' altro e marstro p.rleito; et sono di 
diversa maniera, come il Petrarca ..K. Dante. Ill cosi come il 
Petrarca impani da Dante. X: non lo supenS se ben fece divina- 
mente, cosi Rafaello non hasuperato Michelangelo se bene paion 
fatte in Paracliso le sue pitture." So- in Milanesi's edition of 
Michelangelo's Letters, Let. CD] XXIX, to Vasari, enclosing 
a letter ofthanks to Messcr Cosimo for his little book. 

In Ragionamenti Accadeinici di Cosimo l^ntoli GfHttT- 
huomo et Accademico Fiorentino, In Venetia, 1567, sin. 410, 



there are many references to Michelangelo : as an architect, and 
his use of the ancient orders, in which " non osservo le rnisure 
degli Antichi" p. 2 ; as a sculptor, "ha passato gli Antichi;" 
"e sopranaturale e divino," p. i9,"haaperti gli occhi a questa 
eta," p. 20 (also pp. 19, 36), "un monstro de.la natura nella 
Architettura, Pittura & Scultura" ed "in queste arti e solo & 
senza compagno," pp. 35, 36. 

Andrea Calmo, the Venetian playwright, and one of the most 
extravagant and affected writers of the Renaissance, published, 
in 1572, a volume of letters addressed to distinguished person- 
ages, under the title of Cherebizsi, ne* qitali si contengono 
varii, & ingenio si disco f si, &> Jantastiche fantasie Filosopin- 
che, the second book of which contains a foolish letter addressed 
' Alia eterna semenza de le gran maravele, M. Michiel Agnolo 
Bonaroti Fiorentin." It occupies four pages with one long 
sentence. Michelangelo is "pare, patron, dominaore Imperador 
de la scultura'' ; he is "in suma sumarum bon poeta, miorarchi- 
tetto, perfetto depentor, e in superlative scuHor, and much more 
of the same sort. It is worth notice only as an indication of 
Michelangelo's repute with his contemporaries. 

In a rare little volume entitled Pefilus Italia, published at 
Paris in 1578 by Giammatteo 'I'oscano, of Milan (reprinted by 
Fabricitis, in his Conspectus Thesauri Litterarii Italics, 1730), 
celebrating the famous Italians of the last three centuries, each 
with a Latin epigram and a brief eulogy in prose, there is an 
epigram on Michelangelo, which has raiher more than the usual 
spirit of such performances. It begins: 

" Et dubitamus adhuo priscis praaponere sasculis 
Hoc aevum ? usque adeo laudator temporis acti 
Livor erit, merita fraudans presentia laude ? 
Non sinit hoc Michael/' 

This list of contemporary notices of Michelangelo and of 
references to him might be extended ; but enough have been 
given to show their character. The absence of any critical dis- 
crimination in the judgments of him as an artist is an illustra- 
tion of a marked characteristic deficiency in the general culture 
of the period. 


The Poems and Letters of Michelangelo. 

i. Benedetto Varchi. Due Lezzioni di M. 
Benedetto Varchi, nella prima delle quali si 
dichiara un Sonetto di M. MICHELAGNOLO 
BUONARROTI. Nella seconda si disputa quale 
sia piu nobile arte la Scultura, o la Pittura, con 
una lettera d' esso Michelagnolo, & piu altri 
Eccellentiss. Pittori et Scultori, sopra la Quis- 
tione sopradetta. In Fiorenza. Appresso 
Lorenzo Torrentino. Impressor Ducale. 


Sm. 4to, pp. 155. Before the publication of this volume, none 
of the poems of Michelangelo seem to have been printed, but 
many of them had circulated in manuscript among his friends, 
and some of his madrigals were set to music by Arcadente, or 
Arcadelt, one of the most eminent musicians of the centurv, as 
well as by Constanzio F'esta and others. [For notices of these 
and other famous musicians at Rome and Florence in the six- 
teenth century, see Cosimo Bartoli's Ragionaiuenti Accademici. 
Venice, 1567, pp. 35 seqq.] See in Milanese's edition oiLe Lettere 
di Michelangelo Buonarroti, Lett. CDXXVIII and CDXX1X. 
The repute of his poetry was great, as appears from other evi- 
dence besides the Discourse of Varchi. This discourse was read 
at a public session of the Florentine Academy, on the second 
Sunday of Lent, i54&.Vittoria Colonna, to whom, it is believed, 
the sonnet was addressed, was alive at the time of the delivery, 
but died before the publication of the discourse. The sonnet 
which Varchi interprets and comments upon, is one of 
Michelangelo's best. It is that beginning 

" Non ha 1' ottimo artista alcun concetto." 

In his discourse Varchi refers to many other of the poems of 
Michelangelo, citing at length several of his madrigals and three 
of his sonnets, besides the one which is the special theme of 
comment. The discourse is a formal scholastic performance, 
of little critical worth. Varchi bestows the most exalted eulogy 
on the poet, " dico Michelangelo senza altro titolo, o sopra nome 
alcuno percio che non so trovare nessuno epiteto il quale non mi 
paia, o che si contenga in quel nome solo, o che non sia di lui 
minore ; il qual sotjetto ho preso hoggi a dovere interpretare per la 
grandissima doctrina & iucredibile utilita, che in esso si rac- 
chiude," etc. 

Tins Lezione has been frequently reprinted, in various editions 
of Michelangelo's poems. 

The second Discourse ol Varchi treats ol the ordei in emi- 

nence of the arts, "qual sia la piu degna di tutte 1'arti ; secondly, 
which is the nobler, painting or sculpture; lastly, how far poets 
and painters are alike or unlike. The discussion of such ques- 
tions is an indication of the decline of the artistic spirit and life 
in Florence ; of the frigid, academic temper wlv'ch succeeded 
the productive energy ot the Renaissance. Varchi fails, more- 
over, to make the necessary distinctions. He gives the first 
place among the arts to med'icine ; the next to architecture. In 
regard to the comparative nobility ot painting and sculpture, he 
says he has asked and received the written opinions of almost all 
the most excellent sculptors and painters in Florence, that he will 
give his own opinion, and will "remit the judgment to him who 
is perfect in both arts, namely Michelangelo." After stating 
the arguments on one side and the other, Varchi declares his 
opinion to be that "substantially sculpture and painting area 
single art," since the end of both is the imitation of nature, and 
the beginning of both is design ; consequently one is as noble 
as the other. The third question, wh ch is much the same as 
that which Lessing discusses in his Laocoon, Varchi does not 
satisfactorily resolve, but he points out one main distinction : 
that the poets principally represent the internal conditions of the 
soul, while the painters have more to do with the external ap- 
pearance of persons and things. His discourse is followed by 
the letters he had received in regard to his second question from 
Vasari, Bronzino, Jacopo da Pontormo, Maestro Tasso (a sculp- 
tor of little note), Francesco Santo Gallo, Tribolo, and Benven- 
uto Cellini. The volume ends with a letter of Michelangelo, 
written after he had read the discourse, as the judge in the dis- 
pute, in which he says that he had been accustomed to regard 
sculpture as the lantern of painting, so that the difference be- 
tween them was such as that between the sun and moon ; but 
that Varchi's discourse has led him to change his opinion, and he 
now holds that, as they both have the same end, they are of equal 
honor, and he advises that peace be made between them, for 
the dispute takes more time than the making of figures. He 
excuses himself from entering at length upon the question. 
" perche non solo son vecchio, ma quasi nel numero de' morti." 

It will be remembered that the puerile dispute broke out 
afresh at the time of the funeral obsequies of Michelangelo. 

A summary of the controversy is to be found in Carlo Mil- 
anesi's preface to his edition of Cellini's Trattati. Firenze. 

In a letter to Luca Martini, probably written in 1547 (Let. 
CDLXIII., in Milanese's edition of Michelangelo's Letters, 
wrongly dated 1549), Michelangelo acknowleges the receipt of 
Varchi's Discourse on his Sonnet. "The sonnet is indeed 
mine ; but the comment comes from heaven," and he bids 
Martini commend him duly to Varchi. 

At the close of his Life of Michelangelo, Condivi says : 
" I hope in a short time to publish some of his sonnets and 
madrigals, which for a long time I have gathered from himself 
and from others." This hope was not fulfilled. When Vasan 
published the second edition of his Life of the great artist, he 
inserted in it two sonnets, one of compliment to himself, the 
other sent him in 1554, one of the most impressive sonnets of 
old age : 

" Giunto e gia '1 corso della vita mia." 

A few other of Michelangelo's poems may have got into print 
in the course of the century, but there was no published collec- 
tion of them. 

2. Rime di Michelagnolo Buonarroti. Raccolte 
da Michelagnolo suo Nipote. In Firenze 
appresso i Giunti con licenzia de' Superiori. 

Sm. 4to. Six leaves unpaged, pp. 88. The editor of this first 
edition of Michelangelo's poems was the son of his nephew 
Leonardo, and was born four years after the death of his great- 
uncle. Named for him, and endowed with good natural gifts, he 
sedulously devoted himself to do honor to M ichelangelo's memory, 
carefully gathering together his scattered writings, and such 
other works by him or memoria's of him as were still possos^ed in 
his family, or could be obtained from his friends. To the editing 
of Michelangelo's poems, he gave great pains. His address to 
the reader is as follows : 

" Since various rhymes of Michelangelo circulate in manuscript 
and in print, deficient in correctness, the reader is informed that 
the text of his compositions preserved in the Vatican libraryi 
which is in great part in the author's handwriting, having been 
compared with those of his compositions in the possession of his 
heirs or other persons in Florence, the choicest and most deter- 
minate readings have been chosen ; there being many indeter- 
mined and not very clear, but, as it were, unsatisfactory rough 
drafts. Fragments cited by other writers, especially Varchi, 
from works not found complete have been omitted, with the 
desire that they may be published should they at any time be 
found perfect." This address is misleading, nay, essentially 
disingenuous. Hardly a poem in the volume was printed as 
Michelangelo wrote it; the verses were refashioned by the 
editor to suit the enfeebled literary taste of the time ; the rough 
vigor of the original was polished away ; sentiments of dubious 

(To-be continued.} 




The papers were given, July 24, 1827, to this Library by RICHARD HENRY LEE, author of the lives of 
RICHARD HENRY LEE and ARTHUR LEE, and are bound in seven volumes. The numbers repre- 
sent the pages of the volumes. 

VOL. I. 

1. Gooch, Sir William, (Gcv. of Va.}. June 17, 

1744. Letter to [Thomas Lee]. The Indian 
council at Lancaster, Penn. ff. (2). 

2. Copy of orders. April 23, 1760. Court-martial 

upon Lord George Sackville for disobedience 
of the orders of Prince Ferdinand of Bruns- 
wick at the battle of Minden. f. (i). 

Lee, Arthur. Nov. 5, 1763. Letter to his brother 
[Philip Ludvvell Lee ?] The political situation 
of England and the produce of Virginia, ff. (2). 

3. 4. Massachusetts Bay House of Represent- 

atives. Nov. 28, 1/64. Copy of letter sent to 
Jasper Mauduit and afterwards to Richard 
Jackson, agents in London for the province. 
Reasons why Great Britain would gain nothing 
by the tax on molasses, etc. ff. (3). 

5. Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Providence 

Plantations, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Govern- 
ments of New Castle, Kent and Sussex upon 
Delaware, and Maryland. Oct. 25, 1765. Copy 
of memorial to parliament against the stamp 
act. ff. (2). 

6. Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives. 

Nov. 7, 1765. Letter to Dennis De Berdt. His 
appointment as special agent in London for the 
province. Signed, "Sam 1 . White Spkr." ff. (2). 

Printed, with a few verbal changes, in Massachusetts Papers, 
p. 4, published in 1856 by the Seventy-six Society, Philadelphia. 

7. Extracts from three letters on the situation of 

affairs in America. Indorsed " 1766." f. (i). 

The first is from William Donaldson of New York, and writ- 
ten on a slip attached to the sheet on which the others are. The 
last two are addressed, " My Lord," and are in a different 

8. New Jersey House of Assembly. June 14, 

1766. Order for thanks to be given to Dennis 
De Berdt "for his Assiduity and Attention to 
the Affairs of the Colonys During the Applica- - 
tion for a Repeal of the Stamp Act." Signed, 
"Jona. Deare Clk." f. (i). 
For the letter of thanks, see n. 

Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives. 
June 20, 1766. Resolution for letter of thanks 
to be sent to William Pitt for his efforts toward 
the repeal of the stamp act. Signed, " Sam 1 
Adams Cler." f. (i). 

Printed, Bradford's Massachusetts State Papers, p. 92. For 
letter of thanks, see 10. 

9. Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives. 

June 21, 1766. Note to Charles, Lord Camden, 
transmitting vote of thanks for his patronage 
of the colonies. Signed, Thomas Gushing 
Speaker, f. (i). 

June 21, 1766. Note to George, 

Lord Pomfret, for the same purpose. Same 
signature, f. (i). 

For the accompanying vote of thanks, see 13. 

10. June 21, ij 66, Letter of thanks 

to William Pitt, referred to under 8. Same 
signature, ff. (2). 

11. New Jersey House of Assembly. June 22, 

1766. Letter of thanks to Dennis De Berdt, 
referred to under 8. Signed, Cortland Skinner 
Speaker, ff. (2). 

1 2. Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives. 
June 28, 1766. Letter of thanks and instruc- 
tions to Dennis De Berdt. Signed, Thomas 
Gushing Spkr. ff. (2). 

Printed, with a few orthographical changes and one additional 
sentence, in Massachusetts Papers, p. 14, published in 1856 by 
the Seventy-six Society, Philadelphia. 


June 30, 1766. Vote of thanks 

to George, Lord Pomfret, referred to under 9. 
Signed, "Sam 1 Adams Cler." f. (i). 

14. Boston Committee of the Toum. Oct. 26, 1766. 
Draft of part of a letter to Dennis De Berdt. 
Search of Daniel Malcom's house by the 
custom-house officers in October, 1766. f. (i). 

Composed by Samuel Adams. See Wells' Life of Samuel 
Adams, I. 130. For the full letter, see 25. 

15-19. Copy of a copy of depositions, Sept. 2\-Oct. 
I, 1766, sworn before Gov. Bernard's council, in 
the case of Daniel Malcom's resistance to the 
search of his house by the deputy-collector 
William Sheafe, under the "writs of assistance." 
Depositions by William Sheafe, Benjamin 
Hallowell, John Ruddock, John Tudor, William 
Nickels, William Wimble, Nathaniel l!;ulvr, 
John Baker and Stephen Greenleaf, attested by 
John Cotton, deputy-secretary. Copy certified 
by William Cotton, town clerk, pp. 18. (Pp. 
5-18 are imperfect torn.) 

After a copy of the depositions was at last received from the 
governor's council, the present copy \\.isprobably made bv order 
of the town, to be sent to itsa.ni-nt in 1 n^l.uid. See Wells' Life 
of Samuel Adams, I. 130; Drake's History of Boston, p. 737. 
For the evidence before the town, see . 

20. Downe, Samuel. Sept. 26, 1766. Letter to 
Dennis De Berdt. Private business, ff. (2). 
(Imperfect torn.) 


21. Ashley, Joseph and Jonathan, and "Wood- 
bridge, Timothy. Oct. 9, 1766. Letter to 
Dennis De Berdt, asking his help in establish- 
ing an academy at Hatfield, Mass. ff. (2). 
(Imperfect torn.) 

22. Copy of depositions, Oct. 16-20, 1766, by Nathan- 
iel Barber and William Nickels, sworn before 
Edmund Quincy. Ringing of the north bell 
and conduct of the people at the time of the 
Malcom disturbance mentioned above. Dep- 
osition by William Wimble, Oct. 17, 1766, 
sworn before Joshua Winslow. Copy attested 

- by William Cooper, town clerk, ff. (4). 

For other and contradictory evidence, taken in the governor's 
interest, see 15-19. 

23. Copy of deposition, Oct. 21, 1766, by Capt. 

Daniel Malcom, sworn before Edmund Quincy. 
Same affair, ff. (2). (Imperfect first part 
gone, only last four pages left.) 

24. Boston. Oct. 8-22, 1766. Two copies of votes 
of town meeting in reference to the depositions 
given in the governor's council on the Malcom 
affair. Attested by William Cooper, town 
clerk, ff. (2). 

25. Boston. Committee of the Town. Oct. 26, 

1766. Letter to Dennis De Berdt stating the 
people's version of the Malcom affair and trans- 
mitting the depositions given above. Signed, 
"James Otis pr Order of ye committee." ff. (4.) 

Composed by Samuel Adams. See Wells' Life of Samuel 
Adams, J. 130. For draft of a part of this letter, written in 
another hand, see 14. 

26. Deposition, Dec. i, 1766, by John Pike, John 

Lombard, Jr. and Lewis Lombard, Jr., sworn 
before Barnabas Paine, at Truro, Barnstable 
Co., Mass. Prevention of fishing in the Straits 
of Belle Isle by a British man-of-war, f. (i). 

27. 28. Massachusetts Bay House of Represent- 

atives. Dec. 6, 1766. Letter to [Dennis De 
Berdt], inclosing depositions. Prevention of 
American fishing and whaling in Newfoundland 
waters by order of Com. Palliser, gov. of New- 
foundland ; custom-house officers and regula- 
tions. Signed, Thomas Cashing Speaker, 
ff. ( 4 ). 

For the depositions, see 29-31. 

29-31. Deposition, Dec. 9, 1766, by Robert Barker, 
sworn before Richard Dana. Fishery trouble. 
Deposition, Dec. 13, 1766, by Moses Wiley, 
Cyprian Hinkley and Henry Young, sworn be- 
fore Belcher ft oyes. Deposition, Dec. 26, 

1766, by Thomas Harding, sworn before John 
Avery. ff. (3). 

These were inclosed in the letter above, 27, 28. 

32. New York Presbyterian Church. Feb. 17, 

1767. Petition of the ministers, elders, etc., to 
Sir Henry Moore, captain-general and governor 
of New York, for leave to prove facts in a 
former petition for a charter. Signed, John 
Rogers, Joseph Treat on behalf of the peti- 
tioners, ff. (2). 

33-35. Massachusetts Bay House of Represent- 
atives. March 1 6, 1767 Letter to Dennis De 
Berdt. Claim of Lieut. -Gov. Hutchinson to a 
seat in the council. Signed, Thomas Gushing 
Spkr. pp. ii. 

Composed by Samuel Adams. See Wells' Life of Samuel 
Adams, I. 135 et seg., where much of the letter is quoted. 

36,37. Massachusetts Bay House of Represent- 
atives, yune 24, 1767. Letter to the same. 
The fishery trouble in Newfoundland waters ; 
troops in America ; the bill for pardon of 
rioters and compensation of sufferers during 
disturbances in Boston ; paper money ; Con- 
necticut and Massachusetts boundary. Signed, 
Thomas Gushing Spkr. ff. (4). 

38. Sheafe, Edward. July i, 1767. Letter from 
Charlestown to the same. Relations of the 
colonies with Great Britain ; bill for pardon, 
compensation, etc. (as above, 36, 37). ff. (4). 
(Imperfect torn.) 

39. Gushing, Thomas. Oct. 15, 1767. Private 
letter to Dennis De Berdt. Imposition of taxes 
on the colonies ; the governor's salary, pp. 8. 

40. Copy of examination of Robert Hallowell, con- 
troller of the port of Boston, at the treasury 
board in London. July 21, 1768. Seizure of 
John Hancock's sloop " Liberty." Copy signed, 
"Jno. Speed." ff. (5). 

41. [Livius (?), Peter], of New Hampshire. Oct. 
18, 1768. Copy of a letter to his brother in 
London. Quartering troops in America, ff. (4). 
(Imperfect torn.) 

This letter has no signature, and the name of the writer, given 
in the indorsement, is torn, so that only "evius" or " evins " is 

42. Boston Selectmen. Feb. 16-18, 1769. Re- 

questing Gov. Bernard to communicate facts 
which may have been sent to Great Britain 
militating against the colonies ; with the gov- 
ernor's reply, ff. (2). 

Without attestation. Printed, with two names of members 
different, and with a few verbal changes, in Massachusetts Papers, 
p. 115, published in 1856 by the Seventy-six Society, Philadel- 

Feb. 23, 24, 1769. Second request 

for the same purpose, and second reply, ff. (2). 

Without attestation. Printed, with a few verbal changes and 
one additional line, in Massachusetts Papers, p. 120, published 
by the Seventy-six Society, Philadelphia. 


Feb. 25, 1769. Letter to Dennis 

De Berdt reviewing this correspondence. 
Signed, Joshua Henshaw, Joseph Jackson, 
John Rudduck, John Hancock, Samuel Pem- 
berton, Henderson Inches, ff. (6). 

46. Lee, Arthur. March 23, 1769. Letter from 

London to his brother [Richard Henry Lee] in 
Virginia. English and American politics, ff. (2). 

47. Dickinson, John. April 20, 1769. Letter from 

Philadelphia to Arthur Lee. The disaffection 
in America and the unworthiness of many of 
the colonial representatives in London, ff. (2). 
Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 293. 

48. June 26, 1769. Letter to the same on 

the same subjects, ff. (2). 

Printed, Lee's Life of Arthur Lee, II. 296. 

Massachusetts Bay House of Representatives. 
July 22, 1769. Notice to Col. Dalrymple of the 
time for taking depositions relative to the rescue 
of John Ryley. ff. (2). 

49-56, Depositions, July 24, 1769, by Jeremiah 
Belknap, Peter Barbour, Samuel Downe, Joseph 
Edwards, Thomas Waite Foster, Stephen 
Greenleaf, Edward Jackson, Edmund Quincy 
and John Loring, sworn before Richard Dana 
and Belcher Noyes. Rescue of John Ryley. 
ff- (13). 

(To be continued?) 



prince of Isenburg ; Voltaire ; Washington ; Mrs. Martha Custis 
Washington ; David Baillie Warden ; Samuel Warren ; Daniel 
Webster ; J. W. Webster ; Bernhard, duke of Saxe- Weimar ; 
. M. C. Patterson, marchioness of Wellesley ; Richard Colley, 
marquis of Wellesley; Duke of Wellington; J. S. Wortley, ad 
lord Wharncliffe; Henry Wheaton ; William Whewell ; Wil- 
liam Wilberforce ; John Wilkes ; George H. Wilkinson; J. J. 
Wilkinson; N. P. Willis; William Wills; Hiram Wilson; 
K. A. F. Witzleben ; Oliver Wolcott ; Wordsworth ; R. R. 
Wormeley ; Itev. Francis Wrangham ; Elizur Wright ; Sir Wat- 
kin Williams Wynn. 

[Badia y Leblich or Castillo, DOMINGO]. Voy- 
ages d'Ali Bey el Abbassi en Afrique et en Asie 
pendant les annees 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806 et 1807. 
[Edited by Jean Baptiste Bonaventure de Roque- 
fort.] 3 torn. Paris. 1814. 8. Port. 

The atlas is wanting. 

On a fly-leaf is written, "A Son Altesse Se"re"nissinie Mon- 
seigneur Le Prince de Talleyrand Le General Badia." Pasted 
on the half-title-page is a sheet bearing the following inscription : 

" Le General Badia, Espagnol, Envoye" par S. M. C. Le Roy 
Charles IV. en Afrique et en Asie sous le nom A'Ali Bey, 
demeure a Paris rue S? Honore* mini? 292." Underneath this 
is written, "Autograph of the Author General Badia." 

[Beccaria, CESARE BONESANA, Marquis DI]. Dei 
delitti e delle pene Ed. 6 a di nuovo corretta ed ac- 
cresciuta. [To which is appended, " Risposta ad uno 
scritto che s.' intitola Note ed osservazioni sul libro 
Dei delitti, e delle pene."] Harlem, also Paris. 
1766. sm. 8. front, and vign. 

This volume was presented to Mr. Sumner by Rev. Sydney 
Smith, and has his autograph. On one of the fly-leaves is a 
quotation in Mr Sumner' s handwriting from the Edinburgh 
review, 1821, relating to the book. 

An essay on crimes and punishments. With 

a commentary attributed to Monsieur de Voltaire. 
[And " Remarks on the opinions of some of the 
most celebrated writers on crown law, respecting 
the due distinction between manslaughter and 
murder." By Granville Sharp ; and " Opinion on 
duelling," by J. J. Rousseau.] Philadelphia. 1778. 

On the title-page is the autograph of " S. Adams." 

Bewick, THOMAS. Wood engravings of land 
and water birds. Never before published. New- 
castle. [182-?] 4. Port, and 49 welds. 

" Only sixty copies printed." 

Bible. Lat. (Vulg.) [Biblia latina. i Sam. 
xxxi. 5 2 Sam. v. n, " esset saul : irruit," etc. 

" nucios ad dauid." Moguntn, Fust 6 Schoijfher. 
1462.] f. 2 leaves, fragment. 

One illuminated capital is added by hand. 
On this famous edition, the first which bears the name of a 
printer, and the place and year of its execution, see Dibdirfs 
Bibliotheca spenceriana," I. 11-18. 

Eng. (C. V.) [The Holy Bible, contain- 
ing the Old Testament, Apocrypha and New Testa- 
ment. Cambridge. 1637.] 4. pp. 918. G. L. 
i vol., old cf., rebacked, with brass corners, centre- 
pieces and bands down the back. 

This Bible formerly belonged to JOHN BUNYAN, and has his 
autograph on the title-page of the New Testament. A portrait 
of Bunyan is also inserted, together with a woodcut, represent- 
ing the cottage in which he wrote the second part of " The 
Pilgrim's Progress." The volume contains the book-plate of 
Richard Hlofeld. 

Imperfect: the title-page and preliminary pages to the 
Old Testament, and pp. 17-20, 25, 26, 29-32, 67, 68 are wanting ; 
and the corners and margins of several pages are worn off. 

N. 7\ Novvm Testamentvm graece, 

cum vulgata interpretatione latina, grseci contextus 
lineis inserta. Once quidem interpretatio, cum a 
Graecarum dictionum proprietate discedit, sensum, 
videlicet, magis quatn verba exprimens, in margine 
libri est collocata: atquc alia Ben. Ariae Montani 
hispalensis opera e verbo reddita, ac diuerso cha- 
racterum genere distincta, in eius est substituta 

cum. [Antuerpiae], ex ojficina plantiniana Rap/ic- 

lengii. 1613. 8. pp. 681+, ff. (3). Vign. i vol., 
shp., gilt, richly covered with fleurs-de-lis. 

On both sides of the cover is stamped in gilt the coat-of-arms 
of some member of the royal family of France (?). 

Bible N. T. 'H KCUVI] 8ta0TJ*7j. Novum Testamen- 
tum, ex regiis aliisque optimis editionibus cum cura" 
expressum. Amstelodami, ex ojficina elzeviriana. 
1656. sm; 8. ff. (6), pp. 703. Vign. 

Racine's autograph is on the title-page and on the last leaf. 

This title, and the one following, represent the fourth and 
sixth of the seven genuine Elzevir editions of the Greek New 
Testament. The seventh (1678) is in the library of the Divinity 
School ; the others belonging to the series, 1624, 1633, 1641, 
1662, and also the edition of Curcellseus (1658). which was from 
the Elzevir press, are accessible in a private library in Cambridge. 
Of these, the first and second are especially rare; the first being 
generally regarded by the critical editors as the proper repre- 
sentative of the so-called "Textus Receptus" or Received 
Text, a phrase borrowed from the preface of the second edition 
(1633) "Textum ergo habes nunc ab omnibus receptum." 
There are small differences in the text of the different editions. 
See Reuss, Bibliotheca Novi Testament i Greed (1872), p. 108 
ff., whose statements, however, require some qualification. 

K. A. 

'H KO.IV)) Siad-f)Krj. Novum Testamen- 

tum, ex regiis aliisque optimis editionibus cum cura 
expressum. Amstelodami, ex officina elzeviriana. 
1670. sm. 8. ff. (8), pp. 703. Vign. 

On the title-page are written, " Bibliothece mnry SV Vidasti," 
and " Thery." 

Gospels. (Selections.) Les evangiles 

des dimanches et fetes de.l'armee suivis de prieres 
a la Sainte Vierge et aux saints Texte revu par M. 
1'abbe Delaunay Designe par Monseigneur 1'arche- 
veque de Paris [With an appendix. Edited by L. 
Curmer.] 3 pt. Paris. 1864. 4. 101 chrorno-lith. 
plates, 51 ilium, texts, vign., 80 photogrs., 141 ivdcts., 
etc. 2 pt. in i vol., red crushed levant, .stamped 
with arabesques in gilt and black ; gilt on marble 
edges, lined with green watered.silk,in red cloth case. 
i vol., \ red crushed levant, stamped with gilt 
and black on back, gilt edges, in red board case. 

The title is taken from the appendix. 

Each page of the ist vol. is printed and ruled in colors and 
is surrounded by an illuminated chromo-lithographic border. 
The plates and texts are chromo-lithographed by Lemercier 
& Co., from miniatures and MSS. of the 8th to the iMh centuries, 
representing the work of Albert Diirer, Hans Memling, Jean 
Foucquet, Fra Angelico ? Lorenzo Monaco, Attavante, 
etc. The photographs, being reproductions of the engr.iv- 
ings of the brothers Jean, Je"rome and Antoine Wie>ix, are 
in the appendix, and have a special title-page, reading : 
" Les freres Wie'rix La vie de la Sainte Vierge La divine 
enfance La passion de notre Seigneur J^sus Christ Les 
saints et les samtes Paris.' ; The "Description de 1'ornemon- 
tation des Evangiles" in the appendix is in 2 pt., each having 
an illustrated title-page. In each the pages are ornamented on 
one side with a fanciful border. In the 2d pt. these borders 
contain 131 of the woodcuts, copied chiefly from designs l>y Martin 
Schongauer, by Otto Vceiiiiis, in " Emblemes de I'ammir hu- 
main," by Jost Ammon, illustrating the woik of liartmann 
Schopperus, entitled : *' De omnibus illibera ilnis sivc nn.-di.i- 
nicis artibus," etc-, and by loll.it. Beham, and Holbein illustrat- 
ing the ''Grande danse macabre." 

Binet, I^TIENNE. Meditations affectvevses svr la 
vie de la tressainte Vierge mere de Diev. Anvers. 
1632. sm. 8. ^engrs. I vol., blue crushed levant, 
gilt on marble edges. Bound by Trautz-Bauxonnet. 

The title-page is engraved. The engravings are by Charles 
de Mallery, after Th. Galle. 

Boccaccio, GIOVANNI. II Decameron 2 pt. 
(paged continuously). Firenze. 1820. sm. 12. ff. 
.(2), pp. xvii., 910 -4-. Front, and /><>;/. I vol., cf., 
gilt ; covers lined with cf , gilt, richly tooled, first 
and last fly-leaves lined with screen watered silk. 

Also with an engraved title-page. 

" Notizie sulla vita e gli scritti di Gio. Boccaccio," pp. ix.- 



Borrhaus, MARTIN. In cosmographiae elementa 
Commentatio. Astronomica. Geographica. Basileae, 
per loannem Oporinum. [1555.] sm. 8. ff.(7), pp. 
132 [131]. Diagrs. 

Bosso, or Bossi (Lat. Bossus), MATTEO. [Fpl. 
I* tit. : ] Matthaei Bossi veronensis ca | nonici 
regvlaris in lesv Chri | sti salvatoris passione fle | 
bilis et devotissimvs sermo. | [Colophon: ] Im- 
pressum Bononiae per Platonem | de Benedictis de 
Bononia | Anno salutis Milesimo | quadringete- 
simo | et nonagesi | moqnto | tertio Idus nouem | 
bris | sm. 4. if. (12). 

The initial D at the beginning is supplied in red ink. 

For a full and accurate description see Hain, I. i. 506, no. 
3678 ; Osmonfs " Diet, typog.," I. 127. 

In fine: Matthaei | Bossi Veronensis | 

canonici regvlaris | vera | et I salvtaria animi | gav- 
dia j finivnt | {Colophon : ] .Impressit. | Floren- 
tiae | Ser Franciscus Bonaccur | sius. Anno Salu- 
tis | M.CCCC. | .LXXXXI. | Sexto Idus | Febrv- 
arii. sm. 4. ff. (89). 

For a full and accurate description see Hain, I. i. 506, no. 
3672 ; Panzer, I. 417, no. 123 ; Osmonfs " Diet, typog." I. 126. 

A MS. title-page has been supplied, which is beautifully 
ornamented in India ink; the omitted initials are also supplied 
by hand and filled in with little India ink drawings. On the 
back of the first front fly-leaf are MS. notes about the book. 
The reference there to Osmont is not, however, correct ; he does 
itat mention a copy bound with the " Sermo in passione Christi." 

On the inside of the front cover is pasted the coat-of-arms of 
Girardot de Trefont, from whose library this volume came. 

Bossu, N, Nouveaux voyages dans I'Amerique 
Septentrionale, contenant une collection de lettres 
ecrites sur les lieux a M. Douin. Amsterdam. 
1777. 8. Front, and ^plates. 

On the title-page is written, "a la Bibliotheque etc. d' Amiens. 
1802. B." 

Brice, or Brie (Lat. Brixius), GERMAIN. Anti- 
morus. Conrat. Resch Venundatur sub Scuto Basi- 
liensi. [Lutetie ex officina Petri Vidoue.] 1519. 
sm. 4. ff. (36). i vol., red crushed levant, gilt, 
richly tooled. Bound by Cape. 

Contents: Salmonii Macrini Ad Germanu Brixium Chris- 
tianiss. Regine a Secretis Hendecasyllabi. Germani Brixii 
Hendecasyllabi ad Salmonium Macrinum- Germanus Brixius 
Lectori. Germani Brixii AntissiodorensisT Thoma Mtorum 
Anglum Chordigere Calumniatorem Antimorus, sylua. Thome 
Mum lapsus inexcusabiles in syllabarum quantitate. Erasmys 
Roterodamvs Germane Brixio. Germanvs Brixivs Desiderio 

The title-page is engraved, and each page is surrounded by a 
red- line border. 

For a description of the book see Brunei, III. 1894, under 
the head of MORE, Sir Thomas; Graesse, I- 545; Panzer, 
VIII. 57, no. noS ; Wood's "Athens oxon.," I. 89, 90. 

| Brougham, HENRY, Baron Brougham and 
Vaux\. Albert Lunel ; or, The chateau of Langue- 
doc. 3 vol. London. 1844. 12. 

" Lord Brougham's suppressed novel. Lowndes says that 
only five copies escaped destruction." See fly-leaf. 

Bryan, MICHAEL. A biographical and critical 
dictionary of painters and engravers, from the 
revival of the art under Cimabue, and the alledged 
[sic] discovery of engraving by Finiguerra, to the 
present time : with the ciphers, monograms, and 
marks, used by each engraver ; and an ample list of 
their principal works. Together with two indexes, 
alphabetical and chronological. To which is pre- 
fixed, an introduction, containing a brief account 
of the painters of antiquity. 2 vol. in 4 pt. (the 
2 pt. of each vol.. being paged continuously). Lon- 
don. 1816. 4. Port, of Br 
of which are portrs.). 

This copy is unique. 

[Burke, EDMUND]. An appeal from the new to 
the old whigs, in consequence of some late discus- 
sions in parliament, relative to the reflections on the 
French revolution. London. 1791. 8. 

On the first front fly-leaf is a MS. account by I. T. Brown, 
of this book and its' purchase "at the sale of the library and 
other effects of Lord Southampton, by Richard Dayrell Esq." - 
" This volume was bound and interleaved as it now appears, by 
the order of Lord Southampton for the use of his library." - 
The half-title-page bears the inscription, " Lord Southampton 
From the Author." On the front of the second fly-leaf is a 
MS. copy of the author's letter to Lord Southampton, dated 
Margate July 31"' 1791. 

The volume also contains various MS. notes, printed slips, etc. 

Burney, RICHARD. King Charles the Second, 
his most sacred majestic ; presented to the right hon- 
ourable houses of parliament in their next session, 
as the strength, honour apd peace of the nations, 
in the Jewells of his crown, and iustice of his peo- 
ple. Delivered in eight distinct sermons, in St. 
Mildreds Canterbury. London. [1660.] sm. 4. 
Port, of Charles II. i vol., mor., gilt, with the arms 
of Charles II., stamped in gilt on the covers. 

The title-page is printed in red and black. 

Busnot, DOMINIQUE. The history of the reign 
of Muley Ismael, the present king of Morocco, Fez, 
Tafilet, Sous, &c. Of the revolt and tragical end 
of several of his sons, and of .his wives. Of the 
horrid executions of many of his officers and sub- 
jects. Of his genius, policy, and arbitrary govern- 
ment. Of the- cruel persecution of the Christian 
slaves in his dominions : with an account of three 
voyages to Miquenez and Ceuta, in order to ransom 
them. Translated from the original French now, 
first printed at Roan, this present year, 1714. Lon- 
don. 1715. 12. 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf is the autograph of "T. Gray," 
probably the poet. 

Caesar, CAIUS JULIUS. Commentarii tradotti di 
latino in volgar lingua : per Agostino Ortica. Con 
la tauola di nomi antiqui et moderni de la Gallia, 
Britannia, Germania, Italia, Grecia, Egytto, Asia, 
Africa, et Hispagna Vltimamente con somma dili- 
getia reuisto, & corretto. Venetiis. 1539. sm. 8. 
ff. (5), 242 [232]. Port., wtf/and wdcts. I vol., old 
cf., gilt " a la antique." 

On the front cover is stamped in gilt letters, " A Evrials R " ; 
on the back cover, " A Desilve | stris R " 
The library has also a copy of the 1517 edition. 

Cantius, Saint. Delia vita, e morte de' santi 
martiri Cantio, Cantiano, e Cantianilla nobili Ro- 
mani. Scritta da vn loro divoto. Roma. 1702. 
sm. 4. ff. (6), pp. 89. Vign, 

On the covers are stamped in gilt the arms of the Medici 
family. On the third front fly-leaf is written, " Di Antonino 

Caro, ANNIBALE. De le lettere familiari. [Ed- 
ited by Giovanni Battista Caro.] Vol. I. Venetia, 
Aldo Manutio. 1574. sm. 4. Vign. I vol., brown 
shp., tied with brown silk strings. 

This book formerly belonged to Robert, earl of Essex, and 
bears his name and two lines in his autograph on the title-page. 

Castro, JUAN DE (?}. Poems by a slave in the . 
island of Cuba, recently liberated ; translated from 
the Spanish, by R. R. Madden. With the history 
of the early life of the negro poet, written by him- 
self ; to which are prefixed two pieces descriptive of 
Cuban slavery and the slave-traffic, by R. R. M. 
London. 1840. 8. 

"Life," pp. 53-92. 

With the autograph of J. G. Whittier. 



[Catholic Church]. L'office de la quinzaine de 
pasque, latin -francois, a 1'usage de Rome et de Paris, 
pour la maison de Mgr. le due d'Orleans, premier 
prince du sang. Paris. 1748. 12. f. (i), pp. 
599. Vign. 

Also with an engraved title-page, reading : " Semaine 
sainte pour la maison d'Orleans." 

Stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover are the arms of 
Louis, duke of Orleans, born 1703, died 1752. 

L'office de la semaine sainte et de 1'octave 

de pique, en latin & en franfois, a 1'usage de Romeet 
de Paris avec 1'explication des ceremonies de 1'eglise. 
Nouvelleed. Paris. 1703. 12. Fr<mt.\ijign.ys\& 

3 en S rs - 

On the second front fly-leaf is written, " Ce livre a appar- 
tenu k Mademoiselle d'Orleans"; royal arms are stamped in 
gilt on both sides of the cover, and in each corner and on the 
back are the initials PP, surmounted by a crown. 

L'office de la semaine sainte, en latin et en 

francois, a 1'usage de Rome et de Paris, imprime 
par ordre de Madame Marie-AdelaYde de France. 
Paris. 1752. 8. ff. (2), pp. xxxiv., f. (i), pp. 631. 
I vol., russia, gilt, edges gilt on marble ; both sides 
of cover, and front and back fly-leaves lined with 
blue watered silk. 

Stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover are the arms of the 
family of Marie Adelaide of France (?). 

[Officium Beatae Marias Virginis et quaedam 
alia. More deipare virginis Marias secundum vsum 
Romanum plerisq. figuris atq. chorea lethi cir- 
cummanete nouisq. effigiebus adornate vt in septem 
psalmis penitentialibus. In fine : Exarate qtiidem 
Parisiis arte industrii bibliographi Thielmani Kerver 
anno domini Mil, ccccc. xx. xxiiij mensis Nouembris.] 
sm.8. Wdcts. i vol., shp., rebacked ; worm-eaten, 
and with clasps gone. 

Contents : Kalendarium. Prseparatio ad officium. Offi- 
cium 15eat3c Marias Virginis. Prasparatione misse et oratio post 
cam dicenda. Septem Psalmi poenitentiales cum litaniis suis. 
Officium defunctorum. Officium desancta cruce.. Officium 
de Spiritu Sancto. Officium de conceptione Beats Marias 
Virginis [beginning onlyl. 

The title is taken from Brunefs "Manuel du libraire," torn, 
v., col. 1622, no. 195. In this copy several leaves, including the 
title-page, are lost at the' beginning and a great many at the end 
of the book. Of the 47 very quaint wood engravings, four are 
lost- The book is printed in red and black ink, and all the 
pages have elaborate arabesque borders. The prefixed almanac 
extends from 1519 to 1538. 

[Officium Beatae Mariae Virginis etquaedam 
alia. The book of hours of Queen Anne of Brit- 
tany, chromo-lithographed by Lemercier from the 
original in the " Musee des souverains." Edited by 
L. Curmer. With an appendix.] 2 vol. [Paris. 
1 86 1. 1 4. 52 chromo-lith. plates and vign. i vol., 
red crushed levant, gilt, lined with cherry-colored 
watered silk, laid in red cloth case, lined with chamois 
skin. Bound by Peweerdt. I vol., ^ red mor., gilt, 
laid in case like above. 

On tinted paper, with a reproduction of the gothic characters 
of the original MS. in black, gilt and colors, and also its richly 
illuminated borders. Stamped on both sides of the cover of the 
text are tin: royal arms of France, impaling those of Brittany, 
and in the corners are the crowned initials Land A (L, standing 
for Louis XII. (if France, Anne's second husband). The ap- 
pendix is a translation of the text into French ; it is- printed on 
tinted paper in black and red, and ruled in red ; it has the title : 
! < livre d'heures de la reine Anne de Bretagne traduit du 
in etaccompagn^ de notices in(klites par M. 1'abbe" Delaunay." 
li'd is a "Catalogue des plantes repre'sentees dans les 
encadrements du Livre d'heures d'Anne de Bretagne," by 
i Decaisne. 

|< Mlidnm Beat re Mariae Virginis et quaedam 
alia.] (Kuvre de Jehan Foucquet Ileures de 
Maistre Estienne Chevalier Texte restitue' par M. 
Tallin- hchuinay. [Reproduction of the 40 minia- 
res of Jran Fmicquet, belonging to M. Louis 
Bfentano at Frankfort, and of other works of Fouc- 

quet, with a text composed of the Office of the Holy 
Virgin, the Office of the Passion, prayers to the 
saints, and meditations. Edited by L. Curmer. J 
Paris. 1866. 4. Port, of Ptus IX. and 60 chromo- 
lith. plates, i vol., brown crushed levant, inlaid with 
red and gilt, rich tooling on sides, gilt on marble 
edges, lined with cherry-colored watered silk, laid 
in brown cloth case. 

The text is printed and ruled in colors, and each page is sur- 
rounded by an illuminated chromo-lith. border. The chromo- 
lithography is done by Lemercier & Co. 

Tlie same. Appendice [Edited by L. 

Curmer. j Paris. 1867. 4. Port, of dinner's 
wife (?), and of Foitcquet, 42 ivdcts. and 7 chromo-lith. 
plates.- i vol., brown crushed levant, inlaid with red 
and gilt, rich tooling on sides, gilt on marble edges, 
lined with cherry-colored watered silk, laid in brown 
cloth case. 

"Biographic," pp. 13-26. 

The title-page is illustrated, and nearly all of the pages are 
ornamented on one side with a fanciful border. The portrait 
of Foucquet is chromo-lithographed by M. Daumont from the 
original enamel. The 42 woodcuts are copied from designs by 
Jost Ammon, illustrating the work of Hartmann Schopperus, en- 
titled : " De omnibus illiberalibus sive mechanicis artibus," 
etc. Inserted between pp. 102 and 103 is " Lit de justice term 
a Vendome en 1458 pour le jugement de Jean due d'Alen^on 
Chromolithographie de M. Pra?on," which is paged separately 
and printed on tinted paper, each page being surrounded by an 
illuminated border. 

Catullus. Catvllvs Tibvllvs Propertivs cum 
C. Galli fragmentis quae extant. Amsterodami, 
loann. lanssonium. 1640. 32. 

The title-page is engraved; it has the autograph of " Louis- 
Armand Saullay, Avocat a Tours." 

There is also a copy of this work in the general library. 

Opera, ex recensione Isaaci Vossii cum 
ejusdem notis ac observationibus. Ed. 2 a . Cum 
indicibus necessariis. Lugduni Batavorum. 1691. 
sm. 4. 

This copy formerly belonged to John Wilkes, of " Wilkes and 
liberty" fame, and has his autograph on the fly-leaf opposite 
the title-page, and his MS. notes on pp. 123, 125. 

poleon et ses contemporains. Suite de gravures 
representant des traits d'hcroisme, de clemence, de 
generosite, de popularite, avec texte. Paris. 1824. 
4. Large paper. Port, of Napoleon, vign. and 45 
engrs. (India proofs). 

" With an autograph marginal annotation of the emperor 
upon a 'Rapport du ministere de la guerre,'" Feb. iSoS in- 
serted opposite the portrait; also, pieces of wall-paper taken 
from Napoleon's bed-chamber at St. Helena. 

[Chastellux, FRA^OIS JEAN, Marquis IM [. 
Voyage de Newport a. Philadephie [j/V], Albany, 
&c. Newport, de rimprimerie royalc dc /Yj 
[1780.] sm. 4. Vi^n. 

At the top of the title-page is written, " A M r Sumner sou- 
venir de Paris Ed. Laboulaye"; under the title is another 
MS. note, reading: " Cette relation qui n'a e'te' tir^e qu'i 24 
exemplaires, dont loou 12 seulement sont p.irvemis en Europe, 
et qui fut imprimee a bord de 1'Escadre de Rhode Isl.md est de 
M r le Marquis de Chastellux, et a e'te' reimprime" dans ses 
Voyages clans FAinerique Septentrionale Paris i;SS,;vol. 
in 8 . (2 me Ed on ). C'est une rarete bihliographique. Ed. La- 

This is the ist edition of the author's work, entitled " \ 
dans I'Ame'riqiie Septentrionale." See (W-,f>v/'.\- '' I i I 
litt.," II. 147; and the " Avertissement do I'injpnmeur" in the 
subsequently published edition of tin- book, !'.u;s. 1786; also 
translated in the London edition, 1787. 

Chevillard, JACQUES. Dictionnairc heraldique 
contenant les armes et bla/ons des princes, prdats, 
grands olticicrs de la rouronne et dc la maison du 
roy des oflii-icrs dc I\''IH'C, di- la rolv. c-t lies fina. 
Avec celles de plusiems maisons ct t'amilli-s du 
royaumc rxistantes. Paris. i;j; v sin. u". En- 
graved. Plates. 



Cicero, MARCUS TULLIUS/ Opera quae super- 
sunt omnia. Ad fidem optimarum editionum dili- 
genter expressa. 20 vol. Glasguae. 1749, '48-49. 
sm. 12. 

The text of this edition is taken from Olivet. 

Contents: I. -1 1 1. Rhetoricorum vol. i.-iii. I.V.-X. 
Orationum vol. i.-vii. XI. -XV. Philosophicorum vol. i.- 
v. XV I. -XX. Epistolarum vol. i.-v. 

This copy formerly belonged to Henry Thomas Buckle, and 
each volume contains his book-plate. 

- Epistolarvm ad Atticvm, ad Brvtvm, ad 
Qvintvm fratrem, libri XX. nvper exacta recogniti 
cvra. M.D.XXI. Latina interpretatio eorum, 
quae in ijs ipsis epistolis graece scripta sunt. ubi 
multa & mutata, & addita sunt. .[Colophon: ] 
Venetiis in aedibvs Aldi, et Andreae soceri. Mense 
lanvario. M.D.XXI. sm. 8. ff. (16), 331+. 

See Panzer, VIII. 465, no. 1061 ; Brunei, II. 47; Graesse, 
I. 169. 

- Lettres a Atticus. Avec des remarques. 
[Books III. and IV. Translated by the abbe N. H. 
Mongault.] Lat. and Fr. Paris. 1701. 12. Vign. 

This seems to be the first edition of Mongault's translation, 
which afterwards formed torn. III. of the edition of 1709 (torn. 
I., II. being St. Real's translation), and was still later republished 
as torn II. tff his own full translation of the whole sixteen books. 

This copy was owned by Mme. de Pompadour and her arms 
are stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover. A memorandum 
to this effect is written in pencil on the second and third front 
fly-leaves. " De Beauchamp " is written in ink on the title-page. 

- Offices, in three books. Turned out of 
Latin into English. By Sr. Ro. L'Estrange. 5th 
ed. corrected. To which is added a table. London. 
1699. ' sm. 8. Front. 

On the front cover is a MS. account of the purchase of this 
book by Mr. Geo. Sumner at a second-hand book stall in St. 

Claudianus, CLAUDIUS. Cl : Clavdianvs ex op- 
timorum codicum fide. Amstelodami. 1639. sm. 
24. ' 

The title-page is engraved. On the first fly leaf are the 
initials "T: G:", being the autograph of Thomas Gray, the 
poet, to whom the book formerly belonged. See MS. note on 
the same page, signed '* J B." 

- Cl. Clavdiani qvae exstant. Nic. Heinsivs 
recensuit ac notas addidit. Accedunt quaedam hac 
tenus non edita. [Edited by J. F. Gronovius.] 
Lvgclvni Batavorvm, ex officina elzeviriana. 1650. 
sm. 12. 

The title-page is engraved and is partially colored by hand ; 
each page throughout the book is surrounded by a red-line border. 
The " Notae" have a special title-page and are paged separately. 

- Quse exstant varietate lectionis et perpetua 
adnotatione illustrata a lo. Matthia Gesnero Ac- 
ceclit index uberrimus 2 torn, (paged continuously). 
Lipsiae. 1759. 8. ff. (6), pp. xlviii., 720+. 

This copy was "bought at the sale of W. H. Prescott's books 
Oct. 24, 187 1, "and presented to Mr. Sumner by Geo. S. Hil- 
lard, Oct. 30, 1871. Attached to a fly-leaf is a MS. extract from 
Dibdin, I. 471, referring to this book. 

There is also a copy of this work in the general library. 

Clercq, or Clerck, NIKOLAAS DE. Princelyck 
cabinet. Verthoonende 't leven afcomste ende 
afbeeldingen, der voornaemste vorste, princen, 
graven en heeren van Europa jegenwoordigregie- 
rende. Mitsgaclers beschrijvinge van den staet, 
landen rijckclommen ende incomsten der selver. 
Delf. 1625. f. ^portrs. 

The title-page is engraved. 

Cluyer (Lat. Cluverius), PHILIPP. Introdvc- 
tionis in universam geographiam, tarn veterem quam 
novam libri VI. Accessit P. Bertij Breviarium 

orbis terrarum. Amstelodami, apud Elzevirios. 1677. 
sm. 8. Plate and table. 

The title-page is engraved. The library has also a copy of the 
1661 edition. 

Coleridge, SAMUEL TAYLOR. The friend : a 
series of essays, to aid in the formation of fixed 
principles in politics, morals, and religion, with 
literary amusements interspersed. A new ed. 
3 vol. London. 1818. 8. 

The half-title-page of vol. I. bears the following inscription : 
"To Hyman Hurwitz from S. T. Coleridge, with that regard 
and respect, which men who reverence themselves pay to those 
whom they know worthy to be revered. Highgate 27 April 
1821." This copy has also a few MS- corrections. 

Congnet, (Louis) HENRI. Marie honoree clans 
les classes, ou Mois de Marie, grec-latin, extrait des 
peres de 1'eglise grecque et des saintes ecritures. 
[3d ed.] Paris. 1837. 16. Large paper, -^fronts. 
and 7 engrs. 

Pasted on one of the fly-leaves is a photograph of some 
member of the catholic clergy, perhaps the author. Between 
the second and third frontispieces is an autograph letter of the 
author addressed to M. Darcoll (?), and dated Soissons le lojuin 
1837, presenting him with the book. On p. i is pasted a small 
photograph of one of Raphael's Madonnas, " La belle jar- 
diniere. Between pp. 182 and 183 is inserted a proof-sheet of 
pp. 183 and 185 with MS. corrections. 

[Constantinus Cephalas}. ^hvQoXoyia. Sevrepa. 
N. P. N. D. sm. 1 6. pp. 46. 


This was the school Greek exercise book of the poet John 
Dryden, used by him when a pupil at Westminster school. His 
name is scribbled several times on the first fly-leaf, and the hook 
is interlined throughout with Latin translations of the Greek 
sentences. Pasted on the inside of the front cover is a portrait 
of Dryden. On the last fly-leaf at the end of the book is a note 
by Mr. Thos. Rodd, dated March 2, 1858-, relating to the pur- 
chase of the book. 

Conti, ARM AND DE BOTJRBON, Prince DE. Les 
devoirs des grands. Avec son testament. Paris. 
1667. sm. 8. Vign. i vol., cf., gilt, stamped in 
gothic compartments, with "fleurs-de-lis," and the 
letters " C. X," j laid in a purple roan case. .Bound 
by Thouvenin. 

On one side of the case are stamped the Bourbon crown, the 
letters " C. X.," and the sentence, "Philosophic de la Maison 
Royale de France"; on the other, the crown, letters, and the 
sentence, " Oeuvre Posthume du frere du grand Conde." 

Cooper, ANTHONY ASHLEY, ^d Earl of Shaftes- 
bury. Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, 
times. 5th ed., corrected. With the addition of a 
letter concerning design. 3 vol. [London.] 1732; 
8. Front., vigns., etc. 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf of vol. I. is a MS. letter from the 
7th earl of Shaftesbury, presenting these volumes to Mr. Sumner. 

Coornhert, 0r Koornhert, DIRK VOLKERTSZOON, 
called also VOLKERT (Lat. VOLCHARDUS). Recht 
ghebruyck ende misbruyck | van tijcllicke have. 
Amstelredam. 1610. sm. 4. ff. (i), 25, (6). Port. 
and 25 etched plates. 

Pasted on the first fly-leaf is a printed notice of the book. 

Daneau (Lat. Danaeus), LAMBERT. Ad.libellvm 
ab anonymo qvodam libertino recens editvm, hoc 
titulo, De externa sev visibili Dei Ecclesia, vbi ilia 
reperiri possit, & quasnam vera sit, &c. seu potitis, 
Aduersus externa & visibilem ecclesiam : Vtilis ac 
necessaria ad omnium vere piorum ac fidelium con- 
solationem, fideique confirmationem Responsio : in 
qua ex Dei verbo aperte & perspicue docetur, cui 
Ecclesias sese, singulj vere filij Dei adiungere 
debeant. [Genevae,] Evstathivm Vignon. 1582. 
sm. 8. ff. (8), pp. 95. Vign. 

Ad novas Gvlielmi Genebrardi Doctoris 

Parisiensis calumnias, quibus turn orthodoxam 



Euangelicorum omnium de S. Trinitate doctrinam 
traducit : turn etiam horrendum Valentin! Gentilis 
errorem tuetur, ac renouat. Responsio. Addita 
est Tabula vniuersas pene in hoc argumento haereses 
complectens. Genevae, Evstathivm Vignon. 1578. 
sm. 8. ff. (4), PP- I3 1 - Vi S' 1 - 

This book is from the library of the historian, Jacques Au- 
guste De Thou, and has his monogram stamped in gilt on the 
back, and his coat-of-arms, in gilt, on both covers. 

[De Foe, DANIEL. Robinson Crusoe, trans- 
lated into Arabic. Melita. 1835.] 16. Front,, 
vigil., $ full -page wdcts., etc. 

On a fly-leaf are notes in pencil by Mr. George Sumner. 

Desessartz, JEAN CHARLES. Traite de 1'educa- 
tion corporelle des enfans en bas-age, ou Reflexions- 
pratiques sur les moyens de procurer une meilleure 
constitution aux citoyens. 2 e ed., augmentee d'un 
Avertissement et d'un. Supplement. Paris. [1799-] 

With the book-plate of Sir Robert Al Chermside. The 
arms of Napoleon I. are stamped in gilt on both sides of the cover. 

Dodoens (Lat. Dodonseus), REMBERT. t)e 

sphaera, siue de astronomias et geographiae prin- 

cipiis Cosmogivaphica Isagoge. Antverpiae. 1584. 
sm. 8. pp. 109-+-. Table, chart and diagrs. 

Du Cerceau, JEAN ANTOINE. Conjuration de 
Nicolas Gabrini dit de Rienzi, tyran de Rome en 
MCCCXLVII. Ouvrage posthume. | Finished by 
Pierre Brumoy, and edited by J. F. de Courbeville.] 
Avec quelques nouvelles poesies du meme auteur. 
Amsterdam. 1734. 12. 

" Eloge du r. p. Antoine Du Cerceau, tird du Mercure de 
France, sept. 1730. pag. 1962." 

The volume has the book-plate of Jean Joseph Thiery. 

[Du Moulin (Lat. Molinaeus), PIERRE, 1568- 
1658] ? Tragicum theatrum actorum, & casuum 
tragicorum Londini publice celebratorum, quibus 
Hiberniae proregi, episcopo cantuariensi, ac tandem 
regi ipsi, aliisque vita adempta, & ad anglicanam 
metamorphosin via est aperta. Amstelodami. 1649. 
sm. 8. Vign., j portrs. and p/a/e. 

For th authorship see Graesse, VI. p. 185. 
On a fly-leaf is a MS. note about the book. 

Erasmus, DESIDERIUS. Antibar | barorvm, Liber 
unus, que iuue | nis quidem adhuc lusit : caeteru | 
diu desideratum, demum re | pertum non luuenis 
reco | gnouit, & uelut postlimi | nio studiosis re- 
stituit. I Ex quo Reliquorum, | qui Dijs propicijs 
propediem ac | cedent, Lector coniecturam Fa | 
cias licebit. Basileae. 1520. sm. 4. 

The title-page, first page of preface, and first page of the work, 
have fanciful borders engraved by Holbein. There are also two 
initial letters and a tail-piece by him. 

This book was presented to Mr. Sumner by Dr. Thies, Nov. 

In E | vangelivm | Lucae Paraphrasis mine 

pri [ mum & nata | & aedita. [At end of " Praefa- 

tio " : Basileae, decimo Ca= | len. Septebris Anno 

[. | D.XX1II.] sm. 8. pp. 543. i vol., brown 

svant, gilt, richly tooled and inlaid; edges gilt on 

marble ; sides lined with maroon levant, gilt, richly 

tooled ; laid in a maroon morocco case lined with 

chamois skin. 

TV 8 " f rt; ' 0< T' VL 2 '7' no - 473: Le Long's " Bibl. sacra," 
iv. p 615; the date, however, in these references does not 
Qtirely correspond to the above. 

I he title-page is engraved. On the margins are 27 original 

m-and-mk designs by Holbein, a MS. list of which is pasted 

fly-leaf. The book formerly belonged to Dr. Ant. Da- 

'au, and his book-plate is pasted on the first fly-lenf. Pasted 

her fly-leaf is a letter from the book-publisher, D. 

ust, to M George Danyau, certifying the genuineness of the 

igns ; it is dated " Bale, 26 aoilt 1869," and is countersigned 

" Falkeisen conservateur du Muse"." When the book was re- 
bound, the margins were trimmed so close that in some cases the 
designs and notes are mutilated. 

Estienne (Lat. Stephanus), HENRI. Fragmenta 
poetarum veterum Latinorum, quorum opera non 
extant : Ennii, Accii, Lvcilii, Laberii, Pacvvii, 
Afranii, Naevii, Caecilii, aliorumque multorum: 
vndique, a Rob. Stephano summa diligentia olim 
congesta : nunc autem ab Henrico Stephano digesta, 
& priscaru quae in illis sunt uocum expositione illus- 
trata : additis etia alicubi uersibus Graecis quos 
interpretatur. [Geneva.] 1564. sm. 8. pp. 433 
[432]. Vign. i vol., red mor., gilt. Bound by 
Roger Payne. 

The title-page is ruled in red. There are several M.S. notes in 
pencil scattered through the book, on the margins, and on the 
last fly-leaf. It has the book-plate of Charles Henry Parry. 

Euclides. Elementorvm libri XV. Accessit 
XVI. de solidorum regularium comparatione. Om- 
nes perspicvis defhonstrationibus, accuratisq ; 
scholijs illustrati. Avctore Christophoro Clavio. 
2 vol. Romas. 1574. 8. 2 vol., mor., sides 
stamped with gilt, edges gilt "a la antique " ; with 
clasps, only one perfect one remaining on each. 

The second volume has the title : " Posteriores libri sex a 
X. ad XV.," etc. _ 

The title-page in each volume is surrounded by an ornamental 
border, On the back of the first one is a MS. note in Italian. 
On the first fly-leaf in the second volume is written, " Bardi". 
On both sides of the covers of both volumes is stamped in gilt 
the coat-of-arms of some cardinal. 

Faerno, or Faerna, GABRIELS. Fabulae centum. 
Ex antiquis auctoribus delectae, carminibus explica- 
tae, novisque aere incisis iconibus adornatae. Quid 
accesserit praetereapatet ex indice editoris londinen- 
sis praefationi subjecto. Ed. nova. Lat. and Fr. 
Londini. 1743. 4. Large paper. Front, and 100 
engrs. I vol., " richly bound in old blue mor., in- 
laid with red and yellow mor., and tooled to a rich 
pattern, the inside of the covers 'double ' with calf, 
and richly tooled gilt edges." 

"This was the finest specimen of old English binding in the 
library of the late Marquis of Hastings." See printed slip on 

A Iso with the title : " Cent fables choisies des anciens 
auteurs, mises en vers latins par Gabriel Faerne, et traduites par 
Mr. Perrault," etc. 

Federalist (The) : a collection of essays, writ- 
ten in favour of the new constitution, as agreed upon 
by the federal convention, September 17, 1787. 
2 vol. New- York. 1788. 12. 

This was John Adams's copy, and contains his autograph. 
His initials are stamped in gilt on the covers. He presented it 
to Thomas Brand Hollis, from whom it passed, successively, to 
Dr. Disney, Henry Steel, John Atkinson, Joseph I'.uki"-. and 
Charles Sumner. See the fly-leaves of both volumes ( in the 
title-page of vol. II. Mr. Adams has written " By M r Hamilton.'' 

[Fichet, ALEXANDRE]. Chorvs poetarvm clas- 
sicorvmdvplex ; sacrorvmet profanorvin I.ustratus 
illustratus adjectis poe'tis octodecim cum sacris turn 
prophanis, Manilio, Columella, Boetio, Sereno Sum- 
monico, Rhemmio, Mario Victore, S. Paulino, So 
dulin, Aratore, Prospero Aquitanico, Ennodio, 
Idylliis, Cypriani,Lactantij, Hilarij, Dracontij in- 
mentisque Senecas & Petronij. Auctus Musaco rhc- 
torico & poetico in omnes poetas kalcndario item 
pontificio & rustico Romanorum cum not is, in Fastos 
Quid. Et membranulis aliquot. Accessit postremum 
index ritualis, moralis philologicus ; ad omncs dis- 
ciplinas aptissimus. 2 pt. Lvgdvni. 1616, '15. 

Pt. II. is imperfect: col. 129-136, 153-160 are wanting, 139 
is torn. 

The back and both sides of the book are covered with fleur- 
de-lis stamped in gilt, and in the centre of each cover are royal 



[Flores, JUAN DE]. Historia di Avrelio et Isa- 
bella, nellaquale si disputa : chi piu dia occasione di 
peccare, ho Fhuomo alia donna, ho la donna a 
1'huomo, di lingva Spagnvola in Italiana tradotta da 
M. Lelio Aleriphilo. Venetia, appresso Ferrarij, 
1543. sm. 8. ff. 384-. Vign. i vol., cf., gilt, 
richly tooled in Grolier style. 

With the autograph of T. Hepburn on the title-page. 

[France]. Etat des troupes, et des etats-majors 
des places. Annee 1761. [Paris? 1761.] sm. 12. 

This is a dedication copy to Mme. de Pompadour, and her 
arms are stamped in gilt on both sides of the coyer. An original 
colored design by Charles Eisen serves lor a tite-page. There 
are several MS. additions; and a printed notice is pasted on the 
first fly-leaf. 

Fuller, THOMAS. Good thoughts in bad times 
and other papers. Boston. 1863. 16. Large paper. 

" Thirty copies printed." Presented to Mr. Sumner by 
Wm. F. Fowie, of Boston, " as a specimen of Mathews' 
binding." Attached to the second fly-leaf" is a letter from 
Mr. Fowle. 

Galeotti, MARTIO. [Liber de homine. Fol. i a : 
stola | Fol. 2 a tit.: GALEOTTI. MARTII. 
PRIMVS. | Fol. 37 b , line 31 : sine aliquo uela- 
meto scribe ut I supioribus fecimus | (e) Xteriore 
hoiem libro supiore. R. P. satis sup | q3 descrip- 
simus secudu ani nri ppoitu nuc id | Fol. 38*, 
line 5: memus exordium. | (s) Alua cotinet cerebru 
quod in tres ptes distin | guif, etc. In fine : Fol. 
68 b , line 30: & pignus Amoris. | GALEOTTI. 
VLTImus de Homie Liber Explicit] N.p. N.D. f. 
ff.(68). 32 lines. R. L. 

There are no signature-marks or catch-words. The spaces 
for Greek citations are left blank, to be filled in by hand, and so 
are many of the ini.ial letters. The date must be about 1470. 
See Brunei and Graesse, whose descriptions are not entirely 
accurate, hain does not mention this edition. It is probably 
one of the crudest specimens of early typography. This copy 
has many MS. marginal glosses. 

Gastaldo, or Castaldi, JACOPO. La vniversale 
descrittione del mondo. Venetia, per Matthio Paga- 
no, in Erezzaria. 1062 [1562]. sm. 8. ff.(i2). 
Vign., diagr., etc. 

Gellius, AULUS. {Beginning: ] Avli Gellii 
Noctivm Atticarvm libri vndeviginti. [Edited by 
Joannes Baptista Egnatius. Venetiis], Aldvs. [1515.] 
8. ff. (31), 289, (51). Vign. 

This is the^frj/ edition of 1515. See Rinouard^s " Annales 
de I'imprimene des Aide," etc. I. 172, no. 10. The library has 
also a copy of the second edition of 1515. 

This copy belonged to Philipp Melanchthon, and contains his 
autograph notes. The inside of the front cover and the three 
front fly-:eaves are also _ filled with his handwriting. A printed 
no:ice is pasted on the inside of the front cover. The cover is 
stamped with the date " 1538." 

Gemma Frisius (Dutch de Fries), REINERUS. Les 
principes d'astronomie & Cosmographie : auec 
1'vsage du Globe. Le tout copose en Latin, & mis 
en langage Francois par M. Claude de Boissiere. 
Plus, est adiouste 1'vsage de 1'anneau Astronomic, 
par ledict Gemma Frizon : Et 1'exposition de la 
Mappemonde, composee par ledict de Boissiere. 
Paris, Cauellat. 1557. sm. 8. ff. 128. Vign., diagrs. 
and wdcts. 

Gesner, KONRAD. Historia plantarvm et vires 
ex Dioscoride, Pavlo ^Egineta, Theophrasto, Plinio, 
& recetioribus Graecis, iuxta elementoru ordine. 

Adiicta ad margine nomenclatura, qua singulas 
herb is officinae, herbarij, & vulgus Gallicum efferre 
solent. Parisiis. 1541. sm. 8. ff.(8), pp. 261. 

On the title-page is written, " Iv. T.," and on each side of the 
cover is stamped in gilt, a dragon (?) 

Glaeser, AUGUST. Das Lincoln-monument. 
Eine rede des senator Charles Sumner. Nebst 
einer lebensskizze Sumner's und der in seiner rede 
erwahnten kiinstler. Zugleichein beitrag zur kunst- 
geschichte Amenka's. Frankfurt a/M. 1868. 8. 
pp. 77. I vol., red mor. ; the front cover being 
inlaid with white and blue mor. panels, and having 
a gilt eagle surmounted by 13 gilt stars in the centre. 

" Lebensskizze Sumner's," pp. 60-70. 

Pasted between the second fly-leaf and the title-page is an 
autograph letter of the author, presenting the book to Mr. 

called. De Geographia Liber unus ab ipso authore 
iam tertio recognitus. Venetiis. [1549-] sm. 8. 

ff. 39. Vign. and diagrs. 

On the inside of the front cover are written the names of two 
successive owners of the book ; and attached is a note cencern- 
ing the name of the author. On the title-page is written, ' tti- 
bliotheca Carmelitum Bononiae." On the inside of the back 
cover are twc more MS. notes. 

Goedaert, JOHANNES. Metamorphosis naturalis, 
ofte Historische beschryvinghe van den oirspronk, 
aerd, eygenschappen ende vreemde veranderinghen 
der wormen, rupsen, etc. 2 dele. Middclburgh. 
[1662-67?] sm. 8. Port, and 105 col. plates. 2 
dele in I vol., red mor., gilt, richly tooled, and in- 
laid ; edges gilt "a la antique," figures colored by 
hand ? 

Each pt. has also an engraved title-page with an ornamental 
border colored by hand ? 

Goutiere, Gouthier, Guthier, or Guthierea 
(Lat. Gutherius), JACQUES. De ivremanivm, sev 
de ritv, more, et legibvs prisci fvneris, libri iii. [To 
which is appended his Choartivs maior, etc.] 
Parisiis. 1615. 4. .(7), pp. 546, .(12), pp. 39. 
Vign. and ivdcts. 

This copy formerly belonged to Rubens, and at the bottom of 
the tit'e-pa.ue, in his autograph, is written, " Ex Libris Pet. 
Pavli Rvbenii " ; opposite the title-page is pasted his portrait- 

Grifoli (Lat. Griffiolus, or Grifolus), JACOPO. 
M. Tvllii Ciceronis defensiones contra Celii Cal- 
cagnini disquisitiones in eius Officia. Lutetiae 
Parisiorum, Nicolaum Diuitem. [1548.] sm. 8. 
ff .72. Vign. i vol., green crushed levant, gilt, Bd. 
by Cape. 

On the title-page is written, " Gremond " (?) On both sides 
of the cover is stamped, in gilt, the printer's mark of the Aldi. 
This volume is from the library of the marquis de Morante, and 
his book-plate, stamped in gilt on green morocco, is pasted on 
the inside of the front cover. See MORANTE, J. G. DE LA C., 
Marquis DE. Catalogue, etc. I. 47, no. 234. 

Gualterus de Castellione (Fr. Gautier de Ch 
Ion, or de Lille], PHILIPPUS. Alexandreidos, libri 
decem. [Edited by Oswald von Eck ; with notes 
by Sebastian Linck. Ingolstadii, cxcrdebat Alexan- 
der Weissenhorn.\ 1541. sm. 8. ff.(8), cxvi., (3). 
Vign. and wdct. 

"Vita," ff. (5, 6). 

See Brnnef s " Manuel du libraire," II. 1470. 

On the first fly-leaf is pasted a printed notice of a Venetian 
copy, 1521. The second fly-leaf bears the autograph of " I. Mit- 
ford. 1805," and is covered with his MS. notes. On the third 
fly-leaf are pasted tracings of the title-page and three lines from 
f. xlii. of a copy of this work in the library of Lord Spencer at 
Ahhorp At the bottom of the title-page is written, " Ex libns 
M. Z. Boxhornij." Throughout the book there are many MS. 
marginal notes. 

(jTo be continued.} 





CHARLES W. ELIOT, President of the University. 

HENRY W. TORRE Y, Professor of Ancient and Modern History. 

EZRA ABBOT, Professor of New Testament Criticism and Interpretation. 

WOLCOTT GIBBS, Professor on the Application of Science to the Useful Arts. 

FRANCIS J. CHILD, Professor of English. 

CHARLES ELIOT NORTON, Professor of the History of Art. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian of the University. 

GEORGE L. GOOD ALE, Professor of Botany. 

JUSTIN WINSOR, Librarian. 

JOHN FISKE, Assistant Librarian in Charge of the Catalogue. 
GEORGE F. ARNOLD, Curator of the Shelves. 
THOMAS J. KIERNAN, Supt. of Circulation. 


The care of the several libraries devolves upon some member of the faculties of the respective 
departments when regular librarians have not been appointed. 

HENRY L. EUSTIS, Professor and Dean of the Lawrence Scientific School. 

FRANCIS H. STORER, Professor and Dean of the Bussey Institution. 

EDWARD C. PICKERING, Professor and Director of the Astronomical Observatory. 

SERENO WATSON, Curator of the Herbarium, Botanic Garden. 

JOHN H. ARNOLD, Librarian of the Law School. 

CHARLES B. ELDER, Librarian of the Divinity School. 

JAMES E. CLEAVES, Librarian of the Medical School. 

MISS F. M. SLACK, Librarian of the Zoological Museum. 


The College Library in Gore Hall, is for the use of the whole University. Its privileges are 
also granted, under special regulations, to persons not connected with the University. [Blanks for 
vKiL-inij <i/>/>//r<i/; n nfor such use may be had of the Librarian.'] It is the duty of the Council to make 
niles for the administration of the Library ; to direct the purchase of books to the extent of the 
iuiids applicable for that purpose ; and to visit and inspect the Theological, Law, Medical, and 
other special libraries. The Librarian has the care and custody of the Library. It is his duty to 
superintend its internal administration, enforce the rules, and conduct the correspondence; and 
t" make annually a written report on the condition of the Library to the Library Committee of 
it"' Ovei jeers, and to the Corporation. 



The library is desirous of forming a collection 
of all the works, separate or collected, of American 
and British poets published in the lifetime of their 
authors. Such editions are of first importance in 
the critical study of the text for special scholars and 
successive editors, while the later annotated editions 
naturally supersede them with the general reader. 
In the libraries of friends of the College, there are 
doubtless many such laid aside to give place to later 
editions, and it is hoped such earlier issues may find 
their way to our shelves. 


This library is one of the American and British 
co-operating libraries engaged in preparing a new 
edition of Poole's Index to Periodical Literature to 
be brought down to date. It is hoped that the 
copy will all be prepared by another year ; and it 
is estimated that the completed volume will con- 
tain matter equivalent to one of Allibone's volumes. 
The serials assigned to this library are the follow- 
ing: Fine Arts Quarterly Review, Universalist 
Quarterly, Nation, Radical, Norton's Literary Let- 
ter, Every Saturday, Eclectic Review, American 
Historical Record, American Social Science Asso- 
ciation Journal. 

As it is desirable to give the names of writers of 
articles, the Librarian would be glad to learn the 
authorship of all anonymous and pseudonymous 
papers in these periodicals, and of such as are 
signed with initials only. 

Meanwhile, there are various subject-clues, which 
those making research in periodicals can avail 
themselves of. The card catalogue of this library 
contains very many such references, extending 
over a number of years, but no uniform rule for 
making them has been followed. They have been 
simply thrown in as helps, useful as far as they go. 
Systematic indexing to fifty or more of the leading 
periodicals of the world has been undertaken at the 
Boston Public Library for two or three years past; 
and the file of cards is in the charge of the Libra- 
rian of the Bates Hall, and can be consulted on 
application. Several of the recently printed cata- 
logues of that library afford similar references ; 
namely, the History, Biography, and Travel Cata- 
logue of 1873; and that of the Roxbury Branch. 
Much work of this kind has also been done in the 
printed catalogues of the Quincy Public Library, 
and of the Brooklyn Library ; the latter, however, 
not yet completed. These may be supplemented 
very usefully for general biography by the refer- 
ences in Lippincott's or Thomas's Biographical 
Dictionary ; and, for English and American writers, 
in Allibone's Dictionary of Authors. 

Of the important magazines, there are printed 
general indexes of the following, among others: 
American Journal of Science and Art, to 1865; 
Atlantic Monthly, to 1876 ; Biblical Repertory and 

Princeton Review, to 1868 ; Bibliotheca Sacra, to 
1873 ; Blackwood's Magazine, to 1841 ; Congrega- 
tional Quarterly, first ten volumes ; Edinburgh 
Review, to 1850; Harper's Monthly, to 1875; 
Leisure Hour, to 1876 ; New Englander, to 1861 ; 
North American Review ; Notes and Queries, for 
each series; Quarterly Review, to 1856; Revue 
des Deux Mondes, to 1874; Scribner's Monthly, 
first ten volumes ; Westminster Review to 1840. 
A more extended list, including various foreign 
ones, will be found in the little Handbook lor 
Readers, published by the Boston Public Library, 
and a similar list is appended to the initial publica- 
tion of the Index Society, London, H.B. Wheat- 
ley's " What is an Index?" The old edition of 
Poole brings the record down only to 1852. 

In regard to periodical articles on biographical 
subjects, there are frequent references in Hoefer's 
Nouvelle Biographie Generate. For scientific sub- 
jects, if you know the authors of the papers, there 
is a very full record in the Catalogue of Scientific 
Papers, 1800-63, published by the Royal Society. 
It much needs an index of subjects. 


The library has recently received considerable 
contributions to the documentary histories of Nova 
Scotia and Victoria. We owe the invoice from 
Halifax to the care and interest of Lieut.-Governor 
Archibald, and that from Melbourne to the thought- 
fulness of Sir Redmond Barry, Chief Justice of the 
Colony and President of the Public Library. Other 
contributions relative to the Dominion of Canada 
are to come from Henry J. Morgan, Esq., of the 
Record Office at Ottawa. 

The library has just received out of the private 
collection of W. G. Medlicott, Esq., of Long- 
meadow, Mass., a very valuable collection of books, 
illustrating the early periods of the English lan- 
guage and its literature, including folk-lore, chap- 
books, &c. Among them are early editions of 
Spenser, a bibliographical account of which, with 
enumeration of copies accessible in Boston and 
Cambridge, for purposes of textual study, is now 
in preparation. Other books are of rare occurrence 
and curious interest, like early editions of Froissart, 
the Roman de la Rose, the Ortus Vocabulorum, 
beside several ancient manuscripts, including one 
of Lydgate in the hand of Shirley. 

The Scudder Catalogue of Scientific Serials is 
going through the press with such rapidity as is 
consistent with careful proof-reading. 

The first edition of A List of Serial Publication* 
now taken in the Principal Libraries of Boston and 
Cambridge, is now in press. It will make a pam- 
phlet of 'about the size of the present Bulletin, and 
covers the current receipts of sixteen libraries. 



Accessions to the several departmental libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles, 
as follows : 

A. O. Astronomical Observatory. 
23. Gr. Botanic Garden. 

B. I. Bussey Institution. 
D. S. Divinity School. 

L. S. Law School. 

M. S. Medical School. 

M. Z. Museum of Zoology. 

S. S. Lawrence Scientific School. 

Aa, Abraham Jacob VAN DER. Biographisch 
woordenboek der Nederlanden. xx e deel. 
Haarlem. 1877. 8. B 34.1 

Abbott, Edward. A paragraph history of the 
American revolution. Boston. 1876. 24. 1. 155 

A paragraph history of the United States. 

Boston. 1875. 24. " I. 152 

Revolutionary times : sketches of our coun- 
try, its people, and their ways, one hundred 
years ago. Boston. 1876. 24. I. 154 

Abraham and Mary. Novella di Abraam e 
Maria. Secolo XI V.Imola.l873.sm.8.IV.311 
The dedication is signed " Eucarpo," probably the 
psciudonym of the editor. 

Acquoy, J. G. R. Het klooster te Windesheim 
en zijn invloed. Uitgegeven door het pro- 
vinciaal utrechtsch genootschap van kunsten 
en wetenscliappen. ii e deel. Utrecht. 1876. 8. 

Adam, Lucien. Examen grammatical compare' 
de seize langues ame'ricaines. Paris. 1878. 

II. 309 

Adrian, Johann Valentin, editor. Mittheilungen 
:ius hamlschriften und seltenen druckwerken. 
Frankfurt am Main. 1846. 8. II. 522 

Agassiz, Alexander (Emmanuel Rudolph). On 
the young stages of osseous fishes, ii. Cam- 
bridge. 1878. 8. V. 238 

Ahlqvist, August (Engelbrekt). Forschungen 

aut' dem gebiete der ural-altaischen sprachen. 

i' r theil. St. Petersburg, etc. 1861. 8. II. 312 

Contents : Versuch einer mokscha-mordwinischen 


Allegret, . Sur le calcul des quaternions 

de M. Hamilton. Paris. 1862. 4. VI. 514 

Amateur (L') d'autographes. [l e -12 e annee. 

Jan. 18()2-dec. 1874.] s.-m. and m. 5 vol. 

Paris. [ 1862-74.] 8. C 47.15 

l-4 ann^e were edited by Gabriel Charavay; 5, 6 

11-128 by Jacques Charavay; 6e n? 129-144, 7"-12 e 

by Etienne Charavay. 

Table generate des lettres et documents. l e 
scrip. 1802-1874. Paris, etc. 1877. 8. C 47.15 
American Academy of Arts and Sci- 
ences. Proceedings. Vol. xiii. pt. 2, 3. 
Boston. 1878. 8. 23.34, also A. O., B. Gr. 
Amicis, Edmondo DE. Costantinopoli. 2 vol. 
Milano. 1878. sm. 8. II. 89 

Vol. i. is " 7 ed." ; ii. is "4a ed." 

Ancessi, Victor, the Abbe'. Job et 1'Egypte ; le 
redempteur et la vie future dans les civilisations 
primitives. Paris. 1877. 8. III. 204 

Ancona, Alessandro D'. Origin! del teatro in 
Italia. 2 vol. Firenze. 1877. 12. IV. 3O5 

La poesia popolare italiana. Livorno. 1878. 

16. IV. 335 

Andersen, Hans Christian. Letzte marc-hen 
nebst einem blick auf die letzten lebenstage des 
dichters von H. Helms. Leipzig. 1870. 16.IV.271 

Anderson's Cpllege, Glasgow, Scotland Eu- 
ing Musical Library. Catalogue of the musical 
library of the late Wm. Euing, bequeathed to 
Anderson's university, Glasgow. Glasgow. 
1878. 1. 8. C 43.12 

Andresen, Andreas. Handbuch fur kupferstieh- 
sammler. 2 bde. Leipzig. 1870-73.8. 11.181 
After the death of the author the work was con- 
tinued by J. E. WesseJy. 

Andresen, Andreas, and Weigel, Rudolph. 
Der deutsche peintre-graveur oder Die deutsch- 
en maler als kupferstecher nach ihrem leben 
und ihren werken, von dem letzten drittel des 
16. jahrhunderts bis zum schluss des 18. jahr- 
hunderts. i er -iv er bd. Leipzig. 1872-71. 
8. C 47.10 

Andresen, Andreas, and Wessely, J. E. Die 
deutschen maler-radirer (peintres-graveurs) dea 
neunzehnten jahrhunderts, nach ihren lelu a 
und werken. ier_ v er bd. Leipzig. 1872-77. 
8. C 47 11 

Angelin, Nils Peter. Iconographia erimmle- 
orum in stratis Suecize siluricis fossilium. 
Opus postumum edendum curavit rt-gia 
academia scientiarum suecica. Holmia;. 1878. 
f. V. 43, nlsn M. Z. 

Annali di storia naturale. T. i.-iv. 18ii!>, is:',o ; 
nuovi annali. T. i.-x. 1838-43 ; 2 ser. T. 
i.-x. 1844-49; 3 a ser. T. i.-x. 1850-54. :\\ 
vol. Bologna. 1829-54. 8. M. Z. 

Ann6e (L') ge'ographique; revue annuellf li-s 
voyages de terre et de mer, etc. xiii^xv* 
:innc-e. Paris. 1875-78. 16. C 41.27 

Annuaire de la noblesse de France et des maisons 
souveraines de 1'Europe public^ par M. Hon-l 
d'Hauterive. 1878. 34 e ann<?e. Paris. [1878.1 
12. A 61.14 



Annuaire des universites catholiques. Annee 
1877. Paris, etc. 1877. 18. C 36.25 

Antwerp, Belgium Rederykkamer. (De Olyftak}. 
Bekroonde stukken door de rederykkamer. Ter 
gelegenheid van de plegtige inhuldiging van 
het standbeeld van P. P. Rubens. Den 15 
augustus 1840. Antwerpen. 1840. 8. VII. 546 
Contents: IMMERZEEL, Johannes, Jr. Lofrede op 
Petrus Paulus Rubens. Mo ENS, Petronella. Ant- 
werpen verheerlykt door de groote mannen die het 
heeft voortgebragt. COKSCIENCE, Hendrik. Rede- 
voering uitgesproken by het beeld van Rubens. 

Aoust, Louis Stanislas Xavier Barthelemy, the 
Abbe. Analyse infinite'simale des courbes dans 
1'espace. Paris. 1876. 8. VI. 510 

Archivio glottologico italiano, diretto da G. I. 
Ascoli. Vol. ii. punt. 3; iv. 2. Roma, etc. 
1876-77. 8. 44.5 

Argand, (Jean) Robert. Essai sur une maniere 
de repre'senter les quantites imaginaires dans 
les constructions geometriques. 2 e ed. pre- 
cedee d'une preface par J. Hoiiel. Paris. 1874. 
sm. 8. VI. 512 

Argentine Confederation Observatorio as- 

trondmico national. Uranometria argentina 
mapas. [Buenos Aires?] 1877. obi. 4. 14 
maps. A. O- 

Oficina meteor oltfgica. Anales por Benjamin 

A. Gould. Tom. i. Buenos Aires. 1878. 4. 
V. 227, a/so A. O., B. Gr. 
Contents : Clima de Buenos Aires. 

Ariosto, Alessandro. Viaggio nella Siria, nella 
Palestina, nell' Egitto fatto dal 1475 al 1478. 
Pubblicato per la prima volta dal prof. Giu- 
seppe Ferraro. Lot. Ferrara. 1878. 8. II. 90 

Armenian Church. Les chants liturgiques de 
1'eglise armenienne traduits en notes musicales 
europe'ennes par Pietro Bianchini et publics 
par la congre'gation des peres mekhitharistes. 
Venise, imprimerie arme'nienne de St.-Lazare. 
1877. 4. 

The preface is signed by " P. J. Issaverdeuz," as 
representative of the congregation. 

Arthur, William. The tongue of fire; or, The 
true power of Christianity. New York. 1870. 
16. 19.87, also D. S. 

Athis and Prophilias. Athis und Prophilias. 
I Edited byl Wilhelm Grimm. Berlin. 1846. 
4. IV. 290 

Audisio, Guglielmo. Delia societa politica e 
religiosa rispetto al secolo decimonono. Firen- 
ze. 1876. sm. 8. III. 215 

Auerbach, Berthold. Landolin. Translated by 
Annie B. Irish. New York. 1878. 12. (LEIS- 
URE hour series.) 8^.2 

Avenel, Georges, Viscount D'. Les eveques et arche- 
veques de Paris depuis Saint Denys jusqu'a 
nos jours. 2 torn. Paris, etc. 1878. 8. III. 200 

Babbage, Charles. Table of logarithms of the 
natural numbers, from 1 to 108,000. Stereo- 
typed ed. London, etc. 1872. 8. A. O. 

Baccni della Lega, Alberto. Bibliografia dei 
vocabolari ne' dialetti italiani raccolti e pos- 
seduti da Gaetano Romagnoli. Bologna. 1876. 
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Tojbe continued. 

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Bibliothek, etc., continued. 

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Contains a number of essays on Dante by various 

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i. 40. m 221 

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Translated, with notes, by John Gilmarv Shea. 
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pafwr. 4381.4 

Chaucer Society. [Publications.] Ivii. Lon- 
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Contents: CHAITCER, Geoffrey. A parallel-text 
edition of [his] minor poems edited by Frederick J. 
Furuivall. Pt. ii. 



Chaucer Society, continued. 

The same. [2d series.] xviii. London. 

[1878-1 8. 10.123 

Contents : CHAUCER, Geoffrey. Essays on Chaucer, 
his words and works. Pt. iv. 

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80. M. Z. 

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Contents : i. AH Baba. ii. Die Abenceragen. 
iii. Medea. iv- Der wassertrager. v. Elise. 
vi. Faniska. vii. Lodoiska. vtii. Anacreon. ix. 
Der portugiesische gasthof. 

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ou drames traduits pour la premiere fois du 
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orientate elzevirienne, xix.) VII. 244 

Contents: 1. Le message* de Dieu. 2. Lamortdu 
prophete. 3. Le khalife Omar s'empare du jardin de 
Fedek. 4. Le martyre d'Aly. 5. Un monastere de 
moines europ5eii8. 

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saudro D', editors. Canti e racconti del popolo 

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Contents : IVE, Antonio, editor. Canti popolari 

istriani raccolti a Rovigno. 

Conference of Librarians, London, Oct. 1877. 
Transactions and proceedings of the conference. 
Edited by Edward B. Nicholson, and Henry R. 
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registrars! nel vocabolario della Crusca. [Fi- 
renze. 1877.] 8. II. 324 

Prefixed is a MS. note by Eugenic Alb6ri concerning 
the proper use of the word prodigare. 

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introduction to the study of microscopic fungi. 
4th ed. London. 1878. 8. M. Z. 

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1. 8. A 16 35 

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et partie du Cours complet d'histoire naturelle 
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the lake of the woods to the Rocky Mountains. 
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1'instruction publique. Paris. 1877. 8. IV. 260 



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Deutsche Shakespeare - Gesellschaft. 
Jahrbuch. Herausgegeben durch Karl El/.e. 
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Deutscher universitats-kalender fur das sornmer- 
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de la conquete de la Nouvelle-Espagne. Tra- 
duction par D. Jourdanet. 2 e ed. Paris. 
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stamme der europaisehen Tiirkei. Frankfurt 
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iiber die im umgekebrten verhaltniss des 
quadrats der entfernung wirkenden krafte. 
Herausgegeben von F. Grube. Leipzig. 1876. 
8. VI. 73 

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Einhundert historische volkslieder des preus- 
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18(M). sm. 8. IV. 282 

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lijke theologie. Utrecht. 1876. 8. III. 172 

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lung von urkunden zur geschichte des eon- 
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8. III. 180 

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Bradlee family. Boston. 1878. 8. VII. 552 

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mittelalters und der neuzeit. Biographien 
und charakteristiken. i e abth. l er , 2 er bd. 
Leipzig. 1877-78. 1. 8. II. 197 

Dominicis, Francesco DE. Repertorio numis- 
matico per conoscere qualunque moneta greea 
tanto urbica che dei re e la loro respettiva stima 
ridotto a specchio topografico. 2 torn. Napoli. 
1826-27. 4. II. 192 

Dorna, Alessandro. Indicazioni formole e tavole 
numeriche per il calcolo delle effemeridi astro- 
nomiche di Torino cogli element! della Connais- 
sance des temps di Parigi e del Nautical 
almanac di Greenwich. Torino. 1878. 4. A.O. 

Druffel, August VON. Kaiser Karl V. und die 
romische curie 1544-1546. i e abth. Miinchen. 
1877. 4o. 1. 190 

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depuis les temps les plus recule's jusqu'a nos 
jours. Paris. 1875. 18. I. 236 

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*> ed. Tom. i. Paris. 1878. 8. I. 230 

Diintzer, (Johann) Heinrich (Joseph), and Her- 
der, Ferdinand Gottfried VON, editors. Aus 
Herders nachlass. i.-iii. Frankfurt a. M. 
1858. 16. VII. 532 

Contents : i. Briefs Goethe's und der bedeutendsten 
dirhter seiner zcit an Herder. ii. Briefe an Herder 
von Lavater, ,)acuhi, Forster u. a. [2d ed.] iii. 
Herders hriefwechsel mit seiner braut. (April 1771 bis 
april 1773.) [2d. ed.] 

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de la Perse et pays limitrophes. Paris. 1863. 

II. 79 

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pliiechimique, recueillies par M. Bineau. 2' 1 r<l. 
Paris. 1878. 8. V. 216 

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naturelle complete des reptiles. Tom. vi., vii., 
ix. Paris. 1844-54. 8. M. Z. 

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freiherrn vom Stein und seine wiederberufung 
ins preussische ministerium nach dern tilsiter 
frieden. Hanau. 1872. 12. VII. 526 

Der freiherr vom Stc-in und die deutsche frage 

auf dem wiener congresse. Ilanau. 1873. 
sm. 8. VII 525 

Dunger, Hermann, editor. Rundas und reim- 
spriiclie aus dem Vogtlande. Plauen. 1876. 
sm. 8. IV. 273 

Duperrey, Louis Isidore. Voyage autour du 
monde, exe'cute sur la corvette de Sa Majeste, 
la Coquille, pendant les amices 1822-25. i e sect. 
Paris. 1826-30. 4, and atlas of 157 colored 
plates, f>. M. Z. 

Contents: Zoologie. 2 torn. 

The college library has the zoSlogical and botanical 
section of this work. 

Durege, Heinrich. Elemente der theorie der 
functionen einer complexen veranderlichen 
grosse. 2 e aufl. Leipzig. 1873. 8. VI. 64 

Durham, Enn. University. Tlie Durham uni- 
versity calendar, with almanack 1874. Dur- 
ham, etc. 1874. 12. A 54.34 

Early English Text Society. [Publica- 
tions.] Ixviii., Ixix. London. 1878. 8. 10.128 

Contents: Ixviii. Ctmsou mimdi (The cursurof 
the world). Edited by Richard Morris. Pt. v. Ixix. 
FITRMVALL, Frederick James, editor. Adam Davy's 
5 dreams about Edward II. The life of St. Alexius. 
Solomon's book of wisdom. St. Jeremie's 15 tokens 
before doomsday. The lamenracion of souls. 

The same. Extra series, xxx., xxxi. London. 

1878. 8. 10.128 

Contents: xxx. SATNT GRAAL. The history of 
the Holy Grail, englisht by Herry Lonelich. Re- 
edited by Fredk. J. Furnivall. Pt. iv. xxxi. ALKX- 
ANDER the Great. Alexander and Dindimns : or. The 
letters of Alexander to Dindimns, king of the Brah- 
mans, with the replies of Dindimus; re-edited by 
Walter W. Skeat. 

Eckhart, Eckhard, Eccard, or Eckard, 
Johann Georg VON, editor. Vetervm monv- 
mentorvm qvaternio. Lipsiae. 1720. f. 1. 263 

Contents: i. WICBICRTUS, WIHO, or Aoirs, Bp. 
of Hi/deslteim. Hathnmodre primae abbatiss.-e gandtTH- 
heimensis, vita. Accedit Dialogus elc^iaco versu 
scriptus, de obitu Hathumodie. ii. LOTIIAK III of 
Sa.eony, fioman emp. Imvrti anthoris nar ratio de 
electione Lotharii in imperatorem romanum iii. 
HENRY, Count Palatine. Fragmentuni poematis in 
laudem Henrici comitis palatini ad Rhenam anno 
MCCIX. decantati ab auonyino Lotharingo. iv. 
VARIA cantica in Ottones. Henricvm aanctviu, Con- 
radvin II., Henricvm 111. impp. aliosqve. 

Nicole pratique des hautes Etudes. 
Laboratoire d'hitologie du college de Franci- 
Travaux de 1'anne'e 1S7(J publios sous la direc- 
tion de L. Ranvier. Paris. 1877. 8. (Biblio- 
theque des hautes etudes. Lahoratoire d"histo- 
lo(/ie,\n.) M.Z. 

Physiologic expc'rimcntale Travaux du 

laboratoire de M. Marey. iii. Anin'V 1S77. 
Paris. 1877. 8. M.Z. 

Economist! classic! itnliani. See |Custodi. 
Pietro, Baron]. iScrittori, etc. 1803, etc. 8. VIIL 2 

[Edes, Richard Sullivan]. A genealogy of the 
descendants of John May, who cnme from 
England to Roxbury, in America, 1C>10. | Com- 
piled by R. S. Edes, Samuel, John Wilder, 
and John Joseph May.] Boston. 1H78. sm. 
40. VII. 531 



Edlibach, Gerold. ', Chronik nach dem original 
eopirt und erganzt von Joh. Martin Usterj. 
Zurich. 1847. 4. 1.259 

Edwards, Isaac. A treatise on the law of bail- 
ments. 2d ed. Albany, etc. 1878. 8. L. S. 

Egypt War Department Bureau of the General 
&taff. Publications of the Egyptian general 
staff. 3 vol. Cairo. 1877-78. 8 and 16. 
Namely : 

[DUTRIEUX, P. (?) J. (?) A treatise on the 
disease of the eye commonly called the Egyp- 
tian ophthalmia. Arabic. 1878.] I. 96 a 
[EGYPT War Department Bureau of the 
General Staff. Bulletin of the general staff 
Egyptian army. 3d year. No. 8. Arabic. 
1878.] I. 99 
PROUT, H. G. General report on the province 
m of Kordofan. 1877. I. 95* 

Eliot, John. The Indian primer. Reprinted 
from the original edition of 1669. With an 
introduction by John Small. Edinburgh. 1877. 
16. Large paper. II. 295 

Elwell, John J. A medico-legal treatise on mal- 
practice and medical evidence. New ed. New 
York. 1866 [cop. 1859]. 8. L. S. 

Ennen, (Friedrich Hubert) Leonhard. Geschichte 
der stadt Koln. i.-iv. bd. Koln, etc. 1863-75. 
80. I. 248 

Enneper, Alfred. Elliptische functionen. Theo- 
. rie und gesehichte. Halle a/S. 1876. 8. VI. 43 

Epouse (L') d'outre-tombe ; conte chinois traduit 
sur le texte original par Leon de Rosny. Fr. 
and Chin. Paris. 1864. 24. IV. 263 

Erdmann, Benno. Die axiome der geometric. 
Leipzig. 1877. 8. VI. 56 

Escher vpn der Linth, Arnold. Geologische 
beschreibungder Sentis-Gruppe, textzur special- 
karte des Sentis. Bern. 1878. 4. (Beitrage 
zur geologischen karte der Schweiz. 13 e 
lief.) M. Z. 

Esersky, Feodor. Ausgefuhrte multiplikation 
und division bis zu jeder beliebigen grosse. 
5 e stereotyp-ausg. Russ., Eng., Germ, and Fr. 
Leipzig. 1874. 1. 8. VI. 90 

Multiplikations- und divisions-tabellen bis zu 

jeder beliebigen grosse. 2 e stereotyp-ausg. 
Russ. and Germ. Dresden. 1873. 1. 8. VI. 89 

Estaintot, Robert Charles Rene Hippolyte LAN- 
GLOIS, Viscount D'. La Saint-Barthelemy a 
Rouen, 17-21 sept. 1572. Rouen. 1877. 8. 1.242 

Ewald, Albert Ludwig. Die eroberung Preussens 
durchdieDeutschen. 2 biicher. Halle. 1872-75. 
8. I. 170 

Ewing, Alexander, Bp. of Argyll and the Isles, 
and [Whitehead., Henry], editors. Present- 
day papers on prominent questions in theology. 
3d series. London. 1871. sm. 8. 19.116 
Contents: EKSKINE, Thomas, of Linfathen. Let- 
ters. 2 pt. FARQUHAR, J. God and the Christian 
sacraments. AUGUSTINUS, Aurelins, Saint, Bp. of 
Hippo. St. Augustine and his mother. Being the 
ninth book of his confessions [Translated by Walter 
Bell.] EWING, Alexander, Bp. The future temporal 
support of the Christian ministry ; The relation of 
knowledge to salvation; Reconciliation. 

Exploration scientifique de 1'Alge'rie pendant 
les annees 1840, 1841, 1842 publie'e par ordre 
du gouvernement. Sciences physiques. Zo- 
ologie. 3 vol. Paris. 1867. 4. 22 col. 
plctes. 45^.67 

Contents: LOCHE, Gustave Gabriel. Histoire 
naturelle des manimiferes. Histoire naturelle des 
oiseaux. 2 torn. 

Faa di Bruno, Francesco, Chevalier. Theorie 
des formes binaires. Turin, etc. 1876. 8. VI.526 

Fagniez, Gustave. Etudes sur 1'industrie et la 
classe industrielle a Paris au XIII e et au XIV C 
siecle. Paris. 1877. 8. I. 182 

Fairfax, William, editor. Handbook to Austral- 
asia. Melbourne. 1859. 12. I. 245 

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di dialetti corsi. Novella IX della giornata I 
del Decameron di Giovanni Boccacci. Livorno. 
1875. 8. II. 326 

Falkenstein, Die Loango-kiiste in 72 

original-photographien (35 blatt) nebst erliiu- 
terndem texte. Berlin. 1876. obi. 8. II. 87 

Fanfani, Pietro, and Arlia, C. II lessico della 
corrotta italianita. Milano. 1877. sm. 8. II. 325 

Fawcett, Henry. Free trade and protection. 
London. 1878. 8. VI. 153 

Fedde, Fr. Ueber eine noch nicht edirte samm- 
lung aesopischer fabeln nach einer wiener 
handschrift. Breslau. 1877. 4". II. 318 

Ferrari, G. Stanislao. Meteorologia romana. 
Roma. 1878. 8. A. O. 

Ferraro, Giuseppe, editor. Canti popolari di Fer- 
rara, Cento e Pontelagoscuro. Ferrara. 1877. 
sm. 8. IV. 308 

Ferrero, Annibale. Esposizione del metodo dei 
minimi quadrati. Firenze. 1876. 1. 8. VI. 527 

Fischer, (Ernst) Kuno (Berthold). Geschichte 
der neuern philosophie. vi er bd. 2 es buch. 
Heidelberg. 1877. 8. 23^.39 

Contents : Schellings lehre. 

Fischer von Waldheim, Gotthelf. Das 
nationalmuseum der naturgeschichte zu Paris. 
2 bde. Frankfurt am Main. 1802-03. 8. V. 47 

Fittig, Rudolph. Traite' de chimie organique 
d'apres Wo'hler. Traduction franchise publiee 
sur la 10 e ed. allemande par MM. Ch. de la 
Harpe. Fr. Reverdin. Avec une preface par 
A. Wiirtz. Paris. 1878. 8. V. 214 

Fliedner, Conrad. Lehrbuch der physik. Braun- 
schweig. 1876. 8. V. 222 

Fontaine, Hippolyte. Eclairage aTe'lectricite' ; ren- 
seignements pratiques. Paris, etc. 1877. 8. V.229 

L'industrie aux Etats-Unis. Paris, etc. 1878. 

4o. VI 238 

[Foresti, Lorenzo, editor] ? Nuovi canti popolari 

toscani raccolti e pubblicati da L. F. Firenze. 

1845. 8. IV. 310 

Forssander, Magnus Erik. Dissertatio gra- 

dualis sistens momenta nonnulla de genere in 

historia naturali. Londini Gothoruru. [1799.] 

sq. sm. 8. V. 49 

Forsyth, William. The Slavonic provinces south 

of the Danube. London. 1876. sm. 8. I. 218 
Foumier, August. Abt Johann von Viktring 

und sein Liber certarum historiarum. Berlin. 

1875. 8. I. 162 

[France Comite" de la Langue, de 1'IIistoire et des 

Arts, editor]. Poesies Populaires de la France. 

jer vol. 40. MS. Art Room. 

Contents : Poesies religieuses. 
Institut. Annuaire pour 1877. Paris. 

1877. 12. C 13.25 
Acadtfmiedes Beaux-Arts. Dictionnaire 

Tom. i.-iii. Paris. 1858-75. 1. 8. C 44.3 

Ministerede la Guerre. Annuaire de Tannee 

fran^aise pour 1877. Paris, etc. 1877. 8. A 53.12 

Freart, Roland, Sieur DE CHAMBRAY. Parallele 

de 1'architectvre antiqve et de la moderne : avec 

vn recveil des dix principavx avthevrs qui on 

e"crit des cinq ordres, comparez entre eux 

m Paris. 1650. f>. II. 19." 

Friederici, Charles. Bibliothecaorientalis ; or, 
complete list of books, papers, serials and essays 
published in 1877 in England and the colonies 



Germany and France on the history, geography, 
religions, antiquities, literature and languages 
of the East. (2d year.) London, etc. [1878.] 
8. C 21.19 

Friedrich, Johann. Geschichte des vatikanischen 
f konzils. [i er bd.] Bonn. 1877. 1. 8. III. 164 

Frischauf, Johann. Elemente der absoluten 
geometric. Leipzig. 1876. 8. VI. 41 

Uebungen zu den elementen der geometric. 

Graz. 1876. 8. VI. 40 

Fritsch, Gustav. Untersuchungen iiber den 
feineren bau des fischegehirns, rait besonderer 
beriicksichtigung der homologien bei anderen 
\virbeltiiierklassen. Berlin. 1878. f. M. Z. 

Frohschammer, Jakob. Die phantasie als 
grundprincip des weltprocesses. Miinchen. 
1877. 8. III. 169 

Fuhrmann, Wilhelm David. Handbueh der 
theologischen literatur. 2 bde. (in 8 pt.) 
Leipzig. 1818-21. 8. 3^,93, also D. S. 

Funcke, . Grundlagen der raumwissen- 

schaft. Hannover. 1875. 8. III. 171 

Furnivall, Frederick James, editor. Early Eng- 
lish poems and lives of saints, (with those of 
the wicked birds Pilate and Judas.) Berlin. 
1862. 8. VII. 224 

Fusinieri, Ambrogio, and Reichenbach, 
Karl, baron VON. La dinarnica molecolare. 
[Edited and translated by Enrico Dal Pozzo di 
Mombello.j 2 pt. Foligno. 1866. 16. V. 236 

Gartner, Karl Friedrich VON. Versuche und 

beobachtungen uber die bastarderzeugung im 

pliunzenreieh. Stuttgart. 1849. 8. V.154 
Gaillardin, (Claude Joseph) Casimir. Histoire 

du regne de Louis XIV. 6 torn. Paris. 1871- 

70. 8. I. 226 

Gaudry, Albert. Les enchalnements du monde 

animal dans les temps geologiques. Mammiferes 

tertiaires. Paris. 1878. 8. M. Z. 

Gavarret, (Louis Denis) Jules. Acoustique 

biologique. Phe'nomenes physiques de la 

phonation et de 1'audition. Paris. 1877. 

8. V. 218 

Gay, Jean. Bibliographie des ouvrages relatifs 

a 1'Afrique et a 1'Arabie. San Remo, etc. 

1875. 8". I. 243 

Gebler, Karl vox. Galileo Galilei und die romi- 

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Contents : Die acten des galilei'schen processes. 
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The 6th ed. is in the college library. 

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This was published in celebration of the marriage of 
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Right ascensions of 505 stars determined with the cast 
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Contents: i. Ueber das verhaltniss der naturwis- 
senscliaften zur gesammtheit der vvissenschaft. 
Ueber Goethe's iiaturwissejiscliaftlielie arbeiten. 
Ueber die physiologiachen ursachen der musikalischen 
liarmonie Eis und gletscher. ii. Die neueren 
fortKchritte in der theorie des sehens. Ueber die 
wechselwirkung der naturkrafte und die darauf beziig- 
lichen neueren ermittelungen der physik. Ueber die 
erhaltung der kraft. Ueber das ziel und die fort- 
schritte der naturwissensehaft. iii. Zum gedachtniss 
an Gustav Magnus. Ueber den ursprung und die 
bedeutung der geometrisehen axioine-. Optisches iiber 
malerei. Ueber die entstehung des planetensystems. 

Helvetischer revolutionsalmanach filr das jahr 
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Contents : Sommernachtstraum. 

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nations ; in force on the 1st Jan. 1875-lst June, 
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Content.*: i. Austria. 1875. ii. Turkey. 1875. 
iii. Italy. 1876. 

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Contents : 102. OSENBUUGOEN', Eduard. Eine 
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LER, Max. Ueber moderne denkinalHwuth 104. 
BRAASCH, A. H. 1st ein xusaminenwirken dor ver- 
scliiedenen richtungen innerhalb der evangelisch-pro- 
testantischen kirclie mojjlich ? 

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nals ; or, Notes of a naturalist in. Bengal, the 
Sikkim and Nepal Himalayas, the Khnsia 
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The edition of 1855 is in the college library. 

The student's flora of the British islands. 

2d ed. London. 1878. 16. B. G. 

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in der mechanik und zur integration der parti- 
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Uitvoerige beschryving der dieivn. ])lanieii en 
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1701-83, '80-85. 8. M. Z. 

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being a history and re \ie\v of the tnnle 
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sm. 80. VI. 155 



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Contents: Alfred de Musset. Th5ophile Gautier. 
Charles Baudelaire. Honor6 de Balzac. Balzac's 
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Gustavo Flaubert. Ivan Turg&ilefE The two Am- 
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The theatre franeais. 

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This is a different edition from the above. 



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Bd. i., ii. are " 2 aufl." 

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Par M. de La Hode. 6 torn. Francfort etc. 
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The library has also a copy of the Hague edition. In 
five volumes, published in 1740-42. 

This work has been generally ascribed to N. La 
Mothe, who wrote under the name of La Hode, and 
the principal authorities still hold to this opinion, In 
spite of the emphatic denial of the editor, La Marti- 
niere, in his " I>ettre i M. le C. D. C.," prefixed to the 
first volume of the Hague edition See Jiarbier, ii. 89, 
n. 7G28, and the publisher's ' Avertissement " prefixed 
to the first volume of the Frankfort edition. 

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" Chap. I. in Acoustics, and the ' Doctrine of energy ' 
in the appendix, were written by Dr. Davis." He was 
to have undertaken the preparation of the whole work, 
but was prevented by death. See preface. 

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A personal narrative of the conclave at which Clement 
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Contents : Asia. 3vol. i. Syria. ii. Asia Minor, 
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iii. Persia, India, Chinese empire, Japan. 

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To which is added, The disposal of a person's 
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1875. sm. 8. IV. 306 

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of the United States, showing early Spanish, 
French & English discoveries and explorations ; 
also forts, towns & battle-fields of historic in- 
terest. Edited by liufus Blanchard. Chicago. 
[1877'?] 57iX53|in. Art Room. 

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1852. 8. 1.192 

Contents : Die entstehung des islandischen staats 

und seiner verfassung. 

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mer. Uebersetzt und erklaert. i er theil. 
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This is all that was ever published. 

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astronomical observations made at the observa- 
tory, in 1863, 1864 and 1865, under the direc- 
tion of Robert L. J. Ellery. Melbourne. IMH. 
8. VI. 530 

Results of the meteorological observations 

taken in the colony of Victoria, during the 
years 1859-1862; and of the nautical observa- 
tions collected and discussed at the flagstaff 
observatory, Melbourne, during the years 1858- 
1802. George Neumayer, director. Melbourne. 

1864. 4o. VI. 531 
University. Calendar. 1858-61, 'i>3-<>4, 

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12". 24104 

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IV. 297 
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Charles Jean Baptiste. 

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York. 1878. 16. (LEISURB hour series.) 8^.2 
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Briete iiber zustande und begebenheiten in der 
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[With a preface by C. Hitter.] Berlin. 1876. 


Monatrosen. Blatter aus Franken zur belehr- 
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1846.J 4jahrg. Schwabisch-Hall, etc. [18431- 
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of the dominion of Canada. Toronto. 1878. 

B 17.8 

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( 'larence. 

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Descriptive notes on Papuan plants. 5 nos. 

Melbourne. 1875. 8. V. 240, also B. Gr. 

Fragmenta phytographia3 Australias. Vol. 

i.-x. Melbourne. 1858-77. 8. B. Gr. 

Vol. ii.-ix. are also in the college library. 

Introduction to botanic teachings at the 
schools of Victoria. Melbourne. 1877. 8. V. 219 
The vegetation of the Chatham-Islands. Mel- 
bourne. 1864. 1. 8. V. 51 

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terbuch der kunst des germanisehen altcrthums, 


des mittelalters und die renaissance. 2 abth 
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rnenschen. 2 e aufl. i er bd. Coblenz. 1835 

M. Z. 

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1876. 8. VII. 522 

Content*: Irene und Beatrix. Maria von Bra- 

bant Margaretha von Tbfiringen. Anna Boleyn. 

Johanna Gray. Maria Stuart un<l Klisaleth. 
Katharina von Medici. Christine von Schweden. - 
Elisabeth Charlotte. Charlotte Corday. Kaiserio 

Josephine. Konigin Luisc. 

Politische geschichteder gegenwart. iv.-vii., 

ix., x. Berlin. 1871-77.8. 1.97 

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Cambridge. 1878. 8. 

Contents : iv. BINNE v, William Greene. The ter- 
restrial air-breathing mollusks of the United States 
and the adjacent territories of Nortli America. v. 4. 
PRIME, Temple. Description of a new species of cor- 
bicula, with notes on other species of the corbiculadje 
family. v. 5. PKIME, Temple. Notes on the anatomy 
of corbiciiladte (inollusca), and a translation from the 
Danish of an article on the anatomy of cyclas (sphag- 
num) by Jacohsen. v. 6. AGASSIZ, Alexander (Em- 
manuel Rudolph). (Letter no. 2.) To C. P. Patterson, 
on the dredging operations of the United States coast 
survey steamer " Blake," during parts of March and 
April, 1878, with the preliminary report on the mollus- 
ca of the expedition, by Win. H. Dull. 

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notice sur 1'usage des tables, par P. Mansion. 
Bruxelles, etc. 1877. 8. VI. 509 

Nannucci, Vincenzio. Manuale della letteratura 

del primo secolo della lingua italiana. 3 a ed. 

2 vol. Firenze. 1874. sm. 8. B 55.28 

After the author's death the second volume was 

edited by Giovanni Tortoli. 

[Napoleon III. [BONAPARTE], Emp. of th 
French]. History of Julius Caesar. [Trans- 
lated by Thomas Wright.] Vol. ii. London, 
etc. [1865.] 8. 17.124 

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Berlin. 1875. 8. VI 85 

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Sehwedens. Ueber einige rhiitisehe pHan/en 
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8. M. Z. 

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ufacturers, U. & Bulletin. Jan. 1870- 
A]>ril, 1878. Vol. vi., vii., viii. no. 1. Boston. 
1876-78. 8. 32i.91 

Naturhistorisk tidsskrift, udgivet af J. C. 
Scbjmlte. iii 1 ' rrukkes 1-10 hefte. Kjiiben- 
havn. 18(51-76. 8". M. Z. 

To be continued. 

Nazari, Giulio. Paralello fra il dialetto belluni sc 
rustico e la lingua italiana. [Belluno. 1873.1 
Hi". II. 323 

Neill, Kdward Duflield. Early settlement of Vir- 
ginia and Virginiola, as noticed by ports and 
players in the time of Shakspeare. Minneap- 
olis, Minn. 1878. 8. 1.261 



Netherlands Museum d'Histoire naturelle. Mu- 
seum d'histoire naturelle des Pays-Bas. Par 
H. Schlegel. ll e , 12 e livr. Leide. 1874-76. 

Contents : 11. Revue de la collection des braves 

(pitta), des perroquets (psittaci), des alcedines, faisant 

partie du mus6e. 12. Les singes. Simiae. 

Neumann, Leopold. Grundriss des heutigen 

europaischen volkerrechtes. 2 e aufl. Wien. 

1877. 80. VI. 157 

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1'Autriche avec les puissances etrangeres, 
depuis 1763 jusqu'a nos jours. 6 torn. Leipzig. 
1855-59. 8. . I. 174 

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denburg. 1864. 8. I. 165 

This is a supplement to the seventh volume of" Das 

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sagenbuch. Stuttgart. 1875. 8. IV. 274 

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This is all that was ever published. 

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This is all that was ever published. 

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