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H \MiHi.l \|) 

OCTOBER, 189 2.- S 


No. 53; OR VOL. VII. No. i.- 



librarian of tfjr Hnibrrsito, 



OFFICIAL. From the Corporation Records a 



General, 5; Theology and Philosophy, S ; Science, 14; 

Useful Arts, 21 ; Fine Arts, 22 ; Antiquities, 25; 

History and Geography. 17 ; Law and Sociology, 43 ; 

Philology, 50; Literature. 54. 







MM \IKII L'."'. 1892 (additional). Voted, to proceed to tin- election of a Professor of 

Law, to serve from September 1, IS'.IL', whereupon ballots being given in it appeared tliat KI-.IM 
W AM A l 1.11. LL.B.. was elected. 

'<!. to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto it' they 
see tit. 

Voted, to proceed to the election of a Slmttuck Professor of Pathological Anatoim. to serve from 
nber 1. IMC'. whereupon ballots being given in it Appeared that WILLIAM TIIOMA- ( '"i M II.M \\, 
M.D.. was elected. 

Voted, to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 
see fit 

MEETING OF MAY 9, 1892. The Treasurer reported that in accordance with the wishes of the late 
.Ions WITT RANDALL, who graduated from the College in the year 1834, and from the Medical School 
in the year I*:59. his sister, Miss BELINDA L. RANDALL, had given to the College his large collection of 
engravings, gathered by him to illustrate the history of the art of engraving; also the sum of x.'liumo to 
establish the John Witt Kandall Fund, the income of which is to he used so far as it may he needed for 
the care and preservation of his engravings, and the surplus income at the discretion of the 1'resident 
and Fellows for the general purposes of "the department of Engraving and allied branches of the Fine 
Arts." It was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Miss KAM>AI.L. with the assurance 
that the wishes of her brother will be faithfully carried out as to the arrangement and care of his 
collection to illustrate the history of the art of engraving, and that the income of the John Witt Kandall 
Fund will be used in accordance with the terms of her gift as stated by the Treasurer. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received through Professor JAMI> several gift- toward.- the 
salary of the new Professor of Experimental Psychology, and that other gifts for the same purpose 
would probably be received. It was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to each giver and that the recon' of each 
gift be made upon the Donation Book of the College. 

The Treasurer reported that he hud received from HKNKV EVI.I.I.MI HIM. Esq., U executor of the 
will of EDWIN CONANT. the sum of 85000 in full payment of the bequest for the Divinity School, and 
securities of the value of 827,700 in full payment of the bequest for the Library. 

Tlie Treasurer reported that he had received from EVAN Hi MM ll<irM\s 81CO as a repayment with 
interest of scholar-hip money received by him while a student in the Law School, and it a> 

Voted, that said sum be credited to a new account for the Law School to be called Scholarship money 

:\ed from tin- executors of the will of the l{ev. FI:I MI KI. K l-'i;oi HIM. ii VM of a 

beque-t made by him to the I'niver-ity, as follows : " I give and devise unto the Harvard University 
at Cambridge in the at-.ri -aid State of Massachusetts the sum of thirty thousand dollars currency of the 
United States of America to found a Professorship in the Theological School at Cambridge and to be 
called tin- Frnthiiighaiii Professorship. I would prefer it to be of Ecclesiastical History but will leave 
the branch of Theoluiric study to be determined by the need- of the MM. This Profess,, r >hip must 
nee: ttoanyti 'icr as regards itn Incumbent or the Students attending his or 

her iti'tructioiift on pain of forfeiture of the Meanest. In which case it shall n-\ert to my residuary heir.-. 
V. School here meant is that i-misi-crated by the memory of the Ware*, ('banning ami 
Parker " And it wan thereupon 

' that the bequest for the Frothingham Professorship in the Harvard Dixinity School be urate- 
fulb '"IKIM the term* named in the will of the |J. \ . Fi;i in i:i< K l-'i:o i IIIN..II \ M. and that the 

T D'-puty Treasurer be aiithori/.ed to give a receipt for the money in such form a- the 
u tori may r. >, . 

from the Committee on Road* and Mridgcn of the City of Cambridge for a modification of 
the offer made by the College in relation to the widening of Harvard Sin, ,-\ -h -red but not 



Voted, to proceed to the election of a Professor of Political Economy, to serve from March 1, 1892, 
whereupon ballots being given in it appeared that FRANK WILLIAM TAUSSIG, Ph.D., was elected. 

Voted, to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 
see fit. 

Voted, to appoint FRANK BEVERLY WILLIAMS, A.M., Instructor in Roman Law for 1892-93. 

Voted, that the Class of 1844 be allowed to place a mural tablet in memory of their classmate General 
EDWARD A. WILD upon the eastern wall of the south vestibule of the cloister at the west end of 
Memorial Hall. 

MKF.TING OF MAY 28, 1892. Boylston Prizes for Elocution were awarded as follows : First prize 
and SETMOCR L. CROMWELL, Seniors. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. HENRY DRAPER of New York 
for her additional gift of 8833.33 received May 14, 1892, towards the expenses at the Observatory of 
Harvard University on account of the Draper Memorial. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. WINSLOW WARREN SEVER the sum of $22.98 
to cover expenses in relation to the Sever portraits recently given by him to the College, and said sum 
was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from the estate of Mrs. ELIZABETH FOGG the sum of 
000 in part payment of her bequests for building and maintaining the William Hayes Fogg Art 
Museum of Harvard College, and said sum was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received through Professor SARGENT the sum of 1000 as a gift 
for the improvement of the Arboretum from Mr. ARTHUR W. BLAKE, and the same was gratefully 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. FREDERICK L. AMES the sum of 88333.33 as 
the first annual instalment of his gift of 25,000 for the improvement of the Arboretum, and the same 
was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that Professor SARGENT had subscribed the sum of $10,000 to be spent by 
himself upon books for the Arboretum during the next three years if possible, the accounts and vouchers 
for such purchases to be submitted to the Treasurer of the College from time to time for due credit on 
his subscription. This offer from Professor SARGENT was gratefully accepted. 

It is understood that all the gifts for the improvement of the Arboretum recently reported to the 
Corporation are to be credited to a special construction account for the Arboretum, and to be used at the 
discretion of Professor SARGENT for improvements or in part towards a permanent endowment. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. GEORGE A. GARDNER the sum of |i 
as a gift to the Geological Department for their collection of photographs, and the gift was gratefully 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from an anonymous friend of the Botanical Department, 
through Professor GOODALE, the sum of 84500, of which 82000 is to be added to the Herbarium Fund 
and *2500 is for present use at the Botanic Garden, and it was thereupon 

Votid, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent through Professor GOODALE to the 
anonymous giver for these generous and timely gifts. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to the Technological Museum of Sydney, 
New South Wales, through Mr. J. H. MAIDEN, Curator, for the gift to the Botanical Department of 
Harvard University of a large and authentically named collection of woods, fruits, tan-barks, and other 
economic products, illustrating Mr. MAIDEN'S work "Useful Native Plants of Australia." 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to the Botanic Gardens, Gordon Town, 
Jamaica, through Mr. W. FAWCETT, for the gift to the Botanical Department of Harvard University of 
a large collection of specimens of useful vegetable products of the Tropics. 

The President reported a gift to the College Library from Mr. LESLIE STEPHEN, through Professor 
NORTON, of the original manuscript of Thackeray's " Roundabout Papers," and it was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. LESLIE STEPHEN for his interest- 
ing and valuable gift. 

T 'oted, that the income of the Conant bequest for the Divinity School shall be credited to the Divinity 
School as unrestricted income. 

Voted, that until further order of this Board one quarter of the income of the Conant bequest for the 
College Library shall be used for books, and three quarters of the income for the general purposes of 
the Library. 


that tin- Treasurer be authori/ed to have openings made through tin- interior walls of the 
<'ollci;c buildings in such manner as he may think practicable for additional means of escape in case 
of fir. 

Voted, to appoint as members of tin- University Council: JUSTIN WIN-OR, LL.D. ; WIUIVM 
HOPKINS TIM isi.ii \-i . A P..: \\"IIII\M ( 'ooi.iix, i I.\M. A. I',.: FI;\\K P.OI.I.IS. LL.H. 

'. to establish a Professorship of Economic History. 

Voted, to communicate this vote to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 
see tit. 

Voted, to proceed to the election of a Professor of Economic History, to serve from September 1, 
- whereupon ballots bcini; given in it appeared that WU.I.IAM .1 \ \i i - .\-\\\ \ ^ , A.M., was elected, 
to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 

see fit. 

Voted, to reappoint the following Instructors for 1892-93 : MAX P<u.i.. Ph.D., in German; MAXIME 
BOCHER, Ph.D.. in Mathematics; Tm:oi>oi;i HI.M KII.S, in French. 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors from September 1. ls!>L>: EDWARD CUMMINGS, A.M., in 
Sociology; WILLIAM FOQG Osooon, Ph.D.. in Mathematics. 

. to appoint Cnuu.i> GROSS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History for five years from 
September 1, 1892. 

Voted, to appoint JOHN WOLFF, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Petrography for five years 
from September 1. 1892. 

Voted, to appoint M VI.KS STANDISH, M.D., Assistant in Ophthalmology for 1892- '.'.". 

The resignation of FRANK BIGELOW TARHKLL, Ph.D., as Instructor in Greek and Latin, to take 
effect at the end of the current academic year, was received and accepted. 

The resignation of JOHN RITCHIE, Jr., as Assistant in the Astronomical Observatory was received 
and accepted. 

Voted, to establish two additional Morgan Fellowships of 8400 each, to lie awarded under the same 
terms and conditions as the six of $500 each previously established. 

Voted, to establish eight additional University Scholarships in the Lawrence Scientific School, to be 
available for students at the time of their entrance. 

MEETING OF MAT 81, 1892. Voted, that until further order of this Board all Assistants in Physics 
be allowed to take free instruction in Mathematics as well as Physics. 

Voted, tit appoint the following Assistants in Physics for 1892-93: AIMIIIK KKSDRICK; CLEMENT 
COLI.I.-TI.K Ih hi.. 

Voted, to appoint S<H.,S IHVIM; HAII.KV. A.M.. Assistant Professor of Astronomy for five years 
from the tinn- he leave- the United States to take charge of the station at Arcquipa. 

Voted, to appoint Ai riiuv-i; BRL*N Instructor in French for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint }'.. CIHUI.K.N Hi. UK Lecturer on English Literature for 1892-93. 

Voted, to re.ju.-t Mr. WINS,, it, the Librarian, to take charge of the archives of the University, and to 
sort, select, and* arrange them; and that for this purpose he he allowed a clerk at a salary of $1000 
a year. 

Voted, to amend the standing rules and orders of the President and Fellows and the Board of Over- 
Mere by inserting the word Cycling" after the word "Lacrosse" in the list of Athletic Associations. 

MEETING OF JUNE 4, 1892. Voted, to grant the request ..f ProfcsM.r OBOBOI M. L*M for leave 
of absence for the academic year lv.i2-98, in accordance with the rule- established by this Hoard 
May 81, 1880. 

Treasurer reported that he bad received throu-h Professor GOOI.AI.I. the sum of $1000 as a -itt 
from Hf.Mtr LEB, Esq., for immediate use for the Botanic Garden and Museum, and the same WM 
gratefully accepted. 

Voted, to reappoint M M 1:1. . II. ,u i u,. HARDSON, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy for five 
years fron. 

/, to proceed to the election of a Professor of Engineering, to serve from September 1, : 
wher-ii|H>n ballot* bein k'iven in it appeared that \Vn i IVM Ih sin P.riti: was elected. 

Voted, to communicate thi- election to the Hoard of Overseers that they m : ,v .-..iisriit thereto if they 
| ft 

VoUti i to the . -l.-.-t i-m of an Associate Professor of PhjdologJT, to serve from September 1. 

1892, whereupon ballot* being given in it appeared that WILLIAM HENRY HOWBI.I.. M D VM -I. < -t. d. 

[For the contintuUon of these Record* tec p. 83.] 



%* This list of accessions includes (1) nearly all the recently published books and pamphlets that 
are received (except annual reports, periodical publications, continued works, etc. received regularly 
from time to time), and (2) the more extensive and important works of earlier date. 

Anonymous works relating to a person are entered under the name of the person indented. 

Accessions to the several department libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles 
as follows : 

AH. American History Class Room. 

AO. Astronomical Observatory. 

BG. Botanic Gard. (Herbarium Lib.) 

BI. Bussey Institution. 

Bot. Lab. Botanical Laboratory. 

Class. Classical Department. 

DS. Divinity School. 

FA. Fine Arts Department. 

Geol. Lab. Geological Laboratory. 

Germ. German Class Room. 

Hist. Historical Department. 

JPL. Jefferson Physical Laboratory. 

LS. Law School. 

Math. Mathematical Class Room. 

Min.Lab. Mineralogical Laboratory. 

MS. Medical School. 

Mus.Dep't. Department of Music. 

MZ. Museum of Comparative Zoology. 

PE. Political Economy Class Room. 

Ph.G.Lab. Physical Geography Laboratory. 

Philos. Philosophical Class Room. 

PM. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. 

Sanskr. Department of Sanskrit. 

SL. Library of Semitic Department. 

SQ. Social Questions Class Room. 

SS. Lawrence Scientific School. 

ZL. Zoological Laboratory. 

I. General. 

(Including Bibliography.) 

Art (L') & 1'idee ; revue contemporaine du dilet- 
tantisme litteraire et de la curiosite. Publiee par 
Octave Uzanne. No. 1. 20 Jan. 1892. m. Paris. 
1892. 1. 8. Col. plate, portrs., and icdcis. 

To be continued. VIII. 145.4 

The successor of Le litre moderne published by the same 
editor during 1890 and 1891. 

Athens, Greece Ethnikebibliotheke. "E/c#o-si 
Toiv Kara TO ITOS 189091 TreTrpay/iei'wv Trpos 

TO (. TWV tKK\r}<Tia.CrTlKlJi)V KO.I TT)S Or)fJ.O(Tia.S 

VTrovpyeiov, VTTO Fewpyt'ou Kwv- 
'Ev 'A^vai?. 1891. 8. IV. 3754 

Aufrecht, (Simon) Theodor. Catalogus cata- 
logorum ; an alphabetical register of Sanskrit works 
and authors. Printed for the German oriental so- 
ciety. Leipzig. 1891. 4. pp. viii., 795. 

List of the works employed, pp. iii.-vii. IV. 3778 

Boston (Mass.) book company. Check-list 
of American and English periodicals ; including 
all journals indexed in Poole's Index to periodical 
literature, and supplements to 1891, inclusive; 
with the titles of some 75 leading magazines not 
yet included in Poole. Boston. 1892. 4. pp. 32. 

D 25.11 

Cambridge, Jfass. Public library. Cata- 
logue of books in foreign languages. 1891. Cam- 
bridge. 1891. 1.8. pp. (4), 40. DR. 3.44.3 

Cesnola, Alessandro PALMA DI. Catalogo di 
manoscritti italiani esistenti nel museo britannico 
di Londra. [With appendices consisting of arti- 
cles relating to the history of Italy.] Torino. 
1890. 8. " IV. 3795 

Copinger, Walter Arthur. Incunabula biblica, 
or The first half century of the Latin Bible ; being 
a bibliographical account of the various editions of 
the Latin Bible between 1450 and 1500. With an 
appendix containing a chronological list of the edi- 
tions of the sixteenth century. London. 1892. 
f. oifac-sims. 27 Case. 358 

Only 250 copies printed. 

Cornell university, Ithaca. JV. Y. Exercises 
at the opening of the library building; containing 
a description of the building, the address of H. W. 
Sage, etc. Oct. 7, 1891. Ithaca. X. Y. 1891. 4". 
pp. 56. Front., plans, portrs., and it-dels. 

IV. 3835 

Descriptive index of current engineering litera- 
ture. Published by the board of managers of the 
association of engineering societies. Vol. i. Chi- 
cago. [1892.] 8. SS. 

Contents: i. 1884-1891. 

Dibdin, Thomas Frognall. The bibliographical 
decameron ; or, Ten days pleasant discourse upon 
illuminated manuscripts, and subjects connected 
with early engraving, typography, and bibliogra- 
phy. 3vol. London. 1817. 1.8. Plates. portrs., 
fac-sims., and icdcts. *IV. 3809 


Du Boi. Henri 1'etie. Four private libraries 

k: a contribution to tin- history ..I' 

bitdiophili-m in America. 1st series. 1'rcfaee by 

me. New -York. 1SU2. 8". l-'mnt.. 

plnttt. fnc-sini., and A *IV. 3753 


Tl,,. ) are those ni' Chan. Jolh Bavolllot, 

r. i |). i ..!( -:, :iu,l Valentino 
EparchoN. Antonios. Catalogue des manuscrits 

I'Antotne fcparqoe. 1 :>:'*. 1'ar II. omont. 

1 -._'. S". pp. 18. IV. 3815 

. >,,i,/,x, aimer 

18W, t. li.i." 

Farrer, James Austin. Book- condemned tn 

IK- I. unit in (Jreat Britain!. London. 1S'.2. 

> The !!<" K-i.n\ i i:'s library.) IV. 3782 

Fie ay, Frederick (lanl. A biographical chroni- 
ele of the English drama, i:..v.i-iiU2. 2 vol. Lon- 
<l..n. l-.'l. 8. 10444.7.2 

Foster. Joseph. Alumni oxonienses : the mem- 
ber- of tin- uiiivi-rsity of Oxford. i:>ui>-1714 : their 
parentage, birthplace, and year of birth, with a 
record of tlirir degrees. Heing tin- matriculation 
: of tin- university, alphabetically arranged. 
. an 1 annotated. 4vol. Oxford. <1c. IS'.M 
1. 8. Pier 1. 560.10 

Gatfield, < M u; - . < iuidc to printed books and 
manuscript- relating to Kmjish and foreign heraldry 
and ^i-m-alo^v, being u classified catalogue of works 
of those branches of literature. London. IMUL'. 
8. pp. (4). ;:. DR. 3.354 

Only 300 copic |irinti->l." 

Gilbert. II. M.. mul Godwin, (icorjre N.dMin. 
Hibliotbi-ca liantonifii-is : a li-^t of books relating 
to Mampsliire. including; macaxine relt-rencrs. \c. 
Witli an additional li-t nf llani])shirc nrw.spaprrs 
bv F. K. Kdu.ird-. [ls'.l.| 8. 


Hackley public library, Muskfijim . Midi ii/an . 

..-jition, Oct. i;.. iv.ti).;i,idn 1 r. \v. Palmer. 

: cnrn- r -torn-. Mav L'".. l-s'.i. addn-ss of 

'din. CUcagO. IM'.M. H". jip. (2), 

.M. /.,/ o/O //. - dwdcti. IV.3767 

"A (rt-<- putilii- liliniry iiml rciulin^ PHHH Iniiiiilftl liv 


Hain. I.udui'.'. U.-pt-rtoriiim l>ildioL, r rapliicum. 

Die drncki-r d > \\. jalirlmnderts mil 

< liroiiolu^i-i-lier aiilTnhrunu' ilirer w.-rke /ii>am- 

tiirn-ti-llt \on K. Hnrji'T. Lfipxijr. is'.M. 8. 

< s i i: M 111 v i i tur liibliotlu k-w. -en. 1'icihefte, 

.) IV. 2736.2 

Hayn. lluv'" Hibliotheea niTiiianonim nup- 

tiali - \oll ein/eltlriicken deill-eher 

lioeh/eitifi-iliebte illld llocll/.eit -( hel /.( in |. 

Ton mitte de.. \vi. jahrliundert- bis /ur neu/.eit. 

Mil iillfllrrkllli 'e Mill bibliothekell. Illld 

tnarktpn-i-en. Koln a. Kli. 1H1>0. wj. 1C,". ],|,. vi., 
89. IV. 3766 

/'..;.' (irunili / :. . - / .;. i 
dentM-h^n littrnUiir' tiinl IU\n' ' llil>li<>tlu < .1 _ i u. HI..HIMI 

H*litt. Willi:uii Care ,/,', \ manual for 

tin- i,llec|i,r ami amaleur of old Kn^li-b play-: 

I from tin- material fornie.! by Kirkinan. 

Lm Oldys, and Halliwell-Phillipps, 

wit' 1 MX! c.irr. < IIMII-. Lomlon. 

1892. M, 14492.3 

-UOcoptc*. No. 9." 

Heilprin, Louis. The historical reference 
book; comprising a chronological table () f uni- 
versal historv. a chronological dictionary of uni- 
versal history, a biographical dictionary : with 
U'eom'apliicMl note-. ,".d i-d., revised. New York. 

L89S. 8. DR. 138.9 

Heredia, Kicardo, count iff 
Catalogue de la hibliotheqiie de Kicanlo Hen-dia 
[including the Whole Of the r.itilioteca de Sah a." 
To be for sale from the L'L'd to the .".nth of M 
1891, and from the Kith to the iT-th of Ma\ . 1- 
i'\ ii'']it. L'pt. Paris. 1S1I1H1.'. 1. S". ltft>HM. 

IV. 3802 

t'niiti ntn : \. 'I'lii'-iiln^ic, jiirisprutlriifi', -ci.-nr,-, 
divers, beaux-arte, livrea illustiV's. ii. Hdlcs-li 


Hiiirichsnn, Adolf. Das literarische Deut-cli- 
laml. Mit einer einleitung von C. Beyer. 2 e ver- 
mehrte uml verliesserte antl. Berlin, etc. 18IU. 
1. 8. pp. xxvi., (2), col. 1472. B 42.36 

Hutton, Laurence. From the hooks of Lau- 
rence Mutton. New York. 1892. 16. Vort. 

IV. 3843 

Cnii tentu : On s< ...... Aincrii-ui 1>o<ik-|>liitr. < >n (ir;uitr- 

cri-in :iinl the (inmirrntt-s. On the portraits of M:ity. 
(|iHM'ii of Sc'ot-. On -OIMC |ioi-tr:ut inscriptions. On port- 
iciil ili-tlifatiiins. On poetieul inscription-. 

Iconographio encyclo])a'tlia (The) of the arts 
and science.- : translated from the (ierinanof the 
Uililer-atlas i Icoiio";ra])liische encyclo]>a'die i . re- 
\i-ed and enlarged by American specialists. Vol. 
i.-vii. 7vol. Philadelphia. [1886-1)0.] L8". 
Fronis. and CKJ plates. DR. 366.4 

--. - i. Anthropology. Kthnolofry. Kthnoirnipliy. 
1886. ii. PrehUtoric archsBoIogy. History of eultun-. UN, 
iii. Si-iilptiire and painting.' 1SS7. iv. Architcctiin-. 
]s-v v. ( 'oiistniftivf art-; Imihlini: and en^incfrin^. 
l--'.i. vi. Applied iiii'chanicx. 181K). vii. 1'rincipi 

f,'eolo^\. L( 

Jastrow, Ignaz. Handbuch zn litteraturbe- 
richten ; im anschlnss an die Jalireslifriclitr <l> r 
getchichttiffiuentckafl hearbeitet. Herlin. ls:i]. 
8. DR. 3.487.2 

An I'lahorati' i-olh'clion of in-trnct ions anil exanip!' 
tin 1 truiilain-c of the collal'orator- in the ./'//</. /.. rirf,'- 

Ii luifl, with classilini list of historical prri- 
oclical-, and li-t "t al.lii.-vialion- to ! nnploM-d. 

Johns Hopkins university, /Sulti/mire, M<1. 
Bihlio";raphia liopkin-ien-is. l>7t; 1MM. 1't. i. 
Baltimore. 1SH2. 8. IV. 379O 

i. I'hiloloK.v. 

This bibliography " is Intended to [nclnde the impo. .mt 

pnlilieatioii- of pri scnl ami fornirr ineiiilirrs of the acadcinic 
Stall' ilnrinir the pei-ioil of their c-oiineetion with tin- univi-r- 

. full hihlioirraphy of prr-rnt :in<l former I. 
anil ^', 1 

Kntholischcr literaturkaleiider : herai. 

ben von lleinrieh Keiter. i' r . ii' r jahri:. 2 vol. 

iisburu'. 1 *'.>! '.'-'. 11 and -in. S". 1',,,-h's. 

To ),! i-otitiiuieii. C 36.22 

Keyaser, Atlolf. /ur ireschiehtlichen >iml 

land^-kiindlitdieii bildio^rapliie tier Kheinprovinz. 

Kiiln. l^'.'l. H". jip. \i.. -IC. (COUX 

stinii hihlinth, A. VerdffenUichnngen, 4.) 


'lie liililiotrriililii'-iil ork- inn 
lo Klieni-li hitor\ ami i;. oy. .iph\ . 

Kimberley, f'npf Colony I'nl./i,- i< 

.l.iu'iie of the librarx ; < om|iiletl bv P. M. Lau- 
rence. Lomlon. iv.if. 8. IV. 3799 

Koopmnn. Marry Lyman. Bildiuui aphy of 
leuru'e 1'erkins Mar-h. Burlington. \t. I .-::'. 
s , IV. 3797 


Leisure hour (The). 1852-1890. w. and 771. 
39 vol. London. 1852-90. 1. 8. Illvstr. 
To be continued. VIII. 474 

Literary digest (The) ; a repository of con- 
temporaneous thought and research as presented 
in the periodical literature of the world. Vol. i. 
.May Nov. 1890. u: New York. 1890. 4 . 

IX. 188 

The first number was published March 1, the second, 
May 3, since which date it appeared weekly, the last number 

Ijvre nioderne (Le) ; revue du nionde litteraire 

ft des bibliophiles contemporains. Publiee par 

Octave Uzanne. i.-iv. ls'.0-18'.H. w. 4 torn. 

Paris. 1S!)0-91. 8. Portrs., plates, inlets., etc. 

nore published. VIII. 14.3.2 

" 1050 exemplaires. N> . 

The successor of Le litre, published bv the same editor 
from 1SSO t.> 

For continuation, see L'art et fidee. 

Table generate 1890-1891; dressee par 

Michel Mourlevat. Paris. 1892. 8. VIII. 145.3 

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TI.KI) /3i.{3\io6r)Kr), rjroi KaroAoyos TO>/ fv rcus 
/3i/3\io6r}Kai<; rov aynaraTov OLTrocrToXiKov TC KOI 
Ka6o\iKov op6oboov Trarpiap^iKov Opovov rutv 
Icpoo-oAv/ioov Kai Traces UaAaio-Ttvi/s airoKet- 
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To be continued. 

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1892. Boston, etc. 1892. 8. 18^.24 
To be continued. 

essor to A'eir Englander and Yale recieic. 


TO THK l-II'-i; \KV. 

II. Theology and Philosophy. 

Abirlardus ( /V. Ai:\n \KI> <; Ar.ri vi:i> . IV- 
trus. Ahaclards 1121 /ii Soi-son- vrrurthciltcr 
Tractatus de imitate ct trinitatc ilivina: aufj, r e- 
iim-icn mnl crstmals hrraiisiri-u'flini MHI Hcmi-riiis 
St."d/le. Freiburg ini P.rci--au. <t<: IS'.'l. 1. P2". 

III. 6665 

Abbott. L\ man. Tlic evolution of ( 'liristianity. 
[ Lecture- delivered before tin- Lowell in-titute. ] 
Ho-toti, ft, M. S". DS. 

Abbott, 'I'ln>in;i> Kimr-mill. F..--a\ s chiefly on 
the original texts of tin- Old ami New Testaments. 
London. ls:tl. 8. DS. 

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Mohammed. or The spirit of Islam. London. ]s'.i| . 
8. pp. x\i.. (',77. Sem. 456 

Arreat. Lncien. P-\ c -l.olo^ie dii printrc. 
Pari-. I-'.IL'. 8. III. 6852 

Arm moriendi; that is to sayc, the craft for to 

r tin- helthe of maiincs sou lc. Photolitho- 

U'raph of the unique and perfect ropy, printed about 

14!1 by William Caxton or Wynkeii dc Wordr. 

. (! in tin' liodlcian library. ( >.\ford. Issued, 

with an introductory note, bv K. \V. H. Nicholson. 

London, tic. [1891?] 8". " pp. 7, (17). <!. /,. 

([Boin.i i\\ facsimile scries. I.]) III. 6765 

Avenariuti, liiclmrd. l)er mcnschlirhe wclthc- 
Rriff. Lcip/itr. 1*91. 8. III. 6813 

Bachmann. Johannes. Ernst Wilhelm Hengs- 
tcnherg: sein leheii mid wirken narli gcdmckteii 
mnl miu'rdriirktcii <|iic)leii darjfestcllt. i er , ii er 
bd.: iii' r bd. Narh .] . Harhmanns tode darire- 
stellt von Th. Sclmialenbacii. :', bdc. in L'. (iii- 
tcr-doh. L876-92. s-. /,-/. ,,f //o v /x/r,i//r>v/. DS. 

Badaud, I'. N. Coup d'n'il sur les tliauma- 

t l.-s incdimns ilu xi.\ sierle. Paris, dr. 

l^'-'l III. 6848 

Batiffol, 1'ierrc. I'nbhi'. 1,'abbaye de Kossano; 
rontriliiition a I'lii-toire dr la Vaticane. Paris. 
l-'-'l I'"/"- III. 6850 

Batiffol, Pierre. r,ii,i,i . editor. Studia jiatris- 
.ncieiiiie litterature cbreticnne. 
f.-uc. 2 fuse. Paris. 1889-90 

III. 5820 

Beckett, \V ; 1I. The Knjflish reformation of 
t'-ciith century, with chapters on monastic 
I. and the \V\cliffite reformation. London. 

1890. -:n - . /'-.,-/,.<. and uiiijut. ( The i II rum 

*, 7.) III. 6876 

' |> u |,. 

Itrnxelle- ''uirty: 


I'l Mil- .in XVI- Mi-,-1. . , ,,i, ,|, I'.iinv 


Bellesheim. Alph-c ichte der katho- 

. kirrhe in Irland \..n der einfiihrnii'.' .1. s 

- auf die tfi-iteiiwarl. :'. bdc. 

I i,rt. ,,f (II, rr, 

III. 6663 

r-UurrrrwirhnUn," J. xix.-xxxll.; ii. xxiii. 

I.VOB. 18BO ii. 1JXW-1QM. 1890. HI. 

Bovan. Anthony Ashley. A short commentary 
on the book of Daniel. Cambridge [Eng.]. 1892. 
8. DS. 

Bible. Ezekiel. Eng. (1892.) The book 
of the prophet K/ekicl : with notes and introduc- 
tion by A. I'.. ])a\id.-on. Kdited for the syiid: 
the university press. Cambridge | En^. j. I 
-m. S 1 . I'lans. (The CAMIIKIDI.I. I'.ible for -cboo]> 
and colleges.) DS. 

Bible, \rii- Test. Eng. (Tyndale.) (l.MHor 
\r,:>(}.} I'l'he New Testament, translated by Will- 
iam T\ndale, with the notes of Tliomas Mathewe. 
London, ./h>i /tin//-. \:, t'. or I ."..".( i. ] sin. S". //./,. 
Wdcis. *III. 6825 

A dctiiilr-i niiiiitinn is jri\cii in Frx's " Blbliommpblca] 

deBCrlption of tin- i-ilili(iu nl' (hi' New' Tr-tuiiiriit," p. 14'J, 
in>. 2H. Only ilin-r {'o|iirs wriv known to Kry, lii> own, mi-' 
in tho Hritish museum, :incl our in tlic Lenox lilu-ury, all 
impi'i-t'ci't. Tin' prc-nii ropy, (1ST II'.). hi.'k- all aftc'r tlic 
<.i>v|i"l ol .John, lint lia- scvi'ii leaver :il ihc licL'innin 
found in tlir copies ile.-i'filn'il liy Fry, lieiujr [ *.ii.J *.iii., *.iiii. 
ami the four i-on-i'spondin^ unnumbered la<t leaves of the 
-:imi- siirnaturc. No till.' ]iau r e i- known. Tlir fir-it pa>re, 
which should lie markeil *.ii. contains "An almana. k 
\xviii. yeares." (M.D.I, to M.D.l.xxvii.) The m-xt -i\ 
IIIILTI s contain " The kalemler," alter which lollows "A talile 
to fimle | the Kpi-tlc-s and iro<|ieN read | in the chiirche of 
Fiitrlande, at the holye | Coinniunion," -even pap--, with 
"Theliokes coutayneil ill | the liewe Te-tanieilt " added oil 
the la-t pai;r. 

"A Talile of the | principal matters ron-|teyned in thys 
new Testa-|inent. (lathered hy .1. C." begOU on the in-'xt 
JiafTe (the first in tin- other CODitM ileseriheil). The signature 
is *.!!. (a tailecl star, not the simple six- pointed star of the 
first leaves), that of the next paire i< 4 Mi (an error, e\ ideiitly), 
the next, J*.iii., the next, ^.iiii. ' In other i - col- 

latiou is correct, except that "declaration" should he " de- 
claraeion " on J 7 vi r-o. 

This copy lieliiiip'il to liciitlcy Masslich, who presented it 
to J. B. Harrison, of Franklin 'Kail-, N. II. Mr. llani-on 
Lrave it to the College Lihrary. 

Bible. .\nf 7V.-7. (ircck. (ls!li>.) The re- 
sultant (Jreek Testament, exhibiting the text in 
which the majority of modern editors are airrccd. 
and containitm the readings of Stephen- l.V.n . 
Lachmann, Trc^clles. [and others]. l!y If. F. 
\Veymouth. \Vitli an introduction by the lord 
bishop of Worcester, ('heaped. London. I*!'!'. 
-m. S". jip. viii., iii.-xix., (ill. DS. 

Bible. Join,. (ierm. (1890.) Has vierte 
c\ anu'eliiim : ein autbcntischer bericht iiber Jesus 
\on Na/areth. \\icdcrhcrLrc-tcllt. iiberset/t mnl 
erkliirt von II. K. II. Deltl'. Iliisum. l-:n. 


Supplement. See Delff, II. K. II. Nene 

beitriifie /iir kritik mid erkliirmii: des vierten 

c\atiireliiiins. I^'.HI. 8. DS. 

Blake, .Ianie> Vila. A grateful spirit, and other 

sermons. Chicago. l^'.Ki. sm. S". III. 6680 

Blake, .lames \'ila. Happiness from thoughts, 

and other sermons. ('hicai;o. is'.M. sm. S". 

III. 6681 

Bradahaw. Henry (1881 1886). Statutes ,,f 
Lincoln cathedral, arranged, \\itb illiistralive doc- 
uments. Kdited bv Clir. Word-worth. Pt. i. 
L8M. 8, iiv/'V. III. 6831 

mt*: i. I.iln-r nicer; with lirml-haw' 

Bernarda ' '/-,// r,//, /MM . >',/,/. Lif. and 
' illmi. Translated and 

dtod with Additional i - .1 i;..ic- \',,i 

"don. 1889. 8. Port. (CAta- 
imlanl library.) III. 6757 

Cliarle- AULMI-IU-. The P.ible. the 
church, and the rea-on : the three irreat fountains 
of divine authority. [ Lectures delivered in New 
York and vicinitv. With an appends 
York. L89I III. 6756, "/>- DS. 

-The Hilde and the church. 
.in. I. mi ol >'.i\ ilu nit! 
:;\ ilie ailthoi M I- II 

-ritipism. Hil'dieal hi-- M- innie il. ;l |. Ap 

]' ndix. 


Brushfield, Thomas Xadauld. The church of 
All Saint-. Kast IJiidleigh. Pt. i. Head at Tiv- 
erton. July. 1*91. N. p. [1891?] 8. Plates 
mod plan. III. 6T79 

" Reprinted from the Transactions of the Devonshire aso- 

, literature, and art, 
1V1. \\iii.239-306." 

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ment : translated by John Macpheram. Edinburgh. 
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"Autobiography." pp. xiii.-l. 

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mons and addresses in recognition of the twenty- 
fifth anniversary of the installation of Alexander 
McKenzie. Cambridge. 1892. 8. pp. 66. Front. 

III. 6653.2 

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Lukt/s ;_rns[ifl : its demonology and ebionitism. 
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Canterbury. Edited by Robert Hovenden. Pt. i. 
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not society. Publ. 5.) III. 6694 

" 500 copies printed. Xo. 400." 

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A review of the work of the Monist, a quarterly 
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"500 copies printed. No. 415." 

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Delff, Heinrich Karl Hugo. Neue beitrage zur 
kritik und erkliirung des vierteu evangeliums. 
Supplement zu der sclirift ' Das vierte evangelium, 
ein authentischer bericht iiber Jesus yon Naza- 
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St. John, X. B. 1891. S. pp. 28. 4345.22 

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-'hrift Hermann Usener zur t'eier seiner 25jahrigen 
lehrtatigkeit an dt-r Bonner universitat, dargebracht vom 
klassisch-philoloirisehen vereiu zu Bonn." 

Dillmann, (Christian Friedrich) August. Hiob. 
Von der 3 en aufl. an erklart. 4 e aufl. Leipzig. 

1891. 8. (KuRZGEFASSTES exegctischcs hand- 
buch zum Alten Testament, 2.) DS. 

Dollinger, (Johann Joseph) Ignaz VON. Das 
papstthum. Neubearbeitnng von Janus " Der 
papst und das concil," von J. Friedrich. Miinchen. 

1892. 8. III. 6786 
Dollinger was assisted in the preparation of this work by 

Prof. J. Huber. 

Ellis, John, M.D. Personal experience of a 
physician, with an appeal to the medical and cleri- 
cal professions [in behalf of homoeopathy and 
the teachings of Swedenborg] ; and a review of 
"Christ and the temperance question" in the 
Christian union. Philadelphia. 1892. sm. 8. 


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Halle a. S. 1890-92. sm. 8. (XEUDRUCKE 
deutscher litteraturwerke des xvi. und xvn. jahr- 
hunderts,3, 84, 96-98.) 

Content*: i. EMSEB, Hieronymus. "Wider das unchrist- 
enliche buch Martini Luters augustiners, an den tewtschen 
adel aussgangen. LUTHZB, Martin. An den bock zu 
Leyptzck ~[#ic]. 1890. 17522.19 

ii. EMSEB, Hieronymus. An den stier zu Uuiettenberg. 
LUTHEB, Martin. Auffdes bocks zu Leypczick antwort. 
EMSEB, Hieronymus. Auff des stieres tzu Wiettenberg 
wiettende replica. LCTHEB, Martin. Anff das vbirehrist- 
lioh vbirgeystlich vnd vbirkuustlieh buch bocks Emssers zu 
Leypczick antwortt. EMSEB, Hieronymus. Quadruplica 
aufi" Luters jungst gethaiie antwuit, sein reformation belan- 
geml. LCTHEB, >l;irtin. Eyu widderspruch seynis yrthusz 
erczwungen durch Hieronymo Emser, viearieu tzu Mtys- 
sen. EMSEB, Hieronymus. Bedingung auf Lnters orsten 
widerspruch. 1892. 17522.20 

Encken, Rudolf (Christof ) . Die lebensanschau- 
ungen der grossen denker ; eine entwickelungs- 
geschichte des lebensproblems der menschheit von 
Plato bis zur gegenwart. Leipzig. 1890. 8. 

III. 6812 

Evers, Georg Gotthilf . Martin Luther : lebens- 
und charakterbild von ihm selbst gezeichnet in 
seinen eigenen schriften und correspondenzen. 
6 bde. in 5. Mainz. 1883-91. 8. Portrs. and 
fac-sim. III. 6749 

Contents : i. Die herausfordernng. Der erste zusam- 
meustoss. 1883. 

ii. Die Angsburger " tragodie " und ihre nachspiele. 
Die Altenburger komodie und das schauspiel in Leipzig. 

iii. Vollendung des innern bruchs mit der kirche. "Der 
wiirfel ist geworten." 1884. 

iv. Die bannbulle. Der reichstag zu "Worms im jahre 
1521. Der reiohstag und seine vor- nnd nachspiele. 1886. 

v. Gewaltsamer durchbruch der revolution. 1888. 

vi. Im genuss der Iriichte der revolution und in der arbeit 
zur befestigung derselben. Luther uud die doppelehe des 
hessischen landgrafen. " Meine armen alten tage." 1891. 

Farrer, J. A. Paganism and Christianity. 
London, etc. 1891. 8. DS. 

The author seeks to show " that the triumph over paganism 
of that type of Christianity which issued from the cauldron 
of theological strife as the only really orthodox form ; which 
became stereotyped in Roman Catholicism ; which produced 
the crusades, the religious orders, and the inquisition; and 
which is now striving to assert its blighting supremacy over 
protestant Christianity, has been, not a gain, but a misfortune, 
to the world, and has retarded rather than promoted civilisa- 
tion." Introduction. 

Ferencz, Jozsef. Unitarischer katechismus. 
Leitfaden fur den religions- nnd confirrnations- 
unterricht. Klausenburg. 1892. sm. 8. DS. 

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the Holy Land,] circa 1130 A.D. Translated and 
annotated by J. R. Macpherson. London. 1892. 
8. pp. x.,58. Plate and plan. (PALESTINE PIL- 
GRIMS' TEXT SOCIETY. [Publ. 19.]) I. 1622.4 



Field. Warren. That better world. 

[1890.] 12 . pp. ".s. DS. 

Finding (The) of the gnosis. or Apotheosis 

of an ideal. An interior-life drama wherein is 

brought t<i light the inmo-t secret of all veritable 

religion : tlif mystery of the divine self. Anthor- 

i. Boston. 18!>n. sin. I. i>j>. 74. 

AL 4315.49 

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jjeschichte dc- Konstan/er konzils. Paderborn, etc. 

!>:. 8. III. 6664 

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course delivered in the first congregational uni- 

tarian church of Philadelphia. Dee. 21st. is'.in. 

[Philadelphia. 1S90.] 8. pp. 24. DS. 

Giner de Ion Rios, Francisco. Estudios filoso- 

Madrid. 187G. sm. 8. 

III. 6761 

Conttnt : Condieioiies del espiritu eientifieo. El alma 
de los aninia ..-ion ili- las eiriieiiis. Doctriua 

de la cienria. ('oiie,-ptii \ divi-ion di- In rnatematiea. Ke- 
fnnnai. ui:iti-nuitii-:is. Religion y eit- ncia. La 

iglevia c"panola. 1. \iejos. 

Goblet d'Alviclla, F.ugciie, Comte. Lectures 
on the origin and growth of the conception of God 
as illustrated by anthropology and history. Lon- 
don, etc. 1892. 8. (HlBBKRT lectures, *1891.) 

III. 6816 

Goldziher, I-_ r nax. Die /ahiriten, ihr lehr- 

.y. trm und ihrc gc<chichtr ; beitrag zur geschichte 

der muhammedanischen Ideologic. Leipzig. 1^1. 

8. SL. 

[Goodyear, Anna Forbes.] References to truths 

I'm the Holy Bible. [Boston. 1892.] 24". 

pp. n III. 6865 

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piled by Kin-Hex. -r Cutler. [New York?] 1891. 

* . / '<,,-tr$. , plate, and fac-sim. 17353.23 

,U-d for fiiinily friciiiU." 

:.'* work*," pp. 412-414. 

Grimme, Hubert. Mohammed. i' T teil. Miin- 

-tcr i. W. l-'.'L'. S'. /'/.. (D.VH8TELLCNGEN 

us d< ; der nichtchristlichen religions- 

geschichte, 7.) DS. 

Contrntu : i. Dan Icben. 

Guinen, Frimce Kglite reforme. Transcript 

of tin- regi-ters of the protestant church ai Ciiism-s. 

from II . Made and edited l.v William 

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A<|iiinii uinl I|H jinli-ntliiiin. 

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vatrl, priii' 

<t H< a duly. HappineM __ I marina- 
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'Inii-t, r i. W. 
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nature. Mr. Gladstone and (ieiiesis. Tin- evolntion nf 
t'lfulni.'y; an anthropological study. Seience and moral-. 
Si-ieiititii- and pseudo-scientific rcali>m. Si-iein-e and 
pseudo-science. An epi-copal triloiry. A^imstii-isiii. 
The value of wiruex to the iniraciiloiis. Airno-tieisiu ; a 
re-joinder. Airim-fiei-m and Christianity. The liirht- of 
tin- i-hureli and the li^ht of M-ienee. The kei-per- of the 
herd of swine. llln-tralion- of Mr. ( .lad-t-me'- eontro. 
versial method^. IIa>i>:idra'- adventure. 

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IlarpoAoyias TJTOI (ru\\oyjj TWV iv rrj TLarpn- 
Xoyta Trj v 6 Mtyj'tou Trcpie^o/xeVoiv K 
ewoicui', (frpdafasv, Kal VTroOfcrfwr, i'~o 
S^oAapt'ou v<* of- ical vvv irpuirov TL'-OIS e/roV- 
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Contents: A-F. 



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Privately printed." 

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Continued by gift. 

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* 27 Case. 359 

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of books qunti-.l." i. vii.-xli. 

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" Rrprintnl from thr Ilotnilrtir rrrifir." 

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Peculiar people (The). A weekly journal de- 
voted to Jewish in' iaii-al. social, liter- 
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. ; Alfred Centre, N. Y. 1888-91. ).8andH". 

Cootinurd by rift. Sem. 1197 

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the state of Iowa. [Davenport, Iowa? 1891.] 8". 
pp. (2), 8. III. 6679 

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third Lambeth cont'ereiic. g personal nar- 
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" Privately |>riutr.l." III. 6679 
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1'immortalite ; etude prece.lee iTline lettre de 

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III. 6742 

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15395.3O(.\). nls<, SQ. 

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and icdcts. III. 6833 

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Half-title : " I'assiiii: c'vi-nt- in the life of ('anlinal <;il)- 


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8. DS. 

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\tt:L ivjj-1864. 

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706. (Half guinea international library, i 

III. 6781 

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Testament; an essay on the uradual Drouth and 

formation of the Hebrew canon of Scripture. 

London, etc. 1S!IL'. sm. S". 7 DS. 

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1891. sin. 8". I'/tite. III. 6780 

Content* : Mmlrrn s,-ii M--I- :ui<l n M'mii. Tin- Kinir 
..I tin- .li-w-s. His ilium-. A|I|M ndi\. A translation ol 
Job \\\\ iii. 

Sales, Francois m . s,if/it. I'n'i/iti 
Lettres choisirs ; t \>\ a(Hi":<'-s: coudideanco >V con- 
solations. A\ec une introduction par Ilenrv Holo. 
Paris. [IKIll.] 16". III. 6741 

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thought and of spi-^-cli. A lecture before the 
-ocietv for ethiOSU culm:.- ..I Chicago. Di-c. :. 
1V.II." Chica-o. 1 -'.:. MIL N. p;. 29. 1 MM 
library. 18.) III. 6840, "/>-, DS. 

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stoa in Umm OBtchichtlichen xusauiiin-nbauce dar- 

llt. Herliu. ; 14282.50 

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in den schriften de- N.'in-n Te-tainctit*. llear- 
beitung einer von det ILi.i'.:er u'-'>ell-<-liaft /ur 
vertcidigiing der christlichcn religion ;> >tellten 
aufgabe. Leiden. 1891. 8". DS. 


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Bel.'srr," \>v--'- 

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1892. 8". III. 6817 
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Uutersuchungen. Textc. 

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III. 6844 

A new edition of "The Bible and popular theology," iu 
part rewritten and considerably enlarged. 

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"List of books useful to students of the catholic religion," 
pp. 38-39. 

Southampton, Eng. Walloon church. Reg- 
istre des baptesmes, manages & morts, et jeusnes 
de leglise wallonne et des isles de Jersey. Guerne- 
sey, Serq, Origny, &c. etablie a Southampton 
par patente du roy Edouard $ix e et de la reine 
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ciety. Publ. 4.) III. 6693 

" 500 copies printed. No. 420." 

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The author wishes to trace what is the true life and strength 
of tiie society; and the manner in which its principles, as 
actually embodied in it* practice, its organization, and its 
manner of worship, are fitted to meet the special needs of 
an important class in our own day. 

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the university of Edinburgh in 1891. London, etc. 
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.i.ilogy. i' vol. London. 1892. 8. III. 6764 

" References for reading," at the end of each chapter. 

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four Gospels. London. 1892. 4. III. 6842 

The author, after studying the Shepherd of Hennas in its 
relation to the Teaching of the twelve apostles, finds that it 
contains numerous references to the <io<pels. and in particular 
e>Ul>lNlies the fci'-t that the four Gospels w-re known in the 
first half of the 2d century, or a generation before Irenaeos. 

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Christ. Translated and edited by Archdeacon 
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III. 3119(33) 

Unitarian churches, Worcester co. Worcester 
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ce-ter conference of congregational (unitarian) 
and other Christian societies, held with the second 
parish. Worcester. Mass., Jan. 27 and 28, 1892. 
Worcester. Mass. 1892. 8. pp. 48. Port, of 
Phinehas Ball. DS. 

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point. Addressed to members of the theistic 
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(Progr. d. kgl. gym. " 1891, progr. 541.") 

25228.33 b 

The same. ii. teil. Berlin. 1891. 8. 

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[Woodbury, Augustus.) Kev. Daniel Waldo 
.-us. |s'_>n IS'.M : for twenty-three years a mis- 
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III. Science. 

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moirs, xvii. 2.) V. 737(xvn) 

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Agassi/, by the I'. S. |i-h coinini-sion steamer ' Alhatn^s' 
i. M 

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ander Affasaiz, currieil on !>y the I". S. li-li commission 
tBMDer ' Alh.itro ,' ii." 

American academy of aria and sciences. 
Memorial of Joseph hovering; fclh.w. !*:!'. to 
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president. 1*7:J to 1880; presiih-nt. IHso to 1892. 
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Pier 3.490, nlsn PM. 

"CaUlogne of Profewor Lovcrin^''- puhlicaiions," pp. 

Axnhervt college, Amherst, Mass. An anthro- 
I>oinetric manual, gmng the avera.,'.- and mean 
physical measurements and tests of male college 
students, and nrethods of securing them. Prepared 
from the record;* of the department of physical edu- 
cation and hygiene, during the years 18<l-2 and 
1887-- inclu-i\e. L'd ed. Bv K. Hitchcock and 
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Ann noire medical et pharmaceiitique de la 

France du doctenr Felix Hoiiband. et Almanach 

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1892. 18". Wdctt. V. 4187 

Aaapach. I.m-ien. I/.'<-ole al-aci.-um- a-t-elle 

raUon contre / -un. -r? I,e role d. I'eaii dans les 

idr--- a \ap-ur; conference fain- a la societe 

beige de* ing'-nieur- et den industrieU en dec. 

1891. Bnn.-Hci. [1891?] 8". pp.85. 2 ptatet. 

V. 4183 

COKWtltlBf the debate hetwprn Mini un<l /..HUM ..n " !< 
r6U de I'eau qnl r*g\\>- a rinten- ur .In . ;ndi- I.M, .hint le 
travail de la rapenr." 

Ascheraon, Paul (Friedrich August), and 
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vaccinium l>e\v ohnenden sclerotinia-arten. [Wien. 
is'.U.J 8". pp. 1M. BO. 

"Ans ili-n \'rrh'in<llniuji-n <lrr k. If. to<ilogichJ><it<iiii' 

'"i ft in II 'a n, jalirir. IS'.'l, In- -oiii li-r- abfMltWht> N 

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To IK- continin-il. AO. 

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dum containing practical hints on sanitary meas- 
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I. I kin. I . and a review of Pockels ( )n the ditVer- 

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J ,,lnie. AO. 

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I on an article read before the St. Louis medical 
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" Most of the matter contained in the present work appeared 
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Printed on one side of the leaf only. 

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V. 4268 

Ihii}* <>/ the Kottiin .;, /i/ / ntiir<il 
htntori,. v..l. \\\ . KOT. 1 s . UN," PI'- ;! '* 

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|,,r Maivh, 1- .'>02. 

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- opi(jncs des centres nerveux. Paris. IV.l'J. 
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Irn .Ihfi'imlliiiigfH ilrr kiiiiiijl. Jiri'iixx. ttkinl. ilir 
.': rliii, Is'.H." 

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t/l. I". \\'dd.. nt n pit, and v l,,t< x. 
de la marine et de rinstructioii |.ii- 


i. FIitoir- ilu \n\nfcr. |..n I.. K 
1"- n. V. 

mr U ront i-n- : p.n- A. 

IHMfl. iv. ' [' l|v:|ilr. 

uiHjur; pin . I 1 , tit, 'mil<- 


19P1. vii. Anthropologir, rthnocrst>lii<-; I'. ll\.i ! -, 

Fraxer. ! >i I., idy. M.D.. IJ..D. 

[Minneapoli-. 1-'.L'. | 8". pp..'. /.-/</;/. 

in gmlngil,.]n. 1SW." 17361.20 

Galloway. 'I 1 >lton. Nods .>n the 

- raiiftini; d.unpiii^ off and <ither allied forniN. 

1". I -Intel. BG. 

- of tht ifatmchufftti korli'iiltn. 
rat tori'ty, ft. 1, 1W1." 

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" 1-Yoi.i ti,,. American />"' \..l. .\lii., o.-t., 


Goodale, (1 eo r ire Lincoln. Zuknnftsfra^en iilier 
nalirnnjrs- mi 1 mit/pllan/en. Kin otl'eiitlicher vor- 
trau r irehalteii vor der jahres-versammlunj: iler 
American association for the advancement 
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' XVa-liinirton ol)-.-i-v;ition<, isss; appcn<li\ i." 

" Part i. (it 'tin--.' iloiiti|.---t:ir ..!'-. r\ wa- pabliflhed in 
Issl a- ap)i. \i. to tli.' \Va-liilifrtoll oli-.-rvat ioll- for IsTT." 

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l.s'.H ! on the life and services of Alexander 

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" I^ililio^rapln.-al nod - ..n Mr. \Viii.-li.-H'- purely ncolo^i.'al 
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-chatt.-n- bei mondfinsterni--. n. Lcip/.ii;. 1>'.M. 
1. S". /titn/i:*-. and /i/atc. AO. 

|i, . x - I del .\lilinixllnnii, n /'! i>i<itti.-l>f>y*. 

,/, nrllitcliiift ilrr icuen- 
. 6." 

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Is'.rj. im. 8. IIV/c/x. i \\'nii i VM i: \ I..../II/A- 
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Lit. ralin-i- of tl..- -uli.i. Pt, p. Its. 

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..ill. Hraiinschwei-. i '.<!. S". \\',/,-/s. 

V. 4179 

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formation mid integration der ilifl'erential- nnd 
differenzengleichungl't), neb-t einem anham; ver- 

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Hilflkrr. .1. 'alalonue d'.'-toiles Inn 
chatel. 1 >.'!. I ! pp. K : nb--r\ atoire .h- 
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S [El 

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: ('<>i. i MIMA ( i.i i i 1,1 . \< ir York, X. Y. Hi i-l.ii- 

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This is :i ti-iinsliitioii of pt. i.-vii. only, of tin- authors' 
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^s. Ilir luillctin wa> 
ilh thr a->l ri'iimnii'i 



i^ -,.,i.\\n 

Hcjfinniliu' with n. i. W, .1 .,:.. l 
liy tin- xn-i.-u , in riiii|M'r:itii.n 

So nion- pnlili-hi-il. |-'..r ..... i 
. Unlli tin. 

Appendix for the year !-. 
Meteorological siimmarv for the vear. ( 'ambridiri-. 

L8*. PP Chart*. Met. 154 

- For I-"." 1 .'.'e. L8W. 
I. j.p. (49). Clun-t. Met. 154 

" I!. |.iinti-il frniii .limn/* nf I!,. <' "I'trrtXltorif 

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T.I In i-iintiniicil. 
A foritinii:iiioii . : 


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A [lortrait of the author is inserted. 

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With " recent literature " on the subject at the end of each 

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To be continued. 

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Tlii" i- a revi-ion of the author's report on Hie same subject 
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tin- ii-i- "I -tone in cities. 

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t'ontrntt: Kxoti.rlii- t:tL'f:ilti-i ; in 'y-triiiutiM'hi-r rcihi-n- 
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1888 ['84-881. ii. Pi. l-nnilii n uinl irattun^cn ili-r t:iirl':iltc.|- 
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<ork L an amplification "f thr < ;.ntor I, . : 
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.".L' ji/iitis. ( Peiitland's students' mam; 
"Some nob on book*," pp. s* '.'. V. 4314 

Trelease, William. The specie.- of rumex 
ocriirrino; north of Mexico. (St. Louis. 1M'.I2. ] 
s". pp. (26). 21 plate*. V. 4251, nls<> BG. 

I-'rcnii the '.',<! niiii'i'il r> i"irt <if tin Minvmri lnit'iiiinil 
>l'i i ill /i," pp. , 

United States Siijunl >/ ///". il>:il.) Irri- 
uation and water storage in the arid regions. Let- 
ter from tlie secretary of war plated Feb. L's. If^'.'l j. 
transmitting a report of the chief signal otlicer. 
\Va-hiiiii-ton. l.'s'.i]. I". :I7 rlitii-t.i. .M -t cong., 
L'd sess. House. F.x. doc. no. L's?.) Met. 387 

Urban, Igna/. DIT koniirl- botanisd:e garten 
und da- Imtani-clie miiseiim /u Berlin in den jaliren 
1878-1S!)!. Xur feier der enthiillun.^ der Kichler- 
biiste im kgl. botanisclieii museum /u I'.erlin. am 
25. out. I, v.i I. Leip/ig. IS'.M. S". pp. :,s. BG. 

"Sonilor-aliilruck an- Kn^lcr's /itu nix<-hi u jnln hii,-l,rrn, 
U. hd. heft 1, li.-ililatt in . 

Vasey, (n-or^e. Illustrations of North Ameri- 
can grasses. Vol. i. Washington. 1891 ['90-91]. 
1.8. KK) /i/ntfx. ( I'M i ii> S i MI.- - l>,'i>u i-fuifiit 
of ayriciiltiire liotanical diriaion. Bulletin, 

V. 1699.2 

' ntx : i. (ira c- of tin- Southwest; plate- anil ilc- 
-criptions of the iria--e- of the ilc-crl region of we-tern 
'l'i'\a-. Ni-w Mi-.xico, Ari/.ona, ami southern California. 

Vasey, (Jeorge. Monogra])h of the grasses of 

the United States and British America. Washing- 
ton. l.V.IL'. S". il'Miii, Si vn. s- -/>>,,'f. of 
tnjriciilfin-i- liotun iml ttirisinii. Contributions 
from the I'.S. national herbarium, iii. 1.) BG. 

Verworn, Max. (lleichgewicht und otolitheii- 
organ. Ilabilitationsschrit't. .l^na. Bonn. IS'.M. 
8. pp. :' . 50. Wdcts. III. 6868 

Ward, Harry Marshall. The oak: a popular 
introduction to forest-botany. New York. I.V.IL'. 
sm. 8. Front., jifnti , and //Y/C/S. Mm. IKS sci- 
ence si'fie- . V. 4181 

"Webber, Herbert ,T. Appendix to the catalogue 
of the flora of Nebraska. : St. Louis. M.I. is'.IL'. 
s". pp.17. ( W VS|HN,, i ,,v IM\ i i ; -i i , . St. f."niit. 
Mn. Shaw school of Imtinn/. Contributions. !.) 


I'n.m ii . -if St. l.niiix, vol. vi. no. 1." 

"Wegener, (ieorg. \'ersuch einer orographie 

des Kweti-lun. [naugural-diMertation. .Marburg. 
l.s'.M. 8". L' mapt. V. 4215 

p. no. 

" /njllrich v. r.'itrentlicht in der ZtittcHr. '/. Hfuf/lxcfi. f. 

Whymper, Kdward. llo to n>e the aneroid 
barometer. London. 1891. 8. pp. (2),':i. 

V. 4196 

Tlir *<!. k. l.s'.'l. S". pp. :'_". 

<;i. AO. 

\Vilhelmy. Ludwig 'Ferdinand.. 1 eber ilas 
geset/, nach welchem die einirkunu r 'I'-r saiiren 
auf den rohr/ucker stall tindet. I-.-.n. lleraus- 

ben Mill W. < IstwaM. l.ei|.y;ig. I MM . ID 
Pp. 17. u-iuuii. Wilhelm. ulitnr. Klassiker 

der exakt.-n vricMnachaften V. 3992 

" In i . '"I. l\\\i. -li:; \.:.\, \W I 

' I :e|iiii- i|. r H i-en-. half. 

ilieiten \..ll \Vilhe||n\ ." p. 17. 

Williams. ', llnntinv'ton. Kleuieni- of 

rallo-raplr . P, / '- "/>t.. 

j>lnir. and V. 4185 
," ; 



Wittrock, Veit Hrecher. Linaria Reverchonii 
nov. spec, (less morfologi och lefnadshistoria. 
Stockholm. 1891. 1.8. pp. U. Plate. BG. 
'''ini, M. i. mi. 4." 

Wittrock, Veit Brechor. Om planen for Ber- 
sielumls botaniska tnidiMrd sunn oin tnidgardens 
tillstund 1MIL. Stockholm. 1801. 1.8. pp.22. 
Plate* and nitip. BG. 

" Actn horti Iji-rgi'ini, lid. i. uo. 2." 

Woodhead, German Sim.-:. Bacteria and their 
products ; ami an appendix giving a short account 
of bacteriological method?, and a diagnostic de- 
scription of the commoner bacteria. London. 
1891. sm. 8. Wdcts. (The CONTEMPORARY sci- 
ence series.) V. 4194 

The " literature " of the subject is given at the eud of each 

Yatabe, Hyokichi. Iconographia flora? japoni- 
cae : or. Descriptions with figures of plants indige- 
nous to Japan. Jap. and Eng. Vol. i. pt. 1. 
Tokyo, l.s',11. 1. 8. Plates. ' BG. 

IV. Useful Arts. 

Barter, S. Manual instruction; woodwork. 
(The English sloyd.) Preface by George Ricks. 
London. [1892.] sm. 4. Illustr. VII. 2763 

Bell, Alexander Melville.] Popular shorthand 
or Bteno-phonography. American version. New 
York. [1892.] 8. " pp. 16. VII. 2752 

Berg, Louis DeCoppet. Safe building; a 
treatise giving in the simplest forms possible the 
practical ami theoretical rules and formulae used 
in the construction of buildings. 2 vol. Boston. 
1889-92. 8. Tables. diagrs..lin<\ wdcts. V. 372O 

Blomfield. Reginald, and Thomas, F. Inigo. 
The formal garden in England. London. 1892. 
8 . Wdcts. II. 311O 

" Principal works referred to," pp. 242-244. 

Carpenter, Holla Clinton. Text-book of ex- 
perimental engineering. For engineers and for 
students in engineering laboratories. New York. 
1892. 8. pp. xx., 709. Front., icdcts., diayrs.. 
and plate. V. 4325 

"oil edition of 'Note* to mechanical laboratory practice.'" 

Electrician (The) : a weekly illustrated journal 
of electrical engineering, industry, and science. 
Vol. xxviii. no. 703. Nov. 6, 1891. "London. 1891. 
f. Wdcts. SS. 

To be continued. 

Elektrotechnische zeitschrift. Centralblatt 
fur elektrotechnik. Organ des elektrotechnischen 
vereins. xiii. jahrg. heft 1. 1. Jan. 1892. w. 
Berlin. 1892. f. Illustr. SS. 

To be continued. 

The " Centralblatt fur elektrotechnik" was incorporated 
with this magazine in 1S90. 

Flynn, Patrick John. Irrigation canals and 
other irrigation works, including the Flow of water 
in irrigation canals and open and closed channels 
generally, with tables simplifying and facilitating 
the application of the formuhe of Kutter. D'Arcy. 
and Bazin. 2 vol. in 1. San Francisco, Cal. 1892. 
1.8. Wdcts.. plans, and maps. SS. 

The " Flow of water in irrigation canals " has a special title- 
ail paging, and is considered vol. ii. of the work. 

Fodor, Etienne DE. Die elektrische schweis- 
sung und luthung. Wien. etc. 1892. 16. Wdcts. 
(ELEKTRO-TECIIXISCHE bibliothek, 44.) V. 2082 

Good roads ; an illustrated monthly magazine 
devoted to the improvement of the public roads 
and streets. Published by the league roads im- 
provement bureau. Vol. i. no. 1. Jan. 1892. 
New York. 1892. 8. Wdcts. IX. 194 

Continued by gift. 

Hrabak, Josef. Hilfsbuch fur dampfmaschinen- 
techniker; unter mitwirkung von Adalbert Kas und herausgegebeu. 2 e , wesentlich ver- 
mehrte und verbesserte aufl. Berlin. 1891. 1. 8. 

V. 4250 

Jacobi, Charles Thomas. Printing; a practical 
treatise on the art of typography as applied more 
particularly to the printing of books. London. 
1890. sm. 8. Illustr. (WOOD, Sir H. T. (W.), 
editor. Technological handbooks, 6.) IV. 3784 

Jaques. William Henry. Bethlehem armor, 
and recent armor experiments at the naval ordnance 
proving ground, Annapolis, Md. [New York. 
1891.] 1.8. pp.27. Illustr. VH. 2768 

" Reprint from the Iron age of March 19 and June 4, 1891." 

Jaques, William Henry. Description of the 
works of the Bethlehem iron company. [Annapolis. 
Md. 1889.] 8. pp.10. Plate and plan. VII. 2768 

"Reprinted from the Proceedings of the United States 
naval institute, vol. XT. no. 4." 

Jaques. William Henry. The detachable ram, 
or Ericsson submarine gun and projectile, x. P. 
1892. 8. pp. 4. Plate. VII. 2768 

"Extract from Journal of the iron and steel institute, 
no. 1, 1891, with uotes by the author." 

Merrill, George Perkins. Stones for building 
and decoration. New York. 1891. 8. Front., 
plates, and wdcts. MZ. 

" Bibliography of works on building stone," pp. 428-430. 

Miintz, A., and Girard, A. C. Les engrais. 
3 torn. Paris. 1891. 8. (BIBLIOTHEQUE de 
1'enseignement agricole.) BI. 

Notes on building construction arranged to meet 
the requirements of the syllabus of the science & 
art department of the committee of council on edu- 
cation. South Kensington. 4 pt. London, etc. 
1891, '89-91. 8. Illustr. (Rivington's series of 
notes on building construction.) SS. 

'*: i. First stage, or elementary course. New 
ed. 1891. ii. Second stage, or advanced course. New ed. 
1891. iii. Materials. Advanced course, and course for 
honours. 2d ed. 1S89. iv. Calculations for building struct- 
ures. Course lor honours. 1891. 

Phillips, John Arthur. Elements of metal- 
lurgy : a practical treatise on the art of extracting 
metals from their ores. 3d ed., revised and en- 
larged by H. Bauerman. London. 1891. 8. 
pp. xxvi.. 909. Plates and wdcts. V. 4273 

Phillips, Philip. The Forth bridge in its vari- 
ous stages of construction and compared with the 
most notable bridges of the world. 2d ed. Edin- 
burgh. [1889.] obi. f. Portrs. and 55 plates. 
Printed on one side of the leaf only. SS. 

Rafter, George W. The microscopical exami- 
nation of potable water. New York. 1892. 24. 
Wdcts. , table, and plates. (VAX NOSTRAXD, David, 
publisher. Science series, 103.) SS. 

" Literature," pp. 137-160. 

Robbins. Mrs. Mary Caroline (PIKE). The 
rescue of an old place [in Hingham, one of the 
"abandoned farms" of Massachusetts]. Boston, 
eic. 1892. sm. 8. V. 4198 

Originally published in Garden and forest. 


ACCESSIONS TO THK I.] I'.i; \i;y. 

Robins, Kdward ( 'ookw orthy. Technical school 

and college huil linir: being a treatise on tin- design 

an I con-trm lion of applied science and art build- 

ings, and their suitable lining* ami sanitation, with 

a chapter on technical eilucatiun. London. 1*s7. 

4. Front*.. C:t i>/ntrs. /iftnia. etc. II. 3117 

Seckendorff. Arthur, fnihirr VON. Vcrbau- 

unir <ler wililliaclic anfiorstung und herasung der 

gchin,'si:riin'lc. An- anla-s der rei-e des grafen 

.Julius von Falkcnhayn nach Siidfrankreich. Tirol. 

und Karnten. Herausgegeheii voin k. k. ackcr- 

hauministerium. \Vien. 1884. 1.8. H'r/r/s. and 

atlns r,f :::, ; jc 1 plat, , V. 4230 

Thompson, Silvanus Phillips. Dynamo-electric 

machinery: a manual for students of clectroteeh- 

!th cd.. enlarged and revised. London. e1c. 

8. pp. xii.. SCI. IIV/,7\-. and L".> ////,. v. 

V. 4252, i,l*,, SS. 

Tompkins. Frank II.. nfifur. The Mississippi 

river: the coininercial highway of the nation: the 

iniproveineiit of its navigation and the control of its 

tiood waters. Baltimore. M<1. 1S!I'_>. 8". V. 4294 

" KepnlMi-hcd from tip' Mnmit 

Introductory article; T. ( '. ( 'atehi i !_'-. Early 

effort- for national recognition, cnlmiiuttinjr iii tin- building of 

of the bill creating the Misnifigippi 

rivi-r oiiiini inii; tlio Kails plan. Manner anil extent of 

work tlonc under tin- -npervi-ion of tlic Mississippi river 

rommi--ion. The Mi--i ippi river, what it needs ami \vliv 

it need- it; S. S. f.i-a.-li. How to control; T. (,. Dalmcy. 

It- phenomena ami physical treatment; William Starling. 

The coli-titiltional power of conifrc ; to make appropria- 

ii it- fl-ioil water-, us well a- to ini|>rove it- 

. \ . i Blanrhard. Appendix, with extract of 

N, re-oliiiioii- of commercial con^n --, etc. 

United States Department i,f injrirnltiiri . 
f l^'.M. 1'ro^re-s report on irrigation in the 1'iiited 
State-. I't. i. In- H. .1. Hinton; Progress report 
of artesian and underllow investigation hetween 
the nineu eveiith decree of west longitude and 
the fiiot-hilU of the IJockv mountains. Pt. ii. hv 
\eitleton. '.' pt. in 1 vol. Washington. 

IN'.*!. M". Mitft.'i. iilnti-s, i>litnx. and clmrt.t. (")lst 

(in-/..- - Kte. \.\. doc. no. :,;;.) V. 4266 

"Waring, (Jeorjre Kdwin. _//-. Tin- sewerasji- of 
two New Haiii]i-hire town-. K.-ene and Laconia. 
Concord. N. II. IViL'. s-. pp. ]|. />/.,.,,/(,(?.. 
and i V. 4298 

.nteil from the l:<-/*jrl of tlir >' ./ Innlt/i 

Wyatt, Krhnci-. Tin- pho-phate- of America, 
where and how they occur, how they are mined. 
and what they cost. With practical treat 
the manufacture of -ulpliuric acid, acid phosphate. 
pho-phorie acid, and concentrated -iiperphnspliates. 
and . .dectcd im-tho |. ,,f chemical aiiah -i-. hi, e.|. 
8. Plata, mapt, and u-dcts. BI. 

V. Fine Arts. 

Albert!, I.i-on P.atti-ta. < iji.-ra im-dita et ]iaii<-a 
i li.Tonvmo Main ini ciirante. 

Floreir - . Ota " - l.'x. COLTJI di 

icdite rare di oi;ni ,.-colo della letleratlira 

italiana.) IV. 3837 

Ami I. dd monutmi,'- dii comite 

1 diriiree par 
Charlet. Norman I. Tom. i. iii. 1--7 ; 

^iniitiienti. ct dt-<i art-. F-.n lee et diri- 

.rm.uid. Tom. |r.,T. l-'.m |s:i|. 

ff. ami i,i-, a. :> torn. Pari. ! - <]. s-. 

II. 3116 

. "bibliographic" at the end of each nun; 

Berlioz, ( I -otli-) Hector. Les troyens ; poeme 
lyrique en .'. aetes et S tal)leaux. Partition clmnt 
et piano, (Paris. 1889?] 1.8. 122^.62 

Bizet, Alexandre Cesar Leopold, culleil ( ',< 
I/arle-ienne ; dratne en .", a etc- de Alplmnse 1 )andet. 

[Partition, chant et piano."] Paris. [187-?] 1.8. 

pp. '-'), 77. 1224.62 

Boston. .lAfss. City council. fl89i.) Partial 

report of the committee on cit\ hall extension: 
[with views and descriptions of the city halls in 
several American cities]. Boston. is!):.'. .}". 
tr. 1C. 1 '//,;< and plans. 10343.28.2 

Printed on one side of the leaf only. 

Burckhardt, (Johann) Jakob. Geschichte 
der renaissance in Italien. '.\ v aufl. 1'nter mit- 
wirkun.e; des verfassers hearheitet von Heinrich 
Molt/in-er. Stuttirurt. 1891. 1.8. Illustr. 

II. 3148 

An eiilarireinent of the work which appeared in 1867 as 
part of KURT'S "( ii-schidite iler baukunst." 

Burty, Philippe. Collection Ph. Burly. 

( 'ataloL, r ne de jieintnres & estani])es japonaises, de 
miniatures iudo-persancs, et de livres relatifs a 
I'Orieiit et an .lapon, (|iii seront vendus du 16 au 
L'O mars. I sni, j>ar le ministere de Maurice Delestre 
avec ras-i-tance de Krnest Lcroux. Paris. 1891. 
l.S". |(>/r/s. 11.3138 

With historical anil descriptive notes. 

Conder, .Jo-iah. /'./../. B. A. The tlower- of 
.Japan and (lie art of floral arrangement. Tokio, 
etc. 1892. f. UV/r/.s-. and :,( [ ." ] i>latts. 

*27Cae. 355 

Daly, Au^ustin. Woffington ; a tribute to the 

actress and the woman. I'd ed. Trov. N. Y. 

Is'.H. I I".,-. VII. 2788 

Dargenty, (J. Antoine Wattean. Paris. 

ls;ii.| 1.8". I/lustr. (Les AKTISTKS celehres.") 

"Catalojr U ,. ,. t hililio^rapliie," pp. li- 1 :}.'>. II. 1568 

Duplessis. (ieor-res ( Victor Antoine (JUATKT). 

Les Audran. Paris. [1892.] 1.8. DO. 86+. 

////'.-//-. ( Les AKTISTES celchres.) 11.1570 

" Uihli.i-;raphie," p. MI. 

Fitzgerald, Percy ( I lethriiiurton i. The art of 
acting: in connection with the study of character. 
the -pint of comedy, and stage illusion. London, 

1892. 1C". Port, of Fnderie Lema&rt, 

VII. 2727 

Fb'rwter, Krnst (Joachim). Denkmale italieni- 
sclier malerej voin \erfall der antike his /urn sech- 
/ehnlerr jahrhundert. I hde. in '2. Leip/ig. 
L870-8S. WO [194] />//. 27 Cae. 361 

Fuller-Maitland, Jolin Alexander, nlitnr. 
Lnu'lish carol- of the fifteenth century, from a MS. 
roll in the library of Trinity college. Cambridge. 
With added vocal part- by W. S. Uockstn. 
an appendix: The Oxford version of the Agin- 
court -onir" K London, etc. [1891.] 4. pp. xii.. 
;_'. fbc-M'm. 25251.31 

Fumagalli, Carlo, mnl Beltrami, Liu a Li 
cappelhi di tta della regina Teodolinda uella ba- 
silica di San (iiovanni in Mon/a. e le sue pitture 
mnrali. Milano. 1891. f. pp. 17+. \\'<lds. 
and _' plat 27 Case. 62O 

" Kdi/.ione di copie n. -J(IO." 

Oatti, Angelo. La fahbrica di S. lYtnmio: 
inda-ini -toriclie. P.nhi-n.i /,/dtf.t. 

II. 3150 

Oirard, Paul. La peinturc antiiiue. Paris. 
!!./,/>. Hn.r.roTirKoi ,; ,le r.'ti- 
-. -i-nemerit d. - li.Mii\-art.) II. 438 

-," pp. 331-483. 


2 3 

Gluck, Christoph Willibald. ritter vox. Pro- 
log; fur sopran-solo, chor und orchester. [Words 
by L. O. del Rosso.] Leipzig. [1891.] 4". 
pp. vi., (2), 85. 1224.31 

Goncourt, Edmond DE. Outamaro ; le peintre 
des maisons vertes. Paris. 1891. 12. II. 3130 

A contribution to the history of Japanese art. 

Goncourt, Edmond and Jules DE. L'art du 
xvin* siecle. l e serie. Paris. [1881.] 12". 

II. 3131 

Content* : Watteau. Chardin. Boucher. La Tonr. 
Each sketch is followed by a list of the artist's works, 
with notes. 

Goncourt, Edmond and Jules DE. L'art du 
xvm e siecle. 2 serie. Paris. 1882. 12. 

II. 3132 

Contents: Greuze. Los Saint Anbin. Gravelot. 

Each sk.-teh is followed by a list of the artist's works, 
with notes. 

Goncourt, Edmond and Jules DE. L'art du 
xvin* siecle. 3 e serie. Paris. 1882. 12". 

II. 3133 

Content*: Eisen. Moreau. Dehucourt. Fraironunl. 

Each sketch is followed by a list of the artist's works, 
with notes. 

Goncourt, Edmond and Jules DE. Gavarni: 
I'homme et 1'ceuvre. Paris. 1870. 12. 11.3129 

Gotch. John Alfred, and Brown, Walter 
Talbot. Architecture of the renaissance in Eng- 
land ; illustrated by a series of views and details 
from buildings erected between the years 1500- 
1630, with historical and critical text. [Vol. i.] 
1vol. in 3 pt. London : Boston. 1891. f. Wdcts.. 
plans, and 66 plates. *27 Case. 616 

Gounod, Charles (Fra^ois). La colombe; 
opera comique en deux actes, de J. Barbier et M. 
Carre. Partition chant et piano. reduite par Emile 
Perier. Paris. [188-?] 1.8. 122A.62 

Gounod, Charles (Francois). Mireille: opera 
en 3 actes, tire du poeme de Frederic Mistral par 
Michel Carre. [Partition chant et piano.l Paris. 
[188-?] 1.8. 122.J.62 

Gounod, Charles (Francois). Sapho; opera 
en 3 actes de Emile Augier. [Partition chnnt et 
piano.] Paris. [188-?] 1.8. 122A.62 

Hagen, Karl, of Hamburg. tjber die musik 
einiger naturvolker (australier, melanesier. poly- 
nesier). Inaugural-dissertation. Jena. Hamburg. 
1892. 8. pp.35. 14 pp. of m nsic. 1224.57 

" Litteraturverzeichnis," pp. 3i-3o. 

Haydn, (Franz) Joseph. Collection de qua- 
tuors pour 2 violons. viola et violoncelle. 4 vol. 
Leipzig. [188-?] 4. 122A.91 

Henderson, William James. Preludes and 
studies: musical themes of the dav. Now York. 
1891. sm. 8. 122^.57 

Contents: A study of " Der ring dcs Xilieluuirfii.'' 
nagneriana. The evolution of piano imi<ir. Schumann 
and the programme-symphony. 

Henke. Wilhelm. Vortriige iiber plastik. mi- 
mik und drama. Rostock. 1892. 1. 8". IP/el's. 

II. 3152 

Contents : Die aufrechte haltung des meusrhen im st< hen 
ind gehen. Der ansdruck des gesichtes, insbesondere des 
iickes Die menschen des MicheUnprlo iin vi-rsl-'i'-li init 
er antike. Die gemalde von Michelangelo <un ntnde der 
ueeke in der sixtinischen kapelle zu Bom. Zwei arten von 
U in der kunst der tnirnik. Anatomic der rrasrodie mit 
anwendnng auf Schiller* Walleustein. Cordelia von Shake- 
speare auf dem deutschen theater in Berlin. 

Henkels, Stanislaus Vincent. The Hockley 

antiquarian collection, gathered by the late Thomas 

Hockley, of Philadelphia; relics and gems from 

Pompeii. Herculaneum and Etruria, carved ivo- 

-, bronzes, wood carvings, &c. Also the 

collection of engravings, formed by George Ren- 

3, of Baltimore. To be sold May 3d and 

4th, 1892 [by] Thos. Birch's sons. Philadelphia. 

[1892.] 1.8. pp.44. Front, and plates. 

II. 3141 

Hirth, Georg. Aufgaben der kunstphysiologie. 
2 theile in 1 vol. (paged contin.). Miinchen, etc. 

1891. 8. pp. viii. 4- (4), 611 + . Plates and u-dcts. 

III. 6822 

Jadassohn, Salomon. Serenade in 4 canons fiir 

orchester. Op. 42. J'urtititr. Leipzig. [1879.] 

*- PP- *"> 1224.17 

Jadassohn, Salomon. Serenade (no. 2, D 

dur i fiir orchester. Op. 46. Part it ur. Leipzig. 

PP- 45. 1224.17 

Jadassohn, Salomon. Serenade (no. 3, A 

dur) fur orchester. Op. 47. Part it >n: Leipzig. 


Jadassohn, Salomon. Serenade (no. 4. F dur) 
for grosses orchester. Op. 73. Partitur. Leipzig. 


Jullien, (Jean Lucien) Adolphe. Richard 
Wasjner. sa vie et ses cenvres. Paris, etc. 1886. 


Jullien, (Jean Lucien) Adolphe. Richard 
-uer, his life and works. Translated from the 
French by Florence P. Hall. With an introduc- 
tion by B. J. Lang. 2 vol. (paged contin.). Boston. 

1892. 1. 8. Fronts., portrs., plates, and icdcts. 


i'.tion de luxe, limited to 1000 copies. Xo. 151." 

Laban, Ferdinand. Der gemiithsausdruck des 

Antinous : ein jalirhundert ange\vamlu-r*psvcholo- 

srii.' auf dem gebiete der antiken plastik. "Berlin. 

pp. (4), 92. Table. 11.3151 

Lamborn. Robert Henn,-. Mexican painting 
and painters : a brief sketch of the development of 
the Spanish school of painting in Mexico. New 
York. 1891. 4. pp.76. Plates and icdct. 

"500 copies. No. 457." 11.3166 

Layard, George Somes. The life and letters 
of ('harks Samuel Keene. London. 1892. 8. 

II. 3168 

Le Blant, Edmond. Los sarcophages Chretiens 
de la Gaule. Paris. 1886. f. WdeU. and 59 
plates. (COLLECTION de documents inedits sur 
rhistoire ile France.) 1572.19 

Liszt, Franz. Eine Faust-symphonie in drei 
charakterbildern (nach Goethe) ; fiir grosses or- 
chester und miinner-chor. Orchester partitur. 
Xfiu- aiiri. IA -ipziir, etc. [1880.] 1.8. 1224.17 

Liszt, Franz. Eine Faust-symphonie in drei 
charakterbildern (nach Goethe) : fiir grosses or- 
clirster und miinner-chor. Ausgale [fur piano- 
forte^ zn rier hcinden von Dr. Stade. Leipzi". 
PP 12207 

MacGibbon, David, and Ross, Thomas. The 
castellated and domestic architecture of Scotland 
from tlie twelfth to the eighteenth century. 5 vol. 
Edinburgh. l>87-92. 1.8. Ptjpu.,<ftagr.,utd 

II. 2283 

Marschner, Heinrich ( August) . Hans Heiling ; 
romantische oper in drei acten nebst vorspiel von 
Eduard Devrient. [Opus 80.] Vollstandigcr kla- 
rierauszn/j v(,m kornponisten [mit text}. Revidirt 
von G. F. Kogel. Leipzig. [187-?] 1. 8. 122A.33 


Manchner. Hcinrich (August). Per templi-r 
iinil die jinlin. dr..-*, n>nianti-rhc oper in drei 
aufziigen von \V. A. Wohlbriick. >(" wi-rk. Voll- 
utiiinli'ier klnrirriitiszinj voin componisten. Ncue 
ausg. nach drr /.wcitt-n bearhcitung mit dcntsi-hrm 
mid italirnisrhrm texte. Leip/.ig. [1*7--?] 1.8". 


Mascagni, Pietro. ( ':i vallcria rusticana : melo- 
dram in cinem aiif/ug. dem glcichuamigcu volks- 
stiick von G. Verga entnotniiu>n. Vollsiiintlitjei- 
fliir\r>-a\is:ng mit deutschem text. Berlin, rtc. 
[is-.M?] 4". 1224.62 

Michel, Emile. Les Hrucghel. Paris. [IS'.i'.'. ] 
1.8. Illnstr. (Lcs ARTISTKS celebres. ) 11.1571 
" Hibliop-aphii-," p. 89. 

Milliet. P. Ktudrs Mir Irs premieres periodcs 
de la ceramique greequc. 1'aris. is'.tl. 8. 

II. 3147 

t from a " thi-sc- s.piitrniH- ii 1'iVoU- ilu I.ouvrr li- Is 
nov. 1890." 

' I.. - \ -. nmt clioisis ili- pi-i'-tei-ciii-i- |iartni rcux 

i|iii out '-H' n-proiluits par M. (iiraiuion ilan* >nn prrmii-r 
volume il<- photOgnpUai il'apri's !<- vars ilu cabinet lies 

Miintz. Eugene, editor, Les archives des arts; 
rccucil ilc documents im'-ilits on ]>cu connus. i e se- 
rir. 1'aris. 1890. 8. (Bim.ioTHKo.rK interna- 
tionale de 1'art.) II. 3122 

New York (City} Grolier club. Catalogue 
of an exhibition of engraved portraits, being tin- 
effigies of tlie most famous English writers from 
Chaucer to Johnson. Exhibited at the Grolier club, 
Dec. 8-22, 1891. [New York. 1891.] sm.8 
]>]> ''' II. 3137 

New York (City} Metropolitan museum of 
art. Tentative lists of objects desirable for a 
collection of casts, sculptural and architectural, 
intended to illustrate the history of plastic art. 
[With Catalogue of the \Villard architectural col- 
lection owned bv the imiM-uiii. j New York. 

II. 3112 

"For private circulation ainoni: tliosi- whose a<Uirc i< 
JiiK"t it) the |>ri-|>;<ralinii of final li-(<." 
I'rinti-il mi' of tin- leal' only. 

Northcote. .lames Spencer, nnd Brownlo^r, 
William Hubert. Home soiiterraim- : resume des 
di eouvertes de M. de l!,.--i .lans les catacoudies 
romaines et efi partieulier dam* le cinietit'-re de 
Calli^te. Traduit de ran-jlai< aver des additions 
rt d.-. notr- par Paul Allanl. et pn'-crde d'une pr6- 
face par M. de Koii. L" ed. n-vur et au-mentee 
par ! tradin-teiir. 1'ari-. IS74. 8. pp. (4), 
1C. h'lir-xims., plant, wdcts., and 20 plates. 

II. 3143 

Paluntre. I,.'.,n. I.'arrbite.-ture de la renai.s- 

rfs. [1H!)2. ) 8. I'lans and i/7/r/.. 

i Him. i.. i ui ...i i dr I'en.riu'iieineiit de.s beaux-arts.) 

II. 437 

Parln, I'irrr.-. Plaice: la ville, b- teiii]ile 
d' Atli. !,;. Craliaia. I'ari-. I.-'.IL'. S". )!,. ,/,/>-.. 
and ]:; [ 1 : ) platen. (Him n.i MI' ...i i ,|. - .'-rule- 

\tlli-IH-H et de U.illir. , H. 5gg 

Pnn7lvania Ann!, >,/ ,,f thr f\,< 
Album of ri-priiductionx of -eb-eted works in the 
perman.-nt co||reti,,n>. l'b]ladel|.liia. 1^'."L'. I. 
II- ->trt. II. 3158 

Perrot. '. .,/ Chipiei, Charles. His. 

f art in Sardir; ,s\ ri.i and \-IM 

Minor: . I and r-lite I bv I. ('ioniiio. 
London, rtc. 1890. 1.8. llliutr. 

II. 3157, at*, SL. 

Phelps, Henry 1'. Hamlet, from the actors' 
stand]ioint ; it^ repn-snitativrs. and a roni|iari-on 
of their performances. New York. l>'.'n 
/'<////.-. (In lii.-i Statrc historv of famoii- jdavs, 
[1].) 13484.99 

Redgrave, (Jilbrrt H. A history of water- 
colour painting in Kn^land. London. I >:'.'. 
sm. S". /-'/-n/if., jinrt. nf (I't'ti/'t/c Murln IK! . and 
inlet*. (POTHTBH, K. .1 .. tditnr. I llustraled text- 
books of art education.) II. 3155 

Reissmann, August. Die kunst und die gesell- 
schaft ; cine kritisclie studie. Hamburg. 1>'.'L'. 
8". pp.47. (S\MMi.. L, r emeinv. \\i-s. vortniire; 
iieue fol.^e. vii. 140.) VIII. 175 tt (vn) 

Reyer, (Louis Ktienne) Knir-t Ki.v. ,-!I,<l. 
Kro>trate; opera en L' acti- de MM. Mery Ov: Pacini. 
Tradiiction allemaiide de MM. Praxli-r \ l'as(|ue. 
/'/. and d'l rni. [ I'u rtition elm nt et />i<i/i<t. \ 1'aris. 
[187-?] 1.8". 122---.B2 

Reyer, (Louis fitienne) Krnest KKY, called. 
M ait re Wolfram; opera comii|ue en 1111 acte. Pa- 
roles de M r . Merv. 1'iirtitinii jtitim, et rhd nt , 
arrangue par Crohare. Paris. [188-?] 1. s '. 


Reyer, (Louis Ktieime) Ernest Hi;v. callrd. 
Sigurd: oj)era en 4 actes et ! tableaux de Camille 
du Lode \- Alfred IJlau. I'u rtitimi pour rlunit .V 
piano, reduite par Paul Vidal. Paris. | ],- 
1. 8". 122A.62 

Robinson, Kdward. The Hermes of Praxiteles 
and the Venus Geiietrix: exjieriments in restoring 
the color of Greek sculpture by J. L. Smith, de- 
scribed and explained. P,iton. 1S'.2. sn 
]>p. I'::, i. Museum of line arts.) 11.3113 

Saint-Saens, (Charles) Camille. Ascanio; 
ojn'-ra en ~> actes et ti tableaux, d'apres le drame 
"Benvenuto Cellini" de Paul Meurice. Poeine 
de Louis ( Jallet. I'll rt it itui elm ni it pin an, 1'aris. 
[1890.] 1.8*. I'ront. and v<lct. 122A.62 

Schreiber. W. L. Manuel de ramateur de la 
u'ra vure snr bois et sur metal an \\ '' siecle. Tom. i. 
lierlin. 1891. 8. II. 3140 

" Tin- ii -'HHi i-\c-ni|il:iiri-s." 

<'<inl, nix ; i. Catalniriii- ili-s irravun-s \yl^rraphii|iirs -i- 

rappoitaut i> la Hililc, rhi-toin- :q r\ phi- i-t li'-iri-ndain-, la 

-aintr 'rriniti- rt la >ainti- \'ii-ri.'i- ; avn- ill--* <-riti.|in->, 
hililio^raphii|iii-- .-t ii-uiiolo^ii|m-. 

Taylor, Sedlry. nlitor. A record of the Cam- 
bridge centenary commemoration on Dec. 4 and 
5, 1H!H of Wolfgang Amad.- Mo/art. 1 1:<(\-\ 7!U. 
London, etc. 1892. sm.8". pp. vii., (:! 


f'ntiti tit* : A h-i-turi- on tin lit'c ( .|" Mo/art .l.-livi -n-il 
Dec. i. i^' 1 ' l>y Si-illry Taylor. ^ Progrmmmcf ..f i.> i-on- 
i-i-rt jrivi-n in i-oiiiiiiriiioration of Mo/ari. 1 1. . . .-. 1>''1. 

Tchaikovwki. Petr : Il\ it.-li . 'J' 1 " symphonic, 
en Do min. < >p. 17. I'u ft itimi if'nn/ir strr. St. 
IVter-bour-. II-^L] 1.8. 122^.17 

Tchaikovftki, IMr (Hyitch). L'"" sinfonie. en 
Do mineur. < >p. 17. ; /'"/// /mum ,/ ( main.*.] 
S. I'etrr-bouri:. | I- pp. '.M. 1224.17 

TchaikovBki, Pelr fl/itch). (^uatri. in. v\m- 
]ihonir pour grand orehr-tr.-. ( ip. ::i;. [ /'art it ///'.] 
Hamburg. 1.8*. 1224.17 

Theuriet, An. In'-. .lul. - P.a-r. n l.r]iai.'r and 
hi- art: a memoir. \\'itb .Iiilr- lia-ti.-n- L. ; 
as arti-t.b\ (....]- ('lau-.n: Modern r. ali-in in 
painting, bv Walti-r Sickert : and. A Mudx of 
Marie lla-hkirts, (1 . by Malhilde Hliud. Illus- 
trated with repruduetion- of H.i-ti. -n I.. ]>;!-. '- and 
Marie HashkirtsefJ's nrk. London, it,. 
1. 8. J'ortrt. and pU II. 31O9 


2 5 

Valabregne, Antony. Abraham Bosse. Paris. 
[1892.] 1.8. niusir' (Les ARTISTES celebres.) 

" Bibliographic," pp. 105-107. II. 1569 

Vibert, Jehan Georges. La science tie la pein- 
ture. S e ed. Paris. 1891. 18. II. 3134 

Wagner, (Wilhelin) Richard. Lohengrin; 
romantische oper in drei akton. Vollstdndiger 
klarierai/sziig [ntit teit^. von Theodor Uhlig. 
Leipzig. [188-?] 4. (In his Werke, 4.) 122.61 

Wagner, Wilhelm) Richard. Rienzi, der 
letzte der trihiinen. Vollttcindiger clavier- 
[mit text]. 2 theile. Berlin. [188-?] 4. (In 
hi* Werke, 1.) 122.61 

Wagner, (Wilhelm) Richard. Tannhauser 
nnd der sangerkrieg auf Wartburg. in 3 aufziigen. 
Vollsiandiger klarier-atiszvg n> it text. Xeue nach 
dor vom componisten vervollstandigten partitur 
revidirte ausir. von Joseph Rubinstein. Berlin. 

98 .-1 4. Port. (In his Werke, 3.) 122.61 
["Whistler, James Abbott MacNeill.] The gen- 
tle art of making enemies, as pleasingly exempli- 
fied in many instances, wherein the serious ones of 
this earth, carefully exasperated, have been pret- 
tily spurred on to unseemliness and indiscretion, 
while overcome by an undue sense of right. Lon- 
don. 1890. sm.V. ^11.3139 
A collection of the criticisms on Mr. Whistler 5 ? work which 
have appeared in the newspaper ami periodical \>i 
sundry communication* and articles by Mr. Whistler. 

Woillez, Eugene Joseph. Archeologie des 
monuments religieux de 1'ancien Beauvoisis pen- 
dant la metamorphose romane. Paris. 1839-49. 
f. Map and 12% plates. 27 Case. 36O 

Wnrzbach-Tannenberg, Alfred, fitter vox. 
Die franzosischen inaler des achtzehnten jahr- 
hunderts ; eine samndung ihrer bedeutendsten 
werke herausgegeben und mit erlauterndem text 
begleitet. Photographie-druck von M. Rommel. 
Stuttgart. 1S79. f. pp. vi.. 44-f. Wets.. Qportrs., 
and 51 plates. * 27 Case. 619 

Tale university, Xeic Ifaren. Conn. A cata- 
logue, with descriptive notices, of the portraits, 
etc. belonging to Yale university. 1892. 
New Haven. 1892. 8. II. 3144 

VI. Antiquities. 
(Including Folk Lore.) 

Amersbach, Karl. Aberglaube. sage und 
larchen bei Grimmelshausen. i. teil. Baden- 
Baden. 1891. 4. 17521.1O 

" Beilage zum progr. d. grossh. gym. 1891, no. 593." 

Andrews, James Bruyn. Contes ligures : tra- 
ditions de la Riviere, recueillis entre Menton et 
Genes. Avec notes. Paris. 1892. 18. (COL- 
LECTION de contes et de chansons populaires, 17.) 


Bacci. nra/io. editor. Xinne-nanne. cantilene, 
canzoni di giuochi e filastrocche, che si dicono in 
Valdelsa. Firenze. etc. 1891. 8. pp. 95. 


Bald-win, Charles Candee. History of man in 
Ohio: a panorama. An address delivered at Xor- 
walk. Ohio, before the Fin-lands historical society, 
on the 25th of June. 1890. [Cleveland. 1890.] 
OHIO HISTORK AT. SOCIKTY. Tract, 80.) 13316.3 

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o Gurin. colonia tedesca nel cantone Ticino. Civi- 
dale. 1891. 8. Front, and irdcts. 26257.51 

" Bibliografia," pp. 9-10, 49-51. 

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duria de las naciones ; 6 Los evangelios abreviados. 
Probable origen. etimologia y razon historica de 
muchos proverbios, refranes, y modismos usados 
en Espaua, con oportunas observaciones del J. E. 
Hartzenbusch. i serie ; Con un prologo del Luis 
Ponce de Leon. ii serie. 2 ser. in 1 vol. Bar- 
celona. 1862-63. 8. 26255.10.2 
Beowulf. The deeds of Beowulf; an 
English epic of the eighth century done into mod- 
ern prose. With an introduction and notes by 
John Earle. Oxford. 1892. sm. 8. 28286.40 

Bohling, Gi-org. Aus nordrussischen dorfern; 
erlebtes und studiertes. Minden i. W. [1890.] 
sm. 8. I. 41O4 

Content* : Eine srnnde anf einer russischen landstrase. 
N rilmssische dorfer und folder, feiertage and arbeit. 
Alte und neue fonnen russischen aberglauben?. Das li- 
tauische volkslied und seine stoffe. Eusshinds sprache und 
Griechenlancl und Rom. 

Bonnafotrx. J. F.. editor. Legendes et cro- 
yanci-s superstitieuses conservees dans le departe- 
ment de la Creuse. Gueret. [1867.] 8. pp. 4X). 


" Reproduction d'articles publics dans VEcho de la Creute 

en 1S<37." 

Cesari. Augusto. Come pervenne e rimase in 
Italia la matrona d'Efeso ; studio. Bologna. 1890. 
sm. 8. pp. (2)..". 27282.52.2 

A comparative study of the tale of the " Faithless widow." 
Colson, O-, compiler. Questionnaire des en- 

fantines i jeux. et du blason populaire. Liege. 

1891. 8. pp. 32. 26246.33 

" Extr.ut du Qufxtionnaire du folklore, public par la 
societe du folklore Wallon." 

Diehl, Charles. Excursions archeologiques en 

Grece : Mycenes. Delos, Athenes, Olympic, Eleu- 

' ipidaure. Dodone. Tirvnthe. Tanagra. Paris. 

1890. 18. 8 plans. II. 3123 

Earle. Mr*. Alice MORSE. China collecting in 
America. New York. 1892. 8. Illustr. II. 3146 

Edge-Partington, James, and Heape, 
Charles. An album of the weapons, tools, orna- 
ments, articles of dress. &c. of the natives of the 
Pacific Islands : drawn and described from exam- 
ples in public & private collections in England, 
by James Edge-Partington. Manchester. 1890. 
obi. 8. ff. (7). 391 plates and 12 maps. Litho- 
graphed. PM. 
'-d for private circulation. 150 copies. Xo. IS." 

Eicke. Theodor. Zur neueren literaturge- 
schichte der Rolandsage in Deutschland und 
Frankreich : eine literarhistorische studie. Leip- 
zig. 1MH. 8. pp. (2), 56. 27276.51.4 

Eyrbyggja saga.] The story of the Ere-dwel- 
lers ; with the Story of the heath-slayings. Heitar- 
viga saga "or -aira of Viga-Styrj. as appendix. 
Done into English out of the Icelandic, by William 
Morris and Einkr Ma-jnusson. London. IS','2. 
sm. 8. Maps. (The SAGA library. 2.) 1.3774.2 

Folk-lore society. County folk-lore. Printed 
extracts. No. 1. [London], 'etc. 1892. 8. 


Content*: i. Gloucestershire ; edited, with suggestions 
for the collection of the folk-lore of the conntv, bv P. - 

Gabler, Joseph, editor. Geistliche volkslieder ; 

714 religiose lieder mit 387 melodien gesammelt 

in der diocese St. Pollen, revidiert und herausge- 

2. verl>esserte und sehr vermehrte aufl. 

der li Neuen geistlichen nachtigall." Regensburg. 

" Quellennachwcis," pp. 553-554. 



Gittee. Aiiu'ustc. mid Lemoine, Jules, editors. 

populaircs ilu pavs wallon. (Jand. !>!>!. 

8". lllnstr. 26246.34 

GoxniH, ( 'els. Uotanica popular. al> <rran nombre 

dc coufroniaeions. Barcelona. is'.U. I <>". (Foi.K- 

UNU <-a'.ala, 6.) 26255.8.4 

Gonvello, Ilippolyt- IT. La le_ r ende 

populaire ilc Keriolct ilans lc pavs d'Aurav. 

Yanncs. 18!H. S". pp. l".'. 27224.24.2 

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di-che .-icireNteinc. Berlin. I-'.M. f: pp. (5), 

.'/dies and fac-sini. (BKiu.ix, Germ. 

h'i'niiif/ifln niiisern. .Mittbcilungi-n aus din 
oricntalischeii -ammliinu'en, 4.) 3221.29.2 

Hold; -afn al/ydlcj:ra fra-da isleii/kra. Utge- 
fi-ndur: llaiiiu-s I'orsteiitssoii. .Ion I>orkclsson. 
Olafur D:n M-MHI. Palnii Pal>-on, Yaldimar As- 
inundsMm. i. Reykjavik. !*'.'<>. 16". 25212.5 

To IK- rontimiril. 

Jentsch, Fritz. Pit- mittcdcngiische ronianxt- 
Kichard CiH'iir ile Lion und iliro (jucllen. i. 
Inaugural-dissertation. Breslau. Leipzig. 1 >'.'<). 
8. pp. 38+. 27281.16 

" I. rln ii-laiif," aftrr p. 38. 

Laroche. 1'ii-rrt 1 . rnmpi/a: Folklore du Lau- 
raguais. [B\ 1'. Fau r >t, psendo>i.] i e -iii e pt. 3 pt. 
(paged contin.). Allii. 1891-82. 8". 26246.14 

'* : i. ( 'hunt- sinVi:iii\ : I'iistiuircllcs ; N'ii ; l. 1 ^'.U. 

ii. Cli:inr>, jrii\, rmuli - i-t ici-it- i!i !'ci)t:uicf. 1891. 
iti. Amu- nn-iii- ili- la ji ii 

Lewalter, .loliann. editor. Doiitsclii 1 volks- 
lit-ilrr: in Nifdrrlicsscn aus dmi iniindt' dcs volki-s 
L'--aiiiiiH-lt. niit finfaclu-r khiviorbegk-itung, ge- 
Bcbiclitlirlicn uml vrrirlcirlirinlcn uunerkongen 
herausgegebon. 2 liei'tc in 1 vol. llamlnirir. 
1890-'.'! 26273. 4O 

Lntel. 1'aul. La l^gende de Champagne. Paris. 
ivi. sm. 8. 12555.42 

.1 l'"i I-M inpliiin-- ^ur papirr tcinte." 

Measobnch, Karl Hartwiy (Iri-jjor. freiherr 
vi. s. Tii_'--ndhafftT jun^fram n uml jungcngesel- 
It-n zi-it-vt-rtn-ilu-r : i-in wcltliclics liiMk-r-hiiclilcin 
dfe XVII. jabrliundiTts aus v. Mi ux-liadi's sanini- 
\UI\K in ilcr iJi-rlincr octfi-ntliclicn hihliotlick. 
NachweisuiiKrn d-r ijiu-llcn. aus dcm-n die 201 
1'n-diT irf-fli-'jift -iml: ale britrag zur geschichte 
des dcutsclu-n viilk.-licdcs In M \mi IhiL r ') 

Hayii. K.. In a. Kb. IS'.H). MIL I'.'". ]].. L'l. 


Meyer. Frit/. Die ctandf. ilir Idicn und trci- 
brn. ilar^'i-i-tfllt nai-b di'ii altf'r. Artns- und alu-n- 
tfiicrroinaiii'ii. Marl.' VI-I.M:I.N 

und abbainlliin^i 11 :i\i- drm ir'-hii-lc dcr roiiianisclicn 
pbil..: Philol. 383(K!)) 

Middleton, .Tolui Henry. Tin- p-main- of an- 

i-i.-nt IJ..MK'. i' \,,\. London, rt#. !>'.-'. s". 

riant and irdclt. II. 3149, nlxo 

Tlii ! form of Iwi. f-arlirr work* rnt.itlcil 


Millien. Ai-liillc. ti-inmlnlnr. Clianls |in|iii- 
'ii-. -\ du M-iii' 


Mill*. \' Wright. <: -i, r-i- Fn-.h-rick. 

lulifuliildc iiii|d<-Mii-nt. at New 

. Obio. K<-|nrt at :i inceliii',' of tin- 

bitiric:il -nr'.i-tv. lii-lil D-r. 1'.'. 

']]>. (14). M.I,. 
and plate*. \\\-\\ LVD NOBTHBBM 

nun, HII..I:I. M -...MIT Tract, 76.) 13316.3 

Mother Goose's mt-lody (Tlii- original), aa is- 
sued by .lolm Newl.ery. of London, eirea 1 7t'.O, 
Isaiah Tboinas. of \Vnree.-iei-. Ma>-.. eirea 1 7v".. 
and Muni-oe \- Franei>. of l!o-ioii. eirea iM'.'i. 
l\e]irodii<-ei| in fae->iinile, from the tir-i \Viin-e-ler 
edition, with introductory note> l.y \\'. Ii. \Ybit- 
inore. To \vhieli are added the fairy t.i 
Mother (Joose. tir>t collected by Perrault in li'.'.u;, 
rejirinted from the original translation int.- 
lisb, by I{. SambiT in 17l".'. Boston, etc. 
4". Port, of Charles 1'erniult and inlet*. 


Musee eiryptien (Le) ; ri'cueil de nioniiments 
ehoisis ct de notices snr les fouilles en l-^'yjite. 
I'ublie i>ar K. (Irebaut, !]. BrnuM-h-l'M-v 
l)arev. T. i. liv. 1, fasc. 1. Caire. 1890. f. 
Plates. 27 Case. 357 

To I"- i-ontiiiiiccl. 

Nethy, Ji-an UK, traiis/ntui: Ballades et cban- 

Boni popuUdreB de la Hongrie. Paris. is;ii. rj". 


Nogues, .T. L. M.. I'aliht. Les mu urs d'autrc- 
foil en SaiotOQge et en Auni>: usages, eontunies, 
croyances, etc. Saintes. 1MH. s ". 26245.47.2 

Niitzel. Hcinrieh. Miin/eii der rasuliden, nelist 
einein ahriss der goscliicliti- die.-er jenieni>ehen 
ilvna>tie. [naogural-diMertation, Jena. Berlin. 
1891. S". ]>]. su. HV/,-/x. Sem. 1168 

Grain, Adolphe, cninpiler. ( 'uriositi'-s. cro\- 
ances, superstiticms, cdian>ons. ri coiituines de 
rilk-et-Yilaini'. Kenne^. ]s:in. sm.S". pp. If,. 


Palnatoki. Die Lreschichte Palnatokis 
nnd der Jonisbiirtrcr nach der jiin.LrstiMi altnordi- 
selien bearlifituiiii er/iililt von Ferdinand Khull. 
i I't. i.] (Ira/. [1891.] 1.8. (Protrr. d. L" 1 " 
staats-.irymnas.) 25284.53 

Ploix, Charles. Le siirnatnrel dans les eontes 
pojmlaires. Paris. ],s;ii. 18". 25227.2.2 

The iiiitliiir tr;i.-r< the origin ut" all -\\\,< rnatura! lolk-tah-s 
hack to the sohu- iinfh. 

Riccardi, Paolo. PreL r iudi/i < super.-ti/ioni did 
popolo niodenese ; contrilnixione alia inchie.-ta 
intorno alh- .-ii]iersti/ioni e ai ]>re.i;iudi/.i e>i>ti nti 
in Italia, ece. Modena. l>'."i. s . ,,j,. s(. 

III. 6818 

Ridgeway, William. The origin of metallic 
currency and weight standards. ( 'ainbridi.'e Lnu'. '. 
liv.n'. ". \\;i VI. 6987 

Smilari, Alejandro. (ili all>anesi d" Italia; 
loro cn>tiimi e poe-ie popolari. Napnli. !>'.'! . 
im. s: i-p- 7'.'- 27227.7.4 

Targioni-Tozzetti. <;.n\anni. In Ciociana: 

ricordi di nsanze popoUuri. Livorno. isiii. sm. s". 
j.|.. ;L'. I. 41O7 

.Mm. !,< no/.zr. I. a I'r-t.i ilrllu " ra- 
ilica." ' uio-tni ilrlhl lillfa: 


Tasmini. (iiuse]ipe. Fete. -.|,ettacoli. diverti- 
nieuti e piaceri dt-gli antiehi vi-mviani. L' ed. 

\-rm-/i:i. ]>:!. no 1.1106 

Varnhagen, Hermann. V.\\r u'e^ehichte der 
legende di-r Katbariiia von A lexandrien : mdi-t 
lateini-ehen texti-n naeli hainUeh ri f t en der bof- und 
-taatsliildiothek in Muiicln-n und der iiniv er-itats- 
biblintliek in l-jlan^i-n. F.rlan^.-n. Is'.'l. S". 
|,p. vi 25234.68.2 

.ilii-rlirn nun : :IIIL' ili r 

.iiiiinliiiii; ! iii-i-lirr |'hi'"l.iv n iiii<l >i-liiiliiiiiiiii< r in 
Miin. In M ill. i in i. -lit." 


Voretzsch, Karl. tTber die sage von Ogicr 
dein Patien. unil die eiitMehung der Chevalerie 
Oilier: ein beitrag zur eiitwicklung des altfranzo- 
ischen heldenepoa. Halle a. S. 1891. 8. 


Wlislocki, H.-inrich VON, translator. Volks- 
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schen /igeuner. (iesammelt und aus unedirten 
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VII. History and Geography. 

(Including Politics and General Biography.) 

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i dcnischcn krietrcf voin tode (Jn.-tav A dolt's 

ah. mil hesonderer nicksicht :iut' Frankreich. 

"2 tin-ill- in 1 vol. Stuttgart. lvll>-43. 8. 


Baniunnn. Oscar. I'saml.ara uiul seine nach- 
ietc: alk'cineinc darstclhmi,' des nordost- 
liclu-n dcntsch-< )-iat'rika mid .-cincr hewohner. 
Berlin. Is'.U. ". Mn,>s and inlets. 1.4038 
Beale. Charles F... nlitor. Gately's world's 
progress ; a yciieral history of the earth's con- 
struction, and of the advaiiccincii! of mankind in 
tin- various lines of scientific and industrial action 
v Inch have led to the pre-. nt Ma^'e of civilization. 

> rol. (paged contln.). Boston, etc. [1K8U.J 4". 
pp. viii.. iios. ///,., VII. 2742 

I iition ilc ln\ 

It.* i I'M K \i:i), A. S. I'rchi-toric pr- 
.. - I'l-iiKit, <i. 1'. The formation, Drouth. :unl 
- \Mnn:s. .1. W. Agricultural \>rK- 
! I. I In 1 pri.^rr cil' inaiiuf:e 

llKINKl' ii. <>. .i. lli-f..rv ..I tin- progress of minilif,'. 
SMALI.EV, K. V. Ili-tory of the trade of ancient and medi- 
eval nation-. Ki.v, II. I. < ..nnm-rce and it< growth in 
modern tiim-s. \VuKillT, C. 1). History of invention- and 
in manufacture.;. HKAI.K, ('. K. 

ii. 1' The protfrc-* of literature. HEAI.E, 

lti(>^ra|.hy of eminent per-oii-. COOK, Clarence. 

: -hitceture and dcenration. MII.I.KT, 

K. I). change* in co-tuinc- and customs 

Ki-im. ;.il, and intellectual pro. 

BEALK, ( . K. Coni|i:iratiM- -lati-tic. of nations. 


-. In, -I'll UK. Die be- 

richte ile ( r-ten a.irentrn Usterreichs in den \'cr- 
einiirtcn Staaten \.m . \incrika an die ri'^i'Tiiiifj 

-ern-ic'hiscluMi Niederlaink- in Uriissel, I 7^ J 

1789; herausgcgidieii von Hanns Schlitter. \Vien. 

1891. 8. ji|.. (668). (Fosiis reriini aiistria- 

canuii. 1" alith.. :.. ii.) Germ. Hist. 186 (xi,\ ) 

Belfast, li-.l'i,iil. The town hook of the eor- 

poration of Belfast. Id: 1 . l>n;. Kdited from tlie 

hi, with chronological list of events and 

notes, In H. M. Yonn^. Belfast, etc. 1ML'. 1. S". 

, /,/ntf.i. t' /,-(.,.. dc. 9491.25 

Benko, .lerolii: \.,\. Da- datum aiif 

li|.piney. \Vien. 1890. 8. pp. II. Hap. 

VI. 6939 

" Scpnt;tl>dne k d d. in werke : ' Die 

chHEMUtioD d r k. u. k ,,."' 

Bernier, Franeois. Travels in tin- Mo^ul Kin- 
\ n vi-ed and improved 

edition, haxed upon Irvinir Brock's translation: hv 

Archil . \Vi-iminsti-r. jv.i]. 8 m. 8. 

/'*, portn., and inlet*. (COVCTABLB, 

Archihald. h'. S. A. ''riental 

lany of original and selected ], u l, licaiii, n,. i 

I. 4051 

.>fraphT of th- w. | .,.. \xv.-xlii. 

BUbMof. V.i-ili \|, k-vervitch . (,e-chichte 
uher-. t/uiiL' an- dem 
d. Bd. i., ii 1 hde 

inl Berlin. 1891. 8. 1.4001 

llin.iil.. -li it'iini;, 

172M702. - ii. Koradrangra, brtafc, 

BUhop. ;ia L. I'.IIM.. .lourt 

Kurdi-tati. including' a Minnner iii the 


rayahs. "2 %-d. London. l^:l. 8. / 
porirt., plate*, tnlctt., and mapt. I. 4043 

Biamarck-Schonhausen, Otto Fdnard 
"II |, prifia \ 'is. r.i-inarck intiine. 
niarck in private life: anecdotes, j By a fellow 
student; translated hv Hetirv liayward." London, 
isiin. s". Porirt. 14546.23 

Black, (Jeor^e .\-liton. The hi-ton of muni- 
cipal ownership of land on Manhattan island, to 
the heijiniiiiiu' of sales hy the commis-ioiier- of the 
sinkinj: fund in ls||.' New York. 1MU. 

Pj). *'!- 1C. jllllilf. ( ( '(.I.IMUIA cill.l | 

York. Studies in hi-torv. economic-, and jmldic 
! i VI. 6175 

Bland, Richard. A fragment on the pi-tole fee. 
claimed hy the ";ovcriior of Virginia | IJohert Din- 
widdiej. 17.'.:;. l-'.diied h\ \V. ('. Ford. Brook- 
lytt, N. V. is-ti. Hi". ' pp. I: 1 ,. IhsroiM. M. 
i-ijiNTiNc; CM i:, Hrnaklini. \. )'. Will no wind's in 
American history. Virginia tracts, 1.) 5355.41 

-pics printed. NO. 1 18." 

Boban, Knp-ne. Tahle analyti<|iie u'eiieral.- 
des matieres conteiines dans les deux volnmes des 
Documents pour servir a 1'histoirc dn Mexiqui-. 
( 'atalo-iie raisomiede la collection de !:. F. (ionpil, 
ancienne collection ,1. M. A. Aiihin; maniiscrits 
li^'iiratifs et autres -nr ]ia]iier indiir'-ne d'a-ave 
im-xicana et -ur papier cnropi'-cn anterienr- 
posterienrs a la colKjllete ilil Mexiime. \\i' -iecle. 
1'aris. Is'.H. 4". pp. Cl. PM. 

Boilosve, l'>ovi.i.s\ i;. ,- Bon, KM-, Ftienne. 
Les metiers et corporations de la ville de 1'aris. 
xni-'siecle. Le livre des metiers d'F.tienne Boilean. 
pnbll6 par Keneile Les]iinas.-e et Francois Bonnar- 
<lot. 1'aris. ls7!i. f p].. i J), xxiv., (4 ) . cliv. . 
(2), 420, (3). />/(-> /'///x. ( llis|,.MM. L'''iierale de 

I'aris. Collection de dooumenti 6562.6 

Bolivar, Simon. Coleccion de docu- 

meiitos relativos a la vida piihlica del lihertatlor de 

Colombia 7 del IVrn. Sinnni Bolivar: para servir 

a la historia de la indcpcndencia d(d Snramerica. 

21 torn, in 11. Caracas. ISUC, MO. sin. 8". 2333.62 

Apendicc al torn. xxi. Caracas. 1>.;;; 

>' * 2333.62 

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[1887.] sm. 8". Portrt. and wdcts. (Bim.i..- 
iii f;(.. i K d'histoire et d'an. > 6528.68 

Boston: it* commerce, finance, and literature. 
New York. IMiL'. I", llh'str. 1O341.14 

Boston, .lA/x.s-. I'it,! ',ircliitn-t. 1S12. (F.M. 
Wheelwrifrht.) lieport in regard to sites for. and 
co-t of the ]iroposed new citv hall. [ Boston. 

ls!iL'.| s". ],],. L':;, :,nd i.-, plan*, old. I". f<>i<i r <l 
' ' f ,nnr. 10343.28 

Boulger, Demetrin- Charles. Lord William 
Bentinck. Oxford. 1MH'. sm. S". M,,/,. , l.'ii 
Mn. VII. 2624.2 

Bowen, Clarence Winthrop. nlUm: The his- 
ory of the centennial celehr atioii of the inaii.trura- 
ion of (ieor-e Washinirton a- tirst president of the 
I'nitcd State- including '-The inan-uiatioii of 
Washington." and ' Hio-i aphical sketches ( .f the 
nemhers of the tir-t congress under the con-titn- 
n.n"'. New-York. 1892. I". pp. x\ iii.. C,7:t. 
/'-///,.<.. /,/,/fcs. and <,th< r illustr. 27 Case. 621 

" Hiblioirrapi 

Brock. Samucd ( ',. 1>:: I . I ), -,. n latits ,f 
\aronand Mar\ Chur- -h Ma-oiin. of I'emhroke, 
Mi-. :',d ed. WashiliL'toii. D.C. 1MI1. 

i -'- l),r. / 16356.1 

Briuhton, John (M : \ of the ti 
;: I'roMi \\'. I'. Wallis : M memoir. London. Is.ej. 
. J'<>,t>-t.,platei,mapg,niM\fnc-tim. 7364.26 


2 9 

Brown, Ahrain English. History of the town 
of Beilfonl. Middlesex county, Massachusetts, 
from its earliest settlement to the year 1891. 
With a genealogical register of old families. 
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u-dcts.. etc. 10331.29 

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and engr. title-page. (RoxmiRGHE CLUB. [Publ. 
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about Brockton real estate. Brockton. Ma*s. 
[1891.1 obi. 24". pp. (21). Front. VI. 6411 
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three year? and a half of service in North Caro- 
lina. "Jan. l$i>2 June, 1865. Providence. 1892. 
8. Portrs., icdcts.. maps,&ndfac-fim. 8343.28.2 

[Barton, John Hill, editor.~\ The Darien pa- 
pers : being a selection of original letters and offi- 
cial documents relating to the establishment of a 
colony at Darien by the company of Scotland trad- 
ing to Africa and the Indies. 1695-1700. Edin- 
burgh. 1849. 4". Map and fac-sims. (BANNA- 
TYNK CLUB. [Publ. 94.]) 2353.23 

[Byington, Ezra Hoyt.] An answer to the in- 
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published in the Proceedings of the Xeic England 
historic genealogical society, for 1891-92. [Bos- 
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[C r, J.] A short history and description of 

Fort Niagara, with an atcount of its importance to 
Great Britain ; written by an English prisoner, 

1758, [and signed J. C r]. Edited by P. L. 

Ford. Brooklyn. N. Y. 1890. 16. pp. 18". Plan. 
Winnowings in American history. New York co- 
lonial series. 1.) 5355.4O 

" 250 copies printed. Xo. 36." 

This account of Fort Niagara appeared in the Royal maga- 
zine for Sept. 1759. The present editor says, " I judge it to 
be written by Capt. Jonathan Carver." 

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England, and America : an introduction to Ameri- 
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I. 4157 

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Carew, Thomas, J/.P.] An historical account 
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cities, and boroughs, of Great Britain; collected 
from public records, and the journals of parlia- 
ment, to the year 1754. By a late member of par- 
liament. 2 pt. in 1 vol. London. 1755. f. 


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as described in a letter to Sir William Johnson. 
[Edited by P. L. Ford.] Brooklyn, N. Y. 1890. 
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Centenario (El) ; revista ilustrada, organo 
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la* solemnidades que ban de conmemorar el descu- 
brimiento de America. Tom. i. no. 1. Madrid. 

1892. f. Plates, fac-si/ns.. etc. IX. 199 
To be continued. 

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rence faite a la societe royale de geographic d'An- 
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" Extrait des Bulletin* de la society royale de geographie 

iV An 

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VI. 6764 

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France.) 1542.5 

Contents: i. 1 periode. Documents relatifs a la biblio- 
theque des finances, au depot des charte*. et a la bibliotheque 
de legislation, histoire et droit public. 1759-1791. ii. 2 pe- 
riode. Actes ofticiels relatifs au comite. 1833-1885. iii. 2 
periode. Instructions du comite. 

Chronograph-la regum francorum ; publiee par 
H. Moranville. Tom. i. Paris. 1891. 8. (PARIS, 
France Societe de Thistoire de France. [Publ.]) 

Contents: i. 127-l:j:>. 4581.1 

Churchill, Lord Randolph (Henry) SPENCER. 
Men. mines and animals in south Africa. London. 
1892. 8. Port. , plates, map, and icdcts. I. 4131 

Originally published in the form of letters to the Daily 
graphic, in 1891. 

City of Denver (The) ; its resources and their 
development : a souvenir. [Denver. 1892.] obi. 4. 
Illustr. iitle-page. portrs., and icdcts. 13342.18 

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dera relacion de su vida y de sus hechos, y del 
descubrimiento de las India* Occidentals, llama- 
das Nuevo-Mundo. 2 vol. Madrid. 1892. srn. 8. 
(COLECCION de libros raros 6 curiosos que tratan 
de America, 5, 6.) 1372.17 

"Estudio biografico y bibliografico," ii. vii.-lxix. 

Colston, James. The incorporated trades of 
Edinburgh, with an introductory chapter on the 
Rise and progress of municipal government in 
Scotland [and an appendix containing "An histori- 
cal account of the blue-blanket, or crafts-men's 
banner, by Alexander Pennecuik." 1722]. Edin- 
burgh. 1891. 4. Front., plates, and coats-of- 
aritts. 9466.39 

"300 copies. Xo. 5." 


Confederate nrvivors* association. De- 
fence i.f batten Wanner. .Inly ISih. ISil.'i. \d- 

- deliverc 1 before tilt 1 as.-ociation ill A iiirnsta . 
(Jeoriria, on tin- occasion of its fourteenth annual 
minion. A|.ril IST.'. by C. C. Jones. II. 1). l>. 

-. and F. F,. AimniMa. < ;eorui:i. ISil'J. 

s. !>] 9356.15 

Conway, Moncnrc Dan'u-l. Tin- life of Tlioinas 

Paine, willi a history of liis liti-rary. political, ami 

religions career in America, France, aivl Kn.irland. 

To which i- ad It- I a -ketch of Tain,', liy William 

Cobhett, liitlitTto unpiililishnl. L' vol. New York. 

,-t. ,,f I 'Hi,,,- and front. 7325.21 

"Brirfli-t i.fl'uin. '- work-, 1 ' ii. 4-_ 

Cook. Theodore Andrea. Old Tourainc; the 

life ami history of tin- famous chateaux of France. 

2vol. I.on.lon. is:i2. sm.S". llhislr. 6536.14 

': i. F.iirly historv of Tourainr. Tin- count- of 

Anjoii. Chi L FontCTniult, Three .hikes <>f <>rl<-an-. 

LodM*. LugMte. duuunonl. Ufi^u of Fran. n- I. 


ii. ChriKiiii-iMiix. Two quern- of Fraiirr | Marie Stuart 
nil Catherine i|i- Medici- ]. Amlmise. I. a n sin ' 

i :fi- ilr Vul..i<]. Hlois. Cliainlionl. A/.av-le- 


I. Tin town ofTour- ami it- -urrouii'lini:-. 

Costa, Joaiium. Kstudios juridicos y politico*. 
Madri.l. Ivxi. g. I. 4150 

Cotton, James Sntherlaii 1. Mount-tnart Elphin- 
stone [and the making of .-onth-western India;. 
Oxford. I 1 -'.'--'. SMI s". Map vo& port-of Elphin- 
stone. Ki i i i:- of India. : VII. 2623.2 

Crnden, John. Report on the management of 

ites sequestered in Smith Carolina, bv order 

of Lord C'ornwallis. in 17sn~1782. Edited b'v P. L. 

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T..I:H vi I-KIMIN,, CLUB, i:r<,al;h/ii. \. }'. Win- 

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l>riiiti-il. No. 66." 

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HII.-I, i. i- - ufl." 19586.46.2 

Dall. \\illiam 'Craiieh lleah-v. t rii naliitur. 
Early expedition* to the region of llerinu' - 
xtrait, from the report- and journal- ol V. I. I'.crini:; 
[with note- on an original manuscript chart of 
dilion of 17LT. I7.".<i. an 1 on an origi- 
nal manii-cript chart of hi- -eeond cxpe HtioiC . 

N'a-h }. c. pp. (in... United 

State* coant an I _-... del ic nurvey. (Jeographicid 

") 4331.9 '' 

rt of tli.- urv. y for I*'*!, :ipp|.inli\ n 

Dalton. .lolm Cal! .!,,!, c :l || 

D.iltoi:. Mill .-innim: of a n ir- 

>nal milit . written 

during the la-t \ life. |-; |j : , ,| ; 

Dalton. Clllllbridu'e. j 1- 

vir^rly prin 8331.27.2 

.it: In \V.>.l,iiiu'fnii with tl.. : ,. , \,,, 

Rojrul. TMM I- 


.And-. \Ie|-'arl:md. (ieor^'e Man Tofi 
. pp. 17. 17334.32.3 

.toil from 

academy o/ arU aiuf tcitnct*, rol. xxvi." 

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I I. 4103 

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'ipmi hi-tor\ and its place in education. 
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l.uipliin. 1lo : MJJ. l-si. l; 

i.- lion. ill. l.f .1.1 I- 

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tin- dethronement of James the Second. king of 
F.ngland : \v ith a brief narrative of bis war in Ire- 
land. and of tin- war between tbe emperor and tlu 1 
king of France for tbe crown of Spain. Anno 
1711"). With contemporary letters and papers. 
now for tbe tirst time pnbli.sbed. Dublin. \^~2. 
1 . /'<.//. <>f I'nti ick Sarsfield, earl of /.unni. and 
m*. 9475.26 

' IMition liuiitcil to 'JiHi copies." 

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!<;il urifixf i/nnrt>r/!/, M:in-h, IS'.i-J; vii. SO-115. 

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tnmaria Michael!* He Ambresimry. IL':!.'.-!!'.'.!', et 
Kogcri de Ford. 1L'.~>2-12G1, abbatiim mona.-terii 
beatae Mariae (Jlastoniac; witb an excursus on 
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- Theutmr. Nomclleed. I'aris. [181 
12". 4541.10 

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Gordon. ( 'bar! : ,-nts in tl 

.elliun: itb inono'^raph. introduction, and 
! II. iU. Lofl Ion. I>'.'1. S". /,-/.. 

I. 4151 

ralii|>Mi(fn ill <'liin. I ' M. ',', I8W. 

Flbri-k'. H.-nry. The life of Colonel 
I d rontin.). Mo-ton. 

xiv. + xx.. <;<!>. l',,rt,-f.. i,l,,i,s. 
7332. 2.-> 

Goold*boro land improvement company, 
(irin Utone inn and land-. 

rind-- I'bilndHpliia. 1852.1 obi :',J . 

pp. (46). Map and trdctt. 10316.49 

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the earliest times to the present day. Specially 
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ft: i. Vim ilc-r i-iiNtrliunc (!'< jiidi-i-lion vi>lkr 
liis /ur /wfitiii:ili^i-ii /.iT-tiininir .Icru-iili-m. uiiti-r K 
\'r>|iii>iiin. [18HX.] ii. Von di r Eweitmaligen zentDmag 
Jemaalenu uutrr k:ii<rr \'i--|i:i-i:m iii- /u ili-u iiin-^i-iiiuii'trii 
/waiiffitaiitVn der jnden in Spanlco. [isss. ] iii. Vmi ili-n 
iiiassciilialti-ii / anii-taiit'cii ilrr jmlrii in S|>:iiiii-n Iii- in die 


Grand army of the republic M/" 

nf Ohio I-' red. C. Jones pott. no. 4nl. (i. A. K. 
war papers: papers read before Fred-. C. Jones 
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l'o,t. of Jones. 8334.44 

Grand army of the republic Xctiomi/ 
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ment licl<l in l',o>ton. An;}. II- Mi. 1SOO. Compib'd 
bv H. N. Adams. Boston. 1891. 8. I'ortrs. 


Green, Samuel Abbott. Some remarks on the 
\\'ati j rs-\Vintbro]) maj) [of the ea-tern jiart of 
Massachusetts, once in the ])os<e~ioii of (Jov. John 
\VinthropJ. N. i-. [1892.] 8". j.p. 4. 1O375.25 

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Saint-Laurent. Traduit de 1'an^lais jiar Alphon-e 
Gagnon. Quebec. 1886. 8. 4354.3 

Contmtx : !-!> [irchciir^ <lu I.alirailor. Kn Floriilc. 
!.< flcuvi- Saint-Lauri'iit. I/ili- il' Antii-o-ti i-t "t-i natit'i 
- t'nr liiilcini- ilan~ lc port ilc (Jiii'lirr. Dans lc lia- ilu 
lli-livr. I'll <.i<i'ail sail* Jillinir-. 

Greswell, William (Henry) I'arr. (leo^raphy 
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industries, \\eallh and social progress of the states 
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I. 4134 

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ers.) 8377.32.2 

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"mutiny. | Cth thousand.] London. L898 
I'ortra.. /-/"/'.<. /i/n/i. and inlrt.*. I. 4044 

[Grose, U'illiam. ] The story of the marches, 
battles, and incidents of the :\\\\\\ regiment. Indiana 
\ olunteer infantrv. Mv a member of the retrimeiit. 
New Castle. Ind.' iv.'f. S. 1',,,-trs. 8345.25.3 

Grotefend, Hermann. Xeitreclinuni,' des di ut- 
.-chcn mittelalters und der nen/eit. i' r lid. Han- 
nover. IMil. U0*. 1.4144 

1'nn/infx: - i. lil'i--. u IIIK! tafrln. 

Groton ii'min.) monument amiociation. 

Celebration of the one hundred and tenth anni- 
irv of the battle of tiroton Hciirht-. l-'ir-t de- 
cennial commemoration, ^eeond century. [ F.dited 
|p\ <}. I'. Latlirop. j New London. Conn 1 
R ].|.. ::n. /, 6333.56.2 

Gruel, ( iiiilbiunie. Cbronii|iie d'Arthnr de 
Hicheiiiont. conin 'table de France, due de r.reta^ne. 
l.;'.i.; 1 l.'.s. I'ubliee par Aehille I . nr. 

I'ari-. ISfO. K PlBlH 


" Hii.irruiil. \\i. 

I -286. 



Gnerra. Scipio. Diurnali [1574-1627]; pub- 
blicati a cura di Giuseppe de Montemayor. Napoli. 
1891. f. Plate. (NAPLES, Italy Societa napo- 
letana di storia patria. Monument! storici.) 

esemplari. No. 130." I. 2275 

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Contents: De Frteschwiller a Sedan. Forbach. 
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Winnowing* in American history. Indian tracts, 
1.) 5355.42 

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views with the authorities at Washington, touching 
the movement of troops through Baltimore. A 
paper read before the Man-land historical societv, 
March 9. 1891. Baltimore. 1691. 8. pp. 25. 
tion. 31. [ii.J) 12374.2O 

Harrison, Benjamin. Speeches ; a complete 

collection of his public addresses from Feb. 1888, 

to Feb. 1892. chronologically classified ; embracing 

all his campaign speeches, letter of acceptance, 

inaugural address, and the speeches delivered 

during his several tours; also extracts from his 

-s to congress. Compiled by Charles 

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Content*: i. The letter of Columbus to Luis ilc Sant 
Angel, announcing his discovery, with an extract from his 

ii. The Osttnd manifesto, 1854. 

iii. Extracts from the sagas describing the voyages to 

Haskins. Charles Homer. The Yazoo land 
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"Reprinted from the Papers of the American historical 
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a genealogy of the Glassell family of Scotland and 
Virginia, also of the families of Ball. Brown, 
Bryan. Conway. Daniel. Ewell. Holla-lay. Lewis, 
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Thi life is for the most part taken verbatim from the 
author's " History of the Spanish conquest in America." 

Henkels. Stanislaus Vincent. Washington and 
Tilghman correspondence, revolutionary letters 
and manuscripts of the utmost importance, minia- 
ture and oil portraits of Washington and Franklin. 
[To be sold April 5th and 6th, 1892, by Thomas 
Birch's sons.] Philadelphia. [1892.] 1.8. Portrs., 
fat-simf., plate, and coat-of-arms. 6337.15.5 
The text of many of the letters and documents is given. 

Hertslet, Sir Edward, compiler. The map of 
Europe by treaty : showing the various political 
; and territorial changes which have taken place 
since the general peace of 1814. With numerous 
notes. 4 vol. (paged contin.). London. 1875-91. 
1.8. pp. (4), xxxii. -I- xvi. + x. + xxvi.. 3380. 
Maps. 36.92 

History of Sioux City, Iowa; from earl: 
tlement to Jan. 1892." [Boston. 1892.] 
pp. 28. Wdct. 13322.56 

Hitchcock, Frederick H. The handbook of 
Amherst, Mass. Amherst. 1891. 8. Illustr. 


Hoist, Hermann (Eduard) vox. The constitu- 
tional and political history of the United States. 
Translated from the German. 7 vol. Chicago. 
1876-92. 8. (2 cop.) 6392.26 ; 6393.1 

One copy of vol. ii. was issued with the date 1881. 

Vol. i. was translated by J. J. Lalor and A. B. Mason; 
ii., iv.-vii. by J. J. Lalor; iii. by J. J. Lalor and Paul Shorey. 

Contents: i. 1750-1S33. State sovereignty and slavery. 
1876. ii. 1828-1846. Jackson's administration Annexa- 
tion of Texas. 1879. iii. 1846-1850. Annexation of Texas 
Compromise of 1850. 1881. iv. 1850-18->4. Compromise of 
1850 Kansas-Nebraska bill. 1885. v. 1854-1856. Kansas- 
Nebraska bill Buchanan's election. 1885. vL 1856-1859. 
Buchanan's election End of 35th congress. 1889. 
vii. 1S59-1861. Harper's Ferry Lincoln's inauguration. 
* "*''_!. 

Homxnaire de Hell, (Ignace) Xavier (Mo- 
RAXD;. Voyage en Turquie et en Perse, execute 
par ordre du gouvernement francais pendant les 
annees 1846. 1*47 et 1848. Tom. i. : ii. l e pt. ; iv. 
2 torn, and 1 pt. in 3 vol. Paris. 1854-60. 8. 
Plates, plans, and atlas of 108 plates, 2 portrs.. 
and 9 maps, 1859, f. 27 Case. 622 

No more published. 

" Notice necrologique," i. 12-38. 

The volumes are lettered 1-4. 

Hall, William J. Maryland, independence, and 
the confederation. A paper read before the Mary- 
land historical society. Dec. 8, 1890. Baltimore. 
1891. 8. pp. 60. (MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCI- 
ETY. Fund-publication. 31. [i.]) 12374.2O 

Hunt, Gaillard. editor. Fragments of revolu- 
tionary history ; being hitherto unpublished writ- 
ings of the men of the American revolution, 
collected and edited, under authority of the Dis- 
trict of Columbia societv. sons of the revolution. 
Brooklyn. 1892. 8. 6353.21 

Hurt, William, M.D. An address upon the 
late Joseph Leidy. his university career: delivered 
Nov. 17. 1891, before the alumni and students of 
the medical department of the university of Penn- 
sylvania. [To which is appended. " Personal his- 
tory: read at the academy of natural sciences, 
Mav 12. 1891."] Philadelphia. 1892. 8. pp.60. 
Port, of Leidy. 17363.35.2 

Hunter. Sir William Wilson. Bombay, 1885 
t') 1>90 : a study in Indian administration. London, 
etc. [1892.] 8*. 1.4148 

Hurst, John Fletcher. Indika: the country 
and the people of India and Ceylon. New York. 
1891. 1.8. pp. xix., (3). 7','4." Maps and other 
illustr. I. 4066 



Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, 
Ittirt>n. The duchess of Ani;oulcine ami tin- two 
restorations. Translated l>v James Davis. New- 
York. 1892. sm. 8. Port, of Marie Therese 
Charlotte. (Famous women of the French court.) 


Imbert de Saint-Amand, Arthur Leon, 
Karon. The youth of the duchess of Angouleme. 
Translated by Klizaheth (J. Martin. New York. 
1892. .-in. s . I'ort. of the duchess of Angonleme. 


Inglis, Julia Selina (THKSHJKR), Lady. The 
siege of Lucknow ; a diary. London. 1SD2. 8. 

I. 4115 

Ingram, Lieut. -Col. James. Proceedings of a 
council of war held at Burke jail. Georgia, Jan. 
14th. 177'.'. with a narrative of the subsequent pro- 
ceeding's, and the proclamation issued. Edited hv 
1'. L. Ford. Brooklyn, N. Y. 1S90. If,", pp. 20. 
i MINIDISK \i. I'ltiviiNG CLUB, Brooklyn, X. )'. 
WiniKiwinirs in American history. Revolutionary 
proclamations, 1.) 5355.38 

pie* pntitcil. No. 98." 

Irwin, Hichard Haehe. History of the nine- 
teenth army corps. New York, etc. 1892. 8. 
Maps and plans. 8356.21 

Jacqueton, (J. La polititjue exterieure de 
Loui>e de Savoie; relations diplomatique* de la 
France et de I'Anirleterre pendant la captivitc de 
FraneoU I" r . ir,:>.V l.v_'i;. Paris. 1892. 1.8. (Bi- 
Bi.ioTiii.<jri: de 1'ecole des hatitcs etudes, 88.) 
" HiMiotrniphie," pp. iii.-xxiii. 3525.36 

Jannone. ' > LYmi^ra/ione italiana nell' Ar- 
gentina. Napoli. WM. sin. 8. VI. 6936 

Jennings. Herman Atwell. Provincetown, or 
Odd- and ends from the tip end [of Cape Cod. 
Provincetown?] 1890. sin. 8. 1'ortrs. and 
-' 1O323.27 

Joachimsohn, Paul. GrefOT Hebnbnrg. Bam- 

berj?. 1891. 8. (HiSTomsciii: ahliandliin^en 

ii Miinchener seminar, 1.) I. 4031 

ichui* dcr citierU-n bildicr un.l scliriften," pp. \i.- 

Joanne, Adolphe Laurent. Grece. "2 vol. 
Paris. 1890-91. sin. 8. Maps, plans, if Jets., 
and table. (Coll ..-uides-Joanne.) 

10247.12, nl* f , Class. 

OontfHl*: : -,.< environ*. lS'.M)._ii. Qi*M 

oondaenule et fli-. !-!. 

Johnston, Hob, it Mr K.-n/ie. Australasian fed- 
eration : the financial data of the problem exhibited 
in With an introduction bv A. I. Clark. 
Tasmania, ivi. x-. j,,,. ,-4 ,. m. /;/,,,,. 1.4026 
Jones, Charle* K.l-eorth. Political and judi- 
cial di ilie commonwealth of < ieoru'ia. 
Atlanta, (j.i. 1891 [.. :?7. 12342.21 
Julian,:. hiti-ton. The life of Joshua 
K. (Ji-1 liiii.'t. [With an appendix: " Pacifjcns : 

nd privileges of the 

( -lavery l;-. .1 hi- of Ohio" .1 |;. 

(Jidilinjfn).] Chi. ,. 8367.31 

Jnnker. Wilhelm. durinji 

ululated from f 
\. II Keane. 8 vol. London. 1- 

I. 3720 
Co*Ut* : - 1. lH7i-17. 19BO.-U. 187-1883. 1891.- 

;n -.'! 

JoTiUch. -ehirhte des l.iM'hof, 

uli.-rt'. d-- I'ommern-api.-t. !-. 
.I kulturbildaasdcr .]..,.!;,. 

.rkalnl-fe- uild de-. lie^intlendeii strei- 
!.T l.lld Welfen. N.,ch .|Uellell I.ear- 

Gotha. 1889. 8. 13593.27.2 

Kallsen, < >tto. I >ie deiitschen >tadte im mittel- 
alter. i. Halle a. S. 1MH. 8. 13536.26 

.iiilnnj,' inn! riitwirki'liin 

Kautner, II. \V. 15. Information of Denver, 
Col.; a brief epitome of the city, al-o complete 
Information of and to the leading bnsines> hoii.-es. 
banks and bankers. ]niblic buildi:. ! >eiiver, 

Col. lsii2. IM". IIV/,Vs. 13354.52 

Keene, lleiirs (Jeor-e. M.-'nlha-.a 1! M. Sindhia. 
otherwise called Madhoji. Oxford. l.s'.M. stn.S. 
Map. , Ui i i aa of India.) VII. 2622.2 

King, Kufus (1817-1891). Hufus King 
in the devidopment of Cincinnati during the last 
fifty years. Cincinnati. 1>!U. ". 

" rriiitnl I'm- in-iviitc ili-tril.iitinn." 17362.32 

Lanin, K. \',.. psfntJ/ni. Russian character- 
istii^: re]trinted, with revision^, from the /-'t,rt- 
nif/htli/ ,; fi, a-. London. IMIL'. .S". ].p. \ 


Tin- n;iiin- i* "the collective signature of sevenil M 

Tin- American eilitimi i< em its ;ni(l 


Lapham, William P.erry. History of Bethel 
(formerly Sudbury Canada) Oxford count v, 
Maine. L768-1890 ; with a brief sketch of Han- 
over, and family statistics. Au-iista. Me. l-'.il. 
S". pp. XTi.,688. /'nrtr.t. and ptuda. 10314.13 

Lapham, William Merry. Stephen (Mason of 
Stain for I. Conn., in 10 .VI. and sonic of his descend- 
ants ; compiled and arranged from data chiefly 
collected by O. I!. (Mason of (Jardiner, Maine'. 
Augusta. 1892. S". I'ort r.-i. 16373.16 

The niiiniiiju: title i< "Cla-ion ineinnrial." 

Lasteyrio, Hobert I>K, nlit>-. ( 'artulair- 
ral de Paris, on Uecneil de documents relatifs a 
1'histoire et a la topographic de Paris. I., it. 
Tom. i. Paris. 1>S7. 1. :,,,/, if,*. ( HISI i>n;,. 
^eiierale de Paris. Collection de documci, 

iits: i. 528-1180. 6562.7 

Lavissc, Krm-st. (ieiieral view of the political 
history of F. u rope. Tran-lated 1>\ (MiarK- ' 

New York. i*:n. sm. 8. 1.4108 

Lavisse, F.rne-t. La jeune^se dn ^rand Fre- 
deric. Paris, l.s-.n. 8". 14577.9 

" ItililinLrrajiliic," pp. xi.-xiii. 

[Iiear, Tobias. : I. : ,M u,, r .!> of (Jem-ral Wash- 
ington: | an account of his last illness and death. 
Philadelphi.i pp. 7. 6337.15.5 

LM, William (1789 1795 l..t;.-r^ of William 

erilT and alderman of London: commiTcial 
agent Of the Continental con.ure-.-i in France; and 
minister to the courts of Vienna and Berlin. 
17<;; -17.s:i. Collected and edited by W. ( 
:: \ol. i pa-ed contin. . Brooklyn. I *'.'!. ^ ". 
pp. xvi. -<- xiv. xiv.. 987. /' 7324.5.2 


Levey, (Jeor^i- Collins, llutchin-on'^ Austra- 
la>ian eiicyclopa-dia. compri^iiiij a description of 
all places in the \ :\ i-.donii-s. an account 

of the e\ ents which ba\ i- taken place in \\i-' 
from it- diM-o\eiy to the present date, and t'.< 
raphies ,,f di-iinu'iiMicd earU col mi-t- London. 

'"/' DR. 3.i:{.">.:t 

Levi, (Juido. irdinali 

lu'olino d' ' no dc 
I'baldini 1. 

Ui 1 1 ; i.. - . 1 ,,nti per la storia 

d'ltalia.) III. 6807 

I ;.lari, 181." 



Lexington ; a haml-book of its points of inter- 
est, historical and picturesque. Published under 
the direction of the Lexington historical society. 
Boston. 1891. stn. 4. pp. (2), 75. Illustr. 


Leyland, Lancashire, England. The register 
book of christenings, weddings, and burials, within 
the parish of Leyland. 1053 to 1710; with a few 
earlier transcripts. li)22-1641. Edited, with an in- 
troiluction and notes, bv W. S. White. [London.] 
1890. 8. (RECORD SOCIETY. [Publ.] 21.) 

Eng. Lit. 1063 

Lloyd, Clifford. Ireland under the land league ; 
a narrative of personal experiences. Edinburgh, 
elc. 1^2. 8. 9487.37 

Biographical sketch, pp. v.-ix. 

London. Eng. Huguenot society. By-laws 
and list of fellows. June, 1890. London. 1890. 
8. pp. (2), 34. III. 6683 

Long Island historical society. [History, 
by-laws, and list of members.] Brooklyn. [1891.] 
sin. 4 '. pp. 44. Wdct. ' 11382.27 

Lorenz. Ottokar. Die geschichtswissensehaft 
in hauptrichtungen und aufgaben kritisch erortert. 
2 theile. Berlin. 1886-91. 8. I. 1735 

Content* : [i.] Die philosophische geschicbtschreibung; 
F. C. Beta] -- r. Die politische geschichtscnreibuns ; F. 
C. Dahlmanu. Die natunrissenschaftliche geschichte; Da 
Boi<-Reymond. Die kultargeschiehte ; W. H. Riehl. Die 
polirik a'ls historisehe wissenk-haft. Ueber ein natiirliches 
hichtlicher perioden. 1886. ii. Leopold von 
Banke ; die generationenlehre and der geschichtsuuterricht. 

Lot, Ferdinand. Les derniers carolingiens ; 
Lothaire. Louis V.. Charles de Lorraine, 954991. 
Preface par A. Giry. Paris. 1891. 1. 8. (BiBLio- 
THE,>rE de 1'ecole ties hautes erodes, 87.) 2523.35 

" Bibliographic," pp. xxxiii.-xlviii. 

Low, Seth. NLW York in 1850 and in 1890; a 

political study. An address delivered before the 

New York historical society on its eighty-seventh 

anniversary. November 17, 1891. New York. 

8. 8. " pp. 32. 11365.7 

Luchaire, Achille. Louis VI. le Gros ; annales 
de sa vie et de son regne, 1081-1137. Avec nne 
introduction historique. Paris. 1890. 8. 


Mackintosh, John. LL.D. The history of 
civilisation in Scotland. New ed.. partly rewritten, 
and carefullv revised. Vol. i. Paisley, etc. 1892. 
8. Port, of Robert Bruce. 9434.3O 

Maclean. Sir John. The parochial and family 

history of the deanery of Trigg Minor, in the 

county of Cornwall. 3vol. London, etc. 1873-79. 

Fronts., plates, tcdcts., plans, etc. 9422.55 

With the book-plate of Llewellynn Jewitt. 

Major, or MAIK, John (1469-1549?). A history 
of greater Britain, as well England as Scotland: 
translated from the original Latin and edited with 
notes, by Archibald Constable. To which is pre- 
fixed a life of the author by JE. J. G. Mackay. 
Edinburgh. 1892. 8. pp. cxxxri., 476. Fac- 

VHI. 543 

" Life of the author," with an appendix, pp. xxvii.-oxxj:. 

"Bibliography of John Major and his disciples, David 
Cranston, George Lokert, William Manderston, Robert Cau- 
braith," pp. 40-J-417. 

Man nering, George Edward. With axe and 
rope in the New Zealand Alps. London, etc. 1891. 
8. Front. . plates, and map. 1.4041 

Maps. (1890.) The library reference atlas 

of the world, by John Bartholomew ; with general 

index to 100,000 places. London, etc. 1890. 4. 

_,s. MA. 19.90 

Maps Vonkers. Xeic York. (1847.) Map of 
central portion of the town of Yonkers, 1847, 
according to surveys as made by T. C. Cornell 
at that time. Its historic interest explained in 
an interview with Rev. David Cole. [Yonkers. 
1892.] Broadside. 11387.65 

" Tanker* daily herald, Jan. 2, 1892. Historical extra." 

Markham, Clements Robert. A history of 
Peru. Chicago. 1892. 8. Front., maps, plates, 
&udportrs. (Latin- American republics.) 
List of authorities, pp. 534-539. 2322.4O 

Marseilles. France. Marseille; [a description 
of the city, its institutions, literature, art, com- 
merce, and manufactures. Compiled for the 20th 
meeting of the association f ran9aise pour 1'avance- 
ment des sciences," in Sept. 1891.] Marseille. 
1891. 1.8. pp. viii., 1018. Map, plans, and 
wdcts. 6511.9 

Marshal, William, earl of -Pembroke 
(d. 1219). L'histoire de Gnillaume le Marechal, 
comte de Striguil et de Pembroke, regent d'Angle- 
terre de 1216 a 1219; poeme francais. Public 
pour la societe de 1'histoire de France par Paul 
Meyer. Tom. i. Paris. 1891. 8. (PARIS, 
France Societe de Fhistoire de France. [Publ .1 ) 


Martyn, Carlos. Wendell Phillips, the agita- 
tor ; with an appendix containing three of the ora- 
tor's masterpieces : The lost arts, Daniel O'Connell, 
The scholar in a republic. New York, etc. 1890. 
sm. 8. Port, of Phillips and fac-sim. 8367.13 

Maryland historical society. Proceedings 
of the society in commemoration of the late John 
H. B. Latrobe, for twenty years president of the 
society. Meetings held Sept. 12. and Oct. 12. 
1891. " [Baltimore. 1891.] 8. pp.41. 12374.30 

Massachusetts volunteer infantry 13/A 
regiment. [Circular dated March 1, 1892. With 
a narrative of its service, from July 29. 1861, to 
March 1, 1862. Boston. 1892.] 1. 8. pp. 23. 

8343.4 b 

The same. [2d ed. Boston. 1892.] 1.8. 

pp. 23. 8343.4' 

Matta. Manuel Antonio. Cuestiones recientes 
con la legacion i el gobierno de los Estados Unidos 
de Norte-America. Santiago de Chile. 1892. 1.8. 


Manduit, Israel. A hand bill advocating Ameri- 
can independence, inspired by the English ministry, 
and written and published at London in March. 
1778. Edited by P. L. Ford. Brooklyn, N. Y. 
1890. 16. pp.21. (HISTORICAL PRINTING CLUB, 
Brooklyn. X. T. Winnowings in American his- 
tory. Revolutionary broadsides, 1.) 5355.39 

" 250 copies printed. No. 197." 

Maulde La Claviere, Rene DE. Histoire de 
Louis XII. i e pt. torn. 1-3. 3 torn. Paris. 
1889-91. 8. 3525.10 

" 300 exemplaires. No. 174." 

Content* : i. Louis d'Orleans. 3 torn. 

Maulde La Claviere, Rene DE. Procedures 
politiques du regne de Louis XII. Paris. 1885. 
4. pp. (4), cxxxii., 1306. (COLLECTION de docu- 
ments inedits sur 1'histoire de France.) 1555.14 

Contents: Proces dn mareYhal de Gie. Proces de di- 
Torce de Louis XU. Procedures pour Anne de France, 
duchesse de Bourbonnais. 


Mcniix, Marie Camillc Alfred, vicmntt in I .a 
rcfurnic i-t l;i polititjuc frai.caise rii F.urope jiiMiu'a 
la paix dc Wcstphalie. 2 turn. 1'aris. l>s;i. 
^ III. 6890 

Metzger, Kinil. F.uropaisclie ansiedh-r in Nic- 
dcrlandi.M-h Mst-lndicn. Ilaniliurg. 1892. 8. 
]>\>. _' ~> + . (SAMML. gemcinv. wis S . \ortraire; neue 
fok-e. fi. 143.) VIII. ri5(vi) 

Mezieres. Alfred v .Jean Francois). Vic tie 
Mirai.cau. 1'arU. Is 1 .' 1 .', sra. 8. 4543.23 

Minor, Louisa II. A. Tin- Mcriwethers and 

thi-ir connections : a family record, ^ivinji the <jeiic- 

f tin- Mcriwcthers in America, with hio- 

graphical note-, and sketches. Alhanv, N. V. ls:>2. 

8. Fnnti.. /,,/>:<.. and /)//. 16356.37 

Moens, William .lohn Charles. Tin- Walloons 
and their church .it Norwich. I "><,"- ls32. [Histori- 
cal introduction. J Lyn.initfon. 1888. 4". Mn/i. 
I.uMMiN. A,'/*/;. Jliiguenoi society. Publ. l a .) 

;.rint ..fl.V) M'A" 9425.57.2 

Moltke, Ilelmuth (Karl Bcrnhard . ijrnf VON. 
Yermix'hte schrit'icn. Berlin. 1892. 8. IY////S. 
(//i Ass (Jcsammelte >chriftcn und dcukwiirdii:- 
k. -it, -i. I. 3992.2 

Content* : Hnllainl uiul Bi'luien in trci,'i-ii~( itit;i'i' ln-xic- 

.1 ilin-r IP niiuiiir miter I'hilipp II. liis zu Hirer 

n iin^iui^ iintiT Williehn I. barstcllntijj dcr in- 

lUc-haftliHifii /.iistuiulrs in 

Polon. Die wt-tHrhr rrenrfrage. Welchfl liicksiditcn 
k<iiiiiii<-ii Itc-i ilrr wulil <lcr riclitun^ \mi i-i-> nlialini-n in 
.1? /ur (iricntalisclicn I; 

Moltke, Mclmuth (Karl Hi-nihanl). yrvf roK. 
Hrirfi- an sciiu- mutter, und an seine hriider Adult 
und Ludwiir. Berlin. 1891. 8. Front., port rx., 
icdctt., CtC. //' //is (Jesammelte si-hriften und 
lenkwiirdi^keiten, 4.) 1.3992.4 

Moltke, ilrlmuth (Karl Hernhard), yraf ro. 
Xur lelic-ns^.-M-liiclitc. IJerlin. 1SH2. S'l /'r-/7/>-., 
plates, foe-Sim*., and //////. ( /// /d'.v (icsammtdte 
Bchriftc'n und denkwiirdi^kfiteii, I.) 1.3992.1 

Montgomery, David II. Tin- leading facts of 

American history. Ho-t.m. ls,l. 12. Illnslr. 

(Ix-adini: facts of hi>tory >erii-- 5348.17 

[Morel de la Durantaye, Mme. A.] Hxpatria- 

tion aciulieiinediiea la fV-rocitr ih-s anglais, h'r. and 

-- .-. [18..] sin. s". ],],. UMl. 4342.39 

MorriM, Mowliray ' Walter). Montro-c. Lon- 
don, etc. 1892. HIM. 8 . I/O////Y/.XV. Bvo- 
i.i-ii men of action.) 9454.18.2 

Morrison, l.-on:ird Allison. AmonKtlic Scotch- 
Iri-h : and a tour in si-vt-n countries, in Ireland, 

HOC, Su it/erland. 

ami Italv : with History of Din>nioor family. 
Bonti.i /.//. I. 4029 

T)i<'"i: family " has a special title- 

pa<- with tin imprint I.owdl, Mann. 1891, and ncparate 

Morrison, !.<,, nurd Allison. IJamhle- in Kn- 

in Scnthind. Kn-land. Hel^ium. 

; land, and France : it h hi.toricul 

in families. j;atli- 

cre.l in Scotland and the north of Ireland. I 

/lluttr. I. 4030 

Miillcr. it .-'|,|n-, rilitor. Dociiini-nti sulle 

iidi-lle ( i' coll' ( irieiite cri>tiano 

I . raccolti ed annotati. 

Firm/ : ' umeiiii ilet;li 

arch;'. I. 4U48 

Neill, F.dward Dutlield. Incidents of 1'air ( >aks 
and Mahern Hill I. a" I May I" 

Minrte-ota commandiT\ of the loyal legion. 
Map and irrlct. 'In M\. MI-IIC OOLLXt 
Contril.ution-, ' I.H'.'_". H'\ ] 

VI. 5392(n) 

Neubauer, Adolf, ami Stern, Morit/. r<litnrs. 
Hehraische herichte iiher die judeiiyerfoli,'iin^en 
Wiihrend der kreu//iij.'e. Im aiiftra^e der histori- 
schen coinmission I'iir u r e-chichte der jiidcn in 
Deutschlaiid herausLi'e^eheu ; ins dentsche iiher- 
set/l \.iii S. 15 aei . Hi A. and (,', r,n. IJerlin. 1892. 
8. (QUKI.I.KN car gescbichte der jaden in Deutsch- 
land, 2.) Sem. 47O 

('olitiiiiiiiii; ai-cnunls liv Salniiiii l>ar Sil >n, Kli--i-r liar 

Xatlian, Kpliraim liar .l:u-li, ami l^hf-ar liar >Iml:i. 

New England historic genealogical soci- 
ety. Rolls of mcmhcr.ship. IM! is-.m. Boston. 
IMtl. 8. DR. 249.1(xi.v) 

The so, in: IMI-IS'.H. Ho>ton. l>'.c'. 

v. 15385.14 

Neiv Jersey historical society. Constitution 
and hv-laws of the xiciety. as amended May 15th. 

1890. Newark, N.J. 8". \^.\:\. 11391.9 

O'Clery. Ke\es, ihe O'Clery. The making of 

Italy: [1866 1870]. London.' IV.'L'. S". .]/,,.>. 

I. 4156 

Oldekop, .lohannes. Chronik: herau.s.i:e'_'elien 
yon Karl Killing. Tiihin^en. IH'.H. S". ]>]). \iii., 
720. (Sn ric.Mtr Lilltm /(>< /( / ferein. Bi- 
hliothek. 190.) 15554.52 

Oman, Charles William Chadwick. The story 
of the I'.y/antine Kui])irc. New York, etc. I*'.''-'. 
12". Uluttr. (Sroi:v of the nations.) 1.4149 

Oiuont. Henri. Bernard de Mont fa neon; sa 
famille et ses premieres amices. [ 1'aris. 1 >'._'. 1 
S". pp. 7. 7526.46 

"Kxlrait A initli, 1892, pp. 84-90." 

Oncken, Wilhelm. Das /eitalter dcs kaisers 

Wilhelm. 2 hde. Berlin. 1890-92. 8. Ilhish: 

( )\ iv i.s . Wilhelm. / ititor. Allueineinf fjeschiehte, 

iv. 6.) I. 758 

Ordine della soleimisMma procosioiie fatta dal 
sommo pontitice nell' alma citta di Konia. I"' r la 
felieissima nova della destruttione della setta ugo- 
notaua. I'liotolillio^raph of this most rare ]iain- 
]thlet. printed at Koine in l.~>72. from the eojiy in the 
Bodleian lihrary. O.l'ord. Issued, with an intro- 
ductory note. li\ !',. W. B. Nicholson. London, f/r. 
L891?] 8. pp. 4, (4). ([BOI.I.I.IVN facsimile 
seriea, 2.]) III. 6766 

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treaties with .Japan to \\esteru nations. Ann Arhor, 
Mich. IslU. sin. H". pp. 41. VI. 6622 

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in \ijjorc fia il re^no d' Italia ed i jroverni esteri. 
raccolti ed nrdiiiati; preceduti da nn discorso sul 
diritto puhldico risultante da essi trattati e eon- 
vcii/ioni. _' pi. |ia'j-ed contin.K Torino. ls7!'. 

S". ]>]}. 8), \\.. 1:12:?. K\ .1 \ delle l.'ir^i 

ipedali e conveii/ioni interna/ionali del re^'iio 
d'ltali., 1.4117 

Nllova raceolta dei trattati e delle con- 

ven/ioni. anni 1>M l^'.'u. -J pi. pa-_ r dl coiitin. 1 ). 
Torino.,/,. is'.'ii. s. ,,,,. <L' . liv.. (2).+(fi). 
L079. '].) 1.4118 

Tiii- i- al-M i " .i. i 


' in tin- titli | : " Hn'- 

I'i'i-iali," an<l in the sji^iuitiiri-s tin '.itl, 

Parkman, Francis \ half-century 

of conllict ["incliidini; (Hi, , n Ainu's -, r . 17<2- 
1718 and K ,1744-1748. With an 

appendix. ! L'\ol. B..ston /,;).< and 

lilnn. I In /(is Franc,- and F.n^laiid in North 
Ain.-rica, 6.) 4373.15 



Patrick, Robert William Cochran. Media-val 
Scotland: chapters on agriculture, manufactures, 
factories, taxation, revenue, trade, commerce, 
weights and measure*. Glasgow. 1892. 8. Front., 
plate, and mid. 9444.2 

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of the hundreds of Chiltern in Oxfordshire. Ban- 
bury. 1890. 8. pp. 20. Map. (OXFORDSHIRE 
AKCH.I:. >i.<>< .KM. SOCIETY. [Publ.]) 9424.46.2 

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aux frercs Dupuy. puhliees par Philippe Tamizey 
de Larroque. To'm. i.. ii. 2 torn. Paris. 1888-90. 
4. (Coi.i.ECTiox de documents inedits sur 1'his- 
toire de France.) 1564.8 

Content*: i. Dec. 1617 .lee. 162S. 1888. ii. 1629-1633. 

Pelletan, (Charles) Camille. De 1815 a nos 
jours [is s<)]. Paris. [1891?] 12. Portrs. 


Pennell. Joseph. The Jew at home ; impres- 
sions of a summer and autumn spent with him [in 
Austria and Russia]. New York. 1892. sm. 8. 
Illiistr. Sem. 466 

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Senator Quay: a reply to ["The degradation of 
Pennsylvania politics." by] Herbert Welsh. Phila- 
delphia. 1892. 8. pp. (4). 24. 12383.62 

Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker. Address at 
the dinner of the New England societv of Pennsyl- 
vania. Doc. 22. x. p. [1891?] >. ff. (1),"8. 
Printed on one side of the leaf only. 10385.63 

Perlbach, Max. editor. Die statuten des deut- 
schen ordens. nach den a'ltesten handschriften her- 

^ _-eben. Halle a. S. 1890. 4. 1.4045 

Perry, Amos. The library and cabinet of the 
Rhode Island historical society : their origin and 
leadintr feature*, with a classified summary of their 
contents. Providence. 1892. 1. 12. pp. 24. 


" Reprinted from Proceedings of the society, 1 891-9:2." 

Perry, William Stevens, bp. of Iowa. The 
Christian character of George Washington; an 
address delivered February 22, 1891, in Saint Bar- 
tholomew's church. New York city, before the 
New York society of the sons of the revolution. 
Davenport. Iowa. 1891. sm. 8. pp. (2). 9. 

III. 6679 

Perry, William Stevens, bp. of Iowa. The 
influence of the clergy in the war of the revolu- 
tion. [A response to a toast made at the banquet 
of the " sons of the revolution, 1 ' February 23, 1891, 
at New York. New York. 1891.] 8. pp. (2), 
7. Vign. III. 6679 

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France depuis I'avenement de Philippe le Bel 
jusqu'en 1789. Avant-propos de A. Duverger. 
Paris. 1891. 8. 1524.23 

" Articles neerologiques," pp. 283-291. 

Petit, Ernest, editor. Itineraires de Philippe 
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1363-1419, d'apres les comptes de depenses de leur 
hotel, recueillis et mis en ordre. Paris. 1888. 
4". pp. (6), xxxii., 719. (COLLECTION de docu- 
ments inedits sur Phistoire de France.) 1554.17 

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e il diritto internazionale. Roma. 1891. 8. 


Pierce, Edward Lillie. Edward L. Pierce ; 
something of his life and character, his legislative 
and army experience, his statesmanlike acts [and] 
his literary work. [Boston. 1890.] 8. pp. 12. 


Pietraganzili, Rosario Salvo DI. La Sicilia 
illustrata nelle >ue grandi epoche, cioe nell' antica, 
nel medio-evo, nel rinascimento e nella moderna. 
Opera nuovis-ima compilata sopra scritti original! 
e sopra monografie dei piu illustri archeologi sici- 
liani : diretta e in parte scritta da R. S. di Pietra- 
ganzili. Vol. i. Palermo. 1888. 1. 8. Front. 
and plates. I. 4O47 

Content* : i. La Sicilia antica. 

Poole, William Frederick. The ordinance of 
1787. A reply [to an article in the Inlander for 
Nov., in which " Mr. Henry A. Chaney makes an 
earnest protest against a wrong committed, which 
he terms a perver>ion of history,' in robbing 
Nathan Dane of the honor of the authorship of the 
Ordinance of 1787, and bestowing it upon another 
Dr. Manasseh Cutler"]. Ann Arbor. Mich, 
sm. 4. pp. 15. 13313.15 

" Froui the Inlander for Jan. 1892." 

" Privately printed.'' 

Powell, William Henry, and Shippen. Edward, 
editors. Officers of the army and navy (regular) 
who served in the civil war. Philadelphia. Pa. 
1892. 4. Portrs. 9321.36 

"No. - 

Precis des campagnes de 1796 et 1797 en Italic 
et en Allemagne. Bruxelles. etc. 1889. sm. 8. 
Plans. (BIBLIOTHEQUE Internationale d'histoire 
militaire. 6.) I. 4O75 

Precis de la campagne de 1805 en Allemagne & 
en Italie. Bruxelles. etc. 1886. sm. 8. Plans. 
(BIBLIOTHEQUE Internationale d'histoire militaire. 
9.) I. 4O78 

Precis de la campagne de 1815 dans les Pays- 
Bas. Bruxelles. etc. 1887. sm. 8. Plans. (BI- 
BLIOTHEQUE Internationale d'histoire militaire, 16.) 

I. 4085 

Precis de la campagne de 1859 en Italie. Brux- 
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Internationale d'histoire militaire, 19.) I. 4O88 

Precis de la guerre de 1866 en Allemagne & en 
Italie. Bruxelles, etc. 1886. sm. 8. Plans. 
(BIBLIOTHEQUE Internationale d'histoire militaire, 
22.) I. 4091 

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Brunne's uebersetzung von Pierre de Langtoft's 
Chronicle, und ihr verhiiltnis zum originale. In- 
augural-dissertation. Breslau. 1891. 8. pp. (4), 
70+. 3445.13 

" Lebenslauf," after p. 70. 

Price, Julius M. From the Arctic ocean to the 
Yellow Sea; the narrative of a journey in 1890 
and 1891, across Siberia, Mongolia, the Gobi desert, 
and north China. London. 1892. 8. Portrs., 
u-dcts.. plates, and maps. I. 4153 

Proceedings of the reunion of the third divi- 
sion, ninth corps, army of the Potomac, held at 
York. Pa.. March 25, 1891. Harrisburg. 1892. 
8. Portrs. 8356.2O 

The title on the cover is " History of the third division 
ninth corps, army of the Potomac." 

Providence, R. I. The early records of the 
town of Providence. Printed under authority of 
the city council by Horatio Rogers, G. M. Car- 
penter, and Edward Field. Vol. i. Providence. 
1892. 4. 11354.44.2 

Contents : i. First book of the town of Providence. 

Providence, R. I. Record commissioners. 
1st report of the commissioners relative to the 
earlv town records; presented March 7. 1892. 
[Providence.] 1892. 4. (City doc. no. 18.) 



Public opinion in tin- United States on the 
annexation of Mexico. N.I-. [18!2.] 8". pp.:!!). 


in tin' public journal-* <>!' the 1'nilril 
.1 Mu.u 1 - project to annex those pnrdoiu of 
\ a, ( 'hihmihua, and CoftbuiU lying 
north of tin- -".'th parallel of north l:itilu<lr. 

Putnam'* montlilv historical mana/ine. Vol. i. 
no. 1. Ma\.' Salem. Mass. l,s'.2. 1.8". 
Port, of (,'f>i. Putnam. 15397.4.2 


A continuation of the Sulrm ],re*n historical ml i/niru- 
loyioil rf" 

Rajna, Pio. I A- corti d'amorc. Milano. 1890. 
M.I. 8 . 6557.24.2 

Ramsay, Sir .James Ih-nry. HI/// burl. Lan- 

caster and Yoi k ; a century of English history, A. u. 

_' vol. Oxford. 18i)2. 8 U . P;,itt.. 

portrs., maps, plans, geneal. tables, etc. 3464.15 

"List of authorities," i. xi.-xix., ii. r.-xii. 

Raunie. milc. F.pitaphicr iln vieux Paris. 
Rcctieil general des inscriptions funcraires des 

convents. colleges. hospices. cilUCtiereS et 

charmers dcpuis le moycn age jnsiju'a la fin du 
xvin e siecle, forme et public. Tom. i. 1'aris. 
1890. 4". J'lates, plans, and wdcts, (HiSTOiRE 
gen-Tale d- Paris. Collection de documents.) 


Contftit*: i. Saint AndnS-des-Arcs. Saint Benoit. 
N- 1 

Reade, Philip. Origin and genealogy of the 
Hildreth family, of Lowell, Mass. [Lowell.] 
IVL'. S". pp. 71. \'ii/n.. icdds., fac-si ma., and 
plate. 16351.3 

Reclns, Mean Jacques) lisee. The earth and 
its inhabitants. 16 vol. New York. 1884-91. 
1. 8. Maps and other illustr. 

A'amrly : 

Europe. 5 vol. [1885.] I 4123 


4 vol. 1891, '84-91. 
Africa. 4vol. 1886-90. 

,icn. IH'.K). 

North . \iii.-ri. a. V.,1. i., ii. 1S90-91. 

Kiirop.-, vol. i.-iv., . .lite, I bv K. <i. l{:iven*ti-in ; vol. v. and 
.. Kavi n-t.-in ami A. 11. Keane; the rest 
by A. II. Kcaiie. 

River* (The) of Great Britain: descriptive, 
historical, pictorial. [ii.J Rivers of the east coast. 
I^mdon. etc. Cassell Jf co. 1889. 4". l-'rmit. and 
uxUt*. * 8481.20 

. i.of tlii work, 

Tbc BOTAL river; tin- Thames 

Robert, Adolplic, mid others. Dictionnaire 
des parlementaire-. !: ,,n--.ii- : ...mprenaiit tons les 
nii-iiibre de ajKiemld-'-e-. traneaises et tous les 
miriistr - di-|-ui 1- 1" inai. 17s'.t. juxqu'au 

1" mai, 1889, avec leum nom-. 'tat civil, etats de 

*, actcs politiqnes, rot. - parlementai: 
1'ublii'- sou* la direction de Adolphe Robert. IM^ar 
I'.nnrloton & Gaston Cougny. 5 torn. 1'aii-. IV.H. 
1.8 \\;i f tt. A 74.7 

Roberta. Ci-cil. Alrift in America: or, Work 
and ihi-ntiir<- iti the States. With an ajijienilix 
by Morlev H,,i eru. London. 1891. 8 W . 


Robertaon. .1 M), W0r.] In- 

T entaii : < MSOMC 'ic'n.iii . 

: i.-wi-N. drev.e. furni- 

ture. bo.,k, ami |.:iintinu's of\ . <|in . n c,f Scot*. 
1S56-1609. Kdinbiirwli. IMS. 1. /'.' 
(BAKMATTKB CLOB. [Publ. 117.J) 9451.3 

Robinson, Allies Mary Frances, afterwards 
Mi/if. 1) M:MI -i i i i i:. The end of the midil]. 
emajl and ijiiestion* in history [relatini; chietly 
to the French in Italy]. London. 1889. 

I. 4159 

It: The In LTuines anil the weaving brother-*. 
Tin- i-onw-nt nf llelfta; [with an aceiiunt of Saint ( iertriule 
ami Saint Mechtibl |. The iittnietion of thi- aliyss. The 
-.hi-iii. \'ali mine Viseonti. The claim of the bouse of 
< )rleans to Mi l;in. - The Ma latent a- of Uimiiii. Tbe lailie- 
of Milan. The Ili-ht of 1'i.To ile' Me.lici.-Tln' Krem-li at 

Robinson, Charles, of Kansas. The Kan-a* 
contlict. New York. 1892. 8. 7376.12.3 

Robinson, Louise B. A bundle of letters from 
over tin- sea. ISostoii. IS-.MI. 12". Viijn. I. 4O32 

Rocha, Diego Amlrcs. Tratado unico y singu- 
lar del origen de los indios del Pern. Mejico. 
Santa Fc. y Chile. 2vol. Madrid. IH'.H. sin. 8. 
( '<! .1 . -CION de libros raros 6 curiosos que tratan 
de America, 3, 4.) 5311.38 

The author seek* to show that the American Imiians derive 
their origin in the first. ]>laee from the ancient inhabitants of 
Spain, anil in the secmid from the Israelites anil Ta; 

With a reprint of the original titlc-ji 

Rochester, A'. Y. Historical society. Publi- 
cations. Vol. i. Rochester. lsi>2. 8. ./<//. 


Rockhill, William Woodville. The land of 
the lamas; notes of a journey through China. 
Mongolia, and Tibet. New York. 1891. 8". 
/'/i>ii/., n/i>x. and irt/cts. I. 4040 

Rodway, James. History of British Guiana, 
from the year Kif>8 to the present time. Vol. i. 
Georgetown, Demenum. 1891. 1.8. 2344.14 

'v. i. 1668-1781. 

Roe, Alfred Seelye. Richmond, Annapolis, 
and home. Providence. 1892. sm. 4". pp.41. 
(Rnoi)i; ISI.\M, -MI I>IKI:S" AM. .* ui.m:*' III-TMUI- 
CAL SOCIKTY. Personal narratives. 4th series, 17.) 

" Edition limiteil to 'J.'XJ copies." 8347.68 

Romero, Matias. A Mexican night: the 
toasts and responses at a complimentary dinner 
given by W. S. I,n;.an, at the democratic club, 
New York. Dec. 1C, IMU. to Don Matias Romero. 
Mexican minister to the 1'nited States. \ 
York.] 18!-J. 8". pp. c,4, (4). 2364.2 

Roth, Daniel Luther. Acadie and the Acadians. 
3d ed. I'tica, N. Y. 1891. sm. 8. Wdft. and 
portrt. 4342.4O 

Rowland, Kate Mason. Tin- life of George 
Mason. 172">-1792: including bis speeches, public- 
paper.*, and correspondence. With an introduc- 
tion hv Fit/hiigb Lee. 2 vol. New York, r/c. 
K /!/. >.f Mn g,>n. and fnc-sim. 7326.16 

" Hiblio^raphy <i< or-;.- Mason," i. \\ii. 

Royal river (The) ; the Thames from source to 

tea, descriptive. bi*torii-al, jiictorial. London, rtr. 

\ . h'roni.. in, i t t, and wlcts. * 8481.19 

I'ai I i. of ; .( Hritain." 

Rudio, Ferdinand. I'eber ilen antheil der 
matliematischen \vi*senscliaft'ii an der kultur der 
ri'iiaissanee : vortr.ig. u'ehaltc-n im rathhaus ZU 
/iirich am :>. fel... 1-1M. Hamburg. 1^."2. 

pp. :'..",. iS \\IMI. gelne'mv. \\jv- vortraire: lieue 

fulge, vi. 142.) VIII. 175(vi) 

Rugo. So]ilius. Cbri*topli Columi'us. Dres- 

di'ii I -'.'2. sm. H". I'nrt. i'f (".//i/ ////,i; 5 and inaj>. 

I'.i i i i i in IM, Anton, eiiitnr. Fuhreiide -ei-ter. I. ) 

wichtin-ten *. brill, n liber Ci.luiiibii*," pp. 101-163. 



Rush, Richard. A letter to Albert Gallatin. on 
the French claims to the Newfoundland fisheries, 
written Oct. 1, 1822. [Edited by P. L. Ford.] 
Brooklyn, X. Y. 1890. 16. pp. 40. (HisxoRi- 
r.u. pRixTixi;, Brooklyn, X. Y. Winnowings 
in American history. Fisheries series, 1.) 

"250 copies printed. Xo. 34." 5355.43 

Saintsbury, George. The earl of Derby. 
London. 1892. sm. 8. Port, of Derby. (The 
PRIME ministers of Queen Victoria.) 6456.12 

Saintsbury, George, editor. Political pam- 
phlets. New York. 1892. sq. 24. (The POCKET 
library of English literature, 4.) 11443.9 

Content*: Introduction. Letter to a dissenter; by 
George Savile, marquess of Halifax. The shortest way 
with the dissenters ; by Daniel Defoe. The Drapier"s letters 
(nos. 1 and 2) ; by Jonathan Swift. Second letter on a regi- 
cide peace; by Edmund Burke. Peter Plymley's letters 
(ii., ri., vii., is!) ; by Sydney Smith. Letter'to the journey- 
men and labourers of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland; 
Letter to Jack Harrow; by William Cobbett. The letters 
of Malachi Malagrowrther [no. 1] ; by Sir Walter Scott. 

Salem press historical and genealogical record 
(The). [Devoted to genealogy, history, archae- 
ology, notes and queries.] Vol. i.,ii. July, 1890 
April 1892. q. 2 vol. in 1. Salem. Mass. 
[1890-92.] 8. Port, of Got. Bradstreet and 
icdcts. 15397.4 

Xo more published. 

For a continuation, see Putnam's monthly historical maga- 

Sannders, Frederick. The story of the dis- 
covery of the New World by Columbus. Com- 
piled from accepted authorities. New- York. 1892. 
sm. 8. Port., plates, map, and fac-sims. 


Sannders, William, L.C.C. History of the 
first London county council. 1889-1890-1391. 
[London.] 1892. 8. pp. (2), 64, liv., 628. Wdct. 


Schlumberger, Gustave. Un empereur byzan- 
tin au dixieme siecle, Nicephore Phocas. Paris. 
1890. 1.8. pp. (ft), iv., 779+. Illustr. 

* I. 4033 

Schneider, J. Geschichte der evangelischen 
kirche des Elsass in der zeit der franzosischen 
revolution, 1789-1802. Strassburg. 1890. 8. 

III. 68O6 

Schnell, Paul. Das marokkanische Atlasge- 
birge; quellenmassig dargestellt. Gotha. 1892. 
1. 8. Map. (In Petermanns Mitteilungen. er- 
ganzbd. xxii. ur. 103.) 1.432 

Schwartz, Stephan. Twenty-two months a 
prisoner of war ; a narrative of twenty-two months' 
imprisonment by the Confederates, in Texas, 
through Gen. Twiggs' treachery, dating from April, 
1861. to February, 1863. St. Louis, Mo. 1892. 
sm. 8. Port, and plates. 8324.34 

Senez, pseiidon. The evolution of myth as 
exemplified in General Grant's history of the plot 
of President Polk and Secretary Marcy to sacrifice 
two American armies in the Mexican war of 1846- 
4-. Washington, D. C. 1890. sm. 8. pp. .->4. 


Smith, Francis Hopkinson. A white umbrella 
in Mexico. Boston, etc. 1892 [cop. 1889]. 12. 


Smith, Goldwin. The moral crusader. William 
Lloyd Garrison ; a biographical essay founded on 
"The story of Garrison's life told by his children." 
New York, etc. 1892. 8. Port, of Garrison. 


Soldiers' and citizens' album of biographical 
record ; containing personal sketches of army men 
and citizens [of Wisconsin] prominent in loyalty 
to the Union, also a chronological and statisti- 
cal history of the civil war, and a history of the 
grand army of the republic. 2 vol. Chicago, 
grand army publishing company. 1888-90. 4. 
Portrs. and tcdcts. 8341.26 

Soley, James Russell. Address at the unveiling 
of the Jeannette monument [at Annapolis, Oct. 30, 

1890, commemorative of the officers and men who 
perished in the Jeannette Arctic exploring expedi- 
tion, 1881. Baltimore. 1891?] 8. pp. (2), 31. 
Front. 4324.14 

Sons of the revolution Xe-w Fork. The 
constitution of the society of sons of the revolu- 
tion, and by-laws and register of the New York 
society. [Also an address on " Ticonderoga : or 
The defeat of the Old World in the New " ; deliv- 
ered May 11, 1891, before the society, by H. P. 
Johnston.] New York. 1892. 1. 8. Port, of 
George \Vashington, plates, and icdcts. 


Southworth, George Cliamplin Shepard. De- 
scendants of Constant Southworth. 16141685. 
Salem, Ohio. 1892. sm.8. pp.11. 16333.2O 

Souvenir (A) of Superior, containing a general 
review and a compilation of the resources, termi- 
nal advantages, local industries, and climate of the 
" City of destiny," and the country tributary to it. 
West Superior, Wis., Superior evening telegram. 
[1891.] obi. 24. Illustr. 13327.66 

Stanton, William Alonzo. A record, genea- 
logical, biographical, statistical, of Thomas Stan- 
ton, of Connecticut, and his descendants, 1635- 

1891. Albany. 1891. 8. pp.613. Coat-of-arms 
sm>lport. of G. A. Stanton. 16334.10 

Stapfer, Philippe Albert. Aus P. A. Stapfer's 
briefwechsel; herausgegeben von Rudolf Lugin- 
biihl. 2 bde. Basel. 1891. 8. (QUELLEX zur 
schweizer geschichte, 11, 12.) Germ. Hist. 8O8 

"Philipp Albert Stapfer," L cviii--exxv. 

Staples, Carlton Albert. Samuel Dexter, 1726- 
1810: a paper read before the Dedham historical 
society, Feb. 3, 1892. Dedham. 1892. 8. pp. 18. 
Port, of Dexter and plates. 10333.47 

" Reprinted from the Dedham historical register for 
April, : 

Standinger, Paul. Irn herzen der Haussa- 
la'nder : reise ini westlichen Sudan, nebst bericht 
iiber den verlanf der dentschen Niger-Benue- 
expedition. sowie abhandlungen iiber klimatische, 
naturwissenschaftliche, und ethnographische beo- 
bachtungen in den eigentlichen Haussalandern. 
2. aufl. Oldenburg, etc. 1891. 8. pp. (2). x., 
758. Map tm&fac-sim. I. 4028 

Steiner, Karl. Preussisch-deutsche geschichte 
fur volksschulen. Leipzig. [1891.] 8. (PAPA- 
GOGISCHE sammelmappe, 144.) VI. 1785(144) 
[Stevens, Hazard.] Olympia. [Washington; a 
description of the town, in the interest of the 
Olympia light and power companv. Boston? 
1891?] 8". pp. 21. Plates. ' 13356.56 

Stevens, Hermon Weed. Dover [New Hamp- 
shire] shadows. [Records of the high school in 
district no. 2, for 1851-52, leaves from the orderly 
book of an old infantry company. 1845-47. and 
records of the Dover aqueduct. 188&-34.] K. P. 
[18 . .] 8. pp. 30. 11325.1 



Stevenson, Duvid, of the London $ A. IT. 

railway. Fifty years on tin- London & North 

ii railway, ami other memoranda in tin- litV 

1 Stc\ eaMD [including "Id letters, journals, 

and poems I. Kditc 1 l>v Leopold Turner. London. 

is;.]'. VI. 6838 

Strnchey. Sir .Tolin. Hastings and the Huhilla 
war. Oxford. l,v.2. 8. 1.4133 

Stumpf, Andrea> Sebastian.] DIploinAtiSChe ge- 
schichtc dcr teutscln-n litra ini 17ten jahrhunderte. 
Mit urkundcn. Erfurt.' 1800. 8". 14582.23 

Sybel, Hcinrich (Karl Ludolf ) roK.afld Sickel, 
Tin-odor, rittn- v..\. r <lit<>rs. Kaiserurkunden in 
ald.ildungen. Berlin. 1891 [1880-91]. 1. 8, and 
atlas of W:> plates in 1 1 vol., old. f". AR.Case2.15 

Symes, .John Llliotson. The l-'n-nch revolu- 
tion, 17Ml-17'.>.1. London. 1S92. sin. S". Mi>. 
I'sniK-iM i-xti-nsion series.) 4577.14 

Symonds, .John Addington. and Margaret. 
Our life in the Swiss highlands. London, eic. 
I>:i2. S". Port, of J. A. SymoinJs, plates, and 
wdct. 15584.25 

. - li;ivr ln-rii rcpiiltlislml from tlic f-'urt- 

nightly r- riVw.tln- OomMU iiiiii/n:i>if. tin- J'n// Mull <l'r.< Hi-. 
ami tin ./, and two have appi-arnl ill a former 

hook, railed " Italian l>vwa>-." 

Szilagyi. Sandor. Actes et documents 
scrvir a 1'hi-toire dc ralliance de (Jeorgc Rakoc/y, 
prince <le Tratisylvanie avec ies franeais et Irs 
sm'-dois dans la guerre de trente ans. Par ordrc 
de I'aeademie des sciences hongroise publics. 
Budapest. 1-7L 8. 14585.18 

Tnlleyrand-PeriRord, Charle- Maurice DE, 
prince de lienerent. Memoires; publics avec line 
preface et des notes, par k- due de Broglie. " vol. 
I'ari-. 1VU 92. I*. 1'nrtm. and /".-.-//>. 5547.12 

Talleyrand-Perigord, Cliarlcs Maurice I>K, 
prince dt /{enerent. Memoirs: editt-d, with a 
preface and notes, hy the due de llroglic. With 
an introduction hv Whilelaw Kei 1. .". vol. New 
York, etc. 1891-92. 8. J'ortrs., ;;//,.<. and 
fac-tim*. 5547.13 

Vol. i., ii. wrre trai)-!:iri ,| liv K:i]iliai : l Li-ilos dc' Beaufort; 
iii.-v. l.v Mr-. \iiL'ii- Hall. 

Thajrer. Henry Otis. Tin- Sagadalmc colony: 
comprising The relation of a voyage into New 
Bngtsnd ' Lamtii-th M.-.J. With an introduction 
and note*. Portland. Me. !>'._'. Kin. 4". I' ,t. 
of Chief Juftfcc Popham, platen, md/i*. and fac- 
*im. nr. I'nld.] 4.) 15393.5 

"yn" ' .. w." 

IK -lii-ioii i wi-ll ii|i|irti-il tint tin- author of the 
journal or ' IlHatinn' w.. 

Tow^er, Charlemagne. rn,,ijii/rr. Tower gene- 

alojfj- [Ifi:t7-1890] ; an account of the descendants 

of .John Tower, of Iliiiirliain, Ma->. Camhridge. 

PP- \ii 16336.29.4 

.'raphirml kct. I., pp. vi.-xii. 

Turner. Thoma- A. Argentina and tin- Ar-_Tii- 

.uii I i m pre> ions ot'a ti\e years' -ojourn 

in tin- Argentine Hcpnldic. I--" M London. 

i- 1 >r,1ctt. 3344.17 

Tattle. Stephen. 

aid of tin- ', -. during' tin- American rev- 

I'.rooklyn. N. V. 

1890. I'"'". pp -I. lll-|..l:|. M |-l:IM IN.. I I I;, 

Winnowin^d in American his- 
tory. |{c\oliitionary narratixeM. 2.) 5355.37 

"SMeopicvpfiatrtl. \... 11'.." 

United State* -- /. .,/,,.. 

}l rrpurt. I-'.'" 91. W. i-l, :!,_!. >n. 1" 

L.\. 'lor. no. 16.) 


United States Congress, 52d, 1st sets. 

is'.'l Hi'.) A hiU'proviiling for the pul>- 
lic jirinting and himling. and the divtriluilion of 

public documents. [Sabmitted i>y Mr. Kichardson, 

Jan. 12, 1892. Washington. 1892.] 1. s-. pp. :,:>. 

(II. K. :\:>]:\.) IV. 3763 

United States Military order of Hit Ini/nl 

leyioii Mia.iiini-i cum innnilrri/. War |ia)ier~ and 
lu-rsonal reminiscences. isill isd.".. Read hefore 
the commanderv of the state of Mi>souri. Vol. i. 
St. Louis, l.v.rj. S-. /'/an. 8334.45 

United States Post office depart >m /it. Street 
directory of tin- princijial cities of the I'nited States, 
enihracing all the letter-carrier ollices estahli.-hed 
to Julv 1. ]S!(). Compiled under the direction 
of I). 'P. Leihhardt. :5d ed. Washington. Is'.M. 
S". j.p. 788. 14356.23 

United States President. 1^!>-. !'.> njamin 
Harrison. ) Message [dated Jan. !>.">, IS'.H' ], respect- 
ing the relations with Chile, together with Un- 
diplomatic correspondence; the correspondence 
with the naval officials; the inquiry into the attack 
of the seamen of the I'. S. S. Baltimore in the 
,-treets of Valparaiso: and the evidence of the 
officers and crew of the steamer Kcweenaw 
respecting the ill-treatment of Patrick Shields 
hy the Chilean police. Washington. l.v. 
pp. xiv., 004. Map. (">2d congress. 1- 
ll,).ise. Kx. doc. no. !>1. [1.]) 9387.68 

United States President. 1892. (Benjamin 
Harrison.) Message [dated Jan. L'S, 189L']. trans- 
mitting further corn-spondetn-e resjiecting tin- 
relations with Chile. Washington. 1-' 
pp. (2), 10. (.12(1 congress, 1st e*s. Mou-e. 
Kx. doc. !1. 2.) 9387.68 

United States Preside/it. 1S'.2. (Benjamin 
Harrison.) Message from the jiresident [dated 
March 2.".'. transmitting further correspondence 
Irctween the government of the I'nited State- and 
the government of Her Britannic Majesty, con- 
cerning the jurisdietional rights of the I'nited 
States in the waters of the Bering Sea. etc. 
Washington. Is'.rj. S". pp. 7. 9387.33 

United States 1 'reside n t. 1S92. (Benjamin 
Harrison.) Me-<ai:es of the president [dated 
March s and !. is'.H' . transmitting the convention 
of February L"., IS'.IL*. between tin- I'niteil States 
and Her Britannic Majesty, snhinitting to arbitra- 
tion the questions which have arisen between those 
u'o\ernmeiits concerning tin- jurisdictiona! rights 
of the I'nited States ill the water- of Bering Sea, 
etc. : and also transmitting recent correspondence 
upon that subject with tin- Brili-li u r o\ eminent. 
Washington. 1SH2. S. Ma r . MM con-.. 1st 
Senate. K\. doc. no. M 9387.33 

Uzielli, ( Mi.-tavo. Leonardo da \'inci e le Al|)i. 
Torino, is'.tn. l.v. pp. I . 7C. J'/afrs. 


.1(1.. il:ll r.'ilhllil," 'I' I >'. .1. /., V.i I. \\ili. 1 

Uzielli, ( in-t.o o. Leonardo da Vim-i e tre en- 

lildolllle milanesi del seccdo \\ Beatrice d' I'.-te. 

Cecilia (Jallerani e Lm-rt y.ia Cii\. Hi 1'inendo. 
MM. K |.p. 15-H. II. 3153 


Vannncci, Att<p. I martiri della liberta italiana 
dal 17'.M al I>IS; iin-nn.ri<- raeeolte. 7" ed . con 
rorre/.ioni e atr^iunte tialte da ilociinn-nli inediti o 
n ceiiteniente ftainjiati. L' vol. Milan. > 

VII. 2730 


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nationale : 1'avenir do 1'Europe envisage au double 
point de vue, tie la politique de sentiment et de la 
Dolitique d'interet. Paris. 1891. sm. 8. Maps. 

I. 4142 

Villars, P., editor. The escapes of Casanova and 
Latude from prison. London. 1812. 8. Portrs. 
and plaits. (The AKVKNTIKE series, 12.) 


" Latude's Memoirs arc re printed from Memoirs of Henry 

ie Latudc: arranged from original documents by 

Monsieur Thierry. 1S34.' Casanova's "escape is extracted 

from hi* Memoirs,' au.l is now translated for the first time 

into English." 

Virginia Historical socitly. Proceedings at 
the annual meeting. Dec. 21-22. Is'Jl. with his- 
historical paper* read on the occasion, and others, 
edited by R. A. Brock. Richmond. 1892. 8. 
(In its Collection*. New series, 11.) 12363.11 
Wade. Levi Clifford. [Biographical 
sketch, with remarks of Dr. Alvah Hovey at the 
funeral, and testimonials.] x. p. [1891.] 4". 
pp. 36. Portrs. 17386.4 

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of the rebellion. [A paper read at a meeting of 
the New York commandery of the loval legion, 
Feb. 4, 1891. New York. 1891.] 8. pp. 16. 


Walker, Joseph Burbeen. An account of John 
Burbeen. who came from Scotland and settled at 
Woburn. Ma-s.. about 1660, and of such of his 
descendants as have borne the surname of Burbeen. 
Compiled from the town records of Woburn, manu- 
script records of Charles Walker, etc. [With an 
appendix.] Concord, N. H. 1892. 8. pp. 52. 
Front. 16386.62 

" 150 copies. No. 17." 

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licenses srranted by the bishop of London. 1 .">'.'- to 
1639. Salem. Mass. 1892. 8. 16381.15 

" From the Hixtorical collections of the Enter institute' 
vol. xxviii., no?. '2 and 3, 1891." 

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Newark, N. J. 1885-92. 1.8. Portrs.. front., 
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tory and topography, language, literature, fine-arts, 
social life, and finance. London, etc. 1891. 8. 
Map. I. 4155 

"Bibliography," pp. 69-71, 132-133. 191-193. 

Content* : A short summary of Danish history ; Conn- 
try and people: by H. Weitemeyer. Language and litera- 
ture ; by H. SchwanenflHgeL Danish art ; by Julius Lunge. 
Music ; by Angul Ilammerich. The stage" and its actors ; 
bv II. Srhwanenfliigel. Danish law; by V. A. Secher. 
ficonomical and social conditions ; by Marcus Rubin. 

Wheeler, Henry Warren. Wheeler and War- 
ren families. Descendants of George Wheeler, 
Concord. Mas*.. 1638. through Deacon Thomas 
Wheeler. Concord, 1696; and of John Warren, 
Boston, Ma**.. 1030. through Ebenezer Warren. 
Leicester. M;i.-.. 1744. Ali-anv. Iji92. sm. 4". 
Portrs. and plate. 16323.18 

[Wheeler, William Ogden, and Halsey, Ed- 
mund Drake.] Inscriptions on tombstone* and 
monuments in the burying grounds of the first pres- 
bvterian church and St. Johns church at Elizabeth, 
New Jersey. 1664-1> Haven. 1892.] 

8. Front.', plates, and plans. 11393.14 

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A nde* of the equator. London. 1892. 8. Maps 
and other illnstr. AO. 

The same. New York. 1892. 8. Maps 

and other illustr. 2323.63, also AO. 

Supplementary appendix [lists of zoologi- 
cal specimens collected]. With contributions by 
II. W. Hates, Peter Cameron. A. E. Eaton [and 
others]. London. 1891. 8. Wdcts. and 14 plates. 

2323.63.2, also AO. 

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of officers serving in the war. etc.] Edited by his 
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Continued by gift. 

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" Reprinted, 75 copies, from the Proctedings of the Massa- 
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to the interests of the Columbian exposition, art, 
and literature]. Vol. i. Feb. 1891 Jan. 1892. 
i. and &I-TO. 1 vol. in 2. Chicago, 111. 1891-92. 
f. mstr. SS. 

To be continued. 

Wurzhach-Tannenberg, Constantin, fitter 
vox. Biographisches lexikon des kaiserthums 
Oesterreich, enthaltend die lebensskizzen der denk- 
wiirdigen personen. welche [seit] 1750 gelebt 
haben. 60 theile in 55 vol. Wien. 1856-91. 
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Contents: i. 1. Chute dc 1'Empire Romain. Invasions 
barbares. L'eglise chretienne. Clovis et les merovingiens. 
:> t-d. 1<*4. 2. Civilisations chretienne et mahometane. 
Justinien. Mahomet. Saint Gregoire-le-Graud. Charle- 
magne et les carolingiens. 3* ed. 1884. 

ii. 1. Chute des carolingiens. Feodalite et chevalerie. 

Premiers empereurs allemands. Premiers rois capetiens 

Sylvt-stre II. Gregoire VII. Urbain II. La croisade. 
-. Villes et communes. Royaute franchise. Phi- 
Hppe-Augriste et saint Louis. BoniYace VTII. et Philippe 
le Bel. 1892. 

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urbare der grafschaft Tirol. i. theil. Wien. 
1890. 8. (FoxTE* rerum austriacarum. 2*8^11., 
45. i.) Germ. Hist. 186 (XLV) 

4 2 


VIII. Law and Sociology. 

Acland, Arthur Herbert Dyke, and Smith, 
Hubert Llewellyn, eililors. Studies in secondary 
education, with an introduction by James Bryce. 
Published under the auspices of the national asso- 
ciation for the promotion of technical and sec- 
ondary education. [With an appendix containing 
a note on the objects and work of the association.] 
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VI. 6929 

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Kngland threatened [by French Canadian 

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American society for the extension of uni- 
versity teaching. The proceedings of the first 
annual meeting of the national conference on uni- 
versity extension, held in Philadelphia, December 
29-31, 1891, under the auspices of the American 
society for the extension of university teaching. 
Compiled by G. F. James. Philadelphia. 1892. 8. 

VI. 7025 

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timore, is'.rj. 8. (Jomn Hopxm mmranrr. 
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VI. 6988 

lit de \* Rerve gfnfrttle du droil," 1891; pp. lii-41, 

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count of the progress of the movement for peace 
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edition, with an introduction by the bishop of 
Durham. London. 1892. sm. A". VI. 6949 

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litical epoch. Address before the Ohio society of 
New , \emher nth, l.s'.M. New Yi>rk 

[1891?] 8. pp. -7. r,.,t. and ,,,. 6397.16 

Tlir author i . ndin. lit- t,, I),,. coiiMitnfion In 

Wt liiioni l.roiiifhf nliont l.y tlic Krowiu- 

papVhtfMI in th- South, ami to <<< lire mor.- nniitalilc 
representation tlin.iitfln.iit tin- country. 

B **tble. Ch:r is. The commerce of 

nation.. London. ]-'.>'>. m. 8. ( So< i vi. ijue-- 

VI. 6951 
Baunmim. .Foluttui) Julin-. Kinfiihruntf in 

die | ucllte ,|,. r ]..e!:i-o-i-rbell theo- 

rien : all-em- in. padaL'oirik -<-be psv- 

Li-ip/.ii:. IM'JO. 8. VI. 6850 

Beer. \.|..lf. |)ie oti-rreichi..chc handels- 

tik im neunzehnten jahrhandert. Wien. 1891. 

K pp. x., 618. VI. 6849 

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muth. Hamburg, i *!:>. s-. pp. i-. DM,,,,,, 

zeit- und streit-fragen ; neue fdge. vii. 117.) 

VIII. 7(vn) 

Berry, .John .M. Proportional representation; 
the (Jove system. Notes on the inequality anil 
injustice of existing methods of electing repre- 
sentatives of the people, with the true remedy. 
Worcester. Ma--. 1>S92. 8. pp. ;!:.'. 10353.15 

Berthold, (;. Statistik dcr dcutschcn arbeiter- 
kolonien fiir IssTMi; mit riickldicken anf <lie 
entwicklang und bedcntuni,' dersell.en seit i 
Berlin. JsiU. 8. VI. 6879 

Berwick academy, Soulh Urnrirl;. .M,,i,, f . 
A memorial of the Itidth anniversary of the found- 
ing of Berwick academy. July 1. l'v.i|. j l-;,lited, 
with ]>reface. by Sarah (). Jewett.J Cambrid-e. 
[1891.] 8". VI. 6870 

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"Reprinted tVoni 'Tin- student's ^uidc to tlic univcr-itv of 
Cambridge.' " 

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Paris, etc. 1891. 8. pp. xi\ -.. i 2). L'L':;L'. 

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UAGOOISCIII: sammelmappe. l.",|.) VI. 1785 

Boiznrcl, ]'... ,/,;,/ Tardieu, II. Hi-toire de 
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resume .neiieral des lois et reL;lements en viirueiir. 
etc. J'aris. IMH. 1.8. VI. 6823 

Booth, Charles. Pauperism: a picture, and 
The endowment of old a-e : an argument, j With 
appentlices containing statistics.] London, etc. 
1892. sm. 8". VI. 6882 

" Tlic statistic- u<cd in tlii- hook have ln-cn rcprintrd iVoni 
a paper read l.clorc the roval -tati-tieal -o,-jety in !),,-. IS-.M." 

Boulet, A., n ml Duhouloz, .1. Code de la 
saisie-arn't et uide drs rentes constitiiees sur les 
partieulier-. l' : iris. 1891. 18. fl'iiiii , m-\ - 
clopedie juri<lii|iie, ."). - 5.) VI. 1132 

Brzoska, lleinrich (Justav. Die notwenili.u'kcit 
jiiidagogischer seminare anf der nniversitat und 
ihrc zwecknia-siu'e einrichtung. Neu herai.- 
U'ebeii von Wilhelm Hein. Leip/ig. 1887. 

VI. 7008 

Bnrean of the American republics. Im- 
port duties of Cost;i l!ic:i. /:./. Mini S f ni/i. 
Washington. |s;i|. S". pp. (2). :W. (Bulletin. 
11.) VI. 6102.5 

Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
mercial directorv of Brazil. \Va-liiiiLTton. ]>'.'!. 
S". pp. (J), 52. (Bulletin. VI. 61O2.5 

Bnrean of the American republics. Com- 
mercial directory ot Veiie/m-lu. \\'a-hington. 
I-'.M. S. pp.16. Hull, -tin. It. ; VI. 6102.5 

Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
mercial directorv of ( 'olonibia. \Va-hinnton. 1 >'.' I . 
". pp. I-'. 15ull,.iit, VI. 6102.5 

Bureau of the American republics. < m- 
ni'Tcial directorv of P.m. Wn-liin-ftoii. 1>H|. 

s". p].. 10. (Bulletin, VI. 61O2.5 

Bnrean of the American republics. < '.nn- 

niercial ilirectorv of Chile. Wasliin^ion. \*\n. 

8. ]>}>. '.'. Bulletin, 17.) VI. 6102.5 



Bureau of the American republics. Coin- 
in. -rcial diroc'torv of Mexico. Washington. 1891. 
8. (Bulletin. 18.) VI. 6102.5 

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mercial directory of Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, 
and Uruguay. Washington. 1891. 8. pp. 19. 
(Bulletin, 19.) VI. 6102.5 

Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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1891. Eng. and Span. Washington. 1891. 8. 
pp. vi.. 66. (Bulletin, 21.) VI. 6102.5 
Bureau of the American republics. Im- 
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Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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VI. 6102.6 

Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
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VI. 6102.6 

Bureau of the American republics. Import 
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VI. 6102.6 

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duras. Nicaragua. Salvador. Washington. 1891. 
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Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
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VI. 61O2.6 

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(Bulletin, 31.) " 2 cop. VI. 61O2.6; 2353.59 
Bureau of the American republics. Co- 
lombia. [Washington.] 1892. 8. Port, of 
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VI. 6102.7 

Bureau of the American republics. Bread- 
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Content* : KELLOGG, Martin. Educational progress in 
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present of elementary mathematics. SLATE, Frederick. 
Physics in secondary schools; some aspects of the present 

Canada Department of finance. (1892.) 
Report of dividends remaining unpaid and amounts 
or balances in respect to which no transactions 
have taken place or upon which no interest has 
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Content* : The people and finance. The English land 
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plan. The " p'er capita " delusion. Michigan's " wild- 
cat" banks. Alabama's thousand-dollar-a-day blunder. 
Mi"issippi's crop-moving currency. A cheap-money ret- 

" Reprinted with slight revision from ' Topics of the time ' 
in the Century magazine, March 1891, to Jan. 1892." 

Choate, Joseph Hodges, and Carlisle, Calde- 
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Cooper, with other papers, upon application for 
writ of prohibition to the district court of the 
United States, for the district of Alaska, to restrain 
the further exercise of judicial authority by that 
court in the case of the United States rs. The 
British schooner " W. P. Sayward."] 7 pain. 
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Transcript of proceedings in the district court of Alaska. 
Brief in reply to brief of attorney general in opposition to the 
motion for leave to file petition and suggestion for writ of 
prohibition. Additional brief in reply to orief of the United 
States on motion for leave to file. Brief of petitioner in 
reply [to " Brief for the United States in opposition to the 

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To !>< continued. 

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iimilirr of these :irti<-li's appeared originally ill 
>>liifiif /nt, 

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Iitmbiii; what . In and have dun,- tur the 

:l in-tituti..n- and goveriiiuent. 

anl for the support of the general tfo\ c-rnnient. [A 

for the charitii-- and for tin- citi/.-n- of the 

iinl.i.i at the annual mating of 


1891.] 8. pp. 84. VI. 6998 

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Continued liv irii't. 

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To ! < ontinncd. 

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4 6 

ACCESSIONS TO THK !,li;i;\l;v. 

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Translated and published hv tin- department of 
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ji/iins. and //</</>. V. 4269 

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3.) VI. 6941.3 

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simile of autograph letters written by tin- deaf and 
Idind rliild. Helen Keller, at the age of ten years : 
with a biographical notice by her teacher. Miss 
Sarah Fuller of the Horace Mann school for the 
deaf. !'.o-t,m.] Souvenir of the first summer 
meeting of the American association to promote 
the teaching of speech to the deaf. Washington. 
1891. 4. ff. (14). 1'nrt. VII. 2732 

Printed ..n mil- side of the loaf only. 

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scheli staats-eisellbahnen. i er , alltreiiieiner theil. 
Hr.-laii. Is'.M. 8. VI. 6776 

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1-p. ~>),5\ + . (I'vi i i:-i i IIIM.KN /ur deiltschen 

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,-ducation. New York. 1891 [COP. 18861. 

I M i WAT. education series, 3.) VI. 6831 

i-ilitii.ii of hi " Lectures (,n the ii-<- ami earlv con- 

xlitulion <>[ uiiivei - 

Lawhon. John 1>. Rights, remedies, and prac- 

t law. in i-<|iiity, and under the codes; a 

on American law in civil causes, with a 

<{ illu-traihi' CaM. 7 vol. (paged contin. ). 


Indi x-diu'e-t. San Francisco. 1891. 8. 


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fliiern - upon conduct; two studies in 

aphy. London. ]H'.tL'. sni. S". I/ 
</!<;'/-/ S.M IM -.-ienee -erieg.) VI. 6635 

Leitch. .lame. 1'rai'tical educationists and 

- of ti-ac-hing. (;ia.igo\\. l"7r,. MIL S". 

VI. 7011 

, Join, : ,. n,. \ n . 

JoMph Ijutctnter. 8nnu-l Wil,l.-r.|,in. 
IHri<l Ktor. . nrcr. 

Lentner. F.-nlinan.!. l),r -ehwar/e koi|.-x : 

der afrikanische kla\ .nliandcl und .lie Mrii--, Ier 

>!-akte %,,n, :' juli |viu j,, i|, r ,. n einheitlichen 

nuuuinaliinen /ur liekampfnn^ der verbreclierischen 

it. Mil urkiindlichen I 
Innabruck. IV.M. 8. Map. VI. 684O 

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( Iv'onomistes et public-isles contcmpo- 
rains.) VI. 6856 

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a livrer, marches a terme, a prime, filieres. Paris. 
1ML'. 18. (PKTITI: encvclo|iedie )nriilii|iie, ~>7. > 

' VI. 1138(57) 

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; l.-.iO.] 12. VI. 6617 

( )rii;iii:illv ii|ipe:ire<l in the /.'' Vt . l.'i ih'<-. 

iss-.i, i:, fifty. el i:, mai, 1890. 

Livret (Le) de I'etudiaiit de Paris; ]>ublie 
sous les auspices du conseil general di's facultes. 
L890 91. Paris. [1890.] VI. 6547 

The same. 1891-92. Paris. [1891.] 18. 

A 66.15 

tt: - i. rio^niiuines des cours et ren-ci^in' MI~ 

seohiires. ii. Sujet^ ile devoirs im-nsuels jmur li - 
ex;tmens et con. -ours ]iro]iove- par I'aeuilrinie rtfl 1'ari-. - 
iii. ALTi-i-^-atioii- rt certifieats d'aptitude pour lYii-cii;Memeiit 

.I .'.illei.'.--. 
1800-41 CODUiOfl only pt. i. 

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psychiatrie et d'anthropologie criminelle. Paris. 
1892. 18". U'dds. V. 4302 

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Holin-Jaeiiuemyns. 'Edinburgh. 1890. 8. Port. 

VI. 6773 

" ISio^rraphieal notices," pp. ix.-xix. "List of other 
works I >y the author,' 1 pp. jr,.')--Jf ) 7. 

'v : ( )n the sphere and functions of an academical 
(acuity of law. I'rofe-sor Aytoiin. The (iernian war. 
KIM-OH- for tin- study of jurisprudence as a science. The 

International siniJflcaDce of recent errata* ; From the Scot i. 
man.) The Kranco-(ierinan war. (From the Sc-ot^maii of 
_l~t March 1x"l.) Monarchy, republicanism, and democ- 
racy. (From the Journal of jurisprudence.) The in-ti- 
tutc of international law founded at (ihent. (I>o.) The 
"Three- rules of Washington" viewed in their relation to 
international arbitration. (Do.) KnirlUh and foreign 
juri-t^ and international jurisprudence. (Do.) ( )f the 
denationalisation of Constantinople ami its devotion to inter- 
national purposes. Does the ( 'oraii supply an ethical basis 
on which a political superstructure can be raised:- (Do.) 
Prolegomena to a reasoned s\-tem of international law. 
(Do.) The land question, in iis social ami political a-pecfs. 

- Ibeflumlt] of law. i From the Juridical re\ i. u ..) 

The church and the bar. 

Maack, Martin. In den stiirmcn des lebeiis ; 
novellcn ans dem volks- und lehrerlebeti. Leipzig. 
18!>0. 8". ( P vn v.iMiis, in: sjiiiimelma]i|>e. 185.) 

VI. 1785 i: ::. 

' : Der kaniiK-heiiortbauer. Der du mine Mans. 

Veronika. Auf schwankem st,-^ des trliick-. 

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church history in the college course of study : a 
paper read before the American society of church 
histurv in Washington. D.C.. Dee. 81, 1890. N<- 

fork. L891. pp. .'.). VI. 6592 

" K' limited from the /'.;/.. r- of the -.. a n ." 
[ McDonough, John Jo-, -ph. ] Sa \annah : cum- 
in, rclatimis between the West and Sa\annah: 
commercial history of Savannah : picas for deep 
waleral Savannah: appendices. Savannah. 1*!>1. 
Tnl.le. VI. 6832 

Tli,- till'- on tin \. i i- " \ plea in hehnlf of the S..ulh 

allll \Vet for deep U al' I at <:l\ .11111. ill. I ! oTLTia." 

M< Fin-land. N. ('.. <i,,.l McCabe, Fraud* S. 
Prohibition in Kansas; facts, not opinion- I > 
peka. 1889. 8. pp. 20. VI. 6415 



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( 'nntnbutions to American 
II. B. Adams, n. >. 11." 

educational history, edited by 

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lature, A.D. 1891. [Bangor. 1891.] f. pp. 8. 

Bangor historical magazine, extra. 51 Ii. 7 

Makepeace, Frank Barrows, and others. 
Fresh bait for fishers of men ; [the responsibility 
of the church for the entertainment of the people, 
with sketches of what lias already been done in 
various cities]. By F. B. Makepeace, W. L. 
Gage, Smith Baker, Keuen Thomas, [and] C. E. 
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VI. 6865 

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(Senate, no. 73.) " 10353.16 

Massachusetts General court. (1892.) Re- 
port of the joint special committee appointed by 
the general court of the year 1891. to consider the 
subject of greater uniformity and system in the 
provisions of law relative to the several cities of 
the commonwealth, and the framing of a general 
form of municipal charter. [Boston. 1892.] 8. 
pp. 44. (Senate, no. 101.) 10367.62 

Massachusetts Insurance commissioner. 
(1892.) Remarks in relation to the endowment 
corporations; not fraternal, but speculative asso- 
ciations. Delivered before the joint legislative 
committee on insurance, March 10, 1892. [by U.S. 
Merrill]. Boston. 1892. 8. pp. 31. VI. 6991 

Massachusetts Rapid transit commission. 
Report to the Massachusetts legislature, April .">, 
1892. [Boston. 1892.] 8. 32 plates and diagrs. 

VI. 6930 

Mayo, Amory Dwight. Southern women in the 
recent educational movement in the South. [With 
an appendix, containing essays prepared as public 
addresses or magazine articles.] Washington. 
1892. 8. (UNITED STATES Bureau of educa- 
tion. Circular of information, 1892, no. 1.) 

1.2796. also DS. 

Apptndis : Tlip South at school; addre, July 6,1881. 

-The South, the Xorth, and the Nation keeping school; 

address, Aug. 1883. Four year.- among the children of the 

South; preached Dec. 12, 18S4. The educational situation 

in the South; lecture, 1889. The negro American citizen in 

American life; address, July, 1890. The third 

estate of the South; address, Sejtf. 2, 1S90. Overlook and 

outlook in Southern education; address, May 12, 1S91. 

Mayr, Otto. Die auslieferung eigener unter- 
thanen. Inaugural-dissertation. Erlangen. Anirs- 
burg. 1891. 8. pp. (4), 93 + . VI. 6852 

Meis, Franz. Dr. W. U. Jiittings leben, wirken, 
und schaffen. Leipzig. [1891.] 8. pp. 56. 
I 'mi. of Jutting. (PADAGOGUCHB sammelmappe, 
139.) VI. 1785(139) 

Melon, Paul. L'enseignement superieur et 
1'enseignement technique en France ; groupes uni- 
\ersitaires. facultes, ecoles speciales, techniques, 
etc. Paris. 1891. 8. Map. VI. 6976 

Miami university, Oxford, Ohio. Alumni 
and former student catalogue, including members 
of the board of trustees and faculty, 1809-1892. 
Oxford, Ohio. 1892. 8. Front, and plate. 

Pier 1. 249.1 

Mining journal (The), railway and commercial 
gazette: a record of mining, metallurgical, rail- 
way, financial & engineering progress. Vol. Ixi. 
1M1. w. London. 1891. f. Portrs.. map, 
u-dcts.. etc. IX. 189 

Continued by gift. 

F'>r numbers of earlier volumes, sec Official catalogue. 

Monier -Williams, Montagu Sneade, and 
others. Figure-skating, simple and combined; 
being an enlarged edition of "Combined figure- 
skating," arranged as a complete text-book of the 
art of skating as practised in the leading skating 
clubs of Great Britain. By M. S. Monier-Williams, 
W. R. Pidgeon. and Arthur Drvden. Xew York. 
1892. 16. Front. .diagrs., and'icdcts. VII. 2754 

Montevideo, Uruguay L'nirersidad. Anales 
de la universidad. Tom. i. entrega 1-3. Nov. de 
1891 enero de 1892. m. 3 entregas. Monte- 
video. 1891-92. 8. Wdct*. VI. 6792 
Continued by gift. 

Moyle, John Baron. The contract of sale in 
the civil law ; with references to the laws of Eng- 
land, Scotland, and France. Oxford. 1892. 8. 
(Clarendon press series.) VI. 7045, also LS. 

Mulcaster, Richard. Positions [wherin those 
primitive circumstances be examined, which are 
necessarie for the training up of children, either 
for skill in their booke, or health in their bodie. 
lo.Sl.] With an appendix, containing some account 
of his life and writings, bv R. H. Quick. London, 
etc. 1888. 8. VI. 6619 

Lite and writing-', pp. '299-309. 

National Australasian convention. (1891.) 
Draft of a bill to constitute the commonwealth of 
Australia [as adopted bv the convention, 9th April, 
K'l. Sydney. 1891.] f. pp.22. I. 4O19 

National liberal club, political economy 
circle. Transactions, edited bv J. H. Levy. 
Vol. i. London. 1891. 8. VI. 6607 

Nationalekonoinisk tid-.-krift. Tidsskrift 
for samfundssporgsmaal, ekonomi og handel. 
xxv.-xxix. bd. 5 bd. Kjobenhavn. 1887-91. 8. 

xxv.-xxbc. bd. are " Xy raekke, v.-ix. bd." IX. 195 
Continued by gift. 

New York (State) Legislature. (1891.) 
Testimony taken before the senate committee on 
cities, pursuant to the resolution adopted Jan. 20, 
1890 [authorizing this committee to pursue certain 
investigations, with reference to the government of 
the cities of the state]. Transmitted April 15. 
1891. 5vol. Albany. 1891. 8". (Senate no. - 


Containing a report on the affairs of the city of Xew York 
in 1890 and 1*91; being an exhaustive exposure of Tammany 

New York (State) Legislature. (1891.) 
Senate. Report of the committee on general laws 
relative to "trusts'" and " sugar trusts." Trans- 
mitted April 30, 1891. Albany. 1891. 8. pp.841. 
(Senate, no. 79.) VI. 6854 

4 8 


New York ( State") t'inrrrsiiy. F. \lension 
bulk-tin. No. 1. NDv.-iiilu-r.IMM. AII>:iny. IS'.M. 
8. VI. 6783 

Prepared in i:iM- information coin-criiiiii,' the -t:it<- uni- 
:\ eMeii-imi s\st,.|n, oi!_'ani/ed under tin- supervision 
nf tin- regents <if tin- univiT-itx . 

reocM I" hooks and articles on university 
-mil." |i 

[Oehler. ('.] Dir aufmcrksamkeit der kinder 
lu-iiii untcrriclit : mittel, diesclhe 7.11 wccken und 
rege zu i-rhalt.-n. [2. uufl.] Leip/ig. [1891.] 
8". p]>. :is. PM> XL ...,i-. in saiimn 'Imappe. 142.) 

VI. 1785(142) 

Ohio Sfcretnrif <>f ttitte. Vote for state otli- 

- members of tin- seventieth general assembly, 

He-., polled in tin- si-vi-ral counties of tin- state of 

<hio. at tlu- annual election, held the third day of 

\.i\ i-inhcr. is'.M. Compiled from tin- official re- 

turns. Columbus. M. 1MM S". .M,,,,. 13313.31 

Tin tilic on tin- cover is " Oliin election statistics fur issil." 

Klei-timi statistics fur earlier xars :iiv included in the 

annual n ports <if tin- secretary of state. 

Ohlert, Arnold. Die deutsche scliule und das 

klas>is,-||,. altertuin : eine iintersuclmiig der gnind- 

lagen dcs gymnasialen unterriclits. Hannover. 

1MM. 8. VI. 6778 

" Verzciclmis ilrr lii-nutxii-n si-hriften," pp. ls-2-185. 

Ontario ( /'rnrince of} Minintrr i if education. 

'-'.) t'niversity extension. Report of meeting 

held Nov. :,tli. 18D1. Toronto. I *!_>. S '. pp. 42. 

Can. Doo. 55.33.10 

"Supplement tn the report of the minister of education, 


Outing; an illustrated monthly maga/inc of 
amateur spurt, travel and recreation. Vol. xx. 
no.l. April. IS'.IL'. New York. etc. ls<>2. 8. 
Illi'ftr. IX. 197 

Continued by trift. 

Padagogischen nniversitats-seminar zu Jena 
(Aus ili-iii). [i e "]-iii'" heft. :'- hefte in 1 vol. 
I.aiiffensalza. 1888-91. 8 J . Tables. VI. 6777 

ii", iii" heft arc edited l>y A\". I;, in. 

Parsons, .lame- l!u--cll.y/-. French jjiriinary] 

schools through Aim-rican e\es; a n-jiort to the 

New York state department of public instruction. 

N V. 1892. 8. 1'lntr.t and />/r-. ./,.<. 

VI. 6864 

Patten. Simon Nelson. The theory of dynam- 

iiioinies. Philadelphia. l.Mi'j. S". Ilia,/,;*. 
Pi VN-^ i \ VM \ / Publications. Po- 

litical economy and public law series, iii. 2.) 

VI. 4579(ni) 

Pccant. F.'lix. llura., Mann: a review of 
The work and writings of He, race Mann. b\ .1. 
(.antr.-. Traii-lated from the I!-,-,,, ,,/,,,. 
' h. IX.K.S. H,,,ton, etc. 1H90. 8". pp. 


Thl !<> (' v . i,f tin- - Life ami 


Piggott, Fr.ine'm Taylor. Kxt.-rritoriality : tin- 
law relatin_' t., consular juri-diclion and ti, resi- 

in oriental countries. London. l*!>2. 1.8". 

VI. 7021 

Pinlochc. \ l.i reform.- de IV-diicatioii en 
Allema-.-n.- an dit-huitieme i.-e|.. : I'.a.edou .( I,- 
philantliropini-nie. p.,n-. ]- VI. 6977 

pp. 697-M6. 

Plehn, Ka;l Copping. Da- krcditwi sen der 
Ktnaten und -tadte d.-r Nordam.-rikanischen I'nion 

' lnnu' .li-na. : 

8. i STAATSV i--i ** nun i. m -tu- 

VI. 5113 

" I.itti-ratur," \>\>. 1 T. 

Pollock. Sir Frederick. .",// l,nrt. Leading 
cases done into Fiii^li- 1 ami other diver- 

sions. London, etc. 1892. sin. 8". 23472.19 

" Tin- 1>I editiiiu of "Leading CMM" .i- )inlili-lied ill 
Inly, 1S7''.. TI ..... (her div.-r-ic.ns an- now ilvrj: enllet-ted 
fur tin- lirst time." 

Poor, John Alfred. The first international rail- 
way and the colonization of New Knglaml: life and 
writinirs of J. A. Poor. Fdited bv I.anra F.. Poor. 
Ne York. etc. 1892 [cop. 1889]. 8". VI. 70O7 

" l.i-t of pnhli^lied writing." pp. i::il-141. 

t'mili ntx : Lite. --St. I.awreiu-e ami Atlantic railway. 
Plan for )n>rteiiin;; tile time of paxa^i- lietwe.-ii N> 
and London. The northeastern Imundan ; report of the 

-elei-t ei.|iilllitli-e of tlie lloll-r of n-| iri-M- III at i \ i 

American /oll-verein ; li-tler to tin- ship-i-anal eonventioii. 
The transcontinental railway: addre-< delivered at li'itiand, 
\'t.,.luue, ISti'.i. A naliona'l highway ; memorial to , 
A hill to secure cheap transportation of hreadstnfl's at uni- 
form rates. The father of Knsrlish coloiii/alion in America; 
a vindication of the rlaims of Sir Ferdinando (iort; 
livered In-fore the historical societies of Maine and New 
York, 1 s.V.i. The In -t coloni/.ation of New Knirland; an 
address delivered at Fort I'npliain. Maine, ]Si;-J. A]ipendi.\. 

Prince, John Tilden. Methods of instruction 
and oruani/ation of the schools of (lerinany, for the 
use of American teachers and normal schools. 
P.oston. 1S92. sm. 8. Himjrt. VI. 6791 

Randall, Caleb Dwinell. The fourth interna- 
tional prison congress, St. Petersburg. Hussia. 
[With an appendix containing " F.xcui-ioiis and 
bani|uets." " Memorials of John I Inward." " Con- 
ference in (ilasgow." H,-.\ Washington. l.s'.M. 
8. Front., portrs., plates, and /i/n/i.<. (I'MiiD 
SIAII:S - llnrttm of education. Circular of in- 
formation, 1891, no. 2.) 1.2796, c/.-'o DS. 

Ratkovsky, Matej Jiri. Fncyklo]i;i<lie der 
rec-hts- und staatswissenscliaften als einleitnng in 
den n stndinm. Wien. 1800. 8. VI. 6863 

Rettich, lleinrich. 1'risenrecht und tlussschif- 
fahrt : eine vidkerrechtliche studie. Hamburg. 
IS'.IL'. 8". pp. .'U. (S.\MMI.. gemeinv. wiss. \or- 
tnige; neue folge. vi. 141.) VIII. 175*(vi) 

Revised Oild-fellowship illustrated: the com- 
plete revised ritual of the lodge, encampment. 
patriarchs militant, and the Kchekah degrees: the 
amended work. With an historical sketch of the 
order, and an introduction and critical anal 
the character of each decree by J. P.laiichard. and 
foot note (imitations. l>tli ed. Chicago. 1H!M 
[cop. 1888]. sm. 8". HV/,/.-.-. VI. 6921 

"Patriarchs militant illustrated" has :l special title-paK" 1 , 

Richards, ll-'iiry ( 'harh-s. a ml Payne, William 
Henry Christopher. The metropolitan \\ati-rsiip- 
plv : a coni|iendinm of the histoi-y. the law. and 
the transactions relating to the metropolitan water 
companies, from earliest times to the present dav. 
London. 1SIM. 8. VI. 697O 

RnHaell, Charles 'I'heodor.-. ir. Application of 
ci\il serxice rules to public laborer*. Address 
before the national league of civil -..-rvice reform 
associations, at l! \|.r;i :' I' 

IV.IL-. !_>". ].p. 1M. 9384.67 

St. Mark's chool. >'"/// /'/'""//(. .)/</.<>. 'I'he 

i-on-ecr.-ition of the chaju-1 and dedication of the 

new school building. Oct. L' I . I MM: ith the ser- 

mon and addresses. Cambriilue. pp. <'<'. 

.. /./,//,-. and ,,lti,i. VI. 7O19 

Snliw. Lmlwitr Kndolf vn\. Schw ei/erisches 

blll.ilesrecht iltliche Illlll V er a It II llu'S- 

rechlliche jira.xis .le> l.nn'lesrates und der bnndes- 

dem L'!i. mai. I>7I. Im .inftrat.'.- 

del -ehxxei/erischi-n blindesrati (larL'e-t ellt . i rr , 

ii"M. Ibde. P.ern. L891-98. 8. 15576.17 



Sander, F. Leiikon der padagogik ; handbnch 
fiir lehrer und erzieher, enthaltend das ganze des 
unterrichts- und erzielmngswesens in kurzer, alpha- 
betisch geordneter iibersicht. 2 C , durchgesehene 
und vermehrte auti. Breslau. 1889. 8. pp. 729. 

DR. 138.22 

Say, (Jean Baptiste) Leon, and Chailley. 
Joseph, editors. Nouveau dictionnaire d'economie 
politiquc. Tom. i. ; [ii.] lO 6 -!" 6 livr. 1 torn, and 
8 livr. Paris. 1891['90]-92. 1. 8. DR. 338.2 

Scharf. John Thomas. The natural & industrial 
resources and advantages of Maryland; being a 
complete description of all the counties of the 
state and the city of Baltimore, with an accurate 
statement of their soil, climate, antiquities, etc. 
Annapolis. 1892. 8. VI. 6983 

Scherzer, Karl vox. ^/jrfBratassevic, Eduard. 
Der wirthschaftliche verkehr der gegenwart ; nach 
den nenesten und zuverlassiijsten quellen darge- 
stellt. Wien. 1891. 8. VI. 6602 

" Zutrleich als erganzungsheft zu Carl v. Scherzer's : 'Das 
wirtbscnaftliche leben der volker.' " 

Schickhelm. Franz. Die methode des anschau- 
ungs-unterrichts auf psychologischer grundlage 
durchgefiihrt an der botanik. Halle a. S. 1889. 
8. pp. 69. (SAMSILCXG piidagogischer abhand- 
lungen. 1.) VI. 6941 

Schiller, (Karl Heinrich Friedrich) Hermann. 
Die einheitliche gestaltung und vereinfachung des 
gymnasialunterrichts unter voraussetzung der 
bestehenden lehrverfassung. Halle a. S. 1890. 
8. (SAMMLUNG padagogischer abhandlungen, 4.) 

VI. 6941.4 

Schiller, (Karl Heinrich Friedrich) Hermann. 
Piidagogische seminarien fiir das hohere lebramt ; 
geschichte und erfahrung. Leipzig. 1890. 8. 

VI. 6878 

Schloss, David F. Methods of industrial re- 
muneration. New York, etc. 1892. 8. VI. 6786 

The author attempts ''to present a faithful delineation of 
the watre-^ystem in all its forms, and of the modifications 
introduced with a view to the improvement of that system," 
especially profit-sharing and cooperation. 

Schmidt, Karl (1819-1864). Geschichte der 
padagogik, dargestellt in weltgeschichtlicher ent- 
wicklung und im organischen zusammenhang mit 
dem kulturleben der volker. 4 e auti. , rielfach 
vermehrt und verbessert. i er -iii er bd. 3 bde. 
Cothen. 1890, '78-83. 8. Port. VI. 7OO9 

" Biographic," i. iii.-vii. 

'*: i. In der vorchristliehen zeit. 1890. ii. Von 
Chrisms bis zur reformation. 1878. Hi. Von Luther bis 
Pestalozzi. 1883. 

Bd. i. edited by Friedrich Dittes and Emanuel Hannak; 
bd. ii., iii. by Wichard Lange. 

Seine, France (Departemenf) Prefecture 
Direction de renseignernent primaire. L'enseigne- 
ment primaire public a Paris. 1>;77-1888. [By 
E. Duplan.] i., ii. 2 vol. Paris. 1889-91. 4. 
Plans and u-dcts. VI. 6800 

'< : i. ecoles materuell.->. Lt - r.-oles pri- 
leinentaires. 1889. ii. L'enseignement primaire 
superieur. 1891. 

Siegert, Gustav. Die periodieitat in der ent- 
vickelung der kindesnatur ; neue gesichtspunkte 
fiir kinderforschung und jugenderziehuns:. Leip- 
zig. 1891. MIL 8. pp. 92+. VI. 6787 

Skinner, Charles Rufus, editor. Arbor day 
manual : an aid in preparing programs for arbor 
day exercises. Containing choice selections on 
trees and kindred subjects, arbor dav music, speci- 
men programs, etc. Albany. 1890". 8. Front., 
plates, and wdcts. VII. 2786 

Social horizon (The) ; by the author of " Life 
in our villages." London. 1892. sm. 8. (SOCIAL 
science series.) VI. 6667 

Sohm, Rudolph. Die entstehung des deutschen 
studtewesens ; eine festschrift. Leipzig. 1890. 
8. 13514.12 

Spencer, Herbert. Social statics, abridged and 
revised : together with The man versus the state. 
New York. 1892. 12. 1.2O9 

The first edition was published in 1850; the purely sys- 
tematic part of the 1850 edition is omitted here, its subject- 
matter being treated in part iv. of the author's " Principles 
of ethics : Justice." The remainder of the volume is revised 
and abridged. "The man reruns the state" was published 
in the Contemporary rerieic in 1884. and separately, and is 
here reprinted without important changes. 

Spender, John Alfred. The state and pensions 
in old age : with an introduction by A. H. D. 
Ac-land. London. 1892. sm. 8. (SOCIAL science 
series.) VI. 6634 

Spitzer, Rudolf. Franzosische kulturstudien. 
i. Heidelberg. 1891. 8. Diagr. 6558.8 

" Texte vom yerfasser beuutzt," pp. 52-54. 
Contents: i. Beitrage zur geschichte des spieles in alt- 

Standard insurance directory of Boston and 
Massachusetts, also of all the principal cities and 
towns of Maine. New Hampshire, Vermont. Rhode 
Island, and Connecticut. 1891. Boston. [1891.] 
16. VI. 6616 

Stanton, Stephen Berrien. The Behring Sea 
controversy. Xew York. 1892. 8. 9387.32 

" List of authorities," pp. 101-102. 

Based on his pamphlet, " The Behring Sea dispute," 1890, 
and brought down to Feb. 11, 1892. 

Steiner, Karl. Zur reform des geschichtsunter- 
richts. Zugleich ein vorwort zu des verfassers 
Preussisch-deutsche geschichte fiir volksschulen. 
Leipzig. [1891.] 8. pp. 16. (PADAGOGISCHE 
sammelmappe. 144.) VI. 1785(144) 

Tanssig. Frank William. The silver situation 
in the United States. [Baltimore.] 1892. 8. 
Chart. (AMER. ECON*. ASSOC. Publ. vii. 1.) 
2 cop. VI. 2654.7 ; VI. 6806 ; also PE. ; SQ. 

Taylor, Fred Manville. The right of the state 

to be ; an attempt to determine the ultimate human 

prerogative on which government rests. Doctor's 

thesis. Ann Arbor. Michigan. 1891. 8. VI. 6981 

" Literature," pp. 107-109. 

Thamin, Raymond. Education et positivisme. 
Paris. iy.ii>. 18. VI. 6827 

Thorbecke, August, editor. Statuten und re- 
formationen der universitiit Heidelberg vom 16. 
bis 18. jahrhnndert. Herausgegeben von der ba- 
dischen historischen kommission. Leipzig. 1891. 
1- 8. VI. 6928 

Thoreau. Henry David. Anti-slavery and re- 
form papers. Selected and edited by H. S. Salt. 
London. 1890. sm. 8. (SOCIAL science series.) 

AL 3639.25 
" Thoreau's works, list of original editions," p. 20. 

> il disobedience. (Published in -Esthetic 
paper*, Boston, 1S49.) A plea for Captain John Brown. 
t Published in Echoes from Harper's Ferry, Boston, I860.) 
The last days of John Brown. (Published in the Liberator, 
July 27, I860.) Paradise (to be) regained. (Published in 
the Democratic review, X ov. 1343.) Life without principle. 
(From the Atlantic monthly, Oct. 1863.) 

Traut, Karl Hugo. Erziehung und schule; 
autorisierte, freie bearbeitnng des Thring'schen 
werkes : Education and school. Leipzig. [1891.] 
8. (PADAGOGISCHE sammelmappe. 140.) 

VI. 1785(140) 



Ulveling, August*-. Droit international. Lea 
ctrangcrs dans le Luxembourg; etude theorique et 
pratitme sur 1'cxtradition. Paris. 1890. 8. 

VI. 6860 

University extension : a series of articles on 
various phases of the niovcnu'iit. licprinted from 
Book ne-ws [by the American society for the exten- 
sion of university teaching]. Philadelphia, is'.u. 
1.8. pp.44. Maps and V-,/,Y.<. VI. 7028 

University record (The). [Puhlished hy the] 
university of Michigan. Vol. i. no. 1. April, 1891. 
q. [Ann Arbor, Mich.] 1891. 1. 8. VI. 6931 

Coiitinurd In i;ilt. 

Verein f'iir sooialpolitik. Die handelspolitik 
der wichtigeren kulturstaaten in den let/ten jahr- 
zehnten. Hd. i.-iii. :! hde. in '2. Leipzig. 1892. 
8. (In its Schriften, 49-51.) 

_ Conttut- : i. Die liandi-1-politik Xord;inierik;i>, Italicns, 
( i-irrri'irh-, Hcljrirns, dcr Nirderhinde, Piineinarks, Scliwe- 
ilrns und Xorwojiens, Hnsslands mid dcr Sclnvciz in den 
li-t/lni ialir/.clmtrn, sow-ir die di>ut-rlu> liandrlsstati-tik von 
1880 bis 1890. VI. 5151 

ii. Dir idem di-r deut*chen handelspolitik von 1860 bis 
1891. Von Walther VI. 5151 

iii. Die liandrlspolitik drr Halkiuistuutni Kniiianii'ii, Scr- 
bii-n iind HulgHrici^Sicinirii- and Fninkn-ichs in dt-n Ictzten 
jahrzrlinti'ii. VI. 5153 

Vessiot, A. De 1'educatioii a 1'ecole. '.i 1 cd. 
Paris. 1890. 18. VI. 6802 

Wallace, Kobert, prof, in iniir. of Edinburgh. 
The rural economy and agriculture of Australia 
and New Zealand. [London.] 1891. 8. Portrs., 
plates, maps, and tracts. V. 4233 

'White, Arthur Silva, editor. Britannic con- 
federation ; a series of papers by Sir John Colomb, 
K. A. Freeman, G. G. Chisholm, Shield Nicholson, 
M. II. Hervey, and Lord Thring. Edited, with an 
introduction, hy A. S. White. London, etc. 1892. 
am. 8. Plate and map. 2447.18.2 

.uti-d from the ^rottlnh geographical magaiine." 

White, Emerson Elhridge. Promotions and 
examination- in graded schools. Washington. 
8. pp. <>4. IHiiijr. (I'MTKn STATES 
Bureau of education. Circular of information, 
1 *'.'!, no. 7.) 1.2796 

Wiessmer, Eduard. Herharts piidagogik. Dar- 
in jhrer entwickelung und anwendung. 
Bernhiirg. [1886.] 8. VI. 7041 

Wilkins, John, of Stanstead, Essex. The 
autobiography of an English gamekeeper. Editeil 
1>\ A. II. 15 vug and S. M. Stephens. New York. 
8". Port.i\n<\plata. VII. 2792 

Wilkins, William Henry. The alien invasion. 
With an introductory note by the hi<hop of Hedt'ord. 
London. ]*'.f2. urn. 8. (S.xiM. i|iie-tion- of 
to day VI. 6953 

Wilkinson. John Frome. Mutual thrift. Lon- 
don, im. 8. (SociAt. ijm-tii> n- of tn-dav. ) 

VI. 695O 

" of priii'-ipal auti iitrd," pp. ix.-x. 

Windom. William. The Honorable 

William Windom, died while the gueat of the New- 
York board of trade and transportation, at their 
annual l>an<|ii-t. Jan. L".'. ]-:>l. Sp..i-ch delivered 
by Mr. Windom at the han<|in-t. tou'etln-r with 
undeli he, and a n-c,,rd of tlie action 

taken .y tin- board on Mr. Windon,'.-. death. N,-w 
York. I.H'.'!. i. ,,,,. - /. 9344.64 

Wittmer. . und /ii-h- deutscher 

kultur .p/ig. [iH'.il.i H". pp.IM. PA- 

DAOOOISCIIK aanimclmap]>c. HI.) VI. 1785(141) 

Woodward, Calvin Milton. Tin- educational 
value of manual training, consisting of an exami- 
nation of the arguments presented in the report of 
the national council committee on peda-jouio. at 
Nashville. July, l.s.s'.i, by C. M . Woodward. And 
a critical review of the same report by ('. I'.. 
Morrison: with an appendix containing the coun- 
cil report in full. Boston, etc. 181m. sm. S". 
IP ' VI. 6608 

Woodward, P. Henry. One hundred year- ( 
the Hartford hank, now the Hartford national 
bank. Hartford. 1892. 8. Front. , pm-trs.. and 
fae-tinu. 11344.46 

Worcester county, Mass. I'mr (m*i>citni<>,i. 
Proceedings of the Worcester county bar concern- 
in u' llarrv Lcvcrctt Nelson, who died August Kith, 
1889. Worcester. 1890. 8. pp. i':.. 17315.8 

"100 copies. Privately printed." 

Yacoub Artin, Pacha. L'instruction puld'ujue 
en Egypte. 1'aris. 1890. 8. VI. 6796 

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VI. 7040 

IX. Philology. 

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jiresbyteri in (idiom des Alcuin. Inaugural- 
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I'.l mi III"..; I I. de 1'ec.ih- des l,;iule~ , In !. - M 

Oa 112.599 

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Canlicum de creatioiie; eine untersuchung iilu-r 
H|>rache. dialekt. metrik. nnd verhaltnis der beiden 
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burg. IS'.M. r. pp. : . i:. 9287.58 

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dictionnaires publi.'-.- ju-ipi'a ce jour. Keiif.T- 
niant \v- mots d'origim- turi|Ue. les mots ai 
])i-r>an< i-mph>\ bt <-\\ o<manli avec |.-ur -imiificati 
particiilierc. jet; un crand nombre de proverhc* 
,-t i|e locutions jio]iiilair. s. 'J vol. I'aris. ! 
[90]. 1.8. PMM-. l-'rinif, ticnlr <lrs /tuir/nrs 
'm ririnitf.i. Publ. I . .".. 



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The notes have ;i special title-page and separate paging. 

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Content* : i. TJeber gleichniss und metapher in der atti- 
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Book of Ballymote (The) ; a collection of 
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compiled about the beginning of the xvth century ; 
now for the first time published from the original 
manuscript in the library of the royal Irish acad- 
emy, with introduction, bv Robert Atkinson. 
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VII. 436 

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Content*: The Milesian school. Science and religion. 
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The cover has the date 1892. 

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u'ani; dcr ni-ucnirliscliiMi .-chriftsprache auf grnnd 
der mittrlenu'li.-chen Bihelvcrsioiicn, wic sic ant' 
Wyclif iiii.l Purvey /uriickgi-lien -olleii. Inaugu- 
ral-dissertation. ( Jottiu^en. Numberi;. ls:>l. S". 
-\ ..,.--:,ii,.r,.. 144. 9287.59 

Gatschet, Albert Samuel. Tin- Klamath ln- 
;h\M->tcrn i rci;on. - I't. Washington. 
1 . S. OCOOB vi-iin- M \M> 

i.l .. I ....!< M. M K\ I } i.l Illl l.'in K\ Mi'l M \ IN 

Contributions to North AiinTiraii eth- 
. 2.) 2O.3 

" Bibliography," i. xii.-xv. 

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dfii .-eholicii iiinl andcren qncllcii hcrgestdlt. 

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hriefc. aiis ill-Mi svrisehen iiher-et/t uml crlautert 

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ilif-r -la- Irl 1-1'. \\.-\ix. 

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d'a])n-< K-s ]ih<>to^rai>hifs di- Cliarlrs (Jranx. avi-c 
tran-rrijitions i-t notict-s ]>ar Albi-rt Martin. 1'aris. 
IM'l. S". and atlas of IS plates, 1. t". 

27 Case. 613 

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dcr ]irajni-itioiH-n bi-i .lohn Wyi-liflu und John 
1'nrv. /aiv_ r dcr vicrcvan.:;.). Inauirural- 

dissertatinii. Marburg. 1891. 8. pp. ">S + . 

I.- l..-ti-l:iuf," after p. 58. 9287.61 ( Ji-ojrrajdiic dcr araliischcii lialb- 
in-cl. na<-li di-n handschriftcn von Berlin, Con- 
Htantinopcl. London. 1'ari*. und Strasburg, zum 
-r.-tcii male hcrausgegcben von I). II. M filler. 
Arab. L' l.dc. L.-iil.-ii. IssMd. 8. Tnl.l,-. 

Sem. 1134 

Content* : [1.] Text. 1884. ii. N..H-II iin.l imlii-es. 1891. 

al-Hanna. Dhvan; traduit jiar lc ]'. dc Tup- 
pi. -r -t -ui\i do fragments im'-dits d'al Hirniij, 
siriir d 1 .'at. f'r. :\\\<\ Art'ti. Hcvroiith. 

1889. sm. 8. Sem. 1165 

" Vi-," pp. 7-28. 

Hertel. Hnitio. Dcr syntakti-chc 
dea Tcrbuni" in dcin aii:r l-.icliiscln-n 

: ii bcitrair /nr aii'_'idsarli-i>chcn i:rain- 

matik. IIIM rtatioti. Lci]i/ig-l(cinlnitx. 

S'. pp. :,2 + . 9286.47.3 

" \'it L," .lit. T p. 52. 

Horatiud. Ar- jio.-tica : translated into Mnu- 
lUb ver-i' l-\ H. ). Sildev. Svraru-e. N. V. 

Lh 8.853 

Hiibner, CKm-t \Villil-ald- Kmil. Koniix-h,. 

I'.tiU'land. Di-utchland. 

lierlin. 11254.38 

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"V/rff. VII. 2790 

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i. bd. Loip/itr. 1891. 8. 12276.7 
Conltnti : L Die arkaditcben kolte. 

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schichte Alexander- de- (;rn>-eii in Diodor. Cur- 
tius. und Justin. InaiiL;iiral-di.-,.- ( . rtation. Lei]>/.i^. 
1>7'.|. s". pp. ._' , l'.t + . G830 

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I. pp. I'.I-K Mn/t. inlet*., and i>ln/i.-i. I>| I'.I.IN, 

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/uin Wiiickclnianii-t'e-t. ">!.) II. 3115 

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lilteratur. (!'' autl.. nach d.-r uiiiarbeitun^' von 

!'. (). Hubert lieMiru r i von ( ). SevlTert. Berlin. 

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8. ( I',i in i s i it stndieii fiir classiscln- jihilolu^ie 

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fran/iisischen in (ienf und Frankreieli. Berlin. 
' 8". pp. x.. (L'), 7!>. (In %e it. <cli rift fiir 

franzfoitche .<////'// -/('/ litt< intur. sii]iplcnient- 

'licft vii.) Philol. 457 

liiimlicii, C. F. Ucbor die quellen /ur ^e- 
schichte Alexanders des (Irossen in Diodor, ( 'ur- 
tius. und 1'lutarch. Inau^ural-di-sertation, Lcip- 
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Ge 36.837 

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von Babylunicn. C.r.S D4S v. ( 'hr. : inschriftliches 
material iibi-r den beLrinn seiner rc^icrunjr, - 
sentheil- /urn ersteii male heraii-irc^ebcii, iiber- 
-i-t/t und erlautert. Lcip/iu r . IM'L'. 4". Frmit. 
A--^ i:n>i .DI.I-I MI. hihliothek, 8.) 3225.53 

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xweitell olieru r \ ; Lih 9.486 

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, --.iy upon the iiitluencc of similarities in sound 
upon the growth of lan.u r ua^i- and the meaning of 
\Mird- |. The.-i- at the univer-itv of London, 
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the university of London. IS'.HI. | Liverpool. 


.iiiitiniii>ii-lv illi tlin-<- ntliri- nt' ]ii - 
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grams from the liveek :illtboloi:\ . edited with a 
.d text, introduction, translation, and noti -. 
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I..M-I-; with 1111 :ippi'inli\ mi lloini-r, 
\>\ l'r..f. S:IM-I-. U. The dramatic poeU. 1---1. 

'ii. 1 - -'. Tin- 

IH-M.I, wiitiT- in-ill 1 'lr. ISttO. 

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hi.-iory. Loud- im. 8. 10254.26 

I.. . i nt 

lit nl tin- < ,1 i-lmilHlliiirV. 

Tin- ili-piit; tin M L'l-i-ni I- 

Political throrie* and ' -\pfi HIM nt- in tin t.mrtli ri-nim > 

lirtll 1-l-lltUI-V. AlrMllllIlT 

!; 111- in 

; tin- iiiitln nlii-ity .-t llu- 



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if this. 11285.13 

Contents : i., vi., vii. Le droit public remain par TheV 
ilore Mouimsen; traduit par P. F. Uirard. Tom. i., vi., vii- 
3 toin. in 4. 1887-91. viii., ix. Organisation de I'-Empire 
Romain par Joachim Marquardt; traduit par A. Weiss et 
P. Louis-Lucas. 2 torn. 1889-92. x. De I'orjranisation 
finaneiore chez les rouiaius par Joachim Marquardt ; tra- 
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" Reprinted from the American journal of philology, vol. 


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pp. :-'. SL. 

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text : the same transliterated in Zend characters 
and translated into the Gujarati and English lan- 
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The English translation is taken from the Gujarati, by 
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plates, and icdcts. Philol. 291 

To be continued. 

" Biblioirraphie annnelle des etudes grecques," at the end 
of each volume. 

This bikes the place of the Annuaire de Cassociation, which 
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" Bibliographical list of publications on the Rig -Veda." 
L 540-549. 

Contents: i. Hvmns to the maruts, Rudra, Vayu, and 

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anf einer vase der sammlung des grafen Michael 
Tyskiewicz. Festschrift zur eroftnung des archao- 
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[ Velanco, Juan Hautista I>K.] Arte ile la leii^ua 
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idioma u^ado p.r los yaipii* y los mayo- . n el 
catado de Soimra y ]>or algunos indios del rio del 

Fllerte ell el de Sillaloa, V 1111 ( 'atecisi |e la 

iloctrin.i cri-tiana en cahita y espafiol por j Tmnas 

j. 1'llblicado de liuevo. por Eustai|liio 

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i|iio,I milunitt<-t I. |{. Wij-a. i ir..nin-.i. . jlM'JO.J 


\\':iU!l.T. 'iard. Der u'ebraiich des 

ben intinitivH im L'riecbiclii-ii. [ Schw c- 

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X. Literature. 

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E])i])sychidion, Adonais. Hellas. Erlan.i, r en. etc. 
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J //,/,//. 18436.14 

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of T roi/. fuiea.-. ; texte criti(|iie. 
jillblie ])ar Jac(|iles Salverda de (Jrave. Halle. 
IS'.H un. it. Hermann, nliftn-. Hibliotlieca 

iiormannica. 4.) 7594.41 

Tills i- Ilic i-ni-Hc"! French poem lakfii ilirei-dy fnnn \'iiiril'" 
I, ln-ini: mi :iil:ipl;itiuii rallier than 11 tian-hitinn c.f (lie 
Latin te\t, ultlnui^h following <-lo-ely the pint an<l <>i'i 
the oiiL'inal. 

Ala, Leojxddo. Bellito 1'ere/ Galdos : otudio 
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pp. ;!'.i. I'nrt. <>f I't'i-r: tlulilos and fac-sim. 
'i i i i!icii> vin.s e-jiafiolas contem]ioranea- 

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Ancona, Alessandro i.'. Origini del teatro itali- 
ano: libri tre, con due ajipendici .ulla ra]i]iresenta- 
y.ioiie drammatica del contado to.cano e sill teatro 
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.ciuta. L' vol. Torino.,/,-. 1>'.M. S". IV. 379* 

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," pp. 176-188. 15492.21 



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"250 copies printed." 

" Biographical sketch," pp. v.-xvi. 

- Peter Rugg, the missing man. The late 
Joseph Xatterstrom. Martha Gardner; or, Moral reaction. 

The man with the cloaks; a Vermont legend. The suf- 
ferings of a country schoolmaster. Letters from London. 

The human character of Jesus ChrUt. Oration at Charles- 
town, Ma>s., June 17, 1801. 

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Rochford and Henry Howard, earl of Surrey]. 
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I. 4035 

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society at the Northwestern universitv. Evanston, 
111., June 23d. 1891.] Chicago. 1891. sm. 8. 
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"Privately printed." 

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Content*: Goethe. Schiller. The German novel. 
The romantic school in Germany. 

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1'histoire de la litterature fran9aise. Xouvelle ed. 
l e serie. Paris. 1888. sm. 8. 7557.13 

Contents : L'erudition contemporaine et la litteniture 
franchise au moyen age. Le probleme des "Pei.- 
Pascal. Les dernieres recherches sur la vie <le Moliire. 
Les euneinis de Racine au xvn siecle. Voltaire. La litte- 
rature francai-e sous le premier empire. Apptudice : La 
langue et la litterature francaises au moyen age. Lettre au 
directeur de la Revue des langues romanes. Le naturalisme 
au xvii siecle. Conference faite a la Sorboune, 

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Nouvollo i-d. Paris. 1892. 18. 12584.18 

Content* : Le roman realiste en 1875. L'erudition dans 
le roman. I.cs origines du roman naturaliste. L'impres- 
sioiinisme dans le roman. Le reportage dans le roman. 
I.t- roman experimental. Lc uaturalisme fran^ais. Le 
naturalisme anglais. Le faux naturalisme. A propos de 
Pot-bouille. Lcs petit.s naturalistes [Henry Ceard, Karl 
Huysmans, Leon Hennique, Guy, de Maupassant]. La 
banqncronte du naturalisinc. L'Jt><in^e/j><deM.I)audet. 
'uvelles de M. de Maupassant. 

Buchanan, George (1506-1582). Vernacular 
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1892. 8. Fac-sim. (SCOTTISH TEXT SOCIETY. 
[I'uhl.] 26.) Eng. Lit. 2117 

"Life of Buchanan," pp. ix.-xxxviii. 

Content*: Opinion auent the reformation of the uuiversi- 
tie of St. Andros. A IK- admonitioun to the trew lorrlis 
inuiutenaris of justice, and obedience to the kinsris grace. 
Chamirlcon, written against the laird of Lidiugtone. Two 
letters to Sir Thomas Randolph. Notes and various readings. 

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i-K-s. and other poems. New York. 1891. sm. 8. 

AL 998.9.3O 

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1>92. " sm. 8". III. 6881 

'fnt#: i. Dante in his relation to the theology and 
ethics of the middle ages. Goethe and philosophy. 
- :iu. Wordsworth. The problem of philosophy at 
the present time. [An address to the philosophical society 
of the university of Edinburgh, 1881.] The genius of Car- 
lyle. [A lecture delivered to the dialectic society of the 
university of Glasgow.] 

ii. Caitesianism ; general relations of Descartes, Male- 
branche, and Spinoza. Metaphysic. 

Carlyle, Thomas. [Copies of letters written 
to his brother about his books, some of which he 
left by will to Harvard college. Dated 11 April 
and 22 August, 1856.] f. ff. (6). J/5. 

*Carl. 243.2 

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Carlyle. New York. 1892. 8. Port. 2O452.23 

Content*: Wotton Reinfred; a romance. Excursion 
(futile enough) to Paris, autumn 1851. Letters to Varnhagen 
von Ense in~18oT-'>7. Edited by Richard Preuss. Letter to 
K. E. Yehse. Translation of some notes of Varnhagen about 
Carlyle's first visit to Berlin, 1852. Letters of Jane Welsh 
Carlyle to Amelr Bolte, 1843-1849. 

Caro, ^fme. Pauline (CASSIN). Amour dejeune 
fille. 8 e ed. Paris. 1892. 18. 12526.28 

Cervantes Saavedra. Miguel DE. The inge- 
nious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha ; a 
translation, with introduction and notes, by John 
Ormsby. 4 vol. London. 1885. 8. Map. 

IV. 3783 

Life of Cervantes, i. 13-51. The Spanish romances of 
chivalry, iv. 396-409. " Bibliography of Don Quixote," 
iv. 410-426. 

[Chaucer, Geoffrey.] Specimens of all the ac- 
cessible nnprinted manuscripts of the Canterbury 
tales : the Doctor-pardoner link, and Pardoner's 
prologue and tale. Edited bv Julius Zupitza. 
Pt. i. London. 1892. obi. 8. (CHAUCER SO- 
CIETY. [Publ.] 81.) Eng. Lit. 20O3 

The cover has the date 1890. 

Content* : i. Seven MSS. The Dd. group. < 

Clarke, William. .'/ .1. Walt Whitman. Lon- 
don, etc. 1892. 16. Port, of Whitman. (The 
DILETTANTE library. 10.) AL 4159.03 

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ballads. [Translations from Goethe, Schiller. Bur- 
ger, Uhland, and others.] London, etc. [1892.] 
24. (The CANTERBURY poets.) 16567.9 

Crawford, Francis Mari'.n. The three fates. 
London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. AJL 1085.325 


Crawford, Francis Marion. The witch of 
Prairuc : a fantastic tali-. Lon Ion. iff. 1801. 
an. 8. II ,/,/>. AL 1085.36O 

Curtis, George William. .James Kns>cll Lowell ; 
an mlilress [before the Brooklyn institute. Fell. L'J, 

i V..rk. I -'.'_'. /( . ,,,,. 84. Portrt., 

pltitr. and fuc-sim. ( Harper's black & white 
series.) AL 2395.021 

Davis, L. Clarke, conipilrr. The story of the 
memorial fountain to Shaks|>eare at Stratforcl- 
upon-Avon; also accounts of the IlcrluTt and 
Co per window, Westminster abbey; the Milton 
window. St. Margaret's church. Westminster; and 
the Bishops Andrewes and Ken rcred< - St. 
Thomas's church. Winche>ter. Filmland : u r ifts of 
<;. \V. Childs. Cambridge. 1890. 8. Port, of 
CliiMs an.l j,t,ite. 12452.16.2 

" Privately priiirt'd." 

De Lagutry. Norman. Love coiKjuereth ; 
poems. Scwanee, Tonn. ls:in. S q. 1C,'. 

AL 1137.3.20 

Delfonr, L. (.'!.. f'n/iln'. La Bible dans iiacine. 
These ;ionr le doctoral presentee a la faenlle des 
lettrcs .le Paris. Paris. l,s;il. 8. 8525.12 

Derniot. The SOUL: ot Derniot and the 
earl: an old French poem from the Carew manu- 
script no. .">!)<; in the archie])isco]i;il library at Lam- 
beth palace. Ivlited with literal translation and 
notes by G. H. Orpen. Oxford. }W2. sni.S". 
and map. 7596.20.2 

" IViin-ipiil authorities," pp. 2.5:i--j:.4. 

Dray ton, Michael. The muses elizium. Re- 
printed from the edition of Ki.'JO. [Manchester.] 
1892. 4. (SPENSER SOCIKTV. 1'ubl. New 
I, 5.) Eng. Lit. 1184 

Duffy, Xi'r Charles Gavan. Conversations \\ith 
Carlyle. New York. ls!2. am. 8. I'o, //.--. and 
plate. 20451.49 

originally published in the ' 
H ""." 

Dupuy, (Charles) Ernest. Victor Hugo; son 
(i-uvre poetiqiie. L" i-d. Paris. 1890. 8. J'urfr*. 


Dupuy. Flisalii-the. The Dragon yoke: K>n- 
net* and songs. New York. IS'.MI. sq. 16. 
P1-- ', AL 1192.7.15 

Ellis, Frederick S. A lexical concordance to 
the poi'tical work- of Percy P.ysshe Sludley : an 
attempt to cla-ify every word found therein ac- 
corilinu to it- -i-nitication. London. IS'.IL'. 1.8. 
I'P- xii.. -Iv 18451.20 

Emanlt, Louis. Trai,'i(|U.'s amours. Paris. 
1 s ' 1 1 ! 12548.3O 

Eyre-Todd, t',>;,r^,-. r,/i/<,,: MiMlia-val Scot- 
tish poetry : Kint,' J:iine the Fir-t. 1,'oliert llenrv- 
oii. William Diinbar. (iavin l)oiii;las. ( Jl.i-LTou . 
1892. n. 8". (Ar.ii.M -i -MM. -. ries ,,f the Scot- 
til' ! 12474.10 

FaRUet. I > \ --. J 'i. ,.,, - '. ele ; etuiles 
litt-'-rar P.iri-. l-'.'L 1 . ]s. \,., \, , , , 

biblioth. .|u.- litt.-rain-.) 7564.32 

lilii.n lm tlir tilli- " I,i- cnni'l- "' 

' !M foil, Mill. I. 

Mi .in. <!< 
M.iihiiin- ill M;unt. nun. 


Fagnet. F.mile. Dix-huitiem.- -i.-cle : Hnde* 
litl.'-rai- : IMe.'. ]s. \,,,. 

\ } i T i In li<itliiM|iii- litt.'-ra 7565.37 

Harlr. Fonti n<tl.-. !. S:IK<'. Mm 
TOS. Montr|iiini. Voluin. Di.lrrot. - .(. .1. 

.. ...1. l'.-i!l :.. Mr, v . , , 

Fagnet, f-'.mile. Dix-neu\ i.' me H. ide : etmles 
litteraires. :' '(!. Paris. is'.ll'. 18". 
\ i i .I.K bildiotheque litteraire.) 7566.31 

Ci'iitnifit : Cliiitriiiiliriiiiiil. l.aniiirlinr. Alfred dc 
Vlany. Victor Ilii^-o. _ A. ilr Mn^ct. Tli. (i;iutic-r. 

r. Mc-riini'.-. -- kllchelet. Qeorge Sami. Hni/ac. 

Faust, .Johann. Das bohmisclie l>ii]>- 
penspiel vom Doktor Faust. Abhandluni; und 
iiberset/unu r von Hrnst Kraus. llreslau. l>:i]. 
sm. 8. 26295.22.2 

[Forbes, John Murray, of Ilnatnn. com 
An old scraji-book. [containim,' poems, songs, 
epigrams, and charades. Lratliered from various 
sources). With additions. [Cambridge. 
8. pp. xxxiv., (2), (559. Front. 10412.27 

1'rintcil torprUatr ilittrilnitioii. 

[ ] Supplement. [Cambridge.] 1891. 8. 

pp. k., (4), 88. /'orfi-n. of it. (;. Shu,,- ill. I . 
1800) an.l C. II. l.<n,-rll (H'. V. ls.V). 10412.28 

I'rintctl tor |iri\iitr ilistrilmtion. 

Forster, .Joseph. Four irreat teachers; .John 
Kuskin. Thomas Carlyle. Kalpli Waldo Knn-r.-on. 
and Robert Browning. Orpington; London, is'.in. 
sm 8. 10436.24 

Fotheringham, James. Studies in the poetry 
of Robert Browning. 1M eil.. revised and enlarged. 
London. 1888. sm. 8. 23444.24.2 

France, (Jacques) Anatole. La vie litteraire. 
}' serie. Paris. 1892. 18. 7557.20.4 

Frommel, (iaston. Esqnisses contemporaine*. 
Lausanne. 1891. sm. 8. 7567.34 

lt : I'ii'i-rc I.nti [Julicii Viaml |. 1 1. F. Amid. 
( 'h;irlr< Si-c-n'-taii. I'aul Bonrget. Kdiimiid S.'lirrrr. 

Fuller, Henry B. The chevalier of Pensieri- 
Vani. [4th ed.. revised. ] New York. IS;IL>. 12". 
\'i ; /ns. (The Century series.) AL 1595.1.40 

Garland, I lamlin. A litth- Norsk ; or. (!' Pap's 
Flaxen. New York. IS'.f.'. Ki". AL 1618.5.15 

Gevin-Caal, M,,/r. ( ). Souvenirs du Snnd- 
Lrau: reeits de la Haute Al>aee. Paris. 1 >'.IL'. 
18*. Nr.i \ i-.i.i.i: bibliothe(juc \ ariee. Romans - - 
N.)uvell,'s- -Thelto*. 12536.4 

Goncourt, Fdmond in:. Cherie. 17'' mille. 
Parta. I >'.!-'. \T. 12535.56 

Goncourt, Fdmond PI:. Les fn'-res /emiranno. 
76d. Paris. |s;:t. i-j". 12535.58 

Goncourt, Fdmond ami .ln\<^ in. Charles 
Demailly. N<MI\ ell. ed. Paris. 1V.H. TJ . 


Oriffinally juilili-li. il witli tin- title " I um-s di- 

Gonconrt, Fdmond ami Jules \,\ . F.u L8.< 

Avec line preface de Fdmond de (Joncourt. Paris. 

MIL H". 12535.57 

Gonconrt. Fdmond ami Jules m . 1. 1, ,> et 
-..n-ation-. Noiivtdle ed. Paris. 


Gonconrt, Fdmond nn,l Jules m . Journal: 
niemoires dr la \i>' litteraire. (\ torn. Paris. 

is:n. 'ss :n'. rr. 12535.68 


,,. 1-. inillr. |ss v 

ni. I-.-'. |s7<>. 7- millf. 

,v. [870 1871. ' mill.. I-'"'. 

v. 187 'Mill.-, ivil. 

vi. I^TS i-,M 

Gonconrt, Ivlmond <nnl Jules M . Madame 
Gervai.-aU. Paric. 1HH9. P2". 12535.59 



Goncourt, Edmund and Jules DE. Pages re- 

trouvees. Preface tie Gustave (ietYros. Paris. 

12. 12535.64 

'.< : Monsieur Clint. Yenise la unit; reve. La 
maisoii et 1'atelier iln graveur Willc. Voyage tin im. 4:', <\t- 
la rue Saint <i.-.>r:_'< * an no. 1 (It- la rut- Latlittc. Ouverture 
ilu eoiirs dc Saint-Man- (iirardin. l.a maison de eampairnc 
il'un vieux juirr. Lettre a Philippe de Chenix 
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. Merimeeet Libri. Terpsichore. I.'aflicheur 
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banm ile Knifau*eu. L'ivresse <le Silene, par Dauuiier. 
Alger (notes an crayon). Sur la vente <les japonaiseries au 
.Tapon. I'm- )':i-~ionnette ile petite fille. l"n mot sur 
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Originally published with the title " Une voiture de 

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Domestic service in the millennium. One of Thackeray's 
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"I 1 English and American health. The ad- 
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With a reprint of the original title-page. 

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The American edition has the title, " The quality of mercy." 

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The English edition has the title, " Mercy." 

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soomerx progress, 1575, iz signified ; from a freend, 
officer attendant in the coourt. unto hix t'reend a 
citizen, and merchaunt of London. He-edited, 
with foreword.- describing all the accessible books, 
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fimu-dif on Fraud- an uioycn airc. De Mohtre it Miiri- 
vaux. Shake -pi-arc ct If tlieatri- franoais. Hfauiiiarrhai* ; 

1'li.iiiniic t-t rn-nvrf. I,f thOut r<- ct hi morale. J.i-* , <- 

It-* iiin-iir-. I.f theatre* ill- Paris; troupes ft 

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[Withj I.ettre adresseea I'autcur par Ernest Kenan. 
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ith iiitroiliiction l.v Ili-nrv Stone. 

front. AL 2395.650 

'. Iiitnxliirtioii. Ui-f,,r.- tin- Kdinburifh philo- 

w>|)hir-al iiftilutioii. Bi-fon tin- Lninli.n cliamlM-r .( . .,n,. 

i amliriilp-. (in |{.,|,,.|-t 

nxirial. Ho- 

.iiinc-il <.f tl.- On intcrnii- 

tiOMl nntnuion. At * :ny ilinm-r. 

. IIM mo rial fountain prcwnlnflon. At thf ilinncr 
to AMrtM .iiillinr. Ucfnrr tin- Lirfqinr.! pliiN.niathif 

I *' <">.. \M-rr gathered from tin Bng 

P* 1 ?*}'*) P"** M r*poru-<l ("i .1 ti-nip'ii.ii \ |ini-pn*r, 

' . - ' : i . . 

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-li literature. PaMey, etc. 18H'.'. tm.fV. 


' / litpmtMrr HIM! unir<-r-it> < ati,.n. 
K-trr of \\illim WonJ.worth. Tlif pootr. 
ert BrowninK. 

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lit: .In-tin KiTiirr. Alii-c il<- ( lianiliricr. Jules 
Urcton. Mnrif .It-an (iiivan. I.aiiiciiiiais. Rose iiionilf 
(il'i-aril. Bemard-Derotne. Mailanif Ackfrniaiin. 
Philippe < ic riant, [psnnioii. fur Mnif. I tanlcnnc ilc la (iraii- 
gerle]. EdmoodTtuMidifere. Mmrie d'boer-EcbenlMcb. 

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'*: (^nt-fii Mary's Kdintnirjfli. H..l.i-rt Kullork 
and tin' beginnlngaof EdinDargfa nni\fi-sitv. Kin^.lann'-'- 

I'arcwcll t(i BolVTOOd. I'rnpiKfil memorial tn DniniiiniiKl ill" 
Hawtlinniilfii. Allan Hainsay. I.adv \Vanllaiv ami thf 
B&roneu Nairnc. Kilinliiii-^li tbrongn tin- Dunda* di-s. 
putisiii. Thf la>t yfars <(" Sir Waller Scott. ( 'arlylc's 
KdinhnrKh lil'f. Charles Kirkpalrifk Sharpi-. lohn '] lill 
Bnrton. Dr. Jnhn liro\vn of Kdinlinrtrh. I.iti-rarv his- 
tory of Edinburgh; a jrcm-i-al rc\ic\v. 

Many dl' thff enayi \\ei-f lir-t pnlilishcd in flu- >'. 
U'fx/iiii/ixt, i- f i'ii >r. and .\[nr,i,ill,tn'x nun/,' 

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16. (Coi.KccioN de escritores castellanos.) 

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. I..N ,le escritores castellanos.) IV. 3831 

>. --De la poc-ia ini*tic:i. D>- la hi*tnria fimi. 
dc rada ciiiiid nhra aiti>tii-a. San I^iilnrn. Nnti. , 
la villa y "crii..* ,|,- limlripi ( 'am. Kram-iseo Martunv. df 
la Ko-a. (iaspar Nnin / dc Aivr. 

Menendez y Pelayo, Marcelino. Historia de 
las ideas esteticas eii Ivspafia. Tom. i. \. ." 

in !. Madrid. ls;iu. 's4 '.M . I'i". Coi i v 

de escritore.* ca*tellaim-. IV. 3827 

t*.' L lla-ia line- ili-l >it'ln\\. -J> , d., i-.irrfL'ida 
y annif ntada. 'Jn.1. IS'.MI-'.I!. ii. Sipln-\\i. \\II. -\"1. 
lssj._iii. sit'ln XVHI. -J vol. 1880. iv., v. Si).-lo MX. 
:i v.ii. i*: 

Menendez y Pelayo, Marcelino. i Ida- 
tola*. \ tra-edia*: con una introdiiccion de .luan 

Yalera. Madrid. 1--::. 16. Port. <' I--N 

de e*critnres castellanos.) IV. 383O 

. . pl-l. il.l*. I)..- II. infill:!* dr l'.-'|llil<> 

in trii < n<-.idf n,i. In ;. -- \|'f lldlrf. 

Millet, Frank Da\i*. A capillary crime, and 
other *torie*. New Vnrk. I-'. 1 : 1 . *m s . 
and )t l1r. AL 2461.9.2O 

. A 
ICuliiiiii. - Mi dn-.i' In .id. Th. l.inrth w:iil. - Tin- lmli. 

Mifitere Le du Viel 're*tameiit. |nilili 
introduction, note* et -lo^-airc, par le baron .lames 
de Rothschild. <: toin. Pari*. 1*7* HI. 8". 
Wdctt. ' Sm if i T |.| - vs. ii \ - i i \ i i * i i; \\ MS. 

[Publ.]) 8593.12 



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Content* : i. Jacobinism. Sorel's ' Europe and the 
French resolution.' Memoirs of a royalist [le comte tie 
FallouxJ. State organisation. Notes on Spain. Monu- 
ment.! ritual ia ecclesiae auglicanae; by William Maskell. 
A Devonshire relic [the abbey of Biickfast]. A vi*it to 
some Austrian monasteries. The greyfriars. National 
education. The meaning of life. The government of life. 
- ter. Why tastes differ. The feelings and the in- 
tellert ; or, The psychology of the emotion-. 

ii. The descent of man; by Charles Darwin. Evolution 
and its consequences; a reply to Prof. Huxley. Specific 
genesis. Herbert Spencer. Prehistoric and savage man. 

Address to the British association, 1879. Force, energy, 
and will. Likenesses; or, Philosophical anatomy. Ht-'r- 
maim Lotze and the mechanical philosophy. A limit to 
evolution. Organic nature's riddle. What are animals 
and pla: :*nn's theories : the beginning and end 
of life. Eimer on growth and inheritance. 

Many of these articles appeared originally in the Quarterly, 
Edinburgh, Xintttenth century, Fortnightly, Contemporary, 
and other reviews. 

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The author seeks to show that the author of the " Guil- 
launie d'Angleterre " (printed in Michel's Chroniqueg anglo- 
nortnandet) is Chrestien de Tro - 

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Content*: The old Boston road. Artemus Ward. 
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A trip to a political convention. A recollection of the 
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Newspaper literary criticism. 

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Hugo. Les feuilles d'antomne, par Victor Hugo. Avant- 
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Content* : The old South. Authorship in the South 
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Social life in old Virginia before the war. Two old colonial 
places [Yorktown, the home of the Nelsons, and " Rosewell," 
f the Pages]. The old Virginia lawyer. The want of a 
m-tory of the Southern people. The negro question. 

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Jean de 1'Eclnse. Bruges soutcrrain. 

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(STCTTGART Litterarischer rerein . Bibliothek, 


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Content* : La gloire du verbe. Les mvthes. Maya. 
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Content* : A qnoibon? La microbe. Le pensionnaire 
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Le mauvais fils. Les aventures de Jeanuot. Le inirosan- 
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This work presents Lord Bacon, not merely as the author 
of the Shakespeare writings, but of Stubb's' Anatomy of 
abuses, The court of King James, Burton's Anatomy of mel- 
ancholy, Robinson Crusoe, and Pilgrim's progress. " Touch- 
ing his fall, Bacon in one of the so-called Shakespeare sonnets 

' The mortal moon hath her eclipse endured.' " 

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(ACSGABEN und abhandlungen aus dem gebiete der 
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L" anil. W ini. <-,<-. l.s'.U. 8. 16524.48 

: E I. ii. Die illlfuil^l- des miime- 

. illy puhlished in tin- Sit-iiniixlii rii-litr <l . ji/iit.-/iinl. 

. IsTo, l.\i\.; is74. l\\i\. 

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altproven/ali.schcn mill mittelhochdentschcn lyrik. 
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Scott. >'// Walter. luirt. On the ilraina and the 
theatre: ob-er\ alions on Massinu'er's The city 
madam. Edinburgh. 188-?] sin. I". pp. (5). 
"Stillic's memorial manual," 188-?, pp. 41 -i:>. 19428.11 

Shackford, Charles Chauncy. Social and lit- 
erarv paper-. F.o-tuii. IM'L'. sm. s . 

AL 3391.2.25 

.- .K-chvln- "ii some modern -"rial prohlems. 
i-t in tin- si'co ml century (Lin-ian). A sceptic in 
'ciitli century [Voltaire]. Nemesis in Greek trair- 
rilv. The pope in "The rinir and tin- hook." Mrowning's 
In a l.alcony." Tin- <iroi k comedy of manners. Plato's 
Republic. Aristotli '- ' Politics. " Social pi-oL'i'' 
ciul plans ami prohlcnis. Social tendencies. Tlic nation 
:n in Sliak<peare. The coiiiiiion rca-oii in 
social reionns. Ili-tnry as ilcvi-lopun-nt. 

Shakespeare, William. Sliakr>]>caiv's ruk- of 
life; [ri)ii.-i.-tini, r it' M-U-ctions from his works which 
shuw hi- ideas ( ,t lite as it should be]. Compiled 
l,v K. K. Fislilev. Boston. 1891. sm. 8. pp. :'._'. 


Sharp, William, of London. The life and 

letters ;.f Joseph Severn. London. 1 *'.':.'. s". 

J'nrtrs., plates, and fur-sims. 18471.9 

Sidney, >'// 1'hilip. The countc-as of Pem- 

broke's Arcadia. The original quarto edition 

in photographic facsimile, with a biblio- 

graphical introduction: edited bv II. o. Sommer. 

London, is'.il. 8". pp. ix., (3), 45, (3), ff. (), 

360. 14457.24 

"300 i. No. 111." 

Sieukiewicz, Ilenrsk. With fire and .-word: 

an historical novel of Poland and Kuv-ia. Trans- 

lated from the Polish bv .Jeremiah Ciirtin. ISoston. 

l.v.iu. s. pp. xvi., 779. IV. 3781 

Silvcstre, Armand. n,nt Morand, Kuu'ene. 

(Jri-t'-lidis ; mr-tere en trois actes. un jirolo^ue et 

Li-lie en ver- lilire.-. I'.iri-. 1891. 8. 


Smith, Franci- Hopkinson. A day :;t I.a-uerre's 

and other dav : beini,' nine -k'-ti-he-. P.ostun. ttc. 

i. 8. AL 3455.4.75 

:i, noniloliei. I'mli-r the 

:' .nal lie la N'ijfa. 

i lioiltle. ( .ipt.iin .Joe. Hiiti-liins. 

Steffen. i Kotroii-stixlien. i. Oppeln. 

1891 8527.9.2 

Coatfnli : L Jean de Ilotrou aU nii'-lialnncr Louc dc 

Stephen, >'i"/-.)aiiu'.s Fit/janH-x, \#llinrt. Horae : reprint of articles contributed to the 

: ...lid-in. ./, 
m. 8". ' III. 6639.2 

llol.l.i. n 

v nun- nt. II-.l.lii 

. I '..iiior w>.rU 

-iity [the <loc- 
lie il.inphin. 
"Ii the hum. in 

k. fill IfotfTII- 

.'.1:1.111. ni'.ial- 

mill.. i wi>rk-. The mi. 
i. lift-. n. limn' '- 

Steuart, John A. Letters to living authors. 

London. L890. 8. l' rtt-f. 10436.18 

Stevenaon, Kobert Loui-. Across the plains; 

with other memories and eMavs. New York, i.s'.cj. 


- the plains. (1H7H.) Tlie old Paeit'n- 

capital [ Miintei. y |. (1880.) FonUinebleai 

Kpiloyne to 'An found voyage.' Kamlmn iiienmri. 
lantern-hearer-. A chapter -MI dream*. Me- 
to a v ..un-.' k'eiillcinan who projio-es to emhrace the . 
art. Pulvis et iimhra. A Clirist.ina* sermon. (I 
Many of Ihe-e paper* have already appeared in /' 
', and Si-rili 

Stevenson, Kobert Louis, mnl Osbourne, 

Llovd. Theurecker. New York. 1M>2. sm. H". 
Front, and ^lates. 2O425.46 

Stohsel, Karl. Lord Hymns trancrspiel " \\', r- 
ner " mid seine quelle : eine return;,'. Krlan^en. 

is'.n. s". pp. vi., (2), 86. (ERLAHOBB beitrige 
/ur enyli-chen philologie, 11.) Philol. 667.3 

Syracuse, .V. )'. Hi-nvniiHj clnl>. Memorial 
meet'mir held at May memorial church. .Ian. !>. l>'.'u. 
[ Papers read by C. .1 . Little. Mr-. M. K. P>aL r u r . 
K. W. Mmidy. and others.] Syracuse. N. V. l-'.">. 
8". ],],. 94. Front, 23444.31 

Tennyson, Alfred. \*f /.nrmi. The fore-ters : 
K'obin Hood and Maid Marian. New York, etc. 
is'.i-j. sm.s. 23487.51 

Tiernan, Mrs. Frances C. Fi-in .1: ). | VaK-rir 
Avliner: a novel. P>v Christian lleid ( /)*rn(In.'}. 
New York. 189 ITcop. 1870]. S". AL 3643.5.20 

Ungemach, Heinrich. Die quellen der fiinf 
ersten Chester jilays. Erlanjfen, etc. IS'.m. s '. 
( Mi' M 111 M:I: beitriiu*' 7.UT romanischen mid eiiu'- 
lischell |.hilohi";ie, 1.) 14495.17 

"IJcniit/tf literatnr," pp. vii 

ega Carpio, Lop : F.'-lix > 
s por la real academia 
rid. IS'JO. f. /'//. 

Poems by a Scotch 
Ma--., a native of 

I.V.L'. nr. p|.. 88. 
AL 3876.7.15 

Lord Ilealev. and 
is'.io. 8. 

AL 4027.6.25 
. ' Hiras : publi- 
espafiola. Tom. i. 
IV. 3826 

pur ( '. \. de la Man-era 

[Urqnhart, Henry II. . 

dr\ ^oods clerk [of P.o.-ton. 
Dalkeith, Scotland j. lio-ton. 

Vance, Sylvester l.raham 
other jioems. Marslialltown. 


cadas | 

Madrid. IMK). i. /,,. 

if*: i. Nneva hinirrafia, 
|y Leii. 

Verne, Jules. Cesar Cascabel. Paris. 
1.8. Illustr. (In /(/> \'o\a-e- i xiraonlinaire.O 


Verne, .Tul< -. Mi-tn-- I'.ranican. Pari*. 
1.8". Illnsii: ( In Ins Vo\ au'cs extraordi- 
naire*.) 12521.15 
[ Viand, Julien. 1 l-'antoine d'(>rient. Par Pierre 

1 J . 12536.51 

Vita nnova ; periodiro settimanale di lettera- 
tura. d'arteedi tilu-i.fia. Annoi..ii. L888 

Hi\i-ta ineii-ile di lettere e d'arti. Niiova -eric. 

iii. n. 1 .'?. (iennaio- mar/o. Is'.M. '-' vol. and 

:? nos. Firm/.-. 1889-91. lands'. IX. 19O 

"Warner, Charle- Dudle\. AS \\<- were sayinjj. 

N ( .U Y-.rk. IH-.I:-. 16, /' ' and 

AL 4123.8.18 

- The 1,,-- ill 

I'meni- ill kill imliriilnalil\ ' 'I .1. The 

...the- -.f ticlMMI. The I.' \ 

( 'In wine itnm. W.iini n in i-oiik r r. --. Shali 
. -The dinner t t l. 

I he Imnlei, 

nd piwn. ' ag*. 



"Wasted moments ; poems. Buffalo. 1891 
sm. 4 . AL 4341.28 

" I'rivately printed." 

"Whitman. Walt, properly Walter. Selected 
pneins. New York. 1892. sm. 8. Port, and 
fuc-s ii'n. (FICTION, fact, and fancy series.) 

AL 4159.96 

Wicksteed, Gnstavus William. Waifs in verse 
[and Waif? in prose, including a review of ' The 
history of Canada, by William Kingsford"]. 
Ottawa. 1891. 8. AL 4163.4.15 

"Williams, F. P. A true son of libertv. New 
York. W2. 8. AL 4167.5.25 

"Wilson. I. McC. The fate of the leaf. Balti- 
more. is'Jl. 1-2. pp.47. Plate. AL 4169.3.15 

"Winter, Jakob, and "Wiinsche, (Karl) August, 
. Die jiidische litteratur seit abschluss des 
kanons ; eine prosaische und poetische anthologie 
mit biographischen und litterargeschichtlichen ein- 
leitungen : unter mitwirkung von W. Bacher, Sam. 
Back. Ph. Bloch. etc. herausgegeben. 1.-4. lief. 
4 lief. Trier. 1891-92. 8. Sem. 465 

"Winter, William. Shakespeare's England. 
Newed. New York. etc. 1892. 24". 8454.10.2 

"Witthoeft, Friedrich. ' Sirventes joglaresc " : 
ein blick auf das altfranzosisehe spielmannsleben. 
Marburg. 1891. 8. pp. (2), 73. (AUSOABEX 
und abhandlungen aus dem gebiete der romanischen 
philologie. 88.) Philol. 383 ,6> 

"Wood-ward, Brinton Webb. Old wine in new 
bottle* [essay*, sketches, reminiscences of travel, 
and bits of verse]. For old and new friends. 
Lawrence, Kansas. 1890. 8. 3 plates. 

AL 4187.50 


Additions to the Dante Society's collection in 
Harvard College Library. 

[Ancona, Alessandro D'.] Letteratura dantesca 
[and notices of other works published in Italy in 
1891. Torino. 1891.] 8. pp. 20. Dn. 570.12 

" Estratto dalla Ririitta torica italiana, vol. viii. fasc. iv., 
anno I 

Antonibon, Giulio. Note in margine. [A 
review of Prof. Ruggero della Torre's Poeta- 
Veltro. Padova. 1892.] 4. Dn. 

" II Veneto IttUrario," anno ii. n. -J, 4, 5-7. 

Balzo, Carlo DEL. compiler. Poesie di mille 
autori intorno a Dante Alighieri ; raccolte ed ordi- 
nate cronologicamente con note storiche, biblio- 
grafiche e biografiche. Vol. i.-iii. 3vol. Roma. 

Dn. 532.9 

" Etlizione di 300 esemplari. N. 33." 

../*. i. 1283-1332. 1889. ii. 1334-1390. 1890. 
iii. 1396-1460. ISyl. 

Dante Alighieri. Johannis de Serravalle 
translatio et comentum totius libri Dantis Aldi- 
gherii; cum textu italico fratris Bartholomaei a 
Colle. nunc primum edita [by Marcellino da 
CivezzaandTeofiloDomenichelli]. Prati. 1891. 
f. pp. xlviii., 1236. Dn. 8.91 

"Notizie preliminari," pp. tx.-xxxvi. 

Dante Alighieri. La divina commedia ; ridotta 
a miglior lezione con 1'aiuto di ottimi manoscritti 
italiani e forestieri e soccorsa di note edite ed ine- 
dite antiche e moderne. per cura del cav. Giuseppe 
Campi. 3 vol. Torino, unione tipografico-editrice. 
1888-91. 8. Medallion of Dante, port, of Campi, 
and 129 plates. *Dn/28.88.4 

"Discorso preliminare," by Campi, i. v.-lxvii. 

"O'enni biografiei di Campi, i. Lxixvii.-xciv. 

Dante Alighieri. The divine comedy. Trans- 
lated by C. E. Norton. 3vol. Boston, rfr. 1891- 
sm. 8. Dn. 48.1 

The same. ii. Boston, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 

Dn. 48.1.2 

Dante Alighieri. L'enfer ; traduit en vers 
par tercets conformes a ceux du teite par Hya- 
cinthe Vinson. Paris. 1887. sm. 8. Port, and 
table. Dn. 81.1 

" Traductions fnu9aises de Dante," pp. Lx.-xi. 

Ouvrage* de Vinson, pp. 231-232. 

The cover has the date 1888. 

"Dante Alighieri.] Danteren Comediaren lehen 
zatia. [The first canto of the Inferno, translated 
into Basque by the Abbe Inchauspe. Paris. 1892.] 
sq. 16. pp. 64-. (2 cop.) Dn. 12O.5; 1275.4O 

Dante Alighieri. Das purgatorium : Gott- 
liche komodie ii. Metrisch iibertragen von Carl 
Bertrand. Heidelberg. 1891. ff>. Dn. 86.6.2 

Ferrari, Pietro. II Dante dell' idiota al cospetto 
deidotti; [prolegomeni] . Roma. 1878. 8. pp.76. 

Dn. 130.18 

Gitterman, John Milton. The politico-histori- 
cal side of the Montagues and Capulets. [New 
York. 1892.] 8. pp. (7). Dn. 156.1 

Irring magazine, Feb. 1892; i. 35-41. 

Ingaagiato. Vincenzina. Osservazioni su al- 
cuni commenti del prologo della Divina commedia. 
Girgenti. 1890. sm. 8. Dn. 133.1.2 

Kraus, Franz Xaver. Luca Signorelli's illus- 
trationen zu Dante's Divina commedia, zum ersten- 
mal herausgegeben. Freiburg i. B. 1892. 4 . 
pp. viii.. 38. Vign. and 11 plates. Dn. 533.4 

Mioletti, Pietro. Guelfi e ghibellini nel Para- 
diso di Dante Alighieri; inchiesta sulla storia 
dTtalia. Alba. 1891. 8. pp. 34+. Dn. 137.24 

Mott, Lewis Freeman. Dante and Beatrice ; 
an e->ay in interpretation. New York. 1892. 16. 
pp. 18. Dn. 162.2 

Nannucci, Vincenzio. Intorno alle voci usate 
da Dante secondo i commentator! in grazia della 
rima; osservazioni. Corfu'. 1840. 8. pp. 76+. 

Dn. 250.3 

Passerini, G. L. . Conte. Del matrimonio di 
Dante Alighieri; saggio di ana storia del " casato 
di Dante." Venezia. 1891. 1.8. pp.11. 

Dn. 415.7 

E-tratto dalT AlighUri, vol. iii. fasc. 5, 6, 7." 

Ponta. Marco Giovanni. Dell' eta che in sua 
persona Dante raffigura nella Divina commedia; 
studio pubblicato per cura di Carmine Gioia. 
Torino. 1891. 8. pp. 33. Dn. 140.8.4 

Ponta, Marco Giovanni. Orologio dautesco e 
Tavola cosmografica ; per cura di Carmine Gioia. 
Citta di Castello. 1892. 8. Dn. 14O.8.5 

"Sngli studii di Ponta nelle opere di Dante Alighieri," 

Savini. Ferdinando. I papi, i cardinali, i 
chierici. i frati, la religione, a giudizio di Dante 
Alighieri. Con tre appendici : Suor Beatrice Ali- 
ghieri : II sepolcro e le ossa del poeta ; II ritratto 
di Dante fatto dal Giotto, ed esistente in Ravenna. 
2ed. Ravenna. 1890. sm. 8. pp. viii.. 81. 

Dn. 143.14.2 

Savini, Ferdinando. Maria Vergine nel poema 
sacro di Dante Alighieri. 2* ed. Ravenna. 1891. 
sm. 8. pp. 61 + ." Dn. 143.14.3 

Scartazzini, Giovanni Andrea. Dante-hand- 
buch : einfiihrung in das studium des lebens nnd 
der schriften Dante Alighieri's. Leipzig. 1892. 


Dn. 418.4.3 

6 2 


Torre, Ruggero KKI.I.A. La quarta cgloga di 

Virjrilin; ronimentata secnndo I'arte graimnatica. 
r.iine. 1892. 8. Dn. 144.11.6 

Venice, Itti/y Imp. r. isti1n1<> rrnrtii //i xri- 
enzr, lettrrr ed arti. II natali/io di Dante Ali.Lfbieri 
dojx) si-ieento anni frsteggiato dull' istituto e dalla 

citia' di Vene/ia. [Dello rela/inni tra la \ita 
d' esilio di Dante Alighieri e la romposi/ione del 
sacro poema; discorso did niembro S. l{. Minicli. 
l)ant- e le arti belli-; discorso del prof. Michel- 
angelo Asson. Vene/ia.] 1865. 1. 8. pp. '.(C. 

Dn. 561.7 


iiuinlx-r lx of the liulh tin, library accessions have been 
classed under separate heads, for {jreutrr cnnvriiifiicf to 
those following special stuilir*. As the headings are brief, 
some of the subjects which full under each (othrr tliau those 
which arc perfectly apparent) urc here indicated. 

\Vnrk of a (1) General and miscellaneous nature come 
first, including bibliography, biographical reference books, 
library economy and history, and works on books and read- 
ing. This heading is followed by (2) Theology ami jifii- 
lotopfty, under which are placed both general and physio- 
logical psychology, ecclesiastical and biblical subjects, ethics 
and ethnic religions. (3) Sritnce embraces medicine, vet- 
erinary science, pseudo-science, and magic. (4) Useful 
arti includes all forms of industrial science, manufactures 
and handicrafts, the combative arts, agriculture, landscape- 
gardening, building (but not architecture), navigation, and 
aeronautics. (5) fine art* embraces music, the archae- 
ology of art and numismatics. (6) Antiquities (incluiliiig 

folk-lore) takes other departments of archeology; popu- 
lar ballads and tales, as well as mediaeval romances, find 
their place here, while ballads not of popular origin appear 
under the final head; here too are placed anthropology 
and ethnology. The scope of (7) ///*/<</ <nnl ijrnijrtijiliy 
(liirliuliiiij jitilitii-K mid general biography) is sullii-i, ntlv 
indicated by its title, but it should be explained that biogra- 
phies of artists should be looked for under Fine arts, of 
astronomers under Science, etc.; genealogies and heraldry 
also fall here. Under (8) Law and sociology appeal 
tistics, commerce, finance, political economy, jurisprudence, 
reforms, charities, education, public morality and hygiene, 
and public works, together with manners and customs, sports 
and games. (II) I'hilology embraces all departments, nt 
only of language, but also of classical and oriental studies, 
excepting such as more properly fall under the second and 
sixth heads. Paleography also is placed under this heading. 
Finally, (10) Literature includes elocution and rhetoric. 


Voted, to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 
see fit. 

Voted, to reappoint GEORGE JOSEPH OSCAR PFKIFFER, Ph.D., Assistant in Chemistry for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93 : HARRIS EASTMAN SAWYER, A.B., in 
Chemistry; ALFRED COPE GARRETT, A.M., in Anglo-Saxon. 

MEETING OF JUNE 13, 1892. The Treasurer reported a gift of $250, received through Professor 
,1 AMKS C. WHITE from Miss LUCY ELLIS, for the use of the Professor of Pathology in 1892-93, and the 
same was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, to amend the standing rules and orders of the President and Fellows and the Board of Over- 
seers relating to the Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports by substituting for the words 
' three members of the College Faculty " the words " three members of the University Faculties." 

On consideration of the report from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences through a committee appointed 
by the Faculty on May 31, 1892, it was 

Voted, that the President and Fellows, with the consent of the Board of Overseers, will this year, 
but no longer, confer the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts simultaneously on persons 
recommended by the Faculty under the circumstances described in the Faculty's report. 

Voted, to appoint SYLVESTER ROSA KOEHLER, Curator of the John Witt Randall collection of 
engravings for five years from May 10, 1892. 

Voted, to appoint JOHN BERTRAM WILLIAMS, A.B., Publication Agent from June 15, 1892. 

Voted, to reappoint as Preachers to the University for 1892-93 : LYMAX ABBOTT. D.D. ; CHARLES 

Voted, to appoint as Preacher to the University for 1892-93 : ELIJAH WINCHESTER DONALD, D.D. 

Voted, to appoint the following Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports for 1892-93 : Three 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors from September 1, 1892 : THEODORE WILLIAM RICHARDS, 
A.M., in English; GEORGE PIERCE BAKER, A.B.. in English. 

Voted, to reappoint for 1892-93: DANIEL DENISOX SLADE, A.B., M.D., Lecturer on Comparative 

Voted, to reappoint the following Instructors for 1892-93: JOHN JOSEPH HAYES, in Elocution; 
SAMUEL SILAS CURRY, Ph.D., in Elocutiou; ROBERT WHEELER WILLSON, Ph.D., in Astronomy and 
Physics; ALFRED BULL NICHOLS, A.B., in German; JOHN CASSAN WAIT, M.C.E., LL.B., in Surveying 
and Drawing; ARTHUR ASTOR CAREY, A.B., in English: WILLIAM FRANCIS GANONG, A.M., in Botany; 
TORREY, Jr., A.M., in Chemistry: GEORGE SANTAYAXA, Ph.D., in Philosophy; CHARLES BEXEDICT 
JOHNSON. A.B., C.E., in Engineering; BENJAMIN LINCOLN ROBINSON, Ph.D., in German; HERMAN 
WADSWORTH HALEY, Ph.D., in Latin; WILLIAM McMiCHAEL WOODWORTH, Ph.D., in Microscopical 
Anatomy: WILLIAM MORSE COLE, A.B., in Political Economy; COMFORT AVERY ADAMS, Jr., S.B., 
in Electrical Engineering. 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors for 1892-93: JOHN HAYS GARDINER. A.B., in English; 
HAMMOND LAMOXT, A.B., in English; HERBERT NICHOLS, Ph.D., M.D., in Psychology. 

Voted, to reappoint Professor JOHN WESLEY CHURCHILL, A.M., Instructor in Elocution in the 
Divinity School for 1892-93. 

Voted, to reappoint for 1892-93 : FREDERICK PERRY FISH, LL.B., Lecturer on Patent Law ; FRANK 
BREWSTER, A.M., LL.B., Instructor in the Peculiarities of Massachusetts Law and Practice. 

Voted, to reappoint as Proctors for 1892-93 : JOHN EDMUND BAHSS, A.B. : FRANCIS GORDON CAFFEY, 

Voted, to appoint as Proctors for 1892-93 : MMXTAI.CI: CHAMBERLAIN; FRANK COLE BABBITT, A.B. ; 

Voted, to appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93 : ROBERT MORSE LOVETT, in English ; HUGH 
M..CULLOUGH. Jr.. A.B., in English. 

Voted, to reappoint CHARLES POMEROY WORCESTER, M.D., Secretary of the Medical School for 


Voted, to rcappoint for 1>'.'L' ::'.: Tin.oi>oi;i: FI-III i:. M.l>.. Lecturer on Mental Diseases; 
SAMUEL HOI MI- DM:. .is. M.D.. Lecturer on Hygiene. 

. to reappoint tin- following: Instructors for ls'.r_ '.i; 1 . ; HINKV PVKKI.I; HIINC^. M.D. .in His- 

tolou'v : .UMI - .1 v K-.IN i'i nrAJf, M.D. , in Diseasea of the Nerrons System ; FI.HKHK.I < <\ MM ( 'i MM:. 

M.D.. in tin- Theory ami Practice of Physic: FKVNM- HIM:V D v v I.N roiri . M.D., in < i v naecology ; 
F.nvv vi;n MVI:-IIMI. P>M KINI;II \i. M.D.. in Diseases of Children: WILLIAM W n 1 1 \\ . .1: i 11 (,\\M 11, 
M.D.. hi Clinical Medicine: CIIAKI.KS M.>N n: v\ H.I.I. (ii:i:is. M.D.. in Obstetrics: FI:VNKDN Hi. sin 
II. ..i I'M:. M.D.. in Laryngology; II 1:1:111:1; r LKSI.II: Mi 1:1:1.1 i.. M.D.. in Clinical Surgery: HII:MAN 
FI:\SK YHKIIM. M.D.. in Clinical Medicine; JOHN CKLAN Cv i: nw i 1.1 . .M.D., in Physiology. 

Vntril. to rcappoint the following Clinical Instructors for is'.i'j :i:; : ,I.>MN HOMVNS. M.D., in the 
Diau'lio.-is ami Treatment of < )varian Tumors ; Fi>wvi;n Co\\ i .1:-. M. D.. in Mental Disease-: FI:WM- 

1', 1 1 1; i i SMI ..n. M.I)., in Syphilis; ^A UN Kit POST. M. D.. in Syphilis ; (ii.oi:..!. W V-IIIN..ION (,\\ . 

M.D.. in S urnc r\ : AKIIIII: Ti.-vcv CABOT, M.D., in Oenito-urinary Snrgerv : ftUNCIfl Si.n..\\ H-K 
WVI-..N. M.D., in (u'liito-nrinary Surgery; CHOI;..!. LINCOLN WALTON. M.D.. in Di>ca.-es .if the 
Nervous System: I'IIILII- COOMHS Ks UT. M.D., in Diseases of the Nervous Svsteni: .Ions I:\MK 
S\\ n i . M.I)., in Diseases of Women. 

I'ntttt, to apjioint the followini,' gentlemen to <rive special clinical instruction during tin- suinincr of 
1M" 1 .' : (ii.ii;..!. II\vi.N. M.I)., in Obstetrics: JOHN Ti.Mrii.ioN I'...\\IN. M.D.. in Dermatology; 
i;i.n:i.i. HVMIIS \V V-IIMI I;N. M . I ). . in ( Jy naecolojjv. 

\'<>> ajipoint for 1892-93: Hi.\m .!\<KSON. M.D., Demonstrator of Hacteriolo^y : FI:\\MIN 
DIMM:. M.D.. D.-moiistrator of Histology. 

Voted, to reappoint WII.I.IVM MI.IIIMTT CONANT, M.I)., Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy for 

Voted, to reappoint the following Assistants for IS:L' '.i:', : .)OIIN WIILLI.OCK Ki. DOT. M.D. . in Clinical 
Surgery: <;i.<n:..i. H..\\AI:I. M..NKS. M.D.. in Clinical and Operative Surgery: FI:\N. is Si:n<. \\I-K 
\\' M.D., in Clinical Surgery: CH\I;I.I> I'KATT STI:ON.. M.I)., in Gynaecology: FIIANK I?IMI..I- 
HAICIUM. TON. M.D. .in Clinical Surgery: THOMAS FOSIII: SIIKU.M AN. M.D. .in Diseases of Children ; 
.Jons Ci MMIN..S MIMIO. M.D., in Anatomy; EH\VAI:I> KKVNOLKS. M.D., in < ihstetrii-s : Cn M:I i > 
WI.NHLI.I. TowNSENi), M.D., in Obstetrics; CHAUI.L- L.MKI S. UDDKK, M.D., in Clinical Surgery: 
CHAIIII- POMI cov WOIIM -n .11. M.D. , in Chemistry ; WII.I.IVM SOHIM: I'.IM \M . M . D.. in Anatonn : 
FI:\NK r,i 1:1: MM.LOIM, M.D.. in Pathology: AI;THI;K Ho\\\i:n W I:N r\\ OKTII. M.D.. in Chem - 
Li'U \i;n Mn ii i: (ii:ii NI.. M.D., in Histology. 

\'<>i1. to appoint the following Assistants for 1892- 1 1 :!: \'IN, INI YAI:IH.I.\ Bownrrc 11. M.I)., in 
Clinical Medicine: HI.SKV JACKSON. M.D. . in Clinical Medicine: AIMIIII: KIN..M;IIM SIONL. M.D.. 
in 15:icti-rii.hr_'\ : .\II.\VNIU.I: 1'iiKi:. M.D.V., in Hacteriology. 

l, to reappoint the following Instructors for ls'.i2- !>:'.: (ii:<n;..i. HOWAHD MONKS. M.D.. in 
Pathology: (li.oin.i. LINIOI.N WM.TON. M.D.. in Ni-uroloiry : AKIIIM; Ih.Nin S r< >nn \ i: n, 
D.M.D.. in Mechanical Dentistry: < 'n \I:I.L- POMMSOV WUKM-IIK. M.D. .in Dental Chemistry. 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors in Mechanical Dentistry for 18!>L' '.':'.: II VMM IIIMI.I: 
I{OI:I.H i Win i i . D.M. I). : Ki< 1 1 Men C v 1:1. MOI:I i /.. 

.to reaipoint PMKPK WII.I.IVM MOIMAKTY, D.M.D.. Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry 
for 1891 

Mi i us.. OK .Ii NI 20, 18!>2. Vote<l. that the thanks of the President and Fellows he sent to Mi.-. 
Hi SIM Di: vi-i.i! of New York for her additional gift of IglHM..".:; received June II. IS'.IL'. towards the 
e\pi n-e- at the < ih-ervatory of Harvard Inivei-ity on account of the Draper Memorial. 

The Tr.-a-nrer reporte.l a gift of s'J.-,(i from CIIVIMI- II. DVII..N. l.-|.. to he u-.d towards 
the -alary of the Associate Professor of Physiology for the year Ii 1 the sain. tully 


irer d that the executor- of Mrs. Fo<.<. had delivered t<> the College the entire collec- 
tion of arti-tic object- heijueatlied hy her for the William Have- Fogu' Art Mu-eiim. and it was 
/. that the -:ime he gratefully accepted. 

that of the money received nil account of the Fogi; I" i|lle-t- ||ir -uill of $100,()0<) he 

for the pr.--. nt a- an endowment fund for the hem-lit of the William II \it Mu-eiim: and 

that the remainder, with uch nums as may he hereafter received from the executor-, he credited to a 
construction account for -aid Mu-t urn. for which interest at the rate of three per cent a y. ,ir shall he 
allowed on daily balances. 


Voted, to grant a special leave of absence to Professor FREDERIC W. PUTNAM until January 1, 1894, 
to enable him to perform the duties which he has undertaken in connection with the Columbian 
Exhibition at Chicago. 

Voted, to grant the request of Professor C. C. EVERETT for leave of absence for the academic year 
1893-94, in accordance with the rules established by this Board May 31, 1880. 

Voted, to appoint BENJAMIN LINCOLN ROBINSON, Ph.D., Curator of the Herbarium. 

The communication from the University Council in relation to the degree of Master of Arts received 
at the meeting of June 4, 1692, was taken from the table and considered, whereupon it was 

Voted, that the President and Fellows concur in the opinion of the Council that it is inexpedient to 
give the degree of Master of Arts in connection with any other degree of this University upon the same 
course of study. 

Voted, that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences be requested to revise at an early day the rules and 
standing orders of the late Academic Council in relation to the degrees of Master of Arts, Doctor of 
Philosophy, and Doctor of Science, which the Faculty adopted on the 10th of June, 1890, from the late 
Academic Council ; and to give notice at the opening of the next academic year that they will no longer 
recommend candidates for the degree of Master of Arts in connection with any other degree of this 
University upon the same course of study, except in the case of persons who were members of the 
University during the year 1891-92 or during an earlier year. 

Voted, to rescind the following vote, which was adopted by the President and Fellows on the 14th of 
May. 1*77. and consented to by the Overseers on the 14th of June in the same year : 

" Voted, on recommendation of the Academic Council that the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall 
carry with it the degree of Master of Arts." 

Voted, to communicate this vote to the Board of Overseers that they may consent thereto if they 
see fit. 

MEETING OF JUNE 28, 1892. The Treasurer reported that he had received from HENRY EVELETU 
HILL, Esq., as executor, cash and securities worth about 895,000 for the bequest to the College as 
residuary legatee of EDWIN CONANT. The estate has now been settled, except as to some small and 
doubtful matters. The College has still a reversionary interest in some trusts created by the will. 

Voted , to grant the request of the Directors of the Foxcroft Club that for the year 1892-93 the Club 
shall have the free use of the lower story of the Foxcroft House and of rooms numbered Three and Four; 
also that the sum of 8275 be contributed by the College towards the salary of the Janitor of the Club in 
consideration of his taking entire care of the students' rooms in the house except the Summer cleaning. 

A request was received from the Young Men's Christian Association of Harvard University for the 
exclusive use of Holden Chapel. The Treasurer was directed to say in reply that the request cannot be 
granted, because the Chapel is needed for its present uses, but that the Corporation will try to provide 
temporary quarters for the Association in one of the Cambridge churches. 

Mr. WILLIAM CARV SANGER having offered to the College a copy by Edward E. Simmons of a 
portrait of the Rev. Dr. ZEDEKIAH SANGER of the Class of 1771. the same was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, to reappoint the following Instructors in Operative Dentistry for 1892-93 : FOREST GREEN- 

Voted , to appoint the following Instructors in Operative Dentistry for 1892-93 : EZRA FLETCHER 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors for 1892-93: ROBERT TRACY JACKSON, S.D., in Palae- 

Voted, to reappoint FREDERICK EDWARD CHENEY M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmoscopy for 

Voted, to appoint ADRAM WYMAN. A.B., Proctor in Divinity Hall for 1892-93. 

Voted, to reappoint as Assistants for 1892-93: ROBERT DE COURCY WARD, A.B., in Physical 
Geography and Meteorology; JAY BACKUS WOODWORTH, in Geology; RICHARD ELWOOD DODGE, 
A.B., in Geology. 

Voted, to appoint as Assistants for 1892-93: GEORGE EDGAR LADD, A.M., in Geology; WILLIAM 
CHESTER, A.B., in Semitic Languages: LEON STACY GRISWOLD, A.B.. in Geology. 




Afsittant Librarian, 
Editor of the Quinquennial Catalogue. 

*," Graduates and Class Secretaries are requested to send 
to the writer class reports, both new and old, and all news- 
papers which contain obituaries and other notices of Har- 
rard alumni. It is important to have the places of birth and 
death, and, in addition to the year, to have the month and 
day of the month. 

When the place of birth or death is unknown, the place of 
residence at the time of entering College or of decease, if 
known, is given within brackets. 

The figures denoting age indicate the last completed year 
of life. 

1821. Withington, William, Rev., b. 28 October, 1798, at 

Dorchester; d. at Jackson, Mich., 31 August, 1892, 

aged 93. 
1829. Taylor, John James, b. 27 April, 1808, at Leominster ; 

d. at Owego, N. Y., 1 July, 1892, aged 84. 
1832. Appleton, William Channing, LL.B., b. 25 October, 

1812, at Boston; d. at Roxbury, 8 August, 1892, 

1835. Jones, Frederick, b. 20 July, 1813, at Dublin, N. H.; 

d. at New Ipswich, N. H., 6 July, 1892, aged 78. 
1841. Rollins, Kbrn William, b. 24 November, 1822, at Bos- 
ton; d. at Nantuckct, 7 August, 1892, aged 69. 
1844. Bewail, Edmund Quincy, b. 1 July, 1826, at New York, 

N. Y.; d. at Watertown, N. Y., 21 August, 1892, 

aged 68. 
1846. Watson, Thomas Andrew, LL.B., b. 19 December, 

1823, at Boston; d. at New York, N. Y., 15 May, 

1892, aged 08. 
1848. Young, Kphraim Wood, b. 7 October, 1821, at Bing- 

ham* Me.; d. at Bariboo, Wis., 25 March, 1892, 

aged 70. 
1866. Bums, William Coleman, b. 15 November, 1835, at 

New York, N. Y.; d. at Paris, France, 15 May, 

1802, aged 56. 

1866. Ruppaner, Antoinr, M.D., b. 18 October, 1830, at 
rlund; d. at Concord, 30 July, 

1802, aged 60. 
1856. Riph v, 1'ctcr, h. 31 December, 1835, at Cohassct; d. 

at WinchcMcr, 9 Augnt, 1W2, aired 66. 

1868. Andemon, Nicholas I.^iiirw ..rth, I.. *> April, 1838, at 

itiati, O.; d. at Lucerne, Switzerland, 18 Sep. 
r , 1892, aged 64. 

1869. Win-low, Jamrn Ancrum, b. 29 April, 1839, at Rox- 

t.ury; d. at Binghamton, N. Y., 27 June, 1892* 

aged 68. 
186. Dabncy, Frederick, b. 9 August, 1846, at Fayal, 

Azorr*; d. at BoMon, 24 July, 1892, aged 46. 
1>71. v- ., I, I,. it., i-h.D., b. 

tober, I860, at Springfield; d. at Brooklin. , 
lumber, 1892, a(t..l 41 
1876. Pottrr, Sil. All.n. M . b. 6 May, 1854, at 

Boton; d. at Roxbury, 10 July, 1892, aged 38. 
1878. BUlne, Emmons, b. 7 August, 1867, at Augusta, Me. ; 

d. at Chicago, 111., 18 Jane, 1892, aged 34. 

1881. O'Callughan, John William, M.D., h. 8 Sept' -iiili.-r, 
1859, at Thompson, Conn.; d. at Xcw York, N. Y., 
29 April, 1892, aged ".J. 

1881. Sprague, Richard, M.D., 1). 16 June, 1859, at Brook- 

line; d. at Ho-tou, 2S June, 1892, ap 

1882. Fiskc, William B..yl, M.D., b. 17 November, 1858, at 

Cambridge; .1. at rambri.l-e, s May, Iv.f.'. 
1885. Allen, Arthur Lincoln, LL.B., b. 28 Sent, ml 

ut West Cambridge; d. at Arlington, !>'. M 

aged 28. 
1888. Kahnwciler, < 'harles Francis, b. 14 July, 1867. 

York, N. Y.; d. at Loon Lake, N. Y., 17 July, 

1892, aged 25. 
1888. McCammon, John White, Ucv., b. 10 May, 1859, at 

Hopewell, O.; d. at Maiden, 17 May, is'.u, aj 
1890. Burrage, Edgar, b. 16 January, 1868, at Boston; d. at 

Boston, 11 August, 1892, aged U4. 

1890. Endicott, Robert Rantoul, b. 9 December, 1868, at 

Beverley; d. at Bevcrley, 7 September, 18 1 .'- 

1891. Platt, William Barnes, b. 16 May, 1869, at Now York, 

N. Y.; d. at Portland, Me., 16 July, 1892, aged 23. 

1846. Gibbs, Charles, lost at sea in the wreck of the steamer 

"Central America," bound from Aspinwall, ria 

Havana, to New York, 12 September, 1857. 
1846. Kerr, John, b. 10 September, 1823, at Eustville. Va. ; 

d. at Princess Anne, Somerset Co., Md., 5 June, 

1868, aged 44. 

1846. Merrill, Charles, d. at San Jose, Cal., 30 March. ^71. 
1848. Mclntire, Harvey Graves, b. 2 July, 1824, at I.yndc- 

borough, N. II. ; d. at Concord, N. II., 2 May, 1892, 

aged 67. 
1853. Blake, George Albert, b. 4 April, 1828, at Raymond, 

N. II.; d. atWalpole, N. II.,:. Ma> , iv.cj, ap d H4. 
1853. Simons, I,, wi- Kdward, d. at Saxton's Ki\ -er, Vt ., : 

August, 1865. 
1859. Burton, George Sanford, b. at Warwick, K. I.; d. ut 

Warwick, K. 1., 21 July, 1884, aged i>o \ WM, .' m.>-. 

1862. Balcom, Melbourne Egbert, d. ut Ayl -f..rd, N. S., 

7 March, 1868. 

1863. Wilbur, Kenbcn Auirustinc, b. lo .June, 1840, at Taun- 

ton; d. at I'lymploii, 17 .Pnly, 1SVJ, aged 4'J. 

1866. Iluse, Kalph < ro-s b. 21 August, 1843, at Newbnry. 

port; d. at (icorgctown, I .June, Iv.!, aged 48. 

1867. Dohcrty, Hugh, b. 7 .June, 1S4'J, at HO-IOII; .1. at 

South HoMon, :;l July, 1*1'-', uged '.'. 

1868. Massey, .John, b. at N..ttiiu.-ham. Kn^'land ; d. at 

\ille, Kan., l.eiwe, n 11 May and 3 .June, 

1S7'J, ay. .1 
1870. Brown, .J:nc IJavmc.nd, b. 'i:\ .January, 1^'J 

Hill, P. K. I.; d. at Springfield, U Jaiiuai 

aged 68. 
1870. Cahill, George, b. at Prin--.- Man. I; d. 

( hai -lotti town, 1'. K. I., 'JJ .JaiiUiiry, 1H81, aged 40. 
1873. Eaton, Franci* Kn^'c ne, b. Is .Inly. 1-t 

N. S. ; d. at .i..nvillr,N.S.,.'. April, 1K76, ., 
1^7',. Hiitcliiii-on. Ali-xaiider Kankin, d. in Au-tr.. 
1884. Terry, ( -harb- Clnircl,, b. -Jfi.!,,,,,.. ]s)... 

d. .it K.ili Kiv- .. l-.I . 100. 

1890. Forrest, Law i ,i 

16 May, 1892. 


6 7 

1890. Pelton, Clarence Whitfield, b. 23 October, 1865, at 
Newton; <1. at Dedham, 14 June, 1892, aged 26. 


1869. Haley, Thomas, b. 14 November, 1829, at Saco, Me.; 
d. at Biddeford, Me., 10 May, 1892, aged 62. 







Force, Edward Leggett, b. 1 August, 1829, at Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; d. at Fort Wayne, Ind., 18 March, 
1863, aged 33. 

Force, Henry Clay, b. 13 May, 1832, at Washington, 
D. C.; d. at Carthage, Ala., 7 February, 1874, 
aged 41. 

Powers, Charles Edward, LL.B., b. 9 May, 1834, at 
Townsend; d. at Boston, 11 August, 1892, aged 58. 


Barrett, Benjamin FL*k, Rev., b. June, 1808, at Dres- 
den, Me.; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 6 August, 1892, 
aged 84. 

Nightingale, Crawford, Rev., b. 8 November, 1816, at 
Providence, R. I.; d. at Providence, R. I., 19 Au- 
gust, 1892, aged 75. 


Parsons, Thomas William, b. 18 August, 1819, at Bos- 
ton; d. at Scituate, 3 September, 1892, aged 73. 

Gardner, Henry Joseph, b. 14 June, 1819, at Boston; 
d. at Milton, 21 July, 1892, aged 73. 

1858. Francis, James Bicheno, b. 18 May, 1815, at South- 
leigh, Oxfordshire, Eng. ; d. at Boston, 18 Sep- 
tember, 1892, aged 77. 

1860. Whittier, John Greenleaf, b. 17 December, 1807, at 
Haverhill; d. at Hampton Fall*, N. II., 7 Septem- 
ber, 1892, aged 84. 

1874. Bond, George William, b. 22 June, 1811, at Boston; 
d. at Jamaica Plain, 29 May, 1892, aged 80. 

1881. Curtis, George William, b. 24 February, 1824, at 
Providence, R. I.; d. at New Brighton, Staten 
Island, N. Y., 31 August, 1892, aged 68. 


1819. Snelling, George Henry, d. 1892. (Bulletin, May, 

1835. Stephens, Lemuel, b. 22 February, 181 4. (Bulletin, 

May, 1892.) 

1853. Browne, Albert Gallatin, d. 24 June, 1891. (Bul- 
letin, October, 1891.) 
1858. Crowninshield, Benjamin William, d. 17 January. 

(Bulletin, May, 1892.) 

1867. Miller, George Henry. The Class report of the 
Class of 1867 for 1892 gives the date of death 
26 January, 1891. (Bulletin, May, 1891.) 
m. 1854. Chandler, Charles Marcellus, d. 19 March, 1889. 

(Bulletin, October, 1891.) 

/. 1853. Burns, James Nelson, b. 22 August, 1832, in Mor- 
gan Co., Ind. (Bulletin, May, 1889.) 

*. 1855. Towle, Hamilton Ela, b. 24 June, 1833, at Lee, 
N. H.; d. at London, Eng., 3 September, 1881, 
aged 59. (Bulletin, May, 1892.) 

t. 1843. Hinckley, Frederic, b. 3 November, 1820. (Bul- 
letin, January, 1892.) 

Triennial and Quinquennial Catalogues of Harvard University since 1824 can 
be supplied to other libraries in full sets on application. 




An Index to the Subject Catalogue of this Library was printed in Sept. 1891. The following list of 
in w headings aildi'd to the Catalogue in the course of a single year illustrates tin- natural and necessary 
growth of a large subject catalogue. Those entries marked by an asterisk (*) are corrections of the 
corresponding entry in the original Index, occasioned either by a misprint or by some change in the 
Catalogue. Those marked by a dagger (t) are supplementary to the same entries in the Index, due to 
the insertion of the same heading in some other part of the Catalogue. All the others are new headings, 
or references from one heading to another, representing the new subjects which have come up in the 
course of the year. It is one of the advantages of the Harvard Subject Catalogue that such new heads 
can be inserted easily and naturally to any extent without interfering with the plan of the Catalogue, or 
modifying its details as already determined. 

Abstraction (philosophy), 7440.811 
tAceent (in general), 5220.205; see also Prosody, 


Accounting, railroad, 8020.223 
Accrescendi jus. See Jus accrescendi, 5260.842+ 
Acids, organic, 1900.805 
Age, school, 3140.1 + 

the, homes for, 800.1 + ; in the United 
States, 800.91 + 

fAgency (Prankish law), 5260.5052+ 
tAlicns (law), 5260.2+ ; (Hawaiian law), 5260. 

565 + 

Alogi, 3055.4+ 
Amana society, 8780.91 + 
Amphibia. Sre Batrachia, 9980.360 
tAmuseinents, for the laboring classes, 5160.2+ 
Analogy (language), 5220.212 

uf .Mexico. See Foreign relations 
with Mexico under United States politics, 

Antru-ti'i. See Trust, 5260.5052 + 
fAoriat (Greek syntax), 5220.5341 + 
+ Appointments. See alto Council of appointment 

w York), 7740.712+ 
* Aquatic plants, 1540.1 + 
Aqueduct-, (.reek, 460.712 + 
Arbor day, 2500.1 + 
*Ark, Noah's, 875.2+ 
tArtich- ' Knu'li-ii syntax), 5220.4341 + 
ia (Athenian law), 5260.551 + 
MIL right of, in ancient Cn-i-cc, 460.712 + 
fAttachment (French law), 5260.492 + 
Ballad. MTm:m, lii-tory of, 1340.5777 + 
Handy. e Hockey, 8860.755 
fBarreU. See alto Staves, 5760.34+ 

Basilians, 3055.44+ 
t Bastardy. See also Illegitimacy. 

Battle-groups, representation of, in art. See 

Warriors, 3820.1 + 
fBees. See also WAX, 9810. 

Beet, diseases of, 1540.7+ 

Beguines, 3055.44+ 

Honorum possessio (Human law), 5260.842+ ; 
see also Inheritance, 5260.842 + 

Book-keeping, railroad. See Accounting. 8020.223 

Brooding. >>Y< Incubation, 9980.402 + 

Bull of demarcation. Sec Demarcation, line of 
(1493), 4140.52 + 

By/antinc painting. 6980.815 

Cacodyl, 1900.146 

Cancels, books with. 1340.217 
fCensers (Assyrian antiquities). 460.470+ 

Charter-, city Mass. law). See City charters, 
5260.692 + 

Chiasmus (rhetoric), 8200.18 

Children, on the stage. 9280.1 + 
fChurch (Chilian law), 5260.405 + 
tClmrch and state, in Canada, 7740.312 + 

Cities, financial pnildcms of, 3800.1 + 

City charters (Mass, law), 5260.692 + 

City u'overmnent. in New York, 7740.712 + 

City halls (architecture), 540.2+ 
fCivil service. S<>- "/> Council of appointment 
(New York), 7740.712+ 

Cluny. congregation of, 3055.460+ (it/t<!r> Beiic- 


Coca, 5880.636+ 
Collectivism. r S.M iu I>M. 8780. 

Collisions at sea (navigation), 6760.29; tee alto 
Signals, 6760.38 


Color in sculpture. See Polychromy, 8380.1 + 
fColor-blindness. See also Lencoscope, 6880.59 
fColored citizens (Massachusetts politics), 7740. 


fComniercial law, in Chili, 5260.405 + 
Commercial guides. 2180.05 
Commissions (Massachusetts government), 7740. 

645 + 
fComponnd sentences (English syntax), 5220. 

434I + 

Concordances to the works of separate authors may 
be found in the Author catalogue under the name 
of the author indexed, and also in the Subject cata- 
logue under the division " Lexicons Authors," 
under the various branches of LAXGCAGB, 5330. 

tConcordat (law), 5260.2 + 

fCongress. See also United States under PARLIA- 

Conjugation (biology), 1380.1+ ; see also Multi- 
plication, 1380.3+ 
fCooperage. See also Staves, 5760.34+ 

Council of appointment (New York government), 

Court of Denmark, 1360.3 + 

Courts, of Chili. 5260.405+ 

Cross (Scotch antiquities), 460.92+ 

Crossing (plants), 1540.76+ : see also Fertiliza- 
tion, 1540.76+ : Hybridization, 1540.76+ 

Cruisers. See Armored vessels, 6660.23 

Cuckoo, 9980.402+ : see also Incubation, 9980. 

tCustoms (tariff), Canadian law. 5260.385+ 

Cylinder (steam engine), 8960.2+ 

Cyrene (Greek mythology) , 8140.612+ 

Damping off, 1540.7+ 

Day, place of it* beginning, 1980.16 
fDebt. imprisonment for, in Belgium. 5260.335 + 

Demarcation, line of (1493), 4140.52+ 
tDiophantine analysis. See also Numbers, theory 
of, 5820.35 

Directories, of banks, 740.02 

of insurance companies. 4960.11 

of pharmacists. 7420.14 

commercial, general. See Guides, 2180.05 

fDisabilities (German law) . 5260.522+ 

Dog-shows, 8560.+ 

Draft (U. S. army). See Conscription. 6095. 

Dunes (physical geography), 4140.82+ 

Eastern church (biography), 2995.49 

Economic botany. 1540.38; see also Agricultural 
botany, 1540.30 
gs. See also Incubation, 9980.402+ 

Election by lot (Greek antiquities), 460.712+ 

Election cases (U. S. law), 5260.923+ 

Elections, in Ohio, 7740.737+ 

Empirical formulae (mathematics), 5820.247 

Employment bureaus, 5160.2+ 

Exile system, of Russia, 7740.802 + 

Extra-illustrated books. See Privately illustrated 
books. 1340.269 

Falashas (Jewish religion), 8140.683+ 

Feldspar. 4160.81 + 

tFilibusters (biography), 1360.12+ 

tFins (embryology), 3300.1 + 
Fiscals (Dutch law), 5260.735 + 
Flowers, arrangement of (fine art), 3820.1 + 
Formulae, empirical. See Empirical formulae, 


Fratres pontis. 3055.56+ 

Freres pontifes. See Fratres pontis, 3055.56+ 
fFriendly societies. See also Girls' clubs, 5160.2+ ; 

Neighborhood guilds, 800. i + 
Fugitive slaves, 8700.92 + 
Gall-flies, 9980.653 + 
fGanglions (comparative anatomy), 2200.16+ 

Gastrulation (embryology), 3300.1 + 
* General baptists. See Baptists, six-principle, 


Gentes (Roman antiquities), 460.893 + 
Geography, teaching and study of. 3140.578 
Glandes (Roman antiquities). See S lingers, 


Government regulation of railways, 8020.268 
Graded schools. 3140.12+ 

Grangerism (bibliography). See Privately illus- 
trated books, 1340.269 
tGuano (commerce), 2180.1 + 
Guides, commercial. 2180.05 
Guilds, neighborhood. See Neighborhood guilds, 

800.1 + 

Hair (comparative anatomy), 2200.25+ 
Harbor dues. See Port regulations. 6760.355 
Hatching. See Incubation, 9980.402+ 
Hepatic fever. See Fever, hepatic. 5880.738+ 
High places, worship in, etc.. 8140.2+ 
Horns (Danish antiquities). 460.63 + 
fHorsemanship. See also Spurs, 2320.1 + 
Hospitalarii pontifices. See Fratres pontis. 3055. 


Ice-yachting, 8860.81 

Iliaca tabula (Greek inscriptions). 4940.60+ 
tlllegitimacy. statistics of. 8920.92 + 

Incubation, 9980.402+ ; see also Eggs, 9980.402 + 

flnheritance (Roman law). See also Bonorum pos- 

868510,5260.842+ : Jus accrescendi, 5260.842+ 

Inspection of schools, 3140.12+ 

Inspiration, Society of True. See Society of true 

inspiration, 3055.79+ 
tlnsurance. See also Pensions. 
Islands, volcanic. See Volcanic islands, 4160.29+ 
Jansonists (in Sweden), 3055.625+ 
Jesuit institutions of education, 3140.686 
Jets (hydraulics), 4640.2+ 
Jewish hymns. English, 4780.32 + 
Jus accrescendi (Roman law), 5260.842+ 
King's peace (English law), 5260.462+ 
fLabor, laws relating to (Illinois), 5260.585+ 

(Massachusetts), 5260.692+ 

*Laboratories, chemical, 1900.03 ; see also Manipu- 
lation, 1900.04 

Lancasterian system of education, 3140.12+ : 
see also Monitors. 3140.12+ ; Mutual tuition, 

tLand, in Italy. 7720.75 + 
Lard, artificial. 5760.23+ 

Laudatio funebris. See Funeral rites (Roman 
antiquities), 460.893+ 


Laudi (Italian poetry), 7700.62+ 
Law libraries, 5380.302 
Lefthandedness. S<-t Hand, 5880.345 + 
Legislative power (in France), 7740.438+ ; set 
alto Ktats gen6raux, Parliament of Paris, etc. 
Leucoscopc, 6880.59 
Lex Julia ct Papiu Poppaea (Roman law), 5260. 

842 + 

Liberalism, in the Catholic church, 3055.490+ 
Lightning, ctleet on the human system, 5880.75 + 
fLocal government, in India, 7740.565+ ; in New 

York, 7740.712 + 
fLord's prayer, criticism of. See Math. vi. 9-13, 

980.268 + 
Lot, election by. See Election by lot (Greek 

antiq.), 460.712+ 
tLottcries (French law), 5260.492+; (German 

law), 5260.522 + 

t Lyric poetry, collections, Spanish, 7700.900+ 
Madras syMcm ol education. See Mutual tuition, 


Mahdiism (Mohammedan religion), 8140.742 + 
tManors (English law), 5260.462+ ; see also Court 

baron ; Land ; Tenures. 

tMarriage. See also Bastardy ; Illegitimacy. 
Marches (physical geography), 4140.82+ ; see also 

Bogs, 4140.82+ ; Drainage, 3360.1 + 
Matriarchy, 5260.26+ 
Maxims, bibliography of, 1340.707 
Metal-working, electrical, 3160.35+ 
Millionaires. See Rich men. 
(Mines, law of, Bolivia, 5260.36+; Chili, 5260. 

405 + 

Modelling (sculpture), 8380.1 + 
^Monitors (education). See also Lancasterian 
system, 3140.12+ ; Mutual tuition, 3140.12+ 
Morasses. See Marshes, 4140.82+ 
t.Multiplication (biology). See also Conjugation, 

1380.1 + 

*Mutterrecht. See Matriarchy, 5260.26+ 
f Mutual benefit societies. See also Neighborhood 

guilds, 800.1 + 
Mutual tuition (Bell's system), 3140.12+ ; see 

alto Monitors. 3140.12 + 
Neighborhood guilds, 800. i+ ; see also MUTUAL 

I'.l M.I ii SoriKTIKS, 6560. 
Neurasthenia, 5880.753 + 
Neurosis, 5880.753+ 
Noah's ark. See Ark, Noah's, 875.2+ 
Nobility, of Rome, 460.894+ ; see alto K<pntes, 
460.893: Patricians, 460.894 + 

of Great Hritain (politics), 7740.4993 
tNuml..T>. th.-ory of. See alto Diophantine analy- 
sis, 5820.244' 

fOak (botany), 1540.87+ 

worship of. etc. .SVr Trees, 8140.2 + 
Otolith.H (Yomparativc anatomy), 2200.35+; *** 

alto Ear, 2200.16, 5880.339 
Painters, character of, 1880. x + 
Pay of teacher*, 3140.16+ 
Peace of God. See Truce of God, 7280.2+ 
t Pensions (politics), 7740.172 

for teachers. 3140.16+ 

Italian. 7740.582 + 

Periodicals, biblical commentary, 950.07 

Periodicals, Brazilian literature, 1340.8158 

hardware, 4360.+ 

iron, 5030.16 

roads, 8260.07 

Phenology (meteorology), 6020.44 

Phosphate mines, 6280.2 + 

Phosphates (mineralogy), 6260.2 + 

See also Fertilizers. 

Photographs, meteorological, 6020.45 
t Pilgrim fathers. See also Independents, 3055.610 
tl'ilotage. See also Port regulations, 6760.355 

Plaids. See Scotch costume, 2320.3 + 

Plate-printing. 9560.34 
fPoets, biography of, of Essex Co., Mass., 1360.3 + 

Police power (U. S. law), 5260.922+ 
fPolitical poetry and songs, French, 7700.300+ 

Polygonal numbers, 240.2+ 

Pontifices hospitalarii. See Fratres pontis, 3055. 

fPoor. See also Pensions. 

Port regulations, 6760.355 

Possessio bonorum. See Bonorum possessio (Ro- 
man law), 5260.842 + 

Precedents (English law), 5260.462 + 
t Prices, in Italy, 7720.75+ 

Probole (Greek law), 5260.540+ 
t Procedure (Connecticut law), 5260.430+ 

Promotions. See Graded schools, 3140.12+ 
fPronouns (German syntax), 5220.5040+ 

Protectorate (international law), 5260.6026+ 

Purification (Hindu religion), 8140.631 + 

Quadruplex telegraphy, 9180.4 + 
tQuarantinc. See also Port regulations, 6760.355 

Quincunx. 799O. 

Railroad accounting. See Accounting, 8020.223 

Railroad commissions. See Government regula- 
tion. 8020.268 

Rapid transit. 8020.323 
(Reciprocity, in Brazil. 7720.47 + 
t Representation (Canadian politics), 7740.312+ 
fReproduction. See also Conjugation, 1380.1 + 

Ri'vendication (Roman law), 5260.842 + 

Rich men (of United States), 1360.86+ 

Rifting (geology), 4160.29+ 
fRoads, Pennsylvania law of, 5260.795 + 

Rounders, 8860.867 
(Sacrifices. See also High places, 8140.2 + 

Saltpetre (commerce), 2180.1 + 

Sand-dunes. See Dunes, 4140.82 + 

Scamping (engineering). 3360.1 + 

Schools, graded. See Graded schools, 3140.12+ 

Schwenkf elders, 3055.79 + 

Screws, theory of, 5860.2 + 

Seasons, influence of, on conduct and life, 5880. 
372 + 

Seed-coats (botany), 1540.632 + 

Self-crimination (Knglish law), 5260.462 + 

(Servitudes (French law), 5260.492 + 
praedial (( ierinan law). 5260.522 + 

Shelving, for libraries. See Buildings, 5380.240 

Shimii \ >'" Hockey. 8860.755 
Shipping, taxation of. .SVr Tonnage dues. 

Shipping laws, Hawaiian Islands, 5260.565 + 


fSibylline oracles. For texts, see the Author 


Slingers, Roman, 6080.4+ 
Society of true inspiration, 3055.79+ 
Societies, fisheries, 3900.07 

insurance, 4960.14 
Specimens, botanical, 1540.1 + 
Spurs, 2320.1 + 
Stage-fright. 7440.8815 

Stare decisis. See Precedents, 5260.462 + 

Staves, 5760.34+ : see also Barrels, 5760.2+ 
fStone antiquities, etc., in Denmark, 460.630+ ; 
in Egypt. 460.642 + 

Straw, breaking of (customs), 2500.1 + 

Substitution (algebra), 240.2+ 

Suicide, bibliography of, 1340.7175 + 
fSunday laws (U. S. politics), 7740.9352 

Survivorship (Roman law) . See Jus accrescendi, 

Swamps. See Marshes, 4140.82+ 
tTariff, of Bolivia. 7720.465 + 

of Colombia, 7720.486 + 

of Costa Rica. 7720.488 + 

of Ecuador, 7720.495+ 

of Honduras, 7720.724+ 

of Nicaragua, 7720.794+ 

of Salvador, 7720.848+ 
Tartans. See Scotch costume. 2320.3+ 
Teachers, pay of. See Pay of teachers, 3140.16+ 

Teachers, pensions for. See Pensions for teach- 
ers, 3140.16+ 

Thanksgiving day, 2500.1 + 
Tiamat (Babylonian religion), 8140.452+ 
Title-pages, 1340.2918 
Tobogganing, 8860.945 
Tonnage dues, in United States, 3800.927+ 

See also Port regulations, 6760.355 
f Tourmaline (chemistry), 1900.2894 
fTrade marks (law), 5260.26+ 
Treadmill (prison discipline), 7840.287 
Trials, bibliography of, 1340.938 
Truce of God, 7280.2+ 
True inspiration, society of. See Society of true 

inspiration. 3055.79+ 
Trustis (Prankish law), 5260.5052 + 
Tugendbund. See History of Prussia (1808-10), 


Ultra vires (English law), 5260.462 + 
Underground wires, electric, 3160.1 + 
Useful plants. See Agriculturalbotany. 1540.30: 

Economic botany, 1540.38; Materia niedica, 


Villae (Frankish law). 5260.5052 + 
Violoncellos. 6520.772 
Volcanic islands, 4160.29+ 
AVar powers, of the French government, 5260. 


Warriors, representations of, in art, 3820.1 + 
Waters (U. S. law), 5260.922+ 


AND ARCH M <>i Mi.ic-Ai. SOCIETY. (Bauman L. 
Beldcn, Lit>r:irian.) 

Tin- library numbers about 3500 vols. ; of these 
about 2.~><X) relate to coins ami medals, and a small 
number to archaeology. Periodicals germain to 
the subject arc taken. A catalogue, including a 
subject index to the important articles in numis- 
matic periodicals, appeared in 1883. 

Civn. K\C.IM;KRS. (F. Collingwood, Secretary.) 

The Society has a large collection of works on 
the history of engineering, with special reference 
to the early history of engineering in the United 
States ; also reports of railroads and other public 
works as given by pioneers in the profession, as 
well as current reports of a similar character. 

All the standard engineering periodicals, foreign 
and American, are received; and photographs of 
engineers and of their works are preserved by the 
Society. There are a few vols. of MS. memoranda 
given by members of the profession. 

A catalogue of the railroad section of the library 
was issued in 1880. 

(J. Schwartz, Librarian.) 

Architecture: 180 vols., forming at one time a 
part of the private library of the late J. Morgan 
Slade of New York. The books are for reference 

New York, A". 1'. ASTOR LIBRARY. (Rob- 
bins Little, Superintendent.) 

There are about 30 si**, in the library, the ear- 
liest 870 A.D.; and of early printed books over 
500. Ptolemy's Geography is represented by 15 
editions, the earliest printed in 1478. The printed 
catalogue, in.8 vols., comes down to the close of 

New York, A'. )'. CATHOLIC CLUB. (J. Tho- 
ron, organizer.) 

Most of the funds obtained from the Club are 
,t for books on the history of the Roman church 
in America and for English literature. 

The library, which now contains nearly 20,000 

rols., is especially rich in thmlnrjiral works, and 

in works on Ireland and in the Irish language, 

in which departments it is considered one of the 

.-.} the country. 

It in also strong in works of the l.",th and 10th 
. with fine and rare r/iy/v/ri'/c/x mi cop- 
per ; with a number of illustrated works on the line 
and ornamental arts, and some book* on the numis- 
matic* of the crn-ader*. All the members ;,re lay- 
men, but the library Is open to the clergy and -chol- 
ars of < v< ry denomination for consultation free of 

New York, A". }'. -('.HI M.I. <>i- PII.VHM 
OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. (Charles Kice, 

Contains in its library about 500 vols. on botany, 
pharmacognosy, and allied branches, and about 
2000 each on chemistry and pharmacy, mostly col- 
lected since 1870. Additions of new works are con- 
stantly made, and a catalogue was printed in l>!il, 
containing an index of subjects. 

An interesting private library of some 1200 works on the 
early hixtnri/ "J in> <li<-hif , in< hiding Arabic, Sanskrit, ( 'hi- 
ncso, Japanese, modern Indian (Hindu) and oilier authors, 
has been collected by the librarian of the College of Pharmacy. 

New York, A 7 ". Y. COLUMBIA COLLEGE Li- 
BKAKV. (Geo. II. Baker, Librarian.) 

Goethe: 73:5 vols. 

Mary Queen of Scots: 277 vols.. collected and 
given by (Jen. J. Watts I)e IVyster, by whom addi- 
tions are still made. . 

Herodotus: 270 vols., largely the gift of 8. W. 
Phoenix, Esq. 

Shakespeare : 706 vols. 

Dante: 281 vols. 

Kant : 282 vols. 

Machiavelli: 120 vols. 

Milton: 110 vols. 

Avery architect urn I library : 3000 vols. 

Railroads: 675 vols. 

Labor : 494 vols. 

Socialism : 3015 vols. 

United States constitutional law: 389 vols. 

Economic periodicals : 900 vols. 

Administrntire law and local administration : 
1419 vols. 

The library of the Huguenot Society of America. 
devoted to the history and literature of the I/ngue- 
nots is deposited here. A catalogue embracing 
657 vols. was printed in 1890. 

New York, N. Y. HOLLAND SOCIETY. (Theo- 
dore M. Banta, Secretary.) 

A collection of the works of (r rot inn and of works 
relating to him, 258 vols., was presented to the So- 
ciety in 1890 by its President. Hon. ]',. \\. i;.ui*evelt ; 
it had been purchased from a bookseller in Am*ter- 
dam the same year. A reprint of the bookseller's 
list was printed as a catalogue of the collection. 

The Society also possesses MS. copies of the 

:iug records of membership, marriages, and 

baptisms of about thirty of the early Ihitch l,'i- 

,,l rlmrchrs of America from their origin to 

the beginning of this century. 

New York, A'. )'. LKNOX 


The library was chartered in 1K70, and contains 
now about 70,000 vols. It is noted for the special 
collections of rare books and manuscripts made by 



Mr. James Lenox during a period of more than 
thirty yours. 

English Bibles: about 2200 vols., comprising a 

remarkably full series of editions dating from 1535, 

i-tlitions of the New Testament from 1534, editions 

of the Psalms, including metrical versions, from 

anil other parts of the Bible from 1493. 

Bibles in other languages: about 1200 vols., 
comprising a selection of the earliest, rarest, and 
most noted editions, in over one hundred languages, 
including all the great Polyglots. This department 
contains five copies of Eliot's Indian Bible, with 
variations, and two copies of the Indian New 

Americana, Early Voyages and Travels : about 
5000 vols.. mostly printed before 1700. This de- 
partment is exceptionally rich in the rarer books 
relating to America, its discovery and colonization. 
It contains very full collections of the early printed 
letters of Columbus, Vespueius, and Cortes, in 
their various editions, with the literature relating 
to them ; special collections of Las Casas, Gomara, 
Acosta, and other Spanish writers, Sir Walter 
Ralegh, Sir Francis Drake, Capt. John Smith, 
English works on New England and Virginia, Dutch 
publications on New Netherland. editions of Hen- 
nepin, Esquemelin and works on the Buccaneers, 
the works of Lesearbot, Champlain. and other early 
writers on Canada. The set of Jesuit Relations of 
New France is the most complete in existence, em- 
bracing nearly every edition and variety. The 
collection of early Oriental travels includes many 
of the primitive editions of Marco Polo, Mande- 
ville. Peter van Suchen, Breydenbach, Barthema, 
Castanheda, Barros and Couto, Herbestain, etc. 
There is a very full collection of editions of 
Gonzalez de Mendoza's China. Ptolemy's Geog- 
raphy is represented by nearly every edition, be- 
ginning with the Bologna edition of 1462. Among 
the general collections of voyages and travels 
are remarkably full sets of Grynaeus, Ramusio, 
Hakluyt, Hulsius and Hulsiana, Linschoten, Schou- 
ten, Hartgers. Bontekoe and Raven, Spilbergen, 
De Veer, Thevenot and Thevenotiana, etc., in 
nearly every edition and variety. There is also an 
extraordinary set, or rather several sets, of the 
De Bry Collection of voyages, including the famous 
Rothelin, Albani, and Sobolewski copies, and a 
series of other works published by the De Bry. 

Incunabula : a very choice and valuable collec- 
tion of block books, illustrating the beginnings of 
printing, and containing various editions of the 
Biblia pauperum, the Ars moriendi, the Apoca- 
the Speculum salutis, the Ars memorandi, 
Donatuses, etc. ; also a collection of the oldest and 
most notable books from the first printing presses 
established in Germany, Italy, France, Holland, 
and other parts of Europe. Among these are a 

beautiful copy of the Mazarine or Gutenberg Bible 
of 14">0-5i), the Durandus of 1459, the Catholicon 
of 14i;<>, the first Bible with a printed date, 14U2, 
and many others remarkable for their interest and 
rarity. There are seven works from Caxton's 
press, exhibiting nearly every style of his type, 
and including a portion of the first book printed 
in the English language, about 1474; also books 
printed by Wynkyn de Worde, Richard Pynson, 
William de Machlinia, Peter de Treveris, and other 
early English printers. The Mexican presses, the 
oMest in America, are represented by at least ten 
works printed before 1550, and many printed be- 
tween that date and 1700; the South American 
presses by choice specimens of the 16th and 17th 
centuries, beginning with 1585 ; the early Cam- 
bridge and Boston presses by their most remark- 
able productions, commencing with the Bay Psalm 
Book of 1640; and the first presses of Pennsyl- 
vania. New York. Connecticut, and other American 
colonies, by select examples. There are also speci- 
mens of printing in Polynesia, Africa, and Asia ; 
among the last a copy of the first book printed in 
India, 1561. 

Aldines : about 150 vols., being a selection of 
the earliest, rarest, and most noteworthy examples. 

The Roman Indexes, of prohibited and expurgated 
books, over sixty editions, 1550-1878. 

Shakespeare and Shakespeariana : a select col- 
lection of about 1000 vols., containing many of the 
early quartos, two copies of the first folio, seven 
of the second, two of the third, two of the fourth, 
all with variations, and the most important later 

The Milton collection: about 250 vols., contain- 
ing nearly every variety of the early editions. 
Among these are several volumes from Milton's 
own library, with his autograph and annotations. 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress and Bunyaniana : 
about 500 vols., containing nearly 350 editions in 
English, beginning with the first in 1678, and trans- 
lations in many languages. 

Angling and ichthyology : the choice collection 
made by Thomas Westwood, of about 500 vols. 
This includes all the editions of Walton's " Com- 
plete angler," and many other rare works of early 

Bibliography : about 1000 vols. The section 
of American bibliography is especially full, and 
contains many works with important manuscript 
additions, such as Rich's own copies of his bibli- 
ographies, in duplicate, profusely annotated; the 
Ramirez copy of Beristain, Mr. Lenox's interleaved 
copies of Ternaux, Rich, Lea Wilson, etc. 

The Duyckinck Library, formed by Evert A. 
and George L. Duyckinck : about 15,000 vols., very 
full in works relating to literary history and biog- 
raphy, English and American poetry (1200 vols.), 



and tin- drama (800 vols.). It contains special 
collections relating to proverbs ami ni>h<-isms 
(100 vols.), emblems and the Dance of Death (100 
vols.), books illustrated by Bewick and Anderson 
(over 100 vols.), by Cruikshank (2r>0 vols.), and 
by other eminent engravers. Among the works 
illustrated by Anderson is the engraver's own col- 
lection of proofs of hia woodcuts, in ten large 
scrap-books. There is also a collection of Greek 
and Latin Cfnssics, including nearly 100 editions 
of Horace. 

The Dreiel Musical Library, the legacy of 
Joseph W. Drexel: about 7000 vols., relating to 
the history and literature of music. Many of these 
are of early date. There are also manuscripts and 
autograph letters by many of the famous com- 
posers, books and manuscripts from Dr. Rimbault's 
library, rtc. 

The Astoin collection of French literature : about 
6000 vols., especially full in modern belles lettres, 
in bibliography, and in the fine arts. 

The Robert L. Stuart collection : about 8000 vols. , 
containing many rare and valuable works relating 
to natural history and the fine arts, editions of the 
Bible in English, manuscript and printed Missals, 

Spanish manuscripts relating to America : about 
200 vols. Among these are original autograph let- 
ters of Diego Columbus, the son of the discoverer. 
Francisco Uoldan, Bohadilla, Juan de Trasierra, 
Nicolas de Ovando, and others, mostly written in 
America between the years 1500 and 1512; the 
original manuscripts of Castaneda's " Relacion de 
la Jornada de Cibola," of Munoz's " Historia del 
Nuevo Mundo," and of other important documents ; 
transcripts of historical works, partly unpublished, 
by La* Casas, Oviedo, Duran, Sahagun, Tezozo- 
moc, Xurita, Yxtlylxochitl, Columbus, Cortes, and 
others; papers relating to California, Texas, New 
Mexico, Mexico and Yucatan, Central and South 
America, the Pacific, etc. The greater part of 
this collection was formed by Don Antonio de 
Uguina. of Madrid. It comprises almost every- 
thing of any interot that was collected by his friend 
Muiio/ for the " Historia del Nuevo Mundo," of 
which only the firHt volume wan published, I'guina 
wan also the intimate friend of Navarrete. and fur- 
nished him with ninny of the materials for his 
"Coleccion ilt Vi.r_"s de los Espafioles." After 
his death the mami-rripts were purchased by 
M. Ternaux Compans, of Paris, who translated 
and published some of them, and made some im- 
portant additions to the collection. They p-i.-sed 
next into the hands of Mr. < >. Rich, who added 
several manuscript* from the Kingnborough col- 

n, and sold the entire lot to Mr. Lenox. 
The Chalmen paper* : comprising nearly 2UOO 
document*, original letters, extract* from state 

records, etc., hound in 21 vols. folio. TIT. 
lection \\:i* funned by Mr. (leorge Chalmers, the 
author of " Political annals of the Tinted Coloni< s." 
It is classified as follows: Canada, lH'.f-'- IT'.'J. 
1 vol.; Connecticut. K',:',',) 17T.7. :'. \ 
l-'lm-ida, 1763-1782, 1 vol.; Indians. 17.M> 177.".. 
1 vol.: Mnnjlnnd. 1C,1!)-1812, 2 vols. ; New York, 
1608-1792, 4 vols. ; Nora Scotia, 1745-1S17, 1 vol. ; 
I'tiinsi/lvania, 1G20-1779, 2 vols.; I'lnladrljdnn, 
17<',(>-17s'.i. 2 vols.; Virginia, 16<x; -177.".. 1 vols. 

American manuscripts: a small collection com- 
prising the original manuscript of Wasliintjtim's 
Farewell address, a long letter of Washington con- 
taining the original draft of the Farewell a ldres<, 
several letters of Hamilton and .Madison to Wash- 
ington, with their respective drafts of the Farewell 
address, autograph letters of Washington and of 
the signers of the Declaration of Independence, etc. 

Scottish historical manuscripts : about ."><) docu- 
ments, state papers, letters, etc., relating to Scot- 
tish history, 1501-1746, and containing autographs 
of John Knox, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Eliza- 
beth, James I., Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, etc. 
Presented by Mr. John S. Kennedy. 

The Burns manuscripts: comprising over l.'iO 
letters, poems, and extracts from poems of favorite 
authors, in the handwriting of Kohcrt l.urn*. a 
very large proportion of which bear the indorse- 
ment of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd. Pre- 
sented by Mr. John S. Kennedy. 

Six " Contributions to a catalogue of the Lenox 
library " have been printed, covering the following 
special subjects : 

i. Voyages of Hulsius, etc. 1877. 
ii. The Jesuit relations, etc. 1879. 

iii. The voyages of Thcvenot, etc. 1879. 

iv. Bunyan's Pilgrim's progress, etc. 1879. 
v. Works of Shakespeare, etc. 1880. 

vi. Works of Milton, etc. 1S81. 

There are two picture galleries attached to the 
library: the Lenox gallery, containing nearly ].">< 
paintings, and the R. L. Stuart gallery, containing 

New York, N. Y. MAIMOMI.I s Lin it via. 
( 'oheii, Librarian.) 

The library ha* 410 voN. and .">:.'.". pain-, on r</,t- 
cation (Catalogue, 2-1 pp. in lSM'.j,and '.i.'.it 
and 117n pains, of Judnnn and llfimnai (MS. 
catalogue :. 

New York, .V. }'. Mm HOI-OLITAN MUSEUM 
01 \i;i. :W. L. Andrew*. Librarian; Dr. .1. A. 
I'aine. \-si.-tant.) 

lit a, id urclt neology : 2000 vols. and 
hundred pamphlet-, lucre. i-e I yearly by 
hundred volumes from appropriation* and from 
the income of a fund. 



Design and industrial art : 500 vols., bequeathed 
by the late Edward C. Moore, of Tiffany & Co., 
embracing best authorities upon gold and silver 
icork, glass, ceramics, textile fabrics, laces, etc. 

Frankliniana: 380 vols., known as the Hunt- 
ington collection, including an extensive collection 
of portraits of Franklin ; also a collection of MSS. 
and early printed books given by the late Mr. J. W. 

OF MKWCINE. (John S. Brownne, Resident Li- 

The library, relating to medicine only, contains 
40,000 vols. and 15,000 pams., to which about 
1500 vols. are added per year from special funds. 
The files of medical journals are the most com- 
plete in the country outside oi: the Surgeon-Gen- 
eral's Office in Washington : a catalogue of British 
and American periodicals, transactions, and reports 
was printed in 1889. Part 2, a catalogue of Ger- 
man, French, Italian, Spanish, etc. periodicals, 
transactions, and reports is in press. 

SCIENCES. (J. F. Kemp, Librarian.) 

The library contains over 10,000 vols. on natural 
and physical sciences and the proceedings of scien- 
tific societies. The collection has accumulated, 
mainly through exchange of publications, since 
about the year 1830 ; additions now amount to 
about 1500 works annually. It is especially rich in 
the proceedings of scientific societies dating from 
its origin. The collection is deposited in the li- 
brary of Columbia College, and is open to the pub- 
lic on the same conditions as the college library. 

LATING LIBRARY. (Ellen M. Coe, Librarian.) 

Has a carefully selected library of German 
books (about 12,006 vols.) in history, science, and 

The library possesses about 20 vols., relating 
chiefly to slavery, from the library of the late 
Wendell Phillips ; most of them having valuable 
autograph notes. 

SOCIETY. (Charles Isham, Librarian.) 

The library of the Society numbers about 82,000 
vols. on subjects connected with American his- 
tory. The Phoenix collection of genealogical 
works should be mentioned. 

(Frank P. Foster, M.D., Librarian.) 

Has a library of 20,000 vols., devoted entirely 
to works on medicine, surgery, and collateral 
branches. From 300 to 500 vols. are added yearly 
from a special fund. 

New York, .Y. r. NEW YORK LAW INSTI- 

TI-TE. (Win. II. Winters, Librarian.) 

The library of the Institute has 39,000 works re- 
lating to laic, with an increase of 800 vols. per 
annum. A catalogue was printed in 1874. 

New York, A". Y. NEW YORK SOCIETY Li- 
URARY. (W. S. Butler, Librarian.) 

Founded as "The Public Library" in 1700; 
afterwards incorporated with the N. Y. Society Li- 
brary, formed in 1754, and received a royal charter 
from George III. in 177-. 

Fine arts: about 750 vols. in the "John C. 
Green Alcove," with a yearly income of 81200 for 
additions of costly illustrated works. An anno- 
tated catalogue of the collection was printed in 
1879 at the expense of Robert Lenox Kennedy. 

Arctic research: above 100 vols., presented by 
James Benkard. furnishing a complete history of 
the subject from the earliest period. 

The Hammond Library of 1800 vols., of which 
the greater number are extremely rare, comprises 
old novels dating from 1780 to 1820. A catalogue 
was printed in 1868 when the collection was pre- 
sented by Robert Lenox Kennedy. 

The Winthrop collection of about 300 ancient 
and curious books, chiefly in Latin, once owned by 
John Winthrop of Connecticut. 

The collection in the " De Peyster Alcove," 
numbering about 1000 vols., is very full in certain 
special subjects, such as slavery, Sweden, and 

FOREIGN MISSIONS. ( , Librarian.) 

The library has about 3000 vols. on general mis- 
sionary topics; 163 vols. of biography; 150 vols. 
of Chinese classics : 200 vols. on the Indians and 
Mexico ; 357 vols. on Africa ; 372 vols. on India ; 
171 vols. on Arabia and Palestine ; 320 vols. on 
China and Japan; also missionary reports and 

NARY. (Rev. Charles R. Gillett, Librarian.) 

The Westminster divines and the Puritans of the 
xvnth century : about 5000 titles ; an unrivalled 
collection, formed by Prof. Chas. A. Briggs, D.D., 
and increased by means of the endowment of the 
McAlpin collection of British theology of which 
it is a part. The Westminster collection has no 
card catalogue. 

Deistic, Dissenting, and Unitarian controver- 
sies in England: over 1200 vols., collected by 
Prof. E. H. Gillett, D.D. Unitarian, Unirer- 
salist, etc. controversies in America, similarly 

II ym nology : over 5000 vols. , collected by Prof. 
Edward Robinson, Dr. Edwin F. Hat field, President 



II D. Hitchcock, anil others. The collec- 
tion of Prof. F. M. Hird. over .".000 vols., was pre- 
sented by Henry l>;iy. Ksq., of New York (not 

From Li-ander Van F.-s of Marburg was pur- 
chased in Is:'.*-: 1 . 1 .! liis theological library, including 
patristic literatim-, 2000 vol*. ; Roman Catholic 
and Reformation theology, K.oo \ol<. : i/icininfui/a 
and rare books of the \vith and xvnth centuries, 
1000 vols. The collection was composed in part 
of the libri prohihiti" of the Benedictine mon- 
astery of MarieniniinstiT, raderborn, of which Van 
Ess wa< cu.-todian. 

British theology: 10,000 vols., with an endow- 
ment of 5000 by David H. McAlpin, Esq., of New 

American theology and history: a very consid- 
erabli- collection, with a very large collection of 
pamphlets derived from the libraries of Drs. Gil- 
lett, Hatfield. Marsh, Spragnc. Field, and others; 
similarly endowed by same donor. 

Iiiiinnciilnle conception : 100 vols., collected by 
C'has. \V. Ha>sl.-r. F,-q.. of New York. 

1'hiliisnphy : about l"iOO vols., German, French, 
English, and American, endowed by the Alumni in 
memory of the late Prof. Henry Boynton Smith, 
D.I). : growing constantly. 

Periodicals, theological and literary : a collec- 
tion of some 10,000 vols., American, English, 
German. French. Dutch, etc.; over 100 current 
periodicals are on file. 

The Seminary has 185 MSS., Syriac, Arabic, 
Latin, He., not yet catalogued; also a collection 
of 450 coins, the gift of President R. 1). Hitchcock, 
on exhibition; and a Christian and missionary 

New York, .V. )'. Y. M. C. A. LIMUAHY. 
(Kc-iil in K. Poole. Librarian.) 

Th> .llcctioiis of note are: 

dits : 17,000 in 170 vols., includ- 
ing 8000 portraits in .",."> folio s< r.,p bo >ks collected 
and arranged by John Perceval. Karl of Kgmont, 
and continued by John T. Graves. The subjects 
range from A.I>. 1 to 17:!'!, by eminent engr 

/* and enyi-in-inif .- .">:.':; vols., includ- 
ut L'i',.000 prints or plates, reproductions of 
Rembrandt. Turner, Hogarth, and oti 

".I" roll ''--'M 1 '- P'-ru. c-tc. 

fine arts \:',7 works; sculpture, 84 

ToU., with aboil 1 ravings; architecture, 

460 rid iTion. MM volt., a rich collection. 

. : coin]'! : tin- New York 

i . from 1HC.O, the 'linn- .nearly complete) 

from l.-v'.l. the Tribune. IMs IMIO. and from 1*71.' 

to date, the World nearly complete) from 1868; 

with the Tribune Index from 1 

Bible*: before 17<M), .VI vols. 

Hible .i/.s'X. . photographic fac-similes of the 
Codex Alexandriniis and Codex Yaticanus, and a 
printed fac-simile of the Codex Frederico-A ugii<ta- 

I'liliu- fTji/nriiti'iiia : 102 vols., covering the pe- 
riod from is 17 to 1885. 

I:IL' vols. 

New Orleans, La. -- II<>\\ u:i> MIMOUIAI, Li- 
I'.UAKV. (William P.eer. Librarian.) 

The library contains 1'O.dOO books and pamphlets 
for reference and study, and has special collections 
on the history of Louisiana and New Orleans. It 
al>o makes a specialty of the literature of proces- 
and progresses. 

Northampton, Mass. SMITH CIH.I.LI.I. l!ii- 
1.1:1 KCB Lir.u.MM. i Mary K. ( iorhain, Librarian.) 

The philti.-<ni>li iful de]>arlmeiit contains about 
1200 works, chiefly from the library of Prof. M. 
Stuart Phelps. The Phclps Memorial Association 
has a fund for the department, and additions are 
constantly made. 



The library, of over !.">. (100 vols., has an appro- 
priation of ft.'iOO each year for the purchase of 
books. In American and fut/in/ic liiatnri/ there is 
a large collection, made during the last twenty 
years by the Librarian, and about 2000 vols. of 
Roman Ctithulic m ir*/xiji< / \s- and magazines. li- 
ports of diocesan synods and Roman ( 'atbolic insti- 
tutions number about ll'OO vols. ; there are several 
thousand vols. in Irish history collected by the late 
Laurence Kehoe of New York and others; many 
early American Catholic pamphlets and books col- 
lected by the late Father Finotti and by the Libra- 
rian ; several hundred works relating to .1, 
liistnri/. collected by the late John Gilmary Shea; 
.-everal hundred /- /////////x ;/v///,.<. <-ollected by the 
late James A. McMa-ter of New York; and thou- 
sands of nriijiinil /-//</> in Spanish. French. Her- 
man. and F.nglish, written by bi>hops. jiriots. and 
laymen. There are al>o paintint,'^, photographs, 
and relics of all kinds relating to tlie church 
cially the Roman Catholic hi>hops and pn 
America ), the ( 'i\ il \\ ar, and Indian life, and a col- 
lection of ruins from all parts of the world. 

Oberlin, 0. Or.i CoLLBOB LinitAKY. 

( A/ariah S. Root, l.iiirai 

,-// and anti-slavery: over IL'uo books and 
pain-. I 'ontain> the library of Win. Goodell. l'.-.|., 
and ]ortions of the liliraries of Oliver Johnson and 
Austin Willey. Tin- co]l.-i-ti..ii i e>|,,..'ially strong 
on the ]>olitieal ap"-ct ot'tln- slavery (juestion. 

Origin. d s,.un, - f,,r the stmly of church history 
also should be mention* d. 



Palo Alto, Cal. Stanford Un icersity. (E. II. 
Woodruff, Librarian.) Of the library as a whole 
it is too soon to say anything. A railway collec- 
tion has however been founded by Timothy Hopkins, 
containing already about 1000 vols. and as many 
panis.. and to be largely increased. It is intended 
to include both the technical and economic sides of 
the subject. 

Philadelphia, Penn. ACADEMY OF NATURAL 

Si n \( i>. (Edward J. Nolan. M.D.. Librarian.) 
Contains in its library over 33,000 vols. and nearly 
1'J.OnO pamphlets, devoted exclusively to the natu- 
ral sciences, with an annual increase of from 
700 to 800 vols. Additions are made by exchange 
and by purchase from the income of the I. V. 
Williamson and Thomas B. Wilson library funds. 

The conchological collection is specially com- 
plete, with 1200 vols.; and ornithology is well 
represented, all the illustrated folios being on the 

The library was begun in 1812, and has large files 
of scientific journals, proceedings of societies, etc. 

Philadelphia, Penn. AMERICAN BAPTIST HIS- 
TORICAL SOCIETY. (Henry E. Lincoln, Librarian.) 

The library, containing about 8000 vols., is made 
up principally of books illustrating the history of 
the Baptist denomination and the works of Baptist 
authors. It includes 400 vols. and 20,000 panis., 
the reports and annual minutes of Baptist socie- 
ties, conventions, and associations in the United 
States and abroad ; 780 vols. in hymnology, a large 
proportion of these having been collected by the 
late Francis Jennings ; 300 vols. of the translations 
and publications of foreign missionaries; and a 
large number of autographs and letters, and manu- 
script histories of churches and sketches of private 
individuals. The Society also aims to collect pho- 
tographs and pictures of Baptist ministers and lay- 
men, and views of churches, colleges, etc. of which 
several hundred have been secured. 

Philadelphia, Penn. AMERICAN PHILOSOPHI- 
CAL SOCIETY. (Henry Phillips, Jr., Secretary and 

The library of the Society, founded in 1743, con- 
tains about 45,000 vols., is of a general and miscel- 
laneous character, and has been formed principally 
by exchange with other learned societies, the Trans- 
actions, for instance, of the Royal Society of Lon- 
don, going back to 1GG5, and those of the French 
Academy to 1G66. It has a large number of 18th 
century pamphlets and some valuable MSS., among 
which the following pertain to our colonial and 
early federal history: 

Correspondence of Benjamin Franklin, 59 vols. 

Correspondence of William Temple Franklin, 
8 vols. 

Correspondence of Arthur and Richard Henry 
Lee, supplementing other portions in the libraries 
of Harvard College and the University of Virginia, 
2 vols. 

Logan papers, 2 vols. 

T. and R. Penn. letters, 1747-71, 1 vol. 

Recollections and other papers of Samuel Breck. 

John Pemberton's Letter-book, 1744-47. 

Heckewelder loiters, 1816-L'L'. 

Chief Justice Marshall's opinions, 1803-31. 

Dutch and English records of Pennsylvania. 

Thomas Sargeant's extracts from early Pennsyl- 
vania records. 

Records of indentures of individuals (Pennsyl- 
vania) . 

Rough minutes of Provincial Councils. 

Unprinted laws of Pennsylvania, 1693-1700. 

William Penn's Cash-book. 

History, and True history of the Dividing Line 
between Virginia and North Carolina. 2 vols. 

Minutes of Commissioners for determining the 
bounds between Pennsylvania and Maryland. 

The Connecticut and Wyoming controversy. 

Records of the Colony of New Sweden. 

Indian treaties (Pennsylvania). 

Indian military affairs, 1737. 

Louisiana papers (Jefferson, etc.), and a Spanish 
account of the province. 

A manuscript of La Harpe's Journal (see Nar. 
and Crit. Hist. America, v. 64). 

French War papers, like army accounts. 1754-56 ; 
military journal, 17GO-G3; regimental book, 1754. 

Revolutionary records : importation of tea, 1773 ; 
Valley Forge orderly book, 1777-78; the disap- 
pearance of the papers of William Lee in Berlin ; 
Continental currency. 

Pertaining to early American linguistics and 
aboriginal history : 

A Mexican tribute roll of Montezuma, 

Treatises in the Central American languages, and 
translations in those and other aboriginal tongues, 
12 vols. 

About 2500 Aztec relics (on exhibition at the 
Academy of Natural Sciences). 

Of scientific value are the following : 

Lewis and Clark expedition, note books, 19 vols. 

The botanical journal of Andre Michaux. 

The mineralogical journal of Thos. P. Smith. 

A list of dried plants put in Dr. B. S. Barton's 
hands by Meriwether Lewis (Lewis and Clark), 

Log books and ships' meteorological records. 

An old Greek manuscript (homilies). 

Two missals of the 14th and 15th centuries. 

The Society's collection of coins is on exhibition 
in Memorial Hall, Fairmount Park. It has also 
various interesting relics, like Franklin's electrical 
machine, Rittenhouse's clock and meridian instru- 

7 8 


mi-lit. Jefferson's pantograph, a nioiK-l of Fitch's 
steamboat, etc. A of valuable busts (in- 
cluding Houdon's Franklin and Lafayette) and 
oil portraits. 

A clas-iticd catalogue of the lihrary \v:is printed 
in 1803-84. 

Philadelphia, I'enn. AMERICAN SI-M>\\ 
S. H. ...i. I'MMN. (Edwin W. Kicc, Librarian.) 

Modern Sunday Sclnx,!* : the history of their 
organi/ation. hest methods of instruction, etc. ; 
about 2000 vols., besides pamphlets and unpub- 
lished MSS. on tlie subject. 

The lihrary was begun in 1824 and has at present 
over 8000 vols. and 2000 bundles of pams. 

Philadelphia, Penn. COLLEUE OF PIIYSI- 
(BAM 'i- Pirn MU.I rniA. (Charles Perry Fisher, 

Yellow fever and its history: over 000 vols. are 
devoted to this subject, and over 200 to the Ameri- 
can history of vaccination and inoculation. 

Medical history during the Revolutionary war: 
a large collection of unpublished autograph letters 
and papers, and many books illustrating the early 
history of American medicine. 

About 400 current medical journals are con- 
stantly on file for consultation. The total number 
of volumes in the library, not including dupli- 
cates, is above 43,000, with about 15, (XX) unbound 

Philadelphia, I'enn. DIVINITY SCHOOL OF 

INI 1'. I-'.. < in K< ii. (Ezra P. Gould, Librarian.) 
Liturgies: a collection of 1500 vols. and many 
pamphlets, given by lit. Kev. Win. Bacon Stevens. 
D.D.. Bi.-hop of Penn. From the same donor the 
lihrary has received the Journals of the General 
Convention, and diocesan journals, nearly if not 
quite complete from the beginning. 

Philadelphia, I'rnn. DIM \i i. INSTITUTE OF 
- n. >< i.. AM. INDUSTRY. (Alice B. Kroeger, 

Manuscripts, autographs, and curious books : 
MSB. of complete works, 34 vols. ; autograph let- 
ters and MM., fi vols. folio ; ami other bo.,; 
taining valuable autographs, etc., the gift of Mr. 
George W. Child-. 

There are the following complete MSB. : Andre's 

"The cow chace," Ivlwm Arnold's "Lotus and 

:ner' H'-rtba," Cooper's "Life of 

Hit-hard Somcrs," Dickers'* "Our mutual friend," 

Godwin'* Cb.ii'l' -1. \ ." Hawihon.e'a "Consular 

experience.-." I. .mil.'* ' Witches and other night 

Ixjwell's " I'nder the willows," Martineau's 

" Retrospect of western travel," a sermon from 

by Cotton Mather, Poe's "The 

murders in the line Morgue," Scott'i " Chroni- 

clei of the Canongate," Thackeray's " Lecture on 
(M-orge III.," a sermon by Bishop White, Willis's 

Need of two loves." 

Philadelphia, I'enn. FRANKLIN INSTITUTE. 

(Alfred Higling, Librarian.) 

The lihrary is strictly scientific in character and 
contains at present :'.7, ()()( vols., nearly 88,000 
pains., and over .".nno maps, drawings, ami photo- 
graphs. All the leading technical periodical* are 
received, as well as the transactions of the / 
.nifittii* of the world. The library contains com- 
plete sets of the British (and Colonial), French, 
(lernian, Austro-Hiingarian, Russian, Swiss, and 
A nierican patent records. 

Electricity forms a collection of 1800 vols.. i".i:.n 
pains., and :.' ! M.-.S. ; and cln-m iatri/ 1!HIO vols. and 
2 vols. of MSS. Eat-h subject has a special fund 
for additions. A catalogue of electrical works 
was published in 1SS4, and one of chemistry in 

Philadelphia, Penn. FRIENDS' FUKI: I.i- 
HKAKV. (ii-rniiintoirn. ( William Kite, Librarian.) 

The writings of Friends, controversial and bio- 
graphical, form a collection of over 500 vols. and 
100 pams., which have been added to the library 
by purchase since 1873. These accessions are 
recorded in the Annual reports of the library. 

Philadelphia, I'tnn. FRIENDS' LIHRARY, OR 

LIKKAKY or -iiir. TIIUI.I; MONTHLY Mi i IIN..- .i 
FRIENDS. (John II. Dillingham, Librarian.) 

Founded by Thomas Chalkley, and has been 
growing since 1741, with additions by John I'em- 
berton and otln-r-, now amounting to 11,800 vols. 
/'/!< in/a' book-, and especially early Friends' litera- 
ture, form a collectn n of about isnn voN. 

Philadelphia, Penn. !lir.i:i\v l\i>i < ATM.N 

S.>. n rv. (Cvrii- A, Her, Lilirarian.) 

liililicnl n/it/ Ji-n-i.-i/i I \l< fiiturr : l~uil vols., the 
library of Isaac Leeser of Philadelphia, formed 
betwei'ii 1>L'I ami l>r,7. A catalogue was printed 
in is.-; 1 ,. Tin-re are no fund- tor additions. 

The library of tin- Society i-. in the main, a col- 
lection of editions of ami com ntaries on the. 

Hebrew IHIilf ; it contains, however, pamphlets, 
-i-rmons, and periodical", of interest for the history 
of the ./ci/-.s- in Ann rica. 

Philadelphia, Pi /m. HISTORICAL So. n rv 

..i l'i s\-i i \ VM \. !'. I ). Stone. Librarian.) 

denealogies and tmrn and county histories re- 
lating to the Middle and Southern states: a large 

Political history of the United States from 178!) 
to IHilL': :iu(i(i pains., bound in chronological order. 

Public institutions of Philadelphia: a large col- 
lection of pamphlets. 



French revolution : 1810 vols., collected by Dr. 
Win. Muclure in France early in the present 
century for the Academy of Natural Sciences, 
from which institution it was purchased for the 
Historical Society by Mr. William S. W*ilson 
ami Dr. Thomas B. Wilson. Described in the 
catalogue of the Acad. of Nat. Sciences, 1836, 
pp. 179-239. 

Hooks printed in Philadelphia, 1685-1785 : 1796 
vols. . many of them printed for the Germans settled 
in the section of the country about Philadelphia. 
Collected by the Society and the Trustees of the 
Gilpin Library of the Historical Society. Consult 
Hildeburn's "Press in Pennsylvania, 1685-1785." 
Many have been added since this was published. 

American Colonial laics. The unrivalled collec- 
tion of Colonial laws made by the late Charlemagne 
Tower was presented to the Society in 1890 by 
Mrs. Tower. It embraces the first extant edition 
issued by each of the American colonies except 
Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Maryland, the first 
edition of the laws of Vermont as well as those of 
the British and Danish West Indies, also nearly 
all the later revisions prior to 1800, and the origi- 
nal session laws of all the colonies except North 
Carolina and Georgia. The set of Pennsylvania 
laws numbers 151 titles, that of Massachusetts, the 
nucleus of which was the collection of Dr. George 
H. Moore, numbers 407 titles. A valuable collec- 
tion of other early Americana is likewise included. 
The careful and elaborate Catalogue printed by the 
Society shows 942 titles of Laws and 87 titles of 

The Society has begun, as supplementary to the 
Tower books, a collection of the minutes of Colonial 
assemblies which has already attained a respectable 

The following manuscripts deserve special no- 
tice : 

Extracts from records of Friends' meetings : 
births, deaths, and marriages from 1682 to 18 , 
oi' M-. vol. : >till being increased. 

William Rairle papers; insurrection in western 
Pennsylvania and in Northampton County : 2 vols. 

Wallace papers, including those of William 
Bradford. Atty. Gen. U. S. : 10 vols. 

James and William Irvine papers and letters, 
relating to the Revolution : 13 vols. Portions of 
the latter have been printed in the Washington- 
Irvine correspondence, edited by Butterfield. 

Letters of Conrad Weiser ; Indian affairs in 
Pennsylvania, 1741-1766: 2 vols. 

Letters of If. E. Jfxhlenlerg ; botanical corre- 
spondence, 1781-1815 : 1vol. 

Letters of Hon. John Langdon. 1659-1821: 
1 vol. and MSS. The more important papers of 
Lungdon are in the possession of Rev. Alfred 
Langdon Elwyn of Penn. 

George, George Jr., and Willing. T. Read, 1716- 
1872 (Delaware, etc.) : 1 vol. 

Sir George Lee, Admiralty cases and opinions : 
4 vols. 

Thomas ITutchins, geographer general U. S. 
1774-1784 : 1 vol. 

Benjamin Franklin : agent of colony (1757- 
1771) ; minister to France and miscellaneous (1776- 
1785) : 4 vols. 

Shippen papers : correspondence and military 
papers relating to the colonial history of Penn. : 
10 vols. A portion of these have been printed in 
letters and "Papers relating to the provincial 
history of Penn. Edited by T. Balch." 

Pennsylvania society for the promotion of the 
abolition of slavery, etc., 1785-1868: 11 vols. 
Includes the correspondence and the minutes of 
the society. 

Court records of Philadelphia (a fragment). 
1697-1821 : 5 vols. 

East and West Jersey boundary, 1664-1853 : sur- 
veys, maps, letters, etc. 

James Wilson, 1775-1792 : 1 vol. He was a 
signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Henry Laurens, 1774-1780: 3 vols., and a 
Letter book in one volume of ante-revolutionary 
date. A portion of the collection once owned by 
William Gilmore Simms. 

Commodore Barney, U. S. jV., 1782-1818. War 
of 1812 : 2 vols. 

Bartram JfSS., 1739-1818 : 4 vols. Botanical; 

Register of German Redemptioners, 1785-1831 : 
2 vols. 

Thos. Bradford, Commissary of Prisoners ; MSB. 
relating to exchange of British army and naval 
prisoners, 1777-1783: 9 vols. 

Elias Boudinot. Letters and papers relating to 
exchange of prisoners ; miscellaneous: 4 vols. 

Northampton County. Surveys, indentures, 
assessors' returns, letters, etc., 1752-lt<50 : 128 

Chester County. Surveys, indentures, letters, 
etc. : 19 vols. 

Penn. JfSS., 1681-1817. Petitions; land grants; 
boundary disputes of Pennsylvania and Maryland 
(1680-1 768), and Pennsylvania and Virginia (1773- 
1775); proprietary manors ; proclamations (1G70- 
1775) ; charters and frame of government; papers 
relating to the Three Lower Counties ( Delaware) ; 
Penn v. Baltimore ; Indian affairs ; private and 
official correspondence : 04 vols. 

Logan papers: colonial history of Pennsyl- 

Potts papers, 1775-17.SO: 2 vols. Dr. Jonathan 
Potts was Deputy Director General of the medical 
staff of the Revolutionary army. 

William Henry papers (of Lancaster, Penn.). 



,ml jxipers and .V.s'N. relating to the 
Tin ''unities (now forming the State of 

Delaware . 1 ';:.:. 1 ><>.-, : i vol. 

Lancaster ("mnitij papers, 1772-lslO: 3 vols. 

Itnckf County papers. ]i:>'J 1 -C>0 : 2 vols. 

J'orA- ('in/lit;/ papers : 1 vol. 

Hrrks Comity ])apers : 1 vol. 

.Viinti/riineri/ CD mitt/ papers : 1 vol. 

liethlehcm and rinnitij, 1741-1830 (Moravian) : 

:; vols. 

Ha trie Clifford Pemlertnn papers, 1720- 
1830: :'.<i \ol-. ,, far bound. 

./. A'. r<>in .>-,// papers. 17s:, ls;,i : I5vols. Let- 
ters, diarifs. etc. : political history of U. S., Mexico, 
ami Kus.-ia. Sec sketch of 1'oinsett in the Penn. 
in a. IT. "f hi.-tory. 

I'lft-i-.-i papers, relating to the colonial history of 

n, nl I >'.t surrey : field-book and map. 

Jnfliua Stoddard Johnson papers : political his- 
tory of I 

x of the Ifamiltons of Pennsylvania, 1748- 
1770: 1 vol. 

On many of these sec Nar. and Crit. History of America, 
viii., pp. 4V-4.YJ. 

Philadelphia, Penn. LAW ASSOCIATION OF 

I'nii \i>Ki.rni \. (Francis Hawlc, Esq., Librarian.) 

The library contains all the transcripts of records 
of reported cases in the Supreme Court of the U. S. 
from i: Peter.- to the present day, about 800 vols., 
with a yearly addition of about 25 vols. The early 
volumes were presented by Henry lialdwin, Esq. 

Al.-o. complete sets of all English and U. S. 
Reports, and nearly complete sets of session laws 
of all the States. 

The library possesses a large ami valuable col- 
lection of l-' India Jicpnrts. numbering about 

It is also one of the few law libraries in the 
country to possess a complete card-catalogue of 
its content-. 

Philadelphia, /'<//;/. I.IIII:M:V ASSOCIATION 
"i FKII M'-. Anna 15. Carroll, Librarian.) 

Formed in \ *:',:,. and the lil.rary opened in !*:!<;. 
The 1 1 .."i'K) or more volumes owned by the associa- 
tion inclu le principally I-' fir ml* book- -religious 
workx, etc. : al-o the current ma^a/im-*. Addi- 
tions are made from year to year by funds rai-ed 
by voluntary contribution-. 

The ( 'aleli ( 'lothier memorial teachers' library ' 
Of 884 vols., work* de\,,te.| exclu-i\ely to n/iicii- 
t in n. has n-i i-ntlv been added. 

Philadelphia, 1'mn. LIHUAUV ('OMI-VVV .., 

Pun. M>> i rni \. (James <;. Harnwell, Librarian.) 

over I'**' \ ]>.. piircha-ed from thce-tate 

of Prof, (ienrge Allen, with 2.".7 autograj)h b -tier- ..f 

;'-nt chess players. Catalogue jirinted in 1878. 

rrjxntu: GOO vols., from Frederick 
('. Prime and others. 

/////// in>li><iy : over 400 vols.. from .John A. 
McAllister and others, also by purcha-". 

Society of the Cincinnnti : a cataloLrue lias been 
printed in the linlletin of the library : 1 :'..". titles. 

Civil IIV/r: (regimental histories:; a catalogue 
appeared in IssC, in the P.iilletin : Cl'.t title-. 

The library is also strong in the follow ing : 
Philadelphia il-frtftnrirs O-ompIele,; ,>, u-gi>nprrs 
(nearly complete sets of all Phila lelphia news- 
papers of the xvnith century, and a selection 
during tlie \i\tli i ; city views. tif/ti.t,s. isth century 
Americana, and Mimic (the gift of Mrs. .lames 

Philadelphia, 1'enti. MKKCAM-IM. I.imi.vuv. 
(John Kdmands, Librarian.) 

Civil war : 1000 vols. 

Irish history: 1000 vols., including Inn vols. ..f 
pamphlets and ballads. 

.lulling: 120 vols., including ~>~< editions of the 
letters of Junius. Also bibliography. I'.nno \ol-.; 
English drama, 1200 vols. ; and Shukespeariana, 
100 vols. 

Philadelphia, Penn. -- Pi:i>m 1 1 KI \\ HI-- 
TOKICAL SOCIKTY. ( Hev. 1). K. Turner. Librarian.) 

This is the only Society in the United States de- 
voted to the collection and preservation of papers 
and relics that illustrate the history and ]>ni_ 
the Presbyterian church. Its library contains many 
histories of churches, presbyteries, and synod-, in 
manuscript or in printed form, prepared in accord- 
ance with the recommendation of the As.-i mbly ; 
and all the works issm d by the Presbyterian board 
of publication. 

The library of the late llev. J. B. Creigh. I ). I ). . of 
Mercersburg, Penn., 1 inn vols.. was pre.-ciited to the 
Society by his heirs, adding largely to the collec- 
tion in history and theology. The Society's library 
contains at present about L'."',nnn vol-., and TIMHHI 
pains., periodicals, sermons, etc. Partial Ii-l ..!' 
additions are given in the annual reports of the 

Philadelphia, Penn. I'M\II;-IM ..i PINV- 
MI.VVM\. ;i;re-tir\ P.. Keen, Libra i 

/'hi/i'fiii/y : t'.nOO vols., tlie libraiie- of Prof. 
(Jeor-e Allen of the 1'niviTsity . A. F. Pott of Halle, 
and F.rnst von Lciitsch of ( Juttin^-i n. 

drerkinid l.ntin liti ruturr : L'n.i MIU vol-. . from 
the .-.line source- as the above; al-o 30 Vols. of 

it iitri-fitiire: 1WK) vols.. and L'n vol-. of 
MM., I'ureha-. d in l-'.'n. 

C/ ami .In />tt nrsr : l.'.Od vol-.. tin- libraries 
of I). It. McCartec and U. \. P.owie. 

> \ol-.. libraric s of Prof-. Alfred 
Stille and William IVppi-r. 



Geology, zoology, botany : 6000 vols., libraries 
of Profs. F. V. Haytlen and Joseph Leidy. 

Engineering: 5000 vols., the gift of Fairman 

Modern spiritualism: 700 vols., the gift of 
Henry Seybert. 

Finance and political economy: 12.000 vols:., 
libraries of Stephen Colwell and H. C. Carey. 

Law : 6000 vols., the library of Hon. Benjamin 
H. Brewster. 

Public documents: 10,000 vols., acquired by 
purch - 

To each of these collections additions are made, 
but no catalogues have been printed. 

(Mary F. Macrum, Librarian.) 

Shakespearean and early dramatic literature: 
273 vols.. collected in 1840-68 by Alexander 
Mcllwaiue an I given in 1887 by Win. Thaw. 

Bampton lectures : 87 vols. ; not quite complete. 

In science, arts, natural sciences, and engineer- 
ing, there are 1600 vols., given by Andrew Carnegie. 

(H. H. Ballard. Librarian.) 

Besides works in local history, genealogy, epi- 
taphs, and a valuable miscellaneous collection of 
local antiquities, the Athenaeum has a complete 
file of local newspapers since 1800, and sev- 
eral hundred classified and catalogued pamphlets 
relating to Berkshire county, Mass., and its 

There is a valuable collection of old French 
pamphlets in 18 bound volumes, formed by Thomas 
Allen (from New Orleans). 

The Athenaeum has one of the most complete 
collections of I'. S. public documents in Massachu- 
.hronologically arranged; a collection of 
yew England music, mainly church music, cover- 
ing nearly 100 years ; a valuable collection of local 
.ainly historical, including a set of sermons 
by Rer. Thomas Allen, written in short-hand and 
cipher, with a recently- discovered key to the same ; 
a file of the Boston Advertiser, extending over 
more than 80 years ; and a growing collection of 
American school and college text-books. 

(Hubbard Winslow Bryant, Librarian.) 

The works in the library on yew England local \ 
history and genealogy number 3500 vols. and I 
10,000 pams. There are no special funds, but 
additions are constantly made, chiefly by gift, 
Maine laics, books printed in Maine, and State 
newspapers are also well represented. 

The Cyrus Woodman collection of letters and 
documents relating to the town of Buxton, Me., 
the papers and records of the Pejepscot Co. and 

nnebec proprietors, the correspondence of 
Admiral G. H. Preble, Gov. Win. King's papers, 
and other historical MSS., are owned by the Society. 

Portsmouth, y. H. PORTSMOUTH ATHE- 
NAKI-M. (Annie S. Hanscome, Librarian.) 

Incorporated 1817, and now contains over 16,700 
vols. and 1000 pams., with many rare works of the 
15th and 16th centuries, and a valuable collection 
of books relating to the history of New Hampshire. 
A catalogue was published in 1862, and another of 
books added 1863-1886 was issued in 1886. 

The Athenaeum has the private libraries of John 
Fisher, Esq., of LoiWon, and Benjamin T. Tredick 
of Philadelphia. Additions to the library are made 
from the income of funds established by James E. 
Sheafe, Esq., in 1830, Horace A. Haven, in 1843, 
and others. 

There are also collections of coins, engravings, 
and charts. 

Princeton, y. J. COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY. 
(Ernest C. Richardson, Librarian.) 

There are the following special collections in the 
library of the college; to each of the first four 
additions are constantly made : 

Ciril war, 1861-65 : 3000 vols. and 2500 pams., 
the gift of John S. Pierson, Esq.. of New York 
(Princeton '40). 

Anglo-Saxon language: 140 vols., the library of 
W. H. Medlicott of Longmeadow, Mass. 

Astronomy : 1000 vols., partly from the library 
of Stephen Alexander. 

Aristotle and his philosophy : 300 works, from 
the library of Adolf Trendelenberg and by pur- 
chase from funds. 

Also Dante. 140 vols. ; Miltoniana, 65 vols., and 
Shakespeariana, 540 vols. 

The libraries of Professor Libby in physical geography 
(Guyot library) and Professor Allan Marquand iu the history 
of art and archaeology can be consulted by those especially 
interested in these subjects. 

CAL SEMINARY. (Rev. J. H. Dulles, Librarian.) 

English Puritan writers: 2000 vols. The Puri- 
tan collection is said to be unequalled in this 
count ry. 

Baptism controversy : 2200 vols. and 3000 pams., 
collected by Samuel Agnew of Philadelphia, and in- 
creased by the purchase of all important new books. 

Sprague pamphlets, religious miscellany of the 
18th and 19th centuries: 17,000 nos., collected by 
Wm. B. Sprague, Esq. 

Roman Catholic controversy : 300 vols. 

Christian evidences : 600 vols. 

Dogmatics: 600 vols. 

Sermons : 1200 vols. 

Church history : 3200 vols., many valuable sets, 
and fac-similes of old MSS. 



Providence, R. I. BROWN UNIVERSITY. 
vK. A. Guild, Librarian.) 

Tin- Harris collection of American poetry : 7000 
vols.. coninicncctl by Judge Albert (}. (Jrccne, con- 
tinucil by Caleb Fiskc Harris, ami bequeathed to 
tin- library in 1884 by Senator H. B. Anthony. 
There is a c:ml catalogue, besides that printed in 
issd with notes by Rev. J. C. Stockhridge. 

Botany : 2000 vols., including 700 vols. from the 
late Stephen T. Olney, received in 1878. A fund 
of $10,000 from Mr. Olney provides for additions. 

Shakspeariana : 400 vols., collected by Thos. 
Rodd of London, and presented in 184G by the late 
Mo-es B. Ives. The collection consists largely of 
bound pamphlets, many of them extremely rare. It 
includes a copy of Ireland's " Confessions," with 
notes and additions in the handwriting of the author. 

Sermons and addresses at ordinations, funerals, 
and anniversaries : collected in part and presented 
by Judge Theron Metcalf ; chiefly pertaining to 
New England history. Also 272 vols. of pamph- 
lets on civil and religious liberty, bequeathed to 
the library in 1815 by Wm. C. Richards of Lynn, 
England. The titles in this collection are given in 
the printed catalogue of 1843. The whole collec- 
tion of bound pamphlets numbers about 20,000. 

Being at, or Buddhist Scriptures : 30 palm leaf 
volumes, a complete set, made by the Rev. J. N. 
Gushing (Brown '62), a missionary at Rangoon for 
20 years. 

Providence, R. I. PUBLIC LIBRART. (W. E. 
Foster, Librarian.) 

Contains the Harris collection of 653 vols. and 
7755 pams. on slavery and the Rebellion, from the 
private library of Caleb Fiske Harris; now in- 
creased to more than 10,000 by other additions. 
Also about 200 vols. on the same subject from the 
lat- Sullivan Dorr. 

Itnlian literature : 670 vols. , from the late Albert 
Jenkins Jones; with a special fund for its yearly 

Statistical publication* bearing on economics, 
etc. : about 1800 vols., from heirs of Edwin Miller 
Snow, M.I)., in 1889. 

CAL SOCIETY. (Amos Perry, Librarian.) 

The library, begun in ISL''.', was devoted at the 
outset to the history of Rhode Island, and now 
numbers over 15,000 vols. Its manuscripts cover 
every variety of State and local records, and in- 
clude a numerous collection of orderly books of 
the Rerolutionary army. A part of the manu- 
scripts arc arranged in more than 100 folio vols., 
and contain such collections as the papers of 
Moses Brown, merchant, 17:58-1836 (18 vols.); 
The. tor, U. 8. senator, 1640-1825 (18 

rols.); Tillinghast family, 1728-1884 (4 Tols.) ; 

Field family, 1675-1715 ; Governor Nicholas Cooke, 
17:?LM801 (3 vols.); Isaac Backus, Baptist bi-to- 
rian, 1(538-17:51 (2 vols.); Commodore Ksek Hop- 
kins, 1728-1780; William Harris, an original set- 
tler of Providence, 1(157-1710; Thoina 
sheriff of Kent Co., 1721-1803; IVnn-T family, 
KJ11-1821; Updike family (of Narragansett i. 
1743-181:?; military papers of the Revolutionary 
period, 1775-1806 (4 vols.) ; papers of the Colony 
and State, largely original and official, from 
Williams's time down (10 vols.); and collections 
formed by Dr. Solomon Drownc, Dr. Usher Par- 
sons, and others. 

The Society also has most of the publications of 
other historical societies with which it is in corre- 
spondence, and 1700 vols. of newspapers, most of 
them printed in Rhode Island, of which the Xe- 
port Mercury, 1772, and the Providence Gaxette, 
1702, are the oldest. 

It has also numerous Indian relics, memorials, 
engravings, paintings, etc., such as properly belong 
to an historical museum. 

Raleigh, .V. C. STATE LIBRARY. (J. C. 
Birdsong, Librarian.) 

Makes a specialty of North Carolina history and 
the Civil war. A list of the newspaper files in 
the library was printed in its catalogue for 1891. 

Richmond, Jo. STATE LIBRARY. (Charles 
Poindexter, Librarian.) 

Virginiana: about 900 vols. ; and sis. copies of 
Virginia colonial papers from the. British Record 
office and other sources, 7000 pages. 

Ciril irar : 800 vols. and a large collection of 

Shakespeariana : 250 vols., including Boydell 
and Halliwell folios. 

American and British history are very fully 
represented, and the library has also a valuable 
collection of voyages and travels. 

The library, of about 40,000 vols., not including 
11,000 vols. in the Law department, ha* a yearly 
allowance of $3000 for the purchase of hooks. 
Catalogues were printed in ISL".I. I^:,<;. mid is". 

Richmond, Va. VIRCIMA HI-I..II. M Sn- 
OXBTT. (H. A. Brock, Corr. Secretary and Li- 

The library of the Society, relating primarily to 
the history of Virginia, contains about I.">.<NM) 
titles, and many autographs and MS. 

Many of the MS*., or -elections from them, have 
been published in the series of the Society's "Col- 
lections." Among the still unpublished v 
value may be mentioned the early minutes of the 
1'hi Beta Kappa Society of William and Mary Col- 
lege, the minutes of the Virginia hram-h of the 
Cincinnati, the records of the (ieiieral Court of 


Virginia, 1670-1676, papers of the Ludwell and 
Lee families, 1638-1870, and of the Adams, Cocke, 
and M:u-<ie families, 1670-1830, including import- 
ant documents relating to vine planting in Virginia, 
orderly books of the American Revolution, and 
papers of the late Charles Campbell, historian of 

The Society has no endowment fund. 

Hambach, Librarian.) 

The library, containing about 15,000 vols., is 
largely composed of the publications of learned 
societies, especially those relating to natural 

(Horace Kephart, Librarian.) 

The library has valuable sets of St. Louis news- 
papers from 1819 to date, and a good collection of 
works relating to Missouri or written by Missouri 
authors. It is making a specialty of western 

St. Louis, Mo. PUBLIC LIBRARY. (Fred'k 
M. Crunden, Librarian.) 

The following special collections should be 
noticed : 

Shakespeariana : 600 vols. 

Elocution : 500 vols. 

Archaeology : 400 vols. 

Sociology and political economy : over 2000 vols., 
principally English. A partial list appeared in the 
library's Class list of social science and pol. econ., 
Feb. 1889. 

Geology : 1088 vols. , which formed the private 
library of Dr. B. F. Shumard, and now increased 
by additions. 

Xaturai history: 1250 vols., the collection of 
Prof. E. A. Rosmaessler, acquired in 1870-72, with 
recent additions. 

Text-books and works on pedagogy, forming a 
Teachers' Department, including 100 vols. given 
by the Froebel Association, comprising the best 
English and German works on the kindergarten 
system, this whole department numbering over 
3000 vols. For lists of books in the Shumard and 
Rosmaessler collections see the library's Catalogue, 

CIETY. (J. Fletcher Williams, Librarian.) 

Makes a special effort to have everything relating 
to Minnesota, even leaflets, newspaper cuttings, 
hand-bills, etc. The collection numbers at present 
1000 bound vols. and 2500 unbound paras., besides 
nearly 3000 vols. of Minnesota newspapers, com- 
mencing with 1849, and many MSS. A catalogue 
was printed in 1888. The MSS. include the jour- 

nals, letter-books, and correspondence of Major L. 
Taliaferro, Indian agent at Ft. Snelling, 1819-1840; 
the same, of H. H. Sibley, Indian trader, 1830- 
1849 (the latter including several thousand pieces) ; 
the papers and writings of the missionary S. W. 
Pond, 1834-1851, etc. 

In the history of the Northwest (Nouvelle 
France) explorations, and especially the Hudson 
Bay region, there is much valuable material; 
500 vols. or more. 

In genealogy (800 works, catalogue 1888) and 
Indian history (500 vols.) the Society purchases 
everything that is offered. Photographs of pio- 
neers, Indian chiefs, and historical views number" 
2000 ; and Congressional publications 1500 vols. 

Salem, Mass. ESSEX INSTITUTE. (Chas. S. 
Osgood, Librarian.) 

The China library of the Essex Institute contains 
about 735 vols., collected and presented by T. F. 
Hunt, Esq., and is probably one of the most com 
plete collections of works relating to that country 
on the shelves of any library in the United States. 

There is also a special Art library, which now 
numbers 893 vols. and some 1000 pams. The 
library of the late Francis Peabody added greatly 
to this department. 

Directories, city and town, number over 1800 
vols., and are not confined to America. College 
catalogues, reports, etc. to the number of 300 vols. 
and 13,000 pams. ; music, 1000 vols. and 4000 pams. ; 
and material relating to Essex county, 1337 vols. and 
about 4219 pams., including complete Salem news- 
papers, make up the special collections of the 

The museum contains charts, sea journals, paint- 
ings, miniatures, coins, autographs, antique arti- 
cles and many MS. papers and documents. 

The MSS. are voluminous, and include, partly 
in bound volumes, some arranged and many not 
yet arranged, papers of the Orne, English, Pick- 
ering, Hathorue, Coffin, Saltonstall, Derby, Ward, 
Tucker, Goodhue, Holyoke, and other families, 
from the early settlement of the country down to 
recent times, such as deeds, bills, accounts, etc., 
many papers relating to the Revolution, autograph 
letters, documents, and many books and papers of 
societies not now in existence. 

San Francisco, Cal. SCTKO LIBRARY. 
(George Moss, Acting Librarian.) 

This library is intended to be mainly a scientific 
and technical one, free to the public for reference. 
It is at present still in process of collection, and in 
temporary quarters, and therefore not ready for 
general use. Its historical and literary depart- 

ments, however, as well as the scientific, contain 
some noteworthy collections. In the former may 

i be named : about 4000 vols. of incunabula, mainly 


from the duplicates of the groat Munich library ; 

-ivo purchases of clnssiful a ml early books 

from tin- Duke of Dalhorg's library and the mon- 

a-tery of Buxheim ; about 10,000 pams. of the 

;<h Civil inir and Cnnnn<ni;;iHh period, 

from tlu- Sundi'rlund library a number since 

-. -il by other purchases to about 25,000; an 
equally largo number of later F.nirlish pamphlets, 
ringing dow n to the lime of George II I. and later, 
among which are many relating to the United 
States and our early struggles for independence, 
and many curious railrainl pamphlets. There is 
a large collection of old English plays ; the great 

f F.nglish Calendars of State Papers, and 
other solid collections for Kntjlislt history. About 
1000 vols. vere bought from the Chipstcad 1'ark 
library of the late Frederick IVrkius, including 
fine illustrated books and the great Kuropcan art- 
galleries. There is a remarkable collection of 
Mexican books, including about 20,000 pam-.. 
largely of the time of the Mexican war of inde- 
pendence, 1S10-1S20, hut many of them earlier, 
and many more ranging down to the French inva- 
sion ; this collection includes also about 30,000 vols. 
of Mexican and Spanish books, many old, rare, and 
valuable. There are two very curious collections 
of books of Semitic philiilnijy a ml lit< ruture ; one 
of M88., very old and of very great interest, bought 
in Jerusalem; the other the library of the late 
Sohiller-S/inessy of Cambridge, F.ngland, being 
a working library of the Semitic ;md Hamitic 
languages, literature, theology, and history, of 
about 1500 vols. In the scientific part of the 
library may be noted : the working library for 

/i/ of the late Secretary Wells of the Eng- 
lish Society of Industrial Chemistry, about 2500 
MI!-: the nnlitiiiij library collected by the late 
Col. David Wilder of San Fianeiseo. about 1100 
vols.; many large and valuable illustrated works 
on architecture, and many important scries and 

work* on Imtany, tin-so two departments 

.it present e\< optionally strong. Many im- 
portant work* ha\ < al-o been bought oil :onli,</i/, 
on scientific voyages, and other departments of 
natural science and mechanics. 

Sewanee, 7'm/i. I M\M:-IM -n mi. SOUTH 

- H'.i ,.s LiniiAiti. (W. P. Trent, Acting 


lei a good working classical library, and a 
growing collodion of works illustratin;; eech.-ia-- 
tieal hi-tory in the oarly and middle age-, there is 
a library of Liturgies consisting of 88 special vol- 
ume! containing texts of mi--al-. comment:, rie-. 

The bl. run of the fathers i tolerably complete, 
almo-t entiioly in the be-t I'.ei.e.lictiiie editions, 
for all wriUYH of the East and West do* n t,, 

A. D. 500, and for Western writers to 140o. Th,- 

Collection, in 270 vol-.. was made by T. Mo/lev 

Starke, and presented by Mrs. ( '. M. Manigaultof 

Special attention is now being paid to collectin \ 

hooks and ]tani]ililets published in the S/mthn'i;, 
X/c/r.s- or relating to their hi-tory. The collection 
is small at present but is constantly growing. 

South Hadley, Muss. Mm M II<>n<>M. Si -.n- 
\ \i:v VM> < i. u.i ..: . i Mary ( >. Nutting, Librarian.; 

Coins: Greek and lioman; .'540, carefully ar- 
ranged and catalogued, representing the centuries 
between Alexander and Constantino. There are 
al-o ( 'uric, Chinese i earlier than the Christian era ), 
Japanese and Indian coins, not yet arranged. 

Springfield, Muss. Cn\ Lir.i:vin AsaociA- 
ih.s. (William Kiee, Librarian.) 

United States documents : L' vols. 

AV'/7// Knijllsh litri-utu,T : ~>:\'2 \ols. Additions 
are made each year from general funds and from 
the interest of the '-James M. Thompson endow- 
ment fund." 

Art: 12r,0vols. 

Sfiti/.-rSjii-di-iiinii : .".M vols. 

The library for its si/e is especially full in the 
departments of history, theology, and periodical 

Syracuse, jV. )'. BntlOUSl IM\M:-IM. 
i Henry ( ). Sil.ley. Librarian.) 

Mithmlist l:'j/isi-'</,/if periodicals, missionary, 
church, and Sunday-school reports and confer- 
ence minutes, and works on Methodi.-t Kpi.-copal 
hymnology. discipline, history, and literature. 
The minutes and mi-sionary reports are coni]>lete, 
and the intention is to make the library the fullest 
in the world in works relating to the history of the 
\litliu,list church in the I'liiled States. 

The library of the historian \'<m l,'n/i/,-r was the 
gift of Mrs. .1. M. Kei.l ,,f Ne ^'ork to the 1'ni- 
versity. This important addition, numbering about 

ivnun vols., ::. IHIO panic., and ir.oo M-S.. li 

cially rich in (in-i/nm nml Itn/itni hiaturi/, and 
in works relating to the /'/-, ,/,7i n relation, the 
collection of eoiiteni]ioraneons ]>ani]>hlots on this 
last subject being rare and oxt. II-'MO. The 
M-s., largely on Italian and German subjects, 
have been exhausti\ ely catalogued by Dr. Wiede- 
inann of P.erlin, \'oii Kauke's aiiiaiinensis. A 
com|ilete history of each MX. was written out, 
and an e.xteii-i \ e index juepared. This catalou'iie 
of MS8. \* a magnificent work of bildiography, 
and took Dr. Wiodomaiin about three \ear" to 

The \'on Kanki- library i- not at pre-i nt avail- 
able to student-, a- tin- <, i m. in catalogues have 
not as yet been adapted to the library. 


SOCIETY. (Franklin G. Adams, Secretary.) 

The library is devoted to Kansas local his- 
tory and works of general reference, and con- 
tains 64,152 nos. ; namely : 12,950 bound vols. 
of books; 11.414 bound vols. of newspapers and 
periodicals, of which 8412 are of Kansas ; 40,152 
pains.; 10,000 siss., largely relating to missions 
and Indian affairs ; a large collection of local 
w<ii>f. and at least 1200 photographs, oil paint- 
ings and engravings. About 6000 titles are added 
yearly, by gift and an appropriation of $600 per 

Chace, Librarian.) 

There are 7.">0 vols. of New Church or Siceden- 
borgian literature and magazine publications, a 
nearly complete collection, to which new books as 
published and current magazine matter are added. 
Photographs of Swedenborg's manuscripts, dona- 
ted by the ' ' Rotch " Fund, are being added as fast 
as they appear. 

The college possesses a collection of coins, in- 
cluding a nearly complete series of U. S. copper 
coins up to l-.")7. 

LIBRARY. (Henderson Presnell, Librarian.) 

College and school catalogues (American) : 30,000 
vols. and paras. 

Ptdagog y : books, periodicals, etc., German, 
Austrian, and Swiss, 7000; French, 1200; Eng- 
lish, 2000; American. 10,000; Spain, Portugal, 
Netherlands, Italy, Scandinavia, Russia, South 
and Central American countries, 3,000 ; on soci- 
ology, 1000 ; for reference, such as dictionaries, 
cyclopaedias, etc., 2000; text-books, 3000. Total: 
29,200 vols. 

Pamphlets not included in the above, over 75,000 ; 
number of separate treatises, 123,000. 

The Bureau is printing an index of its books 
by authors, and an analytic index of Barnard's 


(Charles Darwin, Librarian.) 

Expects to develop a valuable library through a 
system of exchanges begun in 1889, and has 3,000 
cart-fully chosen books, selected with a view of not 
duplicating those already accessible in the Library 
of Congress ; also 6000 pams. The books of the 
Anthropological Society of Washington and of the 
Woman's Anthropological Society are deposited 

The valuable private library of Mr. J. C. Pilling 
on Indian linguistics is accessible to students in 
the Bureau. 

(S. G. Brock, Chief of Bureau.) 

Over 5000 vols. and about 5000 pams. on com- 
mercial statistics and social science received by 
exchange with foreign and state governments, trade 
bodies, etc. 

'Washington, D. C. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. 
(Frederic Bancroft, Librarian.) 

The library contains about 50,000 vols. in diplo- 
macy, international law, etc., and is increased by 
an annual appropriation of 2000. 

The Revolutionary Archives of the State Depart- 
ment constitute a part of the library, and include 
the diplomatic papers and correspondence of the 
government to 1789, as well as the papers of Wash- 
ington, Madison, Monroe, Jefferson, Hamilton, and 
Franklin. The library also contains the Kohl col- 
lection of copies of early maps of America, of 
which an enumeration is given in Bibliographical 
Contributions of Harvard College Library, no. 19. 
There is a full description of this manuscript ma- 
terial in the Narrative and Critical History of 
America, vol. viii. pp. 414-426. 

The library contains also the laws of the United 
States as engrossed and signed by the presidents, 
and the records of claims and commissions, etc. 

LIBRARY. (Miss Irene C. Tyler, Librarian.) 

About 400 vols. and as many pamphlets on the 
anti-slavery agitation, in large part collected by 
the abolitionist Lewis Tappan of New York. Also 
4000 theological and religious works. 

The whole library contains about 13,000 vols. 

NAVY DEPARTMENT. (Lt. Comdr. Richardson 
Clover, U. S. N., Hydrographer.) 

The office forms a part of the Bureau of Naviga- 
tion, and has about 5000 vols. of sailing directions 
of all parts of the world, and kindred works per- 
taining to the subject; a catalogue was printed in 
1891. There are also about 2500 MSS. relating to 
surveys, shoals, the original work of longitude par- 
ties, etc. 

The meteorological division in the office contains 
about 700 vols., relating in part to ocean meteor- 
ology, the use of oil in heavy seas, etc. 12,000 
foreign charts are in archives for reference. 

"Washington, D. C. LIGHT-HOUSE BOAP.D. 
(Geo. W. Coffin, Comdr. U. S. N., Naval Secre- 

The library contains about 3600 vols. , of which 
some 600 are pamphlets. Its specialty is pha- 
rology. It is rich in works on optics, on the 
building of light-ships and on the erection of 
light-houses, especially on submarine foundations. 
Additions average about 100 vols. a year. The 



library was founded when tin- Board was organized 
in IvVj. An index catalogue of the library of the 
Light-house Hoard was published in 188G. It is by 
authors only. 

Tin- use of the library is virtually restricted to 
tlif ntliccrs nf the light-house service, who are scat- 
ter, .1 throughout the maritime States of the Tnioii. 
It is. as to them, a lending library. 

"Washington, />. '. NATIONAL Mrsu M. 
(.lolin Murdoch, Librarian.) 

The library of the National Museum is under the 
char-e of the librarian of the Smithsonian Institu- 
tion, and is exclusively scientific. 

The Kan library of archaeology, 715 vols. and 
17'J - _' ]iani8., was bequeathed to the Museum by the 
Curator of archaeology, the late Dr. Charles Kau. 

Tli.- Isaac Lea collection, 1100 vols. and paras., 
almost exclusively znnliiijical, was presented to 
the Museum by the heirs of the distinguished natu- 
ralist. Dr. Isaac Lea, of Philadelphia. 

The Samuel Brown collection, 150 vols., contain- 
ing many rare and curious old works on alchemy, 
chemistry, and kindred subjects, was presented by 
Dr. J. C. Brown, of Haddington, Scotland. 

Sectional libraries" are collections perma- 
nently loaned to the curators of special hranches 
of science in the Museum from the accessions to 
the Smithsonian deposit in the Library of Congress 
as well as from books belonging exclusively to the 
Mn-i urn. Among these arc the departments of : 

Birds, 825 vols. and paras. ; chemistry, miner- 
:-. 7.".:'.: ethnology, 5C.-, ; fishes, ] I'.i ; mam- 
mals, 515; marine invertebrates, }'2~>; geology, 
ir.'i; materia m.-dica. \:>i\- prehistoric anthro- 
pology, 160; oriental archaeology, 700; insects, 
1 '.'; plants, 2030. 

There are .two special collections kept in the 
c.-ntral library : anthropology, 840 vols. ; and 
geological report*, government explorations, etc. 
865 roll. 

Hi., i, HI (Philip S. Wales, Medical director in 

The library contains about i:.,ooO vols. on 
hygiene and kindred subjects, which includes the 
old Naval medical library of .3000 vols., and was 
founded in 1**2 by its present director. 

Washington, D. C. N\v.u. ' >nsi UVATORV 
I. NIK MIL II. M. I'.uil, Librarian.; 

in essentially a reference library, intended 
to be M complete a* possible in astronomy and 
mathemalic* ; the collection of serials in these 
Miihjcct.i is probably more complete than in any 
other library in the I'nit.d States. From 1845, 
when the library w;m founded, until 1- 
growth was principally by exchange; since 1878 

the annual appropriation bills have contained a 
re-ular item of sloon for the library, which has 
been expended in completing and keeping up the 
pfrimliealii, and in purchasing old and rare books 
and such important new ones as could not be ob- 
tained by exchange. The library i- especially rich 
in complete sets of the publications of the older 
academies of science and of the long-established 
/'i rlmlifiilit devoted to astronomy and geod. >y. 
mathematics, physics, and chemistry. It is prac- 
tically complete in the publications of aftronm/i irul 
tisrrratorirs (iinJ societies, of geodetic bureau* and 
of the older meteoroloy irul uml Mognttic obftrvtt- 
lories ; also in star catalogues and charts, in astro- 
nomical tables and ephemerides, in the lib/int/rnjifi i/ 
and history of astronomy and mathematics, and in 
the collected works of astronomers, mathemati- 
cians, and physicists. It has a pretty full collec- 
tion of mathematical tables, including some rare 
early prints of logarithm tables. 

Besides the endeavor towards completeness in 
all branches of astronomical literature and the 
other above-mentioned subjects, the library obtains 
the most important modern works (separate treati- 
ses and periodicals) in the various branches of 
mathematics, physics (especially full in f>]i/ica), 
chemistry, electricity and magnetism, photography, 
engineering, geography, horology, and instrume '- 

Washington, D. C. PATENT OFFICE Sci- 
r.vnrir LntKAUY. (Howard L. Prince, Librarian.) 

This library, containing about Cn.oun vols. and 
pains., possesses the patent puliUcatimut of all 
nations, and in addition a general collection of 
applied science. There are about 1300 vols. on 
electricity, in which the library has used more 
especial efforts than in other branches to make its 
collection fairly complete, at least as t'ar as recent 
publications are concerned. Next to this the col- 
lections on saiiitatitm and jihotni/rnjilii/ may be 


About 2000 vols. a year are added through jmr- 
chase. gift, and exchange. A catalogue was printed 
in 1*7* and supplements in I-s:; and 1888. 

A card index of articles in about L'<M> scientific 
and technical periodical.- in Knglish and Continental 
1. manages, commencing Jan. 1. 1V.M. is now in use. 

Wanhington, D. C. POST OFFICE i>i i vui- 

Mi M. i Mi" Lucy A. Henley, Libra: 

The library contains, he-id. > go\ eminent docu- 
ments, 1000 vols. on thc;jo*<a/ tervice. 

'Washington. />.('. BcBOBOH-OKNBRAJ 

i i. : .1 . S. AUMV. (John S. Millings. Sun 
eh ir-e.) 

The library of the Snru'e.-n-L'eneralV < >Hice. 'I" 1 
l.ir_;.-t medical library in the world, ha- IH|.IHHI 


vols. and 159,000 pams. This is thought to include 
over ninety per cent, of the medical literature of 
the last ten years and about one eighth of the medi- 
cal works issued before 1500. The first volume 
of a printed catalogue appeared in 1880, and the 
twelfth, in 1891, comes down to Shuttleworth. 

Washington. D. C. U. S. COAST AND GEO- 
DETIC SCRVET. (F. H. Parsons, Librarian.) 

The library contains 300 atlases, 12.000 charts, 
American and foreign, and 15,000 vols. 

The special directions in which additions are 
being made to this collection are along the lines of 
pure mathematics, astronomy, geodesy, metrology, 
and the publications of engineering and other sci- 
entific societies. 

Washington, D. C. U- S. GEOLOGICAL SCR- 
VEY. (Charles Darwin. Librarian.) 

The library of the survey, begun in 1882, con- 
tains already 30.811 vols. and 60.000 pams. A 
small number of these were inherited from the old 
Hayden survey : 1900 were purchased from Eobert 
Clarke of Cincinnati, and formed an almost com- 
plete collection of the official geological reports of 
the United States ; 700 vols. and 5000 pams. were 
bought at the sale of the Desnoyers collection in 
Paris, relating to European and early geology, and 
especially rich in rulcanology but the larger part 
of the collection has been received through a care- 
fully organized system of exchange with geological 
institutions and societies. 

The library is strictly confined to books relating 
to geology or containing matter of geological in- 
terest. Its collection of United States geological 
survey publications, both state and federal, is prac- 
tically complete. In palaeobotany its collection 
may be said to be complete as to North America, 
and nearly complete in descriptive and systematic 
works relating to all lands, and to all branches of 
the subject, with the exception of works treating 
of fossil diatomaceae. 

In geology it has the important works and in 
palaeontology good working collections as well as 
a large and fine collection of author's excerpts and 

The library is collecting and indexing and arrang- 
ing all maps which would be of use to the scien- 
tific corps of the survey, and has already 20,000. 

A general bibliography of North American ge- 
ology is under way. 

Washington. D. C. U. S. WEATHER BCREAC. 
(Oliver L. Fassig, Librarian.) 

The library, of about 13,000 vols., contains 6000 
rols. on meteorology, 600 meteorological charts, 
- other scientific works. Additions at the 
rate of about 1000 vols. a year are due largely to 
exchanges with foreign and home meteorological 
services. A catalogue was printed in 1872 and 

again in 1880. The library has a card catalogue 
of the printed literature of meteorology down to the 
close of 1881, with an incomplete supplement to 
the close of 1890. The portions of the catalogue 
relating to temperature, moisture, winds and storms 
some 15,000 titles in all have been included 
in O. L. Faasig's Bibliography of meteorology, 

In July, 1891, the Weather Bureau was trans- 
ferred from the Signal Service Bureau, War Dept., 
to the Agricultural Dept. There is at present in 
the Signal Corps. U. S. A.. War Dept., a special 
library of about 500 vols. on military signalling 
and allied subjects. 

By a recent joint resolution of Congress 
the principal governmental collections in Washing- 
ton were declared to be "accessible, under such 
rules and restrictions as the officers in charge of 
each collection may prescribe, or as are already, 
or hereafter may be, prescribed by act of Con- 
gress, to the students of any institution of higher 
education incorporated under the laws of Con- 
or of the District of Columbia." The object of 
the above resolution was stated to be "to encour- 
age the establishment and endowment of institu- 
tions of learning at the national capital by defining 
the policy of the Government with reference to 
the use of its literary and scientific collections by 

BRARY. (H. Hawes, Librarian.) 

Has a collection of over 400 works for the study 
of comparative philology, with special reference to 
Xorth American languages ; the gift of Prof. E. N. 
Horsford. A catalogue was printed in 1888. 

The purchase of the Powell Library by Prof. 
Horsford in May. 1S91, increased this collection by 
some 1020 vols. and pams. This library was col- 
lected by Major J. W. Powell, Director of the 
Bureau of Ethnology, and consists largely of works 
compiled by missionaries to further their religious 
labors among the Indians. Prof. Hosford has also 
added the MSS. of Dr. Silas T. Rand, late missionary 
to the Micuiac Indians. 

'West Point. .V. 1'. U. S. MILITARY ACADEMY. 
(Prof. Peter S. Michie, Librarian.) 

The library, founded in 1812, contains 31,000 
vols. and 3200 pams.. the majority dealing with 
science, military tactics, mathematics, ciril engi- 
neering, veterinary art, etc. ; and is for the use of 
professors, officers, and cadets only. 

Additions are now made by purchase from the 
annual appropriation of Congress, and average 800 

A catalogue was printed in 1876 and a supple- 
ment in 1882 ; a card catalogue was begun in 1891. 


CA1 UID GSOLOOIOU. SOCXVTT. ( I,il>rnri;m. ) 

Tin- lihrar\ . devoted to I, : 

numbers about .Mioo vol*. aii<l .".IMMI pams. It has 
been farmed principality l>y gift ami exchange since 
S, ami inaki-s a specialty of niaitrr relating to 
tin- Wi/nininij Valley; it has about Itino .MSS. re- 
lating to tin- latter subject ; also 7 "00 coins. 

The private lilirary of Kev. IInr:n-e F..| m Ilayden, ( ,f 
tile ineiiihrr- of tlie Soeiely, relate* ti> the *;iinr snlijeet- ami 
contain* -loco V oN. ami 4000 puuis. ami Sum coins. See hi* 
"Bil>lioyT;i|>hv nf Wyoming" in the 1'rtieeeilin^s of the 
Society, ii. S6-I31. 

Woburn, Ifngg. Prnur I-HSUAIM. (\V. H. 
Cutter. Librarian.) 

I la- 4000 M88. relating to tin- local history of 
Wobnni. ami about K MM) surveyor's plans of Wobnrn 
estates, etc. ; also 200 vols. of Sltnkc.ijini ri,nm. 

Woodstock, Md. Coi.i.i:..!. Lir.u.vuY. (A. J. 
Maas. S..I., Librarian.) 

Contains about 40, (MM) works, theology, philoso- 
phy, ami ecclesiastical history being well repre- 

Bible polyglots : tin- four great ones of Alcala, 
I.omlon. 1'aris. ami Antwerp, ami a number of 
smaller ones. 

'- stint i/: 4(i(M) vols., many in folio. 
I ' ic tlieo/u/ji/ : 2<><)0 vols. ; a coni]ile|. 
Fathers, ecclesiastical writers and Doctors from 
S. Barnabas to Innocent III.. CO (?)-121G A. i>. 

.- .">0<><i s]iecimens. Roman and modern, 
with several Papal medals. 
IMUH voN. 

xtilicn Aiiii-ricnna up to I ^:> : 
and ">'i ]iams. ; .lesuit missionary collec- 
tion for Maryland and Pennsylvania. A nearly 
compete set of the annual I'mv ince-catalogn. 
tin- Sociitij since its sujiiires.sioii in 177.".. 

Worcester, .Muss.- |-'I:M. PuBUC LIT.KUM. 
.el S. (in-en, Librar: 

t-irfiejn and American /nri- 

>'s on matlieiiiaties. pli\v,ics, chrmi-try, bi- 
'"-'. and on tlie | of 


ice, ill all 4 .MM) vols. : also periodical* on 
nitire pnintimj. joinery, and furniture, and espe- 
cially those relatinur to the fun- arts. In the la*t 
dei.artment may be mentioned a full set of the 
plates issued by the Annul,! Sn,-i,tji. and a con- 
siderable and ."rowing collection of photographs 
of works by tin- great master*. Tlie library i 
omph'te set of ( 'obbett's Parliamentary historv of 
England, Hansard's I'arliainentary debates, and 
complete sets of the Congressional globe. Con- 
gressional record, Giles's register, Annals of 
Congress and Congrc88ional debates, and other 
material useful in the study of Knglish and Ameri- 
can history. 

Funeral sermons : a collection begun by Samuel 
(J. Drake ; l.MlO jiams. 

l,iil>f>rin<j clnsses in Knglaml : 100 pams. c () |- 
lectcil by Senator (ieo. F. Hoar, showing the fe(d- 
ing of laboring men there twenty or twenty-five 
years ago. 

Worcester, Mass. Woii'i^Mi: BoCttTT <>r 
t-iTY. (Thomas Adams Dickinson, Libra- 
rian. ) 

The library of the Society, I 1 .uo<) vols., rcdatt'S 
]>rincipally to local history and r/cnealngi/. The 
"Ceorge Allen Library" of L':'.l)0 vols. and 2000 
pams. illustrates the theology of New England or 
Congregationalitm, and contains many rare books 
once owned by distinguished ministers, with their 
notes, and with annotations by Mr. Allen. 

The John Downes collection comprises (VM nl- 
/ n, i ncs, with some line specimens of Knglish 
almanacs of the 17th and early part of the ISth 
centuries; also about MM) vol*. of scientific works 
used by Mr. Downes in making computations for 
the Nautical almanac; publications of Isaiah 
Thiiiinis : Indifferent is-ues of the New Kngland 
Primer from 177'.i; and a collection of , ,-/!/ sn 

Catalogues of the Downes collection and the 
(ieorge Allen library are in preparation. There 

! of the Proceedings of Coir.;' 
since 17*!' in the Society's library 

:!i:ililr to in. ],!,. any .trriiuilf of the l:ir L ''St liliiMiy ill thr I'liil..! Sl.ite*, (he 
'.iiiKt.iii. In the i .n.lition ,,| thut in-titnti..n, tin- lilirariau h:t- loun.l it 

i any atii'.. 


JANUARY, 1893, 


No. 54; OR VOL. VII. No. 2. 



librarian of tfjt Snibrrsitg, 



OFFICIAL. From the Corporation Records 
From the Overseers' Records .... 

. 90 




General, 07; Theology and Philosophy, 99; Sci- 
ence, 103; Useful Arts, 108; Fine Arts, no; 
Antiquities, iia; History and Geography, 114; Law 
and Sociology, 125; Philology, 130; Literature, 134. 



MEETING OF JUNE 28, 1892 (additional). Voted, to proceed to the election of a Profcs-or of 
Histology and Human Embryology, whereupon ballots being given in it appeared that CHUMI* 
SEDGWICK MINOT, S.D., was elected. 

Voted, to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers, that they may consent thereto if they 
see fit. 

MM i IN.. OF SEPTEMBER 27, 1892. The President reported that he had received through AI.IA \NM.K 
AGASSIZ, Esq., the sum of $5000, from Major THKOHOHI: K. (iiin-.x. to establish the ' Virginia Barrel 
Gibbs Scholarship Fund," in connection with the Museum of Comparative /oology, and it was 

Voted, that the gift be gratefully accepted upon the terms stated by the founder, and that the thanks 
of the President and Fellows be sent to Major (linns therefor. 

The President reported that JAMES ALBERT GARLAND, Esq., of New York, had given to the 
University, for the Mineral Cabinet, the famous Hamlin collection of tourmalines and associated 
minerals from Mt. Mica and other localities near Paris, Maine, a suite of large transparent gret n 
tourmalines from Brazil, and a suite of red tourmalines from the Ural Mountains, and it was 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. (ixiii . \M> for this rare and 
valuable collection of specimens of this remarkable mineral. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received through Mr. Loris I). P.IIAMU is the sum of 
$1000, to provide for the course on the Peculiarities of Massachusetts Law, in the Harvard La\i School 
for the year 1892-93, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to GKOH<;K W. WALKS, Esq., for his 
annual gift of 8200 for the College Library. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received through Mr. (;MM.IMI: M. L\M. eleven gifts 
amounting to $490, to be used for illustrated lectures in the Latin and Greek departments, and it was 

Voted, that these gifts be gratefully accepted, and that the thanks of the President and Fellows be 
sent to each subscriber. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. HIIMM DUAI-IIK, of New York, 
for her additional gifts, amounting to 82500.03, received since July 1, 1892, towards the expenses at the- 
Observatory of Harvard University, on account of the Draper Memorial. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. FUAMI- II. Pi \IIODV the Mini of 
$500, for printing in the Botanical department, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received the sum of $2000 to found the " .lulius Dexter 
Scholarship," and it was 

Voted, that this gift be gratefully accepted, and that the thanks of the Pre>i,|eiit and Fellows ' 
to the gi'er. 

A letter was read from the founder of the Julius Dexter Scholarship, consenting that the Fund be 
allowed to accumulate until its annual income shall amount to $150. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported the receipt from Professor WILLIAM G. FAULOW of his annual gift 
of $450 towards Dr. Si.\ M..I it's salary for lK!U-92, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received through ProlV-sor (J. L. ( HIC.I.AI.I-: the sum of 
$260 from Mr. \V u.i IK Hi SM.WI i i.. for printing and other expenses in the Botanical department, and 
the same was gratefully accepted. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received from the estate of Mr-. F.I I/MU in F- tin- 
additional sum of 810,374.25, for building and maintaining the William Hayes Fogg Art Mu-eimi of 
.rd Collee--. and the same was gratefully accepted. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that lie had received through Professor FRANCIS G. PEABOIM the 
urn of $20 from Mr. HOWARD CUMMINOS, for the library of books on Social Questions, and the same 
wa gratefully accepted. 

The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received from the Class of 1879 an additional gift of $40, 
to be used under the direction of Professor TADSSIO for the reading-room of the Political Kconomy 
department, and the same was gratefully accepted. 


The Deputy Treasurer reported that he had received from the Executors of the will of GEORGE 
DRAPER securities of the value of 47,495.95, and 962.55 in cash, as his unrestricted bequest of one- 
third of the residue of his estate, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

The petition of Miss EMILY LORING CLARK that she be allowed to take an advanced course in 
Assyrian, offered by Professor Lyon in the Graduate School this year, was considered, and the Secretary 
was directed to say that such a request cannot now be granted by the University. 

The petition of Miss MART PHELPS TENNY that she be allowed to take a course in Semitic History 
with Professor LYON this year was considered, and the Secretary was directed to say that such a request 
cannot now be granted by the University. 

Voted, to appoint L. H. BAILEY Professor of Horticulture in Cornell University to revise "Gray's 
Field, Forest, and Garden Botany." 

The resignation of L. J. JOHNSON as Instructor in Engineering was received and accepted. 

The resignation of DANIEL W. SHEA as Assistant in Physics was received and accepted. 

Voted, to notify the Faculty of the Law School of the death on September 4, 1892 of Miss SARAH 
WHEELER BEMIS, which sets free the Bemis Fund, and to request their advice as to the use to be made 
of this Fund. 

Voted, to grant the temporary use of Holden Chapel to the Young Men's Christian Association of 
Harvard University, and the Harvard Religious Union, provided that such use shall not interfere with 
the use of the Chapel for exercises in elocution. 

Voted, that the Librarian be invited to deliver an address on the twenty-first of October upon a topic 
appropriate to the anniversary of the landing of Columbus. 

Voted, that the vote of January 25, 1892, by which REGINALD HEBER FITZ, M.D., was declared 
elected Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, be amended so that his title shall be Hersey 
Professor of the Theory and Practice of Physic. 

Voted, to re-appoint ALBERT BUSHNELL HART, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History for five years, 
from September 1, 1892. 

The President nominated the following persons to be members of Administrative Boards for 1892-93, 
and it was voted to appoint them : 

For Harvard College: Professors BRIGGS (Dean). NORTON. C. J. WHITE, BARTLETT, DAVIS, 

For the Lawrence Scientific School: Professors SHALER (Dean), BCRR, H. B. HILL, E. H. HALL; 
Assistant Professors vox JAGEMANN. HAXUS, WOLFF. 

For the Graduate School: Professors J. M. PEIRCE (Dean), GREEXOUGH, TOY, GOODALE, JACKSON, 
MARK, B. 0. PEIRCE, ASHLEY; Assistant Professors SHELDON, CHANNING. 

Voted, to appoint as Preacher to the University for 1892-93, Rev. WASHIXGTOX GLADDEN. 

Voted, to appoint JAMES BYRNE, LL.B., Lecturer on the New York Code for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint the following Instructors for 1892-93: FRANCIS KIXGSLEY BALL, A.M., in 

Voted, to appoint for 1892-93, WILLIAM PARKER COOKE, D.M.D., Instructor in Crown and Bridge 
work; BEXJAMIX HOWARD CODMAX, D.M.D., Instructor in Operative Dentistry; JOSEPH TOTTEX 
PAUL, D.M.D., Demonstrator of Operative Dentistry. 

Voted, to re-appoint the following Clinical Lecturers in Operative Dentistry for 1892-93 : DWIGHT 

Voted, to appoint HEXRY ELIASOX SEATOX Assistant Curator of the Herbarium for 1892-93. 

Voted, to re-appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93: HARWOOD HUXTINGTON, A.B., in 
Chemistry; EDWARD HALE, D.B., in Homiletics ; FRAXK JOHN VIETS DAKIN, in Fine Arts. 

Voted, to appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93: FRANCIS GORDON CAFFEY, A.M., in 
Forensics; HUTCHINGS HAPGOOD, A.B., in Forensics; SIDNEY CALVERT, B.A.S., in Chemistry; 
AUGUSTUS SMITH KNIGHT, M.D., in Clinical Medicine. 

MEETING OF OCTOBER 10, 1892. A letter was received from a Committee of the Class of 1874, 
offering to the College a class window for Memorial Hall designed by their classmate, EDWARD E. 
SIMMOXS, and made by the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company; and it was Voted, that the window 
be accepted, and that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to the Committee therefor. 

Voted, that the additional gift of 200 from EDWARD RUSSELL, Esq., be gratefully accepted, and 
that it be credited to the Edward Russell Scholarship Fund. 


Voted, that "The Soldier's Field" be placed in charge of the Committee on the Regulation of 
Atlik-tic Sporta. 

Voted, to proceed to the election of a Professor of the History of Philosophy, whereupon ballots 
being given iii it appeared that .I<i\n I;<>Y< i:, Ph.D., was elected. 

to communicate this election to the Board of Overseers, that they may consent thereto if they 
see tit. 

Voted, to re-appoint EDWARD CIIAXXIX<;, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History for five years, from 
Septemher 1, 1892. 

Voted, to appoint PERRY DAVIS TRAFFORD, A.B., a graduate member of the Committee on the 
Regulation of Athletic Sports for 1892-93. 

to appoint HI:M:V FI-KE LEONARD, M.I).. M.D.V., Instructor in Anatomy and Clinical 
Lecturer from Septemher 1, IM'.IL'. 

Voted, to appoint WESLEY LI.VI LA HAM, D.V.S., Demonstrator in Anatomy and Assistant Surgeon 
for 1892-93. 

Voted, to re-appoint WILLIAM ORISON UNDERWOOD, A.H., Lecturer on Warranty and Evidence (at 
the School of Veterinary Medicine) for the year 1892-93. 

Voted, to re-appoint LESTER HEARD HOWARD, D.V.S., Clinical Lecturer for 1892-93. 

Voted, to re-appoint the following Instructors for 1892-93: FREDERICK EDWARD CHKXKY, M.D., in 
Ophthalmology ; JAMES GRAY LATHROP, in Athletics. 

Voted, to appoint CHARLES TOWXSEND COPELAXD, A.B., Instructor in English for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint as Proctors for 1892-93 GEORGE W.\*IIIN<.TON CRAM, A. B., ALFRED CLA<.IIOK\ 

Voted, to re-appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93 : HERBERT MATLE RICHARDS, S.B., in Botany ; 

Voted, to appoint the following Assistants for 1892-93 : GEORGE WARREX TOWXE, A.H.. in Physics; 
II M:I:Y S\XDS (JuixDi EY, S.B., in Chemistry; HUBERT GROVER SHAW, in Chemistry; EVARTS BOUTEI.L 
GREENE, A.M., in History: KMKI.KSOX EDWARD PROI-EI:. A. 15. .in History; EDWARD FI:LTOX, A.H.. 
in English. 

MEI.TIN.; OK O.-TOHEI: :;], 1892. Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows he sent to 
Mrs. \\y.\\i\'ER, of New York, for her additional gift of ss;;:;.; 1 ,:: received October L'0, Isii-J, 
towards the expen-es at the Observatory of Harvard 1'iiiversity on account of the Draper Memorial. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. ANNE M. SWEETSER for her 
generous gift of $5000 to found a Scholarship for needy and meritorious students at the Medical 
School, the income to be assigned at the discretion of the Medical Faculty of the University. 

Voted, to establish the Isaac Swei-t-cr Scholarship with an income at present of $200 a year. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received through Mr. GAUDIXER M. LAM, additional gifts 
amounting to $825, to be used for illustrated .lectures in the Latin and Greek departments, and that 
other gifts for the same purpose would probably be made. It a< thereupon 

Vntfd. that the-.- gii'i- I*.- gratefully accepted, that the thank.- of the President and Fellows he sent to 
each subscriber, and that tin- name of each subscriber he entered upon the Donation Book of tin- 

The Trca-urcr read a letter from Dr. .IVMES J. PUTXAM stating that the sum of 81LT>0 a > ear 
towards the salary of Professor H<i\\ i.u.. Aoeiate Professor of Physiology at the Medical School, 
would he paid to the President and Fellows from the income of a trust fund held by Mr. Mo.,i:riin 
STOKI.Y and him-clf. and this offer wa- gratefullv accepted. 

that the thanks of the President and Fellows he sent to Hon. GEORGE W. HAMMOND for his 
gencrou- gift of s.".0<i, for pre-ent ii-c by the Botanic Garden. 

The Trea-im-r reported that Mr. Hi. MM C. WVKKI.N proposed to give to the College about 11.<xx) 

>f land on <^uincy Street. Cambridge, with the dwelling house thereon, adjoining the property of 

the Colonial Club, subject to certain temporary restrictions as to the use of -aid estate. It WM 


\''tft1, that Mr. Warren'- geiierou- offer be gratefully accepted, and that the Treasurer be authoriMf 
on behalf of the Corporation to make an agreement with him a- to the restrictions, either in the form 
now re,,, I to ti.< Hoard, or in -udi other form a> the Treasurer shall think fit. 

A letters a- read from Dr. Fi: \SKIIN H. Mnoi-ii: re-inning hi- otJice a- In-tructnr in Laryngology 
on account of illness. The Secretary of the Board was re.jiie-tcd to say to Dr. HOOI-I u that the 


President and Fellows are very sorry to hear of his illness, and to know that the University can no 
longer ask from him the valuable service which he has heretofore given to it. 

Voted, to amend the vote passed by this Board on December 13, 1880, in relation to the Library, by 
inserting in both paragraphs thereof after the word "books" the words "manuscripts, maps, or other 
objects naturally included in a library." 

Voted, to re-appoint KUNO FRANCKE, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of German Literature for five 
years, from September 1, 1892. 

Voted, to appoint for 1892-93, HENRY LIVINGSTON COAR, Instructor in German; GEORGE STAPLES 
RICE, S.B., instructor in Sanitary Engineering. 

Voted, to re-appoint as Proctors for 1892-93, HORACE ANDREW DAVIS, A.B. : BENJAMIN EDWARD 
CARTER, Jr.. A.B. 

Voted, to re-appoint as Assistants for 1892-93, HARRY FLETCHER BROWN, A.B., in Chemistry B ; 
GEORGE ANDREW REISNER, A.M.. in Semitic Languages. 

Voted, to appoint as Assistants for 1892-93, WILI.ARD PEABODY GERRISH, in the Observatory ; JOHN 
LINCOLN AMES. M.D., in Histology; MANAKSHAH COWASJI BAM.JI, in Chemistry. 

MEETING OF NOVEMBER 14, 1892. The Treasurer reported that he had received through Professor 
SHALER the sum of 85000 as a gift from GEORGE A. GARDNER. Esq., said sum, with the sum of 8500 
received from Mr. GARDNER in May last, to form a permanent fund, the income of wliich shall be used 
to provide photographs and photographic slides for the department of Geology. It was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. GARDNER for his generous gift. 

Voted, to rescind the vote passed January 11, 1892, granting Professor JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE leave 
of absence to go to Athens in 1892-93. 

Voted, to grant the request of Professor JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE for leave of absence for the 
academic year 1892-93, in accordance with the rules established by this Board May 31, 1880. 

Voted, to appoint ALEXANDER BURR. M.D.V., Instructor in Meat Inspection for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint EDGAR PIERCE, A.B., Assistant in Psychology for 1892-93. 

MEETING OF NOVEMBER 28, 1892. The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. 
NATHANIEL C. NASH the sum of 8250 for 1892-93, to be spent by Professor JOHN WILLIAMS WHITE in 
such manner as he shall think will best advance the interests of the Greek Department, and this gift 
was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. JOHN L. GARDNER, 2d, the sum of 8100, to 
be used in developing and finishing photographic plates brought by Professor GOODALE from Australasia, 
and this gift was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. STEPHEN SALISBURY, through Professor 
LY>N. the sum of 8100, towards the cost of additional exhibition cases for the Semitic Museum, and this 
gift was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Dr. E. LEWIS STCRTEVAXT for his 
gift to the Botanical Museum of a valuable collection of manuscript notes on edible plants." 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. HENRY G. DENNY, administrator, the sum of 
$9833.34. as the residue of the estate of FRANCIS SALES, bequeathed to Harvard College on the trusts 
named in the will. It was thereupon 

Voted, that the bequest of FRAXCIS SALES. Instructor in Spanish and French in Harvard College 
from 18 16 until 1854, be gratefully accepted on the terms named in his will. 

Voted, to establish the Sales Scholarships Fund, with a principal of 84916.67, from the income of 
which two scholarships of 8100 each shall be provided, until by accumulation the fund shall be sufficient 
to maintain three scholarships of 8100 each. 

Voted, to establish the Sales Prize Fund, with a principal of 81000. 

Voted, to establish the Sales Book Fund, with a principal of 83916.67. 

The President read a letter from Mr. JOHN BARTLETT. offering to give to the College his collection 
of '-books on the Art of Angling and Angling literature," to be kept intact in the College Library, 
and it was thereupon 

Voted, that this gift be gratefully accepted, and that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent 
to Mr. BARTLETT for his kindness in choosing the College Library as the final resting place for the very 
remarkable collection of books on Angling made by him during the past quarter of a century. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. Lucius L. HUBBARD, for a 
collection of minerals, consisting chiefly of " Bombs," from Laacher See, Germany, which he has given 



to the University Museum for the Geological Department, by a deed of gift dated October 26, 1892, 
which is entered on the Donation Book of the College. 

The Instructors of the Geological Department having voted that the collection of photographs 
belonging to the department should be called the Gardner Collection, it was 

Voted, that their action be approved by the Corporation. 

Mr. BRIMMER reported that the Committee appointed in relation to the Fogg Museum recommend as 
it* site that part of the College Yard lying north of Appleton Chapel. It was thereupon 

Voted, to assign that part of the College Yard as the site of the Museum, and to give the same 
committee full powers to employ such architect as they may think fit to make plans for the building. 

Voted, that after full consideration of the recommendation made by the University Council on 
May 18, 1892, the Corporation is unwilling now to make any change in the rules as to fees for instruction 
or examinations. 

Voted, to appoint WESLEY LEVI LxBxw, D.V.S., Curator of the Veterinary Museum. 

Voted, to re-appoint BENJAMIN RAND, Ph.D., Assistant in Philosophy for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint MARSHALL ALBERT BARBER, A.B., Assistant in Botany for 1892-93. 

M i KTING OF DECEMBER 12, 1892. Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to 
Mrs. HENRY DRAPER, of New York, for her additional gift of $833.33, received November 30, 1892, 
towards the expenses at the Observatory of Harvard University, on account of the Draper Memorial. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received, through Mr. JAMES S. RCSSELL, four subscriptions 
amounting to $275, "to be used in equipping a library for the use of the Historical department of 
Harvard College," and that other subscriptions would doubtless be received. This money is to be spent 
at the discretion of the Corporation. It was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent, through Mr. RUSSELL, to each subscriber 
for the purpose above named, and that all the gifts be entered upon the Donation Book of the College. 

A portrait of Professor LANGDELL, painted by FREDERICK P. VINTON, having been offered to the 
Law School by the Harvard Law School Association, it was 

Voted, that the same be gratefully accepted by the Corporation. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. WHITMAN for her gift in the 
name of her brother, CHARLES WYMAN, of a beautiful silver pitcher and goblet, designed by herself, to 
be used by the University on public occasions in Sanders Theatre. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. EDWARD BURNETT, for the gift 
of a marble bust of her father, the late JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL. 

Mr. BRIMMER reported that the Committee on the Fogg Art Museum had engaged Mr. RICHARD 
MOKRIS HUNT as the architect to make plans for, and to build, the Museum. 

Voted, to re-appoint ARTHUR BLISS SEYMOUR, S.M., Assistant in the Cryptogamic Herbarium for 

Voted, to appoint CHARLES Livr WHITTLE Assistant in Petrography for 1892-93. 

MEETING OF DECEMBER 27, 1892. The Treasurer reported that he had received $1000, in payim-nt 
of Mr. HENRY LEE'S subscription for the Dental School building, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

Tin- Treasurer reported that he had received from the Executor of EDWIN CONANT the additional 
sum of $320. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Miss GEORGIANA W. SARGENT the sum of $2000, 
for the permanent endowment of the prize established by her father, JOHN OSBORNE SARGENT, of the 
Class of 1830, and said gift was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received the sum of $30,000, with interest thereon amounting to 
$1325, in full payment of the bequest from FREDERICK I K<M HIN<;HA.M, and it was thereupon 

Voted, to establish the P'rothinuliam Professorship Fund for the Divinity School. 

Voted, to appoint WILLIAM HERBERT PHKSCOTT, M.D., Assistant in Pathological Histology for 



MEETING OF MAY 4. 1892. Concurred in the votes of the President and Fellows. 

MEETING OF MAY 11, 1892. Concurred in the votes of the President and Fellows. 

Reports were received from the Committees on the Divinity School, English Literature and 

Voted, to amend section 32 of the Rules and By-laws by inserting after the word "two" the words 
' or more." 

Inspectors of Polls were appointed as follows : WILLIAM R. TRASK, Principal : STILES G. WELLS, 

Voted, that the Secretary be instructed to call the attention of the President and Fellows to the rule 
upon the qualifications of candidates for the degree of A.M., and to the fact that the said rule has been 
in some cases disregarded. 

MEETING OF JUNE 8, 1892. Concurred in the votes of the President and Fellows. 

A communication was received from the President and Fellows, accompanied by a letter from HENRY 
SALTONSTALL. regarding the Saltonstall Scholarship. It was referred to a Committee. 

Reports were presented from the following Committees : on the Botanic Garden ; on the University 
Chapel ; on the Fine Arts ; on English Composition ; on German. 

The Committee on Reports and Resolutions returned the report on the Semitic and Indo-Iranian 
languages, recommending that it be printed. 

The report of the Committee of the Alumni on counting the nominations for Overseers was referred 
to the Committee on voting for Overseers. 

MEETING OF JUNE 15, 1892. Concurred in the votes and appointments of the President and 
Fellows : in amending the rules and orders relating to Athletic Sports ; and in regard to conferring the 
degree of A.B. and A.M. simultaneously. 

The report from the Committee on Ancient and Mediaeval History was received. 

The Committee on Reports and Resolutions returned reports committed to them. 

The report of the Committee on the Saltonstall Scholarship was laid on the table. 

The recommendations of the Committe on Physical Training were adopted, and transmitted to the 
President and Fellows ; and it was 

Voted, that in the opinion of the Board it is desirable that the President and Fellows should provide 
for the appointment of an officer of health on the general scheme recommended at the close of the 

MEETING ox COMMENCEMENT DAT. JUNE 29, 1892. Concurred in the appointments of the President 
and Fellows, and in their votes conferring degrees. 

The Committee on Reports and Resolutions returned the report on German, recommending that it be 
printed and be sent to the Faculty. 

The reports on the Botanic Garden, Herbarium, Fine Arts, and the University Chapel were received 
with a recommendation that they be printed. 

Voted, to request the Librarian of the University to take charge of the Archives of the Overseers, and 
to sort, select, aud arrange them. 

MEETING OF SEPTEMBER 28, 1892. Concurred in the appointments made by the President and 

The Committee on Elections made their report. 

SOLOMON LINCOLN was chosen President, and ALEXANDER MCKENZIE was chosen Secretary, of the 
Board, for one year and three years respectively. 

The Committee on Reports and Resolutions returned the reports of the Committees on Composition 
and Rhetoric and on Ancient History, recommending that they be printed. 

Voted, on the petition of EMILY LORING CLARK, that the petitioner have leave to withdraw. 

MEETING OF OCTOBER 12, 1892. Concurred in the appointments made by the President and 

The remonstrance of FRANCIS E. ABBOT was referred to a Committee. 


MEETING OF NOVEMBER 16, 1892. Concurred in the appointments made by the President and 

A petition from the Law School Association, regarding the right to vote for Overseers, was referred 

Some proposed amendments to the Statutes were presented and referred to a Committee. 

The Standing Committees of the Board were appointed. 

The report of the Committee on the remonstrance of FRANCIS E. ABBOT was adopted. 

The report of the Committee on Free Scholarships was presented, and it was ordered that it be 

Reports on the Medical and Dental Schools were presented. 

The question of the right to vote for Overseers by Masters of Arts who have received the degrrc of 
A.B. from the College within five years of their graduation, and of officers of instruction whose terms 
of office expire with the current academic year, was referred to the Committee on Elections. 

Consideration of the petition of the editors of the Harvard Graduates Magazine was referred to the 
next meeting. 

MEETING OF NOVEMBER 23, 1892. Voted, that the editors of the Harvard Graduates Magazine be 
informed that they can obtain the reports of the Board from the Publication Agent. 

The report of the Committee on Amendments to the Statutes was presented and considered. 

The Committee on the Bussey Institution presented their report. 

The petition of the Alumni of the Divinity School that women be admitted to the lectures, 
recitations, and Library of the School was referred to Messrs. LYMAN, SPRAGUE, and RAWLE. 



%* This list of accessions includes (1) nearly all the recently published books and pamphlets that 
are received (except annual reports, periodical publications, continued works, etc. received regularly 
from time to time), and (2) the more extensive and important works of earlier date. 

Anonymous works relating to a person are entered under the name of the person indented. 

Accessions to the several department libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles 
as follows : 

AH . American History Class Room. 

AO. Astronomical Observatory. 

BG. Botanic Gard. (Herbarium Lib.) 

BI. Bussey Institution. 

Bot. Lab. Botanical Laboratory. 

Class. Classical Department. 

DS. Divinity School. 

FA. Fine Arts Department. 

Geol.Lab. Geological Laboratory. 

Germ. German Class Room. 

Hist. Historical Department. 

JPL. Jefferson Physical Laboratory. 

LS. Law School. 

Math. Mathematical Class Room. 

Min.Lab. Mineralogical Laboratory. 

MS. Medical School. 

Mus.Dep't. Department of Music. 

MZ. Museum of Comparative Zoology. 

PE. Political Economy Class Room. 

Ph. G. Lab. Physical Geography Laboratory. 

Philos. Philosophical Class Room. 

PM. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. 

Sanskr. Department of Sanskrit. 

SL. Library of Semitic Department. 

SQ. Social Questions Class Room. 

SS. Lawrence Scientific School. 

ZL. Zoological Laboratory. 

I. General. 

(Including Bibliography.) 

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tion ; repertoire de citations francaises, dictons 
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ecdotiques. avec une indication precise des sources. 
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Antiqnarisk tidskrift for Sverige ; utgifven af 
kongl. vitterhets historic och antiquitets akademien 
genom B. E. Hildebrand. Del. ii.-xii. Stockholm. 
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Biographical sketch of Miiller, before p. 1. 

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To be continued. 

Nos. 13 and 14 arc identical with the English edition, with 
the exception of the imprint; a distinct American edition 
begins with no. 15, April, 1891. 

Russell, Adolf, publisher. Gesammt-verlags- 
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To be continued. 

A No known us "Harvard studies and notes in philology 
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Only 3-2a copies printed. * 27 Case. 362 

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II. Theology and Philosophy. 

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Imperfect : the first four leaves containing the table of 
contf-nts are wanting. 

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To be continued. 
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onie r> i ords of the .-i.i-.-opa 1 .p Thomas 

.! I' CA.I>. r_'!r_'-]:;n7 : a!-., tli.' taxation of 

I'll! I V.. \.i>. |L".i] i 

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'Ir : "Tli- rc^Uter* of the iliocene of 


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[The hook nf t ,,f hrother Kilix 

.it.-d l.y Aubrey 

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To be continued. 

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To lie continued. 

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" Kf produced with ft few alterations from the Erpotiiory 

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Further psychological observations. On education. On 
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[ii.l 4. i'l'lie i-thi.-s of social hit.J Juti;e. [Ant 

ed. UHL 



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"Ans dem zoologist-hen laboratorium der universitat 



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To be continued. 

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publlmtlonon uf zoolofrlnchmn K< -I'i' 

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To In' i-niitiiiiiril. 

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I0 5 

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VIII. 175(vn) 

Confined, almost exclusively, to the measures directed 
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" Berichtt aim dem phyniologiftchen laboratorium und der 
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VIII. 175(vn) 

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AL 1773.125.9 

v : Hiunii'iipathy ;md its kimlrcil delusion*. 
The (.nr.iiiiixi-iK <s ol' poerpenl fever. Current* iinil 
couiifrr-ciirrcnts in medical scirnce. Border linrs of knowl- 
edge in MUIII- province* of medical science. Scholastic and 
bedside reiicliinjr. The medical profession in Ma-saclm- 
The younjr practitioner. Medical lihraries. Some 
of my early tend 

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" VitH," after p. 16. 

" Litteratur-verzcichniji," after p. 16. 

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17 [1MJ plates. V. 4323 

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:--n in der cliemie. Hamlmr-. rtr. Is'.i2. 

V. 4348 

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des connaiaaances utileo.) MZ. 

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eaeli 1C 3 , X I'.'ii in. V. 4368 

[Explanatory notice.] 2 pt. [London. 
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Maps Japan. (1886-90.) Reconnaissance 

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" Reprint IVoin Join-nni nf in, hrirtij." 

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To be continued. 

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Contents: i. Petrographie. 1. Die vulkanischen eesteine, 
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Content* : i. The Darwinian theory. 

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To be continued. MZ. 

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vollstandigcn losung des willensprol)lenis, des 
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i- no. 4 of the " Traimlationi of fon-ipi biological 

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, ].liaiii)'_'v. and tliera|.eiilic<. K.lited by 

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V. 4342 

Wiederheim. IJot.ert. Da* 
irbflthiere. mil l.e-onder.T 

-i-llllltlT- Illld beckerimirtel- ln-i fi-clirn. 

phibicn. mi I r.'|,tilii-n. .! s . ||, 

and ntla.1 of 17 plntei. MZ. 

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LCI.'.- iini! liiiiiniif -t;i^..~. lS90. ii.u. UlfOetim &. clci'. 
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4". W'dcls. and plate*. MZ. 

f*: '/.\\r <-iitwickeliings f r f . s( .|,i,.],te d e s g- 
(ems iin liagetterange: von Ockar BcholtM. Ueber die 
arbcitsleistuoK der auj die fUMgelenke wirkenden muskeln; 
von Ku.lolf Fi<-k. Ueber die c'litwiekeliing der n>< 
vasculnsa retinae ; \cin Ailani \"oll. Heiti'iigc zur leiiieren 
anatomic des riickenniarkes der ainphibieii ; von (i. I.. 
Sclavunos. I'eber kern und protoplasiua ; von Martin 

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IV. Useful Arts. 

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Beilugr 711 nr. 8,9, 11, 12 der Mitthrilnngrn dfr ntklinn Jur 
'"tcfierei dm drutiichrn Jtm-hrrri-rrrrint, 

fiir !>>!. 

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\\'<lct*. SS. 

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Deutvcher fi*cherei-verein. .Mittlieihmgcn 

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ftlntis. iini/if. etc. MZ. 

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eeoi'oiiiic geology and metallurgy in tin- United 
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MU8KDM. Bulletin, 42.) VIII. 39(42) 



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To be continued. 

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Content* : i. Allgemeiner theil. MZ . 

The atlas is in English and Japanese and has an English 

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Continued by gift. 

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Content* : L Stresses in simple trusses. 3d ed 

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" Bibliography," pp. 216-220. 



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tion and lo>t work in machinery and millwork. 
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an 1 irdctt. SS. 

United State* liurean of navigation ////- 
drographic office. The method.- and re.-ulr- of the 
survey of the west coast of Lower Ciilitoi nia by the 
officers of the I". S. S " Ranger," during the sea- 
son of IHH'.t and is-.M). \Va-hiii'_'ton. 1V.>L>. 8. 
Plates, maps, and wdctt. (/n its [Publ.] 101.) 

VIII. 93 

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92. sm. 8". Wdcts. (Text-books of science.) SS. 

Content* : \. < true-nil principle., fa-trninL'-, und trnn- 

'i. l-'i|. - 11. ( hi.-lK ..n , n^iuc 
I. N-w (II- I mid cniiii L- 

Wada, Kuni.jiro, and Noiawa, Shunjir- 
& fl-heries of Hokkaido: preliminary report of the 
syst- :'in of the li-h and ti-hcries of 

Hokkni lo, und' r the direction ,,t the fishery bn- 
Hokknidocho. Japanese. Tokyo, Japan. 
1H92. 1. 8". 1'lates, table, and map. MZ. 

Wegmann, Kdward, jr. The design and con- 
struction of niaxmry dams, ^-iviiii: the method era- 
ployed in determining the profile of the Quaker 
Bridge dam. 2d cd. . rc\ ised. New York. 
f'l l-'nuit.. dii'iji-.t.. and (!2 plates. SS. 

"Hililii>i;r:i|iliy," \<\>. lo.V-100. 

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experinieiitelle untersiichungen iiber ileren natur, 
meii^e, verarheitung, und verwerthung. Berlin. 
1891. 8. MZ. 

SniidrrlH'iliiirc zu dpn Mittli, Huny, n <l, / *,k>'n>tifnrkiixt>n- 
uii'l hochteefltcherei den dfntxrf, , juhrif. 


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gines, pumps, and boilers, and their accessories 
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Met. 384 

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V. Fine Arts. 

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i Bottari, Giovanni Gaetano, editor.] Sculture 
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blicate gia dagli autori della Roma sotterranea ed 
ora nuovamente date in luce colle spiega/ioni. 
.'} torn. Roma. 17:'.7-.">4. f". A'/i'/r. title-page, 
viijns., 210 [212] plates, etc. 27 Case. 364 

A rciiulpli''ati(iii of the plate-, of Hu<io's " Kouia ~..itrrr:i- 
nea," ItVl'J, with explanation* ami nntr- liv the editor. 

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\., i..- <-ontinucd. 27 Case. 625 

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' I.,-lM-M-!:lllf," iiftrr |>. 31. II. 3194 

Cavallari, Kraiu'e-co Saverio, and other*. 
Topo_'ratia archeolo._'ica di Siraciisa. e'eipiita per 

ordlne del minlstrra deiin pub'dica Utru/ione. dai 

Mi F. S Ca\al!ari e Adolfo Holm e Cristo- 

\allari. PaliTino. Issii. f. :\ plnlrs, 

and nilun of \:> i>lnt, | 27 Case. 59' 

- Appeiidici-. Torino, etc. l^'.'l. t". pp. 

i;-< \ plait* 27 Case. 60 

Chicago, Illinois Art institute. Preliminary 

cntahigne of the Kl ''.ridire G. Hall collection of 

-eiilpiure. .Ian. IMil. Chicaifti. I I" 1 .' I. ] 

sm. 8". II. 3196 



Clemen, Paul. Die portriitdarstellungen Karls 
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"Die abhandlung erscheint gleichzeitig in band xi. und 
xii. dcr Zeitacfiri/t Aacfiener geschichtstereinx." 

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" Indication* bibliographiques," i. xi.-xii. 

Contents: i. Les origines. Les primitifr. L'ar- 
chai'sme avance. L'epoque des grands maitres du cin- 
quietne siecle. 

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On the title-page the music- is ascribed to Smith. 

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ment of the needs of the parish. Boston. [1892.] 
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Devoted, with the exception of a few pages, to the history 
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Works consulted, pp. vii.-viii. 

Contents: Music and musical criticism; a discourse on 
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Germany. Richard Wagner and the reform of the opera. 

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II. 3189 

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u. a., aus den Strassburger druckereien der Priiss, 
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u. a. : mit erlauterndem vermehrtem text he'raus- 
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Wdcts. Class. 

Contents: i. Die vatikanische skulpturensammluug. 
ic kapitolinischen und das lateranisehe museum. ii. Die 
villen. Das museo Boncompagni. Der palazzo Spada. 
Die antiken der vatikanischen bibliothek. Das museo 
delle terme. Das etruskisrhe museum im Vatikan, das 
Kireher'sche und prahistorische museum im collegio romano, 
von Emil Reisch. 

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II. 3203 

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II. 2836 

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Content*.- i. D moll. Op. 30. [187-?] 1224.76 

ii. [Gmoll.] Op. 42. [187-?] 
iii. C moll. Op. 80. [1S7-?] 
- F moll. Op. 115. 1878. 
D moll. Op. 118. 1878. 
E moll. Op. 137. 1880. 
A moll. Op. 140. 1880. 
H moll. Op. 178. 1885. 
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From the French." London, etc. 1892. 1. 8. 
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ii. Fantasie-sonate. [F moll.] Op. 65. [187-?] 
iii. Pastoral-sonate. [G dur.] Op. 88. 1880. 
iv. [A moll.] Op. 98. [187-?J 
v. Sis dur. Op. 111. fl87-?f 
vi. Es moll. Op. 119. [1880.J 
vii. F moll. Op. 127. [1882.] 
r E moll.] Op. 132. [1883.] 
B moll. 7 Op. 142. [1885.1 
H moll.J Op. 146. [1887 .1 
D moll.J Op. 148. [1888.1 
es. Op. 154. [18S9.J 






Es.] Op. 161. [1890.J 

C.] Op. 165. [1891.] 

D dur.] Op. 168. [1892.] 

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Translated from the German. 2 pt. London, etc. 
[1892 ?] sm. 8. Wdcts. 1224.57 

" Augener's edition." 

" Selection from the literature of musical history," ii- 182- 

Contents: i. History of musical instruments and history 
of tone-systems and notation. ii. History of musical forms, 
with biographical notices of the most illus'trious composers. 



Riemann. llu-jo. Catechism of musical instru- 
ments; guide to instrumentation. Translated from 
the German. London. [1890.] am. 8. MV/r/s. 

r'-. tuition." 122.57 

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geschichte und kunsttechnik des mittelalters und 
der neuzeit. Neue I'olge, 4.) II. 692(iv) 

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Psalm 150 (achtstemmig). Partita r. ( irith sepa- 
rate parts'], Amsterdam, etc. [1891.] 4. pp. '27. 
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landsche muziekgeschiedenis. Uitgave van oudere 
noord nederlandsche meesterwerken, xvii.) 


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and 9 plates. (BKITRAGE zur kunstgeschichte ; 
neue folge, 16.) II. 2834 

VI. Antiquities. 
(Including Folk Lore.) 

Antiquites du Bosphore Cimmerien, 1854. 
Reeditecs, avoc un commentaire nouveau et un 
index ovneral des Compos rendus [de la commis- 
sion impcriale 1850-1881], par Salomon Reinach. 
Paris. 1892. 1.8. Wdcts., maps, and plates. 
(Biui.ioTHKguE des monuments figures grecs et 
remains, [3].) II. 3215 

Asmundarson, Valdimar, compiler. Fornal- 
darsoirur Nordrlanda. :'. bde. in 2. Reykjavik. 
1885-S9. sm. 8. 1. 1676 

Content*: i. Hi-iilt- -HL'.-I kraka ok kappa hans. Biar- 
kamalen fornu. Voi-im;:;! -ai,M. - ttodbrmur 

ok -ona haii*. Kiakmnal. . .^nai-s -uniiin. 

: ,1'tr. Si'iirniirot nl fornkoliun. 

guni. - 1885. 

ii. H. iiy^'ilUt. Fiiiidinii Norcfrr. 

Halfi ok llalfrrekkuin. Af r|.|i!i-n,ii]ii.'!i kdiniiiKiiin. 

t">r-< : -,ILT:I <-n- t'iu-kli:l. 

K- (irimn Mga lodlnkiniuL Orvar- 

Odils napl. A i --vi'ijjis. _ Hniiiiiiiiilar &!&, 

GreipMOIUlr. A>iiiiiinlai- -:II_M k;i|>|>:il>an.i. 1886. 

. (>:iiiin ki.nar. (liiu^ii- 

Ilnilfr *K*. B6* naga ok ll<<l-. K^'iN - :l . 
Am> ,t,M ( ,k ()1- 

r6. llult'ilaiiitr >:ILT:I I.v -i'-iii-oii:ir. Halfdunar Majfa Br8- 
nufd*tra.- i. Illuga saga Gri-lar- 

fdctra. Eircka uaga \ i i 

Athens, (ii-frre Amtrican school of classical 
*t nit i'*. ' 'In- .-chool. Vol. V.' ]vsr, ;in. 

Boston, ttr. lx!fj. H". f Archaeological institute 
u-rira. ) VIII. 67 

ii ; fiii-ral rrpurf of 

\caration*, I \\ M\\\\ , ii|i|i]\ re pon, 

'>' M- ' I Bikyonlan 

in tin- Attii-dfini- 

of Ik aria. IMS; 1 II||IIIIMM| ,- r ,, w 

"'l i'.. lluwiev. The- n.wlv <li.. 

' tin- Parthenon; liy 

-.tionuUi; a 

r.irln-11. |{|.|,.,rt .,ii 
n near Si.. 

\> . 

.il I' if] 

'..tone froni l..i.,ti.,; l,> j. c. lu.lf.'. 

n.fromPlaUla; bv I 

N; - _ 

Bandolier, Adolph Francis (Alphonse). Final 
rci>ort of investigations among the Indinnn of the 
sotithwi'sti-rn I'nited States, carried on mainly in 
lie years from 1880 to 1885. 2 pt. Cambridge. 
1890-92. 8. Front., plates, map, etc. (AMI KI. \ 
A rctutolorjical institute. Papers. American 
series, 3, 4.) VIII. 64(m, iv) 

Batchelor, John. The Ainu of Japan ; the re- 
ligion, superstitions, and general history of the 
hairy aborigines of Japan. London. 1892. sm. 8. 
///".-//. I. 4216 

Batchelor, John. The Ainus of Hokkaido; 
[their manners, customs, and habits]. A lecture. 
Kobe, Japan. 1892. 8. pp. 21. MZ. 

" Reprinted iVoin the Ilijogu nm-x." 

Beanohamp, William Martin. The Iroquois 
trail : or, Foot-prints of the six nations, in customs, 
traditions, and history : in which are included, 
David Cusick's Sketches of ancient history of the 
six nations. Fayetteville, N. Y. 1892. 8. PM. 

Bergreihen; ein liederbuch des xvi. jahr- 
hunderts. Nach den vier altesten drucken von 
1531, 15;53, 1536, und l.">:!7 herausgegeben von John 
Meier. Halle a. S. 1892. sm. 8. (NEUDRITCKE 
deutscher litteraturwerke des xvi. und xvn. jalir- 
hunderts, 99,100.) 17522.20 

The title of the filition of 1531 reads " Etliche hubsche berg- 
kreie, etc." 

British museum. The Tell el-Amarna tablets 
in the British museum, with autotype facsimiles. 
[ Kdited by C. Bezold, with an introduction and 
summary by C. Bezold and E. A. W. Btuk'e.J 
London. 1892. 1.8. 24 plates. Sem. 882 

"Bibliography," pp. Ixxxvii.-xrii. 

Letters and dormnents probably written B.C. 1500-1450, 
Ulnatradng the |>olitical and eoiiiraercial relations which 
i-xiste.l ;it that time lietween the kings of western Asia and 
the kinfr> of l-'.irvpt. 

Cavallari, Francesco Saverio, and others. 
Die stadt Syrakus im alterthum. Autorisierte 
deutsche bearbcitung der Cavallari-Holm'sclieii 
Topografia archeologica di Siracusa, von Bernhard 
Lupus. Strassburg. 1887. 8. Plans, n-dcts., 
am! ///.'/'.- II. 3164, also Class. 

Constantinople, Turkey Ilellenikos philolo- 
)fir>s dyoJi', ^TCI Mv7//xfia 

AaaJ. Tom. i. Ev K.tava'TavTivovTn'iXti. 1891. 
1. 8. VIII. 251.2 

Cosijn, 1'eter Jakoh. Aanteekenin^'eii op den 
Urowiilf. Leiden. 1892. 8. pp. (2), 42. 


Cresson, Hilhorne Thomson. Report upon pile- 
structures in Naaman's creek, near ('layrnont. 
Delaware. ( 'amliridge, Mass. 1892. 8". ]']' '-'< 
\\'ilit.<. i I'l VH..I.V MI -ii M ..! AMKKICAN AIK-H.V.- 
OLO01 vsi' i.i IINOI .M.K fiiin/'riiftfr. .Vfi... Ar<'li- 
ffiological and ethnolu^ical papers, i. 4.) 

Pier 3. 275 

Davis, Cliarle- ll.-nry Stanley, mid Cobern. 
Cam.len Mc( 'ormick. Ancient K.i:y]it in tlie light 
of moilern disco\ crie. With an introduction by 

\v.( .Win-low. v,,i. 1-3. [Meriden, OooB. 

1 *'.i'2. i 1. t . I'lnt'n. innps, and inlets. 
To i..- . ..i.i.nii. , i. 27 Case. 627 

I'ulilMi.-d a the " niiflnilril edition " of Ilil.tiu. vol. v. 

n... ::. '- . 

Denh^m. Mictiael Ai-laMe. The Di-nhnm 
tracts; a collrctioii of folklore reprinted from the 
orik'inal tract- an. I ]>a:ii|ihlets printed ln-twi-eii islii 
and 1^.">!. Kdid-d liy James Hardy. Vol. i. Lon- 
don. !>::'. H'. fFoUC-LOKB OOtXTT. Puld. 29.) 



Donaldson, Thomas, of Washington, D. C. 
Indians : the six nations of New York ; Cayugas, 
Mohawks (Saint Regis). Oneidas, Onondagas, Sen- 
ecas, Tuscaroras. Washington, D. C. 1892. 4. 
pp. viii., 80. Maps, plates, and portrs. PM. 

" Eleventh census of the United States. Extra census 

Dyer, Thomas Firminger Thiselton. Church- 
lore gleanings. London. 1891. 8. Front, and 
plates. III. 6972 

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Flatebogens Graenlendingatattr. samt nddrag fra 
Olafssaga Tryggvasonar. udgivne ved Gustav 
Storm. Kebenhavn. 1891. 8. (COPENHAGEN 

Samfund til udgirelse af gammel nordisk lit- 
teratur. [Publ.] 21.) 1376.33.2 

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aegyptisches leben im altertum geschildert. 2 bde. 
in 1 (paged contin.). Tiibingen. [1885-87.] 1.8. 
pp. x.i. + viii., 742. Illustr. H. 3171 

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sachsen. Meiningen. 1891. 4. pp. 3-42. (Progr. 
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mente der neolithischen schnurverzierten keramik 
im flussgebiete der Saale. Inaugural-dissertation. 
Jena. 1891. 8. pp. (2), 72. Plates and u-dcts. 

II. 3195 

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1891 ['86-91]. 8. (COPENHAGEN Samfund til 
udgirelse af gammel nordisk litteratur. [Publ.] 
15.) 25287.51 

Content* : i. Tek*t samt historisk og grammati*k ind- 
ledning. ii. Ordsamling og register udarbejdede af Jakob 

Hellmann, (Johann Georg) Gustav. Meteoro- 
logische volksbiicher; ein beitrag zur geschichte 
der meteorologie und zur kulturgeschichte. Berlin. 
1891. 1.8. pp.53. Fat~sims. (BERLIN 

Gesellschaft Urania. 
schriften, 8.) 

Sammlung popularer 

" Sonderabdruck aus der monatsschrift ffimmel und erde, 
iii. jahrg. 9.-11. heft." . 

Henriksson, J. Plagseder och skrock bland 
Dalslands allmoge fordomdags ; jemte en samling 
sagor, gator, ordsprak, folkvisor och lekar fran 
namda landskap. [Amal. 1889.] 8. 25293.50 

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Illustr. V. 4330 

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iron ages ; a popular treatise on early archaeology. 
London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. Front, and icdcts. 

II. 3199 

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van 't vrijbusch ; west-vlaamsche legenden. 4 e 
uitgave. Gent, etc. 1890. 8. 25282.23 

The preface is signed V. H. 

Institut archeologique liegeois. Bulletin 
de 1'institut. Tom. xxii. Liege. 1891-92. 1. 8. 
Maps, plates, plan, etc. PM. 

Joos, Arnaat. Raadsels van bet vlaamsche volk ; 
gerangschikt. vergeleken en verklaard. Gent. 
1888. 8. 25282.21.2 

Kanellakes, Konstantinos N., compiler. Xiaica 
, rjroi orvAAoyj) rjOtav, iBifiMV, Trapoi- 


/3ov\Xd)v, o-iyiAAiW K\TT. 'E>v 'A&jrais. 1890. 

8. Wdct. 27226.64 

Kvolsgaard, C. M. C. Spredte traek af land- 
bolivet. optegnede i jysk mundart. [With a Danish 
translation.] Kebenhavn. 1891. 8. (COPEN- 
HAGEN Unicersitets-jubileeets danske samfund. 
[Skrifter], 60.) 1.4218 

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ii. Campen Cliarlymarii, I'nrdan I'adrie, lluchcdd Meir 

Kv. -nirvl NlcodemiU, Y irrnj;lith, Hrenddwvt I'awl, 

Seitli doethion ruvein, Ipotisy-prvtawl, Luddsriw. Ymborth 

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The general title-papo is wanting. 
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CHhrr ttnliff : The Vinlaml of the Northmen. Trade 

and commerce iii the sfi aire. I'n- A ryan American man. 

The ii-th'-tic faculty in aboriginal rac- -. I i,. Unroll- 
In.<i . . HybridiM and ln-ri-ility. Kela- 

i. hruin-wriirlit an 

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VII. 2831 

" 1C- printed from the American an^/v""""" ni:it r a/.in<- for 

VII. History and Geography. 
(Including Politics and General Biography.) 

Aberdeen, ^ .,'/./,</. K<>11 of uuild burgesses 

of the royal buru'h of Aberdeen. 1 .;.': L681. AK.r- 

i 9461.21.4 

PI-. xT.-liv.. 1-162. 357-391 of rol. 1. of tl. yq ( 

the Kew Spalding club." 

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one hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of 
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remarks on the city charter of Quincy, the prob- 
lems of municipal ^ovenimeiit, and minority repre- 
sentation ]. Canihridire. iS'.tL'. 8". jtp. .",'.. Front. 
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K;i\ . the antinomian coiit . a study of church 
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Other iirtirlex: t'ncle Tom at home. County court 
(lay in Kentucky. Kentucky fairs. \ home of the silent 
brotherhood [tin- Trappist abbey of (iethsemane]. Home- 
steads of the blue-gnus. Thronph Cumb-rland (iap on 
horseback. Mountain pas-c< of the Cumberland. 

J\cprinted from Il<tri>< r'x and the Ci ntitri/ iniii^azines. 

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to the present time. London. 1887. sm. 4. 
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" 400 copies printed." 

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Archivio storico per le province napoletane. 
1'uldilicato a cura della societa di storia jiatria. 
Anno i.-xvi. 1870-1891. q. Nap(di. 
8. Plates, fac-sims., tables, and in/ft*. 

To be ..... ntinned. 

Archivio veneto : jiubbliea/ione 

|.>71 is'.m. j 40 toin. in .':. Veiie/ia. 
8. MWc/s. ./ir-.v/' />-., i>/t>tr.<, etc. 

xxxix., xl. Indice ccnerulr. 

Tom. \\\. \l. ;u ' lie." 

No more pnbli-lii d. l-'or continuation, see \unronrchirio 

- [Supplement to anno ii.] II liber com- 
inunis di-lto anche ]de^iorum del r. archivio ^en- 

( rale di Velie/ia: reu'esli di 1{. 1'redelli. N'elle- 

zia. 1872. 8. l>ltr. IX. 207 

- \ Supplement to anno iii. i La spedi/ione 
di Carlo VIII. in Italia; raccontata da Marin 
Satiudo e jiublicata per cura di IJinaldo Fulin. 
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h". ].|.. xii.. ;U. lllutlr. I. 4188 


IX. 2O5 


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fessor Tait. Professor Campbell Fraser. Professor Chrys- 
tal. Professor Sellar. Mr. Joseph Thomson. Robert 
Louis Stevenson. Rev. Walter C. Smith. 

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Contents: After the Romans. Saxon and Xormau. 
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( 'mitriitx : i. Depnis les origines jusqu'au xvn siecle. 
ii. Depuis le xvn siecle jusqu'a la revolution fraixjaise. 
2' ed. 

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" Reprinted by permission of the proprietors of the Scots- 

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(NAPLES. Italy Societa napnletana iii storia 
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" Kdizione di -7~> c-emplari mum rati. No. 105." 

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2 8&-ie i 

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Content* : The praise of Paris. The banks of the 
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ienne. Lf prand couturier. The boulevard. The duel- 
li-t~. Proletarian I'aris. The comldie-francaise. The 
institute of France. 

Child, Theodore. The Spanish-American re- 
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the more accessible parts of Chili, Peru, the 
Argentine, Paraguay, and I'ruu'uav. ] New York. 
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3361.17, also AO. 

Chronicon anglo-scoticum (Monachi anonymi 
scoti) ; e codice durlacensi primum integrum ed'idit 
C. \\. Houterwek. Ellierfeldae. 1863. 8. pp. 
xvi., 48. Plate. 9441.3 

This Chronicle was printed in 1828 by the Bannatync club 
umler the title " Chronicon coenohii BftOCtC < Ynris edinhur- 
!"rr)in a copy of an incomplete MS. in the Lambeth 
library. Tbe Durlach MS. continues its entries from 1183, 
when- the other breaks otf, to 1355, and is considered by the 
present editor to have been probably written in the abbey of 
Cupar Angus. 

Cobo, Bernabe. Historia del Nuevo Mundo ; 
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Peru]. Publicada por primera vez con notas y 
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iiKiivn I.K IMIU.IOKM.OS ANDALUCES. [Works. 2 
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Columbui rn.'inorial. MUL' 1892. Discovery, 
settlfincnt, wars, indepi-iidenee, constitution. <\\~- 
iiension, SCCC-MUTI. ]>..,- I > -criptions ot tin- 
world's fair buildings, with uHicial plat of the 
ground-, ftr. \ 1'ublislicd l.v .1. \V. IlifF & CO. 
Chicago. 1892.] 1.4. pp. (41;. Front., moot t 
and irdctt. 14341.1O 

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" Book* rcUting to Kentucky," pp. 333-334. 

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almost exclusive! \ hv W. B. Webb and J. Wool- 
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" 200 copies printed." 

' -nt* : Journal of Captain Celeron. Campaign of 
tters of (ieiierals (iranl, Forbes, and liouipiet. 
Journal, letters, and orderly book of Captain S. Keuyer. 
Sketeli of the life of Cieiienil < >'llara. Letters from ot!i 
of the continental army, from IT'tMTW. Kreetion and 
orfrani/atioii of Allenheny county; by W. M. Darlington. 

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continental line of the army of the revolution : with 
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niae selecta. ab anno 7i'.s u^i|iie ad annum 1" 
Bdi-hn. iii., iv. (in 1 vol.). Miincln-n. 


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Lotbar III., K. .1,1. el- III., in,. I Fii.<lrieh> I. 1890. 

Doniol, ..lean I!, mi \ntoine). Histoire de 
la partieipation de la France a rctaldissement 
fttett-Uoil d'Ameriijue; correspomlancc dijiloina- 
tii|iie ct iliK-uments. [ With an appendix to ton: 
coiitainiiiL,' ' ' Corres|.oinlaiice du comte de IJo- 
chambeau." 17M .si. j :, torn. 1'aris. 1886-92. I. 
Portrt., platet, map, and fac-iimt. 6361.16 



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Content*: i. Hafen Europas sowie der asiatischen and 
afrikanix-heii kiistm de< Mittelmeerbeckens. 1891. ii. 
HSt'en aussrrhalb Europas uud des Mittelmeerbeckens. 

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For l-t and 3d series, see MODEXA AND PARMA, Italy 
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To be continued. 

A companion volume to the Historv of the first Maine cav- 
alry, by E. P. Tobie. 

Beginning with July, 1892, this is also the organ of the cav- 
alry society of the armies of the United States, and will con- 
tain the yearly proceedings. 

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Concerning the free navigation of the Mississippi, with an- 
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Printed in part on one side of the leaf only. 

" 200 copies privately printed. No. 96." 

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The title on the cover reads, " London in 1892." 

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Contents: i. Les precursors de Colomb. ii. Les con- 
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-i Extrait des Jfemoires de la societe bourguignonne de 
geographie et d'histoire." 

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The " Business directory " is called pt. ii. and has a special 
title-page with separate paging. 

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The "Directory" is called pt. ii. and has a special title- 
page with separate paging. 

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The heraldic ceiling of the cathedral church of St. 
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armorial detail. Aberdeen. 1888. 4. Front., 
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" 525 copies printed. Xo. 218." 

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Life, pp. v.-x. 



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since 1886. Collected from various sources and 
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Content*: The Iri>-l) question, 1886. Notes and queries 
on the Irisli demands. I.CX-OMS of Irish history in the 
xviuth century. Ingrain's Hi-tory oi the Irish "union. 
Dr. Ingrnm and tUe Irish union. Further notes ami queries 
on the Irish demand. Mr. Forster and Ireland. Daniel 
O'Connell. Plain speaking on the Irish union. Home 
rule for Ireland ; an appeal to the ton,- householder. 

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see. Read before the commandery of Pennsyl- 
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Kdition limited to 100 copies. 

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t. rung des f*Ofraphbch-komni*cben borizontes. 
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wlnt. vortrage; neue folge, vii. ]:, | 

VIII. 175(vn) 

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chu-ctt-. U,,.t,, n . l-:>2.] 8. />;,///.. plates, 

- ''111,1,1 .\, l,i, .,-. and ,,n,,,. (Sn.i:v of the 


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xvi' et ! \\n siecle en France. Paris. 1 


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t't'itf*. 14392.1O 

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of the conspirators by a military conmiiv-ion. ami 
a review of the trial of John fl. Surratt. [With 
an appendix, containing Argument of J. A. Bing- 
ham and Controversy between President Johnson 
and Judge Holt.] Boston. [1892.] 8". 
and map. 9323.1 

Harrisse, Henry. The discovery of North 
America: a critical, documentary, and historic in- 
vestigation, with an essay on the early cartography 
of the New World, a chronology of one hundred 
royagefl westward between 1 |;;f ami 1504, [and] 
biographical accounts of the three hundred pilots 
who first crossed the Atlantic. Paris, etc. 1>!L'. 
4. pp. xii., 802+ . Maps. 1361.32 

"380 copies. No. 4." 

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5 maps. (Emeus of American history, 2.) 2 cop. 

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M'ifh bibliographical references at the beginning of each 


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With bibliographic* ofum-t of the colonies. 

' : i. ( oloiiii s et pn.tertoniN de l' )ce;m Indien. 

ii. Colonies d'Aiiier'niue. [1889.] 
iii. Colonies et pniteeinnits il'Iiulo. Chine. [1889.] 
iv. Coii .Hies et protectoratt de 1'Ocfai RKfflque. [1890.] 
v. Cokmie* d'Afrique : S^n^gal et mii-rc* >iu >u<l. gou- 

ihin friiui;:ii. 
vi. Colonies d'Afrkme: (i;ilH>n et Congo francais. ( .',(. 

ile (iilini-e. Uhoek. j 1SSH).] 

Hill, John Haruood. The history of the par- 
ish of Lanirton, with portion of the hundred of 
(iartree. Leicestershire; with an account of the 
lords of the manors and their pedigrees; and a 
list of the patrons and rectors of each living; a 
description of the churches, monuments, &c. 

r. 1-''.:. i". /'lutes, rnats-rif-ii, !.- 
i if William Hinilnn-y. etc. 9422.37 

Historic bouses () f the I'nited Kingdom: de- 
scriptive, historical, pictorial. j Hv Char! 


wardes. William Senior. John (Jeddie. and others. 
London, ttf. I .<:-'. I". ////>//-. 8483 

t'>iiilfn/i : Wellieck jililii-y. Warwi.-k castle. 

rilHtll'. I I ill fie |i| hollsr . Alnwjck e;l-tle. Auillev Kllil. 

Miiliilii'i ' liatuworth. Pen)iurl ; 

IIMIII hall. St. (Jile. 1 linii-i-. - Herk. 

CMtle. IIofrhton tower. CaHtle Howard. 

Belvoir i-ntle. Kilkenny cattle.. I.ongleat. N.IH orfli 

ra-tlr. Kll'ile house. I.i-ill..,. i jililiry. 


Holme*. Oliver Wendell if,. [809). Our hun- 

dn-d davs in Kurope. ! |{i\eride . i I'., .-(..n. etc. 

K dn Ins Writings. 10. ) AL 1773.125.10 


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Chambord. 1S9-J. 

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1'histoire ancienne de I'Armenie et les inscriptions 
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Paris, etc. 1892. 1.8. pp. viii., 628." Maps 
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The " Kitab al-Boldan " is " ed. 2." 

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The title-page is illustrated. 

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' This edition consists of 1500 copies." 

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A list of authorities is given with each chapter. 8435.30 

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Content* : William H. Seward. (Atlantic monthly. May, 
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Amfrioun. (Century, Ot-fc 1890.) The distribution of abil- 
iry in the United States. (Ontury, Sept. 1891.) Parlia- 
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century, March, 1891.) Parliamentary minorities. (New 
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Saxon, Norman. Welsh, Guelph, and Wetten 
[*ur] lines, with collateral branches. Edinburgh. 
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pp. (4), 46. 2546.34 

" L'unite dc la France est 1'oeuvrc >lr hi dynastic rape'ti- 


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Bibliography, pp. 6-31. 

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sm. 8. 3523.1 

pr4ets6ment oette vie privee de tons les jours uux 

diflfcreuts depr^s de 1'eohellc sociale, que nous avons pris a 

til In- de retracer, du moins pour la periode la plus critique 

de notre rooyen age, dans U- present ouvragc." Arunt- 


Liibeck, Germany. Das buch des liibeckischen 
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[" facsiinile-nachliildung, im massstabe von 1 :> . 
Ini au ft rage lies liistorischen vereins fiir Nieder- 
sachsen, benuitgegeben von Ernst Somm<>rl)rodt. 
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X L'.'.i in. MA. 77.6 

[Text.] Hannover. 1891. 4. MA. 77.6 

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drographische scliul- wandkarte nach K 
(lows jilan bearbeitet von H. Habenicht. Masstab 
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Texte explicatif. Livr. i.-iii. 1'aris. 

1885-89. 1. 8. 2531.5 

The cover of livr. i. lias the .late 1884. 
Maps Kai province, Japan. (1887.) Agro- 
nomic map of the Kai-province, by N. Tsuneto. 
C. Ouchi, & M. Fesca. Based on T. Waila's ^co- 
logical survey. Natural scale 1 : 100000. Tokio. 
[1887.] 33| X 27^ in. (Agronomic section of 
the imperial geological office of Japan.) MZ. 

Abhandlungen und erlaeuterungen, von 

Max Fesca. Herausgegeben von der kaiscrlich 
japanischen geologischen reichsanstalt. Tokio. 
1887. 8. Tables. MZ. 

Maps Musashi province, Japan. (1*^7 
Agronomic map of Musashi-province (northern 
part) , by N. Tsuneto & M. Fesca. Scale 1 : 100000. 
Tokio. [1887?] 43| X 33i in (Agronomic 
section of the imperial geological office of Japan. ) 


Maps \en- Hampshire. (1892.) Town and 
city atlas of New Hampshire ; compiled from gov- 
ernment surveys, county records, and personal in- 
vestigations. [Edited by H. B. Carter.] Boston. 
1892. 1.4. Front., M plates, and 244 maps. 

DR. 1.134 

Maps Saxony. (1874-92.) [TopOLrraphisehe 
karte des konigreichs Sachsen in 1 : L'.'.OOO d. n. gr. ; 
heraiisg. durch das kgl. rinan/ministeriuni. Hi-ar- 
lieitrt im topogrftphitchen bureau des ki;l. gene- 
ral>tabes. | NO. 1-166. Leii)/ig. 1879, - 7t '.I 
156 [155] sheets, each cir. 18 X 17| in. M. 1536 

There i no nhcrt niiinhiTcil 40. 

Auszug ans den liohenmaniialen der to- 

pographisclien karte von Sachsen. 101 pain, in 5 
rot Leipxig. 1879,75-86. sm. 8. M. 1536 

Tin- " AII-/III; an- ili-n hiihciiiiiaiuialcii " for im. Id, 11, ' 
js, :n>, 4H, 4J, 4ii, 4S, 49-51, 59, 60-63. 66-68, 76-7, 81-86, 05- 

w, KHI-III:!. lo',, KIT. ni, n-j, iu, 11:,, 124, i. . 

144, 14."> i wanting, ln'iiiir out of print. 

Maps Scotland. (1892.) Bartholomew 1 * 
reduced ordmmcc -nrM'\ of Scotland. Scale L' 
miles to an inch. [New series], >heet 1 
29. Kdinhurgh. [1892.] 26 sheeis. fol,!l in S" 
t09trt. MA. 235.892 

Margaret of Yulnis. (juttn of \nrnrre. \tt 
rjiimi nt' llrnn/ I I'. f f-'itnicr. Memoirs : written 
l,v her own hand. Translated into Knirlish. with 
an introduction and notes, l,\ Violet Fan,- Mr- 
M. M. I,. Singleton'. London'. IS'.iL'. S". I'orlrt. 
and ftn--*i,,>. 3543.24 

Marietta, AuiruMc. Outline- of ancieii 1 
tian history. Translated jind edited, with notes. 
l,y M.iry Hrodrii-k : with fin introductory note by 
\V.C.\Vinslow. Ni-w York. I-'.''.', sin. - 
and irdcti. I. 4231 

" Books of reference," p. 146. 



Markham, Clements Robert. Life of Christo- 
pher Columbus. London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 
Portrs., maps, u-dcts., etc. (The WORLD'S great 
explorers.) 1373.3 

Martin, Alexis. Paris ; promenades dans les 
vingt arrondissements. Paris. 1890. sm. 8. 
Plans and plates. (Les etapes d'un touriste en 
France.) 6528.15 

Martin, Alexis. Promenades et excursions 
dans les environs de Paris ; region de 1'ouest. 
Paris. 1892. sm. 8. Plans, plates, map, and 
u-dcts. (Les etapes d'un touriste en France.) 


Matthews, John Hobson. A history of the 
parishes of Saint Ives, Lelant, Towednack, and 
Zennor. in the county of Cornwall. London. L- '.'_'. 
1. 8. Front., map, plates, and icdcts. 9425.89.2 

"List of authorities," pp. 531-532. 

Meiera, Johann Gottfried vox. Acta pacis ex- 
ecutionis publica; oder, Nurnbergische friedens- 
executions-handlungen und geschichte. 2 theile. 
Hannover, etc.; Gottingen. 1736-38. f. Port., 
front., plates, etc. 14581.9 

Universal-register. See WALTHER, J. L. 

Universal-register. 1740. f. 14581.10 

Meiern, Johann Gottfried vox. Acta pacis 
westphalicae publica ; oder, Westphalische friedens- 
handlungen und geschichte. [1643-49.] 6 theile. 
Hannover. 1734-36. f. Portrs., front., map, 
etc. 14581.8 

Universal-register. See WALTHER, J. L. 

Universal-register. 1740. f. 14581.10 

Melville, Herman. Typee ; a real romance of 
the South Seas. [Narrative of four months' resi- 
dence among the natives of the Marquesas, in 1842. 
First published in 1846.] With biographical and 
critical introduction by Arthur Stedman. New- 
York, etc. [1892.] sm. 8. Port, and plate. 

I. 4190 

Mennell, Philip. The dictionary of Australa- 
sian biography ; comprising notices of eminent 
colonists from the inauguration of responsible gov- 
ernment down to the present time, 1855-1892. 
London. 1892. 8. Pier 3.210 

Mercy-Argenteau, Florimond Claude DE, 
Comte. Correspondance secrete avec 1'empereur 
Joseph II. et le prince de Kaunitz; publiee par 
Alfred d'Arneth et Jules Flammermont. 2 torn. 
Paris. 1889-91. 1.8. (FRAXCE Ministere de 
I'iitstruction publique. Collection de documents 
inedits sur 1'histoire de France.) 1574.2 

Life, i. ii.-lxxvi. 

Miller, Florence Fenwick, afterwards Mrs. 
FORD. In ladies' company ; six interesting women. 
London. 1892. sm. 8. VII. 2821 

Contentu : A woman's friendship : Marv Seton. A 
wonderful princess : H. R. H. the duchess d"e Berri. In 
the social maze: Alison Cockburn. A genius wasted: 
Fanny Mendelssohn. Only a satellite : Caroline Herschel. 
A great woman traveller : Ida Pfciffer. 

Millet, Frank Davis. The Danube. From the 
Black Forest to the Black Sea [in a canoe]. Il- 
lustrated by the author and Alfred Parsons. New- 
York. 1893 [1892]. 8. Wdcts., portrs.. and 
maps : I. 4193 

Minet, William. Some account of the Hugue- 
not family of Minet, from their coming out of 
France at the revocation of tht edict of Nantes, 
1686. Founded on Isaac Minet's " Relation of our 
familly." [London. 1892.] 4. Portrs.. plates, 
wdcts., etc. 10473.18 

" 250 copies privately printed." 

Minxes, Boris. Die nationalgiiterverausserung 
wiihrend der franzosischen revolution mit beson- 
derer beriicksichtigung des departement Seine 
und Oise. Ein beitrag zur sozialokonomischen 
geschichte der grossen revolution; auf grund 
ungedruckter quellen. Jena. 1892. 8. (STAATS- 
W[->KN-I HAFTLICHE studien, iv. 2.) VI. 5113 

Modena and Parma, Italy Rr. deputazioni 
di storia patria. Atti e memorie. 8vol. Modena. 
1863-76. 4. Plates and geneal. tables. 


For new series, see EMILIA, Italy Rr. deputazioni di 
storia patria. 

Mommsen, (Christian Matthias) Theodor, 
editor. Chronica minora saec. IV.-VH. Vol. i. 
Berolini. 1892. 2 plates, (hi MOXTMENTA Ger- 
maniae historica. Auctorum antiquissimorum, 
1892, 4, ix.) 13573.2 (ix) 

Monteiro, Mrs. Rose. Delagoa Bay, [Mozam- 
bique] ; its natives and natural history. London, 
etc. 1891. sm. 8. Illustr. 1.4171 

More, Sir Thomas. History of King Rich- 
ard III. ; edited with notes, by J. R. Lumby. To 
which is added the conclusion of the History as 
given in the continuation of Hardyng's Chronicle, 
London, 1543. Cambridge [Eng.], etc. 1883. 16. 
(Pitt press series.) 3463.15 

Morrison, Leonard Allison. Lineage and biog- 
raphies of the Norris family in America, from 
1640 to 1892; with references to the Norrises of 
England as early as 1311. Boston. 1892. 8. 
Portrs. 16342.18 

Morton, Oliver T. The Southern empire 
[the southern states of the United States], with 
other papers. Boston, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 


Other papers : Oxford. Some popular objections to 
civil service reform. 

Mnel, Leon. Gouvernements, ministeres. et 
constitutions de la France depuis cent ans. Suivi 
des listes chronologiques de tous les ministres et 
de tous les sous-secretaires d'etat de la France de- 
puis cent ans. D'apres les journaux officiels et les 
historiens les plus autorises. 3 e ed. Paris. [1890.] 
8. Portrs. and table. 1526.29 

Muhammad es-Segir Ibn el-Haj Ibn Ab- 
d a 11 ah el-Ufrani. Nozhet-Elhadi : histoire de 
la dynastie saadienne au Maroc 1511-1670. Tra- 
duction francaise par O. Houdas. Paris. 1889. 
1.8. (PARIS, France cole des langues orien- 
tales rivantes. Publ. 3 e serie, 3.) I. 3802 

Murray, John, publisher. Handbook for trav- 
ellers in Norway. 8th ed., revised. London, etc. 
sm. 8. "Maps and plans. 1.3146 

A supplement containing cycling routes, grammar and 
vocabulary, is found in a pocket at the end. 

Murray, William Henry Harrison. Lake 
Champlain and its shores. Boston. [1890.] 
sm. 8. Port. 11376.27 

National cyclopaedia (The) of American biog- 
raphy. Edited by distinguished biographers, se- 
lected from each state. Vol. i.. ii. New York. 
1. 8. Jll,,ft>: DR. 325.4 

New Spalding club. Miscellanv. Vol. i. 
Aberdeen. 1890. 4". (fn its [Publ.].) 

" 52.-) copies printed. Ko. 322." 9431.27.2 

Contfnt* : i. Register of burgesses of burgh of Aber- 
deen, 1399-1631. Inventories of ecclesiastical records of 
N. E. Scotland. 



New York (State) Historical society. The 
Deane papers. Vol. i., ii. [Now York. 1887- 
88.] 8. Port, of Silas Dtant. (\EW YORK 
(State) Historical society. Collections for 1886, 
1887.) 11364.32(1886-87) 

Content*: I. 1774-1777. 18*7. ii. 1777-1778. 1888. 

Thc-e volumes were published in 1892; the above (bites <>( 
iiii)iriiit indicate the years in which they should have ap- 

Normand, Charles. Les memorialistes ; Mon- 
luc. Paris. 189:i. 1. 12". Portrs. and wdct. 
(NOUVELLE collection des classiques populaires.) 


Nnovo archivio veneto ; puhblicazione periodioa 
della r. deputazione veneta di storia patria. Tom. 
i.. ii. [1891.] Venezia. 1891. 8. Plates and 
plan. IX. 206 

To be continued. 

A continuation of ArchMo veneto. 

Oliveira Martins, Joao Pedro. Navegaci- 
ones y descuhrimientos de los Portugueses anteri- 
ores al viaje de Colon. Conferencia leida el dia 
24 de feb. de 1892. Madrid. 1892. 1. 8. pp. 30. 
(MADRID, Spain Ateneo cientifico, literario y ar- 
tistico. [Conferencias.]) 1364.24 

Ompteda, Christian, freiherr vox. A Hano- 
verian-English officer a hundred years ago. Me- 
moirs of Baron Ompteda, colonel in the king's 
German legion. 1765-1815. Translated by John 
Hill. London, etc. 1892. 8. Port. 5447.4 

Pajol, Charles Pierre Victor, Comte. Lea 
guerres sous Louis XV. 7 torn. Paris. 1881-91. 
8. Port. 3583.14 

Content*: i. 1715-1739. 1881. 

ii. 1740-1748. Allemagne. 1883. 

iii. 1740-1748. Italie; Flundre. 1884. 

iv. 1749-1759. Guerre de sept ans. 1885. 
v. Guerre de sept ans (1759-1763). De la paix de Paris 
a U tnort du roi (1763-1774). 1886. 

vi. [1715-1774. fcve'nements qui sc passcnt a 1'etranger.] 

vii. [1715-1774. Les diverse? transformations operee"s dans 
I'armee.] 1891. 

Parkin, George R. Imperial federation; the 
problem of national unity. London, etc. 1892. 
em. 8. Map. 2441.26.3 

Parkman, Francis (b. 1823). The Oregon 
trail; sketches of prairie and Rocky-mountain 
life. Boston. 1892. 8. Illustr. 15367.5.2 

Karlier fditimiH have the title, "The California nnd Oregon 

Payne, Edward John. History of the new world 
called America. Vol. i. Oxford, etc. 1H92. 8. 


Peirenc, Nicolas Claude FAIIKI UK. Lettrcs 
aux fren-s Dupuy, publice* par 1'liilippc Tami/ey 
il<- Larroque. 3 torn. Paris. 18H8-92. 4. (COL- 
LECTION de documents incdits sur 1'histoire do 
France.) 1564.8 

Content*: \. DeV. ]17-d'-c. 1828. 1888. ii. 1629-1633. 
1800. iU. Jan. 1634 juin 1637. 1892. 

Perkins, James Brcck France under the re- 
gency; with u review of the administration of 
I.miis XIV. I'.n-tor 3583.9 

Perrln, Marshall Livin^toii. 1 Clicr Thomas 
Catelford's C'lironik von England ('(ioettinger 
bibliothck MH. num. <'.i;j . [MMgUftMaMOTtatloo, 
(,.,llin-.n. 1',0-t.m. \'.\\. h '. |.p. 17. 12494.43 

Perecntion 'The, (if the .lews in Kus-ia. 
[With an appendix: "An abridged Mimmary (f 
lawn, npccial .in<l restrictive, relating to the.le. 
in Ku-i:i. brought down t., 1890.' l--ned \,\ tlie 
Kn-"o-.Jew ib ciiinnnttee of London. Philadelphia. 
Ix'.M. MII H. pp. *7. )!,,. \ M , , :M v -./,- 
ith publication tociety. Special series, 1.) 

S.-ni. 461.2 

Philippson, Martin. Histoire du regne de 

Marie Stuart. Tom. i., ii. Paris. 1891. 8. 


Pictet, Edmond. Biograjihie, travaux, et cor- 
respondance diplomatique de C. Pictet de Koche- 
mont, depute de (Jcneve aiqires du congres de 
Vienne, is 11, emove extraordinaire et mini>tre 
plenipoti ntiaire de la Suisse a Paris et a Turin, 
lSi: et 1816. Geneve. 1892. 8". Port, of Pictet 
de Rochemont and map. I. 4175 

Pike, Warburton. The barren ground of north- 
ern Canada. [With a paper "On some of the 
larger unexplored regions of Canada, 1 ' by a. M. 
Dawson.] London, etc. 1892. 8. Maps. 

4356.11.2, also MZ. 

Pillsbury family. Account of the proceed- 
ings at the reunion of the Pillsbury family at New- 
bun port, Mass. Sept. 1891. Salem, Mass. 18!M. 
8. pp. 16+ . Front. 16343.39 

" 50 copies printed." 

Piozzi, Mrs. Hester Lynch (SALUSBURY 
THRALE). Glimpses of Italian society in ,he 
eighteenth century ; from the " Journey " of A. rs. 
Piozzi. With an introduction by the Countess 
Evelyn Martinengo, Cesaresco. London. !>'.'_'. 
8". 'Front., portrs. nnd plates. 1.4213 

Poole, Stanley LANK. The story of the Bar- 
barv coiMiirs. \Vith the collaboration of J. 1). J. 
Kelley. New York, etc. 1890. 8. Front., inupa, 
port, of Andrea Doria, and wdcts. (The >i"i:v 
of the nations.) I. 4176 

" Listof the principal authorities consulted," pp. xvii.-xviii. 

Portal, Gerald Herbert. My mission to Abys- 
sinia. London. 1892. 8. Port., plates, map, 
&n(\fac-sin<x. 1.4169 

Prime, William Cowper. Along New England 
roads. New York. 1892. sm. 8". 15373.25 

ContfntH : Along New Kngluiid roads. In >oiithern 
Vermont. A village discussion. Upliill in fog. 
scented fern. An anirler'- AULTH-I il:iy. View" from a 
hill-top. Over the highland" of western New I l;iiiil>"hire. 
The triniii|ihiiiit chariot. A dead lelter. Kpitaph" and 
l-'indinir new country. Hoy with "tand-up col- 
lars. I'ilgriin:ii;e ended. N'oli-reitance. Soiiir- of the 
a jr ( . s . Ignotii". Seeking a In in r country. A winter 
nifrht'" errand. Hints for carriage travel. 

paper" nriLrinally appi-:ired a- letter" to the New 
York .fiinniiit in the eonre of a 

i nee extended over more than foit\ \ 

Raab, Richard. Der alte und der neiie Kongo- 
staat: vortrag, gehalten am 14. okt. IS'.ll /u Neii- 
stettin. Hamburg. !>'.'-'. S '. pj.. '.!-(-. i 
gemeinv. \viss. vortrage : neiie t'oL'e. vii. 14'.l, 
L50.J VIII. 175'( vii) 

Rachfahl, Felix. Der Stettiner erhfolgetreit, 
14(!4-1472; ein beitrag /ur brandenbnr^iscli-poiu- 

nierscliell gescllichte de" f lillf /ehlltell jahrhllll- 

ileri". F.inleitung : Xnr kritik der quellenbericbti 

l.-n Stettiner erlit'olucstrcit. HiMori.-rhp 

in:iiii,'iiral-dis.sertation. Hreslaii. IMKi. X". pp. 

1 10 + . 13552.29 

\ U ,.' ..tier ii. 40. 

ttebende diwertation it die qaellenkritUcbe einlri- 
tnnc /. ciiii i .'diiinilliing." 

RuiRPcaurt. Anne I'.ernard A ntoine ( M.I KNO. 
,,ui,-i/- < : / Otktrt. ( '(irre"|i(,ndance du 

in" \ de la m" de h'aigi-eniirt avec le inan|iii 
et la mari|ui-e de ltdlnbelle" Jielidallt 1'ellligra- 
tiuii IT'.'n l-'Mi; pnbliee d'aprc" I.-- originaux ]>nr 
DM de La Koehcterie. Pari". : 

I>'lll"T..n;i CONTEMPORAIITE. jl'ubl.]) 



I2 3 

Ralph, Julian. On Canada's frontier ; sketches 

of history, sport, an-l adventure, and of the Indians, 

missiona ies, fur-tralers, and newer settlers of 

rn Canada. New York. 185)2. 8. Illnstr. 


" The principal studies and sketches were published in 
Harptr** magiitint." 

Ratisbon, Germany Reichstag. (1653-54.) 
Acta uomitialia ratisbonen-ia publica de 1653 et 
1654: oder Regenspurgische reichstags-hand- 
lungen von den jahren 1653 und 1654: beschrieben 
von J. G. von Meiern. 2 theile. Gottinren. 174"''. 
'ignt. 14581.11 

Content": i. Die den statnm publicum betreffende ma- 
terien. ii. Die das jn*tiz-wesen betrefli-nde materien; Ab- 
schiedt der rom. kayserl. majestat und gemeiner staude auf 
dem reiehs-tag zu Regenspurg, anno 1654. 

Read, Benjamin. The history of Swanzey, 
New Hampshire, from 1734 to 1890. Salem. M 
2. 8. Portrs., plates, and maps. 11326.47 

" Genealogies," pp. 269-580. 

Rees, John David. Lord Connemara's tours in 
India, 1886-1890. London. 1892. 8. Maps. 

I. 4173 

Rees, William Lee, and L. The life and times 
of Sir George Grey. K. C. B. [successively gov- 
ernor of South Australia. New Zealanl. and Cape 
Colony]. 2d ed. 2vol. (paged contin.). London. 
- .'."8. pp. xiv.-l- vi., 612. Portrs. 2447.24.2 

Reichard, Paul. Deutsch-Ustafrika; das land 
nnd seine bewohner, seine politische und wirt- 
schaftliche entwickelung. Leipzig. 1892. 8. 
Front., plates, and port rs. I. 4182 

Roberts, Millard Fillmore. Historical gazetteer 
of Steuben county. New York, [and " Directory. 
1891"]. 2 pt. in 1 vol. Syracuse. N. Y. 1891. 
8. Portrs.. plates, irdcts., and map. 11381.29.2 

The "Directory" is called pt. ii. and has a special title- 
page with separate paging. 

Robinson, Henry James. Colonial chronology : 
a chronology of the principal events connected 
with the English colonies and India, from the 
close of the fifteenth century to the present time. 
London. 1892. 1. 8. Maps. 2441.31 

-: of the principal authorities consulted," pp. xiii.-xiv. 

Rbhricht, Reinhold. Studien znr geschichte 
des funften kreuzzuges. Innsbruck. 1891. 8. 


Rogalla von Bieberstein. A. Russland und 
England: einem russischen angriff auf Britisch- 
Indien gegeniiber. Hamburg. 1892. 8. pp. 51. 
(DECTSCHE zeit- und streit-fragen ; neue folge, 
vii. 100.) VIII.7(vii) 

Romero, Matias. Articulos sobre Mexico pub- 
licados en los Estados Unidos de America en 1891- 
1892. Mexico. 1892. 8. 2364.1 

Rose, John Holland. A century of continental 
history. 17*0-1880. 2d ed., revised and corrected. 
London. 1891. sm. 8. Maps and plans. 1.2371.2 

Round, John Horace. Geoffrey de Mandeville ; 
a study of the anarchv [reign of Stephen]. Lon- 
don, etc. 1892. 8. Fac-nm. 3457.2O 

"Among the subjects on which I shall endeavour to 
throw some fresh light are problems of constitutional and 
institutional interest, such a the title to the English crown, 
the origin and character of earldoms (especially the earidom 
of Arnudel), the development of the fiscal system, and the 
early administration of London. I won'.d also invite atten- 
tion to such points as the appeal of the empress to Borne in 
1136, her intended coronation :it Westminster in 1141, the 
unknown Oxford intrisue of 1142, the new theory on Norman 
castles suggested by Geoffrev's charters, aud the genealogi- 
cal discoveries in the appendix on Gervase de CornhilL" 

Ruiz Blanco, Matias. Conversion en Piritu 
Colombia) de indios cumanagotos y palenques, 
con la pr&ctica que se observa en la ensenanza de 
!os naturales en lengua cumanagota: seguido de 
Los franci<canos en las Indias, por Francisco Al- 
varez de Villanueva. Madrid. 1892. sm. 8. 
(CoLECciox de libros raros 6 curiosos que tratan 
de America, 7.) 2333.58 

Biosrraphical sketch, pp. vii.-xii. 
With a reprint of the original title-page, 1690. 

Russell, Henry, and Gat tie, William. The 
ruin of the Soudan ; cause, effect and remedy. A 
resume of events, 1883-1891. London. 1892. 8. 
Portrs. , plates, and maps. I. 4237 

Sargent. John Harris. The development of 
Clevelanl's harbor; a paper read Jan. 29, 1891. 
[Cleveland. 1891.] 8. pp. (14). (WESTERN 
ETY. Tract. 82.) 13316.3(82) 

Scaife, Walter Bell. America, its geographical 
history. 1492-1692. Six lectures delivered to grad- 
uate students of the Johns Hopkins university ; 
with a supplement, entitled, Was the Rio del 
Espiritu Santo of the Spanish geographers the 
Mississippi ? Baltimore. 1892. 8. 3 maps. 
(JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY. Studies in histori- 
cal and political science. Extra vol. 13.) 

1343.35. also MZ. 

Seelye, Mrs. Elizabeth EGGI.ESTON. The story 
of Columbus. Edited, with an introduction, by 
E Iward Eggleston. New York. 1892. sm. 8 
Illustr. (DELIGHTS of history.) 1373.6 

Seymour, Conn. Vital statistics [the town and 
church records of births, marriages, and deaths]. 
Compiled by W. C. Sharpe. 2 vol. Seymour. 
Conn. 1883-92. 8. 16382.28 

Shigemi, Shiukichi.] A Japanese bov ; by 
himself. New York. 1890. am. 8. I. 4181 

Shore, T. W. A history of Hampshire, includ- 

1 ing the Isle of Wight. London. 1892. 8. (Popc- 

LAR countv histories.) 8443.22 

Short, Charles Lancaster. Memoir of the life 
of Charles Short, late professor of the Latin lan- 
guage and literature in Columbia college. New 
York. x. p. 1892. 1. 8. pp. 39. 17381.12 

" Writings" of Charles Short, pp. 21-28. 
Skene, William Forbes. Memorials of the 
family of Skene of Skene, from the family pa- 
I ders, with other illustrative documents. Aber- 
! peen. 1887. 4. Front., plates, and coats-of- 
arms. (NEW SPALDING CLUB. [Publ.]) 
" 525 copies printed. Xo. 218." 10472.3 

Snow, Freeman. Cabinet government in the 

United States. Philadelphia. [1892.] 8. pp. 13+. 


SCIENCE. Publ. 60.) 6395.66.2 

Sowerby. J. The forest cantons of Switzer- 
lan 1 : Lucerne. Schwyz. Uri, Unterwalden. Lon- 
don. 1892. am. 8. "Map. 15593.5 
Works consulted, pp. iii.-iy. 

Spangenberg, Hans. Cangrande I. della Scala. 
1291-1320. Berlin. 1892. 8. Map. (Hisro- 
RISCHE untersuchungen, 11.) I. 4178 

' Bibliographic," pp. 206-209. 

Stanwood, Edward. A history of presidential 
elections. 3d ed., revised. Boston, etc. [1892.] 
sm. 8. 6395.26.2 

Stark, James Henry. History and guide to the 
Bahama islands. Boston. [1892i] sm. 8. Front., 
maps, plates, etc. 3385.1 

I2 4 


Stephens, Henry Morse. Albuquerque. Ox- 
ford. 1SH2. sm. 8. Mail and port, of Albuquer- 
que. (Kri.KRs of India.) VII. 2626.2 

Stephens, Henry Morse, editor. The principal 
speeches of the statesmen and orators of the French 
revolution, 1789-17!)."); with introductions, notes, 
and indices. 2 vol. Oxford. 1892. sm. 8. 

4542.1, also Hist. 

Biographical sketch of ouch author. 

Contnit* : i. Mii-abeau. Veri;maiid. (icnsniim'-. (Jiui- 
ilpt. I. olivet, Ciimhoii. ii. liari-re. I):mton. Kohespierrc. 
Saint-Just, Haudin. 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. A footnote to his- 
torv ; eight vears of trouble in Samoa. New York. 
I8M. sin. K Map. I. 4186 

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" Krlition limited to 250 copies." 

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explorations]. Madrid. 1889. 8. Plate. 


Thi lias heen a-, rilied to Martin c|e Saaveilra (Mi/nian. 
The present editor finds good rc-aoii for rniiidering the 
autlior to havr leen the .)euit father Alon-o ile i; 

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as an inventor an<l promoter of the useful art- ; an 

- delivered m Mount Vertion. April 10, 1891. 

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I2 5 

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viii. ri5(vn) 

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VIII. Law and Sociology. 

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Imperfi ct : the plates are wanting. 

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Including university officials with lists of their publica- 

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Contents: i. Endowments. 

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volume on ' Schools and universities on the Conti- 
nent ' published in 1868. London, etc. 1892. 
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On the precautions to be observed in studying the legisla- 
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" From the Journal of the association of engineering 

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VIII. 175(Tii) 

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M. Kendall, and others] to tin- school committee, 

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international public. Introduction : notions g6- 
nerales, historiijue, methode. Paris. ]h!H. 8. 

VI. 7238 

[Cleveland, James D.] Case school of applied 
science. Leonard Case, sr., 1786-1864: William 
Case, 181S-l,sC,L>; Leonard Case, jr., 1820-1880. 
A biographical sketcli of the founder of < a>e 
school of applied science, and his kinsmen. Head 
June 11, 1891. Cleveland. 1*91. 8. pp. (38). 
Port, of Leonard Case, jr. (Wi-n.i:N HKSKRVE 
A\n NouriiniN Onio HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Tract. 
79.) 13316.3(79) 

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gested from English and foreign reports, and other 
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views of the text writers on the topics referred to, 
with supplementary cases, treaties, and statutes. 
2d ed. London. 1892. 8. VI. 7193 

"Table of text bonk- referred to, 1 ' pp. \.\iii.-x.\iv. 

Colaon, ('. Transports >< tant's; precis du 
regime des routes et clu-mins, canaux et rivieres, 
ports de mer, chemins de fer, lots economiques de 
la determination des prix de transport, prix de 
revient, statistique du trah'c, tarifs de chemins 
de fer francais, comparisons avec les principaux 
pays etrangers. Paris. 1890. 8". /tinr/m. 
(Biui.Kii iii vi i ili - haut. -s .Hides commerciales.) 

VI. 7217 

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ciples of constitutional law in the I'nited States of 
America. 2d ed. by A. C. Angell. Bo-ton. IS:H. 
m 8. 6395.92 

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nomia politica. :; ed. interamente rit'atta della 

<iuida allo studio dell' cconomia politica. Milano. 

H". pp. xii., ;>94. (Stu<Ii giuridici e poli- 

VI. 7088 

iiojrrafla della prop. d.-uti.M ecoiiomica," pp. 7-8. 

Conch, Lilian M. (Driller, ftlitut: Kcminis- 
(-.nce- ,,f Oxford by Oxford men, 1669-1850. Ox- 
ford. 1M92. 8. (O\|.,l;|. III-IolfI< u BOOIBTT. 

[Publ.] 22.) 9425.77.9 

Cunningham. Krr. William. of T,i,i,h, ,//,,,,, 

<''!,>:, nhf,. /-,,/. The growth of' F.iiL'hsh indn-irv 

and romtncice in modern times. Cambri Ige 

8". pp. xvi.. 771. In, 

VI. 5660, nhn PE. 
" I.i-l of .iuth'-iiti< -," pp. >; 

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working of the Australian -\-tem c.l \oiini: in 

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Publication- of the American academy of political 

and social science, no. 55.) 10353.17 

in Anna/* of thr American academy, 1892, ii. 733-760. 

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bv C. T. I). -in, \\ith contributions by W. M . ( 011- 
way, I). W. Krc.-htield. C. K. Math.-\Vs, C. Pilking- 
ton. Sir !'. P,>llock. II. (',. Willink, and an intro- 
duction by Justice Will.-. London. 1M>2. 8. 
Front., \nlcts.. imrtrn.. and plates. (The BAD- 
MINTON library of sports and pastimes.) 

VII. 205O.5 

Dublin, Ireland I'nii-erxity Trinity col- 
lege. The book of Trinity college, Dublin. l.V.M 
-1891. Belfast, tie. ISM. 4". Illustr. 

VI. 7194 

'> : From tin- foundation to the do-e of tlic 
[ei^dlteentb] ceuliirv; liy .]. I*. Mahaffy. During the nine, 
teeuth i-eiiturv; h\ .). \\'. Stnbbg. The ob<i rvatory. Dun- 
sink; by Sir Robert Hail. The library; by T. K. Abbott. 
The early building*: by I'. H. Hurke. Di-tinirui-lied 
mdtutee; by W. M. I)i.\nn. Tlio college plate; by .1. I'. 
Mahafly. The botanical ^anlens ami herbarium: by K. I'. 
Wright. Tereeiiten;irv mle; li\ (. I'. Sn\ a^'e.. \rmstrong. 

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pays d'KiirojJe et d'Anierique. Tom. i. Paris. 
1892. 8. VI. 7055 

' at* : i. I. r- tinman-hie- constitiifioiinelle^ [I'Aiijrle- 
terre, la Hclsriqne. I'ltalie, la 1'ni^se, rAIU-iiiajrii' 
du ra|j|iort lait it I'acadeinie ]iar le eomte de Kraii([iieviile. 

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the I'nited States. 1789-1833; with a summary of 
the period before the adoption of the constitution. 
Palo Alto. Cat. 1892. 8. (LKI.AND STAMOHD 
JiMui: IM\II:-II\. Monographs. History mid 
economics, 1.) VI. 718O, ulso PE. 

Endemann, Wilbelm. Studien in der roma- 
nisch-kanonistischen wirthscliafts- und recht.-lehre 
bis geiren ende des siebenzcdinten jahrhundert-. L' 
bde. in 1. Berlin. 1*74-83. 8. VI. 7148 

Tin- author's object N to <how the etl'ect upon eoiiiinereiiil 
law ol the idea of ii-ury which resulted from the prohibition 
of the taking of iiitere>t, tir-t as a rule of morals and after- 
ward a- a rule of law, and to explain how the con-rcpi' 
of tlii- prohibition, e\trinlin<; far beyond its original applica- 
tion, wen- developed into a -y-tein which e\erci-cd a con- 
trolling influence on commercial law Irom many ditl'cn nt 


Engels, Friedrieh. Socialism. I'topian and 
.-cientitic: tran-latei' by Kdward Aveling. With a 
special introduction b\ the author [and an appen- 
dix on the .Mark " |. London, etc. 189'-'. BI 

\i. science series.) VI. 6638 

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Foijjnet. Hem'-. Manned eh'-mentaire de droit 
international public, suivi d'un K. -unn m tableaux 
s\ n<i]itiques, d'une annexe rcproduisant le teXte de 
]du-ieiirs iraites n cent-, et d'un Hecueil nirtho- 
diijue des ])rincipales questions d'exameii. Paris. 
IM' 1 -'. 18. VI. 7236 

Fouillee. Alfred -Jules F.mile . Kducalion 
from a national standpoint; translated and edited, 
with a preface, bv W. .1. ( Jreeii-trcet. With a 
prefae,- by W. T'. ilarri-. N,. w V,, r k. I- 
sm. 8". I s 1 1 i:s v r. education series 

VI. 7136 

France . -J.w ml.h'r mitinnnlr. (1791-9L'.) 1' 

rbaux du comite d"nistru<'tion ]nibli.|u- : pu- 
lilii - et .-ninote- jiar .1. (inillaunie. Pari-. 1- 
1.8. (FltANiK Munstri, ,lr rinstrintiiiu 
liliiftir. Collection de documents im'-dil- siir I 
toire ile Fran. B. 1574.7 

Onrnier, Hus-ell Montamu-. History of the 
Knglish landed iliti-!i--l; )|s ciistoui-. law-, and 
jigricultnre. London, etc. 1892. 8". VI. 7204 



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" Note* on authorities," at the end of every- section. 

Content*: Tlie reformers of the fourteenth century: 
William I.anpUii'l and John Ball. Sir Thomas More. 
-.eyaiitl Wilberforee. The factory reformers : Rirhanl 
Oastler, Lord Shaftesbnry, Robert Owen. Charles Kings- 
ley and the Christian socialists. Carlyle and Raskin. 

G iff en, Robert. The case against bimetallism. 
London, tic. 1892. sm. 8. VI. 7188 

Bmnj n_ reprinted from the Nineteenth century, Time*, 
'nig fitly re tie if, and Stutitt. 

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a letter to Samuel Smith [dated April 11, 1892, on 
the hill for extending the parliamentary suffrage to 
women]. London. 1892. 8. pp.8. VI. 7077 

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Schwarzwaldes und der angrenzenden landschafien. 
Herausijegeben von der badischen historischen 
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Content* : i. Stadte- and gewerbegeschichte. 

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gnt-ment secondaire des filles : [with " Documents 
annexes"]. 3 e ed. Paris. [1883.] 1.8. 

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tischen nnterrichts im dentschen mittelalter bis 
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3.) VI. 7096 

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A consideration of the question of taxation by 
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York, etc. 1892. 8. Front. (QUESTIONS 
of the day, [71].) " VI. 7O62 

"Bibliography," pp. 219-232. 

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For the use of students in English VI, in Harvard college. 

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Pier 3.329 

Containing facsimiles of themes written by nudents stat- 
ins the method of instruction in English composition par- 
sued in the school in which the writer of each paper had 
been prepared for college. 

Harvard graduates' magazine (The). Vol. i. 
no. 1. Oct. 1892. q. Boston. 1892. 8. 

Continued by gift, Pier 3< 292 

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VIII. 7 (vu) 

I 3 o 


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f information," pp. xiii. 
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V, i /. : . I, ni .ler -In ill. i, H, i,f, \ -," ii. K-.I-IM. 

Berfcer. ]'hilip]>e. Hi-loin- de I'.'-i -ritnr.- dans 

raniiquit.'. 1 '!. H". /;>,, it.. ,,/trs, 

fac-tim*., and trdrtt. " ie rin-trnction 

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To be continued. 

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mcric eoolofry. Tree* ami flower- in Bomer. Homer 

im-al-. lli.n'ii r'- mairic herbs. The iftc tal- in Il.'incr. 
Homeric m< tallurj.'y. - Amber, i\..iy, and ultramarine. 

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Index, cum collectione Tocabulorui 

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Contributions to the XIX* siecle, from May 2, 1872 to Jan. 
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Contents : The knightly talc of tiolngros and Gawane. 
The bukc of the howlat. Kauf Coihear. The awnryrs 
off Arthure at the Ternc Wathclyne. "The pistill of Susan. 

Antona-Traversi, Camillo. Nuovi studj let- 
terarj. Milano. 1889. sm. 8. IV. 388O 

Content*: Monaldo Leopard! eiornalista. Letterc in- 
edite di Monaldo Leopard! al figlio Giacomo. Monaldo 
condanna il matrimonio del figlio Carlo con Paolina Mazza- 
galli. Vrrsi della adoleseenza di Ugo Foseolp. Di un 
amore di Ugo Foscolo; con trc biplu ttini aniorosi inciliti. 
In proposito degl" " irrcvocati ill' 1 del Manzoni nel n. coro 
delr Adclchi. Alessandro Manzoni e le due edizioni <le' 
Promew<i yiosi. Canti edit! e inediti del popolo rccanatesc ; 
[by P. F. Leopardi]. Lettere inedite di argoinento politico 
e faraigliare di F. I), (iucrrazzi. Poche parole intorno a (Jiu- 
Beppina (inacci Nobile in occasione di un fausto sriprno ono- 
mastico. Breve discorso detto nelle esequie di (iinscppina 
Guacci Xobile da Bruto Fabricatore il dl 26 di nov. [1848]. 

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Other KtorifK : The wife of John Carver. Barbara Stan- 
dish. William Bradford's love life. Nazareth I'itdier. 
Witch Hazel. The freight ol the schooner Dolphin. Miss 
Betty'" picture*. The love of John Mascarcne. The la-t 
of the proud VuMfeT*' The first and the last. Wrecked 
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rniitrjifi, : Siuiiiirl Kiehanlson. Kdwurd (iihhon. 
William Cowper. < ieorgc Borrow. Cardinal Newman. 
Mai then Arnold. William Hazlitt. The letters of Charles 
Lamb. Authors in court. Nationality. The reforroa- 
tion. Sainte-Beuve. 

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Ileimra : a novel. Now York. 1891. sm. 8. 


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and plates. 21424.1 

Other stories : A hallow-e'en wraith. N'anciehel ; a talc 
of Stratford-on-Avon. 

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Nouvelles Theatre.) 12562.30 
Bouchor, Maurice. Le songe de Kheyain ; 

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pp. 33. (NOUVELLK bibliotheque variee. Romans 

Nouvelles TheAtre.) 12562.30 
Brooke, Stopford Augustus. The history of 

early English literature ; being the history of Eng- 
lish poetry from its beginnings to the accession of 
King Alfred. New York, etc. 1892. 8. Map. 


Brown, Abram English. Glimpses of old New 
England life ; legends of old Bedford, [in the form 
of stories told by a grandmother]. Boston. [1HH2.J 
sm. S". Illustr. AL 980.8.25 

Content*: The mysterious room. The silver crown. 
The witch of Shaw-shine. A pod of nine pea*. 

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Hoston, etc. 1*92. sm. 8. AL 999.90 

A story lia-cd 11)1011 the hi-tory of the time of Asinm Hurr's 
conspiracy, and the war of 1812. 

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lish poets. 1.VMJ-1800. With notes [and an intro- 
duction. Autlmri/ed ed.] New York. 1- 
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ren/.e. 1889. sm. 8". IV. 3881 

('intuit* : (iraviniaim. Tradi/miii (Iraininatichi- jiopo- 
mort I'i'-r Viitorin Carlomajrno). 
, :, lui-tdi-i, imi-e. J.i- rime del conic di Lara [Do- 
mcnicii MllelH]. Per di-1 padre J-'oni 
I'd p..vcri di -pirito [! Mato delhi i-i i u/mne]. I 
hajfiii di I'o/.iruoli. HiiL-^iero di I.auiia (I/n 

[Chaucer, (ieoirnv. Worke- tiewl\ e printed, 
witli d\ ver- \M.rk-~ uhvch were never in prin: 
fore. 'London. 1642.] P. ff. (9 .. ::v.t. <;.!,. 
HW,/,. '18481.2* 

" A reprint of (indfr.iy 1 - . dition of 1.VV.', with tin- addition 
of the rinwiii. in'- t.i!' , tir-l pnldi-hed in tlii- i-dition."- 

finiifffri -f : the title p. i L.' 1 ' :'i"l -i'>rrl other leavcK alt 
waiitniir; tlie title i- titki-n Iron. I. ..\\ndi-' " Itiblio(fra]>i 
iiiaiiiiiil," i. 426. 



[Chaucer, Geoffrey.] Amoruni Troili et Cre- 
seidae libri duo priores anglico-latini. [Translated 
by Sir Francis Kynaston.l Oxoniae. lt>35. sm. i . 


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" Biographical sketch by E. M. Hunt," pp. 1-20. 
Cornwallis, Kinahan. The song of America 
and Columbus, or The story of the New World. 
A greeting to Columbus and Columbia, and de- 
scriptive narrative of the voyages and career of 
Columbus and the precursors of his great discov- 
ery, with the sequel as seen in the United States, 
in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the dis- 
cover,-. New York. 1892. sm. 8. 'Front. 

AL 1081.5.50 

[Couch, Arthur Thomas Quiller.] I saw three 
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Other tales: The haunted dragoon. A blue panto- 
mime. The two householders. The disenchantment of 

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VII. 2832 

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the huguenot patriot-poet of the revolution, and 
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" Keprinted from the Proceedings of the huguenot society 
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Contents : Philosophic. Critique litt^raire. Contes et 
roman?. Theatre. Beaux-arts. Correspondance. 

"Ce volume repond aux nouveaux programmes de Pen- 
seignement classique et de Penseignement moderne, 15 juin 


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Contents : La comedie avant Moliere. Les types de la 
Tieiile come'die. Moliere. La comedie contemporaine de 
Moliere. Les successeurs de Moliere. 

Gallon, Arthur. Urbana scripta ; studies of 
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sm. 8. 1O455.21 

Contents: English poetry in 1885. Lord Tennyson. 
Mr. Browning. Slatthew Arnold. Mr. Swinburne. Wil- 
liam Morris. Antonio, the merchant of Venice. An over- 
looked characteristic of the play of " Julius Cssar." Mark 
PuttUon. Horace Walpole. 

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' List of books for the study of Goethe's Faust," pp. 

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" Lebenslauf," after p. 82. 

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The literature of the sixteenth and seventeenth 
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London. 1851. 4. * * 15421.36 

" 75 copies. For private circulation only." 

With the autograph of J. Payne Collier. 

Contents : [PABKZB, Martin.] Harry White his hu- 
mour, set forth bv M. P. [163-.] [Two Italian gentlemen.] 
Extracts from "The pleasaunt and fine conceited comoedie 
of two Italian gentlemen." [Translated by Anthony Mun- 
dav.] TAYI.OR, John. Tailors travels from London to the 
Isle of Wight. lt>4>. WTL Bucke his testament. The 
BOOKE of meerr riddles. 1629. LCTTOS, Thomas. A 
moral and pitieful comedie, intituled, All for money. 1578. 
WEJTE, beere, ale, and tobacco contending for superiority; a 
dialogue. 2d ed. 1630. JOHXSOX, Thomas. A new booke 
of new conceits. 1630. Lovx's garland, or, Posies for 
rings, handkerchers, and gloves. 1624. 

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Traduite dn hongrois par 1'auteur. Paris. 1892. 
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Reprinted, with three exceptions, from the National 

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With reprints of the original title-pages. 

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The probable authorship of the whole series is ascribed to 



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Port, and icdct. (In his Writings, 4.) 

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8. (In his Writings, 6.) AX 1773.125.6 

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[Riverside ed.] Boston, etc. 1892. 8. (In his 
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an old volume of life. A collection of essavs. 
1857-1881. [Riverside ed.] Boston, etc. 1891. 
8. (In h is Writings, 8.) ' AL 1773.125.8 

Contentt : Bread and the newspaper. My hunt after 
'the captain." The inevitable trial. The physiology of 
walking. Tlit ie**oas. The human liodv and its manage- 
ment. Cinders from the ashes. Mechanism in thought 
and morals. The physiology of versification. Crime and 
automatism. Jonathan Edwards. The pulpit and the 

Holmes, Oliver Wendell (4. 1809). Poetical 
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8. Port. (In his Writings, 11-13.) 

AX 1773.125.11 

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" Vita," after p. 47. 12494.12 

The poems are from the Arundel MB. 248 in the Hriti<li 
museum, where they are entitled respectively "Caiiticmn dc 
annuntiatione," "Verses on the crucifixion," "Verses on 
the vanity of the world," and "Verses to the Virgin on the 

Jefferson, Samuel. Columbus; an epic poem, 
giving an accurate history of the great discovery 
in rhymed heroic verse. Chicago. 1892. sm. 8. 

AX 2139.5.2O 

Kennedy, William Sloane. John G. Whittier, 
the poet of freedom. New York, etc. 1K92. sm.8 . 
Port, of Whittier and vtlrt. \MIKK\N re- 

AX 4162.049 

" Hil,lir,|fraphy " of Whittier's works, pp. . 

Kielland, Alexander (Lange). Tales of two 
countries: translated from tlic Norwegian by Wil- 
liam Archer. With an introduction [On the life 
and works of Kielland] bv II. II. Hovrsm. .\,. w 
York. 18-.U. sm. 8. Port. ([The ODD nombei 

IV. 3889 

Conttni, Pharaoh. The parnonaK*-. Tlie pe.n. i,,,, ( ,r. 
Hope, dad in April K r.-.-i,." At the Mr. Tw 
tend*. A good conscience. Romance and reality 
Withered leaven. The battle of Waterloo. 

Kunce. Otto. )>,. de.sputiKoun liitwen \>e bodl 
and be soul. ', i in textkritischcr versuch. Inaugu- 
ral-dissertation. Berlin. 1892. 8. pn (2) 


" Vita," after p. M. 

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tions; with bibliographical and explanatory n.t.- 
by C. G. Crump. 6 vol. London. Isin. 8. 
Fronts, and portrs. 20481.17 

"Bibliography of the Imaginary conversation-, i 
hy Lucy Crump," vi. Ml 

C;,/. tits : - i. Cla->ical dialogues : (.reck. Unman. ii. 
Classical dialogues: Itoman. Dialogues ,,f sovereign- and' 
"talesmen. Hi. Dialogues of sovereign- and statesmen. 
Dialogue* of literary men. iv. Dialogues of litcrarv men 
v. Dialogues of literary men. Dialogues ,,f famous women. 
Miscellaneous dialogues. - vi. Miscellaneous dialogues. 

Xandor, Walter Savage. Poems, dialogues in 
verse, and epigrams; edited with notes, by C. (i. 
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Content*: i. Dramatic scenes. ii. Poems and epi- 

Lowell, James Russell. The old English dram- 
atists. Boston, etc. 1892. sm. 8. Port. 


Content*: Introductory. Marlowe. Wchstrr. 
Chapman. Besomont and Fletcher. Maasinger and Ford. 

These lectures were delivered he fore the Lowell in-i 
Boston, in 1887, and appeared in Harper' t maoa;!,,,, from 
June to Nov. 1892. 

Published uniform with the Riverside edition of his com- 
plete works. 

Lydgate, or LIDGATE, John. Temple of glas. 
Edited, with introduction and notes, by .1. Scliick. 
London. 1891. 8. (EARLY KN..MSH : 
CIKTV. [Publ.] Extra series, 60.) 

Eng. Xit. 1574 

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Maerlant, Jacob VAN. Dit is die istor 
Troyen. naar het vijftiendeeuwsche handschrift 
van Wessel van de Loe met al de middelneder- 
landschc Cragmenten, dii)lomatiseh nit^eirc\cn door 
Napoleon de Pauw & Edward Gailliard. Decl i. iii. 
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Founded on Heiioist .it'Saint-Maure's "Roman de Ti 
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AX 2469.5.68 

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/ionv di Toinniasd Ca-ini. Bologna. 1892. sm. 8. 
s- i I.TA di curiosjia Irtterarie. LM:<.) 35.63 

" Kdi/ione di soli '.tl-J cs, -mplari. N. 160." 
[Poorsen-Schwartz, .1. \ \\ DKR.] A qu 
tion of taste: a no\d. By Maarteii Maan 
[pseudon.}. London. 1892. sm.8". (The.i:..s 
copyright series.) IV. 385O 

Pnlle, Krance-co I.<.r.-n/o. r,li/<-. T. sii antichi 
oil.-iii-M dal si-colo \i\ alia nieta drl .secolo xvir. 
Bologna. ISDl. sm. 8". (SCKI.TA di curi..- 
h-tterarie, 242.) 35.63 

" K.liTlionr. di -oli 'jr.' f.emplari. N. 41." 

Hal/.titlr : " Letteratura d. I dinleit., d> M,,dena, v.,1. i." 

Raaachmaier, A. C'lier den flgiirlicheii ge- 
irantdi der /alilen im altt'ran/osisclicn. I'irlan^ 
etc. 1892. 8. (M&NCHKWBR beitragetur rom* 
nischen und englischen philologie, 8.) VII. 2802 



Repplier, Agnes, editor. A. book of famous 
verse [for children]. Boston, etc. 1892. sm. 8. ; 


Revell, William F. Browning's criticism of 
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ing. (The DILETTANTE library, 7.) 23444.34 i 

Contents: Human nature and conduct. Religious 
thought. Knowledge and love. "Sordello's story told.'' 

Riley, James Whitcomb. The flying islands of 
the night. [A fantastic drama in verse.] Indian- I 
apolis. 1892. sm. 8. pp. (8), 88. 

AX 3145.4.12 

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Records of Tennyson, Ruskin, [Robert and Eliza- | 
beth Barrett] Browning. New York. 1892. 8. | 
Portrs., u-dcts., andfac-sims. 10436.17 

Robertson, John M. Essays towards a critical 
method. London. 1889. 8. VII. 2830 

Cuntent* : Science in criticism: Historic phases, Recent ! 
nihilism, The problem stated, Principles of practice. Mr. 
Howell's uovels. (1884.) The fable of the bees [by De 
Mandeville]. (1886.) The art of Tennyson. (1887.) 

The second essay appeared originally in the Westminster 
rerieic ; the last two in Our corner. 

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und Virginia in der englischen litteratur. 
Inaugural-dissertation. Breslau. 1890. 8. 
pp. 48+. 1O468.7 

" Lebenslauf," after p. 48. 

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London. 1892. sm. 8. 20424.11 

Contents : English prose style. Chamfort and Rivarol. 
Modem English prose, 1876. Ernest Renan. Thoughts 
on republics. Saint-Evremond. Charles Baudelaire. 
The young England movement. A paradox on Quinet. 
The contrasts of English and French literature. A frame 
of miniatures : Parny, Dorat, Desaugiers, Vade, Piron, 
Panard. The present state of the English novel, 1892. 

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[From the works of] Mrs. Radcliffe, Lewis, [and] 
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rungen auf ihre echtheit gepriift. Inaugural- 
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*m. 8. (UNIVERSITY extension series.) 10436.33 

"List of books, Record of dates," pp. vii.-xvi. 
^ Content*: Introduction. Tennyson. Browning. 
Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Clough and Matthew Ar- 
nold. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Morris, and Swin- 
burne. Minor poets. 

Smyth, Albert Henry. The Philadelphia maga- 
zines and their contributors. 1741-1850. Phila- 
delphia. 1892. sm. 8. AX 3O7.22O 

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field. Letters, with the Characters. Edited, with 
introduction, notes, and index, by John Bradshaw. 
3 vol. (paged contin.). London. 1892. 8. pp. 
~^ ;; -L-i. + xvi., 1453. 17412.32 

Stedman, Edmund Clarence. The nature and 
elements of poetry. Boston, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 
Front. VII. 2818 

" The series of lectures contained in this volume, although 
now somewhat revised and extended, formed the initial 
course, as delivered in 1891, of the Percy Turnbull memorial 
lectureship of poetry at Johns Hopkins university." In- 

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Ballads. New 
York. 1890. sm. 8. pp. vi., 85. 2O425.47 

Content* : The song of Rahero. The feast of famine. 
Tieonderoga; a legend of the West Highlands. Heather 
ale; a Galloway legend. Christmas at sea. 

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Quebec. 1892. 24. AL 198.92 

Content* : Life and times of Longfellow. (The Scottish 
review, Julv, 1886.) James Russell Lowell. (The Arena, 
Oct. 1891.) Oliver Wendell Holmes. (The Arena, July, 
1891.) John Greenleaf Whittier. (The Arena, Dec. 1891.") 

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lated from the German by Bertha Overbeck. New 
York. 1891. sm. 8. Port. ([The ODD number 
series.]) 2O574.37 

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" I. S. Tourgueneff, par E. M. de Vogiie," pp. 1-81. 

Contents: Monsieur Francois; soiivenir de 1848. Le 
chant de 1'ainour triomphaut. Apres la mort; Clara Mi- 
liteh. Uu incendie en mer. Discours prononce sur la 
tombe de I. Tourgueneff le 1 oct., 18S3, pur M. Reuan. 

Vogels, Johann. Handschriftliche untersu- 
chungen iiber die englische version Mandeville's- 
Crefeld. [1891.] 4. pp. 52. (Progr. d. realgym. 
" 1891, nr. 472.") 12476.38 

W., L. C. The Haydocks' testimony. Phila- 
delphia. 1890. sm. 8". AX 4341.12 

A story of the quakers in the South during the war of the 

Wahle, Julius. Das Weimarer hoftheater un- 
ter Goethes leitung. Aus neuen quellen bearbei- 
tet. [With ' Urkunden aus den zeiten der thea- 
terdirektion Goethes ; vortrag gehalten in der 
generalversammlung der Goethe-gesellschaft am 
8. mai. 1891. von Bernhard Suphan."] Weimar. 
1892. 8. (GOETHE-GESELLSCHAFT. Schriften, 6.) 


Weigand, Wilhelm. Essays. Miinchen. 1892. 
8. 7557.24 

Contents : Voltaire. Jean Jacques Rousseau. Sainte- 
Beuve und H. Taine. Znr psychologic der decadence 
(Henri Frederic Amicl und Charles Baudelaire). Zur psy- 
chologie des lO.jahrhunderts (Ueberdasbiirgertum : Wilhelm 
von liumboldt; Ernest Renan; Carlyle; Balzac; Flaubert; 
die briider Goncourt; Emile Zola; graf von Schack &c.). 

Whittier, John Greenleaf. At sundown. [A 

collection of his later poems. New ed.] With 

designs by E. H. Garrett. Boston, etc. 1892. 

sm. 8. Port, and plates. AX 4162.308 

Printed on one side of the leaf only. 



Wigston. W. F. C. Francis Bacon, poet, 
prophet, philosopher, versus phantom Captain 
Shakespeare tin- Kosirrueian mask. London. 1891. 
8. Port, of Bacon and fuc-m ',,1*. 12454.32 

Wilkins. Mary Elinor. A humble romance, 
and other stories. New York, etc. [1887.] sin. S". 

AL 4165.4.15 

Other ttoriet : Two old lovers. A *\niphony inlasen- 
dor. A tardy Thanksgiving. A modern dragon. An 
honest -..ill. 'A taste of honey. Hrakes an<l white \i'lets. 

Koliins and hammers. On 'the Walpole road. Old lady 
Pingree. Ciniiamon roses. The bar light-house. A lover 
nl" (lowers. A far-away melody. A moral exigency. A 
mistaken charity. (icntian. An object of love. A gath- 
erer of simples. An independent thinker. In butterfly 
time. An unwilling guest. A souvenir. An old arith- 
metician. A conflict ended. A patient waiter. A con- 
quest <>f humility. 

Wilkins, Mary Elinor. Young Lneretia. and 
other stories. New York. 1892. sm.8. Illustr. 

AL 4165.4.5O 

Other tloritit: How Fidelia went to the store. Ann 
Mary; her two Thanksgivings. Ann Li/y's patchwork. 
The little Persian princes*. Where the Christmas-tree 
grew. Where Sarali Jane's doll went. Seventoes' ghost. 

Little Mirandy, and how she earned her shoes. A liars- 
nip -tew. The Diekey boy. A sweet-grass basket. 
Mehitable Lamb. 

"Winter, William. Old shrines and ivy. New 
York, etc. 1892. 24". AL 4172.75 

.'< : Storied Soiitiia-.npton. Pageantry and relics. 

The Shakespeare chureh. A Stratford chronicle. From 
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dral. From Edinburgh to Inverness. The field of Cullo- 
den. Storm-bound in lona. The forest of Arde.n: As 
vou like it. Fairy land: A midsummer night's dream. 
Will o' the wisp :" Love's labour's lost. 'Shakespeare's 
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and the School for scandal. Faninhar and the Inconstant. 

Longfellow. A thought on Cooper's novels. A man of 
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["Wordsworth, William.] Lyrical ballads ; re- 
printed from the first edition, 1798. Edited by 
Edward Dowden. 2d ed. London. 1891. sm. 8. 

" 1000 copies." 18446.34 

"The rime of the ancyent marinere " and three other 
poems by Coleridge are included in this collection. 
With a reprint of the original title-page. 


Additions to the Dante Society's collection in 
Harvard College Library. 

Agrehti, Alberto. Dante e Vanni Kurd; nota 
letta all" aceademia pontaniana nella tornata del 24 
uprile, 1892. Napoli. 1892. 1.8. pp. (2), 8. 

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.tto dal rol. xxii. degli Atti (if II' m-i-.n/i >ni,i /Hindi. 

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" K-tratto dftlla Hi. >''/</ ilnliiitin, 

anno \ i. n. .'.. e anno vii. n. 8." 

, Tiiuber, Ne- 
groni, and other* on the t< 

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nella neorren/a di Pasqua per Dante Alighirri. 
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\tO liol.AM). Carmen de hello ii: 

Kuneivalle, 1839, 4", pp. 14-32.) 27276.6( 


MAY, 1893. 


OR Y . VII. No. 3. 



librarian of tfjt " 




OFFICIAL. From the Corporation Records Science, 154: Useful Arts, 159; Fine Arts, 160; 

~. Overseers' Records Anuquities, ic>a; History and Geography. 164; Law 

ACCESSIONS TO THE LIBRARIES and Socir. . Literature. 

General, 145; Theology and Philosophy, 147 (includ- BOOK FUNDS 

Sermons in memory of Philh'fs Brooks, : HISTORICAL LITERATURE OF NORTH CAROLINA . . 189 



Mi i MM. OF JANUARY 9, 1893. The Treasurer reported the receipt of $400 from Judge Low KI.I. 
ami .Mrs. I, OWELL, being the eighth annual payment for the George Fmerson Lowell Scholarships, ami 
the same was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that the thanks of tin- President and Fellows be sent to Mr>. Hi. MM I>KMT.I:, of New York, 
for her additional gift of 8833.33 received December 29, is'.L', towards the expenses at the Observatory 
of Harvard University on account of the Draper Memorial. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. JACOB II. Si nui the sum of 8500 to be 
expended for books for the Semitic Reference Library, at the discretion of Professors TOT and Lvov, 
and said gift was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received the sum of $4850 as capital with $550 as accrued 
income, in full for the proceeds of the bequest of CYRUS M. WAKHK.V for " the promotion of chemical 
research or the advancement of chemical science." Said sums are the net proceeds of fifty shares of the 
stock of the Warren-Scharf Asphalt Paving Company, after deducting .sl.">i> for a collateral inheritance 
tax to be paid under protest. This bequest was gratefully accepted and it was 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. WAUUEN'S Executors for their 
kind consideration of the interests of the University. 

Voted, at the request of the artist, and with the approval of the Law School Association, to lend the 
portrait of Professor LAXGUELL by FREDERIC P. VIXTON for exhibition at the Columbian Kxposition at 
Chicago, provided that Mr. Vinton will undertake all responsibility for insurance, and for the risk and 
cost of transportation from Cambridge and back. 

Voted, to reappoint THOMAS HATFIELD CCRRIE, A.B., Assistant in Mineralogy for 1892-93. 

Voted, to appoint Aium i: .It n-ox OLDHAM, D.M.D., Instructor in Mechanical Dentistry for I- 

Voted, to proceed to the election of three trustees of the Museum of Fine Arts to serve for one year 
from January 1, 1893, whereupon ballots being given in it appeared that HEXRY LEE, WILLIAM Sn 
P.I'.I i.-.\\ . ami Aimiru ASTOR CAREY were elected. / 

The Treasurer reported the receipt of the annual gift of 8500 from an anonymous friend to \\ 
the salary of the Professor of Entomology and the same was gratefully accepted. 

Mi \. TING OF JANUARY 30, 1893. Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows W sent to 
Dr. Jo\ A i ii \v \V. P. i. MIS for his offer to give to the College a portrait of the late (HOK..I I Jr.Mis, the 
founder of the He-mis Professorship of International Law. and that the portrait he accepted to he placed 
in the Library of the Law School. 

The Treasurer having read to the Board a letter written on January P.. 1SS2. by the late Wn I.IAM 
F. \Vi.i.n. Jr.. in relation to the anonymous gift he then made of x'.Mi.oun for a new professorship in the 
Law School, and having stated that the obligation of secrecy no longer exilte, \\ was 

Voted, that the Law School professorship which was founded in 1882 be hereafter called tl 
Professorship of Law in memory of the late WILLIAM F. \Yi:i.i>. .Jr.. who generously gave $90,000 to 
found it. but would not allow the name of the giver to be made known during his life. 

Vntnl. that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. Hi. sin DI:API:I:. of New York, 
for her additional '_'ift of 833.88, received January 17, ls:t;{, towards tin- expenses at the Ob-en 
of Harvard University on account of the Draper Memorial. 

Vntxl. that the thanks of the President and Fellows lie sent to Mi l.i< i ELLIS for her generous 
offer to give to the Medical School the sum of 820OO yearly for five \.-ar-. and that assurance he 
to her that ilie money will be faithfully used in accordance with her wi-hr- ;is expressed to the Tn-.i 
in writing on January UC. 

The offer of Mr \V.\i i., 1 1 n.,.i \~, ,s to add the sum of .S."><)0 to the < Jeorge M. Sohier Pri/e Fund. 
which he founded in l-'.M. was gratefully accepted on the conditions named in hi- letter of January 10, 
1898, to tl and Fell 

that the thanks of the President and Fell..u- be >.,.,, t t,, Mr \i i 1:1 i> T. \Vnni for hi 
to ' promote within the College the -tudy of the problems of the day in -ocial ami political coon- 
' and that said sum be spent at the discretion of Professor FI:\N- i- (i. Prvr.M-v. through hm 
:ft was made. 


The Treasurer reported gifts to be used at the discretion of the President and Fellows to provide and 
equip a new building for the Dental School, and stated that other gifts for the same purpose would 
probably be made. It was thereupon 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to each giver, and that each name be 
entered upon the Donation Book of the College. 

The Treasurer reported a gift of 8200 from the Rev. ANDREW P. PEABODT for the Semitic depart- 
ment. to be used at the discretion of Professors TOY and LYOX, and the same was gratefully accepted. 

The Treasurer reported a gift of 850 from Mr. ALEXANDER STRAUS* and others, to increase the 
salary of Mr. G. A. RKISNER in the Semitic department during the current academic year, and the same 
was gratefully accepted. 

Voted, to grant the request of Assistant Professor A. B. HART for leave of absence for the academic 
year 1SD4-95 in accordance with the rules establish^! by this Board May 31, 1880. 

The resignation of AUGUSTUS W. LONG, A.M.. a< Proctor was received and accepted. 

Voted, to appoint as Proctor for the remainder of the year 1892-93, ALEXANDER LEE BOXDU- 

The Treasurer stated that researches made by Mr. ANDREW MCFARLAND DAVIS have brought to 
light the fact that Lady ANN MOWLSOX, of London, in the year 1643. founded the first scholarship in 
Harvard College by the gift of 100 "current English mony," requesting "that JOHN WELD now a 
scholler in the sd Colledge shall have the sd stipend till he attaine the degree of a Master of Arts," and 
afterwards some other poor scholar in like manner, any kinsman of Lady MOWLSOX having preference 
over other scholars. 

It also appears clearly that the gift was at first held by the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, and 
that the principal sum with accrued interest from 1685 was paid over by the Province Treasurer to the 
College in the year 1713. It is probable that this fund was mixed with other College funds during the 
early part of the last century and now forms part of the Stock account. It was thereupon 

Voted, to take from the Stock account, as of August 1, 1892, the sum of 85000 and to re-establish the 
Lady Mowlson Scholarship with an income at present of 8200. 

Voted, that after the close of the current academic year the care of students' rooms in the Foxcroft 
House shall be assumed by the College, and that the appropriation of 8275 a year heretofore made to 
the Foxcroft Club shall be discontinued. 

MEETING OF FEBRUARY 13, 1893. Notice was received from CHARLES G. WELD, Esq., Executor 
of the will of the late WILLIAM F. WELD, of a bequest to Harvard University of 8100,000 without any 
conditions attached. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. ANNE M. SWEETSER for her 
additional gift of 81000, through Dr. FRANCIS B. HAURINGTON. to be added to the principal of the Isaac 
Sweetser Scholarship. 

The President read a letter from HENRY SALTONSTALL, Esq.. offering to give to the College a 
portrait of his son, GURDON SALTONSTALL, who was a student in Harvard College in 1874 and : 
whereupon this gift was gratefully accepted, the portrait to be hung in Memorial Hall on the usual 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to JOHN BARTLETT, Esq., for the very 
interesting collection of books on Proverbs, Emblems, and the Dance of Death, which he has given to 
the College Library. 

The resignation of Professor WILLIAM H. BURR, C.E., as Professor of Engineering, was received 
and accepted to take effect at the end of the current academic year. 

The resignation of HARRY F. BROWN, A.M.. as Assistant in Chemistry was received and accepted. 

Voted, to appoint CYRUS GUERNSEY PKINGLE Botanical Collector for the year 1893. 

MEETING OF FEBRUARY 27, 1893. Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to 
Mrs. HENRY DRAPER, of Now York, for her additional gift of 8833.33 received February 20, 1893, 
towards the expenses at the Observatory of Harvard University on account of the Draper Memorial. 

Voted, that a gift of 815 from Mr. ALFRED T. WHITE, being an addition to a payment of $10 for a 
duplicate pamphlet from the Library, be gratefully accepted and credited to the Library Duplicate 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. HEXRY SALTOXSTALL the sum of $3000 to be 
added to the Dorothy Saltonstall Scholarship Fund on condition that the name of that fund shall be 
changed to Saltonstall Scholarship Fund, and the gift was gratefully accepted. 


Voted, that the Dorothy Saltonstall Scholarship Fund shall hereafter be called the Saltonstall Schol- 
arship Fund, and that tin- Saltonstall Scholarships which are restricted to " dissenters " shall be called 
the Mary Saltonstall Scholarships. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received the sum of $5000 for the bequest of ORLANDO W. DOE 
made by the ninth article of his will, as follows : 

"To Harvard University five thousand dollars ($5000), the interest of one half to be given as a 
scholarship annually to a deserving student in the academical department. The interest of the other 
half to be given annually as a scholarship to a deserving student in the Medical department." 

Voted, that this bequest be gratefully accepted and that two scholarships amounting at present to 
$100 each be established from the income of the Orlando W. Doe Scholarship Fund. 

MEETING OF MARCH 9, 1893. The President laid before the Board the following declaration of 
trust, or terms of subscription, for the Phillips Brooks House, and after full consideration the Board 
authorized the President to say to the Committee having the undertaking in charge that the President 
and Fellows assent to the said declaration, and will gladly carry out its provisions so far as their action 

may be required. 


" Friends and Classmates of Phillips Brooks propose, with the consent of the President and Fellows of Harvard Uni- 
versity, to erect in the College Yard a building to be called Phillips Brooks House, to be perpetually maintained and used in 
that spirit which filled his life. 

"'He was,' says President Eliot, 'one of the greatest benefactors the University ever had; for he gave himself, his 
time, thought, and love, his burning words, and his convincing example of purity, uprightness, and manly piety.' 

" The plans will be made satisfactory to the President and Fellow* who will assign a good site for the building in (lie 
College Yard, and accept the building and its endowment upon the trust to maintain and use the building and apply the 
endowment to its maintenance in such manner as they, in their discretion, shall from time to time deem best for the religious, 
charitable, and social interests of the University, in accordance with the following statement, signed by Phillips Hr..,,k*, 
November, 1890, as one of the Preachers to the t 'Diversity : 

"The building ' should contain a general reading-room for students, rooms for the various religious societies, and large 
and small rooms for meetings and for the use of the Preachers. It should be generously used for all the various public 
interests of University life, and should unite and strengthen many undertakings which now rather tend to divide the force* 
which make for good among the students.' 

"The President and Fellows will arrange all details of use and administration in accordance with their own judgment, 
provided, however, that among other good uses the building shall always be used impartially and without favor for all those 
forms of spiritual activity, benevolent action, and religious aspiration in which the best life of the I'niversity may, without 
distinction of sect or denomination, from time to time find expres-ion. 

"To do this a fund of not less than $300,000 is needed. The use of the building and endowment will be broad, ami 
will develop many methods of application which cannot now be foreseen. Some of those objects which are desired arc 
expressed in the accompanying circular, but the subscription is not limited to the uses therein mentioned, if others of like 
good character arise. 

" Subscriptions to the fund may be sent to any member of the Committee or to EDWARD W. HOOPER, Treasurer, No. 60 

State Street, Boston. 

* * * 

. * * 

Committe t. 

" The undersigned severally agree each to give the sum set against his name to be used and applied to the erection and 
endowment of Phillips Brooks House upon the general plan and specific tru-t -et forth in the foregoing statement of the 

MEETING OF MARCH 14, 1893. Voted, that the additional gift of $150 from ROBERT N. Torrw 
Esq., fora prize in Political Science, be gratefully accepted, and that the Treasurer be requested to 
make suitable acknowledgment therefor. 

The Treasurer reported that he had receive. 1 from Mr. HKMIY LKK the sum of 81000 as his " sub- 
scription to a Phillips Brooks House in the College Yard on the condition that it is placed, built, and 
carried on under tin- direction of the College." It was thereupon 

Voted, that this gift and any other gifts for the same purpose be gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to each giver towards a Phillips Brook* 
House, and that the name of each be entered on the Donation Book of the Co'L 

The Treasurer read the following letter : 

" ( AMBIUDUE, 6 Ah St., March 2, 1898. 
EKKTT, !> nn of the IHrinity Family: 

" PF.AK Sin. In th<- will of my moth.-r, I.onsA .1. I I.M.I., dated May 21, 1RW, i the' following item : 

" I licfjin .if!; rut., tl,. II.u-\.ird Divinity School, when- my liu*lmnd ami on have been irnxluatcd, live hundred dollar*.' 
" In accordance with thi* direction I take much pleasure in enclosing a check for $600 payable to the Trranurrr of the 
University, and remain, Yours with great regard, 

(Signed) ',I:DWABD U. HALL, Ertcvtor." 

Forwarded to Mr. HOOFXB by C. C. Evnurrr. 


And it was thereupon 

Voted, to establish the Louisa J. Hall Fund with a principal of $500, the income of which shall be 
for books for the Divinity School Library until the further order of this Board. 

Voted , that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Dr. J. L. HILDRETH for his gift of $50 
to the Library, and that the money be used towards the cost of providing additional stack-room for 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Miss ALICK M. LONGFELLOW for her 
gift, on behalf of her father's family, of 676 volumes of American Poetry, a collection formed largely 
from presentation copies by the late Professor HENRY W. LONGFELLOW. 

Voted, at the request of the " Committee on Retrospective Art for Boston " of the World's Colum- 
bian Exposition, to lend for exhibition at Chicago the portrait of Madam BOYLSTON by COPLEY, on con- 
dition that it be insured for 10,000 against loss or injury from any cause. 

Voted, to lend to the United States Government. Department of Justice, for exhibition at Chicago, 
the copy of "Monroe's View of the Executive," with Washington's annotations, which belongs to the 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mr. ALEXANDER AGASSIZ for his 
liberal arrangement as to the use of a table at the Zoological Station at Naples for the next three years, 
by some student or students to be selected by the Faculty of the Museum of Comparative Zoology in 
accordance with the conditions named in Mr. AGASSIZ'S letter of February 16, 1893, to President ELIOT 
which is on file with the record of this meeting. 

The resignation of Mr. WILLIAM C. LANE, Assistant Librarian of the College Library, was accepted 
at his request to take effect on April 8th next. 

Voted, to appoint GEORGE WASHINGTON CRAM. A.B., Recorder. 

Voted, to appoint the following Library Assistants for 1892-93 : FRANK CARNEY. ALFRED CLAGHORN 

MEETING OF MARCH 27, 1893. The Treasurer reported that he had received an additional gift of 
8">n from the Dante Society for the purchase of books for the Dante Collection, and the same was 
gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that Professor COOKE, as Director of the Mineralogical Museum, be authorized to loan to 
Messrs. TIFFANY & Co. for exhibition at the "World's Columbian Exposition" at Chicago, certain 
minerals which were bought from Messrs. TIFFANY by Mr. GARLAND, and by him presented to Harvard 
College. This loan to be made only in case the assent of Mr. GARLAND shall be first obtained, and also 
an agreement from Messrs. TIFFANY & Co. that in case of loss or injury to any of the specimens they 
will pay to the College such sum as Mr. GARLAND shall decide to be a fair equivalent for such loss or 

The Treasurer reported that he had received from the American Book Company the sum of 83074.65 
on account of the Gray Botanical copyrights. 

MEETING OF APRIL 3, 1893. The Treasurer reported the receipt of 600 from Mrs. C. M. BAR- 
NARD, being her tenth annual payment for the Warren H. Cudworth Scholarships, and the same was 
gratefully accepted. 

Voted, that the thanks of the President and Fellows be sent to Mrs. HENRY DRAPER, of New York, 
for her additional gift of 8833.33 received March 31. 1893. towards the expenses at the Observatory of 
Harvard University on account of the Draper Memorial. 

Voted, that the offer of Mr. ARTHUR ROTCH to guarantee a subscription of 83500 towards the current 
expenses of the Lawrence Scientific School for 1893-94 be gratefully accepted. 

A petition was received from officers and students of the University asking that a new dining hall be 
built by the Corporation to provide for men who cannot be cared for at Memorial Hall, and the whole 
subject was referred to Dr. WALCOTT and the TREASURER to see if a satisfactory scheme for another 
dining association could be devised, so as to warrant an advance of money by the Corporation for the 

MEETING OF APRIL 10. 1893. The Treasurer reported that he had received from Mr. ROBERT 
TREAT PAINE, as Executor of the late ROBERT TREAT PALNE, the sum of 8153.447.51 as an addition to 
the Robert Treat Paine Fund for the Observatory, from the residue of the estate, said sum having been 
held in trust for Mrs. PAINE during her life. 

Voted, to grant the request of Instructor JEFFERSON B. FLETCHER for two year's leave of absence 
without salary from Oct. 1, 1893. 


Voted, to re-appoint BARRETT WENDELL, A.B., Assistant Professor of English for five years from 
September 1, 1893. 

Voted, to appoint EDWAHD CUMMINGS, A.M., Assistant Professor of Sociology for five years from 

September 1, 1893. 

Voted, to appoint ALBERT ANDREW HOWARD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin for five years from 
September 1, 1893. 

Voted, to appoint Professor JOHN EDWARD RUSSELL of Williams College to be Lecturer on Theology 
for the academic year 1893-94. 

The Treasurer reported that he had received the sum of $71.25 from Professor R. II. FIT/. M.D., 
to pay for one of the microscopes recently ordered for the Pathological department, and the same wa* 
gratefully accepted. 


Mi i TING OF JANUARY 11, 1893. Voted, to concur with the President and Fellows in their votes: 
Klt-cting as Trustees of the Museum of Fine Arts for one year from January 1, 1893, HK.NUI l.i.i:. 
D.M.D., Instructor in Mechanical Dentistry for 1892-93. 

MEETING OF JANUARY 25, 1893. The proposal that "some scholarships in the College should be 
opened to general competition without regard to the pecuniary circumstances of the applicants " was 
considered and was not adopted. Yeas, 5 ; Nays, 14. 

The report of the Committee on the Jefferson Physical Laboratory was received. 

MEETING OF APRIL 12, 1893. The Board concurred in the appointments of the President ami Fel- 
lows : Re-appointing BARRETT WENDELL, A.B., Assistant Professor of English for five years from 
September 1, 1893; and appointing ALBERT ANDREW HOWARD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Latin for 
five years from September 1, 1893; EDWARD CUMMINGS, A.M.. Assistant Professor of Sociology for five 
years from September 1, 1893; AI.I:XAM>I;K LKE BONDURANT, A.M., Proctor for the remainder of the 
year 1892-93; Professor JOHN EDWARD RUSSELL of Williams College to be Lecturer on Theology for 
the academic year 1893-94. 

Messrs. LYMAN, LEE, and SPRAGUE were appointed to prepare resolutions of respect on the late 

A majority report of the Committee extending the right to vote for Overseers to the professional 
schools was introduced and the matter referred to the next meeting. 


MAY IST, 1893. 

%* This list of accessions includes (1) nearly all the recently published books and pamphlets that 
are received (except annual reports, periodical publications, continued works, etc. received regularly 
from time to time), and (2) the more extensive and important works of earlier date. 

Anonymous works relating to a person are entered under the name of the person indented. 

Accessions to the several department libraries are indicated by heavy-faced letters after the titles 
as follows : 

AH. American History Class Room. 

AO. Astronomical Observatory. 

BG. Botanic Gard. (Herbarium Lib.) 

BI. Bussey Institution. 

Bot. Lab. Botanical Laboratory. 

Class. Classical Department. 

DS. Divinity School. 

FA. Fine Arts Department. 

Geol. Lab. Geological Laboratory. 

Germ. German Class Room. 

Hist. Historical Department. 

JPL. Jefferson Physical Laboratory. 

LS. Law School. 

Math. Mathematical Class Room. 

M in. Lab. Mineralogical Laboratory. 

MS. Medical School. 

Mus.Dep't. Department of Music. 

MZ. Museum of Comparative Zoology. 

PE. Political Economy Class Room. 

Ph. G. Lab. Physical Geography Laboratory. 

Philos. Philosophical Class Room. 

PM. Peabody Museum of Archaeology. 

Sanskr. Department of Sanskrit. 

SL. Library of Semitic Department. 

SQ. Social Questions Class Room. 

SS. Lawrence Scientific School. 

ZL. Zoological Laboratory. 

I. General. 

(Including Bibliography.) 

Allen, Thomas William. Notes on Greek man- 
uscripts in Italian libraries. London. 1890. sm. 8. 
pp. xii., 62. TV. 3969 

" Reprinted from the Claxrical recietc for Feb., June, and 
Oct. 1889, and March, 1890." 

Ames, John Griffith. Finding list, showing 
where in the set of congressional documents the 
individual volumes of certain series of government 
publications are found. [Washington. 1893.] 
8. pp. 52. U. S. Doc. 21 

Ames, John Griffith. List of congressional doc- 
uments from the fifteenth to the fifty-first con- 
gress, and of government publications containing 
debates and proceedings of congress from the first 
to the fifty-first congress, together with miscella- 
neous lists of public documents, with historical 
and bibliographical notes. Washington. 1892. 

U. S. Doc. 30 

. c Py, in which the shelf-marks of the volumes in 

this library have been entered, forms the official catalogue 
of this library's collection of congressional documents and is 
kept at the Delivery desk. 

Annnaire de la presse fran9aise des colonies et 
de 1'etranger. 1892. Paris. [1892.] 16. .}faps, 
portrs., andfac-sims. D 25.5 

Compiled by Henri Mager. 

Arena (The). Vol. vii. no. 1. Dec. 1892. 
m. Boston. 1892. 8. Portrs. IX. 217 

To be continued*. 

Best reading (The) . 4th series. A priced and 
classified bibliography, for reference, of the more 
important English and American publications for 
the five years ending Dec. 1, 1891 ; edited by L. E. 
Jones. "New York, etc. 1893 [1892]. sm." 8. 

DR. 3.292.2 

Blades, William. Books in chains, and other 
bibliographical papers. London. 1892. sm. 8. 
Front. (The BOOK-LOVER'S library.) IV. 3926 

Biographical sketch, pp. ix.-xxxviii. 

Other papers : The use and development of signatures 
in books. The early schools of typography. On the pres- 
ent aspect of the question, Who was the inventor of print- 
ing? De ortu typographic. Early Greek types of the 
royal printing office, Paris, and the chancellor of "Cambridge 
university. The first printing-press in England, as pictori- 
allv presented. 

Many of these papers have already appeared in the Book 

Brown, James D. A handbook of library- 
appliances, the technical equipment of libraries, 
fittings, furniture, charging systems, forms, rec- 
ipes, &c. London. 1892. 8. pp. viii.. 56. Wdcts. 
(The LIBRARY association series, 1.) IV. 3953 

Bnchholtz, Arend. Geschichte der buchdruck- 
erkunst in Riga, 1588-1888. Festschrift der buch- 
drucker Rigas Riga. 1890. f. Fac-sims. 

IV. 3921 

" Verzeichni&s der Mollmschen drucke und kupferstiche 
158S-1625," pp. 253-309. 



Chambers, C. E. S. A list of works containing 
illustrations by John Leech. Edinburgh. 1892. 
8. pp. (^ II. 3222 

Interleaved. " Limited to -js: ( c (1 ). 
llnif-titlt : "A hiblioirraphv of.lohn Ke 

Chambers, William ( ISOO-ISS: 1 ,). and Robert. 
Encyclopaedia; a dictionary of universal knowl- 
edge. New ed. 10 vol. London, etc. 1892, 
'!U-!2. 1. 8. Wdcis., maps, and plates. 

DR. 325.3 

Denison quarterly (The). Published with ap- 
proval of faculty and trustees of Denison univer- 
sity. Vol. i. no' 1. Jan. 1893. Granville, Ohio. 
1893. 8. IX. 219 

Dimmalffitting ; amtstidende for Ftenierne. 
Aarg. i.-xiv. (in 5 vol.). 1878-1891. w. [Thors- 
havn.] 1878-91. f. 25274.10 

Field, Mrs. E. M. The child and his book; 
some account of tin- history and progress of chil- 
dren's literature in England [from the earliest 
times to about the year 1826]. 2d ed. London. 
[1892] 8. Front., wdcts., and plates. 


Fletcher, William Isaac, editor. The "A. L. 
A." index ; an index to general literature, bio- 
graphical. historical, and literary essays and 
sketches, reports and publications of boards and 
societies dealing with education, health, labor, 
charities and corrections, etc. Issued by the pub- 
lishing section of the American library association. 
Boston, etc. 1893. 1. 8. (2 cop.) 

DR. Desk ; R R. Desk 

France Archives nationales. Ktat soniinaire 
par series des documents conserves aux archives 
nationales. [Edited by Gustave Servois.] Paris. 
1891. 4. pp. xiv., 880. 1551.13 

Griswold, William McCrillis. A descriptive 
list of novels and tales dealing with life in Russia. 
Cambridge, Mass. 1892. 8. pp. (24). 

DR. 3.529.2 
Pt. is. of his series of " Descriptive )i-N." 

Ham, John Randolph. Bibliography of Dover, 
N. II. containing titles of works on Dover; works 
written by residents of Dover, while residents; 
works bearing the publication imprint of Dover. 
Concord. N.. II. ]>:L'. 8. pp.74. 11325.2.2 

Hanreau, Barthelcmy. Notices et extraits de 
quelques manuscrits latins de la bibliotheu,ue na- 
tionale. Tom. i.-iv. Paris. 1890-92. 8. 

IV. 391O 

Henkels, St;inislaus Vincent. Washington- 
Madison paper- collected ;ind preserved by James 
Madison, estate of J. C. McGinn-, containing let- 
ters from (ii-n. Washington, relating to the revo- 
lution and the constitutional convention, and his 
autograph "Farewell address" letter: letters to 
.Fame- Madison, as well a- Madison's own letter-, 
etc. To be -old Dec. and 7th, l*'.iL> [by] 
Thomas Birch's sons. [With list of prices "and 
nani".- of pun-ha-crs. Philadelphia. l.v.i'J. i ]. 8. 
'/ and/ac-si'?/i. 6337.15.6 
The text of many of the letter* and doctniu UN \- 

Heron-Allen. Edward. De tHinilis biblio- 

graphia : bcint: the ha-ix of a bibliography of tin- 

violin and all other in-truim-nt* played with a bow 

in ancient and modern tim.-,. I't. i. jjj. j,, 7 

. London, etc. lK!'i M. i . 1224.42 

I'rin'' of thf Irnf only. 

>' ii. Ituiik 

iii and extract*. 1802.- in. i' rio i.' ..1 publication*. 


Jacobi, Charles Thomas. Some notes on books 

and printing; a iruide for authors and others. 
London. iv.rj. IV. 3980 

A revised n-|>rint of hi< work, "On the making :m<! 
ing of book<." 

Johnson, Samuel (1709-1784). A cata- 
logue of [his] library, which will be sold by auc- 
tion, by Mr. Christie, in Pall Mall, Feb. 16, 1785, 
and three following days. [London. 1"S.">. re- 
printed 1892.] 8. pp. 28. 16436.38 

" 1.">0 copies printed. Xo. 4C>." 

Kepriuted in fa-'. simile for tlio meeting of the Johnson 
cluli, ;it Oxford, June 11, lv<j. 

Kansas university quarterly (The). Vol. 5. 
no. 1. July, 1892. Lawrence, Kansas. !>'.':.'. 
8. Diagr. and plates. MZ. 

To be continued. 

Lutheran historical society. Catalogue of 

the society's collection of books, pamphlets, man- 
uscripts, photographs, etc. deposited in the theo- 
logical seminary at Gettysburg, Pa. Philadelphia. 
iv. 10. 8. pp. '(HI. IV. 3912 

Meyer, Hermann Julius, publisher. Kon\er*a- 
tions-lexikon; cine encyklopadie des allgcmeinen 
wissens. 4 e , ganzlich umgearbcitcte antl. Bd. i.- 
xix. Leipzig, etc. 1890, '89-92. 8. Maps, 
plates, u-dcts., etc. DR. 384.3 

xvii. ErgiinzuiiKcn 'ind nai-litriiitci 1 . Register. xviii. 
JahreB-cnpplemeot, 1890-1891. xix. Jahre-<ii|ipli-iii-iit, 

Bd. i.-xii., xv. are " neurr abdruck." 

Omont, Henri. Les manuscrits grecs dates des 
IV* el x\i' siecles de la bibliotheqae nationale et 
des a ut res bibliotheiines de France. Paris. IS;IL>. 
1. 8. pp. (2), 87. Fac-sims. IV. 3955 

"E.xtrait de \&Hentr ilex biblio/fu'ijtn .*, janvier-jnin, IS 

Paris, France JJikliothique national f. Man- 
uscrits latins et francais ajoutes aux fonds des 
nouvelles acquisitions pendant les annees 1 S 
1891. Inventaire aljihabetique par Leopold Delisle. 
2 pt. (paged contin.). Paris. 1891. 8. pp. (4), 
Ixxxviii., 855-4- . IV. 3911 

Pilling, James Constantine. Bibliography of 
the Atha]iascan languages. Washington. 1- 
8. (Bureau of ethnology.) 1271.11.2 

[Pope, Albert Augustus.] A catalogue of books, 
pamphlets, and articles on the construction and 
maintenance of roads. Boston. 1892. 8. pp. 11 + . 

IV. 3917 

Rivoli, Victor MASSENA, due DE. Bibliogra- 
phic des livres a figures veiiitiens de la tin du xv 

siecle et dll commencement du XVI' 1 . 1 }'!! !.".L'.">. 

Paris. 1S92. 8. IV. 3915 

Rosengarten, Joseph George. Sources of 
history: a paper read beton- the German-American 
historical .-ocietv of New York and the pionier- 
verein of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. lv 


A pl'-a f"r tin- j)iiri-li.i-- liv tin- 1'iiileil Stal."- o| tin- 
librar\ of tlu- late (n-oix'e Bancroft; with an aeeniint of 

books and MM. relating to tl.r- (ii-nnan troup* in the rorolu- 

lion, -mil'- "| \vlii'-li are t.i he found in the HainTolt h 

Rosenthal, Luilwig. Catalogue. Imitatio 

Cliri-ti (Thomas a Keinpis, Job. (MT.-OII. <Jio\. 

-. editions, tradnctiotis. e,,n- 

Munich, H.ivi.Te. [ I.S'.IL'. j S". 

c-si-iKif. and ,/</-/>. (CatalofBe, 81. IV. 3896 

Rueppreoht, Christian. Die biicher^amin- 

liingen ibT uni\ersitat Miincheii; geschichtlich- 

lies baiidbiichlein. Kegen.sburg. 
8". pp. iv.. 8-50. IV. 3979 



Sbarbi, Jose Maria. Monografia sobre los 
refraiies. adagios, y proverbios castellanos y las 
ohras 6 fragmcntos que expresameute tratan de 
olios on nuostra lengua : obra premiada por la 
biblioteca national on el concurso publico de 1871. 
Madrid. 1891. 1. 8. 26251.31 

,tx: Di-ertacion acerea de la fndole, importancia 
v ii-id de los refranes, etc. Catalogo parerniologico castel- 

Schmidt, Karl, prof, at Strasburg. Jean 
Griininger, 1483-1531. Strasbourg. 1893 [1892]. 
1. 8. 4 plates. (REPERTOIRE bibliographique 
strasbourgeois jusque vers 1530, 1.) IV. 3919 

"Ouvrasrc rirt:," p. vi. 

Thayer, Joseph Henry. Books and their use ; 
an address [given before the Harvard divinity 
school in Sept. 1892]. To which is appended a 
List of books for students of the Xew Testament. 
Boston, etc. 1893. 12. pp. 94. 

DR. 3.604, also DS. 

Vermont University. Burlington, Vt. Li- 
Irun/. ( 'atalogue of the library of George Perkins 
Marsh. Burlington, Vt. 1892. 1.8. pp. viii.. 
742. IV. 3987 

Weekly bulletin (The) of newspaper and peri- 
odical literature. Vol. i., ii. July 25, 1891 
Dec. 24, 1892; The WEEKLY review. Vol. iii. 
no. 7(5. Dec. 31, 1892. Boston. 1891-92. 4". 
To be continued. DR. 3.62.2 

II. Theology and Philosophy. 

Abnlfaraj (Lat. ABULPHARAGICS). Gregorius, 
called BAR-HEBR.ECS. Scholien zuni Weisheits- 
buch des Josua ben Sira : nacli vior handschriften 
des Horreum mysteriorum mit einleitung. ueber- 
setzung, und anmerkungen, herausgegeben von 
Saul Kaatz. Syriac and Germ. Frankfurt a. M. 
1892. 8. pp. 34. Sem. 729 

Alexander, William, bp. of Derry and Raphoe. 
The leading ideas of the gospels. New ed. , re- 
vised and enlarged. London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 


Alford, Henry. The state of the blessed dead. 
25th thousand. London. 1887. sq. 16. pp. 95. 


Alger, William Rounseville. The sources of 
consolation in human life. Boston. 1892. sm. 8. 


Amelinean, E. La morale egyptienno quinze 
siecles avant notre ere ; etude sur le papyrus de 
Boulaq no. 4. Paris. 1892. 8. (BIBLIOTHEQUE 
de 1'ecole des hautes etudes. Sciences religieuses, 
4.) DS. 

American Unitarian association. Index of 
all lines of Hymn and tune book of the associa- 
tion, revised ed. [By Frederick Frothingham.] 
Boston. 1892. sq. 8. pp. (4), 52. DS. 

Anderson, Karl. The astrology of the Old 
Testament, or The lost word regained. Boston. 
1892. 8. Plates and diagrs. III. 7159 

Baethgen, Friedrich. Die Psalmen iibersetzt 
und erklart. Gottingen. 1892. 8. (NowA< K. 
Wilhelm, editor. Handkommentar zuni Alton 
Testament, ii. 2.) DS. 

Bark, Friedrich. Descartes' lehre von den 
leidenschaften. Hire darstellung nobst einer kriti- 
schen untersuchnng der frage : "In welchem zu- 
sanmienhange steht jene mit seinen lehren in der 
metaphysik?" Inaugural-dissertation. Rostock. 
8. pp. 66. III. 7080 

Litteratur, pp. 7-9. 

Barnstable (West), Mass. Congregational 
rhmrh. Articles of faith and covenant of the con- 
gregational church, West Barnstable; with brief 
historical sketch, regulations, and catalogue of 
members. May, 1892. Compiled by H. E. Thyge- 
son. Hyannis. Mass. 1892. 12. pp.40. Front. 

III. 7033 

Barry, Alfred. Some lights of science on the 
faith. [Bampton lectures, 1892.] London, etc. 

1892. 8". 22.80 
Banmgarten, Otto. Der seelsorger unsrer 

tage. Leipzig. 1891. 8. pp. 52. (EVANGE- 
i.i-i II-SOZIALE zeitfragen, i. 3.) DS. 

Beet, Joseph Agar. Through Christ to God; 
a study in scientific theology. [Lectures.] New 
York, We. 1893. 8. DS. 

Beyschlag, Willibald. Xeutestamentliche theo- 
logie ; odor, Geschichtlicho darstellung der lehren 
Jesu und des urchristenthums nach den neutesta- 
mentlichen quellen. 2 bde. Halle a. S. 1891- 
92. 8. DS. 

Bible. Ilexateuch. Eng. (1893.) The doc- 
uments of the Ilexateuch translated and arranged 
in chronological order, with introduction and notes 
by W. E. ^Addis. Ft. i. Xew York, etc. 1893 
[1892]. 8. DS. 

Content*: i. The oldest book of Hebrew history [com- 
posed of the Jahvist and Elohist documents]. 

Bible. Genesis. Eng. (1892.) Genesis 
printed in colors, showing the original sources 
from which it is supposed to have been compiled ; 
with an introduction, by E. C. Bissell. Hartford, 
Conn. 1892. 8. pp. xvi., 59. DS. 

Bible. Ezra and Xehaniah. Eng. (1893.) 
The books of Ezra and Nehemiah ; with introduc- 
tion [and] notes, by H. E. Ryle. Edited for the 
syndics of the university press. Cambridge [Eng.]. 

1893. sm. 8. Maps. (The CAMBRIDGE Bible for 
schools and colleges.) DS. 

Bible. Song of Solomon. Span. (1891.) 
El Cantar de los Cantares de Salomon ; traducido 
del hebreo por Jesus Diaz de Leon. [Preceded 
by a comparative view of the Hebrew text and the 
Greek. Latin, German, French, English, and Span- 
ish versions, with notes on the Hebrew.] 2 ed. 
. \-niascalientes. 1891. 8. III. 6923 

Bible. Apocrypha. Eng. (1892.) The eccle- 
da.stical or deutero-canonical books of the Old 
Testament commonly called the Apocrypha ; edited, 
with various renderings and readings from the best 
authorities, by C. J. Ball. London, etc. [1892.] 
1.8. DS. 

Also known as " The variorum Apocrypha." 

Bible. 2 Corinthians. Gr. (1892.) The 

second epistle to the Corinthians ; with notes and 

introduction by J. J. Lias. Cambridge [Eng.]. 

sm. 8. Map and plan. (CAMBRIDGE 

Greek Testament for schools and colleges.) 

in. i93i b 2 

Bible. James. Greek. (1892.) The epistle 
of St. James; the Greek text, with introduction, 
notes, and comments, by J. B. Mayor. London, etc. 
1892. 8. DS. 

" Bibliography," pp. ccxiv.-ccxxi. 

Bible. Psevdep. Apostles, Teaching of . La 
dottrina del Signore pei dodici apostoli bandita alle 
genti detta la Dottrina del dodici apostoli : vor- 
sione, note, e commontario del p. I. M. Minasi. 
Roma. 1891. 1.8. Wdcts. und fac-sims. DS. 

'4 s 


Bible. r*fii(tft>. Gospel of Peter. The apoc- 
ryphal gospel of I'etcr: tin- (Jreek text nf till' 
newly di-eovi -red fragment. [Edited by II. 15. 
Swct'e.] London, etc. 1892. 8. pp. 144- . 

III. 7016, ,,/sn DS. 

Bible. Pftvdep.- <!".<i>fl of Peter. Thencwly- 

recovercd gospel of St. IVtrr, with a full account 

of the same, by .]. ]{. Harris. Now York. IMC!. 

sm.8. pp. 67. DS. 

Biblical world (The), continuing the Old and 

Trfitiiiient *finte>it. Editor, W. R. Harper. 

New series. Vol. i. no. 1. Jan. 1893. m. Chi- 

1893. 8. Sem. 947 


Bois, Henri. Essai sur les origines de la phi- 
losophic judeo-alexandrine. [With appendices.] 
Paris. iv.'ti. 8. Sem. 477 

Treat- of tlic Hellenic influence upon Judaism as shown in 
a -duly of tlu- canon of tin' < lid TV-lament, especially of the 
Si'ptnuirint ver-ion and thr Apoi'rypha. 

Bonney, Thomas George. Christian doctrines 
and modern thought. The Boyle lectures for 
is'.il. London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. DS. 

Book by book ; popular studies on the canon of 
Scripture, by the bishop of Ripon, Archdeacon 
Farrar. II. 1). M. Spence, [and others]. London. 
1892. 8. DS. 

" The*.- ..tudies originally appeared as introductions to the 
varioii- Nooks of Holy Scripture iu 'The new illustrated 
Bible." 1 

Briggs, Charles Augustus. The higher criti- 
cism of the Hexateuch. [With appendices.] New 
York. 1893. 1.12. DS. 

Brooke, Stopfnrd Augustus. Short sermons. 
London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. DS. 

Brooks, Phillips, lp. of Massachusetts. The 

! wine at the feast'- end. New York. 1893. 

MIL s". j,p. '.;>. DS. 

Brooks, Phillips, lp. of Massachusetts. Twenty 
sermons. New York. 1890 [cop. 1886]. sm. 8". 

Scruion, 4th si i III. 7106 

Brooks, Phillips. hp. of Massachusttfs. The 
liirht of the world, and other sermons. New York. 
l.-'.M . -in. 8. III. 71O7, also DS. 

Caird, ttd ward. The evolution of religion ; the 

Gifford lecture.-. delhcred before the university of 

St. Andrews, in leMioiU 1X90-91 and l*!'l':iL'. 

2 vol. New York. ls!i;:. 8. DS. 

Cassel, Daniel Kolb. fJeschichte der mennoni- 

ti-ii: von Memio Simon-' au-tritt all- der romi.-ch- 

katholi-chcn kirche in \r,:',i\. bj- xu deren auswaii- 

deniim nach Amerika in I'l-::. mehr .-peciell ihrc 

:ui-i'dltii"_' mid aii-brcitung in Amerika. Knthal- 

tend ; kiir/.- -ki//en der ein/ehien nemeinden mit 

den natiieii ihrer prediircr vom jaluv li'.s:; bis /ur 

luarliu'en /'it. 1'liiladelpliia. 1H'.0. 8. 

'/' III. 709ft 

Catholic church, / An ancient man- 

tlie eiirlith or 
ninth century, formerly beloniriiiL; to St. M 

\iinn:imin-t r, Winchester. Ivlit.-d bv 
\V it (. r.irch. London, rtr. \- 
t.. an I flan. H \M!'-im:i 

oomrr. I'ubl.]) III. 6973 


D urn t -am-. 
I- 11-' "I IHIII-, anil in 

ml onti-nt- -how it to 

tin- ii 


of a niort' ar'-hai ' niiniiiiity." 

Cheever, Henry Theodore. Memorial addn--< 
given in tjie first con-jreirational church. Wa-hing- 
ton. 1). C., Dec. i:',. l.s;l. upon the life, character, 
and influence of Kev. Dr. (Jeorge Harrell ( i 
mi oeeasion of the presentation of his library and 
bust to the Howard university. Washington. 
l.s'.iu'. 8". pp. 21. 17342.3O 

Collycr. Robert. ThiiiL'.s new and old : sermons. 
Ne York. is-.);;, sm. s: /' DS. 

Conder, Claude |{cignier. Heth and Moab; 
explorations in Syria in issl and 1882. :td and 
revised ed. London, etc. 1892. 8. Front., 
plates, and rii/n. ( I'A i.i - i :M. i \ ri >\i A rms i r\it. 
[Publ.]) I. 4323 

Copleston. Keginald Stejihen, lp. nf Cobnnhn. 
Bmldliism. primitive ami present, in Mau'adha and 
in Ceylon. London, etc. 18!2. 8. DS. 

Corroiis, Paul. Die dem 1'xiethins fiiNchlic-h 
mgeschriebene abhandlnng des Dominicus (Jundi- 
salvi De imitate. Teil i. Inaiigural-di.-siTtation, 
Hreslaii. Miinster i. \V. Is'.H. S". ]ip. C, , 
.{+ Lb 

" Vita," after p. 35. 

Coxe, Arthur Cleveland, lip. of western AV 
yn r/,-. Holy writ and modern thought : a reviev 
of times and teachers, j Bedell lectures. 1-ni. 
New York. 1892. sin. 8. DS 

Cros, L. J. M., raliln'. Dismas. the good thief. 
Adapted from the French bv K. .1. P. Schmit 
2d ed. [Cincinnati. 1892.] 16". pp. :',7. 

III. 70! 

Crothers, Samuel McChord. ' Membn- of 
one body : " six sermon- preached at I'nity church, 
St. Paul, Minnesota, lioston. 1892. ND. 8. DJ 

Content* : Homan catholieism. ( ':ilvini-in. Mi-thn 
disin. Rationalism. Mysticism. The unity of ( 'hrist 

Current discussions in theology; Jan atiniui 
theological review '. by l'rofes>ors Uoardman. Cur 
tiss. Scott [and others] of Chicago theologies 
seminary. Vol. i.-vii. 7 vol. Chicago, etc 
[1883]-90. 8. 

No more pulili-hi-d. 

Cuthbert, Alexai.der A. (Jue-tions on tl 
Holv Scripture.- ; with answers. (Jla.-irow. lsi; ; 
8. " III. 7094 

Cuyler, Theodore Ledyard. Stirring the ea-le's 
nest, and other practical di-cour.-cs. Ne\\ York. 
; IS'.IL'. ' sm. s. /;-/. DS. 

Dawaon, W. .1. The church of to-morrow : 
aililres.-e.s delivered ill the I'liited Sta:. 
Canada, diirinir the autumn of IM'l. Neu York, 
etc. r-'.iLV sm. s-. DS. 

Deeriug, Waller. The Amrlosaxou p. 
the judgment dav. Halle. !>'.'" 8. 
84. 12492.27 

Delarc, <>.. I'al'.i. Saint Gregoire \'II. et la 

reforme de I'l'-.d' -iecle. :'> tolll. I'aris. 

l.vs-.i III. 7091 

Denis, Jacipie-. Sce]itii|iu- on libertin- 
premiere moitie dn \\ u' 1 sieele : (la-si-ndi. i 
Naude. (iiii I'atin. I.amotlie-I.e\ aver 
I'.er-.TM'-. Cam. L884. 8. pp.' 82. III. 7015 

mm, " 

Driver, Samin-l l.'.dles. Sermon- 
coimected \\ ith the I >ld T. -lament. Londoi 
-m. H". DS. 

Duff, Archibald. ( ld Testament tin olo. 
The hi-tor\ l Hebrew religion fr 
Vol. i. ! 'London, etc. |.y]. 8. DS. 

iti: [i.] From 800B.C. to JoUhr.i 



Duhm. Bernhard. Das buch Jesaia iibersetzt 
und erklart. Gottingen. 1892. 8. (NOWACK, 
Wilhelm, editor. Hand kommen tar zum Alton 
Testament, iii. 1.) DS. 

Fabre, Paul. Etude sur le Liber censuum de 
romaine. Paris. 1*'J2. 8. (BiBLm- 
des ecoles fran9aises d'Athenes et de 
Rome, 62.) II. 582(62) ; 

>rcinl snulv of the Liber censuum of Cencius, compiled 
in 11!'.'. 

Ferrar, Nicholas. Nicholas Ferrar, his 
household and his friends. Edited by T. T. Car- i 
ter. London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. Port. 

VII. 2851 

Fisher, George Park. Manual of natural the- 
ology. New York. 1893. 16. Wdcts. DS. 

Foote, Henry Wilder. The insight of faith. 
[Selections, compiled by Mrs. Frances E. Foote.] 
Boston. 1892. 24". DS. 

Fouard, Constant, fabbe. Saint Peter and the 
first years of Christianity. Translated from the 
2d ed. by G. F. X. Griffith : with an introduction ; 
by Cardinal Gibbons. London, etc. 1892. 8. 
Maps. DS. 

Galtier de Laroqne, A. DE. Le marquis de 
Ruvigny. depute general des eglises reformees 
aupres du roi. et les protestants a la cour de Louis 
XIV. 1643-1685. Paris. 1892. 18. 3564.18 

Geulincx, Arnold. Opera philosophica. Recog- 
novit J. P. N. Land. Vol. i., ii. Hagae Comitum. 
1891-92. 8. III. 7138 

Gladden, Washington. Burning questions of 
the life that now is. and of that which is to come. ; 
New York. 1890. sm. 8. DS. 

Content*: Has evolution abolished God? Can man j 
know God? Is man only a machine? What is the use 
of prayer? Is death the" end? Who is Jesus Christ? 
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To be continued. 

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more publishc.l. 

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null- uii.l L'es.-liiehrc- <lcr zeit bis 

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-:n. The pure "in heart. The offence of the cross. 

The effect of the gospel. Christ on the cross. The diffi- 
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pastoral charge' 

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.ity and faith. The demonstration of the spirit. 
The gift of tongues at pentecost. The church and the 
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Christ in us. The life of man and the glorv of God. The 
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To be continued. 

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:. \iii. \\\. 
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" IV" 

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i -.ah i.-xxxix. ilth rd. ii. I-aiah xl.- 

Ixri., witli :i --ketch ,,( tin- h'ntory of I-r:icl from Isaiah to the 


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-tory and a defense, containing the 
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" Itildical rliolarliip and iii|>iratin, liy I.. .1. ! 
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Smith, II> nr;. i pOHM to the 

rliar ^'"d tu the jir-bytcry of Cincinnati 

1>\ the c.iiiiiiiitt.-e of Cincinnati. 

III. 7O25 

Sodcn, II'-iiiiMim. ' OH. ll'-forniatiou 

imd i7i:ilc t- : I M. K". j,p. 40. 


Southern uui< ubli^hol monthly 

by thf -outherii <-onf- r- i\<-, ,,f Unitarian ami other 

Chri-ti.'M churcbei . \'ol. i. no. 1. .Ian. I-'.":'.. 

''.13. f. ' DS. 


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duction and explanatory notes, by K. (J. Browne. 
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Sem. 790 

.'.<: i. Persian text. ii. Knj_'lNli translation and 

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lutherischen bekenntni, ,. \'ortrag auf der 
ralversaniinliitiLT des vcreins fiir reformation*- 
geschichte am mittwoch nach (i-tern. '-'<> ajiril 
gehalteu. Halle. IS'.IL'. S". ))]). :is. (VEREIS 

FUR REFORMATIOXRGESrilH'IITK. Schriften. .".".) 

III. 3119 

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Till- reli^ic.!' :ilio|>. 

The n-liirion of humanity : or, Thr- i.s|. -in. 


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; . front., fiijns., jiort.. and /tlntr. 

" Vita,"i. i.-clvxx. * 43.27 

'. i.-xvi 
nitior "1" '' ' ' -iiiilii .I.M.I 

xvii. Syllal ' \iinaliiiin minorinii e,, 

.1. M. 1741. 

xviii. '"J". 

xix. ' ' iiitiini.iti a .1. M. <li All 

xx. 1.'. I 1 -71. ' itii 

xxi. xxiv. l.'iT.'i-H'.ll. Coiitim. Ichlofti. 

xxv. li'.TJ I'.J-' ' until 

nti. 1886. 



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Originally designed as a part of vol. ii. of his " Theologi- 
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The author's original design was to include in pt. ii. of 
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VI. 74526 

. Mii<-,i,ill,i,,'K 
, Liitujnt'ii,'. 

ana ntlii-r i They my i i.plr. 

mtnUry to hi- " St . 

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fork. I- 1 .-:'. K". ' p,,. x ., :H, L .. 
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Much of the mutter here < tuineil h:is :ilp 

in the- /:i,-,-l,-ii-nl n-nrlil, tin- 1.1,11,1,1:. 

cal magaeine, the American journa , :unl 

other (MT.I ,< 1 : 

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die bestimmten und einfachen vcrhaltnisse aiifzu- 
finden, nacli welchen die bcstandtheile der unor- 
ganischen natur mit einander verbnnden sind. 
1811-1M12. Herausgegeben [mit anmerkungen] 
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.Inlriick itus ,\,-rii,^,,- r . ' 

is'.io, nr. .'! u. -I." 

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ciiordonili''! s nioyelr a l'ei|ui- 

noxe de isoo.ii. " pariv I.MIL'. r 1 . pp. III.. AO. 
" Sii|i|>li-inent it I'lIiMoiie ( clentc dc Lalainle." 
Bottone, S. I.'. llo\\ to manage the dynamo; 

a handbook for ship engineers, eh-rtric li^'lit ei 

aeen, and electro-platen. Ne York, > 

sm. 8". pji. (',:',. l-'rnnt. and wdc1*. V. 4512 

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seicnci- ell vue de s.-- a]i|ilicatioii- IIP cani(|lleg Ct 

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-"". iv. Culturinethoden zur untersuchung iler 
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"From vol. v. -eries 2d, of the Proceedings of the Lin- 
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These instruments are the dijferentifttor, intended to di- 
minish contraction in delicate ~ organisms when they are 
transferred from one medium to another, and the suction- 
capsule, by which the eggs and larvae of internal parasite* 
nay be introduced into the living subject and again 

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i from tli.- I'rm-i-riling* of the Portland society of 

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Met. 1OOO 

With medal reference t> the Sudhurv and Mv-ti.- rivers, 
and < ocbitnate bike, which together form the sources of 
r -upply. 

if the. American s<>< !< lij of 

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intc.l from tin- Min-i-iilnijh-iilmagatint." 
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.<-w introductory i-h;i|.ter, but is 

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and m VI. "1326 

Grant, I{ol,rrt (is: 

lor the epoch I MH), de- 

duc.-d from o' nade at tin- (Jla-^owiuii- 

-ory durin- ]h.s<; to ]S;IL' ; preceded 
i Hf annual n--u!t> <>| ti 
which ha\. 1,,-i-M ohs.-rved in diffen-nt \ 

4. AO. 

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in electricitv and mag- 

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91. 8. Plate. VI. 4179 

-ill- <;. II. Iliilphen, p;u (:. I'i,- : , r ,|," iij. \ U. 

it: i. T! 

- deTeloppements .-n n^ries. IS-M.. - ii. .\|.|.li.-:u 
la iiic.-;ini.|ii.-, a LI |,| ; \ . -l.-Mc, a | :l , 

an .-alciil intrtrral. l>^s._iii. Fn,^,,,,.,,,^ Iv ,|_ 

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These papers arc reprinted from variou- periodicals, 

chiefly from the BlectHctan and PMlotopMcal ni,: 

Heiisen, X'ictor, tilitnr. ICrgehnisse der in dein 
Atlantisclieii ocean von mitte juli liis anfang nov. 
1889 ausget'iihrten plankton-expedition der Ilum- 
boldt-stiftung. IJd. i. [A.] ; ii. K. d. Kid. 
1892. 4". lllnsir. MZ. 

lit; I. A. Keiseheschi-eiliiintr: vou Otto Kriimm.-l. 
ii. K. d. Die akalephen; vou Knist N'anhoHcu. 

l.'udcr the term "plankton" arc included anii 
plantl that float ill tin- sea, in distinction 

that are lixcd, or that crawl on the hottom, or that Mecr their 
own eour<e independently of wind ami ciirn-nt. 

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Minnesota : a >cientitic and jiojuilar account of their 

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logical and ntituni] liinlm-fi .<!/,>,//. Hulletin. 

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Most of the chapters arc accompanied hy liihliotfraphic*. 

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" /'' !n," 

vol. vii. pp. I" 

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precision ,,f ineaMin incuts, \\itli exani] 
mainlv from phvsics and electrical engineering. 
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l'ulilihe.l iii a !- , .,1,11,1, tc form in th.- . 

Hndnon, William Henry. Idle .lays i- 
gonia. With cha|iteis MII " Hird iniiMc in South 
America." " Si-hi -n MHVnRrii." and ('oncef 

\ .irk. j !-:'.'-. R". / .. u; 
and /'lutes. 3363. 25 

of thi- Volume I. 
Od i h 



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-roiioiay arranged for me in the 
f my colleagues." Preface. 

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All but three of these chapters originally appeared in the 
Atlantic monthly. 

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"Books of reference," at the end of each chapter. 

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The " literature " of the subject is given at the end of each 

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Oonti n< : ii. SylviiiiM. 

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IVda-tii-ii. - |,;, r F.milc Bond rt Jules 

Dra'-b. pari... is'.n.'. S". Dinrjrs. (Cours de 

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unjfcn L'l-h.-ilten /n Merlin. N-bst anmi-rkiiiiL'eii 

und i-iiHT 11:1. ' Q abliandlung [Ober die 

iinter-chiede ij. n mid des gcwi'ihnlichcn 

\on .Jatm' Mraid. 1845. Wien, etc. 

H . \\-,Irt*. V. 4414 

Proctor. Richard Anthony. Old and new 

I.' \. I'n.ctor. cotiijilet. d by \ 
ird. I..PH !,,n. f t, . 1892. 1. 8. pp. viii., 


Sabatier. Annaml. K-xni ,ur la vie et la mort. 

I'.ir.i i..ini...>T-i; ev ( diition- 

t ) MZ. 

nttrcncen qni ont M fmitf a I'lnntitut de 
zoologi* ! Moiitpellier, dam 1891." 

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trics. Palo Alt'.-. CaL ]>'.'!'. s". pp. n. /;/". 

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bandwdrterbuch der wis>en-chaftlich bedeutenden 
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beriicktichtigang des BchadelgriiDdei und seiner 
gruben. Mit einer vorrede von Johannes Hanke. 

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pp. <><'*. 1'lates. MZ. 

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1892. 1. 8. Wdctn. and Maps. MZ. 

" Kstrutto dalla \ififnnin, rivit:i incn<ilr per >rli >tili ill 
seieiiZil pura I'd upplicata sill marc c SIKI'I oru'aniMiii, Is'.iJ." 

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t fnnn tho 1'Jtli annual n-port of the clir.-rtnr of tin' 
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pp. ::i. BG. 

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and irdcts. ((,'ONM MI-MI: \i:\ ~ri, n, 

V. 4443 

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2d ed. London. I.v.rj. M u. s '. UV/r/x. I 
\ i .i:-i i v extension manuals.) V. 4482 

"S.,nn- (,filn- !"-( t k- on animal lit'-'," pp. .'{61-300. 

United States Sir/ nut serrire. ' 1 M" ' 
mate of Nebraska, particularly in reference to the 
temperature and rain-fall and their influence upon 
the agricultural intere>ts of the state. \Va-hing- 
ton. IS'.HI. i'. pp. t;o. Charts. (51M col 
]-t set. Senate. F.x. doc. no. ll.'i.) Met. 464 

United States S 891 \' 

port mi the climate of Ari/ona. with particular 
reference to que-i ! -n- of irrigation and water -tor- 
ln the arid rcuion. by \. \V. (Jively and W \ 

lord. Washington. l^'.'l. I. pp. 71. 
I'hurtu and tUUpt. .M-l cong. .2d - " lloii-e. 
F.x. doc. no. I'M?.) Met. 464 

I'Mti "ii irritrniiii" nnd r -t..riiK''- in th<- aii.l i.-i;ioii. 



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particular reference to questions of irrigation and 
water storage in the arid region, by A. W. (ireely 
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Charts and maps. (51st cong. , 2d sess. House. 
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Extract the signal service report on irrigation and 
: storage in the arid regions. 

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Extract from the signal service report on irrigation and 
water storage in the arid regions. 

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reference to questions of irrigation and water stor- 
:n the arid region, by A. W. Greely and W. A. 
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Extract from the signal service report on irrigation and 
water storage in the arid regions. 

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Content* : i. Akustik, mechanik, optik, und warme- 
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besorgt durch Eduard Riecke. 

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" Lebenslauf," after p. 37. 

IV. Useful Arts. 

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Amendements et eng: 

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Niagara Falls, A". )'. linsiness men's associ- 
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IXBU i MM MIT1 \-i,-,,;,It,,n<l , \ 

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i- i'/(n> r - / 
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I.s:i2. 8. \\Vfi*. (I'M 1 1. 1. BTATBB / 
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i M\ i IISIM -- A<ii-icnHin-.l es/irrimnit sfti- 
Hulletin. :!I).) ' BG. 

V. Fine Arts. 

Adamy, Itudolf. Die friinkisclu' thorhalle nnd 
klosterkirche /u Lorscli. Im aiiftrage des his- 

tori-clieii vereins fiir das gr<issherxogthiiin II. :i 

untersiicht und beschrieben. Darmstadt. IS'.il. 
f". ])]). ((!), .")! + . /'/.///.. n;/,-t.-i.. and ."> /if/it, .-;. 

'& Case. 365 

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1". fl'. 100. Ill,, sir. 17483.14 

A tar-Mimic reproduction of the author'., original inaiiu- . 
script ami ilrawiu^^. 

Only '.' i.iynl. 

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celeb i-. U. 1576 

" Hibliojrraphic," aflcr p 

British museum. Catalogue of Indian coins 
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IS'.IL'. S". M,,t>. plntes. and geneal. tuUr. 

II. 3240 

. !< coill* of the Moirlllll Clllp 

EiadustAD, by Stanley l,;u: b ,1 l,\ K. S. i 

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don. Is'.U. sm. 8. /V'.,//. and inlet*. IM- 
\ r.i:sirv extension manuals.) 11.3254 

The author's aim i* "to iii-i-n-~ lu-icth ami in a -imple 
manner -^.me of On- mor.' impoi-tant fact" and law- of artistic 

prodaction, which si hi be familiar alike to the I, 

student of art and to thi- practical woi \ 

Cornelius, Peter ; ISL' 1-1874). Der barbier 
von Bagdad; komisciie oper in xwei aiif/iiiren. 
Clarh i-iinsziiif von Karl I loffhatier. nach der neu 
bt-arbeiti-ten ]>artitnr eingerichtete ausgal.e \ on 
Oskar Sclnvalm. I ln'i,i,H>/. \ Leipzig. 

[1886. : 122-J.34 

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f". HV/(Vx. an 1 ::<; plate*. 27 Case. 632 

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Include- n,, I. i:,. 122^.91 

Easton. Morton William. Observations on the 
])lattonn at |Vr-rp,di-. Bostoi; 

Pi NNs'i | \ KM V / 

siti/. Publications. S.-ries in jibilidogy . literal nre. 
and arcli;eo|. II. 3213 

Foote, Arthur -William''. Miiart.'tt in C dur 
fiir klavi.-r. violine. bratsche. und violoncell. 
Op. L-:l. , \\',tl, *,,, <,.,!. ,.,,,-tf. \ Boston, ft,. ls;cj. 
I". |.p. [8, 122A.17 

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riv-tanri; niono-.'rafie -toriche caiidotte sopra i doc- 
umellti. IJ.ima. !>:!. f: /'/.itrs :\tn\ ir.frt.t. 

i;. 27 Case. 368 



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" Bibliographic ct catalogue," pp. 147-17"). 

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ronze culture " of prehistoric Europe, as 
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27 Case. 369 

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Biographical sketches of the composers, pp. 3-11. 

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recueil <le pu'-ces sur des chants liturgiques, ou 
usites dans 1'eglise. pour orgue ou harmonium. 
Op. 'I.-,. 5 livr. in 1 vol. Paris, etc. [1891.] 4. 


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collection cle pieces pour le grand orgue. [New 
ed. on three staves.] 12 livr. in 1 vol. (paged 
contin.). Paris, etc. [1891.] 4". 122 .91 

Includes selections from opera 39, 41, 46, 4", 49, 50, 52, 55- 


Guilmant. Alexandre. Pieces dans differents 
styles, pour orgue. [Xouvelle ed.] 17 livr. in 1 
vol. Paris, etc. [1892.] 4'. 122 A. 91 

Includes Op. 10-20, 24, 25, 33, 40, 44, 45, 69-72, 74. 

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3' sonate is " 3t ed." 

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[Livr. i.] Paris. 1892. 4. Wdcts. and atlas of 
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II. 3263 

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London, etc. 1892. f. 46 plates. 

* 27 Case. 367 

ta : Culture. Beauty. Religious art. History 
and rev vals. Portrait. Life observed. 

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Dieffenbach, fur 2 sing>timmen mit leichter kla- 
vierht-gleitung komponiert von C. A. Kern. 
Op. 36. Mit einem beitrag von Gr. A. v. G. 5 e 
vermehrte aufl. Wiesbaden. 1891. 4. pp. (4), 
36. 20561.12 

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sidere principalement dans les miniatures. Edi- 
tion franchise originate, publiee par 1'auteur, sur 
la traduction de M. Trawinski : et precedee d'une 
preface de A. Springer. 2 torn. Paris, etc. 1886- 
91. 4". Plates and u-dcts. (BIBLIOTHE^UE inter- 
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" 500 exemplaires." 
' Liste des manuserits cites," ii. 181-184. 

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|Acropole d'Athenes. [Paris. 1892.] 8. 8 

plates. 'II. 3244 

Reprinted from the Rerue arcfieologique, mai d6c. 1891. 

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-ans pi-dale. Mavence, etc. [187-?] obi. 8. 
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popular pieces arranged for the organ by W. T. 

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3 nos. in 1 vol. (paged contin.). Mayence, etc. 

[1881.] 4. pp. 43. " 1224.91 

'* : i. Sonate poutificale; en Re-min. ii. Sonate 

Ofilii; eu Mi-niin. iii. Sonate pascale; en La-min. 

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II. 1577 

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IV. 3934 

Content* : San Marco. I pittori Bellini ; ricerche e 
document!, Venezia nell' arte e nella letteratura francese. 
Una vendetta nel secolo xvi. [at Verona, 1592-93]. Un 
maldiceute; la societa veneziana sul finire della repnblica 
[from the correspondence of Luigi Ballarini, 1780-1789]. 

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kirke ; udgivet efter foranstaltning af den norske 
regjering. Tegningeraf H. E. Schirmer. Xonceg. 
and Eng. Christiania. 1859. f. pp. (6),48 + . 
Vign., icdcts., 31 plates, etc. *27 Case. 634 

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1. 8. ninstr. (Les AKTISTES celebres.) 

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pp. 7. 1224.42 

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Lipsiae. [1892.] 4 U . Fac-sims. 122 .41 

xxxi., xxxii. Supplemeutum secundum, tertium continens 
openi authentiea et dubia partim impressa partim adhuc 
inedita ex diversis archivis et bibliothecis colleeit Franciscus 
Haberl. 2 torn. [1892.] 

Paris, France Bibliotheque nationale. Cata- 
logue des monnaies grecques. Les rois de Syrie, 
d'Armenie, et de Commagene ; par Ernest Ba- 
belon. Paris, ere. 1890. 1.8. 32 plates, geneal. 
table, and u-dcts. II. 3245 

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Loire des xv e , xvi e et xvn e siecles dessines d'apres 
nature. 2 vol. Paris. 1861. f. 100 plates. 

27 Case. 63O 

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PP- 17. 1224.76 

Piutti, Karl. Sechs fantasien in fugenform 
fur die orgel. Op. 1. Leipzig. [1873.] 4. 
PP- 41. 1224.76 



Piutti, Karl. I'Yst-hymnus fur orgel. Op. L'l). 
Leipxii:. is'.'M. r. pp. in. 122A.76 

Piutti. Karl, /rim improvisation.'!! iilirr be- 
kiiiuitr chorale als \ or- Dilrr nach-pielr hei traumi- 
gen unl andcren gottrsdienstlicheti handlungen, 
fiir orgel. Op. 15. 2 hcfte in 1 vol. Leipzig. 
1881-82. 4. 1224.76 

Piutti, Karl. In mcmoriam ; pastorale und 
fuge iiber Giule, fiir die orgel. Op. -M. Leipzig. 
1891. r. pp. 9. 1224.76 

Piutti, Karl. Drri interludien fiir orgel. 
op.:!. Leipzig, etc. 1873. obi. 8. pp. l."i. 


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, L878.] i'. pp. i:. 1224.76 

Pintti, Karl. IMingstfci.-r : pracludium und 
fuge fiir die orgel. Op. 16. Leipzig. [1*7 I. j 
obi. 8. pp. 13. 1224.76 

Pintti, Karl. Acht praeludien fiir die orgel. 
Op. '2. Leipzig. [ 1S7:?.] 4. pp. 2:5. 1224.76 

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Piutti, Karl. Die training; ein cyclus von vier 
stiicken in form einer sonate fiir die orgel. Op. '.*. 
Leipzig. 1875. 4. pp. 17. 1224.76 

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lit. -ratim-. London. 1892. 1.8. Front., pities. 
and po rtr.t. II. 3234 

'ft : A. chapter in the history of pre-liaphacliti-tn. 

clebs at home. In memoriam :" Frank Hull. Amy 

a reminiscence and a criticism. The OnftwbiOIUtble 

art of England. Life, art, ami nature in an Old-World city 

[Brutfc-]. Jean Francois Millet and William Hunt, or 

Idyllic, painting in Kraii'-c and Kn<:laiid. Two days of a 

painter. Tin- paintiiiL' Frederick W*tta, B. A.; 

a compurativr criticism. (Contemporary review, Fell. 1882.) 

Tlio amateur. In nieiiniriam amii-i: \Vilkic Collins. 
Some thoughts on tin- tenil.-ii.-ies of French art in ISs:!. 
Art at the royal academy: traditions and rliaiiur-S 1*~--1890. 

Rtiskin, John. The poetry of architecture; 
or, The architecture of tin- nation-; of Knrope con- 
sidered in its association with natural scenery and 
national character. With illustration* by the au- 
thor. Orpington, etc. 1893. 4. Fnni't .. pi 
and wilds. II. 3264 

Content*: The cottage. Tin- villa. 

A aerie* of papers originally puhli-hed in tin- .1, 
magazine, 1837-38. 

Salome, Tlu'odorc. Dix pieces pour orgue ou 
piauo-pedalier. 3 e '.!. L' vol. Paris. [ I.S7-?] 


, viiliini'- cont.iin- ti-n piece*. 

Saner, Bruno. Aim i\i-chc marmorkiuist. Ha- 
bilitation--clirift. (JiesHt-n. Athen. iH'.tL'. 8. 
pp. (2). 43. Plate and wdctt. II. 3238 

I from tin- Mitthciliinii' 


Scheffler, Ludwiu' \n\. Michelangelo: eitie 
renaissnnccHtudie. Altenburg. 1892. 8. Wdctt. 

II. 3233 

Gontrnt* : Dcr wnlire MlrhelEnpelo in i-ini-n ir'di.-liti'ii. 

'/.\\r i rkliinin- .tini-i-lu-n . 

" Mii-li.i. i AMU'' -'I- r.'" 

Scheldt, Saiiiin-1. Tatmlatiira tuna fiir orgel 
lllld i-^ev'i-ben fOD M'l-rt. 

L<-i;./ DEXKMALKB di-nt-cher 

t<.nk.m-t 1224.91 

With rrj.rint- -.f the tit|e.paire of the three part* in which 
the work wait originally puMUhcd. 

Soaillos, (ialiri.-l. Leonard de ^ ^ in(i, rarti.-t.- 
X le savant; essai de biographic psvcholo^i.j,,,.. 
1'aris. 1892. 8. Port, of Da Vinci &nA 

" Mililio^'i-apliie." pp. :. I II. 3225 

Shaw, Richard Norman, anil Jackson, Thomas 
(iraliam, editors. Architecture: a profes.sion or 
an art? Thirtem sliort essays on the (jualifica- 
tions and training of architects. London. 1 

II. 3268 

/..- Introilui-tion; l>y T. <.. Jai-k-on. The pn>- 
tr-t aL'ain^t i-xaminatioii and re/figtration ol'aivhitects, March 
8, 1VH. The fallacy that tho architect who make* .1 
hit first consideration, most be unpractical: i>\ i;. \. shaw. 

Architecture and construction; liy .}. T. Nlicklctln'. 

The institute examination, and architecture; hv Kcfrinald 
Klomlield. Architectural and the examination \<--\\ 
hy (.. I-'. Hodlex. The protect inn ofthe puhlic; li\ M 
Macartney. Architect^ and ur\ cvor~ ; l>y Krue-t Newt/in. 

The "profession" and its ffho>t>; hy 1 : ;. S. 1'riiir. Tin- 
isolation of" professional " architecture from the othi i 

hy J. IJ. < 'layton. The ]n-opcr rehition of general !> 
nical education in the training of an architect; hy Ma~il 
Cliampneys. The hnilder's art and the craftsman ; In' W. K. 
IDT. Thought* on three arts and the training for them; 
hy W. I?. Kic'hmond. The unity of art ; hy (i.e. Horsiev. 

On true and false ideals in the education of an arch/ 
byT. G. Jackson. 

Smetham,. Tames. Letters, with an introductory 
memoir; edited by Sarah Smetham and William 
Davies. [2d ed.] London, efc. 18!>2. sm. 8. 
J'nrl. VII. 2877 

Steinitz, Hugo. Ueber das leben und die com- 
positionen des Matthaeus Apelles von Lowen- 
stern. Inaugural-dissertation, Ro.stock. Ureslaii. 
is-Ji'. S". pp. 48. 1224.42 

Steinmann, E. Die tituli und die kirchliche 
wandiualerei im abendlande vom v. bis /uni xi. 
jahrhundert. Leiiixig. 1892. 8. (Bi:m!.u;i: /ur 
knnstgeBchichte ; neue folge, 19.) 11.2837 

Syiuonds, .Tolin Addington. The life of Michel- 
angelo Buonarroti, based on studies in the archives 
of the Buonarroti family at Florence. '2 vol. Lon- 
don. 1893. 8. Portrt., front., 46 plat**, etc. 

II. 3267 

Van Rensselaer, .)//>. Mariana (iuiswut i>. 
KiiLtlish cathedrals. Illustrated with drawings by 
.losrpli I'ennell. New York. 1892. 1.8. /-'rant'.. 
plans, and inlets. II. 3248 

Contmtx- Canterhury. retcrlioroni;h. Durham. 
Salisbury. - I.ichlield. ' Lincoln. - Kl\. - Wells. Win- 
r. (ilouee-ter. York. London. 

Wider, Charles Marie. S\ mphonirs. Op. 1:? 
et 1L'; ]ionr orgue. 2 vol. in 1 (paged contiu.). 
Paris. [1885.] 4. 1224.91 

Ivich ,,\ni- coiitaiiH four symphonic-. 

[Zanetti, Antonio Maria, Contc (lfiS(-I ; 
Antonio Maria ( 17K! 17CS). | D.-llr anticbr statue 
^n-chr .- romaiir, che nell' anti-ala drlla libreria di 
San Marco, e in altri luoghi pnbblici di Yciir/ia .si 
trovaiio. With engravings of (Jn-ekand Roman 
mnlals. j I'pt. Vrne/ia. 1740-43. f. l-'mnt., 
vigns., 100 plate*. *27 Cae. 635 

VI. Antiquities. 

(Including Folk Lore.) 

Abbott, Charles Conrad. Reemt archa-oloirical 
exjiloratiotis in the valb-v of the Delaware. Bos- 
ton, rtf. I -ML'. S". pp. (l). .".(I. r,;,n1. and 
I'littr. I'I.NN-VI \\M\- . rilblica- 

ti.ui-. Scries in philolouv. literature, and archa-- 
dogy, ii. 1.) 5314.45 



Bertha, q. of Pippin the Short, k. of the 
nks. called BERTHS au grand pied. Du temps 

(jin- hi ivino Berte filait : chanson de geste. Paris. 

IS'.H.'. IS", pp. (4), xviii.. tiO. Viyn. (Norvp.Li.E 

bibliotheque bleue.) 27277.47 

A pro-i' vrsion of the chanson de geste of Adeues le Roi, 

\doiphe d'Avril. 

Bigarae, Charles. Patois & locutions clu pays 
deBeaune; contes & legendes, chants populaires 
(paroles et musique). Beaune. 1891. 8. 

" 200 exemplaires. !N*o. 114." 6226.10 

Blatter fur pommersche volkskunde : nionats- 
scbrift fiir sage und marchen, sitte und branch, 
schwank und sm-ich. lied, nitsel und sprachliches 
in Pommern. Herausgegeben von O. Knoop und 
A. Haas. Jahrg. i. nr. 1. 1. okt. 1892. m. Stet- 
tin. 1892. 8. 26274.64 
To be continued. 

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Contents : Einleituug und gebrauch von France, Fran- 
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nach franzosischen gelehrten. Erhebungen aus anderen 
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Content* : The eastern Inoits; hyperborean hunters and 
Sellers. The western Ii illy the Aleutian*. 

The Apache*, nomad hiinfi-r- and brigands. The Nairs; 
warrior nobility and the uiatriarchate. The mountaineers 
of the Neilirlu-rri. ., agriculturists, and wood- 

landers. The Kolarians of Bengal, and human sacrifices 
amongst the Khonds. 

1 64 


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'" : I.'anic rrltii|iif. I.cs le;_'cM,]c- ,lc I'Alsace. 
. Gnade-ChartrpuM et la loin-nde <lr aint Ki-uno. I.e 
Mont Saint. Michel ct on hNtoirr. I,e- U'-p-nde- ilc hi 
Hretainie et le u'enic i-cltiijur. 

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" Le.bensliiuf," after p. 68. 

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Content* : i. Die sajreii 

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vii. J'OWEI.I,, .]. W. Indian linguistic families of America 
mirth of Mexico. HOFFMAN, W. J. Tin- miile'wiwin or 
" prand medicine society " ,,f the < (jilm-a. MIHIXKV, .1 
r'-d formula" of tin- Chci 

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iiti-r <lon ursprung d.-s h;niM-s 'I'raun. [With 
" anmerkungen."J Wi,-n. l^iu. ,v. Front. saA 
wdctt. 28282.69 

itu- ririjri" of the- I ,., l, : ,,-k t., the Sciri, 

I that tli.- fact, of its hi-torv form the -lib- 
: the NibelangenUed, which tin- author conclude- M ,n-t 
UTe been composed ln-twi-i-n HTfi ami II v. 

VII. History and Geography. 
( Including Politics and General Biography.) 

Adam*, Herbert I', ./ Wood. Henry. 

('olnmbiiM and hi- di-eoverv .if Ann-riea. I'.alfi- 


in bi-lorieal ami ]olitie:il 

'" 11.) 15395.30(x) 

n : l.i II. i <ii-ntioir liy 


^^^f*' ' Blbllofnuphle* Of ti \mcri.-a; 

' . \V. fiui,,,,. 

Aitchisou, Sir ( 'barles (Umpherston). 
Lawrence. Oxford. is'.'L'. im. 8. Map. l.'i - 
UOU of India.) VII. 2627.2 

Alden, Kdmnml Kimball. The world's repro- 
sontatiM- asseinblie.-. of to-day: a .-tudy in e.nn- 
|iarativo le-i-lalion. Haltiinore. \-\*:\. s '. ],; 
(.IOIINS lloriuN- OKITKK8ITT. Studies in histori- 
cal and ]ioliiicnl science, xi. 2.) 15395.30(xi) 

Alexander, William I>e \Viit. A lirief bi-torv 
of tlio Hawaiian pi-oplo. N'o\v V,n; 
8. I'nrti:-:.. i,iti,>*, and inlets. ( Uriel' hist.i 
i< I. 4284 

Allan, William, formerly Col. C. S. A. Tho 
army of northern Virginia in 18(!L J . With an in- 
troduction by .1. C. Hopes. Uoston. etc. l^'.'L' 
1'ni-t. and int<it. 8325. 4O 

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Strambaldi, jmblioos ]iar Ken.' de Mas Latrie. 
1't. i. Paris. IS'.H. -I". (C,,i i i , n. .N ,le docu- 
ments inedit* stir rhistoire do France.) 1553.35 

Content x : i. ( 'hroni.|ue d'Amadi. 

Amador de los Rios, Kodri.^o. Hiieha. Uar- 
celona. ls<i. ,s: pp. 818+ . 
; I".-r\N\. sns monmnentos v artes. su naturale/a ' 
historia.) I. 1413 

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Uarcelona. 18!)l-[!2]. 8". pp.!)ll+. \\',1,-ts. 
and plates. (l-Ni-\s\, sits nionuniento- 
sn naturaloza o historia.) I. 1414 

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alia culla di Cristoforo Colombo. [With an ap- 
pendix containing ducnmonti."] 1'iacon/a. IV.IL'. 
8. pp. x., 7-1. 1372.27.3 

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raison ot le culte de 1'Ktro Supreme, 17'.'.', IT'.'J. 
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Siidbrasilien. Inauirural-di<sertalion, Jena. Stutt- 
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" Scparatahdnick an< dem .\uxlninl, IS'.vj, n r . -J7-31." 

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or, Joimieyii]-- in main land-. Uoston. 
[cop. 1888]. sm. 8". Port, of dipt. ('/,-. f ,/,,tfs, 
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il iv oontonario della scoporta doll' Anier 
I'llbblica/ione s]ieciale dell' III ,'at fuzioiif itufi 
rompilata da A.(i. Uarrili, L. A. Cervetto, F.du- 
ardo Xiineiie-. Milami. pp. I-. 

f/li'sti: 1363.6 

Bartlett, Thomas F.dard. The I'.artl. 
with s|n-cial reference to the descendant* of John 
Uartletl. of Weymoiitb and Cumberland 
Ha\on. 1 39 I'lirtrn. and ct,<f 


Batchelder, Charl.- F.din. Ke\ . Stojihen 
Uachilor. B ' S". jiji. I!. 1 1. 


jirint-'d IV, ,n 
rtgitt-i for .Ian. U 

Beale, Jame-. Cliam-i llor-ville ; a j>:i|ior r- 
before the united -CM See chil>, I'hilad'dpbia. I 

I. l'hila.lel|ihia. I -'.'I'. ( ,bl. 

11 + . M 8325.69.2 

"160 copic prinf 


Beauconrt, Ga-ton m FI:K<NK. Marquis in:, 
editor. Captivite et derniers moments de Louis 
XVI.: recits originaux & documents officiels. 
2 toni. Paris. 1892. 8. Plans. (SociETE 
i.'H!T"!i:i "N ; I.MPORAINE. [Publ.]) 3586.19 
.iuaux. U. Documents offieiels. 

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Smith, of Virginia; his political, military, and 
1 history. [With an appendix, containing 
his official papers, letters, and speeches.] New i 
York. 1891. 8. Port rs.. plates, fac-sims.. etc. ' 


Bent, James Theodore. The ruined cities of 
Ma-Oionaland, being a record of excavation and ex- I 
ploration in 1>01 : with a chapter on the orienta- 
tion and mensuration of the temples by R. M. W. 
Swan. London, etc. 1892. 8. Wustr. I. 4290 

D"*->rilit = especially the ruins at Zimbabwe. The author 
thinks it probable that this region was visited by the Arabi- 
an* in very early times in search of gold, and that the ruins 
may be trace-.! to their occupation. 

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lichen erdkunde der griechen. 4 abth. in 1 vol. 
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i. Die geographic der jouier. 1SS7. ii. Die 
vorbereitungen fur die geographic der erdkogel. 1889. 
iii. Die geographic der erdkugel. 1891. iv. Die geogra- 
phieir dor gechen unter dein einfluse der roraer. 1893. 

Berwick y Liria, y Alba, Maria del Rosario 
FALCO Y OSORIO, duqttesa de, condesa de Siruela, 
editor. Autografos de Cristobal Colon, y papeles de 
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Plate and 23 pp. of MUSIC. I. 4291 

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Content* : i. Early history. 1S82. ii. Bicester, its 

town and priory. 1334. iii. " Cottisfortl, Hardwick, and 

Tusmon-. [1887.] iv. Middleton and Somerton. [1388.1 

v. Fringford, Hethe, Mixbury, Xewton Purcell, and 

swell. [1890?] vi. Lower and upper Heyford. 1892. 

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les manuscrits originaux. avec introduction, notes, 
variantes. et glossaire par A. Heron. Tom. i. 
Rouen. 1891. 8. Plate. (SOCIETE DE L'HIS- 

TOIRE DE XORMANDIE. [Publ.]) FT. Hist. 66 
Contents: i. Complanctus bonoruin gallieorum. Gloses 
du manuscrit 6195. La complaincte des bons frangois. 
Oratio hUtorialis. Des droiz de la couronne de France. 

Brett, Reginald Baliol. Footprints of states- 
men during the eighteenth century in England. 
London, etc. 1892. sm. 8. 5415.5 

Content*: The foundations of modern government in 
England. The end of personal rule. The authors of party 
:iunent. The power of the press. The invention of 
cabinet responsibility. The establishment of government 
by majority of the house of commons. The appeal to popu- 
lar opinion. The birth of the liberal party. Appendix. 

[Britten, Alexander, editor.'} Historical re- 
cords of New South Wales. Vol. i. pt. 2. Sydney. 
1892. 8. Plates. 1/4228 

i. Phillip. i:>:J-1792. 

Brown, Leonard, of Des Moines, la. Popular 
perils. Cabin home papers. Des Moines. 1892. 
sm. 8. 9387.7O 

iay -by-day commentary on passing political events 
of!390 and 1891 "a mirror of the mind of a fanners' alliance 
man, and, it may be, reflects the minds of many farmers, lie 
believes that the liberties of his country are endangered 
to-day as never before, and not by ' the dangerous class ' 
ailed), the working people, but by the plutocrar-. 

Brown, Robert Hanbury. The Fayum and 

Lake Muris. With a prefatory note by Sir Colin 

-Moncrieff. London. 1892. 1.8. Front., 

plates, maps, and diagrs. I. 4326 

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" Books consulted," p. 31. 

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spondance generate, publiee avec des notes his- 
toriqnes et biographiques par Etienne Charavay. 
Tom. i. Paris. 1892. 1. 8. Port. ([COLLEC- 
TION de documents inedits sur 1'histoire de 
France.]) 4541.3O 

Contents : i. Aout 1792 mars 1793. 

Carpenter, Edward. From Adam's Peak to 
Elephanta : sketches in Ceylon and India. London, 
etc. 1892. 8. Front., portrs., and irdcts. 1.4321 

Caux, France. Registre des fiefs et arriere- 
fiefs du bailliage de Caux en 1503. Publie pour 
la premiere fois, avec une introduction et des 
notes, par A. Beaucousin. Rouen. 1891. 8. 

Fr. Hist. 65 

Chailley-Bert, Joseph. La colonisation de 
ITndo-Chine : 1'experience anglaise. Paris. [1892.] 
18. Jfaps. 2436.3 

Contents: Les anglais a Hong-Kong. Les anglais en 

Chicago, III. Sunset club. Echoes of the 
Sunset club ; comprising a number of the papers 
read, and addresses delivered, before the club 
during the past two years. Compiled by W. W. 
Catlin. Chicago. 1891. 8. " 6397.6 

Contents : The duties and privileges of the public press. 

WTiat shall we do with our criminals? Party allegiance. 

Land taxation, as proposed by Henry George. Subsidies 
and the tariff. Nationalism, as proposed by Edward Bel- 
lamy. Municipal control of heat, light, etc. Our public 
school system. The Sunday question. Pensions, civil and 
military. The state, its functions and duties. The uses 
and abuses of speculation. Drones and parasites. Money 
and its functions. Foreign trade and reciprocity. The red 
flag. Succession tax. Our jury system, how can it be im- 
proved? What shall we do with" our Indians? 

Clark, Walter. Address on the life and ser- 
vices of Gen. William R. Davie, at the Guilford 
battle-ground, July 4th. 1892. Greensboro'. [1892.] 
8. pp.36. Port, of Davie. 7332.69 

Clerk, Sir John, 2d bart. Memoirs of the life 
of Sir John Clerk of Penicuik, baronet, baron of 
the exchequer ; extracted by himself from his own 
journals, 1676-1755. Edited from the manuscript 
in Penicuik house, with an introduction and notes, 
by J. M. Gray. Edinburgh. 1892. 8. Portrs. and 
plates. (SCOTTISH BISTORT SOCIETY. Publ. 13.) 

VIII. 546 

Colombo (Lot. COLCMBCS), Cristoforo. Letter 
on the discovery of America ; a facsimile of the 
pictorial edition, with a new and literal translation, 
and a complete reprint of the oldest four editions 
in Latin. [From the originals in the Lenox 
library.] New- York. 1892. 8. pp. xiii., (3), 
ff. 10, pp. (2), 61. Wdcts. 1373.49.3 

" 250 copies. Xo. 89." 

Colombo, Ezio. Vita e viaggi di Cristoforo 

Colombo narrati al popolo italiauo. 7* ed., rive- 

duta e corretta, con aggiunte, dall' autore. Milano. 

, 1892. 16. Port, of Columbus &ud icdct. 1373.2 

1 66 


Congres international des americani.stes. 

( ompto-rondu iK- hi S 1 ' se-Mon tciiue a Paris en 
1890. 1'ari*. IS'.':.'. S". pp. (.4). IT., 7<H + . 
Portrs. , plate*. /"<n--.--i'//i.--.. and //v/c/s. 15387.9.2 

Coppin, Henry. <>uatro repuMiques do rAmor- 
ique du Sud [Argentine Republic. Paraguay, t'ru- 
guay, and Chili]. Preface de Kaoul Frarv. Paris. 
1890. 18. 3365.8 

[Corey, Deloraine IVndrc.] Arthur Deloraine 
Corey, 1866-1891; a memorial. [With his unpub- 
lished poems.] Cambridge. 1892. sm. 8. Portrs. 


Cronan, Rudolf. Amerika; die geschichte 
seiner entdeckung von dor iiltosten bis auf die 
neueste /cit. Kin.- festschrift zur 400-jahrigen 
jubelfeier der entdeckung Amorikas .lurcli Colum- 
bus. 2 bde. Leipzig. 1892 ['90-92]. 1. 8. 
niustr. 1361.30 

Day, David V. An address commemorative of 
George W. Clinton, delivered before the Buffalo 
historical society, March 24, 1890. Buffalo. 1890. 
8. pp. 29. BG. 

[Dean, John Ward.] History of the Gerry- 
mander; by J. W. D. Boston. 1892. 8. pp.11. 
Map and wdetf. 10352.42 

" Privately printed." 

" Reprinted from the New-England historical and genea- 
logical register, for October, 1892." 

Dedham, Mass. The early records of the town 
of Dedham, 1636-1659; a complote transcript of 
book one of the general records of the town, 
together with the selectmen's day book, covering 
a portion of the same period. Edited by D. G. 
Hill. Dedham. 1892. 1. 8. Wdrts. and foe- 
si HIS. 1O333.53.3 

"Volume iii. of the printed records of the town." 

Deploige, Simon. Le referendum en Suisse. 
Precede d'une lettre sur le referendum en Bel- 
inqne, par J. van den Heuvel. Bruxelles. 1892. 
8. 15576.25 

Deschanel, Paul. Orateurs et homines d'etat. 
2 ed. Paris. 1888. 18. VII. 2868 

Content*: FreMi'-i-i.- II. <t M.<1<- I',i-in:,r.-k. F..\ el Pitt. 
Grey. Talleyrand au congri^ .le Vi.-nnc. Berryer. 
Gladstone et li-sVeTormps (-li-.-t..r:ili- m Angleterre. 

"Ce sont ici, non dcs blographlef, mai .l.-s discussions a 
proposdeqn -"<" leaqueU de r^centi 

ouvrapes out porti plus dc lumiere <-t rouvert la contro- 

Du Bled, Victor. La soci6te frai^aise avant 
et apres 1789. Paris. 1892. 18. 3584.14 

Oonttnti : Un amour plutoiiiqiu- au x\,u ri&cle: Ma- 
dame de Co\gay c-t Lau/un. i i':in>-ii-n regime: 

De L'Lile, Madai ' -<" ami-.. 

dans lei prisons d<- I'ari- ]-ii.l:uit la t-m-ur. Appi-ml 
These essay* originally appeared in tin- lii-rne de deux 

DuboiN, Pierre (\'.',th cent .} . De r< cuperatione 
Terre Sancte, trait.'- de pulitii|iio g.'-neralo; publio 
d'apre* ! manu-crit du Vatican part'. V. Kanglois. 

Paris. 1X91. 8. (C"ii. |. i ION tie textes pour 

servir a I'.'tiid.- et a I'enseigneiiient de This toire.) 

,* , 4245 

.nl a.lvo- 

.- - . -.,'' . . i ' ' . ' ' ',']' -- 

...,,,,... ; ,'.. : . iii tlon bv 

ti,. - .-. ,.: ii i. i , " . .' -.....,: I. 

i.--tli..l, th 
liilii; of in.,. I. TII laiiL'iia:- 

Dudley, li-an. \\< niorial of tin- reunion of 
the de-cendant- ..f < ...\ . Thomai Diidl'-y. Ap- 
pendix [to tin- Hi-tory of tin- Dudley family]. 
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The cover bu the date 1802. 

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Cristallo; oin hoitra.i,' xur konntnis der siidtiroli- 
schen Dolomit-Alpen. 2 e , erwoitorto und um^ear- 
lioitotoautl. 1'rag. 1891. 8". \Vdcts. and \> . 


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iwi-.'. 8, 4.) 2 cop. 1343.31; 1343.32 

Extracts from the treaty of I'ari- of 17 
documents illustrating the territorial development 
of our country, especially uf that portion we>t of 
the Alle.u'hanios. i. i /,/ II MM. \. B., an<2 CHAW- 
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ilies of Great Britain and Ireland. A new cd. re- 
\i-ed and brought down to the present date by 
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Content*: i. Text. ii. Pi 

Felix, Julicn, editor. ('omj)tes rendus 

.'cllevilis lie IJolIell. . ioouillellt- rcliltifs a 

lour election. I I'i'.t 17<il. Kxlrail- 

des d.'-lilieralions de la \ille et j)uldies pour la pre- 

miere t'o'l-. '2 toll). Kollen. IS'.Hl. S". (SoCIl 
l.l. rin-i ui:i. |.| N.IKM \ M.M . 1'u 

-i. 140-1(BO. ii. lao-K"i. Fr. Hit. 63 
Fernandei Duro. i. I' M/..M en el 

d. -ciil.riniieiito do las Indias; con noticias critical 
de aluunas obras rocient. - r--lai-ionadas con el 
mi-mo desciil.rimieiito. Madrid. l^DL'. sm. s '. 
" Tirada de 800 ejcmplaret." 1373.86 


I6 7 

Filson club. The centenary of Kentucky ; 

:n<*< at tin' celebration by the Filson club 

Juno 1. l.y.'2. of the 1'intl, aniUTersary of the ad- 

of Kentucky as an independent state into 

ral union. Louisville, K 

In Us Publ. 7.) 12321.20.7 

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other papers on Canadian politics] ; a memorial 
[with tribute- called forth by Mr. Foster's death]. 
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~. 1S92." 

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toire.) 3523.4O 

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d'apres les manuscrits avec une introduction et des 
:ir Henri Pirenne. Lot. Paris. 1891. 8. 
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pour servir a 1'etude et a 1'enseignement de 1'his- 
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: 'tie, 1731-1780. [Compiled by R.H. Farrar.] 
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(INDEX SOCIETY! Pubf. : DR. 3.353 

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Proceedings of the roval geographical society; 

edited by ].T. S. Keltie]. Vol. i. no. 1. Jan. 

London. 1893. 8. Maps, u-dcts.. 

load plates. VIII. 118.2 

Continued b 

This publication takr-~ the plan* of the Proceedings of the 
royal g* icittu, which are no longer issued under 

that title. 

Gerards, Emile. Les catacombes de Paris : 

.irrieres souterraines de Paris ; anciens 

et nouveaux reLrlements relatifs uux carrieres : tru- 

vaux ile consolidation sous les voies publiques et 

.-ous les proprietes privees; guide du visiteur de 

ire. Paris. 1>',>2. 18. Plans and irdcts. 

"Bil.:: ' !!. 1T-182. 6525.33 

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the request of the trustees of the New Bedford 
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"Privately printed." 

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secret service money ; governmental correspond- 
ence and papers ; notice of French soldiery at 
Killala: statements by united Irishmen; letters on 
ive union with Great Britain, etc. Dublin. 
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" Edition limited to 200 

Gonzalez y Lannza, Jose A. La ley de lynch 

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the work of the Boston relief committee, a list of 
contributors, and other sketches]. Boston. 1892. 
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Reprinted from the Hampden- Sidney magazine, 1892. 

1 68 


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iiuis vaticanns und des Ganfrcdus Malatcrra: ein 
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tcritaliens uml Sizilicns iin xi. jahrhnndert. Inau- 
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Conttntt: i. The Vi-is.'ot!nY invasion. 2 pt. ii. The 
Iluiinish invasion. Tin- Vand*] invasion and the Jlerulian 

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Pyrenees. Paris. 1890. 8. Plan. (In his 
(Euvres inedites.) 11574.11 

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'.: i. Elizabeth. l.V.8-1567. 

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"Of thi lett- , printed 

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ni'-i-r. r- in 1'r. 1--.-H. Alhred.- .denlnirg. 

[ With ' iirkiindeii nnd akt.-n." Theil i. Leipzig. 
8. ' I'IM w v A 

Germ. Hist. 71 
': i. K.i" I.MT. 

Jones, Aiiiru-tine. M-.-e- p,nwn. hi- ! 

tr-h. n-ad before the Hliode I-land 
hi-torical society. Oct. ]s. l-;.j. Provi.lence. 
1892. 8". pp.47. 11353.2 

Jnsserand, Jean Jules. A French ambassador 

at the court of Charles the Second: le comic de 
Comin-es, from his unpublished correspondence. 
[With an appendix, containing the original text of 
the extracts from French dispatches quoted in the 
volume.] New York. ,-tc. 1S!2. 8". Portrt. 


t n f this Wl) ,-k u -:is pnlili-heil in the \ 

tin-i/, anil i- here reprinted." 

Kaiserchronik (Die) eines Regensbnr-. 

lichen: heran-gcireben von Edward Schroder. 
Hannover. IS'.IL'. l-'ar-fim. (In MMMMIMV 
(Jcrmaniae historica. Scri]itnm< qui rernncula 
liiif/iid urisunt, IS:IL'. 4, i. 1.) 13573.17(i) 

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. In Arctic seas : the voyage of the " Kite " 

with the Pea iy expedition; together with a tran- 

scri]>t of the log of the "Kite." Philadelphia. 

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4324.22, /.< MZ. 

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bruck. 1890. 8. 13593.10 

Kendal, l-'nij. A bokc otT recorde or register 
containing all the acts and doings in or conceruinir 
the corporation within the town of Kirklnekeiidall. 
beginning in l.">7">: to which are added the several 
charters granted by Q. Elizabeth, K. Charles I., 
and K. Charles II. Edited 1>\ K. S. Eerirn-on. 
Kendal. ttc. 1S!H>. 8". (CuHBBBLAKD A WB8T- 
M<n:i. \M> \M i. ..i \i:i \\ ,v AIK ii i:(ii..)i,ic \ 
i.n. Pnl)l. Extra series, 7.) 9425.8 

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erkenuens nnd der ohjectivitiit des geschichts- 
schreibers 2" abdruck. Erlangen, etc. 1>:1. 
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Koloniales jalirbnch. Herausgegehen von 
(iustav Meineckc. Jahrg. i.-iv. (in 2 \ 
91. Berlin. 1889-92. 8. U,,,,s. 13527.42 
To be eontinneil. 
liililiii^rapby at the end nf eaeh vol. 

Kretschmer, Konrad. Die eiitdeckung Anier- 

ika's in Hirer hedeutung fiir die gcschichte des 

weltliildes. IJerlin. tic. 1892. f . and atlna nf 

40 maps, I. f. MA. 30O0.892.2 

hart fur enlknndo /u Hn-lin zur 
vicrhninlei-tjiihrii.'eii feier drr entileeknn^ Anu-rik 

LandsberK. Mo.-e- (iercon. Htnr. History of 

the persecutions of the Jews in Ku--ia. N. r. 

S". Portrt.,map,xadndctt. Sem. 482 

Lap ham. William Merry. ( n-ucalogical sketches 
of Holier! anil John Hazelton and .-ome of their 

iant-; with brief notices of other New Eng- 
land familie- beariii',' this name. Portland. Me. 
Is'.'L'. S". /,//>-. and ct><it-,,f-,i,-iiis. 16366.38 

Le Roux. MiiLTiies. Portrait- de cire : Jules 
Leinaitre. (Iny de Maujia-saiit. Jean Ilichepiii. 
Melchior ile N'oL'ui''. l'u\ is de ( 'havamic-. La reim- 
Nathalie. La belle I'atma, V\ette (luillicrl. etc. 
Paris. is'.U. is". (NoiTTELLB bibliotheque lil- 
t.'raii 7525.38 

Lurri-Marchi. Mmc. (iinlia. Cri-lof. 
lonibo e la seoperta del Nnovo Mondo. Milatlo. 

">. ,,l,,1rs. 

and !/,///>-. 1373.2.2 

Lnchaire, Achille. Ili-toire dc- in-tiintion. 

monarchiqiie> de la Erain-e .oil- !- premiers 

<'apeti,'n-. :i.s7 1 I MI. , !M . i' ; ,ri-. 

8. 2524.17.2 

Lucy. Henry W. \ .|\ of the Sali-lur I2j Illustrated by llarn Fiirni-*. 

London, etc. \ I',,, trt. and n;l 




McConnochie. Alexan-K-r Ink-on. Bennachie, 

[a mountain in Aberdeenshire. Scotland]. Aber- 

' p anil inlets. "9467.39 

t^ntx : The hill. The routes to the hill. On the , 
Its ballad lore. The coiuuioutv. The division of : 
innionty. The maiden stone. The Garioeh. The 
- neighbour- - and mansion-. Its 

and botany. The battle of Uarlaw. 

MacKie, Charles Paul. The last voyages of 

the admiral of the ocean sea [Columbus] ; &s re- ! 

lated by himself and his companions. Chicago. 

8. 1373.62 

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Canada, from its first discovery to the present 

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Portrs. and u-Jcts. 4366.12.2 

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and addresses : [delivered for the most part in the 

house of lords]. Edited by C. S. Magee. Lon- ! 

don. 1893. 8. DS. 

'nte: Irish church bill. The danger of disestab- j 
lishment. National education union. Marriage with a 
,-t-d wife's sister bill. Ecclesiastical courts and regis- \ 
'ill. Ecclesiastical courts bill. The temperance \ 
question. The reform of the laws relating to church patron- \ 
age. Burial act? consolidation bill. Cruelty to animals 
bill. Cathedral statutes bill. Parish churches bill. Dis- 
cipline of the clergy. Addresses to working men. Non- , 
conformity. Children's life insurance bill. 

Mahrenholtz, Richard. Jeanne Dare in ge- 
schichte. legende. dichtnng. auf grund neuerer 
forschung darsestellt. Leipzig. 1890. 8. Map. 


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Maine : a brief memoir of his life, by Sir M. E. G. 
Duff ; with some of his Indian speeches and minutes, 
selected and edited by Whitley Stokes. London. ' 

3. Port. VI. 7429 

' Memoir," pp. ". 

Maps Austria. (1875-91.) Specialkarte der 
osterreichisch-ungarischen monarchie ; [herausge- ' 
geben vom k. und k. militar-geographisches insti- 
tute. Mass-tab 1:75.000.] Wien. 1>S4 ['75]- j 
91. 750 sheets, each dr. 19 X 14 in. M. 1754 
Maps yetherlands. (1866-91.) Water- 
staatskaart van Xederland, op de schaal van 
XX); [nitgegeven door het departement van 
waterstaat. handel. en nijverheid]. s'Gravenhage. 
'66-91]. 183 maps, each cir. 16^ X lOf in. 
MA. 820.866 

Aanteekeningen omtrent de geschiedenis 

en de inrichting der Waterstaatskaart. [s'Graven- 
hage. 1892.] 8. pp. (4), 43. Map. 

MA. 820.866 

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nei secoli xiu. e xiv. e cenni di storia civile e let- 
teraria della citta in quel tempo. Treviso. 1892. 

VI. 7328 

" Bibliografia delle fonti principali," pp. S-17. 

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pucci, et Anierique. Pa 8. pp. 56. 
Fat-sims. V. 3369.3, also PM. 

Maryland Contention. (1775.) Journal of 
the convention. July 2fj August 14. 1775. Jour- 
nal and correspondence of the Maryland council of 
safety. August 2'J. 1775 July ii. 1776. Published 
by authority of the state, under the direction of the 
Maryland historical society: \V. 11. Browne, edi- 
tor. Baltimore. 1892." 1. 8. (MARYLAND. 
Archives, "u].) 12371.16.2 

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1892. 8. Map. VI. 7527 

Mockler-Ferryman, Augustas Ferryman. Up 
the Niger: narrative of Maj. Claude Macdonald's 
mission to the Niger and Benue rivers, west 
Africa, To which is added a chapter on native 
musical instruments, by C. R. Day, and appendix. 
London, etc. 1892. 8. Port, of Maj. Macdon- 
ald. plates, map, etc. I. 4338 

Moireau. Auguste. Histoire des Etats-Unis de 
1'Amerique du Nord depuis la decouverte du nou- 
vcau continent jusqu'a nos jours. Tom. i., ii. 
Paris. 1892. 8. Maps. 5354.24 

Contents: i. La periode coloniale. ii. Les tats-Uni< 

With occasional bibliographies. 

[Morrison, Leonard Allison, editor.] History 
and proceedings of the celebration of the 150th 
anniversary of the incorporation of the settlement 
of Windham in New Hampshire, held June 9, 
1892. Windham, N. H. 1892. 8. Portrs., 
wdct.. and/ar-si"//!. 11326.67 

The preface is signed L. A. M. 

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the Historv of Windham in New Hampshire. Bos- 
ton. 1892*. 8. 11326.68 

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Lincolnshire. London. 1890. sm. 8. Map and 
plans. 1.3O31 

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Sarah Childress Polk, wife of the eleventh presi- 
dent of the United States. New York. [1892.] 
8. Portrs., plate, and fac-sims. 7393.33 

New house of commons (The), July 1892 ; with 
biographical notices of its members, recorded 
polls, comparisons with previous elections, and 
statistical analysis. London, etc. 1892. sql 24. 

" Reprinted from the Time*." DR. 3.123.2 

Nienstadt, Hermann.] Ein geschichtlicher 
riickblick auf die deutsche kolonisation in Afrika 
und Melanesien. Von X. v. Engelnstedt [pscu- 
don.]. Gotha. 1892. 8. pp. (4), 85. Map. 


Noiret. Hippolyte. editor. Documents inedits 
pour servir a 1'histoire de hi domination venitienne 
en Crete de 1380 a 1485; tires des archives de 
Venise. Paris. 1892. 8. pp. (4), xx., 601. 
Map. (BiBLioxHEyCE des ecoles franchises 
d'Athenes et de Rome, 61.) II. 582(61) 

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5 e ed. d'apres les derniers documents. Paris. 1892. 
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" Sources," pp. 301-305. 

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viaggio in Italia di Enrico III., re di Francia, e le 
feste a Venezia. Ferrara, Mantova. e Torino. 
[With " document!. "] Torino, etc. 1890. 8. 
Port, of Henry III. and plates. 3533.49 

"Bibliografia," pp. 1-27. 

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artistique et archeologiqne de Paris. Edition des 

fondateurs-souscriptenrs. Vol. i. Paris. [1892.] 

sm. 8. niustr. 6527.35 

" Exemplaire no. 413." 

Nnntiatnrberichte aus Deutschland, nebst 
erganzenden actenstticken : herausgegeben durch 
das k. preussische historische institut in Rom und 
lie k. preussische archiv-verwaltnng. Abth. i. 
bd. 1, 2; iii. 1 (in 2 vol.). Gotha, etc. 1892. 8. 


Conttnt*: i. 1533-16o9. Bd. 1, 2. 1. Nunriaturen .les 
Vergerio, 1533-1536; bearbeitet TOD Walter Friedensburg. 
4 Xnntiatur des Morone, 1536-1538; bearbeitet von Wai. 
ter Friedensburg. 

iii. 1572-1585. Bd. i. Der kainpf nm Kiilu, 1576-1584; 
bearbeitet von Joseph Ilansen. 

-SIONS TO THK I.Il',];.\i;Y. 

Ohrwalder, Joseph. 'I'rii years' capt'nity in 
tlu- Maluli's canii,. ,, m the or 

manuscripts of Joseph ( Mirwaldcr, l>v !'. l{. 
Wingate. 7th ed. London. 1SX'. X". Portn., 
maps, and //</ I. 4327 

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8. J'or/r*. and far-si,,/. I. 4324 

Pennypacker, Samuel Whitaker. L'l'.th Penn- 
sylvania i-mer .u-.-ncy infantry. Address at the dedi- 
cation. Sept. 1. IS'.IL'. of tin- monument to com- 
memorate the services of tlie regiment on tin- 
battlefield of Gettysburg. Philadelphia. ls!t2. 
8. pp. LY,. 8326.4.6 

Pflugk-Harttung, Julius \<>N. (Jeschichte 
des mittelalters. \'on Julius von Pflugk-Harttung. 
Teili.; Teil ii., iii. Von Hans 1'rut/.. :; teile. 
Berlin. 1889-91. 1.8. /////.-//. (AI.I..;I:MI.IM: 
weltgeschichte, 4-6.) I. 1496 

Register. (Ditto, I. 1 !.) 1.1502.2 

Philippson, Martin. Histoirc du reynu de 
Marie Stuart. [With pieces justiiicatives."] 
3 torn. 1'aris. l,s!l-!2. 8. 9452.27 

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of the rebellion, 1861 to 18(15. L'd ed. Albany. 
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William. Records of the parish of Wliitkirk; 
illustrated by drawings made b\ .). A. Svmington 
and J. W. Morkill. Leeds. 1892. f".' / 
plates, wdcls., etc. 9422.57 

"Limited tci 'JiKi (,(, !.>. Ni,. 

Cont:iiniiif,' churchwardens' account-, 1653-1688, parish 

Powell, William Henry, idltnr. ( Mlicers of the 
armv and navv ( volunteer) who served in the civil 
war. Philadelphia, Pa. 1893. f. Portrs. 

66." 8351.15 

Power, J. "The land we live in." History of 

the Argentine Republic, from the landing of Soli* 

until the present day. Florida, tic. ls'.l. sm. 8. 

Portrs. and inlet *. 3344.19 

[Powers, O. W.] Mormon methods; extract 

from the city record-; of Salt Lake under Mormon 

control. I- it ie to i.n\ e statehood or so called 

"home rule" to I'tah tcrritorv? [\Va-diiir_--ton. 

1892.] 8". yp. 11. 13347.41 

Pratt, A. K. To the snows of Tibet through 

China. London, etc. 18!)2. 8". 1'nrt., p 

map, and i> I. 4286 

[Proper, Kmber-on Ivlward. n,nl Dallinger, 

rick Willhm. f>,i,i/,i/i />-. ] Voters' pocket 

manual, 1892. Cambrid-,-. M.i-s. 1892. 

PI'-"-l- 9392.4 

Rabbe, !"' li\. I', ,>,>,:. Jeanne d'Arceii An^le- 

1'aris. l.sltl. 18. 3523.34 

Rae, William Fra-rr. F.jr.vpt to-day : th>- first 

to the third khedive. London, l^'li. 8. 

I. 4325 

Ralph, Julian. A Ion-,' the bowstring or south 

*hon- o Lftkc Superior. 8. 

Ma,, and o//,. 14315.32 

Ralph, Julian. \l..n_- the -outh shore of Laki> 

Superior. \.-w York. 1- 

"*ir. 14315.32 

Ralph, Julian. Harper'* ( hicii^o and the 

world's fair : tin- chapter* on the expo-ifnm i, 

collated from otlici.i md approved by the 

d.-p.-irtment of |.ii!.|;rit\ and ]iromoti..n of the 

world's Colombian exposition. .\>-v. York. : 

8". //- 14343.1O 

" ^ tin- 

'.' .i.-al." /'rr/act. 

Relchardt, Johann Friedricli. I'n 
France en I ::-.': s: ;-a>l..uiru r . Lyon. 1'ari-.; 1, 
intinies traduites el amiot'-es par A. Laijuiante. 
1'aris. I-'.IL'. 4554.21 

^ Rhodes, James Ford. History of tin- 1'nitcd 
States from tlie com)iromise of |.-.".n. Vol. i..ii 
Vork. 188 7375.11, !.< AH. 

Rhodes, John II. The < iettv sbur^ i^nn [of 
I'.attery 1',. tir-t r-irimcnt . Rhode Island liuht 
artillery, which stands at the south side oi 
stale hotisi- parade. Trovideii , K I. . Provi- 
dence. l.SUL'. sm. ! : pp. 57. /',-"///. and 

LHODI I~i \M> BOU>] 

AM) svil.n|;s' nisidKI' ; y. Personal 

narratives. Itli series, 19.) 8347.68 

" liiniti-il to L'.'id I'npi 

Ropes, John Codman. The campaiun of Water- 
loo ; a military history. [ With appendix 
York. Is'.lL'. S". L' maps, and ut/im ,,f II . 

5534.19; Atls, 5511.33 

' ; I'lirtinl list of Wi.r: to thr c;iiil|iiti^ii," pp. 


Rouge, Jacijir , .>_:raphie an- 

cienne de la , pte. 1'aris. Js'.t]. 

M<IJ> and irrfrfs. I. 4247 

Russell, lk-nry Chamberlain. 1'hysica! 
ra])hy and climate of New South Wales. L'd ed. 
Sydnev. 1S!I2. S". pp. (L'), I!:,. MIJ, and pi 

Met. 463 

Saint-Simon, 1-ouis DI: l.'ofvuot. </,/< m;. 
Kcrits ineilits ; j)nldies siir les manuscrit- 
an deju'it des afiaires etran^ercs |>ar 1'. Fan 
* lorn. 1'aris. IS.MI 98. S". l'l,',i and t, 
t ([Les ci: \\iis ecrivauis de la France, j ) 3564.1 

i. I':u;ilU 

ii.-iv. M. . -v.-viii. N 

sur ruin Ic-s duchta-paii ; 

'illirllt-. ill .' 

Another copy of torn, v., vi. 7526.2 

Salisbury, Kdward Kll)riili:e. and .I/*.--. Kvelyn 
M'('i i;nv. Family-histories and i_ r i'nealo-ii 
serii i.'al and biographical mono- 

graphs on the families of MacCnrdy. Mitchell, 
Lord. Lynde. l)iu r l>y. Newdi.^ati-. Willougl 
(iriswold. Widcott. 1'itkin, ( l^len, John.-.n. Dio- 
dati. Lee, and Marvin; and notes on the famili. 
I'ari.i ile. De\\'olf. Drake, and 

Clarke. .", \,'d. in I. ; \eu H:i\. ; 

<</' ('. /. '/ ' ' ,,i.<. and 


" I'riv;itcly printnl." I 

Samson-Himmelstierna, II. VON. I,' 

under Alexander III. and in the preceding period. 
Translated from the (ierman by J. Morrison: eili- 
ted. with notes and an introduction. b\ I 

I. 4318 

: ! 

Sangnineti, An-eb>. I'nlmt, . Vita di ( 'ri-t..' 

Colombo. L" 1 ed. corretta ed aecre-.i-illt:p 

If pil'l !(, -nti -eo|n rte, n appelldiee slllla p;i 

dell' I 

1372. hi. 2 

Soaddlng, Henry. Centennial of I'pper < 

the pr..\ inc-<' of ( int.irio : the hundreiltli 

anniviT-ar\ of tin . -tabli.-hmcnt of the repr. si nta- 

i. July 1C. I 7!'L'. A paper : llle 

jiioneer and historical cocioty of the co\mt3 

1'oronto. [1892.J 8. pp.10. 4374.5.8 




Schauffler, Theodor. Quellenbiichlcin zur 
kvilniru f >'-' 1 lnchte des deutsehen mittelalters aus 
mittelhochdeutschen dichtern mit aussrhlu 

.uiiiren- uinl (iiidrunliedes unil Walthers von 
ili-r Vogelweide zusammi i:_> -tellt, nml mit einem 
wtirti-rvi-rzeichnis verschen. Leipzig. ls92. 8. 


" Verzfii'hnis der haupt<iirhlich beuiitzten litu-ratur," 
p. 114. 

Schillmann, Richard. Die entdeckung Amer- 

ikas (lurch Christoph Columbus am 12. okt. 14'.'2. 

Eine jubelschrift. Berlin. 1802. 8. pp. (8). 

. Port, of Coin iit^vs. mop. and u-i.lct. 1373.35 

Schmidt, Hugo. Columbus' fahrt nach Tunis. 

Wieii. 1890. 8. pp. (2), 8. Plate. 1373.32 

, bd. cxxi." 

Schulenburg, Otto. Die vertreibung der meck- 
lenburgischen herzoge Adolf Friedrich und Johann 
Albrecht durch Wallenstein und ihre restitution ; 
ein heitrag zur geschichte Mecklenburgs im d- 
sigjahriiren kriege. Inaugural-dissertation. Ros- 
tock. 1892. 8. 14585.17 
" Verzei :hnu der bcnutzten quellen," pp. 9-10. 

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lish parliament, with an account of the parliaments 
of Scotland and Ireland. 2 vol. London, etc. 
8. Fac-sims. 1433.16 

- i. From the earliest times to the death ot' 
Charles II. ii. From the revolution to the reform ;. 

Smith. James E. A famous battery and its 
campaign-. l>t;i-V4. The career of Corporal 
James Tanner in war and in peace. Early days 
in the Black Hills, with some account of Capt. Jack 
Crawford, the poet scout. Washington, 
sm. 8. Portrs.. plcii's. and vigns. 8344.3 

Societe de 1'histoire de Normandie. Me- 
langes : documents publies et annotes par Ch. de 
Beaurepaire, A. Bligny, F. Bouquet, Ch. Breard, 
P. Le Verdier, I'abbe Sauvage, V. Toussaint. 
Serie i. Rouen. 1891. 8. (In its [Publ.]) 

Fr. Hist. 64 

Spears, John Randolph. Illustrated sketches 

of Death Valley and other borax deserts of the 

Pacific coast. Chicago, etc. 1892. sm. 8". Front., 

. pi i ft. of J. W. Searles, and icdcts. (Globe 

library. 175.) 13344.35 

Stevens, Charles Augustus. Berdan's United 
States sharpshooters in the army of the Potomac. 
1861-1805. St. Paul, Minn. 1892. 8. Front, 
portrs.. plates, and wdcts. 8356.30 

Stone, William Leete ( The Starin 

family in America : descendants of Nicholas Ster 

^irin), one of the earlv settlers of Fort Orange 

(Albanv. X. Y.;. Albany, X.Y. 1892. 4. Plate. 


Stuart, (Henry) Villiers. Adventures amidst 
the equatorial forests and rivers of South America, 
also in the West Indies and the wilds of Florida. 
To which is added "Jamaica revisited." London. 
!*','!. 1.8. 2 maps nm\ 21 plates. MZ. 

Thayer, William Roscoe. The dawn of Italian 
independence : Italy from the conirress of Vienna, 
1>14. to the fall of Venice. 1849. ^2 vol. Boston, 
etc. 1893. 8. Maps. I. 4328 

Thomson, J. 1'. British New Guinea. [With 

an appendix containing contributions on the geol- 

tlora. fauna, and languages of the country.] 

1VI2. 8. Port, of Sir William 

egor, plates, irdcts., and map. I. 4302 

Thouvenel, Edouard Antoine. La Grece du 

roi Othon. Correspondance avec sa fanrille et ses 

amis ; recueillie et publiee avec notes et index 

biographique par L. Thouvenel. Paris. 1890. 8. 

MG. 68.90 

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Our cycling tour in 

nd: from Canterbury to Dartmoor forest, 

and back bv way of Bath. Oxford, and the Thames 

valley. Chicago. 1892. sm. 8. Front., plates, 

and riyns. 8454.14 

Times annual (The), 1891. London. 1892. 

8. DR. 3.60 

To be continued. 

A continuation of the Times register ofetentt. 

Timmins, H. Thornhill. Xooks and corners 
of Herefordshire ; with an introduction by Canon 
Phillott. London. 1892. 1.8. Map, plates, and 
wdcts. 8443.26 

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quistadoren in Venezuela. Hamburg. 1893. 8. 
pp. 55. Map. (SAMML. gemeinv. wiss. vortrage; 
neue folge, vii. 163.) VIII. 175(vn) 

Torrey, Dolphus. A contribution toward a 
genealogy of all Torreys in America ; being gene- 
alogical notes showing the paternal line of descent 
from William Torrey. of Combe St. Nicholas, 
Somerset county, England, A.D. 1557. to Abner 
Torrey, of Weyraouth. Mass.. with all descendants 
of Abner Torrey. With an appendix. Detroit. 
8. 16336.29.3 

United States Congress, 52d, 'Id sess. 
(1892-93.) Senate. Papers relating to the annex- 
ation of the Hawaiian Islands to the tTnited States. 
Washington. 1893. 8. (Ex. doc. no. 76.) 


Verkinderen, Ildefons. Christoffel Colomb; 
zijne betrekkingen met de franciscanen. Ter gele- 
genheid van bet 400 6 jubeljaar der ontdekking van 
de Xieuwe-Wereld, 1492-1892. Gent. 1891. 8. 
Port, of Columbus. 1373.14 

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siecle. Rennes. 1890. 8. I. 4242 

- Les " corsaires " barbaresques. Les forbans 


Ward, Elizabeth. Old times in Shrewsbury, 
Massachusetts ; gleanings from history and tradi- 
tion. [New York.] 1892. 8. Front., plates, 
inlets., etc. 10325.13 

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royal en France pendant les guerres de religion. 
Paris. 1892. 8. 3534.15.2 

" Bibliographic," pp. 299-307. 

Weise, Arthur James. Troy's one hundred 
vears; 1789-1889. Troy. H. Y. 1*:>1. 4. 
Front., plate, u-dcts.. etc." 11387.40 

Weizsacker. Paul. Anna Amalia, herzogin 

von Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach, die begriinderin 

des weimarischen niusenhofes. Hamburg. I>'.IL'. 

! 8. pp. 56. (SAMML. gemeinv. wiss. vortrage; 

neue folge, vii. 161.) VIII. 175 a (vn) 

Wendell, Barrett. Were the Salem witches 
Lruiltless? A paper read before the Essex institute. 
Feb. i".i. iv.o. Salem. Mass. 1892. 8. pp. (2), 
1'.'. 1O324.26.2 

On the relation of hypnotism to the .Salem wit<-horaft. 

.. the Historical collections of the Eex institute, 
vol. xxix., 1892." 



"White, Andrew Curtis. Memorials of Roder- 
ick White, and liis wife Lucy Blake-lee, of I'aris 
Hill, N. V.: with sonic account of their American 
ancestors and a complete record of their descend- 
ants. Ithaca. N. V." 1V'L>. 1.8. pp. If.'. 


A supplement " Memorials of Klder -John 

White and iif liis descendant-." 

Winsor. .Justin. America prefigured : an ad- 
dre-- at Harvard universitv, Oct. 21, 1892. Cam- 
bridge. 1893 [1892]. 1. 12". pp. 11. 1373.5.2 

" 60 copies privately reprinted from the llnrrnr/l ijriitlu- 
. .Jan. 1893." 

Witt, 1'ierre I>K. La jcunesse dc Marat ; Marat 
rotnancier. Paris. 1892. 8. pp. .">!). 


Wolf, (lustav. Der Augsburger religionsfriedo. 
Stutt-rart. 1890. 8. 14594.34 

" Ver/ei.-hnis del- citierteii litfrnitnr," pp. xiv.-xv. 
Woodburn, James Albert. Causes of tlie 
American revolution. Baltimore. 1892. 8. 
pp. <J4. (JOHNS HOI-KINS i NIVI-:I;SITV. Studies 
in historical and political science, x. 12.) 

15395.3O(x), afeoSQ. 

Zevort, Kdgar. Thi.-rs. Paris. 1892. 1.12. 
Portrs. (NouvKi.LK collection des classiques po- 
pulaires.) 6584.13 

VIII. Law and Sociology. 

Andreani, A. Les ecoles fran9aises civiles et 
militaircs. Programmes, 6tudes, titres, diplonies, 
service inilitaire, dispenses. Paris, etc. 1891. 8. 

VI. 7285 

Written to aid young men in the choice of a career. It 
- the laws concernini; military service and exemp- 

Antoniades, Basilius. Die staatslchre des 
Thomas ab Aquino. Leipzig. 1890. 8. 

III. 7052 

[Aron, Joseph.] History of a great work [the 
Sutro tunnel], and of an honest miner ; Adolph Su- 
tro; with an account of the management of the 
Sutro tunnel co.. now the Com-tock tunnel co. 
Paris. 1892J -I". l'i>rti-s. and fuc-nimx. 

VII. 2861 

Ashley, William James. On the study of eco- 
nomic history: an introductory lecture delivered 
before Harvard university, Jan. 4, 1S9U. [Bos- 
ton. 1893.] 8". pp.14. VI. 7388 

interl from '// jinn-nut f 

economic*, vol. vii. no. -j; .Ian. 

Baden-Powell, Baden Henry. The land- 
syBU-tn- of Britisli India; bi-inj,' a manual of the 
land-tenures and of the systems of land-revenue 
administration prevalent in the se\ eral provinces. 
3vol. Oxford. 1892. 8. Map and ,lin, ,,:<. 

VI. 7253 

Oonttnt*: i. General; Bengal. ii. The nyrtein of \il- 
lage or mahil - I le rahaiwa 

Baird. William Kaimond. American colleire 
fraternii: riptive analysis of the |< 

system of the college., of the I "nit I'd Stair-. with \\ 
tiled account of e.ich fraternilv. -Ith ed. V-w 
York. 1-'.'". irn.8*, Wdcit. VI. 73O2 

Balfonr, Artlmr .Jame-. \ tra-mciit on pro- 
iral addre-<, delivered on hi- in-t;il- 
.11 a.^ loril rei'ior of the imivrrit v 
NOT. 1891. Kdinl.urjfh. s.' pp. (4 

VI. 7255 

Barker, (ieor^rc l-'islu-r Kiissell, <i>l Stenning, 
Alan Hcrliert. The Westminsti-r school 
from \K\\ to |ss:;. With biographical in.;. 
appendices. I.ondon.'/r. IS'.IL'. 1.8. 

Pier 1. 585.7 

Bates, William W. American marine: tin- 
shipping i|iiestion in historv and politics. Boston. 
etc. 1893. 8. I'ort. and charts. VI. 7381 

Bell, Alexander Melville. A. M. Bell 
souvenir; fa brief biography and bibliography]. 
Second summer mcctiii"; of tlie American associa- 
tion to promote the teachin-4 of speech to the 
.leaf, Lake Ceor-e. X. V.. .lunc L".i July 8, 1892. 
. Wa-hington. ism'.] S". pp. (8). VII. 285O 

The -ouvenir is aeeompanieil l.y :i portrait of Mr. Hell and 
certain of his work- calculated to be ol'-ervi<-e to teaeh. 
speech to the deaf. 

Bishop (Bernice Tauahi) museum, Honolulu. 
A preliminary catalogue of the Bernice 1'auahi 
Bishop iniiseuni of Polynesian ethnology and natu- 
ral historv. 2 pt. in 1 vol. Honolulu. Hawaiian 
Islands. ' 1892. 8. MZ. 

Black-well, Mrs. Lucy ST..M.. Woman suf- 
frage in New Jer.M-y ; an address delivered at a 
hearing before the New Jcr>cv legislature. .March 
Cth. lsr.7. Uoston. [1891.] 8. pp. '_M. 

VI. 7284 

Blissard, William. The ethic of usury and 
interest; a study in inorganic socialism. London, 
etc. 1892. sm. 8. (SOCIAL science series.) 

VI. 6677 

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2 e ed. ; ouvraye entiercmcnt nouveau. Paris. 
1892. 8. 18 mop* and <> iagrs. VI. 7274 

Blodig, Hermann, fun. Her wucher und <eiue 

i/jrebuno; historisch und do^mati-ch bearbei- 

tct : cine socialpolitische studie. Wicn. IS'.t'J. 8. 

w . vi., 79. VI. 7385 

Boone, Hichard (ianse. Kcsiilts under an 
i-b-ctive svstem (as experienced in the university 
of Indiana. New York. 1892.] 8". PP.(8h 
Wdcts. VI. 736O 

" Keprinted from 'lie K<lin-<iti<>ii<i' 
],p. 58-78, '- 

Booth, Charlo. editor. Life ami labour of the 
jieople in London. Vol. i.. ii. London, rtr. I"'.'-. 
H". Mo/) and inlfls. VI. 7324 

<'i,ti'iit*: i. Ka-t, centra I, and sonlh I-ondon. i: 
and population ela-.ili,-d. 

A new edition, reaiTaiiL'ed, ..f hi- " life of die 
I. ..... Ion poM-rty mentioned in tin- 

text lee the Appendix to the earlier edition. VI. 5281 

Borelli, Octave. La legislation ei,'v]iticimi- an- 
notee. Pt. i. Brn\ 1>'->L'. I 

VI. 7371 n- pour le pi 

ir )e trilnmaux indite' 

par Octare Boralli, arec le conconn dc I'- 1 " 1 1; "' ' 

Bon ton, .1/nx.s. ('/mini" "> Cere- 

monies connected with the openimr of the building 
of the Bo-ton chamber of commerce Jan. 

ji. ivc'. Kdited i.\ the lecrel Pres- 

ton . Boston, i- '-' s . front., />">'< 

VI. 7249 

Botnme, Kli/abetli llvde. Fir-t da\s amonnct 
the contraband-. llo-lon. !- 


Bouchard. Leon. S\MCIIIC tinam i> de 1'an- 
cienne monarchie. I 1 .,,,- 1891. s . VI. 7259 

]tti A'lii 

tioii K"" ' 



Bowen. Herbert Courthope. Froebel and edu- 
cation by self-activity. New York. 1893. sm. 8. 
(The GREAT educators.) VI. 7396 

"Froebel's writ: 

" Books on Froebel," pp. 20-J-:*. 

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short history of the coal trade and the legislation 
affecting it. London. 1892. sm. 8. Wdcts. and 
plate. " MZ. 

Bry, Georges. Precis elementaire de droit in- 
ternational public, mis au conrant des progres de j 

nee et du droit positif contemporain. 2* ed.. 
revue et corrigee. Paris. 1892. 18. pp. (4), 647. 
"Bibliographie," pp. 40-66. VI. 7372 

Bureau of the American republics. Im- 
port duties of Venezuela. Eng.&nd Span. Wash- 
ington. 1892. 8". pp. 56. (Bulletin. 36.) 

VI. 6102.8 

Bureau of the American republics. Im- 
port duties of the British possessions in the West 
Indies and Spanish America. Washington. I 
8. pp. 54. (Bulletin, 37. VI. 61O2.8 

Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
mercial directory of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Wash- 
ington. - pp. 50. (Bulletin. 38.) 

VI. 61O2.8 

Bureau of the American republics. Com- 
mercial directory of British. Dutch. Danish, and 
French colonial possessions in Central and South 
America and the West Indies. Washington. '. 
8. pp. 53. Bulletin, 39.) VI. 6102.8 

Bureau of the American republics. Mines 
and mining laws of Latin America. [Washinsrton.] 
1898. 8. (Bulletin, 40.) ~ VI. 6102.8 

Bnssche, Ernst, freiherr VON DEM. Der wald 
nnd das offentliche wohl ; mit besonderer beriick- 
sichtigung der verhaltnisse im konigreich Prens- 
sen. Inaugural-dissertation. Giessen. 1892. 8. 
'Leoenslauf,"afterp. " V. 4423 

Cambridge ~Eng.] review, (The) ; a journal of 
university life and thought. Vol. i.-xiii. Oct. 15. 
June 23. 1*92. K-. Cambridge. [1879-92.] 
4. IX. 211 

To be continued. 

Carson, Hampton Lawrence. The supreme 
court of the United States : its history, and its 
centennial celebration, Feb. 4. 1890. 2 vol. 
.red contin.). Philadelphia. 1892. f. 
pp. xii. -r viii.. 745. Poiirs. 6391.6 

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and early history of universities. New York. 
.!. 8. (The GREAT educators.) VI. 75O3 
" Bibliography " of the most important books on the his- 
tory of universities, pp. 307-309. 

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ing and falconry. Coursing, by Harding Cox. 
Falconry, by Gerald Lascelles. London. 1892. 
8. Front.. 'plates, and icdcts. (The BADMINTON 
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Deep waterways convention, Detroit. Mich. 
(1891.) Lake transportation. Proceedings uf the 
deep waterways convention held at Detroit. Mich., 
Dec. 17 and 18, 1891. [With papers which were 
prepared but not read.] Detroit. 1 >'.':?. S: 
pp. VI. 7134 

< : Deep water navigation through the Lakes and 

- ; : by W. \Y. Bat*s. Deeper channels in the Lakes 

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Printed on one side of the leaf only. 

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Harvard club book : containing 

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social, literary, and athletic or^ani/ation- c ,| Har- 
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w. u. \vi-_'_'in'. jr. ClUDbiidge. i^'.i.".. s 1 . /'. 

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unterricht in ib-n untiTeii mid mittleren kl 

-i-chell T' '. ,.j|,- 

VI. 4740 i 

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law of in Knylan-l. I: 
pri/.- --ay of the univer-it\ of i 

l.-'iidon. i-n: VI. 7455 

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.* and tr;u the com). 

!. London. I. - . n 

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jurisdiction in the city of Norwich diirini,' the 
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later history and decline from rolls in the pi.- 
sion of the corporation. I.ut. and l\inj. London. 
]s:L'. -1". SKI. i> is SOCIETY. I'uld. .">.) 

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i.l.i TIUN de textes pour servir a rr-tllde 
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( 'oiitiniicil I iy fjift. 

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kommis.-ions-einkauf im u r ebiete de- u'eiiieinen 
recht-. I )i.--ertation. (iiessi-n. Main/. \^'.<:' 
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ism VI. 6776 

Loloir. i . le la pui- 

nelle -ur la per-onne d- 
\\ iili annex torn. I'ari-. i- 

evclopedie iliri(lii|lli 

VI. 1132 

" I.i-t<- ili-s prill..; .:.-X. 

Le Play, 1 lie. < 'hap- 

i'rom hi- " Keform.- ''i"n 

In travail." and " La con-tit iitimi e--entiei;. 
riiutnanite" ; edited, with an introduction. 1 
.\iib--rtiii. I' 
bid! .inomiiiii- 

Letourneau, Charle-. The e\ olntion 
and of the l:iinil\ . LoiidiUi. I >'.'!. - 

MI-..I: \ i: i VI. 7329 

Letoiiruenn. Cliai I 

lopment. London, l.-'.i:'. -m - . ' - 
1-in: > ..) VI. 7330 



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places, dates and officers; list of papers, authors, 
and subjects. Washington. 1892. 8. 

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National irrigation congress. Salt Lake 
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lic lands presented] to the congress of the United 
s from the national irrigation congress, held Lake City, Sept. 15, 16, and 17, 1891. 
With appendices. Salt Lake City. 1892. 8. 
pp. i'G. V. 4346 

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7i. (1891.) Official report of the irri- 
gation congress, held in the city of Salt Lake, 
Sept. 15, 16, and 17, 1891. Salt Lake City. 1891. 

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Content* : i. La propriete. 

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Contents : [L] Temps anciens. Moyen age. 

North Carolina University Alumni asso- 
ciation. A record of the proceedings of the 
alumni association of the university at the centen- 
nial celebration of the act of incorporation, being 
an account of the alumni banquet and the alumni 
class reunions, June 5, 1889. [Chapel Hill. 1890.] 
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(1892.) Suggestions to institutes, with additions 
and amendments to the school laws of Ohio, passed 
at the regular session of the seventieth general 
:nbly, 1892, and decisions relating to the com- 
pulsory education law. Colnmbns. 1892. 8. 
PP- 20. 51 L. 46 

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Content* : Introduction. The unchangeable limits of 
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dangers of political development. Some advantages of an 
enhanced national feeling. The decline of the family. 
The decay of character. 

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und lehraufgaben fur die hoheren schulen nebst 
erlauterungen und ausfuhrungsbestimmungen. 
Berlin. 1892. 8. pp. 79. VI. 7235 

7 6 


Prussia Min isferin m <trr t/figtliclien, initrr- 
ric/i/s- initl )iirJi:iiial-iiii;/rlff/enhfiten. < >rdnung 
der reifepriifnniien an den hohercn schnlen. und 
ordnung der ab*chlOMprdfongen nach dc7ii scchs- 
ten jahrgange der nemisttiti>:en hoheren sehulen, 
nebst erlantcrunucn nnd MufBhrongsbestimmnn- 
gen. Berlin. 1*1)2. 8. pp. ci. VI. 7234 

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II. 3249 

KI printed from the American architect ttm> 
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a theoretical and philosophical review of some 
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Revue pratique de droit international prive; 

par Rene Vincent. 1890-1891. Paris. 1891. 

1. 8. VI. 7373 

To be continued. 

Riis, Jacob August. The children of the poor. 
N.-w York. 1892. 8". //////,-. SQ. 

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Age; juifs, sarrasins. heretiques, lepreux, cauot.- 
et filles publiques. Paris. 1891. sm. 8. Wdrts. 
and C plates. VII. 2841 

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St. Louis*. Mn. f'fi/ifirence of charitable and 
philanthropic ii>stitntiiif. Journal of the pro- 
ceedings of tin- conference, held in the Centenary 
M K. church. Feb. 2:!d-2<;th, l.H'.tli. with tli 
ports presented and papers read. St. Louis. 
8. SQ. 

Salmond, John William. Kssays in jurispru- 
dence and legal hi-torv. London. 1891. sin. 8. 

VI. 7457 

Content* : . .) "tin- l:i\v < 'I'lii- hi- 

tory of the law i,t '1'ln- prr , ii liu- 

. iili-lu-i- .n, I the l:iw 

utrart hare already ap|n -t-uiee in t!,. 

Schanzer, Carlo. II diritto di g'lerra e dci 
trattati m /Ii >t.iti :i ^OV.TIIO rapjiresi-nLitivo con 
particolari- ri.-nardo all' Italia. [With an appen- 

dix. Tmtoo,tte. i-'.M. 8. VI. 7327 

Schiller. Il< vinaini. H.indbiich der praktUdicn 

padagogik fiir holn-re leliran^ialti-n. L" . um 

bcitcte nnd \crmrhrt' antl. I.eip/i^. ]'.in. 8. 

pp. *ii.. VI. 7283 

Schmidt. Richard, nf \f,t.;i<-li. Die alTatomie 

der lex -:ll.ri. Mlincllell. l^'.'l. S". |lp. vi.. 

VI. 7484 

" Litrratur-Ubcnlcbt," pp. v. 

Scholz, Fricdrich. Die charakterfehler iles 
kindes : cine eiviehiinirslehre fiir bans nnd sclmlc. 
Leip/ig. [1891.] 8. VI. 7277 

School and college; devoted to secondary and 
higher education. K. (',. Hnlin-:. editor. Vol. i. 
L898. ///. Uoston, etc. 1892. 8. W</>ts. 

IX. 172 

No more jxililislieil; \t~ place i-i taken ' 

School review (Tbe) ; a journal of secondary 
education. Vol. i. no. 1. Jan. I*'.":',. //;. Ithaca. 
X. V.. Cm-mil miir, ,>//(/. is'.t: 1 ,. 1.8. IX. 4.2 

" The Ai-ml, mi/ su<peiiileil piililicjitinn la~t sniiiiin 

: iniiiith. Tlie lii M which these jounials (illfil, 
the .>' I bopM tu oi'enpv," p. 1. 

Schott, Dr. Arthur. Die fran/nsische wehr- 

steuer nach dem gesetze vom 1">. jnli 1889. Jena. 

8. (8TAAT8WI88BH8CHAFTUCHI studien, 

iv. 4.) VI. 5113 

Siebeck, Ilennann. I'cbcr die lehre vorn ge- 
netisclicn fortschrittc der menschheit. (. 
1892. 4". pp. 28. VI. 730O 

" Akadeinisehe I'cstreilr /ur feier d. <tiftiui^-; 
Luile\vigs-uni\ . am 1. juli, 1892." 

Son, Willem VAN. F.enige tx'schoinvingen over 
de wet, hondende verbodshepalingcn tegen bet 
draiien van wapeiien v. d. '. mei IS'.H), Stbl. 81. 
Proefsehrift. Utrecht. 1891. 8. pp. (4), 48. 


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scben kanflente zu Brugge in Flandern. Herlin. 
1890. 8. 13552.11 

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monarchie. Vortra.u r . Leipxiir- 1891. 8. jip. :>2. 
( KVAM.I.I.IS, IIL-SI./I AI.I; /citfra.u'en. i. 5. DS. 

Striimpell, I^uilwig. Die j)iidagogi<che patho- 

ler Die lehre von den fehlern der kinder; 

versuch einer grundlegung fiir gebildete altern, 

studirende der patlagou r ik, lehn-r. so\vie fiir sclnil- 

behorden nnd kinderarxte. Leipzig. 1890. 8. 

VI. 7281 

Sumichrast, Frederic Cesar in:. Notes on the 
teaching of French. Boston. ls'.ii>. MIL S". 
pp. (G), 40. VI. 7498 

Tarde, G. Les lois de 1'iinitation ; etn.i 
oloirii|ne. Paris. IV.HI. 8. VI. 7271 

[Tausaig, Frank William.] Topio and 
IMICO in economic.- 5, llarx ard Collej 
Uailwavs in the 1'nited States. Cambridge. 
[1892.] 8". IV. L'L'. Pier 3.316 

I'fillti-ll 111! ..Illv. 

Teutsch, Fricdrich. utitn,-. Die <icl.cubiir- 

.M'hM'-chcn s r |iiilordnuiiL,'eii : mit ein! 
anmerkiingen, nnd register. _' bde. Berlin. 1888 
-92. 8. (MIIMMIMV < iernianiac ]i:ied.i 
6,13.) VI. 7097 

" \'i-r/i-i'-liiii- ili r iiirhi I'.u-h rr iihnti'ii M-hrifti-n," i. 409- 
4TJ; ii 

ivtj. 1893. 

Thompson, Herbert .Met ford. The theory of 
ilicalion to the eight hour- ques- 
tion and other labour problems. London, etc. 

VI. ~\M* 

Tieboel van den Ham, M.nini- li.r.iri. !> 
kracht van lmii nland-che \onni.eii in bet intcr- 
nationaal pri\ aatrcidit. 1'rocf-chrift. I'trecht. 
1890. VI. 7341 

Treitschke, Heinrich MIS. Di" /nkmift de 
deiit-cheii gvmna*ium>. 1" anil. L> 
m. 8'. pp. (4). 81. VI. 7282 



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the Great: edited, with an introduction. [Pt. i. 
Introduction. Inaugnral^dissertation], Leipzig. 
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