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Full text of "The Hathorn families of Maine and the west; with English and American ancestry"

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geneaIogy collection 

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v/ith England and American 


C. N. Sinnett 


Sinnettj C M 

"'achorn families of Maine and the 
west: witn England and American 


WITH ;-l"Ct:joH .-l'O .-iiu-iRiCL" .L"c>:;i7Hy. 

This Genealoey was prfipared at the earnest renueat 

Of mani' of the Hathorn'" in their wirlelv-separated 

hones in the 7<est. T^jcuch far from the old Pino Tree state 

Where their anoestors had fought so hravelv in every good 

cause, and where their honest dealings with neighbors and 

strangers had nade the Hathorn nane shine brightly, they 

felt deeply grateful for all these precious heritages which 

had been handed down to •Ss then. "Ith p.^f^.ri^ one. of their 

successes in life . in the nanj' "este-h States where they had 

lived, they felt the inspiration of these lives th^t had 

befin so graX,dly lived on the reck;'- coast of Maine, or 

under its whispering pines/ j'heir great regret was that, 

because of their busy lives, they did not know r^.ore about 

their ancestors. They reali.'^eo, too, that what had been handed 

down to then fron the past was not al^vays to be rei led upon. 

Whenever they had nade even slight resea'^ches jrl* the 

IVinil; history the;- had always foond that their people had 

been even of a truer and sturdier t^pe than the^ ha(1 

been told. So the appeal grew stronger each twelvenonth, 

"Out of your fo-^ty and nore ^ of. writing of. history tell us 

all that you can of our Hathorn X.lne in i-^ierioa, and 
acrosi- the seas." 

And when this natter wa^ put before the Hatho:^ns of 
llaine it was fo^md that nan;- of then had the a:\ne desire 
for a Hathorn .Hlstryj'- as their Western relatives. 

, - ppgj ^^^^ 

ilal^ librti^rians and geneiiloiicts Coined in thlt; plea, as tha; 
J&d but Bcantj Hathor^is data outsiiie of the Llue ci' rr.n 
fa'Tioiis autnor , Hataarilel Ha'.7tborne.L.vGn thiti V/Mch they had 
gleaned for old Town Records, S;a, , was not always correct, 

Tne auti-xr of this work very scon dlBcovered that 
the tasK given to Mm was not an easy one, as the data 

held by old families and Town records, w«r» ae scanty as 
thf^sVs found In print, llany records had been destroyed in 
the burVing of old homes. Others iiard been written down 
from traditlcn, which hni alwaj's been striving to nai-;e all 
ot the Hithorne's of iiaine, and sonetimes all of those in jr-erciii, 
to be of the llathaniel KaTrthorne Line. 

One who was sux^poseed to be an authority on Eatiioni^-^ 

datai simply stated, "It took many years for us to learn that 
our Eathorn ancestor was only a brother of the ^erican ancesTor 
of Eathaniel Ea-wthorna. " The4i£. was evidentl;/ a shadow of disaproint- 
ment in this discovery, for naothing was clearlj' given in reg-oJ"" 
to the ancestrj of the Hathornls of iiaine, 

Ths 'lov-n Records of ■;7oftlwich,iie. .which was the early 
home of the most important branch of the Hathorna yamilj- in 
iiaine, were fotrnd to have been poorly kept, Ihen P.ev.Dr. >:er:ry 
Thayer of 373 TT.Iieth 3t . .ii.Y.City, was pointed ou-ct as an 
autjiority on these Important matters. He had lived in "oclT.icl., 
He., for nan;,' years, and had written much on the early histrr 
of that t0V;-Ti.Ke promptly repliea, but explained that he was now 
a very old man and could not give much time to the E" thorn 
records. Zis answer was brlelly this:" The John B=-thorne of 
Sheepscott(BC'jthbay) .Maine, was a a Sale:-., Lass. , merchant, wuc 
started intc the land business based on an old Indian daed--':ut 
that was 70 years before the S-thorn«s came to,:,:e, 

and there was no relationship that I cou:d ei/cT discover 
between those families. Leave this ran, John Hathorn, and 

V.'illiaTi Hathorn of St. Georii-^js Slver, out of the T.'oolwich 

data. xhoae Hatohornes of 7.colv/ieii,L;e. , ciir.e there fron 

'.'■lliington, Uase,, out scan to have origint»ted in Lynn, LlarE. 

foiir or more generations before. I-jje Hathornes made a 

numerous tribe in kain9# , seven men entering the voting list at 
T.'oolwich.He. , betT;een 1766 and 1790. But I have studied than 

less than any of the other TToolv.ich fa^-.lllea, because of their 
nuracers and the complexity of their history, <In a word, a 
widow Hathorne and four or five sons came to Wool^i-ich.I'.e. , 

c.s ancestors of that Strorig old fanlly there. To separate and 
unite these fa'-.illes would require the ©oe£ dtu^^y of ever.- Tcv-r. 
Record for a hundred years. I have most of the marriage dates, 
and fewer of the death records." 

This was all that coxild be secizred from this which 
had alwaj-s been reported to be a "nine of traasures. ''.But 
the author haa learned before t^is "to iieep the. trail." ijii 
alter several years of hard wori: he discovered the fcpor- 

tant reserarches of Llr.^burj- C.Eathcrn of Dresden,l.Ie. , and 
Aurora, Ills., to which his son, Frani: II.Hatborn, had a ced miich, 
Thus the ancestr;.' of the vroolwich,:,le. , Hathorn^e was dearly 
established. TTith the help of many other kind friends the wcrl: 
has J)een pushed forward into its present form. 

In the Line of the V/oolT.ich,LLe. , Hathorns the naf^e is 

spelled, Hathorn, the way t:iat most of these people prefer ed. 
The nus;bering of their generations from the Br.sliEh Ancestcr 
iB given because they prefe^-red that method. It is ver; 

easy for an^' one to count dov.-n his generation from the 
A-nerican Anc-stor, if he preferrs that method. 

In replt to many queries about the spelling of this 
fa.-ily nar.e the author presents the forp-s found in old 
docur.ents , thcujh the spelling in Z.ngland as S'^on in that Lir ■ 
of ancestor. Tavjl'^ seen to he cor^-ect. Ancient and no?6rn ro-^s 

of the nuniQ'i Haft-thorua- -I-.authorne Harf-uorne Hath.o^-ne 

and Hiith-crn. The H-thorns of i^aine olali- tiiat their jjicisEtors 

:-■■ ar-.K-ed t-ie snoMlnp; of the nii-e tc K tirrn, so f'sir 
letters -r:-. their friei-s In ^r^.-i^-d •7cul^ oe su-o tc 
r.^ch the-.J-l^^rtly t-iat fo- of spnlllnt; Ai-^ not lour 


kuch ha£ been c'-^'^-'^ i^ "^'i^ '^'^^- ■fegariin^- the 
•descendants of the fe-nle Hathcrna Linoc, ar sotne of the ztTcr^r^zt 

fairily oharacteri£tics ha^e thus beer. nan'^.ed do'.vn -chrou-h 

lGn£ generations, and because such .j-e alr.ost whcll;^ 
i^T.cred 'c-j aar^ £-enealc:.i5t£. 

T'-iow h jathanifcl iiav.thcrneC's ^reat love for the hilis 

and streaj-.E of Llaine, ani for Bot/doin Colleoa where he Ei.ent so 
nan:- har-p:' ""-^i'S, are v.oll kr-cmi, s^.aG° has not been £-iven to 
his records. Escause the.- are so well preserved. Ihe it&to&t^^QS^-^ 
interest of "chis 7?orh Is centered on a Line equally noble 
and ±'aith;\il in all walks of Ufa. 

I \ 

(iPt Senoration :'.s f'-;->.eo.' in _:".2lsnd} ;-X^..i^ .-Li.rHOMT 05" 
3;'-i-, Count.- ci- Berkshire, -ji^land; hc^.-n abo .t I4S0. 
I'hc nane cf -^is ■^'if*? is not riven. 

ITne chil.cren rtre of the 

(2nd Cer.eraticn)£ ilatrorn {S^e 'bejc~ t:j.s lict;) 
(2nd generation) Ja; iatliorn. 

( £n^ ■■ ) TLCVert iithorii. 

( 2nd " ) Jone Hat horn. 

(2nd " ) ^ice H-thorn. 

(2nri. "■ ) Jo'nn :iithcrn. 

(Snd " ) T,'i:iia-i Hiathorn. 

(2nd " ) Henry Eaxhorn. 

(2nd " ) ^liEabP^th liatriorn. 

(2nd g:3.\>.iH^lon' ) 1!3DuiaZ H.lIHDrJJ of Bray, CoTinty Ber:-3rJ.^e,Z--j:.c.nij 
fcorn al'iO'iit I52C 

ili-^ried l-lrz. Jone PcTvr.ey, vrl-3o?/ of estim^vie character, 

(Sd genoration) '.Tilliar, -dzficrn .(^'ee data belcT' tliis list) 

(2d " ) Cbristcpher H- thorn. 

. (5d " ' ) Thxn;?^ s Hat ric ■ n. 

(Sd " ) Thomas Hat :orn. 

(3d " ) John Hat.:>;rn. 

liii " ) Jens Ha-'-crn. 

(i? 'ci feneration) '.Villiaia Hatliorn oT B^e.y &. Blnrifild, _,nr;la--.l, 

2orz. about 1545; died ,.-iiye 22, IC26, 

i.Ii:-ried June 25, 1 5 70 Ar-nle Par".- ins, who v?as born at iSlntlcilu, 

L-rland, -nd d.l'j.! Jeb .IL', 1^27. 

(4th £:oneration> Jo. ,nc Hatnorn. 

(4th " ) V.illlar- H^thorn ( See data next r-i^£e) 

(4th " ) i;ath- nlel Ijithorn, 

( 4tn " ) Hlis'.fceth H".i >^orn. 

(4th " ) lli-^;- Hathorn. 

('•-th '• ) ^-ne Hat orn. 

(it'r. rer.eration) V/lllian £^.-'^rn o.' ^ir^rl-'lci ,_ji~: (.■>.■-■' ; hnvr-, ,,■- 

l/^5; .-'ic Oct I", IZUO; .Tife ^urah 

He c.".-'5 tc A"'5riea v-ith Covtrno:'- ".Vitl-xop In th'j s:'.ic .,.-•' 

:)eep-1 _- u.:cestcr cf Che famous aut •k^./jI-.'! i al H::..'hcr-*. 

(5th gereration) ^-ne Hit"-c—" 

»fth ^■' J joane i^t :orn; 

'"''•'- " I ' liitjicrn; ii C;^i..t.Iiul/-^r.'^c rL. 

^St[-i " ) :scl)ert H'-t c^ii. ,5 

'"■''^ " ) - John, dathorr. V, I6<r5 (.ioe axo.. tl.-:^ li 

.'^"-^ "J J^tha-iel xiit-icE-. 

(ot> " ) ioiiiuil H=-,t:icrn. ■ 

(rth ^ L'='ieration) Jchii dazhorn corn IGI., at 3in/:elL, ;^.; ::: 

of 3e-rKs-:^re,, ; taptizea ..cI: nc , I62I. In lo;... carpet 
i.uerioa v.itu .his Srcther :,llli_;. iithorn in the eM^, ^-^- .i;. 
^ith Co^-rnor „inthrop. ^3 first settled at 3i:l-;,..:.fis. In u 

ho ;vas a tavern keener at :::.lden,^ass; In li;;^ ro^ed tc 1- 
ilass., v;r:ere he died 2eo I2,I^5,.iis -..ill sr,crn to J- 2:.,IC~ 

'i7ife nai\Dd B3.rub. 

(5th generation.! Sarah iIathorn|bppti:vd at Saler- Uas^-. J 
2 1544; .-1 .y-._-'. 2, I?5Z Jorn-: Brsed cf I^-nr., ^:=.S3. 

^c.r.g) Jchn Hat horn; clei3 loim^. 

(oth cc 

■■ (6th n ) Priecilla Kathorn; bapti^ea July 2£,I649. 

OCOtaCOOCCOOOOCOOOjC M Jan lb. r;.&9 Jonathan Shore. 

(6th generation) T/illiaL: Hatnorn D£,-.l-ed at lynn.Llass., 

1651; died Sept 14, 1676. 

I5th generation) Llary Hathorn capcised at iynn.ilass. .Jvlv. 
Ib53; died Dee EI, 1675. 

(6th generation) Sbeneaer Kathorn bortisea at I-nn.L'ass. 
iich, I6b6. (Ses records next page) * .— -i 

(5th generation) Phoebe Hathorn baptized ,I6c5. 

^^*^- " ) Hathaniel Hathorn; ; l: Liary Gott. 

(7th generation) ^li^abeth Eathrn b 0ct.,I5oi. 

('th ti \ ,. 

) iuarj- r^tnorn b ITov o,Ib£C: • 
, died J;:ne £C, 1693. 
(7th generationj^ r.attenlel Hathorn d 1698, 

(7th) aieazar Kathorn d Jan 20, 1705; 

died in infancy. 

(7th ) Sleasar Hathorn b Jan 19, I705. 

(oth generation) Sfcene^or Hathcrn of LyiL"., Kass.; born "ich. 
1656; baptised at Lynn, iiass., leire. ilade a Freanan ji-;r I5,ie9i. 

Married Zee £6, 1683 Ssther Tiltt. The chilc-ren. 

(7th generation) Sarah Eatho7-n torn Oct 26,152 4. 
f7th " ) Hary Hathorn b Ilea 14, 1587; a at I r:o:£.t: 

(7th " ) John Hathcrn b Jam 5, 1583. 

(7th " ) SaTiuel K-thorn b .4pr 17,1591. 

See his records below this list. 
(7th generation) Mary Hathorn b llay I, 1694. 

Cth " ) Hepsibeth Hathorn b Apr 5,1597. 

(7th " ) Ebeneser Hathorn b July 17, 1766. 

(7th generation) Sa'riuel Hathron b Lynn, Eass., ^r 17,1591; 

Baptized at Lynn, Llass., Aug 17, I59I; died before 1760. 

Removed to 7,'ilmington,iIass. , where he was a fine fanner. 

ffi(lst) IJay 13, 1714 Susannah Giiy. . 

K(£nd) Feb II, I74I GraCe lay V:alJ:er, who married next, Caleb , 

The children were of the 1st marriage: 

(Sth generation^ Slisabeth Hathorn b Dee II, I7I6. 

H Dec, 1742 Sd^ard Elendall. 
)8th " ) Jemina Hathorn b Llch 12,1715. 

(8th " ) John aathorn b Oct 21, I7I9; d Jiine 2,1720. 

-.(8th " ) John Hathcrn b Dec 28, 1720. 

See data below this . 

(eth generation) John Hatlicrn b Dec 2^, 1720; "Died in 1777. •' 
F.esided at Lynn & Wilmington, ilas s. . 

Married about 1742 Ssther 7;yman, daughter of Captain T.^an. 
She was a woman of great executive ability; of a fine far.ily. 
"Soon after her husband's death ehe removed to iVoor..ich,i:e. ; , 
with her cons, John, Seth, Jazes and Jacob; the son 1,'athaniel l,.ter 
'o.-i moving to Dresden.Ile. " 

Registry of Deeds, Ca-nbridge ,i.asE. , L;ayI4. 1 7 79. her Hathorn 
tc Daniel Going , Deed.llsther Hatrxirn , TTidow; C!j.ldren, John, 'Till iar^. 

^eth, J2; 

yeoir.en; Jacob & Le:r.uel 

, minor children; and Sarah, 

Spinster; ; 

all of VToolwich, I.e., & 

Uathaniel Hathorn or OCtiO 


.ass. P>ecci"'"i- and enter 

ill m tne Dccks,AU,--- I?,!"'-- 

Ir.e children or John Haci.orn & listhex- V^i-nan were born at 
MiL''ini-ton,:^asE,, of tJie tth senoration l^ron the E^£l±2h ixcjitc: 
and of the 4th generation from the ^erican unceetor .John 

She Line of descent frcr: the Snglibh Ancestor has usuall;- be^x 
follove^ by the deccer.dants and is thus narked here. 
List of John Hat horn's children from the ffllEiington.ilass. .r.eccric. 

(9th generation) Joh.n Hathorn born Jan 19,1744; dieo at 
Woolwich,ile., Apr I (ll) , 1815, aged 71 years. Remove a froCi 
V.'ilmington.LlaES., to "oclwich.I^e, , with his vvidow mothEi and brothers 
Harried Hov 27, 1756 Tabitha Going of Wili!ilngton,IIaES. , born, 
July 15,1737; died at vroolv;ich,Iie. , ipr 27, 1825, aged 8S years; 

the daughter of lianiel Gains & Esther 

5ata of the fa-^iily and descendants pages 6 — S£. J'?, 

(9th generation) Sa':.Tiel Hathcrn d ilay 7, 1746, 
Removed to ^oolTrLchjile. Ko farther data found. 

(9th generation) rfillia.": Hathorn b Lloh II, 1749, 

Died at Voolwich.Lle. , Jan 31, I82I, aged 69 years. 
Konoved to 7roolv.'ich,*.ie. , with wldov.'od mother & brothers. 

U ilch 30, I7S0 Llari' Jen^:ins b 'Jilmintton^ass. , :Tov 29, 

ffie 1751 ; died ilay 23, 1829. 

See data of farily paga N^.y^i 

(9th generation) Seth Hathcrn born ITov 3,1751; died 

at 7roolwich,ixe. jTThere he had removed vrith his mother and 
brothers, June 2,1804. A Revolutionary soldier. 


Harried I"79 Sara:-. Thsving born Boston.LIass. , Jan I2,I7."9 

died at V.'oolv/ieh.lle. , June 2,1304; the da'.'ghter of Judge 
Hathanlel Thv.lng of V.'oolv;ich,I»ie. 

(lOth genorationj Seth Hathorn.Jr. 
(lOth " ) Betsy Hathorn. 

iiarried June 2C , 1614 John G.Gould. 
Writo Fv, Gould, C-^i.ton,ChJ.o. 

, I8I5 .V.Hisaoek. 
(lOth) j:-.i~-il Hatho^n. 

Married T-obert Llax'.veli of Bowdcinhar: ,^.e. , 

(9tJi generation) £,arah Hathorn b iich 16, 1754, 
M I78I Elbeneaor Hasey.Jr. 

(9tli generation) ITathanisl Eathorn b Jan 19,1757. 
Removed to Llaine after his nother ,S.c.| and located at 
POwnalborou^ii, now Uresden^Le. ."June 141^. 1788 llathanlel 
Hsthorn was one to assist in taking; the Inver.tori' of 

the « estate of George Couch of Pwonalsbcrouc h,iie. " 
ESfi6£©a He v;as a 2evolr!tlcij,ar;- soldier. 

M. Dec 20, 1782 "ary Heed of Uiseassett .He. "Her father re-ic" 
from Ca-ib ridge, Haas, to TToolvdch, ile., about 1754; had a fine 

(lOth genc-ratlon) James Hathorn 

(lOth "" " ) Le:".uel Hathorn. 

(lOth " ) Catherine Hathorn. 

(lOth " ) ^^' Eathorn. 

doth " ) Kathaniel Hathorn. 

(lOTE " ) Jude Hathorn. 

(lOth " ) K^atilda.Hpitlr^rn. 

* (lOth " ) Lucinda Hathorn. 

(lOth " ) Vi';,--;an Hatiiorn. 

(lOth " ) Hannah Hatj-jorn, 

( 10th '■ y ileiiitable liathcrn, 

(9tli generation) Ja:::es Hathorn b June I, 1760; died at 

Palemo.lie. 21, 1844; to '.VcolT.ioh.iile. , vith mother. 

U Mar;- Ihvring of "■Toolwieh,i>le. 

Data of the fai'.ily pages i^ 1** 40—^2.. 

{9th generation) Jaco» Hathorn b ulaj- 1,1755; d 

Dec 21, 1838. F.esided at 3ov7doinhara .ile, for many years. 
Liarried Chloe Sliav; born at 7.'ilnington,ilass,I762, of a stur-i 

old larlly; died at rooiT^ich.lle. , Jan 1.^,1835. 

Data of T-e -amily pa~es 5-3^ --^7, -r ,^Xu. ' t.^« 


THS ^zzoRjc. OS JOHii kathckk cf -H_ iiiii~:i g^:t-P.a?ic:t. . 

(9th re?-.eration) John Saf-.crri d£tor.,^aes, , Jan 19, 

'1744; d at Woolwich, lia. , Apr II, IBI6 , ag:ea 71 years. 

"Ha lived at Georgetown, iu.e. , or: the Zan-'etec River, ne:'^ 

?.herQ the city of Bath now stands, ana v:as there at an 
early date. In I7o£ what is nov.- 7,'ool77ieh,lle. , was set cir' 
from G«oreEtov-n,i:e." 

Sketch fi-oF. the Bath, He., Independ-j-.t, Sept 2S,ItII: 

"One of the oldest, largest, and best known , I'anllies cl 
all WoolwichjLIe., hears the nace of Eathorne., end all are 
T/ell — tt-do people who faave worked hard and wen success in 
thair lators. I-Iany of the family have remained at nooiv/ich, 
and are reckoned anong the most nropparous citizens of the 
to?/n,Some have held Town offices, and have always held them in 
a creditable Banner, "he name of Hat home Is a good one 
wherever cno may go in the town, Cne of the earliest 
settlers at Woolwich, Lie., was It. John Hat'-^^rne, who 

Was an officer in the Revoluticnarj- T.'ar, and whose hoc'c" liss 
bviried In the little cenctary at Kequaasett, along with trjcse 
of macj" good man and true of that period. ?ror. him have 
descended many Rathornes. His son, Daniel Hathorna, was born 

in TToolwich f.nd lived there all of nis life. Something over 
fifty years ago he passed on to the great Beyond. Daniel 
Hathorne took the fani on which his son, jklbert Hathorne, nov. 
Uvea, and wrested it from the wildernets, cutting off 

the trees, tearing out the sturrps, and maicing from the 
forest fertile fields and garden patches. Later on, he sold 
the place to his son. Hartley Hathorne, and went to a point near 
Day's Jerry, and built the laSt'o. old-fashioned. Square, 


house 7-hich all adnlre sc r.uch. It is one of the older-:; 
hc-ises in tiie tov\Ti, navint T.'ittBtcoi the stoms and eur shine 
of over one ironaro'T j-ears, anr. ie still :! n a eoc^ etate of 
presere-raticn and repair. It was 'built of good olC 

natarial, which was then core easily SBcurea than it 

could be now. Sc see some of the tooardint in this house 
T,ould nai:e some builders of to-day enrious; great, wide 
boards, which, tliDug'- they nai' have ben in service fo-odvor 

a certur;^, are still as sound as a nut. Daniel Hatho:-ns 
was one of those sturd;^ old characters, so well identifieo vrith 
the ti- 9S in v.hich he lived. He was alwaj^s at work, 

ard always sumiountine every obstacle which preeonted its' If . 
He v/as a farmer, and ye^ he did societhin^ at fishing 
in the right season. He cut cany traes, end hauled out many 
logs, and, to add to his occupations, he for r.any years 

conducteo a saw nill at 7i'oolwich,ile, , and at these irills vas 
saTi-ed Eiuch of the lurr.ber whicn is found in the old houses 
of the to'.vn. Liany imow the Eathorne farm best fron the 

fact that the late Gapt. Gty C.Goss, for riani? years one of 
Bath, Kaine's leading citizens, and pronlner.t shipbuilders , 
Oflr-ned this farm, v.liich thus becane Imov.-n as the GotiS 
farm, Some j;ears ago this property was sola to Isaac 5. 

Howard, v/hjo is one of the most prosperous farmers of 
V.ool'A'ioh.tle. ^ He is gotting large crops from this farm 
of over one hundred acres. Daniel Hathorne still has living a 
large nir.ber of grandchildren and also canj' great- 

grandchildren. Jt^nong these are the following: ilbert Eatiiornij, 

V.oolTicn.l-Ie An n white, xlttsfield.I'.e. Katherine Urott, 

?roo";wlch,lle, LIrs. luckor, TViscassett, Lie, Salome 

Goss, who lives in the 7,'est Clara Haskell, Hartland,i:e. — 

i. J. Hathorne, ',7colv,-ich,ii.e, L.G. Hathorne, Glendive,;.ontana 

Rachel Thtrnpson, 3ath,., e. li^lly ilarsh, Viakefield, ilass- . - - 

Annie ;7arreii. ;Vakofield. lla-s— Henrj. J.H..s:..oll. Cle^dlve, 

luont^nu- ^Pushaw. rittslield, Lie. .,,-ra Easkeli, 

HartlJ-nd, Le. " 

jolL-. Kithcrno L. at Tilmineton.Ilaes. , !:ov 2?, l7oe 

Tabit:.a Going b Tilmineton. llaSB. . .uly 15.1737; d .Vr-"M5i5. 

a^ed 8V years; the daughter oi' 2anlel Golr.£ and 


ihsir children were or the 

doth generation] ."ohn Ha^.^rne . Jr., b Geor^ato^^,-;. 

(a fe. say ,Zils.i.rtc..:.,s.i , Sept S..I757: d at Riohnond.I.e. . c^t 
51. I84S, A sucoeeef^ui tavern iceeper, 

- Jiine Z, 1790 Illisabeth Gcoduin Gray b i^ch 2.I76S; 

d Juno 15, IS02. 

il(2nd) Aug,, ISOZ lilizabeth Bickford b Al^r 28.I7S2; 

died. Sept 22, lesS. 

inill data of the raniljr pages 12— jv.ib" 

doth generation;^ Baniel Sathorne b Lich 4.1769; 

died ilay is, 1859. 

11 Nov 3, aiGOe 1796 Hannah Gould. w>^ died Oot :s. 

5^:11^ data oir .the -"a-ily pages zi^—r^if, 

doth generation; ^^ther ."iatgorn b Jan 27. r7l; d cct 5. 


M ^-eb 6. IBOI savid (,cne .a," Janes) Gil^ore. .io .'ied 

June 2, 1826. Ho record of cMloren tox^a. 

doth generation;^ Joanna Hat-rn b Set II. I77S; 

d June 3, 13 70. 
il Dec le. I7f6 ThcEar iiinball of Bath, re. 

doth) Zzs-r^el Hathcrn b Lich 21. 1776; d Hch .-. 


ii Hay IS, 1806 iblgai: ^hitten. vn:o dleci ilay 8. 1657. 

Ihe chilireii of Sarrual Halhcrn i Abisall T.'hitten. 

dltl': rer.cratioa' iiaria i^trxrn b Jeo IS, 1307; o. C::t C(j,I-' 

(llth poneriition) 3a::.uel Zlnljall b Oct £3, I3C£; 
d at Eiclriond^e., Oct 28, 1845. 

M iuLlza Gllnore Trho died at H.lohr.ond,L:e, 

(tftOQ (I£th ) iithorn. 

(I2th) ibtiie Hathorn. _.- • 

(nth generation) Charles 7i"hittler Hathcrr. b Jan 10, ISI 

I8II; d Uch 25, I85&; a farmer in the ile. tor.ris, -^cclrii. 

and ^'■'iseaEsett, He and his wife members of the Free 

Baptist Charch. 

M ClariSfra 7;all:or b M00lv7ich^:e. , ; the daughter of 

BaraiiJP-l T/alker & iuis He Kenney, 

(I2tn generation) Sarah Llaria Hatiiorn b Hay 14,1855. 

II Sa-raiel Bo^rdman ?;e3d. Divorced, 

(I2th' CharleB T, Hathorn b TTiscassett, Lie., 

Eov 20, 1826; ian;:er; Eepublican, 

M Llary S.Preble; daughter of Captain Harvey prf^Me. 

(iSth generation) Harvey Preble Hathorn o Jan 

4,1855; Post ilaster at noolwich.lle. , General otcre. 

Selectman for 3 years. Progressive in politicc, 

■ « He and his wife merribers of the Baptist 


ii Arjiie Leonurd of Boston, Llass; elucated at 

Chelsea, F.ass. daughter of Joseph B. Leonard 

» and Charlotte 1. 

^ Waldo 

{I4th ) Ciaa L. Hathorn born July 



(i::ti: ^ensration) B^rziliai Hiit;.crn ti r.'itojss-tt.i^e. , 20, 1839. 
ii iuliaa l„or£e of 5ath, LiO. 

(iJith ) ".Villsj-d Hatjci-n d .Viscassctt, I^e., ^i- 

28,1841; il at Seattle , vrashing-tcn, but nane of 
wife not {TlTon. 
(I2fn) Gilbert H-t"rjDrn b Dec 31, 1843; died Jeb :t,GC( 

1905. Lived in the ile. to'.vns TToolwich &: Bath. 5oc>:- 
keerer i aurvei^or; Republican; he and his -.vife 

memberE of the Baptist Church.jree ilason; K, of P. 

il May 5, I85b Sarah P. ii. Curtis hBathjIie., I...i;.- f,^!:..!,;, ; 

echools of Bath, ile; a writer of nany stories ani 
hlFtor:cal articles in Llairie ^ournalF. Che dau~ht.'>- 

of John P.Z.CTirtls i L;'dia II.Li.Goslir. of 

Arrov.sic i Gardiner, '^le. generation) Arna G.Hat?.orn b Jan r,I?6c^ 
" - ^ July 2. 189 2 Fi-an^c Il.Sr^lpe. 

(iSth) iierry 3.Hathorn b :;ov I, aeca 

1874; d Den 15, 1905. 

(12th ) Hew^y E.Hathcrn b aU£ 23,1845. 

(12th) Ol-^Ti U.Hathcrn b ' Dec I? 1860, 

(nth soneration^ Davi-'. Hathorn d Dec 20, ISIS; 

M Ty^o-ruzf-il R.Soi^e , t--^ dip a ::- I, 1900. 
Chilciren Dorn at V.'oolr.ich,:^;;, 

(I2th) ^-r.ard il.Hailxrn b Au- 21, IS44; d Sept 9,IS4f. 

(I2th) Hc-ace H.iiatliorn b Ja-i 20, 1846; S-aT-vejo"- 

I12thj :..^o.a^d Kat>x)rn b Ser.t 17, 1849; d Au- .-^I.IFcI. 

(I2t>|| DaviJ ZrrPSt HathO'-n b Tefc I'.Isr.S. 


(US'".: generation, G-Ilbsrt liat'cvr. t T's; I'=,If?Ii; ^ at- 

^"-- jxzm. Cai-llon o." Dr-'Frl ':r, ,i:-:, , -'i: die'. -^-l'' ri.iTuu. 

i'le ohil:.r3r. v/;re born at 7>'colwich,^.c. 

( --.-liicriitlon) IlirliallLat ;:crr: b ^-iiU £C,18£I: " L ' "; ■'. 

I66&. ' 

(l%til ^-.rr.a Jane Hat horn t Jcv 14,1652. 

(I£th) Asa G.Hathorn b June 14,1854. 

(I2th) George ii.Hatiiorn b Jan SS,ie£6. 

{12th.) Hattie Ann Hathcrn b Keh 8,I8oy, 

{I2th) Sanuel Hathorn b Hay 25,1055. 

(12th) Francib i.Bathorn b Dec 22, 1870, 

•Ihe sjjrth child of John IlRtJ-£.rn and Tabitha Going, 

(lOth generation) Seth Hathorn n LIch 8(14), I7eC; dinf 

at roolvslch.L.e., Aug IS, 1855. 

m Juno 12,1806 his coHPin, Uarj- ("Polly") Hathorn born 
"oolvvichjITie. , ilay 15, I78I; trie daughter of Tta. Hathorn & Uary 
&«.e PAfe^ 

(llth generation) 77illiar. Hathorn b V;oolv.'ich,iIe. , 

iich 27,1807; d Sept 5, I8I9. 
"The children all died yoiing. 




TrLu HSC0?J33 OP JOE.' H.iThCr.ZT, «r., C? TZIHR GiXliT-ATlOIT 

doth eerxratlor; CoYr. R-^Vh^rr'' :t . , h Geor£otovr .He. , ---pt 

Sf, 1767; died at ::ielr:ond,:^e. , Oet 31, 1846. 
II (1st) Jur.e 3,17^0 Elizabeth Good^rin Graj" b :;ch,2,l76e; 
d June 15, 1802. 

M(2nd) Aug 7, 1843 Elizabeth Lickford b ^r28, I78£; 

d Sept 22. 1856. 

(nth generation] Three children died in infancy. 

(nth ) Joh.n Hathorn fa June 10, 1792; d Feb 2 IS£- 

,./^ f'iV"<i at lirebdsn.lie. where he was born. 
li(lst) July 2,1815 Susannah ^ezander Lorn June CO, 

1796; died Sept 3, 1822, 

_ _ M(2nd) Oct I2,IS2£ Sarah H.DreTr vb liov 22,1802; di--,a 

Hch E. 1877. Tiie chdlcn-en of the 1st marria-e. 

{I2th generation) Seth Hathorn b i.ay &,I3IS; 

a Feb 15. 1844; resided at Dresden.liaine. 

M Oct 27,I8S8 Hannah A. Colburn. 

(13th) John G.Hathor b Jan 3,1840. 

(I3th) Susie a.Hatl'wrn b Dec 2 ie<il 
Resided at Boston.llass. 
M Jan IS.lsee Francis r.rn.Flytner. 

(13th) Seth Hathorn b ^r 18,18^4; die-^ 
Awg 12, 1847. 

(I2th) John Hathorn b ITov 2,1817; d June.ieCC. 

il(lst) Jan^^2I^^I843^^L:ary S.Johr.son, who died 

M(2nd)_ 4V9, I848^"'''Linnah T.-ite. who died 
i'-cn I, 1880. So children. 

(I2th) , saochariah Hatl^or.n b Oct 24,1819; d 
ilav £5, IoB2. 

M Sept 29,18:4 llary Lilly b Jan IB, 1820. 
^ (iSthJ C}:as. L. Hathorn b Dec 14,1847; 

d Sept 16, I87I. 


I85I, :: apr 6,I3Z4 Hem-;- Cr^nt. 

(I4th) aelllo ^ G^a::t b Jul- ^,1,^^:. 

(I4tl:) C2iaE.iI.Gr a- 1 t June 2l I" • 
d Au^ I7,I?93. 

ri4th) Carrie L.Grar.t b Feb 19, 1"-?. 
fl4th) Wilbur H.Grar.t b ITov II, i^:"-. 
(iSth generation) Lcuiea A.Hathxrn b iu£ £4,1353; 

ii liiartin Pearson, 
(iSth) Lillj- I.Hathorn b Oat 3,1864; resides 
1: Sept II,. I3S9 James S.VTard. 
(I2th generation; T^m. Elizabeth iathorn b 0ct24.iei9; 
died July o, iei)5: another saj-s ,i;ov 2d,I3S2. 
M Au£ 31, 1342 Morton Johnson b Jec 12.I8I0; died 
J"eb IS, 1907. 

(I3tn) ;Villi£jri Johnson b Hov 2C, I84S, 
(ISth) Li2sie Johnson b Deo 3,1847, 
(iSth) ■,7illie Johnson b Oct 5, 1849. 

M ITov 5, 1870 Xatie Bostwick. 

fl4th) Ruth Johnson h July 18, 1894, 
(I4th^ Kathleen Johnson. 
I^ children of the 2nd ilarriase of John Hathcrnen; with Sarah LreT. 
(I2th generation) Susannan Hathorn b Apr 7. I82r;cl Octf.js'-:, 
(I2thj| Ljdia C.Hat:iorn b Hch 4.1827; Q Oct 3,1822. 
(12th) Laura ...Hathx,rn b LIay4. 1930; resides at Los 

^ele3.(ralifcr.ia. il Ma^^ 2.le67 ^exand.r :;eed.IJo chili^-en. 
(I2th) Sarah :i.Ratn.r:. b June 5. I834;d J-one 22,1838. 
(12th) Hattie ..Hathorn b J^ne Io,I,37: d ^ug 5,1901. 
(I2th) ^ib^or". C.Hathxrn Xov 23,1839; d Oct 51. 1907. 
He v/as born at Di-asd.en.ile. m 1835 he 

removed with nlz ptjents to Llvi",'; lark, Ills, 

In I- fX he wen- tc ^urorti.Ills. 1370 ie7£ 

he T.orkod In the i'icps of the Chlca£t), Burlir;^ 

and (^uinov Lailroad. In 1872 Tras ma^e General line 
Keeper of the Gar Separtiiert ; later 73s na-^e 
^^istant Chief Clerk of the Llotive Igwer 3ti:artT: •: nt. 
In Jul;'. HeaOOOG IS83 he renoved to Celdar 

Haplds.Iora, and beearie Chief Cle:-k of the Hotive 
Po^.--ir Department of the Cedar Kapi's & BStaectlC'C 
Northern r^ailwa^^ Died at Cedar EapldE.Io'a, and interra: 
in Ca> Hill Cenetery of that City. 

M st r.ookford.Ills., Ueh 15,1866 Clara S.Roct ror: 
Lodi.Ills., June 10, 1849; d A:xs 29, 1895. 

KilLi] Oct £9. I8S7 £ate C.3ror,n. 

Children of the 1st LI: 

(ISth generation) Lionel J.Hathorn t Cot 7,I5£S; 
d July £0, 189 7. 
(I;3th ) Frank 2aiie Claire Hathorn h at ^urora. 

Ills., Sept 9, 1872.; rebides 2922 Brattlel'02o 
Ave.jDes iloinefa, lowa.Froin Jiili' , iJdS to reo. ,T}iS 

lived at Cedar Kapids ,Io7:a; Fic.jISSS :;ov.,i898 

lived at 3an Francisco &. Berkeley, Califoj'nia. 
At Cedar Kaplds.Iowa, imtil ilay I, 1906; since 
then at Des Iiloines,Icv,'a. . Clerk in the Auditor's 
Of ice. Cedar r.apids ,Iov:a, Burlington, Cedar r.apic-S 

& Dorthern ?:ailv;a;-\ ,1991 1892. Special ^ent fo^ ' 

Fanners' Insurance Co,, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 

From 1355 to the present lo""^' State 

jig-ent of the Hanover Fire InsuE-nce Co. 



on nutioni^.! it sues. Ve- active 

EaL'-ber oi G 

race Lletroiist Church, lies liOincr ,lo;va. , 

ana leader 

of a fine choir. Fre« i;:^£oa. 

A man of 

sterlliiH- T.-orth ar.i of great executiv-; 


.... ' . 

a Dec y, IS95 Lida Liar: Smith b ne-^r 

Sev.'port.IIy. , Oct 17, 1876; graduated fror. 
Ce3ar Eapid3,Iov/a, Buainees Cclleoe, IS54; 1 La 

daughter of Benjanin Franklin Smith and 
Sarah F.Gardiner, 

{I4th) Jerome Ber.j& Hathorn b Geadar 
Rapids, lovra, Dec 5, I8S7; graduated 
from the Dentistry Department of lo-a 

., -■ State University, June I9I9; frorr. "ect 

higheohjDCl, Des iloines ,l07.-a, I9I5. 

(I4th^ Clarence Llillard Hathorn t 
Cedar Eapids, Iowa, Feb I5,IB£9. 
Jl. fine student in the 7."est hij-h eehool, 
Des lloineE,Iov/a, 

(I4th) Paul ASb^vp; li-thom b Cedar r.sriis 
Iowa, Dec 15,1901; schools of Des Lcincc 

(I4th) J-ir_eE Smith Hathorn b Des L-t-^ 
toinf-c.Iora, -Ich I-l.IVII. 
(iSth generation) Glen il.Hatrxrn t Aurora, Ills., A'lg 19, 
1876; resides 1£05 Fifth Ave. Cedar Eapids .lorra, , havinr 
been in that Citj since 1883. 

Graduated from Cedar Eapids ,10v/a, high school, 1895. 
Machinist & Dr^^u^htsiLan, C.K.I i- r .Railway. 
Forenan of Cedar Kailds Foundry i Machine Co. 

Republican. He and Ms rd.fe faithful meinbers of the 
ilethodlst Ghu'^oh. ile'.ber l.c 'Jtar. TToofce!: o." Arerioii. 

k Hov 20, 1901 Maude Z.hts ,y b Fairfax.Iov.u, 
Aug 3,1879. 


(I'l-th ^encriitionj Iul-3_r.or r.,H.athc>r:. c i, _ : ^,1-.l., 

ll~th] J-;_'v.-s Slinaetl: Euthcrr: t -vi-i:,iCI 


(I3th feneration) Zdtlieriue l.,K-.tlx:-r. b Aug 2£,I2~e. 

(I2th generation) ilar;- ::. J.Hatnorn t Oct 21, 13 1'-; : l:!^- . 

lu. ?eo 21- IB63 Oscar ?. Sheldon t 17,1846. 

(I3th) I.I^abel Sheldon b Jan Zl , I87I; d jjov £4,i:,i;i. 

Iii3 child of ^ohn kathorn ,Jri & illizateth 3ici:tMcrd, 
(llth gQneratioi.) iilizabeth Govving Eathorn b Jan 17, ISO.'; 

d A-tg 17, ISEI. 

JU. Aug 2, ie::C Sa.-uel Ford Blair b 6CSa Aug 4,1785; died 

hov 10, 1352; at 21 j^ears to Bath,Iu.e., end learned the shoe- 
maker's traie; then a sailor;t;en to IJantiicket Farr.. , Dresden, ile ; 
stoi-e keeper at 5.ici2^ord,i:e; the son of John Blair, 

(I2th generation) Zina Hj-de Blair b Ricx3:ion.d,i:e. , 
Deo 3, 1322; d Feb 9, 1394; l.etixdist Lmister ,Sath,L?. 
and m Florida. 
11 Jan 6, 1857 Charlotta P.Hitehcook:. 

Tj^e children born at 3ath,i.e, 

flSth) Sarr-uel Ford Blair, Snd. b ITov ie,IS57; 

d Jan 31, I38I; graduated from Treslyan College; imiL, 

(l.:Sth) :t^& Hi'de Blair, Jr., b Lay 29,1855, 

d July 12,1390. 

M in Florida Jan., ISSG I^.via Lunddcn. 

(I4th) Benja-iin Butler Blair b JackEon-il3 c , 
Florida, Sept 2C , 1337. 
• (I4th) iaaurice uarren Blair b Atlantic 

City, ::.J., Sept 17, 1989, 

(iSth) S(^'..uel iorhins Blair b Jul;- 10, IB&2. 
d Uov 14,1902; Dor.tist at :;innear-ollE .llinn, 
M at. Buchsr'Ort.l.o., Oct 19, IieS Alice S.Hor^s. 

(I4th) Frederick Howes Blair b Jacksonville, 
Florida, 3cc 5, 1337; LlethoU&t ilinieter. 

LI Joc^-hine Dai^tcn c f ^^nneapollE ,l.inn. 
(I6th esner&tion) 2 children. 
(I4th eeneration} Charlotte Swasey Slalr b ::inr_e- 
apolis,: inn. , ..en 5, 1890. 
M Jan 26, 191.'^ Kauriee Varney Jen.nars. 

(I5th' Blair Jonr.ecs b Jan 4,1914, 

(iSth generation) Trine, Oasian Hitckcoek Blair & T^s so 
Ctapnar.; Blair^ b ^pr 24, 1855; the let died DecI4,I36f. 
The End died Jan 25, 1870, 

(ISth) Infant daughter d day of birth, Ecv 4,1871. 

(ISth) Charlotta Illizabeth Blair bBeo I6,IB7S; d June 28 

21na Hjde Blair k.(2nd) I;ec20, 1838 ilari^ Lgctard of Bath.i.r.. 
So children. 

(12th generation) ilartha Carlton Blair bilch 9,1825- died J-iv 

13.1855. il Oct 12,1346 ^iarker ilerrill TThitrnore b A-:-o..sic.L;e. , 

Wov 22. 1825; d Dee 18,1895; lived at F.icn.ond,;^e. . I8S7; at 

Bath.lle., 1870. A sea Captain froE the age of 21 years. 3Mp 
builder; ship broker; 3^-,ccrat; Free Ilason. " In early life he 
followed the sea; after the Civil v/ar he settled at Ricln.cnc 
Me; in 1870 re-ov.d to Bath.I.le. , where he built several ships; 

then a ship broker; Ccnma-der: the oat]: Globe; ship Zlle,- -aria; 

Ship Lartha -hiti-ore; ship Constitution;; ship Atlanta; ship Soua-e; 
followed the sea until 1859; carried -ore than 100 passengers 
across the Atlantic, never ha^d a loss of any >:ind.- 
Th2 son of rilliar. r.hifcnore & Charlotte Parker. 

('I?th) ^Irabetr. Blair WhltT.cre d. at I year. 

(I2th generation) Leu.uel Carlton Blair b Aug 29, 1827 ; disd 


Apr 16, I39S; nrjna-r-riefl. 

(12th) riiTTiet Louisa Blnlr b Sept I", in;??; a Oc.X 28,IS6S. 
U Dec 14, 1651 Aiilal Libhy who ri Jan J5,ia9 7. 

(I3th) Harriet jilizabeth Libi.y >> Apr 9,1854. 

k tn Elehmona,!:e. , Sopt 2,I'ia4 hodlno Aut an b at Ovir\,nj, 

fI4th,) Madelaln Anten b Caro .Mleh. , -Inly 20 

/: 1887. K Jan 2, 29J.7 Clark ".Ko Kftnzle. 

f{ • (I<th(J Keredith Bodinfi Anten b CaTx>,::ioh. , Apr 

I '/ . Ifl. 1891; p-ra-lnatoil from Bow'^oin Gollsce ,X91? . 

■' -...■■ M -Time 16, IB20 Virginia ^iley of Caps nity, 

./ / Klch. 

/■ {I5th) Charlotte Klir.abeth Autan b r'av 7, 

/r' • IP 21. 

(iSth) Ma-rthr. Ca>-lton libl^y t, -)„(, 2o,J8pfi ; d 'nly 2T ,TCir?;', 

•■ (ir'th) Joseph 31aiT. m.-hy b Anf- I, 1859; a July IR.IsftO. 

(I?th) GeorrTianna }:nox Llliby b Sept o.TRfil; d Ar.r I', ijan 


The al:ial Libhy i.lf2nd Mr.s. Joseph ftithom, noe Hine;v.ho 
*" died Joe I''., 1906; their nhill-^en ".ore: .-tlrfoe Mb>^v-_ 
,»»*,. Kreierick Libby - -I'ranoia LibV.y. 

(I2th eeneration) ;-lary Jilizal.eth Blair b Ont l^,-'^?.l; d .Time T 

M Dec I, 1057 Capt. Parker tlerrill Whltnore b Arrowfiis, Ks. , Ifov. 

22, 182.'^; <\ Deo 18,1395; see pape 17. 

fl3th^ >;ui-6nia Antolneti e ^hitnore b Rlchr.oni.Me. , 

Jnne 28, 1859; r fil-les 70 Howalnii St. , Hoxbiiry ,HaRR, 

Kqnoved to Ba^h.Me., in 1870; eraduated fror\ Bath.r.o. , 

rTranna>- School h f.ron Hallowell, Me., Olasslnal Pfif^ 

School; attends ^ he Unitarian Chnro.h. 

K Apr I.', T.885 Chas.An-ustns Kowoll b Sutton,.". H. , ray 

".",1851 (i I92I; t'-^aduated from I'efifr-rd , Mas .=,. , hirh 

Bohool;r,urti,on Tailor; "ree Mason; aon of Reore« A.Rowell 

«. HepBv Cnttine Bean of Sutton A TTa-rren ,11. H. 

(I4th) Parker "•k»itnore Kowell b :)«;o 20,1887; 

Ct., I'ool Cor.pi-r^'. 

(irti.) Joj.n „hittl6oe.- Ro-vell b llenaiiis ,i< .'jf. , 

July 2-. I9I7. 
(I5tii} i^avtiii '.iclts.ore ilo.vell b ■,;-ter'ouJV.'^t. , 
Feb £5, ISie. 
(I4t-i seii-i-aticn) Hepssy :Rov;ell t JmI.' 8, I5^'2; 

graioated fron H.l!:i Hill Sohcol, 1910; an.1 trou lli^s 

I^c Alliiter's Soiccl, 1911. In I9£I 2rivate sscretor. tc 
a specialist in ac-iitistry. 
(ISth generation) Llary l-'-rker V/hit-ore b J-aiie,ie55; aiea 

A'li; 4, IS63. 
(l-tn) Harriot iouise T,'Mti-ore b Jan I^ , ISC G ; resi'.ez 

in 3oston.r!as3. Craluated froa 3ath. Lie., High sc>iool, I?CI. 

LI Jolm 3a:-ter iloovcr of Philadelphia, 2a. , draught sn an In '.':vz 

(I4thi Catherine Shav/ Hoover b L-a;* I, IS9R. 

(I4tl:^ Il^-'-^ill ■.,Ldt:.ore Hoovor b A"g 2l^,IS99; 

(1 ..a;- 24, Ii02. 
(I4tl-i) -lisaoeth Hoover b Jan II, I9i2;i ; d 

Jim -3 4, ISOS. 

(I£t:i generation) Jo3:n Ford Elair b jeh I, ISo.'; d 

Jan 4, 1852. 

(I2th' Gnild b Doc 9. IBSd; d the sar.a da^'. 

(12th) Luc;- ^nn ^lair b Dec 51, 1339. 

la in Hio-ricnl,^o., Joneli.ISGy ^nlro^v ^c Donou^h of: 
liztl-l Hd£ar LxC Donou^h b oar TrexclEco, 

a^rt i4,ic?i. 

(I3t:':j Oa-let'-a Jlair x.." Donou^h b i;..-^ Ij'ar.c 

(iSth rmeration' CMld b 3-o "2, 184-3: d the Pgre -^ — . 

(l"th) ^a-^ch ...-.^Etara 31alr ^ irr.,I'4V; i Jiil;- I;,!-'-. 

(Ilth reneraticnj Ccl. T.'arren Kathorn b Jiine 23. i:u:; 
1 Juiy lo , I89I; livei at jro-- "an,^;p. 

:.: iJov 5, I82-i ::a--- £ickro>-a t Ji;no I, 1305; a Jr.l;- ic , 
1390; daughter of I-.obert jiokford i ^ary ^a^ers. 

(I2thj l-aria aat-ior:: b C'ur.e 14,1823; d June :,I85c; .U!r . 

(12th) '^-cVr.3r Siliian iLitbcrn b .:o7 14, 1822; ? ITov 4,I<'I2. 

L: :^ai- 4, 1355 Charles ...Bailey. 

(I3th^ ITelllo 3ailey :L: Parker 2ovrers. 
{I4th) Chester .^.xbv.'era. 
(iSth^ Jacob Sailpy :i: H^ry Er^or.t. 
(iStr^i^ ilar-" Bailey; ; i: Horatio Larrenoe. 
(I4th) GraoQ L^.v.r'jma, 
(I4th) Jai':es Lavrrence. 
(iCth) Lenora iailey ;; H TT-. Lloiilton. 
(iSth) Charlss 3aile-. 
(I2th1 Lary A^velirLS Hathj^rn b J-,ay 14, I32I; d ::ch 4, in?, 
il Hcrrick i:--iiitin~ton. ITo chiliro--. 

(I2th.^ l>a,r.o.' Jan-j Hathorn b Juno 7, 1834; d Jan I2,I?I^. 

I^ Janes "honao. Ho ch::laren, 
(I2th) L.xrtir Var. Suren Ilathorn b Dee 25,1335; d Loh ir_,l':i;. 
i'araer ax South ^Itxstcn^le, 
L: I,lch IG, 1854 i-ottle. 

( Avesta :.:.H?.t rjDrn b .Id;- S,IS55. 

I-I Free Sould. 
(13 '.h; Jear.nette 11. H^thjorn b Jul;; v, IS 70. 

i: Ur. A.Uo-rill/'. 

' (iCtiA H--.C-. IT Hiti:j3rn h „^ 5 , leTi;. 

(I£tii eenorj-tion) Joasph J^o.-nrcr. iiat-:Mrn t Dree :i.,n,..?. , .— .-i, 
1363 155=; i at f.ichCLiaj ,^le. , -:cv 23, IC?5; live, a* i.oai ,I_1;.. , 

about 1362; at Eicj^i^oiia^lle. , 1372; J.Y.Clt,-, Ic3:C; Siiilcr, 
anl i'a-niisr. :;i:;lit T.utolnan. De'nocrcit. 

Li liec 13, ISCo Cornelia Jans Zv.Lfh > in '.Testern II.Y. 2, 
I8S9; d :2a;'- 10, 1908; jra^uatGi from ",V lie at en Zcliera,; 

a teachir ;iiitil her na-riace; daiishtsr cf Eecekia': Cole.- an 

3L:ith i J-r.e liills of Zane Gcunt;-, Ills. 

(I3th) n'arren Colecan Hatliornn b Lcdi.Ills.r. -Jiich i£ 
no'7 i^a^-ile iark, Men 25,1253; resides 145 I3th Av-s., 
iIai-.-^od,Ill3. Livoi at ?.icli!:ond,I,:e, , I8''2 — IC85; In --■--_: 
Grand jorks a. Pen'oina Counties, 11 . 2raico t a , : Ors^o ,2.^"-:2 
IBS8; at 3;ron ,Ills., 1939; GMoai-o . Ore„on,Ill<i. , 
Mgh school; XbSS university of i:.;. -vTith ^.A. , I^;95; 
Ibilversity of Chicago, vrith U.. S., ISOCrrQiecCcr of 
Pl^-i--^ t *iranc Ju:ilor wrlls^e, Ohicato. socialist. l-Ls an:. -1e 
wife Eenibers of tha Letbodict Ch'oroh. yiaEcn( ivc;'ai ,»roh 
Co'JJioil) ; rh: 3eta Xai-^a; & Si^jia Phi ilrEilon. 
i: Oct 2, 1893 Jer,sle Suiartv/ood b jundas, ilinn. , 
Jul;- I2,IS7C; daughter of Lobort Sr.cO-tv.oci anf _li:.J;-th 

Greone, Trho lived at 5a\'i: Center .Llinn an~. r-ranoin,., .^. 
{14th) Jo=-3ph ',;;r an Hat herns b 3oc2o,I898; 

Sesides llelroie Park, Ills. 
LI Jeb 1.1,1920 Olive I^irvj-. 

(I4th) Rob 2 t Lcroi" Hathorne b Z.^^ 9,1900. 
A teacher at Snrbanlt, C -.ifornia. 

• i-iirir.o eivriri'-iir; i.rsi^n in ths ^rav;- J .1 tho Or.,:^-;.,._ 

^-.^i-io£." './ar; Lt. in the Jav;- in the "orl;. .j.r; . 

in The merchant Ii^irine. 

Li L-c y, 1902 liveli-r. ^tFood, 

(l41;hJ Vlr4_,iri.ia iiat'iorne t oept 50, I&05; ii^I 

JiOi' 26th, Ii07. 
(iSth) Ghas, '.V ^sC^::nQ b Lodi, III2., Jan ;, 

1872 ;A-i A-tist of Ir.'- ernational re^utation.^tiir'.iBi in ":h: 

Cha33 2c}iDol of A"t md in the OiOt iteiiorG of P-ri:; , 

Voniee, P.cnie, ?iill described in'V.'rxi's •,/:-jd in ^"e^-icc" 

li Ju^i' 2v.,ie03 Ethel Car.pbell of l.acoii.Ills. 

(I4thi Jo C^::poell Ki.'nZLCii, , a1 ctt liLZ, 

(i;ith) V.-alei'a Ha'.thnrn b ^ug; 18, 1374 at r.iohricn?.,:.-. 
In I?2I -In a oanatariinn v/lth broken her^ith.Cf ?■ 
brilliant, artistic nind; a painter and scTHftcr. 
Studied in the Art Students' JjOarue,^!.!'.^:^ i. Chicago; 
in tha Chase School of j»rt in Paris .jrancs. 
K I2CC John £issell , a laT;yer of il.Y.Citj. 
(I4trj Johr Hawthorn Bissell b li'O-.. 
(l-ith^ Ha- thorn Z is sail n b ICC 7. 
(iSth ) Lena liaoel HavT'L.iorn b :„ch ^I, IS76; die.". 
Upr iv, 1376. i'Kin, Lilile ila- iiav/thcrns b ::ch 21, 
IB7S; soon dled.Burie .' with the parents in Ch.estnut 
St., cenotery, Richnond^:.e. 
(I2th) Ja.-ee .Varren Eiithorn b Cet 24, 1059; d Jan 7,I9£I; 

lived at r.ic!-t".ona,li9. 
:: Louisa Ihcnas; the daughter of Ihcnac and ^-.i^ail 

Ciirtlf' of Lovdoinhai jLIe, 

(I2\h) Je-mio Gertrude Hathorn b 1890. 
LI il^rlan a.-ir^'3rEon. 
(I.'.th) 3on. 

(i:.:^ ...^..- ^i.-fcrf ^^.:rrn ^ IS.!; a J^n. II . • l^ ,■- . ^ 

11 Jvsr.". i5,IB£C Viillitjr J. Gall b -Ich 17, IS48. 
(iL^tli) ^th-.r i..a:ill Ti :;ov ?, I-„S9. 
(i:;-':) *lico lI.Cill ti Jan IJ-,I37I. 

i; Jiuifi liS, I3t2 Charles Parsons. 
(I4th) i.-rt:.'ar '.7. Parsons . 6 
(loth^ iTica^eus J. Call b l-Ct 24,1873. 

(iSth) 3essi3 ..l.Call b Teb II, irSO. 

(iSthJ^ i,::-id L.Call b Hee 10, I?cl, 

(nth generation; Jeii'erton Hathorn b Sep:; i;,I?C?; d Fab S.ioG; 
ISS5; v«s lost at sea. 
LI pa-b lo, I3£2 Sally Snail b Feb 2,I6ir-; cL ^-r 10, 1672; 
::(2nd) '..3h ^, 1978 linr.a L.oore. 
CMlii-sn of the 1st narriage: 

(I2th generation) Joseph S.Hathorn b Dec 14,1832; dlel 
iiai 8, 1855. 
il Sept £0, 1854 Su3j,n Lezmon. 

(ISth) Jof.ech liithorn b Scv 20, I8"i5. 
(I2th) Sallie Hathorn D I'.ch I4,ISZ4; d Oct I8,I95C. 

U Oct II, 1853 Lenuel Brown, 

(ISth) Benecia Valego Bro'.m b ITov I6,IGS4. 

Resides in II. Y. City, 
LI Dr. Ferguson, 
(I4th) Son. 
(loth ) Jofioph hrczn b Ji'l-^ B.IRTjS; i i'-g 2,IC33. 
11 Susan Iie-,inon(Sice ZL (2nd) D-^ ^bla? Libny) 

(ISth) Isabella irown b Oct 28,1861; d S,I-3:: 

(iSth) l-lary ^.Brov.T. b Oct 2S,I8o5; resiles at 

(ISth) Lenuel Srov/T b July 14,1875; d Oct S.I^Td 

(l£f- ■ i-.-ic:j.t±on] J'-f-aracn ^-tl^-^-n . ^"r 10, I3-:c; 

J<rl) t,I'?-T voim V.'.av-i-;- of,aalifcrr.ia; >t-t. 
' Jul- :-:9,l--yS. 

(ICth) Ir:. *V3ri- b Oct IG,Io37. 
(I^tul 3ara^ ^.^or.- b Jul;- ^S.IS^?;! 1875. 

11 Alice daskell, who was adcptc;?. h;- her "-'nclc, 

jaei.-ander ioraon, in I92I a Tvirlcv.' at laocn- ,v;ashln~tcr.. 
(i3th) ^hert Aver- . 
(I3th) Professor Zlna Avery, t^e State College, 
p-ollm- n , 7,ac hinrto n. 
(I2trj Albert ^vory h Lla:^ &, IS47. 
(iSth) Linzie -.T.Avery b I^ch 17,185?. 
il 2:-ev.?oss, a Baptist ninister. 

(nth " generation^ l^ar-- J. author n b '^ay 6,1814; d Jan -i.IGG., 
"ihe Itepx house for the father of Urf, ?.ov;ell a_-ter her 
husband's death,'' Q6Cot»^IG8GvC 

li JunG,ISS3 Joseph SinGlor who died Oct 7,1357. 

(I2tv) JcGoph :,-.Dinslo\7 b Aug i'.ISS^; d Juno I,I87C.ii---% 
(l2thN Garres 2inslow b J^ily IS,I84I; unsiarried. 

(nth generation^ Joseph Jaclcson Kathjoru b llov I, I§13; ? 
lloh 18,1854. 
LI June 24, IS40 Llary 3. Springer. 

{I2th) i;gb..cca 2athorn b Iloh 23,1341; d Sept 7,1845. 
(I2th) LaiT a.Hatlxrn b June II, 184?; d Tov 10, 164". 
(I2th) Philena T.'.S.Hathorn b Sept 25,1844. 
li "JLscj I, I8oI Henry r,. SHvry.-^r . 

(lath) Ida L.Sav^er b Sept 20, 1864. 
(15th] Hattle C.3aT.7er b Oct 21, 1367. 
(iSth) Joseph J.Savr-er b Lla;^ 21, I87I. 
(X3th] Henr: H.Saft-i^er b i:ah 2C , 1876. 
(I2th^ Jefferson Sav.yer d July EI, 1932. 

(I,th seneratio.) ::a>-, F.Hathorn o 2ert 29.164£; d 

(12t:0 ?rar.2cs B.iithrrr. b Cct 11. 1849. 

L Jan HC. I5"C 2ac. heus Allen. 

(I3th^ Jcoeoh A.-^len D Oct lC,ie7I. 

nzf-l Tho-as P..<Ulen b ::;C 14.1^74. 

(ISth) Charles 1-.. Allen d lla.^ V, 1875. 


(lOth eer-c^aticn) 2anie: Hathorn b T.'oolv.-ich, Le. , lloh 4, 
-".:'.• a £.t 7.'. r.ay I5, I8t>y. a 01 iiierlins- qUiliti-'-s , 

ar.d of ere-"' ^elp in xha tov.n in vrhicli he lived. Se 3 

sl-cetci. of him pages 

& and 7. 

- Eo-v i;. I7£5 Hannuli Could Tiho d Oct 24,I8S8.3>o 

vras deacenuci iron sona of the EtTon^cbt old .'.aine farili^L, 

Hor father's na-.o not sent; her mother v.aa Llarj' TTarren, 

(11th generation^ Gerald iathcrn b Oct 25,I7SB; 

died Jan 6, I8£2. Li Liari' Lenox oi" ^-.iacas&ett .ilaine. 

(ISthi Jrancis i.arion Eathorn b Hay 20,1826; rj-carried. 

(I2th\ Glar:st!a Kathorn b Sept 15,1SS7; d Cct e,!';':'; 

(I2th» Rachsl Hathcrn b .iae 31, I8S9. 

£ Capt.Jceeph Thompson cf Southport ,i:e. 

(13th) ^bert Shoripeon.jkl Kate I=Icrse.lio chllr'.rc-.', 

(13th) Fanny Rachel Ihor.pson 

11 Mark Sev/al"- cf, lie. 

(I4th' Donald Sewall. 
(l4thT jldT.-ard Sewall k iia?-oline 
(I5th) Daurhter. 
(I4th/ Josftr-h Se-.vall. 
(I2th) Harriet Hathorn b iug 10, 1835; d ^at 16,1'^cZ. 

(I2th' Sarah illlen Hathorn b July 4,1335; urn;arrif.d. 

(lEth) Joseph irvarren Hawthorn b Jan 2S , I8S7; uriar-iec, 

(Ilth g^eneration^ Joar^a Hathorn b Llsy 19, 180,2; fli--'^ 

at Lodi, Ills,, Sept EG, 1859; a vroman of verj strong snd 

helpful character. 

K at "oolwich.Lle, , June 5, 1825 Solorr-n :7>dte born 
Hiecassett, :.:e,, June 2, I80I; 1 at iodl, Ills,, 

^r., 1879; a fanner; a successful dry — gcods Eercliant. 


KS was Xov.n Aissestor. Ee Pas' a st-irdy ILepublie^n l 

^rd a Ear. Deloved by all who :-Taev, hlr..rhis -Trx^ily 

livGd lE. the llaine town, ■.oolr.ich, ani "■iscas: ■- 1 _r.'i "OT:i 

ro lodl, Ills. Llr, and Lrs . ^hite vrere faithful L:etho:UftE. 

Iheir children: 

{I2th generation) Twin, Zanr.ah TThite , r.c^r. 

T/oclwich, Lie,, Jeh £0, 1826; A at Garnett , 

Earsae, Llch 1st, IS80. 

ill at Wiscus&ett, Lie., Maj- y, 1348 John Hathorn 
Ho children. 

(I2th) Iwin, ilary Zhlte, h ?eh 2C, 1226; 

a at T/'iscacsett, ile., Fao 28, 1826, 

{I2th\ Uary Hathorn "Thite b Ifiscasseti, ::e. , 

"^ Anf II, 1827; resides Llarslar.d, I^ehr-ska. 

She helped grandly' with this Far.ily aiBtci-y, 
and is a wonar: of g-reat azecutive ability, 
and her mine is clear and bright at her 

aibvanoed age. She lived in the Ills. to-.TiS , 

Eloonindale and Kanesvillo and at Bradshav ,:r^b. 
A faithful attendant at the Baptist and 
Iilethjodist Chrarehes v,here she has resided. 
M in Chica£.o,llls., Get f, 1849 Hezeklah Jo-d 
born iortltr.d.Ii.y,, Jan 'J, I82C; died July £1, i;0>. 
StocK bu;-er; grain dealer; and a fine 
nan; a stron,r F.erublic-n; a r.enber of the Conrr:- 
gaticnal Chi-o-— ch; the son of iben ?ord and 

Sina Pierce. 

(I3th fe; eration) EdvinZiurene Jord 
b Jan 9, I8o5; iToxrietor of a 

1;^_ : Tur.che, 
^ Oct 5, litl 3la3i:hv 3 qS r.i::c>., iVi^.cnsin. 

(I4th) Lj../r£:.. iord; phi--^- acist. 
{I4ti.) Genevt',.: ^o>-d: teacher. 

(l?.t>j^ A'^irX'TL-r- Judson Jord b i:oh 29, IC55. 

A stoeJv- tuyer and the ov.Tior of a r'ine ranche. 

'^ at Llatta, Ills., ^pr 28, leeo zaia Spith. 

Eo chilcj-en, 
(lSt>.;^ Carr-ie ^la Porl b 25, 1357 died 

from dlphtr.erla Dec 5, 1864, 

(I3th) La Forrest Fori b j^ol- ££,I8fc9; d 

I, I86I. 
(iSth) ::.verett ^llsvorth Ford b Lla;- 25, 1862; die;. 
from dip-It heria Dec 12, 1864. 

. fiSth) Florence Zllzabetii Ford b ..^7 2 1865. 

il at I^arv;ocd, Nebraska, A-.erictit, Gallowcy, 

(I4tli) Three daughters and one son, 

(iZbh saneraticn) Tv;in, F.aohel 2tlnson T/hite, b Jan Ib.ieso 
died at :,ashta, lov-a, at an advanced a^e, 
U at Gary's Llil is, Ills., Dee . 3, 1854 F.anson ITobleSop^r 
of Vt; this lived at ^uasqueton, lov.a, for 
Sone years, 

H(2r.d) at 4v.£2qU9ton,Iora, Hon .H.C.Kellofi-g, 
Children of the 1st marriagQ: 

(I3th ) .ilneda Joa;i:-Le Sojeri « 
A T;oru-n of noble ciualitiea and great executive 
ability. In leis siis iiei ^t T/ashta.Iowa, ^here 
She hal lived ror nan.v years. 

"i AiC 14, IS:£ Jaces Robertson, Jr. , born 

near icrt ;jarir:ac, province or v'^oec, C-nadi,, ^ ?t 
I, IBC4; a barrier at V.ashta, Ioi-.:i; £cr. of Ju-es 

I.OEertton, am Cathei-ina Cu->-iQ, wia: lived for ran^ 

years at Cheroj-:--3,Iov-a. 

(l4-!:h) iilria-- S.Holierticn , 
(I4th) C.HOD6rt£on. 
(I4th^ Kaehel Cr-o'c-irtscn. 
": (I4th) latilcolm Drill. r.-.or.d I.oterstf-on, 

T|i=so cliildrei: w-z^srs finely educated, 
and tne £.ons served faithfully in the 
"orld Tar. 

(loth ) Carrie Aae:aiae Sopar b C,uasqUi'=tor.,I07;a. , 

June 8, 1854; resides 1- ^- '"- "- "r " ; '■ ' ' . Lo.^ 

A /v /' 

Angeles, California, a v.oiaan of superior qualities; she 
and her husband are members of the 3a::tist Church. 
M Oct 14, IB 5 Louis ^dsitb b Deoorah, lov/a, 

Jug 8, 1852; bock-keeper; travelling salesr^an; and sr-x-; 
merchant; \-7as in businoec at Cherokee, Iowa, for 

manj: years; then renoved to Los jingeles, Calif.; 

(I4th\ Lav.-rence I.ansoK alsitt b Cheroko e,Io-..a, 

Proprietor of the Adsitt Clothing Co., at 
Chorokee, lov^a. 

K Aug il, If09 Lela ilaud Gillett. 
(iSthjl^ ilar-Jorie Hollis Adsltt 

b Oct 20, I9I0. 
(Isth^ Ccrclyn Adelaide Adsltt born 
Dec 5, I?II. 
(I4th) Louis Hj-nrinfE Adsltt d Ap"" 'E, 
1888; manber of flri'i of Adsltt Clotlilng 

CQ-2.1.J. I , CheroiceQ, Io^,a. 

j^ Jun-3 "j, IVI7 Vira x^li^.teth' 3ralnf=rd, 

(15th) I^ccioc ^raincrd ^cisitt born 
Jan 17, Ii'18. 
(l4thA V.illia"- Carroll idsitt b Sept 18, lafe?. 
Graau-ted frcn los .^Jiceles, Calif, high school lix?; 

and rTcn Colle^o there. Znlisted in the Sf-ilentb' 
Trainir.r Corps at Lcz an£els, Sept., I9I6; honoracl;- 
disoViiir^^nd Doc, IV18, 

(I2th^ Geno 3op=;r; resides at '.Tashta.Iov.a. 

(I2th cs-eriiticEj Twin, Slizaheth rhitOj b 7,iEcaEsett, Lie., Tsr. I', 
IS30; d at 7,'heiiton,Ill£ . , Jiily 6, I9I6; for man:- years livo ' 

at 204 Franklin St., 7nieaton,Ills. Sha had a fine education ir 

IJaine and was a very successful teacher East and '.Vset. 

She and her husband were faith^il ne.-.bers cf the ilethodist 

M Jun.3 lb, I85I 7.'illlan Lev;is Gary b Ponfret ,Ct., 

July V, 1628; a u.u.g 29, I9C5; live 3 at Gang's ^lills Settler.ent^ 
Ills.. I834C— — 1874; al'ttr that resides at V.neaton.Ills. 
rarayr and bc:ri:er; Cit;.' Treasurer of V,heaton,IllE. ,Id?7-- 

IUV8 & liOI 1902. ireeident of the Villa£'e of .Vheator., 

Ills,, vrhen it was incorporated as a City. Re-.iiolican. 

(iSth^ John iidbcn Gary b Oct 19, ISb2; died 

Aii£ 10, 1S'16. 
II ilch 8, I87o Zulia j-. ilattice , who now 

resides at 47iy 6th Ave., Brooklyn, ",Y. 

(I4th) P.alph Leroy Gary b Jan 25,IS77. 
(iSth) '.Tilliar. Sverett Gary b Gary's liills.llls . , 

A'-ig I.'v, 1868; resides 204 Franklin Strecjt, 

y/heatcj, Ills. :;ivt-)ci frcn t:-)e "arr- tc '..'h^citrr., i ' Ir , 

ir. 1874; cle-z; .tssietunt Uiin.: Cashier; 5-j.r:J: Cas'ilFr; 

nor.- a Banircr. City treasurer of 7,hT:aton,Ill3 . , I:-9G — i i; 

and I900---ie-C3— I?04.:'.&i:ubliean, H^ ar.d 'li^ vife 

are ci' the G^i'^ Ler.oriil Lletl.caist Gl';"--';-., 


1,1 Oct 2t, li'GI Jennie Liir,j r.iido b V.heaton,!! 1e . , 

Llay II, 13 70; daughter cf V.'illitiT. Chtirch I.udd an-:. 

ilir'.t L.^:;or Croutt , r;ho , afti-j:^ their na'-ria^e, 

live' at V,l:eitc:i,Ills anl liar ion, Zansas, 

(I4th\ Robert ^U-i-ene Car;- b ',Theaton,Ills. , 

J-jne 10, 1904. 

i^e 5th chill of Joanna Hat horn d Soloncn '.Thlte. 

(I2th generation) Sophia Arji T.'Mte b Aixff I5,ie?4; 

resides at AufUBt a, Kansas. 

LI at Xanesville.Ills. , V.'ari Isor-'ris. 

(iSth ) Tlr-eo daughters. 

!i?he 7th chill of Hc-m^a ilathorn & Solomon ""hite. 

(I2th cenerationl Solonon TThlte Jr., b "iscassRtt ,i:e. , J-jnc S-; 

1833; re&ides Li'rjihaven,?lc->-io.a» ^:"rchant; Do"- cor at; I'-ee i„--?on. 

lived at Vittur. ,, 1870— I9IC; 3oiai--r In the Sth Ills, 

Gavalr^. , erillEtod Sect Se.ICoI; honorably diSTharged with 

ran)c of Sergeant,. 

ii at aone'/a.llls. , Se^jt 2t,ia61 ^1 len r.Bxiter b 

Osv,e;;c ,CilB., ...Y.; daughter of l.i-jhord 3a:-:ttr and Llrie 

Burr; , livol at St. Ciu-rles ,111s. 

(ItvhJ b.-n t-^t ■ die' in Infancy. 

(I.'^t'A ^l3ie V.Ute; -"-^siJes V.heaton.Ills. 

il C"-x-rlcs Gari'. L'o cMlfren. 

I":6 ?th ohil^ of H"-thorr i Solcr.en '.V'nte. 
{I2t,; generation) x^ranccs A'.'.^-'fta rr-iite b Oct 5, 1840 ; ' ; '-i-" * -' . 

•.lienjiit-, ^nl li-ve." at 3orton,il-infa; 

(I.lth) Jo.-nrh ^enAie. 

(iCth) ii-.o''.inc Hen:^e. 

(irth) Lottie Han-riie; dnceaseda. 


:-■ Jc; r n .." - te 

TeL 1-, 154; 

(1:^4 ^11. J3— --■; ;,::ite b T/iccaCLett , I.e., .Tov ' 

'■ucia'js ..a..l.3 :.--.-, II'' f; Trent ..-ct in he- nhillhced. 

i: at Cilc-:c ,111s. , r?t .-;,lK6y G:a er. i.e :fe. 

(Ict:-.^ Jran:: i^V-fe b Jar Z'^ , I?7i; 3 Ilr^^ .-^j i< 
na:_e of r-ifs not sent, 

J ^^^*")l --1-^i Xoc-e; c!-;CeaEeai. 

(I4t>) r,,ar.=is :Leofe; Cece-eed. 

(I"tli} Preston ^.iieofe "b Seit 7, IS78. 

(lo'th) Ja-es n.ieefe b Oat 14, 1' ^'C; d Jin 2:, 

2 -c .id cl'iild of ^iniel H- thorn i Hannah Gcj.ld, 

(Ilth ^sener?.tion}^^^::u'-.o:, xiithorn t llch 2f,i:-C4. 

(Ilth eenaraticn) Scl-nf (Sowan) Hat'xrn b ^.sn I'lISOS; 
Live: a at .ittsfield,_a. ;; ilar^ Hackell. 

(ir.tli! ler'orGE 

natijcrn; na -e of T,lf6 net sent, 

il3th\ Rali:h £at; 
(I2th) 51orf.n3e Hatitorn. 

m(Ist) George thor.pson, brothGr of Jose-h I'^'iiitxco--. , 
- x>**.-x.--. ^i5?»^ I-'-.-'iaKt olr 2ittEfi9l5,:.e. 

(Ilth generation) Hartley Kathorn b 'i','oclwi.oh,i:e. , 7"^, 2? 

I80S«; 1 La; o, IS38. All of his life r^as spent at 

".7ool7rich,:.:s. ; tcj-ools of that torn; a ven;- sucoessful fa-Tier. 

A starTv r.ev.ublloan,' of" rr^at help in his native tov,?; in 

all worth;- enterprizes; he and his v;ife ver;- helpful r;;er!,b = r-i 

in tir, BaptiFt Church. 

m(lst) Cct Ei;,I3oc;- Glij ore 2ennctt b Cld 207.t.,:.--. 

Jan 7, lees'; d at V.'c: : v/leh, Lie., Dec 9, I?49; cchooi-j cf 

V,oolv;ich,^i. ; the dav^^hter of Johji Bennett and An:-.a ^llr.ore 

of ■:7uol\vieh,::e, 

il IZiii) -li3ab?th I.V.-hita fc 2rss-. en.Llo. , ila;- I, 13.^-; 

aiad cl V.'oolTach,.:'^. , :;■ -o V, I?12. 

2^3 cliild-^ftn all Vorn at '„'cclT,lch,l,:a. 

ChilcirG.-i of the l£t ria"riaee: 

i at iltvG_-lelJ,..:., ;:ov i;;, 1^1;.. ^-e- 1 ..-i- - 

7.oo''-,,ich>,l>. , sho reRiP'e- -''or ;; tl: e at ■---.• 

:ie. . ani th-; ^t rittcri.ld...e. , o- tort.-— £i_, .-^ 
She •iis einG3.rei in th^, zcr.colc of .roolv.dch.^r-. , 
an-1 sh^ and ;:-r husV;,nd v,.:re ;.;en.ters of the ^j. 
C:-urch, tut in their l^ter ^-ea-s thev ^itte-ieo f 
U.iive-Sulist Chnv-ch. Ctitu.-^:'- ..-c . ^>^n -?^g . ; = ttt(.. .; : ._) 
^hite . cn^ of rittsfleld -s -es^^ecte^ anl ajed lu-6i , 
pac£;9l^v,-- abciit 4:43 ...X,-. Saturia,. nomine. Jcv i,: - 
It I'-, at the .-^cne .-x . ^r caii-hter.^.-: .^ar. i.l!..-:-, 

iio.T.o-set ^ve. She had bees 111 for a f.-u ^t=^-. ^ 

3:ie hac: bean ^ reside.^t of -itiszi^li fcr --; 

years, heinj the T:ido/, of 7, /ate. vhijse ."..ath 
occurred about seven ^-^ars Her five c.a-i^Mer:; 
^•ere rlth her at the tir.e of her ^eath. . a-r 
alsc iTC sens, ^ton :.Mte of iM-ista, Ih. . . 

ATthitr ;,-hite of I7cntana. rlic ha^ been ^11 h hJ c roti.e: 

for a veek, Ihe funeral eo-vIooe were hen z-rrr- 

hore of the daiK-hter. Lr^. ''■."■.r, 

Jleven O'clcch,, r.ev. _.a..','--l- v_t c 
bearers were C^.'.., 

at Eleven O'clcch,, "ev. ..^.-,-:,ht ^^Ici.vt i: r-. The 

Oocli-e. :^c flcr^l tril:ut = . ho:-e siV-n^ t^.ti.:,,^- 

of the lore and re-ard of;r Ehe Inter.-. 

Tvas in t2ic Vill.~o oorcter.-.^' e is s.irvlve 

l;^ ne-^ si^ 

iirs. ^-.-in Ca-lto-- .l./l.. 

Jrotherj^ iithcrn, ans b- 

; Irolt, an^ ty >, 
ler half bitter, ^.i^; 


a Hatlxrn of Glencilvp.^cnt^na. ' 

.liii: Jennetx ii_i,t.-ic: 
n the £.o:noclc cz 

n.I^CI; ^ .;:- 21, IVCI 

jtUT'l. olri I^ai 

as the ::::ite r-'il- r-^c:--^ ; 

ite t ■■.■cclr.ia? 

r-.^rbe-'^ o '!' the 

(l''th fsn2rj.ticnJ licry iaira- 

Jar; 14, i::57; resides 

T.oolv.icli ■* riltsfield, 1 

Unlversalif : church. 
LI Jan 21, IS"° Sv-nk ^''.13^ 2il:;:er rorn 

Irc:,^e., i..2}i 10, I8r4; }ias rssi-^ed in the l.alne 
tci.ns, -re;, ;..;-. i£ ten, '..-tcrrilis i iittsfi--ia, .ic'^-cl.i 
of 2ro; ,L.e, ^lerchant.r.f^r-a'bli-an. ?re2 -.Ic-.Fon.Oii jelloi.. 
(I4thi 5.he-a Haiel r-i'r--r Ts Pitt ?f isle. ,:„;-. , 
10, IS^'C; schools of iittsfiel-l.^.e. ; r:er.her of 
tho Universali.^-t Charch. 

:: at i-itt£ficia,"-. , D'='C 12, iec5, 

Georre iVelllnrtcri ilirihall > i:^^":''. Dirz.or.x ,^,- , , 

July 25, l''.s;5; rchoolE cf ,;:e. i 3c-.n,-c:- 

il'3.^ i^uGir.esti Ocllo^-e. .4 cahinet maJzer ar'.'-" hc:;;- 

kee^^t-v; ".epuhlican. "rue ilafon. Th- son of G'"^ 

Gusta-^'t-s ^.->lX"-"^' Xli'-tall & i:?.ry Dnna Iresoctt 

cf I'ittsfield.lle, 

(Ifctli £:er.eratior.) I;:!:; 
b .v-;e 7, 19 II. re- -ration] ^c r. d, in in^_nc, Cct.,ISGI. 

(ICuhJ Ij_v^_:it3r d in inrunc;- ^u jp-j^ 
(iSth) Zll. Je-nie ;vMt. >, ,,, ,,.,3,,. ,, . ^ ^. 

^Vcol^vlch, ::e,, en the oil Trctt Iloiesteau; -^si/^s 
Cnset" , o-^ ~'areh.:i,-:,I..ass. 

lA lec^ it i;edrc-d.:;aEs., -^itor H-:-- Lail^-- > 

HocVlar.'^,;:e.. i:ch CiDJ II, I6C4 ; bi^ • --.• c -.— • 

r... ::.n .ic. 1^C6387 ' ^ ^ " 

fI3th] ^tcr L:j ?o>-est Vhite t Pitis ^iel,: ,-f . , _^:^ 
I.. 1^70; r-5Sldes 22 Chiivel 3t. . ^^-us^a, ::ai-.£. Ic ^^ 
?«b.,Ioci. rri.t.r; Re^^a^llc^n; .tten^c th. Cniver.,lU, : 
U Jime I-. irey at 2itt£fi(.id.:.e., ,.:>- ^.^vst.' 

lavlcr bcrn Freadon.Le. . ^c> :^.IS73; th. da'-^hter 0; 
:iai-«ond^IanC^a ra;lor . ^lon ;;aii. :)aniorth of 

the La. to;.-x, Jreeio-, -^,.111 and littsfield. 

(I2th] .dn^ i,^ ;VMte b ::ch 25, 1".; ^..^.^g 

at Gl :iidivo,l.ontana; 

schools of 2ittsfic-ld,::.^. 

i£ie ::aude "iiite b iresden.l.e. , Jv_no .'■ 
187o; resides ;, Ceorce St., ntts-l-rld .I'a. 

S^nt much data for t^s Hatho-n ^sto-y. 
A nenber of thn Chiroh. 
i'l ilar 4, i.jpg "iiiian Leander Percival horr. 

at AUc.iEta,::e., oct 12. 1674; lived In 

r-,_r-uLlio ■i; !:-■-.-■ r p.t cf ^yhtlas; e.-.tend^: the Ur-i'.-«-r^iili:. t 

(I4th) T-ill:i2-; 'ioddari rerjival b r^a 3,1;.^ 
<ohjol3 of ii:t3fijli, ::e, ani irj'.lna 

•Jentrril Inv-titato, ^ittsfi ol^i.-.a. 
{lZVii\ .c-t'i-i- JcnT-er TMte b Anr; 17,1878; ^ in s. :-:c£,.i.. 

at AUi;urtta.,-e. , Apr ^"^S, iri5. Llvod for 7 reara at 

Uedloin Laira , ^lontana; ct^ns her.- at tlic ti:;? of his 
mother's 1" Rt illness. :','est to .i'>io''-if t a , He., to recsiv-; 
surgical treat!r;ont. The fimsral acrviios were fro-- -he 
home, of hia sister, Perclval, :^^^ S3th; the sercion t„ I 
wi.ij.Trright of the Universalist Churah.The baarers: ".'illia."-: 
Phillips. ;-Iarold 1-hillips, ? . li ,i,:a;'o , and H9l"cr Pre^-oott. 

Intan:ie..-c at the Villacra cemetery.*' :i^o hor.o v.-a3 at 
Pittsfiel.i, i^e,, until nis thirtieth year; then he 

rosidei at Scoby ,--cntana, ani in other Llontana tov/n3.:,--s livin; 
on "his nciiiestJad at Scoby ...loutana , v.-hen he -.Tas caller' to ..• 
by the illneas of .lis mother, i'i^rner; r.epublic^n; att ;nled 
the Universali-"t Church; net a ne:nber of Socret .iociotioQ. 
Uot Harried." 

(iSth £,eneration} iV-5 2nd child of Hartley ir:-thorn. 

Han-a"i Goiild B^t'-.^-'m h Cct r:2,ia::5; iie.\ Cct 12, 165.":. 

(i2th generation) xi^\z7-," Ivathcrn b Jc'.n 9,13??; dvceasc-d. 

(I2thl ::i"-in .iorace Kathorn h Jujie 21, IB4C; resigns at 

/ .Voolv.-ich, l.'aine. 

{I2th ) _:ii::ab.jth Gil!'.o--e Hathorn b S'-pt 7 1842; resid-- 

Vr'oolvvich.Le; now at "eiTi::. -c^-i.^^ass. 
ii a'. V.oj wich.l^c. , 2'., IS57 ^d\;a:"d il.Ca"llon 

(ISx> ) :.ora ^.G-rlton , V,oclv.ic:i,„ . , 
Cot IIj, I3o8; reEi'l-.i- I..errii:.iG-';,i..u: £. ^vli,. 
of ^■.00" vrichil^e, 

^i Gacri^e 3.p->-e2le of V,o ol-.lcli.i/x^, 
::ill3rer born at '^:srr±jidia::,..^i s . 

(I4th) Za:-ol3 ^^.I-Vole 1^ ^si' ^V,; 
(I4thJ Lloa?xr ll.Erecle o J-ili IZ,. 


tion} il.-thorii 


j.ori. b jell ^.Z,1l,'z':; 
alv,::;-3 in woclvichjlle; now at V. .v;oi^l;'i3"i,i:e. ; sc^.volc of t':_t 
torn; ' atteV'B the yirsi Baptist c:v,i--c^h. 

.1 Jen I, IS67 ■,.-llliar. Grai" Irott h,.. -. 

Jul; 31, I2:;6; .i Se-t ,:;:;, 1905; schools of V."ccl-vviGli,;. ■■ . 

3er-ccrat; ten of Davi.?. ?rott an."i llehitahle of 


(i:;th generation) .^eiiitable I'rott b Z-il., I4,IS^r'; 
d ...oh 2Q, 18V9. 
(I3tii ffoneriticn) ^vurett u.Iro^t b Oct 2S,I::;7&; 

iie&ides .,r..';hi:c^;'tor., J. G. Ir-Si^ctcr of J. J.Li^htli' ^^es ; 
3chool3 of Vi'ocli.-ier.,„e; un:::e.rried. 

(I3th) Cc-lton 1::. x-ott b U^c HC . I37£; fisiic-^on 

at vroolT-,ich,l.o; Ecr.cols of ^hi.' tov.n. 

li "ft:'t II, I90S Gertrude T.iLt-'-^-son. 

(I4t}ij| i.illiird :j Er^'-t t 
(loth) uary lu. 'Irott b Jac 23 

(15th) I'lla J .xrctt b J-il;- L'O, I?76; 

M Oct IV, ivo;- liaro"..^ r. 

-Ipr 2 7, leo'r. 
I87Z; d :.ay "-:,I37 


_i.i2aDetii L.V.";iite. 

--j..i5sd at „c-lrlch,..e, ,,—'-' 

„c-:t:-ii^. rias. iival in ^cnta^.i sinc^ l-.Su; ioi- fiv- ;-:_: 

G" er"- 0- tlie Jt^".'3 i^os-ri of r-rion=-; nc'.. en^^aisa in cl;-'ica: 
woris:; --tencis the :..;.iscop:il Qhnrch. 

(I2xii i-3r.sra1:icn) ^arf-i.mecta Hathorn b 
.;ov.,I?03. ::ar'-i.-,.-i V.illiaa iet i.eee. 

.Itsrt xi^tlicrn b ^-c Z, I85C; -e3iacs 

S. I?6: 

■he btli chilcl of Daniel liatbcrn i Hanr.ah C-OMld. 

Illth i:3neration) .Unart rlathrrn t Jan II. ISII. 

"H9 re:;.ovc.-- to Bath, I.s., ar.d he ar.^ his v,-ife die^th^ 

; iiar;- .vi£-asta iLithorn ^ ?eh 26,1315 i 
li-i aa'vhter of Seth Hat hern 

{I2th reiiov-ation) filler. A-icaata^rn >• V,col",'i2-: 

Oct 5, IC45. 

(I'iuh) Flcra Z.stel2::uiathorn h ^.-a; .'?2,I34S; ".r-r.-'-ied. 

{12trS ^ver^tt I^elville xiathorn d Jul;- 8,1850; '.innva- 

"Jor fuller data writs -rs Ucllic rl. .Va-— en,:V. .7rol.-ic 

(nth -ereraticn} .-ari- iithcr.i b Jujio li , ISI4. 
11 kr.'.Va^-^en. 

(121 h £eTJir3.tLoz:] 6or.; IL, xi?llie Ji ■,V,"Voolvi' 

(Ilth generation^ Sovihla iiatlxirr, 'o La;- ", lOi"; die; 
at 2alu;-ra, l-e. - - 

lla^-ried ;Villia ?I^shell, ^en^T:.x±oni .Is. Cs.-'±e Llliot^ 

(12* ;i' Lc-i >f Hj.-' ^1".. 

C--T1S a nij Cat'-le ranche at Slon'-lvo^^.ontana.. ' 

; h^th, -'.c. , ^.ur I, 1853. 

.C-n II, lol^ 

aS t'la ti'-tlis of hi.^ cill'^.ren cl-i>^.rV c>X'-.;, "--"■ rri.cve" 
to i;cv»doinlia.:,l.>3. , at quite an o::rly ciate li/^ter his 

r.a-''ri^~e; i.'ia ras x ben ioaaie!'. at Dr-nsd'sn,^.-'. In all oi' f.:^--: 

to-ms Mo sturic" ana honest Qualities na?.-? "lir. a ver.- tj,1u,l1; 
citizen. liis reL^ovals did not shov; th.- spirit of a "rclli.ii- 
c-tone tiiat fathers no r.oss," Cut reveals tie e"C"=i Lsnz traits 
of Lis pioneer ano-^stors ridnl;' inlieritad. He icokal ovyr thj 
lands am prospects in nsv; tOi.:i£ as carefully as nis a r.-;::.-- 

ancistore nai don3 v.iiin xhe,- iefr their noues in ^.ass. fcr 
tne coat of Laine, Ra prospereT far rore taan tiijse 
-1^^^ consta.:* soij:, -.-c.r ,"xhis "••i02;3 place is fjocd encu^h for r.e.''' 
He was ve v practical in a: 1 of his plans and J-saliriFS. 
Hfl had a q,uai:".t vein of hitior, whica would surel; hav-3 £-ivtn 
hln the opportunity for a ring-inp laugh that rculi havt. riai""-: 
uh: ^^luo veils echo joyously if he could have read •."h..t 
a "l:-;tur-, of a^surditi'is one naie In Trritinr of M= fa ily ar.:" 
Ha'OjDrn Line. It is t hv'-a eirpr-jssed,*'' J.; es Hiitljorn \ as of C---. -in 
^-traction, an- nis chJ.ldren droppey the e and t; in :heir 
Harthorne na:ie, so that people v.oul-i not Kr.OT trder 3utch 
origin." ixLc pi.r^ Zn^lisr. origin ic cloarl, seen in the 
j-j-il: H:-Stori-, -in-^ 'le'S si^no.l his na/ie Hathorn, 
Ja:.i.^s Hatij-.rn l.r.^-'-ieJ at V.oolv.ioh.lle. , fov -fi '.' , ' I7£: 
—ar, Ih.vinc, corii at V,ool-.Tich,l.e. , J'>ily 31, I7c4; and did in 
iliai xo\.n, .w.r -i, 1:^05; a wcnan of ?teriin~ qualities; tr.e 
ia'J£:hter of Swire :;at ■i.t;iiel Th. in;; and AEi^ail jreeno'Ji^h, 

,, ,,, I,.e I... ot.te. 4 - - iren. 

{lOtl: ^i-neration) J-^.^::. Hr.tixrii b ,.ool'viGh,..c. , Jxin; I, 
1735 ; cli3i at J.c~icins.3;\,:.o. , Jan I, 181:0, ap-ef. 39 ;•?—■; =::' 
7 ;-o:i'th3. He a vcr;- sueeaasful eabi2u''t n::]:-::- j.t 

iio^.Taoinhii'- ,!t-5. , Aaf hi? r^r:.'- vas ner/'' the Villare, "iiib cl "i ja. !!;■ 
j:iQle, containin-r- tlis oate of hla ma'^riaj-'i, an', other ij-.rc---- 

tant recoras, i.^ i^a^l::-^ arra- at D e-'J'^ <';"'" i Coloraao , ai^.on ■ th-j jco:s 
0" hlb rrand-aa'.i^'.^tsr, llrf. Isabel Ho-.vard, vhr la r;C". In 2a''-i5, 
rrance, ar.d' re^:ain thore ror Eocis ti_i9." 

Jai--'.-=:S Hathom 1., Isabella "co^ciie born Brunc, ie>-,l'.e. , i .o II, 

I7i7; tie -a; say, L .c I7,I7'i3; dial at jowdolna-.r, ,:;e. , , 
u,i:r ir, I3c:-'.3,h-i was dt;SG ;naant of the celebrated I.ev.Tdllia.': 
.Tocf.sid^ of :in;n&v.'lc}:,I.e. 

(Ilth ErDn'BrationJ I.obe-^t Sr-^ar Hathori. b Jul.' 23,I?IC; 
died in the winter of I35£..i- tollo'.ved the sea for 
man;^ i"'^ar3, cir.d finalli" settled dcv-r. at ■,;-lninrton,L'. -. 
He a very efficl?int stevczore. 
ilarriea 3;i,an Llary V.'ray , a noble ladj- of Kugiiei.ot 

"iJo records of t?ao children have been fctmd, 
and ti:- rcletlvas fe$l sure that i-hete were none 
in this hap2:y hoKe." 

(Ilth) ^.ar;- Ann H-ithcrn b ::ch 25,121.'^; ? a.i„ 4, 
I8I2, a^ed 4 r.xnths. 

(Ilth) 1-ar. Tav,iE£: nathorn b July 3, I3I5. 



iJ,l--C. a^^: 

■c'. rears:, a 

;-er ■•> 


zhb r 

esl ai- 

i £.:". -1-.0, 

..ft., for at 

ii-s, a: 

.' th^.n 


re tc 


.. ^here t..^ 


-^ J 


Jr.iii^Tlin li'-V.l 

er . v,-}x li- 

. ,1 at 

L,, . 

..: = ., 





:i £;aneration^ 

"Iheir cnl.' e" 

lili, aJor-::o J--^ 



PT, nj."-rie-. 

a lady froa 

i; 37,110 rt 

.!..'-.» ?o- 

, -,,. - 


they hasd 

a r'.Eta^irant 

at Eoc 




they had 

the lar£:ost re 


.:: «" "^ 


ie£,Iov.-a-' (: 

:c repMes to le 

.ters as 


- (lit 1-1 

r-er^^itior.i C-^ii 


Hat horn 

b ^ur 




•■us lost at sea ?.>r-at 


time t 


ler CrleanG 

,Ii. , wad 

Daptured by 

the Hot 

them t 

oroes, " 


BliW t 

lat his Shi 

had Tisleare 

d fre- 

Hew C 


for i 

aiie ens 

tov.Ti, Ireland, 

and no furth 

er ne- 

t fror 


ever c 


to ua. --■-: 

-■arried in live- 

rool, Z 


or on 

the Isle 

of ^li 

n, iHicaheth 

\vl-ir;3hey; they 


for ar 

rj.l9 i.-'i 


; but 

Ehe r.=malnGa 

in z.r^l3.vA v/he-. he 



on his 


voyase in 

the barh Cali-ornia.^' 

■ter th' 

t --e 

never hoj-rd 

iron her. 

rhey h.-ad no 



re nor 

atio^X :.:urth>. 

Jane Hat:irn 


^pr ?; 


d 7 

e>) z; 

18--:, ar 

ed 25 .years. 



2C. IS4S Z: 

'.vard CEcTOOi. ITo 





izr.teth ria+hcr 

n b ::ch I8,i3r:c; ^ 

In D^ni 

- i , 



Jan cr , 


H in Lev,i3ton,i:e. , ::ov.,iy,.M Joseph Crlllns, vrhc diec 

at Salem ,:..asc. 

(I2thl Ihe OT.''-- child, Ifabclla Collins, 
ill Chas.xiT :■■; iiov.'ard; frcr. vrhxr. she ';.as divcroed, 
" She and her nothor tiian went tc 

■been co::sii---abl;- iii^p^ii-ei. In -^-ly, itc& s"-- ,■-- 

t: t:^ p-:x5lrcite" ^rfcciticn iri TariG .Trance , ar ^ "i^s ..-^ 

."=t rcturnei. 3he 13 an expert bcol: keepflr an? Et---_ 

0£:rai:her, 3-4 one of the T^-posltion Corjnicsior.srs i- ~ n-,- 
sot her ?. i'in- " position f.lth the ^-.erioun ijc.-le :orr__.,^-^ 
with whon she v.or;:ea until the close of the ■.l::! ositi.; -., 
She then octalnei a position -^-Ith a fir.- 

in Paris, and she enjoys her worh very r.uch. " 

(Icth generation) Her only chili lived but a 
a few rr.ontha, 

(nth gene-ation) Ha--riet ll.Hathorn b Jan 4, IBZZ; ^ at lo-s- 

Hain.ljje., Jan 25, 1395. 

1^ 3ec 26. IS 41 leouara -;.|llinctor. -ledfori r/hodiei Jan.,I3;i 

(inth) "2herg v/jre nany children in the far.ily.^r.e da":, h- 
ter.l^rs.Jar.ea Tarr. lives on the old Bedford hcr.33t--;d. 
BOv I'.O.zcx 1:0 S.Iopshiin.lle. 

(nth) -lllla-i ;;• odslde iithcrn b J^Hy 4. 1825; d in Boston, 

I'-ass., Dec EC, 1862, aged 37 years, 
i: ?ei 24,1351 Susan Crilla HlL-cins b .Ich 9, 1930; d De :■ I^ 
laoi; dai-hter of Capt.rillla;^ :flc~lns and Sus..n TeBlanchi-i. 

(She :; (2nd) Jan 25. 1858 Curtis tiav^yer of Iisoon.r-. , x:-^ 
(JDied I8?4; no ch^la-en' of this second marrla£Q.) 

(I2th) •"illla- ^£,iins Hathorn aied ^ug 3,1852. ,IZ -onThs, 

(I2th} ChJ.ld did at eleven nonths.. 
(I2th^ £ut;an Hithorn d Sec 14, isr.-^ ; resides 

Bo'.7doin}-Lin,-e. Care of ;7. V.Ch_.-?nan. 
i: ::ov b. 1979 George L.-ilnt of Topshan.llaire, 


torn Co: 0. I83G; stable l:e-Lper. :op3ht^-:^o. ; 


son of Sa.-'.ual ^.aint L Har- Goad. 

(13-th) ..-.-J Isicel :.ui-it t I'.a;- I, 



Tvesides 2c-:.2h.a-:;, Lie. 


il Jan I, leol Fred 7,-ill Jack b 

Tcishar- ,.,.-?. 


Jan 25, 1 875; lumber r.erchanf, son of 

^bion J^---: 

(lothJ wallaoe G.L. ;nint fc Apr 27, 



(I£th generation) :-t^rriet Isabal Hathorn b June 

6, 1853. 




Hesidgs 3--.r\?i.n, ..a, 

Zoh ir., 1879 George RGnry Staples b ?eb 17, 19??;; son of Alden Staples. 

(ISth^ Llia Crllla Staples b Zaz^ 4, I?33. 

(ISth) Bertfea Susan Staples b 7eb 27, 1587. 

(ISthJ Albert A.Staples b June 2, I89I. 
(ISth) Vir^;!! Henry Staples b Sept 6, I9C0. 

;i2th. ) "iVillian Hirgins Hathorn b Jan 6, 1351; died 

Eov 29, IdSI; unnarriel. 
(l2tW George ilartin Hathorn b Llch 6, 1852; 4 at i nontL.: 


9tli child of Jar.33 Hathorn. 
(nth generation) Illnerva Susan Hatl-£irn b Llch la, 1323; 

d at 481 Halsei- St., Broc.:l;'n, IT.Y. "She haa snfre-e.: 

lauch from rheujT-.atian, and hs\d had a paralytic Shock; 

but was very brave and cheerful at ail tines. -a-° fins 
help with this history. rublic"- i private schools of 
Bowdoinh-i"^.,:.:e. , and in F.achel Cvren's fanous schcl , as ^ell 
as in a Boarding School at Topshar.,L:e. 

LI at revTton, L:ass., Jul7l6,I8bS Ch^vrlor, Francis Harris 
born xrovidence,?..!. , , and lived in ::c-.-,ton, Llass. , 
until the Civil ,ar. Ho then rer.ovol to 

Topshar ,:.■>. J Jvcr. t;ier.oe ho jenT to Bq- to^jllars . v-; -.-.•^s 
a tri!33 r.-r.urac-tu--er. £e 7.-iiB bora T-.o 12,16^1; a 

in'.. ;.ay 7, Iev8; the son of Joh-i ^erri;- , 

v.'ho Eoven xo x-ansas Deforo the birth of this son ;h_;. 
His n,ot--.3"r died ac Provld^-nce ,...!. and his I'^tht-r 

married a cecond time, so tnat llr.Ghas. Ilerrlss 
had half brothers and eistars living out '.Vest, 

(I2th) ^nnio Isabel I^erris b Il9wton,::ass. , 

!,:ay 5, 1859; d i'ro:n consijnptlon Sept 10, 
1863; and is btu-ied in llour.t Hope cemetery, 
Boston, llass. She rent to "oston, llass, , at 

the close cf the Civil :,ar and attend e- the 

lothrop School for Girls, from r.hieh she grad- 
--- -- uatea, the youngest girl in her class, ana took 

the first diploma, 2he faster cf this Schccl ttsc 
r;obert Swan; scholars under 15 years were not 
then adnitted to the 'Boston high schoo], -^n-: 
tr.e T,-as then only 14 ye^rs old. ',7hen she 

graduiited fron that high school she was to^ 
enter the Komal School and prepare herself lor 
a teacher. '.Vhen she was thjr ugh vrit'i the jidvaLcec 
Clasj T.'ork she sectired a fine position as a booio-ke per, 
After a tir-.e her hejilth failed. 

(iSt;-^ T('illi£jr. Lllery Llerris b Ilevton.Ilass. , 

jiug I'i, ISSI.r.esides Zi6 Stuyvesant Ave., 
Broc>ayn,K,y. Attended the Bri::-r-er So:-ool for 
Boj. t-' at Boston, llassc,. but lie ret rradiitte, 
as, Just before his gradui'.tlnr tice, he 
T.'as offered a fine position in an office. 

After a yeai' he was er.ployed by ariSther 

fiiTii, where he renaino^? for seven yea-s. 

He b'3--ir.- v.r. 0--:r,r.rt hocid:-. i;:r. In Aj:^. ,i^;-: 

s. chance to £o to Gclcr^-c cr. an a^.viuLce' 

a.xil he reciiinsd Tilth xriat Oolcr-udo ^Irr. 'n 

He T,-as tr-en er-.rlciea ov another excel. ert 

rhioh in a i'e\i months sent hir; to 


^here he renaincd for two ;-oa'S. Then the Co.:.-.! ^ 
ar-poin'tfed hi::. A-j.ditcr o.' all trieir TTorkF, -ith 
heaiquirters In l.'.Y.Citj. This Co, cv;i3 the li.r£c 

ifceltin^,- & Ko fining V.ork:,. Llr.l.errls atte^er tho 
Church of the Good 3hephcrd, ar,d ils a can of 
truly sterlirxg qualities, 

ii Sept Z-:, 1832 ilai Lincoln Buckland bo-n 

Bu-ffalo, l^-.y. :.ay 5, 186 5; the daughter cf 

Andrew Bucl:land; a lady of superior qualities. 

(iSthJ Idarlcn Kathorne I^errie t ^.r I?,I^?o; 
although the ycunsest boy in his ol-i.?t-cs 
at school, he alnac^s led ther all. Is !^r;-:_tl- 
devotod to his studies, and to music, with 
the promise of Ealrine a wonderful musician. 

(iSth) Margaret Grace Herris b Jan 2';, 1893; 

a brilliant scholar. 

2he lOth child of Ji..- _s Hathorn. 

(nth feneration) S.^nuel I^^ving- Hatliorn b BowdolnhtrV:':. , 
K^r 20. I82C; d at 3o= ton.I^ass. , „iiy 27,I3i;4. For^- 
years he md been a verj' successf^ol Ir.,lnBocton 

and also held an i:iportant position in the Public Library. 
ii Eliza H?.s.:ell o^' Lisbon, or TTebster, ::e.,; daughter 
of Cyrus Has]:ell. 

(l£th) Gecrgo Haskell Hathorn b ^r.,I862. 
{l2thJ Clara Hasltcll Hathx>rn. 
(I'th) Daughter. 

(nth ren-. raticr.) iavia V.^Jte d tlxirn li 3ct-''o IrJit; 
Arr 20, iSjO; d lleh 5,1322. 

^Ije Lt^a chili of J- -les Hat/x-rn & ilarj- IhTrir.g. 

(lOth ^er.oritlon) Uai^' V,"illia.-s Hatlxrh t 2o'..'.'.ti:JiCL , 

ke., Lot I!t , 1753. 

ii iiov 2C, 1807 Jcse^li T.vVheeler, 
(II' j) *-ar:da Jheeler. 

li John Adar.s Shoades. 

{I2th^ Alice ^.Hhoads resides 2uetlo , ColorLtdo. 
II lilchael i:. Fitch, 

doth £,enor-tiori) Susanna Hathcrn b Bov/iolnhan, Lie., 

Uovt 2£, 1739; i at TTlnfhrop, l^e., Zov 2y,I622. 

il in M-ool..leh,:.e., Sept II, I8II Jonathan T/hltirr of 
wirthrop. Me., horn L'ov 7, 1786; d at TTinthrop, ile., 

Nov 25, 1350. , 

T^e children were horn at "inthrcp. Lie. 

(nth) ilvira nliitlng h A'-£ 16,1312, 
(nth) Lj'Sanler Gsnond TThitiiif b L^aj 10, I8I4; die' 

Ai?r 18,. I3I5. 
(nth) Susun Plavilla T.'hitinf? h Jan II- IS] 

died Feh 28, I8I7. 
(nth) Urar.ia Llerritt v;"j.tire t) -ipr 1" , 1818. 

I '.e 4th child of , Jaj-:es Hat horn d Liar; . 
(lOth aeneraticn) Miirtlia IhTrtng Hatr^rn h Drescien.LIa. , iiept 
25,1792; d Jar. 7, 1857. 

M Juno 1, I8I0 Philip Earhoj: r 3aco,i:a., Lloh 5, 1783; 
d at So-..3oirJia''.,Llo. , Juno 25, ISS9 a£ed 50 yearb. G© 

He cane tc Zo^r ie Inha: , Lie., iron Ms nafl-v- tcv.r. 
of Saco,, or r.o:,iolv BilJefor :,:..c. , c'.::(' ;7as a r_:-. -- 
e>:c:ell.=;nt char^ic+'-r .:-.o was the sen of Kufus laroo;.; a -. ^ 

:^a^t\ha Golithv.aite , and a £-rani:=oi. cf Joseph Ii^--dn:-;, 
French H-ariie not, who rarrled In Boston,-uss. , atcut 17-/; 
Llary Solcher, ana settlel near 3iaiefo:-d,L.e. ; v/Vera r-^ 

reared a lar^^e ani fine far.ily. 

(nth) Philip Hill 2arto." b aor I, I3li; 
d Sept £9, IB52. 
M Oct 25, IB36 ilarii r.0£ers , whose £nd h-ast^rd 
wab Gapt, Lincoln Patten. 

(I2th] larbox b Jan II, I8Ce; 
d Jiily 14, I66I. 

- " (l'5th) Jose.h Tarl;o>- b i:ov I2,IS40; 

a ilerchant . i: June 7, 1366 
llarj- larned b Dv-dley, ilass., 2 IS-'C 
d Apr If:, IPBC; dan^hter of iarn: i 
and Lue;- Holmes, 

(1.3th) Florence Tarbox b Oct 27, 
ie67;-d Jan SG, IS53. 
(1th) PMlip Sidnei- larco. b Jnne 3, 1847; 

d Sept 14, 1849. 
(I2th) S^dnc;- larho:: b jov 12,1351; d 
isb 24, 1376. 
(nth) C:'r-a8 xarbox. 

(nth) iivander larbox ; nar.e of VTife not sent. 
No children. 
(nth) Llbrid-e larboy. b Lived at Aubra-n,.:e. 
Hane of nis v;ife not sent. Had children. 

(Ith);' iii^a 2arbox . 

i: Dec 6, 134- Consider Cr-.ith of^port .llsss. 



irf^ IT:. ^^3 of 2': I^-CT. net sprt. 

(nth) ..rolir^e I^tox. 

(nth) Llevollyn Xarlor. 

"'l^"lth'"chiir"o7janeE Hatho-n & L.:;r.- Tilling. 

(lOth generationJ i^der. or 1.0... 3^-uel i^thorn r 3oT.ici.- 

^an. i.e.. .ejt I.1.IV?4; iied at ... Garainc^ .:.. . , -.13.1353.. 

a,ed 54 years. Ln-ied in Bg-v^r inh^i Lld^c . ile. . ccnet.ry. 


He was crlainoi at Bcwdcinha:.. .... a. a Iree Barti.t 

nini.ter J^n 12. 13:^0. and soon after this be c.r:o the 

regular and ver, efficient Pastor of the ic.doinhar .i:.. . ."r. . 

5a::tist Chn-.-ch, ana preacheed there aVout 13 rears. Fo- Ecr.^ 

,ir.e T-ie services v.ere held in the -err;- school hcu.o.Chis 

rre. Baptist Church vras orsani.ed Oct 2o. I8S5. a.d the charter nembers wsre the follo;,ins fron the Zathorn 

family, Sanuel liathorn. xhe first nane in the list icaVella 

2athorn- Jar-es I.Katl-)rn— all of T;>on were very faithful 

in the wrh of this C}mrch.Rev.3:^;;el iatho-n and -e-.Jcsi.h 

ya^well. ^-anlried in I82S theJree Baptist Gh^irch atL^tchfi-" 

increased in its influence for good. Zov..:^nei liathcr^^ also 

helped In roli,:.: 

:us TTork in r^.ar,;' other L'.:\ine lo- 

gratefully rer.erilerd ty hundrens of people ^:xn he had 
helpe:. tc ••. better life. 

Lxdst) ^^P 2C, I5Z2 lilizaOGoh (i=ettie) ^Jewell, -h: dle^ 

July 28.IC52. aped 55 yaars. 2 irontl^ & 5 days.£-:i-i^ d 
tesido her husbanl in the Bov loirJiair.P.idLe,-e. , ce-.etery. 

Ll(£nd) :n ^itohfield...;o.. Jilp 14. 105:^ Cordelia Glou_h '^ 
Litc^ifiel5,i:... Jeb 4, I8I5. 

dot- .--r^tioni ^li:^ S-e-eu-h Ha-::rrn ^o :.-.£ a^r.i: - . . 

L Cliarl.c i;.v..ll born I7"7; d at Lc-v^olnh. .:.-....= ::: ' 

"fe3 8V '-•va-"a. -ie s^^.e to 3o-Tdclr.liAT.,:.-, ircn ^.r-C' 
--,o^, ■.--,-.>! •. von>r TT-n ant? v;as an excellent fc'r.oci 

tescher at icv-dolnha- . ^e. . fo- a nur.te- of ^ea-f^.^e 
boiicnt th. Jcs4a:i San^ford farri at 3ow^clmi;r:,:.3. 

(Ilth) Hen--- C.i;ev;ell b -^y S.isrs; i ^i- ?, 
1865, area 45 ye^rs i 3 tenths. 

■ _ L. ilar^aret ^.ec^ Id Borvdolnha , ,.-e. , Teb B.'Ib-ir, 

■ deceased; daushter of 7tov,:.s Sfear and 

iusan Andrea. Ho c:-J.lT"r<=n. 

(Iltli) .lary ili^ubeth ::ev.en ^u:I2,I3CC; die" 
I^ec 10, 1825 .-^cu IC r.onths. 

2ne 7th child cf Jr.r.ea :i?t}xrn & llaXY IhTlng. | 
(ICth sene-aticii) G:iarleE Hatiirm _b D7-esd»r ,L.^. , A-^r "^•.I'i--: 

cied at r^le--o,..e.. Llaj- 5,1850; a successful ^ 

li jt?r i:;, ISZC :ia-^£aret ix-astard "b Uay I7,I7V"; t -.e | 

dau-hter cf Jo'T-^r.h Unsta-d & A^nes Jnltcn. \ 

(11th) Sara'i Ann ii-.thorn b .il^ •■,Iri27; d J-ii'- U^,:.S,x. 

(Ilthj :xntt:vd Hathorn b Oct 2'-,I?50; aied ^ 

Jan II, 1342. | 

(Ilth) ^li^a S.Hathorn b Je^o n,I'j:.£; died ' 2?,I- T'^, -, 


(nth) Otis E.ii^t::oru b ^a- 27,ICKe; die= J-:l. ^^. ^ 


.1 -4-S^^' 

(iuth -°i: ration} 'drrlht jC'-OCr £^frrn b Lrec ■ ^?-x,::-- 
J^il;- l^.I.'O"; "i at 3c\\ *cir;h::x:,:.>. 

Lx .:ov 5, I8£o C.-i-if. (c:- John) ^'.-ictcra o -J"!;' ?;5,I' 
Q. xlch I?, I8v; ; son of Jos-=i-h Llustarl ' and ^r.- 

(lit-::.) ir-thur Hnnt-r IluPtard t llo;- I^. 1929. 
(lit::) G.-rns L-nn llnetard h Zvl- II. IScI. 
(IltU Joh;-. llev/^2i::yTi Lustarl ^ 3«rt I?,: 
die- at saa, J.uc Ic , l^rS. 


Ka»8. , »;«? Xt 296?; d at s^clwloh, i-.«., :>*k) 51, 18." 
He raiwrad Uroin ^vilningtontlanB. , %o Ciiwrc^tcwn^.*,, 
wifh Mft wl4ow«« nothar and hrothsrs.ThHt pesrt ef 
6«orento»«.ii,-,«», , wiwr* t/iay looatwl wa« mit eff and 
bade into t}M tonn of Kaclwloh^A. H9 wna a 
r«Bid«nt ef Sonde lnh.<n,:><i«.. in I8( 5, nnd it is »&iA 
that his ehildron w«»r« born In that tomn.^aeo'b 
Hathorn Wa« » nan ef uto^ling qnariti^H, anrt a 
Tary snfl.-essfttl ftcmttr, as h« wr« at rrrk •ari^ 
and lst«.nA was al^'ayti rsartj te Mlp in a3.X thlngn 
for th« bftttsTBttnt of thd towns whara ha ra«iid*»<', 
Thers va.» no lo Jtine backward to tha towntt rnhfirti 
ha had livfid, nor rapininga baoatuta of tha friends 
left behind hlB.:ii« faee was tnmed Knllinffly te 
the work and duties awaiting hipi In a new settlenent. 
Kijs words T^ns oat ohesrlly," f.« are here to help 
huild wp honor and truth , and God ie with ns." 

^aoeh Rathorn H. Ohloe 3haw , wh« 1> , in 
WllxRinetfin.I.ase,, 1757, and d at -voplwioh,.;*. , J-.n, 

16, I83f>j of a sturdy old fanilyj and a trne help- 
Best in her hone and in all tha neiKl^orhPods 
where har lot was ca»t. 
She children. 

flOth c«n«ratlon) Tg^. Jawh KAthc»''n,Jr. , ^ 
at Rowdoinhan.lHe., Sept IS.l-^PO: diet at Athen»,;^e.. 
lieh 86, IP67. 

K at Briphton,:-e,, fun T, laTfi Igrdia ehlttier; 
a noble ironnn, ready to help friend and nelghbcr. 


"5>i« hTBH of th-lB }»i-iV cpnpl« was loo»t«« 
*t -iihflns.U"*., two Bil«B ttelow thu bene ef iir. 
Hatbprn'B brother "Aoas.J.t whs on«» of grent 
nelg/iborhociA hoRpltallty aziA Ghn^r.^aoet" .Tathnrn 
WaS a faraar cf gr»ftt •nerg? «nA per8«T«rftno«, 
In th« finfl crora n«ar hie hPB« he h«l* 
BorvlcBB which wara a creat Measlnc to 
Ban^r p«ppl«, aa ha wa« an ftbl» praaohnr of 
tha filftar trutha of tha Bibla.7?ii* ere'i haing 
on tha road botwo«in Athana nnA Solon, Wa. , wia 
aaBlly r«aoho(i b? tha paopl«* of ^cth n»lff?*t>pr- 
hocflfl. ila , an-*, all tha othar Hathcrna ,wara fina 
elngflr». Kyory wor« o.f warn5nff, ohfl«ir, and 
exhortation lYon ^aaob Hathora "jaa stifariethsnaA 
by hie «a51y walk with vort." 

(Xlth e«»n«ratJen)npAney Earaelaa Hathrm 
* at Athawi,**,, --0 IP.igJoj A in 
that tOHn,?ab ll.Isvfl.Ha was a fine 
BOholar and heia Hany pabllo offioaa.Ka 
wftB a farnar and oabinat nakerj a 
•turd^r Reptiblloan, and ha and hla wifa 
Kora •arnaat nTOjbara of tha Ghrlatian 
Baptist Sharoh,H8 waa a flna Blng..r, and 
all of Mr fa-;illy InharltaJ hi» nuKlo-a 
quail ti«8. Ha a pant aaTaral yaare in tha 
epld nlnaa of Calift»''nla, and la aald to 
hava halpad In tha "etaJtinc ent" of Cpaha, 
Bab r SB ka.. If tar hla ratnm froB tha raat 
hlB >«ima WR8 oontlnnouflly at Athan», 
K«., whara hla hnna was a ettntnr of 
ohflar and hoBpltality. 
fi in IB4S Kary flrawatar Kinmaan b 
at Athana^a.. T.isrj. at^no^tad in 

Bvah/^ KJnRWifin an4 ina 3ptiw«J.3. of 
8t>«*rfeiw>rth, .*,=!« <* w»-n of ••^wrllns 

rBt> ehildran w«r« bom nt At>*n«, 

{JJjfch eHnaratioaJ Gl^ra -uui 
- -- Kathcrn )i K«.h ''■, 1.345 1 ai«a 

Sonarsat Aoadan? tf Athaiw,::*; 
tAweJrt with iino(5««« Sor 5 

.^Rg 9, I84a. A at iBlanA !?a3.7»,i»., 

«ft«r Mil narrlnsn )w rmwwuA 
to JsilanA ?r11h, :4«; a f«vrH#r, 
« ffsna^ Carp#nt«r >» ?it>xeiTt>.ft,"«i,, 

Ifl6«; « ftt ^iror^i-*, , Apr 8,1398; 

tt tftaeJwr aft<ir grartontlRg trwn 

(XZth c^nftTatien) 

8oi»t I', X:utOi a Beaftf»r of 
1lh« Baptla^ G>nroh« 
K Ba»iA r..Pflr.ftron ^crn at 
Ii«wS»t<»BtK*»., ;•>>« ft,TP?JSj 
fitatSon i!r*nt ef tha K«.r,antral 
R.P-.Oonpon? at niintc.a*. 

ilPh in,I9T-i U Agn^^ii :^r.^ »>P?-n 
a^ Glasgow, nooU.-nA, Cot; 

BaptlBt CAuroh. 

{X4th £r«'^87*«'*lpn) Aen«» ^» 
Car.oron fe ISooj- « brilliant 
ypimp 3lH<<?j T«rw RnsioaX; 
•4no(*t« ; Sn f*l^y opllnfw; 

X848; Aie.A po^ Ttl.Xn^O. 
(2Sth) .ihlffail Bp-rfTflll SatJstrn b J-'eiit ^-'^.T^Kr; 
d Sf'-xit R3,X9'.0; sn wrertllant train* t niirs*; 
»ii)l(>y«(l for ' ypurs at the wprfl»»st#r, 
KaB8, , hpgpitftlO 

K 1883 Bttmh;^ ThcvieM ?'cx, 

CiSth) j.aT«r«noo ?ark« ?fx b at 
Athftii8,?t«,, Kay f.J, IQ.^fii A ,Tv,n« 
16, ISI4. 

(I2th) .v<r!.?.a :ku-tl«tt Fpx b at 
Atfeens.l-'o., itapt 8, ini'.&i «iplcy*fl In 
an pJfiofl at AT*tim^«, 
UEth) Carplyn i'tgnuitR Hathfrn b At-)»nB,K»., 
Apr i6,.tar)6j rcnidsR '>h^pmr hf^*t St. , «ibiirn,v«. 
Grarlaai*^ at So«er88t ^oa^eayj a auonwiBftil 
toHohAr la tfes ka. tewns, taAlnpn A l3o*<=5r. 

K*., Oot Jft.iar^; f<n^ly «an<»Rti»(t} a s«p<irior 
BcJjnl&r; taJteJrt Bfshool fur pfrworRj. ywarn wMXe 

fittine for th9 r.<.niB«,rirj ya/^tP*" of Partist 

Chnrohfis in %h« K«. towiM.'twbrldcw A : pn»on. 
In 19?.?. ?A«itor of <;H<» v<»a*»r«t«d nvniTah«» ef 
Ifisbon "al?s,i«.; an eloquent spwvk^r *n(< 

Rttah Bpti^ht ftfter ft«r irpsoiaJ. «»rTio«(». 

th» eon ox' Tlpothj i^tin wiA ralXn ?a«kAi*«, 

(I8«;h g«ner«ition) Twin*. Gftc-lna i?«r«tt Hathcrn b 
Rt .it!i»n«,r.«. , -'tm** J?, Tens ; A ?«b 8,"^6g, 

lI2'»a) Jwin tZiear Goor^ija iiatborii b AvtMOB,^'*" » 
A l^i^b(^ra»n, mi/l hnR a baw nill2~«iptiihllaan| 

K(a8«) :Sot SV, J9f)S ?a.-ir.i« 'aien "anAall, 
«(r.nd) est Sf», 189c" H^-.ttifl ;..?ee-6 H ^^b I6t 
J87Ii6)*6(>ua1;#tl fr<>« <rarlfi.n^,;fi». , hieh nohopl.iri.^S, 

iJ(?;nd) ysh ir?,,I{JS,T Mr*. J.stfJ.eoB ef 
Child'-en of th<'i JBt Kj 

(Z4th} ;,«ila CljTa«na .uiabj- fe 
Dm 12, XPC5» a Btiidant in 
?oxdroft,U«., Acadfttny, 19?,;?, 
■ (I4tb) i^rxoR AaAf^rn^^^y 1> 

Q«a*riStr«iHrt. , n*pt H?.,1P0» 
• , GhilA of tliB P.rA m 

(I4th) JLirlsn ",?rl»on ti HAJ-wny. 


ir^th) ;salaoln .,,.<%% rem b ;"«b /.^.r?^'^, 

{15th) 7>ow«iiA'pn ;ia4>i£»rn fe '^.s^f tp,th'^9, 
X Jano ^8, ISIS ?arnpn P-rlAgea, 

^Mlv 5,1916. 
... (Xah) r} .frha Fri(i5«8 ^ T^h ii-,i^r,{ 

(J 4th) r^nO. r.rtcar P.riA$fi8 b .'uX;' I", If:-; J 

Obildreft cf 1;ht! ^nA aiArr Jag* t^f Kflfsr (i(>f>TSP Hathorn, 
M«,, ^-ulv 21, rer'4 IBP 4. 

(IltJi e«neration) :ii.nnah .i^f^iRta Hat.'jprn b at 
4Sh8a8,Ue, , 3«pt S, I3.ia; A a% Cpnrton.CalifbmlR, 
Jaa 1, XT>PB.£h'> kab a tailoraua at 3nn£or,ii«,, tor 
26 ^'earaj In th«» ft«n« work a* i*wiill, Kaea. , fvr 
K joArs: *Ant to RKlA.fcrnia with Ptbars ««Bl»f>ra c? 
th» fsnil*; a .fAith.rH3. anA «am»flt wtnan. 

Clith e«n"'*at^on)'U Hattern b at Ath(»n«,v,fl., 

K JcR«»?h Conk wl» 'AwH bom Jn S.H, Jan t; 

Gor.lnria, Garlanl A SoT^r; .H«i,*otnanj F.«p«h71oanj mwnbwr 
of ths, BaptiBt ChHroh; thrt fton cf .Tosft^h OppIi, 


I8&0J A Apr JJC', ?9i8. r.Ulwrleht. 

(liitiij »<l3 fl.OocJc. Btnaoxra-'hor, 

A pBbli»?«/;r at :,oh -in<rftl«R,r.sllf<»rnilfl, 

(2nth) .ana jc.r^.ok, wi ar^ieft. 
CX'^th) Ch«».K^i-n Cook b Tet, u,Un4i a 
Iruit crowar In Sali-fom^.a. 

H In Galif. iJflAle i^Mtaon ©f Ai»burn.H«. 
(I,^t)»:- rrt»rtr,ta«i Sybil cock J trt*«hrtr. 

fit k>ohjuiieR TVaia, K«, 
H St asrer. r.s., i/^R«,a i.iirtl« ?ettl<». 

(ISth) ?:ni«i f;Jarir.,'.« '.eltXs t rot 5. 
I87S .1: K- fiP, J»is noni«i A.r'ftrawu 

<I;;tSi a*rt}« ijnlly Pottl*. b Cot W, 
« «ot S5,isi,T Gtem. irtwarA Kerrlll. 

•we £s,la;^'.5 rt «^ r.o«Pn1c,B«ft.^h.qKl5.fPrnla, j?«b I'.IPJt. 

fa-.!!;,. Mh 8lRt«r ^a^mah Aii«n»ta JUtVrn. «n« w« M:?«.g 
pftfiplft, " 

» U*',- 6. 19'6 K^v.i>,, ^„^,, .^,^,^j, Of so:Lnn.::# 


il^Xh) 3-07 ?..narh?rn >> nrnrt^n, 

IB73J fln.-5l4' «iuaH^<»U for y«»r» has 1«" iv ohfir 

at (k^npton.S.^ Librarian ef th*> raJiH« Library, 

UlXh grtnsratloa) 5Kile na r^gllndn na%>)c>rn b a* 
Ati«rta,^.a., ioh Jo, aSF.S; 4 at J^^j* Ane«lft8, 

CAli.femU, /ih •?, 7.996; hflr hoa# In I.ob tfi5«l««» 

wqR »% «I4 .-;a3t f'th it. 

H in 5KP«?Mg3n,y.». , ?«b 2.-;,.Tur>8 JpBiah ?«T)arr»13. 
•JKi« fmilj r«Ro'<»« to CAl^.ffmla in ISSa; 

©f env> yftar *f^en the? vi.Hit<»1 t?»ir cl« Ka^n« >*««. 
2n I9o9 ronc^T^ to .*^or«nRfl,r;ali.f. , en a ffira , a 
•)x«rt fliHtaiTSo f'-oa Aner<»?.»»n; In If'R' to !*• 
An£<»lM5, wTi'ird t^"-**:^ «rflot«A th« ?^n«rn«t Hip«»«, 
in whleH tJw;-' always af^erwarAs llv«^-. Km. 
Sarrall liwoa. -.s a fira ChrJjitin In aarl^ lif«, anA 
la la?' wnte' wJth th» R>thoAl«t CmroTi^sT-^rftncw, 
Califernia. -Ipira >«aa a nol>5.-t life In a hc**pitA>ilfi 
hPKft. ihfl fannrjil eerflces ?ror« ornflnose'i %w n.^», 

i>ro.f(iseor iTchn Diofeinson. Purta?. 1b ^ivr^p-m C-^atary, 
Lo« ^.-?el«>H, l.i'.-l.'prjiia,'' ]io oMlArnn. 


(nth e^n-t^Htionj "j3T<jn4>» ( ;,o*k«.iA h;' sor<») KH*V>'fl: 
H .Tnlv 4,7.860 in 'Jall.forntH Heflolphnii y.Ki»ii«ilX. 

X?SK{ A ft' .jolor., Its., :;o7^% If, JB'S, R?:eA a5! y*«ri», 

S Rontha A I." day*. 

Kdftt) Keh f,4,Iii-T6 ;5Ara)i >r« b Athans;^:*., 

Ma^ 17, I7&f!; i Cat 15. X«.^?i, iig*,i 4--^ ?rs t 5 months. 

MCSnd) ;;«j^ 4, 164?- .a«lrii S.T^Mililar fe J»pt 18, 

Xn?; 4 ?-t?\« IS, X6'i4, a' eA 159 C9d 86 yr«» A 8 Ronthsi. 
M(Sd) A»?e «,»., Jos4 tiar? Artf,on b »t Athsw.ii* 

and a np'- J3, aWHS, «.e«d fl."? fr»., 4 wt^fie Bonthn 
«£d If. dH;B.':;48 wii'o hfiA np <iM3.«tr«R fcnt tcc»k 
jWr»* <>»«-« of hflr hw6b!in4'e o>iAJ.(tren« 
Fall a*ta of r,«r«i» Httwm & ^anX^w pjig<Mi C3^fJ 

?el. XO, J'?$}4; il ftt 3clon,A«. ,.-)p^ RT, TSfir? b'-ijHleA at 
Jf^ra with htr ttroiht!r,;»'"Pl» Htithprn, 

(loth e«riornt:loa) v'tiear-na n-nthrrn l» ftcKaolnhtfi ,:-:«», ,, 


(lOth c«»'»ratioai Donjflnin Sr.t x>rn b SPwtlf Inhais^: ->•.,, 

Sept s. i'?e>9. 

"da narrlod Kr«, Harriot Llb^y anA r«sld«A a% 
yi«t8:fl(?l<5^:8; thsr** *r«r« no ohiiaren," 

ISw 6th ehilA ef dficdh Hathern * G5ao« SJiaw. 

jTia« IS.TS???; 4 at At^wiw^:;*, "'-to m« (nmrk cf ■!;?» 

r#a6«l«y an!l Kiss Iran*. 

(Xl%}i £«Twra%lc>a) ;;anl<ifi H3*,V>rn bcrn at 
Aihsno ,;-•♦., 41«A frofl Ji.Uie'W' fftVsr &t r,«n8««c*,IlA8», 

U at nkpwhfi£. an ,*•«., -. itr.v* cr'8S3i«tt > 
te SJjc-^hflt-ttR,..*, ^-^^j 4,.t84i5 J «jlft^ 15X0. 

(I8t)jj ::<^ar ijrwu-iatt b .f^b 8,2865. 
K U&c R9,.Tfl«' A.gnRn ^«rx»»pmb b ^n'j Ifi, 

CiSth} Knb«l Criumwtl:, 
Mr»,ra5.t«r ti,Strnt<,en,'CiJ 
6th at. Mfmarck.S.DHkcta. 
(J5thJ fali'^ ::fit>trn dJwfl nt V;adi*:Pn,Kn,, ahont 
IfiSP.-nh* ims a fJ.n«» Fenan;* tuaphsrj hii.^ 
iarx #y<»» anl ?iair, "in". %t. pvsi 3f»fl«; #4no»tefl 
at }'ltr8?JeJ.4.i:4; s>ia Barrl.«-V, an W.n $mo^nR wl.f*. 
8«H«1 Hnr5<nff of :Tor^fl^<i«ook,w#i., ?h«lr onl? ohUA 
«l#<t at birtJu' 

(llth) iJonat* Htt>*m, 


illtW A(•.■>.^t9' 80S, ^o»idh 'nii*.',*!; th* ppa of his 

Ken S4,T'?^;;j ^ At At.>:«r.a,M*T., :?«r* I'.IflTR, e^sA SH 
ysars, g Roni;5» and I" «*rii, }i^ wm ons Pf t)» 

lares wtasttra thft grsat spi'^i* ©f «Bt»irrns« «r©n 

hl8 antwstors, Rn4 thpnaghent hin long anA i»3i\;l 
llf« ha oiatl»a*,«A this, T-URarA ana ^>«ar4" was 
6ttr«ly ta» eloslas Rcnf. cf Ma UfS.'n X3-3 ,« uttmly 
yoaoij Ban of 81 ysara, hxi r«r.o?ed froe ?,eTiAclniwB, 
K©., to .;<»lon,i.a. .-is bGigr-it a*- esotlca ef {soY«rrp.«Rt 
aAn4 of 160 aurea.JiB hari a ^iona ts»Xw Hp thn BAotien 
©f 160 aores n<«i* 1p Mb^, and 3.ftt,er en Jw tcneht 
tMs fl»o 8«o4ien ^S limA. ihl* Inad wks boiigJit of 
Kfte«. , as ;iala<» Alfl not ho8t>f» a SXt^U <mtil leP.O. 
Shts eapltal of r,«nni« Hr="fhf>rn wi« a ypk* of «»f>n ,, and 
th«, wMoh >M hft<! «flrn«A %7 rttr^ hrj-A, honsat 
worJc. ^4 b4 haA grit «!W.n?Ji ft.r fiT«t orAlnar; Rsn. 
S-hf»8a HatJiPm •fletions of J^nfl ?rsr« aljont onrt nil* 
freiT t;i« town linw of .;tJiAn»,f«., an,T Jiallf r*y ^«,>.n 
th.j viiXa-«8 of -stJw-a ojirt soXon, H».5:J«»r« w«r« no 


r«*fl» Bl thai ttoe. and p*opl« K#nt «b hora^bnck iil^n^ 

©p*nlns ia th* for««t to t>i« «N«.t ;:«mfl r{«-.hc>m'« 
ferothar Jaoob looatert. it «aB about ejw oJiA « half 
Bliss to tha cr-flnlns to th» w«»t, whi.r« liyad th« 
SatoM, froB *ho» that H«le?^prhPo« tock its nsre. 
;.«aa« .^t>x,m bnllt « eofiy hcn«, b«t n<»t <»? loe«, 
M TO9 thfl o«atorj c.f thf.«» rtsfg, ,ia* >» bad it 
neatl.v clr.pboarfl«fl.--h^pa »«?•• fo«r j-opbh, r„,., before 
lone eth^r rooas i^r« Rd,i«^ iio t?»iMi. Tr^ eohnol of 
tSd tmiemorhoM t.«8 wvnetines h#ld la on« of th«8« 
ro.tul. Tn 1839 bn.Ut qnU» A !«.£« J^tui. 
oa tiM ea«t«pa emotion of his land, «nd tMn ^w^iung 
!• Btlll la eoo« «ondltton. ?h« firat howA whs hot^a 
to th« oth«r Md, of tJ« road. ?.n TB^^. r.*n«« Kathcm *nllt 
• feara . Xc:o f^.t In length, whioh is .tin m fin« 
oondltlcn. =« was «« *»n*,re«tic rh^ gxni^,, fars^r ag 
•rer llTed in S«« r.n^innd, n. was n.ror fo;md idUng .^ 
Ms ttes. or :p.Ml3r^ th, m^ „««8 ^j ^ h.l« 
Mtlaatioa. ar^r ««n «ho Bp«at Ms tins in fi«hln- , .«« 
ao eocd. m of his bills TTsrs paid r^ prcnptly. 
•aa s iso>^ ihor^Mchlir hcnsst n.^ n«Tsr llv«d a„ ths 
Ha. ?reo .Stats. r.«r^a ;jathora hcis h«« d^orihsd as 
tall sad strai£iit. witS d^Jc e^os «nd brown hair, sad 
flm. whifta t«eth. ns h,. fctd n«y«. nssfl toha.oo in 
an? forr., s-sn h^ v«vs s,trane«A m lif« h« still had 
no ns* for £;1^s«<,b. sn<1 s« wond«rf,aiv «Alxi,r*.«^rTsd 
la 11 eth«r Ha?«. h^ ^n a crest rssdsr. and « 
t.'x.roash c>:ristian of th^ old~f.^hlon«^, typo. sl«^v« 
resdinff dall;. fron th« B1W« Jn his hons. ar.l h«T,„g 
fv^tV gav. lone and h,lpm sxhortst.tons 
wh^n<iT«r "ID.ftvty rsan /-!»««« -* *v 

3« haA * ^^^^t loy« f^r hf^ hen, «n^ «Wl(lr«n.Anrt 
hPP^d that ^.1 c.- M« Voy«. ni^^ht B.ttl« n«^- hia, 
K* *r^u£ht tn«« K. to wo.k f.ithi^iny cnt>^ fans, 
a. al^a«.-. «>,u^r«n c.^ i.^ra a-ition. V.«t 
not aiTlslca.- T:^,g, eMldr«a x.,se ^ to cf to 

cc^ b«n Which t>^r ^^r« te ri.n^ m c.vac trM th^y 
E«t feaara. or (w^r jj^nl o? troNDlc. lh« Rofchor. 

al^^aya w«irt oat t« n.«t thm ^h«n th« .o?*ol „.« 

tiB« }»wA«te.. to b,^ « t«n->aor« lot of l«».l.c,r.*. 
Saton, w?» ewnfl^ tW« land, l»?.T5aiiy toM h?n th«t 

h, «,nla „«v«r ha,, one inch ef it. B«/or« th^ «,« «.t 
that Blelrt ?,«^8 sathern fo«a<, « ^..^n »hr. q,d<,k3j. bo«£h1s 
this ln»d. .^dit wa« «acn « r^rt cf th« M^ ?I^th.r« 
ftW9. -tt 18 8H14 that h* wflff tp «riy« .« i^x»n,lerm 
feorM. « buok«kla; «h, ««» «troT^. nnd conli gp 
lik« tb,wln4,rha n«leM.crB conat«ntly Ral^.^-l^tte^m 

win e«t hl8 asek brpkan. cr hie h,*a4 m^ytni." 

But »thins «f th« \0.n^ «v«r e*.* to ra««. 

rh*ro^ ^«^. ^,^ ^„^^ ^. ^^^ tlB,. bnth« 

* lottff .trip o? prarla ^.-.e b«f,.,.« j.^. ,,„^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^ 
M. ^r^ * .for work. ,5..t.y. ^^ h,„,,, j,,,^^^ 
«o™ th- ions een*r«tioas o.f th« (1«sc«nA,«t«.: «a^ th« 
reeorde of the family ,f ,«^^ H..t>.ra.^n tho«« of th« 
Lla. to th. present day. nnd ov^r;-- on« »m,t .f-.l t.h«t 
« Uf, Uk^ hi. ^^, j„,,,^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ _^^^ 

«iv^ w*r, nn.i. ohr.l«.t.n ,^„. ,^,, ^,^ ,,, „^^ 
was known r^ir nnd wjrto. 


and 8 cionth*. 

«f«*) ^e 2^.10,4 j:*^ KHtcn. bom *tAth.n«^«.. 

(nth e^norution) il aria fiat ho ra b .^^cloa^H-., j.-m 
Scloa^c. ^.r« ..0 ^ ,^^ ^^, ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ 
eo i«««ni^v ua e.„.ron. hneplt^m^. «n4 th. Jolly 

««*«rB or tha Ch^i.ti^ shnr«J.. an4 llv«. « ^^.^y, 
Js«lpfnl 3.if« toeatmr, 

efSoloa.-«j ap*«,.Htj«« lR«mri.n« f«r«^r. r„. « 
C«o. n«S,hVor;r.Bi,M .t Bol.n.V...,nntn T«.., «.n«. that 

?r«n o.f ac.-lon.t^«. o-ildr^n Vm at s<.i.„,^.:«. .^,j 

•«r« ©tor oh e*t«liarfi. 

^n«.1 m th«„ .C-ny. ,>,,, ^ ^^ ^ ^^^^^ 

.Solon A a..>w>«^an.««. :.,n,ns * ?a^,l.c.r.«..hU«an , 


Alflfl .is;e i. Is? I. 
^ " K(Snd) i^aj' I, 1994 « Sjk^b, who di«tA 

Ea»^' e;?, .T9II. 

data generation) ^^^^ ?«-kRHn ^ ,:^n». 10, 

fl Sot S, IS??; sshDolH of iiolon A aJwahagan,!'*, 

(X?.tii) S*in, J*?ln» nii8«b*»th ?arknan > Ang 6, 
2a4?; a Cot ?.&, it;oo, 
iti 7eb e, Jn?7 K,;v..?ftwit,t. So ©hildrea. 

(lr?Sh) Twin, AiirenlK karin ?nr)mftn ^ b A»g 6,lRn9i 
d Sot 4. Z.?;;0; nnnarrlRA. 
(SRth) SVttnJrlin ?ii»i"o© ?nr3<Bi«n 1» Mdy Rc,;?JKSj} 'Iwrmr Partwan % ?»te P-?,I6Pfi| <lj«»fl 
Sot SS, Ift£9, 

(iJi^h) Tw<.n, ftwe«n« rarJoMAB ^ o«1s IS,T8("; fli«« 

tpwjfl, Solon A t:k-owh98Ani a^ (i«v<»rh51'., i-Bft«, * 
iix«t«r,2,;U ::o}jool« of Solon * 3XoKheean,:4«. 
A faithful tv^rlman and «n upright eiti«f»n.3hp«Bak«r 
ana farpior; <;*oorHt; arar.e.<*ri h* wtfl hlu wlf« R«HVflr» 

hoB»» ■Mir-fiy. 

Ke. , high BO>ic»ol, SPPSj r><CM>f!r«^j GraneerjCtl' 


(X£^h gfin4r.*tion} ij^rtKaa i=«rJoH«tn b Aug XS.Tf**^;'! r<»«t4!*ii 

3eBOora'i« fftirthj oii-iaen; unaarrlftA, 

d KSS SX, SI?V6. 
fjj« RsA eMld c? r.dnAS Hathcrn. 

I8Z8 t 5 al :-iribri^n,u*., ^uyw J?,.'tJ{<'; sahpclft o.f r^lon, 

K l't;h Jfi,.XaS« 0)tarlo8 r.owftU b iJolrn,!;**, ,:ipv ."^."PICj 

cQt) «??, I84S. 


K ..llfln ^Tinspa p." :-;nglani"J. "^ oH114r«»R, 
aJiff I?, 13^? J farriar at i»r45>i^c>n,:-4«i, 

(24'^h} .Ton. 

(is:h) '-J-nfiKt Al^.fln r:o'*a?>jl t r»*ilfl»»» 3?,r!, URi'.iPon 
8t-,, akowJifti^in. Tl.f^'H n.-r!# nf* Hunt, 

(X4th) Kt?wl -pwf»ia. 

IPXO; Gt rrancon-^K Pine** JP^,t.Syftawa.t«4 frcn 
(k>l\(i£(*tJ.PlQi hss Apa* #ln«» work at Colrenbin 

3ieb«kah. "flta ?ei JVatorniV cf <T..-!r!i*r4ftA, 

Solon,!;*!., ;iir T, .Tr^HS; e^R^a-!;*»^ ft^B 
• COPS v^ftt AoftAet^y, iPvf-i frea :-\ir!'.,lnc<<>»t' ".. 


31'i.;Mll, :!«., \t^.<ii'!r,7.;)-.n?r)rt*r cf Knroiw 

Solon A ComrJll*), 

(litW Gcrfton A3.'*H Kfwwn te ^3^ fo.rsr^, 

K Cat £0, Jii67 I^on^^i r. Opthpb fe AthflTW,-^., 

4i>r ia,I54r.; .r.-tra^r, ojirpantv^r «. .-loohaalBj.ifllso^aan P.f 

l?fil%fttJ aorteonj gon of .^opb8 Go5-tM>a * Hatift Kwtha SrJlbr.«t» 
(iylh) WSlivi- ijitt^pg b ^g ;^ 


hTAh) K-r-U .>.H*.^n b J.ftv .Ta,.Tvra. 
(jr-t)jj stAn7>.y :-'iixv«rti\ KHHt<*n ». 

a,?.awrnnct» * *i»<.l7 •J*'"''' R.-o-A. 
{J^^fv nor* :;,:pr*icn )> ,lf»p1: R<,"'»"C| rtnil^** 

S>rowh«eAr.,'^ff., Ayr Ir-, T9T9. 
tt Warren :.<>fBS«} farwdrj ?»(» PM3.4r«n, 
(Jgth^ Si5iirlBfi y fiPwfln b «».<-■ X, jar*?; A at .^nr^kii, 
GAlifPT-BiA , yRb f>, I&ro. r-ent to Csli^omla in tr??; 
vslt«r in a ?x5tsl. 
5?«rTi«ft In Califrrnlft. 

(XS%& esnnration) '.finng Fraziklin KA^lhcrn t> ^n*» tf>,tt^?x^i 

A i^r ?.?., Ifl^?, A^^rc'« Tftsld-j^ Rt SploB, I*«. n- »>aH ft 

olSeat ec"?! of tJw •<*sr«lly h* yt»a jriTan cr«A'^ t««k8 
^ «^, and »»»*>» #«My/<fl*t t)Min In *,>w laant, a3.?. that 
was plaoofl 'befor© Mn }>? hlfl father waa rf»eari?«' 
«« wlwaly sr.a lo"»incly plannad, "hr*n >w is«fi IjHt 16 
yeara el A h<i dro-sfi a Inrc* leal r f ^ay np t<> th» 
Porks o.f the r.iy«r, a i\Xti%nr,n^ e? Pc nll««, cynr rcaan 
that wflr« av^J'^ns ^»^ qas?,::-* ai<? thia e^rf.^ally.'TiiAii 
Was a«» of t.'^ilrif:** rhiah hn nn,l^tpok all ai-ng 

tiR« w» -.>*a often told ei" "er<»A* oiii:4>rtnnii;lft8,'' 

ia new tiiia'.ea , and In ruuc ci).rtr iila^tfts* ?'i% h« wbI"' 

ka^w that X% wis his fathaj-'o wiiih t^ji*. hie aena 

er»«t jey tc oia paranwi, and in t-Afte fa5.t>i.f<ii 

««>>«» lalfl %:rA &ran,1 found a^ion.-^ of s trtil/ noMn life. 

»*A« t>»;* f>f hl» own 8i;arrtf, noUl** tyis«,Kif» J»b« w»s 

.■prAi.'«r» w.4r« a«v«r put asldi, no ns'^f *»r rha<; wrfr^nt 
tauten or harA %riAl& w»i£;-»A nnpR «.><« 4arB. /?•» «« 

tht ?a»tor c.f that C?inr«>i <»yWi ^cur »•«}» Vl^ o«nA«y 
S«r»iee« ia th« .w%*-,?>n ♦i<»fe>ol how^« n^ar :4r,KAt>«>rn'*i hc»«», 
S* always tft^k eha7*e» ** tha suBle ftt i>iep*» B«r»ie#», 
aB J«* a?Ki till ee«bi'fR al bip fftt>;er'8 fapilly f^^r** fin« 
4B«lelaaa. '.hon Me i\4iSL;^*t;«? ^Aa l«»rn«A te plR^ t)« 
H*lo^^a %h%t i»»inl•l«n^ wA« •^iX«n tp th4 eohpcl lipii«« 
to btflp in t;'3a oTtryiuea, wriio.i, larttl? b«onni*'i o.f the 
11 '« aad eh*«!* cf th6«* acbl-r b&«i , Kflr<» dlHa;-B larjj^ly 
att«i!)d«-.;i anS tflrons'i t?Mm tia-v "sre e>iidf»'. io a 
,li«««r lli», i\& Z«ni*» yr.vtrlia. HA«,>prn ^ronfi;hit «^ >dB 
e^ldran to t5joninf;>. clifltU»n<i*, and Aftarl;' lo'^v.^ th*w, 
bo^iiM; thfiLi bopjM, .7iiUJl.oal isfctntiants, ani A.lng ^»1J. 
in hiH p?K4r to K.sio thfn har-K-f an* nRo*'.;!..;^** Iflsaji 
of adasntion vnrfi far in RA-»Hntt<» OM Xl-w tinm in vht.ah ha 
Hv»/», tirJi hth \<^rk tp-t.nt iiAlft-* *.• h«»« *'«^<tt7 
nacsber o.-? hifi larrto fr.-}l? i^hH ln*traste,l, snn.^Jnf t?»«a 

Z«nt'» H51J, i;*., Xrt.i.-l—r, with a ?int; Bt-in.'.^n.^ In al' 
of t.hftir elA«3Cit,;tJth >x>n««i i;rir,«j )» (K>rJ;ft es^^ , ir)?»t 

X'm «n%ir^ nai^rxcr'-jc^A Jco^'» tc hfl a grvis' truth, 
"Sot a lil-iQr- RhajT? in ti« .floftk.*' ^^Mn^ pl«;ifted /da 

!»■««« .n;A" ef eoi'.p" r^ , *n^ al" Joining' la cnft p.? t.h» 
"Siae*", TfMch wRr« kjvorn f^r «n'i w}.(t«, :- :■ •?•%« aif<»in- 
t«X Juatlor, e.r •?;>.* v.-s-^oiv by .-cv^'-iior Colmrn, tin' cJ*.7tr 
that »a8 hItvt^s t+ickt'.n ci &» ".Squarfi ilaithf^rn. "" Thpngh 
H«ar^ wlt.h hisi .u;; n c? It-nj-:, ari\i-ipuii ^p'k, h* 
ftl«raf« aciind tlr.-s t;- reat^. riftJv et>^*' book»» ard hft 
kept thorciuthly jK-f-^tn^ ?n th.> ev»nta o' trio (laj-.r'WJne tho 
C4T11 %.-ur hti M.'\.i:i tfti<i>i de^, <lriye five nilftJ* tt> r^rlon, 
A««, ^rr tbd ivtkil, tiii!^ KC'tilfi r«<,«m with all t'i« ?.afrpn» 
(usd papftre for fit -.Hvcn neJfWiortoo* w)wre hw ii«'itA,~>,«n 
tfca nsTsa cana e.f ^ a" <5Aath ^^S .ittraVrf-i MruK>3ja, hi? 
l»art v&K a3r.oe^ brckfjK, and h*i i>onrn«''5 i?pr a^jji wi 
ter s brcthar, Hn f-^vrt ^p hJn A-mt non.Triinklin 
Ayicastr.s^ %c '.Jw Berv'lofi pJT JsAh e^R^tr7.R5.»t pr«y<<ir» "or 
J^«»*l8» la t*j*)Sd t5Efit» of Borrow w»»r<» snoh iha*. MunF, 
.wJso hai^ iPBt. faith 5.a f'^ir ftoimtry i<r,a <5o«»t« epir*, ^^^r* 
*!♦' to 6 ^ira V>Bli«r in *..hs rJgh^oiu* ^nd^np of t^ 
gr«tk% eivii Tar 8«,nit:;^lft,r«n*i8 5^t-<^rn wju» po* s««)i P'^r 
fAy* f^<?t in h«5.f:""t, bttt hi«» iHxIy «;»m» utreng fiM 
har^, find >m» wa« y«ry (jalck *v«« as^Jva ?b a-i.v- 
of Mk bov<»ti<ir,r8.:-;veij in his elt^ i-e* t;^*> Rftj^ns Htw 
wiftsly e(?}»«5,*.-?tiU?,ri* K.^sbc-m Kill aHftyn ><? r« Hj.r;-- hb 

pla(;s «?H»r* ?» V.l a-i sa^Kesmpn't, cr 'pcharfl ^jo fslt 
that hn conia t49 o.f fin; h'!»lp in «.'*i« R'sij^hb^r^/'r^fl. 
l?h»n h& --vas tc Hftki (vn? ne^-.h^r c.f t>» fmilv tc 

rwHly »»h«in th<? h?rRf» ■?:&(» at t »»« Aoor.THfin h« fntin-^ 
th«:j .fcllo*:inf h.ic own fin^ #»?c&-rl*i P-'f rJ^r-.tttr.asift Wb 


fla« Acwk eynH cictw^r; with pri'Xn ntt }b» tr'^Uehs o.f 
w2jkI tlwl.- i.iuMt;iiAXl?:f a«ant, for fmir fiiXiiro »iic-»*ki#j» 
la Ufa. i", mtn a can p.' ?«i? wr4B, and tfe^t twlnWln 
In h5.»» «;/.•,» Kft.^?l^ r.Wfth to tr<jn« w« kiwv. hJn voj'. 

l.^nl, r;.ft nrt- >?-,« ^^hisv, hs Intilt in *n'4. 
^t>» it« oo2y ro.-vrR, sn«? erss«v lawn, J« &iil\ utanUr^, 
»ni Ife t^t'i; j)t,^kn\u:. cut ay a cantor pf er«a4 hftlffttl- 
ftsa.-. ia \:ifi old -.vs. wMl^ ^.i-.c Cnys <K«a^4 it- rt«>«i«1 
tJaak frt'd for ,ltJ^ A'.-^J.V;-' <0.tiir nn.l «>Wftr. i;?-.H^.*?!orfl waft 

a ^Ti^^tiTt and .Tor rtt^nf y»«K-8 ?rrt<M*wrer e* th« 
crgaBlsatioa of >*Moa ho v^b » w«t».b«r. 
nenjM. ?rar^;lin iiata^rn U (iiit.) „-,ilj' ..../Jiuaa , born 

K (xnA) .-.IvivH :;.on^ t»o?n .it r^'^rri<!g««ock,.;o., s.*^ 4, 

JUry-^'o- ..WM,:fl^rGk.^.«, and a fttHt*r <►? 3«Aa« anA 

ens trmv «^v« ^,f .•;ivi'.ji (-orfts) ;iai.r»m,=^ S>i* ^m a 

woU in-i'^;5,t^ .Vw hi-A dark Mu« «»«*,«, 4^5, t^j^j^^ ^y,;? ^ 
ll6«, Bntctti skln.r-.);^ KftH vfery qmoJc o.f rftr««ptjon, 

SKA fc3^. R fjr^ S:-2-i«Ux^ tpirXtj ^g alKfiye re*^v t(, ),«lp 

feaS.pfeq :raB eo /Vili 

«2T3i:a^.<'i;-' thaS «VGry (LTif, Jn 


ba Btrtrn mh»n »a;- eoctiHJcn Afien^truinA It, an>l 
■ban htfT b1ii,1 haA b«'.n iii><»k*n oJ.l ioiaw t/i-i'', IJ 
vsa Kluslv erttldod, unA t}i?it noXMne' conlA« 

It and bar ohMt\rmn lovpfl har !imtr3.y,3'*> oouiA 

ttura h«r hind to alBOt*^ htkt i^ni oS wcrk; to 
•;>la tbft well and flax ■^sah nar '^-sJ-icrht, rt.A Aiirlng 
t>» Ci^fll ~aP R.hfl JjaA er«s'^ nl^aPurp in Hftftvlnjj 
felsnkate, itow<tl», or whatn-ffir van nrt^ftaflj nnd flh^ Barta 
tfea eloth fSsr -the »»n8' nuHts an*^ for tJi© 

*e*a 1t?«» toitting w»8 always at >ian«. S^r ha'r 
WW always J»at\7 «WRt?«S, ani no e:i'.l<»r «T«r nswn 
B/ni iontki h»T ttn'tiiy.~>*'>-<*v<»r Bh« rf>nt pIm look**? 
t^ tra« lad? that sha ^^ns.rj'it* ccnXA bparS? In publio 
wltheot t?Mi Isaat feit of c<>njfii«»?oa, an*' often took 
part in tha Crania b« tine? «t .".olon.^fl, , whara eha 
aai har hnebanS wara very jfali;>i?.HX rsfinberB.SSs o.ftan 
«rot4 papars for %ho Granga, and *,>.«;- hafl ereat 
»l«arQ«8it anrt h«lpralni»B8 on nha1;»'*fir e\*Jao* TVt^fA 

4i«ons3ioa« Sh« was alwayt* oJwsf'tfil aatl hopaJttil.M^r 
sr«a% faith in God ga*« her R> raafton to 

•oapl&Xn or find fault with Mr lo^^. ?^one?» Bhs 
BttBt haT* Jwpwn that Bh« »M» t.M ri"®t4ie»t m-Rnn 
ia tha toMi, pJm n«T«r ^rnva a hJ.nt of prlfta or 
Tanlty ovar tMR, HM wiBhsd enJ.? to ha thonght of 
t» a trna halpfjr a^ yx>vi<^ fenfl in a'»«ry naiphJior'n 
feonaa ifJwr^ aha nsa naed^il, no^ t^atfer how );»5?rifl 
t^ >rF,«8 Bight 1>4 whare eha k*« walloft.Sha carad 
•a tendarly ttty %hn ehili of bar htiabtrnft'e first 
Barriaea aa If ha had bs-n h<»r p»»n, anA it coolA 
ba truly iaid of all in har ^k-ko , • ::4r ohi.ldran 
rlea up an4 oali 'rn>r bl»i«»i*!fl. • " 

Jh© chili cf t>w Xnt narrlHga of ~«rw6 •ytutklln 
Bathcrn, with /i-.ivj r.. r t-^u,,!©. 

8ol©o,:,e., -ue 8.T, 1544; isn-vj.p%e<» earl; In tbs 

IK>))19 eorrioa ^or his> ocHntry. pm p.? t>« fins, 
•tnrd^ 8ons of a n^finA clA fitfiSly, 

S#., ^sn 13th, 334?; 3 3«pl! 89, 29 TS* K« 

feGBght a tors at j3«troit,;.«.s h« waa a Tftry 
■troHr; Chrletlan man, oftan lesSing rr*li<;icHi» E«e*-lnes, 

»r«aPh!n5 In e8h.-cl hpsaes. HttttnAini; ftmRrttl*. nnd 
alsajB doina: £004. :rs wan a falUhMi fam<»p, ^nA 
bftoens qait« ts«l'5 — li-do, 
M Glteentiaa "illey. 

(Z5t>i) .*isthf>rn { rn»14«e -ltt|i.-ri«ii«, 
'04 nfia»» of hA8 urifa act (*«a%, 
il4Xh', 2vo ohildrsn* 

(iSth) ^v^'^uh d■^%}ii>rn &l,^.S at ?dltt.«fiftia,i-«»., 
tn J9T6. 

(7Ath) SVo ehdl4r«n{ <1«ft<»ft«««. 

Aj-r ?, -{?50; r.,»U(J^» JP,-,'; «t ??,* n«aflAnt St., 

KAl-t^n.-s^e. A »^.E,w5 cf BtnrA? p^«ity «,d of er««t 

jha cxadoatflvl from ;irnorBat -toad'i--^, -othana,: «. , ^"4 
fj-oa r.ant'B .-.ill, i^a,. Re; inarv m :'"-74. A 8;incBBiifal 
In ;.aina and in the ilasts. toi^n», ".i"yln»-l»l*i-'?^5^, 
>crce8ter, Ciaiferldss. **• "^ '«'"/ f&ithJTul tcBnlior of 
th« i;e$(»4iBt ifhuroh, vf cr«at, h«lp in the writing 
of this iiat>jDrn UluxoTj, 

K at Solon, •/.*>., Juna 12,187? -«v. I.e'i ->:lte 
Staples, ?h. 3., born Ts'.-pl9,:%e., Aii-r J3, I849j Ale* 

Bt the hPFis of his son, 3r. Clarenw H, Staple* , 
iial don, lias B., i^a;^ 16, I9SI. CViturti-yi " n*» worked hla 
way throneh Bohnol at Slsnt'o Hill, Ke,, >>y t«aohlns 
Bchool; grafinataA at Wefllyaa Sssiaary, :'lA.Al8bur7,Ct. , 
tm IS77, tho While building a ohnroh at K. ?erHn, 
and carin? for hla feeble parents. Of hl« 10 
pnstorstea in the 3«w i'-npland HothoAlst Conferenoe, 9 
wnrc in cities, geveral of TJhiofi he rejoiced to Uf") 
txirn froB lloen»e to no-lloense.In Taoatlona he 
fbimd tlr.a to hnlld a boat, a honso by the aoaalde, 
anfi to take cxtanded trayele abrosd. In TSt'o he 
retired to a large fruit farm at Bowdolnh9P»,Pe» 
X>r, ."taplea wab a preaoher of the eTftn»elioa3. type. 
He ainad to hs' e aoas one Join hie ohtiroh , or be 
baptisod, at erery Ocnriunion. He was a fine illna- 
trntucn of what R poor fcey fron a loc oabia, 
starting cut alone, wlfi a 4o?r"ad persiKtency, a 
sailing face, a faithfolnTias to rteta-lR, and a rell- 
giotts Kibitlon, B Boy* under God, acconplinh In ota* 
free iserioHn Ufa ana in tie r.iniatry of the j;et>iediet 
Bpiscopal CcTTeh.Hia Paatorate eoTereft AP. ye»r».He 

was the eon of Jfunea staples an4 Caro31ne '^Mte of 
the I'.slne to«<7ia, T«r.ple,solcn and Clinton," C-iJl«ren» 

(iSlh ceneration) Jh-, Clarence Hathorne 
Stniiloa -b at I.unenbure, ilafiu., .Tnly V, 1879; reBlrtee 

flTatlna"?*'^ frcn ihft ?.o *><<'«,*: as a.. :.a'«Sii Sflhppl, 
IflJiS; free ifidAlfttiown Cell«e«. li^'-^'Jl tr<m 
Har?ard i ediosl Isllies, t^~4i frcn t** ?pfii;on 

Qit^ -Tf.fer-ital, ISC".. >!-e«. Mftson,. H« and Me «if« 

M Jwnii Id, IP(.'» J.4ss^« ;,nth Clarke l» ?cp8fi«lfl, 
■iast. , .I"*;)* R.", J;!'':Gj SPHdRatrSA frpn KaXAfin.l.faii*., 

high Re?s}ol, ie98j iTron Sce^rn i:hi«*»r«it^, wixn .\,h,, 

wioisan; f-^ flftHKh^(»r of Ha«.-'flc>re« Konr? Glarko , 

K«%hOQiKt Biaiftter, ana o.f«i lPHb<*l Jsckard, 

tho89 parents hs*«» p««ld«d in th« yRi»«, towna, 

Top6ri«ld, rcnwrfl, Kalann, i^inthrcp, J.<>h«11, and 

Sor,«rvill«| aJ.go «* CMeftCP,i;3.1«i in l^?f. 

r^aido ftt Sudbury, Kass, 

(J4th 6:<^n»»rHtion) b3.-^rjc«» ?tapJ«P >> 
^?y 14, X?"V{ gvHdwat«».t froH Hsltsn, 
KsHB,, Cra•v^ar r.e?iooX, X?RI, 
(J4th) Jarhftra P^ajlss fe Cet 4, IPcSj 
4 Ka>' J4, J9r9, 
(I4tfc} XsthpvB Stsi'l^p b Cet ST 2foe. 
(J4%h) Janflt .Hs.-1«B to «^ln« e.lfis, 
(13th t'wnaratlon) ;L\rolA Glifion St?irl*« ^ 5:r4fteiri«lrt, 
Kaas., JcW'j d £roa diphthsria, at :.ynn^-:s«8,. 
Got F, •aaa. 

Jwifir;. ., .^5 »:•, xn??5 .Cra-^unted .frpn :.oVflU ,:"(*«»♦., 

Mgh eobiiol, JS. p; frem !k>»tpn tJnl»*»ri«ity, TPr4. 

H« n.iA ti.n^ Borrjon aa G&ftolft.i,n in KrAnc»» A-.u-in^ 

t>is sor1,i -^iri now «-.i-lo^tA Jn ««ry inrO'''^«^-t 

Spv,, Tferf) whll« V.r huftbanf! was 0*flr soag, 
jjfjnsj} '■='^* ^''>» l^'^^'' Arty PHk«r« 

?|J9 Sd ohild of %h« TnA sarriaee ef HunHW 
Pran:cl5.n aat)Jorn, Vy Mn fn4 narria^e. 
(Isth eanaration) 'iilard .'JiKwn JUxhora li Sel^n.i-*., 
So¥ :."!,iaoI; refiids* I?s as tibarnhsa 35,, T*,<}t 

at CM.oor'«3 J'JiJ.i.B, iWiKH., .V:^8R— irtfrn; at ntohbnrg.Msftf!., 
•laea t>M»n,-c)rpfjiit8r and r.illwrieJrtj :c.-{-wMleanj h« and 
hie wife HwbftrB of %hn a%--.h /.A»n I!<».'i.i8t fjhiiroh, 
K. ?itef*nre,y.a«i*. .i nan of tunvdy c-n* hftlrs'al QHnAiti^a. 

with fina snffiwBa *a75— 2 1"a,,i w^?.** hsip^r , DAKehtwr 
©f K«r.ry Kyar.ftis "hittwiprfl h n%a}ihws, i-asB., K«>. t7, 

I8S^; th-sse parnnts r»iiin«fi ftt ?51;ohh'.«re,*^R«'«« 

(15tJj £6n«ration) firtlsn ywe^-wliia Kat>iPnMi 
fe Chlcopgg faJ.lK,t;f»g»., K<»h iJ, Js85; 

I*04i from ritehinire, ;;a«m»,, ^mal 3ohPPl, if-:f»; 

A BnocrtRftil tertchsr at ?'i<ich\.nre,.-.afl8., p,«nftfi 

Gradas^*; from Scnoreot Ariatit»r'.y,.i'-?irtiiB,^-.rt,, >•• fwR 
K«nt'» rtin, ;;i.,o«;v: taiight *l^h fins sftftentkb T.^ 

^rebate i-cirt; lat K«»l*pi.WHn e.f Athflmi,2i«, , .fer J? yj'srn; 

rVed kahpn; vAi Feilowj /.r.lXRt«a in thd Ci'?l "«ir. 
Sept lo, i96;-;, r.SA «« Hflgt.j Go. ?. , i=Ain« VoLimteTra; 

henorafel;-- fil&ohAreoa t-'nlv ?.(', 5tki;',; tnp mm ef J4«r-^.ll 

fkJlrsan find Uri.-rJ Knic>-t p- :Jlx.-fl«?.fl,.-ft. 

(JSth ettriftrAtioa} iirnifit K(*%hE«rn Jafir.HA b 

li Sflist ', J? TO ttary ; fln'oy. 

iy.::th) hmvA .^ivira }%>?^an b ?nb ?I, If^a^j 

8i-rl!"^n«ld,i<-;fi8., ^>a\fl ^,,t.^fi,'>; m J;'04 to 
Mianfia:,i!ki8,..An-.. , with KIb parunt*. "rswinatfiit 

i;i*il ;;ne5jirt«r, v-rand C*»ntr»l iflrriinai.ri.y.Ctt;-', 


(141". e«P*'"'*t1fnJ .Serenes :.l-^X!i:->tith 
^uS b Ka.- 7.1, I9.U. 
(lath) l»Rre«W6t iiols^AA iTudi b .'un» I' 

(2£lh ennerat.ipn) nrra i;.)iathprn b Splfm,?«,, .-rily 
8,1857; r' IS ^.T.cKicr-sRt: Avs., Thlt,^ rjH,^nJ»,~.*', 

erHn<l h4>l,n with Vnla iUth^rrn h'Jhter/: ernaastsa fron 
t>tf» BcJ-iooiR of .<k>lr>n, ;^e., aftft frew Xaat'n Hill ,:,«., 
S©nlna'-j',;:«a5fl=?l('i,rie.{« nnoftne^a teAehsr In t'ra* »««)>£" X« 

AtxoT hflr r.aTli^. « livfld for isors* ttm «t jJinn*- 
», 'J nnj en f'w fllettth cf h-^r RPt>a<r,<n .tnfsp 

Jw^t hoRBi* for hir futhrtr nX H.*lon ,;>.{ t^«n 
to "hlt« rjain*;, ."."., ,?ni.y,,TnP7. 

a &% CMeorf.'} "'sl"'0,Kw»*fl., ^'nly p, Tf,«g 
?)lflo»'.or« 'r<ilirJj>Kivsf»Ti ^H(?4 to ri«r3cMMrw,r:,1f. , 
fceh f:4,ia.'50. th«< Sna shna «nA tV» cli^.<rt ji^n of 

eh-re^ of t>w V,:-:.c.^, work »<; .^I'rJnpfl.«ld.:•:s^8., 
i-HT.iilj — iJiH: ?h«n ^i- i-lnraai.PlPlB,; Inr... 

tUr- until .lH«4tT;r,. h-lne ]md rran^ Kuc.«4a. 
eiiftc^n M^rco.fa. -ft 19?? hi una e^llfl! to 
wltJj h?« o'n34 at In.-? MadtRon ..vs; nhcuiirlnG 

y«ll datft of hln an4 hJs f«rily 
ra?«« Bv-^ A fll, 
fjVh) ftrrtfto TJlb-ir Jnrtd b ^nl? t?, 

K.-Sf., M3h eoncol! took H ocnr.o m 
Library an.«r:> ,«,rt. anrt y^a ^ llbrarUn Is 

rron a^rly y^ari, , fnithfa aenbar P.r the 

K Oct Z-, .T9.T.T t.o « UHfih*>r in th« RbPT« 
lilsBlon f.o^^m.. John »n«iit T;nfi>, whp 
va» born Jn s.p«vot« jfi-rp, ,„ rf.. R,p«.. ^ 

lnt.n.-,.nt of t>w :->.t?ioA5Bt ri-.icnHrv Board 
OS South .teflrlfl«. 7hn cMlA>-«n« 

p^ (iVh cnnrtratlon) Flora Gixir 

(iMh) Kr-iflat C.~f»RhbTirn b T-b.XpT?;. 
(l^'i) ^llbor Mas^ibnrn b inVj 


H» vaf« horn r1 ;;lnr;«»h{7««ll«, i;.inn, j an« «(tHn<*- 
tnS in Vro PaU'Ola of r.olon,r>p. 

free ,J.Y , :,>.lvArsii... , jitsTTj *«i»i>ls;^eA in S.y, 
•"it,;-, .i.fioo-nil :. u in XKa -js^noTriRi- ?s«t,jtpn, 

(J.t%hi hcxxrn illvim tTas*; h UinnfiniicJiB.-iwi., 
<ii5e s;, iys!(ij r^ei(i.n» "rlnirti.4,Co?,r.rftflo, 
erA.4nHt0v4 jj.pB t-hit, ^ni.m»:^.y,t high «o>ipp1, 
I9t3; ftR4 frm Suntor •>nBt:<*,.".y., jpr^i 
& tttftG>»ir at liPSliM.^.y.} i>=#.n t««fht ^n 
th5 l;ir-sipn ?i3VSrM"on "f?>x"vl, ?cr^;t> rj*«<v.??!«i AnA 

?rini'«.a!?, Coiftrarloi Ml b«»-n h fait»j.<til 
teaoJwr Pf t>:« U.;?, •^e?i--<5l ^o-rA nt ?or4p Tift©. 

^-ssr.flUe- — 7v^ o.hiiar«n. 

P.O., :)*.o ?Ati%i^\ (^ 5t J?>4t<» 


;rnnA ^, TSI' 5ft «;h«i i;«>^!tr.«.:, r-r^[^ of 17.3, 

SiHchart** K^^^ Ji', XV>.?f. on aacPimt ef 
K at ataafcrA ynivsralty, C.nMj'^rnla, A^n« S4, 
Er. ^ ^r*. K,.;a"Hrd :^-r-3f pA. niHt*?r ^;l.i Raft 

&in}\,t vet ?,t, ;.5'^4: a toafth-w J.ft v>iji<aaa. .>!«., 
high Bcr-rcl.-.^rartaA^^ • ,<*?.?« •';>rti;* .-i'ft.trjB, r.",^ high 
•«hpcl, JglC; and fyoa 3;'r«<jHA*,':,y,, VnlverRlt?, 

If 35 '. rv.ig?r^ BRb>(*l «<i lOftS T.slAB«,i:,Y, for I 

(iS^h eenoraXlon) Cb^cn Q.ifctthprn l> oclon,K*«. 


It 91; einoq then h*. ~aTtk»gfi7!,:0.7>..'"n'"»r'lnt*hA*nt 

OS the ChlciCf- fiArdwHTu e.srtMi'jiatarljae OoKpswiy. 

S'lhf f«l :Ur«ctor, '''^& — X6V6 .: "f^tl'liej^nj (t- 

Tilf<» n«Rfe«r« 0.^. t>w lift. feotJt'diPi 5hi\rflh , 

jtJOPton Ofnio'-RX HORni*,^! for IfttrB(»ii, jr«>i,Xv^''^4{ 
tftnt-ht In tr^/itsi^ fAi pthftr BO>yrt?.a, nn^ in 

fl3th »-«r«rAticn} ""aAa ShATRnB Hn^h^rn 

as "nilcv'K au-jJ-^," * Borfio* oS I» mcntJa. 
(Xfthi rirni3ij.r-«nA»i an%:-x'rn >» ach ;;5, 

I'ttATis in t.ifl IMl' ^.f J'-'e; <»« i 
Xn %>)« 3avv, ^v« ^rt.l M^j*, bnt flj^ rot 


0? "*na» Jv-.^'Torn i^iit:-: r&r;iH :)or«, ?hH *th dW.lA, 
tilth B^n^rA\f.f,n) Alfre.^ Sathfvrn )» io% IX, ler^:*; 

as ras a v«r;- nln'<n«tr<o\is , hKrft— wrkin^: nan, W".^ 

Mn y«lA%lv«8. -i-i neui apt^l«A, v^« livs-i wi*,h ';?,« 

A Apr I, .Tf,c,"; (1 8U(:;*',uJ*al :?aJT^*r fti \*.Uin^tR«,i 
a fsififul r.oldisr cf t>M ;;tT)U ^rar. 

« Kartn^j ^i/^ .-.cttn.f born t;<>ifln,S4j AJ,«»4 at Athena/ta, 

He chil'trftn. 

(Ilth £«n.-.mtiun} AlVi^^n /..?« flat horn b a^nt JJ, 7.B?-&i 

d i:^o>i s;., ;.u,>5! Ao«r? 3P. l■fiA■n^ /">■ 6 n(>nth<i.A very i»rAe)it 

froa A .rail V;' ^b5irs>. »v1b Mp »m» terokfon. 

A.tBt At "a— .u^wnf.}r,:«. .-n t^^ t-\,\ i-frna hc>rfi*teArt. ^ 

... ... -f^VC-l, 

!!"'>! ?rant^,r.„. sf.^sr-.^'^VAJC'i- 

n^eA^ "- '^^ '^' "^'A ^V'\ '^7 


(nth fc«»7i«-ratlcB} Kar;- K.'ie^t>io-n b .Tan r,?. le^sj 
died at iiPrridioroGk^'c, 

ClJ^th) Son 4 At birth. 

with AlKlr* S.v/iittlBr, 

(iXth e^n^T»,%\^ii) Cl^r.enn \Thitti«r 5iAthe>rn fe Apr f , 
1842} r««l<5^s Slarra KA<1rfl, Cnlifcrnla. ?«be?olP of Solon,:-:«, 
Her elrlh^oa life wag iip.nt at Lowell.- ►'H^a., *>,«re 
■1i» was (rlv«n flr.9 wrk aM eocd paynwnt hy th* j.c, 
Ar«r M«dlcina Conpany.j «h« a3.Bo rorki. 5 for 5 yaara 
m a ftoalery 3-,i>^tR^„t. sh^ has al,t«f« b««n a faithjPRl 
attendant at tho Conerssstlenal G^mroh. So?n aftor hnr 
aarrlaea sh^ r#=toir-,a to ZUrr^ raflr« .California, vh«r« 8h« 
hat led ft Y«r? harry an.-. Tisef«l Mffl.Tn« <,r h«. b^^^v 
y««rB She 16 v«r7 bright anA aotlva. ;{^ln£ no oMl.'j-^n 
Of h»r own «h5 adopted a slrl. anl eaT« h«r a fin* 
•daoatlon..rn. i« no^ ^ba wlffl of i'a«l StHrUe. haa • 
600-3 tc^%, *na throo ,!r,bi« ohllrt-en. 

an-l Alftrt at 3>r-a:<n'lr«.Ca->.lf..rnia. ,'unft 7,.TSIS. 
H^ *«• th** aon Of y.-vth^n Ho».n«r. .Snd, ra8 born 

!.•* aaf.,;rd , ,*>», ^ag ^vorn ^r sf.. TR^.f. | «!«.: 

— _ JiJ— 

^Tinn 8», • :45. > Mtasryi ';.?•.. ■i.H..-:pnri8r wa.-. t»» 
oldost r«Blrl«.'H, o.f iii»r»-^ ^'aA^«, i;n3.ifprnia."Jl» ae« *a8 
about 68 yea-^8, •<» «i*tilert At nor«no«,::a} i.f., and 
In th-i yall of I'TJ he inirohaswrt 4ti ajtrfts , wMoh in 

th'» rrtBtAsncB rwar th« oornwr pf n«ntral ana 
BalAwln 3t»., TvWch 'Taa eontlnwonnly b<t«n hin hcB«, 
H9 wan olftfioly lA«itiiri«'1 wJt>i n«»arllv «»*ry anter- 
prls-j slnoft thfl fnnntlntlon of 5^i<»rra aa.1r«, Hi» was 
ono pf the organlsflr*, ana for man? ?«RrB piw of 
iho :>lreater8, of %hA "ater Conpany. Hfl rfirvd' oontln- ^ 
nouBljr aa a Tm«t®a of thw Soh^Pl siBtriot fPr 
about fiS yeare. .^eltatlon ft»r th<» inmr^rt\%i<m ©f 
Sierra l^a>\r« fonna In hin an anthiiBu&Btlo 8nii>ort<ir. 

Ha «»a8 «loot«(l to tho first Kiialclya;. B^arfl of 
rrufeld^s, an* ras ocntiTKionPly aleotad tc tha* T*»ltien. 
fltt hold Rait? ot?Mr FOlBtlonR with tha Bacia 
falthiulnasB, ever werklnj hf<rA fior tho a tar fly nphnil- 
6ins f>f t)M town. In polltioe ha imn a staimo}} TspTdv- 
lUnn, and wrb alaoRt InvarlahJ^ a nambnr of tha looaX 
rtslepaticn to tho Oonnty Cottvflntlpnil.ln* t«a» bettar r<»«t,i-^ 
oa local MHtPry that ftn.v ot?i«r r»Bi«-ait cf t)M» town, 
and Mfl tales of fJoM'-r days and o>)arAot<»r8 ^a/^ r 
nar failine JMlfir«Rt,,!a wrS psniaJ anfl Mndlj In 
BanrsGr, and was alHays raarty to land a halplne Jwnd. 
For Many years th^ yonnc p<x>rl« f»f t>H« town lo«k«.1 te 
him as tho leading BoTlnfr SiUrXt pf thA Frnrth of 
^•>(ly oslebrat5onr, and ha ras n^ar harrl^?" than whsn 
In a merr^ thrcn? on Buoh oocHSloas a1 tha tie^^rA ©f 
iVafls plonias, wh«n h«} Tiad «.uh tha yotuv-«st and 
11081 aotiv«.^:4 hid a larsa pinna In t)^ Vwarts of all 
in ttw eoKT^nnlty. H^ was alKs^ve* 5m>la Ht»fci«r, 'Sfl *a« 
var,- llbaral. ar.i bread In hJs vinws en political and 


Oan« to *n:' hoRe . r« &i^r^8 ^5.,,i ^.s^ >^^j, o.-^ %«« Kan, 

fijs find cM.3.^ of r^ Rnd r,ayT.u.<trt p* "snan Ha^^rjt. 
wS^Jj .Alnlra :>.~MU?.or. 

several t^ms ©f yon- h^ipf.ii 6o>k>o5.o in th« t.a^na f 

town«. 3ale« and Mh<sm,V}>^ vi%& a wnan pf »t?r?.ine <jnnlitles. 
K(l«t) ^ov 20. J«5? Jo««j;h f^in^v te-rs «% Mns>««. 

A IZ Aa;.'R, Xn Jft?? Ji-* m',ovfiA f^M, At;>-rfsna,-p. , tp 

m ttts s«t«rn e«,hPlIfi, a fi„,; f,,j^^^j ^ QnA*,t.v«r:. 
•aart. h rd-worklng »> .n. w?jp n^**.? «7.lPK<»d hlK8fll.f to 1>« 
fe^atun in anr xinS o,f wrk. anfl llt«ra3.?.v serjcaa 
ifcReir ^0 4'with.^ <;rT,*j «an. 
KfSnA) ^cn« 5, ia'K> r,«<iu«l n^,^5,n b Solon.l^A., «;.pHt 

esrweS fsiithftilly in th« ci-yll var. 
Child of th^ Tj»^ t':arrlft£fl? 

(SSth e«nsrf.t?on; ^o^eph v.-ni^j, t> fkvlon.K*., 
Ueh g?.xa7j J r^^'.n■^^ at .rKoWi-^.^n.i^fl. "hh at 

at 8:<ow>i«^*. , einoe *>wn.rf.r ?. ysari* h« 
WJ-k«fs in a BHohino Rfcop: nna for ovfir 8o 

AjTr 2?., Ir3?<; t~«^n«-*ef! froR nArrcfif ,;.«.? hAeh nohrr-l, 
XStBi wag a vsri' BificUnf, clf»ri-.j ?wl4 a Cl^fl 

{23<;h) :.«»)•^-no« V, .-Jllfiy i> ^^ 3-^ X?f ?, 

80 filoncfrtitfir ot., licaton, 7.mi», 

tilth e-'nflrRijJcn) Twin, wUh -O.x-iya T/.Hft^.V'm, il^lrn 3. 
S-itfera t* ?•% g, JR44. a a,. -;(r,brJ.fl£^^.t»., n«jt Ip, ' 

CXcnh) era r>.-,nln\v ft r,fl«t,'<,Ke., 
free (;3nbri^rt,lsrt.jhlfa Boh-.-^i, ,^ ^nanhnrj 


133 ?JiC0.l33 OB nlLLIil KiTiER:; 0? THD 9TH GUlER.lTIOiJ. 
See Ms Familj' Line on Page 5, 

IHh generation) 77illlain Hathorn b Wllmineton, 

Kass., i:ch II. 1749; d at V/oolwleh^lIe., ,Jan 31, I88I, 
ased 69 years. He was a man of great Ind'oatry 

and enterprise. He reincvad to Georgetown.LIe. , with Ms 
widowed mother, brothers and sister. That part of George- 
town was afterwards set off as I7oolwloh,Ue. 

M llch 30, 1780 iiar7 Jenkins b TTlImlngton.Liass. , 
Hoy 29, I75I; d l^ay 23. 1829. l^e cMldren: 

doth generation) Harj- Hsthorn b Hay 15, 

M hJune 12. I80S , her cousin, Seth Hathorn. 
born aich 8,1780; d at Woolwloh^Iie. , ^ug 
15, 1856; the son of John Hatlwrn and 

Tabltha Going. 

See data of family page II, 
■i in? 7a„ t. — pVo+^v rnjno 

filth) TTllllara Hathorn b Woolwich, 
Me. , Kch 27, 1807; d Sept 6, I8I9. 

(10th generation) Villlaa HathDrn b Oct 24, 
1762; d m youth. 

doth) Susannah Hathorn b June 3. 1784. 
M Jooeph Blackburn of IVoolwich.LIe. 

doth) P.ebecca Hathorn b Eov 14,1788. 
"Probablj' ilarried llr. Gray," 


So« top csi p;si;o f». ojiA hsr ttnofi««ry,pA"rc« 4, &j. 

^aa SI, I'eSt a -«t» I?,i:6pf>.H« ms sn KnRjgn in 
th« X3IS "sr, aar. a ncblfl e^tisen of ItowjUslnhar.,'^*!, 

Sapt.^sr.^a i'.<ccw(9ll a ..sxr^ar^t ^aXt^n, GMlrtr^a; 

(JIth e^J^s^^iionJ Sarah Kat-a^rn K!L\»«11 * 
fe'a;-' SO, I9'3; ^a%% ^S <1fiir.^6«8 not £:iT«ia. 

d R«pt II, inr?, aead 68 y«ftre. Sh5.8 
fK'sily n^iiUnl In thf> Ke. tevms, Jk^wOcinhaft A 
Brnnswlok and at :r'>wt,fn,-AHSH, ¥.y, ?«n;.ei*. »ra« 
tJi« Pon c? ^.c'^«rt ;?«nnol?. k ^mw ajjipnon. 

(I,1t,h c«nftrfti;Son) ^.'llias Kfi^nU r«nn«l- 

!'«., fpr Bo«orRl yflarat than 2nBura?« 
U ftt ?PHi;cn,!-trtt*ft., Am* I, XPof. iJ«n k. 

Xnfiftj thn ^Rr.phtflr of Ahwtr St«t8on A 

* Kft? «4, 7«a4j r#P-Jrt*» 
at Sanspr, K©,. trftdnrt*«d 


prcaiasni lH»T«r ni; .H«vror,;;ii} a rraiSnata 
•f iicHdola r^ll,«fc« anrt t?M» Ulil»erBltj of 

IPf.Pj and froa HrtrTarS J^aw aohjol.isjpj 
atiln^fl to thn Snr 192?; junan thun a 
IsTvyor at F<,rtlHnfl,i^e, 

(iRth eenftratlon) /^lieabnth HanrarA ?».nn«ll b ^V'y Tr, 
(iRthJ LVaas ;iar^ar4 -^nrnxulX \, spT 7, I6$0, 

4 ?«b J5r, IU61. 


(nth pfiSfiJ-atlon) ilfir/laiiA saxwdll b JTov I^. 18Tp| 
. « 2>«o «, 2847; vaiRnrrl«4. 

..■ •*-.. 4, *.^>,, ,,,,».,.., 

/ (nth) Sapt .-ujtor K3.M.*,n b .4:^2 10, I0;;i; lost At 

£roa Havaiiiia.Ciiba, .^^^.t. .^-OSJ: }« ^as t2w ootTianaftr of 

• -**.^-. --»»«,, ^^.,3^,, 

(nth) «n3«a mrht f.a^ell b Jnn* I6.tb.-4: r«,elrt«d 
At Kloh«pna,r>B, 

X 6t Ik»waplnhGja.;,ft,, c*rt.^olm bcm 
6t ?lttKton.-^«.j 3r«% Rt «»a Jn hla Ship, ,i^r. -864; 

• :>dp .l.^,.,.«.«,>i; he ^«8 A Ban of fin* chm-^^ct^r wiA 

(Ifith) .^arftw Goodwin ft In infancv. 

(nth) ruila-, Xiihcirno i.«K«3,D. b vet A.U^tl; IfveA at 
ao«t<,i,,i,H.a. in w=av, ;.«4 >«, .«, n^polnt^- jp«t 



' i 

Eaater at iiOffdolnhan,:.e, 
U St Brooklyn. ::.y., Jan I7,I056 Sllsftbflth I)«an I.«e'iB 
b Portland ,:i:e., Sept., 1828; danehtar of David iwan. and 
the widow of David Leefls, , „ ,c c^v 

(iStW .C.bert H.UaywGll^Hletj'.loT P.I, 1858 
/ acoS 4 Honths. 

i (l?.th) afred Skolf leld Mfgrwell b Bowdolnham, 

f' Ke., July S, 13 n8. 

M at rrftenwood City, California, Feb I0| 
1895 Grafflo Lake Wllliama. 

(I3th) Kllen Elizabeth KaxwoU b 
Oaiaana, Calif. , Deo 27, 1896. 

^^^*^*J- ■*3u'^M ^ ri:iJ hai O -ftaaatall — ^ July 0,inna ; 

(HrtrrJ — 5i2^ft» 

(iRth) Fj-Rnnes Rllon Ilaxr/ell b Brxui8wlok,!r'e. , 
Ang 14, I860; reeit'en Franlnehani,i:a8B. 
K(lPt) Sept 5, 1898 at Bowdolnham , He. , 
Herbert ?hllbric^ Kendall , 

(iSth) Kllboume Kaxwell Kendall 
b Kch 8, 1890. 
M(Sna) Sept l;>, 1898 In Bceton,::n88. , 
Chjis.Clarenoo barton. 
(I2th) .D.lco Clothlldo Haxwell b Brwdolnham, 
He., Jime I3,X8G5; d Ool.,ie78. 

(11th eeneratlon) Jara«B Lorritt liaxwell b flept I, 183? 
aied m BrltiBh ColTOLia, Al-r I?.,I87Ej unr.arrled. 


^/ (26? een&rstioii) S'hft .isoriean ^ift^fttcr Pf t>.is :,in« ?««» 
Kajcr -iJ.litia ;ia«.Tr>rnK, who ms \>oti\ An .IneJ-AnA «vl.«>at 
16c;?; ,iifi« at r;.-,lf,r),:,«R6,, I63I, ne9& 94 ?«»ar«..H(» 
*«fc 1,...:* son ( ;: :-ilii3R HHi.>rrn<^ A hlP kJI?« 3nrah, 
of iilnfit;ld, ^.crksi-iiro, iv^glinft. K»Jcr WiiAAaa :T»4:*r-J»'ii 

iB .isu*/: with fit>vprnor --iathro;) in t;-* Mhl^ -Vrah^llA, 

eJ-a&d Pif 1 And. K.I ^sis Ter? f.rcninant in %y^ ft.ffair8 

Kocords. 11^ ^~As S«5r-utr te th* •Iftiv.rAl CvHrt fpr 14 

K««o., ao?r» ft 1-.Z7. Ks reao»«il to ."*A«.a,K.H»fi., ttni war 
BaEi^ tioQ3 5«imt« rnyiA Vml^ to^-n. tr J644 j,« ^^ »iBet«s 
S^a^or or 5h8 ir.^ri«rttl Coixrt for hie fj.yn% t,,m, «M 

aft& rer,Ain«(i in th«t ofXIco nn%U U79,d« >^» ens ©f 
%hs E06t innuentia, eRflrgstic, and rM» r.fia ;n .iw 
iSjieXand..iJ.s Pili-iiirv eArarr be£;.ui at ik»Ktpn,iih«8jin I6;»5, 
whan h» U t,.mtior.«d as b«tni i>i-*.„eM at "^CTftinins.- H« 
««8 Cai.^^a of rw^.Juar.^.r^B.. a-r.pun? fyo« v.ei.'.r34fi. «M 
*ft« Major b«.'or,* .Tor^^.KiH rft?.i,^o;ui orlMom. w^« 
»ovor^ rifti blisc.t*^ rjiS hf» T=a? arVUrar- ana i^tol- 

• %hA .toroE«8^ o.? all %h« ^wrltan i>HKanitl«8» " 
ln4no«A tia» .^almn "own .iiit»krit5.e8 ^ itre<* Mb 1k» 
««ttl» in i/irtir Rldst.rh* Tcins e.f <hs» p«»pl« •«# 
t?R8 expre»*«ft!i in :Co^m t-^stiag. .jt an lnt!wo*m«nt fcr Mb 
eealng tc ;i,-»Jfln ths tovfn jrrHntoA Ma 8<k' atir*^ «f 
XaaA, ;':.t{i far-otu? A«RC9n(Uint,:iirhani«il 3awt?iom«, Bays 
©f Mn,-;!4 ha: f.l\ t>» :wltaa t,r4lt« , beti th<i 
eood and th» •yil." Hl» wif« Anns v«n » if«rthr wPB«n. 
Sh» ebildr«a« 

(«nd gsnoratiea) A danffht<!»r "htm «^pnt I5,?3. 

tSRd * ) Sarah ;-;a«,iX'rne b :4ch 13, 1(>?A — S, 

(Sna er-neratioa? ^.l-jano? HAl;ht»rn« * Apr X, 1557, 

i^nS " ) John Hat hpnw ^ «i^ f5, Jfi4.l, 

« :i\«th fiarAn^D Baiightwr ef f?«ore« Gs^rfinflr, 
S**"* datn n«7Ct psgn arA «»nKarA. 

{r.n& eonaratlon) Ann* fl«1.hcjTH» % ~^ 18, xft^j?, 

K ^-eerh "ortsr. 

rgnfi e«?wr»t^on} ft:intnn Hnthom* t. .^r J, J$4B, 

K* wifi R Rr-l<ti*»r in thfl '-ar ngaJnst; thu 

Rni-ilnsr, wJk* ooH!-)An^«« t;hv» G^Hrargr in whiah hn 
sorrea and is ho ?«tlJ. J.n t:^^ gr*«i;*.-!wfirp ^JEht," 

ftm\lh.aiHtf,a.;:ui!^ ., iJAth>rnA «^e^^A in sab- 
U Sarrth-- — .- 


allcv.r,^ Yj th?^ ';o5,orv lsi»8 v.ron raisy t>? t^,^ 
erai't. ^r- vj^r «r,-..ftliy Harare ^ith ether* oJ-Av^.g^^ 

MP -attit^r ft"." f.r«nfl.fftth«r.Ks trrk jw rftrt ^n 
pnlO.Jfl ft^'ft^vr. -r^ .v./i h<p KCTV. ana jfr.-uiA- 

^iirin^; i,X4 Kgvpir.tJpnsry -rt >■« 


ir. or IcriJi." :■:.-. purcha3e^ a farm of 25C 

aorea at 13.' rclwloh,-e. , on the r,en?^eh«o 
Klv«r, ahcP.t I74f.. Ke toIkoA all the ^-ay 
to T'colwlo-'v" '^., ^om thfl Land Cfi"lcje. ISo .51, 
In ril!nlneton^..aab., r^filrit; Bwl:*t of foot he 
■bcftt cut ft'-.othor proBT>eotlTe Jipw«0tea.7«r, 
who Tjae on Ms way fron Wiltr.lneton,i'.-isB. , 
to btv thf) E.n.n^ IsTiA.In this way DanlPl Hath 
A9';r'lT0<' his Inr^ In-ftilly. The nana of his irffa 
lE rot clvon. 

(Eth soneratican)Seth H^thcme t atcut 

lf5r.} A at TToolKloh.Ke., l-^oh 2, 

ZB?.l , afnd 69 ynnre, 
K I77S S..O.P.T, ?h;^„g t, Boston, 
Maes., Jvjie I.?,!-?:.?; .1 ^, 
Jan .?, I'(04; f-i^ 5nnshter of Jnc-ea 
TTalhanlnl Tbrlnf-, 

(fith Feneration) 3^vh J.Hatlome 
■b v"oolr?oh,":!f>, , jiire P,T7??; 
A at "oolwlch ,Tnre 4, iflCR. 

anil cUcA ;;<iy it^ ih7b, 
^hn mstpyv of iie. by tho 
J'0\*l8 PiibllsMnc Ccnponj' eayr , 
"■•to J( his cotuiln, I'.,-^*r.i5> 

('^th fonflT-stlon) CVrls- 
top^cr Ool-nmhite ^th>rn« 
\> Deo 16, leio. 
(nh) tTarrsB 2attem« li 
Cct 4, lfllJ», 

(7th) Mnry 4uf:nBt!i Hat>»rn» 
b Feb 26, t;>tp. 
K her ooasln, ab«rt 
Jlaftthorne b Jan II, 18 II. 

'7or Kan- ?«Rr8 h« k«8 « faBhlnonaI-l« 
taJ3.or at iJath, ;;*>,- 

(3*>h t^n-ralion) > !^,^rJ: harrfin KHhema b at 
ISn. Buj-i^"-- a*; liH^Vi'-'-J £ral!ifltGA frca t>» Bath,, 

C<5ll«c9 xnil Br.oietrr ;af»i. Of ft Xitwrftim t\t*n ef 

niy.a, ft.n<' '»rllll<irtt. iA TApartijK, hie prflt»enc« ran 

8oui;h\ in all Pi the «pr1s1 e«^htti'ine» ef thfl 

Coiiere, ab w«ll ao S'^ T^&ih, i".., ;;it« jipms at 
I'fto 3t.t}i. :'.<o,, Z';.'\x^i\rAa,'X C'-lo'ora^ion, ■»■*« ©fa 
very hift/i oi'Ier, Ks ffAa a 's^eocrht, anA 

eatira toUo-w :;s-roj* opid-iSiio, ii-i3 feJa-oviyH the 

prest re.Xlicd aid Tor n.>riaii, :irt .^14 this, 

ibaueh f.vr.i- k.Hr o.C M» rta.- tb.n-« a«Hat 

th*»if-k r.t Mfe ll::c. ii> Ut. tneyitorictui work hi; j.i\^'. ;;;;«".-"I?>'v.4. ^l*, v-k« witty, fa.^llti, 
CrsiceAa &jia tri-tiuioiw. Zi*. BU-r,- in th« «Sal«» 

KU plA<ifi on %h,> :i.Y...<.wr*rsial ?,.wt rjobly jTillert. 

•.f?« •>CP. b!;;) 

'%.*)!*'," i;<' •<»n«l :-"rH»>X 

^■»-revi jAvhor.n« ofio.u'e .^«&eol'>r.-.d in Vlnrn-f't. r/lth 

ici ■ ■. ■ • 

hl« fathor . Booa^ aftor he loft Col !«£•,. owing to a 

"eyere aooidont which doprly«d Mp father of a«tlTe 

participation m any tiisineae for Bone nonthe. Ke 

took tho entire ch.we of his father'a bvisinesB m 

■Plte Of the fact that Ms deElgn en leaving College 

WBB to take up literature ee hie Tooatlon.He was 

kept from t at parposs imtil 1885. Thus he cave 

•l»Ton of What he confllfierei Mb best year, to 
bueinoBu pursulta. .le never gave .,p Ms pwpose to 
take np Journalism, and he r^ns etrenfftheaed in Ms 
PWT«,S9 through the Bnocess of Ms contribution. ^ 
to both the aewEpa.oer press ^nd the current mac-'^ 

aelnas. iila rarious articles were not only readily 
accepted and publishod. but were widely read. Hi. 
faith la Mlaelf^vaP. made strong by the suoceee 
Of MspoaT, at the i?ath.«e., Centennial, i-ch..i8ai. 
It was CO fayorably received and comne-^ted on by 
the entire ppres. cf Me., that he linpatlently a^aite. the 
opportunity to carry out Ms ^bitious Journalistic 
plana. His Democratic political faith . inherlte,^ ft-om " 
his father. and f.oa both Ma erandfathera. M. 
an actlTo participant in the campaign of 1876 & i^pp. 
a^well as In the Maine Oubernatlonal ca^aien.Cn the 
•lection Of ,^rrls Li.:x.i8ted as Governor of Maine he 
l^ed younc Hatl.rne a. « „«,,,, ,, ^. ^^^^^^^ 
-taff with the ran. of I.t.Colonel. He filled that 

r^-ltlon With dignity and hor.r until the close c 
MS Chiefs ad..inlstratlon. in i.85 . m conpany with 
John P.Varn,.. he establiahe. the .acJcaonville.Kiorida. 
KcrnlnsHews. ,or two years he sue oes. fully co^ 

ducted that paper nn da^ that pertnersMp. m TB.7 he 
- lareel. inatn^ental in or,ani=ine the norlda 
^intlne & PnbliaMn,r Co.pany.^ith a capital of 
^100.00... .as secretary and and the 


i;oriii:!£- Hews and the lu'venlng Horuld, tv/o protiifip^ 
journals, were consc] idated, ^Ir, HathDrne v;a3 r.ade their 
editor. In the follov.lng Llay the Florida Printing 

& PublieMn^ CoEpary , which had chageci. its name to the 
Florida publisrdng Ccrapany, purchased for J65,0C0 the 

Florida limes union, whicr had been established in IS:0,, 

by Col. OOfieOO Chai'. K.Jones, and had the 
largest newspaper circulation in Florida. The Publishing 
Co, retained its name, end the name NeT^-s^-Herald became 

extinct. Col. Hathcrns retiined his editorial possess- 
ion under this consolidation. The yellow fever epidemic 
of 1888, which wrought such havoc in the city of 
JacksonvilleijFloric.a, did not spare the staff and force 
of tho TiEes — Lnicn, and during its reign of eSC'COQfifiO 
5 Eonths he held his post and saw ebery cerber of 
his editorial staff, and of the business staff as well. 
Stricken with the disease, the editor — in — chief and 
the city editor proving victims of the scourge. L!ary 
o:C the enployees of the publication departn.ent fled from 
the city, and, of those wto stood at thJe posts, 
over SO had the fever, and 5 of thea died. The death 
of Martin, the editor — in — chief, inCct.,I8S8, forced 
Colonel Hati'Drne to assus:e the editorial charge, 
and, with the broken staff, he not cnl.y carried on 
the paper, but porformei the additional duties of 
conducting the news service of the Associated Press 
for the entire State of Florida. InMoh. ,1350 he was 
flomiiilly made Llanagirg liditor of the Tines — Union, and 
he conducted the editorial department up to Dec I, I89S. 
He then resigned to engage in newspaper and magaKire 

work, but continued his residence in Jacksonville, 
His political vi( v.s had neanv.iiile undergone a radical 
change, and, £rom a Southern point of view and local 


fOUey piiranart ty the Sonth. h«» bac-u-o crnvlnoed t^^t 
that saotlon v-ab nakln- a nlBtaJw In holding to tha rslloa 
•f, th« r=*8t., eopeolallv in t?ielr eupport cf th» 
/fallaov of fy«s BllTsr. Tn tha autnrji of 1655 ha 
y Tieitad 3alh»i-i©., and that TlBlt resultei? In Me ronon- 
yy- 1 elation of D^ooracy rb r«pr»6f»7ite« by thoPe who «on- 
y , trpll«d tho ^r-olloy of ths party, ?uid ha soiieht eon- 

/ eemal oonpanlonahlp In thfl K^pnhlican party. F.e eepooa^fl 

t>a oaadldacv of 3j»aker Rft^, for th'i office of ProBl- 
^sat of tha D.3.. nnfl, «arlr in Jan., 1096, wh«n Btont 
^ , to taka A Jorrmay to thg far -«8t to gain I'olltieal 

information to etrengthPn h b political oan-^idate, ha waa 
•^farad th-j aditcriihip of tha ir.Y.iprnlrus AflvartlBsr, 
/ »aa 1» tt5oepte« th<» poeltlen anfl/^pntlnnnd Ih oharga 

• f that frreat raatro^o^itan Joiirnal «p to th« tlBja of Ita 
; Sale to Hearst In 189 7. Alter that h^ was iianaelrv? r.flUor 

ef tho Seanrk. 3. J., :->8nlns K«TiB. Thon, In J«n., I9»0, 
^^' )»» had oharee of tha aAltorlal pat>,o and a Itorlal 

/ / policy of thfl If.y.Conr.orolal. Colonel Hat horns waa 
^ ' ftffillatad with tho 0»fl Club of II.V.Clt3»o flath,Ka. and 
/ with the .Sanlnola KiX Clnb of JackBouTlllaa , Florida. 

,^ / ka wa« a nembor of thn iotna Olnb of H.T.City.In 
/ ^ Florida he was a rembor of tho flfw P.neland Society 
y-/ and th« Onlverelty AsBoelatlon of norlda. Ke was alue 

' y^ a vary africlent r-enbar of tha Board of rrade of 
^<'' \ Jaoteonvlilfi, norlda.«l TranX TTarrfln Hat>».rno 
y,^ . Married ^aanor iZyB 7.nTnBr who was born at Bath,l^-a. , 

/ I Sept £4, isfiS; and reBldna at Ji Bra^fbrd ?* aoe, 

Kontolnlr,J7.J. Ih« datifhtar of rUran Amr^xetns Tro-nor 
and iBabel Cnrtln, both of 3«th,-.:a.Shfl and col, 
a\thomfl at,t«ha«rt tha Kplenepal C^mrolu 
I. '-.a com 

(«th e« eratlon) Sayi^n Irvln« R-itv^rTia 
b JaokaonYine.nnrMR. v.^- ?.Taso.rra4.«.tPd 

?6 tSroalway. ii.y.^ltv 

(7tJy)) -'f^^Ah HAthrmH" b Ka*- SI, Jn''.4. 
(7?>j) John :^vr« Hat'orH'* fe irr ^',I3P.Pj 


(fthj Sr.Uy HathPrns h Apr rr, J. 9?;^, 
K ^un© fA^, J.6T4 .Tp^m P.fioiO.A. 

77 i>l^^^ £1