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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Carroll Marcus Editor-in-Chief 

James A. Ellzy Associate Editor 

Cynthia Alton Business Manager 

Addison Wallace Sports Editor 

Gereldine Chase Staff Correspondent 

Rose Dailey Lay-Out Editors 

John Barber 
Bernie People 

Calvin Thomas Assistant Lay-Out Editor 

Charles Joyner Art Editor 

Ronald Jones Assistant Art Editor 

Jason C. Grant Faculty Advisor 

1964 - Maryland State College - 1965 

Princess Anne, Maryland 


To a lacK \\ hose inward beaut\' shines forth in warmth and 

To a gentle woman ot sincerity, sympathy, and humor; 

To a ser\ant of Maryland State College who has never 
w orked to ser\e her prixate goals, who has ever been faithful in 
action and clear in honor; 

To a friend whose lo\'e for Maryland State College and 
its students has been exemplified in years of selfless devotion to 
our common welfare, a friend who has never refused a request 
for help and, time after time, has gone beyond duty's call in 
serxice to all; 

To a real lad>' and friend, we dedicate this issue of The 
Ha\\k to 


An ffficient da> s work at the 

All work and no play? No! 
Mrs. Steele enjoys cock- 
tails at a faculty Cocktail 


Mrs, InaQ. Steele 
Hruona the firm 
believers, "We 
shall over come." 


A man of unshaken faith and the courage to 
bring a vision into reality. 

The Go\ ernor of the State of Manland 
The Honorable J. Millard Tawes 

Not only does the office distinguish the 
man, hut also the man the office. 

The Board of Regents For Higher Education 

Mr. Charles P. McCormick 

Mr. Edward F. Holter 
Vice Chairman 

Dr. Wilson H. Elkins 
Executive Officer 

Mr. Harry H. Nuttle -Treasurer 

Dr. B. Herbert Brown — Secretary 

Dr. Louis I. Kaplan 
Assistant Secretary 

Dr. William B. Lone 

Mr. Thomas W. Pangborn 

Judge William Walsh 

Mr. Richard W. Case 

Dr. Thomas B. Svmons 

Mrs. Sara A. Whitehurst 


The 1965 HA^^■K has been published primarily to provide those of the 
Nhmland State College Community with a pictorial record of the persons and 
events that pervaded our campus during the 1964-65 school year. We are well 
aware of the many intangibles that often give added color to activities, en- 
virons, and personalities but somehow defy recording in black and white. 
Nevertheless, we hope that our endeavors may, in some small way, help pre- 
serve friendships and associations which we all hold so dearly. If this book 
will ser\e to bridge the past and bring to mind the priceless memories of joy 
and pleasures of the past year, it will have served its purpose. 

There are those without whose efforts and contributions, the 1965 
HA\^"K uould not ha\e been possible. The staff would like to thank all of you. 


Table Of Contents 















Dr. Ne\ille A. Baron 
College Physician 

Mr. Robert H. Beasley 
Maintenance Superintendent 

.Mrs. M. Barbee Boone 
Dean of Women 

Mr. Raleigh W. Bowen 
Director of Food Service 

Mrs. f)]ic- A. Carpenter 

Mr. Francis H. Harris 
Dean of Men 

Mr. Charles C. Jacobs 

Director of Public Relations 


Mrs. Ina Q. Steele 

Administrative Assistant 

to the President 

Rev. W. Tycer Nelson 
College Minister 



Mr. William J. Wilson 
Business Manager 

Mrs. Violet J. Wood 
Director of Admissions 

.-^it- ■ ' 



ames B. Abram. Jr., B.S.. M.S. 

Raymond P. Algatt, S.B. 
Mechanic Arts 

Clifton J. Anderson, .\.B., A.M. 
Physical Education 

Elizabeth S. Bell, A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. 
Head, English and Languages 

Erna G. .Austin, A.B., A.M. 

Theodore Briggs, B.S., .M.S. 
Mechanic Arts 

Mary Fair Burks, B.S.. M.A. 

William H. Clelland, B.S.. M.S. 
Mechanic Arts 

Ethel S. Cottman, A.B. 

Howard Davis, A.B.. M.S. 
Physical Education 

Fred Eikel, A.B., A.M. 
English and German 

Alethia A. Elps, B.S., M.S. 
Home Economics 

Albertha M. Ferguson, B.A., M.B.A. 
Business Education 

Roosevelt Gilliam, B.S., M.S. 
Head Football Coach 

Jason C. Grant, ;3r<l., A.B., .M.S. in L.S. 

Alma L. Gre^K, A.B., A..M. 
Coordinator, Music Department 

Delores L. Mines, A.B., A.M. 
Physical Education 

William O. Hull, B.S., M.S. 
Mathematics and Physics 

Cecelia E. Humphrey, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D. 
Head, Home Economics 

Edward F. Hutchinson, B. Mus. 


Eva Jessye, A.A. Mus. D. 

William P. Hytche, A.B., M.S. 

George R. Kent, A.B., A.M. 

T. Waldo Kiah, A.B., Ed.M. 

J-C. King, B.S. 
Mechanic Arts 

W . AiiKustus Low, A.B., A.M., PIi.D. 
Head, Social Sciences 

William A. Lynk, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
Head, Natural Sciences & Mathematics 

Claud C. Marion, B.S., .M.S., Ph.D. 
Agricultural Education 

yenwn E. .McCain, A.B., M.S. 


James S. McCormick, B.S. 

Captain U.S. Air Force 

Air Science 

Grace S. Morton, B.S., M.S. 
Home Economics 

Harry W. Paine, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. 


Charles E. McMillin, B.S., M.S. 

Lt. Colonel, U.S. Air Force 

Head, Air Science 

Jimniie Mosely, A.B., M.Ed. 

Addison L. Perkins, B.S., M.S. 

Elmer S. Rieck, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. 

F. Harrell Smith, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. 
Head, Agriculture 

Vernon W. Stone, A.B., .M.h..A., Ph.D., KcL.Vl. 
Head, Business 

Samuel W. Rocker, B.S., M.A. 

Anita O. Stewart, B.S., M.S. 

Charles O. Stout, A.B., M.S., Ed.D. 
Head, Mechanic Arts 


John \'. Strickland, A.B., M.S. 

Nathaniel C. Taylor, A.B., M.A. 
Physical Education, Asst. Dean of Men 

Robert P. \'arle> , A.B., B.D., M.Th., D.Th. 

Jame.s A. Sulli\an 
Mechanic Arts 


Richard H. Thoma.s, B.S., M.Ed. 
Mechanic Arts W. Vaughn, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. 

Teshonie G. Wa»u\ , A.B., M.S. 

Devenia P. Wallace, B.S., M.S. 
Home Economics 

Don.thy Waters, A.B. 

Tlioiiias II. Wilfi 

Joseph Biitton 
Administrative Assistant, AFROTC 

Darlene S. Abiani, B.A. 
Assistant, Office of Admissions 

Carrie D. Chisolm 

Elizabetli Corder> 

Ella Pearl Doane 
Dormitory Matron 

. Leon Gates, A.B. 
Business Office 

Phyllis Goldsborough 
Telephone Operator 

E\angeline J. Harris 
Assistant Dean of Women 

Anne Howard 
Secretary, Agriculture-Home Economics 

G. Annette Mann 
Secretary, Business Office 

I J m 1 

Rebecca Newsome, R.N. 
College Nurse 

Lutheiine B. Smith 
Assistant Dean of Women 

Mary A. Stewart 
Secretary to the Dean of the College 

William Wellons, Jr. 
Business Office 

Thomas B. Wilburn, B.A. 
Business Office 




{ \'^''slKA^M 







mS^^^^m9^^*'i!^> X V. ■ '- 



Words and Music by Daniel L. Rideout, Sr. 

To thee, dear Alma Mater, 

We raise our grateful song. 

Thou, through thy noble teachings 

Hast made thy children strong; 

And thousands still shall praise thee, 

All earth shall hear their swell. 

And bind our hearts yet closer, 

To thee we love so well. 

We love thy spacious campus, 
We love thy tow'ring halls. 
Arid hallow'd are the lessons 
V\e've learn'd within thy walls. 
Stand thou forever glorious, 
Fidl rob'd in livjng green; 
Shine thou in endless splendor 
Beneath thy trees serene. 

Mar\l,iii(l, Marvland, home ol Maroon and Gray 
.\Iar>lan(l, .Maryland, thee we will love alway. 
All hail to thee, fair .Maryland, 
All glory be to thee! 
(Jrfjw thou in strength and lioMor 
'Ihrough all fterrjity! 

Elizabeth L. Nutter, '6 

Presents f\L 


Zelma T. Adams 

Cvnthia D. Alton 

Rose Bacote 

Robert Batson 

Thelma Bell 

Sherman HerneU 

(•;l-Mia H( 

Elmer Brooks 

Thomas Brvant 

Sharon E. Cann 

Theresa Cheeks 

Delores Chippey 

Earl Christy 

Evelvii Collins 

Emel Cromwell 

William Darling 

Edward Da\is 


Josephine Da\'is 

Richard Davis 

Margrette Davage 

Patricia Ellis 

George Fenwick 

Clarena Geer 


iJouglas Goodwin 

Barbara Cireen 

Alplionso L. Hammond 

Norma Harris 

Scottland Harris 

Thomas Hay 

Timothy Hay 

^___ W' .'Jf- 
Doris W. Hohnes 

Raymond Jackson 

Ronald Jarrett 

Ambrose Jearld 

Frances Johns 

1ac(iueline D. Johnsc 

\ ii'Uie Johnson 


James C. Jones 

lielnia Jone^ 

Frances KelI^ 

Morgan Kelly 

l-)oris Kent 


(Jiarence Kemp 


^i' :j 

Maiiiit' D. Kilgore 

Edna Lowe 

John Knight 

Carroll L. Marcus 


Lero\' Lewi 

Sterling Marshall 

Joseph Mason 

Ronald McCullogh 

Wilhelmina Mears 


\\'aiTen Morgan 

Robert Xewton 

Leon Nunnalh 

Elizabeth Xutttr 

Harrod Owen 

Celestine Polk 

Clarence E. Polk 

W'illiiiiM l-'owcjl 

Elaine Ranclaii 

Earl Richardson 

Earl Rogers 

Alfonso Seabrook 

Alfonso Selbv 

Kennetii Simpler 

George Sisco 

Jessie Smiley 

James Smith 

Glendola Stanley 

Delore> S\diH 

Earl Ta\l( 

Clvde W. Thomas 

James Thmiia'^ 

Percv Thomas 

Jerome Thompson 

firf;alv Thoririari 

Alvir] Tincli 

Nathaniel Tolson 

Bona WacIcK 

Li-iu> Wainvvright 

Charles Walker 

Clifton \\alker 

Addison \\ allan 

Ann WalJinuton 



Woody War( 

Mai\ Washintito 

Mehin W atkins 

lames W eein> 

Bett\ Williams 

EdwanI W I Ilia 

Jo.f-ph Willian 

Ik'lcii Woods 

Haswell Young 

J^e!c>is SHiiiiflfrs 

Seniors await Krcslimen for Frcvslmicu Oricntati 

Senior Directory 

ADAMS, ZELMA- Social Science 

1512 N. Linwood Ave., Balto., Md. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Dean of Pledgees), French Club, 

Fine Arts Club, Student Counselor, Women's Council, 

Archerv, Tennis. 

BROOKS, ELMER- Physical Education 

Route 1, Box 9,5 A, Worton, Md. 

Physical Education Club, Kappa Alpha Psi, 



ALTON, CYNTHIA- Business Education 
635 Linnard Street, Balto., Md. 

Women's Council, Alpha Kappa Mu (Pres.), The Led- 
ger (Editor), Delta Sigma Theta, Student Counselors, 
The Hawk, (Bus. Manager), Who's Who. 

BRYANT, THOMAS F.- Industrial Arts 
25 Loretta Ave., Inwood, New York 
Track, "M" Club, Industrial Arts Club. 

BACOTE, ROSE ELAINE -Music Education 
411 Eastland Ave., Kingstree, S.C. 
French Club, Choir, Women's Council, Choir Librar- 
ian, YWCA, Stagecrafters, Band, Wesley Foundation. 

CANN, SHARON -Business Education 

208 Calvert Street, Chestertown, Md. 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Trea.), Phi Beta Lamda, 

YWCA, Women's Council. 

BAKER, WILLIE L.- Social Science 

155 Gilbert Ave., Bridgeton, N.J. 

Track, (Cross Country), Yearbook Staff, History Club, 

French Club. 

CHEEKS, THERESA -P/!(/,s/crt/ Education 
3025 Seamon Ave., Balto., Md. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Physical Educatit)n Club, Intra- 
mural Program, Women's Council, Cheerleaders, 
Choir, Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha Psi, Miss Marvland 

BATSON, ROBERT -M«.s7c Education 
Route 1, Bo.\ US, Rhodesdale, Md. 
Band, Choir, French Club. 

CHIPPEY, DOLORES -Soc/a/ Science 

3514 Clifton Ave., Balto., Md. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Dean of Pledgees). 

BELL, THELMA-Home Economics 
104 Wesley Ave., Balto., Md. 

Home Economics Club, Newman Club, \\'omen's 

CHRISTY, EARL-P/it/s(ca/ Education 

P.O. Box 24, Perryman, Mar>'land 

"M" Club, Physical Education Club, YMCA, Footbal 

Team, Baseball Team. 

BERNETT, SHERMAN -Bt/s//iess Education 
Maple Avenue, Bowie, Maryland 
Football, Chess Club, Newman Club, The Ledgei 
Drill Team, Phi Beta Lamda. 

COLLINS, EVEEYN — General Home Econo/nics 
Route 3, Box 300, Princess Anne, Mar\ land 
Home Economics Club, Science Club, Women's 
Council, College Choir. 

BOONE, GLORIA ].- Business Education 
1241 N. Curley St., Balto., Md. 

The Ledger, Phi Beta Lamda, Choir, Women's Coun- 
cil, YWCA. 

CROMWELL, EMIL-Social Science 
554 Alliance St., Havre de Grace, Md. 
History Club, Wesley Foundation, Intramural Foot- 
ball, Omega Psi Phi Fraternit> . 

Senior Directory 

SudlersNille. Mar\"laiHl 

Ai:ricultun' Ed. 

GOODWIN, D()UC;LAS M. -Mathematics 

14 Drew C'ourts, CMiaileston, S.C. 

"M" Clul), Nk'n's Senate, YMCA, Lounije CAHuiselor, 

Track, Football, Newiiuui Club. 

DA\"IS. EDWARD-Aiiricuhure Ed. 
404 N. Stoke> St., Ha\re de Grace, Md. 
Alpha Phi Alpha, YMCA, FAA. 

GREEN, BAl{h.\l\.\- Plu/sical Educatiou 

Box 292 A, Elkridge, Mar>land 

Physical Education Club, YWCA, Women'.s Council 

Archonian Club, Choir, Majorette.s. 


32.39 Dorithan Road, Balto., Md. 

Alpha Kappa .\Ipha, The Ledger, YWCA, Women's 

Council, Phi Beta Lanida, Yearbook Staff. 

HANLMOND, ALFONSO L.-Physical Education 
Route 2, Jersey Road, Salisbury, Maryland 
YMCA, Men's Senate, Student Go\ernnient, Football 

DA\ IS, RICHARD -Bio/ogy 
16 Cherr> Street, Bridgeton, N.J. 
Track, Scroller Club, "M" Club. 

HARRIS, NOR.MA-Ho»)e Economics 
Route 2, Bo.x 139, Easton, Maryland 
Delta Sigma Theta, Student Coiuiselor Women's 
Council, WesleN' Foundation, YWC'A, Home Econo- 
mics Club. 


•307 Lennox .\\e., Balto., .Md. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, French Club, YWCA, Stage- 

crafters, Canterbur>' Club, Women's Council, Panhel- 

lenic Club. 

SCOTLAND, HARRIS -Ho7?ie Economics 
110 A\'ondale Road, Baltimore, Md. 
Kappa .-Mpha Psi, Fine .\rts Club. 

ELLIS. l-'Al'MCl.\ — Home Economics 
1623 E. Lanvale St., Balto., .\Id. 
Women'.s Council, Home Economics Club. 

HAY, THOMAS A. -Mathematics 

5505 Center .Ax e., Lanham, Marxland 

Y.MCA, Student Counselor, .Men's Senate, Phi Beta 

Sigma, Arnold ,\ir Society, Science Club. 

FENWICK, GEORGE -Phy.sical Education 
1413 .Myrtle .Ave., Baltimore, .Mar\laiid 
Sphinx Club, Newman Club, Phvsical Ed. 


HAY, TIMOTHY S.- Mathematics 

r>5{)5 Center A\e., Lanham, Maryland 

Science Club, YMCA, Men's Senate, Phi Beta Sigma, 

Lounge Counselor, Drill Team, Arnold Air S()ciet\'. 

GEER, CLARINA-. Socio/ Science 
.30.3-40th Street, N.E. W^ashington, D.f:. 
French Club, Histor\ Club, .-\rch(r\, Wi 
Choir, YWCA. 


li()l,\Il-;s, DOJ^lS-Sodo/ogi/ 

bniitc I, Box 216 A, Princess Aime, .\Id. 

I'rciicli (Mub, Social Science Cllub, Dramatics, Wesley 


Senior Directory 

JACKSOX, RAWIOXD- Physical Education 
402 West 148th Street, New York, X.Y. 
Physical Education Ckib, Men's Senate. 

JONES, THELM A -Sociology 
1219 West Street, Wihnington, Del. 
\\'omen's Council, French Chih, YWCA. 

JARRETT, RONALD -Mathematics 

Princess Anne, Nhuyhuid 

Men's Senate, Science Club, Sphinx Club, YMCA. 

2906 E. Federal St., Balto., Md. 
French Club, YWCA, Women's Council, Chess Club. 


143 Oberry Court, Annapolis, Maryland 

Alpha Phi Alpha, Men's Senate, YMCA, Student 

Counselor, Science Club. 

521 N. Gilmore Street, Balto., Md. 
Scroller Club, YMCA, Kappa Alpha Psi, Industrial 
Arts Club {V. Pres.) 

JOHNS, FRANCES -Mathematics 
Route 1, Box 202, Cordova, Maryland 
\\'omen's Council, YWCA, Science Club. 

KEMP, CLARENCE E.- Physical Education 

7 Maple Avenue, Bowie, Maryland 

Physical Ed. Club, Choir, Dramatics Club, Baseball 

(Pitcher), Kappa Alpha Psi (Dean of Pledgees). 

Route 2, Swan Road, Salisbury, Md. 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Student Council, Stu- 
dent Counselor, \\'omen's Council, French Club, Eng- 
lish Club, Fine Arts Club, Chess Club, Choir. 

KENNEDY. DORIS -Home Economics 

Route 2, Box 72, Centre\ille, Md. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Home Economics Club. 

JOHNSON, VIRGIE- Secretarial Training 

R.F.D. 2, Box 86 A, Denton, Maryland 

The Ledger, YWCA, ^^'esley Foundation, Women's 

Council, Student Counselor, Phi Beta Lamda, College 


KILGORE, DELOIS \l. -Business Education 
4106 Springdale A\e., Balto., Md. 
Y\\'CA, Phi Beta Lamda, Women's Council. 

JONES, BETTY A. -Social Science 

1604 Thomas A\e., Balto., Md. 

Pyramid Club, French Club, Angel Flight, Newman 


KNIGHT, JOHN T.- Biology 
S21 Walnut Street, Camden, New Jerse\- 
Men's Senate, (Pres.), Arnold Air Societ\- (pres.). 
Alpha Phi Alpha A.F.R.O.T.C. (Squadron Command- 
er), Science Club. 

JONES, JAMES C- Physical Education 

1548 East New York Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

\'arsity Basketball, \'arsity Track and Field, Lampados 

Club, Physical Ed. Club, Men's Senate. 

LEWIS, LEROY -Mathematics 

242.3 Lincoln A\e., Baltimore, Md. 

Kappa Alpha Psi (Polemarch), French Club, Science 


Senior Directory 

LOWE, EDXA M. -Business Ed. 

5621 X. Uber St., Phila., Penna. 

Student Council, \\"onien"s Council. YWCA ^^'. Pies.), 

Phi Beta Lanida. Lounge Counselors, Delta Sigma 


NUNNELLY, LEON }.- Physical Education 

1611 Retiest Street, Baltimore, Maryland 

Ph\ sical Ed. Club, Stagecrafters, Drill Team, Arnold 

Air Societ\ , \c\\ man Club, Yearbook Staff. 

MARCUS, CARROLL -Soc;o/()g(/ 

17il.5 E. Oliver St., Baltimore, Md. 

Scroller Club, Editor of the Yearbook, Chess Club, 

Men's Senate, French Club, Art Club, Stagecrafters, 

\\'esle\ Foundation, Lounge Counselor, YMCA. 


110 S. Pennell Rd., Lima, Penna. 

Delat Sigma Theta (Pres.), Newman Club, Panhel- 

lenic Council, Science Club, Women's Council, 

Modern Dance Club, French Club. 

Upper Marlboro, Mar\land 
F.\.\. YMCA. Alpha Phi Alpha. 

'ulture Ed. 

OWEN, HARROD- Agriculture Ed. 

Plum Point, .Maryland 

NFA, Rifle Club, Science Club. 

NL\SON. JOSEPH -Genera/ Business 
102.3 Ashburton Street, Balto., Md. 
Phi Beta Lamda, (Trea., \'. Pres.), The Ledger, (Edi- 
tor), Sphin.x Club, Student Council, YMCA, Drill 

POLK, CLARENCE -Chemistry 

617 Pearl Street, Salisbury, Md. 

Arnold Air Society, Debating Club, Science C]lub, 

French Club, Band, Phi Beta Sigma, Lettermen's 


.McCULLOUGH, RONALD E. -General Business 
10.30 Lincoln Ave., Toledo, Ohio 

The Ledger, Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Piii 
Beta Lamda, Sphin.x Club, NEA, Newman Cnub. 

POPE, CEEESTmE-Business Administration 
2514 Sycamore A\'e., Baltimore, Md. 
Women's Council, The Ledger, Phi Beta Sigma, 
Lounge Counselor, (Canterbury Club, Young Women's 
Christian Association, Archery, Yearbook Staff. 

.MEABS. WXEHEEWW A- Business Ed. 
.3814 N. Gratz Street, Phila., Penna. 
Phi Beta Lamda, Cheering Squad, Tlic Ledger, Wo- 
men's Council, YWCA. 

POWELL, WILLIAM R.-Business Education 
Box 233, Route #3, Berlin, Maryland 
Rifle Club, Chess Club, Wesley Foundation, Phi 
Beta Lamda, Stagecrafters, Choir, the Ledger, YMCA. 

MOHf;.AN, \\.\RRV.\- Physical Eduiatinn 

2140 .Madison .Avenue, New York, .N.V. 

Track Team, Baseball Team, Student (Council (Fres.) 

Omega Psi Phi (V. Pres.) Y.MCA, Panlicllcnic Council 

Men's Senate. 

RANDALL, ELAINE -Sw/«/ Science 

39 N. West Street, Annapolis, Nhuyland 

Alpha Kappa Alpha (Pres.), French CClub, English 

Club, Fine Arts CClub, Student CCoiuiselor, Women's 


NEWTON, ROBERT R. -Mathematics 
Route #3, Box 15, Centreville, .Md, 
Men's Senate, .Men's Council, 'i AKCA, Studc ul Coun- 
selor (\'. Pres.), .Science Club, Ali)li;i Plu Alplia. 

RICHARDSON, EARL- Social Science 

Route 1, Box 53, Westover, Maryland 

Student (Council, Paulicllenic (Council, Alpha I^hi 

Alpha, Who's Who. 

Senior Directory 

ROGERS, EARL- Physical Ed. 
633 Belmont Ave., Newark, N.J. 
Physical Ed. Club, Men's Senate. 

SYDNOR, DELORES-Home Economics 

605 Moores Ave., Cambridge, Md. 

Wesley Foundation, Home Economics Club 


SEABROOK, ALPHONS()-/)i(/u.5fna/ Education 

Bridgeton, N.J. 

M Club, Industrial Club, Football Team. 

TAYLOR, EARL- Agriculture Education 
Route 1, Bo.x 83, Prince Frederick, Md. 
Science Club, YMCA, FAA. 

SELBY, ALFHOKSO -Agriculture Education 
Route 2, Box 289, Pocomoke City, Marsland 
FAA, Men's Council, Student Counselor, Freshman 
Class (Pres.), YMCA (Trea.). 

THOMAS, CLYDE \N. -English 

100 S. Grant Street, Uniontown, Penna. 

Football, "M" Club, French Club, Yearbook Staff, 

Sphinxman English Club. 

SLMPLER, KENNETH R.- Agriculture Ed. 

Route #1, Millington, Maryland 

Veteran's Club, Lounge Counselor, Men's Senate, 

Science Club, Alpha Kappa Mu, Alpha Phi Alpha, 

FAA, Wesley Foundation, Student Counselor, YMCA. 

Friendship, Mar\land 
Alpha Phi Alpha, FAA. 

SISCO, GOERGE A.-Agricidture Ed. 

Route 1, Box 115, Rock Hall, Md. 

Omega Psi Phi, FAA, Wesley Foundation, Baseball. 

THOMAS, PERCY -F/i(/.s/crt/ Education 

2619 Aisquith Street, Balto,, Md. 

Physical Education CUdi, Kappa Alplia Psi, Men' 


Box 293, Sharptown, Maryland 

English Club, YWCA, French Club, Student Coun- 
selors, Women's Council, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 

THOMPSON, TiEROME- General Business 

Star Route #2, LaPlata, Mar> land 

Sphinx Club, Canterbur\- Club, Phi Beta Lamda, 

Men's Senate, Ledger, Yearbook Staff. 

SMITH, JAMES \\.-Phycal Education 

2103 N. Ellamont Street, Balto., Md. 

Band, Stagecrafters, Modern Dance Grcmp, Physical 

Education Club, Choir, Chess Club, Arts Club, Men's 

Senate, Kappa Alpha Psi, Wesley Foundation. 

THURMAN, GREALY L.- Building Construction 
Lexington Park, Maryland 
Phi Beta Sigma, Band. 

R.F.D. #1, Box 43, Vienna, Maryland 
Women's Council, YWCA, Wesle\' Foundation, Home 
Economics Club. 

TINCH, AL\ IK — Business Education 

Route 1, Box 60, \\'orton, Mar\lancl 

The Ledger, Phi Beta Lamda, Kappa .\lpha Psi. 

Senior Directory 


8015 Rhode Island Ave.. College Park. Md. 

Science Club. Men's Senate. 

WASHIXGTOX. \[\m-Home Economics 
LaPlata, Mainland 

WADDY. DOXA \.- Biology 

328 Delawiu-e A\ e.. Phila., Penna. 

Archonian Club, Science Club. Choir, Xewiuan Club. 

WATKIXS, MELVIN- Social Science 

2546 \V. Lafayette Ave., Balto., Md. 

French Club, YMCA, Lounge Counselor, Stage- 

crafters, \Vesle>' Foundation, Men's Senate, Yearbook 


^\ ALXWRIGHT. LEROY \\ .-Industrial Arts 
298 Superior Street, Havre de Grace. Md. 
Men's Senate, Yeiu-book Staff. Track. 

WEEMS. J AMES -Industrial Arts 
R.F.D. Bo.x 34 L5, Upper Marlboro, Md. 

WALKER, CHARLES -Soc/a/ Science 

906 Spa Road, Annapolis, Md. 

French Club, Sphin.x Club, Men's Senate. 

WALKER, Chinos -Industrial Arts 
Route 1, Bo.x L30, Cordo\a, Md. 

Sphin.x Club. YMCA. Men's Senate, Industrial Arts 

W ALLACE. ADDISOX -£ng//.s/i 

Route 2, Box 211, Williamsburg, \a. 

Alpha Phi Alpha, (Y. Pres.), Panhellenic Council 

(Pres.) Football, French Club, "M" Club. 

WILLIAMS, BETTY -Business Education 

Meadowridge Road, Elkridge, Mar\Iand 

Phi Beta Lamda, The Ledger, Women's Council. 

WILLIAMS, EDWARD -Physical Education 

1247 S. Graylock, Phila., Penna. 

Physical Education Club, "M" Club, Kappa Alpha Psi. 

515 Eveshar Ave., Magnolia, X.J. 
Football, Men's Senate, "M" Club. 

WOODS, HELEN -Physical Education 
2135 N. Percy Street, Phila., Penna. 
Physical Education Club, Women's Council. 

WALLIXGTOX, AXXE- Genera/ Business 

900 W. Lexington Street, Balto., .\Id. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Student Counselor, Phi Beta 

Lamda, Women's Council. 

Marion Station, Md. 

W ARD, WOODY - Sociology 

2827 Wilson Street, Washington, Penna. 

Football, "M" Club. 

SAXDERS, DF^EOIS- Business Education 
Eastville, Virginia 

Consuella Ariiiwood 


Edwaicl Bland 

Monterey Banks 

Lillian Bi 

Ned Britt 

Mai\ J. Brook 

Alfrieda Brown 

\l,n\ m Biowi 

Llo>d Butler 

Ccraldinc Cli, 

Livinnloii C^owlinK 

Stephen Ciisjet 

Sadie Dixon 

44 James IJieken.s 

Leslie Donaldson 

Richard Fisher 


CaroKn Fon 

Brenda Gordi 

Thomas Dopson 

I avne r islier 

Lewis Elliott 

Maurice Foote 

Curtis Gentr\- 

DorotliN Fariiier 

Hichard Forchion 

George Gigante 

Russell Hogan 

Barbiira Holland 

Russell Irvine 

Laurence Hollic!a\- 

Hcinakl Howard 

Brenda Johnson 

James Johnson 

Phyllis Johnson 

Joyce Jones 

trie jMfi> 

Kenneth K. LaPrinct 

David Louden 

Theodore MeCallarn 

Mary G. McDade 

Paul Marshall 

William Mitch 

Di.nitliN Morton 

William Moaiie 

Frederick Moore 

Annette Moten 

Bernard Muckle 

Joyce Nichols 

Norman Nichol: 

Hector Pagan 

Flovd Finder 

James Privott 

\\"illiam Purnell 

Harry Redd 

Marv Robinson 

ames Richmond 47 Nhir\a Ringgold 

E.irl Roaers 


Svlvia Scott 

Robert Satchel! 

Bernard Scott 

Curtis Shelton 

Edwin Skinne 

Edward Smith 

Ernestine Stanley 

Kf-rineth htovall 

Kuretia Thaxton 

Calvin B. Thomas 

Myra Thomas 

Alicia Thompson 

Sliirlcv Travers 

Xorrriar, Tiljilnnan 48 l''n,i,r,-s I ol 

Willie Washington 

Hii\niiHKl WasliiTiKtc 

Gladstone Waters 

O'del Wheelei 

/ \ 

Everett L. Whitnev 

Walter Williams 

,^,^ ..48^- 


'Excellence demands sacrifice' 

V ?% 

Kriicrson Boo/ci 52 iJlis llnsl. 

Jaiiies Bowling 

Mildred Bowman 

Pamela B<; 

Samuel M. Brisc 

George A. Bnjw i 


r • 





L*^ # 



W J 


J<.\iiinettv Brown 

William Cain 

C.ileb Morris 

Albert f.ooks 

- r 


a ■/ A. Addison Cash 

Rosiilie Cornish 

Bernard 11. Carter 

Lawrence ("handler 

Leonard Clay 

Joseph C:olardo 

Nathan Collins 

Rose Dailey 

Chaiincey Cordell 54 Marshall Cr(.p))ei 

Leslie Gaine 

Huliert Graham 

Jolm C,ict.-n 

Obic Gr 

William Gret 

Ktl,. r H.u.'l-. 

JoAini lleiiipliiil 

Sainiit-I Horsey 

Alice Howard 56 Arnold Is, Hull 

Clifton Jones 

John Jones 

Earle Jones 57 

Esta Jones 

JaiM.-s Liirm,,, 

Aloha Lin(ls(^v 

l^iiKild LuiicK 

Malxl Morton 

Jr-ari MtKridt 

William Mail.los 

Isaial, \lrK.Ti/ic 58 

joal, Macl.los 

Melva E. Muv 

Al\in Xealt 

uiime .\i\< 

Marguerite Nock 

Harr\ R. Parker 

Isaiah Oakley 59 

Halpli Fallen 

\\ illiani Perrv 

Richard Peters 

Pernio L. People.. Jr. 

CJeoiKe Pettigrew 

.\Iodarina Frvf>r 

Le<inar(i Haiiiev 

Saral, Pun, .11 

60 .\Iyrlle Paiiiey 

Dasid Rice 

Tlu"ocli>ie Robinson 

Mack H. Ransonie 

Nina Sample 

Christine Satterwhite 

\ asliti Saunde 

Mai\ Sesson: 

Plivllis Seward 

Paul H. Shuturd 

Michael Shelton 61 Robert W. Shelton 

Jfffcry 7'ijriifr 

!<-.iU Walk. 

.|..lir, Walker 

Louis Williams 

Paul D Wiles 

Frauci'iia Wils 


Jerome E. Adams 

Sallie M. Adams Alfred C. Alexander, Jr. Earline D. Allen 

01i\ia Askins 

MariKn Bailev 

Harrv Ballard Bettie Mae Baltimore 

Leo Bateman 

Audre>' C. Bayneum 

U ilijam Belk 

Eselvn \'. Benson Loretta E. Booth 

Rol)ert Bowers 

Adrienne Braitlnvaite 

Curtis hii'4.1 

Carolyn Brooks 

Dclorisc Hrowr 

Eula Brown 

Freda Maxine Br 

John E. Brown 

Shirle\ Brown 

Dennis Butlt-r 

Odis Cain 

Mariorie Cam 

Ethel Cev 

Paul Ce\is 

Francesca Chase 

Roland Cha 

Christine Christon 

Dorothv Christi; 

Barbara Mae Clark 

L.C. Clark 

Orease Cohen 

Sel>aniek Cook 

Tyrone Copeland 

Oliva Corbin 

William Cornish 

Diane Cottinghani 

Silas E. Craft 

William Klli-onjr 

Shirley Firjiicy 

WilliHiii Franklin William L, FniKlcrhurk Betty J. Carrctt 

Zuella Gayle 

Dorris C. .Gibson 

Mary Gilbert 

Freddie L. Gi 

Charles Golden 

Clifton J. Gordy, Jr. Clyde N. Green, Jr 

Robert Green 

Thomas C. Green Rufus A. Greene 

Carl Greenfield 

Charles Grei 

Leroy Griffin Alfonzo Cwinies, Jr. \l\rtle Hairston 

John Hamilton Harold Hammond Connie M. Haride 

Harrel Hav 

Robert Hearn 

BeverK Hilton 

Edward J. Hines 

William Hogan 

Mary Holland 

Edwin Hood 

Charles Howard 

\'irginia Hudson 

JoAnna Hynson 

Charles Hueston 

Maurice S. Isaac 

Donald Jackson William Jackson, Jr. Olivia Jefterit 

Dwight Johnson 

Ernest Joh 

Frederick L. Johnson f.orrnan S. Johnson Leon Johnson 

Mary M. Joliusoii Haymond Johnson 

Thomas C. Joli 

\'an Johnson 

William Johnson Michael S. Jolley 

Richard A. Jones 

Ronald C. Jones 

Cheryl Jordan 

Carver King 

Pc««s A. Jon. 

Charlie Joyner, Jr. Nettie Kimbrow 

George E. Knight, Jr. Terrence P. Lastique Philip A. Louden James G. Lunnermon 

Gloria A. .Marshall 

Llovd Mason 

Grace .Matthi 

Quentin McCo\ 

Jern. McGrift" Randall O. McKniaht Rotlell McLauu 

Eleanor Mc\ av 

Hobart R. Meekins 

Horace Mickey 

Beverly Lake Amnion Leon, Jr. 

James Mil 

Penv E. Milton 

Kenneth Mitchell Laurence Mitehel 

Llovd L. Mitten 

Arnold Moore 

William Moore 

Jiianita Morres 

Maryo L. Morris 

I J. Mott llrinda K. Mnrison Isliza E. Myster 






"^ , 



Clifford M. Newsome 

Hiirace Nutter 

Jacqueline" \. Odds 

James Osbor 

Arleen C. Parker 

Brenda Ann Parker Laura B. Parker Sheila M. Parker 

Marie Parson 

Phvllis Peadleton 

William Pierce 

Flovd \'. Pirtle 

\irginia Polk 

Jane Ponder 

Clara Potts 

Erick Hichardson 

Birdella Ross 

Charlotte Russell G. LaXerne Sample 

XaiK\ Sa\age 

George Savo\' 

Grafton Sconion 

Fletcher Scott 

Marvin A. Scott 

Diane Sewell 

Arthur She 

Carolyn Shtppard 

Rov Shirit 

Fred 1). Shrieves 

Ida J. Shrivt 

Everitt S. Sinnns 

* I ^1 

Kugene L. Skinner 

-Orexel Smith 

Gregory A. Snnth 

Jai.ics T. Siiiith jainrs Thoinas Sniill 

Thomas M. Sniitli 

T\ri)ne Smith 

Xorrita M. Sollers 

Clau.Ha StaliK 

Eugene Stephens 

r \ 

John Sterrett 

Barhara Stokes 

Barbara H. Tavlor 

Charlotte Taylor Dwight ]. Taylor 

Harold D. Taylor Robert E. Tavlor Sh\rleen ToacK ii 

George Trotter 

Tomnn Tueker 

Helen E. Wall William D. \\almsle\ Armstead Ward 

James Ward C:hristopher W ant 

Patrick Watkins 

\alerie Watts 

Eleanor Wells 

Robert White 

Diane Wiggins 

C% nthia Williams Gregor\' \'. Williams James A. Wilson 

Nathan Wilson 

George Wright Stephanie Stephens Charles Ro 

A leader is best, when people barely know that he exists. 
\ Witter Bi'Miner 

1964-65 Student Leaders 


The Angel Flight 

The name of our Angel Flight is "The Jennie \'. Williams Flight". It is 
an honorar>- ser\ice organization of selective and dedicated women of Mary- 
land State College. 

The objectives of The Angel Flight include the following: 

To ad\ance and promote interest in the Air Force. 

To obtain information concerning the military services. 

To aid in the progress of the Arnold Air Society. 

To act as official hostesses for and to participate in social activities of the 

.\.\S and AFROTC. 

MEMBERS SEATED: Euretia Tlia.\- 
ton, Lillian Jackson, Regina Humaine, 
Dmis Leigh, .\lolia Lindsey, Capt. 
MeCoiinick — Ad\ isor. Standing: 
Man- Gilbert, Eliga Myster, Bett\' 
Baltimore, Mar\' Johnson, Dorothy 
Christian, Mary McDade, X'ashti 
Saunders, Brenda .^nne Parker, Diana 
Sewell, Jeanette Brown, Charlotte 
Russell, Mar\- Sessoms. 

BERS .ARE: OIlie Kates, Wayne 
Fisher, Floyd Finder, Riehard 
Forchion, John T. Knight, Thomas 
Hay, Stephen Cuyjet, Samuel 
Horsey. Back Row: Captain James 
.McCormick 'Advisor), Chauncey 
Cordell, David Greer, Linwood 
Foster, Edward Proctor, Albert 
Cooks, U ilbert Pitts. 

The Arnold Air Society 

The Arnold Air Society is a professional honorary service organization of 
selected AFROTC Cadets from 167 of the Nation's leading Colleges and Univer- 
sities. It is a private tax exempt, Non-profit organization with a membership of 
approximately 5500 during each academic year. 

Burks (Advisor), Elaine Randall, 
Sandra L. Brown, Addison Wallace, 
Jacqueline Johnson, Madonna Pryor, 
Kenneth LaPrience, Genieve Cannon, 
Clyde Thomas, Esta Jones, P. John- 
son, A. Polk, J. Sniile\'. 

The English Club 

The Home Economics Club 

Left to right vseated*: Gwendo- 
l>Ti Smith, Mrs. M. B;irliee 
Boone— Advisor, William Mad- 
dox — President, QitoKti Foy, 
Rachel Bennett. Standing: 
Donald Lundy, John Jones, .\1- 
tred .\lexander, Paul Ce\ is, 
Carxer King, William Walmes- 
ley, Morgan Dilver. 

The Canterbury Club 

The Canterbury Club is a religious organization sponsored by the Episcopal 
Church. The primary purpose of the Canterbury Club is to promote a desire among 
students to attend church regularly and to enrich the life of students by participating 
in church activities. 

Newman Club 

The Newman Club is an organization composed of Cath- 
olic Students. The club meetings acquaint students with 
various information about their religion. 

OFFICERS: Deloris Farmer, Presi- 
dent; Brenda Johnson, Vice President; 
Marilyn Bailey, Secretary; Edward 
Proctor, Treasurer. 

— OFFICERS: James A. 
Ellzy, President; Alviii 
T i 11 ell , \' i ee - Pre s i d e 1 1 1 ; 

Virgie Johnson, Secretary; 
Kenneth Simpler, Treasurer. 

Wesley Foundation 

The Wesley Foundation strives to be an instrument of 
God's love acting and bearing witness tor God on the campus.; 
Those persons related to the Wesley Foundation are called 
upon to represent and to be the Methodist Church at work 
within the college and college community. 

Baptist Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union, a xoluntary Christ-centered, church related 
movement among college students, lias been defined as the link between the 
college student and the Baptist church. 

Its program is planned to meet the basic needs of college students, 

(1) Spritual awakening; 

(2) Intellectual approach in search for truth; 

(3) An involvement in and dedication to everyday Christian living and 

The first Baptist Student Union was established on Jul\ 10, 1945 at Nash- 
ville, Tennessee, due largely to the efforts of Rev. E.W.D. Isaac and S.E. 

right. First row: William Crutchfielcl, 
Phyllis W. Catlett-Viee President, Am- 
brose Jerald- President, Connie Hardie, 
John Barber, Veronica Bess. Second row: 
Ardenia Davenport, Barbara A. Stokes, 
Doris Leigh, Earline Allen, JoAnn Davis, 
Janice Tilgnian, Elease Yancey. Third 
row: James B. Abram — Advisor, Silas 
Craft, Alphonso Grimes, James A. Dick- 
ens, John Brown, Carl Kelly, Dennis But- 
ler, Tyrone Ross. 

THE LEDGER: Mv. Rocker, Miss Fe 
guson (Advisors) E. Boweiis, S. Traver, 
j. EllzN-, R. Foichioii, S. Scott, C. Thoma 
\'. Johnson, A. Moten, ], Mason, J. Jone 
M. Brooks, L. Hendricks, \'. Saunder 
M. Slielton, M. Scssoms, M. Thoma 

The Ledger 

Men of Honor 




OFFICERS: Cynthia Alton, President; 
Edna Lowe, Vice President; Myra J. 
Thomas, yecretar\-; Ernestine Stanley, 
Asst. Secretar\; \'ashti Saunders, 



Women's Council 

The purposes of the Women's Council are to provide a means for solving 
minor problems of women students that need not be taken before the dis- 

.i.i.iui jjiuuic-iiis ui women sruaenrs tnai ncc-u uui ue laxen oerore tne ens 
ciplinary committee, act as a medium between the student body and the ad 
mini^tr^Hnn .,nrl ..vo,,ide the Students with a means of contributing to student 

ministration and prov 

The Men's Senate 

The Men's Senate is a campus organization comprised of the male pop- 
ulation. It is designed to help shape the cultural ethical and moral character 
of the young men of the Maryland State College Campus. On occassions the 
Senate works jointly with the Women's Council. 

Seated: Donald Lund\-, .\ddison 
Wallace, Thomas Hay, John T. 
Knight, President. Dean Harris, 
Advisor, Rev. A. Cash, Samuel Hor- 
sey, Doglas Hutchins, Edward 
Proctor, Ambrose Jearld, James 
Dickens, Sterling Marshall, Jerome 

Future Agriculturists of America 

Industrial Arts Education Club 

The purposes of this club are to create a closer relationship between 
Industrial Arts Education Majors and their Instructors, and to aid the stu- 
dents in developing good character both academically and socially. 

OFFICERS: T. Cowling, President; 
Emerson Boozer, Vice President; 
Edward Smith, Secretary; James 
Weenis, Treasurer. 

OFFICERS: Edna Lowe, President; 
Frances Kelley, \'ice President; Myra 
Thomas, Secretary; Marva Ringgold, 
Asst. Secretary. 


The Young Women's Christian Association 

The Young Men's Christian Association 

The Young Men's Christian Association we regard as being in its essen- 
tial genius, a world-wide fellowship of men and boys united by a common 
loyalty to Jesus Christ for the purpose of developing Christian personalit\ 
and building a Christian society. 

Student Counselors 

The Science Club 

The Science Cluli was organized for the purpose of giving majors and 
minors in the field of Science the opportuinity to broaden experiences and 
knowledge in biological concepts outside the classroom. 

"Witli a Fellowship Sincere and Rare" 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was the first Greek 
letter organization for Negro women. The organiza- 
tion dedicates itself to the "service of all mankind. " 
Some of its purposes are to promote unity and friend- 
ship among college women, to encourage high schol- 
astic anfl ethical standards, to improve the social status 
of the race, and to keep alive all interest in college 
life and the progressive movements. 

SORORS of Alpha Kappa Alpha are: Brenda Barne.s, Maigunite 
Knox, Sandra Lee Brown, Ella Bowen, Myra Thomas, Arfhurine 
Nixon, Brenda Gordon, Not Shown; Delorse Chippey, Theresa 
Cheeks, Margarite Davuge, Elaine Randall, Jactjueline Johnson, 
Zelina Adams, Regina Humaine, Lillian Jackson, X'iola Hall, Anne 
Wallington, Ruth Harmon, Melva Murray. 

"Wg Cherish Thy Precepts." 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 

Ever aware of the magnetic appeal of our motto, 
"First of all, servants of all, we shall transcend all," 
it has been an endeavor of Alpha Phi Alpha to make 
this axiomatic truth a living reality. Further, the chapt- 
er has always held as its most influential attributes, 
manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind. 

MEMBERS are: Harry Redd, Richard Forchion, Clifford A. Jones, 
JoAnn Hemphill (Sweetheart), Addison Wallace, Ambrose Jerald, 
Earl Jones, Charles Weedon, Edward Davis, Richard Cain, James 
Dickens, Larry Brogden, Livingston Cowling, Samuel Briscoe, 
Sterling Marshall, James W'ellons (Advisor), Robert Batson, John 
Knight, Raymond Washington, Horace Wilson, Donald Lund\-, 
Clinton Huff, Edward Bland, Daniel Savoy, Carl Williams, XOT 
SHOWN: Louis Elliott, Douglas Hutchins, Robert Xewton, Ken- 
neth Simpler, Abraham Lockett, Earl Richardson, Mack Ransome, 
Francis Tolson, Ralph Paden, Ah in Xeele, James Thomas. 

Brothers join in hymn after founders day program. 

Founder's Da\ Banquet 

"Delta, We Praise Thee." 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 

r* r f ^ i 

^_ n:^m pj ^ 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority was founded at How- 
ard University, Washington, D.C. in 1913. The pur- 
[Kjse of the sorority is to encourage high cultural and 
scholastic standards and to lift the ideal of finer 

SORORS of Delta Sigma Theta are; Vashti Saunders, Elizabeth 
Nutter, Joyce Jones, Annetta Green, Phyllis Catlett, Agatha Blair, 
Eurethia Thaxton, Christine Satterwhite, Mary Sessonis, Ann 
Washinj^ton, Nina Sample, Not Shown: Cynthia Alton, Sharon 
Cann, Norma Harris, Carlene Sturf^is, Jessie Smiley. 

''Omega, Dear Omega 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded on Novem- 
ber 17, 1911, at Howard University in Washington, 
D.C. Believing that men of similar ideals and princi- 
ples should bind themselves together in a common 
bond of brotherhood. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was 
founded upon these Four Cardinal Principles: Man- 
liood, Scholarship, Perseverance, and Uplift. We are 
ever grateful to our founders, Edgar A. Love, Oscar 
Cooper, Frank Coleman, and Ernest Just, for a Fra- 
ternity of brotherhood and fellowship which shall 
stand as a glowing light tor all men who pledge them- 
selves to such principles. 

MEMBERS are; William Northam, Jonathan Hall, Chester McLin, 
Donald Sydnor, Fred Moore, Ronald Howard, Clarence Cuffee. 
Not Shown: Eniil Cromwell, Warren Morgan, George Sisco, Les- 
lie Gaines. 

"From Thee Well Never Part." 

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity 

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternit\' was founded by Elder 
\V. Diggs, along with nine other men on the 5th of 
Januarx, 1911, at the Uni\ersit\' of Indiana, and was 
incorporated April 15, 1915, as the first Negro frater- 
nit>- in the state. The purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is 
achie\ement. It strives to inspire its members to do 
Noble deeds and gain positions of usefulness to man- 

BROTHERS are: Alex Jeflerson, Theodore Robinson, Arthur Jen- 
kins, Alvin Brooks, Stephen Cuyjet, Carl J. Kellv, Obie Gravely, 
John Barber, Olie Kates, NOT SHOWN: Norman Scott, Harley 
Morris, Eddie Williams, Scotland Harris, Elmer Brooks, Percy 
Thomas, James Smith, Clarence Kemp, Leroy Lewis, James A. 
Ellzy, Morgan Kelly, Alvin Tinch, Richard Peters, Vincent Jones, 
Nathan Collins. 

Kappa's celebrating Founders Day. 

"With Fervent Hearts We Pray" 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority 

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority had its beginning at Howard 
University, January 16, 1920. A member of the Phi 
Beta Sigma Fraternity Charles Robert, Samuel Taylor, 
spoke to a young lady, Arizona Cleaver, coneerning 
the establishment of a sister organization and asked 
her if she would endeavor to establish such an organi- 
zation at the University. The young lady willingly 
accepted the task and immediately began to work on 

SORORS are: Ella Hill, Mary Robinson, Montery Banks, Madonna 
Pryor, Rachel Bennett, Geneva Cannon, Carolyn Doswell, Joan 
Maddox, Dorothy Norton. 

''\VelI Thunder Back Along The Line." 

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 

Alpha Chapter was estabUshed on May 4, 1914, 
and the first initiation with 14 men was held. 

Beta Chapter at \\ iley College was established on 
\o\ernber 15 by Herbert L, Ste\ens, and authori/ed 
b> the general board. 

Phi Beta Sigma's first conclave was held in Wash- 
ington, D.C. December 27-30 in the year of 1916 and 
the fraternit>' was incorporated on JaiHjar\' 31, 1920. 

ME.MBERS are: Lloyd Butler, Oliver Greene, Floyd Pinder.Tln 
as A. Hay, Clarence Polk, Timothy S. Hay, Members Not Sho 
John Smith, Howard Lyle.s, Grealey Thornian. 

Archonians Cliil) 


' ^ \ V =5 




. 1^/ t^H^B' 


fci^3«j|^^ ^^BI^^^^^^^IR. 

' - ^ 


I^Bk * ' i , 



^^^^^^^Hl^^^E^ .^j^^Hn^Hn^jp ■ 


Ciescent Club 




The Scroller Club 

The Sphinx Club 


The Pyramid Club 

s5' r 'ff '. , '^ii^ r"6* 


\ utor\. \ictor\. that's our crv, \'-I-C-T-0-K-Y! 

Hawks out tlieie. 

A soul sister of thf/ Hawk fainily leads the Hawks in siriKing "Hoh 

They were good Aggies, "But 1 tokl them thai lhe\ ucrcM't 
ready for the Hawks." 

■\l\ hist hrothi 

Why did the Hawks have to he so rougli? 


Miss Maryland State 


Charming Theresa Cheeks reigned with quiet distinction as Miss 
Maryland State during 1964. A Physical Education major who believes 
in keeping physically fit. Our Queen comes to us from Baltimore, Mary- 
land and is quite active in the following organizations; Alpha Kappa 
Alpha Sorority, Physical Education Club, Women's Council, Cheer- 
leaders and Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity for two years. 
Keeping busy, winning friends, looking beautiful: These are just a few 
of thf manv talents rif our '64 Miss MSC. 

Miss Maryland State's 

Junior Class Elsie Walston 

Sophomore Class Brenda Barnes 

Senior Class Elizabeth Nutter 

Freshman Class Connie Hardie 

Homecoming Floats 


Queen Cheeks leads the Homecoming Parade 

Lovely Elsie Walston represents the 
Junior Class 

Beautiful Mermaid Brenda Barnes represents the 
Sophomore Class 

Charming MeKa Murrav' represents the 
Phvsical Education Club 

Smiling Rachael Bennett represents Phi Bata 

The temple of art is built of words. Painting and sculpture and 
music are but the blazon of its windows, borrowing all their signif- 
icance from the light, and suggestive only of the temple's uses. 

]. G. Holland 

Our Heritage in Music 

College Choir in Concert 

Eva Tesse, Director 

Dr. Jessie Directs Choir 


. '^ ' 

Edward Hutchinson, Accompanist 

Choir in Christmas Concert 

College Choir, Norman Nichols, Soloist 

Cfjllcj4f Choir, William Atterhury, Solfjist 


College (Jhoir, Madonna Pryor, Soloist 

We are the Music-makers, 

And we are the dreamers of dreams 
Wandering by lone sea-breakers. 

And sitting by desolate streams; 
World-losers and world-forsakers. 

Of whom the pale moon gleams: 
Yet we are the movers and shakers 

Of the world for ever, it seems. 
Arthur O'Shaughnessy 

Joan Hemphill 

Dennis Butler 

Brass Sextet 

Edward Bland, Norman Nickols, William Moaney, 
Robert Batson, Thomas Smith, Author Jenkins. 

Let's Have a Hootenanny 

You must ne\er let a dollar pass \ou b\ . 

The Viberatones rock the gym. 

( .iirst star from New York City??? 
The Blue & Whites put life into the program. Melva Murray dances to Slaughter on 5th Avenue. 

The Young Men s Christian Association 

Cluster Conference: Local YMCA serving as host, 
Rev. Cash, J. Wetzel, Johnson, Boardley. 

Group discusses "Bov" and "A Study in Color. 

Mr. Boardley and Miss Johnson chat with delegates 
at the conference. 

All good things must come to an end. 

Ifs Christmas Time in the City 
Christmas Party Scenes 

Stor>- telling time at the Kiddies Christmas Party. Santa P-L-E-A-S-E, I'd rather do it myself. 

Let's Have a Carnival 

Garr> .Moore enters Carnival, Munson pops corn 
and other Y-Members look on. 

Suppose I don't win??????????? 


Oh well. You can't win everytime. 

The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him 
in other men the conviction and the will to carry on. 

Walter Lippmann 

President honors student leaders with banquet in 
their honor. 

Senior student leaders hold assembly. 

Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight holds joint 

Students participate in campus clean-up campaign. 

Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges 

Who's who in American Uni\"ersities and College honors primarih', the \outh of to- 
day's colleges and uni^■ersities, supporting the theor\' that an>- job well done deserves 
praise. Each overt form of recognition pro\ides encouragement and helps in securing a firm 
hold on the first rung of his ladder to success. Thus, it need not necessarily take a lifetime to 
reach the top of this all important ladder. 

CYNTHI.\ .\LTOX (Business Educa- 
tion i— Sec. to the Student Council, 
Miss ROTC il96.3t Ledger (Editor) 
.\lpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv', Wo- 
men's Council (Pres.) Delta Sigma 
Theta Sorority, Sweetheart (Scroller 

CURTIS GENTRY (Physical Educa- 
tion)— Physical Ed. Club, Student. 
Council (Vice President) Baseball 
team. Football Team, "M" Club. 

TIMOTHY HAY (Mathematics) - 
Executive Officer of Cadets AFROTC 
Men's Senate, YMCA, Science Club, 
Dramatics Club, Phi Beta Sigma Fra- 
ternity, Statistician Football. 

try)— Science Club, English Club, Le 
Cercle Francois, .Modern Dance 
Group, Pep Squad, .\ewrnan Club, 
College Choir, Pan Hellenic Council, 
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Majorette. 

KENNETH SIMPLER (Agriculture) - 
YMCA 'Sec.) Men's Senate, Future 
Farmers of America, Alpha Phi Alpha 

CLARENCE POLK (Chemistry) - 
Arnold Air Society (Commander) 
Science Club, Le Cercle Francois, 
Dramatic Club, Phi Beta Sigma Fra- 

ence)— Alpha Kappa Mu Honor So- 
ciety, Commandant to Cadets, Arnold 
Air Society, Senior Class President, 
Le Cercle Francois, Student Council, 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. 

Time You Were Here 

Campus Visitors 

Coppin State College 

For the past 2 years Maryland State College and Coppin State College have had cul- 
tural exchange programs in the spring. Students from M.S.C. present a program at an assem- 
bly at Coppin, featuring the choir, dance and dramatics groups. A similar presentation is 
given at M.S.C. by students from Coppin State. This kind of educational exchange tends to 
stimulate greater interest in the arts at both institutions. 

Plans are underway to expand the program to include more ot the colleges in the 

There is music even in the beauty, and the 
silent note which Cupid strikes, far sweeter 
than the sound of an instrument; for there is a 
music wherever there is a harmony, order, or 
proportion; and thus far we may maintain the 
music of the spheres. 

Religio Medici. Part II, Sect. IX 

Maryland State 
^\ Presents 

Lionel Hampton 



Honored Guests 

Baltimore Svmphony Orchestra in Concert 

"The language of tones belongs equally to all Mankind, and 
melody is the absolute language in which the musician speaks 
to every heart." 

Ricliard Wagner, Beethoven 


-— i*i^ 

Kentucky Wesleyan College in Concert 

Don Cossack Dancers 

Special Recitals 

Miss Delores Ivory, Soprano 

Kerniit Moore, Callist 

lohn Ballard, Folk Singer 

Distinguished Visitor 

Author Ashe, National Indoor Tennis Champion. 

Campus beauties receive autographs from a real 

National Champ gives our Champ a few points on the 

Phi Nu Pi is our .Motto; Achievement is our goal. The 
Champ is a KAPPA 

Judge Robert V. Franklin 
Municipal Court, Toledo, Ohio 

All speach, written or spoken, is a dead lan- 
guage, until it finds a willing and prepared 

R. L. Stevenson 

Malvin R. Goode 
American Broadcasting Co., New York, Speaker 
for Alpha Phi Alpha Founders Day Program. 

Mrs. Whitney M. Young, Jr. 

Assembly speaker for Women' 

Personnel Department 


E.xtending felicitations to Mrs. Young following assembly pro- 
gram: Left to right: Dean Boone, Mrs. L. Smith, and Miss E. 

The 17th Annual 
Design For Living Week 

Princess Anne, Maryland 

March 14, 15, 16, 17, 1965 — -- 



The rehgious freedom that is ours gives to American students the priv- 
ilege of examining the basic tenets of their religious faith. For the past 17 
years Marv'land State College has set aside a week during which students 
may gi\e, special attention to their religious heritage. Thus each year on the 
campus, a week is designated and opportunities are given for students and 
facult\- to think through and share their religious convictions. Under the 
direction of outstanding leadership, it is our purpose to re-examine the con- 
victions to \arious phases of our common campus life. 


1. To encourage campus-wide thought and action within the framework of 
a religious approach to life. 

2. To foster more interest and better understanding among faculty and stu- 
dents of the importance of religion and religious values in higher educa- 

3. To emphasize the role of Christian Service — Its appeal, demand, and 
challenge in the unification of a divided world. 

4. To strengthen the foundations of the Eternal Verities in our lives so that 
we may become more unified in thought, purpose, understanding, and 
right action for the good of all mankind. 

Design For Living Week Speakers 

Rev. Robert T. Newbold, Jr., Pastor of Grace United 
Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland. 

Rev. Robert R. Johnson, Chairman of Committee on 
Church Extension and Home Missions of the New 
York City Congregational Church Association. 

Rev. H. Alexander Baron, Pastor of the Nazarene Con- Rev, William Herbert Grav, Ir., Pastor of Br.ght Hope 

gregational Church of Brooklyn, New York. , , 7 Baptist Church, Philadelpiiia, Pennsylvania. 


You're On Candid Camera 


A Day To Remember 


nil , . -••«>;BI»!»B»l,\il(5r--»HIlW 


;3«.,^,,5, ^ 3^;^, 3. $ -3 

h^j^^> 473 

li il^ 'A A. ^ l/t *^.^ '^^ \^ -^ 

]'-;* .^V1 ,^u 



Five beauties who cheered them on to victory. 

B ^ 



Boozer the bruiser 
* Mackey the Tipper 
Gentry the Rabbit 
Donaldson the Shaker 


Shell, Ward, Duncan, 
Smith, Cropper, Williams 


Three bruisers for four years, about to hang it up. 
(Each has signed professional contracts). 

John Smith 
Joseph Williams 
Woodv Ward 

Hawks Leaving The Nest 

Alphonso Seabrook — Guard 

Joseph William — End 
Clyde ThnmHS — Quarterback 

John Smith, Tackle 

Woody Wiud — Tackle 

Douglas Goodwin — Fullback 

Percy Thonvds - Quarterback 





The South CaroKna 


11%^: •! Ill II 


Game Shots 

In the pileup 

Clay breaks into the open 



Goodwin tries to turn the corner 

/ \ 

Boozf-r is on his way aj^ain 

Cropper about to haul one in 

Game Shots 

Scrambling Stukes 

Clay in the pileup 


\2l a, ,, ^ 


I .... r- >-^ 


Duncan is almost free 

Hurt, Donaldson, Pagan close in 

A5^.%;#v ^ A 

' ^ 

. j&e*- ^*-4' »\ll 

Homecoming weather 

COACHING STAFF: Backfield Coach Nathaniel Taylor, 
Head Coach Roosevelt Gilliam, Line Coach Clifton Anderson 

Tackli- John Srriit}i sit;ns his contract witli the Pros. 

James Privot, Guard 

Emerson Boozer, Halfback 


Langston Duncan, Guard 

James Johnson, Tackle 


The Stringpoppers of the Hardwood 


^=i.UilU ' '^iUUiiliUilU 

STANDING: J. Jones, W. Taylor, J. Richmond, R. Poatee, R. Smith, C. Cuffee, J. Smith. KNEELING: S. Jackson, E. Williams, K. Goldsmith, 
Johnson, F. Gill, O. Morris. 

Captain — Eddie Williams 

Shelly JacksQii 

Jininiie Jones 

Ronald (Smiley) Smith 

Oliver Morris 

Kenneth Goldsmith 

Jackson guns a bucket 

Jones leaps for a rebound 

Smilcv i^ets one off 

Kenny's hoolc shot 

Big Joe moves into position 

Jones puts away a crip 

Morris lets one go 


The Speedsters Of "1965" 

BACK LEFT: Cayenne, Johnson, Golden, Crawford, Pierce, Grimes, Cooks, Paden, Cohen, Alexander, Walker. KNEELING: C. Morris, Biship, 
Jones, Wilson, Mitchell, King. SEATED: H. Morris, Skinner, Rogers, Brown, Stovall. 

Maryland State's magnificant varsity mile Relay Team: Robert Brown, Harley Morris, Edwin Skinner, and Earl Rogers. 

M.S.C.'s Olympian 
Edwin Skinner 

Anchor man deluxe 

Earl Rogers 

James Liggins 

A long legged speedster 

Ronnie Wilson 

His return added a spark 

\".')l lll-.C, MM. I Oi HSOMI, !■, li..L" I , I l>i««iris, K. Stovall and K. Brown, 

Ha\vks From Trinidad 

Benedict Cayenne 

Carver King 

In Memoriam 


Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shin'd. 







The Hawk 

Maryland State College Library 

Princess Anne, Md. 

^ofo- J. 7