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in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

University Of Maryland Eastern 


Hawk Yearbook 1988-89 

Princess Anne, Maryland 21853 
Telephone: (301)-651-2200 

Table Of 

Overview 3 

President Of UMES 

Faculty And Staff 7 
Senior Class 

Entertainment & 
Events 121 

Dedication 144 



The University Of Maryland Eastern Shore . . . 

A Little Slice Of The World 

The diverse climate, the colorful, 
landscape, the classic & modern archi- 
tecture, the cultural variety. UMES is a 
microcosm of the "real" world, an inter- 
twining of different people, ideas, goals, 
and lifestyles as there are anywhere in 
the world. 

Our little world exists to help us excel 
academically, socially, and spiritually. 
As we mature we are better able to serve 
humanity and make a positive impact 
on society. 

But before we embark on to our pro- 
fessional lives of toil, fame, and glory 
lets take time out to reflect on the colle- 
giate year 1988-89, "UMES" syle. 

Between the raindrops and the Ella Fitzgerald Center for the Performing Arts. 

Hey! UMES People . . . 

. . . Let's Get 

President Of The University Of 
Maryland Eastern Shore 

As UMES moves a step closer to the 
'90"s Dr. Hytche continues to lead his 
colleagxies and students towards effi- 
ciency and success. 

His personable personality is a trade- 
mark of his humanity and genuine con- 
cern for others. His knowledge and ex- 
perience are trademarks of his 
intelligence. Dr. Hytche is a great inspi- 
ration to all that have passed through 
the ranks of UMES and all that have 
come to know him. 


Mr. Ron Holden 

Vice President Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Herman Franklin 

Vice President Student Affairs 

Dr. Edward Ellis 

Vice Preaidenl Academic Affairs 

Mr. Joel Mack 

Special Assistant to the President 

Mr. John Williams 

Development Office, Alumni Affairs 

Dr. Chester Hedgepeth Jr. 

Dean School of Arts and Sciences 

Edwina Morse 

Assistant Director of Admissions 

Mary Harmon 
Assistant Registrar 

Richard Gormley 

Director Hotel and Restaurant Mgt. 

Dr. Richard Keenan 
English & Languages 

Cpl. Diane Johnson 
Public Safety 

Ms. Dorothy Waters 
Director Placement Office 

Dr. Allen Cassell 
Physical Education 

Mr. James Hayes 
Computer Center 

Mr. Jim Eckhardt 
Public Safety 

Dr. Diane Showell 
Director Study Skills 

Dr. Adele Newson 
English & Languages 

Mr. Jake DeBose 
Department of Music 

Dr. .James Adams 
Chairperson Natural Sciences 

Dr. Patricia O'Grady 
Social Sciences 

Dr. .James Gray 

Chairperson Department of Kducation 

Dr. William Decoligny 
English & Languages 

Mr. Robert Dovvery 
Director Student Activities 

Ms. Veronica Miles 
Program Implementation Devel- 

Dr. Leon Copeland 

Dept. Head Construction Mgt. Tech. 

Lt. L,M. Custis 
Director Public Safety 

Mr. Kenneth Rogers 
Arts & Sciences 

Dr. Sally Bing 
Department of Education 


Ms. Judith McDaniels 
Upward Bound 

Ms. Lennette Messick 

Receptionist Student Development Ctr. 

€^-~ x=«^ .f. 

Michael Wilson 

Sports Information Director 

Dr. Rohert Yearhy 

Math & Computer Science 

Morn.-. .Smith 

Cwjrdinator .Student iJcvelopment Ctr., Intramural .Spurts 

' Dr. Janet Adeyaga 

Chairperson Business Dept. 

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad 
Business Dept. 

Ms. Delores Jones 
Waters Dining Hal^ 




^^^^.f.-- . . . f 

Ms. Lois Smith 
Physical Education 

^ >^l 


\ .\f 'i^Jj 



■' <V^;t!li 




Sameer Ahmad 

Danette Anderson 
Fashion Merchandising 

Anthony Audrey 
General Studies 

For the seniors, this is where it all started. 

Eric Bell 

Business Management 

Veronica R. Benigno 

Titus C. Better 
Business Administration 

Kristina T. Blakey 

Brien Boone 
Genera! Studies 

Bianca Braxton 

Susan Bryden 

Business Administration 

Juanesta Cannon 
Business Administration 

Rhonda Cardwell 

Sanora Clark 
Computer Science 

Derrick L. Davis 

William D. Deas 
Business Administration 

Wendora Dorsey 
Fashion Merchandising 

Sheree Douglas 
Fashion Merchandising 

Craig, KT, and Michele work hard on a student banner 

Cheryl Duckett 
Business Administration 

Gioia Dupuy 
Rehabilation Services 

Samella Garrett 
Business Administration 

Lisa Garry 

Business Administration 

Eric T. Goslee 
Hotel/Restaurant Management 

John Graham 

Business Administration 

Lisa Gravely 

Psychology /Pre-Pharmacy 

Scott Harmon 

Anthony L. Henley 

Rockfeler P. Herisse 

Inez Hunter 
Sociology /Pre-Law 

Issac Inkumsah 
Business Administration 

Rhonda D. Jackson 
Business Administration 

Carlos P. Johnson 
Business Administration 

Katrina Johnson 
Fashion Merchandising 

Mike Kirkland 
Sociology /Psychology 

Young Ho Kong 

Angela Lancaster 

Lenae Leach 
Sociology /Pre-Law 

Georgeann Lewis 
Rehabilitation Services 

Howard Lindsey 
Construction Mtg. Tech. 

Bryan D. Miller 
Sociology /Pre-Law 

James L. Mullen 
Business Administration 

Anthony Murril 

Scott Nguy 
Engineering Tech 

Pamela Nutter 
History /Pre-Law 

Isaiah E. Oakley Jr. 
General Studies 

James E. Patrick Jr. 
Business Administration 

Gregory S. Pearce 
Business Administration 

Kimberly Richburg 

Seniors, Tammy and Gioia look down over "Knot's Landing", Apt. complexes. 

Darek L. Robinson 
Business Administration 

Bernabe A. Rodriquez Jr. 
Business Administration 

Paul Royal 
General Studies 

Rhonda Ellis-Sampson 
Computer Science 

Kai Schrodt 
Construction Management 

Towanda M. Searls 
Business Administration 

Michele R.S. Sample 

Khalif Shaath 
Business Administration 

Michael D. Simmons 
Business Administration 

Todd Simmons 
Biology /Pre-Dentistry 

Denise Simpson 

Edith Smith 
Computer Science 

Robert Starkey 
Sociology /Psychology 

Students enjoying the warm weather between classes 

Sandy Stollmeyer 
Physical Therapy 

Tawanda Swann 

Ronnie Lee Swift 
Hotel/Restaurant Management 

Linda M. Tankerson 
Computer Science 

Allen Taylor 
Hotel/Restaurant Management 

Lisha Terry 

Everton A. Thomas 
Agribusiness/Business Admin 

Valerie C. Tilghman 
Fashion Merchandising 

Rodney W. Tull 

Kevin A. Turner 

Sherwin Turner 

Karen A. Wilborne 
Computer Science 


Enor R. Williams 
Engineering Technology 


Commencement exercises 

UMES: Indeed A People Place 

Brotherly, Sisterly love 

"Boogie" down productions 

Blood, Sweat, and Tears 

Rah, Rah, Rah, darlin'! 

Future VIP's chillin' 

Smile for the camera 

Hrnrn, a taste test 

. . . Can We Get A Witness?! 




Miss Junior Jacque Woodard, presents the Ju- 
nior Class. 



Kimberly Adgerson 
Darryl Askew 
Melissa Bates 

Denise Brooks 
Eric Brown 
Constance Brumskin 

Tracy Bryant 

Apryl Carpenter 

Carlton Carter 

Timothy Champ 

Bernard Cheezum Jr. 

Ben Cheseldine 

Juniors, On The Way To Glory! 


Who 9 that way over there? 

"Are we having fun yet?" 

Tracey Coates 
Tressa Cooke 
Mona Cunningham 


Melissa D. Davis 
Zina Delancey 
Elgerthia M. Dodds 

Kevin Douglass 
Lawrence Scott Early 
Stephanie Faison 

Stephanie Ferguson 
Derrick Fooks 
Kevin Foreman 

Lindsey X. Green Jr. 
Kereen Hicks 
Lori Jennings 

Antoine Johnson 

Patricia Johnson 

Charles Kumi 

i\ M<^ 

Junior Class, The Ones To Watch. 

"I'm what's happening baby." 

"We juniors and sophomores gel along just fine." 

Love, peace and happiness 

Daniel L. Merrifield Jr. 
Kenneth Monroe 
Misheck Mundia 

Ken Mitchell-Phillips 

Julian Roary 

Kim Rogers 

Ellen Secka 

Michele Sewell 

Ira Smith 

Juniors Make The World Go Round, 

"Hello operator, I'd like to make a collect 
call . . . " 

Everybody has classes at Wilson Hall, everybody. 

C'mon, donate a little blood for the nupes. 

"Hey Al, what's with all the picture takin' 


Endia Snowden 
Christopher J. Swann 
William Thompson 

Monica Tildon 
Troy Turner 
Stephen Underwood 

That's All The Juniors, Who's Next? 

Cat rice Vandross 

Lament Ward 

Athena Ware 

Lisa Washington 

Shannon Washington 

Cheryl Watson 

Earnest White 

Jacquelyn Woodard 

"No Way 

Pal, Forget 


Earl trys his best to con 
Teresa out of her hot dog, 
but she's having no part of 
that scheme. Oh well, bet- 
ter luck next time Earl. 



Sophomore Class President, Keith Sewell, in- 
troduces the Sophomore Class. 

"Well personally sorors, I think we should 
have our meeting right here " 

Sam Alexander 
Hillary Barksdale 
Marcella Barnes 

Ibrahim Basalamah 
Gary Bennett 
Sherron Bullock 

Mesfin Demissie 

Nicole Dobbs 

Harrv Ellerby Jr. 

The Sophomore Class Is Doin' Things! 

Good 'ol Ella Fitz 

"We're all just waiting here until it's time to go 
to our next class . . . honesti' 

"Hey Hillary, did you see the body on that 

Jacqueline Estes 
Melody Fields 
Sonya Garner 

Travis Gillespie 
Everad Grant 
Rolanda Green 

Cynthia Hammond 

Tamela Harried 

Tracy Harris 

Theresa Hicks 
Natalie R. Hull 
David Hurlock 

Sophomores Have Class And Finese . . . 

"C'mon LA, why don't you share one of those pretty ladies with me?" 

"Beautiful weather we're having, isn't it?" 

Aaron P. Johnson 
Dwayne Johnson 
Nicole M. Johnson 

Teresa Jones 
Tonya Jones 
Philip Junifa 

•Jewel Kerr 

Lisa Lassiter 

Alicia Lee 

Sirena Lloyd 

Eloisa Lumidao 

Valorie Matthews 

Stacey McKnight 

Sean Meredith 

Melanie J. Miller 

Young minds hard at work. 
"Just minding my business.' 

Namon Reid III 
Reginald Riley 
Tawana Robinson 


Edward Sapp 
Burton Shields 
Richard Sorrell 

Stephany Spriggs 

Darrin P. Smith 

Leonard Smith 

Sophomores Ari^ Better Lovers. 

"It's right on the tip of my tongue 

'Hey pal, can't a man eat his ribs in peace?" 

Kerri L. Steward 
Tamiko Thompson 

Elton Tisdale 
Mara Tolliver 

"Tennis anyone?" 

Hard at work 

Anila Walker 
Alicia Wallace 
Shawn Warden 

Marvin Watkins 
Stacev K. Watson 
Frank J. Ward III 

Sophomores Rule The World! 

"I just woke up, and I don't think 
you're funny." 

Beautiful day for a stroll on the 

No More Super Sophs 

Seante West 
Howard L. Wilkerson 
Thurman Williams 
Wanda Williams 

Margo Wills 
Tabu Winslow 
Kimberly Woodall 
Delray Wylie 

Dana Allen 

Kimberly Allen 

Lamonte Atkinson 

Brian Baker 

Tondaleya Black 

Audrey R. Boddie 


Hillary Lucas Presents, The Freshman Class. 

Hey! why are all of these freshmen 
celebrating? See pg. 141 for details. 

Tracey Boney 
Jocelyn Bratton 
Trevor Britt 

JoAnn Brown 
Juana Brown 
Shelly Brown 

The steps of Murphy Hall, the place to sit and 

Freshmen girls . . . the best in the world. 

Trenice Brown 

Cassandra Bryant 

Carla Burke 

Nicole Burt 
Kitra Carney 
Lanette Carr 




We're Going To Make It One Day. 


It sure is quiet around here today 

Games people play. 

On the way to the caC. 

Cassandra Clark 
Tarita Coates 
Christopher Coe 

"Okay everybody, let's put our hands together 
c'mon. let's get psyched, heyl let's make some 
noise ..." 

"Happy birthday to you. happy birthday to 
you. happy birthday dear Tammy ..." 

Tabitha Dandridge 

Brian Daniels 

Donna Davidson 

Joyce Brown-Davis 
Kelly M. Davis 
James Dawkins 

Tina Delancey 
Brian K. Dowtin 
Diane Eberly 

A more subdued unity during Homecoming week. 

Diane Ellis 

Shaun Evan 

Kandace Farmer 

Pamela Felder 

Neal Fisher 

Terri Fitts 

A little Atari to pass the time. 

'No, you can't wear my coat." 

Traoev Hardin 

Mia D. Harloy 

Kimberlv Herndon 

Gloria Hoyah 

Jessica Hudson 

William Hurlock 

Freshmen Are Serious Students. 

The oval, as seen from Somerset 

Alicia Irby 
Erynne Jackson 
Sonya Jackson 

Felicia Lanette James 
Lenora Jones 
Marvin L. Jones 

Can't you tell I just want to be left alone.' 

Norman -Jones 

Tammy Jones 

Darwin K. Kennedy 

Rosemary King 

Katrina Lament 

Audra Lea 

Freshman Do It In The Library! 

"Quarters" steals a moment alone 

"Let's get down to serious business.' 

Group study session 

'I'm just studying the ocean.' 

Tori P. Lyles 
Sharisse M. May 
Carmellio L. McCullough 

Michael Melostele 
Gail S. Miles 
Jackie Mims 

Jennifer Mims 

Stephanie Miller 

Su2ette Molock 


.. i^xh 

All Freshmen Are Fast Learners. 

Fun anrj games in the SDC 

Renee Peters 

Doris Pineda 

Monique R. Pinkney 

Kimberly Poole 

Monica Postell 

Sonva L. Powell 

Freshmen Have The Most Fun! 

"Hey no fair, I wasn't ready.' 

Science and Smiles 

This UMES posse racked up at Kings Domin- 

i\\\ I I'l* Hi 

Tyrone Quinn 
Jon Quinton 
Chanell Ragland 

Tammy Ray 
Darlene Robinson 
Nikka Robinson 

Zina M. Roundtree 

Deborah Rouse 

Debbie Shook 

Marilyn Singleton 

Rochelle Smallwood 

Candass Smith 

Freshman Know How To Have Fun! 

Lfrttin' it all hang out! 

Fredrick Douglass, the place to ex- 
pand your mind. 

Chereace Spriggs 
Lisa Stanton 
Kenya Stewart 

Laroylyn Thaston 
Nonet Thomas 
Teloria Tillman 

Marshall A. Toney 

Juilenne Townsend 

Samantha Vanterpool 

V _ 


Freshmen "We Are Tomorrow's Leaders 


Excerpt from "Zooman and the sign" 

"Freshman guys are number one — peace 

Freshmen Have Youthful Exuberance . . . 


Adrian B. Waddell 
Anna M. Walker 
Lisa V. Waters 
Kim Watson 

La 'Tonya P. Wheat 
John J. White 
Michael D. Williams 
Tonva Williams 

i inwPi 


Time to get down to some serious Hey! I'm suppose to do the picture tak- 
studying. ing. 

This play is not on Broadway, but it is 
just as good. 

Freshmen Are Inquisitive 

Diedre L. Wilson 

Monica Wood 

Carnation Wooten 

Melissa Wright 

Jessica E. Wyant 

Tonya A. Wyche 

Tracey Wyche 

Renee Young 



Hope Their 


Will Run. 




Kevin A. Turner 

President, Student Government Assn. 

Basileus, Omega Psi Phi 

Editor, XewspaperA'earbook Staff 

Bryan Miller 

President, Senior Class, 
Pan-Hellenic Council 

Tammy Blakey 

Miss Senior 



•Jacquelyn Woodard 

Pre-iident, Junior Class 
Miss Junior 

Tonya Jones 
Miss Sophomore 

Allen Taylor 

President, Student Activity Board 

Leaders '88-89 

Iheila Johnson 

resident, National Student Business League 

Eric Goslee 

President, Eta Rho Mu 

Kimberly Richburg 
President, Accounting Club 

Tawanda Swann 
President, Campus Pals 

^'> •»* ^ <fi» 

«► ^ ,' ^ 


*- ^ » ^ -■» «» ^ j: 


Derrick Coles 

President, Gospel Choir 

Seante West 

President, Pom Pom Squad 

Student Leaders '88-89 

Stephanie Faison 

Basileus, Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Linda Tankerson 

President, Delta Sigma Theta 









Robert Bell 

Polemarch, Kappa Alpha Psi 

iVho's Who Among Students 

Sameer Ahmad 

Anthony Audrey 

Veronica Benigno 

Susan Boyden 

Deena Howard 

Timothy Champ 

In American Universities & Colleges 

Who's Who Among Students 

Howard Lindsay 

Lisa Mason 


Eric Ragin 

Kevin A. Turner 

In American Universities & Colleges 

We Love UMES . . . Spirit! 

coolin' on the yard, the UMES posse 
Whether at a basketball game, the is always unified, friendly, fun and 
PAC, on a student body trip or just full of spirit! 

UMES People 



^^^^^^^^^^I^^V^CS: <!flflH 



- ,^^^^^1 


^^m"i \' / 


■11 1/' ' 

' A >^^l 

^m 1/; 


People, Places 

Pledge People 


Diverse People 




.CSS ''\ / ^^M 

Her Majesty 

In all her regal splendor, Colette Ma- 
ria Johnson is the younger of two chil- 
dren born to Eva and Robert Johnson. 

Johnson, a business administration 
major, plans on working for the federal 
government upon graduation. A new 
initiate of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 
Inc., Johnson exhibits grace and style 
with modesty. She definitely promotes 
herself as a positive, intelligent young 

Her motto is, "Have respect for your- 
self and always strive for success." Co- 
lette certainly is a grand choice worthy 
of a celebration fit for a queen! 

Coronation People 

Aiss Senior, Tammy Blakey and Miss Junior, Jacque Woodard escorted by Miss UMES '87-88, Monica Thomas poses with Colette and Angela Grundy 
Carlos Johnson 

Colette and escort Chris Jordan 

Miss Freshman, Hillary Lucas and Miss Sophomore, Tonya Jones escorted by Al Taylor 

Miss UMES '88-89 


And A Queen 

And Her Royal Court 




Student Government 

Michele Sewell, Kevin Turner, Der- 
rick Davis 

Drama Society 

Tawanda Swann, Lisa Gray, Lisa 
James, Steve Walls, Lisa Wallace, 
Leslie Thompson, Felicia Alexander, 
Germaine Edwards, Keith Gardner, 
Tony Audrey. 

Math & Computer 
Science Club 

R. Ellis-Sampson, A. Barrow, K. 
Wilborne, S. Loving, R. Jones, J. Van 
Heyningen, M. Bates. 


Campus Pals 

E. Jones, T. Woods, A. Wallace, L. 
Washington, K. Sewell, L. Gray, T. 
Britt, C. Vandross, L. Mason, T. 
Swann, G. Edwards, R. Cardwell, S. 
Walls, T. Audrey, T. Holt 

Student Activity Board 

A. Barrow, A. Taylor, R. Spry, A. 
Lancaster, A. Walker, K. Richburg, 
C. Swann, L. Gray, N. Minor, S. Gar- 


Kenya Stewart, Chanell Ragland, 
Darlene Robinson, Lorna Malone, 
Jessica Wyant, Renee Goodison, 
Donna Davidson, Kandace Farmer, 
Quonda Jackson, La Verne Williams, 
Michael Williams, Shaun Ross, Neal 
Fisher, Melissa Edwards, Gary Hur- 
lock, Mikko Carelock 

Brothers . . . 

Alpha Phi Alpha 

Reginald Riley, David Dixon, Mau- 
rice Carpenter, Lalo Griffiths, Pablo 
Griffiths, Walter Woods, Arven 
Autry, Melvin Lovely, Thomas Holt 

Omega Psi Phi 

Quenton Joesy, William Thompson, 
Keith Sewell, Earl Tyson, Enor Wil- 
liams, Kevin Turner, Daniel Merri- 
field, Stephen Payne, Derrick Davis, 
Ron Allen, Julian Roary, Kevin 

Phi Beta Sigma 

William Deas, Terry Smith, Shaolin 
Crawford, Ernest White, Darryl 
Askew, Eric Brown, Anthony Au- 
drey, James Patrick, Alfred Love, 
Kevin Nicholson 

. . . Sisters 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Standing: Nicole Williamson, Renee 
Goodison, Stephanie Faison, Patricia 
Salley, Angela Lancaster, Pamela 
Nutter, Sitting: Samela Garrett, Lisa 
Garry, Rhonda Ellis-Sampson, Lisha 
Tonya Jones, Marcia Burnette, -My- 
cha Morgan. 

Delta Sigma Theta 

Sitting: LaRonce Marshall, Lynnette 
DeVance, Sanora Clark, Athena 
Ware, Standing 1st Row: Teresa 
Jones, Denise Simpson, Adrian 
Wright, Tawana Robinson, La Verne 
Sylvester, Kelly Wiltz, Linda Tan- 
kerson, Karen Wilborne, Standing 
2nd Row: Deitra Phillips, Angela Sy- 
monette, Kimolin Allen 

Zeta Phi Beta 

Sylvia Kilby, Christina Moody, Tra- 
cy Bryant 


Kappa Alpha Psi 

Robert Bell, Wanye Lassiter, Marvin 
Blve, Brien Boone. 

Carribean Club 

A. Williams, M. Potter, C. Smith, N. 
Lettsome, D. Connor, N. Brin. 

Campus Ministry 

M. Wright, V. Matthews, C. Parsons, 
L. Jones, K. Woodall, L. Carter, J. 
Syndor, B. Bryant, D. Arnold, A. 
Lockman, S. Agyei-Mensah, K. 
Gardner, M. Postell, V. Knight, T. 
Barnes, R. White. 


Groove Phi Groove 

Deidre DeShields, Sam Douglas, Au- 
dra Hawkins. 

SS Cheerleaders 

Teresa Jones, Tawana Robinson, 
Sharon Armstrong, Aaron Johnson, 
Karol Hall, Mona Lewis, Christy 
White, Tracey Britt, Alicia Irby 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Hope Parker, Marcella Barnes, Me- 
lissa Davis, Leah Carter, Lisa Allen, 
Letitia Allen. 

Life's A Parade 

Freshman Clais pre:->ident Spudnik Teal and Miss Freshman Hillary Lucas, 
enjoy the ride. 

Miss Junior Jaquelyn Woodard aboard the Monte Carlo SS. 


Homecoming Parade... 


. . . About Homecoming 

Homecoming Happenings 

Dr. Hytche and the royal court. 

Former Lady Hawk Monica Felder has her jersey retired 

Cheerleaders perform trapeze act. 

Watch this fingeroll! 

Thanks for the open shot. 


Outta my way! 


Despite efforts like this by IVIil<e 
Kirkland, the Hawks fell to Del. 
State this Homecoming 


Track People 

Bottom, Lisa Harrison, Karen Jones, Karla Jones, Wendy Wheeler, 2nd row, Teresa Hicks, Jessica Henderson, Tammy Vincent, Dioni 
Smith, Taleria Fuller. 3rd row. Head Coach Neville Hodge, Carnie Murell, Edward Sapp, David Hurlock, Kevin Jackson, Leroy Lloy 
Charles Mays, Asst. Coach Robert Bell. Top row, Torrence Zellner, Carl Hicks, Lawrence Givence, Wayne Dovet, Eric Brown. 

Tennis People 

bottom row, Lauretta Scott, Kim Rogers, Edith Callaghn, 2nd row, Sabbathry Persad, Sonya Scott, Judith Garriques. 3rd row, 
Daniel Keaton, Benjamin Robinette, David Kennedy, Michael Holder, Gregory Pearce, Walter Wood, John Johnson III. 

Kneeling: Ellen Gilyard, Teresa Hicks. Jacque- 
line Mims, Mara Tolliver. Standing: Sabrina 
Smith. Susan Buckson. Stephanie Dawkins. 
Coach Germaine McCauley. Jennifer Mims. Me- 
lissa Bates. Janice Smith. Tracy Ford. 

Melissa Bates returns this serve with ease 


Welcome ix)^ 

Theresa Hicks shows great form during 
a serve. 

Lady Hawk Volleyball 

Bottom, co-captain Steve Underwood, Tony Au- 
drey, co-captain Mike Green, co-captain Ira 
Smith. 2nd row. Keith Johnson. Corey Williams. 
Shannon Washington. Kevin Slade. Chris Pagan. 
3rd row. Harry Wilkerson. Darrin Nutter. Chris 
Riddleburger. -John Futrell. John Fritts. Lester 

^ ■8 ? W "^ 

'< \ 


The team's leading hitter, Ira "dude" .Smith, pulls 
up to third with an easy stand up triple. 

At the beginning of the season, the 
UMES baseball team was picked by 
many to win the conference title. How- 
ever, the team finished fourth in the 
MEAC championships. Despite the 
showing in the championship, it was an 
improvement over the last four years. 
The '89 team ended up 7-5 in the con- 
ference and 12-17 overal 

Sandoval reaches for an easy two. 

Bottom, Terry Barge, Demitrius Jones, 
Sean Salisbury, Antoine Powell, Victor 
Ford, Keith Williams, Michael Dobbs. 
2nd row, Harold Lane, Sherwin Turner, 
Michael Kirkland, Jose Sandoval, Le- 
roy Crippin, Larry Stokes. 

Keith takes it to the hoop. 

Bombs away! 

It's like playin' horse. 

Which way is up?! 

Where did all these guys come from? 

Eat your heart out buddy. 

Watch me draw the foul. 

Lady Hawk Basketball 

Bottom, Virginia Villifane, Arlene 
Duckett, Emmy Watson, Rhonda 
Echols. Top, Deayna Ewell, Susan 
Buckson, Tracey VVyche, Shelby Pres- 
ton, Ellen Gilyard. 



Comin' through. 

Tracey shoots the J 

Coach McCauley rallies her troops. 

Shelby uses the glass. 



^^H^^H^HCV? 'Cl 





'Look out shorty" 

"I'm open, I'm open!" 

Hmm, this is going to be difficult. 

It's mine. It's mine! 

Two points, thank you. 

Watch me fly y'all! 

Help! I'm heing mugged! 

Easy hoop for me. 



The saxophone section takes a break while the trumpet players take the lead. Band leader 
Jake DeBose directs the tunes, while Jackie Collins concentrates. 

. . . The beat goes on. Sweet music to the ears. At left Mr. Lamkin attempts to change the 

. . . In Tune! 

The jazz band is called upon to play at many campus events, which include coronation, 
basketball games, graduation, dinner theater, etc. That, along with off-campus concerts, 
keeps these young men and women very busy, but they never miss a note! 


Above, high drama is in action as characters from the fall play, Zooman and Sign discuss 
the sorrow of a murder in the family, a young girl slain by Zooman. 

Present . . . 

The grieving parents, played by Veronica Palmer and Steve Walls, comfort each other 
over the loss of their daughter. Left, cast characters acknowledge the audience during the 
curtain call. 

Trying to catch Zooman, above right, becomes the chief topic of the neighborhood. Tony 
"Zooman" Audrey, finds time to glance over the script in the dressing room. 

Zooman And The Sign 

At the climax, Zooman is shot while trying to break in the home of the parents of the slain 
girl. Left, make-up artists do their thing. 


Smart swimwear leaves just enough to the imagination: i'm sure the admiring follower of 
this trio will agree. 


This group is simply silky smooth during this hollywood pose. Over all it was a fashion 
fair with flair and verv well done. 

Calender Girl Pageant '89 

Lisa Gravely twirls her two-piece bathing suit complete with cape. At left, Heather Nixon 
struts her stuff with confidence, and Kim Watson articulates why she is Ms. December. 

Brains And Beauty 

Michele Semple definately is alluring in a sexy swimsuit that earned her high marks in 
the competition. At left Theresa Hicks strolls up the runway in style. 

Swimwear And Fashion . . 

Rhonda Cardwell, above shows off a hot swimsuit that is bound to attract much attention 
on the beach, while Michele Semple and Lisa Gravely sport less revealing, but equally 
provocative gear. 

Sophisticated And Sassy! 

Hillary Barksdale uses her smile and stunning paisley pants to the delight of the audi- 
ence, as Anita Hazzard and Tamiko Thompson do much of the same. 

This Year's Calender 

Girl Pageant 

Featured Women 

With Grace And Style 

Despite The Lofty 
Competition, Misty 
Eyed Veda Teagle Is 
Crowned Ms. 
Calender Girl '89. 

Star Search '89 

Roger Davis, the master of ceremonies and the primary mind behind the UMES rendition 
of the popular TV variety show, addresses the Hawk faithful. Above left, Dee Dee makes 
her point during a tune and Keith hams it up a little. 

Tink and the boys grind out one of their familiar and funky go-go tunes. The group got 
the (JMES posse up on their feet and rockin' to the call and answer rap style of Kevin 
.Sims. Star Search featured singers, spokesmodels, comedian^, and more! 

Dinner Theater '89 

The jovial atmosphere surrounding Dinner Theater allows these two performers to take a 
breather between acts. Flashing a winning smile and performing just as well is a student 
worker of the Hotel and Restaurant Management program. 

A Journey To New Orleans. 

Above Carol Spencer entertains during the risque' "Big Spender" scene, while HRM 
students are content to remain behind the scene before they are called into action. 

The occasion honors those students who have attained a grade point average of 3.5 or 
greater. Above Catrice Vandross receives her citation for scholastic excellence. 

Art Exhibit 

Award winning photographer Moneta Sleet Jr. shares his prowess in the Arts & Tech 
Building. Mr. Kenneth Rogers exposes his views of the works, for the rest it's wine and time. 

Visits To Our Campus . . • 

Above Congressman Roy Dyson D-Maryland, discusses politics with two very attentive 
co-eds. Also speaking on the political mode is Gov. William Schaefer who addresses the 
campus outside of Harford Hall. President Hytche meets with former Baltimore Colt, 
Lenny Moore. 

. . Broaden Our Horizons. 

President Hytche meets with several Asian diplomats to discuss educational objectives. 
Educational provisions are always of primary interest to Hytche and our many visitors. 

Does The Thought Of A Boat 

Ride Make You Sick? Don't 

Fret Over It, These Guys 

Look Like Fun. 

No Signs Of 
Seasickness Here, We 
All Just Wanna Rock 
The Boat! 

Smiles Are The Order Of The 

Day During The 1st Annual 

Unity Day At Kings 


Definately A Day To 
Enjoy Friends, Fun 
And Sun. 

Every Year The 

Spring Festival Is 

Full Of Crazy Games 

And Events. 

This Year's "Fest^' 
Winners Were The 
Royal Blue Express,' 
They Show You 
Who's Number One 

Intramural Softball 










Hey, That Looks Like 

A Dedication 

The 1988-89 edition of the "Hawk Yearbook" is dedicated to the brillant ladies of 
the freshman class. This energetic group of young ladies showed iniative and concern 
to an inexperienced and "undermanned" staff that included only two males other 
than myself. All of these ladies are leaders of tommorrow and without them this 
yearbook would have been mission impossible. 

To the ladies of the class of '92 I appreciate your time and effort on this project. I 
like many of you were inexperienced, but we overcame our adversity and did it in half 
a semester — your efforts are to be commended. 

I would also like to acknowledge the "veteran" Mikki Semple. I couldn't have done 
it with out ya kid! Thank you Melanie, Valerie, Nicole, Kevin, Jewel, Craig, Mr. 
White, and everyone else who helped. Keep up the good work! Peace. 
— Kevin A. Turner 

Hawk Faces, Places 

/'" ■' "■ 



■ •■ 



-"y-ffiiniMii ■''^- 




April 18, 1989 

Dr. William P. Hytche 


University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

Princess Anne, Maryland 21853 

Dear Dr. Hytche: 

Thanks so very much for sharing with me Information relative 
to Chancellor Toll's memorsmdum concerning the Thursday, May 4, 
1989, meeting of the Committee on Finance of the Board of 
Regents . 

As President of the Student Government Association, I wish 
the Board of Regents to know that students on our campus feel 
strongly about the Issue of divestment of funds from the Common 
Trust Fund of the Onlverslty of Maryland System In equities of 
firms doing business In South Africa. 

I am forwarding a petition which was circulated on our 
campus and has been signed by over 500 students who are currently 
enrolled. These signatures were secured rather hurriedly, and I 
am convinced that many more could have been collected had there 
been more time. I believe there are enough signatures to 
register the outrage we feel as a result of our Dnlverslty's 
failure to completely divest Its funds In equities of firms doing 
business In South Africa. 

Please forward this to Chancellor Toll and express thanks to 
him and the Board of Regents for affording us the opportunity to 
address the Board of Regents In this fashion. We only hope that 
our voices are heard and that the Board will see fit to take 
appropriate action. 

Kevin Tuflter 


Student Government Association 

P.S. The Board of Regents did see fit to take appropriate action. On May 4th, 
1989 the committee on finance of the Board of Regents voted unanimously to 
divest funds from South Africa. And on July 7th, 1989, the entire Board of 
Regents voted to completely divest its funds from the racist aparthied govern- 
ment. A very important day in our university's history. 

New SGA Officers '89-90 

President Hytche inducts Keith Sewell SGA President 

Executive officers Keith and VP Michelle Sewell flanked by Dr. Franklin and 
President Hytche 

To Thee, Desir Alma Mater 
We raise our grateful song, 
For through thy noble teachings 
Thou has made thy children strong; 
And thousands still shall praise 
thee. All earth shall hear their 
swell, and bind our hearts yet 
closer to thee we love well. 

Maryland, Maryland, home of Maroon 

£ind Gray 
Maryland, Maryland, thee we will love 

All hail to thee fair Maryland, 
All Glory be to thee! 
Grow thou in strength and honor 
Through all. eternity! 

We love thy spacious campus 
We love thy tow'ring halls, 
and hallow'd are the lessons 
we've learn'ed within thy 
walls. Stand thou forever 
glorious, full-rob'd in 
living green; shine thou in 
endless splendor beneath thy 
trees serene. 


&L^ "^' 





_x-v£i^ Cc^ft^-e^ tA^^ xs^ ^'i/Ca.t-yZa.fz^ J^M^-e^-n. ^AA^-e- 





f iilhni m. 


Commencement Speaker 
Dr, Henry Fonder 
President Of Fish University 

Dr, A, Paul Moss 
Receives An Honorary 
Doctorate Of Laws 

Susan Boyden and Veronica Benigno share the Richard Bernstein 
Award for Excellence— $5,000.00 

Cheryl Thomas receives Daniel J. Pinkett Award 


Kevin Turner receives Outstand- 
ing Senior Award from Alumni 
president Willie Baker 

Now it's off into the real