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Kiah Hall, a new addition to the UMES campus, not only looks serene 
and peaceful, but it also marks the beginning of a new and improved 
University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Kiah Hall houses the main 
offices and classrooms for the Department of Business and Economics, 
Computer Science, and the Physical Therapy program. The opening of 
this beautiful structure shows that UMES is expanding and continuing 
to soar towards academic excellence!! 

Princess Anne, Maryland 21853 
(410) 651-2200 

Title Page 


A snrntt growing University doing big bigger things 



- • ■-.. .-iWS*.S°*^-«S 



Welcome to the 1992 edition of the University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore's Hawk Yearbook. Through much hard work and diligent 
efforts on the part of the yearbook staff, we are able to present to you 
The Hawk 1992! - Mikko Carelock, Editor-in-Chief 

2 • Hawk 1992 



Adrian D. Allen 

Corey M. Atkinson 

Darleen Armstrong 

Darryl Armstrong 

Brian L. Baker 

Terrance L. Barge 

Tondaleya Black 

Robin T. Blair 

Karen B. Brafmann 

Jocelyn Bratton 

Nicole Brin 

Melvinna R. Brinkley 

CLASS OF 1992 

4 • Seniors 

Jonathan L. Brown 

Shellev Brown 

Sonya Brown 

Beverly Bryant 

James Buchannan 

Tangela Bullock 

Nicole Burt 

Edward Button 

Orlando Calderon 

Mikko Carelock 

Wanda Carswell 

Erica Carter 





Leah R. Carter 

Monica D. Carter 

Tavonya A. Chester 

Alva Chesterfield 

Karmilla Chisley 

Cassandra F. Clark 

Christopher Coe 

Richard Coe 

Bettena Collins 

A << - 

Dionne Connor 

Quarma Cook 

Sandra Cooper 

CLASS OF 1992 

6» Seniors 1992 


Angela Cromartie 

David K. Crossan 

Melissa Davis- 

William Davis 

Daniel K. Demissie 

Wayne Douet 

Kandace Farmer 

Pamela Felder 

Carlos Fields 

Mark V. Fiorino 

Neal V. Fisher 

Sharon Fisher 




Donna Fleming 

Arcadio Flores 

Patrice Ford 

Rony F. Fortin 

Taleria R. Fuller 

Judith Garriques 

Travis Gillespie 

Ricarda Goins 

Eric S. Goode 

Dwight Greene 

Charles Griffin 

Miriam Gyimah 

CLASS OF 1992 

• Seniors 

Juanique L. Harris 

Tracy Harris 

Valencia Hawkins 

Brian Hayes 

Dawn Hedin 

Ruth Henson 

Rosalind B. Hill 

Brian Howard 



Mmmwmmsmmsmmaw Mmmai^mm mmmm 


Gloria Hoyah 

David Hurlock 

William Hurlock 

Pamela lackson 

Nurjhan Johnson 

Terrell Johnson 

Tracey Johnson 

Justin Jones 

CLASS OF 1992 

10 • Seniors 


LaShawn Jones 

Marvin Jones, Jr. 

Tammy Jones 

Dawn Keith 

Sheila Kennedy 

Katrina D. Lamont 

Wayne Lassiter 

Robert Lessard 

Nydia Lettsome 

Gary-Lee Lewis 

LaTonya Lipford 

Aleah Lockman 


Seniors ; ! 


Lorna E. Malone 

Gladys O. Mayorga 

Carmellio McCullough 

Lerov McKenzie 

Tonya Moody 

Anthony Moore 

Gail S. Miles 

Carmen A. Naizlip 

CLASS OF 1992 

12 • Seniors 

Brigette Nelson 

Shelby Preston 

Romeo E. Nolasco 

Ponesa Palmer 

Sharri Plaza 

Andrew Prince 

Supanee Panasethaneo 

Brenda Reid 

Darlene Robinson 

Shaun A. Ross 

Keith P. Sewell 

Rochelle Smallwood 

Seniors * 


Artulies Smith 

Candas Smith 

Charmaine Smith 

Jennifer Smith 

Kurtis L. Still 

Christopher Swann 

Lori Taylor 

CLASS OF 1992 

Veda V. Teagle 

14 • Seniors 


Nonet S. Thomas Erika Thompson 

Leslie Thompson 

Marshall Tonev 

Myra Turner 

Shirlene Traveo 

Anna M. Walker 

Alicia Wallace 

Levon Washington Nadine Washington 

Monica Watkins 

LaTonya Wheat 


Seniors s 1 


Michael D. Williams 

Tonya R. Williams 

Wanda Williams 

Lawrence Wilson 

Amanda Winkler 

Terri E. Wood 

Melissa Wright 

Tracey Wyche 

Jacqueline Wyndham 

CLASS OF 1992 

16 • Seniors 


farewell to a friend 

Who has alioaus Seen 

CZTte sweetest woman 

"With the strength of men 

farewell to you 

"Who saw that I grew 

And who alivays knew 

I could do it, too. 

farewell for now 

fo your know how. 

Wipe fatigue from your Brow 

And take a how. 

farewell to a flower 

Whose love is a shower: 

Soft and sweet, never sour; 

Alio ays giving hour on hour. 

farewell to you 

-'Donna iteming c/o '92 

Seniors ® I ' 

18* Hawk 1992 


Jackie Mims shows of her diving abilities at the Class 

Queen's Pool Party. For more info., see p. 22 

Tired of being bored on Friday Night? These student 
cured the weekend blues by coming out to one of th 
many SDC parties. 


A popular winter activity for many students 

ing the home basketball games. 



Senior, Anthony Moore works diligently to complete a 

project for one of his Construction Management 


20 Campus Life 

Student Life 


This year UMES offered a wide range of activities that 
students were able to participate in. Pool parties and 5DC 
dances proved to be popular attractions, as did the Hawk 
basketball games. 



Jill Steele, Shonda Armstrong, Delphine Lambert, and 

Joyce Maxwell pose for our camera at the Coronation 


Campus Life 21 

(Right) Miss UMES and her court, minus Jennife 
Mims, show off their sexy bathing suits. 

LaTisha, smiles at our photographer 

Lamont and Charles shows pride in their Ole' Black (Right) Jackie Mims and Rhonda Terry don't mind 
and Gold, and the ladies add a nice touch. showing off a sexy pose, at least Jackie doesn't (smile). 

22 Campus Life 

Class Queens Make A Splash 

Splish - Splash 

Where were all the sexy 
bodies of UMES on a 
Saturday Night? 

At Tawes Gymnasium's swimming pool. The 
Class Queens of UMES sponsored a pool party 
and the sexy bodies came out in masses! 

(Above) Miss UMES shows off a perfect dive from the 
high dive. 

After the dive Jackie shows off a more seductive side!! 

Campus Lil 

Spring Fest 1992 Open House- Catch the Spirit! 

3 a 

— '-•_ '- — ^^-'* *^Mw" 

i -"■■ | » | 

These fellas have the perfect view of the Spring Fest activities. A record number of visitors 
came to visit the campus for Open House. 

Beautiful weather and a large crowd enticed many vendors to display thj 
wares at UMES. 


Katoshia Artis and friends try their luck at miniature bowling. 

24 Campus Life 


Officer Savage probably wished that he hadn't ticketed so many cars, a 
is about to get dunked. 

Open House Stepshow- Greeks on the Move! 

he Fall '91 neophytes of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

Tyra and Dionne show that the Ladies of Finer Womanhood can step hard and have fun at at 
the same time. 

Campus Life 25 


Sisters do it for themselves at UMES. 

Betsy Bello, Shelly Murphy, Onika Hug- 
gins, and Lannet West grin mischie- 
viously as the Hawk 1992 corners them 
in the Carver Hall Atrium. 

26 Campus Life 

Pam, Raeshawn, and Delphine look to 
pleased about getting "caught in the ac- 
tion" during Homecoming Week. The 
SGA members work diligently with, and 
for the student body. 

The Ladies of the Omega Essence Sweet- 
heart Court came to the SGA Election 
Speeches to support their sister Terri 
Smith. The Que-E's comprise one of the 
largest auxiliary organizations on 



r/f "*$ 

Seniors Leah Carter, Tasha Barnes, and 
Pam Felder have all worked for ORL over 
the last few years. As graduation ap- 
proaches, these talented women prepare 
to take their expertise into the "real 

Juniors Joyce Maxwell and Jill Steele are 
honor students from the Philly area. 
These Criminal Justice and Sociology 
majors, respectively, will attend the Ron- 
ald E. McNair Program at College Park 
over the summer. 

Betsy Bello is a junior Pre-Nursing ma- 
jor from Puerto Rico. In addition to be- 
ing an active Alpha Angel, she is a famil- 
iar face to anyone who has been to the 
SDC front desk. 

Campus Life 27 

UMES Students at Play Indoors . . . 

Wayne Brown is the center of attention at the Corey shows off at one of the many pool parties Jackie Mims and LaTisha Bell were two of the hostesses a'.he 
Groove party in September. given during the Spring semester. Class Queens pool party. 

28 Campus Life 

. . . and Outdoors Too! 

May, a large contingent of concerned students Byron Harley is a junior from Washington D.C.. Brothers William and David Hurlock are natives of Jamaica, 
mded a protest at Salisbury State University. He also attended the protest at SSU. 

Campus Life 29 

Around Campus: UMES Has a New Look. 

The Student Development and Cultural Recreation Center was built in 1976. Since then, the campus has undergone many changes. The addition of the sit- 
ting mall has enhanced the beauty of the SDC and Wicomico Hall. 

The Ella Fitzgerald Center for the Performing Arts. A facelift was given to the 
front area of this building in 1992. 

The R. H. Thomas and T. Briggs Arts and Technologies Center was dedicated in a 
ceremony in 1991. 

30 Campus Life 

A student vigorously takes notes in a class located in the newly renovated 111 

Sophomore Terri Redd squeezes in a last minute homework assignment before class in Carver Hal 

nstructor lectures a science course in the Carver Hall Auditorium. 

This instructor teaches Construction Management courses in the Arts & Technol- 
ogies Building. 

Campus Life 31 

c Ihe 9-fazvf^ 

Reprint from HAWK Yearbook 1979 

The. Hawkjs the most feared bird in the world. Its sharp curved claws, or talons, 
and powerful feet have viselike grip to catch, crush, and carry off its prey. 

Haiuks build bulky, loosely constructed, but stable nests of twig and bark, The males 
and females nest alone, and defend their territory and privacy from all others, Hawks included. 

'female 'Hawks lay 2-6 eggs which hatch in 3-4 weeks. The males help to hatch the eggs 

as well as to care for the young. Hawks sometimes mate for life, and of ten use the same nest year 

after year. 

Haiuks seldom gather in groups, except during battles with other species such as bisons, 
eagles, aggies, hornets, etc. The Hawkjs a kceen-sighted, and of ten travels with great speed. 
'He kills almost every type of mammal and birds. 

The 'Haiukjs the king of the Heaven and the "Earth!! 'Beware 


"NY U C 

A N 





N T H A 

T ! 

William P. Hytche 


University of Maryland Eastern Shore 

The class of 1992 salutes Dr. William P. Hytche as an outstanding 
educator, world traveler, mentor, and torch bearer for humanity. 

He has successfully launched UMES to the threshold of another 
century. As a "man of all seasons," he stands tall among the great 
educators of this nation. We appreciate the sincerity and care he has 
always shown us. Thank You!!! 

UMES Class of 1992 


LIMES' Vice-Presidents 

Edward V. Ellis, Vice-President Academic Affa 

Dr. Herman Franklin, Vice-President Student Affairs 

Jean Moore, Vice-President for Institutional Advancen 

Mr. Ronnie Holden, Vice-President for Administrative Af 


Faculty and Staff 

Dr. Chester Hedgepeth 

Dr. Mortimer Neufville 

Mrs. Patricia Tilghman 

Dr. O'Grady 


Faculty and Staff 

Mr. Bernard Mattei 

Mrs- Nelva Lee 


Faculty and Staff 

i : Ml 

Ms. Monique Potter 

Ms. Portia Dennis 



Dr. Brown-West 

Dr. Nzeogwu 


Faculty and Staff 

Alverne Chesterfield 

Dr. Shekhor Kaup 

John Groutt 

Ms Melanie White 

Faculty and Staff 

Mrs. Rosalyn Webster 

Mr. Milton Blackman 

Mrs. Patricia Chase 

Mrs. Theresa Queenan 


Faculty and Staff 

Paula Queenan 

Mrs. Mary Stewart 


Jim Hayes 

Mrs. Beverly Cockey 


Faculty and Staff 

Mrs. Edwina Morse 

Dr Donald French 

Dr. Annette Noble 


Faculty and Staff 

Officer Conway 

Brenda Schoolfield 


Faculty and Staff 

Mrs. Geraldine Bell 

Dr. Abdul Chini 

Mrs. Judy Hoffman 

Dr. Konia Kollehlon 


Faculty and Staff 

Theodore Mollett 

Mr. Rochelle Peoples 

Dr. Thelma Hedgepeth 


Faculty and Staff 

r. ; & 

Dr. Jaemahan Joshi 

Dr. Joseph Cascino 

Mrv Pauline Oakley 

Mrs. Elsa Satche 


Faculty and Staff 

I Barbara Jackson 

Mr. Richard Gormley 


! Thomas Handwerker 

Mr. W. Talley 


Faculty and Staff 

Mrs. Jeanine Harter-Dennis 

Mr. Raymond Blakely 



Dr. Steve Rebach 

Dr. Charles Hocutt 


omecoming 1992 

An enthusiastic 
crowd cheers as 
rapper MC Lyte 
performs her 
Classic hit "I 
Cram 2 Under- 
stand U." She 
was just one of 
the featured art- 
ists that per- 
formed at this 
year's Homecom- 
ing celebration. 
Other celebrities 
such as, A Tribe 
Called Quest, and 
Chris Thomas 
also visited 
UMES, encourag- 
ing everyone to 
"Awaken the Af- 
rikan in all of Us." 

It's a tough call, as four contestants battle 
it out for a Homecoming T-Shirt and tick- 
ets to see A Tribe Called Quest. 



Karl and Rhonda had a tough time en- 
couraging their fellow Hawks to come 
down and show their stuff to the packed 
Tawes Gymnasium. 

50 • Homecoming 

te^T/i: GO HAWKS! 

UMES shows school spirit. 

As the B-More crew looks on, they have a 
well known reputation for vocally adding 
a little spice to the National Anthem. They 
are also known for being the main spark in 
exciting the UMES crowd to urge the 
Hawks on to victory. 

At one of the Pre- 
Homecoming Basket- 
ball games, Karl White 
and Rhonda Terry 
gave out Homecoming 
T-Shirts to those stu- 
dents who participated 
in the SGA sponsored 
"Doo-Doo Brown" 
Dance Contest. 

,., «« «»» v ; 3 IS Si 

Homecoming* 51 

Many hours of hard work went into build- 
ing this year's floats. With the help of local 
residents, UMES students were able to 
showcase their artistic talents in an 
Africentric way! 

The Cheerleaders and Pom-Poms wait 
anxiously for the beginning of the parade. 
They realize the important part they will 
play in getting the crowd "Hyped"! 

Senior Eric Brown and the brothers of Phi 
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated, Al- 
pha Mu Chapter, show off their Hawk 
pride, as one of the many organizations 
that participated in the parade. 

52 • Homecoming 

Delphine Lambert, a junior from New 
York, was the featured model on the 
Africentric float "Proud of Our Roots," 
constructed by the Student Government 


JMES celebrates at the annual Homecoming parade. 

Dr. Herman Franklin, Vice-President of 
Student Affairs, and Mr. Ronnie Holden, 
Vice-President of Administrative Affairs, 
wave to the crowd as they begin the pa- 
rade procession. 

It was a sunny, mild 
February morning in 
Princess Anne as 
UMES faculty, alumni, 
and students gathered 
to celebrate the begin- 
ning of Homecoming 
Weekend. This year's 
Homecoming theme 
had a more Africentric 
message than previous 
years, as the many T- 
Shirts, and floats 
showed Black pride! 

pllllli iiii 'fMIJlfIl|S|||iffi» 

Renee Peters, Captain of the Pom- Pom 
Squad, is all smiles as she leads the 
squad through the Princess Anne Town 

Homecoming • 53 

The Ladies of Delta Sigma Theta show why they are known as the Ladies of Distinc- 

Alpha Omicron Chapter of Alpha Kappa The brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi 
Alpha Sorority, Inc. opened this year's stressed the stopping of Black on Black 
step show. violence. 

54 Homecoming 


Greeks showed their moves! 

This year's step show was held at the Salisbury Civic Center. 
The demand on the part of the students caused the Pan-Hel- 
linic Council to make the move to Salisbury. 

Visiting chapters of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and Phi 
Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. stepped in pake of their brothers. 
There was a nice turn-out at this year's step show, it was well 
organized, and the crowd control was excellent. This can be 
attributed to the hard work of Ms. Melissa Crymes, Pan- 
Hellenic Council President. Many returning UMES alumni 
came out to support their respective Sorority or Fraternity. The 
brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, Gamma Xi Chapter, took home 
the first place trophy for the men, while the ladies of Zeta Phi 
Beta Eta Beta chapter won the first place trophy for the women. 
In comparison to last year's Homecoming Stepshow, this 
year's show was less of a hassle and no violence broke out 
among the different organizations. Many students were very 
happy with the over-all show and they look forward anxiously 
to next year's show. 

Iladies of Zeta Phi Beta show off 
•y" moves to impress the judges. 
! moves had enough effect to sway 
idges to vote them as Step Champi- 
I the sororities at UMES. 

Also visiting from College Park were the 
brothers of Omega Psi Phi. The Ques 
came out and showed the crowd why 
they are known as the "Nasty Q-Dogs" 

Homecoming 55 


At Homecoming 1992, MC Lyte (above) 
made the crowd stand on their feet as she 
went back in time and performed some 
of her classic hits. She was well received 
by the UMES students and the Princess 
Anne community. 

Many students appreciated the friendly 
stage presence of MC Lyte, and how she 
interacted with the crowd while she per- 

After her electrifying concert, MC Lyte 
was interviewed by the school's radio 
station - WE5M 91.3 FM. 

MC Lyte (right) tells the homecorr 
crowd to stop the senseless violent 
the black communities and start unl 
as one race! 

56 Homecoming 

MC Lyte (left) was sincere as she sang 
"Self-Destruction." Lyte's message was 



Saturday Night's Homecoming Show was 
highlighted with a performance by MC Lyte. 
Chris Thomas served as the Master of 
Ceremonies for the Saturday Night's events. 
Even with the big delay and the cancellation 
by The Leaders of the New School, the concert 
was a major success. 

mm a rm 

Homecoming 57 

Chris Thomas, star of Black Entertain- 
ment Television's "Rap City," assumed 
the role of Master of Ceremonies at the 
MC Lyte show. Thomas' unique brand of 
humor entertained and amused the rest- 
less audience. 

New York based rap artists "A Tribe 
Called Quest" performed before a capac- 
ity crowd in the PAC. Tribe's Thursday 
show is considered to be one of the best 
Homecoming concerts produced at 


Rap Music Rocks UMES 

Rap music dominated 
Homecoming 1992. Local 
talent was showcased 
before the MC Lyte and 
Tribe shows. The only 
disappointment was the 
abrupt cancellation of the 
Leaders of the New 
School, who claimed to be 
lost in College Park. 

58 Homecoming 

bes' Dj, Ali Shaheed Muhammad tore 
the turntables during the group's 40 
lute show. Though the band arrived 
, they managed to put on a slammin' 
w that left the audience screaming for 

Miss UMES, Jackie Mims, and the 
"UMES Fly-Girls" danced to Vanessa 
Williams "The Comfort Zone." As one 
of MC Lyte's opening acts, these talented 
young ladies quickly grabbed the atten- 
tion of the men in the crowd. 

A standing room only audience in the 
PAC sings along with Phife at the Tribe 

r a short wait, A Tribe Called Quest 
T]ly took the stage. The crowd was 
B than ready to "Check the Ryhme!" 

Local talent from UMES was showcased 
in Thursday's Show. Rob and his crew 
prepared the crowd for Tribe and the 
other comedians. 

Homecoming 59 

The UMES Cheerleading Squad displays one of their 
formations to get the homecoming crowd pumped up! 

Miss UMES and her Royal Court are acknowledged 
during the half-time program. 

Catch The Hawk Spirit! 


Much to the disappointment of the home crowd at the Salisbury Civic Center, the 
UMES Fighting Hawks lost to the Coppin State Eagles 63-80. The Lady Hawks 
faired better winning their game 71-62. 


60 Homecoming 

Homecoming 61 

"Awakening The Afrikan In All Of Us!" 

Imeh and Juanique perform in the homecoming play "The Colored Museum", directed by super-director and UMES graduate, Roger W. Davis. 

5GA members work diligently on the floats that were showcased during the 
homecoming parade. 

Some of the Pom-Pom Squad take a break after their exhilarating half-time show Claiborne Sellers, Sophomore Class President, shows pride in his clas 
performance. his Fraternity. 

Homecoming 1992: Open Your Third Eye 

thony Moore, graduating senior and yearbook photographer, is all smiles standing beside Rap Artist MC Lyte. 

liam (Cazz) Showell, Delphine (Nubian Sister Dee) Lambert, and other SGA 
nbers give up their spare time to work on homecoming floats. 

11 White, SGA president, talks with Bro. Malcolm about the deep message Erak rouzorondu, Africentric teacher, became a common name at UMES. Her 
I <a Rouzorondu presented to the knowledge hungry audience. lectures were provacative and enlightening. 

Lori Taylor and Rhonda Terrv sit back 
and relax after the Tribe Called Quest 
Show. Both are very active members in 
the SGA. 

Students came out to hear Eraka 
Rouzorondu, as she presented a very 
conscious raising lecture on African His- 

The UMES Student Security Staff played 
an important part in the Homecoming 

UMES Students "Check The Rhyme, 
Tribe hits "Buggin Out". 

"Did you hear that sister speak? She ^^ 
dropped crazy Science," was the reaction 
of several students that heard Eraka speak. 

64 • Homecoming 

Special Events 91-92 

/ ■ 

The family of Ms. 
Jacqueline L. 
Mims is visibly 
excited as she is 
coronated Ms. 
University of 
Maryland Eastern 
Shore 1991-1992. 
Ms. Mims is a 
native of Green- 
port, New York, 
and she is a sen- 
ior majoring in 
Criminal Justice. 
Her theme for the 
"Where Do We 
Go From Here," 
challenged the 
audience to strive 
for higher goals. 

Gerald Alston (right) was just one of the 
many Drama Society members that par- 
ticipated in "Brother Eyre". 

"Brother Eyre," was a heart warming play 
that showed the hardships a deeply reli- 
gous old man faced from a young choir 
and director. 

Director and playwright, Dr. D 
Dameron Johnson or Dr. D., directed 
"Brother Eyre," and "Let Him That S 
Steal No More". Dr. Johnson is als< 
director in UMES' well attended Di 

66* Special Events 

"MOM D" 

Dr. Johnson does it again! 

Charles Franklin, played the very fired 
up and "holy ghost filled" preacher in "Let 
Him That Stole, Steal No More". The Jazz 
Band, under the direction of John Lamkin 
II, gave the musical support needed to 
give the play a down home church feel- 

Dr. Dameron- 
Johnson has been an 
asset to UMES since 
she first started work- 
ing here. This year she 
directed two produc- 
tions in addition to 
Dinner Theatre. Her 
witty and loving per- 
sonality has rightfully 
given her the title as 
Mom D of the Drama 

iiM.iii.Kiriiiiii.i . . Hi! itaaat 

Special Events •67 

Dr. Delia Dameron-Johnson gave a poet- 
ry reading as a part of February's Black 
History Month celebration. 

Eraka Rouzorondu captivated UMES 
with "Awakening" lecture series. 

KRS-One found a quiet moment to sign 
an autograph for senior Jakki 

Dr. Dameron-Johnson 

68 Special Events 

Eraka relaxi 
her lecture. 

in the SGA office before 

KRS-One drops some knowledge on the 
serious minded students. 

■«| ;**t| 

Lectures Captivates UMES 

This year, UMES featured a wide array of 
lectures and seminars designed to educate the 
student body. Eraka Rouzorondu became a 
familiar (and popular) face on campus as she 
delivered her Africentric lecture series titled 
"Awakening". Rapper KRS-One lectured at 
the PAC in October. His lecture uplifted 

""» ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■!■■■■■■ 


Special Events 69 

Carnation Wooten and Veda Teagle (below) carry on Benjamin Pitts (right) seems somwhat happy to receive 
conversations with other student leaders at the annual his award for being an active member of the Student 
Awards and Recognition Ceremony. Activity and Advisory Board. 

Student Leaders 



\ never had it so / 

/ /Ww / / /\ \ / y ////// / 



70 • Special Events 

Dr. Hytche (left) sits at the head table talking with Dean 
White. President Hytche expressed his pride in having 
such effective and intelligent student leaders here at 

Nonet Thomas and Miss UMES, Jackie Minis (below), 
were among the many student leaders honored at the 
beautiful luncheon. 

Duane (above) and his assistant stand by and make 
sure everything is just right. This is just one of the many 
functions that Marriot caters at UMES. 

Veronica Palmer (left) looks very excited to receive her 
award for being President of the Drama Society. Ve- 
ronica is a hard working student, and she has been part 
of the Drama society for three years. 

Special Events • 71 

Student Luncheon Honors the leaders of the future. 

President Hytche enjoys the food prepared by the Waters Dining Hall. 

72 Special Events 

Student Leaders Luncheon Cont. 

Rodney Savoy, president, National Association of Black Accountants, receives his certificate 
from Mr. White. 

Special Events 73 

Student Leaders Luncheon, Cont. 

Joyce Davis 

During a lighter moment, Dr. Franklin prepares 
sample the food. 

Veronica Palmer, President, UMES Drama Society. 

74 Special Events 

fhe Honors Convocation at the PAC 

Mr. John Lamkin, doing what he does best. 

Faculty members, dressed in their academic regalia, 
lead the procession into the PAC. 

Special Events 75 


Miss UMES' Coronation 

Teresa Jones (below), Miss UMES 1990- 
1991, makes her final coronation walk as 
Miss UMES. 

At the Coronation Ball, held in the SI 
the newly crowned Miss UMES is esc< 
ed by Andrew Gulley. 

Jackie can't stop smiling while Pres 
Hytche crowns her as Miss UMES. 

SGA President, Karl White, assists in the 
transferring of the cape. 

76 Special Events 

Do you think she could be any happier? 
I don't think so! 


Jackie waves to the admiring audience as 
she is finally crowned and given a dozen 
of roses. 

UMES of old and the soon to be crowned Miss UMES take a walk together at this year's coronation. 

Special Events 77 

Miss UMES 1990-1991, Teresa Jones, comes back home to crown 
the newly appointed Miss UMES, Jackie Mims. 


This year's coronation welcomed a very 
familiar face to the UMES campus. Teresa 
Jones, a graduate of UMES in 1991, came 
back home to pass her crown to Ms. Jackie 
Mims. Teresa Jones was a very active stu- 
dent leader during her stay at UMES. She 
was a Campus Pal, member of the Student 
Government, Criminal Justice Club, and also 
served as President of Delta Sigma Theta, 
Sorority Incoporated, Nu Rho City-Wide 
Chapter. Teresa graduated from UMES with 
a Bachelors Degree in Pre-Law/Sociology, 
and she is presently working and plans to 

attend UMAB Law School in the Fall of 1992. 
Ms. Jones was well received by her many 
friends and professors she left behind, and of 
course she was given a warm welcome by 
her fellow sorors of DST. 

Miss UMES, Jackie Mims, makes one of her many poses 
that she had to make during the Coronation ceremonies. 

(Above Right) 

78 • Special Events 

Miss UMES looks grand, as she and her court are hon- 
ored at the Coronation Ball that followed the ceremony. 

(Above) Jackie Mims, approaches her throne as the 
audience cheers and the ROTC cadets draw their swords. 

(Left) Teresa Jones, Miss UMES 1990-91, and Jackie 
Mims, Miss UMES 1991-1992, takea walk together as the 
audience is taken away by their beauty. 

Special Events »79 

Jackie Mims Crowned Miss UMES 1991-1992 

Isn't she lovely? Was the thought that came to the minds of the captivated audience when Ms. Mims stepped on stage wearing her elegant dress. With the 
background posters, lights, and arrangement of balloons this year's Coronation was a major success. 

80 Special Events 


Charsity Adams Lijuan Adams Arnon Agmon Steven Agpaoa Jamilah Al-Bari Christopher J. Allen 

4 \Q ,* ' # %,< 
Michael Allen Vedis Alston Daryls Anderson Sharron Andr 


Michael Arnold Percy Arrington 

Mohammed Arshad Stacie Avent 

Anita Ballard Cicely Barham Mia Barkley 

Lynette Bates 

a it 
mPkiM. l\ii rfKatV&jLi 

Rebbi Batson Richard Beckwith 

B. r 

Greg Bedford 

Anissa Bellamy LaSharn Belt Damon Bennett 

Tiffinev Blackburn Arlene Blango 


Walter Bowser 

Cheila Boyd James Brannum 

82 • Underclassmen 


Carla Browi 

Terrell Bvers 

Al-Tareek Brundidge Lisa Bryant 

Akela Briggs 

Stacia Britt Kennon Broadhurst Duan Broughton 

■ ■ f 


Delano Brown Jefferev Brown 

Therman Brown Zuheri 1 


Raheem Brvant Taisha Burgess 

Mishae Burlev 


Tom Cabral Thomas Cardwell Craig Carrington Christine D. Carroll Kenneth Carter 

Reginald Carter Tonica Carter 

Lisa Casimir Walton Cephas Terrv Chisley Jayson Clark 

Underclassmen »83 

John Clark 

Shaunda Clemens 

Kenyatta Cobb Michelle Colby Lateefah Collick 

Francis Dickerson 

[ill Di/e 

Shawnee Dogue Chawanna Dorsey Sherrill Dorsey 

84 • Underclassmen 

Madalyn Evans 

Demenya Douglas Mark Dubissette Monica Duval! 

Tamika Edwards George Enutc 


Michelle Faison Dana Felton 




Tonya Generette Tamara Gilhard 

Revnell Gilmore 

Letia Gooden Sean Goueh 

Underclassmen "85 

N'Djeye Gray William Gray 

Abdul Greene 

Tajah Gross 

Ekisha Harrid 

Marvin Harris Rodecia Harvey Pamela Hawkins LaShaunda Haynes Marcus Hellams 

Marc Henderson Joseph Henry, Jr 

Crystal Hill 

Akwokvvo Hines 


Diane Hinkle 

Hope Holden Gregory Hudgins William Hughes Jennifer Humphreys Etop Ikiddeh 

» • Underclassmen 

w''- w 

Tasha Johnson 

Genevieve Jackson Patrick Jacobs 

Chris James 

Tanisha larrett 

Heather Jearld 

Demond Jenkins Makkeda Jenkins 

Brian Johnson 

Christi Johnson 

1 1 

Coleen Johnson 

Tonya Johnson 

1 rui.i lohnson 

Alexis Jones 

Alicia Jones 

Cyrese Johnson 

Cynthia Johnson Jumoa Johnson Keysha Johnson Micha Johnson Nicole Johnson Patrick Johnson 

Damian Jones 

Dwayne Jones 

Janine Jones 

lohn lones II 

Martin Jones 

Paul Jones 

Ayadele Jordan 

Underclassmen *87 

Desiree Joseph 

Matthew Locke 




Bettie Kennedy Marcia Kile Dubrav Kinney 

Kareem Kirk Felix Klimpacher 

Arnice Loften James Lunnerman Tonya Manuel Simone Martin Thomasina McCoy 

Christine McGee Michael Mclntyre Corey Means Danielle Millberry Lucretia Miller 

Keisha Monroe Akilah Mc 

Kerry Moore Timothy A. Moore Shawnette Murphy Paula Murrain 

1 • Underclassmen 


Cotina Murray LaTrice Neal Constance Newton 


Barry Nicolau 



Laurelle Nottingham 

Victoria Nyarko 


Eric Peay Lvnette Phillip; 

Mohammed Rahat 


Nancy Raymond 

Julia Pinto 

Jerri Pope 

Terrance Powell Troy Powell Bryan Powers 

Beneda Prestbury Akiima Price 

Tawada Oliphant Robert Paden Zeldrix J. Palmer Delia Parba Monique Parks Solomon Paye 


Ingrid Portney Randolph Potter 

Todd Queen 

George Reddon Helen Rhodes Angela Ricketts 

Jose Rico IV 

Underclassmen *i 

Maath Salem Andrea Samuels Tracey Saroy Sidney Saxon Giovanni Scott 

Zsavelle Smack Crystal Smith Dana Smith 

Emmanuel D. Smith Jason Smith 

90 • Underclassmen 



Rodney Smith 

Gregory Sterling April Ste\'enson 

C* (P> 

Charles Taylor 

Derren Thompson Nicole Thomp; 

Shanada Smith Edward Snowden Sharon Spence 


Tanisha Stith 


Charles Transou, Jr. Tamra Collins Traulos Dulce Trinidad 

John Streets 

William Taylor Darlene Telfair 

Willette Thorb Chad Thornto 

Sharisse Stanton 

Tanya Terry Clarence Thompson 

Trina Tilghman 

Roberto Torres 

Roslvn Truman 

Joslyn Vance 

Underclassmen *91 


Shantell Vanterpool Sean Varner 

Tadas Vasaitis Gregory Vaughn Joshua Wagn 

Anthony Wall Monica Washington Ann Waters 

Kevin Watson Pedro Webster 

Kimberlev Wheatley Nicholas White Tracey Whittington Cheryl Williams Elaine Williams James William: 


Latina Wilson 

Carla ]. Wineo 


Marlon Williams Monik Williams Nelan Williams Steven Williams Yolanda Williams Jennifer Wilson 

Nicole Winston Katina Witherspoon Eric Wood 

92 • Underclassmen 



Candice Wright Brian Wroten Charles Yancey, Jr. Aretha Young Michelle Young Nicole Young 



Underclassmen • 93 


Latisha Bell also a native of Baltimore, MD, was voted Miss Sophomore, She is seen here being Miss Sophomore. LaTisha Bell, shows off her photogenic qualities > 
escorted by Michael Finley. she poses for Thomas Wiles. 

94 Special Events 


SSp^^M^'X'h? -""" ™"" b " °'""- 5?A "' "'""■ M, " s,n "" '""""■■ p ~ '" """ m *" ""■ * 1 " > ™ ""' 

ry has. recently been voted as Miss her younger sister. I guess their looks run in the family. 

Special Events 95 


Jack Brown is Remembered by UMES. 

We, the staff of the Hawk 1992, felt that it was only fitting to close the 
Underclassman section with a page dedicated to their classmate. 

Jack (Jay) Brown, III was born on January 2, 1972 to Jack and Carolyn Brown of 

Baltimore, MD. He departed this earthly life on Tuesday, September 10, 1991. 

Jack was described by some of his peers and Student Affairs personnel as having 

an excellent sense of humor and highly disciplined. 

As the snow fall lightly on the Student Development Many HRM majors remember walking through the 
Center, students still remember Jack's smile as they halls of Somerset and receiving an encouraging word 
passed on the way to the mail room. from Jack 

96 Underclassmen 


Charles Fleming 
(left), a native of 
Baltimore, is a 
new member of 
Alpha Phi Alpha 
Fraternity, Inc. 

There are over 
25 chartered 
clubs, societies, 
fellowships, and 
Black Greek Let- 
tered organiza- 
tions at UMES. 

Every campus 
organization is 
not featured in 
this section; how- 
ever, those here 
represent a sam- 
pling of all that 
UMES has to of- 
fer their student 

c t i o N 


Sophomore Class President Claiborne 

Tiffany Crawley, Junior Class Treasurer 
and Ron Cropper, Junior Class, Presi- 

Raeshawn Graves hypes up the Sopho 
more Class at the Homecoming Parade 

98 Organizations 

Student Government 

Dedicated Students are the backbone of UMES. 

Pam Felder, Rhonda Terry, Gwen Dixon, Lori Taylor, Lynn Calloway, Joyce 
Maxwell, Kim Prue, Tonya Brown, Karl White, KRS-One, William Showell, Pam 
Hawkins, Jakki Wyndham. 

SGA Vice-President, William Showell, Freshman Class President, Tekemia 
assists the Sophomore Class with their Dorsey samples the food at the annual 
Homecoming Banner. Student Leaders Luncheon. 

Organizations 99 

Student Government Election Speeches 

SGA Presidential candidate, Sharon Richards, delivered an inspired, ambitious speech. The St. Kittian HRM major specifically addressed the concerns of 
the International Students. 

Jewel Moore and Lorrie Armfield ran against each other for the title of Mi 

Damon Stewart was a candidate for SGA Vice-President. This HRM major decided to It's William Showell's turn to campaign for the SGA presidency, as Shar 
take the straight forward approach - and won over the audience. Richards listens intently in the background. 

Students Compete for SGA Offices 

onda Terry was the third HRM major running for an office. This candidate for Miss UMES from New Jersey, was relaxed during her speech. 

kemia Dorsey countered Damon Stewart by delivering an impassioned plea to Esther Abu is a Sophomore from Ghana. She was one of the four students running for 
! audience for change. SGA President. 

Organizations 101 

More SGA Elections 

Terri Smith's speech was challenging and inspiration- 

Six women ran for Miss UMES. Jewel Moore was one 
of those talented women. 

Many students went to the Library Auditorium to hear 
what the candidates had to say. 

102 Organizations 

More SGA Elections 

Senior Class President, Keith Sewell, relentlessly 
grilled the candidates about their qualifications. 

Monique Dennis, a Criminal Justice major, was anoth- 
er candidate for Miss UMES. 

Rhonda may not have been seen behind that podium, 
but her message was definitely heard. 

Organization 103 

Groove Phi Groove & Groove Gems 
Kneeling: Sharon Richards Standing 1-r: Ramona 
Branch, Robin Blair, Mikko Carelock, tvianda Wallace, 
and Karlene Ore. 

MIAK.A Organization 

-r: Dave, Denon Harris, Dean Parker, and Luther 

Auxiliaries & Social Fellowships stress service 

Helping Out 

At UMES, auxiliary organizations can boast of having more members than all of 
the Greek Lettered organizations combined. "Sweetheart Courts" such as the "Alpha 
Angels, Kappa Queens, Groove Gems, Que Essences, and Sigma Doves." 


T I O N 


One former auxiliary organization is the MIAKA Club. The MIAKA's, now known! 
Men Interested in Acquiring Knowledge and Achievement, have more than 10 membe 1 
The purpose of this organization is to expose students to different aspects of campus ai 
community life, to motivate members to their highest academic & social potential, . 
engage in community service projects, to intensify pride in the organization and UME 
and to support the school by maintaining an active program of student and communi 

104 Organizations 

MIAKA President Dean Parker 

Groove Phi Groove, SFI President 

Mikko Carelock 

Alpha Angel Sweetheart Court 

Nicole Price, Shellie Davis, Onika Huggins, Kim 
Miles, Renee Peters, Jackie Feenster, Yolanda Bran- 
don, Heather Toney, Danielle Millberry, Dara Key, 
Juanique Harris, Shelly Murphy, Terri Redd, and Bet- 
sy Bello. 

Organization 105 


Robin Mitchell Nixon is President of the Pysical Ther- 
apy Association, and is featured in Who's Who Among 
American Colleges & Universities. 

Not pictured for Wlio's Wlio: 
Dawnette Douglass 
Mikko Carelock 
Eric Goode 
William Hurlock 


Alexis Arita, WIw 's Who 
Jose' L. Casola, WJio's Wlio 

Shaun Ross, WJw's WIw 
Cassandra Swick, Wlio's Wlio 

Jessica Wyant, WIw 's WIw 

Brian Baker 

Pres. NSBL 

Tondaleya Black, 

Pres. Human Ecology 

Monica Carter 

Pres.. Delta Sigma Theta 

Darryl Johnson 

Pres. Criminal Justice 

Veronica Palmer 

Pres. Drama Society 

Imad Salem 

Pres. bit 'I Students Assoc. 

Keith Sewell 

Pres. Senior Class 

106 • Who's Who 

Campus Organizations 

National Association of Black Accountants 

NABA President, Rodney Savoy 

Anthony Moore, President, Student Constructor's As- 

Organizations 107 

Z Phi B 

Ladies of Finer 

The Eta Beta Chapter 
of Zeta Phi Beta is 
one of the more 
positive organizations 
at UMES. 

Founded in 1920 at How- 
ard University, Zeta Phi 
Beta Sorority, Inc. is one of 
the four Nationally recog- 
nized Black Greek Lettered 
organizations. The Eta Beta 
Chapter, here at UMES, is 
very active in community 
and on campus. Besides the 
various projects the Zetas 
have done on campus and 
in the Princess Anne, 
Salisbury area, they have 
been the step champions at 
UMES for 2 years straight 

(Above) During the Homecoming Parade, the Sigmas 
and Zetas ride together showing the true meaning of 

Senior, Melissa Wright, has been a member of Zeta 
Phi Beta since Fall 1989. Besides being Vice-President 
of her chapter, Melissa is the president of the UMES 
Chapter of the NAACP. 

108 Organizations 

(Above) Miss UMES, Jackie Mims, shows off some 
precise Zeta moves at a step show. 

Melissa, Alicia, Denise, and Shawanda pose for a 
group photo. Missing from this picture is Jackie, Ta- 
vonya, Dionne, and Tyra. 

Organizations 109 

Renee Peters, Captain of the Pom-Pom 
Squad, looks uneasy as she prepares to 
experience a lesson in trust. 

Kim looks as if her hands are pretty full, 
as the student leaders learn how to help 
one another. 


Students learn leadership 

Last April, UMES 
sponsored a student 
leadership retreat in 
the woods. The event 
was well attended by 
students and faculty 

110 Organization 

:an White looks like he's ready for lunch, but Phillip is determined to untangle the rope. 

jan White (Left) helps SAAB president, William Showell, SGA Vice-President, 
ijamin Pitts, with his hip harness. leads the way for the other student lead- 

ers on the balance beams. 

Organization 111 


Who's Taking The Picture? 

Senior, Anthony Moore, has been the committed 
photographer of this year's edition of the HAWK Yearbook. 
With all of his hard work, he should be able to enjoy himself a 
little. (Could his smile be any bigger?) 



112 Organizations 


Marlon Kimbrew drives to the paint for a 
basket against the Lions of Lincoln Uni- 
versity. Even with the losing season, the 
men's basketball team played with a lot 
of heart. 

The Women's Track Team won the MEAC 
Championships and coach Hodge was 
voted Coach of the Year in the MEAC 


UMES Sports are fantastic! 

There were peaks 
and valleys during the 
seasons of the various 
teams here at UMES, 
but all in all the teams 
always gave it 100% 
and what more can we 
ask for? 

Sports »113 


The Lady Hawks finish 17-10 overall!!! 

This vear the Lady Hawks fin- 
ished with an overall record of 1 7- 
10. Thev finished with a 12-4 
record in the ME AC Conference. 
Many times during the season the 
Lady Hawks were ranked either 
#1 or #2. The hard work exhib- 
ited by these ladies paid off, and 
is reflected by their winning rec- 

Unfortunately, the Men's team 
could not say the same about their 
season. They ended with an over- 
all record of 3-25, with a 2-15 rec- 
ord m the MEAC Conference. 
Even though their record may not 
show it, the Men's Basketball 
Team played with a lot of heart 
and courage. They had a number 
of games that were lost by a last 
second shot . With the new re- 
cruits and the old ones, next year 
should be a much better season 
for Coach Wilkerson and the 
Men's Basketball team. 

It seems on the UMES campus 
that the Lady Hawks are often 
overlooked and lack the support 
of the UMES student body. We at 
the HAWK 1992 feel that this is 
outrageous and we felt that it was 
necessary to display their 12-4 
winning MEAC record (right). 
Coach Willie Simon and all the 
Lady Hawks we take this time 
out to say that we are proud of 


1992 ROSTER 

Susan Buckson 

Sondra Cockfield 

Peggy Edwards 

Angela Fowler 

Ellen Gilyard 

Monic Holbeck 

Nathlon Jackson 

Sheila McKaig 

Shelby Preston 

Emmilena Watson 

Tracey Wyche 







Coppin St. 



S. Carolina 



N.C. A&T 



Morgan St. 



S. Carolina 



N.C. A&T 



Howard U. 



Delaware St. 






Howard U. 



Coppin St. 



Delaware St. 



Morgan St. 



Delaware St. 







(Left to Right) 

Back row - Cedric Jenkins, Gregory Hudgins, Marlon Kimbrevv, Mike Harris, Vinnie Huger, Lauchland Richards, Lonnel 

Grodon. Roderic Caine, Diandre Phoenix, Simon Edwards, Melvin Pringle, Raymond Moreland. 

114 • Sports 

v. ^Vj 

- . 


\ ■ ERN , 


(left) The 1992 Lady Hawk's Basketball 
team shows that they look as good as they 

(below) Vincent Huger shows off his ball 
handling skills to an anxious and fired 
up UMES audience. 

.» , 

(above) Marlon Kimbrew slams dunks a 
basket on a fast break opporntunity. 



Coach Wilkerson (left) shouts out insrruc- The starting line-up for the Ladv Hawks 
tions to his players from the sideline. proved to be a winning combination, (left 

to right) Shelbv Preston, Susan Buckson, 
Tracey Wyche, Sondra Cockfield, Em- 
milena Watson, and Ellen Gilvard. 

Sports • 115 

(Below)Teammates wish each other good luch as they (Right) Carl Hicks tries to catch his breath after an 
get ready to start a cross country meet. outdoor meet. 

(Above) Daunette Douglass and Lakesha Jones are 
pacing themselves and trying to stay ahead of the other 

A feeling of relief comes over this runner as he crosses 
the finish line at UMES' annual Spring Relay. 

11 6* Sports 

(Left) At the UMES Spring Relays, you have to come off 
the blocks fast and strong!! 

(Below) It take precision and much practice to correctly 
hand off a baton. It seems that these ladies have it down 
to a science. 


, •% I 


QMES' Ladies Track Team wins MEAC Championship!!! 

imong the many observers at the 1992 Spring Relays, was President Hvtche, and manv other faculty members, 
'resident Hytche isn't just and avid UMES basketball fan; but he is also a track & field lover. 

The long hours of practice, and strenuous 
work-out program enforced by Coach Hodge 
payed off. At the MEAC Track Champion- 
ships, held at Florida A&M this year, the 
Lady Hawk Track Team came in first place. 
The men came in third place and missed 
second by one point, and first by three. 

At the MEAC Championships Coach 
Neville Hodge was voted the MEAC Coach 
of the Year. This was a fitting award to a 
dedicated coach like Coach Hodge. Not only 
does Mr. Hodge coach at UMES, but he has 
also participated in the Summer Olympics, 
and this vear he will coach the Virgin Island's 
Olympic track team. 

Both Coach Hodge and the Lady Hawk 
Track Team deserve the awards they re- 
ceived. Their hard and diligent work proved 
to be helpful when they were running that 

Sports •XY7 

(Right) The UMES Cheerleading Squad 
show off some new moves and their new 

Senior, Patrice Briggs, shows off her abil- 
ity to pump up the Tawes Gymnasium 


(Far right) Renee, captian of the Pom Pom 
Squad, leads her squad back to the hall- 
way after a very fine performance. 

118 • Sports 



With the added attention 
placed on the Basketball Season, a 
ot of times the other UMES sports 
ire overlooked. The Hawk 1992, 
vould like to take this time to 
:ongratulate all of the Athletic 
earns here at UMES. 

With a record of 11-13, the 
Women's Voleyball team showed 
nuch promise for future seasons, 
ncreasing their win and losinng 
percentage by .14% was a great 
mprovement by UMES' Baseball 
Jeam. Theyendedupwithal3-33 
jeason record. The Women's 
'ennis team ended the season 

with a 8-3 record, while the Men 
had a losing 3-8 season. In its first 
year as an official NCAA Sport at 
UMES, the softball team didn't do 
to bad. With an overall record of 
8-16, I'm surewith experience and 
time they will become a force to 
be reckoned with in the MEAC 

Way to go UMES teams we are 
proud of each and every one of 



Women's Coach: Willie Simon; Erica Carter, Karen Ellis, Judith Garriques, 
Gloria Hoyah, Lorna Malone, Judith Nelson, and Michelle Nixon. Men's Coach: 
Willie Simon; Tom Cabral, Timothy Francis, Christopher Greenwood, Brandon 
Holiday, D' Andre Laster, Robert Lessard, Pedro Webster. 


Coach: Dennis Liard; Karry Brown, Tom Cabral, Chad Hancock, Ernie Harvey, 
David Hurlock, William Hurlock, D'Andre Laster, Jonathan Lindsay, Makundu 
Mabuza, Joseph Martin, Mark Moodie, Harry Quartev, Robert Sidrak, William 
Strain, Charles Tavlor, and Pedro Webster. 

(k\ #* « tt 

«- v * 4> 



Coach: Kaye Pinhey; Jody Brittingham, Steve Daniels, Ricky Farley, John Fritts, 
Keith Johnson, Raynard Johnson, Gerald Jones, Jerry Pietroski, Thomas 
Richardson, Chris Riddleberger, Joseph Scott, B.J. Strain, Matt Wallace, Billy 
Williams, W. Mario Williams, Jr. 

Sports • 119 



If not, don't feel bad because we at the HAWK 1992 don't remember i 
either. We were running short on fillers so we thought we would use thi: 
shot to close the Sports Section. (Smile!) 

Seriously, Marlon Kimbrew makes a free throw shot in a heated battU 
against arch rival Delaware State. The men played a very tough gam< 
but the final result was 65-90 Hornets. 

120 • Sports 



Adriane Allen 

Major: Biology /Pre-Med 

Future Plans: Attend Medical School 

Corey M. Atkinson 

3512 0rmeDr. 

Temple Hills. MD 20748 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Financial Consultant for Myrtle Lynch 

Darlene Armstrong 

601 Concerto Ln. 

Silver Springs, MD 20901 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To become an Educator 

Darryl Armstrong 

601 Concerto Ln. 

Silver Springs, Md 20901 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Own a business 

Brian L. Baker 
35 Napa Valley Rd. 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 
Major: Accounting 
Future Plans: MBA 

Terence Lanier Barge 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: To become an executive Chef 

Edward Batton 

9916 Golf Course Rd. #77 

Ocean City, MD 21842 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: To work with a major corporation 

Tondaleya Black 
Route 2, Box 376 A 
Laurel, Delaware 

Major: Fashion Merchandise/Textiles 

Future Plans: To become a fashio buyer, specializing in coordinat- 
ing apparel and consulting. 

Robin T. Blair 

9312 Lancelot Rd. 

Fort Washington, MD 20744 

Major: Animal Science 

Future Plans: Wildlife Researcher 

Karen Beth Brafmann 
7925 Long Meadow Road 
Baltimore, MD 21208 
Major: Physical Therapy 
Future Plans: Go Crazy! 

Nicole K. Brin 

33 Frydenhoj 

St. Thomas, VI 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

Jocelyn Bratton 

Major: Physical Therapy 

Future Plans: To become a Physical Therapist 

Johnathan Brown 

8409 14th Ave. 

Langley Park, MD 20783 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Obtain a Ph.D. in Higher Education Adminstration 

Shelly Brown 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: To obtain a Ph.D. in Sociology & a J.D. Law Degree 

Melvinna Brinkley 

3901 SuitlandRd. #1106 

Suitland, MD 20746 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Clinical Sociologist 

Sonya Brown 

1511 Duchess Dr. 

Salisbury, MD 21801 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Obtain a Masters in Speech Pathology 

Beverly Bryant 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Attend Law School 

James Buchanan 

802 English Ct. # 3B 

Baltimore, MD 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To own a Private Invesitgation Inc. 

Tangela Bullock 

Major: English 

Future Plans: To become a well known author 

Nicole Burt 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Sports Journalist 

Orlando Calderon 

Major: Environmental Science 

Future Plans: Gradute School 

Mikko Carelock 

4916 Daybreak Dr. #F 

Charlotte, NC 28269 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Ph.D. in African-American Studies 

Wanda Carswell 

5929 E. Capitol St., SE #508 

Washington, DC 20019 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: To become a Criminal Lawyer 

Erica Carter 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: Hotel Resident Manager 

Leah Carter 

146-19 223rd 

Rosedale,NY 11413 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Cassandra Clark 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Tavonya Chester 
Major: Sociology 
Future Plans: Graduate School 

Future Plans: Start Studying! 

Melissa D. Davis 

135-45 225 St. 

Laurelton, NY 11413 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

William H. Davis 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: A career in Marketing 

Daniel Kebede Demissie 

Major: Computer Science 

Future Plans: Work for a private of government organization 

Wavne Douet 

Major: Animal Science 

Future Plans: N/A 

Kandace Farmer 

Major: Biology 

Future Plans: Medical School 

Alva Chesterfield 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To be a Criminal Lawyer 

Karmilla Chisley 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Future Plans: Law School 

Christopher Coe 

Major: Biology /Pre-Med 

Future Plans: Medical School 

Richard Coe 
Major: HRM 
Future Plans: To own a Hotel chain in Jamaica 

B.J. Collins 
504 Pacific Ave. 
Salisbury, MD 21801 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Future Plans: N/A 

Dionne Conner 

Stabiland #5 

St. Thomas, VI 00802 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: Become a Criminal Lawyer 

Quarma Cook 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: To obtain a Masters in Sociology 

Sandra Cooper 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To obtain a MBA in Marketing 

Angela Cromartie 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Managerial Consultant 

David Keith Crossan 
1012 Moss Haven Ct. 
Annapolis, MD 21403 
Major: Physical Therapy 

Pamela Felder 


Future Plans: To become a Lawyer and an Educator 

Donna Fleming 

7003 Giddings Dr. 

Seat Pleasant, MD 20743 

Major: English 

Future Plans: A career in Public Affairs 

Arcadio Flores 

Major: Agriculture Education 

Future Plans: N/A 

Carlos Nevia Fields 
PO Box 1083 
Allen, MD 21810 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Future Plans: Law School 

Mark V. Fiorino 

3538 Hern wood Rd. 

Woodstock, MD 21163 

Major: Physical Therapv 

Future Plans: To become the best in my field 

Sharon Fisher 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Law School 

Neal Fisher 

Major: Biology/Pre-Med 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Patrice Ford 
231 1 Wheatley Dr. #203 
Baltimore, MD 21207 
Major: Criminal Justice 
Future Plans: Law School 

Ronv Fortin 

Major: Agriculture 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Taleria Fuller 

5010 LaSalle Ave. 

Baltimore, MD 21206 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Gradute School 

Keith Gardner 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Become a Pastor and Franchise Consultant 

Judith Garriques 
Major: Sociology 
Future Plans: Become a Lawyer on Wall Street 

Travis L. Gillespie 

6805 Pepper St. 

Capitol Heights, MD 20743 

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Eric J. Goode 

Major: Physical Therapy 

Future Plans: Physical Therapist 

Ricarda V. Goins 

5533 Addison St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Major: Pre-Veterinary Medicine 

Future Plans: To become a researcher in Animal Science 

Dwight C. Greene 
310-A5 Purnell St. 
Snow Hill, MD 21863 
Major: Business Education 
Future Plans: Law School 

Charles Griffin, Jr. 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Social Work 

Miriam Gyimah 
Major: English 

Future Plans: To obtain MA & Ph.D. degree and own a Communi- 
cation firm 

Juanique Harris 
Major: Biology 
Future Plans: Graduate School or Medical School 

Tracy Harris 

756 Hemlock St. 

Salisbury, MD 21801 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

Carmen A. Haizlip 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To be a successful Business Financial Advisor 

Valencia Hawkins 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: Graduate School for Masters in Physical Therapy 

Brian T. Hayes 

8912 Canberra Dr. 

Clinton, MD 20735 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Dawn Hedin 
Major: HRM 
Future Plans: Management Position in the Hospitality Industry 

Ruth Henson 

9402 Small Dr. 

Clinton, MD 20735 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Become a CPA 

Rosalind B. Hill 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Become very successful 

Brian W. Howard 

Major: Construction Management Technology 

Future Plans: Work and Graduate School 

Gloria Hoyah 

Major: Biology/Pre-Med 

Future Plans: Medical School 

Crystal R. Hammond 

1525 28th St. SE #102 

Washington, DC 20020 

Major: Fashion Merchandising 

Future Plans: To become a Fashion Designer for Liz Claiborne 

David Hurlock 

121-15 111 Ave. S. Ozone Pk. 

Jamaica, NY 11402 

Major: Telecommunications 

Future Plans: Teach in Telecommunications 

Victoria Hankerson 

Major: Constructionm Management Technology 

Future Plans: Legal Consultant on Construction 

Angela Hankerson 

Rte. 1 Box 12 

Eden,MD 21822 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Own a Retail Business 

Karla Hargrove 
5228 Kelway Road 
Baltimore, MD 
Major: History 
Future Plans: N/A 

William F. Hurlock 

Major: Animal Science 

Future Plans: Veterinary School 

Pamela Jackson 

1003 Mace's Lane 

Cambridge, MD 21613 

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Future Plans: Obtain Masters in Engineering 

Lisa James 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To obtain a MBA in Marketing 

Darryl V. Johnson 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: Entertainment Lawyer 

Monique Johnson 

Major: Special Education 

Future Plans: To obtain Masters in Special Education 

Nurjhan A. Johnson 

116-37 201 St. 

St. Albans, NY 11412 

Major: English/Communication Arts 

Future Plans: Career in Television Production 

Terrell Johnson 

101 Leslie St. PO Box 510 

Fruitland, MD 21826 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: N/A 

Tracei Johnson 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To become a Lawyer 

Travue Jackson 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To become a Lawyer 

Justin Jones 

433 Waverly Ave. 

Brooklyn, NY 

Major: History 

Future Plans: To educate our young Black youth 

LaShawn Jones 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To become a very successful business woman 

Marvin Jones 

Major: Special Education 

Future Plans: Law Schoo 

Tammy Lynette Jones 

1505 King William Dr. 

Baltimore, MD 

Major: Sociology/Education 

Future Plans: To obtain a Ph.D. and become a successful educator 

Dawn Keith 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

Sheila Kennedy 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To go to Film School 

Wayne Lassiter 
Major: HRM 
Future Plans: N/A 

Wilson Lawrence 

4400 72nd Ave. 

Landover Hills, MD 

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology 

Future Plans: Getting a Job 

Robert Lessard 

834 Schumaker #201 

Salisbury, MD 21801 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: Food & Beverage Director 

Gary Lee-Lewis 

1628 Ramblewood Rd. 

Baltimore, MD 21239 

Major: Biology/Pre-Dentistry 

Future Plans: Obtain DMD or DDS 

LaTonya Lipford 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To receive Masters in Criminology and then work 

with juvenille delinquents. 

Aleah Lockman 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

Helen Lockwood 

527 Flower St. 

Berlin, MD 21811 

Major: Social Sciences 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Bryan Logan 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: Attend Graduate School for Political Science 

Tori Lyles 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Corporate Executive for Fortune 500 Company 

Melvinna Lucas 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: Obtain a JD/Ph.D from a prominent Law School 

Lorna Malone 

Major: Accounting 

Future Plans: To become a CPA 

Gladys Mayora 

Major: Agriculture 

Future Plans: Go back to Honduras 

Carmellio McCullough 

9741 Wyman Way 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 

Major: Computer Science 

Future Plans: To own Consultant firm for Computer Systems 

Leroy McKenzie, Jr. 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: To become successful in all that I do 

Gail Miles 

Major: English/Journalism 

Future Plans: To be the best damned Journalist that ever lived! 

Tonya Moodv 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: Restaurant Owner 

Anthony Moore 

Major: Construction Management Technology 

Future Plans: Own a Construction Company 

Brigitte Nelson 

2960 Byrdtown Rd. 

Crisfield, MD 

Major: Music/Math Education 

Future Plans: Pursue Graduate Degree 

Poniesa Palmer 

Major: Business Adminstration 

Future Plans: Own a Business 

Supanee Panasethaned 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Accounting 

Supapun Panesthaned 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: Have own personal Business 

Sharri Plaza 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Masters in Guidance Counseling 

Shelbv Preston 

1303 Cardinal Lane 

Martinsville, V A 24112 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: Graduate or Law School 

Andrew Prince 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To earn Ph.D. and teach in High School 

Brenda Reid 

Major: Fashion Merchandising 

Future Plans: To receive a MBA 

Darlene Robinson 
Major: Physical Therapy 
Future Plans: Physical Therapist 

Shaun A. Ross 

Major: Biology /Pre-Med 

Future Plans: To attend Howard Univ. College of Medicine 

Keith Sewell 

7000 97th Ave. 

Seabrook, MD 20706 

Major: Computer Science 

Future Plans: Computerized Keyboard Musician 

Mabel Stanley 

Major: Biology /Pre-Dentistry 

Future Plans: To practice Orthodontics 

Kerri Stewart 

2515 Fort Drive 

Suitland, MD 20746 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To own a Business 

Kurtis Still 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Rochelle Smallwood 

2411 Senator Avenue 

District Heights, MD 20747 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: To become a Rehabilitation Counselor 

Artules Smith 

5617 Hamilton Manor Dr. #6 

Hyattsville, MD 20782 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To become a Criminal Lawyer 

Tara Smith 

Major: Computer Science /Business 

Future Plans: To become a Computer Programmer 

Candas Smith 

590 Ocean Pines 

Berlin, MD 

Major: Sociology 

Future Plans: To attend Graduate School at UMAB 

Charmaine Smith 

Estate Nadir 33-26 

St. Thomas, VI 00802 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To become a Criminal Lawyer 

Cherrill Spease 

Major: Accounting 

Future Plans: To become a CPA 

Christopher Swarm 

Major: Electronics Engineering 

Future Plans: To help those who need help 

Lori N. Taylor 
Major: English 
Future Plans: To rehabilitate children 

Veda V. Teagle 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To become a Business Executive 

Nonet Thomas 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: To attend Graduate School 

Erika Thompson 

Major: Fashion Merchandising 

Future Plans: To be a head buyer of an exclusive Retail Store 

Leslie Thompson 

101 9th St. 

Laurel, Delaware 19956 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Attend Galludet University 

Marshall Toney 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: Graduate School 

Shirlene Travers 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Own a Business 

Myra Turner 

Major: Accounting 

Future Plans: To become a CPA 

Major: English 

Future Plans: Secondary Education 

Alicia Wallace 

Major: Crimianl Justice 

Future Plans: To counsel Juvenilles 

Jacqueline Wyndham 

Rte. 2 Box 31 West Rd. 

Salisbury, MD 21801 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: To own a business 

Levon Washington 

7036 Nashville Rd. 

Lanham, MD 20706 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

Nadine Washington 

Major: Accounting 

Future Plans: To become a CPA 

Monica Watkins 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: N/A 

LaTonya P. Wheat 
Major: Physical Therapy 
Future Plans: N/A 

Michael Williams 
Major: Biology/Pre-Med 
Future Plans: Thorasic Surgery 

Tonya Williams 

Major: Accounting 

Future Plans: To become a CPA 

Wanda Williams 

112 Alexander Dr. 

Ft. Washington, MD 

Major: Criminal Justice 

Future Plans: To become a successful Criminal Investigator 

Amanda Winkler 
Major: HRM 
Future Plans: N/A 

Terri E. Wood 

Major: Business Administration 

Future Plans: Own a Business 

Melissa Wright 

Major: Rehabilitation Services 

Future Plans: To attend Graduate School 

Tracey Wvche 

7462 Carrol Ave. 

Takoma Park, MD 20912 

Major: HRM 

Future Plans: To obtain Masters in Education