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Library of 
The University of North Carolina 




of the Class of 1889 







Form No. A-368, Rev. 8/95 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2009 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hi! 

®b lellfirmn 

pibltslKU bv t\)t i?ratcrnitif0 

of tbr 

(Unittrieiit^ of iSortl) Carolina. 



^Wf^n gttndjicd. 

Ho our bcloveD anO bonorcO ipresiDcnt, 

]£^\vin Hn^erson Bl^erman, 

we icBpectfuUvi DeDicate 

tbis booh. 


Dr. E. A. Aldermon. 

€DWIN ANDERSON AI^DERMAN was born in Wilmington, North 
Carolina, May 15th, 1861. He was prepared for College at the Bethel 
Academy, near Warrenton, Virginia, and in 1878 entered the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. His college course foreshadowed a successful 
life-work. He was a leader in every phase of University life, and in grad- 
uation, besides receiving special honors in English Literature and Eatin, 
won the Willie P. Mangum Medal for Oratory. 

On leaving college he immediately entered on his chosen work of edu- 
cation, being elected principal of the Goldsboro High School. In 1885, he 
assumed the superintendency of the Goldsboro Graded School which, by 
skillful organization he made prominent among North Carolina's public 
schools. From 1885 to 1887 he held the prominent position of president of 
the North Carolina Teachers' Assembly. In 1889, as State Institute Con- 
ductor, he began a three-years' canvass of the State that resulted in untold 
good to the cause of education. 

From 1892-93, he held the chair of History and Literature at the State 
Normal and Industrial School, which he had done so much to establish, 
but he resigned this to take the chair of Pedagogy at the University of 
North Carolina. While occupying this position the task of organizing the 
University Summer School was imposed upon him. So successful was he in 
this undertaking that the school is now one of the best of its kind in the 
whole country and has made for itself a distinctive place among the State's 
educational institutions. 

In 1896, the president's chair being vacated by Dr. Winston, the trus- 
tees unanimously elected him to fill the place. The choice gave great satis- 
faction to all sections, parties and professions throughout the State. Soon 
after his election the honorary degree of Doctor of Common Eaw was con- 
ferred on him by the University of the South. 

Dr. Alderman has been at the head of the University now for four 
years. During this time the same vigor in administration and skill in 
organization that have characterized his previous work have been evident. 

Among the great educators of the country, Dr. Alderman is not without 
honor. He is an honorar}- member of the Maryland Historical Society, and 
a member of the National Education Association ; author of the " Life of 
William Hooper," and "A Brief History of North Carolina." In June, 
1899, the Tulane University of Louisiana, conferred upon him the degree 
of LL. D. ; and in April, 1900, called him to the presidency, made vacant 
by the death of Colonel William Preston Johnston. As president of the 
University of North Carolina, Dr. Alderman has taken rank with the very 
best college presidents of America. Under his management there has been 
a steady increase in the number of students, the income of the University, 
and the number of volumes in the library. Many of the stately old dormi- 
tories of earlier days have been remodeled and beautified without destroying 
their historic effect ; the Alumni and Law Buildings have been completed, 
and the Library Building renovated and refurnished. The greatest tribute 
to his worth as an executive is his creation of a wonderful unity of purpose 
and action among the Faculty ; a high college spirit among the students, 
and an unflinching faith in his ability to lead to greater things on the part 
of the Faculty, students and trustees. 

Should he leave us to go to the larger institution, his departure from 
his Alma Mater will be a great calamity to the cause of education. Students, 
Faculty and trustees have made every effort to retain his services, and the 
press of the State is outspoken against his giving up. 

For the past eighteen years his eloquent voice has plead for education 
in nearly every county in North Carolina ; and at many of the national 
gatherings of educators he has been a prominent figure. An editor of one 
of the Western educational journals, who heard his speech before the 
National Superintendents' Association in Chicago last February, calls him 
" the foremost educational orator of the nation." 


i^i) 40i' 

EFORE the reader has finished looking over this elev- 
enth volume, he will find that it differs very mater- 
ially from The Hellenian that has heretofore made 
its yearly appearance. For the past ten years the Greek 
Letter Fraternities have been making an effort to pub- 
lish a college annual that would represent fully every 
phase of our university life. On account of the lack 
of both financial and moral support of the larger part 
of the students, it has been necessary to change our 
policy and narrow the range of our attempt. We 
here present to you a book which is intended to 
represent only the fraternities and such other matter 
that we saw fit. The name remains the same, but 
now stands rather for a fraternity hand-book of the 
University of North Carolina, than for the college 
annual which has been previously attempted. 



1 599. 

September 1 1 -1 6, .... Monday to Saturday. — Examinations for the 

Removal of Conditions. 
September 13, 14, 15, . . Wednesday, Thursdaj-, Friday. — Examinations 

for Admission into the College. 
September 14, 15, 16, . . Thursday, Friday, Saturday. — Registration. 

September 16, Saturday. — Assignment of Rooms. 

September 18, Monday. — Lectures begin. 

October 12, Thursday. — University Day. 

October 12, Thursday. — President's Reception. 

November 30, Thursday. — Thanksgiving Day. 

Christmas. Recess from December 23, 1899, to January 2, 1900, inclusive. 


January 3, 4, 5, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. — Registration. 

January 3, Wednesday. — Assignment of Rooms. 

January 4 Thursday. — Lectures begin. 

February 22, Thursday. — Washington's Birthday. 

June 3, Sunday. — Baccalaureate Sermon. 

June 5, Tuesday. — Meeting of the Board of Trustees. 

June 5, Tuesday. — Anniversary of the Alumni. 

June 5, Tuesday. — Orations by Representatives from the 

Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary Societies. 

June 5, Tuesday. — Senior Class Day. 

June 6. Wednesday. — Commencement. 

Summer A^acation, from Commencement to the Second Thursday 
in September. 


Daniel Lindsay Russell, Governor, 
President ex officio of the Board of Trustees. 

Richard Henry Battle, 
Secretar}' and Treasurer. 

/WemDers of the Board. 

1 90 1 .^ 

Alexander Boyd Andrews, 
Jacob Battle, 

Richard Henry Battle, TL,. D., 
Joseph Pearson Caldwell, 
Julian Shakespeare Carr, 
William Henry Day, 
Warren Grice Elliott, 
Henry Elias Faison, 
Augustus Washington Graham, 
Alfred Williams Haywood, 

Edmund Jones, 

Thomas Aexlander McNeill, 

Thomas Williams Mason, 

Paul Barringer Means, 

Eee S. Overman, 

James Parker, 

Thomas Buckner Pierce, 

Louis Julien Picot, M. D., 

John Andrew Ramsey, 

James Sprunt. 

Abner Alexander, M. D., 
Christopher Thomas Bailey, 
Edmond Spencer Blackburn, 
James Edmunds Boyd, 
Wm. Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn, 
Charles Alston Cook, 
John Washington Graham, 
John Thomas Hogan, 
John T. B. Hoover, 
Thomas Jefferson Jerome, 


James Barlow Lloyd, 
Thomas Franklin Lloyd, 
James Montraville Moody 
Robert Bruce Peebles, 
James Bion_ Schulken, 
Harry Skinner, 
Zebulon Baird Walser, 
Elihu Anthony White, 
Stephen Otho Wilson, 
Francis Donnell Winston, 

*The legal term of ottice expires November auth of tlie year indicated. 

Gp:orgk Edwin Butler, 

William Hobbs Chadbourn, 

Ben Franklin Dixon, M. D., 

Claudius Dockery, 

RuFus Alexander Doughton, 

Hiram L. Grant, 

Stephen Porter Graves, 

Robert Terelius Gray, 

F. W. Hancock, 

Thomas Bernard Keogh, 

Kemp Plummer Battle, LIv. D. 
Fabius Haywood Busbee, 
Bennehan Cameron, 
Charles N. Cooke, 
John William Fries, 
Robert McKnight Furman, 
William Anderson Guthrie, 
Edward Joseph Hale. 
Thomas Stephen Kenan, 
Richard Henry Lewis, M. D., 


Virgil Stuart Lusk, 
William Thomas McCarthy, 
Edward Hughes Meadows, 
Benjamin Sidney Mitchell, 
Nathan Alexander Ramsey, 
Wallace W. Rollins, 
Alfred Moore Scales, 
Frank Shepherd Spruill. 
David Alexander White. 


James Alexander Lockhart, 
James Smith Manning, 
James Dixon Murphy, 
Jesse Lindsay Patterson, 
Frederick Philips, 
James August Roebling, 
Charles Manly Stedman, 
-''Henry Clay Wall, 
Henry Weil, 
William Thornton Whitsett, 

Standing Coinmitrces of the Trustees. 

Executive CoiLin^ittee. 

Governor Daniel Lindsay Russell, Chairman. 

Alexander B. Andrews, Thomas S. Kenan, 

Richard H. Battle, Richard H. Lewis, 

Fabius H. Busbee, Frederick Philips, 

Julian S. Carr, Virgil S. Lusk, 

John W. Graham, Zebulon B. Walser. 

Committee of Visitation. 

William H. Day, Chairman. 
William A. Guthrie, Charles McNamee. 



» c 

3 » 

rciculfv cincl Officei\s. 

Edwin Anderson Alderman, D. C. L., LL. D., President, Professor of 

Political and Social Science. 

Ke:mp Plumimer Battle, LL. D., Ahnnni Professor of History fin charge 
of Political Economy). 

Francis Preston Venable, Ph. D. (Gottingen), Professor of Chemistry. 

Joseph Austin Holmes, B. Agr., B. S. (Cornell), State Geologist and 
Lecturer on the Geology of North Carolina. 

Joshua Walker Gore, C. E., Professor of Physics. 

James Cameron MacRae, EL. D., Professor of Law. 

Thomas Hume, D. D., LL. D., Professorof English Language and Literature. 

Walter Dallaini Toy, M. A., Professor of Modern Languages. 

Eben Alexander Ph. D., LL. D., Professorof the Greek Language and 


William Cain, C. E., Professor of Mathematics. 

Richard Henry Whitehead, A. B., M. D. , Professorof Anatomy and 

Henry Horace Williams, A. M., B. D. Professor of Philosophy. 

Henry Van Peters Wilson, Ph. D., Professorof Biology. 

Collier Cobb, A. B , A. M. (Harvard), Professor of Geology and 

Charles Staples Mangum, A. B., M. D., Assistant Professorof Medicine. 

Edward Vernon Howell, A. B., Ph. G., Professor of Pharmacy. 

Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble. Professor of Pedagogy. 

Charles Baskerville, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 

Henry Farrar Linscott, A. M., Ph. D. (Bowdoin), Professor of the 
Latin Language and Literature. 

17 1'2 

James Crawford Biggs, Ph. B., Assistant Professor of Law. 

* Samuel May, A. B., Instructor in Modern Languages. 

William Cunningham Smith, Ph. B., Instructor in English. 

Edward Kidder Graham, Ph. B., Instructor in English. 

Archibald Henderson, A. B., A. M., Instructor in Mathematics. 

Joseph Hyde Pratt, Ph. D. (Yale), Lecturer in Mineralogy. 

James W. Calder, Director in Gymnasium. 

Thomas Clarke, Instructor in Chemistry. 

Francis Moore Osborne, A. B., Assistant in Mathematics. 

Eugene Lewis Harris, Ph. B., Registrar. 

Willie Thomas Patterson, Bursar. 

George McFarland McKie, Instructor in Expression ; Librarian. 

James Edward Mills, A. B., Assistant in Chemistry 

Thomas James Wilson, Jr., Ph. D., Instructor in Greek and Latin. 

Palmer Cobb, Assistant in Modern Languages, of 'oi. 

George Nelson Coffey, Assistant in Geology, Class of 'oo. 

James Edward Latta, Ph. B., Assistant in Physics. 

William DeBerniere McNider, Assistant in Biology, Class of 'or. 

Clarence Albert Shore, Assistant in Biology, Class 'oi. 

Preachers to the University. 
Rev. J. W. Stagg, D. D. 
Rev. Swope, D. D. 

Rev. N. M. Watson. 

Rev. J. William Jones, D. D. 




EMioR Class. 

W F. Br VAX, . 

G. N. COFFEV, . 

C. F. HOELL, . 

S. J. Adams, 
Charles G. Rose, 

D. P. Parker, . 
A. J. Barwick, 
J. W. Greening, 

C. E. Thompson, 


Black and Old Gold. 


A node ad liicem. 


Zip, Ro, Ya, Ha ! 
Zip, Ro, Ya ! 


. President 

. First Vice-President 

Second Vice-President 

Secretary and Treasurer 

. Historian 







Senior Class SkiNsfics. 

Adams, Stonewall Jackson, Ruleigb, Xortli Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; Shaltespeare Club ; Secretary Senior Class ; Class Football Team (1, 
2, 3) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2) ; Captain Class Football Team (4). 

Allison, Thomas Tillett, Charlottu, North Carolina, 

Dialectic Society ; Representative Speaker (8) ; Y. M. C. A ; Varsity Baseball Team 
(3, 4 . 

Anderson, Halcott, i'. /. A'.,//. -1' Pensaeola, Florida. 

Gimghoul ; Y. M. C. A. (1) ; Class Propbet (1) ; Glee Club (1) ; President Class (2) ; 
Secretary Y. M. C. A. (2); Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (3); German Club; 
Shakespeare Club. 

AsBURY, Joseph Jennings, (JK J. (-)., . . . Charlotte, N'orth Carolina. 

Y. M. C. A. 

Bar WICK, Allen Johnson, Grifton, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society; Shakespeare Club; Historical Society; Y. M. C. A. ; Orator 
(3) ; Assistant Business Manager Tar Heel (3) ; Representative Speaker (3) ; Stat- 
istician (4) ; Editor Magazhie (4) ; Forum Committee (4) ; Business Manager Tar 
Heel (4) ; Annual Debater (4). 

Bennett, Frank, Jr., Z. 'I'., .... Wadesboro, Nortli Carolina 

Dialectic Society; Varsity Football Team (1, 2, 3, 4); All-Southern Football Team, 
'98-99; Scrub Baseball Team (3, 4) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2) ; Manager Uni- 
versity Record; Vice-President Class (2). 

Berkeley, Alfred Rives, ^. I. /:., Atlanta, Georgia. 

Gimghoul; Dialectic Society; Dramatic Club (1,2); Class Football Team (1,2); 
Scrub Football Team (3, 4) ; Treasurer German Club (3) ; Secretary Inter-Society 
Debate (2) ; Pvepresentative Speaker, Commencement, '99 ; Business Manager Uni- 
versity Magazine (4) ; Treasurer Shakespeare Club (4) ; Assistant Manager Varsity 
Football Team, '98; Annual Inter-Society Debater (4) ; Vice-President Dialectic 
Society (3) ; President Dialectic Society (4). 

Bernard, William Stanley, (I). J. H., . Greenville, North Carolina. 

Gimghoul; Washington Birthday Orator, '9!» ; Editor-in-Chief North Carolina Univer- 
sity Magazine, '99-00 ; Editor Hkllenian, 1900 ; Philanthropic Society. 

Branch, Lester Van Noy, ./. H. 0., .... Brooklyn, New York. 

Honors (1) ; Mandolin Club (1). 

Bryan, William Frank, Z. W Goldsboro, North ('arolina. 

Gimghoul; Philanthropic Society ; President Class (1) ; Highest Commencement Hon- 
ors (1) ; Manager Class Baseball Team (2) ; Editor and Chief Business Manager 
Hellenian (3) ; Editor Tar Heel and Magazine (3) ; Business Manager Dramatic 
Club (3); PresidentClass(4) ; President Alpha Theta Phi (4) ; Vice-President Uni- 
versity Forum (4) ; Editor-in-Chief Ta7- Heel (4) ; President WayneClub (4) ; Mem- 
ber Public Lecture Committee (4) ; Chief Cheerer Athletic Association (4) ; Shake- 
speare Club ; German Club. 

Byerly, Thomas Jefferson, . . . Yadkin College, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Class Football Team (4). 

Ciiadbourne, George, .7. 7'. IJ., . . . Wilmington, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society; (German Club; Sub-Marshal, Commencement, '99; Sub-Ball 
Manager, Commencement, 1900 ; Y. M. C. A. 

Cheatham, Thaddeus Ainsley, /. T. <J., . Henderson, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society; Class Statistician (2) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2) ; Sub-Mar- 
shal, Commencement, '99 ; Y. M. C. A. 

Coffey, George Nelson, Paterson, New Jersey, 

Dialectic Society; Secretary Class (3) ; Inter-Society Debater (3) ; Y. M. C. A. ; Kep- 
resentalive Speaker (3) ; Assistant Geological Laboratory (4); Orator Washing- 
ton's Birthday (4) ; Class Football Team (4) ; Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (4). 

Cowles, Henry Clay, Jr., 1'. .1. A'., /7. 1'., .... Statesville, N. C. 

The Gorgon's Head; Mandolin Club (1) ; Secretary German Club (2, 3) ; Class Poet 
(2) ; Leader of October German (3) ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2) ; University of 
.North Carolina Orchestra (2) ; Manager Dramatic Club (3); President German 
Club (4) ; Vice-President Tennis Association (4) ; Editor Hellexian (4). 


Curtis, Nathaniel Cortlandt, ./. T. IJ., .... Southport, N". C. 

Philanthropic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Historical Society ; Editor Hellenian (3) ; 
Varsity Track Team (4). 

Davis, Harvey Lewis, Soiithport, North Carolina. 

Varsity Baseball Team (2). 

Davis, Robert Greene, ./. 7'. LA, . . . Henderson, North Carolina. 

German Club ; Class Football Team (2, 3) ; " Rep.'' Medal (3). 

Eley, Peter Hardin, /. H. (fi., Williston, Tennessee. 

Philanthropic Society ; Honors (1, 2, 3). 

Gant, Joseph Erwin, Burlington, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society; Class Football Team (2) ; Scrub Football Team (3, 4) ; Sub-Mar- 
shal, Commencement, '99. 

Graves, Ernest, Z. '/., //. 1'., I. H. r/y., . Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Gimghoul ; Varsity Football Team (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Baseball Team (2, 3, 4) ; Under- 
graduate Honors (1). 

Greening, John Wesley, Rolesville, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society ; Honors (1); Class Treasurer (3) ; Inter-Society Debater (3). 

Harris, Isaac Foust, <Jk J. H., .... Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; Dramatic Club (1, 2, 3) ; tierman Ciub ; Ball Manager, Commence- 
ment, '99; Y. M. C. A. 

Hearn, Williamson Edward, .... Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; Track Team (3, 4); Class Football Team (4) ; Assistant Librarian 
(4) ; Class Baseball Team ; Sub-Marshal, Commencement, '99. 

Hindsdale, John Wetmore, Jr., Z. ¥., . . Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Honors (1); Philanthropic Society; Class Football Team (4)'; German Club; Sub- 
Ball Manager, Commencement, 1900. 

Hoell, Charles Franklin, ...... Aurora, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society; Y. M. C. A. ; Historian Class (3); Second Vice-President (4); 
Shakespeare Club. 


IIoLLOAVELL, Frank Whitley, . . . Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Historical Club ; Sub-Marshal, Cominence- 
nient, '99. 

IIuME, Thomas, Jr., J. A'. A'., .... Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Class Football Team (2, 3) ; Sub-Marshal, '98; Shakespeare Club. 

Jarratt, Augustus Henry, Mana, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; St. Andrew's Brotherhood; Class Football Team (-!, 3, 4) ; Secre- 
tary Historical Society. 

Jones, Thaddeus Winfield, Jr., I. A'., //. 1\, 0. N. A',, , Acton, N. C. 

The Gorgon's Head ; Class Football Team (2) ; Scrub Football Team (3) ; Sub-Marshal, 
Commencement, '99; Editor Hellenian (3) ; Assistant Manager Hellenian 
(4) ; Manager Varsity Football Team (^3) ; Sub- Ball Manager, Commencement (4). 

Jones, Alice Edwards, " . Goldsboro, North Carolina. 

Latham, Marcia Louise, Plymouth, North Carolina. 

Lewis, Kemp Plummer, Z. f'., fJ. 1'., 8. N. A'., Raleigh, North Carolina. 

The Gorgon's Head; Treasurer Alpha Theta Phi; Honors (1); Secretary Class (1); 
Class Tennis Champion (1) ; Class Baseball Team (2) ; German Club; Floor Man- 
ager October and February Germans (4) ; Sub-Ball Manager, Commencement 
. '99 ; Chief Ball Manager, Commencement '00; Vice-President and President Ten- 
nis Association (3, 4) ; President Athletic Association (4). 

Lockhart, James A., Jr., Wadesboro, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society. 

Massey, James Buckner, Fort Mills, South Carolina. 

Dialectic Society; Y. M. C. A. 

Miller, Claude Lee, II. K. A., Shelb}'^, North Carolina. 

Class Honors (1) ; Editor Hellexian (3) ; Manager Class Football Team (4). 

MooRE, John Augustus, J. A'. A'., II. 1\, 6. N. A'., . Littleton, N. C. 

Gimghoul ; Philanthropic Society ; Horner Club ; Class Historian (21 ; German Club ; 
Sub-Ball Manager Commencement '98 ; Floor Manager October German (3); 
Chief Marshal Commencement '99 ; Stage Manager Dramatic Club (3). 


Neville, Ernest Long, Chupol Hill, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society; Varsity Football Team (1); Scrub Football Team (2,3); Sub- 
Marshal Commencement '99. 

Parker, David Preston, ./. 6. (/A, . . . . Benson, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society; Shakespeare Club; Historical Society; Honors (1); Inter- 
Society Debater ('2) ; Vice-President Class (3) ; Annual Inter-Society Debater (3) ; 
" Kep " Speaker (3); Editor Tar Heel [S) ; Editor Magazine (4); Managing. 
Editor Tar Heel {A); Secretary Alpha Theta Phi (4); Orator of Class (4) ; Class 
Football Team (4) ; ^Feuiber of Press Association ; Georgia Debater (4). 

Reynolds, Henry, Winston, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society; Inter-Society Debater {'!). 

Rice, Thomas Donnelly, Sydney, Florida 

Dialectic Society. 

Hose, Charles Grandison, A'. -., . . . Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Y. M. C. A.; German Club ; Class Football 
Team (4); Class Historian (4); Editor Tar Heel ; Editor-in-Chief Hellenian (4). 

Ixoss, John Kihkland, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Class Football Team (3, 4). 

Staley, Bessie, Franklinton, North Carolina. 

Summers, Everett Docscjett, Gihsonville, North Carolina. 

Thompson, Charles Everett, . . Elizabeth City, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Historical Society; Y. M. C. A. 

Ward, Needham Erastus, Wilson, North Carolina. 

Philanthropic Society ; President Class (3) ; iiepresentative Speaker (2). 

Watkins, Fonso Butler, J. &. (P., . . Pnthert'ordton, North Carolina. 
Dialectic Society ; Shakespeare Club. 


AViiAKTON, WiLLiA^r GiLMEK, 1'. /. A'., . rceiisboro, Xorth Caroliiiit. 

Dialectic Suciety. 

Wilson, Henry Evan Davis, .... Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Dialectic Society ; Y. M. C. A.; Editor M(if/a::ine (4). 

WooDARD, Graham, A', 1'., II. -., H. \\ A'., 

Wilson, North Carolina. 

The Gorgon's Head ; Manager Class Football Team (I ) ; Captain Class Football Team 
(2) ; Class Orator (1) ; Scrub Baseball Team (1) ; Varsity Baseball Team (2, 3, 4) ; 
Editor Hellenian (2, 3) ; Vice-President German Club (3) ; Dramatic Club (3) ; 
Floor Manager October German (3); Undergraduate Member Advisory Com- 
mittee; Leader February German (4) ; Class Football Team (4). 


Clc)55 Of K)0 


Maroon and Gold. 



A. E. WoLTz, . 
W. H. Swift, . 
Iv. T. Johnson, 
C. R. McIVER, 
J. R. CONLEY, . 

R. O. E. Davis, 
T. J. HiLi., 

C. P. Coble, . 

D. M. SWINK, . 

R. S. Satterfiei,d, 


First Vice-President 

vSecond Vice-President 








Class of 1902. 


Black and L,ilac. 


Kr^fi Km Kziff^lrj. 


Rip-tum Rah ! Rip-tum Riue ! 
We 're the Fresh of '99 ! 
Rip-tum Rah ! Rip-tum Rhu ! 
Seniors of 1902. 


R. R. Williams, 
D. P. Stern, . 
H. M. Robins, 
D. C. Ballard, 
J. E'. Swain, 
R. S. Merritt, 
W. B. Owen, . 
J. S. Gibson, 
A. Kerly, 
H. P. Stevens, 
G. V. Roberts, 


First Vice-President 

Second Vice-President 










Clciss of 1 90:5 


Green and Gold. 




G. R. Bhrkelky, 
W. F. Cakr 
J. S. Whitehead 
A. W. Haywood, 
J. C. Webb, . 
H. H. Bridgers, 
W. J. Gordon, 
J. B. Ramsay, 
J. J. London, 
C A. Bynum, 
H. Clement. 


First \"ice- President 

Second A^ice- President 






. Essayist 

. Prophet 



Allen, Arch Turner, First Year, . . . Statesville, North Carolina. 
Ph. B., 1897. Pedagogy, Physics, English. Non-resident. 

Brown, Charles Conner, First Year, . Cottonwood, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1899. English, Philosophy, History. Non-resident. 

BuNN, James Phillips, First Year, . Rocky Mount, North Carolina. 

S. B., 1899. Chemistry. 

Canada, Charles Stafford, First Year, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Ph. B , 1899. English, Geology. 

Canada, John William, Third Year, . Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1896. English, Greek, German. 

Creekmore, ThOxMas Judson, First Year, . . Saluda, South Carolina. 

A. B., 1897. Greek, Latin, English. Non-resident. 

CuRRiE, William Pinkney Martin, Second Year, . Carthage, N. C. 

A. B., 1894. Greek, Pedagog}-, Philosophy. Non-resident. 

Denson, Claude Baker, Jr., First Year, . Raleigh, North Carolina. 

A B., 1899. Latin, French, German. Non-resident. 

Dozier, Jesse Knight, First Year, .... Tilton, New Hampshire. 

A. B., 1899. Latin, French, English. Nonresident. 

Henderson, Archibald, Second Year, . Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

A. B , 1898. Instructor in Mathematics. Mathematics, French, Latin. 

Holmes, Howard Braxton, First Year, . Asheboro, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1899. English, French, Latin. Non-resident. 


Howell, Edward Verxox, Third Year, . Chapt'l Hill, Nortli Carolina. 

A. B., (Wake Forest College) 1892. Ph. G, (Philadelphia College of Phaimacy) 
1894. Professor of Pharmacy. Chemistry, Botany, Mineralogy. 

Hume, Thomas, Jr., First Year, ... Chapel Hill, Xorth Carolina. 

English, Latin, PhiloBophj'. 

Johnston, Charles Hughes, First Year, . Mebane, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1898. English, Latin, Pedagogy. Non-resident. 

Latta, James Edward, First Year, . . . Durham, North Carolina. 

Ph. B., 1899. Mathematics, Chemistry, Philosophy. 

Lentz, Jay Dick, First Year, Concord, North Carolina. 

Litt. B., 1897. History, Latin. Non-resident. 

May, Samuel, Third Year, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

A. B., (Harvard) 189(!. Instructor in Modern Languages. French, German, English. 

Mills, James Edward, First Year, . . . Camden, South Carolina. 

A. B., (Davidson College) 189G. Chemistry. 

Osborne, Francis Moore, First Year, . . Charlotte, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1899. Philosophy, English, History. 

Slade, William Bonner, Third Year, .... Columbu=<, Georgia. 

A. B., 1880. Latin, French, Political Science. Non-resident. 

Smith, William Cunningham, First Year, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

Ph. B., 1896. Instructor in English. English, Philosophy, History. 

Stockard, Sallie Walker, First Year, . Saxapahaw, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1898. English, Greek, Philosophy. 

Webb, John Frederick, Second Year, . . . Crisp, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1898. (ireek, Latin German. Non-resident. 


Whitener, Robert VaxXCE, Third Year, . . Hickory, Xorth Carolina. 

A. B., 1897. English, Latin. Non-resident. 

Wilson, N'athan Hunt Daniel, Third Year, . . Chapel Hill, X. C. 

A. B., 1886. B. D., (Vanderbilt University) 1890. Greek, English, Philosophy. 

Wilson, Louis Round, First Year, . Scotland Neck, North Carolina. 

A. B., 1899. English, (ierman. Latin. Non-resident 





N'oung Ladies Pursuing Studies at tl^e University, 

Maggie Clkment Burke, . . . Mocksville, North Carolina 

North Carolina State Normal School Optional. 

Sallie Walker Stock ard, . . . Saxapahaw, North Carolina 

A. B., 1898, U.niversity of North Carolina Applying for A. M. 

Leah Donneel Jones, .... New Bern, North Carolina 


Caroeine Macdonaed, .... Goldsboro, North Carolina 


Bessie Staley, ..... Franklinton, North Carolina 
A. B., 1898, Elon College. Senior Class, A. B 

Marcia Louise Latham, .... Plymouth, North Carolina 

Norfolk College for Young Ladies. Senior Class, B. S. 

Susan Williams Moses, .... Raleigh, North Carolina 

South Carolina State Normal. Optional Course. 

Alice Edwards Jones, .... Goldsboro, North Carolina 
Norfolk College for Young Ladies. Class of lUOO, Ph. B. 

Lucy Maria Cobb, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

North Carolina State Normal School. Junior Class, B. S. 
Minna Curtis Bynum, .... Lincolnton, North Carolina 

St. Mary's School. Optional. 


Law Class, 

Of rice rs 

R. W. BovD, President. 

R. H. Lyon, . . . . . • Vice-President. 

W. S. Wilson, Secretary. 

R. T. BARNHII.L, Treasurer. 

W. D. Smith, Historian. 

Uuixrrsltv Moot Courr. 

H. C. Cowan, J"dge. 

W. D. BizzKLL, Solicitor. 

W. S. Wilson, Clerk. 

H. M. Candler, Sheriff. 


students in Law. 

Second Year. 

Cunningham, Shull, Herbert Banatine, 

James Cameron MacRak, Jr. 

Samue]. Eakin, 


Baker, William Avren,* 

Barnhill, Roscoe Thomas, 

BiviNS, James Daniel,* 

Bizzell, William Drew, 

Boyd, Kobkrt Whitney, 

Brown, Fred, 

Butler, Marion, A. B., 1885,* 

Candler, Herschel JVIahoney, 

Carlton, Luther Montrose, f 

Carr, Julian Shakspkare, Jr., A. B., 

Christian, "William Jasper, Jr., 
Cobb, John Walter,* 
Cole, Willis Westbrook,* 
Cowan, Hileman Cicero, 
Coxe, Fred Jackson, Ph. B , 1899,t 
DeLane, DeMos E., 
Dunn, Thomas Jay, 
English, Daniel Zion, 
Erwin, M arable,* 
EuRE, Nathaniel Lindsay',* 
Fergu.son, Garland Sevier, Jr., 
Garland, George W., 
George, Henry' Davis,* 
GiDNEY, Samuel Eleazar,* 
Graham, Archibald McLean,* 
Grantham, Elonzo Bowden,* 
Greenfield, John Mabry', Jr., A. B., 

Greer, Jackson, 
Hartman, Wiley Y.,* 
HoEY, Cly'de Roark,* 
Holmes, Alan Lancelot,! 
HuMBER, George Hiram, 
Johnston, Thomas Jackson,* 
Jones, Thaddeus, Jr., 
Jones, William Branch, f 
Justice, Alfred Blythe, A. B., * 

Greeneville and Tuseuluni College, 1893. 
KiRKPATRicK, Thomas Leroy, 
Koehler, Herman Jules, 


Little, Judge Elder,* 

Lloyd, James Barlow,* 

Long, Zebulon Vance, f 

Lyon, Homer LeGrande, 

Ly'on, Robert Henry-, 

McCall, Joseph Herbert,* 

McCoRMiCK, John, A. B., 1898, f 

McKay, Felix Murphy', 

Mason, William Wallace,* 

Mauser, Raymond Joel,! 

Meekins, Jeremiah C, JR.,t 

Miller, Bachman Brown, A. M.,* 

Nortli Carolina College, 1898. 
Nash, Marvin Wesley',! 
Neavell, John Franklin,* 
Phifer, Isaac Avery, 
Powell, Henry Thurman, 
Reeves, Plato Vance,* 
RoBERsoN, William Stone, A. B., 1889,* 
RuARK, Robert,* 
RucKER, William Fanning, 
Russell, David Lester, 
Scales, Junius Irving,! 
Shaw, Duncan Preston, 
Shipman, James Edward, 
Smith, Daniel Wesley,* 
Smith, Walter Douglas,! 
Spence, Joseph Albert, 
Spence, John Brantly',* 
Staton, Reuben Hilliard, 
Tedder, Daniel Allen,* 
Thrower, John,* 
Tucker, Irving Burchard, 
Turlington, Zebulon Vance,! 
Van Winkle, Kingsland, 
Williams, Hampton Durant, 
Wilson, William Sidney, Ph. B., 1899, 
Woodson, Walter Henderson, S. B., 

WooTEN, Emmett Roberson, 


* At snnimer .session only. t In attendance on both session.s. 


Nedica! Clci5s, 1 900. 

Class Colors : Orange and Black. 
Maxim : Tenipus fiigit, corpe diem. 


R. B. Lawson, President. 

J. R. Paddison, Vice-President. 

R. H. Bellamy, Secretary and Treasurer. 

J. W. Peacock, Historian. 

W. K. Lane, Surgeon. 

F. Baggett, . . . . Assistant Surgeon. 

V. K. Cooke, Statistician. 

C. L. Duncan, Prophet. 


Atkins, Benjamin Thomas, Troy. 

Baggett, Fred, Lydia. 

Barnes, Benjamin Franklin, PZlni City. 

Bellamy, Robert Harlee, Wilmington. 

Brem, Walter Vernon, Jr., S. B., 1896, . . . Charlotte. 

Cooke, Frederick Kingsbury, Louisburg. 

Duncan, Charles Lucas . . Beaufort. 

GOLEY, William Ruffin, Durham. • 

Lane William Kilpatrick, Goldsboro. 

Lawson, Robert Baker, . . Lynchburg, Virginia. 

McFadyen, Paul Rutherford, Clarkton. 

Paddison, John Robert, Jr., Mt. i\iry. 

Peacock, James Walter, Salisbury. 

Underhill, Henry Plato, Selma. 


Medical Class of '01. 


J. G. Murphy, . . . President. 

W. H. EvEKHART, . . First Vice-President. 

W. W. Craven,. . . . Second Vice-President. 

W. W. Sawyer, . . Secretar}' and Treasurer. 

J. M. Lynch, Historian. 

J. H. BoYLES, Surgeon. 

C. E. Patterson, Prophet. 

G. F. Thigpen Orator. 

J. L. DeCormis, Poet. 


Alston, Willis, Jr., Littleton. 

BoRNEMAXN, JoHN Hexky, Jk., Wilmington. 

BoYLES, Joseph Hexry, Greensboro. 

Caldwell, Julius Alexander, Jr., IS. B. 1899, Salisbury. 

Carr, John Kobert, A. . 1899, Durham. 

Gates, Alonzo Enoch, Swepsonville. 

Gowles, Henry Glay, Jr., Statesville. 

Graven, Willie Wilhelm, Bristow. 

DeGormis, Joe Lecenne, Shawboro. 

Edwards, Albert Dollie, Winston. 

EvERHART, Walter Hollis, Arnold. 

ExuM, JosiAH Gaull, Snow Hill. 

Graham, David Sloan, Gharlotte. 

Hartley', Harold Hiram, Tyro Shops. 

Justice, Gaston Baley, Rutherfordton. 

Lilly, James Marshall, Allenton Ferry 

LiNViLLE, William Clinton, . Kernersville. 

Little.john, Richard Nickolls, Jr., Gharlotte 

Ly'xch, James Madison, Fair View. 

Lyon, Euel Harrison, Hester. 

MacNider, William DEliEKNiERE, Chapel Hdl. 

McPherson, Samuel Dace, Burlington 

Murphy, John Gerald, • .... Atkinson. 

Nichols, J. T Barnard. 

Patterson, Charlie Kctuk, Liberty. 

Philips, Joseph Battle, Jr., Battleboro. 

Sawyer, Walter Wesley, Elizabeth City. 

Thigpen, Guy Franklin, Mildred. 

ViCK, George Davis, A. B., 1899, Selma. 

Wright, Silas Gregory, Indian Town. 


Phcirnicicv Clci^ss. 


F. L. Taylor, . 
C. T. Young, 
C. N. Simpson, . 
M. H. McKiNNON, 
Joel Reed, Jr., 
W. Phifer, 

. President 
. Treasurer 
. Secretarj- 
. Historian 

SecoiAd Year. 

Gray, Polk Cleburne, Mooresville 

KooNCE, John Ebwartj, Kichlands 

McKiNNON, MuRDOCK Hector, lied Springs 

McKiNNON, William Louis, Red Springs 

Keed, Joel, Jr., Concord 

Taylor, Frank Leonidas, Oxford 

Young, Cadmus Turner, Polenta 

Firsf Year. 

CuTCHiNs, James Mack, Jr., Whitakers 

Davenport, Peter Ernest, Paotolus 

Eldridge, Julius, Rome 

Few, Yernon, Hendersonville 

Hamilton, Robert Lee, Smithfield 

Howerion, John Lansdell, Durham 

McKay-, Fred Walter, Norval 

McNair, William Ralph, Henderson 

Perry, Joseph D., Princeton 

Phifer, Walton, Morganton 

Simpson, Charlie Newton, Jr., Monroe 

Singletary, AV alter Oscar, Grady 

Stone, William Edgar, Chapel Hill 



SiOina Hlpba Epsilon. 

Jfoun^c5 at tbc lllmversttis of Blabama in 1856. ITncorporates, 1892. 

Colors. Publicatiorvs. 

Old Gold and Purple. The Record and Phi Alpha (Secret). 

Cbaptcr IRolL 

Province Alpha, J. A. Stetson, President. 

Massachusetts B. Y., Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts 

Massachusetts e. T., . . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts 

Massachusetts r., Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 

Massachusetts A., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts 

Connecticut A Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut 

Province Beta, H. I. Huber, Preside7it. 

New York A., Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 

New York M., Columbia University, New York, New York 

New York S. *., St. Stephen's College, Annandale, New York 

Pennsylvania 12., Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania 2. (I>., Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania A. Z., Pennsylvania State College, Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania Z., Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania A., Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Province Gamma, F. C. Furlow, President. 

Virginia , University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 

Virginias., . Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia 

North Carolina H., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

North Carolina 0., Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina 

South Carolina r., Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Georgia B., University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 

Georgia t , Mercer University, Macon, Georgia 

Georgia E., Emory College, Oxford, Georgia 

Georgia*., Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 


Pkovince Delta, W. A. Snow, President. 

Michigan I. B., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Michigan A Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan 

Ohio 2 Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio 

Ohio \ Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio 

(jjjio E University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Ohio B Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 

Indiana A Franklin College, Franklin, Indiana 

Indiana B Purdue University, Lafayette. Indiana 

Illinois^. 12 Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 

Illinois B University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois 

Province Epsilon, J. J. McNally, President. 

Kentucky K Central University, Richmond, Kentucky 

Kentucky I Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky 

Tennessee Z., Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee 

Tennessee A Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee 

Tennessee N., Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 

Tennessee K University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 

Tennessee 12., University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee 

Tennessee H., Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tennessee 

Alabama M., University of Alabama, University P. 0., Alabama 

Alabama I Southern University, Greensboro, Alabama 

Alabama A. M., . . . Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical Collegt^, Auburn, Alabama 
Province Zeta, R. M. Snyder, President. 

Missouri A University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri 

Central College, Fayette, Missouri 

Missouri B., Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 

Nebraska A. IT University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska 

Arkansas A. T., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 

Province Eta, B. M. Webster, President. 

Colorado X., University of Colorado, Boulder, Coloiado 

Colorado Z University of Denver, Denver, C(jlorado 

California A Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, California 

California B., University of California, Berkeley, California 

Province Thkta. 

Mississippi r University of Mississippi, O.sford, Mississippi 

Texas P., University of Texas, Austin, Texas 

Louisiana E., University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Louisiana T. T., Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 

aiumni Beeociations. 

New York City. Cleveland, Ohio. Savannah, Ga. Boston, Mass. 

Cincinnati, Ohio, Augusta, Ga. Chicago, 111. Pittsburg, Pa. 

Kansas City, Mo. Detroit, Mich. Chattanooga, Tenn. Jackson, Miss. 

Alliance, Ohio. Atlanta, Ga., New Orleans, La. Wilmington, N. C. 


Boith Carolina ^i Chapter, 

Sicima aipba JEpsilon. 

Establishes, 1856. Suspcn^c^, 1S62. 1Rc=c3tabIl3bc^, 1886. 

3fratre6 in facilitate. 
Edward Vernon Howell, Ph. G., A. B. 

Edward Kidder Graham, Ph. B. 


Robert Harlee Bellamy. 


James Phillips Bunn. 

Class ot '00. 
William Gilmer Wharton, 

Halcott Anderson, 

Alfred Rives Berkeley, 

Henry Clay Cowles, Jr. 
Class ot '01. 
Eben Alexander, Jr., 

William Kemp Battle, 

William Bynuim Whitehead. 

Class ot '02. 
*JoHN Howard Alexander, 

Robert Stuart Hutchinson, 
Fred Henry Lemly, 

Reston Stevenson, 
Oran Stedman Thompson. 




IRappa Hlpba* 

Tounded at Ulasbinaton and ttt University, i865. 

Crimson and Gdkl. 

Kappa Alpha Journal and Special Messenger (Secret). 

Cbapter IRoU. 

Alpha, Washington and Lee Universit}*, Lexington, Virginia 

Gamma, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 

Delta, Woffbrd College, Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Epsilon, Emory College, Oxford, Georgia 

Zeta, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Virginia 

Eta, Richmond College, Riciimond, Virginia 

Th'kta, Kentucky State College, Lexington, Kentucky 

Kappa, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia 

Lambda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 

Nu, Polytechnic Institute, A. and M. College, Auburn, Alabama 

Xi, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas 

Omicron, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 

Pi, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 

Sigma, Davidson College, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina 

LTpsiLON, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Phi, Southern University, Greensboro, Alabama 

Chi, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 

Psi, Tulane Universitj', New Orleans, Louisiana 

Omega, Centre College, Danville, Kentucky 

Alpha Alpha, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee 

Alpha Beta, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Alpha Gamma, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Alpha Delta, William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri 

Alpha Epsilon, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee 

Alpha Zeta, William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia 

Alpha Eta, Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri 

Alpha Theta, Kentucky University, Lexington, Kentucky 

Alpha Iota, Centenary College, Jackson, Louisiana 

Alpha Kappa, Missouri State University, Columbia, Missouri 

Alpha Lambda, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Marjland 

Alpha Mu, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi 


Alpha Nu, Columbian University, Washington, District of Columbia 

Alpha Omicron University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 

Alpha Xi University of California, Berkeley, California 

Alpha Pi, Leland Stanford, Junior, University, Stanford, California 

Alpha Kho University of West Virginia, Morgantown, West Virginia 

Alpha Sigma, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 

Alpha Tau, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Virginia 

Alpha Upsilon, University of Mississippi, Universit}', Mississippi 

Blumni (Ibapters. 

Kichmond, Va., Julien Bossieux, 7 West Grace St. 
Norfolk, Va., T. T. Hubard. 

Raleigh, N. C, Edward C. Smith. 
Macon, Ga , D. Q. Abbott. 

New York City, Thomas Wallace Stevens, 18 West Ninth St. 
Mobile, Ala., Richard H. Vidmer. 

Atlanta, Ga., R. A. Redding, 19 Edge wood Ave. 
Dallas, Texas, M. T. Slratton, Jr. 

Franklin, La., Don CaftVey, Jr. 

Lexington, Ky., W. O. Sweeny, Jr. 

Petersburg, Va., Wm. T. Davis. 

Talladega, Ala., F. P. McConnell 

Kansas City, Mo., Gordon A. Beedle. 

St. Louis, Mo., Sanuiel M. Carter. 

San Francisco, Cal., Brask AV. AV right. 


iripsilon Chapter. 

Established tssi. 

5vatres in JacuUate, 

J. W. Gore, 
Professor of Physics. 

R. H. Whitehead, 
Professor of Anatomy and Pathology. 

W. C. Smith, 
Assistant Professor of English. 

Jratres in XHniversitate. 

Class of '01. 
James Francis Post, Jr., 

George Vernon Cowper, 

Edward Barnham Cobb. 


George Davis Yick, 
Frederick Kingsbury Cooke. 


Edward Stegale Ford. 


Gareand Sevier Ferguson, 
Emmett Roberson Wooten. 


Cadmus Turner Young. 

Sioma Biu 

3Foun^e6 at tbc IDirtjinia flRilitars flnstitute, i86q. 

Gbapter IRoU. 

Division I. 

Beta University of Virginia, CliarloUesville, Virginia 

Epsilon, Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia 

Lambda Washington and Lee, Lexington, Virginia 

Psi, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Beta Tau, . . North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Division IL 

Theta University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 

Upsilon, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 

Phi University of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Beta Theta, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical, Auburn, Alabama 

Beta Phi Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Division IIL 

SioMA Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 

Omicron Bethel College, Russellville, Kentuckj' 

Zeta Central University, Richmond, Kentucky 

Division IV. 

Nu, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas 

Rho, University of Missouri. Columbia, Missouri 

Beta Mu, Universitj' of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 

Beta Lambda, Central College, Fayette,. Missouri 

Beta Chi, William Jewell College, Liberty, Missouri 

Division V. 

Pi, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

Beta Sigma, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 

Gamma Delta, Stephens Institute, Hoboken, New Jersey 



Division VI. 

Eta, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia 

Kappa, North Georgia College, Dahlonega, Georgia 

Mu, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia 

Chi, Emory College, OAford, Georgia 

Gamma Alpha, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 

Division VII. 

Beta Beta, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana 

Beta Eta, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana 

Beta Zeta, Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana 

Beta Iota, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio 

Beta Nu, University of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio 

Beta Upsilon, Kose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Indiana 

Gamma Beta, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 

Gamma Gamma, Albion College, Albion, Michigan 

Delta Theta, Lombard University, Galesburg, Illinois 

Division VIII, 

Beta Chi, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Palo Alto, California 

Beta Psi, University of California, Berkeley, California 

Gamma Chi, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 


Ipsi Chapter. 

Sicjina 1Ru. 

jfratcr in iTacultate. 

Archibald Hendekson. 

Walter Vernon Brem. 


William Branch Jones, Henry Thurman Powell. 

Class of '99. 

Julius Alexander Caldwell. 

Class of '01. 

William Alexander Murphy, 
William De Berniere McNider. 

Class of '02. 

Emory Graham Alexander, Harvey Allen Lambeth, 

Tod Robin Brk:m, Charles Metcalfe Byrnes. 

John Stekle Henderson, Whitehead Kluttz. 


Edward Noah Joyner. 

o a 
O n 

?! > 


Zeta pQi. 

jFoun^e^ in 1846 at tbc lltiiversitB of tbe ffiit'? of IRew igorft. 

Fraternity Color: White. 

IR0U Of Bctive Gbapters. 

Phi, University of City of New York 

Zeta, Williams College, Williamston, Massachusetts 

Delta, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey 

Sigma, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

Chi, Colby University, Waterville, Maine 

Epsilon, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 

Kappa, Tufts College, College Hill, Massachusetts 

Tau, Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania 

Upsilox, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Xi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Lambda, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 

Beta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 

Psi, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 

Iota, University of California, Berkeley, California 

Theta Xi, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario 

Alpha, Columbia College, New York City 

Alpha Psi, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec 

Nu, Case School of Applied Sciences, Cleveland, Ohio 

Eta, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 

Mtj, Leland Stanford, Jr., Palo Alto, California 

Blumni Hssociations. 

Central Association of Zeta Psi, » West 29th Street, New Y'ork City 

Pacific Association of Zeta Psi. 310 Pine Street, San Francisco, California 
Northwestern Association of Zeta Psi, 306 Opera House Block, Chicago 
Capital Association of Zeta Psi, 8 Iowa Circle, Washington, D. C. 

Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi, 2107 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. 


XtlpsUon Chapter. 

Established, i$5$. Suspended, i$«$. Reorganized, i«$5. 

Chai'Tkr Color: Garnet. 

jfratves in ^facilitate. 

Dr. Staples Mangum, Ph. B., M. D. 

James Cameron McRae, LL. D. 

Ifrater in iRvbc. 

Rev. N. H. D. Wieson. 

Class of 1900. 

Frank Bennett, Jr., 

WiEijAJM Frank Bryan, 

Ernest Graves, 

John Wetmore Hinsdale, Jr., 

Kemp Plummer Lewis. 

/iReMcal Class. 
John Robert Carr. 

Class of 1901. 

Philip Hall Bitsbee, Albert Smedes Root, 

William Henry Gibson. 

Class of 1902. 
Albert Marvin Carr, 

Joseph Blount Cheshire, Jr., 

Richard Puryear Gibson, 

Samuel Prichard Fetter, 
Quentin Gregory, 

IvEY Foreman Lewis, 

Gaston .Bullock Means. 


w ^ 


» -t 

S>elta IRappa Epsilon. 

3foun^e^ at Jljalc, 1844. 

■PHi, Yale College 

Theta, Bowdoin College 

-^i) Colby University 

Sigma, Amherst College 

^^^1 University of Alabama 

Upsilon, Brown University 

Chi, University of Mississippi 

Beta, University of North Carolina 

^T-'-^, University of Virginia 

Lambda, Kenyon College 

°i) Dartmouth College 

loi"-*^) Central University 

Alpha Alpha, Middlebury College 

Omicron, University of Michigan 

Epsilon, Williams College 

^HO, LaFayette College 

T-4-U, Hamilton College 

^U) Madison University 

Nu, College of the City of New York 

Beta Phi, University of Kochester 

Phi Chi, Rutgers College 

Psi Phi, Indiana Ashbury University 

Gamma Phi, Wesleyan University 

Psi Omega, Rensselaer Polytf^chnic Institute 

Beta Chi, Adelbert College 

Delta Chi, Cornell University 

Phi Gamma, Syracuse University 

Gamma Beta, Columbia College 

Theta Zeta, University of California 

Alpha Chi, Trinity College (Connecticut) 

Gamma, Yanderbilt University 

IvAPPA, Miami University 

Psi Epsilon, University of Minnesota 

Sigma Tau, Massachusests Institute of Technology 

Delta Delta, University of Chicago 

Tau Lambda, Tulane University 

Alpha Phi, University of Toronto 

Delta Kappa, University of Pennsylvania 


Beta Chapter* 

Delta Ikappa lEpsilon. 

]Establi^bc^ in 1851. 

jfratres in jfacultate. 

Francis Prestox Vexable, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry, 

Charles Baskerville, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 

* Samuel May, A. B., Instructor in Modern Languages. 

jFrater in llvbe. 

Edward Warrex Myers. 

Class ot '99- 
Frances Moore Osborne. 

Class ot '00. 
John Augustus Moore, Thomas Hume, Jr. 

Class ot '01. 

Palmer Cobb, 

John C. B. Ehringhaus, 

Joseph Bonaparte Martin, 

Metrah Makely, Jr. 

Class ot '02. 

Evan Gordon McIver, Aldridge Henley Vann. 


Herman Jules Koehler, 

Samuel Eakin Shull, 

Herbert Banatine Cunningham. 


Willis Alston, Jr. 

* Deceased. 


p o 

-> O i-rt 

2.3 - 

O m 

Ikappa Sioma. 

lFounBc^ at tb; Hiivci-sito of 36j[0(jna, lltal?, 1400. JEatablisbcB at tbc tlnivcrsitv of Virginia, 1865. 

F'lower : Lily of the Valley. 

Colors : Old Gold, Peacock Blue and Marooii. 

Journals : The Caducens and The Crescent and Star (Secret). 

Cbapter IRoll. 

District I. 

Psi) University of Maine, Orono, Maine 

Alpha-Rho, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine 

Alpha-Lambda, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 

Beta-Alpha, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island 

Alpha-Kappa, Cornell University, Ithaca, New Tork 

District U. 

^^» Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 

Alpha-Delta, Pennsylvania State College, State College, Pennsylvania 

Alpha-Epsilon, University of Penns3'lvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Alpiia-Phi, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 

Beta-Delta, Washington and Jefterson College, Washington, Pennsylvania 

Alpha-Alpha University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland 

Alpha-Ei'a, Columbian University, Washington, District of Columbia 

District HI. 

2'^'r^^) University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 

^'^-'^, Randolph- Macon College, Ashland, Virginia 

-^^u, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia 

^^i William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia 

UP.SILON, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Virginia 

Beta-Beta, Richmond College, Richmond, Virginia 

■'-^^L''"-^) Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina 

Eta-Prime, Trinity College, Durham, North Carolina 

Alpha-Mu, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

District IV. 

Alpha-Nu, Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Alpha-Beta, Mercer Universitv, Macon, Georgia 

Alpha -Tau, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 

^^"^^j University of Alabama, University, Alabama 

Beta-Eta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alabama 


District V. 

Theta Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee 

Kappa, ■. . . . Yanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 

Lambda, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 

Phi, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee 

Omega, University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee 

Alpha-Theta, Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson, Tennessee 

Alpha-Xi, Bethel College, Russellville, Kentucky 

Alpha-Omicron, Kentucky University, Lexington, Kentucky 

District VL 

Alpha-Upsilon, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi 

Gamma, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

Epsilon, Centenary College, Jackson, Louisiana 

Sigma, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Iota, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas 

Tau, University of Texas, Austin, Texas 

District Vm. 

Alpha-Sigma, Ohio State University, Columbus 

Chi .• • • Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana 

Alpha-Pi, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Indiana 

Beta-Theta, University of Indiana, Bloomington, Indiana 

Alpha-Gamma, University of Illinois, Champaign, Illinois 

Alpha-Chi, Lake Forest University, Lake Forest, Illinois 

Beta-Epsilon, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin 

District IX. 

Beta-Zeta, Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Stanford University, California 

State Hssociations. 

Virginia. Texas. North Carolina. 

Louisiana. Tennessee. 

Hlumtii Cbapters. 

Yazoo City, Mississippi. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

New Orleans, Louisiana. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

New York City. Chicago, Illinois. 

Indianapolis, Indiana. Ruston, Louisiana. 

Somerville, Massachusetts. Ctiihuahua, Mexico. 


HIp()a ilDu Chapter. 

Ikappa Sigma. 

EstablisbeB, 1893. 

prater in 5acultate, 

Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble. 

5ratres in llniversitate. 

James Edward Mills. 

Class of 1900. 

Graham Woodard, Charles G. Rose. 

Class of 1901. 

Andrew Allgood Holmes. 


Hlpba Zan ©rneoa- 

iFoun^c6 at 1Ricbmon^, 1865. 

Bctive Cbapters, 

Alabama Alpha Epsilon, ... ... Agricultural and Mechanical College, Auburn 

Alabama Beta Beta, Southern University, Greensboro 

Alabama Beta Delta, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa 

California Beta Psi, Leland Stanford, Jr., University 

Georgia Alpha Beta, University of Georgia, Athens 

Georgia Alpha Theta, Emory College, Oxford 

Georgia Alpha Zeta, Mercer University, Macon 

Georgia Beta Iota, School of Technology, Atlanta 

Illinois Gamma Zeta, University' of Illinois, Champaign 

Ini^iana Gamma Gamma, Kose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute 

Louisiana Beta Epsilon, Tulane University, New Orleans 

Massachusetts Gamma Beta, Tufts College, Medford 

Maine Beta Upsilon, State College, Orono 

Maine Gamma Alpha, Colby University, AVaterville 

Michigan Alpha Mu, Adrian College, Adrian 

Michigan Beta Kappa, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale 

Michigan Beta Omicron, Albion College, Albion 

Nebraska Gamma Theta, University of Nebraska 

North Carolina Alpha Delta, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

North Carolina Xi, Trinity College, Durham 

New York Alpha Omicron, St. Lawrence University, Canton 

New York Beta Theta, Cornell University, Ithaca 

Ohio Alpha Nu, Mount Union College, Alliance 

Ohio Alpha Psi, Wittenberg College, Springfield 

Ohio Beta Eta, Wesleyan University, Delaware 

Ohio Beta Mu, Wooster University, Wooster 

Ohio Beta Rho, Marietta College, Marietta 

Ohio Beta Omega, State University, Columbus 

Pennsylvania Alpha Iota, Muhlenberg College, Allentown 

Pennsylvania Alpha Rho, Leliigh University, South Bethlehem 

Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilun, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg 

Pennsylvania Tua, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

Rhode Island Gamma Delta, Brown Universit}', Providence 

Tennessee Alpha Tau, Suuih western Presbyterian University, Clarksville 

Tennessee Beta Pi, Vanderbilt University, Nashville 


Tennessee Beta Tau, Southwestern Baptist University, Jackson 

Tennessee Lambda, Cumberland College, Lebanon 

Tennessee Omega, University of the South, Sewanee 

Texas Gamma Epsilon, Austin College, Sherman 

Vermont Beta Zeta, University of Vermont, Burlington 

Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University, Lexington 

Virginia Delta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville 

aiumnt associations* 

Alabama Alumni Association, 

AUentown Alumni Association, 
Boston Alumni Association, 

Chicago Alumni Association, 

Cleveland Alumni Association, 

District of Columbia Alumni Association, 
New York Alumni Association, 
Ohio Alumni Association, 

Pennsylvania Alumni Association, 
Pittsburg Alumni Association, 

Springfield, Ohio, Alumni Association, 
Tennessee Alumni Association, 
Texas Alumni Association. 


Hlpba 2)elta Cbaptev- 

Hlpba Uau ©meoa. 

lestabliBbeD, 1879- 

Colors. Flower. 

Old Gold and Sky Blue. White Tea Rose. 

jfrater in mvbe. 

R. S. McRae. 

jfratves in IHniversitate. 

Class of '00. 

Thaddeus Aixslev Cheatham, 

Robert G. S. Davis, 

George Chadbourn, 

n. cortlaxdt curtis. 

Glass of '01. 
Cameron MacRae. 

Class of '02. 
Thomas C. Worth, William Paris Stafford. 


James C. MacRae, Isaac A. Phifer. 


Frank I^. Taylor, Walton Phifer. 


pi Ikappa Hlpba. 

Jfoun^c^ at tbc llnivcvstts: of Virijinia, 1S67. 

Old Gold and Garnet. 

(Ibapter IRoU. 

Alpha, Univensity of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia 

Beta, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina 

Gamma, William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia 

Zeta, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 

Theta, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tennessee 

Iota, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Virginia 

Mu, Presbyterian College of South Carolina, Clinton, South Carolina 

Nu, Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Xi, . South Carolina College, Columbia, South Carolina 

Pi, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia 

Rho, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee 

Sigma. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee 

Tau, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

Upsilox, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Alabama 

Phi, Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia 

Chi, -. University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee 

Blumni Cbapters. 

Alpha, Richmond, Virginia 

Beta, Memphis, Tennessee 

Gaaima, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia 

Delta, Charleston, South Carolina 

Epsilon, Norfolk, Virginia 

Zeta, . . • ■ Dillon, South Carolina 

Eta, New Orleans, Louisiana 

Theta, Dallas, Texas 

Iota, Knoxville, Tennessee 


^au Chapter. 

pi Ikappa alpha. 

Bctive /IDembersbip. 


William Fanning Rucker. 

John R. Paddison, Jr., 

Paul R. McFadyen, 

Gaston Baley Justice. 


Class of '00. 
Claude h. Miller. 


Henry Abel Rhyne. 


Ipbi Delta ^beta. 

lfoun&c£i at flDiami llnlvcrsitig, 1848. 

C01.OR.S. Publications. 

Argent and Azure. Scroll and Palladium fSecret). 

Alpha Province. 

Maine Alpha, Colby University 

New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College 

Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont 

Massachusetts Alpha, Williams College 

Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College 

Khode Island Alpha, Brown University 

New York Alpha, Cornell University 

New York Beta, Union University 

Neay York Delta, Columbia University 

New York Epsilon, Syracuse University 

Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College. 

Pennsylvania Beta, Gettysburg College 

Pennsylvania Gamma, Washington and Jefferson College 

Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College 

Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College 

Pennsylvania Beta, University of Pennsylvania 

Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh Univeisity 

Beta Province. 

Virginia Beta, University of Virginia 

Virginia Gamma, Kandolph-Macon College 

Virginia Beta, Washington and Lee University 

North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina 

Kentucky Alpha, Centre College 

Kentucky Delta, Central University 

Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University 

Tennessee Beta, University of the South 

Gamma Province. 

Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia 

Georgia Beta, Emory College 

Georgia Gamma, . Mercer University 

Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama 


Alabama. Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute 

Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi 

Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University of Louisiana 

Texas Beta, University of Texas 

Texas Gamma, Southwestern University 

Delta Province. 

Ohio Alpha, Miami University 

Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyan University 

Ohio Gamma, Ohio University 

Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University 

Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science 

Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati 

Indiana Alpha, Indiana University 

Indiana Beta, Wabash College 

Indiana Gamma, Butler University 

Indiana Delta, Franklin College 

Indiana Epsilon, Hanover College 

Indiana Beta, De Pauw University 

Indiana Theta, Purdue University 

Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan 

Michigan Beta, State College Michigan 

Michigan Gamma, Hillsdale College 

Epsilon Province. 

Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University 

Illinois' Beta, University of Chicago 

Illinois Delta, Knox College 

Illinois Zeta, Lombard University 

Illinois Eta, University of Illinois 

Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin 

Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota 

Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan University 

Iowa Beta, University of Iowa 

Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri 

Missouri Beta, Westminster College 

Missouri Gamma, Wasliington University 

Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas 

Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska 

California Alpha, University of California 

California Beta, Leland Stanford, Jr., University 


Bluinnt Cbaptciu 

^j^j.jj ^ Boston, Massaclmsetls 

^j^pjj ^ Providence, Khode Island 

^j^pjj^' New York, New York 

^j^pjj ^ Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 

Yj^pjj ^ Baltimore, Maryland 

^^pjj ^ ■ . . . . Washington, District of Columbia 

^^pjj ^ Piichmond, Virginia 

^^j,jj ^' Louisville, Kentucky 

^j^pjj ^ Nashville, Tennessee 

^^pjj ^ Columbus, Georgia 

Q ^j^jj^j ^ ' Cleveland, Ohio 

j)j,-j^^, ^ ' Columbus, Ohio 

Epsilon, Athens, Ohio 

^j^pjj ^ Franklin, Indiana 

jjj,^ ^ Los Angeles, California 

gg.j,^ Indianapolis, Indiana 

^^j^j.jj ^ Detroit, Michigan 

^j^pjj ^ Chicago, Illinois 

gj..|. ^ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

gj,^, ^ Atlanta, Georgia 

Q. ^jjj^j ^ Macon, Georgia 

^LPHA Montgomery, Alabama 

jjj,^,^ Selma, Alabama 

GvMMA Birmingham, Alabama 

j)jjj^,p^ Mobile, Alabama 

^LPHA S^l* Lake City, Utah 

Alpha Nevy Orleans, Louisiana 

Alph V Cincinnati, Ohio 

Beta, Akron, Ohio 

gj.^. ^ Galesburg, Illinois 

^LPjj^^ La Crosse, Wisconsin 

gjj-P^ Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Alpha ^^- ^^^^^ Minnesota 

^LFHA Kansas City, Missouri 

gjj^ ^ St. Louis, Missouri 

^j^pjj ^ Denver, Colorado 

Alpha San Francisco, California 

^Lpjj ^ Spokane, Washington 


Beta Cbaptev. 

l£stabli8bc^, 1885. 

if rater in THrbe. 

Frederick Geer Patterson. 


Class of '00. 

Joseph Jennings Asbury, Isaac Foust Harris, 

WiEEiAM Stanley Bernard. 

Class of '02. 

Henry Ceay Waee, 

Patrick Henry Winston, 

WiEEiAiM Alexander Elite. 


Frederick Jackson Coxe. 


JosiAH Caull Exum. 



The rraternitv Men of the University. 

Eben Alexander, Jr., '01, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

2. A. E.; e. X. E.; Ginighoul ; Class Football Team (1, 2); Treasurer of German Club 
(3); Dialectic Society. 

*Joiix Howard Alexander, '02, . . . Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

2. A. E.; Dialectic Society; German Club; Class Essayist (1); Manager of Class 
PootballTeam (1). 

Emory Graham Alexander, '02, .... Charlotte, North Carolina 

2. N.; n. 2.; German Club. 

Willis Al.ston, Jr., (Medicine) .... Littleton, North Carolina 

A. K. E.; e. N. E. 

Halcott Anderson, .1'. ./. A'. (Senior). 
Joseph jENxixcis Asbury, 0. J. H. (Senior). 
William Kemp Battle, '01, Raleigh, North Carolina 

2. A. E.; n. 2.; The Gorgon's Head; German Club; Floor Manager of February 
German (3); Secretary and Treasurer of Tennis Association (2); Senior Baseball 
Team (2, 3); Vice-President of Athletic Association (3). 

Frank Bennett, Jr., Z. 'F. (Senior). 

Robert Harlee Bellamy, (Medicine) . Wilmington, North Carolina 

2. A. E.; 6. N. E.; H. 2.; The Gorgon's Head; Captain of Class Football Team (1) ; 
First Medal Freshman Class (1); Scrub Football Team (2); Varsity Team (3). 

Alfred Rives Berkeley, -. A. A'. (Senior). 
William Stanley Bernard, 0. J. <->. (Senior). 

* Deceased. 


William Alexander Blue, '02, .... Aberdeen, North Carolina 

a>. A. (). 

Tod lioBiNSON Brem, '02, Charlotte, North Carolina 

2. Nj n. 2 ; 9. N. E.; Subslituie Yavshy Football Team (1, 2); Scrub Baseball 
learn (1, 2). 

Walter Brem, Jr., (Medicine) Charlotte, North Carolina 

2. N.; Gimghoul; German Club. 

William Frank Bryan, Z. >F. (Senior). 

James Phillips Burns, (Post-Grad.) . Rocky Mount, North Carolina 

German Club ; Class Football Team (4); Sub-Ball Manager, '98. 

Phillip Hall Busbee, '01, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Z. ^.; e. N E.; 11. 2.; The Gorgon's Head; Philanthropic Society; Second Vice- 
President of Class (1); Manager of Class Football Team (3); Secretary and 
Treasurer of Athletic Association (3). 

Charles Metcalfe Byrnes, '02, ...... Natchez, Mississippi 

2. N.; German Club. 

Julius Alexander Caldwell, Jr., (Medicine) . . . Salisbury, N. C. 

2. N.; n. 2.; 9. N. E. ; Glee and Mandolin Clubs (2) ; Class Poet (1) ; German Club • 
Assistant Manager of Baseball Team (3) ; Business Manager of Hellenian (3) ■ 
Sub-Ball Manager; Editor of Tar Hid (4). 

Albert Marvin Carr, '02, Durham, North Carolina 

Z. t. ; 9. N. E.; H. 2. ; Assistant Manager of Football Team, '99; Manao-er of Foot- 
ball Team, 1900; Secretary of German Club (2) ; Captain of Class Football Team 
(1) ; Sub Varsity Football Team (2). ' 

John Robert Carr, (Medicine) Durham, North Carolina 

Z. ^. ; 9. N. E. ; n. 2. ; Gimghoul ; German Club ; President of Aloha Theta Phi ; 
Manager of '99 Baseball Team; Dramatic Club (3); Sub-Marshal. Commence- 
ment, '98; Advisory Committee (4). 


Georoe Ciiadbourn, ./. 7'. U. (Senior). 

TiiADDEUS AiNSLEY CiiEATHAM, ./. 7'. U. (Senior), 

Edavard Barniiam Cobb, '01, Wilson, North Carolina 

K. A. 

Palmer Cobb, 01, Danville, Virginia 

iS.. K. E. ; Dramatic Club; German Club; Chapel Organist; Assistant in INIndern 

Frederick Kingsbury Cooke, (Medicine) . Lonisl>urg, North Carolina 

K. A ; German Club. 

Henry Clay Cowles, Jr., -. I. 11. (Senior). 

George Vernon Cowper, '01, Winston, Nortli Carolina 

K. A.; Shakespeare Club ; Historical Society ; Recording Secretary of Y. ]\I. C. A. (2); 
Inter-Society Debater (1, 2); Editor IIei.t.enian (3); Commencement Debater, 

Herbert Banatine Cunningham, (Law) Cnnninghani, North Carolina 

A. K. E. ; Varsity Football Team (1, 2,- 3) ; Scrub Baseball Team. 

Nathaniel Cortlandt Curtis, 7. 7'. U. (Senior). 

Joseph Blount Cheshire, Jr., '03, . . . Raleigh, North Carolina 
z. ^. 

Robert Greene Davis, ./. 7'. U. (Senior). 

John C. B. Ehringhaus, '01, . . . Elizabeth City, North Carolina 

A. K. E. ; Philanthropic Society ; Shakespeare Club ; Marshal at AVasbington's Birth- 
day ('99) ; Business Managerof Hellkniax (3). 

JosiAH Caull ExuM, (Medicine) . . . Snow Hill, North Carolina 

a'. A. O. ; Class Statistician (1). 


Garland Sevier Ferguson, Jr., (Law) . Wayiiesville, North Carolina 

K. A. ; Scrub Footbiill Team. 

Samuel Pritchard Fetter, '02, . . . Wadesboro, Nortli Carolina 

Z. ^. ; Scrub Baseball Team (1, 2). 

Edward Stegall Ford, '02, Louisburg, N'oi-tli Carolina 

K. A. 

Richard 1'uryear Gibson, '02, Concord, North Carolina 

z. ^. 

William Henry Gibson, '01, Concord, North Carolina 

Z. t. ; n. i;. ; Gimgboul. 

Ernest Graves, Z. ¥. (Senior). 

QuENTiN Gregory, '02, Halifax, North Carolina 

Z. t. ; Manager of Class Football Team (1) ; Class Football Team (1, 2). 

Isaac Foust Harris, (P. J. H. (Senior). 

John Steele Henderson, Jr., '02, . . . Salisbury, North Carolina 

2. N. ; n. 2. ; Dialectic Society ; Scrub Baseball Team (1, 2) Editor of Hellenian. 

John Wetmore Hinsdale, Jr., Z. >F. (Senior). 

Andrew Allgood Holmes, '01, Atlanta, Georgia 

K. 2. ; German Club; Shakespeare Club ; Manager Baseball Team (3). 

Thomas Hume, Jr., (Post-Graduate) . . Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

A. K. E. ; Gimgboul; Shakespeare Club; Class Football Team (2, 3). 

Robert Stuart Hutchinson, '02, . . . Charlotte, North Carolina 

2. A E. ; Dialectic Society ; Secretary of Class (1) ; Class Football Team (1, 2). 

Thaddeus Winfield Jones, Jr., ^'. A'. (Senior). 


Edmund Noaii Joynkr, Jr., (Optional) . Columbia, South Carolina 

2. N. ; German Club ; Leader oC ()ctol)er German, '99 ; Sub-Ball Manager, Commence- 
ment, '99 ; Floor Manager, February' (4erman, '99. 

Gaston Baley Justice, (Medicine) . Rutherfordton, North Carolina 
II. K. a. 

Whitehead Kluttz, '02, Salisbury, North Carolina 

i. N.; Vanderbilt Debater (2). 

Herman Jules KoEHLER, (Law) . . . Upper Montclair, New Jersey 

A K. E ; 0. N. E.; Varsity Football Team (1, 2). 

Harvey Allen LaxMbetii, '02, .... Fayetteville, North Carolina 

i). N.; Class Historian (1); Baseball Team (1, 2). 

Fred Henry Lbmly, "02, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

2. A. E. 

TvEY Foreman Lewis, '02, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Z. t.;0. N. E.; H. 2.; Philanthropic Society; First Vice-President Class (1); Secretary 
and Treasurer Tennis Association (2). 

Kemp Plummer Lewis, Z. '/'". (Senior). 

Evan Gordon AIcIver, '02, Gult, North Carolina 

A. K. E.; O. N. E.; Sub Varsity Football Team (1, 2). 

Paul P. McFadyen, (Medicine) .... Clarkton, North Carolina 
n. K. A. 

Cameron MacRae, '01, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

A. T. 12.; H. N. E.; Scrub Football Team (1, 2); Varsity Football Team (3). 

James Cameron MacRae, Jr., (Law). . Fayetteville, North Carolina 

A. T. i2.; 0. N. E.; XV. 2.; The Gorgon's Head ; Varsity Football Team (1, 2). 


William De Berniere McNiDER, (Medicine) . . . Chapel Hill, JST. C. 

i;. N.; Assistant in Biological Laboratory (8). 

Metraii Makeley, Jr., '01, Edentoii, North Carolina 

A. K. E.;e. NE.; U. S.; The Gorgon's Head; German Club; Class President (1); 
Class Football Team (1); Scrub Football Team (1, 2). 

Joseph Bonaparte Martin, '01, . , . Chapel Hill, North Carolina 

A. K. E ; Scrub Football Team (1); Captain Scrubs (2); Sub Varsity (2); Varsity 
Football Team (3). 

Gaston Bullock Means, '02, Concord, North Carolina 

Z. t.; 9. N. E.; Dialectic Society; Class Football Team (1); Scrub Football Team (2); 
Historical Society. 

Claude Lee Miller, //. A'. ./. (Senior.) 

James Edward Mills, (Post-Graduate) . . Camden, South Carolina 

K. S.; Instructor in Chemistry. 

John Augustus Moore, J. A'. A'. (Senior). 

William Alexander Murphy, '01, . . Morganton, North Carolina 

S. N; A. 6. <i>.; Gimghoul ; Dialectic Society ; Helleniak Editor (2). 

Francis Moore Osborne, (Post-Gradnate) . Charlotte, North Carolina 

A. K. E. ; Gimghoul ; Dialectic Society ; Scrub Football Team (2) ; Sub Varsity (3, 4) ; 
Varsity Football Team (5) ; Sub-Marshal, '98 ; Track Team (2, 8, 4) ; Captain of 
Track Team (5) ; Class Essayist (3) ; Business Manager of Tar Heel (4) ; Editor 
of Magazinr (4); Editor-in-Chief of Hellenian, '99; Washington's Birthday 
Orator (4); Assistant in Mathematics (4); President of Y. M. C. A. (4,5); 
Graduate Member of Advisory Committee (5); Captain of Football Team, 1900; 
Shakespeare Club. 

John R. Paddison, Jr., (Medicine) . . Mount Air}-, North Carolina 
n. K. A. 


Isaac Avery Phifer, (Law) Morgaiiton, Xorth Carolina 

A. T. 12. ; Varsity Football Team (1, '_'). 

Waltox Piiifer, (Pharmacy) .... jMorganton, Xorth Carolina 

A. T. a. ; Sub Varsity Football Team (1). 

James Francis Post, Jr., '01, . . Wilmington, Xorth Carolina 

K. A. ; Shakespeare Club; Y. JVl. C. A. ; Class Football Team (?,). 

Henry Tiiurman Powell, (Law) . . . Henderson, Xorth Carolina 
s. X. 

Henry Arel Riiyne, (()ptional) . . Mount Holly, Xorth Carolina 

IT. K. A. ; e. N. E. ; Scrub Football Team (1) ; Editor of Hellexian (1). 

Aldert Smedes 1\00T, '01, Raleigh, Xorth Carolina 

Z. t. ; 0. N. E. ; H. :S. ; The Gorycjiis Head ; (lerinan Club ; Class Poet (1) ; Assist- 
ant Business Manager of Helt.kxian {">) ; Sub-Ball Manager (3). 

Charles Grandison Rose, A'. 1'. (Senior). 

William Fanning Rucker, (Law) . Rutherfordton, Xorth Carolina 
n. K. A. 

Sa.muel Eakin Shull, (Law) .... Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 

A. K. E. ; (h X. K. ; TI. 2. ; The Gorgon's Head; German Club: Varsity Football 
Team (I, 2, 3) ; Captain Varsity Football Team (3). 

William Faris Stafford, '02, .... Burlington, Xorth Carolina 

A. T. 12. 

Reston Stevenson, '02, Wilmington, Xorth Carolina 

S. .\. E. ; Dialectic Society. 

Frank Leonidas Taylor, (Pharmacy) . . . Oxford, Xorth Carolina 

A. T. 12. 


Okax Stedman Thompson, '02, Raleigh, Xortli Carolina 

S. A. E. ; e. X. E. ; German Club ; Class Orator (1) ; Assistant Mana-er of ^'arsitv 
Baseball Team (2). » . 

Aldridge Henley Vann, '02, . . . Franklinton, Xorth Carolina 

A. K. E. ; President of Class (I). 

George Davis Vick, (Medicine) Selma, North Carolina 

K. A. ; 6. N. E. ; II. v. ; The Gorgon's Head ; Class Baseball Team (1, 2) ; Manager Class 
Team (1) ; Editor and Business Manager of Hellexiax (3) ; Assistant Manao-er 
of Dramatic Club (3) ; President of German Club (4) ; Manager of Dramatic Chib 
(4); Treasurer of German Club (3); Floor Manager of October, '97, and Feb- 
ruary, '98, Germans; Shakespeare Club; Scrub Baseball Team (3 4)' President 
Class (3). " 

Henry Clay Wall, '02, Rockingham, North Carolina 

•t. A. e. 

William Gilmer Wharton, -^'. ./. A'. (Senior). 

William Bynitm Whitehead, '01, .... Wilson, Xorth Carolina 

1. A. E. ; o. X. E. ; H. Z. ; The Gorgon's Head ; German Club ; Manager of Class Foot- 
ball Team (1) ; Class Essayist (1) ; Assistant Manager of Baseball Team (2). 

Patrick Henry. Winston, '02, ..... Raleigh, Xorth Carolina 

-J'. A. e ; O. N. E. ; Class Football Team (2) ; Scrub Baseball Team (2). 

Graham Woodard, A'. H. (Senior). 

Emmett R. Wootj:n, (Law) Kinston, Xorth Carolina 

K. A. 

Thomas Clarkson Worth, '02, .... Asheboro, Xorth Carolina 

A. T. i2, ; n. I. ; Class Football Team (1,2); Editor of Hellenian (2). 

Cadmus Turner Youn<;, (Pharmacy) . . . Polenta, X^orth Carolina 

K. A. 





I So 

Order of Giii\gl\oub. 



Valmak XI. 





Francis M. Osborne (Grad.), R. 
Halcott Anderson, '00, K. D. S. 
Alfred R. Berkeley, '00, W. S. S. 
W. Frank Bryan, '00, K. M. K. 


Charles Baskerville, Assistant Professor of Chemistry. 

Charles S. Mangum, Profe.ssor of Physiology and Materia Medica. 

* Samuel May, Instructor in Modern Languages. 

Archibald HendeRvSOn, Instructor in Mathematics. 

John R. Carr (Med.) 

E. Vernon Howell, Professor of Pharmacy. 

Ernest Graves, '00. 

186 J. Augustus Moore, '00. 

188 Walter V. Brem, Jr. (Med.). 
189 William H. Gibson, '01. 

190 W. Alexander Ml'rphy, '01. 

191 Thomas Hume, Jr. (Grad.). 

192 Eben Alexander, Jr., '01. 

193 William S. Bernard, '00. 

* Deceased. 


Class of '01 




The GorgoiYs Head, 

n racultate. 


Class Of '00. 



JAMES c. Macrae 




Zbctn IRu Epsilon, 

Sopbomove jFraternitP. 

jfounjc? at llClcelcvan, 1870. 

Cbapter IRoll. 

Alpha Wesleyan University 

Be-j.^ Syracuse University 

Gamma, ■.....' Union College 

j)j;lta -. . Cornell University 

Epsilon University of Rochester 

2eta University of California 

ExA Madison University 

Theta • Kenyon College 

Iq-ta. Adelbert College 

Xappa Hamilton College 

KAri'A Second, Eensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Lambda, •.■.•..•...' Williams College 

Mu .-....: Stevens Institute 

Nu Lafayette College 

Xi ..."..' Amherst College 

Omicron, Rutgers College 

Pi Pennsylvania State College 

Upsilon, University of Michigan 

Pi, Second, Lehigh University 

Omega, Allegheny College 

Rho, Dickinfon College 

Sigma, AVooster University 

Phi, Bucknell University 

Psi, University of North Carolina 

Chi, University City of New York 

97 ■'' 

Ipsi Chapter of XTbcta IRu Epsilon. 

I£6taL^Il8bl;^, 1893. 


Robert Harlek Bki.i.amy, Willis Alston, Jr. 

.John Kober! Carr, Julil's Alexander Caldwell, George Davis Vick. 


James MAfRAE, Samuel E. Shull. 

Class of '00. 

John Augustus Moore, Kemp Plummer Lewis, 

Graham Woodard, Thaddeus Winfield Jones. 

Class Of '01. 

Tin lip Hall Busbee, William Bynum Whitehead, 

Metrah Makely, Jr., Aldert Smedes Root, 

Eben Alexander, Jr , Cameron MacRae. 

Class Of '02. 

A. M. Carr, T. Robin Brem, G. B. Means, 

I. F. Lewis, P. H. AVinston, 

E. G. McIvER, O. S. Thompson. 


Ipi Sioma. 

Class of '00. 

Halcott Anderson, Kemp Plummer Lewis, 

Henry C. Cowles, Jr., Joh\ Augustus Moore, 

Ernest Graves, 

Graham Woodard, 

Thaddeus W. Jones, 

Class ot '01. 
Philip Hall Busbee, Metrah Makely, Jr. 

William Henry Gibson, Albert Smedes Root, 

William Bynum Whitehead, 

William Kemp Battle. 

Class of '02. 

Emory G. Alexander, Albert Marvin Carr. 

IvEY F. Lewis, Tod Robin Brem 

John S. Henderson. 


James C. MacRae, Samuel E. Shull. 


George Davis Vick, R. Harlee Bellamy, 

Julius A. Caldwell, John R. Carr. 


Hlpba Chapter. 

Blpba Sbeta pbi. 

A. P). i'. was founded in 1894 by H. C. Tolman, Tli, D., now professor of Greek in 

Vanderbilt University. Its purpose is "to stinuihite and 

increase a desire for sound scholarship." 


William Frank Bryan, '99, 
David P. Parker, 
Kemp P. Lewis, '99 



Class ot '92. 

Charles Baskerville. 

Class of '96. 
W. C. Smith. 

Class of '9S. 
Archibald Henderson, Edward Kidder Graha:\i. 

Class of '99. 
John R. Carr. 

W. F. Bryan, 
L. V. Branch, 

Class of '00. 
Ernest Graves, 
K. P. Lewis, 

F. B. Watkins, 
D. P. Parker. 

Class of '01. 

C. A. Shore, W. A. Murphy, J. K. Hall, D. S. Thompson, 

Dicilectic Soriefy. 

roui\(Jc(i in i79;i. 

Cni.OK : Blue. 








Berkele3^ A., 

Berkeley. G., 







Bynum, C, 

Bynum, F., 







Conley, J. R. 

Conley, R. P. 


Crawford , 




Motto : Sons of Virtue and Science. 




Gant, J., 

Gant, K. 



Goodman, J. C, 

Goodman, J. O., 























Maddry, C, 
Maddry, J., 
Jones, G., 
Jones, H., 
McTver, C, 
Mclver, H., 
Pearson , 
Rankin, F., 
Rankin, S., 
Reynolds, G. 
Reynolds, H. 
Rice, T., 
Rice, W., 































Phikinthropic Society. 

rounded 1795. 

Color : White 

Motto: Virtue, Libeitv, Science. 



Abernethy, E. H. 


Ay cock, 

A vent, 






Bar wick, 









Cowper, B. T. 

Cowper, G. V., 

Curtis, N. C, 








Everett, R. O., 

Everett, S. J., 


























Lalta, J. E., 



McCormick, J. G. 



McFadyen, H. R. 





Murphy, E., 












Skinner, R. S. 

Skinner, J., 




Stevens, L. T. 






Ward, G., 







Universifv GernuiR Club. 

Hal (". Cdwles, .Jr , 
Mktuau Makkley, Ju. 
A M. Cakr, 
Eben Alexander, Jk 




Leader Oct<jber (xerman 
Floor JIanasrers 


K P. Leavis, ) 

Metrah iMakeley, Jr., j 

Graham "Woodard, Leader February German 

H. C. Cowles, Jr., 1 

W. K. Battle, i 

Floor Managers 



Eben Alexander, 
E. G. Alexander, 
H. Anderson, 
G. H. Andrews, 
\V. K. Battle, 
A. R. Berkeley 

W. F. Bryan, 
C. M. Byrnes, 

G. V. Cow PER, 

P. Cobb, 

J. A. Caldwell, 

B. S. Drane, 

P. W. Richardson, 
C. G. Rose, 

S. E. Shull, 

J. B. Thorp, 

J. R. Carr, 

A. M. Carr, 

W. R. Capeheart, 

George Chadbourn, 

F. K. Cooke, 

H. C. CowLES, Jr., 

J. W. Hinsdale, 


A. S. Hanes, 

A. A. Holmes, 
H. G. Turner, I. F. Harris, 

O. vS. Thompson, James McRae, 

M. Makeley, Jr., F. I^. Tayi.ok, 

K. P. Lewis, J. B. Ramsay, 

J. B. Phillips, G. D. Vick, 

J. A. Moore, A. S. Root, 

H. T. Powell, G. Woodard, 

E. Graves, W. B. Whitehead, 

R. G. Davis, P. H. Winston, 

T. W- Jones, Jr., J. R. Rountree, 

R. B. Eawson, H. a. Rhyne. 
W. A. Murphy, 

C. Baskerville, 
W. A. Reynolds, 


C. vS. Manoum, 

A. HendeRvSon, 
E. V. Howell, 

1 06 

l?elic)ioiLs Orgcinizcifions. 

N'ouncj Men's Christicin Association. 

F. M. UsBOKNK, President 

T. .1. Hill, Vice-President 

W. B. Speas, Corresponding Secretary 

J S. Atkinson, Recording Secretary 

C. E. Maddry, Treasurer 



H. Anderson, 




A. J. Barwick, 

J. W. Greening, 

Dr. F. P Vexable, 


A. R. Berkelky, 

G. N. Coffey, 

R. R. Williams. 

St. Andrew's Brotherl^oocl. 

A. R. Berkeley, Director 

E. Alexander, Jr., Vice-Director 

J. J. Crosswell, Jr., Secretary 

J. C. B. Ehringh.vus, Treasurer 





j>« nutfMn 


William Cain, C. E., President 

C. S. Mangum M. D., Vice-President 

F. P, Venable, Ph. D., Secretary and Treasurer 

Charles Baskerville, Ph. D., Corresponding Secretary 

Some Papers Pecicl During the Year. 

" Union Pacific P^xpedition to the Fossil Fields of 

Wyoming," . Mr. Collier Cobb 

" Polaris, a Triple Star," Mr. J. W. Gore 

" Utilization of Coal Dust," Dr. P\ P. Venable 

' ' Report of Recent Investigation on the Cause of 

Yellow P'ever," Dr. R. H. Whitehead 

" Smallpox, Infection and Inoculation." .... Professor Howell 

I lO 



Dr Kk.mi' P Battle, LL. D., President 

E. A. Alderman, D C L., LL. D., Vice-President 

A. II. Jarratt Secretary 

Some Papers Read. 

'' A Sketch of Governor Tryon," George M. McKie 

•' The Eiirly Settlement of the Moravians in North Carolina. D. M. Swink 

"The Life of David Caldwell," >lr. Bitting 



Thomas Hume, D. D , LL. D., President 

W. D. Toy, M. A., Vice-President 

George M. 3IcKie, Secretary 

A. R. Berkeley, Treasurer 

Son^e Pa|)ers Read. 

" Reflections of Old English Life in the Henry Plays." A. A. Holmes, '01 

"Rhetorical and Literary Devices in Richard III/' G. V. Coavper, '01 

"Mystery of the Magi," .Miss Byxum 

"Desdemona," ^*- H- Eley, '00 


Dr. Thomas Humk, President 

Dr. H. F. IvINSCOTT, Vice-President 

. Secretary and Treasurer 


Organized \SW for the purpose of stimulating interest 
in the current topics 

E. K. Graham, Ph. B., President 

W. F. Bryan, Vice-President 

J. Edward Latta, Secretary 

Meets the second Tuesday in everv month. 

Ui^iversitv or Norfh Carolina Press 

Omanizecl, io9/. 


Jamp:s K. Hall President 

E. A. Abernethy, Vice-President 

Benjamin Bell, Jr., Secretary and Treasurer 


E. A. Abernethy, Raleigh News and Observer 

Benjamin Bell, Jr., . Wilmington Messenger and Raleigh Morning Post 

J. K. Hall, Statesville Landmark 

B. S. Barnes, . Greensboro Evening Telegram 

Whitehead Kluttz, Charlotte Ob.server 

J. Edgar Eatta, Durham Daily Sun 

E. C. GuDGER, Asheville Daily Citizen 

D. P. Parker, Smithfield Times 





S I 



Board of Editors. 

W. S. Bernard, 'oo, Phi, Editor-in-Chief. 

A. R. Berkeley, Di, Business Manager. 

D. P. Parker, 'oo, Phi, H. E. D. Wilson, Di. 

A. J. Barwick, 'oo. Phi, D. S. Thompson, Di. 

J. W. Greening, 'oo. Phi. Whitehead Klfttz, Di. 


Tar Heel Izclitors. 

Official Organ (Weefiiv) of UniversiW Z\tl\iefic Association. 

roll Tern^ 

W. F. Bryan, Editor-in-Chief 

Whitehead Kluttz, 

Benjamin Beli., Jr., 
J. K. Hall, 

C. G. Rose, 

D. P. Parker, 

A. J. Barwick, Business Manager 

B. S. Skinner, Assistant Manager 

Spring Terii^. 

W. F. Bryan, Editor-in-Chief 

J. Ed. Latta, 

Charles G. Rose, 

Benjamin Bell, Jr., 

D. S. Thompson, 

J. W. Greening, 

A. J. Barwick, Business Manager 

B. S. Skinner, Assistant Manager 



2- O 



one Hundred and Fifth Con^mencenient. 

Chief rinrshal. 



p. Coble, 
W. Graham, 
Alexander, Jr., 

J. C. Hobbs, 
Benjamin Bell, Jr. 
P. H. Busbee. 

Chief Ball /Wanager. 

K. p. Lewis. 


G. Chadbourn, 
R. G. S. Davis, 
F. I,. Taylor, 

J. W. Hinsdale, 

T. W. Jones, Jr., 
A. S. Root. 


Inter-Collegicite Debates. 

V^anderDiir-Carolim Debarc. 


Resolved, That the United States should not Retain Permanent Control of the Philippines. 
Affirmative ( Vanderbilt). Negative (Carolina). 

Carl Monk, W. S. Bernard, 

H. C. Crooks. W. Kluttz. 

Debate won by Carolina. 

Georgia-Carolina Debate. 

Resolved, That the Primiple of the Swiss Initiative and Referendum be Incorporated in 

Our System of Government. 
Affirmative (North Carolina). Negative (Georgia). 

H. G. Connor, Jr., C. M. Walker, 

D. B. Smith. George Jackson. 

Debate won by Georgia. 
Resolrrd, That the United States Annex Hawaii. 
Affirmative (Georgia). Negative (North Carolina). 

J. S. Roberts, J. G. Brogden, 

W. F. U P.SHAW. E. K. Graham. 

Debate won by North Carolina. 

Resolved, That United States Senators should be Elected by Direct Vote of the People. 
Affirmative (Georgia). Negative (North Carolina). 

P. H. Dotal, E D. Broadhurst, 

J. L. TisoN. T. C. Bowie. 

Debate won by North Carolina. 
Resoh-eJ, That the English System of Government is Better Suited to a Free and Self- 
(ioverning People than that of the United States. 

Affirmative (Georgia). Negative (North Carolina). 

R. H. Smith, W. H. Swikt, 

C. E. AVeddington. D. P. Parker. 

Debate won by North Carolina. 


\Va5hington'5 Rirtiiclav Exercises. 

Under the Au5i)ice5. of the Dialectic and [Philanthropic Literarv Societies. 


J. K. Ross, Di, President 

E. D. Salltngkr, Phi, Secretary 


G. N. Coffey, Di, 

J. E. Latta, Phi. 

Commencen^enl Debate. 

Representatives from each Societv. 

Resolved, That England is Just in Her Attitude Toward the South African Republic. 

Affirmative (Di). 





egative ( 


D. S. Thompson. 





L. T. Johnson, 



TOR FOUR years a member of the Faculty of the University of North 
Carolina, to him the position was a trust, administered with zealous 
purpose. To his colleagues he was resourceful of help and pleasure 
in a common service ; to his students a sympathetic interpreter of 
the beauty and romance and humanity of life ; to all a friend. In 
character generously good and wholesome ; in personal relations constant, 
thoughtful and gently courteous ; in the manhood of mind and heart and 
soul finished, he came to an environment that had not been his, knew it 
and was known ; he brought to its people a message of beauty and worth, 
effective, as it was uttered in the silence of unobstrusive effort. 

Assume, my soul, thy penitential garb, 
And fling away this insolence of pride. 
For I would seek my spirit's narrowest cell. 
And find a softer light, an air of little cheer, 
A presence, comfortless and unadorned, 
Secluded from the lighter mood of self, 
Where I may throw me on the goading stones 
Of true humility, and scourge myself 
In saddest thought, until my soul shall utter 
Its deep emotion in a plaintive moan. 
For I have seen what strikes me to the heart, 
A mystic something which I do not know, 
That stills my confident mortalit\', 
Reveals the weakness of my little strength, 
The sad unwisdom of my dying mind. 

In confidence of all the happv world, 

But yesterday I looked on strength and zeal, 

And knew the service of a kindlj' hand. 

Secure, I thought the goodness of the day 

Assured a greater for the future years. 

To-day I looked where strength and zeal had been 

And saw them not, for they had swiftly passed, 

And with them passed my dream of permanence. 

It seemed that I had looked on a morning sky, 

A rising sun with mild and ruddy light. 

That flashed to all the world a greeting, fraught 

With glorious tidings, that the night had passed. 

And in that scene I read the promise fair, 

That day would mount the clear unsullied blue 

From light to light until the radiant noon. 

An instant and it seemed that blackest night 

Had spread its mantle over earth and sky. 

The gleaming sun was, in that moment, gone 

And Nature's promise for the day recalled. 

Silence and desolation, dim and cold. 

Were overspread the earth : the birds of day 

Had yielded to the voices of the night. 

The fond assurance of a greater joy 

Had swiftly vanished, and the constant world. 

In that dread moment, seemed to halt 

Uncertainly, and, then, to veer its way 

To errant paths ; impelled by an unseen force 

To mock the vaunting confidence of man. 

So mercilessly swift the change from life 

And hope to death and grief's lament, it seemed 

That very day had turned to very night. 

Within the inmost cell of self, I kneel. 
In the damp, dark air that presses on my soul, 
To chant the rapt confession of my heart, 
Responsive to the harmony of grief. 

The ocean, sweeping on its distant way, 

Bej'ond the far-sent glance of mortal eye, 
Unpenetrated by the light of day. 

Whose waters ebb and flow and never die. 
In depth and breadth and life shall be 
The emblem of eternity. 

The quiet rivers in their narrow course, 

With softer waters and a measured strength. 
Fettered, yet growing from a feeble source. 
Are dying in their greater depth and length ; 
At last they widen to the sea, 
And yield their waters silently. 

And mortal life is like the gentle stream. 

Which leaps with rippling of its childhood song, 
Fulfills, in manhood strength, the youthful dream ; 
Yet be its tranquil course, or short or long, 
Must ever widen to the sea 
And float into Eternity. 



Athlefk" Assoc icifion 

K. p. I,E\vis, President. 

W. K. Battlk, , P. H. BUSBEE, 

Vice-President. vSecretary and Treasurer. 

W. F. Bryan, Chief Cheerer. 


T. W. Jones, Jr., Manager. A. M. Carr, Assistant Manager. 

S. E. Shui,!,, Captain. 


A. A. Holmes, Manager. 

O. S. Thompson, Assistant Manager. 

R. B. Lawson, Captain. 


F. M. Osborne, Captain. M. L,. Elliott, Manager. 

J. W. Calder, Director. 

Alhlefic Advisory Coininirtec, 

F. M. Osborne, Graham Woodard. 

Charles Baskerville, Ph. D. 

rootDcill Tea 111 of 

Right End Osborne. Ivcft End McIver. 

Right Tackle . . Bennett. Left Tackle . . . Shull 

Right Guard . . . Phifer, I. Left Guard Rankin. 

Center . Elliott. 

Quarter-back Martin. 

Right Half-back Bellamy and Howell. 

Eeft Half-back Koehler and Richardson. 

Full-back Graves. 

Phifer, W. 


Singletarv. Brem. 


McRae, C. 

Captain . . . S. E Shull. 

Assistant Manager 

Manager . . T. \V. Jones, Jr. 
. A. AI. Carr. 


Reynolds, W. A. 

J. G. Jayne. 

Pecoixl of the X'arsify Eleven for 1(^99. 

October 7tli, University of North Carolina cs. A. & M. College, at Chapel Hill 

October 12th, Universit\' of North Carolina vs. Oak Ridge, at Chapel Hill 

October 14th, University of North Carolina vs. Guilford, at Chapel Hill . . . 

October 21st, University of North Carolina ci. Davidson, at Charlotte .... 

October 23d, University of North Carolina vs. Horner School, at Chapel Hill 

October 28lh, University of North Carolina vs. A. and M. College, at Ealeigh 

October 31st, University of North Carolina vs. Maryland, at Chapel Hill . . 

November 4th, University of North Carolina vs. Naval Academy, at Annapolis 

November Sth, University of North Carolitiu vs. Princeton, at Princeton . . . 

November 30tli, University of North Carolina t-s. Georgia, at Atlanta 

December 2d, University of North Carolina vs. Sewanee, at Atlanta 




0- 5 


Scrub rootlxill Team. 

T. R. Brrm, Captain. A. M. Carr, Manager. 

Right End, C. R. McIver, G. S. Ferguson. 

Right Tackle H. H. Reynolds. 

Right Guard, T. R. Brem. 

Center, G. H. Means. 

Left Guard, F. L. FousT. 

Left Tackle, . . . . E. L. Neville, J. R. Reynolds. 

Left End, C. N. Simpson, Jr. 

Quarter-back, . . M. Makelev, Jr. 

Right Half-back, A. M. Carr, J. M. Craig. 

Left Half-back. W. Oldham. 

Full-back, B. F. Long, Jr. 


November 14th — ^Scrubs versus Horner School. — 6-10. 


Bnselxill Tecnii of 1900. 

Catcher, E. Graves. 

Pitcher, (Capt. ) K. B. Laavson. 

First Base, E. P. Hoi/r. 

Second Base, J. R. Carr. 

Right Field. . , . . 

Shortstop, G. WooDARD. 

Third Base, H. A. Lambkth. 

Left Field, T. T. Allison. 

Center Field, A. W. Graham. 

. W. H. Oldham. 


J. WiLLco.v, Pitcher. 

F. Bknnett. 

T. R. Bit KM. 

W. F. (^ARR. 

l^aseDcill Schedule. 

March 24lh, 
March 27th, 
March L'8th, 
April 2d, 
April 7th, 
April 14th, 
April IGth, 
April 17th, 
April 27tli, 
April 28th, 
May 5th, 


of North Carolina vs. Oak Ridge, at ('hapel Hill, . 

of North Carolina r.s. Lafayette, at Chapel Hill, . 

of North Carolina vs. Lafayette, at Chapel Hill, . 

of North Carolina vs. Cornell, at Chapel Hill, . . 

of North Carolina vs. Horner School, at Chapel Hi! 

of North Carolina vs. Oak Ridge, at Greensboro, . 

of North Carolina vs. University of Tennessee, at Winston, 

of North Carolina vs. University of Tennessee, at Chapel Hill 

of North Carolina vs. University of Georgia, at Atlanta, . 

of North Carolina ys. University of Georgia, at Atlanta, . 

of North Carolina vs. University of Maryland at Chapel Hil 


4- 8 
13- 7 
9- 4 
tj- ;j 
(3- 4 
0- 4 
10- 0- 
9- 4 

K •« 

e- ^ 

0) an 

3 § 


F. M. Osborne Captain. 

M. L. Elliott, Manager. 

J. W. Calder, Director. 

Track Team. 

Crosswell. Hearn, 

GuDGER, Gates, 

Oldham, Lucas, 


Berkeley, G., Curtis, 

Thorpe. McIver, 


State Intercollegiate Champions at Meet Held at Horner's Park, Oxford, 
North Carolina, April 25th, 1900. 

First Year Winners of the Horner Trophy Cup. 

Class Chan"\pions for 1599. 

G. K. Berkeley, Captain. Louis Graves, Manager. 

Right End, W. R. Capeheart, 

Right Tackle, B. S. Drane and G. G. Galloway. 
Right Guard, G. L. Jones. 
Center, J. C. Webb. 

Left Guard, W. E. Lyon. 

Left Tarkle, J. A. Ferrell, 

Left End, K. Gant and J. B. Ramsey. 
Quarter-back, L. Graves. 

Full-back, E. P. Holt. 

Left Half-back. G. R. Berkeley. 
Right Half-back, L. Rankin. 


H. B Short, H. G. Lucas. 

rreshman Class F^ecord. 

October 28th, Freshmen vs. Sophomores, 10-0 

November 7th, Freshmen vs. Juriors, 6-5 

November 11th, Freshmen vs. Seniors, 6-5 

December 4th, Freshmen vs. Juniors, 6-0 


Tennis Association. 


K. P. IvEWis President. 

H. C. CowLES, Jr., • ... Vice-President. 

Louis Graves, Secretary-Trea.surer. 

Class ClKin^pions. 

K. P. Lewis, Class of 'oo 

W. K. Battee, Class of 'oi 

P. H. WiNSTox, Class of '02 

Louis Graves, Class of '03 


The Point of View. 

My drtughter! " and the old man's voice was stern, 
" We must set this matter right ! 
What time did that sophomore leave, 
Who sent in his card last night ? " 

His business was pressing, father, dear. 

And I '11 tell it to you straight : 
He took his leave, and went his way 

Before a quarter of eight." 

I told the truth," the maiden said ; 

And into her eyes so blue 
Came a tiny twinkle, as she thought : 

" A quarter of eight is— two." 

t^ «i3» ta* 

Ode of a Coinn^ons Boarder. 

Backward, turn backward, oh time, in thy flight 
Feed me on gruel, just for to-night ! 
I am so weary of sole-leather steak. 
Petrified dough-nuts and vulcanized cake. 
Oysters that slept in a watery bath. 
Butter as strong as Goliath of Gath — 
Weary of paying for what I don't eat, 
Chewing up rubber and calling it meat- 
Backward, turn backward, for weary I am ; 
Give me a whack at grandmother's jam, 
Let me drink milk that has never been skimmed, 
Let me eat butter whose hair has been trimmed, 
Let me once more have an old-fashioned pie. 
And then I '11 be ready to turn up and die. 



All old man broken with the storms of state Vick. 

A man who loves to hear himself talk, Holmes. 

The bed has become a place of luxury for me, Whartox. 

What winning graces, what majestic mien ; 

She moves a goddess, she looks a queen A Co-ed. 

I, to myself, am dearer than a friend Cummings. 

A little, round, fat, oily man of God, " Parson " Che.\tham. 

Weak of body, but strong of mind, " Thoua' " Huske. 

Oh happy soul that all the way to heaven (?) hath a summer's day, . Weil. 
Night after night he sat and blurred his eyes with books, . . Woodard. 
Oh, leave the noisy town ! Oh, come and see our country cots, and 

live content with me " AcTOx " Jones. 

From him rattling nonsense in full volleys break, Busbee. 

On his own merits a modest man is dumb, " Jojo " Rainisav. 

If his brain worked half as as his body, for.sooth he would be a 

Socrates — but not so, Richardson. 

At every sentence sets his life at stake Kluttz. 

He sows a noise of jaggling words unknow^n Curtis Bynum. 

Many that are not mad have sure some lack of reason, 

KluCtH and Bverlv. 

He is too disputable for my company, Battle. 

Beautiful in form and feature McDiarmid. 

I am the very pink of courtesy, Rountree. 

The bore is usually considered a harmless creature, Andrews. 

No night is now without hymn or carol blessed South Building. 

A doleful case desires a doleful song, "Brother" Murphy. 

Let not the generous (?) die, McAden. 

With cigarettes never seen, but always seeking one, 

McNiDER, Adams and Caldwell. 

A mighty hunter is he " Nimrod " Ehringhaus. 

Their voices are celestial melody, . Emory Alexander and Hinsdale. 


He might be a very clever man by nature, for all I know, but he laid so 
many books upon his head that his brains would not move. 

Thy modesty 's a candle to th}^ merit, Crossweix. 

I called on him yesterday and found him sitting all around a 

table by himself, J. A. jMoork. 

What a head for just a boy to have, W. B. Whitehead. 

The}^ have eaten me out of house and home, Root and Rose. 

Lord, how wise you are ! Smathers. 

Could I love less I should be happier, Osborne. 



Professor Cobb (in geology laboratory) : Have all the class enough 
specimens ? 

Emory Alexander: Professor, I 'm "two shy." 

Do you know him ? Who? The assistant manager. 

Bully Jones is dead. Where did he go? Ask Phillis. 

Wherein lies the difference between the german club and the pressing 
club ? 

One presses, pants and courts ; the other presses coats and pants. 

Why did Burke Budgers jump in the millpond? 

BelIv (on physics, after having answered a question) : Toll not the 
bell — for the Bell has been told. 

"I am of the University of North Carolina, 

president of the Senior Class, president of Alpha Theta Phi, chief cheerer 
of the Athletic A.ssociation, vice-president of the Current Topics Club, and 
the smartest man since John G. Pettigrew." Who? 

7^ Junior's Soliloquv. 

That one must think before one acts, 

In Psycholog}' I was taught, 
But this does not agree with facts 

For I took it before I thought. 

*^ ^M 


A Tew New BooKs. 

" Science of Sleep," by Wharton. 

" Dignity Developed in Youth," by Benjamin Benson Bell. 

"Consumption of Food," by A. S. Root. 

"World's Almanac," by Holmes. 

' The Proper Dress for All Occasions," by Cowles. 

"Selected Slang," by G. V. Cowper. 

" Nocturnal Odes," composed and recited by " Phyllis." 

" Freshness as a Fine Art," by Fre.shman Haywood. 

" Pecuniary Economy," by " Pat " Carr. 

Cook on Craps. Motto : " Hit 'em a lick." 

"Sayings of a I^oafer," by S. J. Adams. 

" The Game from a Business Standpoint," by Weil. 

" How to Become President of the Senior Class," a personal narra- 
tive by Puss Bryan. 

"A Hard Luck Story," by W. B, Whitehead. 

" My Best Orations," by W. Kluttz. 

" Argumentation (?) " by Willie Battle. 




Dr. E. A. Alderman ^ 

Introduction ^ 

Calendar ' 1 

Trustees ^2 

Faculty and Officers '" 

Senior Class Officers -•'' 

Senior Class Statistics -^ 

Class of 1901 =^0 

Class of 1902 '^1 

Class of 1903 3-J 

Graduates '^'^ 

Co-Eds ^'^ 

Law Class ^"^ 

Students in Law ^^ 

Medical Class, 1900 42 

3Iedical Class, 1901 43 

Pharmacy Class 44 

Fraternities — 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 47 

Kappa Alpha 'j^ 

Sigma Nu -5^ 

Zeta Psi 63 

Delta Kappa Epsilon ^' 

Kappa Sigma ' ' 

Alpha Tau Omega '4 

Pi Kappa Alpha ' ' 

Phi Delta Theta "■* 

Statistics of the Fraternity Men of the University ^4 

Organizations — 

Order of Gimghouls -'^ 

The Gorgon's Head ^'^ 

Theta Nu Epsilon ^" 

Pi Sigma ^^ 

Alpha Theta Phi 100 

Dialectic Society 103 

Philanthropic Society 104 


Organizations, Continued — page 

University German Club 105 

Religious Organizations ... 109 

Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society 110 

North Carolina Historical Society Ill 

Shakespeare Club Ill 

Philological Club HI 

University Forum Ill 

University of Nortli Carolina Press Association 112 

Publications — Editors 115 

Magaziiie Editors 110 

Tar Heel Editors . . 123 

Commencement Officers 127 

Inter-Collegiate Debates 128 

Washington's Birthday Exercises 129 

In Memoriam — 

Benjamin Franklin Long, Jr 130 

John Howard Alexander 130 

Samuel May 130 

Samuel May (Sketch) 131 

Athletic Association 133 

Football Team 136 

Scrub Team 139 

Baseball Team 140 

Track Team 145 

Freshman Class Champions 146 

Tennis Association 149 

The Point of View (Poem) 150 

The Ode of a Commons Boarder (Poem) 150 

Grinds 151 

Jokes 163 

New Books 154 

The Alumnus' Dream 155 

Finis 157 


A User of Printing 

who knows the ins and outs of good and bad printing, 
is always the friend and advocate of good printing. 

The Stone Printing 2^ Manufacturing Co. 


Edward 1.. Stone, President. -p^ ^ \T' * » 

iio 112 iM North lefferson Street. KoanOKC, Virginia. 




217 East German Street, 


The University of North Carolina 

The Head of the State's 
Educational System. 

The University Makes Leaders. 

Eight tliousand Alutnui, including one Presi- 
dent, two Vice-Presidents, eight Cabinet 
Ministers, six Ministers to Foreign Courts, 44 
per cent, of all of our Senators, 40 per cent, 
of all of our Congressmen, 51 percent, of the 
Supreme Court, 40 per cent, of the Superior 
Court and the leaders in educational, indus- 
trial and agricultural life. 

Founded in 1789. Re-establisiied in 1875. 

widest Patronage and Fullest Equipment ii 
its History. 

Three Academic Courses. 
Three Elective Courses. 
The Law School. 
The Medical School. 
The School of Pharmacy. 
The Summer School. 

Continuows Session Dtiringf the Swmmer offering: Work 
in the Reg^ular Courses Counting: Towards a Deg-ree. 

Scholarships and Loans for the Needy. Advanced Qasses Open to Women. 

The Spirit of the University is Equality, Opportunity, Self-help. 

Teachers Supplied to all Schools. 

New Buildings. 

Seven Scientific Laboratories 

Newly Equipped Library of 40,000 Volumes. 

New Athletic Grounds. 



Faculty, Thirty-nine. 

Splendid Literary Societies. 

Students, 512; Summer School, 161; Total, 673. 

Largest Academic Enrollment in the 

Southern States. 

EDWARD A. ALDERMAN, LL. D., President, 




' Pickara^s Ciuery 

Teed and Sale 
Stable. « « 

Dealers in Men's and Boy's Clothing, 

Shoes, TrunKs, Hats, Furnishing Goods 

«« Dress Suits a Specialty •* 









"A slice to 
a pipeful'' Is 
one reason 
why Old En- 
glish Curve 
Cut pipe to- 
bacco IS so 
popular. The 
curved tin box that fits any pock- 
et is another reason. No other 
pipe tobacco has ever made as 
many friends in soshortatime. 
"It disappoints no one." 

A trial box will b: sent to any one anywhere on 
receipt of ten cents in stamps. Address Old 
English Department, The AmericanTobacco Co . 
•n Fifth Ave.. New York City. All dealers sell it 

^\ Horses, Buggies and Carriages yf/ 

I to Let at All Hours. jjj 

/\\ Carriages meet every train. ijjji 

'f^ Kates Low. ^ 

/)\ ^1^ 

(f^ CHAPEL Hill, N C. <•> 

It ^ x'^ 


ALEXANDER WEBB, Vice-President. 
CHARLES ROOT, Secy and Treas. 

The North Carolina | 
Home Insurance 
I Company, 


■ii Organized, 1868. ^ 

Tl HOMK COMPANY seeking 
•" liorue patronage. Successful 
in business for more thau thirty 
years. Over Si, 000,000.00 paid in 

HAPPY PATTY established 1894. 


Dealer in the Best Domestic 
and Foreign Whiskies, Wines, 
Brandies, Cordials and Beers, 
Cigars Cigarettes and Tobacco. 

Very respectfully, Polite Clerks to wait on you. A square deal to all. 

HAPPY PATTY, Mangum Street, DURHAM, N. C. 



OBJ nr]^ M7A\o 

mUACh o 


First and Last Sale at the Palace 

Pure Wines, Whiskies, Bran- 
dies, Tobacco. Cigars, and All 
Kinds of Beer, Ale, Eic. 

No. 124 Corner Mangum 
and Peabody Streets. 

DU RH A M, N. C 


. . OF . . 


Tratcrnity Jewelry 
Traternity emblems 
Traterniiy novelties 
Traternity Programs 
Traternity Stationery 
Traternity Invitations 
Traternity Announcements 

Send for Catalogue and Price 
Special Desigus ou Application. 

140=142 Wood-ward Avenue, 


University College of Medicine 


Medicine ^ Dentistry ^ Pharmacy 

HUNTER McGUIRE, M. D. LL. D., President. 
56 in Faculty. .Ji ^ ^ ^ S -^ -^ 310 Students last year. 

Record for 1S99, 100 per cent. Seventy-three Graduates applied for license before seven different State 

Examining Boards, and all passed. 

For 88 page Catalogue, address 

J. ALLISON HODGES, M. D., Proctor. 

®ltp llnii'^rjjitg 




Published monthly by the Philan- 
thropic and Dialectic Societies. 

Subscription, $1,50 a year. 



Business Manager. 

She ®ar "^ul 


n FOUR-PAGE WEEKLY containing all cur- 
"" rent news of the University of North Car- 
olina. Special attention paid to football and 
baseball games. 



Send your subscription to 


Business Manager. 



Everything in the drug line 

Huyler's Candies. 
Kodak Supplies. :# 




HATIhI and university 


A New, Up-to-date House, with all Mod- 
ern Improvements, and Newly Fur- 
nished Throughout. 

RATES, $2.00 

Special Prices Per Week and Month. 


Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes, and Fancy Groceries 
in the Hotel Office. 

W. W. PICKARD, Proprietor. 

Southern Railway 

Standard Railway of the South. 

excellent Service ^ Conweniem Schedules 
Td$t Ciitie ! 

For information as to Rates, call on any Agent of the Southern 
Railway, or write 

R. L. VERNON, Traveling Passenger Agent, 
Cliarlotte, N. C. 

J. M. GULP, Traffic Manager. W. A. TURK, General Passenger Agt 
General Offices, Washington, D. C. 

Everytbing in 

. tir' ~^ . 

>•»/ Up-to-date ^, 
%. Furnishings A*' 

KLUTTZ, the Old Reliable Book 
and Stationery Dealer. 

Cbe finest 
Cine of 

€igar$ and 

in town. 

Fine Hats 

and Hand=inade 

Shoes a Specialty 

CaKes, Candies, Crackers, 
Pichles, Fruits, Nuts, and 
Canned Goods of All Kinds 

Always Fresh and the Best Quality.