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Full text of "Hill's Raleigh (Wake County, N.C.) city directory [1933]"

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PHONES 4100 

T. E. CREEN, Pr«slden* *. H, MOONEVHAM. Seefe(»fyTr«»sUf*" 

W, F. MOODY, Vlc«-Pres!d«nt H. W. M)MS, Maiiagfr 



Pbon^ 4388 


Raleigh, N. C, 222 Weit Hargett St. 

City Directory 


Chamber of Commerce 


17 W, DAVIE 

Kirchofer & Arnold, Inc. 

Securities for Investment 

Security Bank BIdg» 

Phones 424-465 


4i0 LAWYERS BUILDINS Phons J04 illSPf^ll€e 

of t|); 

^niucrsitp of s^ottt Carolina 

Collection ot jRortg Caroliniana 
tE||i0 book ta)a0 predentfH 



social service, and to this end 
pledges himself: 

1 . To consider, first, the interest 
of the user of the book. 

2. To subscribe to and work for 
truth, honesty and accuracy in all 

3. To avoid confusing duplication 
of listings, endeavoring to classify 
every concern under the one head- 
ing that best describes it, and to 
treat additional listings as advertis- 
ing, to be charged for at regular 

4. To increase public knowledge 
of what Directories contain; to 
study public needs and make Direc- 
tories to supply them; to revise and 
standardize methods and classifica- 
tions, so that what is wanted may 
be most easily found, and the Direc- 
tory be made to serve its fullest use 

f a Member of 

: that skill and care can produce 
eference media, and providing; pro- 
mes which operate under the name 

adopted at the inception of the 
Publishers in 1898, and strictly ad- 
of satisfactory Directory Service. 

=18 a business and social reference 
3ook and director of buyer and 

5. To decline any advertisement 
"which has a tendency to mislead or 
■which does not conform to business 

6. To solicit subscriptions and ad- 
vertising solely upon the merits of 
the publications. 

7. To avoid misrepresentation by 
statement or inference regarding 
circulation, placing the test of refer- 
ence publicity upon its accessibility 
to seekers, rather than on the num- 
ber of copies sold. 

8. To co-operate with approved 
organization and individuals en- 
gaged in creative advertising work. 

9. To avoid unfair competition. 

1 0. To determine what is the 
highest and largest function of 
Directories in public service, and 
then to strive in every legitimate 
way to promote that function. 

^100 Reward will be paid by the Association of North American Directory Publishers 
for the arrest and conviction of any person or persons engaged in the publishing, 
•ollecting or canvassing for any fraudulent or fake directories. 

Association of North American 
Directory Publishers 

354-360 4th AVE. 

New York City 





Dry Cleane'"^^"^^^^^ 

- from the 



411-413 S. 1 



t^^^ ^^^c^^ 


to patronize those concerns 
who are in bxisiness to stay. 

It's hvunan to expect that such biisi- 
ness establishments always stand 
back of the wares they sell« 

The advertising in this Directory ia 
suggestive of the stability auid per» 
manency of the advertisers.: 

Frauds, fakes, jget-rich-quicks and 
other schemers have little use for 
directory advertising.^ It lives too 

The modern Ci^ Directory Is a; 
business institution. It occupies a 
place peculiarly its own. It is as 
necessary to the progress and de-i 
velopment of a: city generally as 
anything naturally would be which 
deals with such a fundamental as 
the citizens themselves^ 

If you are not advertising your tusi-^ 
ness in the Directory, may we ex- 
plcun how and why it will pay you? 







Vol. 19 3 3 XXIII 

Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and Pri- 
vate Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants of Office 
Buildings and Other Business Places, Including a Complete 
Street and Avenue Guide; also a 


and a Complete 

Classified Business 


PRICE •^■'jB'S-, IMP' $15.00 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers 

8 North Sixth Street (Fourth Floor), Richmond, Va. 


Member Association of North American Directory Piiblisliers 
Coijyriglit, 1S33, by Hill Directory Co., Inc. 

Section 28, Copyright Law 
In Force July 7, 1909 

That any person who wilfully and for profit shall infringe 
any copyright secured by this act, or who shall knowingly 
or wilfully aid or abet such infringement, shall be deemed 
guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall 
be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year, or 
by a fine of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than 
one thousand dollars, or both, in the discretion of the court. 


The information in this Directory is gathered by an 
actual canvass and is compiled in a way to insure maximum 

The publishers cannot and do not guarantee the cor- 
rectness of all information furnished them nor the complete 
absence of errors or omissions, hence no responsibility 
for same can be or is assumed. 

The publishers earnestly request the bringing to their 
attention of any inaccuracy so that it may be corrected in 
the next edition of the directory. 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc. Publishers 





Abbreviations 48 

Alphabetical Directory 49 

Apartment Buildings 494 

Associations and Clubs — Commercial 495 

Banks and Trust Companies 498 

Buildings — Office and Public 501 

Bus and Coach Lines — Motor 501 

Buyers' Guide 25 

Cemeteries 502 

Chamber of Commerce 299 

Churches 503 

City Courts 299 

City Fire Department 299 

City Officials 299 

City Police Department 299 

Classified Business Directory ^93 

Clergymen 504 

Clubs 506 

County Government 361 

Golf Clubs and Courses 514 

Halls 516 

Homes and Asylums 517 

Hospitals and Dispensaries 517 

Index to Advertisers 8 

Introduction 9 

Labor Organizations 523 

Libraries 526 

Newspapers 529 

Parks and Playgrounds 531 

Post Office 357 

Railroads 535 

^ Schools— Public 537 

"5* Schools, Colleges and Academies 537 

Vi Societies 539 

/^ Societies— Benevolent and Fraternal 539 

/- State Officials 271 

Street and Avenue Guide and Householders' Directory. 393 

United States Government 356 




B-N Motor Co right side lines 

Baker & Rawls Roofing Co left top lines 

Boylan-Pearce Co Inc left top lines and 33 

Briggs T H & Sons Inc right top lines and 35 

Bynum Printing Co 41 

Byi-um AH 32 

Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co left top lines and 31 

Carolina Builders Corp backbone and 32 

Carolina Pines Inc back cover 

Clark Art Shoppe 28 

Commonwealth Motor Co right top lines and 27 

Connor & Ruffin left top lines and 36 

Cross & Linehan Co right top lines and 33 

Drewry John C marginal line front cover 

Durham Life Insurance Co right top lines and 38 

Edwards & Broughton Co 41 

Hudson John W Jr Inc front stencil and 33 

Johnson Chas E right top lines and 37 

Kirchofer & Arnold Inc front cover and 38 

Martin Millwork Co bottom stencil and 40 

Martin-Yelverton Co right top lines and 34 

McKimmon & McKee Inc 37 

Mitchell Funeral Home front cover and 34 

Mitchell Printing Co 42 

Montfort Plumbing & Heating Co marginal line, front cover and 41 

Montgomery-Mutart Inc right top lines 

Moore & Johnson Co 36 

Oak City Laundry 39 

Oldham & Worth Inc marginal line, front cover and 33 

Parker Transportation Co right side lines 

Parker V O Co left top lines 

Parrott R M & Son right top lines 

Peace A Junior College for Women 42 

Perry Walter N 38 

Person Street Pharmacy 34 

PuUen A M & Co 26 

Quinn R E & Co 35 

Raleigh Building & Loan Assn right bottom lines and 31 

Raleigh Letter Writers 39 

Rawhngs A Lee & Co right side lines and 26 

Saint Mary's School 43 

Sanders Motor Co left top lines and 28 

Sanitary Laundry 3 

Sir Walter Chevrolet Co 28 

Southern Tile Service Co 44 

Stephenson C H Music Co left top lines and 41 

Thiem James E right side lines 

Thompson Electrical Co right side lines 

Tynes A M Co 27 

Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 29 

Waller's J A Garage 27 

Warren's Transfer 44 

Williams Alfred & Co. . .marginal line, front cover, left top lines and 30 

Williams & Williams 37 

■Jfancey Robt G right side lines and 37 


HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., publishers of Southeastern 
Dh-ectories, present to subscribers and the general public, 
this, the 1933 edition of the Raleigh City Directory. 

Confidence in the growth of Raleigh's industry, popu- 
lation and wealth, and in the advancement of its civic 
and soci-al activities, will be maintained as sections of this 
Directory are consulted, for the Directory is a mirror truly 
reflecting Raleigh to the world. 

The enviable position occupied by HILL'S Directories 
in the estimation of the public, has been established by 
rendering the best in Directory service. With an unrivaled 
organization, and having had the courteous and hearty co- 
operation of the business and professional men and resi- 
dents, the publishers feel that the result of their labors will 
meet with the approval of every user, and that the Ra- 
leigh Directory will fulfill its mission as a source of authen- 
tic information pertaining to the city. 

Four Major Departments 

The four major departments are arranged in the fol- 
lowing order: — 

THE BUYERS' GUIDE, pages 25 to 48. printed on tinted 
paper, contains the advertisements of leading manufactur- 
ing, business and professional interests of Raleigh. 
The advertisements are indexed under headings descriptive 
of the business represented. This is reference advertising 
at its best, and merits a survey by all buyers eager to fa- 
miliarize themselves with sources of supply. In a progres- 
sive community like Raleigh, the necessity of having this 
kind of information immediately available, is obvious. Gen- 
eral appreciation of this fact is evidenced by the many ref- 
erence users of this City Directory service. 

business and professional concerns is included in pages 49 
to 389. This is the only record in existence intended to 
show the name, marital status, occupation and address of 
each adult resident of Raleigh, and the name, official 
personnel, nature and address of each firm and corpora- 
tion in the city. 


STREET AND AVENUE GUIDE, covers pages 393 to 492. In 
this section the names of the streets are arranged in alpha- 
betical order; the number of the residences and business 
concerns are arranged in numerical order under the name 
of each street, and the names of the householders and con- 
cerns are placed opposite the numbers. The names of the 
iniersecting streets appear at their respective crossing points 
on each street. 

in pages 493 to 544. This department lists the names of all 
business and professional concerns in alphabetical order 
under appropriate headings. This feature constitutes an in- 
valuable and indispensable catalog of the numerous inter- 
ests of the community. The Directory is the common inter- 


mediary between buyer and seller. As such it plays an im- 
portant part in the daily activities of the commercial and 
professional world. More buyers and sellers meet through 
the Classified Business Directory than through any other 

Municipal Publicity 
The Directory reflects the achievements and ambitions 
of the city, depicting in unbiased terms what it has to offer 
as a place of residence, as a business location, as a manu- 
facturing site and as an educational center. To broadcast 
this information, the publishers have placed copies of this 
issue of the Directory in Directory Libraries, where they 
are readily available for free public reference, and serve as 
perpetual and reliable advertisements of Raleigh. 

The Raleigh Directory Library 

Through the courtesy of the publishers of the Raleigh 
City Directory, a Directory Library is maintained in the of- 
fices of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, for free ref- 
erence by the general public. This is one of more than 425 
Directory Libraries installed in the chief cities of the U. S. 
and Canada by members of the Association of North Ameri- 
can Directory Publishers, under whose supervision the sys- 
tem is operated. 

The publishers appreciatively acknowledge the recogni- 
tion by those progressive business and professional men who 
have demonstrated their confidence in the City Directory as 
an advertising medium, with assurance that it will bring a 
commensurate return. 




(Facts and Information Compiled by the Raleigh Chamber 
of Commerce) 

Statistical Review 

Form of Government — ^Commission. 

Population— Total, 37,379; males, 17,827; females, 19,552; 
White males of age, 10,933; white females of age, 12,245; 
total colored 12,575 (1930 U. S. Census). American-born 

Area — 7.5 square miles. 

Altitude— 363 feet. 

Climate — Mean annual temperature, 60.1 degrees F.; 
average annual rainfall, 46.7 inches. 

Parks — 13 park areas. 

Assessed Valuation— $52,000,000 with $1.10 per $100 tax 

1*9, tip 

Bonded Debt— $5,622,921.98. 

Postal Receipts— $396,000 (1932). 

Telephones in Service — 7,904. 

Churches — 48, representing 14 denominations. 

Building and Construction — Value of building permits, 
$132,318.50 (1932). 

Industry — 41 manufacturing establishments, employing 
905 men, paying wages of $1,054,430 annually, and having 

products valued at $4,190,799 annually (last report). 

Trade Area — Retail area has radius of 50 miles, and 
population of 650,000; wholesale area, radius of 100 miles, 
and population of 2,081,000. 

Newspapers — 2 dailies and 3 weeklies. 

Hotels — 9, with total of 1,035 rooms. 

Railroads— 3: Southern, Norfolk-Southern and Seaboard 
Air Line. 

Highways— U. S. 1 and 64; State 10, 21, 50 and 90. 

Airports — 1 (Raleigh Airport). 

Amusements — Largest auditorium in city seats 4,000 
persons. 4 moving-picture theatres, with total seating capa- 
city of 3,349 persons. 4 golf courses. 

Hospitals — 3 public and 3 private. 

Education — 6 colleges: North Carolina State College of 
Agriculture and Engineering; Meredith College, Baptist, "A" 
grade woman's college; Peace, Presbyterian, junior college 
for women; St. Mary's School and Junior College, Episcopal, 
for girls; Shaw University, for colored; and St. Augustine's 
College for colored. 18 public schools, including 2 high. 1 
parochial school. Number of pupils in public schools, 8,339. 
Value of pubhc school property, $2,750,000. 

Public Libraries— 2 (State and City), with total of 92,799 

City Statistics — Total street mileage, 90, with 75 miles 
paved. Miles of sewers, 100. Number of water meters, 
9,257; light meters, 8,070; gas meters, 3,752. Capacity of 
water works (municipal), 7,000,000 gallons; daily average 
pump, 3,002,322 gallons; miles of mains, 115; value of plant, 
$1,875,000. Fire department has 56 men, with 5 stations. 


The handsome and well-equipped new auditorium, located convenient to the 
entertain large conventions and public gatherings. It also gives Raleigh a uniql en, 



national conventions as well as conventions that embrace several states. In 
arranged assembly room in the basement is provided for conventions and busines 
necessary asset. The completeness of the auditorium, with its many convenienceawmny 
both large and small, is available. Exhibits can be most attractively arranged o 
as the convention center of the state for several years. An average of 75 convniija, 
ress in providing a splendid auditorium. A thousand hotel rooms are availabl 


p ik jss district, with ample parking space, places Raleigh in an enviable position to 
il|jtion as one of the few Southern cities with auditorium accommodations for 
to the large auditorium, with a seating capacity of approximately 4,000, a well- 
sine!|5 of 600 and less. The splendid, well-located committee rooms are a valuable and 
ience 'ecially important and outstanding. Exhibit space, required by many conventions, 
ia ain floor. Raleigh as the state capital, centrally located, has been recognized 
con' a year meet here. The hotel accommodations are in keeping with Raleigh's prOj] 


Police department has 52 men, with 1 station and 6 pieces 
of motor equipment. 

Wal^e County — 824 square miles in area; 94,757 popula- 
tion (1930 U. S. Census); second county in state in farm 
production, with farm property valued at $2,983,752. 

Notable Facts in Raleigh's March of Progress 

Only six states in the United States — California, Florida, 
Michigan, Texas, Arizona and New Jersey — exceeded North 
Carolina in percentage of population growth between 1920 
and 1930—23.9%. Raleigh's percentage of growth— 53.1%— 
was more than twice as great a,s that of the state as a whole 
during this period. 

Construction work in Raleigh of all types in the past 10 
years represent an outlay of $30,000,000. an average of $3,- 
000,000 annually. 

Investments in buildings and equipment of colleges and 
schools have grown from $3,400,000 to $7,500,000 in the past 
ten years. During the same period the student enrollment 
in colleges has increased from 1,350 to 3,800. 

Municipal improvements necessitating an expenditure 
of over $3,000,000 to provide for present and anticipated 
needs have been made in the past few years. 

The volume of retail trade has increased in the past six 
years to $23,000,000. The Raleigh retail sales area extends 
from 25 to 50 miles. 

A first-class flying school has been provided at the Ra- 
leigh Airport. Raleigh is one of the regular stops on the 
Eastern Air Transport New York-South American trunk air 
line. The city and county co-operated in this development. 

An up-to-date radio station, carrying both chain and 
local programs, has been provided by the Durham Life In- 
surance Co. 

The North Carolina State Fair, with a group of hand- 
some new buildings, has been enlarged under State owner- 
ship and operation. 

Wake County provided a bond issue of $1,300,000, which 
has been expended to complete the hard-surfacing of all im- 
portant through highways in the county, in the interest of 
both local and tourist traffic. 

Raleigh is a stop-over point for tourist traffic bound to 
Southern resorts. Highway developments have put this city 
at the forks of two leading Southern highways — Federal, No. 
1, and the Coastal Route. 

Eastern North Carolina is the section of the state with 
the greatest undeveloped potentialities, and Raleigh is the 
logical gateway and distributing point for this vast and fer- 
tile agricultural area. 

Raleigh — Old and New 

There have been two Raleighs in North Carolina; The 
first, the "City of Raleigh" on Roanoke Island, which came 
into being in the spring of 1587, upon the arrival of Governor 
John White from England. Of it, only old Fort Raleigh, its 
defense, now remains. Governor White left for England on 
Aug. 27, that year, expecting to return soon with more set- 
tlers and supplies. In 1591, when he came back, the colonists 
had gone without a trace. Then what is now North Carolina 
and all the rest of North America was "Virginia," named 
fancifully by Sir Walter Raleigh, in honor of his queen, the 
great Elizabeth. 

The inspiration of Sir Walter's great name persisted, and 
when, in 1787, the convention of the people of the state of 


North Carolina decreed that there should be a "fixed and un- 
alterable seat of government," it was also decreed that it 
should be named in Raleigh's honor. Since the establish- 
ment of the colony of 1663, there had been ten seats of gov- 
ernment, at only three of which were there structures de- 
signed to be of a permanent character. These places were 
Edenton, Brunswick and New Bern. 

Raleigh's streets were named by the convention and the 
special commissioners appointed by the General Assembly, 
in honor of notable men and for the eight superior court 
districts. In like manner, the public squares were named for 
men to whom the state was indebted for conspicuous service. 

The Raleigh of today, established, bought and paid for 
March 30, 1792, was the consummation of a well-laid and 
definite plan. The construction of the first capitol building 
was begun in 1793 and finished in Nov., 1794. This was later 
destroyed by fii-e. The present Capitol was built in 1840. 

Raleigh's first school was St. Mary's, built prior to 1840. 
Thirty years later came Peace Institute, and then about 1900, 
Meredith College, while the Negro colleges, Shaw and St. 
Augustine's, date from 1867. In 1890 the State Agricultural 
and Mechanical College came into being. The State Prison 
was begun in 1869 and finished a number of years later. The 
Soldier's Home, with buildings of wood, was occupied in 1891. 
In 1876 the old "Palace" of the governors, long unoccupied, 
was secured for the first graded school. Some twenty years 
later the first high school was established in a building on 
the site of the "Palace." 

At no capital in the country are there more buildings or 
institutions connected with the state government. These 
include the present Capitol, which was built in 1840 of 
granite from a quarry owned by the State, considered by 
architects to be one of the most perfect pieces of architec- 
ture in the country; the Administration Building, Agricul- 
tural Building, Hall of History, State Museum, State De- 
partments Building, State Office Building, State Highway 
Commission Building, Governor's Mansion, State Prison, 
State Hospital, State School for the White Blind, State 
School for the Colored Deaf Mutes, State Laboratory of 
Hygiene, State Confederate Soldiers' Home, North Carolina 
State College of Agriculture and Engineering, and State Fair 

In 1907 the completion of the Masonic Temple marked 
the advent of fireproof buildings, and then came, in 1911- 
1915, the third State building, for the State Library, Supreme 
Court and Historical Commission; the Citizens, Commercial 
and Raleigh Banking and Trust Buildings, and the City Au- 
ditorium. In fact, most persons, asked when Raleigh really 
began to grow, reply, "When it built the Auditorium." The 
Auditorium fixed this as the convention city of the state for 
all the greater public gatherings. 

The end of the World War brought about another period 
of extensive development, and then came the State Hospital, 
the School for the Blind, the Agricultural Building, the beau- 
tiful Library Building, and other structures at the North 
Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering; the 
Odd Fellows Building; Meredith College; public schools, 
modern and fireproof; Sir Walter Hotel, the Professional 
Building, the Carohna Hotel, the Raleigh Banking & Trust 
Building, the Capital Club's twelve-story office building, 
and many other structures; extensive street paving and 
municipal improvements, and the beginning of North Caro- 
lina's great highway construction program. 


A Center of Education 

Raleigh, with six colleges and an excellent school system, 
has long been recognized as an outstanding center of educa- 

The North Carolina State College of Agriculture and En- 
gineering was established by legislative enactment in 1889. 
It is one of the leading agricultural and mechanical colleges 
in the South. There are thirty major buildings in the plant. 
It embraces four schools — a-griculture, engineering, science 
and business, and a graduate school. 

Meredith College, a Baptist school for women, was open- 
ed in 1887. For many years it was located near the Capitol 
and now occupies a new plant completed in 1925, two miles 
from the city on the Hillsboro Road. Courses are offered in 
arts, sciences and music. 

St. Mary's School, for girls, founded in 1842, is the largest 
girls' school owned and controlled by the Episcopal Church 
in the United States. It is a junior college and recognized as 
one of the best in America. 

Peace, a junior Presbyterian college for girls, was opened 
in 1872. It offers special courses in art, the sciences, music 
and expression. A number of new and up-to-date buildings 
have been added in the past four years and the enrollment 
has grown steadily. 

The North Carolina School for the White Blind was es- 
tablished by legislative enactment in 1845. The present 
plant was com^pleted in 1923 at a cost of $1,300,000. It is a 
standard high school and the only one of its type in the 
United States with this rating. It specializes in vocational 

The well-equipped and efficient public school system of 
Raleigh has eighteen buildings, including two high schools. 
In the past ten years bond issues totaling $2,300,000 have 
been voted to provide new buildings. The public school sys- 
tem reflects great credit upon this city. 

Shaw University, founded in 1865, is the oldest institu- 
tion in the South for the education of colored men and 
women. The University has eleven buildings. Degrees of 
A. B. and B. S. are conferred. 

St. Augustine's College (Episcopal) for colored men and 
women was opened in 1868. It has 110 acres of land in the 
northeast section of the city. St. Agnes Hospital is operated 
in conjunction with this institution. 

The State School for the Negro Deaf and Dumb, estab- 
lished in 1868. is located in the southeastern part of the city. 

Commercial Advantages 

Raleigh is both a distributing and trading center for a 
large territory. It is neither east nor west in North Caro- 
lina. It stands at the crossroads logically situated to serve 
economically a wide area, with ease of access to the indus- 
trial Piedmont and to the agricultural eastern section. 

Its rapid development as a wholesale center is empha- 
sized by the fact that there are seventy-six such establish- 
ments here doing an annual business of $12,500,000. For the 
same reason that it is a good wholesale center, it is also rap- 
idly increasing as a location for headquarters offices to serve 
both this and adjoining states. 

Nine large fireproof office buildings provide more than 
1,000 offices. 

Raleigh is an important retail shopping center. Its 
trade is drawn from an area of twenty-five to fifty miles, 
embracing a population of 650,000. It has a potential trade 


territory of twenty-nine counties, which produce one-half 
the $320,000,000 total farm resources of North Carolina. 

Raleigh has many fine stores offering a wide variety of 

One of the city's greatest assets is its transportation fa- 
cilities. It has the advantage of having three separate rail- 
roads — It is located on the main line of the Seaboard Air 
Line from New York to Florida, on the Southern connecting 
with its main line from New York to New Orleans, and on 
the main line of the Norfolk Southern. Twenty passenger 
trains pass in and out of the city every twenty-four hours. 
With its central geographical location, it is important to 
the manufacturing cities of the North and East. The two 
bus lines here operate eighty buses in and out of the city 
daily. These lines and their connections cover the entire 
state on convenient and regular schedules. There are 2,000 
miles of hard-surfaced roads within a hundred-mile radius. 

Raleigh is the headquarters of the Carolina Power & 
Light Co., which supplies current to 223 cities and towns 
in North and South Carolina. The rates in Raleigh and com- 
munities served by this company are in line with the lowest 
obtained in the South, and for large consumers, very attrac- 
tive rates are offered. Over a ten-year period the Carolina 
Powev Sz Light Co. has developed its electric horsepower from 
47,000 to 195,000. 

Gas is supplied by the Raleigh Gas Co., offering splendid 
service and reasonable rates. 

The city water pumping capacity is 7,000.000 gallons per 
day (twenty-four hours) and the average daily consumption 
is 3,032,000 gallons. Many improvements have been made to 
provide an adequate supply for present and future needs, 
including a new pumping station, reservoir, filtration plant 
and water lines. 

The city is in the center of a rich farming country, pro- 
ducing a great variety of crops, including corn, cotton, small 
grain, tobacco and truck. The Department of Commerce 
shows the value of farms in Wake County to be $23,704,963. 
This is the second highest in the state. An adjoining county 
with a farm value of $25,777,998 leads the state. 

Raleigh is an insurance center. It is the home office of 
five insurance companies, all of which are rapidly growing. 
Many of the large insurance companies of the country, in- 
cluding life, fire, health and casualty companies, maintain 
headquarters or general state agencies in Raleigh. 

A first-class airport of 280 acres is maintained by the 
Curtiss-Wright Flying Service. A well-equipped flying school 
is conducted on this field. It is one of the two airports in the 
South especially approved by the Department of Commerce 
for a flying school. This field is an important air terminal 
on the New York-South American air trunk line. 

Industry and Income 

According to the last report, Raleigh has forty-one in- 
dustries, with a capital investment of $4,105,400, and the an- 
nual output amounts to $4,190,799. There are 905 workers 
in these plants and the annual payroll is $1,054,430. 

In addition, and related to industrial pursuits, there are 
1,624 persons employed in other than manufacturing indus- 
tries, and the combined payroll for this group is $2,496,714. 
This classification includes public utilities, railroad shops, 
highway repair depot, and other industrial workers. 


Approximately five hundred forty officers and teachers 
are employed in the colleges within the city of Raleigh, with 
a total annual payroll of $1,040,000. 

The third largest group payroll is in North Carolina 
State departments. 

Raleigh is interested in securing additional industries. 
One particular factor highly favorable to this proposed ex- 
pansion is the electric power resources in this section. The 
Carolina Power & Light Co., with headquarters here, has two 
hydro-electric plants and one steam plant to serve this ter- 

What to See in Raleigh 

As a center for tourists during the winter months, Ra- 
leigh, located at the forks of two national highways, has be- 
come a city of prime importance. Some indication of this is 
reflected in the hotel registration, which averages from 25,- 
000 to 30,000 during the winter months. The city abounds 
in historic traditions and the thousands of visitors enjoy 
visiting the following places of interest: 

Historic old State Capitol Building, famous for the 
beauty of its architecture. 

State Museum and Temporary State Art Museum. 

State Hall of History. 

Four noted colleges: North Carolina State College of 
Agriculture and Engineering, Meredith College, Peace, and 
St. Mary's. 

President Andi'ew Jolxnson's Birthplace (near State Col- 

Four points of special beauty — Christ Church, Dix Hill, 
Country Club, Federal Cemetery. 

Seventy-five-acre Virgin Forest (three miles northeast 
of Federal Cemetery). 

Governor's Mansion and Grounds. 

Public Libraries — ^State Library, Raney Library (with 
children's section). Open to public all day. 

Institutions for Negroes — Shaw University and St. Au- 
gustine's College. 

Monuments and public memorials on Capitol Square and 
in State department buildings include a replica of Houdon's 
famous statue of George Washington and memorials to the 
following North Carolinians: Senator Z. B. Vance, Governor 
Charles B. Aycock, Dr. Chas. D. Mclver, Henry L. Wyatt, 
Worth Bagley, "O. Henry" and Chief Justice Ruffin. 

Carolina Pines, Inc., is the latest development near Ra- 
leigh. It is located two miles south on U. S. Highway 401. 
The development consists of a new colonial-style, American- 
plan hotel, an eighteen-hole grass greens golf course, club- 
house for dining and dancing, tennis, boating, horseback 
riding, and camps for boys and girls. 

Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Inquiries and Visitors 

The Raleigh Chamber of Commerce is a substantial, 
well-organized and representative body. The membership 
co-operates in a wide variety of activities in commercial de- 
velopment. A function of particular importance is the in- 
formation service which has careful supervision. Inquiries 
given careful and prompt consideration, and visitors are 

Offices in Sir Walter Hotel Building. 



A Good Place to Live 

Raleigh is a typical city of the new South, which com- 
bines old Southern charm with modern enterprise and pro- 

Raleigh i.s recognized as one af the best cities of resi- 
dence in the Southeast, offering an exceptionally wide va- 
riety of recreational advantages. 

The Carolina Country Club has a splendid eighteen- 
hole golf course; the City has a municipal golf course of 
eighteen holes, and Carolina Pines has a public golf course 
of eighteen holes. 

There are thirteen public park areas well distributed 
over the city. There are four well-equipped motion picture 
houses. Raleigh has league baseball, with a team in the 
Piedmont League, and Riddick Athletic F'ield at State Col- 
lege. The city manifests keen interest in sports and recrea- 

Raleigh is exceptionally well equipped with hotels. There 
are nine, with a total capacity of 1,035 rooms. This includes 
such hotels as the Sir Walter, Carolina, Bland, Raleigh, 
Mansion Park. Wright, Richmond and Carolina Pines. 

Raleigh is recognized as the convention city of North 
Carolina. This is substantially borne out in the fact that 
this city entertained eighty-three state and interstate con- 
vention's and meetings during 1930. 

The five luncheon clubs of the city, and the Woman's 
Club, a civic organization, contribute to the fine community 
spirit here. The luncheon clubs are: Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, 
Civitan and American Business Club. Raleigh has a well- 
equipped and well-organized Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. 




. ■ ' : OF. TH'Ef^ ;-■■./■"■ 


any other medium"" 








The Bi^ers'GuideToiifainslIia 
fadvertisements and business canis 
(o( the more progressive business 
men and firms in the cit)!; classified 
^coArding tQ lines o( business 

HILL DIRECTORY CO., Inc., Publishers 

8 North Sixth Street, 4th Floor, Richmond, Va. 



Certified Public Accountants 




102 West Hargelt St. Telephone 3239 




We maintain a large staff of competent accouut<int-s and are prepared to give prompt service 
in all accounting and tax matters. 

306-307 Commercial National Bank Building, RALEIGH, N. C. 

RICHMOND, VA. — 1103-1106 State-Planters Bank Building 

GREENSBORO, N. C. — 414-A North Carolina Bank and Trust Co. Building 

Members American Institute of Accountants 

The Virginia Society of Piibli<; Accountants 

The N. C. Association of Certified Public Accountants 

Public City Directory Library for 
Your Use at All Times 

Chamber of Commerce, 17 W. Davie 








24-Hour Service 

126 E. MORGAN PHONE 1406 



General Automobile Repairing 

Body and Fender Work — Storage 

Washing, Polishing, Greasing 

Electric Generators and Starters a Specialty 








usually well equipped to do auto repair work, incIudinEf 
fender and body work, upholstery, and expert DUCO re- 

Commonwealth Motor Co» 






Chevrolet Passenger Cars 
and Trucks 


fvr Economical Transportation 


PHONE 3180 116 W. HARGETT ST. 


Roomiest, Most Powerful Ford Car Ever Built 

112" Wheelbase 8 Cylinder Engine 

75 Horsepower 80 Miles Per Hour 


Call us for Demonstration 


Blount and Davie Sts. Phones 405 and 406 


Clark Art Shoppe 


Awnings, Tents, Tarpaulins, 
Window Shades, Picture Framing 

133 S. Wilmington St. Phone 739 






No Account Too Large 
to be Properly Handled 

No Account Too Small 
Not to be Appreciated 








Phones 4100-4101 


(1933) Tm.T. DURECTORT CO.'S 





Delicious — Refreshing 
511 W. MORGAN ST. PHONE 542 






50% of Appraised Valuations 

SERIAL SHARES — Issued each April and October, earning 6M%- 
RUNNING SHARES — Issued each month. 5% compounded semi-annually. 
PAID-UP SHARES Issued any time. 5% semi-annually; by check. 

Twenty-eight years of successful operation 


An Advertising Medium 

is judged by its advertisers. This City 
Directory boasts the cream of Raleigh's 
merchants and business men. You can't 
go wrong by dealing with them. 





Asphalt Roofing and Wallboards 


Tel. 3654 

B. B. BENSON, President W. H. BASON, Vice-President 

R. T. VICK, Secretary-Treasurer 

Carolina Builders 

All Kinds of Building Material 

Warehouse and Yard: 217-19 North Dawson Street, 307-09 West Lane Street 

Office: 217 North Dawson Street Telephone 2360 




HAL V. WORTH, President J. C. BYRD, Vice-President 


Building Supplies 


PHONE 154 





Men's Furnishers and Hatters 

Hickey-Freeman and Schloss Bros.' Clothes 

Knox and Dobbs Hats 

Manhattan and Arrow Shirts 




Engineers and Contractors 




North Carolina's Most Exclusive 
Department Store 

PHONE 4020 




Person Street 
Pharmacy No. 2 


Brings your prescriptions to us for 
that "personal service." 
Kodaks and Films. 
Parker Pens and Pencils. 
A complete line of toilet goods. 

Nunnally's and Norris' 

"Our Drinks Are Delicious" 

Glenw^ood, Corner Fairview 

Phones 106 and 107 

Person Street 


Prescriptions given prompt and care- 
ful attention by registered pharmacists. 

Everything found in a complete drug 


Visit our Soda Fountain. 
Curb service a specialty. 

Person Street, Corner Pace 

Tels. 221-222 
Night Tel. 4424 






Funeral Home — Ambulance Service 



T. E. GREEN, President 

W. F. MOODY, Vice-President 

A. H. MOONEYHAM, Scc'y-Treas. 
H. W. MIMS, Manager 



Funeral Directors and Elmbalmers 



222 West Hargett St. Opposite Nash Square Raleigh, N. C. Phone 4288 






Furniture and Stoves 

108 East Martin Street Telephone 2136 





Hardware - Paints - Oils 

Builders' Supplies 

Household Furnishings 

Sporting Goods 


A Prospective Purchaser 

turns to the Advertising Department covering the Desired Business 
and selects certain names and addresses. 

Will He Find Your Advertisement There? 

If not, you lose the business, and your competitor gets it through 
his advertisement in the Directory. 




General Insurance- 
Surety Bonds 


Fire, Automobile, Plate Glass, Elmployers' Liability, Public Liability, 

Teams, Elevator, Live Stock, Rain, Accident, 

Health, Inland Marine 

Great American Indemnity Company of New York 

Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 


B. E. DENNIS, Solicitor 

Moore & Johnson Co. 

Insurance— Surety Bonds 

"A Progressive Insurance Agency" 

PHONE 129 




All Kinds of Insurance 

Office: 804 Odd Fellows Building, 19 East Hargett Phone 182 

McKimmon & McKee, Inc. 

General Insurance 




Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company 

Local Representatives: 



510-512 Commercial National Bank Building Phone 265 


General Insurance 

Fire, Casualty, Life, Automobile, Plate Glass, Burglary, Tornado, 
Surety Bonds and Workmen's Compensation 

204-207 LAWYERS BUILDING PHONES 4163-4164 






Phones: Home Office , 2335 

District Office 2216 

Connecticut General Life Insurance Co. 

WALTER N. PERRY, General Agent 



1103-1105-1107 Security Bank BIdg. 

Phone 1971 


Kirchofer & Arnold. Inc. 

Securities for Investment 

iSecurity Bank Bldg. 

Phones 424-465 






Family Washing a Specialty 
Dry Cleaners and Dyers 

436 South Salisbury Street Phones 180 and 181 




Direct Mail Advertising 

Multigraphing, Mimeographing 

Copying, Addressing, Stenographic Service 

Circular Work 


TEL. 1811 


When in doubt, play trumps 


How niany times have you heard 
that trite statement? When in doubt 
about the location of an address; 
the proper spelling of a neune; a 
correct address ; in fact anything per- 
taining to your city or any other, the 


is your trump card. 




Martin Milwork Company 

Tryon, Corner Harrison Avenue 
Telephone 451 P. O. Box 723 

Woodwork of All Kinds 

Screens, Mantels, 

Stairways, Patterns, Cabinets, 

Office Fixtures, 

Sash and Doors, 

Plywood Wallboard, 

Glass of All Kinds 




The Home of Songs — Service^ — Satisfaction 

If it's musical, we have it, can get it, or it isn't made 

Musical Merchandise 



Montfort Plumbing and Heating Co. 



All Repair Work Promptly Attended To 

Agent for Electrol Oil Burners 
128 S. Salisbury St. Phone 127 




Phones 692-693 119-121 W. Hargett St. 




Manufacturers of Blank Books and Loose Leaf Systems 

212-216 South Salisbury Phones 3300-3301 107-109 West Hargett 

Largest and Best Equipped Company in North Carolina 





Mitchell Printing Company 



Peace Junior College 


(Formerly Peace Institute) 

In the Educational Center of the State 







Wholesome Religious Atmosphere Highly Trained Faculty 

Limited Number of Students Standard College Courses 

Intimate Home Surroundings Standard College Preparatory Courses 

Individual Attention Special Courses: Music, Art, Expres- 
Ne"w Equipment sion, Home Economics, Commercial 


Your Advertisement Here 

Would be constantly before the public — the 
buyers — twenty-four hours a day — three hun- 
dred and sixty-five days a year — every year. 

— Think it over 



Saint Mary's School 
and Junior College 

Raleigh, North Carolina 


Owned by the Episcopal Church of North and South Carolina 
Founded in 1842 by Rev. Aldert Smedes, D. D. 

Ninety-second Annual Session 
Sept. 11, 1933 — May 29, 1934 

Saint Mary's School offers for girls and young ■women a high 
school course of the highest standard, supplemented by two years of 
grade A college work, all academic courses fully accredited by the 
Southern Association. Special courses are given in Business, Music, 
Art, Home Economics and Expression, in which certificates are issued. 
Two hundred boarding students can be accommodated. 

Students, resident in Raleigh, are welcome as day students and 
may enjoy all the advantages offered by Saint Mary's. The tuition 
charge for day pupils in the Academic or Business Departments is 
one hundred and twenty-five dollars for the session. 

At Saint Mary's the discipline is intimate but firm, with home- 
like influences rather than college freedom. The design is to have 
parents feel that they have a safe, intellectual and inspiring environ- 
ment for their daughters which w^ill advance them along the right lines 
into the best ts^pe of modern womanhood. 

Saint Mary's aims to promote sound physical development, to 
preserve good health, to cultivate a refined Christian womanhood, and 
to maintain the best standards of scholarship. 

Catalogue and further information may be had by addressing 

A. W. TUCKER, Business Manager 



Title Service Co. 


GEO. U. BAUCOM, Jr., President 

Abstracts and Title 

Room 4-5-6 Security Bank Bldg. Annex Telephone 2114 




E. L. WARREN, Proprietor 

Opposite Union Station 
305 West Martin Street Phone 538 RALEIGH, N. C. 


From 30 to 50 per cent 

Of the Information in the DIRECTORY of a city or town 

changes each year. Did you know this? For this reason 
is it not money saved to have the latest information handy? 
The only way to do is to have the 




City Directory 

represents the City and its 
institutions in every cor- 
ner of these United States 


THobuaiTHE, : 




Are You Properly 
Represented In It? 

The Classified portion 
catalogues the professions 
and goods handled here 


''Think It Over 






a. Sales Analysis — 

Comparing present amount o( business obtained in a given area witbi 
possible maximum business in that area. The Householders' Directory 
shows the classes of business located on a street, in office buildings, in 
sections of the city, etc. In checking up salesmen's calls on business 
in an assigned territory the directory presents a picture of how many 
places have not been reported upon, and shows a ready list of prospects 
for your goods or service. 

b. Leads — 

Determining proper official to approach for sales interview. The 

alphabetical listing for each business and professional concern, shows 
the names of the ovk'ners, partners or officers. 

c. Selected districts — 

Determining parts of city best suited for increasing business. The 

Householders' Street Directory shows the exact type of business or 
residences along each street of the city — and shows if the occupant 
of the home is the owner. 

d. Building mailing lists and direct mail campaigns — 

1. List of local people (Neighborhood List) within a given radius of 
Business location. On a city map, draw a circle to include the ter- 
ritory you wish to cover in your neighborhood list. From the 
map you can obtain the name of each street with intersections in 
the circle you have drawn. In the Householders' Street Directory 
you will find the correct name of the occupant at each house, or 
building on these streets. This will give you a 1 00 % list of the 
territory desired. 

2. Lists of business houses and the professions The business directory 

at the end of the book classifies every business and profession ac- 
cording to the nature of the business. Complete lists such as doc- 
tors, lawyers, printers, garages, auto dealers, furniture stores, con- 
tractors, etc., can be found in this classified directory section. 

3. Vocational Lists Such as clerks, stenographers, telephone oper- 
ators, carpenters, salesmanagers, purchasing agents, laborers, etc. 
The alphabetical directory show^s the occupation of every individual 
in the city. 

Run over the alphabetical pages — check marking the persons whose 
occupation is the one wanted for your list. This will give you a 
complete and accurate list for the entire city. 


a. Verifying customer's statements and inforniation. 

b. Information about customer. 

Correct name, address, where employed and wife's name is given in the 
alphabetical directory for every individual. Whether he rents or oTvns 
home is usually shown in the Householders' Directory. 

c- Determining character and stability of applicant for credit. 

This directory gives his present occupation and residence. By referring 
tJ each yearly edition of the directory for the past few years, it is quickly 
determined whether the applicant holds the same job and residence, or 
flits from one job to another and one residence to another. After the 
new directory is delivered to you keep the old one on file. Never destroy 
it. You'll find old ones invaluable in checking your past records. 




d. Identifying applicant and applicant's references. 

TTie alphabetical directory gives complete information for each indi- 
vidual. (See Information about customer). The references given by the 

applicant for credit, can be identified in the same manner ^who they 

are, what position they hold, etc. 

e. Collecting accounts. 

Tracing and locating debtor. Locating other members of debtor's family 
or relatives,. 


a. Routing — ^laying out route for delivery. 

Use description of streets in the Householders* Street Directory, with an 
indexed map of the city for locating and laying out delivery route. 

b. Obtaining correct addresses. 

Where numbers on shipping instructions are not plain, or only street is 
given, the correct number can be found in the alphabetical or House- 
holders' Street Directory. 

c Locating streets, buildings, un-numbered houses. 

A full description of every street- — -with location is given in the House- 
holders' Street Directory. When the address given is an apartment or 
building without street and number being given, the alphabetical section 
will give you the correct street and number for that building. Many 

buildings on streets are not numbered or badly numbered making it 

difficult to find the building wanted. The Householders' Street Direc- 
tory shows the location of the buildings along the streets. 


The complete classified business section in tKe back of this directory, 
makes available all sources of goods wanted; assists in selection of most 
reliable and satisfactory firms to deal ■with; the nearest companies to fa- 
cilitate delivery of purchases, and determining the proper official of firm 
to deal ■with. The standard classified headinp^s are complete and show all 
firms under the proper headings. There are many special headings 
marked with an asterisk (*) sho^wing firms in display type. These firms 
are progressive and desire a more complete classified representation of 
their products. 


The Alphabetical Directory lists — Persons* full name and correct spelling, 
occupation, ■where employed, street address of residence, if married gives 
wife's name, head of house or roomer, renting or o^wns home. Lists all 
corporations showing officers, all partnerships showing partners, all 
individual business showing proprietor. All public officers, clubs, associa- 
tions, etc. 

The Householders' Street Directory shows every street — a description of 
its location, all occupants on each street, the ownership of the property 
and all intersecting cross streets. 

The Classified Business Directory sho-ws all business in the city arranged 
under heading most descriptive of the nature of the business. 




acct . , . , accountant 

adv advertising 

agrl . . . aericultural 

agt asent 

al alley 

Am American 

appr .... apprentice 

apts apartments 

archt arcliitect 

asmblr . . . assembler 
Assn . . Asssociation 

asst assistant 

atudt attendant 

atty attorney 

auto .... automobile 

av aveoue 

bdK boarding 

bet between 

bgemn . . baggageman 
blibndr . . bookbinder 

blipr boolikeener 

bidg building 

bldr builder 

blk block 

blksmith . .blacksmith 
blrmkr . . bollerm.iker 

blvd boulevard 

br branch 

brklyr . . . bricklayer 

brkmn brakeman 

cabtmkr cabinetmaker 

cant captain 

carp carpenter 

cash cashier 

Ch Church 

cbauf .... chauffeur 

chf chief 

civ civil 

elk clerk 

clnr cleaner 

collr collector 

coml . . . commercial 
comn . . . commission 
coninr ..commissioner 
compt . . comptometer 
cond .... conductor 
confr . . confectioner 
cons .... consulting 
contr .... contractor 

cor corner 

corres correspondent 

ct court 

ctr cutter 

del delivery 

dep deputy 

dept department 

dicta .... dictaphone 

dispr dispatcher 

dist district 

div division 

dlr dealer 

dmnst'r demonstrator 
do ... ditto or same 

dom domestic 

dr drive 

diftsmn . . .draftsmau 


drsmkr . . dressmaker 

e or E East 

elec electrical 

electn . . . electrician 
electro . .electrotyper 

elev elevator 

embdr . . embroiderer 

emp employe 

emp agcy 

employment agency 

eng engineer 

engr engraver 

es east side 

est estate 

exch exchange 

exp express 

expmn . . expressman 

tctv factory 

flgmn flagman 

fnshr finisher 

formn foreman 

forvvn . . . forewoman 

frt freight 

ft foot 

ftr fitter 

turn furniture 

furn rms 

furnlslied rooms 
furngs . . . furnishings 

gasftr gasfltter 

gdnr gardener 

gds goods 

genl general 

govt . . . government 

gro grocer 

h householder 

iiairdrsr . hairdresser 

hd hand 

hdqrs . . headquarters 

hdw hardware 

hlpr helper 

hngr hanger 

hosp hospital 

hsekpr . . housekeeper 

Ht.s Heigiits 

impits . . Implements 

imptr importer 

inc . . . incorporated 

ins insurance 

inspr inspector 

instr Instructor 

int rev 

internal revenue 

jr junior 

Iwlr jeweler 

kpr keeper 

lab laborer 

Ibr lumber 

lieut .... lieutenant 

lino linotype 

litho . . lithographer 

Indrs laundress 

Indrymn ..laundrvman 

ltd limited 

mach .... machinist 
mdse . . merchandise 
mech mechanic 


mechl .... mechanical 

mer merchant 

Met . . . Metropolitan 
mfg . .manufacturing 
mfr . . manufacturer 

mgr manager 

mkr maker 

mkt market 

mldr moider 

minr milliner 

mn man 

mono monotype 

msngr . . . messenger 

mstr mech 

master mechanic 
mtrmn . . . motorman 

mus music 

mus tchr. music teacher 

mut mutual 

n or N North 

Natl National 

no northeast 

nr near 

ns north^ide 

nw northwest 

(§)... property owner 

opp opposite 

opr operator 

osteo .... osteopath 

pass passenger 

pat patent 

pdlr peddler 

pharm . . pharmacist 
photog .photographer 

phys physician 

pk park 

pkr packer 

pltwy parkway 

pi place 

plmbr plumber 

plslir polisher 

plstf plasterer 

pntr painter 

PO postofflce 

P,S Public School 

pres president 

prin principal 

prod produce 

prof professor 

prop proprietor 

prov provisions 

prsfdr . . pressfeeder 
prsran .... pressman 
ptmmkr patternmaker 

pub publishing 

pubir publisher 

purch . . . purchasing 
r. . . .resides or rooms 
R C. ..Roman Catholic 

rd road 

RD . . Rural Delivery 
real est . . real estate 

rec receiving 

rep . . representative 
reprmn ... repairman 
restr .... restaurant 



Abraham Abr 

Alexander Alex 

Alfred Alf 

Archibald Arcb 

Arthur Artb 

August Aug 

Beajamln .^. . . , Ben] 

Catherine Cath 

Charles Chas 

Daniel Danl 

Edward Edw 

Elizabeth Ellz 

Eugene Bug 

Fiederlcb ,,,, Fredb 

George Geo 

James Jss 

Joseph Jos 

Katherine .... Kath 
Margaret' .... Margt 

Michael Michl 

Fatrlclt Fatfc 

ret retail 

Rev Reverend 

Ry Railway 


Railway Mail Service 

s or S South 

san sanitary 

say savings 

sch school 

se southeast 

sec secretary 

sergt sergeant 

ship shipping 

sismgr. . salesmanager 
slsmn .... salesman 
siswn . . . saleswomau 
smstrs . . . seamstress 

soc society 

solr solicitor 

spl sijecial 

sq square 

ss Bouthside 

sta station 

sta eng 

stationary engineer 
sten . . . stenographer 
stereo ... stereotyper 
stmftr . . steamfltter 

str setter 

supt ..superintendent 
supvr .... supervisor 

sure surgeon 

sw southwest 

swtchmn . . switchman 

tchr teacher 

tel telephone 

teleg telegraph 

ter terrace 

tmlrpr . . . timekeeper 

tmstr teamster 

tndr tender 

trans . transportation 

trav traveling 

treas treasurer 

twp township 

undtkr . . undertaker 
uphol . . upholsterer 

US United States 


United States Army 
USMC. United States 
Marine Corps 

United States Navy 

vet veterinary 

vulc TUlcanlzer 

w or W West 

whol wholesale 



wld widow 

wkr worker 

wks works 

ws westslde 

wtchmn . . watchman 

ydmn yardman 

ydmstr . . yardmaster 


Richard R'chd 

Robert Robt 

Samuel Saml 

Solomon Sol 

Stephen Steph 

Theodore Theo 

Thomas Thos 

WiUlam Wm 





104 S. DAWSON ST. 






Copyright, 1933, by Hill Directory Co., Inc. 

For List of Abbreviations see opposite page 

N-SRRCo — Norfolk Southern Railroad Co 
CP&LCo — Carolina Power & Light Co 

SALRy Seaboard Air Line Railway 

WUTelegCo — Western Union Telegraph Co 

SouBellTel&TelegCo — Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co 

SPk South Park 

USIntRevOffice United States Internal Revenue Office 







n • 




Audits — S 






ms— St 

s. ~ r^ 




3.G <ra 

^ z ^ 







u> ^S 







Alphabetical List of Names 

A A A (Carolina Motor Club), Irene Robertson Mgrr, 15 W Davie Tel 

Abbott Agnes (c) cook 2126 Woodland av 
Abbott Annie H slswn Hudson-Belk Co r408 N Person 
Abbott Elsie D slswn Hulson-Belk Co r408 N Person 
Abbott Henry (wid Jas P) r408 N Person 

Abbott J Alvin (Nannie T) emp Capitol Coca Cola Bottling Co hl03 Har- 
rison av 

Abbott J Carlisle (Ernestine T) atndt Allen's Service Sta r719 W Morgan 
Abbott John L atndt Mkt Service Sta r522 Fayetteville 
Abbott Mary H Mrs elk County Supt of Public Instruction M1506 Scales 
Abbott Milton M (Mary H) elk Mechanics Savings Bank hl506 Scales 
Abbott Paul J (Myrtle E) hlpr h408 N Person 

Abbott Robt C (Nevada) derrick firemn N-SRRCo h306 StMary's 
Abelkop Ben slsmn Stein Bros r YMCA 

Abemethy Annie tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Abernethy Claude O (Mary C) phys 123 W Hargett R616 hl3108 Glenwood 

Abernethy Clifford E (Sunny E) County and City Dentist h803 Holt dr 

Abemethy Martha A rl308 Glenwood av 

Abernethy Max D (Eliz H) dep State Sec r2012 Hillsboro 

Abrams Chas E radiotrician Lewis Sporting Gds Co r817 Clay 

Abrams Prank H (Martha E) carp h817 Clay 

The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Abrams Howard P student r817 Clay 

Absher Irene P Mrs field rep r217y2 N Bloodworth 


Wm T Hassell Mgr 803-804 Raleigh Banking & Trust Bldg 5 W Har- 
gett, Tel 1465 
Acme Laundry Jas L Bland mgr 3025 HlUsboro 
Acme Realty Co (c) A Thos White pres Jas E Strickland sec-treas 15A 

E Hargett 
Acton Herbert R (Emma K) trav slsmn hl21 Park av 
Acton Philip A (Bettie H) eng hSlSVa Oakwood av 
Adair Jas instr Carolina Pines Riding Stables r Carolina Pines 
Adams Alonzo L (Evelyn W) sis supvr CP&LCo h514 S Boylan av 
Adams Anna (c) dom h619 E Davie 
Adams Annie (wid A Peter) h212 W Peace 
Adams Annie P textile wkr r212 W Peace 
Adams Benj (c) lab r619 E Davie 
Adams Celia M (c) dom r619 E Davie 

Adams Clarence L (Duna; Adams & Terry) r315 E Lane 
Adams Claude D (Prances B) elk US PO hl535 Sunrise av 
Adams Cleo (c; Mamie) whsemn r210 Lee 
Adams Clyde M (Eliz N) bldg contr hl410 Jackson 
Adams D Carlyle (Emma W; Adams & Terry) r404 E Edenton 
Adams Delia r718 Tucker 

Adams Delmar D sheet metal wkr r212 W Peace 

Adams Edw A asst purch agt State Hwy Etept rl926 Sunset av 
Adams Eliz P r312 E Martin 
Adams Ella Mrs rl20 N Harrington 

Adams Emma W Mrs cash Continental Life Ins Co r404 E Edenton 
Adams Earnest (c) lab r605 S Bloodworth 
Adams Florence V (wid Wm B) rSl? S West 
Adams Fred (c; Grace) lab r802 S Person 
Adams Geo (c) lab r710 S Person 

Adams Geo (c; Lizzie) truck driver Brogden Produce Co h707 S East 
Adams Harvey (c) janitor N C Bank bldg r619 E Davie 
Adamfi Hattie (c) Indrs h517 E Davie 
Adams Hazel sten N C State College r315 Polk 

Adams Herbert (c; Mary) bge porter Union Depot h723 Manly 
Adams Hettie R Mrs mgr Jean's h314 Hillsboro apt 1 
Adams Hilliard (c; Jennie) lab h404 Watson 
Adams Hiram H (Pearl S) tmkpr SALRy h416 Halifax 
Adams Hughlett (c) lab rllO Washington (College Pk) 
Adams J Benton elk Bland Hotel Drug Store rl09 Polk 

Adams Jacob (Lummie) hl305 S Walnut 

Adams Jas M farm supt State Hosp r do 

Adams Jas P (Maxie) truck driver h559 E Martin 

Adams Jesse G (Julia F) h312 E Martin 

Adams Josephine W Mrs sten State Sch Comn r2220 The Circle 

Adams Juanita (c) dom rll8 Smithfield 

Adams Julian P (Hilda S) dept mgr Adams & Terry h315 E Lane 

Adams L A atndt State Hosp r do 

Adams L A Mrs atndt State Hosp r do 

Adams Lillie M textile wkr r212 W Peace 

Adams Louisa (c) dom hllO Washington (College Pk) 

Adams Lula (wid Thos) r510 Halifax 

Adams Lynn F (Minnie M) h507 Fayetteville 

Adams M B atndt State Hosp r do 

Adams M Lucy r516 Cleveland 

Adams Mabel D slswn r604 New Bern av 

Adams Mack (c) h313 W South 

Adams Margt (c) dom r201 Idlewlld av 

Adams Margt T r314 Hillsboro apt 1 

Adams Martha G teleg editor Times Pub Co rl926 Sunset av 

Adams Marvin (c) confr 7131 E Martin r619 E Davie 

Adams Mary (c) h210 Lee 

Adams Mary (c) Indrs r516 S Blount 

Adams Mary W Mrs slswn Jean's h2607 Clark av 

Adams Meta elk rl27 New Bern av apt 504 

Adams Millard (c) delmn r201 Idlewlld av 

Adams Minnie M (wid Jas) r411 W Cabarrus 

.'i.dams Monroe (c) janitor r555 E Davie 

Adams Nancy T (wid Edw A) hl926 Sunset av 

Adams Narcissa (c) Indrs h301 W South 

Adams O Allen (Mary W; Adams Service Garage) h2607 Clark av 

Adams Omelia (c) dom rll8 Smithfield 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Adams Pauline (c) dom r210 Lee 

Adams Ruth atndt State Hosp r do 

Adams Saml L (Gladys) bar mgr r315 S McDowell 

Adams Sarah typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl23 N Blood- 

Adams Service Garage (O Allen Adams) repis 130 E Morgan 

Adams Silas W (Eunice) pntr hl20 N Harrington 

Adams Sophia atndt State Hosp r do 

Adams Stonewall J elk County Auditor r Bland Hotel 

Adams Sylvester (c; Hattie) washer h414 W South 

Adams Thos N (Ola B) printer Mitchell Printing Co h512 E Hargett 

Adams Thos N jr student r512 E Hargett 

Adams Thos W lino opr Capital Printing Co h516 Cleveland 

Adams W Edw taxi driver r212 W Peace 

Adams Wade H sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J r Y M C A 

Adams Walton A student r2607 Clark av 

Adams Wilbert A (c) iii-emn h603 S West 

Adams Wm (c; Florence) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h911 S Wilmington 

Adams Wm A (Nancy B) slsmn Raleigh Tractor & Equipment Co Inc h 
218 W Morgan 

Adams Wm H (Ruth K) truck driver r312 E Martin 

Adams Wm J associate justice State Supreme Court r Sir Walter Hotel 

Adams Wm L (c) student r619 E Davie 

ADAMS & TERRY (D Carlyle and Clarence L Adams, F Lee Terry) , Real 
Estate and Rentals 210 S Salisbury, Tel 3555 

Adcock Clarence (c; Bernice) porter rllO Lee 

Adcock Lee (c) shoe shiner Masonic Temple Barber Shop hllO Lee 

Adcock Mary (c) dom r537 E Davie 

Adcock Thos (c) shoe shiner Masonic Temple Barber Shop hi 10 Lee 

Adcock Wesley (c; Florence) carp rllO Lee 

Adickes Thos W (Frances W) ins agt h204 Forest rd 

Adkins see also Atkins 

Adkins Grace (c) dom r828 Fayetteville 

Adkins Max r Wake County Home 

Adkins Monroe (c) r Wake County Home 

Adier Edw (Bessie) gro 125 Idlewild av hl23 do 

Adler Saml R (Louise B; Cinderella Slipper Shop) h25l0 Stafford 

Adler Stuart (c) elk rl23 Idlewild av 

Aeroglide Corp W Broadus Wilson v-pres-mgr decorators 414 W Jones 

AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. Wm F Upshaw Genl Agt, 312 Security 
Bank Bids 239 Fayetteville. Tel 607 oeuuriiy 

Agee John (c; Grace) swtchmn h531 E Davie 

Agnew Leon M (Cynthia W) mgr transit dept Wachovia Bank & Trust 
Co hl930 Alexander rd 

States Government) 

Aiken B Heiman (Ploy G) meat ctr Blue Star Stores h40b' Pershins rd 

Aikens Julia (c) dom h705 S Bloodworth 

Air Way Branch Raleigh Division Worth J Woodall mgr 126y2 S Salis- 

Airey Grace technician Rex Hosp r do 

Akins M Wm (c; Mattie E) prin Washington High Sch h321 S Tarboro 

Alban Eva D Mrs bdg 201 Hillsboro r do 

Alban Wm E (Eva D) h201 HUlsboro 

Albea Thos (c: Mahalia) gdnr h202 Smithfield 

Albert Esther M Mrs rSll N East 

Albert Mattie (c) dom hl282 E Edenton 

Albright Jas C (Alba S) mach hl002 W Cabarrus 

Albright Mary (c) nurse 8 N Swain h do 

Albright Ninna B (wid Robt M) hll4 N Boylan av 

Albright Steph W Rev (c) pastor Maple Temple Christian Ch r800 E 

Albritton Millie (c) Indrs r8 E Worth 

Albritton Zebedee (c) waiter rS E Worth 

Alderman Anna C (wid Jas T) h216 Halifax 

Alderman David B (Jennie L) barber Branch Barber Shop h5 S Person 

Alderson Mamie r516 N Bloodworth 

Aldridge Dennis (c; Marie) janitor The News & Observer h719 S Blood- 

Aldridge Edw C auto mech CP&LCo r3527 Neil 

Aldridge Grover C (Cenith A) truck driver h3527 Neil 

Aldridge Lacy F auto mech r3527 Neil 

Aldridge Nissen chauf Governor's Mansion r do 

Alexander Amanda Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store hl07 Polk 

Alexander Boyd (c) r609 S McDowell 









Clips and 


1 Printing 

Office 4^ 

Fumitur.^-*^ ^ 


for the 









PHONE 4020 

Alexander Chas E (Nancy H; Alexander Welding Service) hl02 Pershing 

Alexander Emma (c) dom h2306 Stafford av 
'Alexander Kathleen dep elk U S Int Rev Office r5 E Edenton 
Alexander Louis E r615 W North 
Alexander Lucinda (c) cook r51 Bragg 
Alexander M Arth (Birdie M) eng carp h615 W North 
Alexander Mary (c) student rl6 W Worth 
Alexander Mary L (c) dom r2306 Stafford av 

Alexander Myrtle tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rlT Glenwood av apt 6 
Alexander Queenie E Mrs r219 S Wilmington 
Alexander Silas D pres Auto Parts Co Inc r Glendale nr Park av (Cara- 

Alexander Thos P (Amanda) hl07 Polk 
ALEXANDER WELDING SERVICE (Chas E Alexander), Electric and 

Acetylene Welding, Auto Radiator Repairing, Forge and Boiler Work 

and Anto Glass 414 S McDowell, Tel 9103 
Alexander Wm (c) rl6 W Worth 
Alford Albert L elk Hotel Carolina rill Polk 
Alford Alonzo O (Ella P) asst agrl editor div of publications N C Stat© 

College hl904y2 Hillsboro apt 2 
Alford Chas bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r801 New Bern av 
Alford Christine student r407 Glenwood av 

Alford Geo A (M Blanche) bus opr CP&LCo h407 Glenwood av 
Alford Josephine student r407 Glenwood av 
Alford Lee P (M Louise) supt The News & Observer hl605 Dare 
Alford Macon (Farmers Exch) r Wake Forest N C 
Alford Mathew (c) farm hd State Hosp r do 
Alford Mattie Mrs textile wkr r514 N Dawson 
Alford Ora A sten Baptist State Convention rll9 HUlsboro 
Alford Thos H (Lora E) elk Bland Hotel h209 Glascock 
Alford Wm H r Wake County Home 
Alfred Sarah J (c) cook 1116 Cowper dr 
Allen A T & Co (Aus T Allen) accts 5 W Hargett R904 
Allen Ada (c) dom r804 Cotton pi 
Allen Asnes M Mrs h307 W Johnson 
Allen Albert (c) waiter Sir Walter Hotel r518 S Blount 
Allen Alice R (wid David G) hl210 Glenwood av 
Allen Annie E (wid Chas S) h323 HOlsboro apt 15 
Allen Arch T (Clarabelle) supt State Dept of Public Instruction h526 

Allen Arch T jr lawyer 5 W Hargett R10O6 r526 Halifax 
Allen Aubrey B r316 S McDowell 
Allen Aubrey J driver Strop Taxi Co r507 W Johnson 
Allen Aug T (Lillian B; A T Allen & Co) h2112 Woodland av 
Allen Augusta (c) lab rl201 Holman 

Allen B Lacy (Bonnie L) chf elk to frt agt N-SRRCo h707 Glenwood av 
Allen Benj W student r209 N Dawson 
Allen Benj W usher The Wake Theatre rll8 W Edenton 
Allen Bertha J (wid John E) hl215 Pearce 
Allen Bettie A (wid Thos W) h205 Glenwood av 
Allen Bonva C (Eliz J) mfrs agt 102 W Hargett hl927 Alexander rd 
Allen Building 301 S Blount 

Allen C Nicholas prod 214 E Martn stall 15 r Gamer N O 
Allen Candace O (wid Ira N) rl408 Sycamore 
Allen Catherine prof Meredith College r3402 Hillsboro 
Allen Celeste L elk N C Inspection & Rating Bureau rl4 Glenwood av 
Allen Chas D (Fannie E) truck driver r606 Glenwood av 
Allen Chas G elk C Nicholas Allen r Garner N C 
Allen Chas H (Alice G) linemn h724 N Boylan av 
Allen Chas S (Susie G) div frt and pass agt NSRRCo hl27 New Bem 

av apt 402 
Allen Clarence B (Edna Pi sub carrier US PO hl401 Hinton 
Allen Cornelia (c) dom rl307 Oberlin rd 
Allen Cornelia (c) dom h2302 Stafford 

Allen D Henry (Willie R: Allen's Service Sta) hl500 Hillsboro apt 3 
Allen Daniel (c) sta atndt r804 Cotton pi 
Allen Danl Estate of Mrs Hazel Shaw administratrix Maude Branch sec 

18 W Martin R712 
Allen Danl S civ eng State Hwv CJomn r Neuse N C 
Allen David G (Annie M) marble dlr 104 N West hl206 Filmore 
Allen David R brklyr r906 W Lenoir 
Allen Dena (c) dom h901 S Blount 
Allen Dilcie (c) Indrs h209 Camden 
Allen Doris typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl629 Sunrise av 





Allen Edw D (Carrie E) cook rll8 W Morgan 

Allen Ellas (c) lab r320 Jamaica 

Allen Eliz M student r526 Halifax 

Allen Ella (c) cook h527 W Lenoir 

Allen EUa (c) cook h327 W South 

Allen Eloise (c) Indrs r916 S Wilmington 

Allen Ernest (c; Pauline) lab rl30 E Cabarrus 

Allen Ethel (c) maid 2103 Carroll dx 

Allen Ethelene (c) dom rl201 Holman 

Allen Eula (wid Bamette W) h622y2 W South 

Allen Eunice (c) maid 1525 CaiT 

Allen Exum B (Lula A) mach SALRy h209 N Dawson 

Allen Fannie (c) dom r609 S East 

Allen Floyd (c; Alcora) Indrywkr h907 Oberlin rd 

Allen-Pogleman Grinding Co (Sidney G Allen, Edgar L Pogleman) 
machinists 321 S McDowell 

ALLEN FORGE & WELDING CO (Milton F Allen), Machinists and 
Blacksmiths Acetylene and Electric Welders 411-417 S Dawson Tel 

Allen Poy M rl4 Glenwood av 

Allen Frances (c) dom rl312 Oakwood av 

Allen Predk O (Ruby W) ydmstr h900 W Johnson 

Allen Gaither (c) lab rl201 Holman 

Allen Garfield CO lab rl318 S Person 

Allen Geo (c; Pearlie M) elk Goodwin Poultry & Egg Co hl39y2 Lin- 
coln dr 

Allen Geo M Rev (c; Ethel) r2302 Stafford av 

Allen Goldie rl313 S Person 

Allen Harry O (Jessie R) printer The News & Observer h406 W Hargett 

Allen Henry (c) stablemn Kemp p Hill rll8 E Davie 

Allen Isaiah (c; Melvin) driver Capital Feed & Gro Co Inc h315 Bledsoe 

Allen J Ashley (Viola B) elk CP&LCo h605 Elm 

Allen J Benj jr (c) shoe shiner Sir Walter Barber Shop rlOS Smithfield 

Allen J Etomett (Mabel) pntr h224 S Bloodworth 

Allen J Herbert (Maude B) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co h320V. W Morgan 

Allen J LeRoy (Ruth C; Allen's Mkt) r Roylen Wood 

Allen J Reynolds jr sub rural carrier US PO r Auburn N C 

Allen J Wiley (Sarah) hll24 Harp 

Allen Jack (c) lab rl22 W Peace 

Allen Jas (c; Bertha) lab hl201 Holman 

Allen Jas E (Dottie D) truck driver h606 Glenwood av 

Allen Jas O (Mettle C) agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co h715 W Morgan 
Allen Jeanette elk State World War Veterans Loan Fund rll6 N Blood- 
Allen Jennie P (wid Ellis) hl4 Glenwood av 
Allen Jessie (c) dom r225 E Lenoir 
Allen John (c) r Wake County Home 
Allen John E (Lila M) brklyr hl612 Scales 
Allen John E jr whsemn Ballard & Ballard Co rl612 Scales 
Allen John G (Viola S) h2104 Country Club dr 
Allen John G jr (Mary G) auditor h7 Poeue 
Allen Jos (c) hS Dodd 
Allen Jos (c; Martha) hl318 S Person 
Allen Jos (c; Mary) lab hl215 Hill 
Allen Jos (c; Ida) lab h314 Seawell av 
Allen Jos musician W P T F Radio Co 324 Fayetteville 
Allen Jos S (Doris E) firemn Aerial Co No 1 h617 Wills Forest 
Allen L Eliz r307 W Johnson 
Allen Laura (c) dom r212 Spence 
Allen Laura L r507 W Johnson 
Allen Lawrence R (Minnie L) h507 W Johnson 
Allen Lawrence R jr r507 W Johnson 
Allen Lee R slsmn Armour & Co r Wright Hotel 
Allen Leonard (c: Bessie) cook r901 S Blount 
Allen Leroy R slsmn rH7 W Martin 
Allen Letitia (c) dom r809 S Bloodworth 

Allen Lola E elk N C Inspection & Rating Bureau rl4 Glenwood av 
Allen Louise elk Y W C A r do 
Allen Lucius (c; Jennie) gdnr h713 Ellington 
Allen Lucv (ci dom h627 Cannon 
Allen M Darden student rl612 Scales 
Allen Maggie (c) Indrs r513 S Blount 

Allen Mark C asst serioIoa;ist State Laboratory of Hygiene rl215 Pearce 
Allen Mary (c) dom 2605 Vanderbilt av 
Allen Mary (c) Indrs hlOS Smithfield 





116 E. 




CAPITAL jT^^ ^?r^9^ CO. 


Allen Mary (wid Frank) r404 W Morgan 

Allen Mary P Mrs rl22 S Dawson 

Allen Matthew H (Charlotte) chairmn State Industrial Comn r Kinston 

N C 
Allen Maude H (wid Austin C) elk h604 E Hargett 
Allen Milton P (Lyda M; Allen Forge & Welding Co) h404 Kinsey 
Allen MoUie C (wid Alonzo L) r612 W Lane 

Allen Murray (Lena L) lawyer 239 Fayetteville R609 hlH E Lane 
Allen Myerl R nurse 1210 Glenwood av r do 
Allen oilie (c; Lucy) lab h4()8 S Bloodworth 
Allen Opal slswn W P T F Radio Co r201 Chamberlain 
Allen Oris D (c) lab rl201 Holman 

Allen Paul (c) hallmn Mansion Park Hotel r519 S Blount 
Allen Paul D (Mattie E) mach SALRy h602 Devereux 
Allen R Mclver (Louise P) dist mgr Standard Oil Co hll6 Hawthorn rd 
Allen Robt A (c; Ethel) orderly Rex Hosp h721 Saunders 
Allen Rodene E agt Union Bus Sta rl4 Glenwood av 
Allen Rosa (c) dom h416 Smith 
Allen Roy J rll2 W Jones 
Allen Ruth P student r602 Devereux 
Allen Sara dep elk County Superior Court r Neuse N C 
Allen Sarah G elk State Dept of Agriculture hl27 New Bern av apt i)04 
Allen Sidney G (Cicely; AUen-Pogleman Grinding Co) r RD 4 
Allen Staoey W (Garland C Norris & Co) r Sanford N C 
Allen Susie D seed analyst State Dept of Agriculture r612 W Lane 
Allen Suzanne student rl27 New Bern av apt 402 
Allen Temple (c) dom r20O Bledsoe av 
Allen Thos (c) janitor r2302 Stafford av 
Allen Thos P (c; Argie) sch tohr rl08 Smithfield 
Allen Thos W (Kath V) lawyer r205 Glenwood av 
Allen Walker L (Helen) asst dist supvr h226 Chamberlain 
Allen Wm (c; Etta A) hlpr hlOC7 S Person 
Allen Wm (c; Lillie) hlpr h305 Tucker 
Allen Wm (c) lab hlllS Holman 
Allen Wm (c) lab rl201 Holman 

Allen Wm A i Ethel) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co rl302 Filmore 
Allen Wm A (Ella) slsmn hl313 S Person 
Allen Wm C jr real est dept Wachovia Bank & Trust Co hl23 W Hargett 

Allen Wm M (Susanne D) chf Div of Food and Ol State Dept of Agri- 
culture h516 E Jones 
Allen Wm M (Bessie M) pipeftr N-SRRCo hll2 W Jones 
Allen Wm O (Nannie C) switchmn hll7 W Fi-anklin 
Allen Wm P student rlOll Vance 
Allen Wm T printer r307 W Johnson 
Allen WiUie (c) dom r518 Bragg 

Allen Worth B mach Allen Forge & Welding Co r RD 4 
Allen Zebee (c; Ivey) h502 N West 

Allen's Market (J LeRoy Allen) gros and meats 101 Fayetteville 
Allen's Service Station (D Henry Allen) 531 Hillsboro branches 234 S 

Boylan av and 617 Glenwood av 
Alligood Alice M elk Carolina Mortgage Co r411 N Wilmington 
AUigood Jenny L Mrs sten Union Central Life Ins Co r325 E Morgan 
Allison Jas C (May M; Allison & Betts) hll7 Hillcrest rd 
Allison Jas W (Nancy B) rSll Cutler 
Allison Jas W jr elk CP&LCo r511 Cutler 
Allison Wm B (Ella G) auto rriech hll2 New Bern av 
Allison & Betts (Jas C Allison Dwight P Betts) genl ins 5 Exchange pi 

Allred Lace V (Hallie C) agt Southeastei-n Exp Co h207 Glascock 
Allred Reginald H (Julia) credit mgr Goodwin-Smith Furn Co hl21 N 

Person apt 4 
Allsbrook Noah B (Lillian H) v-pres Allsbrook-Spiers Inc hll03 Wake 

Forest rd 
Allsbrook-Spiers Inc Wm H Beal (Baltimore Md) pres Noah B Allsbrook 

v-pres Henry R Spiers sec-treas hdw 118 E Martin 
Almond Maggie (c) cook Wilson's Coffee Shop rSOB Cotton pi 
Alonso Enrique elk Ai'mour & Co r327 W Morgan 
Alpha Kappa Pi Chas H Garner pres fraternity 6 Ferndell la 
Alphin T H atndt State Hosp r do 

Alsobrook Virginia M Mrs opr Postal-Telegraph Cable Co r408 E Hargett 
Alston see also Austin 
Alston Alf (c; Anna) h403y2 W South 
Alston Alf (c; Mary) truck driver Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc hl208 S 

Alston Alf A (c) lab h814 Cotton pi 



"The niemoo' of quality liniiers 

after the price is forgotten." 

PHONE 2987 

Alston Bessie (c) dom h409 S Swain 

Alston Cath (c) maid Hotel Carolina r511 S Blount 

Alston Chaney (c) Indrs li315 E Worth 

Alston Charity (c) hll9 Camden 

Alston Delia (c) maid hl03 Lee's al 

Alston Dennis (c; Effie) lab h615 E Cabarrus 

Alston Earl C (c) sexton r816 S East 

Alston Elijah (c) r601 Saunders 

Alston Eliz (c) dom rl288 (1289) E Edenton 

Alston Ernest (c; Eliz) cook h210 Cabarrus al 

Alston Ethel L (c) sch tchr r205 Cannon 

Alston Eustace (c) clothes clnr r411 Park av 

Alston Prances (c) Indrs r207 Camden 

Alston Prank (c) h333 Cannon 

Alston Gideon B (c; Ethel) barber 233 Fayetteville bsmt hl76 S Mc- 

Alston Haywood (c) h205 Cannon 

Alston Haywood jr (c) msngr r205 Cannon 

Alston Irvin (c) caddie r615 E Cabarrus 

Alston J Arth (c; Hattie) h5 Bladen ^,„„„ „,x..4. r^ , ,^ 

Alston J Leonard (Nellie L) dept sis mgr CP&LCo hl826 White Oak rd 

Alston J Wm (c; Pattie) lanltor h30 Bragg 

Alston Jas (c) lab r727 E Davie 

Alston Jas (c; Jessie) lab hll22 Hill 

Alston Jas R (c; Eliz) presser Sir Walter Hotel h601 Saunders 

Alston Jane (c) h411 Park av 

Alston John (c) clothes clnr Cumbo's Tailor Shop r715 S Bloodworth 

Alston Jos (c) lab r721 Branch (SPk) 

Alston Josephine (c) dom r727 E Davie 

Alston Josephine (c) maid hll8 W Lenoir 

Alston Julius (c; Edna) lab hl03 Hoke 

Alston King (c) lab r209 Camden 

Alston Laura J (wid Geo W) h205 Woodbum rd 

Alston Lee (c; Dicie) lab h721 Branch (SPk) 

Alston Lonnie (c) lab r727 E Davie 

Alston Louis (c; Lottie) truck driver hl230 S Bloodworth 

Alston Louvenia (c) dom h216 W South 

Alston Maggie (c) h509 Saunders av 

Alston Mamie (c) dom rl509 E Lane 

Alston Mamie E (c) maid 1548 Iredell dr 

Alston Maxgt (c) dom rl509 E Lane 

Alston Mary (c) cook 2110 Ridgeorest 

Alston Mary H (c) Indrs r205 Cannon 

Alston Matthew (c) lab rlll3 E Martin 

Alston Mattie (c) r818 Cannister 

Alston MUdred (c) student r601 Saunders 

Alston Milton (c; Annie B) lab r315 Cannon 

Alston Monk (c) dom r530 E Davie 

Alston Nannie (c) dom r30 Bragg 

Alston Nora (c) cook F W Woolworth Co hlllS E Martin 

Alston Ovelia (c) dom rll7 Park 

Alston Pattie (c) Indrs h727 E Davie 

Alston Paul (c) lab rll8 Chestnut 

Alston Paul (c) lab r409 Tucker 

Alston Philip (c; Bessie B) caulker The Raleigh Gas Co h818 Cotton pi 

Alston Rachel (c) student r30 Bragg 

Alston Rosa B (c) dom r303 S Haywood 

Alston Rosa B (c) student r818 Cotton pi 

Alston Ruth (c) dom r208 Smithfield 

Alston Sadie (c) student r519 S Haywood 

Alston Sallie (c) cook 1104 Cowper dr 

Alston Sallie (c) maid h818 Cannister 

Alston Saml (c; Nora) blr washer hlll3 E Martin 

Alston Saml jr (c) lab rlll3 E Martin 

Alston Sol (c) h746 Smithfield av 

Alston Susan (c) dom rll04 E Lane 

Alston Susie (c) maid Union Depot hl318 (1218) S Bloodworth 

Alston Thos (c; Juha) lab r721 Branch (SPk) 

Amaker Jacob I (c; Ada E) barber Capitol City Barber Shop h519 S Wil- 

Aman Guy (Lillie F) plmbr hl522 Sunrise av 

American Alliance Insurance Co Alex Webb mgr 20 E Martin R901 

American Cafe (Mrs Annie Seligson) 220 E Martin 

American Federation of Musicians Local No 500 Wm F Moody sec meets 
1st Sunday afternoon UOVi E Hargett 

American Grocery (Jas Heonis) 340 W South 











































T-1 J oi 1 /CTBBJPTS rt IWHaiJIB *% \ Barco Asphalt Roof- 

Tin T.le and Slate lUkMuU £ SIMIIxi i"e Products, Ready- 

Roofins. Galvanized \|1®|\rO ®J ilMMLlj/ R"!' and Built-up 

Iron and Copper Cor- ^ WirSB'ill.llI W^ liriSfStWf R„„fing. Roof Coat- 

Heltinl"' ^{!^i MmU& eOMPAHY Sts.''Me?airio'=Red.'. 

and Air Conditioning. ( ) Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \ 408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

American Legion Auxiliary meets 4th Tuesday at 8 P M Hotel Carolina 

American Legion Drum and Bugle Corp meets Wednesdays 8PM 22OV2 
Payetteville 3d fl 

American Legion Luncheon Club meets each Thursday 1PM Hotel 

American Legion Post No 157 (c) Jas Young adjutant meets 1st and 3d 
Friday 8PM 1191/2 E Hargett 

American Legion The Raleigh Post No 1 meets second Thursday each 
month 8PM Hotel Carolina 

American National Insurance Co Isaac M Collins supt 200 y2 S Salisbury 

American Oil Co Chas B Park jr agt bulk plant 531 N West 

American Optical Co Luther S Carlisle mgr 123 W Hargett B319 

American Red Cross Wake County Chapter Mrs Hal W Young executive 
sec 2111/2 S McDowell 

Ames Leslie R (Jean K) eng State Hwy Comn hl27 New Bern av apt 202 

Amis Moses N lawyer r Hotel Raleigh 

Ammons Fredk J (Lillian H) sec-treas Ammons & King Inc hl408 HiUs- 

Ammons & King Inc Fi-ank M King pres Robt L Horton v-pres Fredk 
J Ammons sec-treas clothing 116 Payetteville 

Amory Moses (c) rlOOl Oberlin rd 

Ancrum Lillian B (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r808 E 

Anders Paye sten U S Dept of Agriculture Whse Act r Mansion Park 

Anderson A Vance (Bessie H) mgr Carolina Realty Co r White Oak rd 
(Anderson Hts) 

Anderson Albert E (Lucetta S) mgr Atlantic Refg Co h2300 Fairview rd 

Anderson Bonnie B Mrs (Bonnie Beauty Salon) r528y2 Halifax 

Anderson Clayton & Co H Parks Verdery mgr cotton dlrs 128% S Salis- 

Anderson Donald B (Marian) associate prof N C State College h906 
Brooks av 

Anderson Edw L slsmn Underwood Elliott Fisher Co h717 Munford av 

Anderson Florence (wid John W) rl05 E Edenton apt 307 

Anderson Frank R (Bertha C) mgr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h508 W 
Wliitaker Mill rd 

Anderson Fred L (c; Lenora) auto mech hl212 New Bern av 

Anderson Geo W (Cornelia J) hl526 Sunrise av 

Anderson Harrv (c) housemn hl0O4 E Davie 

Anderson Henry L student r617 N Blount 

Anderson Jas H (Maude E) trav slsmn h2 E Peace apt 2 

Anderson John C (Belle) County Farm Demonstration agt !h324 E Park 

Anderson John H (Lucy L) sec Grand Lodge of N C AP&AM h617 N 

Anderson John H jr lawj'er 239 Payetteville R705 r617 N Blount 

Anderson John W elk rl05 E Edenton apt 307 

Anderson Julius (c; Lula) car washer Rawls Motor Co h204 S State 

Anderson Kate P (wid Parker) h315 North Boundary 

Anderson Kath (c) dom rl513 E Jones 

Anderson Lizzie (c) dom hl513 E Jones 

Anderson Luke C (c) cement fnshr r316 E Davie 

Anderson Luther C (c) cement fnshr rl05 Bart 

Anderson Mamie (c) Indrs h310 S Bloodworth 

Anderson Mary (c) dom hl712 New Bern av 

Anderson Minnie (c) dom r518 E Martin 

Anderson Pattie W (wid Albert) h630 N Blount 

Anderson Paul M (Darlene H) roofer hl542 Sunrise av 

Anderson Porter W r700 W Morgan apt 3 

Anderson Rosa L (c) dom h311 Camden 

Anderson Wm (c) delmn Sullivan's Shoe Shop & Hat Clnrs r518 E Mar- 

Anderson Wm (c; Fannie) lab h311 Freeman 

Anderson Wm H student r315 North Boundary 

Anderson Wm Lee (Ruth T) dist mgr Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh 
N C h2201 Ridgecrest 

Anderson Wm McG truck driver rl526 Sunrise av 

ANDFEWS ALEXANDER B. Lawyer 809-811 Security Bank Bldg 239 Pay- 
etteville, Tel 480, h309 N Blount, Tel 620 

Andrews Alex B student r831 Wake Forest rd 

Andrews Andrew (c; Nancy) lab hI316 Oberlin rd 

Andrews Annabelle (c) dom rl316 Oberlin rd 

Andrews Arizona Mrs h411 S Salisbury 





PHONE 182 

Andrews Arnold J r411 S Salisbury 

Andrews Benj (c) lab r737 S Blount 

Andrews Bernard G (Bertha N) sec-treas Campbell Bros Inc h618 Aycock 

Andrews Bessie W (c) student rl318 Oberlin rd 

Andrews C Leon (Odessa T) slsmn Whiting-Horton Co h720 Hillsboro 

apt 3 
Andrews C Sidney (Lalla D) drftsmn h2203 Rldgecrest 
Andrews Carrie (wid Wm R) rl02 S McDowell 

ANDREWS CLARENCE H (Nora L), Editor Durham Life Ins Co of Ra- 
leigh, N C, h509 Burton, Tel 3786 

Andrews Clyde M slsmn rl05 E Edenton apt 110 

Andrews David W (c; Georgia) porter N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh h 
1318 Oberlin rd 

Andrews DoUie S (wid Wm H) furn rms 422 N Person h do 

Andrews Dorothy priv sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r422 N 

Andrews Dwight L (Ida M) formn Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dye- 
ing Co h910 W South 

Andrews Emma L h216 E Davie 

Andrews Geo L (M Lucille) writer h901 W South 

Andrews Graham H (Eliza S) pres Raleigh Chamber of Commerce v-pres 
Carolina Country Club First Mortgage Co Raleigh Real Est & Trust 
Co and treas YMCA hSOl N Blount 
Andrews Graham H .1r student r301 N Blount 

Andrews lona B elk W U Teleg Co r Cary N C 

Andrews Jane V H sch tchr rl05 E North 

Andrews JcJhn junior eng State Board of Health r312 New Bern av 

Andrews John H (Lillie) cook City Sandwich Shop h715 Belmont 

Andrews John H (Mabel Y) div frt and pass agt Sou Ry System h831 
Wake Forest rd 

Andrews Julia J r301 N Blount 

Andrews Katie (wid Wm W) hSlO W Johnson 

Andrews Lalla D Mrs tchr Hugh Morson High Sch h2203 Ridgecrest 

Andrews Lillie A (wid David) r815 Clay 

Andrews Lotha r411 S Salisbury 

Andrews M Lucille student r901 W South 

Andrews Mabel (c) cook 124 E Park dx 

Andrews Madolin K Mrs sten Jas E Shepherd hi 13% N Boylan av 

Andrews Maggie E r216 E Davie 

Andrews Martha B H sculptor rl05 E North 

Andrews Mary S r301 N Blount 

Andrews Naniiie B slswn P W Woolworth Co rSlO W] Johnson 

Andrews Ola (wid Roy A) r720 Saunders 

Andrews Paul sign pntr r216 E Davie 

Andrews R Roscoe (Lena D) circulation rep Times Pub Co h414 S Boy- 
lan av 

Andrews Ralph W (Edna M) slsmn h406 W Lane 

Andrews Richd W (Margt) trav slsmn h316 Cutler 2d fl 

Andrews Roland (Madolin K) servicemn The Natl Cash Register Co h 
113% N Boylan av 

Andrews Spiros H (Mary; East End Mkt) h540 E Hargett 

Andrews Walter (c; Mary) cook h610 Wjoine 

Andrews Wm (Maude M) huckster hll2 Pirwood av 

Andrews Wm C (C Cath) prod h2905 Hillsboro 

Andrews Wm J (Connie S) eng h930 N Boylan av 

Andrews Wm Johnston (Augusta W) mechl eng hl05 E North 

Angel Vassie M dept mgr Taylor's hl05 N Person 

Angell Calvin C (Ruth) carp h314 N Blount 

Angell Maria L (wid Alex) r807 Harvey 

Anheuser-Busch Inc Alf C Jerkins mgr beverages 60O W Hargett 

Anncella The apts 619 N Blount 

Annie Laurie Beauty Shop (Mrs Annie L Nichols) 15 W Hargett RlOOl 

Anthony Whitmel H (M Christine) service mgr John W Evans' Son h 
1020 W South 

Antioch Christian Church (c) Rev Joseph D Hill pastor 910 E Hargett 

Apple Herman W slsmn Martin's Inc r Garner N C 

Applegate Eliz B (wid Geo C) rl531 Iredell dr 

Applewhite Henry (c) janitor Mechanics Savings Bank hl210 (1410) 

Applewhite John H (c; Hattie) Indrywkr hill E Cabarrus 

Applewhite Wm J (Sarah P) slsmn Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc h217 N 

Arcade Hotel & Dining Room (c; Plummer T Hall) 120 E Hargett 

Archer John A (Gladys R) drftsmn CP&LCo h219 Hillcrest rd 




















125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Archer Lewis (Martha) eng rl913 MacCarthy 

Arcturus Mary (c) cook r214 Battle 

Arendell Banks (Helen M; Bunn & Arendell) hl515 StMary's 

Arendell Cora (wld Holmes) typist State Sec hll6 E Lane 

Arey John A (Annie B) in charge dairy extn N C State College h5 Mai- 
den la 

Arledge A Yates (Phoebe C) atty CP&LCo h2028 Fairview rd 

Armbruster Eug (.CamOla W,) cash New England Mut Life Ins Co hlOll 

Armbruster Mary E student rlOll Harvey 

Armour & Co Jas B Boldridge mgr whol meats 60O W Hargett 

Armstrong Chas (c; Eliza) h608 E South 

Ai-mstrong Charlotte E associate prof Meredith College r do 

Armstrong Eliza (c) presser Sanitarv LndrT rfiOR E South 

Armstrong Jas E (Bemice G) carp hl709 Center rd 

Armstrong L Otis (Berty L) associate prof N C State College h400 Dixie 

Armstrong Mary A asst sec Wake County Chapter Am Red Cross r 
Ridgecrest rd bey city limits 

Armstrong Mary R sten Douglass & Douglass r316 New Bern av 

Armstrong Thelma elk r203 N Blount 

Armstrong Wiley T (c) instr Shaw University r do 

AB3IY DEPARTMENT OF U S (See United States Government) 

Army & Navy Club meets on call Hotel Carolina 

Army & Naw Store (John C Morris) genl mdse 105 E Martin 

Arnalz Emanuel (Jessie) stone str h306 E Martm 

Arndt G Dewey (Annie D) sec-treas Growers' Agrl Credit Corp and asst 
treas N C Cotton Growers Co-operative Assn h2703 Eveett av 

Arnette Annie Mrs instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Ai-nette Lois instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

ARNOLD B W (Eliz H), V-Pres Kirchofer & Arnold Inc, li2147 Coantrr 
Club Dr, Tel 640 

Arnold Chas S (Halifax St Grocei-y) rl420 Mordecai dr 

Arnold Dennis B r211 W Davie 

Arnold Edith vocalist WPTP Radio Co r704 N Bloodworth 

Arnold Edwin W student rl420 Mordecai dr 

Arnold Eliz G r711 Hinsdale 

Ai-nold Eug printer r719 Gaston 

Arnold Herbert L (Pearl V) pntr hl420 Mordecai dr 

Arnold Hubert L Rev (Oma C) pastor Johnson Memorial Baptist Ch h 
614 W North 

Arnold Hugh W (c) gro 810 Cannister rllOO S Wilmington 

Arnold J Robt elk r605 Halifax 

Arnold Jas E student 1-906 W South 

Arnold John R (Ollie A) brkmn h605 Halifax 

Arnold Leora J r530 N West 

Arnold Lillian h700 Coleman 

Arnold Marvin R (Wilhelmina) pres h906 W South 

Arnold Millard A (Venola) pntr Harrell Sign Co r711 Hinsdale 

Arnold Millard F (Alma L) filling sta h711 Hinsdale 

Arnold Nannie (wid Thos A) h511 W Peace 

Arnold Nelson (c; Annie) hllOO S Wilmington 

Arnold Vessie (c) smstrs rllOO S Wilminston 

Arnold Wm W (Edith D) sec-treas W B Mann & Co Inc h704 N Blood- 

Aronson Arth A (Henrietta S) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R203 h Beech 
Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 

Aronson Henrietta 3 Mrs slswn Jean's h Beech Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 

Arrington Arch H (Maudei dep State Auditor h809 N Person 

Arrington Eulis (c) hlpr r626 S Haywood 

Arrington Jane (c) r206 Idlewild av 

Arrington Nancy (c) h909 Mark 

Arrington Rachel (c) Indrs h626 S Haywood 

Arrington Roosevelt (c) lab h206 Idlewild av 

Art Flower Shop Mildred M Woodall pres Clarence E Mitchell v-pres 
Lucy M Woodall sec-treas 22 W Hargett 

Art Jewelry Shop (Sherwood S Chappell) 113 S Salisbury 

Arthur Eliz P (wid Chas D) hl27 Hawthorn rd 

Arthur Francis O rl27 Hawthorn rd 

Ai-thur Gilbert S spl agt Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co rl27 Hawthorn rd 

Arthur Jarvis J mech Commonwealth Motor Co r423 Fayetteville 

Arthur Thos S rlll4 New Bern av 

Arthur's Sea Food Market (Henry G Deboy) 214 E Martin stall 1 

Ash Chas (c ; Lessie) lab r707 E Lane 

Ash Charlotte (c) dom r711 Shaw ct 





109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Ashburn Mack C elk Ry Exp Agency Inc r Gary N C 

Ashby Cleo V elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl24 StMary's 

Ashby Geo M (Lollie B) cond hl24 StMary's 

Ashby Geo M jr student rl24 StMai-y's 

Ashby Julian W supt State Hosp r do 

Ashcroft Jas A (Nellie A) h610 Polk 

Ashe Carolina H asst mailing elk State Laboratory of Hygiene rl05 N 
Boylan av 

Ashe Fiorina (c) dom r2217 Joint 

Ashe Hugh L Rev (e; Nannie V) h403 Park av 

Ashe John G jr civ eng State Hwy Comn rl6 N Boylan av 

Ashe S Willie seh tchr 1 16 N Boylan av 

Ashe Saml A elk U S District Court hl6 N Boylan av 

Ashe Saml A III student rl6 N Boylan av 

Ashe Theo B (c; Flossie R) bellmn r403 Park av 

Ashe Wm (c) student r608 Wynne 

Ashe Windham serum technician State Laboratory of Hygiene rl6 N Boy- 
lan av 

Ashe Wyndham H (wid Saml A ir) hostess Carolina Pines (The Gate- 
way Club House) rl6 N Boylan av 

Asher Mary B rll5 Chamberlain 

Ashley Alfleta (e) h802 S Blount 

Ashley Lonnie (c) cook r802 S Blount 

Ashley Louis (c; Jessie) lab rl02 Smithfield 

Ashwortli Helen M rlSll Wills av 

Ash worth Theo J (Ruth W; Ash worth's Fruit Store) hSOl E Franklin 

Ashworth Theo J jr slsmn rSOl E Franklin 

Ashworth W Carl (Ruth C) flgmn h505 Devereux 

Ashworth Wm A (Addie G) eng hl811 Wills av 

Ashworth's Fruit Store (Theo J Ashworth) 5 S Dawson 

Askea Chas R (Laura N) car repr h706 W Jones 

Askea Jas (Bettie) pntr hl520 Sunrise av 

Askea Roy O pntr r706 W Jones 

Askew Allen seo-treas John Askew Co Inc r220 N Bloodworth 

Askew Alton B (Edna) pntr John Askew Co Inc r2319 Lake dr 

Askew Annie C r2145 Country Club dr 

Askew Eula G Mrs v-pres John Askew Co Inc h2145 Country Club dr 

Askew John (Eula G) pres John Askew Co Inc h2145 Country Club dr 

Askew John Co Ine John Askew pres Mrs Eula G Askew v-pres Allen 
Askew sec-treas Interior decorators 300 Glenwood av 

Askew Madeline Mrs r805 N Bloodworth 

Askew Obie H ship elk Pine State Creamery Co r Hotel Wiley 

ASSOCIATED CHARITIES, Albert H Mooneyham Pres, Mrs John E Ray 
V-Pres, Col Fred A Olds Sec, Lola A Wilson Executive Sec, Dr A G 
Spingler Treas, Kathleen E Johnson Asst Sec 412 S Salisbury, Tel 

Associated Press W, Joynes Macfarlan mgr news bureau 209 W Martin 

Atkins see also Adkins 

Atkins Aaron D prod 214 E Martin stall 9 r RD 4 

Atkins DoUie (c) Indrs h400 W North 

Atkins Elmer W (Katie) slsmn Motor Bearings & Parts Co hl718 Scales 

Atkins Jas A (Mary H) carp h404 S Dawson 

Atkins Jas C (Kathleen) farmer h2806 Hillsboro 

Atkins John T (c; Janie) lab hl06 W Peace 

Atkins Jos (c; Lillian) janitor rl8 Hill (College Pk) 

Atkins Josephine nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Atkins Junius E (Orion J) barber Masonic Temple Barber Shop hll5 S 

Atkins R Lewlyn (Lalah R) v-pres Raleigh Nash Co h28 Dixie Trail 

Atkins Ralph T (Nannie M) genl agt Security Life Sz Trust Co h732 
Nash dr 

Atkins Robt E Rev (Isley M) h27 Dixie Trail 

Atkins Robt L (Helen M) barber 225 Pace h601 Holt 

Atkins Rupert E (Clara E) sec-treas Raleigh Nash Co hl810 Bickett blvd 

Atkins Thos (c; Sallie) labh425 S Swain 

Atkins Ursula opr DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r6 Femdell la 

Atkinson Athenia (c) rSlO Cannon 

Atkinson Barney (Nettie) textile wkr h304 Glenwood av 

Atkinson Grace D elk Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of N C 
rll8 Hillcrest rd 

Atkinson Harvey (c) cook S & W Cafeteria r3 (19) Fisher 

Atkinson Jas S Mrs librarian Olivia Raney Library hl05 Hillsboro 

Atkinson Mary Mrs matron Rex Hosp Nurses' Home r612 Fayetteville 

Atkinson Oscar (c; Golena) baker S & W Cafeteria hi (15) Fisher 

Atkinson Richd (e; Polly) lab h20 W Worth 

•-■:Co. " 





228 Ei 




( FORD ) 

Authorized 1 » iMffjl M ) Sales and Service 

Atkinson Rosa sten Ohio Natl Life Ins Co r314 E Hargett 
Atkinson S Lester (lallian A) carp h721 Gaston 
Atkinson Thos (c: Grace) cook h3 (19) Fisher 
Atkinson Wm textilewkr r304 Glenwood av 

bee Pres, Charles E Johnson Sec-Treas, 5th Floor Raleigh BIdg & 

Loan Bldg 5 Exchange pi, Tels 3316 and 3317 
Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank Angus W McLean (Lumberton N C) pres 

Irving P Hall v-pres Jos LaCockerham treas Hubert F Ledford asst 

sec-treas 5 W Hargett R604 
Atlantic Life Insurance Co Godwin & Richardson genl agts 239 Fayette- 

ville R602 
Atlantic Refining Co Albert E Anderson mgr bulk plant Dixie av at end 
Atlantic Tobacco Co Inc Wm W Hinnant sec-treas whol 315 S Blount 
Atwater Blanche tchr Murphey Soh r Mansion Park Hotel 
Atwater Delia (c) r904 E Hargett 
Atwater Eliza (c) Indrs r560% E Cabarrus 
Atwater Lula (c) dom r618 Oberlin rd 

Atwater Madge (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry rSlO Smithfield 
Atwater Minnie (c) Indrs r513 E Worth 
Atwater Murphy (c) lab r560% E Cabarrus 
Atwater Nell Mrs matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 
Atwater Olivia (c) maid hSlO Smithfield 
Atwater Otis (c) lab r96 Lake 
Atwater Sophie (c) dom r618 Oberlin rd 
Atwater Walter (c; Goldie) janitor hl015 Cannister 
Atv/aters Annie (c) dom r911 Oberlin rd 

Atwood Annie G opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r607 Washington 
Atwood Clarence E pntr r607 Washington 
Atwood Eliz C (wid Robt T) li607 Washington 
Augustus David (c; Sarah) lab hl224 E Lane 
Augustus Sarah L (c) nurse 1224 E Lane r do 
Aunspaugh Fredk (Ruth M) spl agt Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada 

hl012 Harvey 
Aunspaugh R Claytor (Mary W) agt Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada 

hl547 Can- 
Austell Alice W Mrs sten State Dept of Conservation & Development h 

407 N Wilmington 
Austell Michl H Capt (Alice W) auditor State Adjutant-Genl h407 N 

Austin see also Alston 
Austin Alma (c) dom r424 S Haywood 
Austin Chas (c; Nellie) lab h424 S Haywood 
Austin Chas jr (c) porter Galloway's Professional Bldg Pharmacy r424 

S Haywood 
Austin Cleveland (c) bellmn Hotel Richmond 331 Fayetteville 
Austin Everett (c) hlpr Ellis C Cox 214 E Martin stall 10 
Austin Hallie J atndt State Hosp r do 

Austin Haywood (c; Ida M) truck driver h714 S Bloodworth 
Austin-Heaton Co Eug Davis mgr whol flour 316 S Harrington 
Austin Henrietta (c) Indrs rl214 New Bern av 
Austin Henrv (c; Mary) lab hl214 New Bern av 
Austin Hilda slswn P W Woolworth Co r Maywood av bey limits 
Austin Jas L sta atndt Austin & Eisenhart r408 Kinsey 
Austin Jas W (Mamie I) h512 Sasser 
Austin Junius (c) lab r918 S Wilmington 
Austin Kath Mrs r602 S Salisbury 
Austin Kermit E (Austin & Eisenhart) r408 Kinsey 
Austin Margt (c) dom r424 S Haywood 
Austin Martha (c) dom h708 E Jones 
Austin Maude (c) dom r414 W Lenoir 
Austin Milton (Bertha M) agt Imperial Life Ins Co h303 W Whitaker 

Mill rd 
Austin Pauline V (wid Durwood E) h408 Kinsey 
Austin Robt C r408 Kinsey 
Austin Rufus H (Marie J) trucker h512 Sasser 

Austin S Sheldon (Lena B) mgr Postal Teleg-Cable Co h720 W Hargett 
Austin Sallie (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel rl402 E Edenton 
Austin Thornton R (Margt R; Salisbury St Barber Shop) h411 E 

Austin XJtley E (Louise P) rep h507 W WJhitaker Mill rd 
Austin Wm C (India M; Salisbury Sandwich Shop) restr 113 W Davie r 

11 W Cabarrus 
Austin Wm E slsmn r322 S McDowell 
Austin Willie M (c) dom r708 E Jones 




Austin & Eisenhart (Kermlt E Austin and J Wm Eisenhart) fUling sta 
101 S Blount 

AUTO ELECTRIC & BATTERY CO (Wm B Stronach), Distributors 
'TPrestoIite Batteries," All Generator and Starter Work, Polishing, 
Greasing- and Wasliing, Gasoline and Oil, Tires and Accessories 
112-114 W Davie, Tels 318 and 647 

Auto Parts Co Inc Silas D Alexander pros 14 E Davie 

Auto Salvage Co Jerry p Elmore mer 422 S Wilmington 

Automotive Repair Co (Robt L Myatt) 312 S Blount 

Autrey Fannie (c) dom hll2 Smithfield 

Autrey Jas (c) lab rll2 Smithfleld 

Autry Annie (c) r319 W Lenoir 

Autry Ellis (c; Bertha) cement wkr li319 W Lenoir 

Autry Eloise elk Eug P Williams rl207 New Bern av 

Autry Mary (c) cook h205 W North 

Autry Nettie (c) cook r205 W, North 

Autry Paul (c) Jilpr r205 W North 

Avant Lillie CO hl9 McKee 

Avent Minnie atndt State Hosp r do 

Avera Caroline asst statistician State Dept of Public Instruction rl302 

Averett Plummer L (Mary E) city firemn hSlO Halifax 
Averill Predk L (Louise C) trav slsmn hllOO Pilmore 
Avery Caroline elk rl213 Hillsboro apt 6 
Avery David (c) r209 Battle 
Avery Dwight S (Evelyn A) slsmn Carolina Hdw Co Inc h603 S Boylan 

Avery Evelyn A Mrs cash Durham Life Ins Co h603 S Boylan av 
Avery Fannie (c) dom r318 S East 
Avery Hubert (c; Bena) trucker h718 S McDowell 
Avery Jane (c) h525 S McDowell 
Avery Jos (c) lab r910 Manly 
Avery Jurman (c; Carrie) lab r605 Jamaica dr 
Avery Sylvia (c) cook 2132 Country Club dr 

Avery Thos (c; Mason) driver White & Hodgin Co hlOOS Parker 
Avery Walter E jr ( Annie R) business mgr Mary Elizabeth Clinic Ino h 

506 Sasser 
Aycock Chas B (Alice B) legal advisor State Governors Office of Belief 

hl833 Glen wood av 
Ayc(X;k Chas B student r220 E North 
Aycock Cora W (wid Chas B) li802 N Blood worth 
Aycock E Grace office supvr u S Crop Production Loan Office r327 

Aycock Frank D (Lelia B) storerm h310 Linden av 

Aycock Leonard A (Lena P) night supt Odd Fellows bldg h709 Devereux 
Aycock Louise R ins agt r802 N Bloodworth 
Aycock Lucille Mrs sten State Board of Charities and Public Welfare h 

220 E North 
Aycock Margt E student r709 Devereux 
Aycock Melvin slsmn Charles Stores Co Inc r Y M C A 
Aycock Wm B (Lucille) ins agt h220 E North 
Aydlette Olive E typist State Hwy Comn rl620 Hillsboro 
Ayers Abr N (Susie D) trav slsmn h231 Glascock 
Ayers Agnes r232 W Hargett apt ME 

Ayers Anita sten Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r Carolina Hotel 
Ayers Edwin W (Laura) acct A Lee Rawlings & Co h608 E F^ankUn 
Ayers Jackson (c; Alberta) firemn hlll3 Hill 
Ayres Henry D (Challie) carp hlO W Franklin 
B-N MOTOR CO (Haywood A Brewer, Roland B Nash), Distributors 

Rockne, Studebaker, Pierce Arrow and Austin Motor Cars 116-118 E 

Morgan, Tels 604 and 605 (See right side lines) 
B & B Cafe (Chas P Chimos, Pete Michos, Nicholas Vlachos) 221 S Wil- 
B & B Grocery (Claude Best and Mrs Homa M Brown) 712 E Hargett 
B & E Transfer & Forwarding Co 320 W Lane 

Bache J S Co Edw M Dudley mgr stocks and bonds 132 S Salisbury 
Bacoat Nathan (c; Lucy) mech Alf Williams h515 Saunders 
Bacon Zachariah H (Bettine P) slsmn CP&LCo hl3 Maiden la 
Bader Louis C mech Montgomery-Mutart Inc 109 S Blount 
Badger Eleanor H (wid Thos) rlll8 Hillsboro 
Badger Janet rlll8 Hillsboro 
Badger Thos (Janet S) r411 N Bloodworth 
Badger Thos jr slsmn Investors Syndicate r41l N Bloodworth 
Baer Mary A (wid Jos) r618 N East 
Bagby Edith G rl717 Park dr 




PHONE 528 

biiui.ji n jACjv (tveiyn X), C P A, Bes Mgr A M Pullen & Co, hl717 

Park dr, Tel 3476-W 
Bagby T Jack jr rl717 Park dr 
Baggett Edw W (Emma E) hlllO N Wilmington 
Baggett Franklin elev opr rllio N Wilmington 
Baggett Ruth atndt State Hosp r do 
Baggette Mary tchr Murphey Sch r230 E North 
Bagley John C (Leona W) elk US PO hSll Prank 

Bagle'y S Wait (Orpha R) rep Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc hl704 Scales 
Bagwell Barry elk Loomis M Sealey r RD 3 
Bagwell Christine rl305 College pi 
Bagwell E H farm hd State Hosp r do 
Bagwell E Plummer auto mech 219 S Person 
Bagwell Ella Mrs bdg 219 S Person r do 
Bagwell Etta textilewkr r424 N Salisbury 

Bagwell Frank elev opr New Administration Bldg W Morgan cor Fay- 
ette ville 
Bagwell Isabelle textilewkr r424 N Salisbury 
Bagwell Kenneth (c) lab r407 S Swain 
Bagwell Larry E student rl305 College pi 
Bagwell Mahlon sta atndt r219 S Person 
Bagwell Martha Indiywkr r325 E Martin 
Bagwell Martha (wid Calvin B) h424 N Salisbury 
Bagwell Mary E flwn F W Woolworth Co r219 S Person 
Bagwell Milton C student r219 S Person 

Bagwell Needham B (Ella) slsmn New Globe Inc h219' S Person 
Bagwell Needham B jr filling sta r219 S Person 
Bagwell Nell Mrs cash Sir Walter Hotel r219 S Person 
Bagwell Raymond W slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r RD 4 
Bag-well Walter L (Leona; Bagwell & Bagwell) hl305 College pi 
Bagwell Wm M (Marie R) mech Sanders Motor Co h317 S Person 
BAGWELL & BAGWELL (Walter L Bag:well) General Insurance Agents 

806-810 Security Bank Bid? 239 FayetteviHe, Tel 1877 
Bailey Amelia (c) dom hlll2 S Bloodworth 
Bailey Archie L (Winona L) detective City Police Dept hl310 Glenwood 

Bailey Ava B (wid Otho) smstrs hl09 W Lane 

Bailey Bertha B Mrs sten State Laboratory of Hygiene h509 Aycock 
Bailey Clarence E textilewkr r411 Frank 

Bailey Clellie A office sec County Welfare Dept rl633 Glenwood av 
Bailey D Thos elk rl06 New Bern av 
Bailey E Herman r407 Cary 
Bailey Eddie (c) dom rl2 Bladen 
Bailey Edw E textilewkr r610 W Johnson 
Bailey Eliz S (c) nurse 511 S Blount h do 
Bailey Ernest W (Flossie) r218 E Morgan 
Bailey Frances C (wid Robt W) h200 E Edenton apt 1 
Bailey G Alvin elk r227 S Person 
Bailey Geo D acct CP&LCo r615 Aycock 
Bailey Geo L rl310 Glenwood av 

Bailey Geo R (Margie I) prod 304 Parham h227 S Person 
Bailev Grace nurse 120 Pace r do 
Bailey H Paul (Macie) h604 Gaston 
Bailey Harold (c) auto mech r421 S Blount 
Bailey Hazel textilewkr r513 N Dawson 
Bailey Helen (c) student r511 S Blount 
Bailey Helen L r803 N Person 

Bailey I Mayo (Ida T) lawyer 5 W Hargett R507 h2501 Kenmore dr 
Bailey Ina Indrs State Hosp r do 
B^ilev J Allen student r555 New Bern av 

Bailey Jas A (c; Lillian L) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h217 S Pettigrew 
Bailey Jas A (Rena A) policemn h555 New Bern av 
Bailey Jas H (Lida) huckster h513 N Dawson 
Bailey Jas H jr r513 N Dawson 

Bailey Jas W (Carrie C) state aet Phoenix Assurance Co h617 Aycock 
Bailey Jas Y slsmn Jas M Edwards r RD 1 
Bailey John (c) driver Norwood- Jones Co rSOO W Peace 
Bailey Jos (c) lab r318 N Haywood 
Bailey Josiah W (Edith P) v-pres Wake County Savings Bank and XJ S 

Senator h513 N Blount 
Smiley Julia Mrs h615 Aycock 
Bailey Lonie (wid Jas T) h407 Cary 
Bailey Lyman A (Ethel L) carrier US PO h416 Prank 
Bailey Maggie (c) dom r535 E Lenoir 

Bailey Mamie L Mrs sten M M Stewart Inc h224 N McDowell 
Bailey Marion P (Bertha B) serum technician State Laboratory of Hy- 
giene h509 Aycock 





Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Bailey Mary E (wid Israel A) h326 Oakwood av 

Bailey Mattie H rl27 E Edenton 

Bailey Minnie nurse r324 Cutler 

Bailey Nancy M Indrywkr r610 W Johnson 

Bailey Nannie P Mrs aro 224 Cox av h222 Park av 

Bailey Nathan T (Eva M) slsmn Tieghman Motors Inc hl805 Wells av 

Bailey Oscar L (Mary L) printer XJ S Weather Bureau hlia N Wilming- 

Bailey Palmer E (Mamie L) lawyer 211% S McDovvfeD h224 N McDowell 

Bailey Paul (Macie) hl2 W Franklin 

Bailey Paul J rl09 W Lane 

Bailey Richd (c; Mary) waiter Sir Walter Hotel r509 S Person 

Bailey Roy (c; Gladys) lab hSlO Railroad av 

Bailey S Warren (Lillian H) mgr claim div Maryland Casualty Co h217 E 
North apt 101 

Bailey Spurgeon cook Tar Heel Barbecue r632 W Lenoir 

Bailey The apts 200 E Edenton 

Bailey Thos B (Nannie P) elk City Water Collr h222 Park av 

Bailey Ulric N driver Kearns Ice & Coal Co r Pilot Mills NC 

Bailey Vivian (C) dom rlll2 S Bloodworth 

Bailey Wm (Adelaide S) elk Sou Ry System h213 E Lane 

Bailey Wm (Hattie A) eng CP&LCo h2132 Country Club dr 

Bailey Wm (c; Irene) lab h320 (1220) Hoke 

Bailey Wm A (Lillian) emp Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r RD 1 

Bailey Wm B atndt State Hosp r do 

Bailey Wm T jr (Clarissa) trav slsmn hl06 New Bern av 

Bain see also Bane 

Bain Addie r Y W C A 

Bain Dezzie (c) dom r706 Oakwood av 

Bain Ernest B (Annie B) civ eng hl20 New Bern av 

Bain Louise (c) dom r706 Oakwood av 

Bain W Thos (Lucy S) elk Jordan's Drug, Store r614 S Salisbury 

Bain Wm A student r6 Ferndell la 

Baise W Vance (Rachel M) asst eng State riwy Comn hl06 E North 

Baker A Herman elk Times Pub Co r RD 3 

Baker Allen L printer h320 New Bern av 

Baker Alma office sec Winston & Tucker r908 S Blount 

Baker Arth D (Dora F) roofer Baker & Rawls Roofing Co rl03 May- 
wood av (Caraleigh Mill) 

Baker Ashby L student r711 Hillsboro 

Baker Bacula ic) dom h920 E Jones 

Baker Chas W (Flora) lab hill Bart 

Baker Clara (c) rlO02 Manly 

Baker David L shoe repr Carolina Shu-Pixery r320 New Bern av 

Baker Dora (c) dom h8 Gatling la 

Baker Doris r908 S Blount 

Baker Dorothy C ic) student nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

Baker E Beatrice textile wkr r205 (211) Poplar 

Baker Edgar lab rl305 S Walnut 

Baker Edw (c; Maggie) lab h323 S Haywood 

Baker Edw C (Jennie R) emp Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h27 S Swain 

Baker Edw D (c; Mihnie) lab h215 N Haywood 

Baker Eliza J rSOl New Bern av 

Baker Eliz W r204 S Boylan av 

Baker Ernest F (Aileen B) elk h413 N Wilmington 

Baker Everard H (Bertha H) elk State Pension Dept h2025 StMarys 

Baker Frances P student r606 E Lane 

Baker Frances P (wid Claude L) h606 E Lane 

Baker Frank B (Alma H) pntr hl20 Wakefield 

Baker Frank E elk The Community Store r908 S Blount 

Baker Geo W (Margt S) slsmn h210 S Blount 

Baker Hazel D textile wkr r205 i211) Poplar 

Baker Henry (c; Janie) pntr h313 S East 

Baker Hubei-t (c; Charlotte) porter The Duff-Gore Corp hills S Wilm- 

Baker Hubert L (Muriel E) mech Hoover Auto Service r703 E Hargett 

Baker IthammerH (c; Lillian) lab h611 Haywood la 

Baker J Alton (Maud E) metal wkr Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h 
808 Watauga 

Baker J Earle (Bm-gess & Baker) r221 W Morgan 

Baker J Howard (Beddie O) emp Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h408 E 

Baker Jas H (c) sch tchr r2406 Joint 

Baker Jesse P sec-treas Capital City Paper Co Inc rl21 N Blount 

Baker John (c; Louise) shoe shiner r619 2d av 

Baker John D student r205 (211) Poplar 


Alfred Williains & Co. 



Baker John B (Mattie I) textile wkr h205 (211) Poplar 

Baker John H (c; Ella) porter hl007 Parker 

Baker Jos H (Virdie C) eng hl910 Pairview rd 

Baker Josephine elk r205 (211) Poplar 

Baker Julian T student r711 Hillsboro 

Baker Junius P yd mgr Powell & Powell Inc r206 Maywood av (Cara- 

Baker Junius O adv solr Times Pub Co r305 Summit av (Caraleigh) 
Baker Kath H (wid Benj W) h204 S Boylan av 
Baker Laura V (wid Anderson A) r27 S Swain 
Baker Lillian (c) dom r312 Branch (SPk) 
Baker Lillie I (c) sch tchr r2406 Joint 
Baker Livian slswn Hudson-Belk Co r708 Sasser 
Baker Lizzie (c) Indrs r424 Smith 

Baker Louis W (Cleone C) elk State Hwy Comn hl021 W South 
Baker Lucille Mrs slswn rll8 E Park dr 

Baker Luther H (Iva M) prsmn Capital Printing Co hl20 Pace 
Baker Mamie (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndi-y hl309 HiU 
Baker Margt L (wid Louis H) r32{) New Bern av 
Baker Mary A (c) dom h408y2 E South 
Baker Melbert (c; Ruth) porter Lawyers bldg h305 Hoke 
Baker Minnie (c) dom r322 Camden 
Baker Minnie F (wid Ashby L) h711 Hillsboro 
Baker Mozelle dep elk County Superior Court r908 S Blount 
Baker Nell K (wid Jos E) slswn Hudson-Belk Co rl04 Glenwood av 
Baker Pauline M nurse 91/2 N Blount r do 
Baker Peter (c; Hollie) gdnr h2406 Joint 
Baker R Marion elk r2025 StMary's 

Baker Raymond D (Elsie) driver East Coast Stages Inc h219 Harding 
Baker Robt G (Mary L) cond h603 North Boundary 
Baker Rosa A Mrs r707 N Person 
Baker Roy (c; Lizzie) lab h321 W South 
Baker Ruby M (c) student rl0O7 Parker 
Baker Savannah (c) dom rl309 Hill 

Baker Sherwood (c; Mozelle) driver Geo Marsh Co Inc h315 S Haywood 
Baker Sydnor V D musician rl910 Fairview rd 
Baker Thurley T (Viola) textile wkr hi 119 Harp 
Baker W Alton (Mabel A) sta atndt h603 W Cabarrus 
Baker W Falton (Mary F) collr C C Motor Co Inc h24 Dixie Trail 
Baker W Hubert (Lois M) slsmn Royal Baking Co h412 E Martin 
Baker W Prentiss (Mary B) pres Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h3201 Clark 

Baker Wm (c) dish washer Webber's Lunch rll09 E Lane 
Baker Wm (c; Martha) gdnr h211 Hoke 
Baker Wm A (Vallie E) h908 S Blount 
Baker Wm A jr (Anne) elk rl24 N Bloodworth 
Baker Wm G (c) lab hl002 Manly 
BAKER & RAWLS ROOFING CO W Prentiss Baker Pres L Alton 

Brown Sec-Treas J Horace Rawls GenI Mgr 406 W Davie Tel 147 

(See left top lines) 
Baldwin Curlester (c; Gertrude) lab h rear 805 2d av 
Baldwin Elsie (c) cook 2501 Kenmore dr 
Baldwin Ernest (c) sta firemn hl218 New Bern av 
Baldwin Flossie M (c) dom rl218 New Bern av 
Baldwin Hattie (c) Indrykr Capital City Lndry r207 Cannon 
Baldwin Henrietta (c) maid h305 N Harrington 
Baldwin Jessie B Mrs h211 W Davie 
Baldwin Jos W (c; Myrtle) lab h808 Manly 
Baldwin Lorenzo (c) lab hl218 New Bern av 
Baldvrin OUie (c) Indrs h916 S Wilmington 
Baldwin Ozella Mrs nurse 443 N Wilmington r do 
Baldwin Rosa (c) h207 Cannon 

Ball Adele R Mrs tchr Wiley Sch hl914 Glenwood av 
Ball David G (Ball & Ball) r427 N Blount 
Ball Emma sten U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r RD 1 
Ball Fannie fc) cook 105 Seawell 

Ball Geo F sta atndt State Tire & Sen'ice Co Inc r619 N Blount apt 4 
Ball Geo W (Adele R; Ball & Ball) hl914 Glenwood av 
Ball J G Co Jesse G Ball pres Julian A Rand sec-treas whol gros 320 W 

Ball J Reuben (LeUa V) supt Wake County Home r do 
Ball Jesse G (LaVinia K) pres J G Ball Co h427 N Blount 
Ball Jesse G jr (Carolina Hotel Garage) rll7 E Jones 
Ball John T (Gay) slsmn J G Ball Co hl05 E Edenton apt 211 
Ball Josephine student r Wake County Home 
Ball Ned B (Irene) elk E A Pierce Co h3200 Hillsboro apt B7 





Ball Nellie ( wid Geo P) r213 Woodburn rd 

Ball Oliver W lab hl015 Spring 

Ball Richd E (Vivian) mgr Dietrich Bros hl505 Caswell 

Ball Richd G (lola S; Carolina Blue Printers) civ eng 120 '72 Payetteville 
R204 hll7 E Jones 

Ball Thos N (Esther) printer The News & Observer hll4 N Bloodworth 

Ball Wm T (MoUie A) h817 W Morgan 

Ball & Ball (Geo W and David G) lawyers 320 S Salisbury R509 

Ballance Colon R (Mattie W) driver Carolina Clnrs Inc h849 W Morgan 

Ballance Jas D (Fannie) driver Oak City Lndry h713 Gaston 

Ballance N L & CO (Norman L Ballance) food products 301 S Blount R 

Ballance Norman L (Pluma O; N L Ballance & Co) h414 S Boylan av 

Ballance Norman L jr student r414 S Boylan av 

Ballance Owen A student r414 S Boylan av 

Ballard Curtis F linemn rl7 N West 

Ballard Kate sten State Dept of Agriculture r540 N Blount 

Ballard Mar.iorie (c) cook r517 S Blount 

Ballard Nannie E Mrs furn rms 17 N West r do 

Ballard Robt R (Nannie E) electn hl7 N West 

Ballard Ruby J rl7 N West 

Ballard & Ballard Co Hunter P Britt mgr whol flour and feed 322 W 

Ballenger Stanley T (Flossie C) asst prof N C State College h3134 Stan- 
hope av 

Ballentine Roy (c; Effie) carp r316 N Tarboro 

Bandy Ray P adjuster Coml Credit Co 

Bandy Wm B (Emma S) civ eng hl007 Harvey 

Bane see also Bain 

Bane Max H (Dorothy P) iimk dlr 917 S Blount h905 W Cabarrus 

Bane W Henry (Rena) hlll2 Payetteville rd 

Bangert Edw D (Kate A) watchrnkr 109 y2 S Wilmington h807 Glen- 
wood av 

Banks Albert (c: Martha) lab h508 S East 

Banks Annie M student r319 New Bern av 

Banks Badger (c; Lucy) cook h740 Smithfield av 

Banks Braxton (c) lab rl211 Hill 

Banks Claude (c; Alrada) lab h407 Lee 

Banks Columbus (c) truck driver r307 S Bloodworth 

Banks Orayton C (Lola) slsmn Wake Auction Co r Cary N C 

Banks Daisv (o) rl02 Lee's al 

Banks Dock bus opr r323 W Morgan 

Banks E Carmi (Mildred S) agt Continental Life Ins Co rl23 N Blood- 

Banks Edw E slsmn Capital Peed & Gro Co Inc r Apex N C 

Banks Ella (c) dom r404 Green 

Banks Ernest (c; Lucille) lab h506 S Dawson 

Banks Ethel (c) rSlO W South 

Banks Pestus (c; Flora) lab h523 Cannon 

Banks Geo (c) lab h308 Hill (College Pk) 

Banks Geo W (Savannah) r212 Park av 

Banks Geo W r Wake County Home 

Banks Graham H r212 Park av 

Banks Herman (c; Maggie) farm hd State Hosp r714 S West 

Banks Hugh M Cc; Annie) auto mech hl002 E Davie 

Banks Igolus (c; Sarah) lab hl02 Lee's al 

Banks Jessie M (c) r909 Cannister 

Banks John (c; Isabell) r217 Cannon 

Banks John (c; Lillie M) h310 W South 

Banks John (o) blr washer N-SRRCo r405 N West 

Banks John ir (c) r310 W South 

Banks John R (Margt E) pollcemn h553 New Bern av 

Banks Kelso M (Beulah E) sec-treas-genl mgr Capital Auto Stores Inc 
hl616 Scales 

Banks Lafayette r212 Park av 

Banks Lee (c) cook h909 Cannister 





n ' 





Audits — 


f g 550 

i ° >- 

i 'T3 ^s 

1 G S 




3 G <r-b 








00 i:^ 





The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 





Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Banks Lessie (c) h308 W South 

Banks Lillia M (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r211 Maple 

Banks Lillie (c) r Wake County Home 

Banks Lillie M (c) emp Wright's Cafeteria h310 W South 

Banks Lucille (The Rembrandt Shop) r Carolina Pines N C 

Banks Mallie (c; Nancy) lab h31 MoKee 

Banks Mamie (c) h312 W South 

Banks Mildred (c) r909 Cannister 

Banks Myrtle K (wid Alpheus) office sec Drs Bell & Eldridge r210 

W Edenton 
Banks Neal (c; Melissa) lab h904 S Person 
Banks Paul h212 Park av 

Banks Roy M (Lizzie M; Wake Auction Co) h319 New Bern av 
Banks Savannah (c) cook r70O S Bloodworth 
BANKS THOS A Lawyer 1012-1013 Raleiffh Banking & Trust Bldg: 5 W 

Harsrett Tel 4357 r Gamer N C Tel 65-F-20 
Banks Viola (c) r312 W South 

Banks Willis (c) emp Firestone Service Stores Inc rl29 W Lenoir 
Bankson Wm E (Vada) electn rll2 New Bern av 
Banning Berdie R Mrs ftr Ellisberg's h315 W Edenton 
Banning J Ernest (Berdie R) printer h315 W Edenton 
Baptist Book Shop Mrs Madge A Marshall mgr 121 W Hargett R214 
Baptist Grove Park E Hargett bet Blount and Person 
Baptist State Convention BYPU Winnie Rickett sec 121 W Hargett R206 
Baptist State Convention Board, of Missions Maloy A Huggins genl sec 

121 W Hargett R202 
Baptist State Convention Relief and Annuity Board Richd T Vann sec 

121 W Harsett R2G4 
Baptist State Convention Sunday School Department Perry Morgan sec 

121 W Hargett R200 
Baptist State Convention Woman's Missionary Union Mrs Edna R 

Harris sec 121 W Hargett R215 
Baptist Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of N C (c) 

Mary A Burwell sea 201 Idlewild av 
Barbee Albert E h614 Harp 

Barbee Blevin L bkpr Kearns Ice & Coal Co r219 N East 
Barbee Clarence D (Minnie L) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co h206 Linden av 
Barbee Claude B (Stella) broker h612 N Blount 

Barbee Claude B jr (Sallie) mgr E A Pierce & Co hll05 Mordecai dr 
Barbee Edw (c) hlpr r505 S Bloodworth 
Barbee Frances W elk State Hwy Comn r814 Cowper dr 
Barbee Geo (c) lab r20 Railroad 

Barbee Jennie (wid J M) tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r214 E Morgan 
Barbee Katie S (wid Edgar) r814 Cowper di" 
Barbee LaRue nurse 701 N Blount apt 102 h do 
Barbee Public School 1116 N Blount 
Barbee Thelma (c) r20 Railroad 
Barbee Tremetrius (c) waiter r514 S Blount 
Barbee Waverly W cond r415 N Salisbury 
Barbee Willie (c) dom r326 E Davie 
Barbee & Co John Stephens mgr whse 101 E Lenoir 
Barber Chas M (M Blanche) teleg opr NSRRCo h207 Poplar 
Barber Clement (c) r214 W Lenoir 
Barber David (c; Emma) h835 E Martin 

Barber Edgar P (Lucv B) sunt Coml Printing Co h512 Graham 
Barber Ella (c) dom f207 E South 
Barber Estella R (wid Jos W) h625 New Bern av 
Barber Geo (c; Claytie) auto mech rSOO S Bloodv/orth 
Barber Ida (c) h214 W Lenoir 

Barber lone A cash P W Woolworth Co r219 S Person 
Barber J Marshall (Maude W) spl agt N Y Life Ins Co hl901 Stone 
Barber J Wm textile wkr rl413 Hinton 
Barber Jas M (Ola N) textile wkr hl413 Hinton 
Barber John (c) rl24 W South 
Barber John L (c) rSOS Saunders 

Barber Jos H (Elma H) driver East Coast Stages Inc h317 S Person 
Barber Jos W (Camilla) r625 New Bern av 
Barber Katie (c) dom rSOO S Bloodworth 
Barber Lena A prof Meredith College r do 
Barber Maggie (c) Indrs h320 W Lenoir 
Barber Mary (c) gro 800 S Bloodworth h do 
Barber Mary L r625 New Bern av 
Barber Milton A Rev (Han-iet W) rector Christ Episcopal Ch hill New 

Bern av 
Barber Milton A jr asst mailing elk State Laboratory of Hygiene rill New 

Bern av 


The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Barber Ophelia (c) Indrs r214 W Lenoir 

Barber Ruby M textile wkr rl413 Hinton 

Barber Sallie (c) dom r327 Smithfield 

Barber Tessie (c) farm hd State Hosp r do 

Barber Thos (c) r214 W Lenoir 

Barber Tony (c) lab r214 W Lenoir 

Barber Virginia emp Bovlan-Pearce Co Inc hl27 New Bern av apt 203 

Barber Wilbert (c) lab r209 N Haywood 

Barber Wm B (c; Bessie) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co h808 Saunders 

Barbour Ada W Mrs confr 221 Vi S West h 221 do 

Barbour Clarence B (M Virginia) chf City Police Dept hll6 Polk 

Barbour Clennis asst cash Efird's Dept Store r317 W Johnson 

Barbour DeVan (Eliz F) slsmn Mayo's Clothes r437 Halifax 

Barbour Donnie H (Ada W) h221 S West 

Barbour E Clem (Ruth P) slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co h627 W Lane 

Barbour Eliz P Mrs elk State Board of Health r437 Halifax 

Barbour Ethel (c) dom r802 S Person 

Barbour Geo D (Martha M> h218 S Harrington 

Barbour Hubert O (Bertha V) blrmkr h319 W Johnson 

Baa-bour J Sim (Ella) h822 E Lenoir 

Barbour Jas A (L Estelle) dairy mn h307 N Dawson 

Barbour Julia nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Barbour Lula Mrs hl310 Center 

Barbour Malcolm r218 S Harrington 

Barbour Mamie (wid David) h75 Lake 

Barbour Paul (c; Garnet) auto mech h209 Bragg 

Barbour Remus A (Unnie B) filling sta h703 E Hargett 

Barbour Reuben (c) delmn Conyers Cigar Store r216 Lee 

Barbour Robt (c) delmn Mallette Drug Co Inc r216 Lee 

Barbour W Carl (E Mae) slsmn Citv Ice & Fuel Co h621 W Lane 

Barbour Wm S (Myra E) driver Oldham & Worth Inc hl421 Scales 

Barbre Chas B (Ella M) pntr h203 Spence 

Barclay Mary S Mrs sten h9 N Blount 

Barden Albert (Edith A) photog 1201/2 Fayetteville R201 r320 E Edenton 

Barden Chas Maj asst USP&DO State Adjutant-Genl r Auburn N C 

Barden Chas H (Emily S) photog Albeit Barden h221 Linden av 

Barden Hugh watchmkr Jolly's Inc r221 Linden av 

Barden Iva L tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r610 E Lane 

Barefoot Christine E Mrs rl28 S McDowell 

Barefoot Emily D r605 W North 

Barefoot Geo G (Sallie) carp h630 W Lenoir 

Barefoot J Grover r630 W Lenoir 

Barefoot Jesse P (Minnie L) formn h605 W North 

Barefoot John J usher State Theatre r9 N Blount 

Barefoot Octavia (wid Julius J) elk h9 N Blount 

Barefoot Oneida Mrs matron Wake County Home r do 

Barefoot Wm student r9 N Blount 

Barefoot Wm A elk Saunders St Pharmacy r605 W North 

Barfield Mattie (wid Cator C) h315 S Dawson 

Barge Maggie (c) r Wake County Home 

Barham Alex A (Emma B) r310 E Hargett 

Barham Madeline (c) dom rl405 E Edenton 

Barham Maggie (c) dom hl5 Bragg 

Barham McDonald (c) shoe shiner 825^2 Fayetteville rl5 Bragg 

Barham Nora (c) r Wake County Home 

Barham Waverly S embalmer Mitchell Funeral Home Inc r222 W Hargett 

Barkas Geo (Little Parrot Castle) r Hotel Wiley 

Barkas Saml waiter Little Parrot Castle r Hotel Wiley 

Barker Angelina B (wid Raleigh C) h2220 Hillsboro 

Barker E G printer The News & Observer r Apex N C 

Barker F Christine cash rill Polk 

Barker Gilmer C (Lacie L) levermn Sou Ry System hl024 Boylan dr 

Barker Hattie M waitress Green Grill rill Polk 

Barker J Arth (Edith A) barber hill Polk 

Barker John P (c; Harriet) glazier Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc hl2 Hill 
(College Pk) 

Barker Mary (c) h605 S Harrington 

Barker Nella S (wid Howard) rl22 S Harrington 

Barker Nellie M student rl22 S Harrington 

Barker R Talbott (Rosa L) slsmn T B Crowder & Son h532 N Wilming- 
ton apt 2 
Barker Saml cond r325 E Morgan 

Barker Thos L (c; Lillian) porter Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc r RD 5 

Barkley Florida G r830 Wake Forest rd 

Barkley Lewis elk Murchison's Pharmacy r Wake Forest rd 

Barkley Mary E (wid John R) hl23 New Bern av 
















PHONE 4020 

Barkley Paul H night editor Associated Press h401 S McDowell apt 205 

Barkley Robt L (Emma C) cond h830 Wake Forest rd 

Barlinger Hilbert W elk rl20 Groveland av 

Barlow Amiie (c) dom li302 Fowle 

Barlow Lucille Mrs r433y2 Halifax 

Barlow W Herman (Sadie B) slsmn Caoital Ice & Coal Co Inc hll2 S 

Barmettler Paul J student r2512 Stafford av 
Barnes A A carp r317% S Blount 
Barnes Albert S Rev supt The Methodist Orphanage h Glenwood av cor 

Barnes David T (Barnes Gro Co) r218 N Bloodworth 
Barnes Delia E (wid Jos V) h603 Cutler 
Barnes E Louise r503 Tilden 

Barnes Elmore V appr Stearns En^aving Co r519 N East 
Barnes Elsie nurse 522 Fayetteville r do 
Barnes Georglanna (c) Indrs hlSll Hill 
Barnes Grace (c) maid St Agnes Hosp r do 
Barnes Grace nurse Bex Hosp r do 

Barnes Graham W elk Hayes-Barton Pharmacy rl816 Glenwood av 
Barnes Grocery Co (Nathan L and David T Barnes) 222 N Bloodworth 
Barnes H Pauline rl816 Glenwood av 
Barnes Herbert G elk State-U S Co-Operative Crop Reporting Service 

rl816 Glenwood av 
Barnes Hubert H (c) (Cath) dishwasher S & W Cafeteria r509 S Person 
Barnes Ida (c) dom r926 E Hargett 
Barnes J S guard State Prison r do 
Barnes Jas G elk r519 N East 

Barnes John (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel r212 W Lenoir 
Barnes John M elk Echo Sherbert Co r557 New Bern av 
Barnes Jos (c; Annie) cement fnshi- h rear 108 Stronach's al 
Barnes Jos (c) lab r210 W North 
Barnes Katie E Mrs textile wkr rlllY Harp 

BAKNES KINCHEN W (Addie L), Sec and Purch A§rent State Dept of 
Agriculture, State ARricuItural BIdff, Tel 230O, hl816 Glenwood av, 
Tel 3470-W 
Barnes Laura E (wid Ottie O) hi 107 Mordecai dr 
Barnes Lawson C sec to supt SALRy rll07 Mordecai dr 
Barnes Lossie (c) dom r7 Bladen 

Barnes Mabel elk Dunbar & Daniel Inc rlOlO W Lenoir 
Barnes Mamie L (wid Carl L) warp drawer N C State College r2004 Hills- 

Barnes Margt r519 N East 

Barnes Marvin L (Madalvn C) asst mgr W, T Grant Co h803 McCollock 
Barnes Mary Y (wid Rowlett E) h216 E Peace 
Barnes Mattie P elk rll5 Havrthorne rd 
Barnes Maude R r Glenv/ood av cor Cleveland 

Barnes Nathan L (Maggie S) (Barnes Gro Co) h218 N Bloodworth 
Barnes Oscar G (Stella) slsmn Raleigh Fum Co Inc h503 Tilden 
Bai-nes Otis O (Inez) bus opr h704 N East 

Barnes Patk H jr (Minnie B) drftsmn State Hwy Comn rl2 Enterprise 
Barnes Penny (c) smstrs r507 E Davie 
Barnes Rachel M sten r2001 Glenwood av 
Barnes Ralph F (Omie) printer h519 N East 

Barnes Richd E agt Home Security Life Ins Co h2001 Glenwood av , 
Barnes Rossie M r21a N Bloodworth 
Barnes Sadie R sten Ruark & Ruark r2001 Glenwood av 
Barnes Sallie J (wid Wiley) r Glenwood av cor Cleveland 
Barnes Saml (c) lab rll4 N West 
Barnes Vallie (c) cook r215 W North 
Barnes Virginia D r503 Tilden 

Barnes W Burke tt (Frances) elk Person St Pharmacy No 2 r502 Cleve- 
BARNES WII.EY G (Meta G) (Bowman's Jewelry Co), Lawyer ,407 
Wachovia Bank Bldg 334-340 Favetteviile, Tel 392, and Judgre City 
Court of Raleigh. hll9 Hawttiom rd, Tel 1208-J 
Barnes Wm (c) lab rlSll Hill 

Barnes Willis (c) (Rebecca) cook Shell-Penn Sta r715 E Hargett 
Barnes Willis (c) (Hattie) tmstr h643 Branch (SPk) 
Barnes Wilmer E student rll07 Mordecai dr 
Barnes Winnie T (wid Jas H) hi 15 Hawthorn rd 
Barnes Worthen (c) < Emma) lab h425 S Person 
Barnette H V sta opr Standard Oil Co of N J r2102 Fairview rd 
Barney Chas (c) (Estelle) lab hll23 Branch 
Earnhardt Craighead L (Daisy) asst City Eng h225 Glascock 




Earnhardt Luther W associate prof N C State College rl718 Hillsboro 

Barnhart Virginia student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Barnhill Mary (c) sta wkr Travelers Aid Soc rl415 New Bern av 

Barr Nina (c) cook h512 E Martin 

Barrett Benj (c) (Mary J) lab hll02 S Person 

Barrett Jas (c) (Rhodie) pntr h413 Watson 

Barrett Jas Y (c) auto mech r723 S Person 

Barrett John C (c) (Bessie E) brklyr h723 S Person 

Barrett Martha V r205 Aycock 

Barrett Rommie D (Margt N) slsmn McLeod & Watson h205 Aycock 

Barrett Wm C (c) clothes presser r723 S Person 

Barringer Chas elk r710 W Jones 

Barringer Julia sten CP&L Co r227 New Bern av 

Barrow A Rebecca elk r414 StMary's 

Barrow Chas E custodian State Agrl bldg r708 W North 

Barrow Geo W (Bettie M) h414 StMary's 

Barrow Horace W elk (jeo H Burnette r608 Polk 

Barrow Howard Tj slsmn U S Rubber Products Inc r207 N Blount 

Barrow Jas N printer r414 StMary's 

Barrow Luther B (Dora E) auto mech h719 Holt 

Barrow Mary r207 N Blount 

Barrow Mildred V textile wkr r418 W Peace 

Barrow Robt W (Margt) inspr Burroughs Adding Machine Co h911 W 

Barrow Troy M (Bertie) carp h608 Holt 

Barrow Viola M elk Callie M Lee rl908 Oakwood av 

Barrow W B & Son (Walter B Barrow jr) genl contr 239 Payetteville R 

Barrow W Ozie (A Maybelle) textile wkr r418 W Peace 

Barrow Walter B h207 N Blount 

Barrow Walter B jr (Eliz P) (W B Barrow & Son) hll34 Harvey 

Barrow Wm J (Lillie V) slsmn h418 W Peace 

Barrow Wm O (Annie M) textile wkr rl908 Oakwood av 

Baxster Celia (c) dom rl294 E Edenton 

Bartholomew Bessie (wid Robt) h308 Poplar 

Bartholomew Evelyn student r325 E Edenton 

Bartholomew Henry G (Nettie K) br mgr h325 E Edenton 

Bartholomew Lewis W (Ha P) agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co h225 S Blood- 

Bartholomew Octavia W Mrs siswn Hudson-Belk Co r RD 5 

Barton Deguni Mrs r201 Hillsboro 

Barton Edw M (Louise A) City Comnr of Public Wks hl905 Alexander rd 

Barton Edwin B (Blanche W) sta opr Sou Oil Stores Inc r710 W Jones 

Barwick Allen J (Anna M) (Barwick & Leach) hl30 Hawthorn rd . 

Barwick Eloise rl30 Hawthorn rd 

Barwick Wm elk rl30 Hawthorn rd 

BARWICK & LEACH (Allen J Barwick, Oscar Leach), Lawyers 405-409 
Security Bank Bldsr 239 Payetteville. Tel 386 

Basden Alice K (wid Geo W) h606 Aycock 

Basfield Jas (c) (Josephine) lab h401 W Lenoir 

Bashford Allan S Mrs bdg 112 Halifax r do 

Bashfurd Alonzo C (Ada L) cai^p h926 N Boy Ian av 

Bashford Arth L (Emmie G) bkbndr Mitchell Printing Co h516 Polk 

Bashford Cath R r516 Polk 

Bashford Eliz K r516 Polk 

Bashford H Allie mech C C Motor Co Inc r RD 4 

Bashford John C (Margt J) (Bashford Plmbg & Htg Co) r926 N Boyla'n 

Bashford Lizzie (wid Jack) emp Capudine Chemical Co h215 S East 

Bashford Louis G (Allan S) real est hll2 Halifax 

Bashford Plumbing & Heating Co (Ryan. A and John C Bashford) 926 N 
Boy Ian av 

Bashford Ryan A (Bashford Plmbg & Htg Co) filling sta 419 W Peace) r 
926 N Boylan av 

Baskerville John C (Cleo) mgr Raleigh Bureau N C Assn Afternoon News- 
papers h2213 Creston rd 

Bason Beulah B (c) dom r741 Smithfield av 

Bason Eliz tchr StMary's Sch r do 

Bason Mittie L (c) dom r741 Smithfield av 

Bason Saml P (c; Beulah) carp h741 Smithfield av 

BASON WM H (Hannah A), V-Pres Carolina Builders Corp, h600 Wil- 
lard pi, Tel 3032 

Bass Anne M (c) sch tchr r300 E South 

Bass Chas (c) lab h210 Cumberland av 

Bass Durock (c) (Lula) stone ctr h314 S Bloodworth 




^ CO. 



Bass Eliz (c) dom hl326 E Lenoir 

Bass John D truck driver r201 N West 

Bass Lena M cash Acacia Mut Life Ins Co r516 Holt 

Bass Mae P (c) sch tchr rSOO E South 

Bass Magdeline atndt State Hosp r do 

Bass Mamie (c) cook hl09 Grimes al 

Bass Maude L (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf h300 E 

Bass Paul (Sarah) policemn h806 Brooklyn 
Bass Raymond K (Ruth B) h303 W, Whitaker Mill rd 
Bass Robt N r423 Fayetteville 

Bass Robt N (Violet) driver Merchants Delivery Service hSlO E Hargett 
Bass Robt N (Beatrice B) mach hl312 Hlnton 
Bass Ruth E elk rl312 Hinton 
Bass Urbane F (c) student r3(X) E South 

Bass Wm A (Nancy K) cabt wkr K E Stahl Mfg Co r603 Elm 
Batchelor John B (Eula B) elk Ry Exp Agency Inc r2304 Hillsboro 
Batchelor Jos instr Carolina Pines Riding Stables r Wilson h'i'y 
Batchelor Lessie (c) dom r807 S Person 

Batchelor Marshall (c) (Emma) porter rl05 Washington (College Pk) 
Batchelor Mary S sten State Board of Health r RD 5 
Batchelor Sallie (c) Indrs h316 3 Bloodworth 
Bateman Chas O (Daisy M) pntr h407% E Jones 
Bateman Margt sten ri08 S Dawson 

Bateman Wm M dep elk U S District Court rl08 S Dawson 
Bates Cornelia (c) Indrs h219 Smithfield 

Bates Edw (c) (Hattie) porter Capital Auto Stores Inc h705 S West 
Bates Emily (c) dom r219 Smithfield 
Bates Grace H tchr Wiley Sch h214 E Morgan 

Bates John W (Edna E) mgr Coml Credit Co h200 B Edenton apt 8 
Bates Josephine (c ) Indrs r219 Smithfield 

Batson Eug B (Louise M) formn Raleigh Linen Supply Co h403 E Eden- 
Batten Isaac L (Standard Shoe Service) 8 W Hargett 
Battle Annie B (wid Fredk G) (Old Rose Inn) hl28 W, Hargett 
Battle Benj J (c> (Lillian) lab h560y2 E Cabarrus 
Battle D L Moody (Anna K) mgr Raleigh Finance Co h720 Hillsfboro apf 

Battle Dorsey (c) (Blonnie) atndt Carolina Country Club h819 Smithfield 
Battle Grace (c) r814 Oberlin rd 
Battle Irving (c) lab r814 Oberlin rd 
Battle Jas M (Eliz L) genl agt Northwestern Mut Fire Assn hl709 S,t! 

Battle Katie (c) dom r906 S Person 
Battle Lee B rl28 W Hargett 
Battle Lossie M (c) r819 Smithfield av 
Battle Marjorie (c) dom h222 E Worth 
Battle Sally (wid Kemp P) h315 N Wilmington 
Battle Thos (c) lab rlO E Hayti al 
Battle Vema (c) student r615 W South 

Batts B Jackson barber Walter Gilmore rl26 E Whitaker Mill rd 
BattsChas (c) (Minnie) brklyr rl210 S Person 
Batts Chas J (Margt E) pntr hl04 N State 

Batts Eliz sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Cary N C 
Batts Geo E (Sallie R) gro 404 W Lenoir h530 S Harrington 
Batts Henry C r530 S Harrington 
Batts Jas F jr (Alice R) elk CP&L Co r227 Glascock 

Batts Lonnie C (Ruby V) bkpr Raleigh Bonded Whse Inc h219 Glascock 
Batts O Britton r530 S Harrington 

Batts W Alton (C Louise) sta atndt Standard Oil Co h721 S Boylan av 
Battz Benj r418% S McDowell 

Battz Chris (Stella A) steeple jack h418y2 S McDowell 
Baucom Annie (c) cook hl015 S Person 

Baucom Carson D supt Div of Weights and Measures State Dept of Agri- 
culture r Rolesville rd RD 5 
Baucom Claud I (Helen M) mach State Hwy Comn h713 Florence 
Baucom Ella (c) cook h404 Green 
Baucom Esther Mrs smstrs r303 W Jones 
Baucom Ethel Y Mrs smstrs Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dyeing Co r 

213 E Hargett 
Baucom Florida (c) Indrs h546 E Davie 
Baucom Geo E (Cornelia W) airplane mech h314 E Lane 
BAUCOM GEO U JR (Virffinia P), Lawyer 4-5-6 Security Bank Bldg 

Annex, 6-10 Market pi, Te! 2114, and Pres Southern Title Service Co, 

h3 York Apts 728 W Cabarrus, Tel 1271 



"The mtmnrj' of quality lingers lonK after tlie price Is forgotten." 

Baucom Herman (c) (Geneva) cook Rex Hosp hl012 Mark 

Baucom Jas I (Margt G) appr h207 N West 

Baucom Jessie R sten Chas U Harris r213 E Hargett 

Baucom John C elk D & U Cut Rate Mkt r702 E Hargett 

Baucom Judson (C) lab rl015 S Person 

Baucom Lula L (wid Wm L) h305 NewBem av 

Baucom Lyda B r305 NewBern av 

Baucom Mary E 314 E Lane 

Baucom Milded (c) Indry wkr r404 Green 

Baucom Proff (c) r546 E Davie 

Baucom Rudolph P (Mae Ml teleg opr hl227 Hinton 

Baucom Viola (c) dom r727 S Person 

Baucom Wm D (Lula W) r207 N West 

Baucom Willie L elk The News & Observer r305 NewBem av 

Baucome Audrey (c) dom h509 E Davie 

BauRh Arth T soda dispenser Boon-Iseley Drug Co rl909% Glenwood av 

Baugh Blanche r224 E Edenton 

Baugh Chas E collr rl909i4 Glenwood av 

Baugh Irene G (wid Chas H) bdg 3 DLxie Trail h do 

Bau?h L Russell (Clara L) auto mech h418 Prank 

Baugh Leoma r3 Dixie Trail 

Baugh Luther A (N Pearl) slsmn Caoilal Ice & Coal Co Inc hll9 S Blount 

Baugh Mamie slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rlO N Bloodworth 

Baugh Oley (c) (Fannie A) hlpr h218 Spence 

Baugh Roy L (Lila A) mgr Yarborough Auto Park r RD 5 

Baugh Wm C slsmn Montgomery-Mutart Inc rl909V2 Glenwood av 

BAUGHAN GEO B, V-Pres John W Hudson Jr Inc, 18 W Martin 

Bauman Albert P (Frances J) v-pres h921 Vance 

Bauman Florence H bkpr r921 Vance 

Baumgardner see also Bumgardner 

Baumgardner Jefferson H r202 W Morgan 

Baumgardner Marie L (wid Alpheus L) prlv sec Tayler's rSll Cole 

Baumgardner Milton r202 W Morgan 

Baxter Walter (c) (Clemmie) lab h507 Saunders 

Baxter Zana (c) dom h903 E Jones 

Baynes Walter R (Ella S) technician State Dept of Agriculture hll2 Cox 

av apt 3 
Bazemore Edgar P (Louise S) elk CP&LCo h515 Cole 
Beacham Casca D (Hazel P) eng h901 Glenwood av 
Beacham Hazel M student r901 Glenwood av 
Beal Bessie L student r800 N Boylan av 

Beal H Marjorie sec and director State Library Comn rl24 E Edenton 
Beal Mildred (c) Indrs h518 Railroad av 
Beal Nathaniel B (Beal's Service Sta) h Wake Forest rd nr Whltaker Mill 

Beal Wlllard (c) delmn FitzGerald & Co Inc rll4 W Johnson 
Beal's Service Station (Nathaniel B Beal) Wake Forest rd nr Whltaker 
Mill rd 

Beale Chas M carp r711 W North 

Beale Eleanor tchr Boylan Hts Sch r314 Hillsboro 

Beale Toney A (Lillian M) cabt mkr h612 Glenwood av 

Bealle Jas S jr night edtior United Press Assn rl07 N Boylan av 

Beam Jack (c) mill wkr rSlO Railroad av 

Beam Luna M Mrs sten State Board of Health hl539 Caswell 

Beam Robt D (Luna M) ens State Sch Comn hl539 Caswell 

Eeaman Alice Vsec Alf L Purrington jr r305 Glenwood av 

Beamer Minnie (wid Jas) fcty wkr r210 N Harrington 

Bean Jack (c) lab r403 N Harrington 

Bean Virginia W r700 W Morgan apt 4 

Beard Lennie E Mrs mgr Benj L Causey h419 Fayettevllle 

Beard M Ruth tchr Boylan Hts Sch r316 W Edenton 

Beardsworth Distributing Co (Richd Beardsworth) food products 416 S 

Beardsworth Eliz C rll25 Harvey 

Beardsworth Richd (Annie L) (Beardsworth Distributing Co) hll25 Har- 

Beasley B Forrest (Thelma S) carrier U S P O h402 Cole 

Beasley Bee elk McLellan Stores Co r Apex N C 

'Beasley Margt sten Sanders Motor Co r2206 Falrview rd 

Beasley Millard F (Annie E) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h619 N East 

Beasley Nancy R Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch hl22 N Boy- 
lan av 

Beasley Sarah L sec Dr Sidney Smith h2206 Falrview rd 

Beasley Silas E (Anna W) plstr hl419 Mordecai dr 

Beasley WUey B driver Swift & Co r Apex N C 


r£>|g SBMEe & mm) ^tmm 

"f r coS? ^^^™^ COMPANY 'p"|i^'.s,''Mrn1c'=Ud.^ 

and Air Conditioning. ) A s p h a 1 1 Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles V408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Beasley Wm truck driver r212 S East 

Beasley Wm L (Nancv R) trav slsmn hl22 N Boylan av 

Beasley Wllmer R (Helen W) prod r529 S Salisbury 

Beatty Jane tchr Needham B Broughten High Sch r215 Hillcrest rd 

Beatty W H asst football coach N C State College r do 

Beauty Supplies Inc Mrs Kathleen D Wheatley pres-treas Fletcher L 
Teague (Slier City N C) v-pres Clarence Kelly sec 122 W Martin 

Beavers Eliz H (wid Chas W) h605 E Hargett 

Beavers Mamie rSOl New Bern av 

Beavers Wm R r605 E Hargett 

Beck Andrew M (Mamie XJ) mgr h212 Forest rd 

Beck Charlotte M elk r507 Pace 

Beck David C (Delilah L) h522 E Hargett 

Beck Garvin L (Norma V) pntr hl22 N Salisburg 

Beck J Warren r212 Forest rd 

Eeck John B jr stock elk r507 Pace 

Beck Lottie J Mrs h507 Pace 

Beck Ralph I elk r507 Pace 

Becker B Maude Mrs opr Hollywood Permanent Wave Shoppe rl417 

Becker Helen R Mrs slswn Jas E Thiem r Garner rd RD 3 

Becknel John (c) (Annie) truck driver h710 E Jones 

Beck with Annie W Mrs sten State Hwy Comn h412 N Wilmington 

BeckTOth Bosworth C (Tola) lawyer h412 N Wilmington 

Beckwith Clifton W (Annie W) lawyer 412 N Wilmington h do 

Beckwith Purman (c) (Clyde) sta atndt h531 E Cabarrus 

Beckwith Hazel (c) dom rll5 E Cabarrus 

Beckwith Leonard (c) lab h3 Bladen 

Beckwith M Eliz r4 E Dixie dr 

Beckwith Olivia (c) dom rl021 Cannlster 

Beckwith Vernon E (Cornelia F) carp h4 E Dixie dr 

Becton John C (c) h204 Battle 

Becton Jos elk Beauty Supplies Inc r602 S Salisbury 

Beddingfield Alex E (Martha W) gro 201 W Davie hl618 Glenwood av 

Bedding-field Benj J (Lucy) plmbr r221 N Salisbury 
Beddingfield Bettie (wid Edw) r720 N Boylan av 

iBeddingfield Clarence L license elk Div of Inland Fisheries State dept 
of Conservation and Development r Cary N C 

Beddingfield E Thos dep County Register of Deeds r RD 1 
Beddingfield H Ruffin (Lillian B) slsmn B N Motor Co h615 New Bern av 
Beddingfield Jas H (Mamie M) barber Mills Barber Shop h305 W Whit- 

aker Mill rd 
Beddingfield Jas R elk Pender's Stores r615 New Bern av 
Beddingfield John W (Lida C) welder SALRy h218 S Blount 
Beddingfield Josephine A Mrs r710 StMary's 
Beddingfield Walter J carp r720 N Boylan av 
Beddingfield Wm G r721 Gaston 
Beddoes Cecil W student r27(>8 Everett av 
Beddoes Edgewood (Mary E) supt h2708 Everett av 
Beddoes P Harry student r2708 Everett av 
Beddoes Mary C r2708 Everett av 
Beecham Stewart B (Grace A) rl420 Mordecai dr 

Behre Annie Mrs beauty shop 15 W Hargett R5()7 h524 N Wilmington 
Behre Ernest H student r524 N Wilmington 
Behre Victor G (Annie) mach h524 N Wilmington 
Belcher Geo E formn r515 Fayetteville 
Bell Alf W printer The News & Observer r529 N East 
Bell Atheline rll09 N Blount 
Bell Bessie G Mrs r410 N WUmington 
Bell Bettie elk r525 E Jones 

Bell Carl W (Kath C) (Drs Bell & Eldridge) hl313 College pi 
Bell Carrie L r409 Kinsey 

Bell Cecil E (Rebecca L) announcer WPTF Radio Co h606 S Boylan av 
Bell Chester (c) farm hd State Hosp r do 

Bell Chester O (Nell W) auditor State Prison, h2126 Woodland av 
Bell Earl V pharm Hayes-Barton Pharmacy rl309 College pi 
Bell Ernest F msngr Bynum Printing Co r529 N East 
Bell Prank L (Ruby E) dept mgr Taylor's hl05 E Edenton apt 104 
Bell Frank M (Clarissa) agt Mut Benefit Life Ins Co r23(> N Person 
Bell Franklin P elk r608 Hillsboro apt 1 
Bell Grace (c) Indrs rlll5 S Person 
Bell Haywood D (Jennie) h327 E Edenton 
Bell Helen T (wid Geo M) hl309 College pi 
Bell Henry A elk SAL Ry r Mansion Park Hotel 




PHONE 182 

Bell Heppie T (wid Saml R) h529 N East 

Bell Ira (c) janitor Taylor's r72(} Cotton pi 

Bell J Arth (Sallie P> yd cond h220 Pace 

Bell Jas (c) (Pearl) h721 S West 

Bell Jasper (c) lab 1-720 Cotton pi 

Bell Jessie nurse 206 E Franklin r do 

Bell Jos A acct Bryson W Bi^gs r Hotel Wiley 

Bell Kathleen E elk CP&L Co rlll5 Hillsboro 

Bell Laura (c) Indrs hl7 Bragg 

Bell Laura tchr Hugh Morson HiRh Sch rSOl E Hargett 

Bell Leroy (c) (Willie) lab h2620 Joint 

Bell Lila tchr Hayes-Barton Sch rl620 StMary's 

Bell Lena (c) cook h306 Camden 

Bell Luther (Monnie) textile wkr r508 Halifax 

Bell Mabel V student r894 N Salisbury 

Bell Margt L student rl05 E Edenton apt 104 

Bell Margie S Mrs sec to mgr The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of the 

U S hl925 Alexander rd 
Bell Mary (c) dom h720 Cotton pi 
Bell Mary O rl208 Pilmore 
Bell Minnie (c) cook 2210 Ridsjecrest 
Bell Morris A (Zula V) plstr h894 N Salisbury 
Bell Rosa (c) dom r218 E Cabarrus 
Bell Rufus H carp r915 New Bern av 
Bell Saml (Ira D) slsmn Armour & Co hl208 FUmore 
Bell Saml T (Leila) night ydmstr SALRv h517 N Person 
Bell Susie M slswn Lerner Shops r915 New Bern av 
Bell T Hunter (Lois P) slsmn hl410 Sycamore 

Bell Victor E (Jane K) dentist 123 W Hargett R 418 h225 Hillcrest rd 
Bell W Edw (Mattie G) lino opr Bynum Printing Co h220y2 Pace 
Bell W Hocutt (Margie S) agt Am Natl Ins Co hl925 Alexander rd 
Bell W Ollie (Jessie M) dispr h305 New Bern av 
Bell Walter E (c) (Rena) hSlO S West 

Bell Wm (c) restr wkr Jack's Grill r Oak Cottage, State Hosp 
BELL & ELDKIDGE DRS (Carl W B»I!, Chas P Eldridge), iPhysicians 

418-420 Professional Bldgr 123-127 W Hargett, Tel 440 
Bellamy Martha L (wid Claro N) r2111 Ridgecrest 
Bellamy Thirt M (Thetis) carp h213 S Person 
Belo Lucy C (wid Chas E) h505 North Boundary 
Belton Bessie (c) dom r416y2 S Blount 
Belvin Arth C (Eula V) formn Acme Lndry h309 S Swain 
Belvin Chas H (Carrie L) hl609 Hillsboro 
Belvin Curley V (Louise) driver Allen's Mkt r218 New Bern av 
Belvin Jackie H (wid Orrin) r210 Hudson 
Belvin Jas M supvr WUTelCo r304 R Swain 
Belvin Jos B elk State Hwy Comn rl407 Hillsboro 
Belvin Lillie V (wid Felin A) h304 S Swain 

Belvin Lola J Mrs assorter Sanitary Lndrv h208 S Bloodworth 
Belvin Norman M (Lena E) plmbr 1909% Glenwood av h do 
Belvin P Clarence (Lola J) plmbr h208 S Bloodworth 
Belvin Wm L chem eng rl609 Hillsboro 
Benbery Albert (c) (Hattie) cook hl003 E Jones 
Benefield Fred (c) lab r518 Bragg 

Benefield Jas W (c) (Ida) firemn Pine State Creamery Co h518 Bragg 
Benford Lee G (Josephine L) lawyer hl301 Hillsboro 
Benjamin Henry (c) (Daisy) lab r901 Fayetteville 
Benjamin Louvenia (c) presser Sanitary Lndry r901 Fayetteville 
Benjamin Murray (c) waiter r901 Fayetteville 
Benjamin Ruth E elk CP&LCo rl22 N Boyland av 
Benjamin Viola (c) h901 Fayetteville 
Benndorf Marie student r Bland Hotel 
Benndorf Paul (Aranka) chef Sir Walter Hotel r Bland Hotel 
Bennett Annabelle weaver r815 N Blount 
Bennett C Dexter elk h307 W Jones 
Bennett David (c) (Margt) lab r606 Oberlin rd 
Bennett Edw (c) lab r711 S Person 
Bennett Elsie Mrs r408 Kinsey 
Bennett Fannie (c) dom rllll E Lane 

Bennett Fleet T (Neva A) lawyer 234 Fayetteville R 405 r HoUy Springs 
Bennett Jack B (Lessie) policemn h815 N Blount 
Bennett Jessie (c) dom hill E Lane 
Bennett Jessie L slswn W T Grant Co r307 W Jones 
Bennett Jos I emp The News & Observer r307 W Jones 
Bennett Lillian S rlOOO N Blount 
Bennett Marie sten Adams & Teri-y rll9 Harding 



3 o 








125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Bennett Martin T (Delia L) gro 105 W Peace r RD 5 

Bennett Rebecca (c) maid 513 N Blount 

Bennett Robt E (Mattie) textile wkr rlOOO N Blount 

Bennett Robt G (Josephine) hl03 Park av apt 3 

Bennett Robt L (Evelyn D) driver Oak City Lndry r RD 4 

Bennett Wm H (Frances) mgr beauty parlor Boylan - Pearce Co Inc r 
Cary N C 

Benson Ada (wid Jas P) h609 E Martin 

BENSON BAXTER B (Lula U) Pres CaroUna BuUders Corp and V-Pres 
Geo Marsh Co Inc h2115 Woodland av Tel 4310 

Benson Chas H printer The News & Observer rl05 E Edenton 

Benson Edna E bkpr Bynum Pi-inting Co r609 E Martin 

Benson Jas r609 E Martin 

Benson Margt M student r201 Hillsboro 

Benson Mary bkbndr Bynum Printing Co r609 E Martin 

Benson Ruth Mrs cash Hotel Carolina rl20 S McDowell 

Benton H Carl (Louise A) driver Quality Clnrs & Dyers h418 Frank 

Benton H Pope (Marie) ins agt h705 E Franklin 

Benton John B (c; Gertrude) lather h2302 Everett av 

Benton Marie Mrs smstrs New Globe Inc h705 E Franklin 

Benton Perry J (Sarah M) h418 Fi-ank 

Bergeron David A (Julia) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h324 E Peace 

Bernard Arth C (Carrie L) lawyer h232 W Hargett apt 8- A 

Bernard Ella M (wid John J) hl407 Hillsboro 

Bernard Kathleen M sten State Board of Charities and Public Welfare r 
1407 Hillsboro 

Bernard Madge M elk City Tax Collr rl407 Hillsboro 

Bernstein Pinckney M cigars 239 Fayetteville lobby r Mansion Park Hotel 

Bernstein Jack slsmn Raleigh Loan Office r605 E Franklin 

Bernstein E Morris associate prof N C State College rll7 Hillcrest rd 

Berry Claude W (Pauline M) carrier U S PO h2810 Hillsboro 

Berry Emily Mrs r403 Glenwood av 

Berry Eva J student rl308 Filmore 

Berry Geo D (Florence R) sta atndt Standard Oil Co of N J h314 Hills- 
boro apt 3 

Berry HaiTiet M supt savings and loan assn Div of Mkts State Dept of 
Agriculture r414 Halifax 

Berry Hilda V rl308 Filmore 

Berry Jas (c; Callie) car washer Blackwoods Inc h313 Camden 

Berry Jefferson C student r2810 Hillsboro 

Berry John D (Martha L) ins aet h230 E Morgan 

Berry Nathaniel G (Margt H; Wake Shoe Store) h312 Perry 

Berry Wm J (Bettie V) blksmith N-SRRCo hl308 Filmore 

Ben-yman Roy E (Cora A) wtchmn State Hwy Purch Dept r RD 3 

Berryman Wm (c; Annie B) lab h904 E Martin 

Berwanger Jos G (Berwanger's) r209 N Wilmington 

Berwanger Samson (Recha G; Berwanger's) h209 N Wilmington 

Berwanger's (Samson and Jos G Berwanger) men's clothing 233 Fayette- 

Best Claude (Essie D; B & B Gro) h212 N Harrington 

Best Lucy H tchr Eliza Pool Sch rl27 N Blount 

Best Mattie (wid Jack) r326 W Jones 

Bestor O B civ eng State Hwy Comn r YMOA 

Bestor Or Temple 612 Hillsboro 

Bethea Adam (c) truck driver r719 S East 

Bethea Annie B (c) cook 108 W Jones 

Bethea Grace (c) dom r811 S Bloodworth 

Bethea Howard (c) lab rSll S Bloodworth 

Bethea Jas (c) lather hSll S Bloodworth 

Bethea Janie (c) maid Sir Walter Beauty Shoppe r313 S East 

Bethea Solomon (c) porter Land's Inc r RD 2 

Betts Betty H hl8 S Swain 

Betts Brevard O (Hazel C) genl mgr Betts Coal & Oil Co Inc hll6 N 

Betts Coal & Oil Co Inc Brevard O Betts genl mgr 608 W Hargett 

Betts Dwight P (Dessie W; Alhson & Betts) h615 S Boylan av 

Betts Frank M brkmn r517 Halifax 

Betts Furman (c) car washer State Tire & Service Co Inc W Davie cor 

Betts Howard L msngr r512 W North 

Betts John W (Alma P) woodwkr Martin Millwork Co h902 StMary's 

Betts Lallah R sten N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh rl24 N Wilmington 

Betts Leland L (Ida R) brkmn h512 W North 

Betts LeRoy L elk CP&LCo rl415 Hillsboro 

Betts Lois A (wid Jas R) hl24 N Wilmington 

Betts Mary L sten Thos B Reynolds rl24 N Wilmington 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Betts Mildred I sten rl24 N Wilmington 

Belts Robt E student rl24 N Wilmington 

Betts Rosa (wid Wiley P) r726 S Boylan ay 

Betts Roxie H (wid Chas H) lil26 Forest rd 

Betts Sylvester J Rev r615 S Boylan ay 

Betts Tessie R (wid Wilmer C) hll6 Hillcrest rd 

Betts Thelma L student r512 W North 

Betts Thos A student rl24 N Wilmington Hillsboro 

Betts Vivian P sten New England Mut Life Ins Co rl415 HiUsDoro 

Betts W Purman (Winona C) singer h320 E Edenton 

iftfs "^^r^JfmZtfi^^V^lrc^ agt State Hwy Purch Dept rll6 Hill- 

crest rd. 
Bey Danl (Mary H) formn Staudfs Bakery h220 Cox av 
Bev Danl ir baker Staudt's Bakery r220 Cox av wovo-ott -RlflO 

Biblical Recorder Biblical Recorder Pub Co publrs 121 W Hargett RlOO 
Biblical Recorder Building 119-21 W Hargett . ^„,. r>nhir<- 

Biblical Recorder Publishing Co Rev Jas S Farmer business mgi publro 

Biblical Recorder 121 W Hargett Rl 00 „, ,, ^„ ^o,^. _,„,, oipnn 
Bickett Fannie Y (wid Thos W) supt County Welfare Dept rl82l Glenn 

Bickett Wm Y (Cecyle) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R708hl821 Glenn av 
Biemann D Rieppe (Mary; Biemann & Rowell) ^2223 Creston rd 
Biemann & Rowell (D Rieppe Biemann) plmbrs 401 W Martin 
Biggers Caroline R dean of women Meredith College r^° ,,q p 

Biggers Cecil W (Frances L) parts mgr Commonwealth Motor Co rll9 i. 

Edenton _ ^^ .,, 

Biggs Annie B (c) student r744 Fayetteville Piimmt atit 

Biggs Bryson W (Gladys G) acct 5 Exchange pi R201 h619 N Blount apt 

Bigg's Chas S (Elisabeth S) elk State Hwy Comn hl829 White Oak rd 
fit3^^^^''r^s?tfi!lt^^^^^'cc^^^^^^ co-operative Assn h 

1602 Pine View „„ „. .,,.„, 

SSiirs^fn^ofoVerA^rCr^elli^Corp rl602 Pine View 

I ?^W^=^ 'S=yf y-mn-ljCclPi S%°pf/salon rll2 N East 

Biggs Josenhine elk r821 N Bloodworth 

lis Loufse 'E'\cf steTwinston Mut Life Ins Co r742 Fayetteville 

ilfs^SXa^'^^ m'sSl^tfn'^'N C State College rlOSW Edenton 
Biigs Vernon L (Thelma O) justice of the peace and notary 23 W Davie 

Bikle' Joh? G^'fRuMe R) bus mgr N C Education Assn hl503 Jarvis 
Bilisoly J Bourke elk rl05 E Edenton apt 102 
Bilisoly J Turner student rl05 E Edenton apt 102 

102 „ 4., 

Bilisoly Mamie Mrs opr Poole's Beauty fhoppe r904 W South 
Bilisoly Tony A (Mamie) Printer r904W South 
Billings Harry E (Nancy B) slsmn Alfred Williams & Co n^^i in wu 

Billi™gs Harry E jr student r223 N Wilmington 

Bines Chas (c; Mary) cementwkr h25 W Hayti al 

Bines Julia (c) dom r419 S Swain 

Bines Mary (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry r25 W Hayti al 

Bines Robt (c) lab rlll5 S Bloodworth 

Bing Ashley E (Eliz L) h3103 Stanhope av 

Bing John E student rSlOS Stanhope av Franklin 

Bingham Wm G (Grace S) bkpr Fitz-Gerald & Co Inc h505 E FranKim 

Binnell Pauline (c) dom r412 Bragg 

Bird see also Byrd 

Bird Herbert A musician rSOB Burton 

Bird M Ruth student r508 Burton ■ v t /-,-oc,t r^^ hnnn -Rnrtrin 

Bird Murray R (Florence L) water heater specialist CP&LCo h508 Burton 

sSds^l Alex (c) elev opr Security Bank bldg r706 StMary's 

Birdsall David (c; Julia) lab h809 S East 

Birdsall Ernest (c) lab r910 E Jones 

Birdsall Frances (c) Indrs r309 Bledsoe av 

Birdsall Geo B (c; Katie) gdnr h311 Seawell av 

Birdsall Helen (c) dom r417 Patterson la 

BirdsaU Henry (c) r225 N Haywood 

BirdsaU Jessie (c) nurse 809 S East r do 




( FORD ) 

Authorizad < w tjqffx^ M j Sales and Service 

Birdsall Jos (c) lab h225 N Haywood 

Birdsall Letha (c) dom r225 N Haywood 

Birdsall Louis (c) box pkr N-SRRCo r309 Bledsoe av 

Birdsall Lucille (cJ dom r417 Patterson la 

Birdsall Mary (c) h309 Bledsoe av 

Birdsall Melvin B (c) ianltor Coml Natl Bank bldg h605 E Edenton 

Birdsall Sarah (c) Indrs r314 Branch (SPk) 

Birdsall Staph B (c) h204 N Tarboro 

Birdsall Swain (c) sta atndt rll05 S Blount 

Birdsall Theo (c; Josephine) fl waxer hl507 Pender 

Birdsall Wm (c; Ida) lab r201 Idlewild av 

Blrdsong Cleveland (c) lab r407 S Swain 

Birdsons Clifton (c) delmn r405 Green 

Birdsong Edwin G (Annie N) pharm h214 W Morgan 

Blrdsong Edwin G jr (Jan J) solr Motor Transit Co r 204 W Morgan 

Birdsons Jas (c; Inez) lab h405 Green 

Blrdsong Jan J Mrs office mgr Price's Coal Yard Co r204 W Morgan 

Blrdsong Mary S sec Div of Chemistry State Dept of Agriculture h212 W 

Blrdsong Miles B (Laura B) gro 9 E Hargett h313 E Morgan 
Blrdsong Zepora (c) dom r405 Green 
Bishop Andrew J (Sarah A) wtchmn h402 Pershing rd 
Bishop Bernice wtchmn r402 Pershing rd 

Bishop Bessie Mrs office sec YMCA N C State CoUege h2901 Hillsboro 
Bishop Carl (Ruby) r704 Boylan dr 

Bishop Chas F lino opr Byniim Printing Co r538 E Martin 
Bishop Claude H (Virginia L) bus opr CP&LCo h712 W Jones 
Bishop Emmett M slsmn New Globe Inc r529 Payetteville 
Bishop Hazel (wid Geo E) r529 E Martin 
Bishop John H eng r529 E Martin 

Bishop Logan W (Bessie) typewriter mech r2901 Hillsboro 
Bishop Louis r529 Payetteville 
Bishop Louis B (McNeil) h312 Georgetown rd 
Bishop Louise r529 Payetteville 
Bishop Lovie nurse 116 Halifax r do 
Bishop Minnie G (wid Wm W) bdg 529 Fayetteville h do 
Bishop Ruby Mrs sten Wm R Mims r704 Boylan dr 
Bishop Sadie (c) cook r607 S McDowell 
Bishop Tuttle School Community House (c) Esther V Brown supvr 310 N 

Bishop Tuttle Training School The (c) Rev H Goold pres 1317 Ookwood av 
Bishop W Ray (Rubv G) elk hl708 Dare 
Bishop Wilbert H di-lver Strop Taxi Co r529 E Martin 
Bishop Wm R (Margt) h410 N Wilmington 
Bissette Gladys atndt State Hosp r do 
Bivins Ellie H (wid John A) rl823 Glenwood av 
Black Althea H bkpr Raleigh Linen Supply Co r205 Forest rd 
Black Edw (c; Lucy) lab h429 S Person 
Black Eugenia J (wid Wm H) rll2 Polk 
Black Harvey (c) lab r rear 22 McKee 

Black Jas H (Melanie L) mgr Raleigh Linen Supply Co h205 Forest rd 
Black Jas H jr route inspr Raleigh Linen Supply Co r206 Forest rd 
Black John G (Cath S) formn h4l9 N Boylan av 
Black Marian G student r425 N Blount apt 1 
Black Ruth I r205 Forest rd 
BLACK THYRA, Asst Treas Kirchofer & Arnold Inc r936 Cowper dr, 

Tel 3923-J 
Black Wm G (Panthea P) mech Motor Bearings & Parts Co h425 N 

Blount apt 1 
Blackard Noel G (Eleanor B) printer The News & Observer h607 E 

Blackburn Maggie elk State Board of Health r224 N East 
Blackledge Wonder (c) hallmn Governor's Mansion r do 
Blackman C Julius (Susan H) bus opr h218 Elm 
Blackman Ella (c) dom r316 E Davie 
Blackman Geo (c: Eliz) lab hl203 Hill 
Blackman Heni-y M (c; Ruth) car washer Sir Walter Hotel Garage hSlO 

S East 
Blackman Levris (c; Sarah) waiter hl02 N Tarboro 
Blackman Priscilla (c) dom hl213 Hill 
Blackman Thos H pntr rl25 Halifax 
Blackmon Amy (c) Indrs r6H Cannon 
Blackmon Silas (c; Cath) lab h221 W Lenoir 

Blacknall Ella T transcriber State Board of Health rlO N McDowell 
Blacknall Ella W (wid Geo W) hlO N McDowell 
Blacknall Joanna (c) rSlO S Blount 






Blacknall Jos H (c; Annie) waiter h225 E Cabarrus 

Blacknall Julia (c) Indrs h716 E Lenoir 

Blacknall Marshall E (c) bottler r225 E Cabarrus 

Blacknall Wm H (Margt) hl21 N Wilmington 

Blackwell Almeta ic) dom r423 S Swain 

Blackwell Auburn L (Lucille) waiter Pitz-Gerald & Co Inc h317 Polk 

Blackwell Edw (c; Cath) r221 W Lenoir 

Blackwell Elsie (c) cook r719 S Bloodworth 

Blackwell Rosser I (Ellen W) pres-treas Boon Iseley Drug Co h504 N 

Blackwell Sallie prin Lewis Sch r314 Hillsboro 
Blackwood Carlton B (Ruth E) asst transmission eng CP&LCo h620 W 

Blackwood Conway D (Aline: Blue Star Stores) r213 N Boylan av 
Blackwood Ella M Mrs bdg 213 N Boylan av h do 
Blackwood M Grace student r213 N Boylan av 
Blackwood Muriel rlll4 Glen wood av 

Blackwood Ollie C (Annie E) pres-treas Blackwood's Inc hlll4 Glen- 
wood av 
Blackwood Patk D (Cornelia F) pump repr hSOO Cleveland 
Blackwood T David (Ella M) watch repr 213 N Boylan av h do , 

Blackwood W Sherwood (Mae B) slsmn Blackwood's Inc h429 W Peace 
Blackwood Worth T (Lala M) elk Champion Gro Co h703 Boylan dr 
BLACKWOOD'S INC, Ollie C Blackwood Pres-Treas, Guy B Bowser V- 

Pres, Seiberiing- Tires, Auto Super Service 404 Hillsboro, Tel 3076 
Blair Eliz sten r213 Hillsboro 

Blair Enos C agronomist N C State College rl25 Glenwood av 
Blair Eug D (Opal W) reporter State Industrial Comn h701 N Blount apt 

Blair I Clarkson hl25 Glenwood av 
Blair John J elk rl30 Hillsboro 
Blake Abbie (c) cook 536 N Bloodworth 
Blake Alf G (Cora) car inspr Sou Ry System hl002 S Blount 
Blake Clara (c) h516 S Haywood 
Blake Delina (vnd Richd H) r700 W Peace 
Blake Ernest G student rlO02 S Blount 
BLAKE F LAUREL (Lula J), Constable 302-306 S SaUsbnry, Tel 3129, r 

Gary, N C, RD 1 
Blake Jas P (Ruby L) flremn Truck Co No 1 rSOO N Boylan av 
Blake John (Zadie) r228 E Morgan 

Blake Julius M (Dora M) car inspr Sou Ry System h809 W, Morgan 
Blake Lena B (wid Chas M) hl504 Wake Forest rd 
Blake Lillian r7 N Swain 
Blake Mabel C student rl504 Wake Forest rd 
Blake Mae B (wid Wm H) h213i^ Cox av 
Blake Mattie (c) dom h317 E Davie 
Blake Mollie H Mrs slswn Green Grill h7 N Swain 
Blake Ollie L (Edna R) bus opr h8 Rosemary 
Blake Russell H emp Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r7 N Swain 
Blake Thorman (c; AJma) lab hl014 Manly 

Blake W a-nest (Minnie; Blake's Cash & Carry Store) h700 W Peaae 
Blake's Cash & Carry Store (W Ernest Blake) gros 701 N Boylan av 
Blakely Frances L rl607 Scales 
Blakely J Greer (Inez W) cond hl607 Scales 
Blalock Belvin r216 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Blalock Cath Mrs rl4 S Swain 
Blalock Chas R (c) lab r218 Camden 

Blalock Emma (c) elev opr Coml Natl Bank bldg r529 Cannon av 
Blalock Frank (c) blksmith r610 E South 
Blalock Prank (c) lab hl203 S East 
Blal(5Ck Geo W (c; Emma) porter The Natl Cash Register Co rl07 (1018) 

W; Lenoir 
Blalock J Oscar (c; Maggie) lab h218 Camden 
Blalock Maggie (c) cook P W woolworth Co r218 Camden 
Blalock U Benton (Bessie D) pres Cotton Grower's Supply Co, Grower^ 

Agrl Credit Corp and genl mgr N C Cotton Growers Co-Operatlvje 

Assn hl610 StMary's 
Blalock U Benton jr student rl610 StMary's 
Blalock Willie M (c) dom r218 Camden 
Blanchard Arth C (Lizzie C) h903 New Bern av 

Blanchard Dexter (Hallie 3) dentist 123 W Hargett R62(} r Varina N C 
Blanchard Lawi'ence E (Anna N F) mortgage loans 5 W Hargett R709 h 

2121 Country Club dr 
Blanchard Virginia elk CP&LCo r903 New Bern av 
Blanchard Wingatei r406 Kinsey 


MUSIC COMPANY ei^tric^^ ZKefrigeraUon 

Bland Alton L (Ethel D v-pres Sir Walter Hotel Co hll09 Cowper dr 

Bland Clarence <c; Mary) lab h503 Saunders av 

Bland Claude M (Flonnie C) slsmn Nehi Bottling Co hl414 Fayetteville 

BLAND CLEANERS (J Fosier Ellington), Cleaning. Pressing, Altering 

and Dyeing, Biand Hotel BIdg, 230 S Salisbury, Tel 3551 
Bland Coffee Shop (Kenneth I Fogg) 224 S Salisbury 
Bland Danl student rl32 Wpodburn rd 
Bland Delia P (wid Henry) r2309 Fairview rd 
Bland Ernest J (Aletha C) auditor h227 Hillsboro 
Bland Ethel J Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co rl04 Glenwood av 
Bland Geo T (Louise B) slsmn h217 Harding 
Bland Henry A (Ruby W) justice of the peace 200y2 S Salisbury hl32i 

Woodburn rd 
Bland Herman student rl32 Woodburn rd 
BLAND HOTEL, Griffin-Bland Hotel Co Props, V StCloud Mgr, 100 W 

Martin cor Salisbury, Tel 1602 
Bland Hotel Barber Shop (J Bi-uoe Straughan) 230 S Sahsbury 
Bland Hotel Drug Store Leighton D Cain mgr 106 W Martin 
Bland Jas C (Berta) auto mech h403 E Edenton 
Bland Jas L (Gladys P) mgr Acme Lndry h514 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Bland Jessamine rl32 Woodburn rd 

Bland John D (Ethel J) mgr Carolina Bowling Club rl04 Glenwood av 
Eland John H student rl32 Woodburn rd 
Bland Jos H (Muriel C) hill Glenwood av 
Bland Julian A (Ruth A) clt h2611 Fairview rd 

Bland Muriel C Mrs opr Sir Walter Beauty Shoppe hill Glenwood av 
Bland Thos L (Queenie V) pres Sir W.alter Hotel Co r Hotel Sir Walter 
Blandshaw Hazel (c; Mabel) meat ctr h527 E Davie 
Blankenship Edna E r421 N Blount 
Blankenship Jas E (Metta J) trav slsmn h421 N Blount 
Blankenship Steph L (Charlotte P) trav slsmn h2611 Lochmoor dr 
Blasingame John M (Lucile C) h2300 Fairview rd 
Blaxton John loom fixer rlllO N Wilmington 
Blaylock Pattie (c) dom hll6 Chestnut 
Bledsoe Ai-telia (wid W M) r911 New Bern av 
Bledsoe Duma I (Mary) slsmn h822 Wake Forest rd 

Bledsoe Eliz B private sec N C State College r Brooks av bey city limits 
Bledsoe Emerson (c; Esther) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co h37 Bragg 
Bledsoe L B driver East Coast Stages Inc r RD 1 
Bledsoe Mary C M sten N C State College r Brooks av bey city limits 
Bledsoe Otho (c) servicmn r37 Bragg 

Bledsoe W Herman (Nellie A) textile wkr hll25 N Wilmington 
Blevins Manley W (Emma S) h904y3 Boylan dr 
Blinson Earl (Mamie I) textile wkr h501 Gary 
Bloodsoe Lucy (c) dom r715 Church 
Bloodworth D Erin elk rl20 Hawthorn rd 
Bloodworth J Seaton (Aimie R) dist frt and pass agt Sou Ry Systems h 

120 Hawthorn rd 
Blough Janie R (wid Lewis) hH7 W Edenton 
Blount Andrew (c) delmn College Ct Cleaning Co r2206 Joint 
Blount Annie (c) dom rl606 New Bern av 
Blount John (c) lab r2311 Joint 
Blount Josiah (c; Mary J) lab h2508 Joint 
Blount Nathaniel (c) lab r2206 Joint 
Blount Wm A (c; Lona) janitor h2206 Joint 
Blowe Chas E (Ethel P) carp h315 Oakwood av 
Blowe Dorothy E r315 Oakwood av 
Blowe Sylvia L r315 Oakwood av 
Blue Annie (c) h226 E Lenoir 

Blue D N & Co (Dougald N Blue) accts 15 W Hargett 
Blue Dougald N (D N Blue & Co) r Bland Hotel 
Blue Eliz Mrs slswn EUisberg's r600 W^llaxd pi 
Blue Gilbert H slsmn Swift & Co 501 W Martin 
Blue Jas (c; Blannie) lab hlOl Branch (SPk) 
Blue Janie C sec to County Supt of Public Instruction r2008 Glienwood 

Blue Jean P nurse County and City Board of Health r2008 Glenwood av 
Blue Margt J (wid Malcolm J) h20O3 Glenwood av 
Blue Regina bkpr r6 E Lane 
Blue Star Stores gros 313 Glenwood av 1908 Hillsboro 214 E Martin pftall 

1 415 North Boundary 127 N Salisbury and 200 Smithfield 
Blue Wm (c; Bessie) waiter Hotel Carolina r716 E Martin 
Bluett Lydia B (wid Wm) r215 Glenwood av 
Blythe Inez C opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r RD 6 






Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Blythe Ruby A waitress Green Grill r317 S Person 

Board of Examiners of Plumbing & Heating Contractors W Fowler Mor- 
rison executive sec 18 W Martin R606 
Bobbitt Annie (c) cook h712 S West 
Bobbitt Annie sten r540 N Blount 
Bobbitt Chas P (Nell) cond h613 North Boundary 
Bobbitt Clay (c) lab h611 S Harrington 
Bobbitt Ernestine (c) r712 S West 

Bobbitt Girland E (Sallie N) sta opr Shell Service Sta hl415 Scales 
Bobbitt Henry (c) lab r516 Smith 
Bobbitt J Ernest (Ethel M) bank examiner State Deipt of Banking Ih3200 

Hillsboro apt A-5 
Bobbitt Jas (c) lab hSlO S Person 
Bobbitt John (c) carp r605 S Blood worth 
Bobbitt Louis (c) lab r716 Branch (SPk) 

Bobbitt Saml L (Inez) dentist 123 W Hargett R718 hl021 Haxvey 
Boddie Roosevelt (c; Viola) hlpr h916 E Jones 
Boddie Wm (c; Rosa) driver W,ake Peed Co h585 E Cabarrus 
Bodie Martha (c) cook 2203 Byrd 
Bodwell Elise S student r322 Morrison av 

Bodwell Paul G (Avis S) signal supvr SALRy h332 Morrison, av 
Bogasse Glenn E student rl227 Mordecai dr 
Bogasse Miles G (Sue E) printer The News & Observeri hl227 Mordecai 

Bogasse Rosa B (wid Saml) h315 E Martin 
Bogue Cath B r426 N Person 
Bogue Hardy Z (Mary E) h426 N Person 
Boilermakers' Union Jas C Dobbin sec meets 2d and 4th Wednesday 8 p 

m llOVa E Hargett 
Boing Wm P (Lula J) r607 E Franklin 

Bok Pauline beauty opr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc 216 FayettevHle 
Boldridge Jas B (Ruth B) mgr Armour & Co r213 Hillsboro 
Bolick Chas T (Edith E) mgr W U Teleg Co h2241 The Circle 
BoUing G Hugh usher r313 E Jones 
Boiling Sallie (wid Lassie R) h313 E Jones 
Bolston Costello h204 Bart 

Bolton Carrie (wid Hardiway J) h226 E Park dr 
Bolton Dixie Leather Co Hugh E Taylor mgr 14A E Hargett 
Bolton Edna E sten r226 E Park dr 

Bolton Wm E (Eliz R) sta eng Sir Walter Hotel h2715 Vandert)ilt av 
Bon Ton Grocery (Jas EBradsher) 413 Fayetteville 
Bonaparte Cora (c) rll3 W Cabarrus 
Bonaparte Henry B (c; Maggie) pntr hl005 Parker 
Bonaparte Lee (c) lab rlO03 S Wilmington 
Bonaparte Napoleon (ci lab hlOC3 S Wilmington 
Bonaparte Sol (c; Mary P) lab hll3 W Cabarrus 
Bond Alice bkpr W H King Dioig Co Inc rl918 Alexander rd 
Bond Anna B (wid Wm G) r529 S Harrington 
Bond Geo W (Mary E) saw filer 502 S Wilmington r do 
Bond J Harvey (Sallie) taxi driver h602 An wood pi 
Bond Jas (c; Jeanette) pntr rl306 Pender 
Bond Wm H (M Eliz) plmbr hl918 Alexander rd 
Boney Danl C (Charlotte J) comnr State Ins Dept h526 N Blount 
Boney Edw firemn r221 N Salisbury 
Boney John J (Mary L) carp h215 W Davie 

Bonner Alex M (Ethel C) lawyer 126^2 S Salisbury h559 New Bern av 
Bonner Florence M (wid Wm E) hll5 Oberlin rd 
Bonney Albert W (Ruth de F) sec-treas Standard Supply Co Inc h2205 

Bonnie Beauty Salon (Mrs Bonnie B Anderson) 118 Fayetteville 
Bookbinders' Union Mary Thompson sec meets 2d and 4th Thursday 8 

p m llOy- E Hargett 
Booker Carr E (Lessie M) h320 E Hargett 
Booker Carr E jr elk Pender's Stores r320 E Hargett 
Booker Cora A (wid Jos E) r314 E Hargett 
Booker Fred M (Mary E) slsmn Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co hplO 

W Morgan 
Booker Harry W student r2604 Hillsboro 
Booker Lessie M Mrs alterer Jonas Shoppe h320 E Hargett 
Booker Lillian C rl S Person 
Booker Milton C student r610 W Morgan 
Booker Nellie E r2604 Hillsboro 
Booker Paul C (Nora W) slsmn Cajpital Coca Cola Bottling Co h709| S; 

Boylan av 



Alfred Willian^s 



& Co. 



Booker Pender B (Tessie L) bottler Raleigh Orange Crush Bottling Co h 

516 S West 
Booker W Pranlc (Effie C) chf dep County Register of Deeds h2604 

Booker W Prank jr student r2604 Hillsboro 
Booker W.arren H director Bureau Sanitary Engineering and Inspection 

State Board of Health r White Oak rd 
Boomhour Eliz G student r3402 Hillsboro 

Boomhour J Gregory (Anna D) dean Meredith College h3402 Hillsboro 
Boon Florence sec hl04 E Peace 

Boon-Iseley Drug Co Rosser I Blackwell pres-treas 118 PayettevUle 
Boone Chas R (Rosa H) real est h903 Vance 
Boone Florine M sten State Hwy Comn r9 N Blount 
Boone Jesse rig Pirwood av 
Booth Wm (c) lab r431 S Bloodworth 

Boothe Major (c; Anna) car washer Montgomery-Mutart Inc h301 Hoke 
Bordeaux Milford T (Lillian B) br mgr Milner's Stores Co h651 Tryon 
Borrow Chas E h708 W North 
Boshart E Parker rl05 Chamberlain 

Boshart Edw W (Mina P) prof N C State College hl05 Chamberlatn 
Boshart Mina P Mrs sec The Women's Club hl05 Chamberlain 
Bost Annie K Mrs comnr State Board of Charities and Public Welfare h 

100 N Bloodworth 
Bost W Thos (Annie K) newspaper reporter 234 Payetteville R406 hlOO 

N Bloodworth 
Bostlan Carey H (Nieta C) asst prof N C State College h402 Home 
Bostic Wade r202 W Morgan 
Bostick Graham W (Mabel) electn Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc r416 

Bostick Jos E (Rose B) electn Electl Equipment Co Inc h209 N Boylan 

Bostick Mary B (wid John T) r2 E Peace apt 3 
Boston Adam (c; Alma) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry h424 S Person 
Boston Annie (c) dom r418 Patterson la 
Bouchette Doward M (Ida M) printer h326 E Peace 
Bouey Edw (c; Luella) lab h561 E Cabarrus 
Bouey Hubert (c; Nettie B) lab r561 E Cabarrus 
Bouey Wm H (c; Martha) chauf h309 S Tarboro 
Bougades Geo P (Angelina; Manhattan Lunch) h516 New Bern av 
Bounds Eliz sten r Mansion Park Hotel 
Bounds EUice tchr r Mansion Park Hotel 
Bourne Bays B meter reader CP&LCo r2109 Ridaecrest 
Bourne June S (Mattie M) asst coml mgr CP&LCo h2109 Ridgecrest 
Boushall Jos D (Mattie H) agt Tlie Conn Mut Life Ins Co h407 N Blount 
Bowden Effie (c) dom r8 Ross 
Bowden Harriet D rll? N Salisbury 

Bowden Henry C (Mildred H) trav, slsmn h2607 Pairvlew rd 
Bowden Jas (c; Artelia) gdnr hl3 ftailroad 

Bowden Lawrence W (Carrie G; Bowden's Tin Shop) hll7 N Salisbury 
Bowden Lawrence W jr r 17 N Salisbury 

Bowden's Tin Shop (Lawrence W Bowden) 305 S Bloodworth 
Bo¥;en Arth F treas N C State College hlO Perndell la 
Bowen Homer C (Naomi) slsmn Staudt's Bakery rl21 Ashe av 
Bowen Howard (c) lab rl318 Lincoln dr 
Bowen John R r223 W Edenton 
Bowen Lucius (c) lab h420 Gale 
Bowen Walter (c) lab r202 Branch (SPk) 
Bowen Wm C spl agt The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of the U S r223 

W Edenton 
Bowen Wilma R (wid Jas J) h223 W Edenton 
Bowers Gideon (c; Marian) gdnr hlll6 Pender 
Bowers J Douglas slsmn AJlsbrook-Spiers Inc r Garner N C 
Bowers Maude H office sec County and City Board of Health r Wake 

Forest N C 
Bowler Earl (c) lab rll03 Parker 
Bowler Jas A (c; Susie) lab hll03 Parker 
Bowles Eleanor P (wid Jefferson T) hlSlS White Oak rd 
Bowlin Rhodie (c) dom hl6 Ross 
Bowling Essie slswn Efird's Dept Store r YWCA 
Bowling L G driver East Coast Stages Inc 225 W Lenoir 
Bowling Ruth tchr Washington High Sch rl21 E South 
Bowman Clarence E (Mary A; Bowman's Jewelry Co) hl603 Craig 
Bowman's Jewelry Co (Clarence E Bowman, Wiley G Barnes) 11 W Har- 




t04 S. DAWSON ST. 




Bowser Guy B (Juanita L) v-pres Blackwood's Inc h720 Hillsboro apt 5 

Boy Scouts of America Claude Humphreys scout executive 101 Va 

Boyce Henrv W (Craft M) orinter Times Pub Co h516 North Boundary 

Boyd Anna M (c) cook r307 E Cabarrus 

Boyd Cath A (wid Richd R) r528 New Bern av 

Boyd Chas O (Myrtle) sr resident eng State Hwy Osmn r Apex N C 

Boyd Chester R (Rachel S) antiques 556 New Bern av h do 

Boyd Clarissa (c) dom rl21 Idlewild av 

Boyd Eliz W priv sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C liB23 Hillsboro 
apt 9 

Boyd Eva (c) cook h712 S McDowell 

Boyd Jesse R (Bessie I) auto trimmer h224 S East 

Boyd John (c; Minnie) hlpr hl21 Idlewild av 

Boyd Louis elk r213 N Boylan av 

Boyd Lucian W mgr Sou Window Display Service & Sales Inc rl913 Sun- 
set av 

Boyd Mary (c) dom r226 E Lenoir 

Boyd Mollie (c) cook r912 Fayetteville 

Boyd Oliver L cabtmkr King Purn & Hdw Co rl05% S Wilmington 

Boyd Pollie (c) Indrywkr The Raleigh Lndry h7 Rogers al 

Boyd Rena (c) dom r813 Branch 

Boyd Robt B student r224 S East 

Boyd Ruth (c) maid 105 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Boyd Theodora H (c) instr StAueustine's College r do 

Boyd Virginia D sten SALRy r207 N Blount 

Boyd W Spotswood (Alice O) h200 E Edenton apt 3 

Boyd Wm E (Gertrude M) USN h505 Florence 

Boyer Chas H (c; Inez) dean St Augustine's College r do 

Boyer Edw K driver Salvation Army Transient Home r600 S Bloodworth 

Boyette Harry S (Hyacinth R) mgr High Art Clothing Co Inc rl27 New 
Bern av apt 

Boyette Ruth nurse N C State College r do 

Boykin Aaron (c) cook State Hosp r do 

Boykin Alonzo E (c; Ruth) gro 594 E Lenoir h592 do 

Boykin Geo A (Annie) carp h710 Carroll av 

Boykin Harriett (c) r592 E Lenoir 

Boykin Jas (c; Vemell) lab hl7 Hunter 

Boykin John T (Mary E) cng h505 Cole 

Boykin Jos (c) hlpr r756 Fayetteville 

Boykin Jos V (c) barber Fuller's Barber Shop r514 S Blount 

Boykin Martha Mrs r218 S Harrington 

Boykin Mary (c) h7 W Hayti al 

Boykin Ralph E (Hazel B) projectionist The Wake Theatre r209 N Daw- 

Boykin Samson (c; Chelhe) pntr h756 Fayetteville 

Boylan Alice (c) dom hl306 Hill 

Boylan Heights School 501 S Boylan ay 

Boylan Hugh usher The Wake Theatre rll8 W Edenton 

Boylan Jake (c) hlpr roOl E Cabarrus 

Boylan John (c) presser Hilker Bros r212 Idlewild av 

Boylan Mattie (c) dom rl306 HUl 

BOYLAN-PEARCE CO INC. Albert L Cox Chairmn of Board. Robt L 
McElroy Pres, Dallas Holoraan V-Pres-Genl Mgr, Claude P Tyson 
Sec-Treas, Department Store, Dry Goods, Notions, Millinery and 
Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 216-218 Fayetteville and 211-213 S Salis- 
bury, Tel 4020 (See left top lines and page 33) 

Boylan Rufus T (Juanita) h418 Cutler 

Boylan Wm M h753 HOlsboro 

Boyle Wm R (Alice O slsmn W H King Drua- Co hl910 Carroll dr 

Boynton Aaron L (c) cook r618 S West 

Bracia Leotis (c) prsmn Carolina Tribune Pub Co r220 E Cabarrus 

Bradenbaugh Nannie B (wid J Frank) rll5 Park av 

Bradfield Tyler T chf elk U S Rubber Products Inc rl29 W Park dr 







n • 




Audits — 







ns — St 

S. C-" 2^ 


a. ^ 



3. G <ri 

- z <^ 






en !^ 






The Raleigh Biiildiiig and Lrao Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Bradford David H (c) instr Shaw University r316 E South 

Bradford Janie (c) cook rl2 Rogers al 

Bradford Zachary B (Lacy L) chemist State Dept of Agriculture h2233 
The Circle 

Bradley Alex D (Mamie M) sheet metalwkr h713 W Peace 

Bradley Chas (Mamie) shoe repr 130 E Davie rl09 W Lane 

Bradley Chas M slsmn Monfort Plumbing & Heating Co r YMCA 

Bradley E Earl (Louise H) acct h217 E North apt 304 

Bradley Prank E (Pauline) adv mgr Times Pub Co hl03 Park av apt 5 

Bradley Helen slswn W T Grant Co r621 W Jones 

Bradley Ivey C (Lessie C) hl700 Park dr 

■Bradley Jack E (Mamie) shoe repr rl09 W Lane 

Bradley Jas (c) plstr r602% S Tarboro 

Bradley Jas I hlpr rl700 Park dr 

Bradley Leo R (Sallie) h207 Harrison av 

Bradley Maggie (c)'"dom hl2 Rogers al 

Bradley Mamie E opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r304 E Jones 

Bradley Martha L r502 Tilden 

Bradley Marvin L elk Sir Walter Cigar Stand rl700 Park dr 

Bradley Mary H elk State Sec h309 E Morgan 

Bradley Mildred G opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r713 W Peace 

Bradley Milton M (Salhe) textilewkr h214 S Harrington 

Bradley Sherwood M slsmn Holland Furnace Co r713 W Peace 

Bradley Stuart I (Mamie E) slsmn Lucielle Shop r304 E Jones 

Bradley Vann E (Viola M) firemn hl229 Hinton 

Bradley Wm (c) billiards 827 Payetteville r823 Jenkins 

Bradshaw A Bertha (wid John E) h900 StMary's 

Bradshaw Cleveland W (Ellen H) eng h902 W Johnson 

Bradshaw Ernest M (Gladys) carp r519 N Bloodworth 

Bradshaw Geo W (Mary N) statistician State Governor's office of Relief 
hl709 Bickett blvd 

Bradsliaw Kathleen P slswn P W Woolworth Co r222 Orphanage dr 

Bradshaw Robt W Rev (Prances W) pastor Jenkins Memorial M (E Ch 
(South) h710 Devereux 

Bradshaw T Braxton r222 Orphanage dr 

Bradshaw Thos T (Mary E) carp h222 Orphanage dr 

Bradshaw Virginia (wid John) r508 Halifax 

Bradsher Cath Mrs matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 

Bradsher Jas E (Margt K; Bon Ton Grocery) h603 N East 

BRADY I O'NEAL (Nell F) Genl Counsel Durham Life Ins Co 
of Kaleiffh, N C, hl541 Casxvell, Tel 4558-W 

Brady Matthew I (Cath P) slsmn Brogden Produce Co h910 Boylan dr 

Bragassa Ralph S (Dorothy D) carrier USPO h318 S McDowell 

Bragg Alvah R v-pres Bragg Hdw Co Inc r Mansion Park Hotel 

BRAGG HARDWARE CO INC, Mrs Louetta I Hinton (Durham, N O) 
Pros, Alvah K Bragg- V-Pres, Pearl J Bragg- Sec-Treas, Chas E Gra- 
ham Mgr, 118 S SaiisbKry, Tel 304 

Bragg Jack O elk Times Pub Co rl20 StMary's 

Bragg Pearl J sec-treas Bragg Hdw Co Inc r Mansion Park Hotel 

Braim Lucy (c) dom r'627 Cannon 

Brake R Clarence jr (Cath P) mgr h3200 HilLsboro apt C-1 

Branch Annie L (wid Edw) h224 E Morgan 

Branch Barber Shop (Ralph P Branch) 322 S Salisbury 

Branch Bettie E (c) tchr Waslninaton Sch hl20 W South 

Branch Braxton T (Alma T) h2505 Kenmore dr 

Branch Chas H (c) lab rl20 W South 

Branch D Braxton signalmn r55S E Martin 

Branch Douglas M (Jessie) mgr West Morgan Service Sta r705 E Frank- 

Branch Ernest A (Mary E) director Bureau of Oral Hygiene State Board 
of Health h3n Calvin rd 

Branch Fred (c; Germain) lab r823 Jenkins 

Branch Herbert W auto mech CP&LCo rl29 N Wilmington 

BKANCH HOWARD B (Grace C), Sec Raleigh Chamber of Commerce 
Inc and Raleigh Community Chest, h215 W Park dr, Tel 3819-M 

Branch Hugh appr Raleigh Dental Laboratory rl29 N Wilmington 

Branch Jas E mach r720 Saunders 

Branch Jas W jr (c; PhUena) hlpr r707 Branch 

Branch Jesse (c; Daisy) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h906 S East 

Branch LOB plmbr r720 Saunders 

Branch Leslie O (Edna) asst mgr Home Security Life Ins Co hl831 
White Oak rd 

Branch Lettie (c) dom h727 S Person 


The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 


Branch Lillian W iwid Wm >?) rllO S Person 

Branch Louis truck driver rlO E Lenoir 

Branch Margt rlO E Lenoir 

Branch Marie (c) dom r322 Fisher 

Branch Marvin A (Annie) rural carrier USPO h204 W Morgan 

Branch Mary I (wid Wm L) h558 E Martin 

Branch Mary McG slswn Hudson-Belk Co r558 E Martin 

Branch Maude sec Estate of Danl Allen h214 N Bloodworth 

Branch Millard (c) lab r3i22 Fisher 

Branch Minnie smstrs Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co r214 N Bloodworth 

Branch Minnie R nurse Mary Elizabeth posp r do 

Branch Mollie A (wid Haywood W) h720 Saunders 

Branch Oris P r720 Saunders 

Branch Pauline Mrs elk rll E South 

Branch Ralph P (Bessie M; Branch Barber Shop) executive sec State 
Board of Barber Examiners h216 Pace 

Branch Swannanoa student r2i6 Pace 

Branch Virginia instr Meredith College r do 

BRANCH W HOWAKD, Dentist, 720 Professional Bldg, 133-127 W 
Hargett, Tel 260, hl29 N Wilminerton, Tel 3360-J 

Branch Wm (c; Meta) lab h322 Fisher 

Branch Wilma L r558 E Martin 

Brandon Eliz (c) dom rlOl W Johnson 

Brandon Nicholas (c; Mattie) lab hlOl W Johnson 

Branham Evelvn G asst to sec N C Bankers' Assn r603 New Bern av 

Branham J Walton dentist 135 Fayetteville R200 r603 New Bern av 

Branham John R lawver 18 W Martin R306 r603 New Bern av 

Branham Kathleen L r805 W South 

Branham Marshall elk Person St Pharmacy r Clayton N C 

Branham Troy A (Nannie E) gro 601 New Bern av h603 do 

Brannan Hilliard C sheet metalwkr rl08 Glenwood av 

Brannan Pauline Mrs sten M M Stewart Inc hU W Peace 

Brannan Timothy L (Prankie) h412 E Martin 

Brannan Worth B (Pauline) sheet metalwkr hH W Peace 

Brannock Thos P prsmn rl07 Chamberlain 

Brannon Clarence H (Mary L) entomologist N C State College h25 Lo- 
gan ct 

Brannon Eug M elk Jack's Grill h213 N West 

Brannon Geo B r200 Firwood av 

Brannon Milton M prsmn r213 N West 

Brant Grace (c) dom rl003 E Jones 

Brantley Bennett G dist agt r616 Glenwood av 

Brantley Bishop L rodmn City Utilities r616 Glenwood av 

Brantley Hugh V elk Motor Bearings & Parts Co rlOl Seawell av 

Brantley J E sta supvr The Texas Co h2206 Fairview rd 

Brantley John C (Mattie C) pres Brantley & Son Inc hl20 S Boylan av 

Brantley John C jr sec-treas Brantiley & Son Inc rl20 S Boylan av 

Brantley Louis D student rl20 S Boylan av 

Brantley Mary P (wid Wm T H) tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r 
621 Hillsboro 

Brantley Robt R (Ruby) agt Durham Life Ins Co h512 S Boylpn av 

Brantley Roy L (Emma E) asst mgr Motor Bearings & Parts Co hl709 

Brantley Sherwood (Nellie D) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R202 h2310 Hills- 

BRANTLEY & SON INC, John C Brantley Pres, John C Brantley Jr Sec- 
Treas, Druggists, Masonic Temple Bldgr, 135 Fayetteville, Tel 14 

Brasher Aubrey R (Minnie F) nisht mgr Jack's Grill h217 E Hargett 

Brasher Minnie F Mrs slswn W T Grant Co h217 E Hargett 

Brassfield Jas P (Lonie) elk State h819 N Bloodworth 

Brassfield Leon S (Callie H; Jones & Brassfield) hl553 Carr 

Braswell Daisy elk rll4 N Bloodworth 

Braswell Jas (c; Malvola) lab hl312 Center 

Braswell Pattie B (wid Wirj R) rll4 N Bloodworth 

Bratton Frank (c; Lillie) lab hl308 Center 

Bratton John (Lewis D) trav slsmn hl510 Scales 

Bratton Randolph rep Raymond V Mason rl510 Scales 

Brawner H Peirce r Hotel Carolina 

Braxton Kenneth (c; Lillie M) lab rl511 Battery dr 

Braxton Mary (c) maid R E Quinn & Co h307 S Bloodworth 

Braxton S A Music Co (Saml A Braxton) 220% Fayetteville 

Braxton Saml A (Martha K; S A Braxton Music Co) hl819 Glenwood 


' Printing 



for the 









PHONE 4020 

Braxton Wm (c; Kate) lab hll8 W Peace 

Bray Fannie B sten Commonwealth Motor Co rl611 Craig 

Bray Herbert T (Marv E) city flremn hllS E Whitaker Mill rd 

Bray John B (Mamie D) hl611 Craig 

Bray Sheila R (A Ruth) truck driver r307 Georgetown rd 

Breckenridge Eliz H (wid John L) rl7 S Bloodworth 
Breece A Burton lawyer 2(10 V> S Salisbury r Bland Hotel 

Bremner John plmbr r202 W Morgan 

Brenegar Richd C cash Southeastern Exp Co rllO E Jones 

Breschel Harold E (Dorothy L) supt Staudt's Bakery hl2 E Dixie dr 

Breschel Robt H slsmn Staudt's Bakery hl09 Park av 

Bretsch Annie (wid Chas) h216 N Person 

Bretsch Annie M sten Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r216 N Person 

Bretsch Cornelius B student rlW N McDowell 

Bretsch Philip C meter reader r216 N Person 

Bretsch Sallie B Mrs bkpr Coml Printin,? Co hl05 N McDowell 

Brewer Beatrice elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl02 New Bern 

Brewer Bennett M (Eva F) mgr Mayo's Clothes h327 Oakwood av 

Brewer Bessie S (wid Saml W) r4 Maiden la 

Brewer Chas E (Love B\ pres Meredith College r do 

Brewer Ellen D prof Meredith College r do 

Brewer Haywood A (Hazel; B-N Motor Co) rll4 E Park dr 

Brewer Henry B (Rosa L) mgr Union Motor Exp Terminal rl014 Smith- 

Brewer Katie (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel h558 E Davie 

Brewer LeRoy (c; Ada B) baker h716 Manly 

Brewer Margt L rll4 E Park dr 

Brewer S W & Son (Talcott W Brewer) agrl implts 315 S Wilmington 

Brewer Talcott W (Ehz W; S W Brewer & Son) h4 Maiden la 

Brewer Wesley rlll4 New Bern av 

Brewer Wm H (Ella A) auto repr 527 Hillsboro hll4 E Park dr 

Brewington Ethel C (c) tchr Oberlin Sch r309 Fowle 

Brewington Roney F (c; Ethel C) barber Gideon B Alston r309 Fowle 

Brice Blanche (c) dom h523 Cannon av 

Brice Jennie (c) dom hl3 Heck's al 

Brickhouse Lillian A Mrs elk State Dept of Conservation and Develop- 
ment rll04 Filmore 

Brickhouse Richd F (Lillian A) eng rll04 Filmore 

Brickie Edw B (c; Ada) barber Reid's Barber Shop h714 E Martin 

Brickie Edw'B jr (c) elk r714 E Martin 

Brickman Berton C (Myrtle W) slsmn h330 W Hargett 

Brickman Fredk K atndt Granite Super Service Sta r330 W Hargett 

Bridgeford Bessie (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry r404 Battle 

Bridgeford David (c; Bessie) h4()4 Battle 

Bridgeford David (c; Mary) cook h612 Cannon 

Bridgeford Eliz (c) r404 Battle 

Bridgeforth Wm A (Nena) supt bldgs hll Maiden Lane 

Bridger Robt L (A Margt) slsmn Sanders Motor Co h510 Devereux 

Bridgers Addle (c) dom r514 Smith 

Bridgers Andrew (c; Sarah) emp Allen Forge & Welding Co hl419 
E Jones 

Bridgers Annie Mrs slswn Charles Stores Co Inc r423 Fayetteville 

Bridgers Arth F (Leona A) bkbndr Coml Printing Co h426 N Salisbury 

Bridgers Chas A (Daisy M) plmbr 721 N Bloodworth h do 

Bridgers Chas C (Gertrude S) teller Wake County Savings Bank h318 
Oakwood av 

Bridgers Edw (c) driver Atlantic Tob Co Inc h305 Freeman 

Bridgers Elbert (c; Bessie) driver Carolina Bldrs Corp h708 S Blood- 

Bridgers Ernest M plstr rl22 S Blount 

Bridgers Frances (c) r305. Freeman 

Bridgers Fred (c) delmn W B Mann & Co Inc rl419 E Jones 

Bridgers Garland (c; Mary) truck driver rl419 E Jones 

Bridgers Hattie B (c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 

Bridgers Hercelia (c) dom r514 Smith 

Bridgers Irving H (Marv M) huckster r523 S Salisbury 

Bridgers J Eug meatctr Piggly Wiggly r721 N Bloodworth 

Bridgers Jas M electn r3001 Hillsboro 

Bridgers Janette P (wid John F) h553 E Martin 

Bridgers L Virginia slswn W T Grant Co r721 N Bloodworth 

Bridgers Lillian (c) dom rl419 E Jones 

Bridgers Lonnie F (Margt U) bkbndr r426 N Salisbury 

Bridgers M Louise r426 N SaUsbury 






Bridgers Maude (c) dom rl203 Holman 

Bridgers Minnie (c) dom rl419 E Jones 

Bridgers Minnie (c) Indrs h514 Smith 

Bridgers Nannie r528 N East 

Bridgers Nannie waitress rl512 New Bern av 

Bridgers Peter <c) Dorter Blond Hotel Barber Shop r605 S Bloodworth 

Bridgers S Thos pistr h702 E Hargett 

Bridgers Talitha (wld Adolphus D) h406 Gary 

Bridgers Wm (c: Rosa Bi lab li605 S Bloodworth 

Brld,gers Wm (c) lab rl41P E Jones 

Bridgers Wm jr (c) lab r605 S Bloodworth 

Bridges Channie L (c) dom r79 Lake 

Bridges Chas (c) lab hl2 Bladen 

Bridges Chas A slsmn Gulf Refininff Co r RD 1 

Bridges Danl P (Louise H) slsmn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hl909 R«aves 

Bridges David (c; Eliza) lab h220 Heck 

Bridges Eliza (c) dom rlUl E Lane 

Bridges Pi-ank (c: Pear] i chauf h701 S Swain 

Bridges Frankie L sten N C State College r203 Forest rd 

Bridges Gaston (c; Mildred) chauf r703 E Martin 

Bridges Gaston (c; Beatrice) frt handler h217 Seawell av 

Bridges Geo (c; Minnie) truck driver Taylor's h701 S East 

Bridges John (c; Cora) lab hl43 Lincoln dr 

Bridges John E (Helen Z) real est 234 Fayetteville R309 h525 N Blount 

Bridges Jos (c; Susie) lab h549 E Cabarrus 

Bridges Julian G rSll S Salibury 

Bridges R A guard State Prison r RD 5 

Bridges Rebecca (c) dom h529 E Lenoir 

Bridges Richd (c) lab r2po Parrish ■ 

Bridges Rosa (c) Indrs r417 Green ■ 

Bridges Rufus (c; Miranda) lab h200 Parrish 

Bridges Thos (c; Gracie) truck driver h79 Lake 

Bridges Violet (c) Indrs r549 E Cabarrus 

Bridges W Staley (Novie S) asst prof N C State College hl25 Chamber- 

Bridges Walter (c; Elpora) lab hl22 Bledsoe av 

BRIDGES WALTER W (Frances) Mgr Metropolitan Life Insurance Co 
of N Y, hl08 Home, Tel 134S 

Briggs Denxyood dept mgr Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc rll7 N Blount 

Briggs Effie G r925 Hold dr 

Briggs Eliza S student rl546 Iredell dr 

Briggs Estelle E 'vvid Chasi sec Herbert L Williamson r9 N Blount 

BRIGGS EVERETT E (Annie G) , Pres Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc, h322 
HiUsboro, Tel 426 

Briggs Fabius H jr v-pres N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh r2109 Fairview 

Briggs Florence office sec Conn Gen! Life Ins Co r2401 Country Club dr 

Briggs Florence H sten r9 N Blount 

Briggs Herman B (Neill S) associate prof N C State College h2109 Fair- 
view rd 

BRIGGS JAMES E (Agnes S), V-Pres and Mgr Thos H Briggs & Sons 
Inc, h224 Glascock, Tel 4099-R 

Briggs John D (Florence D) hll9 N Dawson 

Briggs Lula H (wid Jas A) r322 Hillsooro 

Briggs Margt M r2401 Country Club dr 

Briggs Mary M sten rll7 N Blount 

Briggs Mary W (wid Jas jr) hll7 N Blount 

Briggs Sarah G (wid Thos HI h214 W Edenton 

Briggs Sarah W student rl546 Iredell dr 

Briggs T Hamlin 1r drftsmn state Hnfv Comn r200 E Edenton apt 1 

BRIGGS THOMAS H & SONS INC, Everett E Briggs Pres, James 
E Briggs V-Pres and Mrr, Crryrion P Snruill Sec-Tr^^as. Wholesale 
and Retail Hardware, Paints and House Furnishings 220 Fayetteville, 
Tels 45 and 46 (See right top lines and page 35) 

Briggs Wm D (Helen M) textiles h2401 Country Club dr 

Briggs Willis G (Beulah S; Briggs & West) hl546 Iredell dr 

BRIGGS & WEST (Willis G Briggs, Paul C West), Lawyers 501-514-515 
Capital Club Bldg 18 W Martin, Tel 1809 

Bright Chas (c; Mary) gdnr h815 S East 

Bright Frances (c) dom h512 E Worth 

Bright Lenora (c) dom r815 S East 

Bright Marie tchr Washington Sch rl22 E Hargett 

Bright Nonie (c) cook r815 S East 





lie E. 



CAPITAL jf\^^^.^ ^f^9 9^ ' CO. 


Bright V/ Emmett (Lelia D) cond hl08 N Person 

Bright Wm J (c) wtchmn Professional Bldg h4 E Hayti al 

Brightwell Julia (c) cook 925 Vance 

Brigman Chester D rlC5 E Edenton apt 207 

Brigman H Pierce (Annie) statistical asst N C State College h213 
N Bloodworth 

Brimley Annie R Mrs florist 515 Washinefton r do 

Brimley Clement S (Annie) asst Div of Entomology State Dept of Agri- 
culture h515 Washington 

BRIMIOEY HERBERT H (Bessie L), Birector State Museum, State 
Museum Bldff 101. Halifax, TeJs 2309 and 311 and Pres New Riv- 
er Hunt Club, hl06 Ashe av, Tel 2367 

Brimsom Cornelia Mrs r Walce County Home 

Brinkley Benj T r533 E Martin 

Brinkley Larry C (Blanche B) elk J G Ball Co h907 W Lenoir 

Brinklev Meta P (wid Benj T) h533 E Martin 

Brinkley Waverly E elk The Great A & P Tea Co r533 E Martin 

Brinson Attawa H Mrs sten Investocs^Syndicate h720 Hillsboro apt 2 

Brinson Evangeline C Mj-s bdg 116 Halifax h do 

Erinson Gladys sten Wm T Scarborough r624 N East 

Brinson Irving S student rll6 Halifax 

Brinson W Theo (Attawa H) h720 Hillsboro apt 2 

Brisbois Nelson hlpr r3!04 Glascock 

Briscoe Jas L Rev (c; Christine) pastor Young's Chapel C M E Ch r908 
E Hargett 

Britt Chas S (Ruth T) mgr The Britt Co h4 E Lane 

Britt Chas S jr elk The Britt Co r4 E Liane 

Britt Co The Chas S Britt mgr gros 136 E Hargett 

Britt Edna B slswn Hudson-Belk Co r213 W Jones 

Britt Prank E (Emma J) eng h213 W Jones 

Britt Helvn N bkpr The Britt Co r4 E Lane 

Britt Hunter P (Alma K) mgr Ballard & Ballard Co h2204 Fairview rd 

Britt John Q barber Ideal Barber Shop r215 S Bioodvi/orth 

Britt Julia C student r4 E Lane 

Britt Manly C (Marie M) bkpr Lawrence Bros h706 E Franklin 

Britt Margt K sec Needham B Broughton High Sch r2204 Fairview rd 

Britt Minnie G Mrs h316 W Jones 

Britt Nancy S sten Tucker-Carson Sanitarium r4 E Lane 

Britt Pauline H cash The Capitol Theatre r213 W Jones 

Britt Ruth T sch tchr r4 E Lane 

Britt Sarah (c) Indrs rll4 W Peace 

Britt Urma sch tchr r Y W C A 

Britt Wm M (c; Katie) slsmn Telghman Motors Inc h2510 Joint 

Britton Idell Mrs elk Carolina Sundry Shoppe rl700 StMarys 

Eritton Leonard E (Maurtile) div mgr h2502 Vanderbilt av 

Broach B (Veva E) associate construction eng State Hwy Comn 
h2249 The Circle 

Broadhurst Mittie (wid John C) r442 N Salisbury 

Eroadie Andrew (c) (Maggie) lab hl02 Park 

Broadie Benj (c) (Qallie) car v/asher h304 S Tarboro 

Broadie Dorothy (c) dom rl803 Oberlin rd 

Broadie Harvey (o) (Lillle) porter East uoast Stages Inc hl511 Pender 

Broadie Ruffin (c) farmer rl712 NewBern av 

Broadie Saml (c) (Marie) lab hl03 Bart 

Broadway Cannie B (c: Carrie) lab h414 N Harrington 

Broadwell Annie (wid Donald J) r312 Linden av 

Broadwell Martha C beauty opr r312 Linden av 

Brock Betsv r922yo W Lenoir 

Brock Jas R ship elk rSOl N Blount 

Brock Jas W (Mary) bkpr Plzer Bros Co h714 N Person 

Brockett Wm H slsmn Motor Bearings & Parts Co r201 N Wilmington 

Brockwell Edgar M (Ethel PI (Brnckv.fpli's shop) h416 StMary's 

Brockwell Jas R (Mary E) slsmn hl04 Harrison av 

Brockwell Kenlon H student r726 W Hargett 

Brockwell Mary A mus tchr r726 W Hargett 

Brockwell Mildred L mus tchr r726 W Hargett 

Brockwell Philip L r322 S McDowell 

Brockwell Robt L locksmith Broekwell's Shop h322 S McDowell 

Brockwell Sherwood B (Mildred) fire eng State Ins Dept h726 W Hargett 

Brockwell Sherwood B jr r726 W Hargett 

Broekwell's Shop (Edgar M Brockwell) locksmith 212 S Salisbury 

Brodie Albert (c) r803 S Haywood 

Brodie Leola (c) maid 132 S Boylan av 

Brodie Lucius (c) (Mae) janitor h709y2 E Martin 





"The memory' of quality lintjers long after tlie i)rice Is forgotten." 

Brodie Thos L (Nell M) slsmn h409 Calvin rd apt 1 

Brodle Wm (c) shoe shiner Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop rl22 W South 

Brody Edw (c) nil S West 

Brody Florine (c) r711 S West 

Brody Prances (o) Indry wkr h210 W South 

Brogden Alice B (wid Wm L) v-pres Brogden Prod Co rl833 Glenwood 

Brogden Eupha O (Beulah T) slsmn Commonwealth Motor Co r706 

Glenwood av 
Brogden L Cranmer rll8 S Boylan av 
Brogden Produce Co Warren S Miller pres-treas Mrs Alice B Brogden v- 

pres Chas B Aycock sec 409 W Martin 
Brogden Willis J associate justice State Supreme Court r Durham N C 
Bronson Eva C (wid H Tracy) hl623 Park dr 
Brooks Alma (c) Indrs r414 W Lenoir 
Brooks Almina (c) dom h802 Manly 
Brooks Anderson (o janitor r512 Patterson la 
Brooks Annie L (c) Indry wkr h608 Cannon 
Brooks Blanche (c) cook 118 E Cabarrus 

Brooks Broadus G (Alma H) (Carolina Bowling Club) hSll? Stanhope av 
Brooks Claude M (Gertrude) (Brooks Furn Shop) hl06 S Wilmington 
Brooks Ernest (c) lab r521 E Edenton 

Brooks Eug C (Ida S) pres N C State College hl805 Hillsboro 
Brooks Prank (c) taxi driver h614 StMary's 

Brooks Purniture Shop (Claude M Brooks) reprs 106 S Wilmington 
Brooks Geo H agt Imperial Life Ins Co r Garner N C 
Brooks Ida (c) Indrs h414 W Lenoir 
Brooks J C emp State Hosp r do 
Brooks Jas (c) lab rll8 E Cabarrus 
Brooks Jas L (Ef fie D) wtchmn h623 W South 
Brooks John L (Leila C) fi fnshr r511 Adams 
Brooks Jos (c) hsemn 936 Cowper dr 
Brooks Kath A R r225 Linden av 
Brooks Kathleen (c) cook r414 W Lenoir 

Brooks L Preston (Ellie P) wtchmn StMary's Sch hlSOl PUmore 
Brooks LeUa C Mrs sten Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r511 Adams 
Brooks Lilla D (c) cook 913 Vance 
Brooks Lillian r623 W South 
Brooks Llnwood J r623 W South 
Brooks Lucy M rSOl NewBern av 
Brooks Mary (c) dom r614 StMary's 
Brooks Mary (c) Indrs hll8 E Cabarrus 

Brooks Minnie T (c) tchr Crosby-Garfield Sch h521 E Edenton 
Brooks Nannie (c) h512 Patterson la 
Brooks Robt W (Leone B) slsmn Rawls Tire & Radio Co h225 Linden 


Brooks Sallie (c) cook r212 Cabarrus al 

Brooks Sallie (c) dom r512 Patterson la 

Brooks Wm elk Job P Wyatt & Sons Co rill Hillsboro 

Brooks Wm (c) lab h316 S East 

Brookshaw Geo E (Nellie) SAL Ry h228 N McDowell 

Brooksliaw M Rosalie sten M M Stewart Inc r228 N McDowell 

Broom Eliza (c) maid Odd Fellows bldg r702 S West 

Broom Roosevelt (c) (Eliza) lab h702 S West 

Broom Thos (c) r702 S West 

Broome Alice (wid Hugh W.) rl310 Hillsboro 

Broome J Clarence pharm Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r710 McCollock 

Broome Robt H jr (Margt M) elk N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative 

Assn hll7 (205) Oberlin rd 
Brotherhood of Carpenters Wm P Pinch sec meets on call 110i4 E Har- 


Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Division No 339 meets 1st and 3d 
Monday 1 p m 15 W Hargett 

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen Division No 849 
meets 1st and 3d Sunday 10 a m 15 W Hargett 

Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen No 741 Harry Mallory genl chair- 
man office 502 Cole 

Brotherhood of Railway Clerks Geo D Craig sec meets on call llOy^ E 

Brotherhood of Railway Engineers Auxiliary No 580 meets 1st and 3d 
Thursday 3 p m 15 W Hargett 

Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen meets 2d and 4th Sunday 10 a m 15 
W Hargett 

Brothers Alteen (c) dom r310 N State 

Brothers Bessie J (wid Jas E) hl27 NewBern av apt 204 








































-I-- -r-i J c^t^ /fntABJTPim /f^ maiiB/ri)#%\ Barco Asphalt Roof- 
Tm Tile and Slate (BkMtU f» yiMllQl '"9 Products, Ready- 
Roofing Galvanized \0l^r|1 & fit^WLu/ R""' '"" Built-up 
Iron and Copper Cor- 1 fcSff11BVa=l B "W 11414 BBfcW^ Roofing. Roof Coat- 
nice and Skylights, \ /inncPrntprtiuA 
Heating, Ventilatind ) ROQFIMG GaMPANY ( Ss MeJallic Red 
and Air Conditioning. ) A s p h a 1 1 Shingles 
Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Brothers Helen J Mrs sten State Hwy Comn rl20 Pace 
Broughton Annie L (wld John L) hl20 Cox av 
Broughton Arth C (Amelia W) policemn h617 NewBern av 
Broughton Arth C jr student r617 NewBern av 
Broughton Carrie L librarian State Library h227 New Bern av 
Broughton Chas L bkpr r400 Irew Bern av 
Broughton Coy R (Viola P) auto mech hl4y2 E Morgan 
Broughton Ernest H (Lessie A) dentist 135 Payetteville B202 h203 Hill- 
crest rd 
Broughton Herbert R prsmn Coml Printing Co rll4 S Blount 
BKOUGHTON J MELVILLE (Alice W). Lawyer, 501-505 Lawyers Bldff, 

320 S Salisbury, Tel 625. h31S Hiilcrest rd, Te> 15S6 
Broughton Jos T (Lois E) real est mortgage dept Wachovia Bank & Trust 

Co r Garver N C 
Broughton Kath E Mrs rll4 S Blount 
Broughton Lorna B (wld Needham B) rl309 College pi 
Broughton Margt E r203 Hillcrest rd 
Broughton Margt R sch tchr r617 NewBern av 
Broughton Mary c Mrs r305 NewBern av 
Broughton Needham B High School W Peace cor StMary's 
Broughton Roberta G (wid Claude M) h400 NewBern av 
Broughton Rosa C r227 NewBern av 

Broughton Viola P Mrs pkr Royal Baking Co hl4% E Morgan 
Broughton Wm S slsmn Price's Coal Yard Co rlll5 W Lenoir 
BROWDER HARRY E, Concrete Contractor, 135 S Salisbury, Tel 1786, 

r202 The Capital Apts 127 New Bern av, Tel 305-J 
Browder Mary O Mrs rl08 N McDowell 
Brower Alf S (Bessie H) director Div of Purchase and Contract State 

Purch Dept h2107 Pau'View rd 
Brown A Virginia nurse 9V2 N Blount r do 
Brown A W atndt State Hosp r do 
Brown Abbie elk r230 E Morgan 
Brown Ada (c) Indrs r609 S Blount 
Brown Adelle (c) dom rl20 Grimes al 

Brown Albert L (Audrey L) printer The News & Observer h8 Bagwell av 
Brown Alf (o) (Ai'netta) butler h311 E Caibarrus 
Brown Algie (c) lab r904 E Martin 

Brown Alice (c) cook Wooten's Hcmeytel hl8 E Worth 
Brown Allie elk r617 Hillsboro 

Brown Anna S tchr Needham Broughton High Sch rl503 Hillsboro 
Brown Annie (c) smstrs r520 E Martin 
Brown Annie G (wid Jas A) h718 Harp 
Brown Annie L r226 E Morgan 
Brown Aith W student rl805 StMary's 

Brown Beatrice A Mi-s sten U S .Rubber Pi'oducts Inc r3C9 S Person 
Brown Benj F (Laura G) doan sch of science and business N C State 

Collese hSOl N Rlcodwo:-t,h 
Brown Bertha (c) h705 Carroll av 
Brown Bertha (c) dom r312 Love's al 

Brown Bessie R toll opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r608 E Martin 
Brown Bessie T r214 W Eden ton 
Brown Bruce H elk rill N Wilmington 
Brown Bnice L mech Raleigh Nash Co r RD 3 
Brown Caesar (c) lab r409 Oberlin rd 
Brown Chas (c) (Adelle) lab hlll7 Branch 

Brown Chas B (c; Lucv M) bus bov S & W Cafeteria h510 S Person 
Brown Chas J (c) (Julia) porter Palace Theatre h620 Chamberlain 
Brown Clara P tchr Washington High Sch rl25 E South 
Brown Clarkson A elk Atlantic Fire Ins Co r Mansion Park Hotel 
.Brown Clyde C (Homa M) sub sta opr CP&L Co h321 W Jones 
Brown Cora (c) dom h903 E Martin 
Brown Cora (c) Indrs h910 Mark 
Brown Corinna (c) rll7 Lee 
Brown Creasy (c) dom r750 Payetteville 
Brown Daisy V r323 Pace 
Brown Dora B (wid Chas) hZ09 S Person 

Brown Dorothy E tabulating mach opr State Hwy Comn r504 Adams 
Brown Douglas (c) farm hd rl606 New Bern av 
Brown E Clifton (Etha It car repr hl605 Bickett blvd 
Brown E Odette elk r718 Harp 
Brown Edw (c) hlpr h312 Love's al 
Brown Edw D genl mgr Mineral Water dept Carolina Pines Inc rl905 

Park dr 
Brown Edw R (Mamie L) atndt State Hosp r321 W Davie 
Brown Edw S (Maggie A) hl23 S Harrington 



PHONE 182 

Brown Elbert T (Martha M) mech State Hwy Comn h914 N Boylan av 

Brown Eliz (c) dom rll5 Chestnut 

Brown Eliz P Mrs elk Ry Exp Agcy Inc r BD 5 

Brown Ella S (wid Wm J) h2804 Hillsboro 

Brown Elolse (c) dom r512 New Bern av 

Brown Emma L (c) nurse 221 N Haywood h do 

Brown Ernest E meat ctr R & W Grocerteria r227 Hillsboro 

Brown Esther V (c) supvr Bishop Tuttle Sch Community House r310 N 

Brown Ethel I student r202 W Lane 
Brown Eunice (c) r25 McKee 

Brown Pabius P (Flo B) (Brown's Funeral Home) hl310 Hillsboro 
Brown Fannie (c) h25 McKee 

Brown Fannie B tchr Boylan Hts Sch r726 N Blount 
Brown Fannie S Mrs sten Carolma Pines Inc rl905 Park dr 
Brown Fletcher E (Kath E) slsmn Sou Store Equipment Co h805 Elm 
Brown Florence (c) dom h512 New Bern av 
Brown Frances (c) cook 109 N Boylan av 
Brown Frances (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndry rll W North 
Brown Fi'ank B (Mildred J) receiver h3 Maiden la 
Brown Fredk F (Etta W) collr CP&L Co hl900 Glenwood av 
Brown Gena M (c) instr Shaw University r do 
Brown Geo W elk Conyers Cigar Store r504 Adams 
Brown Georgia (c) maid r905 S Blount 
Brown Harold (c) lab r25 McKee 
Brown Harriett (c) dom h526 E Edenton 
Brown Harry B (Frances B) junior observer U S Weather Bureau hl20 

Brown Helen F mgr Divine Dress Shoppe rill N Wilmington 
Brown Henrietta (wld Henry) fcty wkr r210 N Harrington 
Brown Henry O (c) (Maggie G) plstr hSlO Cannon 
Brown Herbert C (Beatrice A) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r309 S Per- 
Brown Herbert W (c) (Geneva) head bellmn Hotel Raleigh hlOlS E Mar- 
Brown Hester (c) lndry wkr r754%_Fayetteville 
Brown Homa M Mrs (B & B Grocery) h321 W Jones 
Brown Howard W (Mary I) stone etr Alphonso Gomez h504 Adams 
Brown Isaiah (c) (Helen) lab hl218 Hill 
Brown J Henri (Bernice C) chiropractor 135 Fayetteville R204 h2124 

Woodland av 
Brown J Henry (Gertrude C; Masonic Temple Barber Shop) City Comn 
of Public Safety and Sinking Fund and City Treas h9 N Bloodworth 
Brown J Henry (Lela B) bus opr h202 W Lane 
Brown J Henry (c) (Arelia) porter h802 Cotton pi 
Brown J Hubert (Gladys M) auto mech Lattie B Harris h330 N Harring- 
Brown Jack (c) hlpr Union Plumbing & Heating Co 105 E Morgan 
Brown Jacob (c) r20S Cox av 
Brown Jas (c) lab r526 E Edenton 
Brown Jas (c) (Martha) lab h912 E Jones 
Brown Jas A (Winona N) radio reprmn hSl? W Peace 
Brown Jeannie R elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rlOlO Boylan 

Brown Jewell L (Kate) driver Strop Taxi Co rl608 N Blount 
Brown Joannah (c) h711 Carroll av 
Brown John (c) hlpr r516 Hick's al 
Brown John (c) (Alice) lab h6 E Hayti al 
Brown John B rl3 E Dixie dr 
Brown John E (c) lab h2215 4th 
Brown John E (Sallie H) lino opr h608 E Martin 
Brown John J with research bureau N C State College rSOl W Whitaker 

Mill rd 
Brown Josephine (c) r710 S Dawson 
Brown Julia P rill N Wilmington 
Brown L Alton (Bettie B) seo-treas Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h308 

Brown L W head carp State Hosp r do 
Brown Lawyer (c) (Hattie) lab r409 W Cabarrus 
Brown Lendora (c) Indrs r312 Love's al 
Brown Leroy (c) (Bessie) janitor h905 S Blount 
Brown Louise (c) dom r910 Mark 
Brown M Lucille elk r718 Harp 

Brown Mabel matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 
Brown Mac E (Jane E) civ eng State Hwy Comn rl212 Filmore 














V. 0. 





125 South Salisbury Street 



Brown Macie (c) cook r710 S Dawson 

Brown Mamie L Mrs waitress F w Woolworth Co r321 W Davie 

Brown Margt H mus lecturer Meredith College rl810 Bickett blvd 

Brown Marian (c) student r714 S McDowell 

Brown Marie M cash Met Ijfe Ins Co r Mansion Park Hotel 

Brown Marion F (Irene H) whse elk SAL Ry h323 Pace 

Brown Martha (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r912 E Jones 

Brown Martha J (c) matron Shaw UniTcrsity r do 

Brown Mary B Mrs hl05 N Mcpoweil 

Brown Mary B Mrs h531 N Salisbury 

Brown Marv E (c) dom r2215 4th 

Brown Mary M (wid Henry C) h401 N Person 

Brown Mildred C r9 N Bloodworth 

Brown Mollie (c) Indrs h609 S Blount 

Brown Nathaniel (c) r611 S Harrington 

Brown Neil A (Maude M) tailor 10 W Martin R205 h303 W Johnson 

Brown Oscar D (Hatteras) ener Stearns Engraving Co rSlO E Edenton 

Brown Parthenia (c) cook rll5 W Johnson 

Brown Paul P (May L) sec N C Bankers' Assn hl805 StMary's 

Brown Paul P jr student rl805 StMary's 

Brown Peyton J spl agt Northwestern Mut Fire Assn r Lake dr nr limits 

Brown R Eugene (Helen) director institutions and asst to commr State 

Board of Charities and Public Welfare h411 Aycock 
Brown Robt A (Syzanne C) dept irmr hl27 New Bern av apt 306 
Brown Robt B (Kate F) policemn h816 N Bloodworth 
Brown Robt B (Mary) r202 W Lane 
Brown Robt R (Irene R) asst prof N C State College hl02 Logan ct 

apt 3 
Brown Rosa (c) dom h203 Brags 
Brown Rosa L (c) nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 

Brown Roy M supvr State Governor's Office of Relief r Chapel Hill N C 
Brown Russell E decorator Hudson Belk Co rl23 S Harrington 
Brown Saml (c) (Hattie) frt handler hl815 New Bern av 
Brown Saml J hlpr rl3 E Dixie dr 

Brown Sara N toll oor Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r608 E Martin 
Brown Sarah (wid Robt M) hlOlO Boylan dr 
Brown Sarah E (wid Buckner B) rl426 Mordecai dr 
Brown Susan (c) r905 S Blount 
Brown Talmage T (Grace) poultry inspr State Dept of Agriculture h619 N 

Blount apt 5 
Brown Thelma O r504 Adams 
Brown Thos (c) butler r910 Mark 
Brown Thos (c) lab rl311 Hill 

Brown W T truck driver Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r RD 4 
Brown Walker (c) (Mary) farmer hl606 New Bern av 
Brown Wilbert (c) (Eugenia) orderly Confederate Soldier's Home hl514 

Oakwood av 
Brown Wm (c) cook 201 N Wilmington 
Brown Wm (c) lab rlll7 Branch 
Brown Wm (c) lab rlin S Person 
Brown Wm (c) lab r213 E South 
Brown Wm (Eloise R) slsmn h603 Willard pi 
Brown Wm B (Loma H) cond hill N Wilmington 
Brown Wm J student r603 Willard pi 

Brown Wm M biksmith Alien Porp,e & Weldino- Co r Cary N C 
Brown Wm M (c) (Gertrude) brklyr h507 S Swain 
Brown Wm R elk rl3 E Dixie dr 
BKOWN'S FUNERAL HOME (Fabius P Brown), Funeral Directors 

Since 1836, Ambulance Service Day and Night 115 Hillsboro, Tel 

Browne Chas L (Dr Pepper Bottling Co) r Durham N C 
Browne Cicely (Pitysmont Nursery) r408 Dixie Trail 
Browne Mjcou student rl715 Park dr 
Browne OUie R (Anna W) hl510 Hillsboro 
Browne Thos E (Maude B) director vocational education State Dept of 

Public Instruction and dean sch of education N C State College 

hl715 Park dr 
Browne Wm H jr (Linda W) prof N C State College h408 Dixie Trail 
Browning- Elijah H v-pres J M Darden & Co Inc rlO04 Glenwood av 
Browning Geo K student rlOOO W Cabarrus 
Browning Jas H (c) (Emma) plstr h209 Maple 
Browning Jas R (c) sch tchr r209 Maple 
Browning Lucius L (Rosa R) meats 214 E Martin stall 6 hllO E Whitak- 

er Mill rd 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Browning Olivia (c) organist r209 Maple 

Browning- R Getty (Bertha C» sr locating and claim eng State Kwy 

Comn hlOl E Whitaker Mill rd 
Browning R Getty jr chairmn State Hwy Comn rlOl E Whitaker Mill rd 
Browning Thos P (Mertie V) production mgr Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc 

hi 000 W Cabarrus 
Browning Wm P ice nuller Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc rlOOO W Ca;barrus 
Brownlee Anne M asst prof Meredith College r do 
Brummitt Dennis G (Kate P) State Atty Genl rl26 N McDowell 
Brummltt J Benj (Erma) elk The Great A & P Tea Co r603 Cutler 
Bruton E P acct XJ S Regional Agrl Credit Corp rl6 N Dawson 
Bruton Jeanette opr DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r312 E Edenton 
Bruton Jesse W (Mabel) shop formn Dixie Culvert & Metal Co rl904V, 

Hillsboro apt 1 
Bruton Millard H asst mgr Singer Sewing Mach Co rSOl Fayettevllle 
Bruton Tima E ( wid Jas M) hl904% Hillsboro apt 1 
Bryan Clarice P Mrs rl700 StMai-y's 
Bryan Clyde M (Florence L) emp Tu-e Sales & Service Co Inc h715 

Boylan dr 
Bryan E Laurie elk Murchiscn's Pharmacy r440 Halifax 
Bryan Edw B (Jennie D) slsmn h523 N East 
Bryan H R Mrs hsekpr Hotel Carolina r do 
Bryan J Noel sta atndt Standard Oil Co r Garner N C 
Bryan J Winder (Margt A) h519 N Person 
Bryan Jas M truck driver r552 E Martin 
Brjan John N (Charlotte M) supt city lot h552 E Martin 
Bryan John M jr atndt Mission Service Sta r610 S Wilmingfton 
Bryan Kate H (wid Bobt H) h503 Cole 
Bryan Louis M (Ivy E) elk h610 S Wilmington 
Bryan Lucius N (Clara) carp hllOS N Wilmington 
Bryan M Eliz student r503 Cole 

Bryan Marion C (Sadie B) trav slsmn h314 Hillsboro apt 6 
Bryan Mary S h520 N East 
Bryan Minnie S r520 N East 

Bryan Octavia E dep elk County Superior Court r519 N Person 
Bryan Roland J (Lutie) carp h419 Frank 
Bryan Swannie D (Flora) agt National Oil Co Inc h207 E Whitaker Mill 

Bryan Thelma student r Y W C A 
Bryan Wm J (Nancy N) hl5 E South 
Bryant Alice (c) dom rl303 E Lane 
Bryant Beatrice (c) dom rl523 E Jones 
Bryant Chas (c) lab r561 E Edenton 
Bryant Chas (c) lab rl3031 E Lane 

Bryant Chester (c) dish washer Fitz-Gerald & Co Inc r511 N Salisbury 
Bryant Corinna (c) dom hl523 E Jones 
Brj-ant E Irene (c) bkpr Shaw University r do 
Bryant Prank C chf examiner N C I^^spection & Rating Bureau rl27 S 

Bryant Geo (c) (Bessie) janitor h749 S Blount 
Bryant Geo (c) lab r504 N West 
Bryant Geo (c) (Rebecca) porter h8 Fisher 

Bryant Gerald N (Thelma S) musician WPTF Radio Co hl600 Iredell dr 
Bryant Harriett (c) dom hlSlO Garner rd 
Bryant Henry (c) (Josephine) mach rlOU S Person 
Bryant I Henry (c) (Katie) lab r712 S Person 
Bryant I P atndt State Hosp r do 
Bryant Ivan (c> presser Economy Clnrs r712 S Person 
Bryant J Earl (Minnie P> pntr hl706 New Bern av 
Bryant Jas (c) (Ellz) lab r504 S Dawson 
Bryant Janie (c) Indrs h403 N Harrington 

Bryant John (c) (Vivian) car washer rl05 Washington (College Pk) 
Bryant Katie (c) smstrs rl310 Garner rd 
Bryant Lillian (c) dom r8 Fisher 

Bryant Lucille M (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch r908 Fayettevllle 
Bryant Lucius N (Clara H) carp hl9 Firwood av 
Bryant Mabel (c) dom r744 Smithfield av 
Bryant Mary H (c) dom h505 S Haywood 
Bryant Matilda (c) Indrs hSll N Sallsburg 
Bryant Mattie Mrs slswn Mangel's r Wake Forest rd 
Bryant Max (Nora) mus WPTF Radio Co r Durham N C 
Bryant Osabell (c) Indrs h414 Bragg 

Bryant Oscar L (Mattie W) auto mech h Wake Forest rd nr Whitaker 
Mill rd 


228 E. 





Authorized j . jiwf-'/^J M ( Sales and Service 

Bryant Pattie (c) dom r531 E Davie 

3i-vant Pearl (c) cook rSll N Salisbury 

Bryant Rachel (c) dom hl303 E Lane 

Er5'ant Raleigh M (Pauline) auto mech rl5 E South 

Bryant Ruth M sten N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh rl27 S BloodVorth 

Bryant S Paul (Hazel M) h403 E Martin 

Bryant Saxie W (c) (Sophia L) lab h744 Smithfield av 

Bryant Sherv.'ood (c) lab r744 Smithfield av 

Bryant Snowle Mrs textile wkr hll20 Harp 

Bryant Toby (c) (Florence) lab r3 Bladen 

BiTant W Thos (Emily J) hl27 S Bloodworth 

Bryant Wm (Lizzie) r317 W Jones 

Bryant Wm (c) (Mabel) adnr hlns Hill (CoUeee Pk). 

Bryant Wm (c) lab r833 Payettevilje 

Bryant Wm (c) presser Peerless Clnrs & Dyers r749 S Blount 

Bryant "Wm B (c) (Satera) baker h806 S Blount 

Biyant Wm H (c) (Lucille) billiards h908 Fayetteville 

Bryson Herman J (Georgie H) state geologist State Dept of Conserva- 
tion and Development r Chapel Hill. N C 

Bryson T Newton (Leona E) elk USPO hlOlB Boylan dr 

Buchan H Carl (Marie G) pres Buchan Transport Co hl600 Pairview rd 

Buclian Transport Co H Carl Buchan pres 415 E Martin 

Buchanan Anna F slswn P W Woolworth Co r Apex N C 

Buchanan Armo K (Dorothv B) sta atndt bfi"? W Cabarrus 

Buchanan Hoyle B elk Tar Heel Barbecue r220% E Martin 

Buchanan Hugh pntr rn2 N Harrington 

Buchanan Rlchd R (Hildah) sheet metal wkr r307 W Johnson 

Buchanan Shafter W slsmn Sanders Motor Co r Western blvd bey city 

Buchanan Thos R (Ruby) mach h3507 Neil 

Buchanan Wm H (Sadie A) textile wkr hll47 N Blount 

Buckeye Cotton Oil Co The Lester M Sneed dist mgr 1400 S Blount 

Buckman Ethelyne M bkpr P W Woolworth Co rl07 Ashe av 

Buckman Wm D rl07 Ashe av 

Budleigh Service Station (Clyde H Oliver) Oberlin rd cor Pairview rd 

Buffalo Katie slswn Bovlan-Pearce Co Inc r RD 3 

Buffalo Wm H (c) caretkr hl005 E Martin 

BUifaloe Clarice Mrs slswn W T Grant Co h536 E Jones 

Buffaloe Delia A (wid Marion) h545 E Jones 

Buifaloe Erna M Mrs waitress Upchurch Cafe r317% S Blount 

Buffaloe Estelle (c) dom hl303 Hill 

Buffaloe Eug reprmn Railroad Salvage Co r219 S Person 

Buffaloe Eug B (Clarice) solr Bland Clnrs h536 E Jones 

Buffaloe J Herbert (Rosa C) (Rudy & Buffaloe) h605 E Lane 

Buffaloe J Herbert jr hlpr r605 E Lane 

Buffaloe Jas M (Violet L) (Buffaloe's Place) h805 N Bloodworth 

Buffaloe JeiTy S (Burma M) slsmn Brogden Produce Co hi 16 S East 

Buffaloe John M (Margt L) pharm Edwards Drug Co rl507 Hlllsboro 

Buffaloe M Eliz mus tchr (305 E Lane r do 

Buffaloe Madison C (Ida D) barber 305 S Blount h525 New Bern av 

Buffaloe Margie R elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r605 E Lane 

Buffaloe Nellie (c) dom hll05 Hill 

Buffaloe Sol (c) lab r410 Lee 

Buffaloe's Place (Jas M Buffaloe) fruits 606 N Person 

Bugg Belle B (c) r318 E South 

Bugg Chas R (Virginia S) phys 123 W Hargett R520 h707 W Morgan 

Bugg Eliza (c) dom r517 W Lenoir 

Bugg Harvey (o) cook r517 W Lenoii' 

Bugg Margaret B (c) tchr Wasliington High Sch h318 E South 

Buice Clarence W elk Atlantic Fire Ins Co r207 N Blount 

Bulla Alex C (Lillian D) health officer County and City Board of Health 
hiais Park dr 

Bullard E C eng r Mansion Park Hotel 

Bullard Hinton elk r317 W. Morgan 

Bullard Jesse (c) janitor h612 Bragg 

Bullard Jesse M (Thelm.a J) barber Service Barber Shop hlO E Lenoir 

Bullard Leslie G (Sadie) acct r401 E Jones 

Bullard M L Mrs tchr Hayes-Barton Sch r204 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Bullard Wm O elk State Hwy Comn r Cary N C 

Bullock David (o) (Effie) lab h820 E Davie 

Bullock Dorothy (c) dom r220 Cumberland av 

Bullock Fannie (c) dom r220 Cumberland av 

Bullock G Luther (Elsie M) h545 E Martin 




Bullock Gay cMillie C) ship elk Garland C Noriis & Co hl929 Alexander 

Bullock Hattie (c) dom h220 Cumberland av 

Bullock Hunter (ci caulker The Raleigh Gas Co v542 E Davie 

Bullock J Garland local rep P W Dodge Corp r217 N Wilmington 

Bullock Jule I (Edith S> elk N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn r 
1210 Mordecai dr 

Bullock Katie (c) hS08 S Person 

Bullock Margt elk hl21 N Person apt 5 

Bullock Millie C Mrs elk The Equitable Life Assurance Sec of The U S 
hl929 Alexander rd 

Bullock Oscar S Rev (c) (Mahalah) pastor First Baptist Ch h310 E Davie 

Bullock Paul V elk Raleigh Salvage Co r408 S Boylan av 

Bullock Purvis M (Bemice) hlpr r421 N Blount 

Bullock Ruth E elk C P & L Co rl21 N Person Apt 5 

Bumgardner see also Baumgardner 

Bumgardner Lawrence R (Maggie) eng h445 N Wilmington 

Bumgardner Naomi elk r445 N Wilmington 

Bumgardner Wilbur M (Ada H) mech State Hwy Comn h701 Glenwood av 

Bumpers V/m (c) (Narcissa) lab r308 Bledsoe av 

Bunch Blanche B Mi's fm-n rms 412 W Morgan r do 

Bunch Burke H iLisette) cond h402 Cutler 

Bunch Camille T (Docia) hlpr h714 E Hargett 

Bunch Fred H (Ruth) printer r714 E Hargett 

Bunch Guy L (Blanche B) h412 W Morgan 

Bunch Haywood (c) (Marian) gdnr 11215 N Tarboro 

Bunch Henry D (Margt H) monuments h319 S Boylan av 

Bunch Ivan P bge agt Union Depot rill Lee 

Bunch Jas (c) rll7 W Leonir 

Bunch Jas (c) (Maryland) lab rl315 E Lane 

Bunch John B rill Lee 

Bunch Lisette Mrs mus tchr 402 Cutler r do 

Bunch Mack (c) porter Equel's Style Shop r215 N Tarboro 

Bunch Nathaniel (c) rll7 W Lenoir 

Bunch T Vaden r412 W Morgan 

Bunch Troy L r714 E Hargett 

Bunch Wm (c) rll7 W Lenoir 

Bunch Wm (c) (Carrie) porter h220 Hill (College Pk) 

Bunch Zebulon D (Hattie S) mech State Hwv Com.n h211 N Harrington 

Bundy Chester H (Annie E) driver Kearns' Ice & Coal Co h549 E Har- 

Bundy Foster L (Cora V) trav slsmn hl05 w YvThitaker Mill rd 

Bundy Jos S (Cornelia A) formn h310 N McDowell 

Bundy Oscar A (Cleo) huckster h227 E Davie 

Bunn Bud B (Ethel L) driver East Coast Stages Inc r4(M; S Dawson 

Bunn Edgar H (Ada P) carp h330 Pershing rd 

Bunn Edgar H jr msngr r330 Pershing rd 

Bunn Elsie M waitress Hotel Carolina rl22 S Harrington 

Bunn Ethel L sten rill Glenwood av 

Eunn Eula A (wid Wm H) hill Glenwood av 

Bunn Falc E cik State Local Government Comn r Zebulon N C 

Bunn Georgia elk hl213 Hillsboro apt 6 

Bunn J Wilbur (Maude) (Bunn & Arendell) hl501 Iredell dr 

Bunn Lettie O r330 Pershing rd 

Bunn Lucy B r Mansion Park Hotel 

Bunn Thos C (Lois T) elk C P L Co r Wendell N C 

Bunn Washington (c) elk r556 E Davie 

Bunn Wm H (Ennis) carp h5 S Swain 

Bunn & Arendell (J Wilbur Bunn, Banks Arendell) lawyers 320 S 
Salisbury R704 

Bunt Elinese (e) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r411 S McDowell 

Burch Clarence B (Gladys J) carrier XJ S P O hl523 Sunrise av 

Burch Eug A jr buyer Anderson Clayton & Co rl22 StMarys 

Burch Geo D (c) (Ella J) Dorter h522 S Blood worth 

Burch Jewell R (wid Tlios W) hl210 Filmore 

Burch Margt K sten Baptist Book Shop rl210 Film_ore 

Burch Nellie M nurse Associated Charities rl210 Filmore 

Burch Roy R printer rl210 Filmore 

Burch Wayne (Viola S) elect eng hl908 Fairview rd 

Burden Alfonzo E (Tena F) cond h513 Cleveland 

BUREAU OF ANIMAL INDUSTRY (See United States Government) 

Burgess Agnes E slswn r508 S Harrington 

Burgess Albert E (c) lawyer 125 E Hargett r do 

Burgess Cale K (Edith) (Burgess & Baker) h2109 Myrtle av 

Burgess Cath (c) smstrs r527 S East 




PHONE 528 

Burgess Durwin B cHazel R) taxi driver r508 S Harrington 

Burgess Elva slswn W T Grant Co rll7 N Salisbury 

Burgess Hazel R Mrs soft drinks, 508 S McDowell r508 S HaiTington 

Burgess Jas L botanist State Dept of Agri r217y2 N Bloodworth 

Bui'gess Li Clifton student r421 Cutler 

Burgess Lester L r508 S Harrington 

Burgess M Shelby (Mae P) r421 Cutler 

Burgess Marshall B (Fannie P) h421 Cutler 

Burgess Naomi (c) Indrs r406 E South 

Burgess Nathaniel (c) (Carrie) chauf r406 E South 

Burgess Stella (c) dom h406 E South 

Burgess W Tyree (Viotorine) slsmn Motor Bearings & Parts Co h6 E 

Dixie dr 
Burgess Wm (c) student r527 S East 
BURGESS & BAKER (Cale K Burstess, J Earle Baker), Lawyers 1006- 

1009 Raleigh Banking & Trust Bldg 5 W Hargett, Tel 3751 
Burgwyn Margt C D (wid Wm H S) h407 N Wilmington 
Burk Lizzie (c) dom h606 Cannon 

Burke Chas C (College Ct Cleaning Co) r Burlington N C 
Burke Docia (c) dom hl4 Ross 
Burke Dora (c) r336 W South 
Burke Dora (c) dom rl4 Ross 
Burke Elijah (c) truck driver rl4 Ross 
Burke Henry acct R W Steele & Co r Bland Hotel 
Burke Quentin S clnr College Ct Cleaning Co r6 Ferndell la 
Burks Ethel tchr Wiley Sch rl30 Hawthorn rd 
Burnett Anna B (c) dom r714 Branch (S Pk) 
Burnett Cath (c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 
Burnett Chas (c) barber r542 E Lenoir 
Burnett Eugenia W (c) dom r542 E Lenoir 
Burnett John W (c) del mn Martin St Pharmacy 135 E Martin 
Burnett Leroy (c) lab r816 S Bloodworth 
Burnett Lucy (c) cook h816 S Bloodworth 
Burnett Mid (c; Roberta) lab h714 Branch (S Pk) 
Burnett Myrtle S Mrs sten CaroUna Mortgage Co r Auburn N C 
Burnett Ora L (c) sch tchr r542 E Lenoh- 
Burnett Pearl (c) dom rllB Smithfield 
Burnett Robt (c; Viola) lab r7 14 Branch (S Pk) 
Burnett Thelma P mgr Lerner Shops rll4 E Jones 
Burnett W Adolphus (c; Rosa B) hlpr h542 E Lenoir 
Burnette Benj F (Zelma W) gro 605 New Bern av h214 Elm 
Burnette Geo H (Mabel W) gro 1019 E Jones h608 Polk 
Bumette Jas M (Pearl) city f iremn r620 W Lane 
Burns B Robt (c) h217 Powle 

Bums Beatrice (c) Indry wkr Sanitai-y Lndry h603 Saunders 
Bums Eliz M rl24 Forest rd 

Burns Florida L (c) cook State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Burns Geo W (Irene) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc h701 S Boylan av 
Burns Hannah (c) cookh418N Harrington 
Burns J Edw elk Chesley S Smith rl24 Forest rd 
Burns Jas M (c; Minnie F) clothes clnr Gus Russos & Bro h729 S 

Burns Jessie M (c) sch tchr r729 S Blount 
Burns Mary (c) Indrs h403 Tucker 
Burns Texanna (wid Thos) hSll Kinsey 

Burr Bryan W (Red Bird Peanut & Products Co) rl28 B Hargett 
BURR EDWARD T (Esther S), Actuary Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh, 

N C, h717 N Blount, Tel 1647 
Burrell Emily (c) dom h925 E Jones 
Bums Margt Mrs nurse r404 S Dawson 
Burroughs Adding Machine Co James R Matthews agency mgr 426 Pay- 

Burroughs D S truck driver W H King Drug Co Inc r RD 2 
Burroughs Geo (c; Mamie) lab hll3 Stronacli's al 
Burroughs Grace R slswn F W Woolworth Co r RD 2 
Burroughs Jas W (c; Emma) truck driver Brogden Produce Co h904 

S Blount 
Burroughs Philip (c) cook State Hosp r do 
Burrowes Alfred D receiver The Coml Natl Bank r500 W W^iitaker Mill 

Burruss John H (Anna O) r422 Cutler 
Burruss Wm slsmn r625 New Bern av 
Burruss Wm S (Margt H) genl mgr Capital Ice & Coal Col Inc h 

2118 Ridgecrest 


^ Factory Authorized Sales and Service 

iN General Motors Values f, 


Hlfi 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Burruss Wm S jr (Mildi-ed C) service mgr Caroline Lubal Co r2118 Bidee- 

Burson Susan M supvr home economics State Dept of Public Instruction 
h229 E Edenton apt 2-D 

Burt Bettie (c) Indrs r806 Cotton pi 

Burt Betty (c) dom hl306 E Lane 

Burt Clarence (c> r324 Battle 

Burt Delmer (c) hsemn r324 Battle 

Burt Eliz (c) dom 210 S State 

Burt Elnora (c) rlOlS Manly 

Burt Emma (c) dom h563 E Cabarrus 

Burt Hallie (c) Indry wkr hl08 Branch (S Pk) 

Burt Helen Cc) rlOia Manly 

Burt Jas (c) lab rl06 Branch (S Pk) 

Burt Jas (c) lab r515 Cannon av 

Burt Jeannette (c) dom h505 S Swain 

Burt Jos (c) janitor r210 S State 

Burt Luther tormn H & H Tire Re-Treading Co r Pairview rd 

Burt Mamie (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndi'y hl06 Branch (S Pk) 

Burt Martha (c) dom h210 S State 

Burt Mary (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry hlOlB Manly 

Burt Nathan (c) chauf Lightner's Funeral Parlor rl25 E Hargett 

Burt Novella (c) dom rl005 S Wilmington 

Burt Vivian (c) dom r563 E Cabarrus 

Burton Effie (c) dom rl304 Pender 

Burton Ernest (c; Violet) hlpr hl08 W Johnson 

Burton Eug M elk Murchison's Pharmacy rill Seawell av 

Burton Fannie B (wid Oliver M) hill Seawell av 

Burton Geo Cc; Tinie) meat ctr r503 Tucker 

Burton Mary (c) dom hll6 W Peace 

Burton Mary C tchr Murphey Sch h615 N Blount 

Burton Oliver M jr oountermn rill Seawell av 

Burwell Lucy S (c) h711 Manly 

Burwell Mary A (c) sec Bapt Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary 
Convention of N C h201 Idlewild av s y 

Burwell Wm (c) lab r201 Idlewild av 

Burwell Wm A r Hotel Carolina 

Busbee Christine sch tchr rl818 Park dr 

Busbee D Frances sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl002 
Wake Forest rd 

Busbee Frank I student r502 Adams 

Busbee Isabel B landscape gdnr rl818 Park dr 

Busbee Jas F (Maggie W) car inspr h502 Adams 

Busbee Jos F (Margt W) h6 Bagwell av 

Busbee Louise T kindergarten 1818 Park dr h do 

Busbee Lucille slswn Charles Stores Co Inc 209 Fayetteville 

Busbee Philip H lawyer 20 E Martin R717 r3 E Jones 

BUSBEE KICHD S (Pear! C). Pres Atlantic Fire Ins Co, The Raleigh 
Bidg: & Loan Assn, Genl Agent Equitable Fire & Marine Ins Co, Fed- 
eral Ins Co and Universal ibis Co, h?ai N Person, Tel 735 

Busbee Saml J (Nora L) trav slsmn hl002 Wake Forest rd 

Busbee Sara H dancing tchr 204 N Person r do 

Busbee Simons C spl agt Atlantic Fire Ins Co and Phoenix Ins Co r204 N 

Busbee Sophia P sten State Corp Comn rl818 Park dr 

Busbee Sophie D elk State Historical Comn rl818 Park dr 

Busby Geo M (c; Harriett) sch tchr r909 E Hargett 

Bush Gertrude L h701 N Blount apt 204 

Bush Walter Z slsmn r Bland Hotel 

Bushong Vivian H Mrs home economist C P & L Co r White Oak rd 

Business and Professional Women's Club Inc Jimmie Parker ores 
iDorothy Vann 1st v-pres, Hattie Parrott 2d v-pres, Edith Gilbert re- 
coramg sec, Ehz Full corres sec, Sudie Owen treas, meets 2d Tuesdav 
iP„t» Associated Charities 412 3 Salisbury and 4th Tuesday evening 
Y W C A 227 E Edenton 
Butcher Jones C (o; Ada) chauf h605 Saunders 

Butler A P (Miriam P) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r224 E Morgan 
Butler Beulah M Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h2304 Hillsboro 
Butler Estelle (c) dom r710 S Dawson "suuiu 

Butler Jas H asst mgr McLellan Stores Co r201 Hillsboro 
Butler L Floyd meat ctr Piscrlv \Vi5'?lv rl09 Polk 
Butler Lawrence S fESlsie) r406 Kinsey 
Butler Lee fc; Eva) plstr h320 Battle 
Butler Lizzie (c) dom r317 E Davie 


Alfred Willianis & Co. 



Butler Luther W (Frances E) car formn N-SRRCo h808 W South 
Butler Mattie (c) dom r226 E Cabarrus 
Butler Roy E (Fannie J) mach hll20 Harp 
Butler Saml (Bessie) textile wkr hll29 N Blount 
Butler Thos L adjuster Fire Cos' Adjustment Bureau Inc r922 W Johnson 
Butler Vaughan V (Eliz) supt h7 S West 
Butts Lucille manicurist r715 Devereux 
Butts Mildred V slswn F W Woolworth Co r219 S Person 
Butts Polly E (wid D Walter) h715 Devereux 
Butts W Ralph (Lillian W) capt Engine Co No 1 rll6 Ashe av 
Byerly Basil H (Will-Ella) agt Met Life Ins Co r204 W Morgan 
Byerly Roy P (Margt I) elk h511 Holt 

Bynum Frank H (Lula S) treas Bynum Printing Co h630 N Blount 
Bynum Jas J (Evelyn) rSll N Bloodworth 

Bynum Jas R (AUie Y) sec Bynum Printing Co h714 Glenwood av 
Bynum Lula S Mrs sten State Dept of Public Instruction h630 N Blount 
BYNUM PRINTING CO, Raymond D Bynum Pres, Baxter Durham V- 
Pres, James R Bynum Sec, Frank H Bynum Treas, 119-121 W IHar- 
gett, Tels 692 and 693 (See pag-e 41) 
Bynum Raymond D (Emma F) pres Bynum Printing Co h712 Glenwood 

Bynum Robt M (Mallie) inspr SALRy hSll N Bloodworth 
Bynum Robt M jr (Mickey E) classified adv mgr The News & Observer 

h2106 Breeze rd 
Bynum Wm L student rSll N Bloodworth 
Byrd see also Bird 

Byrd A Nathaniel (c) lab r813 E Hargett 
Byrd Arth (c; Polly) lab h812 S Blount 
Byrd Cath nurse State Hosp r do 
Byrd Chester (c) lab r812 S Blount 
Byrd Claude L (Maude W) eng h214 N Harrington 
Bjrd David G (Edith) textile wkr h529 N Salisbury 
Byrd Ethel L sten State Hwy (5omn rill Hillsboro 
Byrd Fred A dep U S Marshal r Coats N C 
Byrd H Braxton (Eliz P) slsmn Sir Walter (Chevrolet Co hl05 E Edenton 

apt 111 
BYKD JAMES C, V-Pres Oldham & Worth Inc, r Erwin, N C, RD 1 
Byrd Jas (c Sabina G) lab hlOlS Smithfield 

Byrd John W (Jeannetre Ti m^r Singer Sewing Mach Co h506 Cleveland 
Byrd Leamon (c) lab rl017 S Person 
Byi-d Lizzie (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndry h414 Patterson la 
Byrd Lula (c) Indrs hi 017 S Person 
Bvrd Medora (c) Indrs r813 E Hargett 
Byrd Milton (c) lab rl017 S Person 
Byrd Nettie r318 E Martin 
Byrd Pearl L (c) hl09 Idlewild av 

Byrd Robt (c) porter David Kaolan Inc rl017 S Person 
Byrd Ronnie (c; Bessie) lab rl017 S Person 

Byrd Ruth typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r308 Poplar 
Byrd Sarah (c) Indrs hSOlVz W South 
Byrd Sylvia (c) dom rl017 S Person 
Byrd Thos (c; Eliza) lab h825 E Hargett 
Byrd Victoria (c) dom r813 E Hargett 

Byrd W McKinley (Eliza M) elk Troy A Branham h564 New Bern av 
BYRUM A H (Mamie T). Lumber and Building Material 737 W Hargett, 

Tel 3654 h404 Elm, Tel 1736 (See page 32) 
Byrum Addison S (L Lois) sunt A H Bvrum rl305 Hinton 
B'yrum Bessie F Mrs slswn W T Grant Co r404 Elm 
Byrum C Predk (Bessie F) slsmn A H Byrum r404 Elm 
Byrum Denticus R (Minnie R) spl officer hll8 Firwood av 
Byrum E J member County Bd of Education r Cary N C 
Byrum Emma C (wid John H) soft drinl^s 715 Va Belmont h715 do 
Byrum J Leon (Lillian B) lens grinder Southeastern Optical Co Inc rll8 

Firwood av 
Byi-um Jack H (Violet M) mgr A H Byrum hl305 Hinton 
Byrum Mary student r404 Elm 
Byrum Palmer truck driver r404 Elm 
C C Motor Co Inc W Penn Marshall pres, R Wilton Smith sec-treas, auto 

dlrs 112 E Davie 
C I T Corp Willis H Clayton mgr financing 239 Fayetteville R1109 
Cabiness Jesse A casli Burrouehs Adding Machine Co r Y M C A 
Cabot Eliz P (wid Clarence V) rSOl New Bern av 
Cade Raymond J (Wilma) barber Weaver Sz Holland hl27 N Dawson 


104 S. DAWSON ST. 




Cagle Connie L (c; Mamie) brlann h716 E Martin 

Cahill Francis M mgr by-products sales The Raleigli Gas Co rl08 W 

Cahn Esther S (wid Alf ; The Hometel) h204 W Hargett 
Cahoon Jacli r Hotel Raleigh 

Cahoon Zeb V (Dessie D) driver Strop Taxi Co h616 W Hargett 
Cain see also Kane 
Cain Colie V i^l5 Gaston 
Cain E Louise (c) sch tchr r506 W South 
Cain Ernest P (Edna E) bge agt Union Depot h908 W South 
Cain Grace N Mrs sten Caroline Storage & Distributing r715 Gaston 
Cain Hubert (c; Rosa) draymn h506 W South 
Cain Jas P h303 W Jones 

Cain Lattie R (Grace N) truck driver r715 Gaston 
Cain Leighton D mgr Bland Hotel Dryg Store r Bland Hotel 
Cain Letha (c) maid Hotel Caroline h415 Green 
Cain Lillie (c) Indrs hllO N Tarboro 
Cain Lois E student r715 Gaston 
Cain Madge (wid Elbert J) slswn r413 N Wilmington 
Cain Robt G r715 Gaston 

Cain Rosa L (c) elk Hamlin Drug Co r506 W South 
Cain Ruth O (c) student r506 W South 
Cain Thelma (c) dom rllO N Tarboro 

Calder Walter H (Alice E) stm ftr C Alf Wallin hl2 Bagwell av 
Caldwell Annie (c) hl7 S Swain 
Caldwell Benj (c; Annie B) h419 N Salisbury 
Caldwell Bertie S Mrs sten Capudine Chemical Co h614 Harp 
Caldwell Chas C (Maggie P) service mgr Tire Sales & Service Co 

h610 Willard pi apt 4 
Caldwell Edgar B (Tena W) slsmn h232 W Hargett apt 4A 
Caldwell Emmett J (c: Lena) Dorter Union Bus Sta rll3 W Cabarrus 
Caldwell Jas M (Pearl) textile wkrhllie N Wilmington 
Caldwell Jas V asst whse examiner US Dept of Agriculture Whse Act r 

Charlotte N C 
Caldwell L Thaddeus (c) mus tchj- St Augustine's College r do 
Caldwell Wm K student rl922 Hillsboro 
Calfee John F (Bertie S) bkpr h614 Harp 

Calhoun Everett W wrapper Staudt's Bakery rill Harrison av 
California Fruit Store (Peter Stathaeos^ 111 Favetteville 
Callahn John W (Esta S) real est hl606 Pairview rd 
Callis Johnnie R rl21 N Salisbury 
Callis Lillie R rl21 N Sahsbury 

Calton Mary C Mrs elk State Ins Dept h322 New Bern av 
Calton Wilburn C (Mary C) elk State Hwy Comn h322 New Bern av 
Calvert Martha A sch tchr rl05 Polk 

Calvert Thos H (Adeline M; Calvert & Duncan) hl05 Polk 
CALVERT & DUNCAN (Thos H Calvert, Wm B Duncan), Lawyers 714- 

716-718 Coml Natl Bank Bids-, ?M F, Martin, Tel 1431 
Cameron Bruce (Emma) printer r506 E Hargett 

Cameron Danl B (Edna W; North State Printing Co) r506 E Hargetfl 
Cameron Doyle (c; Bertha) firemn h513 Saunders 
Cameron Herbert F student r6 Ferndell la 
Cameron Isabella M h783 Hillsboro 
Cameron Jas (c; Josephine) lab h604w Lenoir 
Cameron L Hubert (Ollie) cond h421 N Blount 
Cameron Mary (c) dom r26 Bragg 
Cameron Park The apts 1213-1215 Hillsboro 
Cameron Vivian K (c) instr Shaw University h707 S Blount 
Camp Norman (c; Florence) barber 3 McKee h208 Smithfield 
Camp Norman .ir (c) student r208 Smithfield 

Campbell Alton C (Eliz A1 nhvs 123 w Hargett R618 h302 Hawthorn rd 
Campbell Arth F blrmkr SALRy rSlO Cutler 

Campbell Balem C dep coUr U S Int Rev Office r Greensboro N C 
Campbell Benj C (c; Bessie) carp h313 Lee 











Audits — 





t>3 1—' 

- F1 


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The Raleigh Buildiog and \m^ Asseciatien 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Campbell Bros Inc Mrs Lola A Campbell pres, Bernard G Andrews sec- 
treas monuments 505 Hillsboro 

Campbell Currin C (MoUie P) stone ctr Paul Campbell h314 Linden av 

Campbell D Morrison jr slsmn Blackwood's Inc r209 Ashe av 

Campbell Danl M (Mary W) trav slsmn h209 Ashe av 

Campbell Donald C (Margt) decorator r704 W Jones 

Campbell Dorothy L sten r417 Cutler 

Campbell Duncan (Agnes M) stone str h309 Calvin rd 

Campbell Edw P delmn Auto Parts Co Inc r Caraleigh Village 

Campbell Geneva student r314 Linden av 

Campbell Gertrude instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Campbell Gladys M sten Times Pub Co r3X)9 Calvin rd 

Campbell Irwin D (Christine B) slsmn Remington Rand Inc h565 N 

Campbell J M rlll4 New Bern av 

Campbell John (c) dish washer r519 S Blount 

Campbell Julia sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank r609 Hillsboro 

Campbell Kirkman student r314 Linden av 

Campbell Lola .A (wid W Ronald) pres Campbell Bros Inc h404 Cutler 

Campbell Martha C r417 Cutler 

Campbell Mazie B r516 E Edenton 

Campbell Paul (Eunic? A) moriuments 314 Linden av h417 Cutler 

Campbell W Hugh elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r404 Cutler 

Campbell W Ronald usher State Theatre r404 Cutler 

Campbell Walter (c; Nancy) brklyr hl28 Lincoln dr 

Campbell Wm (c; Ida) lab hl8 W Johnson 

Campbell Wm (c; Lucille) pntr h2203 Everett 9,v 

Campen H Brooks (Ruth L) servlcemn The Duff -Gore Corp hl330 Hin- 

Canada Jesse (c; Lizzie) lab h513 S McDowell 

Canaday Emma (c) Indrs r730 (731) Church 

Canaday Ernest P (Cecile J) prof Meredith College h37 Baywell av 

Canaday Howard (c; Caroline) lab r730 (731) Church 

Canaday Jos C (Lula L> spl ai?t li317 Nev.- Bprn av 

Canaday Wm G (Wilmont Service Sta) rl09 Polk 

Canady Junius E (c; Elma) lab h309 S Haywood 

Canady Nathan E (Florence F) policemn h813 Clay 

Cannada Annie (c) cook h312 S Bloodworth 

Cannaday Jas A (Lucy) h315 W Edenton 

Cannady A"da (c) Indry wkr r718 Fayetteville 

Cannady Ava L (c) dom rl003 Fayetteville 

Cannady Clarence (c; Lillie) Indry wkr r707 E Martm 

Cannady D Walter (Etta E) blrmkr h504 S Wilmington 

Cannady Garland B (Martha A) driver Warren's Transfer h409 Green- 
wood av 

Canaday Harry (c; Eugenia) pntr r416 E Cabarrus 

Cannady Jas O slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co r Poole rd RD 2 

Cannady Lanty atndt State Hosp r do 

Cannady Louis J (c) janitor h709 Ellington 

Cannady Mabel (o) dom r803 S Person 

Cannady Nassie (c; Flora) gdnr hl003 Fayetteville 

Cannady Otis (c) elk James McLain rl003 Fayetteville 

Cannady Owen W (Laura E) h427 S Wilmington 

Cannady Pearl nurse State Hosp r do 

Cannady Roy C (Gladys T) slsmn Geo Marsh Co Inc hl005 W Lenoir 

Cannady Z Vann (Cora A) auto mech r427 S Wilmington 

Cannon Anna B (c) dom r420 S Bloodworth 

Cannon D Franklin jr group rep Aetna Life Ins Co rl28 N Wilmington 

Cannon Delia Mrs waiter Hayes-Barton Lunch rl319 White Oak rd 

Cannon Doyle L (Kath C) safety eng CP&LCo hl807 StMary's 

Cannon Henry (c: Minnie) lab rl512 Oberlin rd 

Cannon Jas A (Delia; Hayes-Barton Lunch) rlS19 White Oak rd 

Cannon John (c) lab rl512 Oberlin rd 

Cannon Lewis (c; Susie) h420 S Bloodworth 

Cannon Lila B (wid Ivan V; College Ct Beauty Shoppe) r213% Cox av 

Cannon Mary (c) dom hl512 Oberlin rd 

Cannon Thos (c; Mattie) lab hl303 Oberlin rd 

Capehart Lovelace B (c; Margt L) phys 120 E Hargett 2d fl h312 Smith- 

Capell Geo L (Mollie) h221 W Martin 

Capell House (Mi's Mollie Capell) bdg 221 W Martin 

Capell Mollie Mrs (Capell House) r221 W Martin 

Capell Thos C gro 318 S Swain r316 do 

Capetanos John (Raleigh Fruit Store) h215 S Wilmington 



The Carolina's Oidesl Wholesale and Retail 
Hsirdware House 

CAPITAL AUTO STORES INC, Kelso M Banks Sec-Treas-Genl Mgr, 
Auto Accessories and Parts, 11 E Martin, Tel 3326 

Capital Beverage Co Ernest L Warren mgr whol beer distributors 303 W 

Capital Building & Loan Assn (o) John W Holmes pres Jas E Strickland 

sec-treas 15A E Hargett 
Capital Chapter No 162 OES Nell Brinkley sec meets 2d and 4th Tuesday 

8 P M 135 Fayetteville 
Capital City Laundry Leonidas J Jones pres H Hunter Jones v-pres Leon 

M Jones sec-treas-mgr 115% W Martin 
Capital City Paper Co Inc J Baxter Johnson pres Jesse P Baker sec-treas 

whol 111 E Davie 
Capital City Temple No 310 Daughters IBPOEofW, (c) meets on call 

IISVb E Hargett 
Capital Club GVs W Hargett 

Capital Club Building Jesse L Primrose mgr 16-22 W Martin 

515 W Morgan, Tel 542 (See left top lines and page 31) 
Capital Encampment No 48 lOOF meets on call 15 W Hargett 
Capital Feed & Grocery Co Inc Wm A Yost pres Luther P Yost v-pres 

Wm M Duncan sec-treas vi'hol feed and gros S West cor Martin 
Capital Grocery Co (Albert Macklin) 500 E Cabarrus 
CAPITAL ICE & COAL CO INC, Wm S Bmruss Genl Mgr, Lewis H 

Powell Asst Genl Mgr. Thos P Browning Production Mgr, 600 W 

Hargett, Tel 492 
Caipital Printing Co (Chas and Herbert B Ruffin) printers and publrs 

The Union Herald 105 E Hargett 
Capital Realty Co (Eustace L Womble. Wm E Oaks) 13 W Davie 
Capital Service Station (Ernest D Wall) New Bern av cor Lincoln dr 
Capital Shoe Shop CAdolphus H Williams) 136 S Wilmington 
Capital The apts 127 New Bern av 

Capitol City Barber Shop (c; Collins A Walker) 115 E Hargett 
Capitol City Council No 1 JOUAM meets Mondays 8 P M 15 W Hargett 
Capitol Coast Motor Express 320 W Lane 
Capitol District Automotive Assn Lester Lloyd pres Henry W Cutchin 

(Rocky Mt, N C) v-pres John M Tiller (Durham, N C) sec-treas 421 

Capitol Drug Store (SeatonW Williams) 101 Hillsboro 
Capitol Restaurant (Peter Pappas, Peter D Cavadias) 8 W Martin 
Capitol Soda Shop (O Leonidas Ellington) 128 W, Martin 
Capitol Square head of Fayetteville on which is located Capitol bldg 
Capitol Theatre The North Carolina Theatres Inc oprs Roy L Champion 

mgr 124 W Martin 
Capitol Tourist Home (Estelle R Powell) 102 W Edenton 
Caple Arth (c; Ollie) lab h615 W Martin 
Capps Bettie H Mrs textile wkr h500 N Dawson 
Capps Herbert C barber Union Barber Shop r215 W Martin 
Capps Jasper D (Flora M) carp h527 E Peace 
Capps Madeline nurse State Hosp r do 
Capps Thos W h308 Georgetown rd 
Capudine Chemical Co Henry T Hicks pres Harry T Hicks v-pres Edwin 

W Yates sec-treas medicine mfrs 122% E Martin 
Caraleigh Baptist Church Rev Saml L Morgan pastor 300 Summit av 

Carawan Lenora L sten h9 N Blount 
Card Chas H r606 W South 
Card Edw R (Ora B) huckster h606 W South 
Card J C atndt State Hosp r do 
Card Onnie L (Ella) carp h614 W Hargett 
Card Vehna (wid Albert) beauty opr r443 N WAlmrngton 
Carden Jas L (c) farmer h319 Battle 
Carder Holland M student r305 Pace 
Cardillo Mary B Mrs r421 N Salisbury 
Carlisle Luther S mgr Am Optical Co r319 W Hargett 
Carlton Arth J bus opr CP&LCo r Cary N C 
CARLTON HERBERT A (Kathleen A), Pres-Genl Mgr Carolina Pines 

Inc hl905 Park dr, Tel 535 
Carlton Jas E (Blanche C) elk USPO r211 N Harrington 
Carlton Mae A Mrs r27 S Swain 
Carlton Marcellus J justice of the peace and notary 306 S Salisbury rll3 

Ashe av 
Carlton Robt L (Eula) bus opr CP&LCo hll3 Ashe av 

Carlyle Alex A (Mildred W) slsmn Cinderella Slipper Shop h217 E Har- 







PHONE 4020 

Carmichael Clyde T chemical testing- eng State Hwy Comn rSll W Park 

Carmines John M (Lillie S) mgr Noland Co Inc h504 N Blount 

Carmines Lillie S Mrs sten State Dept of Public Instruction h504 N 

CAKNAGE FRED J (c) Attomey-at-Law 117 E Hargett, Tel 2050, lil09 
Idlewild av, Tel 3296-K 

Carnage Mary E (c) director Bishop Tutle Sch Community House r310 
N Tarboro 

Carney Janie L rl502 New Bern av 

Carney Vinie (c) dom r320 S Bloodworth 

Carolina Apartment Hotel Co Robt C Powell res mgr Hotel Carolina 

Carolina Apartments 232 W Hargett 

Carolina Blue Printers (Riohd G Ball) 1201/2 Payetteville R204 

Carolina Bowling Club (BroadusG Brooks) 120 W Davie 

CAROLINA BUILDERS CORP, Baxter B Benson Pres, Wm H Bason 
V-Pres, Richard T Vick Sec-Treas, Building- Material and Coal 217- 
219 N Dawson, Tel 23G0 (See backbone and page 32) 

Carolina Chero-Cola Bottling Co Mrs Mabel J Starbuck pres Dale Star- 
buck sec-treas 12 Hunter 

Carolina Cleaners Inc Kenneth W Winston pres Albert Y Kelly sec-treas 
116 Harrison av 

Carolina Coach Co Harry H Hearn genl mgr 510 E Davie 

Carolina Country Club Thos L Bland pi-es Graham H Andrews v-pres 
A Wray White sec-treas office 20 E Martin R508 clubhouse 1 mUe 
north of city on Country Club dr 

Carolina Delivery Service Van H Downing mgr 420 S McDowell 

Carolina Design Service (Elias G Sullivan) coml artists 200% S Salisbury 

Carolina Foundry (Henry J Grady) 1002 E Hargett 

Carolina Hardware Co Inc Walter C Tucker pres-sec-mgr Eliz L Tucker 
VanValkenburgh treas 233 S WilmJngton 

Carolina Hotel Barber Shop (Willis E Motley) Hotel Carolina (bsmt) 

Carolina Hotel Garage (Jesse G Ball jr) 2221/2 W Hargett 

Carolina Lubal Co Wm 3 Burruss jr service mgr who! oil 119 W Martin 

Carolina Mortgage Building 334 S Salisbury 

Carolina Mortgage Co David A Houston pres, Dred Peacock v-pres Clar- 
ence C Latham v-pres-treas John N Duncan sec 334 S Salisbury 2d fl 

CAROLINA MOTOR CLUB INC (AAA), Irene Robertson Mgr, 15 W Da- 
vie, Tel 3774 

Carolina National Farm Loan Assn 5 W Hargett R1O09 

Carolina Orchards Inc Alf Williams jr pres C Desmond Matthews v-pres 
mgr B Grimes Williams sec-treas office 119 Fayetteville 

CAROLINA PINES BOYS' CAMP, Peele Jolinson Camp Director, Caro- 
lina Pines, FayettevUle rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4600 (See back 

CAROLINA PINES CLUB HOUSE, Mrs John Sanderlin Cox Mgr, Caro- 
lina Pines, Fayetteville rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4600 (See back 

CAROLINA PINES COMMISSARY, Saml J Lawrence Pm-ch Agrt, Caro- 
lina Pines, Fayetteville rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4600 (See back 

CAROLINA PINES GARAGE, John T Thornburg Formn, Carolina 
Pines, FayettevilJe rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4&80 (See back cov- 

CAROLINA PINES GIRLS' CAMP, Georgia Kirkpatrick Camp Director, 
Carolina Pines, Fayetteville rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4600 (See 
back cover) 

CAROLINA PINES GOLF CLUB, Eugene Mills Mgr and Golf Pro, Caro- 
lina Pines, Fayetteville rd, 2 miles bey city iimits, Tel 4600' (See back 

CAROLINA PINES HOTEL, Forrest C Miles Mgr, Carolina Pines, Fay- 
etteville rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Tel 4620 (See back cover) 

CAROLINA PENES INC, Herbert A Carlton Pres-GenI Mgr, Ralph 
L Scoiieid Sec-Treas, Office Carolina Pines, Fayettevills rd, 2 miles 
bey city limits, Tel 4S00, Mineral Water Dept, 132 S Dav/soii, Tel 93: 
(See back cover) 

BrowTi Genl P.Igr, 132 S Davi'son, Tel 93 (See back cover) 

CAROLINA PINES PET SHOP, Albert P Kendrick Mgr, Carolina Fines, 
FayettevUle rd, 3 miles bey city limits, Tel 46O0 ( See back cover) 

Pines, Fayetteville rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Te! 4600 (See back cov- 





M^, Carolina Pines, FayetteviUe rd, 2 miles bey city limits, Te! 4600 
(See back cover) 

CAROLINA POWER & LIGHT CO, Louis V Sutton Pres-Genl Mgr, W 
Herbert Weatherspoon V-Pres-Genl Atty, Capers S Curry Sec-Treas, 
J Clyde Hunter Asst Sec-Treas, C L Karr Operating Mgr, Capi- 
tal Club Bldg:, 16-22 W Martin cor S Salisbury, Tel 4080 

Carolina Power & Light Co Benj Tongue supt car barns 121 N West Claude 
D Peebles supt genl garage 129 N Harrington Allen C Minis supt genl 
whse 121 N West Oren A Palmer supt method sub sta HiUsboro 
nr Purche Roy E Raines supt sub sta W Jones cor West 

Carolina Printing Co (C Leroy Medlin) 126 S Salisbury 

Carolina Realty Co A Vance Anderson mgr 239 FayetteviUe R701 

Carolina Rim & Wheel Co Jas P Furpleis mgr 323 S Blount 

Carolina Service Corp Chas V York jr pres Chas V York sec-treas aufco' 
tires 10 E Davie 

Carolina Shu-Pixery (John E Miles) shoe reprs 12 E Hargett 

Carolina Shur-Line Corp fire extinguishers 5 W] Hargett R1009 

Carolina Storage & Distributing Co (R Sidney and M Burke Koonce) 324 
W Lane 

Carolina Sundry Shoppe (Mrs Maude L Pitts) 244 W Hargett 

Carolina Tavern Hotel Carolina oprs 230 W Hargett 

Carolina Tribune (c) Carolina Tribune Pub Co publrs H I Fontellio-Nan- 
ton editor 116 E Hargett 

Carolina Tribune Publishing Co (c) H I Fontellio-Nanton mgr publrs 
Carolina Tribune 116 E Hargett 

Carolina Typewriter Co (Crawford P Dawkins) 126 S Salisbury 

Carolina-Virginia Retailer The Willard L Dowell editor 234 FayetteviUe 

Carolina Washboard Co Zollicoffer Fonville pres F Vaden Fonville genl 
mgr Kinsey ft W Martin 

Carpenter B Virginia student rlSlO Carr 

Carpenter H Kenneth (Bernice L) mgr w P T F Radio Co hI510 Carr 

Carpenter Hilda G Mrs sec to State Comnr of Paroles r307 E Edenton 

Carpenter Lou (c) cook 547 E Jones 

Carpenter Ollie L (Hilda G) collection teller Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 
r307 E Edenton 

Carpenter Ralph elk r400% Cary 

Carpenter Sallie atndt State Hosp r do 

Carpenter Saml (Annie V) h400',2 Cai-y 

Carr Aggie (o) Indrs h742 Smithfield av 

Carr Danl (c) gdnr h918 S Wilmington 

Carr Elnora T (c) drsmkr 1102 Oakwocd av r do 

Carr Florence (c) rl28 W, Cabarrus 

Carr Frank L (Retta W) butcher State Hosp hl707 Dare 

Carr Henry J agt Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co r Clinton N C 

Carr Inez (c) dom r401 Branch (SPk) 

Carr Jas (c; PoUv A) lab h735 Smithfield av 

Carr John (c) lab h215 Bledsoe av 

Carr Julius (c; Daisy) lab h822 E Martin 

Carr Lucy <c) Indrs r215 Bledsoe av 

Carr Margt nurse State Hosp r do 

Carr Saml (c) lab I-i401 Branch (SPk) 

Carr Susie (c) dom r742 Smithfield av 

Carr W Henry (Gladys A) slsmn Nehi Bottling Co r624 W South 

CaiT Zella (c) cook r409 Bledsoe av 

Carraway Gordon B (Helen B) hl% S Person 

Carraway J Biddle elk Flemings Inc rl % S Person 

Carrington Annie (c) cook rll8 E Lenoir 

Carrington Chas C (o; Madie D hlpr h414 Smith 

Carrington Elvira (c) cook rH8 E Lenoir 

Carrington Herman (c) sta atndt rll8 E Lenoir 

Carrington Linwood (c; Rena) lab h514 E Worth 

Carrington Octavia (o Indrs hll8 E Lenoir 

Can-ington Ruby (c) cook 1553 Carr 

Carrington Ruby (c) dom r606 E South 

Carrington Sarah (c) dom h707 ':d 

Carrington Wm (c) delmn rll8 E Lenoir 

Carroll Alex T (Eugenia D elk CP&LCo h223% Hillcrest rd 

Carroll Annie L Mi's monitor Postal-Teleg Cable Co r602 S Boylan av 

Carroll Claude C (Annie L) r602 S Bovlari av 

Carroll Creasie spooler rll30 N Wilmington 

Carroll Delia G <wid Ernest R; Carroll Letter V/riting Co) hlO N Blood- 
wort ii 

Carroll Dewey S (Irma A) train dispr NSRRCo hl3 W Dixie dr 











Carroll E Delia D Mrs ph:vs 123 W Haraett R807 r2103 Carroll dr 

Carroll Eva C (wid Henry P) hSlO. E Edenton 

Carroll Floyd C textllewkr hi 130 N Wilmington 

Carroll Gladys S Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co r215 S Person 

Carroll H Elbert (Narvie I) sergt City Police Dept r213 S Person 

Carroll Hawkins M cwid Walter) rll30 N Wilmington 

Carroll Henry driver Gus Russos & Bro r310 S East 

Carroll Letter Writing Co (Mi's Delia G Carroll) 210% Payetteville R3 

Carroll Marshall C (Mildred M) electn h614 Glenwood av 

Carroll Norwood G (E D Dixon) h2103 Carroll dr 

Carroll Pauline O elk McLellan Stores Co r301% N Boylan av 

Carroll Reuben G (Hattie B) carp hSOO W Hargett 

Carroll Richd A jr (c; Annie) sch tchr rl303 E Jones 

Carroll Richd J (c) reporter r210 E Cabarrus 

Carroll Saml G slsmn Capitol Coca Cola Bottling Co r Garner N C 

Carroll Thos M (Neva E) hll6 S West 

Carroll Wm T formn Coml Printing Co r Apex N C 

Carson Alex S (Zollie) cash h507 Cutler 

Carson Cookie Co (Robt Carson) 132 E Morgan 

Carson J Bernard (Louise D) bank examiner State Dept of Banking h306 

E Park dr 
Carson Jean elk Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r507 Cutler 
Carson John (c) hlpr Raleigh Auto Clinic r Milbrook N C 
Carson Leon (c; Viola) porter Eckerd's ol Raleigh N C Inc r504 S Hay- 
Carson Louise D Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch h306 E Park 

Carson Robt (Ida; Carson Cookie Co) hl32 E Morgan 
Carson S Paul bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r507 Cutler 
Carson W Claud adv solr The News & Obsei-ver rl23 S Dawson 
Carson W M loom fixer N C State College r Morrisville N C 
Carson Wilmer (c) cook Union Grill r504 S Haywood 
Carter A Everett (Essie L) mixer Staudt's Bakei-y r201 Harrison av 
Garter Ada (e) dom r402 W North 
Carter Amos P (Flossie J) hlpr h401 Elm 
Carter Annie (c) h221 Fowle 
Carter Archie S (Adaleigh) dairymn r202 Cox av 
Carter Bruce R (Thelma T) technician Raleigh Dental Laboratory h2206 

Creston rd 
Carter Callie (c) Indrywkr h430 S Person 
Carter Conway S asst cash The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S 

rll E Lane 
Carter David (c; Rosella) bge porter Union Depot hlllS, S Blount 
Carter Duncan r202 Cox av 

Carter Bdw H (Margt W) tailor 6% W Hargett hll3 N Wilmington 
Carter Electric Co (Henry L Carter) 424 S Wilmington 
Carter Eliza (c) dom r731 S Blount 
Carter Esther M r401 Elm 
Carter Etta C elk r600 Willard pi 

Carter Felix A (Louise W) agt Met Life Ins Co h5 Dixie Trail apt 1 
Carter Flossie J Mrs wrapper Sanitai-y Lndry h401 Elm 
Carter Frank J (J Ruth) coUr Land's Inc hSOS S Person 
Carter G C delmn Acme Lndry rl5 Rosemary 
Carter Gertrude (c) sch tchr r221 Fowle 
Carter Henry L (Lena H; Carter Elec Co) h212 S East 
Carter J Frank (Eula C) elk Fitz-Gerald & Co Inc hl214 Glenwood av 
Carter John C (c; Ressie) pntr h702 S Bloodworth 
Carter Junius E (Lethea S) hl512 Sunrise av 
Carter Kath M sch tchr rll3 N Wilmington 
Carter Lawrence A msngr Person St Pharmacy r401 EUm 
Carter Lucille r401 Elm 

Carter Mack C (c; Emma) firemn hl307 E Edenton 
Carter Nannie (e) dom h212 Cabarrus al 
Carter R C & Co (Robt C Carter) accts 5 W Hargett R814 
Carter R Roy (Mildred F) lawyer 239 Fayetteville R102 h2612 Vanderbilt 

Carter Rav (c; Lillie) porter r413 Watson 
Carter Richd C sta atndt Gulf Refining Co rlO Enterprise 
Carter Robt C (R C Carter & Co) r806 Cowper dr 
Carter Robt G (Eliz) slsmn hl803 Sunset av 
Carter Romie J (Grizelle C) collr Goodwin-Smith Fum Co r Elizabeth av 

nr Neil 
Carter Sadie rlllS N Wilmington 
Carter Saml H (Ismay D) fonnn h2208 Creston rd 
Carter Saml M (c) instr Shaw University r do 




"Tile memory of quality linf?ers lontr after the price if^ forgott&n." 

Carter Sidnev (c) firemn rll9 W Johnson 

Carter Thos D meat ctr The Great A & P Tea Co r305 S Person 

Carter Warren W (Willie G) carp h409 N Dawson 

Cartwright see also Cortright 

Cartwrlght Clias T (Evelyn S) elk CP&LCo hl807 Bickett blvd 

Carver Jas D (Stella M) sta atndt h5 E Johnson 

Cary Poultry Assn Herman P Green pres R Shelton Dunham sec 324 N 

Cascade Laundry Co Beni W Seymour formn garage 415 S McDowell 
Case Arth E formn composing rm Times Pub Co rlO E Dixie dr 
Case Leland I (Charlotte L) agt animal husbandry N C State College h 

lOllVa Park dr 
Casey I Ray (A Allene) ins agt h547 E Martin 
Casey Mae Co (Mrs M Casey Colton) toilet gds 715 Munford av 
Casey Mary bkpr r2206 Pairview rd 
Cash Estelle student r616 S Salisbury 
Cash J Clarence (Daisy) slsmn r330 W Hargett 

Cash J Garland barber Masonic Temple Barber Shop r604 Oakwood av 
Cash & Carrv Store (Mrs Ada J Glenn) gro 201 Firwood av 
Cason Susie (c) h721% S McDowell 
Cason Wm P (c) lab r72iy2 S McDowell 
Castle C C emp Hotel Carolina r Lakeside dr 
Castle Hall (c) 619"Oberlin rd 

Castleberry Predk (c; Carrie) shoe repr 80O S McDowell h711 Saunders 
Castleberry Ida rl007 Spring 
Castleberry John W (c) student r711 Saunders 
Castleberry Letcher J (Kittle) hl007 Spring 
Castleberry Martha B (wid Louis D) rl20 S Boylan av 
Castleberry Myrtle Mrs r317 W Jones 
Catchings Wm B (Page B) rd contr 918 W Johnson h do 
Cates Ada L (wld Felix) r317 Oakwood av 
Cates Alma K elk h317 Oakwood av 
Cates Benj G (Laura) rl002 E Jones 
Cates Benj G jr student rl002 E Jones 
Cates Chas G (Addie G) ins agt h20 Dixie Trail 
Cates Chas H elk r622 N Boylan av 
Cates Cleaners (Boiling S Newsom) 109 W Martin 
Cates D Richd r622 N Boylan av 
Cates Eliz r317 Oakwood av 
Cates Frank G lElva Hi tailor rl2 E Lenoir 
Cates Hugh A (O Velle) formn N-SRRCo h622 N Boylan av 
Cates J Roy sr drftsmn State Hwy Comn r Mansion Park Hotel 
Cates John adjuster C I T Corp 239 Fayetteville R1109 
Cates Jos N lens grinder Southeastern Optical Co Inc rl002 E Jonete 
Cates Junius (c; Carrie) lab r721 W .fohnsop 
Cates Lela slswn G & S Dept Store r Wendell N C 
Cates Marjorie V student r622 N Boylan av 
Cates Nellie R Mrs typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r610 

Cates Nina M (wld Jack) slswn Efird's Dept Store h211 N Dawson 
Cates Rebecca O student rl002 E Jones 
Cates Rulus D (Nellie R) h610 Holt 
Cates Thos F (Almai concrerp wkr h214 Elin 
Cathedral High School 204 Hillsboro 
Cathell Virginia sch tchr rll7 N Dawson 
Catholic Cemetery N Tarboro cor Lane 

Catholic Daughters of America Bishop Hafey Court No 1088 Eliz Pull 
/-, ^grand regent meets 2d apd 4th Mondays 8 d m 204 Hillsboro 
Catholic Orphanage Sisters of Mercy in charge Avenfs Ferry rd bey city 

Catlett Alice E slswn P W Wool worth Co rll Glenwood av apt 4 
Caudell W Pay v-pres Sir Walter Drag Store Inc r Fairmont N C/ 
CaudiU Cora dep coUr U S Int Rev Office rl20 W Edenton 
Caudle Alice (wid Henry E) tailoress Hudson-Belk Co rl05 E Edenton ant 

Caudle Archie E (Clellie S; Caudle & Gargis) h537 E Martin 
Caudle Arrie M (wld Archie H) r537 E Martin 
Caudle Durwood E city firemn r605 E Martin 
Caudle Eliz B Mrs bkpr Hudson-Belk Co rl23 Glenwood av 
Caudle Ella R rl523 Hanover 
Caudle H Millard (Pearl w) elk r603 E Martin 

Caudle Henry T (Eliz B; Caudles Shoe Shop No 1) hl23 Glenwood av 
Caudle Herbert L (Juanita) taUor U ETCchange pi h7C8 E Hargett 
Caudle Jas E geologist rl5231 Hanover £. xi^xgei-u 











































^ c, ^ /nair^m fi in n HI II A \ Barco Asphalt Roof- 
Tin Trie and Slate (OgMrp & OilSflvl '"0 Products, Ready- 
Roofing. Galvanized InJB^fo & ilfilffLHi/ Roll and Built-up 
Iron and Copper Cor- )lWi^J^!"li %»? §8fi^liSa-W/ R„„,i„g, Ro„f Coat- 

He'ting"' vfS^l'l'a'.in'd ROOFING COMPaNY 'p"|fnts.''Me?allic" UJ.'. 

and Arr Conditioning. | 1 Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Caudle Julian H student rl523 Hanover 

Caudle Laretta A (wid Wm H T) gro 601 E Martin h603 do 

Caudle Lottie M Mrs toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rGOS E Martin 

Caudle Thos J hl523 Hanover 

Caudle Thos J jr barber Sir Walter Barber Shop rl523 Hanover 
Caudle & Gargis (Archie E Caudle, Grenada Ai Gargis) sheet metalwkrs 

326 E Martin 
Caudle's Shoe Shop No 1 (Henry T Caudle) 309 Glenwood av br 216 S Sal- 

Causey Benj L confr 419 Fayetteville r Tarboro N C 

Causey W Horry elk Benj L Causey r419 Fayetteville 

Cauthen Grover C (Mabel) dist mgr SouBeUTel&TelegCo h523 N Person 
Cauthen Grover C jr student r523 N Person 

Cauthen R Bruce student r523 N Person 

Cauthen S Eliz elk The Raleigh Gas Co r523 N Person 

Cauthorne Alonzo nntr r531 N Salisbury 

Cavadias Peter D (Effie P; Capitol Restr) hlOl W Whitaker Mill rd 

Caveness Hugh L (Nellie C) asst prof N C State College h2607 Vanderbilt 

Caveness Roy O (Mae) h 536 Iredell dr 

Caveness Wm F student rl804 Hillsboro 

Caveness Z Marvin (Mary C) phys 123 W Hargett R817 hl804 Hillsboro 

Caviness J A r Y M C A 

Caviness Jesse L (Grace H) textilewkr hll26 N Blount 

Caviness Verne S phys 123 W Hargett RB19 rll N Harrington 

Caviness W Claude (Sula) cond h710 Glenwood av 

Caviness Wm B (Louise L) elk USPO hl809 Sunset av 

Caviniss Annie E sten R E Quinn & Co rill Hillsboro 

Cawfield Edna (c) ironer Sanitary Lndry r736 Smithfield av 

Cawthorne Lewis B (Kate) trainmn h508 Oakwood av 

Cealey Thery E driver Raleigh Transfer C3o Inc r RD 1 

Celey Floyd M hlpr r706 Hinsdale 

Celey Floyil S (Sybil C) taxi driver h706 Hinsdale 

Celey Muriel G r705 Hinsdale 

Central Investment Corp Wm G Mordecai pres Hugh G Dupree v-pres- 
treas David H Covington sec 334 S Salisbury 2d fl 

Central Meat Market (Gus Corfios) 205 S Wilmington 

Central M E Church (South) Rev Albea S Parker pastor E Morgan nw cor 
S Person 

Central Service Station Bishop A Ruth mgr 12 E Morgan 

Chadwick Bert H grease wiper N-SRRCo r217 N Harrington 

Chadwlck Gladys I Mrs slswn Lucille Shop hl5 S Harrington 

Chadwick Jeannette nurse 1502 Hanover r do 

Chadwick Leon G jr rl5, S Harrington 

Chadwick Nicholas B fDeanie) car inspr hl502 Hanover 

Chadwick Ruby r402 W Morgan 

Chaffin John H asst mgr S & W Cafeteria r Y M C A 

Chalmers Alex (c; Edna) cook hl301 E Jones 

Chalmers Gordon S elk r545 E Jones 

Chalmers Lester V (Pauline S) hl223 Hinton 

Chalmers Lionel A (Lessie M) mach h25 S Swain 

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (See Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Inc) 

Chamberlain John S (Mildred B) elk h2110 Fairview rd 

Cham.bers Laura (c) student nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

Chambers Myrtle tchr Hayes-Barton Sch rl21 Halifax 

Chamtilee Abe (c; Lula T) meats 214 E Martin stall 8 h591 E Cabarrus 

Chamblee Annie E (wid Robt) r324 Cutler 

Chamblee Eleanor D r324 Cutler 

Chamblee H Royster (Georgia R) dentist 123 W Hargett R718 h,'1127 Har- 

Chamblee Jannie cash Farmers Exch r321 E Morgan 

Chamblee Jos C (Pattie M) trav slsmn h227 N Bount 

Chamblee Joshua M (Fannie) carp h705 E Lane 

Chamblee Mary L student r324 Cutler 

Chamblee Millard B member County Bd of Education r Zebulon N C 

Chamblee Robt M (Jessie M) elk Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h324 Cutler 

Chamblee Sallie (c) cook 2105 Woodland av 

Chamblee Wisner H (Jessie P) sec State Tire & Servicei Co Inc h323 E 
Park dr 

Chambless Louis F (Beulah; Chambless Paint & Wall Paper Co) r Gar- 
ner rd RD 3 

Chambless Paint & Wall Paper Co (Louis F Chambless) 127 iS Salisbury 

Champion Andrew H (Mabel V; Champion Gro Co) h3011 Hillsboro 

Champion Coy L (Virgil) city firemn rl07 Ashe av 




PHONE 182 

Champion Flora (wid Jas I) r207 Glascock 

Champion Grocery Co (Andrew H Cliampion) 3104 Hillsboro 

Champion Roy L mgr Tire Capitol Theatre r State College 

Champion Wm J (Hannah B) slsmn h218 Glascock 

Chance Thos (c) janitor r207 Battle 

Chandler Fredk K (Maude) pine ftr SATSRv r209 W Morgan 

Chandler J Carlton (Annie L J) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co h305 E Edenton 

Chandler Jas E ( Janie D) hl04 N McDowell 

Chandler Lillian prin Methodist Orphanage Sch r do 

Chandler Ophelia (c) dom rSll Patterson la 

Chaney John E slsmn Motor Service of Raleigh Inc 308 S Salisbury 

Chapin Earl E (Margt I) formn r804 N Bloodworth 

Chapin Fannie B Mrs hsekpr Hotel Raleigh r do 

Chapin Kath R r804 N Bloodworth 

Chapman Blan slsmn Storr Engraving Co r225 ^^ Forest rd 

Chapman Frank (Mary B) acct A Lee Rawlings & Co hl805 White Oak 

Chapman Wm (c; Louise) clothes prsr h8 S State 
Chappell A Stanley slsmn r315 S Boylan av 
Chappell Alice P rl05 Aycock 
Chappell Carl L (Jessie) sta atndt h526 N East 
Chappell Chas (Lena) carp hl07 Firwood av 
Chappell Chas G (Clovenia M) hl05 Aycock 
Chappell Ellis P textilewkr 217 N Salisbury 
Chappell Etta F slswn Efird's Dept Store rl05 Aycock 
Chappell Geo W r224 E Martin 
Chappell Hubert H truck driver r217 N Salisbury 
Chappell J Marvin elk Mansion Park Hotel r do 

Chappell Jas C (Letha B) elk W K King Drug Co Inc hl909 Sunset av 
Chappell Jas E elk r307 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Chappell Jesse (Christine M) trav slsmn r307 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Chappell Laura Mrs r610 S Boylan av 

Chappell Luta B sec Dr E Clarence Judd r307 W Wl:iitaker Mill rd 
Chappell M Bruce elk Blue Star Stores r2n N Salisbui-y 
Chappell Mamie (c) dom h808 E Lane 
Chappell Mary S (wid Jas E) h307 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Chappell Otis E (Ressie R) auto mech h719 W Morgan 
Chappell S Mae r217 N Salisbury 
Chappell Sallie A (wid H Frank) h217 N Salisbury 
Chappell Sherwood S (Ai't Jev/elry Shop) r515 Fayettevllle 
Chappell Theo J student rl05 Aycock 
Chappell Wm E bldg contr rl909 Sunset av 
Chappie John D (c; Mary) porter h712 S East 
Chappie John D jr (c) porter r712 S East 
Charity Council No 31 S&DofL Winona Richardson sec meets Mondays 

8PM 1100 Harp 
Charles Marshall L (c; Jennie) cementwkr hl22 W South 
Charles Robt (c) pntr r605 S Bloodworth 

Charles Stores Co Inc J U Weddell mgi- dept store 209 Fayettevllle 
Charlie Hui Indry 415 Fayettevllle r do 
Charlton Geo W (Olga E) eng h2102 Fairview rd 
Chase Flossie (c) cook 2304 Fairview rd 
Chatham Carl C (Lillie) textilewkr hll35 Harp 
Chatham Geo W (Ruby R) doffer rll09 N Blount 
Chavasse Nancy B sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r405 New 

Bern av 
Chavers Ellen (c) maid Bland Hotel h422 S Swain 
Chavers Nicholas (c) cementwkr r702 E Jones 
Chavers Nicholas jr (c) r702 E Jones 
Chavis Ada (c) dom r714 S McDoweU 
Chavis Anna (c) dom h:2210 4th 
Chavis Annie (c) dom h824 Brooklyn 

Chavis Arth C (c) porter Joe M White Auto Service r Tarboro rd 
Chavis Bernice (c; Annie) maid Charles Stores Co Inc hlllO HiU 
Chavis Bud (c) lab r312 Cannon 
Chavis Chas (c) lab rl8 Ross 
Chavis Clara (c) dom rl212 Hill 
Chavis Cora (c) cook h544 E Cabarrus 
Chavis Dicie (c) cook r234 E South 
Chavis Edw (c; Mary) lab hll07 Gatling 
Chavis Edw (c; Addie) waiter Rex Hosp hl08 Lee 
Chavis Eliz (c) dom r824 Brooklyn 
Chavis ElUott (c) student r213 S State 
Chavis Emily (c) Indrs h422 S Person 
Chavis Ethel (c) dom r408 E South 



V. 0. 






South Salisbury Street 



Chavis Ethel (c) dom rl301 S Person 

Chavis Flora (c) cook r306 S Bloodworth 

Chavis Prank (c) lab r601 2d 

Chavis Geo (c; Leila) lab h310 Idlewild av 

Chavis Gertrude (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r422 S Person 

Chavis Hallie (c) lab r205 N Haywood 

Chavis Ida (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry r207 Cannon 

Chavis Irene (c) dom r524 E Edenton 

Chavis Jas W (c; Mollie) shoe repr 1109 New Bern av hl45 Lincoln av 

Chavis Jas (c; Alma) lab hl026 Manly 

Chavis Jas (c) truck driver r807 S Person 

Chavis Janie (c) dom rl2 E Hayti al 

Chavis John (c; Addie) shoe repr h324 S Tarboro 

Chavis Jos D (c) driver Cumbo's TaUor Shop h716 S Bloodworth 

Chavis Leo (c) delmn H E Davis Co r400 Oberlin 

Chavis Leonis O (c; Savada) hlpr hll05 E Lane 

Chavis Lettie (c) dom r304 Washington (College Pk) 

Chavis Lonnie (c; Pauline) lab h213 S State 

Chavis Lonnie J (c) hlpr rl302 Pender 

Chavis Lottie (c) r212 N State 

Chavis Lucy (c) dom rl212 Hill 

Chavis Luther Cc; Eva M) auto mech h222 S Tarboro 

Chavis Marie (c) dom h524 E Edenton 

Chavis Mary (c) Indrs rlO Parham's al 

Chavis Mattie (c) dom r422 -3 Person 

Chavis Mozelle (c) cook r409 W Cabarrus 

Chavis Myrtle (c) lndry wkr r320 E South 

Chavis Nancy (c) Indrs r716 S Bloodworth 

Chavis Nora (c) cook r712 Ellington 

Chavis Ollie D (c; Bessie H) billiards 809 E Martin r429 Smith 

Chavis Oscar (c) carp r601 S Haywood 

Chavis Otho (c; Artelia) lab hl2 Parham's al 

Chavis Pauline (c) waitress The Mary-Ellen Tea Room r213 S State 

Chavis Robt J (c) lab hSlO Patterson la 

Chavis 'Sylvester (c) plstr h712 Ellington 

Chavis Timothy (c; Fannie) lab h400 Oberlin rd 

Chavis Vera M (c) dom rSlO Patterson la 

Chavis Vinie (c) dom r725 S Person 

Chavis Viola (c) dom r213 S State 

Cheatham Clifton B (Lalla K) tobacconist h845 Holt dr 

Cheatham Clifton B jr r845 Holt dr 

Cheatham Ella (c) maid Carolina Hotel h206 Battle 

Cheatham Jennie (c) rl07 W South 

Cheatham Mary B r845 Holt dr 

Cheatham Saml (c) lab hl07 W South 

Cheatham Wm C r845 Holt dr 

Cheek Chas (c) lab rl509 E Lane 

Cheek Ellean (c) hairdrsr rl6 W Worth 

Cheek Emily libr N C State College r2512i4 Clark av 

Cheek Irving McD (Beona G) sports editor Times Pub Co h504 Holt 

Cheek John (c) lab rll4 College 

Cheek Jos (c; Causie) lab hll4 College 

Cheek Kendrick G (Janie E) printer Capital Printing Co hill W Jones 

Cheek Lillie M (c) dom h824 Cotton pi 

Cheek Lovie Mrs r625 Dixie Trail 

Cheek Myrtle (c) dom rl606 B 

Cheek Nannie B (wid John A) h804 N Bloodworth 

Cheek Nettie (c) Indrs hllll S Haywood 

Cheek Rogers (c; Mattie B) lab hlll5 S Haywood 

Cheek Rosa (c) dom hl509 E Lane 

Cheek Wm (c; Johnsie) msngr State Supreme Court r904 Oberlin rd 

Cheeks Mary (c) dom rl306 Pender 

Cheeks Willie (c) dom hl306 Pender 

Chenoweth Mack (Betty L) slsmn r228 S Bloodworth 

CHEROKEE BKICK CO, James F Johnson Pres-Treas, Zebulon V Peed 
V-Fres-Sec, Manufacturers, Wholesale and Retail Dealers, 805 Com- 
mercial Natl Bank Blclg, 20 E Martin, Tel 2137 

Cherry Alabama (wid Chas C) h612 Harp 

Cherry Geo B (Winifred) civ eng hll2 Cox av apt 2 

Cherry Louis G (Martha McK) elk BALRy r612 Harp 

Cherry Mabel atndt State Hosp r do 

Cherry Martha McK Mrs elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r613 

Cherry Martha tchr Wiley Sch rl30 Hawthorne rd 

Cherry Naomi slswn rl5 S Blount 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

CheiTy Paul R (Annie) delmn Acme Lndry hlO S Swain 

Cheshire Godfrey (Alice S) sec-treas A M Maupin Inc and state agt Fi- 
delity & Guaranty Fire Corp hl624 Park dr 

Cheshire Jas W (Annie L) spl agt Continental Ins Co li2122 Country Club 

Cheshire Jos B .ir (Ida R) lawyer 5 W Hargett R1004 hl618 Ambleside dr 

Cheshire Sarah F hl616 Ambleside dr 

Cheshire Zella tel opr Sir Walter Hotel r YWCA 

Chessnut Bertha Mrs nurse Wake County Home r do 

Chesson Dallas M bkpr rl29 W, Park dr 

Chesson Sarah student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Chestnut Mary (c) cook hlOlS S Wilmington 

Cheves John W bkpr Wynne Radio Co rl27 New Bern av apt 205 

Cheviot Hills Golf Club Wake Forest rd 6 miles from city limits 

CHEVROLET SALES & SERVICE (Sir Walter Chevrolet Co), 116-120 
W Hargrett, Tel 3180 (See page 28) 

Childers Murray M (LuciUe) emp Postal Teleg-Cable Co rl25 Halifax 

Childress Dora L (wid C Edw) hlU Lee 

Childress Hildah r406 E Davie 

Childress Tyler C r308 S East 

Childress Walter M (Estelle) pntr r312 Georgetown rd 

Chilean Nitrate Sales Corp John J Summerell dist mgr 18 W Martin R608 

Chimos Chas P (B & B Cafe) h219y2 S Wilmington 

Chipley Roy M (Agatha K) hSll W Whitaker Mill rd 

Chippey Arth B (c; Kath W) instr StAu;4UStine's College r do 

Chisholm Jas (c; Rosa B) wtchmn The Raleigh Lndry h318 S East 

Choice Mary (c) Indrs h423 N West 

Choplin W Leonard (Effie W) capt Engine Co No 3 h408 New Bern av 

Chrisman Jas (o) hlpr Firestone Service Stores Inc r336 South 

Christ Episcopal Church Rev Milton A Barber rector N Wilmington ne 
cor Edenton 

Christ Episcopal Church Parish House N Wilmington cor Edenton 

Christian Jas H (Phoebe P) slsmn h4 Hope 

Christian Science Reading Room 234 Fayetteville R313 

Christmas Harriet E (c) dom h315 E Lenoir 

Christmas Hattie (c) dom hlll9 New Bern av 

Christmas Mary (c) domrll9 Camden 

Christmas Milton (c; Pauline) hlpr City Garage h2303 Stafford 

Christmas Myrtle (c) cook SouBellTel&TelegCo hl024 Manly 

Christmas Nellie (c) dom h309 Fowle 

Christmas Otho (c; Myrtle) janitor hl024 Manly 

Christmus Jas (c) tire repr rl29 W Lenoir 

Christophers Hattie nurse 604 Polk r do 

Chupp W;n (c) lab r304 Tucker 

Church of God (c) Rev Wm H. DeLaine pastor 1299 E Edenton 

Church of the Good Shepherd Rev Theo H Partrick jr rector Hillsbovo 
cor McDowell 

Church of the Good Shepherd Parish Room 122 W Morgan 

Churchill Colin (Mildred D) civ eng State Hwy Comn rl610 Iredell di- 

Cinderella Slipper Shop iSaml R Adler) 113 Fayetteville 

Circle Filling Station Inc Jerome Rosenthal pres, Solomon Hanft sec- 
treas Wake Forest rd nr Rolesville rd 

City Garage (Geo B Cooper) 107 S Salisbury 

CITY ICE & FUEL CO, (C H HoUoway and L T Mincey), 200-202 Har- 
rison av, Tel 300 
CITY OF RALEIGH (See Raleigh— City of) 

City Sandwich Shop (Peter Davis) 22714 S Wilmington 

CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINERS (See United States Government) 

Clanton John H Rev (c; Josephine) rl2o E South 

Clanton Mary (c) Indrs r519 E Lenoir 

Clapp Annie D sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank r320 E Edenton 

Clardy Pearl tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch 125 Hawthorne rd 

Claridge F Hamilton ( Janette H) asst state forester State Dept of Conser- 
vation & Development h2204 Byrd 

Clark Amelia slswn r503 Oakwood av 

CLARK ART SHOPPE (J Albert Clark), Mfrs Awnings, Tents, Tarpau- 
lins, Window Shades, Picture Framing, Artists Supplies 133 S Wilm- 
ington, Tel 739 (See page 28) 

Clark Bros (Moses and Zaccheus C) gros 743% Fayetteville 

Clark Carthage (c) shoe shiner Union Barber Shop r222 Smithfield 

Clark Chas B (Elgie) mech C C Motor Co Inc r RD 4 

Clark Chas C Rev (c; Civa) h540 E Edenton 

Clark Cullen J (Berta Gi slsmn Whiting-Horton Co h602 Oakwood av 

Clark Edna slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r316 New Bern av 

Clark Ethel mlnr r2030 StMary's 






2^8 E. 


^I^^E^S tViOTO! 


( FORD ) 

Authorizeil i jj JMr^OI yu ( Sales and Service 

Clark Floyd R (c; Willa) janitor h913 Manly 

Clark Geo T (Mildred) slsmn Dr Pepper Bottling Co h503 Oakwood av 
Clark H Graham (Eloise C) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h706 Boylan 

Clark I-Iaynes (c) lab hll4 Bart 

Clark Heber O (Maude C) auditor of disbursements State Auditor li2609 
Loohmoor dr 

Clark lola A elk Met Life Ins Co r2107 Ridgecrest 

Clark J Albert (Eunice B; Clark Art Shoppe) hl917 Alexander rd 

Clark J Frank (Ruth) slsmn h40iy2 Cary 

Clark John C (Evelyn) asst mgr Imperial life Ins Co r210 E Peace 

Clark John W (Ruth) prod buyer The Great A & P Tea Co r511 H Frank- 

Clark Jos D (Elsie) prof N C State College hl5 Purches 

Clark Josephine r6()2 Oakwood av 

Clark Lucille N r325 Polk 

Clark Lula E (c) student r540 E Edenton 

Clark M Jeter r210 E Peace 

Clark Moses (Clark Bros) h743y2 FayetteviUe 

Clark Nonie (c; Zula) lab rlOlO Manly 

Clark Ola (c) dom r327 Smithfield 

Clark Robt (Lottie) textile wki- rl9 Fu-wood av 

Clark Rosa L (c) student nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 

Clark Thos (c; Nannie) cook h909 S Bloodworth 

Clark W, Bryant (Grace) meat ctr The Great A & P Tea Co hSOl Cutler 

Clark Walter (c) lab r418 N Harrington 

Clark Wm P (c) asst orthopedist StAgnes Hosp r do 

Clark Zaccheus C (Clark Bros) r743i/2 FayetteviUe 

Clarke Alice J Mrs sten Simms & Simms hl20 Pace 

Clarke Claude L (Lucy) elk hl05 E Edenton apt 212 

Clarke Clyde L (Alice J) aoct R W Steele & Co hl20 Pace 

Clarke Connie G (Minta I) mecli Commonwealth Motor Co r703 EjHar- 

Clarke Maggie supvr Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Clarke Nathan C (Lonie L) hlpr N-SRRCo h521 N Salisbury , 

Clarke Wm M (o) barber 123 E Hargett r do 

Clarkson Emma (c) Indry v/kr Sanitai-y Lndry h721 S McDowell 

Clarkson Heriot (Mary O) associate justice State Supreme Court h215 E 

Clarkson Kate M (wid Thos) h304 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Clarkson Wm H desk sergt City Police Dept r304 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Clay Augustus S asst state supvr U S Crop Production Loan Office r Sir 
Walter Hotel 

Clav Saml (c; Algie) furn repr h536 E Davie 

Clayton Willis H (Frances) mgr C I T Corp h504 N Blount 

Cla'ytor Gus I (Margt E) storle mason h211 S Harrington 

Cleaver Martin L (Rosa B) carp hl508 New Bern av 

Cleavis Katie (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry rl310 Garner rd 

Clegg John (c) earn r329 W South 

Clemens Eliz H rl313 Dale 

Clemens Heni-y A (Jennie A) spl elk U S P O hl313 Dale 

Clement Herbert R (Mary W) bkbndr h613 Gaston 

Clement Mary C r613 Gaston 

Clements Jos B (Mary) trav slsmn hl910 MacCarthy 

Clements Philip A (Ella) opr Allen's Service Sta No 5 h7 N East 

Clements Ralph D (Merial E) dentist 123 W Hargett R820 hl28 N Harring- 
ton apt 5 

Clemmons Amanda (c) r910 E Davie 

Clen-denin Building 133 y2 S Salisbury 

Clendenin J Ivan (Elsie L) real est 133% S Salisbury h909 Vance 

Clevenger Chnton B (Reba D) hl921 Reid 

Clevenger Wm L prof N C State College r5 Maiden la 

Clifton Arth B (lola G) formn h536 N Bloodworth 

Clifton Barney (c) cook Hillsboro Lunch rll4 N West 

Clifton Beni L (Thelma) shop formn h23 Dixie Trail 

Clifton Earl D (Mary L) slsmn r701 E Edenton 

Ciiftcn Ellen (c) dom h419 N West 

Clifton Ellen (wid Henry C) r911 New Bern av 

Clifton Garage (Robt C Clifton) auto reprs 3020 Hillsboro 

Clifton Jessie sten U S Rearional Agrl Credit Corp r RD 4 

Clifton Robt C (Delia: Clifton Garage) r RD 4 

Clifton W Marcellus (Hattie M) h701 E Edenton 

Clifton Willard M elk r701 E Edenton 

Clifton Young E truck slsmn National Oil Co Inc r Wake Forrest N C 

Cline P Dewey (Clyde L) v-pres Robt G Lassiter & Co hllOS Mordecai dr 





Cline Walter T (Inez B) mach h205 Chamberlain 

Clinkscales Edw (c; Tecora) lab hl518 Oakwood av 

Clinkscales Henry H (Ophelia W) eng hl804 Pairview rd 

Clinkscales Wm (c) lab rl518 Oakwood av 

Clint Wm (c) r330 Cannon 

Clinton Lucille (c) r710 S West 

Clippard Clara atndt State Hosp r do 

Clodfelter Ben.j C rlS21 Sunrise av 

Clodfelter John H (Alice D) carp hl521 Sunrise av 

Clodfelter Royal R rl521 Sunrise av 

Cloninger Sudie slswn Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc rl22 S McDowell 

Clopton Murphy J elk rl7 Enterprise 

Clover Eus (c) lab rl014 Manly 

Cloyd Edw L (Bertha D) dean of students N C State College h2224 Hills- 

Coadie Saml (c; Fannie) chauf h39 Bragg 

Coadie Saml jr (c) lab r39 Bragg 

Coates Chas A (Lucille J) truck slsmn National Oil Co Inc hl24 EWhlt- 
aker Mill rd 

Coates Edw S (Mary E) carp h504 N Person 

Coates Harris (Goldie B) hlOSM; S Wilmington 

Coates Henry M dna W) mach h426 N Person 

Coates J Walter (Ethel C) elk CP&LCo h903 W Lenoir 

Coates John W clnr Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co r433 Halifax 

Coates Kitty L sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank r433 Halifax 

Coates Lula Mrs slswn Jonas Shoppe rll S Person 

Coates Lydia (wid John) r21 S Swain 

Coates M Jessie elk Brantley & Son Inc r502 N Person 

Coates Marcellite A r433 Halifax 

Coates Ottis S (Bennie C) slsmn Raleigh Orange Crush Bottling Co h433 

Coats Geo asst mgr Austin-Heaton Co r316 S Harrington 

Coats Wm R Rev (Laura) h529 S Salisbury 

Cobb Bobbie sten State Ins Dept r Mansion Park Hotel 

Cobb Coleman (c: Blanche) brkmn h405 W Lenoir 

Cobb Cornelia P sch tchr r Y W C A 

Cobb Ivory (c) maid 119 Hawthorn rd 

Cobb Lucy sch tchr r y W C A 

Cobb Marion hl20 Pace 

Cobb Wm B (Eva C) prof N C State (College h2004 Clark av 

Coble Edwin L slsmn Montgomery-Mutart Inc r224 N Person 

Coble J Lonnie (Coral B) trav slsmn h412 S Boylan av 

Coble Jos M (Maggie) h901 Belmont 

Coble Madge A asst supvr home economics State Dept of Public Instruc- 
tion rl24 E Edenton 

Cobum Bettie G slswn Taylor's rl05 N Person 

Coburn Rufus T (Rosina D) trav slsmn h3C>8 S Boylan av 

Cobum Rufus T jr (Echo Sherbert Co) r303 S Boylan av 

Coburn Trannie Y student r308 S Boylan av 

COCA COLA, Capital Coca Cola Bottling^ Co, Bottlers 511-515 W Mor- 
gan, Tel 542 (See left top lines and pag-e 31) 

Cochran Predk C ins solr John C Drewry r2018 Glenwood av 

Cochran Gwendolyn E (c) instr Shaw University r do 

Cockerham Jos L treas Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank r Hotel Raleigh 

Cody Elbert D (Vera M) h3136 Stanhope av 

Cody Vera M Mrs auto opr W U Teleg Co h3136 Stanhope dr 

Coe Henry (c; Mattie) farmer r607 S Swain 

Coe Mozelle A Mrs h706 N Person 

Coffey J W & Son (John W and John N) genl contrs 209 S McDowell R18 

Coffey John N (Thelma G; J W Coffey & Son) r709 McCoUock 

Coffey John W (Frances E; J W Coffey & Son) h71.1 MoCollock 

Coffey Mary L sten U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r711 McCoUock 

Coffey Natalie L tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r711 McColloch 

Coffey Paul (c) hlpr State Bakery Co r331 S Wilmington 

Cof field Jack (c) waiter Rex Hosp r Garner N 

Coffin Bessie P sec W H King Drug Co Inc r305 W Park dr 

Coffman see also Kaufman 

Coffman Harry S (Stella E) formn Bynum Printing Co h412 E Fra,nklin 

Cofield Arth (c; Edna) lab h328 Cannon 

Cofield Cecil (c) porter Drs Neal, Thompson & Neal r Garner, N C 

CJofield Oscar (Luvenia) textile wkr hll24 Harp 

CogdeU Isabel (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Coggin Geo W (Marv L) supvr trades and industries State Dept of Public 
Instruction hl707 W Park dr 

Coggin J K asst supvr agriculture State Dept of Public Instruction r Gary 
N C 




Coggin Sarah J (wid J Wm) rll4 N Harrington 

Coggins Percy L (Alma L) driver Motor Transit Co h201 N West 

Coggins Ruby slswn Ellisberg's r5 Rosemary 

Cohen Hattie L 'wid Louis) ti232 W Hargett apt M-B 

Cohoon Jack A (Myrtle; Jack's Grill) r Raleigh Hotel 

Coke Jefferson F r220 W Hargett 

Coke Julia F r220 W Hargett 

Coke Katie F h220 W Hargett 

Coke Richd P r220 W Hargett 

Cole Alton E (Jessie M) steward h862 W Morgan 

Cole Benj R (Glenn P) supt Life & Casualty Ins Co of Tenn h2006 Glen- 
wood av 

Cole Drew (c) rl509 E Jones 

Cole K Ervin jr (Maxine J) whse mgr General Electric Supply Corprnig 

Cole Harry E (Lillie J) r326 W Jones 

Cole Hattie L (wid Eug C) emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h410 Cutler 

Cole HeniT (c) firemn The Raleigh Gas Co r508 Saunders 

Cole J Enoch (Florence) overseer hll05 N Blount 

Cole J Oliver (Sarah F) textile wkr rll23 Harp 

Cole J W emp East Coast Stages Inc r Caraleigh Hills 

Cole John P elk CP&LCo r410 Cutler 

Cole John P (Sallie McC) bkpr hl002 Glenwood av 

Cole John P .ir student rl002 Glenwood av 

Cole Leo B sausage mkr Swift & Co r219 S McDowell 

Cole Lola B textile wkr rll05 N Blount 

Cole Louise V textile wkr rll05 N Blount 

Cole Mary (c) dom r201 Idlewild av 

Cole Norman G dep collr USIntRevOffice r620 Hillsboro 

Cole Ollie T (Addie S) mgr L C Smith & Corona Typewriters h305 Linden 

Cole Sabrina (c) h205 Cox av 

Cole Thos H r707 W Lane 

Cole Virginia E Mi-s hl718 Hillsboro 

Cole Virginia 1, elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl718 Hillsboro 

Cole Wilmer E (Lillie I) h707 W Lane 

Cole Wilmer E jr elk Saunders St Pharmacy r707 W Lane 

Coleman Chas D (Doris J) r305 S Dawson 

Coleman Jas (c) lab rl20 Grimies al 

Coleman Jas M (Otelia D) bldg contr hl800 StMary's 

Coleman Jas M ir student rl800 StMary's 

Coleman Marian r2308 Bedford av 

Polemnn Martha A (wid Saml D) rll7 S West 

Coleman Mildred M weaver rll03 N Blount 

Coley Alma M slswn Mary Ann Sto'rer Shop rlo E Lenoir 

Coley Caleb B (Marjorie D) pntr h208 Spence 

Coley Cheatham G (Floride M) agt Durham Life Ins Co hlOlO W Cabar- 

Coley Cora (wid Caleb) fctvwkr r210 N Harrington 

Coley Edmond (c; Mary) hlpr Sir Walter Hotel h322 E Lenoir 

Coley Edw L r201 N Wilmington 

Coley Geo (c) bellmn r407 E Lenoir 

Coley Harold D (Diana) treas State Tire & Service Co Inc r322 EPark dr 

Coley L Harris (Myrtle McL) elk Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h2605 Clark ay 

Coley Marcellite L Mrs sten Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rlOl S Blood- 

Coley Margt E rl29 Forest rd 

Coley Rena h201 N Wilmington 

Coley Rosa B r201 N Wilmington 

Coley Siddie (wid Saml) r201 N Wilmington 

COLEY SILAS B (Pearl D), Pres Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh, N C, 
hl29 Forest rd, Tel Z7J16 

Coley Walter S (Ida P) pntr h808 Brooklyn 

Coley Wm L elk Staudt's Bakery t201 N Wilmington 

Coley Wm X (Addie S H) circulation mgr The News & Observer h603 

College Court Apartments 1904% Hillsboro 

College Court Barber Shop (Ervin M Johnson) 1900% Hillsboro 

College Court Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Liia B Cannon) I900y2 Hillsboro 

College Court Billiards (Chas Roberts) 1910 Hillsboro 

College Court Cafe (Wm A Franklin) 1906 Hillsboro 

College Court Cleaning Co (Clias C Burke) 111 Oberlin rd 

College Court Pharmacy (Cader Rhodes) 1900 Hillsboro 

College Service Station Bradford B Fulcher mgr 2906 Hillsboro 

Collie Ida M r225 S Person 

Collie Jas R (Eleanor N) chf supvr hl27 New Bern av apt 305 



Factory Authorized Sales and Service g 

ft General Motors Values 1^ 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Collie John D (Louise S) elk Earl C Smart rll5y2 N McDowell 

Collie Josephine (wid Wm J) h225 S Person 

Collie Margt A bkpr Lafayette F Koonce r225 S Person 

Collie Sarah E elk r225 S Person 

Collie Wm Y (Grace) sismn B-N Motor Co rl27 New Bern av apt 305 

Collier Cath r308 N Dawson 

Collier Graee Mrs h514 E Edenton 

Collier Jas (e; Addie) lab h729 S Person 

Collier Jesse J (Flora) sta atndt Sou Oil Stores Inc hl529 Sunrise av 

Collier John D (Florence B) ianitor h719 Gaston 

Collier Jos R mach SALRy rSOl Halifax 

Collier Steph A (Lilla B) kro 1525 Sunrise av h do 

Collins Cath (c) dom r715 E Martin 

Collins Chas H r418 S Dawson 

Collins Chas R (T Cornelia) huckster hll07 Mark 

Collins Coy J hlpr r411 N Boylan av 

Collins Dempsey D city firenin h615 Washington 

Collins Eliz Mrs rl25 Halifax 

Collins Ella (wid Jas P) h318 W Hargett 

Collins Geneva S (c) asst to supt St Agnes Hosp r do 

Collins H Ethel r705 Boylan dr 

Collins Herman B bkpr Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc r RD 3 

Collins Iris C student r29 S Swain 

Collins Isaac M (Nannie E) supt Am Natl Ins Co rill N Bloodworth 

Collins J E guard State Prison r do 

Collins Jas H (Effie) r615 Washington 

Collins Layton L (Pauline) policemn h706 W Peace 

Collins Lucille (c) dom r715 E Martin 

Collins M Graham (Eliz A) mech Sanders Motor Co hSlB E Martin 

Collins Maggie Indrs State Hosp r do 

Collins Martha L opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co r509 Burton 

Collins Mildred L sten Carroll Letter Writing Co r706 Boylan dr 

Collins Orren J (LDlie C) earn h411 N Boylan av 

Collins Rayford J (Ada) caller N-SRRCo r706 W Peace 

Collins Robt W (Lora J) shoe repr 316y2 W South h418 S Dawson 

Collins Rossie auto mech r615 Washington 

Collins Ruby (c) student nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 

Collins Sylvester A (Elsie M) mgr meat dept Allen's Mkt h407 N Boylan 

Collins Taliaferro (c; Beulah) lab h715 E Martin 

Collins W Alonzo (Margt E) carp h705 Boylan dr 

Collins Wm B (Mary C) auto mech n29 S Swain 

Collins Wm L (Mary V) firemn h600 North Boundary 

Collins Woodrow W r418 S Dawson 

Collock Leon C (c; Lillian) porter Wake Feed Co hlOlS Holman 

Colonial Hotel Patk J Murphy mer 112H' Fayetteville 

Colson Lex (c; Ida B) brkmn hl009 E Lane 

Colton Jas E (M Casey) cond h715 Munford av 

Colton Jas T radiotrician r715 Munford av 

Colton M Casey Mrs (Mae Casey Co) r717 Munford av 

Coltrane Bessie M (c) Instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Colvert Allen (c) mach State Hwy Comn h408 Tucker 

Colwell H Wayland (Virginia K) optometrist 212 S Salisbury h313 E Lane 

Colwell Margt W student r313 E Lane 

Colwell W Eliz student r313 E Lane 

Combow Harry L ice puller Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc rlOOO W Cabarrus 

Combs A Bryan (Florence S) inspr State Dept of Public Instruction h 
2238 The Circle 

Combs A Bryan jr student r2238 The Circle 

Combs Edwin L student r2238 The Circle 

Combs Jos J (Isabelle) phys 123 W Hargett R714 h2109 Falrview rd 

Comer Macon C (Norma M) slsmn hl708 Pairview rd 

Cominger Henry C (c; Lizzie) firemn Raleigh City Auditorium hl209 
Fayetteville rd 

Commercial Cigar Stand (Wm Evans) 20 E Martin (lobby) 

Commercial Credit Co John W Bates mgr 20 E Martin R917 

Commercial National Bank Building Arno B Goetze bldg supt supt's of- 
fice 14 E Martin bsmt 

Commercial National Bank The Alf D Burrowes receiver 20 E Martin 

Commercial Printing Co Inc Mitchell L Shipman pres-treas G Akers 
Moore sec-mgr 227 S Salisbury 

COMMONWEALTH MOTOR CO, Lester Lloyd Pres-Mgr, Pryor F Hol- 
comb Sec-Treas, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Cadillac-LaSalle 
Motor Cars 431 Fayetteville, Tels Sales 1416, Service 1388 (See right 
top lines and page 27) 





Community Drug Store 'c; Geo T Jones) 429 S Blount 
Community Store The (demon H Young) gros 900 S Blount 
Compagnon R C buyer Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r Neuse N C 
Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of North Carolina Sewell C 

Southard genl mgr 18 W Martin R708 
Compton Bluford C electn Harry C Davis r620 Hillsboro 
Compton Geo W night chf opr WUTelCo r Garner N C 
Compton Saml R (Alva D) pntr Harrell Sign Co r416 S Boylan av 
Cone Cecil (Olga B) br msr The Great A & P Tea Co h917 W South 
Cone J Wilton (Lelia) elk h223 Pace 
Confederate Cemetery Oakwood av nr Linden 

Confederate Soldier's Home Wi'ey T Mangum supt 1114 New Bern av 
Conklin F^ank rl417 Hinton 
Conn Emma D prin Murphey Sch hl06 W Jones 

Conn Euna M sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank rl21 N Person apt 3 
Conn Geo B gro 316 S Blount h do 

Genl A?t 1103-1105-1107 Security Bank BldR 239 Fayetteville, Tel 1971 
(See pasre 38) 
CONN, THE, Williams & Williams Genl Asts 510-512 Coml Natl Bank 
Bldff 20 E Martin, Tel 265 (See page 37) 
Connell Graham M (Stella T) pres Connell Realty & Mortgage Co Inc h 

1911 Glenwood av 
Connell Ralph E sec-treas Connell Realty & Mortgage Co Inc rl911 Glen- 
wood av 

Ralph E Connell Sec-Treas 200-202 FayetteviUe, Tei 2867 
Connelly Bennie P (Josie H) cond h316 E Lane 
Connelly Everett (Zettie G) safety supvr Carolina Coach Co h Beech 

Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 
Connelly Zettie E Mrs typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C h Beech 

Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 
Conner Ambrose (c; Rosebud A) janitor Wachovia Bank bldg r313 Lee 
Conner Bruce H (Ethel R) sr office eng State Hwy Comn rll4 E Jones 
Conner Ethel R Mi-s sten State Dept of Public Instruction rll4 E Jones 
Conney Jas ic) r719 S McDowell 
Connor Eliz G r825 Holt dr 
Connor Geo W Hon (Bessie H) associate justice State Supreme Court h 

825 Holt dr 
CONNOR LOUIS M (Eleanor M) (Connor & Ruffin), Pres Neuseoco 
Fishin? Club, V-Pres W B Mann & Co Inc, Sec-Treas Panther 
Branch Club Inc and Treas N C Assn Ins Agts h728 N Blount, Tel 
Connor Louise r219 Forest rd 

Connor Margt tc hr H ugh Morson High Sch h219 Forest rd 
CONNOR & RUFFIN (Louis M Connor, Saml Ruffin), General Insur- 
ance and Surety Bonds 502-504 Coml Natl Bank Bldg 20 E aiartin, 
Tel 2637 (See left top lines and pasre 36) 
Conoley Chas H jr wire chf rl805 St Mary's 
Conrad Dorothy sten Citv Police Dept r3205 Hillsboro 
Conrad Eug B (Bessie) h3205 Hillsboro 

Conrad Rebecca Mrs opr Postal Teleg Cable Co r414 St Mary's 
Constant Frank C (c; Eliz O") atndt Carolina Country Club h315 Smith- 
Constant Geo (Helen; Farmer's Cafe) h608 E Hargett 
Continental Insurance Co Jas W Cheshire spl agt 239 Fayetteville R10O5 
Continental Life Insurance Co Wm H Garlington dist mgr 15 W Hargett 

Conwav Marv A elk Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of N C 

r621 Hillsboro 
Conyers Cecil L elk John T Hobby r RD 2 
Conyers Cigar Store (Stanton A Conyers) 19 E Hargett 
Conyers Helen M dep elk County Superior Court r RD 3 
Conyers John (c) daii-y wkr r901 E Hargett 
Conyers John R (Nora V) window trimmer ha N Swain 
Conyers Mary R Mrs sten CP&LCo r517 Oakwood av 
Conyers Rhodie (c) dom r901 E Hargett 
Conyers Richd (c: Lucille) butler hlll9 S Blount 
Conyers Stanton A (Helen M: Conyers Cisar Store) r RD 3 
Conyers Wm (c; Georgia) lab hl404 New Bern av 
Cook Andrew (c; Rebecca) lab h414 Lee 
Cook Carl R (Emma) flgmn h608 Harp 
Cook Carrie slswn Efird's Dept Store rl21 Halifax 

Cook Chas (c; Augusta) truck driver Thos H Brlggs&Sons Inc 220 Fay- 





Cook Eloise H tchr Crosby-Garfield Sch r736 S Fayetteville 

Cook Elsie M registrar StAugustine's College r do 

Cook Jas W (c) earn h321 Cannon 

Cook John W plant supt The Raleigh Gas Co r620 Hillsboro 

Cook Lenoir H (c) instr Shaw University r do 

Cook Leon E (Eliz) prof N C State College hill Brooks av 

Cook Malissa (c) dom h594 E Cabarrus 

Cook Martha (c) Indrs h523 E Cabarrus 

Cook Robena Mrs beauty shop 104 S McDowell h do 

Cook Rossie B (c) dom r736 Fayetteville 

Cook Roy M (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r517 S Haywood 

Cook W Lionel (c) ins agt h736 Fayetteville 

Cook Wincie (c) Indrs h711 S Person 

Cooke Albert A (c; Allie M» elk h317 W Lenoir 

Cooke Chas (c; Parthenia) lab h210 Branch <SPk) 

Cooke Chas K acct rl827 White Oak rd 

Cooke Duncan G (Mary G) shop formn Am Optical Co h406 E Martin 

Cooke Floyd C surface grinder Am Optical Co r513 Hillsboro 

Cooke Geo (c) delmn Roy N Moore r210 Branch (SPk) 

Cooke Hepsie (c) Indrs h613 Freeman 

Cooke J Marvin delmn Am Optical Co r513 Hillsboro 

Cooke Jas E student r513 Hillsboro 

Cooke John H watchmki- Land's Inc rl25 Halifax 

Cooke Mollie M nurse 1213 Hillsboro apt 14 h do 

Cooke Sallie E (wid Chas L) r2206% Pairview rd 

Cooke Sarah J (c) nurse 517 S Haywood h do 

Cooke Simon P Rev (C) pastor Grace Chapel A M E Zion Ch r827 Cot- 
ton pi 

Cooke Susan R tchr StMary's Sch r do 

Cooke Tracy R r513 Hillsboro 

Cooksey Howard D (Eva C) office mgr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl28 Forest 

Cooley Belle (c) Indrs hl02 Branch (SPk) 

Cooley Edw (c) dishwasher Hotel Carolina r516 Saunders 

Cooley Emma emp State Hosp r do 

Cooley Evelyn (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry 411 S McDowell 

Cooley Horace C (Ophelia) mgr Lincoln dept Sanders Motor Co h223 E 

Cooley Jas (c; Edna) <iishwasher Hotel Carolina rl013 S Wilmington 
Cooley John H (c: Bernice) plmbr hl413 E Jones 
Cooley Oscar (c) truck driver rlOB Branch (SPk) 
Coolev Ozella (c) maid Hotel Carolina h514 W South 
Cooley Wm ic; Roxie) lab hl04 Branch (SPk) 
Cooper A B (Irene) laboratory asst State Hwy Comn r Cary N C 
Cooper A Jean student rl209 Cowper dr 
Cooper Allen C (Carrie S) asst mgr City Ice & Fuel Co nl910 Sunset 

Cooper Annie E Mrs office sec The Home Owner's Loan Corp h201 Dixie 

Cooper Apartments 17 Glen wood av 
Cooper Arth S (Lida S) trav slsmn hl209 Cowper dr 
Cooper Autis T r914 W South 
Cooper Blanche sten r223 N Wilmington 
Cooper Braxton (c; Lucille) lab r423 S Haywood 
Cooper Cary P Mrs sten State Board of Health rl507 Ambleside dr 
Cooper Chas (c) cook r rear 516 S Salisbury 
Cooper Chas L (c; Jacqueline) bellmn h605 S East 
Cooper Chas L Jr (c) student r605 S East 
Cooper Dora (c) r Wake County Home 

Cooper Edw (c; Emma) janitor Carolina Mortgage bldg h724 Saunders 
Cooper Eloise (c) supvr of colored county schools State Dept of Public 

Instruction rl013 S Person 
Cooper Estin W student r2230 Hillsboro 
Cooper Ethel (c) cook Delia McCulIers r218 E Cabarrus . 
Cooper Frank J (Pearl M) driver Oak City Lndrv r RD 4 
Cooper Geo B (Annie E; City Garage) h2bl Dme Trail 






n • 




Audits— J 






ns — St 

- C S2 



i.c en 

-Z ^ 




S^ H jag 
|> ^ 

C/3 ^S 







The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Cooper Geo M director Bureau of Preventive Medicines State Board of 

Health r White Oak rd 
Cooper Geo W (Myrtle) tractor driver h328 Pershing rd 
Cooper Geo W L (Emilv E) barber Masonic Temple Barber Shop h914 W 


Cooper Hampton (c; Bessie L) lab r212 Battle 

Cooker Jas (c) auto mech r421 S Blount 

Cooper Jas E (Goldie L) elk U S P O h602 North Boundary 

Cooper Jas P asst whse examiner U S Dept of Agriculture Whse Act r 

Hotel Carolina 
Cooper Janie (c) dom rl310 E Lane 
Cooper John <c) lab r518 Railroad av 
Cooper John F elk r216 Forest rd 

Cooper John P (Tina A) confr 319 W Martin h402 N Boylan av 
Cooper John P cCary P) grant elk State Sec Land Grant Office rl507 

Ambleside di- 
Cooper Joyce tchr Hayes-Barton Sch rl23 Forest rd 
Cooper Lucille J Mi's r9 Maiden la 
Cooper Lula elk rl23 Forest rd 
Cooper Lula J (wid Wm A) hl23 Forest rd 
Cooper Moses (c) atndt Wm T Scarborough r409 S Blount 
Cooper Myrtle Mrs pres opr Capudine Chemical Co h328 Pershing rd 
Cooper Oscar K (Florence) h508 Halifax 
Cooper Paul B (Pattie W) pntr h701 Glenwood av 
Cooper Queenesta (c) cook r503 Saunders av 
Cooper Saml (c; Mary) fire knocker hl20 W Johnson 
Cooper Silas (c; Vinie) lab hl714 Oakwood av 
Cooper Spurgeon (c; Eliza) plstr h620 Oberlin rd 
Coooer Thos D rl23 Forest rd 

Cooper Thos W (Grace O) archt 209 S McDowell R21 hl27 Woodburn rd 
Cooper W E Furniture Co (W Earl Cooper) 121 E Martin 
Cooper W Earl (Ruby H: W E Cooper Furn Co) h501 Jefferson 
Cooper Wm (c) gdnr rl714 Oakwood av 
Cooper Wm H (Myrtle O) servicemn Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r2015 

Coopei- Wm W (Flossie B) textUe wkr hllSl N Blount 
Coore J Edw student r623 W Lane 
Coore John E ( Mary E) cond h623 W Lane 
Coots H M shopmn Auto Parts Co Inc 14 E Davie 
Cope Emma (wid Edw) rl500 Wake Forest rd 
Cope Harold S (Bertie M) mach hlSOO Wake Forest rd 
Copeland Alice O opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r Elizabeth bey city limits 
Copeland Annie (c) dom h421 S Swain 

Copeland Archie W elk Koonce Furn Co r Elizabeth bev citv limits 
Copeland Calvin (c; Louise) hlpr Raleigh Nash Co h413 E Worth 
Copeland Chloe toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl06 Glenwood av 
Copeland Claude (c) wtchmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r824 Jenkins 
Copeland Elbert T plant chf SouBellTel&TelegCo r322 Hillsboro 
Copeland Eug (c; Lucille) blksmith r407 Green 
Copeland Frank P (c; Lucy) truck di'iver li530 E Cabarrus 
Copeland Geo H (Daisy) eng hl557 Carr 
Copeland Henry (c) firemn Mansion Park Hotel hl606 B 
Copeland Henry (c) delmn Person St Pharmacy No 2 r RD 2 
Oopeip,nd Jas fc; Laura) lab hlll9 Pender 
Copeland Jas .ir (c) musician rlll9 Pender 
Copeland Jessie (c) dom r604 E Davie 

Copeland JohnD (c; Gertrude) sta firemn h581 E Cabarrus 
Copeland Jos (c; Nora) lab r615 S McDowell 
Copeland Lucille (c) elev opr Hotel Carolina r407 Green 
Copeland Mary F (c) dom h413 N Harrington 
Copeland Odessa (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r421 S Swain 
Copeland Rhoda Mrs r417 Park dr 
Copeland Robt slsmn r Hotel Raleigh 
Copeland Sallie (c) dom h312 Maple 
CoDpedge Alice Z Mrs slswn r614 W Hargett 
Coppedge Alvah B elk r321 Pace 

Coppedge C Geo announcer W P T F Radio Co r901 Glenwood av 
Coapedge Calvin C (Mary E) acct r901 Glenwood av 
Coppedge G A Nick (Moliie A) auditor h321 Pace 
Coppedge Green E (Mary J) electn hSOa N East 
Coppedge J Beni slsmn W H King Drug Co Inc r2021 Fairview rd 
Coppedge J Haywood (Pauline) driver Strop Taxi Co h614 W Hargett 
C"poedge Jas (c; Alice) lab r613 2d 

Coppedge Jas W slsmn W H King Drug Co Inc r2021 Fairview rd 
Coppedge John A r2021 Fairview rd 
Coppedge John W carp r327 E Edenton 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Corbert Mae (wid Wm R) h9 E Johnson 

Corbin Hattie (c) maid 119 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Corbin Wm (c) delmn H E Davis Co r RD 1 

Corbitt Alma J Mrs sten State Governor hl207 Cowper dr 

Corbitt D Leroy (Alma J) elk State Historical Comn hl207 Cowper dr 

Corbitt T Orrv (Mattie) pntr h220V2 N Bloodworth 

Corfios Gus (Central Meat Mkt) r205 S Wilmington 

Corley Grace T Mrs emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r206 Ashe av 

Corley Martin C (Maggie) auto mech r710 E Hargett 

Corn Pi-ed installer Holland Furnace Co 15 W Davie 

Cornell Geo J (Lillian E) barber Sanitary Barber Shop h845 W Morgan 

Cornell Geo J .jr r845 W Morgan 

Cornell J Weldon r845 W Morgan 

Cornick Robt M (Clonie B) office mgr Standard Supply Co Inc h203 W 

Whitaker Mill rd 
Cornwell Carrie Mrs tchr Thompson Sch r2223 The Circle 
Correa Allen A (Mary B) hl27 W Martin 
Correll Coal Co (Jos S Correll) 307 N West 
Correll Harvey A (Helen L) h2111 Woodland av 
Correll Helen L Mrs tel opr CP&LCo h2111 Woodland av 
Correll Jas B elk Correll Coal Co r224 N East 
Correll Jos S (Annie A; Correll Coal Co) h807 Harvey 
Correll N Louise student r807 Harvey 
Correll Nee<lham B (Cath L) asst rating specialist State Corp Comn h6lc 

Brooks av 

Cortright see also Cartwright 

Cortright Lisle C (Hope L) v-pres Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C 
hl617 Glenwood av 

Cosgrove Christopher H (Martha) collr Drs Bell & Eldridge hl36 Wood- 
burn rd 

Costa Harry C (Helen) waiter City Sandwich Shop h405 E Morgan 

Costner Beatrice N (c) domr611 E Cabarrus 

Coston Mabel (c) maid 228 New Bern av 

Cothran Alma (c) Indry wkr Acme Lndry rl014 Manley 

Cothi-an Edw (N Maret) civ eng State Hv/y Comn h2258 The Circle 

Cothran Edw G (Emma B) slsmn C C Motor Co Inc hl701 StMary's 

Cothran Frank H (Alice B) civ eng State Hwy Comn r327 W Morgan 

Cothran Talmadge (c: Luvenia) truck driver h411 S Swain 

Cotner Bee student r2718 Clark av 

Cotner John B (Mary Mc C) prof N C State College h2718 Clark av 

Cotner Mary C r2718 Clark av 

Gotten Marv (c) gro 521 W Lenoir h do 

Cottle Wm E (Lutie B) hl07 Ashe av 

Cotton Beulah (o) cook r575 E Lenoir 

Cotton Beulah (c) dom r720 Fayetteville 

Cotton Clara (o r621 Cannon 

Cotton Edw (c; Emma) wood 318 S Bloodworth h do 

Cotton Grower's Supply Co U Benton Blalock pres, John T Thome v- 
pres Manly G Mann sec-treas 433 Fayetteville 

Cotton John C (c: Laura) gdnr hll2 Camden 

Cotton Mary (c) elk Community Drug Store rl08 E Cabarrus 

Cotton Mattie (c) h228 Bledsoe av 

Cotton Wm (c) bellmn Hotel Carolina rl211 E Martin 

Couch Stanley (c; Teminie) lab h2212 4th 

Couch W A Mrs tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rl23 Halifax 

Council Bettie B Mrs r2901 Hillsboro 

Council Elsie W elk Carolina Coach Co rl31 S Boylan av 

Council Haywood (c) tire changer Mills Tire Co rl207 Holman 

Council Lessie I (wld Junius G) hl31 S Boylan av 

Council Lucille (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Council Mary (c) Indrs hl207 Holman 

Council Sallie E r401 E Jones 

Council T Claude (Mattie) sec-treas h401 E Jones 

Council T Claude ir student r401 E Jones 

Counts Henry C (c) firemn h405 Tucker 

County Fire Insurance Co of Philadelphia Alex Webb mgr 20 E Martin 

COUNTY OF WAKE (See Wake— County of) 

Court of Go'antbe (c) Martha Edwards sec meets 2d and 4th Tuesday P 
PM 115% E Hargett 

Courtney Benj D elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S rl23 
N Wilmington 

Covalt Cath L (wid Prank H) nurse 322 S McDowell h do Edgar L (Lessie E) locksmith Brockwell's Shop h220 W Davie 

Covalt Graham D auto mech r322 S McDowell 

Covington Agnes H sten F M Harper & Son r605 N Blount 



' Printing 



for the 








PHONE 4020 

Covington Alphonzo (c) rll05 E Davie 

Covington Carrie (c) Indrs li213 E South 

Covington Clias L (c) hlpr iil406 E Edenton 

Covington Cicero (c; Arthelia) driver Capital Feed & Gro Co Inc r206 

Selwin al 
Covington Clyde (c) lab rl30 W Cabarrus 

Covington David H (Grace) sec Central Investment Corp h630 N Blount 
Covington Douglas R (Effie V) elk SALRy hl05 E Edenton apt 204 
Covington Esther (c) dom r714 Shaw ct 

Covington Ponnie G dep collr USIntRevOffice rl02 E North 
Covington Grace (c) r513 S McDowell 
Covington Grocery Co (Van B Covington) 1211 Hillsboro 
Covington Harriett sch tchr r605 N Blount 
Covington Hugh L (c) cook rl30 W Cabarrus 
Covington Jas (c) lab r206 Selwin al 

Covington Jefferson (c) lab Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r204 Smithfield 
Covington Lawrence E (Nina) prin accounting elk State Ins Dept h605 

N Blount 
Covington Leo (c; Alice) eng Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc hail S East 
Covington Lula L (wid Wm E) hSll Cleveland 
Covington M LUlian sten C I T Corp r511 Cleveland 
Covington Mary (c) dom r701 S Bloodworth 
Covington Nancy (c) hl30 W Cabarrus 
Covington Robt r605 N Blount 

Covington Roxie (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel hll05 E Davie 
Covington Saml R (Frances M) printer The News & Observer h601 Cutler 
Covington Van B (Louise; Covington Gro Co) r RD 4 
Covington Wm (c; Market Barber Shop) rlll5 S Wilmington 
Covington Wm J (c; Roxie) chauf hi 105 E Davie 
Cowper B Thurman (Dellzell W) genl agt h218 Hillcrest rd 
CovTper Edith r218 Hillcrest rd 
Cowper Thos B (Mary W) sec-treas Lawrence Stone & Gravel Co Inc h 

606 Harp 
Cox Addie (c) cook rl004 E Davie 

COX ALBERT L (Arabella N), Lawyer 206-209 Raleigh BIdg & Loan 
Bide 5 Exchange pi, Tel 498 and Maintains Offices Shoreham Bldg 
Washington, D C and Pres Boylan-Pearce Co, h901 Holt dr (Hayes- 
Barton), Tel 23 
Cox Annie C student rOOl Holt dr 

Cox Arabel P sec Albert L Cox r901 Holt dr 

Cox Cader G (Blanche) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf hill 
N Bloodworth 

Cox D Saml (Ina W) ins agt h201 Chamberlain 

Cox David S mgr Carolina Service Corp r201 Chamberlain 

Cox Edith S Mrs printer Raleigh Type Shop h700 E Franklin 

Cox Edw (c; Letha) chauf hl31 Lincoln di- 

Cox Ellen H Mrs slswn Lucielle Shop hi 15 Hudson 
Cox Ellis C meats 214 E Martin stall 10 r Hotel Raleigh 

Cox Frances R sch tchr rill N Bloodworth 

Cox Harvey A Rev (Hattie M) rector StSaviours Episcopal Ch h618 

Cox Hubert R (Nettie M) prsmn hi 15 Harrison av 

Cox J Vernon (Alice M) trav slsmn h502 Cole 

Cox Jas (c) lab rl31 Lincoln dr 

Cox John S (Annie E) supt N-SRRCo hill N Boylan av 

Cox John Sanderlin Mrs mgr Carolina Pines Club House hill N Boylan av 

Cox John W r210 Park av ,.,,„„. ^ 

Cox L Beresford (Edith S; Raleigh Type Shop) lino opr Mitchell Print- 
ing Co h700 E Franklin 

Cox Lizzie (c) Indrs h312 Tucker 

Cox M Kate opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r615 Fayetteville 

Cox Margt Mrs fctv wki- r216y2 N Harrington 

Cox Nancy W sec Hugh Morson High Sch r201 Chamberlain 

Cox Roy elk Ellis C Cox r Hotel Raleigh 

Cox Rupert slsmn Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r State College 

Cox Sidney J (Sena G) cabtmkr h825 W Morgan 

Cox Thos C (Nella M) taxi driver hi 10 Wakefield 

Cox Walter S (Julia) h495 S Boylan av 

Cox Wesley C (Nannie M) h210 Park av 

Cox Wilmer D (Ellen H) acct hll5 Hudson 

Coxe Jas S (Eugenia B) elk Boon-Iseley Drug Co hl711 Scales 

Coyne Odessa (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r507 S Bloodworth 

COZART DAVID L (Vivian B),Sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh, 
N C, and V-Pres State Tire & Service Co Inc, h Whitaker dr nr 
White Oak rd, Tel 3511 




Crabtree Bunn R (Carrie G) mgr Goodwin-Smith Furn Co hll03 Mor- 

decal dr 
Crabtree Bunn R jr student rll03 Mordecai dr 

Crabtree Gilbert (Etliel P) v-pres Powell & Powell Inc h2018 Fairview rd 
Crabtree Jack C (Maline M) firemn Truck Co No 1 hl217 Pearce 
Crabtree John H (Ruth H) pipeftr r712 Hinsdale 
Crabtree John L student rll03 Mordecai dr 
Crabtree Mildred rl20 N Bloodworth 
Crabtree Sarah C student r2018 Fairview rd 

Crabtree Susan (wid Richd E) emp Capudine Chemical Co h307 E Martin 
Crabtree Thos L hlpr Capital Cooa Cola Bottling Co r610 W Morgan 
Crabtree Wm C (Novie) slsmn rl20 N Bloodwortn 
Cradle Wm F elk r422 N Blount 
Craft Annie (c) nurse 620 S Haywood r do 
Crafton W Melvin tchr N C State College r do 

Craig Clifton M (Hester B) slsmn The Raleigh Gas Co hl714 Scales 
Craig F Gilbert msngr r808 W Hargett 
Craig Geo D (Zola M) elk SALRy hl20 Halifax 
Craig Harry L msngr r808 W Hargett 
Craig Henry C sheetmetal wkr r808 W Hargett 
Craig Jefferson D (Florence S) prsmn h808 W Hargett 
Cramer Jacob (Emma I) asst supt h2421 Beech Ridge rd 
Cramer Philip elk The Great A & P Tea Co r Beech Hts 
Crandell Oliver W slsmn Thorn McAn Shoe Co r Hotel Raleigh 
Crane Antoinette L (wid Marshall Z) h525 E Peace 
Crane Edw E (Flora) carp h Wake Forest rd nr Whitaker Mill rd 
Crane Harry W sr psychiatrist State Board of Charities and Public Wel- 
fare r Durham N C 
Crane Lester emn Times Pub Co r525 E Peace 
Cranfill Dallas B auto mech r508 W Morgan 
Cranford Hubie A (Callis) eng h201 Harrison av 

Cranford Robt C sec-treas Yates Auto Service Inc i'70O W Morgan apt 3 
Cranford's Beauty Salon (Mrs Eliz C Dowdy) 5 Exchange pi 3d fl 
Craven Essie (c) Indry wkr h320 E South 
Craven Fredk T student rl710 Park dr 
Craven Henry E (Edith M) v-pres and sis mgr W H King Drug Co Inc 

hl710 Park dr 
Craven Lee J (Kara M) agt Continental Life Ins Co h2120 Country Club 

Craven Wm L bridge eng State Hwy Comn r2011 Glenwood av 
Craver Gilder J asst mgr The Wake Theatre r Hotel Wiley 
Crawford Cressie (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndry r716 S Dawson 
Crawford Geo S (Emma M) bkpr Adams & Terry h506 E Franklin 
Crawford Hattie (c) cook rl06 Lee's al 
Crawford Henry textile wkr rll41 N Blount 
Crawford John W (Bettie J) watch repr hl09 S McDowell 
Crawford M Eliza (c) cook State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Crawford Mack (c) truck driver r23ai Everett av 
Crawford Marianne tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r227 New Bern av 
Crawford Marion (c; Lucille) hlpr h212 Branch (SPk) 
Crawford Mary V (c) lndry wkr Acme Lndrv r2301 Everett av 
Crawford May associate prof Meredith College r do 
Crawford Randolph (c) lab r212 Branch (SPk) 
Crawford T A elk rl30 Hillsboro 
Crawford Wm student rl025 Vance 
Crawley A Whiteford (Annie E) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R606 hl030 W 

Crawley Albion F (M Grace) bkpr Motor Transit Co h223 W Jones 
Crawlev W O Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store rl003 W Cabarrus 
Crayton C H W wtchmn hl20 v, Fayetteville 3d fl 
Crayton Jas C (Estelle E) weaver hlll4 N Wilmington 
Crayton John W textile wkr rllll Harp 
Crayton Wm A (Hazel) textile wkr hll30 Harp 
Crazy Crystals Co Kemieth P Marshall mgr 22 W Hargett 
Credle Wm F div director State Dept of Public Instruction r422 N Blount 
Creech Flora E elk U S Int Rev Office h206 E Jones apt 200 
Creech Hume agt Home Security Life Ins Co hl405 Sycamore 
Creech Paul J (Eliz O) truck driver h533 N East 
Creech R Hobson (Alma J) agt Durham Life Ins Co h616 Holt 
Creech Rufus H barber Weaver & Holland rll7 3 McDowell 
Creekmore Thos lawyer 320 S Salisburv R708 r309 Calvin rd 
Creel Edna L sten U S Fidelity & Guaranty Co of Baltimore Md r Gary 

N C RD 1 
Creighton Delmas C (Leona) loom fixer hlllS N Blount 
Creighton Ruth tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r201 Hillsboro 
Crenshaw Ada (c) dom rl422 E Jones 





116 E. 



CAPITAL .J^^^^.^T'^^ CO. 


Crenshaw Arth (c) delmn Goodwin Poultry & Egg Co rl702 B 

Crenshaw Henry (c; Jennie) ice pdlr r220 Hill (College Pk) 

Crenshaw Jesse (cj orderly Coniederate Soldiers Home rl422 E Jones 

Crenshaw Mattie (c) dom rl702 B 

Crenshaw Turner C (c: Mary) meat ctr hl702 B 

Crescent Insurance Agency Inc Ernest P Hough mgr 5 W Hargett R712 

Crest Eva M (c) dom rll4 W Johnson 

Crews Amanda E rSOl New Bern av 

Crews Annie V elk r604 N Blount 

Crews Edw <c; Rachel) carp h405 W South 

Crews Frances (c) dom hl421 E Jones 

Crews Garland CO lab rl421 E Jones 

Crews Kate L (wid Wm J) hl22 Park av 

Crews Lizzie 'O cook 321 E Morgan 

Crews Rellis B (Neva E) electn h934 N Boylan av 

Crews Ruby (c) sch tchr r405 W South 

Crider Blanche elk rl506 Oakwood av 

Crider Geo H (Tuscia M) carp hl506 Oakwood av 

Crider Geo H ^r pntr rl506 Oakwood av 

Crinkley Andi-ew USA rl810 Glenwood av 

Crinkley Francis D USN rl810 Glenwood av 

Crinkley Janet S rl810 Glenwood av 

Crinkley John W Rev evangelist rl810 Glenwood av 

Crinkley Lillie D sch tchr rlSlO Glenwood av 

Crinkley Lillie M (wid Duncan P) hlSlO Glenwood av 

Crippen Reid P load dispr C P & L Co rl25 Hawthorn rd 

Crist Ernest V (Marguerite T) supt Continental Life Ins Co h505 Cleve- 

Crist Rosalind E waitress P W Woolworth Co r505 Cleveland 

Criswell Jack P (Kathleen) farm mtge specialist N C State College hl23 

Critcher A Pearl slswn G & S Dept Store r Wendell N C 

Critcher Hattie L rl709 Hillsboro 

Critcher Wm E (Ethel M) carp hl703 Hillsboro 

Crocker Bernard jr elk State Hwy Purch Dept rl004 Cowper dr 

Crocker Bernard (Sue J) real est 320 S Salisbury R209 and mgr Lawyers 
Bldg hl004 Cowper dr 

Crocker Buster slsmn Martin's Inc rl323 Hinton 

Crocker Chas C (Jennie I) shop formn State Hwy Comn h710 W Jones 

Crocker David V (Lidie G) elk h215 N Boylan av 

Crocker Eleanor R sten r215 N Boylan av 

Crocker Geo student rl004 Cowper dr 

Crocker Heber H elk h403 N Wilmington 

Crocker Jas B (Lydia) lab rl20 W Lane 

Crocker John T slsmn hl323 Hinton 

Crocker Kelsey C opr Bonnie Beauty Salon r710 W Jones 

Crocker Martha E slswn Kouel's Style Shop rl323 Hinton 

Crocker Robt L (Mary E) atndt Pope's Seiwice Sta hl23 Ashe av 

Crocker Stanley M (Hattie; Crocker's Service Garage) r Cary N C 

Crocker Virginia E r215 N Boylan av 

Crocker Wm O (Sadie) carp hl3iy2 E Martin 

Crocker's Service Garasre (Stanley M Crocker) auto reprs 210 S West 

Crockett Walter (c; Eliza) firemn h426 N West 

Cromartie Blanche dep collr U S Int Rev Office r2109 Myrtle av 

Cromartie Cornelia (c) student nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

Cromartie H Houston rll6 Gi'oveland av 

Cromartie Mallie H (wid Henry) hllS Groveland av 

Cromartie Mary (c) cook h322 Camden 

Crone Bertha (wid Richd T) h517 Halifax 

Crone Ethel M Mrs tel opr C P & L Co hl09 N Boylan av 

Crone Geo W (Hazel G) chf B & L examiner State Ins Dept h701 
N Blount apt 1C4 

Crone Jack T (Ethel M) firemn hl09 N Boylan av 

Crone Moses B eng r223 N Salisbury 

Crone Sarah E (wid Wm H) h223 N Salisbury 

Croom Carl B (Dorothy B) pharm rl009 W Lenoir 

Croom Chas W (Ethel I) inspr h209 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Croom Lola W sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r730 S Boylan 

Croom Marion routemn r425 N Blount apt 1 

Croom Mary E (wid Jas A) rl027 W South 

Crosby Callaway contr r Y M C A 

Crosby Coleman C (Leila E) trav rep r305 New Bern av 

Crosby Garfield School (c) 562 E Lenoir 

Crosby L Brown (Jo Saye B; Sou Store Equipment Co) mgr Hobart Mfg 
Co and Toledo Scale Co h Beech Ridge rd nr Breeze rd 

Cross Carrie (wid John W) h706 Hillsboro 




"The nioraory of quality lingers loiu 

after the price Is forgotten." 

PHONE 2987 

Cross Curtis (c) lab r913 Cannister 

Cross Frank textile wkr rll34 Harp 

Cross Geo (Virginia A) eng r321 E Morgan 

Cross Geo (c: Lula) pntr hllOO Smith 

Cross Herbert H dona P) textile wkr hi 114 Harp 

Cross John (Belle) weaver hll31 Harp 

CROSS JOHN W MRS, Fres Cross & Linehan Co, h70e Hillsboro, Tel 

Cross Lillian (c) r913 Cannister 
Cross Lou J ( wid J Richd) rll41 N Blount 
Cross Marv (c) h913 Cannister 

Cross Mary B Mrs transcriber State Board of Health h619 N Blount apt 4 
Cross Odie H (Onie A) hlpr h528 N West 
Cross Price R (Julia Q) director of agencies Occidental Life Ins Co of 

Raleigh N C h2214 Ridgecrest 
Cross Rosalie (c) dom rllO E Cabarnas 
Cross W Hubert (Mabel L) Ibr wkr hl7 W Dixie dr 
CROSS & LINEHAN CO. Mrs John W Cross Pres, Mrs W A Linehan V- 

Fres, W A Linehan Jr Sec-Treas, Men's Furnishings, Clothing, Hats 

and Caps 324-328 Fayetteville, Tel 82 (See right top lines and page 

Crosslins Ella (c) dom h614 W South 

Crossling Hattie (c) r614 W South 

Crossling Mary (c) r614 W South 

Crosson Prank (c) h516 Saunders 

Crosson Millie (c) Indrs h507 Smith 

Crosson Pearl (c) Indrs r507 Smith 

Crosson Saml (c) waiter r516 S Blount 

Crouch Audrey rl32y2 E Martin 

Crouch Predk P (Eleanor W> mech Rawls Motor Co h704 Holt 

Crouch Predk P jr hlpr r704 Holt 

Crousling Mary (c) Indrs r529 Hick's al 

Crow Edmund B (Mary) spl agt h3 E Jones 

Crow Hubert D student r3 E Jones 

Crow John E (Clotiede B) spl agt The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of 
The U S h2109 Carroll dr 

Crow Mary D elk State Dept of Public Instruction r3 E Jones 

Crow Nannie B sch tchr r3 E Jones 

Crowder Annie M sch tchr r421 N Bloodworth 

Crowder Ava E slswn r421 N Bloodworth 

Crowder Betsy ( c) r205 Smithfield 

Crowder Ernest (c; Alice) lab h412 N Harrington 

Crowder Estelle (Physicians' Exchange) h210 W Morgan 

Crowder Evelyn Mrs hl520 Carr 

Crowder Fertilizer Co Ralph H Crowder pres, Patk H Ray v-pres office 
301 S Wilmington 

Crowder Prances (c) Indrywkr The Raleigh Lndry r320 E Cabarrus 

Crowder Gwendolyn student r4 Glenwood av 

Crowder Helen student rl520 Carr 

Crowder Hubert G (Crowder's Cigar Store) r421 N Bloodworth 

Crowder Jas (c; Mary L) baker r913 FayetteviUe 

Crowder Jas (c; Mamie) lab hlOlO Manly 

Crowder Jas T (Ida L) h421 N Bloodworth 

Crowder Jas T (Berline) h409 E Lane 

Crowder Jeanette A sch tchr r421 N Bloodworth 

Crowder Jos L (Pearl) slsmn hlO Enterprise 

Crowder Maggie E (wid Thos B; T B Crowder & Son) h523 Fayetteville 

Crowder Mamie (c) maid Hotel Richmond r331 Fayetteville 

Crowder Pattie matron State Prison r do 

Crowder Ralph H (Fannie W; T B Crowder & Son) pres Crowder Fer- 
tilizer Co hl620 St Mary's 

Crowder Ronald B mgr Buchan Transport Co rll4 S Person 

Crowder Steph L night mgr Sir Walter Hotel Garage r Bland Hotel 

Crowder T B & Son (Mi-s Maggie E and Ralph H Crowder) whol gros 
301 S Wilmington 

Crowder T B & Son (Ralph H Crowder) grist mill 1431 S Blount 

Crowder Violet r4 Glenwood av 

Crowder W G plant formn N C State College r do 

Crowdei V."in L (o: Frances) awning repr r320 E Cabarrus 

Crowder's Cigar Store (Hubert G Crowder) 324 S Salisbury 

Crowe Walter E (Daisy B) electn h514 Mullen's la 

Crowell Marguerite K Mrs ( wid Chas B) serum technician State Labora- 
tory of Hygiene rl27 New Bern av apt 306 

Crudup Chester A (c) porter r803 S Haywood 

Crudup Ella ic) dom r714 2d 
i Cnidup Jordan D (c; Rosa E) caretkr h803 S Haywood 
















































Iron and Copper Cor- )ltff^S^fc.lil "(^ BBi^BeffitW; Roofing. Roof Coat- 

nice and Skylig^its. \ _ / innc Prntnotiup 

Heaiing, Ventilating ) ROOFJPJG COSSPaWY ( pliilts Metallic Ud 

a"^ Air Conditionino. ) Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

CrudUD Lse O (c) waiter r803 S Haywood 

CruduR Lester W r504 E Jones 

Crudup Louie L r504 E Jones 

Crudup Mae ic) sch tchr r803 S Haywood 

Ci-udup Rivers M (c; Essie) janitor State Library h209 N Tarboro 

Crudup V/ocds student r504 E Jones 

Cruikshank Ernest student r900 Hillsboro 

CR.UIKSHANK ERNEST MRS, BS Principal Saint Mary's School and 

Junior College, h Saint Mary's Campus, 900 Hillsboro, Tel 1214 
Crumblev Herbert T paperhngr rl22 N Salisbury 
Crump Addie M (c) maid r527 Cannon av 
Crump Adeline (c) r527 Cannon av 
Crump Annie Co) dom h704 S Bloodworth 
Crump Chas T (c: Blanche) brkmn h805 S West 
Crump Danl (Evelyn T) slsmn rl415 Scales 
Crump Donnie C (c; Effie) porter Bynum Printing Co h601 2d 
Crump Geo (c) bottler r580 E Lenoir 
Crump Geo (c) lab r610 E South 
Crump Ila M supvr Rex Hosp rl7 W Lenoir 
Crump J Robt (c; Hattie) brkmn h803 S West 
Crump Jas (c; Susie) restr 409y2 S Blount h416 do 
Crump Jas (c) student r803 S West 
Crump Luther D slsmn Wilson & Co r322 Cutler 
Crump Mary (c) r601 2d 

Crump Pledge (c) elk John Rochell r535 E Lenoir 
Crumpler Albert solr Sanitary Lndry r511 Adams 
Crutchfield Beatrice sten r327 E Edenton 

Crutchfield Thos J driver East Coast Stages Inc r Hotel Raleigh 
Cuffie Paul (c; Pauline) lab hlll7 S Person 
Culbreth Eug E r305 Hillsboro 
Culbreth Homer N (Mary McC) elk Mechanics Savings Bank h407 N 

Cullen Wilson (c; Aline) hlpr r605 E Edenton 
Cullins Eldo L <wid Nathan) hl04 Logan ct 
Cullom Sarah sten Smith & Joyner r Wake Forest N C 
Culpepper Josephine office sec Harrison H Pain r PuUen Park ter RD 1 
Culver Wm W (Nellie) carrier U S P O h904 E Edenton 
Gumbo Kittle N (c; Cumbo's Tailor Shop) h802 E Martin 
Cumbo Wm F (c; D Slade) barber Capitol City Barber Shop h515 S Wil- 
Cumbo's Tailor Shop (c; Kittle N Cumbo) 425 S Blount 
Cummings John P (Nell) ins agt h417 S Boylan av 
Cuirmiings Mary N r417 S Boylan av 
Cunningham Clayton C (Gladys S) lawyer 239 Payetteville R907 r2607 

Fairivew rd 
Cunningham Gladys S Mrs dep elk U S District Court r2607 Fairview rd 
Cunningham Henry A (Kath) ydmn h215 Linden av 
Cunningham J Humphrey (Lula M) carp hl8 Fir-wood av 
Cunningham Pearl (c) cook r527 Hick's al 
Cunningham Randolph D (Virginia C) asst marketing specialist U S 

Dept of Agriculture Whse Act hl615 Fairview rd 
Curley Jas (c; Savannah) elk rll9 Idlewild av 
Current Ruth dist home demonstration agt N C State College r407 N 

Currie see also Curry 
Currie Ada nurse State Hosp r do 

Currie Arth (c) presser Cumbo's Tailor Shop r517 S Blount 
Currie Foreman (c; N Annie) orderly Rex Hosp h709 E Maitin 
Currie Helen (c) maid 305 Hillsboro 

Currie Ida W tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Currie Lyda Y (wid Jas T) rllOO' Filmore 

Currie Pearl M (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Currie W Chalmers slsmn Efird's Dept Store r506 Whitaker Mill rd 
Currin Bessie Mrs smstrs Clai'k Art Shop r550 E Jones 
Currin Bessie H (wid Beni P) rll2 N Dav/son 
Currin Clifton (Maude B) road contr h503 Graham 
CuiTin Gladys instr State Sch for the Blind and The Deaf r do 
CuiTin Jesse S (Nell B) attendance officer Raleigh Township Public 

Schs r606 E Lane 
Currin Jos D confr 109 W Davie r Gamer rd RD 3 
Currin Nell B Mrs elk Carolina Coach Co r606 E Lane 
Currin Thos (c; Bessie) waiter h313 Bledsoe av 
Currin Thos jr (c; Bemice) waiter r313 Bledsoe av 
CuiTin Willard Y (Pauline) mech A M Tyner Co h517 Elm 
Curry see also Currie 
Curry Capers J (Sydney McL) sec-treas CP&LCo hl827 Glenwood av 





PHONE 182 

Curry Edw (c; Jeter) cookMlV Cannon 

Curi-y Louis student rl827 Glenwood av 

Curry May (c) dom r421 S Dawson 

Curry Mitchell (c; Madge) printer Sir Walter Hotel rl25 E Hargett 

Curry Sydney tchr Eliza Pool Sch rl827 Glenwood av 

Curtis Alex cc) amp S&WCafeterla r222 E Lenoir 

Curtis Chas (c; Lena) sta eng hlll3 Mark 

Curtis Edw (c) lab r222 E Lenoir 

Curtis E^ta (c) dom h525 Pace 

Curtis Foster C (c; Janie) lab hlll3 S Hajrwood 

Curtis Horace (c; Bessie) janitor h534 Bragg 

Curtis Howard (c; Augusta) car washer Circle Filling Sta Inc r304 S State 

Curtis Jane (c) cook 1546 Iredell dr 

Curtis Margt elk McLellan Stores Co r Cary N C 

Curtis Mary (c) cook h rear 720 W Jones 

Curtis Morris (c; Gertrude) bellrtm hlll5 New Bern av 

Curtis Ruth elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r320 Cutler 

Curtis Temple (c) dom h619 2d av 

Curtis Thos E (c; Lucy) fish h222 E Lenoir 

Curtis Ulious (c; Maila) janitor hlOOl S Wilmington 

Curtis W^alter A (c; Ellen) barber 115 S Salisbury hSlT Oberlin rd 

Curtis Walter F (c; Mai-y S) barber Walter A Curtis h2213 4th 

Curtis Wm (c) draymn r619 2d av 

Curtis Wm (c) porter East Coast Stages Inc r BD 2! 

Curtis Wm A (c; Mabel) solr Sanitary Lndry hl415 New Bern av 

Curtis Willie L (c) dom r534 Bragg 

Cushman Elmer V (Lidia E) mgr The Hillsboro Apts h323 Hillsboro ,apt7 

Cussons Jack (Martha I) dep U S Marshal hl05 E Edenton apt 108 

Cutchins Jos B F (c; Claytae) asst mgr Raleigh Funeral Home Inc h714 

S East 
Cuthbertson Amanda (c) Indrs hlll5 S Wilmington 
Cuthbertson Wm (c) lab rlll5 S Wilmington 
Cutler Street Grocery (W, Henry Gilbert) 620 Cutler 
Cutliff J Milton (Ruth H) sec-treas Electl Equipment Co Inc h421 Pank 

Cutrell Jesse L (Blanche) carp hllO N WUmington 
Cutts J Earl driver Carolina Del Service r Poole rd RD 
Cutts John C r202 W Morgan 
D & H Cafe (c; Odell Johnson) 826 Fayetteville 
D & U Cut Rate Market (John H Daniel, Wm C Upchurch) gros 416 W 

Dabney Ward (DoUe F) agt The Texas Co rSll E Jones 
Daeke Henry H (Lalon A) tel maintainer hl225 Hinton 
Dail Carrick C (Lillie M) textile wkr hll25 Harp 
Dail Jos V bkpr r609 HUlsboro 
Dail Lake elk Rex Hosp r20O E Edenton apt 7 
Dail Mary E rll25 Harp 

Dail Maizie B sten Fidelity & Guaranty Fire Corp r609 Hill^oro 
Dailey Effie (c) Indrs h504 S Haywood 
Dailey Wilbert (c) cook r504 S Haywood 
Daisy Lunch Wilson Bros Sandwich Co oprs 123 S Salisbury 
Dale Trollius B (West Raleigh Shoe Shop) hll3 Oberlin rd 
Dalrymple Laura B sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank r2804 Hillsboro 
Dalton Benj S student r702 W Morgan 
Dalton Henry H (Rosa S) asst receiver Mut BIdg & Loan Assn h702 W 

Dalton Henry H jr r702 W Morgan 

Dameron Lonnie T elk Joseph P Temple r Morrisville N C 
Dameron Raymond A (Lacy A) mecJi State Hwy Comn hS Daisy 
Dampier Audrey slswn rllS W Morgan 
Dampier Blanche Mrs hll8 W Morgan 
Dampier Hallie waitress rllg W Morgan 
Dampier Mozelle R slswn rll8 W Morgan 
Dancey Martha (c) Indrs r709 EllLngton 
Dancey Nelson rSlO W Hargett 
Daniel see also Daniels 
Daniel Chas B (c; Pearl) carp hlOll Parker 
Daniel Christana (c) dom r514 S Bloodworth 
Daniel Dwight (c) brklyr r320 W Lenoir 

Daniel J Wm (Fi-ances S) v-pres Dunbar & Daniel Inc h213 Duncan 
Daniel Katie (wid Mack) rl08 W Jones 
Daniel Londv (c) lab r514 S Bloodworth 
Daniel NeU K slswn F W Woolworth Co rl24 N Harrington 
Daniel OUie J (Lucy C) h2021 Fairveiw rd 
Daniel Pattie (c) dom h514 S Bloodworth 



















































z W 


D X 
























125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Daniel Paul S i Helen S) sec-supt Raleigh Township Public Schs h2619 
Pairview rd 

Daniel Thos N sec-treas Dunbar & Daniel Inc r557 New Bern av 

Daniel Wesley B (Alma M) radio opr h312 Linden av 

Danieley Clarence E (Stella M) formn hll08 Harp 

Danieley Commer A appr Capital Printing Co rl06 N East 

Danieley John B (Nora S) justice of the peace and notary 306 Q Salis- 
bury hl06 N East 

Danieley John B jr driver Quality Clnrs & Dyers rl06 N East 

Danieley Leo R r415 N East 

Danieley Robt E (Mai-y P) carp State Hwy Comn h415 N East 

Daniels see also Daniel 

Daniels Addle G (wid Edw H) h409 Pershing rd 

Daniels Bertram D ( Ollie A) elk U S P O h903 W Lenoir 

Daniels Bonnie E r903 W South 

Daniels Edw E (Edna E) elk The Great A & P Tea Co r209 N Boylan av 

Daniels Prank r Hotel Carolina 

Daniels Prank A (Ruth A) treas Tlie News & Observer Pub Co h Glen- 
wood av cor Williamson dr 

Daniels Geo (c; Rosella) waiter r307 E Cabarrus 

Daniels J Earl (Clara M) br mgr piggly-Wiggly h609 E Franklin 

Daniels John (c; Lillie) lab h529 E Davie 

Daniels John (c) clothes presser Gates Clnrs r309 Lee 

Daniels John H (Evie P; D & U Cut Rate Mkt) hVOl Boylan dr 

Daniels Jonathan W (Lucy C) editor The News & Obsei-ver hl614 Ire- 
dell dr 

DANIELS JOSEPHUS HON (Addie W B) , Pres The News & Observer' 
Publishing Co r U S Embassy Mexico City, Mexico 

DANIELS JOSEPHUS JR (Evelina M), Sec and Business Mgr The- 
News & Obsei-ver Publishing Co, h805 Harvey, Tel 3586 

Daniels Leo A delmn r409 Pershing rd 

Daniels May (wid Walter B) h219 S West 

Daniels Moses (c; Nannie) prssser Carolina Clnrs Inc h309 Lee 

Daniels Nannie (c) presser Carolina Clnrs Inc h309 Lee 

Daniels Nannie L wrapper Hudson-BelK Co r409 Pershing rd 

Daniels Percy C r409 Pershing rd 

Daniels Rosa (c) cook Farmers' Cafe r307 E CabaiTUs 

Daniels Ruth nurse State Hosp r do 

Daniels W. Z atndt State Hosp r do 

Danielson P Roland mgr Hayes-Barton Bowling Alley r812 Cowper dj- 

DANIELSON JOHN F (Hannah M), (Hayes-Barton Bowling Alley) 
General Contractor 812 Cowper dr, Tel 3347 h do 

Dann Roxanna (c) h715 E Hargett 

Darby Albert (c) elk Lucius L Browning r812 S East 

Darby Fred (c) elk Lucius L Browning r812 S East 

Darby Lela (C) dom r812 S East 

Darby Lisbon (c; Sophia) fish 214 E Martin stall 6 r812 S East 

Darby Susan (c) dom h812 S East 

Darby Wm L (c) bus boy S & W Cafeteria r313 Camden 

Darden Addie M dental asst Henry Q Lineberger rl08 E Peace 

Darden Augustus B jr (Sallie H) cost acct CP&LCo h317 Calvin rd 

Darden Beatrice I Mrs sten State Dept of Banking h506 Aycock 

Darden David M ( Susie W) bank examiner State Dept of Banking hl603 

Darden Edw C rl08 E Peace 

Darden Eliz nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Darden Frances J rl08 E Peace 

Darden Geo R (Beatrice J) cash h506 Aycock 

Darden J M & Co Inc J M Darden (Suffolk Va) pres Elijah H Browning 
v-pres, Percy D Snipes sec-treas gdnl mdse 126 Glenwood av 

Darden Martha W (wid John G) rl612 Scales 

Darden Sallie A Mrs slswn Taylor's rl23 E Edenton 

Darden Sallie H Mrs elk Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co h317 Calvin rd 

Darden Wm H (Pi-ances J) trav slsmn hl08 E Peace 

Darden Wm H jr hlpr rl08 E Peace 

Dargan Caroline asst sec Raleigh Community Chest r521 N Wilming- 

Dargan Carrie H (wid Robt T) h521 N Wilmington 

Dark Fannie S acct State Board of Charities and Public Welfare r Man- 
sion Park Hotel 

Darst W Holden (Jeanette C) prof N C State College hl609 Park dr 

Darst W Holden jr student rl609 Park dr 

Daugherty Ada M elk CP&LCo rl21 Halifax 

Daugherty Rose hllie Smith 

Daugherty Wm L rll9 Hawthorn rd 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Daughety Julia M (wid B Prank) h2203 Ridgecrest 

Daughters of Oberlin Hall (o) 713 Oberlin rd 

Daug'htrido:e Albert S elk N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh hl05 E Edenton 

apt 110 
Daughtry Jas P (Lissie M) slsmn h410 St Mary's 
Daughtry W T (Hilda) civ eng State Hwy Comn r203 Hillsboro 
Davenport Annie student nurse Rex Hosp r do 
Davenport Donnie (Vi^id Geo) rl912 Reaves dr 
Davenport Irene (c) Indrs rll8 W Peace 
Davenport Loula (wid Carlton A) h415 E Lane 
Davenport Mary L typist State Board of Health r415 E Lane 
Davenport R Kelly Rev tAi-rie) pastor North Vanguard Presbyterian Ch 

hl912 Reaves dr 
Davenport Ruth M sten Carolina Coach Co r415 E Lane 
David Peter (c; Laura) carp hl206 Center 
Davids Howard G Col (Anna D) U S A h913 Vance 
Davidson see also Davison 

Davidson Eliz tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Davidson Esley T (Tommle W) mstr mech hll02 Harp 
Davidson Jas A (Chi-issie R) genl contr 135 S Salisbury h2117 Woodland 


Davidson Mettaure E (Ruby) trav slsmn rl005 Vance 
Davidson Vester W textile wkr rH02 Harp 

Davie Raymon G (Marion E) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co h404 E 

Davie Street Presbyterian Church (c) Rev Jas W Smith pastor 300 E 

Davies Mildred T tchr Washington High Sch rl21 E South 
Davis Albert rlll3 E Morgan 
Davis Alice (c) dom h523 Pace 
Davis Allean (C) maid r213 E South 
Davis Anna (wid Wm T) rl09 N Boy Ian av 
Davis Annie Mrs nurse 305 W Jones r do 
Davis Annie B (c) dom r312 N Tarboro 
Davis Annie L Mrs br mgr Oak City Lndry rl913 Reaves dr 
Davis Annie R rll20 N Wilmington 
Davis Arth <c) lab rll8 W South 
Davis Arth S (Mabel M) textile wkr hl515 Sunrise av 
Davis Berrien W (Margt N) equipment eng State Hwy Comn h 

2135 Country Club di- 
Davis Bettie D elk rl27 New Bern av apt 103 
Davis Binnie A h411 New Bern av 

Davis Boyd E (c; Kate) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel 410 Fayetteville 
Davis Buck (c; Olivia) driver T B Crowder & Son; h517 S Blount 
Davis C Algernon jr (Mary G) supt Pilot Mills Co h807 N Blount 
Davis Carrie H (c) dom hlOOo Mark 
Davis Chas D (c: Susie) hlpr h416 W North 
Davis Chas E (Agnes I) lndry wkr Acme Lndry h213 S West 
Davis Chas M (Annie) guard r527 E Martin 

Davis Chas M (Julia C) route supvr Staudt's Bakery hl07 Ashe av 
Davis Claire B Mrs slswn Taylor's hl919 Sunset av 
Davis Clarence L (J Macie) mech City Garage r504 Gary 
Davis Cleo C Mi-s elk State World War Veterans Loan Fund h2110 

Myrtle av 
Davis Clinton r Wake County Home 
Davis Cohen D carrier USPO r230 Glascock 
Davis Coleman (c; Lula) lab h509 Saunders 
Davis Cora A rll5 Harrison av 
Davis Cora A Mi's hll5 Harrison av 
Davis Daisy Mrs emp Hotel Carolina r504 Gary 
Davis Edna E fcty wkr r514 N Dawson 
Davis Eliza A Mrs tchr Lucille Hunter Sch hlll2 S Person 
Davis Elton truck driver rll2 N McDowell 
Davis Emma (wid Calvin P) h530 N West 
Davis Ernest P (c; Eliza A) chauf hlll2 S Person 
Davis Estelle r404 W Morgan '• 

Davis Estelle (c) cook r210 Battle 
Davis Ethel M rl406 Mordecai dr 

Davis Eug N mgr Austin-Heaton Co r Mansion Pk Hotel 
Davis F L driver East Coast Stages Inc r406 S Dawson 
Davis Fannie Mrs r Wake County Home 
Davis Fitzgerald (Marjorie B) city circulation mgr The News & Observer 

h410 Chamberlain 
Davis Florence (c) dom r552 E Edenton 
Davis Florence C tchr StMary's Sch r do 







i FORD ) 

Authorized i • |]^p/*|! jq \ Sales and Service 

Davis Prank (c) truck driver rl02 Cross 

Davis Frank G (Cleo C) slsmn C C Motor Co Inc h2110 Myrtle av 

Davis Geo P (Mary V) furn repr 321 E Martin h do 

Davis Geo H (Flora B) Distr h308 N Dawson 

Davis Gertrude S Mrs sten N C State College hl07 S McDowell 

Davis H E Co ( Hurley E Davis) gros 203 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Davis Haden N (Pauline) auto mech hl506 New Bern av 

Davis Harry (c; Mary) lab h537 E Edenton 

Davis Harry C elec contr 414 Gale r RD 4 

Davis Harry T (Roberta P) curator State Museum sec-treas New River 
Hunting Club and Rotary Club of Raleigh hl02 Logan ct apt 4 

Davis Harry W (Gertrude S; Uzzle's Cigar Stand) r201 Hillsboro 

Davis Harvey (Helen) h323 E Martin 

Davis Hattie A (c) r911 E Martin apt 3 

Davis Helen B (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch hill W South 

Davis Henrietta (c) dom rl8 W Johnson 

Davis Henry (c; Mabel) gdnr h35 Bragg 

Davis Henry (c) plstr r710y2 S Person 

Davis Henry O slsmn r219 N West 

Davis Henry W elk r904 StMary's 

Davis Herbert E (Ruby G) elk The Budget Bureau rll8 Hawthorn rd 

Davis Hettie Mrs r Wake County Home 

Davis Hilda A (c) dean Shaw University r do 

Davis Horace W coal rl22 N McDowell 

Davis Hubert A (Lucille T) mgr policy loan dept Occidental Life Ins Co 
of Raleigh N C h405 New Bern av 

Davis Hugh (c; Sallie) chauf h820 S Bloodworth 

Davis Hurley E (Mary B; H E Davis Co) hll9 E Whitaker Millrd 

Davis Ira L (Daisy G) carp h Oberlin rd cor Center 

Davis Irena (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r305 Freeman 

Davis Isaiah (c) r320 Jamaica 

Davis Ishmael (c) cook r816 Cotton pl 

Davis J Arth (Dorothy) elk CP&TjCo r704 N East 

Davis J Coley (Harriet H) real est h209 N Salisbury 

Davis J E hlpr r311 W Jones 

Davis J Prank (Eunice) sten r315 E Jones 

Davis J Hallie (Kosa L) hlpr h315 W Lane 

Davis J Napoleon (c; Lucy) porter Pollock's Slipper Salon r904 S Blood- 

Davis J Owen (Mae E) slsmn S W Brewer & Son h528 N Person 

Davis Jack (Annie P) prsmn Mitchell Printing Co hl.l7 N Bloodworth 

Davis Jas (c; Mary) r303 W Cabarrus 

Davis Jas E B (Mary R) ins agt hl24 Groveland av 

Davis Jas P (Eunice E) driver Carolina Chirs Inc h516 W North 

Davis Jas G (c: Mary L) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h rear 218 Cabarrus al 

Davis Jas J (c; Beatrice) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r206 Battle 

Davis Jas S cash Natl Biscuit Co rl2 N Boy Ian av 

Davis Janie (c) dom hll9 W Johnson 

Davis Jeb student rl24 Groveland av 

Davis Jennie (c) student rl22 W Lenoir 

Davis Jennie L slswn Hudson-Belk Co r614 Glenwood av 

Davis Jen-y (c) lab r737 Smithfield av 

Davis Jesse V (Claire B) mgr Raleigh Bonded Whse Inc hl919 Sunset av 

Davis Jessie Indrs State Hosp r do 

Davis John (c) lab rl8 W Johnson 

Davis John (c; Anriie) waiter rSlO S Blount 

Davis John C (c) plstr h711 E Davie 

Davis John M (Martha I) bkpr h316 W Edenton 

Davis John T (Myrtie J) carp hlllS E Morgan 

Davis Jonah (c; Mildred) h911 E Martin apt 1 

Davis Jos S (c; Cora H) sch tchr hl034 Oberlin rd 

Davis Josiah D Rev (c; Helena) h701 2d 

Davis Juanita (c) student r525 Cannon 

Davis Julia (c) dom h312 N Tarboro 

Davis Kernith P (Julia N) h219 N West 

Davis L B Sales Co (Lorenzo B Davis) hearses 108 S Blount 

Davis Lalla M (c) r305 Fowle 

Davis Langston L jr (c) student r904 S Bloodworth 

Davis Langston L Rev (c) pastor Pi'ovidence Holiness Ch h904 S Blood- 
. Davis Laura (c) dom rll8 E Cabarrus 

Davis Laura (c) dom h424 S Haywood 

Davis Laura V rl528 N Blount 

Davis Lawrence N (Lelia) slmsn h2402 Hillsboro 

Davis Leona (c) dom rl9 McKee 

Davis Lettie (c) dom rl301 E Hargett 





Davis Lola E (wld Edwin) h514 N Dawson 

Davis Lonnie (c; Ercell) driver Carolina Hdw Co Inc h307 Washington 

(College Pk) 
Davis Lonnie (c; Josephine) florist r207 W South 
Davis Lonnie (c: Ruth) lab h606 S Harrington 
Davis Lorenzo B. (L B Davis Sales Co) r Winston Salem, N C 
Davis Louis C (c) bellmn rl22 W Lenoir 

Davis Lucy Mrs slswn Equel's Style Shop hl406 Mordecai dr 
Davis M Kenneth mgr L B Davis Sales Co r Dixie Trail 
Davis Maggie (c) r701 2d 
Davis Maggie (o) T323V2 W South 
Davis Mamie D (wid Jos) hll28 Harp 
Davis Margt A student r904 StMary s 

Davis Margt B Mrs (The Needlecraft Shoppe) r227 Hillsboro 
Davis Margt D Mrs bkpr Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r309 N Boylan av 
Davis Marian (c) student rl415 New Bern av 
Davis Martha (c) cook 1600 Iredell dr 
Davis Mary (c) r717 S Dawson 
Davis Mary (c) dom hl02 Cross 
Davis Mary (c) dom rlllO Oakwood av 
Davis Mary (c) Indrs hllls Holman 

Davis Mary typist Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r2107 Breeze rd 
Davis Mary C rl24 Groveland av 
Davis Mary E r904 StMary's 
Davis Mary L rll9 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Davis Mary P (wid Fred H) h904 StMary's 
Davis Matilda Indrs State Hosp r do 
Davis Mell cash Hotel Carolina rl20 S McDowell, 
Davis Melvin hlpr r323 E Martin 
Davis Minnie (c) dom hl03 Cross 
Davis Mollie (C) h305 Powle 
Davis Monnie R elk rl528 N Blount 
Davis Mozelle bkpr Harry C Davis r RD 4 

Davis Myron P (Ruth) asst mgr Efird's Dept Store h513 Cutler 
Davis Narcissus (c) student r309 S Tarboro 

Davis Nell F Mrs sten New England Mut Life Ins Co r Dixie Trail 
Davis Nonie (c) dom rll3 N Harrington 
Davis Norman (c; Sarah B) porter h525 Cannon 

Davis Norman U' (c) shoe shiner Su' Walter Shoe Shop r525 Cannon 
Davis Norman E (Helen J) chf train dispr NSRRCo rl22 N McDowell 
Davis Ola (c) Indrs r315 N West 
Davis Orris (c) lab rl02 Cross 

Davis Otho (Daisy L) mech Sanders Motor Co h504 Gary 
Davis Paul E (Bessie L) mgr investment dept CP&LCo h211 Hawthorn rd 
Davis Paul E jr elk r211 Hawthorn rd 
Davis Peggy student rl07 S McDowell 
Davis Penelope J supt StLuke's Home r do 

Davis Peter (Angeline; City Sandwich Shop) h917 New Bern av 
Davis R Glenn (Virginia C) city firelnn h536 E Jones 
Davis Raymond doffer rll28 Harp 
Davis Reuben G (Frona B) h309 N Boylan av 
Davis Robt C eng h504 Cleveland 
Davis Robt G (Margt) elk r309 N Boylan av 
Davis Rosa (c) h323y2 W South 
Davis Ruby C sch tchr r309 N Boylan av 

Davis Ruby G Mrs sten State Sch Comn hll8 Hawthorn rd 
Davis Ruff in (c) driver W E Cooper Furn Co r408 E South 
Davis SamI mech Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r RD 2 
Davis Sarah (c) h520 W Lenoir 
Davis Sarah (c) dom h408 E South 

Davis Seldon T (Sarah J) gro 1500 Sunrise av hl528 N Blount 
Davis Selma sten State Hwy Comn r2236 The Circle 
Davis Seth stockmn Chajies Stores Co Inc r Y M C A 
Davis Tony (c; Ethel) lab r20 W Worth 
Davis Trannle Mrs r Wake County Home 
Davis Vayden hlpr r323 E Martin 
Davis Veola (wid Alvis J) textile wkr h512 W Peace 
Davis Virginia P elk Harry C Davis r RD 4 
Davis W Alex (Lucy S) bkpr N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn h 

426 N Person 
Davis W Hem-y (c: Emmaline) hlpr li309 Oberlin rd 
Davis W Martin (Martha W) filling sta h710 Harp 
Davis Walker E (Lucy) switchmn hl406 Mordecai dr 
Davis Wilbert (c; Delia) lab rlll5 Holman 
Davis Willard E (c) pntr rill W South 
Davis Wm ic) cement fnshr r317 E Davie 
Davis Wm (c) gdnr h209 N Haywood 





Davis Wm (c) lab h552 E Edenton 

Davis Wm (c; Annie) lab rll W Worth 

Davis Wm C r504 Cleveland 

Davis "Wm J rll5 Harrison av 

Davis Wm J (Annie M) textile wkv hll20 N Wilmington 

Davis Wm M (c; Pattie) farmer h320 Hill (College Pk) 

Davis Willie J (wid Jas) r852 Tryon 

Davis Winston P (Annie L) elk Oak City Lndry hl913 Reaves dr 

Davis York M (c; Mary) plstr h514 S Swain 

Davis Zoa A r4li New jDern av 

Davison Clarence (c; Sadie) lab rll3 N Harrington 

Davison Jettie (c) maid 508 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Dawkins Crawford P (Ida M; Carolina Typewriter Co) h26 Bagwell av 

Dawkins Lacy L (Ruth) ens W P T P Radio Co rl410 Jackson 

Dawkins Saml W tank wagon slsmn The Texas Co r Millbrook N C 

Dawson Caeserea E (c) sch tchr rllll Smithfield 

Dawson Delia (c) dom rll McKee 

Dawson Hopie N (c) sch tchr rllll Smithfield 

Dawson Matthew L Rev (c; Ida) hllll Smithfield 

Dawson Street Baptist Chm-ch (c) 311 W ijenoir 

Dawson Sylvia (c) Indrs r820 Payetteville 

Dawson Walter (c) lab r820 Fayetteville 

Day Brodie L (c) lab r416 Brasjg 

Day Cath (c) dom rl2 E Hayti al 

Day Ethel instr Meredith College r do 

Day Henry B (Leafy M) optometrist 234 Fayetteville R404 h2015 Glen- 
wood av 
Day Howard (c; Leora) waiter Rex Hosp r221 (209) Branch (S Pk) 

Day J Lucius (c; Minnie E) brklyr h416 Bragg 

Day Mabel G private sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r319 New 
Bern av 

bay Parthenia (c) nurse 411 E Lenoir h do 

Day Wiley (c; Luella) sheet metal wkr h214 S State 
Day Wm H (c) stone mason r416 Bragg 

Day Wm N (Helen W) slsmn Commonwealth Motor Co rl5 Rosemary 

Daye Hubert (c; Nancy) lab hlllO Mark 
Deadman Carrie (c) cook hSll Cannon 

Deadman Henry (c; Lavenia) sheet metal wkr h412 W Edenton 

Deadnam Annie B r Wake County Home 

Deal Delia S bkpr r209 W Jones 

Dean D Leroy driver Oak City Lndry r RD 3 

Dean Henry L (Maggie) auto mech h709 E Hargett 

Dean Jos H (Julia) mach hlll9 N Blount 

Dean Ola (c) dom rll8 Smithfield 

Dean Troy appr Bynum Printing Co r Green, Caraleigh Mills 

Dean Willard eng W P T P Radio Co r RD 3 

Dean Wm R solr Sanitary Lndi-y r318 Maywood (Caroleigh) 

Deans Cecil T (Fannie M) claim adjuster NSRRCo h916 W South 

Deans John P (Bessie) lab h216 W Peace 

Dearstyne Roy S (Anna H) head of poultry dept N C State College h921 

W South 
Deaton Alice V Mrs r317 S Person 
Deaton Allen J r628 W Jones 
Deaton Irma elk U S P O r628 W, Jones 
Deaton Isaiah M iMollie O) h628 W Jones 
Deaton Lloyd M (A Ehz) acct CP&LCo h628 W Jones 
Deaton N Louis (Pattie C) bkpr hl605 Pine View 
Deaton Pattie C Mi's sec Dr Wm T Ward hl605 Pine View 
Deaton Rachel r628 W Jones 

DeBerry Julian L mstr carp SALRy r Mansion Park Hotel 
DeBerry W Thos (c; MoUie C) waiter Sir Walter Hotel h710 Manly 
DeBeri-y W Thos jr (c) student rtlO Manly 
DeBerry Wm E (Pearl L) weaver hll03 N Blount 
Debman Jos (c; Corinth) lab The Raleigh Gas Co r Holly Springs rd 
Debnam Arth (c; Zenobia) porter Mangel's rl601 New Bern av 
Debnam Beatrice (c) dom r702 Oberlin rd 
Debnam Caiwer (c) hair drsr r516 Saunders 
Debnam Chas (c) driver W. & R Cash Co 1-739 Church 
Debnam Clara M (c) dom r208 N State 
Debnam Daily (c) farmer h739 Church 

Debnam Danl T (c; Eva) truck driver Brogden Produce Co h590E Len- 
Debnam Edith H (c) dom r590 E Lenoir 
Debnam Elsie student nurse Rex Hosp r do 
Debnam Harry (c; Lula) lab h905 S Person 
Debnam Helen B Mrs elk State Board of Health h608 Hillsboro apt 3 






Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Debnam Henry (c; Alice) .ianitor State Board of Health hll02 E L<ane 

Debnam Henry (c; Mamie) lab hl216 New Bern av 

Debnam Heni-y (c) lab r412 W Edenton 

Debnam Herman C (Helen B) area supvr h608 Hillsboro apt 3 

Debnam Homer (c; Rosa) janitor WUTelegCo hSOl E Hargett 

Debnam Hubert (c; Ellen) Ice puller h702 Oberlin rd 

Debnam Hubert jr (C) caddy r702 Oberlin rd 

Debnam John L (c; Annie) janitor h rear 1O02 Oberlin rd 

Debnam Lonnie tc) lab r739 Church 

Debnam Mabel L (c) sch tchr r rear 1002 Oberlin rd 

Debnam Mattie (c) dom hlOl Idlewild av 

Debnam Otis (c) car washer rl20 Smithfield 

Debnam Rebecca (c) dom r702 Oberlin rd 

Debnam Richd ic; Fannie; Duke's Place) rl08E Cabarrus 

Debnam Robt (c) lab rll8 Lee 

Debnam Ruby (c) cook rl20 Smithfield 

Debnam Sallie (c) maid State Theatre rl25 E Hargett 

Debnam Walter E (Ethel B) trav slsmn h305 Calvin rd 

Debnam Wm (c; Cath) lab hl33 Cross 

Debnam Wm C (c) lab r701 Smith 

Debnam Wm S (c; Mary E) porter W A Myatt Co Inc h701 Smith 

DeBose Chatman (c; Lovelue) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co rolo Saund- 

DeBov C Eliz r407 N Person 

DeBoy Ellee E r407 N Person 

Deboy Heni-y G (Ellee D; Arthur's Sea Food Mkt) h407 N Person 

DeBoy Kate rl216 N Person 

DeBoy Nicholas (Mary A) farmer h301 S Person 

Decker Bernice B rlOl Chamberlain 

Decker Leland W (Mattie V) elk rlOl Chamberlain 

DeCorr Jos E train dispr SALRy rl07 W Jones 

Dees Eliz rl06% E North 

Dees Lloyd P ^Myrle D) parts mgr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hl06% E 

Dees Roy C (Alice J) auto mech hoOS W Morgan 

Deese Carrie (c) dom hl211 S Person 

Deese Jas L (Thelma L) truck driver Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc hl412 
Fayetteville rd 

DeForest Harbert D (Nannie P) radiotrician h814 W Hargett 

DeForest Nannie P opr SouBellTel&TelegCo h814 W Hargett 

DeGraffenreidt Lessie (,c) dom r542 E Cabarrus 

Degraffem-eidt Mary (c) cook 921 Vance 

Deitrick see also Dietrich 

Deitrick W Henley (Eliz H) archt 102 N Hargett hl526 Carr 

DeKraft Ohas E Dkpr Sou Factories & Stoves Corp rl30 Hawthorn rd 

DeLaine Wm H Rev (c; Margt) pastor Ch of God hl05 College 

Delamar Cora V dep coUr USIntRevOffice rl20 W Edenton 

Delamar Julia D dep coUr USIntRevOffice r408 Elm 

Delamar Mary A librarian r408 Elm 

Delamar Mai-ybelle asst director rlOO N Bloodworth 

Delamar Wm T (Helen H) elk USIntRevOffice h408 Elm 

DeLamater E L r Hotel Carolina 

Delaney Julia (.c) tchi- StAugustine's College r do 

Delaney Mary (c) sten hl22 W Lenoir 

Delaney Rhoda (c) h519 W Cabarrus 

Delaney Wm (c; Rosa) lab h523 E Edenton 

Delany Lemuel T (c; Juha) phys 133 E Hargett h212 N State 

DeLoach Moody A mech State Hwy Comn rl704 Dare 

DeLong John G (Annie L) shoe repr Dixie Electric Shoe Shop h214 S 

Delta Sigma Phi fraternity 1922 Hillsboro 

Dement Doris M Mrs rl27 New Bern av apt 405 

Dement Florence r5 E Edenton 

Dement L Prances sten h5 E Edenton 

DeMilt Alonzo P (Norma E) hSll S Bloodworth 

DeMilt Bertie L Indiy wkr roll S Bloodworth 

Dempsey Frances (wid Percy E) slswn h314 Polk 

Dempsey Lizzie (c) IndrshSOS Saunders av 

Dempsey Percy E elk Sir Walter Drug Store Inc r314 Polk 

Denkins see also Dinkins 

Denkins Elijah J (Ann L) bus driver hl08 S Harrington 

Denkins Roy S (Leafy T) examiner N C Inspection & Rating Bureau h 
528 New Bern av 

Denmark Annie B Mrs elk State U S Co-Operative Crop Reporting 
Service h2247 The Circle 


Alfred Williaens & €o. 



Denmark Jas W (Florence B; Denmark Studios) h2212 Ridgecrest 
Denmark L Polk (Annie B) alumni sec N C State College h2247 The Cir- 
Denmark Leonita receptionist Denmark Studios h565 N Person 
Denmark Studio (Jas W Denmark) photogs 315-17 Fayetteville 
Denning Braxton T textile wkr rlll4 Harp 
Denning Eloise sten Wilbur H Royster r544 E Hargett 
Denning H Horatio lino opr r544 E Hargett 
Denning Hazel (c) dom i-213 N Tarboro 
Denning Henry L (Lois M) truck driver h544 E Hargett 

Denning Iva M Mrs slswn Jonas Shoppe rll07 Mordecai dr 

Denning John H r544 E Hargett 

Denning John w (Vada M) track driver h314 S Dawson 

Denning Jos B (Dona) huckster h312 N Dawson 

Denning Josephine r312 N Dawson 

Denning L Hortense typist N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh r544 E Hargett 

Denning Lacy r312 N Dawson 

Dennis Anne sten rll2 Halifax 

Dennis Barna E (Macy S) ins solr Moore & Johnson Co hl28 N Harring- 
ton apt 4 

Dennis Minnie (c) Indrs hl07 E Cabarrus 

Dennis Paul (c) rSlO Cannon 

Dennis Wm (c; Odessa) pntr h514 Railroad av 

Dennison Bemice prin Eliza Pool Sch rll2 Halifax 

Denny Vernon hlpr r311 W Jones 

Denson Claude B (Gertrade S) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R408 h820 N Blo- 

Denson Daisy h528 N Wilmington 

Denson Lee A (Jane S) meteorologist U S Weather Bureau h22n Forest rd 

Denson Mary A r528 N Wilmington 

Denson Romulus S student r227 Forest rd 

Denson Sara elk r227 Forest rd 

Denson Thos M (Laura M) asst eng h2112 Myrtle av 

Dent Maggie (c) dom rl20 W Johnson 

Denton Burt D (Lucy) textile wkr h805 N Blount 

Denton Edwin V real est r313 W Morgan 

Denton Hattie W (wid Jefferson N) rll6 S Harrington 

Denton Jas L (Mamie L) spinner hll21 Harp 

Denton Jos W (Kate Y) mach h429% HaUfax 

Denton Kate Y Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co h429i^ Halifax 

Denton Lucy E (wid John D) h216 N Harrington 

Denton Mary (c) prsr Sanitary Lndrv h745 Smithfield av 

Denton Thos (c; Mary) lab h745 Smithfaeld av 

Denton Wm E msngr r216 N Harrington 

Derby E Lee (Carrie E) dept mgr Allen's Mkt h2211 The Circle 

Derby Wm McK (Lola W) radio technician h621 Brooks av 

Derbyshire Daisy W (wid Thos G) director of nurses Mary Elizabeth 
Hosp r506 Sasser 

Derieux John B (Eliz T) prof N C State College h2802 Hillsboro 

DeRonde Melville L (Jennie D) service mgr Telghman Motors Inch32(K) 
Hillsboro apt B-5 

Derrick Anna L student rl03 Harrison av 

DeiTick J Sidney (Lottie L) hl03 Harrison av 

DeShazo Bertha M Mrs (DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture) r820 William- 
son dr 

DeShazo Robt L (Bertha M; DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture) r82{J Wfl- 
liamson dr 

DeShazo School of Beauty Culture (Robt L and Mrs Bertha M DeShazo) 
1271/2 Fayetteville 

Detroit Fire & Marine Insurance Co Kenneth R Smith spl agt 20 E Mar- 
tin R405 

Devane Carl (c) bellmn rSlO E Worth 

Devane Nancy P (c) dom hSlO E Worth 

Devaun Luther L (Pearl M) bridge carp h220 N West 

DeVtnney HaiTy M (Eva M) car oiler h216 Linden av 

Dew E Ruth r497 S Boylan av 

Dew Jos R (Emma M) formn SALRy r211 N Dawson 

Dew Nannie N (wid Saml) r497 S Boylan av 

Dewar Gladys sten r711 N Blount 

Dewar Susan r711 N Blount 

Dewar Susan B (wid Wm E) h711 N Blount 

Dewar Wm B (Narcissa R) phys 15 W Hargett R621 hl540 Carr 

DeWeese Fredk C (Dora G) asst eng CP&LCo hllo E WJiitaker Mill rd 

DeWeese Wayne student rll5 E Whitaker MUl rd 

104 S. DAWSON ST. 





PHONE 68 and 69 

Deyton Robt G (Edith W) acct The State Budget Bureau hl817 WMte Oak 

DibreU Jas C (Margt) slsmn h532 N Wilmington apt 3 
Dickens Alvin J driver Ai-mour & Co rl212 Filmore 
Dickens Chas D (c; Margt) lab h715 E Lenoir 
Dickens Christobel (c) dom r217 N Tarboro 
Dickens J Van (.Cecil T) eng hl212 Filmore 
Dickens Jas R (c) student r715 E Lenoir 
Dickens Li2zie (c) dom Ii2l7 N Tarboro 
Dickens Margt sec Sherwood Brantley r2310 Hillsboro 
Dickens Monroe (c) lab r208 Bart 
Dickens Nathaniel (c) lab r2n N Tarboro 
Dickens Thurston (c; Carrie) lab h601 Church 
Dickinson Augusta student nurse Rex Hosp r do 
Dickinson C Earle (Thm-ber G) slsmn h204 E Franklin 
Dickinson C Earle jr student r204 E Fi-anklin 
Dickinson Jas E (Mary E) bkpr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hl910 Alexander 

Dickinson Jas E jr student rl910 Alexander rd 
Dickinson Wm A (SteUa S; Raleigh Tire Co and Sinclair Super Service 

fata) h406 Cole 
Dicks Arth E asst City Tax CoUr r407 N Person 
Dicks Lila drsmkr 615 N Blount r do 
Dickson see also Dixon 
Dickson Annie L cash The W & R Cash Co 
Dickson C Palmer jr (The W & R Cash Co) 
Dickson Cecil P (Alma F; The W & R Cash Co) 
Dickson Isaac (c) lab r412 W Edenton 
Dickson Mary E (wid Geo) rl06% E North 
DICKSON R S & CO INC, W Reid Martin V-Pres and Resident Mgr In- 

1986"ld 9902"" ^^-SO^ Security Bank Bldg, 339 Fayetteviul, Tels 

S^i^PS-*^^®'" Yi'^ ^ 'Lillian) buyer Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rl623 Park dr 
Diehl Kenneth C student r327 W Morgan i'b. ui 

Dietnch Bros Richd E Ball mgr iron and steel 133% S Salisbury 
Diggs Fannie T (wid Melzer G) hlS w Peace i^"uiy 

°'^ Pain"^ ^ '^""''^ ^' ^^''^ "'^'' ^ ^ Regional Agrl Credit Corp hl622 

Dillard Anne M rl09 Duncan 

Dillard Hattie (wid Paul C) rl09 Duncan 

Dillar(i Luther C designer State Hwy Comn hl09 Duncan 

Dilley Ray E (Essie C) slsmn h624 W Jones 

Si ^!? S'^'^^v,^ T^i^ ¥ P'"*^^ °''l°'i Supply Co hl603 Hillsboro 
Dillon Dorothy L student rl603 HiUsboro xiuiaoora 

Dillon JJank M (Jeanne B) tool sharpener h724 Gaston 
Dillon Grover L (Mary G) sec-treas Dillon Supply Co hl9lx stMarv-.! 
Dillon Lucy B student i724 Gaston ^ fatMary s 

Dillon Supply Co Clyde A Dillon pres Robt W Wynne v-pres Grovpr 
L Dillon sec-treas mm supplies 216 S West ^^^""'J v pres uiovei 

Dillon Warren W r724 Gaston 
Dlnkins see also Denkins 
Dinkins W Edw lino r316 W Jones 
°"^ rl507^HJll^I^TO ^^^ ^^* '^^ Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S 

nmFrTnlv^T?l#lR v^w^^'i^ T"-^^'' mgr 209 S McDowell Rl 
DIRECTORY LIBRARY, We Maintain a Complete and Up-to-Date Li- 
brary of American Cities for Your Accommodation and Convenience 
Chamber of Commerce 17 W Davie vcmcm-c, 

Dissosway Hallie (wid Wm H) r404 Polk 

SII^SI^'*^ ATTORNEY (See United States Government) 

DISTRICT COURT (See United States Government) 

Divine Dress Shoppe Helen F Brown mgr 114 Fayetteville 

ggie™ iwE^^'=42!>f Fayettev™ ^ ^^""'^^"^ ""*"" ''^ ''' ^^""'^^^^ 
Dixie Culvert & Metal Co Ira G Tuttle mgr 801 Fayetteville 










Audits— S 






< 9 
















G (Ti 


Z ^ 














The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Dixie Electric Shoe Shop (Rad J Miles) reprs 104 E Hargett 

Dixie Floral Co (Mrs Margt G McLean) 508 Dixie Trail 

Dixie Inn (Earl E Merritt) restr 3426 Hillsboro 

Dixie The apts 5 Dixie Trail 

Dixie Underwriter The (Wm L Powell) publication 15 W Hargett R601 

Dixon see also Dickson 

Dixon Alf A (Inez W) associate prof N C State College hl4 Dixie Trail 

Dixon Annie E Mrs (Mansion View) rl21 N Blount 

Dixon Cath (c) Indi-ywkr Capital City Lndry r719 S McDowell 

Dixon Chas N (Mozelle) slsmn hl319 Hinton 

Dixon Clara (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry h719 S McDowell 

Dixon Cora L (wid Wiley G) h517 N East 

Dixon Dulus H (Annie Ei mdse broker 121 N Blount h do 

Dixon Eliz Mrs waitress Mansion Park Hotel r207 W Martin 

Dixon Estelle (wid Chas) rl319 Hinton 

Dixon Fred (c) atndt Mkt Service Sta r27 Lee 

Dixon Predk D reporter news bureau N C State College rl7 Enterprise 

Dixon Geo C (The Quality Creamery Co) r525 E Jones 

Dixon J Robt r517 N East 

Dixon Jas (c; Ada) brklyr h607 Cannon 

Dixon John rl319 Hinton 

Dixon John W (Mary D) hl7 Enterprise 

Dixon John W jr elk rl7 Enterprise 

Dixon Mary nurse 1319 Hinton r do 

Dixon Mary B sec Dr Aldert S Boot r227 New Bern av 

Dixon Mary D rl7 Enterprise 

Dixon Oscar (c) lab r527 S West 

Dixon Sidney (c; Victoria) janitor r5 12 Saunders 

Dixon Virginia D cash Polloci-:'s SliDper Salon rl7 Enterprise 

Dixon Wm (c; Emma) lab h628 Cannon 

Dixon Wright T (Marian H) field asst State Local Government Comn h 

806 Cowper dr 
Dizor D E solr Sanitary Lndry r Western blvd 
Dizor John L (Fannie C) filling sta h62aW Lane 
Dizor John L jr elk Dizor's Pharmacy r620 W Lane 
Dizor Marvin E (Beulah; Dizor's Pharmacy) rl27 S Bloodworth 
DIZOR'S PHAKMACY (Marvin E Dizor) Cut Rate Drugs "Prescriptions 

Our Specialty" 15 E Martin, Tel 4255 
Doak Chas S (Frances) physical education dept N C State College hl30 

Woodburn rd 
Doak Saml (c) r Wake County Home 
Dobbin Jas C (Laura B) hl08 Home 
Dobbin Virginia B rl06 Home 
Dobbins Bynum G student r619 Aycock 
Dobbins Geo W (Maude L) mimeograph mgr h619 Aycock 
Dobson see also Dodson 
Dobson Algie (c) smstrs h207 Pugh 
Dobson Chas L circulation mgr The Progressive Farmer & Son Ruralist 

r Randleraan N C 
Dockery Sarah (c) dom h826y2 Fayetteville 
Dockstoi-y Dillon (c; Pinkie) auto mech h406 Watson 
Dodd Annie r Wake County Home 
Dodd Gary N (Eliz G) pharra r712 W North 
Dodd Eliz G Mrs sten Home Securitv Life Ins Co r712 W North 
Dodd Eliz M elk Indi-y N C State College r3I19 S Dawson 
Dodd J Edw (Christian A) ins agt rl806 Pairview rd 

Dodd Jack B (SaUie V) emp Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co hlOlO Smith- 
Dodd L Leamon (Sudie M) auto mech h227 E Davie 
Dodd Lillian E rll4% Park av 
Dodd Marv H tchr St Mary's Sch r do 
Dodd Sylvia C (wid Jas) hll4y3 Park av 
Dodd Walter I slsmn J R Pointer Cigar Co r604 W South 
Dodds Olga E tchr St Mary's Sch r do 
DODGE 53KOS MOTOR CASS. 5Iontg:omery-Mutart Inc Dealers, 109- 

115 S Blount, Tel 2476 (See right top lines) 
Dodge P W Corp J Garland Bullock local rep news bureau 15 W Hargett 

Dodge Jas P (Mabel C) claim adjuster State Hwy Comn h2231 The Circle 
Dodson see also Dobson 
Dodson Ellen sch tchr rl706 Dare 
Dodson Guy M firemn rl706 Dare 
Dodson M Eliz r307 E Edenton 
Dodson Pearl B (v.'id Paul A) hl706 Dare 
Doerner Mary A (wid Geo) rr214 Hinton 


The Carolina's Oldest \¥holesaIe and Retail 
Kardv/eire House 

Doggett Irvin E dona M) ni9:r Strop Taxi Co hll2 N Dawson 

Dolby Annie (c) cook h201 Hoke 

Dolby J Chester (c; lula) lab hl223 Fayetteville rd 

Dolby Needham H (c; Eva) caiTj hl225 Fayetteville rd 

Doles Corinne elocution tchr 6V2 W Hargett r Wilson N C 

Dombolis Nicholas (Helen; Tlie Mecca Luncheonette) h403 W Hargett 

Donahoo Wm R (Ruby R) supt meats hlOC6 Wake Forest rd 

Donahue Edw W mor Genl Outdoor Adv Co Co Inc r232 W Hargett apt 9B 

Donaldson Aaron (c) delmn Geo H Burnette rl307 E Jones 

Donaldson Annie (c) marker Sanitary Lndry r712 E Martin 

Donaldson Annie M (c) dom r913 S Person 

Donaldson Archie (c; Maude) meat ctr r606 Wynne 

Donaldson Cornelius (c; Annie) plstr r712 E Martin 

Donaldson Daisy B Mrs office sec DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture rl24 N 

Donaldson Dora (c) cook r912 Fayetteville 

Donaldson Edith (c) rl002 E Davie 

Donaldson Julius (c) lab rill Bragg 

Donaldson Nonie (c) dom rl307 E Jones 

Donaldson Otha (c) prsr Economy Clnrs rl307 E Jones 

Donaldson Otis (c) lab rl307 E Jones 

Donaldson Rebecca (c) maid rl002 E Davie 

Donaldson Sophronia (c) dom hl307 E Jones 

Donaldson Wm (c; Annie) janitor h913 S Person 

Doolittle Ai-chie A electn h302 Duncan 

Doolittle Eva r416 S Dawson 

Doolittle H Leonard hlpr r416 S Dawson 

Doolittle Mary E (wld Edw P) r302 Duncan 

Dorminy Jas L (Nelle R) h700 W Morgan apt 2 

Dorsett Alf J (Irene B) gro 429 W Peace h708 Glenwood av 

Dorsett Gilbert T rl812 Glenwood av 

Dorsett J Dewey (Minerva J) comnr State Industrial Comn h2242 
The Circle 

Dorsett John elk r327 Hillsboro 

Dorsett Lois opr Sou EpU Tel & Teleg Co r615 Fayetteville 

Dorsett Lottie L sten rl812 Glenwood av 

Dorsett Mary J rl812 Glenwood av 

Dorsett Mary M typist State Industrial Comn rl610 Iredell dr 

Dorsett Wm R slsmn J G Ball Co hl812 Glenwood av 

Dorsett Wm R jr student ri812 Glenwood av 

Dorsev S Boy^'en stewprrl State Prison r do 

Dortch Eliz artist 218 N Wilmington r do 

Dortch Gavin H ins solr Moore & Johnson Co r Wake Forest rd 

Dortch Lucv B sec Geo W Connor r218 N Wilmington 

Dortch Lucv M r213 N Wilmington 

Dortch Sally h218 N Wilmington 

Dortch Thos H sec McKimmon & McKee Inc r218 N Wilmington 

Doscher Love L Mrs slswn Lerner Shops r Y W C A 

Dosher Lois director Countv Organization State Board of Charities and 
Public Welfare rl407 Hillsboro 

Doss Madie E Mrs r914 W South 

Doster Jas M (Lela) pntr h607 Gaston 

Doster Robt W (Alma W) pntr h612 W Johnson 

Doub Albert lawyer 5 W Hargett R1013 r White Oak rd 

Doudna Elwood E (Cleo B) meter eng CP&LOo hl601 StMary's 

Douglas Annie (c) dom rllO N Tarboro 

Douglas Clarence D (Mary P) div director State Dept of Public Instruct- 
ion h201iy2 Fairview rd 

Douglas Edw (c) lab r802 Manly 

Douglas Emily F dep U S Marshal r229 E Edenton apt 2 

Douglas Jas (c) rolo S McDovifell 

Douglas Julian (c: Ruth) gro 209 Branch (SPk) h do 

Douglas Lucy (c) dom hSll Cannon av 

Douglas Marine (c) r203 Pugh 

Douglas Mary P Mrs div director State Dept of Public Insti-uction h211iy<. 
Fairview rd 

Douglas Millie (c) Indrs h3l9 Moore's al 

Douglas Pearl (c) h602 Saunders 

Douglas Saml D (c) r Wake County Home 

Douglas Sarah (c) dom h515 S McDowell 

Douglass Clyde A (Douglass & Douglass) r Wake Forest rd 

Douglass Jos C (Douglass & Douglass) r Wake Forest rd 

DOUGLASS & DOUGLASS (Clyde A and Joseph Douglass), Lawyei-s 

1001-1001 Security Sank Bids: 239 Fayetteville, Tel 509 
Dover Corrie (c; Blanche) waiter r209 Cuba 














PHONE 4020 

Dover Grace (c) r209 Cuba 

Dover Jas (c; Alice) lab h812 Cotton pi 

Dow Charlotte (c) cook hSlO E Martin 

Dowd Bernard (Myrtle) city firemn r407 Glenwood av 

Dowd Jas E (Christine) agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co rl809 Fairvlew rd 

Dowd John W (Meta A) cond hl21 E Peace 

Dowd Squire Rev ic: Anna) h202 Battle 

Dowd Wm C student rl21 E Peace 

Dowdy Eliz C Mrs (Cranford's Beauty Salon) h707 Aycock 

Dowdy I Leonard student rlll4 New Bern av 

Dowdy Maude M (wld Ira L) elk Confederate Soldier's Home rlll4 New 

Bern av 
Dowdy Thos E (Eliz C) trav slsmn h707 Aycock 
Dowel! Claudia J sten Northwestern Mut Fii'e Assn r703 Aycock 
Dowell ESnma J rlOS W Jones 
Dowell Geo J jr (Lillian E) asst mgr Auto Electric & Battery Co r318 

Dowell Helen L student r703 Aycock 
Dowell Paul S (Essie A) elk h703 Aycock 
Dowell Tiranquilla Y (wid Geo J) h318 Polk 
Dowell Willard L (Minnie B) editor The Carolina-Virginia Retailer and 

executive sec N C Merchants Assn h415 New Bern av 
Downing Dorothy student r226 Hillsboro 
Downing John L student r225 Hillsboro 

Downing Van H (Lillian H) mgr Carolina Del Service h226 HiU^boro 
Downson Lillie (c) hSll Manly 
Doyle Conan whsemn Cai^y Poultry Assn r RD 1 
Doyle Hattie L (wid Wm J) hl02 S McDowell 

Doyle Jas P (Rada) plmbr Union Plumbing & Heating Co h601 N Salis- 

Doyle Lucille slswn Hudson-Belk Co r Cary RD 1 

Dozier Cleo nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Dozier Nathan B student r6 Perndell la 

Dozier Sol (c; Lillian) custodian Elks Home h426 S Blount 

Dozier W Tate stmftr Biemann & Rowell r Wake Forest rd 

Drake Chas (c) lab r709 S Person 

Drake Pleeta (c) dom r709 S Person 

Drake Flora A sten SALRy rll8 N McDowell 

Drake Fred B elk h700 W Morsran apt 3 

Drake Frajk F (Sarah F) elk h2024 St Mary's 

Drake Julia A student rl05 E Edenton apt 302 

Drake Julia R student r2025 Fairview rd 

Drake Richd C mgr Sou Dairies r3200 Hillsboro apt CI 

Drake S Elva Mrs mgr The Vance h2025 Fairview rd 

Drake Saml (c) hsemn r806 Manly 

Drake W V atndt State Hosp r do 

Drake W.esley M (Raleigh Bedding Co) r BD 2 

Drake Wm B (c; Carrie G) emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h207 Cuba 

Drake Wm B (S Elva) office 5 W Hargett RIOIO h2025 Faii'view rd 

Draper Eug T i Mabel V) sub elk ITSPG h418 St Mary's 

Draughan Thelma Mi's r413 W Hargett 

Drennan Herbert O ( Geneva E) tree surg r5 S McDowell 

Dresser Raymond L (Anna) hlSOO Sunset av 

Drew Arth (c) plstr r416 S Swain 

Drew Chas (c) porter Wake Auction Co rl506 E Jones 

Drew Chas P printer opr E A Pierce & Co r224 W Morgan 

Drew Levesta (c) dom hl506 E Jones 

Drew Lewis (c: Octavia) bellmn Colonial Hotel hlll5 E Edenton 

Drew Louise (c) dom rlll5 E Edenton 

Drew Louise (c) Indrs rl506 E Jones 

Drew Mary (c) r33 McKee 

Drew Nannie H (wid John A) fum rms 1406 Wake Forest rd hdo 

Drew T Floyd (Willa J) coml mgr CP&LCo hl522 Jarvis 

DREWRY JOHN C (Mary H) , General Insurance Agent 410 Lawyers Bldg 
3,2fl S SaSisfcury, Tel 104, lil905 Glenwood av, Tel 3082 (See marginal 
Sine front cover) 

Drewry John C Chapter No 7 Rose Croix S R M Edwin "W, Yates sec 
meets 2d Thursday 8pm 135 PayettevUle 

Drevn-y Kittie H (wid John C) h815 Holt dr 

Driggers Bessie Mrs sten r406 Polk 

Dring Laurence W (Myrtle K) hll07 Mordecai dr 

Driver Chas (c; Bessie W) hlpr h706 Smith 

Driver Eliz (c) Indrs h25 Hunter 

Driver Jas H slsmn Royal Baking Co rl0O6 Benjamin 

Driver Martha P (wid Jos) h707 N Salisbury 




Dromgoole The apts 425 N Blount 
Dr Pepper Bottling Co iChas L Browne) 110 W Davie 
Drumgo Edw (c) lab h526 W Lenoir 

Drummond John H (Edith McQ) mgr P W Wool worth Co r803 Holt dr 
Drye Hollie (c) cook rll8 W Peace 
Dryzer Jack (Nell Z) h515 New Bern av 
Dryzer Nell Z Mrs (Jean's) h515 New Bern av 
Dublin Nathan (c) lab r728 S Haywood 

Dubois Barnard a (Mary H) rep The Texas Co h307 W Park dr 
DuBose Benj (c; Connie) flremn Bland Hotel h705 S Blount 
Dubose Leroy (o lab r414 N Harrington 
Duckett Alf P (Irene C) slsmn h2215 Ridgecrest 
Duckett Robt M (Ruth) newspapermn h21l E Peace 
Duckworth CaiTie nurse StLuke's Home r do 

Dudley Edw M (Mary N) mgr J S Bache Co h229 E Edenton apt ID 
Dudley Ernest (c; Bessie) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry r«21 W South 
Dudley H Lester (Myrtle M) h512 Tucker 
Dudley Hubert J student rll6 N Dawson 
Dudley John R (Naomi) atndt State Hosp r624 Devereaux 
Duell Gladys (c) cook rSll Jenkins 
DueU Wni (c; Ozona) pntr hl308 Pender 

Duff-Gore Corp The W Erskine Duff v-pres-mgr musical instru- 
ment dlrs 400 Fayetteville ^ s a, uioli u 

Duff Kath alumnae sec St Mary's Sch r do 

Euffer Siln^p'cVk^rie'^Sk'''' °""-°°'^« ^^-^P "^203 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Duffer Mamie P ( wid Ralph) slswn Lucielle Shop h526 Polk 

Duffey Mary E beautician r298 Jackson 

RJJS V4{°iJ" J (Agnes E) storekpr SALRy h618 Glenwood av 

Duke Clifton P jr prmter The News & Observer r618 Hillsboro 

Duke C(3rneha E sten Direct Adv Service rl22 W Jones 

Duke Ella (wid Wm) rllO Seawell av 

Duke Emma W office sec Lawrence Stone & Gravel Co Inc r212i/2 New 

Duke Etta L Mrs tchr Thompson Sch hl803 Wills av 

T^^ ^° ^J"^"^^ Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co r305 Kinsey 

Duke Harold B sjgn pntr rlio Seawell av 

worth'"'^ "^ iMargt M) meat ctr R & w Groceteria r526 N Blood- 

°"^Be^n ''av ^^^"^ ^^^^ °^^* °^ Conservation & Development r558 New 

Duke Minnie B (wid John E) h328 S McDowell 
Duke Nancy D (wid Thos) rlSOO St Mary's 
Duke Nathaniel (c) rl7 W 'W^orth 
Duke Otha G (Etta L) eng hisos" Wills av 

b °d ^'' ^^^'■^ ^^ ^'"^" Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r Western 

Duke Rebecca (c) maid hl7 W Worth 

Duke Sidney R elk rllO Seawell av 

Duke T Wiley (M Florence) h400 N Person 

Duke Walter B (Annie M) elk hio W Peace 

Duke Wm E ball player rllO Seawell av 

Duke's Place (c; Richd Debnami shoe shiners 207 E Cabarrus 

DUN & BRAD STREET INC, Lawrence M Gerlinff Mgr, Mercantile 

Agency, 211>/2 S McDowell, Tel 2881 -» , ^ 

Dunaway Mary E rl08 Aycock 
Dunaway Robt A (Alvira E) slsmn hl08 Aycock 
Dunbar Grant (c; Ehza) janitor h612 E South 
Dunbar Jas E (c; Ellen) lab h712 Manly 

Dunbar Millar(i P (Ellen V) pres Dunbar & Daniel Inc hl20 Harding 
Dunbar & Daniel Inc Millard P Dunbar pres J Wm Daniel v-pres Thos N 

Daniel sec-treas photogs 132y2 Payetteville 
Duncan Angler r911 Belmont 
Duncan Annie (c) dom r217 W North 
Duncan Darius (Esma T) hl08 E North 

°""3of °'*'"^ ° ^^^^ *^' lawyer 20 E Martin R716 hl05 E Edenton apt 
Duncan Edw E lawyer 334 S Salisbury 2d fl rll8 N WDmirgton 
Duncan Eula^G Mrs dep coUr U 3 Int Rev Office hl05 E Edenton apt 301. 

Duncan Jas chainmn State Hwy Comn rl08 E North 

Duncan Jas H (Salena B) auto mech hSll S Swain 

Duncan Janette (wid Lawrance P) rSOe Tilden 

Duncan John N (Dorothy) lawyer 33-1 S Salisbury 2d fl hl823 St Mary's 






CAPITAL jr^^^..^?r^l9^ CO. 


Duncan Jos (Mozelle) meat ctr Natl Mkt Co h610 W Lane 

Duncan Lee emp East Coast Stages Inc r Caraleigh Mills 

Duncan Leo J (Hazel) mach li547 E Jones 

Duncan Leon (c) lab r418 S Person 

Duncan Nathan G prod 214 E Martin stall 5 r RD 3 

Duncan Nellie (c) dom li217 W North 

Duncan Percy (c; AUie) lab r612 Adams al 

Duncan Reuben (c) r217 W North 

Duncan Thos slsmn r421 Park dr 

Duncan Walter D (Olivia A) textilewkr h911 Belmont 

Duncan Wm B (Margt C; Calvert & Duncan) U S Referee in Bankrupt- 
cy h210 Chamberlain 

Duncan Wm M (Lillian B) sec-treas Capital Feed & Gro Co Inc iiQOS W 

Dunham R Shelton sec Cary Poultry Assn r Gary N C 

Dunigan Margt (c) maid r828 Cotton pi 

Dunlap Prank L asst director The State Budget Bui'eau r Hotel Carolina 

Dunlap Herbert (c) fum rms 118 Smithfield h do 

Dunlap M Thos (Almyra R) eng CP&LCo h2129 Country Club dr 

Dunmore Eliza (c) dom rll9 Dover 

Dunmore Robt (c; Effie) lab hll9 Dover 

Dunn Alice (C) smstrs h726 S Bloodworth 

Dunn Annie (c) Indrs h813 Jenkins 

Dunn Bessie (c) dom rl604 Oakwood av 

Dunn Carrie (c) cook h212 W, South 

Dunn Claude (c; Lorene) lab rl701 Oakwood av 

Dunn Cleo (c) r212 W Lenoir 

Dunn Delia (c) h609 Cannon 

Dunn Dora (c) dom hill Park 

Dunn Dorothy D student rill S Davison 

Dunn E Bernard (Eliz) printer h710 Boylan dr 

Dunn Edw S (c; Cular) lab h315 Battle 

Dunn Eliz W rill S Dawson 

Dunn Elsie P Mrs sten State Dept of Conservation and Development h 
553 N Person 

Dunn Estelle (c) maid Hotel Carolina r Watson Field 

Dunn Esther (c) Indrs hllll S Bloodworth 

Dunn Ethel (c) maid 3414 Hillsboro 

Dunn E^a H smstrs rll7 S McDowell 

Dunn Florine (c) r312 Cannon 

DunnPlorine (c) dom r716 Oakwood av 

DunnFi-ank (c; Estelle) farmer h912 S Haywood 

Dunn Prank (c) grease wiper rl296 E Edenton 

Dunn Frank (c; Hattie D) janitor Y M C A h211 Heck 

Dunn Grace (c) dom rl304 E Lane 

Dunn Irene (c) cook 2711 Paii'view rd 

Dunn J A (c) lab rl8 McKee 

Dunn Jas (c) r609 Cannon 

Dunn Jas (cl lab rSll E Davie 

Dunn Jas (c) lab r615 S East 

Dunn Jas (c) lab h303 Washington (College Pk) 

Dunn Jennie (c) maid Confederate Soldier's Home hl604 Oakwood av 

Dunn Jennie L (c) r315 Bledsoe av 

Dunn John (c) hlpr Sir Walter Hotel r9 W Davie 

Dunn John (c) lab rl5(>2 E Lane 

Dunn John (c) lab rl604 Oakwood av 

Dunn John (c) lab r512 Pace 

Dunn Leah (c) r211 W South 

Dunn Lillian (c) dom r813 Jenkins 

Dunn Lucy A (c) h312 Cannon 

Dunn Lydia (c) dom hl2 Lee 

Dunn Marcus (c; Luella) lab r707 E Lane 

Dunn Martha (c) dom rSll E Davie 

Dunn Mary E (c) rll4 W South 

Dunn Matilda (c; Fourth Ward Cafe) h211 W, South 

Dunn Mattie (c) r212 W South 

Dunn Mazie (c) Indrs hSll E Davie 

Dunn Mildred (c) dom rl5(}2 E Lane 

Dunn Minnie E (wid Rufus G) r524 S Han'ington 

Dunn Myrtle < c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndiy r329 E Davie 

Dunn Naomi E (c) student rl27 (117) Camden 

Dunn Nat-Alle student rll05 Cowper dr 

Dunn Nathaniel A (Alle D) hll05 Cowper dr 

Dunn Nathaniel A Jr (Betty R) supt Oak City Lndry r RD 1 



"The memoo" of quality lingers lonj; after tJie price is forgotten." 

Dunn Octavia (c) r214 W Cabarrus 
Dunn Pearl (c) cook r615 S East 
Dunn Pleasant H (c; Eugenia) firemn h615 S East 
Dunn Robt E (Louise B) mgr Oak City Lndry h924 Cowper dr 
DunnRobtM (Louise) slsmn hl012 Boylan dr 
Dunn Robt W (Lizzie W) hill S Dawson 

Dunn Roy (c) shoe shiner Carolina Shu-Fixery 12 E Hargett 
Dunn Sabrinia (c) dom rlVOl Oakwood av 
Dunn Sidney (o; Fannie) brklyr lr222 Heck 
Dunn Sue (c) presser Sanitary Lndry h518 Cannon 
Dunn Sylvia (c) dom hl27 (117) Camden 
Dunn Theo (c; Lenora) elev opr Hotel Carolina h604 Cannon 
Dunn Thos (c) lab r211 Heck 
Dunn Ulysses (c) lab r813 Jenkins 
Dunn Wm A (Elsie P) elk CP&LCo h553 N Person 
Dunn Willie A (o r210 Cannon 
Dunna.?an M R news paper corres r Y M C A 
Dunston Alice (c) dom r2308 Stafford av 
Dunston Arth (c; Lina) janitor h2210 Joint 
Dunston Carrie (c) lndry wkr Sanitary Lndry h211 Pugh 
Dunston Chas (c; Margt) gdnr h208 N Tarboro 
Dunston Chas A (c; Mary A) dentist 220 E Davie h do 
Dunston Chas F (c) student r220 E Davie 
Dunston Charlotte (c) dom r213 S State 
Dunston Clarence H (c; Mabel) brklyr hl210 New Bern av 
Dunston David (c; Marjorie) Indrywkr h754i/4 FayettevUle 
Dunston David L (c; Marjorie) Indrywkr h528 E Lenoir 
Dunston Eliza T (c) r220 E Davie 

Dunston Emarald M (c; Rosa) sta fii-emn Sir W.alter Hotel h703 Smith 
Dunston Geo (c) farmer h529 Hick's al 
Dunston Henry (c) roofer r402 W North 
Dunston Hilliard (c) hlpr r412 Green 
Dunston Jesse (c) gdnr r2308 Stafford av 
Dunston Lucy (c) Indrywkr r412 Green 
Duirston Mahala (c) h615 S McDowell 
Dunston Mary (c) dom h712 S Bloodworth 
Dunston Mary L (c) dom r2308 Stafford av 
Dunston Nancy (c) dom r618 Oberlin rd 
Dunston Nettie (c) dom r601 Church 
Dunston Royal E (c; Anna) pistr h911 S Bloodworth 
Dunston Sallie (c) maid 405 W Park dr 
Dunston Thos (c; Mary A) gdnr h2303 Stafford av 
Dunston Viola (c) dom r211 Pugh 
Dunston Woodrow (c) lab r213 S State 

Dupree Estelle S Mrs sten Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh h2237 The Cir- 
Dupree Flossie textile w-kr r516 N West 

Dupree Gladys G Mrs elk State Adjutant Genl rl94 W Johnson 
Dupree Harmon A (Iva R) slsmn Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc hl707 

Dupree Hugh G (Estelle S) v-pres-treas Central Investment Corp and 

treas Title Guaranty Ins Co h2237 The Circle 
Dupree J T firemn State Hosp r do 
Dupree J W r524 S Boylan av 
Dupree Kenneth O (Gladys G) chf elk The Raleigh Gas Co h914 W 

Dupree Theo J driver Economy Clnrs r RD 4 
Dupree Wm H tank wagon slsmn Am Oil Co r Smithfield N C, 
Dupree Wm M (Hattie O) wood 313 E Martin h do 
Dupree Wm S (Nell R) truck driver h516 N West 
Dupriest Jos S elk The Great A & P Tea Co r312 E Edenton 
Durden Cannie S (Bessie) carp h210 Spence 
Durfev Carrie K Mrs hl21 Hudson 
Durfey David D electn rl20 S Harrington 
Durfe'y Prances A student rl21 Hudson 
Durfey Fi-ances C 'wid Wm E) hl20 S Harrington 
Durfey W Elmer emp The News & Observer rl20 S Han-ington 
Durham Baxter v-pres Bynum Printing Co and State Auditor rlSlS 

Durham Chas (c: Luaenia) farmer hl331 Oberlin rd 
Durham Ellen M hl313 Hillsboro 
Durham Fred (c) lab r609 Freeman 
Durham Grace (c) dom rl331 Oberlin rd 

Durham Herbert (c; Lessie) porter Cross & Linehan Co r418 S Swain 
Durham Jasper G (Ltinora B) teller Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r405 Polk 
Durham John (c; Maggie) janitor State Laboratory of Hygiene hl208 
Oberlin rd 








n 3 
Z. (ft 








e a) 

3 3 


i m 










a,.^!;^r.!..s (BAKER & RMLS) a^r-'S 

Iron and Copper Cor- ) fc#r»IS1B-Bl '^W liri.BBl.W/ R„o,ing. Roof Coat- 

Sn,';%lntiEd ROOFING COMPANY 'pTnts ''weJanb UJ ' 

and Air Conditionino. ( 1 Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Durham Lerov <c; Kate) auto mech r401 W Lenoir 

Pres, David L Cozart Sec, James R Weatherspoon Treas, Edward T 
Burr Actuary, R Frank Harward Msr Policy Dept, 330 Fayetteville 
(2d Floor) , Tels 2335 and 2336, Local Office 301-304 Coml Natl Bank 
Bldff 20 E Martin, Wm Lee Anderson Dist Mg:r, Tel 2216 (See rigrht 
top lines and page 38) 

Durham Major (c) hlpr h418 S Swain 

Durham Oley (c) hlpr Hlner Supply & Mfg Co r570 E Cabarrus 

Durham Rudolph T (c) porter h622 2d av 

Durham Rufus A lab hSlBVo E Worth 

Durkins Ella (c) Indrv wkr Sanitary Lndrv r420 Gall 

Dury Kate W (wid Geo C) r2707 Lbchmoor dr 

Dutch Tavern Inc W Philip Hedrick msr delicatessen 13 E Martin 

Duvall H Bailie (Doris C) acct A M Pullen & Co h309 W AAHiitaker Mill 

Eanes Lettie R office sec N Y Underwriters Ins Co r315 W Hargett 

Earnhart Raymond chf field div U S Int Rev Office r Bland Hotel 

Earp Chas B elk The Smoke Shop r621 N Lane 

Earp Leaoy (wid Wm E) rl616 Sunrise av 

Earp Louisa Mrs r309 E Caban-us 

Earp Wm service mgr Commonwealth Motor Co rl616 Sunrise av 

Easley Mamie R Mrs textile wkr r217 N Salisbury 

Eason Chas R (c) dean Shaw University r do 

Eason Elsie H Mrs sten State Dept of Conservation & Development r322 
New Bern av 

Eason J Harvey (Prances T) sec-treas G S Tucker & Bros Inc r420 N 

Eason Jos (Elsie H) r322 New Bern av 

Eason Levy P mech Montgomery-Mutart Inc r608 E Hargett 

Eason Norman (c) barber Odd Fellows Bldg Barber Shop r736 Smith- 
field av 

East Coast States Inc M Edw Wheatley auditor 225 W Lenoir 

East End Market (Geo Vallas , Spiros H Andrews) gros 542 E Davie 
East End Service Station (c; Jerome Wilson) 801 E Martin 

East Geo K (Margt E) slsmn hl22 Hlllcrest rd apt 7 

Eastep Chas H auxiliary elk State College Sta PO rl904 Hillsboro 

Easterling Edith P (c) sch tchr h516 S Bloodworth 

Easterling Ella M (c) dom rll07 Hill 

Easterling Jessie (c) Indrs h4 Tupper's la 

Easterling Kate (c) Indrs r4 Tupper's la 

Easterling Susie (c) lndrv wkr h612 S McDowell 

Easterling Wm E (Hannah Ml sec State Local Government Comn h 

2412 Everett av 
Eastern Air Transport Inc Mrs Marie M Meyers traffic mgr Fayetteville 

rd 3 m s of city on Hwy No 21 
Eastman Geo A (Alice H) servicemn r716 Nash dr 
Eastman Richd H (Edith E) asst chf dispr SALRy hlCK)2 W South 
Eatman A Clifton (Hazel P) eng h608 Hillsboro apt 2 
Eatman Arland (Mary) cable splicer r410 Frank 
Eatman L C guard State Prison r do 
Eatman Thos P textile wkr rlll3 Harp 
Eatmon Ernest R (Wonder Oil Sta) r520 N Salisbury 
Eatmon O Woodrow elk Wonder Oil Sta r520 N Salisbury 
Eaton Ira S (Lillian E) slsmn Rawls Motor Co h524 S Boylan av 
Eaton Jas L (c: Lucy P) brklyr h314y2 Seawell av 
Eaton John N (c) pntr 503 E Franklin h do 
Eaton Lucy P (c) tchr Washington Sch h314y2 Seawell av 
Eaton Mossa E typist State Library Comn r Gary N C 
Eaton Sadie E (c) nurse 503 E Franklin r do 
Eaton Willis (c) cook r337 W South 

Ebo Bessie (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r550 E Eden- 
Eby Clyde (Brownie) pres Clyde Ebv & Sons Inc hl005 Harvey 
Eby Clyde jr sec-treas Clyde Eby & Sons Inc rlO05 Harvey 
Eby Clyde & Sons Inc Clyde Eby pres. Worth H Eby v-pres, Clyde Eby jr 

sec-treas whol hay and grain 5 W Hargett R701 
Eby Lula (wid Wm G) h6 Maiden la 

Eby Worth H v-pres Clyde Eby & Sons Inc rl005 Harvey 
Echerd M Louise student r705 Florence 
Echerd Mary E r705 Florence 

Echerd Robt S (Elsie M) transfer elk Ry M S h705 Florence 
Echo Sherbert Co (Rufus T Cobum jr) ice cream 118 S Wilmington 
Eckerd's of Raleigh, North Carolina Inc Horace C Maeyer mgr druggist 

222 Fayetteville 
Eckles Geo (c) hlpr David G Allen rl04 N West 





PHONE 182 

Economy Cleaners (Octavius W Hooker) 103 E Morgan 

Economy Oil Co Frank J Reid mgr filling sta 321 S Blount 

Eddines Andrew L (Lena) oiler rSll W Peace 

Eddines Florence S (wid John S) texile wkr rSll W Peace 

Eddinger Wm L sch tchr rl827 White Oak rd 

Eddins J Woodrow (Grace) textile wkr h512 N Salisbury 

Eddins Mary B (wid Wm E) r416 S Boylan av 

Eddins Saml (Lillie) textile wkr rll8 Firwood av 

Eddins Susie W Mrs sten Connell Realty & Mortgage Co Inc r222 W Mor- 

Eddins Wm H (Annie M) textile wkr h509 IT ij, ■ 

Eddins Wm O textile wkr r509 N Dawson 

Edelen Philip B (MUdred M) trav slsmn hll9 Ashe av 

Edelen Philip B jr student rll9 Ashe av 

Eden John R (Florence B) capt inf DOL N C State College h2709 Loch- 
moor dr 

Edenhall The apts 229 E Edenton 

Edenton Street M E Church (South) Rev Eug C Few pastor 220 W Eden- 

Edge Danl M (Edith) elk Gulf Refining Co h508 Oakwood av 

Edge Halbert L (Leona) firemn h421 N Wilmington 

Edgerton see also Egerton 

Edgerton Agnes M sten N C State College h625 W Jones 

Edgerton Alma W (wid N Edw) h708 Hillsboro 

Edgerton Cath (c) dom rl325 S East 

Edgerton Elmer O (Susie I; Martin St Pharmacy) h530 Oakwood av 

Edgerton Elmer O jr hlpr r530 Oakwood av 

Edgerton Ivey r625 W Jones 

Edgerton Jean student r530 Oakwood av 

Edgerton M Eliz sten r530 Oakwood av 

Edgerton N Edward (Mishew R) pres-treas Raleigh Bonded Warehouse 
Inc r708 Hillsboro 

Edmondson Margt dental asst H Royster Chamblee rl27 N Blount 

Edmondson Wm R (c; Hattie M) instr State Sch for the Blind and the 
Deaf r541 E Cabarrus 

Edmundson Naomi E Mrs bkpr Charles Stores Co Inc h404 Frank 

Edmundson Sidney L (Naomi E) soda elk h404 Prank 

Edmundson Wm C bkpr Neiman'sinc rl34 NewBern av 

Edwards Aaron J slsmn Sou Auctioli & Furn Co r Leesville rd 

Edwards Alex W (Ploy I) prod h514 S Harrington 

Edwards Alma waitress S & W Cafeteria r320 NewBern av 

Edwards Alonzo T (Josephine) slsmn Raleigh Furn Co Inc h524 W Mor- 

Edwards Annie (c) cook h221 W North 

Edwards Annie B (wid Wm H) sec to health officer State Board of 
Health r425 N Blount apt 4 

Edwards Annie S hsekpr State Hosp r do 

Edwards Arth R (Lena) carp h316 W North 

Edwards B Aired (Alma W) hosemn Engine Co No 3 h306 Glenwood av 

Edwards Buck mach rll3 N Blount 

Edwards Calvin E (Mary) h508 E Franklin 

Edwards Carlyle J phys 5 W Hargett R501 r Cai-y N C 

Edwards Chas (c; Georgiana) lab rl409 Pender 

Edwards Claude W (Vivian J) policemn h514 W Peace 

Edwards Clifford (c) hlpr Sullivan's Shoe Shop & Hat Clnrs r Nazareth 

Edwai-ds David (c; Bessie) waiter Louise Mahler hl23 Camden 

Edwards Drug Co (Otho C Edwards) 530 Hillsboro 

Edwards E Walter ins agt h317 S McDowell 

ESwards Edgar (c) auto mech rll4 Stronach's al 

Edwards Eliza (c) Indi's h907 S Wilmington 

Edwards Ellen T (wid Lonnie D) hl26 Hillsboro 

Edwards Emma (c) ccx)k hllll E Morgan 

Edwards Ernest J (Nora O) bkpr r329 E Edenton 

Edwards Flora M hl23 W Martin 

Edwards Frances (c) Indrs r815 E Davie 

Edwards Francis C r524 W Morgan 

Edwards Frank (Lena) h526 N West 

Edwards Fredk E (Mabel J) h608 N Dawson 

Edwards Garland G (Vida E) meter reader CP&LCo h217 Pace 

Edwards Geo (c) clothes clnr Perry's rll4 Stromach's al 

Edwards Hallie Indrs State Hosp r do 

Edwards Haywood (c; Marv) hll4 Stronach's al 

Edwards Hazel elk Alsey L Murray r914 NewBern av 

Edwards Henry (c) clothes presse'r r4 Tupper's la 

Edwards Henry E (Hazel C) vd mn h410 Frank 

Edwards Herman atndt State Hosp r do 






V. o. 


125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Edwards Irving G (Savannah C) mech State Hwy Comn rll7 N Salisbury 

Edwards Jas (c; Lucille) lab r212 Bledsoe av 

Edwards Jas (c; Willie) lab h707 S West 

Edwards Jas M (Emma L) shoes 12 E Martin h312 NewBern av 

Edwards Jas M jr slsmn James M Edwards r Clayton N C 

Edv/ards Jos (c) lab r419y2 N West 

Edwards L B atndt State Hosd r do 

Edwards L Polger (Mollie) pntr h531 N Salisbury 

Edwards Laura L (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and Deaf r322 Cannon 

Edwards Leon L (Flora) gro 325 Blake hll7 N Bloodworth 

Edwards Leta B Mrs opr Annie Laurie Beauty Shop rl26 Hillsboro 

Edwards Lilla Q sten State Hwy Purch Dept hl20 N Salisbury 

Edwards Lillian Mrs waitress S & W Cafeteria rl26 Hillsboro 

Edwards Lonie B Mrs elk Raleigh Salvage Co rio E Lenoir 

Edwards Lucy E (wid Demetrius M) r20O5 Glenwood av 

Edwards Lucy W rSOl NewBern av 

Edwards Marina D (c) dom h908 S Blount 

Edwards Marvin supvr State Hosp r do 

Edwards Mildred 'O student rlHl E Morgan 

Edwards Monroe H (Ruby M) carp h413 W Hargett 

Edwards Oliver H (c; Lola) chauf Raleigh Funeral Home Inc h219 Cam- 

Edwards Otho C (Irene P; Edwards Drug Co) hl09 N Boylan av 

Edwards Owen N (Ruth E) solr Sanitary Lndry hl531 Sunrise av 

Edwards Paul E (H Louise) eng h309 Duncan 

Edwards Peggie M (c) h322 Cannon 

Edwards Ralph W (Leta B) elk rl26 Hillsboro 

Edwards Reginald L (Margt L C) stm ftr h514 W Peace 

Edwards Reuben B (Lillian) elk Smith's Grocerteria & Mkt rl26 Hills- 

Edwards Richd N elk Edwards Drug Co r524 W Morgan 

Edwards Robt P (Mabel B) driver Carolina Del Service r614 S Salisbury 

Edwards Sanders (c: Lucy) r205 Cox av 

Edwards Sarah waitress Jiffv Grill rl05 W Hargett 

Edwards Standi (Lonie B) barber Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop rlO E Le- 

Edwards Thos (c; Hannah) musician rllll E Morgan 

Edwards TjTee routemn r508 E Franklin 

Edwards W Metress technician Fleming Dental Laboratory r608 Hillsboro 
apt 5 

Edwards Walter R cond r623 W Lane 

Edwards Wilborn S (Minnie) slsmn Raleigh Salvage Co r715 Devez-eaux 

Edwards Wm (c; Mary) hlpr hl013 Smithfield 

Edwards Wisconsin (c) lab r710 S Person 

EDWARDS & BROUGHTON CO, Chas Lee Smith Pres, Joseph H 
Hardison V-Pres, Howell L Smith Sec, Wm Oliver Smith Treas, 
Printers, Lithographers, Etinravors. Stationers, Office Furniture and 
Equipment 212-216 S SaJisbuiy and 107-109 W Hargett, Tels 3300 and 
3301 (See page 41) 

Efird Fannie L typist N C Inspection & Rating Bureau r525 N Bloodworth 

Efird Laui'a tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r525 N Bloodworth 

EFIRD'S DEPARTMENT STORE INC, P M Kendall Mgr, 208 Fayette- 
vi-!e, TeJs Office 2926, Dry Goods Dept 208, Silk and Shoe Dent 2951, 
Eeady-to-Wear 2940, Manager's Residence 1888-R 

Egerton see also Edgerton 

Egerton Courtney D (Mary B) mgr Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co hl548 
Iredell dr 

Egerton Graham B sr inspr State Hwy Comn r Durham N C 

Egerton Laura F sten I Mayo Bailey rl212 Wake Forest rd 

Egleston Louise A tchr St Mary's Sch r do 

Ehringhaus John C B Hon (Matilda H) governor and ex officio director 
The State Budget Bureau h210 N Blount 

Ehringhaus John C B jr student r210 N Blount 

EhrUch Sigmund (Bertha) acct h2245 The Cu'Cle 

Ehrman Harry C (Ada C) mach h310 N Person 

Eighme Fi-ank cSarah J) h2205 Faiiwiew rd 

Eighme Marian E student r2205 Pairview rd 

Eighme Maurice E student r2205 Fairview rd 

EisenJiart J Wm (Austin & Eisenhart) r518 North Boundary 

Eisenhart Jos W r Wake County Home 

Eisenhart Lloyd B (Margt) elk Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co h407y2 Polk 

Eisenhart Mace E (Rosa Z) eng h518 North Boundary 

Eisenhart Marion S student r5i8 North Boundary 

Elam Hallie (c) cook Marion P Wyatt 

Elam Saml (c) janitor White Daii-y Products Co h718 Fayetteville 

Eldridge Chas P (Lucy C; Drs Bell & Eldridge) rl621 St Mary's 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Eldridge Theophilus B (Jennie A) formn hl621 St Mary's 

Eldridge Virginia A tclir Hayes-Barton Sch rl621 St Mary's 

Eldridge Wm (c) lab r218 Camden 

Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc James C Moore pres, Robt E Ward; stec- 
treas 327 W, Martin 

Electrical Equipment Co Inc Norwood Wilson (Hopewell Va) pres, Danl 
R Ponton v-pres, J Milton Cutliff sec-treas 404 W Davie 

ELECTROL AND YORK OIL BURNERS, Montfort Plumbing & Heat- 
ing Co Dealers, 128 S Salisbury, Tel 127 (See marginal line front 
cover and page 41) 

Elite Social Club (c) Milton L Thomas kpr ISlVa S Wilmington 

Elks Home (c) Sol Dozier custodian 130% S Wilmington 

Elks Wesley elk Leon L Edwards rll7 N Bloodworth 

Ellen A Joel elk r614 Wills Forest 

Ellen A Thurman (Lizzie B) bus opr ii614 Wills Forest 

Ellen Ben.i W (Dora F) h508 Gary 

Ellen Benj W jr r508 Gary 

Ellen Cornelia rl22 S Blount 

Ellen Guy H textile wki- r508 Gary 

Ellen Helen B Mi's slswn Hudson-Belk Co r614 Wills Forest 

Ellen Len Y bus opr CP&LCo r Gary N C 

Ellen Leonard O (Helen B; Ideal Barber Shop) r614 Wills Forest 

Ellen Meba E r508 Gary 

Ellen Meredith O (Grace) slsmn h218 N HaiTington 

Ellen O Kenneth fii-emn Truck Co No 1 r614 Wills Forest 

Ellen Octavms G (Hettie C) gro 401 Gai-y h612 w North 

Eller David S (Dora L) formn The Raleigh Gas Go h207 S Swain 

Eller Jos O real est 234 FayetteviUe R309 h2226 Hillsboro 

Eller Virginia elk r2226 Hillsboro 

Eller Walter F (Adi'ienne P) r2226 Hillsboro 

Ellerbee Mai-y (c) rl0O3 S Person 

EUmgton Agnes G Mi'S cash Union Bus Sta Soda Fountain r2710 Everett 

Ellington Allie (wid Henry E) h425 S Wilmington 
Ellington Annie B (wid Romulus) rllO Duncan 
Ellington Bertha r201 HaiTison av 
Ellington Bessie r200 E Edenton apt 1 
Ellington Gath A r421 N Salisbury 

Ellington Clyde L Mrs in charge linen room Sir Walter Hotel h421 N Sal- 

Ellington Delmar D (Clyde L) Ibrmn h421 N Salisbury 

Ellington Delmar D Jr musician r421 N Salisbury 

Ellington Eliz W (wid Frank K) sec-treas First Mortgage Co and Raleigh 

Real Est & Trust Go h425 N Blount apt 5 
Ellington Eula h201 Harrison av 
Ellington Helen L sten CP&LCo r720 Hillsboro apt 2 
Ellington Hunter (Carrie W) County Register of Deeds hllo Duncan 
Ellington J Poster (Bland Glnrs) r204 W Morgan 
Ellington John H (Venie M) textile wkr h804 W Hargett 
EUmgton Jos C (Mary WI dept mgr Taylor's h'327 NewBem av 
Ellington Jos G jr student r327 NewBern av 
Ellington Josephine elk r327 NewBern av 
Ellington Juanita F cash Hotel Wright r201 Hillsboro 
Ellington Julia (wid Robt) hll22 Harp 
EUmgton Kimball G r425 S Wilmington 
Ellington Lois elk rl20 N Bloodworth 
Ellington Lula S (wid John W) r2710 Everett av 

Ellington Malbourne J elk Union Bus Sta Soda Fountain r2710 Everett av 
EUmgton Margt E mus tchr 3209 Hillsboro r do 
Ellington Mary (c) cook h612 E Davie 
Ellington Mary F (c) nurse 607 S McDowell h do 

Ellmgton Mary O tchr Hugh Morson, High Sch r327 New Bern av / 

Ellmgton Mary W Mrs slswn Taylor's h327 NewBem av 
Ellington Monroe G (Bessie) h412 E Martin 
Ellington Ned W (Cora L) his Firwood av 

Ellmgton O LeGrand (Union Bus Sta Soda Fountain) r2710 Everett av 
Ellington O Leonidas (Carrie M; Capitol Soda Shop) mgr Union Bus 

Sta Soda Fountain h2710 Everett av 
Ellington Philip E (Agnes G) agt Union Bus Sta r2710 Everett av 
ElUngton Robt R (Eva D) pntr B-N Motor Co r425 S Wilmington 
Ellington Rosa ic) Indry wkr r812 E Davie 
Ellington Rosalie F Mrs sten T Lacy Williams r Westover N C 
Ellington Saml (Ruby) slsmn h701 E Franklin 
Ellington Sidney M (Hattie) slsmn h505 N Dawson 
Ellmgton Thos r425 S Wilmington 


.:; SERVICE " 


228 E. 




( FORD ) 

Authorized i j INfOI N i ^'''"^ ^'"' Service 

Ellington W Gordon (Rosa L) mgr Capitol Soda Shop r Westover N C 

Ellington Wm E (Eliz M) h3209 Hillsboro 

Ellington Wm E jr (Mabel P; Ellington's Service Sta) h2809 Bedford av 

Ellington Wm W elk r327 NewBem av 

Ellington's Service Station (Wm E Ellington jr) 427 S Salisbury 

Elliott Calvin (c) lab hl211 NewBem av 

Elliott Geo B elk State Hwy Comn r223 Forest rd 

Elliott Lucille (c) dom r2215 Barker 

Elliott Luther O (M Belle) shop formn Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc 

r418 S Boylan av 
Elliott Maggie E tchr Crosby- Garfield Sch r Lenoir 
Elliott Margt (c) dom h5 Gatling la 
Elliott Obey (c; Annie) lab hl202 Pender 
Elliott Thurston (c; Victoria) lab rl6 W Worth 
Ellis Benj F (Nellie A) hl414 Mordecai dr 
Ellis Claude (c; Eula) hlpr h530 E Lenoir 

Ellis Frank J (Rosalie) barber Service Barber Shop r610 Holt 
Ellis L Pearl (wid Lonnie) rl925 Alexander rd 
Ellis Lossie (c) dom r205 S State 
Ellis Lucille (c) dom r814 Cotton pi 

Ellis Mona M (wid Norman V) elk County Sheriff r539 NewBem av 
ElUs Ronald slsmn Moses V Sanderford r418 Elm 
Ellis Saml W (Mamie B) slsmn h206 E Franklin 
Ellis Shelton (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r314 E Davie 
Ellis Walter K (LilUan T) slsmn Moses V Sanderford h418 Elm 
Ellis Wm A (Adeline H) sr inspr State Hwy Comn h320O Hillsboro apt B-6 
Ellis Wm L (Effie L) atndt Shell Service Sta h609 W North 
Ellis Wm T (Eliz K) flagmn h709 Tucker 
Ellis Zack (c; Fannie) hallmn Hotel Carolina h314 E Davie 
Ellis Zilpha (wid John W) r418 Elm 
Ellisberg Bernard E student rl019 Cowper dr 
Ellisberg Elias J (Lena R; Ellisberg's) hl019 Cowper dr 
Ellisberg Mortimer student rl019 Cowper dr 

ELLISBERG'S (Elias J Ellisberg), Ladies' and Misses' Ready-to-Wear 
126 FayetteviUe, Tel 2435 

Ellison Jas (c; Classic) lab r707 S Person 

Ellison Nannie T Mrs rl08 Park av 

Elmore Jeri-y P (Lucy P; Auto Salvage Co) r604 Glenwood av 

Elmore K L Dr tehr Needham B Broughton High Seh rll7 W Park dr 

Emanuel Judah L (Rena; Pou & Pou) h Beech Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 

Emerson Ruth (c) Indrs r212 Cabarrus al 

Emory Allen (Ora B) huckster h200 Firwood av 

Emory Burton M elk r307 S Swain 

Emory Elbert (Carrie) textile wkr h208 W, Peace 

Emory Frank E (Arbelle) trav slsmn h213 (214) Polk 

Emory Haliburton student r213 (214) Polk 

Emory J T guard State Prison r RD 5 

Emory Lee A (Nina E) bldg contr 307 S Swain h do 

Emory Lee A jr (Kath) mach hl09 Hudson 

Empire Club (Everett W King) billiards 313% Payetteville 

England Chas H (Ruth) state game warden State Dept of Conservation 
& Development r RD 3 

England Ruth Mrs slswn Teachey-Womble Inc r RD 3 

English Alma J (wid Robt W) r811 W Morgan 

English C Otto rSll W Morgan 

English Ethel E instr Meredith College r do 

English Mildred E asst supt Raleigh Township Public Schs h525 N 

Enloe W Gilmer (Ruth) mgr State Theatre hi 102 Cowper dr 

Ennis Bertha M atndt State Hosp r do 

Ennis Bertis D (Phoebe G) slsmn h411 E Lane 

Ennis Levy R jr (Esther) driver Strop Taxi Co hl9 Bragg 

Ennis Lillie M r506 Cole 

Ennis Ulysses M (Bevie B) firemn Engine Co No 1 hll7 Cox av 

Ennis Wm M (Myrtle) clothes clnr h406 E Davie 

Enniss Cath Y slswn Eliza B Enniss Corset & Lingerie Shop r617 S Boy- 
lan av 

Enniss Eliza B (Eliza B Enniss Corset & Lingerie Shop) h617 S Boylan 

Enniss Eliza B Corset & Lingerie Shop (Eliza B Enniss) 107 FayetteviUe 

Enocn oouncii No 5 AF&AM Kennon W Parham sec meets 2d Friday 8 
P M 135 FayetteviUe 

Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc Edw S Martin treas-mgr who! paper 801 W 

Epps Jesse (c) cook Peoples Cafe r902 Payetteville 




Epps W;ii H (c; Annie B) lab h507 S McDowell 

Ei)worth M E Church Rev O L Hathaway pastor 1 E Franklin 

iiquel's Style Shop (Calvin Zimmerman) women's wear IIV^A Fayette- 

HazeU Agency Mgr, 601-612 Coml Natl Bank Bldg 20 E Martin, Tels 
334 and 335 
Erby Mary A (c) student r322 Battle 
Erby Pen-y (c; Christine) lab h322 Battle 
Erskine J B projectionist Palace Theatre rll02 Cowper dr 
Ervin Gladys (c) dom r425 Smith 
Ervin Gus (c; Jennie) lab h617 W Martin 

Erwin Julia G Mi-s sten State Hwy Comn rl27 NewBern av apt 401 
Erwin Robt A (Julia F) mgr United Press Assn rl27 NewBem av apt 401 
Estabrook Helen extension specialist N C State College r221 Hawthorn rd 
Esterby John student rll2 Halifax 
Esterby Stewart D slsmn rll2 Halifax 
Etheridge Andrew J (Lura J) pipe ftr hl305 Fihnore 
Etheridge Beulah Mrs hsekpr Sir Walter Hotel r do 
Etheridge Paul (Lotus) elk USPO h717 Gaston 
Etheridge Randall B chf Div of Markets State Dept of Agriculture 221 W 

EuDanKs uiayton M shoe renr Caudle's Shoe Shop No 1 r608 W North 
Eubanks Geo W h225 N Salisbury 
Eubanks Ila McO Mrs r219 S McDowell 
Eubanks Jas M (Anna M) carp h206 Pershing rd 
Eubanks Leona acct Swift & Co r610 Glenwood av 
Eubanks Ozora L asst caslh McLellan Stores Co r225< N Salisbury 
Eubanks Royce A (Lola C) carp r405 Glenwood av 
Eure (3has W technician Raleigh Dental Laboratory rll8 StMary's 
Eureka Mattress Co (Danl J O'Keefe) 820 E Hargett 
Evans Albert (c) lab rl29 W Lenoir 
Evans Annie F Mrs r2208 Fairview rd 
Evans Annie L mus tchr 1621 Park dr r do 

iwans Burley R (Alma N: Evans Service Sta) hl05 Geoi'getown rd 
Evans Carrie tchr Hayes-Barton Sch r608 Hillsboro apt 3 
Evans Cath (c) dom rll06 S Blount 
£;vans Claude (e: Louise) soft drinks 810 Manly h212 Battle 

Evans Daisy B (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch r823 Cotton pi 

Evans David (Mattie) h721 W Hargett 

Evans David "W asst marketing specialist U S Dept of Agriculture Whse 
Act r Hotel Carolina 

Evans Dorothy A sten rl002 Vance 

Evans Douglas (c) lab rl508 E Jones 

Evans Edgar T (c: Nannie) blksmith rear 417 S Blount h821 Cotton pi 

Evans Edw (c) lab hl508 E Jones 

Evans Edw (c; Ronie) lab h912 Oakwood av 

Evans Edw H (Celestia R) earn h218 StMary's 

Evans Ella M (c) drsmkr 9 S East r do 

Evans Elnora (c) dom rl615 B 

Evans Eug (c; Eva) h533 Cannon av 

Evans Eug G (Emma C) whol prod h504 W Whi taker Mill rd 

jivans Eug G jr whol prod r504 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Evans Fannie F (c) dom h9 S East 

Evans Prank (c) cook r712 Saunders 

Evans Geo (c; Ola) gdnr h2213 Joint 

Evans Geo G (c) dentist 133 E Hargett h215 S Harrington 

Evans Harold C (Rhylma G) auditor N C State College hl621 Park dr 

Evans Helen tchr Methodist Ornhanage Sch r do 

Evans Henderson (c) waiter r215 Oberlin rd 

Evans Hester (c) lab rl20 Idlewild av 

Evans Hilda sten Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl0O2 Vance 

Evans Ida M (c) tchr Washington Sch r9 S East 

Evans lola (c) elev onr r518 S Blount 

Evans Jas (c; Ida) driver Brown's Funeral Home h507 East Street av 

Evans John (c; Candace) porter W H King Drug Co Inc h218 Idlewild av 

Evans John switchmn rll7 W Franklin 

Evans John E (Annie R; John W Evans' Son) hl002 Vance 

Evans John H (c: Cath) carp hll06 S Blount 

Evans John O office mgr John W Evans' Son rl002 Vance 

Evans Jos msngr r721 W Hargett 

Evans Lalah Mrs (Hollvwood Permanent Wave Shoppe) rl417 Scales 

Evans Lena (c) dom h201»'2 W South 

Evans Lester (c; Mildred) lab hl3 Bladen 
Evans Lillian Mrs nurse 323 W Edenton h do 
Evans Louise J (c) h704 S West 



SUctric^ Z/tefrigeration 

Evans Luther E (Minnie B) auto mech r218 StMary's 

Evans Mabel (c) Indrs rlOl Idlewild av 

Evans Mallie elk State Board of Health rl24 E Edenton 

Evans Margt (c) cook r27 McKee 

Evans Martha ( c) dom hl29 W Lenoir 

Evans Mary (c) dom h802 S Person 

Evans Mary E (c) dom rl04 College 

Evans Nannie tchr Needham B Broughton High Sell r23 Logan ct 

Evans Nora (c) maid 1903 StMary's 

Evans Odell (c) r307 E Cabarrus 

Evans Orln (c; Pauline) lab rl302 Pender 

Evans Oscar (c; lola) lab h712 Saunders 

Evans Osmer (c; Helen) lab rl3 Bladen 

Evans Porter (c) farm hd State Hosd r do 

Evans Rhylma student rl621 Park dr 

Evans Robt (c) janitor rl04 College 

Evans Robey (c) lab rl508 E Jones 

ii,vans Service Station (Hurley B Evans) 520 Fayetteville 

Evans Simon (c: Virginia) .ianitor h718 Saunders 

Evans T Charlton cotton buyer rl302 Hillsboro 

Evans Vance (c; Bertha) lab hl311 S Walnut 

Evans Vizela (c; Celestine) ianitor The Vance hl04 College 

Evans Wm (Coml Cigar Stand) r706 N East 

Evans Wm (c) lab r615 W South 

Evans Wm E (Lillian) supt hl005 Benjamin 

Evans Wm P (Jean) hll7 W Park dr 

Evans Wm N (c; Daisy) waiter h823 Cotton pi 

Evans Zeb (c) janitor YMCA rl04 College 

EVANS' JOHN W SON (John E Evans), Automobile Painting and Re- 
pairin?. Wrecked Cars Completely Rebuilt, E Morgan cor Blount, 
Tel 1350 

Eve Arth E sr sten State Industrial Comn r Y M C A 

Everett Addie (c) maid r206 Smithfield 

"Everett Hattie "^c) dom v5 E Havti al 

Everett Howard L emp The News & Obsei-ver r311 E Edenton 

Everett Jessie Mrs slswn Charles Stores Co Inc r520 Polk 

Everett Mack S (Ruth H) mill sun slsmn h5 Dixie Trail apt 3 

Everett Otha S (Jessie) rd wkr r520 Polk 

Everett Ruth elk The News & Observer rlll5 Hillsboro 

Everhart Douthry O (Agnes E) truck driver h444 N Salisbury 

Excelsior Lodge No 21 A P & A M (c) meets 2d and 4th Mondays 8 PM 
427 S Blount 

Ezell Addie rl04 Powell al 

Ezell Quesnie Mrs hl04 Powell al 

Ezell Wm H (Emma) iDntr r503 Polk 

Padoil Alice elk Chaded K Fadoll r220 S Blount 

Padoil Chaded K genl mdse 132 E Davie h220 S Blount 

Fadoil Jos elk Chaded K Padoil r222 S Blount 

Fain Ethel (c) dom r516 Saunders 

Fain Harrison H ins 20 E Martin R515 r Carolina Hotel 

F'am Saml (ci waiter r516 Saunders 

Fain Wm (c; Edna) cook h820 Cotton pi 

Fain Wm (c; Caroline) lab h301 N State 

Fair Elstelle (c) Indi-y wkr Acme iJidry rl006 Parker 

Faircloth Ameha (wid June) hlll2 N Wilmington 

Faircloth Chas E (Bertie A) elk U S P O h403 Gary 

Faircloth Jas H weaver rlll2 N Wilmington 

Faircloth Jessie rl009 Spring 

Faircloth Martha P nurse County and City Board of Health hl28 Forest 

Faircloth Sarah C (wid Julius F) hSlO W Johnson 

Faircloth Sarah P sten Robt G Yancey rSlO W Johnson 

Fairley Archie B (Macie) supt State Whse System h519 Daughtridge 

Fairlev Maggie (c) Indrs r320 S East 

Faii-mont Grill (Chas T Hobb) 2410 Hillsboro 

Fairy Arth C (Olive G) rate specialist State Ins Dept h232 W Hargettapt 

Faison A Cary student r326 New Bern av 

Faison Annie M Mrs bdg 202 W Morgan r do 

Faison Benj (c; Mary) truck driver h219 N Tarboro 

Faison Clyde R (Annie M) mech Joe M White Auto Service h202 W Mor- 

Faison E Lonnie (German) textile wkr hll24 N Wilmington 

Faison Earl C (Marian A) elk r718 W Lane 

Faison Ila Indry wkr r509 S Salisbury 

Faison Julia M h202 N McDowell 

Faison Lucy Indry wkr r509 S Salisbury 





Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Paison Mattie Indry wkr r509 S Salisbury 

Faison Otho (c) waiter Rex Hosp r Garner N C 

Paison Pearl (c) Indi-s r831 Cotton pi 

Faison Rufus H elk r326 New Bern av 

Paison Ruth A (wid Rufus) h326 New Bern av 

Paison Vernon (c) restr wkr Jack's Grill r RD 5 

Faison Wm (c; Lendell) lab hSlO Battery dr 

Paison Wm A (Alma R) r718 W Lane 

Palk Jas (c; Battle) lab h610 Bragg 

FALLON J J CO INC, James J Fallon Pres, D Edward MacCarthy V- 
Pres James E Thomas, Sec-Treas, Florists 203 FayetteviUe, Tel 4070, 
Night Tel 3241, Greenhouses Polk cor Swain 

Fallon Jas J (Rosalie W) pres J J Fallon Co Inc h310 HiUci-est rd 

Pann Elsie R bindery wkr r210 N Harrington 

Pann Lula J textile wkr rlll2 N Wilmington 

Pann Nettie H (wid Wm E) h210 N Harrington 

Farabow Lyman A (Ella M) trust acct Wachovia Bank & Trust Co h.106 

Parley Jas H Patk M HUl mgr clothing 103 W Martin 

Farlow Geo R (Pearl; Union Barber Shop) h807 W South 

Parmer Chas D (Ada V) police capt h4l0 Cutler 

Farmer Gray G (.Montie B) pntr Telghman Motors Inc r213 N Blood- 

Parmer Jas S Rev (Foy J) business mgr Biblical Recorder Pub Co h202 
Ashe av 

Farmer John B elk r401 Polk 

Farmer Julia E elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r208 Forest rd 

Farmer L Eliz emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r410 Cutler 

Parmer Louise E bkpr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r410 Cutler 

Farmer Louise E bkpr R M Parrott & Son r410 Cutler 

Farmer Martha (c) dom r67 Cross 

Parmer Martha K (wid Thos O) r202 Ashe av 

Farmer McCoy (c: Lula) carp hSlO S State 

Parmer Mildred (c) Indrs r310 S State 

Farmer Minnie L (wid Clark P) r410 Cutler 

Farmer Montie G r213 N Bloodworth 

Parmer Robt D elk r401 Polk 

Parmer T Clark elk CP&LCo r410 Cutler 

Parmer Varian K (wid Predk W) h401 Polk 

Farmer Wm I carrier U S P O rl22 N McDowell 

Farmers Exchange (Macon Alford) gros 224 s Blount 

Farmers' Cafe (Geo Constant) 321 Blake 

Farnham F R extension dairymn N C State College r do 

Parrar Chas M (Ernestine; Chas M Farrar Coal Co) pres N C Retail Coal 
Merchants Assn h709 Aycock 

Parrar Chas M Coal Co ( Chas M Parrar) 803 FayetteviUe 

Farrar Wm C r709 Aycock 

Parrell see also Ferrell 

Parrell Chas B (Maude) rl630 Sunrise av 

Parrell E M coUr 'V O Parker Co r Willow Springs N C 

Farrell Hem-y D boy's probation officer County Welfare Dept r Y M C A 

Parrell Jos A servicemn Salvation Army Transient Home r600 S Blood- 

Farrell Pauline toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl630 Sunrise av 

Farrell Thos r Wake County Home 

Farrer Roach (c; Carrie) lab hl09 N Pettigrew 

Parrington Arth L (c) lab h421 Montague la 

Parrior Fannie B (wid David L) hlO Rosemary 

Parrior Hestor P sch tchr rlO Rosemary 

Fan-ior Minnie B rlO Rosemary 

Farris Estelle M student r216 E Park dr 

Parris J Randall Rev (Estelle L) pastor Hillyer Memorial Christian Ch h 
216 E Park dr 

Farris Mary C student r216 E Park dr 

Farris Robt H (c; Sarah) olstr hl504 Oakwood av 

Parris Virginia P student r216 E Park dr 

Parrish Essie (c) cook r905 E Hargett 

Parrow Lida L Mrs gro 722 Manly h do 

Farthing Bud D (Fannie D) mgr U S Rubber Products Inc h912 W John- 

Farthing Prances student r912 W Johnson 

Paterson Pearl (c) r408 Cannon 

Faucett Ida C Mrs buver Boylan-Pearce Co Inc 308 W Jones 

Faucett John T r308 W Jones 

Faucett Saml (c) waiter r426 S Swain 

Faucett Thos O (Ida C) printer h308 W Jones 

Faucett Wm H (Susie G) slsmn Commonwealth Motor Co h219 Pace 


Alfred Williai 



Faucette Amelia (wid Whitfield A) bdg 437 Halifax h do 

Faucette Cornelius D (Rosa E) carp hl307 Filmore 

Faucette Henry F (Gertrude) real est 307 FayetteviUe h2110 Rldgecrest 

Faulhaber Louis J asst veterinarian State Dept of Agriculture rl710 Park 

Faulk Jessie L (c) cook SouBellTel&TelegCo r522 E Cabarrus 
Faulk Naomi (c) maid 1618 Ambleside dr 
Faulk Sheppard (c; Jessie L) janitor h522 E Cabarrus 
Faulkner J Caesar (c) .janitor hl05 Bart 
Faulkner Margt nurse rl28 New Bern av 
FayetteviUe Street Baptist Church (c) 751 FayetteviUe 
Fayle John R (Mary A) pntr h519 N Salisbury 
Feageans Ruby sec W P T F Radio Co r Y W C A 
Fearington Bettie (c) cook r313 Lee 
Federal Building 300-14 FayetteviUe 
Feeney Harry elk Natl Mkt Co r503 N Wilmington 
Peezor Forrest C Rev (Jessie) pastor Tabernacle Baptist Ch h215 E 

Feiker John C (Clara M) mgr parts dept Raleigh Tractor & Equipment 

Co Inc h618 N East 
Feiker Ralph B picture framer Alf Williams & Co r618 N Blast 
Fellers Marvin (c; Bessie) truck driver W H King Drug Co Inc h322 S 

Felton Vass (c; Emma B) firemn Hotel Carolina r Watson's Field 
Fennell see also Finnell 

Fennell Steph (c; Annie) stone mason h602 E South 
Fenner J Paul trav slsmn r214 New Bern av 
Penner Lillian dietitian N C State College rll Enterprise 
Penner Thos W (Sallie E) h2I4 New Bern av 

Ferguson B Troy dist agt agrl extn N C State College r White Oak rd 
Ferguson Bessie T bkpr S Johnson Ferguson r218 Pace 
Ferguson Guerrant H (Ruth W) asst div director State Dept of Public 

Instruction h2508 Vanderbilt av 
Ferguson Helen Mrs ttihr Eliza Pool Sch r223 N Wilmington 
Ferguson Jas (c) lab r419 S Dawson 
Ferguson Jas M rl20 Woodburn rd 

Ferguson John C instr N C State College hl904y2 Hillsboro apt 5 
Ferguson John C student hl20 Groveland av 
Ferguson John L (Helen) pharni r223 N Wilmington 
Ferguson John Q (Ruth H) associate press opr The News & Observer h 

305 Pace 
Ferguson Kath E rl20 Woodburn rd 
Ferguson Leon D (May) gros 319 S Wilmington r RD 1 
Ferguson Louis C (LlUie) lino opr Times Pub Co h624 N East 
Ferguson Millard truck driver r515 FayetteviUe 
Ferguson Owen E (Fannie E) service mgr Rogers Bros Service Corp h212 

N Boylan av 
Fergus6n Richd H (Bettie E) elk hl20 Woodburn rd 
Ferguson Richd H jr hlpr rl20 Woodburn rd 
Ferguson Ruth H Mrs (Vanity Shop) 11305 Pace 
Ferguson S Johnson (Bessie T) coal 620 N Dawson h218 Pace 
Ferree Mary tchr Methodist Orphanage Sch r do 

Ferree Thaddeus S (Leha F) slsmn Carohna Pmes Inc h915 New Bern av 
Ferrell see also FarreU 

Ferrell Addie E (wid E Marcus) hl500 HUlsboro apt 1 
Ferrell AUce (c) Indrs r623 W Lenoir 
Ferrell Alice H Mrs mgr Reed's Stores Inc h553 N Person 
Ferrell Calvin D (Pearcy H) coUr G '3 Tucker & Bros Ina h25 El 

Dixie dr 
Ferrell Chas C slsmn Burke C Messer r RD 3 
Ferrell Cleveland (c) lab rl306 HiU 

Ferrell D Russell proof reader The News & Obsei-ver r730 S Boylan av 
Ferrell Hattie bkpr r521 E Jones 
Ferrell Hester (c) 712 E Martin 
Ferrell Holhs (c; HaUie) tailor Thorn's h208 N State 
Ferrell Ina L office sec State Hwy Comn rl500 HUlsboro apt 1 
FerreU Irene C (wid Wm J) mus tchr 128 N Blount h521 E Jones 
Ferrell Jennie Mrs r Wake County Home 
Ferrell Josie M r25 E Dixie dr 
Ferrell Julia B rl804 StMary's 
FerreU Kennetih (c; Ruby M) hlpr Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r CaryNi 

Ferrell M Gertrude r730 S Boylan av 

Fei-reU Mallie E (Alice H) mgr Haynes Sandwich Shop h553 N Person 
FerreU Margt A (wid Lynn A) h730 S Boylan av 
FerreU Mary L sch tchr r521 E Jones 




Ferrell Melvina (c) dom r712 E Martin 

Ferrell Mertie slswn Charles Stores Co Inc r Knightdale N C 

Pen-ell Millie (c) dom r7i2 E Martin 

Ferrell Milton E (Thelma) br mgr Pender's Stores rl5 W Cabarnis 

Ferrell Percy L (Annie V) slsmn h728 W Cabarrus apt 2 

Ferrell Rosa (c) dom r213 S Pettigrew 

Ferrell Tlieron atndt South View Service Sta r RD 3 

Ferrell Wm (c; Corinne G) truck driver The Raleigh Gas Co h411Wat- 

Fen-ell Wm W (Flora) elk R & W Grocerteria No 2 r707 Glenwood av ■ 

Fen-is John elk Moses Thomas & Bro rlOl Lee 

Fetner Fi-ank M (Blanche Y) mach h915 W South 

Fetner Frank M I'r (Eunice W) r915 W South 

Fetner Harris A (Dora R) eng h2234 The Circle 

Few Eug C Rev (Maude L) pastor Edenton St M E Ch (South) h228 W? 

Fidelity Lodge No 277 IBPOEofW, (c) Wm H Bryant sec meets 1st and 3d 
Wednesday 8PM ISOVs S Wilmington 

Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co Ruf us A Hunter mgr 18 W Martin R701 

Fidelity & Casualty Co of New York Leon S Harris examiner claim dept 
320 S Salisbury 7th fl 

Fidelity & Deposit Co McPherson & Barnes genl agts 20 E Martin R401 

Fidelity & Guaranty Fire Coi-p Godfrey Chesire state agt 20 E Majrtin 

Field Chas A (Charlotte C) dist mgr h505 Prank 

Fields Carrie (c) dom h530 E Edenton 

Fields Clarence W (Smichy N) asst physical testing eng State Hwy Comn 

hl317 Hinton 
Fields Danl (o; Cornelia) plstrh214i/4 E Cabarrus 

Fields Henry (c; Arletha) delmn Goodwin Poultry & Egg Co r516E Mar- 
Fields Julius C elk State Hwy Comn r516 N Person 

Fields Mabel Mrs toll evening chf opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r516N Per- 
Fields Mary (c) dom h437 N Salisbui-y 
Fields Millard B (Wake A) eng h620 N Boylan av 
Fields Mollie A Mrs sten hl05 E Edenton apt 307 
Fields Nevins (c) lab r2409 Joint 
Fields Spurgeon (c; Jennie) waiter h2409 Joint 
Fields Wiley H electn CP&LCo r409 W Edenton 
Fields Wm (c; Gladys) lab h6 N Swain 
Fierman Benj (Raleigh Supply Co) r Sir Walter Hotel 
Fike Wm (c: Edith) draymn h402 Cannon 
Pikes Edith (c) Indrs r412 Bledsoe av 
Pikes Hannah (c) dom h315 N West 
Fillmore Lari-y (c; Addie M) lab h514 S East 
Finch Adelaide (c) dom rlll5 S Person 
Finch Andrew (c; Annie) meat ctr h324 W South 
Pinch Anna (c) maid YMCA h802 Cannister 
Pinch C Lattie waiter Henry L Smith r603 N Boylan av 
Pinch Clayton C (Maggie) taxi driver h513 N Salisbury 
Findi H G atndt State Hosp r do 

Finch J Margt slswn F W Woolworth Co r514 W Johnson 
Pinch Jos A hlpr rl516 Oakwood av 
Pinch Jos S (Lena A) hl516 Oakwood av 
Pinch Kath Mrs slswn Jonas Shoppe r RD 4 
Finch Lena (c) dom rllO E Cabarrus 
Pinch Lonie (c) cook r324 Battle 
Finch Luther A (Eliz E) electn SAXRy h514 W Johnson 
Pinch Metta E r29 Shepherd 

Finch Minnie M (wid W Henry) h705% E Hargett 
Finch Nannie Mrs r Wake County Home 

Pinch O Edwin (Helen D) phys 135 FayettevUle R302 h318 E Park dr 
Fmch S Cath sten P W Woolworth Co r514 W Johnson 
Fmch Sarah E (wid Chas) h603 N Boylan av 










Audits — S 





1 } 
















G <r^l 
















The Raleigh Building and Um Association 





Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Pinch Wilbert L elk Pender's Stores r514 W Johnson 

Finch Wm Cc; Lillie) firemn Capital City Lndry h211 Battle 

Finch Wm P (Ruth) floor fnshr rl420 Scales 

Finoh Wm T hlpr rl516 Oakwood av 

Fincher Apartments (c) 911-13 E Martin 

Fincher Earl L (Hazel W) mgi- S & W Cafeteria h2216 Ridgecrest 

Finkelstein Harry (Tina) radio opr h312 Linden av 

Finks Agnes P sten Dun & Bradstreet Inc r208 New Bern av 

Finlator Dorothy G student r407 N Bloodworth 

Pinlator John H (Bain B) cond h407 N Bloodworth 

Finlator John H jr student r407 N Bloodworth 

Finlator Wm W, student r407 N Bloodworth 

Finley Albert E (Marian N; N C Equipment Co) v-pres-sec K E Stahl 
Mfg Co h2205 Ridgecrest 

Finnell see also Fennell 

Finnell Albert (Mary E) mach h520 S Harrington 

Finnell E Graham (Pauline H) slsmn Baker & Rawls Roofing Co hl013 
Boylan dr 

Finnell Evie O Mrs r601 Elm 

Finnell John H r520 S HaiTington 

Finnell Pauline H Mrs. supt of nurses State Hosp hlOlS Boylan dr 

Finnell Richd T stmf tr r520 S Harrington 

Fire Companies Adjustment Bureau Inc John F Hoff mgr 18 W Maxtari 

FIRE DEPARTMENT (See Raleiffh— City of) 

Firestone Service Stores Inc Chas H Michaux mgr auto tires 201 W Mar- 

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co Chas B Michaux mgr 201 W Martin 

First Baptist Church Rev J Powell Tucker pastor N Salisbury cor Eden- 

First Baptist Church (c) Rev Oscar S Bullock pastor 101 S Wilmington 

First Christian Church Hillsboro cor Dawson 

First Church of Christ (Scientist) 1400 Hillsboro 

First Congregational Church (c) Rev Eug C Lawrence pastor W South 
se cor Manly 

First Mortgage Co Graham H Andrews v-pres Mrs Eliz W Ellington sec- 
treas 239 Fayetteville R702 

First National Institute of Violin Mrs Margt H Porter instr 428% Fayette- 
ville R226 

First Presbyterian Church Rev Wm McC White pastor W, Morgan cor 

First Vanguard Presbyterian Church Rev Chas J Hollandsworth pastor 
301 S Swain 

Fish Caro G sec Dr N Henry McLeod jr r530 N Blount 

Fish E Jack slsmn Geo H Standi rllO N Person 

Fish Hubert H (Lena W) hllO N Person 

Fish Lillie G Mi's slswn h530 N Blount 

Pish Nancy M student r530 N Blount 

Fish Wiley G (Bessie L) supt City Incinerator h705 Belmont 

Fishburn Lucy tchr StMary's Sch r do 

Pislier Belle M h208 New Bern av 

Fisher C Stafford textile wkr r703 N Salisbury 

Fisher Chas F (Fannie M) lino r538 E Martin 

Fisher Chas M (Berdie) textile Wi^r h703 N Salisbury 

Fisher P Norman (Karlie K) h312 Chamberlain 

Fisher Predk H student r312 Chamberlain 

Fisher Geo A Rev (c; Ruby A) rector StAmbrose Episcopal Ch hoOl S 

Fisher Geo T r715 N Salisbury 

Fisher Gertrude instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Fisher Hattie G waitress r715 N Salisbury 

Fisher Hilbert A (Ethel C) prof N C State College hl25 Brooks av 

Fisher J Clifton (Tera) elk h303 North Boundary 

Fisher Jetter C barber Union Barber Shop r303 North Boundary 

Fislier Max P serum technician State Laboratoiy of Hygiene rl22 N Mc- 

Fisher R Pearl Mrs smstrs Hilker Bros h715 N Salisbury 

Fisher Robt S elk 1-703 N Salisbury 

Fisher Willie Mrs hsekpr Delta Sigma Phi rl922 Hillsboro 

Fisher Winfield T elk r312 Chamberlain 

Fitts Genoa C (c) student r318 S Tarboro 

Pitts Mamie L (c) Indrs h318 S Tarboro 

Fitzgerald Clyde P (wid Zeb V) proofreader Mitchell Printing Co rl2a 
New Bern av 

Fitzgerald Elbert T (Rachel) chf dep U S Marshal h627 (701) W South 


The Caro 

una s Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Fitzgerald Florence tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch rl712 Park dr 

Fitzgerald Gladys tchr Murphey Sch hl27 New Bern av apt 101 

Fitzgerald Harry C (Helen W) adding machs 11112 S McDowell 

Fitzgerald Julia (c) r409 Tucker 

Fitzgerald Saml (c) lab r409 Tucker 

Fitzgerald Walter C (Lillie G) drftsmn Peden Steel Co li206 Aycock 

Fitz-Gerald & Co Inc Otis B Robertson dist mgr railroad commissary 201 
W Johnson 

Five Points Grocery Store (c; Wm Jenkins) 728 S West 

Plabouris Jas waiter Manhattan Lunch r210 S Harrington 

Plagg Alf (c) lab r2202 4th 

Flagg Alton (,c) lab r2202 4th 

Flagg Berline (c) r803 Oberlin rd 

Flagg Cecil H (c) lab r2202 4th 

Flagg Chas (c; Susie) brklyr h2202 4th 

Flagg Geo (c) brklyr hSOS Oberlin rd 

Flagg John (c; Katie) brklyr hl004 Parker 

Flagg Johnsie (c) dom rl004 Parker 

Flagg Marie (,c) dom r808 Oberlin rd 

Flagg Minnie B (c) tchr Oberlin Sch h803 Oberlin rd 

Flagg Ora Cc) dom r808 Oberlin rd 

Flagg Sarah (.c) r803 Oberlin rd 

Flaherty Julian B (Margt H) cond h401 E Edenton 

Flake R B steward Hotel Carolina r do 

Flanagan Alicegrae sten r Y W C A 

Flat Iron Building 20OO Fairview rd 

Fleetwood Seth M (Virginia) slsmn hl2 W Dixie dr 

Fleming Alden L (Mary W) elk r213 HUlsboro 

Fleming Alf (c) musician rl8 Ross 

Fleming Allen H r2 Ashe av 

Fleming Ai-th (c) lab r607 3 Harrington 

Fleming Augustus L (Ethel M) Ibr mill supt hSOl Fayetteville 

Fleming Belle hl23 S Dawson 

Fleming Bettie (c) lndrshl06 Stronach's al 

Fleming Carey H (Mary C) mgr Flemings Inc h44fl Halifax 

Fleming Cleo (c) dom r412 N Harrington 

Fleming Dental Laboratory ( John W Fleming) 123 W Hargett R415 

Fleming E Frances sten Hester Sign Co rSOl Fayetteville 

Fleming Emma L (wid Geo B) h2 Ashe av 

Fleming Ethel M Mrs bdg 501 Fayetteville r do 

Fleming Geo W (c) r523 S Wilmington 

Fleming Harper L (c; Alverda L) dentist 427 S Blount h523 S Wilming- 

Fleming Hattie M sten i-716 N Person 
Fleming Irene tchr Thompson Sch rll6 N Wilmington 
Fleming J Albert (Eliz S) eng h226 Hillcrest rd 

Fleming J Martin (Lelia K) dentist 239 Fayetteville R503 hl218 Glenwood 

Fleming Jesse (c) pntr r321 S East 

Fleming John W (Aline W; Fleming Dental Laboratory) h304 N Person 

Fleming Lelia L ( wid John T) rl05 Powell al 

Fleming Lena (c) cook h909 Fayetteville 

Fleming Leon T huckster r716 N Person 

Fleming M Katharine girls' probation officer County Welfare Dept rl218 
Glenwood av 

Fleming Maggie (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r542 E 

Fleming Manley truck driver r716 N Person 

Fleming Myrtha F tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r2612 Vander- 
bilt av 

Fleming Ruth H student r716 N Person 

Fleming T Howard (Effie M) prod h716 N Person 

Fleming Thos (c; Margt) lab h915 Smith 

Fleming Walter S (Ethel McK) bkpr Capudine Chemical Co h229 Glas- 

Fleming's Inc Carey H Fleming mgr druggists 20 N Martin 

Fletcher Alf J (Eliz U) lawyer 239 Fayetteville R608 h909 Glenwood av 

Fletcher Aith L (Mae P) comnr State Dept of Labor h407 Dixie Trail 

Fletcher Blanche (c) rl3 McKee 

Fletcher Emma (c) h332 W South 

Fletcher Frank U student 1-909 Glenwood av 

Fletcher Fred student r909 Glenwood av 

Fletcher J Ernest (Lucile C) elk CP&LCo h224 E Park dr 

Fletcher J Floyd student i-909 Glenwood av 

Fletcher Jas V elk Goodwin Poultry & Egg Co 319 Blake 







Clips and 


' Printing 


for the 









PHONE 4020 

Fletcher John (c; Annie) lab hl3 MoKee 

Fletcher John R cc; CandisJ lab hl421 E Lane 

Fletcher Jos F Rev i Forrest) chaplain St Mary's Sch r900 Hillsboro 

Fletcher Joshua P ("Bessie W) eng hl413 Scales 

Fletcher Thos (c) r705 Carroll av 

Flint Eliz A (wld Geo B) h204 Park av 

Flint Mai-y P elk r204 Park av 

Flint Saml A student r204 Park av 

Flintall Herman (c) musician rl8 Ross 

Flintom Emeline sch tchr r209 Woodbum rd 

Flintom Mary (wid Pinkney H) h209 Woodbum rd 

Flintom Mary L tchr Fred A Olds Sch r209 Woodburn rd 

Florence Frank W (Mary E) trainmn hl221 Hinton 

Florida Fruit Store (Geo Zehia) 107 E Martin 

Flory Chas H (Effie G) asst state forester State Dept of Conservation & 
Development hill Duncan 

Flournoy L Brooks (Wortie N) gro 2515 Fairview rd hl637 Glenwood av 

Flournoy Walter N elk rl637 Glenwood av 

Flom-noy Wm L elk rl637 Glenwood av 

Flowers Benj F (Margt C) confr 504 E Davie hllOO W, Cabarrus 

Flowers Chas CO lab r311 S Bloodworth 

Flowers Edgar (c; Adelle) h311 S Bloodworth 

Flowers Elijah D lawyer 320 S Salisbui-y R512 r Knightdale N C 

Flowers Luther (c) delmn rSll S Bloodworth 

Flowers Savilla (c) cook r711 Ellington 

Floyd Dan B (Lois H) capt Organized Reserves USA hl614 Ambleside dr 

Floyd Dannie M bkpr Jas H Parley rl323 Hinton 

Floyd Edw Y (Eunice B) agronomist N C State College rl25 Glenwood av 

Floyd Gary hlpr rl608 N Blount 

Floyd Jesse (c; Lula) lab hl305 E Lane 

Floyd John (c; Susie) lab h403 Lee 

Floyd Raymond (c) lab rlll5 E Lane 

Floyd Wm O trav slsmn r514 E Hargett 

Fogg Kenneth I (Katie S; Bland Coffee Shop) r Wake Forest rd 

Fogg Louis (c) waiter r509 S Person 

Pogleman Doris L elk r304 Linden av 

Fogleman Edgar L (Ruth L; AUen-Fogleman Grinding Co) hl807 Wills 

Fogleman Gladys nurse The Methodist OiTlianage r do 

Fogleman Hazel T r307 S Dawson 

Fogleman Irene T Mrs h307 S Dawson 

Fogleman John L (Carrie P) carp hl225 Pearce 

Fogleman John W student rl225 Pearce 

Fogleman Millard W slsmn Charles Stores Co Inc r307 S Dawson 

Fogleman Robt L (Mary B) carp h304 Linden av 

Foister Itasca beauty opr r504 Oakwood av 

Folk Geo P (Kate W) v-pres-sec N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh hl5 S Boy- 
Ian av 

Folson Albert C (Margt R) slsmgr Staudt's Bakery hl3 E Dixie dr 

Fontaine Jas (Irene S) instr N C State College h2712 Everett av 

Fontellio-Nanton H J (c) mgr Carolina Tribune Pub Co and editor Caro- 
lina Tribune r220 E Cabarrus 

Fonville Dajrton M Mrs tchr Thompson Sch r410 S Boylan av 

Fonville F Vaden (Dayton M) genl mgr Carolina Washboard Co r410 S 
Boylan av 

Fonville Mary S Mi-s tchi- Needham B Broughton High Sch hl06% Ashe 

Fonville Newton G (Mai-y S) lawyer 18 W Martin R703 hl06y2 Ashe av 

Fonville Zollicoffer (Zua P) pres Carolina Wasliboard Co h410 S Boylan 

Forbes Thelma elk CP&LCo r203 N Blount 

Ford Blanche T slswn Hudson-Belk Co r RD 2 

Ford Chas T h713 W North 

Ford Delia (c) dom r4 Bladen 

Ford Delia M (c) dom hlOl (1323) Cumberland av 

Ford Ernest A 1-714 Holt 

Ford Estelle (c) dom r801 E Davie 

Ford Geo F sub rural earner USPO r Westover 

Ford Henry (c; Alma) sta atndt r737 S Blount 

Ford lanna Mrs r714 Holt 

Ford J Arth ship elk N C Paper Co Inc r714 W Johnson 

Ford John B Rev (c; Mabel) hllOS Smithfield 

Ford Lula L (wld Wm S) h714 W Johnson 

Ford Mamie (c) rllOS Smithfield 

Ford Marvin W (Louise B) elk Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h714 Holt 





Ford Needham ( Janie) textilewkr hll26 N Wilmington 

Ford Pauline textilewkr rll26 N Wilmington 

Ford Richd C meat ctr The Great A & P Tea Co r312 E Edenton 

Ford Sophie ^c) dom r206 Selwin al 

Ford Verdell (c) elev opr Professional Bidg rl407 Pender 

Ford Vii-ginia Mrs toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r Western blvd 

Ford Walter T (E Blanche) teleg opr SALRy h623 Wills Forest 

Ford Will L emp The News & Observer r Rt) 2 

Ford Wm C r714 W Johnson 

Foreman Leola (c) maid h403 S Haywood 

Forgeus Margt librarian Meredith College r do 

Porman John (c; Lucinda) firemn h211 Maple 

Forman Mabel (c) dom r226 E Lenoir 

Forrest Hugh K student r519 Polk 

Forrest Mortimer E (Stella B) acct h519 Polk 

Forrester Derrell J (Nellie W) slsmn Wilson & Co hlO Glenwood av 

Porster Garnet W (Florence P) head agrl economics N C State College 

hl924 Sunset av 
Forsyth Robt O adv slsmn SouBellTel&TelegCo rlls N Wilmington 
Fort Alph M elk SALRy r Wake Forest N C 
Port Beauty Shop (Mrs Nina Port) 108 Glenwood av 

Port David I spl agt Northwestern Mut Fire Assn r315 North Boundary 
Fort Eleanor H (wid Wm L) tchr Lewis Sch h221 Hawthorn rd 
Port Emily P (c) smstrs h709 S Blount 
Fort Frank D r627 W, Jones 
Port Herbert (c; Hoye) plstr hi 18 Camden 
Fort Luther J (Nellie) auto mech h228 S Bloodworth 

Port Mary G sten State Dept of Public Instmction r315 North Boun(3ary 
Fort Melville W Mrs rlOO N Bloodworth 
Port Nellie dept sec N C State College h315 North Boundary 
Port NelUe Mrs Indrywkr The Raleigh Lndry h228 S Bloodworth 
Port Nina Mrs (Fort Beauty Shop) rl08 Glenwood av 
Port Wm (c) lab r7()9 S Blount 
Possett Bettie (c) dom r331 Battle 
Poster Addie (c) Indrs hll McKee 
Faster Arth L (Mary; Foster Transfer) h518 N Person 
Foster Beatrice (c) rll McKee 
Poster Dorson B (Vyrta S) cond h506 Cutler 
Poster Elbert (c; Bessie) lab hi 120 S Blount 
Poster Eliz S r5 Hope 
Foster ElUs (c; Hattie) cook h813 Manly 
Poster Geo (c) lab r617 Church 
Poster Georgiana (c) dom rl308 New Bern av 
Poster Jarvis (c) lab rl703 B 
Foster John D (A Leah) formn h504 Washington 
Foster John E asst in animal husbandly investigations N C State College 

r2716 Everett av 
Foster John M (Bessie S) associate prof N C State College h5 Hope 
Foster Kittle matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 
Foster Laura ( c) maid Hotel Carolina hl24 W South 
Fester Lonie (c) dom rl310 New Bern av 
Poster Lucy (c) dom rll20 S Blount 

Poster Lynwood T (Eliza H) dlv supt SALRy h203 Forest rd 
Foster Magnolia A nurse 504 Washington r do 
Poster Malcolm (c; Doza) lab h604 E Davie 
Foster Mamie D r504 Washington 
Foster Mary (c) rl24 W South 
Foster Minnie (c) Indrs h230 Fowle 
Foster Mittie (c) dom hl703 B 
Foster Robt L (c) lab r617 Church 
Poster Roberta (c) dom r715 Church 
Foster Saml H formn r504 Washington 

Poster Sarah instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Poster Thos (c) lab rll20 S Blount 
Poster Transfer (Arth L Foster) 518 N Person 

Poster Wm (c; Pearl) elev opr Wachovia Bank bldg h214 Spence 
Poster Wm T (c; Lucy) plstr h542 E Cabarrus 
Poulks Edw L (Louise H) agt Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh NO 

J11412 Glenwood av 
Fountain Alvin M asst prof N C State College r2 Hope 
Fountain Jefferson L jr (Ruth H; Fountain & Fountain) h226 Woodbum 

Fountain Mary K (wid Jefferson L) h535 N Blount 
Fountain Olive r535 N Blount 
Fountain Theo K (Fountain & Fountain) r535 N Blount 







Fountain & Fountain (Theo K and Jefferson L jr) lawyers 18 W Mar- 
tin R413 

Pouraker Raymond S (Dorothy V) prof N C State College h2403 Everett 

Fourth Ward Barber Shop (c; Plummer Vines) 315 W South 

Fourth Ward Cafe (c; Matilda Dunn) 217 W South 

Fourth Ward Pressing Club (c: Piummer Vines) 315 W South 

Foushee Benj (c) lab r551 E Edenton 

Foushee Louise L Mrs sten State Hwy Comn h200 E Edenton apt 4 

Foushee Wm H jr (Louise L) eng State Hwy Comn h200 E Edenton apt 4 

Fowler Carrie (c) domhH03 S Bloodworth 

Fowler Cath Mrs opr Poole's Beauty Shoppe r522 FayettevDle 

Fowler Chas soda dispenser r432 (428) Payetteville 

Fowler Chas W (Rosa L) hl23 Monie la 

Fowler Cornelius D stock elk r208 Groveland av 

Fowler Danl (Bessie) pntr hlOl Whitley 

Fowler Dora M (wid Geo W) r208 Groveland av 

Fowler Eliz r416 Cary 

Fowler Eva atndt State Hosp r do 

Fowler Florence E rolO W Morgan 

Fowier Prank pntr r432 (428) Fayetteville 

Fowler Isabelle (c) dom rll03 S Bloodworth 

Fowler J Rufus (Lura T) gTO h409 W Edenton 

P'owler John wtchmkr rl02 New Bern av 

Fowler Jos W (Myrtle L) auto mech hlO05 Boylan dr 

Fowler Lura T Mrs gro 300 W Lane bdg 409 W, Edenton h do 

Fowler Mamie M (wid Hubert A) h416 S Dawson 

Fowler Martha atndt State Hosp r do 

Fowler P E guard State Prison r do 

Fowler Richd (Anna) floralwkr J J Fallon Co Inc h610 B Franklin 

Fowler Saml C (Agnes) mach City Garage h710 E Hargett 

Fowler Saml C jr truck driver r7l6 E Hargett 

Fowler Saml H (Bessie I) h525 E Martin 

Fowler Sarah W elk r315 North Boundary 

Fowler Thos A junior chemist Div of Pood and Oil State Dept of 'Agin- 
culture rl27 New Bern av apt 406 

Fov;ler W H formn Aeroglide Corp r4n Oakwood av 

Fowler W Wren (Gladys E) hlpr r510 W Morgan 

Fowler Walter S (Estella G) sheet metalwkr h416 Cary 

Fowler Webb W (Eva G) bkpr N C Sdh Book Depository Inc hl30 E Eden- 

Fowler Wm (Mary) hSlO W Morgan 

Fowler Wm M (Rosa B) carp h432 (428) Fayetteville 

Fowler Willie (Vonnie) hlpr rSlO W Morgan 

FOX ALFRED J (Elizabeth E), Sec-Treas John W Hudson Jr Inc, hl833 
White Oak rd 

Fox Gretchen beauty opr rl02 New Bern av 

Fox Lillie M (c) cook r407 Tucker 

Fox Maurice P (Martha V) adv solr Times Pub Co. h219 E North 

Fox Povrell G (Shirlev Ki phvs 135 Payetteville R3C2 and sec Mary Eliz- 
abeth Clinic Inc h2210 Byrd 

Fox Russell F (Eliz B) mgr Natl Mkt Co r721 N Bloodworth 

Foxworth Eug D (Lillian M) policemn h609 North Boundai-y 

Foy D Bryan jr elk N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh rl014 W Caban-us 

Poy David B (Mninie L) mach SALRv hl014 W Cabarrus 

Foy Jas r217 S West 

Foy Lizzie (c) cook r205 Cox av 

Foy Robt printer Times Pub Co rlO E Dixie dr 

Foyles Jas H bkpr Kirchofer & Arnold Inc r924 Cowper dr 

France Douglas C (Rebecca T) lawyer 239 Fayetteville R907 h2126 Coun- 
try Club dr 

France Maxine tel opr Hotel Carolina r2109 Glenwood av 

Frank Edw (Evie H) textilewkr rlll8 N Wilmington 

Fi-ank's Beauty Salon (Frank T Mean) 121 1/2 Fayetteville 

Pranke Henry N (Lilly Ai meter repr The Raieiah Gas Co r RD 4 

Franklin Anthony P (Mabel L) insor Compensation Rating & Inspection 
Bureau of N C h2601 Vanderbilt av 

Franklin Bland (V/ava) mech B-N Motor Co r Cary N C 

Franklin Elma P (wid Craven P) elk V/aohovia Bank & Trust Co h709 

Franklin Ernest W (Ettie V) slsmn Carolina Realty Co h2302 Fairview rd 

Franklin Prances Mrs r Wake County Home 

Franklin Garland L (Lorin) trav slsmn h515 S West 

Fran!:lin Hurley W (Viola) agt Life Ins Co of Va h426 HaUfax 

Franklin Jas T slsmn Hudscn-Belk Co r Cary N C 

Franklin John (c) lab r506 Patterson la 








'The memory of 

quality lingers lun;^ after tJie 

price Is 


330 S. 




Pi'anklin Kenneth V pharm Person St Pharmacy No 2 r2302 Fairview rd 

Prankhn Mary P sch tchr r23C2 Fairview rd 

Franklin Paul L (Louise) truck driver Brogden Produce Co h515 S West 

Franklin Roy W student r2302 Fairview rd 

Franklin Virginia C student r709 Avcock 

Fi-anklin Wava K Mi's slswn Royal Baking Co r Gary N C 

Franklin Wm A (Ruth Q; College Ct Cafe) hlOOS W Lenoir 

Franklin Worth W student r2302 Fairview rd 

Franks Eug H (Lottie C) carp hl20 N Salisbury 

Franks Harrv r Sir Walter Hotel 

Pranks Henry L sub carrier USPO rl5 W Lenoir 

Franks Herbert W clothes clnr Perry's r220i:> E Martin 

Franks Lance atndt State Hosp r do 

Pranks Lillie (wid Dalton) h912 Belmont 

Pranks Martha A Mrs r Wake County Home 

Pranks Mattie atndt State Hosp r do 

Pranks Reginald T (Thelma) opr Shell Service Sta hl215 Wake Forest rd 

Prauendorfer Aug (Margt H) uphol 711 N Person h do 

Frazelle Edw L (Mary E) collr R E Quinn & Co hill Hillsboro 

Prazelle Florence E elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rill Hills- 

Prazelle Helen D cash The Wake Theatre rill Hillsboro 

Prazelle Howard L (Rebecca C>; printer The News & Observer r218 Hali- 

Prazelle Lois sch tchr rill Hillsboro 

Frazelle Sarah L student rill Hillsboro 

Prazer Chas R (c; Daisy C) ins agt hl21 E South 

Prazier Abr (c; Esther) cement fnshr r319 Love's al 

Prazler Caldonia (c) dom r6 E Hayti al 

Prazier Connie (c) dom rll8 E Cabarrus 

Prazier Estelle (c) dom r326 E South 

Prazier Ethel Mrs textilewkr hlll5 Harp 

Prazier Iva N ( wid Jos R) h555 E Martin 

Prazier Janis J slswn Divine Dress Shoppe r2109 Glenwood av 

Prazier Joshua (c; Mary) lab h604 S Person 

Prazier Junius (c) lab rll Hunter 

Prazier Leonard I (Rosalind) trav slsmn r2109 Glenwood av 

Prazier Leonidos (c; Nannie P) baker Royal Baking Co h312 EiCabarrus 

Prazier Maggie (c) dom h326 E South 

Prazier Nannie P (c) tdhr Lucille Hunter Sch r312 E Cabarrus 

Prazier Oliver M (Laura W) eng hl05 E Edenton apt 206 

Prazier Rufus F (Blanche) farmer hl320 Oakwood av 

Prazier Sandy (c; Miriam) clothes prsr r516 S Bloodworth 

Prazier Thos (c) dishwasher Talley's Luncheonette r326 E South 

Prazier Wm M (Grace E) slsmn h2109 Glenwood av 

Prazier Zettie M rlll5 Harp 

Freeman Agries (c) nm'se r225 E Lenoir 

Freeman Alice (c) cook 10 Perndell la 

Freeman Amanda (c) dom rl23 Lincoln dr 

Freeman Annie (c) Indi's h819 E Hargett 

Freeman Arth R Rev rector Sacred Heart Cathedral rl5 N McDowell 

Freeman Benj (c; Lillian) cook h525 S Person 

Freeman Bettie (Or Wake County Home 

Freeman Bryant H changemn CP&LCo r303 S Dawson 

Freeman C Glenwood (Glennie M) elk USIntRevOffice h504 N Blount 

Freeman CeUa (o h712 Branch (SPk) 

Freeman Claude Q student rl500 Mordecai dr 

Freeman Clinton (c; Minnie) lab h417 Patterson la 

Freeman Clyde (c) lab rlll9 Spruce 

Freeman Dalon (c; Louise) lab h411 Patterson la 

Freeman Edgar S (Evie W) asst mgr Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co hl500 Mor- 
decai dr 

Freeman Edw G (c; Lucretia) janitor New Administration Bldg h534 E 

Freeman Edwin McK (c; Daisy B) janitor r819 E Hargett 
IJeeman Evie W genl elk State Adjutant-Genl rloOO Mordecai dr 
g-eeman Fannie (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry rSlO E Cabarrus 
Freeman Prank R (c; Mary) h414 S Blount 
Preeman Geo (c) driver Raleigh Transfer Co Inc r517 E Davie 
Freeman Hubert (c; Zula) hlpr h724 E Martin 
Freeman Hurley (c; Blanche) lab r706 S Person 
Freeman Jas (c; Etta) lab hl208 S Wilmington 
|Teenian John (c) r Wake County Home 
Freeman John (c) lab rSlO Idlewlld av 
Freeman John (c; Fannie) lab h2l9 Spence 














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/mm, a ttifm. fh r>»aiiaBII**\ Barco Asphalt Roof- 
Tin, Tile and Slate /ajflftfrO \L O ffi Mfi XT 1 ing Products, Ready- 
Roofing, Galvanized IpM^LO t'k UH'iMl.U «»" ^"'' Built-uD 
Iron and Copper Cor- ) B.('S^s'i.E«i!B "WSi* B ain. B S »-** I Roofing, Roof Coat- 
nice and Sliyliglits, < „«„»,.,« nrntnnnniv I '"OS, Protective 
Heating, Ventilating ] RQOFJMG COMPAKY \ paints. Metallic Red., 
and Air Conditioning. { I Asphalt Shingles 
Asbestos Shingles V408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ V/ater-Proofing 

Freeman John W (c; Annie) lab h208 Camden 

Freeman Jos (Irma) hl7 W Peace apt 3 

Freeman Josephine (c) dom rll9 Spruce 

Freeman Lelia (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry r511 Cannon av 

Freeman Lemuel McM prof Meredith College r do 

Freeman Lester (c) hlpr r208 Camden 

Freeman Lizzie (c) dom h512 S Swain 

Freeman Louise (c) dom r528y2 E Edenton 

Freeman Mabel (c) soft drinlis o'79 E Cabarrus r581 do 

Freeman Mabel W rl500 Mordecai dr 

Freeman Maggie (c) cook 2114 Myrtle av 

Freeman Martin C waiter Wilson's Coffee Shop r524 S Boylan av 

Freeman Mary (c) dom r820 S Bloodworth , _ ^,. ^^ ,,, 

Freeman Mary D Mrs sec to supt Raleigh Township Public Schs rin 

Hillcrest rd 
Freeman Mattie B (c) dom r752 Payetteville 
Freeman Mildred E (c) sch tchr r313 N Tarboro 
Fi-eeman Pearl (c) dom hl09 Stronachs al 
Freeman Robt H (Freeman & Herring) h907 Glenwood av 
Freeman Silas (c: Susie) lab hll9 Spruce -r-r-^r^i. 

^elmln T WiUmott (Mary D) tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch i 

117 Hillcrest rd , ^ 

Freeman Thos (c) pdlr rl23 Lincoln dr ,.iinn r-c+Hr,o- 

Freeman Wm (c) porter Sir Walter Drug Store Inc rll09 Gatlmg 
Preenian & Herring (Robt H Pi-eeman, Edw H Herring) phys 123 W Har- 

gett R515 
Freeze Helen Mrs sten State Hwy Comn hl812 Park dr 
Freeze J Frank (Helen) solr Raleiglh Lmen Supply Co hl812 Park dr 
French Preston E (Blanche) interior decorator r3417 Hillsboro 
Frey Leo J (Ethel) mach h230 Forrest rd 

Frierson Cynthia asst registrar N C State College r2100 Hillsboro 
Frierson Jas D (c; Mittie) lab hl210 S Person 
Frost E Doreen tchr St Au^ustme's College r do 

Fi-uehauf Trailers Ernest L Warren distributor truck trailers 305 W Mar- 
Frye Jesse A (Bessie) coUr h208 N Harrington „ ^., „ , v,o/ni/ t ^„ 

Frye Rena M (wid Cullie W) manicurist Weaver & Holland h202% Lin- 
den av 
Pi-yerDanl (c; Anna) hlpr h304 Washington (College Pk) 
Fryer Jas E (Sallie U) trav slsmn rlO N Bloodworth 
Fulcher Bradford B mgr College Service Sta r RD 1 
Fulcher Warren E (Irene I) photog hl9 S Swain 

Fulcher Wm W printer rl9 S Swain „ „ ... ^ ^ 

Pulenwider Robt P (Jeannette M) mgr Raleigh Fence & Roofmg Co and 

Sou States Iron Roofing Co h3200 Hillsboro apt B-4 
Fulford Melvina (c) dom r303 S Haywood 
Fulghum H Franklin student r615 Wills Forest ^ , . „„ 

Fulehum Jas L (Eliz T) adjusior Fire Cos Adjustment Bureau Inc hlaSS 
"Iredell dr 

Fulghum Jas S (Mamie A) ins h615 Wills Forest 

Fulghum Jas S jr elk State Hwy Pm-ch Dept r615 Wills Forest 

Fulghum Janie E opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rll2 N McDowell 

Fulghum Lizzie D (wid Jesse S) hll2 N McDowell 

Fulghum Mary student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Fulghum Rayford W rll2 N McDowell 

Fulghum Wm B soda dispenser Boon-Iseley Drug Co rl05 E Edenton apt 

Full Eliz A bkpr Sou States Iron Roofing Co rl09 E Lane 

Fullenwider Phifer (Louise) mgr State Drug Store hll6 S McDowell 

Fuller Alice (c) h711 S Bloodworth 

Fuller Alice T (c) dom r905 FayetteviUe 

Fuller Brush Co John B Hunter mgr 15 W Hargett B506 

Fuller Charlotte B r314 E Hargett 

Fuller Chester driver Motor Transit Co 324 W Lane , , . „, 

Fuller Edwin T (Ada E) night forrnn A M Tyner Co hlo Glenwood av 
apt 6 

Fuller Eloise (c) dom rl206 S Person 

Fuller Emily (c) Indrywkr r734 FayetteviUe 

Puller Geo (c) mus tchr 712 E Martin h do 

Fuller Geo R (Belle P) slsmn h307 Cutler 

Fuller Georgia (c) Indrs h905 FayetteviUe 

Fuller Heni-y J (c; Maggie) lab r405 S Dawson 

Fuller Hildah M student r314 E Hargett 

Fuller Ira F (Maggie) bdg 522 FayetteviUe h do 





PHONE 182 

Fuller Jas W (Linda M) sec-treas Motor Service of Raleigh Inc h314 E 

Fuller Lavenia A sch tchr r314 E Hargett 

FuUer Mabel (c) dom r712 E Martin 

Fuller Marion M (Eva W) dist frt agt h206 E Park dr 

Fuller McKinlev L (Alma W) spl agt Atlantic Fire Ins Co h Beech Ridge 
rd nr Breeze rd 

Fuller Melvin (c; Fuller's Barber Shop) r202 E Cabarrus 

Fuller Mollie M (wid H Norwood) slswn Hudson-Belk Co h603 Glenwood 

Fuller Nannie W (c) tchr Wiashington Sch r20 E Worth 

Fuller Nell r522 FayettevUle 

Fuller Paul r522 Fayetteville 

Fuller Rodolph D (Lula D) mgr Thorn McAn Shoe Co r230 El Morgan ' 

Fuller Wm (c; Lizzie) porter N C Sch Book Depository Inc hl206 S Person 

Fuller Wm H (c; Nannie W) prin Crosby-Garfield Sch h20 E Worth 

Fuller's Barber Shop (c; Melvin Fuller) 417 S Blount 

Pulton Bentley B ( Ida T) research entomologist N C State College h2000 
Clark av 

Fuqua Alva D slsmn Garland C Norris & Co rl904% Hillsboro 

Fuqua Novvie S Mrs sten CP&LCo r3 Enterprise 

Furman Arth J (Mae) firemn h219 N Harrington 

Purpless Jas P (Annie L' mgr Carolina Rim & Wheel Co r2114 Ridgecrest 

Furr Dordchy E elk Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of N C 
r2206 Fairview rd 

Furr Eloise J sten Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r2206 Fairview rd 

Furr John H barber Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop 709 S Boylan av 

Furr Pattie K ( wid Perle E) h2206 Fairview rd 

Fussell T Edmond (Helen H) elk Walton's Pharmacy rSlO Polk 

Pyne Jos J (Lemoine G) lawyer 239 FayettevUle R601 and notary h Bed- 
ford av nr Dixie Trail 

G & S Department Store Morris A Satisky pres Louis Greenspon sec- 
treas 16 E Hargett 

Gaddy Claude F (Nannie) asst sec State Sch Comn h2128 Country Club 

Gaddy Jas (c) waiter rl302 Holman 

Gaddy Virginia nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Gaddy Walter (c; Lena) lab hl302 Holman 

Gadson A Ruth (c) sec to dean Shaw University r do 

Gadson Ella (c) cook h504 Smithfield 

Galley Jas T linemn r213 N Boylan av 

Galley Mary A r302 Hawthorn rd 

GaiUard Horace S (Mabel G) asst whse examiner U S Dept of Agricul- 
ture Whse Act hl27 New Bern av apt 401 

Gaines Louis S Rev (Lois H) pastor Hayes Barton Baptist Ch hl803 White 
Oak rd 

Gaines Susie B (c) cook r521 E Cabarrus 

Gainey J Claude (Lillian) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h6 E Peace 

Gainey Robt M (Ella) florist h20 Firwood av 

Gaither Edgar W dist agt agrl extn N C State College r Western blvd 

Galba Estelle Mrs opr DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r6 Pemdale la 

Gale Benj G (c) lab r71l S Person 

Gale Clarence S student rl214 Cowper dr 

Gale Prances (c) dom rSOl Smith 

Gale Geo (c; Susan) lab h801 Smith 

Gala Jas (c; Malissa) lab h526 E Cabarrus 

Gale Robt (c; Lenora) hlpr h218 Heck 

Gales Seaton Lodge No 64 lOOF meets Thursday 8 P M 15 W Hargett 

Gallant Wade M (Sallie W) elec eng r803 N Person 

Galloway Rawley (Emma M; Galloway's Professional Bldg Pharmacy) h 
123 W Park dr 

Galloway's Professional Building Pharmacy (Rawley Galloway) 125 W 

Gait Thos C (Lillian) eng h701 N East 

Gambrell Richd (e; Kath) plstr h404 Oberlin rd 

Game J Walter driver East Coast Stages Inc r404 S Dawson 

Game Lona E slswn Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r520 S West 

Gammon AUce (c) h325 W Martin 

Gandy SB (c) r405 S Dawson 

Ganger H C instr N C State College r do 

Gant Berta (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndi-y rll2 N Haywood 

Gant Corinna E student r410 N Blount 

Gant Kenneth (Sue D^ cotton gds mfr h410 N Blount 

Gant Mollie (c) rl21 W Lenoir 

Gantt Eliz T student r2 Logan ct 























125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Gantt Ihos J (ELiz I) trav car agt h2 Logan ct 

Gardiner Theo B student r6 Ferndell la 

Gardner Alice fc) dom rH18 E Edenton 

Gardner Davenport (c) plstr r702 Bragg 

Gardner Essie (c) Indry wkr r33 Bragg 

Gardner Floyd E (Mary V) tobacconist h407 E Jones 

Gardner Julia slswn r603 Glenv/ood av 

G-ardner Luther (c: Bessie) lab h226 Bledsoe av 

Gardner M Evans (Margt C) pomologist N C State College h2308 Bedford 

Gardner Mabry nurse 115 N McDowell r do 
Gardner Mary E elk r3120 W Morgan 
Gardner Mattie E (wid Chas C) h320 W Morgan 
Gargis Amanda (wid Jas T) r209 S Swain 
Gargis Genada A (Caudle & Gargis) r209 S Swain 
Gargis J Norman (Janle) blksmith N-SRRCo hSOO Pershing rd 
Gargis J Wesley (Eldora) huckster r202 Firwood av 
Gargis Jesse J rSOO Pershing rd 
Gargis Jos E (Pattie E) huckster h202 Firwood av 
Gar'iJs Jos W elk r202 Firwood av 
Gargis Lee E (Ola B) truck driver h206 Firwood av 
Gargis Levi M (Nancy) policemn h5 W Franklin 
Gargis Nellie Mrs prsmn Bynum Printing Co r208 E Lenoir 
Gargis R Milton wtcmn r505 N Dawson 
Garlington Wm H (Manolla V) dist mgr Continental Life Ins Co h2206 

Barbee pi 
Garlington Wm H jr elk The Great A & P Tea Co r2206 Barbee pi 
Garner Ada M sten Staudt's Bakery r Wake Forest N C 
Garner Albert (c) driver Price's Coal Yard Co r504 Sanders 
Garner Albert L (Sadie M) routemn Raleigh Linen Supply Co h9U W 


Gamer Alex (c) lab r318 N Haywood 
Garner Chas H pres Alpha Kappa Pi r5 Ferndell la 
Garner Gaither B (Hattie M) servicemn hi 106 Filmore 
Garner Gertrude bkpr Tieghman Motors Inc r200 E Edenton apt 6 
Garner Harrison (c; Mae T) baker S & W Cafeteria r5n S East 
Garner Hugo (c) barber Reid's Barber Shon rl20'l S East 
Garner Ida (c) sch tchr rl324 S East 
Garner Jeannette (c) dom h40S N Harrison 
Garner John D (Mary A) elk USFO hl026 W South 
Garner Lillian K rll8 Hawthorn rd 
Garner Lillington (Theresa) auto mech rl7 N West 
Garner Lula (c) Indrs hl25 Bledsoe av 
Garner Mae C (c) maid h409 W Cabarrus 
Garner Nolie V nurse 408 New Bern av r do 
Garner Pearl (c) dom hl407 Pender 

Garner Robt H (Ruth P) slsmn Gulf Refining Co rll06 Filmore 
Garner Ruth P opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rll06 Filmore 
Games Alice (c) r6 N Tarboro 
Games Lewis (c) lab h521 Hick's al 
Garnett M Belle (wid C Wm) h309 N Bloodworth 
Garr Lewis E (Ann L) trav slsmn hll3y2 Chamberlain 
Garren Carrie H Mrs tchr Barber Sch hl5 W Lenoir 
Garren Gardner M (Carrie H) agronomist hl5 W Lenoir 
Garrett Eleanor technician r Beech Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 
Garrett Jas G (Alice C) mgr r305 Cutler 
Garrett John (c) car washer Johnson Tire Co r414 Green 
Garrett Jos (c; Lou) lab hi 14 W Peace 
Garrett Patience (c) dom h551 E Edenton 
Garrett Robt (c) lab r551 E Edenton 

Garrett Ruby Mrs elk w H King Drug Co Inc rll7 N Wilmington 
Garrett Southie P (Ruby) ship elk Standard Supply Co Inc rll7 N Wil- 
Garris Ruby instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Garrison Caroline student r9 N Person 
Garrison J Parker designer rll8 New Bern av 
Garrison Karl C prof N C State College rl23 Chamberlain 
Garrison Robt H (Rosalie P) trav slsmn h914 Vance 
Garrison Sydney O (Mai-y N) printer Bynum Printing Co h9 N Person 
Garsombke Henry (Rubv L) radio oor rl228 Mordecai dr 
Garven Julia H (wid Davis) r212 S Haywocd 

Garvey Agnes M opr SouBellTel&TelcgCo rl21 S Bloodworth ' 
Gary Louise (c) h809 S Bloodworth 

Gaskill David W sta mgr Clifton Garage 2124 Woodland av 
Gaskill Seth (Ida B) br mgr Pender's Stores rSll E Jones 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Gaskin Rebecca instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Gaskins Chas H (Sarah E; Gasklns' Fish Mkt) h413 N Dawson 

Gaskins Luther J i Annie) carp h407 N Dawson 

Gaskins Pauline (c) dom rl606 B 

Gaskins Raleigh (c ; Annie) eng h528 W South 

Gaskins Walter J (Mavis) carp r413 N Dawson 

Gaskins Wm D (Nellie) carp r407 N Dawson 

Gaskins' Fish Market (Chas H Gaskins) 228y2 W North 

Gass Anna (c) cook h809 E Davie 

Gass Robt (c; Mary) lab h701 S Tarboro 

Gass Sarah (c) dom r809 E Davie 

Gaston Hubert E (Mary) slsmn Bragg Hdw Co Inc r609 W North 

Gaston Louise (c) h426 S McDowell 

Gate City Life Insurance Co Ernest W Lamberson supt 303' Fayetteville 

Gates Mary L cash StAugustine's College r do 
Gates Oak well M (Frozie A) h3109 Stanhope av 
Gatewood Mamie A (c) rSlO E South 
Gatling Atkinson T (c; Mary E) lab h303 S Haywood 
Gatling Bart M (Lenora C; Gatling & Morris) hl400 E Martin 
Gatling Edw (c; Selma) lab h308 Idlewild av 
Gatling Jas M rl400 E Martin 

Gatling John drftsmn State Hwy Comn rl400 E Martin 
Gatling Lawi-ence V rl400 E Martin 
Gatling Wm C <Eliz E) truck driver h712 E Franklin 
Gatling & Morris (Bart M Gatling, Saml J Morris) lawyer 306 S ISalis- 

Gattis Carver M (Ruth) spl del msngr U S P O r RD 1 
Gattis Danl B (Lillian) emp The News & Observer r RD 2 
Gattis Eckie H Rev (Ruth P; Person St Cafe; Person St Service Sta)' Si 

222 Pace 
Gattis Fidelia E (wid Jas R) smstrs h803 W Morgan 
Gattis H Oscar (Mollie B) gro 2 N Tarboro h do 
Gattis Hobson I (Grace; Person St Pharmacy No 2) h232 Glascock 
Gattis Howard W shoe repr r212 StMary's 
Gattis John Q br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co r RD 2 
Gattis Philip D (Mary L; Person St Phai-macy) hl3105 Wake Forest rd 
Gattis Robt E wood h805 N Bloodworth 
Gattis W F r Y M C A 

Gattis Wm A (Samantha J) policemn h212 StMary's 
Gault Chas B student r Y M C A 
Gault Geraldine rl322 Mordecai dr 
Gault Hoyt F displaymn rl322 Mordecai dr 
Gault Ida B (wid Wyatt L) hl322 Mordecai dr 

Gault J Leland (Ida M) chf opr Postal-Teleg Cable Coi hl517 Hanover 
Gault Wyatt L night chf opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co rl322 Mordecai dr 
Gause Geo W (c; Ophelia) driver Noland Co Inc h210 Fowle 
Gauss Jos (c; Lavinia L) truck driver Tine Raleigh Gasi Co r305 W Cab- 
Gawer Mai G barber Sanitary Barber Shop r Clayton N C 
Gay Alice W (wid Robt H) hlOl Chamberlain 
Gay Edw guard State Prison r do 
Gay Henry C (Annie M) carrier hl22 N Dawson 
Gay John (c; Ida) waiter Rex Hosp h315 Bragg 
Gay Mildred G rl22 N Dawson 

Gaylord John F (Reta R) examiner h2114 Country Club dr 
Gaynor A Dell slswn New Globe Inc r2141 Country Club dr 
Gaynor Constance C sten Carolina Mortgage Co r Mansion Park Hotel 
Geanes Edwin H (Lucy E) ship elk W H King Drug Co Inc h612 Holt 
GEDDIE EDGAR C (Lottie B). U S Marshal 202-204 Federal Bldg, Tel 

2779, h407 S Boylan av, Tel 2855 
Geddie Edgar McP student r407 S Boylan av 
Geddie Ida M sch tchr r407 S Boylan av 
Geddie J Canolia sch tchr r407 S Boylan av 
Geddie J Cochran student r407 S Boylan av 

Geddie Walter H (Abbie) dep collr USIntRevOffice h218 Elm 
Gee Harold W (N Kate) mgr The Raleigh Gas Co h2102 Fairview rd 
Gee Leo (c) chauf r750 Fayetteville 
Gehring Inez sten The State r718 W Hargett 
Geiger Archie H (Margt D) formn h803 Glenwood av 
Geile Wilfred G (Dorothy T) associate prof N C State College hl61i Park 

Gelin Julius (Hannah) magazine agt h523 E Lane 
General Electric Supply Corp Robt M Johannesen mgr whol 311 W Mai- 





( FORD ) 

Authorized i • jMjp/^j i^ ( Sales and Service 

General Food Sales Co Edw T Willis rep 117 W Martin 

General Outdoor Advertising Co Inc Edw W Donahue mgr 114 W Lenoir 

George A Wilbur cash The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S r 
1125 Harvey 

George Chas P (Estelle L) genl ins 15 W Hargett R801 hl816 White Oak rd 

George T Luther (Maggie) carp r409 N Dawson 

George Thos J (Ida) lab h212 W North 

Gerling Lawi'ence M (Helen L) mgr Dun & Bradstreet Inc h2108 Ridge- 

Gerlsen Henry Mi's r Mansion Park Hotel 

Gerow Eliz L rll20 Pilmore 

Gerow Jas A sch tchr rll20 Pilmore 

Gerow Louise E (wid Herbert W) hll20 Pilmore 

Gettel Dabney student rSOO Cole 

Gettel Wm C (Virginia D) train dispr NSRRCo hSOO Cole 

Gholson Alf W jwlr 137 S Salisbury r Hotel Raleigh 

Gibbons Etta A (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf rll4 E 

Gibbons Juanita (c) student rll4 E Lenoir 

Gibbs Mary F Mrs elk h706y2 Harp 

Gibbs Seth M (Clara D) civ ens h302 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Gibson Albert (c; Theola) lather h23 Bragg 

Gibson Belton (c; Bertha) plstr h220 Bledsoe av 

Gibson Eliz tchr Peace A Junior College for V/omen r do 

Gibson Kathleen sr sten State Industrial Comn rl708 Pairview rd 

Gibson Milton R (Eliz McL). phys 123 W Hargett R505 h232 W Hargett 
apt 7B 

Gibson Milton R jr student r232 W Hargett apt 7B 

Gibson Ralph A asst sec Occidental Life Jns Co of Raleigh N C TlS0|9i 

Gibson Thos L chf inspr Div of Fertilizer and Peed Inspection State 
Dept of Agriculture r Fayetteville N C 

Giersch Richd P (Truletta M) hl09 Park av 

Gift Shop Inc The Mrs Laura B Hudler pres AUce Ball (Pittsburgh Pa) 
sec-treas 134% Fayetteville 

Gilbert A Viola elk Mrs Emma L Hunt r602 W North 

Gilbert Chas E mach opr Martin Millwork Co 200 Harrison av 

Gilbert Clara L sten N C State College r303 HDlcrest rd 

Gilbert Clyde E asst Martin- Yelverton Co rl04 S Dawson 

Gilbert Edith P placement sec N C Education Assn r3»3 HUlcrest rd 

Gilbert Helen B Mrs elk State Board of Health h909 W Lenoir 

Gilbert M Annie (wid John) h602 W North 

Gilbert Margt organizer State Library Comn r303 Hillerest rd 

Gilbert W Henry (Helen B; Cutler St Gro> h909 W Lenoir 

Gilbert Wayland (Odelle) pntr r328 S McDowell 

Gilbert Wm B (Lena B) asst mgr Eokerd's of Raleigh N C Inc nlO06 W 

Gilchriest W Kenneth (c) belimn Hotel Carolina r527 W Lenoir 

Gilchrist Madge (c) dom h204 Selwin al 

Gilchrist Mattie (c) dom h516 W Lenoir 

Gilchrist Norma (c) dom r204 Selwin al 

Giles Aretha (e) cook r416 Watson 

Giles Arth (c; Sadie) porter State Dept of Agriculture h745 Fayetteville 

Giles Louise (c) cook r416 Watson 

Giles Rosa (c) dom r745 Fayetteville 

Giles Sadie (c) maid Hotel Carolina rl22 W South 

Giles Wm (c; Marie) porter Southeastern Optical Co Inc hl305 E Hargett 

Gilford The apts 610 Willard pi 

Gill Addison (c; Mallie) gdnr hl614 B 

Gill Annie (c) dom r606 2d av 

Gill Ardelia (c) Indry wkr Sir Walter Hotel r419 S Swain 

Gill Arth L (c; Alice) h828 E Hargett 

Gill Cassie R (c) cook h401 W South 

Gill Clarence W (Esther H) chf elk to genl yd mstr SALRy hl22 Hudson 

Gill Cleveland r803 W South 

Gill Edwin State Comnr of Paroles r Sir Walter Hotel 

Gill Elmore (Jennie) pntr h rear 420 S McDowell 

Gill Eunice (e) dom rl309 Pender 

Gill Eustace M (Jessie) eng h817 N Bloodworth 

Gill Geo (c; California) lab h507 E Davie 

Gill Hal A (Hattie L) trouble shooter hl223 Pearce 

Gill Henry (c) blksmith r701 S Swain 

Gill Hubert (c; Sarah) fire bldr N-SRRCo h2l4 Heck 

Gill Hubert S (Dixie D) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h411 N Wilming- 




Gill Hubert S 1r elk r411 N Wilmington 

Gill John H (Lamvra) asst div eng SALRy h409 Chamberlain 

Gill Laura C r411 N Wilmington 

GOl Lennie (c) dom rl614 B 

Gill Leta (wid Walter Ci hll3 Po!k 

Gill LlUian (c) sch tchr h421 S Blount 

Gill Lizzie (c) maid Royal Bakin? Co h213 N Tarboro 

Gill M Clifton (Pauline T) ens' h5l7 Washington 

Gill Maggie (c) dom h419y2 N West 

GiU Mary C rll3 Polk 

Gill Mozelle (c) dom rl610 Oakwood av 

Gill Myra H Mi-s bkbndr Coml Printing Co r304 E Hargett 

Gill Nancy (wid David C) h207 W Davie 

GiU Nathaniel R (c) r401 W South 

Gill Pattie (c) cook rill Stronach's al 

Gill Percy (c) chauf hlll5 E Davie 

Gill Roy T (c) msngr Raleigh Funeral Home Inc r322 E Cabarrus 

Gill Saml (c; Carrie) sta firemn Confederate Soldier's Home hl6lO Oak- 
wood av 

Gill Saml J (c; Annie) brklyr hl018 Oberlin rd 

Gill Sarah (c) dom r528 E Edenton 

Gill Spencer (c; Fannie) lab h916 S Person 

Gill Thos E rll3 Polk 

Gill Wm (c) delmn Clifford P Smith r419y2 N West 

Gill Wm (c: Minerva) porter Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h614 Wynne 

Gill Worth B (c: Harriett E) tailor 406 S Blount h910 S Person 

Gilliam Edw (c; Annie) lab hl6 Parham's al 

Gilliam Lemuel (c) lab r306 Camden 

Gilliam MalJie A (Cath V) pntr r513 Hillsboro 

Gilliam Paul D elk Mansion Park Hotel r do 

Gilliard Mary (wid Christopher C) rSll E Edenton 

Gilliland Vehie rl516 Oakwood av 

Gillis Henry C (Eva E) mach State Hwy Comn hll7 N McDowell 

GiUis Lettis (c) Indrs h416 Watson 

Gillis Theo S earner U S P O rll7 N McDowell 

Gilmer Building 7-11 Market pi 

Gilmore Eug (c) lab r712 Carroll av 

Gilmore Geo (c; Nancy) h606 W Lenoir 

GUmore Louise (c) dom r712 Carroll av 

Gilmore Lucy tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r407 N Blount 

Gilmore Maggie (c) h712 Carroll av 

Gilmore Walter barber 126 E Whitaker Mill rd r RD 1 

Gilmore Wm H (Amelia M) carp h9 W Franklin 

Gil-Smythe Harry (c) instr Shaw University r do 

Ginn & Co Perry E Seagle state agt book publrs 20 E Martin R717 

Girton Ava (wid Rex E) bde 123 S McDowell h do 

Girton Kenneth A rl23 S Mf'Dowell 

Gist Saml (e; Sylvia) gro 1029 S Person h do 

Gittinss Emma (wid Jos) ellc State Board of Charities and Public Wel- 
fare rl32 S Boylan av 

Glaize Lula B Mrs r2238 The Circle 

Glasco Olivia (c) sch tchr rl416 E Jones 

Glasco Thos (e) hlpr rl416 E Jones 

Glascock Harold S student r936 Cowper dr 

Glascock Harold W (J'essie L) phys 135 Fayetteville R302 and pres-treas 
Mary Elizabeth Clinic Inc h936 Cowper dr 

Glascock Kath student r936 Cowper dr 

Glascock Spencer B slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co r936 Cowper dr 

Glascoe Lee (Annie L) carp r213 S Person 

Glasgow Wm P (Annie L) watchmkr Alf W Gholson rl02 W Edenton 

Glass Ben.i rll2 N East 

Glass Hyman A (Dorothy) slsmn New Globe Inc h607 E Lane 

Glass J Conrad (Bertha S) bkpr Pine State Creamery Co h522 E Frank- 

Glass Jacob rll2 N East 

Glass Saml (Gertrude) hll2 N East 

Glenn Ada Mrs (Cash & Carry Store) r701 N Salisbury 

Glenn Chas E (Ellen R) h57 Greenwood 

Glenn Ellen R Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch h57 Greenwood 

Glenn Geo E (Nora M) ins agt hl026 Boylan dr 

Glenn Geo M supt Citv Abattoir rl4% E Morgan 

Glenn Gibson G elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r503 N Person 

Glenn Grover electn rl4y2 E Morgan 

Glenn Harlie E (Sadie) acct hl30 New Bern av 

Glenn Henry (c) draymn r916 Cannister 

Glenn Hem-y Y h802 N Boylan av 




PHONE 528 

Glenn Karl B (Irene) asst prof N C State College r309 N Bloodworth 

Glenn Lawson H (Geneva P) lieut Engine Co No 3 r400 New Bern av 

Glenn Lila (c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 

Glenn Lucy sch tchr r227 Elm 

Glenn Mary R elk rl30 New Bern av 

Glenn Paul W (Mildred C) solr h2206i,2 Fairview rd 

Glenn Polite (c) dom r310 IdlewUd av 

Glenn Sarah V (wid Frank M) h314 S Swain 

Glenn Thos J sta opr Standard Oil Co rl314 Hinton 

Glenn Wm B (Margt E) flgmn hll02 Glenwood av 

Glenwood Council No 510 Jr Order United American Mechanics meets 

Monday 8pm 719 Devereux 
Glenwood Knitting Mill (Wm E Ratcliffe) 801 Belmont 
Glenwood Manufacturing Co Mason A Smith pres-treas Mrs Louise S 

Smith sec shirt mfrs 301 W North 
Glover Bettie sten r5 E Eiienton 
Glover Beulah W (c) sch tchr r726 S Dawson 
Glover Blonnie L sr sten State Industrial Comn ro E Edenton 
Glover Edw H (c) car washer B-N Motor Co r802 S East 
Glover Geo R (Hortense) heut City Police Dept rl25 Halifax 
Glover Lillian (c) dom r211 Bledsoe av 
Glover Lucinda (c) Indrs r306 Freeman 
Glover Margt (c) dom r211 Bledsoe av 
Glover Raymond (c) delmn r211 Bledsoe av 
Glover Richd L mgr Hotel Wiley Barber Shop r Apex N C 
Glover Robt (c) firemn h315 W Lenoir 
Glover Thaddeus truck driver r412 E Martin 
Glover Walter (c; Amy) plstr h211 Bledsoe av 

Glover Wm R (Dura R) asst dist mgr Life Ins Co of Va hl028 Boylan dr 
Glover Willie (c) student r315 W Lenoir 
Goad Thos G student r315 S Boylan av 
Goad Wm D student r315 S Boylan av 
Goad Wm O (Maude D) supt h315 S Boylan av 
Godbee Sue Mrs mgr Virginia Dare Dress Shop rll4 New Bern av 
Godfrey Cody sten State Governor's Office of Relief r YWCA 
Godwin Chas H (Nellie C) elk Recreation Club r413 N Salisbury 
Godwin Clarence I (Lois L: Godwin & Richardson) h803 Holt dr 
Godwin Elbert E (Ora) driver Strop Taxi Co r410 W Morgan 
Godwin Grace r502 W South 

Godwin Graham J (Myrtle) elk W H King Drug Co Inc h216 Elm 
Godwin Heni-y M ( Caroline) eng h507 Cole 
Godwin Hilda R sch tchr r709 W Morgan 
Godwm Howard S Mi-s sec Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of 

N C r407 Cutler 
Godwin J Otho (Lelia) electn h549 E Hargett 
Godwin J W guard State Prison r do 
Godwin John W (Ruth) trav slsmn h709 W Morgan 
Godwin John W jr r709 W Morgan 

Godwin Leah M sten Godwin & Richardson r803 Holt dr 
Godwin Mary D (wid Julius G) r614 E Hargett 
Godwin Meta tchr Thompson Sch rl27 N Blount 
Godwin Nellie C Mrs waitress F W Woolworth Co r413 N Salisbury 
Godwin Pauline M sten Godwin & Richardson r803 Holt dr 
Godwin Rachel L student r803 Holt dr 

Godwin Wm L (Evelyn) mgr Indry N C State College hll Dixie Trail 
Godwin Wm M ;fl fnshr r7 Glenwood av apt 1 
Godwin Worth L (Esther E) printer Mitchell Printing Co rl422 Scales 
Godwin & Richardson (Clarence I Godwin) genl agts Atlantic Life Ins 

Co 239 Fayetteville R602 
Goehring Erwin E instr r206 E Park dr 

Goerch Carl (Sibvl W) editor The State hl416 Greenwood av 
Goetze Arno B (Roslyn E) supt Coml Natl Bank bldg hl300 Pilmore 
Goetze Roslyn E Mi's tel opr CP&LCo hl300 Filmore 
Goins Lizzie (c) r527 W Lenoir 
Goins Stella (c) cook Hubert A Royster 
Goldberg Ben.i (Lena) slsmn hl922 Alexander rd 
Golden Clifton driver rSHVa S Blount 
Goleman J L atndt State Hosp r do 
Goleman Minnie R atndt State Hosp r do 
Gomez Alphonso (Reca L) monuments Seawell av cor E Lane h801 E 

Gomez Manuela C elk Royal Baking Co rSOl E Lane 
Gomez Mary P r801 E Lane 
Gooch Albert L rill S Boylan av 
Gooch Eug T rill S Boylan av 
Gooch Fred D mldr Carolina Foundry r RD 2 




Q Factory Authorized Sales and Service q 

fj General Motors Values |g 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Gooch Healon Mrs r Wake County Home 

Gooch Leona D (wid Eug T) hill S Boylan av 

Gooch Mallie G (Estelle) truck driver Martin Millwork Co r714 W Jones 

Gooch W L rlll4 New Bern av 

Goodall Mabel D (wid Henry R) r925 Holt dr 

Goodbred Annette sten rl910 Alexander rd 

Goode Allen (c) gdnr h321 S Haywood 

Goode Ella M (c) student r725 S East 

Goode Frances (c) student r725 S East 

Goode Hattie (c) Indrs r321 S Haywood 

Goode Hebert (c) lab r319 Moore's al 

Goode Jas (c) hlpr r532 Bragg 

Goode Jas fc; Delia) porter Alf Williams & Co h202 Freeman 

Goode Julius (c; Helen) clothes prsr h516 E Worth 

Goode Lewis W (C; Estella) hlpr h725 S East 

Goode Oscar (c; Margt) hlpr h532 Bragg 

Goode Sarah L Mrs rl718% Hillsboro 

Gooding B Harrison (c; India) ianitor r321 Cannon 

Gooding Wm B Junior statistician State-U S Co-Operative Crop Report- 
ing Service r2004 Hillsboro 

Goodman A Ernest (Annie E) cond hl04 Dupont cir 

Goodman Adger O (Ruth A) formn City Utilities h721 W Morgan 

Goodman Celia (wid Oscar; Goodman's Ladies Shop) h518 E Lane 

Goodman Claud chf elk to frt agt Sou Ry System r RD 4 

Goodman Hallie tel opr r310 N Person 

Goodman John W jr (Gertrude) dist agt agrl extn N C State College h 
2ii3 woodland av 

Goodman Kath nurse 701 N Blount apt 102 r do 

Goodman Lola A Mrs mgr retail store No 1 Staudt's Bakery hll4 Park av 

Goodman Saul (Sadie K) h809 W South 

Goodman Tillie r304 Polk 

Goodman Tobias (Clarice C) chf elk div frt agt SALRv r300 Harding 

Goodman's Ladies Shop (Mrs Celia Goodman) 18 E Hargett 

Goodno Lillian S (wid Chas N) h201 Park av 

Goods Chas (c) r222 Fowle 

Goodwin Alice M r614 W Lane 

GOODWIN ANDREW W (Love C), Physician (General Practice), 511- 
514 Odd Feliows Bids 15 W Hargett, Tel 428, When Not at Office or 
Home, Tel 1177, Office Hours 11:30 a m to 3 p m, h220 Hillsboro, Tel 

Goodwin Annie F (wid Wm C) r403 N Wilmington 

Goodwin Arth T (Annie L) whol sausage 8031/2 Halifax h803 do 

Goodwin Arth T jr musician r803 Halifax 

Goodwin C Russell student r611 W Lane 

Goodwin Chas r224 N Person 

Goodwin Chas A (Alice) r212A New Bern av 

Goodwin Chas L sta opr Gulf Refining Co r212A New Bern av 

Goodwin Curtis instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Goodwin Danl E (Martha H) trav slsmn hl28 N Harrington apt 3 

Goodwin Doris O slswn Hudson-Belk Co r RD 1 

Goodwin Edw C (Lannie P) h4(K) Pershing rd 

Goodwin Ethel C sten City Comnr of Public Wks r400 Pershing rd 

Goodwin Frank O (Madeline B) mach N-iSRRCo li213 E Whitaker Mill 

Goodwin G Sidney (Ina J) furn repr 121 E Martin h328 W Edenton 

Goodwin G Wayland r614 W Lane 

Goodwin Geo R (Marie L) sec-treas Robt G Lassiter & Co hl20 Hillcrest 

Goodwin Grace waitress Webber's Lunch r220% W Morgan 

Goodwin Hallie M opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r310 N Person 

Goodwin Irving Y (Mamie B) slsnin W A Myatt Co Inc h304 E Jones ; 

Goodwin Jos A spl elk USPO r201 N Wilmington 

Goodwin Jos W (Jennie L) delmn Person St Pharmacy No 2 hl53(8 
Sunrise av 

Goodwin Lena toll opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r210 Park av 

Goodwin Leroy I (Lessie; State Soda Shop) r304 E Jones 

Goodwin Lessie Mrs opr Mason Beauty Parlor r304 E Jones 

Goodwin Lyman D (Stella M; Goodwin Pulrry & Egg C) h320 E Har- 

Goodwin Mary P r222 N Person 

Goodwin Mildred A opr Postal-Teleg Cable> Co r611 W Lane 

Goodwin Nettie r704 W Johnson 

Goodwin Nomie J (Olivia M) drop forger hl408 Fayetteville 

Goodwin Ovid T (Dena N) solr h704 W Johnson 

Goodwin Pauline E r614 W Lane 


Alfred Williams & Co« 



Goodwin Poultry & Egg Co (Lyman D Goodwin) 319 Blake 
GOODWIN-SMiTH FURNITURE CO, Bunn R Crabtree Mgr, Furniture, 
Stoves, Ranges and House Furnishings 124 E Martin, Tel 516 

Goodwin W Reginald elk Union Provision Co r611 W Land 
Goodwin Warner S (Lillian) slsmn h212A New Bern av 

Goodwin Wm G (Lessie R; Union Provision Co) h611 W Lane 

Goodwyn Kathleen r413 E Lane 

Goodwyn Robt W (Lillian T) cond h413 E Lane 

Goold Edgar H Rev (Cath B) pres St Augustine's College, The Bishop 
Tuttle Training Sch and rector StAugustine's Chapel hl317 Oak- 
wood av 

Goolsby Ernest B mech City Garage rll W Jones 

Goolsby Jerry (c; Lula M) driver Carolina Bldrs Corp hl09 W John- 

Gordon John B adv mgr The Progi-essive Farmer & Sou Ruralist r6 Berk- 
shire rd 

Gordon Julia H slswn Hudson-Belk Co r603 Glenwood av 

Gordon Luther (c) restr 759 S Blount r236 Smithfield 

Gordon Made (c) dom rl420 E Jones 

Gordon Wm (c; Ida) lab r417 Smith 

Gordon Wm H (c; Annie) lab hl420 E Jones 

Gore Clarence M (Leila V) carp h423 PayetteviUe 

Gore Wm W driver Natl Biscuit Co r408 S Boylan av 

Gorham John P (c; Marie J) clothes presser h566 E Cabarrus 

Gorham Leah L (c) sch tchr rll4 E Lenoir 

Gorham Marcellus (c) shoe shiner G Dewey Wright r566 E Cabarrus 

Gorham Marie A (c) tchr Crosby-Garfield Sch r566 E Cabarrus 

Goi-man E Calvin dep coUr U S Int Rev Office rl22 N McDowell 

Gorman Mary elk h401 S McDowell apt 201 

Gorrell Virginia sten N C State College r Wake Forest N C 

Gosney Chas A (Janie F) asst trust officer Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 
h2205 The Circle 

Gosney Ida D (wid Jas H) h307 E Edenton 

Gosney Minnie S sten State Dept of Labor r307 E Edenton 

Gospel Hall 332 W Johnson 

Goss Ernestine (c) dom rl015 Smithfield 

Goss Vinie (c) Indrs h313 E Cabarrus 

Gouer Burton T (Elsie) coal and wood h523 S West 

Gouer E Franklin elk Chesley S Smith r523 S West 
Gouer Mamie (wid Edw P) r523 S West 

Gould Arth A slsmn r207 N Blount 

Goulder Luther R whse formn SALRy rl20 Halifax 

Gourns Pete (People's Cafe) h305i-2 S Wilmington 

Governor's Mansion 210 N Blount 

Gowan Guy D (Winnie T) printer h50O Prank 

Gowan Olivia B (wid R Theo) rl23 New Bern av 

Gower Carlton M (Mozelle M) driver Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co h411 

E Morgan 
Gower Perrin W (Cleo M) pres-mgr Motor Service of Raleigh Inc hl913 

Goza Leon P (Dora M) toll test board mn hl34 S McDowell 
Grace Chapel AME Zion Church (c) Rev Simon P Cooke pastor 100 Hill 

(College Pk) 
Grady Chas H (Alice) gro 801 W Morgan h80iy2 do 
Grady Chas T r80iy2 W Morgan 

Grady Christine B bkpr Singer Sewing Mach Co r801% W, Morgan 
Grady Evelyn M r80iy2 W Morgan 
Grady Geo W r80iy2 W Morgan 

Grady Geo W (Florence E) textile wkr hi 128 N Wilmington 
Grady Henry J (Nellie J; Carolina Foundry) h212 S Blount 
Grady Hubert W (Mozelle) roofer 319 S Dawson h do 
Grady Iowa (Roxie A) textile wkr hlll7 N Blount 
Grady Jas H (Mary I) textile wkr rll28 N Wilmington 
Grady John E (Daisy E) textile wkr hll27 N Wilmington 
Grady Martha E r80iy2 W Morgan 
Grady Walter R rSOiya W Morgan 
Graeber Robt W (Emma S) extension forester N C State College hl23 

Woodburn rd 
Graef Jos E (Josephine A) acct rl6 N Boylan av 
Graffius Florence T (.v/id Geo E) h324 E Hargett 
Graham Alex H State Lieut Governor r HlUsboro N C 
Graham Almena (c) cik r822 E Martin 
Graham Anna (c) indrs rl20 W Johnson 
Graham Charity (c) Indrs hl214 Hill 
Graham Chas E (Gladys W) mgr Bragg Hdw Co Inc h2813 Hillsboro 





Graham Donny (c) hlpr r409 S Blount 

Graham Early (c) lab r416 E Cabarrus 

Graham Ernest W (Lucille) elk Allen's Mkt hl420 Scales 

Graham Evelyn E sec Dr Jos J Combs r619 N Blount apt 5 

Graham Fannie M (c) cook 506 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Graham Grace sten N C Municipal Council Inc h314 Hillsboro apt 2 

Graham J Paul bkpr Carolina Storage & Distributing Co rl29 W Park di- 

Graham Jas (,c) confr rll2 Camden 

Graiham John (c; Alice) firemn h325 S Blood worth 

Graham Robt E slsmn r705 E Franklin 

Graham Rosa (c) dom rl306 E Lane 

Graham Sallie C (wid Wm A) h325 Polk 

Graham Thos elk Progressive Stores Inc r6 Glenwood av 

Graham Thos (c; Daisy) lab hl307 Hill 

Graham Thos J (Dorothy D) ship elk hll7 N Person 

Graham Thos J jr elk rll7 N Person 

Graham Virginia sten U S Bureau of Public Roads r314 Hillsboro apt 2 

Graham W Albert rll7 N Person 

Graham Wm A commr State Dept of Agriculture rl27 E Edenton 

Graham Wm H office supplies 127% S Salisbury r do 

Grammer Ethel tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 

Grammer Jessie Mrs hl417 Hinton 

Grand District No 10 Household of Ruth (c) Hattie S Hayes sec 120 E 

Grand Lodge Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen meets on call 15 W, 

Grand Lodge No 411 lOOF meets on call 15 W Hargett 
Grand Lodge of North Carolina AF&AM John H Anderson grand sec 135 

Fayetteville R502 
Grandy Eva N (wid Emmett W) h2232 Hillsboro 
Grandy Marie (c) cook r230 Powle 
Granite State Fire Insurance Co Frank H Moran state agt 20 E Martin R 

Granite Super-Service Station (E Danl Wooldridge) 412 Hillsboro 
Grant David C (Margt P) hlpr rlOlO Boylan dr 
Grant Eliza (c) dom h2209 Everett av 
Grant Elmer (c) lab r2209 Everett av 
Grant Ethel (c) dom r600 Bragg 
Grant Geo (c) lab rl7 College 
Grant Jas r236 S Boylan av 
Grant Jas (Evelyn D) police hl009 Boylan dr 
Grant Jas wtchmn State Hosp r do 
Grant John (c; Christine) lab h625 Cannon 
Grant Jos (c) h908 Johnson's al 
Grant Jos S (c; Julia P) pntr hll03 S Blount 
Grant Julia (c) dom h519 Otaerlin rd 

Grant Mercer C plmbr N C State College r College Campus 
Grant Robt (c) lab r2209 Everett av 

Grant Saml S (Essie M) service mgr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hl908 Alex- 
ander rd 
Grant Shepherd (c) janitor Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rSOl 

Oberlin rd 
Grant W T Co Earle R King mgr dept store 210 Fayetteville 
Grant Wm J (c; Julia A) gro 519 Oberlin rd h501 do 
Grant Willie (c) r501 Oberhn rd 
Grantham Chas P (Mary H) mortgage loans 5 W Hargett RlOlO hl30 

Forest rd 
Grantham Clara M rl30 Forest rd 
Grantham Claude M (Mary K) h310 E Edenton 
Grantham Elsie cash State Theatre r Caraleigh 
Grantham Grace elk r310 E Edenton 
Grantham M Cath sch tchr r310 E Edenton 
Grantham Virginia B sten Kenneth C Royall r310 E Edenton 
Graves Benj (c; Cora) lab h506 N West 
Graves Cath (c) dom r506 N West 





n • 




Audits — 

«) 1— « 1 






ns — St 



3 c <r5 






c/} :^^ 







The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Graves Franklin (c) lab r506 N West 

Graves Jas (c) car clnr r506 N West 

Graves Lemuel E (c; Louise) ins agt h605 Oberlin rd 

Graves Lemuel E jr (c) student r605 Oberlin rd 

Graves Louise (c) dom r413 N Harrington 

Graves Louise E (c) student r605 Oberlin rd 

Graves R L mgr photo dept Bovlan-Pearce Co Inc 1-2408 Everett av 

Graves Ressie M (c) h526 S McDowell 

Gray Alex (c; Alice) h209 E Cabarriis 

GrayAlonzoL (c; Amanda) r730 Payetteville 

Gray Aug (c: Cath) porter Lewis Sporting Gds Co h49 Bragg 

Gray Bink W (Marie W) slsmn hl09 Park av 

Gray Carlotta (c) r417 Cannon 

Gray Caro L (wid Robt T) h530 N Blount 

Gray Dorothy catalog librarian N C State College rl05 E Edenton apt 112 

Gray Edmund L student rll4 N Wilmington 

Gray Exum D r558 E Hargett 

Gray Fletclier (c; Ellen) lab h404 N Harrington 

Gray Geo E bridge wkr r222 S Blount 

Gray Guy CO waiter h621 S Haywood 

Gray H Columbus (c: Chaney J) carrier USPO h73(} Fayetteville 

Gray Howard W (Dorcas C) slsmn J R Pointer Cigar Co h308 Perry 

Gray Ida (wid Roswell M) h558 E Hargett 

Gray Jas M (Mae S) state mgi- Chilean Nitrate Sales Corp h2902 Clark av 

Gray John L (Ozora) yd. mstr SALRy hllO Harding 

Gray John T cik rllO Harding 

Gray Katie (c) student rll05 E Davie 

Gray Leila I student r2902 Clark av 

Gray LiUie (c) Indrs h718 Manly 

Gray Louise M student r2820 Clark av 

Gray Maggie (c) Indrs hl306 Holman 

Gray Margt Mrs slswn Taylor's r827 N Bloodworth 

Gray Paul R (Wilhelmina E) hl301 Hinton 

Gray Robt L (Mary MdR) editor The Raleigh Times hll4 N Wilmington 

Gray Sallie (c) dom h417 Cannon 

Gray Thos elk Pender's Stores r Wake Forest rd 

Gray Turner P jr (Inez) elk rl20 Pace 

Gray 'Venice rllO Harding 

Gray w Kelvin (Ruth) executive sec N C Municipal Council Inc hl530 

Gray Wilbert A (c) agt Winston Mut Life Ins Co rl306 Holman 

Gray Wilhelmina E ^/^rs cRsh W U Teleg Co hl301 Hinton 

Gray Willie fc) dom r312 N State 

Gray & Creech Inc Robt M Jackson jr mgr duplicating machines 126% S 

Grayson Estella G (c) asst librarian St Augustine's College r do 

Grayson Heni-y (c) lab h329 Battle 

Graystone Annex The apts 707 N Blount 

Graystone The apts 701 N Blount 

Greason Alma Mrs beauty opr rll2 Halifax 

Greason Cath (wid Horace B) hSOl Halifax 

Great American Indemnity Co Connor & Ruffin genl agts 20 E Martin 

Great American Insurance Co Kenneth R Smith spl agt 20 E Martin R 

Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co The, gros John W Clark prod buyer of- 
fice and whse 7 W North, branches 1628 Glenwood av, 415, 1207 and 
2414 Hillsboro, 203 and 400 E Martin, 631 W Martin, 514 New Bern av, 
618 N Person, 200 W South and 227 S Wilmington 

Greaves Richd E asst prof N C State College r2512 Clark av 

Greaves Stella P (wid Chas L1 h2512 Clark av 

Greaves-Walker Ai-th P (Mary A) prof N C State College h305 Forest rd 

Greek-American Progressive Assn Lodge No 91 meets 1st and 3d 
Wednesday 8 P M 15 W Hargett 

Green Ada (o dom rl07 (108) W Lenoir 

Green Algie (c; Etna) atndt Sinclair Super Service Sta h607 S Blount 

Green Andrew H jr adjuster Fire Co's Adjustment Bureau Inc r200 Wood- 
burn rd 

Green Anna r221 W Morgan 

Green Arth (c; Margt) porter Martin's Inc r214 Spence 

Green Aster (c) maid Hotel Carolina 228 W Hargett 

Green Baxter (c) rll5 W Cabarrus 

Green Belton (c; Fannie) lab hlO Bladen 

Green Bernice E (lola E) driver Motor Transit Co rlSlO Glenwood 

Green Bessie (c) cook r550 E Cabarrus 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardwau-e House 

Green Bettie (c) hi 15 W Cabarrus 

Green Billie G (Lillian L) store hse formn hl70O Falrvlew rd 

Green Blanche (c) dom hl002 S Person 

Green Charlotte M (c) cash N c Mut Life Ins Co r902 Manly 

Green Daisy W r200 Woodburn rd 

Green David S (c; Bernice N) janitor State Dept of Conservation and 

Development r802 S East 
Green Dock (c ; Ora) soft drinks 518 S McDowell h520 do 
Green Durwood D (Nelle W; Green Grill) r Garner rd 
Green E DeWitt (Mai-y R; Green's Radiator Shop) hl419 Wake Forest rd 
Green E Gilmore (Julia L) slsmn Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r314, May- 
wood av (Caraleigh) 
Green Eleanor M student r712 W North 
Green Ehz (c) dom r550 E CabaiTUs 

Green Ellen P elementary supr public schs r314 E Cabarrus 
Green Ernest (c; Ella) driver Goodwin-Smith Purn Co h550 E Cabarrus 
Green Eug G (Hattie B) r412 W Morgan 
Green Plora C r712 W North 

Green Garland O (Prances C) (Green & McNeill) h709 McCollock 
Green Geo W (c) (Aultie) cinr Raleigh French Dry cleanmg & Dyeing 

Co h802 S East 
Green Geo W jr (c) (Charlotte) clnr Economy Clnrs hl006 Manly 
Green Granville (c) (Florence) hl020 Manly 
Green Grill (Durwood D Green) restr 326 S Salisbury 
Green Hattie B Mrs slswn Mangel's r412 W Morgan 
Green Herman P pres Cary Poultry Assn r RD 3 
Green J Clarence acct R C Carter & Co r Raleigh Hotel 
Green J Prank elk Carolina Coach Co r503 Prank 
Green Jas (c) (Ida B) greaser h515 Patterson la 
Green Jas W (c) (Dora) hlpr h218 Lee 
Green John (c) (Maggie) carp h211 Camden 
Green John elk r217 N Wilmington 
Green John C elk Harris' Lunch r RD 3 
Green John W (Leona) brklyr h206 Georgetown rd 

Green Jos (c) (Bessie) lab h412 Montague la 

Green Kate (c) rll5 W Cabarrus 

Green Lanie (c) Indrs h301% W Lenoir 

Green Lessie E (wid Jas W) rl421 Scales 

Green Maggie I Mrs rill Bart 

Green Marie (c) dom rlO Bladen 

Green Martha (c) dom 1-329 E Davie • 

Green Martin K student r221 W Morgan ~' 

Green Mary (c) h309 Battle 

Green Mary O auto opr W U Teleg Co r503 Frank 

Green Maiy V Mrs h523 S Harrington 

Green Maurice M cond r200 Woodburn rd 

Green Minda sten N C State College rll3 Chamberlain 

Green Minnie K Mrs sec Raleigh Purn Co Inc h221 W Morgan 

Green MoUie (c) r520 S Bloodworth 

Green Nelle W Mrs bkpr Green Grill r Garner rd 

Green Pattie elk County Treas r409 N Bloodworth 

Green Priscilla (O rloll Battery dr 

Green R W associate prof N C State College r White Oak dr 

Green Richd (c) gdnr r210 S State 

Green Robt L (Mary E) pntr h712 W North 

Green Roberta (c) dom rll5 W Cabari-us 

Green Ruby (c) car washer rll5 W Cabari'us 

Green Scott C (Zilla E) eng h306 E Peace 

GREEN THOS E (Minnie Ki, Pres-Treas Raleigh Fum Co Inc and Pres: 
Mitchell Funeral Home Inc, h221 W Morg-an, Tel 2369 

Green Thos E jr slsmn Raleigh Purn Co Inc r221 W Morgan 

Green TuUie (c) dom rll5 W Cabarrus 

Green Van (c) rll5 W Cabarrus 

Green Vera student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Green W B mech East Coast Stages Inc r219 S McDowell 

Green W Gordon (Sallie E) mech State Hwy Comn h503 Prank 

Green Wm L (c) (Rosa) h705 (615) S Swain 

Green Wirt E (Maud M) pntr HarreU Sign Co h512 W Morgan 

Green & McNeill (Garland O Green and Wm W McNeill) filling sta 17 
S Blount 

Green's Radiator Shop (E DeWitt Green) 218 W Davie 

Greene P TaUnage (Betsy B) h725 W Morgan 

Greene Jas C ins adjuster 320 S Salisbury R.201 r Hotel Carolina 

Greenfield Cleveland (c) (Florence) ydmh h326 Cannon 

Greenspon Louis (Etta) sec-treas G & S Dept Store h621 E Pranklin 








n™ fl 










PHONE 4020 

Greer Kath (c) dom h8 E Hayti al 
Greer Luna nurse 715 N Blount r do 
Gregory Connie (c) porter G & S Dept Store r RD 2 

Gregory Harry D mgr shoe shine dept Sir Walter Shoe Shop r425 S Wil- 
Gregory Lillie M (c) cook h502 Smithfield 
Gregory Marguerite (c) hl28 W Cabarrus 
Gregson John L (Lina M) lab h2206 Pairview rd 

Gregson Raymond tchr Needham B Broueihton High Sch r814 Cowper dr 
Gresham Saml T (Luna E) bus opr h303 N Boylan av 
Grice Chas (c; Sadie) cement fnshr hlO Rogers al 
Grier Moses (c) lab rl08 W Peace 
Grier Sarah (c) cook hl08 W Peace 
Grier Wm (c) lab rl08 W Peace 



Robt A Newberne sec oprs Sir Walter Hotel Garage 418 Fayetteville 

A vent's Perry rd nr Ashe av 




es Millard (c) fai-m hd State Hosp r do 

n Alma S Mrs hlO Bagwell av 

n Annie D (wid Harey L) h2701 Clark av 

n Annie P toll opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co rl06 Glenwood av 

n Arnetta (c) dom r405 Green 

n Bernice (c) delmn Sinclair's Wilmont Drug Store r Nazareth N C 

n-Bland Hotel Co props Bland Hotel 400 Fayetteville 

n Broadus H pres Griffin-Hines Co Inc r Sir Walter Hotel 

n Carrie (c) cook 1629 StMary's 

n Carrie M sten r223 N Wilmington 

n Chas L (Evelyn S) formn K E Stahl Mfg Co r210 W Morgan 

n Clara M (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

n Clovis steward r5 S Person 

n Clyde D (Mary M) mgr Roscoe-Griffin Shoe Co h213 Park av 

n Cora A slswn F W Woolworth Co rl06 Glenwood av 

n Dot sten State Purch Dept r9 N Blount 

n E L atndt State Hosp r do 

n Edith sch tchr r2701 Clark av 

n F DeV/itt elk r3016 Hillsboro 

n Fannie Mrs slswn r515 Fayetteville 

n Frank M sta opr Shell Service Sta r Hotel Raleigh 

n Freeman (c) (Rebie) truck driver h303 W Cabarrus 

n Goldie (c) dom r415 S Person 

n-Hines Co Inc Broadus H Gi"iffin pres Eug' G Hines v-pres-treas 

n Hugh C (Mae B) prin State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf h 

n Iva F truck driver r225 E Davie 

n J Robt sui-veyor r726 N Blount 

n Jack cp.rp r624 Devereux 

n Jas S (Genevieve) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R713 hl726 N Blount 

n Jas S jr rep Genl Outdoor Adv Co Inc r726 N Blount 

n Jesse E (Missouri) huckster h222 E Martin 

n John D student r302i4 Glenwood av 

n John W (Lucy A) h716 E Hargett 

n Juanlta (wid Thos H) slswn Jean's h9 N Blount 

n Margie R Mrs h402 W Morgan 

n Mary instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

n Mary sten State Hwy Comn r Mansion Park Hotel 

n Mary (wid Henry S) h301 N Harrington 

n Mildred slswn Royal Baking Co rSOl N Harrington 

n Nola (c) dom r512 Saunders 

n Paul B (Marie K) car distributor hll07 Mordecai dr 

n Randolph S student rlO Bagwell av 

n Robt J elk Ashworth's Fru.i'j Store r605 Halifax 

n Robt J (Samana) yd brkmn r605 Halifax 

n Sarah (wid Major) r225 E Davie 

n Sidney L junior editor Associated Press r401 S McDowell apt 205 

n W Maynard (Glennie B) collr Raleigh Finance Co h305 Linden 


n Wm D (Ethel L) driver Garland C Norris & Co h301S Hillsboro 

n Wm O (Swannie B) barber Ideal Barber Shop h3C2% Glenwood 

s David L br mgr Piggly Wiggly rl22 New (Bern av 

s John W collr r203 N Salisbury 

s Paschal B (Mary E) real est h615 E Martin 

s Thos H (Ella G) hl22 New Bern av 

s Thos H jr chairmn State Hwy Comn rl22 New Bern av 

s Virgilina sten State Hwy Comn rl22 New Bern av 

th Dorcus (c) Indrs r614 Haywood la 





Griffith Mattie (c) Indrs h817 E Davie 

Griffitli Millard (c) (AUinia) lab h314 Bragg 

Griffith Robt (c) (Cora) fish 214 E Martin staU 5 r817 E Davie 

Griffith Thos H (McClenaghan, Griffith & Hayesi r Charlotte N C 

Griffiths Margt E (c) sch tchr r518 W South 

Grimes Alice V (wid Walter H) h307 Pace 

Grimes J Bryan elk r202 New Bern av 

Grimes Jacob T rlll4 New Bern av 

Grimes Jessie (c) dom rll6 Grimes al 

Grimes John A (Inez E) stockrm mgr Sanders Motor Co hl900 Alexan- 
der rd 

Grimes John B city firemn r307 Pace 

Grimes Leroy (c) lab rll6 Grimes al 

(Crimes Louise (c) dom rll6 Grimes al 

Grimes Mary (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r RD 3 

Grimes Olivia sch tchr r230 N Person 

Grimes Realty Co Wm B Grimes pres W Grimes Haywood sec John Ward 
treas 235 Fayetteville 

Grimes Vernon (c) (Ola) driver Carolina Bldrs Corp hll6 Grimes al 

Grimes Wm (Maude V) asst purch agt State Hwy Purch Dept h20& E 

Grimes Wm B (El|z J) (Crimea & Vasst pres Grimes Realty Co and 
Wake County Savings Bank h415 Halifax 

Grimes & Vass (Wm B Grimes, Wm W Vass) fire ins 235 Fayetteville 

Grimmer Jas B r Y M C A 

Grimmer Mae F sec Alumnae Assn Meredith College r do 

Grimshaw Albert H (Bertha) associate prof N C State College rl2 Enter- 

Grinnell Claude D (Hilda J) associate prof N C State College h409 Dixie 

Grisette Felix A asst director State Governor's Office of Relief r Chapel 
Hill N C 

Grissom Florence W rl0{)4 Benjamin 

Grissom Gilliam r Sir Walter Hotel 

Grissom J Henry bus opr CP&L Co r303 N Boylan av 

Grissom Lucy B tabulating mach opr State Hwy Comn rl004 Benjamin 
, Grissom Luther G (Mary P) pntr hl004 Benjamin 

Grisson Jas (c) housemn Sir waiter Hotel r218 E Cabarrus 

Griswold Millard R (M Alice) hl2l S West 

Grof f Ernest B elk Sir Walter Drug Store Inc rl023 W South 

Grogan E Roy sta firemn Meredith College rl09 Summit av (Caraleigh) 

Grogan Edw N sta eng Meredith College r do 

Grogan Homer G wtchmn Meredith College r do 

Grogan Percy sta atndt Wilmont Service Sta r RDl 

Groom Belle N Mrs slswn Taylor's rl26 S McDowell 

Groom Earl (Belle N) rl26 S McDowell 

Gross Eddie Mrs textile wkr 11127^2 N Salisbury 

Grove Cornelius S jr (Sue E) asst prof N C State College hl05 Park av 

Groves John W (c) (Maggie) r214 Cannon 

Growers Agricultural Credit Corp U Benton Blalock pres G Dewey Arndt 
sec-treas 433 Fayetteville 

Grubbs Paul M (Sarah F) purch agt hlllO Glenwood av 

Guernsey Jessie E tchr StAugustine's College r do 

Guess Alice L (c) r708 S West 

Guess Anderson (c; Jessie) pntr rl507 Pender 

Guess Cora.B (c) dom rl512 Pender 

Guess Ernest (c; Corinna) janitor Times Pub Co hl512 Pender 

Guess Ernest jr (c) lab rl512 Pender 

Guess Hubert T (c) delmn Mozingo & Shaw r708 s West 

Guess Jos S (c; Rosa) janitor Countv Court House h708 S West 

Guess M Louise elk State Dept of Public Instniction rlll5 Hillsboro 

Guess Mabel (c) cook r708 S West 

Guess Marvin A teleg opr Sou Rv System r Apex, N C 

Guess Myrtle H Mrs rlll5 Hillsboro 

Guess Wm A (Celeste E) asst genl agt Northwestern Mut Fire Assn rll7 
W Park dr 

Guess Wm C tchr StMarv's Sch rll N Harrington 

Guilford Annie M (c) Indrs hl207 E Martin 

Guilford Annie N (c) dom rl207 E Martin 

Guilford Cynthia (c) dom rl207 E Martin 

Guilford Emily sten State Dept of Public Instruction h4io N Wilmington 

Guilford Jas K (c) elk Arthur's Sea Food Mkt rl207 E Martin 

Guirken Richd elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl509 Hillsboro 

Guirkin Apartments 608 Hillsboro 



lie E. 








Gulf Refining Co Roy W Skidmore agt bulk plant Wake Forest rd nr 
Whitaker Mill rd filling stations 320 S Blount 1634 Glenwood av 600 
and 3012 Hillsboro 

Gulley Annie S elk CP&LCo rl827 Glenwood av 

GuUey Needham Y chairmn County Bd of Education r Wake Forest N C 

Gulley O G r303 Fayetteville 3d fl 

Gulley Walter L gro 109 Lee r do 

Gully Herbert G elk r Bland Hotel 

Gunn Cornelius C (Lila) buyer Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hl904 Alexander 

Gunn Dorothy V rl904 Alexander rd 

Gunter Alice (c) dom r404 Tarboro rd 

Gunter Carey W firemn r215 N Salisbury 

Gunter Clarence (c) lab r222 E Worth 

Gunter Emily (c) Indrs r413 Green 

Gunter Prank W (Margt) h7 Maiden la 

Gunter Fred (c) janitor rl08 E Cabarrus 

Gunter Gertrude sten r Y W C A 

Gunter Hettie (c) dom r712 E Martin 

Gunter Jas (c) cook Jas Crump h222 E Worth 

Gunter Jas (c; Maggie) cotton sampler hl05 N Haywood 

Gunter Jas R firemn r21o N Salisbury 

Gunter Leighton H jr chf of party State Hwy Comn r215 N Salisbury 

Gunter Leroy (c; Vallie) porter Hotel Wright r607 Sanders 

Gunter Louise A student r215 N Salisbury 

Gunter Nancy (c) Indrs r315 N West 

Gunter Pearl (c) dom h404 Tarboro rd 

Gunter Reuben (c) restr r416 S Blount 

Gunter Robt (c) lab r315 N West 

Gunter Saml (c) lab rl315 New Bern av 

Gunter Saml E (Leola F) firemn h206 W Lane 

Gunter Sylvester ( c) lab rl4 Ross 

Gunter T Bostick jr (Stella B) chf drftsmn State Hwy Comn h2011 Glen- 
wood av 

Gunter T Max (Margt) slsmn r313 E Jones 

Gunter Thos (c; Anna) hl315 New Bern av 

Gunter Thos N (Claudia N) hlpr h215 N Salisbury 

Gupton Dock F (PoUie) r802 N Boylan av 

Gupton Edw R (Rosa) car clnr h216 N Harrington 

Gupton Forest E tank truck opr The Texas Co r Millbrook N C 

Gupton Frank textile wkr r802 N Boylan av 

Gupton Henry (Christine) pntr h538 E Jones 

Gupton Magnolia r802 N Boylan av 

Gupton Oscar W (Margt V) sheet metal wkr h307 Klnsey 

Gupton Roger H (Lillie I) eng hl306 Filmore 

Gupton Wm (c; Mary) lab hl415 E Jones 

GuresMelvin (c; Hattie) janitor hlO Lee 

Gurganus Dessie M (wid Chas) sec Heriot Clarkson r2141 Country Club 

Gurley D Frank (Mary) weaver h409 Frank 

Gurley Garfield (c: Katie) lab r626 S Haywood 

Gui-ley Jas R cable splicer r409 Frank 

Gurley Mariorie M sten Imperial Life Ins Co r409 Frank 

Gurley N Milford office 13 W Davie r Pine Level, N C 

Gurley Nestus H wood wkr K E Stahl Mfg Co r8 Ferndell la 

Guthrie Major (c; Fannie) lab h2219 Barker 

Guy Frank elk State Auditor r411 Oakwood av 

Guyton Lola elk r707 Holt 

Guy ton Robt D (Curtis D) elk SALRy h707 Holt 

H &: H Tire Re-Treading Co (Geo W Holston) 117 E Davie 

Habel Fred W (Eloise B) drftsmn State Hwy Comn r327 E Jones 

Eabel Hattie K (wid Fred W) h327 E Jones 

Habel Margt R r327 E Jones 

Hackney Allen 'O chauf r405 S Swain 

Hackney Arth W (Nina B) auto mech h219 E Morgan 

Hackney Eliz (c) Indrs hill Bledsoe av 

Hackney Ella B (c) r736 Fayetteville 

Hackney Henrv H barber 32414 E Martin r402 W Morgan 

Hacknev Nina B student r219 E Morgan 
. Hackney Noble L (Bessie) sis mgr Underwood, Elliott, Fisher Co r Y MC 

Hadaway Norris R (Lois) publicity director N C Theatres Inc hl606 Glen- 
wood av 
Hartley Mary J rl6 N Boylan av 

Hafey Wm J Rt Rev bishop diocese of Raleigh hl5 N McDowell 
Hagen Barney (Alice) piano tuner 120 Harding h do 




"The momory of quality lingers lone after the price is forgotten." 

Hagen Josephine rl20 Harding 

Hagerman Saml N student r2012 StMary's 

Haggins Wm (c; Dorothy) lab h625 S Tarboro 

Hagins Danl (c; Cora) lab h614 Coleman 

Hagler Sebe B (Eddie M) slsmn rSlO Tilden 

Hagwood A Mangus elk Blue Star Stores r566 New Bern av 

Hag wood Alvin D rd wkr r311 W Jones 

Hagwood C Rudolph auto mech r313 W Jones 

Hagwood Evelyn (wid Henry C) rll5 N McDowell 

Hagwood Forest (c; Lena) cook College Ct Cafe h2402 Joint 

Hagwood Frances B wrapper Hudson-Belk Co r313 W Jones 

Hagwood Henry K (LUlian I) signalmn r202 W Lane 

Hagwood Isham H (Naomi A) carp hSll W Jones 

Hagwood Jettie nurse 115 N McDowell r do 

Hagwood Lillie Mrs r Wake County Home 

Hagwood M L atndt State Hosp r do 

Hagwood Marie rll5 N McDowell 

Hagwood Reuben S (Addie B) caiTD h313 W Jones 

Hagwood Vera r311 W Jones 

Hagwood W Herbert driver Merchants Delivery Service r313 W Jones 

Hahn Geo P (Julia F) cash The Buckeye Cotton Oil Co h407y2 W Park 

Hahn Julia F Mrs sec Robt G Yancey h407% W Park dr 

Haig Cath W Mrs elk State-U S Co-Operative Crop Reporting Service h 
1803 Pairview rd 

Haig Fredk M ( Cath W) asst prof N C State College hl803 Fairview rd 

Haigh Beni W (Ruth P) private sec N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative 
Assn r314 E Edenton 

Haigh Ruth P Mrs elk The Merchants Assn Inc r314 E Edenton 

Hail & Rain Bureau B Young Morris spl agt ins 20 E Martin R405 

Hailey see also Haley 

Hailey Eliz (c) dom r628 S Haywood 

Hailev Gladys (c) dom r628 S Haywood 

Hailey Harry S student rl703 Dare 

Hailey Jas (c) lab r628 S Haywood 

Hailey Jas R (Myrtle E) gro 701 E Lane hl703 Dare 

Hailey Jas R jr student rl703 Dare 

Hailey Lollie ( c) Indrs h628 S Haywood 

Hailey Norman L elk Jas R Haley rl703 Dare 

Haithcock Chas physical director Y M C A r Wake Forest rd 

Haithcock Jas E rl08 Glenwood av 

Haithcock Savon B opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r RD 5 

Haithcock Victor T (Elma G) h305 E Edenton 

Hale G Fred dentist 123 W Hargett R721 h323 Hillsboro apt 12 

Hale J F guard State Prison r do 

Hale Malcolm M (Pansye E) opr WUTelegCo hl216 Hinton 

Hales Carl E 'Mabel) hl03 N East 

Hales Dorthaleen student r7 S Person 

Hales Jas L (LiUie T) agt Phoenix Mut Life Ins Co h2116 Ridgecrest 

Hales Mamie r32i Oakwood av 

Hales Mamie J (wid N Battle) bdg 5 S McDowell h do 

Hales N Battle r5 S McDowell 

Hales Seba (Cola T) h7 S Person 

Haley see also Hailey 

Haley Edw S ins agt r5 S McDowell 

Haley Fab H bus opr CP&LCo r RD 4 

Haley Ivev atndt State Hosp r do 

Haley Jas H (Alice E) pntr h717 E Davie 

Haley Martha A (wid Wm F) r717 E Davie 

Halifax Street Grocery (C Blanchard Jones. Chas S Arnold) 447 Halifax 

Halifax Street Market (LeRoy T Pavne) gros 445 Halifax 

Hall Alton C (Ruth B) lawyer 20 E Martin R319 hll7 Hudson 

Hall Argatha (c) dom r212 e South 

Hall Beatrice (c) dom h715 Church 

Hall Bessie (c) dom h22l7 Joint 

Hall Bunyon (c) lab rll5 W Johnson 

Hall Chas H (Irene) atndt State Hosp hl007 Boylan dr 

Hall Clyde T bkpr Geo Marsh Co Inc r Stanhope dr 

Hall Clyde W (Eula H) asst dist mgr Durham Life Ins Co hl008W Len- 

Hall Delia (c) r814 Oberlin rd 

Hall Edna atndt State Hosp r do 

Hall Edna (c) student r815 E Davie 

Hall Edw (c) farm hd State Hosp r do 

Hall Edw (c;Bernice) janitor Efird's Dept Store h309 S Bloodworth 

Hall Edw (c) lab r404 Cannon 















,5 E 












1 = 















Roofina' Galvanized \||SilrK ^i K A WLu / '"""'' "nd° ^' BSflt-ap 
Iron and Copper Cor- jturaill-Bl 'MW llirawafcWf pj„„fi„g. Roof Coat- 
nice and Skylights, \ ■,-,„_,.,« nniinmiv / ings. Protective 
Heating. Ventilating J ROOFING COMPANY I Paints, Metallic Red. . 
and Air Conditioning. ( ) Asphalt Shingles 
Asbestos Shingles \ 408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Hall Elijah (c) lab r2217 Joint 

Hall Eliza (c) dom hl302 Pender 

Hall Ellis (c; Amanda) lab h218 Fowle 

Hall Erwin G (Clara C) br mgr Pender's Stores hl219 Hinton 

Hall Esther sten State Dept of Labor Halifax cor Bdenton 

Hall Ethel opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r9 N Bloodworth 

Hall Eula H Mrs sec Alex B Andrews hl008 W Lenoir 

Hall Fannie (wid Bertram) h414y2 Gary 

Hall Frank (c; Susan) janitor State Dept of Agriculture h814 Oberlin rd 

Hall Franklin B (Martha H) supt equipment State Hwy Comn h2215 
Creston rd 

Hall Fred (c) lab rU4 N West 

Hall G R atndt State Hosp r do 

Hall Geo (c) lab r214 E Cabarrus 

Hall Gilbert P rodmn State Hwy Comn rll8 S Boylan av 

HaU Grant elk USIntRevOffice r RD 3 

Hall Haywood (c; Carrie) gdnr hl40 Lincoln dr 

Hall Henry (c; Gladys) hlpr h228 W Lenoir 

Hall Irving F (Olive L) v-pres Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank hl905 

HaU Isaac (c; Queen E) pntr r415 Green 

Hall Isaac (c) porter New Deal Piano Co r615 E Cabarrus 

Hall J B atndt State Hosp r do 

Hall J E cook State Hosp r do 

Hall Jas (c; Irene) porter h513 Patterson la 

Hall Jas H (c; Channie) lab hl603 Pender 

Hall Jas L (Ada A) slmn h401 Aycock 

Hall Jas L jr sta atndt r401 Aycock 

Hall Janie (c) Indrs r309 S Bloodworth 

Hall John (c) cook r814 Oberlin rd 

Hall John (o; Alberta) porter Hotel Raleigh r718 S McDowell 

Hall L U atndt State Hosp r do 

Hall Leone E (c) dom rl603 Pender 

Hall Ludie C atndt State Hosp r do 

Hall Luke (c; Martha) lab h707 EUington 

Hall Marcellus (c) lab rlO E Hayti al 

Hall Margt bacteriologist State Laboratory of Hygiene r220 Hillsboro 

Hall Mary (c) Indrs hl217 Hill 

Hall Mary C Mrs r214 New Bern av 

Hall Melvin I (Miriam L) real est h2104 Breeze rd 

Hall Millard F (c) porter Carolina Hdw Co Inc rl603 Pender 

Hall Nancy R r401 Aycock 

Hall Ollie (c) lab r920 S Bloodworth 

Hall Philip (c) lab hlll2 S East 

Hall Plummer T (c; Cora L; Ai-cade Hotel & Dining Room) rl20EHar- 

Hall Roy (c) lab r725 S Person 

Hall Ruth B Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch hll7 Hudson 

Hall Saml (c) shoe shiner r317 Cannon 

Hall Thos (c; Jennie) lab h316 N Tarboro 

Hall Viola student r314 E Hargett 

Hall Virginia L student rl007 Boylan dr 

Hall Walter B (Myrtice R) city firemn hll S Harrington 

Hall Wm (c) cook Capitol Restr 8 W Martin 

Hall Wm (c; Georgia) plstr h920 S Bloodworth 

Hall Wm C (c) chauf G S Tucker & Bros Inc rl603i Pender 

Hall Wm H (c) butler h623 2d av 

Halley E.ssie (c) Indrs hl303! S Walnut 

Halliburton Cecil D (c; Mary J) tchr StAugustine's College r do 

Halliday Emma (c) dom rll College 

Halliday Luella (c) dom rll College 

Halverson John O in charge animal nutrition investigation N C State 
College r2813 Mayview rd 

Ham Henry W textile wkr r911 Halifax 

Ham Jas B carp r9il Halifax 

Ham Virginia D textile wkr r911 Halifax 

Ham Zora W (wid Sidney C) h911 Halifax 

Hamans Thelma H (c) sen tchr h911 E Martin apt 2 

Hamby Wesley P (Naomi C) mech R L Johnson Motor Co r317 S Mc- 

Hamer Jas B (Grace C) r437 Halifax 

Hamilton Albemarle B (Virginia B) civ eng State Hwy Comn hl802 Sun- 
set av 

Hamilton Beryle Mrs rl603 Sunrise av 

Hamilton Bessie 5/[rs hl311 New Bern av 




PHONE 182 

Hamilton Carl B f Clyde S1 policemn h217 Linden av 

Plamilton Cha^ E (Mabel J) pump mech hl4 E Dixie dr 

Hamilton Chas H (Mam-ine P) associate prof N C State CoEege h4 Dixie 

Hamilton Clarence C (Annie M) h514 W Morgan 

Hamilton Clarence E pntr rl203 S Blount 

Hamilton Cliff B Mrs sten U S Regional AgTl Credit Corp r808 Wl South 

Hamilton Cora A (wid Rufus S) h557 E Martin 

Hamilton E Bethea (Octavia W) elk hll8 Harding 

Hamilton Elsie M sten Moore & Johnson Co r409 N Bloodworth 

Hamilton Ernest B (Minnie) supply elk State Hwy Comn h525 S Blood- 

Hamilton Frank (Cenev R"* watch repr r615 N Dawson 

Hamilton Fred L student rl203 S Blount 

Hamilton Geo S truck driver r557 E Martin 

Hamilton Guy S (Julia) sta opr Gulf Refining Co rl03 N East 

Hamilton Harry T r210 W Peace 

Hamilton Hill H (Ola R) h304 E Hargett 

Hamilton I Herman elk Pender's Stores r201 Hillsboro 

Hamilton Jas W (Annie B) baker Royal Baking Co h611 E Martin 

HAMILTON JOHN H (Florence J). Director State Laboratory of 'Hy- 
giene, hllO E Lane, Tel 705 

Hamilton John H jr student rllO E Lane 

Hamilton Kath sten hl05 E Edenton apt 312 

Hamilton L Frances cash Wake Drae Store r304 E Hargett 

Hamilton Leo W (Hattie) auto mech h224 W Lane 

Hamilton Leroy R servicemn Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r RD 4 
Hamilton Louis H elk Matthews Coal Co rl203 S Blount 
Hamilton Lucy I student r557 E Martin 

Hamilton Margt E (wid Isaac L) rllO E Lane 

Hamilton Novia G Mrs teller SouBellTel&TelegCo h3137 Stanhope av 

Hamilton Ola cash S & W Cafeteria rl2 E Lenoir 

Hamilton Ophelia student r201 Hillsboro 

Hamilton Oscar G (Nellie) pntr hl203 S Blount 

Hamilton Otho T (Mattie M) 'gas ftr h210 W Peace 

Hamilton Pauline B bndry wkr rl203 S Blount 

Hamilton Robt L (Maggie D) dairy wkr Pine State Creamery Co h615 N 

Boylan av 
Hamilton Rufus (Ruby E) slsmn rll22 Harp 
Hamilton Sallie atndt State Hosp r do 

Hamilton Thos L slsmn Charles Stores Co Inc rll8 New Bern av 
Hamilton Thurman Z (Gertrude) lab r823 S Bloodworth 
Hamilton Wm H (Novia G) slsmn Mut Life Ins Co h3137 Stanhope av 
Hamilton Wm P (o formn Ci.rolina Ti'ibune Pub Co 116 E Hargett 
Hamilton Wm W r8231 S Bloodworth 

Hamilton Zebulon H (Martha A) mech State Hwy Comn h823 S Blood- 
Hamlet Ailie G rll7 Glenwood av 

Hamlet Annie E elk W H King Dmg Co Inc rll7 Glenwood av 
Hamlet Annie U (wid John T) rll7 Glenwood av 
Hamlet Mary E rll8 Polk 
Hamlet R Peyton real est r Hotel Wiley 

Hamlet Reginald (Ruby S; Saunders St Pharmacy) hll7 Glenwood av 
Hamlet Roland L (Charity L) elk NSRRCo hll8 Polk 
Hamlin Annie W (c) h610 S McDowell 
HAMLIN DRUG CO (c; V Cortez Hamlin) 118 E Hargett, Tels 470 and 

Hamlin Ernestine P (c) elk Shaw University rl25 E South 
Hamlin V Cortez (c: Amelia R: Hamlin Drug Co) r405 Oberlin rd 
Hamm Eug P (Cleo B) truck driver h209 S Person 
Hamm Jas W elk Progressive Stores Inc r615 Fayettevllle 
Hammond Edgar P (Gertrude) lino opr h629 E Franklin 
Hammond Edw (c; Katie) brklyr h607 S Swain 
Hammond Frances G opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co r629 E Franklin 
Hanmiond Michl O asst stockmn McLellan Stores Co r629 E Franklin 
Hampton Algle (Glen) hl5 S Peti^isrev/ 
Hampton Chas (c; Mattie) hio Railroad 
Hampton Jack (c) lab r511 S McDowell 

Hampton Jas R mldr Hiner Supply & Mfg Co rl5 S Pettigrew 
Hampton P K (Lillian B) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r Cary N C 
Hampton Roosevelt (c) car washer Allen's Service Sta No 5 h2208 Barker 
Hampton Wm W (Ermine B) sr office eng State Hwy Comn h210 Ashe 

Hamrick Puller B (Pauline O) bursar Meredith College hll Furches 








125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Hamrick Howard D (Blanche D) trav slsmn h2200 Barbee pi 

Hanbury Bessie L (wid Carter E) hl906 Alexander rd 

Hanbury Carter servlcemn Tire Sales & Service Co Inc rl906 Alexander 

Hanchey Wm R (Sudie M) chf drftsmn CP&LCo li405 S Boylan av 
Hancock John D (Evelyn A) mgr SuUivan's Shoe Shop & Hat Clnrs h 

414 N Wilmington 
Handy Predk C (May S) spl agt Aetna Life Ins Co h215 Woodburn rd 
Handy Fredk C jr rodmn State Hwy Comn r215 Woodburn rd 
Handy Helen student r215 Woodburn rd 

Hanft Sol (Rosalie) sec-treas Circle Pilling Sta Inc h220 HiUcrest rd 
Hankinson L A r Mansion Park Hotel 

Hanks Waddell ( c ) shoe shiner Caudle's Shoe Shop r319 S Tarboro 
Hanna Chas M (Annie M) r222 W Davie 
Hanna Jas E (Mollie) h222 W Davie 

Hanna Nelle instr State Sch, for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Hanna Violet R opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r310 N Person 
Hannaford Thos L (Lucy K) office mgr Chilean Nitrate Sales Corp h 

103 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hannigan Chas F Rev pastor StMonica Catholic Ch hl009 New Bern av 
Hannigan Mary E rl009 New Bern av 
Hansen Ernst M (Woodie M) hl910 Sunset av 
Hanyen Jennie M associate prof Meredith College r do 
Harcum Wm rlll4 New Bern av 
Hardbarger Chess pres Miss Hardbarger's Secretarial Sch h232 W Harget 

apt 6A 
Hardbarger's Miss Secretarial School Chess Hardbarger pres 422^4 Fay- 

Hardee see also Hardie and Hardy 

Hardee Benj emp Capital Ice & Coal Co Ino r Maywood av (Caraleigh) 
Hardee Jesse J (Minnie) carp h4 E Johnson 
Harden Albert (c; Ella) whsemn h203 Hoke 
Harden John W jr seriologist State Laboratory of Hygiene rl615 Hills- 


Harden Kath P elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl615 Hillsboro 

Harden Katie B (wid John W) hl615 Hillsboro 

Harden Luta B (wid Geo M) hi Ashe av 

Hardie see also Hardee and Hardv 

Hardie Dixon (c) porter rlSOT New Bern av 

Hardie Isaac (c) musician r627 Oberlin rd 

Hardie Jas (c) elev opr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hl607 New Bern av 

Hardie Leonard (c) student rl607 New Bern av 

Hardie Phyllis (c) dom h627 Oberlin rd 

Hardin D B asst prof N C State CoUege r407 Chamberlain 

Harding Cath G student rll6 W Jones 

Harding Fredk F rl218 Glenwood av 

Harding Henrietta r214 E Morgan 

Harding Mary A rll6 W Jones 

Harding Wm T (Mary T) mech eng hll6 W Jones 

Hardison Jos H (Kath S) v-pres Edwards & Broughton Inc h915 Holt dr 

Hardy see also Hardee and Hardie 

Hardy Cath (c1 r509 S Dawson 

Hardy Edw G r219 S West 

Hardy Francis S (Effie) laboratoiy asst State Hwy Comn r Gary N C 

Hardy Lillie (c) Indrs h509 S Dawson 

Hardy Lloyd D printer The Nev« & Observer r615 Fayetteville 

Hardy Mary (c) r509 S Dawson 

Hardy Nettie (c) maid h623 Cannon 

Hardy Rosa (c) r502 S Harrington 

Hardy Whit R lino opr Times Pub Co rSOl Fayetteville 

Hardy Wm C prsmn Bynum Printing Co r314 E Hargett 

Hare Beal E (Mamie Li servicemn CP&LCo hl700 N Blount 

Hare Milton L (Effie) electn h217 S West 

Hare Simnson T reprmn V O Parker Co r McCuUers N C 

Hare Worth E student rl700 N Blount 

Hargett John S (Susan A) in charge Div of Inland Fisheries State Dept 

of Conservation and Development h219 E North 
Hargrove Geo (c; Hettie) porter hll3 Maple 
Hargrove Ralph R (Pearl) policemn h704 W Jones 
Harlan John C (c) instr Shaw University r do 
Harling Prances sten rllS N Wilmington 

Harman Alpheus O (E Lucille; Sanitary Barber Shop) r RD 2 
Harmon Fred (c) porter w T Grant Co r213 S State 
Harmon Jas (c) lab r507 E Edenton 



109-115 South Blount Telephone 2478 

Harmon Rosa (c) dom h507 E Edenton 

Harmon Thos A (Janie M) firemn h704 Glenwood av 

Harold Clarence C (Nancy McV) waiter h316 S McDowell 

Harp Chas (c) musician rSlO cotton pi 

Harp Floyd H rl24 Hillsboro 

Harp Gertrude (wid Edw) r25 S Swain 

Harp Hazel R elk r518 Oakwood av 

Harp Helen M (wid Jas) h518 Oakwood av 

Harp Jas (c) lab I'SIO Cotton pi 

Harp PoUie (c) Indrs hSlO Cotton pi 

Harp Ruth H Mrs r804 Brooklyn 

Harp Thos (c) porter Edwards Drug Co rSlO Cotton pi 

Harper A Jack (Kath P) electn Thompson Electl Co Inc h611 Gaston 

Harper Aime tchr Murphey Sch r316 W Edenton 

Harper Chas J (Vada B) h709 N Salisbury 

Harper Claytie L dep collr USIntRevOtfice r609 Hillsboro 

Harper Dessie L Mrs elk P W Woolworth Co rl21 Ashe av 

Harper F M & Son (Prank M and Prank M jr) dist agts Provident Mut 
Life Ins Co genl ins 18 W Martin R401 

Harper Prank M (Clara H; P M Harper & Son) h519 N Wilmington 

Harper Frank M jr (Mary M; P M Harper & Son) hl4 N McDowell 

Harper Geo B (Minnie S) blrmlci- NSRRCo hl310 Pilmore 

Harper Hallie D (Grace C) eng h207 Ayeock 

HaiTJer J H jr (Edith T) mech Tilghman Motors Inc 423 S Wilmington 

Harper Jas (c) sch tchr r541 E Cabarrus 

Harper John (c) gdnr J J Fallon Co Inc r541 E Cabarrus 

Harper Lucy (c) dom h224 E Cabarrus 

Harper Mary M Mrs tchr Murphey Sch 519 N Wilmington 

Harper Nancy D Mrs hl319 Hinton 

Harper Polly nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Harper Susie F Mrs rl014 W Cabarrus 

Harpstrite Eug C iJanette( msr Land's Inc h404 Cole 

Harrell Carrie (c) maid h416 N Harrington 

Harrell Chas B (Eana M) pntr Harrell Sign Co r70B W Peace 

Harrell Chas M ship elk Noland Co Inc r RD 4 

Harrell Clinton S (Wilma) slsmn Atlantic Tob Inc h308 E Park dr 

Harrell Dewey H slsmn rl7 S Bloodworth 

Harrell Edna M Mrs toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r7(}8 W Peace 

Harrell Eliz (wid Geo) elk r3n E Peace 

Harrell G Vernon (Bronna E; Harrell Sign Co) hl705 N Blount 

Harrell Helen B nurse 211 E Peace r do 

Harrell Herbert slsmn r401 New Bern av 

Harrell John W (Clara G) slsmn hl917 Sunset av 

Harrell Lin wood P (Evelyn G) cash Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh r201 
W Park dr 

Harrell Maggie A (wid Julian H) r4 E Dixie dr 

Han-ell Sign Co (G Vernon Harrell) 131/2 S Wilmington 

Harrell Thos O (Elsie B) bus opr h3128 Stanhope av 

Harrelson Eliz sten r318 Morrison av 

HaiTelson Eliz W r318 Morrison av 

Harrelson Ellen (wid John H) r318 Morrison av 

Harrelson Frank r318 Morrison av 

HARRELSON JOHN W, Director State Dept of Conservation & Develop- 
ment, h318 Morrison av, Tel 2126 

Harrelson S Neil (Neta L) carp r413 N Dawson 

Harrill Lonnie R (Laura) club leader agrl extension service N C State 
College hl626 Park dr 

Harrill Roy Van B (Lucy E) cond hl28 New Bern av 

Harrington Cath rll2 Polk 

Harrington Daisy (c) maid 1330 Mordecai dr 

Harrington Dexton (c; Nettie S) car washer Sir Walter Chevrolet Co b 
206 Pugh 

Harrington Eloise student rl615 Glenwood av 

Harrington Harry G (Margt B) lino opr Capital Printing Co hl615 Glen- 
wood av 

Harrington Herbert (c; Lueinda) lab h910 E Martin 

Harrington Janie smstrs Hilker Bros r219 S McDowell 

Harrington Lonnie (c) ehauf 914 Vance 

Harrington Mabel (c) Indry wkr Sir Walter Hotel r9 McKee 

Harrington Margt V rl615 Glenwood av 

Harrington Marie (c) r822 Manly 

Harrington Mary B (c) maid Hotel Carolina r312 Tucker 

Harrington Milton S mech Raleigh Nash Co r RD 3 

Harrington Mollie (c) cook h407 Green 

Harrington Ozzie (c) dom r910 E Martin 


; dependable 

service: i: 


228 E. 




( FORD ) 

Authorized , y JWCOI N 1 ®*'^^ *"■' Service 

Harrington Thos A (Clyde) slsmn hllO Glenwood av 
Harrington W, Henry (Sarah) hll2 Polk 
Harris Adele P rll3 S McDoweU 

Harris Alma P Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co r404 N Bloodworth ■ 
Harris Alonzo (c) lab rll7 Lee 
Harris Annie E (wid J Sol) h513 Cole 
Harris Annie L nurse r324 Cutler 

Harris Arth (c; Agnes) cook Fairmont Grill r215 Oberlin rd 
Harris Arth (c; Lula) farmer h20 Raih'oad 

Harris Augusta O (o) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Harris Barbara student r222 Hillcrest rd 

Harris Beatrice waitress Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r413 N Wilmington 
Harris Benj R student r605 Adams 
Harris Bernard (Frances) hll3 S McDowell 
Harris Bettie M (c) h409 S Blount 
Harris Burgess weaver hlllS N Wilmington 

Harris C Scott (Annie L) agt Mut Benefit Life Ins Co hl818 Glenwood 

Harris C Scott jr student rl818 Glenwood av 

Harris Chas U (Saidee R) lawyer 234 Fayetteville R409 h222 Hillcrest rd 

Harris Chas U jr student r222 HUlcrest rd 

Plarris Chas W route mn Raleigh Linen Supply Co r621 Hillsboro 

Harris Clara (c) rl211 (1411) Pender 

Harris Clarence A (Mamie E) slsmn Royal Baking Co h508 Sasser^ 

Harris Cleo (c; Cath; Sam Han-is & Son) h912 E Davie 

Harris Cora (c) Indrs hl306 Garner rd 

Harris D Evelyn r220 N East 

Harris David H (c) r409 S Blount 

Harris Diana D r219 Hillsboro 

Harris Dora E (wid Jesse J) h404 N Bloodworth 

Hams Dover M (Alberta D) agt Gate City Life Ins Co h605 Polk 

Harris Edgar (c; Mary J) waiter h204 Maple 

Harris Edgar jr (c) carp r204 Maple 

Harris Edna R Mrs sec Woman's Missionary Union Baptist State Con- 
vention r495 S Boylan av 

Harris Edw S (c; Bessie B) tailor 116 E Hargett h411 S Haywood 

Harris Ella (c) Indrs h750 Fayetteville 

Harris Ella (wid J M) r414 Prank 

Harris Emily (c) gro 1124 Holman r29 Bragg 

Harris Emma Mrs teller treas office N C State College r Western blvd 

Harris Ernest C (c) bai-toer 812 Fayetteville h do 

Harris Ernest L (Daisy) r219 Hillsboro 

Harris Eug (c; Rosabelle) hlpr Tilghman Motors Inc 423 S Wilmington 

Harris Eug L (Emma J) collr Raleigh Council No 551 Royal Arcanum h 
621 Hillsboro 

Harris Eva M elk N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn rll3 S McDow- 

Harris Evelyn (c) r519 S McDowell 

Harris Everett W (Grace V) bkbndr Coml Printing Co h708 Saisser 

Harris Evie textile wkr rll08 Harp 

Harris Florence C (wid John C L) r222 Hillcrest rd 

Harris Fred (c) lab r601 S Haywood 

E:arris Predk (c; Margt) janitor h579 E Lenoir 

Harris Gaither (c; Addie) cement fnshr h710 E Martin 

Harris Garland (c; Hattie) janitor The Rosemont Apts h720 Hillsboro 

Harris Geo H jr elk Pinckney M Bernstein r Raleigh Hotel 

Harris Geo w'(c; Elnora) brklyr h604 E Cabarrus 

Harris Geo W (c; Lula T) emp Boylan-Pearce Co InC h420 Cannon 

Harris Geo W (c; Hattie B) gro 731 S Bloodworth h804 S East 

Karris Grace (c) maid Hotel Carolina h208 Branch (SPk) 

Harris Harvey M (Margt) mach hl533 Sunrise av 

Harris Harvey W student r605 Adams 

Harris Hattie B Mrs sten U S Bureau of Animal Industry h2143 Countiy 
Club dr 

Harris Henry W teller Wachovia Bank & Trust Co hl2 N Boylan av 

Harris Howard B (Lenore) asst prsmn The News & Observer ih502 Polk 

Harris Hubert (c) hsemn 612 N Blount 

Harris Hubert (c) yd mn 1918 Alexander rd 

Harris J E Clarence (Alma) prsmn Coml Printing Co r404 N Bloodworth 

Harris Jas (c; Rachel) r419 S Dawson 

Harris Jas delmn rl30 Hawthorn rd 

Harris Jas (c; Malissa) lab r546 E Davie 

Harris Jas H (Maude D) h417 N Boylan av 

Harris Jas W mgr Merchants Delivery Service rl30 Hawthorn rd 

Harris Jasper L whsemn Raleigh Bonded Wlise Inc r Westover 





Han-is Jessie (c) dom r208 Brancli (SPk) 

Harris John (c) barber r579 E Lenoir 

Harris John (c) lab r20 Railroad 

Harris John H (Lottie) h5(}6 Cary 

Harris John H (Jennie P) hlpr hl09 N Boylan av 

Harris John L (Lillie) slsmn h220 N East 

Harris John L jr r220 N East 

Harris John S rll08 Harp 

Harris JcJhnson A Associate Div of Entomology State Dept of Agriculture 

1-2115 Woodland av 
Harris Julia H prof Meredith College r do 
Harris Julius M (Christine C) driver Raleigh Bonded Whse Inc h414i 

Harris Katie (c) Indrs h614 Haywood la 
Harris Lattie B (Agnes) auto repr 414 S East h514 N East 
Harris Leland S (Hattie B) director State Motor Vehicle Bureau h2143 

Country Club dr 
Harris Leon S examiner claim dept Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y r Wil- 

burne rd 
Harris Lewis H steward bdg dept N C State College r do 
Han-is Lonnie plmbr Union Plumbing & Heating Co 105 E Morgan 
Harris Louise (c) Indrs r20 Railroad 
Harris M Goldie sch tchr r220 N East 
Harris M Louise rl20 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Han-is M Lucille sten Raleigh Bureau N c Assn Afternoon Newspapers 

rl21 Halifax 
Han-is Mabel (c) dom h318 N Haywood 
Harris Macy R r605 Adams 
Harris Margt R (c) sch tdhr h304 S State 
Harris Martha (c) Indry wkr Acme Lndry rlOlO S Person 
Harris Mary L sten State Sec r Wake Forest N C 
Harris Matthew A (c; EmUy J) tarklyr h29 Bragg 
Han-is Millard F student rl818 Glenwood av 
Harris Minnie (c) dom h409 W South 

Harris Murphy H (Ida P) sergt City Police Dept h605 Adams 
Harris Namrie (c) dom h913 S WUmington 

Harris Nelson H (c; Gila B) instr Shaw University h717 S Blount 
Harris Nelson N (c) pntr r408y2 E South 
Hanis Odessa (c) dom r503 Smith 

Han-is Paul N (Donnie G) hostler h526 N Bloodworth 
Harris Pearl (c; Agnes) car washer r311 E Cabari-us 
Harris Percy (c; Sylvia) cook r226 E Lenoir 
Harris Raymond L (Josephine) textile wkr hi 124 Harp 
Harris Rebecca (c) dom r507 E Edenton 

Han-is Riclid E (Virginia F) eng h6 E Lane , 

Harris Robt (c) lab r204 Maple 

Harris Robt (c) porter State Dept of Agriculture r Glascock extd 
Hai-ris Robt J (Emma) supt experim.ent sta farm N C State College 

r Western blvd 
Harris Robt L (Lelia B) derrick eng hl20 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Harris Robt L (Robbye S) supt Mitchell Printing Co h318 W Edenton 
Harris Robt P student r220 N East 
Harris Roger (c) lab r704 E Jones 
Harris Romellie P (c) h514 S Blount 
Harris Rupert P (Nell H) slsmn h2208 Fairview rd 
Harris S Maggie rll4 N Harrington 

Harris Sadye B asst sec The Merchants Assn Inc rll3 S McDowell 
Han-is Sam & Son (c; Saml and Cleo Harris) barbers 122 E Hargett 
Harris Saml (c; Vivian; Sam Harris & Son) h512 S Blount 
Harris Sarah (c) h716 Branch 
Harris Simon (c) gdnr hlll5 E Lane 
Harris Stella Mrs r610 S Person 
Harris Temple (c) Indrs hlll4 S East 
Harris Thelma T (c) sch tchr r420 Cannon 
Harris Troy R (Katie F; Harris' Lunch) mech Tilghman Motors Inc h 

114 N HaiTington 
Harris Vassie (c; Maude) sta atndt r26 Lee 
Plarris Vivian J (c) sch tchr r420 Cannon 
Harris W Ollie (c; Bessie) waiter h204 Smithfield 
Han-is W S r YMCA 

Harris Wilbur B (Minnie) elk r515 Fayetteville 
Harris Wilbur B collr R E Quinn & Co r415 Frank 
Harris Wm (c; Elnora) car clnr hl713 Oakwood av 
Harrisi Wm (c; Rebecca J) car washer Sir Walter Chevrolet Co rll7 N 





Harris Wm (c; Daisy) porter h503 Smith 

Harris Wm C Hon (Juliet C) judge State Court Seventh Judicial District 

and County Superior Court h607 N Blount 
Harris Wm C jr student r607 N Blount 
Harris Wm H (Alice G) prod 214 E Martin stall 3 r210 E Whitaker Mill 

Harris Wm H (c; Dora) restr 410 S Blount h do 

Harris Wm N (Myrtle B) dist mgr Imperial Life Ins Co r LeesviUe rd 
Harris Wm R (Adelaide P) cond h412 N Boylan av 
Harris Young (c) lab r218y2 S Tarboro 
Harris Zorah B (wid Wm E) h219 Hillsboro 
Harris' Lunch (Troy R Harris) 405 S WUmington 
Harrison Arth B (Dena C) rural carrier USPO h613 E Hargett 
Harrison Bascom M Sergt (Adelaide V) USA h307 Perry 
Harrison Dal ton elk J Henry Morgan rll2 N Harrington 
Harrison David B textile wkr rlll7 Harp 
HaiTison Elliott (c; Alma) mach hll06 Hill 
Harrison Felix (c) lab r909 E Davie 

Harrison Geo B (Carrie B) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc hlllT Harp 
Harrison H Stocall linesmn rl09 Polk 

Harrison John G (Kath S) capt Truck Co No 1 hl3 W Franklin 
Harrison John L (c) blksmith r410 Bledsoe av 
Harrison Kath V (wid John B) gro 13 Vi W Franklin rl3 do 
Harrison Laura D (c) sch tchr r827 Cotton pi 
Harrison Lillian (c) dom h916 Oakwood av 
Harrison Louis H (Susie D) hl821 White Oak rd 
Harrison Robt H (Arra G; The Raleigh Lndry) h225 Elm 
Harrison Rochelle M sten Sou Store Eauipment Co r613 E Hargett 
Han-ison Sallie W (wid Gabriel W) r320 E Jones 
Harrison Sarah (c) gro 402 Bragg hi 120 S Bloodworth 
Harrison Sarah sten r21i)6 Woodland av 

Harrison Shelbert H (Clara B) truck driver hll2 N Harrington 
Harrison Thos P (Adelia) prof N C State College hlSOO Park dr 
Harrison Vernon W drftsmn State Hwy Comn rl321 White Oak rd 
Harrison W Henry (Louise) loom fixer h523 N Salisbury 
Harrison Wm (c) r749 S Blount 
Harrison Wm (c) cook h520 E Martin 
Hart see also Heartt 
Hart Delia M r200 Duncan 

Hart Esther B sec to Hon Walter P Stacy r52_l N Wilmington 
Hart F Elvena elk Compensation iRating & inspection Bureau of N jCj 

r200 Duncan 
Hart Fred B cash Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Youngsville 

N C 
Hart Harvey (c; Mabel) lab h9 Heck's al 
Hart Jos (c) pntr r715 Shaw ct 

Hart Lillie (c) dom hl20 Grimes al „ „ 

Hart Myrtle F Mrs slsvm Hudson-Belk Co r Cary N C 
Hart Patience (c) dom rl20 Grimes al 
Hart The apts 9-15 Glenwood av 

HartTheo (c) lab rl20 Grimes al , ^ ^ ,, v,=n, iin,-* 

Hart Thos R (Mary W) associate prof N C State College h501 W Whit- 
aker Mill rd 
Hart Wm R ( Janie M) excavating contr 20O Duncan h do 
Hartfield Sophronia (c) dom rl803 Oberlin rd 
Hartley Nellie (c) cook r205 Cox av 

Hartman Horace H (Margt) mgr Clifford F Smith h519 E Jones 
Hartman Jas D (Rosa L) claim rep Conn Genl Life Ins Co r Hillsboro 

rd (Westover) , . ^^.„ ^ 

Hartman Rosa L Mrs sten Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh r HUlsboro rd 

(Westover) , „ „ „ 

Hartman Theo C (Ethel M) sr office eng State Hwy Comn h707 N 

Blount apt 2 
Hartness Elva r310 N Blount 
Hartness Jas A (Annie S) lawyer hSlO N Blount 

Hartness Luke K (Rebecca H) inspr State Hwy Comn r310 N Blount 
Hartness Rebecca tchr Murphey Sch r230 E North 
Harton Lora E rll7 Chamberlain 
Harton Milton H (Annie I) blksmith h408 S Person 
Harton Robt P (Josephine O) slsmn Singer Sewing Mach Co hll7 

Hartsell Emma asst mgr Lerner Shops r223 N Wilmington 
Hartsfield Alonzo L (c; Delia) fish 214 E Martin stall 4 h2212 Everett av 
Hartsfield Mae rl23 S Dawson 
Hartsfield Pearl (c) dom h324 E Davie 




Factory AuthorizecL Sales and Service q 

M General Motors Values ff 



Hartsfield Wm A (Christine M) mecli John W Evans' Son h532 N Blood- 

Harvey Annie L r602 W South 

Harvey Edith sten State Board of Charities and Public Welfare rl05 E 
Edenton apt 312 

Harvey Jefferson J (Julia J; Pilot Mercantile Co) h408 E Franklin 

Harvey Jos M (Myrtle E) h602 W South 

Harvey Julia (wid Walter A) r408 E Franklin 

Harvey PoUie (c) Indrs rl019 Pavetteville 

Harward Durward L sta atndt Gulf Refining Co h2200 Carroll dr 

Harward Henrietta priv sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl23 W 
Park dr 

HAEWARD R FRANK (Annie M) M?r Policy Dept Durham Life Ins Co 
of Raleich N C h925 Vance, Tel 4043 

Harwood Clinton W hlpr r4 Bagwell av 

Harwood J B jr r Hotel Raleigh 

Harwood John C (Mahala C) formn Genl Outdoor Adv Co Inc h4 Bag- 
well av 

Harwood Leola B sten A M Tyner Co r4 Bagwell av 

Harwood Virgie L r3136 Stanhope av 

Haskell Grace C elk rll2 N Dawson 

Haskett Ruth A nurse 703 N East r do 

Haskins Helen M student r522 S Salisbury 

Haskins Mack (c; Carrie) gdnrh211 Cumberland av 

Haskins Margt V student r522 S Salisbury 

Haskins Maude M (wid Wm H) furn rms 522 S Salisbury h do 

Haskins Wm H elk r522 S Salisbury 

Hassell Wm T (Mary F) mgr Acacia Mut Life Ins Co h Beech Ridge rd 
nr Breeze rd 

Hassinger Stanley H (Virginia S) bkpr Lewis Sporting Gds Co h2212 The 

Haswell Owen H (Helen M) elk USPO hl806 White Oak rd 

Hatch Alton B slsmn Sample Shoe Store r Millbrook N C 

Hatch Betsy H elk Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of N C re 
Pirwoo(i av 

Hatch Danl L (Ethel H) h6 Firwood av 

Hatch Edwin appr Times Pub Co rl22 S Harrington 

Hatch Heber B Mrs sten State Dept of Agriculture r212 W Morgan 

Hatch Hortense nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Hatch Hurst B (Marjorie K) bkpr York Construction Co hl05 E Edenton 
apt 107 

Hatch Jas P (Heber B) r212 W Morgan 

Hatch Peter R (Rosamond N) pharm Wake Drug Store h405 S Boylan av 

Hatch Rosamond N Mrs nurse 405 S Boylan av r do 

Hatch Wm H (Daisy) rl22 S Harrington 

Hatch Wm T lawyer 320 S Salisbury R712 r Millbrook 

Hatcher A Lee (Mildred) carp 209 S McDowell R8 r Garner N C 

Hatcher Chas L (Mary R) bottler h714 N Person 

Hatcher Eula (wid Benj H) hSOOl Hillsboro 

Hatcher Mary R Mrs sten CP&LCo h714 N Person 

Hatcher T Edwin elk Gulf Refining Co r RD 1 

Hatfield Louise nurse State Hosp r do 

Hathaway O L Rev (Beryl) pastor Epworth M E Ch hll4 Polk 

Hathaway W W atndt State Hosp r do 

Hathcock J Cooper student r217 Hawthorne dr 

Hathcock John L (Berta C) div director State Dept of Public Instruction 
h217 Hawthorne dr 

Hathcock John L jr student r217 Hawthorne dr 

Hatley J Paul (Bettie H) cash Union Central Life Ins Co h501 Cole 

Hatley Lillian sten Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co r605 W North 

Hattdn Clarice (c) dom hl8 N Tarboro 

Hatton Thos (c; Phoebe) lab h29 Lee 

Hauser Julia (c) dom h714 S McDowell 

Hawkins Albert (c) lab r805 2d av 

Hawkins Anna (c) dom r221 N Haywood 

Havi'kins Anne S (o sch tchr v514 S Person 

Hawkins Annie E (c) dom h606 2d av 

Hawkins Beatrice V slswn P W Woolworth Co r Garner N C 

Hawkins Bessie M (c) dom h514 S Person 

Hawkins Bessie O (c) student r514 S Person 

Hawkins Corinthens (c) cook r329 Battle 

Hawkins Dalma D elk Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc r YMCA 

Hawkins Danl (c) lab hll5 N State 

Hawkins Eliz (c) dom h219 Heck 

Hawkins Everett W (May) projectionist The Capitol Theatre rll8 W Ed- 


Alfred Williams 8t Co. 



Hawkins Geo (c; Ella) lab hll03 E Lane 

Hawkins Herbert (c; Mamie) elev opr Bland Hotel h200 Bledsoe av 

Hawkins Ida G (c) hl303 E Jones 

Hawkins Jas (c) waiter Sir Walter Hotel r514 S Person 

Hav/kins Jas N (c; Theresa) pkr W H King Drug Co Inc 11121 W Lenoir 

Hawkins Jennie (c) r525 S McDowell 

Hawkins John E (Lucinda) br mgr Blue Star Stores hl539 Sunrise av 

Hawkins Junius (c) r222 Powle 

Hawkins Mack (c) orderly Rex Hosp r709 E Martin 

Hawkins Mary (c) dom r4 E Hayti al 

Hawkins Oscar A (c: Annie) lab h420 N West 

Hawkins Pauline B opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r320 New Bern av 

Hawkins Rebecca D (wid Marramaduke J) rSOl New Bern av 

Hawkins Robt H (c; Annie) h222 Fowle 

Hawkins Steph J (c; Hattie) ianitor State Auditor h20 N Tarboro 

Hawkins Theo (c) clothes pres'ser r209 E Cabarrus 

Hawkins Thos (c; Cornelia) box pkr N-SRRCo h213 W North 

Hawkins Wade (c; Synia) janitor County Court House r337 W South 

Hawkins Walter (c) driver Motor Transit Co rl07 Idlewild av 

Hawkins Warren R trav slsmn rll8 W Edenton 

Hawkins Weldon E elk r Bland Hotel 

Hawkins Wm E (Ruth E) eng of materials and tests State Hwy Comn h 
310 E Park dr 

Hawkins Wm E 1r student r310 E Park dr 

Hawkins Wm R (Minnie W) trav slsmn hll8 W Edenton 

Hay Gilbert (Lallie M) fire ins h201 w Park dr 

Hay Gilbei-t ir ins agt r201 W Park dr 

Hay Marshall D ins agt r201 W Park dr 
Hay Mary E rl05 Glenwood av 

Hay Nell R elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S rl05 Glen- 
wood av 
Hay Oscar P (Olive S) ins agt hl05 Glenwood av 
Hay Rosalie V student rl05 Glenwood av 

Hayden Laura B office sec Chilean Nitrate Sales COrp r414 Halifax 
Hayes Adeline (ci r710 Shaw ct 

Hayes Arth W (Blanche C) slsmn h312 N Harrington 
Hayes-Barton Baptist Chm-ch Rev Louis S Gaines pastor Glenwood av 

cor Pairview rd 
Hayes-Barton Bowling Alley (John P Danielson) 1915 Pairview rd 
Hayes -Barton Lunch (Jas A Cannon) 513 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hayes-Barton Pharmacy David J Womble mgr 1632 Glenwood av 
Hayes-Barton School 1614 Glenwood av 

Hayes-Barton Service Station (Robt T Long) 509 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hayes-Barton Shoe Shop (Benj W Riggan) reprs 1916 Pairview rd 
Hayes-Barton Swimming Pool John E Stone mgr Scales cor Nash dr 
Hayes Beni F (c) cook Wright's Cafeteria r908 Manly 
Hayes Bertha (c) dom. r508 Smithfield 
Hayes Bettie (c) Indrs hl08 N West 

Hayes Beulah M Mrs sten Mitchell Printing Co hl03 N McDoweU 
Hayes Chas L firemn Ti'uck Co No 1 rl537 Sunrise av 
Hayes Connie Mrs assorter Sanitary Lndry h806 W Hargett 
Haye^ Ehza (c) dom hl201 S East 
Hayes Eloise M student r614 E Pranklin 
Hayes Ernestine M (c) sch tchr r825 E Martin 

Hayes Ethel H (c) colored casewkr County Welfare Dept r202 N Tarboro 
Hayes Evelyn (c) dom r415 S Person 
Hayes Pletcher (c) r Wake County Home 

Hayes G Myrtle chf elk to mstr mech N-SRRCo r208 Blckett blvd 
Hayes Geo r806 W Hargett 
Hayes Geo (c; Lizzie) carp h508 Smithfield 
Hayes Geo (c; Jennie) plstr hl708 B 
Hayes Geo M (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r825 E 

Hayes Grace (c) dom r613 E Edenton 

Haves Gurnev E (Pauline) car distributor SALRv h614 E Pranklin 
Hayes Hattie S (c) sec Grand Dist No 10 Household of Ruth r825 E Mar- 
Hayes Henry (c) lab r504 E Cabarrus 
Hayes Hubert (c) elk r202 N Tarboro 
Hayes Ida (c) r504 E CabaiTus 
Hayes Ida (c) cook r504 E Cabarrus 
Hayes Inez (c) dom r901 Smith 
Hayes Irving r806 W Hargett 

Hayes J Carl (Beulah M) bridge wkr hl03 N McDowell 
Hayes J Herbert policemn rl807 Wills av 
Hayes Jacob (c: Ethel M) brklyr h202 N Tarboro 
Hayes Jas (c) lab rl708 B 





Hayes Jas R (Florence S) elk Piggly Wlggly r605 North Boundary 

Hayes Jas W (Ruby K) printer The News & Observer h507 E Franklin 

Hayes Jerry (c) del mn Walton's Pharmacy r521 W South 

Hayes John (c; Annie) expressing 715 Shaw ct h do 

Hayes John W (c: Hattie S) elev opr h825 E Martin 

Hayes Jos (c; Lela) lab h906 Fayetteville 

Hayes Lena (c) cook r504 E Cabarrus 

Hayes Lewyn (c) lab r202 N Tarboro 

Hayes Mamie O slswn Hudson-Belk Co r507 Cleveland 

Hayes Margt E (wid John W) h208 Bickett blvd 

Hayes Mary (c) dom rl201 S East 

Hayes Mavis atndt State Hosp r do 

Hayes Maxine L student r614 E Franklin 

Hayes Minnie G (wid John) h503 N Person 

Hayes Morris E (Marv) bridge formn hl537 Sunrise av 

Hayes Nancy (c) Indfs h809 E Hargett 

Hayes Nellie R rl537 Sunrise av 

Hayes Octavia W (c) tchr Washington Sch r825 E Martin 

Hayes Otis T (c; Amanda) janitor Hudson-Belk Co r Garner N C 

Hayes Ralph W (Vera B) prof N C State College h2115 Country Club dr 

Hayes Robt L (Mary B) supvr of bridges and bidgs N-SRRCo h708 W 

Hayes Steph truck driver r412 E Martin 
Hayes Stoney (c: Freelove) lab hlll6 Branch 

Hayes Thos C (McClenaghan, Griffith & Hayes) r Charlotte N C 
Hayes Thos C (c; Connie) plstr h404 Bledsoe av 
Hayes Timothy M (Winnie E) bridge wkr hl621 Sunrise av 
Hayes Wm (c; Ella) carp h907 E Hargett 
Hayes Wm H (c; Cora) farmer h901 Smith 

Hayes Wm H (c: Pearl) janitor Hudson-Belk Co r Gamer N C 
Haynes Albert (c; Bertie) lab hl203 Holman 
Haynes Albert student r2405 Clark av 
Haynes Alf M (Sarah) hlOl Home 
Haynes Carl (Annie; The Smoke Shop) hl906 Sunset av 
Haynes Carrie A sch tchr r518 N Bloodworth 
Haynes Christopher L (Claudia B) chf dep County Sheriff h204 W Whit- 

aker MUl rd 
Haynes Claudia B Mrs elk Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co h204 W Whitak- 

er Mill rd 

Haynes B Isabelle chf elk County Supt of Public Instruction r567 New 
Bern av 

Haynes Edwin B (Lillie P) pres-sec-treas N C Paper Co Inc r RD 1 

Hajrnes Ethel M (Raleigh Floral Co) hl5 S Bloodworth 

Haynes John H jr chf of partv State Hwv Comn rll8 S Boylan av 

Haynes Julia C Mrs h232 W Hargett apt M-A 

Haynes Louise E (wid Zachariah W) h518 N Bloodworth 

Haynes Mabel L sten State Dept of Agriculture r51S N Bloodworth 

Haynes Men-el F carp r544 E Hargett 

Haynes Minnie (c) dom r502 Smithfield 

Haynes Montresser R (Sallie M) uphol h567 New Bern av 

Haynes Sandwich Shop Mallie E Fen-ell mgr 17 W Hargett 

Haynes Wm E train mstr r201 Park av 

Hays Larry W (Belle G) slsmn Westinghouse Elec Supply Co r2505 Ken- 
more dr 

HAYS ROBERT S, Sec Kirchofer & Arnold Inc. r Apex N C 

Haywood Alonzo (c; Ellen) blksmlth John D Johnson hl217 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Annie (c) dom r546 E Cabarrus 

Haywood Annie M (c) beauty opr rlll2 S East 

Haywood Annie W (wid Arth B) rl23 E Edenton 

Haywood Butler (c; Annie) plstr h546 E Cabarrus 

Haywood Cecelia (c) dom r216 Fowle 

Haywood Chas (c; Thelma) porter Morgan Gro Co hll09 E Lane 

Haywood Chas (c) truck driver r546 E Cabarrus 

Hajrwood Chas A (c; Mittie E) mgr Raleigh Funeral Home Inc h722 S 

Haywood Chesley (c; Berta) firemn h905 Oberlin rd 











Audits — 







ns— St 


S- c 






3.C (Til 














The Raleigh Building and Lean Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Haywood Christine (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry r216 Fowle 

Haywood David (c; Hattie) butler hl06 N Tarboro 

Haywood David (c) driver R & W Grocerteria rl217 Oberlin rd 

Haywood David (c; Bettie) janitor N C Bank Bldg h3:15 Seawell av 

Haywood David (c; Lucile) millwkr h613 E Davie 

Haywood David E (c; Annie) bellmn Bland Hotel li,7n Manley 

Haywood David E jr (c) bellmn Bland Hotel r717 Manley 

Haywood David L (c; Maude) porter h202 Parrish 

Haywood Dexter (c) bellmn r507 S Person 

Haywood Doris (c) dom r2214 Joint 

Haywood Edw (c) cafeteriawkr rl031 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Effie (c) Indrs hl211 E Martin 

Haywood Effie D (c) dom h914 S East 

Haywood Elsie r210 S Boylan av 

HAYWOOD ERNEST, Lawyer 306-307-308 Wachovia Bank Bldg 334-240 
Fayetteville, Te! 280, h211 New Bern av, Tel 48 

Haywood Ernest S (c; Mary) brkmn h902 Manly 

Haywood Ernestine (c) sch tchr r902 Manly 

Haywood Esther (c) dom r914 S East 

Haywood Eula (c) dom r802 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Prank elk r2U Hawthorn rd 

Hayivood Frank (c) lab rl217 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Prank T (c) bellmn Bland Hotel r717 Manley 

Hayv/ood Harvey (c; Julia) lab hlllO S Blount 

Haywood Henry (c) dishwasher The Smoke Shop rlllO S Blount 

Haywood Henry D student r821 Wake Forest rd 

Haywood Hubert B (Marguerite) phys 123 W Hargett R519 h634 N Blount 

Haywood Ida (c) Indrs h412 E South 

Haywood J Benbury (Lucille G) head classer N C Cotton Growers Co- 
operative Assn h323 Hillsboro apt 5 

Haywood Jas (c) lab r2214 Joint 

Haywood John (c) lab r521 E Cabarrus 

Haywood John P Rev (c; Lucy) janitor h802 Oberlin rd 

Hayv/ood Katie L (c) rl06 N Tarboro 

Haywood Laura (c) hl031 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Lelia (c) r215 E Cabarms 

Haywood Leonidas (c) sch tchr rl031 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Lila B (c) nurse 220 F Cabarrus r do 

Haywood Louis (c; Princess) orderly Rex Hosp h820 Manly 

Haywood Louis (c) waiter r802 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Louise (c) dom 1-730 S Bloodworth 

Haywood Lucille (c) dom r802 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Maggie (c) tchr Oberhn Sch hl030 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Marion (c) dom rllio S Blount 

Haywood Marshall DeL (Mattie B) hl27 E Edenton 

Haywood Martha H h210 S Boylan av 

Hayv/ood Mary L (c) r902 Manly 

Haywood Milton D (c) carrier USPO h215 E Caban-us 

Haywood Minnie (c) student rl06 N Tarboro 

Haywood Moody (c; Oma) hlpr h407 W Lenoir 

Haywood Nicholas L (c; Kate M) carp r513 W South 

Haywood Oweena L (c) student r419 Cannon 

Hayv/ood Pauline (c) dom r802 Oberlin rd 

Haywood Percy (c; Nannie) cook Green Grill h521 E Cabarrus 

Haywood Philip H (c; Eliz P) elev oond Federal bldg h419 Cannon 

Haywood Real Estate C Ernest Haywood v-pres Burke H Little sec-treas 
234 Fayetteville R308 

Haywood Richd (c; Ca.rrie) taxicab service 730 S Bloodworth h do- 

Haywood Robt W (Laura S) state editor The News & Observer hl09 N 

Haywood Saml B (c; Laura) fir fnshr hll03 S Person 

Hayv/ood Saml B jr (c) lab rll03 S Person - 

Haywood Sankey (c; Lila B) pitmn N-SRRCo r220 E CabaiTus 
Hayv/ood Spencer (c) porter Mary Ann Stoker Shop rl06 N Tarboro 

Haywood Thelma (c) dom r546 E Cabarrus 
liayv/ood Thos (c) elk Wm Haywood rl217 Oberlin rd 
Haywood Thos D (c; Rachel) lab h574 E Lenoir 

Haywood W Grimes (Nettie B) sec Grimes Realty Co and in charge 

Analytical Div State Dept of Agriculture h821 Wake Forest rd 
Haywood Wilhelmina (c) sch tchr rl03!l Oberlin rd 

Haywood Wm (c; Katie) bellmn Hotel Carolina r513 W South 
Haywood Wm (c) clothes presser rll03 S Person 
Haywood Wm (c; Lucy) gro 1213 Oberlin rd hl333 do 
Haywood Wm (c) lab r909 E Davie 


The Ccirolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hau-dware House 

Haywood Wm (c) lab h419 Montague la 

Haywood Wm Cc) tailor r407 W Lenoir 

Haywood Wm G (c) student r717 Manly 

Haywood Wm H (c; Lillie) fir fnshr h507 S Person 

Haywood Wm L (c; Esther) elk Arthur's Sea Food Mkt r812 S Blount 

Hazell Chas C (Annie L) agency mgr The Equitable Life Assurance Soc 
of the U S hlOOO Hai-vey 

Hazell Chas C jr dist mgr rlOOO Harvey 

Headen Epsie bkpr N C Howe Ins Co of Raleigh rl09 E Lane 

Hearn Harry H (Mary P) genl mgr Carolina Coach Co h2207 Breeze rd 

Heam Heniy H student r2'207 Breeze rd 

Hearn Mary P Mrs physio-therapist 2207 Breeze rd r do 

Hearn Robt R cai-p r320 W North 

Heai-tt see also Hart 

Heartt Chas I rl28 S Dawson 

Heartt Isabella B ( wid Chas D) hl28 S Dawson 

Heartt Isabella C rl28 S Dawson 

Heartt Leo D ( Plorence Ei slsmn Natl Biscuit Co h2125 Country Club dr 

Heartt M Cornelia rl28 S Dawson 

Heater A Langdon (Wilma) stock elk Raleigh Intematl Co h717 W Mor- 

Heater Russell O (Heater Well Co) r Cary N C 

Heater Well Co (Russell O Heater) 209 S McDowell R28 

Heath Anne P sten CP&LCo rlll5 Hillsboro 

Heath Carey E tchr Raleigh Sch of Commerce r315 Cutler 

Heath Eliz (c) dom r719 S East 

Heath Forrest G (Mary H) dist rep hl909 Glenwnod av 

Heath John W (Raleigh Sch of Commerce) h315 Cutler 

Heath Mary E sch tchr r315 Cutler 

Heatherly J Ripley delmn r Rock Quarry rd cor Davie 

Heatherly Robt L (R Alice) supt U S Natl Cemetery h do 

Heatherly Rosa E r Rock QuaiTy rd cor Davie 

Hebrew Cemetery Oakwood av nr Linden 

Heck Chas McG (Maude E) prof N C State College h200 Hawthorn rd 

Heck Chas W service rep Commonwealth Motor Co r200 Hawthorn rd 

Heck Fannie (c) cook rl004 E Davie 

Hedgepeth John bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl22 New Bern av 

Hedrick A Pavne 'Lina G) mgr Hedrick's Gro h510 S Boylan av 

Hedrick D Lester (Ethel R) vulcanizer Firestone Service Stores Inc h3123 
Stanhope av 

Hedi-ick Earl T (Sena T» aclv solr The News & Observer hl837 White 
Oak rd 

Hedrick Elise G r510 S Boylan av 

Hedrick Lina G Mrs (Hedrick's Gro) hSlO S Boylan av 

Hedrick Lloyd R r3123 Stanhope av 

Hedrick W Philip ( Josephine > mgr Dutch Tavern Inc r Western blvd 

HEDRICK WILLIAM p (Julia M), Optometrist 118i/> FayetteviUe, Tel 
2978, h716 Nash dr. Tel 3013-R 

Hedrick Winbern A (Kathleen J) slsmn Royal Baking Co h3140 Stan- 
hope av 

Hedrick's Grocery (Mrs Lina G Hedrick) 401 Glenwood av 

Heffner Clarence H (Annie) USPO inspr rl21 Halifax 

Height Maggie A tchr Oberlin Sch r RD 6 

Height Mumford A (c; Maggie) gdnr hl211 Oberlin rd 

HeUen Bertha L spl agt The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of the U S r 
Mansion Park Hotel 

Hellen Jas H (Daisy L) slsmn h321V3 E Martin 

Helms Louise P Mrs r903 Glenwood av 

Helms Motor Express Co 3S0 W Lane 

Helms Saml N bus opr r328 W Edenton 

Hemingway Dexter S signalmn r327 W Morgan 

HemphOl Jas (c) hlpr Carolina Del Service 420 S McDowell 

Henderlite John H (Willie J) eng h525 North Boundary 

Henderlite Mary R office sec Raleigh Chamber of Commerce r525 North 

Henderson Annie (c) clothes presser rl22 E Lenoir 

Henderson Annie (c) Indrs r612 Bragg 

Henderson Blanche elk State Board of Health rll7 N Dawson 

Henderson Bryant cakemkr rll5 Han-ison av 

Henderson Evelina (c) dom rSll S Haywood 

Henderson Geo (c: Uzelia) janitor h21 Hunter 

Henderson Geo (c) lab r505 E Edenton 

HenJerson H Kiah elk Pine State Creamery Co r RD 4 

Henderson Jessie (c) Indrs r612 Bragg 








Clips and 



' Printing 

Office «1 

Fumiruri-!.*^ Y>. 



for the 










PHONE 4020 

Henderson John M (Zenovia B) mech USPO h2243 The Circle 
Henderson Martha A (c) clothes presser r315 Camden 
Henderson Otis (c) lab r505 E Edenton 

Henderson Paul E (Myi-tle P) gro 301 N Boylan av hSOlVi do 
Henderson Richmond (c) lab hSll S Haywood 
Henderson Richmond jr <c) lab rSll S Haywood 
Henderson Rosa (c) cook r712 Carroll av 
Henderson Sallie (c) dom r505 S Haywood 
Henderson Sallie (c) Indrs r315 Camden 
Henderson Simon (c; Anna B) lab h505 E Edenton 
Henderson Theresa (c> Indrs rSll S Haywood 
Henderson Wm (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry 411 S McDowell 
Hendon R Leonard r522 S Harrington 
Hendon Thos E (Irma) h522 S Harrington 
Hendricks Lloyd printer Storr Engraving Co rSOl FayettevUle 
Hendrix David L (Lena) h204 Park av 

HendrLx Rose E opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co rll6 S McDowell 
Hendrix Wm B (Gertrude I) chemist State Dept of Agriculture h508 Til- 
Henley Edna instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Henley Eliz tchr Hugh Morson Hieh Sch r209 E Peace 
Henley Eliz C slswn P W Woolworth Co rll7 Cox av 
Henley John H r Beech Ridge rd nr Breeze rd 
Henley Mary C sch tchr rll7 Cox av 
Henley Mittie E Mrs hll7 Cox av 

Henley Raymond caddie mstr Carolina Country Club r Caraleigh Mills 
Henley Tempie C (wid J Milton) hll7 Cox av 
Hennigan Oscar R (Annie G) embalmer r413 W Hargett 
Henninger Roswell W (Helen) prof N C State College h230 E Park dr 
Henry Building 307 Fayetteville 
Henry Clarence (c) lab r713 S East 
Henry Essex (c; Millie) farm hd h713 S East 
Henry Essex jr (c) lab r713 S East 
Henry Esther (c) h30 Lee 
Henry Fannie bkor r227 New Bern av 
Henry Guy R elk Mrs Lida L Farrow r722 Manly 
Henry Jerome (c; Lovie) sta atndt h609 Jamaica dr 
Henry John (c) lab rl306 Hill 
Henry Maggie (c) cook r746 Smithfield av 
Hensley J C rlll4 New Bern av 
Henson Edw G storermmn S & W Cafeteria r YMCA 
Henson Ruth S Mi's bkpr N C State College hSll Oakwood av 
Heonis Gus elk Am Grocery r340 W South 
Heonis HaiTy elk Am Grocery r340 W South 
Heonis Jas (Ero; Am Grocery) h340 W South 

Herbert Chas C (Elia) circulation rer) Times Pub Co rSl? W Morgan 
Herbert Elia P Mrs opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r3'17 W Morgan 
Herbst Emil O student rl922 Hillsboro 
Heritage Edwin H student r700 W Jones 
Heritage Grover c (Mamie A) cond h700 W Jones 
Herndon Alma (c) rl315 E Jones 
Herndon Bessie r2015 Fairview rd 
Herndon Edna nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 
Herndon Effie (c) r216 W South 
Herndon Elisha M (Florimel W) spl agt Aetna Life Ins Co h708i 

E Franklin 
Herndon EJug (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel r754% Fayetteville 
Herndon Godfrey (c) janitor rl315 E Jones 
Herndon Jas (c) porter rl315 E Jones 
Herndon Nettie S asst prof Meredith College r do 
Herndon Otho (c; Berta) lab h738 Smithfield av 
Herndon Thos H (Bemice M) barber College Ct Barber Shop r 

720 W Lane 
Herndon Thos R (c; Pearl) porter Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C 

hl315 E Jones 
Herring Chas H (Louise B) asst genl mgr The Raleigh Times r Lake dr 

nr Whitaker dr 
Herring Edw H (Hazel C; Freeman & Herring) rll27 Harvey 
Herring Jas E (Maria A) real est 15 W Hargett B806 h232 W Hargett apt 

Herring Louise B Mrs elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Lake dr 

nr Whitaker dr 
Herring Mary (c) cook h420 Watson 
Herring Mary B tchr Lewis Sch r604 N Blount 





Herring Mary N (wid Jas D) r501 New Bern av 

Herring P Eugenia sec Wm J Adams r604 N Blount 

Herring Vara L h604 N Blount 

Herron Chas G elk Thos E Moore r510 Cleveland 

Hervey Sallie G (wid Robt P) hl05 N Boylan av 

Hester A-delle (cl cook r612 Wynne 

Hester Annie (c) gro 1212 Oberlin rd hl216 do 

Hester Ai-a r306 Elm 

Hester Arth (c) cook r614 Oberlin rd 

Hester Clyde E mach rl7 W Peace apt 3 

Hester Ella L, (wid Alonzo P) li218 N Harrington 

Hester E^ula tchr Methodist Orphanage Sch r do 

Hester Geo L (Donna B) genl supvr hl22 Hillcrest rd apt 3 

Hester Granville (c) lab r527 Hick's al 

Hester I Blanche rlOSVa S Wilmington 

Hester John E (c; Carrie) janitor Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 
h614 Oberlin rd 

Hester Margt M student r218 N Harrington 

Hester Mary Mrs rl9 Pirwood av 

Hester Mary R Mrs dep collr USIntBevOffice r RD 1 

Hester Neil (Gertrude B) teleg editor The News & Observer hl426 Mor- 
decai dr 

Hester Ora P Mrs mils tchr r YWCA 

Hester R Baxter (Inez H; Hest«r Sign Co) h21 Dixie Trail 

Hester Rosa (wid Arth) h306 Elm 

Hester Ruth I waitress Union Grill 301 W Main 

Hester Sign Co (R Baxter Hester) 116 1/2 S Salisbury 

Hester Thos (Eliz T) h206 Ashe av 

Hester Vernon (c) lab r614 Oberlin rd 

Hester W Frank (Wakie) clkrSOl Oakwood av 

Hester W Fredk br mgr Blue Star Stores r218 N Harrington 

Hewitt B Randolph (Pattie N) meatctr Piggly-Wiggly h819 W Morgan 

Hewlett Betty instr State Sch for the Blindi and the Deaf r do 

Heyward Henderson student r303 Forest rd 

Heyward Nathaniel J (Mary H) ins adjuster 20 E Martin R705 h303 For- 
est rd 

Heyward Nathaniel J jr student r303 Forest rd 

Heyward Wm B student r303 Forest rd 

Hicks Alex (c) janitor rl07 Lee's al 

Hicks Aline B (wid Lewis F) elk State Board of Health hl05 E Edenton 
apt 207 

Hicks Annie C (wid Danl) h418 N Person 

Hicks Bessie (c) dom hl32 E Cabamxs 

Hicks Beulah Mrs rll2 N East 

Hicks Can-ie B (c) h429 Smith 

Hicks Cath sls^vn W T Grant Co r217 E Hargett 

Hicks Chas (c; Bertha) lab r605 S Blood worth 

Hicks Chas C (Dorothy M) elk USPO h615 E Hargett 

Hicks Chas E (Tranquilla) hl807 Sunset av 

Hicks Chas S banker r3 E Jones 

Hicks Chas S (Marcelitte) mgr Murchison's Pharmacy rll9 N Dawson 

Hicks Chas T sectionhd rll27 N Blount 

Hicks Chas W (Effie) textilewkr hll27 N Blount 

Hicks Cleyton G slsmn Saml M Young r Gary N C 

Hicks Clyde H elk Empire Club r422 N Person 

Hicks Dollie (cl dom h736 Smithfield av 

Hicks Eliz (c) dom r736 Smithfield av 

Hicks Ella M (c) cook h312 S East 

Hicks Eugenia (c) rsll Saunders av 

Hicks Frank (c) pntr hl205 (1200) S Walnut 

Hicks Frank jr (c) student rl205 (1200) S Walnut 

Hicks Frank P r304 W Edenton 

Hicks Fredericka (c) dom r316 Maple 

Hicks Geo R br mgr Blue Star Stores r RD 2 

Hicks Georgia (c) dom h316 Maple 

Hicks Harry T (Sarahs v-p:es Capudine Chemical Co hl909 Alexander rd 

Hicks Harvey I (Bessie J) collr W A Myatt Co Inc r Gamer rd 

Hicks Hem-y T (Ida S) pres Capudine Chemical Co h327 Hillsboro 

Hicks Holmes rlo W Peace 

Hicks Ida (c) r715 S West 

Hicks Jas P i-615 E Hargett 

Hicks Jeanette tchr Washington High Sch r724 S East 

Hicks John L (Genora) policemn hl616 Sunrise av 

Hicks John M W r304 W Edenton 



CAPITAL ,^^^^„.^^r^t$^ CO. 


Hicks John W (c; Augusta) firemn h402 Tucker 

Hicks Luther (c) lab r710y2 S Person 

Hides Madie (Hick's Secretarial & Personality Sch) r YWCA 

Hicks Maggie (c) dom rl32 E Cabarnis 

Hicks Mamie S (c) maid r429 Smith 

Hicks Marguerite L emp Postal-Teleg Cable Co r615 E Hargett 

Hicks' Mary E office sec Fountain & Fountain rl807 Sunset dr ( 

Hicks Mary G r227 New Bern av 

Hicks Mildred S Mrs hl27 New Bern av apt 103 

Hicks Norman usher State Theatre rll2 N East 

Hicks Paul hlpr K E Stahl Mf g Co r RD 2 

Hicks Priscilla (c) dom r312 Cannon 

Hicks Rhodie (c) dom rl32 E Cabarrus 

Hicks Roy (c; Maggie) lab h715 S West 

Hicks V Roy (Maxine) slsmn Pittman Printing Co hl5 W Dixie dr 

Hicks Virgil (c; Ada) hlpr h506 E Cabarrus 

Hicks Vonnie M (Jessie G: Wright, Hicks & WUkins) hl539 Iredell dr 

Hicks Walter carp r210 N West 

Hicks Weldon (c) shoe shiner rl5 Heck's al 

Hicks Wm F mach r418 N Person 

Hicks V\^m N (Anne P) asst prof N C State College hl25 Chamberlain 

Hicks Wm N ( Juanita W) sectionhd h405 N Dawson 

Hicks Wm S trav slsmn r327 Hillstaoro 

Hick's Secretarial & Personality School (Madle Hicks) 15 W Hargett R612 

Hickson Mary (c1 cook hlSOO S Person 

Hiddenlte Granite Co W Trent Ragland pres Edmond U Ragland v- 

pres Thos White treas 239 Payettevllle R203 
Higgins C Lawrence (Mabel R) slsmn Remington Rand Inc hl710 Scales 
Higgins Geo L (Lilah G) electn h805 W Morgan 
Higgs Chas A (c; Gertrude T) sec Raleigh Funeral Home Inc h217 

E Lenoir 
Higgs Ellen (c) r418 Tarboro rd 

Higgs Jas M (c; Pattie) pres Raleigh Funeral Home Inc h313 N Tarboro 
Higgs Mattie A sten State Local Government Comn h417 N Blount 
Higgs Sherwood (c; Maude) h320 Jamaica 
Higgs Thos (c; Emmaline) farmer hlll6 Oberlin rd 
High Art Clothing Co Inc Harry S Boyette mgr 221 Payetteville 
High Chas (c; Gertrude) hlpr hl007 Manly 
High Chas T (c) bellmn h519 S Haywood 
High Clayton W elk State Hwy Comn rl21i6 Mordecai dr 
High Eliza (c) Indrs r519 S Haywood 
High Ernest (c) lab r715 Church 
High Geo E (c) porter Reid's Barber Shop r708 E Davie 
High Henry C (c; Sarah) waiter h554 E Davie 
High Jacob (c: Hettie) lab hl35V2 Lincoln dr 
High Jas (c; Daisy) janitor hl803 Oberlin rd 
High Jas (c; Sallie) lab hl501 New Bern av 
High Jas R (c) porter Brantley & Son Inc r708 E Davie 
High John (c) cook Caoitol Restr r5I9 S Haywood 
High John A (c; Etta) isrease wilder N-SRRCo h708 E Davie, 
High John A (o; Mary) waiter h628 Smith 
High Jos (c) gdnr h527 S Hayv/ood 
High M Lester sta atndt r721 S Boylan av 
High Margt (c) student r708 E Davie 
High Maude (c) dom r823 Jenkins 

High Miley B (Hattie B) elk Sou Rv System hl27 W Martin 
High Paul C (Irene J) elk USPO r RD 5 
High Robt (c) barber r519 S Haywood 
High Sidney C (Ernestine T) rl031 W South 
High Stella (c) Indrs rl321 Oberlin rd 
High Susan (c) midwife 519 S Haywood r do 
Hlgham John V (May D) h2102 Carroll dr 
Eighsmith Bettie M r8C3 W South 
Hlghsmith Clara M wrapoer Efird's Dept Store r RD 4 
Eighsmith Claude H driver Garland C Norrls & Co r RD 1 
Hlghsmith Dora sten State Governor's Office of Relief r803 W South 
Hlghsmith Eva D Mrs cJk McLellan Stores Co hl320 Hinton 
Eighsmith J Henry (Kath H) div director State Dept of Public Instruc- 
tion h;S32 Wake Forest rd 
Hlghsmith Jas B rl519 Gavin 

Hishsmith John H (Eva D) driver Strop Taxi Co hl320 Hinton 
Hlghsmith Kath H Mrs sec State Federation of Women's Clubs h832 

Wake Forest rd 
Eighsmith Lula B student r832 Wake Forest rd 




"The memory of quality linReis loriR nfler the price is forgotten." 

Highsmith Martha E Mrs h803 W South 

Highsmith Steph L (Maggie J) cai-p hl519 Gavin 

Hight A Mae Mrs siswn Divine Dress Shoppe r314 Polk 

Hight Jos (c) lab h7 Dodd 

Hight Jos jr (c) lab r7 Dodd 

Hight Mary C (c) dom r7 Dodd 

Hight Sarah C (c) Indrs r305 Hoke 

Hightower Emma (wid Fred C> rll09 Cowper dr 

Hightowcr Louis (c) lab rllS W Johnson 

Hildreth Clyde B (Hilda) sta atndt hl26 W Lane 

Hilker Bros (Emil F and Predk C) tailors 16 W Hargett plant 511 Hills- 

Hilker Elsa buyer Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r504 Tilden 
Hilker Emil F (Mabel B; Hilker Bros) h312 E Park dr 
Hilker Fredk C (Charlotte W; Hilker Bros) h222 B Park dr 
Hill Aaron (c; Angeline) lab rl8 N Tarboro 
Hill Alex rll6 Stronach's al 
Hill Andrew P elk SALRy r RD 3 
Hill Annie (C) Indrs h220 Powie 
Hill Annie (c) student rl318 Oakwood av 

Hill Ardine (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Hill Barney M (SaUie M) carp h820 Wake Forest rd 
Hill Benj driver Carolina Del Sei-vice r527 S Salisbury 
Hill Bessie T slswn G & S Dept Store r406 E Martin 
HiU Carl K (Mary H) spl agt The Equitable Life Aissurance Soc of the 

U S hl545 Iredell dr 
Hill Cath A (c) dom rl318 Oakwood av 
Hill Chas (c) dishwasher r2402 Joint 

Hill Charlotte (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Hill Chester D (Nora F) cond h503 Jefferson 
Hill Claude (c) lab rl8 W Johnson 

HOI Dewey (c; Annie) uphol Raleigh Bedding Co h411 Green 
HILL DIRECTORY CO INC, City Directory Library, 17 W Davie, Home 

Office 4th Floor Presbyterian Bldsf 8 N 6th, Richmond, Va 
Hill Edmund D Rev (c) (Katie) h308 Pi-eeman 
Hill Eliz (.c) dom hlll9 S Haywood 
Hill Eric C pUnbr C Alf Wallin r Wake Forest rd 
Hill Freeman (Avenell) chf eng r401 New Bern av 
Hill Geo (c) r Wake County Home 
Hill Geo W (c) blr washer N-SRR Co hl216 Garner rd 
Hill Gertrude (c) dom r605 E South 
Hill Gladys M (c) student rl216 Garner rd 
Hill Gordon N elk Carolina Sundry Shoppe r Wake Forest rd 
HiU Hattie J Mrs sten Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co r Cary rd 
Hm Hoyle D asst cash Natl Biscuit Co r Y M C A 
HIU Ila M (c) dom r700 Church 
Hill J Claude carp r210 N Hanington 
HOI Jack (c; DeUa) brklyr h3u9 W South 
HiU Jas (Effie) hll6 Stronach's al 
HiU Jas (c) (Ola) hat clnr r207 S State 
HiU Jas (c) (Estelle) lab h405 Cannon 
HiU Jerman E (c) (Mai-y) hlpr h515 S Blount 
HiU John (c) cook College Ct Cafe r2402 Joint 
Hill John (c) lab r9 Bladen 
HiU John (c) (Florida) lab h613 2d 
HOI John B spl agt N Y Life Ins Co r411 Oakwood av 
Hill Jos D Rev (c) (Alice P) pastor Antioch Christian Ch h913 E Davie 
HUl Joshua P elk Kemp P Hill r411 Oakwood av 
HUl K Durwood i Evelyn M) br mgr Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & 

Dyeing Co r702 E Hargett 
HUl KeUy B tRosa L) elk The Great A & P Tea Co h708 N Person 
Hill Kem!p P (Settle B) live stock 118 E Davie h411 Oakwood av 
HUl Kitty (c) r329 W South 
HiU Landon (Gertrude L) mgr N C Inspection & Rating Bureau hSll N 

HUl Louise (c) dom r605 E South 
HiU M Alma Mrs r406 E Martin 
Hill Marie (c) r522 S McDoweU 

HUl Mai-y H Mrs chf elk State Dept of Agi'icultura hl545 Iredell dr 
HILL MILLARD D (Thelma M), Physician (Genera- Practice). 311-514 

Odd Fellows BIdg, 15 W Harnett, Tel 438, Office Hours 9 to 11 a m; 4 

to 5 and 7 to 8 n m, h2()2 Vance Ants, 105 E Edsnton, Tel 3623 
HiU Murray G student r503 Jefferson 
Hill Nancy L hl3 Enterprise 
HUl OtheUo (c) dom r910 Oakwood av 










^ § 









3 S 


s » 


^ 3 

^ a. 










nice and Skylignts, \ > ,„„. prntortiuo 

Heating ventilating ) RSOFiNE eOMP&NY Sts.'^Me^ Red.! 

and Air Conditioning. [ 1 Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \ 408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Hill Patk M iJoseDhine) mgr Jas H Farley r Raleigh Hotel 

Hill Pauline library asst State Library h2012 Hillsboro 

HiU Randolph I r2012 Hillsboro 

Hill Rosa G h605 Hillsboro 

Hill Rudolph G (Lettie E) plmbr C Alf Wallin rll3 Firwood av 

Hill Silla (c) cook State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Hill T Eug textile wkr r214 S Harrington 

Hill W I eng Hotel Carolina r Millbrook N C 

Hill Walter (c; Beulah) porter Coml Printing Co h408 Smith 

Hill Walter (c; Luna B) shoe shiner Caudle's Shoe Shop h2(}7 S State 

HIU Wiley T (Myrtle H) hlpr h702 E Hargett 

Hill Wm (c) (Mary) lab h20 McKee 

Hill Wm G Lodge No 218 AF&AM C Trenholm McGlenaghan sec meets 
2d and 4th Monday 8pm 135 Fayetteville 

Hill Wjn O (Josephine) elk CaroUna Sundry Shoppe r Wake Forest rd 

Hill Wm T (Ethel) h207 Harrison av 

Hill Wm W (Hattie J) sol elk USPO r Gary rd 

Hillcrest The apts 1500 Hillsboro 

Hilliard F F guard State Prison r do 

Hilliard G Carlie (Blanche) textUe wkr hl20 Firwood av 

Hilliard H Price load dispr CP&L Co r Western blvd 

Hilliard J Benj (Llllie B) pharm Sir Walter Drug Store Inc hllO New 
Bern ay 

Hilliard Jeff (c) (Bessie) lab h512 S East 

Hilliard Lovis (c) porter r322 E Davie 

Hilliard Rufus H (Corinna M) taxi driver h4il W Cabarrus i 

Hilliard Virginia (c) cook 2208 Byrd 

Hillman Jas E (Margt) div director State Dept of Public Instruction rl23 

Hillsboi-o Lunch (Mrs Georgia Miras) 501 Hillsboro 

Hillsboro Manor (Mrs Sue Hough) fum rms 1115 Hillsboro 

Hillsboro The apts 323 Hillsboro 

Hillyer Gussie (wid Edgar C) h305 Hillsboro 

Hillyer Memorial Christian Chui'Ch Rev J Randall Farris pastor HiUsboro 
cor StMary's 

Eilton Eug B (Margt) rec elk Pine State Creamery Co h709 Holt 

Hilton John T (Gertrude W) associate prof N C State College hl610 Am- 
bleside dr 

Hilton Vivian r315 N McDowell 

Hinant Bessie (c) dom r204 Branch (SPk) 

Hinant Chas (c) (Anna) lab h204 Branch (SPk) 

Hinant Donnie (c) lab r204 Branch (SPk) 

Hinant Rufus (c) (PearUe< lab r204 Branch (SPk) 

Hinant Thos (c) lab r204 Branch (SPk) 

Hiner Chas N (Bessie V) (Hiner Supply & Mfg Co) hSOO N Salisbury 

Kiner Fredk O (Annie) rsaa N Salisbury 

Hiner J Glasgow mach Hiner Supply & Mfg Co y8W N Salisbury 

Hiner Mary R smstrs rSOO N Salisbui-y 

Hiner Supply & Manufacturing Co (Chas N Hiner) founders 800 N Salis- 

Hines Alice (O cook r316 E Cabarrus 

Eines Daisy (c) dom r709 Shaw ct 

Hines Elsie L rl03 Park av apt 2 

Hines Eug G v-pres-treas Griffin-Hines Co Inc r Sir Walter Hotel 

Hines Eula (c) dom h206 Smithfield 

Hines Evelyn (c) cook r5 Bladen 

Hines Geo E (Mary S) h709 Boylan dr 

Hines Izetta (c) rl2 Railroad 

Hines Jas E student rl6I8 Hillsboro 

Hines John D (Etta) elk rl06y2 E North 

Hines Jos (c) (Rena) lab h405 S Dawson 

Hines Lela (c) cook 1109 Cowper dr 

Hines Leola (c) rSll Battle 

Hines Leoia Mrs siswn David Kaplan Inc rl06% E North 

Hines Leslie C (Avis L) driver rl310 Glenwood av 

Hines Needham C (Charlotte W) real est hl616 Hillsboro 

Kines Pattie (c) dom r530 E Cabarrus 

Hines Spencer E (Eliz M) elk hl04 S McDowell 

Hines Susie (c) Indry wkr h575 E Lenoir 

Hines Thos (c) (Nannie) lab hl07 (108) W Lenoir 

Hines Victor (c) (Cleo) lab hlOOS Parker 

Hinkle Lawrence E (Mary S) prof N C State College hl714 Pai'k dr 

Hinnant Ann L bkpr Raleigh Supply Co rll05 W Cabarrus 

Hinnant Dorothy A r213 S Harrington 

Hinnant H Mallie (Marie L) br mgr Piggly Wiggly r303 Pace 





PHONE 182 

Hirmant Jas A (Serena) carp h513 S West 

Hiimant L C r Hotel Balelgh 

Hinnant Lawi-ence S (.Harriet) carp h512 S West 

Hinnant M Eliz sec to mgr State Theatre r213 S Harrington 

Hinnant Penina (c) r327 W South 

Hinnant Sarah E (wid Chas T) li213 S Harrington 

Hinnant Tony elk Jaclc's Grill r Raleigh Hotel 

Hinnant Wm H trav slsmn r854 W Morgan 

Hinnant Wm W (Eva W) sec-treas Atlantic Tob Co Inc h72i Nash dr 

Hinsdale Ellen D sten r330 Hillsboro 

Hinsdale Ellen D (wid John W) h330 Hillsboro 

Hinsdale John W lawyer 18 W Martin B706 r330 Hillsboro 1 

Hinsdale Saml J liquidating agt and conservator Page Trust Co r330 

Hinshaw Lona sten Grand OLodge of N C AFcfeAM h408 B Hargett 
Hinson G E r Y M C A 
Hinson H Cannon slsmn r507 Halifax 
Hinson Lillie B (wid Lehman) r400 New Bern av 
Hinson Lois r400 New Bern av 
Hinton Albert (c) lab r30iy2 W South 
Hinton Alice (c) dom rlll7 Pender 
Hinton Alonzo (c) (Hattie) lab h310 N State 
Hinton Amy (c) r202 IdlewUd av 
Hinton Andrew (c) lab hl408 Oberlin rd 
Hinton Andrew G (Lydla M) r556 E Hargett 
Hinton Annabelle (c) dom rl02 N East 
Hinton Annie (c) dom hlll7 Pender 
Hinton Arth (c) floral wkr H Steinmetz rl09 Maple 
Hinton Bertha (c) dom r418 S Swain 
Hinton Bessie (c) dom hl409 Pender 
Hinton Beulah (c) dom h219 Oberlin rd 
Hinton Budd (c) lab r535 E Edenton 
Hinton Buster (c) lab r327 S East 
Hinton Calvin (c) (Pearl) lab hl314 Center 
Hinton Carl (c) lab r322 N Haywood 
Hinton Carrie (c) dom rll21 Branch 

Hinton Chas (c) emp Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co rl004 E Davie 
Hinton Chas (c) hlpr r414 W Edenton 
Hinton Chas (c) (Lottie) hlpr h536 E Lenoir 
Hinton Chas (c; Cora) lab h2207 Everett av 
Hinton Chas (c) lab r401 N West 

Hinton Chas A (c; Mary) janitor State Hwy Purch Dept hl418 B Jones 
Hinton Cleveland (c) lab r326 Bragg 
Hinton Connie (c) dom r712 E Martin 
Hinton Cora (c) dom rll21 Branch 
Hinton David (c) lab rl211 New Bern av 
Hinton Dempsey (c) lab rl200 Center 

Hinton Edw (c) (Daisy) bellmn Hotel Richmond h513 E Worth 
Hinton Edw (c) (Bessie) lab li400 Bragg 
Hinton Emma (c) Indrs hl321 Oberlin rd 

Hinton Eugene (c) (Ai'telia) hlpr State Hwy Comn hSlO E Martin 
Hinton Eug R agt Continental Life Ins Co r230 B Morgan 
Hinton Fannie (c) dom h208 Cumberland av 
Hinton Prances (c) r302 Smithfield 
Hinton Frank (c) dehnn Jas M Edwards r708 E Jones 
Hinton Prank (c) (Viola) lab rH7 Park 
Hinton Frank E (c) (Helen) brklyr h5Cn Montague la 
Hinton Garland (c) (Kate) lab rll09 S East 
Hinton General S (c) (Ellen) gdnr Oakwood Cemetery hlllO Oakwood 


Hinton Geo (c) (Hattie) draymn hlll2 Pender 

Hinton Geo (c) (Augusta) lab h306 Freeman 

Hinton Geo (c) (Lena) lab hl42 Lincoln dr 

Hinton Geo jr (c) driver Nowell Furn Co rl42 Lincoln dr 

Hinton Gertrude (c) cook h327 S East 

Hinton Grace Mrs acct State World War Veteran's Loan Fund r Whitaker 

Hinton Gus (c) lab rl5 Bragg 
Hinton Han-y (c) (Mary) gdnr h321 Seawell av 
Hinton Hattie (c) Indry wkr Capital City Lndry rlll2 Pender 
Hinton Helen (o dom hllOB E Martin 
Hinton Henry (c) lab rlll7 Pender 
Hinton Isaac (c) lab r507 S Bloodworth 
Hinton Ivey (c) (Rovenia) lab h518 S Swain 
Hinton Jack (c) lab r322 S Tarboro 

O Bai^B| 



P3 ma 




g GO 

H ^ 


3 m 


5 r™™ 

o ^ 

z C 


" ^ 

w c 


^ '■■ 


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> tn 


z E 


a E 








V. 0. 







Salisbury Street 



HiBton Jas (c) (Connie) lab r805 E Hargett 

Hinton Jas (c) (Rubv) lab hl502 E Ijane 

Hinton Jas (c) (Addie) track mn h304 W Cabarrus 

Hinton Jane (c) Indrs h902 E Hargett 

Hinton Jasper (c) lab r309 N Tarboro 

Hinton Jerry (c) (Henrietta) farmer hll09 Parker 

Hinton Jesse (c) (Louise) lab h6 Dodd 

Hinton John (c) lab r616 Bragg 

Hinton John (c) (Rosa) lab rl20 Idlewild av 

Hinton John (c) (Mabel) lab h206 Maple 

Hinton John (c) lab hl205 Pender 

Hinton John (c) lab r426 S Swain 

Hinton John (c) lab h309 N Tarboro 

Hinton John B (c) lab rl42 Lincoln dr 

Hinton Johnsie (c) r2 Star 

Hinton Jos (c) lab rl42 Lincoln dr 

Hinton Julia (c) cook r616 Bragg 

Hinton Julius (c) lab rlSlO E Lane 

Hinton Lang (c) (Georgia) butler r219 Oberlin rd 

Hinton Lang (c) (Ollie) lab lilSl Cross 

Hinton Lee (c) gdnr r321 Seawell av 

Hinton Lenora C (c) h905 Manly 

Hinton Lilbert (c) lab r326 Bragg 

Hinton Lillie (c) Indrs r902 E Hargett 

Hinton Louise (o Indrs h218V2 S Tarboro 

Hinton Louise (c) organist r312 Powle 

Hinton Lucy (c) dom h584 E Cabarrus 

Hinton Lugenia (c) Indrs rll07 S Blount 

Hinton Macie ( c) dom r708 E Jones 

Hinton Mamie (c) dom h823 Jenkins 

Hinton Mamie (c) Indrs hll21 Branch 

Hinton Marcellus ic) (Ckirisa) lab h8C5 E Hargett 

Hinton Mary (c) cook 2300 Country CUib dr 

Hinton Mary (c) dom hl02 N East 

Hinton Mary (c) dom r940 E Hargett 

Hinton Mary (c) dom rlll7 Pender 

Hinton Mary (c) maid h322 S Tarboro 

Hinton Mary L r538 N Person 

Hinton Matilda (c) Indrs hl200 Center 

Hinton Merritt (c) (Bertha) baker r411 Tucker 

Hinton Minnie (c) maid r417 N Harrington 

Hinton Mozelle (c) dom r219 Otoerlin rd 

Hinton Nathan (c) lab rl7 McKee 

Hinton Needham (c) janitor r219 Oberlin rd 

Hinton Nellie (c) dom rl425 E Jones 

Hinton Pattie (c) dom h202 Idlewild av 

Hinton Pauline (c) dom h4 Bladen 

Hinton Perry (c) (Addie) sta firemn Rex Hosp hl015 S Wilmington 

Hinton Pherbie (c) hl7 McKee 

Hinton Ransom (c) lab r4 Bladen 

Hinton Raymond (c) lab rl7 McKee 

Hinton Reddick (c) lab r4 Bladen 

Hinton Richd (c) (Ida) lab hlo Fisher 

Hinton Riley (c) lab rl409 Pender 

Hinton Robt (c) (Mildred) lab r530 E Davie 

Hinton Robt (c) (Mary) lab h420 Smith 

Hinton Robt jr (c) lab r420 Smith 

Hinton Robt C (c) lab r202 Idlewild av 

Hinton Rosa (o) dom h207 Camden 

Hinton Rosa M (c) student rl4i8 S Jones 

Hinton Ruby M (c) dom rl502 E Lane 

Hinton Rufus (c) lab rl42 Lincoln dr , 

Hinton Saml (c) (Eliza) lab h940 E Hargett 

Hinton Saml (c) (Ethe!) lab hl20 Idlewild av 

Hinton Sarah (c) Indrs r322 S Tarboro 

Hinton Seaton (c) h737 Smithfield av 

Hinton Sophie (c) dom rl42 Lincoln di" 

Hir.tcn Susie (c) dom i-940 E Hargett 

Hinton Susie B (c) smstrs hlll7 S Blount 

Plinton Thos T r Wake County Home 

Hinton Tony (c) truck driver State Hosp r do 

Hinton Viola (c^ cook r420 Watson 

Hinton W Geo (c) (Martha) farmer h2 Star 

Hinton W Irving (c) (Martha) lab h601 E Cabarrus 

Hinton Walter (c'' porter East Coast Stages Inc 225 W Lenoir 

Hinton Wm (c) lab r321 E Cabarrus 



109-n5 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Hlnton Wm (c) iMary) porter h609 E Edenton 

Hiram Lodge No 40 AP&AM Arno B Goetze sec meets 1st and 3d Monday 

8 p m 135 Fayetteville 
Hirleman Ai'den L incharge U S Bureau of Animal Industry 
Hitch Walter H (Margt E) auto mech h620 Holt 
Hite Kenneth G (Eunice) trav slsmn h201 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hite Kenneth G jr student r201 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hoagland Elmer W tRoxie B) bus driver hlllS Mordecai dr 
Hoagland Florence M asst prof Meredith College r do 
Hobart Mfg Co L Brown Crosby mgr store fixtures 107 W Martin 
Hobb Chas T ( Cleopatra) (Fairmont Grill) h2412 Hillsboro 
Bobbie see also Hobby 

Hobbie AUene auto opr W U Teleg Co rSlO E Edenton 
Hobbie Etoyal P Mrs elk State Dept of Conservation & Development h 

623% W Jones 
Hobbie Sherwood E (Etoyal P) acct Williams & Wall h623y2 W Jones 
Hobbs Chas M (Mary M) h208 E Fi'ankhn 
Hobbs Dixie (c) dom h306 S Tarboro 
Hobbs Dora (c) Indrs r3 Bladen 

Hobbs Elinor L Mrs elk Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co h316 Cutler 
Hobbs Grizzell (c) Indrs h605 Adams al 
Hobbs Henrv (c) (Dora) lab hl712 Oakwood av 
Hobbs Hem-v H (Ella) guard r545 E Martin 
Hobbs Isaac (c) (Prances) lab hllOg Gatling 
Hobbs M Ernest (Mary P) auto pntr h608 New Bern av 
Hobbs Marv M Mrs dep U S Marshal h208 E Franklin 
Hobbs Walter (c) (Annie) lab rSll S Dawson 
Hobbs Wm R (Elinor L) h316 Cutler 
Hobby see also Hobbie 

Hobby Eliz Mrs sten Mary Elizabeth Clinic Ino r Cary N C 
Hobby Emma (c) Indrs h639 Branch (SPk) 
Hobbv J Douglas (Arlene) printer N C Inspection & Rating Bureau hl033 

W South 
Hobby John T (Cornelia B) whol gro 112 E Martin hlll2 Harvey 
Hobby John T .ir elk John T Hobby rlll2 Harvey 
Hobby Jos M sta opr Gulf Refining Co rlO Enterprise 
Hobby OUie J (Placid) shoe repr Carolina Shu-Fixery h512 E Franklin 
Hobbv Robt (c) blksmith r639 Branch (SPk) 

Hobby S Mack (Lula E) (Hobby Transfer Co) h401 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hobby Transfer Co (S Mack Hobby) 116 E Martin 
Hobgood Cornelius r719 N Person 
Hobgood W Lemuel (Lena) pntr h212 E Franklin 
Hockaday Ada (c) dom r316 Seawell av 
Hockaday Adeline (c) dom r316 Seawell av 
Hockaday Alethea (c) dom hll5 Idlewild av 
Hockaday Alice (c) h305 N Haywood 
Hockadav Danl G (Tessie L) ins agt h317 E Peace 
Hockaday Delia (c) Indrs h622 S Tarboix) 
Hockaday Eliza (c) hl508 Pender 
Hockaday Harold (c) (Lucile) lab h22il Barker 
Hockaday Juliette (c) dom rl012 New Bern av 
Hockaday Kesia (c) dom rl508 Pender 
Hockaday Lemuel D sub elk USPO rl28 S McDowell 
Hockadav Nero W (c) iMamle) janitor hl520 E Jones 
Hockaday Robt (c) lab rloOS Pender 

Hockaday Whalen W slsmn C C Motor Co Inc r Franklinton N C 
Hockaday Winifred (c) dom rl012 New Bern av 
Hocutt H Ronald (Annie G) slsmn Motor Bearings & Paits Co r415 E! 

Hocutt Q Herbert soda dispenser Hayes-Barton Pharmacy rl806 Glenn av 
Hocutt Upton O (Ruth) inspr hl09 N Bloodworth 

Hocutt Zeb V (Cornelia A) mech Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h517 Holt 
Hodge Allen A (Ploy I) electn h217 S Bloodworth 
Hodge Amanda (c) h813 E Hargett 
Hodge Andrew (c"i delmn rll21 Hill 
Hodge Arth (c) (Bessie) lab h806 S Person 
Hodge Bessie (c) r337 W South 

Hodge Daphne P sten Union Plumbing & Heating Co r534 E Martin 
Hodge Edw (c) (Lillie M) meats 211 E Martin stall 9 h704 E Lenoir 
Hodge Edw jr (c) meat ctr r704 E Lenoir 
Hodge Fannie (c) dom hlOOO Manly 
Hodge H Lincoln pntr John W Evans' Son r RD 2 
Hodge J Manning (Marie J) pntr h504 N Dawson 
Hodge Julius E (Jessie N) h8 S East 
Hodge Lena (c) Indi-y wkr hi 121 Hill 
Hodge Mary (c) Indfs h337 W South 
Hodge Owen (c) student r704 E Lenoir 




228 EJ 




( FORD ) 

Authorized! LINCOLN) 

' Sales and Service 

HodgeRobt J (c) (Isabelle) porter hl313 Garner rd 

Hodffe Rosella (c) r337 W South 

Hodge Ruby h622 Coleman 

Hodge Rufus C (Bertha) (Square Deal Service Sta) h534 E Martin 

Hcdffe Theda G Mrs sten N C Assn of Ins Agts Inc r404 Kinsey 

Hodge WUbur elk The Great A & P Tea Co r8 S East 

Hodge Wilbur F (Theda G) asst City Water Collr r404 Kinsey 

Hodgens G Clinton (Myrtle L) optometrist A G Spingler hl300 Glenwood 

Hodges Claire sten State Board of Charities and Public Welfare r227 New 

Bern av 
Hodges Ernest (c) (Elwyser) delmn r556 E Edenton 
Hodges Fleetwood elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r216 Summit 
Hodges Florence (c) dom rl27 (117) Camden 
Hodges J Francis elk SAL Ry r201 Hillsboro 
Hodges Marv E beauty opr r615 Fayetteville 
Hodges Neal H (Florence S) hlpr h713 Devereux 
Hodges Paul A (Alma D) supvr farm h3606 Ruffin 
Hodge,s Simon E ins agt r3606 Ruffin 
Hodges Wm A (Laura L) tile str h615 Fayetteville 
Hodges Wra P lawyer 5 Exchange pi R206 r901 Holt dr 
Hodgin Magdalene Mrs nurse 115 N McDowell r do 
Hodgkins Edwin K drftsmn W Henley Deitrick r Mansion Park Hotel 
Hoev Edw (c) (Bessie) lab h708 Shaw ct 

Hoff P Theo (Helen T) chiropractor 15 W Hargett R707 h513 Polk 
Hoff John P mgr Fire Cos' Adjustment Bureau Inc r601 N Bloodworth 
Hoifler Hazeltine (wid Thos) rl27 New Bern av apt 503 
Hoffman Frances W (wid AJiaud W) with South Bell Tel & Teleg Co rl28 

N Dawson 
Hoffmier Otto L hl005 New Bern Av 

Hofler V/ilbur C (Nellie H) eng h824 Wake Forest rd 
Hofmann Julius V (Ella K) head forestry dept N C State College hSOi 

New Bern av 
Hofmeister Albert E (Cora M) proof reader h.728 S Boylan av 
Hofmeister Lyle A r728 S Boylan av 
Hofmeister Ralph I r728 S Boylan av 
Hogan Amanda (wid Wm T) rl220 Filmore 
Hogan Chas (c) cook Dixie Inn r RD 1 

Hogue Chas N (Julia P) lino opr Capital Printing Co h20 S Swain 
Kogue Edgar W (Margt W) spl del msngr USPO r402 E Hargett 
Hogua Geo printer The News & Observer r412 N Bloodworth 
Hogue Hazel S Mrs opr Postal Teleg Cable Co r410 Elm 
Hogue Wm E r412 N Bloodworth 

Hogwood Annie M slswn F W Woolworth Co r804 Brooklyn 
Hcgwood Helen (wid Louis) h804 Brooklyn 
Hogwood Jos K slsmn Pine State Creamery Co v804 Brooklyn 
Hogwood Morrison A (Kate P) meter reader The Raleigh Gas Co h511 

Hogwood Nicholas rS04 Brooklyn 
Hokett Louise (c) dom h508 Cannon 

Holbrook Minnie B (wid Saml E) drsmkr 118% Fayetteville h do 
Holcomb Carrie E (wid C Eli) r2311 Fairview rd 
HOLCOMB PRYOR F (WilUe), Sec-Treas Commonwealth Motor Co, r 

22x2 Ridgecrest, Tel 3434-M 
Holcombe Aaror. J P Rev (c) (Abbie) pastor StAndrews Holiness Ch h630 

S Haywood 
Holden Amanda (c) cook r813 S Blount 
Holden Amelia (c) student r813 S Blount 
Holden Carrie (c) dom rll7 Spruce 
Holden Chas (c) (Sasie) hlpr h813 S Blount 
Holden Pauline (c) dom r813 S Blount 
Holden Wm B r Wake County Home I 

Holder C Eug sta atndt Standard Oil Co r RD 2 
Holder Claude L (Julia S) elk State Purch Dept r2703 Lochmoor dr 
Holder Ella G i wid Wm L) rl24 Hillsboro 
Holder Hattie M (c) dom r746 Smithfield av 
Holder Jas R mgr Kemp P Hill rll8 E Davie 
Holder Luther M (Eliza) carp hl701 Center rd 
Holder Mallie B elk The Britt Co r RD 2 

Holder Ray (c) shoe shiner Standard Shoe Service 8 W Hargett 
Holder Wm C (Ila K) ins agt M M Stewart Inc hlOB S Dawson 
Holderfield Ila H pntr rll09 Mark 
Holderfield Lillie (wid Benj) r206 Georgetown rd 
Holderfield Ruffin T (Emily F) pntr hllOS Mark 
Holdford Mabel I office sec Jas C Little and notary rl21 Halifax 
Holding Bessie J (wid Mallie R) r401 E Edenton 





Holding Clem B (Katie L) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R713 h306 Forest rd 

Holding Henry G (Elma) county auditor r Neu'se N C 

Holding Lucien E (Ina B) gdnr r207 N West 

Holding Maggie M (wid J Newton) h705 Hillsboro 

Holding Willis A (Louise) chemist h211 w Park dr 

Holding Willis H jr student r211 W Park dr 

Holeman Dixie H (wid Jas W) hll2 N Dawson 

Holland Alia M Mrs blipr J A Wood Purn Co Inc hlI9 Chamberlain 

Holland Ambrose P (Rachel) electn r513 Hillsboro 

Holland Annie W (c) supvr of colored elementary schools State Dept of 
Public Instruction h503 S Blount 

Holland C Douglas r318 W Davie 

Holland Clarence V (Lilla B) slsmn hl207 Pearce 

Holland Claude P (Exie M) (Weaver & Holiand) r403 E Hargett 

Holland Dock (c) (Mary) lab h828 Fayetteville 

Holland Ernestine student r518 E Franklin 

Holland Eva nurse State Hosd r do 

Holland Furnace Co Carl E Sonderman mgr 20 E Morgan 

Holland G Hubert (Rena) sta atndt r412 E Morgan 

Holland Grace E waitress r318 W Davie 

Holland Grace W (O sch tchr r321 Smithfield 

Holland Horace A elk Western- Meat Mkt r318 W Davie 

Holland Ina L (wid Jas L) h912 W South 

Holland John E (Lillie V) bldg contr 518 E Franklin h do 

Holland John H (c) auto mech hl305 S Person 

Holland John T (Lois W) supvr h3200 Hillsboro apt B-8 

Holland Jule C (Alia M) steel wkr hll9 Chamberlain 

Holland Kath r Wake County Home 

Holland Leah F (wid Glenn M) h318 W Davie 

Holland Lola S Mrs r605 North Boundary 

Holland Mamie (c) rSOl W South 

Holland Marv r Wake County Home 

Holland Mary C (wid Jas T) h604 N Dav.'son 

Holland N Earl (Irene W) mech Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r217 E Hargett 

Holland Paul W solr Acme Lndry r309 S Swain 

Holland Rachel slswn Charles Stores Co Inc r615 Hillsboro 

Holland Rebecca sten Burgess & Baker rlSO New Bern av 

Holland Rebecca Mrs opr Cranford's Beauty Salon r2 Rosemary 

Holland Saml N (Perry G) slsmn h202 Linden av 

Holland Vannie S student r318 W Davie 

Holland W Ernest (Pearl) chf City Fire Dept h706 N East 

Holland Wm (c) (Annie) draymn hl8 N Pettigrew 

HoUandsworth Chas J Rev (Florence) pastor First Vanguard Presby- 
terian Ch h303 S Swain 

Holleman Dubie nurse 1408 Mordecai dr r do 

Holleman Fred auto meoh r211 N Harrington 

Holleman Jas W (Janie) agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co r530 N Bloodworth 

Holleman Wm L (Georgia P) trav slsmn h311 Calvin rd 

Holler Eva dep coUr USIntRevOffice rll7 N Dawson 

Hollerman Building 210y2 Fayetteville 

Holliday Albert E rl607 Sunrise av 

Holliday Alf (c; Pearl) lab r616 Wynne 

Holliday David K (Thelma G) whse mgr Westinghouse Elec Supply Co 
r3 E North 

Holliday Donald V (Gladys T) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co rl21 N Blount 

Holliday H Milton motorcycle mech Robt C Upchurch rl607 Sunrise av 

Holliday J Carey (Evelyn) asst prsmn Times Pub Co h415 N East 

Holliday Raymond L (Sarah) paper hngr h401 S McDowell apt 105 

Hollidav T A chf eng State Hosp r do 

Holliday T Ii-vin (Florence U) woodwkr Martin Millwork Co hl207i/4 

Holliday Thelma G Mrs sten A Lee Rawlings & Co r3 E North 

Holliday Thelma L rl607 Sunrise av 

Holliday Wm H (Ella J) auto medh hl607 Sunrise av 

Hollingsworth Doris slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rll S Harrington 

Hollingswort,h Edw W (Doris P) shoe repr Sir Walter Shoe Shop hll S 

Hollingsworth G Frank (Gladys) shoe repr Miles Elec Shoe Shop hi 12 N 

HoUis Mary E tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rl5 W, Jones 

Holloman Chreston (Luna) ship elk Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rSlO Cutler 

HoUoway Bruce D (Rabateau P1 r903 Glen wood av 

Holloway Carey H (Celestia G) eng h517 Polk 

Holloway Cecil H (Mary E; City Ice & Fuel Co) h2108 Fairview rd 

Hollowav Chas H dairywkr Wake County Home r do 

Holloway D Prances r2i08 Fairview rd 




PHONE 528 

Huiiuway Jiaytne C r2108 Pairview rd 

Holloway Elsie textile wkr rl002 N Blount 

HoUoway Ernest H (Lona M) plant formn Capital Coca Cola Bottling 

Co h35 Bagwell av 
Holloway Helen E r2108 Pairview rd 
Holloway Hervery (c; Cecelia) lab r214 S State 
Holloway Jas H (Mamie N) trav slsmn h4 Glen wood av 
Holloway John truck driver rl24 S Blount 
Holloway Jos W (c; Ethel B) chauf h605 E Davie 
Holloway Lelia (c) dom h631 Oberlin rd 
Holloway Leon (c; Cora) auto mech r418 S Person 
Holloway Leona (c) dom r21 W Hayti al 
Holloway Lucy P slswn Equel's Style Shop r Cary rd 
Holloway Maggie (c) cook 414 N Person 

Holloway Mary C elk The Raleigh Bldg & Loan Assn r2108 Pairview rd 
Holloway Rena D sten State Board of Barber Examiners r216 Pace 
Holloway Robt w cabtmkr Steph W Hollowav r520 Polk 
Holloway Steph W ( Eliz R) cabtmkr 520 Polk h do 
Hollowav W Ecclas truck driver rl24 S Blount 
Holloway Wm (c) r Wake County Home 
Holloway Wm (c; Thelma) chauf h2211 Everett av 
Holloway Wm (c; Louisa) concrete wkr hll5 W Lenoir 
Hollowav Wm D (Ella P) carp hl24 S Blount 
Holloway Willie student rl24 S Blount 

Hollywood Hotel & Cafe (Nick and Chas Baparilas) 215 W Martin 

Specialize in Peiinaiient Waving, No Appointments Necessary, Open 

8 A M to 8 P M 603-604 Odd Fellows Bldg, 15 W Hargett, Tel 4276 
Holman Ada (C) dom r23 Bragg 
Holman Cal (c) rl9 McKee 

Holman Eliz F prin Thompson Sch h209 E Morgan 
Holman Ellen ( c) dom h729 S Haywood 
Holman Mary B prin Barber Sch r209 E Morgan 
Holman Wm (c) lab hl08 Stronach's al 
Holmes Blanche (c) cook h303 W Lenoir 
Holmes Emma L (c) nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 
Holmes Eva B (c) instr StAugustine's College r do 
Holmes F Woodrow student r324 E Martin 
Holmes Frank P (Amanda J) pntr h324 E Martin 
Holmes Fredk S pntr r324 E Martin 
Holmes Ida B rl519 Gavin 
Holmes J Wm (Vada C) carp ti2901 Hillsboro 
Holmes John S (Emilie S) state forester State Dept of Conservation & 

Development h302 Forest rd 
Holmes John W (c; Eva B) pres Capital Bldg & Loan Assn v-pres The 

Mechanics & Farmers Bank and supt StAugustine's College r do 
Holmes Julia (c) Indrs r602 E Cabarrus 

Holmes Maude nurse State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Holmes Mildred opr DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r308 Poplar 
Holmes Vada C Mrs sten N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn h290J' 

Holmes Wm A asst ship elk Armour & Co rl09 Polk 
Holmes Wm P agt Imperial Life Ins Co rll4 New Bern av 
Holoman B B stockmn P W Woolworth Co r Cary N C 
HOLOMAN DALLAS (Edna L), V-Fres-Genl Mgr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc, 

h2123 Woodland av, Tel 3436-W 
Holoman Millie Mrs slswn Raleigh Salvage Co h512 Oakwood av 
Holoman S Boyce student r2123 Woodland av 
Holoman S Dwight (Millie) carp h512 Oakwood av 
Holston Geo W (Marjorie B; H & H Tire Re-Treading Co) h2108 Coun- 

ti-y Club dr 
Holt Banks (c: Hattie; Martin St Cafe) r206 Freeman 
Holt Blanche tchr Hayes-Barton Sch rniS Park dr 

Holt Ethel C elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r404 E Edenton 
Holt Euphelie (wid Douglas) r504 N Person 
Holt Fonzia A (Maggie V) h853 W Morgan 
Holt Hall r306 E Whitaker rd 
Holt Hazel (c) dom rlOll S Person 

Holt Jas O (Marjorie E) chemist State Hwy Comn r3511 Neal 
Holt John (Viola) eng h305 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Holt Jos (c; Elwina) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel rl20 E Hargett i 
Holt Julia (c) dom r903 E Jones 

Holt Junius T pres W B Mann & Co Inc h404 E Edenton 
Holt Lila M slswn Efird's Dept Store r606 W North 
Holt Martha F (wid David G) h315 W Hargett 




Q Factory Authorized Sales end Service o 

f^ General Motors Values N 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Holt Mary sten Smith & Joyner r404 E Edenton 

Holt Melissa (c) dom r903 E Jones 

Holt Pauline elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of the U S rol3 N 

Holt R Clyde (Lakewood Sherbet Co) r Lewisburg rd 
Holt Theo (c; Maniie) stone str r822 E Martin 
Holt Whitney sten r YWCA 

Holton Richd P (Elsie M) carp N-SRRCo hl530 N Blount 
Holtzman Fannie C <wid Robt L) rl24 Hillsboro 
Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Rev R Benton Peery pastori 

Hillsboro cor Boylan av 
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Rev Nikiforos Pavlou pastor 224% 

S Blount 
Home Building 118% Payetteville 
HOME BUILDING & LOAN ASSN, Robt G Yancey Pres, J C Lawrence, 

V-Pres, Victor M Stonebanks Sec-Tieas 219 Fayetteville, Tel 1362 
Home Market The (Grover B Vaughan) prod 528 Fayetteville 
Home Owner's Loan Corp The Prank McNeil dist mgr 234 Fayetteville 

Home Security Life Insurance Co Asa W Ward dist mgr 5 W Hargett R513 
Homesley Chas B (Dorothy P) bkpr Fitz-Gerald & Co Inc h9C4 Boylan 

Homesley Dorothy H r904 Boylan dr 

Hometel The (Mrs Esther S Cahn, Lillian E Stone) bdg 204 W Hargett 
Honeyoutt see also Hunneycutt and Hunnicutt 

Honeycutt Albert L meat ctr The Great A & P Tea Co rl27 Halifax 
Honeycutt Arth O (Bettie) guard State Prison rl2 S Boylan av 
Honeycutt Ava L (Doney P) carp hl27 Halifax 
Honeycutt Baxter M (Chatta A) driver Mrs Morton's Bakery Shop h819 

Honeycutt Blanche T r853 W Morgan 

Honeycutt Brett B (Jessie) sub canier USPO h608 S Boylan av 
Honeycutt Cairo G Mi's elk CP&LCo h720 N Bloodworth 
Honeycutt David D (Lucille) tmkpr N-SRRCo r510 Cole 
Honeycutt Delsena C ( wid Jas) r529 S Harrington 
Honeycutt Doney P Mrs bdg 127 Halifax r do 
Honeycutt Elva sch tchr rl2 S Boylan av 

Honeycutt Eug T elk Galloway's Professional Bldg Pharmacy r220 S East 
Honeycutt Prances cash Gate City Life Ins Co rll2 Harrison av 
Honeycutt Geo huckster r317 E Martin 
Honeycutt Guv L (Margt) h712 Boylan dr 
Honeycutt Haywood H (Lula P) warden State Prison r do 
Honeycutt Hazel K student r835 W Morgan 
Honeycutt Henry D servicemn Sanders Motor Co r RD 1 
Honeycutt J D Mrs hsekpr State Hosp r do 
Honeycutt Jas D (Jerusha) hSlO E Franklin 
Honeycutt Jos D supvr State Hosp r do 
Honeycutt Lattie F slsmn Geo H Stancil rllO N Person 
Honeycutt Lester D (Myrtle) installer h408 S Boylan av 
Honeycutt Lois atndt State Hosp r do 

Honeycutt Louise S sten N C Equipment Co rSlO E Franklin 
Honevcutt Lucinda L (wid Adolnh J) h208 Chamberlain 
Honeycutt Margt T r208 Chamberlain 
Honeycutt Martha R ( wid Danl B) h220 S East 

Honeycutt Orin M (Elsie E) elk Hotel Carolina hllOS W Cabarrus 
Honej'cutt P Benton (Cairo G) bkpr T B Crowder & Son h720 N Blood- 
Honeycutt R Prank (Pearl S) mech John W Evans' Son hll2 Harrison 

Honeycutt Robt R woodwkr Martin Millwork Co r RD 2 
Honevcutt Roy L (Margt R) bknr hl20 S McDowell 
Honeycutt Ruby (wid Otha) rll24 Harp 
Honeycutt T Manly driver Economy Clnrs rl27 Halifax 
Honeycutt Theo atndt State Hosp r do 
Honevcutt Wm H (Lizzie L) plmbr hl22 S Blount 

Hood Ben.i T (Ruby; Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co) h807 E Edenton 
Hood Chas (c; Barbara) lab h212 E South 
Hood Danl J (Katie) hl09 Seawell av 
Hood Edw H rl20 S Blount 
Hood Gurney P (Marian S) comnr of banks State Dept of Banking h2210 

Hood Katie rl09 Seav/ell av 
HoodLuvenia (c) lndrshl315 Holman 

Hood-Model Dry Cleaning Co (Benj T Hood) 13 S Wilmington plant 304 


Alfred Wiilianis & Co. 



Hood Oscar (c ; Claudia) lab h209 Hoke 

Hood Robt P student r2210 Ridgecrest 

Hood Whaley (c) lab rl315 Holman 

Hood Wm (c) elk East End Mkt r518 S Swain 

Hood Wm trav slsmn rlOl S Bloodworth 

Hook Prank W (Margt J) spl agt Va Fire & Marine Ins Co hlOlO Vfeinoe 

Hook Margt T (wid John G) r200 E Edenton apt 5 

Hooker Emallne (C) cook 1526 Glen wood av 

Hooker Ootavius W (Blanche S: Economy Clnrs) h310 Perry 

Hooks Grey B sten V O Parker Co r323 Hillsboro apt 12 

Hooks Thos Cc; Rosie) truck driver hlllO Pender 

Hooper Alice L Mrs r202 Duncan 

Hooper Arth L hwy eng U S Bureau of Public Roads h202 IXincan 

Hoover Auto Service (Geo W Pike, Lester D Poole, Walter S Seagroves) 
414 S Salisbury 

Hoover Chas W (Louise M) hlOl E South 

Hoover Edith B Mi's r218 Chamberlain 

Hoover Melissa I (wid John T B) rl510 Hillsboro 

Hoover Paul A elk r218 Chamberlain 

Hope of All Lodge No 2645 GUOOP (c) David Reid sec meets 1st and 
3d Friday 1151/2 E Hargett 

Hopkins Albert (c; Mamie) sta atndthl211 E Hargett 

Hopkins Allen (c) lab h528% E Edenton 

Hopkins Amelia tchr Washington Sch rl25 E South 

Hopkins Annie (c) dom r528y2 E Edenton 

Hopkins Cath (c) dom rl211 E Hargett 

Hopkins DeUa (c) maid 2105 Woodland av 

Hopkins Delmar (c; Martha L) waiter Hotel Carolina r2212 Barker 

Hopkins Edgar A elk Geo H Whitaker r323 Blake 

Hopkins Edw (e; Lula L) janitor h521 Smith 

Hopkins Ellen (c) dom r528% E Edenton 

Hopkins Haywood (e) lab rll2 N Haywood 

Hopkins Irving (c) lab r528% Edenton 

Hopkins Jas (c; Pearl) hlpr r405 Tucker 

Hopkins Jas H (Claudia M) slsmn h220 W Morgan 

Hopkins Jessie (c) dom r307 S Haywood 

Hopkins Jos slsmn Staudt's Bakery rl07 Harrison av 

Hopkins Lelia (c) dom hll2 N Haywood 

Hopkins Louis (c) del mn Saunders St Pharmacy 315 Glenwood av 

Hopkins Lovie (c) Indrs h305 S East 

Hopkins Margt (c) dom r305 S East 

Hopkins Martha (c) dom r2212 Barker 

Hopkins Raymond (c) porter Ammons & King Inc r305 S East 

Hopkins Richd (c) driver Raleigh Floral Co r528y2 E Edenton 

Hopkins Richd (Agnes B) uphol John W Evans' Son hl24 N Harrington 

Hopkins Roy V (Pearl) auto mech hi 12 Bart 

Hopkins Susie (c) dom rl2 E Hayti ai 

Hopkins Thos R elk rl24 N Harrington 

Hopkins Walter (c; Anna) lab r404 Tucker 

Hopkins Wm (c) butler r528% E Edenton 

Hopson Mary (c) cook hl301 E Hargett 

Hord Eug T (Alva E) chemist State Dept of Agriculture hl27 N Wil- 

Horn Walter (c) lab r609 S McDowell 

Hornbuckle Alice J (wid John E) hl07 Glenwood av 

Hornbuckle Minnie L sten State Hwy Comn rl07 Glenwood av 

Home Everett B (Lucy M) carp h308 W Johnson 

Home Geo textile wkr rlllO N Wilmington 

Home Josie (c) dom h23 Hunter 

Home Montie E (c) nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

Home W Henry jr (Kath D) div dist eng CP&LCo h2709' Lockmoor dr 

Home Wm G jr (Louise R) drftsmn State Hwy Comn r5 Dixie trail 

Homer Benj J (c; Mary) cook h827 E Hargett 

Horner J Gilbert supvr State Hosp r do 

Horner Louise nurse State Hosp r do 

Horner Rilla (c) cook r827 E Hargett 

Horton Ada (c) Indrs r321 S Haywood 

Horton Adeline (c) cook h509 Smithfield 

Horton Alice (c) cook r506 Smithfield 

Horton Amanda (wid O Ellis) emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hll5 N Mc- 

Horton Annie (c) dom r219 Heck 

Horton Annie S r208 W Edenton 

Horton Archie (Margt S; Horton's Studio) hl708 Park dr 

Horton Bonnie B sch tchr r608 Hillsboro apt 1 






Horton Cecile P rl28 N Dawson 

Horton Chas (c; Louisa) lab hi 107 E Worth 

Horton Chas E (Marj' A) grader h503 Chamberlain 

Horton Chas P student r604 E Hargett 

Horton Chas T (Annie P) gro 602 E Hargett h604 do 

Horton Clarence E r503 Chamberlain 

Horton Clementine (c) dom r722 Branch (SPk) 

Horton Cleo G elk CP&LCo r608 Hillsboro apt 1 

Horton Delma (c) dom r91 Cross 

Horton Douglas G (Pauline W) mgr Carolina Blue Printers hl801 Fair- 
view rd 

Horton Earle C (c) instr Shaw University r do 

Horton Edw (c) delmn Bynum Printing Co r214 Camden 

Horton Edw G (Carrie C) h325 E Morgan 

Horton Edw M (Mildred) formn r322 Oakwood av 

Horton Ellis (c) lab r214 Camden 

Horton Ernest C elk rlAhi E Morgan 

Horton Evelyn rl38 N Dawson 

Horton Evelyn elk r320 E Hargett 

Horton Prances Mrs r Wake County Home 

Horton Prank (c) lab r520 W Lenoir 

Horton Prank R (Lila) plmbr Mil E Lane. 

Horton Prank B jr student rSll E Lane 

Horton Geo (c) carp r321 E Cabarrus 

Horton Geo instr N C State College rll5 Chamberlain 

Horton Graham G (IsabeDe) atndt State Hosp r411 N Eastll 

Horton Hat Shop (Mrs Mary A Horton) 26 W Hargett 

Horton Hattie (e) seh tchr r208 N Tarboro 

Horton Helen tchr Murphey Sch r Mansion Park Hotel 

Horton Helen L rl28 N Dawson 

Horton Hubert H (Ruth E) desk sergt City Police Dept hl22 S McDowell 

Horton Hunter L (Laura H) h2011% Pairview rd 

Horton Ina elk r2025 StMary's 

Horton Isabelle Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Ine r411 N East 

Horton J Marvin (Gussie L) driver Strop Taxi Co r503 Chamberlain 

Horton Jack C slsmn CP&LCo rl515 StMary's 

Horton Jas (c; Alberta) barber Puller's Barber Shop r309 E Lenoir 

Horton Jas D (Mary A) cond hl214 Hinton 

Horton Jas T slsmn Tilghman Motors Inc r408 New Bern av 

Horton John C carp h212 E Pranklin 

Horton Jos S stmftr rl4% E Morgan 

Horton Jos T (Dorothy) meeh Commonwealth Motor Co r412 Oakwood 

Horton Josephine (e) h753 S Blount 

Horton Kath E cash Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rll5 N McDowell 

Horton Laura H Mrs sten N C Inspection & Rating Bureau h2011% 
Pairview rd 

Horton Lila Mrs elk Raleigh Ploral Co h311 E Lane 

Horton Mary (c) Indrs h214 Camden 

Horton Mary A Mrs (Horton Hat Shop) hl214 Hinton 

Horton Mary H v-pres The News & Observer Pub Co h208 W Edenton 

Horton Miles C Dr r Mansion Park Hotel 

Horton Minnie (c) dom h91 Cross 

Horton Narcissa (c) cook h225 Mangum 

Horton Oliver M student rl408 Hillsboro 

Horton Otis R slsmn Mut Life Ins Co r412 New Bern av 

Horton Ozie (c) cook 321 E Morgan 

Horton Pauline W Mrs elk State Dept of Labor hl801 Pairview rd 

Horton R Hartwell (Bessie K) truck driver h306 S East 

Horton Robt (e; Laura) truck driver h318 E Cabarrus 

Horton Robt L (Clyde H) v-pres Ammons & King Inc hl408 Hillsboro 

Horton Roger R (Eissie M) bus opr CP&LCo h722 N Boylan av 

Horton Ruth E Mrs opr SouBellTel&TelegCo hl22 S McDowell 

Horton S Robt (Lillian L) dentist 239 Payetteville R303 hl306 Glenwood av 







n ' 






Audits — 







ns — St 

s-c z: 



3 G <r-3» 








C^ 2^ 





The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Horton Saml fc; Lillie M) cai-p hll22 S Bloodworth 

Horton Saml (c) farmer r219 Heck 

Horton Saml (c; Susie) lab h28 Lee 

Horton Savon I r215 N Bount 

Horton Stella fwid Truby D) h608 HiUsboro apt 1 

Horton Stella B teller The Raleiffh Gas Co r412 Oakwood av 

Horton Thos (cl orderly Wake County Home r do 

Horton Victor B r715 Gaston 

Horton W Joshua (Beulah) sergt City Police Dept hl08 Glenwood av 

Horton Wilkins P genl counsel N C Truck Owners Assn r Pittsboro N C 

Horton Wm (c) lab rll07 E Worth 

Horton Wm A (Pauline B) prsmn Mitchell Printing Co hl422 Scales 

Horton Wm C (S Ada) phys 307 Payetteville h215 N Blount 

Horton Wm C (Blanche) sta eng hl28 N Dawson 

Horton Wm S student r722 N Boylan av 

Horton Wm T (Mary A) eng h412 Oakwood av 

Horton Willis B ( Vivian T) formn h721 EHargett 

Horton Zeb V (Nellie B) firemn hl4y2 E Morgan 

Horton's Studio (Archie Horton) photogs 135 Payetteville R504 

Horwitz Abr slsmn Raleigh Loan Office' h303 Payetteville 3d fl 

Horwitz Philip (Reba J; Raleigh Loan Office) h412 New Bern av 

Hosey John H (Thelma C) h401 S McDowell apt 204 

Hosey Thelma C Mrs with SouBellTel&TelegCo h401 S McDowell apt 204 

Hoskins Amv (c) r409 W Cabamis 

Hostetler Earl H prof N C State College r "White Oak rd 

HOTEL CAROLINA, Eobt C PoweSI Mgr, One of the Barring-er Chain, W 
Hargett cor Dawson, Tel 3900 

HOTEL RALEIGH, Hotel Kaleigh Oprs, A Waddell Pate Mfft, 138 W 
Martin, Tel 2733 

Hotel Raleigh Inc Malcolm H Robertson pres A Waddell Pate sec-treas 

oprs Hotel Raleigh 138 W Martin 
Hotel Richmond (Walter P Smith) 331 Payetteville 
Hotel Wiley (Lindon C Murchison) 411 W Morgan 
Hotel V/iley Barber Shop Richd L Glover mgr 411 W Morgan 
Hotel Wright (Gilbert V/right) 117 W Martin 

Houchins H Guy (M Alma) printer Bynum Printing Co h320 E Martin 
Houchins Lillian P r320 E Martin 
Hough Clara (c) dom r515 S Swain 
Hough Danl (c; Ella) hl004 Manly 
Hough Danl C (c) h206 W South 
Hough Ernest P (Florence S) mgr Crescent Ins Agcy Inc rll8 N Boylan 

Hough H Kirby (Isabelle H) jwlr rlll5 Hillsboro 
Hough Sue (wid Wm J; Hillsboro Manor) hlll5 Hillsboro 
Houlder Grace A student roOl Cleveland 
Houlder Helen L student roOl Cleveland 
HouWsr Montague S (Irene H) slsmn Holland Furnace Co hSOl Clevei- 

House A Roy lawyer 320 S Salisbui-y 3d fl r Zebulon N C 
House Carson farm hd rlz9 Monie la 

House Chas R hlpr r821 S Bloodworth 

House H Clarice elk McLellan Stores Co r549 E Martin 

House Horace (c; Bernice) janitor The Raleigh Gas Co h611 Cannon 

House Jas W ( Mary E) carp h549 E Martin 

House Jesse G (Alice A) pntr r219 S West 

House Mary E sten Jas E Herring r Millbrook N C 

House of Jacob Rev Israel Rubenstein rabbi 1 S East 

House of Prayer (c) 710 Branch (SPk) 

House Richd O (Lizzie) truck driver hl29 Monie la 

House Robt M r213 S Person 

House Vallie L fctywkr r821 S Bloodworth 

House Wm M (Ethel I) truck driver h821 S Bloodworth 

Household of Ruth Lodge No 531 (c) meets 2d and 4th Monday 4PM 
1151/2 E Hargett 

Household of Ruth No 5707 (c) 713 Oberlin rd 

Houston Charlotte student rl302 Hillsboro 

Houston David A pres Carolina Mortgage Co and v-pres Title Guaranty 
Ins Co rl302 Hillsboro 

Houston David A jr r226 Woodburn rd 

Houston Pi-ank M bkpr Central Investment Corp rl302 HiUsboro 

Houston Mozelle K (wid Hugh P) hi 17 Park av 

Eovis Robt A lawyer 5 W Hargett R1006 r615 Hillsboro 

Howard Annie (wid Jas H) rl23 New Bern av 

Howard Buford carp rlllS Harp 


The Carolina's Oldest Wliolesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Howard Ella (c) dom r815 Oberlin rd 

Howard Euzelia (c) cook r228 Bledsoe av 

Howard Evelyn textile wkr rlll8 Harp 

Howard Fannie (c) Indrs r2U Smitlifield 

Howard Floyd T {Fleva V) carp hlllS Harp 

Howard Frances M (c) h909 E Hargett 

Howard Frank (c) lab hl03 Butler 

Howard Frank (c) lab r815 Oberlin rd 

Howard Geo A blrmkr N-SRRCo rl803 White Oak rd 

Howard Georgia nurse 320 E Edenton r do 

Howard Harrison (c; Lena) plstr rl201 S Blount 

Howard Harry S (Nellie H) hll5 N Bloodworth 

Howard Iiina R (wid Frank) r506 E Hargett 

Howard Jas (c) lab r518 E Davie 

Howard Jas H (Sinie B) lab h524 S Harrington 

Howard Jas, S (Marion) mgi' Palace Theatre r Raleigh Hotel 

HOWARD JAMES W (Mary W), Supt Mails U S FO, h508 Cleveland, 

Tel 3618-M 
Howard Jerry (c) lab r415 Green 
Howard L T r Wake County Home 
Howard Lillie M (ci dom r911 Cannister 
Howard Margt (c) r320 W South 
Howard May E ( wid Geo A) hl2 N McDowell 

Howard Nellie H Mrs sten Carolina Mortgage Co hH5 N Bloodworth 
Howard Pauline slswn r606 Sasser 
Howard Phyliss (c) r332 W South 
Howard Princess (c) dom r815 Oberlin rd 
Howard S Frank r316 Halifax 
Howard Sidney (c; Johnnie) brklyr hl005 E Jones 
Howard-Strother Furniture Co <Wm O Strother) 130 S Wilmington 
Howard Thos D (Nannie K) firemn h3'16 Halifax 
Howard Victoria W (c) domhl213 (1413) Pender 
Howard W Duke train dispr N-SRRCo r503 N Person 
Howard W Scott r527 S Salisbury 

Howe Bess D Mrs sten Aetna Life Ins Co h326 New Bern av 
Howe Stewart M (Bess D) countermn h326 New Bern av 
Howell Addie (c) cook r420 Watson 
Howell Alvin H (Gertmde) auditor of receipts State Auditor h224 E Park 

Howell Andrew A jr (Theodora) park mn h417 Park av 
Howell Andrew J eng r437 Halifax 
Howell Arch A (Nannie) pntr h422 StMary's 

Howell Chas N (Mary H) slsmn Mitchell Printing Co hll9 S Harrmgton 
Howell Edw C (Nancy R) bkpr C C Motor Co Inc r2501 Everett av 
Howell Eug (c; Odelle) janitor h216 Bledsoe av 
Howell Evelyn tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Howell Fi-ank H (Lessie T,) delmn Hayes-Barton Pharmacy hl617 Sun- 
rise av 
Howell Gladys I rSOl Park av 
HOWELL H CLARENCE (Adna W; Sanitary Laundry) V-Pres Pilot Mills 

Co and 2d V-Pres Raleigh Chamber of Conunerce, h908 Vance, Tel 

Howell Harold A (Joan E) h212 Cox av 
HOWELL HENRY L (Claudia W), Asst U S Postmaster, h508 Cutler Tel 

Howell J Cleveland (Eliz M; Howell's Lunchenette) h708 McCollock 
Howell Jas (c) lab r323 3 East 
Howell Jas R (June C) h221 Ashe av 
Howell Jesse E (Zylphia A) elk h711 W Peace 
Howell Kath L student r508 Cutler 
Howell Louis W (Katie B) carrier USPO r RD 4 
Howell McCoy (c) hlpr r915 S Person 
Howell Milton (c) tailor r420 Watson 

Howell Milton E (Emma D) cash Am Oil Co h200 E Edenton apt 9 
Howell Myrtle M r301 Park av 
Howell PaiU (c) lab r420 Watson 
Howell Pearl Mrs snistrs rll4 S Person 
Howell Priscilla (o domrl213 (1413) Pender 
Howell R Philip drftsmn State Hwv Comn rll7 Park av 
Howell Reese (c) bge porter Union Depot 420 Watson 
Howell Robt J (c; Bettie) truck driver Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc h915 

S Pei-son 
Howell SteUa tchr Wiley Sch rl27 Hawthorne rd 
Howell Timothy E r Wake County Home 
Howell Wheeler H (Vivian S) hlpr State Hwy Comn r422 StMary's 











PHONE 4020 

Howell Wiley A (Ida G) city supt of parks h301 Park av 

Howell Wm elk Pender's Stores rll6 S West 

Howell Wm (c) cook Sports Tavern r309 E Lenoir 

Howell's Luncheonette (J Cleveland Howellj restr 14 W Martin 

Howie Saml S eng rlOOO Glenwood av 

Howison Robt C (Susan J) hl539 Can- 

Howison Robt C jr student rl539 Carr 

Howie Eug B dentist 15 W Hargett R606 r RD 2 

Hoy Robt V (Vannie) r506 E Hargett 

Hoy Roger sta atndt Ralph D Upchurch 500 Glenwood av 

Hoyle Annie B Mi's sten State Dept of Banking h701 E Franklin 

Hoyle Hurly P (Annie B) agt Durham Life Ins Oo h701 E Franklin 

Hubbard Carrie P ( wid Wm D) rl02 Logan ct apt 4 

Hubbard Martha (wid Robt) r319 Idlewild av 

Hubbard Mattie Mrs r218 New Bern av 

Huckabee Alice tchr Play es -Barton Sch r213 Hlllsboro 

Huddleston Cath E sch tchr r2811 Hillsboro 

Huddleston Hilda r2811 Hillsboro 

Huddleston Louis E (Maggie) prsmn h851 W Morgan 

Huddleston Wm P student r2811 Hillsboro 

Huddleston Wm T (Rosa) mldr h2811 Hillsboro 

Hudgins Lillian slswn Elftrd's Dept Store rl24 N Bloodworth 

Hudgins Madge M sten N C State College liin N Bloodworth 

Hudler Laura B (wid Wm R) pres The Gift Shop Inc r42'7 N Blount 

Hudley Frazier (c) lab h602 E Davie 

Hudnell Armstead B sta agt Standard Oil Co r329 N Harrington 

Hudnell EIrnest cond rl22 N McDowell 

HUDSON-BELK CO, Ear! G Hudson Mgrr, Department Store 315- 

317 Fayetteville, 316 S Wilmington, 14 E Martin, Tels 1894 and 1895 
Hudson Cassius R (Joseohlne S) state agt agrl extension service N 

C State College h2316 Hillsboro 
Hudson Cassius R jr student r2316 Hillsboro 
Hudson David (c; Milhe) mach hlpr h305 Hill (College Pk) 
Hudson E M br mgr Progressive Stores Inc r411 W Morgan 
Hudson Flora (c) dom h720 Fayetteville 
Hudson Geo C (M Lucille) elk N-SRRCo h616 W Lane 
HUBSON JOHN W JR, Pres John W Hudson Jr Inc, r Tarboro, N C, Tel 


HUDSON JOHN W JK INC, John W Hudson Jr Pres, Geo B Baughan 
V-Pres, Alfred J Fox Sec-Treas, Engineers and Contractors 408 Capi- 
tal Club Bklg 18 W Martin. Tel 2815 (See front stencil and page 33) 

Hudson Josephine (c) dom rSOfi Hill (College Pk) 

Hudson Karl G (Mary W) nres-treas Pilot Mills Co mgr Hudson-Belk 
Co h220 E Park dr 

Hudson Robt S student r2316 Hillsboro 

Hudson Seaman K student r2316 Hillsboro 

Hudson Wm J jr (Ehz Q) asst mgr Hudson-Belk Co h710 Graham 

Huey Clyde bkpr rll6 Halifax 

Huff Clem (c; Annie) truck driver h803 Manly 

Huff Danl (c; Clora) lab :h723 S Dawson 

Huff Eliz (c) dom rl5 W Hayti al 

Huff Jas (c: Gladys) lab h601 Bragg 

Huff Richd (c; Bessie) lab h516 Hick's al 

Huff Terry (c) student r412 W South 

Huff Vernon (Myrtle) carp h221 N Salisbury 

Huff Wm (c) lab r722 S Bloodworth 

Hufman Billy G rl23 S McDowell 

Hufman Hattie M (wid Wjn C) drsmkr 123 S McDowell r do 

Huggins Louis (c) lab r612 Adams al 

Huggins Lucy (c) cook h612 Adams al 

Huggins Maloy A (Katybet M) genl sec Board of Missions Baptist State 
Convention hl210 Mordecai dr 

Huggins Minnie V Mrs h512 E Edenton 

Hughes Cath E sten State Board of Health rl05 S Bloodworth 

Hughes Chloe (c) cook rll8 W Johnson 

Hughes Edw (c) lab r716 E Lenoir 

Hughes Eliz M rl307 Hillsboro 

Hughes Eug R mgr Dr Pepper Bottlina: Co rl05 S Bloodworth 

Hughes Geo B (Rosa L) r425 S Wilmington 

Hughes Georgia (c) dom hllS W Johnson 

Hughes Irene B Mrs cash The Conn Mut Life Ins Co h2111 Ridgecrest 

Hughes John (c) lab r716 E Lenoir 

Hughes John R (Nellie) mech East Coast Stages Inc h416% W South 

Hughes Jos B (c) porter The Vogue of Raleigh Inc r591 E Cabarrus 

Hughes Luther B (Irene B) h2111 Ridgecrest 





Hughes Nannie B (wid Chas C) hl05 S Bloodworth 

Hughes Paul N (Mozelle) formn dyer h913 HaUfax 

Hughes Robt C (Rubv H) oiler h529 S Harrington 

Hughes Roy C (Mary C) hl615 Craig 

Hughes Sarah C (c) cook St.Agnes Hosd r do 

Hughes Wm (c) lab rll8 W Johnson 

Hughes Wm H (Lula S; Young & Hughes) hl307 Hillsboro 

Hughes Wm H jr rl307 Hillsboro 

Hughey Addie Mrs r306 N Bloodworth 

Hulick Henry (Dorothy) eng WPTP Radio Co rl24 Groyeland av 

Hulin Lucy C elk State Board of Health r326 E Hargett 

Hulin Sallie E h326 E Hargett 

Hull Josiah E elk h8 Ferndell la 

Humphrey A Lee (c; Mai-y; Sanitary Barber Shop) h608 S McDowell 

Humphrey Cornelia (c) dom hl305 E Lane 

Humphrey Cornelia M (c) dom rl305 E Lane 

Humphrey D Norwood (Anne W) auto meoh h516 Sasser 

Humphrey P Pearl sten Genl Outdoor Ady Co Inc rll9 Park av 

Humphrey Flora (c) cook State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Humphi-ey Hattie (c) dom rl305 E Lane 

Humphrey Helen (\vid Wm I,) sten hl05 E Edenton apt 303 

Humphrey L Kate sten Manning & Manning rll9 Park av 

Humphrey Martha (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Humphrey Max B ins agt hll9 Park av 

Humphrey Milton student r201 N Wilmington 

Humphrey Thelma L bkpr CP&LCo rll9 Park av 

Humphrey W Gletm (Mamie) traffic mgr Carolina Coach Co h2111 

Humphrey Wm C (Louise) auto mech h308 S East 
Humphreys Claude scout executive Boy Scouts of Am rl710 Park dr 
Humphreys Luther W (Mary M) elk CP&LCo h217 Glenwood ay 
Humphreys Mollie (wid Wesley C) r217 Glenwood av 
Humphreys Sidney F (J Mildred) bkbndr r217 Glenwood av 
Hundley W Oscar (Eliz R) motor inspr h308 Ay cock 
Huneycutt see also Honeyeutt and Kunnicutt 
Huneycutt Eliz K Mrs v-pres Huneycutt Inc hi Henderson 
Huneycutt Inc Wm O Huneycutt pres Mrs Eliz K Huneycutt v-pres A 

Wade Pridgen sec-treas clothing 1914 Hillsboro 
Huneycutt Wm O (Eliz K) pres Huneycutt Inc hi Henderson 
Hunnicutt see also Honeyeutt and Huneycutt 
Hunnicutt A Doris elk r223 Elm 
Hunnicutt Carl H dep U S Marshal r RD 2 
Hunnicutt Emmett F elk r223 Elm 

Hunnicutt Emmett V (Carrie L) formn SALRy h223 Elm 
Hunnicutt Essie J (wid Wm G) r604 New Bern av 
Hunnicutt Evelyn E r223 Elm 

Hunnicutt Herman W (Myrtle H) h604 New Bern av 
Hunnicutt Omega P (Mary) slsmn Efird's Dept Store hll5 N Person 
Hunnicutt Walter R (Myrtle B) elk h602 New Bern av 
Hunsucker Worth student r2230 Hillsboro 
Himt Ada A r Wake County Home 
Hunt Carey P elk CP&LCo r221 N Blount 

Hunt Chas H (Hallie M) sta atndt Green & McNeill hll E South 
Hunt Christine (c) cook rl2 Lee 
Hunt CuUen K (c; Lillian; Odd Fellows Bldg Barber Shop) hl306 E 

Hunt Cullen K jr (e) chauf rl306 E Jones 
Hunt Eliz C elk N C State College r612 W Lane 
Hunt Elsie office see Sir Walter Hotel r814 Cowper dr 
Hunt Emma L Mrs peanuts 12% E Hargett rll4 Home 
Hunt Ervin J (c) porter Odd Fellows Bldg Barber Shop rl306 E Jones 
Hunt Harlowe G student rll4 Home 
Hunt Kari-y G (Maude) cond h303 Hillcrest rd 
Hunt Ida (e) Indrs r416 Lee 
Hunt Irene (c) Indrs h315 Cannon 

Hunt Jas (c; Mai-y) shoe shiner Sir Walter Shoe Shop r901 E Hargett 
Hunt Jennie (c) cook r586 E Lenoir 

Hunt Jesse B (Emma L) office 209 3 McDowell R2 hll4 Home 
Hunt Jesse B jr student rll4 Home 
Hunt John D (Thelma H) slsmn h319 Morrison av 
Hunt Lei-oy H (e; Jessie) porter h417 Watson 

Hunt Lydia Mrs chf opr SouBellTel&TelegCo h401 S McDowell apt 103 
Hunt Margt (c) student r315 Cannon 
Hunt Robt S (Annie C) firemn h509 W Johnson 
Hunt Sherman (c) lab r216 Heek 




Hunt Victor (o; Flossie) lab li21 W Hayti al 

Hunt Wm A elk r612 W Lane 

Hunt Wm R (Mary A) trav slsmn h612 W Lane 

Hunter Ada (c) cook 202 W Morgan 

Hunter Alice (c) cook r610 Smith 

Hunter Alice (c) dom r605 E Edenton 

Hunter Anna (c) r526 W Lenoir 

Hunter Ai-menius (c) delrrm 1-2303 Everett av 

Hunter Arth (c) lab r321 E Cabarrus 

Hunter Arth M (Minnie) eng State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf h 

Avent's Perry rd nr Ashe av 
Hunter Chas H (c; Sonora) janitor h2213 Barker 
Hunter Chas W, (c; Gladys) baker h2210 Barker 
Hunter Clara (c) cook rllOl S Person 
Hunter Clyde H (Annie M) slsmn r313 New Bern av 
Hunter Cozie (c) maid 504 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Hunter Curtis (C) lab r423 B Blount 

Hunter Delbert (Valentine) truck driver h405 Smithfield 
Hunter E Harvey (c) musician hl8 Ross 
Hunter Eliz tchr Lewis Sch hl207 Wake Forest rd 
Hunter Ella H (c) dom hl318 Oakwood av 

Hunter Elsie K office sec Baptist State Convention r Gary N C 
Hunter Everett (c; Hattie) lab h206 W Cabarrus 
Hunter Florine (c) Indrs hl206 E Hargett 
Himter Pi'ances (c) maid Arth McKimmon 
Hunter Genie E (wid Jas R) h602 S Boylan av 

Hunter Geo (c) porter Capital Feed & Gro Co Inc r916 Oakwood av 
Hunter Geo (c; Carrie) porter Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h818 Oberlin rd 
Hunter Gertrude (c) cook r308 Love's al 

Hunter Gray L (Sarah H) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co rl21 N Blount 
Hunter Harold (c) waiter r306 S State 

Hunter Hartwell (c; Pearline) truck driver h908 Oakwood av 
Hunter Isaac (c) lab rl402 Edenton 
Hunter Iva (wid Jas T) r907 Glenwood av 

Hunter J Clyde (Eugenia J) asst sec-asst treas CP&LCo h2108 Myrtle av 
Hunter J Everett elk State Sch Comn h2220 Creston rd 
Hunter J Rufus (Nannie W) hl543 Carr 
Hunter Jas (c) gdnr r212% Idlewild av 
Hunter Jesse (c) butler State Hosp r do 

Hunter John B (Louise P) mgr Fuller Brush Co h512 Cleveland 
Hunter John G (Lillian) cond h525 N East 
Hunter John W student r525 N East 

Hunter Jos (c; Helen) porter Brogden Produce Co h506 Smithfield 
Hunter Kath (c) dom r2303 Everett av 
Hunter Katie L (c) dom r2213 Barker 

Hunter L H (c) truck driver Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r RD 1 
Hunter Lena M (c) tchr Crosby-Garfield Sch h822 Cotton pi 
Hunter Lenzer (c) janitor YWCA r do 

Hunter Leonard (c) porter Walter A Curtis r2303 Everett av 
Hunter Lillian ( c) dom h2303 Everett av 
Hunter Lillian P student r525 N East 

Hunter Lillie B elk State Hwv Purch Dept r907 Glenwood av 
Hunter Lillie M (c) dom rl421 E Jones 
Hunter Lucile School (c) 1018 E Davie 
Hunter Marv Mrs elk Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r Cary N C 
Hunter Mary E Mrs slswn W T Grant Co h308 N East 
Hunter Mary R technician Dr Powell G Fox r Cary N C 
Hunter Mattie (c) Indi-s r810 Cotton pi 
Hunter Nathan G elk r312 Oakwood av 
Hunter Nathaniel (c) butler 901 Holt dr 
Hunter Ned (c) lab r423 S Blount 
Hunter Nellie (c) dom hl24 E Cabarrus 
Hunter Oneta (c) maid 507 N Blount 
Hunter Pearl (c) cook Arth McKimm.on 
Hunter R Winifred (Mary A) slsmn W H King Drug Co Inc h314 Forest 

Hunter Rufus A (Eliz C) mgr Fidelity Mut Life Ins Co hl920 StMary's 
Hunter Sadie (c) cook r312 S East 
Hunter Sarah L (wid A B) hl32 New Bern av 
Hunter Shei-man emp A M Tyner Co r Blind Institute 
Hunter Theo (c) shoe shiner r575 E Lenoir 
Hunter Thos (c) hlpr r315 Bledsoe av 
Hunter Thos R (c) lab r437 N Salisbury 
Hunter Victoria (c) Indrs r514 E Cabarrus 
Hunter W Thos slsmn r312 Oakwood av 
Hunter Walter B (Mattie G) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co h312 Oakwood av 





"Tlie memory of quality lingers loiiK after the price is forgotten." 

Hunter Wiley A (c; Rosa) h210 W Cabarrus 

Hunter Wiley P (Mary E> plmbr h308 N East 

Hunter Wm (c; Sophronia) h306 S State 

Hunter Wm (c) delmn r908 Oakwood av 

Hunter Wm (c) pntr rl25 E Cabarrus 

Hunter Wm (c; Mozelle) orderly Confederate Soldier's Home h942 E 

Hunter Willie W extension clothing specialist N C State College rl804 

Huntley Thos (c; Lonie) lab h910 Oberlin rd 
Huntt Spotswood H ins solr Robt G Yancey rl509 Hillsboro 
Hurley Maggie nurse 217 Glenwood av r do 

Hurst Adrian D instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Hurst Alma V Mrs h7 Glenwood av apt 1 
Hurst C W mech Sanders Motor Co r Apex N C 
Hurst Lawrence H 7 Glenwood av apt 1 
Hurt Claudia J Mrs elk CP&LCo rl806 Hillsboro 
Hurt Hartwell J (Claudia J) slsmn CP&LCo rl806 Hillsboro 
Hurt John textile wkr rll43 N Blount 
Hurt Louis R textilewkr rll43 N Blount 
Hurwitz Isaac (Predat slsmn h543 E Jones 
Husman Adam A veterinarian U S Bureau of Animal Industry r618 

Huston Mollie H (c) librarian Shaw University r do 
Hutchings Narcissa r504 Fayetteville 
Hutchins Paul S r Wake County Home 
Hutchinson Dalziel R (wid Harriilton H) r7 Enterprise 
Hutchinson Ernie B (wid J Hinton) r224 N Person 
Hutchinson Geo W (Leah) civ eng r2201 Fairview rd 
Hutchinson Grace E (wid Willis P) r2201 Fairview rd 
Hutchinson Hamilton H (Dorothy) elk N C State College h7 Enterprise 
Button Clyde L atndt Saunders St Service Sta rl200 S Blount 
Hutton John L (Helen L) supt cotton gin W A Myatt Jr & Co hl200 S 

Hutton Lena M student rl200 S Blount 
Hyatt AUie sten rll2 Halifax 

Hyman Rebecca elk State Adjutant Genl rl708 Fairview rd 
Hyre C Elsworth (Edna R) treas Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C 

h2202 Byrd 
Hyre Eva L (wid Henry T) r2212 Ridgecrest 
Ideal Barber Shop (Leonard O Ellen) 105 W Hargett 

Ideal Paint & Wall Paper Store (Thos B Vick jr) 14 E Hargett 

Ideal SeiTice Station Macon W Woodard opr filling sta 601 W South 

Iden Nell S bkpr Raleigh Township Public Schs r205 E Hargett 

Iden Susan P feature writer h205 E Hargett 

Imperial Life Insurance Co Wm N Harris dist mgr 5 W Hargett R602 

Inborden Nannie B (c) sten negro div work State Board of Charities 
and Public Welfare r315 E South 

Inborden Wm B (c; Nannie B) tchr Washington High Sch r316 E South 

Indemnity Insurance Co of North America, Moore & Johnson Co genl 
agts 320 S Salisbury R813 

Ingalls Leila M sten tr S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r2902 Clark 

Ingebutsen Otis L prof r210 Chamberlain 

Ingle Amanda <wid Julian E) r407 N Wilmington 

Ingold Torrence bus driver r311 S Swain 

Ingram Alberta sten State Dept of Public Instruction r316 E Edenton 

Ingram Ella M rl06 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Ingram Foy elk r316 E Edenton 

Ingram Jas (c) driver Goodwin-Smith Furn Co r514 E Worth 

Ingram Jas D (Mary E) solr h305 Cutler 

Ingram John (c) lab h709 S Person 

Ingram Leanna S (c) dom r2513 Joint 

Ingram Lillie (c) r519 W Cabarrus 

Ingram Thos L r506 Gary 

Ingram Wm S (Ethyl M) mach State Hwy Comn hlC6 Whitaker Mill rd 

Ingram Wm S jr (Addie M) mach State Hwy Comn h618 W Jones 

Inman Frank M (Hepsey S) ship elk hl328 Hinton 

Inman Hepsey S Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co hl328 Hinton 

Inman Saml L trav slsmn rl702 Hillsboro 

Inscoe D Staton (Maude B) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R607 and City Pros- 
ecuting Atty hi 101 Mordecai dr 

INTERNAL REVENUE OFFICE (See United States Government) 

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees & Motion Picture 
Operators Arth Pp.kula sec meets on call 110 ^.^ E Hargett 

Investors Syndicate Harry W Myers mgr investments 15 W Hargett R704 

Ipock Walter G (Katie M) checker Sanitary Lndry h216% N Harrington 










w 3 


TO in iSm 

® mm 







3 3 


?«» (D 




B'£SrS (BAKER & RMLS) iZ^^S 

nice and Skylights. { ) :„„, pmtontiuo 

Healing ventilating ROOFING COMPANY ( pTnts. IV.e?all1o R^d 

"nd Air Conditioning. ) Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles V 408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Prooflng 

Irby Jas A ship elk Tire Sales & Service Co Inc rl27 Halifax 

Irby Mary A Mrs office sec Bowman's Jewelry Co rl913 MacCarthy 

Iredell Annie (c) cook 1539 Carr 

Iredell John J (c: Neffie) delmn hl30 W Lenoir 

Ireland Ella E emp Alfred Williams & Co r403 E Edenton 

Irene The Apartments 7 Glenwood av 

Ironside Primitive Baptist Church 1001 New Bern av 

Ironton Columbus (c) lab r311 (710) Branch (SPk) 

Ironton Jas (c; Margt) hlpr hSU (710) Branch (SPk) 

Irvine Chas G (o; Callie E) carrier USPO h317 Pugh 

Irving Vivian (c) student r317 Pugh 

Isaacs Robt L dist mgr Mut Life Ins Co r310 E Edenton 

Isaiah Lucille (c) Indrywkr rl20 Bledsoe av 

ISELEY GEO A HON (Florence B), City Mayor, Office Municipal Bldg, 
Tel 543, lil902 Glenwood av, Tel 4«34 

Islev Boyd A supt Swift & Co r202 W Morgan 

Isley Dorothy (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel rl4 RaUroad 

Isley Hugh G (Seline H) genl slsmgr CP&LCo hlll2 Mordecai dr 

Isley Lydia S elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r414 S Boylan av 

Isley Thurl (c) lab rl4 Railroad 

Ivery Charlotte (c) cook h321 E Cabarrus 

Ivery Jos (c; Gertrude) lab h514 E Cabarrus 

Ivey Benj (e; Maxine) lab rll20 E Edenton 

Ivev Burline (c) dom hi 120 E Edenton 

Ivey Clarice (c) cook YWCA r309 S State 

Ivey Edgar (c; Gladys) presser Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dyeing 
Co h717 S Dawson 

Ivey Esther bkpr Baptist State Convention r Gary N C 

Ivey John (c; Carrie) farmer hlOl Butler 

Ivey Jos (c) janitor r309 S State 

Ivey Julia (c) student r309 S State 

Ivey Lily (c) cash P W Woolworth Co r309 S State 

Ivey Lonnie L (Polly H) h202 E Park dr 

Ivey Mazie (c) dom rll20 E Edenton 

Ivey Robt (c; Luella) hlpr hill Bragg 

Ivev Sylvester A (c: Lillian) lab h309 S State 

Ivey Thos (c) lab r309 S State 

Ivey Venable (c; Maxine) hlpr rll20 E Edenton 

Jabber Antone gro 1016 E Martin h do 

Jabber Ferris gro 1213 Garner rd h do 

Jabber Geo elk Ferris Jabber rl213 Garner rd 

JACK'S GRILL (Jack A Cohoon) Restaurant, 132 W Martin, (Raleigb 
Hotel Bldgr, Martin St Side) , Tel 1364 

Jackson Alma Mrs beauty opr r507 Payetteville 

Jackson Annie K (e) Indrs h22 Railroad 

Jackson Arth (Emma H) textilewkr hll32 Harp 

Jackson Atlas M (Etta) farm formn Wake County Home r do 

Jackson Benj (c) lab r305 S Haywood 

Jackson Bett'ie L Mrs textilewkr h508 N Dawson 
Jackson Boston (c; Lugenia) lab h504 S Dawson 
Jackson Chas (c) cook rl24 Smithfield 
Jackson Chas (Mabel) textilewkr r9 W Franklin 

Jackson Colon (c) elk Pate's Seafood Mkt r507 S Blount 

Jackson David (c; Maude) car washer Central Service Sta hl611 B 
Jackson Delia (wid Eli W) hi 136 Harp 
Jackson Donald R lawyer 10 W Martin R207 r Bloomsbury 
Jackson Effie (c) Indi-s r305 S Haywood 
Jackson Elvis B (Minnie H) brkmn hl523 Sunrise av 
Jackson Emily C Mrs r209 N Salisbury 
Jackson Ennis B r304 S East 

Jackson Ernest (c) cook HoUsrwood Hotel & Cafe r226 E Lenoir 
Jackson Ethel (c) dom r308 Idlewild av 
Jackson Eug L slsmn r210 N McDowell 
Jackson Fannie Mrs r721 W Hargett 
Jackson Fleming J (Carver) h304 S East 

Jackson Garchia slswn Singer Sewing Mach Co rl07 Snow av 
Jackson Han-iet (c) h621 W South 
Jackson Hattie (e) h334 Cannon 

Jackson Hattie beauty opr Kozy Kat Beauty Shoppe r305 Pace 
Jackson Henry C (Emma L) ri27 New Bern av apt 305 
Jackson Henry W (Julia F) electn Eleetl Equipment Co Inc hl004 Boy- 
lan dr 
Jackson Herbert W (e) truck driver r405 Battle 
Jackson Hope (c: Sinie) joiner h706 E Martin 
Jackson Jas H (Delia) sheet metalwkr h314 W North 
Jackson Jas R (Annie S) banker h217 E North apt 203 





PHONE 182 

Jackson Janie (c) maid Hotel Carolina r906 Mark 

Jackson Jasper M auto mech Circle Filling Sta Inc r419 Prank 

Jackson Jesse A (Minnie) br mgr Piggly Wiggly h306 N Bloodworth 

Jackson Jesse L (AUie N) proof reader r218 N McDowell 

Jackson John (c; Emma) labh210 S Pettigrew 

Jackson John M (Lena P) dyer hll45 N Blount 

Jackson Jos B (c; Frances) porter Fleming Dental Laboratory h405 

Jackson Jos B jr (c) r405 Battle 

Jackson Jos E textilewkr rll36 Harp 

Jackson Jos L student r218 N McDowell 

Jackson Joshua (c; Oscarline) lab h2204 Joint 

Jackson Kearney (c) elk Pate's Seafood Mkt r507 S Blount 

Jackson Leola (c) dom h214 Idlewild av 

Jackson Loufloy P r413 N Wilmington 

Jackson Lucy (c) Indrywkr h562 E Cabarrus 

Jackson Lucy G sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Wake 
Forest N C 

Jackson Luvenia (c) Indrs h507 S Blount 

Jackson Maggie (c) dom r562 E Cabarrus 

Jackson Manus (c; Molino) lab h407 Oberlin rd 

Jackson Mark (c; Willie M) lab h rear 910 Oberlin rd 

Jackson Martha (c) cook 15 N McDowell 

Jackson Marvin L (Estelle) sta atndt h826 Wake Forest rd 

Jackson Mildred waitress S & W Cafeteria rll2 New Bern av 

Jackson Millard N msngr r721 W Hargett 

Jackson Nancy (c) dom h211 W Lenoir 

Jackson Nathaniel M (Gladys M) auto mech Circle Filling Sta Inc hTOl 

Jackson Noisy (c) Indrs h904 Johnson's al 

Jackson Obard H (T.alon I) plstr h210 N McDowell 

Jackson Odell V textile wkr rll36 Harp 

Jackson Ralph H (Leota) h314 S Dawson 

Jackson Richd (c; Avon) lab hl4 Parham's al 

Jackson Robt (c: Victoria) lab h409 Watson 

Jackson Robt J mech Evans Service Sta r501 Fayetteville 

Jackson Robt M jr mgr Gray & Creech Inc rlOO W Jones 

Jackson Rosa (c) r904 Johnson's al 

Jackson Sarah r709 Hinsdale 

Jackson Thos elk r316 S Swain 

Jackson Thos (c; Pearl) lab h618 S Haywood 

Jackson Thos E pntr h815 Clay 

Jackson Verna B sten M M Stewart Inc r218 N McDowell 

Jackson Vivian (c) dom r20 College 

Jackson W Herbert elk State Local Government Comn r700 W Morgan 
apt 3 

Jackson W Jos (Iceland) prohibition officer h3125 Stanhope av 

Jackson Wm A mach N-SRRCo r720 W Lane 

Jackson Wm C (Mattie I) sta eng h320 W North 

Jackson Wm F (c) shoe shiner r211 W Lenoir 

Jackson Wm J r218 N McDowell 

Jacobi Amelia elk Jacobi's Mkt r320y2 Glenwood av 

Jacobi Geo (Jacobi's Mkt) meats 322 S Blount hZ20V2 Glenwood av 

Jacobi's Market (Geo Jacobi) gros 322 Glenwood av 

Jacobs Arnold I slsmn The Vogue of Raleigh Inc rllO N Bloodworth 

Jacobs C Fletcher (Georgiana) pntr hl801 Oberlin rd 

Jacobs M Emma marker Sanitary Lndi-y rl801 Oberlin rd 

Jacobs Mack hlpr rl801 Oberlin rd 

Jacobs Solon (Bella) sec-treas The Vogue of Raleigh Inc hllO N Blood- 

Jacobs Walter C roofer Baker & Rawls Roofing Co rlSlVi E Martin 

James Addle L (c) maid Sir W.alter Hotel h507 Patterson la 

James Anderson (c; Lucy) brklvr h216 E Lenoir 

James Collins (c; Annie) lab h527 S West 

James Hattie (c) dom r219 Heck 

James Herman (c; Beulah) lab r913 S Wilmington 

James J Leonard (Warnie R) teller Wachovia Bank & Ti-ust Co h33 Bag- 
well av 

James Lois beauty opr r567 N Person 

James Lumber Co (Chas B and Reuben A Thrift) 239 Fayetteville R605 

James Monroe (c; Ora) plstr hl021 Cannister 

James Omelia (c) dom r507 Patterson la 

James Ora R (wid John H) h532 N East 

James Rhodie (c) cook rl2 Rogers al 

James Thos G (Eliz A) elk U B PO hl4 W Dixie dr 







125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

James Viola (c) dom r219 Heck 

James Vii-ginia Instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Jarman Herbert electn Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc 327 W Martin 

Jarrall Jas M prsmn r212i/2 New Bern av 

Jarratt Charlotte Mrs nurse r318 S Dawson 

Jarrell Jas printer Bynum Printing Co r212% New Bern av 

Jarvis Rosalie Mrs r506 N Dawson 

Jasper Eliz tchr Lewis Sch rl508 Hillsboro 

Jasper Helen (o) dom r716 Oakwood av 

Jasper Robt (c) lab r716 Oakwood av 

Jasper Wm (c) lab h706 Oakwood av 

Jean's Max Pollock mgr women's clothing 116% Fayetteville 

Jeans Coyie atndt State Hosp r do 

Jeffers Alf (c; Nealie) auto mech rSlO S Person 

Jeffers Calvin (c) lab r418 N Harring1;on 

Jeffers Danl (c) lab i-702 E Jones 

Jeffers Delia to dom rll2 N Haywood 

Jeffers Dock (c) hsemn rll5 W Johnson 

Jeffers Flora (c) maid r225 E CabaiTUs 

Jeffers Harriet (C) cook r546 E Davie 

Jeffers Jessie (c) Indrs h416 S Bloodv/orth 

Jeffers John (c) lab r320 S Bloodworth 

Jeffers Lillie (c) dom rll4 College 

Jeffers Madge ( c) nurse 223 E Cabarrus r do 

Jeffers Margt (c) student rl07 Lee's al 

Jeffers Martha (c) Indrs rSll Jenkins 

Jeffers Narcissus cc) dom rlOO Cross 

Jeffers Otis (c) lab rl305 E Lane 

Jeffers Rennie (c) dom rll4 College 

Jeffers Richd (c) draymn h706 Briggs 

Jeffers Sallie (c) hlOB E Cabarrus 

Jeffers Saml (c; Celia) bge porter Union Depot hlll5 S Blount 

Jeffers Saml cc; Ruth) gdnr r613 E Edenton 

Jeffers Susie (c) dom rl05 Bart 

Jeffers Thos (c) sta firemn rll8 W South 

Jeffers Wm (c) r509 S Dawson 

Jefferson Annie (c) h614 S W.est 

Jefferson Geo (c; Bernice) truck driver r706 S Person 

Jefferson Geraldine (c) dom r614 S West 

Jefferson Renus (c) r614 S West 

ton Mgr, Geo E Passmore Cash, 123 W Hargett, Tel 1113 

Jeffress Edwin B chairmn State Hwy Comn r Greensboro N C 

Jeffreys Chi-istine (c) cook Wm B Trull 
Jeffreys Claude (c; Mittie) porter h813 S West 

Jeffreys Connie T (c; Corinna) barber 706 S McDowell h224 Fowle 

Jeffreys J Furman elk Harry H Price r RD 2 

Jeffreys Laura (c) Indrs r586 E Lenoir 

Jeffreys Mabel (c) hl016 Manly 

Jeffreys Mildred (c) r224 Fowle 

Jeffreys Peter J (c) h207 W South 

Jeffreys Robt L (c) r207 W South 

Jeffreys W H r Sir Walter Hotel 

Jeffreys W^ H (c; Bertha) rl016 Manly 

Jeffries Alonzo W (c; Kath) del mn Saunders St Pharmacy r507 Cham- 

Jeffries Beulah (c) dom r521 Pace 

Jeffries Bud cNellie L) brkmn h703 W Lane 

Jeffries Chas (c; Nellie) lab h741 S Blount 

Jeffries Clifton (c) delmn Coml Cigar Stand 20 E Martin lobby 

Jeffries David (c) wood r905 MaJily 

Jeffries Delia (c) dom h401 N West 

Jeffries Edw (c) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co r608 Cannon 

Jeffries Elijah Rev (c; Annie D) pastor StMatthew's A M E Ch h829 E 

Jeffries Essie (c) dom r703 Chamberlain 

Jeffries Floyd W (Cloie E) truck driver r307 S Swain 

Jeffries Fi'edk mach N-SRBCo r412 W Morgan 

Jeffries Geo (c; Celia) cook State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf !h703 

Jeffries Glenn (c; lola) cook Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 
Jeffries Hannah (c) dom r741 S Blount 
Jeffries Harold (c) r703 Chamberlain 
Jeffries Hubert (c) h909 Oberlin rd 
Jeffries Jas cc) lab r521 Pace 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Jeffries Jennie (c) cook 2104 Woodland av 

Jeffries Jennie (c) maid 2300 Country Club dr 

Jeffries Jethrow (c) gdnr r319 N Haywood 

Jeffries John (c) lab r521 Pace 

Jeffries Lennis (c) del mn r741 S Blount 

Jeffries Lillle (c) dom h521 Pace 

Jeffries Mamie (c) dom r521 Pace 

Jeffries Marie (c) dom h205 W South 

Jeffries Martha (c) dom r401 N West 

Jeffries Mary (c) dom h616 E Cabarrus 

Jeffries Mattie «c) r Wake County Home 

Jeffries Nellie J Mrs elk r517 Polk 

Jeffries Rebecca (c) dom hllS N Swain 

Jeffries Bobt (,c; Dora) waiter h528 E Edenton 

Jeffries Ruth (c) drsmkr 113 N Swain r do 

Jeffries Ruth (c) Indrywkr Acme Lndry r205 W, South 

Jeffries Serena M (c) cook h rear 783 Hillsboro 

Jeffries Silas ic: Hattie) lab r222 E Lenoir 

Jeffries Sonnie (c) cliauf rll3 N Swain 

Jeffries Velma (c) r703 Chamberlain 

Jeffries W Vernon (Mildred G) mech Rawls Motor Co h5 Daisy 

Jeffries Wm cc) driver Raleigh Fm-n Co Inc 121 E Hargett 

Jeffries Wm Cc; Ida) firemn hSlO Saunders 

Jeffries Wm (c; Minnie) porter Hotel Wright h814 S East 

Jeffries Wm (c; Rebecca) whsemn hl213 E Martin 

Jelly Florence T mus tchr 707 Aycock h do 

Jenkins Alphonzo (c; Effie) truck driver h609 Haywood la 

Jenkins Alvin W (Mayme L) bkpr Garland C Norris & Co h2605 Vander- 
bilt av 

Jenkins Alvis (c) lab rll24 HiU 

Jenkins Alvis (c) truck driver rl8 Ross 

Jenkins Basil J (c; Martha) barber Gideon B Alston h226 E Cabarrus 

Jenkins Basil J jr (c) porter r226 E Cabarrus 

Jenkins Berry G (Cai-y C) civ eng r2512 Stafford av 

Jenkins Blair jr (Leila M) communication eng CP&LCo rl6l8 Park dx 

Jenkins Carrie (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel hl215 S Bloodworth 

Jenkins Gary C IMi's sten N C State College r2512 Stafford av 

Jenkins David (c; Rosa) lab h811 Jenkins 

Jenkins Dempsey (c; Mary E) clothes prsr r401 W Lenoir 

Jenkins Dorsey (c) musician rl8 Ross 

Jenkins Eliza (c) dom rl305 Holman 

Jenkins Predk (c) lab h316 Hill (College Pk) 

Jenkins Geo (c) lab rl307 S Person 

Jenkins H Augustus service mn CP&LCo rl806 Glenn av 

Jenkins Henry W (Vera K) mach N-SRRCo h702 Glenwood av 

Jenkins Herbert M jr elk rll2 New Bern av 

Jenkins Jos J (Gladys M) driver Ai'mour & Co r614 S Salisbury 

Jenkins Jos K (Joe P) office 5 W Hargett R712 rl705 Faii'view rd 

Jenkins Martha K (wid Chas L) hl705 Fairview rd 

Jenkins Memorial M E Church (South) Rev Robt W Bradshaw pastor 
725 N Boylan av 

Jenkins Nettie Mrs r208 E Lenoir 

Jenkins Ora L r622y„ w South 

Jenkins Ozear (c; Ilena) lab h205 Bragg 

Jenkins Pattie tchr Wiley Sch rlllO Glenwood av 

Jenkins Robt (c; Blanche) lab hll24 Hill 

Jenkins Ruth Mrs rl24 G Blount 

Jenkins Thos (c; Lessie) truck driver h210 Seawell av 

Jenkins W Henry jr (Lillian P) trav sismn h313 W Park di' 

Jenkins Walter (c) lab r308 Love's al 

Jenkins Wm (c; Vinie M; Five Points Gro Store) h728 S West 

Jennerjohn Clara B Mrs elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r409 N 

Jennerjohn Harold L (Clara B) business mgr Raleigh Township P>ublic 
Sch r409 N Wilmington 

Jennette Chas L (Louise B) cond hl809 White Oakrd 

Jennette Chas L jr student rl809 White Oak rd 

Jennette Dorothy W sch tchr rl809 White Oak rd 

Jennette Hubert B (Lucy W) elk SALRy h619 Wills Forest 

Jennette Wallace R (Mamie) auditor Sir Walter Hotel hlOlO W Lenoir 

Jennings Chas W (Hattie T) emp Postal-Teleg Cable Co hl03 Park av 
apt 2 

Jennings Charlotte L (c) r217 E Lenoir 

Jennings Ernest S (Lucy) in charge McDowell St Apts h401 S McDow- 
ell apt 101 





RAllEIGH, N. C. 

228 E. 








PHONES 405 AND 406 


Authoriz.d| LJJ^COLN 


Sales and Service 

Jennings G Blair (Bonnie M) br mgr The GreatA&PTeaCo hl910 Fair- 
view rd 
Jennings Lawrence Rev (c) evangelist rlOOl S Person 
Jennings Maceo H (c) cook r217 E Lenoir 

Jennings Mary C waitress Wright's Cafeteria r616 S Salisbury 
Jennings Ralph M (Myrtle V) slsmn h709 Gaston 

Jennings Wayman A Rev (c) pastor StPaul AME Ch h217 E Lenoir 
Jennings Willie (c) maid 3202 Clark av 
Jennings Zelphia (c) maid 400 Dixie Trail 
Jenrette Aileen student rl312 Filmore 

JENRETTE JOSEPH M (Emma V). Dist Mgr Pacific Mutual Life In- 
surance Co of California, hl313 Filmore, Tel 2623-M 

Jensen Lowery N (Esther R) tchr S A Braxton Music Co h701 Glen- 
wood av 

Jerkins Alf C mgr Anheuser-Busch Inc r618 Hillsboro 

Jerman B Sydnor (Edith M1 banker h7 E North 

Jerman Cornelia P (wid T Palmer) asst to collr USIntRev hl09 E Lane 

Jerman Donald S student r7 E North 

Jernigan Berline elk rl006 S Person 

Jernigan Fred C (Lillian P) auto mech rl28 Monie la 

Jernigan Hallett W (Mary E) dough mixer Royal Baking Co h914 (Boy- 
Ian dr 

Jernigan Jacob (c; Lizzie) lab hl309 Pender 

Jernigan Jacob jr (c) delmn Capitol Drug Store rl309 Pender 

Jernigan John sheet metal wkr rl006 S Person 

Jernigan John L (Effie) inspr h502 S Wilmington 

Jernigan Pauline B bkbndr E S King Bindery rl203 S Blount 

Jernigan Robt H (Bettie J) wtehmn Salvation Army Transient Home r 
600 S Bloodworth 

Jernigan Thos E (Bettie E) glazer h625 Dixie Trail 

Jerome F D (Camelia L) civ eng State Hwy Comn r Pittsboro N C 

Jessup Ruby E nurse 416 Elm r do 

Jeter Edna (c) dom rllll S Haywood 

Jeter Frank H (Irene A) agrl editor College News Bureau N C State 
College h304 Forest rd 

Jeter Henry (c; Mary) lab h405 N West 

Jeter John A (Margt) hlpr h270S Everett av 

Jeter Lula (c) Indrs h422 N West 

Jeter Paul H jr tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch rill Hillsboro 

Jeter Walker (c) lab rl015 Mark 

Jewel Chas A (Sallie) cond b221i,/. N Bloodworth 

Jiffy Grill (Leon P White) restr 24 W Hargett 

Jobe Harllee H trav slsmn r2 Hope 

Jobe Levi H (Lizzie W) director of publications State Dept of Public In- 
struction h2 Hope 

Johannesen Robt M (Bernice L) mgr General Electric Supply Corp h217 
E North apt 301 

Johansen Jas W (Lena H) extension mn h402 Home 

John Mary tchr Murnhey Sch rllO E Peace 

Johns Alice hl20 W Edenton 

Johns Lucy (c) cook r603 Saunders 

Johns Mattie I (wid Thos) h9 Maiden la 

Johns Robt E (Nan R) slsmn V O Parker Co rl20 W Edenton 

Johnson A Dewey (Norma M) slsmn The Vogue of Raleigh Inc h 
110 Hudson 

Johnson A Erma cash McLellan Stores Co r409 E Jones 

Johnson A Fab mgr used car dept Sanders Motor Co r RD 3 

Johnson A G (Pearl) trav slsmn r5 E Edenton 

Johnson A Lewis pntr State Hosp r do 

Johnson Albert (c) lab hl615 B 

Johnson Albert S (Susie E) bridge mn hl02 N State 

Johnson Albert S (Eliz H) tobacconist h2210 Fairview rd 

Johnson Alex (c; Virinda) lab h308 Fowle 

Johnson Algie (c) porter r315 Bragg 

Johnson Alonzo B Rev (c; Omlia) managing editor The Union Reformer 
r748 Fayetteville 

Johnson Amy (c) dom h508 E Worth 

Johnson Angeline V sec Carroll W Weathers r830 Orphanage dr 

Johnson Anna C laboratory technician County and City Board of Health 
rSOO New Bern av 

Johnson Anna M (wid Jas M) hl820 Park dr 

Johnson Annie (c) cook r228 Bledsoe av 

Johnson Arth J (Docia A) steelwki- h713 N Salisbury 

Johnson Atlas T (Iris E) elk Piggly Wiggly hl9 E Dixie dr 

CHOSS & Lil^Em^ CO, 



Johnson Atson B (Dorothy L) slsmn h2306 Pairview rd 

Johnson Battle (Bernice S) prsmn rll5 W Park dr 

Johnson Baxter (c; Lena) lab h209 N State 

Johnson Baye sten SALBy rll2 W Jones 

Johnson Beaulah V sten Robt G Lassiter & Co r220% W Morgan 

Johnson Benj F (c; Lamar L) waiter Sir Walter Hotel h583 E Lenoir 

Johnson Bernice C (Inez; Johnson Tire Co) r322 Cutler 

Johnson Bernice S Mrs sten State Hwy Purch Dept rll5 W Park dr 

Johnson Berta M (wid Ernest R) h219 N Bloodworth 

Johnson Bessie (c) r Wake County Home 

Johnson Bessie bkpr Taylor's r322 Cutler 

Johnson Bessie (c) dom h314 W South 

Johnson Bessie R slswn Hudson-Belk Co h200 E Edenton apt 7 

Johnson Bettie (c) dom h223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Bettie H (wid Wm T) hl20 StMary's 

Johnson Beulah (c) cook r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Beulah A Mrs rll7 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Bloyce W r615 N Boyland av 

Johnson C Edw (Olive A) slsmn Motor Bearings & Parts Co rl22 Hill- 
crest rd apt 1 

Johnson C Predk jr emp Hotel Carolina r220% W Morgan 

Johnson Carl (Dorothy) mech Sanders Motor Co r412 W Hargett 

Johnson Carlie E lab rlOl Hoke 

Johnson Caroline (c) dom hlO E Hayti al 

Johnson Cecelia P (wid Alonzo E) hll8 N McDowell 

Johnson Cecil bkpr H & H Tire Re-Treading Co r320 E Edenton 

Johnson Chas elk r314 E Hargett 

Johnson Chas (c) dish washer r606 Wynne 

Johnson Chas (c; Victoria) firemn r212 E Worth 

Johnson Chas (c) lab r327 W South 

JOHNSON CHARLES E (Nancy W), General Insurance, Stocks and 
Bonds 804-805 Odd Felloivs Bldjr 15 W Harffett, Tel 183, Sec-Treas 
Atlantic Fire Insurance Co and Pres Hamlet Ice Co, hl20 Hillsboro, 
Tel 137 (See rigrht top lines and page 37) 

Johnson Chas H (Nannie J) overseer h602 Holt 

Johnson Chas H jr elk r602 Holt 

Johnson Chas M (Ruth M) State treas and director of local government 
State Local Government Comn hl707 StMary's 

Johnson Chas R (Mae B) agt Home Security Life Ins Co r Gamer NC 

Johnson Chas W (Mattie S) agt Ry Exp Agcy Inc hll8 N Dawson 

Johnson Chas W (Clara L) barber CoUeRe Ct Barber Shop h207 Cox av 

Johnson Charlotte S (wid Bernice B) r704 Florence 

Johnson Christine slswn Hudson-Belk Co r Auburn N C 

Johnson Clara M Mrs cash W T Grant Co r709 Hillsboro 

Johnson Claude J (Maude L) sta atndt h520 S West 

Johnson Clem M r Hotel Carolina 

Johnson Clyde elk Union Grill r YMCA 

Johnson Connie toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rll7 W Park dr 

Johnson Cornelia E (wid Archie N) h322 Cutler 

Johnson Cornelius J (c; Lovie) janitor Coml Natl Bank Bldg hl002 Mark 

Johnson Cropsy L (c) student r809 Manly 

Johnson D Wiley (Maggie) h711 N Salisbury 

Johnson Daisy (c) dom h421 S Dawson 

Johnson David C (c; Christine) barber Beids Barber Shop h619 S Hay- 

Johnson David G agt Imperial Life Ins Co r Garner N C 

Johnson David W textile wkr 1-711 N Salisbury 

Johnson Debro (c) elk Sarah Harrison r402 Bragg 

Johnson Delia waitress Wilson's Coffee Shop r317 W Morgan 

Johnson Dennis (c; Beulah) cook h320 E Davie 

Johnson Douglas A (Lottie) asst mgr Home Security Life Ins Co r523 
New Bern av 

Johnson Durwood C (Pansy M) slsmn Staudt's Bakery h408 StMary's 

Johnson E Thurman (Yellow Front Bait Shop) r507 Devereux 

JOHNSON EARL (Josephine W) , Sec-Treas Moore & Johnson Co. hl712 
Scales, Tel 3561 

Johnson Earl truck driver rSll W Jones 

Johnson Earl F elk r548 E Jones 

Johnson Edith r830 Orphanage dr 

Johnson Edna Indry wkr r213 S Person 

Johnson Edw (c; Bettie) truck driver Westinghouse Elec Supply Co h 
1006 Mark 

Johnson Edw D (c; Lucinda) lab h416 Lee 

Johnson Eliz H (wid Wm A) h304 W Edenton 




Johnson Eliz S elk State Hwy Comn rl20 StMary's 

Johnson Elmore (c; Sallie) janitor h600 Bragg 

Johnson Erdie E r602 Holt 

Johnson Ervin M (Dexta P; College Ct Barber Shop) h9 Dixie Trail 

Johnson Ethel (c) dom r212 Idlewlld av 

Johnson Ethel (c) sch tchr r306 Fowle 

Johnson Ethel R r518 S Boylan av 

Johnson Etta (c) dom h422 S Haywood 

Johnson Etta Mrs r Wake County Home 

Johnson Eug (c; Rosa) lab h8 Parham's al 

Johnson Evelyn W student r713', Hinsdale 

Johnson Evie B (wid Wm T) h524 N Bloodworth 

Johnson P Lucille mus tchr 406 Kinsey r do 

Johnson Fannie (c) r222 Fowle 

Johnson Faye tchr Thompson Sch rl27 New Bern av apt 101 

Johnson Florence (c) dom rl304 Hill 

Johnson Florence D Mrs nurse rllO S McDowell 

Johnson Floyd S (Lula) textile wkr b602 N Dawson 

Johnson Foymae r713 N Salisbury 

Johnson Prances M sten N C Truck Owners Assn r Mansion Park Hotel 

Johnson Frances M (wid Livingston) h206 Ashe av 

Johnson Frank (c) hlpr rl015 Smithfield 

Johnson Prank (c) student rll06 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Prank H sch tchr rl32 S Boylan av 

Johnson Fred (c; Mabel) r403 W South 

Johnson Geo H (Lina T) slsmn h830 Orphanage dr 

Johnson Gilliam (Margt K) elk rl25 Halifax 

Johnson Glen (c) porter East Coast Stages Inc rl5 Heck's al 

Johnson Grace A 'c) dom h715 S East 

Johnson Grace G sten John C Drewry r220y2 W Morgan 

Johnson Grady (c; Louella) janitor h614 Cannon 

Johnson Gretchen L slswn W T Grant Co r317 W Morgan 

Johnson H Dewitt (Bennie B) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co rl05 Park 

Johnson H Thorne elk CP&LCo r201 N Wilmington 

Johnson Hannah (c) r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Harriet (c) cook r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Harvey J taxmn h627 W Lane 

Johnson Hattie (c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Haywood CBettie) h601 Anwood pi 

Johnson Haywood L (Lula E) pntr h9 W Johnson 

Johnson Henry (c> driver Warren's Transfer r901 Payette ville 

Johnson Henry L elk State Local Government Comn rl707 StMary's 

Johnson Henry M (c) student r715 S East 

Johnson Henry T (c) tchr Washington High Sch r rear 516 S Salisbury 

Johnson Howard hlpr rlOl Hoke 

Johnson Hubert E slsmn Blackwood's Inc r523 New Bern av 

Johnson Hubert R sta atndt r704 Florence 

Johnson Hubert W slsmn Johnson Tire Co r301 Glascock 

Johnson Ida M opr DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r312 E Edenton 

Johnson Irma r311 w Park dr 

Johnson Isaac (c) student r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Isaiah (c) cook D & H Cafe r826y3 Payetteville 

Johnson Ivey M (Addie O) sta atndt r704 Florence 

Johnson J Albert (Caroline) bldg contr 122 Hillcrest rd apt 1 h do 

Johnson J Baxter (Clare S) pres Capital City Paper Co Inc hS03 S Boy- 
lan av 

Johnson J Baxter ,ir atndt Ideal Service Sta r609 S Boylan av 

Johnson J Colon (Ethel S) news dlr rSlO S East 

Johnson J Hugh_(Leon) eng hSOl Polk 

Johnson J Lee (ma S) ship elk Pine State Creamery Co h225 Glenwood av 

Johnson J Louie (Nancy S) t and r chf Postal-Teleg Cable Co h516 Elm 

Johnson J P tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r Garner N C 

Johnson J Ralph interne Rex Hosp r do 

Johnson Jas (c) r822 Manlv 

Johnson Jas fc) dishwasher Capitol Restr r526 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Jas (c; Nannie) driver h220 W Cabarnis 

Johnson Jas (c) lab rl615 B 

Johnson Jas A (Mae A) h522 N West 

Johnson Jas B (Lula M) r514 E Hargett 

Johnson Jas F (Eliz) pres-treas Cherokee Brick Co and pres Johnson 
& Johnson Co Inc h Country Club dr at end 

Johnson Jas M drf tsmn State Hwy Comn rl620 Park dr 






Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Johnson Jas M jr auctioneer 234 Payetteville R309 rl620 Park dr 

Johnson Jeff (c; Caroline) lab r604 Railroad av 

Johnson Jefferson D agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co rll2y2 Payetteville 

Johnson Jessie E r819 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Jewel (c; Mazie) lab h305 Washington (College Pk) 

Johnson John D (Margt H) blksmith 128 E CabaiTUS h704 N Person 

Johnson John D ins agt rll2>2 Payetteville 

Johnson John H (Margt W) lawyer 5 Exchange pi R204 r Anderson Hts 

Johnson John R (Ellz D) flgmn h606 E Franklin 

Johnson Jos Rev (c) r603 S Wilmington 

Johnson Joy B (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson June (c; Nellie) h212 E Worth 

Johnson Junius (c; Nannie) lab hl310 New Bern av 

Johnson Kathleen Mrs slswn W T Grant Co r548 E Jones 

Johnson Kathleen E asst sec Associated Charities r518 S Boylan av 

Johnson Kenneth L dentist 135 Payetteville R302 r322 Cutler 

Johnson L Alton (Lena B; Johnson's Jewelry Shop) h404 Frank 

Johnson L Elmond (Florence M) mech State Hwy Comn h409 E Jones 

Johnson Lacy L (Clara B) flgmn r709 Hillsboro 

Johnson Laura (c) dom r526 E Edenton 

Johnson Laura E Mrs gro 841 W Morgan h843 do 

Johnson Lear (c) h809 Manly 

Johnson Lee M (Fannie A) wtchmn h504 N Person 

Johnson Lenox (Janice M) eng hl603 Dare 

Johnson Leola (c) r421 S Dawson 

Johnson Leon E student r409 E Jones 

Johnson Leslie elk r524 N Bloodworth 

Johnson Lindsey H (Verta M) auto mech r411 E Morgan 

Johnson Lizzie (c) r421 S Dawson 

Johnson Lonnie (c) chauf r417 Cannon 

Johnson Lottie (c) dom r223 E Cabarrus 

Johnson Lottie M Mrs sten Garland C Norris & Co r523 New Bern av 

Johnson Louis (c; Theodora) lab hl5 Heck's al 

Johnson Lucille E slswn Alf Williams & Co r518 S Boylan av 

Johnson Lucinda (c) dom r715 S East 

Johnson Lucy C (c) dietitian StAugustine's College r do 

Johnson Lucy M sten State Hwy Purch Dept rl20 StMary's 

Johnson M Dorothy slswn r524 N Bloodworth 

Johnson M Eliz ( wid Jesse W) r432 (428) Payetteville 

Johnson Maggie (c) h752 Payetteville 

Johnson Margt B rl533 Sunrise av 

Johnson Margt L r304 W Edenton 

Johnson Marie tchr King's Business College r YWCA 

Johnson Marion (Rebecca) r708 Devereux 

Johnson Marvin H i-2 W Dixie dr 

Johnson Mai-y (c) dom hl308 New Bern av 

Johnson Mary (c) waitress YWCA rl5 Heck's al 

Johnson Mary E r207 Cox av 

Johnson Mary E h319 Idlewild av 

Johnson Mary L associate prof Meredith College r206 Ashe av 

Johnson Mary L student rll8 N Dawson 

Johnson Mary W beauty opr r602 Holt 

Johnson Maude A i-708 E Hargett 

Johnson Mavis bkbndr Bynum Printing Co r210 W Morgan 

Johnson May V rl539 Carr 

Johnson Memorial Baptist Church Rev Hubert L Arnold pastor 618 W 

Johnson Memorial Baptist Church Sunday School Room N Boylan av 

cor North 
Johnson Minnie (c) Indrywkr r223 E Cabarrus 
Johnson Minnie Mrs h220y2 W Morgan 

Johnson Minnie E (wid Prank w) elk Royster's h518 S Boylan av 
Johnson Minnie M 1-704 Florence 
Johnson Nannie (c) maid State Laboratory of Hygiene rlSlO New Bern 

Johnson Neal H (Callie W) carp h713 Hinsdale 
Johnson Nellie M hl512 New Bern av 
Johnson Noah J elk Person St Pharmacy r503 N Person 
Johnson Nolas (Viola S) welder r601 W Cabarrus 
Johnson Nonie (c) maid Hotel Raleigh rllll Hill 
Johnson Nora Mi's matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 
Johnson Odell (c; D & H Cafe) r826V2 Payetteville 
Johnson Oscar P lawyer 10 W Martin r813 Clay 
Johnson Paul B (Ava M) route formn Pine State Creamery Co hl20 



Alfred Williams & Co. 



Johnson Paul H (Laura E) cabtmkr Martin Millwork Co h843 W Morgan 

Johnson Peele camp director Carolina Pines Boys' Camp r Carolina Knes 

Johnson Peggie r323 E Morgan 

Johnson Quincy (c; Nonie) lab hllll Hill 

Johnson R Gilliam (Margt K) cash Sou Ry System hll S Harrignton 

Johnson R L Motor Co (Robt L Johnson) auto reprs 323 S McDowell i 

Johnson Raleigh (Alice) carp hlOl Hoke 

Johnson Rebecca M (wid Jas I) rl23 E Edenton 

Johnson Reid (c; Clara) porter h605 Bragg 

Johnson Riohd (c; Sarah) lab h320 W South 

Johnson Robbie L sten Mary Elizabeth Clinic Inc r321 E Morgan 

Johnson Robt (c; Ella) hlpr hi 323 New Bern av 

Johnson Robt H (c; Lillie) butler h2n Camden 

Johnson Robt L (Grace E: R L Johnson Motor Co) r223 N Salisbury 

Johnson Robt L (Emma R) pntr r708 E Hargett 

Johnson Robt T druggist State Prison r do 

Johnson Roberta sec Dr Jas S Mitchener 135 Fayetteville R302 

Johnson Roland R (Alma) reprmn h4-02 Gary 

Johnson Rosa (c) presser Sanitary Lndry h418 Patterson la 

Johnson Rosser O (Almeda B) dist mgr Life Ins Co of Va h4(}7 Polk 

Johnson Ruby r322 Cutler 

Johnson Ruby S waitress Shell-Pen Sta r319 W Edenton 

Johnson Ruffin P (Rosa) car inspr SALRy h548 E Jones 

Johnson Rufus (C; Callie) lab h710 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Rufus Rev (c) r306 N State 

Johnson Ruth T Mrs manicurist h323 E Morgan 

Johnson S Hubert (Margt E) lighting specialist CP&LCo h414 Chamber- 

Johnson S Pearl cash Efii'd's Dept Store r514 E Hargett 

Johnson Sadie (c) Indrywkr r555 E Davie 

Johnson Sallie (c) dom rll06 S Bloodworth 

Johnson Saral (c; Pauline) furn repr 600 E Davie hl309 E Lane 

Johnson Sarah (c) r Wake County Home 

Johnson Shepard (c) lab r600 Bragg 

Johnson Sonnie (c) hlpr rl5 Heck's al 

Johnson Stella (c) maid r513 S Blount 

Johnson Susan (c) h rear 516 S Salisbury 

Johnson T Aubrey hlpr r713 Hinsdale 

Johnson T S prof N C State College r do 

Johnson Tapley O slsmn Sanders Motor Co r32r E Morgan 

Johnson The Apartments 122 Hillcrest rd 

Johnson Theo S (Marian R) hl026 Cowper dr 

Johnson Thos W (Etliel P) slsmn Kearns' Ice & Coal Co h405 Aycocfc 

Jolxnson Tire Co (Bernice C Johnson) 135 E Morgan 

Johnson Trilby V opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r RD 5 

Johnson Turner (c; Mary) labh223 Mangum 

Johnson V Doris student r2 W Dixie dr 

Johnson V Freeman (C; Berlena) auto repr 108 E Lenoir h603 S Wil- 

Johnson Vallie B (wid P Tilden) h406 Kinsey 

Johnson Verna toll opr SouBellTelcSjTelegCo rll7 W, Park dr 

Johnson Victoria H (wid Arth R D) hl32 S Boylan av 

Johnson Violet M r704 Florence 

Johnson Virinda (c) maid Hotel Raleigh r308 Fowle 

Johnson W Andrew (Nora) car inspr SALRy h2 W Dixie dr 

Johnson W Andrew .1r driver Carolina Del Service r2 W Dixie dr 

Johnson 'W Early stock elk Bynum Printing Co r507 Devereux 

Johnson W Frank r548 E Jones 

Johnson W Howard (M Gladys) mech Tilghman Motors Inc h216 Cox av 

Johnson Wade E (Alma M) dairymn r220 St Mary's 

Johnson Wallace (c; Isabelle) janitor h555 E Davie 

Johnson Walter (c; Rosella) cook Caoitol Restaurant hlO S State f 

Johnson Walter S (Lottie I) yd cond Sou Ry System h305 S Dawson 

Johnson Wayland slsmn r423 Fayetteville 

Johnson Wilbert T (Gertrude) atndt Ellington's Service Sta r519 S 

Johnson Wm (c) lab hl304 E Lane 

Johnson Wm A carp h507 Devereux 

Johnson Wm B (Jessie C) mattressmkr hSlO S East 

Johnson Wm C (c) lab r212 Idlewild av 

Johnson Wm C (Annie) pntr h404 Cary 

Johnson Wm P r305 S Dawson 

Johnson Wm J (c: Esther) lab h822 Manly 

Johnson Wm L (Blanche) pliarm Person St Pharmacy r214 Halifax 

Johnson Wm R (Ella W; Johnson's Drug Store) hl217 Wake Forest rd 






Johnson Willie H sten rl20 St Mary's 

Johnson Willie M (c) r329 Battle 

Johnson Willie M (c) dom r212 Idlewild av 

Johnson Willie M (c) Indrs r418 Patterson la 

Johnson & Johnson Co Inc Jas P Johnson pres Zebulon V Peed v-pres- 
sec holding company 20 E Martin R805 

Johnson's Drug Store (Wm R Johnson) 328 E Martin 

Johnson's Jewelry Shop (L Alton Johnson) reprs 17 E Hargett 

Johnston Duncan L (Edith P) ydmstr h2504 Beech Ridge rd 

Johnston Erby A laboratoi-y aide State Laboratory of Hygiene r2504 Beech 
Ridge rd 

Johnston Mary E (c) asst matron StAugustine's College r do 

Johnston Olin C (Eliz B) slsmn rl04 N McDowell 

Johnston Pieman R (Frances M) mstr mech hl325 Mordecai dr 

Johnston Wjn H (Agnes) watchmkr 107 W Martin hll07 Mordecai dr 

Johnston Wm H jr (Mary L) filling sta rll07 Mordecai dr 

Jolley Chas C (Annie L) bus opr hl8 E Dixie dr 

JoUey Ida (c) dom hl207 S Bloodworth 

Jolly B Rush slsmn Jolly's Inc 1-929 Holt dr 

Jolly Chas C (c; Rosalia E) gro 621 E Davie h314 E Cabarrus 

Jolly Hattie (wid Benj R) rl09 S McDowell 

Jolly Janie R student r929 Holt dr 

Jolly Janie R (wid Frank M) pres-treas Jolly's Inc h929 Holt dr 

Jolly Simon (c; Jane) h40'7 Bledsoe av 

Jolly Susan sec Jolly's Inc r929 Holt dr 

JOLLY'S INC, Mrs Janie R Jolly Pres-Treas, Albert L Cox V-Pres, 
Susan Jolly Sec, Leading- Jewelers and Silversmiths 128 Fayetteville, 
Tel 772 

JONAS SHOPPE, David M Lowenberg Mgr, Ladies' and Misses' Ready- 
to-Wear, Millinery, Hosiery and Pocketbooks, 226 Fayetteville, Tel 
Jones A W slsmn Sanders Motor Co r Neuse N C 

Jones Adam C (Margt R) dep elk County Superior Court r201 E Hargett 
Jones Addie (c) dom h4n Montague la 
Jones Agnes E (wid Red J) marker Sanitary Lndry h418 S Bloodworth 

Jones Albert mech B-N Motor Co r Wendell rd 

Jones Alethea (c) 1415 New Bern av 

Jones Alex S (c) janitor State Adjutant-Genl r907 E Martin 

Jones Alf (c; Eugenia) whsemn h421 Watson 

Jones Alice (c) hl24 W Cabarrus 

Jones Alice (c) cook 908 Cowper dr 

Jones Alice E (c) tchx Lucille Hunter Sch r213 E Cabarrus 

Jones Alice J sten Bunn & Arendell rl E Dixie dr 

Jones Alice L student rl05 N East 

Jones Allen (c; Adelle) lab hl222 Hill 

Jones Alma (c) dom r416 S Blount 

Jones Alma Indrs State Hosp r do 

Jones Alma G Mrs bkpr Pilot Mills Co r512 N Blount 

Jones Almeda (c) dom r216 Camden 

Jones Alonzo (c) porter Ideal Barber Shop r208 S Pettigrew 

Jones Alphonso (Mattie P) elk h421 N Blount 

Jones Amelia (c) dom r426 S Blount 

Jones Andrew (Alma J) elk USPO h507 W Peace 

Jones Angeline (c) dom r804 S Person 

Jones Anna (c) presser Sanitary Lndry h520 Cannon 

Jones Annie (c) h719 Saunders 

Jones Annie (c) cook 420 Cutler 

Jones Annie (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel rSlO S Blount 

Jones Annie (c) maid Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r625 South Boundary 

Jones Annie B (c) dom r321 3 Hasrwood 

Jones Annie B sten U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r803 N Person 

Jones Annie R (c) student r427 Smith 

Jones Arabelle (c) dom h533 E Davie 

Jones Arlene Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r RD 4 

Jones Arth (c; Lorena) lab hl405 New Bern av 











Audits — S 








ns — St 








5.G r^ 














The Raleigh Building and Imm Association 





Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Jones Arth Rev (c) h408 Cannon 

Jones Arth jr (c) r408 Cannon 

Jones Arth D asst prof N C State College rill Chamberlain 

Jones Arth G (Lula) lab h718 Tucker 

Jones Aith H opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co r Wendell N C 

Jones Aubrey (c; Lessie) cement fnshr h704 E Davie 

Jones Aug-usta S (wid David Z) r512 Oakwood av 

Jones B W.allace (Ethel G) elk h507 N Person 

Jones Beatrice W (c) sch tchr r518 W South 

Jones Bernice O opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r223 N East 

Jones Bessie (c; Third Ward Cafe) r503 S Blount 

Jones Bessie (c) dom r522 S East 

Jones Bessie V slswn F W Woolworth Co rl625 Sunrise av 

Jones Bethel (c; Bessie) cook Third Ward Cafe h503 S Blount 

Jones Betsy (c) maid h413 Green 

Jones Beulah (c) elev opr Hotel Carolina h922 E Jones 

Jones Boyd J (c) delmn rlll6 Holman 

Jones Brancy sten r213 (214) Polk 

Jones C Blanchard (Mary W; Halifax St Grocery) h404 Polk 

Jones C Christine r209 Park av 

Jones C Delno slsmn Hubert R Wood r RD 4 

Jones Calvin M slsmn Staudt's Bakery rl07 Harrison av 

Jones Carmen r502 Tilden 

Jones Caroline M sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank rlll5 HiUsboro 

Jones Cath (c) dom r417 Montague la 

Jones Cath (c) dom h908 S Wilmington 

Jones Cath (c) maid Hotel Raleigh r907 Fayetteville 

Jones Cecil (c) dom r716 Fayetteville 

Jones Chas (c) h336 W, South 

Jones Chas elk r609 Polk 

Jones Chas (c; Ethel M) porter r716 Fayetteville 

Jones Chas C Rev (c; Ethel) pastor Tupper Memorial Baptist Ch h540i B , 

Jones Chas U (c; Ruth) porter Capital Printing Co rl411 E Jones 
Jones Charlotte (c) Indrs r2 Gatling la 

Jones Chauncey M pres Standard Supply Co Inc r Sir Walter Hotel 
Jones Christine (c) dom r828 Fayetteville 
Jones Clara (c) r408 Cannon 
Jones Clarence (c; Fannie) lab h704 Bragg 
Jones Clarence L meatctr rl06 Idlewild av 

Jones Clarence S sten Pender Mfg & Supply Co r3200 HiUsboro apt 04 
Jones Clellie sten rl023 W South 
Jones Clyda M Mrs elk WUTelegCo rl321 Hinton 
Jones Coleen (c) dom r704 Bragg 
Jones Columbia M (wid Hamilton T) hl27 N Blount 
Jones Connie Mi-s r Wake County Home 
Jones Cora (c) dom h722 S Dawson 
Jones Cora (c) dom r605 S Harrington 
Jones Cora (c) dom r211 N Haywood 
Jones Cora (c) dom h825 S West 
Jones Corinna (c) Indrs h709 S East 

Jones Corydon S (Emma U) elk US PO h2106 Country Club dr 
Jones Crayton (c) car washer rllll SWUmington 
Jones David (c; Lottie B) lab rl207 Holman 
Jones David (c; Gertrude) lab hl209 S Person 
Jones David H (Ruby W) mech State Hwy Comn h9 S Person 
Jones Dean W slsmn rllO N Person 

Jones Delmar (c; Martha) porter Gulf Refining Co hill N Swain 
Jones Dock L car inspr SALRy rll6 Halifax 

Jones Donnie (c; Hattie) porter East Coast Stages Inc h7 Bladen 
Jones Dora H sten A T Allen & Co h2512% Clark av 
Jones Dorothy (c) cook rSll W South 
Jones Dorothy (c) dom rl20 Smithfield 

Jones Dorothy E bkpr Goodwin-Smith Furn Co rl E Dixie dr 
Jones Edgar (c) janitor The Capitol Theatre rllll S Wilmington 
Jones Edith Mrs elk rl34 Lincoln dr 
Jones Edna M (c) sec to pres Shaw University r do 
Jones Edna R r527 N East 
Jones Edw (c) USN r605 Jamaica dr 
Jones Edw H (c) delmn r907 F'ayetteville 
Jones Elijah (c; Rosa) millwkr holl Patterson la 
Jones Eliz (c) dom r530 S Bloodworth 
Jones Eliz (c) maid Hotel Raleigh 138 W Martin 
Jones Eliz A r527 N East 
Jones Ella (c) cook i^45 S Blount 


The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Jones Ella (c) Indrs li745 S Blount 

Jones Ella (c) Indrs h628 South Boundary 

Jones Ellie (c) dom hl05 W Cabarrus 

Jones Emanuel cc) janitor State Corp Comn h907 Fayetteville 

Jones Emma CO dom rll20 S Bloodworth 

Jones Emma (c) dom h223 (211) Branch (SPk) 

Jones Eric C slsmn Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc r328 W Edenton 

Jones Ernest (c) r27 W Hayti al 

Jones Ernest (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r212 Lee 

Jones Ernest (c; Minnie) janitor hlUl S Wilmington 

Jones Ernest C (Effie A) slsmn h317y2 Oakwood av 

Jones Essie M slswn P W Woolworth Co rl06 Idlewild av 

Jones Esther (c) dom r747 Fayetteville 

Jones Esther (c) dom h206 Selwin al 

Jones Eula rlll2 N Wilmington 

Jones Evelyn (c) dom r926 E Hargett 

Jones F Gertrude (wid John) textile wkr h802 Harp 

Jones F Wyatt r513 N Salisbury 

Jones Fannie (c) smstrs r405 S Swain 

Jones Florence H welfarewkr r921 Vance 

Jones Flossie A (wid John H; Jones & Jones) h319 W Davie 

Jones Frances (c) dom r96 Lake 

Jones Prank E (Omaha) hl625 Sunrise av 

Jones Pred (c) lab rl405 New Bern av 

Jones Fred C (Mildred B; Jones & Wynne) hlOo N East 

Jones Fred E (Lillie D car inspr h200 Pershing rd 

Jones Predk H (Mary E) cond hl800 Paii-view rd 

Jones Gabriel (c) lab r429 S Swain 

Jones Garland r921 Vance 

Jones Garland (c) delmn Ralph L Penney r422 S Bloodworth 

Jones Gatesy (c) dom h907 E Martin 

Jones Geo (c) waiter Wooten's Homeytel r556 E Edenton 

Jones Geo H textilewkr r512 N Dawson 

Jones Geo L (Essie R) bus opr hl06 Idlewild av 

Jones Geo M (An-etta S) eng h521 W Cabarrus 

Jones Geo T (c; Alice; Community Drug Store) sec-treas Mallette tm-ug 

Co Inc h213 E Cabarrus 
Jones Geo T (Jones & Jones) r319 W Davie 
Jones Gerlieve (c) student rl05 N State 
Jones Gif ford R stitcher r802 Hai-p 

Jones Gladys slswn Charles Stores Co Inc 209 FayetteviUe 
Jones Glenwood E (c; Ruth S) business mgr Shaw University h715 S 

Jones Grover W r209 Park av 
Jones Gwendolyn elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl02 New 

Bern av 
Jones H Hunter v-pres Capital City Lndry r Durham N C 
Jones Hal L elk r200 Pershing rd 
Jones Harold (c) hlpr rllll S Wilmington 
Jones Harold I (c) sch tchr r518 W South 

Jones Harvey (A Louise) lawyer 320 S Salisbury 5th fi r307 Glenwood av 
Jones Harvey B (Margt) carp h714 W Peace 
Jones Hattie L (c) dom r710 Shaw ct 
Jones Haywood (c; Dora) lab h708 Bragg 
Jones Haywood (c) lab r720 Cotton pi 
Jones Helen (c) Indrs h213 S Pettigrew 
Jones Henry (c) housemn r504 E Cabarrus 
Jones Henry (c; Bertha) lab h5 Maple 

Jones Herbert S (Elsie L U) frt agt N-SRRCo h2213 The Circle 
Jones Hester (c) dom h726 3 West 
Jones Holly (c) porter Empire Club r211 N Haywood 
Jones Howard (c; Annie) lab h314 Bledsoe av 

Jones Hubert (c; Marv) emp Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co h430 S Swain 
Jones Hyacinth C elk W H King Drug Co Inc rllB Hudson 
Jones Ida (c) student r427 Smith 
Jones Ira L (Malva H) acct CP&LCo h3 Enterprise 
Jones Irene (c) Indrs r511 W South 
Jones Isaac (c) lab rll7 W Peace 
Jones lula (c) Indrs hlll6 Holman 

Jones Ivan D horticultural physiologist N C State College rl508 Benehan 
Jones J David textilewkr r512 N Dawson 
Jones J Dewey (Gladys) sei-vicemn hl630 Sunrise av 
Jones J Elbert barber Sanitary Barber 'Shop r Clayton N C 
Jones J Elton (Katie M) emp Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co h216% N 



m Appliances 


iUI Typcwntcr; 

■■ Adding 


Clips and 



> Printing 


H Fumitu 




L l!irl 




for the 









PHONE 4020 

Jones Jas (c) r Wake County Home 

Jones Jas (c) delmn r4n Montague la 

Jones Jas (c) porter Galloway's Professional Bldg Pharmacy' r422 S Hay- 

Jones Jas (c; Alberta) sta firemn rl508 Pender 

Jones Jas A (Gertrude Y) asst supt of power CP&LCo hl211 Mordecai dr 

Jones Jas B (c) lab r326 Bragg 

Jones Jas C (Katie P) elk hl24 N Salisbui-y 

Jones Jas E (Sadie C) h616 W Cabarrus 

Jones Jas G (Nellie E) sta oprh23 W Dixie dr 

Jones Jas J Rev ((c; Emma) pastor Union Baptist Ch h605 Jamaica dr 

Jones Jas B (c; Minnie) janitor h212 Lee 

Jones Jas T (c) taxi driver r3n E Lenoir 

Jones Jas W h512 N Dawson 

Jones Jesse (c; Berlie) chauf h576 E Lenoir 

Jones Jessie B (c) dom rlU6 Holman 

Jones Jestaver (c) USN r605 Jamaica dr 

Jones Jeter (c) delmn Cutler St Gro rlll6 Holman 

Jones Jether (c) USN r605 Jamaica dr 

Jones John (c) car washer Austin & Eisenhart r556 E Edenton 

Jones John (c) clothes presser Worth B Gill r BD 1 

Jones John (c) delmn rlOl Lake 

Jones John (c; Ida) lab h707 E Lane 

Jones John (c; Sadie) lab hSlO S Swain 

Jones John D (Lena E) collr hl314 Hinton 

Jones John E (c; Sarali) janitor State Capitol hlOlS E Davie 

Jones John E (c) lab rl4 Ross 

Jones John M (Katie B) trav slsmn h2224 The Circle 

Jones Johnson E (Mildred W) driver Mrs Morton's Pastry Shop hll7 Cox 

Jones Jos (c) lab r510 S Blount 

Jones Jos (c; Delia) wood 10 Hill (College Pk) hl33 Lincoln dr 

Jones Jos S (L Florence) section formn Sou Ry System h615 S Salisbury 

Jones Julia A (c) midwife 6 Lee h do 

Jones Julia E (c) hrdrsr 1051/2 E Hargett rl05 N State 

Jones Kate (c) r726 S West 

Jones Kathleen (c) maid r623 W Lenoir 

Jones Kathleen S sten r3 E Dixie dr 

Jones Katie P Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hl24 N Salisbury 

Jones Kittle (c) Indis h552 E Cabarrus 

Jones L Allen (c; Ella) lab h208 S Pettigrew 

Jones L David (c) farmhd r206 S Pettigrew 

Jones L Florence Mrs fum rms 615 S Salisbury r do 

Jones Lafayette (c) lab h311 W South 

Jones Laura tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rl32 S Boylan av 

Jones Leon M (Letitia H sec-treas-mgr Capital City Lndry h507 N Blount 

Jones Leonidas J pres Capital City Lndi-y r Durham N C 

Jones Leroy (c) r527 Cannon 

Jones Letha fotywkr r210 W Lane 

Jones Letha J (wid J Lonnie) r555 E Martin 

Jones Lettie M (c) dom r417 Montague la 

Jones Lillian (c) dom r530 S Bloodworth 

Jones Lillian (c) dom r926 E Hargett 

Jones Lima waitress The Mecca Luncheonette r501 Oakwood av 

Jones Lizzie (c) Indrs hl304 Center 

Jones Lizzie F (wid Chas A) h707 N Person 

Jones Lola (c) dom hl05 Chestnut 

Jones Lonie (c) dom r417 Montague la 

Jones Lonnie M (c) paper hngr h616 E Davie 

Jones Lottie (c) Indrywkr Sanitary Lndry 411 S McDowell 

Jones Louis V (c; Mamie L) bellmn Hotel Carolina hllll S Person 

Jones Louise L sten rl27 New Bern av apt 404 

Jones Louise R opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r307 Glenwood av 
Jones Lovie tchr Peace a Junior College for Women r do 

Jones Lovie (c) dom r556 E Edenton 

Jones Lucille (c) dom rl305 S Person 

Jones Lucille E Mrs waitress Wilson's Coffee Shop h7 Glenwood av apt 

Jones Lucy (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Jones Luella (c) cook r208 S Pettigrew 

Jones Lugenia (c) dom rl601 Pender 

Jones Luke T (c) waiter Louise Mahler r Shaw University 

Jones Lula (c) dom h406 Smithfield 

Jones Lula P Mrs hll6 W Edenton 

Jones Luvenia (c) nurse 312 Tucker r do 




Jones Lyda J hl27 New Bern av apt 404 

Jones M Virginia elk MoLellan Stores Co rSOl Fayetteville 

Jones Mabel (c) cook r211 E Worth 

Jones Malachl J (c; Margt> carrier USPO h549 E Lenoir 

Jones Malchus G (Madge B) cond hl22 N McDowell 

Jones Mallie (c) sta firemn Rex Hosp r518 E Davie 

Jones Malva H Mrs bkpr Electl Equipment Co Inc r2202 Hillsboro 

Jones Mamie Cwid W Oscar) rl03 Park av 

Jones Margt (c) dom rlll9 S Haywood 

Jones Margt sten N C State College r2512y2 Clark av 

Jones Margt H (c) bkpr The Mechanics & Farmers Bank h27 W Hayti al 

Jones Margt L r707 N Person 

Jones Margt H (c) bkpr The Mechanics & Farmers Bank h27 W Hayti al 

Jones Martel O (Beulah B) h602 NSalisbury 

Jones Mary (c) cook r745 S Blount 

Jones Mary (c) cook r574 E Lenoir 

Jones Mary (c) dom r215 Smithfield 

Jones Mary sch tchr r421 N Blount 

Jones Mary (c) sch tchr rSOl Branch 

Jones Mattie I rl701 New Bern av ^ , 

Jones Mattie P (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r410 E 

Jones Mavis Mrs rl4 S Swain 

Jones Maxton (c) r Wake County Home 

Jones Melissa (c) dom r601 S Haywood 

Jones Melvina A (c) r521 W South 

Jones Metta emp Capudlne Chemical Co rl607 Sunrise av 

Jones Mildred (c) Indrs r552 E Cabarrus 

Jones Millie (c) Indrs h570 E Cabarrus 

Jones Minerva rSOl New Bern av 

Jones Minnie (c) dom h313 Battle 

Jones Minnie E r502 Polk 

Jones Minta (c) dom r211 N Haywood 

Jones Moses (c) hipr Sir Walter Hotel Garage r RD 4 

Jones Nancy sten r903 New Bern av 

Jones Nathaniel (c) clothes presser rl24 W Cabarrus 

Jones Nathaniel (c) lab h521 W South 

Jones Needham T (Lois I) ice cream mkr White Dairy Products Co h 
50514 Florence 

Jones Nora <c) dom r574 E Cabarrus 

Jones Nora A (c) nurse 709 Shaw ct h do 

Jones Ola 1 wid Alvis) r703 Gaston 

Jones Oscar M (Delia F) elk State Treas hllS S East 

Jones Oscar W (c) (Jennie) gro 603 S Blount h204 E Lenoir 

Jones Otis V (Irma C) elk Martin St Pharmacy h620 Wills Forest 

Jones Ottie (e) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry h614 E Davie 

Jones Patk P (Jennie) carp hll4 S Blount 

Jones Pattie (c) dom r311 W South 

Jones Paul B (Sadie I) mech State Hwy Comn h527 N East 

Jones Pearl (c) dom i-726 S West 

Jones Pearl A rl701 New Bern av 

Jones Pearle smstrs Teachey-Womble Inc r Westover 

Jones Pennie (c) dom rll20 S Bloodworth 

Jones Percy (Lama) atndt State Hosp rSOl Oakwood av 

Jones Percy L r615 S Salisbury 

Jones Phoebe Mrs r Wake County Home 

Jones R D r Hotel Carolina 

Jones R Earlie slsmn Hudson-Belk Co r Auburn N C 

Jones R Ward chf elk to frt agt SAL Ry r Auburn N C 

Jones R Willard auto mech r201 Cox av 

Jones Ralph B (Addie M) wtchmn hl8 Pirwood av 

Jones Ray S (Helen L) elk Sir Walter Hotel rl606 Glenwood av 

Jones Redden R jr (NelUe W) barber Salisbury St Barber Shop r228 Mc- 

Jones Reese L asst mgr Bolton Dixie Leather Co r223 N East 

Jones Rellie (c) dom h604 E Lenoir 

Jones Riehd (e) carp h429 S Swain 

Jones Richd (c) lab r322 N Haywood 

Jones Richd H student rlSOO Fairview rd 

Jones Richmond (c) sta firemn h518 W South 

Jones Robt (c) (Plonnie) hlOlO Cannister 

Jones Robt (c) (Temple) lab r203 W South 

Jones Robt (c) lab hSll E Worth 

Jones Robt jr (c) lab rlOlO Cannister 

116 L 




CAPITAL ^rfL-^^.^7f^f9^ CO. 


Jones Robt J (c) (Ida) janitor State Museum h517 S East 

Jones Robt R (Lula Mi auto body bldr 500 W Peace h201 Cox av 

Jones Roberta (c) dom r570 E Cabarrus 

Jones Roger B mstr mech r502 Tilden 

Jones Roney (c) dom r8 Gatling la 

Jones Roney J (c; Mamie) janitor State Capitol h709 E Davie 

Jones Ronnie L (Lorraine) slsmn Royal Baking Co r RD 1 

Jones Rosa (c) dom rl206 E Hargett 

Jones Rosa (c) dom hll W Hayti al 

Jones Rosa (c) matron h716 Payetteville 

Jones Rosa B (c) Indry wkr Sir Walter Hotel r46 Bragg 

Jones Rosa L (c) dom rl304 Center 

Jones Rosa L Co) r408 Cannon 

Jones Rowland F (Annadell) elk Hilker Bros hl627 Sunrise av 

Jones Royster (c; Mattie) dish washer B & B Cafe h522 S East 

Jones Rubv D asst bkpr Times Pub Co rll7 Park av 

Jones Rupert E Qrma B) auto mech Rogers Bros Service Corp h213 Cox av 

Jones Russell C (Helen R) slsmn hl22 Hillcrest rd apt 4 

Jones S B atndt State Hosp r do 

Jones S Grady (Addie L) elk Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h216 E Whitaker 

Mill rd 
Jones Salina (c) dom h556 E Edenton 
Jones Sallie B (wid Wesley N) hS03 N Person 
Jones Saluda (c) Indrs h216 Camden 
Jones Saml doffer rlll2 N Wilmington 
Jones Saml (c) la.b r628 South Boundary 
Jones Saml (o; Chessie M) track mn hl7 Railroad 
Jones Saml A (Corneha P) bus ODr CP&LCo h3 E Dixie dr 
Jones Saml A (Vivian H) cash Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h2512 Vandenbilt 

Jones Saml A jr printer The News & Observer r3 E Dixie dr 
Jones Saml M rSll S Bloodworth 
Jones Saml W (Sallie) firemn r707 N Person 
Jones Sarah (vnd Wallace H) r210 W Lane 
Jones Sarah (c) h915 Manly 
Jones Sarah A (wid Ulric B) hl806 Hillsboro 
Jones Sarah S (wid Wm B) hSOO N Blount 

Jones Shade (c) shoe shiner Salisbury St Barber Shop r208 S Pettigrew 
Jones Sherv/cod L minor observer U s Woather Bureau r RD 4 
Jones Sherwood W elk CP&L Co rl806 Hillsboro 
Jones Sidney (c) del mn Caoitol Dnjg Store r422 S Haywood 
Jones Sidney A (Sadie E) pi-inter h528 E Hargett 
Jones Sidney G student r528 E Hargett 
Jones Smiley (c) plstr r620 Oberlin rd 

Jones Stanford (c; Emma) cook Wilson's Coffee Shop h427 Smith 
Jones Stanford jr (c) student r427 Smith 
Jones Stella (c) cook r614 E Davie 
Jones Tasie A (c) dom rlll6 Holman 
Jones Texana (wid Haywood) hl701 New Bern av 
Jones Thelma (c) dom r30 Lee 
Jones Tlieo H (c) r320 Powle 
Jones Thos (c) auto mech h611 E Davie 
Jones Thos (c) car washer r910 Mark 
Jones Thos (c) waiter r556 E Edenton 
Jones Thos M mech State Hwy Comn rll4 S Blount 
Jones Thornie B auto mech r3'17% S Blount 
Jones Trixie (c) dom r518 S East 
Jones Ulysses (c; Ruth) truck driver rl411 E Jones 
Jones Viola (c) dom h754 Payetteville 
Jones Viola (c) cook rll W Worth 
Jones W Ervin (Lizzie) hlpr r713 Gaston 
Jones W Glenn (CIvda M) teleg ODr n321 Hinton 
Jones W Henry (Pearl) h326 W Jones 
Jones W Leslie (Lucille E) elk h7 Glenwood av apt 2 
Jones W Raymond (c) barber Sam Harris & Son r30 Lee 
Jones W Scott (Maiy A) meter reader hl306 Mordecai dr 
Jones Wade (c) student r512 S Blount 
Jones Wallace H linemn r210 W Lane 
Jones Walter H auto mech r201 Cox av 
Jones Walter H (Frances L) v-pres AWliite Dairy Products Co h807 Mc- 

Jones Walter W (Alma E) sheet metal wkr h217 S Haywood 
Jones Washington (c; Zylphia) shoe repr h602 StMary's 
Jones Wayland E (c; Jiilia) carrier USPO hlOo N State 





"The memory of quality lingers iouff after the price Is forgotten," 

Jones Wiley (c) lab rlll3 Holman 

Jones Wiley P slsmn Staudt's Bakery r Hillsboro rd 

Jones Willa L (c) sch tchr r518 W South 

Jones Wm elk r609 Polk 

Jones Wm (c: Penina) cook hl202 S East 

Jones Wm (c) dairy mn r228 E Lenoir 

Jones Wm (c) del mn Clifford P Smith rlOlO Cannister 

Jones Wm (c; Ola) lab hl017 Cannister 

Jones Wm (c; Juanita) lab h926 E Hargett 

Jones Wm (c) lab h211 N Haywood 

Jones Wm (c) lab r6 W Hayti al 

Jones Wm (c) plstr 1-745 S Blount 

Jones Wm B (Mary E) h6 Glenwood av 

Jones Wm B (Mary C) (Jones & Brassfield) h3414 Hillsboro 

Jones Wm B (Varah E) bridge wkr h512 S Bloodworth 

Jones Wm C r209 Park av 

Jones Wm D (c) car washer hSlO S Blount 

Jones Wm G (c; Bettie) bellmn Hotel Carolina h513 W South 

Jones Wm H (c; Rosa L) lab h326 Bragg 

Jones Wm H tchr StMarv's Sch r705 Hillsboro 

Jones Wm H H (Ida J) custodian h502 Tilden 

Jones Wm L (Alice A) spl del msngr USPO hi E Dixie dr 

Jones Wm P (Myrtle E) car inspr SAL Ry h630 Wills Forest 

Jones Wm R (Nancv M T) mech City Garage h209 Park av 

Jones Wm W (Ruth F) elk h5C7 Cleveland 

Jones Wilma (c) 1-719 Saunders 

Jones Wincie (c) r2408 A 

Jones Winnie M Mrs rllO S West 

Jones Zack (c) porter Recreation Club r208 S Pettigrew 

Jones Zepheniah (c) orderly Rex Hosp r751 S Blount 

Jones Zeta (wid Nathaniel) rSOO N Dawson 

JONES & BRASSFIELD (Wm B Jones, Leon S Brassfield), Lawyers 401- 
405 Lawyers Bids:. 320 S Salisbury, Tel 430 

Jones & Jones (Geo T and Mrs Flossie A Jones) gros 408 S Dawison 

Jones & Wynne (Fred C Jones, Wm H Wynne) billiards 213% FayetteviUe 

Jordan Annie H (c) dom r825 E Martin 

Jordan Bessie elev opr County Court House r FayetteviUe hwy 

Jordan Boyd B electn Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc r506 E Hargett 

Jordan Carrie T tchr Washington Sch 1-204 E Lenoir 

Jordan Chas (Carrie) h326 W Hargett 

Jordan Chas J jr rl023 W South 

Jordan Cleo Mrs fcty wkr r306 W Lane 

Jordan D LeRoy (Helen; Jordan's Drug Store) h728 W Cabarrus apt 1 

Jordan Dallle H (Helen M) printer The News & Observer h2804 Bedford 

Jordan David H student r2804 Bedford av 

Jordan Edna M cash Raleigh Salvage Co r327 W Edenton 

Jordan Eloise r206 E Jones apt 104 

Jordan Eloise typist State Hwy Comn rll5 W Park dr 

Jordan Ei-nie h310 E Martin 

Jordan Etta E Mrs asst bkpr Charles Stores Co Inc h616 Wills Forest 

Jordan F D Mrs prof N C State College r do 

Jordan Fredk electn rll E Dixie dr 

Jordan Fi-edk W (Etta E) elk J M Darden & Co Inc h616 Wills Forest 

Jordan Geo M student r203 Chamberlain 

Jordan Herman (Ruby M) agt Security Life & Trust Co hll3 N Blood- 

Jordan J Herman (Audra B) carp h337 W Edenton 

Jordan Jos C (Mae B) fcty wkr h409 Cary 

Jordan Julia h532 N Wilmington apt 5 

Jordan Julian E r409 Cary 

Jordan L Helen cash Mangel's r Cai-y N C 

Jordan Lizzie (c) sch tchr r814 E Davie 

Jordan Macon T (Lou W) h203 Chamberlain 

Jordan Margt (c) cook r814 E Davie 

Jordan Maticia (wid Josephus C) r310 E Martin 

Jordan Otis C (Mary C) policemn hl09 Polk 

Jordan Riley (c; Lucy A) farm hd h416 S Swain 

Jordan Ruby M Mrs sten Ernest Haywood hi 13 N Bloodv/orth 

Jordan Rupert B (Carrie) cond hl34 New Bern av 

Jordan Walter E (Helen T) associate prof N C State College h902 Brooks 

Jordan Wesley elk r213 Hillsboro 

Jordan Wm (c; Hattie) exp 525 E Davie h do 











,s s 












Q g) 

S 3 

















sij- S.S (BAE^ & MLS) ^'-tF^ 

Iron and Copper Cor- liiSfi^H^fl-Ka S^ IJ^L^^ViLM! Roofing, Roof Coat- 
nice and Skylights, \ > :„„c: Prnfnr>tiun 

Heating, Ventilating ) ROOFING COMPANY ( plitits Me?alMc Red. 

and Air Conditioning. ( I Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 14?/ Water-Proofing 

Jordan's Drug Store (D LeRoy Jordan) 700 Glenwood av 

Josefsberg Jack mgr Mangel's r323 Hillsboro 

Joslin Annie H (wid Harold V) (The Mary-Ellen Tea Room) h207 W Park 

Joslin Nell D r207 W Park dr 

Jourdan Lillian matron The Methodist Orphanage r do 

Journeymen Barbers International Union Local No 644 Thos Candle sec 
meets 4th Monday 8 p m 135 Fayetteville 

Joyce S Irvin (Nina I) bkpr R E Quinn & Co rl31 Hawthorn rd 

Joyner Andrew (Alice L) statistician State Ins Dept h400 N Person 

Joyner Ann V waitress Jack's Grill r509 S Salisbury 

Joyner Doris B slswn P W Woolworth Co r RD 3 

Joyner Dorothy 3 Mrs hll3 N Salisbury 

Joyner Ernest (c; Bertha) lab h425 Green 

Joyner Euchus (c; Effie) brklyr h717 Saunders 

Joyner Eureka E (wid Walter M) hl315 Dale 

Joyner Geo (c; Alma) lab rll7 N Swain 

Joyner Geo I (c; Saluda) porter Thos H Brigg & Sons Inc h534 E Davie 

Joyner Hattie (c) dom r717 Saunders 

Joyner Hazel Mrs h rear 220 Cumberland av 
Joyner Henry (c) student r412 W South 

Joyner Irma (c) sch tchr r717 Saunders 

Joyner John B Junior chemist Div of Poo-d and Oil State Dept of Agri- 
culture rl827 White Oak rd 
Joyner Joseph (c) student r412 W South 
Joyner Lula (c) dom h410 Green 
Joyner Mary (c) dom rll7 N Swain 
Joyner Maude (c) dom r334 Cannon 
Joyner Medicus (c; Florence) brklyr h412 W South 
Joyner Oscar (c) pntr hll7 N Swain 
Joyner Ruby M rl315 Dale 

Joyner Ruby M waitress Dutch Tavern Inc r515 Fayetteville 
Joyner Thelma (c) dom r7r7 Saunders 

Joyner Thos F (Doris D) driver Oak City Lndry r RD 3 
Joyner Walter M jr elk City Garage rl315 Dale 
Joyner Wilbur M slsmn Alfred Williams & Co r408 New Bern av 
Judd Doris E sten Alfred Williams & Co r319 E Lane 

Judd E Clarence (Marv C) phvs 123 W Hargett R618 h2108 Woodland av 

Judd Eliz B (c) dom r802 Cotton pi 

Judd Hilda L sch tchr r.'?19 E Lane 

Judd Jas student r2230 Hillsboro 

Judd Lillv B Mrs sten N C State College h309 E Morgan 

Judd Mack (c) lab r816 Cannister 

Judd Mai-y C Mrs instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf ih2108i' 

Woodland av 
Judd Marv L sten Fire Cos' Adjustment Bureau Inc r309 E Morgan 
Judd Ola A Mi-s h319 E Lane 

Jurney Ralph F mgr Mission Service Sta rll8 E Park dr 
Justice Carl J (Mildred W) hlpr r516 E Lane 
Justice Ethel R (wid Geo B) h422 E Jones 
Justice Geo B jr f Annie L'l wtchmn r422 E Jones 
Justice Georgia L hostess Hotel Carolina r do 
Justice Lizzie r Wake County Home 
Justice Lois L r529 New Bern av 

Justice Louis D elk Norman G Justice rll8 New Bern av 
Justice Norman G (Marv) fish 214 E Martin stall 3 hll8 New Bern av 
Justice Steward S (c; Eissie) janitor The Raleigh Gas Co rll7 W Cabarrus 
Kametches Louis elk East End Mkt rl07% E Davie 
Kametches Peter (Mai?) (Philadelphia Lunch) hl07% E Davie 
Kamsler Leslie slsmn Sample Shoe Store r525 E Lane 
Kamsler Morton B (Sam.ple Shoe Store) pres New Globe Inc r217 E North 
Kane see also Cain 

Kane John W (Mary) trav slsmn h307 Hillcrest rd 
Kaplan Abr I (Leah) (Kaplan Dairy) h316 S Boylan av 
Kaplan Alvin S student rll9 S Blooclworth 
Kaplan Anna r316 S Boylan av 
Kaplan Artis r524 E Peace 
Kaplan Dairy (Abr I Kaplan) 316 S Boylan av 

KaDlan David Inc David M Kaplan pres women's wear 115 Pavetteville 
Kaplan David M (Ethel) pres David Kaplan Inc hll9 S Bloodworth 
KaDlan Geo D (Mary) slsmn h541 E Jones 
Kaplan Marcus B student rll9 S Bloodworth 
Kaplan Morris slsmn r524 E Peace 
Kaplan Queenie r316 S Boylan av 






PHONE 182 

Kaplan Sol mgr Kaplan Dairy r316 S Boy Ian av 

Kappa Alpha fraternity 2405 Clark av 

Karr C Lee (Luoile M) operating mgr CP&L Co lil902 Stone 

Karr C Lee jr student rl902 Stone 

Kase .1 DeWitt (Mary W) buyer W H King Drug Co Inc h232 E Park dr 

Kauffman see also Coffman 

Kauffman Harrison (Musa) dist mgr Massachusetts Mat Life Ins Co h 

108 Park av 
Kaufman J Eug (Mable S) asst coml mgr CP&L Co hl814 White Oak r& 
Kaupp Ben.1 F (Martha M) pathologist rllSVa N Boylan av 
Kay Willie O (c) drsmkr 125 W Cabarrus r do 
Kaylor Chas H (Eliz H) mach h604 Polk 
Kearney see also Kerney 

Kearney Beulah L (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Kearney Eliz M (c) dom r521 S Haywood 
Kearney John (c) elk Love Drug Store r521 S Haywood 
Kearney Jos K (c; Lunie) brklyr h521 S Haywo(Xl 
Kearney Louis (Eloise) baseball umpire hl25 Powell al 
Kearney Nathan (c; Chanie) lab h8 Bladen 
Kearney Robt M (Alva M) slsmn Staudt's Bakery h213 Cox av 
Kearns Edw driver Kearns' Ice & Coal Co r219 S East 
Kearns Paul H (Kearns' Ice & Coal Co) r219 S East 
Kearns' Ice & Coal Co (Paul H Kearns) 323 S Bloodworth 
Keaton Darwin M (Thelma C) h208 W Lane 
Kee Esther (wid Jas B) hSOO Polk 

Keeble Currin G iMary K) lawyer 20 E Martin R717 h501 N Blount 
Keel Fonnle K (Ila V) bus opr CP&LCo h507 Cary 
Keen Adolph W (Christine) auto mech CP&LCo r3 E Franklin 
Keen Christine Mrs slswn W T Grant Co r3 E Franklin 
Keen Elizabeth A ftr Lucielle Shop r3 E Franklin 
Keen Harry M (Eliz) sub sta opr CP&LCo r3 E Franklin 
Keen Martin carp r212 N Harrington 
Keen Otto (Bessie) florist h3 E Franklin 
Keenan Monroe (c; Mary) h515 S Haywood 
Keene Fredk W Rev hSOl Cleveland 

Keesee Jas T (Pearl A) County Dairy Inspr hl014 Boylan dr 
Keeter Jack B city firemn hll3 N Person 
Keeter Louise R slswn rll3 N Person 

Keever Leroy M asst prof N C State College r2200 Carroll dr 
Keil P Francis (Pearl L) slsmn h530 N East 
Keith Alice B asst prof Meredith College r do 
Keith Alva textile wkr r529 N Salisbury 

Keith E Kenneth (Ruby A) (State Drug Store) hll07 Mordecai dr 
Keith Ernest (c; Mary) truck driver r605 S Bloodworth 
Keith George (c; Lillie B) truck driver r605 S Bloodworth 
Keith Gladys D (wid Onslow A) emp Capludine Chemical Co hl05 Powell 

Keith Glennie C sec to dean of students N C State (College rll04 Pilmore 
Keith J Ellison shop formn Carolina Coach Co rll07 Mordecai dr 
Keith Jas (c) lab r605 S Bloodworth 
Keith Judson D rll07 Mordecai dr 
Keith Lena (c) waitress Wake County Home r do 
Keith Mary (wid A Robt) r827 N Bloodworth 

Keith Norman D (Mabel C) agt Diurham Life Ins Co hl910% MacCarthy 
Keith Rufus S truck driver Sinclair Refining Co r Cary NC 
Keith Saml gdnr State Hosp r do 

Keith Stonewall J elk State Drug Co rll07 Mordecai dr 
Keith Wm G (Mamie) textile wkr h529 N Salisbury 
Keller Harry P S (Alice L) archt hl29 Hillcrest rd 
Keller Harry P S .ir rl29 Hillcrest rd 
Keller Mary H rl29 Hillcrest rd 
Kelley Alice (c) Indrs rll8 Chestnut 
Kelley Ahna E sten Pilot Mills Co rlllO Harp 
Kelley Annie (c) maid hll8 Chestnut 
Kelley Cornelius M (Mattie) boiler inspr h625 E Franklin 
Kelley Effie S florist H Steinmetz r803 Halifax 
Kelley Emma sch tchr r508 E Hargett 
Kelley Herbert (c: Rosa B) lab h707 Chamberlain 
Kelley Jas R (Annie L) textile wkr lilllO Harp 
Kelley John J (Susie M) h208 E Lenoir 
Kelley Lunia M (wid Geo W.) nurse r319 S Dawson 
Kelley Mingo (c; Carrie) farmer hSll Hoke 
Kelley Wilbert (c) brklyr r609 S Harrington 
Kelley Wm M (Odessa) pntr h208 E Morgan 







125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Kellogg J Wlliford (Rena K) chemist State Laboratory of Hygiene h2021 

crenwood av 

Kelly Agnes (c) dom h7 Tapper's la . 

Kelly Albert Y (May P) sec-treas Carolina Clnrs Inc hllO Harrison av 

Kelly Annie (c) Indrs h419 Green 

Kelly Bertie elk r6 E Lane 

Kelly Bessie (r.) riom r5 E Hayti al 

Kelly C Pauline sten r2106 Woodland ay 

Kelly Cecil (Ryllis S) pres Raleigh Transfer Co Inc r RD 6 

Kelly Cecil M (c) dom r5 E Hayti al ^ ,„ ,„ „ 

Kelly Claiborne McG elk The Great A & P Tea Co r515 WPeace 

Kelly Clarence (Lolita S) sec Beauty Supplies Inc h2218 The Circle 

Kelly Dawson D (Clara F) sec-treas Raleigh Transfer Co Inc hl07 

Georgetown rd 
Kelly Edw (c) lab r320 S Bloodworth 
Kelly Edw C (c; Martha) lab hl309 S East 
Kelly Ethel (c) dom rSll Cannister 

Kelly Howard (c) del mn 1-419 Green , ,. 

Kelly Hugh J (c; Mattie) bellmn Hotel Carolina hll07 Oberlin rd 
Kelly Hunter McG (Hattie) h515 W Peace 
Kelly J W tchr N C State College r4 Maiden la 
Kelly Jas C driver Engine Co No 3 rl35 E Hargett 
Kelly Jas M (Nellie L) policemn h317 Cutler 
Kelly Jesse J (Vogal M) ship elk N C School Book Depository Inc h318 

Kelly John C (c; Lizzie) lab h422 N West 

Kelly Josie elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl605 Glenwood av 
Kelly Lawrence (c; Ethel) bellmn r605 S Bloodworth 
Kelly Lillie (wid Clifford) smstrs r414 N East 
Kelly Margt (e) smstrs r419 Green 

Kelly Margt Y rllO Harrison av ,„ „ ^ , x 

Kelly Marian V Mi's manicurist Sir Walter Barber Shop rlOo E Edenton 

apt 101 
Kelly Marie (c) r210 Cannon 

Kelly Mary (c) Indry wkr Capital City Lndry r608 Cannon 
Kelly Mattie (e) dom h509 E Martin 
Kelly Mattie tchr Oberlin Sch r State College Sta 
Kelly Mildred slswn F W Wool worth Co r317 Cutler 
Kelly Nora nurse Meredith College r do 

Kelly Paul (Lois S) asst to director State Dept of Conservation & De- 
velopment h318 Cutler 
Kelly Pearl typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl606 Glenwood av 
Kelly Percival A (Madge B) sta atndt Carolina Service Corp h706 Harp 
Kelly Saml (c) firemn Odd Fellows bldg h404 Cannon 
Kelly T Forrest rllO Harrison av 

Kelly Wm D (Naoma) surety bonds 23 W Davie h2106 Woodland av 
Kelly Wm R (Velma A> elk R & W Groceteria h3115 Stanhope av 
Kelton Jas L (Maude E) slsmn B-N Motor Co h608 Hillsboro apt 5 
Kelton Maude E Mrs sten The Ecjuitable Life Assurance Soc of the U S 

h608 Hillsboro apt 5 
Kemp Doane F del mn r606 W North 
Kemp Gladys V slswn Royal Baking Co r606 W North 
Kemp Matthew B (Marian J) trav slsmn hl308 Wake Forest rd 
Kemp Wade P (Sue) electn Thompson Eleotl Co Inc h606 W North 
Kendall Fannie (e) Indrs r422 Patterson la 

Kendall M Ruth soc editor Times Pub Co r506 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Kendall Neil (c) lab r422 Patterson la 
Kendall Oscar (c; Carrie) lab rll03 S Bloodworth 
Kendall Pickette student r506 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Kendall Pirl M (Dora A) mgr Efird's Dept Store Inc ti50S W Wlutiaker 

Mill rd 
Kendall Richd E (Susie M) electn hll E Dixie dr 
Kendrick Albert P (Nancy B) mgr Carolina Pines Pet Shop r Carolina 

Kennedy A Louise rll5 N Boylan av 
Kennedy Aubrey S bkpr Swift & Co r327 W Morgan 
Kennedy Eug (c; Nettie) hallmn Hotel Carolina hl004 E Martin 
Kennedy Frank (c; Eliz) hlpr hll3 N Harrington 
Kennedy G Gurney popcorn 130 Fayetteville rll2% do 
Kennedy Haston M meat etr White House Meat Mkt rl20 S Blount 
Kennedy J Mack r3306 Hillsboro 
Kennedy J Mack (Flonnie H) h3306 Hillsboro 
Kennedy Levie P (Mamie L) supt hlll5 N Boylan av 
Kennedy Lucius (c; Sadie) carp h523 E Lenoir 



*sa»»*^ 109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Kennedy Rowland B (Rowena C) asst whse examiner US Dept of Asri- 
culture Whse Act h524 New Bern av i e ' 

Kennedy Thos B slsmn Huneycutt Inc r3306 Hillsboro 
Kennedy Thos P hlio Seawell av 

Kennedy W Hayes slsmn G R Kinney Co Inc r221 N Salisbury 
Kennedy Wm J (Effie I) policemn h221 N Salisbury 
Kenney Margt M Mrs tchr Peace a Junior College for Women r do 
Kennmgton J B mgr Carolina Pines Riding Stables r Carolina Pines 
Kenmson Richd W CGertrude) civ eng 239 Fayetteville R801 h210 Pace 
Kenyon Bert W (Cath P) bldg contr 504 (404) Dixie Trail h do 
Kenyon Julms H (Obelia V) bldg contr 1201 Pilmore h do 
Kenyon Mabel W mus tchr rl201 Filmore 
Kenyon Mira P sten rl201 Pilmore 

Kermon M Alnia nurse Drs Bell and Oldridge h229 E Edenton apt 2B 
Kern Adam jr plant formn Pine State Creamery Co r RD 5 
Kern Lulu Mrs opr Hollywood Permanent Wave Shonpe r RD 5 
Kerney see also Kearney 

Kemey Bawley (c; Elma) lab h506 Saunders 
Kerney Otho (c; Mamie) butler r408Vo e South 
Kerney Overton (c) lab rl304 E Lenoir 
Kerney Sims (c; Nannie ) lab hl304 E Lenoir 

ie"r ii!h crk"i?21^^a°lfVx' °""''' ^"''' "^^^ °' Agriculture r Kerr N C 
Kerr Danl B r401 S McDowell apt 103 
Kerr Laura A (wid Archie H) r2U2 Myrtle av 
Kerschner Emil T pntr r218 N Harrington 
Kesmodel Chas M (Margt W) elk h200 Aycock 
Kesterson Florence P Mrs rl516 Oakwood av 

Key Hii-am N (Lucy A) shoe repr Miles Elec Shoe Shop hl22 N Salisbury 
Key Mae L student rl22 N Salisbury o^nbuuiy 

Key Sarah E Mrs sten rl22 N Salisbury 
Keyes John W cond hSOO Glenwood av 

Keziah Fannie R elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r201 N Wil- 
mington v^ v'J. 4.> VVH 

Kichline Bettie L student r922 W Lenoir 

Kichline Herbert E (Anna L) asst U S Weather Bureau h922 w Lenoir 

Kichlme Mildred B r922 W Lenoir j-.ciiuii 

Kidd Chas (c; Anna) lab h205 S State 

1^35 'i^S'^' ^ ^''^" ^°" Factories & Stoves Corp r304 StMary's 

I?Ih^ ^?, r ^T 'Maggie Dtmach opr Martin Millwork Co h304 StMary's 

Kidd Thohe L (Rosa D) hlpr Royal Baking Co r Carv N C 

Kienzle Chas (Eliza J) formn h212 S Haywood 

Kilgore Benj W pres N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn and Pine 

State Creamery Co hl507 Hillsboro 
Kilgore Jas D adv mgr Pine State Creamery Co rl507 Hillsboro 
Killebrew Mattie A (c) Indrs hll07 S Bloodworth 
Killian Annie W (wid Chas) tchr Thompson Sch r230 N Person 
Kilpatrick Mary K sch tchr rl07 Aycock 
Kilpatrick Nancy G (wid Alex J) hl07 Aycock 
Kimball Cornelia slswn Ef ird's Dept Store r YWCA 
Kimball Jas L (Eleanor R) elk r539 E Martin 
Kimball Margt J Mrs slswn W T Grant Co r214 Park av 
Kimball S Milton (Claire B) formn CPcScLCo h411 Prank 
Kimball VanWyck asst purch agt CP&LCo r401 N Person 
Kimble Eleanor L Mrs dental asst Everett L Smith rl25 Halifax 
Kimble Frankie (wid J Lyle) bdg 125 Halifax h do 
Kimble J Lyle ( Eleanor L) collr rl25 Hahfax 

Kimbrell W E genl mgr Sou Factories & Stoves Corp rl24 E Martin 
Kime Paul H (Lillian B) agronomist N C State College h728 W Cabar- 

rus apt 4 
Kime Sarah R elk r5 E Edenton 
Kimel Fred G slsmgr Sanders Motor Co r RD 3 
™woocf '"''^ *^ *°^* ^' extension daiiymn N C State College h522 Oak- 

Kimrey Arth C jr student r522 Oakwood av 

Kimrey Donald student r522 Oakwood av 

Kmdel Martha L student rl710 Pairview rd 

Kindel W Allen (Lineta B) adv solr The News & Observer hl710 Faii-- 

;Kindel W Allen jr slsmn rl710 Pairview rd 

jKmg Adelaide sten Land's Inc r219 S McDowell 

King Alabay (c) dom r514 W South 

King Allen rl230 Mordecai dr 

King Alva Mrs textile wkr r217 N Salisbury 




228 E. 



( FORD ) 

Authorized i r iivrr'rjj i\T ( Sales and Service 

King Amanda E fwid Oral G) r702 Glenwood av 

King Annie (c) cook r814 Cotton pi 

King Annie (c) dom r615 S Blount 

King Arth L USN r401 New Bern av 

King Bemlce slsmn King Piim & Hdw Co r515 N Bloodworth 

King C Hill f Jessie M) carp hl601 Sunrise av 

King Chas H elk r514 E Lane 

King Coit M opr Postal Teleg Cable Co r219 S McDowell 

King D Theo (Loula M) formn The News & Obsei-ver h308 E Whitaker 

Mill rd 
King E S Bindery (Elmer S King) 121 W Hargett R209 
King Earle R (Mary W) mgr W T Grant Co hllOS Watauga 
King Edgar T (Patsy F) truck driver h405 Glenwood av 
King Edna H Mrs sten SouBellTel&TelegCo r515 N Bloodworth 
King Edw (c; Georgia) farm hd r2306 Joint 
King Edw D (Sue) elk Southeastern Exp Co hSll W Morgan 
King Edw S (Eunice) sec YMCA N C State College hl21 Chamberlain 
King Edwin M (Nannie M) collr Goodwin-Smith Pum Co h2012 Mac- 

King Eliz B rl601 Sunrise av 
King Ellen C asst librarian hl05 Hillsboro 

King Ellis D (Esther L) 2d asst chf City Fire Dept hVlO Glenwood av 
Kjng Elmer S (E S King Bindery) r Wake Forest rd 
King ESnma R (wid Thos W) dlv sec State Dept of Public Instruction r 

1434 Scales 
King Essie E Mrs elk CP&LCo r304 HUlcrest rd 
King Esther L bkpr r700 W Morgan apt 2 
King Esther L Mrs sten N C Inspection & Rating Bureau h710 Glenwood 

King Eva (c) dom h615 S Blount 

King Everett W (Rosalie H; Empire Club) r5 S McDowell 
King Fannie (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
King Pate (c) driver Price's Coal Yard Co r212 W South 
King Pllmore hlpr r558 E Martin 

King Frank M (Ila B) pres Ammons & King Inc h606 W Morgan 
King Furnie (Bettle D) barber Union Barber Shop h219 N Harrington 
King Furniture & Hardware Co Jas E King jr mgr 333 S WUmlngton 
King Geo carp h602 (402) S Tarboro 

King Graham A (Elsie L) slsmn Storr Engraving Co r208 N West 
King Harold T (Mary) printer The News & Observer r308 E Whitaker 

Mill rd 
King Henry G whsemn Raleigh Bonded Whse Inc r Wake Forest rd 
King Isham (Katie H) asst director State Purch Dept rl4 Glenwood av 
King J Hugh (Mary C) real est h316 New Bern av 
King J Roy (Elsie M) firemn Engine Co No 1 h320 New Bern av 
King Jas (c) driver J G Ball Co h213 Fowle 
King Jas (c) ianitor rl26 E Cabarrus 
King Jas (c) lab r820 Brooklyn 
King Jas (c) truck driver r913 Fayetteville 

King Jas E jr (Edna H) mgr King Pum & Hdw Co r515 N Bloodworth 
King John H (Edna M) driver Carolina Del Service r614 S Salisbury 
King John R elk Blake's Cash & Carry Store r219 N Harrington 
King John W (c) janitor h541 E Cabarrus 
King Kath T Mrs slswn Taylor's r Mansion Park Hotel 
King Katie L (wid Walter F) r304 Glascock 
King L Isabelle r227 S Bloodworth 
King Laura E hl05 Hillsboro 
Kang Lily M Mrs sten CP&LCo r304 HUlcrest rd 
King Lula slswn Charles Stores Co Inc 209 Fayetteville 
King Luther D r Wake County Home 
King M Ola r710 Glenwood av 

King M Twain mech TUghman Motors Inc r227 S Bloodworth 
King Maggie M (wid Jas E) h515 N Bloodworth 
King Margt E slswn r513! Cole 
King Martha rSOl New Bern av 
King Martha M rSOl New Bern av 
King Marvin ins agt r201 N Wilmington 
King Marvin J mach r7 Glenwood av apt 1 
King Mattie L (wid David S) h709 Belmont 
King Myrtle Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store r416 E Morgan 
King Nora L sec to ores N C State College r205 Woodbum rd 
King Ottis R (Angle M) flgmn h213 Glenwood av 
King Paul F r304 Glascock 
King R Ervin (Annie S) huckster h608 W Peace 




King Robt G (Mamie) USA h305 W Jones 

King Robt O (Kath T) r Mansion Park Hotel 

King Roxie ( wid Jos L) r502 Polk 

King Rubelle (c) maid r706 S Person 

King Sallie H (wid Chas R) h514 E Lane 

King Saml J (Vada) r20 Firwood av 

King Saraphany (wid Jas M) r305 W Johnson 

King Sion R fruits rll6 S West 

King Syke A truck driver A H Byrum 737 W Hargett 

King T Frank (L Beatrice) sta atndt h227 S Bloodworth 

King Thos C (Nannie I) auto mech Warren's Transfer h610 W Lane 

King Thos M (Sadie M) printer The News & Observer hll9 Cox av 

King W Duvall (Lorene) elk Motor Bearings & Parts Co r201 N Wil- 

KING W H DRUG CO INC, Benj F Page Pres, Henry E Craven V-Pres, 
Bessie F Coffin Sec, Whol Druggist 117-119 S Wilmington, Tels 245 
and 246 

King Wm A (M Lena) gro 702 E Martin h211 S Haywood 

King's Business College Esnest L Layfield pres 412 1/2 Payetteville 

Kinney G R Co Inc Earl E Merritt mgr shoes 134 Fayetteville 

Kinney Geo T (Zemora S) auditor Alf Williams & Co h315 Polk 

Kinney Zemora S Mi-s sten US Regional Agrl Credit Corp h315 Polk 

Kinsey John W field supvr US Crop Production Loan Office r Sir Wal- 
ter Hotel 

Kious Leo (Miriam L) adjuster State Farm Life Ins Co r209 Hillcrest rd 

Kirby Chas W state supvr US Crop Production Loan Office r Sir Walter 

Kirby Eliza (wid Franklin) r2021 Glenwood av 

Kirby M C rlll4 New Bern av 

Kirby Wm (c) bellmn Hotel Raleigh r Arcade Hotel 

Kirbye J Edw Rev (Isobel) pastor The United Church hl907 Park dr 

KIRCHOFER ROBT C (Dorothea B), Pres Kirchofer & Arnold Inc, h920 
Cowper dr, Te! 4577 

KIRCHOFER & ARNOLD INC, Robt C Kirchofer Pres, B W Arnold V- 
Pres, Robt S Hays Sec, Securities for Investment, Suite 902 Security 
Bank Bldg, 239 Fayetteville, Tels 424 and 465 (See front cover and 
page 38) 

Kirk Earl L (Cora) pntr h806 N Boylan av 

Kirk Mary K (c) tchr StAugustine's College r do 

Kirk Melvin T elk Cutler St Grocei-y r210 Park av (Caraleigh) 

Kirkland Anna C opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl20 N Salisbury 

Kirkland Florence B (wid Wm D) hll3 N Dawson 

Kirkland Rosa L elk Atlantic Fire Ins Co rll3 N Dawson 

Kirkman Danl S br mgr Progressive Stores Inc r303 Payetteville 4th fl 

Kirkman John F elk Sou Ry System r2302 Hillsboro 

Kirkpatrick Georgia tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r720 HiUs- 
taoro apt 1 

Kirkpatrick Hugh M student r720 Hillsboro apt 1 

Kirkpatrick Jos P storeroommn Sir Walter Hotel r720 Hillsboro apt 1 

Kirkoatrick Jos T (M Anne) cond h720 Hillsboro apt 1 

KIRKPATRICK MARY, Sec Peace A Junior College for Women, rl5 E 

Kiser Lyman (Eliz C) v-pres Pine State Creamery Co hl831 Glenwood av 

Kitchen Lillie M opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r707 Hinsdale 

Kitchen Wm H (Maggie L) eng h707 Hinsdale 

Kittrell Danl (0; Susie) chauf City Ice & Fuel Co hl9 Railroad 

Kittrell Edw (c; Susie) lab h613 S East 

Kittrell Evelyn (c) dom r613 S East 

Kittrell Irene (c) dom hl07 Idlewild av 

Kittrell Saml (c; Lula) lab h204 Freeman 

Kittrell Susie (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel r613 S East 

Kivette Geo L (Mai-y T).agt Life Ins Co of Va rl611 Jarvis 

Kivette Mildred slswn Taylor's rl2 S Boylan av 

Kivette Willis E (Willie E) sta supvr Gulf Refining Co hl908 Simset av 

Kiwanis Club of Raleigh A Wray White sec office 20 E Martin R508 

meets Fridays 1 p m at Sir Walter Hotel 
Kledaras Geo H (Mary) fruits hl5 S West 

Kline Edw (Norine) h308 Commerce 

Kline Frank M student r807 N Person 
Kline Rebecca iwid Jacob) h807 N Person 
Klines Fredk (Lelia) elk rll22 Harp 
Kluttz Lex W (Beverly N) genl sec YMCA h206 Forest rd 
Klyman Harry H (Helena; Market Service Sta) rl06 N East 
Knapp Jos G (Carol M) associate agrl economist N C State! College h3"06 




PHONE 528 

Knight Alice T sten CP&LCo rlll5 Hillsboro 

Knight Edna Mrs anesthetist Rex Hosp r do 

Knight EUen M (wid Robt W) hl901 Glenwood av 

Knight Elmer L (Rudean) firemn Aerial Co No 1 hll9 Cox av 

Knight Eug R elk Union Bus Sta Soda Fountain rl28 New Bern av 

Knight G Wilbur (Selma h^ elk The Smoke Shop r701 Hinsdale 

Knight J Ralph (Mildred A) shop supt Peden Steel Co hl204 Pilmore 

Knight J W r YMCA 

Knight L Harold jr student r400 N Person 

Knight Lester H (Lillie) rep h400 N Person 

Knight Mary I sten State Dept of Agriculture rl901 Glenwood av 

Knight Mary L religious sec Meredith College r do 

Knight Vernon dairy supt State Hosp r do 

Knight Wm (c) instr StAugustine's College r do 

Knights of Columbus Father Thos Price Council No 2546 Raymond B 
Streb grand knight meets 1st and 3d Mondays 8pm ,204 Hillsboro 

Knott A Lindsey student r528 N Bloodworth 

Knott Caroline F Mrs sten Aetna Life Ins Co hl05 E Edenton apt 306 

Knott Curtis P (Wilma B) sten rll2 Halifax 

Knott Eliza C r528 N Bloodworth 

Knott Everett G (Nannie B) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hl32 S Mc- 

Knott Prances C rl32 S McDowell 

Knott Irene G acct rl21 Park av 

Knott Luther D (Caroline F) spl agt Aetna Life Ins Co hl05 E Edenton 
apt 306 

Knott Sidney M (Madeline L) auto mech h528 N Bloodworth 

Knott Wilma B Mrs cash Conn Genl Life Ins Co rll2 Halifax 

Knox John S (J Annis) formn h412 Chamberlain 

Knox Jos C (Martha) asst dir of county health work and epidemiology 

State Board of Health r200 E Edenton apt 3 
Knox Pennie (wid Allen) r2207 The Circle 
Knuckles Alex (c; Marian) h620 (630) W South 
Knuckles Geo (c) h rear 218 N Wilmington 
Kocotos John cook Peoples Cafe r405 S Wilmington 
Kohler Katie (wid Fi'ank K) h811 Belmont 
Kohloss Robt A (Lillian R) U S Comnr h506 Devereux 
Kohn Chas (Prances T) sec-treas New Globe Inc hll2 N Bloodworth 
Kolb Robt P (Edith) asst prof N C State College hl921 Reid 
KOONCE FURNITURE CO (John S Koonce), 111-113 E Hargett, Tel 500 
Koonce John S (Harriett L; Koonce Purn Co) h913 New Bern av 
Koonce Lafayette P (Bessie D) vet surg 422 S Blount hll6 S Harrington 
Koonce M Burke (Pauline W; Carolina Storage & Distributing Co; Mo- 
tor Transit Co) h2203 Byrd 
Koonce R Sidney (Minnie R; Carolina Storage & Distributing Co; Motor 

Transit Co) h2103 Myrtle av 
Koontz Benj eng rlOOO Glenwood av 

Koontz Pearle S sten State Dept of Agriculture rl05 E Edenton apt 204 
Kornegay Augustus G (Pearl; South St Service Sta) r862 W Morgan 
Kornegay John F (Leola) textile wkr hll21 N Blount 
Korner Wjlson Shops W Broadus Wilson mgr interior decorators 414 W 

Kozy Kat Beauty Shoppe (Baxter H Woodlief) 2000 Fairview rd 
Krahnke Orene sten rll5 W Park dr 
Kreth Alex (Eliz) hl21 S McDowell 

Krinner Jos (Marie) baker Royal Baking Co r Cary N C 
Kropp Arnold jwlr and engr Ki'opp & Braun Inc rlOOS Boylan dr 
Kropp Henry (Kath H) pres-treas Kropp & Braun Inc hl008 Boylan dr 
Kropp Herman v-pres-sec Kropp & Braun Inc rl008 Boylan dr 
Ki'opp & Braun Inc Henry Kropp pres-treas Herman Ki'opp v-pres-saci 

jwlrs 16 W Martin 
Kuettner Edwin J (Eliz F) welder SALRy hl220 Filmore 
Kugler John R bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r Mansion Park Hotel 
Kuhn Pi-ank R (Annie W) eng hSOO Devereux 
Kuhns Winifred tchr Peace a Junior College for Women r do 
Kurtz Edwin D (Georgia M) slsmn r204 Forest rd 
Kutz Anna L (wid Linus B C) h311 W Hargett 
Kutz Corinna Mrs slswn W T Grant Co rSll W Hargett 
Kutz Harold R (Corinna) saw filer 311 W Hargett r do 
Kuyk Maud elk US Dept of Agriculture Whse Act rl09 E Lane 
Kuykendall Augustus L (Daisy L) textile wkr hl009 Spring 
Kuykendall Bessie L Mrs rl415 Hillsboro 
LaBruce Julian H (Bettie F) classer N C Cotton Growers Co-Qperative 

Assn hl708 Scales 
Lacy Eliza (c) dom r214 Battle 








Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Lacy Fi-ances tchr Hayes-Barton Sch rllO E Peace 

Lacy Mary B (wid Benj R) hllO E Peace 

Ladd Geo W (Ollie F) floral wkr H Steinmetz hl7 Pirwood av 

Ladd Grace F rlT Firwood av 

Ladu Arth I tLena B) associate prof N C State College h320O Hillsboro 
apt A3 

Laidlaw Alice M genl sec YWCA h229 E Edenton apt 2G 

Lail Otis R (.Helen J) slsmn Westinghouse Elec Supply Co r504 Oakwood 

Lake I Bevely lawyer 239 Fayetteville R705 r Wake Forest N C 

Lake Rodney L bus driver r311 S Swain 

Lake wood Sherbet Co (.Priestley E Pearce, R» Clyde Holt) mfrs 117 W 

Lalor Marjorie J tchr StMary's Sch r do 

Lamb see also Lamm 

Lamb G Crawford elk CP&LCo rl806 Hillsboro 

Lamb Wilson C mus W P T F Radio Co r327 W Morgan 

Lambe Claude M (Mary H) drftsmn State Hwy Comn h413 Calvin rd 

Lamberson Ernest W CLina M) supt Gate City Life Ins Co h727 W Mor- 

Lamberson Jas W student r727 W Morgan 

Lambert Annie R Mrs elk Allen's Ml^t h609 Polk 

Lambert Benj A (Rebecca) trav slsmn h515 Fayetteville 

Lambert Benj A jr student r515 Fayetteville 

Lambert Bernarcl P elev opr r515 Fayetteville 

Lambert Chas H elk Sou Dairies rl827 White Oak rd 

Lambert Chas V (Julia) driver The Raleigh Lndry h816 Brooklyn 

Lambert Ebb B (c; Robena) brkmn h413 Cannon 

Lambert Ena (wid Paul) smstrs rl05 Powell al 

Lambert Gladys nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Lambert Homer C truck driver r606 E Martin 

Lambert JaS M (Annie R) mecii John W Evans Son h609 Polk 

Lambert John W student r515 Fayetteville 

Lambert Jos elk Pender's Stores r515 Fayetteville 

Lambert Lyman C elk State Soda Shop r606 E Martin 

LAMBERT M ASHBY ( Saliie Whitaker) , Lawyer, Realtor, Houses and' 
Apartments for Rent 210 Fayetteville (over Grant's Store), Tel 1300, 
hlA Graystone Apts Annex 707 N Blount, Tel 366 

Lambert Rebecca Mi's bdg 515 Fayetteville r do 

Lambert Wm D (Olivia C) huckster h606 E Martin 

Lamm see also Lamb 

Lamm Floyd L elk CP&LCo r303 Hillcrest rd 

Lamm Journey D student r2230 Hillsboro 

Lampley Bessie U Mrs elk State Board of Health r314 New Bern av 

Lancaster Andrew L pntr r608 W Johnson 

Lancaster Annie r224 E Edenton 

Lancaster Ajth W r3008 Kilgore 

Lancaster Bettie r404 S Boylan av 

Lancaster Blanche tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r219 Hillcrest rd 

Lancaster Cath D sten N-SRRCo r618 Hillsboro 

Lancaster Chas (c) lab r514 E Martin 

Lancaster Claudia rl03 Glenwood av 

Lancaster David (c) lab r514 E Martin 

Lancaster Earl L (Susie E) rl03 Glenwood av 

Lancaster Emma M r224 E Edenton 

Lancaster Forrest W (Grace) asst prof N C State College h208 Forest rd 

Lancaster John W teleg opr Sou Ry System 327 W Davie 

Lancaster Julia Mrs auto opr WUTelegCo r YWCA 

Lancaster Lindsay W (Kath) slsmn Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc h404 S 
Boylan av 

Lancaster Lula M (wid Robt L) rl706 Fairview rd 

Lancaster Mary E (wid B Chas) rll02 Harp 

Lancaster Mattie C cash Times Pub Co h224 E Edenton 

Lancaster R Linwood (Aliene T) elk SouBellTel&TelegCo hl706 Fair- 
view rd 

Lancaster Robt E (Lucy L) pntr h608 W Johnson 

Lancaster Saliie E sec Dr Emmett G Rand r411 Cutler 

Lancaster Saml L slsmn Efird's Dept Store r608 W Johnson 

Lancaster Susie E Mrs elk State Board of Health rl03 Glenwood av 

Lancaster Wade L (Elsie U) v-pres N C Hotel Co r208 Forest rd 

Lancaster Walter (c) lab h514 E Martin 

Lancaster Wm H (Annie J) trouble shooter h30O8 Kilgore av 

Land Jennie elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r232 W Hargett apt 
M B 

Land Josephine Mrs r318 S Dawson 


Alfred Williams & Co. 



Land Leon L (Lena S) storekpr h707 N Bloodworth 
Land Wm K elk Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc r707 N Bloodworth 
LAND'S INC, Barney Saslow Pres, Eus: C Harpstrite Mgr. Jewelers and 
Watchmakers 103 Fayetteville, Tel 3966 

Landis Maude (c) sch tchr r722 S Dawson 

Landis N Glenn asst mgr F W Woolworth Co r219 Hillsboro 

Landrum Herbert O auto mech Pine State Creamery Co rl08 Glen wood 

Landrum Jas O (E Virginia) elk The Raleigh Gas Co h618 W, Jones 

Landrum Mary N L rl203 Pilmore 

Landrum Willie C Mrs hl203 Filmore 

Lane Belva (c) maid 105 Polk 

Lane Benj B jr (Mae P) eiv eng State Hwy Comn r327 W Morgan 

Lane Bessie E phys 123 W Hargett R807 r2122 Woodland av 

Lane Chick (c; Sallie) lab h909 E Martin 

Lane David (c) r423 S Haywood 

Lane Donald (c; Estelle) lab hll8 Spruce 

Lane Dorothy S (e) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch h902 E Martin 

Lane Edw McL levelmn State Hwy Comn r3107 Hillsboro 

Lane Etoma (e) student r909 E Martin 

Lane Geo (e; Nannie) firemn h308 Tucker 

Lane Geo (c) lawyer 902 E Martin r do 

Lane Graham (c) ydmn State Capitol hl203 New Bern av 

Lane Herbert (c; Mary) janitor The Capital h703 E Martin 

Lane J Julius (Nettie G) h2122 Woodland av 

Lane Jas J elk r3107 HiUsboro 

Lane Julian J (Agnes) ins adjuster Robt G Yancey hll2 E Peace 

Lane Lena (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Lane Leroy (c) shoe shiner Standard Shoe Service r909 E Martin 

Lane Lillian (c) dom rl203 New Bern av 

Lane Lillie B (wid Steph M) h3107 Hillsboro 

Lane Louise (c) dom r423 S Haywood 

Lane Louise L sten Gray & Creech Inc r3107 Hillsboro 

Lane Margt M field agt State Board of Charities and Public W,elf are r 
2122 Woodland av 

Lane Martha (c) dom r408 Oberlin rd 

Lane Mary (c) Indrs r902 E Martin 

Lane Mary M (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry r505 Saunders 

Lane Maybelle (c) dom r426 S Blount 
Lane Paul C (c; Mary M) lab r505 Saunders 

Lane Robt L (Effie) routemn Raleigh Linen Supply Co h6 S East 
Lane Sallie (e) Indrs h803 E Davie 

Lane Thos (c; Mildred) lab hSOS Battery dr 

Lane Wm (c) porter Jean's r803 E Davie 

Lane Wm H (c; Mary) lab h423 S Haywood 

Langdon Ralph E (Mary A; Langdon's Pharmacy) hill Harrison av 

Langdon's Pharmacy (Ralph E Langdon) 1217 Hillsboro 

Langford Chas (c) janitor K E Stahl Mfg Co rl002 S Person 

Langford Lonnie (c; Louise) chauf h32l E Davie 

Langley Geneva rll Star 

Langley Leonard D (Iris E) r912 Belmont 

Langston Allen lawyer 239 Fayetteville R502 r615 Hillsboro 

Langston H Glen dairywki' Pine State Creamery Co r RD 3 

Langston Rosa Mrs drsmkr 15 W Hargett R810 r RD 2 

Lanier C C lino opr Times Pub Co r YMCA 

Lanier Homer J (Mildred W) slsmn Cross & Linehan Co h3155 Stanhope 

Lanier Jas J (Gladys S) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hl9 Dixie Trail 
Lanier John D (Lizzie B) train dispr SALRy h409 N Bloodworth 
Lanneau Henry C r417 Elm 
Larkins Charlotte (e) Indrs r835 Fayetteville 

LaRoque Oscar K (Nora) dep oomnr State Ins Dept h606 N Blount 
LaRoque Oscar K jr elk r606 N Blount 
Lasater Prank (Martha F) servicemn h210 W Lane 
Lasater Grodotte E (Blondza) city firemn r623 W South 
Lasater Lizzie (wid Eug A) r530 N Bloodworth 
LaSociete Des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux Voiture No 620 meets Tuesday 

before the second Thursday each month Hotel Carolina 
Lassiter Aaron (c) cook r412 Tucker 
Lassiter Alice smstrs Raleigh Linen Supply Co r RD 3 
Lassiter Alma slswn Virginia Dare Dress Shop r326 New Bern av 
Lassiter Almeta (c) dom r912 E Jones 
Lassiter Arthelia rl08 N Person 

Lassiter Carey U (Mildred R) bkbndr h2009 Glenwood av 
Lassiter Cassie T (wid Elvis M) furn rms 614 S Salisbury h do 





Lassiter Chas (c; Mary) lab h403 Montague la 

Ijassiter Chas M elk rll8 N Bloodworth 

Lassiter Columbus (c; Lola) lab hl286 E Edenton 

Lassiter David C (Ella) h5U Florence 

Lassiter Dollie (c) dom hl02y2 N East 

Lassiter Edw A (I Kath) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc hSlO S Swain 

Lassiter Edwin L (Alma) cash SAIjRy h326 New Bern av 

Lassiter Ernest (c) cook American Cafe h602y2 S Tarboro 

Lassiter Everett roadwkr r515 Fayetteville 

liOssiter Frank (c) lab r402 E Worth 

Lassiter Geo (c; Ella) lab h205 Smithfield 

Lassiter Glenn Y elk CP&LCo r614 S Salisbury 

Lassiter Hattie (c) r302 Fowle 

Lassiter Henrv (c: Pattie) sta firemn N-'SRRCo h8 N Pettigrew 

Lassiter Hubert J (Nell) trav slsmn h557 New Bern av 

liassiter J Bartell truck driver r213 S Person 

Lassiter J Henry elk Farmers Exch 224 S Blount 

Lassiter J Overman rll8 N Bloodworth 

Lassiter Jas (c) lab r403 Montague la 

Lassiter Jas (c; Evelyn) lab h412 Tucker 

Lassiter Jas L (c) agt N C Mut Life Ins Co r536 E Davie 

Ijassiter Jas R (Mary A) h213 S Person 

Lassiter Jane ( c) Indrs h324 Battle 

Lassiter John (c) lab rl02y2 N East 

Lassiter John L formn Nehi Bottling Co r620 HUlsboro 

Lassiter John W (Ozie M) slsmn Royal Baking Co h701 Hinsdale 

Lassiter Julia (c) dom r419 S Swain 

Lassiter L M mech R L Johnson Motor Co r Lassiter's Mill rd 

Lassiter Laverna (C) dom r912 E Jones 

Lassiter Lena Indrywkr Raleigh Linen Supply Co r RD 3 

Lassiter Lena (c) maid 113% Chamberlain 

Lassiter Leola (c) maid r205 Smithfield 

Lassiter Lillian A Mrs rSOl FayettevUle 

Lassiter Lucy (c) dom h409 Cannon 

Lassiter Lynn (c; Pearl) lab h706 Bragg 

Lassiter Mamie (c) dom hll29 S East 

Lassiter Mary (c) h402 E Worth 

Lassiter Mary (c) Indrs r228 E South 

Lassiter Mary (c) Indrs r412 Tucker 

Lassiter Mary A Mrs bdg 213 S Person r do 

Lassiter Mary D Mrs sten Aetna Life Ins Co rll8 N Bloodworth 

Lassiter Mattie L (wid Lonnie B) h620 Hillsboro 

Lassiter Maxie C sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rll8 N 

Lassiter Mazie (c) dom r706 Bragg 
Lassiter Mclver (c) lab r211 N Haywood 
Lassiter Mildred opr Permanent Marcel Shop rll2 Halifax 
Lassiter Mildred M student r(320 Hillsboro 
Lassiter Mildred R Mrs sten Motor Bearings & Parts Co h2O09 Glenwood 

Lassiter Minnie (c) dom r225 E Lenoir 
Lassiter Mollie (c) cook 2612 Vanderbilt av 
Lassiter Murdie (c) dom r225 E Lenoir 
Lassiter Percy (c: Alice) lab r818 Fayetteville 
Lassiter R L euard State Prison r do 
Lassiter Ralph (c) orderly State Hosp r do 
Lassiter Rebecca K (wid Thos L) hll8 N Blocxiworth 
Lassiter Robt (c) cook American Cafe r RD 2 
Lassiter Robt slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r213 S Person 
Lassiter Robt G pres Robt G Lassiter & Co r Oxford NC 
Lassiter Robt G & Co Robt G Lassiter pres P Dewey Cline v-pres Geo R 

Goodwin sec-treas paving contrs 5 W Hargett R805 
Lassiter Royce C (Mary) firemn Engine Co No 1 r211 Park av 
Lassiter Rufus A (Bessie M) ins agt hll4 New Bern av 
Lassiter Rufus H rS S East 
Lassiter T Earl (Mary D) prsmn rll8 N Bloodworth 










Audits— S 





ns — St 




C A 



2 Ci 



3.C c-il 

, z 












The Raleigh Buildmg and Lean Association 




Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Lassiter Wiley textile wkr r508 Gary 

Lassiter Wm (c; Clarissa) lab rl512 Pender 

Lassiter Wm C lawyer 239 Payetteville R,705 rl21 N Blount 

Lassiter Willis (c) farmer h831 S Haywood 

Lassiter Wilton S rll8 N Bloodworth 

Laster Alice (c) maid Professional bids rSlB Fayetteville 

Laster Malcolm M sec V O Parker Co r911 New Bern av 

Latham Annie M bkpr Blackwood's Inc rl5 S Harrington 

Latham Clarence C (Mary) v-pres-treas Carolina Mortgage Co hl813 
White Oak rd 

Latham Henry H student rl922 Hillsboro 

Latham J Roy (Eula) eng hll8 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Latham Juariita M Mrs sten Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co r2406 Hills- 

Latham Louise M (c) tchr Washington High Sch r724 S East 

Latham Mabel C (c) dean of women StAugustine's College h724 S East 

Latham Wiley M (c) student r724 S East 

Latta Henry C (Louise) h318 E Edenton 

Latta Henry C ir elk CP&LCo r318 E Edenton 

Latta Mary r619 N Blount apt 2 

Latta Mollie L (wid Chas G) h619 N Blount apt 2 

Laughinghouse Richd J (Maria R) stmftr State Hosp hl003 Boylan dr 

Laughlin Alice sten r226 S Swain 

Laughlin Ralph W (Minnie E) mech Motor Service of Raleigh Inc h226 
S Swain 

Lavender Eliz B private sec State Industrial Comn h20ly2 Park av 

Law Harriett (c) r750 Fayetteville 

LawMattie (wid Patk) r501 New Bern av 

Law Nathan (c; Rebecca) lab h507 Saunders av 

Lawbacker Alton barber r503 N Person 

Lawrence Afthaner (c) dom r814 Cotton pi 

Lawrence Alva sten Baptist State Convention rl408 Hillsboro 

Lawrence Ann deT rll5 Park av 

Lawrence Annie Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r RD 1 

Lawrence Benj J (Carrie T) phys 123 W Hargett R503 hl021 Cowper dr 

Lawrence Bros (J Clarence and Winston E) real est 208 S Salisbury 

Lawrence Chas (c) r305 W Cabarrus 

Lawrence Chas L (Musa) elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r720 N Blood- 

Lawrence Clara (c) dom r323y2 W South 

Lawrence Donnie E (Hancy J) flgmn h702 W Peace 

Lawrence Eliz L landscape archt rll5 Park av 

Lawrence Ellis P (Sarah J) tmkpr N-SRRCo h622 Hillsboro 

Lawrence Elmore N dentist 123 W Hargett R721 r Rhamkatte rd RD 3 

Lawrence Eug C Rev (o; Mary J) pastor First Congregational Ch h708 

Lawrence Evie E (wid J Hunter) r622 Hillsboro 

Lawrence J Clarence (Ethel H; Lawrence Bros) v-pres Home Bldg & 
Loan Assn hl321 Wake Forest rd 

Lawrence J S levelmn State Hwy Comn r RD 1 

Lawrence Janie (c) maid 519 Daughtri-dge 

Lawrence Jarvis B student rl321 Wake Forest rd 

Lawrence Joel B asst coach N C State College r Hotel Raleigh 

Lawrence K Eliz Mrs r412 N Boylan av 

Lawrence Laura M (o) dom rlll7 S Person 

Lawrence Louvenia (c) h305 W Cabarrus 

Lawrence Marion J (c) student r708 Manly 

Lawrence Mary E sten CP&LCo r2701 Lochmoor dr 

Lawrence Nathan M (Lida U) h2701 Lochmoor dr 

Lawrence SamJ (Eliz B) pres Lawrence Stone & Gravel Co Inc hll5 Park 

Lawrence Saml J mgr Carolina Pines (The Gateway Club House) and 
purch agt Carolina Pines Commissary r Carolina Pines 

Lawrence Stone & Gravel Co Inc Saml Lawrence pres W Roscoe Bonsai 
(Charleston, S C) v-pres Thos P Cowper sec-treas 20 E Martin R516 

Lawrence Wade J auto mech r2{17 N West 

Lav/rence Wm (Cath) plmbr r540 E Davie 

Lawrence Wm P (Lettie H) chf elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co h402 W 
Whitaker Mill rd 

Lawrence Winston E (Lawrence Bros) r RD 21 

Laws Alice (c) maid YWCA r do 

Laws Elbert (c; Lovie) waiter hll8 Lee 

Laws Floyd (c; Carrie) wtchmn h914 E Davie 

Laws Janie (c) dom r821 Cotton pi 

Laws Mildred (c) student i-914 E Davie 

Laws Thos (c) prsr Carolina Clnrs Inc r209 E Cabarrus 

Laws Wm (c) student r914 E Davie 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Laws Wilson (c) butler State Hosd r do 

Lawson J Wesley (c; Blanche) cook Jack's Grill hlllO S East 

Lawson Jas (c) lab rl23 Pirwood av 

Lawson Jessie (c) dom h517 Smith 

Lawson Lee (c) hl23 Firwood av 

Lawson Lula B ic) cook rl23 Firwood av 

Lawson RobtG ic; Fannie) firemn h26 Bragg 

Lawson Wm R (Eliz A) cond h443 N Wilmington 

Lawter Luther A (Roxie M) paper hngr h705 Gaston 

Lawton Ei-nest L paperhngr r409 N East 

Lawton J Ernest (Willie K) paperhngr h409 N East 

Lawyers Building 320 S Salisbury 

Layfield Bessie M Mrs pres The Woman's Club h201 Hawthorn rd 

Layfield Eleanor M r201 Hawthorn rd 

Layfield Eliz M sten r201 Hawthorn rd 

Layfield Ernest L (Bessie M) pres King's Business College h201 Haw- 
thorn rd 

Layton Harold L barber Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop rl27 S Harrington 

Layton John J mech City Garage r Neuse N C 

Lazarus Prank M dry gds 217 S Wilmington r525 E Lane 

Lazarus Goodman (Ida) slsmn Frank M Lazarus h525 E Lane 

Lazarus Walter H slsmn Frank M Lazarus r525 E Lane 

Lea see also Lee 

Lea Anness (Mansion Park Soda Shop) rll3 N Blount 

Lea Esther (Mansion Park Soda Shop) rll3 N Blount 

Lea N Preston supt Sou Dixie Life Ins Co r315 S Boylan av 

Leach Bishop (c) firemn rll9 W Johnson 

Leach Corester (c; Minnie) labh307 Smithfield 

Leach Dallas (c) hsemn StLuke's Home 501 New Bern av 

Leach Danl W (Mildred) pharm hl919 MacGarthy 

Leach Jessie G (wid Jas Mi r2112 Pairview rd 

Leach Kathryn sten rll8 N Wilmington 

Leach Lovie (c) dom r rear 516 S Salisbury 

Leach Mary (c) r724 S Bloodworth 

Leach Mary (c) dom hll9 Idlewild av 

Leach Mary (c) dom rl002 Mark 

Leach Mattie (c) Indry wkr r31 McKee 

Leach Norman (c) wtchmn Coml Natl Bank bldg r220 E CabaiTUs 

Leach Oscar (Barwick & Leach) rll N Harrington 

Leach Virdies (c; Flossie) chauf r612 E Cabarrus 

Leach Wm (c) waiter Third Ward Cafe r503 S Blount 

Leach Wm M (c; Lula) live stock dlr h206 Freeman 

Leagan Wm H (Carrie L) formn h309 E CabaiTus 

Leager Marc C (Eliz) associate prof N C State College hl6 Maiden la 

Leager Saml student rl6 Maiden la 

Leak Boston <c; Nellie) cook r321 Oberlin rd 

Leak Daisy (c) Indrs r304 Powle 

Leak Eh (c; Marie) lab h321 Oberlin rd 

Leak Eliz (c) dom r824 Cotton pi 

Leak Ethel (c) dom r824 Cotton pi 

Leak Henry (c; Cora) cook hl24 Cox av 

Leak Manie (c) dom r824 Cotton pi 

Leak Virginia (c) r304 Powle 

Leake Bertha A (c) tchr Crosby-Garfield Sch r220 E Cabarrus 

Leake Fletcher (c) lab r2614 Joint 

Leake Jos (c; Willie M) cook h2614 Joint 

Leake Lydia (c) maid 1540 Carr 

Leake T B guard State Prison r do 

Leathers Clenora (c) maid 1931 Alexander rd 

Leathers Henrietta (c) dom hl285 (1489) E Edenton 

Leathers Idella (c) dom rl285 (1489) E Edenton 

Leathers J Edw (Tessie McG) r708 Devereux 

Leathers J Rufus (c; Katie) firemn h922 S Bloodworth 

Leathers John B engr r314 E Hargett 

Leathers Lillie (c) dom rl285 (1489) E Edenton 

Leavister see also Levester and Levister 

Leavister Hal F student rllO Cox av 

Leavister Halbert F (Irene) ins agt hllO Cox av 

Leavister Harry F (Prances L) delmn Natl Mkt Co r504 N Wilmington 

Leavister John J spl del msngr XJ s PO rllO Cox av 

Leavister Percy I student r212 S Harrington 

Leavister T Arth soda dispenser r212 S Harrington 

Leavister Thos O (Caroline D) trav slsmn h212 S Harrington 

Ledbetter John B (Mary W) city firemn hSOl Glenwood av 

Ledbetter Lucile H opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r320 New Bern av 

Ledford Everett A (Edna R) shop formn Sir Walter Hotel Garage h514 
Oakwood av 






PHONE 4020 

Ledford Hubert F (Lola M) asst sec-treas Atlantic Joint Stock Land 

Bank h3127 Stanhope av 
Ledford Raymond B (Daisy O) office mgr Burroughs Adding Machine 

Co hl2 Rosemary 
Lee see also Lea 

Lee Alvada Mrs slswn Charles Stores Co Inc h405 Frank 
Lee Annie slswn Raleigh Salvage Co r Zebulon N C 
Lee Bessie M elk Acme Lndi-y r RD 3 
Lee Callie M gro 402 Tarboro rd h do 
Lee Carrie waitress Hotel Carolina r327 W Hargett 
Lee Clara Mrs bdg 224 E Martin r do 
Lee Conrad L (Hattie L) auto mech h523 N Salisbury 
Lee Edgar G (Nell) adv mn h499 S Boylan av 
Lee Emily (wid Sidney L) hl2 S Boylan av 
Lee Everett C (Clara) h224 E Martin 
Lee Florida (c) elev opr Coml Natl Bank bldg r901 S East 
Lee Frances sten Carolina Mortgage Co r618 Hillsboro 
Lee Frank A Jr asst prof N C State College r224 Woodburn rd 
Lee Geo W (Rachel) huckster h515 N Dawson 
Lee Gertrude L opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co rl2 S Boylan av 
Lee Gladys r212 W Lane 
Lee Gladys (c) dom r315 S Haywood 
Lee Graham A (Gladys B) auto repr h805 W South 
Lee Herman (c: Alma) barber rll3 W Lenoir 
Lee Horace A prsfdr Pittman Printing Co r212 W Lane 
Lee ?Iugh S bkpr Moore & Johnson Co r422 N Blount 
Lee Irma (c) nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 
Lee J B driver East Coast Stages Inc rll07 Wake Forest rd 
Lee J Irving (Ozella S) agt Life Ins Co of Va h426 Halifax 
Lee Jack driver East Coast Stages Inc r Caraleigh Hills 
Lee Jas (c; Jettie) lab hll04 Smith 
Lee Jas S (c) asst librarian Shaw University r do 
Lee Jane (c) dom rllOl S Blount 
Lee Jennie H elk F W Woolworth Co r RD 4 
Lee John sta atndt State Tire & Service Co Inc r2315 Lake dr 
Lee Kenneth elk Dixie Inn r342'' Hillsboro 
Lee Kenneth H (Estelle A) cook hll Glenwood av apt 4 
Lee Laurence F (Eileen M) pres Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C 

r2025 Fairview rd 
Lee Lizzie H elk r211 E Peace 
Lee Lizzie H tclir StMarv's Sch r do 
Lee Lottie L slswn Hudson-Belk Co r907 W South 
Lee Lula M sten Met Life Ins Co r317 W Morgan 
Lee M H coUr Land's Inc r RD 5 
Lee Mabel elk Raleiah Salvage Co r Zebulon N C 
Lee Margt T r422 N Blount 
Lee Martha A (wid Jas) r317 S Dawson 
Lee McRuffin (Loretta) carp h212 W Lane 
Lee Mildred M sten Atlantic Fire Ins Co rl2 S Boylan av 
Lee Minerva (c) dom r610 Smith 
Lee Minnie H (c) dom h722 Branch (SPk) 
Lee Nancv D tchr ^Turphey Sch r211 E Peace 
Lee Nancy T (wid Cleonhas R) h211 E Peace 
Lee Nathan (c) lab r334 Cannon 
Lee Nathan I (Florence M) textile wkr h405 Cary 
Lee Oscar J (Edna H) pntr h907 W South 
Lee Paul H h422 N Blount 

Lee Pearlie (c) porter East Coast Stages Inc r526 E Cabarrus 
Lee Percy D mech Montgomerv-Mutart Inc r RD 3 
Lee Philip C (c; Eliz) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h516 W South 
Lee Pollv (c) cook h823 Manly 
Lee Robt (c) r823 Manly 
Lee Robt I (Mamie N) sec-treas Sir Walter Hotel Co and mgr Sir Walter 

Hotel h211 Hawthorn rd 
Lee Roosevelt (c) r823 Manly 

Lee Royce B (Eliz E) pliarm College Ct Pharmacy h2306 Hillsboro 
Lee Thurman (c) barber Capitol City Barber Shop rll3 W Lenoir 
Lee Virginia r499 S BoyJan av 
Lee Virginia (c) cook r228 Bledsoe av 

Lee AV Handv (c; Carrie) .ianitor Nev/ Administration bldg h610 Smith 
Lee W Thos (Margt R) chairmn State Corn Comn r209 W Jones 
Lee Wm (c) dishwasher S >^ W Cafeteria r823 Manly 
Lee Wm D (Alvada) h405 Frank 
Lee Wm E br mgr Pender's St-ores r322 New Bern av 
Lee Wm H auto chf WUTelegCo r Gamer N C 
Lee Wm S (c; Oleane) la.b hllOl S Blount 
Lee Willis M student r907 W South 




Lee Woodrow (c) emo S & W Cafeteria r823 Manly 

Lees Bertha E toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r215 N Dawson 

Lees Hiz V slswn P W Woolworth Co r215 N Dawson 

Lees Percy (Laura F) mach h215 N Dawson 

Leeson Bessie librarian Needham B Broughton High Sch rl508 Hillsboro 

Leeson Jas r Wake Countv Home 

Leeson Mary E slswn F W Woolworth Co r204 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Leeson Saml C (Bernice N) elk H E Davis Co h204 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Lefler Hugh T (Ida P) associate prof N C State College h23 Logan ct 

Lefler Ida P Mrs tchr Pi-ed A Olds Sch h23 Logan ct 

LePort C R with N C State College r2302 Hillsboro 

Lehman Saml G (Audrey M) prof N C State College hl23 Brooks av 

Leiby Rowland W (Pauline) chf Div of Entomology State Dept of Agri- 
culture h223 Hawthorn rd 

Leighton Hem-y P (Inez) asst military instr N C State College r405 Cal- 
vin rd 

Leinster Jos A rl718% Hillsboro 

Leinster V/m W (Lucy H) asst claims examiner State Industrial Comn 
hlTlSV, Hillsboro 

LeMeur Alcide F (Virginia F) court reporter h201 Duncan 

Lemon Austin C (Lila B) chf elk div supt SALRv h2262 The Circle 

Lentz Clara V elk r327 W Morgan 

Lentz Luther A jr liquidating agt r312 New Bern av 

Lentz Robt W (Agnes E) inspr Burroughs Adding Machine Co hn20 
Bickett blvd 

Leonard Frank (c: Susie) bottler h526 E Davie 

Leonard G Edw (Carolyn) opr Postal-Teleg Cable Co rl25 Halifax 

Leonard Geo W (Bessie) coal h318 Oakwood av 

Leonard Lessie (c) dom r526 E Davie 

Leonard Novella elk r4(}8 New Bern av 

Leonard Roy (c) lab r526 E Davie 

Lerner Shops Thelma P Burnett mgr women's wear 132 Fayetteville 

Lesane Kath L Mrs r4O0 New Bern av 

Lesane Mary (c) dom r607 Adams al 

Lesane Robt (c; Susie) lab h816 Cotton pi 

Leslie Colonel W (c) hsemn 1828 Glenwood av 

Leslie P Hamilton (Gladys E) load dispr CP&LCo h3132 Stanhope av 

Leslie Mae office sec Drs Neal. Thompson & Neal r2116 Country Club dr 

Leslie Merle dental asst J'as E Swindell r2116 Country Club di' 

Leshe Wm J (Blanche H) bkpr Drs Neal, Thompsoii & Neal h2116 Coun- 
try Club dr 

Lester G Randall (Cora) hlpr h550 E Jones 

Lester John A (c: Mary B) sch tchr h529 Cannon av 

Lester Oresta A (Pov Y) mgr engraving dept Alf Williams & Co h603 N 

Lester Transfer Co (Wm A Lester) 307 N West 

Lester Wm A (Lester Transfer Co) r307 N West 

Lester Wm L elk CP&LCo rl006 Benjamin 

Leveridge L Marvin (Lennie M) swtchmn h208 Hudson 

Leveridge R Lue slswn W T Grant Co r2Q8 Hudson 

Leveridge Walter H switchmn r208 Hudson 

Levester see also Leavister and Levister 

Levester Annie E (c) dom r422 S Person 

Leveston Hezekiah (c; Maude) li329 W South 

Levine Albert L slsmn High Art Clothing Co Inc r323 Hillsboro apt 2 

Levine Davetta sten r323 Hillsboro apt 2 

Levine Leah (wid Morris) mlnr Lucielle Shop h323 Hillslboro apt 2 

Levister see also Leavister and Levester 

Levister Chester A (c) hipr hl201 E Lane 

Levister Elnora (c) rl201 E Lane 

Levister Jos (c) butler r311 E Cabarrus 

Levister Joshua L (c; Kathleen W) tchr Washington High Sch hll7 W 

Levy Alex (Raleigh Salvage Co) rl210 Cowper dr 

Levy Alvin B stockmn Charles Stores Co Inc r YTMCA 

Levy Lewis L (Florence A) pntr h408 Montague la 

Levy Robt T r408 Montague la 

Levy Saml H (Eva: Raleish Salvage Co) hl210 Cowper dr 
■ Lewellyn Laila beauty opr rl417 Scales 

Lewis Alex J (Lora) a,st Home Security Life Ins Co h516 S West 

Lewis Alice (c) dom rlOl Lake 

Lewis Alphonso (c; Martha) waiter hlll9 S Wilmington 

Lewis Anna B Mrs elk rl2] Halifax 

Lewis Anne E sten CP&LCo rl21 Halifax 

Lewis Annie H hl2 Maiden Lane 

liCwis Arth E (Geneva S) mgr N C Sch Book Depository Inc h411 Kin- 


lie E. 

Morgan , 







Lewis Asa (c) lab r407 S Bloodworth 

Lewis Bertie M r301 Glascock 

Lewis Bettie Mrs r Wake County Home 

Lewis Carrie (wid Frank B) smstrs Taylor's lil23 W Martin 

Lewis Chas P (Grace I) br mgr TheGreatA&PTeaCo h309 E Morgan 

Lewis Delmar (c; Jaronia) florist h826 E Hargett 

Lewis Dorothy L opr Cranford's Beauty Salon rl215 Wake Forest rd 

Lewis Edw (c; Sadie) janitor h323 Battle 

Lewis Edw (c; Katie) truck driver h801% E Hargett 

Lewis Edw P (Laura W) h214 S Haywood 

Lewis Eliza opr Bonnie Beauty Salon rl7 Enterprise 

Lewis Eliz (c) dom rlOl Lake 

Lewis Ethel V sec John W Hinsdale r Mansion Park Hotel 

Lewis Eugenia S (wid Jas H) sten U S Fidelity & Guaranty Co of Balti- 
more Md r736 Nash dr 

Lewis Frank B slsmn h731 E Lenoir 

Lewis Geo (c; Flossie) track mn hl4 Railroad 

Lewis Hattie J W (c) smstrs h220 E Cabarrus 

Lewis HeniT (c: Annie) driver J J Fallon Co Inc hl08 Maple 

Lewis Jas (c) n24 W South 

Lewis Jas (c; Mary) lab h805 2d av 

Lewis John (c; Henrietta) lab hll4 E Cabarrus 

Lewis John (c; Flonnie) lab rl314 Oakwood av 

Lewis John (c) lab hill Stronach's al 

Lewis John student rl21 Halifax 

Lewis John B proof reader rl2 Maiden la 

Lewis John D (c; Luella) dist mgr N C Mut Life Ins Co h520 S Blood- 

Lewis John D (c; Martha) ianitor h605 Haywood la 

Lewis Katie (c) cook P W Woolworth Co rlOl Lake 

Lewis Lamar E (Louise) trav slsmn r914 Vance 

Lewis Leon E (Eunice M) auto mech hl215 Wake Forest rd 

LEWIS LOTTIE E, Lawyer 706 Odd Fellows Bid? 15 W Hargett, Tel 3878, 
r Raleijrh Hotel, Tel 2733 

Lewis Mabel tchr Murphey Sch rl27 N Blount 

Lewis Mallie F (Mabel C) br mgr Blue Star Stores hi 13 Cox av 

Lewis Mamie (c) dom h706 Oakwood av 

Lewis Mamie G (wid Frank B) h214 Halifax 

Lewis Margt (c) dom rlOl Lake 

Lewis Mary (c) cook r808 S Person 

Lewis Maude E sten SALRy r214 Halifax 

Lewis Plummer (c; Irene) wtchmn h221 Seawell av 

Lewis Rena (c) Indrs h203 Smithfield 

Lewis Richd A (Gail W) mgr college cafeteria N C State College r201 

Lewis Richd H Public School Glenwood av cor Hinsdale 

Lewis Robt (c) porter McLeod & Watson r523 E Lenoir 

Lewis Robt B emp The News & Observer rl21 Halifax 

LEWIS SPORTING GOODS CO (Wade C and Walter F Lewis), 112 W 
Hargrett, Tels 1777 and 4233 

Lewis Stamp (c; Katie) hlOl Lake 

Lewis Vallie L dental asst Eug B Howie r214 S Haywood 

Lewis Vinita V (c) instr The Bishop Tuttle Training Sch r do 

Lewis W Sterling (Rosa D) inspr hl07 E Whitaker Mill rd 

Lewis Wade C (Irene H; Lewis Sporting Gds Co) h2101 Ridgecrest 

Lewis Wade C 1r student r2101 Ridgecrest 

Lewis Walter P (Leone; Lewis Sporting Gds Co) h2117 Country Club dr 

Lewis Wm (c) barber r211 Smithfield 

Lewis Wm (c; Mary) cook h202 Pugh 

Lewis Wm A barber Mills Barber Shop r RD 2 

Lewis Wm H (Dorothy) h402 Peri-y 

Lewter Paul V (Minnie I) reprmn Lewis Sporting Gds Co h722 W Lane 

Lexing Ethel tchr Washington Hisfh Sch rl25 E South 

Liberty Hotel The (c; Delia McCullers) 218 E Cabarrus 

Life Insurance Co of Virginia Rosser O Johnson dist mgr 239 Fayette- 
ville R509 

Life & Casualty Insurance Co of Tennessee Benj R Cole supt 428% Fay- 
etteville R200 

Lightfoot Ellison R slsmn r2 Maiden la 

Lightfoot Robt M (Plorie J) bkpr K E Stahl Mfg Co h2 Maiden la 

Lightfoot Robt M 1r sch tchr r2 Maiden la 

Lightner Arcade Building (c) 120-22 E Hargett 

Lightner Building (c) 125 E Hargett 

Lightner C Nicholas (c) student r419 S East 

Lightner Calvin E (c; Mamie A; Lightner's Funeral Parlor) h419 S East 

Lightner Calvin N (c) asst Lightner's Funeral Parlor r419 S East 

Lightner Mamie A (c) hairdrsr 419 S East r do 



"The memory of niiallty lingers loiii; after tlio price Is forgotten." 

LiEhtner Margt R ( c) student r419 S East 

LIGHTNER'S FUNERAL PARLOR (c; Calvin E Lightner), Undertakers 
127-129 E Harsrett, Tels 1215 and 256 

Lightye Chas (c; Mamie) lab h702 Bragg 

Lightye Reese (c; Ida) lab r702 Bragg 

Ligon Braxton (c; Alice) lab h536 E Edenton 

Ligon Clinton B (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch r573 E Lenoir 

Ligon Daisy (c) r509 Cannon av 

Ligon Daisy E (c) li573 E Lenoir 

Ligon Dennis (c) lab r536 E Edenton 

Ligon Emma E (c) dom h741 Fayetteville 

Ligon Geo (c) student r741 Fayettville 

Ligon Hazel E (c) r573 E Lenoir 

Ligon J Henry (Virginia B) asst sec Wachovia Bank & Trust Co li2113 

Ligon J Wm (c) atndt Third Ward Service Sta r573 E Lenoir 
Ligon John (c) taxi driver r741 Fayetteville 

Ligon Leonard W (c; Clinton; Third Ward Service Sta) r573 E Lenoir 
Ligon Louise J (c) dom r741 Fayetteville 
Ligon Maye E (c) tchr Washington High Sch r573 E Lenoir 
Ligon Victoria M (c) sch tchr r741 Fayetteville 
Ligons Hattie (c) dom r411 S Bloodworth 
Liles see also Lyles 
Liles Bela V r316 W Hargett 
Liles E Marie r317 W Morgan 

Liles Emma G smstrs Hudson-Belk Co r316 W Hargett 
Liles Henrietta J (wid Epn) h316 W Hargett 
Liles Herbert (Cottie) r3!li W Hargett 

Liles Herbert W (Rose C) mgr Pollock's SUpper Salon hl321 Hinton 
Liles J Bernard (Kathleen V) slsmn Cinderella Slipper Shop h412 

W Hargett 
Liles Jas B delmn r709 W Lane 

Liles John G (Pearl) printer Coml Printing Co h539 E Martin 
Liles John W (Lilhan L) dispr CP&LCo h709 W Lane 
Liles John W (Lizzie M) slsmn rl07 S McDowell 
Liles John W jr (Lebelle) auto mech h7 Rosemary 
Liles Kathleen O opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r412 W Hargett 
Liles L Carl phys State Hosp r do 
Liles Lois slswn r219 S Person 
Liles M R atndt State Hosp r do 

Liles Ralph V (Blanche W) bkpr Milner Stores Co hl213 Hillsboro apt 3 
Liles Robt elk The Great A & P Tea Co r312 E Edenton 
Liles Rose C Mrs opr Bonnie Beauty Salon hl321 Hinton 
Liles Russell A atndt Person St Service Sta r RD 2 
Liles Saml L eng WPTP Radio Co r322 W Jones 
Liles Seaward B r317 W Morgan 

Liles Theo H (Bettie L) barber Mills Barber Shop h317 W Morgan 
Lilley Casper (c; Adeline) Janitor r321 E CabaiTus 
LiUey Eleanor N student r622 Hillsboro 
Lilley Predk L (Emily A) rdmstr N-SRRCo h622 Hillsboro 
Lilley Mary (c) dom r223 E Cabarrus 
Lilley Walter (c) lab r321 E CabaiTus 

Lilly Arth M bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r620 Hillsboro 
Lilly Dora (c) h905 Cannister 
Lilly Elmer D elk r305 New Bei'n av 
Lilly John S (Alma O) flgmn h409 Aycock 
Lilly Rufus (c; Kate) baker h419 S Dawson 

Lily of the Valley Freewill Baptist Church (c) 1109 S Bloodworth 
Limer Emily W sten rl325 Sycamore 

Limer Olive office sec The Duff-Gore Coi-p rl416 Mordecai dr 
Linden Harold H carp r715 Gaston 
Linden Wm A carp r413 N Salisbury 
Lindsay Arcelia D (wid Andrew D) hi 17 S Bovlan av 
Lindsay Burl (c) driver Art Flower Shop r820 Brooklyn 
Lindsay Chas (c) chauf r820 Brooklyn 
Lindsay Chas L (Mery McC) h232 W Hargett apt 5B 
Lindsay Esther atndt State Hosp r do 
Lindsay Lizzie (c) Indrs h820 Brooklyn 
Lindsay Mary MiC r232 W Hargett apt 5B 
Lindsay Rachel atndt State Hosp r do 
Lindsay Thelma Mrs auto opr WUTelegCo h416 E Morgan 
Lindsay Wm J (Thelma) hosemn Engine Co No 3 h416 E Morgan 
Lindsey Esther W (c) office sec Grand Dist No 10 Household of Ruth 

rl6 W Worth 
Lindsey Frank (c; Esther) lab hl6 W Worth 










w 3 




•3" = 




?W CD 



S &} 


^ 3 










Tin, Tile and Slate /DI^CD 0, DAWIQ\ i^ng"pro'du''cts^, Rea°dy- 
Roofing Galvanized \ nfflRr fi Ui uMEfLu/ R"" ^"'' Built-up 
Iron and Copper Cor- 16*irSB4l«BI iMi* llira\iB6.Vf Roofing, Roof Coat- 
nice and Skylights, S n,m«p-i.i« nnmioMv ? inns. Protective 
Heating, Ventilating J ROOFING COMPANY I Paints, Metallic Red., 
and Air Conditioning. ( I Asphalt Shingles 
Asbestos Shingles V4O8-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Lindsey Geo (c; Janie) lab h405 N Harrington 

Lindsey Ida (c) dom rll9 W Johnson 

Lindsey Maggie (c) elk r226 E Lenoir 

Lindsey Mary M (c) student nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

Lindsey Odessa (c) Indrs rlO Parham's al 

Lindsey Otto (c; Tempie) amp East Coast Stages Inc hl012 S Person 

Lineberger Henry O (Anne S) dentist 123 W Hargett R804 hll04 Cowper 

Lineberry A Ruth tchr StMary's Sch r Avent's Ferry rd nr Ashe av 
Llneben-y Doris E student r Avent's Perry rd nr Ashe av 
Lineberry Gustavus E (Ruth E) supt State Sch for the Blind and the 

Deaf h Avent's Perry rd nr Ashe av 
Lineberry John A slsmn Sanders Motor Co r Avent's Perry rd nr Ashe 

Lineberry M Poy sch tchr r Avent's Perry rd nr Ashe av 
Lineburg W Nelson (Bertha M) genl formn car dept SALRy h206 New 

Bern av 
Linehan Danl J (Ruby L) justice of the peace 209 S McDowell Rla r 

2205 Pairview rd 
Linehan Dorothy M r230 N Person 

Linehan John M (Eliz G) bkpr Cross & Linehan Co h23» N Person 
LINEHAN W A MRS, V-Pres Cross & Linehan Co, r Winston- Salem, N 

LINEHAN WM A JR (Adelaide B), Sec-Treas Cross & Linehan Co, h707 

W Morgan, Tel 413 
Lingerfelt Evelyn r313 S Bloodworth 
Lingerfelt M Austin (Mayfield) truck driver h207 S East 
Lingerfelt Wm (Florence) farmer h313 S Bloodworth 
Link E Harriett rSOl New Bern av 
Link Grace W (wid A Gibson) hSOl New Bern av 
Link John rl05 S Dawson 
Link John C student rSOl New Bern av 
Link Marie (c) Indrywkr r308 W South 
Link Nancy A rSOl New Bern av 
Link Sallie (c) cook h920% S Bloodworth 

Linkous Gilbert F (Margt D) mgr Wilson & Co hll07 Wake Forest rd 
Linkwald Norman (Juanita) steward Mansion Park Hotel r do 
Linrhicum Edw (Linthlcum & Linthicum) r Mansion Park Hotel 
Linthicum H Colvin (Kath M; Linthicum & Linthicimi) r Mansion 

Park Hotel 
Linthicum & Linthicum (H Colvin and Edw) archts 18 W Martin R406 
Linton Mary V r425 N Blount apt 1 
Linville Jas P jr (M Avalee) bkpr Firestone Service Stores Inc h624 W 

Lions Club meets Mondays 1pm Hotel CaroUna 

Lipford Herbert E (Kate P) opr Raleigh Beauty Shoppe h440 Halifax 
Lipford Kate P Mrs (Raleigh Beauty Shoppe) h440 Halifax 
Lipford Wm O barber Ideal Barber Shop r440 Halifax 
Lipscomb Chas (c; Mary) blksmith 421 S Bloodworth r RD 21 
Lipscomb Geo (c: Malissa) cook Louise Mahler h911 E Hargett 
Lipscomb J L prod r220i2 E Martin 
Lipscomb Oscar (c; Sadie) waiter h903 Oberlin rd 
Lipscomb Robt (c; Redasie) lab h503 Railroad av 
Lisk Homer P (Lottie E) collr Jas H Parley hSlQ Watauga 
Lisk Robt F (Thelma R) agt Imperial Life Ins Co r Westover 
Litchfield Ruth Mrs elk rl813 White Oak rd 
Litchford J O civ eng State Hwy Comn r Neuse N C 
Litehford Martha slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r Neuse N C 
Little see also Lytle 
Little Addie B drsmkr r602 W Morgan 

Little Alice B office sec Jones & Brassfield and notary r728 Nash dr 
Little Benj (c; Inez) cook h8 E Worth 

Little Burke H sec-treas Haywood Real Est Co r901 Wake Forest rd 
Little E Madeline elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl02 New Bern 

Little Edith (c) maid h728 Payetteville 
Little Gladys sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Youngsvllle 

Little Henry M r901 Wake Forest rd 

Little Irene P student rl210 Hillsboro 

Little J B elk Talley's Luncheonette r529 New Bern av 

Little J T r Sir Walter Hotel 







LITTLE JAMES C (Alma M), Lawyer 407 Wachovia Bank Bldff 234-240 
Fayetteville, Tel 292, and Solicitor N C State Court Seventh Judicial 
District, hl210 Hillsboro, Tel 1221 

Little Janie (c) cook h305 S Haywood 

Little John W (E Louise) carp h529 New Bern av 

Little Lucv (c) r313 W South 

Little Margt L r208 Pine 

Little Mary L (wid Cevern M) h602 W Morgan 

Little Parrot Castle (GeoBarkas) 511% Hillsboro 

Little Ralph E (Bessie A) hlpr r515 N Dawson 

Little Roosevelt (c) lab r313 W South 

Little Roy J (Maude E) carrier USPO h2903 Hillsboro 

Little Thos A (Pearle M) mgr The Wake Theatre h405 New Bern av 

Little Virginia B (wid Geo) elk h208 Pine 

Little Wm P (Fannie L) cash Wake County Savings Bank hl30 E Eden- 

Littlejohn Archie (c; Odessa) lab r323 E Cabarrus 

Littlejohn Chas (c) bellmn Hotel Raleigh r409 S Swain 

Littlejohn Ethel M (c) maid r609 Saunders 

Littleiohn Janie (c) lndrsh215 S State 

Littlejohn Mary (c) cook r230 Fowle 

Littlejohn Wm (c; Corinna) h609 Saunders , ,„„r „ , 

Livingston Donald A 'Lucille K) mer McLelland Stores Co hl605 Scales 

Livingston J Vance (Nina J) slsmn Pollock's Slipper Salon hll7 Park av 

Livingston Nina J Mrs emp Times Pub Co hll7 Park av 

LIVINGSTGNE JOHN A, Librarian State Supreme Court Library, r502 
S Boylan av, Tel 1941 -J 

Lloyd Alma <c) dom r216 Heck 

Lloyd Alphonso (Ruth R) elk SALRy h622 Wills Forest 

Lloyd Alvin B (Laura G) capt Engine Co No 4 h725 W Morgan 

Lloyd C Otice r618 Wills Forest 

Lloyd Carrie F (Eliz S) floor fnshr hl519 Sunrise av 

Lloyd Dewey E (Inez) hl403 Hinton 

Lloyd Fannie B sec Dr Milton R Gibson rl221 Pearce 

Lloyd Frank J atndt Circle Filling Sta Inc r RD 2 

Lloyd Gladys E rl221 Pearce 

Lloyd Hughie V (Hattie M) city fh-emn h536 E Hargett 

Lloyd Inez Mrs slswTi W T Grant Co hl403 Hinton 

Lloyd J Ernest (A Fetner) carp h307 Georgetown rd 

Lloyd John A jr slsmn r Mansion Park Hotel 

Lloyd John B carp hl221 Pearce 

Lloyd John D hlpr r307 Georgetown rd 

Lloyd Julian B elk rl221 Pearce 

Lloyd Lee (c; Nannie) lab h431 S Bloodworth 

LLOYD LESTER (Irene Benton), Pres CommonvTealth Motor Co Pres 
Raleig:h Automobile Dealers Assn and Capital District Automobile 
Assn, h204 E Park dr. Tel 3099 

Lloyd Lizzie (c) dom h216 Heck 

Lloyd N Thos slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co hl08 Harrison av 

Lloyd Omega r2907 Hillsboro 

Lloyd Rufus G glazer r307 Georgetown rd 

Lloyd Van B (Florence) electn h2907 Hillsboro 

Lloyd Vera B atndt State Hosp r do 

Lloyd Willard D elk r2907 Hillsboro 

Lloyd Wm H (Flonnie B) truck driver r218 S Harrington 

Lloyd Wm L car repr SALRy h618 Wills Forest 

Lloyd Worth sta atndt r2907 Hillsboro 

Lockamy Corinne G elk rl20 N Bloodworth 

Lockamy Jas H (Evelyn S) electn r410 Elm 

Lockamy Sarah M (wid Wm C) hl20 N Bloodworth 

Lockerman Clarence E (Claudia F) baker Mrs Morton's Pastry Shop r316 

Lockey Jas B (Patricia H) electn h2240 The Circle 

Lockhart Annie (c) dom r835 Fayetteville 

Lockhart H Kenneth (Mary E) r3606 Ruffin 

Lockhart John C (Colleen G) County Supt of Public Instruction h2215 
The Circle 

Lockhart Leila (o) cook r722 S Dawson 

Lockhart Lincoln (c; Alice) lab r750 Pavetteville 

Lockhart Wilson S (c; Third Ward Service Sta) r573 E Lenoir 

Locklear Christopher C (c; Lucy S) lil37 Lincoln dr 

Locklear Lucy S (c) gro 137 Lincoln dr r do 

Locklear Mary T (c) h585 S Lenoir 

Locklear Purdy (c; Georgia) lab hlll4 Hill 


nber of Commerce 









V. 0. 





125 South Salisbury Street 

Phone 2257 

Locust L D (c; Willie P) lab rll05 S Bloodworth 

Logan Addie G (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch rll4 E Lenoir 

Logan Cath (c) maid r907 PayetteviUe 

Logan Ernest (c) lab r503 Montague la 

Logan Eug (c; Lillian W) cabtmkr h902 S Blount 

Logan Prank (c; Minnie) lab hlO Ross 

Logan Horace B (c; Addie G) magician hll4 E Lenoir 

Logan June (c) cement fnshr h503 Montague la 

Logan Lestus P (c) msngr Raleigh Dental Laboratory r742 Fayetteville 

Logan Lillian (c) Indrs rill Bledsoe av 

Lomack Lizzie (c) cook r4 Lee 

Loman Eliz (c) h711 Ellington 

London Geo E student r615 Hillsboro 

London Henry M (Mamie E) librarian State Legislative Reference Li- 
brary and sec-treas State Bar Assn h615 HiUsboro 

London Henry M jr student r615 Hillsboro 

liOng G Haywood (Margt) rl829 Glenwood av 

Long Harold O (Violet M) golf professional hlOOS W South 

Long Julia M (c) maid r326 E Davie 

Long Nannie B (wid Andrew) r203 Forest rd 

Long Octavia (c) h916 Cannister 

Long Robt T (Hayes-Barton Service Sta) h2319 Lake dr 

Long Thos O r2130 Country Club dr 

Long Troy E (Octavia) car inspr SALRy hl803 Sunset av 

Long Troy E jr student rl803 Sunset av 

Longecker Hilton L (Gladys L) ceramic eng h614 Polk 

Longmire J Edw driver East Coast Stages Inc rl06 Aycock 

Longmire Minnie O opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl06 Aycock 

Longmire Walter J (Martha L) sheet metalwkr hl06 Aycock 

Longmire Walter J jr student rl06 Aycock 

Longmire Wm C rl06 Aycock 

Loomos Steve (Palmetto Fruit Store) rSll W Hargett 

Looney Mildred librarian Hugh Morson High Sch rl30 E Edenton 

Lorbacher Alton G barber Robt L Atkins r503 N Person 

Lord Moses (c) janitor State Dept of Agriculture r412 Oberlm rd 

Lord Norman W (Rowena) chf elk div frt and pass agt N-SRRCo h413 

Lott Arth laboratory asst State Hwy Comn r218 S Blount 

Lott Beatrice Mrs director luncheonette dept F W Woolworth Co h218 S 

Lott Hazel slswn F W Woolworth Co r218 S Blount 

Love Anderson P (Annie DeB) slsmn Efird's Dept Store rSOl S Person 

Love Cornelia student rl220 Glenwood av 

Love Drug Store (c; Thos L Love) 126 E Davie 

Love Emma (c) dom h608 2d 

Love P Swindell Rev (Phala) hl220 Glenwood av 

Love Frank (c; Willie) driver Koonce Purn Co h410 E Worth 

Love Henrietta reporter State Industrial Comn r229 E Edenton apt 3A 

Love Jesse J (Sarah E) city firemn h217 S Bloodworth 

Love Mary H student rl220 Glenwood av 

Love Nathaniel H elk State Hwy Comn rl22 New Bern av 

Love Pattie M (c) tchr Washington Sch h719 3 West 

Love Sadye J (c) sten Grand Dist No 10 Household of Ruth r412 S 

Love Thos L (c; Sadye J; Love Di-ug Store) h412 S Bloodworth 

Love Wm E elk Union Grill r221 W Martin 

Lovell Chas C (Cordelia C) restr 327y2 S Bloodworth h303 S Pettigrew 

Lovell Cordelia C Mrs palmist 303 S Pettigrew r do 

Lovell Ernest J (Virgie P) trav slsmn h308 Hillcrest rd 

Lovlck Annie P (wid Hugh J) h540 N Person 

Lowe Azzie L sten F M Harper & Son rl024 W South 

Lowe Edith (wid Jas C) matron State Prison hSlO W Hargett 

Lowe J Buren (Beulah M) roofer Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h812 W 

Lowe J Ernest elk Cutler St Gro rl024 W South 

Lowe Jesse M (Beatrice R) eng h605 Glenwood av 

Lowe Jos E (Ada S) policemn hl024 W South 

Lowe Nell R student rl024 W South 

Lowe Wm V dairymn rl024 W South 

Lowenberg David M mgr Jonas Shoppe rll4 E Jones 

Lowery J Arth maeh opr r515 Fayetteville 

Lowery Linwood (Annie) rural carrier USPO r RD 1 

Lowry Elva A sten State Hwy Purch Dept r618 Hillsboro 

Lowry Ida B h906 W Lenoir 

Lowry Laura (wid David Q) rlO Enterprise 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Loyal Order of Moose Lodge No 1318 meets Fridays 8pm 118% Fayette- 

Loyd Mary L atndt State Hosp r do 

Loyd Pearl atndt State Hosd r do 

Lucas Addle W (wid Silas) r405 N Wilmington 

Lucas Atlas (c) farmlid StAugustine's College r do 

Lucas Bryant (c: Ada) lab h94 Cross 

Lucas Chas rll7 W Edenton 

Lucas Chas (o: Melvina) gdnr hl009 Fayetteville 

Lucas Danl (c) dom r802 2d av 

Lucas Edw (c; Ada M) bellmn Bland Hotel hl22 Spruce 

Lucas Eliza (c) Indrs rl013 Mark 

Lucas Elworth (c) lab r419 Watson 

Lucas Eva (c) dom rl21 Spruce 

Lucas Florida (c) dom rl43 Lincoln dr 

Lucas Henrietta CO pressor Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dyeing Co 
h315 Camden 

Lucas Henry (c) h802 2d av 

Lucas Jessie (c) Indrywki- h911 Cannister 

Lucas John (c; Prankie) lab rllll Mark 

Lucas John D (c; Mildred) janitor Times Pub Co hl507 E Jones 

Lucas Junel (c) dom r312 Bledsoe av 

Lucas Junius (c) lab rl211 New Bern av 

Lucas Lillian elk State Ins Dept r2701 Clark av 

Lucas Lula (c) dom rl013 Mark 

Lucas Luther Rev (c) farm supt StAugustine's College r do 

Lucas Mae Mrs rl2 N McDowell 

Lucas Malachi (c; Elvin) lab hl013 Mark 

Lucas Margt atndt State Hosp r do 

Lucas McKinley (c; Maurice) lab r305 Washington (College Pk) 

Lucas Mildred <c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Lucas Minnie O (c) dom r802 2d av 

Lucas Octavia (c) dom hSlO Cannon 

Lucas Otha (c) pot washer Sir Walter Hotel r94 Cross 

Lucas Presley (c; Alice) lab hl21 Spruce 

Lucas Robt (c) lab r419 Watson 

Lucas Ruth (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch r729 S Blount 

Lucas Sallie elk r2701 Clark av 

Lucas Saml (c) hlpr r312 Bledsoe av 

Lucas Sarah (o) cook h419 Watson 

Lucas Wade H city editor Times Pub Co hl27 New Bern av apt 406 

Lucas Wm (c; Henrietta) lab h315 Camden 

Lucey Anna M elk Dun & Bradstreet Inc r2108 Ridgecrest 

Lucielle Shop Alf Zann mgr women's wear 112 Fayetteville 

Luck Emmett W (Mary V) teleg opr h217 Glascock 

Luckey Ben-y (c: Marv) firemn hll2 Grimes al 

Ludwig Roy G mgr shoe dept McLellan Stores Co rl05 S Dawson 

Lugo Jos A jr (Carrie E) transfer elk Ry M S hl316 Mordecai dr 

Lumford Rosa (c) riom rl20 Idlewild av 

Lumford Walter (c) elk Edw Adler rl20 Idlewild av 

Lumley Geo W prsmn h416 E Edenton 

Lumpkin Lena P (wid Jas S) bdg 102 New Bern av h do 

Lumsden Bernard (Louise B) rl407 Hillsboro 

Lumsden Donald B metalwkr Lonnie H Lumsden rl902 Alexander rd 

Lumsden Donovan H (Zula N) elk hl902 Alexander rd 

Lumsden Prank R (Geraldlne) elk E A Pierce & Co hl20 Pace 

Lumsden Lonnie H (Lucy C) sheet metalwkr 514 W Morgan rlSOS 
Alexander rd 

Lumsden Louise B Mrs elk State Hwy Comn rl407 Hillsboro 

Lumsden Martha H (wid Chas P) hl415 Hillsboro 

Lumsden Martha L (wid Prank H) h2 Ashe av 

Lumsden Ruby W rl009 W Lenoir 

Lumsden 'Saml T (Margt P) trav supvr h726 S Boylan av 

Lumsden T P firemn State Hosp r do _ 

Lumsden Wm H elk E A Pierce & Co rl20 Pace 

Lumsden Willie H (wid Robt L) florist hl009 W Lenou- 

Lumsden Zula N Mrs slswn Ellisberg's hl902 Alexander rd 

Lundy C Edgar jr (Esther E) rl625 Glenwood av 

Lundy Clarence E (Maude V) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R202 hl625 Glen- 
wood av 

Lundy Ellis H (Margt B) ship elk State Hwy Purch Dept hl05 E Eden- 
ton apt 209 

Lundy Julia R sten Clarence E Lundy rl625 Glenwood av 

Lundy Margt B Mi's typist State Hwy Comn hl05 E Edenton apt 209 

Lunford Burnett (c: Annie) gdnr hl401 Oberlin rd 


:■ FREIGH1-; 


228 E. 





( FORD ) 

Authorized i j IM''"'ini N \ ®^''^ *"'' Service 

Lunsford Blanche (c) dom rll20 S Blount 

Lunsford Novella (c) dom r422 S Person 

Lupton Clara M (wid Ernest) bdg 121 Halifax h do 

Lupton Ralph H student rl21 Halifax 

Luther Jas A (Azilee E) elk USPO hl406 Sycamore 

Luther J-,ouise nurse Mai-y Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Luther Oscar T (Winnie L) food checker Sir Walter Hotel r615 E Martin 

Lutz Floyd E elk CP&LCo rl705 Pairview rd 

Lutz J F asst prof N C State College rl507 Hillsboro 

Lutz Jacob student rl507 Hillsboro 

Lyde Chas (c; Maiy) cook h215 Oberlin rd 

Lyde Estelle (c) dom rl006 Parker 

Lydes Augustus (c; Mabel) lab h210 Camden 

Lyles see also Liles 

Lyles Jas (c) bellmn Hotel Carolina r747 Fayetteville 

Lyles Saml (c) bellmn r407 S Bloodworth 

Lyles Wm r29 S Swain 

Lynch Adolphus B (Margt) acct rl718 Park dr 

Lynch Beveridge slsmn r512 Cleveland 

Lynch Chas M firemn r504 N East 

Lvnch Dorsey W state bank examiner r512 N Blount 

Lynch Edith T (c) student rl420 Oakwood av 

Lynch Marcus elk r546 N Person 

Lynch Mary P (wid Percy P) bkpr County Supt of Public Instruction h 
546 N Person 

Lynch Reginald L Cc; Vii'ginia) tchr St Augustine's College hl420 Oak- 
wood av 

Lynch Theo (c) delmn r608 Cannon 

Lyndon Jas C (Vertie L) hlpr h201 Ashe av 

Lyndon Jos R (Anna H) engr Storr Engraving Co h203 Ashe av 

Lyndon Mary Mi's typist r202 W Edenton 

Lyndon Maude E opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r322 W Morgan 

Lyndon Wm P atndt Evans Service Sta r203 Ashe av 

Lynn Dolphus (Ronalda) truck driver h610 W Lane 

Ljmn Isaiah elk Piggly Wiggly 616 N Person 

Lynn Otis (e; Lucille) car washer h512 E Cabarrus 

Lyon Doctor (c) hsemn 2109 Myrtle av 

Lyon Dorothy nurse Mary Elizabeth Hosp r do 

Lyon Ethel 'student i^l2 W Morgan 

Lyon Herman L ax;ct rll E Lane 

Lyon Howard R (Berta) mgT Natl Biscuit Co h712 W Morgan 

Lyon Jav C (c: Mary) lab h305 Oberlin rd 

Lyon M Ethel sten N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh hlOl S Bloodworth, 

Lyon Marcia L sten rlOl S Bloodworth 

Lyon Martin A mgr McPherson & Barnes r814 Cowper dr 

Lyon Ora r618 Brooks av 

Lyon Orvid H slsmn Hudson-Belk Co r White Oak rd 

Lyon Oza L slswn Efird's Dept Store rllOl Harvey 

Lyon Virginia sten U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r712 W, Morgan 

Lyons Casey (c; Mattie) dish washer r204 Camden 

Lyons Lola (c) maid r582 E Cabarrus 

Lytle see also Little 

Lytle Corinne E (c) office sec Dr Lewyn E McCauley r519 S Blount 

Lytle Effie C (c) h519 S Blount 

Maag Anna M (wid Jos D) elk Pine State Creamery Co h806 W South 

Mabrey Carrie R (wid Jas C) rll09 Harp 

Mabrey Louise (c) dom rll W Hayti al 

Mabry Eug (c; Mary) lab h517 Hick's al 

MacCarthy D Edw (Virginia) v-pres J J Fallon Co Inc h240O Fairview 

MacCarthy J Karl (Chloe G) dist mgr r2400 Fairview rd 

MacDougall Jas E (Frances P) rep rl25 Hawthorn rd 

Macfavlan W Joynes mgr Associated Press r202 Groveland av 

Machinists' Union Heiu'y C Gillis sec meets 1st and 3d Wednesday 8 p 
m llOVa E Hargett 

Mack Delia (c> maid r822 E Martin 

Mack Helen (c) student r822 E Martin 

Mack John E (Vida P) pntr h818 E Martin 

Mack Jos (c; Janie L) elev opr Odd Fellows bldg hll4 W South 

Mack Mary (c) cook r431 N Salisbury 

Macklin Albert (Mitzi; Capital Gro Co) hSOO E Cabarrus 

Macklin Caroline (c) dom h739 Smithfield av 

Macklin Flora (c) cook r222 E Worth 

Macklin Geo (c) lab r739 Smithfield av 

Macklin Ozzie (c; lola) porter Southeastern Exp Co hll07 E Lane 





MacMillan G Jas (Ina D) elec eng CP&LCo h230 Glascock 

MacNab see also McNabb 

MacNab Geo T senior ens US Bureau of Public Roads h232 W Hargett 
apt 9-A 

Macon Hal B (Elsie W) claim adjuster State Hwy Comn h White Oak 

Macon Mabel B slswn F W Woolworth Co r RD 2 

MacRae Theo r204 W Hargett 

Macy Lalla D (wid Wm R) h313 W Morgan 

Madden Bessie M seed analyst State Dept of Agriculture r422 N Blount 

Maddrey Arabella (wid Robt V) h517 S West 

Maddrey Jas T (Kath D) h2707 Lochmoor dr 

Maddrey Martha P Mrs elk State Dept of Public Instruction r323 E Lane 

Maddrey R Cator (Martha P) tray slsmn r323 E Lane 

Maddrey Woody G (Minnie B) den county sheriff h323 E Lane 

Madison Arth W (Myrtle E) asst trust officer Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 
h914 W Johnson 

Madison Edw (c) cook r514 S Blount 

Maeyer see also Mayer 

Maeyer Horace C (Edith M) mgr Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc rll4 E 

Maeyer Jane M student rll4 E Lane 

Magalis Lewis W done S) projectionist Palace Theatre hlO E Dixie dr 

Magee Jas P (Kath) slsmn r226 E Park dr 

Magee John H r Wake County Home 

Magee Kath Mrs emp Bovlan-Pearce Co Inc r Neuse N C 

Magee Thos T student r226 E Park dr 

Magruder Bruce Col with N C State College hl600 StMary's 

Maguire Thos P (Helen L) hll2 E Park dr 

Maguire Thos P jr (Marv C) v-pres Property Loans Inc and cash Wach- 
ovia Bank & Trust Co hl919 Reid 

Maher Harry litho rl02 W Edenton 

Mahler Carl K acct A M PuUen & Co 20 E Martin R306 

Mahler Predk W (Alice) jwlr h4C6 N Blount 

Mahler Louise restr 200 E Edenton h do apt 2 

Mahler Ludwlg A (Mary S) pres Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh h802 N 

Mahone Bertha L (c) cook 1005 Vance 

Major Allen (c) lab r418 Tarboro rd 

Major Jas (c; Essie) lab h313 Seawell 

Major Maggie (c) dom h418 Tarboro rd 

Major Roy (Mollie N) acct h606 S Boylan av 

Major Sylvester (c; LiUie M) lab r814 Cotton pi 

Makepeace Estelle R (wid J Pletcher) ho Rosemary 

Makepeace Margt E r5 Rosemary 

Makepeace Millard R atndt Shell Service Sta r5 Rosemary 

Makepeace V Douglas v-Dres Peerless Supply Co Inc and dep collr US 
Int Rev Office r5 Rosemary 

Malachi Jas (c) lab r25 Hunter 

Mallard J Thos (Sunie E) mstr mech N-SRRCo h2012 Glenwood av 

Mallard Listen L (Eliz P) eng State Dept of Labor h2201 Byrd 

Mallette Alice C (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf rl25 E 

Mallette Drug Co Inc (c) Geo T Jones sec-treas 117 E Hargett 

Malhson Richd S sec CP&LCo r905 W Lenoir 

Mallonee Wm C (Anne P) v-pres h225 Havv-fhorn rd 

Mallory Clarence C (Eliz C) switch tndr SALRy hl324 Hinton 

Mallory Harry (Mattie B) flgmn h502 Cole 

Mallory John (c; Pattie) hlpr hlll3 Oberlin rd 

Mallory Wm (c; Precious) lab rlll3 Oberlin rd 

Mallory Worth (c; Helen) lab rlll3 Oberlin rd 

Mallos Wm (Mary; Martin St Sandwich Shop) r540 E Hargett 

Malloy Josephine (c) hSll Saunders 

Malloy Sadie Mrs slswn h803 New Bern av 

Malorie Ethel elk Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rl02 New Bern 

Malone Robt C (c; Cath W) barber Capitol City Barber Shop h303 Ober- 
lin rd 

Malpass John H (Eima) r416 E Hargett 

Manders Ethel J sten CP&LCo rl20 W Edenton 

Maness Harvey C (Marriott D) spl agt The Equitable Life Assurance Soc 
of The U S r2701 Leesville rd 

Mangel's Jack Josefsberg mgr women's wear 124 Payetteville 

Mangum Albert G (Sarah) h2141 Country Club dr 

Mangum Carmel R slsmn The Raleigh Gas Co rl28 N Blount 

Mangum Ceburn H (Eliz J) electn r412 W Morgan 

Mangum Chas C (Callie) roadwkr hl04 Pershing rd 





Mangum Claybourne N singer rlll4 New Bern av 

Mangum Coy (c) lab h2 Bladen 

Mangum D Bailey student rl633 Glenwood av 

Mangum EUiz G (wid John C) r729 W Morgan 

Mangum Etta S (wid Jas A) h408 Sasser 

Mangum Gastonia (c) dom r406 Watson 

Mangum Harriette sr sten State Industrial Comn r Wake Forest NC 

Mangum Harvey (c; Charlotte) carp h611 S Blount 

Mangum Helen (c) dom r611 S Blount 

MANGUM J MILTON (Esther B), County Treasurer, Court House, Tel 

2692, hl633 Glenwood av, Tel 2196-J 
Mangum Jas (c) shoe repr rSin Camden 
Mangum Jessie (c) h621 Cannon 
Mangum John D r2141 Country Club dr 

Mangum John E (Repsie E) usher The Wake Theatre hev^ E Dixie dr 
Mangum John E 1r student r6V2 E Dixie dr 

Mangum John W (Eliz P) City Bldg and Electl Inspr h729 W Morgan 
Mangum Jos (c; Opal) whsemn Garland C Norris & Co h708 S McDow- 
Mangum L D chauf City Ice & Fuel Co r200 Han-ison av 
Mangum Lela elk rlll4 New Bern av 
Mangum Ruth (c) maid 2114 Ridgecrest 
Mangum Sallie (wid Duncan C) hl014 Smithfield 
Mangmn Saml J r Wake County Home 
Mangum Timothy M (Scotty's) r518 East Street av 
Mangum W O levelmn State Hwy Comn rill Morgan 
Mangum Wiley T (Nannie J) su'pt Confederate Soldier's Home rlH4New 

Bern av 
Mangum Wm (The Rebuilt Furn Co) rl08 N Harrington 
Mangum Wm (c) chauf r611 S Blount 

Mangum Wm E (Hattie J) lieut City Police Dept h601 North Boundry 
Manhattan Lunch (Geo P Bougades and Stelios Stratigos) 525 Hillsboro 
Manly Helen (c) dom h906 Oberlin rd 
Manly Howard <c) lab r906 Oberhn rd 
Manly Jas (c; Vera) chauf h617 E Lenoir 
Manly Rachel (c) dom h rear 910 Oberlin rd 
Manly Rosabelle E (c) prin Oberiin Sch h503 Oberlin rd 
Manly Street Christian Church (c) 814 Manly 
Manly Walter (c> lab r906 Oberlin rd 
Manly Wm E (c) lab r906 Oberlin rd 
Mann Caroline student rl702 Hillsboro 

Mann Carroll L (Ynita C) prof N C State College hl702 Hillsboro 
Mann Edith sten State Ins Dept h2608 Clark av 
Mann Edna tchr Haves-Barton Sch r2608 Clark av 
Mann Eunice M student rlOlO W Cabarrus 

Mann Famous M (Margie L) slsmn Wal-:e Feed Co hl911 Carroll dr 
Mann G Rex (Lovetta) mech B-N Motor Co r Cary N C 
Mann Gerti-ude E r226 S East 
Mann Harvey B (Margt M) agronomist N C State College h2708 Vander- 

bilt av 
Mann J Herman (Sallie T) gro 416 E Martin h226 S East 
Mann Jas A (c; Phyllis W) agt N C Mut Life Ins Co h739 PavetteviUe 
Mann John B (Ruby) elk Hotel Raleigh r305 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Mann M Lester (Ethel L) slsmn Raleigh Furn Co Inc hlOlO W Cabanois 
Mann Manly G (Norma S) sec-treas N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative 

Assn h2020 StMary's 
Mann Virginia D student rlOlO W Cabarrus 
Mann W B & Co Inc Junius T Holt pres Louis M Connor v-pres Wm W 

Arnold sec-treas gros HE Hargett 
Manning Douglas (c; Lois; Market Tailors) h507 S Bloodworth 
Manning Jas S (Julia C; Manning & Manning) h715 N Blount 
Manning Jas S jr (Martha G) ins adjuster 18 W Martin R309 hl214Cow- 

per dr 
Manning John H (Jane S; Manning & Manning) r Long View Farm 

Milburnie rd 
Manning & Manning (Jas S and John H) lawyers 18 W Martin R307 
Manooch Chas S (Loula A.; Raleigh-Danville Motor Exp) hl605 Scales 
Manor Blanche Mrs r Sir Walter Hotel 

Mansfield V Claiborne (Mary C; O K Clothing Co) rll3 E Martin 
Mansion Park Hotel John F Somers mgr N Blount cor E Edenton 
Mansion Park Soda Shop (Esther and Anness Lea) Mansion Park Hotel 
Mansion View (Mrs Annie E Dixon) 121 N Blount 
Manteo Lodge No 8 I O O F meets on call 15 W Hargett 
Manuel Anderson (c; Rebecca) mach hl504 Oberlin rd 
Manuel Annie (c) dom rll05 Oberlin rd 
Manuel Ellen (c) r540 E Cabarrus 
Manuel Geo (c; Eliza) lab hl307 Oberlin rd 




g Factory Authorize^ Sales and Service g 

ig General Motors Values fj 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Manuel Ira (c; Adele) lab rl504 Oberlln rd 

Manuel John (c) caddy rll05 Oberlin rd 

Manuel Loomis (c) caddy rl504 Oberlin rd 

Manuel Mattle (c) dom h540 E Cabarrus 

Manuel Rosabelle (c) dom rl504 Oberlin rd 

Manuel Thos K ic; Lula) textile wkr hl04 Washington (College Pk) 

Manuel Wm J (c) delmn r540 E Cabarrus 

Manuel Zack (e; Martha) =tone ctr hll05 Oberlin rd 

Maple Temple Christian Church (c) Rev Steph W Albright pastor 725 E 

Marable Edw (c; Rosa) hlpr rl05 Bart 

Marable Jas S (c: Mai-y J> janitor The Phillips h824 Manly 

Marcom Chas B (Lena N) emp The News & Observer r College View 

Marcum J Lester (Augusta W> auditor Times Pub Co hl408 Mordecai dr 

Margulies Irving elk Raleigh Poultry & Egg Co r905 New Bern av 

Margulies Jesse student r905 New Bern av 

Margulies Saml (Gussie; Raleigh Poultry & Egg Co) h905 New Bern av 

Margulies Sidney J (Marian) mgr Raleigh Poultry & Egg Co r905 New 
Bern av 

Mark Oscar (c) lab hl312 Hill 

Markel Service Inc Ethel Messengill cash auto ins 15 W Hargett R809 

Market Barber Shoo (c) (Wm Covington) 305 Blake 

Market Service Station (Harry H Klyman) 228 E Martm 

Market Tailors (c) (Douglas Manning) 303 Blake 

Markham Bruce H (Beulah E) agt Met Life Ins Co h623 W Jones 

Markham Chas L (MyraS) slsmnh416 Elm 

Markham Delke R inspr State Dept of Labor rl07 N East 

Markham Florine V (wid Leonidas R) r5 S Person 

Markham J Owen woodwkr Martin Millwork Co r620 W Lane 

Markham Jesse R (Evie A) supply formn State Hwy Comn r Westover 

Markham Laura P (wid Wm G) hl07 N East 

Markham Lillian G sten State Hwy Comn rl07 N East 

Markham Lillie r620 W Lane 

Markham Mamie S nurse 17 W Lenoir r do 

Markham Ruby L r416 Elm 

Markham Ruth W slswn r416 Elm 

Marks J Ernest slsmn Natl Biscuit Co r406 Glenwood av 

Marks Jas L (Vera) ins agt h519 E Jones 

Marks John A ( c) student r808 S Blount 

Marks John E (c; Sarah B> sch tchr h808 S Bloimt 

Marks Louise sten R Benj Templeton r519 E Jones 

Marr Olive K Mrs cash Boon-Iseley Drug Co h326 New Bern av 

Marr S Wade (Olive K) elk h326 New Bern av 

Marriott Nannie H Mrs dietitian StMary's Sch r do 

Marrow Cora (c) Indry wkr The Raleigh Lndry r7 Rogers al 

Marrow Johnson (c; Maggie) gro 814 Fayetteville h821 Manly 

Marrow Rachael B (c) r821 Manly 

Marsh Anne E sec Geo Marsh Co Inc and sten U S Regional Agrl Cred- 
it Corp r219 Hawthorn rd 

Marsh Eliz A elk CP&LCo r2310 Hillsboro 

Marsh Fannie (c) dom r rear 910 Oberlin rd 

Marsh Geo (Eliz P) pres-treas Geo Marsh Co Inc h219 Hawthorn rd 

Marsh Geo Co Inc Geo Marsh pres-treas Baxter B Benson v-pres Anne 
E Marsh sec whol gros 310 S Harrington 

Marsh Mary C (wid Wm F) h930 Cowper dr 

Marsh Sandy (c) lab r910 Oberlin rd 

Marsh Virginia tchr Fred A Olds Sch r219 Hawthorn rd 

Marsh Wm (c) cook New York Cafe 106 E Hargett 

MARSHAL'S OFFICE (See Unitefl States Government) 

Marshall Ashnel (c) bellmn r206 Bart 

Marshall Banks (c) bellmn r317 E Main 

Marshall Duke plmbr State Hosp r do 

Marshall Edwin H (Edna E) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co hl03 Per- 
shing rd 

Marshall Ethel N (wid Jos K) elk rl524 Carr 

Marshall Geo W (Mina S) cabtmkr r325 E Edenton 

Marshall Grover C sta atndt Dix Hill Service Sta r509 S Salisbury 

Marshall J Robt lieut Engine Co No 4 r715 Gaston 

Marshall John (c; Eliz) bellmn Hotel Carolina h206 Bart 

Marshall Kenneth P mgr Crazj' Crj'stals Co r Durham N C 

Marshall Lenwood P (Nellie B; Dix Hill Service Sta) h509 S Salisbury 

Marshall Lois r504 N Wilmington 

Marshall Madge A Mrs mgr Baptist Book Shop h215 Hillcrest rd 

Marshall Mary slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rl27 N Blount 

Marshall Mina S Mrs smstrs Hudson-Belk Co r325 E Edenton 

Marshall Roger P (Madge A) asst prof N C State College h215 Hillcrest rd 

Marshall Susan M rl28 E Edenton 


Alfred Williams & Co» 



Marshall W E foi-mn State Hosp r do 

Marshall W Penn (Harriet P) pres C C Motor Co Inc hl629 StMary-s 

Marshall Walter S ins agt r412 E Morgan 

Marshall Wm F (Annie McD) journalist h215 Hillcrest rd 

Marshbanks P Virginia supt Rex Hosp r do 

Marshbanks Flossie E sec State Dept of Public Instruction rl03 N Person 

Marshbanks Wm W hl03 N Person 

Marshburn Berry D (Ava M) mech Sanders Motor Co hll7 S Bloodworth 

Marshburn Carl V (Mabel V) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc h616 W 

Marshburn Errol O (Esther P) lawyer 239 Payetteville R608 h2011 Fair- 
view rd 

Marshburn Gertrude rl21 S Boylan av 

Marshburn Henry H phys rlll4 New Bern av 

Marshburn J Carl (Josie) cond h621 Aycock 

Marshburn Jos E (Christine E) tank wagon slsmn Standard Oil Co h207 
N Harrington 

Marshburn Mary A (wid John W) bdg 121 S Boylan av h do 

Marshburn Omie D (wid Durwood) r514 Oakwood av 

Marshburn Ralph J firemn Engine Co No 1 rl21 S Boylan av 

Marshburn Sarah student r621 Aycock 

Martin Alf A (c: Eliz) waiter Sir Walter Hotel hl08 N Tarboro 

Martin Alice G (wid Houston) r420 StMary's 

Martin Alonzo B elk SALRy r559 E Martin 

Martin Annie (c) presser Sanitary Lndry r208 E North 

Martin Annie B (c) dom r302 Smithfield 

Martin Arch W (Ada) printer The News & Observer h225 W Davie 

Martin Benj (c; Lina) lab h524 Cannon 

Martin Carroll B (Sarah B) with N C Municipal Council Inc r2CHl Faur- 
view rd 

Martin Claud D (Elsie D) wtchmn Sou Ry System h716 W Hargett 

Martin Dixie (c) Indrs r rear 516 S Salisbury 

Martin Earl (c) r rear 516 S Salisbury 

Martin Edw S (Pearl H) treas-mgr Epes -Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc h2210 
The Circle 

Martin Emory A (Theresa H) farmer h205 Ashe av 

Martin Ernest M mach SALRy r502 Halifax 

Martin Erwin E (Luna B) ship elk Capudine Chemical Co h707 W North 

Martin Ethel L student r902 Lane 

Martin Eunice I mus tchr 1828 Glenwood av r do 

Martin Floy L matron State Hosp r do 

Martin Frank H student r920 E Lane 

Martin Geo D (Pauline) barber DeShazo Sch of Beauty Culture r223 For- 
est rd 

Martin Harold L (Bertie V) firemn Aerial Co No 1 h617 W North 

Martin Henry (c: Mamie) hlpr h309 Seawell av 

Martin Jack A (Ima) firemn h720 StMary's 

Martin Jas D auto repr 134 Lincoln dr r222 S Bloodworth 

Martin Jas H (Jennie B) florist 921 E Lane h920 do 

Martin Jas H jr florist Jas H Martin r920 E Lane 

Martin Jas R student r2210 The Circle 

Martin Jasper (c) atndt College Service Sta r RD 1 

Martin John (c; Fannie) lab rll05 HiU 

Martin John (c) lab r205 N State ^ 

Martin John B (Ursula S) sec local board U S Civil Service Examiners 
and spl elk US PO h208 Ashe av 

Martin John B jr student r208 Ashe av 

Martin John L (Hattie F) eng h812 N Person 

Martin Lav/i'ence student rl922 Hillsboro 

Martin LsRoy B (Eva A) sec State Sch Comn h2711 Farrview rd 

Martin Lester R (Irene M) huckster h406 N Boylan av 

Martin Lonnie B (Edna) h714 W Jones 

Martin Loy L (Mamie C) plmbr h413 N Boylan av 

Martin Lucy I (wid Gaston D) h222 S Bloodworth 

Martin Lula (c) dom hl310 E Lane 

Martin Maggie (c) Indrs h302 Smithfield 

Martin Martha A Mrs elk hl004 Wake Forest rd 

Martin Mary r812 N Person 

Martin Mary (c) dom h806 Cotton pi 

Martin Mary (c) maid Bland Hotel r312 Tucker 

MARTIN MILL WORK CO (Wm D Martin), Huiiber and Mill Work 
Tryon cor Harrison av, Tel 451 (See bottom stencil and page 40) 

Martin Minnie (c) lndry wkr h516 S Blount 

Martin Minnie W Mrs mus tchr 119 S Dawson h do 





Martin Mozelle B Mrs elk State Treas h326 Oakwood av 

Martin Nina A sten r Y W C A 

Martin Pauline A Mrs sec Thos A Banks r223 Forest rd 

Martin Ross G (Ethel A) bacteriologist State Laboratory of Hygiene h 

9221/2 W Lenoir 
Martin Rumma A (Ellz) pres Martin's Inc h219 Ashe av 
Martin Sarah E (c) Instr Shaw University r do 
Martin Seba T (Laurel K) sec-treas-mgr Tire Sales & Service Co Inc h 

2015 StMary's 
Martin Sidney R (c; Alma) cook h317 E Lenoir 
Martin Street Baptist Church (c) Rev Vernon T Williams pastor 1001 E 

Martin Street Cafe (c) (Banks Holt) 719 E Martin 
Martin Street Pharmacy (Elmer O Edsierton) 135 E Martin 
Martin Street Sandwich Shop (Wm Mallos, Peter Rebas) 111 W Martin 
Martin W Odell mgr OK Clothing Co rlSlVc E Martin 
MARTIN W REID (Mary K), V-Pres-Resldent Mgr R S Dickson & Co 

Inc h2203 The Circle, Tel 3471- J 
Martin Waverly L (Leha M) watchmkr 207 S Wilmington h211 E Morgan 
Martin Wm student rll9 S Dawson 
MARTIN WM D (Mozelle B; RIartin Milhvork Co), h326 Oakwood av, Tel 

Mai-tin Wm D (Annie R) f ormn The Raleigh Gas Co h602 S Boylan dr 
Martin Wm P (Jessie P) r860 W Morgan 

Martin Wm H jr (Thelma) derrick eng N-SRRCo hl626 Sunrise av 
Martin Wm R slsmn Swift Co r Cary N C 

Martin Wm T (Augusta A) dentist 123 W Hargett R505 h2114 Myrtle av 
MARTIN-YELVERTON CO (H Paul Yelverton), Funeral Home 104 S 

Dawson, Tels 68 and 69 (See right top lines and page 34) 
Martin's Inc Rumma A Martin pres men's clothing 305 Fayetteville 
MARY ELIZABETH CLINIC INC, Dr Harold W Glascock Pres-Treas, Dr 
O Edv-in Finch V-Pres, Dr Powell G Fox Sec, V/alter E Averv Jr Busi- 
ness Mgr, Down Town Office 135 Fayetteville, 3d Floor. Tel 2590, Hos- 
pital 1100 Wake Forest rd, Tel 2163 
Mary Elizabeth Hospital Mary Elizabeth Clinic Inc oprs 1100 Wake Forest 

Mary-Ellen Tea Room The (Mrs Annie H Joslin) 4 E Hargett 
Maryland Casualty Co S Warren Bailey mgr claim div 15 W Hargett R710 
Masengill Annie sten r508 Halifax 
Mashburn Arth (Glenna R) flgmn h301 Perry 
Mask Jos D (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Mason Beauty Parlor (Lettie Mason) 22% W Hargett 
Mason Eleanor H sten N C State College rl28 N Wilmington 
Mason Eliz sten Mary Elizabeth Clinic Inc h217 S East 
Mason Eliz L sten Acacia Mut Life Ins Co rl04 Harrison av 
Mason Harry A huckster r220'4 E Martin 

Mason John M (c; Blannie) hlpr Raleigh Nash Co h719 Manly 
Mason Kath P student rl04 Harrison av 
Mason Katie D (wid Robt E) hl04 Harrison av 
Mason Letitia A society editor r503 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Mason Lettie (Mason Beauty Parlor) r217 S East 
Mason Marian H (wid Chas W) rl28 N Wilmington 
Mason Mary E (wid Wm T) r914 Boylan dr 
Mason Nella A (wid John N) sten State Whse System r503 W Whitaker 

Mason Novella (c) h609 S McDowell 
Mason Raymond V (Josie McN) oil refining equipment 321 W Martin h 

216 New Bern av 
Mason Richd H (Meta S) production mgr W P T F Radio Co h217 E 

North apt 302 
Mason Wilmer H (c; Mildred) brklyr h554 E Edenton 
Masonic Dance Hall (c) 427 S Blount 2d H 
Masonic Lodge Hall 427 S Blount 3d fl 
Masonic Temple 135 Fayetteville 
Masonic Temple Barber Shop (J Henry Brown) 5 E Hargett 

The Raleigh Biiildmg and Lean Asseciafoo 












Audits— S 





ns— St 


" c 






i.G (Til 

, z 
















COhSNOR Bl muffin 


Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Masonic Temole Buildins 135-37 FayettevUle 

Masonic Temple Building (c) 427 S Blount 

Masonic Temple Library 135 Payetteville 

Masouras Geo (Zetta) huckster hl04 Stronach's al 

Masouras Jas huckster rl04 Stronach's al 

Masouras Pattie rl04 Stronach's al 

Mass Beatrice (c) h815 Manly 

Massachusetts Fire Sz Marine Insurance Co Alex Webb mgr 20 E Martin 

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co Harrison Kauf fman dist mgr 18 

W Martin R306 
Massenburg Cora (c) cook r309 S Haywood 
Massenburg Grover (c; Cora) h6 W Hayti al 
Massenburg Isaac (c; Antoinette) porter Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h806 

Massenburg Isaac jr (c) r806 Cannister 
Massenburg Jas (c) lab r204 N Tarboro 
Massenburg John (c) student r806 Cannister 
Massenburg Jos H (c; Lillie) porter h609 S Swain 
Massenburg Lelia (c) dom r5317 E Davie 
Ma-3senburg Lovie (c) dom r2C4 N Tarboro 
Massenburg Settle C (c) gro 318 W South r204 N Tarboro 
Massenburg Steph (c) r806 Cannister 
Massenglll Geo W (Ethel P) mech Automotive Repair Co r Western Iblvd 

bey city limit 
Massengill Paul R elk Pine State Creamery Co r Western blvd bey city 

Massengill Wayland B mech Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc r506 E Har- 

Massey Allen G (Laura B) cond h512 Ccle 

Massey Andrew (Eliz M) eng W P T P Radio Co h200 Whitaker Mill rd 
Massey Bruce driver White Dairy Products Co r308 N East 
Massey Cecil S (Alice E) blrmkr SALRy h718 N Boylan av 
Massey Cecil S jr student r718 N Boylan av 
Massey Christine nurse Rex Hosp r do 
Massey Clyde (c) lab rl22 W Peace 

Massey Clyde A (Christine B) asst mgr Met Life Ins Co h610 N Blood- 
Massey Dorothy T r805 W Hargett 
Massey Dwight jr appr Times Pub Co r502 W Morgan 

Massey Earley B (Annie B) barber Union Barber Shop hll7 S McDowell 
Massey Edw L (c; Blanche) cook Rex Hosp h515 E Cabarrus 
Massey Emory L (Geneva B) eng hl04 Duncan 
Massey Gaither J <c; Mozelle) lab h400 Cannon 
Massey Hallie M Mrs h502 W Morgan 
Massey Harry C r718 N Boylan av 
Massey Ira C (Grace P) policemn r214 E Peace 
Massey L Norwood (Vivian) cond h531 New Bern av 
Massey L Norwood jr elk Olivia Raney Library r531 New Bern av 
Massey Lonnie S driver White Dairy Products Co r308 N East 
Massey Lucy M sten Atlantic Joint Stock Land Bank rll S Person 
Massey M Freeman (Maggie R) hll S Person 
Massey Mozell (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry h400 Cannon 
Massey Patk G (MoUie M) policemn h711 E Hargett 
Massey Rupert elk Blue Star Stores rl806 Hillsboro 
Massey Sue H (wid Jos S) h539 New Bern av 
Massey T Fredk (c) plstr hl9 W Worth 
Massey Thelma P bkpr Claris; Art Shop r424 E Jones 
Massey W Herbert (Lula S) teleg opr Sou Ry System h805 W Hargett 
Massey Wm C elk Carolina Pines Hotel r do 
Matheay Wm (c; Mattie) lab h322 Bragg 
Matheny L DeWitt (Lettie J) bondsmn ih515 N Blood worth 
Mathew Perry (c) cook Green Grill 326 S Salisbury 
Mathews Blanna M (wid Wm G) h2105 Pairview rd 
Mathews Chas W r2105 Pairview rd 
Mathews Eug W (Merle D) r2105 Fairview rd 
Mathews Jesse (c: Lovie) solr Sanitary Lndry h625 South Boundary 
Mathewson Alice C (wid Park) h2300 Bedford av 
Mathewson Anna r2300 Bedford av 
Mathewson Clarke student r2300 Bedford av 
Matinos Gus (Florence; Gus Matinos & Son) h210 S Harrington 
Matinos Gus & Son (Gus Matinos) gros 333 W Hargett 
Matley W Edw barber r Bland Hotel 
Matlock Ronald E slsmn Swift Co r202 W Morgan 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Matthews Allison H (Martha O) carp h522 Elm 

Matthews Benj R (Blanche R) flgmn h609 Washington 

Matthews Bessie (c) cook h605 S Swain 

Matthews Bessie smstrs r732 Nash dr 

Matthews Bessie T Mi-s bkbndr Bynum Printing Co hl20 S Blount 

Matthews Briscoe (c; Ola) gro 801 S Person h do 

Matthews C Desmond (Madge H) v-pres-mgr Carolina Orchards Inc rll9 

Matthews Chas A (Bessie L) barber h537 N Blount 

Matthews Claude E (Daisy Ki cond hSll Groveland av 

Matthews Cleo buyer Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r Cary N C 

Matthews Coal Co (Paul A Matthews) office 400 S Person 

Matthews David shoe repr Standard Shoe Service r Rock Quarry rd 

Matthews E Harold (L Eliz) slsmn Royal Baking Co h611 Glenwood av 

Matthews Earle M (Minnie L) mech US PO r Hotel Raleigh 

Matthews Edw J (Grace C) textile wkr r802 Harp 

Matthews Emma H Mrs ice 702 E Lane h218 Linden 

Matthews Estello (c) dom r809 S East 

Matthews Flora C (wid Edgar) r512 W Peace 

Matthews Gabriel (c) lab h412 Smithfield 

Matthews Gaines C elk Pender's Stores r724 N Boylan av 

Matthews Gladys (c) dom hl07 Lee's al 

Matthews Herbert (c) student rl24 Smithfield 

Matthews J Clarence elk State Hwv Comn r Cary N C 

Matthews J Raymond office 209 S McDowell R 28 r Cary N C 

Matthews Jas (c) dish washer Wilson's Coffee Shop 121 S Salisburg 

Matthews Jas H (Laila M) electn h702 E Hargett 

Matthews Jas B (Jonnieh) agency mgr Bm-roughs Adding Machine Co 
hl531 Irdell dr 

Matthews Jos C (Moddie E) .iustice of peace h507 N Wilmington 

Matthews Jos C jr chemist State Dept of Agriculture r507 N Wilmington 

Matthews Joseph L jr (Standard Shoe Service) r Rock Quarry rd 

Matthews Juanita tchr Lewis Sch rlS02 Hillsboro 

Matthews LeRov (Grace H) mkt supt h2527 Beech Ridge rd 

Matthews Lottie E (c) h303 Pugh 

Matthews Lula M (c) cook r605 S Swain 

Matthews Madge H Mrs sten State Ins Dept rll9 Hillsboro 

Matthews Magdalene A r226 E Davie 

Matthews Mary E student r507 N Wilmington 

Matthews Mary P r537 N Blount 

Matthews Mary L r218 Linden av 

Matthews McNeil N (Flora E) h709 Hillsboro 

Matthews Minnie L Mrs r522 Payetteville 

Matthews Mitchell C (Myrtis V) hlpr h533 E Martin 

Matthews Monroe J (Annie) h512 W Johnson 

Matthews Murphy N jr (Roselyn J) sub elk USPO h718 W North 

Matthews Myrtis V Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store h533 E Martin 

Matthews Nancy L r226 E Davie 

Matthews Paul well digger r318 S Person 

Matthews Paul A (Mildred M) (Matthews Coal Coi h226 E Davie 

Matthews Paul T (Dorothy) emp The News & Observer 114 W Martin 

Matthews Pearl (c) Indrs hl24 Sm.ithlield 

Matthews Piety A i wid Jos R) hll03 Pilmore 

Matthews Powhatan McK (Lydia P) mach h214 N McDowell 

Matthews R Lee capt Engine Co No 2 r709 Hillsboro 

Matthews Robt (c) pntr r422 S Swain 

Matthews Robt L (Ethel) textilewkr h303 W Johnson 

Matthews Sherrill C msngr r522 Elm 

Matthews T Pi-eston (Ethel L) driver Carolina Clnrs Inc r611 Glenwood 

Matthews Thad P (Lizzie) wtchmn r528 Payetteville 

Matthews Thelma L Mrs opr SouBellTel&TelegCo rl06 Glenwood av 

Matthews Vallie P (Lois) carp r321 W Jones 

Matthews Velma W Mrs h700 W Morgan apt 4 

Matthews Wayland G (Emma H) slsmn City Ic€ & Fuel Coi h218 Linden 

Matthews Wayland G jr hlpr r218 Linden av 

Matthews Wilbur P student r507 N Wilmington 

Matthews Wm P elk State Industrial Comn r226 E Davie 

Mattison Advertising Co (Lawrence S Mattison) letter shop 126>/i S Sal- 

Mattison Jas B tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r224 W Morgan 

Mattison Lawrence S (Lura A; Mattison Adv Co) h224 W Morgan 

Mattox Eula (c) cook h231 Freeman 

Mattox J Walter (Susie T) eng rl2i S Boylan av 

Mauldin Etta S (wid Roman L) sten r505 Tilden 


I Printing 



for the 










PHONE 4020 

Maupin A M Inc Godfrey Cheshire sec-treas genl ins 320 S Sahsbury R 

Maupin Armistead J chainmn State Hwy Comn r Clark av cor Montgom- 

Maupin Cai-y J (Pearl P) asst extension poultrymn N C State College h 
103 Park av apt 4 

Maupin Mary J (wid Alf M) h Clark av cor Montgomery 

Maupin T Key (Anne B) ins agt h2745 (1) Kilgore av 

Maury Robt H lieut commander USN Recruiting Sta r Richmond Va 

Mavrikis Steve elk East End Mkt r212 S Blount 

Maxey Grace P Mi"s bkpr rSlO W Johnson 

Maxey Julia L Mrs sten State Purch Dept r528 N East 

Maxey R Linwood (Julia L) acct The State Budget Bureau r528 N East 

MAXWELL ALLEN J (Delia iM). State Commissioner of Revenue, State 
Revenue Bldg, Tel 2300. h908 Cowper dr, Tel 176 

Maxwell Allen J jr (Underwood & Maxwell) r908 Cowper dr 

Maxwell Raymond C (Stella G) executive sec State Board of Elections h 
2011 Stone 

May Annabelle (wid Dallas P) h561 New Bern av 

May Arth (c) lab rll05 E Lane 

May Dorothy (wid Wm) r200 W Whitaker Mill rd 

May Eliz atndt State Hosp r do 

May Frank (c) porter Jas E Thiem r510 E Worth 

May Jas H (c; Martha H) farmer h201 N Tarboro 

May Jos H (c) elev opr Odd Pellows Bldg r201 N Tarboro 

May Julia E rl301 Hinton 

May M Eliz bkpr Motor Bearings & Parts Co rSe^ New Bern av 

May Pearl H (c) r201 N Tarboro 

May Richd (c) lab rl20 Idlewild av 

May Richd P (Brady M) pntr h223 W Davie 

May Rodolph L slsmn Carolina Pines Inc r Carolina Pines 

Maye Chas (Nancy) mech Hoover Auto Service r315 S Dawson 

Maye Paye P Mrs tchr Washington Sch rll6 W South 

Maye Frank (c) janitor rl07 N Harrington 

Maye Richd P (Branna) pntr h316 S Dawson 

Maye Wm K (c; Paye P) gro rll6 W South 

Maye Wm K jr (c) wood dlr 107 Chestnut rl315 New Bern av 

Mayer see also Maeyer 

Mayer Horace C (Edith) mgr hll4 E Lane 

Mayer Jane M student rll4 E Lane 

Mayer W Lyndon (Ibbie M) prof and registrar N C State College h20 
Baywell av 

Mayes AUene nurse 610 S Wilmington r do 

Mayes Lucille (c) cook r305 S Haywood 

Mayes Millard G bkpr Wake County Savings Bank rl02 New Bern av 

Mayfield Callie (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel r818 Cannister 

Mayfield Nessie (c) dom hl014 Cannister 

Mayfield Octavia (c) dom r425 S Swain 

Maynard Albertine C (wid Ernest P) h504 E Jones 

Maynard Callie Mrs r516 W North 

Maynard Cary A (Mattie G) switch tndr SALRy h213 N Harrington 

Maynard Chais M (Anne E) stage mgr State Theatre h324 W Morgan 

Maynard Christie L office sec State Tire & Service Co Inc rlll2 Harvey 

Maynard Cleveland M (Alta L; Maynard's Place) h316 Georgetown rd 

Maynard Earl T (Florence) collr Koonce Purn Co h407 N East 

Maynard Estelle Mrs sec sch of education N C State College h220 Cham- 

Maynard Prances B student r213 N Harrington 

Maynard Jas E student r213 N Harrington 

Maynard John T (Grace) sr inspr State Hwy Comn r Cary N C 

Maynard Martha student r213 N Harrington 

Maynard Mary Mrs r Wake County Home 

Maynard Morell B (Estelle) archt h220 Chamberlain 

Maynard Wilbur A elk Am Grocery r605 W Cabarrus 

Maynard's Place (Cleveland M Maynard) restr 309 S Blount 

Maynor Mattie (c) Indrs h423 S Swain 

Mayo Burt (c) dom r610 E South 

Mayo Henry student r311 North Boundary 

Mayo Howard student r311 North Boundary 

Mayo John E (Clara S) hl708 Park dr 

Mayo Lewis (c) r721 S West 

Mayo Lovie A (c) h709 Manly 

Mayo Mamie (c) maid Hotel Carolina h610 E South 

Mayo's Clothes Bennett M Brewer mgr 108 Fayetteville 

McAdams Madeline opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r320 New Bern av 

McAden Lacey sten W N H Smith & Son r217 E Lane 




McAden Rufus Y (Mary L) elk h217 E Lane 

McAden Rufus Y jr examiner N C Inspection & Rating Bureau r21'7' E 

McAfee Douglas D (Bessie D) shop supt East Coast Stages Inc h407 
W Whitaker Mill rd 

McAfee Douglas D jr r407 W Whitaker Mill rd 

McAllister Alma (c) dom rl509 Pender 

McAllister Edw B (Louise B) train dispr SALRy h2309 Fairview rd 

McAllister Harry L (Rose H) local rep R S Dickson & Co Inc h2020 Glen- 
wood av 

McAllister Louise B Mrs sec Cale K Burgess h2309 Fairview rd 

McAllister Thos G whse supt State Hwy Purch Dept r213 E Lane 

McAi-thur Alex student r Y M C A 

McArthur Geo J student r6 Perndell la 

McBrayer Eliz (c) maid h717 S Bloodworth 

McBrayer Eliz A r223 Forest rd 

McBrayer Hampton H (c) hJpr Raleigh Transfer Co Inc r502 E Davie 

McBrayer Jas C (Nanza B) trav slsmn h223 Forest rd 

McBrayer M R r Hotel Raleigh 

McBrayer Wm R elk State Industrial Comn r Y M C A 

McBride Archie (c) h714 S West 

McBride Elliott (c) lab r218y2 S Tarboro 

McCabe Arth M (Julia P) eng CP&LCo h2608 Lochmoor dr 

McCabe Flora B Mrs r7 Glenwood av apt 2 

McCain Edwin H (Lucv S) slsmn Mayo's Clothes h727 W Morgan 

McCain Lucy S Mrs elk CP&LCo h727 W Morgan 

McCain Rosa (c) maid 216 Hillcrest rd 

McCall David (c; Sarah) chauf h318 S Haywood 

McCall Ellen (c) Indrs h404 Tucker 

McCall Evelyn tchr Hugh Morson High Sch 301 E Hargett 

McCall Wm (c) trackmn r621 (625) W Lenoir 

McCampbell L C Mrs slswn r Mansion Park Hotel 

McCanless Anne sec to bursar Meredith College r do 

McCanna Lawrence (Margt M) slsmn Holland Furnace Co r304 E Park 

McCanna Margt M Mrs office sec Holland Furnace Co r304 E Park dr 

McCarter John truck driver rl5 S Blount 

Mccarty Major (c) hlpr Motor Service of Raleigh Inc 308 S Salisbury r 
S Bloodworth 

McCaskill Mack (c; Lizzie) lab h711 S Dawson 

McCaskill Wm (c) servieemn r611 S Blount 

McCauley Lewyn E (c; Mary) (McCaulev Private Hosp) phys 115% E 
Hargett h8 N Tarboro 

McCauley Martha A (c) hl4 N Tarboro 

McCaulev Private Hospital (c; Lewyn E McCauley) 515 S Wilmington 

McCauley Rachel H G tchr Lucille Hunter Sch rl4 N Tarboro 

McClain see also McLain and McLean 

McClain Augustus (c) porter Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r8 Worth 

McClain Council (c) emp S & W Cafeteria rS Worth 

McClain Florence (c) r716 S Dawson 

McClain Fred B (c; Venera) lab h331 Battle 

McClain Isaiah (c; Martha) lab h320 E Cabarrus 

McClain Jas (c) h707 Carroll av 

McClain John (c) hsemn r8 W Worth 

McClain John R (c; Malinda) gdnr h511 E Lenoir 

McClain Mary (c) Indrywkr Sir Walter Hotel r718 S Dawson 

McClammy Mary J (wid Chas) r701 n Salisburj' 

McClamroch B F & Co Inc Benj F McClamroch pres-treas Mrs Kath B 
McClam.roch v-pres tile and marble contrs 223 S West 

McClamroch Benj F (Kath B) pres-treas B F McClamroch &' Co Inc h 
1606 Glenwood av 

McClamroch Benj F jr elk Capitol Dmg Store rl606 Glenwood av 

McClamroch Kath B Mrs v-pres B F McClamroch & Co Inc hl606 Glen- 
wood av 

MeClary Jesse N (Effie L) bus opr h512 Oakwood av 

MeCIary Monica Mrs opr Oddity Beauty Shoppe r3506 Neil 

McClees Nellie tchr Hugh Morson High Sch r604 N Blount 

McClenaghan C Trenholm (Amelia W; McClenaghan, Griffith & Hayes) 
sec Raleigh N C Board of Adjustment hll9 E Peace 

Thos H Griffith, Thos C Hayes) , State Agents New Amsterdam Cas- 
ualty Co of Balto, Md, 408 Masonic Temple Bldg 135 Fayetteville, Tel 

McClennan Louise M (wid Ridley) rlOl E South 

McConnell Edw C (Lillie) supt grounds Meredith College h Hillsboro nr 
Meredith College 



CAPITAL ^^^^.jfPf^^^ CO. 


McConnell Norman carp Meredith College r Hillsboro nr Meredith Col- 

McCord Ernest P (Ada L) asst director State Purch Dept r230 E Morgan 

Mccormick Chas (c; Julia) lab h908 S Person 

McCormick Pearl (c) dom hll8 Grimes al 

McCoy Addie (c) maid 612 Polk 

McCoy Alberta (c) dom r513 S Blount 

McCoy Annabelle (c) dom r213 N Haywood 

McCoy Bertha (c) nurse St Agnes Hosp r do 

McCoy Christabelle (c) dom h420 Patterson la 

McCoy David (c) lab h8 McKee 

McCoy Emma (c) sch tchr r913 Payetteville 

McCoy Eugenia (c) smstrs h808 E Martin 

McCoy Gattls (c: Arah) lab hl29 Cross 

McCoy Ida (c) dom r905 S Person 

McCoy Jas (c; Nancy) lab hl022 Manly 

McCoy Josephine (c) dom r913 Payetteville 

McCoy Katie (c) r20 McKee 

McCoy Laura (c) dom h913 Payetteville 

McCoy Oscar (c; Goldie) lab hl209 S Walnut 

McCoy Philip L (c; Arabella) janitor Odd Pellows Bldg hlOOlA Payette- 

McCoy Ransom (c; Daisy) barber Sam Harris & Son h320 S Tarboro 

McCov Richd (c; Maggie) butler h33 Bragg 

McCoy Sarah P (c) Indrs r510 E Worth 

McCov Timothy (c) blr washer rll9 W Johnson 

McCrary Marion D (Louise R) agt Durham Life Ins Co h2221 The Circle 

McCrary Otis P (Eunice E) dist agt agrl extension service N C State Col- 
lege hl029 W South 

MoCray Annette (o) cook P W Woolworth Co h96 Lake 

McCray Grace (c) dom r2311 Joint 

McCray Junius (c) delmn r6i7 W Martin 

McCray Maggie (c) dom h810 E Jones 

McCray Mary P (c) Indrs hl306 Center 

McCray MelVin (c; Rosa> sta firemn h2311 Joint 

McCrimmon Alton (c) bellmn Hotel Carolina r516 E Martin 

McCrimmon Ernest (c; Bertha) bellmn r802 E Davie 

McCrimmon Prances (c) dom h516 E Martin 

McCrimmon Geo (c; Mattie) bellmn Hotel Raleigh r516 E Martin 

McCrimmon Larsenia (c) student r516 E Martin 

McCrimmon Telfair (c) bellmn Hotel Carolina r516 E Martin 

McCuUer Herman (c) rl28 W Cabarrus 

McCullers Alice Mrs rll6 Halifax 

McCullers Annie (c) dom h827 Manly 

McCullers Charity (c) prsr Sanitary Lndry r327 W South . 

McCullers Chas (c) lab r533 E Davie 

McCullers Delia (c; The Liberty Hotel) restr 418 S Blount r218 E Cabar- 

McCullers Eliza (c) hl7 W Hayti al 

McCullers Eva L (c) student rl013 S Person 

McCullers Gladys ( c) rl7 W Hayti al 

McCullers Hal A (Mildred) rll2 N East 

McCullers Henrietta (c) dom h531 E Davie 

McCullers Henry (c) rl7 W Hayti al 

McCullers Jas (c) lab r315 S East 

McCullers John (c; Maggie) mach hllO College 

McCullers Mattie (c) rl7 W Hayti al 

McCullers nancy school of Painting, Drawing-. Landscape, Portrait, 
Illustration, Designing and Advertising, 210 Shepherd Bldg 120J4 
Fayetteville, h do 

McCullers Oliver Rev (c) rll20 S Bloodworth 

McCullers Rufus (c: Mary) janitor hl303 E Hargett 

McCullers Thos ship elk Geo Marsh Co Inc r Garner N C 

McCullers Willard elk Fleming's Inc r2703 Everett av 

McCullers Wm McK (c) plstr rl315 Hill 

McCullooh Wm P (Nora Y) chf elk Ry Express Agency Inc h403 Kinsey 

McCullough Danl (c; Judy) h617 W Lenoir 

McCullough Helen (c) dom r527 E Cabarrus 

McCullough Josephine (c) dom h737 S Blount 

McCullough Lena (c) Indrs h527 E Cabarrus 

McCullough Nettie (c) cook r617 W Lenoir 

McCullough Sylvester (c; Wilhelmina) hlpr hl8 McKee 

McCullough Talmadge jr (c) r617 W Lenoir 

McCullough Winston (c; Josephine) truck driver hl6 McKee 

McCullum Sarah B (c) cook hl07 Stronach's al 

McCummins Rena (c) cook rl511 Battery dr 




"The mcmori' of quality lingers lonE after the price Is forgotten." 

McCurdy Marion B (Letha F; Sir Walter Barber Shop) h3138 Stanhope 

McDade Arth (c; Helen) lab h723 Branch 

McDade Eliz L r308 Linden av 

McDade Haywood W (Mary J) brkmn h802 Halifax 

McDade Mabel C sten Title Guaranty Ins Co r308 Linden av 

McDade Margt L r308 Linden av 

McDade Mary J Mi-s slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h802 Halifax 

McDade Ollie R (Annie B) smstrs Taylor's h308 Linden av 

McDade Rosa B (wid Wm A) r802 Halifax 

McDade Wm A driver Warren's Transfer 305 W Martin 

McDaniel Arlander (c; Maggie) lab h592 E Cabarrus 

McDaniel H C slsmn r Hotel Raleigh 

McDaniel Lottie r3 E Edenton 

McDaniel Mollie (c) dom h575 E Cabarrus 

McDaniel Ruth (c) dom r575 E Cabarrus 

McDavid Jas E (Thelma S) student r311 Cutler 

McDavid Thelma S Mrs (Sir Walter Beauty Shoppe) r311 Cutler 

McDonald Alex M (Ethel H) formn Ry Express Agency Inc h315 Kinsey 

McDonald Alice (c) Indrs h411 S Blood'worth 

McDonald Alma toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r615 Fayetteville 

McDonald Alton L emp The News & Observer r905 E Edenton 

McDonald Arvella (c) dom r754 Fayetteville 

McDonald Carl (c; Louise) truck driver Raleigh French Dry Cleaning 
& Dyeing Co rl 12 E Lenoir 

McDonald Chas (c) lab h833 Pa,vetteville 

McDonald Cleopatra Mrs bkpr Sanitai-y Lndry rSlO Jefferson 

McDonald Delia (c) maid WPTF Radio Co h401 Tucker 

McDonald Douglas (c; Blanche) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co h516 Can- 

McDonald Ella (c) Indrs hl315 Hill 

McDonald Elsie r313 E Jones 

McDonald Ethel H Mi's tchr Wiley Sch h315 Kinsey 

McDonald Flora sten Union Central Life Ins Co rl825 Glenwood av 

McDonald Harold E (Nell D) ins agt h2226 Hillsboro 

McDonald Hazel r315 Kinsey 

McDonald Jas J r608 Hillsboro apt 4 

McDonald John S (Mattie E) real est 239 Fayetteville R808 hl817 Glen- 
wood av 

McDonald Leo atndt Capital Service Sta r905 E Edenton 

McDonald Lula T (wid Chas C) hl825 Glenwood av 

McDonald Luteria (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

McDonald Lyle D (Mabel) tar mgr The Great A & P Tea Co hll9 Hard- 

McDonald M Edna elk The Raleigh Gas Co r210 N Person 

McDonald Margt B rl8I7 Glenwood av 

McDonald Mary H r315 Kinsey 

McDonald Matilda S (wid Eug) r805 Halifax 

McDonald Mattie E r608 Hillsboro apt 4 

McDonald Millie (c) Indrs r205 Hoke 

McDonald Noiinan C (Esther R) mach CP&LCo h2713 Everett av 

McDonald Octavia (c) dom h306 N State 

McDonald Preston (c) cook r7/I8 S Bloodworth 

McDonald Quincy (c; Eva) cook h718 S Blcx)dworth 

McDonald Ralph (Mabel P) asst mgr Compensation Rating & Inspection 
Bureau of N C h2137 Country Club dr 

McDonald Susan (c) nurse 609 S East h do 

McDonald Wilbur L (Cleopatra) slsmn Holland Furnace Co rSlO Jefferson 

McDougald Douglas C (Grace) asst Brown's Funeral Home rll5 Hillsboro 

McDougald Juanita supvr State Dept of Public Instruction r221 Haw- 
thorn rd 

McDowell Alice elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r412 N East 

McDowell Cecil (c) lab r23 Hunter 

McDowell Ernest (c) porter Thompson Electl Co Inc rlO N Pettigrew 

McDowell Harriet M (wid Wm F) h412 N East 

McDowell John P pro.iectionist r412 N East 

McDowell L Vernon lino opr Times Pub Co r624 N East 

McDowell Mary (c) dom rl08 E Cabarrus 

McDowell Richd (c) lab r23 Hunter 

McDoweU Ruth Mrs mgr millinery dept Jonas Shoppe r322 New Bern av 

McDowell Street Apartments Ernest S Jennings in charge 401 S McDow- 

McDowell Wm L (Margt W) h221 Glenwood av 

McDuffie Alex C (Ai'lesia) sandwiches 852 Tryon h do 

McDuffie Annie M (c) cook h210 Battle 

McDuffie Clara (c) dom r8 E Havti al 

McDuffie Maggie (c) Indi-ywkr 'The Raleigh Lndry h405 Lee 
























3 3 

















s,.r-„a.£: (BAKER &, RWLS) a:''S'"'S 

Iron and Copper Cor- lWraE^I-18 SA? flinVikV^ Roofing. Roof Coat- 
nice and Skylig^ltS, \ _ /innc Prntnntiun 

Heating. Ventilating ) ROOFING COMPANY ( Sts, Metallic Red 
and Air Conditioning. ) A s n h a 1 1 Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

McDuffie Rebecca (c) Indrs r8 E Hayti al 

McDuffie Viola (c) Indrywkr The Raleigh Lndry r405 Lee 

McDuffy Bertha (c) Indrywkr r405 Lee 

McDuffy Herman (c) lab r405 Lee 

McEachern John S (Phyllis) ins adjuster rll4 N Boy Ian av 

McEIderry Geo T (Margt E) local mgr CP&LCo h403 W Whitaker Mill ra 

McELKOY BOBT L, Pres Boylan-Pearce Co Inc, r University, Va 

McFadden A B (c) firemn r2r5 W North 

McPadden Danl (c) lab h211 E Worth 

McFadden Geo (c; Sadie) lab h2613 Joint 

McPadden Julia (c) dom r2613 Joint 

McParlan Annie (c) cook 204 Aycock 

McFarland Bessie Mrs hl505 Battery dr 

McParland Mack (c) lab rl07 (108) W Lenoir 

McParland Maggie (c) maid 221 W Morgan 

McFarland Walter E (Mary A) carp r525 E Martin 

McParlane Jas S (Barbara) h214 Park av 

McPayden Streby (c) atndt Sinclair Super Service Sta rl07 ( 108) W Len- 

McGee Alma nurse State Hosp r do 

McGee Bessie (c) Indi-ywkr Acme Lndry r504 Smithfield 

McGee Clyde C cabtmkr r624 Devereux 

McGee Elbert (Lillie) sta atndt r23 W Dixie dr 

McGee Emma rl6 N Dawson 

McGee Jas W (Ploxrie B) phys 123 W Hargett R801 hl6 N Dawson 

McGee Louis H (Dorothy) policemn h624 Devereux 

McGee Lula H (wid Wm T) h227 Hillsboro 

McGee Martha B sten Mitchell Printing Co r Gary N C 

McGee Mary (c) dom r2613 Joint 

McGee Nancy Mrs r Wake County Home 

McGee Robt L phys rl6 N Dawson 

McGee Viola (c) r221 W Lenoir 

McGee W Dewey (Ada L) elk USPO h307 Calvin rd 

McGehee Prances L rl333 Mordecai dr 

McGehee W Parker (Prances C) switch tndr SALRy hl333 Mordecai dr 

McGhee Andrew J barber Carolina Hotel Barber Shop r517 N Person 

McGhee David R bus opr CP&LCo r308 St Mary's 

McGhee Edw G (Evie L> capt Engine Co No 5 h308 St Mary's 

McGhee Lilly M (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry rl8 Railroad 

McGhee Mary J (c) Indrywlvr Capital City Lndrv hl8 Railroad 

McGill Anna B (c) Indrs rl315 Hill 

McGill Ben.i (c; Sarah) sta atndt h509 W South 

McGill John P (Grace E) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co h315 Perry 

McCxinnis Cleo elk r524 N Wilmington 

McGinnis Eug C ( Edna M) genl agt New England Mut Life Ins Co' h931 

McGowan Ada elk The News & Observer rll2 Halifax 

McGowan Jas (c; Henrietta) hlpr h523 Hick's al 

McGrady G Rudolph (Kate H) grain broker hl216 Mordecai dr 

McGrath Pearl K Mrs r2210 Creston rd 

McGuffin Edna L manicurist Masonic Temple Barber Shop r Western 

McGuire Ella (c) dom h2214 Joint 

McGuire Emma (c) r606 E Davie 

McGuire Gertrude (c) Indrs r2214 Joint 

McGuire J'ohn (c; Menzena) lab h2313 Joint 

McCJuire John (c; Fairy L) porter r2301 Everett av 

McGuire Wilhelmina (c) dom r2209 Barker 

McHilse Michl (Lottie) carp K E Stahl Mfg Co hl006 S Person 

McHugh Chas A (Marat L) claim mgr New Amsterdam Casualty Co h 
217 E North apt 102 

McHhenry Carrie (c) dom h2408 Joint 

Mcllwain Roscoe C (Minnie H) slsmn Standard Brands Inc hl306 Mor- 
decai dr 

Mclnnes Julius S (Maude P) mgr right of way dept CP&LCo hl821 Glen- 
wood av 

Mclnnes Maude P Mis County Home Demonstration Agt hl821 Glenwood 

Mclnniss Effie J asst sec State Pair r Mansion Park Hotel 

Mclntire Wm C elk Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co rllB N Wilmington 

Mclntyre Bessie P (o cook h424 Smith 

Mclntyi'e Edna M Mrs spl agt The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of the U 
S r Avents Perry rd 

Mclntyre F McP Mrs dept sec N C State College r4 Maiden la 

Mclntyre Fredk H (Bettie O) slsmn hlOOl W Lenoir 

Mclntyre H B (Donnie M) elk h613 W North 

Mclntyre Letha A nurse 9^1' N Blount r do 





PHONE 182 

Mclntyre Louis (c; Susan) r827 Manly 

Mclntyre W Horton auto mech Jas D Martin r RD 5 

Mclver Alton F (Eliz) brkmn h305 W Johnson 

Mclver Cora (c) h504 Saunders 

Mclver Garfield (c) waiter r712 S McDowell 

Mclver Mollie ( c) r712 S McDowell 

Mclver Nancy C (wid Archie B) r2003 MacCarthy 

Mclver Willa A (c) sch tchr r541 E Cabarrus 

Mclver Wm (c; Roxanna) janitor hl508 Oakwood av 

Mclvers Henrv (c) hlpr Tire Sales & Service Co Inc r307 Heck 

McKarrell Mary emn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r232 W Hargett apt M-A 

McKaughn Sallie elk Fire Co's Adjustment Bureau Inc r409 N Wilming- 

McKee Edwin B (Grace T) elk City Water Collr hll2 E Jones 

McKee Jas student rll4 S Dawson 

McKee John S city phys rll2 E Jones 

McKee Margt McP (wid Jas) rll4 S Dawson 

McKeel Benj S (Hallie S) state agt N Y Underwriters Ins Co hl528 Carr 

McKeller Danl (Esther) ti-uck di'iver rl3iy2 E Martin 

McKenzie Alex D (Marie J; McKenzie & Separk) hl823 Glenwood av 

McKenzie Edw (c: Lottie M) janitor h512 W South 

McKenzie & Separk (Alex D McKenzie, Chas P Separk) elec contrs 409 
Payette ville 

McKernan Jas T (Frances M- Quality Clnrs & Dyers) r2404 Everett av 

McKeman Rachel L elk Quality Clnrs & Dyers r2404 Everett av 

McKethan Annie (c) dom rl09 N Pettigrew 

McKevlin Anthony J (Betsy P) sport editor The News & Observer rl05 
Harrison av 

McKevlin Betsy P Mrs society editor The News & Observer rl05 Harrison 

McKimmon Arth (Helen V) pres-treas McKimmon & McKee Inc 
r Beech Ridge rd nr Breeze rd 

McKimmon Cornelia sch tchr r519 N Blount 

McKimmon Henry H student r519 N Blount 

McKimmon Hugh r Mansion Park Hotel 

McKimmon Jas student r519 N Blount 

McKimmon Jane S Mrs state home demonstration agt N C State College 
r Mansion Park Hotel 

McKimmon Kath C Mrs sten N C State College rl22 Park av 

McKimmon Willa N (wid Jas) v-pres McKimmon & McKee Inc h519 N 

McKimmon Wm S (Kath C) rl22 Park av 

McKIMMON & McKEE INC, Arth McKimmon Pres-Treas, Mrs Willa N 
McKimmon V-Pres, Thos H Dortch Sec, Genl Insurance 18 W Har- 
gett, Tel 356 (See page 37) 

McKinney Caro-Mae nurse 17 W Lenoir r do 

McKinney Jas (c) lab rl201 Holman 

McKinney Leiand H (Myrtle E) slsmn 3 W Breever & Son hl209 Wake 
Forest rd 

McKinney Louise R (c) instr The Bishop Tuttle Training Sch r do 

McKinney Ray typist State Hwy Comn rl209 Wake Forest rd 

McKinzie John (c) janitor State Hosp r do 

McKnight Annie E r3019 Hillsboro 

McKnight Dewey ( c ; Margt ) porter Boon-Iseley Drug Co r604 E Davie 

McKnight Edw (c) rl05 Lee's al 

McKnight Jack (c) chauf r321 E Davie 

McKnight Lizzie (c) hl05 Lee's al 

McKnight Luther (c) labr307 Tucker 

McKnight Wm (c) lab h709 Branch 

McKnight Wm A (Annie V; West End Grocery) h3019 Hillsboro 

McLain see also McClain and McLean 

McLain Bennett (c) lab r804 E Davie 

McLain Bessie (c) dom rlOlS S Person 

McLain Bettie (c) elev opr r213 S State 

McLain Cornelia (c) maid Professional bldg h818 Fayetteville 

McLain Geo (c) lab rTlOM: S Person 

McLain Ida (c) cook r750 S Wilmington 

McLain Jas (c; CorneUa) soft drinks 816 Fayetteville h818 do 

McLain Jessie (c) dom r236 Smithfield 

McLain Mary (c) cook rl08 E Cabarrus 

McLain Moses ic) cement fnshr h804 E Davie 

McLain Pearl (c) dom r804 E Davie 

McLain Victoria (c) cook rl004 E Davie 

McLain Worthy (c; Estelle) lab h409 N West 

McLamb Bettie (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r213 S State 

McLamb Eunie A elk The Great A & P Tea Co rl4 W Cabarrus 




1 ll l^lllll 












* * 




























D X 


















125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

McLamb Roosevelt (o; Mazie) lab h414 S Swain 

McLauohlin Danl A (Mary A) bkpr I1II8 Halifax 

McLaughlin Louise student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

McLaughlin Richd R (Alicia S) chf license tax dep hl09 N Boylan av 
McLaurln Mary (c) h714 Shaw ct 

McLean see also McClain and McLain 

McLean Alf M lawyer r930 Cowper dr 

McLean Archie W r YMCA 

McLean Chas B (.Beulah M) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co h406 Glen- 
wood av 

McLean Chas E (Robena A) h2251 The Circle 

McLean Cora atndt State Hosp r do 

McLean Cora A soh tchr r2251 The Circle 

McLean David McC ( Jakie P) h202 Cox av 

McLean Dorothy E textile wkr rlll5 N Blount 

McLean Duncan D formn Aeroglide Corp r222 Cox av 

McLean Effie typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r2605 Clark 

McLean Estelle R Mrs slswn David Kaplan Inc h28 Bagwell av 

McLean Eunie A (Alma L) meat ctr rl4 W Cabarrus 

McLean Grace sten N C State College r609 Hillsboro 

McLean Harry D (Estelle R) elk h28 Bagwell av 

McLean Jas A (Carrie A; Sou School of Creative Arts) portrait artist 
110% Fayetteville 

McLean Jean A asst cash r2251 The Circle 

McLean John H elk Southeastern Exp Co rl5 S Blount 

McLean John L (Lessie P) bkpr Red Band Co Inc h320 W Edenton 

McLean John S elk U S P O r Raleigh Hotel 

McLean Julia r314 E Martin 

McLean Leila (c) cook 1541 Caswell 

McLean M Kath elk N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn r2605 Clark 

McLean Margt C sten r930 Cowper dr 

McLean Margt G Mrs (DixieFloral Co) r508 Dixie Trail 

McLean Percy D (Margt G) managing editor Times Pub Co h508 Dixie 

McLean Robena A sch tchr r2251 The Circle 

McLean Rufus (c) r305 W Caban-us 

McLean Ruth A bacteriologist r2251 The Circle 

McLean Saml D (c; Beatrice) sta firemn hl509 Pender 

McLean Susie (c) dom r202 Pugh 

McLean Susie sten N C State College rl827 Glenwood av 

McLean Wm (Eliz) fcty wkr hl08 Georgetown rd 

McLean Wm H (Fannie E) loom fixer hlH5 N Blount 

McLean Wjn H jr weaver rlll5 N Blount 

McLean Wilton J glazer Martin Millwork Co rl08 Georgetown rd 

McLee Wm (c) lab hlO Parham's al 

McLellan Stores Co Donald A Livingston mgr 5c to $1.00 store 230 Fay- 

3IcLELLAND MAY, Dean Peace A Junior College for Women, rl5 E Peace 

McLeod D Graham student r918 Vance 

McLeod David A (Betty O) r409y2 Fayetteville 

McLeod Dwight A r409y2 Fayetteville 

McLeod Hugh (Pauline A) drftsmn State Hwy Comn h922 W Johnson 

McLeod Hugh Jr elk r922 W Johnson 

McLeod J Brodie r409y2 Fayetteville 

McLeod J Malcolm (Lillian) pntr h409% Fayetteville 

McLeod Jos (c; Minnie) lab h406 Tucker 

McLeod Laura (c) cook h504 N West 

McLeod Louis H (Luna I) metermn h417 Elm 

McLeod Mary E atndt State Hosp r do 

McLeod N Hem-y (Mary J) treas Property Loans Inc and mgr real est 
mortgage dept Wachovia Bank & Trust Co h918 Vance 

McLeod N Henry 1r phys 123 W Hargett R518 r918 Vance 

McLeod OUen D teller Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r918 Vance 

McLeod Paul B (Leone G) slsmn McLeod & Watson h322 W Morgan 

McLeod Phoebe (c) dom h604 (405) S Tarboro 

McLeod Walter (c) chauf r704 E Davie 

McLeod Walter (c) lab r412 Tucker 

McLEOD & WATSON, Frank I Watson Pres, Men's Fumishingrs 19-21, 
W Harffett. Tel 690 

McMillan Aileen asst prof Meredith College r do 

McMillan Bessie R Mrs tchr StMary's Sch and mus tchr 116 E Park dr r 

McMillan Danl S (Bessie R) revenue agt hll6 E Park dr 

McMillan Earl P (Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop) r219 S McDowell 




109-1 IS South Blount Telephone 2476 

McMillan Eliz (c) dom r705 S Bloodwoitli 

McMillan Jas M (c) lab rl9 MoKee 

McMillan Katb, seed analvst State Dept of Agriculture r214 New Bern av 

McMillan Robt L (Mary L) lawyer 239 Fayetteville R102 hl810 Park dr 

McMiller Annie (c) dom r826 E Hargett 

McMiller Ida (c) dom lill7 W Peace 

McMiller John (c; Lula) sta atndt rl9 McKee 

McMiller Melvin (c) lab h5 E Hayti al 

McMiller Owen (c) lab r407 S Bloodworth 

McMiller Pearl (c) dom r507 S Bloodworth 

McMillon Fred (c; Carrie) cement fnshr h425 Smith 

McMinn Ezekiel W (Marie B) heating and ventilating contr 221 W Davie 

r405 Polk 
McNabb see also MacNab 

McNabb Grace sten U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r2919 Bedford av 
McNair BenJ W (c; Georgia) lab h319 S Haywood 
McNair Janie B Mrs smstrs The Needlecraft Shoppe 5 Hargett R813 
McNair Leah I sec Dr Hubert B Haywood r422 N Blount 
McNair Wm (c) lab r754 Fayetteville 
McNair Wm (c; Eliza) tile str hll04 Mark 
McNamara Chas sta atndt Standard Oil Co r RD U S Hwy 21 
McNamara Ivey slswn Efird's Dept Store rl29 N Wilmington 
McNeal Ethel F Mrs sten rl500 Hillsboro apt 1 
McNeal Helen (c) dom h208 Idlewild av 
McNeal John (c; Anna) lab h320 Bragg 
McNeal John H (c) lab r208 Idlewild av 
McNeal Thos (c) hlpr rl321 Oberlin rd 

McNeal Viola (c) Indry wkr The Raleigh Lndry h51S S Swain 
McNeal Wm C (c; Ada) porter h713y2 E Martin 
McNeil Alex (c) janitor r207 E South 
McNeil Augusta (c) dom r302 Powle 
McNeil Bessie (c) dom rl20 Smithfield 
McNeil Elsie (c) r304 Fowle 

McNeil Frank dist mgi- The Home Owners Loan Corp r Sir Walter Hotel 
McNeil Grace nurse Rex Hosp r do 
McNeil Henry (c) lab r304 Fowle 
McNeil Henry (c; Cornelia) servicemn h908 E Davie 
McNeil lona nurse Rex Hosp r do 
McNeil Jas (c) lab r227 Mangum 
McNeil Jas (c; Maude) mill wki- h323 E Cabarrus 
McNeil Jas (c; Mamie) pistr h216 Lee 
McNeil Jennie E (wid Frank) h549 N Person 
McNeil John (c; Lucy) lab rl327 Hill 
McNeil Lester (c; Helen) vulc h602 S McDowell 
McNeil Letha (c) dom r908 E Davie 
McNeil Mary (c) dom r302 Fowle 
McNeil Mary (c) slswn rlOOl S Person 
McNeil Mildred (c) dom r227 Mangum 
McNeil Ollie (c) dom r414 S Swain 
McNeil Oris (c; Pearl) servicemn h227 Mangum 
McNeil Thos (c) baker rl20 Smithfield 
McNeil Viola (c) dom h205 N Haywood 
McNeil W L pohcemn rl03 N East 
McNeill Annie (c) r211 Cannon 
McNeill Blanche (c) cook h715 Smith 

McNeill Carl H (c; Eloise) msngr Picknev M Bernstein rl201 S Blount 
McNeiU Clinton (c; Rosa) plstr hl201 S Blount 
McNeill Evander V (I Lucetta; McNeill's Electric Shoe Shop) h520 N 

McNeill Jas N (Lola H) div auditor SALRy hl500 Hillsboro apt 2 
McNeill Lacy L (c; Hattie) porter hl305 Holman 
McNeill Lester (c) r211 Cannon 
McNeUl Make (c; Bessie) lab h211 Cannon 
McNeill Wm W (Julia M; Green & McNeill) hll6 N Dawson 
McNeill Wm W jr filling sta rll6 N Dawson 
McNeill's Electric Shoe Shop (Evander V McNeill) 443 Halifax 
McPhatter Clinton (c; Annie M) plstr h700'3 Bloodworth 
McPheeters Alex M rll4 S Dawson 
McPheeters Susan L hll4 S Dawson 
Mcpherson Hamilton a (Frances H), Sales Agt The National Cash 

Register Co, hll8 E Peace, Tel 4095 
McPherson Harvey H (Ora H) servicemn h3111 Stanhope av 
McPherson Ida r413 E Morgan 

McPherson John ( (Daisy L) street clnr h413 E Morgan 
McPherson Lee r31 S Swain 




228 e; 



( FORD ) 

Authorized i | iiMprjl ivj i Sales and Service 

McPherson Primrose student r743 Hillsboro 

McPherson Rufus A ins agt r743 Hillsboro 

McPherson Rufus Y (Helen C; McPherson & Barnes) associate genl agt 
Penn Mut Life Ins Co h743 Hillsboro 

McPherson Wm P adv mgr Hudson-Belk Co r743 Hillsboro 

Mcpherson & BARNES (Rufus Y McPherson), General Insurance and 
Gesieral Agents Fidelity & Deposit Co and Phoenix Indemnity Co, 
401-402 Coml Nat! Bank Bldsr 20 E Martin. Tel 186 

McQuay Mart W (Willie L) service supt Sir W,alter Hotel h551 N Person 

McQueen Elsie J r219 S McDowell 

McQueen John (c; Plorine) lab h435 N Salisbury 

McQueen Lizzie (c) r435 N Salisbury 

McQueen Marvin (c; Mayola) janitor The News & Observer h724 S Blood- 

McQueen W Martin bdg 219 S McDowell h do 

McRae Cameron r327 E Edenton 

McRae Carter (c; Bertha) pistr hl216 Hill 

McRae Thos T (c) barber Walter A Curtis r908 Payette ville 

McRee R Wade (Kathleen T) servicemn Raleigh Internatl Co h807 E 

McSv/ain Lena (c) maid r706 S Person 

McSwain Wm (c; Georgianna) janitor h219 Powle 

MoVey David M instr rl06 Harne 

Meacham Bertha (North Blount Grocery) hlOOS N Blount 

Meacham Prank B (Pearl P) asst prof N C State College h2716 Everett av 

Meaxham Hazel L (Ethel) student hl5 Enterprise 

Meacham Herman B (Agnes) weaver hlll6 N Wilmington 

Meacham Jesse J (Aline) spinner hll31 Harp 

Meacham Jewel rl008 N Blount 

Meacham Mary A inspr rlOOB N Blount 

Meade Jas J (Maude) signalmn h611 W Peace 

Meadows Eula V (wid Wm P) smstrs Sanitary Lndry r225 N Salisbury 

Meadows Wincle A (c) dom r2301 Everett av 

Meares Jeffei-son S (Ruth H) asst prof N C State College h2408 Everett av 

Mears Prank T (Prank's Beauty Salon) rll7 W Martin 

Mebane Heleir (c) dom h912 Fayetteville 

Mebane Jerry H (c; Fannie B) pkr h409 S Person 

Mebane Jessie (c) student r912 Fayetteville 

Mebane Madge nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Mecca Luncheonette The (Nicholas Dombolis) 201 Fayetteville 

Mechanics Savings Bank A Gilchrist Small liquidating agt 101 W Hargett 

Mechanics & Farmers Bank Building (c) 13 E Hargett 

Mechanics & Farmers Bank The (c) Chas Spaulding (Durham, N C) 
pres John W Holmes and Britton Pearce v-pres R L McDougald (Dur- 
ham, N C) cash Saml O Noel asst cash 13 E Hargett 

Meconnahey Julia C Mrs elk State Historical Comn r Cary, N C 

Medlin C Leroy (Azelene H; Carolina Printing Co) r30Ol Hillsboro 

Medhn Clara B Mrs nurse 316 S McDowell r do 

Medlin Jos C r Wake County Home 

Medlin L 'W (Grace B) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r RD 3 

Medlin Megnar R (Sarah L) slsmn Brogden Produce Co hl904 Fairview 

Medlin Millie (wid John) rlll7 N Blount 

Medlin Rena (c) cook h538 E Cabarrus 

Medlin Robt (c; Millie) janitor h213 N Haywood 

Medlin Thos A meats 214 E Martin stall 4 r3:i7% S Blount 

Medlin Wm (c) lab r515 E Cabarrus 

Meece Prank H (Mary B) tester hl213 Hillsboro apt 4 

Meece Mary B Mrs sec CP&LCo hl213 Hillsboro apt 4 

Meekins E N dist supvr agrl education N C State College r Cary, N C 

Rleekins Edmund L (Anne B) elk CP&LCo r Wendell rd 

Meekins Isaac Hon judge U S District Court Eastern Dist of N C r Jlliz- 

abeth City, N C 
Meeks Evelyn (c) dom r2211 Joint 
Meeks Ida (c) dom h2211 Joint 
Meeler Chas E (Lucy A) spl agt (h517 Cole 
Meeler Virginia M student r517 Cole 
Meggett Blanche (c) cook h405 S Swain 

Jdellin Percy (c) slsmn City Ice Fuel Co r202 Harrison av 
Melson Roland J (Alice) chf elk statistical dept State Industrial Comn r 

Gamer rd 
Melton Lillie (c) dom r306 Freeman 
Melton Lillie M (c) dom r910 Oberlin rd 
Melvin Chas auto mech r410 W Morgan 
Melvin Eliz H (c) maid 204 S Boylan av 





Melvin Gladys waitress S & W Cafeteria rl06 Glenwood 

Melvin Jarold B (Annie E) br mgr Pender's Stores h313 Oakwood av 

Melvin Julia (c) coolc 601 N Bloodworth 

Melvin Marion B pharm Boon Iseley Dnig Co r2228 The Circle 

Melvin R Tolar (Nina) field rep N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn 
r White Oak rd 

Melvin Randall textile wkr rll21 Harp 

Melvin Wm J ( Pauline E) prsmn r522 S Salisbury 

Mendenhall Henry C (Elsie W) h5 Dixie Trail apt 4 

Mendenhall W Guy (Mendenhall's Print Shop) rllO W Martin 

Mendenhall's Print Shop (W Guy Mendenhall) 110 W Martin 

Mennieus Thos bus driver r311 S Swain 

Mercer Carolyn M tchr Fred A Olds Sch r2509 Vanderbilt av 

Mercer Isaac M Rev asst prof Meredith College h2509 Vanderbilt av 

Mercer Susannah S student r2509 Vanderbilt av 

er 1, Dil'.on V-Pres, John F Swain Sec-Treas, 1-2-3 Security Bank Bldff 
Annex 6-10 Market pi, Tels 3001, 3002 and 3003 

MERCHANTS DELIVERY SERVICE, Jas W Harris Mgr, Contract and 
Parcel Delivery For Department Stores and Other Retail and Whole- 
sale Merchants, 10 E Davie, Tel 1705 

Meredith Berta (c) dom rl409 E Jones 

Meredith College Chas E Brewer pres J Gregory Boomhour dean Fuller, 
B Hamrick bursar ns Hillsboro ext-d % mile bey city limits 

Meredith Lucille S (wid Wm C) r4 E Peace 

Meriwether W Gordon anj^ouncpr W P T P Radio Co r21 Enterprise 

Merrill W J mach N-SRRCo r614 W Johnson 

Merriman Wm W jr (Lois J) office mgr B-N Motor Co r Wake Forest rd 

MeiTitt Alderman elk State Hwy Comn h Rosemont av 

Merritt Ben G student rl618 Hillsboro 

Merritt Bessie (c) Indry wkr h423 Green 

Merritt Bettie (c) cook rllOl S Person 

Merritt Cora (c) Indiw wkr r7 Rogers al 

Merritt Dorothy G r209 E Hargett 

Merritt Earl E (Emily R; Dixie Inn) mgr G R Kinney Co Inc h30 Shep- 

Merritt Elmer (c) clothes prsr r27 McKee 

Merritt Emily R Mrs elk CP&LCo hSO Shepherd 

Merritt Emma A (wid Jas B) r Rosemont av 

Merritt Esther (c) dom r90S S Blount 

Merritt Prankie (c) cook rllOl S Person 

Merritt Geo (c) lab r27 McKee 

Merritt Hannah (c) dom h27 McKee 

Merritt Harry L (c) lab r27 McKee 

Merritt Henry (c; Anna M) baker Hotel Carolina h202 Bart 

Merritt Hester (c) cook rllOl S Person 

Merritt Jas (c) lab rllOl S Person 

Merritt John T (c: Mozelle) hlpr hl22 E Lenoir 

Merritt Leonidas D (c) sch tchr h408 Green 

Merritt Louise sten Pou & Pou r Rosemont av 

Merritt Mabel E rl618 Hillsboro 

Merritt Percy (c; Annie) truck driver r906 S Blount 

Merritt Rebecca reporter State Corp Comn r Rosemont aT) (Forest Hills) 

Merritt Repton H (Mae S) sec-treas Powell & Powell Inc hl618 Hillsboro 

Merritt Vernon H teller rl618 Hillsboro 

Merritt Wm (c) pntr r423 Green 

Messengill Ethel cash Markel Service Inc r RD 3 

Messer Burke C whse gro 314 S Blount r Caraleigh 

Messer Layton D (wid Everett E) h222 S Blount 

Metcalf John C hno opr Times Pub Co r Y M C A 

Metcalf Kath E student r315 Forest rd 

Metcalf Zeno P (Louella) prof N C State College h315 Forest rd 

Metcalfe Haves McD (wid Wm S) hl3'4 Woodburn rd 

Metcalfe Martha student rl34 Woodburn rd 

Metcalfe Rosa K rl34 Woodburn rd 

Methodist Orphanage The Rev Albert S Barnes supt Glenwood av cor 

Bridges Mgr, 906-909 Bankers Realty Bldg, 5 W Hargett, Tel 234 

Metts J Van B Brig-Genl (Josephine B) State Adjutant-Genl h730 N 

Metts J Van B jr student r730 N Blount 

Metts Josephine B r730 N Blount 

Mewborne Eric L student r310 S Person 




PHONE 528 

Mewborne Jacob P (Mary P) asst mgr Life Ins Co of Va h310 S Person 

Meyers see also Myers 

Meyers Elmer G (Marie M) mgr hl015 Harvey 

Meyers Marie M Mrs traffic mgr Eastern Air Transport Inc hl015 Harvey 

Mezelle Mary (c) dom hSn N Haywood 

Mial Benj (c) lab r202 Maple 

Mial Carina (c) dom h202 Maple 

Mial Carlotta (c) dom rl404 E Edenton 

Mial Corinna L tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r805 New Bern av 

Mial E Victoria tchr Thompson Sch r805 New Bern av 

Mial Edw (c; Mattie) lab hl404 E Edenton 

Mial Ella S sten Fire Cos' Adjustment Bureau Inc h305 New( Bern av 

Mial Glady s (c) dom rl404 E Edenton 

Mial Hector (c) lab rl304 Pender 

Mial Jas (c; Pearlie) lab hl304 E Lane 

Mial Jasper (c; Bettie) janitor hl316 Pender 

Mial Leonard (c; Julia L) textile wki- hl315 E Lane 

Mial Maggie (c) dom r314 (418) N State 

Mial Maude (c) dom rl304 E Lane 

Mial Nina I (c) hairdrsr 219 E Caban-us h do 

Mial Wade (c; Annie) lab hl304 Pender 

Mials see Miles 

Michael John W (c; Esther) lab h415 Montague la 

Michaux Chas H (Jessie L) mgr Firestone Service Stores Inc and Fire- 
stone Tire & Rubber Co r554 New Bern av 

Michos Pete (B & B Cafe) r219H S Wilmington 

Mickens Kate (c) Indrs r310 S Bloodworth 

Mickens Thelma tchr Lucille Hunter Sch rl21 E 

Middleton Gordon K (Celia H) seed specialist N C 
Brooks av 

Middleton Jimmie B (c) sch tchr r3118 E South 

Middleton Lina nurse r327 Hillsboro 

Middleton Wm H (Kath F) elk State Treas rl218 Glenwood av 

Midget Virginia tchr Raleigh Sch of Commerce r315 Cutler 

Midgett Henry J ship elk N C Equipment Co r RD 4 

Midgett John textile wkr rlllO N Wilmington 

Milam Danl W sec-treas rl21 Halifax 

Miles Carrie (c) r329 Battle 

Miles Delia T Mi's opr Poole's Beauty Shoppe hl21 S Bloodworth 

Miles Effie (c) dom h2214 4th 

Miles Electric Shoe Shop ' John E Miles) 219 S Wilmington 

Miles Elsie G Mrs waitress Jiffy Grill r315 W Lane 

Miles Ernest (c) lab rll9 Camden 

Miles Forrest C mgr Carolina Pines Hotel r do 

Miles Fred A trav rep Carolina Pines Inc r Carolina Pines Hotel 

Miles Geo (c; Mary) porter East Coast Stages Inc h415 Patterson la 

Miles Jas (c) lab rl03 Bart 

Miles Jane M ( wid Addison D) hl27 New Bern av apt 301 

MUes Janie (c) Indrs h309 Freeman 

Miles John (c; Louise) lab h307 W Lenoir 

Miles John E (J Vitia; Carolina Shu-Fixery; Miles Elec Shoe Shop; 
Sir Walter Shoe Shop) slsmn Capital Ice Coal Co Inc h608 Oak- 
wood av 


State College 'h911 

Miles John E jr emp Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r608 Oakwood av 

Miles Lafayette (c; Janie) h504 W South 

Miles Martha (c) dom rl03 Bart 

Miles Martha (c) dom r309 Freeman 

Miles Marvin C (Dessie L) sergt Organized Reserves USA h213 E Har- 

Miles Mary (c) dom rll6 W Peace 

Miles Roger A (Virginia) asst auditor State Hwy Comn rl27 New Bern 
av apt 301 

Miles Rad J (Delia T; Dixie Electric Shoe Shop) hl21 S Bloodworth 

Miles Roscoe L (Elsie G) waiter r315 W Lane 

Miles Thos (c) janitor h319 Seawell av 

Miles Virginia Mrs elk State Hxsfy Purch Dept rl2T New Bern av apt 301 

Millard John T caller SALRy r408 E Lane 

Miller Beulena (c) dom rliOl S Wilmington 

Miller Charlotte A (c) h407 Battle 

Miller Curtis L (c; Cora) cook hllOl S Wilmington 

Miller Eliz (c) student r736 Fayetteville 

Miller Ellen M (wid Walter R) proof rdr Coml Printing Co h412 N Blood- 

Miller Emily student r521 N East 

Miller Emily M (wid Luther R) rl07 Glenwood av 



Q Factory Authorized Sales and Service q 

H General Motors Values ^ 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1388 

Miller Ernest (c) porter East Coast Stages Inc r225 W Lenoir 

Miller Eug L elk Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc r521 N East 

Miller Evan L (c) dish washer Little Parrot Castle r407 Battle 

Miller Frank (c; Lee) blksmith h817 Manly 

Miller Fred E ( Marian B ) director Div of Test Farms State Dept of Agri- 
culture hl628 Park dr 

Miller Predk (c; Marv) lab rlOO Cross 

Miller Gladys L (c) dom rllOl S Wilmington 

Miller Grace (c) Indry wkr Sanitary Lndry r509 Smithfield 

Miller Graham elk r521 N East 

Miller Guion W (Lillie G) auditor h519 Oakwood av 

Miller Hampton (c) lab rlll4 S Bloodworth 

Miller Harley A floral wkr H Steinmetz r RD 2 

Miller Henry F (Willie M) pntr hl04 Glenwood av 

Miller Hugh G (Margt) h521 N East 

Miller Jas S (Alma B) carp h318 S Dawson 

Miller Jessie (c) dom rl005 Parker 

Miller John elk rlOS E Lane 

MiUer John F (Flossie H) prof N C State College hl91 Cttiamberlain 

Miller Mack (c; Mary) cook r529 Hick's al 

Miller Mary A tchr Washington Sch r314 E Cabarrus 

Miller Mary M (wid Chas) r302 N Blount 

Miller Max i Irene K) eng CP&LCo rl03 N Boylan av 

Miller Merrill C (Hallie W) store mgr Broyden Produce Co hl916 Sunset 

Miller Quessie matron State Hosd r do 

Miller Robt (c) porter Leon D Ferguson r RD 1 

Miller Saml B (Amanda E) cond hl213 Pearce 

Miller Sarah L r318 S Dawson 

Miller Thelma C nurse 619 W Cabarrus r do 

Miller W F emp State Hosp r do 

MiUer Warren S pres-treas Brogden Prod Co rl28 N Wilmington 

Millikan Robt (c) r407 Battle 

Milliken Wm (c; Annie) clo clnr hl008 E Martin 

Mills A Fenner (Dora) h613 N Dawson 

Mills Aaron B (Effie) driver Capital City Lndry r214 Summit av (Caro- 

Mills Arth E prsmn rll8 New Bern av 

Mills Barber Shop (Lucius M Mills) 106 E Martin 

Mills C Marvin (Loula V) emp The News & Observer r323 E Lane 

Mills Danl (Mamie Y) sta opr Mills Tire Co r211 N Blount 

Mills Emmett r Wake County Home 

Mills Erma hosiery wkr r517 N Dawson 

Mills Ethel <c) Indrs r219 Smithfield 

Mills Eug mgr and golf professional Carolina Pines Golf Club r Carolina 

Mills J Decker hllOl N Blount 

Mills J Maple (Blanche M) h317 S Boylan av 

Mills John G (Sophia L) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R512 r Wake Forest NC 

Mills Lucius M (Mills Barber Shop) rl3Hi E Martin 

Mills Mildred L elk McLellan Stores Co r McCullers N C 

Mills Nora E r613 N Dawson 

Mills Robt E (Hazel) sign pntr r613 N Dawson 

Mills Robt L pntr r517 N Dawson 

Mills Tire Co (W Hartwick Mills) 100 E Davie 

Mills V Elnora sDinner rll9 W Franklin 

Mills W Hartwick (Jessie Q; Mills Tire Co) h211 N Blount 

Mills Wm B (Lillie M) hlpr r313 N Dawson 

Mills Wm E (Mary L) chf acct CP&LCo hl425 Scales 

Mills Wm W (Agnes) pntr h517 N Dawson 

Mills Zelia A (Christine) weaver hll9 W Franklin 

Milner Effie L Mrs r517 N East 

Milner Henry H pres Milner Stores Co hl213 Hillsboro apt 9 

Milner Stores Co Henry H Milner pres Pitt C Milner (Durham N C) v- 
pres Murray Allen sec-treas whol gros 612 W Hargett br 1630 Glen- 
wood av 

Milner Wm C stockmn F W Woolworth Co r200I Clark av 

Milton W Henry (Cath F1 elk rl218 Glenwood 

Mimms Jos (c) lab r6 W Hayti al 

Mims Albert R (Aline) auto mech h517 N Bloodworth 

Mims Alberta (c) dom 1-902 Fayetteville 

Mims Aline Mrs sten CP&LCo hSn N Bloodworth 

Mims Allen C storekpr CP&LCo rl306 Glenwood av 

Mims Chas H (Elma C; Stuart Mims Plmbg & Heating Co) h704 Bov- 
lan dr 



Alfred Williams 





PHONES 4100 



Mims Cornelia W (wid Andrew J) r409 W Park dr 

Mims Elma C Mrs sten USPO h704 Boylan dr 

Mims Glendora (wid D Henry) r704 Boylan dr 

Mims Grover R (Mamie G) tel inspr rllO S McDowell 

MIMS HAKLOWE W (Nora), Mgr Mitchell Funeral Home Inc, h222 W 
Hargett, Tel 4288 

Mims J Howard (Bessie) asst embalmer Mitchell Funeral Home Inc r222 
W Hargett 

Mims Margt bkpr Auto Parts Co Inc rlll5 Hillsboro 

Mims Virgil G (Irene G) firemn Aerial Co No 1 h812 Brooklyn 

Mims Wm (c) car washer Wake Tire Co rl201 Holman 

Mims Wm R interior decorator 116 S Wilmington r213 N Boylan av 

Mims Wilson (c) routemn r2306 Stafford av 

Mincey Luther T (Ethel L; City Ice & Fuel Co) rl08 Harrison av 

Minga Frank W (Bettie) textile wkr hll25 N Blount 

Mingle Celia M (wid Chas M) smstrs Hilker Bros r707 W Lane 

Minshew Roy H (Emma L) agt Durham Life Ins Co rl009 W, Lenoir 

Minter Lucian H (c; Lula) clothes clnr 400 W South h518 Saunders 

Miras Alex G (Sou Coffee Co) rl30 E Hargett 

Miras Georgia Mrs (Hillsboro Lunch) rlO S West 

Miras Nicholas G (Georgia) hlO S West 

Mish Louise elk Raleigh Letter Writers r558 New Bern av 

Mission Service Station Ralnh P Jurnev mgr E Lenoir cor Payetteville 

Misskelley Charlton E (Macie) hl428 Wake Forest rd 

Misskelley Edw rl428 Wake Forest rd 

Misskelley J Roy elk Walton's Pharmacy rl423 Wake Forest rd 

Mitchell A Marvin (Beatrice) mech Commonwealth Motor Co h307% E 

Mitchell Ada (c) dom h710 Shaw ct 

Mitchell Adolphus (Virginia W) drftsmn State Hwy Comn h315 Calvin rd 

Mitchell Adrian S (Mary F) dep collr U S Int Rev Office hH4 Park av 

Mitchell Agnes F dom r538 E Martin 

Mitchell Ahce Mrs h314 E Eden ton 

Mitchell Alice M (c) dom rlll2 S Blount 

Mitchell Anna (c) Indrs h706 S Person 

Mitchell Annie (c) dom r207 N Haywood 

Mitchell Antoinette tchr Washington Sch rl21 E South 

Mitchell Arth (c; Daisy) janitor h706 S Bloodworth 

Mitchell Belle (wid John H) r223 Elm 

Mitchell Bernard elk Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl2 N Boylan av 

Mitchell Bertie smstrs r710 W North 

Mitchell Blame (c; Narcissa) h804 Manly 

Mitchell Calvin r852 W Morgan 

Mitchell Chas (c) lah r517 Pace 

Mitchell Clarence E (Mary L; Mitchell Printing Co) v-pres Ait Flower 
Shop hl03 N McDowell 

Mitchell Claude (c) lab r410 Green 

Mitchell Daisy (wid Richd) h610 W North 

Mitchell David H (Mae B) elk r213 N Boylan av 

Mitchell Edw (c; Annie) porter Wake Drug Store r402 W North 

Mitchell Eloise Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r311 E Edenton 

Mitchell Ernest E (Maude G) asst mgr Neiman's Inc hH N Blount 

Mitchell Eug (c; Daisy) lab h330 Battle 

Mitchell Frances (c) mid wife 1105 Gatling r do 

Mitchell Fi-edk (c; Emma) lab h721 S Bloodworth 

V-Pres. Albert H Mooneyham Sec-Treas, Harlowe W Mims Mgr, 
Funeral Directors, Embalmers, Ambulance Service 222 W Hargett, 
Tel 4288 (See front cover and page 34) 

Mitchell Geo printer r207 S Haywood 

Mitchell Geo H jr (c) coach St Augustine's College r do 

Mitchell Geo M (Elsie E) elk r709 W, North 

Mitchell Grace Mrs waiter r325 E Morgan 

Mitchell Hannah (c) Indrs r318 Bragg 

Mitchell Hattie (c) dom r415 S Person 

Mitchell Hattie T (c) tchr Lucille Hunter Sch h317 Smithfleld 

Mitchell Helen (c) dom h517 Pace 

Mitchell Herman (c; Pauline) firemn The Raleigh Gas Co h822 Smith- 
field av 

Mitchell Hester (c) dom r8 Dodd 

Mitchell Howard L r80iy2 W Morgan 

Mitchell Ida M (c) tclir Washington Sch h214 Cannon 

Mitchell J W & Son (John W and John W jr) shoe reprs 701 E Martin 

Mitchell J Frank usher The Capitol Theatre r302 New Bern av 

Mitchell J Gertrude (wid Chas) h529 E Martin 






Mitchell Jack (c) lab r324 E Mitchell 

Mitchell Jack H meter tester CP&LCo r2210 Fairview rd 

Mitchell Jas (c) lab r2405 A 

Mitchell Jas O (c; Hattie T) brklvr h317 Smithfield 

MitchellJohn (c; Bessie) lab hl208 (1408) Pender 

Mitchell John W (Martha F; J W Mitchell & Son) h548 E Martin 

Mitchell John W jr (J W Mitchell & Son) r548 E Martin 

Mitchell Jos tc; Artelia) h316 E Davie 

Mitchell Jos H (Maria C) h710 W North 

Mitchell Julian (c) tilestr r207 N Haywood 

Mitchell Lady A sten SALRy r701 N Blount apt 102 

Mitchell Lena G enip Mitchell Printing Co r529 E Martin 

Mitchell Lily E director Child Welfare State Board of Charities and Pub- 
lic Welfare r Gary N C 

Mitchell Louise tc) maid h615 E Davie 

Mitchell Lucy (c) dom hlll2S Blount 

Mitchell Lucy (c) Indrs r734 Payetteville 

Mitchell Lucy (c) maid 1405 Sycamore 

Mitchell Luvenia (c) Indrs hl2 E Hayti al 

Mitchell Mabel H (wid Calvin) r852 W Morgan 

Mitchell Mamie (c) Indry wkr h515 Cannon av 

Mitchell Mamie (c) student rll05 Gatling 

Mitchell Mary (c) dom r3(}8 Freeman 

Mitchell Mai-y (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel h25 Bragg 

Mitchell Mary Beth disbursement officer State Adjutant-Genl r2210 Fair- 
view rd 

Mitchell Maude B (wid R H) elk County Sheriff r Wake Forest N C 

Mitchell Minnie (c) maid Bland Hotel r615 E Davie 

Mitchell Moses (c; Mary) janitor h25 Bragg 

Mitchell N Theo (c> dist mgr Winston Mut Life Ins Co r729 S Blount 

Mitchell Nicholas textile wkr r611 Halifax 

Mitchell Norman Rev (c; Alice) hlSOO Holman 

Mitchell Norwood apnr Mitchell Printing Co rl03 N McDowell 

Mitchell Ophelia (wid Henry T; r2904 Hillsboro 

Mitchell Otho (c) barber Sam Harris & Son hll05 Gatling 

Mitchell P R agt Gate City Life Ins Co r Louisburg N C 

Mitchell Patk L (Audrey J) bus opr h2904 Hillsboro 

Mitchell Pauline atndt State Hosp r do 

Mitchell Percy ( c ; Sarah ) lab h622 South Boundary 

Mitchell Preston G (c; Matilda) barber 721 E Martin h717 do 

MITCHELL PRINTING CO (Ciarence E Mitchell), Printers, Book- 
binders and Advertising- Specialists 115-117 W Hargett, Tel 18 (See 
page 42) 

Mitchell Rosa L (wid J Fi-ank) h302 NewBem av 

Mitchell Rosa M (c) dom r307 E Cabarrus 

Mitchell Rubv C bkpr r Mansion Park Hotel 

Mitchell Sallie M (c) dom h806 Manly 

Mitchell Thehna 1(c) bkpr Acme Realty Co r527 S East 

Mitchell Theo (c) lab r806 Manly 

Mitchell Theo B (Olivia G) associate prof N C State College rl23 
NewBern av 

Mitchell Theotis (c) waiter r717 E Martin 

Mitchell Thos (c; Annie) draymn h207 Idlewild av 

Mitchell Thos (c> hlpr r324 E Davie 

Mitchell Thos (c; Lula M) truck driver h8 Rogers al 

Mitchell Tony (c; Ardelia) porter Wake Drug Store h819 Cotton pi 

Mitchell Virginia atndt State Hosp r do 

Mitchell Wallace L (c) carp r717 E Martin 

Mitchell Walter G mach SALRy h538 E Martin 

Mitchell Wm (c; Annie B) lab h531 E Edenton 

Mitchell Wm (c; Mary) porter Coml Natl Bank Bldg h578 E Cabarrus 
Mitchell Wm H lEloise) ticket agt Union Depot rSll E Edenton 

Mitchem Jos W (Trannie E) brklyr h613 Glenwood av 

Mitchem Minnie M r613 Glenwood av 

Mitchem Sarah E (wid N W> r613 Glenwood av 

Mitchener Hugh L (Bess) flgmn h211 Glascock 






n ' 









pi 50 


o S» 




00 C 



M "^^ 









G r^ 

z ^ 


3 >• 






c/3 l:^ 







The Raleigh Building mA Um Association 





Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Mifxjhener Jas S (Bessie W) phys 135 Fayetteville R302 h307 W Park dr 

Mitchener John A student r211 Glascock 

Mitchiner Albert (c) lab hl301 S Person 

Mitchiner Albert Jr (c) lab rl301 S Person 

Mitchiner Alice (c) dom rl301 S Person 

Mitchiner Carrie (c) dom rl301 S Person 

Mitchiner John R jr (Margt D) ins solr Robt G Yancey hl921% Reid 

Mitchner Patsy (c) h214 Battle 

Mize Pelcie nurse State Hosp r do 

Mobley Eva atndt State Hosp r do 

Mock Harry L asst prof N C State College rl609 Park dr 

Mock Madison D (Cora) formn SALRy h307 N Bloodworth 

Modern Pur Shop :Saml Ruben) 135 Fayetteville R500 

Moen Reuben O (Grace Z) prof N C State College h3202 Clark av 

Moff Esther (wid Jos) h221 Elm 

Moff Prank J (Ruth; Moff's 'Shoe Store) hl2n Wake Forest rd 

Moff Wm slsmn Moff's Shoe Store r221 Elm 

Moff's Shoe Store (Frank J Moff) 216 S 'Wilmington 

Moffitt A Gertrude sten N-SRRCo r623% W Jones 

Moffitt Alice V (wid Walter B) h623y2 W Jones 

Money Ida M elk Met Life Ins Co r204 W Morgan 

Monle John M (Evelyn B) driver Bland Clnrs h320 E Jones 

Monie John M jr clnr r320 E Jones 

Monie Sarah W r320 E Jones 

Monk Jos H (Mary J) agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co hll9 W Edenton 

Monk Mary J Mrs bkpr Capital Printing Co hll9 W Edenton 

Monk N Eliz rlig W Edenton 

Monroe Andrew L power sis eng CP&LCo h229 E Edenton apt 2A 

Monroe Annie Mrs ho 18 E Edenton 

Monroe Annie J (c) Indrs h701 S Bloodworth 

Monroe Clarence (c) lab r6 Tupper's la 

Monroe Duncan A (Grace V) printer The News & Observer h218 Halifax 

Monroe Janie (c) cook h6 Tupper's la 

Monroe John H (c) porter McLillan Stores Co r8 Worth 

Monroe Junius (c) lab hi 15 E Caban-us 

Monroe Lonnie (c) mill wkr r913 Fayetteville 

Monroe Robt (c; Willa) janitor F W Wool worth Co h8 W Worth 

Monroe Wm H r508 Halifax 

Montague A Ruth r314 W Hargett 

Montague Bettie L (wid Benj F) h313 NewBern av 

Montague Building 1213% E Hargett 

Montague Duester (c) dom rl411 E Jones 

Montague Edw (c) car washer State Tire & Service Co Inc r212 Spence 

Montague Ezekiel Z (c; Almana B) gro 231 Smithfield hll09 S Wilming- 

Montague Henry (c; Lillie) car washer State Tire & Service Co Inc h508 
NewBern av 

Montague Henry (c; Ella) janitor Security Bank Bldg hl411 E Jones 

Montague John (c) whsemn Red Band Co Inc r205 N State 

Montague Mattie (c) Indry wkr Capital City Lndry hll2 Stronach's la 

Montague Millard (c; Maggie) gdnr h312 N State 

Montague Nelson (c) orderly Mary Elizabeth Hosp rl411 E Jones 

Montague Thos (c: Lena) mill wkr h212 Spence 

Montague Walter G (Ruby M) ice cream mkr Lakewood Sherbet Co r314 
W Hargett 

MONTFOKT JOHN B (Edith C; Montfort Plumbingr & Heating Co), h3 
Rosemary. Tel 2064 

MONTFORT PLUMBING & HEATING CO (John B Montfort) , Plumb- 
ing: and Heatin?? Contractors 128 S Salisbury, Tel 127 (See margiinal 
line front cover and page 41) 

MONTGOMERY ALEX ( 'Victoria K), Fres-Treas Montgomery-Mutart 
Inc, hl611 Jarvis, Tel 789 

Montgomery Don M slsmn Gulf Refining Co r RD 3 

MONTGOMERY ELIZABETH M, Mailing Lists, Complete Stenographic 
aad Blimeographic Service 703 Coml Natl Bank Bldg 20 E Martin, Tel 
4224, and Notary, rl24 E Edenton, Tel 986-M 

Montgomery Frank D (c; Hattie) lab h725 S Person 

Montgomery Horace W (Josephine) auto mech h709 Florence 

Montgomery Hugh (c; Josephine) lab hlll2 Smithfield 

Montgomery Ida cash State Ins Dept r530 N Person 

Montgomery John R (Beulah A) mech N C Equipment Co h514 Cleveland 

Montgomery Kinzy (c) dom r313 Battle 

Montgomery Lizzie H (wid Walter A) hl24 E Edenten 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholecale and Retail 
Hardware House 

MONTGOMERY-MUTART INC, Alex Montgomery Pres-Treas, Clar- 
ence G Mutart Sec- Sales Mgr, Turner 1, Salter Acct, Dodge Motor 
Cars, Trucks and Plymouth Motor Cars 109-115 S Blount, Tel 2476 
(See right top lines) 

Moody Addie ( wid John) h806 Harp 

Moody Columbia A ( wid Solomon M) r808 Harp 

Moody Danl J textile wkr r518 N Salisbury 

Moody Elmer O (Patsy) slsmn Carolina Pines Inc hl22 S Dawson 

Moody Flora (c) h2301 Stafford av 

Moody Ina G textile wkr r806 Harp 

Moody Jas H r518 N Salisbury 

Moody John C (Pauline C) textile wkr r806 Harp 

Moody Jos G (Emma) evangelist h518 N Salisbury 

Moody Mildred I r210 E Franklin 

Moody Robt L (Sabrina M) textile wkr r518 N Salisbury 

MOODY WM F, V-Pres Mitchell Funeral Home Inc and Dep State Treas, 
h619 E Hargett, Tel 1036-J 

Moody Wm F .1r student r619 E Hargett 

Moody Willis E ilnez L) slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc h210 E Frank- 

MOONEYHAM ALBERT H (Ellie J), Sec-Treas Mitchell Funeral Home 
Inc, h208 S East, Tel 3016 

Mooneyham Coy W (J Irene) tank wagon slsmn Am Oil Co h613 E Martin 

Mooneyham Herbert A (Willie P) sec-treas Raleigh Tractor & Equip- 
ment Co and treas K E Stahl Mig Co h2212 Whitaker dr 

Mooneyham W Felts (Annie L) supt r Hillsboro nr Meredith College 

Moore Addie (c) maid Bland Hotel h417 N Harrington 

Moore Addie L r2001 MacCarthy 

Moore Agnes W student r515 Daughtridge 

Moore Albertine C r227 N Wilmingtx>n 

Moore Alonzo M (Flonnie) elk Morgan Gro Co h504 Oakwood av 

Moore Alonzo M jr slsmn Johnson Tire Co r504 Oakwood av 

Moore Annie slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rl27 NewBern av apt 203 

Moore Bartholomew F (Olivia C) h2105 Glenwood av 

Moore Ben.i F r513 S Bloodworth 

Moore Bessie C (wid Van B) h227 N Wilmington 

Moore Budd textile wkr rll27 Harp 

Moore C Bernest (Genola) slsmn Wake Feed Co h314 Perry 

Moore C Jack (Ann M) h413 W Hargett 

Moore Carl C (Rosa) cable splicer h325 W Edenton 

Moore Carrie L (wid Robt H) h2001 MacCarthy 

Moore Cecil H elk r505 Holt 

Moore Chas M (Maggie) r615 Watauga 

Moore Chas R (Eliz M) mgr Permanent Marcel Shop hl27 NewBern av 
apt 303 

Moore Clarence H elk r6 W Franklin 

Moore D Barbara elk rSOl Aycock 

Moore Daisy (c) maid StLuke's Home r709 S East 

Moore Dalma B elev opr r6 W Franklin 

Moore David (Madie) textile wkr hll27 Harp 

Moore DeWitt T (Flossie C) sub elk USPO r805 E Edenton 

Moore Edw J mgr Ohio Natl Life Ins Co r New Hill N C 

Moore Eliza (c) Indrs r605 S Bloodworth 

Moore Elnora (c) dom hl04 Park 

Moore Emma (c) dom rl201 S Blount 

Moore Enoch N (Florence V) elk The Great A & P Tea Co h308% Glas- 

Moore Estelle (c) dom rlO Brown la 

Moore Eva (c) dom r910 Oakwood av 

Moore Fannie (wid Jos R) r23C4 Hillsboro 

Moore Flora B (c) dom r710 Shaw ct 

Moore Frances E r501 Aycock 

Moore Prank G (Ruth) shoe repr Roy N Moore h608 E Hargett 

Moore G Akers (Cora L) sec-mgr Coml Printing Co h2107 Woodland av 

Moore G Akers 1r student r2107 Woodland av 

Moore G Ernest (Wake Peed Co) h311 E Edenton 

Moore Geo J (Nellie M) mach State Hwy Comn h406 Brooks av 

Moore Geo R (Pearl M) textile wkr hllll N Blount 

Moore Geo W Rev (c: Bessie W) h748 Fayetteville 

Moore Hattie (c) dom hlO Brown la 

Moore Helen B Mrs office sec Drs Neal Thompson & Neal r304 E Park dr 

Moore Herbert W (Veda C) elk City Water Collr h52i N East 

Moore Herman A dola B) formn holO Tucker 

Moore Hyman H (Lorna M) formn h520 N West 

Moore Ida P Mrs bkpr Brogden Produce Co r301 Hillcrest rd 

Moore J Brice COphelia F) trav slsmn hSOl Avcock 

Moore J Claude (Nolle E) ast Met Life Ins Co h3139 Stanhope av 





















|P 'W 















PHONE 4020 

Moore J Clinton (Willie T; The Quality Creamery Co) pres Parker's Inc 
hl314 Glenwood av 

Moore J L research asst N C State College r34 Shepherd 

Moore J L Mrs dept sec N C State College r34 Shepherd 

Moore J Moffitt (Reba) rec cUr. W H King Drug Co Inc h509 Holt 

Moore J R atndt State Hosp r do 

Moore J Ralph r520 E Haraett 

Moore Jack (c) lab h729 S Bloodworth 

Moore Jas <c: Ethel) car washer hll7 Park 

Moore Jas (c) hlpr rl401 NewBern av 

Moore Jas (c; Lizzie) lab hl701 Oakwood av 

Moore Jas A shoe repr r513 S Bloodworth 

Moore Jas C pres Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc r Warrenton N C 

Moore Jas E (Bessie S) agt Durham Life Ins Co h603 Holt 

Moore Jas M (Reva) h6 W Franklin 

Moore Jas O (c) lab r517 Cannon av 

Moore Jas T (c: Blanche) blksmith John W Evans Son hll04 S Person 

Moore Jas W genl agt Ohio Natl Life Ins (jo r Apex N C 

Moore Jerry H (Arlene M) cotton technologist N C State College h2807 
Bedford av 

Moore Jesse (c; Johnsie) hlpr Sanders Motor Co hl401 NewBern av 

Moore Jewel elk r618 Hillsboro 

Moore John (c; Josephine) barber Odd Fellows Bldg Barber Shop h620 
E Davie 

Moore John (c; Mary) lab h527 E Lenoir 

Moore John M (c) pntr r220 E Cabarrus 

Moore John R (Ida M) shoe repr 421 S Wilmington h854 W Morgan 

Moore John V/ (c) lab 517 Cannon av 

Moore Jos (c; Maybelle) bill poster Genl Outdoor Adv Co Inc rl09 W Le- 

Moore Jos E instr N C State College rlOl Chamberlain 

Moore Kate B (wid Ben.j) hlll8 Hillsboro 

Moore Leonard (Cath) ins agt hlOS Duncan 

Moore Levina (c) maid 308 S Boylan av 

Moore Lewis (c; Marie) firemn h551 E Lenoir 

Moore Lillie M i c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 

Moore Louise siswn Efird's Dept Store rl09 Polk 

Moore Lula (c) dom rl201 S Blount 

Moore M Eliz nurse County and City Board of Health r20Ol McCarthy 

Moore Mabel (c) sch tchr rSOl S East 

Moore Mack (c; Hattie) lab hl402 NewBern av 

Moore Madeline elk rl2S E Edenton 

Moore Maggie F (wid David T) h516 Cole 

Moore Malcolm P (Thelma E) hlpr r701 E Edenton 

Moore Margt O priv sec The Raleigh Gas Co r50l Aycock 

Moore Martha C (c) hSOl Branch 

Moore Mary (c) cook h2 Tupper's la 

Moore MaiT (c) dom hl316 Center 

Moore Mary (c) Indrs h910 E Davie 

Moore Mary Mrs r Wake County Home 

Moore Mildred rll27 Harp 

Moore Neal H (Ira M) shoe repr 129 E Martin h520 E Hargett 

Moore Nettie (c) dom r910 E Davie 

Moore O Worth night eng hSOl Duncan 

Moore Odell A (Effie) emp The News & Obseiwer h615 Watauga 

Moore Olivia (c) dom hSOl S East 

Moore Olivia C Mrs sten Connor & Ruffin h2105 Glenwood av 

Moore Pat sten r508 Cole 

Moore Quillla (c) h517 Cannon av 

Moore R Bruce ( Velma ) emp The News & Observer r RD 2 

Moore R C r Hotel Carolina 

Moore R Clement (Minnie L) slsmn h21 E Dixie dr 

MOORE RALPH LEE (SteJIa B), Fomrn Carolina Builders Corp, h217 

Moore Rebecca nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Moore Reginald elk r568 NewBern av 

Moore Robt L (Jean R) coUr Tire Sales & Service Co h2714 Vanderbilt 

Moore Robt W (c; Nancy) lab rll04 S Person 

Moore Rosa W opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r325 W Edenton 

Moore Roy N (Mamie D) shoe repr 426 S Person r RD 3 

Moore Ruby L rllS Pirwood av 

Moore Ruth H (c) student rll04 S Person 

Moore Ruth H Mrs tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Moore Sarah E sten State Whse System r221 E Lane 
Moore Sign Co (Wm T Moore) sign pntrs 12% E Hargett 

Moore Thos A (Emma H) routemn Raleigh Linen Supply Co h505 Holt 




Moore Thos C (Ethel) firemn h607 North Boundary 

Moore Thos E gro 112 W Peace hll3 Fii-wood av 

Moore Thos E (Rebecca) gro 512 W Jones hl814 Oberlln rd 

Moore Van A (Rachel) mach h513 Holt 

Moore Vera (c) Indry wkr rSOS W South 

MOORE VICK C (Bertha H), Pres Moore & Johnson Co, hSlo Daught- 
ridse (Forest Hills), Tel 3746 

Moore Virginia D student rll3 Cox av 

Moore Wake C (Burma C) elk Times Pub Co hll W Peace 

Moore Warren (c) student r303 Pugh 

Moore Wm (c; Laura) plstr hll8 W South 

Moore Wm veterinarian State Dept of Agriculture r Wake County 

Moore Wm A textile wkr rllll N Blount 

Moore Wm H (Florence V) shoe repr h513 S Bloodworth 

Moore Wm L (Mamie D) hl3 S Bloodworth 

Moore Wm R student r6 Ferndell la 

Moore Wm T (Lomo I; Moore Sign Co) h514 Cole 

Moore Zula slswn Bovlan-Pearce Co Inc r2304 Hillsboro 

MOORE & JOHNSON CO, Vick C Moore Pres, Earl Johnson Sec-Treas, 
Genera! Insurance and General Agents Indemnity Ins Co of North 
America, 813-815 Lawyers Bldff 320 S Salisbury, Tel 139 (See page 36) 

Moran Frank H (Ruth) state agt Granite State Fire Ins Co and New 
Hampshire Fire Ins Co h705 Aycock 

Morange Whalen (c) cook Arcade Hotel & Dining Room r Lincoln Park 

Moras Leon restr wkr r702 E Franklin 

Moras Mildred M r702 E Franklin 

Moras Wm M (Ethel; New York Cafe) h702 E Franklin 

Moravia Sallie (c) cook rl5 W Hayti al 

Mordecai Adelyn (c) dom r905 S East 

Mordecai Bettie G (wid Saml P) r605 N Bloodworth 

Mordecai Demetruis (c) truck driver r905 S East 

Mordecai Edw W r60.5 N Bloodworth 

Moi-decai Geo W (Marv D) mach h Wake Forest rd nr Whitaker Millrd 

Mordecai Jos G (C; Bessie) exp 905 S East h do 

Mordecai Patty h901 Wake Forest rd 

Mordecai Rose (c) Indrs h406 Smith 

Mordecai Thos (c) farmer h718 Church 

Mordecai Wm G (Georgia) pres Central Investment Corp liGOo N Blood- 

Moreadith Leslie T (Katie) mach h20 E Dixie dr 

Moreadith Lester A (Josephine) sta mgr Gulf Refining Co r214 N Blood- 

Morehead Jas T (c; Bessie) cook h821 Smithfield av 

Morehead Mildred (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel h556 E Davie 

Moreland A Roy (Jessie Z) elec eng CP&LCo h323 Hills.horo apt 3 

Morgan A Hunter (Mabelle H) cond h510 Cleveland 

Morgan Adolphus D (Annie B) mech East Coast Stages Inc h310 Cham- 

Morgan Alice (c) dom hl23 Lincoln dr 

Morgan Allen asst engi- Alfred Williams & Co r Caraleigh Mills 

Morgan Alonzo (c; Hattie) lab h728 S Bloodworth 

Morgan Amos (c; Lula) baker hl205 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Annie (c) cook 434 Halifax 

Morgan Arth B (Agnes C) ins 20 E Martin R312 h509 Cleveland 

Morgan B F agt Am Natl Ins Co r515 FayettevlUe 

Morgan Benl (c) lab rl205 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Blannie (c) cook r2H Freeman 

Morgan Burton J (c: Belle) treas Raleigh Funeral Home Inc and janitor 
Wake County Savings Bank hlOlO E Martin 

Morgan Carmeline (c) smstrs h901 s East 

Morgan Chanie (c) r609 Saunders 

Morgan Clarence W student r613 Tucker 

Morgan Claudius (c: Carrie) lab rl207 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Edw P (Eliz P) driver White Dairy Products Co h852 w Morgan 

Morgan Eleanor C sten r221 N East 

Morgan Eliza (c) dom rll09 E Morgan 

Morgan Eliz (c) Indrs h616 Bragg 

Morgan Ella E (c) dom hl020 E Jones 

Morgan Elmo E (c) lab rl207 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Emily M (c) tchr Washington High ScOi rl020 E Jones 

Morgan Etta (c) dom r727 S Bloodworth 

Morgan Eva (c) dom rlU2 Mark 

Morgan Prank M r201 N Harrington 

Morgan Predk (c) lab h617 B (Oberlin) 

Morgan Geo L (Mary E) asst mgr Home Security Life Ins Co rl411 wake 
Forest rd 

Morgan Gilbert W laboratory asst State Hwy Comn r613 Tucker 


116 E. 





)^ CO. 



Morgan Grocery Co (John O Morgan) 137 S Wilmington 
Morgan H Earl (Nora) h613 Tucker 
Morgan Hattie (c) soft drinks 68 Lake r93 Cross 
Morgan Hazel E sten CP&LCo rll8 N Wilmington 
Morgan Henry hlpr Young & Hughes rll09 E Morgan 
Morgan Hubert (c) rl02y2 KT East 
Morgan Isabelle R student r3105 Stanhope av 
Morgan J Henry gro 201 N Harrington h do 
Morgan Jack L br mgr Piggly Wiggly rl804 Pairview rd 
Morgan Jaxia (Merdie C) mach State Hwy Comn hi2404 Hillsboro 
Morgan Jas (c; Lessie) baker h306 Powle 
Morgan Jas (c; Euva) lab hlll2 Mark 
Morgan Jas (c; Jeannette) lab h412 S Swain 
Morgan Jas jr (c) lab r412 S Swain 
Morgan Jas P student r409 Kinsey 

Morgan Jessie A typist County Register of Deeds r313 E Morgan 
Morgan John O (Evelyn C; Morgan Grocery Co) hl20 New Bern av 
Morgan Lavan (c) dom rllig S Haywood 
Morgan Legrand (c) lab rl207 Oberhn rd 
Morgan Leon D (M Gertrude) auto mech h720% Hillsboro 
Morgan Leonard (c) carp rl020 E Jones 

Morgan Leonard L field wkr Baptist State Convention r32O0 Hillsboro 
Morgan Lessie (c) marker Sanitary Lndry h306 Fowle 
Morgan Lillie M (c) cook 2128 Country Club <ir 
Morgan Louise (c) sch tchr r93 Cross 
Morgan Loumell (c) lab rl020 E Jones 
Morgan Lovie (c) dom r616 Bragg 

Morgan Lula A Mrs drsmkr 127% S Salisbury rl04 N McDowell 
Morgan Lula V (c) rl015 Oberlin rd 

Morgan M Bessie office sec Baptist State Convention r221 N East 
Morgan Margt (c) rlll7 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Margt Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h411 N East 
Morgan Marie N Mrs r318 S Person 
Morgan Marta S nurse 701 N Blount apt 102 r do 
Morgan Morris (c; Vata) cement fnshr hi 13 Bragg 
Morgan Nannie H (c) tchr Washington Sch rl015 Oberlin rd 
Morgan Neal (c; Nannie) lab h214Lee 
Morgan Norma (c) dom rl205 Oberlin rd 
Morgan Ocie W (c) dom rll09 E Morgan 
Morgan Otis (c) lab rl02 N Tarboro 
Morgan Owen (c) student rll09 E Morgan 
Morgan Pattie (c) dom hl416 E Jones 
Morgan Paul (c) lab rl015 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Perry (Susan E) sec Sunday Sch Dept Baptist State Convention 
h409 Kinsey 

Morgan Philip H (N Marie) truck driver Ballard & Ballard Co (hi604 Oak- 
wood av 

Morgan Puroell (c) meat ctr rl020 E Jones 

Morgan R Hem-y (c; Placide) plmbr hll09 E Morgan 

Morgan Raymond B (Mary C) slsmn Hudson-Belk Co r Gary N C 

Morgan Reuben R (Tannie; Morgan's Barber Shop) hill E Whita- 
ker Mill rd 

Morgan Robt (c) student rl020 E Jones 

Morgan Robt (c; Clyde) truck driver hll08 Oakwood av 

Morgan Rosa E (c) gro 1011 Oberlin rd hl015 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Roy (c) lab r93 Cross 

Morgan Rufus R (c) lab r2i7 Seawell av 

Morgan Saml (c; Alice) car washer Pope's Service Sta h206 S Pettigrew 

Morgan Saml (c) lab rl207 Oberlin rd 

Morgan Saml L jr r3105 Stanhope av 

Morgan Saml L Rev (Isabelle R) pastor Caraleigh Baptist Ch h3105 Stan- 
hope av 

Morgan Sarah N r221 N East 

Morgan Sarah N (wid Arth P) h221 N East 

Morgan Theo (c; Maggie) bellmn Mansion Park Hotel rl07 Stronach's al 

Morgan Threathes (c; Florida) truck driver r901 S East 

Morgan Virginia (c) sch tchr rl207 Oberlin rd 

Morgan W Cyrus (Margt) slsmn h411 N East 

Morgan Walter (c; Hattie) porter Hotel Carolina h93 Cross 

Morgan Walter to; Fannie) porter State Laboratory of Hygiene hlll7 
Oberlin rd 

Morgan Wm ,B acct r700 W Morgan apt 4 

Morgan Willie r201 N Harrington 

Morgan Wilson W (c; Hortense) brklyr hl207 Oberlin rd 

Morgan's Barber Shop (Reuben R Morgan) 2000 Fairview rd 




"The memory of quaJlty lingers lonp; after the price Is forgotten." 

Morine Hosea (c; Laura) lab hl308 E Edenton 

Morine Lena (c) r526 S McDowell 

Morlng Eug E (Ruth W) designer Art Flower Shop r518 Elm 

Moring Mattie (c) dom r808 E Lane 

Morlng Nannie S (wid Alphonso L) h518 Elm 

Moring Pattie A (wid Frank O) rl405 Hillsboro 

Moring Penny ( c) dom h312 Freeman 

Moring Richd C (c) fum repr h606 S Person 

Moring Robt (c; Mattie) lab h323 S East 

Merman J Henry (c; Jennie) barber Sanitary Barber Shop h324 Bragg 

Merman Patience (c) Indrs r324 Bragg 

Morman Pinkie (c) Indrs r324 Bragg 

Morris Arth J (Ada C) teller Wachovia Bank & Trust Co hl05 E Edenton 

apt 305 
Morris B Yoimg (Eloise R) spl agt Hail & Rain Bureau h2506 Vanderbilt 

Morris Blanche (c) dom r2208 Barker 

Morris C Bradley (Juanita) business mgr State Hosp hlOll Boylan dr 
Morris Chas J (Pearl H) truck driver h514 E Edenton 
Morris Chester C (Kumi) jwlr and engr Jolly's Inc h7 N East 
Morris Cela R (Bessie L) dept mgr Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigihl N 

C h2227 Creston rd 
Morris Cornelia C iwid Wm W) dist home demonstration agt N C State 

College h3114 Hillsboro apt 7 
Morris Edith elk N C Inspection & Rating Bureau r2004 Glenwood av 
Morris Edw (Hilda) pntr r214 Linden av 
Morris Elijah (c) dish washer S & W Cafeteria r517 S East 
Morris Fitzhugh L printer hl20% Fayetteville 3d fl 

Morris Hallie Mrs smstrs Taylor's r RD 4 

Morris J Allan dairy wkr Pine State Creamery Co r RD 2 

Morris J Robt (Lillian) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co r426 Glenwood av 

Mon-is John C (Rose B; Army & Navy Store) h7li S Boylan av 

Morris Juanita nurse State Hosp r do 

Morris Katherine C coml designer Sou Sch of Creative Arts r314 Hills- 
boro apt 7 

Morris Mabel office sec State Dept of Banking r Mansion Park Hotel 

Morris Mabel R Mrs slswn rl214 Mordecai dr 

Morris Martin A (Mary E) slsmn Royal Baking Co h708y2 Glenwood av 

Morris Minnie sch tchr rl210 Mordecai dr 

Morris Odessa (c) cook hl22 W Peace 

Morris Owie B projectionist State Theatre r Rhamkatt rd 

Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh Ludwig A Mahler pres, Linwood P HarreU 
cash 137 Fayetteville 

Morris Roy L (Thelma N) driver Hobby Transfer Co h601 W Cabarrus 

Morris Rufus H (Lucy F) mldr h547 E Martin 

Morris Ruth N wrapper Hudson-Belk Co r RD 4 

Morris Saml J (mhel A; Gatling & Morris) h503 Cleveland 

Morris Sandy (o lab r323"2 W South 

Morris Shelton (Pauline H) confr 1916 Hillsboro h2501 Everett av 

Morris T O slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co r Caraleigh 

Morris Velma L r503 Cleveland 

Morris W F asst prof N C State College r Clayton N C 

Morrisette L Wayne (Alice M) sta opr Standard Oil Co h35 Bagwell av 

Morrisey Alex A Rev (c; Mamie) pastor Oberlin Baptist Ch hZOS Oberlin 

Morrisey Alex A jr (c) student r806 Oberlin rd 

Morrisey Mary E (c) student r806 Oberlin rd 

Morrison Dora B Mrs r404 N Bloodworth 

Morrison Fred O pntr Genl Outdoor Adv Co Inc r602 S Salisbury 

Morrison Greer (c; Eliza) cook hl205 NewBem av 

Morrison John (c; Hattie) cook Salvation Army Transient Home h202 
Branch (SRke) 

Morrison Murph H (Anita) sr inspr State Hwy Comn h805 McCulloch 

Morrison Richiedene rll8 N Wilmington 

Morrison Robt H (Helen) hl3G7 Jackson 

Morrison W Fowler (Gladys B) executive sec Board of Examiners ef 
Plumbing & Heating Contrs hl23 Woodburn rd 

Morrow Anne P Mrs tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rl4 Enterprise 

Morrow Belle R Mrs r323 W Morgan 

Morrow Emmett B (Anne P) extension horticulturist N C State College 
Ihl4 Enterprise 

Morrow Flora B sten rSll Cleveland 

Morrow John W printer The News & Observer r511 Cleveland 

Morrow Kath C Mrs sten N C Municipal Council Inc rl36 Woedbum rd 

Morrow Lula K cyid Latta G) elk State Board of Health rl21 Park av 

s^^3 'SB 

9 IB 







S'£;e|# (MIEH & RMLS) EihSs 

nice and Skylights, \ _ > :„nc o^n*a^*;ut. 

Heating ventilating ROOFING COMPANY ( 'pTnts,'^Vle?allic R d 

and Air Conditioning. / (Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles \408-4iO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Prooflng 

Morrow Mary A (wid Saml A) rSll Cleveland 

Morse Dwight L J (c; Minnie) chef S&WCafeterla h543 E Cabarrus 

Morson Hal L r316 E Jones 

Morson Hugh High School 301 E Hargett 

Morson John L civ eng State Hwy Comn r316 E Jones 

Morson Sallie B h316 E Jones 

Morton Alyose J ship elk Armour & Co r327 W Morgan 

Morton B P atndt State Hosp r do 

Morton Chas R ( Maude N) bus opr h302 Perry 

Morton Crissie r411 Cary 

Morton Daisy (c) dom h719 S East 

Morton David W (Laura B) sten rl21 Halifax 

Morton Ellz B tchr Lucille Hunter Sdh r219 E Lenoir 

Morton J Otis (Elsie L; Mrs Morton's Pastry Shop) hSlO Tilden 

Morton Jerry L (Lillian J) elk C C Motor Co Inc h213 (214) Polk. 

Morton Kate rl21 Halifax 

Morton Luther L baker Mrs Morton's Pastry Shop rSlO Tildien 

Morton Mary A elk rSlO Tilden 

Morton Maude N Mrs night chf opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co h302 Perry 

Morton Susie (c) student r719 S East 

Morton's Mrs Pastry Shop (J Otis Morton) 117 S Salisbury 

Moseley Albert M lawyer 307 Payetteville r528 E Jones 

Moseley Carrie (c) smstrs r521 Cannon av 

Moseley Cuthbert L (Mabel) cond h617 W Jones 

Moseley Jas T r729 w Morgan 

Moseley Maynard N billiards rl2 E Lenoir 

Moseley Nathan S del mn Whiting-Horton Co r602 Oakwood av 

Moseley Thos B (Evelyn S) real est 307 Payetteville h528 E Jones 

Moseley Thos B ,ir (lola B) elk r528 E Jones 

Moseley Weslev S (c; Pattie) janitor hSOl Cannon 

Moser Harry W drf tsmn W Henley Deitrick r Hillsboro rd 

Moses Carrie D sten State DePt of Public Instruction rl620 Park dr 

Moses Lina (c) dom hl012 Manly 

Moses Louise (c) Indry wkr The Raleigh Lndry rl012 Manly 

Moses Wm (c) sta atndt rl009 Smithfield 

Moss Florence B (wid Vincent) slswn Lucielle Shop rl904% HiUsboro 

apt 1 
Moss Jas B eng rl8 W Peace 
Moss Mary (c) cook r904 S Blount 

Moss Thos O (Margt B) designer J J Fallon Co Inc h718 W Hargett 
Moss Vincent B elk rl904y2 Hillsboro apt 1 
Motley Cecil H rl28 S McDowell 
Motley Jessamine I waitress r509 S Salisbury 
Motley Mae Belle sten New Deal Piano Co rl28 S McDowell 
Motley Paul D slsmn B-N Motor Co rl28 S McDowell 
Motley Venie M (wid John D) hl28 S McDowell 
Motley Wm R barber Sir Walter Barber Shop rl28 S McDowell 
Motley Willis E (Carolina Hotel Barber Shop) r Bland Hotel 
Motor Bearings & Parts Co (Lorentz T White) 415 S Salisbury 
Motor Service of Raleigh Inc Perrin W Gower pres-mgr James W Puller 

sec-treas 308 S Salisbury 
Motor Transit Co (R Sidney and M Burke Koonce) 324 W Lane 
Mott Floyd S office mgr The Natl Cash Register Co r223 N Wilmington 
Moultrie Clarence (c; Mary) doormn Royal Theatre h712 Payetteville 
Moultrie Robt (c; Edna) lab r752 Payetteville 
MtHope Cemetery (c) Payetteville rd at limits 
MtZion Baptist Church (c) 1111 S Blount 
Mouser Letha rll21 Harp 

Mowery Chas W (Olivia: Mowery's Antique Shop) h210 N Person 
Mowery Paul L elk r210 N Person 

Mowery's Antique Shop (Chas W Mowery) 12 N Person 
Moye Caesar (c; Lucinda) lab rll02 S Person 
Moye Jas T (Charlotte) ins agt h707 Aycock 
Moye Jos W student r533 N Blount 
Moye Mozelle (c) dom r750 Payetteville 
Move Wm S (lone P> elk h533 N Blount 
Moye Wm S ir elk r533 N Blount 
Mozingo P Gold (Mozingo & Shaw) r624 S West 
Mozingo & Shaw (P Gold Mozingo, Lewis E Shaw) gros 624 S West 
Mudge Geo O sch tchr r210 Hudson 
Mudge Harley L elk Moore Sign Co r520 N West 
Muldrow Ellison (c; Isabella) lab hl311 S Person 
Muldrow Jas (c) lab rl311 S Person 
Muldrow Patsy (c) dom rl311 S Person 
Mullen John E (Jennie C) chf opr traffic dept W U Teleg Co h707 W South 





PHONE 182 

Mullen Rufus G (Lizzie M) barber Williams' Barber Shop hSOl Oakwood 

Mullican Henry G (Carrie M) mgr Rawls Tire & Radio Co h2013 Glen- 
wood av 
Mulligan Luther C (Annie K) hll7 N Wilmington 
MuUins L G waitress r217 W Morgan 

Mulowitz Harry B (Freda; North State Auto Wreckers) hll7 E South 
Mulwee Harvey S (Bessie) trav slsmn hl02 E North 

Mumford Carey G (Cleone C) asst prof N C State College h712 Brooks av 
Mundy Danl W truck driver rl27 S Harrington 
Mundy Lee R (Nettie) gatemn hl27 iS Harrington 
Mundy Ruby L elk McLellan Stores Co rl27 S Harrington 
Munn A Talmadge car pntr rl2(}5 Filmore 

Munns Neal H (Leonora) tailor 307 Fayetteville h519 N Bloodworth 
Munns Pearl E (wid Vernon C) h704 Florence 
Munns Walter B barber Ideal Barber Shop r Garner N C 
Munson Jas I supt The Buckeye Cotton Oil Co r302 Glascock 
Murchison Jas asst mgr Murchison's Pharmacy r Mansion Park Hotel 
Murchison Lindon C (Louise; Hotel Wiley) r2501 Fairview rd 
Murchison Margt L sch tchr r2501 Fairview rd 
Murchison Margie elk Baptist State Convention r320 E Edenton 
Murchison Murdock McL (Agnes L) ins agt h2o01 Fairview rd 
Murchison W Shipp (Alma; Murchison's Pharmacy; Nowell Clothing 

Co) real est Mansion Park Hotel r do 
Murchison Wm P (Kathi bus opr hll3 N Blount 
Murchison's Pharmacy (W Shipp Murchison) 610 Person 
Murdock John E (Mary) chf elk W H King Drug Co Inc r Highland Ridge 

Murdock Mary Mrs bkpr Teachey-Womble Inc r Ridge rd 
Murdock Wm E (Iris L) elk W H King Drug Co Inc h803 W Hargett 
Murfee John H (Cath M) slsmn hl920 Alexander rd 
Murner Chas L electn Carter Elec Co r424 S Wilmington 
Murphey Public School N Person cor Polk 
Murphy Bonnie (c; Vera) butler r717 E Martin 

Murphy Emmor C (Lydia A) auditor Carolina Mortgage Co hl4n Scales 
Murphy Ernest A (Myrtee B) elk Southeastern Exp Co hlOOO Boylan! dr 
Murphy Fred (c) porter Hotel Carolina rll06 E Lane 
Murphy Jas (c; Gertnide) lab h222 Cumberland av 
Murphy Jas L (Alma E) cash Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc h907 W Lenoir 
Murphy Margt (wid Jas J) r806 W South 

Murphy Patk J (Mamie) mgr Colonial Hotel hll2% Fayetteville 
Murphy Walter Hon executive sec United Repeal Council of N C r Hotel 

Murray Alsev L (Luna E) gro 136 Lincoln dr h914 NewBern av 
Murray Arth M (c; Lillie S) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel hl20 E Hargett 2d fi 
Murray Beulah (wid Burbin R; r517 S Harrington 
Murray Chas H (Edna) glazer Martin Millwork Co h519 E Jones 
Murray Cleo slswn Efird's Dept Store r Raleigh Hotel Annex 
MURRAY EDWARD (Fannie P) , Clerk State Supreme Court, h701 Holt 

av, Tel 3149-W 
Murray Emma R (wid J Guy) h605 W Cabarrus 

Murray Hugh H jr dist mgr State Auto Mutual Ins Co rl09 Oberlin rd 
Murray J David (Jane G) elk h217 E North apt 303 
Murray J Edw (Ida) carp hl211 Holman 
Murray Lam-a T Mrs r546 E Jones 
Murray Mae Mrs h323 W Morgan 
Murray Minnie rl211 Holman 
Murray NelUe rlO N Boylan av 

Murray Osier D (Dovie L) truck driver r312 S Swain 
Murray Raymond (Myrtle R) lab hl02 W Johnson 
Murray Raymond A r323 W Morgan 
Murray Richd A ic) porter N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn r8 


Murray Roberta M bkpr Sanitary Lndi-y r605 W Cabarrus 

Murray Roy E (Edna I) auto mech Staudt's Bakery h403 Glenwood av 

Murray Rufus E (Eva E) rural canier USPO h701 Brooks av 

Murray Verlin G (Edith E) elk Carolina Sundry Shoppe r406 Kinsey 

Murrell Essie M sten Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc r523 NewBern av 

Murrell Robt B (Nora E) h523 NewBern av 

Murrell Saml H (Martha) slsmn Clark Art Shop hl21 Cox av 

Musch Grace tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rlO N Bloodworth 

Muse Curtis M (Nancy M) bkpr Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl07 Cham- 

Mussack Wm J elk Bland Hotel r do 







125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

MUTAKT CLARENCE G (Marie V), Sec-Slsmgr Montgomery-Mutart 
Inc. hl20 Forest rd, Tel 2974 

Mutart Virginia student rl20 Forest rd 


Thurman Genl Agt, 803-805-807 Security Bank Bldg, 239 Fayette- 

ville, Tel 510 

Mutual Building & Loan Assn Murray Allen receiver 236 FayettevUle R 

Mutual Lite Insmance Co Robt L Isaacs dist mgr 20 E Martin R411 
Myatt Andrew (c) lab r616 Oberlin rd 
Myatt Herman L slsmn Carolina Hdw Co Inc r RD 21 
Myatt Robt L (Annie M; Automotive Repair Co) hll4 E Jones 
MYATT W A CO INC, Wm A Myatt PJes-Genl Msr, Willard S Penny V- 

Pres-SlsmgT, Geo C Scarlette Sec-Treas, Agricultural Implements, 

Building Material, Wholesale Grocers, Seed Dealers and Fertilizers 

132-134 E Martin, Tels 83-84 
Myatt W A Jr .■& Co iWra A Myatt. Geo C Scarlette) cotton seed 132 

E Martin cotton gin 1314 S Blount 
Myatt Wm A (May S; W A Myatt Jr & Co) pres-genl mgr W A Myatt 

Co Inc hll E Lane 
Myatt Wm A jr student rll E Lane 
Myers see also Meyers 

Myers Amanda (c) dom rl012 (1011) E Jones 
Myers Blanche D (wid Albert G) h314 Hillsboro apt 9 
Myers Cleveland (c; Viola) lab hlSOl E Lane 
Myers David (c) lab r215 Smithfield 
Myers Early (c; Ruth) lab hSlO Oberlin rd 
Myers Edw C ( Ruby Q ) trav slsmn h206 E Jones apt 105 
Myers Harry W (Louise M) mgr Investors Syndicate r225 Hillcrest rd 
Myers Maude (c) dom rl501 E Lane 

Myers Nancy W elk Southeastern Optical Co Inc r314 Hillsboro 
Myers Ruby E bkpr Thos B Reynolds r720 N Bloodworth 
Myers Wm F (c; Ella) lab h215 Smithfield 
Myrick Forrest (c; miie B) lab hl2 Railroad 
Myrick Maude L Mrs textile wkr r802 Harp 
Naff Jas A shipper Wilson & Co r549 N Person 

Nance Evander T (Virginia C) elk City Water CoUr h519 E Martin 
Nance Evander T jr doormn Palace Theatre r519 E Martin 
Nance Hugh A (Marv J) eng h611 Halifax 
Nance Lessie rl315 Wake Forest rd 
Nance Nellie E r611 Hahfax 

Nance Ralph E asst prof N C State College r Gamer rd 
Nance W Ernest (Ivie R) bkpr h2118 Country Club dr 
Nance Walter E (Shirley E) appr C Alf Waliin r611 Halifax 
Napier Errel C (Celeste) mgr Swift & Co h320O Hillsboro apt C-6 
Napowsa Carl M (Ruby R) carp hl512 Gavin 

Nash Ann S (wid Frank) librarian StMary's Sch hl05 Harrison av 
Nash Roland B (Josephine B; B-N Motor Co) h2 E Peace apt 3 
Nash Square W Hargett bet McDowell and Dawson 
National Assn of Letter Carriers Branch No 459 Wm I Parmer sec meets 

on call Federal Building 
National Biscuit Co Howard R Lyon mgr 225 Halifax 

Cash Registers. Accounting and Bookkeeping Machines and Credit 

Files 424 Fayetteville. Tel 20 
National Cotton Seed Pi-oducts Assn Inc N C Division Rowland S Oliver 

sec 320 S Salisbury R801 
National Federal of Post Office Clerk's Branch No 1078 Claude D Adams 

sec meets on call Federal Building 
National Market Co Russell F Fox mgr meats 237 S Wilmington 
National Oil Co Inc Swannie D Bryan agt office and plant 510 S Daw- 
Navey Ralph instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
NAVT DEPARTMENT OF U S (See United States Government) 
Naylor Fairy atndt State Hosp r do 

Naylor Lola B Mrs matron of infirmary StMary's Sch r do 
Naylor M Thelma sch tchr r531 N Person 
Naylor Oliver L (Kate M) eng h531 N Person 
Neal Annie Q (c) cook r305 Fowle 
Neal Athel T (c; Inez) blksmith h316 E Cabarrus 
Neal Carrie (c) Indrs h808 S West 

Neal Clarence S (Emma L) car repr SALRy h410 W North 
Neal Eliz (c) maid 1912 Sunset av 
Neal Horace M (Annie H) hl718 Park dr 
Neal Jas D (Annie L) h20 Firwood av 
Neal Jesse M (AUine V) sta atndt rSlO Halifax 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Neal John (c) clothes presser r816 S Bloodworth 

NEAL KEMP P (Margt C; Drs Neal, Thompson & Neal), Physician and 
Surgeon 309 Hillsboro, Tel 76, hl812 Park dr, Tel 343 

Neal Mary (c) Indrs h903 E Hargett 

Neal Paul N (Grace E: Drs Neal. Thompson & Neal) h309 Hillcrest rd 

Neal Sadie tchr Boylan Hts Sch r2248 The Circle 

NEAL, THOMPSON & NEAL DRS (Kemp P Neal, Paul N Neal, Hugh A 
Thompson), Physicians and Surgeons 309 Hillsboro, Tel 76 

Neal Venessa (c) emp Wright's Cafeteria r527 Cannon av 

Neal Virginia L elk McLellan Stores Co r410 W North 

Neal W Thos (Nora J) textile wkr r208 W Lane 

Neal Wm (c; Venessa) auto mech h527 Cannon av 

Nealeams Victor A student rl922 Hillsboro 

Needlecraft Shonpe The (Mrs Margt B Davis) 5 W Hargett R813 

Neely J Frank CMargt B) slsmn Garland C Norris & Co h3200 Hillsboro 
apt A-6 

Nef f E Lucian trav rep r408 E Lane 

Neff John C (Vada E) mus WPTP Radio Co h714 Nash dr 

Nehi Bottling Co Dale Starbuck mgr 12 Hunter 

Nelman Ernest (Fannye 3) treas Neiman's Inc r420 Cutler 

Neiman Fannye S Mrs mgr millinery dept Jean's r420 Cutler 

NEIMAN'S INC, Morris B Neiman (Charlotte, N C) Pres, Abe B Neiman 
(Charlotte, N C) Sec, Ernest Neiman Treas, Jewelers and Watch- 
makers 109 FayetteviUe, Tel 1361 

Nellons Leslie (c) cook Hotel Carolina r712 Saunders 

Nelms G Allen elk r216 N Bloodworth 

Nelms Geo N (Willie) agt Met Life Ins Co h216 N Bloodworth 

Nelson Edwin R (Thelma H) spl agt Koneer Pyramid Life Ins Co hSOO 

Nelson G Murray archt 209 S McDowell 1121 r Durham N C 

Nelson Geo L (Pauline H) pntr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co hSlO N East 

Nelson J T instr N C State College r do 

Nelson Jacob (,c; Ida) porter hlll7 NewBern av 

Nelson Mary (c) dom r606 Cannon 

Nelson Mary sch tchr rl6 Enterprise 

Nelson Moses (c; Corinne) lab h711 Shaw ct 

Nelson Sophia (c) dom r906 S Person 

Nelson Thos Dr (Mai-y) dean textile sch N C State College hl6 Enterprise 

Nelson Wm S (c; Blanche W) pres Shaw Univeristy hllS E South 

Nesbitt Geo (c; Annie) carp r605 S Bloodworth 

Nesbitt Vernice (c; Denzelo) chauf r543 E Cabarrus 

Nettles Bovd (c; Mary) lab hl214 (1414) Pender 

Nettles Helen (c) dom rl214 (1414) Pender 

Nettles W C slsmn Staudt's Bakery 102 Harrison av 

Neuseoco Pishing Club Inc Louis M Connor pres Saml Ruffin sec-treas 
office 20 E Martin R504 club house 9 miles north of city on Mil- 
burnie rd 

Nevels Julia (c) cook r313 E Cabariois 

Neville Hubert A (Laura J) bkpr Job P Wyatt & Sons Co h2822 Bedford 

Nevins Walter L (Nancy E) h2111 Fairview rd 

New Amsterdam Casualty Co McClenaghan, Griffith & Hayes, state agts 
135 Fayetteville R408 

New Amsterdam Casualty Co Chas A McHugh mgr claim dept 135 Fay- 
etteville R410 

New Deal Piano Co Manly B Ramos mgr 333 FayettevOle 

New England Mutual Life Insurance Co Eug C McGinnis genl agt 20 E 
Martin R501 

New Globe Inc Morton B Kamsler pres, Chas Kohn sec-treas clothing 220 
S Wilmington 

New Hampshire Fire Insurance Co Frank H Moran state agt 20 E Mar- 
tin R701 

New River Hunting Club Herbert H Brimley pres, Harry T Davis sec-treas 
office State Museum bldg 101 Halifax 

New York Cafe (Wm M Moras) 106 E Hargett 

New York Life Insurance Co DeWitt D Phillips agcy organizer 239 Fay- 
etteville R1102 

New York Underwriters Insurance Co Benj S McKeel state agt 20 E Mar- 
tin R712 

Newbern Mabel (c) r201V2 W, South 

Newberne Nora E Mrs sten The News & Observer h2030 StMary's 

Newberne Robt A (Nora E) sec Griffin-Hines Co Inc h203O StMary's 

Newberry Doshia (c) cook 236 S Boylan av 

Newberry Edw (c; Susie) lab h203 Cannon 

Newberry Hattie (c) dom rl009 Parker 


228 E. 



( FORD ) 

Authoriztd i ^ UNlPOl N i ^^'^^ ^'"' Service 

Newberry Susie (c) presser Sanitai-y Lndry h203 Cannon 

Newberry Vermeil (c) dom rlO09 Parker 

Newbold Arch B student rl29 W Park dr 

Newbold Nathan C (Eugenia B) div director State Dept of Public Instruc- 
tion hl29 W Park dr 

Newbold Nathan C jr student rl29 W Park dr 

Newby Ashton B (Bessie E) auto mech h207 S Swain 

Nev/comb Chas W (Annie B) h513 Halifax 

Newcomb Mary B Mrs sec Dr Hem-y G Turner r513 Halifax 

Newcomb Robt T (Eliza L) mgr h2112 Fail-view rd 

Newell Britton (c) butler 211 NewBern av 

Newell Eliza sten D Staton Inscoe rl901 Stone 

Newell Lester L (Ophelia) teller CP&LCo r Hotel Raleigh 

Newell Wm H (Nell B) city supt of streets h323 Hillsboro apt 8 

Newkirk Benj P Rev (c; Charity) furn repr Saml Johnson hl212l (1214) 

Newkirk Rudolph (c) labrl212 (1412) Pender 

Newlin Eliz tchr King's Business College r Y W C A 

Newman C Lewis (Louisa A) editor h213 S McDowell 

Newman Helen D opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r218 N Harrington 

Newman Louisa A Mrs sten N C State College h213 S McDowell 

Newman Ola K (wid Wade H) h218 N Harrington 

Newman Ruby M opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r613 Polk 

Newman Sarril (c; Mary) lab h715 Saunders 

Newman Saml B (Ruby M) elk h613 Polk 

Newman Vincent r218 N Harrington 

Newnham Predk N (Ethel V) golf professional Carolina Country Club h 
2130 Country Club dr 

Newnham Fredk N jr student r2130 Country Club dr 

News & Observer Publishing Co The Josephus Daniels pres Mary H Hor- 
ton v-pres Josephus Daniels jr sec-business mgr Frank A Daniels 
treas publrs The News & Observer and N C Year Book 114 W Martin 

NEWS & OBSEffiVER THE, The News & Obsei-ver Publishing Co Pub- 
lishers (Newspaper Published Every Day in the Year), 114-116 W 
Martin, Tel 1450 

Newsom Bennie (wid Alf K) r306 W North 

Newsom Boiling S (Pauline; Cates Clnrs) v-pres J D Newsom IncrRD 

Newsom C Edgar slsmn J D Newsom Inc rl27 New Bern av apt 102 

Newsom J D Inc Jas D Newsom pres Boiling S Newsom v-pres Mrs 
Margt W Newsom sec real est 15 W Hargett R802 

Newsom Jas D pres J D Newsom Inc rl27 New Bern av apt 102 

Newsom Jos M (Ellen R) hll5 Woodburn rd 

Newsom Margt W <wid Walter R) sec J D Newsom Inc rl27 New Bern 
av apt 102 

Newsom Pauline Mrs sten State Dept of Agri r RD 3 

Newsom Robt student r201 N Wilmington 

Newsome Albert R (Prances) sec State Historical Comn hl535 Iredell dr 

Newton David W (Minnie O) circulation rep Times Pub Co h218 New 
Bern av 

Newton Decatur (M Alma) carp h319 E Martin 

Newton Dm-ward A elk r911 New Bern av 

Newton Early E driver Teague's Dry Cleaning r322 E Martin 

Newton Emma W slswn r2l8 New Bern av 

Newton Ethel M r322 E Martin 

Newton Foy sten N C State College r319 New Bern av 

Newton Predk W (H Ruth) soft drinks 209 S McDowell R16 r911 New 
Bern av 

Newton Ira T pntr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r322 E Martin 

Newton Iris E Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store hi 104 Glenwood av 

Newton John W i Ella F) driver Carolina Clnrs Inc h322 E Martin 

Newton Julius E elk r218 New Bern av 

Newton Leon W (Iris E) elk The Great A & P Tea Co hll04 Glenwood 

Nev/ton Leon W jr slsmn rll04 Glenwood av 

Newton Lonnie C (Lizzie C) caretkr Tabernacle Baptist Chh911 NewBern 

Newton Luther E (Maude G) barber Branch Barber Shop rll W Cabarrus 

Newton M Alma Mrs (The Newton Plant & Flower Co) h319E Martin 

Newton M W formn r311 W Jones 

NEWTON MARSHALL E (Myrtle I) , Agent Union Bus Sta h713 Holt 

Newton Maude G Mrs slswn Hudson -Belk Co rll W Cabarrus 

Newton Plant & Flower Co The (Mrs M Alma Decatur) 319 E Martin 

Nicely Annie (c) r908 Johnson's al 

Nichols Annie L Mrs ( Annie Laurie Beauty Shop) rl08 S Dawson 

Nichols Horace weaver rll39 N Blount 





Nichols Ira S (Mattie H) real est hl202 Filmore 

Nichols Jack H (Carroll E) supt Royal Baking Co rl34 New Bern av 

Nichols Jas (c; Oleta) brkylr hl05 Washington (College Pk) 

Nichols Laurence E (Willie P) proofreader Capital Printing Co rl28 New 

Bern av 
Nichols Margt sten rl09 N Bloodworth 
Nichols R Edw (Jean B) supvr hl27 New Bern av apt 105 
Nichols Robt B gro 414 E Edenton hl09 N Bloodworth 
Nichols Ruby M rl202 Filmore 
Nichols Sarah (c) dom r819 Cotton pi 

Nichols Virginia W Mrs cash Hudson-Belk Co r Neuse N C 
Nichols Wade A (WUlie V) ins agt h327 W Hargett 
Nichols Walter W (Blanche) h 1139 N Blount 
Nichols Wm H (c; Pearl) janitor h3H N Haywood 
Nichols Willie V Mrs emp Hotel Carolina h327 W Hargett 
Nichols Wvatt E (Virginia W) bkpr Wake County Savings Bank r Neuse, 

N C 
Nicholson Alma (c) dom r525 Hick's al 
Nicholson Benj (c) lab r525 Hick's al 

Nicholson David B purch agt State Laboratory of Hygiene r210 W Eden- 
Nicholson Dora (wid Jos W) r325 Polk 

Nicholson Elva instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Nicholson Fannie P bkpr State Laboratoi'y of Hygiene h210 W Edenton 
Nicholson Jas D tob 209 S McDowell R3 h232 W Hargett apt 9-B 
Nicholson Jos (c) lab h525 Hick's al 
Nicholson Julia S Mi's sec Dr Robt P Noble r Lake dr 
Nicholson Mary McC (wid John A) r210 W; Edenton 
Nickens Delia J (c) Indrs h814 E Davie 
Niles Henry (c; Christine) lab h709 Briggs 
Nine Frank M ( Sarah B) ship elk Hudson-Belk Co r Gary, N C 
Nipper Ivan (Effie) pntr hl21 Dover 
Nipper Jos A (Vallie L) textile wkr hllU Harp 
Nipper Mary supvr State Hosp r do 

Nipper Virginia C (wid Hillary F) rll28 N Wilmington 
Nipper Wm W (Annie C) pntr rl506 Oakwood av 
Nipper Z Wm (Ida L) textile wkr hll41 N Blount 
Niswonger H Ray (Lylie B) extension horticulturist N C State College h 

308 Forest rd 
Niven Jas E (Ida E) flgmn h506 Cole 
Nixon Leland M (Murry H) chemist State Dept of Agriculture li2230 

The Circle 
Nixon Margt E student rll8 N V/ilmington 
Nixon Walter (c; Addie B) h214 W Cabarrus 
Noah Clarence H (Lucille S) asst rating specialist State Corp Comn h 

1103 Wake Forest rd 
Noble Flora ( c) Indrs r327 S Haywood 
Noble Irene (.c) nurse StAgnes Hosp r do 
Noble Mamie C Mrs tchr Wiley Sch hl29 Woodburn rd 
Noble Marcus C S jr (Dorothy M) elk hl922 StMary's 
Noble R Fred (Mamie C) technician Raleigh Dental Laboratory hl29 

Woodbum rd 
NOBLE ROBT P (Maris N), V-Pres The Raleigh Bldg & Loan Assn and 

Physician 123 W Harg-ett, R515, hl647 Gienwood av, Tel 3531 
Noble Robt P jr (Madge B) rl647 Gienwood av 

Noblin Ralph R (Willie R) eng Capital City Lndry h503 Oakwood av 
Noel Saml O (c; Winifred B) asst cash The Mechanics & Farmers Bank 

hl424 E Jones 
Noell see also Nowell 

Noell Adelaide slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rll7 S Bloodworth 
Noell Ella M typist Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r608 Hillsboro 

apt 6 
Noell Virginia P elk Compensation Rating & Inspection Bureau of N C 

1-608 Hillsboro aot 6 
Noell W Cedric (Rosamond) eng in charge Southeastern Underwriters As- 
sn h204 E Park dr 
Noell Wm B (Pauline M) tobacconist h608 Hillsboro apt 6 
Nolan Wm driver East Coast 'Stages Inc r404 S Dawson 
Noland Co Inc John M Carmines mgr plmbrs supplies 206 S West 
Noneman Walter L (Louise W) sec Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh, N 

C hl931 Alexander rd 
Nordan see also Norton 

Nordan Annie M student rll5 Georgetown rd 
Nordan Berta E student rll5 Georgetown rd 



Electric^ Tliefrigeration 

Nordan Ernest C (Mamie B) sta firemn County Court House hl416 Fay- 
etteville rd 

Nordan Jos N carp r314 S Dawson 

Nordan Jos W (Bessie D) bl^pr Wake County Savings Bank li302 Perry 

Nordan Laughton elk The Great A & P Tea Co r314 Polk 

Nordan Mary A sten Ball & Ball rll5 Georgetown rd 

Nordan Paul E (Christine) city firemn rll5 Georgetown rd 

Nordan Wm H (Annie; Nordan's Service Sta) hll5 Georgetown - 

Nordan Wm H jr (Nordan's Elec Shoe Shop) rll5 Georgetown rd 

Nordan's Electric Shoe Shop (Wm H Nordan jr) 414 Smithfield 

Nordan's Service Station (Wm H Nordan) 414 Smithfield 

Noreck Sol J (Bertha E) rep h206 E Jones apt 101 

Norfolk Southern Railroad Co Chas S Allen div frt and Dass agt traffic 
dept 123 W Hargett R321 Herbert S Jones frt agt depot W, Jones icor 
Glenwood av John S Cox supt W Jones cor Glenwood av Thos Mal- 
lard mstr mech vd and shops Sunrise av 

ing- Co Dealers, 128 S Salisbury, Te! 127 (See marginal line, front cover 
arid page 41) 

Norlander Chas D student r6 Ferndell la 

Norman Alvin J repeater chf Postal-Teleg Cable Co r503 Polk 

Norman Cyril w (Lula W) elk CP&LCo h ss Hillsboro nr Meredith Col- 

Norman Henry P (Martha) mach r503 Polk 

Norman Jos H (Kath H) sta atndt r314 North Boundary 

Norman Jos H jr (Marie) phys State Prison r do 

Norman Jos R (Rebecca) contr hl002 E Jones 

Norman Kath H Mrs asst Olivia Raney Library r314 North Boundary 

Norman Mae Mrs hSlV S Bloodworth 

Norman Milton (Martha H) slsmn hl227 Mordecai dr 

Norman Wm H elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S r835 W 

Norment Claude E jr (c) student r611 E Cabarrus 

Norment Claude E Rev (c; Estelle M) pastor Rush Memorial A M E Zlon 
Church h611 E Caban-us 

Normil Jessie M (c) sch tchr rllll Smithfield 

Norrell Jas A R (Juanita) linemn h531 E Franklin 

Norris Akel (c) lab r504 E Martin 

Norris Chas B rl22 S Harrington 

Norris Cornelia A (wid Matthew T) r519 N Blount 

Norris E Lillian rl22 S Harrington 

Norris Emma B student rll02 Wake Forest rd 

Norris Emma B (wid Herbert E) hll02 Wake Forest rd 

Norris Frances H student rl611 Ambleside dr 

Norris Garland C (Mary B; Garland C Norris & Co) hl611 Ambleside dr 

Norris Garland C & Co (Garland C Norris and Stacey W Allen) whse gros 
122 Glenwood av 

Norris Georgianna (o) cook h504 E Martin 

Norris Georgie (c) maid 510 S Boylan av 

Norris Herbert B (Minnie R) real est rll02 Wake Forest rd 

Norris J Allen (Mary J) slsmn Garland C Norris & Co hl314 Glenwood 

Norris Jas (c; Clara) lab r504 E Martin 

Norris Jas L instinmientmn State Hwy Comn r Y M C A 

Norris Jesse R (Dora F) slsmn C C Motor Co Inc h411 Home 

Norris Lewis J prsmn r7 >S Person 

Norris Minnie R Mrs elk State Pension Dept rll02 Wake Forest rd 

Norris Nellie R tchr Wiley Sch hl200 Glenwood av 

Norris Nora instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Norris Saml P ( Edith I) dentist C E Martin h2004 Glenwood av 

Norris Sarah E (wid Jas G) rl413 Hinton 

North Adelaide S Mrs elk State Industrial Comn hi S Person 

North Blount Grocery (Bertha Meacham) 1122 N Blount 

North Carolina Assn Afternoon Newspapers Raleigh Bureau John C Bas- 
kerville mgr Sir Raleigh Hotel 

North Carolina Assn of Insurance Agents Inc John D Saint mgr 320 S 
Salisbm-y R802 

North Carolina Bank & Trust Co 239 Fayetteville 

North Carolina Bankers' Assn Paul P Brown sec 20 E Martin R507 

North Carolina Board of Elections Raymond C Maxwell executive sec 
Agi-icultural Bldg 

North Carolina Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn Benj W Kilgore pres 
Manly G Mann sec-treas U Benton Blalock genl mgr 433 FayetteviUe 

North Carolina Education Assn Jule B Warren sec 101% Fayetteville 

North Carolina Equipment Co (Albert E Pinley) rd machinery 3116 







Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








North Carolina Pieldmen's Conference Mrs Margt W Yates sec 20 E Main 


Webb Pres. Fabius H Briggs Jr V-Pi-es, Geo P Folk V-Pres-Sec, 901 

Coml Natl Bank Bids 20 E Martin, Tels 62 and 63 
North Carolina Hotel Co H Aubrey Underwood pres Wade L Lancaster v- 

pres 232 W Hargett 
North Carolina Inspection & Rating Bureau Landon Hill mgr 20 E Mar- 
tin 10th fl 
North Carolina Merchants Assn Willard L Dowell executive sec 234 Fay- 

etteville R509 
North Carolina Municipal Council Inc W Kelvin Gray executive sec 5 W 

Hargett R911 
North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co (c) John D Lewis dist mgr 13 

E Hargett 
North Carolina Negro Teachers' Assn (c) Dr G E Davis (Charlotte, N C), 

executive sec 133 E Hargett 
North Carolina Paper Co Inc Edwin B Haynes pres-sec-treas whol 311 S 

North Carolina Retail Coal Merchants Assn Chas M Farrar pres Lewis H 

Powell v-pres Drewry T Sawyer sec 803 Payetteville 
North Carolina School Book Depository Inc Alf Williams pres Alf Wil- 
liams jr v-pres Arth E Lewis mgr 120 S Wilmington 
North Carolina State College Agricultural Extension Service Ira O Schaub 

director 2205 Hillsboro 
North Carolina State College Experiment Station Ira O Schaub dean 2205 

North Carolina State College Farm Robt J Harris supt Western blvd bey 

city limit 
North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering Dr Eug C 

Brooks pres Arth P Bowen treas Wm L Mayer registrar Cynthia Pri- 

erson asst registrar 2205 Hillsboro 
North Carolina State Pair Effie J Mclnnis asst sec office Agricultural 



CAPITOL — On Square bounded by Wilmington, Morgan, Salisbury and 

Adjutant-General — Brig-Genl J VanB Metts, State Agricultural Bldg 

Agricultural Building — Chas E Barrow custodian W Edenton cor Hali- 

Agricultural Building Annex, 101 Halifax 

Attorney-General — Dennis G Brummitt New Administration Bldg 

Auditor — Baxter Durham Capitol Bldg 

Bar Assn — Henry M London sec-treas New Administration Bldg 

Board of Barber Examiners — Ralph P Branch executive sec 123 W Har- 
gett R220 

Board of Charities and Public Welfare — Mrs Annie K Bost comnr Agri- 
cultural Bldg 

Board of Charities and Public Welfare (c) — Lawrence A Oxley director 
15 Va E Hargett 

Board of Health — Dr Jas M Parrott health officer State Health Bldg 

Board of Health (Bureau of Oral Hygiene) — Dr Ernest A Branch dii'ec- 
tor State Health Bldg 

Board of Health (Bureau of Preventive Medicines)— Dr Geo M Cooper 
director State Health Bldg 

Board of Health (Bureau of Sanitary. Engineering and Inspection) — 
Warren H Booker director, State Health Bldg 

Board of Health (Vital Statistics) — Dr John H Hamilton director State 
Health Bldg 

Budget Bureau The — Hon John C B Ehringhaus governor and ex-offi- 
cio director. Prank L Dunlap asst director State Revenue Bldg 

Commissioner of Paroles — Edwin Gill Agricultural Bldg 

COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE— Alien J Maxwell, State Revenue 
Bldg, Tel 2300 

Coi-p Commission — W Thos Lee chairmn Geo P Pell and Stanley 
Winborne members R Otis Self elk State Departments Bldg 

Court, Seventh Judicial District — Hon V/m C Harris judge, Jas C Little 
solr, Court House 

chen W Barnes Sec and Purch Agt, Agricultural Bldg, Tel 2300 

Department of Agriculture (Analj^ical Division) — W Grimes Haywood 
in charge Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Botany) — Jas L Burgess bot- 
anist Agricultural Bldg 


Alfred Williasiis ^ Co. 




Department of Agriculture (Division of Chemistry) — Mary S Birdsong 
sec Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Dairies) — Algernon H Kerr 
chf Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Entomology) — Rowland W 
Leiby chf Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Fertilizer and Peed Inspection) 
— Thos L Gibson chf inspr Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Food and Oil) — Wm M Allen 
chf Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Markets) — ^Randall B Etheridge 
chf Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Publications) — Wm HRich- 
ai'dson editor Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Test Farms) — Fred E Miller 
director Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Division of Weights and Measures) — Car- 
son D Baucom supt Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Agriculture (Veterinary Division) — ^Wm Moore veter- 
inarian Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Banking — Gurney P Hood comnr State Departments 

W Karrelson Director, State Agfricultural Building Annex, Tels 2300, 
Extension 353 

Department of Conservation and Development (Division of Commerce 
and Industry) — Bryan W Sipe statistician Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Conservation and Development (Division of Inland 
Fisheries) — John S Hargett in charge Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Labor — Arth L Fletcher comnr State Agricultural Bldg 

Department of Public Instruction — Arch T Allen supt State Depart- 
ments Bldg 

Department of Public Instruction (Division Negro Education) — Harold 
L Trigg in charge 15^2 E Hargett 

Department of Revenue — State Revenue Bldg 

Departments Building — Chas E Barrow custodian W Edenton cor Sal- 

Governor — John C B Ehringhaus Capitol Bldg 

Governor's Office of Relief — Ronald B Wilson, acting director State 
Revenue Bldg 

Hall of History — Fred A Olds coUr New Administration Bldg 

Health Building — W Jones cor McDowell 

Highway Commission — Edwin B Jeffress chairmn 111 E Morgan Wm 
H Rogers .ir dist eng Court House 

Highway Commission Building — 111-115 E Morgan 

Highway Purchasing Department — ^Wilmer Z Betts purch agt 111 E 

Historical Commission — Albert R Newsome sec New Administration 

Hospital — Dr Julian W Ashby supt, C Bradley Morris business mgr 
entrance Boylan dr (Dlx Hill) 

House of Representatives — Capitol Bldg 2d fl 

Industrial Commission — Matthew H Allen chairmn Edmund W Price 
sec 5 W Hargett 11th fl 

Insurance Department — ^Dan] C Boney comnr State Departments Bldg 

LABORATORY OF HYGIENE, Dr John H Hamilton Director Jeffer- 
son cor Dale, Tel 2300. Niffht Tel 1537 

Legislative Reference Library — Henry M London librarian New Ad- 
ministration Bldg 

Library — Carrie L Broughton librarian New Administration Bldg 

Library Commission — H Majorie Beal sec and director Agricultural 

Lieutenant Governor — Alex H Graham Capitol Bldg 

Local Government Commission — Chas M Johnson director of local 
government State Revenue Bldg 

Motor Vehicle Bureau — Leland S Harris director State Revenue Bldg 

MUSEUM— Herbert H Brimley Director, State Museum Bids 101 Hali- 
fax, Tels 311 and 2300 

Museum Building — 101 Halifax 

National Guard Armory — 220^2 Fayetteville 3d fl 

National Guard Band (120th Infanti-y) — Saml A Braxton leader meets 
Sundays 3PM 220 V- Fayetteville 3d fl 

National Guard Service (120th InfantrjO— Theo K Fountain capt meets 
Tuesdays 8PM 220 Va Fayetteville 3d fl 

New Administration Building — W Morgan cor Fayetteville 

Pension Department (See N C State Auditor) — Capitol Bldg 



104 S. DAWSON ST. 




Prison— Geo R Pou supt, Haywood H Honeycutt warden 835 W Mor- 

Purchasing Department (Division of Purchase and Contract) — Alf S 
Brower director 111 E Morgan 

Revenue Building — S Salisbury cor Morgan 

School Commission — LeRoy Martin sec State Revenue Bldg 

School for the Blind and the Deaf— Gustavus E Lineberry supt Avent s 
Ferry rd nr Ashe av 

Secretary— Stacey W Wade Capitol Bldg 

Secretary Land Grant Office— John P Cooper grant elk State Health 

Senate— Capitol Bldg 2d fl „ 

Wm D Terry, Capitol Bldg, Tels Day 2300, Night 2560 

SUPREME COURT— Walter P Stacy Chief Justice, Wm J Adams, Her- 
iot Clarkson, Geo W Connor and Willis J Brogden Associate Justices, 
Edward Murray Clerk, New Administration Building, Tel 2654 

SUPREME COURT LIBRARY— John A Livingstone Librarian, New 
Administration Bldg, Tel 2300 

Treasurer— Chas M Johnson Capitol Bldg 

United States Co-Operative Crop Reporting Service— Frank Parker 
statistician Agricultural Bldg 

Warehouse— Thos G McAlister mgr 211-225 W Lane 

Warehouse System— Archie B Fairley supt Agricultural Bldg 

World War Veterans Loan Fund — John H Manning comnr State Health 
North Carolina Theatres Inc H P Kincey (Charlotte N C) genl mgr oprs 

Capitol, Palace and State Theatres 320 S Salisbury 
North Carolina Truck Owners Assn Wilkins P Horton genl counsel 320 

S Salisbury 
North Carolina Weekly News Carroll Wilson mgr Sir Walter Hotel mez- 
North Carolina Year Book The News & Observer Publishing Co publrs 
114 W Martin 

North State Auto Wreckers (Harry B Miilowitz) 529 S Blount 

North State Cafe (Chris P Peters) 229 S Wilmington 

North State Club (c; Jas G Taylor) billiards 110 E Hargett 

North State Printing- Co (Danl B Cameron) 210y2 Fayetteville R4 

North Vanguard Presbyterian Church Rev R Kelly Davenport pastor 301 

E Whitaker Mill rd 
Northcutt Lydia (wid L Worcester) beauty opr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r 

108 S Dawson 
Northey I Chipley Mrs dental asst Elmore N Lawrence h232 W Hargett 

apt M-E 
Northwestern Mutual Fire Assn Jas M Battle genl agt 239 Fayetteville 

Norton see also Nordan 

Norton Albert (Mary) meat ctr r536 N Bloodworth 
Norton Chas wood wkr K E Stahl Mf g Co rl503 New Bern av 
Norton Grady H (Mary E) carp hl405 Hinton 
Norton J Watson r506 S Salisbury 
Norton Jas F r506 S Salisbury 

Norton Jarvis J (Pauline M) slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co r506 S Salisbury 
Norton Jesse J textile wkr rl405 Hinton 
Norton Jos (Lena M) h506 S Salisbury 

Norton Neta waitress Wilson's Coffee Shop r908 Boylan dr 
Norton Wm M (Maggie) plmbr h403 N Dawson 
NorveU Edw (c) lab h400 Grape 

Norwood Ardella (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndry hll05 S Blount 
Norwood Arkie (c) h213 Spence 
Norwood Chas (c; Evelyn) lab h304 Heck 
Norwood Eva (c) cook r213 Spence 

Norwood Eleanor (c) Indi-y wkr The Raleigh Lndry r506 S Haywood 
Norwood Geo M (Norwood-Jones Co) r2817 Mayview rd 
Norwood Jacob (c) lab r3104 Heck 

The Raleigh Building and Loan Association 














Audits — 







ns — St 


" u 






i.G <n\ 

, z 

















Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Norwood John (Mary A) acct V S Regional Agrl Credit Corp h2222The 

Norwood-Jones Co (Geo M Norwood) Ibr 500 W Peace 

Norwood Jos V (AUie') h518 New Bern av 

Norwood Lou (c) cook r213 Spence 

Norwood Lula C (wid Jas M) h308 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Norwood Susan (c) dom h506 S Haywood 

Norwood Walter J (Nettie E) ship elk h518 Oakwood av 

Noslip Trebor E (Anna E) tel opr h802 New Bern av 

Nowell see also Noell 

Nowell Arth (c) Indrywkr Capital City Lndry r707 Carroll av 

Nowell Arth G (Mary K) mgr Nowell Clothing Co hl611 Jarvis 

Nowell B H atndt State Hosp r do 

Nowell Blanche TJ Mrs sten Sou Auction & Purn Co r Gary N C 

Nowell Clothing Co (W Shipp Murchison) 311 Fayetteville 

Nowell Dolly (c) dom hlOOl Oberlin rd 

Nowell Furniture Co (Henry H Nowell) 124 E Hargett 

Nowell Henry H (Asenath W; Nowell Purn Co» hf719 S Boylan av 

Nowell Henry L barber Sir Walter Barber Shop r620 HUlsboro 

Nowell Jas N student rl27 New Bern av apt 102 

Nowell John farm hd State Hosp r do 

Nowell Lillian Indrs State Hosp r do 

Nowell Margt E (wid John W) h520 E Franklin 

Nowell Mozelle Mrs slswn Sou Auction & Furn Co h21 Dixie Trail 

Nowell Robt M student rl27 New Bern av apt 102 

Nowell Talmadge G servicemn Rogers Bros Service Coi-p r620 HUlsboro 

Nowell Tressie Mrs chf Indrs State Hosp r do 

Nowell Virginia N Mrs hl27 New Bern av apt 102 

Nowell Vivian bkpr Dr Jas R Rogers r Wendell, N C 

Nowell Wm M (Blanche U) mgr Sou Auction & Furn Co r Cary N C 

Nowell Wm T (Mozelle > slsmn Sou Auction & Furn Co h21 Dixie Ti-ail 

Nuckles Clarence N (Eva M) auto mech Pine State Creamery Co h404 
Glenwood av 

Nunn Annie (c) lndry wkr r518 E Davie 

Nunn Chas (c; Louise) waiter Louise Mahler hl008 S Person 

Nunn Chas E city firemn r221 W Martin 

Nimn Martha (c) cook h518 E Davie 

Nunn Theresa (c) lndry wkr rolS E Davie 

Nunnery Lester W (Lena B) prsm.n Coml Printing Co r RD 4 

Nunnery Margt sten W H King Drug Co Inc rl22 S McDowell 

Nygard J Wallace asst psychiatrist State Board of Charities and Public 
Welfare r Chapel Hill N C 

O K CLOTHING CO (V CSaiborne Mansfield), Credit Clothiers, Women's 
and Misses' Beadv-to-Wea.r, Men's Clothing 113 E Martin 

OAK CITY LAUNDRY, Kobt E Dunn Mgr, 436 S Salisbury, Tels 1801 land 
ISl (See page 39) 

Oak City Lodge No 3 A F & A M (c) meets 1st and 3d Tuesdays 8PM 
427 S Blount 

Oakes Ervin D (Marian L) slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co hl21 Wakefield 

Oakley Howard (c) lab r546 E Davie 

Oakley Myrtle student nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Oaklev Temple (c) cook r546 E Davie 

Oaks Sallie A (wid Thos E) h809 Brooklyn 

Oaks Wm E (Capital Realty Co) r809 Brooklyn 

Oakwood Cemetei-y Chas H Wallace supt Oakwood av nr Linden 

Oates Wm A (Virginia E) supt h2208 Fairview rd 

Oberlin Baptist Church (c) Rev Alex A Morrissey pastor 804 Oberlin rd 

Oberlin Public School (c) 1012 Oberlin rd 

O'Briant Henry H (Settle A) r315 E Martin 

O'Briant Joel (Kath J) solr rl005 W Lenoir 

O'Burn Ceo (c) rl30 W Cabarrus 

Occidental Life Insurance Co Wm H Trentman agcy field director sis div 
123 W Hargett R218 

Lee Pres, Lisle C Cortri?ht V-Pres, Walter L Noneman Sec, C Els- 
worth Hyre Treas, Ralph A Gibson Asst Sec, Ground Floor Profes- 
sional Bldff, S McDowell cor W Hargett, Tel 2343 

O'Daniel Juanita Mrs fcty wkr hl22 N Harrington 

O'Daniel Rosalie elk Staudt's Bakery rl22 N Harrington 

O'Daniel Roy I rl22 N Harrington 

ODD FELLOWS BUILDING, Garrett L Vinson Mgr, 15 W Hargett, Of- 
fice R715, Tel 4284 

Odd Fellows Building (c) 115y2 E Hargett 

Odd Fellows Building Barber Shon ( c ; Cullen K Hunt) 15 W Hargett bsmt 

Odd FeUows Hall (c) 115% E Hargett 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholecale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Oddity Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Margt Rozar) 15 W Hargett R610 

Oden Corinne asst bkpr Sir Walter Chevrolet Co r322 Perry 

Odom Margt E sten The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S r513, 
N Bloodworth 

Odom Max (c) pastrymn Sir Walter Hotel r216 Camden 

O'Donnell Dorothy sten N C State College r714 W Morgan 

O'Donnell Hubert ciic Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r714 W Morgan 

O'Donnell J Burt bkpr Morris Plan Bank of Raleigh r714 W Morgan 

O'Donnell John E (Anne W) slsmgr Holland Furnace Co h714 W Morgan 

Ogle Zonabell Mrs historian Rex Hosp r do 

515 Odd Fellows B!dg, 15 W Hargett 

O'Keefe Arlie Mrs rSll W Hargett 

O'Keefe Danl J (Cath; Eureka Mattress Co) h820 B Hargett 

O'Keefe Lawi-ence mattress mkr Eureka Mattress Co r820 E Hargett 

O'Kelley Mary musician W P T P Radio Co r21 Enterprise 

O'Kelley Rosa M (wid Thos) h21 Enterprise 

O'Kelley Wm musician r21 Enterprise 

O'Kelly Anna P tchr Washington Sch r405 Park av 

O'Kelly John H (c; Anna P) taxi driver h405 Park av 

O'Kelly Roger D (c; O'Kelly 's Legal Bureau) r421 S Blount 

O'Kelly's Legal Bureau (c; Ror,ev D O'Kelly) 13 E Hargett 

Okrey Bessie (c) dom rl20 Idlewild av 

Okrey Dennis (c) lab rl20 Idlewild av 

Old City Cemetei-y 534 New Bern av 

Old Rose Inn (Mrs Annie B Battle) restr 128 W Hargett 

Oldham C Carroll mus director r422 Cutler 

Oldham Chas L prsmn Bynum Printing Co h601 Elm 

Oldham David carp r420 W Peace 

OLDHAM GEO A (Anna J), Sec Oldham & Worth Inc, h4'22 Cutler, Tel 

Oldham Helen nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Oldham Mar jorie sten Robt L McMUlan r410 N Blount 

Oldham Millard B supvr State Hosp r do 

OLDHAM & WORTH INC, Hal V Worth Pres-Treas, James C Byr* y- 
Pres, Geo A Oldham Sec, Lumber and Biiildin? Material S West cor 
Cabarrus, Tel 154 (See maralnal line front cover and page 33) 

Olds Fred A Public School 204 Dixie Trail 

Olds Fred A sec Associated Charities and collr .State Hall of History rill 
E North 

Olive C Clinton r Wake County Home 

Olive Frank (Lindell) agt Home Security Life Ins Co h318 B Martin 

Olive Grace (wid Percy) elk r216 N Person 

Olive Jack B (Dora W) slsmn Efird's Dept Store r315 E Lane 

Olive Toy E bus opr CP&LCo r Hotel Wiley 

Olive W F guard State Prison r do 

Oliver Adlai S (Camille D) phvs 123 W Hargett R707 h2627 Fairview rd 

Oliver Clyde H (Mary M; Budleigh Service Sta) h408 S Boylan av 

Oliver Edwin W printer Mendenhalls Print Shop r614 S Salisbury 

Oliver Lewis A (Elma M) slsmn r614 S Salisbury 

Oliver Mary M Mrs sten State Dept of Public Instruction h408 S Boy- 
lan av 

Oliver Maude Mrs hlOS S West 

Oliver Rowland S (Abbie H) sec N C Div Natl Cotton Seed Products Assn 
Inc hSOO Graham 

Olivia Raney Library Mrs Jas S Atkinson librarian 107 Hillsboro child- 
ren's dept 4 S Salisbury 

Olivia Raney Library Apartments 105 Hillsboro 

Olmsted Albert L USMC rl004 w Cabarrus 

Olmsted Harvey B (Effie D) bkbndr hl004 W Cabarrus 

Olmsted Sarah F rl004 W Cabarrus 

O'Loughlin Prank (Celia) metalwkr K E Stahl Mfg Co hliOSV^ Fayette- 
ville rd 

O'Loughlin Prank ir furn repr rl406H Fayetteville rd 

Olsen Wm C (Elsie) pros Wm C Olsen Inc hl806 Glenn av 

Olsen Wm C Inc Wm C Olsen pres civ engs 5 Exchange pi R405 

Oman Andrew E (Jessie B) leader rodent control work N G State College 

hl701 Dare 
O'Neal Anderson (c; Emma) chauf h408 S Blount 
O'Neal Annie Mrs slswn Efird's Dept Store h217 N Boylan av 
O'Neal Bettie Mrs rl806 Wills av 

O'Neal Ella (c) dom r320 Battle 

O'Neal Furney (c: Lucy) lab r207 Idlewild av 

O'Neal lola (c) dom r207 Idlewild av 

O'Neal Jas (Eula G) mgr Raleigh Letter Writers h558 New Bern av 

O'Neal Macon farmer r Wake Forest rd nr Rolesville rd 



' Printing 

for the 









PHONE 4020 

O'Neal Martha (c) dom rSOO E Hargett 

O'Neal Otha W farmer r Wake Forest rd nr Rolesville rd 

O'Neal R Milton (Annie) elk Southeastern Exp Co h217 N Boylan av 

O'Neal Vernon auto mech h Wake Forest rd nr Rolesville rd 

O'Neal Vernon C (Jeannette) prsmn Bynum Printing Co hl806 Wills av 

O'Neil Chas J r Y M C A 

O'Neil Earl agt Life Ins Co of Va rl028 Boylan dr 

O'Neil G Hubert (Marion) truck driver h33 S Swain 

O'Neil Jas P (c; lola) porter Coml Printing Co h807 E Davie 

O'Neil Lucy (c) prsr Perry's hlOlS E Jones 

O'Neil Robt C (Clarice R) truck driver hl5 S Swain 

O'Neil Thos W (Mabel) elk h215 N Wilmington 

O'Neill Hilda M Mrs weaver rll37 N Blount 

O'Neill Hubert P textilewkr rll37 N Blount 

O'Neill John W (Emma) textilewkr hll37 N Blount 

O'Neill Octavia rll37 N Blount 

Onley Brady (c) farmer r631 Cannon 

Only Addie (c) matron The Mary Talbert Home r750 S Wilmington 

O'Quinn Emma A (wid Jesse L) h224 N Person 

Order of Railway Conductors Local No 264 meets 1st and 3d Sunday 2 
p m 15 W Hargett 

Orders W Carl (Willa D) ice cream mkr Pine State Creamery Co h3151 
Stanhope av 

Organ Prances (c) student r303 W Lenoir 

Orgen Printing Co (c) Claude E Whitaker mgr 116 E Hargett 

Ormond John J (c; Annie) lab h548 E Cabarrus 

Orrell E Flossie rl410 Fayetteville rd 

Orrell Jas E paper hngr rl410 Fayetteville rd 

Orrell Jas E jr (Dimoke R) paper hngr hl410 Fayetteville rd 

Osborne Daisy instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Osborne Dock (c) hsemn 1109 Cowper di' 

Osborne Ila elk r320 E Edenton 

Osborne Roy M (Annie C) h2407 Clark av 

Osborne Thos (c; Mabel) hlpr h508 E Cabarrus 

Osmore Earl linemn r420 W Peace 

Otey Chas K (c; Dora W) rl25 W Cabarrus 

Otey Henry G (c) hl25 W Cabarrus 

Otey Josephine H tchr Lucille Hunter Sch rl25 W Cabarrus 

Otis Elevator Co Wm E Taylor mgr 13 Exchange pi 

Ott Wyatt K (Annie S) service mgr Montgomery-Mutart Inc h851 Try- 

Outlaw David W (c) lab h908 E Martin 

Outlaw Mary (c) dom h218 Cabarrus al 

Outten Odell (c; Cora) lab h705 S Tarboro 

Overby Chas W (Martha E) h821 W Morgan 

Overby Sophronia Mrs r Wake County Home 

Overman Mary R tchr Murphey Sch r230 E North 

Overman Ruben O slsmn Hudson-Belk Co r RD 2 

Overstreet Willard H (Loula) slsmn Standard Brands Inc h400 Aycock 

Overton Ben.1 (c) orderly St Agnes Hosp r do 

Overton Imogene atndt State Hosp r do 

Overton Lindsay student r602 E Franklin 

Overton Roy T (Helen) eng h602 E Franklin 

Owen Eliz A sten rl31 Hawthorn rd 

Owen Jeter M (wid Edw B) hl31 Hawthorn rd 

Owen John P (Mary M) phys State Hosp h725 S Boylan av 

Owen Margt J student rl31 Hawthorn rd 

Owen Sudie M bkpr Job P Wyatt & Sons Co rll6 W Jones 

Owens Elv/ood M (Minnie M) huckster h543 E Hargett 

Owens Emma D (wid Jesse E) hl712 Park dr 

Owens Henrietta sten State Board of Health rl712 Park dr 

Owens Jessie E rl712 Park dr 

Owens John L (Lou) fcty supt Sou States Iron Roofing Co h223 N Har- 

Owens Jos (c) lab rl2 Lee 

Owens Lottie W r543 E Hargett 

Owens Louie (Irma) truck driver r323 E Martin 

Owens Maggie L r543 E Hargett 

Owens Wm L (Bettie E) welder h225 E Davie 

Owensby Azalee B Mrs office sec Y W C A h317 E Jones 

Owensby Chas J (Azalee B) supplymn h317 E Jones 

Oxley Lawrence A (c; Mamie) director negro div work State Board of 
Charities and Public Welfare hl418 Oakwood av 

Pace Annie r Wake County Home 

Pace Annie G (wid R Allen) r526 Polk 

Pace Bruce R mech Raleigh Nash Co r Westover 

Pace Eug H barber Union Barber Shop r529 Fayetteville 





Pace Hazel atndt State Hosp r do 

Pace John (c) lab h617 Church 

Pace Ludie A (wld Edw R) h604 Glenwood av 

Pace Malinda (c) dom h406 Bledsoe av 

Pace Martha S Mrs bkpr Rex Hosp hi 20 Pace 

Pace Maxey D CEllz) dist traffic mgr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co h2011V2 

Fairview rd 
Pace Nathan A (Brooksie E) hlpr hlO20 Boylan dr 
Pace iRobt P elk U S Int Rev Office r Gary N C 
Pace Sarah J r Wake County Home 

Pace Vernon D printer The News & Observer r408 N Person 

M Jenrette Dist Mgr, 702 Capital Club Bldff 18 W Martin, Tel 277 
Packer Bettie elk Wachovia Bank & Tmst Co r319 New Bern av 
Padgett see also Paget 

Padgett Edw G safety inspr State Industrial Comn r Winston Salem N C 
Padgett Ernest L (Evelyn C) mach State Hwy Comn r308 Poplar 
Padgett W Rodney (Hattie) lino opr Coml Printing Co h515 Cutler 
Page see also Paige 
Page Alice (c) dom r320 E Cabarrus 
Page Anna B (c) cook r504 E Martin 

Page Benj F (Bertha C) pres W H King Drug Co Inc h305 W ParK dli- 
Page Chas C (Alena B) h903 Glenwood av 
PageCossie E (Lucy) hlpr h217 N Harrington 
Page Dempsey rlll4 New Bern av 
PageDevester (c) lab h712 B (Oberlin) 
Page Eliz J slswn Efird's Dept Store r903 Glenwood av 
Page Eliz M r305 W Park dr 
Page Eula E r410 Kinsey 

Page Eura E agt Life Ins Co of Va rll4 New Bern av 
Page Prances R student r903 Glenwood av 
Page Frank (Ella M) pres Propery Loans Inc Title Guaranty Ins Co and 

v-pres and associate trust officer Wachovia Bank & Ti-ust Co h916 

Cowper dr 
Page Jas H (c; Lula) hlpr h709 B (Oberlin) 
Page Jasper (c; Mabel) hlpr r752 Fayetteville 
Page Jesse M jr student r410 Kinsey 
Page Jesse M Rev ( Z Estella ) h410 Kinsey 
Page Jessie (c) dom r320 E Cabarrus 
Page Joel L (Vallie M) electn h305 Glenwood av 

Page John J (Vera) elk The Great A & P Tea Co r217 N Harrington 
Page Le Grande elk r903 Glenwood av 
Page Leta V sch tchr r410 Kinsey 
Page Lola E nurse r410 Kinsey 

Page Lonza (c: Bertha) driver Allsbrook-Spiers Inc hl212 Hill 
Page Louise nurse State Hosp r do 
Page Lucille (e) cook rl08 N West 
Page M Louise h620 W Jones 
Page Mary A prin Fred A Olds Sch r620 W Jones 
Page Nathaniel (c) delmn rl412 E Jones 
Page Thos (e; Edna) lab hlOO Lake 

Page Trust Co Saml J Hinsdale liquidating agt and conservator 200 Fay- 
Page Vera Mrs slswn F W Woolworth Co r217 N Harrington 
Paget see also Padgett 

Paget Edwin H associate prof N C State College rll4 Park av 
Paget J Harold (Margt L) supt of power CP&LCo r918 Cowper dr 
Paige see also Page 

Paige Ernest (e; Victoria) Janitor h712 2d 

Paige Hoke M (Cath R) agt Life Ins Co of Va r805 N Bloodworth 
Paige John (c; Ailie) janitor hl306 E Edenton 
Paige Martha (c) student rl306 E Edenton 
Pair Sidney (c) lab rlllO S Blount 

Pakula Arth projectionist The Capitol Theatre r304 Polk 
Pakula Harry spl del msngr USPO r304 Polk 
Pakula Hulda (wid Lipman) h304 Polk 
Pakula Melvin auditor r304 Polk 
Palace Theatre North Carolina Theatres Inc oprs Jas S Howard 

mgr motion pictures 113 W Martin 
Palmer Amanda (c) dom hl310 Pender 
Palmer Arth L (Dudley) cash Wilson & Co r203 N Blount 
Palmer David R (Adelaide P) h2310 Vanderbilt av 
Palmer Dudley Mrs priv sec Diu-ham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r203 N 

Palmer Jos M rlll4 New Bern av 
Palmer Melvina (c) dom r323% W South 


CAPITAL J^^.^^.j^^f'^f^^ CO. 


Palmer Oren A fLillie) supt method sub sta CP&LCo h3403 Hillsboro 

Palmei- Vernon D (Eliz S) field asct rl2 E Lenoir 

Palmer V/ade auto mech C Titus Rand rll4 E Davie 

Palmer Wm (c; Bonnie) lab rlSlO Pender 

Palmer Wm H (c; Annie G) pkr h826 Cotton pi 

Palmetto Fruit Store (Alex M Vurnakes, Steve Loomos) 204 S Salisbury 

Pankey Mary (c) soft drinks 722 E Davie rSOl do 

Pannell Susie supvr operating rm Rex Hosp r do 

Panther Branch Club Inc Bartholomew Streb pres Louis M Connor sec- 

treas office 20 E Martin R504 clubhouse 18 iniles south of city lOn, 

Fayetteville rd 
Papajohn John (Helen) confr 2" 1 S Wilmington r516 New Bern av 
Papajohn Sophia J elk John Papajohn r516 New Bern av 
Pappas Peter (Capitol Restr) rl5 S West 

Papson Geo cook The Mecca Luncheonette r219y2 S Wilmington 
Paramore Leroy R asst in farm management N C State College rl06 

Pardee J Grove adjuster claim dept U S Fidelity & Guaranty Co of Balt- 
imore Md r Bland Hotel 
Pardue J Roy (Iris K) bkpr Raleigh Nash Co r516 Cole 
Parham Allen (c; Cath) h313 Pugh 
Parham Bettie E (c) instr Shaw University r do 
Parham Frank C (Rosa M) signalmn h728 W Hargett 
Parham Kennon W acct 15 W Harccett R602 r Carolina Hotel 
Parham Louis H (Bettie) r720 W Jones 
Parham Margt nurse 406 Polk r do 
Parham Mary E (wid Jas L) asst bkpr Thos H Briggs & Sons Inc h72a 

W Jones 
Parham Rosa H (wid Robt E) h405 Polk 
Parham Sallie D mus tchr 406 Polk r do 
Parham Saml V slsmn Pine State Creamery Co r4C6 Polk 
Parham Scott (c; Elsie) lab r414 E Davie 
Parham Wm barber r321 E Morgan 
Paris I Neal r318 W Edenton 

Paris Isaac H (Lucv W; White & Hodgin Co) h318 W Edenton 
Paris Raymond W elk White & Hodgin Co r318 W Edenton 
Parish see also Parrish 

Parish Nellie F Mrs sten Thos D Parish hl317 Dale 
Parish Rose (wid Henrv N) h568 New Bern av 
Parish Thos D (Nellie P) lawyer .■;20 S Salisbury R409 hl317 Dale 
Park Albert P rl535 Carr 
Park Chas B (Effie B) v-pres Times Puta Co and instr and supt shops N 

C State College hl25 Hawthorn rd 
Park Chas B jr (Marie) agt Am Oil Co h6 Hope 
Park Eliz R student rl535 Carr 

Park John A (Lily P) pres-genl mgr Times Pub Co hl535 Carr 
Park John A jr classified adv mgr Times Pub Co rl535 Carr 
Park Roy H with N C Cotton Growers Co-Operative Assn rl27 New 

Bern av apt 406 
Park Thos N (Prances M) civ eng State Hwy Comn rl405 Hillsboro 
Parker Albea S Rev (Etta T) pastor Central M E Ch (South) h228 New 

Bern av 
Parker Alex M student 126 N McDowell 
Parker Alf C hlpr r326 Georgetown rd 
Parker Alice (wid Jas) rl016 E Martin 
Parker Ann (c) h9C6 Johnson's al 
Parker Annabelle (wid Jack* hS W Franklin 
Parker Annie W (wid Geo R) hl08 N McDowell 
Parker Archie M r304 Oakwood av 
Parker Artelia (c) student r936 E Hargett 
Parker Arth B truck driver r326 Georgetown rd 
Parker B Moore bkpr Wachovia. Bank & Trust Co rl29 Hillcrest 
Parker Bessie (c) r400 Grape 

Parker Bonnie L (c) cook Jiffy Grill r419 S Haywood 
Parker Brantley S (Florence M) cai-p h3;26 Georgetown rd 
Parker Bros & Co (Walter A. Linus M and Clyde E Parker) cotton dlrs 

303% S Wilmington 
Parker Cath r218 N East 
Parker Chas J jr (Ann V) pres Sou Sch Supply Co Inc and reporter The 

News & Observer h718 Nash dr 
Parker Clyde E (Parker Bros Co) h304 Oakwood av 
Parker Delia (c) dom h419 S Haywood 
Parker Dollie (c> hl304 Hill 
Parker Dorothea D r820 Cowper dr 
Parker Edw E student rl26 N McDowell 
Parker Eliz M sch tchr rl26 N McDowell 

330 S. 



"Tlie memory of quality lingers lonjj after tJie price Is 





Parker Eliz M (wid Chas J) hl26 N McDowell 

Parker Emmett O (Mattie J) mach h203 Dixie Trail 

Parker Ethel G r304 Oakwood av 

Parker Etta M ic) maid Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r747 Fayetteville 

Parker Fannie R (wid Roland) slswn Hudson-Belk Co rl08 E North 

Parker Fernando W (Julia P) sec-treas Parker's Inc hSOl Tilden 

Parker Florence C Mrs elk N C Inspection & Rating Bureau! rl913 Sunset 

Parker Francis (c) restr wkr Jack's Grill r419 S Haywood 
Parker Frank (Belle P) statistician State -U S Co -Operative Crop Report- 
ing Service hl08 Cox av 
Parker Harry O acct Wm M Russ & Co rl08 N McDowell 
Parker Henry N mgr Sou Sch Supply Co Inc rl26 N McDowell 
Parker House (Mrs Margt P Parker) bdg 119 E Edenton 
Parker J Weston (Elsie M) hS E Dixie dr 

Parker J Yates emp U S Regional Agrl Credit Corp r312 New Bern av 
Parker Jas J chemist rl26 N McDowell 
Parker Jimnaie pres Business and Professional Women's Club Inc r Wake 

Forest rd 
Parker Jos driver r317% S Blount 
Parker Julia (c) Indrs rl304 Hill 
Parker Julian O r203 Dixie Trail 
Parker Len H (c; Bessie) cook h936 E Hargett 
Parker Linus M (Mae D; Parker Bros & Co) (h820 Cowper dr 
Parker Linus M jr student r820 Cowper dr 
Parker Linville B (Eliz B) auditor State Treas hSOT N East 
Parker Linwood W servicemn Wynne Radio Co hl27 New Bern av apt 20 
Parker Louise A jr supvr SouBellTel&TelegCo rlO Daisy 
Parker Lula E supt State College Sta USPO r2702 Hillsboro 
Parker Margt (c) dom r419 S Haywood 
Parker Margt P (wid B Moore: Parker House i hll9 E Edenton 
Parker Margt L (wid Millard L) r2114 Ridgecrest 
Parker Marie sten Coml Credit Co rSOl Tilden 
Parker Mary (c) cook r521 E Cabarrus 
Parker Mary A elk U S Rubber Products Inc rlOOl W South 
Parker Mai-y L student r820 Cowper dr 
Parker Mary S (wid Richd A) hlOOl W South 
Parker May T (Louise A) mech Sanders Motor Co hlO Daisy 
Parker Myrtle (c) student r419 S Haywood 
Parker Nathan (c) hlpr rl201 S Blount 
Parker Roosevelt (c ; Mary) lab r307 W Lenoir 
Parker Roy G (Ruby Gi plmbr 810 Glenwood av h do 
Parker Sadie E elk State College sta USPO r2702 Hillsboro 
Parker Sadie P iwid Geo S) r3201 Hillsboro 
Parker Saml D (Katie E) hlpr h302 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Parker Thos B (Penelope A) h218 N East 
PARKER TRANSPORTATION CO (W D Parker) Fast and Dependable 

Freight Service 228 E Martin (See rig:ht side Unes) 
PARKER V O (Annie L) Pres V O Parker Co, h317 E Jones, Tel 1594 
PARKER V O CO, V O Parker Pres, Malcolm M Laster Sec, Real Estate 

Rentals, Insurance and Loans 125 S Salisburv, Tel 2357 (See left top 

PARKER VAIXIE )M, Public SteiiosrrapJier Hotel Sir Walter, 400 IFav- 

etteville, Tel 2600, h2702 Hillsboro, Tel 963-J 
Parker VerneU (c; Rosa) h217 Cannon 
Parker Virgie L sten r203 Dixie Trail 
Parker W Cary rl08 N McDowell 

Parker W Ray (Effie M) electn Bland Hotel rlOOl W South 
Parker W Rea slsmn Sou Store Equipment Co r Beech Ridge rd nr Breeze 

Parker Walter A (Margt B; Parker Bros & Co) hl201 Wake Forest rd 
Parker Wm (c; Etta M) lab r747 Fayetteville 
Parker Wm A (Mary C) elk r218 N East 
Parker Wm A jr r218 N East 

Parker Wm D (Parker Transportation Co) r Smithfield N C 
Parker's Inc J Clinton Moore pres Dewey D Sanderford v-pres Fernando 

W Parker sec-treas druggists 311 S Wilmineton 
Parkerson L E genl agt Sinclair Refining Co r Mansion Park Hotel 
Parkhurst Harleigh Major (Mary W) USA hl515 Scales 
Parkhurst Mary student rl515 Scales 
Parks Fannie (c) dom 'hl294 E Edenton 
Parks Gabe (c; Grace) lab h619 Cannon 
Parks Howard P service sta atndt Firestone Sei-vice Stores Inc rl28 N 



Iron and Copper Cor- 1 WrJB^ia-a B ^^ S HJfw V B S.W ^ Roofino. Roof Coat- 

"nelm^' vln'^iKd ROOFING COfrfSPaHY 'p"|f^,jM^?aMic°Red.': 

and Air Conditioning. I ) Asphalt Shingles 

Asbestos Shingles V408-410 W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Prooflng 

Parks Jacob (c) lab rl300 Center 

Parks Ralph W (Beatrice H) trav slsmn h2311 Fairview id 

Parks W Clemon (c; Jennie) chauf r611 S East 

Parkview The apts 206 E Jones 

Parmer Inez Mrs slswn rl207 S Person 

Parnell Alvin T (Ada H) prsmn hi 002 N Blount 

Parris Evangelist (c) h21 Bragg 

Parris Roscoe E (Bettie S) lawyer 320 S Salisbury R707 h509' Cole 

Parrish see also Parish 

Parrish Albert A cond r411 New Bern av 

Parrish Chas K (Louise P) prsmn h312 S Swain 

Parrish Cliff F ( Juanita B) in ctaarge poultry extension N C State Col- 
lege h2820 Clark av 

Parrish Dock T (Rita) bodymn i^09 Hillsboro 

Parrish Dorothy r555 New Bern av 

Pan-ish Durwood sta atndt r555 New Bern av 

Parrish Eliz beauty opr rl27 Halifax 

PaiTish Etta (wld J Atlas) r211 S Harrington 

Parrish Prances E (wid Tiberius B) h420 W Peace 

Parrish G G mech Sanders Motor Co r RD 2 

Parrish Gertrude (c) dom r Harding at end 

Parrish Heni-y (c; Cleo) blksmith Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc h207 Heck 

Parrish Henry (c) lab r Harding at end 

Parrish Hubert T (c; Mamie) lab h320 S Haywood 

Parrish I Myrtle r420 W Peace 

Parrish I Pauline r420 W Peace 

Parrish Kenneth L (Bessie) carp h609 N Dawson 

Parrish Krinson L (Gladys) r609 N Dawson 

Parrisih Louise Indry wkr r809 Belmont 

Parrish Lucille textilewkr r609 N Dawson 

Parrish Minerva (c) dom h Harding at end 

Parrish Rayford L textilewkr r609 N Dawson 

Parrish Rita Mrs opr Poole's Beauty Shoppe r709 Hillsboro 

Parrish Robt "W r21l S Harrington 

PaiTish Talmage P ( Lottie L) mach h404 W Morgan 

Parrish W Oscar (Ida M) carp h420 W Peace 

Parrish Wiley R (Eugenia M) h528 N East 

Parrish Wm L (Vernie E) buyer r210 S Harrington 

Parrish Zenoba r211 S HaiTington 

Parrott Carl r323 E Morgan 

Parrott Prank A (Alma C) section hd h224 N McDowell 

Parrott Hattie S supvr State Dept of Public Instruction r2203 Ridgecrest 

Parrott Jas M Dr health officer State Board of Health r Sir Walter Hotel 

Parrott Lisbeth sten State Board of Charities and Public Welfare r Chapel 
Hill N C 

Parrott Maude A (wid Rowland M) hl809 Fairview rd 

Parrott Nannie elk rll6 N Bloodworth 

PARROTT R M & SON (RnwWnd M Parrott Jr). Office Supplies, Sta- 
tioners, Filins: Devices. Mimeosraphin? and Mailing Machines. 330 
S Salisbury, Tel 3987 (See right top lines) 

Parrott Rowland M jr (Mary E: R M Parrott & Son) rl809 Fairview 

Parrotte Kate D (c) rill W Soutti 

Partenheimer Margt tchr Hugh Morson High Sch rl27 E Edenton 

Partin Alf (c; Roberta) Janitor h618 S West 

Partin B Fredk slsmn Geo H Stancil rl09 Polk 

Partin Chas R (Mary P) lawyer hl409 Mordecai dr 

Partin Danl H (Pearl) hlpr r403 N Wilmington 

Partin Elise B rl05 N McDowell 

Partin Henrietta (c) ironer Sanitary Lndry r205 N State 

Partin Jos (c; Emma) h212 Bledsoe av 

Partin Leo D driver Atlantic Refining Co rl09 Polk 

Partin Margt S (wid Geo P) r720y2 Hillsboro 

Partin Norma Mrs slswn Charles Stores Co Inc 209 Fayetteville 

Partin Oreon I elk McLellan Stores Co r613 E Martin 

Partin R Lee r411 E Hargett 

Partin Thos A (Annie G) asst mgr Boylan-Pearce Co Inc h2015 Fairview 

Partin Thurman P atndt Shell Service Sta r Hotel Raleigh 

Partin Wade H (Annie L) sta opr Gulf Refining Co h603 Cutler 

Partin Wm (c; Henrietta) lab h205 N State 

Partin Wm E (Metta S) cabtmkr 524 E Hargett h do 

Partrick Theo H jr Rev (Watson K) rector Ch of he Good Shepherd hl540 
Iredell dr 

Partridge Alf G r2112 Country Club dr 

Partridge Glen (c) porter East Coast Stages Inc 225 W Lenoir 

28 ( 




PHONE 182 

Paschall Cora (c) cook rlllS E Martin 

Paschall Eliz Mrs elk Raleigh Salvage Co r715 Tucker 

Paschall Fi'ank (c) waiter rlll5 E Martin 

Paschall H Irving (Eliz S) maoh State Hwy Comn r715 Tucker 

Paschall Harold elk rlO Daisy 

Passmore Allie r Wake County Home 

Passmore Geo E (Louise E) cash Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co h2208 
Pairview rd 

Passmore Thos H (Prudle) br mgr Staudt's Bakery hl913 Sunset av 

Pate A Waddell sec-treas Hotel Raleigh Inc and mgr Hotel Raleigh r Ho- 
tel Raleigh 

Pate Clarence (c; Mamie) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r28 Lee 

Pate Hattie C elk State Laboratory of Hygiene rl05 N Boylan av 

Pate Howard W student r720 N Boylan av 

Pate Jefferson P (Pate's Seafood Mkt) r Millbrook N C 

Pate Nancy L student r303 Hawthorn rd 

Pate Oscar P (Julia W) teleg opr SALRy h720 N Boylan av 

Pate Theron C driver Armour & Co rl05 N Boylan av 

Pate Tyson P elk Pate's Seafood Mkt r Millbrook N C 

Pate Walter L (Christine) eng h7 E Lane 

Pate Wm F (Faye B) prof h303 Hawthorn rd 

Pate Wm McD student r303 Hawthorn rd 

Pate's Seafood Market (Jefferson P Pate) 315 Blake 

Patrick Alma sten State Hwy Purch Dept h206 E Jones apt 101 

Patrick Geo G mech Sanders Motor Co r RD 2 

Patrick lola rl21 N Blount 

Patterson Allen J (c) cook Talley's Luncheonette r313 W Lenoir 

Patterson Anna (c) Indrs hllO W Peace 

Patterson Booker (c) lab rllO W Peace 

Patterson Earl (c) whsemn rl09 Grimes al 

Patterson Esau (e) r719 S Dawson 

Patterson Esther (c) Indrs h423 Montague la 

Patterson Hattie (c) Indrs hll07 Hill 

Patterson Kinlaw (c; Kathleen) pntr h207 Smithfield 
Patterson Leon (ci gro 901 E Davie h do 

Patterson Louise r Wake County Home 

Patterson Lucy T (wid John H) hll4 Park av 
Patterson Marie O office sec CP&LCo rll4 Park av 

Patterson Mary (c) h313 W Lenoir 

Patterson Mary (c) cook r606 E Davie 

Patterson N Maxon (Minnie B) engr r2804 Hillsboro 

Patterson Pearl N Mrs elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C rSOl W 

Patterson Sophia (c) r207 Smithfield 
Patterson Thelma I sec CP&LCo rll4 Park av 
Patterson Tony (c; Vinie) baker h411 Tucker 
Patterson Wm (c: Mater L) cook hll07 S Blount 
Patterson Wm (c; Nina) lab r702 S West 
Patterson Wm T (c; Fannie) pntr h606 E Davie 
Pattishall Caviness W elk Wake Drug Store r908 StMary's 
Pattishall Chas L elk Edwards Drug Co r908 St Mary's 
Pattishall Dennis E emp Raleigh Dental Laboratory r Raleigh Hotel 
Pattishall Warren D (Fannie) supt City Mkt h908 StMary's ■ 
Pattishaw Allie nurse Rex Hosp r do 

Patton Archie P electn Electric Motor & Repair Co Ine r418 S Boylan av 
Patton Beecher P (Lula C) truck driver h618 W Jones 
Patton Bonnie elk rll8 Halifax 
Patton Byrna E r215 S Bloodworth 
Patton Chas J ( Esther E) plmbr h405 N East 
Patton Eliz F sch tchr r418 S Boylan av 
Patton Jas F ( Vannie P) wtchmn h418 S Boylan av 
Patton Kath M r215 S Bloodworth 
Patton Omega M (wid David S) h215 S Bloodworth 
Paul E M solr Sanitary Lndry r718 StMarys 
Paul Earl A solr Sanitary Lndry rSlO Jefferson 

Paul Gladys P sten Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r43iy2 Halifax 
Paulson Jehu D (Grace E) asst prof N C State College h2705 Everett av 
Pavlakos Pete T (Eva) restr 223 W Martin h do 
Pavlou Michl (Mary) carp h212 N Bloodworth 
Pavlou Nikiforos Rev pastor Holy Trinity Creek Orthodox Ch h212 iN 

Paylor John H (Mamie H) office 18 W, Martin R411 h301 Hillerest rd 
Paylor Sarah C student r301 Hillerest rd 
Payne Benj P (Emma) driver Economy Clnrs rlU Hudson 
Payne Foster P (c) dean Shaw University r do 



2 C 


ff "^ 


w C 


^ "• 


o ■ 




> CO 





D X 





and Sup 








V. 0. 





125 South Salisbury Street 

Phone 2257 

Payne Grace (c) dom r530 E Edenton 

Payne Hennie C Mrs sec Dr Hubert A Royster hl920 Sunset av 

Payne Laura (c) dook 920 Cowper dr 

Payne LeRoy T (Edna E; Halifax St Mkt) h504 N Wilmington 

Payne Louis W (Hennie C) civ eng State Hwy Comn hl920 Sunset av 

Payne Margt r504 N Wilmington 

Payne Robt elk r504 N Wilmington 


INSTITUTE, Wm C Pressly Pres, May McLelland Dean, Mary Kirk- 

patrick Sec, E Peace cor Halifax, Tels 2662 and 2663 (See page 42) 
Peace Clinton L (c; Henrietta) cook Wright's Cafeteria h916 E Davie 
Peace Edw (c) hlpr h rear 107 N Han-ington 
Peace Jas (c) elk Ai'thui-'s Sea Pood Mkt 1-916 E Davie 
Peace John C (c; Cordelia L) bellmn Hotel CaroUna rll6 W South 
Peace Louis (c) delmn r916 E Davie 
Peace Margt (c) student r916 E Davie 
Peace Robt (c) lab h619 (620) W Lenoir 
Peace Wm H (c; Fannie M) hll6 W South 
Peace V/m H jr (c) sch tchr rll6 W South 
Peacock Alice L Mrs hl06 N Person 
Peacock Carolyn A lastr Meredith College r do 
Peacock Dred v-pres Carolina Mortgage Co r High Point N C 
Peacock Edith typist State Industrial Comn rl06 N Person 
Peacock Edna P acting mgr Sir Walter Motor Tours & Steamship Agts 

r Mansion Park Hotel 
Peacock J Wilbur elk rl06 N Person 
Peacock Leonard F rl06 N Person 
Peacock Troy ic) lab r710i2 S Person 

Peacox Marvin (c; Frances) car washer Blackwood's Inc rl303 E Jones 
Pearee see also Pierce 
Pearce Alberta C textile wkr r808 Harp 
Pearee Alton K (Inez) elk h504 N East 
Pearce Britton (c; Louisa A) v-pres iiie Mechanics & Farmers Bank and 

wood 1271/2 E Cabarrus h225 E Lenoir 
Pearce Bioiee atndt State Hosp r do 

Pearee C B truck driver Raleigh Supply Co r Western blvd 
Pearce Carlton atndt State Hosp r do 
Pearce Clarence atndt State Hosp r do 

Pearce Clarence M slsmn Capital Ice & Coal Co Inc r708 Belmont 
Pearce Clyde W elk r606 W Johnson 
Pearce Davis H (Sybil) slsmn h9 Pogue 
Pearee Dorothy (widRobt) hllOS McDowell 
Pearce Dui'lie B (wid Williford K) h708 Belmont 

Pearce Ernest S (Alice S) cash Godwin & Richardson h2216 Creston rd 
Pearce Floyd (c; Esther) mach h707 E Martin 
Pearce Gaston maeh Eleetl Equipment Co Inc r201 N Wilmington 
Pearce Harvey B (Virginia S) checker Sanitary Lndry rll2 S East 
Pearce Herbert C (Nellie M) barber Service Barber Shop h611 W North 
Pearce Inez H emp State Hosp r do 

Pearee J Broadle atndt Allen's Service Sta r620 HUlsboro 
Pearee J Linwood (Nell K) slsmn Rawls Motor Co h3135 Stanhope av 
Pearce Jas B hll9 Hillsboro 
Pearee Jas G (Nonie) elk in charge Betts Coal & Oil Co Inc h526'Oak-' 

wood av 
Pearee Jas G jr elk r526 Oakwood av 
Pearce Jas L r606 W Johnson 

Pearee Jas M bindery wkr Pittman Printing Co r216 S Haywood 
Pearce Jas W (Oath E) cabtmkr h216 S Haywood 
Pearce Josephine student r606 W Johnson 
Pearce Julia (c) lndry wkr Sir Walter Hotel r207 S Bloodworth 
Pearee Lela M elk r315 S Swain 

Pearee Leland hlpr Hobby Transfer Co rll6 E Martin 
Pearce Luther driver Raleigh Transfer Co Ine r408 E Martin > 
Pearce Marjorie student r504 N East 
Pearee Marvin J insngr r216 S Haywood 
Pearce Mary S student r504 N East 
Pearce Mary T r808 Harp 

Pearce Mildred C opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r Cary N C 
Pearee Motley Z sis mgr Raleigh Internatl Co r Wake Forest N C 
Pearce Orrie H (Qiine H) carrier US PO h209 Poplar 
Pearce Priestley E (Lillie A; Lakewood Sherbet Co) r304 S Swain 
Pearce S Clyde (Annabelle) auto mech Pine State Creamery Co r603 Gas- 
Pearee Sarah (c) r815 E Hargett 
Pearee Simon T (L Alice) textilewkr h710 Belmont 




109-115 South Blount Telephone 2476 

Pearce Thelma r508 Halifax 

Pearce Vashtl slswn Raleigh Salvage Co r526 Oakwood av 

Pearce W Clifton (Sadie F) hl8 Pii-wood av 

Pearce W W, atndt State Hosp r do 

Pearce Wilda sten Motor Service of Raleigh Inc r327 Hillsboro 

Pearce Wm P (Tellle H) gro 317 S Swain h315 do 

Pearce Wm R (Alta I) cond h606 W Johnson 

Pearce Worth elk r526 Oakvifood av 

Pearsall John (c) student r324 Cannon 

Pearsall Lela A ( c) student r324 Cannon 

Pearsall Robt J (Dorothy) asst prof N C State College h2O05 MacCarthy 

Pearsall Wm (c; Helen) stoker The Raleigh Gas Co h324 Cannon 

Pearson see also Person 

Pearson Alden B acct r520 N East 

Pearson Clyde printer Coml Printing Co r553 N Person 

Pearson Dora atndt State Hosp r do 

Pearson E Carson (Ruth R) slsmn Pine State Creamery Co h709 W Peace 

Pearson Henry (c; Rebecca) lab h707 S Tarboro 

Pearson Jos E (Eva M) lawfyer 15 W Hargett R702 hl828 Glenwood av 

Pearson Laura A (c) Instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Pearson Laura D Mrs h407 N Blount 

Pearson Mildred supvr State Hosp r do 

Pearson Rachel (c) presser Economy Clnrs h506 Patterson al 

Peatch Bruno E (Elsie; Peatch's Art Cabinet Shop) hl913 Alexander rd 

Peatch's Art Cabinet Shop (Bruno E Peatch) 509 Hillsboro 

Peaten Russell P (c: Odelle) soft drinks 433 S Blood worth h do 

Peatross John F (Minnie B) inspr City Sanitary Dept hSlT Brooklyn 

Peatross John W student r817 Brooklyn 

Peatross Jos M student r817 Brooklyn 

Peatross Oscar V (Bessie H) formn US PO h713 W North 

Peatross Wm H (Lovie J) prsmn Mitchell Printery Co h205 N Salisbury 

Peay Jen E sten CP&LCo rl4 Enterprise 

Peddy see also Petty 

Peddy Delphus M (Ina M) plstr h209 S Haywood 

Peddy L E plstr State Hosp r do 

Peden Jas M (Annie H; Peden Steel Co) rlSlO Hillsboro 

PEDEN STEEL CO (James M Peden), Designers and Fabricators, Struc- 
tural Steel, Ornamental Iron, Reinforcing: Bars, Electric and Ace- 
tylene Welding, Blacksmithing:, Rubber Belting, Building- Specialties 
and Steel Sash and Doors 512 W Hargett, Te! 99 

Peebles Annie L rll22 N Wilmington 

Peebles Claude D garage supt CP&LCo r Western blvd 

Peebles Dorothy (c) sch tchr rl405 Oberhn rd 

Peebles E Ruth sten U S Rubber Products Inc r814 Wake Forest rd 

Peebles Edgar D (Dollie G) h814 Wake Forest rd 

Peebles Frank L slsmn T B Crowder & Son r301 S Wilmington 

Peebles Garland M spinner rll22 N Wilmington 

Peebles Geo H pollcemn r329 E Edenton 

Peebles Herbert L (Minnie C) detective City Police Dept h717 N Boylan 

Peebles Herman (c; Dorothy) janitor h815 Oberlin rd 

Peebles J Wiley (Cath T) dep county sheriff h219 E North 

Peebles Jas S (Semantha) h329 E Edenton 

Peebles Julius P (Pearl L) textile wkr hll22 N WUmington 

Peebles Louise r329 E Edenton 

Peebles Maggie (c) maid 500 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Peebles Martha elk r329 E Edenton 

Peebles Mary A priv sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r814 Wake 
Forest rd 

Peebles Mary L typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r329 E Edenton 

Peebles MUdred (c) cook 500 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Peebles Millard (c; Mary) janitor h616 Oberlin rd 

Peebles Myrtle r329 E Edenton 

Peebles Powell (c; Virginia) hlpr hl405 Oberlin rd 

Peed J Otis (Uva E) collr Martin MUlwork Co r326 Oakwood av 

Peed Louise atndt State Hosp r do 

Peed Uva E Mrs slswn Ellisberg's r326 Oakwood av 

Peed Zebulon V (Charlotte H) v-pres-sec Cherokee Brick Co and John- 
son & Johnson Co Inc rll6 Hawthorn rd 

Peeden Mildred nurse 417 S Boylan av r do 

Peele E Pauhne elk McLellan Stores Co r405 N Boylan av 

Peele Eliz B (wid Wm J) asst librarian State Legislative Reference Libra- 
ry hll7 N Dawson 

Peele J Thos (Clara E) wtchmn h405 N Boylan av 




228 E. 



( FORD ) 

Authorized j . IMpOI N 1 ^^'^^ ^""l Service 

Peele Laui-a E elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S r223 N 

Peele Marjorie J elk McLellan Stores Co r405 N Boylan av 
Peerless Cleanere & Dyers (H Frank Smith, Robt J Ray) 308 S Person 
Peerless Supply Co Inc Graydon M Freddy pres V Douglas Makepeace v- 

pres Clias R Preddy sec-treas bldg materials 3101 Stanhope av 
Peery Don L student r217 Hawthorn rd 
Peery R Benton Rev (Lettie R) pastor Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran 

Ch h217 Hawthorn rd 
Pegram C Spurgeon (Carrie L) mech Electric Motor & Repair Co Inc hl22 

Park av 
Pegram Clara T (wid Chas A) hl21 Cox av 
Pegram Edna L student rl22 Park av 
Pegram Edwin A hlpr rl21 Cox av 
Pegram Elsie L sten rl22 Park av 
Pegram Fred B trav slsmn rl21 Cox av 
Pegram Howard A (Sadie A) asst prsmn The News & Observer hl04) S 

Pegram Jesse M rl21 Cox av 

Pegram Kate V route aide Postal-Teleg Catole Co r815 N Bloodworth 
Pegram Milton A awning wkr rl21 Cox av 
Pegram Myi-tle W (wid Fred B) r407 N Blount 
Pegi-am Wm R (Gladys) bkpr h815 N Bloodworth 
Pegram Wm R jr elk Person St Pharmacy r815 N Bloodworth 
Pegues Ella C (c) hl25 E South 
Peguse Saml (c) lab rl024 Manly 

Pell Geo P (Mary D) member State Corp Comn hill E North 
Pelletier Ursula sten State Board of Health r608 Hillsboro apt 3 
Pemberton Clarence L r530 N Blount 

Pemberton Fletcher (c; Essie) dishwasher Green Grill r521 E Cabarrus 
Pemberton Wm (c; Goldie) lab r303 W Cabarrus 
Pembleton Pearl (c) elev opr r218 E Cabarrus 
Pender L Dow (Ruth M; Pender Mf g & Supply Co) h3200 Hillsboro apt 

Pender L Dow jr student r3200 Hillsboro apt C4 
Pender Manufacturing & Supply Co (L Dow Pender) 7 Concord 
Pender Ruth McW student r3200 Hillsboro apt C4 
Pender's Stores gros 823 Fayetteville 131 E Martin 121 W Martin 1107 New 

Bern av 614 N Person and 211 S Wilmington 
Pendergraff Wm (c; Annie) lab h801 Manly 
Pendergraft Alley J (Vera) h502 S Salisbury 

Pendergraft Claude W (Mary L) mgr The Smoke Shop hll W Cabarrus 
Pendergraft Clyde R (Edgarena) city firemn rll S Person 
Pendergraft Estus L (Lenora W) opr Sinclair Super Service Sta h327 E 

Pendergraft W^ley sign pntr rl05 S Dawson 
Pendergrass Mattie Y (wid Wesley M) hll7 N McDowell 
Pendleton Arth S (Eliza B) hl27 New Bern av apt 302 
PennChas (c; EffieL) cook hSlO S Bloodworth 
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co Rufus Y McPherson associate genl agt 

20 E Martin R401 
Penney Carl r222 Pace 

Penney Edw N (Julia S) elk rl324 Mordecai dr 
Penney Kitty B (wid Wm H) hl5 W Jones 
Penney Qallie rSOl New Bern av 
Pennington Ai'telia (wid Sylvester P) h209 W Davie 
Pennington Oliver C (Bertha C) mgr Brown's Funeral Home r Beech 

Ridge rd 
Penny Alice W sch tchr 1-723 W Morgan 
Penny Amy (c) hSll Cannister 
Penny Chas (c; Lovie) baker h515 W Lenoir 
Penny Charlotte F student rill S Bloodworth 

Penny D Marvin (Lula S) office mgr Mitchell Printing Co hl012 Wl Cab- 
Penny David (c; Sarah) lab h210 Cannon 
Penny Edw (c) lab r511 Saunders 
Penny Emile O (Lillie S) r415 S Boylan av 

Penny Huell E (Mabel F) slsmn Beardsworth Distributing Co h415 S Boy- 
lan av 
Penny J C driver East Coast Stages Inc r3306 Hillsboro 
Penny J P opr State Hosp r do 

Penny Jos P collr Raleigh Real Est & Trust Co r723 W Morgan 
Penny Lee dairymn State Hosp r do 
Penny Lonnie T (Iris J) eng h924 Vance 




Penny Malcolm C elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r723 W 

Penny Mallie (c) firemn r518 K Davie 

Penny Marjorie nui'se Rex Hosp r do 

Penny Mary (c) Indrs r601 S Haywood 

Penny Minnie A ((wid Malcolm C) h723 W Morgan 

Penny Olgar R (Arrie M) h523 S Salisbury 

Penny Ovid B (Zella) real est hill S Bloodworth 

Penny Ralph L (Susie W) confr and shoe repr 702 N Person h220 Hard- 

Penny Robt S r416 S Dawson 

Penny Rosa N (wid Edw N) rl012 W Cabarrus 

Penny Roxie (c) dom hSOO E Hargett 

Penny Roy W (Thelma C) firemn Aerial Co No 1 hll7 Ashe av 

Penny Royal E slsmn W P T F Radio Co r723 W Morgan 

Penny Ruth W sten CP&LCo r606 Aycock 

Penny Saml (Sadie) bus opr li613 Glenwood av 

Penny Simon jr (c) lab rSOO E Hargett 

Penny Willard S (Lola M) v-pres-sls mgr W A Myatt Co Inc hll3 N 
Boylan av 

Peoples Alonzo (c; Maggie) lab hll5 W Johnson 

Peoples Amanda (c) rl23 Lincoln dr 

Peoples Arch D (M Hawkins) prsmn The News & Observer h328 W Jones 

Peoples Cafe (Pete Gourns) 305 S Wilmington 

Peoples Fredk (c; Lucille) lab hill Maple 

Peoples Goldia (c; Claudia) firemn Professional bldg h713 Saunders 

Peoples Hettie (c) dom rill Maple 

Peoples Pearl (c) dom rl23 Lincoln dr 

Pepper Geo (c) elev opr Hotel Carolina r906 Mark 

Peppers Lizzie (c) dom r502 N West 

Peppers Martha A (c) dom r502 N West 

Peppers Novella (c) student r502 N West 

Percaccio Thos (Rae) mgr Stein Bros rl218 PUmore 

Perdue Floyd A (Laura S) meats 214 E Martin stall 3 h804 N Boylan av 

Perdue Mam-ice J elk Floyd A Perdue r804 N Boylan av 

Perdue Maxwell W elk Floyd A Perdue r804 N Boylan av 

Perkins Alex F (Maggie H) printer The News & Observer r213 S Person 

Perkins Carlisle D (Ruth E) printer The News & Observer h619 Brooks 

Perkins Delano T (Hattie H) trav slsmn h612 Polk 

Perkins Ella instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Perkins Hattie H Mrs sten State Treas h612 Polk 

PERKINS HAZEL, Asst Sec Kirchofer & Arnold Inc, rl07 N Boylan av, 
Tel 971-R 

Perkins J L guard State Prison r do 

Perkins Marian M (wid Wm A) r612 Polk 

Perkins Wm H (Annie L) rep elk hll09 Mordecai dr 

Perkinson Charlotte S state editor State Progress r Arlington (Hayes- 

Perkinson Junius (c) student r714 Fayetteville 

Perkinson Louise (e) dom r608 2d 

Perkinson Mary (c) cook h714 Fayetteville 

Perkinson Wm H elk r6 Pirwood av 

Perlstem Nettie (wid W;n) bkpr Boylan-Pearee Co Inc r200 E Edenton 

Pei-manent Marcel Shop Chas R Moore mgr 18 W Martin R508 

Perrin H Cardrew (c; Louise) instr Shaw University h725 S Blount 

Perry A Roland elk rSlO Sasser 

Perry Aeyle E (Margt L) civ eng r529 New Bern av 

Perry Alton O (Frances O cotton buyer r RD 3 

Perry Anna G (c) asst matron Shaw University r do 

Perry Annie (c) dom rl21 Bledsoe av 

Perry Amiie (wid Wm C) h516 E Edenton 

Perry Armie r Wake County Home 

Perry Arth (e) janitor Taylor's rllll New Bern av 

Perry Arth W (Dovla L) hlpr hSlO Sasser 

Perry Aughtnv (e) cook rll2 Camden 

Perry Beulah S opr SouBeJlTel&TelegCo rl007 W Ijennlr 

Perry Bollie T (e; Mamiei janitor Countv Court House hSOl S Bloodworth 

Perry Burton (c; Delia) h410 E South 

Perry Carrie B (e) Indrs h415 S Havwood 

Perry Cath (c) cook r9 McKee 

Perry Chas (e; Cora) carp h815 E Davie 

Perry Chas S (MolUe J) city water eollr hl005 W South 

Perry Clara Mrs asst director luncheonette F W Woolworth Co r306 S 




PHONE 528 

Perry Colonel P (c; Victoria) lab hlOll Fayetteviiie 

Perry Colonel P jr (c) cliauf rlOll Fayette rUie 

Perry Connie (c) r714 S Dawson 

Peri-y Dock (o; Martha) gdnr h532 E Edenton 

Perry Douglas (c) lab r607 Smith 

Perry E Kath sch tchr r410 Dixie Trail 

Perry Edw F hlpr Swift & Co r Neuse N C 

Perry Edw M (Bessie) meats 214 E Martin stall 7 r Neuse N C RD 1 

Perry Edwin L (Nannie A) elk CP&LCo h508 E Wliitaker Mill rd 

Perry Elsie Y Mrs r304 N Bloodworth 

Perry Emma (c) cook Confederate Soldiers Home rllU E Morgan 

Perry Erleen (c) dom r419 Montague la 

Perry Ethel (c) dom rlOll Fayetteviiie 

Perry Etta D sten State Library Comn r809 N Person 

Perry Eugenia Mrs sten rll8 N Wilmington 

Perry Frances C Mrs sten Barwick & Leach and notary r RD 3 

Perry Frank (c) lab rll5 E Cabarrus 

Perry Purman (c) janitor r611 S Swain 

Perry G R printer The News & Observer r Lassiter Mill rd 

Perry Gabrilla textile wkr rllll Harp 

Perry Geo R Rev (c; Rosa B) hl280 E Edenton 

Perry Gerald T chemical eng r711 Brooks av 

Perry Gertrude (c) maid h216 Fowle 

Peri-y Gladys r516 N Person 

Perry Gladys L r514 E Edenton 

Perry H Jurison (Lettie P) instr h711 Brooks av 

Perry H Meredith musician r410 Dixie Trail 

Perry Henry J (R Emily) paper hngr ISVz S Wilmington h410 Dixie Trail 

Pen-y Isabel (c) dom h607 Smith 

Perry J M slsmn r327 Hillsboro 

Perry J Whitney chemical eng r711 Brooks av 

Perry Jas (c) r23 W Hayti al 

Perry Jas (c; Emma) janitor h615 E Lenoir 

Perry Jas (c) lab r225 Mangum 

Peri-y Jas W welder rl27 S Harrington 

Perry Jesse M hlpr rl504 N Blount 

Perry Jessie (c) maid h611 S Swain 

Perry John (c) hlpr r225 Mangum 

Perry John R (;o) porter Raleigh Loan Office r610 Cannon 

Perry Julia (c) dom hll22 E Edenton 

Perry Kath (c) dom rl415 E Jones 

Perry Lee H h306 S Swain 

Perry Lee H Jr r306 S Swain 

Perry Lemuel H elk US PO rll7 N McDowell 

Perry Leroy (c) student rl206 S Walnut 

Perry Lillie (c) h9 McKee 

Perry Link (c; Lannie) lab hl305 Hill 

Perry Louise (c) sch tchr rllll New Bern av 

Perry Lucille (c) dom rill Park 

Perry M Eliz (o) maid r615 W South 

Perry Mabel (c) r714 S Dawson 

Perry Mabel (c) Indry wkr i-9 McKee 

Perry Madeline (c) r714 S Dawson 

Perry Mamie (c) maid Hotel Wiley rl07 N Harrington 

Perry Marian (c) dom rllll New Bern av 

Perry Marian L (c) hllll New Bern av 

Perry Mary (c) h610 Cannon 

Perry Mary (c) dom r532 E Edenton 

Perry Mary A L (c) sch tchr r825 S Blount 

Perry Mary S student r410 Dixie Trail 

Perry Matthew (c) cook h715 S Dawson 

Perry Mildred D textile wkr rllio Harp 

Perry Millie (c) Indrs hl4 S State 

Perry Moses E (Clyde V) hosemn Engine Co No 3 h323 W Edenton 

Perry Moses M slsmn r306 Elm 

Perry Nathan I auto mech Staudt's Bakery r Lasslter's Mill rd 

Perry Nebb (c; Mary) lab hl407 Pender 

Perry Nellie (c) r715 S Dawson 

Perry Nelson L (c) phys 427 S Blount rl325 S East 

Perry Nora M slswn W T Grant Co r319 E Morgan 

Perry Norfleet (c) lab h717 Church 

Perry Ola (c) rlOll Fayetteviiie 

Perry Ollie (c; Mitchell) porter Lawyers bldg h2210 Everett av 

Perry Otha L (c; Ella) auto mech hl206 S East 

Perry Peggy (c) dom hl325 S East 




f! Factory Authorized Sales and Service o 

lH General Motors Values |^ 


1416 421 FAYETTEVILLE ST. 1383 

Perry Robena (c) cook r908 E Hargett 

Perry Robt ic; Gertrude) lab h316 Cannon 

Perry Robt (c) lab r611 S Swain 

Perry Robt B (Virginia B) slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co h211 N Boylan av 

Perry Roy E (Lucy I; Perry's) h224 N East 

Perry S Cecil (Huia E) h6 Daisy 

Perry Sadie (o dom rllll New Bern av 

Perry Salinda C cik Wachovia Bank & Trust Co rl603 Craig 

Perry Saml ic; Coral car wa^lier Green & McNeill h825 S Blount 

Perry Silas D (Beulah L) driver Oak City Lndry rlO07 W Lenoir 

PeiTy Sophronia (c) dom 1x417 S Swain 

Perry Thelma I (c) sten Acme Realty Co rllll New Bern av 

Perry Thos cc; Mamie) bellmn Hotel Wiley hlOT N Harrington 

Perry Thos (c; Octavia) lab hl006 E Martin 

Perry V Dewitt (Clara) ball player r306 S Swain 

Perry Vera atndt State Hosp r do 

Perry Virginia (c) dom rl605 Oakwood av 

Perry W Andrew jwlr hl504 N Blount 

PERRY WALTER N (Annie L) , Genl Agt Connecticut General Life In- 
surance Co, h513 Cieveiaiid, Tel 3939 

Perry Walter Y cLillie) trav slsmn hl2 N Person 

Perry Weslev (c; Marie) lab h23 W Hayti al 

Perry Wllbert (c) lab h519 S McDowell 

Perry Willard (c) driver J G Ball Co rl4 S State 

Perry Wm (c) lab h503 E Edenton 

Perry Wm (c) plstr h615 W South 

Perry Wm A (c; Esther A) carrier US PC h904 E Hargett 

Perry Wm D (c) lab r519 S Wilmington 

Perry Wm H (c) r615 W South 

Perry Wm H (c) barber Market Barber Shop r603 E Cabarrus 

Perry Wm H elk rl504 N Blount 

Perry Winnie L ( wid Marcus C) h718 W Lane 

Perry Zelma E Mrs rSll S Salisbury 

Pen-y's (Roy E Perry) clothes clnrs and tailors 107% Fayetteville plant 
902 E Edenton 

Ferryman Chas M slsmn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hl05 E Edenton apt 105 

Person see also Pearson 

Person Anderson (c; Bettie) firemn hl033 Oberlin rd 

Person Ernest (c) driver R & W Grocerteria rl308 Oberlin rd 

Person Henry (c; Laura) lab h316 3 East 

Person John (c; Knoye) lab h2305 Stafford av 

Person Lillie (c) Indrs rl933 Oberlin rd 

Person Mima (c) dom h326 E Davie 

Person Rebecca (c) cook 2125 Country Club dr 

Person Sallie (c) dom h714 2d 

Person Street Cafe (Eckie H Gattis) 227 Pace 

PERSON STREET PHARMACY (Philip D Gattis), 620 N Person cor 
Pace, Tels 231 and 222, Night Tel 4424 (See page 34) 

PERSON STREET PHARMACY No 2 (Hobson I Gattis) , Glenwood av 
cor Fairv'ew rd, Te!s lOS-107 (See page 3i) 

Person Street Service Station (Eckie H Gattis) 701 N Person 

Person Thao (c; Mary) cook hl308 Oberlin rd 

Pescud Josephine R (wid Edw P) rll7 Woodburn rd 

Peters Chris P (North State Cafe) h229 S Wilmington 

Peterson Ben (c; Dora) housemn Sir Walter Hotel h517 S Swain 

Peterson Cleo (c) cook r412 Watson 

Peterson Eliz supvr Rex Hosp r do 

Peterson Emma C < wid Jas) r609 Fayetteville 

Peterson H C atndt State Hosp r do 

Peterson Jas (c; Luvenia) lndry wicr Sanitary Ln(ii-y hl205 Hill 

Peterson Jas (c; Clara) lab h509 Patterson la 

Peterson Lalah W Mrs opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r314 E Hargett 

Peterson Luella (c) maid Sir Walter Hotel r412 Watson 

Peterson Luvenia (c) lndry wkr The Raleigh Lndry rl205 Hill 

Peterson Noah A elk Hotel Wiley r do 

Peterson Saml (c; Carrie) lab h414 Green 

Peterson T E cook State Hosp r do 

Peterson Timothy (e) lab r325 Smithfield 

Peterson Walter (c; Dorothy) hsemn Sir Walter Hotel h326 W South 

Peterson Wm (c; Hattie) lab h412 Watson 

Peterson Wm H (c) bellmn Mansion Park Hotel h325 Smithfield 

Petrey Hari-y L ins agt rlll5 Hillsboro 

Pettiford Annie (c) dom hl214 Oberlin rd 

Pettiford Mary (c) dom h426 S Swain 

Pettiford Phoebe (e) dom h228 E Lenoir 


Alfred Williams & Co. 



Pettiford Roscoe L (c; Adelaide) hl302 Oberlin rd 

Pettiford Sarah (c) dom rl214 Oberlin rd 

Pettiford Sherwood (c; Hallie) lab hl304 Holman 

Pettiford Wm (c) farmer rl302 Oberlin rd 

Pettiford Wm B (c) phys 128 E Davie rl302 Oberlin rd 

Pettigrew Wm J (c; Martha) pntr h28 Bragg 

Petty see also Peddy 

Petty Annie F asst sec State Library Comn r230 N Person 

Petway J Edw elk Dixie Inn r3426 Hillsboro 

Phelps Alma M sten State Hwy Comn Ul E Morgan 

Phelps Perol E elk Mut Benefit Life Ins Co and notary r223 N Wilming- 

Phelps Hattie J (wid Henry H) hl05 E Edenton apt 201 

Phelps Henry H examiner N C Inspection & Rating Bureau rl05 E Eden- 
ton apt 201 

Phelps J Chas (Katie C) traffic mgr State Hwy Purch Dept hlOlB Boy- 
dan dr 

Phelps Jodie I (wid John C) h217y2 N Bloodworth 

Phelps John (c; Mattie) lab hSOON West 

Phelps John H (Lila M) elec contr 506 3 Salisbury r do 

Phelps Leon H ins agt r507 Payetteville 

Phelps Lindsay M (Nina C) dep elk U S District Court hl22 Hillcrest rd 

apt 6 
Phelps Pat elk r618 Hillsboro 

Phelps Pearle sten J Ivan Clendenin rill Hillsboro 
Phelps Virginia student rl22 Hillcrest rd apt 6 
Phelps Walter R elk N C State College r217y2 N Bloodworth 
Phi Kappa Pi fraternity 1720 Hillsboro 
Phifer Louisa (c) dom r518 S Haywood 
Philadelphia Lunch (Peter Kametches) 200 E Martin 
Philbrick Clarence L (Augusta L) sis rep h503 W, Whitaker MUl rd 
Philbrick Thos L student r503 W Whitaker Mill rd 
Phillips Alonzo (c; Berta) chauf hll04 S Wilmington 

Phillips Branson D (Chase H) cash CP&LCo h Beech Ridge rd nr Glen- 
wood av 
Phillips C G (Rossie) cor dnll opr State Hwy Comn r Gary N C 
PhiUips C Pearl hl510 KewBem av 

Phillips DeWitt D (Lena E) agcy organizer N Y Life Ins Co hll23 Harvey 
Phillips E Roy (Mabel E) fish 328 E Davie h do 
Phillips Edgar E (Emma N) metal wkr Baker & Rawls Roofing Co hl308 

Phillips Fannie slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r Auburn N C 
Phillips Fletcher H (Eula R; Wake Feed Co) hl4 S Boylan av 
Phillips Franklin B (Ruby B) br mgr The Great A & P Tea Co r2202 

Phillips Hosea (c) student r512 S Blount 
Phillips J Council (c; Susie) firemn h307 Bledsoe av 
Phillips J Walton (Mary L) trainmn hll04 Pilmore 
Phillips Jas (c) chauf rl05 W Cabarrus 
Phillips Jas R (c) delmn r307 Bledsoe av 
Phillips Jennie E (c; Snow Flake Beauty Parlor) rl7 S Swain 
Phillips Llewellyn B multi opr N C State College rl20 Groveland av 
Phillips Marion H (wid Jas J) hl208 College pi 
Phillips Mary (c) cook 720 N Bioodworth 
Phillips Mary E tchr Lucille Hunter Sch rl7 S Swain 
Phillips McGeachy (Margt) shoe repr Sir Walter Shoe Shop r549 E Har- 

Phillips Reese M elk W T Grant Co rl05 S Dawson 
Phillips Rexford M hlpr rl510 NewBem av 
Phillips Sallie nurse Rex Hosp r do 
Phillips The apts 102 Logan ct 
Phillips The apts 700 W Morgan 
Phillips Thos (c) student r512 S Bloimt 
PhUlips Thos M (Halhe F) h514 N Bloodworth 
Phinney Clarence E (Margt E) sec-treas Raleigh Internatl Co h2601 Clark 

PhiPDs Alonzo G candy mkr Royster's r Caraleigh 

Phipps J Wesley elk Postal-Teleg Cable Co r309 Maywood av (Caraleigh) 
Phoenix Assurance Co James W Bailey state agt 20 E Martin R701 
Phoenix Bessie B Mrs elk h807 Glenwood av 

Phoenix Indemnity Co McPhei-son & Barnes genl agts 20 E Martin R401 
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co James L Hales agt 2116 Ridgecrest 
Physicians' Exchange (Estelle Cirowder) 210 W Morgan 
Pickell Julia C r221 W Park dr 
Pickell JuUa H (wid Jas M) h221 W Park dr 





104 S. DAWSON ST. 




Pickell Marion C elk U S Int Rev Office r221 W Park dr 

Pickell Virginia R r221 W Park dr 

Pickering Hubert P (Vera E) chemist State Dept of Agriculture r407 New- 
Bern av 

Pickering Vera E Mrs sten Paul P Smith r407 NewBern av 

Pickett Prances L Mrs hostess Carolina Country Club r do 

Pierce see also Pearce 

Pierce Bettie (c) hl002 E Martin 

Pierce Brodie sta atndt r620 Hillsboro 

Pierce E A & Co Claude B Barbee jr mgr stock brokers 18 W Martin R301 

Pierce Fonzolo J (Nannie P) mgr golf course hl304 Jackson 

Pierce Howard L (Vera L) dep county sheriff h209 Bickett blvd 

Pierce Ida L elk rll Enterprise 

Pierce R P atndt State Hosp r do 

Pierce S Kath student rl304 Jackson 

Pierce Wilma (e) maid Confederate Soldier's Home rllll E Morgan 

Pierson Mary (c) dom r613 Adams al 

Pierson Reese (c) lab h613 Adams al 

Piggly Wiggly gros 223y2 N Bloodworth, 110 Fayetteville, 1626 Glenwood 
av, 1213 and 1912 Hillsboro, 19 E Martin and 616 N Person 

Pigott Geo G r721 W Hargett 

Pigott Mary (wid Fred) r721 W Hargett 

Pigott Melva C opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r721 Hargett 

Pike C Leon elk Postal-Teleg Cable Co rllOS W Cabarrus 

Pike Douglas O (Elma) plant eng State Hosp h901 S Boylan av 

Pike Etta (wid John W) rSOl NewBern av 

Pike Geo W (Laura; Hoover Auto Service) hl614 Scales 

Pike Hazel J student rl614 Scales 

Pike John P (Mary V) slsmn Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co hl23 Glen- 
wood av 

Pike John R (Sadie) plant supt Capital Coca Cola Bottling Co h501 De- 

Pike Loma R elk rl614 Scales 

Pike Louise A opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co rll6 S McDowell 

Piland J Rodney (Margt L) asst chemist N C State College h5 Pogue*' 

Pilgrim Wm (c; Emma) lab r523 Hick's al 

Piller C Fenner (Mary E) lino opr Coml Printing Co h322 Perry 

Pillow Vesta R Mrs typist Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r Beech 
Ridge rd nr Glenwood av 

Plllsbury J Plummer (Kath H) prof N C State College h2715 Hillsboro 

Pillsbury Kath H Mrs mus tchr 2715 Hillsboro h do 

Pilot Baptist Church 1106 N Blount 

Pilot Council No 206 JOUAM Edgar E Phillips sec meets Fridays 8 PM 
1100 Harp 

Pilot Life Insurance Co Walter G Stuart genl a art 239 Fayetteville R1008 

Pilot Mercantile Co (Jefferson J Harvey) gros 1100 Harp 

Pilot Mills Co Karl G Hudson pres-treas, H Clarence Howell v-pres, Col- 
yar S Tatum sec-mgr 1100 Harp 

Pilot Mills Hall 1100 Harp 

Pinchback Tlios O (Edna) tmkpr h624 W Jones 

Plnckney Benj (c: Odessa) lab r418 N Harrington 

Pindle Robt (c) tailor r312 E Cabarrus 

Pine State Creamery Co Benj W Kllgore pres, Lyman Kiser v-pres, Chas 
R Russell sec-treas 426 Glenwood av br 116 S Salisbury 

Pinkney Mary (c) dom r201 Idlewild av 

Pinkston Harold R eng r224 E Morgan 

Pioneer Pyramid Life Insurance Co Edwin R Nelson spl agt 15 W Hargett 

Piper Jas T (Mlnta I) auto mech hSlO Polk 

Pipkin Brantley appr Capital Printing Co r RD 4 

Pipkin Floyd T elk Piggley Wiggly rl522 Sunrise av 

Pipkin John D mech Raleigh Nash Co r Fayetteville rd 

Pipkm Paul W (Myrtle M) prsmn Capital Printing Co r Adams row nr 
Ramkatte rd 

Pipkins Mae E opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co r325 W Edenton 













Audits — 

























2 C5I 















The Raleigh Building and L^an Association 





Commercial National Bank Building Telephone 2637 

Pippin Hugh elk rl27 Halifax 

Pii-kle Ruth typist The Raleigh Gas Co rl021 Harvey 

Pitchforri Wm H (Alice M) rlk USPO hl006 Boylan dr 

Pittard Geo elk r314 E Hargett 

Pittard John S (Lina) chemist State Dept of Agriculture h407 N Wil- 

Pittman Chas R (J Myrtle) barber Bland Hotel Barber Shop h514 W 

Pittman E B r Mansion Park Hotel 

Pittman Eliz B (wid Thos M) r214 W Edenton 

Pittman Grace A sten Mary Elizabeth Hosp rl408 Sycamore 

Pittman Guy elk DLxie Inn r3426 Hillsboro 

Pittman H Leota rl7 E Dixie dr 

Pittman Harry rl7 E Dixie dr 

Pittman Jas V (.Eunice J> levermn opr hl525 Hanover 

Pittman John J (Edith A; Pittman Printing Co) hl7 E Dixie dr 

Pittman Jos C (Ira A) bkpr W E Cooper Pm'n Co hl408 Sycamore 

Pittman Jos R prsfdr Pittman Printing Co rl7 E Dixie dr 

Pittman Josephine student rlOll Park dr 

Pittman Kath L office sec Hail & Rain Bureau rl408 Sycamore 

Pittman Lillie C (wid Jos C) rl004 Benjamin 

Pittman Mary D v-pres The Wpman's Club rlOll Park dr 

Pittman Mildred student rl408 Sycamore 

Pittman O Christine slswn Efird's Dept Store rl08 N Dawson. 

Pittman Percy D waiter Green Grill r514 W North 

Pittman Printing Co (John J Pittman) 329 W Martin 

Pittman Robt E service mgr Sanders Motor Co i-7 S Person 

Pittman Ruth A rl08 S Dawson 

Pittman WUey H (Mary D) asst director State Purch Dept hlOU Park dr 

Pittman Wm H (Flora O) auditor Carolina Coach Co h412 Kinsey 

Pitts Allene V/ (C) asst matron St Augustine's College r307 S Tarboro 

Pitts Henry (c; Bessie) janitor h910 Fayetteville 

Pitts Maude L Mrs (Carolina Sundry Shoppe) hl7CH) StMary's 

Pitts Nannie (c) h825 Manly 

Pitts PhiliD student r2230 Hillsboro 

Pitts Temple (c) h307 S Tarboro 

Pitysmont Nursery (Cicely Browne) 408 Dixie Trail 

Pizer Bros Co Wm Pizer pres iVIax P^zer scc-treas clothing 8 E Hargett 

Pizer Max (Libby N) sec-treas Pizer Bros Co h313 Polk 

Pizer Wm (Sadie D) pres Pizer Bros Co h512 E Lane 

Plageman Wm H (Doris S) sis agt Standard Brands Inc h610 Willard pi 
apt 1 

Pleasant Geneva typist N C Home Ins Co of Raleigh rll7 S Bloodworth 

Pleasant J Henry barber Branch Barber Shop r537 E Martin 

Pleasants Beriha C Mrs sisv»n Hudson-Belk Co r2G2 Aycock 

Pleasants H McKay (Uva M) slsmn Lawrence Bros r2105 Fairview rd 

Pleasants Herman E (Margt A) pass agt hlO05 Harvey 

Pleasants Jarvis M (Bertha C) slsmn r202 Aycock 

Pleasants John G (Macie R) slsmn h202 Aycock 

Pledger Gus (c; Missie) lab h711 S West 

Plexico Einmett W (Annie C) h715 Plorence 

Plexico S Boyd r715 Florence 

Plummer Annie (o dom h707 S Person 

Plummer Daisy (c) cook r412 Smith 

Plummer Ethel (c) dom r605 S Bloodworth 

Plummer Hannah (c) dom h412 Smith 

Plummer Hattie (o dom hl405 E Edenton 

Plummer John O (c; Clementine; phys 10 E Worth h do 

Plummer Kemp B <c) pntr h214 E Cabarrus 

Plummer Sylvia (c) Indrs hl09 W Lenoir 

Plummer Wm (c) r Wake County Home 

Piybon Chas T (Melba L) agt Jefferson Standard life Ins Co r403 Kin- 

Plybon Melba A Mi-s sten Aetna Life Ins Co r408 Kinsey 

PLYMOUTH AUTOMOBILES, Monlgomery-Mutart Inc Dealers, 109- 
115 S Blount, Te! 2476 (See right top lines) 

Poe Chas H sten The Progressive Fanner Ruralist Co r621 N Blount 

Poe Clarence (Alice A) pres The Progressive Farmer Ruralist Co and edi- 
tor The Progressive Farmer & Sou Ruralist h621 N Blount 

Poe Elisha E (c; Lula) brkmn hll02 E Jones 

Poe Wm D student r621 N Blount 

Poindexter Dabney T (Vashti R) hll9 N Boylan av 

Pointer J R Cigar Co (Joseph R Pointer) whol 337 S Wilmington 

Pointer Jos R (Daisy B; J R Pointer Cigar Co) h809 NewBem av 

Polglase Francis X (Lucy C) slsmn Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co Inc hl2l N 
Person apt 7 



The Carolina's Oldest Wholesale and Retail 
Hardware House 

Polglase Lucy C Mrs sten McClenaghan, Griffith & Hayes hl21 N Person 

apt 7 
POLICE DEPARTMENT (See Raleisfh— City of) 

Polier Arth (Bessie M) sis oromoter h614 Polk 

PolkLula (c) dom hll College 

Polk Mai-y K (c) sch tchr r419 Cannon 

Polk Minnie (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Polk Nora (c) maid State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Pollard David A slsm.n C H Stephenson Music Co r Hollerman rd RD 3 

Pollard Emma slswn Lucielle Shop rl02 NewBern av 

Pollard Fredk W (Lottie B) policemn h410 W North 

Pollard J Wm (Lena W) hll03 Wake Forest rd 

Pollard Margt B (wid Thos P) typist State Board of Health hl05 E Eden- 
ton apt 205 

Pollard Noah E (c; Lucy C) lab h305 Bragg 

Pollard Rebecca (c) hl3 W Worth 

Pollard Wm elk rl311 NewBern av 

Pollock Agnes priv sec Durham Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r213 Hillsboro 

Pollock Christine S office sec State Dept of Conservation and Develop- 
ment r315 Polk 

Pollock J J prof N C State College r do 

Pollock Max (Mary) nier Jean's r Hillsboro rd bey city limits 

Pollock's Slipper Salon Herbert W Liles mgr 122 Fayetteville 

Pond Melvin T bus driver r311 S Swain 

Pond Virginia L sten CP&LCo r319 New Bern av 

Ponton Danl R (Bertha A) v-pres Electl Equipment Co Inc h214 Forest 

Ponton Robt A student r214 Forest rd 

Pool Albert B r531 E Martin 

Pool C W prod rSlVVa S Blount ; , - 

Pool David (c) r2305 Everett av 

Pool Dorsey E (Nellie G) formn h209 S Swain 

Pool Eleanor B slswn F W Woolworth Co r RD 2 

Pool Eliza A r214 W Edenton 

Pool Epenetus N rl314 Mordeoai dr 

Pool Exeter G wood 547 E CabaiTus r905 E Edenton 

Pool Fannie (wid Saml W) rll05 Filmore 

Pool Grover C (Fannie) prsmn Bynum Printing Co h901 E Edenton 

Pool Harvey B (Nora) h531 E Martin 

Pool Jack (c) whsemn rll24 Hill 

Pool Jos P (Mary 'V) gro 720 E Hargett h do 

Pool Marjorie H (wid Rufus A) rl5 S Bloodworth 

Pool Mai-vin (Florence) plmbr h527 E Martin 

Pool Mary E (wid Sion R) h905 E Edenton 

Pool Milkired L sten Fidelity & Casualty Co of N Y rll05 Filmore 

Pool Ola P textile wkr r323 "W Davie 

Pool Parker (c) lab h2305 Everett av 

Pool R Hezekiah (Josephine) city firemn r856 W Morgan 

Pool Raymond (c) blksmith r814 Cotton pi 

Pool Raymond (Eula) textile wkr h208 Firwood av 

Pool Ronnie R Mrs r202 W Morgan 

Pool Roy R (Nell L1 acct CP&LCo hl314 Mordecai dr 

Pool Rufus (Evie: Union Plumbing & Heating Co) r NewBern aV nr city 

Pool Rufus A student rl5 S Bloodworth 

Pool W C Inc oprs Whiting-Horton Co 10 E Martin 

Pool W Loomis (Maj'belle) pharm Galloway's Professional Bldg Phar- 
macy hll05 Filmore 

Pool Wrn (Cath) atndt Square Deal Service Sta r536 E Martin 

Poole A Badger waiter Chas Lovell r218 S Swain 

Poole Alonzo (c; Hazel) draymn h408 Oberlin rd 

Poole Alonzo H (Margt) barber Union Barber Shop h549 E Martin 

Poole Alonzo R (Minnie McK) gro 50-6 S West h508 do 

Poole Alzer F (Mamie B) h311 S Dawson 

Poole Bessie bkpr r305 W Whitaker Mill rd 

Poole Bettie r Wake County Home 

Poole Braxton driver Hobby Transfer Co r517 S Bloodworth 

Poole Bruce M (Lossie G) policemn hlll3 Harp 

Poole Burton P (Nona B) hverv stable h312 S DaVson 

Poole Carey H elk W H King Drug Co Inc r RD 2 

Poole Caroline (c) r214 W South 

Poole Chas E (Newvell J) slsmn r508 S West 

Poole Cherry ( c1 cook 920 E Lane 

Poole Clarence E (Amy E)i morse opr W U Teleg Co r4:12 E Morgan 

Poole Claude C (Georgia H) eleotn h712 W Peace 

Poole Dalma C (Nora L) auto mech h416 E Hargett 

Poole Dewey huckster r314 E Martin 







PHONE 4020 

Poole Dorothy M student r508 S West 

Poole Edwin (c) lab r408 Oberlln rd 

Poole Eliza School 1520 Fayetteville rd 

Poole Prances Indrs State Hosd r do 

Poole Predk (c) delmn College Ct Pharmacy r408 Oberlln rd 

Poole G Floyd (Jannie B) coUr The Raleigh Gas Co hl020 Boylan dt, 

Poole Geo E (Bertha G) siior, formn Oldham & Worth Inc h805 W Peace 

POOLE GEO R (Lucille S), Partner A Lee Eawlings & Co, li2628 Fairview 

rd, Tel 3293 
Poole Grace L checker Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dyeing Co r312 

S Dawson 
Poole Grover C (Eliz D) div frt agt SALRy hl307 College pi 
Poole Harry (c; Lena) lab h714 S Dawson 
Poole Haywood (c; Gertrude) janitor h615 Chamberlain 
Poole Henry (c) lab r510 Smith 
Poole Henry W printer r508 S West 

Poole Hettie M wrapper Hudson-Belk Co r517 S Bloodworth 
Poole Hinton weaver rllSl Harp 

Poole Hinton S (Sallie I) huckster h517 S Bloodworth 
Poole Jas meat ctr White House Meat Mkt 111 E Martin 
Poole Jas textile wkr rll34 Harp 

Poole Jas A (Elsie J) driver Engine Co No 3 rl21 S Boylan av 
Poole John M (Thelma H) r508 S VvTest 
Poole John R jr (Cath) huckster hl321 NewBern av 
Poole John W (Mary L) soft drinks 110 E Davie rl004 W South 
Poole Josephine M office sec Sou Title Service Co rl22 NewBern av ' 
Poole Juanita (c) elev opr Hotel Carolina h207 N Haywood 
Poole Kenneth ianitor (5ountv Court House r do 
Poole Kerney O (Pattie P) h218 S Swain 
Poole Lelia rl306 Mordecai dr 
Poole Lena r208 E Morgan 
Poole Lena (c) dom r20i Idlewild av 
Poole Leonard (c: Mary) lab hl26 E Cabarrus 
Poole Lester D (Ella L; Hoover Auto Service) hl022 Boylan dr 
Poole Lonnie (Willie H) lab h3C4 Hoke 
Poole Lonnie R (Rosa) carp h416 E Hargett 
Poole M Bennett (Swannie) huckster h317 E Martin 
Poole M Irene (wid Hildry L) h215 S West 

Poole Mary (c) instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 
Poole Mary (wid John R) h2()S E Morgan 
Poole Mary J rl306 Mordecai dr 
Poole Maude L textile wkr rll33 Harp 
Poole Mirther (Missouri E) textile wl?;r hll34 Harp 
Poole MoUie (c) h406 Cannon 

Poole Nora L Mi-s marker Sanitary Lndrv h416 E Hargett 
Poole Ola M wrapper Hudson-Belk Co r517 S Bloodworth 
Poole Olus I (Angle) h313 S Dawson 
Poole Oneta wraoper Hudson-Belk Co r RD 1 
Poole Otis (c) lab r615 Chamberlain 
Poole Pattie M (c) r710 E Martin 

Poole R Frank (Margt^ prof N C State College hi Hope 
Poole R G gviard State Prison r do 
Poole Rawlins S student ri922 Hillsboro 
Poole Raymond D student r8 Ferndell la 

Poole Rebecca toll opr Sou Bell Tel & Teleg Co rl06 Glen wood av 
Poole Robt H (Josephine) firemn Eng Co No 1 r356 W Morgan 
Poole Sallie H (wid S Haywood) h412 E Morgan 
Poole Shirley driver Hobby Transfer Co r Gamer rd 
Poole Silas (Joy) textile wkr hi 133 Harp 

Poole Simon P (c; Ruby L) delmn Royal Baking Co h829 Cotton pi 
Poole Thelma P Mrs r219 S East 
Poole Theo (c) lab r221 (209) Branch (S Pk) 
Poole Thos E r805 W Peace 

Poole Thos P (Nannie E; Poole's Beauty Shoppe) r208 E Morgan 
Poole Truly B (Rosa B) ftr The Raleigh Gas Co h218 S Bloodworth 
Poole Tyree M (Clara) city firemn r218 S Swain 
Poole Veleria L Mrs tailoress Mayo's Clothes rl20 S Blount 
Poole Virginia C slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r508 S West 
Poole Wiley (c; Lula) lab b221 (209) Branch (S Pk) 
Poole Wm (c) gdnr r615 Chamberlain 
Poole Wm R student r503 S West 

Poole's Beauty Shoppe (Thos P Poole) 204 Fayetteville 
Pooler Cleveland (c; Helen) lab r508 Patterson la 
Pooler Ervin (c; Polly) driver W A Mvatt Co Inc h610 E Daviei 
Pooler Jas (c; Indiana) hlpr h312A S East 
Poore Roy W (Minnie) mgr meat dept 'The Great A & P Tea Co h804,ii 





Pope Alice (c) dom h2314 Joint 

PoDe Cicero F Rev (c: Lizzie B) h316 E South 

Pope David jr (c; Nora) blksmith hllOO S Bloodworth 

Pope David H (Sadie W: Pope's Service Sta) h206 Chamberlain 

Pope Dorothy V tchr StMai-y's Sch r do 

Pope E Norwood (Elma P) adv mgr CP&LCo h2204 Barbee pi 

Pope Emmett (c; Novella) cook h805 Manly 

Pope Eug (c) gdnr r2314 Joint 

Pope Eunice L ic) dom r414 E Cabarrus 

Pope Evelyn B (c) sch tchr rSll S Wilmington 

Pope Prances C sten State Dept oi Conservation Development rl05 E 
Edenton apt 112 

Pope Frank M r533 N Blount 

Pope Hannah (c) r Wake County Home 

Pope Jas (c) lab rSll S McDowell 

Pope Jas E (Carrie) stmftr h224 S Bloodworth 

Pope Lacy (Irene) ins adjuster r213 Hillsboro 

Pope Manassa T (c: Delia H) hSll S Wilmington 

Pope Mark (c; Lillie M) chauf h538 E Lenoir 

Pope Ollie B (Jane) dyer hll35 N Blount 

Pope Robt B (c; Minnie) blksmith 317% E Davie hlll7 S Bloodworth 

Pope Roy (c) blksmith Robt B Pope r RD 2 

Pope Ruth P (c) sch tchr rSll S Wilmington 

Pope Sadie (c) dom r605 S Harrington 

Pope Saml (c; Dora) lab hl300 Center 

Pope Sophie L sten N C State College hl05 E Edenton apt 112 

Pope Thos (c: Bertha) lab r230 Fowie 

Pope Vann T Rev (c; Ethel) r200 Pugh 

Pope Wiley M barber Service Barber Shop r423 Fayetteville 

Pope Wm (c; Helen) hsemn hl26 Cox av 

Pope Wm C Rev (c: Cora L) h414 E Cabarrus 

Pope Wm E brkmn r601 Holt 

Pope Williard instr N C State College r do 

Pope's Service Station (David H Pope) 136 E Morgan 

Pophani J S Ross collr Saunders Motor Co r618 Hillsboro 

Poplin Velma instr State Sch for the Blind and the Deaf r do 

Porter Almyra L Mrs fui'n rms 212 S Dawson h do 

Porter Candy Co lOvid D Porter) v/hol 313 S Blount 

Porter Cath r803 W Morgan 

Porter E Coleman elk State Soda Shop r811 Clay 

Porter Frank L chairmn State Hwy Comn r214 Halifax 

Porter Irwin M (Sarah C) bkpr h'700 N East 

Porter Irwin M jr elk Olivia Raney Library r700 N East 

Porter Margt H Mis instr First Natl Institute of Violin hl918 Sunset av 

Porter Mary L associate prof Meredith College r do 

Porter Ovid D (Emma W; Porter Candy Co) hl219 Mordecai dr 

Porter Robt P (Margt H) slsmn Genl Outdoor Adv Co Inc hl918 Sunset 

Porter Seymour W (Marie F) sta opr Standard Oil Co hl07 Snow av 

Porter Susan Mrs r202 W Edenton 

Porter 'Viola (c) dom r403 Tucker 

Porter W Edw (Fannie) bge mstr hSll Clay 

Porter Wm (c) r329 W South 

POST OFFICE (See United States Government) 

Postal Telegraph-Cable Co S Sheldon Austin mgr 112 W Martin 

Poteat E McNeill Rev (Esther W) pastor Pullen Memorial Baptist Oh, h 
117 Forest rd 

Poteat Ida I prof Meredith College r do 

Poteat Mary tchr Peace a Junior College for Women r do 

Potter Demjjsey (Dora) carp h409 Smithfield 

Potter Estelle textile wkr r409 Smithfield 

Potter John W Rev (Lida J) h710 Hinsdale 

Potts Bessie M (wid Zoph M) h215 N Bloodworth 

Potts Elnora (c) dom h412 Tarboro rd 

Potts Zoph M jr elk The Texas Co r215 N Bloodworth 

Pou Geo R (LilUan S) supt State Prison hl520 Jarvis 

Pou Jas H (Annie W; Pou & Pou) h430 N Blount 

Pou Jas H jr I 'Virginia D; Pou & Pou) hl315 Wake Forest rd 

POU & POU (James H and James K Pou Jr. Judah L Emanuel), Lawyers 
804-808 Lawyers BIdg 320 S Salisbury, Tels 355 and 358 

Pouncey John (c) janitor Raleigh Tractor & Equipment Co Inc r424 Wat- 

Pouncy 'Verne rl314 Glenwood av 

Powell Alie (c) cook h8 Lee 

Powell Annie C cash Life Ins Co of Va rSll S Person 

Powell Aimie E (c) dom rl014 Mark 


116 E. 



CAPITAL ^^^^.Jf7)'^¥' CO. 


Powell Annie M r2107 Ridgecrest 

Powell Bobby A r232 W Hargett apt 8B 

Powell Carl B elk Wake Drag Store r315 S McDowell 

Powell Chas G sec to State Governor r Sir Walter Hotel 

Powell Chloe r306 E Hargett 

Powell D Henry (Mary A M) slsmn Sir Walter Chevrolet Co h2026 Fair- 
view rd 

Powell David E (R Grace) mgr meat dept Piggly Wiggly h802 W South 

Powell Diana (c) dom hl314 Oakwood av 

Powell Dora (c) dom hl205 E Jones 

Powell Dorothy Mrs cash The Capitol Theatre r211% S Harrington 

Powell E M (Winnie B) driver r718 StMary's 

Powell E Marlon (Alice C) spl elk U S P O hl006 W Lenoir 

Powell Edw (c) delmn Bland Hotel Drug Store r547 E Cabarrus 

Powell Earl driver rolO Jefferson 

Powell Eliza S hl2 Enterprise 

Powell Eliz C sten Aetna Life Ins Co r311 S Person 

Powell Estelle R (Capitol Tourist Home) hl02 W Edenton 

Powell Eva B elk State Ins Dept r700 Devereux 

Powell Fleda emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc r213 N Dawson 

Powell Florence elk r408 New Bern av 

Powell Gaston T (Ella F) h306 E Hargett 

Powell Geo (c; Ida) porter Bowman's Jewehy Co hl014 Mark 

Powell Geo A rl502 New Bern av 

Powell Geo H (Duella) h311 S Person 

Powell Geo R (Sarah) carp h77 Lake 

Powell Gordon (c) porter State Dept of Agriculture hl312 Oakwood av 

Powell Herman (c) rl009 Cannister 

Powell Irene C elk r700 Devereux 

Powell Jas (c) lab rl302 E Edenton 

Powell Jas (c) lab hl06 Lee's al 

Powell Jas (c) student r903 E Martin 

Powell Jas (c; Joerita) truck driver rl26 W Cabarrus 

Powell Jas F (Martha R) cond h206 Pine 

Powell Jas F jr student r206 Pine 

Powell Jennie (c) ironer Quality Clnrs & Dyers h606 Wynne 

Powell Jesse L (Sallie M) ins agt h217 N Wilmington 

Powell John (c) labh410 Lee 

Powell Josephine (c) dom rl314 Oakwood av 

Powell Lewis H (Lessie C) v-pres N C Retail Coal Merchants Assn and asst 
genl mgr Capital Ice &l Coal Co Inc h2107 Ridgecrest 

Powell Lillian (c) Indrs hl25 Firwood av 

Powell Lillian R Mrs textile wkr rll27 N Blount 

Powell Loudolph C rl02 W Edenton 

Powell Mabel (c) smstrs h402 Bledsoe av 

Powell Maggie T (wid Nathan I) h700 Devereux 

Powell Marie r612 W Peace 

Powell Mary E sten h407 New Bern av 

Powell Mary F student r232 W Hargett apt 8B 

Powell Omega (c) elev opr r903 E Martin 

Pov/ell Oscar L slsmn Staudt's Bakery r612 W Peace 

Powell Otis C mech Otis Elevator Co hl502 New Bern av 

Powell Paul (c) bellmn Hotel Raleigh rl288 (1289) E Edenton 

Powell Pauline (c) cook hl009 Cannister 

Powell Ralph R student r206 Pine 

Powell Rotat (c; Goldie) janitor State Hwy Purch Dept hl2 Fort av 

Pov/ell Robt (c) lab rl314 Oakwood av 

Powell Robt (c; Ethel) lab h604 Railroad av 

Powell Robt jr (c) delmn rl2 Fort al 

Powell Robt C (Annie R) mgr Hotel Carolina h232 W Hargett apt 83 

Powell Ruby (c) rl009 Cannister 

Powell Selma F Mrs sten r535 N Blount 

Powell Thelma M Mrs toll opr SouBellTel&TelegCo r315 S McDowell 

Powell Tlios C pres Pov/ell & Powell Inc h20O Woodburn rd 

Powell Thos C jr elk Powell & Powell Inc r200 Woodburn rd 

Powell Turner (c: Ella) janitor hl302 E Edenton 

Powell Wm elk r225 E Lane 

Powell Wm printer r408 New Bern av 

Powell Wm H (Mary I) asst dist mgr Durham Life Ins Co hSOl Cutler 

Powell Wm I (Viola) mech Sanders Motor Co h513 Florence 

Powell Wm L (Thelma M; The Dixie Underwriter) r315 S McDowell 

Powell Willis agt Sou-Dixie Life Ins Co r Smithfield N C 

POWELL & POWELL INC. Thos C Powell Pres, Gilbert Crabtree V-Pres, 
Repton H Merritt Sec-Treas, Coal 107 Fayetteville, Tel 41, Yard 611 
W Hargett 




"The memory of quality lingers long after the price Is forgotten." 

Powers Annie L elk WTJTelegCo rl22 W Jones 

Powers John W (Nannie B) daii-y wkr Pine State Creamery Co h103 Gas- 

Powers Jos (Annie McR) inspr SALRy hl22 W Jones 

Powers Jos jr student rl22 W Jones 

Powers L Bruce (Narnie Ri pharjii W H King Drug Co Inc h311 North 

Powers Mirrion McR rl22 W Jones 

Powers Narnie R Mrs slswn Alt Williams & Co h311 North Boundary 

Powers Patk rlll4 New Bern av 

Powers Wilma waitress rll7 N Person 

Powledge A Raymond (Pauline) elk State Dept of Agriculture hll4 Hard- 

Powledge Pauline Mrs sr sten State Hwy Comn hll4 Harding 

Poyner Geo S student r202 Groveland av 

Poyner Jas M student r202 Groveland av 

Poyner Mary S (wid Jas) h202 Groveland av 

Prather Carrie (c) tehr Washington Sch r317 Battle 

Prather Edgar A (c; Carrie M) gro 317 Battle h do 

Pratt Alice B (wid Geo M) h216 Forest rd 

Pratt Annabelle div sec State Dept of Public Instruction r216 Forest rd 

Pratt Jas B slsmn r216 Forest rd 

Pratt Jemima (c) maid 304 W Edenton 

Pratt Marv C (wid R Lewis) r208 S East 

Pratt Nancy r216 Forest rd 

Pratt Pearline (c) dom r415 Patterson la 

Pratt Robt C slsmn r216 Forest rd 

Preddy see also Pretty 

Preddy Chas R (Alice) sec-treas Peerless Supply Co Inc h302 Ayeoek 

Preddy Corinna (c) cook 1103 Cowper dr 

Preddy pp.nnie (c) Indrywkr The Raleish Lndrv r821 S Blount 

Preddy Graydon M (Lucille M) pres Peei'less Supply Co Inc h2207 The 

Preddy Wallace (e; Fannie) lab h821 S Blount 

Predgen Clarence C prod r716 N Person 

Presnell Guy B r715 Tucker 

Presnell Virginia O sec W P T F Radio Co r715 Tucker 

Presnell Wm W (Ora D) elk State Hwy Comn h715 Tucker 

PRESSLY WM C (Harriet Byrne), Pres Peace A Junior College for Wo- 
men, h College Campus, Tel 1044-11 

Pressmens' Union J E Clarence Harris sec meets 1st and 3d Thursday 8 
P M llOVa E Hargett 

Pretty see also Preddy 

Pretty Avery (c) cook r539 E Lenoir 

Prevard Wm (c) sta firemn SALRy hll06 S Bloodworth 

Prevatte J G atndt State Hosp r do 

Prevatte Luella Mrs nurse r330 Hillsboro 

Prevatte Slielton P bcirbor Mills Barber Shop r314 Summit av (Caraleigh) 

Prevost Jesse M (Dorothy B) whol Ibr 320 S Salisbury R201 h2114 Fairview 

Price Alonzo B (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel h407 E Lenoir 

Price Annie (c) dom r401 N West 

Price Ai'emaker (c) lab r405 S Haywood 

Price Belle (c) r Wake County Home 

Price C Watson r516 S Salisbury 

Price Cedric V (Ellen A> bkpr Carolina Mortgage Co h720 Hillsboro apt 4 

Price Connie P ( Ernie G) auto mech r516 S Salisbury 

Price David (c; Mary) lab h607 Adams al 

Price David H i Bertie P' auto mech h516 S Salisbury 

Price Dorothy student r511 N Person 

Price Edmund W (Virginia) lawyer 5 W Hargett 11th fl and sec State In- 
dustrial Comn h223 HUlcrest rd 

Price Floyd C pres Price's Coal Yard Co and mgr Union Carbide Sis Co 
1115 W Lenoii- 

Price Floyd C jr v-pres-sec Price's Coal Yard Co r Pine Level N C 

Price Harmon (c; Fannie) lab r548 E Cabarrus 

Price HaiTy H prod 214 E Martin stall 13 r RD 4 

Price Helen prof Meredith College r do 

Price Henry L (c) sch tchr r700 Church 

Price Herman (c) lab r406 S Haywood 

Price Isabella (c) dom h553 E Edenton 

Price J Francis (e) registrar Shaw University r do 

Price Jack S student r516 S Saiisbm" 

Price Jas hlpr Hobby Transfer Co rll6 E Martin 

Price John (c; Beulah) lab h406 S Haywood 
















e a) 
i 3 


s Si 


4^ 3 










Tin, Tile and Siate /DAlfrn DAWIC\ '"0 Products, Ready- 
Roofino, Gaivanized \ol*^Ln &1 IIAsbLu/ R"" a""" Buiit-jp 
Iron and Copper Cor- jUirSii^UBll ^W IIITS&SfcWf Roofing, Roof Coat- 
nice and Sitylights, \ r.n,^i>.i]i.« nminntiv I infls. Protective 
Heating, Ventilating j BOOFmG COMPANY \ paints. Metallic Red. . 
and Air Conditioning. I I Asphalt Shingles 
Asbestos Shingles \408-4IO W. Davie St. Phone 147/ Water-Proofing 

Price L B Mercantile Co I Howard Stampley mgr 327 S McDowell 

Price Lillian Mrs r502 S Salisbury 

Price Louise Mrs h609 Bragg 

Price Mamie (c) cook 1102 Cowper dr 

Price Margt r51l N Person 

Price Margt B Mrs library asst State Library r313 E Morgan 

Price Mary (c) student r46l N West 

Price Mary A (c) dom h700 Church 

Price Mary E (c) maid Hudson-Belk Co h539 E Lenou- 

Price Nancy (c) Indrs r906 Fayetteville 

Price Oscar T (Sue P) slsmn hl003 W Cabarrus 

Price Pearl elk rl7 W Lenoir 

PRICE R L & CO (Ravmond L Price), Certified Public Accountants 410- 

411 Wachovia Bank BIdsr 234 FayettevUle, Tel 341 
Price Raymond L (Iska C; R L Price & Co) hSll N Person 
Price Richd C (Margt B) elk Auto Parts Co Inc r3131 E Morgan 
Price Rowena (c) student r700 Church 
Price Ruth L (c) sch tchr r700 Church 

Price Stella F Mrs treas Price's Coal Yard Co r Pine Level N C 
Price Susie (c) dom rlll5 E Lane 
Price Sylvia (c) r731 S Blount 

Price Thos L (Christine M) mach Times Pub Co hl428 Wake Forest rd 
Price Tlnney (c) lab r548 E Cabarrus 

Price W Weyman office ens State Hwy Comn hllS StMary's 
Price Walter (c; Louetta) r323 Battle 
Price Walter (c; Lina) lab h302 Idlewild av 
Price Walter R (Rosa M) city auditor hl016 W Cabarrus 
Price's Coal Yard: Co Floyd C Price pres Floyd C Price jr v-pres-sec Mrs 

Stella F Price treas 1115 W Lenoir 
Pridgen A Wade (Ella H) sec-treas Hunneycutt Inc and business mgr The 

Methodist Orphanage r do 
Pridgen Carl N (Bessie) teller hl02 E North 
Primes Richd (c; Minnie) lab hl2 Fisher 

Primm G Harry (Essie L) servicemn CP&LCo hll2 E Whitaker Mill rd 
Primrose Jesse L (Ruby N) mar Capitol Club Bidg office R311 hl025 Vance 
Prince Albert E (Alice R) printer r308 S Swain 
Prince Alex (c) gdnr J J Fallon Co Inc rl009 Mark 
Prince Chas (c; Leah) cook Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc hl009 Mark 
Prince Chas M elk The Great A & P Tea Co r413 N Wilmington 
Prince P Lee pimbr Montfort Plumbing & Heating Co r Westover 
Prince Fannie (c) Indrs h527 Hick's al 
Prince G A slsmn City Ice & Fuel Co r College View 
Prince Gertrude M tel opr Hudson-Belk Co r305 S Swain 
Prince Julian A (Sarah) printer The News & Observer r305 S Swain 
Prince King D (c) porter Eckerd's of Raleigh N C Inc rl009 Mark 
Prince Lela P (c) dom rl009 Mark 
Prince Mabel (wid Chas M) r413 N Wilmington 
Prince Madge slswn W T Grant Co r413 N Wilmington 
Prince Marian C mgr r736 Nash dr 
Prince Maxine E Mrs r603 Cutler 
Prince Odessa slswn Efird's Dept Store r RD 4 
Prince Roscoe elk Piggly Wiggly r305 S Swain 
Pritchard Clarence H (Shelton T) lawyer r2236 The Circle 
Pritchard Gladys sten State Dept of Conservation & Development r411 

N Wilmington 
Pritchard Shelton T Mrs sten Wachovia Bank & Trust Co r2236 The Circle 
Privett Jas (c; Clara) janitor rl002 E Martin 
Privett Jas W (Lola) farmer hlllO E Worth 
Privette Bertie D Mrs slswn Hudson-Belk Co h305 Kinsey 
Privette Gotha A (Bettie B) policemn h711 Belmont 
Privette Robt A (Gladys) gro hl7 W Peace apt 1 
Privette Walter R (c) sta opr Standard Oil Co of N J r573 E Lenoir 
Privette Worth (Bertie D) h305 Kinsey 

Procter Ivan M (Madeline J) phys 135 Fayetteville R301 h209 Hillcrest rd 
Procter Jennie M rSOO New Bern av 
Procter Lucy B (wid Ivan M) hSOO New Bern av 
Procter Wm I ( Cath B) agt The Conn Mut Life Ins Co hl52L' Jarvis 
F>roctor Bela F (Nora G) cond h720 W North 
Proctor Geo r402 W Morgan 
Proctor Lee r7 S West 
Proctor Lucy r7 S West 
Proctor Paul r7 S West 

Proctor Pauline tel opr Hotel Carolina r7 S West 
Proctor Steve J (Blanche; Western Meat Mkt) h227 W, Martin 
Professional Building 123-27 W Hargett 





PHONE 182 


Professional Building Annex 209-11% S McDowell 

Progressive Parmer Ruralist Co The Clarence Foe pres publrs. The Pro- 
gressive Parmer & Son Ruralist 123 W Hargett R,303 

Progressive Parmer & Southern Ruralist The Clarence Poe editor The 
Progressive Farmer Ruralist Co publrs 123 W Hargett R303 

Progressive Stores Inc gi-os E M Hudson br mgr 528 Hillsboro and Danl S 
Kirkman br mgr 239 S Wilmington 

Property Ixjans Inc CPrank Page pres Thos F Maguire jr v-pres Fred W 
Reebals sec N Henry McLeod treas 234 Fayetteville R204 

Prosser Jas D r2223 The Circle 

Providence Holiness Church (c) Rev Langston L Davis pastor 320 Bledsoe 


Provident Life & Accident Insurance Co Frank R Turner rep railroad dept 
103 Aycock 

Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co P M Harper & Son dist agts 18 W 
Martin R401 

Pruden Margt S Mrs slswn Boylan-Pearce Co Inc hll03 Wake Forest rd 

Pruden S Randolph (Margt S) bkpr Wachovia Bank & Ti-ust Co hll03 
Wake Forest rd 

Prudential Insurance Co of America The Jas O Stanton and J Clay Wil- 
liams spl agts 18 W Martin R403 

Pruett W Frank elk NSRRCo r616 W. Lane 

Pruitt M Greenwood (Marv E) sheet metal wkr h315 N McDowell 

Pryor Penny (c) Indrs h327 Smithfield 

Puckett Wm H rep rl2 Enterprise 

Pugh Eliz (c) Indi-y wkr Capital City Lndry r505 Saunders 

Pugh Eliz manicurist Carolina Hotel Barber Shop r224 E Morgan 

Pugh Eug C (Rebecca B) mech U S P O h4 W Dixie dr 

Pugh Mary (c) h505 Saunders 

PULLEN A M & CO, T Jack Bagby Res Mgr, Certified Public Accountants 
(Va and N C), 306-307 Coml Natl Bank Bldgr 20 E Martin, Tel 1341 
(See page 26) 

PuUen Building 324-34 Fayetteville 

Pullen Chas W (Nora) r212 Cox av 

Pullen Estella (c) Indrs h604 E South 

Pullen Howard B (c; Viola) chf r201 N Tarboro 

Pullen John T Baptist Church Rev OUie L Riggs pastor 700 Fayetteville 

Pullen L Wilbur mech N C Equipment Co 3116 Hillsboro 

Pullen Margt C tchr Oberlin Sch r College Sta 

Pullen Mary (c) dom r421 S Blount 

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Rev E McNeill Poteat pastor 1801 Hills- 

Pullen Park Wiley A Howell supt Park av at end 

Pullen Peter (c; Bennie) dishwasher 1-2 Gatling la 

Puller E Powell (Mary T) slsmn h223 W Jones 

Pulley B Raymond (Clyde) textile wkr hll23 N Blount 

Pulley Fannie L (wid Rufus H) h822 E Hargett 

Pulley Hudie (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r314 E Davie 

Pulley Jas T (Lula K) emp Strop Taxi Co h524 N East 

Pulley Linwood (c) bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r314 E Davie 

Pulley Marvin E (Agnes) bus opr h521 N East 

Pulley May Mrs elk Brantley & Son Inc r521 N East 

Pulley Minnie (c) Indrs rl300 S Bloodworth 

Pulley Vernon (c) dishwasher Sir Walter Hotel r314 E Davie 

Pulley Viola (c) dom rll9 W Johnson 

Pulley Wm H slsmn Pender Mfg & Supply Co rlO Enterprise 

Pulley Wm P (c; Hattie) pntr hl300 S Bloodworth 

Purcell Emily (Raleigh Beauty Shoppe) r709 Baldwin dr 

Purcell Horace mach rll02 Harp 

Purcell W;n (c) lab r711 S Person 

Purdia Chas (c; Armie) cook hll5 Chestnut 

Purdum Ward H (Gladys I) servicemn Remington Rand Inc h3113 Stan- 
hope av 

Purdy Herbert (c; Etta) firemn h519 E Lenoir 

Purnell Clifton J electn r4a4 Kinsey 

PumeU Martha D (wid Julius M) r404 Kinsey 

Purnell Purmillus L (Hattie E) uphol hi 17 S Blount 

Purrington Alf L jr lawyer 5 Exchange pi R202 r421 Halifax 

Puryear Douglas (Myrtle V) truck driver hl04 N State 

Puryear Margt Mrs r Wake County Home 

Putney Chas hlpr r316 W North 

Putney J Richd elk The Sherbert Shop r423 Fayetteville 

Quality Cleaners & Dyers (Jas T McKernan) 3 Glenwood av 

QuaUty Creamery Co The (Geo C Dixon, J Clinton Moore) 108 S Wilm- 

Quarles Mamie L (wid Herschel Y) h309 E Edenton 






125 South Salisbury Street Phone 2257 

Quarles W Greyson mgr seed dept Job P Wyatt & Sons Co r309 E Edenton 
Queen Wm A associate chemist Div of Food and Oil State Dept of Agri- 
culture rl004 Cowper dr 
Quigley Thos D (Myrtle) h305 Cutler 
Qulllen Rae office sec Coml Credit Co r Y W C A 
Quillen "Veda nurse 1003 W Lenoir r do 
Quiller Ernest (c) lab r307 E Cabarrus 
Quiller Mary (c) cook r307 E Cabarrus 

Qulncy SalUe K Mi's rl07 Aycock 
Quinn Lillie M (wld Lonnie) r520 N Salisbury 

QiJINN R E & CO (R ElIJs Quinn, Chas G and Danl O Sandlin), Furniture 
and Stoves 108-110 E Martin, Tel 2136 (See pa?e 35) 

Quinn R Ellis (Susie; R E Quinn & Co) r Beulaville, N C 

Quinn Wm P (c) agt N C Mut Life Ins Co rll4 W South 

R & W Grocerteria Robertson & Williamson Inc oprs gros 510 Hillsboro 

R & W Grocerteria No 2 Earl R White mgr 620 Glenwood av 

Rabb Andrew C (Melissa H) asst mgr U S Rubber Products Inc hill 

Rabe Allen T (wid Carl J) mus tchr 134y2 Payetteville h do 

Rabe Eliz rl34y2 Payetteville 

Raber Thos J student rl922 Hillsboro 

Racklif fe see also Ratclif f 

Rackliffe Carolyn r203 Woodburn rd 

RackUffe Clinton N (Estelle A) mgr contract dept CP&LCo h203 Wood- 
burn rd 

Radford Leila beauty opr rl02 New Bern av 

Raffield English D (Lillian I) brkmn h515 Adams 

Raffield English D jr elk The Equitable Life Assurance Soc of The U S r 
515 Adams 

Ragan M T r Wake County Home 

Ragan Virginia Mrs slswn rll4 New Bern av 

Ragens E P (Emma K) auditor Hotel Carolina r do 

Ragland Alice (c) h626 Cannon 

Ragland Cobertha (c) maid r626 Cannon 

Ragland Dorothy B slswn Taylor's rl310 Williamson dr 

Ragland Edmond U (Mary E) pres Raleigh Granite Co and v-pres Hid- 
denite Granite Co and Son Aggregates Corp h306 Hillcrest rd 

Ragland Jack R (Mary) slsm.n rl825 White Oak rd 

Ragland Jas (c) lab h631 Cannon 

Ragland Jas (c ) porter East Coast Stages Inc r RD 2 

Ragland Jas P r Wake County Home 

Ragland Mary Mrs emp Boylan-Pearce Co Inc rl825 White Oak rd 

Ragland Steph (c; Irene) janitor hl39 Lincoln dr 

Ragland Susie (c) maid 3201 Clark av 

Ragland W Trent (Alice McK) pres liiddenite Granite Co and v-pres Ra- 
leigh Granite Co h229 Woodburn rd 

Ragsdale Geo Y ( Susan J) mgr Union Central Life Ins Co 309 S Boylan av 

Raiford Maude T Mrs tchr Thompson Sch r Womans Cluh Bldg 

Raif ord Preston B student r Bedford av nr Dixie Trail 

Railroad Salvage Co Moses B Steinberg mgr furn 329 S Wilmington 

RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY INC. Chas Yf JoJinson Agt, 116 W Mar- 
tin, Tel 59, and Union Station 231 S Harring1;on, Tel 11 

Raines Delma D (Annie B) solr Sanitary Lndry h711 W North 

Raines Eulice (c) janitor rl02 College 

Raines Florence (c) dom r220 E Cabarrus 

Raines Florence (c) fnshr Sanitary Lndry r6 Lee 

Raines Harrison (c; Florence) janitor li324 Fowle 

Raines J Arehie (EUie A) office mgr Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dye- 
ing Co hl023 W South 

Raines Jas (c) porter J R Pointer Cigar Co rl02 College 

Raines John W (Bessie) mach opr Oldham & Worth Inc h216 StMary's 

Raines Laura (c) dom hl02 College 

Raines Leland L (Texie) h218 Elm 

Raines Lou T (wid Nicholas) r533 E Martin 

Raines Lovie (c) r Wake County Home 

Raines Robt H (Mildred) hlpr h607 W North 

Raines Roy E (Hazel M) sub sta supt CP&LCo hlSlO Sunset av 

Raines Rufus (c) bellmnSir Walter Hotel r407 E Lenoir 

Raines Walter G ic; Maude D bellmn Sir Walter Hotel r408 S Bloodworth 

Raines Walter H slsmn Oldham & Worth Inc r216 StMary's 

Raines Wjn T (Ona N) r404 Glenwood av 

Rainey see also Raney 

Rainey Jas G adjuster Fire Cos' Adjustment Bureau Inc r Sir Walter 

Rainey Louis G (Marian G) trav slsmn r402 Perry 




109-llS South Blount Telephone 2476 

Rakes Benj H (c) brklyr r527 S Person 

Raleigh Airport Elmer G Meyers mgr Payotteville rd 3 n s of city on Hwy 

Raleigh Auto Clinic Jas M Vining mgr 410 S Salisbury 

Raleigh Auto Supply Co (Louis T Zucker) 231 S Wilmington 

Raleigh Automobile Dealers Assn Lester Lloyd pres John P Swain sec-treas 

6 Market pi Rl 
Raleigh Banking & Trust Building 5 W Hargett 

Raleigh Baseball Park 1116 New Bern av . 

Raleigh Beauty Shoppe (Emily Purcell, Mrs Kate P Lipford) 109i,i Fay- 

Raleigh Bedding Co (Wesley M Drake) mattress mfrs 221 S East 
Treas, Jesse V Davis Mgr, Storage, Wake Forest rd nr S A L Ry Tracks, 
Tel 2830 
Raleigh Building Corp Alex B Andrews pres Josephus Daniels v-pres 

Victor M Stonebanks sec-treas 219 Fayetteville 
Dr Robert F Noble V-Pies. Victor M Stonebnnks Sec-Treas, 219 Fay- 
etteville, Tel 1362 (See right bottom lines and page 31) 
Raleigh Building & Loan Building 5 Exchange pi 

Raleigh Central Labor Union Lawrence E Nichols sec meets 3d Wednes- 
day 8 P M llOVa E Hargett 
J Leroy Alien 1st V-Pres, H Clarence Howell 2d V-Pres, Howard B 
Branch Sec, Geo Marsh Treas, 17 W Davie, Tel 1381 
Raleigh Chapter No 10 RAM Kennon W Parham sec meets 2d and 4th 

Friday 8 P M 135 Fayetteville ^^ .„ „„„„ 

Raleigh Chess Club Albert Barden sec-treas 120y2 Fayetteville R203 

MUNICIPAL BUILDING— 335 Fayetteville 

Abattoir— Geo M Glenn supt 1505 S Blount 

Auditor — Walter R Price Municipal Bldg 

Building and Electrical Inspector — John W Mangum Municipal Bldg 

Cemetery — '3 East cor Hargett 

Chief of Police — Clarence B Barbour Municipal Bldg 

Clerk — Jos E Sawyer Municipal Bldg 


Henry Brown, Municipal Bldg. Tel 398 

Bldg, Tel 766 
Court — Wiley G Barnes judge. Ralph C Stevens elk. Municipal Bldg 
Earlie B Smith 1st Asst Chief, Ellis D King 2d Asst Chief,. 110-112 W 
Morgan, Tel 414; Engine Co No I, W Ralph Butts Capt, 110 W Morgan: 
Aerial Truck Co No 1 and Truck Co No 1, John G Harrison Capt, 11(} 
W Morgan; Engine Co No 2, K Lee Matthews Capt, E Worth cor Fay- 
etteville; Engine Co No 3, W Leonard Choplin Capt. 135 E' Hargett; 
Engine Co No 4, Alvin B Lloyd Capt, 505 Jefferson; Engine Co No 5, 
Edw G McGhee Capt, 1914 Park dr 
Garage — Wm P Wallace formn 547 E Davie 
Incinerator — Wiley G Fish supt 214 W North 
Jail — Municipal Bldg 

Market— Warren D Pattishall supt 214-16 E Martm 
MAYOE^Hon Geo A Iseley, Municipal Bldg, Tel 543 
Physician — John S McKee Municipal Bldg 
Plumbing Inspector — John B Thiem Municipal Bldg 
POLICE DEPT — Clarence B Barbour Chief, Nathaniel Warren Asst 

Chief, Municipal Bldg, Tels 56 and 360 
Prosecuting Attorney — D Staton Inscoe 320 S Salisbury R607 
Sanitary Department — John F Peatross inspr Municipal Bldg 
Superintendent of Parks — Wiley A Howell Municipal Bldg 
Superintendent of Streets — Wm H Newell Municipal Bldg 
TAX COLLECTOR— Cecil G Stone, Municipal Bldg, Tel 289 
Tax Lister — Saml P Taj'lor Municipal Bldg 
Traffic Violation Bureau— Nathaniel Warren chf Municipal bidg 
Treasurer — J Hem-y Brown Municipal Bldg 

UTILITIES— Joseph A I^Tiitman Director. 115 W Morgan, Te\ lOS 
WATER COLLECTOR — Chas S Perry, Municipal Bldg, Tel 166 
Water Works — Pumping sta Fayetteville rd ''i mi bey city limits 
Raleigh Commandery No 4 K T Kennon W Parham sec meets 1st and 3d 

Thursday 8 p m 135 Fayetteville 
Raleigh Community Chest I Mayo Bailey pres Howard B Branch sec Wm 

W Vass treas 17 W Davie 
Raleigh Connell (o; Lillie) grader h2215 Barker 

Raleigh Council No 551 Royal Arcanum Victor M Stonebanks sec meets 
2d and 4th Fridays 8pm 107y2 Fayetteville 






228 E. 




( FORD ) 

Authorized S > TNPOI 1SI ) ^^'^^ ^'"' Service 

Raleigh-Danville Motor Express (Chas S Manooch) 320 W Lane 

Raleigh Dental Laboratory (Ti-uman G Williams) 123 W Hargett R318 

Raleigh Engineering Club meets on call Hotel Carolina 

Raleigh Pence & Roofing Co Robt P Pulenwider mgr 303 N West 

RALEIGH FINANCE CO, D L Moodv Battle M;r, Industrial Loans 308- 
309 Coml Natl Bank Bldg- 14-20 E Martin, Tels 16iS and 1649 

Raleigh Floral Co (Ethel M Haynes) 2C9 Seawell av 

Raleigh French Dry Cleaning & Dyeing Co J Archie Raines oifice mgr 227 
W Cabarrus br 17 S Wilmington 

Raleigh Fruit Store (John Capetanos) 215 S Wilmington 

Raleigh Funeral Home Inc (c) Jas M Higgs pres Chas A Higgs sec Burton 
J 'Morgan treas 322 E Cabarrus 

Raleigh Furniture Co Inc Thos E Green pres-treas Mrs Minnie K Green 
sec 121 E Hargett 

RALEIGH GAS CO THE, Harold W Gee Mgr, Kenneth O Dupree Chf 
Clerk 414 Fayetteville, Tel 4400, Plant 614 W Cabarrus 

Raleigh Golf Assn Inc John P Swain sec-treas office 6 Market pi Rl club 
house Fayetteville rd nr Raleigh Airport 

RALEIGH GRANITE CO, Edmond U Rasrland Pres, W Trent Raffland 
V-Pres, Henry M Shaw Sec-Treas, Crushed Stone, 203 Security Bank 
Bldg 239 Fayetteville, Tel 2873 

Raleigh Hotel Barber Shop (Earl p McMillan) 130 W Martin 

KALEIGH INTERNATIONAL CO, Clarence E Phinney Sec-Treas, Mot- 
ley Z Pearce Sales Mgr, Agricultural Implements, Trucks and Trac- 
tors 417-419 S Wilmington, Tel 1500 

Raleigh Laundry The (Robt H Harrison, Ross C Teague) 407 S East 

RALEIGH LETTER WRITERS, James O'Neal Mgr, Direct Mail Advertis- 
ing, Multigraphing, Mimeographing. Stenographic Work 506-508 Se- 
curity Bank Bldg 239 Fayetteville, Tel 1811 (See page 39) 

Raleigh Linen Supply Co Jas H Black mgi- 512 E Davie 

RALEIGH LOAN OFFICE (Philip Horwitz), Pawnbrokers 207-309 S Wil- 
mington, Tel 3851 

Raleigh Lodge No 500 AF&AM J Wiliford Kellogg sec meets 1st and 3d 
Friday 8pm 135 Fayetteville 

Raleigh Memorial Auditorium D Earl Williams supt E South cor Faytte- 

Raleigh Nash Co R Lewlyn Atkins v-pres Rupert E Atkins sec-treas 324 
S Salisbury 

Raleigh North Carolina Board of Adjustment C Trenholm McClenaghan 
sec 135 Fayetteville R408 

Raleigh Orange Crush Bottling Co N Fletcher Turner .ir mgr 221 E Davie 

Raleigh Poultry & Egg Co (Saml Margulies) 318 Blake 

Raleigh Real Estate & Trust Co Graham H Andrews v-pres Mrs Eliz W 
Ellington sec-treas 239 Fayetteville R702 

Raleigh Salvage Co (Alex and Saml H Lew) dept store 225 Fayetteville 

Raleigh School of Commerce (John W Heath) 2111/2 S McDowell 

Raleigh Supply Co (Benj Fierman) beer 401 W Cabarrus 

Raleigh Tennis Club The Oberlin rd nr Fairview rd 

RALEIGH TIMES THE, Afternoon Newspaper, Times Publishing Co 
Publishers, John A Park Pres and Publr, Chas B Park V-Pres, Robt 
L Gray Editor, Chas H Herring Asst Genl Mgi- 209-211 W Martin, 
Tels 2364, 2365 and 2366 

Raleigh Tire Co (Wm A Dickinson) W Hargett cor Dawson 

Raleigh Towel Supply Co (Thos E Steele) 222 S Harrington 

Raleigh Township Public Schools Paul S Daniel sec-supt 301 E Hargett 

Raleigh Tractor & Equipment Co Inc Julian M Gregory (Pittsboro N C) 
pres Herbert A Mooneyham sec-treas 108 W Lane 

Raleigh Transfer Co Inc Cecil Kelly pres Dawson D Kelly sec-treas 502 
E Davie 

Raleigh Type Shop (L Beresford Cox) 712 Watauga 

Ralston Ben.i C (Marcella) hl013 Harvey 

Ramos Manly B mgi- New Deal Piano Co r Sir Walter Hotel 

Ramsay D B Plumbing Co (D Brownlie Ramsay) 3 Hope 

Ramsay D Brownlie (India S; D B Ramsay Plumbing Co) h3 Hope 

Ramseur Fred H asst whse examiner U S Dept of Agriculture Whse Act 
r Carolina Hotel 

Ramsey Annie S sten State Dept of Conservation and Development rl27 
New Bern av apt 502 

Ramsey Annie S (wid Geo J) hl27 New Bern av apt 502 

Rand B Dennis (c) tailor Valet Tailoring Co rlOOO Mark 

Rand Bettie (c) dom r410 Bledsoe av 

Rand C Titus (Ida W) auto repr 114 E Davie hSll W South 

Rand Dillard (c; Jennie) lab h513 S Person 

Rand Em.mett G phys 135 Fayetteville R302 r White Oak Grove 

Rand Frank (c; Mary) hlpr h513 Pace 

Rand Gordon J bkpr J G Ball Co rSlO Fayetteville 





Band Howard A (c; Ellen M) (Valet Tailoring Co) hlOOO Mark 

Rand J Arth (c; Mamie) blr washer hlllO Smithfield 

Rand Jas (c) draymn h606 Oberlin rd 

Rand JosL (Elva) miller T B Crowder & Son r McCuUers N C 

Rand Josephine chf elk State Prison h229 E Edenton apt 3A 

Rand Julian A (Lillian R> sec-treas J G Ball Co hl544 Carr 

Rand Nancy G r610 Payetteville 

Rand Octavia C hl25 fl24) S Bloodworth 

Rand Percy W (c; Lucy) porter State Theatre h2301 Joint 

Rand Sahna E (wid Nathaniel M) h610 Payetteville 

Rand Thos R (Annie P) slsmn hl819 White Oak rd 

Rand Thos R jr oik Person St Pharmacy No 2 rl819 White Oak rd 

Rand Troy (c; Tiney) porter Motor Service of Raleigh Inc h619 S Blount 

Rand Wm P (c) student r2301 Joint 

Randall Glenn O associate prof N C State College r2706 Everett av 

Randall Henry R (Dell P) office mgr Mut Benefit Life Ins Co rl906 Alex- 
ander rd 

Randall P P Mi-s tchr Hayes-Barton Sch r200 E Edenton apt 8 

Randolph Edgar E (Ira H) prof N C State College h2l2 Groveland av 

Randolph Eliz H Mrs tchr Fred A Olds Sch rl615 Hillsboro 

RANDOLPH ERNEST A (Eliz H) Lawyer 137 Fayetteville, Mezzanine 
Floor, Tel 2651, rl615 Hillsboro, Tel 617 -W 

Randolph Robt L (Beatrice P) linemn r323 E Morgan 

Ranes Robt B (Chatt E) cond h825 N Bloodworth 

Raney see also Rainey 

Raney Kate D (wid R Beverly) hl02 Hillsboro 

Raney Kath rl02 Hillsboro 

Raney Sallie C (wid Chas W) r845 Holt dr 

Rankin Bertha (c) dom rlBOl Oakwood av 

Rankin E Douglass sten CP&LCo rl307 Hillsboro 

Rankin J'as R (c; Mamie) hlpr h314 Maple 

Rankin John (c; Henrietta) cook Union News Co hl06 Maple 

Rankin Ollie (c) car clnr rl801 Oakwood av 

Rankin Robt (c; Georgia) car clnr hl801 OakW(X)d av 

Rankin W Houston (Nell) agronomist N C State College h402 Home 

Rankin Watson W dentist 15 W Hargett R606 r Mansion Park Hotel 

Ransom John (c: Carrie B) r207 W South 

Ransom Matt Hospital 1114 New Bern av 

Ransone Eliz P r416 St Mary's 

Ransone Wm T jr locksmith r416 St Mary's 

Raper Evelyn Mrs r Y W r A 

Raper Herman E (Ruby M) pntr r414 N East 

Raper John H (Rosalie) pntr h414 N East 

Raper Ralph J elk r414 N East 

Rardon M G Mrs beauty opr r Y W C A 

Rasberrv Jas W r509 N East 

Rasberry Percy A (Eliz) night mgr Sr Walter Hotel h509 N East 

Ratcliff see also Rachliffe 

Ratcliff Eug (c; Sallie) lab hl306 S Walnut 

Ratcliff Geo E slsmn r5 Dixie Trail apt 3 

Ratcliff Wm (c; Melinda) labh220 E Worth 

Ratcliffe David E (Edna D) elk r312 Linden av 

Ratcliffe Mary A Mrs sten Campbell Bros Inc r610 Glenwood av 

Ratcliffe Mary E sten J M Darden & Co Inc r610 Glenwood av 

Ratcliffe Wm E (Glenwood Knitting Mill) h610 Glenwood av 

Ratcliffe Wm E ir (Mary A) supt r610 Glenwood av 

Rathert Donald (Lydia M) meat ctr h303 Polk 

Ratlev Mozelle (c) r Wake County Home 

Rathff Eli (c; Ophelia) h203 Pugh 

RAWLINGS A LEE & CO, Geo R Poole Partner, Certified Public Ac- 
countants 102 W Harg:ett, Tel 3239 (See rigrht side lines and page 26) 

Rawlings Walter (c; Mary E) lab h708 Oberlin rd 

Rawlins John (c; Lizzie) farmer h618 Oberlin rd 

Rawls Chas H (Delia B) pres-mgr Rawls Motor Co and pres Rawls Tire 
& Radio Co hl023 Cowper dr 

Rawls J Horace (Ruth D) genl mgr Baker & Rawls Roofing Co h2209 
The Circle 

Rawls Mary L rl023 Cowper dr 

RAWLS MOTOR CO. Chas H Rawls Pres-Mgr, De Soto and Plymouth 
Distributors, 405-407 Fayetteville, Tel 3065 

Rawls Tire & Radio Co Chas H Rawls pres 124 W Davie 

Ray see also Rea and Wray 

Ray Adolphus (c) rl08 N West 

Ray Archibalds (Maude G) elk r309 S Person 

Ray Arth (c; Flora) lab hl213 S Person 

Ray Beatrice sten rl05 E Edenton apt 311 

Ray Cath S nurse 700 W Morgan apt 1 r do 




Ray Clias A (c) student r805 S Person 
Ray Chas B h700 W Morgan apt 1 

Ray Clellon N (Lina) atndt State Hosp h616 S Salisbury 
Ray Daisy (c) maid 413 Kinsey 
Ray Dorothy C tchr Wiley Sch r700 W Morgan apt 1 
Ray Dorothy J dental asst J Walton Branham r405 E Jones 
Ray Dwight (c) lab rl213 S Person 
Ray Eula (c) dom rl213 S Person 
Ray Ewart G (Eulalia) elk USPO r RD 6 
Ray Genader G (Lena M) huckster r306 E Hargett 
Ray Geo L appr Times Pub Co 209 Martin 
Ray Geo R (Zeffie B) textilewkr r896 N Salisbury 
Ray Geo W sub rural carrier USPO r RD 6 
Ray H J Motor Co (Herman J Ray) reprs 113 W Davie 
Ray Hal slsmn r529 Fayetteyille 
Ray Hattie atndt State Hosp r do 

Ray Herman J (Alice W; H J Ray Motor Co) hl03 W Jones 
Ray Hubert (c) lab rl213 S Person 

Ray Irma D sten Mut Benefit Life Ins Co rl30 N Bloodworth 
Ray J Levin r Wake County Home 
Ray J R guard State Prison r do 
Ray Jas t) (Ruth W) slsmgr h405 E Jones 
Ray Jas D jr elk r405 E Jones 

Ray John E Mrs y-pres Associated Charities hllO E Jones 
Ray John W (Ida) furn repr h211 S Swain 
Ray Josie L student r515 Oakwood av 
Ray Leo A (Callie) carp h515 Oakwood av 
Ray Leon slsmn r7 S Person 
Ray Lizzie (c) Indrs h709 Smith 
Ray Lonnie (c) lab hS05 S Person 

Ray Martha P elk Raleigh Chamber of Commerce r700 W Morgan apt 1 
Ray Mina B rl30 N Bloodworth 
Ray Minnie L Mrs slswn r313 E Jones 
Ray Myi'on D weaver rll20 N Wilmington 

Ray O L Dr County Tax Supvi- and Chairmn County Comnrs r RD 1 
Ray Patk H (Mina B) v-pres Crowder Fertilizer Co hl30 N Bloodworth 
Rav R P farm hd State Hosp r do 
Ray Robt textilewkr h896 N Salisbury 
Ray Robt E (Annie L) eng h616 W Johnson 
Ray Robt J (Peerless Clnrs & Dyers) r204 W Morgan 
flay Vallin C (Bertha P) rural carrier USPO r RD 6 
Ray Virginia P bkpr Capital City Lndry r515 Oakwood av 
Ray W J Mrs r Wake County Home 
Rav Walter J night mgr WUTelegCo r211 S Swain 
Ray Weldon (c) lab rl213 S Person 

Ray Willa M sten State Dept of Public Instruction r700 W Morgan apt 1 
Ray Wm (c; Ida) ydmn hll W Worth 
Ray Wm A (Lena P) textilewkr h610 W Johnson 
Rayfield Thos P elk rl214 Glenwood av 
Rayle Robt H r608 W Morgan 
Rayle Thos C (Jean E) hSOS W Morgan 

Raynor Anne W tchr Peace A Junior College for Women r do 
Raynor Charity (wid Allen) h625 E Lane 
Raynor J Dennis (Royaline) truck driver r625 E Lane 
Raynor M Kathleen r625 E Lane 
Raynor Marion A elk r625 E Lane 
Rea Edw B (Velna K) truck driver rll6 W Edenton 
Rea Lester (Jessie) musician WPTF Radio Co r Durham 
Read see also Reed and Reid 

Read David T (Isabel M) slsmn Tire Sales & Service Co Inc h216 Ashe 

Reade Memorial Chapel 1114 New Bern av 

Reade Olivia (c) dom 1600 Pine View 

Reams Eliz R (wid Louis E) h517 Oakwood av 

Reams Emma W (wid Hugh P) h319 W Edenton 

Reams Eug (c; Vara) lab h305 W Lenoir 

Reams Mary B waitress S & W Cafeteria r319 W Edenton 

Reams Oliver P (Algie) driver Strop Taxi Co rlis W Edenton 

Reardon Bernard A (Pauline S) supt Continental Life Ins Co h611 E 

Reaves see also Reeves and Rives 

Reaves Brutus P (E Jane) mach N-SRRCo h608 W North 
Reaves Callie W (Lena M) hlpr State Hwy Comn h819 S Bloodworth 
Reaves J Glenn student r602 S Salisbury 
Reaves Jen'y (c) barber Wm M Clarke r218 E Cabarrus 
Reaves John H (c; Sallie P) carp h521 S Person 






Factory Authorized Sales and Service 


General Motors Values 








Reaves John J (Estelle) elk r711 W North 
Reaves Mattie (wid Hartwell) h612 Glenwood 
Reaves Nina J (wid Jos P) furn rms 602 S Sahsbury h do 
Reavis see also Revis 
Reavls Bettie H hbrarian r414 N Person 
Reavis Bettie H (wid Peter A) h414 N Person 
Reavis Burley (c) lab r808 E Lane 

Reavis C Nathan slsmn Monfart Plumbing & Heating Co r Westover 
Reavis Chas W student r414 N Person 

Reavis Eliz B Mrs tchr Needham B Broughton High Sch r414 N Person 
Reavis M Louise sch tchr r414 N Person 

Reavis Peter A jr (Eliz B) spl agt Aetna Life Ins Co r414 N Person 
Rebas Peter (Martin St Sandwich Shop) rSll W Hargett 
Rebuilt Furniture Co The (Wm Mangum) reprs 108 N Harrington 
Recreation Club (Eldridge Smith, Geo H Thomson) billiards 218 S Sal- 
Red Band Co Inc Thos A Williams mgr whol flour 320 S Harrington 
Red Bird Peanut & Products Co (Bryan W Burr) 128 E Hargett 
Reddic Rachel (c ) dom r807 E Davie 
Reddick see also Riddick 

Reddick Barbara (c) Indrs rllOT S Wilmington 
Reddick Edw (c; Annie) porter R & W Grooerteria hl601 Pender 
Reddick Edw jr (c) driver R & W Grocerteria rl601 Pender 
Reddick Geo W bkpr Ballard & Ballard Co r201 N Wilmington 
Reddick Henry (o) student rl601 Pender 
Reddick Jas (c) pntr rl601 Pender 
Reddick Julius (c; Henrietta) lab rll8 E Cabarrus 
Reddick Ophelia (c) dom rll07 S Wilmington 
Reddick Robt (c) lab rllOl S Person 
Reddick Winnie (c) hll07 S Wilmington 
Reddin Arth (c) lab rl309 Hill 
Reddin Katie (c) dom rl22 Bledsoe av 
Reddin Marie (c) dom rl22 Bledsoe av 
Reddm Sadie (c) dom rl22 Bledsoe av 
Reddish J D guard State Prison r do 
Reddish Jack elk Geo H Staneil 319 S Blount 
Redfern A M Mrs sec Bishop Penick h221 Forest rd 
Redfern Mabel (c) dom hl20 Spruce 
Redford Minnie L Christian Science Practitioner 234 Payetteville RSll r 

14 S Boylan av 
Redis Ernest W (c; Rachel) barber 722 E Martin h720 do 
Redin Fannie (c) (jom h311 Battle 

Redmond Dwight S (Margt) batterymn Wake Tire Co hll Dixie av 
Redwine O W rlll4 New Bern av 
Reebals Fred W (Margt B) mgr bond dept Wachovia Bank & Trust Co 

and sec Pi'operty Loans Inc h Country Club dr nr Country Club 
Reebals Margt R Mrs tchr Mm-phev Sch h Country Club dr m- Country 

Reed see also Reade and Reid 
Reed Jas (c; Annie) uphol 322 S East h324 do 

Reed's Stores Inc Mi's Alice H Ferrell mgr mlnrs 138 Fayetteville 
Reeder Jas D (Irma A) actuary State Ins Dept h411 Dixie Trail 
Reel Lola A sten r532 N East 
Reese Prank R (Mildred) asst football coach N C State College h224 

Hillcrest rd 
Reese Garfield (c; Rebecca) cookhlSll Battery dr 
Reese Jerry (c) barber r218 E Cabarrus 
Reese Mattie F rll7 Woodburn rd 
Reese Salhe N mlnr 117 Woodburn rd h do 
Reeves Carl S elk Occidental Life Ins Co of Raleigh N C r214 Summit av 

( Caraleigh) 
Reeves Cora E flwn F W Woolworth Co r RD 3 
Reeves Geo V teleg opr Associated Press r Raleigh Hotel 
Reeves Lorenna tchr Wiley Sch rl302 Hillsboro 

Reeves Raymond (c) janitor Electl Equipment Co Inc 404 W Davie 
Reeves Robt B supt Robertson Chemical Coi-p rl616 Ambleside dr 
Reeves Wm (c) carp h730 <731) Church 

REFEREE IN BANKRUPTCY (See United States Government) 
Register Fletcher L (Mamie W) formn h314 N McDowell 
Register Geneva C Mrs sten Jefferson Standard Life Ins Co rll8 N 

Reich Wm L slsmn rl07 Harrison av 
Reid see also Read and Reed 

Reid David H (c; Ida E; Reid's Barber Shop) h527 S East 
Reid David H jr (c) barber Reid's Barber Shop r527 S East 



Alfred Williams & Co. 



Reid Ellz Mrs sten rll8 N Wilmington 

Reid Frank J mgr Economy Oil Co r317% S Blount 

Reid Gilbert weaver rlllO N Wilmington 

Reid Inez elk rll4 S Person 

Reid John B (c; Willie M) Indrywki- h212 W Lenoir 

Reid Jos H Cc) porter Reid's Barber Shop r527 S East 

Reid Leha R (c) dom rl423 E Jones 

Reid Maude (Reid & Smith) r305 New Bern av 

Reid Raymond (c) chauf r323 S East 

Reid Robt (c; Annie) baker h214 E South 

Reid Thelma E (c) day supvr St Agnes Ho