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'^^' .:^%^'. ^^^^ ^t^^^^ V . 

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The Potts Family 

7rMui^^^ fcrh^ J^i-p^^ 

Historical CoUecStions 


The Potts Familv 

Great Britain and America 


David Potts 



t,^^ C?^ 5^** i^^ %^^ 



Author of The Carter Family, Our Family Ancestors, etc. 



1 901 



During more than half a century past, different persons 
have, from time to time, given more or less attention to 
gathering information as to the history and genealogy of 
some special line of the Potts family, and in some instances 
these collecftions have been published ; but, with one or two 
exceptions, they have occupied but a few pages in some 
larger work on local history. The present work, in the 
main, covers original and broader ground. 

In the early part of the year i860, the writer hereof, hav- 
ing a little leisure at his command, began the colledlion of 
some family records and information as to ancestors. For a 
dozen years he continued to gather information as opportu- 
nity offered. These inquiries were for the most part con- 
fined to immediate kinsfolk, and memoranda made of the 
statements of aged members of the family, as well as copy- 
ing family records whenever available. 

In 1872 he became acquainted with the late William John 
Potts, of Camden, New Jersey, an educated and cultured 
gentleman, who had been giving the subjecft special atten- 
tion for some years previous. From that time until his last 
illness, a close intimacy and an extensive correspondence was 
maintained. There had previously been much confusion as 
to the kinship of the early Potts in Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey, but he had succeeded in unraveling the tangle and 
making a clear statement, assigning to each individual his 
proper family or correal place in his family. He continued 
to accumulate data bearing upon these familes, as well as 


vi The Potts Family. 

material relating to the history of the family in Great Bri- 
tain. It was Mr. Potts' intention to prepare for publication 
articles upon certain disputed questions concerning the true 
relationship of the early settlers to each other, but was 
prevented by reason of failing health. The present writer 
gave attention to colle(5ting information concerning first 
settlers of the name in America, and tracing their descend- 
ants as far as possible. 

About the year 18S4, the proposition of publishing a vol- 
ume, to be compiled from these joint coUecft ions, was sug- 
gested and considered, but the way did not then seem clear 
and the projedl was allowed to rest for the time being. 
Since that time the accumulation of new data has more 
than doubled. About 1892-4, Mr. Potts prepared and com- 
municated to the writer, a coUedlion of data relating to the 
Potts Family in Great Britain, which now forms Part I of 
this book. His subsequent illness prevented his preparing 
further copy for this work. He had however during the 
long correspondence communicated much concerning his 
researches bearing upon the families in Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey. This information has to a greater or less ex- 
tent been incorporated into those Chapters which treat of 
these families. 

After the decease of Mr. Potts, the writer took up the 
matter of publication in earnest, and since then has devoted 
much of his time to the work. The primary object of this 
publication has been to give as full and accurate a history 
of the first settlers of the name in this country, as it has 
been possible to secure from reliable sources. The data 
for these accounts has been gathered from deeds, wills, 
church records, ancient documents, memorial inscription, 
and similar authentic sources. During all these years of 
colledling material, much time has been devoted to personal 
examination of public records in many localities; sometimes 
long distances have been traveled for this purpose, and in 

Preface. vii 

numerous instances experts have been employed upon the 
ground, to make examinations and to furnish copies or ab- 
stracts of important records. 

In addition to this, an extensive correspondence has been 
carried on during all these years, covering a majority of the 
States of the Union, and copies of family and Bible records 
and the recolledlions of many aged persons secured. This 
wide correspondence has brought the writer in contadl with 
many intelligent and cultured people and has been a source 
of continued profit and delight. It is to be regretted that 
so many of these writers, who were so deeply interested in 
this work, have one by one answered the last call that 
comes to all men, and have not lived to see its completion. 
As is usual in such cases, scorces of letters have remained 
unanswered, and many who could have given valuable in- 
formation have manifested a total indifference. 

The greatest care has been taken in compiling the data 
in order to secure accuracy, but in a work of this kind, 
where names and dates occur by the thousand, it is not un- 
likely that errors may be discovered. Sometimes the man- 
uscript has been difficult to decipher, and in other cases in- 
formation coming from different sources has been at vari- 
ance, or so deficient in details as possibly to have been mis- 
construed. Since the body of the book was printed, some 
annoying typographical errors have been noticed, but in 
most cases the sense intended is not affedled. 

The book grew to nearly double the size at first estimated, 
and for this reason the matter has been condensed as much 
as possible, and not a few details omitted altogether. Had 
it have been possible to have secured a complete record of 
all descendants of the families or branches included in this 
volume, it would possibly have been again doubled in size. 
The compiler is fully aware of the imperfedtions of the book, 
but hopes that those interested in preserving some records of 
the family will be lenient in their criticism. It is the com- 

viii The Potts Family. 

piler's intention to deposit with the Pennsylvania Historical 
Society at Philadelphia, in addition to a copj'^ of this work, 
a manuscript that will contain Indexes to Potts deeds and 
wills at different places, Lists of marriages and deaths, 
copies of papers, and memoranda of greater or less value to 
the future historian of the family. 

The compiler is indebted to scores of persons for valuable 
aid, and in many instances acknowledgments have been en- 
tered in the body of the text. It is proper to make special 
mention of Gilbert Cope, of West Chester, Penna. ; Louis 
M. Childs, of Norristown, Penna.; Miss Sallie H. Potts, of 
Camden, N. J.; Mrs, R. Shannon Haines, of Mount Holly, 
N. J.; Howard N. Potts, of Philadelphia ; Thomas Franklin 
Potts, of Morrisonville, 111. ; Miss Abby L. Potts, of Potts- 
ville, Pa.; Dr. Samuel T. Potts, of Augusta, Ga. ; George 
W, Potts, of Bowling Green, Ky.; William O, Potts, of 
Cadiz, Ohio; Alpheus Potts, of Jeffersonville, N. Y, ; Mrs. 
Emma Zacharias, of Hillsboro, Va.; Sue G. Hickey, 
of Washington, D. C. ; William V. Cox, of Washington, D. 
C; Col. T. F. Spangler, of Zanesville, Ohio; William T. 
Seal, of Germantown, Pa.; Roe Reisinger, of Franklin, Pa. ; 
William Trumperant Potts, of Philadelphia, Pa ; Miss Anna 
M. North, of Trenton. N. J.; Jacob Potts, of Price, Illinois; 
George A. Chandler, of Bethlehem, Pa.; and William C. 
Armstrong, of New Brunswick, N. J.; and the following, 
now deceased, Ellis Potts Miller, of Harrisburg, Pa ; Mrs. 
AnnaT. Potts-Jones, of Conshohocken, Pa.; Wm. F. Corbit, 
of Philadelphia; Dr. Wm. H. Egle, of Harrisburg, Pa. ; Mrs. 
Amanda T. Potts- Best, of Hillsboro, Va.; Charles Combs 
Potts, of Leesburg, Va.; Rev. Elijah F. Rockwell, D. D., of 
Statesville, N. C. ; Miss Elizabeth Rosa Potts, of Baltimore, 
Md. ; William H. Potts, of Trenton, N. J.; Gen. Benjamin 
F. Potts, of Helena, Mon. ; Col. David G. Potts, of Peters- 
burg, Va., Joel Potts, of Sharpsburg, 111.; Thomas Elwood 
Potts, of Philadelphia ; B. F. Harper, of Germantown, Pa. ; 
and Capt. Thomas Potts Miller, of Louisville, Miss.; who 

Preface. ix 

have contributed valuable information and aid. Much in- 
formation has been gleaned from manuscripts in the posses- 
sion of the Pennsylvania Historical Society at Philadelphia, 
and thanks are due to the polite officials for favors. Thanks 
are due to those who have furnished subjects for illustra- 
tion. It is proper to say that portraits of the living have 
not been inserted from any desire of notoriety, but through 
the solicitation of friends. T. M. P. 

Canonsburg, Penna., 0(£lober, 1901. 


This volume is divided into three parts. Part I treats of 
the family in Great Britain ; Part II treats of the family- in 
America ; and Part III treats of David Potts and his de- 

Descendants of heads of families or of first settlers are 
numbered consecutively and when a name is carried for- 
ward it may be easily found by the corresponding number. 

At the beginning of each biographical sketch, the per- 
son's number and name are printed in bold faced type, and 
followed by the Christian name of each ancestor, back to 
the first known or mentioned, enclosed in parentheses. 

In Parts II and III, the small figures, \ ^ % etc., indi- 
cate the generation back to the first settler, and the small 
letters, *, '', etc., the trans-atlantic ancestors. 

Abkreviatioxs. b. signifies born; d., died; m. mar- 
ried ; unm., unmarried; bap. baptized; d. y., died young ; 
mo. month ; =, married. 

Table of Contents. 

Preface, - •.-■- V 

Explanatorj', %..>> x 

Table of Contents, * .v xi 

List of Tabulated Pedigrees, .> xvi 

List of Illustrations, xv 

Ivist of Autographs, xvii 

Historians of the Potts Family, xix 

Biographical Sketch of William John Potts,, ......Xxiii 

List of Subscribers, 

PART I. The Potts Family in Great Britain. 
By William John- Potts. 

Anns of Pott or Potts, 1 

The Derivation of the Name, 9 

The Potts of Cheshire and Derbyshire^ i<3 

The Potts of Hoole Hall, 23 

Pott Hall, and Pott of Pott, Cheshire, 27 

The Potts of Stancliffe, Derbyshire, 36 

The Potts of London, 3^/^ 

Some Brief Biographies, 4' 

The Potts of Staffordshire, 4'! 

The Potts of Shropshire, 47 

Thomas Pott, the Persecuted Quaker, of Cheshire, 50 

The Potts of Wales, 55 

The Potts' of Mannington, Norfolk, > 75 

The Potts' of Bedfordshire, 79 

The Potts' of Bentham Hill, Kent, 85 

The Potts' of Scotland, .' 87 

Miscellaneous Memoranda, ^ .i... 90 

Rev. Thomas Potts, of Flushing, Holland, 94 

The Potts' of Ireland 97 


xii Thk Potts Family. 

PART II. The Potts Family in America. 

In trodudlion 115 

I The Earliest Potts Emigrants, 116 

II The Potts of the Virginia Settlement, iiS 

III Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family 124 

IV The Potts of Middlesex County, New Jersey, 185 

^ V The Potts Family in Pennsylvania, 192 

VI Elizabeth Potts and her Daughter Jane Potts, 194 

VII Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family, 201 

VIII Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County, 220 

IX David Potts, of Philadelphia County, 232 

X Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale) , 234 

XI The Orphan Children of John Potts, of Wales, 250 

XII Joan or Jone Potts, 255 

XIII Margaret Potts-Cox, 257 

XIV Eleanor Potts-Roberts, 261 

XV Margaret Potts-Morgan, 263 

XVI Rees Potts, of Germantown, 264 

XVII Jonathan Potts, of Lower Dublin, 265 

XVIII " Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle," 269 

- XIX Kinship of the Potts' of Pennsylvania, 282 

XX David Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia, 287 

XXI Jonas Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia, 312 

XXII Jonathan Potts, of Pennsylvania and Kentucky, 338 

■^ XXIII John Potts, of Path Valley, Pennsylvania 347 

XXIV The Potts' of Northumberland County, Penna., 351 

XXV The Potts Family of Barbadoes and Maryland, 355 

XXVI The Canadian Branch of the Potts Family, 362 

XXVII Early Potts Settlers in North Carolina, 365 

XXVIII Moses Potts, of Iredell County, North Carolina 369 

XXIX John Potts, of Iredell County, North Carolina 373 

XXX Henry Potts, of Rowan County, North Carolina, 376 

XXXI The Potts' of IMecklenburg County, North Carolina, 379 

XXXII Jonathan Potts, of South Carolina, 397 

XXXIII The Potts Family of Eastern Virginia, 40: 

XXXIV The Potts' of King George County, Virginia, 405 

XXXV The Potts' of Georgetown Distri(5l, South Carolina, 408 

XXXVI Dr. Anthony Potts and his Family, 412 

XXXVII A Potts Family of Charleston, South Carolina, 414 

XXXVIII The Potts' of Union Distri(fl, vSouth Carolina 416 

XXXIX The Potts' of Davies County, Kentucky 417 

XL The Potts' of Jefferson County, I-Centucky, 420 

XLI A Potts Family from County Cavin, Ireland, 421 

Table of Contents. xiii 

XLII A Potts Family from County Monaghan, Ireland, 423 

XIvIII Dutch and German Families of Pott, Potts and Putt, 425 

Wilhelm and Degenhardt Pott, 427 

The Potts' of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, 432 

XLIV Some Miscellaneous Fragments, 434 

An Anglo-Hibernian Potts Family, 645 

PART III. David Potts and his Descendants. 

I David Potts of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 441 

II Second Generation, 450 

III Third Generation, 460 

IV Fourth Generation, 473 

V Fifth Generation, 496 

VI Sixth Generation, ; 538 

VII Seventh Generation, 590 

VIII Eighth Generation, 612 

Snpplement, 620-a 

Appendix, 623 

Index to Part I. The Potts Family in Great Britain 659 

Index to Part II. The Potts Family in America, 667 

Index to Part III. David Potts and his Descendants, 695 

Index to Part III, Continued. Names of Persons who haye Mar- 
ried Descendants of David Potts, 723 

Index to Part III, Continued. Names of Persons Incidentally 

Mentioned, 732 

xiv The Potts Family. 

List of Tabulated Pedigrees. 

The Potts of Cheshire of Derbyshire 6 

The Potts of Hoole Hall, Cheshire, 26 

The Potts of Pott, 28 

The Potts of Cheshire and Derbyshire, Facing 36 

Pott Families of London 38^^ 

The Potts of Llangirrig, Wales, 66 

The Potts Family of Manington, Norfolk, 78 

The Potts' of Bedfordshire, 85 

The Potts' of Bentham Hill, Kent, 87 

The Potts of Todrig, Scotland, 90 

The Potts' of Athlone and Ballinsloe, Ireland, iii 

The Family of Thomas Potts, (Shield), Facing 182 

The Potts Family of Middlesex County, New Jersey, 191 

The Family of Thomas Potts, (Miller), 219 

Jonas Potts' Family 231 

The Thomas Potts, Junior, ( Colebrookdale ) , Family, 246-249 

Thomas Roberts' Family , 262 

Jonathan Potts' Famil)', of Pennsylvania, 269 

The Potts Family of Llangirrig, Wales, and Pennsylvania,.. Facing 286 

David Potts' Family, of Loudoun County, Virginia, 311 

Jonas Pottt"' Family, of Loudoun County, Virginia, 337 

Jonathan Potts' Family, of Kentucky, 346 

John Potts' Family, (Path Valley, Pennsylvania), 350 

The Barbadoes-Maryland Family, 361 

An Irish-Canadian Branch, 364 

Moses Potts' Family, ( Iredell County, North Carolina) , 371 

John Potts' Family, (Iredell County, North Carolina), 375 

Henry Potts' Family, Rowan County, North Carolina), 378 

The Potts Family of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina), 391 

John Potts' Family, (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina), 395 

James Potts' Family, (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina), 395 

Jonathan Potts' Family, (South Carolina), 400 

A Potts Family of Eastern Virginia, 404 

The Potts Family of King George Count}', Virginia, 407 

The Potts Family of Georgetown Distridl, South Carolina, 411 

The Family of David Potts' of Pennsylvania, 614-619 

Stacy Potts, (58), Ancestors and Descendants, Facing 632 

Autographs. xv 

List of Autographs. 

Daniel Potts, 464 

David Potts, (Loudoun Count}-, Virginia), 290 

David Potts, ( Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania), 44t 

Ezekiel Potts, (Son of David), 458 

James Potts, 477 

John Potts, (Son of David), 452 

Jonas Potts 635 

Nathan Potts, (Son of David) 459 

Robert Barnhill Potts, 499 

Samuel Potts, 463 

Stephen Potts, (Son of Davdd), 456 

Thomas Pott, the Persecuted Quaker, of Cheshire, 53, 54 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), 239 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Mansfield), 144 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Tanner),. 150 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), 204, 205, 207, 210, 276, 277 

Thomas Potts, (Sheriff) 461 

Thomas Potts (Shield), 130, 133, 271, 273, 274 

Thomas Potts, (Son of David), 450 

Thomas Jefferson Potts, 504 

Thomas Maxwell Potts, Facing 115 

William John Potts Frontispiece, xxx 

William Lukens Potts, 474 

XV The Potts Family. 

Index to Important Wills and Deeds. 

Will of Francis Pott, 1638, (abstracT;), 20 

Will of Lawrence Pott, 1638, (abstradt), 21 

Will of Rev. Nehemiah Pott, 1649, (abstradl), 21 

Will of Thomas Pott, 1652, (abstradl), 21 

Will of William Pott, 1659, (abstradt), 22 

Will of Edmund Pott, 1702, (abstradl), 22 

Will of John Pott, 1724, (abstradl), 22 

Will of Thomas Pott, 1654, (Wales) 59 

Will of John Pott, 1672, (Wales), 61 

Will of William Bound, 1678, (Wales), 64 

Will of John Potts, Merchant, 1738, (Ireland), 100 

Will of Thomas Potts, (Shield), 1726 131 

Will of Thomas Potts, Junior, 1754, (abstradt), 144 

Will of Thomas Potts, (Miller), 1719 209 

Will of Judith Sharp, 1748, (abstradl), 2x2 

^ Will of David Potts, 176S, (Loudoun County, Va.), 291 

'Will of David Potts, 1730, (Philadelphia County, Pa.), 446 

Will of John Potts, 1766, (Philadelphia County, Pa.), 452 

Will of Johannis Potts, 1591, (Waterford, Ireland) 625 

Will of John Potts, 1626, (Cannicourt, Ireland), 625 

Will of Richard Potts, 1670, (Percival, Scotland), 626 

Will of Ann Potts, 1723, (Drogheda, Ireland), 627 

Deed, John Woolston to Thomas Potts, (Shield), 1680, 127 

Deed, George Porter to Thomas Potts, Junior, 1697, (abstradt), ... 134 

Deed, Nathaniel Records to Thomas Potts, 1702, 135 

Deed, Thomas Potts to George House, 1728, 138 

Abstradls of Sundry Deeds, (Heirs of Mahlon Stacy) 142 

Deed, Thomas Potts, Jr., to Andrew Edge, 1728, 146 

Tripratite Deed, John Austin, et al. to James Davis, 1706, 199 

Deed, John Blunston, Agent, to Thomas Pott or Potts, 1692 202 

Abstradls of sundry Deeds, Thomas Potts, Jr., (Colebrookdale), .. 236 

Index to Illustrations. 

Note. These illustrations face the page given. It has not been possible to 
place all the illustrations in close connedtion with the descriptive text. 

1 Portrait of William John Potts, Frontispiece 

2 Portrait of William Baird Potts, xix 

3 Arms, Pott of Pott, (in colors), 3 

4 Arms, Potts of Mannington, 4 

5 Arms, Pott of Pott Hall, 5 

6 Arms, Pott of Stancliffe, 5 

7 Crest, 7 

8 Portrait of Robert Potts, LL. D., 44 

9 Portrait of Thomas Maxwell Potts, 115 

10 Sedlion of Baptist Graveyard at Bordentown, N. J., 143 

11 Gen. Washington Visiting Col. Rahl, 160 

12 Portrait of Rachel Potts-Duhring, 168 

13 Portrait of Albert Potts, 176 

14 Portrait of Lieut. Com. Stacy Potts, 178 

15 Portrait of Newton Mtirray Potts, 180 

16 First Meeting Place of Germantown Friends, 205 

17 Residence of Isaac Potts at Valley Forge, 241 

18 Residence of Thomas Maxwell Potts, 268 

19 Residence of William O. Potts, 326 

20 Portrait of Hon. Richard Potts, 356 

21 Portrait of William Trumperant Potts, 362 

22 Faggs Manor Presbyterian Church, 364 

23 Portrait of Stephen M. Potts, 375 

24 Portrait of Susan T. Sturdivant-Potts-Hunt , 375 

25 Portrait of Levica Potts-Mcllwain, 392 

26 Portrait of Col. David Graves Potts, 401 

27 Portrait of George Potts, 421 

28 Residence of Alfred Hamilton Potts, 424 


xviii The Potts Family. 

29 Homestead of Thomas J. Potts, now of William Potts 441 

30 Plymouth Friends Meeting House, 459 

31 Homestead of Zebulon Potts, 47^ 

32 Portrait of Hannah Holstein-Hughes 473 

33 Portrait of William Lukens Potts, 475 

34 Portrait of Rachel Hughes-Potts, 474 

35 Portrait of Thomas Isaac Potts, 476 

36 Portrait of Hannah Elizabeth Potts, 478 

37 Portrait of Nathan Rhoads Potts, '. 487 

38 Portrait of William Potts at 91 492 

39 Portrait of Robert Tower Potts, 494 

40 Portrait of Cliarles Clay Potts 49^ 

41 Portrait of William Francis Potts, 498 

42 Portrait of Robert Barnhill Potts, 500 

43 Portrait of Thomas Jefferson Potts, 503 

44 Portrait of Margaret Carter-Potts, 502 

45 Portrait of Jesse Charles Potts, 505 

46 Portrait of Eunice Walker-Potts, 504 

47 Potts Memorial Recflory, Albanj', 506 

48 Portrait of Joseph Potts, 518 

49 Portrait of Howard Cameron Potts, 520 

50 Portrait of Priscilla Potts-SchafFer, 522 

51 Portrait of Martha T. Potts-SchafFer, 524 

52 Swedeland, Residence of William Weaver Potts. 537 

53 Portrait of Horace Turley Potts, 538 

54 Portrait of Charles William Potts, 540 

55 Portrait of Hon. Frederick A. Potts 542 

56 Portrait- of James Carter Potts 546 

57 Portrait of William Potts, 54S 

58 Portrait of Joseph Tarrance Potts, 550 

59 Alfred Hamilton Potts and Family, 552 

60 Portraits of Milton G. Potts and George C. Potts, 568 

61 Portrait of Capt. Howard Wheatley Shipley, 57°^ 

62 Portrait of Mary Miller-Potts, 590 

63 Portrait of Rev. Thomas Pliny Potts, 592 

64 Portrait of William Baker Potts, 594 

65 Portrait of Mitchel Miller Potts, 597 

66 Sadie Grace Beatty-Potts, 596 

67 Reuben Claude Potts and Family, 598 

68 Portrait of Louis Maxwell Potts, Ph. D., 600 

69 Portrait of ElHs Potts Miller, 604 


Historians of the Potts Family. 

Several persons in the past have given more or less at- 
tention to the history and genealogy of some branch of the 
Potts family. These efforts have been mainly confined to 
the family of Thomas Potts, Junior, of Germantown and 
Colebrookdale, sometimes referred to as the " Pottstown 
Family. ' ' The early investigators started upon the assump- 
tion that the Thomas Potts who came to America in 1678,* 
landed at Burlington, New Jersey, and settled there, was 
the head of this family. The pioneer in these researches 
was the late William Baird Potts, Esq., of Schuylkill 
County, Pennsylvania. 

WiLLiAN Baird Potts f was the son of William and 
Mary Frances (Potts) Potts. Mary Frances Potts was a 
daughter of Dr. Jonathan Potts, who was the Medical Di- 
redlor General of the Continental Armies of the Revolution, 
and who was stationed in New York and the Canadas dur- 
ing the greater part of the struggle for Independence. 

William Baird Potts was born Feb. 22, 1802, at Potts- 
town, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. His early life 
was passed in the better schools of that day. For a short 
time after completing his studies at school, he was employed 
in a store at Reading. He prepared himself for the pradlice 
of the law and was admitted to the bar, eventually remov- 
ing to Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County. He married Jane 

* See infra, page 124 et seq. 

t Note. The data for this sketch were furnished by Howard D. Potts, Esq., of 
Harrisburg. For position iu family see infra, page 246. 


XX The Potts Family. 

Hughes Downing, daughter of Major I^evi Downing of 
Dowuingtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania, Aprils, 1830. 

During his residence at Orwigsburg, he conceived the idea 
of a genealogical history of the Potts family. He encoun- 
tered the usual hindrances and difficulties incident to such 
an undertaking, but the work grew interesting to him and 
he continued it for over seven years. He spent much of his 
time and private means in his researches for data and fadls 
concerning the early history and the arrivals from abroad of 
the earliest emigrants of the name of Potts. He also car- 
ried on an extensive correspondence with persons living in 
England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland, and accumulated a 
large coUedlion of documents and valuable papers relative 
the subjedl. He had beside unusual facilities in having ac- 
cess to old family papers in the libraries, and even in lofts 
and garrets, of members of the family then living. In 
1850 he presented these accumulations to the Pennsylvania 
Historical Society at Philadelphia, where they are preser\'ed 
in two bound volumes. In the last years of his life, he com- 
piled into book form his data concerning the family of 
Thomas Potts, Junior, of Germantown and Colebrookdale. 
With the exception of the statement that this Thomas Potts 
was the son of that Thomas Potts who came to Burlington, 
New Jersey, in 1678, the record has been pronounced alto- 
gether corredl as far as it goes. His labor of love was lat- 
terly interfered with by ill health, and finally interrupted 
entirely by his death, which took place Oclober 9, 1855. 
His manuscript volume has been preserved by his family, 
and up to the time of his death was in the custody of his 
son, the late Hon. W. Ramsay Potts, of Pottsville, Penna. 

At the change of the County-Seat of Schuylkill County 
in 1850, from Orwigsburg to Pottsville, Mr. Potts removed 
to the latter place. He was eminently successful as an at- 
torney, and at his decease left a large clientage to his eldest 
son, who succeeded him and continued the pracftice for over 
forty years. 

Historians of the Potts Family. xxi 

Rev. Edward D. Neill, D. D., a Presbyterian minister, 
scholar, antiquarian, and author, in 1863, published an ad- 
mirable Biog-raphical Sketch of Dr. Jonathan Potts, the 
Medical Direcftor General in the Revoluton, in pamphlet 
form. In a foot-note on the first page, he gives what pur- 
ports to be a brief pedigree of the family, but unfortunately 
confounds three or four families by combining them into one, 
and making Thomas Potts, of the Shield, the head. In 
his Virginia Caroloruni he gives some account of Dr. John 
Pott and Captain Francis Pott, his brother, of Jamestown. 

Dr. James Henry Carr, late of the City of Philadelphia, 
gave many years at'ention to collecting information concern- 
ing those of the name of Potts in Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey, especially from deeds, wills, Friends records, and 
such like. He prepared, in manuscript, a genealogy of the 
family of Thomas Potts, Junior, of Germantown and Cole- 
brookdale. His colle(flion was very valuable and reliable in 
all particulars, except that he claimed this Thomas Potts, 
Junior, to have been the son of Thomas Potts, of the Shield. 
He would not admit his error on this point, and no array of 
facls or argument would he listen to or admit. In Novem- 
ber, 1882, he published an article in the Montgomoy Led- 
ger of Norristown, Pa., entitled " Solution of the old Potts 
Puzzle," * in which he brings together, in a small space, a 
valuable colledtion of data. 

Mr, William John Potts, late of Camden, New Jersey, 
had his attention called to the subjecft in the latter part of 
1869, and began a systematic and thorough investigation and 
was in time surprised that so many important sources of in- 
formation, bearing upon the subject, had not up to that time 
been examined. He was the first to make a clear statement 
and assign to these first settlers their true position, and show 
that they were not all of one family. See Biographical 
Sketches, pages xxiii and 541. 

* See iuf ra, page 269, et seq. 


xxii The Potts Family. 

Dr. John Neill, (brother of Rev. Edward D. Neill), in 
in his John Neill, of Lewes, Delaware, prints a paragraph or 
two, to dispel the confusion that had before existed as to 
the several Thomas Potts' , living at the same time. 

Mrs. Thomas Potts James, late of Cambridge, Massa- 
chussetts, in 1874, published a Memorial of Thomas Potts ^ 
Junior, etc, This is a fine quarto volume of 416 pages, giv- 
ing a record of over 1200 descendants of Thomas Potts, Jun- 
ior, of Germantown and Colebrookdale. It contains much 
historical matter, and is handsomely illustrated. 

FuTHEY & Cope's History of Chester County, Pejinsylva- 
nia, (1881), contains some biographical sketches of persons 
of the name who have resided in that County. 

William F. CoolEy, in his Older Hunterdon County, 
New Jersey, gives a short account of the Potts' of Trenton. 

Old Kent oj Maryland and Provincial Cou7icillors, both 
have brief accounts of the family of Hon. Richard Potts. 

Biographical Sketch 


William John Potts. 

William John Potts,* sou of Robert Barnhill and Sarah 
Page (Grew) Potts, was born Odtober 14, 1842, in Phila- 
delphia, Pennsylvania, and died November 18, 1895, in 
Camden, New Jersey. When he was eight years of age, the 
family removed from Philadelphia to Camden. He attended 
schools in both cities, and later attended courses of ledlures 
on Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania and at the 
Polytechnic College of Philadelphia. After completing his 
education, he for several years filled the position of Analyt- 
ical Chemist in the large manufadluring chemical works es- 
tablished and operated by his father. 

After a few years, he relinquished his profession and de- 
voted his time to intellectual pursuits, which he found to be 
more congenial to his tastes. Being a person of means he was 
free from the exacting demands business, and in consequence 
pursued those branches of science and literature to his liking. 
His more favored subjects were history, genealogy, archae- 
ology, numismatics, and kindred studies. He condudled a 
large correspondence and kept in touch with a seledl circle 
of educated persons of kindred tastes. He valued his mem- 
bership in the American Philosophical Society very highly 
and took a great interest in its proceedings. At the time of 

* Note. In compiliug this sketch, the writer has consulted the biography of 
William John Potts by Dr. F. D. Stone and relied upon it for material fadts. 


xxiv The Potts Family. 

death he was also a member of the Pennsj-lvania Historical 
Society, the New Jersey Historical Society, the New Eng- 
land Historic Genealogical Society, the American Folk-Lore 
Society, the English Folk- Lore Society, the Pennsylvania 
Sons of the Revolution, the New Jersey Sons of the Revo- 
lution, the Society of Colonial Wars for the State of Penn- 
sylvania, the Society of Colonial Wars for the State of New 
Jersey, and a corresponding member of the Wisconsin His- 
torical Society. He had also been a member of the Acade- 
my of Natural Sciences and of the Numismatic and Anti- 
quarian Societies of Philadelphia. 

He was unmarried, but very happy in his home surround- 
ing which, after the decease of his father, included his 
mother, brother and sister, where every needed comfort and 
many luxuries aided to make life enjoyable. His home be- 
came a meeting place of his friends, and he was made pres- 
ident of a local art club that met there. He was also pres- 
ident of the " Fortnightly Club," which held its meetings 
at the homes of the members, where lectures and other ele- 
vating entertainments were enjoyed. Later he was presi- 
dent of the University Extension in Camden, and labored 
zealously to give his fellow citizens the benefit of the most 
interesting and instructive courses of lectures. 

The late Dr. Frederick D. Stone, librarian of the Penn- 
sylvania Historical Society, his life-long friend and biogra- 
pher, says of him : 

To sum up Mr. Potts' characfler in a few words, he can best be de- 
scribed as an educated gentleman of broad and liberal tastes, in whose 
company every one could find pleasure. Although not a college 
graduate, his education was excellent, and it was svippleraented bj* the 
advantage of extensive travel, at a time when his mind was open to 
broadening influences. Early in 1866 he sailed for Europe, and re- 
mained abroad for more than two years. In 1880 he again visited 
Europe, and did not return until 1S82. On his first trip he visited 
some of the principal European capitals. His second trip was ex- 
tended to Norway, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Spain and as far up the 
Nile as the first cataradl. 

William John Potts. xxv 

Rev. E. H. Byington, D. D,, in an obituary notice, pub- 
lished in the proceedings of the New England Historic Gen- 
ealogical Society for 1896, writes : 

He -was a man of remarkable industry and skill in antiquarian re* 
search, and he left many of his plans unfinished, on account of his too 
early death. He was a genial companion, agreeable in conversation , 
gentle and patient in enduring the long-continued physical suffering 
of his last years. "The death of such a man," says one of his old 
neighbors, " is a loss to the community which can only be properly 
estimated after the sad event has occurred." 

He was a contributor to The Pennsylvania Magasine of 
History and Biography , The New England Historic Genealog- 
ical Register^ The Nez^ York Genealogical and Biographical 
Record, the London (Eng. ) Notes and Queries, and other 
periodicals. He contributed valuable material for a number 
of works, and the authors of several books published in 
England give him credit for securing valuable materials for 
their use from America. Dr. Stone says of him, 

It may well be asked if Mr, Potts gave no one of his numerous 
tastes a prominence over another,and while the answer must be in the 
negative, so far as his studies were concerned, there was certainly one 
class of composition in which he excelled, and to which I think he 
gave a particular attention — I mean the well-nigh lost art of letter- 
writing. For this he seems to have had a natural-born taste. 

Dr. Stone quotes from many of his letters, and in one 
written to the doctor from Paris in January in 1882, he re- 
fers to the skull-cap seen in his portrait, as follows, 

INIy researches in the British Museum were after all not very satis- 
fadlory, — though quite laborious, — owing to the dark fogs of Novem- 
ber. The atmosphere in the Reading Room does not at first appear to 
be so bad, but constant attendance convinced me that the necessary oxy- 
gen to keep up the brilliancy of one's intelle<5l is not to be found in an 
English November, and especially in the badly ventilated Reading 
Room of this wonderful library. When ventilated at all, a cold 
draught cuts across one's back from an occasional door being opened 
in the gallery. I have bought myself a black velvet skull-cap, such 
as the priests wear to cover their tonsures in the cold European cathe- 
drals. It is a very useful article, and has a most foreign look ; and if 

xxvi The Potts Family. 

you have any draughts in the Society's Rooms I shall honor you when 
I get back, and should anybody ask what distinguished prelate that 
is, you can say, "A bishop from Jersey." 

Mr. Potts' letters to the writer hereof cover more than fif- 
teen hundred pages, and he can readily agree with Dr. Stone 
that there was something intangible about them that gave 
them a peculiar charm, and an expected letter was anticipa- 
ted with pleasure and read with the keenest relish. The 
last letter written by his own hand to the compiler was dated 
March, 1895. The following are some pargraphs extracled 
from a letter written from Paris in 1882, in which among 
other things he discusses, at some length, some disputed 
points in the Potts pedigree not then altogether clear. The 
whole letter comprises sixteen closely written pages. 

Paris, Fr.\nce, Feb. 17. 1882. 
Dear Sir : 

Thank 3-ou for your interesting letter dated 27 January. I was par- 
ticularly interested in your account af the stubborn revival of Mr. 
Carr's theory of the Pottstown family's descent from Thomas Potts of 
the Shield. I have become rather excited about it, and I must say 
it has aroused me to fresh effort in the elucidation of this matter. 

Since I have been abroad, everything convinces me that our coun- 
try's greatness is advancing with tremendous strides, and rapidly be- 
coming apparent to all Europe. As has been said, certainly without 
exaggeration, in one hundred years we shall number two hunded mil- 
lions population. There are signs too of a great era of American liter- 
ature, historical as well as general. When this coming century shall 
have passed away there will be more than ever of the curious and 
justly proud who will take an interest in the founders of this magnifi- 
cent empire. You and I have duties to perform to posterity to pre- 
serve "the fragments which remain that nothing be lost " of the his- 
tory of our ancestors. 

Though I have published nothing in the defence of my theorj' of 
the pedigree of the several families of Potts' of Pennsylvania and New 
Jersey, my labor in the voluminous correspondence with Mrs. Thomas 
Potts James and Mr. James H. Carr was very great. It was this as you 
know which caused Mrs. James to drop her claim to Thomas Potts of 
the Shield ; and ray correspondence with the Neills of Philadelphia, 
which was the means of their also abandoning T. P., Shield and giv- 
ing, in the Potts part of the Neill Genealogy, my evidence (in part) of 
the claim of the New Jersey family to Thomas Potts of the Shield. 

William John f otts. xxvii 

You have referred in your last letter to Mr. Carr making a newspa- 
per publication entitled " the Potts Puzzle " * in which he still lays 
claim to the Shield for the Pottstown family. I met him often at the 
Historical Society's Rooms. His argument was always the same, and 
not one new thing could or would he add to it, viz. : that a certain deed 
recorded in Philadelphia showed that Thomas Potts of Colebrookdale 
sold a house and lot in Philadelphia, which he had inherited under 
the will of his father, Thomas Potts, will 1726. f He further said 
there could be no doubt that T. P. will 1726 was the same as T. P. of 
the Shield, because of the remarkable and unusual T which was used 
in the signature being identical with that of the old T. P's signature of 

Now this is the whole of his argument, and the strong point in it 
which it is incumbent for us to attack and to examine critically is the 
deed recording the above statement. That once broken down their 
whole case goes. If you could examine this deed and show that the 
Thomas Potts, Junior, mentioned in it was not proved to be him of 
Colebrookdale, then their evidence falls to the ground. Mr. Carr 
once took me to the office of the Recorder of Deeds in Philadelphia, 
and gave me a paper with the index to Potts deeds, but I cannot now 
remember whether I saw this deed. The moment I get home I shall 
copy it and weigh its value very carefully. I found even then at that 
examination several deeds which bore out my theory. Though I must 
say that I viewed the matter in a generous and liberal way and argued 
from his side and tried to prove his case right, but I could not make 
mine wrong, unless this deed is so strong in every detail that it can- 
not be gainsayed. It must positively show that the Thomas, Jr., it re- 
fers to was the Colebrookdale Thomas and could not be the Thomas of 
Mansfield and of Bucks County, who might for a short time have been 
in the City. This is the most important clause in this deed, and the 
next of course is the reference to Thomas Potts of the will of 1726 in- 
serted in it. 

I have abundant official record evidence to show that the old Thom- 
as Potts of Burlington recognized Thomas Potts, Jr., of Springfield, 
Mansfield, and Bucks County as his son, and that his wife Ann joined 
with him in an important deed, recognizing this Thomas Potts of 
Springfield as their son. I have legal evidence to show that the Jun- 
ior of Philadelphia was not the person meant in this deed. I have ev- 
idences to show that Thomas Potts, Jr., was born before the Shield 
landed, while the Thomas Potts of Colebrookdale, by his own show- 
ing, was born in 1680, after that vessel landed. The collareral or cir- 

* See infra, page 269 et seq. 
t See infra, pages 131 and 138. 

xxviii The Potts Family. 

cunistanlial evidences also are favorable to Thomas Potts, Jr., of 
Mansfield, etc. No birth record on the Burlington books appears of 
T. P. of Colebrookdale, no evidence whatever that he was ever in Bur- 
lington in his life. He was a Quaker, while on the other hand not 
only was T. P. Mansfield married at the house of his father, Thomas 
Potts, in Burlington as the Court Record states,* biit he was also a 
Baptist and appears like his father on the books of the Pennepack 
Baptist Records. 

I have in my letters to Mr. Carr only carried ni}- argument down to 
1699, when old T. P., Shield, left and went to Pennepack, but I have 
not endeavored to show or prove to Mr. Carr that I claimed the Pen- 
nepack Senior as him of the Shield and as one and the same with T. 
P., wife Alice, will 1726 who died in Philadelphia. I did not think it 
necessary to prove or disprove this further history of T. P., Shield, 
beyond 1699-1700, up to which time I made the affiliation positive be- 
tween him and T. P., Mansfield. Now Carr says, after all this, that 
T. P. Colebrookdale, could only be his lawful son. 

I need not refer j-ou to the circumstantial evidence of the New Jersey 
family, Stacy Potts' letter of 1769! and their Bible records. Can- 
said they were worthless. I have the statement on Thomas Potts of 
Mansfield's tombstone as to his age, and the parish register of his 
death giving the same, both showing that he was born before the 
landing of the Shield. Smith's History too that Thomas Potts came 
in the Shield bringing his wife and children. Carr would also set that 
aside as to the term "children." I have the Burlington Court record 
that Ruth Kettle was married at the house of her father-in-law [step- 
father] Thomas Potts to Thomas Bibb, Tanner. The only name that 
approaches to this funny "Kettle" is Cattle, now written Cattell, of 
New Jerse}-, of which there was (perhaps it is only a coincidence) an 
early Jonas Cattle. I presume the name to have been the same as Catla. 
A John Catla appears at an early date on the Pennepack records. 
These latter records, by the waj-, I have been over several times most 
carefully. Kettle is a common name in Cheshire, England. Could 
it be possible that Thomas Potts, Shield, married a widow Cattle or 
Kettle ? 

I had, as I have told you, evidence that Thomas Potts of the Shield 
came from Chesterfield, in Derbyshire. Some years ago I wrote at 
random (not knowing his name) to the Clerk of the Parish Records, 
Chesterfield, Derbyshire. It was nearl}-, if not more than, a 3'ear af- 
terward when I received a reply from a person, signing himself "G. 
Damns," stating that he had been very Vjusy w'hen he received my let- 

* See infra, page 135. 

* See infra, page 631. 

William John Potts. xxix 

ter, that he had examined his records for the name of Potts in the 
period desired, (I had purposely specified no Christian names), that 
he had a nvimber which he thought would be of interest ; but as I was 
a stranger to him, would I send him two pounds (^2) some shillings 
first. I naturally thought " G. Damns" has a bad sound and was 
suspicious of the name and the unusual length of time taken to answer 
my letter. So I took no notice of his tardy reply, not wishing to risk 
eleven dollars. Some time after a friend wrote me from England that 
there aiflually was such a man in the Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Diredl- 
ory as " G. Damns, Parish Clerk." * * * Your letter has 
stirred me up so, I think I'll go to Chesterfield if it is not a very ex- 
pensive journey. 

In five weeks I leave here for England to stay a week in London, 
make a short examination again in the British Museum and then make 
a tour of England preparatory to returning to America in the Spring. 
It is some years since I had a letter from Mr. Carr containing a copy 
of one received by Rev. Edward D. Neill, then U. S. Consul at some 
foreign port, an answer to one the said Neill had addressed to a certain 
English customs official at Trinity House, Hull, who happened also 
to be an antiquary. It stated that there was no record of any vessel 
named the Shield sailing from Hull in 167S. But as the Shield sailed 
from Stockton upon Hull, that was of no account. 

You know I had the Quaker records in London searched. Those 
particularly referring to Cheshire and Wales. From the former I ob- 
tained a record of the descendants of Thomas Potts, the persecuted 
Quaker, mentioned in Besse. Wales was deficient, the persecution 
having raged so that meetings were broken up at an early date and their 
members emigrated in a body to America. The wills in Bangor cover 
the part of Wales from which our family came. There are few Potts' in 
the period we desire, and the wills I have do not make the connection 
with David, because they are too early, but they are valuable. How- 
ever there are great voids in these Welsh wills, but I think all the cir- 
cumstantial evidence shows David came from these. * * The 
Parish Records of Llangurrig, so the history of that place which I 
examined in the British Museum states, are only existing from a late 
date. Perhaps the adjoining parishes may be more fortunate. 

Of your correspondent Mr. Robert Potts, M. A., of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, I have heard in Allibone's Dictionary of Authors, I be- 
lieve, where he figures on the roll of honor. In 1867 when at Kreutz- 
nach, a watering place in Germany, I met a very agreeable English 
clergyman, since Bishop of Ningpo in China, a learned man in the 
Chinese tongue. His name was William A. Russell, and he came 
from Dublin. He told me his grandmother was a Potts, an old family 
of that place, 

XXX The Potts Family. 

If in England there are man}- sources to obtain genealogical infor- 
mation they require considerable length of time to become acquainted 
with them. To be sure they have the wills, and where they exist the 
parish registers; but are wanting in that one great clue which we have 
to perfection, an institution of great importance, not only to the gen- 
ealogist but to the Republic, the open registry of deeds, What would 
either of us know about the Potts genealogy if we had no Recorder of 
Deeds office ? It would have been impossible to have made anything 
out of it. The pedigrees examined were only those of the great land- 
ed families, for none other exist in England. The tenants of whom, 
were most of the ancestors of the Americans, did not own in the old 
country a foot of land at that early date, consequenly if there were 
any recorded deeds of land, none of these tenant farmers would be 
found among them. The County Histories are pompous memorials of 
the great alone. Ancient names of any but the nobility or families of 
great property are not even mentioned. This is vitterly regardless of 
the fadl expressed by Camden, the antiquary, that the high are de- 
scended from the low, and the low from the high. Addison remarks, 
of the pedigree of an Englishman, that where his ancestors were of no 
condition he conceals their origin by writing "Esquire" after their 
names. So a pedigree which really might give some clue to certain 
names purposely conceals any fadl that may identify them. All this 
s so different from the plain honesty and outspoken truth of a Repub- 
lican genealogy that it is perplexing and vexatious. 

So with best wishes, I remain, 

Yours Truly, 

Thom.\s Maxweli. Potts. 


United States. 

Mr. Potts in appearance was a very robust man, but long 
suffered from ill health, being subjedl to attacks which, 
for the time being, caused him great suffering and prostra- 
tion. As the years increased these attacks became more 
frequent and longer continued. He had the benefit of the 
best medical skill and the ministrations of tender hands of 
loving care-takers, but at last succumbed to the fell destroy- 
er — death. In religious convicftion and affiliation, he was 
an Episcopalian. 

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xxxii The Potts Family. 

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xxxiv The Potts Family. 

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Mrs, Emma I. Potts-Zacharias, Hillsboro, Virginia. 

The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Pott of Pott, 



Arms of Pott or Potts, 

The publisher of this vokime has received so many inqui- 
ries as to the arms of the Potts family, that it is deemed ex- 
pedient to insert the following compilation upon the subje(5t. 
/^"irst of all it may be well to explain, that the English idea 
or usage of armorial bearings is, that they are granted as 
property to an individual, and from him descend to his 
children, grandchildren, and so on. Hence in England 
there is no such thing as the arms of 2, family, except as the 
sons, grandsons, etc., of the grantee constitute his particu- 
lar family. That is, they do not pass to brothers or collat- 
eral lines. The practice however is quite different on the 
Continent. So far as the writer's investigation has gone, 
there seems to be no evidence that the early Potts settlers 
in America were descended from armigerous ancestors, 
though they may have belonged to collateral lines, and 
been descended from a common origin in a more remote 

The Arms of Pott or Potts are quite simple, being com- 
posed of bars and a bend over all. In the various descrip- 
tions given, there are some variations in the tinBiires or 
colors, as borne by different branches of the family. In 
some cases these changes may have come by reason of being 
borne bj- junior members of a family, while in some other 
cases it is not at all improbable that the copvist may have 


4 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

been at fault. It is not uncommon for the branches of a 
family to difference their Coats with an interchange of tinc- 
tures. Leaving out those that are incomplete or manifestly 
inaccurate, the following descriptions have been noticed. 

1 Or two bars azure, over all a bend gules. 

2 Or two bars azure, over all a bend of the second. 

3 Azure two bars or, over all a bend of the last. 

4 Barry of ten argent and sal)le, on a bend over all gules, three 
trefoils slipped or. 

5 Barry of ten argent and sable, on a bend over all sable, three 
trefoils slipped or. 

6 Barry of ten argent and sable, on a bend azure three trefoils 
slipped or. 

7 Barry of six azure and or, over all a bend of the last 
Similarity of Arms is generally understood to indicate 

family relationship, but it is not an ironclad rule, as there 
are instances of persons bearing the .same surname, and 
having very similar Arms, yet in no way related. 

The earliest record in the Herald's College of Arms grant- 
ed to any one bearing the name of Pott or Potts, so far as 
yet discovered, bears date of 1583. In that year Arms were 
granted to John Potts, an eminent lawyer of Lincoln's Inn, 
London, and are fairly shown in the mar- r ^niw=^^^ 

gin, and described as follows. ' "^ 

. ,j 

Arms. Azure two bars or, over all a bend of i ij 

the second. L— J^ 

This John Potts was a son of Roger ^|r^ J 

Potts, of Mannington, County Norfolk. ^^^ps^ 

The Potts' of Counties Bedford, Durham and Kent, all bore 
the .same Arms and seem to have been of the same family. 
A branch of the Potts family who settled in Kings County, 
Ireland, also bear these Arms, though they claim descent 
from the Cheshire Potts. 

The Arms of Pott or Potts. 5 

Ormerod's History of Cheshire, edition of 1882, gives a 
description of the Arms of Pott, of Pott Hall, 
Cheshire, which seems to be corredled from a \ 
former edition of that work. This description T 
is here copied, and represented in the margin. ; . 
See also Arms printed in colors. F ' 

Arms. Or two bars azure, over all a bend [not] of ^<^:r::::^^^ 
the second [but gules]. ^~<<^ 

When these Arms were granted, and to whom, does not 
appear, but the inference is that they were quite ancient. 
In the Visitation of 1633, Edmund Pott, of London, bore 
these Arms. This Edmund Pott was the third son of Fran- 
cis Pott, who was a son of Roger Pott, of Pott Hall, Che- 
shire. These Arms bear a viidlet on the bejid over the dex- 
ter chief, which is the distinctive differejice indicating a third 
son, and proves that he bore these Arms by inheritance. 

Another and more recent account of the Potts, of Pott 
Hall, printed in Burke's Landed Ge7itrj, edition of 1886, 
gives the Arms as follow^s. 

Arms. Or two bars azure, over all a bend of the second. 

These Arms are the same as the last mentioned, except 
that the tincture of the bend is changed from gules to azure. 
This account states that these Arms are those allowed to 
PMmund Pott, of London, the third son of Francis Pott, of 
Pott, in 1634. 

On November 19, 161 1, Arms were granted to John Pott, 
of Stancliffe, Derbj^shire, by Sir Richard 
St. George, Norroy, as shown in the 
margin, and described as follows, 

Arms. Barry of ten argent and sable, on a 
bend over all gules, three trefoils slipped or. 

John Pott, of Stancliffe, was a son of 
another John Pott, and a grandson of Roger Pott, of Dun- 

6 Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

ge, Cheshire. On a burial tablet, suspended in St. Mary 
and St. Helen Church, at Neston, Wirrill Hundred, in Che- 
shire, to the memory of Thomasyn, wife of George Pott, of 
Stancliffe, who died in 1650, the Arms for Pott are the 
same as those granted to John Pott, of vStancliffe, his father, 
in 1 611, and described above, except that 'he tincture of the 
bend is changed from gzdes to sable. 

The pedigrees of the Pott or Potts famil)-, as gathered 
from various sources, are frequently incomplete and some- 
times slightly at variance. Assuming that Roger Pott, of 
Pott, and Roger Pott, of Dunge, Cheshire, were one and 
the same person, which seems to be altogether probable, the 
foUovv'ing skeleton pedigree exhibits the position in the fam- 
ily of those of Cheshire and Derbyshire who are mentioned 
as bearing Arms. The names of those who have been no- 
ticed as bearing Arms are underscored and a number af- 
fixed to correspond with the descriptions of Anns given on 
page 4, ante. 

of Pott 





Francis Pott; ^^ Ann 
of Pott 

1 Trafford 

1 The 

John Pott- Brigetta JodreH 
of Dunge 

Francis- Anne 
Pott Jodrell 


IcibcU Price 

Pott of 

Arms I 

il; John Pott of— -Elizabeth 
inipson Slancliffe Newsani 
Arms 4 

Kdmund Pott^^Du 

Oeorpie Pott -Thomasina 

Arms 5 1 --^ewconie 

PMniund Pott, of Pott, aged 23 in i663^Floreuce Bagshawe in 1668-9 
P.ore Arms 2 

The Pott or Potts family of Counties Selkirk and Rox- 
burgh, Scotland, bore a very similar Arms. The only dif- 
ference from tlie Potts, of Manington, Arms, being an ad- 
ditional bar in the Shield. They are described as follows, 

Arms. Barr^- of six azure and or, over all a beiii.! of ihe last. 

The Arms of Pott or Potts. 7 

The Crest. The Crest used with these Arms, with the 
exception those of the Potts of Staiicliffe, are all pracftically 
the same, though the descriptions of even the same Crest by 
different writers vary quite as much as the descriptions of 
the Arms. The Crest used by members of the Cheshire 
Potts shown in the margin, lacking the viount, is variously 
described as follows, 

1 On a mound vert over a wreath, a wild cat sejant, proper, col- 
lared and chained or. 

2 On a mount vert an ounce sejant, proper, collared 
and lined or. 

3 On a wreath a wild cat sejant, collared and chained, j^^^ 

4 An ounce sejant on a mount vert. 

The Potts, of Mannington, Count}^ Norfolk, and London, 
used a Crest which has been described as follows, 

5 An ounce sejant spotted, collared and chained or. 

6 A leopard or ounce sejant, collared and chained or. 

The Crest of the Potts, of South Shields, County Dur- 
ham, is described as given below. 

7 On a mount vert, an ounce sejant proper, collared and chained or. 

The Potts', of Bentham Hill, County Kent, bore a Crest 
as follows, 

S On mount vert a leopard sejant proper, collared and chained or. 

9 On a mount vert a leopard sejant proper, collared and chained, 
reflexed over the back or. 

The Crest of the Potts of Todrig, County Selkirk, and 
Borthwickshields House, County Roxburgh, Scotland, is 
thus described. 

10 A leopard sejant proper, collared, lined and ringed or. 

The Crest used by the Potts, of Stancliffe, Derbyshire, is 
thus described. 

11 On a mount vert a greyhound couchant gules, collared and 
ringred or. 

8 Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

MoTTOs. Mottos attached to Potts Arms seem to be of 
recent adoption. The following have been noticed. That 
of the Potts', of Bentham Hill, Kent. 
Fortis et astutis. 
That of the Potts, of Todrig, Scotland. 
Vive et Vivas. 

That of the Potts', of Counties of Kings, Westmeath 
and Roscommon, Ireland. 

In Vinculis Etiam Andax. 
The following is also used. 

Vin(5lus sed noii Vi(5lus. 



Bv Wiij^iAM John Potts. 

The Derivation of the Name 

The origin of the name of Potts, anciently Pott, is .some- 
what ob.scure. Lower has, in his Patronymica Britanica 
London, i860, p. 274, the following: 

Pott, Potts. The reason for the as.suniption of this name is not 
very obvaoiis ; yet similar words have designated families of import- 
ance in other countries. For instance, there were in Flanders in the 
XV century, a noble family of Po'i'T, who bore a pot in their amiorial 
coat. There was also an Italian house, called the L,iTTi.E-PoTS, { Pig- 
natelli), while a line of Spanish grandees rejoiced in the thrice-illus- 
trioiis name of Padii,a, "Frying-pan." — Dixon. In the north of 
England, "potts" is a topographical term implying deep circular 
hollows in the ground. This surname designates a Northumbrian clan. 

Various evidences, apparently not brought to the notice 
of Lower, show clearly that Potts is a place name of one 
who lived near "deep circular hollows in the ground." 
The following line from Tennyson's Enoch Arden would 
seem to give an apt description of such a locality : 
"■;<- * 7;- s a cup like hollow of the down," 

* Note. The late Mr, Williani John Potts, of Camden, New Jersey, from the 
latter part of 1S69, until prevented by declining health, gave careful and critical 
study of the Potts family in Great Britain, andof the early settlers of the name in 
Pennsylvania and New' Jersey, and succeeded in colledting more material than 
any other who has written upon the snbjedl, particularly in establishing who 
were the descendants of that Thom as Ppits, who came from England in the 
Shield, and landed at Burlington, N.J., In December, 1678.— T. M. P. 



lo The Potts Family in Great Bkitain. 

In Bishop Percy's Romances and Ballads^'^ \s'e have a cu- 
rious ancient ballad, the story of one Thomas a Pott, a ser- 
\-ant to the Earl of Arundel, who falls in love with his mas- 
ter's daughter, and after a tournament u'ith a certain suitor. 
Lord Phenix, who does not find favor in her eyes, luihorses 
his adversary, defeats him and marries the Earl's daughter, 
and. according to the ballad, takes the name of Arundel. 

It is not generally known at the present day that four 
hinidred years ago, a large ntimber of substantial P^nglish 
yeomen had no famih' names, t Among the Parliamentary 
writs, A. D., 127S, Robertus atte Potte, of County Stirrey, 
is summoned to do military service. Anthony a Wood. 
Thomas a Becket, Attleborough, and At wood, are well 
known names derived from places in a similar manner. Ag- 
ate is another family name of a dweller at a gate. 

The name of Pott is to be found in isolated instances in 
different parts of Great Britain at a very early period, but it 
is not until the reign of Queen Elizabeth that we find any 
family of the name of .special social importance .settled in 
one spot, so that one is able to make a connected pedigree. 

The Potts* of Cheshire and Derbyshire. 

The first of these was that in Cheshire, from whom at 
least three other important branches seem to have sprung. 
Descent was claimed for them from the original stock, b\- 
the Herald's Msitations, and the pedigrees recorded in the 
Harleian and Kgerton MSS. in the' Mu.seum. Of the family of Stancliffe became extincfl on the .spot, at 
least in the oldest male line, we presume in about 1658, at 

* Published by Trubiier &. Co., London, Edition of 1.S6S, VoUinie III, by John W. 
Hales and Kred". J. Fiirnival. 

t See Lists of the "Yeomen of Kent," etc., whose substantial character was 
proverbial, in W. Durant Cooper's work " On the Rising of [Jack] Cade and His 
Hollowers in Kent and Sussex, [printed in] London, 1S69." The rising took 
place in 1450. 

The Cheshire Family. ii 

which time StanchfFe Hall was sold. The faiuih' of lyon- 
don, of whom the eminent surgeon, Percival Pott, was, the 
most noted, is still represented, we believe. This branch 
descend from John Pott, of Stancliffe, County of Derby, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Richard 

Newsam in , for his first wife, through a Percival Pott, 

the second sou. according to one visitation. All these take 
their origin from one Roger Pott, of Dunge in the County 
of Cheshire. Arms were granted to John Pott, of Stan- 
cliffe, November 19, 161 1, by St. George, Norry, as follows: 

Arms. Barry of ten argent and sable, on a bend over all gules 
three trefoils slipped, or. 

In Ormerod's History oj Cheshire, revised by Thomas 
Helsby. 18S2, Vol. 3, p. 775, is found the following: 

' ' Pott Hall was the seat of a family which assumed its lo- 
cal name from the township, and bore for arms as follows : 

Arms. Or two bars azure, over all a bend [not] of the second [but 
Gules]. Crest. On a [mound vert, over a] wreath, [and therefore 
not precisely as in the annexed cut,] a wild cat sejant [proper] collared 
and chained Or. 

" [»See V^isitatiotis, 1663.'' The connecl;ion of this family 
with the hall seems to have been severed before 1 1 Henry 
\T, ( unless we are to regard the following purely as a trust 
deed?), on which date Richard Scarret, of Pott, after recit- 
ing that John Hurle, chaplain, and Ric Pygott, Armig'. 
gave him a messuage, with an orchard &c. , called le Halle 
of Pott, for his life, and with rem' to the said Ric Pygott 
forever.'' John Pott of Potshrigley, yeman, occurs in the 
Plea Rolls, 20 Hen. VII. m. 2, and was perhaps ancestor of 
another line of the family, freeholders and gentlemen who 
continued here for a long period.] 

NoTB. b Another coat (as erroneously given by Mr. Ornierod, for thi.s branch) 
commencing, .-Vzure two bar.s Or, &c., &c.. perhaps beiongs to one of the Junior 

NOTK. c. Original in possession of a lady of Macclesfield in 1875. — tl. 

12 Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

"Edmund Pott of Pott, aged 23 years at the A'isitation 
in 1663-4, according to the Cheshire pedigrees, was fifth in 
descent from Roger Pott, who resided on the edge of Tax- 
all. This family is believed to have ended in the diredt line 
in co-heiresses, and another family of similar name, now- 
represented by Henry Potts of Chester, esq., [1H19, and 
now by Arthur and C. W. Potts, esqrs. , 1881,] is tradition- 
ally said to be descended from it, and alienated an estate in 
the township in the last century.' " 

Wg shall give these pedigrees a record here in the hope 
that the future genealogist may be able to make a clearer 
statement. The Herald's Visiiatw7js are known to be often 
but partly correcft, for where there are no errors there are 
omissions, as can be well proven by wills and other eviden- 
ces. So we dwell upon the famih' of Cheshire and Derb}-- 
shire, because from these it is supposed ( but not proven ) 
came the family of persecuted Quakers, who emigrated to 
America about 1690, from Llanidloes, Montgomerj-shire, 
North Wales and vicinity. They may have been here a 
few years earlier, as two women of the name, perhaps moth- 
er and daughter, Elizabeth Potts, members of Friends 
Meeting, who appear in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in 
1686, are believed to be the Elizabeth Potts who desires, in 
an early deed, 1684, " a lot in the City [Philadelphia] and 
100 acres of land (being the Headright of herself and daugh- 
ter) in the County of Philadelphia, near the Welchmen." 
Warrant at Harri.sburg.* 

It is therefore with the hope that the affiliation may either 
be proven or disproven between the Cheshire famil}' and 
that of Wales, that we give these parish records, pedigrees 

NoTi;, d. Information of Henry Potts, esq. A parcel of land, which is now the 
property of Mr. Potts and lies w"aste, was reserved when his ancestor sold Cock- 
shntt Hey. the estate above mentioned. Information of D. Hrowne, esq. 

* NoTi;. For a copj- of this valuable deed I am indebted to Mr. Thomas Max- 
well Potts.— W. J. P. 

The Cheshire Family. 13 

and the accompanying wills. They have never been pub- 
li.shed before in a collecled form. 

From the publications of The Record Society for the Pub- 
lication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and 
Cheshire, Vol. ^'. 1S81, entitled The Register Book of Chris- 
tenings, Weddings, and Burials uithin the Parish 0/ Prestbury, 
In the County of Chester, i^6o-i6j6. Edited by James Cros- 
ton, F. S.A. Prifited for the Record Society. 188 1. 

In the Introduction, page xiii. the editor Mr. Crostou of 
Upton Hall, Prestbur>-. Cheshire, says, inter alia, "Per- 
haps the most interesting entries are those appended at the 
close of the years 1632 and 1633 — the licences granted to 
sick and aged persons to eat flesh-meat during Lent." A 
footnote here explains. "The keeping of Lent was en- 
forced by proclamation. and an office granting licences to eat 
flesh in any part of England was established in St. Pauls 
churchyard, but the relaxation was not unfrequently ob- 
tained by a gift of money to the poor. In the " History of 
Henley ' a list is given of persons who in 38 Elizabeth ' 1595- 
6 ) were presented for eating flesh in Lent. 

The editor further says, referring to the given be- 
low. • ■ Francis Pott was of the family of that name, of Pott 
in Shrigley ; he was buried at Macclesfield. Oct. 31. 1638." 
The entr>- of the license reads " i6j_^. Licentia Coinedendi 
car7ies coiussa ffratuisco Pott de Pott gen. oclavo die Januarij.'^ 


'575 J^ly 7 Bollington Ales Potte 

1626 Dec. 13 Adlington .\les Pott filia Tho 

1569 May 6 Bollington .\nne Potte 

16 1 5 Ang. 17 Adlington .\nna Pott fil Tho. Potte 

J 602 Feb. 8 Aderley Edwarde Mottershed als Pott. Ijastard 

J 573 April I Bollington Ellen Potte 

1567 Jan. 23 Boh-nton ElizaVx:th Pott 

1633 April 3 Mottram Elizabeth Potte fil Rogen 

1624 Aprii 4 .Adlington Henr\- Pott filius Thome 


The Potts Familv i\ Gkkat Britatn. 

Baptisms — Continued. 

1576 Ocl. 19 Adlyngton Jane Pollj^ 
1564)1111621 BoUintrton John Pott 
[566 Anj^. II Ranowe John Potte 
1 60 1 June 4 Adlinj^ton John Potte 

1570 June 20 Bollinj^ton Jone [Johan] Potte 

15S6 May 3 Henburie Jone Mekiii [Mc-akinJ als Pott [Potte] 

1,590 Jan. 23 Mace. Katherin Potte als Hallowes 

1632 June 30 .\(llin><ton Katherin Potte als Bradshawe 

1575 March 2S I^awrens Potte 

1597 Feb. 22 Fallybronie Lawrence Potte 
1565 Sept. 29 Bollington Marj^ai^et Pott 

1589 ()<5l. II Raynowe Mar^erie Shore [Shoare] als Potte 

1595 April 2 Bollington Marie Dale als Potte 

'595 ^ug. 7 Raynow Marie Pott 

1569 Jan. ] Bollington RaufFe Potte 

1634 March i .\dlington Ralph Potte fil Thome 

1630 March 29 [Bollington?] Sara Pott fil Thome Pott 

1 63 1 April 17 .\dlington Sarah Pott als Bradshawe 

1565 Ocl. 21 Hurde.sfield Thomas Pott 

1566 Jul}' 9 Adlyngton Thomas Potte 
1566 Sept. 8 Bollington Thomas Potte 

1577 Feb. 15 .A.dlin.gton Thomas Potte 

1598 Feb. 19 Adlingtonn Thomas Pott 

1634 Sept. 14 Ranowe Thomas Potte fil Johis 

'595 Nov. 16 Harroppe Willm Potte 


Nov. 30 Macclesfield Francis Potte and Klizabeth Hadfield 

Nov. 1 1 Raynowe Henry Potte and Grace Potte 

Odl. 13 Bollington Henrye Potte & Elizabeth Nonnansell 

Jan. 2 Bollington Homfray Pott and Ellen Dale 

Feb. 9 Ranow Hughe Potte and Elizabeth Brncke 

June 7 Adlingtt<n Hughe Potte and Peniell Clerke 

June 30 Adlington Hugh Pott and Margaret Greastie 

Feb. 25 Raynowe John Potte and Margaret Ad.shed 

Sept. 30 Raynowe John Potte and Anne Herteles 

Nov. 25 Sutton John Potte and Katlieryn Dale 

May 14 .\ddlingtou John Potte and Anne INIottmi 

Nov. 27 Raynowe John Potte and Elizabeth Hurdesfeildc: 

June 23 Adlington Jolin Potte and Mawde Greene 

l-eb. iS Chelforde John Potte aud Jone Lowe 

1 58 1 

The Cheshire I^amii^y 


Marriages — Continued . 

1587 Nov. 27 
1590 Sept. 30 

1595 Dec. 16 
t63[ Jan. S 

1562 Nov. I 

1596 July 5 

1597 April 12 
1622 June 16 
1628 Feb. 16 
1593 Feb. 10 
161 2 April r6 
1 5S8 Jan. 30 

1563 Oa. 10 

1572 May 17 
1567 Ocft. 1 1 

1588 Dec. 18 
16 1 2 Jul}- 30 
1615 Ocl. 28 
157 1 Aug. 4 
1585 April 13 
1593 Feb. 4 
i59SOa. 16 
1610 June 19 
1626 Nov. 12 
r627 Ocl. 15 
1596 July 23 

1 614 Feb. 21 
1625 Feb. 19 

1562 Sept. 17 
1585 May 6 

1 56 1 Feb. 7 

1562 June 19 
1575 Nov. 19 

1573 Sept. 6 
1575 Sept. 25 
1592 Dec. 4 

= 599 18 

1619 Odi. 5 
1 62 1 May 27 
1630 May 17 










Potte Shrigley 



Lj'nie Hanley 



















John Potte and Elizabeth Hurdesfeihie 
John Potte and Anne Shrigl3e 
John Potte and Margerj- Holme 
John Potte and Susanna Potte 
Lawrence Potte and Elizabeth Davye 
Lawrenc Potte and Margery Stubbes 
Lawrence Potte and Margaret Barlowe 
Lawrence Potte and Marie Etchulls 
Lawrence Pott and Anne Lingart 
Leonarde Potte and Ales Daveniporte 
Leonarde Potte & Katheraigne Massie 
Rauffe Potte and Anne Asshencar 
Renolde Potte and Katheryn Greene 
Richard Pott and Alys Bramall 
Roger Pott and Elizabeth Creswall 
Roger Potte and Thoniasyn Gaskell 

Rodger Pott and Shawe 

Roger Pott and Elizabeth Blackhurst 
Thomas Potte and Ellen Adshette 
Thomes Potte and Anne Adshed 
Thomas Potte and Margaret Johnson 
Thomas Potte and Margear^^e Clave 
Thomas Poet ( ? ) and Jane Davemportt 
Thomas Potte and Ales I'ickford 
Thomas Pott and Sara Barber 
William Potte and Emme Home 
Willia Pott and Ellen Whytycars 
Willm Potte and Anne Thornicrofiie 

John Wagge and Agnes Potte 
Willm Beeche and Agnes Potte 
Robert Brandreth and Ales Pott 
Robert Brundreth and Ales Potte 
John Pownall and Ales Potte 
Willm Dale and Anne Potte 
Rauffe Mottershead and Anne Potte 
John Hyde als Warde and Anne Potte 
John Alwaj-e and Anne Potte 
Hugh Leadbeater and Anne Pott 
John Hammant and Anne Pott 
George Pick ford and Anne Pott 


Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Marriages — Continued. 

r6o3 Feb. 27 
1566 June 9 

1580 Nov. 30 
15S4 May 31 

1 60 1 Sept. 28 

1604 Nov. 2S 

1625 July 17 
1561 vSept. 4 

596 Feb. 21 

1598 July 27 

1622 Fel). 25 

1623 June 4 
1613 April 20 

1626 Jan. 10 

1581 April 29 
1594 March 3 
1 60 1 June 24 
1594 July 22 

1622 Feb. 24 
1 63 1 Jan. 2 
1566 Dec. 18 
1583 April 16 
'592 Jan 21 
1592 Sept. 12 

1599 April 23 
1626 Nov. 12 

1605 Sept. 24 

1624 May 3 

1625 Nov. 20 
1629 Nov. 2 
1592 June 18 
1589 May 18 

1595 May 21 
1626 Jan. 13 
1569 May 8 
1585 March 13 
i6io 20 








Potte Shrigley 

















William Horderon and Dorothy Foot ? 
Randulplie Holte and Elizabeth Potte 
Rauffe Adshedde and lilizabeth Potte 
John Swayne and Elizabeth Potte 
George Hurst and Ellen Potte 
John Greene and Ellen Potte 
Hugh Turner and Ellen Pott 
John Outfield als Day and Ellen PottL- 
R(jger Allen and Ennne Potte 
Iviward laxou and Isabell Potte 
William Bowre and Isabell Potte 
Lawrence Bennett and Isabell Potte 
John lacson and Isabell Pott 
John Shrigley and lane Pott 
John Collerd and lane Potte 
Willm Jackeson and Jane Potte 
Thomas Warde and Jane Potte 
William Mottershed and Jone Potte 
Robert Plante and Katherin Potte als 

John Collin and Katherin Potte 
Thomas Holland and Lidia Pott 
John Haye and Mrgaret Potte 
Randell Fallowes and Margearye Potte 
John Osbalston and Margean,-e Potte 
William Brodehurst & Margerv-e Potte 
Edmund Clayton and Margery Potte 
Edward Bostock and Margret Potte 
Richard Hallenworth &i\Iargaret Poot ? 
John Smith and Mary Pott 
Reynold Tumor and Marie Potte 
James Clarke and Marie Potte 
Henry Shawe and Mawde Potte 
Francis Stetwall and Thoniasj-n Potte 


Alice Potte 
Ales Potte 
Anne Potte 
Anne Potte 
Ann Pott 

The Cheshire Family. 


Burials — Continued. 

11613 March 25 


Ann Pott 

.1629 Dec. 24 


Anne Potte ftl Thonie Pott 

1567 Jan. 27 


Elizabeth Pott 

1627 May TO 


Elizabeth Pott ux. Thoini 

f.6:,3 May 8 


Elizabeth Potte als Halle 

J 573 Sept.. 26 


Ellen Potte 

35.80 Nov. 22 


Ellen Pott 

15S1 Nov. 10 


Ellen Potte 

3592 June 6 


Ellen Potte 

1629 Nov. 18 


Frauci.s Pott 

!650 Aug. 30 


Francis Legh als Pott 

1614 28 


Hughe Pott 

1623 Sept- 14 


Hugh Pott 

1604 March 9 


Humfray Pott 

1592 Jan. 29 


James Potte 

1560 May 15 

John Pott 

1564 June 22 


John Pott 

159: May 13 


John Potte 

161 1 June 3 


John Pott 

1575 Aug. 2 


Katherin Potte 

1 591 April 21 


Katherin Pott als Fallows 

i6iS Jan. 29 


Katherin Pott 

1625 March i 


Katheren Pott 

1626 Nov. 12 


Katheren Pott 

1565 Sept. 9 


Margearette Potte 

1630 March 26 


Margrett Pott vM 

1572 April 23 


Margery Pott 

1614 April 18 


Margarett Pott ux. Hugoni [in Tenl' 

■595 J "ly 12 


Marie Pott bastarde [p^o] 

1604 April 18 


Reginould Pott 

1599 July 18 


Roberte Potte als Turn [Turner] 

1635 Sept. 25 


Susan Pott wyfe of John Pott, junh' 

1566 Sept. 6 


Thomas Pott 

1569 July 9 


Thomas Potte bastarde 

1 59 1 Feb. 27 


Thomas Potte 

1615 May 8 


Thomas Potte 

1635 0<5t. 25 


Thomas sonne of John Pott of H^rropp 

1561 Sept. 20 


Williatn Potte bastarde [the yongei" 

1565 Jan. 9 


Willms Potte 

1602 May 10 


Willm Potte pauper 

jS The Potts Family in Gkkat Bkitaix. 

From the Publications of the Record Society of Lancashire 
and Cheshire. Volume 2. Index to Wills and Inventories 
7WU- preseiird in the Court of Probate at Chester. From A. D. 

Edmund Pott, of Rainow, Parish of Prestbiiry 160S 

John Pott, of Bollin Fee 1616 

John Pott, of Sftlteroford in Rainow 1618 

Katharine Pott, of Lyme Handler 160S 

Laurence Pott, of Harrop 1573 

Laurence Pott, of Lymm 1597 

Reginald Pott, of Bollington 1604 

Roger Pott, of Hurdsfiel<U parish of Pres.tljiuy 160S 

Ibid. Vol. 4.. Wills in the Probate Court at Chester, from 
A. D. 162 1 to 1650. 

Edmund Pott, of Morley. Inv 1622 

Ferdinand Pott, of Knutsford, Admon 1647 

Frances Pott, of Adlington 1630 

Francis Pott, of Pott, co. Chester, gentleman 1638 

Henr>' Pott, of Hurdsfield, yeoman 1641 

Hugh Pott, of Bollington 1624 

Hugh Pott, of Hurdsfield, Admon 1649 

Hugh Pott, of Wincle 1624 

Jane Pott, of Worthington, Inv 1647 

John Pott, of Ashton Mondrune, Inv 1634 

John Pott, of Sutton, parish of Macclesfield 1623 

Lawrence Pott, of Manchester, yeoman 1638 

Laurence Pott, of Marton 1621 

Laurence Pott, of Marton 1624 

Margaret Pott, of Eccleston, widow 1633 

Nehemiah Pott, of Hurdsfield, co. Chester, clerk 1649 

Richard Pott, of Brereton, yeoman, Inv 1642 

Richard Pott, of Brereton, yeoman, Inv 1646 

Richard Pott, of Congleton, yeoman 1636 

Roger Pott, of Chorlston (?) 1639 

Thomas Pott, of Hough, Admon 1650 

William Pott, of Brereton, a soldier 1646 

William Pott, of Bury 1623 

Ibid. Vol. !§. Wills in the Probate Court of Chester, 
from A. D. 1660 to 1680. 

The Cheshire Family, 19 

Ann Pott, of Warford 1677 

Ellen Pott, of Marton 1680 

Laurence Pott, of Rainow 1676 

Roger Pott, of Chiirlshead 1675 

Thomas Pott, of Bull-Hill, Adnion with Inv 1679 

William Pott, of Macclesfield, yeoman 1663 

Willliam Pott, of Marton, Inv 1662 

Appendix to Vol. /j. " Infra" Wills (or those in which 
the personality was under ^40) now preserved in the Pro- 
bate Court, Chester, from A. D. 1660 to 1680. 

Thomas Pott, of Macclesfield, Admon with Inv 1662 

John Pott, of Mcrtou in Macclesfield, Admon with Inv 1664 

Ibid. I W. 18. Wills in Probate Court at Chester, from 
A. D. 1 68 1 to 1700. 

Alexander Pott, of Walston, Admon 1684 

Caleb Pott, of Macclesfield, A. M., Admon 1690 

Caleb Pott, A. M., of Macclesfield, schoolmaster 1692 

Henn,- Pott, of Adlington, Admon with Inv 1683 

John Pott, of Hough, Admon with Inv. and accounts 1684 

John Pott, of Wincle, Admon with Inv 1681 

John Pott, of Withington 1683 

Laurence Pott, of Newhey • 1686 

Robert Pott, of Churlshead in Rainow, yeoman 1700 

\Villiani Pott, of Bollington 1685 

William Pott, of Marton, tailor 1698 

William Pott, of Thornsend 1683 

Ibid. Vol. 20. Wills in the Probate Court at Chester from 
A. D. 1 701 to 1720. 

Edmund Pott, of Kettleshulme 1702 

John Pott, Senior, of Marton. yeoman 1704 

Matthew Pott, of Styall, yeoman, Admon with Inv 1719 

Sarah Pott, of Lyme Hanley, Admon 1708 

Ibid. I 'ol. 22. Wills in the Probate Court at Chester from 
A. D. 1 72 1 to 1740. 

Francis Pott, of Hough, yeoman 1725 

John Pott, of Kettleshulme, yeoman 1724 

John Pott, of Marton, yeoman 1730 

20 Thk Potts Familv in Great Britain-. 

Robert Pott, of Churlshead in Raiiunv 172& 

Thomas Pott, of Rainow, yeoman 1728 

William Pott, of I'lainow, grocer, Admon with Inv 1728- 

Kdwarcl Potts, of ]\larton, yeoman, (See I739( '737 

Ivdward Potts, of Marion, yeoman, (See 1737). 1739 

Jose])h Potts, of Stockport, gentleman 1726- 

Joshua Potts, of Little Sankey, yeoman 1729 

Peter Potts, of Partington, yeoman 1727 

Samuel Potts, of Poynton, husbandman 1725 

Thoina.s. Potts, of Heaton Norris, Chapman, Admon 1737 

Appendix. List of " Infra " Wills (or those in which the 

personahty was under ^40) now preserved in the Probate 
Court at Chester, from A. D. 172 1 to 1740. 

John Potts, late of Kettleshulme \ 733 and 1 734 

Mary Potts, late of Rainow. Admon with Inv 1731 and 1732 

Susannah Potts, late of Macclesfield, Admon with Will 1735 and 1736 

Thomas Potts, late of Macclesfield, Admon wiih Will.. 1735 and 1736 

The following are from lyancashire and Cheshire Wills 
proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1650 to 1660, 
and now on record at Somerset House, London. ' ' We ex- 
plained in the Introdtiction, that no wills were proved at 
Chester between 1651 and 1660. The names and number 
are given of the folio in which the transcripts of wills are 
to be found." 

Henry Pott, Chester 1651 Grey 34 

Thomas Pott, Chester 1652 Bower 229 

Thomas Pott, Chester T653 Brent 105 

The following abstrael:s of Wills have been taken from 
the Probate Office at Chester, Cheshire. 

1638. The will of I'rancis PoTT, gent., made 28 September, 1638. 
To Ann Pott, his daughter, he gives ^100. To his son Thomas Pott, 
;^50. Mas lately given 100 marks to his sou Henry for " byndinge of 
of his apprenticeship, " and gives him beside /" 100 more. He had a 
daughter Jane (was " weak in judgment and discretion and not fit to 
be left to her own disposition " ), he leaves ;^2oo for her use, which is 
placed in the hands of trustees. He had sons Francis and Thomas Pott 
( who was the 3d yoimgest son ). PVancis Pott had a brother-in-law, Rd- 

The Cheshire Family' 21 

nuund Jo^'drell, Esq., and brotliers Roger .and Edmund Pott. He had 
for sisters-in-law, Mrs. oSIarie Shalicrosse and ]\Irs. Joydrell. He also 
had a sister married to a Brereton. Had a cousin named Hugh fforde. 
He had a tenant named John Pott. He gives his brother Roger 40/ 
{shillings]. Signed in full, but no seal. 

The will of Franci.s Pott is evidently drawn by his own 
hand and covers 2}^ large folio pages. The inventory is 
\'ery long — saj' six feet — made of long .strips of thick paper 
or parchment fastened together. There is a long list of 
nioneN's due him, and bonds, notes, &c. John Pott of Har- 
rop owes him ^20, and another John Pott some 40 ,. or 50/. 

1638. The \^ill of Lawrence Pott, of Manchester, yeoman, made 
in the year 1632. Wile's name Elizabeth. Had a brother John Pott, 
who owed him £•]. Had a brother Thomas Pott. Had a nephew Ed- 
mund Pott, and nieces Isabel Pott and Elizabeth Pott. Had a broth- 
er-in-law William Hill. Makes his mark. The Inventory is long and 
on parchment strips. 

1649. The will of Revd Nehemiah Pott of Hurdsfield, county of 
Chester, made in May, 1649. '^'0 ^^is wife Elizabeth, one third of his 
goods, &c., except his books. He gives to his son Joshua, and diredls 
that " the child or children which my wife hath in her wombe, shall 
be educated and maintained, &c., &c., until he reaches his i6th year. 
He gives all his books to Joshua and the childe unborn, to be equally 
divided between them, if they be capable of learning, and be brought 
uppe schollars, or to which of them shall be a schollar : in case the 
other be none. " He owned a tenemant and messuage of land, the 
yearly rental of which was valued at ,^26-13-4. He mentions his well 
beloved father-in-law, Thomas Ward of Henbury, and his loving 
friend, James Barber of Macclesfield, and makes them his executors. 
To the unborn child he leaves ;^44. His inventory amounts to ^73- 
6-10. No books are enumerated in it. The will is sealed, but no 
anns. It is signed, "Nehemi.vh PoTTS." 

1652. The will of Thomas Pott, of Marton, county of Chester, 
husbandman, made March 2, 1645. Proved in 1652. His body to be 
Ijuried at the Chapel at Marton. He leaves a Legacy of ^5 to each of 
his nephews, John Pott of Marton and Roger Pott of the same place. 
Legacies also to Thomas Pott his godson and to Jane Pott aP [sic, al- 
ias?] Rigby, to Ann daughter of said Jane Rigby, and also to Edward 
Pott son of Lawrence Pott of Marton. His friend Wm. Gandy (j^eo- 
man ) and Edward Pott to be his executors. 

22 The Potts Family in- Great Kritaiiv. 

1659. The will of Wii.ijam PoTT, of Hough in county of I>erh\-^ 
(husbandman) made September 17, 1644, and proved in the year 1659. 
Had brothers Raynold, John and Francis, and sisters Ellen Walker 
and Man,- Younge. His brother John Pott had three sons and one 
daujijhter, viz. John, Lawrence and Thomas, and Elizabeth Pott. A 
lejjacy was left to his kinsman and godson William Pott, also legacies 
to his master Wm. Bennett the elder and Wm. Bennett the younger. 
Ra\nold or Reynold Pott is appointed the sole executor of his last will 
and testament. 

1702.* The will of Edmund Pott, of Kettleshulnie in the parish of 
Prestbury, county of Chester. Gives to his brother John j^5. To the 
said John's eldest son and his ne])hew, named John Pott, also the sum 
of /,'5 ; also to his nephew Edmund Pott, (son of his brother John 1. 
the sum of ^"50. He had three nephews, viz. Roger, Robert, and 
Thomas Pott, and four nieces, viz. Katharine Cotterhill, Elizabeth 
Pott, Helen Gaskill and Hannah Pott, all the nephews and nieces of 
his, being the children of his brother John. To each of them ht 
leavs ^'5. He also had a nephew Robert Pott of Churlshead to whom 
he leaves £'20, and to his four sons, viz. P'dmund, Thomas, George 
and Robert Pott, and his two daughters. Elizabeth and Hannah Pott 
£2 each. To his nephew Edmund Pott of Ballinghurst in Lyme the 
sum of £^0, and to his daughter vSarah Pott, his goddaughter, the 
sum of £10. To his kinswoman Sarah wife of George Massie of Ray- 
nors ^'5. To his kinsman Etlmund Pott, grandson of his brother 
John Pott, £^. He had a brother-in-law Ralph Bowden of Lady- 
shambottom. His (Edmund the testator's) wife living and named 
Helen. Will made June 18, 1700, and sealed with the inipres.sion of 
an anchor. He makes his mark. Witnesses Nanna Pott, [Query, 
Hanna?] Edmund Pott and Edmund Warrington. Will prove<l Sep. 
27, 1702. Amount of inventory ;^274-6-8. He had a great deal of 
property, ^i6S-6-o, in Ixjuds and bills, etc. The bulk of his proper- 
ty went to his brother John Pott. 

1724. The will of John Pott, of Kettleshulnie, yeoman, made 
Augast 30, 1 721. Gives to his eldest son. John Pott, his tenement 
and messuage in Kettleshulnie where he now resides. John Pott the 
jounger lived on one of his farms, and he leaves him that also. John 
Pott the elder had a younger son Thomas ; had also a son Robert Pott 
who also had one of his fanns. Also had a daughter Catharine ; had 
also a daughter IClizabeth who was the wife of Henry Kirk. John 

* NOTR. The exacfl date given is Jan. 14, and reference being had to the MS. 
copy, it apparently refers to the date of making the inventory. 

The Cheshire Family. 23 

Fott tlie elder also had sons Roger Pott and Edmund Pott, and anoth- 
■er daughter named Hannah who was the wife of William Kirk. To 
-each of his grandchildren he gives two shillings and sixpence, and in 
doing so he is jjarticular to have it understood that this sum is for his 
grandchildren, not his great-grandchildren, who are not specially 
mentioned or remembered by any legacies. To his godson John Bow- 
don he gives two shillings and sixpence. He appoints his son Thom- 
as Pott to ]ie his sole executor. The will was proved April 13, 1724. 
The inventory amounts to ;{J' 102- 12-01. The appraisers were Edmund 
Pott and Adam Sloth. This John Pott had a great deal of landed and 
other propert)-. 

The following is taken from Burke's Latidcd Gentry^ 7th 
edition, 1S86, Volume 2, page 1487, 
"^ Potts of Hoole Hall. 

Arthur Potts, Esq., of Hoole Hall, Co. Chester, J. P., 
.second .son of the late Henrj- Potts, E.sq. , of Glenraven, Co. 
Denbigh, b. 23 June 1814 ; m. 12 0(5t. 1854, Elizabeth, 
only surviving child and heir of William Wardell, Esq., of 
Abbot.sfield, near Chester, and has had issue : 

I Ann Elizabeth, died an infant 31 July, 1855. 
II Edith Wardell-Potts, assumed, by royal licence, 5 July, 1880, 
the additional name Wardell before that of Potts. 

Lineage. The family of Pott was for long seated at 
Pott Hall, in the comity of Chester and Hundred of Mac- 
cle.sfield, and a pedigree was entered with the arms, in the 
Visitation of Cheshire in 1663, ^^^^d that of London in 1634. 
Dr. Lj'Ons, in his History of Cheshire, de.scribing the town- 
ship of Pot-Shrigley, writes, "The hamlet of Pott gave 
name to a family of gentr)^ w^ho had an estate here for ma- 
wy generations, now [18 10] represented b}^ Charles Potts, 
Esq., of Chester. Pott Hall, which had belonged to the 
family of Pott, passed successivel}^ to Edward Swan," &c.* 

* Note. Another authority, " John Neill, of Lewes, Delaware, 1739, and Hi.<; 
Descendants, Philadelphia, 1875." says " This was bought by Robert Orme, Janu- 
ary i6th, 1709, from Edniunti Pott, uf the Inner Temple, London. (See Court Roll 
8th, Anne, 41)." 

24 TiiK Potts Family in Grkat Britain". 

From tlie \'isitatioiis of 1634 and 1663, we find that in 
the latter year, Edmund Pott of Pott, ag-ed 23. was head of 
the family, being- the only son and heir of Edmund Pott, 
who died 1643, by Dulciiiell, daughter of John Price, who 
wlio was the eldest son and heir by Ann, daughter of Ed- 
nuuid Jodrell of Eardsley. of Francis Pott of Pott, (died 
1640), who was eldest son and heir of Francis or John Pott 
of Pott, by Ann widow of Mr. Trafford, and daughter of 

Dickinson, who was son and heir of Roger Pott of 

Pott, by Anne Sutton of Rushton, County vStafford. The 
elder line ended in an heiress, but the male descent was 
carried on by Thomas Pott, Esq., of Pott Hall, who was 
father of another Thomas Pott, who married Mary daughter 

of Norbury, Esq., of Norbury Houses, Macclesfield, 

and had issue a son, 

Thomas Pott, Esq., of Ollerton, near Knittsford, mar- 
ried 1696, Miss Hannah Jarwood of Macclesfield. He was 
the first of his family to establish the .spelling of the name 
as Potts, which his descendants have ever since continued. 
He left issue, with a daughter Sarah, married John Algeo. 
Esq., two sons, 

I Charles Potl.s, hi.s heir. 
II Thomas Potts, died 9 Augu-st, 1778. 

Charles Potts, Esq., of Ollertou Plall, County Ches- 
ter, the elder .son and heir, married, 29 September, 1741. 
Miss Eliza Rogerson of Derby, and left issue, 

I Charles, of whom hereafter. 

II Josiah, b. 25 April, 1750; d. s. p. May, iSiS. 

I Elizabeth, m. Samuel Lawrence, Esq. 

II Anne, m. John Towers Ivawrence, Esq. 

Ill Sarah, d. unmarried. 

Charles Potts, Esq., of Chester, the elder son and heir, 
born 30 July, 1744 ; married 4 June, 1771, Anne, daughter 
of Samuel Kay, E.sq., of a very ancient Eanca.shire family. 

The Cheshire Family. t^S 

and by "her (who died Jime 1796, and was buried in Ches- 
ter Cathedral) he had issue, with two daughters, Sarah and 
Anne, who both died unmarried, three sons. Charles Potts 
died 18 November, 181 7. 

I Henr3% of whom hereafter. 
II Charles, died 1781, an infant. 

Ill Charles, b. 1789 ; ni, Emma, daughter of John Towers f^aw- 
reuce, Esq. 

Henry Potts, Esq., of Gleanravon, co. Denbigh, and 
of Chester, J. P, co. Flint, the eldest son, was born 28 June, 
1777; married 29 Aug., 1805, Anne, daughter of Samuel 
Taylor, Esq., of Moston, co. Lancashire, and died 10 Nov. 
1845, having had issue, 

I Charles, died an infant. 
II Henr3% of Glanravon, co, Denbigh, J. P. cos. Flint and Den- 
bigh, High Sheriff co. Flint 1S52, and co. Denbigh 1877, b. 
1810; m. 1844 Cecilia Anne, dan. of Major Martin, and dy- 
ing 22 March, 1884, left by her with other issue, an eldest 
son and heir, Henry John Potts, Esq., now of Glenravon, 
J. P. cos. Denbigh and Flint, and Capt. ist Roj'al Cheshire 
Militia, b. 1845. 

III Arthur, of Hoole Hall, as above. 

IV Charles William, b. Aug. 1815. 

V Frederick, of Horsley Hall, co. Denbigh, b. 4 July 1S19. 
I Mary Anne. II Eliza. Ill Sarah 

IV Harriet, V Ann. VI Emma. 

Then follows a long pedigree of the Wardells. Arms of 
Potts (as allowed to Edmund Pott, of London, 3rd son of 
Francis Pott of Pott, in 1634) are given as follows. 

Arms. Or, two bars az., over all a bend of the second. 

Crest. On a mount vert, an ounce sejant ppr. collared and lined or. 

Arms of Wardell (as confirmed in 1584 to Anne Wardell 
of Caen in Normandy, descended from John Wardell, who 
first .settled in France in 141 7, and so used in the last centu- 
ry by the Wardells of Easington, co. Durham) as follows, 

26 Thi-; Potts Faisiily in Gkp:at Britain. 

Arms. Ar^., a chevron between three buars' head couped sa., on a 
rhief vert, tliree bezants. 

vSkaT. Hoole Hall, near Chester. 

The following exhibits will help to give a clearer tnider- 
.standing of the foregoing family record.s. 

RoCKK Pott f Anne vSutton. 

Francis or JoJm Pott ^ Anne Trafford nee Dickinson. 

Francis Pott -»- Anne Jodrell. 

Edmund Pott-^Dulcibell Price, 

Edmund Pott, aged 23 years in 1663. 

Thomas Pott, Esq^ 

Tlionias Pott ^ Marv Norburv. 

I ' ' 

Thomas Potts-+- Hannah Jarvvood. 


! I i 

C.harles= Eliza Rogerson, Thomas. Sarah=John Algeo. 

Oharles-i- Anne Kay. Josiah. Elizabeth. Anne Sarah. 

I \ \ : \ i 

Henrys Anne Taylor. Charles. Charles. Sarah. Anne. 

Charles. Charles W. Man,' A. Harriet. 

Henry=Cecilia A. Martin. Frederick. Eliza. Anne. 

Arthur=Elizabeth Wardell Sarah. Emma. 

Histo>'y of the Ancient Parish of Sandbach, County Chester, 
etc., by Earwakcr, 1880. On page 91, in a pedigree of the 
Raven famil}' of Elworth, "William Raven married, 2d, 
Emma, widow of Roger Pott, of Harrop. Living in 1530. 

Karwaker' s East Cheshire, Past and Present, or a History 
of the Hundred of Macclesfield, in the County Palatine of Ches- 
ter, etc. 18 jj. , contains frequent mention of the Pott or Potts 

The Cheshire Family. 27 

family, and of these the most important will be foimd in 
the paragraphs following. 

Volume /, page ly. In a list of " Names of Knights, 
Gentlemen, and Freeholders in Cheshire, in 1445," is given 
the name of John Pott of Macclesfield Hundred. The au 
tlior .states that this had never been published before. 

Ibid. Vol. II, p. 218. In the Churchwardens' account, 
Pre.stbury Parish, 1558, is "An interesting list of .some of 
the chief inhabitants in each of the townships at this date, 
^SS*^)" (who gave their consent that The Serage Silver [a 
peculiar eccleasiastical tax] due yearlie at the feast of vS' 
George the Martyr [should be applied] to the reparacon of 
the church. ) [at Prestbury.] Among others the following 

HuRDSFiEivD. - - Tliomas Potte. 
Kettleshulme. - - John Pott of the Dunge. 

Nicholas Clayton. 
Pott Shriglev. - - Roger Potte. 

Reynold Adshed. 
R.VNOWE. - - - Lawrence Pott the eld'' 

William Lowe. 

Vol. //, p. ^24.. Pott Hx\ll is mentioned earl 3^ in the 
fifteenth century, as appears from a deed dated 17 Odlober, 
II Henr}- VI, [1432], by which Richard Scarret of Pott, 
after reciting that whereas, John Hurle, chaplain, and 
Richard P\^gott, Esq., had given and conceded to the said 
Richard one messuage and an orchard in Pott, called " le 
Halle of Pott," with its appurtenances, he concedes the 
same to Richard Pygott, E.sq., forever; these being wit- 
nesses. Sir John Savage, Knt., Sir lyaurence Fitteu, Knt., 
Robert Legh, E.sq., Robert Downes, of Worthe, Esq., John 
Sutton, gentlemen, and others.* At the beginning of the century. Pott Hall appears to have been in the posses- 

* NoTB. From the orisrinal deed. 


Thk Potts Family ix Great Britalv, 

sion of the Holland family, from whom it passed to the 
Ormcs ill 1718. The present Hall is situated near the 
clinrch, but does not show any signs of great age. The 
Prestbury, Macclesfield, Taxal, and Pott Shrigley Registers 
contain very many entries relating to the name of Pott, of 
which there appears to have l^een naany families living in 
this distridl. The following pedigree is from the Cheshire 
Visitation of 1663, (preserved in the Herald's College, Lon- 
don), with additions and continuations from the above 
named Registers, &c. : — 

Pott of Pott.- 

John Pott of Pott, f 
Difad })efore 1653. I 

Francis Pott of Pott, f^ent. So- 
called in 1663. Bur. at Mac- 
clesfield, 31 Oclober, 1638. 

Anne, da. of Edmund Jodrell of 
Yeardsley, co. Chester, Esq. 
Bur. at Mace. 6 October, 1627. 

Edmund Pott. 
26 April, 1613. 

Bap. at Dishley- 
Died, 1643. 

Dulcibel, daughter of John Price. 

Edmund Pott of Pott, gent.,; 
.'El. 23 in 1663. Married 
at Taxal 4 Feb. 166S-9, & 
li\nng in 1675. 

; Florence, dau. of Thomas Mar\' Pott. 
Bagshawe of the Ridge living 1663 
CO. Derb}-, gent. Bur. at 
Mace. 29 Sep. 1691. 

Francis Pott of Pott^ 
gent. Bap. at Taxal 
28 January, 1669-70 

John Pott. 
Bu. at Mac 
14 Oc. 1680 

Mary Pott. 
Bu. at Mac 
21 De. 1670 

Francis Pott. Baptized at 
Prestbur}-, 16 Jan. 1697-8. 

Anne Pott Dulcibel 

Bap. 13 De Pott, Bu 

1 67 1. Bur ^ April 

SMari685 l68i. 

Ibid. Vol. II, p. ^5"/. Under Kettle.shulme township is men- 
tioned ' ' A family of Pott of the Dunge also occurs. ' ' and a 
foot-note says, " Pedigrees of tl lis family will be found in 

♦ NoTii. Arms are given in connection with thi.s pedigree, without colors, 
which appears to be. Two bars and a bend over all. On a wreath a wild 
cat sejant, collaredfand chained. 

The Cheshire Family. 29 

the Harl. MSS. 1535, ^- 4*^^'7- ^^^^^ 2146, f. 154. The iiiq. 
p. ni. of 'John Potte late of Dunge was taken 4 Ocflober, 
1563-' " 

/I'lW. Vol. I, p. 16 et seq. A cop}- of a document, dated 
September 14, 24 Henry VI, [1445], is given, which "ap- 
pears to be full list of those who are liable to be called on 
Juries, and of course representing all the families who held 
sufficient land to entitle them to be so called upon." This 
copy is from the original in the possession of Richard Mas- 
sie, Esq., who lent it to the author. Among other familiar 
Cheshire names occurs that of "John Potts." 

In a list of all the Delinquents in Macclesfield Hundred, 
vvritten in 1648 by one of the agents of the Parliament, af- 
ter most of the estates there mentioned had been sequestered 
and hea^'^y fines imposed, is found the name of ' ' Henry 
Pott. ' ' The original of this list is amongst the State Papers 
in the Record Office Domestic Interegnum Letters, Volume 
308, being a list of Roj^alists whose estates were sequestered 
by the Parliamentarians. 

The author, speaking of Chorley in Wilmslow Parish, re- 
cords some account of ' ' Mr. Henry Davenport of Chorley' ' 
who died at Lincell in Salop, March 1603-4, ^^^ "14 daye 
was Buried in the Chancell of Wilmeslowe." A foot note 
.says ' ' He would appear not to have resided at Chorley 
Hall during the later years of his life, for not only did he 
die away from that place, but in the Wilmslow Registers is 
an entry in Ocftober 1603 'The 10 day was baptized John 
Pott. Sonne of Mr. John Pott, dwelling at Chorlej^ Hall.' " 
" The Regi.sters begin in 1558, the commencement 
of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. They are very volumin- 
ous, and are in a good state of preservation. The entries 
during the Civil War times being fairly kept up." 

Ibid. Vol. II, p. 332. PoTT Shrigley. The Parish Reg- 
isters begin in 1630 for the Baptisms, and in 1685 for the 

30 Thk Potts Familv in Gkeat Britain. 

Burials and Marriages ; but the two latter are verj' defec- 
tive. The former have evidently been transcribed from 
some old memoranda or Registers about the beginning of 
the last century, and there are a few memoranda going back 
to 1 619. * ^- * '^ "The chief names are Pott," etc. 
In a foot-note it is stated " There are a series of baptisms 
of the children of Thomas Adshed, of BirchenclifF, 1619 to 
1635 ; of Edmund Potts of Bank, 1640 to 1645 ; and Henr^- 
Potts of Harrop, 1637 to 1645, entered on the first page of 
the Register." On a page facing page 328 is given an illus- 
tration of Pott-Shrigle}- Church, Prestbury Parish. 

Ibid. \\i/. II, p. J JO. In 1625. the ^lacclesfield Registers 
record the marriage of "John Fletcher, minister of God's 
word, at Pot chapell, and Katharine Pott, of Harrop, of 
this Parish," on August 15th of that year. 

Ibid. Vol. II, p. 5^7. Rectors of Taxal. 1727, Dec. 27. 
PMward Potts, B. A. Presented by John Shallcross, Ksq., 
on the resignation of Joseph Dale. This rector is probably 
to be identified with the Edward Pott who matriculated at 
Oxford from Brazenose College, March 22, 1698-9, aged 19. 
son of John Pott, (not Potts), of Morton, [query Marton], 
CO. Chester, B. A. 13 Ocflober, 1702. The only entry in 
the Registers relating to him is the record of his burial 
" 1753 July 9 Edward Potts, clerk. Rector of Taxal buried." 
A small brass on the north wall of the chancel records his 
death on July 5th, 1753, but does not give his age. 

One Ralph Potts of Taxal, was a churchwarden of Taxal 
Church in 1776. The Registers of Taxal begin in 1610, and 
with the exception of the years 1641 to 1651, are quite per- 
fect. The early volume is not in good condition, and it 
and the others need binding. * '•- * ' ' The chief families 
mentioned are * * * ^ Pott," etc. 

A brief account of the Rev. Thomas Potts is here com- 
piled from the same source. He .seems to have been Curate 

The Cheshire Family. 31 

at the Cliapel of Ease to Prestbury (Siddington township) 
ill 1734, when he signs the Registers. He was Curate at 
Prestbury from 1737 to 1762, when he became the Vicar of 
Mottram in L,oiigendale, where he remained until his death 
in 1778. His wife's name was Sarah. She survived him 
and was buried at Mottram May 31, 17S1. They had child- 
ren as follows, 

I rvlary Fotts, baptized. Oclober 3, 1734. 
II Elizabeth Potts, bap. January 15, 1737-8. 

III Pfcggy Potts, bap. March 30, 174S. 

IV William Potts, bap. April 18, 1750. 
\' Martha Potts, bap. July 12, 1751. 

IV Lettice Potts, bap. September 16, 1753. 

\'II John Potts, bap. December 20, 1755. 

VIII Anne Potts, bap. January 29, 175S. 

IX Benjamin Potts, bap. March 17, 1762 ; buried, July 30, 1764. 

Ibid. Jo/. //, p. jjp. Some notes of the Pott family of 
Cheshire, taken from the Pedigree of Jodrell. Roger Jo- 
drelL of Yeard.sley, gent., (6th in descent from William Jo- 
drell, d. 1375), married, 2nd, Ellen, of Roger 
Knotsford, of Twemlow, co. Chester. Roger Jodrell died 
May 3, 1547-8, Inq. p. m. Edw. 6. Ellen died, 1548. 
They left nine children. Edmund Jodrell of Yeard.sley and 
Twemlow, Esq., the eldest .son, born 1541, lived to a great 
age. Buried at Taxal, 31 Aug., 1630, will dated 28 April, 
1628. He married Katharine Kelsal, (daughter of James,) 
1559, and had twelve children. Anne Jodrell, the 5th dau. 
married Francis Pott of Pott, co. Chester. She was bur- 
ied at Macclesfield, 6 October, 1627. Ednumd Jodrell' s 3d 
daughter, Mary, married Richard Shallcross. Bridget Jo- 
drell, daughter of Roger and Ellen, (mentioned as if the 4th 
child), married (i) John Pott, of Dunge in Kettleshulme, 
and (2) Leonard, of Shallcross, Esq. 

/did. Vol. I, p. 4.1 J. Stockport Grammar School, Stock- 
port Parish. ' 1609, April 8, Euke Mason was appointed 

32 The Potts Family in Orkat Britain. 

Master. He does not appear to liave remained here long, for 
in 1612 the Parish Register records the baptism of Elizabeth 
daughter of Gualther Pott, Schoolma.ster of Stockport. In 
1625 a new Master was appointed. 1625 June 8, Reginald 
Pott was appointed Master. 1627-8 Feb. 7, Edmund 
Clough, B. A., was appointed Master in place of Reginald 

The following entry is copied from the printed volume of 
the vStockport, Cheshire, Parish Registers, page 96. 

November 161 4 Baptised 

6[th] John the soniie of Giialther 
Pott Schohnr. of the Publicke Scheie 
of Stockport BapLi/.erl the 6th 

From Cheshire Notes and Queries, iS86, p. 63. Randle 
Holme's Transcripts of Chester Parish Registers. Hoh- 
Trinity Weddings, 1653, Willm : Pott and Sarah Hetham, 
12 July. In the first volume, p. 300, it is stated that these 
transcripts, by Randle Holme, are in the Harleian MSS., 
2177, British Museum. The)' are valuable as some of the 
early Registers are lost. 

In the Topographer, London, 1791, edited by Sir Egerton 
Bridges page 156, Church Notes at \Vitne3' in Oxford- 
shire, taken June 1660, from a MS. in the British Museum, 
Against the north wall of the Chancell, on a table of black 
marble this 

To the memory of Mr. Lawrence Potts, borne at Brunhill, in Che- 
shire, bred up in Emanuel College in Camb. where he continued 14 
years ; was preacher to the English Company of Merchants in Middle 
Surrey 14 years, and of Newland in Gloucestershire 14 year, who de- 
parted this life 24 March, 1626. Lucretia his loving wife, and associ- 
ate in his travells, hath caused this monument to be ere<5led. 

Pott Mont-mExXTS in Ormerod's ///^/'(;;t ^/ r//^5^//r. In 
the Church at Neston, Wirrill Hundred, dedicated to St. 
Mary and St. Helen : A tablet su.spended in the vestry is 

The Cheshire Family. 33 

Here lyeth the body of Thomasyn, daughter and heyre to 
Newconien, gent late wife to George Pott of Staiicliffe. She dyed on 
the 27th day of November, 1650. By her he had John, George, Ar- 
thur, Ambrose, Thomas, Peter and Samuel, also three daughters, Eliz- 
abeth, Thomasine and Mary, and a sonne still borne. 

Arms Quarterly, four coats, the first barry of ten pieces Argent and 
Sable, over all a bend Sable, three trefoils slipped Or, for Pott, im- 
paling seven coats, the first Argent, a lion's head erased Sable, be- 
tween three crescents Gules, for Newconien. 

From a monument in the Cathedral Church : 

Henry Potts, Esq., Novr. loth, 1845, aged 68. vSusan, eldest daugh- 
ter of Charles Potts, Esq., and sister of Henry Potts, 27 April, 1824, 
aged 43. L,ydia, second wife of Charles Potts, 7 Aug. 1832, aged 70. 

Mr. G. D. Scull copied from a Visitation of Cheshire, 
made in 161 2, by St. George, (Herald), — original in the 
British Museum — the following note detached : 

ffrancis Pott of Pott=Anne daught to 

in Chester. | Edmund Jodrell of Yard.sley. 

The following brief memoranda, taken from the Parlia- 
mentary Writs, clearly refers to Francis Pott of Pott who 
died in 1638. 

Thos. Leigh Francis Pott died seized of lands of value 

Overseer of the will in Staffordshire and Cheshire lands called 

of Francis Pot Runge [query Dunge ?] or Runge Ha\', a 

house at Pot and the Coal mines at Pot & 

Raynal in Staffordshire 

The following taken from the Historical Sketches of Non- 
co7iforrnity in the Coinify Palatine of Chester By Various 
Ministers and Laymen in the County with a Map. London. 
MDCCCLXIV, contains a brief biography of Rev. Nehe- 
miah Pott, minister at Wincle Chapel, who died in 1649. 

SwETTENHAM. Upon the death of Randall Catharall, rector of 
this parish, on February 4th, 1642, his son Samuel Catharall was ap- 
pointed, but seems not to have continued here for more than four 
years, for on April 4th, 1647, "Mr. Nehemiah Pott, aged twenty-four 
years, brought certificate of his ability and holy life from divers min- 

;i,4 The Potts Family in Great Britain, 

isters in Cheshire, took the National Covenant, brought in his recom- 
nienilation from Mr. Langley, was desired and ele(5led by the people 
of Swettenham, Cheshire," and was thereupon ordained. He seems 
not to have settled at Swettenham, because in 1648 the name occurs 
among the signatures to the Cheshire Attestation, " Nehemia Potte, 
minister at Wincle ; " and at Candlemas in 1647 ^^r. Samuel Langley 
has " just accepted the parsonage of Swettenham." The probability 
is that Mr. Potte was recommended by Mr. Langley to the congrega- 
tion at Swettenham, and that he ministered there for some months : 
but the people were not satisfied with any substitute for Mr. Langley, 
l)ut ultimately succeeded in obtaining him as their pastor. Samuel 
Langley did not come to live at Swettenham until after his marriage 
in the latter end of the simimer of 1649. 

Wincle. Amongst the names of those who subscribed the Che- 
shire Attestation in 1648, occurs the signature — " Nehemia Potte min- 
ister at Wincle." When to this statement we liave added another as 
brief, viz., that Mr. Potte died on January 24th, 1649, ^"^ was buried 
at the Old Church, Macclesfield, we have recorded perhaps all that is 
now known of the Puritan Minister of Wincle. In the entry of his 
death in the Register at Macclesfield, he is simply described as ' ' Min- 
ister of the Gospel." 

The Chapel at Wincle seems to have been erected in 1642 ; though 
the building also bears date 1647. From this circumstance it may be 
inferred that Mr. Potle was the first minister at Wincle ; and on his 
decease it is possible Ihat no siiccessor may have been appointed for 
some lime ; for Bishop Gastrell records, May 16th, 1717, "No settled 
mainteriance for a minister ; but the inhabitants pay what they please 
for preaching once a fortnight, when there is any ; but there has been 
Tione for half a year past. The same authority tells us that the Regis- 
ters at Wincle date from 1630 ; and that the chapel, in his day, had 
110 pulpit nor communion table, but a desk at the east end of the 
building. There was no font ; but the curate had bapti/.ed, though he 
liad not administered the Lord's Supper. We have no contempora- 
neous references to Wincle or to Mr. Potte in our Puritan literature. 

In Earwaker's History of Macclesfield, Vol. II, p. 436-7, it 
i.s stated that Rev. Neheiniah Pott was the son of Henry- 
Pott, and that lie was baptized at Macclesfield " 18 August, 
1603." Perhaps the year is a mi.sprint and should be 1623. 
The .same authoriy says that he died in 1650. This is 

The Cheshire Family. 35 

clearly an error, because his will was proven in 1649.* He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ward, by whom he 
had a son Caleb Pott, baptized at Macclesfield 20 April, 1649. 

Earwaker's History of Macclesfield, Vol. II p. 521, has the 
following; On June 20, 1660, Thomas Gold, late student 
of All Souls' College, Oxford, was elected second master 
under Mr. Caleb Pott, in place of Mr. Meyre. at a salary 
of ;^3o per annum. Mr. Pott was buried on Sept. 4, 1690, 
when the following epitaph, on a small brass plate, now in 
the baptistry, was placed to his memory : — 

Caleb Pott A. M. fil. Neh : Pott de 
Hvrdsfield Clerici & Eliz. vxoris eiiis 
cum per 20 annos gymnasiarcha 
opre Knotsfordiffi, Sandbach, Novo 
Castro : Staf . Audlcm & Macclesf : 
desudasset et doctrinse fauter pa 
trise charissimus, ccelebs obijt 
Sep. 2 A. D, 1690 an. aet. 42 
Josua Walker rector ec'*" de Billing 
Magna Northamp. f rater uterinus pos.f 

Caleb Pott was baptized at Macclesfield on April 20, 1649, 
the son of Nehemiah Pott, of Hurdsfield, Clerk. A notice 
of his father will be found on page 437. His mother ap- 
pears to have married for her second husband, Mr. John 
Walker, and was father of Rev. Joshua Walker, who erect- 
ed the monument to his half brother. \ I have a contempo- 
rary copy of the Rev. Joshua Walker" s marriage articles, 
dated 17 Dec, 1689, on his marriage with Christiana Stave- 
ley, daughter of Thomas Staveley, late of Leicester, Esq., 

* See pages 18 and 21, ante. 

t Translated. Caleb Pott, A. M., the son of Nehemiah Pott, of Hurdsfield. 
clerk, and Elizabeth, his wife, when he had laboured for 20 years as a schoolmas- 
ter, at Knutsford, Sanbach, Newcastle in Staffordshire, Audlem, and Macclesfield, 
an upholder of true religion, and a true lover of his native covuitry, died a bach- 
elor, Sept. 2, 1690, aged 42. Joshua Waker, recflor of the church 01 Great Billing, 
in Northanipton.shire, his uterine brother, placed this. 

I Note. In his will [See p. 21, ante,] Rev. Nehemiah Pott mentions his son 
Joshua. It seems more probable that Mr. Pott married the widow of Mr. Walker, 
and that she had a son Joshua by her first husband. 

36 The Potts Family ix Grkat Britain. 

deceased. It mentions Caleb Pott who is then described as 
of Audleni, gent. 

the potts' of .STANCUFFE, DERBYSHIRE. 

An important branch of the family was long seated at 
vStancliffe Hall in Derb3'shire A pedigree of this branch is 
shown facing this page, and some miscellaneous memoranda 
gathered from various sources are also here given. 

Stancijffe Hall. The Reliquary, Vol. IV, page 201, 
mentions Stancliffe Hall, Derbyshire, which belonged to 
Ralph de Darley, and from him passed to the Columbell fam- 
ily in 1370, from whom it passed successively, by female 
heirs through the families of Newsam and Pott to Sir John 
Digby, who sold it to Robert Steere. In 17 18 it was pur- 
chased b)' Greensmith, and in 1799 was sold to Heathcote, 
from which family it passed by sale to its present owner 
Mr. Joseph Whitworth. 

The Reliquary, Vol. VII, p. 159. 24 May, 54 Elizabeth, 
[1601]. Indenture of sale, whereby John Pott, the elder 
of Stanclyffe, in the county of Derby, Gent., conveyed to 
Robert Bagshaw, of Dalehead, in the parish of Tyddeswall, 
and county aforesaid, yeoman, lands and buildings in the 
village of Hill, Wormhill, Hardwickwall and Tunsted, all 
in the county of Derby. 

The Reliqtiary, Vol. XI, p. 256. Quoting the Egerton 
MS. 996 Derbyshire, "The names of those that were Dis- 
claymed by Ri. St. George, Norroy, 161 1," Among others 
is "John Pott of Stancliffe." 

hidex to the Additionl MS. with those of the Edgerton Col- 
lection, preserved in the British Museum and acquired in 
the years 1 783-1835. John Pott of Stanchff Hall, Bond to 
Marg Columbell 1578. 6702 f. 71. 

The Reliquary, Vol. XV, p. 167. Pedigree of the Kin- 

' on"" 





■d 3 

vo 3 














'f: =f T ~ 

"^ 2^ !^ 

►.. rt o 

? 3 -1 

K o ^ 
















•^ hi '^ :::' i- o 
2 2' srrt- 

— O 

n 2 1-5 hj >Ti 

O 2.3-0 -1 

STr-f >^ H, O 

8 § ^- i,s 

^ ^ "^ Cd 

O 2- 


M 9) M 

<— 1 




















» p. 



a - 













-t - 





rag O 


n r-f 

1 c 

O p 

1m w 

. O "^^j- 
^ "'^ 01 

° 3*^ 
■^ 1 a 


!A ^ 

P p 


OT 3-ti 

V-ij ra 

T3 p 

' o ^O^ 

i-hNJ p ^Tj 

M 3 -1 O 

^ix;/-i c 

S.rt o '^ 

3- ^ 3 X- 

- p.5-3 

^^ 3 


I CI' 7 3* 



p ft 3 



rt c -^ 



O 3-0 

■ re S 


■^3 1- 

3 ti3 



41 Q.iT) 

P '^ 

3 » 










1 c« 


3- 3" 

O .^ 



« OO 3 g 



no n. 


ia Sh 


3 ^w:t? 

3 >i o 

rt -1 

o :-f 

." r> :i as 


o^^" *< 

3^- ?'?a; 3 p 

'^ -^ ^ — 



c p a-. 

c o 



n ■ M 
1 2.K; 

•<! gn 



2. "^ 
p' I—. 


2 o 


^ 'j-.' 


ro t:- 



'"' 7^ 


HH tV 


CTs i= 

^ H 








^ Ci 



CfC! • 

" O 


p Q 



2 ?> 

3 S 


•^ 5- 




•-» - 



rt- o 


a 4- 


C7^ tJ* 



























Facing Page 36. 

The Derbyshire Family, 37 

der family, taken from the Ashmole MS. 788, folio 165. 
Nicholas Kinder, Eliz. 18, [1576], rad. Emm. dau. of Law- 
rence Pott in Berd com. Derb. 

In The Reliquary, Vol. VI, pp. 45-7, is a curious dogger- 
el of An Unpublished Elegy By Leonard Wheatcroft, 1672, 
a local schoolmaster of Derbj'shire. It shows there was a 
divine named Pot of this famil)^ who died some years before 
1672, the 3^ear in which it was written. The following are 
verses 8 and 9. 

Then on the hills I came to Darley Hall, 

To heare that music in those ashes tell 

Listening awhile, I not being pleased well, 

Thought I where is my pretty Cullen-bell * 

Whose name and fame made all this vale once sound, 

But now that honour's buried under ground. 

Besides your Parsons of Divinity, 

As Pain and Pot, Edwards and Moseley 

All foure divines and men of noble birth 

All dead and gone and buried in the earth ; 

How can I chuse but must lament to see 

My friends all gone who did make much of me. 

The Reliquary, \o\. VI, p. 40, gives the following armo- 
ry of Pott of Stancliffe, [Derbyshire] . 

Arms. Barry of ten, argent and sable, on a bend azure three tre- 
foils or. 

Smith of Oldhaugh. The following is extradled from 
the Visitation of Cheshire in 1580. 

Walburg Smith vx"^ [uxor] Jn" Pott of StayncliflF in com. Darby, 
daughter of Rafe Smith of Oldhaugh, bayliffe of Warmincham [who] 
died 27 June, 1594, and Alice daughter of Otwell Shawcross of Stow- 
shaw, died in Odtober 1580. 

* Note. Columbell, Nether- Hall Darley Dale was for many j-ears the chief seat 
of the Columbell family who held it till the death in i673of Johii Columbell, whose 
heiress married Marbury. 

38 The Potts Family ix Great Britain. 

The Potts' of London. 

Branches of the family are foinid in London, some of 
whom are known to be of the Cheshire- Derbyshire family, 
while the family affiliations of others have not been deter- 

The following- pedigree has been extracted from 'Flic 

Harleimi Society Publications, No. 1476, folio 448'', Visitation 

of London made in the years 1633, 1634 and 1635, by S"" 

Henry S' George, Kt., Richmond Herald, & Deputy and 

Marshall to S'' Richard S' George, K*, Clarencieux King at 


Pott. Cheape Ward. 

Roger Pott of Pott=ANNA daughter of — — - Sutton of Rushloii 
Co. Chester. I in Co. Chester. 

Francis Pott of Pott=Anne daughter of Dickenson of County of 

Co. Chester. I Lancashire, the reHct of Traflford. 

Francis Pott of Roger Pott of Edmund Pott of=Sarah daughter of 

Pott Co. Ches- Norton in Co. London Haber- I Anthony Thomp- 

ter. 1st son. StafTordshire. dasher. 3d son. | son of Co. Cani- 
2nd son. I bridgshire. 

Edmund Pott Sarah Pott 

of London. of London. 

Arms are drawn which appear to have been granted by 
' 'a Patent vuder the hand of Sir Richard St. George K' then 
Norry King of Armes, Nov. 19, 1611." They appear to be 
Barry of azure and sable, on a bend three, etc. 

The following brief pedigree is taken from The Harleian 
Society Publications, No. 1476, folio 197, Visitations of Lon- 
don, made in the years 1633 and 1634, by Sir Richard St. 
George, Norroy King of Arms. 

Errors Corrected. 38)4 

Through an error in the make-up of pages 38 and 39, the 
descriptions of the arms became transposed. The following 
is a more accurate exhibit of these pedigrees. 

Pott. Cheape Ward. 

Roger Pott of Pott=ANNA daughter of vSutton of Rushton 

Co. Chester. I in Co. Chester. 

I'Vaiicis Pott of Pott=Aiine daughter of Dickinson of County of 

Co. Chester. 1 Lancashire, relicl of Trafford. 

I'rancis Pott of Roger Pott of Edmund Pott of=Sarah daughter of 

Pott Co. Ches- Norton in Co. London Haber- 
U-r. 1st son. Staffordshire, dasher. 3d son 
2nd son. 

Anthony Thomp- 
son of Co. Cam- 

Ednmnd Pott Sarah Pott 

of London. of London. 

Arms are given in conne<5lion with this pedigree as fol- 

Arms. Or, two bars azure, over a bend gules. 
Crkst. .\n ounce sejant on a mount vert. 

Pott. Limestreete. 

John Pott of vStanclyffe=:Ki.BZ.\Bp;TH, daughter & heiress 
County of Derbyshire I of Ric^ Newsam of Stanclyfife 
Countv Derbv. 

Pt-rcival Pott 2nd son=Hesther, daugli'' of Roll' Pennington of Hen- 
I/judon. (1633). I don, County Essex. 

Percival Pott .son and heir. Loudon. 

In connection with this pedigree, arms are drawn which 
appear to have been granted by "a patent vnder the hand 
of Sir Richard St. George K' then Norry King of Armes, 
Nov. 9, 161 1." They appear to be. 

Arms. Barry of azure and sable, on a bend three, etc. 

The Family in London. 39 

Pott. Limestreete. 

John Pott of Stancl3'ffe=Ei^iZABETH, daughter & heiress 
Count}' of Derb^-shire I of Ric* Newsam of Stanclyffe 
I County Derby. 

Percival Pott 2nd son=Hesther, daugh'" of Rob* Pennington of Hen- 
London. (1633.) I don, County Essex, 

Percival Pott son and heir. London. 

Arms are given in connecftion with this pedigree as fol- 

Arms. Or, two bars azure, over all a bend gules. 
Crest. An ounce sejant on a mount vert. 

From the Harleian Society Publications, i8jy. Marriage 
Licences, London, 1520-16 10. 

Page 23. 1561 Dec. 15. Michael Pott, of Chigwell, & Marger}' 
Warner, of Barking; Genl. Lic[ence.] 

Page 49. 1571 July 28. Lancelot Pottes & Martha Buyes of City of 
Lond : Gen. Lie. 

Page 79, 1577-8 Feb. 14, Peter Pott & Mary Lyme, Spinster, of 
Citj' of Lond. ; at St. Nicholas Aeon. 

Page 167. 1587-8 Feb. 12. Edvi'ard Pottes, Yeoman, of St. Botolph, 
Bishopsgate, & Rosa Josua, Avidow of St. Michael Bassinghall relict of 
Richard Josua late of the same place. Gen. Lie. 

Page 72. 1576 Sep. 29. William Vallence & Martha Pottes, Widow, 
of St. Dunstan in the West to marry there. 

Allegations for Marriage Licences issued by the Dean and 
Chapter of Westminster, 1558 to iSpp : etc., Extracted by {the 
late) Col. Joseph Lemuel Chester, LL. D., etc., contains, 

Page 107. 1665 June 3. William Potts of St. Clement Danes, Gent. 
Wid"". ab' 64 & Sarah Hilliard of St. Fosters, London, Widow, ab' 56 ; 
at St. Mary Mountshaw, Lond. 

Marriage Licences {or Allegations) at the Facility Office of 
the Archbishop of Cayiterbtcry at London. Harleian Pub. 

Page 121. 1 67 1 Dec. 25. Edmund Pott, of the town of Nottingham, 
Bach"", 26 & Jane Williams of All Hallows Barking, London, Sp'', 30, 
her parents dead ; at St. Bartholomew the Less, London. 

40 The Potts Family is Great Britain-. 

Licences issued by the Bishop of London, 1611 to r8i8, etc., 
includes the following, 

Pajfe 50. 1617 April 26. William Gerard, Esq., of Gray's Inn, 
Baclr, 29, & Judith Potts, of St. Andrews Holborn, Widow, 25, relict 
of Farsard Potts, late of Charlegrove, Beds., Gent. deci. of St. Pan- 
eras, alias Kentish towTi. 

The Appendix to the 6th Report of the Historical MSS. 
Commission has the following" brief title of a manuscript, 
the original of which appears to l^e in the Colle<5tion of the 
House of Lords. 

Witnesses examined concerning the speeches against the House of 
Lord's, Anno 1644. Examination of Edmund Pott, haberdasher No. 

The Registers of St. Peters, Cornhill, London, contain 
these entries. 

Page 119. 1567 August 19. Burying of Misteris Pott Widdow the 
19th of 

Page 260. 1655 July 24. William Gillye Lining draper & Sarah 
Pott by Christopher Packe Alderman & one of the Justices of the 
peace in London. 

The Registers of St. Georges, Hanover Square, contain 
many Potts marriages between 1725 and 1787. On Feb. 12, 
1775, an Edmond Potts married Elizabeth Law. 

The Registers of Canterbury Cathedral contains these en- 
tries of marriages, 

1688 October 4, Joseph Powell and Ann Potts, both of St. Margar- 
etts in Canterbury. 

1742 Feb. 28, John Pott and Ann Moverly of Eastry, Pr. Licence. 

From the Registers of the " Merchant Taylor's School," 
[London], from 1 562-1 699. 

i6ioJune 11. Nat. Potte was appointed to Roger March of Dow- 
gate, Merchant Taylor, and is described as son of Walter Pott of As- 
ton, Co. Oxen. He was afterwards of Alderly and died 28 Sep., 1655. 

1631 Dec. II. Nathaniel Pott, b. Sep. — , 1622. Thomas Potte (or 
Potts), b. May, — , 1623. 

The Family in London. 41 

Extracled from the Registers of the Church of St. Mary 
Mounthaw, London, now kept in the Church of St. Nicho- 
las Cole Abbe}'.-'- 

Nathaniel Potts and Siballa Gibson, married 21 May, 1630. 

Andrew Potts, Gent., of Westminster, and Hellenn Joice, of Nev.- 
Windsor, County of Berkshire, were married on the 9th day of Sep- 
tember in the year One Thousand Six hundred and Eight. [1608]. 

Joseph Potts and Mary Dangerfield were married by Licence by Mr. 
Meriton, 28 December, 1658. 

Extradts from Book of Licences & Permits to pass abroad 
to New England and to the Low Countries, &c. 

Henry Potts, transported to Flanders, to serve under Captain Theor- 
old, and took the oath of allegience. Nov. 20, 1632. 

John Potts, 26 years old, to pass to Flushing (Holland), Dec. 1634. 

John Potts, 26 years old, dwelling in Flushing. Ultima die Decern. 

John Potts, aged 43, resident at Wolverhampton in Staffordshire, to 
pass to Leghorn. April 2, 1635. 


The following brief biographical sketches have in the 
main been abstracted from the Dictionary of Natio7ial Biog- 
raphy, by Sidney Lee. i8p6. Vol. XLVI, page 207. 

Percivael Pott. He was a native of London, and by 
occupation a scrivener. He married a daughter of Sir 
James Houblon, she being then a widow with one daughter. 
He lived but a few years after his marriage, dying in 171 7. 
He left his widow with a very inadequate support. His 
widow and her children were assisted by Dr. Wilcox, Bishop 
of Rochester, a distant relative. 

Percivall Pott, M. D. (1714-1788). Percivall Pott, 
Jr., the eminent surgeon, the only son of the foregoing, 

* Note, St. Mary Mounthaw was burnt in 1666, and the present church of St. 
Nicholas Cole Abbey was eredted on its site. Redlor, Henrj' Stebbings, 1875.— G. 
D. Scull. 

42 TiiK Potts Family ix Gkkat Britain. 

was l)orn 6 January, 171 3-4, in that part of Threadneedle 
Street, which is now covered by the Bank of England. 

He entered as a student of surgery under Dr. Edward 
Xourse, with whom he served seven years. He .seems to 
liave gained a professional reputation at an early period 
in his career. A minute book now in possession of the 
Barbers' Company has this record, 

7 Sept. 1736. Percivall Pott was admitted into freedom of the Com- 
pany by service, vipon testimony of his master and sworn. 
Later on the same day he received his diploma, testifying to 
his skill and empowering him to practice. After filling sev- 
eral positions he was, on the 14 March, 1744, made 
ant Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and became full 
Surgeon on 30 November, 1749. He introduced many im- 
provements into surgery, rendering the practice more hu- 
mane and less painful to both patient and surgeon. 

In 1756 an accident befell him which rendered his name 
of world-wide fame The following is the account given. 

As he was riding in Kent Street, Southwark, he was thrown from 
his horse and suffered a compound fracture of the leg, the bone being 
forced through the integuments. Conscious of the dangers attendant 
on fractnres of tliis nature, and thoroughly aware how much the}- 
may be increased by rough treatment or improper position, he 
would not suffer himself to he moved until he had made the necessary 
disposition. He sent to Westminster, then the nearest place, for two 
chairmen to bring their poles, and patientl}' lay upon the cold pave- 
ment, it being in the month of January, till they arrived. In this sit- 
uation he purchased a door to which he made them nail the poles. 
Wlien all was ready he caused himself to be laid upon it, and was 
carried a long distance to where he lived near St. Paul's. 

At the consultation of surgeons the case was thought to be .so des- 
perate, as to require innnediate amputation. Mr. Pott being con- 
vinced that no one could be a proper judge in his own case, submitted 
to their opinion, and the proper instruments were actuallj' gotten 
read}', when Mr. Nourse, (his former master and colleague), who had 
been prevented from coming sooner, fortunately entered the room. 
After examining the limb he was convinced there was a pos.sibilit3' of 
saving it. An attempt to save it was agreed upon and succeeded. 

The Family in London. 43 

The term "Pott's fracture" is still applied to that particu- 
lar variety of broken ankle. He was the author of several 
treatise which revolutionized the practice of surgery. He 
v,'as elected to several honorary positions. 

In 1746 he married Sarah, daughter of Robert Crutten- 
den, by whom he had five sons and four daughters, one of 
whom married Sir James Earle. His kindness of heart was 
proverbial. He was a man of high charadler and blameless 
life. Several portraits are in existance, ])ut the chief one is 
in the Great Hall of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, being a 
life .size three quarter length in oils, seated. 

Joseph Holden Pott, Archdeacon of London, (1759- 
1847). He was son of Percivall Pott, the surgeon, and 
was born in 1759. He began his education at Eton, and 
from thence at an earl 3' age was sent to St. John's College, 
Cambridge. He graduated B. A. in 1780, and proceeded 
to M. A. in 1783. Taking holy orders, he was collated by 
Bishop Thurlow, formerly dean of vSt. Paul's, to the pre- 
bend of Welton-Brinkhall, in Lincoln Cathedral, 17 March, 
17S5. In 1787 he became re<5lor of St. Olave, Old Jewry, 
and St. Martin, Ironmonger Lane. He was appointed arch- 
deacon of St. Alban's on 8 January, 1789. After filling 
numerous positions he died unmarried 16 Febuar}', 1847, ^^ 
his residence in Woburn Place, Bloomsbury, London, leav- 
ing a considerable personality and a valuable library. He 
published a number of works, including theology, literature 
and poetr}'. 

Laurence Holker Potts, physician and inventor, 
( 1 789-1 850). He was the .son of Cuthbert Potts, -'- surgeon, 

* Note. Cuthbert Potts. Surgeon, was born in 1743, and died 10 November, 
1825, at Truro, [in Cornwall.] Several persons bore the iinu.sual name of Cuthbert, 
suggesting possible relationship. The will of a Cuthbert Pott was probated at 
Leicester in 1546. Another Cuthbertus Pott and Johanes Smith were married at 
Chesterfield. Derbyshire, 3 June, 1636. Among those who compounded with 
Cromwell for their estates was a Cuthbert Pott. 

44 'i^HK Potts Family in (jRKAt Britain'. 

and Ethlinda Margaret Thorpe, daughter of John Thorpe, 
M. D., F. S. A., and was born in Pall Mall, London, 18 
April, 1789. He was educated at Westminster School in 
Northamptonshire, and in 1805 he was apprenticed to Mr. 
Birch, surgeon. He was a surgeon of considerable renown, 
having been Surgeon Royal in Counties Cornwall and Dev- 
on, and Physician to County Lunatic Asylum at Bodmin; 
but in later years gave considerable attention to scientific 
and mechanical pursuits, and brought out a number of val- 
uable inventions. 

In 1820 he married Miss Anne Wright, of Lambessow, 
Cornwall. He died 23 March, 1850, at Buckingham Street, 
Adelphi, London, leaving two sons, John Thorpe Potts and 
Benjamin L- F'. Potts, and four daughters. 

Robert Potts, Mathematician, (1805-1885). He was a 
son of Robert Potts, and grandson of the head of a firm of 
Irish linen drapers, was born at Lambeth. Entered Trinity 
College, Cambridge, 1828. Was a successful private tutor 
in the University, and acquired wide reputation as the edit- 
or of Euclid's Elements. LL. D. from William and Mar}- 
College, of Virginia. Author of several publications. He 
died at Cambridge, August, 1885. 

The Potts' of Staffordshire. 

The Potts' of StafTordshire were evidently of the same 
family as those of Cheshire and Derbyshire. The following 
list of names were extradled from the Indexes of Wills and 
Letters of Administrations, in the Court of Probate at Litch- 
field, Staffordshire, by the late Mr. G. D. Scull, in 1875, 
for the author of this paper. Wills from 1650 to 1660 are 
missing. It will be noticed that the residences of several of 
the decedents were at places in Derbyshire. 

PAOE -4-4. 

The Staffordshire Famii^y. 45 


Ann Pott, of Heaton, 1696 

Anthony Pott, 1633 

Arthur Pott, of Buxton, Dec. 19, 179S 

B Pott, 1567 

Charles Potts, of Weeford, Mav 21, 1716 

Edmund Pott 1626 

Edmund Potts, of Glossop, 1702 

El Pott, 1566 

Elizabeth Pott, 1642 

Elizabeth Pott, of Bakewell Aug. 4, 1681 

George Pott, of Chapel en la Frith, Apr. 14, 1803 

Humfredus Pott, 163S 

Humphrey Pott, of Stone, 1669 

Humphrey' of Howe, 1 6S4 

Humphrey Pott, of Stone vSept. 11, 1684 

Jacobus Pott, 1633 

Jacobus Pott, of Eeeke, 1698 

James Pott, of Leek, May 19, 169S 

John Pott, 1624 

John Pott, of Norton in le Moors, 1628 

John Pott, of Heyfield, 1641 

John Pott, of Toxall, 1649 

John Potts, of Darleigh, Sept. 13, 1672 

John Potts, of Muckstone, Jan. 31, 1682-3 

John Pott, of Leek, April 30, 1686 

John Pott, of Mucklestone, Octo. 9,1691 

John Potts, of Dronfield May 19, 1698 

John Pott, of Dronfield, 1702 

John Pott, of Chapel en la P'rith, vSept. 5,1811 

Johannes Pott, 1613 

Joseph Pott, 1590 

Joseph Pott, of Buxton, Oct. 16, 1772 

Katharine Pott, 1648 

Laurentius Pott, 1627 

Mary Potts, of Weeford, June 20, 1715 

Nicholas Pott, of Wisham, 1530 

Ralph Pott, 1557 

Radulphus Pott, 1641 

Randall Potts, of Hilderstone, Aug. 20,1661 

Randolph Pott, of Hylderston 1661 

Richard Pott, 1611 

46 Thk Potts Family in Gkkat Britain'. 

Richardus Polt, 1614 

Richard Pott, of Leek, Sept. 21, 1660 

Richard Pott,, of Stone, Dec. 4,1661 

Richard Pott, of Rantoii, Auj^. 4, t66S. 

Richard Potts, of P'orton, 1690 

Richard Pott, of Thickbroonie, Apr. 14, lyor 

Richard Potts^, of Buxton, April 29, 1794 

Robert Pott, of Leek, C>cto. 24, 1684 

Robert Potts-, of Leigh, April 7, 1691 

Roger Pott, 1 6 1 r 

Roger Pott, of Norton in le Moors, 1646 

Roger Pott9, of Chewardine, Nov. 30, 1674 

Samuel Potts., of Frods-well, June 25, 1741 

Sarah Potts, of Penkridge, Octo. 20, iSiS 

Sarah Potts-, of Buxton, May 4,1840 

Simon Pott, of Ronton, Novr. 6,1697 

Simon Potts, of Brevvood, 1745 

Thomas Pott 1 595 

Thomas Pott, of Castleton, Jan. 28, 1666-7 

Thomas Potts, of Whitington. [Will not in bundle] 1682 

Thomas Pott, of Leek, Mar. 20, 1684-5 

Thomas Potts, of Buxton, May 16, 1781 

Thomas Potts, of Buxton, , Sept. 20, 1825 

Thomas Potts, of Chapelenle p-rith Jan, 21, 1853 

William Pott, of Leek Sept. 30, 1681 

William Potts, of Stafford (?), 1706 

William Potts, of Rugely Nov. 13, 171S 

"William Potts, of Chapelenle Frith, April 11, 1788 

William Pott, of Penkridge, May 22, 1791 

William Pott, of Wormhill April 23, 1790 

William Potts, of Tideswell, Aug. 21, 1830 


Ann Pott, of Heaton Nov. 31,1696 

Edmund Pott, of Chapelenla Frith, Sep. 28, 1807 

Edward Pott, of Chapel en la I'rith Octo. 21, 1749 

Elizabeth Potts, of Tideswell Mar. 13,1854 

Humphrey Pott, ofStone, Dec. 10, 1669 

John Pott 163S 

Joseph Potts, of Chapelenla Frith, Octo. 23, 1719 

Richard Potts, of of I'orton, Mar. 20. 1690-1 

Rogerus Pott, 1609 

The Staffordshire Family. 47 

Robert Pott, of Buxton, Auj.^. 20, 1818 

Robert Potts, of Tideswell, Feb. 26, 1S31 

vSarah Pott, of Rugely, l<eb, 20, 1673 

Thomas Pott, 1614 

Thomas Pott, of Ivongson Parva, Octo. 31, 1662 

Thomas Pott, of Weeford, Feb. 25, 1686 

Wilhara Pott 1617 

The Probate Court at Worcester has three early wills of 
Potts, viz. 

John Pott, of Howsil, 1558 

Richard Pott, of Littleton, 1538 

Richard Pott, of Prior's Close, 1560 

The Potts^ of Shropshire. 

A branch of the family is found in the County of Salop, 
who Avere undoubtedl}- of the Cheshire-Derb}'-shire stock. 
The following lists of marriages, baptisms and burials have 
been abstra<5led from the parish Registers of Broseley. 


Thomas Pott and Alice Cleyton, June 6, 1677 

John Pott and Joyce Deuxall, May 15,1676 

George Pott and Elizabeth Haress, Sept. 21, 1676 

Thomas Wooden and Phebe Potts Jan'y 14, 1699 

Humphrey Pott and ffrances Price, June 19, 1705 

George Potts and Mary Armisrow, July 7, T711 

William Beard and Alice Potts, Aug. 21, 1729 

John Lloyd and Ann Pott, July 27, 1736 

Jonathan W^illiams and Phoebe Pott, July 18, 1738 

Henrj- Gamison and Esther Pot, June 24, 1739 


Jane, daughter of George Potte and Mary, June 3, 1649 

George, son of George Potte and Mar}', Dec. 2, 165: 

William, son of George Pott and Mary, Nov. 28, 1654 

* Note. Iu the Registers the entries are in chronological order, but are here 
grouped together with the parents as a matter of convenience. 

TnK Potts Family ix Great Britaix, 

Elizabeth, dauj^hter of George Pot and Mary Oct. 14 

William, son of John Pott and Mary, Sept. 3 

John, son of John Pott and Mary, Feb. 21 

Alice, daughter of Tho. Pott and Alice Jan. 25 

Anne, daughter of Thomas Pott and Alice Feb, 23 

Diana, daughter of Thomas Pott and Alice, Jan. 6 

Thomas, son of Thomas Putt and Ales, Mar. 18 

Joh , son of Thomas Pott and Alice, Octo. 4 

ffrancis, son of Thomas Pott and Alice, Nov. 27 

Alice, daughter of Thomas Pott and Alice, ]Mar. 1 7 

Humphrey, son of George Pott and Elizabeth, J^dy 30 

George, son of George Pott and Elizabeth, Sept. i 

T'hebe, daughter of George Pott and Elizabeth Octo. 5 

John, Sonne of George Pott and Elizabeth, J"ly 26 

Alice, daughter of John Pott and Joyce, Aug. 11 

Sarah, daughter of John Pott and Joyce, April 12 

Ann, daughter of John Pott and Joyce April 17 

Mary, daughter of Thomas Pott and Mary, Octo. 27 

Alice, daughter of Thomas Pott and Mary, March 9, 

Thomas, son of Thomas Pott and Mary, June 2 

Sarah, daughter of Thomas Pott and Mary, Dec. 10 

Sarah, daughter of Thomas Potts and Mary, Dec. 5 

Hestor, daughter of Thomas Potts and Mary, June 10 

Anne, daughter of Thomas Potts and Mary June 16 

Thomas, .son of Humphrey Pott and ffrances, Nov. 18, 

George, son of Humphrey Pott and ffrances, June 4 

George, son of Geo. Potts and Mary, July 22 

Phebe, sen. of Geo. Potts and Mary, April 6 

Eliza, daughter of Geo. and Mary Potts Novr. 5 

Susana, daughter of George Potts and , Mar. 28, 

Jo , son of George and Mary Potts, Maj- 9 

Eliza, daughter of Geo. Potts and Mary, Jan'y 17 

Pilizabeth, daughter of George and Marj' Potts, Feb'y 6, 

Ales, daughter of George and Mary Potts, Dec. 8 

Mary, daughter of George and Rebecca Potts, IVIay 16 

Thomas, son of George and Rebecca Pott, Jan'y 7 

John, son of George and Rebecca Pott Aug. 25 

Thomas, son of Geo. and Rebecca Pott, Feb. 14, 

Alice, daughter of George and Rebecca Potts Aug. 3 

Alice, daughter of Geo. and Rebecca Pott Jan. 26, 

The Shropshire Family. 49 

Francis, son of George and Rebec. Pott June 15, 1744 

Samuel, son of George and Rebecca Pott, Sep. 29, 1745 

Daniel, son of Geo and Rebecca Pot, Jan. 17, 1747 

Thomas, son of Geor and Elis Pott, Nov. 5, 1732 

Elisabeth, daughter of George and Elis Pott, Dec. 8, 1734 

Samuel, son of Geo and Elis Pott, Jan. 9, 1736 

Marj', daughter of Geo and Elis Pott, Nov. 11, 1739 

George, son of Geo and Elis Pott, Dec. 5,1742 

Frances, daughter of Geo and Elis Pott, Aug. 12,1744 

George, son of Geo and Elis Pott Aug. 2, 1747 

Hannah, daughter of Geo and Elis Pott, Dec. 3,1749 

John, son of Tho and Rebecca Pott, Nov. 21, 1726 

George, son of Tho and Rebebca Pott Feb. 21, 1732 

John, a base son of Alice Pott by John , Jan. 25, 1709 

John, son of John Pott and Mary, Feb. 19, 1799 

Eliza, daughter of Rich Potts and Mary, Jan'y 25, 1712 

ffra. , son of Geo Potts and Sarah Mar. 20, 1716 


Maria Pott, Mar. 16, 1641 

ElenorPotte, Sept. 13, 1649 

Jane Pott, Dec. 10, 1649 

William Pott, April i, 1655 

A child of Thomas Pots, April 12, 1668 

Mary, wife of John Pott, Dec. 29,1675 

Mary, wife of George Pott, June 6, 1677 

John, Sonne of George Pott and Elizabeth, Jul}- 31, 1683 

George Pott, senior, May 22, 1684 

John Pot, Aug. 3, 1684 

George Pott, Sept. 26, 1684 

Elizabeth Pott, Oct. 20, 1684 

Thomas Potts, June 2, 1692 

Alice Potts, vddd; Sept. 26, 1699 

Mary, daughter of Joyce Pott, Feb. 20, 1703 

Humphrey Pott, Jan'y 9, 1708 

John, a child of Alice Potts, Feb. 26, 1708 

Wido Pootts Jan'y 21, 1712 

Mary, wife of John Potts, July 19,1713 

Eliza, daughter of George Pott, Oct. 5, 1718 

Thomas Potts Jan'y 28, 1719 

A child of Thomas Potts June 18,1721 


50 T?iK Potts I-'amilv in Grkat Britain. 

Ann, (laughter of George Polt, Jan'v 14, 1724 

Hilary, wife of George Pott, Dec. i, 1724 

J olni. son of Tho and Rebecca Pott, Nov. 24,1726 

Mary, wife of Thomas Pott, Aug. 16,1732 

Thomas, son of George and Rebecca Potts, J^»'y '4. ^735 

Aiary, daughter of George Pott, Fe)^. 17,1735 

Alice, daughter of Geo ^nd Rebecca Pott, Feb. 14, 1741 

Frances Pott, Dec. 28,1741 

George son of Geo and P^Hs Pott, Dec. 20, 1742 

vSarah, wife of Will l\)1t, Jan'y 31, 1745 

Thomas Pott, Apnl 15, 1746 

Frances, daughter of Geo Pott, Sep. 11, 1746 

Samuel, son of Geo Pot, Nov. 26,1746 

Daniel, son of George Pot, Mar. 22, 1747 

Thomas Pott^ the Persecuted Quaker, 

Earvvaker's History of the Hundred of Macclesfield, in the 
County of Cheshire, under a chapter upon " Wihnslow Par-," has thi.s entry extra(5ted from the Church warden.s' ac- 
cotnit in 1654. 

Paid unto M'' Daine [Dean] in the Middlewich for taking of 4 ex- 
aniacons concerning Quakers. 

This is the first entry relating to the Quakers, and .shows 
how early they were established in this parish, where they 
have since been .strongly represented. On page 134 of the 
same work is the following, 

Their old place of worship near Morley Green, is now converted in- 
to cottages and a more commodious building was erected nearer 
Wihnslow about twenty years .since. Their first place of intennent 
was across Linden Common, in a secluded piece of ground in Mob- 
berly Parish, where some old tombstones may still be seen. This 
graveyard is fenced round and well cared for. 

Upon the fall of the Commonwealth and the restoration 
of monarchy, a systematic persectttion of all di.ssenters was 
instituted, and the new sedt of Friends or Quakers * were 

* The Friends or Quakers stem to have first been di.stinsuished by tliese names 
in 1650. 

Thomas Pott, the PersecI'Ted Quaker. 51 

especial sufferers on account of their peculiar doclrines and 
practices and their firmness in the face of opposition. Mac- 
caulay saj-s, "At the Restoration the Quakers were regard- 
ed as the most despicable of fanatics, ' ' 

Among the early adherents to the faith held and taught 
b)' George Fox was Thomas Poif, of vStyall Green in the 
township of Pownall Fee, Cheshire. He was born about 
the year 16 18. He seems to have been a man of substan- 
tial charadler and sterling principle, and by reason of his 
firm adherence to his religious convidtions, he was the sub- 
jecl of repeated persecutions, as we find from the following 
extracfts taken from A Colle£lio7i of the Sufferings of the Peo- 
ple Called Quakers of a Good Co7iscience, etc., By foseph Besse, 
London, 1753. 

1653. John Worlliington, Thomas Janiiey, Thomas PoTTS, Richard 
Burgess, Robert Milner, and Edward Alcock, Suffered Distress of 
Goods to the Value of ill. los. for going but two Miles from their 
Habitations to a Meeting. 

1655. Eighteen Persons taken in a Meeting at the House of Ed- 
ward Alcock of Moberly, were by Warrants from the Deput}' Lieuten- 
ants of the County Committed to the House of Correction at Middle- 
wich for two Months, where they found several others of their 
Friends; so that they were much incommoded for Want of Room, be- 
ing closely kept, and none suffered to visit them, and when William 
Woodcock and Mary Stretch came to the Prison to see their Brethren, 
themselves were imprisoned for attempting it. Nor were they admit- 
ted to bring them their necessary P'ood, but as they received it 
through the Windows of the Prison. By means of this close Im- 
prisonment in the Depth of Winter, Edward Knevett, a Man of good 
Reputation, aged aboiit seventy, and infirm of Body, fell sick and died 
there, before the two Months expired; at the End of the Time the 
other seventeen were released; four of whom, viz., Thomas Janney, 
Thomas Pott, Jeffrey Burgess, and Edw^ard Alcock, were soon after 
taken again at a Meeting, and recommitted for four Months. 

1666. James Harrison, William Janney, John Falkner, John Nixon, 
Thomas Pott, John Lamb, John Milner, and Thomas Bretton, were 
committed to the common Goal at Chester, the former five of them for 

52 Thk Potts Family in Grkat Britain. 

.six Months, and the others for three Months, being convidlted of hav- 
ing been at a Meeting held at the House of Thomas Janne\' at Pownal 
Fee, upon the Information of John Burges and Thomas Hease, noted 
Informers, Persons of a bad Chara(5ler, and observed to be very unsuc- 
cessful. Hease was obliged to fly for Debt, and he who was used to 
plunder his Neighbours Houses, was turned out of his own by the 
Sheriff, and some of his Children sent to the Parish for Maintenance. 
Burgess was thrown into Goal for Debt, and he who was instrumental 
in sending his Neighbours to Prison, died a Pri.soner himself. 

1671. In this Year Thomas Janney, for 1 1. 6s. 8d., and Thom.a.s 
Pott, for 20 s., for Tythes claimed by Peter Ledsham, Priest of 
Wilmslow, had their Goods taken away to the Value of 3 1. 10 s. each. 

1673. Thomas Janney, Thomas PoTT, and Robert Pearson, for 
Tythes claimed of them worth but 2I. 14 s., had Goods taken from 
them to the Value of 10 1. 19 s. 

1684. Thomas Pott of Wilmslow, for a Meeting at his House, was 
fined 20 s., but he being very poor, the Officers, who broke open his 
Doors and rifled his House, could find no more Goods than amounted 
to 2I. OS. 6d. which they took, and the poor Man and his Family 
were obliged to seek for Lodging at their Neighbours Houses. 

Several of his neighbors and friends emigrated to Pennsyl- 
vania in America, and several letters written by him to 
them are still extant. Two of these are here given, and 
two others are in possession of the Pennsylvania Historical 
Society at Philadelphia. 

Letter from Thomas Pott to James Harrison.* 

James harison 

My deare and welbelove ed frend ye I maj' say rather a father yea 
more my father to mee in the truth my salutation in the opening 
springe of life in my hart at this time dearely salute thee and thy ten- 
der wife with whom my sou[le] hath been refreshed mani a time in 
the remembranch of whic[h] my hart is broken and my soule filed 
with the springe of louf and life in mee you wares deare James thou 

* Note. James Harrison, aged 57, late of Boltou, Lancashire, together with Ann 
Harri.son his mother, aged Si j-ears, Ann his wife, Phineas Pemberton hi.s son-in- 
law, Phebe Pemberton his daughter and wife of Phineas, sailed from Liverpool, 
7 mo. 5, 1682, reached Choptank, Maryland, 9 mo. 21, and Pennsylvania, 11 mo. 21, 
of the same year, and settled in Bucks County. 

Thoma's Pott, the Persecuted Quaker. 53 

was ben veri oft in niy mind both stlipin and waing [i. e. sleeping and 
'A-aking] in Considcracion of which hath don my soul good for mani 
•tlaves after I can trulv say deare James itiy tender loiif to finias antl 
«o bee with rest of thine and all the rest of f!athful frends for mani of 
you are in my mind more then at this time I can mention for truly 
my louf is to you all: deare James my Children have their louf to 
thee and thy wife and frends wee are all wel a[nd3 the truth is the 
■uper most not with standing these stonmi times blessed and ever bles- 
sed bee my god sath my sole James I atn n-ot wit"h out hope but 1 
ma si you if the lorjl soe order it but 1 desire to wate to know his or^ 
fiering hand deare frend I do desire to heare of thy welfare for I have 
Tiot heard of any letter tbat hath Came from th[ee^ since thou went 
■deare An harison my love once more remembre unto thee I had in- 
tended to have sine j^ou at levei-poul when you went but I was not wel 
.at that time deare An I have sent thee won shilling axsept it in tO' 
Teen of my love to tliee which love will ever remane to ji^ou as I a bide 
in the truth I belive for indid ever you were loufing unto mee my 
dears love to william j-ardley -^ and Jane Ms wife mani waters cannot 
quinch the louf that springs in my hart to you at this time fare you 
well my deare frends ffrom your welwishing ffrend 


ffrom Stiall grine the fferst Day of the 5 month 1683 

From Thomas Pott to James Harrison and Thomas Janney.f 

James harison and Thomas Janni 

My ancient dear and wellbeloufed frends in that tender love which 
mani a time hath floed in m}- hart to wards you since I sawe you doe 
I in veri much tendernes and brokenes of hart at this time salut you 
for in did you have bin mee think veri nere mee mani a time since I 
sawe you and I hope j'our tender love to me when in my land will 
never bee for gotten by me dere frends my love to you is more than 
I en expres here but I know yoit can saver beeyond words dere 

* Note. William Yardley, with his wife Jane aud children Enoch, Thomas and 
William, late of Ransclougli, near Leeke, Staffordshire, reached Pennsylvania 7 
nio, 18, 1682, and settled in Bucks County. 

t Note. Thomas Janney, with Margaret his wife and children Jacob, Thomas, 
Abel and Joseph, of Pownall-Fee, Cheshire, emigrated to America in 1683, and 
settled in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 

$4 The Potts Famii.v in Grkat Kkitain'. 

frends my veri hartti love is to youre wivess and families in_\- child- 
ren have their lonefs to you all I desire you to rememl^r mee to wil- 
liani yardly and his wife and to finnias pemberton and his wife and 
all theres and to my ould frends and neghberes as you mind dere 
frends I am veri jjlad to here of your well fare and haveing the opor- 
tuniti was willing to let you itnder stand that I and mine are all well 
which I bolive \-ou will bee g'lad to heare Soe I take my leve with 
you in the flowings of that strength which tenders the harts of the 
upright desireing the god of my life to kepe us all to the end of our 
(layes from your well wishing frend 

(\C/o?ric<<i y^ 


from Stiall grine 

the 13 day of the 4 mouth S7 

Thomas Pott's wife's name was Mary, but her maiden 
name and the record of marriage have not been fonnd. She 
died 12 mo, 13, 1672. Thomas Pott died 8 mo. 11, 1707. 
aged 89 years. Both were buried at Mobberley, probabl}" 
in the Friends grave3'ard before mentioned. All their 
children were born in Pownall-Fee. 

ChiIvDrkn of Thomas and Marv Pott. 

1 Martha Pott, b. 6 mo. 29, 1656; m. Daniel vSiddon, 4 mo. 16, 1704. 

2 Hannah Pott, b. 10 mo. 6, 1658; d. 6 mo. 4, 1729, aged 7[ j-ears. 

3 vSarah Pott, b. 5 mo. 16, 1660; d. i mo. 28, 1661. 

4 Matthew Pott, b. i mo. 23, 1662; d. Smo. 3, 1718; m. Sarah Cros- 

bie, I mo. 13, J 694. 

5 Marie Pott, b. 3 mo. 11, 1665; d. 6 mo. 27; 1665. 

6 Elizabeth Pott, b. 3 mo. 11, 1665; m. Daniel W'hitwham, 1701, 

7 Thomas Pott, b. 5 mo. 4, r668; d. 5 mo. 28, 1668. 

8 Thomas Pott, b. ; d. 2 mo. 24, 1690. 

4 Matthew Pott, (son of Thomas and Mary), was 
born I mo. 23, 1662, in Pownall-Fee. He married Sarah 
Crosbie, (daughter of John and Christiana of Overwhiteley 
in Cheshire), i mo. 13, 1694. He lived at Styall Greene 

Thomas Pott, the Persecuted Quaker. 55 

in Pownall-Fee, and died 8 mo. 3, 1718, aged 56 3'ears. He 
Avas buried at Mobberley, Letters of Administration upon 
his estate were taken out of the Probate Court at Chester 
in lyig. 

CHrLDREN OF Matthew and Sarah (^Crosbie) Pott. 

9 Marv- Pott, b. 6 mo. 2, 1697. 
JO Thomas Potts, b. 11 mo. iS, 1698; d. 1 mo. 26, 1747; ni. Mary 

10 Thomas Potts, (son of Matthew and Sarah), was 
born II mo. 18, 1698. His wife's name was Mary. Resi- 
dence, Pownall-Fee. He seems to have been the first of 
this family to spell the name Pofls. 

Children of Thomas and Mary PoTTS. 

11 Matthew Potts, b. 10 mo. 25, 1734. 

12 Robert Potts, b. 6 mo. 11, 1736. 

13 Mary Potts, b. 10 mo. 9, 1738. 

14 Sarah Potts, b. 2 mo. 10, 1742; d. ii mo. 21, 1743. 
55 Sarah Potts, b. 4 mo. 8, 1744. 

16 Thomas Potts, i). 8 mo. 5, 1746. 

The Potts' of Wales. 

At the middle of the seventeenth century a family of Pott 
or Potts were settled in Montgomeryshire, Wales, who 
are supposed to have been from the Cheshire stock, and 
may have spread into Wales bj^ way of Shropshire. The 
late Rev. H. E. Thomas, D. D., sometime pastor of the 
the Welsh Church at Idlewood, Allegheny Countj^ Penna., 
a native of Wales, and whose ancestors had intermarried 
with the Potts family, communicated to Thomas Maxwell 
Potts,* this tradition, that " a son or nephew of the Rev. 
Nehemiah Pott, of the Deanerj^ of Macclesfield, settled at or 
near Llanidloes, where he married a Welsh lady named Jen- 

* See Our Family .•Ancestors, by Thomas Maxwell Potts, 1S95. page iJ4. 

56 TiiK P'OTTS Familv iiV Grkat Fritain-. 

kins, and became the ancestor of tJie Welsh Potts." If the- 
Neheniiah Pott referred to is the same who has already been 
mentioned in this work.f then that much of the tradition 
must be at fault, because at least one of the Welsh Potts' 
was e\ndently a. much older man than the Re\'. Neheniiah 
himself. This tradition however may be taken as an evi- 
dence of Cheshire extraction. As it is reasonably certain 
that the early Potts settlers in Pennsylvania came from 
this section of Wales and were of tliis family, w^e shall give 
here all data so far as have been collecfted. 

It is quite probable that a careful exaniiuation of the Par- 
ish Registers of the neigborhood would discover some valu- 
ble records of the Potts' . The British Government made 
Parliamentary Inquiries in 1S31, as to the state and age of 
the Parish Registers then existing. The Report was pub- 
lished in what was called a Blue Book, dated 1833. From 
this we learn that the lylandinam Parish Registers were 
then existing, dated 1594 to 181 2. To 1732 they were 
written in Latin. The Ivlariidloes Registers contianed Bap- 
tisms, Burials and Marriages, 161 8 to 1708, but were very 
defe(ftive. The following" are copies of a letter of inquiry 
and the reply, regarding the name of Pott or Potts in the 
Parish Registers of Llandinam. 

Letter of Inquiry. 

529 Cooper Street 
Camden, New Jersev 
United States 
Aug. 30, 1892 
Rev. & Dear Sir: 

Would you kindly make a preliniinar)' examination of the Par- 
ish Rejjisters of Llandinam and let me know if there are many entries 
in the name of Pott or Potts from their heginning in 1594 to the year 
1730, and let me know the cost of having them copied. 

For the preliminary examination I send the fee of six shillings 

* See pages i8, 21, and 33, ante. 

The Family in Wales. 57 

which I beUeve is customary. If there should be within those dates 

entries in the name, I will send the charges in advance. 

Truly Yours 

Wii^LL.\M John Potts 
The Re6lor, Llandinam, North Wales. 

The Reply. 

The Vicarage, Llandinam, Montgo:meryshire. 

21 September 1S92. 
DE.A.R Sir: 

I have glanced through the Registers of Llandinam Parish 
Church for the years given in your letter 1594 & 1730, to examine 
them carefully would take weeks if not months. I may mention that 
after the inspection I have made I am quite satisiied that the name of 
Pott or Potts was not common in this Parish during that period. 
I am yours faithfully 

Morgan Jones 

Another inquiry addressed to the Recftor at Ivlanidloes 
elicited the following reply. 

The Vicarage, Li«anidi.oes, N. AV. 

Nov. 23, '92. 
Dear Sir; 

A^'ith reference to yr. letter of Aug. 30, I beg to say that I have 
made a cursory examination of the registers from 161S to 1720 but 
have not found any entries in the name of Pott. At the same time I 
must add that the registers are written in a v[ery] crabbed hand in 
Latin & in many cases are wholly illegible. A thorough search w'' 
be a long task; the fee for searching modern Registers is 16 shillings 
per an. Yr' faithfully 

Edward O. Jones. 
WiEEiAM John Potts. Vicar. 

Camden, New Jersey. 

The following description of the Parish of lylangirrig, the 
former home of the Potts' , taken from Lewis' Topographi- 
cal Dictionary of Wales, 1864., is not without interest. 

Leangurig or Li,angirrig (Llangurig), a parish in the Union of 
Newton and Llanidloes, upper division of the hundred of Llanidloes, 
count)- of Montgomery, North Wales, 5 miles (s. w. ) from Llanidloes 

58 The Potts Familv in Grkat Britain', 

on the road to Aberyst^vith ; containing 193 1 inhabitants. This parish 
is situated on the northern bank of the river Wye, at no great distance 
from its source in the neighboring mountain of Plinlimmon; and is 
bounded on the north by the parishes of Llanidloes and Trevegl\\ys, 
on the south by those of Cuni-Toyddwr and St. Harmon, in the coun- 
ty of Radnor, on the east by L,landinan: and Llanidloes, and on the 
west by Llanbadarn-Vawr and Llansyihangel-y-Cruddyn, in the coun- 
ty of Cardigan, 

A new road leading from the village of Rhaiadr, in the shire of 
Radnor, formed in 1S30, has placed it on the nearest route from Lon- 
don to Aberystwith, and added materially to its interest and import- 
ance; and this line of road -which is nine and a half miles in length, 
winds through the beautiful and picfturesque Vale of the Wye, abound- 
ing with pleasingly diversified scenery. The parish comprises by 
computation 35,000 acres, of which about 8,000 are arable, 25,000 pas- 
ture and sheepwalks, and the remainder woodland. The northern, 
southern and western parts are mountainous and drearj-, but the east- 
ern portion is marked by less lofty deviations, and is well-wooded and 
ornamented with romantic scenery. The distant views from several 
parts are interesting; and from Glyn-Brochan is an extensive and de- 
lightful prospedt, embracing the Vale of Llanidloes, with the winding 
of the river Severn, and the movuitainous ridges by which this district 
is bounded. 

Of the rateable annual value, the return made amounts to ^3,749. 
A few persons are engaged in quarrying flagstones, which are abun- 
dant; and there are three or four flannel manufactories giving together 
emploj'ment to about 150 men and children; four corn-mills employ 
three or four hands each. 

The living is a vicarage, rated in the kings books at ;^S 10; patron, 
Bishop of Bangor; impropriator, Sir W. W. Wj-nne, Bart.: the vicari- 
al tithes have been commuted for a rent charge of ^280, being one 
fourth of the whole. The church dedicated to St. Curig, a saint of 
the seventh centurj-, is an ancient structure in the early English style 
v>ith a tower containing three bells; it is 37 yards long and 15 broad, 
and affords accommodation to about 600 persons, the remains of an 
elaborately carved screen and rood-loft having become dilapidated 
were lately removed. There are places of worship for Baptists, Inde- 
pendents and Welsh Calvanistic and Wesleyan Methodists. 

A day school was established in 1832, by the Rev. E. James, M. A., 
curate, and contains upwards of sixty children, forty three of whom 
are paid for by annual stibscriptions, everj' subscriber of 10 s. being 
allowed to send a child for one year, and the rest are instru(5led at the 

The Family ix Wale.s. 59 

expense of their parents. There are also four Sunday Schools, sup- 
ported by subscription, in one of which connecled with the Estab- 
lished Church, are 56 males and females; the rest appertain to the 
dissenters, and contain about 170. Mr. Da\-id Vaughn bequeathed ^10 
to the poor, the interest of which is annually distributed among them. 
In 1826, a noble coined in the reign of Edward III, was dug up in 
this parish. 

t THOMAS POTT, the eldest of the family of Llan- 
girrig .so far a.s we now know, was evidently an aged man 
at the making of his will in 1654, as his children were then 
all married and had children of their own, and as he speaks 
of some of his grand-children as unmarried it is fair to sup- 
pose that some of them were grown up and of marriageable 
age at that time. He calls himseli j'a)?na?i which, from the 
English usage of the word, would indicate that he was a 
landowner. He was a resident of the Parish of Llangirrig. 
in ^Montgomeryshire, above described. His will was made 
in 1654, and proven in 1661, but as the inventory of his 
personal effects was filed in 165S he probably died in that 
year. The following is a copy of his will, as taken from 
the original on file in the Consistor}- Court at Bangor, so 
far as it can be deciphered. It is much eaten away by the 
decay of the paper from age and damp. The blank spaces 
in the printed cop)' only approximately correspond with the 
missing parts in the original. 

The Will of Thomas Pott. 
In the Name on the Eleventh 

day of August In and Saviour 

Jesus Christ o ousand sixe hundred fifety and foure 

homas Pott of the parish of Llangericke in the County of Mont- 
gom''y yeoman l>eing sicke and weeke in bodye but of good an pfecl 
mynde and memorye pra}-esed God I doe make this ni}- last Will and 
testament in maner and forme foUoweing hearebj- revokeing disanul- 
linge and makeing voyde and frustrate all former Wills and testa- 
ments bj- me heretofore maide whatsoever and declaring this p^'sent 
writtenige and instrument to be my last Will and testament and none 
other that is to saye 

6o TnK Potts Family in Great Britain. 

ffirst I Coniend ni}- soiile unto the hands of Allraightie God my ma- 
ker and redeemer and my bodye to the earth to be buried in the par- 
ish Chnrch of Llangiricke aforesaid in forme of Cristian Buriall 

Allso I doe hereby give and bequeath to the John Pott my grandchild 
Sonne of John Pott late of Nantgnernog Eighte sheepe being in the 
custodie of the said John Pott late of Nantgnernog" aforesaid 

Allso I doe hereb}' give and bequeath to Anne my nrall daughter 
Wife of the said John Pott of Nantgnernog and to Eight of hyr child- 
ren being unmarried all the rest and residue of my sheepe which are 
in the Custodye of the said John Pott late of Nantgnernog aforesaid 
to be equally devided between them 

Allso I doe herebye give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my nrall 
daughter wiie of William Pound and to hyr ffoure children three 
pounds which are in the hands of the s. William Pound and which 
he oweth u ne which said three pounds shall b evided as fol- 

lowetli that is to saye t shillings threreof to the said Eliz th 

and thother fforty shillin o hys foure children that is to 

say tenn llings apeece 

Allso ! nd bequeath to Evan Pott mj' nrall sonne ffive shil- 

lings and to , hter one yearleinge sheepe 

Allso I doe hereb}' give and lx;qu my nrall 

sonne tw ne an 

grandchild e 3-ears 

ould ab t the first next 

give and bequeath to Margaret Pott my gran 

sonne John Pott one brasse panne and one 
boxe or litl c 

I nominate constitute and apointe my well beloved son 
sole and onely Executor of this my la Will and Testament to 
paye arges and to defray my ffunerall 

exp s and to execute doe and pform 1 acts a gs for and 

towards the ffuUfillinge an accomplishment of this my last ill and 
nt and in consideration thereof I doe hereby give and be- 
queath to John Pott my nrall ne and my sd Executor all my good 
chattells implements of husbandry Houshould Stuffe and psonall Es- 
tate whatsoever not before herein given and bequeathed 

In wittnes whereof I the said Thomas Pott have to this my last Will 
and testament put my hand and seale even the day and yeare ftirst 
above written in the psence of the psons undernamed as wittenesses 

The marke X of Thomas Porr [l.s.] 

'i the marke of John Pott 

tt the marke of Hugh Pova 

Tho Hardingk Clerk 

The Family in Wales. 6i 

Proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Bangor in the 
month of September 1661 

The Inventory of Thomas PoU's Personal Effects. 

A true pfect & right In 
of all ye goods catties & chat 
Thomas Pott of ye pash of Llan 
Taken valued & apprised the 
day of May in ye yeare of 
1658 by James Kinsey a 
in sorte foiloweing 

Inip^ three Kynne p'' 4 

' ■ 2 bullockes p'' 2 

" 15 sheepe p"" i 

' ' his wearing appell o 

toto 8 
The mark P of John Pott 
The mark I K of James Kinsky 

Children of Thomas and Pott. 

2 Anne PoLt, m. John Pott. See Infra. 

3 Elizabeth Pott, ni. John Pound or Bound. See Infra. 

4 Evan Pott. Mentioned in his father's will in 1654, when he was 

married and had one daughter. 

5 John Pott. Named in his father's will in 1654, when he was mar- 

ried and had tv/o children, one named Margaret. 

2 Anne Pott, daughter of Thomas, married John Pott, 
(possibly a relative). Their place of residence seems to 
have been Nantgneniog in the Parish of I^langirrig. John 
Pott died about 1672 or 3, leaving a wife Anne and seven 
children surviving him. His will dated 12 February, 1672, 
and proven 21 May, 1673, is on file in the Consistory Court 
at Bangor, North Wales. The following are copies of this 
will and the inventorj^ of his personal effe(5ts. 

The Will of John Pott. 
In the Name of God Amen the Twelth day of Ffebruaiy 1672 accord- 

62 The Potts Family ix Grkat Britain. 

ing to the computation of the Churc'.i of England I John Pott of tlie 
parish of Llanginick in the County of Montomry yeoman being of 
perfecSl IMemory «&: Remembrance praised Ije God do make and or- 
daine this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following 

Ffirst I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God my ma- 
ker hoping that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus 
Christ my only Saviour and Redeemer to receive free pardon and for- 
giveness of all my sins and as for my body to be buried in Cristian 
burial at the discretion of my Executrix hereafter nominated 

Item I give unto m}- son Thomas Pott the summe of Sixpence 

Item I give unto mj^ son George the summe of Sixpence 

Item I give unto my daughter INIargaret Sixpence 

Item I give unto my daughter Ales [Alice] Sixpence 

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Sixpence 

Item I give unto my daughter Anne Sixpence 

Item I give unto my daughter Sarah one Cow one two yeare old 
heifer two yeareling calfes one Mare one Fillie and Eighteene sheepe 
with all manner of graine that is in my barne and in the ground and 
all the rest of my goods whatsoever upon the condition that she shall 
pay all my depts and legacies and make her sole Executrix of this my 
last Will and Testament revoking all other Wills and Testaments 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale the day 
& yeare first above written 

the Marke of John PoTT [ls] 

The mark of John t PoTT 

The marke of dd R E Rees 

The marke of Thomas t Pott 

The marke of Edward E Jarman 

Morgan Evans [Clerk] 

Proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Bangor 21*' of 
May 1673 

The Inventory of John Pott's Personal Effe<5ls. 

A true & perfedl Inventon*- of all ye good catels & Chattels house- 
hold stuflFe implements of husbandry & Come of ye decedent John 
Pott prised by Charles Hamer & David Jenkin husljandmen, prisers, 
upon ye eighteenth of flfebruary Aniio etm [query etiaui?] 1672. 

I'first / s d 

Item one cow prised i 10 o 

Item one two yeare old heifer pr - 15 - 

Item one yeare old bolock pr - 10 - 

The Family in Wales. 63 

Item one yeare old heifer pr - lo - 

Item one old Jlare prised - 6 - 

Item Eighteen slieepes of all sorts prisd 200 

Item one pig prised -16 

Item l\vo hens - - 6 

Item one IvOonie with all ye implement thereunto be- 

longeing pr - 15 o 

Item Two bedstids with their appurtenances prised - 15 o 

Item one Iron pott one brand[awl? or are?] 
Item one Boxston one little Iron pan one pare of Tungs 
one paire of Iron Links with all the rest af his wooden 

vessels all together prisd - 7 - 

Item Gates prisd - 5 ~ 

Item Oatemeal Cheese and one fleetch of backen pr - 5 - 

Item wearing apparel pr - 10 - 

W sses vSum Tott S 13 o 

John Lloyd 

Edward Hadfield Signum 3 

ye marke of ( GEORGE PoTT David Jenkin 

JIORGAN Evans Signu Charle C H Hamer 

Chii^dren of John \nd Anne (Pott) Pott. 

6 Thomas Pott. 

7 John Pott. Named in his grandfather's will in 1654, but not by 

his father in 1672; probably deceased. 

8 George Pott. 

9 I^Iargaret Pott. 

10 Ales [Alice] Pott. 

1 1 Elizabeth Pott. 

12 Anne Pott. 
15 Sarah Pott. 

3 Eliz.\beth Pott, daughter of Tlioma.s, married Wil- 
liam Pound or Bound. They resided in the Township of 
Dithenith in the Parish of Ivlanditiam. In 1668, William 
Bound and his wife were presented at the Great Sessions at 
Poole, charged with absenting themselves from attendance 
upon divine worship in their Parish Church. From this it 
appears probable that they had united with the Friends or 

64 Thk Potts Family im Great Britain. 

Quakers who were then undergoing severe persecution, at 
the instigation of the Established Church. William Bound 
died about 1678 or 9. His will dated 24 April, 1678, and 
proven 6 March, 1679, is on file in the Consistory Court at 
Bangor, North Wales. The following is a copy of the will 
and inventory as the}- appear on file. 

The Will of William Bound. 

In the name of God Amen y^ 24"' day of April in the yeare of the 
Reign of our Sovereigne Lord Charles the Second King of England 
Scotland Fraunce and Ireland and in the year of our Lord God 1678 

I William Bound of the parish of Llandinam in the County of Mont- 
gomery yeoman being sick in body but of good and perfect memory 
praises be unto the Lord God do make this my last Will and testa- 
ment in manner and forme as followeth 

first I give and bequeath my soul unto the Almighty God my Crea- 
tor and iinto Jesus Christ nn^ Redeemer by whose merits I hope to re- 
ceive pardon for my sinnes and to inherit Eternal glor}- and my body 
to be buried in the Earth at the discretion of mine Executors and as 
for my temporall goods I dispose as followeth 

Imprimis I give unto my sonn Thomas Bound my Right and tittle 
for half of the premises wherein I now live and hold by lease from M'' 
David Powell Esquire and the other moiety I give and bequeath unto 
Elizabeth my weded weife dureing her naturall life and afterwards 
unto my sonn Thomas Bound in case that he shall pay within the 
compas of two whole j-eares next after he is possessed of the whole 
premises the sum of Ten pounds unto my second sonn William Bound 

Item I give unto William Bound my secon.d sonn the sum of Twen- 
ty pounds to be paid unto him at the feast of Saint mcael [sic] which 
shall be in the yeare of oi:r Lord god one thousand six hundred & 

Item I give unto my sonn Joseph Bownd the sum of Twenty pounds 
to be paid unto him when he shall accomplish the full age of Twenty 
one yeares 

Item I give vmto my sonn Benjamin Bownd the sum of Twenty 
pounds to be paid unto him when he shall accomplish the full age of 
Twenty one years 

Item I give unto my daughter Anne the wife of David Jones the 
sum of five shillings. 

Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Bownd the sum of Ten 
pounds to Ije paid unto her at the feast of Saint micael which shall be 

The Family in Wales. 65 

in the year of our Lord God one thousand six eighty and one And 
my Will is that if any of these my children shall die before the days 
of payment herein Limeted that then the portion of him or her so dic- 
ing shall eqaly be divided between all the rest 

Item my Will is that my Executors hereinafter nominated shall 
erect a house or shop for my son Jeremy Bownd against such time that 
he shall be free from his master where he and they think fitt and to 
procure him such tooles that are fitt for the geting up of his trade and 
to maintain him with meat drink washing and beding and pasture for 
a horse for six whole yeares 

Item I do nominate Elizabeth my weded weife and Thomas 
Bownd my Eldest sonne jointly for to be my Sole Exececututors [sic] 
of this my last Will and Testament for to pay my depts and these leg- 
acies and to discharge my funeral expensis 

Allso I do appoint Thomas Marple my brother in law and Richard 
Hamer my neviyu to be over seers of this my last Will and Testament 
Revoking all other Wills 

I hereunto the day and yeare above written have put my hand and 
seale William Bound (ls) 

Witnesses Richard Hamer Thomas Marple John Potte 

Proved in the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Bangor 6th March 

Inventory of William Bound's Personal Effetfts. 

A true and perfect Inventor}- of all the Goods Catels and Chatels of 
William Bound latelie disecased veyued valued and prised by us as 

/ s d 

Imprimis foure oxen 13 o o 

Item foure kine and calves 9 10 o 

Item eight cowes 16 o o 

Item seaven three yeare old beasts 15 5 o 

Item seaven two yeare old beasts 10 5 o 

Item nine yeare old beasts 600 

Item foure horses of all sorts 500 

Item thirty eight ship [sheepj of all sorts 600 

Item household stufe and implements of husbandry 8 o o 

Item Wearing aparell 150 

Item Come and grain 200 

Item Swine and poultry — 10 — 

prisers intoto ^^92 15 o 

Evan Morris Richard Hamer 


T}{i-: Potts Family in Great Britain. 


1 6 Thomas Bound, 

17 William Bound, 
iS Jost-ph Bound. 

19 Benjamin Bound, 

20 Jeremy Bound. 

21 Anne Bound, m. David Jones, 

22 Elizabeth Bound. 

The tabulated exhibit given below will .show the con- 
nedtioii of the family as gathered from the foregoing wills. 

The Potts of Llangirrrig, Wales. 

Thomas Pott=: 

b. , 

d. 1658? 

John Pott=Annfc Pott Elizabeth=\Villiam Evan Pott= John Pott 
1 I Bound I = 

Thomas Pott ]Margaret Thomas Benjamin A dan. A child 

George Pott Alice William Jeremy ^Margaret 

John Pott Elizabeth Joseph Anne=David Jones 

Anne Elizabeth 


Some if not all the family became members of the Socie- 
ty of Friends. There probably was a Friends Meeting estab- 
li.shed in this vicinit}^ but no records are known to be in 
existence at this day. It is well-known that many Friends 
came to Pennsj^lvania from that se(5lion of Wales in the lat- 
ter part of the seventeenth century, and they maj' have 
carried such records as they had with them, as was some- 
times done where the whole membership removed in a body. 

These devoted people suffered persecution in common with 
those of other se(5lions. The following ' ' Montgomerj^ 
Nonconformity Extradls from the Goal Files with Notes, 

The Family in Wales. 67 

by R. Williams, F. R. Hist. S." have been seledled from 
ColleBions Historical and Archaological Relatiyig to Montgovi- 
eryshii-e and its Borders, issued by the Powys Land Club for 
the use of its members and published at London. We give 
memoranda of Thomas and John Pott, and of some of their 
neighbors whose family names are quite familiar. 

Vol. XXIV, Page 207. 

1668. At the Great Sessions held at Poole the 19th April, 20 Ch. II, 
the Grand Jury made the following Presentments. * * * * 

We p'sent William Bownd and his wife for absenting themselves 
from their p'ish church at the time of Devane service for the space of 
3 months last past, thej- being inhabitants of ye Township af Dithe- 

Georgde Jenkin of ye same, for the like. 

Vol. XXIV, Pages 229-230. 

1675. Att ye Greate Sessions held att Poole in ye s'd County, ye 
fifth day of Apr'll Anno RRx Carol' Secundi Nunc Anglie et xxvij 
Annoque D'ni 1675. 

We p'sent David Owen, of ye p'she of Llanguricke, in ye S'd coun- 
ty, yeom. for yt hee for j-e space of haulfe a yeare and upwards last 
past, hath and as yett doth absent himselfe from his p'she church to 
heare divine Service and Sermon. 

Edward Jarman, of ye p'she of Llanguricke, in ye s'd county yeom 

John Pott of ye same, yeom. 

Thomas Pott of ye same, yeom, for ye like. 

Griffith Jarman of ye same yeom, for ye like. 

D'd Jenkin of ye same, yeom. and Jane his wife, for ye like. 

Sarah Rees of ye same, for ye like. 

James Hamer, of Llangirricke aforesaid, for ye like. 

Besse' s Sufferings of the People Called Quakers has the fol- 
lowing in Volume I, at page 757. 

Anno 1677. On the i8th day of the Month called July, two Priests, 
viz., Hugh Wilson, Priest of Trefeglwys, and Isaac Lloyd, Priest of 
Llanidles, gave Information of a Meeting at the House of John Jar- 
man, at Llanidles in Montgomeryshire ; upon which, the Mayor with 
Constables came thither, and committed seven of the Assembly to 

68 Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Prison, and fined others, who had their Cattle seized for their Fines, 

John I'otts, one Cow and six yearling Beasts worth, £12 10 o 

Griffith Jarman, five Young Beasts worth 7 10 o 

John Roberts, a Cow worth 300 

John Jamian, a Cow worth 2 10 o 

David Owen, an Horse worth 200 

27 10 o 

The complete correspondence with the Clerk of H. M. 
Probate Registry at Bangor, North Wales, is here given, in 
the belief that it will be helpful to the future investigator, 
not only showing ftill}' what has been done, but because of 
the additional fadts therein set forth. H. M. Probate Reg- 
istr}' at S. Asaph, North Wale, was also examined down to 
1729, but the name of Pott or Potts was not found. 

From William John Potts to the Clerk of the Probate Office, Bangor. 


1300 Locust St., Philadelphia, U. S. A. 

March i, 1892. 
Mv Dear Sir: 

Some years since an American friend travelling abroad copied 
for me the will of one " Thomas Pott of the Parish of Llangirricke co. 
of Montgomer}-, yeoman," made nth day of August 1654. Proved 8, 
September 1661. He omitted apparently some part of it. I wish 
very much to have an exacfl copy word for word of the whole will, al- 
so in like manner that of John Pott, made the 12th day of February' 
1672 "of ye parish of Llangirricke in the Co. of Montgomery yeo- 
man." Proven May i, 1673. 

In the will of the mentioned Thomas Pott mention is made of 
his son-in-law William Pound. This under date of 1654. It is reason- 
able to presume that the said William Pound's will is to be found 
some time between 1654 and 1700. I should like also a copy of his 
will. There are attached to the will of John Pott the names of two 
persons, E. Rees and E. Jarman. This was in 1672. I desire a copj' 
of their wills which it is reasonable to suppose may be found between 
that date and the year 1700. 

The Family in Wales. 69 

Not being knoAvn to you I will either send the fees for copying these 
four wills in advance by money order, or refer j-ou to my friend Mr. 
Frederick D. Stone, the Chief Librarian of the Historical Society of 
Pennsylvania, of which I have been a member twenty two j^ears 
and where I am well known. 

There are many descendants of those who came from North Wales 
living in Pennsylvania and the vicinity, members of this Society, who 
if they knew they could get certain wills either copied entire or ex- 
tracts made would send similar orders. 

Would you let me know the names from the index of persons named 
Jenkins between 1630 and 1649 or perhaps a few years later with dates. 
I may desire also to have a will of one bearing this name if it fits into 
ni}' evidences. 

I am Truly Yours 

William John Potts 

The Probate Office 

Bangor, North Wales. 

H. Beaver Roberts to WiUiam John Potts. 

H. M. Probate Registry, Bangor, North Wales 

14th March 1892 
Dear Sir, 

In reply to your letter of the ist instant received this morning, 
I have to inform you that by the rules of the Court of Probate, I have 
to require the fees & charges for copies of wills & searches to be paid 
in advance. The charges for the copies of the wills of Thomas Pott & 
John Pott will amount to 13/8. The will of Thomas Pott is in a very 
dilapidated state, parts of it being eaten away by time & damp. I have 
no registers prior to 1636 — none for the years 1639 ^ ^640 & none for 
the years 1649 to 1660 both inclusive. I can only search therefore un- 
der the name Jenkins from 1636 to 1648 omitting 1639 & 1640. For the 
will of William Pound from 1660 to 1700, and for E. Rees & E. Jarman 
for the periods which you name — from 1672 to 1700. 

My charges for making the searches would amount to ^i-13-io, 
which added to 13/8 for copies of the two wills above mentioned 
will make the amount to be remitted, ^2-7-6, which I will thank you 
to send if you desire to proceed. 

I think it probable that the copy w^hich you have of the wll of 
Thomas Pott is corre(5l as far as it can be deciphered. 
Yours faithfully 

H. Beaver Roberts 
William John Potts, Esq. 

70 The Potts Fa!\iily in Great Britain. 

William John Potts to H. Beaver Roberts. 

529 Cooper Street, Camden, New Jersey, U. S. A. 

March 25, 1892. 
My Dear Sir 

This morning I received your prompt answer in regard to copy- 
ing the wills of Thomas Pott 1654 and John Pott 1672 and making 
searches for the other names mentioned in my letter. I enclose, or I 
should more correcflly say that I have sent a money order to your ad- 
dress this day for two pounds, .seven shillings and sixpence, — £2-']-^. 

I thank you for the frank statement that j'ou think the copy of the 
will of Thomas Pott which I have is probably correct as far as it can 
be deciphered. It may be so, but in the genealogy which I am about 
publishing I wish to be absolutely certain. If you would kindly en- 
close any ver}' doubtful words in square brackets with an interrogation 
mark I would be obliged. 

I ought to state that the person named Jarman appears to be one Ed- 
ward Jarman, or Jennin or Jarmin. Do I understand you that you 
have no wills in your office or letters of administration before 1636? or 
simply no index ? and may I ask if you know in what part of Wales 
or England such wills, etc., relating to the County of Montgomery', if 
in existence, could be found ? My objecfl is a purely genealogical one 
and I know the parish register of L,languric now existing does not 
cover the period of the deaths of the two persons of my name. 

It is not a little singular that the peculiar names of Pound and Jar- 
min appear in the early colony of Pennsylvania, also the more com- 
mon one of that of Kinsey, who was one of the appraisers of Thomas 
Pott's will, and a " James Kinsey " also. Jenkins at the same time 
occvirs here among the Welsh settlers who named many parts of their 
settlements here for their old homes in Wales. The name of course is 
common enough. Those of the present day are a highly respectable 
family. The descendants of those named Roberts who came from 
Wales are well known here also. You can send the paper to the ad- 
dress at the head of this letter, m}- house address, as it will reach me 
a little quicker. Truly yours 

William John Potts 

H. Beaver Roberts. Esq. 

H. Beaver Roberts to William John Potts. 

H. M. Probate Registry, Bangor. 

ly^ April 1892. 
My Dear Sir 

I now send you copies of the Wills of Thomas Pott and John Pott 

The Family in Wales. 71 

the former is not strictly a fac-simile copy, as some of the blank spaces 
in the original are larger than those shown in the copy, the blanks 
being caused not by any illegible or doubtful words, but from the pa- 
per being rotted awa}' entirely through damp. In my letter of the 
14th of March I said I had no indexes or wills prior to 1636, I should 
have said prior to 1635. I believe that in 1634 the cathedral at Bangor 
was destoyed by fire and that the Registry which was within the 
building was destro}'ed at the same time. 

It was not usual in those days to go outside the Diocese to prove 
Vv'ills or to take out administrations, though it might have been done 
in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Doctor's Commons in Lon- 
don, and an^- wills proved or administrations granted there would 
now be at the Principal Registry of the Court of Probate, Somerset 
House, London, but I do not suppose that any would be found there 
except of persons of distinction having a residence in London. 

I have searched as requested for the will of William Pound and find 
in 1678 the will of one William Bound of Llandinam, yeoman, and I 
also notice in 1661 the will of Thomas Bound of Llangerig. William 
Bound appointed his v^dfe Elizabeth and his son Thomas Executors and 
the will was witnessed by Rich** Hamer, Tho'' Marple and John Pottes. 
The parishes of Llangerrig and Llandinam are near to each other and 
both are in the county of Montgomery. 

In 1675 I fi'^*i the will of one Evan Rees of Llangerrig. His wife's 
name was Catharine Lewis and his eldest son Lewis Evan. In those 
days and down to a late period it was customary for a wife to retain 
her maiden name and for the eldest son to adopt his father's Christian 
name as his surname, the testator signed his name in full, the witness 
E. Rees to the will of John Pott signed by mark — they may or may 
not have been one and the same person. 

My search for the will of E. Jarman was not successful. In 1675 I 
found the will of Audrey Jarman, widow of Llangerrig, leaving an on- 
ly son John and two daughters Alice and Ursula, and in 1662 I find 
administration to Arthur Jarman of Llangerrig. I have searched from 
1635 to 1669, omitting the years for which I have no registers as stated 
in my letter of the 14th of March, but failed to find any person of the 
name of Jenkins except Hugonis ap Tho^ ap Jenkin of Llandinam, 
whose will was proved 1635. Lewis ap John ap Jenkin of Towyn 
whose will was proved in 1644 (Towyn is in Merionithshire), and Jen- 
kin ap Jenkins of Llanbeblig (in Carnarvonshire) whose will was also 
proved in 1644. I also noticed the will of Evan David Jenkin of 
Llangerrig, proved in 1669, and an administration of David Jenkin 
Morris of Llangerrig also in 1669. The costs of the copies of the wills 

72 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

of William Bound and Evan Rees, should you wish to have them, vdll 

be /I-3-S 

Yours faithfully 

H. Beaver Roberts 
\Vm. John Potts, Esq. 

William John Potts to H. Beaver Roberts. 

529 Cooper Street, Camden, New Jersey, U. S. A. 

May 9, 1892. 
Dear Sir, 

The copies of the \\-ills of Thomas Pott, 1654, and John Pott. 1672, 
arrived safely a few days. Thank you very much for the careful and 
most satisfactory manner in which they are copied, having been an 
amatuer genealogist for twenty two years, I can appreciate a good 
piece of work of that kind and am obliged for the points given me on 
the otlier wills. 

The copy of Thomas Pott's will 1654 shows me that he left at least 
two sons Evan and John, and the former at that time, judging from 
the fragmentary " hter one yearlinge sheepe " after his name is indic- 
ative that he was married and had at least one child. All this seems 
to have escaped my American friend when he made some extradls 
from this will in 1875 or 1877. He was a man of leisure and much ex- 
perience in antiquarian researches and it may be possible that he was 
not acquainted with the use — legal usage — of the word ' ' nrall ' ' [nat- 
ural], and wanted to spare mj* feelings, but I hardly think so. The 
legal use of the word " natural," chiefly written in your legal papers 
down to a very late period ' ' natural and lawlul ' ' is what is meant and 
not the colloquial use of the word which for two centuries in ordinary- 
speech has meant illegitimate. This is more evident to me in this case 
as the testator in the first place in which it is used wishes to distin- 
guish that "Anne [Pott] my nrall daughter wife of the said John 
Pott " was not his daughter-in-law but his own daughter of his blood, 
" natural and lawful." It is her eight children of whom he speaks as 
" being unmarried, " that is also plainly evident to me. There are 
some very learned articles in Notes & Queries on the use of the word 
"natural," and the new American Dictionary, the Century, has given 
this meaning. May I not ask if this is not your understanding of the 
word in this instance ? Moreover the "Thomas Hardinge clerk " who 
drew up this will has an English name and would give the English 
use whatever may be the Welsh custom. Scotch use of the words "Al- 
ius naturalis " is said to be different. At a later period than 1654 we 

The Family in WalEvS. 73 

find that eminent Knglish scholar Anthony a Wood using the expres- 
sion So-and-So third natural son of So-and-So, showing that even then 
in English common colloquial speech the word "natural" had not 
attained its present meaning of " illegitimate." 

Please copy for me the will of William Bound of Llandinam, and the 
inventory if it exists and is not a long paper. Beside the evidence 
wliich you send me I have some other which makes me come to the 
conclusion this was not the Evan Rees I am in search of, a possible 
kinsman of Thomas Pott, will 1654. Therefore his will would be of 
no service. As to David Jenkin of Llangurrig will 1669 and David 
Jenkin Morris' administration, of the same place, 1669, they cannot be 
the David Jenkins I am in search of, who in 1672 was one of the ap- 
praisers of John Pott's goods and chattels. I have evidence that this 
David Jenkins was living as late as 1675. Therefore if you have not 
searched for his name from 1675 to say 1700 please do so, and give 
me some brief data of his will. His wife's name will show me if it is 
the one I seek and if I wish his will copied. 

The fadl is there must have been in these places, a number bearing 
my family name who as they adhered strongly to the faith of the Qua- 
kers, nearly all their little farming stock and household goods were 
seized to pay fines for absenting themselves from church and attend- 
ing meetings of the Society of Friends. David Jenkins was also a 
Quaker, so were the Jarmans, and I find also one named Rees, and 
William Bound of Llandinam would go to meeting in 1668 whether 
his " parish priest " liked it or not, and they all suffered in conse- 

We find in Pennsylvania in 1680 and shortly after a number of 
these Welsh Quakers from Montgomeryshire, the Jarmans, and I be- 
lieve ever}' Potts who came of this family except one or two, and 
most of them founded families of considerable prominence and dis- 
tinclion. One, the Potts' of Pottsgrove, now Pottstown, were one of 
the most influential colonial families shortly after 1700, and are to this 
day at their homes in Pottstown, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 
well known and respedtable. I may speak without egotism of this 
family for I come of a different line. 

Pardon this long letter. I have a deep interest in the most trifling 
details of this genealog3', and I shall be greatly obliged if you will 
kindly note at any time the merest mention even of the name of Pott 
in any will, administration, inventory or account book, for with the 
dates and evidences already in my possession, such apparently trifling 
mention is of great service. 

To recapitulate, the wills desired to be copied are William Bound's 

74 '•I'hk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

with iiivenUiry 1678, provided the inventory is not a long paper ; the 
inventory of Jolui Pott will of 1672 ; the Thomas Pott inventory- 1654 ; 
searches for David Jenkins' will between 1675 and 1700, or his widow's 
will if any. These are searches only for Jenkins. 

I have this day, May 9, sent enclosed a postal order for two pounds 
eight shillings or thereabout.s which will pay for these I suppose. 
Please credit me with any balance as I intend to have the parish reg- 
isters searched which will show what other wills I may want. When 
I finish with this publication, I shall publish an article in the Penn- 
sylvania Magazine of History and Biograph}% which, containing some 
account of the North Wales wills, will bring you some work, especial- 
ly as we have recently founded a Penna. Geneal. Soc. which has 252 
members. Truly Yours 

WiLijAM John Potts 

H. Bk.wkr Roberts 

H. Beaver Roberts to William John Potts. 

District Probatk Registry, Bangor. 

1 5' July 1892 
Dear Sir 

As requested by your letter of the g'** of May last I send you a 
copy of the will of William Bound, and of the Inventory, a copy of 
the Inventory of John Pott, and that of Thomas Pott as far as it can 
be deciphered. It is in a very dilapidated state. 

I have searched for and found a will of David Jenkin described as of 
the parish of Llangirricke in the county of Montgomery, gentleman. 
The will is dated the 8th of January 1684, and was proved on the 15th 
of May 1685. The testator left legacies of a shilling a piece to his 
sons John and Rees and to his daughters Dorothy, Elenor and Catha- 
rine, and all the rest of his property to his wife Elizabeth whom he 
appointed Executrix and who proved the will. I searched for her 
will down to 1700 but did not find it. 

I received your postal order for ^2-9-4, but I am afraid there is no 
balance with which I can credit you. The official fees for which I 
have to account to the government for the copies enclosed & for the 
search for the will of David Jenkin amount to ^1-13-6, leaving 15/10 
to cover my remuneration for collating the copies and attending to 
make the search and the correspondence. The usual charges would 
amount to much more, but I will be satisfied in this instance with the 
15/ 10, but it must not be made a precedent. The trouble involved is 
probably much greater than you think. 

The Family in Wai,es. 75 

I agre3 Avith you that the word " natural " as applied to a child in a 
will by no means implies illegitimacy. Its proper meaning is the 
child of one's body, and though it is popularly iised as equivalent to 
bastard it cannot be taken to have that meaning in a will or formal 
docimient in which the proper description would be "illegitimate" or 
" reputed." 

The will of David Jenkin is not a long one, but it does not contain 
anything material beyond what I have told you. It is witnessed by 
William Davis, Jenkin Davis, Morris Davis and Morgan Evans, no 
residences or callings being given. I have been rather long in attend- 
ing to j-our last letter, owing to a pre.ssure of work in my registry. 
Yours faithfully 

H. Bkavkr Roberts 

Wii^LiAM John Potts, Eso. 

The Potts* of Mannington^ Noi-folk* 

A family of Potts' was long seated at Mannmgton in the 
county of Norfolk. It has been claimed by some that they 
were of the Cheshire family, but the accotints given are in 
some contradictor}' and misleading, and while there is 
some similarit}' both as to famil}" names and the arms borne, 
it is somewhat doubtful whether they were of kin. Future 
researches may determine the matter. This family became 
extincft in the elder line in 1731. The following account of 
this famil)^ is taken from F. Bloomfield's History of the 
County of Norfolk, Londoji, iSoy, Volume VI, pp. 463-468. 

Mannington. In the Conquerer's time Earl Gadrone(?) 
held this towii which was then of the annual vahte of ^3, 
but rose to ^4, and at the Conquerer's vSurv^ey was worth 
^5-1-4, and 20 s. fine or income. 

Edmund Dodge and his sister releasing their rights to 
Anne, their si.ster, who was married to John Potts of 
this town, and after to Sir Christopher Heydon, Knt., of 
Brionsthorpe, who died on January 28, 1642, aged 75, and 
was buried at Brionsthrope, and her son Sir John Potts be- 
came lord and patron of the Church. 

76 TiiK Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Tlie family of Potts was very anciently seated in this 
town, and were considerable j-eomen and landowners. Wil- 
liam Potts, in 1274, was sued by Tirrel, then Lord, for en- 
croaching and appropriating to himself the feed [sic, query 
fees ?] of a certain highway extending from Mannington to 
the Ker. 

The first that raised it was John, son of Roger Potts,* 
a student of Lincoln's- Inn, a lawyer of eminence and repu- 
tation, who married Catharine a daughter of Philip Boteler 
of Woodhall in Hertfordshire, Knt., and had a grant of 
arms to him and his heirs, from Robert Cooke, Clarencieux' 
dated 1585,1 as follows, 

Arms. Azure two bars, over all a bend, or. 

Crest. An ounce sejailt spotted, collared and chained, or. 

John Potts, Esq., his son, was also a student at Lin- 
coln' s-Inn, and married Ann, one of the daughters of John 
Dodge, Esq., and is buried in this parish church under an 
arched monument, on the north side of the altar. No in- 
scription now remains. On it are the arms of Potts quar- 
tering with Dodge, 

Arms. Barry of six, or and sable, over all a pile with a plate and 
gutte de lamie. 

He died about the year 1600. 

John Potts, Esq., his son and heir was knighted and af- 
terwards created a baronet by letters patent, dated August 
14, 1641. He married Ursula, daughter of Sir John Wil- 
loughby, and lies buried here under a marble gravestone, 
with the arms of Potts and Willoughby, 

Arms. Or, on two bars, gules, three water budgets, 2 and i, argt. 


* Note. Some authorities allege that Roger was the son of William Potts, 
t Note. This date is /probably a misprint and should be 1583. 

The Mannington, Norfolk, Family. 77 

Here l}'e the bodies of Sir John Potts, Knt. and Bart., and dame 
Ursula, his most dearly beloved wife, (one of the daughters of Sir John 
Willoughby of Risley in the county of Darby, Knt. ) who being hap- 
pily together 30 years had issue 3 sons, John, rrancis and Charles, 
and one daugliter named also Ursula; they died not at one time, and 
so could not be buried in one grave; yet desired to be so near as un- 
der one cover, which is since performed. 

Sir John Potts, Bart., succeeded his father, and mar- 
ried, first, Su.san, daughter of Sir John Heveningham of 
Ketteringham, Knt., and secondly, EHzabeth, daughter of 
Sir Samuel Brown, one of the Judges of the Common Pleas, 
])y whom he had no surviving issue. By Susan he had 

Sir Roger Potts, who b}- Mary, the daughter and 
heiress of William Davy of Great EHingham, had four sons 
and a daughter. Sir Roger died Odlober 14, 1711, and his 
lady in March 1701, she was buried at Great Ellingham. 

Sir Algernon Potts, Bart., was third son to Sir Rog- 
er, and inherited the honour, James the eldest son dying 
j-oung, and Philip the second son before his father. He 

married Frances, daughter and coheiress of Calibut of 

Saham Long, relidt of Thomas Crane of Norwich. They 
are both buried in this Church, dying both in November, 
1 71 7, leaving no issue. 

Sir Charles Potts, his only surviving brother, .suc- 
ceeded him, who was a citizen and merchant tailor of Eon- 
don. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Newman, 
gent., of Brionsthorpe, who died September 2nd, 1706, and 
was buried at Great Ellingham. His second lady was Ma- 
ry Smith of Eondon, but having no issue the honour was 
extincfl in him. He was buried in this Church near the al- 
tar under a black marble gravestone, with this inscription : 

In hope of a joyful resuredlion here under lies the body of Sir Charles 
Potts, Bart. He died January' 14, in 1731, aged 56 years. 

He quartered the arms ot Dodge, Eumner, Davy, Gourney, 
and Bishop of Yarmouth ; who bore 

78 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Arms. Ari^ent, on a Ijeiul cottiseil joules, three bezants. 

as appear.s by his ac]iie\-enieiit. His last lady survived him, 
and dying February 7, 1736, aged 61, was also here interred. 
vSu.san, only si.ster of Sir Charles, was married to Matthew 
Long- of Dun.stan, E.sqr., and after tlie death of Lady Potts 
this manor and township, with the advowson was conveyed 
to the Honorable Horatio Walpole, Ksqr., the present lord. 

The Parish Church is a small pile, built by the Earl of 
Pembroke, the arms of the family De Valentia being- carved 
in stone over the door; it has no steeple or bell, the nave 
and chancel tiled, but no'>v fallir.g much into decay ; it had 
till lately service once a month. Besides the inscriptions 
above mentioned, on a stone with a brass plate, l^y the 
south side of the altar, is this : 

Here lies Katharine, the wife of Thomas Lougher, Redlor of Leth- 

eringset, daughter of John Polls, Esqr., who died in Odlober, 1631. 

Pedigree of the PoUs of Mannington, Norfolk. 
Roger Potts= 

John Potts, granted amis in i583=Catharine, dau of Philip Boteler 

John Potts, Esq., d. about i6co=Anne, dan. of John Dodge, Esq. 

Sir John Potts was knighted=Ursula, dan. of Katiiarine=Thomas 
and in 1641 was created a Sir John Wil- d. 1631 Lough- 

baronet loughby er 

I ^111 

Susan, dau.^=Sir John Potts^Elizabeth, dau, of Francis Ursula 

of Sir John 

Sir Sani'l Brown Charles 

Sir Roger Potts, d. Odl. 14, i7n=Mary, dau. William Davy 

James Sir Algernon= Frances Sir Charles ^^Elizabelli Newman < 

Philip rMary Smith 

Susan=Matthew Long 

The Bedfordshire Family. 79 

The Potts^ of Bedfordshire, 

A family of considerable prominence and high standing 
is found in Bedfordshire in the sixteenth century, the ear- 
liest entry noticed in the parish records being in 1544. The 
following abstracts are from Genealogica Bedfordieiisis, Be- 
ing a Collenion of Evide^ices Relating Chiefly to the Landed 
Gentry of Bedfordshire, A. D. i^j8-iyoo. Collected out of the 
Parish Register's; i/ie BisJwps' Transcripts; Early Wills; 
Monumental Inscriptions; etc., etc. Annotated with Copious 
Notes By Frederick Augustus Blaydes, Editor of t lie " Visita- 
tions of Bedfordshire,'' and Bedfordshire Notes and Queries. 
London, Privately Printed for the Editor at tJie Chesivick Press. 
1 8 go. 

Chalgrave Parish. Baptisms. 

John Pottes, son of Raylphe. 

Nycolas Pottes, son of Raylphe, 

Richard, son of Raylphe. 

Raylphe, son of Raylphe. 

Anne Pottes, daughter of Raylphe. 

Mary Pottes, daughter of Rajdphe. 

Elizabeth Pottes, daughter of Raylphe. 

Richard Pottes, son of Raylphe. 

Frances Pottes, daughter of Mr. Nicholas. 

Fareford Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

John Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Ralfe Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Fayreforde Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Frances Pottes, daughter of Mr. Nicholas. 

Spencer Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Elizabeth Pottes, daughter of Mr. Nicholas. 

Nicholas Pottes, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Pottes, Croftes & Saunders, sons of Mr. Nicholas. 

Elizabeth Pottes, daughter of Farieforde, gent. 

Elizabeth Potts, daughter of Sanders, minister. 

Marie Potts, daughter of Spencer.* 

* Note. Mary, daughter and heir of Spencer Potts, was first wife to the Right 
Hon. Sir Robert Booth, of Salford, co, Lancaster, Knt. She was buried at St. Mi- 
chau'.s, Dublin, -th Sept. 1660. See Notes and Queries. 












. 6 



























' 6 

























8o Thk Potts F\\mily ix Gkp:at Britain. 

1638 July 6 Barbara Potts, (laughter of Spencer, was born July 6 

at Mr. Difford's in Bow-Church-yard, London, and 
baptized in Bow Church. 

1639 Oclo. I Nicholas, son of Mr. Spencer, gent., and Barbara. 

Chalgrave Parish. Marriages. 

Blofielde — Pottes, Egidie tt Jonne. ■■ 

Plarding — Pottes, Kdnionde and Elizabeth. t 

Johnson — Pottes, Thomas and Mary. J 

Wethered — Pottes, I'rancis, gent., and Mrs. Jonne, 

gentlewoman, daughter of Mr. Nicholas, Esq., by a 

Ly cense. 
Pottes — Clitherow, Thomas, gent. & M'ris Dorothie. 
Adkinson — Potts, Mr. William, Esquier, of Gray's 

Inne, in London, and M'ris Frances, gentlewoman, 

daughter of Mr. Nicholas, Esq. 
Potts — Clarke, Mr. Fairforde & Judeth, gentlewoman 
I-'eake — Pottes, Samuel, clarke, and Mrs. Elizabeth. 

Chalgrave Parish. Burials. 

Anne Pottes. 

Fayrford Potts, son of Mr. Nicholas. 

Ralphe Potts, son of ye same Mr. Nicholas. 

Fraunces Potts, daughter of Mr. 

Elizabeth Potts, daughter of IMr. 

John Kirklande, gent., Mrs. Eliz. Pottes' father. 

Fairforde Pottes, gent. 

Nicholas Pottes, Esq. 

Nicholas Pottes and Croftes. 

Barbara Pottes, daughter of Mr. Spencer. 

Nicholas Pottes, son of Mr. Spencer. 

Pottes, a still-born child of Mr. Spencer. 

Toddington Parish. Baptisms. 

Thomas Potts, son of John. 
Dorathy Potts, daughter of Thomas. 

* Note, Probably parents of (liles Blofield. of Houghton-Coiiqiiest, gent., who 
was buried there 12 April, 1657. 

t Note. She was a daughter of Ralphe Potts, and was buried at .\, 
3 December, 1603. 

t NoTK. She was a daughter of Ralphe Pottes. The Johnsons appear to have 
moved to Milton-Hivant, where they acquired property. A full pedigree of this 
family will be found in " Mi.scellanea Oenealogica et lieraldica," newser.. Vol. II. 


























































1 64 1 
























The Bedfordshire Famit^v. 81 

Thomas Potts, son of Theodore. 
John Potts, son of Theodore. 
Joseph Potts, son of Theodore. 
vSarah Potts, daughter of Theodore. 
Mary Potts, daughter of Theodore. 

Toddington Parish. Marriages. 

1558 July 23 Hiilersden — Potts, Thomas and Joahne.* 
161 1 Aug. II Potts — Johnson, Thomas and Jane. 
1637 Jun. 18 Pottes — Coddon, Theodore and .Sarah. 

Toddington Parish. Burials. 

John Potts, gent. 

Dorathy Pottes. 

Mrs. Pottes, wife of Mr. Thorn 

Mr. Thomas Pottes. t 

Joseph Pottes, son of Theodore. 

Aspley-Guise Parish. 

Bely — Pottes, John and Frances, married. 
Richard Potts, son of Roger, baptized. 
Jane Potts, uxor of Thomte, buried. 
Thomas Potts, buried. 

Tingrith Parish. 

1663 Nov. 26 Bishopp — Potts, John and Dorothy, married. 

Some additional memoranda gathered from other sources, 
is here appended. 

John Potts was a witness to the will of John Harding, 
the elder, of A.spley. 29 Odlober, 1530. J 

* Note. In the Elstow Parish Register is recorded the burial of Sir Thomas 
Hiilersden on 30 June, 162-;, sou of Thomas Hiilersden of Arapthill, by Joane, his 
wife, daughter of {?Rayfe) Pottes, of Chalgrave ; married at Toddington in 1558. 
He was knighted at Theobalds 17 Sept., 1622 ; his wife was Elizabeth, a daughter 
of John Harding of Chalgrave. 

t Note. In 1889 the original will of " Thomas Potts of Toddington," 1659, was 
advertized for sale by a London bookseller, and was described as a "curious will." 
The writer of this mbngraph at ouce sent out an order for it, but it had been sold 
before the order reached London. 

t See Bedfordshire Notes and Oueries. 




























82 Thk Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Thoma.s Potts, of Bedfordshire, K*^nt., matriculated at 
St. Albans Hall, 3 May, 1594, aged 18.* 

Nicholas Potts, son of Ralph, baptized at Chalgrave, 
Bedfordshire, 20 April, 1546, received the degree of B. A. 
from Christ Church, Oxford, 12 Dec, 1561; and M. A., 17 
January, 1564-5; barrister-at-law, Gray's Inn, 1577; bench- 
er 1594, of Chalgrave, Bedfordshire; and M. P. 1584-5; 
buried at Chalgrave, 1622.! 

He represented the Borough of Bedford in 1585 ; he was 
" Seneschal" to vSir Christopher Hoddesdon, Knt., Lord of 
the Manor of Leighton-Bussard. Though bearing 

Arms, Azure, two bars or, over all a bend of the last, 

and occupying a good position in the cotnity, the family do 
not appear to have recorded its pedigree in any Visitation 
of this county. The family is probably related to the Potts, 
of Mannington, county of Norfolk. [J: 

John Potts, armiger, son and heir of Nicholas Potts, of 
Bedfordshire, baptized at Chalgrave, 12 May, 1586; matric- 
ulated at Oriel College, Oxford, 8 May, 1601, aged 14; bar- 
rister-at-law, Gray's Inn, i6ii.§ He married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Benjamin Piggott, of Gravenhurst. 

In a list of Bedfordshire Gentry of the XVIIth Century, 
— a Catalogue of the names of Gentlemen of Quality that 
have sold their Estates and are quite gone out of Bedford- 
shire within the space of 50 j^ears, by Sir Robert Clernocke 
of Hullcott, is found the name of " Mr. John Potts of Chal- 

Fairford Potts, II son of Nicholas, baptized 7 Jan. 1590; 

* See Alumni Oxieuses. 

t See Alumni Oxidises, and Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

I See Burke's Extin<5l Baronets, page 422. 

^ See Alumui Oxienses, and Foster's Judges and Barristers. 

II NoTK. Agnes Fayrforde, wife of Rob., was buried 28 Oi5t. 1546, and Eliswibeth 
Fayrfordc, 24 July, 1552, at Chalgrave. Perhaps related to the Potts family. 

The Bedfordshirk Family. 83 

married Judith Clark, 14 April, 1615; and was buried, 5 Ju- 
ly, 1 62 1. Judith, his widow, married William Gerard, as 
appears from the following abstract taken from the Bed- 
fordshire Notes & Queries. 

William Gerard, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Bach'', 29, and Judith Potts, 
of S' Andrews Holborn, widow, 25, relidl of Farsard [Fairford] Potts, 
late of Chalgrave, Beds., Gent., dec*; at St. Pancras, Kentishtown. 

The date of license or marriage is given as April 161 7. 
There is manifestly an error either in the date given for the 
death of Fairford Potts or of this marriage. 

Spencer Potts. In the life of John Buuyan, by John 
Brown, is a reference to the few Bedfordshire men w^ho 
were in favor of the King during the Civil Wars. "Among 
those [Royalists in Bedfordshire] who joined the King at 
Oxford and surrendered under the Articles, when tlie city 
was taken, were * * * Spencer Potts of Chalgrave." 
His wife's name was Barbara. 

Crofts Potts, armiger, son of Nicholas, bapt. 16 Octo- 
ber, 1599; matriculated at Oriel College, 11 Oct. 1613, aged 
14; received his degree of B. A., 27 June, 1617; and M. A., 
from All Souls College, 9 May, 1620.* 

Saunders Potts, arm. , son of Nicholas, and twin broth- 
er of Crofts, baptized 16 Ocl., 1599; matriculated at Oriel 
College, II Ocl., 1613, aged 14; received his degree of B. A. 
27 June, 1617; and M. A., 7 July, 1620.* Sequestered 
from the vicarage of Lyndon, Bedfordshire, (? Rutland), 
1645, by the Westminster Assembly. 

In the Proceedings of the Committee for Plundered Min- 
isters, is the following entry, f 

Odlober 4'° 1645. Ordered a fift p't to Elizabbeth the wife of Sands 
Potts from w^hom the Vicarage of Lyndon in the County of Bedd. is se- 

* See Aluinui Oxienses. 

t .See Bedfordshire Notes and Queries.. 

.S4 Thk Potts Family in Grkat Bkitaix. 

queslered vnlesse good cause be shewne to the contrary before the 
Co'"-'*^ for ye said County. %! in Minster 279. 

Ralph Potts, of St. Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex, 
X'iiitner, married Margaret Rayle, of St. Andrew's Holborn, 
.spinster, her parents being dead; at St. Peter's, Paul's 
Wharf, London, 31 May, 1621. 

Theodore PoTTS, of Toddington, gent., married Sarah 
Coddon, 18 Jtine, 1637, ^^^^ ^''^^ children as .shown by the records given on page 81. He died about 1688 or 9. 
His will is dated 7 March, 1688, and was proved 20 April, 
1689. He beqtieaths to his .son Thomas Potts, freehold 
land in Toddington, he paying thereout to [testator's child- 
ren] John, Sarah Purratt, and Mary White /.^20 each, and 
to daughter Dorothy ^5. 

The following additional entries from the Toddington 
Parish registers have been copied from the Miscellanea Gen- 
ealogica et Heraldica, Volume III. 

Toddington Parish. 

Radulph, filius Radulph Pot (Potts).* 

John Potts, yeoman, buried. 

John Potts and Ann Symonds; married. 

Ann Potts, gentlewoman, buried. 

Edmund, son of John Potts, gentleman, and .\nne his 

wnfe, baptized. 
Francis Brook, son of John and Ann Potts, baptized. 
Fanny Chapman, dau. of John and Ann Potts, bapt. 

Following this is given an incomplete and perhaps imper- 
fe(5l pedigree of the Potts family of Bedfordshire. In some 
cases there were evidently children not included in the fore- 
going parish abstradls ; and again, this pedigree includes on- 
ly a part of those who are therein enumerated. 





















* Note. Radulpli is abbreviated Latin for Radulpluis, or in Knglish, Ralph. 

The Bedfordshire Family. 85 

A Pedigree of the Potts' of Bedfordshire. 
Ralph Potts= 

I \ n i in J 

John Nicholas= Richard Anne Marv'=Th. Johnson Richard 
j Ralph Elizabeth=Ed. Harding 

l-Vances Ralph Frances= Elizabeth 

Fairford Fairford= Judith Spencer=Bar- Nicholas 

John=Eliz.Piggott Clark bara Crofts 



Marie Barbara Nicholas Elizabeth 

The Potts' of Bentham Hill, Kent. 

A family of PoTT or Potts, of respecftability and stand- 
ing, is found in the county of Kent. Possibly they were of 
Bedfordshire origin. The following account has been com- 
piled from Burke's I^anded Gentry. 

Pott of Bentham Hill. 

Lineage. — John Pott, Esq., whose mother was a co- 
heiress of the Clarke family, derived from a family of Pott, 
whose arms are recorded in the Heralds' College. He mar- 
ried Anne Fletcher, an heiress, and had issue, 

I John, who died unmarried. 

II William, m. Sarah Richardson. 

III Robert, of whom presently. 

IV Arthur, m. Anne, daughter of John Varnham, Esq. of South 

Park, Penshtirst. 

Robert Potts, Esq., the third son, married, in 1781, 
Sarah, daughter of Hamilton Kirby, Esq., of the Island of 
Antigua, and had issue, 

86 The Potts Family ix Great Britain. 

I Charles, in. Anne, daughter and co-heir of the late Samuel 
Conipton Cox, Ksq., Master in Chancery, and had issue, 

1 Joseph Compton, b. in Odlober, i8r3. 

2 Alfred, b. in September, 1822. 

3 Arthur Sidney. 

1 Anna 

2 Harriet Bertha. 

3 Mary Emily. 

4 Agnes. 

II Arthur, of Bentham Hill, of whom hereafter. 

III William, m. Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Charles Price, Bart., 

of Spring Grove, Surrey, and had issue, 

1 Robert, b. 3 September, 1824. 

2 Edward, b. 8 July, 1S26. 

3 Henry, b. 20 March, 1828. 

4 Francis, b. 29 Dec. 1832. 

5 Norbury, b. 14 0<5l. 1838. 
I Ellen. 

IV John, died unmarried in 1822. 

I Emih-, m. Matthew Holland, Esq. 
II Anna, m. Benjamin Currey, Esq., of Pvltham I^'^rk, Kent. 

Arthur Pott, Esq., of Bentham Hill, County Kent, J. 
P. andD. L. , High Sheriff for Kent, 1840, born in 1793; mar- 
ried, first, in 1817, Elizabeth, elder datighter of William 
Gilpin, Esqr., of Sheen, Surrey. He married, second. 
Frances, widow of Col. Armitage, and daitghter of Robert 
Brundling, of the county of Northumberland. Mr. Pott 
purchased the propert)^ of Bentham Hill, Southborough. 
from the Mi.sses Eyles, in 1831. 

Arms. Azure, two bars debruised by a bendlet, or. 
Crkst. On a mount vert, a leopard, .sejant proper, collared and 
chained, or. 

Motto. Eortis et astutis. 

Se.'VT. Bentham Hill, Southborough, Tonbridge. 

The foregoing account of the Bentham Hill family is be- 
low reduced to a diagram, and will show the state of the 
family at a glance. 

The Bentham Hill, Kent, Family. 87 

Pedigree of the Pott Family of Bentham HilL 
John PoTTS=Aniie Fletcher 

John Williain=Sarah Robert=Sarah Arthur=Anne Varn- 


Kirby ham 

Charles=Anne Cox Arthur ^^ Elizabeth Gilpin John 

± Frances Brundling Emily=M. Holland 
\Villiani=Mar\' Price Anna=Ben. Currey 

I- I I • 'I.I IJ J ' .t' J, 

Joseph C. Harriet B. Robert Henry Norbury 

Alfred Marj- Emily Edward Francis Ellen 

Arthur S, Agnes 
Anne L,. 

The Potts' of Scotland. 

A family of PoTT or PoTTS is found in the south of Scot- 
land from quite an early period. In a work comprising 
three large volumes entitled, Registry of the Privy Council 
of Scotland, (printed in Edinburgh in 1877), in Volume I, 
(1545-1569), we find an early mention of a Potts in Scot- 
land, in old Scotch language, a resident of the borough of 
Kelso in County Roxburgh, as follows, 

1566. Ane half mark of land occupiit be Thomas Pott. 

The extradts given below are taken from a work entitled 
Inqtiisitionaurn ad Capellam Domini regis restornaruin qtice In 
Publicis Archivis Scotice ahuc Servantur Abbreviatis. Printed 
By Command of his Majest King George III, In pursuance 
of an address of the House of Great Britain, MDCCCXVI. 
Both these works can be found in the Mercantile I^ibrary at 

88 The Potts Family ix Great Britain. 

1616. April 30. Thomas Pott, haeres Joannis Pott in Cliftowii, av- 
is, in I mercata terrje antiqui extentus terrarum de Cliftown, infra di- 
midium baronise de Cliftown. E. i m. 

1623. 0(5\. 28. Willielmus Pott, haeres Joannis alias Laird Pott in 
Cavertown, patris — in 3 libratis terrarum nuncupatis Langislandis, in 
territorio de Cavertown et ejusdem. E. 3I. 

1638. Maii 23. Joannes Pott in Cavertown haeres Willelmi Pott in 
Cavertown, patris, in 3 libratis terrarum vulgariter nuncupitis Langis- 
landis in \-illa et territorio de Cavertown et dominio ejusdem. A. E. 
3I NE. 4I 10 s. 

1694. Dec. 2. Robertus Pott uiercator in Kelso, haeres Georgii 
Pott mercatoris burgensis Edinburgi fratris. 

The following account of the Pott family of Todrig, Co. 
Selkirk, and Borthwickshiels House, Co. Roxburgh, has 
been extracted from Burke's Landed Gentry, edition of 1886. 

Pott of Todrig. 

Lineage. George Pott. Esq., son of George Pott. 
Esq., b. 1720; m. Miss Scott of Galalaw, and died 1781, 
having had with two daughters, six .sons. Of the latter, 

George Pott, Esq., of Todrig, m. 1778, Barbara Turn- 
bull, of Frith, and died 1781, leaving i.ssue. 

I George Pott, of whom hereafter. 

I Barbara Pott, m. 1806, Charles Erskine, Esq., of Sheffield. 

George Pott, Esq., of Todrig, co. Selkirk, and Borth- 
wickshiels, CO. Roxburgh, J. P. and D. L. Convener of Sel- 
kirk, b. 1780; m. 1807, Katharine, datighter of the late 
David Reid, Esq., Commi.ssioner of Customs, and by her 
(who died 1833) had issue, 

1 George Pott, late of Todrig. 

2 David Pott, of whom presently. 

3 Stephen Pott, Major-General (retired) Bengal Engineers. 

1 Jane Stephen I'ott. 

2 Barbara Pott, m. in 1841, James Erskine, Esq., of Sheffield ; and 

had a son Charles. 
\ Eliza Davidson Pott. 

The Family in Scotland. 89 

George Pott, Esq., (the eldest son), of Todrig and 
Borthwickshiels, Lieut. -Col. Bengal Army, b. Feb. 181 1; 
m. 1840, Julia, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Rob- 
ert Sparke Hutchings, and died, leaving a son, 

I Robert Pott, b. Dec. 1851. Deceased. 

Gen. David Pott, (brother of Col. Pott), of Todrig, 
County Selkirk, and Borthwickshiels House, County Rox- 
burgh, C. B. Bengal Staff Corps ; m. ist, 1850, Mary Anne, 
(deceased), daughter of Col. J. P. Ripley, of Bengal Army, 
and had issue, 

I Arthur David Ripley Pott, of whom hereafter. 

1 Emily Louisa Pott, m. 187 1, Sydenham J. Lambert, Capt. R. E., 

and has four sons. 

2 Anne Sophia Pott, m. 1876, Reginald C. Hadrow, Lieut. Bengal 

Staff Corps, and has four sons. 

3 Lucy Ada Pott, 

4 Eliza Davidson Pott. 

Gen. Pott married, secondly, 1876, Anne Frances, daugh- 
ter of A. Boyle, Esq., of Dublin. He did 2 Ocflober, 1881. 

Arthur David Ripley Pott, Esq., of Todrig, County 
Selkirk, and Borthwickshiels House, County Roxburgh, b. 
25 September, 1862, succeeded his father who died in 1881. 

Arms. Barry of six, azure and or, over all a bend of the last. 
Crest, a leopard sejant ppr., collared, lined and ringed or. 
Motto. Vive ut vivas. 
Seat. Borthwickshiels House, Hawick. N. B. 

The following diagram will show the pedigree of the 
family of Todrig at a glance. 

94 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

overlooked at the time by the pubHsher. In the Powef s 
Land Chib Publication, Volume XXIV, page 38, appears an 
abstradl of the will of William Bywater, of Llangurig, 
Montgomeryshire, Wales, made 4 May, 1632, and proven 
26 June, 1632, at Somerset House, London. He makes the 
following disposition. 

To be buried in Llangurig Church, 

Toward repairs to the said Church 2/ . 

To the poor 12 d. 

To Henry Shuttleworth, godson, son of William Shuttleworth ^20. 

To William, son of Nicholas Wosencrofte, ^5. 

To Mary, daughter of Christopher Bywater, 40/ . 

To Mary, daughter of John Bywater, £^. If Mary died before she 
reached 21 years of age, then the £^ to be divided between Anne, wife 
of Thomas Hatfield, and Margaret, wife of Lawrence PoTTS, the tes- 
tator's two daughters. 

To Edward, son of William Shuttleworth, ^5. 

Residue to be divided between sons-in-law, Thomas Hatfield and 
Lawrence Potts. 

Rev* Thomas Potts of Floshingf** 

Rev. Thomas Potts, an English clergyman, was settled 
at Flushing, [Vlissingen, in Dutch] , a city in the southern 
part of the Island of Walcheren, in the Province of Zealand, 
Holland, in the Elizabethan period. In the early part of 
the seventeenth century he retired into Wales, where he 
took a small living. From MSS. in the possession of Eord 
de L'Isle and Dudley, we have the following, 

1607, June 8. Letter from Thomas Pott at Flushing (Holland) to 
Lord Sydney, He has lost his fellow labourer, M. Daniel de Dieu ; 
asks for another from England, and to have elders to assist the minis- 
ters, and that he may be joined to the Classis of Walcheren. 

* Note. This sketch has been compiled by the publisher from memoranda com- 
municated in the private letters of Mr. William John Potts. Mr. Potts was very 
anxious to secure material for a complete biography of Rev. Tliomas Potts, being 
impressed with the belief that he was a possible ancestor of the Potts family in 
Pennsylvania. T.M.P, 

Rev. Thomas Potts, of Fi^ushing. 95 

Quoting from the Record Office at London, we have the 

1633, Nov. 7-17, Charles ist. Letter from Stephen Goffe to 

(at the Hague), M"" Forbes \vill still be preacher, as he was in time of 
Mr. Potts, his predecessor, who for very weariness gave over to Mr. 
Forbes and took a small living in Wales. 

Possibly the following extracfts from the Books of lyicen- 
ces and Permits to pass to New England and to the Low 
Countries, etc., may refer to a member of the family of 
Rev. Thomas Potts. 

1634, December xxx. John Potts 26 years old to pass to Flushing, 

1634, ultima die Deer. John Potts 26 years old — dwelling in Flush- 

The following are suggested as sources from which addi- 
tional information might possibly be learned concerning the 
Rev. Thomas Potts. 

The English Church in the Netherlands in the time of James I and 
Charles I. See British Museum Catalogue of Additional MSS. from 
1783-1835, under Boswell (Sir William), English resident at the 
Hague. Letters to him relating to the English Church in the Neth- 
erlands, temp. Jac. I and Car. I. 6394 ff. 50 et seq. 

Letters to the burgomasters of Delft, Concerning Forbes, 1636. 
6394 f . 224. 

Glasius. Nederland. Biographisch, Woordenb. Van Nederl. Godgel- 
ierden. Hertogenl. Gebr. Miiller. (Amst. J. H. v. d. Beck) 1851-6. 

Of the family of Rev Thomas Potts, very little is known. 
The following biographical sketch of his son Thomas is ex- 
tradled from Van der AA. Biog Woodenboek der Nederlanden. 
Vijftiende Deel Haarlem J. J. Brederode, i8'/2. 

Thomas Pots, zoon van Thomas Pots, eerst predikant bij de Enge- 
Ische gemeente to Vlissingen, later te Amsterdam, waar hij in 1635 
stierf en van Sarah de Maayd, werd predikant van de Engelsche ge- 
meente to Vlissingen, veroolgens in 1651 te Utrecht en sedert 10 No- 


92 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Crest. On a mount vert, a greyhound couchant gules, collared 
and ringed or. 

Pott or Potts, (London and Norfolk). 

Arms. Azure, two bars or, over all a bend of the last. 
Crest. A leopard, or ounce, sejant, collared and chained or. 

Pott, (Bentham Hill, County Kent, as borne by Ar- 
thur Pott, of Bentham Hill, Tonbridge Wells, Esq., a mag- 
i.strate for the County of Kent). 

Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth. Azure, two bars debruised by a 
bendlet, or. Second, gules three swords eredl ppr. Third, gules a 
cross engr. between four pheons argent. 

Crest. On a mount vert, a leopard sejant, proper collared and 
chained, reflexed over the back or. 

Potts, (South Shields, County Durham). 

Arms. Azure, two bars or, over all a bend of the last. 
Crest. On a mount vert, an ounce sejant, proper, collared and 
chained, or. 

Potts, (Mannington, County Norfolk, descended from 
John Pot, grandson of Sir William Pot, who had a grant of 
arms in 1583. Sir John Potts, of Mannington, M. P. for 
Norfolk, was created a baronet 14 August, 1641). 

Arms. Azure, two bars or, over all a bend of the last. 

In 1875 a work of two volumes entitled, Owners of Land, 
was published, containing the result of the Survey taken in 
1873. It is arranged by counties alphabetically.* There 
are given the name and address of each owner, with the 
acreage and estimated rental. The amount of land owned 
by those named below ranges from one acre to nearly five 
hundred each, and the rental from ^i to above ^1000. 
The names and residences only are here given. 

* Note. Mr. W. J. Potts examined this work only through Lancaster, and was 
not permitted by reason of ill health to complete the list. — T. M. P. 

Miscellaneous Memoranda. 93 


Rev. F. Pott, Northill. Edmund C. Potts, Leighton-Buz- 

Daniel Potts, Toddington. John Potts, Billington. [zard. 


Robert Potts, Cambridge. William Potts, Cambridge. 

Arthur Potts, Hoole Chester. Charles Potts, Chester. 

Charles Potts, Upton by Chester. Hannah Potts, Timperly. 
Charles A, Potts, Chester. Henry Potts, Chester. 

Isaac Potts, Adlington. Jos. Potts, Shavington-cum-Gresty 

Ralph Potts, Bramhall Stockport. William Potts, Upon by Chester. 
Mrs. William Potts, Park L,ane, Macclesfield. 

Leonard Potts, Wigton. Mrs. Potts, Carlisle. 

Edmund Potts, Chapel en la Frith. Edward Potts, Fairfield. 
Ed. Potts & Robert, Fairfield. Hy. Potts, Doveholes. 

Joseph Potts, Linton. William Potts, Wormhill. 


J. Potts, Exors of Satly. Mrs. Jane Potts, Darlington. 

John Potts, Bishop wearmouth. J. Hopper Potts, Satley. 

Liston H. Potts, Bedale, Yorks. Mrs. Potts, Whareton. 

Robert H. Potts, East Boldon. Sarah Potts, West Gate. 

T. Potts, Treas, of Yarm. William Potts, Sheraton. 

Rev. H. J. Potts, Llangaran. 


John Potts, Ramsey. Luke Potts, Ramsey. 


Arthur Pott, Southborough. L. H. Potts, Northampton. 

George Potts, Kirkdale. ,Mrs. Potts, Carnforth. 

Lawrence Potts. A mention of one lyawrence Potts, 
whose name appears in 1632, would perhaps better have been 
given under the head of ' ' The Potts' of Wales, ' ' but was c^LO- *t 

90 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

Pedigree of the Pott Family of Todrig. 
George Pott= 

George Pott=Miss Scott, of Galalaw. 

George Pott=Barbara Turnbull. Five other sons and two daughters 

George Pott=Katharine Reid Barbara=Charles Erskine 

George Pott=Julia Hutchings 

Mary A. Ripley=David Pott=Anne F". Boyle 

Stephen Barbara 

Jane S. Elliza D. 

I I I I I I 

Robert Arthur D. R. Emily L. Anne S. Lucy A. Eliza D. 

Miscellaneous Memoranda. 

The following informatian relating to members of the 
University of Oxford has been extradled from a publication 
entitled, Ahcmyii Oxonienses, {i^oo-iji^). lyondon, 1891. 

Thomas Potts, (or Potte): student of Christ Church, 
1555, B. A. 12 July, 1558 ; M. A. 6 June, 1562. 

John Potts, (Potte or Pottes); fellow of Merton Col- 
lege, 1557-63, B. A. 16 Ocflober, 1557, M. A. 23 Januarj^ 
1 561-2, physician and philosopher, as Pott. See Fasti, I, 
160 ; AO. H. S. IV. 264. 

Peter Pottes, B. A. 18 Novem., 1569 ; fellow I^incoln 
College 1 57 1-8, M. A. 31 July, 1573 ; vicar of Milton 1577, 
and re(5lor of Tunstall, Kent, 1580. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

Thomas Pottes, of co. Warwick, pleb., Christ Church, 
matriculated, 27 June, 1587, aged 18. 

Miscellaneous Memoranda. 91 

Joshua Potts, son [of] Edward, of Eccleston, co. Lan- 
caster, pleb., Brazenose College, matriculated i July, 1664, 
aged 18; B. A. 1668, M. A, 1671. 

John Potts, son [of] Pearsevall, of Carmarthen (town), 
pleb., Jesus College, matriculated 15 April, 1670, aged 18 ; 
B. A. 23 March, 1673-4; M. A, from King's College. Cam- 
bridge, 1681, recftor of Roborough, Devon, 1679; father of 
Percival, 1709. See Foster's Index KccL 

Percival Potts, son [of] John, of Roborough, Devon, 
•cler. Trinity College, matriculated 12 April, 1709, aged 20 ; 
B. A. from St. Alban Hall lo March, 171 2-1 3; vicar of 
Wellow, Somerset, 171 8. See Foster's Index Eccl. 

The following persons graduated from the University of 
Cambridge. Possibly this list is incomplete. 

Caleb Pott Jesus College A. B. 1673 A. M. 1678 

Gul. Pott St. John College A. B. 1779 A. M. 1782 

John Holden Pott St. John College A. B. 1780 A. M. 1783 

Fra. Pott St. John College A. M. 166 r 

Joh: Potts Regin. College A. M. 1681 

Sam. Potts A. Fr. College A. B. 1694 

Tho. Potts C. Fr. College A. B. 1700 A. M. 1704 

Joh Potts St. John College A. B. 1704 

Thomas Potts St. John College A. B. 1762 A. M. 1767 

David Potts Christ College A. B. 1776 A. M. 1789 

James Potts Gonv. & C. College A. B. 1819 

Henry Potts Magdalen College A. B. 1832 A. M. 1837 

Robert Potts Trinity College A. B. 1832 A. M. 1835 

Henry John Potts Trinity College A. B. 1846 

John Narney Potts Trinity College A. B. 1856 

The following armorial bearings of several Pott or 
Potts families have been taken from Burke's Encyclopedia 
■of Heraldry, London, 185 1. General Armory. 

Pott, (Cheshire, and Stancliffe, County Derby). 

Arms. Barry of tens, argent and sable, on a bend az., three trefoils 
slipped, or. 

96 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

vember, 1654, der nederduitsche gemeente ter eerst gemelde plaat*. 
In September 1684 geraakte hij in groote ongelegenheid, omdat hij de 
onvoorzigtigheid had gehad Koelman, die te Sluis afgezet was, voor 
zich te Vlissingen te laten prediken, niettegenstaande de Staten van 
Zeeland te voren aan Koelman verboden hadden binnen de province 
van Zeeland te prediken of de Sacramenten te bedienen. Pots werd 
daarover voor de Staten van Zeeland ontboden, dock hij verontschul- 
digde zich " vermits hij aan het flerezijn laboorede." 

De Staten namen hierin geen genoegen, en ontboden hem op nieuw. 
Pots verontschuldigde zich op de beste wijze en betuigde on kundigte 
zijn van hun resolutie van 1674 omtrent Koelman en dat hij ook voor 
zijn collega Bemardus van Denise had gepredikit. Het gevolg hier- 
van dat aan beide heeren drie maanden het prediken werd verboden 
en hun traAement voor dien tijd den armen van Vlissingen toegewezen. 

Hij sloeg in 1659 een beroep der Engelsche gemeente te Amsterdam 
en in 1663 een der Nederduitsche gemeente te Utrecht af. Hij over- 
leed in JuHj 1689. Uit een geschrift dat op hem werd vervaardigd en 
onder het volk verspreid is, blijkt, dat hij te Vlissingen niet zeer be- 
mind moet zijn geweest. Het begint dus : 
' ' Hier light begraven Schotsche Tom 
En niernand is 'er rouwig om." 

Hij huwde I, Nikoletta Kommersteijn in Febr. 1665 overlede en II, 
Alide de Ruiter, dochter van den Admiraal M. A. de Ruiter, weduwe 
van Johan Schorer, Schepen te Vlissingen. 

Zie Veers, Kerkel, Tijdteg. op de Engelsche Kerk te Amsterdam bl. 
10 ; van Rheenen. Reg. der Utrechts. Pred. bl. 65 ; Hunnius, 
Zeeuwsche Buyse ; Brandt, Leven van de Ruiter, bl. 990. Vrolijkhert, 
Vlis. Kerkh. bl. 133 volgg ; Steven, Hist, of tl^ vScottish Church, p. 
279, 301-2, 306, 341-344 : Kobus en de Rivecourt. 

This same biographical work contains sketches of Adrian 
Pots, Hendrick Pots, Dirk van der Pots, Jean en Nicholas 
Pots, Bernard van der Pot, and Cornelis van der Pot broth- 
er of William van der Pot, but it is probable that these had 
no connedlion with the English family, although bearing a 
similar name. 

Another work, Beknopt Biographisch Handwoorderbook va7i 
Nederland, * * * door J, C. Kobus * * * i^sy, con- 
tains sketches of Hendrick Gerritsz Pot, 1 600-1 656; Wil- 
liam Van Der Pot, 1704-1783; and of Thomas Pots, before 

The Family in Ireland. 97 

The Potts' of Ireland.* 

Families bearing the name of PoTTS are found in nearly 
tvery county in the east and north of Ireland, all of whom 
are believed to be of English extra(5tion. The ancestors of 
some of these families went over from England and settled 
in the last half of the seventeenth century, but persons of 
the name are found there at a much earlier date. 

In the Public Record Office at Dublin, are to found the 
following walls of persons named Potts, prior to 1805. 

1 59 1 John Potts, Waterford, Physician. 

1626 John Potts, Canonscourt, County Kildare, Gentleman. 

1670 Richard Potts, died at Percival, Scotland. 

Rev. I^awrence Potts, Stapleton, County Carlow.f 

1723 Ann Potts, Drogheda, Widow. 

1738 John Potts, Athlone, Merchant. 

1742 Thomas Potts, Dublin, Merchant. 

1760 John Potts, Belfast, Merchant. 

177 1 Samuel Potts, Tinemuck, Kings County, Gentleman. 

1781 Jane Potts, Dublin, Widow. 

1796 James Potts, Dublin, Printer and Bookseller, 

1800 Elizabeth Potts, Dublin Widow. 

1800 William Potts, WestMeath, Gentleman. 

1804 Jane Potts, Athlone, Spinster. 

One John Potts was a member of St. John's Church, of 
Dublin, in 1663 when he signed a petition to the Duke of 

It is proposed to confine this chapter to some account of a 
family of good estate and considerable prominence, who for 

* Note. This Chapter, "The Potts' of Ireland," was appended to this Part of 
this work by the publisher, who received the data therefor from William Potts, J. 
P., of Athlone, Ireland, William Trumperaut Potts, of Philadelphia, and the late 
Miss Elizabeth Rosa Potts, of Baltimore, as well as from wills, deeds, reports of 
suits at law, etc. — T. M. P. 

t Note. Amonjj the graduates of the University of Dublin is a Lawrence Potts, 
who received the degree of B. A. in 1676, and M. A, in 1679. He may be identical 
with the above Rev. Lawrence Potts. 


qS Thk Potts Family ix Great Britain. 

more than two centuries, have been seated in that section of 
Ireland embraced in Kings County, West ^leath, and Ros- 
common, and in the City of Dublin. 

I WIIXIAM POTTS. ^ The founder of this branch of 
the family in Ireland was one William Potts, who tradi- 
tion alleges was of the Cheshire, England, Potts', and being 
an ardent supporter of King William III, joined him in 
1688, followed him into Ireland, and after the decisive battle 
of Aughrim in 1691, settled at Tinemuck in King's County. 

This Ijranch have a further tradition that the family orig- 
inally came into Bngland from Holland, having been driven 
out of that country bj^ the persecutions of the Duke of Alva. 
The arms borne by this family are as follows. 

Arms. Azure, two bars or, over all a bend of the last. 

Crest. On a wreath a leopard sejant ppr. collared and chained or. 

Motto. In Vinculis Etiam Audax. 

Some 5'ears ago ]\Ir. William Potts, of Athlone, sent a 
cop3' of these arms to the writer hereof, stating that he had 
in his possession several ancient copies, one on an old cup 
of the time of Queen Anne. 

[A Richard Potts who died at Percival in Scotland, about 
1670, left a will which is on file in the Public Record 
Office at Dublin, Ireland. This will is w-ritten in L,atin on 
parchment and has an English translation pinned to it. He 
mentions his son William Potts in Ireland, to whom he 
leaves 1800 marks. Query. Was this William identical 
with the William of Tinemuck ?] 

Whether William Potts married in England or Ireland, 
does not appear, nor is his wife's name given. His descend- 
ants, while not numerous, have been most respecflable and 

The Family in Ireland, 99 

Children of William akd Potts. 

■2 David Potts, m, Jane Truraperant; d. before 1738. 

3 John Potts, m. ist, , 2d, Jane Potts, nee Truinperant. 

4 Satuuel Potts, m. , d. 1771. 

5 William Potts, m, Rebecca ; d. aljout 1721, 

6 Jane Potts, m. , Leverack. 

7 Dorothy Potts, ni. John Truinperant. 

8 Mary Potts, m. Peacock, 

2 David Potts, ^ (William,^), is said to have been born 
about 1690, One autliorit}' alleges that he married Anne, 
daughter of John Trumperant, another authority gives her 
name as Mary ; but from the will of John Potts, (1738), it 
is evident that her name was Jane. David Potts died be- 
fore 1738, and his widow seems to have married his brother 
John Potts. 

Children of David and Jane (Trumperant) Potts. 

9 William Potts, b. 1729; d. 1799; m; Eleanor Young, 

10 John Potts, b. 1730; d. 181 1; unm. 

11 James Potts, d. 1796; m, Elizabeth Narney. 

12 Samuel Potts. 

13 Mary Potts, m. George Jessop. 

14 Ellinor Potts, m. Bernard, 

15 Jane Potts, d. 1804; unm; 

3 John Potts, ^ (William,''), was a merchant of Ath- 
lone, County Roscommon. He was twice married, the name 
of his first wife is not given. He seems to have married for 
his second wife, Jane, the widow of his brother David. He 
died about 1738, leaving a will in which he dire(5ls that his 
body be buried beside his former wife in Ballyloghlow 
Church-yard. Jane his widow seems to have died about 
1 781. The following is a copy of his will as found in the 
Public Record Office at Dublin, and is now reproduced 
because it makes clear the state of the family at that time. 

_. Si -'• 

loo The Potts Family ix Great Britain. 

The Will of John Potts, of Athlonc, 1738. 

In The Name of God, Amen, I, John Potts, of Athlone in tlie 
County of Roscommon, Merchant, being in health of Body and Sound 
and disposing mind and understanding, thanks be to the Almighty 
God, and considering the uncertainty of this Life, do make and con- 
stitute this my last Will and Testament, as FoUoweth, 

Imprimis I resign my ,Soul to God hoping through the merits and 
sufferings of my Blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ, to obtain pardon for 
my sins, and my body I connnit to the Earth to be decently interred 
with the body of my former Wife in Ballyloghlow church yard in the 
in the County of West Meath if I dye in or near my now Dwelling 
house, but if it shall happen elsewhere it is my will that I shall be 
burned according to the discression of such of my friends as shall be 
near me at the time of my death; And as to such W'orldly Substance 
as God in His mercy hath been pleased to bestow on me I give and 
dispose thereof as follows, 

First It is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be 
paid with all convenient speed after my decease, and that all my ef- 
fects real and personal shall remain intire in the hands of my execu- 
tors hereinafter named until such my debts and funeral expenses will 
be fully paid off and discharged, it being the true intent of this my 
will that my yearly income or Profit Rents of which I will die pos- 
sessed and the rest of my effedls shall remain so long in the hands of 
said executors as will be necessary to make up thereby my said debts 
and funeral expenses, after which and no sooner it is my will that ye 
following Legacies be paid 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear Wife Jane Potts alias Trum- 
perant alias Williamson, in case she survive me, fifteen pounds Ster- 
ling per annum to be paid to her by my Brother Samuel Potts out of 
the profits of the farm and other effecfts of Tinemuck, half yearly dur- 
ing her natural life, which sum of fifteen pounds Sterling is to be paid 
in Lieu and in full satisfaction of all dowers or thirds she may have or 
obtain out of my Real or personal estate. 

Item Whereas my Brother Samuel Potts is now of the Farm of 
Tinemuck in the Kings County as my Tennant, Its my will and I 
do hereby give and bequeath to the said Samuel the said Tinemuck, 
subje<5l to the rents & covenants under which I hold the same for and 
during the term of his natural life, if the Term I will have therein at 
the time of my death so long continue, he the said Samuel Potts pay- 
ing unto my sister Jane Leverack otherwise Potts the sum of ten 
pounds Sterling in one year's time after my decease, and paying unto 
my sister Dorothy Trumperant alias Potts the sum of ten pounds Ster- 

The Family in Ireland. ioi 

ling more within the space of two years after my decease, and paying 
unto my sister Marj- Peacock alias Potts the sum of ten pounds more 
within the space of three years after my decease, together with the 
aforementioned fifteen pounds Sterling per annum to be paid to my 
Dear Wife during her natural life after my decease, which said three 
several sums of ten pounds each, I bequeath to my said three several 
sisters to be paid unto them in the manner aforesaid. And I do be- 
queath the same as a charge on the said Farm at Tinemuck, and I do 
bequeath that the said several sums of ten pounds each shall be to the 
sole and separate uses of my said sisters respectively without the in- 
termedling of anj' of their husbands, or any of their husbands having 
any power over any part of the same, and in case the said Samuel Potts 
shall die before the expiration of the lease of the said Lands of Tine- 
muck, I desire ye remainder of ye term then unexpired to the eldest 
son then lixnng of the said Samuel Potts, and in case he have no son 
then living, I desire and bequeathe the same to ye several Daughters of 
the said Samuel Potts equally to be divided between them, and if but 
one Daughter and no Son, such Daughter to have the same, and in 
case the said Samuel should die without issue of His Body Lawfully 
begotten living at the time of his death, then I give and devise the re- 
mainder of the benefit of said Farm unto the eldest son of my Brother 
David Potts, deceased. 

Item My will is that my dearly beloved Wife Jane shall have, hold 
and enjoy during her natural life the best Room in my Dwelling House 
with all the furniture thereof to her own use. 

Item Whereas Jane Potts, othewise Trumperant, and I have agreed 
and entered into articles of agreement, wherein (int. al. ) I oblige my- 
self, my executors and administrators to find and cure for .said Jane, 
Fodder and Keeping for six cows for and during her life in the Bigg 
Medow or some other convenient place near the town of Athlone And 
whereas William Potts, son of my Brother David Potts, deceased, will 
be intitled unto the Lease of the said Bigg Medow when he shall ar- 
rive at the age of twenty one years, my will is that the said William 
Potts do confirm and make good my said agreement with his mother, 
the said Jane, & find her and secure her at his expense for her every 
year during her natural life the said Jane, pasture, Fodder and Keep- 
ing for said six cows in said Bigg Medow or some other covenient 
place near the said town of Athlone and dwelling house of her the said 
Jane Potts, or that the said William Potts shall give her the real value 
of such pasture, Fodder and Keeping In consideration whereof and 
the love and regard I have for the said William Potts, I leave and 
bequeath unto him, the said William Potts, the Farm of Cloolonan in 

ro2 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

the Coimtj' of West Meatli siibjedl to the rents and covenants under 
which I hold the same and otherwnse my will is that my executors dis- 
pose of said farm as they shall think proper to any other son of the 
said Da\ad Potts, deceased. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear Brother-in-law, John 
Trimiperant, my Riding Mare and Furniture, plate & watch. 

Item As to the residue of all and singular my real and personal es- 
tate of any kind or nature whatsoever, not hereby already disposed of, 
I will, devise and bequeath the same for and in Lieu of all the assetts 
and effedls of What Kind soever whereof my Brother David Potts died 
possessed of, unto William Potts, eldest son of my Brother David 
Potts, deceased, if he will be living at the time of my Death, or to the 
eldest son of ye said David Potts then living, paying unto Mary Potts 
Daughter to David Potts, deceased, the sura of one hvindred and fifty 
pounds when she shall arrive at the age of twenty one 5'ears, and pay- 
ing unto Elinor Potts second daughter of said David Potts, deceased, 
the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling, when she shall ar- 
rive at the age of twenty one years. And paying unto John Potts, sec- 
ond son to David Potts, deceased, the sum of one hundred and fifty 
pounds Sterling, when he shall arrive at the age of twenty one years. 
And paying unto James Potts third son of David Potts, deceased, one 
hundred and fifty pounds Sterling, when the said James shall arrive at 
the age of twenty one years. And paying to Jane Potts, third Daugh- 
ter of David Potts, deceased, the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds 
Sterling, when she shall have arrived at the age of twenty one years. 
And paying unto vSamuel Potts, fourth son of Da\ad Potts, deceased, 
the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds Sterling, when the said Sam- 
uel shall arrive at the age of twenty one years. And paying unto Jane 
Potts, Daughter of my Brother William Potts, deceased, the sum of 
five pounds Sterling within the space of one year after my death; And 
in case [if any] of the said children of my said Brother David Potts 
shall die before such child comes to the age of twenty one years, then 
in svich case my will is and I give and bequeath the share or portion 
of every such child so dying under the age of twenty one years, to be 
equally divided amongst the survivors of said children of said David 
Potts, deceased 

And Lastly, I constitute, nominate and appoint my said Brother 
Samuel Potts and nu' Brothern-law John Trumperant Executors of 
this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all 
former Wills and Codicils by me heretofore made and ratifying and 

confirming this only as my last Will and Testament this day of 

June, 1738, one thousand seven hundred and thirty eight. 


Tpie FAMII.Y IN Ireland. 103 

Signed, Sealed and published in the presence of us who also sub- 
scribed our names as Witnesses to the same in presence of the Testator 
who first declared the same to be his last will and testament. 

Math McNemara Richard Glass Michael Naughten 

4 Samuel Potts, ^ (William,^), was a resident of Tine- 
iiiuck, ill the Kings County, and by the will of his brother 
John Potts in 1738, he succeeded to the farm at that place, 
and probably continued to live there until his death about 
1 770. He was married but the name of his wife is not giv- 
en. He left a will dated 18 April, 1770. A daughter Anne 
survived him. If he had sons or other daughters they must 
have been deceased before the making of his will. He be- 
queathed ^1000 to different grandchildren and friends. 

Child of Samuel and Potts. 

16 Anne PoTTS. 

5 William Potts,' (William,^), settled in the island 
of Barbadoes where he died about 1721, leaving a wife Re- 
becca and a son William and a daughter Jane. William the 
son subsequentl}^ settled in Maryland in America, but re- 
truned to Barbadoes and died there. The family afterward 
made a permanent settlement in Maryland where the family 
gained a high social position. This branch will be fully 
treated of in a special Chapter in Part II of this work. 
Jane the daughter is mentioned by her uncle John Potts in 
his will in 1738, who leaves her a small legacy. 

Children of William and Rebecca ( ) Potts. 

17 William Potts, m. Sarah L,ee. 

18 Jane Potts. 

7 Dorothy Potts, ^ (William,^), became the wife of 
John Trumperant, a gentleman of wealth and position, of the 
County of Roscommon. His estate included lands and ten- 
ements at Correen, Cloonaskera and Moorduffe. He died 

I04 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 

December, 1768. His will is dated November 24, 1758, 
with a codicil Dec. 12, 1768, and proved Dec. 27, 1768. 
After providing for his wife Dorothy, he leaves his entire 
estate to the issue of his wife's late brother David Potts, in 
tail male.* No issue. 

9 William Potts,' (David,* William,'), born about 
1729, married Eleanor Young, of County Roscommon. He 
inherited the estate of his maternal uncle, John Trumperant, 
and settled at Athlone. 

He kept up a correspondence with his Barbadoes and 
Maryland cousins until late in life. The following are a 
few brief extradls from some of his letters which are still 
preserved by the family in Maryland. In 1756 learning 
that his cousin William Potts, of Barbadoes, was then on a 
visit to lyondon for the purpose of placing his eldest son 
William with an aunt, he wrote to him as follows, 

1756. I have just met a gentleman going to the Temple, by whom 
I have sent you a gold signet ring vi-ith our family arms engraved u\>- 
on it, left me by my grandfather. This opportuniy so unexpe(5led, 
occasions my being so brief in respedl to our family, as just to infonn 
you that we are originally English. William Potts, of Tinemuck in 
the King's County, Ireland, was your grandfather, who had four sons 
John who died without issue, William your father, David my father, 
and Samuel. 

1756. My brother James just going to London will give you a gold 
signet ring, which I send you, with our arms engraved on it, left me 
by my grandfather. I am sorry it is not of more value, but such as it 
is I am extremely glad to have it in my power to gratify you.f I had 
a letter from my brother Jack, just leaving Barbadoes for London, on 
his passage home. He brought no commodites from the Island, as he 
meant to take the first ship homeward bound. 

1764. My brother James is condudting a newspaper in Dublin which 
yields him about ^1000 a year. 

* Note. The ^vill of John Tntniperant is most carefully drawn and is very long 
covering twenty-five large folio pages and containing about nine thousand words. 

t Note. This ring is still preserved in the family and was in of the 
late George M. Potts, of Freaerick, Md., at the time of his death a few years ago. 

The Familv in Ireland. 105 

About 1767 he writes of his brother James as a printer 
settled in Duane Street, Dublin, and his brother John as 
trading to the West Indes. 

He resided at Correen Castle, Ballinsloe, County Roscom- 
mon, which has since continued to be the chief residence 
of the family. He died 11 Nov. 1799, in the 71st year of 
his age. His will is in the Public Record Office at Dublin. 
A burial tablet in the Church of St. Marys at Athlone bears 
the following inscription, 

The remains of William Potts, of Correen in the County of Roscom- 
mon, Esqr., are deposited in the family burial place, adjoininu; the 
south wall of this church. He died on the nth day of Novenilier, 
1799, in the 71st year of his age. 

Children of Wii,liam and Eleanor (Young) Potts. 

19 John Trumperant Potts, b. 1770; d. 1836; m. Catharine Griffin. 

20 James David Potts, b. ; d. 1844; m. Elizabeth Narney. 

21 William Young Potts, b. 1780; d. ; m. Letitia Armstrong. 

22 Olivia Potts, m. Rev. Thomas Hancock. 

23 Mary Anne Potts. 

24 Jane Potts. 

25 Elizabeth Potts. 

26 Elinor Potts, m. Schadde. 

27 Harriet Potts. 

28 Sarah Potts. 

10 John Potts,' (David,' William, *) born about 1730, 
died 16 December, 181 1, unmarried. He was an active bus- 
iness man and in his younger days made several sea voy- 
ages. In 1 755 he shipped to Barbadoes, West Indes, where 
he visited his cousins and writes warmly of their kindness 
and hospitality. He was at Lisbon, Portugal, just after the 
great earthquake. 

In 1767, in writing of himself to his cousin William Potts 
of Barbadoes, he says, 

I have a malt-house at Athlone, and also an appointment in the rev- 

io6 The PotTvS Family in Great Britain. 

enue service. I am not married. I look on myself as unsettled, and 
have some thought of once more seeing my American friends, and if 
so, I shall write to have your opinion of the cargo I had best provide. 

In 1799 he VvTite.s to his American cousins, and speaks of 
the death of his brother James as having taken place in the 
year 1796, and that he had inherited his l:)rother's printing 
business In Duijhn, which was Ijeing managed by his neph- 
ew James Potts, (son of William). He was then living at 
Athlone, and was still expedling to make another visit to 
America. He also .speaks of his brother William as in very 
feeble health at that time. 

His will bears date of 5 June, 1799, to vv-hich are added 
two codicils, dated respedtivel}^ 12 August, 1S07, and 23 
June, 1809. The will was proven 10 January, 181 2. This 
will is very voluminous, containing about 10,000 words. 
He made his nephew James David Potts his principal heir, 
after whom it was entailed to certain heirs. After the de- 
cease of James David Potts, questions as to the line of 
entail, and in 1848 an important suit at law was had to de- 
termine the construdtion of the will. 

A tombstone in St. Marys churchyard at Athlone bears 
the following iusciption, 

Beneath this stone are deposited the remains of John Potts, of Ath- 
lone, Esq., who departed this life on the 16"' day of December, 181 1, 
in the 82""^ year of his age, highly respe<5led as an indulgent landlord 
and an honest gentleman. 

II James Potts, ^ (David, ^ William,'), born , and 

died in 1796. He married Elizabeth Narney but left no 
children. He settled in Dublin about 1760, and in 1762 be- 
came proprietor of Saunder' s Nezvs Letter, a newspaper, 
which proved to be a very suceessful venture to him. In 
1764 it was yeilding him about ^1000 a year. He built a 
residence called "Richview," and until about 1875 some of 

The Family in Ireland. 107 

this Potts family continued to live in Dublin, in Fitzwilliam 
Square or elsewhere in the city. 

His will is dated 15 January, 1787, and proven 2 May, 
1796. He left the bulk of his e.state to his brother John 
Potts, l>ut made provision for his wife Elizabeth, his moth- 
er Jane Potts of Athlone, and leaves legacies to his sisters 
Elinor Bernard and Jane Potts as well as to several nephews 
and nieces. He makes a bequest for a monumental stone 
to be erecled over the grave of ' ' my father-in-law ' ' in Saint 
Werburglis Churchward, Dublin, and also for a monument- 
al stone at the [Potts] family burying place in the church- 
yard at Athlone. Elizabeth Potts, his widow, died 1800. 

12 Samuel Potts,' (' David, ^ William, i), was living in 
1758 when he was mentioned in the wnll of his uncle John 
Trumperant. It is probable that he died without issue, 
or he may have been that member of the famil}- who is said 
to have gone to America with ' ' a cornet of horse ' ' and was sight of. 

19 John Trumperant Potts,* (William,' David,' Wil- 
liam, i), born 1770 and died Februarj' 13, 1836. He mar- 
ried Catharine, daughter of Rev. Michael Griflfin, of Elfin, 
County Roscommon. He was a Eieutenant in the 14th 
Regiment Light Dragoons. His tombstone in the church- 
yard at Athlone bears the following inscription, 

Underneath are the remains of John Trumperant Potts, of St. Marks, 
Esq., in this County, who died Feb. 23 'd, 1836, aged 66 years. This 
monument is erecSled by his sons as a token of their love for an affec- 
tionate father. 

io8 The Potts Family in Great Britain. 


29 William Truniperant Potts, b. ; d. 1881.; unni. 

30 John Trumperant Potts, b. ; d. 18^3; m. Jane F. Johnston. 

31 Joseph Truniperant Potts, b. ; d. 1871; m. Mrs. Mary Potts. 

32 Henry Truniperant Potts, b. ; d. 1893; m. Letitia L,. Potts. 

33 Ellen Trumperant Potts. 

20 James David Potts, ^ (William, ^ David, ^ William,^), 
inaried Elizabeth Narney. He died at Cheltenham, Eng- 
land, Nov. 16, 1844. At the death of his uncle Jarae.s 
Potts in 1796 he became the manager of the Sauiider' s News 
Letter, and its proprietor at the death of his uncle John 
Potts, in 1811. 

Children of James David and Elizabeth (N.a.rnev) Potts. 

34 James Potts, b. 1799; d, 1844. 

35 Rev. John Henr}^ Potts, b. 1801; d. 1835; m. Mary Hill. 

36 William Potts, b. 1807. 

37 Olivia Potts. 

38 Ellen Jane Potts, m. Marsden. 

39 Maria Potts, m. Bourke. 

40 Louisa Potts. 

21 William Young Potts, ^ (William,' David,' Wil- 
liam,'), born 1780, married Letitia Armstrong, and died 

Children of William Young and Letitia (Armstong) Potts. 

41 John Potts, b. ; d. 1839. 

42 William Potts, b. 1820; m. Louisa Reid. 

43 Letitia Louisa Potts. 

29 William Trumperant Potts,* (John Trumperant,* 
William,' David,* William,'), born , died 1881, unmar- 
ried. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, inher- 

The Fa:\iily in Ireland. 109 

ited a large estate, and held the position of High Sheriff of 
Roscommon. He resided at Correen Castle and died pos- 
sessed of large estate. 

30 Jdhn Trumperant Potts, ' (John Trumperant, * Wil- 
liam,' David,' William,'), born . and died 1853. He 

was educated at Trinity- College, Dublin. He married Jane 
Frances, daughter of Captain William Johnston, of Seven 
Churches, Kings Count}', and settled in the Dominion of 
Canada. Catharine Potts, the widow, died at Kincardine, 
Canada, 1889. 

Children of John Trumperant and Jane Frances (Johnston) 


44 Bessie Trumperant Potts. 

45 William Trumperant Potts. He is married, has a family, and 

resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he is a manu- 
facturer of artficial limbs, at Juniper Street, near the City 

46 Henry Trumperant Potts. 

47 John Trumperant Potts. 

48 James Trumperant Potts, d. 1884. 

49 Joseph Trumperant Potts. 

35 Rev. John Henry Potts' (James David,* William,' 
David,' Wlliam,'), born 1801, married Mary Hill, and died 
1835. The widow subsequently' married Joseph Trumpe- 
rant Potts, (31). 

Chii^dren of Rev. John Hefrv and Mary (H11.1.) Potts. 

50 John Namey Potts, b. 1835; d. i860. He was educated at Trin- 

ity College, Cambridge, and became heir to a considerable 
estate, but died suddenl}^ while sojourning in Scotland. 

51 Letitia Potts, m. Arthur Todd. 

* Note. The compiler hereof is indebted to Mr. Win. T. Potts, for the loan of 
a colle<5tion vahiable family papers, as well also for important information given. 

no The Potts Family in Great Britain". 

42 Wiij.iAM P0TT.S,' (William Young/ William,' Dav- 
id,^ William,'), born 1820, and married Louisa, daughter 
of Robert Reid, of West Meath. Mr. Potts resides at New 
Court, Atlilone, and is one of her iVFajesty's Justices of the 


52 James WiTlianr Potts, b. 1S52; m. Minnie Pteston. Captain in- 

the Royal Artflleiy.. 

53 William Trumperant Potts-, m. Helen Minchin. Residence.. 

Correen Castle. 

54 Harry David Potts. 

55 Letitia Loiiisa Potts,^ m. Heiir}- Trun;peraiit Potts, (,32). 

56 57 5S Three other daughters-. 

The chart printed upon the opposite page will show pret- 
iy clearly the state -of the family. 

* Note. The compiler hereof i.s indebted to Mr. Potfs for <'aUiable data used id 
preparing this Chapter. 

The Family in Irel.ajsd. 


2 I 


The Potts Family in America. 

^,%</A^^t£i Sl^ 

PART 11. 



While Potts cannot be said to be a common name in Amer- 
ica, yet there are many families bearing this surname scat- 
tered through the Middle, Southern and Western States. 
These are descended from several different emigrant ances- 
tors, who ma}^ have, in a more remote past, sprung from a 
common original stock in Great Britain. 

The aim of this work has been to collecft and compile all 
information obtainable relative to the earliest settlers or an- 
cestors of these Potts families in this country, together with 
.some account of their immediate and direct descendants. 
With how much success this has been done the reader must 

In addition to the Potts families in America of English 
extradlion, there are also some of German origin bearing a 
similar name, but who seem to be in no way connected, 
notwithstanding the fa(ft that there are traditions to the ef- 
fecfl that the English Potts' were originally from Germany. 
Some account of a few of these German families will be giv- 
en at the end of this se(ftion of this work. 

To the late Mr. William John Potts belongs the credit 
of having developed the first clear statement of the early 
Potts families of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, about 
whom so much confusion had before existed. 


1 1 6 The Potts Family in America. 


The Earliest Potts Emigrants. 

During the first half of the seventeenth centur}' several 
persons named Pott or Potts emigrated to America, but the 
accounts that have come down to our time are in most in- 
stances very meager and unsatisfa(5tory. It is not known 
that any of these early emigrants left descendants, or that 
they all continued to liv^e in America. 

Richard Pott or Potts is the first person bearing this 
family name known to have come to America. He came 
with the ' ' First Supply of Passengers, perhaps in January 
1607-8," to Virginia. He was the author or compiler of the 
Proceedings of the English Colony in Virginia, from 1606 
to 161 2, Oxford, 161 2. See Preface of A Tnde Relatio7i of 
Virginia by Captai^i John Smith, with an Introdu£lion by 
Charles Deane. Boston, MDCCCLXVI, pp. xxiv, xxv. 
" Richard Pots Clarke of the Councill." Page xliv, Rich- 
ard Pots is designated among the settlers who came 1607-8, 
as "Gentleman." 

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. I, 
page 484, says "The history of the first administration is 
given in the Oxford Tradl, published 161 2, which was writ- 
tei\ by Richard Pott, one of the Colonists, etc." 

Dr. John Pott, with Elizabeth his wife, came to Virginia, 
in 1620, and settled at James City or Jamestown, and was 
physician to the Colony. He served as a Member of Coun- 
cil and was Governor of the Colony for some time. A more 
complete .sketch will be found in the next Chapter. 

The Earliest Potts Emigrants. 117 

Capt. Francis Pott, brother of Dr. John Pott, was also 
an early settler, and was for some time the Commandant at 
Point Comfort. A fuller account will be found in the next 

John Pott, Jr., a nephew of Dr. John and Capt. Francis 
Pott, was a contemporary resident of the Colony, and will 
be further mentioned in the next Chapter. 

Hallet Pott received a grant of 700 acres of land near 
" James Cittie," September 4, 1641, as we learn from Book 
I, folio 758, Virginia Land Registry Office. 

Anthony Pott. In Hotloii' s Lists of Emigrants to Amer- 
ica, among the passengers in the Paule of London, Leonard 
Betts, M'., " vj Julij 1635," bound for Virginia, with Cer- 
tificate from the minister of Gravesend of their conformity 
to the Church of England, is the name of Ant" Potts, aged 
27 years. 

William Potts. In Hotton' s Lists, among the passen- 
gers in the Alexander bound for Barbadoes, " 2" Maij 1635," 
is the name of William Potts. 

ii8 The Potts Family in America. 


The Potts of the Virginia Settlement. ^ 

Sketch of Do<5tor John Pott. 

Of the early life of Dr. John Pott, who with his wife 
Elizabeth came to Jame.stown, Virginia, in 1620, very little 
information has been discovered. He had a plantation on 
the site of present city of Williamsburg which he called 
" Harrop," and which he may have .so named in honor of 
his ancestral home. Harrop in Cheshire was the place of 
residence of some of the Potts at that period. One Eaw- 
rence Pott of Harrop died in 1573, leaving a will.f Francis 
Pott of Pott, who died in 1638, mentions in his will a John 
Pott of Harrop, who owed him ^20. 1 This appropriation 
of the name ' ' Harrop ' ' by Dr. Pott suggests that he maj^ 
have been of the Cheshire family. 

He is .said to have taken his degree of A. M., at Oxford 
1605. He was recommended as physician to the London 
Company by the eminent Dr. Theodore Gulston, the found- 
er of the Gulstonian Ledlureship of the London College of 
Ph^'sicians. In the minutes of the Virginia Company 
of July 16, 1621, is the following entry. 

For so much as the Phisicons place to the Company was now be- 
come voyde by reason of the untimely death of Dr. Bohune, slaine in 
the fight with two Spanish Shipps of Warr the 19th of March last, Dr. 
Gulstone did now take occasion to recommend unto the Company for 
the said place one M'" Potts, a M"" of Arts, well pra(5lised in Chirurgerie 
and Physique, and expert allso in distillinge of waters. 

* NOTK. In preparing this Chapter the writer has drawn very liberally from 
the " Virginia Caroloruin," by Rev. Edward D. Neill; the "Virginia Magazine of 
History and Biography," etc. 

+ .See page iS, ante. 

X See page 21, ante. 

[- in the Abigaile, 1620. 

The Potts of the Virginia Settlement. 119 

The following is the Muster of Dr. Pott. 

Muster of Doctor John Pott, James City. 

Do(5lor John Pott, 1 • j ; ti r^ 

TiT> T^i- u ii Ti !i , arnved in the George. 

M's Ehzabeth Pott, ) ^ 

Richard Townshend, aged 19, in the Abigaile, 1620. 
Thomas Wilson, " 27, " " " " 

Osmond Smith, " 17, " " Bona Nova " 

Susan Blackwood, maide servant, " " Abigaile, " 

Men in the Marine. 

Thomas Leister, aged 33 yeares. -1 
Roger Stanley, " 27, 

Thomas Prichard, " 28, 

Henrj^ Crocker, " 34, 

Thomas Crosse, " 22, 

John Tyre, " 20, 

Randall Holt, " 18, in the George, 1620. 

In 1625 Dr. Pott was commissioned a member of the 
Council, in which office he continued a number of years. 
In 1628 he was chosen Governor, and held the position 
until the early part of 1630, when he was superceded by 
Sir John Harvey. Dr. Pott is described as an educated 
phj-sician, careless in business, fond of good living and jo- 
vial companions. George Sandys, some time Colonial 
Treasurer, a .scholar and gossipy writer, in a letter to Sam- 
uel Wrote, Esq., of London, written April 9, 1623, alluding 
to Dr. Pott, says : 

I have given from time to time the best councell I am able, at the 
first, he kept companie too much with his inferiours, who hung upon 
him, while his good liquor lasted. After, he consorted with Captaine 
Whitacres, a man of no good example, with whom he is gone to Kico- 
tan, yet wheresoever he bee, he shall not bee without reach of my 
care, nor want for any thing that I or my credit can procure him. 

Thomas Warnet, who had been the principal merchant of 
Jamestown died in February 1629-30. Among the many 
legacies named in his will is one to " Dr. John Pott, adting 

I20 The Potts Family in America. 

Governor, 5000 pounds of nails," which were of great vahie 
to one starting a plantation; and to Elizabeth Pott, the Doc- 
tor's wife, "one corfe and one cross cloth of wrought 

Governor Harvey was very arrogant and arbitrar}^ in his 
course, and engendered no little opposition and became very 
unpopular. Soon after his ascendency he charged his pred- 
ecessor. Dr. Pott, with misdemeanor in office and also with 
keeping some cattle which did not belong to him, though 
the records seem to indicate that he claimed them as his 
own. Harvey ordered the arrest of Pott, who was then at 
his plantation called Harrop, .seven miles from Jamestown. 
He appeared before the General Court on the 7th of July, 
1630, and before a jury of thirteen was tried for cattle steal- 
ing. The first day was occupied in pleading, and Kings- 
well, an old planter, testified adversely. The next day Dr. 
Pott declared that the witness was unreliable and hypocrit- 
ical, and told the story, of Guzman of Alfrach the rogue. 
Reference was had to the hero of a Spanish romance by Ma- 
teo Alemon of Seville, called ' ' Guzman de Alfrache the 
Rogue." * 

The jury found a verdi(5l of guilty, but judgment was 
withheld in consideration of his "quality and pradlice," 
until the King's pleasure could be known. The Governor 
reported to the King, stating that Dr. Pott ' ' was the onlj' 
physician in the Colony skilled in epidemical diseases." and 
suggested that his estate be restored, in view of his long res- 
idence, and the value of his services. 

Elizabeth Pott, the Doctor's wife, impelled by affedlion, 
made a dangerous voyage to England, reaching London in 
September, after an absence of ten years, and pleaded for 
her husband. The case was referred to commissioners who 

* Note. The hero of the romance begins his career as a scullion in Madrid, 
then becomes an errand boy, steals and hides himself in Toledo, when he adls 
the gentleman, then returns to Madrid and cheats his creditors. 

The Potts of the Virginia Settlement. 121 

reported that the condemning of Doctor Pott ' ' for felony 
was ver}' rigorous, if not erroneous," and recommended his 
pardon which was promptly granted. 

In the abstracts of the \'irginia land patents " John Pott, 
Esq., Dr. of Ph^'sic, of the Council," is granted three acres 
near his dM'elling house in James City in 1624. In the \'ir- 
ginia Land Registr)' Office, Book i, folio 61, is the record of 
the grant of twelve acres to Dr. John Pott, vSeptember 20, 
1628. He appears to have died without issue, as in the 
Land Books of 1642, there a is mention of 500 acres of land 
bought by Richard Brewster from Captain Francis Pott, 
"brother and heir of Dr. John Pott." 

Sketch of Captain Francis PoU. 

Captain PVancis Pott, a brother of Dr. John Pott, soon 
followed him to the \^irginia Settlement, and was for some 
time the Commander at Old Point Comfort. In 1(^29-30, 
Thomas Warnet, the merchant before referred to, by his 
will, bequeathed to Captain Francis Pott "a debt of eigh- 
ty pounds of tobacco." By reason of his want of sympathy 
with the unpopular Governor Har^-ey, he was removed from 
the command of the Fort at Point Comfort early in 1635. 

On April 2Sth, 1635. Gov. Harvey caused the arrest of 
Francis Pott and others, who were brought to Jamestown 
in irons ; Capt. Pott being charged with addressing an as- 
sembly at York when he .severely criticised the course of the 
Governor. When brought before the Council, Pott pro- 
duced a paper recounting the grievances of the Colony, 
which he had sent on to York. The result was that the 
breach between the Governor and the Council became wider, 
the Governor was deposed, and the statement of grievances 
.sent to the King's Commissioners for Virginia in England. 

In the same ship with Harvey, also sailed Captain Pott 

122 Thic Potts Famii.v in Amkrica. 

and Tlioiiias Harwuod, represeiitin<< the Assembly to pre- 
sent their complaints and their reasons for sendin.y; the Gov- 
ernor home. I'^pon the arrival of the ship at Plymouth on 
July 14th, vSir John Harvey, the \'irginia (>overnor, made 
complaint to the Ma\'or of "a late mutiny and rebellion in 
the Colony," when Pott and Harwood, the representatives 
of the people, were arrested and kept close prisoners in the 
Fleet, Pott being charged as the principal author and aclor. 

The popular sovereignty exercised by the Virginians 
found no favor with the King — Charles I. It was not tnitil 
December iith, that the case of Harvey was formally dis- 
cussed by the King and Privy Council. After the letter of 
the \'irginia Councillors and Burgesses had been read, the 
King thought it was necessary to send Harve>' back, even 
if he should remain but a day, that it was "an assiunption 
of regal power to send hither the Governor." It is not 
clear when Captain Pott returned to \'irginia. 

Francis Pott was heir to his brother Ur. John Pott, and 
in 1642 there is mention of 500 acres of land bought by 
Richard Brewster from Captain Francis Pott, heir and 
brother of Dr. John Pott. In 1646 Captain Pott was in 
England, as in a letter dated March 26th of that year, at 
Loudon, and recorded in Northampton County, Virginia, 
he tells his nephew John Pott, that he had been di.sappoint- 
ed in colledling money promised him by Mr. Nuthall ; that 
" my cozen Menefie had paid ^i 16 Sterling to me," and his 
nephew is to satisfy the debt out of any of his [Francis 
Pott's] property, except his negroes; that he may expe(5t 
from him more ample direcftions by the next shipping. In 
a postscript he says he received ^4 more from Mrs. Mary 

In 1647 Francis Pott and his nephew John Pott had a 
plantation at Magothy Bay. On February 15th and 24th, 

The Potts of the Virginia Settlement. 123 

1653. Francis Pott had grants of 2000 and 1500 of land re- 
speclively in Nortliampton County.-'^ 

A Francis Pott, possibly the same, was SheriflF of Accomac 
Comity in 1654. He was a Justice of the Peace for North- 
ampton County in 1656. He died in 1658, leaving his prop- 
ery to his nephew John Pott; kinsmen Henry Perry and 
wife; godson Argoll Yardley;t godson Bishop, "on the 
<Uher side of the bay;" "my countrN-man John Allen." 
Also to his [testator's] sisters, /"lo Sterling each. Susan- 
na Potts, his widow, married William Kendall within a year 
or two after Captain Pott's death. 

Sketch of John Pott, Junior. 

John Pott, Jr., a nephew of Dr. John and Capt. FVancis 
Pott, is several times mentioned. He was a.s.sociated with 
his Uncle Francis Pott in business transactions, and was 
one of the legatees to his estate. In 1647 he and his Uncle 
F'rancis had a plantation at Magothy Bay. In 1651 he was 
a signer among the people of Northampton County. He 
probably removed to Maryland, as there is a power-of -at- 
torney, dated October i, 1660, from John Pott, of Pautux- 
ent, Mar\dand. to John Severne, of Accomac, recorded in 
Nortliampton County, Virginia. 

* See Book 3, pages 48, 49. Virajinia Land Registry Office. 

t Note. Argall Yardley was the eldest son of Sir George and Lady Temperance 
Yardley, who came to Virginia about 1608 or 9. Sir George Yardley was sometime 
Governor of Virginia. 

124 Thk Potts Famii.y in America. 


Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 

[InTkoductorv NoTK. To dislinguisli him from other persons of 
the same name, this Thomas Potts is usually designated as "Thomas 
Potts of the Shield," or "Thomas Potts, (Shield)," indicating the 
ship in which he came to America. 

In the latter part of 1869, the late Mr. William John Potts, of Cam- 
den, New Jensey, entered into a thorough investigation of the history 
of Thomas Potts, (Shield), and his family, about which so much con- 
fusion had before existed. He succeeded admirably in collecling a 
large amount of valuable data, and in making a clear statement of the 
family affiliations. 

It was Mr. Potts' intention to prepare for this work, "a special di- 
vision on the Potts' of the Shield, giving principal deeds and materi- 
al concerning Thomas Potts of the Shield, with a brief outline of a few 
of his descendants," as he expressed it in one of his later letters. It is 
greatly to be regretted that failing health prevented I\Ir. Potts from 
carrying out his intention in the matter. The publisher hereof lias 
taken I'p the subjedl, and following out the plan of Mr. W. J. Potts as 
nearly as possible, written this chapter and included such new data as 
has more recently come to light.- — T. M. PoTTS.] 

Like many other old families, thi.s one aLso has its tradi- 
tions. One account alleges that Thomas Potts, Junior, .son 
of Thomas Potts, (Shield), was born at sea during tlie pas- 
.sage to America. Another alleges that when Thomas Potts, 
(Shield), left England for America, his family included a 
daughter-in-law, the widow of his eldest son ; that during 
the pas.sage the yoimg widow was delivered of a .son and 
subsequently died ; and that the child was nourished while 
on board the ship by a goat. It is further said that the 

Tho.mas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 125 

family on reaching the banks of the Delaware first lived in 
a cave and built the first house in Burlington, and that this 
infant grandson became the ancestor of the New Jersey 
family. Still another says that Thomas Potts, (Shield), 
came from Handworth, Yorkshire, England. However in- 
teresting these traditions may be, they are not wholly sup- 
ported by facfls, as will be shown in the following pages. 

Samuel Smith's History of New Jersey contains the follow- 
ing statement. 

In the loth month, O. S., 1678, arrived the Shield, from Hull, Dan- 
iel Towes, commander, one of the ships mentioned in the above letter, 
and dropped anchor before Burlington, ?)eing the first ship that came 
so far up the Delaware: Against Coaquanock [Indian name for Phil- 
adelphia] being a bold shore, she went so near in turning, that part of 
the tackling struck the trees ; some on board then remarked it was a 
fine spot for a town : A fresh gale brought her to Burlington. She 
moored to a tree, and the next morning the people came ashore on the 
ice, so hard had the river suddenly frozen. In her came William Em- 
ley the second time, with his wife and two children, one born by the 
way, two men and women servants ; jNIahlon Stace}-, his wife, chil- 
dren and several servants, men and women ; Thomas Lambert, his 
wife, children and several men and women servants ; John Lambert 
and servant ; Thomas Revell, his wife, children and servants ; God- 
frey Hancock, his wife, children and servants ; Thomas Potts, his wife 
and children ; John Wood and four children ; Thomas Wood, his wife 
and children ; Robert Murfin, his wife and two children ; Robert 
Shooly, his wife and children ; James Pharo, his -wnfe and children ; 
Susannah Fairnsworth, her children and two servants ; Richard T^t- 
tersal, his wife and children ; Godfrey Newbold, John Dewsbury, 
Richard Green, Peter Fretwell, John Newbold, one Barns a merchant 
from Hull, Francis Barwick, George Parks, George Hill, John Heyres, 
and several more. 

The late Mr. W. J. Potts found clues that led him to be- 
lieve that Thomas Potts, (Shield), came from Chesterfield, 
Derbj'shire, England, and while staying abroad in 1882, he 
visited Chesterfield and made a personal examination of the 
Parish registers with very gratifying results. The head of 
the family here was Richard Pott, who was a Church- 

126 Thk Potts Family ix Amkrica. 

warden in 1639 and 1640. His wife's name was Annk, and 
tlie registers show baptisms and burials as given below. 

1637. Kli'/.abetli, filia Ricliardi et Anna; Pott de Chesterfield, baptz. 
Aprilis v° 

1641. Thomas, filius Richardo Pott, Sepultus July xij. 

1642. Maria, filia Richaidi at Annie Pott, bapt. March xvij° 
1642. Samuel, filius Richardi et Anne Potts, [sepultus?] March xij° 
1645. Joshua, filius Rich. Pott, bapt, May xiij 

1647. Thoma.s, filq Ricd. et Anne Pott, buptizat July xij° 

1649. Anna, filia Ric'^ Pott de Chesterfield, bapt. June xi° 

1653. Jfjshua y« son of Richard Pott, buried January y« xv •' 

1675. Anna, filia Thomi Pott, bapt. Decemb"" v""' 

1676. Anna, filia Thomo Potts, sepulta 06lober xxvj. 

1677. Thomio, filius Thomi & Joani Pott, bapt. December xxx. 

The Chesterfield registers show that Richard Pott was 
buried September 12, 1650, and Anne Pott, his widow, on 
September 2, 1673. The Chesterfield registers do not show 
the marriage of either Richard Pott or of his son Thomas 
Pott, which makes it probable that they got their wives in 
other parishes.* The registers were only casually exam- 
ined before 1637. The following diagram exhibits the .state 
of the family. Thomas, son of Richard Pott, is Thomas 
Potts, (Shield). 

The Potts of Chesterfield, Derbyshire. 

Richard Pott A.vxe 

Bviried. Sep. I Buried, Sep. 
12, 1650. 2, 1673. 





bap. Apr. 



.s. 1637- 

July 12 

Mar. 12 



Ill I 

Mana Joshua Thomas =Joam Anna 


bapt. bapt. bapt 

Mar. 17 May 13 Jn'y '2 
1642 1645. i6}7'. 


Jan. 15, 


June II 

I I 

Anna, bapt. Dec. 5, 1675. Thomas, baot. Dec. 30, 1677. 

Buried 0(5l. 26, 1676. 

* NoTK. Beside the entries given, the,se registers contain the following; addi 
tioiial records. 
Cuthbertus Pott et Johanes Smith uupt [married] June iij, i6j6. 
[Name indistindl] filia Do(ftoris Pott, bapt. 0(5tober vij 1674. 
Joliie, filio ffraind Pott dodtor, bapt. Marius iiij, 1676., 
Johie, filio ffraind Pott do<5\oris, et sepult Odlober vj, 1676. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 


THOMAS POTTS, 1 was the fourth and only surviving 
son of Richard ^ and Anne Pott, of Chesterfield, Derby- 
shire, En.i^land. He was baptized at Chesterfield July 12, 
1647. When about thirtx'-one years of age he, together with 
his family, came to America, in the good ship the vShield, 
and landed at Burlington, New Jersey, in December, 167S. 
He was a tanner by occupation, and e.stablished himself in 
that business at Burlington, where he continued to reside 
until about 1699, when he removed to Philadelphia, where 
he died in 1726, aged 79 years. His signature was very pe- 
culiar, signing his name either " tthomas Potts," or " ttho. 
Potts," and in legal documents he usuall)- described him- 
self as " tanner." * In religious persuasion he was a Bap- He was three (possibly four) times married, and died 
leaving a widow and an only son Thomas. 

On Dec. 23, 1680, he purchased a town lot as appears by 
the following abstracfl. Liber B, Part i, folio 23, at Trenton. 

Thomas Potts 
all that Lott of 
Land being an 
Eighth pte of a 
Lott of Land 
w'hin Burling- 
ton called The: 
Ollive Town 
Lott from John 

One deed of Conveyance bearing date y^ Three & 
Twentieth day of december in the yeare 1680 made 
by John Woolston of y'' one pte unto Thomas Potts 
of y"^ other pte for y* Consid'acon of ffive pounds in a 
Cowe & Calfe y^ said Thomas Potts to y*^ said John 
Woolston paid. Hee y^ said John Woolston hath 
sold &c. All that his pcell of Land being one eighth 
pte of a Lott of Land within Burlington aforesaid 
called Thomas Ollive Town Lott abutting north on 
the River Dellaware conteyning by estimacon Two 
Acres or thereabouts V)e it more or less now or late 
in ye tenure of y« said John Woolston or his Assigns 
And all & singular ways water privileges advanta- 
ges & Appurtennts to y* said Lott or pcell of 
Land belonging To hold to him ye said Tho: Potts 
his Heirs & Assigns forever, Sealed & Deliv'"ed 
with endorsm' of Livery & before Elizabeth 

Brewerton & Thomas Revell 

Acknowledged before Robert Stacy Com'" 

* Note. Tanning is still an important industry at Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 
and it is quite common to see on tombstones the name of So and So, " tanner." 

I2S The Potts Family ix America. 

Thomas Potts and Ann Potts were subscribing witnesses 
to several early marriages, among which was that of John 
Antrim, on the 15th day of the 3d month, 16.S2, as appears 
\)y the records of the Friends Meeting at Burlington. 

The old Court records of Burlington contain this entry of 
the marriage of Thomas Biblj and Ruth Kettle. ^= 

Thomas Bibb | The marriage between Thuinas Bibb i Ruih Kettle 

& was solenmized the Seaven & twenlith day of July 

RrTH Kktti.k I Anno 1693 at ye House of Tho: Potts in Burlington 

j (her flFather in Law) before Edw : Hunloke Depty 

I Gov'^no'". John Tathain & Tho: Revell Justices: And 
fiilv 27th, 1693 I , r .1 •< 

' - ' ' ^-^ J beiore many olhtr witnesses. 

The term fathcy-in-la7v was, at that date, very generally 
used as a sj'uonym for step-father. Thomas Potts could 
scarcel)' have had a married son deceased at that time, in- 
deed Ruth Kettle must have been considerably older than 
any of Thomas Potts' own children, hence the only legiti- 
mate concltision is that Thomas Potts had married a widow 
Kettle who had at one child Ruth. This also accounts 
for the use of the term ' ' children ' ' in the passenger of 
of the Shield. 

In the Chesterfield Parish registers the name of Thomas 
Potts' wife is given as Joani, but after coming to America 
she is always called Ann. Perhaps Ann was a second wife. 
This would explain, and in a great measure confirm, the 
tradition that the mother of the infant Thomas died at .sea, 
as well as the Ruth Kettle relation.ship. 

Thomas Potts does not appear to have been identified 
with any religious denomination after coming to America, 
until 1686, when both he and his wife united with the Bap- 
ti.sts, and were baptized at Burlington, West Jersey, by EH- 

* Note. Thomas and Ruth Bibl) were members of Peiiiiypack Baptist Churcli, 
where the birth of two of their children are given, viz. Thomas Bibb, born i mo. 
17, 1695; Mary Bibb, born 5 mo. 24. 169S. Thomas Bibb was a Justice of the I'eace 
in 1608. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 129 

as Keach. They were among the founders of the first Bap- 
t St Church at Burlington, and when that Church ceased to 
exist in 1699, they joined the Pennypack Church in Phila- 
delphia County, Pennsylvania, and there continued in mem- 
bership during life. Morgan Edwards, in his Materials, 
toward a History of the Baptists in America, in a foot-note 
on page 113, says. 

There was a little Baptist Church at Burlington planted by Mr. 
Keach [Elias] about the year 1690 ; which is on^ of the tsvu which h j 
is said to have gathered in this country. See Crosby, Vol. 4, p. 309. 
The names of the members were, Thomas Bibb, Thomas Potts and 
Ann his wife, Nathaniel Douglass and Emblem his wife, and Edmund 
Wells, Joseph Wood, Ann Gill, John Jones, Nathaniel West and Eliz- 
abeth his wife. They broke up and joined Penepek 061. 9, 1699. 

Thomas Potts, of Burlington, tanner, was one of the 
bondsmen, of Mary Ingram, as administratrix of the estate 
of John Ingram, decea.sed, in 1694. This bond is still on file 
and bears the distincliive signature — tthomas Potts. 

On March 14, 1699, Thomas Potts, senior, of the town 
and county of Burlington, (tanner), atid Anne his wife, 
conveyed by deed to Christopher Wetherill, of the same 
place, (taylor), a " lyOtt of land situate on Lsland of Burling- 
ton containing about 2 acres being 8'' part of a lot of land 
called Thomas Olive's Lott which s'' Thomas Potts pur- 
chased of John WooLston by deed — Dec. 23'' A. D. 1680," 
together with dwelling, bark mill, tanyard, &c.* To se- 
cure to the said Christopher Wetherill, quiet possession of 
these premises, Thomas Potts, .senior, of the town and coun- 
ty of Burlington, tanner, and Thomas Potts, junior, of the 
township of Springfield in said county, yeoman, son of the 
said Thomas Potts, senior, executed a bond dated March 
14th, in the i2tli year of the reign of William Third, Anno 
1699. This bond is signed by both Thomas Potts, Sr., and 
Thomas Potts, Jr., and is recorded at Trenton. The signa- 

* See Liber B, Part 2. folio 67S, Treuton. New Jersey, Records. 

130 Tkk Potts Family in America. 

tureof Thomas Potts. Sr., is here given as copied from the 
original by tlie late James H. Carr, Esq. 




Thomas Potts removed to Philadelphia, prol)abh' in the 
Spring of i6gg. In 1700 he was a subscribing witness to 
the will of John Holt, of Philadelphia, butcher. The fol- 
lowing is a Jar simile of his signature. 

■kc-T,^^ (Po/ff 

On 9th mo. 9, 1 701, Ann, daughter of Thomas and Ann 
Potts, was buried in the Friends gravej-ard at Philadelphia. 
This second daughter Ann was probably born in America. 

The minutes of the Common Council of Philadelphia, of 
February 2, 1702, show that " Thomas Potts is admitted 
ffreeman of this Cit}', paying for his ffreedome twenty-two 
shillings and sixpence, which he had paid for his ffree- 

Thomas Potts, tanner, was one of the executors of the 
will of Richard Sparks, of Philadelphia, but late of Iviver- 
pool, mariner, made September 9, 1711. On August 26, 
1 71 2, he was a subscribing witness to the will of James 
Kennison, of Philadelphia, saddler, as shown b}- his pecu- 
liar signature, thus, ^ ^ 

Pennypack Baptist Church records the death Ann Potts 
in 1 7 14, and the Friends Monthly Meeting at Third and 
Arch Streets, Philadelphia shows that Ann, wife of Thomas 
Potts, tanner, was buried in tlie Friends graveyard on 7 mo. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), amd Family. 131 

9, 1714. He did not long remain a widower, as the Penny- 
pack Baptist records show that he married Grace Farmer in 
1 7 15. vShe had been baptized at Pennj-pack in 1699, by 
John Watts. She did not long survive her marriage, as 
the Friends records show that she was buried in the Phila- 
delphia graveyard on 6 mo. 15, 1 715. In 17 16 he married 
Alice Pusser. Slie had been baptized at Peni.ypack by 
Thomas Griffith in 1705. The baptism and marriage are 
both entered upon the Pennypack Church records. 

Alary Powell, of Philadelphia, widow, made her will vSep- 
tember 13, 17 18. Among others she names her grandchil- 
dren — children of Judith and Abel Morgan,* and appoints 
Abel Morgan as her executor. She mentions Thomas Potts, 
Sr. , and his son Thomas Potts, Jr., tanners, and Thomas 
Bibb, tanner. Thomas Potts, Sr., tanner, in his will, in 
1725, made a bequest to Judith Morgan, daughter of Thom- 
as Griffith, and late wife of Abel Alorgan. 

Thomas Potts died at Philadelphia September 4, 1726, 
aged 79 years, and was probabh- buried in the Friends 
graveyard. The Pennypack Church has this record 

Tliomas potts dyed at ditto [Philadelphia] Sept. 4, 1726. 

His will bears date of February 25. 1724-5, and was prov- 
en at Philadelphia, November 18, 1726. It is recorded in 
Will-Book E, page 8, and is as follows. 

The Will of Thomas Potts, Tanner. 

Ill the name of God Amen, I, Thomas Potts, of the City of Phila- 
delphia in the Province of Pensylvania, Tanner, Being aged and weak 
in Body but of sound and perfedl Memory, (praise be given to God for 
the same) and knowing the uncertaint}- of this Life on earth, and be- 
ing desirous to settle things in order. Do make this my Last will and 
Testament in manner and form following, — that is to say, 

First and principally. I Commend my Soul to Almight}' God my 

* Note. Rev. Abel Morgan, son of Rev. Morgan Rydderch, and pa.stor at Penny- 
pack Baptist Church, was three times married. His'first wife was Priscilla Powell 
and third wife Judith Griffith. See Penn. Mag. of Hist, and Biog., Vol. VI, p. 300. 

132 The Potts Family in Amkkica. 

Creator, assuredly Believing that 1 shall receive full pardon and free 
remission of all my sins & be saved by the precious Death and Merits 
of mv Blessed Savior & redeemer Christ Jesus, And my Body to the 
Karlli from whence it was taken to be Burie<l in such Decent & Chris- 
tian Manner as my executor hereafter named shall be thought Meet & 
Convenient. And as touching such worldly Estate as the L<;)rd in his 
Mercy hatli Lent me, my will & meaning is, the same shall be Em- 
ployed & Bestowed as hereafter by this my will is Exprest 

First I will that all my Just Debts & funeral Charges be fully paid 
and discharged. 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear and well beloved wife Al- 
ice the simi of forty shillings Current money of Pensylvania afores"* to 
be paid in one month next after my Decease And I also Give and Be- 
queath unto my said Wife the sum of Twelve pounds Money afore s"* 
Yearlv Income to be paid unto her by even and Equal Quarterly pay- 
ments every Year During her Natural Life, I do Likewise give her 
my best feather Bead with all its appurtenances and the furniture of 
one Room or Chamber, all which s"* Legacies & Bequeaths I do give 
to my said wife in Lieu for a full recompense & Satisfa<5lion of her 
Dower & Title of Dower or thirds of all my Estate both real & personal 

Item I give and Bequeathe unto my grandson Thomas Potts, all 
that my Land & Lott of Groimd L5'ing In Gilberts Alley formerly be- 
longing to Arthur Wells Containing In front to the 8*^ Alley fifteen 
foott, Together with Buildings tennements heredittements and appur- 
tenances whatsoever thereon standing being belonging or in any wise 
appertaining To hold to him and his heirs and assigns forever also 
I give to my s'^ Grandson my Coate plate buttons & a small silver 

Item I Give to each of the other Children of my son Thomas Potts 
the Just sum of five pounds a piece Money afores'* to be paid to each 
of them when they attain their respective age of eighteen Years or 
marry which shall first happen 

Item I Give & Bequeath unto my Good Friend Thomas Griffith 
Minister of the Gospel amongs the Baptist the Sum of Twenty Shil- 
lings money afores"^ to Be paid to him in Six Months next after my 

Item I give to Judith Morgan Daughter of Thomas Griffith & Late 
wife of Abel Morgan the Just Sum of twenty Shillings of Like Money 
to be paid to her also within Six Months after my Decease. 

And all the rest and residue of my Estate Messauges Land & Prem- 
ises with the appurtenances Both real & Personal whatsoever & where- 
soever the Same may & shall be found and of what kind Nature or 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 133 

Species the Same may be I Give and Bequeath the Same to niy Son 
Thomas Potts to Hold to him his heirs and assigns for ever And I do 
hereby nominate and appoint my son Thomas Potts Sole Executor of 
this my last Will and Testament, Hereby Revoking Disallowing & 
making void all fonner and other will or wills by me heretofore made 
and Declared, Either by word or wrighting. Declaring this to be My 
Last will & Testament 

In Witness whereof I have herunto set my hand and Seal this twen- 
ty fifth day of February In the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven 
liundred and Twenty four-five — 1724-5. 

cr-^^o ^o/^t,,3 

Sealed Signed Published and Declared to be his last will and Testa- 
ment in the Sight and presence of us 

Andrew Edge George Sharsvi^ood Ai.exander Legg. 

Philad" Nov"" i8'*' 1726. Then personally appear'^ Andrew Edge 
George Sharswood two of the witnesses to the foregoing will and upon 
their Oaths did Declare the same to be his last will and Testament 
and that at the doing thereof he was of sound mind memory and un- 
derstanding to the best of their knowledge 

Coram Pet. Evans, Reg. Gen' 

Be it reniem1)ered that on the i8th day of Nov' 1726, the Last Will 
and Testament of Thomas Potts, deceased, was proved in due form of 
Law and Probate and Letters Testamentary were Granted unto Thom- 
as Potts sole Executor therein named being first sworn well and truly 
to administer the said dece'*' Estate and bring an Inventory thereof 
into the Register General's Office at Philadelphia at or before the i8th 
day of Dec"" next And also to render an acc't when thereunto Lawful- 
ly required. Given under the Seal of the s'' Office 

^ Pet. Evans. Reg. Gen' 

Children of Thomas and Joani ( ) Potts. 

2 Anna Potts, bap. Dec. 5, 1675; bur. Ocl. 26, 1676. 

3 Thomas Potts, bap, Dec. 30, 1677; d. Feb. 2, 1754; m. ist, Mary 

Records; 2d, Mary Borden, (?); 3d, Rebecca Wright, nee 

Child of Thomas and Anne ( ) Potts. 

4 Anne Potts, b. ; bur. 9 mo. [Nov.] 9, 1701. 

134 TiTK Potts Family in America. 

3 Thomas Potts, ^ Junior, (Thomas/ Richard/), was 
baptized at Chesterfield. Derbyshire, England, Dec'r 30, 
1677, and the next year was brought to America with his 
parents. In 1699 he is mentioned as of Springfield Town- 
ship, Burlington County, but afterwards of Mansfield where 
he owned land by purchase as well as by gift from his fath- 
er-in-law. How long he continued in Mansfield is not ap- 
parent. In 1 74 1 to 1744, he was living in vSouthampton 
Township, Bucks Count3^ Pennsylvania, but in 1745 he had 
returned to Burlington County. He seems to have been 
three times married, and died in Burlington County, Feb. 
2, 1754. He is usuall}' spoken of as " Thomas Potts, Jr.," 
but for the of distinction, he will be referred to in 
this work, when necessary, as "'Thomas Potts, Jr., (Mans- 

In 1697 Thomas Potts, Junr. , bought land in Mansfield 
Township, as appears from the following abstract taken 
from Liber B, Part 2, folio 613, Trenton records. 

Thomas Potts, jun'" 
144 Acres (except 8 
acres before granted to 
Edw: Boulton) 

dale March 5, 1697 

Between George Porter of y-' Connly of Bur- 
lington in the Province of West Jersey, yeo- 
and [man, 

Thomas Potts junr of ye County of Burling- 
George Porter. ton yeoman 

Consideration ^60 144 Acres being part of 
that 150 acres purchased by the said Geo Porter of ffrancis Austin by 
Deed of Conveyance dated Jany 2 1697 Situated on y* next creek north 
from John Woolstons & lying between ye lands of sd John Woolston 
& Thomas Revell within ye Township of Mansfield in ye county of 
Burlington (except & reserved forth by ye sd 144 acres 8 acres thereof 
heretofore by ye sd George Porter unto Edward Boulton granted, sold 
&c Sealed & delivered in y^ p'sence of William Pancoast James. An- 
tram by his mark J J Tho: Revell of ye Gov''no'"s Council 

He married Mary, daughter of Nathaniel Records, of 
Mansfield Township, Burlington County, on June 20, 1698, 
and the following record thereof is found in the old Burling- 
ton Book of Court Records. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 135 

'i'HOS. Potts & ] Thomas Potts & Mary Records solemnized their 

I marriage at ye House of The: Potts (ffather of s'' 

:\L\KV Records [ ^j^^^ ^ ■ ^^ Burhngton y^ Twentieth day of June 1698 

r)efore Tho: Revell, Anthony Elton & Tho: Bibb 

Justices & before many -witnesses. 

June 20''' 1698 

There is a tradition in the family that Thomas Potts, Jr.'s 
parents having died at sea, the young Thomas was brought 
up by Nathaniel Records and when he grew to manliood he 
married Nathaniel's daughter. It is probable that his 
mother died, leaving him an infant; but his father lived to 
old age. It is at least quite evident that Nathaniel Records 
thought well of his young son-in-law, because on March S, 
1702, he executed a deed wherein 

Nathaniel Records, of the Townshippe of Mansfield, in the County 
of Burlington within the Province of West Jersey, Yeoman, of the first 
part. And Thomas Potts, of the same place. Husbandman, of the oth- 
er part, WITNESSETH that the said Nathaniel Records for and in con- 
sideration of a marriage allready had and Solemnized between the said 
Thomas Potts and Mary, the Daughter of the said Nathaniel, and as 
a marriage portion with her the said Mary, for their better support 
and supply and for the natural love and aff adlion which hee the said 
Nathaniel hath and beareth to the said Thomas Potts, his sonne in 
law, and to the said Mary, his Daughter, Hath Given, Granted,, etc., 
■■■" * * -X- unto the said Thomas Potts, his Heirs, etc. 

This deed conveyed two tradls of land in Mansfield Town- 
ship, one of fifty acres, purchased of George Porter May 24, 
1686, and one of one hundred and sixty-five acres, purchased 
of the .said George Porter December 5, 1696. B5' this deed 
the grantor reserved a one half interest during his life time.* 
Nathaniel Records died inte.state and Letters of Adniini-stra- 
tion were issued to Thomas Potts, March 4, 1705-6. 

The records in the Surveyor General's Office show a sur- 
vey, in 1722, of 125 acres in Mansfield Township, belong- 
ing to Thomas Potts. 

* Note. The original deed written on parchment is in possession of a descend- 
ant at Beaver Falls. Penna. 

136 Thk Potts Family in" Amkkica. 

In Swank's Histojy of Iro7i in All Ages, 2d edition, 1892, 
is the following communication from Hon. Austin N. Hun- 

In 1722 the eredlion of a blooniery forge was undertaken by Isaac 
Horner, Daniel Farnsworth and Joseph Borden, on the west side of 
Black's Creek, which rises near Georgetown, in Burlington County, 
and runs a northwesterly course between Mansfield and Chesterfield 
Townships, and empties into the Delaware at Bordentown. On Feb- 
ruary I, 1725, the jjartly erecled forge with the property connedled 
with it was conveyed by the three proprietors to Thomas Potts, a son- 
in-law of Joseph Borden. On the same day he conveyed one undivid- 
ed half of the property to Daniel Coxe, (of whom mention is made 
that he had been interested in the manufacture of iron for several 
years), and one fourth to John Allen, Potts retaining one fourth in- 
terest for himself. The forge was completed in the summer of 1725, 
and was probably operated for a few years, but no account of it has 
been obtained. The property afterwards passed into the hands of a 
Mr. Lewis of Philadelphia. Thomas Potts had emigrated in the 
Shield, which brought so many enugrants to West Jerse}-. 

Joseph Borden furnished the capital for his son-in-law. 
Referring to the same property, the Pe?msylva7iia Gazette of 
December 20, 1739, contains the following advertisement. 

To Be Sold. Three fourth parts of an Iron Work and Grist Mill, 
.scituate within half a Mile of Burdens-Town, in the County of Bur- 
lington, lying about the Distance of a small mile up a Navigable 
Creek which empties into the Delaware River close by Burdens-town; 
whereby the Water Carriage up and down that River is rendered very 
commodious : Together with three fourths of 17 acres of Land and ;, 
Acres of Meadow purchased for Iron Oar. Also a Coal House and 
many other Necessaries for carrying on the said Work, the' now some- 
what out of Repair. Anj' person inclined to purchase the same, 
may apply to Samuel Bustill of Burlington and John Cox of Trenton, 
Attorneys at Law, two of the Executors of Daniel Cox, Esq: de- 
ceased, who are empowered to sell the satne, where they may be in- 
fomi'd of the Conditions of sale. 

N. B. Mr. Thomas Potts, who owns the other Quarter Part of the 
Premises, will be inclined to sell with the said Executors on reason- 
able Terms. 

* Note. Mr. A. N. Hmigerfonl iiiforni.s the compiler Iiereof that the deeds are 
recorded in the Burlington books. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 137 

Two questions arise, one as to the identity of Joseph Bor- 
den, and the other as to the identity of Thomas Potts, men- 
tioned in the foregoing transactions. There were at the 
time not only several Thomas Potts', but also several Jo- 
seph Bordens. Those who have written upon the subject. 
seem to have assumed that this Joseph Borden was he who 
subseqitently became the founder of Bordentown. To say 
the least this seems very improbable. 

Jo.seph Borden, the founder of Bordentown, and son of 
Benjamin Borden, was born May 12, 1687, which would make 
him, at the signing of the deed, not yet 38 years of age. It 
.seems unlikely that he had a married daughter at that date. 
His biographers place the time of his marriage at about the 
year 17 16,* and his children are all accounted for and no 
daughter married a Thomas Potts, but two of them did mar- 
ry sons of Thomas Potts, Jr., (Mansfield), subsequently. 
Again, there is no evidence that Joseph Borden, (the found- 
er), had a step-son Thomas Potts who might have been des- 
ignated as sott-in-law, or that he had a step-daughter who 
may have married a Thomas Potts. It is also alleged that 
the purchase of land by Joseph Borden, (the founder j, 
at Farnsworths Landing, f was not made until 1724. It is 
therefore assumed that the Joseph Borden of the foregoing 
deed was not Joseph Borden, (the founder). 

There were, at the date of making the deed, six Thomas 
Potts' , in West Jersey, and Pennsylvania of marriageable 
age, if we include Thomas, son of Thomas Potts, Jr. (Mans- 
field), then just past 18 years of age. All these are fairly 
well accounted for, and the only one who may have mar- 
ried a daughter of a Joseph Borden before 1725, seems 
to be Thomas Potts, Jr., (Mansfield). On account of the 

* Note. As Joseph Borden had seven children and the youngest was born in 
1723. he must have married at an earlier date. 

t Note. Thomas Farnsworth, of England, landed at Burlington in 1677, located 
on the site of Bordentown, became the owner of 548 acres of land, and established 
a ferry there known as Farnsworths Landing. 


138 TiTK Potts Family in America. 

j^reat disparity of the a.^es of his elder and youn<<er children, 
it seems probable that they were by different wives. Fur- 
thermore, Mary, the wife of this Thomas Potts, died April 
2, 1 741, a.s^ed 56 years, 8 months, 26 days. This shows that 
.she was born al)out September 5, 1684. If this Mary Potts 
was Mary Records, then she was less than 14 years of age 
at the time of her marriage in 1698, which is extremely im- 
probable. Therefore, while not positivly proven, it is rea- 
.sonably certain that Thomas Potts, Jr., (Man.sfield), mar- 
ried for his second wife Mary daughter of Joseph Borden. 

^^ Thomas Potts was the executor of his father's will, and 
^will he became po.sses.sed of a lot of groiuid on Chestnut 
Street, Philadelphia which he sold in 1728, as appears from 
the following deed recorded in Deed-Book H, page 7.S. 

Deed of Thomas Potts to George House. 

This Indenture made the loth day of March, in the year of our Lord, 
One Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty Eight, Between Thomas 
Potts, only son and heir at law of Thomas Potts, late of the City of 
Philadelphia, in the Province of Pennsylvania, Tanner, deceased, of 
the one Part, and George, of the .said City, Cordwainer, of the 
other part Witnesseth, that the .said Thomas Potts, the .son, for and in 
consideration of the sum of Twenty-five Pounds lawful money of Penn- 
sylvania, to him paid by the said George House, hath granted, bar- 
gained, .sold, enfeoffed and confirmed and by these presents doth grant, 
bargain, sell, enfeoff and confirm unto the said George House, and to 
his heirs and assigns a Certain Lot or Piece of Ground situate in the 
said Cit}-, of Thirteen foot Six inches breadth and length Fifty-one 
foot, bounded northward with Chestnut Street, ea.stward with Caleb's house and ground, south wani with a Lot of the late Henry 
Tregany now Thomas Peters, and westward with a Lot late of William 
Budd, now also of the said Thomas Peters which piece of Ground was 
fonnerly granted by Caleb Cash of said City last-maker, unto William 
Carter of the .same place Block-maker, in Fee by Deed dated the thir- 
tieth of September One Th<nisand Seven Hundred and on 
Record at Philadelphia, aforesaid, Book B, Vol. 3, page 276, Wlio 
granted unto Daniel Gaunt t)f the said City, Cordwainer in fee by In- 
denture on the First day of Ocflober, One Thou-sand seven Hundred 

Thomas Potts, (Shisld), and Family. 139 

and on Record at Philadelphia, Book E3, Vol. 6, page 19, 

Paying unto the said William Carter, his heirs and assigns forever, the 
yearly Rent of Two Pounds Four Shillings and Nine Pence Half-Pen- 
ny, at two Days of payment in the year, Viz. the Twenty-five of 
March and Twenty-ninth of September by equal Portions, the first 
Payment at the Twenty-flfth day of March ne.-ct ensueing the date 
***** of the .same indenture, And the said Daniel 
Gaunt granted the same piece of Ground unto the said Thomas Potts 
in Fee by Indenture of the Second of Odlober One thou.sand Seven 
Hundred and on record at Philadelphia aforesaid, Book 

E5, Vol. 7, Page 122, under the rent aforesaid, as by the .same Deed 
and Indentures Relation thereunto had appears, Together with the 
Walls, Bricks, Timber, and Stuff on the same Lot being or thereto be- 
longing Which remain unconsumed by a conflagration that lately 
happened unto a messuage thereon lately being Together also with 
all and singular the Cellar Walls, Ways, Walls, Waters, Watercourses, 
Kasements, Rights, Liberties, Privileges, Hereditaments, and Appur- 
tenances unto the same piece of Ground hereby Granted belonging 
and the Reversions and Remainders thereof. 

To have and to hold the said piece of Ground and Premises hereby 
granted or mentioned to be granted with the appurtenances unto the 
said Geroge House his heirs and assigns forever, under the yearly 
Quit-Rent hereafter accrueing for the same to the Chief Lord of the 
Fee thereof and subjecft to the said Yearly Rent of Two Pounds Four 
Shillings Nine Pence Half-Penny herein before recited as the same 
shall hereafter grow due, and the said Thomas Potts, the Son, and his 
heirs, the said piece of Ground and Premises hereby Granted or men- 
tioned to be granted with the appurtenances unto the said George 
House, his heirs and assigns, against him the said Thomas Potts, par- 
ty hereto and his Heirs and against all and every other person what- 
soever lawfully claiming or to claim by, from or under him, them or 
any of them, or by, from or under the said Thomas Potts, the father, 
shall and will under the several rents aforesaid, Warrant and forever 
defend by these presents, and the said Thomas Potts, party hereto for 
him.self, his Heirs, Executors, and Administrators, doth covenant, 
promise and grant to and with the said George House, his Heirs and 
Assigns by these presents, That the said Thomas Potts, Party hereto, 
and his heirs and all and every other Person or Persons ha\-ing claimed 
or to claim any Estate, Right, Title or Interest of, in or to the Prem- 
ises or any part or parcel thereof by, from or under him, them or any 
of them or by, from or under the said Thomas Potts, the father, shall 
and will at the request, cost and charges in Law of the said George 

I40 The Potts Family in America. 

House his heirs and assigns make, execute and acknowledge or 
cause so to be, all and every such further and other reasonable adl and 
acts, Deed or Deeds, Device or Devices in Law whatsoever for the fur- 
ther and better assurance and confirmation' of the said Lot or Piece of 
(iround, Hereditaments and Premises hereby granted or mentioned to 
be granted with the appurtenances under the said several Rents, Unto 
the said George House his heirs and assigns as by him or them or by 
his or their Counsel learned in the Law shall be reasonal>ly devised, 
advised or requiri;d. 

In Witness whereof the said Parties to these Presents have inter- 
changeably set their hands and seals hereunto. Dated the daj- and 
year first above written. Thomas Pott.s. (Seal] 

Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us, 
Thomas Joseph Brientnall. 

[Indorsed]. Received the Day of the Date of the within written 
Indenture of the within named George House the sum of Twenty-five 
Pounds, It being the consideration money mentioned and Received. 

Witnesses Present at signing "p^ me Thc Potts. 

Thomas Test. Joseph Brientnall. 

In 1 741 Thomas Pott.s is found in Southampton Town- 
ship, Bucks County, Penn.sylvania. His wife died April 2, 
1741, and was buried in the Southampton Baptist grave- 
yard. Her tombstone bears the following inscription. 

In Memory of 
Mary late wife of Thomas Potts, 

Deceased April 2d, 1741, 
Aged 56 years 8 months 26 days. 

On September 24, 1741, Thomas Potts, yeoman, of South- 
ampton Township, Bticks County, purcha.sed 5 acres and 60 
perches, in the Manor of Moreland, from I.saac Walton and 
Sarah his wife, of Byberrv. * 

Like his father, he, mindful of the Biblical injuu<flion 
that It is not good that man should be alone, again married 
about March, 1742, as his third(?) wife, Rebecca, widow of 

* See Deetl-Kook I, page 398, at Philadelphia. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 141 

Joshua Wright, and daughter of Mahlon and Rebecca Sta- 
cy.* The following is the record of tlie liceUvSe as it appears 
in the License Book in the ofEce of the Secretary of State 
at Trenton, New Jersey. 

License of Marriage on the Eighth Da}' of March A D 1742 was 
iiranted by his Kxcellency Lewis Morris Esqr. Governor &c. unto 
Thomas Potts of Southampton in the County of Bucks in the province 
of pennyslv* Gent, of the one party & Rel^ecca Wright of New Han- 
over in the County of Bur'" Widow of the other part}'. 

Arch^ Home Secry. 

Rebecca Stacy, the seventh child of Mahlon and Rebec- 
ca, was born June 8, 1684, and married Joshua Wright, 
June 7, 1705, and had children, Joshua, Mahlon, Nathan, 
David, Elizabeth, and Rebecca. 

On February 3, 1743, Thomas Potts, of Southampton 
Township in the County of Bucks, conveyed unto his son 
Joshua Potts, of the Manor of Moreland, County of Phila- 
delphia, j^eoman, a messuage and lot of land in Hatborough, 
in the Manor of Moreland, on the York Road. 

Mahlon Stacy, Jr., of Burlington County, New Jersey, 
siezed of lands, died intestate, leaving as heirs his sisters, 
Mary Pownell, Ruth Atkin.son, and Rebecca Potts, and the 
children of his deceased sisters, Amos Janney and Mahlon 
Kirkbride. On March 5, 1742, and just prior to her mar- 
riage with Thomas Potts, Rebecca Wright conveyed a share 
of her inheritance, as an heir to the estate of her brother 

* The Stacy Family. Mahlon Stacy and family, of Handworth, Yorkshire, 
England, came passengers in the Shield, and settled in Burlington County, New 
Jersey. His wife's name was Rebecca. He died 2 mo. 5, 1704. Their children 

1 John Stacy, b. g mo. 30, 1671. 

2 Elizabeth Stacy, b. S mo. 17, 1673; m. Abel Janney, i mo. 7, 1699-1700. 

3 Sarah .Stacy, b. 7 mo. 4, 1675; m. Joseph Kirkbride, 10 rao. 3, 1702. 

4 Mary Stacy, b. 4 mo, 12, 1677; m. Reuben Pownell, i mo. 7, 1699-1700. 

5 Ruth Stacj', b. r mo. 30, 16S0; m. ist, William Beakes, 3 mo. 3, 1705; m. 2nd, 

Samuel Atkinson, 7 mo. 12, 1714. 

6 Rebecca Stacy, b. 7 mo. 30, 1682; d. y. 

7 Rebecca Stacy, b. 4 mo. 8, 1684; m. ist, Joshua Wright, 4 mo. 7, 1705; md. 2nd, 

Thomas Potts, March 8, 1742. 

8 Mahlon Stacy, b. 2 mo. 7, 1686; tn. Sarah Bainbridge, 3 rao. i, 1712. 

142 The Potts Family in America. 

Mahlon Stacy, deceased, to her six children. In the divi- 
sion of the estate certain parts fell to heirs who convey to 
others, as shown by the abstradls of deeds given below. 

Sept. 19, 1744. Samuel Atkinson, of Burlinj^ton County, yeoman, 
and Ruth his wife; Amos Janney, of Fairfax County, Va., yeoman; 
Mahlon Kirkbride, Esq., of Bucks County, Pa.; and Thomas .Atkinson, 
of Burlington County, yeoman; convey to Thomas Potts, Ksq., of 
Bucks County, and Rebecca his wife; Joshua Wright, Mahlon \Vri<rht, 
Nathan Wright, David Wright, John Terry and Rebecca his wife, and 
Isaac Knight, Jr., of Philadelphia County, yeoman, and Elizabeth his 
wife. Mary Pownell had Vjefore conveyed her interest to Thomas .At- 
kinson. [See Liber G H, page 281, West Jersey Deeds.] 

Sept. 19, 1744. Thomas Potts and Rebecca his wife, and Mahlon 
Kirkbride, of Bucks County; Samuel Atkinson and wife Ruth, Thom- 
as Atkinson, yeoman, Joshua Wright, Mahlon Wright, Nathan Wright, 
Da\-id Wright, John Terry and wife Rebecca, Isaac Knight and wife 
Elizabeth, to Amos Janney of Fairfax County, Va., certain properly 
in Hunterdon County, N. J. [See Liber G H, page 400.] 

Sept. 19, 1744. Thomas Potts, et al., to Mahlon Kirkbride. [See 
G H, page 403.] 

Sept. 19, 1744. Thomas Potts, et al., to Thomas Atkinson, of Bur- 
lington County, part of the estate of Mahlon Stacj-, — 416 acres and al- 
lowance; another tra<5l of 400 acres; and 51}^ acres, part of 370 acres 
near Trenton. [See Liber G H, page 406.] 

Dec. 12, 1745. Thomas Potts, and Rebecca his wife, of Burlitigton 
County, et al., lawful successors to the estate of Mahlon Stacy, late of 
Burlington County, constitute Sanmel Atkinson and Joshua Wright, 
attorneys to sell lands in Northampton Township, and one third of 
iron works and furnace on Neshaminy. [See G H, page 380.] 

April 17, 1747. Thomas Potts and Rebecca his wife, of New Jersey, 
et al., to John Abraham De Normandie of the County of Bucks, mer- 
chant, for jCyJO, one third part of 345 acres with furnace, forges, &c., 
in Northampton Township, Burlington County, late the estate of 
Mahlon Stacy. [See Liber H, page 115.] 

Odl. 17, 1750. Thomas Potts, Esq., and Rebekah his wife, of Bur- 
lington County, et al., to John Monrow, of Northampton Township, 
yeoman, for ;^4o, some meadow ground, late of Mahlon Stacy, in 
Northampton. [See Liber L, page 56.] 

O i* 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), amd Family. 143 

In a deed dated January i, 1754, made by Thomas Potts 
and Rebecca his wife, of Mansfield Township, Burlington 
County, he mentions the natural love and affection he bears 
to his son William Potts, yeoman. On the same day he 
conveyed land in Mansfield Township, which he had bought 
in 1724, to Nathaniel Potts of the same place, for ^200. 

Thomas Potts, like his father, was a Baptist. The Pen- 
nypack Baptist Church records show that both he and Mary 
his wife were baptized at Cold Spring June 29, 1707, by 
Evan Morgan. He was one of the orginal members at the 
organization of the Church at Southampton,* Bucks 
Count}', Pennsylvania, in 1746, when his son Joshua Potts 
became its first stated pastor. 

He died February 2, 1754, and was buried in the Baptist 
graveyard at Bordentown, Burlington County. The follow- 
ing record thereof is copied from the Southampton Baptist 
Church books. 

1754. Thomas Potts, Died at his House in West Jersey the 2'"^ Day 
of Februarj', and was Buried at Burdentown the 4*-^ of the same 
Month aged 76 years and one month. 

His tombstone still remains in the old Baptist graveyard at 
Bordentown and bears the insciption as given below. [See 

Here Lyeth the Body of 

Thomas Potts who 

Departed this Life February 

the 2^ 1754. Aged 76 Years 

and one Month. 

His will, made the " Thirtyet day of Jenawary in the 
Year of our Lord, 1754," is on file at Trenton, New Jersey, 

* Note. The Southampton Church was built in 1731 and used for monthly ser- 
vices by some members 01 Pennypack Baptist Church living in that neighborhood, 
and a Society of Keithians, until 1746, when it was incorporated as a Baptist 
Church, with Rev. Joshua Potts as the first Pastor. 

144 Tf^E Potts Family in* America. 

and recorded in Liber 8, page 29. It was proven p-ebniar}- 
27, 1754. He mention;^ the following. 

Son Nathaniel Potts, 5 s., he having already been pro\'i<fe<l for. 

Son Joshua Potts, ^250, and a lot in Burlington. 

Son William Potts, 5 s., he hax-ing heretofore been provided for. 

Daughter Rebecca Cox's children, /^loo, to l»e divided aint>ng them. 

Daughter Ann Folwell, ;^kjo, (wife of William Fohvell /. 

Daughter Marj', wife of John Cox, j^ioo. 

My son Thomas Potts's children, /'loo, to be divided among them. 

Wife Rebecca Potts, ;^5, having heretofore well provided for her by 
an instrument signed bj' me and in the hands of Samuel .\tkinson, 
and use of rume [room} called parlor and conveniences, as well as ser- 
vices of negro woman Anjegelico, as long as Rel)ecca remains my 

He had lands and meadow's adjoining William Black's plantation, 
in Mansfield Township, and known as Great Meadows. He had negro 
slaves Jafat, a mulatto; Jack, a negro; and .\ngelico, a negro. 

His executors were sons Joshua and William Potts, and son-in-law 
Thomas Cox. The witnesses were John Bates and Jeremiah Bates, 
[Quakers], and Thomas Folks. The inventory filed amounted to 

Joshua Potts, William Potts and Thomas Cox were duly sworn as 
executors ou February 27, 1754. 

Here i.s given a fair copy of his signature a.s appended to 
the will, ■■ ^ 

The compiler has been unable to procure any other copy 
of his autograph, and as this was written in old age and 
only three days before his decease when he was in feeble 
health, it is not to be taken as a fair sample. 

Thomas Potts, Jr., was the father of five sons and three 
daughters, all of whom grew to manhood and womanhood 
except perhaps the eldest, who probably died young. 

The old Burlington Book of Records 1680, contains the 
following entry in the back part of the book. 

Thomas Potts married Mary Records — June 20, 1698. 

Richard Potts born on Sunday Dec 17, 1699 about 8th hower at night 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 145 

The following records of births are taken from an old Bi- 
ble in possession of the family at Trenton. 

Richard ye sonne of Thomas and Mary Potts was bourne on Sunday, 
3'e 7th day of December Anno 1699, about Sth hour at night. 

Tliomas Potts son of Thomas Potts and Mary his wife of Manstield, 
County of Burlington, grandson of Thomas Potts, late of Philadelphia, 
Tanner, was born on 17 day of loth Month, old style. Anno Domini, 

Children ok Thom.^s, Jr., .\nd M.\rv (Rkcokds) Potts. 

5 Richard Potts, b. Dec, 17; 1699. No further account. 

6 ReV)ecca Potts, b. ■; m. Thomas Cox. 

7 Ann Potts, b. Nov. 26, 1704; m. William I'olwell, Dec. 6, 1727. 
S Thomas Potts, b 10 mo. 17, 1705-6; d. 1742; m. Sarah Beakes. 
9 Mary Potts, b. ; m. John Cox. 

10 Nathaniel Potts; b. — — ; d. June 1761; u\. Susanna Kallam, 

Children of Thomas, Jr., .\nd M.\rv ( Bordkn) Potts. 

11 Joshua Potts, b. 1719; d. June 18, 1761; m. .\nn Borden. 

12 William Potts, b. 1721; d. July 15, 17S3; ni. Amy Borden. 

6 Rebecca Potts,* (Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,"), 
daughter of Thomas and Mary (Records) Potts, was born 
about 1702. She married Thomas Cox, (perhaps son of 
John Cox,) who was born June iS, 1700, and died June 5, 
1783. He was one of the executors of the will of Thomas 
Potts, his father-in-law, 1754. Rebecca seems to have died 
before 1754, as her father makes a to her children 
and not to her. The name of only one of their children 
has come to the notice of the compiler. 

Children of Thomas and Rebecca ( Potts ) Cox. 

13 Richard Cox, m. Mercy Taylor. A daughter Rebecca (born 
July 25, 1753; died February, 1792.), md. Rev. John Pitman. 

14^ The Potts Family in America. 

7 Ann Potts,^ (Thomas, ^ Thomas,' Richard,"), daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Mary ( Records) Potts, was born Nov. 26, 
1 704. She married W'ilHam Fohvell, son of Nathan and 
Ann Fohvell, of Burlington County, Dec. 6, 1727. He was 
})orn March 30, 1704, and died June 4, 1776. They settled 
in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and in 1755 united with 
the Southampton Baptist Church upon letters from 
wicks Church in Burlington Comity, New Jersey. fe*weca 
died February 20, i 788. 

Chii.drkn ok Wii.r.iAM .\nd Ann (Potts) Foi.wici.i,. 

14 Joseph Fohvell. :n. Ann Boilean. 

15 Thomas Folwell, ni. E;iizabeth Watts. 

16 John F'^ohvell, ni. Klizabeth Boileau. 

17 vSarah Folwell, ni. Nathan Watts. 

18 A <laughter. 

8 Thomas Potts, 3 Jr., (Tanner), (Thomas,^ Thom- 
as, ' Richard,"), son of Thomas and Mar}^ (Records) Potts, 
born 10 mo. (Dec. ), 17, 1706, a tanner by occupation, and 
resident of Mansfield Township, Burlington County, mar- 
ried Sarah Beakes, 8 mo, (0(5t.), 29, 1730, and died 1742, 
aged about 35 3'ears. When nece.s.sary to distinguish him 
from other persons of the same name he will be designated 
as ' ' Thomas Potts, Jr. . ( Tanner) . ' ' 

By the will of his grandfather, Thomas Potts, (Shield), he 
inherited a lot of ground in Gilbert's Alley, Philadelphia,* 
which he conveyed to Andrew Edge, by a deed dated Aug- 14, 1728, but not recorded until 16, 1799. The 
following a copy thereof, as recorded at Philadelphia, in 
Deed- Book D 77, page 275. 

Deed of Thomas Potts, Jr., ( Tanner), to Andrew Edge. 

This Indentnre made the fonrteenth day of August in the year of 
Lcjrd One thousand seven hundred and Twent}' F-ight, Between 
Thomas Potts of Mansfield in the County of Burlington in the West- 
ern Division of the Province of New Jersey, Tanner, of the one part, 

* See page 132, ante 

Thomas Potts, (vShield), amd Family. 147 

and Andrew Edge of the City of Philadelphia in the Province of Penn- 
sylvania, Cordwainer, of the other part, 

WITNESSETH that the said Thomas Potts for and in consideration of 
One hnndred Ponnds lawful money»of Pennsylvania to him paid by 
the said Andrew PMge and for divers other good causes and consider- 
ations him especially moving, hath granted Consigned Sold t^n- 
feoffed and Confirmed and l>y these presents doth grant bargain sell 
Enfeoff and confirm unto the said Andrew Edge a Certain Messuage 
or Tenement and IvOt or piece of ground thereunto Ijelonging Situate 
iji the said City, of fifteen foot in breadth and in length fl'ortv Plight 
foot and a half. Bounded Eastward with ground of Arthur Wells at 
the distance of fifteen foot from Thomas's ground. Southward with 
Widow Redmony Lot, Westward with other ground late of said Ar- 
thur Wells lately granted unto the said Andrew Edge, and Northward 
with five foot of ground which divides this from a Certain ten foot alle\- 
so as to make the same Alley fifteen foot Broad, which fifteen foot of 
ground hereljy granted was lately conveyed t)v Arthur Wells vf Ben- 
salem in the County of Bucks in the said province of Pennsylvania. 
Cordwainer, one of the sons of Arthur Wells late of the Citv of Phila- 
delphia aforesaid Smith deceased, unto TlKmias Potts of the said Cit^ 
Tanner, Grandfather of the said Thomas Potts party hereto, in ffee bv 
Certain Indentures of Lease and Release of the Twenty Eighth and 
Twenty Ninth days of July A". D'. One thousand seven hundred and 
Twenty four. Whi3 being then seized of the premises devisrd the same 
by his last will and Te.staraent dated the Twenty fifth dav of t'ebruarv 
one thousand seven hundred and Twenty four.* unto his said Grand- 
son in flfee and died. Together also with all and singular the Wa^•s 
Alleys Passages Waters Watercourses Lights P'asements Rights Liber- 
ties Privileges Improvements Hereditaments and Appurtenances there- 
unto belonging or in any wise appertaining and the Reversions Re- 
mainders Rents Issues and profits thereof and all the Estate Right Ti- 
tle Interest Use pos.session property Claim and Demand whatsoever 
of him the said Thomas Potts party hereunto of in and to the hereb> 
granted premises and the said recited Indentures To have and to hold 
the said Messuage Lot or piece of ground Hereditaments and premises 
hereby granted or mentioned to be granted with appurtenances unto 
the said Andrew Edge his heirs and assigns To the only proper use 
iind Behoof of him tlie said Andrew Edge his heirs and assigns forever, 
lender the proportionable part of the Yearly Quit Rent hereafter ac- 
cruing for the hereby granted premises to the Chief Lord of the ffee 

And the said Thomas Potts party hereto and his Heirs the said Mcs- 

* NoTi;. In tlie Xevv Style Calendar the year would be 1725. 

14.S Thk Potts Fajmii.v in A.^rKKicA. 

suaj^f Lot or piece (jf ground Herir<liUuiifi)ts and premises herein- 
granled or mentioned to be granted witli tlie apurtenances unto tlie 
said Andrew Rdge his Heirs and assigns against him the said Thomas 
Potts party liereunto and his heirs against tlie Heirs of the said Thom- 
as Potts the Grandfather deceased an<l against all and every other per- 
son and persons whatsoever lawfully claiming or to claim by from or 
under him them or any of them shall and will warr* & forever De- 
feu<l by these presents 

In Witness whereof the said parties to these presents have inter- 
changably set their hands and Seals hereunto Dated the Day and 
year first above written. [Signed.] Tho° PoTTS, J UN'' [Seal.] 

Sealed and declared in the pre.sence of us 
Cha. Brockdkn Chris Denning. 

.Mkmorand-"*' the fourteenth day of A. D. One thousand 
seven hundred and twenty eight full and peaceable Seizure of the Mes- 
suage or Tenement and piece of ground & Hereditaments within men- 
tioned to be granted was delivered by the within named Thomas Potts 
to the within named Andrew Edge his Heirs and Assigns according to 
form and Effect of the within Indenture. Witness present Cha. Brock- 
den. vSam" Hall 

The vSixteenth day of May in the year of our I^ord 1760, Before me 
Thomas Lawrence Esquire One of the Justices of the Peace &c. Per- 
sonally appeared Charles Brockden of the City of Philadelphia Gent, 
and upon his solemn Affirmation according to Law did say and affirm 
that he was present and (iid .see the within named Thomas Potts Jun- 
ior Seal and as his Deed Deliver the within written Indenture and that 
his this affirmants name subscribed unto the same as Witness thereof 
is of his this affirmants own hand writing. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day 
& year aboves'' [Signed.] Tho Lawrence [t..s.] 

Recorded the i6th day of 1799. 

Oil 8 nio. [Ocl.], 29, 1730, Thomas Potts married Sarah 
Beakes, daughter of William and Ruth (Stacy) Beakes. 
He was brought up under the influence of the religious 
teaching of the Bapti.sts, but at his marriage became aflili- 
ated with F'riends. Looking forward to marriage with the 
young Quakeress, he addres.sed the following letter to the 
Meeting to which .she was attached. The original is in the 
custody of the Chesterfield Monthly Meeting. 

Thomas Potts, (Shikld), and Family. 149 

RespecTied ffriends. 

I have a Desire & Inclination to Consumate my intended Marriage 
with one of your Perswasion, in the way which is practiced & Es- 
teemed most Reputable amongst ffriends. — 

And to accomodate the same with Decency & Order; it will ( I pre- 
sume ) he e.xpe<fted (by another meeting) that I produce some Certifi- 
cate, or Recommendation of my Regular Living. I send these to ap- you, & Desire \-our Consideracon thereon; That I purpose to Re- 
quest such a favour of you at j'our next Monthh' Meeting. If it be 
thought proper — And as I would be very carefull not to bring any Re- 
proach upon a Society- of well Disciplined Christians ; to that End I 
shall endeavour to adl nothing that ma}' Disoltlige anv^ party, that are 
Either Related, or otherwise concerned. 

My Parents have been acquainted with my Intention in this partic- 
ular and Do assent theretoo. And fur myself I do greatly approve of 
Your Method of Marriage, as the same in my Judgement, is verv con- 
sistent to vScripture, Good Rule & Decency. But becauee I am appre- 
hensive it may be obje<5led that the Different way in which I have 
been Educated, had Excluded me from your Protcdlion and assistance 
in this respect, & that my Condesention may be only to gain a partic- 
ular End, & to have it in my power to Subvert & Disswade a Vertuous 
Innocent person from these good principals in which she is now Es- 
tablished. To which Objec?tions I would thus far answer : That I be- 
lie\'e my Education to have made very Little more or other Difference 
than to Introduce & give Sanction to Several Customs in Salutation, 
Dress &c. that are not held Decent & practiced amongst you ; for as 
far as I have Informed myself into y"" principals, I have found them 
warrentably Soported, & veiy Consonant to the workings of my own 
mind. And for me to conform with any Society & and to Embrace 
a new Opinion from no other motive or better Testimony, than to gain 
a particular End: or Common Interest, would Discover a greater Weak- 
ness & Impiety, that I hope Ever to be Tin<ftured with. And because 
I am greatly Inclined to favour the principals which you hold, it is 
therefore far from m}- Intentions; & very Improbable, that I shall ev- 
er Endeavour the alteration or subversion of the opinion of my Inten- 
ded Partner: well knowing that the Consequence would tend to my 
own Infeliscity & Disquiet — and Tho' I am not fully satisfied Imedi- 
ately to fall in with every pumftillio in y*^ oeconomy ; I am very De- 
sirous to Live & Maintain a Sincear friendship & Christian Commu- 
nion with all & Each of you. 

Thus much by the hands of a friend. I thought ^per to ^sent to 
you ; & Desire you would Deliberate thereon^ begging your Indul- 

150 Thk Potts Family jn Amhrica. 

but if fur g 
>ue Respecli 

jjence in the af** Request ; but if fur guod reascjus r;.'je6lefl shall rt'St. 
Satisfied. Who am with Due Respecls 

Wliitehill 24^'' July 1730 


Thomas Potts was evideiitl_\' in very (^ood repute anionji' 
Friends, and his case met with favorable consideration. The 
following are copies of the records of the ' ' passing- meet- 
ing" of the young couple as found entered upon the min- 
utes of Chesterfield Monthly Meeting of Friends. 

At a Monthh- Meeting of I'Yiends held at onr Meeting House in 
Chesterfield the 6"' of the 6'"" 1730. 

Thomas Potts Jun'' though not educated in our Society after liariTig 
made some way by Friends of our last preparative Meeting acquainted 
this Meeting that he had a desire to proceed in marriage with vSarah 
Beakes who hath been educated under her parents in the Religious 
way of Friends & that he had under his consideration the consistency 
of Friends' principles & found them in his Judgment very agreeable 
& therefore requests this Meeting to recommend him to their Friends 
as they can have freedom Whereupoii we appoint our Friends Isaac 
Horner & Isaac Harrow to make inquiry concerning his conversatior 
& of his clearness from all other women on account of marriage tt 
make report to onr next Monthly Meeting 

At a Monthly Meeting of Friends held at their Meeting House in 
Chesterfield the third day of the Seventh month [September] 1730 

The Friends appointed last meeting to enquire concerning Tliomas 
Potts' conversation and clearness on account of marriage find nothing 
to obstruct his having a few lines by way of certificate and granted 
him one from this Meeting according as his conversation & education 
have been & further that he hath giveii us to l)elieve that he is con- 
vinced of our Principles 

Marriage Certificate of Thomas Potts, Jr., and Sarah Beakes. 

Whereas Thomas Potts of the Township of INIansfield in the County 
of Burlington and Province of New Jersey Yeoman and Sarah Beakes 
of the Township of Chester in the said County having declared their 
Intentions of Marriage with each other before several Monthly Meet- 
ings of the People called Quakers at Haddonfield in the County of 
Gloscester and Province aforesaid according to the g<Jod order used 

Thomas Potts, (Shiei.d), and Family. 151 

iiuoiigst them ^vhose proceedings therein after deliberate Considera- 
tion thereof having consent of Parents and Relatives concerned noth- 
ing appearing to obstrucfl were approved of by the said Meeting 

Now these are to Certify all whom it may concern that for the full 
accomplishing their said Intentions this twenty ninth dav of the 
eighth montli in the vear of our Lord one thousand seven hundred 
and thirty they the said Thomas Potts and Sarah Beakes appeared in 
;i publick Meeting of the said People and others at the Meeting House 
in the Township of Chester And the said Thomas Potts taking the 
said Sarah Beakes by the Hand did in a solemn manner openly declare 
that he took her to be his Wife Promising to be unto her a loving and 
faithfull Husband untill the Lord should by Death seperate them and 
ilien and there in the said assembly the said vSarah Beakes did in like 
manner declare that she took the said Thomas Potts to be her Hus- 
band Promising to be unto him a faithfull and loving Wife untill it 
should please the Lord by death to seperate them. And moreover the 
said Thomas Potts and Sarah Beakes ( she according to the custom of 
INIarriage assuming the Name of her Husband) as a further confima- 
lion thereof then and there to these presents set their Hands And we 
'A hose names are hereunto subscribed being among others at the Sol- 
emnization of the said Marriage and Subscription in manner aforesaid 
as Witnesses thereunto have also to these presents set our Hands the 
day & 3-ear above written. 1730. Tho^ Potts Jun"^ 

Sarah Potts 

Peter Fearon 
William Hollingshead 
Thomas Cox jun'^ 
EdmJ Hollingshead 
Esther Furnis 
Elizabeth Beakes 
Sarah Burradill 
Katharine Talbot 
Susannah Fairman 
Thomas Wright 
Elizabeth Fairman 
Ann Parsons 
Jane Turner 
Rebekah Atkinson 
Mary Kirkbride 
Rebekah Wright 
Mary Pownall 
Elizabeth Hootton 
Rebekah Borradail 

Arthur Borradail 
Hugh Hollingshead 
Benjamin Fairman 
Revell Elton 
George Hollingshead 
John Borton 
Thomas Hootton 
Mary Hootton 
Susannah Willkins 
Joseph Grainger 
Thomas Janney 
Mahlon Kirkbride 
Isaac Knight jun*" 
Abel Janney 
Robert Kirkbride 
John Turner 
John Hootton 
Robert Davis 
Edward Clemans 

Thomas Potts 
Samuel Atkinson 
Ruth Atkinson 
Samuel Beakes 
Mahlon Stacy 
Edm'' Beakes 
William Beakes 
Stacy Beakes 
Nathan Beakes 
Mary Potts Jun"" 
Nathaniel Potts 
William Follwell 
John Parsons 
John Hillard 
Elizabeth Knight 
John Brook jun"" 
Hugh Cowperthwait 
Thomas Atkinson 
John Hollingshead 

152 The Potts Familv ix Amkkica. 

Tlionias Potts' ledger, coverino^ a period from 1727 to 
1741, is in possession of the New Jersey Historical Society. 
The compiler has had no opportunity to examine it, but has 
been informed that it contains accounts with 

1728. William Mockrido^e, Tenant in my House in Phil- 

1729. Mrs. Annie Pidgeon. \_Nee Annie Peg'g.] 
1731- John Reading, Hunterdon County. 

1734. Father Thomas Potts. 

1738. Nathaniel Potts, brother. 

1741. John Chapman. 
And the following of which the dates were not mentioned. 
Aunt Mary Coxe; Thomas Cox, (James' son); Tho Cox, 
Bro in ; Jno Cox Bro in law; Brother John Cox; Thom- 
as Newbold; Robert Grace, Philadelphia: Anne Lambert , 
widow Philadelphia; and many others. 

Thomas Potts died about 1742, and on July 19, 1742, let- 
ters of administration were granted unto " Sarah Potts wid- 
ow & Reli(5l of Thomas Potts jun' late of Mansfield in the 
County of Burlington Tanner deceased." Sarah Potts is 
said to have died in 1757- 

Children OI-" Thom.^s and Sarah (Be.\kes) Potts. 

ig Stacy Potts, b. 7 mo. 20, 1731; d. April 30, r8i6; m, ist, Esther 

Pancoast; m. 2d, Margaretta Yardley; m. 3d, Mrs. Boyd. 
20 Richard Potts, b. Jan. i, 1733; m. Rebecca Amey. 
44 — Na UiuH - Dcak c s l ^ts: — ^fo^ftr rthor aceo mU. ^l to ') ^3 • nnf/ (ty.A.^tZ- 

22 Ruth Potts, m. Samuel Johnson. 

23 Thomas Potts, b. 7 mo. 24, 1738. 

24 Sarah Potts, b. 10 mo. 14, 1740. 

9 Mary Potts,' (Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,"), daugh- 
ter of Thomas and Mary (Records) Potts, was born . 

She married John Cox, a cousin of Thomas Cox who mar- 
ried her sister Rebecca. He owned farms above Box Grove 
in Upper Freehold Township, Monmouth County. Mary 
survived her husband and lived to be 96 years of age. Rev. 

Thomas Potts, (vShikld), and F'amily. 153 

Samuel J. Cox, who was born in 1789, said he remembered 
her very well when he was a small boy. 

Children of John and Mary (Potts) Cox, 

25 James Cox, m. 

26 ■\Villiam Cos, ni. 

27 Mary Cox, m. Robeft Jones. 

28 Catharine Cox, m. Capt. Benjamin L,o:tley, of Philadelphia. 

10 Nathaniel Potts,' (Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,''), 
son of Thomas and Marj' (Records) Potts, married Susan- 
na Kallam, 1741, lived in Mansfield Township, Burlington 
County, and died June 1761. 

The West Jersey records in the office of the Secretary of 
State at Trenton, show that a marriage license was issued 
Nov. 30, 1741. to Nathaniel Potts, of Mansfield, Burlington 
County, yeoman, and Susannah Kallam, of Chesterfield, 
said county, spinster. On January i, 1754, his father con- 
veyed to him a tracft of land in Mansfield Township. On 
June 26, 1760, the following advertisement appeared in the 
Pennsylvania Gazettd. 

To be sol<l by the Subscriber hereof, a Plantation situate in Mans- 
tield, in the County of Burlington, in the Western Division of the 
Pro\dnce of New Jersey, containing 400 Acres of good Land, 150 Acres 
thereof, cleared and within Fence, 16 acres thereof good mowing Mead- 

Memor.\>;i)A. After the foregoing pages were printed, some additional Bible 
record.s were received, which corre3t.^ some errors and furnishes more accurate 
information of Thomas Potts and his family. 

8 Tho.m.^s Potts, Jr., (T.^nner), born 10 mo. 17, 1705-6, died 3 nio, 31, 1742, in 
the •'16th vear of his age. 

SaVah Beakes. daughter of William and kuth (Stacy) Beakes, was born i mo. 12, 
1705-6. and died 7 mo. 11, 1757, in the 52d year of her age. 

'I'he Bible record of their marriage is entered as follows ; 

"Thomas Potts and .Sarah Beakes were married in the manner of the people 
called Qnakers published at Haddonfield Meeting House in Gloucester County and 
married at Adams Meeting in Chester Townshipin Burlington Co., upon the 29th 
day of the Sth mo. O. ,S. Anno Domini 1730." 

The following record of their children should be substituted for that oh page 152 
so far as names and dates are concerned. 

19 Stacy Potts, b. 7 mo. 20, 1731; d. April 30, 1S16. 

20 Richard Potts, b. 11 mo. i, 1732-3. 

21 Ruth Potts, b. II mo. 23. 1734-5. 

22 Mary Potts, b. i mo. 15. 1736. 

23 Thomas Potts, b. 7 mo. 24, 1738; d. 7 njo. 21, 1742. 

24 Sarah Potts, b. 10 rao. 14, 1740. 


154 I'hk Potts Family in America. 

ow, and a considerable Quantity more made ; The timbered Land ex- 
traordinary well timbered, and the whole well watered. A good Brick 
Dwelling house and Barn on the same and sundry other Buildings. A 
choice Orchard, bounded on the North by the River Delaware, and on 
the South by the York Road, leading from Cross wicks to the City of 
Burlington, and about 7 Knglish miles from it, and about 4 from Bor- 
dentown, and is very convenient for either a Gentleman's Country 
Seat, or a Merchant. The Title is indisputable. For Terms, and fur- 
ther Particulars enquire of N.a.TH.\niel Potts. 

Nathaniel Pott.s probably contemplated renioviug to Phil- 
adelphia County, Penn-sylvania, as he purcha.sed 175 acre.s 
Lower Dublin Township, and in the early part of 1761 he 
and Susanna his wife executed a mortgage upon this land 
to secure to William Humphries the payment of ^400. Na- 
thaniel died in June 1761. Letters of administration were 
issued to his brother William Potts. Letters were taken 
out at Philadelphia as well as at Trenton. It does not ap- 
pear that there were any children. 

II Rev. Joshua Potts, ^ (Thomas,* Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,"), son of Thomas and Mary (Borden?) Potts, was born 
January 4, 171 9, at Mansfield, Burlington County. Hebe- 
came a Baptist minister and was settled over the Southamp- 
ton Church in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, until his death 
in 1 761. His wife was Ann Borden. 

Joshua Potts married Ann Borden, daughter of Joseph 
and Ann (Conover) Borden.* Joshua was baptized at Pen- 

* Thk Bordk.v Kamii.v. Richard Borden (b. 1601, d. 1671.), with wife Joan, set- 
tled in Portsmouth, R. I. He owned lands in Rhode Island and New Jersej-, and 
left seven sons and three daughters. Some of the .sons settled in New Jersey and 
Pennsylvania. Benjamin Borden, (9th child), born 1649, married Abigail Grover, 
(daughter of Henry of Hartford, Conn.), 1670, and settled at Shrewsbury, New 
jersey. They had eight .«ons and two daughter. Joseph Borden. (7th child), was 
born May 12, 1687. He married Ann Conover (formerly Cowenhoven). In 1724 
he purcha.sed lands on the Delaware River, where he subsequt-ntly founded Bor- 
dentown. He died Sept. 22, 1765, leaving one son and six daughters, viz. 

1 Joseph Borden, b. 1719; d. 1791; ra. Elizabeth Watson. 

2 Rebecca Borden, m. Joseph Brown. 

3 Hannah Borden, m. John Lawrence. 

4 Elizabeth Borden, ni. Joseph Douglass. 

5 A daughter, m. Clayton. 

6 Anne Borden, m. Rev. Joshua Potts. 

7 .\my Borden, b. 1723; d. 1804; m. William Potts. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), amd F'amily. 155 

iiypack September 2, 1738. Ann Potts his wife was bap- 
tized at Croswicks August 1742, by Abel Morgan. In No- 
vember 1744, Ann Potts, wife of Joshua, was admitted to 
Pennypack Church from Middletown, East Jersey. 

On February 3, 1743, his father deeded him a lot or piece 
of ground in Hatborough in the Manor of Moreland, Penn- 
sylvania, and in 1760 Joshua and Ann Potts join in a deed 
convej'ing this same property to Jacob Tompkins. The 
vdllage of Hatborough is situated a short distance west of 
the Bucks County line, in what is now Montgomery Coun- 
ty, but then Philadelphia County. 

The History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, by Mr. 
Theodore W. Bean, contains the following notice of Rev. 
Joshua Potts. 

The Rev. Joshua Potts lived in the house of the Joseph B. Verkes, 
near the York Road, below Hatboro', which he built in 1759, and 
which is still standing, containing a stone with his name and date. 
He owned here at the time several hundred acres. He was the first 
pastor of the Southampton Baptist Church, built [?] in 1746, and in 
which he officiated till the time of his death, which happened June 18, 
1761, at the age of forty six years. He was one of the founders of the 
Hatboro' Library in 1755. 

The Pemisyiva7tia Gazette, in the issue of Nov. 2, 1758, 
contains the following notice of a Library meeting. 

Notice is hereby given to the Members of the Union Library Com- 
pany of Hatborough, that they attend their Annual Meeting, at the 
Library Room, on the Fourth Day of November next, between the 
Hours of Twelve and Four in the afternoon, in order to choose Direc- 
tors, Secretary, and Treasurer, for the ensuing year, and to make their 
third Annual Payment. By Ofdef of the Director 

Joshua Pon^s, Secretary. 

Joshua Potts was ordained as a minister of the gospel on 
May 29, 1746, and became the pastor of the Southampton 
Baptist Church, in Bucks County, Penna. The records of 
that Church contains the following obituary notice of him. 

156 The Potts Famii.v in Amkrica. 

He was a minister from our first Constitution to the Day of his 
Death. He was afflicled for some years with a very painful disorder, 
which the Do<5lors said was the Gravel in his Kidneys, which he bore 
with no less Fortitude than Resignatioji ; and Continued to Preach to 
the last, notwithstanding he was frequently oblij^ed to walk a foot not 
less than five miles to meeting;, not being able to l)ear the motion of a 
Horse & Carriage. He was truly Pious, yet Genteel, gay and Cheer- 
ful, a most agreeable Companion, a Good Neighbor, a kind Husband, 
a tender parent and an accomplished Preacher. 

In another place is this memorandtim. 

Joshua Potts, the first Ordained Minister of the Church at South- 
ampton, Died at his own House in , Moor-land about 4 o'clock in the 
afternoon of the iStli of June and was Buried at vSouthampton the 20"'' 
1 76 1 Aged 42 years 5 months & 14 days. 

In Morgan Edwards' Materials tozvards a History of the 
Baptists, etc. , speaking of the Southampton Church is this 

Rev. Joshua Potts. He was born Jan. 4, 17 19, at Mansfield, in the 
Jersey. Baptized Sep. 2, 1738. Ordained May 29, 1746, at which time 
he took the care of the church, and continued therein to his death, 
which came to pass June 18, 1761, and was buried at Southampton. 
Mr. Potts is said to have been endowed with a very uncommon share 
of those qualifications which render the civil and ministerial life ami- 
able. He married Ann Borden by whom he had children, Mary, Amy, 
Abigail, Rebeka, Hannah, Joshua, Thomas, All single except two who 
married into the Edwards and Taylor families. 

The will of Joshua Potts, made September 16, 1757, and 
proven August 1 1 , 1761 , is recorded at Philadelphia, in Will- 
Book M, page 165. He mentions wife Ann Potts, children 
Thomas, Mary, Anne, Abigail, Rebecca and Hannah, his 
brothers Nathaniel and William, and brother-in-law Jo.seph 

Sometime after his death his family removed to Btirling- 
ton County, New Jersey, and on July 5, 1766, Ann Potts 
was dismissed to the Church at Croswicks, as shown by the 
records of the Southampton Church in this entry. 

Ann Potts, Widow & Reli<5l of the Rev'' Joshua Potts I^ate Minister 

'Thomas Potts, (Shield), aistj "Family. 157 

•of this place Dec'^ was Dismissed to the Church at Croswicks July ,5^\ 

Children of Rev. Joshua -and A-nn ( Borden ) Pott,s. 

.29 Joshua Potts, m. JNIary Bunti-ng. 

30 Thomas Potts, ni. Retj^cca^^trr ^ (?); £cp. i -^rr-^^-ff^ seh 

,31 Amy Potts, m. Lawrence Taylor, Jan. 5, 1767. -A.PP]CiVl>iXi 

32 Mar3' Potts. 

33 Anne Potts. 
.34 Abio;ail Potts. 

35 Rebecca Potts, m. John McGalliard. (?) 

36 Hannah Potts. 

12 William Potts,' (Thonia.s,^ Thomas,^ Richard,'), 
son of Thomas and Mary (Borden?) Potts, was born 1721, 
and died July 25, 1783. He married Amy Borden, yotmg- 
est daughter of Joseph and Ann (Conover) Borden, of Bor- 
dentown, about 1755 or 1756. He was a resident of Mans- 
field Township, Burlington County'. He was an adtive Pa- 
triot during the Revolution. On Feb. 14, 1775, he was ap- 
pointed a member of the Committee of Observation for the 
City and County of Burlington, At the time it was stated 
that the assembh' of citizens, freeholders, etc. , met to ap- 
point the Committee and 

that the said Committee shall be and continue to adt for one year from 
this date unless the measures of the next General Congress shall make 
an alteration necessary. Signed by order of the meeting. 

Peter Tai.i,man, Chairman. 

Strykef s /ersej'tnen in the Revolution, includes the name 
of William Potts. 

William Potts died July 25, 1783, in the 62 d year of his 

age. The diary of Rev. John Pitman * contains this entry, 

July 24, 1783. Crossed the Ferry, got to William Potts passed 11 a 
clock, Mr. Potts lay a dying, he died a little after 2 o'clock. He la}- 
2 Da3's without seeing, speaking or eating. 

* Notk. Rev. John Pitman's wife was a niece of William Potts. See page 145. 
ante. Another entry in this diary is as follows, " Jan. 14, 17S4. Got to Borden- 
town and found Aunt Potts dead, she died yesterday between 8 and 9 a clock in 
the morning." Perhaps "Aunt Potts" was Anne, widow of Rev. Joshua Potts. 

^58 The Potts Family m Amkrica. 

His tombstone, in the Baptist graveyard at Bordentowii. 
New Jersey, bears this itsscription : 

In Memory of 


Who died JuXy the 

25^'' Anno rXjmini 

k the di^ Year of 
his age, 

Willia-m* Potts', of Mansfield, Bitrlingtoir- County, in his- 
will, made April 9, 1783., and prm-en Augitst 16, of the same 
year, mention's wife, soos William anid Josepii, and daugh- 
ters Mary, Amy and Ann. He leaves ;^2o to repair the 
Baptist Meeting house at Bordentown. The executors 
named were sons William and Joseph Potts and son-in-law 
James Cox. The witnesses were Sam>uel Er>glish, Joshua 
Potts and Petter Willson. 

Amy Pott'^, widow, died August 19, 1804. leaving a will 
dated June 6, 1799, and proven September 24, 1804. She 
mentions son Joseph Potts, daughter-in-law Rebecca, widow 
of William, deceased; daughters Ana Cox, Mary Eaton and 
Amy Potts. Executors, son-in-law James Cox and John 
diver. Her tora,b near that of her husband i.^ inscribed 


memory of 

AMY widow of 

William Potts 

who died Aug' 19th ifc^ 

in the 81' year of 

her ag.e 

^ Ann Potts, b. Feb. 13, 1757; d. 1815; m. Gen. Jante.-* Cox. 
58 William Potts, b. April J6', 1760; d. 1796; m. Rebecca Mount*. 

39 Mar>' Potts, b. March 2(5, 1762; d. 1843; m. Dr. David Eaton. 

40 Joseph Potts, b. April 10, 1764; d. ; m. Sarah Carty. 

41 Amy Potts, b. July 26, 1767; d. 1840; m. Thontas Potts. 

Thomas Potts, (Shiexd), and Pamtxy. 159 

14 Joseph Folwell,* (Ann,* Thomas,' Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,*), son of William and Ann (Potts) Folwell, was a Cap- 
tain in the Revolutionary Army. He married Ann Boileau, 
and about 1800 removed to Seneca County, N. Y., where 
he died in 1824. 

Children of Joseph and Ank (Boii,ead) Foi,avei.i,. 

42 Joseph Folwell. 

43 Isaac Folwell. 

44 Nathaniel B. FolweH. One of his granddaughters is married to 

Mr. Rae Reisinger of Franklin, Penna. 

45 John Folwell. Settled in Venango County, Pa. 

46 William Folwell. Settled in Venango County, Pa, 

47 Rachel Folwell, m. Peter R, Harris. 

48 Charlotte Folwell, m. Samuel Davison, 

49 Sarah Folwell. 

15 Thomas Folwell,* (Ann,' Thomas,* Thomas,* Rich- 
ard,*), .son of William and Ann (Potts) Folwell, married 
Elizabeth Watts. He served as a soldier in the Revolution 
in his brother John's Southampton Company. 

Child of Thomas and Elizabeth (W.-vrTS) Folwell. 

50 William Watts Folwell, b. 1768; d. 1818; m. Jane Dungan. He 
graduated at Brown University; was eledled to the chair of 
Rhetoric in the University of Pennsylvania, but declined. He 
removed to Seneca County, N. Y., where he engaged in farm* 
ing and other pursuits. His son Thomas J. Folwell, was the 
father of Prof. William W. Folwell, now and for years past a 
member of the Faculty of the University of Minnesota, 

i6 John Folwell,* (Ann,» Thomas,* Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,''), married Elizabeth Boileau. He was a Captain in 
the Revolution. He resided in Southampton Township, 
Bucks County, Penn.sylvania, where he died in 1808, leav- 
ing one daughter Mary. 

r6o Thte Pott's FAMitr in Amkrica. 

19 Stacy Potts,* (Thomas,* Thomas,' Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,"), son of Thomas and Sarah (Beakes) Potts, was boni 
7 mo. 20, 1 73 1. He received a good education, and was a 
tanner by trade. He established himself at Trenton, where 
he was a successful business man for many years. He was- 
a leading man in the Society of Friends, and in the govern- 
ment of West Jersey. He was three times married. 

He married, first, Esther Pancoast, (daughter of John; 
and Mary Pancoast ), 4 mo, 13, 1758, She was born 3 mo. 
16, 1739, and died 5 mo. 13, 1769. He married, second, 
Margaretta Yardley, (daughter of William Yardley, of 
Bucks County, Pa.), 4, mo. 15-, 1773. She was born 1 2 mo. 
6, 1752, and died <S mo; :?5, 1783. aged 3a years, 8"- months, 
and 29 days. He married, third, Mrs. Mary Boj^d, widow 
of John Bo3'd, of Harrisburg, and daughter of George Wil- 
liams of Paxtang. 

When Col. Rahl, the Commander of the British troops, 
was mortally wounded in the battle of Trenton, he was car- 
ried into the house of Stacy Potts, where he was visited by 
Gen. Washington, and later died. It has been alleged that 
on the night preceeding the battle. Col. Rahl was engaged 
in card playing, or as stated in another account, he was ab- 
sorbed in a game of chess. The account as preserved by 
the descendants of Stacy Potts is to this effeA. Col. Rahl 
liad been Spending several days at the house of Stacy Potts, 
and on the night before the battle he was much interested 
in watching some young people playing at Fox: and Geese, 
when a shot was heard. Col. Rahl immediately rushed out 
of the house and was not seen again by the family until he 
was carried in mortally wounded. 

About 1790 Stacy Potts removed to Harrisburg, where 
he made large purchases of land. In his new home he at 
once became very popular and prominent, and served in the 
Penn.sylvania Legfislature in 1 791 -1792, and 1799-1801. He 
served as Burgess of the Borough and as a member of the 
Town Council. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. i6i 

About 1805 he returned to Trenton, and he subsequently 
became Mayor of the City, which office he held for some 
years. He died April 28, 1816, in his 85th year. His wid- 
ow returned to Harrisburg where she died in 1844, aged 84 
years. His descendants are frequently spoken of as the 
"Trenton Potts'." 

Miss Sarah Sherman, of Trenton, a granddaughter of 
Stacy Potts, says she remembers hearing that her grand- 
father had corresponded with relatives in the old country, 
but if such was the case no vestage of the correspondence 
is now known to be in existence. 

Children of St.^cv .\nd Esther (Pancoast) Potts. 

51 Mary- Potts, b. 2 mo. 18, 1759: d. Feb. 23, 1781. 

52 Thomas Potts, b. 4 mo. 6, 1761; d. 7 mo. 20, 1761. 

53 Sarah Potts, b. 9 mo. 30, 1762; d. March 8, 1784. 

54 Elizabeth Potts, b. 5 mo. 20, 1765; d. 0(5lober 20, 1782. 

55 William Potts, b. 5 mo. 30, 176S; m. Mary Gardner. 

Children ok St.\cy and M.vrgaretta (Y.ardley) Potts. 

56 Thomas Yardley Potts, b. 9 mo, 30, 1774: d. 7 mo. 16, 1775. 

57 Samuel Potts, b. 11 mo. 15, 1775; d, 9 mo. 25, 1776. 

58 Stacy Potts, b. 3 mo. 4, 1777; d. 1831; m. Mary Somers. 

59 Anna Potts, b. 2 mo. 20, 1779; m. William Potts. (71) 

60 Rebecca Pott.s. b. Sept. 22, 1780; m. George Sherman. 

61 Joseph Potts, b. April 24, 1782; m. Sarah Hillyer. 

20 Richard Potts,* (Thomas,' Thomas,- Thomas,^ 
Richard,*), son of Thomas and Sarah (Beakes) Potts, was 
born Jan. i, 1733. He resided in Upper Freehold Town- 
ship. Monmouth County, where lie was a considerable land 
owner. In the 4th month, 1755, he produced a Certificate 
from Burlington Monthly Meeting of Friends to the Month- 
ly Meeting of Chesterfield. He married Rebecca Arney, 
( daughter of Joseph and Sarah Arney ). June 25, 1 755. This 
marriage seems to have been contrary to Friends discipline, 
as in 9 mo., 1755, he made an acknowledgment to the Ches- 

i62 Thk Potts Family in Amkrica. 

lerfield Meeting on ;icct)unt of inarria^^e. In the 6 month, 
1757, Rebecca l^otts made a similar acknowledgement. She 
was born April, i, 17:^7, and died 1801. 

He died sometime subsequent to 18 17. His will, made 
vSept. 20. 1817, and proved March 25. 1825, is recorded at 
New Brunswick, N. J., in Book C, page 51. He mentions 
sons John, William, and Stacy, and son Thomas, deceased ; 
daughters Mary Wright, Rebecca Harris, and Elizabeth 
Cox; grand-children John A, Potts, Richard Potts, Junr., 
and the children of daughters Rebecca Harris and Elizabeth 
Cox. Executors William Potts and Richard Potts. Wit- William Potts, Edward Taylor, Jr., and John A. 
Potts. This branch is sometimes called the " Monmouth 

Chii^ukkx ok Richarj) and Rebecca (Arney) Potts. 

62 Thomas Potts, h, Nov. 9, 1756; d. Jan. 22, 1813; m. vSarah Ashton 

63 vSarah Potts, h. May 8, 1758; d. Nov. 10, 1764. 

64 Joseph Potts, b. Jan. 13, 1760; d. Nov. 6, 1764. 

65 John Potts, b. Nov. 11, 1761; d. 1826; m. Catharine . 

66 Mary Potts, b. April 11, 1764; d. Dec. i, 1764. 

67 Stacy Potts, b. Nov. i, 1766; d. July 8, 1823; ni. Anna 

68 Mary Potts, b. Aug. 12, 176S; m. Joshua Wright. 

69 Rebecca Potts, b. Jan. 24, 1770; m. Harris. 

70 Sarah Potts, b. Dec. 24, 1771; d. July 5, 1775. 

71 William Potts, b. 1773; d. 1854; m. Anna Potts. {59) 

72 IClizabeth Potts, b. Sept. 13, 177S; m. Cox. 

21 22 24 Ruth, Mary, and Sarah Potts,* (Thom- 
as,' Thomas,' Thomas.* Richard,*), daughters of Thomas 
and vSarah ( Beakes ) Potts. In giving the children of 
Thomas and Sarah, on page 152, a mis-statement was print- 
ed, but a correclion is entered in a foot-note on page 153. 

Ri'TH Potts, (21 ), born 11 mo. 23, 1734-5; married, ist, 
William John.son, of Philadelphia, 1759. She married, 2nd, 
Oliver Paxton. 

Thomas Potts, (Shikld), and Family. 163 

Mary Potts, (22), born i mo. 15, 1736 ; married Isaac 
Horner, 1757 ; and died 5 mo. 31. 1776. Re.sidence King- 
wood, (now ) Hunterdon County. N. J. She was a minis- 
ter among Friends. Children, i Samuel, 2 Elizabeth, 3 
Sarah, 4 Lsaac, 5 Thomas, 6 Stacy. 7 Mary. 

Sarah Potts, (24), born 10 mo. 14, 1740, received a 
Certificate from Chesterfield Monthly Meeting to Philadel- 
phia in 1764. 

29 Joshua Potts,* (Joshua,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,"), was probably the 3'oungest child of Rev. Joshua and 
Ann (Borden ) Potts, and perhaps born after Sep. 16, 1757, 
as he is not mentioned in his father's will made on that date. 
He married Mary Bunting, daughter of Daniel and Eliza- 
beth (Kirkbride) Bunting, '■= of Chesterfield Township, Bur- 
lington County. On January 7, 1785, Thomas Potts and 
wife "Alcey," executed a deed of gift to Joshua Potts, and 
on Sep. I, 1792, Joshua Potts and Mary his wife sold the 
vsame land.f In the afore-mentioned deed he is described as 
"wheelwright." It is said that he removed to Arkansas 
and died about 1835. 

Chidren of Joshua and Mary (Bunting) Points. 

73 William Potts. No further account. 

74 Joseph Potts, d. in Missouri leaving a son Kirkbride. 

75 Kirkbride Potts, b. Mar. 24, 1S03; d. Nov. 24, 1879; m. Pame- 

lia Logan. 

76 Ann Potts, d. about 1872, at Bordentown, unmarried. 

77 Sarah Potts. 

78 Ivvdia Potts, d. about 1852; m. Stephen D. Lewis. 

* Note. Elizabeth Kirkbride daughter of Joseph Kirkbride, Jr., and .sis- 
ter of Col. Joseph Kirkbride. 

t Note. The latter deed is recorded in Liber AR, folio 29, in the State Depart- 
ment at Trenton. The deed of gift has not been found at this writing. It would 
very likely state relationship and the reason for the gift. Perhaps it was for a 
share of the patrimony, Joshua not having been provided for in the father's will. 

1 64 The Potts Family in America. 

30 Thomas Potts,* (Joshua,* Thomas,* Thomas,' Rich- 
ard."), sou of Rev. Joshua and Ann ( ) Potts, was born 

. He married Alice Bunting, daughter John Bunting. 

of Chesterfield Township, Burlington County. The state- 
ment printed on page 157, that he married Rebecca King is 
probably incorredt, unless she was his first wife. On Jan. 
7, 1785, Thomas Potts and "Alcey," his wife executed a 
deed of gift for land to Joshua Potts, as before stated. 

On Nov. II, 1791, the following heirs, sons and daugh- 
ters, of the late John Bunting of Chesterfield Township in 
Burlington County, to wit. William, Benjamin, and Daniel 
Bunting, and Levi Gibbs and Ann his wife, John Wood- 
mansee and Mary his wife, and Thomas Potts and Alice his 
wife, all of New Jer.sey, join in a quit-claim deed * to John 
Bunting of Frederick County. Marj-land, also a son of John. 
John Bunting the elder became seized of this land, by the 
will of his uncle John Bunting, dated Sep. 19, 1729, — 156 
acres of unappropriated land. 

Whether Thomas Potts left children or not has not come 
to the notice of the compiler. 

37 Ann Potts,* (William,' Thomas,* Thomas,^ Rich- 
ard,"), daughter of William and Amy (Borden) Potts, was 
born Feb. 13. 1757. She married Gen. James Cox, son of 
Joseph Cox. He was born 1753 and died 18 10. Mrs. Cox 
was an excellent woman and a devoted wife and mother. 
While on her way from Lamberton to Philadelphia to at- 
tend a Baptist meeting, in company with her youngest son, 
she was accidentally drowned in the Delaware River, by the 
capsizing of the ' ' Traveler' ' on March 21, 1 8 1 5 . She was 
buried in the Baptist graveyard at Trenton. The True 
Americati, of Trenton, published a long account of the ac- 
cident. They resided at Trenton, New Jersey. 

* See I.iber AQ, folio 367, in the Department of State at Trenton. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 165 

Chii^drkn of Gen. James and Ann (Potts) Cox. 

79 William Cox, b. 1777: d.1803. 

80 Joseph Cox, b. 1778. 

81 Lewis Cox, b. 1780; d. 1835. 

82 James Cox, b 1782. 

83 Amy Cox, b. 1783, twin. 

84 Mary Cox, b. 1783, twin. 

85 Thomas Cox, b. 1787. 

86 Rev. Samuel J. Cox, b. 1789. He was a Methodist minister at 

Zanesville, Ohio. 

87 David Cox, b. 1792, twin. 

88 Jonathan Cox, b. 1792, twin. 

89 Ezekiel Taylor Cox, b. 1795; d. 1873; ^- Maria Matilda Sulli- 

van. Children, i Thomas J.,* 2 Hon. Samuel S., 3 Lavinia, 
4 Eliza, 5 Alexander, 6 Maria Matilda, 7 Ezekiel, 8 Angelina, 
9 Edwin, 10 Augustus, 11 Elizabeth Miles, 12 Mary Sullivan, 
m. Col. T. L. Spangler. 

90 Morgan Cox, b. 1798; d. 1881. 

91 Horatio Cox, b. 1801; m. Ann Chambers. Children, i Charles, 

2 Cora, 3 David, 4 Edward. Was Associate Judge of Mus- 
kingum ConntA', Ohio. 

38 William Potts,* (William,' Thomas,* Thomas, > 
Richard,"), son of William and Amy (Borden) Potts, was 
born April 16, 1760. He was a well-to-do farmer of Mans- 
field Township, Burlington Count}-. He married Rebecca 
Mounts about 1785, and died Nov. 30, 1796, aged 36 years, 
5 months, 14 days. Rebecca was born in 1765, and died in 
1858. William Potts was buried in the Baptist graveyard 
at Borden town. 

Rebecca Potts, the widow, subsequently married Vincent 
Wainwright, by whom she also had children. 

Chh,dren of W11.UAM AND Rebecca (Mounts) Potts. 
92 Aaron Mounts Potts, b. May 14, 1786; m. ist, Mary Harvey; 
m. 2d, Rebecca Aaronson. 

* NOTE. Mr. William V. Cox, son of Thomas J. Cox, and Chief Clerk in the Na- 
tional Museum at Washington, D, C., is preparing a History of the Cox Family. 

1 66 Thp: Potts Family in America. 

93 Amy Potts, b. Nov. — , 17S7; d. April 3, 1835; unmarried. 

94 Samuel Potts, b. 1791; d. 1826; m. Ann Harvey, 1814. 

95 Ann Potts, b. .\pril — , 1794; m. P'lisha Shreve, 1817. Children, 

r William, 2 Benjamin, 3 Rebecca, m. Jonathan Gilbert. 

96 Mar\- Potts, b. 1795; m. John Harvey. Children, i William, 2 


97 Rebecca Potts, b. 1797. 

39 Mary Potts/ (William,* Thoma.s,' Thomas,' Rich- 
ard/'), dau.^hter of William and Amy (Borden) Potts, was 
born March 25, 1762. vShe married Dr. David Eaton, son 
of Rev. Isaac and Rebecca (Stout) Eaton. Odtober2i, 1784. 
They settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where Dr. 
Eaton became a highly respected and prominent physician. 

Dr. Eaton died August 13, 181 3, and Mary, his widow, 9, 1843. They lie buried in the London Tracl Bap- gravej-ard, in London Britain Township, Chester Coun- 
t}-. Their ten children are buried in ten different grave- 
yards, and in five different .states. 

Chilerex of Dr. D.wid .\nd M.vrv (Potts) K.\tox. 

98 Amy Eaton, m. Robert Lockard. 

99 Rebecca Eaton, m. Stephen McGeath. 
io<5 Isaac Eaton, m. Melvina Craiij. 

loi Pamelia Eaton, Samuel Tavlor. 

102 Ann Eaton, m. Jacob Entriken. 

103 Mary Eaton, m. Allen Chandler. 

104 Eurie Eaton, m. Dr. John C. Handy. 

105 William Eaton, m. Julia Row. 

106 Elizabeth Eaton, Dr. Thomas H. Davis. 

107 David Eaton, m. Agnes Avise. 

40 Joseph Potts, < (William,* Thomas,' Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,"), son of William and Amy (Borden) Potts, was born 
April 10, 1764. He was a respeclable and substantial farm- 
er of Burlington County, N. J. He married, first, Sarah 

Thomas Potts, (vShield), amd Family. 167 

Carty, by whom he had five children. He married, second, 
Mary . 

Children ok Joseph and Sarah (Cartvj Potts. 

T08 Benjamin Potts, m. Mary Carty. They left a son Joseph Potts, 

who is a farmer of Burlington County, New Jersey. 
J09 Joseph Potts, b. 1798; d. 1S75; m Elizabeth Allison, 
no Thomas Potts, m. Mary A. Scattergood. 

111 Sarah Potts, m. Sylvanus Zelley, and had children, 1 Amy, 2 

Sarah, 3 David, 4 Joseph. 

112 Amy Potts, m. Samuel Sprague, and had children, i Mary, 

m. Theo. Shoales; •! Aniy, m. Joseph B. Maxwell; 3 Joseph? 
4 Dr. Edwin; 5 John H. ;>6 vSarah, m. Johnson Ross."^ 

41 Amy Potts,* (William,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Rich- 
ard,"), daughter of William and Amy (Borden) Potts, was 
born July 26, 1767. She married Thomas Potts, who seems 
to have been a widower, and is said not to have been relat- 
ed to her. One account (from the family) alleges that she 
did not marry until after her mother's death, and when she 
was about forty 3'ears of age, and that she had no children. 

When the Baptist church at Burlington, New Jersey, was 
constituted in 1799, Thomas Potts was received by a letter 
from New Mills,* and Amy Potts by a letter from Jacobs- 
town. On Ocftober 5, 181 2, they were dismissed together 
to the Baptist Church at Trenton and Lamberton, and in 
the records of that Church, under date of Sep. 12, 1812, is 
the following entrj-.f 

Two letters from our sister church at Burlington, dismissing and 
recommending brother Thomas Potts and his wife, sister Amy Potts, 
and Rachel Thorn, to join us, were read. They were all by vote unan- 
imously received. 

They seem to have settled in Lawrence Township, Hun- 

* NoTK. The present Pemberton, in Hunterdon County, was known as " New 
Mills," from about 1752 to 1826. 

t Note. There is evidently an error in one or both of these dates, possibly 
made in transcribing. 

1 68 Thk Potts Family in America. 

terdon County. On July i6, 1816, Thomas Potts was ap- 
pointed to the office of Deacon. He is reported to have been 
an excellent man and a zealous Christian, but a poor finan- 
cier, and died leaving his widow with much property 
than when she married him. He died Sep. 10, 1824, leav- 
ing a will bearing date of Sep. 6, 1824, and proven Oct. i. 
1824. He is described as of Lawrence Township, Hunter- 
don County, N. J. He mentions wife Amy, and three sons. 
John, William and Bloomfield Potts. Pvxecutors, wife Amy 
Potts and .son William Potts. The Church books contain 
the following obituary notice of hiin. 

Departed this life on Friday Morning the 10 th day of September, 
1824, our Beloved and highly esteemed Brother Deacon Thomas Potts, 
in the 63'' year of his age. His remains were the day following in- 
terred in our graveyard. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. 

Amy Potts was a woman of uncommon vigor, a fine con- 
versationalist, and a great favorite in the family. In 1840, 
while visiting her niece, Mrs. Mary (Eaton) Chandler, in 
Che-ster County, Pennsylvania, she was taken ill and died 
there, at the age of 73 years. She was buried in the Lon- 
don Tradl Baptist graveyard. The Trenton Baptist Church 
books contain the following obituary notice of her. 

Departed this life on Friday, November 27, 1840, our dearly beloved 
sister Amy Potts, widow of our late Brother Deacon Thomas Potts, 
aged 74 years. She had been 56 years a member of a Baptist Church. 
Universally beloved and respecfled by all who knew her for her amia- 
ble disposition, consistent Christian deportment and zeal for the cause 
of Christ, her loss is deeply felt by her surviving brethern and sisters 
of the Church, as well as a large number of relative.s and friends. Her 
body was interred at in the State of Delaware. 

55 AVilliam Potts,* (Stacy,* Thomas. 'Thomas, 'Thom- 
as,' Richard,'), .son of Stacy and Esther (Pancoast) Potts, 
was born 5 mo. 30, 1768. He married Miss Mary Gardner 
daughter of Theopholis Gardner, of Philadelphia, August 

PAGES !<!!>, Crs-^. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family, 169 

28, 1 791. Mr. Potts was educated in the religious teach- 
ings of Friends, while his wife was brought up in the 
PresbN'terian faith. They lived for some time in Northum- 
berland County, Pennsylvania, probably in the vicinity of 
the present site of Bloomsburg, in what is now Columbia 
County. On April 7, 1803. Gov. McKean appointed Wil- 
liam Potts, as a Justice of the Peace for the Township of 
Fishing Creek. The family returned to Trenton about 18 10. 

Children of William and Mary (Gardner) Potts. 

113 Theopholis G. Potts. A Presbyterian minister. 

1 14 Maria Potts, m. Samuel Lloyd. 

115 Stacy Gardner Potts, b. Nov. 23, 1800; d. April 9, 1865; m. ist, 

Ellen E. Burrows; m. 2d, Cornelia How; m. 3d, Hannah 

116 Rev. William Stephens Potts, D. D., b. Odl. 13, 1802; d. Mar. 

20, 185 1 ; m. Ann Benton. 

117 Joseph Collins Potts, b. 1808; d. i88o; m. ist, Elizabeth Sher- 

man; m. 2d, Mary Phelan. 

58 Stacy Potts, 5 (Stacy,* Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas, » 
Richard,*), son of Stacy and Margaretta (Yardley) Potts, 
was born 3 mo. 4, 1777. He married Mary Somers, and 
seems to have lived in Philadelphia. He died in 1831. 
His will recorded at Philadelphia, is dated Feb'y 23, 1831, 
and proven March 2, of the same year. He mentions wife 
Mary, and "my children." 

Children of Stacy and Mary (Somers) Potts. gsD 

118 Charles Potts, m. Jane Boardley. .APF^il^^^^ 

119 Mary Ann Potts, m. George W. Stephens. 

120 Maria Potts, m. William Evans. 

121 Emma Potts, m. James Willis. 

122 Sarah Potts, m. Robert C. Thompson. 

123 Albert Potts, m. 

124 Esther Potts. 

125 Rachel Potts, m. Dr. Duhring. 


170 The Potts Family in America. 

61 Joseph Potts,' (Stacy,* Thomas,' Thomas,* Thom- 
as,' Richard,"), son of Stacy and Margaretta (Yardley) 
Potts, was born April 24, 1782. He married Sarah Hillyer. 

Children ok Joseph and Sarah (Hillyer) Potts. 

126 Stacy Potts. 

127 John Potts, m. Mary A. Roscoe. 

1 28 Juliet Potts. 

129 Euphemia Potts. 

130 Emily Potts, m. Kerr. 

131 Margaretta Potts, m. Isaac Woodruff. 

132 Joseph Potts. 

62 Thomas Potts/ (Richard,* Thomas,' Thomas,* 
Thomas,' Richard,"), son of Richard and Rebecca (Arney) 
Potts, was born Nov. 9, 1756. He married Sarah Ashton, 
Nov. 20, 1777. Residence, Upper Freehold Township, 
Monmouth County. He died January 22, 18 13. His will 
is at Freehold. He mentions his father and his wife and 
children, as also his brothers John and Stacy Potts. Sarah 
his widow died about 1844. 

Children of Thomas and Sarah (Ashton) Potts. 

133 William Potts. 

134 John A. Potts, b. i784;(?) d. 1865; m. ist, Rebecca James; m. 

2d, Elizabeth S. Middleton. 

135 Richard Potts, m. ist, ; m. 2d, Ann Borden, 

136 Thomas Potts. 

137 Samuel Potts. 

138 Charles J. Potts, b. Feb. 13, iSoi, m. Mary R. Potts. ( ) 

139 Mary Potts, m. Samuel Rue. 

65 John Potts,5 (Richard,* Thomas,* Thomas,' Thom- 
as,' Richard,*), son of Richard and Rebecca (Arney) Potts, 

was born Nov. 11, 1761. He married Catharine . 

He resided on North Warren Street, Trenton, in the house 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 171 

since occupied by William H. Potts. He died in 1826, and 
in his will mentions wife Catharine, father Richard, sister 
Elizabeth Coxe, niece Rebecca Coxe, and his sons John B. 
Potts and Edward W. Potts, of the State of Louisiana. He 
appoints his sons as Executors. Edward W. Potts, one of 
executors, was sworn Nov. 18, 1826. 

Children of John and Catharine ( ) Potts. 

140 John B. Potts. 

141 Edward W. Potts. 

71 William Potts/ (Richard,* Thomas,' Thomas,' 
Thomas,^ Richard,*), son of Richard and Rebecca (Arney) 
Potts, was born August 28, 1773, and died May 17, 1854. 
He married Anna Potts, (59). daughter of Stacy and Mar- 
garetta (Yardley) Potts. She was born 2 mo. 20, 1779. 

Children of William and Anna (Potts) Potts. 

142 George S. Potts, m. Mary Burdsall. 

143 Elizabeth Potts. 

144 James Potts, d. y. 

145 Rebecca S. Potts. 

146 Margaretta S. Potts. 

147 William Henry Potts, b. 1815; m. Hannah Stephens. 

148 Thomas Potts, d. y. 

149 Richard Potts, d. y. 

75 Kirkbride Potts, ^ (Joshua,* Joshua,' Thomas, - 
Thomas,^ Richard,"), son of Joshua and Mary (Bunting) 
Potts, was born March 24, 1803, and died Nov. 24, 1876. 
About the year 1821 he went to Missouri, and in 1824 to 
Arkansas, where he settled on a farm in Pope County, 
which is now occupied by his sons Joseph and James. The 
post-office is named Potts Station in his honor. He married 
Pamelia Logan. Feb. — , 1829. She died Aug, 5, 1878. 

172 The Potts Family in America. 

Children of Kirkbride and Pameua (Logan) Potts. 

150 Sarah Potts, b, 1830; d. ; m, Da\nd Maddox. 

151 Jo.seph Potts, b. 1832; unm. 

152 Joshua Potts. 

153 Lizzie Potts, b. 1836; ni. H. M. Garden. 

154 Richard Potts, ni. lybbie Smith. Has two daughters. 

155 Thomas Potts. 

156 James Potts, m. Ada Bradley, 1878. 
[57 John Potts. 

158 Charles Potts. 

92 Aaron Mounts Potts,* (William,* William,' Thom- 
as,* Thomas,' Richard,*), eldest son of William and Rebecca 
(Mounts) Potts, was born May 14, 1786. He was twice 
married. He married as his finst wife, Mary Har\^ey, in 
1816. She did not long survive, dying in 18 17. He mar- 
ried, second, Rebecca Aaronson, Jan. 27, 1824. She was a 
daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Pitman) Aaronson. She 
was born , and died Sep. 16, 1875. 

Aaron M, Potts purchased a tradl of land at Johnstown, 
Pa., and in 1831 he started in a two-horse wagon, intending 
to go to his land and settle there. On the way he stopped 
at Pottsville to visit some of his wife's relatives, who pre- 
vailed upon him to abandon his western trip and take up 
his residence at Pottsville. Here he engaged in business 
and spent the remainder of his life, dying Jan. 26, 1864. 

Children of Aaron Mounts and Rebecca (Aaronson) Potts. 

159 Mary Harvey Potts, b. Aug. 21, 1825; d. Jan. 28, 1895; m. Jo- 

nas Womer, 1847. Children, i Charles M., 2 Frances, 3 
Emma, 4 Albert, 5 William. 

160 Elizabeth Aaronson Potts, b. Jan. 29, 1827; m. Washington 

Beck, 1865. Children, 1 Elmer E., 2 Charles C. 

161 William Wainright Potts, b. 1831; d. 1S93; m. ist, Mary J. 

Welsh; m. 2d, Eliza Noble. 

162 Charles Pitman Potts, b. Jan. 22, 1836; m. Sara E. Sinclair. 

163 Rebecca Frances Potts, b. Sept. 9, 1840; m. Harrison Ryland. 

Children, i Jennie, m. Eugene B. Carter, 2 Sarah. 

164 Sarah Anna Potts, b. August 6, 1S43. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 173 

94 Samuel Potts,' (William,* William, =* Thomas,* 
Thomas,* Richard,''), son of William and Rebecca (Mounts) 
Potts, was born June — , 1791, and died Sep. — , 1826. He 
married Ann Harvey, Ocflober 20, 18 14. She died, 1870. 

Children of Samuel and Ann (Harvey) Potts. 

165 William Potts, b. Sep. 3, 1S15; m. Louisa Middleton. N. 1. 

166 Lawrence Minor Potts, m. . Children, Rebecca, Mary. 

167 Mary Potts. 

168 Rebecca Potts. 

169 Peter Harvey Potts. 

170 Anna Potts. 

109 Joseph Potts,' (Joseph,* Joseph,' Thomas,* Thom- 
as,* Richard,"), son of Joseph and Sarah (Carty) Potts, was 
born Sept. — , 1798, and died May 13, 1875. He married 
Elizabeth Allison. The widow and family live at Dobbins, 
Burlington County, New Jersey. 

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth (Allison) Potts. 

171 Thomas Potts. 

172 Charles Potts. 

173 Elizabeth Ann Potts. 

174 Sarah A. Potts. 

175 Amy Lilly Potts. 

176 John Allison Potts. 

177 Joseph B. Potts. 

178 George F. Potts. 

110 Thomas Potts,' (Joseph,* Joseph, 'Thomas,' Thom- 
as,' Richard,"), son of Joseph and Sarah (Carty) Potts, 
married Mary A. Scattergood. 

Children of Thomas and Mary A. (Scattergood) Potts. 

179 Jane T. Potts, m. Joseph Hancock. Children, i Charles, 2 

Joshua, 3 George, 4 Caleb, 5 Mary Ann. 

180 Edward F. Potts, m. Julia Potts. (215) 

181 Sarah Potts, m. Samuel Johnson. Children, i Thomas, 2 Aa- 

ron, 3 Albert, 4 Hannah, 5 Joseph. 

174 The Potts Family in America. 

115 Judge Stacy Gardner Potts/ (William,* Stacy/ 
Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,*), son of William 
and Mary (Gardner) Potts, was born Nov. 23, 1800. He 
became editor of the Ewporiiim, a weekly newspaper of 
Trenton, in 182 1, and contributed to other periodicals. He 
commenced the study of law with Mr. StO(fton, but finished 
with Garrett D. Hall, was admitted to the bar in 1827, and 
was a member of the Legislature in 1828-9. K*^ became 
Clerk of of the Court of Chancery in 1831, and held the of- 
fice for ten years, retiring then on account of delicate health. 
He was a Commissioner to revise the laws of New Jersey in 
1845, became Judge of the Court of Appeals in 1852, and 
retired in 1859. In 1844 Princeton College conferred upon 
him the degree of LL. D. He was acftive in the affairs of 
the Presbyterian Church, and was at different times con- 
ne(5led with its various Boards, being Chairman of the Fi- 
nance Committee in 1851. He was a Ruling Elder in the 
First Presbyterian Church of Trenton. After leaving the 
bench, he devoted himself to literary pursuits. His publi- 
cations include, 

1 Village Tales, by Oliver Oakwood. (Phila. 1827.) 

2 Precedeyits and Notes of Praflice of the Court of Chayi- 
cery of Neiv fersey. (Phila. 1841.) 

He left in MS. a work entitled, Christ in Revelation. 

He was three times married. He married, first, Ellen E. 
Burrows, .second, Cornelia How, and third. Hannah Moore. 
He died April 9, 1865, in the 65th year of his age, and was 
buried in the Presbyterian graveyard, on State Street, near 
Tresse Street, Trenton. 

Children of Stacy G. and ElivEn E. (Burrows) Potts. 

1S2 Mary Potts, ni. Andrew R. Titus. 

183 Ellen Potts. Twice married. 

184 Gardner !>. Potts, b. 1830; d. 1851. 

185 Stacy Potts, h. June 10, 1834; d. March 21,1858. 

186 Anne Potts, m. Dr. Helm. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), amd Family. 175 

116 Rev. William Stephens Potts, D. D.,« (Wil- 
liam,* Stacy,* Thomas,' Thomas,* Thomas,^ Richard," ), son 
of William and Mary (Gardner) Potts, was born 0(5lober 
13, 1802. When he was eight years of age, his parents re- 
moved to Trenton New Jersey. At the age of sixteen, he 
was sent to Philadelphia to learn the printer's trade., dur- 
ing which time he made a profession of religion and deter- 
mined to enter the gospel ministry. He began his prepara- 
tory studies in 1822, under the tuition of Rev. Ezra E. Ely, 
and entered Princeton Theological Seminary in 1825, but on 
account of impaired health was compelled to leave the Sem- 
inary in November, 1827. He was at once licensed by the 
Presbytery of Philadelphia, and sent on a mission through 
the Southern States with instrucSlions to make his way to 
St. Louis, He made the journey on horseback and reached 
St. L,ouis six months later. Here he ministered to the 
Presbyterian Church, and in Odiober, 1828, was installed as 
its pastor. In 1835 he became President of Marion College, 
Missouri, and in 1839 accepted a call to the Second Presby- 
terian Church of St. Louis, where he continued to minister 
until his death. He is said to have had a " clear, cool, log- 
ical, and well-balanced mind," and while not a brilliant or- 
ator was very successful in spiritual work, and ' ' his influ- 
ence in St. Louis and throughout Missouri, grew in potency 
to the end of his life. ' ' He married Ann Benton but left no 
children. The Encydopcedia of the Presbyterian Church ( 1 884) 
contains an excellent biographical sketch of Mr. Potts, and 
closes as follows, 

In the midst of a series of special meetings in his church, seeking 
an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, his frail body gave way, and after a 
protra<5led confinement to his bed, he went to be with Jesus on the 
morning of Sunday, March 28, 1852, while the church bell was ring- 
ing for the Sabbath School to assemble. 

117 Joseph Collins Potts, « (William,* Stacy,* Thom- 
as,' Thomas,* Thomas,* Richard,*), son of William and Ma- 

176 The Potts Family in America. 

ry (Gardner) Potts, was born 1808, and died 1880. He 
was a lawyer. He married, first, Elizabeth Sherman, and 
second, Mary Phelan, June 24, 1857. 

Children of Joseph C. and Elizabeth (Sherman) Potts. 

187 William Sherman Potts. 

188 Anna M. Potts, m. Joseph Lloyd. 

189 Benjamin Coates Potts, b. 1842; m. Martha Flagg. 

190 Olivia Potts. 

191 Elizabeth Potts, m. Joseph Coates. 

192 Joseph C. Potts. 

193 Ella Potts, m. Edward Coates. 

194 Margaretta Potts, m. Dorsey Gardner. 

Child of Joseph C. and Mary (Pelan) Potts. 

195 Stacy Potts. 

n8 Charles Potts," (Stacy, » Stacy,'' Thomas,' Thom- 
as,' Thomas,* Richard,*), son of Stacy and Mary (Somers) 
Potts, married Jane Boardley. 

Children of Charles and J.\ne (Bo.\rdlev) Potts. 

196 Marj' Potts. 

197 Emma Potts. 

198 Charles Potts. 
196 Boardley Potts. 

123 Albert Potts," (Stacy,' Stacy,* Thomas,' Thomas,* 
Thomas,* Richard,*), son of Stacy and Mary (Somers) 
Potts, married and left children. 

Children of Albert and ( ) Potts. 

200 Stacy Potts. 

201 Adele Potts. 

202 Newton Potts. 

134 John A. Potts,* (Thomas,* Richard,* Thomas.' 
Thomas,' Thomas,* Richard,*), .son of Thomas and Sarah 

PACKS 17G AND 632 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 177 

(Ashton) Potts, was born 1784 (?). He resided in Upper 
Freehold Township, Monmouth County, and was possessed 
of a good esta te. He was twice married ; first to Rebecca 
James, and second to Elizabeth S. Middleton. He died in 
1865, leaving a will which is recorded in the Surrogate's of- 
fice at Freehold. 

Children ok John A. and Rebecca (James) Potts. 

203 Eliza Potts, m. Robert Miller. Children, i George W., 2 Em- 

ma, 3 Mary Ann. 

204 Sarah Potts, m. William Cox. Child, Virginia, m. William 


205 Oliver Potts, m. Martha . Children, i James, 2 Annie, 

3 Catharine, 4 Virginia, 5 Emily, 6 Ida, 7 Olivia. 

206 Nelson Potts, m. Jane . Children, i MaryE., 2 Lvdia, 

3 Charles, 4 Martha, 5 Lydia. 

207 Richard Potts, m. Mary Anne Fields. Children, r Emma, 2 

Samuel, 3 John, 4 Caroline, 5 Susan, 6 Richard. 

208 Emily Potts. 

209 Mary Potts, m. Charles Nelson. 

210 Catharine Potts, m. Charles Jagennan. 

Chidren of John and Elizabeths. (Middleton) Potts. 

211 John Potts, d. y. 

212 Peter Potts, d. y. 

213 Christiana Potts, m. Horatia Mounts. 

214 Julia A. Potts, m. Edward H. Potts, (180). 

215 Rebecca Potts, m. Asher Quigley. 

135 Richard Potts,* (Thomas,* Richard,* Thomas,' 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Richard,*), son of Thomas and Sarah 
(Ashton) Potts, was twice married. The name of the first 
wife has not been furnished. He married for his second 
wife, Ann Borden. 

Children oe Richard and ( ) Potts. 

216 Ellen. 

217 Annie Potts, m. James I/awrence. 

218 Derrick Potts. 

219 Benjamin Potts. 

17S The Potts Family in America. 

Children ok Richard and Ann (Borden) Potts. 

220 Kdward Potts. 

221 Lucy Potts. 

222 Emma Potts. 

223 Mclvina Potts. 

224 Ivi//.ie Potts. 

138 Charles J. Potts, « (Thomas,' Richard/ Thomas.* 
Thomas,^ Thomas,' Richard,"), son of Thomas and Sarah 
(Ashton) Potts, was born February 14, 1801. Remarried 
Mary R. Potts, daughter of Major William Potts,* of Bur- 
Jiugton, New Jersey. Mary R. Potts was born December 
22, 1800. Both died while their ch Idren were young. 

Children of Charles J. and Mary R. (Potts) Potts. 

225 Melvina Potts. 

226 Louisa Potts. 

227 Margaret Potts, m. Isaac James. 

228 Deborah Potts. 

229 Lydia Potts. 

142 George S. Potts,' (William,' Richard,* Thomas,' 
Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,"), son of William and Anna 
(Potts) Potts, married Mary Burdsall. 

Children of George S. and Mary ( Burd.sall) Potts. 

230 Anna Potts. 

231 Caroline Potts, m. Augustus Van Cleve. Son, Benjamin. 

232 Laura Potts, m. George Barnes. Daughter, Jenny. 

233 EUza Potts, m. Luther Stryker. Daughter, Eva Lillian. 

234 Emma Potts, m. William Schenk Hunt. Children, i George 

S. P., 2 Annie S., 3 Marian, 4 Bessie. 

235 Cieorge S. Potts, m. Esther Peasley. Children, i Mabel, 2 

Peasley, 3 Roy, 3 Esther. 

236 W. Burdsall Potts, m. Louie PM-sher. Children, i William, 2 

Joseph, 3 Walter, 4 Morris. 

* NOTK. Maj. William I'otts has not been identified at this writing. His de- 
.scendants and collateral relatives state that he was a cousin of some degre*- of 
Charles J. Potts' father. Later investigation may show his affiliation. 

I^iEUT. Com. Sta-C'y £*otts, \J. S. N. 
Annat-olis, IVId. 

PACJES 17ii, (i-.l-^. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family. 179 

237 Morris Potts, d. y. 

238 Florence Potts, m. Jacob Perry. Children, i George S., 2 Al- 

ice, 3 Ethel. 

239 Marian Potts, m. John Green. Children, i James B., 2 Lil- 

lian, 3 Russell W., 4 Marian, 5 DeWitt Clinton. 

^% William Henry Potts, (William,* Richard,* Thom- 
as,' Thomas, Thomas,' Richard,*), son of William and An- 
na (Potts) Potts, was born 1815. He married Hannal\ 
Stephens. I^ike some of his ancestors he carried on the bus- 
iness of tanning, but afterwards engaged in the manufactory 
of pottery. Residence, No. 225 North Warren Street, Tren- 
ton, New Jersey. 

Children ok Wilijam K. and Hannah (Stephens) Potts. 

240 J. Herbert Potts, m. Louisa Bechtell. Children, i Ethel S., 2 

Edwin B., 3 Elizabeth. 

241 William Henry Potts, Jr., m. Lavinia Lippincott. Children, 

I Alice G., 2 Isabel W. 

242 Anna S. Potts. 

243 Henrietta Potts, m. Charles Gray. vSon, Charles M. 

244 Isabella Potts. 

156 James Potts, « (Kirkbride,* Joshua,* Joshua, ^ 
Thomas,' Thomas,' Richard,"), son of Kirkbride and Panie- 
lia (Logan) Potts, was born in Pope County, Arkansas. 
He married Ada Bradley in 1878. He was engaged in the 
real estate business in Russellville, Ark. , for sometime, but 
has latterly resided on the homestead farm near Potts-Sta- 
tion in Pope County. 

CH11.DREN OF James and Ada ( Bradi,ey) Potts. 

245 Loraine Potts. 

246 Le Vauche Potts. 

247 Sarah Potts. 

248 Grace Potts. 

249 Mary Potts. 

250 Pamelia Potts. 

251 Vestal Potts. 

!8o The Potts Family in America. 

157 John Potts,* (Kirkbride,' Joshua,'' Joshua,' Thom- 
as,' Thomas,' Richard,"), son of Kirkbride and Pamelia 
(IvOgan) Potts, married and lives at Atkins, Arkansas. 

Chii,dren ok John and ( ) PoTTS. 

252 Josephine Potts. 

253 Clara Potts. 

254 Terriiie Potts. 

161 William Wainwright Potts,* (Aaron M.,* Wil- 
liam,* William,' Thomas,^ Thomas,' Richard,"), son of 
Aaron Mounts and Rebecca (Aaronson) Potts, was born 
June 10, 1831. He married, first, Mary J. Welsh, May — , 
1853. She died May, 1871. He married, second, Eliza 
Noble, Dec. 3, 1873. He was an iron worker by occupa- 
tion. He served in the Civil War as Captain of Company 
D, 48th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers. After the 
War he kept a hotel. He died Jan. 21, 1893. 

Children of William \V. and Mary J. (Welsh) Potts. 

255 Elizabeth A. Potts, b. Jan. 31, 1854; m. Frederick C. Herring. 

1876. Children, i Marian, 2 Cylus, 3 Elizabeth, 4 Florence, 
5 Mary, 6 Harvey. 

256 Aaron Harvey Potts, b Dec. i, 1855. 

257 William Burnside Potts, b. May 18, 1862; m. Flora Tipton; 

Sep. 7, 1886. Residence, Little Rock, Arkansas. 

258 Emma Rebecca Potts, b. May 4, 1866; m. Evan T. Jones. 

Children, i William Potts, 2 Marian, 3 Evan Harvey. 

259 Carrie May Potts, b. .■^ug. 10, 1868; m. Geo. E. Sullivan, 1893. 

Children, i Mary. 

Children of William W. and Eliza (Noble) Potts. 

260 Lilian Noble Potts, b. Sep. 4, 1874; m. Frank H. Bowen, 1895. 

261 John Charles Potts, b. Nov. 20, 1876. 

262 Mary Noble Potts, b. May 6, 1880. 

263 Samuel Noble Potts, b. Nov. 27, 1881. 

264 vSarah Wynn Noble Potts, b. July 15, 1884. 

265 Fredwynn Noble Potts, b. August 2, 1S91. 

PAGES 17<i. lJ:?li. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), and Family, i8i 

162 Charles Pitman Potts/ (Aaron Mounts,* Wil- 
iam,* William, 3 Thomas,' Thomas,^ Richard,"), son of Aa- 
ron and Rebecca (Aaronson) Potts, was born Jan. 22, 1836, 
at Pottsville, Pennsylvania. In the Civil War, he entered 
the army as a private in April, 1861, going out with the first 
troops that entered the U. S. service. He was eledled a 
Lieutenant of Company I, 151st Regiment, Pennsylvania 
Volunteers, in 1862; detailed to command Company C, in 
June, 1863; and taken prisonor at the Battle of Gettysburg. 
He was nine months in Libby Prison, three months at Ma- 
con, Georgia, and three months at Charleston, South Car- 
olina, under fire of our own guns, also five months at Col- 
umbus, S. C, — in all nearly twenty one months. He was 
honorably discharged March 12, 1865, and reached home 
March 2 1 . He has the honor of being one of the ' ' First 
Defenders ' ' of the late war. He is by occupation a cloth- 
ing cutter. He resides at Pottsville, Pa. , where he has been 
a member of the City Council. He married Sara Estelle 
Sinclair, May 13, i860, at Pottsville. 

Children of Chari^es P. and Sara E. (Sin Clair) Potts. 

266 Mary Elizabeth Potts, b. Novem. 10, 1S61; m. Louis H. Tous- 

saint, of Rio Vista, Florida, March 15, 1894. 

267 Aaron Lippincott Potts, May 21, 1869; m. Mary Bender, July 

3, 1895. Children, i William Charles. 

268 Abby Lippincott Potts, b. Aug. 28, 1870. 

269 Clara Frances Potts, b. June 12, 1872. 

270 Charles Gray Potts, b. June 28, 1874. 

271 Edwin Sinclair Potts, b. February 10, 1876. 

272 Martha Washington Potts, b. February 22, 1878. 

180 Edward F. Potts, « (Thomas,* Joseph,* William,' 
Thomas,* Thomas,' Richard,*), son of Thomas and Mary 
A. (Scattergood) Potts, was born 1821, and married Julia 
A, Potts, (214) daughter of John A. and Elizabeth S. 
(Middleton) Potts, of Monmouth County, New Jersey. 

1 82 The Potts Family in America. 

Children of Edward F. and Juwa A. (Porrs) Potts. 

273 Elizabeth Potts, m. R. Shannon Haines. Residence, Roncocas, 

Burlington County, N. J. Children, i John E., 2 Julia P. 

274 Mary Potts, d. y. 

275 John Potts, m. first, Clara W. Haines; second, Ida Coleman. 

Children, Henry C. 

The Chart. Facing this page is given a Chart, show- 
ing the descendants of Thomas Potts, (Shield), to the fifth 
generation. Female lines are not carried down, and those 
of the male lines may not be complete. 


rkichard Hoiis 

|-»ebfcca Potts Thomas Cox 

-■^.nn Hotts- William Kolwell 



ChwtCTfifld. Derbyshire, Eng.) 

-Elizabeth Pott 
-Thomas Pott, d. y. 
-Samuel Pott 
-Maria Pott 
-Joshua Pott 

•Thomas Potts -Joaui 


-Auiia Pott 

-Thomas Potts-= Mary Records— ' " '''^'""' Po"'' Sarah Beakt 

lathaniel Potts=Susnuim 


3— Grace Farmer 

4 Alice Pusser 

Anna Pott 

Uary Potts Johu Cox- 

aseph Kolwell 

nomas Folwell 
-^ohii Kolwell 
-Sarah Kolwell 

Stacy PotU KsUur l-„,u-,Msi- 
J MarK I Ynrdley- 
J-Mis Mary BtjyJ 

-Kichiird Potts Kilicccu Arucv - 

-Ruth Potts Williiini Johnson 
-Mury Polls Isnuc llorncr 
-Tlioinas Potts, il v. 
-Sarah I "oils 

-lames Cox 
-willinnj Cox 
-Mary Cox 

-Marv Pottn. 

Thoniak l\>tU 

Sarah Poll*. 
-KUmbeth Pot;». 
-William Maiv Gardner. 


3 Marv Borden 

3^ Rebecca Wright 
(nee Stacy) I 

Jishua Potts -Anne Bonltn- 

-V(illiara Potts Amy ilorden 

e^t£^'^""-"t;i'v'^^;;>,^'"\^^ is be^eved to he 
r»*«njfe*''«'>*e«iacVin^W. ,,'"•" '^"' Particulars the 
5ll?l Tb ,h!","> <^nvind„'"«,J' 'h«;"rcnn.slantial evidence 

Joshua Polls Mary IluntiuK — 
PhoniBs polls Aliic Hunting 
■Aniv Polls l.nwH-iiic Tiiylor 
Mary Polls 
Anne Poll> 
Al.iKnil Polls 
Rrbcccn Polls 
lianinih Polls 

Ann Polls Jiiiurs Cox — - 


ll.oKBii 75 

William Potts- Rebecca Monnls- 

-Mary Potts ^Ur. David Katon- 

Joseph Potm Sarah Carty 
Amy Pott«-= Thomas Potts 

-ThoniHs Yar«.r<-> Potts. 
-Snnnicl I'olls 

-Stacy ISjlt- M.tx Soiuers. SS 
-Aana Polls v illUm Potts. 7< 
-Rc»>ccc« Toll* Ccornc Sherman 
-Joseph P.tls S;iu«h Hillyor 6l 

Thomas Potts s.uah .\shlon 6i 
Sarah Pol in 

ilMC|>h Pl.llS. 
ohn Polls CHtharine 65 
linrv Polls 

-Slacv I'olu j««na 

-Marv IVnis Joahuu Wright. 
-Relieiva I'otta — Hams. 
-Sarah Poll*. 

-Wllllnin Potla Anna Potts. 71 
Klitabcih PoKm Cox. 

William Polls 
-Joseph l*oll» 
-kirkbride Poll 
-Ann Potti. 

Sarah Polli«. 
-l.yilia PoitM Stephen U. I.ewiM 

-William Cox. 
-loHcuh Cox. 
-Lewis Cox. 
-Jameit Cox. 
-Amy Cox. 
-Mary Cox. 
-ThoniHN Cox. 
-Sanniel J. Cox 
-David Cox. 
-Jonathan Cox 
-KzekicI Cox. 
-MurKiiii Cox. 
-Ilorulio Cox, 

Aaron M. Poii> Mary liarvcy. 
1 ■ Keb< .-cu AaronMon. 1 

Amy I'olts 

-Siimncl Pulls ,\nn Harvey. ( 
-Ann Polls Pllshii Hhreve. 
-Mary Potts John Harvey. 
-Rebecca i'oiis. 

-Amy Kalon lotierl l.ockurd. 
-Rebecca Kati f "^teph. M'C.eath. 
-Isaac IvHton '» ■'••;i»n Craig. 
-Puinelia I'.iiloi- .--,,. iii'.lel Taylor. 
-.\nii l'.iitoii ji(col) lOililken. 
-Marv Eaton .\lleii Chandler. 
-Kurfe Katoii Ur. j C. Handv. 
-William I'.alon Julia Row, 
-Elizabeth Eaton Th. H. David. 
-David Eaton Agnes Avise. 

-Benjamin Pottn Mriry Carty. 
-Io». Potts Eli-.. I :. Allison 109 
- Thomas potts vr ,iy a 

[■v. alltrgood 110 
-Amy Potts SHmnel Sprague. 

Thomas Potts, (Shield), amd Family. 183 

Supplementary Data. 

41 Amy Potts. [See page 167, ante]. The will of 
Amy Potts, of Mansfield, is recorded in the Surrogate's Of- 
fice at Mt. Holly, Burlington County, in Will-Book E, page 
551. It is dated April 29, 1839, and proven Mar. 31, 1841. 
In this will she makes mention of 

Sister Mary Eaton. 

Five daughters of sister Mary Eaton, viz: Rebecca Me- 
gerth, Ann Entrican, Pamelia Logan, Mary Chandler, Eli- 
za ChincwithC?). '^ ' 

Elizabeth McKeever " daughter of my niece Amy Lock- 
hart, and the two sons of my niece Uree Handy." 

Nieces and nephews, vSarah Zilley, Amy Sprague, Ann 
Shreve, Mary Harvey, Rebecca Potts, Joseph Potts, Aaron 
Potts, Morgan Coxe, and Amy Bateman. 

Eliza Potts," wife of my step son William Potts." 

William Eaton and Jacob Entrican. 

She also makes a bequest to the General Convention of 
the Baptist Denomination. 

The mention of her step son shows clearly that her hus- 
band had been previously married, and that the children 
mentioned in his will were by a former wife. 

There were several persons, of the name, living in the vi- 
cinity of the descendants of Thomas Potts, (Shield), but 
whether related or not has not been determined. 

Among marriage licenses recorded in the Ofiice of the 
Secretary of State, at Trenton, are the following, 

1 84 The Potts Family in America. 

January 2, 1750, Abraham Potts, of Burlington, and Mary Lee, of 

Dec. 28, 1769. Joseph Potts, of Bordentown, and Elizabeth Moore. 
Sep. 13, 1777. Thomas Potts, of Mansfield, and Rebecca King. 

At Mt. Holly, the County Seat of Burlington County, 
marriage licenses are recorded from 1795 forward. Among of the name of Potts, not accounted for, are these, 

April 22, 181 1. Robert G. Potts and Sarah vStiles. 
Dec. 3, 1842. James Potts and Maria Steel. 

Joseph Potts. A marriage license was issued to Joseph 
Potts, of Bordentown, Dec. 28, 1769, to marry Elizabeth 
Moore. The bondsman was John Van Emburgh, of Bor- 
dentown, and the witnesses Peggy Moore and Polly Potts. 

' ' The Inventory of Damages Sustained by the Inhabi- 
tants of the County of Burlington, New Jersey, from the 
havoc of the British Army, from December 1776 to August 
1 781." filed in the State Department at Trenton, contains 
an account of goods valued at ^50 8 4, the property of Jo- 
seph Potts, taken from the store of Joseph Borden, at Bor- 
dentown, Dec. 1776. 

Joseph Borden, in his will dated April 10, 1787, makes a 
bequest to "my friend Joseph Potts ^100 as an acknowl- 
edgment for his faithful services done as well while my ap- 
prentice as since. ' ' 

Elizabeth Borden, widow of Joseph Borden, deceased, in 
her will dated Sep. 15, 1798, makes a bequest to Elizabeth 
Potts, widow of Joseph Potts. 

Thomas Potts On August 24, 18 19, letters of admin- 
istration were granted by the Surrogate of Burlington 
County, to Thomas Nutt and John Blakeley upon the es- 
tate of Thomas Potts. 

The Potts' op Middi^esex Coumty, N. J. i8 = 


The Potts* of Middlesex County, New Jersey. 

A family of PoTTS, of good repute, is found in Middlesex 
County, New Jersey, before the time of the Revolutionary 
War, but nothing is now definitely known of its origin or 
the time of its first settlement. The family seems, however, 
to be quite distinct from that of Thomas Potts, (Shield). 
Eugene F. Potts, of Fuerti, Sinaloa, Mexico, says he has 
heard that his family is descended from one of ' ' three 
brothers ' ' who came from England and settled in New Jer- 
sey and Penns)dvania. D. Barton McKinne, Esq. , of New 
York, writes that it is his understanding that his ancestor, 
Samuel Potts, came from England sometime prior to the 

The Family Bible of Samuel Potts passed by will to his 
son John Potts, and is still preserved by his descendants. 
It contains some family records, but through age, wear, ac- 
cident or careless mutilation, they can only be partially de- 
ciphered. Through the courtesy of Alpheus Potts, Esq. , of 
Jeffersonville, N. Y., we are able to give below a copy of 
the fragmentary remains of these Bible records. The blank 
spaces left in this printed copy only partially correspond to 
those in the original entries. 

Samuel Burtes Potts 
and Elizabeth Potts 

Maria Potts 

William Potts was born Thursday the iSth of in the year 1759. ^ 

Amy Baylis was born on in the year 1750. 


1 86 The Potts Family in America. 

Samuel and Amy Potts was 

John Potts son of Samuel March 21, 1777 

Susannah Potts daughter Born May 15, 1779. 

Susannah Herbert died 

Sarah Potts, daughter of Samuel and Amy Potts, was born August 
29, 1781. 

Sarah Potts departed this life September 30, 17S3 

Thomas Potts, son of Samuel and Am}- Potts, was born April nth, 

Elizabeth Potts, daughter of vSamuel and Amy Potts, was born Oc- 
tober 27, 1799. 

this life June 4, 1753 

this life Odlober 10, 1762 

son of Daniel and Odlober 18th, 1799. 

IMary Voorhies February 6, 1800 

Potts, son of Samuel and Amy, was born January 26, 1804 

Elizabeth Potts, daughter of John and Mary Potts, was born Au- 
gust 22th, 1S02. 

Samuel Potts, son of John and Mary Potts, was born December 
15th, 1803. 

Elizabeth Potts and Seth Dey was married Jan. 9, 1819. 

John Burtes Dey, son of Seth and Elizabeth, was born December 
5th, 1819. 

Amy Potts Dey, daughter of Seth and Elizabeth Dej', born Odlober 
28th, 1 82 1. 

It is very unfortunate that this record is so imperfecfl. 
The reader is left to his own conjectures. Samuel Burtes 
Potts may be identical with that Samuel Potts who married 
Amy Baylis in 1776. Samuel Burtes Potts, Maria Potts 
and William Potts ma}' have been brothers and sister. From 
Stryker's Jerseytne^i in the Revolution, it is learned that both 
Samuel and Williatn Potts, of Middlesex County, served in 
the Revolutionary army. Such an account of Samuel Potts 
and his descendants, as could be obtained, is here given. 

The Potts' of Middlesex County, N. J. 187 

I Samuel Potts,' of Middlesex Count}-, New Jersey, 
was probably boru about 1750, but whether in England or 
America is not clear. He married Amy Baylis (or Bayles) 
April 23, 1776.* His residence was then given as Cranbu- 
ry. He served in the Revolutionary army. He is said to 
have been a wagon-master, but at the battle of Monmouth 
fought in the ranks, while his brave young wife carried wa- 
ter to the soldiers during and after the battle. 

He was a prosperous and influential citizen, and at the 
time of his death, in 182 1 or 1822, he possessed a consider- 
able estate. About 1808 he purchased lands in Bethel 
Township, Sullivan County, New York. His will is dated 
March 7, 1821, and was probated in the Surrogate's Office 
at New Brunswick, on September 13, 1822. He gives his 
residence as South Amboy Township. He makes bequests 
to " my well beloved wife Amy; " to son John, $100, and 
large Bible, after his said wife's ; to son Thomas, 
$100 ; to daughter Eliza, wife of Seth Dey, interest of $500; 
to son William, $400, and remainder of ni}- land in Bethel 
Township, Sullivan County, New York, adjoining lands al- 
ready conveyed to sons John and Thomas ; to deceased 
daughter Susanna's son James Herbert, $200. William 
Potts was under twentj'-one years of age. Sous John and 
Thomas appointed executors and empowered to sell lands 
in New Jersey for $4000. 

Chii,dren of Samuei, and Amy (Bayi^is) Potts. 

2 John Pott-s, b. March 21, 1777; d. 1864; m. Mary Voorhees. 

3 Susannah Potts, b. May 15, 1779; d. before 1821; m. Daniel (?) 

Herbert. Left one son, James. 

4 Sarah Potts, b. August 21, 1781; d. September 3, 1783. 

5 Thomas Potts, b. April 11, 1784; d. 1865 or 6. 

6 Elizabeth Potts, b. Odlober 27, 1799; m. Seth Dey, Jan. 9, 1819. 

Children, i John Burtes, 2 Amy Potts. 

7 William Potts, b. Jan. 4, 1804; m. Eliza McChesney. 

* NOTp;. This is the date of marriage license. See Liber M, in the office of the 
Department of State at Trenton, New Jersey. 

i88 The Potts Family in America. 

2 John Potts, 2 (Samuel,'), son of Samuel and Amy 
(Baylisj Potts, was born March 21, 1777, at Cranbury in 
Middlesex County, New Jersey. He married Mary Voor- 
hees, daughter of Garret Voorhees, (perhaps Feb. 6, iSooj. 
John Potts settled on a farm in Bethel Township, Sullivan 
County, New York, which his father had purchased for him. 
Here he entraged in farming and spent the remainder of his 
life. He died in 1864. 

Children of John and Mary (Voorhees) Potts. 

S Amy Potts, m. Reuljen Carpenter. Children, i William, 2 
Elizabeth, 3 John, 4 James, 5 Martha, 6 Oliver, 7 Augusta, 
8 Amy. 

9 Elizabeth Potts, b. Augnst 22, 1802; m. D. Lanfier. 

10 Samuel Potts, b. Dec. 15, 1S03; m. Louisa DuBron. 

1 1 John Potts, m. Susan . 

12 James N. Potts, m. Clarissa Jordan. 

13 Lydia Potts, d. unmarried. 

14 Martha Potts, m. William Roper. Son, John. 

15 William Potts, m. Martha Coots. Has three sons. 

16 Mary Potts, m. David B. Kinne. Several children. D. Barton 

Kinne, one of the sons, is a lawyer in New York. 

17 G. Voorhees Potts, died unmarried. 

18 George Potts, died unmarried. 

5 Thomas Potts, ^ (Samuel, '), son of Samuel and Amy 
(Baylis) Potts, was born April 11, 1784, in Middlesex Co., 
N. J. He was married iDut the name of his wife has not 
come to the notice of the compiler. He settled on land pur- 
chased by his father, in Sullivan County, New York, but 
he tired of the forest, and returned to Middlesex County, N. 
J., where he lived until his death in 1865 ar 6. He reared 
a family and accumulated a considerable estate. His will, 
dated P'eb. 21, 1865, and proven Feb. 15, 1866, is recorded 
in the Surrogate's Office at New Brunswick. He mentions 
each of his seven children, and .seven grandsons bearing the 
name of Thomas, sons of each of his children. He makes 
a bequest of the interest of $800, to the widow of his son 

The Potts' of Middlesex County, N. J. 189 

James W. Potts, deceased, and at her death the principal 
to go to her children, provided they apply for it within 
twenty years, otherwise they were to be considered as dead. 

Chii^dren of Thomas and — ( ) Potts. 

19 Rev. Jame.s W. Potts, M. D., m. PYederica M. Fickliardt. 

20 Joseph Potts, was married and had children. One son was 

named Thomas. Two sons said to be Baltimore merchants. 

21 Susan Potts, m. Brown, and had a son Thomas. 

22 Eliza Ann Potts, m. Jacob Burt, Children, Thomas. 

23 Amy Potts, m, Bergen. Children, Thomas. 

24 Rebecca Potts, m. Dey. Children, Thomas. 

25 Sarah Potts, m. Wykoff. Children, Thomas. 

7 William Potts,* (Samuel,^), son of Samuel and Amy 
(Baj'lis) Potts, was born Jan. 26, 1804, (?), in Middlesex 
County, N. J. He married Eliza McChesney. He settled 
on the land in Sullivan County, New York, left to him by 
his father, but is said to have returned to New Jersey. The 
name of only one child has been given, but there may have 
been others. 

Children of \Vii.r,iAM and Euza (McChesney) Potts. 
26 Samuel Potts. 

lo Samuel Potts,' (Johu,^ Samuel,^), son of John and 
Mary (Voorhees) Potts, was born Dec. 15, 1S03, in Middle- 
sex County, New Jersey. He married lyouisa DuBron. 
Residence, Bethel Township, Sullivan County, New York. 
In i8g6, the children were reported all living and married. 

Children of Samuel --^nd Louisa (DuBron) Potts. 

27 Alonza Potts. 

28 John Potts. 

29 Margaret Potts. , 

30 Alpheus Potts. He is a lawyer at JefFersonville, N. Y. 

I90 The Potts Family in America. 

31 Dr. Edgar Potts. He is a Physician at Port Jervis, New York. 

32 Mar}- Potts. 

33 Janette Potts. 

19 Rev. James W. Potts, M. D.,' (Thomas,* Sam- 
uel,^), .son of Thomas and ( ) Potts, was born in 

Middlesex County, N. J. He married Frederica Margarita 
Fickhardt.* Mr. Potts was a pra(5licing phy.sician and a 
minister of the Methodist Church. He is said to have been 
a fluent and eloquent speaker. Soon after marriage he set- 
tled at Port Deposit, Maryland, where he founded a Meth- 
odist Church. He subsequently removed to the southwest, 
preaching and pradlicing medicine in Missouri and Texas. 
In 1856 he started on a trip to California, leaving his fam- 
ily in Texas. On reaching Tucson, Arizona, he was the first 
man to read the Declaration of Independence and deliver a 
patriotic address. After visiting California he started home, 
but was taken ill and died at Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 
1856 or 7. There were eight children, but the names of 
only four of them have been furnished. 

Children of Rev. James W. and Frederica. Marg.\rita 


34 Rev. Thomas Augustus Potts; b. 1832; deceased. He was a 

Baptist minister. 

35 Emma Elizabeth Potts, b. 1834; m. Moore. She is a 

widow, and lives at Mount Vernon, Texas. 

36 Eugene Fickhardt Potts b. 1844. Residence, Fuerti, Sinaloa, 


37 George Albert Potts, b, 1847; deceased. 

The pedigree of this family, including four generations, is 
very fairly shown by the chart on the next page. 

* Note. She was born at Easton, Penna., but her father came from Westphalia, 
Germany. Her brother, Dr. Augustus Fickhardt, was still living at Bethlehem, 
Penna., a few years ago. 


The Potts' of Middlesex County, N. J. 191 

Pedigree of the Potts Family of Middlesex County, N. J. 




-Sarah, d. y. 

-Amy=Reuben Carpenter- 
-Elizabeth=D. Lanfier. 

-Samue'.=l,ouisa DuBrou. — 


James N.=Clarissa Jordan. 

Martha=William Roper. 
William—Martha Coots. 
Mary=David B. Kinne. 
-G. Voorhees. 

I- John Burtes Dey. 
■Elizabeth=Seth Dey-|-Amy Potts Dey. 


-James W.=F. M. Fickhardt.- 

-Susan= Brown. 

-Eliza A. = Jacob Burt. 

-Amy= Bergen. 

-Rebecca= Dey 

-William Carpenter. 
-Elizabeth Carpenter. 
-John Carpenter. 
-James Carpenter. 
-Oliver Carpenter. 
-Augusta Carpenter. 
-Amy Carpenter. 

-Alonza Potts. 
-John Potts. 
-Margaret Potts. 
-Alpheus Potts, Esq. 
-Dr. Edgar Potts. 
-Mary Potts. 
-Janette Potts. 

-Thomas A. Potts. 
-Emma E. Potts. 
-Eugene F. Potts. 
-George A. Potts 

-William= Eliza Mc- 
[Chesney — 



192 The Potts Family in America. 


The Potts Family in Pennsylvania. 

From the year 1683 to 1700 and later sev^eral persons ap- 
pear about Germantown in Philadelphia County bearing 
the name of PoTTS, who were closely associated and evi- 
dently nearly related. The following is believed to include 
an accurate list of these persons, together with the earliest 
dates at which each has been first noticed. Some of these 
are believed to have come to America at a much earli- 
er date. 

1683. Elizabeth Pott or Potts and her daughter Jane 
came to Pennsylvania in 1683. Elizabeth Potts married 
Edmund Beimett in 1685, and her daughter Jane married 
John Austin in 1686. 

1686. Thomas Potts signs the marriage certificate of 
John Austin and Jane Potts. 

1686. Jonas Potts signs the marriage certificate of 
John Austin and Jane Potts. 

1690. Elizabeth Potts (not the first mentioned Eliza- 
beth) died. 

1692. David Potts signs the administrator's bond of 
EHzabeth (Potts) Bennett. 

1698. Thomas Potts, (Jr.), is a witness to the will of 
John Powell, made at sea, during the passage to America. 

The Potts Fami;.y in Pennsylvania. 193 

1698. Several orphan children of John Potts, of Wales, 
deceased, were sent over to Pennsylvania, to the care of 
Thomas Potts, their uncle. John Potts, one of these chil- 
dren, was a ship carpenter and married Rebecca — . Mary 
Potts, another of the orphans, married Matthias Tyson. 

1700. Joan or J one Potts signs the marriage certificate 
of Lewis Lewis and Mary Powell. 

1705. Eleanor Potts married Thomas Roberts. 

1709. Margaret Potts married Evan Morgan. 

1712. Margaret Potts married Richard Cox in 1712. 

1716. Reese, Riece or Rees Potts sells land at Ger- 
mantown to Margaret Tyson. 

All of these will be quite fully treated of in separate suc- 
ceeding Chapters, while a special Chapter will be devoted to 
the evidences of relationship, and still another to the 
"Old Potts Puzzle." 

From time to time other persons of the name appear who 
were not connedled with these earlier settlers, or whose af- 
filiation has not been proven. 


194 The Potts Family in America. 


Elizabeth Potts and her Daughter Jane Potts* 

Elizabeth Pott or Potts and Jane Potts, her daughter, 
came to Pennsylvania in 16S3, as shown by a deed recorded 
in the Recorder's Office at Philadelphia, in Deed-Book E 3, 
Volume 6, page 42. They are the first of the name known 
to have settled in that State. Elizabeth Potts seems to have 
been a widow when she came to Pennsylvania, and it is be- 
lieved that others of the famil)', beside her daughter Jane, 
came with her. They were Friends and in 1685 were under 
the care of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting. In 1684 they 
obtained a grant of one hundred acres of laud, which was 
supposed to be laid out in Philadelphia County, but a subse- 
quent resurvey showed it to be in Chester County. It ad- 
joined Eetitia Penn's Manor. The warrant issued by the 
Board of Property, on file at Harrisburg, is as follows, 

By the Commissioners of Improvement to grant lots in the Province 
of Pennsylvania at the request of Elizabeth Pott, that we would grant 
her a lot in the City and 100 acres of land ( being the Headright for 
herself and her daughter) in the County of Philadelphia near the 
Welchmen. These are to will and require thee forthwith to survey or 
cause to be surveyed unto her a lot near the center of the city, and the 
said hundred acres in the aforementioned county where not already 
taken up, she fencing the lot in & building upon the same wnthin six 
months & improving the Land within one year from the date of sur- 
vey, and make returns thereof into the Secretaries Office. Given at 
Philadelphia the 12th y"'" 1684. Thos. Lloyd, 

James Ci,.\ypoivE. 

In 1685 Elizabeth Potts married Edmund Bennettt of 
Bucks County. They first declared their intentions of mar- 

Elizabeth Potts and Daughter. 195 

riage before Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, 8 mo. 5, 1685, 
and the following record made thereof. 

EUinor Allen and Hannah Boyer presented Edinond Bennett and 
Elizabeth Potts, who the first time declared their intentions of mar- 
riage to the meeting. The meeting orders him to bring a Certificate 
from the meeting to which he belongs to in the County of Bucks to 
the next meeting. 

On 10 mo. 7, they presented their intentions the second 
time, and were allowed to proceed in marriage according to 
the usage among Friends. The marriage took place 10 mo. 
[Dec] 22, 16S5, at the house of John Otter, near Burling- 
ton, [now Bristol]. The Middletown Monthly Meeting 
has a brief record of the marriage, with names of the sign- 
ers to the certificte as follows. 

Edmund Bennit of ye County of Bucks and Elizabeth Potts late of 
y6 County of Philadelphia m. lo 22 16S5 at John Otter's house 
John Otter James Spencer Edmund Bennit T 

James Boyden Margaret Boyden Elizabeth Bennitt. 

Tho: Atkin.son Mary Allen 

Rob* Hall Elizabeth Hall 

Sam: Allen Jane Atkinson 

Michall Huflf Jane Dungan 

Will'" Stanford 
Will'" Dungan 

Edmund Bennett seems to have been in Pennsylvania be- 
fore the arrival of the Proprietor, and ma}^ have been here 
as early as 16S1, He took up 300 acres of land in Bristol 
Township, Bucks County, 12 mo. i, 1682, [O. S.]. Ashe 
is included with those who took up land before Penn's ar- 
rival, the above date would seem to be Februarj^ [12 mo.] 
I, 1682. The minutes of the Board of Property, of 9 mo. 
8, 1703, contains the following entry. '-i^ 

The Prop'ry by deeds dat, 25, 7br., '81, vid. Rolls Bo. A., vol. 
fo. 82, Granted to Edm'nd Bennett 1,000 acres, who by warrant dated 
1st 12 mo., '82, Took up 300 a's In Bristol Township, in Bucks, and 
the said Edm'd by his last will, dat. 5, 7ber, '92, Granted his whole 

* See Penna. Archives, Second Series, Volume XIX, page 409. 

196 The Potts Family in America. 

Estate to his wife Eliz'th Bennett, who by her deed dated 22, 3 nic, 
1702, Conveyed 100 a's Part thereof, to Wm. Crosdale. The said 
Traol being resurveyed is found to Contain 151 a's, for the Overplus 
of which he Offers ^10, being Barren. A Patent is granted, the Con- 
sideration to be for Services and No Sum. 

By a general warrant, dated 4 mo. 13, 1683, lands taken 
up by old settlers, before the arrival of the Proprietor, were 
resurveyed. Edmund Bennett is shown to have 321 acres 
in one tra(5t and 50 acres in another.^- At a meeting of the 
Board of Property, held 12 mo. 22, 1689-90, it was ordered 
that Edmund Bennett have a warrant "for taking up his 
Liberty land according to his purchase of 1000 acres." f 

At another meeting, held 2 mo. 12, 1690, it was ordered 
that Edmund Bennett have a warrant to lay out a piece of 
swamp, adjoining his land in Bucks County. X On 8 mo. 
13, 1683, Richard Dungworth conveyed to Edmund Ben- 
nett, 50 acres which in a subsequent deed of sale it is recit- 
ed that the Proprietor had granted it to the said Edmund 
Bennett, as part of his land due him on account of his first 
purchase, § 

Edmund Bennett died September, 1692, leaving a will da- 
ted Sep. 5, 1692, and proven 7 mo. [Sept.] 21, 1692, and 
recorded at Philadelphia, in Will- Book A, page 210. His 
residence is then given as Philadelphia. By the will he left 
one shilling to his nephew John Bartlet " now^in England." 
The remainder of his estate he left to his wife Elizabeth, 
making her his executrix, with friends John Kinsey, John 
Jones and John Otter to assist her. The witnesses were 
Thomas Roberts, Jane Austin and Theodore Roberts. 

Elizabeth Bennett filed her bond as executrix, "7*"" 24, 
1692," in the sum of ;^250. She was said to be " late of 
Bucks County." Her bondsman was David Potts. The 
following is a copy of the inventory filed 7 mo. 23. 1692. 

* See Penna. Archives, 2d series, Vol. XIX, p. 2,^6. t See ibid. p. 26. X See ibid. 
P- 33- ? See ibid, p. 196. 

Elizabeth Potts and Daughter. 197 

Inventory of Edmund Bennett's Personal Effedls. 

A true & ^fedl Inventory of all y« Goods & Chattells of Edmond 
Bennet, late deceased of Philadelphia, appraised by us whose names 
are hereunder written this Twenty third day of Seaventh Month 1692. 

/ s d 
Imprimis his purse & Apparrell 8 00 00 

1' Bed & Bedding & Hangings thereto 16 00 00 

I« Utensills of Brass 10 00 00 

I' Pewter & Tinware 6 05 00 

r- ffive Irons & other Iron Ware 10 00 00 

I^ One Brass Jack & Wanning Pan 03 00 00 

I' One Looking Glass 00 06 00 

I' One Gunn i to 00 

I' Two Pieces of Hair cloth at 02 00 00 

I^ One Case of Botles 00 06 00 

I"^ Eleven panes of Glass 01 02 00 

P Two Case of Knives 00 10 00 

I' Sheets pillow Covers Table Cloths Napkins & other 

Linnens 10 00 00 

I* One Chest of Drawers 02 00 00 

I Two Stilator\es with Worms, oneTobacco(?) Scren one 
Grind stone, with Carpenf Tools, 4 Chests, 5 Box- 
es, with other Lumber 35 00 ci 

Lastly Two Cows & one Calf, One Bull & one Steer & one 

Mare & Hogs iS 00 00 

W" Gabitas Totall 123 19 ci 
Joshua Hastings. 

On 5 mo. 5, 1696, Elizabeth Bennett sold to Thomas 
Yardley 50 acres in Bucks County, and on 3 mo. 22, 1702, 
she sold 100 acres, (part of the original 300 acres), to Wil- 
liam Croasdale. A resurvey of the tracfl showed that it con- 
tained 151 acres. 

Elizabeth Bennett died i mo. 8. 1707. In a MS. list of 
deceased Friends in the ' ' Burying ground at Philadelphia, 
recorded by Robert Ewen," in possession of the Pennsyl- 
vania Historical Society, is this entry, 

Elizabeth Bennitt, vndd : of Edmond Bennitt, died i mo. S, 1707. 

It is believed that Elizabeth Bennett had several children 
by her former husband, but the name of only one — Jane 
Potts — is certainly known. 

1 98 The Potts Family in America. 

Jane Potts, daii.t^hter of and Elizabeth ( ) 

Potts, came to Pennsylvania in 1683, in company with her 
mother and possibly others of the family. On 9 mo. 1 1 , 
1686, she married John Austin, of Bucks County, at the 
house of Edmund Bennett. The Middletown Monthly' 
Meeting of Friends has a record of the marriage. The 
Marriage Certificate was signed b}- the contradling parties 
and witnesses as follows, 

John Austin 
Edmund Bennett John Otter Jane j Austen 

Elizal)eth Bennett '>< John ^ Closa 
Tho; Potts* Michel Huff 

Jonas Potts f Will'" Sanford 

Elizabeth Potts j F R 

Samuel Spencer James Spencer ffrances Sanford 

Samuel Willton 

John Austin was by occupation a ship carpenter, and was 
early settled in Pennsylvania. He received from the Pro- 
prietor of Pennsylvania, November i, 1683, a patent of con- 
firmation for a lot of ground, 50 by 178 feet, (No. 151), on 
Chestnut Street, between Third and Fourth Streets. On 
August 20, 1686, he sold a portion of this ground, when he 
is styled " of the Town and Count)' of Philadelphia, ship 
carpenter." He probably removed to Bucks County about 
this time, as at the time of his marriage on Nov. 11 , of that 
year, he is styled as of Bucks County. On August 4, 1687, 
he sold another portion of the Chestnut Street lot, and is 
then styled " ship carpenter of the County of Bucks." He 
subsequently returned to Philadelphia, where he purchased 
of Francis Rawle, on January 30, 1696, a "bank lot," 102 
by 250 feet, on the north side of Mulberry Street, from 
Front Street to the River, where he carried on the business 
of ship building. 

* Note. For an account of Thomas Potts, See Chapter VII. 

t Note. For an account of Jonas Potts, see Chapter VIII. 

X Note. The Middletown Monthly Meeting has a record of the death of Eliza- 
beth Potts as occurring on lo mo. 4, 1690. Perhaps she was a daughter of Eliza- 
beth Potts-Bennett and sister of Jane Potts-Austiu. 

Elizabeth Potts and Daughter. 199 

The minutes of the Board of Property for 31110. 24, 1703, 
contains the following entry,* 

Jno. Austen Produceing a Warrant from the Office dat. 12, 7, mo. 
'84, signed Thom's Lloyd and Ja's Clayp. for 100 acres of Land to 
Eliz'th Pott, near the Welch, being her and her Daughter's head- 
right, f requests a Resurvey in Order to a Confirmation. Granted, the 
rent being settled One-half at a Penny p'r acre and the other half at a 
half Penny for her Daughter, being a Servant. J 

This one hundred acres granted to Elizabeth Pott and 
Jane her daughter, was sold to James Davis for ^36, as 
shown by a deed dated 9 mo. 19, 1706, and recorded in the 
Recorder's Office at Philadelphia, in Deed-Book E 3, Vol. 
6, page 42, of which the following is a brief abstracT;. 

Tri-Partite Deed. 

Deed Tripartite, John Austin, Shipwright, of the City of Philad* 
and Jane Austin his Wife of the first part, Elizabeth Bennett of the s^ 
City, widow, of the 2"' part, and James Davis of the Great Valley in 
the County of Chester of the 3'''^ part, Whereas Thomas Lloyd and 
James Claypole two of the Commissioners of William Penn by their 
Warrant dated 12''' 7 mo. 1684, granted unto the Said Elizabeth (by 
the name of Elizabeth Potts) 100 acres of Headland being in right of 
herself and the said Jane her daughter, they having come in as Ser- 
vants in the 3'ear 1683, and by Virtue of a Warrant from the Commis- 
sioners dated 25, 3'"'^ mo. 1703, and whereas by Virtue of a Warrant of 
the present Commissioners of Property, dated the twenty-sixth day of 
the third month, one thousand Seven hun dred & Six, the s"^ one hun- 
dred acres was resurveyed & returned to be Situated in the County of 
Chester, Beginning in the line of Griffith John's land, from thence by 
the s*^ Line South east One hundred & ten perches to a stake, ffrom 
thence east north east one hundred & ninty perches to a stake in the 
line of Letitia Penn's Manor of ffrom thence by s'' line 

North North East one hundred & four perches to a stake, flfrom 

* See Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Voiume XIX, page 378. 

t See page 194, ante. 

I Note. Among the early settlers who came into Pennsylvania were a very 
large number who were denominated as Servants. The liberal terms offered by 
Penn, greatly increased the number of those who came in this capacity, as tliey 
received 50 acres of headland, when their time expired, the same as others. The 
term did not necessarily imply a menial, but included mechanics, farm hands, 
agents, etc., employed by others, and were frequently relatives and those of equal 
social position. Sometimes their pas.sage was paid in consideration of a specified 
term of ser\'ice. 

200 The Potts Family in America. 

thence by the Line of John Roberts land West North West one hun- 
dred and ninty perches to the place of beginning, etc. 

[Signed] John Austin [Seal] 

J.\NE ^ AusTON [Seal] 
Witnesses, mark 

Jeremiah Jarman Eijzabeth E Benet [Seal] 

Griffith Lewellyn her mark 

John Austin was a Friend and was attached to Philadel- 
phia Meeting. He died about 1707 or 8, and letters of ad- 
ministration were granted to Jane Austin, his widow, Feb- 
ruary' 25, 1707-8. She filed a bond in the sum of ^400, 
with Henry Willis [or \Ville3'] and "Jonas Potts, of Ger- 
mantown, yeoman," as sureties. Both Jane Austin and 
Jonas Potts made their marks. The Inventory, made 1 1 
mo. [Jan.] 6, 1707, and exhibited Feb. 25, 1707-8, amount- 
ed to ^248 6 4, and consisted of ship-stuff and household 

Jane Austin, being "weak in body but of sound mind 
and memory," made her will Dec. 26, 1733, and died Sept. 
14, 1734. The will is recorded in Will-Book E, page 309, 
at Philadelphia. She mentions son Samuel Austin; daugh- 
ters Ann Robins, Elizabeth Chanel and Mary; grand-chil- 
dren John Robins, Mary Robins, John Austin, John Wood. 
The excutors were George Fitzwater, Anthony Morris and 
Jacob Shoemaker, Witnesses, Ezekiel Potts and John White. 

Chii,dren of John and Jane ( Potts) Austin. 

1 Samuel Austin, m. ist, Mary Jarman, Apr. 25, 1723, (dau. of Ed- 

ward and b. Sep. 3, 1702). Children, John and others. Md., 
2d, Sarah Stille, nee Keen, 061. 6, 1748. Children, William, 
Isaac, Sarah. 

2 Ann Austin, m. Thomas Robins. Children, John, Mary. 

3 Elizabeth Austin, m. John (?) Chanel. 

4 Mary Austin, m. Wood. Children, John. 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 201 


Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 

Thomas Potts, Sen., was a resident of Bristol Town- 
ship, Philadelphia County. He seems to have come to 
Pennsylvania from Wales, it is supposed from Llangirrig or 
Llanidloes in Montgomeryshire. He was a miller by occu- 
pation, and was a party to numerous land conveyances, own- 
ing lands and mills in Bristol Township, and in New Jersey. 
He was a member of the Society of Friends and attached to 
Abington Monthly Meeting. He was an acceptable Public 
Friend, as ministers of that Society are termed, and, after 
1 700, traveled much in the service of Truth. In contempo- 
rary records he is variously styled " Thomas Potts, Sen.," 
" Thomas Potts, yeoman," and " Thomas Potts, miller," 
while recently he has often been referred to as " Thomas 
Potts, the Quaker Preacher." In this work he will be des- 
ignated, when necessary, as " Thomas Potts, (Miller)." 

I Thomas Potts, (Miller), is first noticed in Pennsyl- 
vania, as a witness to the marriage certificate of John Aus- 
tin and Jane Potts, on 9 mo. 11, 1686. At the marriage of 
Friends it was and is customary for those present to sign 
the marriage certificate as witnesses, the relatives of the con- 
tradling parties, signing first and following each other in 
the order of nearest connedtion. In this instance, Thomas 
Potts signs immediatety after the mother of the bride, 
which is a strong evidence of near relationship. 

His first purchase of land seems to have been, 150 acres 
on the west side of the Schuylkill River, bought 10 mo. 5, 

2o6 The Potts Family in America, 

In 1707, James Farmer, from Essex, John Bradley, from Cheshire, 
Thomas Potts, from Pennsylvania, also divers other ministering 
Friends from this nation, were diligent in the exercise of their gifts, 
both in meetings held among Friends and strangers. 

In 171 1, he made a visit to Maryland, and on his return 
immediately prepared for a journey into New England, as it 
appears from the following entry in the Abington Monthly 
Meeting minutes of 4 mo. 25, 1711. 

Our friend Thomas Potts lately returned from Maryland upon y» 
Service of Truth, & recommended of good Service from Tredevan 
Creek & now the said Thomas having declared that he finds a concern 
on him to Visit friends at New England, requests a Certificate In or- 
der for y« Said Service, which allso was granted. 

He was accompanied by Thomas Chalkley upon this visit, 
and it is probable that they visited Friends on Long Island 
and at other points on the route of travel. It may be that 
it was upon this, or a similar journey, Thomas Potts first 
met Judith Smith, of Flushing, whom he married in the 
next year. The minutes of Abington Monthly Meeting for 
5 rao. 28, 1 7 12, show that 

A Certificate was granted Thomas Potts in order to proceed on to- 
wards Marriage with Judith Smith of Long Island. 

The marriage was accomplished not long afterwards, as 
shown by the following abstra(5t from the Friends records of 
marriages at Long Island.* 

The foreteenth day of the Sixth Month Ano One thousand seven 
hundred & twelve. At flushing — Thomas Potts of Bristol township 
in y* county of Philadelphia in pensilvania and Judith Smith of flush- 
ing, &c. 

In the latter part of the year 1712, he again visited 
Friends in Maryland, and on 2 mo. 25, 1715, 

A Certificate was granted Thomas Potts in order to go to \nsit 
Friends in Barbadoes, upon y« Service of Truth. 

Sometime after his return he made arrangements to settle 
in Maryland, and on 11 mo. 30, 1715, 

♦ See New York Genealogical and Biograhpical Record, Vol. VI, page loi. 

Thomas Potts, (Miller,) and Family. 207 

A Certificate was granted Thomas Potts in order to Settle in Mary- 

He removed to Talbot Count}', Marj-land, where he con- 
tinued to live for some time. While a resident of Mary- 
land, he issued a letter of attorney to Joseph Kirkbride of 
Bucks County, empowering him to sell his land, house and 
mills in Somerset County, New Jersey. The original doc- 
ument remains on file in the office of the Department of 
State at Trenton. It is as follows, 

Know : all : men : by these Presents : that : I ; Thomas Potts : of Tal- 
bot County in y" Pro\'ince of Maryland, Miller, Have made constitut- 
ed authorized & ordained & do hereby make constitute Authorize 
& ordain my Loving friend Joseph Kirkbride of Bucks County in ye 
Province of Pensiluania, Yeoman: my true & La\\-full Attorney for 
me & in my Name to Bargain Sell & Dispose of all & Singular My 
Land house Si. Mills Lying & being on Stony Brook in Sommerset 
County in y* Province of East J ersey Together with y^ Improue- 
ments Priueleges Profits & appurtenances Thereunto belonging to 
such person or persons as He y* said Joseph Kirkbride shall think fit 
& convenient & to make sign seal & Deliver as my Acl & Deed such 
Agreements Titles & conueyances concarning y" afores^ premises as y« 
Law Doth Direcfl as Also To take & Receiue sufficient security Bills & 
Bonds for y^ payment of such sum or sums of money as he shall alien 
& sell y* Lande for & generally to do & execute any other Lawful 
adls, Deuise & Deuises either jn Law or equity for y« confirming & 
sure making of y« s** Bargain as fully &. amply as I, y^ aboue-[said] 
Thomas Potts might or could do if Personally present Ratifying & Al- 
lowing whatsoeuer my s"^ Attorney In this behalf shall Do, or cause to 
be Done 

In Witness : whereof : I have to these presents set my hand & seal 
this Seventh day of y* Sixth Month called August In the third year of 
the Reign of King George ouer Great Britain &c Annoq Domi One 
Thousand Seuan Hundred And Sixteen 

Sealed & deliuerd In y« 
presence of Euerard Bol- , _^. ,,,^^^1^ ^ x f-^m ■t rc^ ,-, 

ton Robert ffletcher and CJ^ ^1^0??^^ ^^/Z .7 [Seal] 

Thomas Canby 

County of Burlington In y* province of New Jersey Nouember y^ 12 
1716. Then Appeared befor vs Vnder written two of His Majesties 
Justices of y« peace for y« County of Burlington Euerard Bolton and 
Robert fletcher & upon Their Solemn affirmation Declare y' they saw 

(J%mcA ^crffs 

204 Thk Potts Family in America. 

John Cadvvallader, David Potts, Isaac Delaplaine, Morris 
Morris, Henry Cunuards, William Lukens, etc. These 
were Trustees of the Friends Meeting, who purchased it for 
a Meeting House lot. On 2 mo. 18, 1712, the signing of 
the deed was confirmed by Peter Shoemaker and Isaac Shoe- 
maker. [See Deed-Book E 7, Vol. 8, p. 175. Phila.] 

In 1706, Thomas Potts, of Bristol Township, yeoman, 
sold to Everard Bolton a one fourth interest in certain lands 
and two water corn mills or grist mills in Bristol Township, 
commonly known as ' ' Potts' s Mills. ' ' In the same year 
Thomas Potts, Sen., of Bristol Township, miller, and George 
Gray, of the City of Philadelphia, merchant, were parties 
to several real estate conve3'ances of lands, etc. , in Bristol 

On Dec. 26, 161 7, Thomas Potts, Sen., of Bristol Town- 
ship, miller, purchased of William Dilworth, 100 acres in 
said Township, " beginning at the corner of the City Liber- 
ties," etc. 

On September 2, 17 18, Thomas Potts, Senr., of Bristol 
Township, yeoman, purchased two small tra<5ts of land in 
said Township from Joshua Fincher and Elizabeth, his wife. 
On the same day Thomas Potts and Judith, his wife, made 
a deed to Joshua Fincher for a lot in the same Township. 

Among public records are to be found a number of origi- 
nal signatures of Thomas Potts. They are marked by cer- 
tain charadleristics that make them readily recognized and 
easily distinguished from those of any of his contemporaries 
who bore the same name. Below is a good copy of his sig- 
nature attached to the appraisers' list of the effects of John 
Powell, who died at sea in 1698 while on his way to Penn- 

(T^^"^-' ^o"^ 

The papers relating to the decedent's estate are in the 
Register's Office at Philadelphia. 


MEMORANDA. — -The modest two-story building in the center, now known as 
4537 Germantown Avenue, Germantown, is built on the site of the oris^inal 
dwelling house of Thones Kunders, and the north wall at the left is believed to be 
part of the original Kunders house. It was in Thones Kunders' house that the 
first meeting of the Germantown Friends was held, and it is likely that they con- 
tinued to meet here from time to time for worship, until the erection of the Meet- 
ing House in 171)5. Doul:>tless among the worshipers were Thomas, Jonas 
and David Potts, and here the voice of Thomas Potts may have been heard in 
testimony. No print of the first Friends Meeting House is known to be in 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 205 

Thomas Potts and David Potts were witnesses to the 
will of William Howell, of Cheltenham Township, Philadel- 
phia County, made 12 mo. 20, 1709. Below is a fair cop)' 
of Thomas Potts' signature, 

Other signatures will appear appended to copies of im- 
portant papers. 

Thomas Potts was an earnest and a(?tive member of the 
religious Society of Friends, being attached to the German- 
town Preparative Meeting, which was under the care of the 
Abington Monthly Meeting. From the minutes of Abing- 
ton Monthly Meeting * and other sources, it appears, that 
from about 1 705 to the end of his life, he devoted himself 
very largely to the duties of a public Friend or religious 
minister, traveling and visiting Friends in the service of 
Truth, in Maryland, Virginia, New England, the West In- 
des, England, Ireland, and other places. 

In Hazard s Register, it is stated that "About this time 
[1705] or the last year, Thomas Potts of Pennsylvania went 
to pa}^ a visit to Friends in England and Ireland," and in 
1705 William Penn, writing from England, mentions Thom- 
as Potts as about to return to Pennsylvania. Two years la- 
ter he again visited England and Ireland, having been 
granted a Certificate for that purpose by Abington Monthly 
Meeting on 3 mo. 26, 1707. In the same year Thomas 
Chalkley mentions Thomas Potts, in his journal, as a com- 
panion of himself and Anthonj^ Morris, on a visit to Friends 
in the West Indes, from whence they sailed for England. 
Rutty' s History of the Rise and Progress of the People called 
Quakers in Ireland, etc., Dublin, ly^i, has the following, 

* Note. The early minutes of Abington Monthly Meeting are very meager and 
evidently incomplete. It is possible that the original minutes were written upon 
separate' slips of paper and .subsequently copied into a book, when some of the 
slips may have been lost. 

202 The Potts Family in America. 

1692, from John Blunston, attorney for William Shardlow, 
of London, Eno^land. The deed recorded at Philadelphia 
in Deed-Book E 7, Vol. 9, page 53, is as follows, 

Know all men that I John Blunston of Darby in the County of Ches- 
ter for the consideration of nine Pounds of Current Money of Penn- 
sylvania to him paid by Thomas Pott of Pliila C. the Receipt whereof 
he doth hereby acknowledge Hath b}' Virtue of a Letf of Attorney, 
duly executed under the hand and Seal of William Shardlow of Lon- 
don Merchant dated the thirtieth day of September ( 1691 ) and Record- 
ed in the Registry for the s' County of Chester in Book A, page 58, 
given granted Enfeoffed & by these p'sents confirmed unto the S"* 
Thomas Potts all that Tra<5l of Land on the West Side of Schuylkill. 
Beginning by the River Side and by the land formerly belonging to 
William Wood, West 16 Degrees South 320 perches North No. West 
76 perches Thence East 16 Degrees North 320 perches to the s** River 
& by the same River the several courses thereof to the place of begin- 
ing, containing One hundred & Fifty Acres being part of the Twenty 
five hundred Acres belonging to the s'' Shardlow & mentioned in the 
s^ Letter of .\ttorne}- to be contracted for To have & to hold the s'' 
One hundred & fifty Acres of Land with the appurtenances unto the 
s** Thomas Pott & his heirs to the use of him his heirs & assigns forev- 
er. And the s'' John Blunston as Attorney for s* William Shardlow 
the s"* Land and p'mises hereby granted with the appurtenances unto 
the s** Thomas Pott his heirs & assigns against him the s"* William 
Shardlow & his heirs & against all other persons whatsoever lawfully 
claiming or to claim by from or under him them or any of them 
Shall and will Warrant & forever defend by these p'sents And hath 
made David Lloyd his attorney to deliver these p'sents in open Court 
according to Law. 

In Witness whereof he hath hereunto set his hand & Seal the fifth 
daj- of the Tenth Month Anno Dom 1692 

[Signed] John Bi.unsTon [Seal] 

Sealed & delivered in the presence of Joseph Wood and John Wood. 

Acknowledged in open Court held at Philad* the 7"* of the i" 
Month 1693 Witness, John White, Deputy Clarke, and the County 
Seal. Recorded the 1 2^'' i'* mo. 1712-3. 

On 2 mo. 2, 1695, " Thomas Potts, of Philadelphia, Veo- 
man, for ye consideration of 75 pounds current silver mon- 
ey of Pennsilvania, to him paid by David Hugh, of Merion 
in the Welch tra(5l, yeoman," conveyed "all that tra(5l of 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 203 

land with buildings and improvements," * * * " scitu- 
ate on the west side of Skoolkill," etc. , containing 150 acres, 
formerly purchased of John Blunston, the 5th day of the 
tenth month, 1692. The witnesses to this latter deed were 
Thomas Pritchard, David Potts, and ffrancis Cooke. 

The earlier public records are frequently quite deficient, 
as in many instances the recording of deeds was long de- 
layed or they were not recorded at all. The Deed-Books 
at Philadelphia, show at least some of the land transactions 
of Thomas Potts. He built two water corn mills or grist 
mills on a branch of Frankford Creek, not far from German- 
town, that were long known as " Potts' s Mills," or 
"Potts' Mills." Among land conveyances, aside from the 
foregoing, are the following. 

On 4 mo. 28, 1699, Thomas Potts, yeoman, purchased 
100 acres of land in Bristol Township, from Jacob Shumaker, 
(or Shoemaker),* and on Sept. 6, 1705, he bought another 
tra(5t in the same Township, from the said Shoemaker. 

On "29, gber, 1705," Heifert Papen of Germantown, 
conveyed two tradls of land in Germantown, one parcel of 
2 1 % acres and another of 28 ^ , containing together 50 acres, 
to Samuel Richardson, Richard Townsend, Thomas Potts, 
Sr., and Samuel Cart, all of the County of Philadelphia, yeo- 
men. Thomas Potts, Sen., by a deed dated 0(5t. 2, 1707, 
sold and set over his interest in these two tracts to the other 
three partners. On 0<5tober 8, 17 11, Samuel Richardson, 
Richard Townsend and Samuel Cart, in consideration of 
j^2oo, executed a deed, conveying this same 50 acres in 
German township, to Thomas Potts, Sr., Thomas Canby, 

* Note. On June 17, 1659, Jacob Shoemaker made a deed to John Moore for land 
in Bristol Township, which is partially described as "Bounded Easterly by for- 
mer land of said John Moore, Southerly by the City Liberties, Westerly by the 
said Jacob's Land sold to his Brother-in-Law Thomas Potts, and northerly by 
Land of Samuel Richardson, as the same is adlually divided." As Thomas Potts 
was then unmarried, (we believe), to have been brothers-in-law, Jacob Shoema- 
ker must have married Thomas Potts' sister. This view is supported by the fa(fl 
^hat Jacob Shoemaker's children .signed Potts marriage certificates among rela- 
tives, and were in other ways associated with the Potts family. Jacob Shoema- 
ker's wife's name was Margaret. He capie to Peni^sylvania in 1685, a siqgle njap.. 

2o8 The Potts Family ix America, 

the Within named Thomas Potts sine Seal & Deliuer y"-' within Instru- 
ment for y6 vse within mentioned. Peter Bard 

Isaac De Cow 

No deeds of conveyance of this property have come to the 
notice of the compiler, and neither the date of purchase nor 
sale can be given. Stony Brook is a short distance south of 
the town of Princeton, and within the limits of the present 
Cotmty of Mercer. 

Thomas Potts returned to Pennsylvania from Maryland 
in about a year and a half, and on 6 mo. 26, 171 7, the min- 
utes of Abington Monthly Meeting contain this record. 

Thomas Potts produced a Certificate from Treadevan in Maryland 
which was read and accepted. 

He subsequentl}' made one or two other visits to Friends 
to the southward. On 6 mo. 25, 17 18, a Monthly Meeting 
minute .show^s that 

Thomas Potts acquainted friends that he is minded to travail Down 
Towards y^ Capes of Delaware & Desires a Certificate : The Meet- 
ing Do appoint Dennis Cundras & John Lucan to make Enquiry how 
he leaves his Bussiness. 

He was frequently appointed to attend Quarterly Meet- 
ings, and on 12 mo. 23, 1718, he was appointed "to visit 

On I mo. 30, 1 71 9, is this entry, which probably refers 
to an intended visit to the southward. 

At this Meeting things was found Clear Relating to Tho^ Potts and 
a Certificate was granted him. 

On his return this minute was entered on 5 mo. 27, 17 19, 

At this Meeting Thomas Potts having lately Returned fro: traveling 
in Meryland & Virginia Produced a Certificate from Treadaven 
Monthly Meeting. 

Thomas Potts did not survive long after his return from 
this visit, as he died before Odlober [8 mo.] 3, 17 19, the date 
on which his will was probated. He was undoubtedly a 
man of rare worth and exemplary charadler. William Penn 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 209 

calls him " honest Thomas Potts," and an estimate of his 
characler may be gathered from the Penn and Logan Cor- 

The age of Thomas Potts has not been ascertained. As 
he signs as a witness to a marriage certificate in 16S6, it is 
probable that he was then a well grown youth or a young 
man. When he purchased land in 1692, he must have been 
above twenty one j^ears of age. It seems reasonable to con- 
clude that he was at least forty old when he married Judith 
Smith in 1712, and fifty years or over when he died. 

Thomas Potts left a will, dated 3 mo. [May], 6, 1719. 
It was proven Oclober 3, [719, and is recorded in the Reg- 
ister's office at Philadelphia in Will-Book D, p. 133. The 
following is a cop}' taken from the original will remaining 
on file in the said office. 

The Will of Thomas Potts, (Miller). 

I Thomas Potts of Bristol Township in the County of Philadelphia, 
being at Present in good Health of Body and Well in Mind and INIem- 
ory, Praised be the Lord for his Goodness & Mercy towards me. Con- 
sidering the Uncertainty of this transitory Life, I thought good to 
make my Last Will and Testament concerning m^- Worldly Estate 
which the Lord hath been pleased to bestow up on me, in manner fol- 

Imprimis, My Will is, that all my Just Debts be Duly paid bj- mine 
Executors hereafter named, as soon as possible. 

Secondlj-, My Will is, that my Dear and Loving Wife Judith Potts 
shall have hold and Enjo%- all and singular mine Estate Real and Per- 
sonal together with the Profits thereof. During the Minority or Nonage 
of my Son Thomas Potts Jun'. whom I also leave to her Care & Tui- 
tion, hereby nominating and appointing my s<i Wife Tutrix to him, 
until such time as he shall attain his age of One and Twenty Years. 

And then, Thirdly-, my Will is, that after he arrives to sd Age, ni}- 
aforesaid Dear & loving Wife shall have One third part of my Real 
Estate during her natural Life, As also One third part of my Personal 
Estate to her self, her heirs and Assigns whomsoever. The Other 
tw^o parts of mine Estate, Real and Personal, I give, devise and Be- 
queath to my sd Son Thomas Potts Jun''. his heirs and Assigns for 
Ever. And of this my last Will & Testament I make and Ordain 

2IO The Potts Family in America. 

Joint Executors my sd Wife Judith Potts, her Brother in Law Samuel 
Bowne* of Flushing upon lonj^ Island, husbandman, and Joseph La- 
tham of the City of New York, Ship Wright, hereby giving them my 
full Power and Authority to Sell and Dispose of my Real Estate to 
such person or persons, as they shall think Convenient, and to Sign, 
Seal, Deliver and Acknowledge Deeds of Sale to the Purchaser of the 
Same according to Law. 

Finally, I revoke and Disannull all former Wills and Legacies by 
me in any wise made and Bequeathed, Declearing this and no other 
to be my Last Will and Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal the 
Sixth day of the third Month, called May, Anno Domi One thousand 
Seven hundred and nineteen. 

Signed, Sealed, Pub- 
lished and Declared/' r^-^^ C^ lAI^/r-4M i^^^'^) 

by the Testator above Ut C C-/ I 

named in the presence 
of Griffith Jones 

Samuel Pastorius 

Fra: Daniel Pastorius 


In a note filed with the will and other papers, Fra : Da : 
Pastorius states that he wrote the will of Thomas Potts, 
Sen^ Other memoranda show the following dates, " In- 
ventory Exhibited lo 8*"' 1719." " Account made 29 y'"" 
1720." "Account Exhibited 27 1722," The following 
is a copy of the account filed, 

A true ace' of Judith Potts Executrix of Thomas Potts, Late of 
Bristol Township in the County of Philad* in the Province of Pensil- 
vania, deceas'd, as well as what he owed at the time of his death as of 
her disbursements & which is as followeth, \nz' 

To James Dellworth / 4 18 — 

To Walter Simmans 7 — 

To Peter Shoemaker 6 — 

To Jn" & Daniel Potts 16 13 — 

To Joseph Gray 4 3 — 

To Thomas Roberts i 10 — 

To Joseph Wood 8 — 

To John Brown i 5 — 

To White Marsey 3 — 

♦ Note. Samuel Bowne, of Flushing, married Hannah Smith, sister of Judith 
Potts, 10 mo. 8, 1709. 

Thomas Potts. (Miller;, axd F.^^jijily. 211 

To Benjamin Armitage i 6 — 

To Henry Jones • lo — 

To Robert Thomas ^ 9 — 

To Richard Carv-er ~ 6 — 

To Dennis Conard 16 — 

To John Worrel 2 S 

To John Potts 5 — — 

To John Dilling iS — 

To John Jones ~ i 4 — 

To John Lncan 12 ro — 

To William Bransted ~ 25 — 

To Daniel Potts 15 — 

To Edman Orpwood ra -^ 

To Doctor Owen 4 — 

To Dochor Witt ..~ ~ 2 d 

To Peter Evans - i — — 

To Quit Rent i — — 

/5'> iX — 
Errors Except-d liii? 5 •" 7 • 17*0 
^r Judetb Potts 
Exhibited 27th 6 : 1722 

In 1724. Judith Potts, the widow, married Thomas Sharp, 
as her second husband. The minutes of Abington Monthly 
Meeting of 2 mo. 27. 1724. has a record of their passing 
meeting, beginning thus. 

Whereas Thomas Sharp of West Jersie & Jndith Potts Weddow 
having Declared their Intentions of i£arriage with Each Other before 
two Monthly Meetings, etc 

The marriage ver^" likely took place shortly afterwards. 

Thomas Sharp was a widower with several grown-up chil- 
dren. He died within a few years after this second mar- 
riage. His will is recorded in Liber 3. foHo 55, in the De- 
partment of State at Trenton. He is therein described as 
"Thomas Sharp, of Xewtown. Gloucester County. West 
Jersey, yeoman." The will is dated 8 mo. 5, 1724. He 
mentions his wife : his sons Thomas. John. Samuel and Jo- 
seph : and daughters Elizabeth Hallowell, Mary Smith and 
Sarah Pearce. Executors, ffriends John Estaugh and Jo- 

212 The Potts Family in America. 

seph Cooper, Jr. Witnesses, Benjamin Thackera, Joseph 
Thackera and Mary Thackera. Both persons named as ex- 
ecutors decHned to serve, as also did Judith Sharp, the wid- 
ow. Samuel Sharp, one of the sons was appointed admin- 
istrator on the — da}- of , 1728. 

There are on record at Philadelphia, several deeds for the 
conveyance of lands in Bristol Township, formerly proper- 
ty of Thomas Potts, late deceased. On March i, 1741, 
Thomas Potts, of Bristol Township, Susanna his wife, and 
Judith Sharp, formerly Judith Potts, mother of the said 
Thomas, join in a mortgage, covering one hundred acres in 
said township, in favor of Mary Carter. In 1744 and 174S, 
Judith Sharp, Thomas Potts, Jr. , and Susanna, his wife, 
heirs of Thomas Potts, Sr. , join in deeds for the sale of 
lands in Bristol Township to Robert Strettel. 

James Logan, on April 4, 1718, purchased a one fourth 
interest in the " Potts Corn Mill," in Bristol Township, for 
;^2oo. The property included fifteen acres of land. The 
Pen7isylvania Gazette for April 2, 1744, contained an adver- 
tisement for the sale of Potts' Mill, Another advertisement 
appeared August 21, 1746. 

Judith Sharp died about June, 1749. Her will is dated 2 
mo. 6, 1648, and was proven July 8, 1749. It is recorded 
at Philadelphia, in Will-Book — , folio — . The will opens 
as follows, 

Be it Remembered that I, Judith Sliarp, of Bristol township in the 
county of Philadelphia & province of Pensilvania, widow, being an- 
tient & sometimes Indisposed in body. But through Mercy am at the 
signing & publication hereof of sound mind & memory. Ha\-ing sev- 
eral grand Children, I have thought proper to Distribute some part of 
my substance among them by this my last will & Testament in man- 
ner following. That is to say, etc. 

She enumerates divers articles of personal property which 
she diredls shall be given to each of her grandchildren when 
they become of age or marry. She names them in this or- 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 213 

der, Hannah Potts, John Potts, Rachel Potts, Lydia Potts, 
Rebecca Potts and Jasper Potts. To the grandson John 
Potts, she gave " a Black walnut chest, a Silver cup, a sil- 
ver .seal * & a Bible. She further says, 

All the rest of my moveables or personals or Estate whatsoever, I 
give & bequeath the same to my beloved son Thomas Potts, who in 
conjunction with my esteemed friends Thomas Royjerts, Jn'" & John 
Roberts, both of the township aforesd, I appoint as Executors. 

On 3 mo. 20, 1749, she added this codicil, 

Mkmor.\ndum. Whereas I the said Judith Sharp, having in the 
body of this will given & bequeathed to ni}- son Thomas Potts, th^j 
Residue of my estate, not before given to my grand children, my will 
is therefore that in lieu of the s'* Residue in my s'' Will given to him 
my s'' son Tho^ Potts, I do hereby give & bequeath unto him the sum 
of Five Shillings current money of this province in full of his part of 
my Estate, and the Remainder of my Estate I give & bequeath to all 
my Grand Children to be equally divided amongst them, provided 
nevertheless that my Daughter in law Susana Potts shall have the use 
thereof during her natural life, and she shall not be accountable for 
my horse & two Cows as the}' are perishable. My Will is that this be 
added as a codicil to my last will & Testament. In witness whereof I 
have set my hand & seal this twentieth day of third month 1749. 

The appraisement was made by Thomas Rose and John 
Roberts and amounted to ^49 12 4. Thomas Roberts, Jr., 
and John Roberts both declined to serve as executors, and 
letters were issued to Thomas Potts. 

Child of Thomas and Judith (Smith) Potts. 
2 Thomas Potts, b. about 1713; d. about 1751; m. Susanna . 

2 Thomas Potts, Jr.,* (Bristol), (Thomas,*), son of 
Thomas and Judith (Smith) Potts, was born about 1713, it 

is suppo.sed. About 1732, he married Susanna . The 

marriage was accomplished in a manner ' ' contrary to Dis- 

* Note. This silver seal is probably the same used by Judith Sharp in connec- 
tion with her .si,^nature to her will. The seal attached to the will consists of the 
initials T P, witTi three circles underneath and a heart suspended from the middle 

214 The Potts Familv in- Amkrica, 

cipline of fr"''." and on i mo., 26, 1733, the>- made an ac- 
knowledgment for their ' ' Disorderly Walking," which waj^ 
accepted. This shows that Susanna was also a Friend, but 
her maiden name is not given. They resided in Bristol 
Township, and when necessary for the purpose of distinc- 
tion, he will be referred to as "Thomas Potts, Jr., (Bris- 

He died about the early part of 1751. and letters of ad- 
ministration were issued to Susanna Potts, his widow, Ma\- 
29, 1 75 1. Susanna Potts did not long remain a widow, as 
on Dec. 24, 1751. she married Job Comptoo. The records 
of Abington Presbyterian Church have a minute of the mar- 
riage. No further account of Job and Susanna Compton 
has been found in Pennsylvania, and it is supposed that 
they removed to New Jersey, possibly to Somerset County, 
where the Compton famil}- have long been established. It 
was in this County that Thomas Potts, (Miller), formerly 
owned land and mills. No will or letters of administration 
of either Job or Susanna Compton has been found. Within 
the present Centun.-, two persons named Job Compton have 
died in Somerset County, but the Job Compton, who mar- 
ried Susanna Potts, belonged to an earlier generation than 
either of these. 

Children of Tbom.\s. Jr., and Susanka t ;> Potts. 

3 Hannah Potts. 

4 John Potts, 

5 Rachel Pott». 

6 Lydia Potts. 

7 Rebecca Potts. 

8 Jasper Potts, m. Man- Dellsil. April 7, 1771. 

4 John Potts,* (Thomas,' Thomas,'), son of Thomas 

and Susanna ( ) Potts, may be the same who married 

Merc>' King, and lived at King%vood in (now) Hunterdon 
County, New Jersey. John Potts, of King^vood, will be 
treated of below. 

Thomas Potts, (Miller), and Family. 215 

6 Lydia Potts,' (Thomas,* Thomas,'), daughter of 

Thomas and Susanna ( ) Potts, may be the same who 

married John Pinkertou, by license, Feb. 27, 1762. She 
survived her husband and died in 18 11. Her will dated 
Sep. 8, 1811, and proven Nov. 11, 1811, is recorded in Will- 
Book 4, page 16, at Philadelphia. She is described as wid- 
ow, of Philadelphia, and mentions son John and his chil- 
dren L3'dia and Elsie ; also her daughters Rebecca Carnes(?) 
and Sarah McGreggor. Witnesses, Charles Widdis(?) and 
John Ashniead. 

7 Rebecca Potts,^ (Thomas,* Thomas,'), daughter of 

Thomas and Susanna ( ) Potts, seems to be the same 

who married Rev. Nicholas Cox, at Philadelphia, March 14, 
1764.* Nicholas Cox was born March 24, 1742, in New 
Castle County-, Delaware. He entered the Baptist ministry 
at Philadelphia in 1771, and became pastor of the Baptist 
Church at Kingwood, Hunterdon Count}', New Jersey, in 

Children of Rev. Nicholas .vsd Rebecca (Potts) Cox. 


John Cox. 


Martha Cox. 


William Cox. 


Elizabeth Cox. 


Lydia Cox. 


Susanna Cox. 


Thomas Cox. 


David Cox. 


Benjamin Cox. 

8 Jasper Potts,» (Thomas,* Thomas,'), son of Thom- 
as and Susanna ( ) Potts, married Mary Dellsil,, at 

Philadelphia, April 7, ly-ji. I He seems to have settled in 

* See Records of First Baptist Church, Philadelphia. 

+ See Morgan Edwards Materials for a History of the .A.merican Baptists. 

J See Records of the SL Michael and Zion Church, Philadelphia. 

2i6 The Potts Family in America. 

New Jersey, and served in the Revolutionary War, holding 
the rank of Corporal. -'^ 

I John Potts, (Kingwood).t A John Potts was settled 
at Kingwood in Hunterdon County. New Jersey, who is be- 
lieved to have been John the son of Thomas, Jr., and Su- 
sanna ( ) Potts, of Bristol Township, Philadelphia 

County, Pennsj'lvania, though the proof of such relation- 
ship is yet incomplete. There seems to be no other John 
for this place, and one or more of Thomas and Susanna's 
children are known to have settled in New Jersey. Also, 
this John Potts was neighbor to, and closely associated 
with, other Potts' from Pennsylvania. 

John Potts married Mercy King, daughter of William and 
Abigail (Doughty) King. She was born June 4, 1738. 
They lived at Kingwood, not far from Pittstown. John 
Potts was probably a farmer, and was a neighbor to Daniel 
Potts, a native of Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, 
Pennsylvania. In 1797, he went on the refunding bond of 
Rebecca (Emley) Potts, widow of his late neighbor Daniel 
Potts. So far as known John and Mercy Potts had but two 

Children of John and Mercy (King) Potts. 

2 Joseph Potts, b. ; d. 1837; m. ist, Sarah Mott, 2d Catharine 

3 WilHam King Potts, b. April 26, 1765 ; d, 1840 ; m. Jane Mason. 

2 Joseph Potts, 2 (John,^), son of John and Mercy 
(King) Potts, married, first, Sarah Mott, daughter of Sol- 
omon and Elizabeth (Emley) Mott, of Quakertown, June 2, 
1 781. She died about 18^, and Jo.seph married as a second 

* See Strj-kers's Jerseymen in the Revolutionary War. 

+ Note. The account of the descendants of John Potts was furnished by Dr. 
James W. Moore, of I.afayette College, Haston, Pa. 

Thomas Potts, (Millkr), and Family. 217 

wife, Catharine . He was a tanner and removed from 

Hunterdon Countv to Mansfield, Warren County, where he 
died about iS^^-. He was buried in the old Mansfield grave- 
yard, just back of where the old church used to stand. In 
his will, he mentions his wife Catharine and each of his 
children except Elisha who may have died previously. 

Children o^ Joseph and Sarah (Motx) Potts. 

4 Rev. John Potts, h. ; d. Sep. 22, 1S37; in. — . 

5 Charles Potts. 

6 Elisha Potts. 

7 Klizabeth Potts, ni. John Barnes. 

8 Amy Potts, m. Barnabas Olph. 

9 Nancy Potts, b. 1784; d. Sept. 4, 1867; ni. Isaac Smith, 
to Lucy Potts, m. Samuel Thompson. 

11 vSarah Potts, b. jNIay 23, 1792; d. May 26, 1883; m. Jas. Walms- 

12 Mary Potts, m. William Miller. [lev. 

3 William King Potts,* (John,'), son of John and 
Mercy (King) Potts, was born April 26, 1765. He mar- 
ried Jane Mason, daughter of John and Sarah Mason. She 
was born Januar}- 12, 1769. William King Potts died about 

Children of William King and Jank (Mason) Potts. 

13 John Mason Potts, b. Nov. 26, 1798; m. Mason. 

14 Joseph King Potts, b; July 16, 1800; m, Margaret White. 

15 Thomas S. Potts, b. June 25, 1802; m. Sarah Brown. 

16 Charles Potts, b. Atigust 2, 1805; d. Dec. 19, 1^23. 

17 Sarah Potts, b. Otftober 7, 1807; d. Dec. 19, 18 — ■; m. Nathaniel 

Britton, of Frenchtown, New Jersey. 

4 Rev. John Potts, ^ (Joseph, * John,*) son of Joseph 
and Sarah (Mott) Potts, was a distinguished minister of 
the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was well known in 
New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware. In 181 3 


2i8 The Potts Family in America. 

he was admitted on trial by the Philadelphia Conference, 
and assigned to Freehold, and in 1 8 14 to Sussex. In 18 15, 
he was received into full connecflion, ordained deacon, and 
appointed to Northampton. He afterwards had the follow- 
ing appointments, 1816, Essex and Staten Island ; 1817, 
Caroline, Chesapeake Distridt ; 1818, made Elder, Union 
Church, Philadelphia; 1819, Bergen; 1820-1, Burlington; 
1822-3, Wilmington, Delaware ; 1824-5, Trenton ; 1826-7, 
Bridgetown; 1828-9, Salem ; 1 830-1, Morristown ; 1832-3, 
Paterson ; 1834-6, Presiding Elder, South Philadelphia 
Distri(5l ; 1836-7, superannuated. He was married and had 
one daughter. He died Sep. 22, 1837, at Mt. Holly, N. J. 

14 Joseph King Potts,' (William King,^ John,'), son 
of William King and Jane (Mason) Potts, was born July 
16, 1800. He married Margaret White. 

CH11.DREN OF Joseph-King and Margaret (White) Potts. 

18 Elijah Potts. 

19 Mary Potts, b. June 20, 1827. 

15 Thomas S. Potts,' (William King,' John,'), son of 
William King and Jane (Mason) Potts, was born June 25, 
1802. He married Sarah Brown, daughter of George and 
Mary Brown. She was born Feb. 9, 1798, and died Nov. 
8, 1868. 

Children of Thomas S. and Sarah (Brown) Potts. 

20 Mary Jane Potts, b. June 13, 1835. 

21 Samuel W. Potts, b. August 12, 1836; d. September 2, 1836. 

22 William B. Potts, b. Aug. 28, 1838; m. Sarah Aun Bush. Chil- 

dren. 23 Sarah E., b. May 2, 18 — ; 24 Irwin, b, Mar. 9, 1S70; 
25 Thomas, b. Nov. 4, 187 1; 26 Egbert B., b. July 4, 1873; 
27 George A., b. Dec. 18, 1S75. 

Thomas Potts, (Millkr), and Family. 219 

Below is given a tabulated pedigree of the descendants of 
Thomas Potts, (Miller). While this is thought to be cor- 
real, it must be remembered that the connedlion after the 
third generation is not fully proven, as will be seen by ref- 
erence to the text. 

Pedigree of Thomas Potts, ( Miller), 's Family. 

Thomas Potts=^ Judith Smith=Thom.\s Sharp, 
In Penu. 1686 I b. 
tn. 1712 d, 1740 

d. 1719 I 

Thomas Potts=Susanna 
b. 1713 I 

d. 1751 

^Job Compton. 

II I i I I 

Hannah Potts Rachel Potts Rebecca= Nicholas Jasper=Mary 

John=Mercy King I,ydia=^John I Cox Dellsil 

I Pinkerton 

I I i 
John Pinkerton 
Rebecca Carnes 
Sarah McGreogor 


John Cox 
Martha Cox 
William Cox 


Susanna Cox 
Thomas Cox 
David Cox 

Elizabeth Cox Benjamin Cox 
Lydia Cox 

Joseph Potts=Sarah Mott 
I =2 Catharine 

TTi nrr ' rri 

Rev. John Potts Elizabeth Potts Lucv Potts 

Charles Potts Amy Potts Sarah Potts 

Elisha Potts Naiicy Potts Mary Potts 

William King Potts=Jane Mason 


John M. Potts= Mason Thomas S, Potts=Sarah Brown Charles Potts 

oseph K. Potts=^Marg't White I Sarah Potts 

Elijah Potts Mary Potts Marv Jane Potts 

Samuel W. Potts 

William B. Potts=Sarah Ann 
I Bush 

^ I I I I I 

Sarah K. Potts Irwin Potts Thomas Potts Egbert B. Potts George A. Potts 

220 The Potts Family in America. 


Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 

I Jonas Potts is first noticed m Pennsylvania as a wit- 
ness to the marriage certificate of John Austin and Jane 
Potts, 9 mo. II, 1686.* He was a resident of Germantown, 
Philadelphia County, and vicinity for a number of years, 
where lie sometimes held local offices under the government. 
Later he settled on land in Gilbert's Manor, not far from the 
present town of Royersford in Montgomery County. He 
was a party to several transaclioi.s in the purchase and sale 
of lands in Philadelphia County. 

Among different lines of descendants are several tradi- 
tions, which probably have some elements of truth in them, 
as well as inaccuracies. One tradition alleges that Jonas 
Potts came from England in the sixteenth [seventeenth] 
century and settled in Pennsylvania. Another claims that 
the first of tlie family came to Pennsylvania with William 
Penn. Another alleges that the first Potts settlers in Penn- 
sylvania came from Wales, emigrating from there on ac- 
count of religious persecution. All agree that the first set- 
tlers were Friends or Quakers. 

By a deed dated June 12, 1693, he purchased 133 'o acres 
of land in Cheltenham Township, Philadelphia [now Mont- 
gomery] County, from Jacob Tellner.f This was part of a 
larger tract, originally granted to Edward Jefferson, of Ash- 
well, County Hereford, England, malster, and Mercy, his 

* See page 198, ante. 

t Note. This deed does not seem to be on record, but is referred to in the dee.l 
of sale of t'lie same property, recorded in Deed-Book 80, page 574, in the Recorder -^ 
Office at Norristown, Tennsylvania. 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 221 

wife. The said Jefferson d\'ing, his widow. Mercy, married 
Thomas Phillips, and they conveyed to Francis Richardson 
in 1684, who conveyed 400 acres to Jacob Tellner in 1688, 
and now the said Jacob Tellner conve3's one third thereof 
to Jonas Potts, as above stated. The tax-list of Philadel- 
delphia County for 1693, (the earliest known tobeinexist- 
ance), contains an entrj' of "Thomas Whitton & Jonas 
Potts." assessed together in Cheltenham Township. 

By a deed dated December 8, 1701, Jonas Potts sold this 
land in Cheltenham, to James Williams, of Darby, Chester 
County, blacksmith, for ^60, and appointed David 1,1 oyd, 
his attorney to acknowledge the same in Court, which was 
done on March ist, following. The witnesses to the deed 
were, William Hudson, John Bond, and David lyloyd. It 
is recorded at Norristown, in Deed-Book 80, page 574. It 
is a little singular and worthy of notice that, though the 
deed was made in 1 701. it was not recorded until the year 
1 85 1, or one hundred and fifty 3-ears afterward. 

Jonas Potts held the office of Ranger for the County of 
Philadelphia, his term of office expiring in 1702. He also 
held the office of Court Sheriff for Germantown at one time. 
He seems to have been a man of determination, and per- 
haps of an impetuous temperament, as upon one occasion, 
in making arrest, it is said that he handled the man so 
roughl}' as to have almost killed him. 

He was a member of the Society of Friends, but does not 
appear to have been very adlive in meeting affairs. The 
imperfedt records of the early Meetings do not show a very 
clear record of his consecutive connedlion with the Society. 
He seems to have been under the care of Abington Month- 
ly Meeting, but later in life maj- have resorted to Gwynedd, 
or some Meeting in that vicinity. 

About the year 1703, Jonas Potts seems to have been in 
straitened circumstances, perhaps by reason of his wife's 

222 The Potts Family ix America. 

long continued illness. Radnor Monthly Meeting minutes 
of 2 mo, 8, 1703, contain this entry, 

Gwynedd friends have laid before this meeting that Jonas Potts & 
his wife being poore, and haveing divers small chilldren, want assist- 
ance to buy a Cow, they formerly Resorting or belonging to another 
monthly meeting, friends of this meeting desire that they bring a Cer- 
tificate from that monthly meeting to the next monthly meeting, and 
their Froposall is left to the further Consideration of the meeting. 

At the next Monthly Meeting, held 3 rao, 13, 1703, 

friends Conclude to collecSl 5^ to Jonas Potts to lend him to buy a 
Cow, that is to say 2£ from Merion meeting, 1' 10^ from Radnor 
meeting, and \£ 10^ from Haverford and Newtowne meetings, and 
he is desired to bring a Cettificate from the monthly meeting where 
the}' formerly Resorted, and the Colle6lors appointed in the severall 
meetings are desired to Colledl them, to be brought to the next month- 
ly meeting. 

On 3 mo. 31, 1703, Abington Monthly Meeting granted 
a Certificate to Jonas Potts' wife, being removed to North 
Wales. It has been alleged that her parents lived at that 
place. The minutes of Radnor Monthly Meeting of 5 mo, 
8, 1703, state that " Mary Potts Certificate from friends of 
Dublin Monthly Meeting was read in this meeting & or- 
dered to be Recorded." The minutes of the same Monthly 
Meeting for 6 mo. 12, 1703, have this entry, 

Jonas Potts Certificate not brought to this meeting, and his wife be- 
ing weakly and sickly, wanting present assistance and 5^ being 
mostly Colledled, as the meeting formerly appointed, are Lent to the 
womens meeting to be given to her assistance, they not haveing stock 
to assist them at present. 

The first essay of the foregoing minute is crossed off. It 
contains the name of Mary Potts as wife of Jonas. The 
minutes of Abington Monthly Meeting of i mo. 31, 1707, 
contain this entry, 

Whereas Jonas Potts wife having been a long while Sick : whereby 
his flfamily Stand in great need of Assistance, Friends do appoint 
Dennis Cunnard and Arnold Klinker to assist y™ with Some money 
out of their Subscription, 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 223 

On 5 mo. 31, 1 7 10, Abingtou Monthly Meeting granted 
a Certificate to Jonas Potts, " in order for his removal to 
Perquanien, ' ' [Perkiomen] . 

On Ocftober 2, 1705, " Jonas Potts, of Germantown, plan- 
ter," purchased from "Arnold Koster, of Germantown, 
bricklayer," two tracis of land, aggregating 50 acres, for 
/^27.* One of these tracTis was described as containing 20-;/; 
acres, in the inhabited part of Germantown ; and the other 
as containing 29^^ acres of side land. These were parts of 
a large tradl of land originally granted b}^ the Proprietor to 
Benjamin Furley, in 1682. Benjamin Furley conveyed 200 
acres thereof to John Luken, June 8, 1683. John Luken 
and Mar}' his wife sold to Eve Bellinge, 3 mo. 8, 1697, and 
he sold the two tracfls of 50 acres to Paul Engell, 12 mo. i, 
1697-8. Paul Engell sold to Arnold Koster, 3 mo. 13, 1699, 
who in turn sold it to Jonas Potts as above stated. 

On December 28, 1708, "Jonas Potts, of Germantown, 
husbandman," sold the first mentioned lot, "and now in 
Tenure and occupation of the abovesaid Jonas Potts," con- 
taining 20 14^ acres, to Herman Casdorp, for ^60. It was 
described as bounded on the south east by lot of Isaac Van 
Sintern, north by lot of Jacob Gottschalk, 14 perches in 
breadth, and extending from Germantown Street, as all 
other lots "to y*" hindermost line of s*^ town." Jonas 
Potts made his mark, I P.f 

On December 13, 1709, "Jonas Potts, of Germantown, 
planter," in consideration of ^37, sold the other lot con- 
taining 29^ acres, to Conrad Rutters. The witnesses were 
Thomas Potts and Francis Daniel Pastorius. Jonas Potts 
made his mark, 1 F.X 

In the early part of 1708, Jonas Potts became one of the 
bondsmen of Jane (Potts) Austin, as the administratrix of 
John Austin, her late husband. [See page 200, ante] . 

* See Deed-Book B, 2, page 391, at Philadelphia. 

t See Deed-Book E 4, Vol. 7, page 194, at Philadelphia. 

t See Deed-Book I, Vol. 11, page 315, at Philadelphia. 

224 'I'he Potts Family in- Amkrica. 

The account book of Francis Daniel Pastorius, which i^ 
still in existence, contains charges against Jonas Potts for 
drawing up agreements, bonds, and other legal papers, and i 
for teaching his children. 

On 2 mo- lo, 1 712, Jonas Potts leased 200 acres in Gil- 
bert's Manor,* from the Board of Property, for a term of 
five years at a 5'early rental of /.S, he to have the privilege 
of purchasing when the land should be for sale. On 10 mo, 
31, 1 71 2, the Board of Property make a minute to the effect 
that Jonas Potts, having obtained of the late Commissioners, 
a grant of 300 acres in Gilberts Manor for seven years under 
a certain rent, now applies for the privilege of purchasing 
it. He is first ordered to pay the arrears due on his lease, 
and after an exadl survey of the whole Manor has been 
made, he is to have the preference over all others in the 
purchase, by paying as good a price for it. 

Minute-Book H, of the Board of Property, under date of 
20th II mo. 1 7 13, contain entries, 

James Hanier, of the County of Philad'a, desiring to purchase 300 
Acres of Land in the Manner of Gilberts, next above that Part of it 
where Jonas Potts is setled, upon a Lease granted him about the Year 
1708, agrees to pay Seventy-five Pounds for the same (or £2$ per C.) 
one Moiety thereof in Three Months and the other Moiety in Six 
Months after, with Int. for s'd Six Months, and a Warr't signed, dat- 
ed thi 20th II mo. 17 13-4. 

Jonas Potts, at the same time with the forementioned James Hamer, 
desires that he may Purchase on the same Terms those 300 a's in Gil- 
berts, which he held 5 years on Lease at ^3, Old Currency, p. an., 
but before tlie above mentioned 300 Acres be laid out J . Hamer he de- 
sires that 50 a's more may be added to the first 200 a's at the same 
rate, all which is granted, and the s'd J. Hamer agrees to begin so 
much Higher up provided that the Spott of low Land which other- 
wise might have fain within his Lines be left to him, w^iich is mutu- 
ally agreed between them. A Warr't to be granted. 

* Note. The Manor of Gilberts comprised the whole of the present Town.ship 
of Upper Providence, nearly all of Lower Providence, and parts of Perkiomen ana 
Worcester Townships, bisedted by Perkiomen Creek, in Montgomery [formerly 
Philadelphia] County. 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia Couxtv. 225 

Whether Jonas Potts secured a full title to this property 
or not. is not clear. Among his descendants in Virginia, 
is a tradition that they are heirs to a tract of land at Potts- 
grove, (?) Pennsylvania, which belonged to their ancestor, 
and had never been distributed. 

On 6 mo. 31, 1713, Abington Monthly Meeting granted 
a Certificate to Jonah [Jonas] Potts ' ' in order for his re- 
moval to Philadelphia." The Philadelphia Monthly Meet- 
ing records the death of Deborah Potts, daughter of Jonas 
and Mary, on 7 mo. 24, 17 iS. 

On 8 mo. 15, 171 9. a double wedd ng took place at the 
house of Jonas Potts, at which two of his daughters were 
married. In one of the Certificates, Jonas Potts is said to be 
of Gilberts Manor, and in the other, of Perqueoman Creek. 

About the year 1726, Jonas Potts had a contracl for fur- 
nishing walnut logs for the Proprietor's use. as appears 
from an order, dated 2d 6 mo. , 1726, which is recorded in 
Minute-Book I, of the Board of Property. Below is a copy 
of the order. 

Friend JON.\s PoTS : I desire thee to deliver to the bearer hereof, 
John Head, all those black Walnut Loggs which thee some time ago 
secured for the Prop'rs use, and his rec't with this Order shall be thy 
suflE't discharge for the same. From ffr'd J.[amks] S.[teel] 

In 1737. Jonas Potts, of Limerick, signed [by his mark] 
a mortgage, as ma}- be seen by the Loan Books in the Re- 
corder's Office at Philadelphia. 

The Pennsylva7iia Gazette of June 13, 1754, contained the 
following advertisement. 

By \nrtue of a writ to me directed, -will be exposed to sale by public 
vendue, about 3 a clock on the 29th day of June, inst. at the premises, 
a plantation \rith a messuage and grist mill, situated in Limerick 
township, bounded by the river Schuylkill, by Mingo Creek and by 
lands of Josefih__Burson and Jonas Potts, a part of which is fine im- 
proved meadow, with a small piece of land for a millrace, late the es- 
tate of John Starr : taken in execution. Samuel Morris, Sheriff. 

226 The Potts Family in America. 

Joseph Burson was a soii-in-law of Jonas Potts, and prob- 
ably occupied land taken up by George Burson, his father, 
about 17 13. Joseph Burson seems to have removed to Vir- 
ginia about 1753. 

It is believed that Jonas Potts was twice married, and 
that he had children by both marriages.* Both wives were 
named Mary, but no record of marriage nor an authentica- 
ted list of his children has been found. The names of his 
children as given below is believed to be correcfl so far as 
has been ascertained at this writing. There may have been 
other children not therein named. No record of death nor 
decedent's account of Jonas Potts has been found, and as 
some of his children settled in Virginia, he may have fol- 
lowed them there. 

Children of Jonas and Mary ( ) Potts. 

2 David Potts, b. ; d. 1768; m. ist, Elizabeth Jawe i=aQi2_; m. 

2d, Ann R. , 

3 Rachel Potts, m. Joseph Burson, 17 19. 

4 Elizabeth Potts, m. William Heald, 1719. 

5 Hannah Potts, (?).t 

Children of Jonas and Mary ( ) Poxxs. 

6 Deborah Potts, b. ; d. 7 mo. 24, 171S. 

7 Jonathan Potts, b. 1714, (?). 

8 Jonas Potts, m. Mary Heckathorn. 

2 David Potts,* (Jonas,*), .son of Jonas and Mary ( — ) 
Potts, was doubtless born at or near Germantown. He was 
twice married, first to Elizabeth fane^^^^^^'^^ — , probably in 

Pennsylvania ; and second to Ann R. . He removed 

to Virginia, perhaps about 1745. The record of his chil- 

* Note. An evidence that Jonas Potts was twice married, is found in the fat^t 
that David Potts (2) calls Jonas Potts (8) his half-brother, in a deed. 

t Notk. Hannah Potts is found signing the marriage certificates of the daugh- 
ters of Jonas Potts, among the near relatives, and for this reason she is suppo.scd 
to have been a daughter of Jonas. We have no further account of her. 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 227 

dreii as given below, is thought to be correct. David Potts 
and his descendants will be quite fully treated of in a future 

Children of David and Elizabeth }*we (^Lq^ Potts. 

9 Jonas Potts, b. 1726; d. 176S; m. Mar}- Stroud. 

10 Jonathan Potts, m. Elizabeth . 

1 1 Ann Potts, m. John VestaL 

12 INIary Potts, m Backhouse. 


Children of David and Ann\R.<'^( ) Potts. 

13 David Potts, m. ist, Mary Thomas; m. 2d, Temperance Heath. 

14 Samuel Potts, m. ist, ; m. 2d, Elizabeth Thomas. 

15 Ezekiel Potts, m. Elizabeth Mead. 

16 Nathan Potts, m. ist, Ruth Clews; m. 2d, Eunice Waller. 

17 Elizabeth Potts, m. John Conard. 

18 Christian Potts, m. Samuel Pearson. 

19 Susanna Potts, m. Henry Neer. 

20 Rachel Potts, m. Adam Swink. 

3 Rachel Potts,* (Jonas,*), daughter of Jonas and Ma- 
ry ( ) Potts, married Joseph Bursou, 8 mo. 15, 1719. 

Joseph Burson is described as "of Gilberts Maner in the 
County of Philadelphia, Batchelor," and Rachel as "daugh- 
ter of Jonas Potts of the same place." The marriage took 
place at the house of the bride' s father. The following are 
the names of witnesses signing the marriage certificate, as 
shown by the records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, 

James How Jonas Potts 

James Clouff Mary Potts 

Mary Clouff David Potts 

Joseph Wells Josuah Harlan 

Tho : Potts Hannah Burson" 

John Potts James Burson - 

Sam" Austin Hannah Potts 

Mary Austin William Burson- 

James Hamer Ann Burson - 

Jonathan Potts Mary Burson— 

Tho : Shoemaker Sarah Pointer 

228 The Potts Family in America, 

Thonms Gardner Ht-nrey Pointer 

Tlio : Potts Mary Potts 

Lewis Walker John Jemian 

Sam" Pastorius Rich"* Cox 

Andrew Cramer John Chanell 

Hannah Cramer Ivdward IMorgan 

Daniel Walker Eliz* Morgan 

John Jacob Caleb Walton 

John Bull Adam Hanier 

Andrew Cornish Jonathan Woodley 

Edward Robert Rees Potts 

VAiy* Walker Eliz* Anderson 

iSIargaret Cox Eliz* Bull 

Owen Roger Mary Hamer 

John Evans vSarali Hamer 

Joseph Burson seems to have been a son of George and 
Hannah (Gooda?) Burson, born 12 mo. 25, 1689.^' The 
advertisement printed on page 225, afiie, shows that he had 
land not far from Jonas Potts. He probably inherited land 
taken up by his father, George Burson, about 171 3. He 
removed to Virginia about 1753, as on 8 mo. 25, of that 
year, Joseph Burson, Sen., and Joseph Burson, Jun., pro- 
duced certificates to Fairfax Monthly Meeting of Friends, 
from Buckingham Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania. On 
9 mo. 30, 1758, he was appointed Overseer of Potts' Par- 
ticular Meeting, and was released in 1762. This Meeting 
was held at the house of David Potts, (2). 

In 1770, he had trouble with the executor of his son's es- 
tate. No record of Joseph Burson' s children has been no- 
ticed, but it is probable that Joseph Burson, Junior, was a 
son. About the same time that Joseph Burson is first no- 
ticed in Virginia, George,'' David and James Burson appear, 
1)Ut whether sons of Jo.seph or not, has not been learned. 

4 Elizabeth Potts, ^ (Jonas,'), daughter of Jonas and 
Mary ( ) Potts, married William Heald 8 mo. 15, 17 19. 

* See records of Abington Monthly Meeting. 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 


He is described as "of Kennett in the Count}- of Chester, 
son of Samuel," and Elizabeth as "spinster, daughter of 
Jonas Potts of Perqueonian Creek." The witnesses who 
signed the marriage certificate were the folio wins:. 

Thomas Potts 
Thomas Potts 
Enoch Walker 
Thomas Gardner 
Owen Roger 
Lewis Walker 
John Evans 
Adam Hamer 
John Chanell 
Sam" Pastorius 
Andrew Crammer 
Hannah Cramer 
James Hamer 
Daniel Walker 
John Jacobs 
Joseph Wells 
Andrew Cornish 
John Bull 
Edward Rob^^ 
Eliz=^ Walker 
Eliz* Anderson 
EHza Bull 
Mary Hamer 
Sarah Hamer 
Jonathan Woodley 
Rees Potts 
RoW^ Roberts 

Jonas Potts 
Mary Potts 
David Potts 
Joshua Harlan 
Jonathan Potts. 
Aaron Harlan 
Sarah Harlan 
Marj' Harlan 
Samuel Heald 
Jane Heald 
Josiah Taylor 
Thomas Heald 
John Heald 
Hannah Potts 
Mary Potts 
John Potts 
Tho : Shoemaker 
Jacob Shoemaker 
Samuel Austin 
Richd Cox 
Marg- Cox 
John Jerman 
Edward Morgan 
Eliz* Morgan 
Mary Austin 

This marriage took place at the house of Jonas Potts, and 

-. many of the witnesses, as well of this, as of the marriage of 

Bl«iabeth Potts and Joseph Burson, were near relatives.* It 

is said that after the festivities of this double wedding, the 

* Note. Among those related to the brides may be noted, Jonas Potts, father; 
Mary Potts, mother or step-mother; David Potts, brother or uncle, probably the 
former; Hannah Potts, supposed to be a sister. The other Potts', as well as the 
Shoemakers, .\ustins. and Margaret ( Potts) Cox, all seem to have been cousins of 
the brides. The Hamers [Hammers] were neighbors of the Potts family, both in 
Wales [See pages 65 and 67, ante,] and Pennsylvania, and may have been related. 
James Hamer, of Gilbert's Manor, had a wife Margaret, and children, James, 
Adam, Margaret, Marj", Sarah, and Deborah. 

230 The Potts Family in America. 

newly married young couples left for their respective homes 
on horseback, each bride mounted behind her husband. 

William Heald was the son of Samuel and Mary (Ban- 
croft) Heald, and was born 2 mo, 20, 1694, ^t Eckles in 
Cheshire, England. No further record has been found, ex- 
cept a mention of William Heald in the minutes of Kennett 
Monthly Meeting in 1737. 

6 Jonathan Potts,' (Jonas,'), son (?) of Jonas and 

Mary ( ) Potts, born 17 14, removed first to Virginia, 

and subsequently to Kentuckj-. His wife's name seems to 
have been Amy. She was born in 17 18 and was living in 
1790. They seem to have had eight children, but the names 
of only five have been learned. A special Chapter will be 
devoted to Jonathan Potts and his family. 

Children of Jonathan and Amy ( ) Potts. 

21 Nathan Potts, b. 

22 Amos Potts, b. Dec. — , 1743. 

23 Sarah Potts, b. Jan. — , 1745; m. Robert Rowland. 

24 David Potts, m. ist, Elizabeth Luna; m. 2d, Martha Short. 

25 Ezekiel Potts, b. Sept. 3, 175S. 

8 Jonas Potts,^ (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mary ( — ) 
Potts, removed first to lyoudoun Coitnty, Virginia, and la- 
ter to western Pennsylvania, dying at Georgetown, Beaver 
County. A separate Chapter will be devoted to Jonas Potts 

and his family. 

ChiIvDren of Jonas and M.\ry (Heck.a.thorn) Potts. 

26 John Potts, m. Snsan . 

27 David Potts, m. Milly Adams. 

28 Jonas Potts, m. Hannah 

29 Jonathan Potts, b. 1757; d. 1831; m. Elizabeth English. 

30 Nathan Potts, b. 1764; d, ; m. Mary Chamblin. 

Jonas Potts, of Philadelphia County. 231 

31 Joshua Potts, b. 1769; d. 1S50; m. Milly Suver. 

32 Thomas Potts, m. Mary Martin. 

33 Noah Potts, b. 1772; d. 1856; m. Barbara Heckathom. 

Below is given a tabular statement of two generations of 
the descendants of Jonas Potts. While this is probably in- 
complete, it is believed to be correcft so far as stated. A 
study of the several Chapters treating of the different lines 
of this family, will give a clearer understanding. 

Pedigree of the Jonas Potts Branch of the Family. 

= Jonas Potts=Mary 

I Ml II 

Elizabeth | Rachel= Joseph Burson Deborah 

Jane =David=Ann R. Elizabeth=Wm. Heald Jona- 

Hannah than=Aniy 


I I I I 
Jonas Potts 


David Potts Elizabeth 
Samuel Christian 

Ezekiel Susanna 

Nathan Rachel 


Nathan Potts 

II 1 1 
John Potts 

1 1 II 











TiiK Potts Kamha' ix Amkrica. 


David Potts, of Philadelphia Coonty. 

I DAVID POTTS. The time of l\is couiinj; to Penn- 
sylvania has not heen learned, but he is tirst noticed as the 
homlsnian of Kli/abeth (Potts) Bennett, as administratrix, 
of the estate lulninnd Bennett, deceased, her late husband. 
The bond ^^•as sig^ied 7 mo. 24. 160^. He married Alice 
Croa.«^dale. youngest daughter of Thomas and Agnes (Hatli- 
ornthwaite) Crcxisdale, i mo. 22, 169^^-4. I" i^95 he pur- 
chased 150 acres of land in Bristol Township, Philadelphia 
County. He afterwards sold 50 acres of this traci, retaining 
KX^ acres, u^x^u which he seems to have spent the remainder 
of his life as a farmer. 

He was a member of the Religious Society of Friends, 
being attached to the Germantown Preparative Meetiufj, 
and under the care of Abington Monthly Meeting, in Phil- 
adelphia County. Hi.s name txxnirs quite frequently in the 
minutes of the Monthly Meeting, and he was often ap- 
pointed to attend Quarterly Meeting. 

He was a man of good standing in the conununity, and 
was a Member of the Provincial Assembly from Philadel- 
phia County, for the years 172S. 17:10 and 1730. He died 
on Monday, Xov. 10. i7^;o. while a Member of the Assem- 
bly, and leaving a will. Alice Croasdale, his wife, was born 
7 mo. 3, 1073. The date of her death is not known, but 
she evidently died before her husband, as he does not men- 
tion her in his will. 

P.\RT III, of this work will be devoted to a full account 
of David Potts and his descendants. 

I)AVri) I'OTTS, f)l" rnTI,Al>i:i,lMIIA Cot;,VTV. 2;^,'; 

Childrhn oi'- iMvii) AND Ai,JCH (Croashai,k) POTTii. 

J. Thomas Potls, l». 3 tno. 27, 1695; tn. Uacliel jHtiies, 17 15. Cliil- 
flren, 12 Lydia, 13 Kliwibeth, 14 JonathaJi, and possibly others. 

3 John Potts, I). 8 mo. 8, 1696; d. 1766; m. Hlizabeth McVangh, 

1726. Children, r5 John, 16 ThoiiJas, 17 F,li/,ab^th. 

4 Daniel Potts, b. 2 mo, 19, r698; d. before (729; m. Sarah Shoe- 

maker, 1721. Children, 18 Samuel, 19 Daniel, 20 Rebecca. 
.5 Ivli/babeth Potts, b. lomo. 30, 1699; m. Peter Cleaver, Jr., r722. 
Children, 2r Mary, Z2 John, 23 Isaac, 24 K/ekiel. 25 Peter, 
26 Nathan, 27 Ivli/abeth. 

6 Jonathan Potts, b, 9 mo. 23, (701; m. Sarah Wood, 1729. 

7 Mary Potts, b. 2 nio, 3, 1703 4, m. Jeremiah McVanj(h, 1727. , 
^ ,Stf;phen Potts, b. n mo. 20, 1704 5; d. F758; m. Anne — . 

Children, 28 Joseph, 29 Williatn Rickins, 30 .Sarah 

9 Rebecca Potts, t». rr mo. r6, r7()5-6. 

10 E/.ekiel Potts, b. r mo. 30, /708; d. I78f; ni. rst, Ma>/daleti Mil- 
ler, 1734. Children, 3r David, 32 William, 33 John, 34 Aqui 
la. 35 (»eorge, 36 Joseph, 37 Kebekah. Married 2d, P>arbara 
Vodges, nee , (751. Children, 38 Klizabeth, 39 Han- 
nah, 40 Sarah. 

!i Nathan Potts, h, ; d. 1754; tn. Jvsther Rhoads, (736. Chil- 
dren, 4 r Daniel, 42,Stephen, 43Nathan, 44 Alice, 43 Zebnlon. 
46 Isaiah. 


254 'J'"^' P<yn\s Family im Asikkica. 


Thomas Potts. Junior, (Colebrookdale). 

1 THOMAS POTTS, Junior, as he vvas usually des- 
ignated, seems to have come to Pennsylvania, in 1698- He 
was born in the year 1680, in Wales, according" to the tra- 
ditions preserved in the family. He was twice married, first 
to Martha Keurlis. and second to Magdalen Robeson. For 
several years he was a resident of Germantown and vicinity, 
but subsequent to 1726 he settled permanently at Colebrook- 
dale, now included witliin the limits of Berks County. He 
Was an active, enterprising and successful business man. 
At his coming to Peinisylvania, he was unable to write, and 
for sometime made his mark to legal papers ; but subse- 
(juently learned to write, and usually, if not always, signed 
liis name " Thomas pothy When necessarj^ for the sake 
of distinction, he will be referred to as " Thomas Potts, Ju- 
nior, CColebrookdale)." 

On March 7, 1697-8 . David Powell, of the parish of 
Nantmell, and John Morris, of the parish of Karbadam- 
fyneth, county of Radnor, Wales, entered into "Articles 
of ffreightment," with Owen Thomas, of the "County 
burrough of Carmathen, mercer, owner of the good shipp 
called the William rra llev. now riding in the river Towy," 
to carry the said persons and others to " Philadelphia in 
Pensilvania," tlie said ship to sail with " the first and next 
good wind and weather that God shall send after the tentli 
of May next ensuing the date above written." Pa.ssengers 
above 12 years of age to l)e charged ^5 each, and children, 
except babes, fifty .shillings each. It was further agreed, 

Thomas Potts, Jt.mor, (ColebrookdaleV 235 

"that every master of a famih- among the sd. passengers 
having- a wife and children, or a considerable family, shall 
pay att the time of their going aboard, ffive shillings en- 
couragement to the Doctor belonging to the said shipp, and 
all single persons, except servants, pay one shilling apiece." 

The County of Radnor joins Montgomery on the south, 
and the Parishes of Nantmeli and Karbadamfyneth in Rad- 
nor, are not a long distance from L,langirrig, L,landinam, 
etc., in Montgomery. It is probable that all this party of 
emigrants were from this section of Wales, and many of 
them relatives or neighbors. The following is the pa.ssen- 
ger list, in which only the names of heads of families or 
contracting parties are given.* 

David Powell, for 

II passengers. 

Thomas Jermaii,t for 3 passengers 

John Morris, " 


John Powell, "3 " 

Margaret Jones, " 


James Price, "2 " 

Edward Moore, " 


John Vaikaw, " i 

Thomas Powell, " 

i% " 

IvymleyWilliaras " i 

Thomas Grifith, " 

2 '• 

Ann Lewis, " i '' 

Rees Rees, " 

aV^ " 

Thomas Watts, " [ 

Edward Nicholas ' ' 


Walter Ingram, " i " 

Winnif red Oliver " 


Benjamin Davis, "2 

Evan Powell, ' ' 


During the voyage John Powell, one of the pa.ssengers, 
died, leaving a non cupative will, made at sea. Thomas 
Potts, also a passenger, was a witnesses and made his mark. 
The will is recorded in the Register's Office at Philadel- 
phia. The appraisers of Powell's efTedts were Thomas Potts, 
(Miller), and William James. [See page 204, ante]. 

Thomas Potts, Junior, while .still in his minority, mar- 
ried Martha Keurlis, daughter of Peter % and Elizabeth 

* Note. The full text of these article.s of agreement is printed in the Penn- 
sylvania Magazine of Histovy and Biography, Volume I, pages 330-2. 

t NoTK. Thomas Jarmau settled in Tredyff rin Township, Chester County, and 
has been spoken of as " a Quaker preacher'and thrifty miller." He died in 1740, 
and in his will made a bequest to " my old man John Potts." 

I NoTF,. Peter Keurlis was the head of one of the thirteen families who con.sti 
tuted the ,settlement of Germantown. The name seems to have become cor- 
-upted into Kerlin, Conrlin, and Corliss. 

2T,6 Thk Potts Fami/.v in Amer/ca, 

Keurlis, according to the usage pradliced among Friends. 
Tlie records of Abington Monthly Meeting contains the fol- 
iMitry relating thereto. 

At a monthly meeting, held the 2.>th of 8th mo., 1699, whereas 
Thomas Potts and Martha Courlin, having declared their intentions of 
marriage with each other before two monthly meetings, inquiry being 
made by perpon.s apjwinted and found clear fn)m all others on account 
of marriage, did acc':)mplish their marriage in the unity of Friends, as 
is signified by their marriage certificate. 

Yomig Thomas Pott.s, at once, entered actively into pub- 
lic affairs and business Soon after attaining 
liis majority, in 1702-3, he filled the office of Sheriff of Ger- 
mantown. He made many ptirchases and sales of real es- 
tate, and as an authentic means of showing his place of 
residence and occupation, brief abstra(5ls of some of his ear- 
lier deeds are given below. These abstra<5ls are all from 
I lie Recorder's Office at Philadelphia. 

Ivxemplification Records, Vol. 7, page 4S1. Feb. 28, |^ 

Tracft of land in Philadelphia County, adjoining the lands of Joshua 
Cart, Silas Crispin, late Philip Thelmaine, and John Sibley, contain- 
335 acres. Being part of land late in tenure of Philip Thelmaine, 
.siezed in execution of debt, etc., in a suit to recover, by Joseph 
Knight vs. Philip Thelmaine, in the Court at Philadelphia, Septem- 
ber 7, 16^7. Now in pursuance of a writ, etc., to the Sheriff. John 
Claypole. Deed of SheriflF dated September 7, 1699. Title was vested 
in Joseph Knight, who sold Imt did not convey said land to Thomas 
Maddox, and he in turn sold to Thomas Potts, Junior, of the same 
County. Now these transfer title to said Thomas Potts, Junior. 

I'^xemplification Records, Vol. 7, page 483. March 7, |^ 

Thomas Potts, Jun""., of the Countj- of Philadelphia, yeoman, con- 
veys 235 acres, (part of the aforementioned land), to John Roberts, of 
Haverford, blacksmith, for ,,{,"37. jj^j. „iark 

[Signed.] Thom.\s 'i Potts, Jun . 

He removed to the City of Philadelphia, .sometime prior 
to 1707, where he engaged in the business of a butcher or 
victualler. His next deed was one of confirmation. 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colkbrookdale). 237 

Deed-Book K 3, Volume 6, page loi. 2 mo. 14, 1707. 

Thomas Potts, Jr., late of Germantown, (now of the City of Phila- 
delphia, Province of Pennsylvania) , yeoman, being under the age of 
one and twenty years, at the granting of title on January 6, 1700, this 
<leed is to confirm his former deed. Land first sold to Francis San- 
som, and now confirmed to John Garrett, to whom Sansom had sold. 

Deed-Book E 7, Volume 9, page 214. March 20, 1713-14. 

Evan Morgan and Margaret, his wife, convey 252 acres of land in 
Philadelphia County, upon the head of Neshaminy Creek, to Thomas 
Potts, butcher, of the City of Philadelphia. 

D;ed-Book E 7, Volume 10, page 64. July 23, 1715. 

Richard Lewis and wife, to Thomas Potts. Be it remembered that 
the twenty sixth day of Jul}', in the year of our Lord 1715, George 
■f * ^- * Q^Q Qf ti^a Justices of the Peace of the City and County of 
Philadelphia, Certifieth and recordeth here, that the 22d of the same 
month and .vear, before him the said Justice at Philadelphia, afore- 
said, came Richard Lewis and Hester his wife, in their proper persons, 
and brought before the said Justice (Charles Brockden, Recorder of 
Deeds for said City and County being present, ) the writing or con- 
veyance herein next after entered of record, which they acknowledged 
to be their deed, and desired that the same may Inrolled and recorded 
as their Deed, according to an Adl of Assembly of the Province, late- 
ly made and provided, and the said Hester, being of full age, and 
secretly and apart examined, and the contents of the said writing dis- 
tindlly read unto her, willingly consented. Whereupon the said Jus- 
tice, having certified the said acknowledgement made the day and 
year in manner and form aforesaid, under his hand and seal, as the 
said Adl dire<5ls, did deliver the said writing to me to be entered of 
record and the same is entered in these words. 

This Indenture made the 23* day of July in the first year of the 
reign of our Sovereign Lord George, King of Great Britain, &c., and 
in the year of oiur Lord, 1715, between Richard Lewis of in the 

County of Philadelphia in the Province of Pensilvania, yeoman, and 
Hester his wife, of the one part, and Tliomas Potts, of the City of 
Philadelphia in the said Province, Victualler, of the other part. 

Whereas William Penn, Proprietary and Governor in Chief of the 
said Province, in and by a certain Patent or Instrument under the 
the hands of Richard Hill, Isaac Morris, and James Logan, his pres- 
ent Commissioners of Property and the Great Seal of of the said Prov- 
ince, for the consideration therein mentioned, did grant, lease and 
confirm unto the said Richard Lewis, a certain traA or parcel of land 

2;^B Thk Potts Family in Amkrica. 

(part of the Manor of Gilherl) in the County of I'liiladelphia, Begin- 
ning at a post by the river Skuxlkill at the corner of Jonas Potts' land, 
thence northeast by the .same six hundred and forty perches to a post, 
thence southeast by a line of njarkt trees eighty four perclies, thence 
by Joseph Richardson's land southwe-.t fiii y frc ix-rchis to the river 
SkuilkilT, thence by the same, etc. 

Martha, the wife of Thomas Potts, is supposed to have 
died abotit 1716, and Thotnas married as a second wife, 
Magdalen Robeson ;* but neither the date of the death of 
Martha, nor the time of the second marriage seems to be 
known. About the same time, Thomas again took up his 
residence in Germantown. 

Deed-Book F, Volume lo, page 12S. August 25, 1721. 

Thomas Jones and Katharine his wife, of Abington; Robert Thom- 
as and Margaret his wife, of Chestnut Hill; and John Streipers and 
Elizabeth his wife, to Thomas Potts, of Germantown, butcher, for 
;^I50, two tradls of land in Germantown, containing aoV and 2gj:^ 
acres, respecflively. 

Deed-Book I, Volume 12, page 199. August 26, 1721. 

Thomas Potts, butcher, and Magdalen his wife, of Gennantown. 
conveyed to Robert Thomas, of Olithgo, Philadelphia County, 300 
acres of land in Gilbert's Manor, adjoining land of Jonas Potts, etc., 
W'hich the said Thomas Potts had formerly purchased of Richard and 
Hester Lewis. Consideration, ^300. 

Deed-Book H, Volume 6, page 27. September 14, 1723. 

Thomas Potts, of the County of Philadelphia, vidlualler, for the 
consideration of ;^40, purchased 48 acres in Bristol Township, from 
John Richardson, of .said County, yeoman, second son of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Richardson. 

Deed-Book G, Volume 8, page 120. August 20, 1726. 

Thomas Potts, of Germantown, butcher, and Magdalen his wife, 
sold to John Axstone, of the same place, rope-maker, the two tra<5ls of 
land in Germantown, formerly purchased from Thomas Jones, et al. 

Deed-Book F, Volume 10, page 131. September 6, 1726. 

Thomas Potts, of Germantown, vi<Slualler, and Magdalen his wife, 
a deed to Derrick Jansen, confirming a former Indenture of Lease and 

* See Memorial of Thomas Potts. Junior, pages 78 and 235. 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (CoLEBROOKDAtE). 239 

Release, dated August 25 and 26, 1721, for 2934^ acres of land in Ger- 
•mantown, from Thomas Jones, et al. 

There is a remarkable uniformit}- in the signatures of 
Thomas Potts, that have come to notice. In the Memorial 
•of Tho7nas Potts, Junior, etc.. By Mrs. Thomas Potts James, 
r8j4., are shown copies of two of his signatures. [See one 
on page 76, and another facing page 92] . While a resident 
of Philadelphia, he was a witness to the will of John Mif- 
flin, of the Northern I,iberties, dated September 10, 1713. 
Here is a fair copy of his signature. 

After returning to Germantow'n, he was, on 2 mo. 29, 1722, 
a witness to the non-cupative will of John Samuel Pastori- 
us, of Germantown, weaver. Below is a good copy of his 
signature as it appears in this instance. 

About the year 1726, Thomas Potts seems to have re- 
moved to the region of Gilbert's Manor, as he was one of 
the petitioners for the ere<ftion of Providence Township, 
which was organized in 1727. It included what are now 
Upper and Lrower Providence, in Montgomery County. 

About the year 17 16, Thomas Rutter, a smith w^ho lived 
near Germantown, removed to the region of Manatawney 
Creek, a tributary of the Schuylkill River, and ere(5led the 
first Pool Forge, a few miles above the prevSent town of 
Pottstown, where he began the manufacture of iron, the first 
in Pennsylvania. Some others became associated with Rut- 
ter in this enterprise, which required both skill and capital. 
Thomas Potts, Junior, became interested in the iron busi- 
ness, and by his previous application to business had prob- 
ably accumulated considerable means. Mrs. Thomas Potts 

240 The Potts Family in America. 

James, in the Potts Memorial, says that, while she has been 
unable to find the evidence, she is convinced that Thomas. 
Potts removed to the Manatawney region previous to 1720. 
Morton L. Montgomery, in Volume VIII, of the Pejinsylva- 
nia Magazine of History and Biography, says it is supposed 
that the Colebrookdale Furnace * was erecfled in tlie year 
1720 or a year or two earlier, by Thomas Rutter, Anthony 
Morris, James Lewis and Thomas Potts. This furnace was 
located on Ironstone Creek, a branch of the Manatawney, 
and within a mile south of the present Boyertown. 

While Thomas Potts, Junior, may have been a member 
of this iirm of iron masters in 1720 or earlier, he certainly 
did not remove to that region before 1726, because the 
deeds, heretofore quoted, clearly show that he was a resident 
of Germantown up to that year. He did eventually settle 
at Colebrookdale, and was actively associated with the Rut- 
ters and others in the developement of the iron interests of 
that secflion, and so continued to the close of his life. 

Thomas Rutter, Sr., died about the year 1730, and Thom- 
as Potts, Junior, purchased one half of the Colebrookdale 
tradt, embracing two hundred and fift\^ acres, and in- 
cluding the maitsion house, called " Popodickon." Within 
a few years, both sons of Thomas Rutter died, and the 
three sons of Thomas Potts intermarrying with three grand- 
daughters of Rutter, a considerable part of the Rutter estate 
became vested in the Potts family. An abstradt of a sin- 
gle deed will be sufficient to establish the identity of Thom- 
as Potts, Junior. 

Deed-Book H, Volume 4, page 435. June i, 1741. 

Thomas Potts, of Colebrookdale, Philadelphia County, Iron-Master, 
and Magdalen his wife, a deed to Thomas Wilson, of the same place, 
yeoman, for 192 acres of land in Colebrookdale. Consideration, ^"150. 

* NOTK. The furnace was named after one of the same name in Shropshire, in 
England. The surro\inding territory naturally took the same name ; and, subse- 
quently, in 1736, upon its erecflion into a township, it was called "Colebrookdale." 
— Morton L. Montoomkrv. 

PAGE 34G. 

NOTE. — This house was occupied by General Washiiiiitoii as his headquarters 
during the memorable encampment at Valley Forge in the winter of 1777-S. 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale). 241 

Thomas Potts had purchased this land from Gerhart Henkel, by deed 
dated May 23, 1736. [See Deed-Book E, Volume 9, page 281]. 

Thomas Potts died at Colebrookdale about January 1752. 
He was possessed of a large landed estate, including mines, 
furnaces and forges. In his will he mentions his wife Mag- 
dalen, his children and grandchildren. Many of the de- 
scendants of Thomas Potts, Junior, down to the present 
time, have been extensively engaged in iron manufacfture. 
During the Revolutionary war, many heavy cannon and 
other war supplies were manufadlured at the iron works op- 
erated by the Potts' . Members of the family filled honor- 
able positions, both in the civil and military departments of 
the government. Dr. Jonathan Potts was a surgeon in the 
army, and in 1777, he was appointed by Congress to be Di- 
re(?tor General of the Hospitals of the Middle Department. 
It was at the house of Isaac Potts, another member of this 
family, that Gen. Washington had his head-quarters, during 
the memorable encampment at Valley Forge, in the winter 
of 1777-8. 

This family attained high social position, great wealth and 
wide influence. Several genealogies of the descendants of 
this family have been compiled. The first was by the late 
William Baird Potts, of Pottsville ; the second was by the 
late James H. Carr, of Philadelphia. Both these compila- 
tions are in manuscript. In 1874, the late Mrs. Thomas 
Potts James, of Cambridge, Massachussetts, published a 
historic-genealogy of this branch of the family, entitled a 
Memorial of Thomas Potts, Jimior, etc. This is a handsome 
quarto volume of over 400 pages, and contains records of 
more than twelve hundred of his descendants, as well as 
much valuable historical matter. 

In view of these former compilations, it is not intended 
to reprint, in this work, what has already been published, be- 
yond a brief account of those of the second generation, and 
some pedigree diagrams. The record of the children of 


242 The Potts Faimily in America. 

Thomas Potts, Junior, printed below, as well as the data 
for the annexed tabulated pedigrees, has been mainly drawn 
from the Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior , etc., by Mrs. 
Thomas Potts James. 

CH11.DREN OF Thomas, Junior, and Martha (Keurlis) Potts. 

2 Elizabeth Potts, m. Joseph Walker, 2 mo. 24, 1721. Children^ 

10 Lewis, II Thomas, ii>^ Joseph, 12 Anna.* 

3 Mary Potts, m. Derrick Cleaver, 6 mo. 30, 1725. Children, 13 
„^'— — Jonathan, 14 Peter, 15 Isaac, 16 John. 

4 John Potts, b. 1710; d. 1768; ra. Ruth Savage. (See infra), 

5 Martha Potts, b. ; d. 6 mo. 18, 1714. 

6 Martha Potts, b. ; d. 5 mo. 29, 17 15. 

Children of Thomas, Junior, and Magdai.en (Robeson) Potts. 

7 Martha Potts, m. Thomas Yorke, 1734. Children, 30 Stephen, 

31 Edward. 

8 Thomas Potts, m. ist, Rebecca Rutter; m. 2d, Deborah Pyewell, 

(See infra). 

9 David Potts, m. Rebecca Rutter. (See infra). 

4 John Potts,^ (Thomas, Junior/), son of Thomas, 
and Martha (Keurlis) Potts, was born about 17 10, probably 
in the City of Philadelphia. He married Ruth Savage, 
daughter of Samuel and Ann (Rutter) Savage, April 11, 
1734. The marriage was accomplished after the manner of 
Friends, though not under their care or jurisdidlion. The 
following extracl: from the marriage certificate, shows the 
quaint proceedings incident to this important event. 

Whereas John Pots of Coalbrook Dale ; in the County of Philadel- 
phia ; and Province of Pennsylvania, Founder ; and Ruth Savage of 
the Township of Coventry, and County of Chester, in the said Prov- 
ince ; having with consent of Parents and Relations Concerned, De- 
clared their Intention of taking Each other In marriage, by a paper 

* Note. The will of a Joseph Walker, of Douglass Township, is recorded at 
Philadelphia. It is dated 0(5tober 11, 1765. The testator names liis wife Elizabeth, 
and children L,ewis, Martha Mackey and Hannah Vanderslice. 


Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale). 243 

fixed on the publick meeting house of Uvvchlan and Coalbrook Dale : 
where they Usually meat to worship : Signed by Joseph Brinton, Esq'' 
one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace ; for the County of Chester, 
as the law of this Province, In that case Diredls. 

The following are the names of the witnesses who signed 
the Marriage Certificate. They are arranged as nearly as 
possible in the order in which thej' seem to have been writ- 
ten upon the Certificate. Aside from the Justice of the 
Peace, most of those, if not all, in the second and third col- 
umns were relatives of the contradting parties. 

Joseph Phipps 
Geo : Aston 
Robt Parker 
Jacob Taylor 
Tho^ Maybury 
James Dorney 
George Rogers 
Francis Edwards 
James Male 
John Webb 
Thos Menson 
Rebecca Parker 
mary Brinton 
Eliz Edwards 
Samuel Holloway 
Engel Berfyrrle (?) 

Elizabeth Walker 
Mary Clever 
Martha Potts 
Thomas Pots 
David Pots 
John Rutter 
Mary Rutter 
Thomas Yotswater 
Thomas Rutter 
Hen Hockley 
Esther Hockley 
Rebeckah Rutter 
Jonathan Price 
Thomas Roberts 
Reiner Tyson 
James Jefferis 
Elizabeth Jefferis 
John Roberts 
John Tyson 
Edward Key 
anna Hockley 
Hanah Kerlin 
mary price 

Jos : Brinton, Justice 
Thomas potts 
Magdelen Potts 
Sam" Nutt 
Anna Nutt 
Rebeckah Rutter 
Tho^ Savage 
Samuel Savage 
Joseph Savage 
Steven Savage 
Samuel Nutt, ]an^ 
Rebecah Nutt 
Catharine Savage 

John Potts, like his father, was an enterprising business 
man, and for many years was the largest and most success- 
ful iron-master in the American Colonies, operating mines, 
furnaces and forges, not only in Pennsylvania, but also in 
Virginia. He long filled the ofiice of Justice of the Peace, 
and was also a Judge of the Court Common Pleas. 

244 I'lis Potts Family in America. 

In 1752, he purchased two tradls of land at the conflu- 
ence of the Manatawney Creek and Schuylkill River, ag- 
gregating nearly one thousand acres. Here he laid out the 
town originally called Pottsgrove. Subsequently this name 
was applied to the township occupying the northwestern 
division of Montgomery County, and the village took the 
name of Pottstown. John Potts' descendants are very fre- 
quently spoken of as the " Pottstown Family." 

John Potts' land embraced nearly four thousand acres, 
with mines, furnaces, forges, grist mills, saw mills, farms, 
etc. He also owned houses, stores and wharves in the City 
of Philadelphia. He died at Pottsgrove, June 6, 1768, and 
his thirteen children followed his body to the grave. Ruth 
his widow died January 7, 1786. They lie buried in the 
family graveyard at Pottstown. 

Children of John and Ruth (Savage) Poms. 

17 Thomas Potts, b. 1735; d. 1785; m. Anna Nutt. 

iS Samuel Potts, b. 1736; d, 1793; m. Joannah Holland. 

. 19 John Potts, b. 1738; d. ; m. Margaret Carmick. 

20 Martha Potts, b. 1740; d. 1S04; m. Thomas Rutter. 

21 David Potts, b. 1741; d. 1798; m. Mary Aris. 

22 Joseph Potts, b. 1742; d. 1804; m. ist, Mary Morris; 2d, Sarah 

Powell; 3d, Ann Mitchell; 4th, Mary Kirkbride. 

23 Dr. jQnathan Potts, b. 1745; d. 1781; m. Grace Richardson. 

24 Anna Potts, b. 1747; d. 1782; m. David Potts, (32). 

25 Isaac Potts, b. 1750; d. 1803; m. ist, Martha Bolton; 2d, Sarah 


26 James Potts, b. 1752; d. 17SS; m. Anna Stocker. 

27 Rebecca Potts, b. 1755; d. ; m. Dr. Benjamin Duffield. 

28 Jesse Potts, b. 1757; d. ; m. Sarah Lewis. 

29 Ruth Potts, b. 1759; d. 181 1 ; m. Peter Lohra. 

8 Thomas Potts,^ (Thomas, Junior,^), son of Thom- 
as, Junior, and Magdalen (Robeson) Potts, was probably 
born at Germantown. He married, first, Rebecca Rutter, 
daughter of Thomas and Mary Catharine Rutter; and sec- 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale). 245 

ond, Deborah Pyewell, daughter of William Pj-ewell. He 
resided at Colebrookdale, and was concerned in the mines 
and furnaces operated there. He died in 1762. 

CHir,DREN OF Thomas and Rebecca (Ru'Tter) Potts. 

32 David Potts, b. ; d. 1782; ui. Anna Potts, (24). 

33 Sarah Potts, m. William Dewees. 

34 Hannah Potts, m. Thomas Dewees. 

35 Thomas Potts. 

36 Magdalen or Margaret Potts, m. John Ellis. 

37 Mary Potts. 

Chii^dren of Thomas and Deborah (Pyewei.1.) Potts. 

38 Rebecca Potts, b. 1753; d. 1S30; m. vSamuel Baird. 

39 William Potts, b. 1755; d. ; m. Mary Frances Potts. 

9 David Potts,2 (Thomas, Junior,^), son of Thomas, 
Junior, and Magdalen (Robeson) Potts, married Rebecca 
Rutter, daughter of John and Mary Rutter. He, like his 
father and brother, was also engaged in the iron business, 
but died a young man in 1752, not long after the decease of 
his father. He left no issue. 

The Charts. The pedigee charts which occupy the fol- 
lowing pages give a very fair exhibit of the descendants of 
Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), in the male line. 
For want of space, female lines are not carried forward, and 
the surname Potts is omitted where the name of wife or hus- 
band is given. These Charts have been compiled from the 
Potts Meviorial. A few errors have been correcfted, but no 
general revision has been attempted ; so that, in the main, 
the correc5lness of these pedigrees depends upon the accu- 
racy of that work. The numbers in the last column of 
the first Chart, refer to corresponding numbers in the suc- 
ceeding Charts, where later generations are carried forward. 


-Elizabeth =Joseph 


-Mary—Derrick Cleaver 

-John=Ruth Savage 

-Martha Potts 

-Martha Potts 

Samuel-^ Joanna Hollaud- 

Johu=Margaret Carmac - 
-Martha- -Thomas Rutter 

David=Mary Aris 

Thomas=Anna Nult 

-Ruth Potts 

-Rebecca G.=Robert May 

-Nutt Potts 

-Martha-=Thonias Haskins 
-Elizabeth=Benjatiiin Jacobs 
-Ruth-. Robert May 
-Samuel N. = Mary Welsh — I 
-Juliana Potts 

-Thonias^Ann Humphrey — 2 
-Henrietta=Isaac James 

-David-- Martha Potts x 

-Joseph=^Mary Morns— 
=Sarah Powell- 

=Ann Mitchell- 

=Mary Kirkbride- 

- Jonathan— Grace Richard- 

-Anna=David Potts 

■Isaac=Martha Bolton ■ 
—Sarah Evans 

-James-- Anna Stocker — 
-Rebecca=Benj. Dufiield 

-Jesse=Sarah Lewis 

-Ruth= Peter l,ohra 

-Martha=Thos. Yorke 


= Rebpcca Rutter- 

-David=Anna Potts 

-Sarah William Dewees 
-Hannah=Thomas Dewees 
-Thomas Potts 
-Magdalen— John Ellis 
-Marv Potts 

-Nathan'l--=Reb'ca Hobart — 4 

-John=Eliza Ramsay 5 

-Thomas— Abigail Miles 6 

-Joseph — Sarah Potts 7 

-Sarah M.=Robert Hobart 

-Mary A.=Tliomas Rutter 
-Stephen— Eunice Dennis — 8 

-.Samuel= 9 

= Mary Hughes 10 

=Anna Dewees- Potts 

-Ja!nes=A«na Dewees 11 

-Charles = Marg't Tallman -12 
-Benezet -Marg't Tal!nian-i3 

-Sarah=Joseph Potts 7 

-Harriet=Reese Brooke 

-John Morris Potts 

-Mary P. = Jonathan Joues 
-Joseph Potts 

-Sarah Potts 
-Joseph Potts 

-Anna Potts 
-Phineas Potts 

-Jos. K. = Sidney Bonsai 14 

-Frances Potts 
-Hepsibah I'otts 
-Mary Potts 

-Mary F.= William Potts 
-Benjamin Rush Potts 
-Clement Potts 
-Grace Potts 

-Deborah— Thomas Shalcross 
-Francis=I,vdia Maybury— 15 
-Horatio F. Potts 
-Edward Potts 

-Marj'=John Paul 
-Rebecca Potts 
-Joseph P. Potts 
-Anna Potts 

-Edward=Sarah Williams— 16 
-Sanuiel--Sarah Fletcher — 17 
-Joanna-= Daniel Fletcher 
-Martha^ Rowland Jones 
-Ruth A. --= Joseph M. Paul 
-Rebecca = William Wayne 
-Anthony B. Potts 
-Deborah=Isaac Williams 

-Anthony Stocker Potts 
-Maria=George Poe, Jr. 
-Clement Stocker I'otts 
-Andrew Potts 

-Martha Potts 
-Sarah Potts 

-Martha=David Potts 3 

-Ruth A.=Edmund Key 


= Deborah Pyewell-l-Rebecca^Samuel Baird 
|-William=Mary F. Potts- 
-David^Rebecca Rutter 

-Thomas Potts 

-Wm. B. -Jane Downing — 18 

-Deborah Potts 

-John G.--^ Mary Kennedy — 

=Eliz'h G. Hunt — 

-Thomas W.=Hannah Rit- 

-Anna Grace Potts 

-Samuel J. =Eliz'h Hulme- 

-Sarah H.=Jas. R. Johnson 

-Chas. F.=Roxanna Burnet- 
=Eliz. Shumway 

-Mary Ann^Peter Crans 
-George W. Potts 
-Eliza Stevens Potts 

-Julian H.=Robert H. Potts 
-Thomas A.=Marj' Haines — 
-Frances Potts 

-Samuel K. Potts 

-Joseph H. = Marv F, Webber 
-Elizabeth G. Potts 
-Creswell H. = Marv C. Marble 
-John H. Potts 
-Francis H. Potts 
-ThOTnas W. Potts 
-Marv E. H. Potts 
-Sarah S. Potts 

-Ellen M.=ClifFord Pomeroy 1- 

-Caroline Potts 

-Alfred Preston Potts i- 


-Howard^Amanda Wagner — |- 

-Anna May Potts 

-Jos. H.=Kate Shanaman 

-William K. Potts 
-Catharine A. Potts 
-Mar^ E. = Richard Bostwick 
-James F. Potts 
-Jane Frances Potts 

-William M,=Mary French- — Frank Assheton Potts 

Anna Grace Potts 
Florence Potts 
Samuel J. Potts 
Eleanor Potts 

-Laura Potts 
-Clifford Potts 
-Bessie Potts 
-Walter Potts 

-Joanna H. Potts 

-Uavid=Anna N. Maj' 

-Edward K. Potts 

-Thos. M.=Hanna Templin- 

-Nathauiel Potts 

-Rebecca S. Potts 

-Francis=Anua M. Church — 

-Sarah M.=Nathan Stem 

-Robert H.=Juliau H. Potts- 
-Rebecca Potts 
-Mary Ellen Potts 

4-|-Emily Potts 
-Nathaniel Potts 

-Wilhemina=Wm. Hawley 
-Samuel J. =:Mary A. Ross— 
-Sophia=Thomas Semuies 

-Ramsay -=I,ucretia Purchase 

=Man,' Pickett 

-Joauna=Nathauiel Hobart 

-Nathan H.=Anna Gifford — I 
-Juliana Potts |- 

-Thomas L. Potts 
-Marion— Jonathan I,ummis 
-Mary Ann Potts 
-Isabella Haines Potts 
-Anna M.= Alfred Lavvson 
-Thomas Hnmphrej- Potts 
-David Gardiner Potts 
-Sarah Jane Potts 
-Juliana Potts 
-Rebecca Smith Potts I- 

-Ann T.=Wm. I,. Whitney 

-David = Kate Lewis 

-Rebecca M. Potts !■ 

-Emma G. Potts |' 

-John T. Potts 
-Holman Potts 
-Nathaniel Potts 
-Thomas M. Potts 
-Martha=Francis M. Nichols 
-Mary R, Potts 

-Maria T.=James S. Ewing 
-Rebecca Potts 
-David=Kate Liggett 
-Francis Thomas Potts 
-Marv Potts 
-Sara"h Potts 

-Nathaniel=Susan Smith - 
-Francis Thomas Potts 
-Anna May Potts 

■Charles E. Potts 
-Orville A. Potts 

■Oscar Potts 
-Emma Potts 
■Elhvood Potts 
■Elizabeth Potts 
-Nathaniel Potts 
■Thomas Potts 

-John=Louisa Rose 

-Mary=T. S. Fillebrown 
-Samuel Potts 
-Caroline Potts 
-Roberta Potts 
-Richard C.^ Rebecca Kim- 
-Kane Potts [berly— 

-Alice Potts 
-Andrew=Boydanna Gilbert- 

-Ramsay Douglass Potts 
-John Willis Potts 
-Thomas Semmes Potts 

-MsLiy Frances Potts 
-Emma Virginia Potts 
-Debbie Smith Potts 

-Rose=M. V. Messing 
-John Potts 
-Louisa Potts 
-Ramsav D. =:Mary 
-vSarauel Potts [Besta 
-Templin M.=Anna 
-Mary Potts [Cash 

-Elizabeth H. Potts 

-Richard Cooper Potts 
-Cornelia Ross Potts 

-Harriet R. Potts 
-Marv Ross Potts 
-Rebecca C. Potts 


The Potts Family in America, 



-Joanna Potts 

-Rebecca Potts 

-Catharine M.^ Sam'l Gartley 

-Samuel Miles Potts 

-Thoinas^=Harnet Brooke 

-Juliana Potts 

-Jos. McK.=Rebecca Brooke — 
-Sarah M. --Samuel Gartley 

-Francis R.=Mary Mobre 
= Mary Miles — 

Mary=Robert H. Smith 
Saniuel = Ruth A. Rutter- 
Heury Potts 

Heury=Isabella Hitner 

-Eliz'h B.=JaniesH. Carr 
-Anna May= Abner Evans 
-Juliana^T. M. Castlebury 
-Sam'l M =Anielia Welsham 
-Thomas— Mary F. Nj'C 

-Harriet B. Potts 
-Catharine G. Potts 
-]imily Rutter Potts 
-Mary Pax son Potts 
-Joseph McK.— Mary Little 

-Joanna Potts 
-James Linnard Potts 
-George Engles Potts 
-David Potts 

i-Marj' Ann Potts 

j-Samuel Potts 

[-Mary A. = James M. Egleton 

-Sarah Potts | 

-Joseph=Anuie Clay 1 

-JTarv S. = Edward S. Davies 
-Elizabeth W. Potts 

-Henry=Rosa V. Moore 

-Isabella H.=George Rice 

-Ida Nye Potts 
-Arthur Potts 

-George H.=Rose Leaf 

-David=^Rebecca Speakman- 
=Sarah Potts-Stem 

-Joseph=Mary K. Rutter 

=Elizabeth Mitchell 

-Emily=John Potts Rutter 
-Edward=Sarah Bechtel 

-John=Mary Jamison- 
-Sarah Potts 

-Robert S.= Anna H. Bull — 

=Lydia Baldwin • 
-Sarah Potts 

-Martha— Joseph E. Sorber 

-Margaret Potts 

-Sarah Potts 

-Mary Ann Potts 

-Jolui Potts 

-Rebecca— Augustus Kline 

9-— Lewis Reese -= Eliz'h Cass 

-Joseph D.=Mary McCleary— 
-William Speakman Potts 

-John R. Potts 
-Mary Ann Potts 
-Clement=Emma Broderick 

-Sarah Potts 
-Emma Potts 
-Eliza R. Potts 
-Edward Potts 

-Samuel J.=Mary J. Evans 

-Helen Potts 

-Marj' G.=Tlieodore Jacobs 

-John Potts 

-William J. Potts 

-Howard Potts 

-Maria Potts 
-Charles S. Potts 

-Ithaner J.=Mary J. Bryson— 
-Jerome B.= 

l-Henry W. Potts 
-Emily F. Potts 
l-William S. Potts 

—Rosa C. Potts 

I -George Potts 
■ -Henry Potts 
-Leonard Potts 
1-Charles R. Potts 

-Arthur Potts 
-William M. Potts 
-Josirph Lanier Potts 

-George W. Potts 
-Margaret Potts 
-Mary Potts 

-Edwin B. Potts 
-Eugene R. Potts 
-Lewis B. Potts 
-Mary B. Potts 

Alice Maude Potts 
-Charles Potts 

Frank Potts 
-Leroy Potts 

Marj' Potts 

Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), 249 

Edward Garrigues=Abigail 

-Alfred= Tilgleman 

=Mar} A Pope — 

-Dr. Oliver G.=Lizzie Oli- 

(phant ■ 

-Mary=George Bedford 

-Dr. Franklin=Sarah J. 


-Lindley Potts 

-I,indley A. = Fuller — 

-Edith=Isaac Butterworth 

-Jesse Newport=Alice Cow- 
[man — 

-Sabina M.=ArDert Hutton 

-Charles E.= Jennie 

-Johu=Mar3- Ann Newport- 

-Lindlev= : 

-Ruth A.=Aquila Whitaker 
-Rebecca=Je.sse Woods 
-Deborah Potts 

-David Potts 


12 — J. Hartley=Sarah Jackson 

-Aris Potts 

-Louisa M.=Liudley Rutter 

-Marv Potts 

-Chafles=Anna McCoUin — 
-Anna Potts 
-Ed\vard=-'Julia Paxson 

■Frances='\Valdron Cherry 
j-Joseph=Regina S. Kiniber — 
-Wilham=I,ucretia Anthony 
l-Elizabeth Potts 

15 — Grace Potts 

16 — Isaac W.=Hannah Newlin— 

17-l-Samuel Potts 
-Martha Potts 

■Marj' F.=Martin Edmonds 
-William Ram.sav Potts 
-Edward Hobart' Potts 
-Howard Downing Potts 
-Clement Downing Potts 
-Helen Jane Potts 

[-Caroline E.=Ira Thomas 
-l-JosephH. Potts 
|-Mary Ellen Potts 

- I-Samuel Potts 
-Ruthauna Potts 
l-Rebecca Potts 

-Maria Potts 

-Margaret=Edwin Morris 
-Lydia J. = Joseph Pierce 
-Louisa Com Potts 
-Lewis J.=Pattie Tolbert 

2=Emilie Locher — 

-Elizabeth=Samuel M. Rea 

-Franklin M. Potts 
-Lucy Potts 

-Alfred F. Potts 
-William Potts 

-Edward G. Potts 
-Carrie=Jos. L. Hall 

-Wilbur H.=Lil. 
-Charles S. Potts [lips 
-Noble F.N.=Cornelia 
[Ross Potts 
-Mamie Potts 

-Minnie Potts 
-Edward Potts 
-Harry Potts 

-MarvC. Potts 
-Martha A. Potts 
-Norman N. Potts 
-Emily Ruth Potts 

-Abbie Potts 
-Emma Potts 
-Emma Potts 
-Howard Potts 

-Charles H. Potts 
--Margaret K. Potts 

-Frances Shober Potts 
-Reginald G. Potts 

-Augusta Potts 
-William Newlin Potts 
-Austin Potts 
-Virginia Potts 

Note. After some of the foregoing Charts had been printed, some additional 
records came to hand, but were received too late to be inserted in their places. 


250 The Potts Family in America. 


The Orphan Children of John Potts, of Wales, 

In the year 1698, several orphans, children of John Potts, 
deceased, and late of Wales, were sent over to the care of 
Friends in Pennsylvania. It seems very probable that they 
were passengers in the good ship " William Galley," * 
which brought so many Friends from the Welsh Counties 
of Radnor and Montgomery, and in which Thomas Potts, 
Junior, (Colebrookdale), came a passenger to Pennsylvania. 
This John Potts, is believed to be identical with John Potts, 
the persecuted Quaker of I,langirrig, Montgomeryshire, in 
Wales, of whom some account is given on pages 67 and 68, 
in this work. He was a brother of Thomas Potts, (Mil- 
ler), of Bristol Township, Philadelphia County. 

Neither the names nor the number of all these children 
are given in any record so far discovered. It is, however, 
quite certain that John Potts and Mary Potts were two of 
these orphan children. The Friends of Philadelphia Month- 
ly Meeting had the care of these children, and the Meeting 
minutes contain several references to them, of which the 
following are copies 

5 mo. 26, 1699. Whereas John Austin proposed to this meeting that 
several Orphans, Children of John Potts of Wales, came here last year, 
their passage being paid, this meeting desires Edward Shippen and 
Anthony M"orris to Speak with the persons concerned, and see for con- 
venient places in order that the Children be bound out apprentices by 
the next Orphans Court. 

I mo. 29, 1700. John Kinsey reports that there are two Orphans, 
Children of One Potts to be put out, Thomas Potts also desiring (be- 

See page 234, ante. 

Orphan Children of John Potts. 251 

itig their uncle) that this meeting would appoint some friends, to put 
them out to friends. John Kinsey & Anthony Morris are desired to 
see it done. 

2 mo. 26, 1700. John Kinse}' & Anthony Morris are desired to con- 
tinue their care in putting out Jn° Potts's Children. 

11 mo. 30, 1701. Isaac Shoemaker laying before this meeting, That 
a friend's Child named Mary Potts having been with him more than 
two years, the time agreed is near out, and she wants learning. In 
order therefore that she may have what learning is suitable, he desires 
to have her bound with him for some longer time. Whereupon Sam- 
uel Carpenter & John Kinsey are desired to take care therein, making 
report thereof to the next monthly meeting. 

12 mo. 27, 1701. John Kinsey & John Parsons are desired to use 
their endeavour to get Thomas [John] Potts's* Child from the place 
where it is, upon as easy Terms as they can, in order to have it placed 
with a friend. 

1 mo. 27, 1702. John Kinse)- & John Parsons are continued to take 
care concerning the Child of Thomas [John] Potts,* deceased, to place 
it out with some honest friend. It being thought that William Rut- 
ledge's may be a fit place for her. 

2 mo. 24, 1702. John Parsons reporting that the persons with whom 
the Child of Thomas [John] Potts, deceased,* is, are not willing to 
part with it. He and John Kinsey are desired so try a little further 
what they can do therein, 

I mo. 26, 1703. John Austin lays before this meeting that John Potts, 
who was bound apprentice to him to learn the Carpenter's Trade, doth 
not like it, but had rather have some other employment. Therefore 
Anthony Morris (who was concerned in the binding of him) and Wil- 
liam Hudson are desired to do what is needful in the matter, and give 
an account thereof to the next Monthly Meeting. 

I mo. 25, 1708. John Potts, who was an Orphan bound apprentice 
to John Austin by approbation of this Monthly Meeting, Complains 
that he hath Served out his apprenticeship, and his mistress will not 
discharge him, and desires assistance. In order thereto this meeting 
appoints Edward Shippen, Nathan Stanbury & David Lloyd to en- 
quire into the matter and if they find he hath served out his time, 
that then they Endeavour to see him discharged, and Report their 
proceedings to the next Monthly Meeting. 

* Note. Mr. William John Potts examined these records ver3' carefully, and 
was fully convinced that the entries of the name "Thomas" was a clerical error, 
written in mistake by the Clerk or transcriber, instead of "John." 

252 The Potts Family in America. 

2 mo. 29, 1708. Report they cannot understand that he hath served 
out his time, therefore could not .discharge him. 

These records make it quite certain that John Potts and 
Mary Potts were two of these orphan children. It is also 
evident that another orphan daughter was under the care of 
some family who were not members of the Friends meeting 
In another Chapter, entitled Kinship of the Potts' of Penn- 
sylvania, it will be suggested who the other children are 
thought to be. 

John Potts, (Ship-Carpenter), one of the orphan chil- 
dren of John Potts, of Wales, deceased, came to Pennsylva- 
nia in 1698, and was soon after apprenticed to John Austin 
to learn the trade of a ship-carpenter. John Austin's wife 
was Jane Potts, and it very likely that John Potts was a 
near relative, possibl}^ a nephew. His apprenticeship had 
not expired on 2 mo. 29, 1708, when Friends reported to the 
Monthly Meeting. Perhaps he attained his majority soon 
after the latter date. 

The Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIX, at 
page 588, contains a record that, on 10 mo. 22, 1714, the 
Commissioners of Property signed a Warrant for 300 acres 
of land in favor of Benjamin Burk and John Potts. This is 
supposed to have been John Potts, (Ship-Carpenter), as he 
is the only John Potts known to have been then of age. 

He married Rebecca about 1709 or 17 10. There 

is recorded by the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, the dates 
of the burial of four of their children. It has not been dis- 
covered whether there were other children or not. John 
Potts died intestate about 1721, and letters of administra- 
tion upon his estate were granted to Samuel Carpenter, 
March 21, 1721. The only original paper remaining on file 
in the Register's Office at Philadelphia, is the administra- 
tor's bond for ;^ioo, with Caleb Ransted and Thomas King 
as sureties. Rebecca, the widow, seems to be the same who 

Orphan Children of John Potts. 253 

married William Darby, 11 mo. 13, 1724.^ The)- are sup- 
posed to have settled in New Jersey. 

Children of John and Rebecca ( ) Potts. 

1 Rebecka Potts, buried 2 mo. 9, 1710/11, 

2 Rachel Potts, buried 4 mo. 14, I7i2.t 

3 A son, buried 11 mo. 25, 1715. 

4 Rebecka Potts, buried i mo. 26, 1719. 

Mary Potts, daughter of John Potts, of Wales, one of 
the orphan children sent over to Penns3-lvania, in 1698, was 
placed under the care of Isaac Shoemaker, by the Philadel- 
phia Monthly Meeting. She probably continued with the 
Shoemakers, until her marriage to Matthias Tyson, the eld- 
est son of Reynier and Margaret Tyson, ^ about i mo. 29, 
1 70S. On this date the minutes of the Philadelphia Month- 
!}• Meeting contain this memoranda, 

Whereas Matthias Tyson, son of Ryner Tj-son, and Mary Potts, of 
Germantown, ha\-ing declared their Intentions af Marriage with each 
other before two Monthh" Meetings, Enquiry being made by persons 
appointed, & found clear from all others on y^ account of Marriage, 
did accomplish their ilarriage In y« Unity of Friends, as signified by 
their marriasre Certificate. 

* See records of the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. 

T Note. The record, in this instance, gives the parents' names as Thomas and 
Rebecca, vrhich is clearly an error, as there was at that time no Thomas Potts 
with a v.ife Rebecca. 

X The Tyson Family. Reynier Tyson was one of the original German emi- 
grants, who came to Pennsylvania in 1683, and founded Germantown. His wife's 
name was Margaret, who is supposed to have been a sister of Thones Kunders, 
(another of the German emigrants), as in the Striepers MS., Tyson speaks of Kun- 
ders as "brother." About the year 1S70, Jesse Tyson, of Baltimore, then in his 
S4th year, wrote of his great grand-father, "Reyn'ear Tjson continued a resident 
of Germantown until it became thickly settled, then he sold his possessions there, 
which had become very valuable, and united with his wife's property (for she had 
some property as well as spirit, ) he was quite independent. He purchased a large 
tratft in Abington Township, Montgomerj' County, Pennsylvania. Here by indus- 
try, prudent management, and judicious investments' he accumulated much 
wealth, and lived to a good old age." He had children as named below. 

1 Matthias Tyson, b. 6 mo. 3. 16S6; m. Mary Potts. 

2 Isaac Tyson, b. 9 mo. 7, 16S8. 

3 Elizabeth Tyson, b. S rao. 7, 169c; m. William Lukens. 

4 John Tyson" b. 10 mo. 9. 1^2. 

5 Abraham Tyson, b. 8 mo. 10, 1694. 

6 Derrick Tyson, b. 9 mo. 6, 1696: m. Ann Hooton. 

7 Sarah Tyson, h. 12 mo. 19, 1698; m. John Kirk. 

8 Peter Tyson, b. 3 mo. 6, 1700; m. Mary Roberts. 

9 Henry "Tyson, b. 3 mo. 4, 1702; m. Ann . 

254 Tnu Potts Family in America, 

Matthias Tyson was born 6 mo. 3, i686, at Gerniantown. 
He vSettled in Abing^ton Township, and died there about 
April or May 1727, in the forty-first year of his age. His 
will made April 8, and proven May 12, 1727, is recorded at 
Philadelphia, in Will-Book E, at page 46. He names his 
wife Mary, and his children Margaret, Mary, Reynear, 
John, Sarah, Isaac, Elizabeth and Matthew. 

Children of Matthias and Marv (Potts) Tyson. 

1 Margaret Tyson, m. William Hallowell. (See Infra). 

2 Marj' Tyson, m. Ellis Lewis, 10 mo. 18, 1729. 

3 Reynier Tyson, m. Grace Wet cher. (See Infra). 

4 John Tyson. 

5 Sarah Tyson. 

6 Isaac Tyson, m. E.sther Shoemaker. 

7 Elizabeth Tyson. 

8 Matthew Tyson, m. Mary Fitzwater, 5 mo. i, 1755. 

I Margaret Tyson,' (Mary,^ John,'), daughter of Mat- 
thias and Mary (Potts) Tyson, married William Hallowell, 
son of Thomas Hallowell, 8 mo. 23, 1729. The marriage 
was accomplished under the care of Abington Monthly Meet- 
ing. Among the witnesses who signed the marriage certifi- 
cate were, Thomas Potts, Jone Potts, Magdalen Potts, Thom- 
as Roberts, Jr., John Roberts, Jane Austin and others. 

3 Reynier Tyson, (Mary,' John,'), son of Matthias 
and Mary (Potts) Tyson, married Grace Fletcher, daughter 
of Robert Fletcher, 3 mo. 29, 1739. Among the witnesses 
who signed the marriage certificate were, John Tyson, 
Thomas Potts, Thomas Roberts, Jr., Mary Tyson, David 
Potts, Thomas Potts, Jr. , and others. 

Joan, or Jone Potts, Widow. 255 


Joan, or Jone Potts, WMow. 

JOAN, or JONE POTTS, is first noticed in Pennsyl- 
vania in the year 1700, when her name appears as a witness 
on the marriage certificate of Lewis Lewis, of Newtown, 
Chester County, bachelor, and Mary Powell, of Bristol 
Township, Philadelphia County, spinster, on 10 month 13, 
1700.* The witnesses in the right hand column are Gwen 
Powell, Lydia Harry, Sarah Shoemaker, Joan Pott, Catha- 
rine Morris, Martha Pott, and others. Thomas Potts' name 
appears among the witnesses signed in the third column. 

Her name is found variously written as Joan Pott, Joan 
Potts, and Jone Potts. There is a somewhat obscure tradi- 
tion that "Jone Potts with four daughters, from Wales, 
landed at Philadelphia, and settled at Germantown, where 
she supported her family by her profession of a female phy- 
sician, having brought her diploma with her. She taught 
each of her daughters her profession. Her husband sailed 
for America (probably before her) in a separate vessel and 
died at sea." Perhaps Joan Potts came in the ship " Wil- 
liam Galley," in 1698, with the Powells and others. 

John Roberts, of Chester County, blacksmith, made his 
will 7 mo. 26, 1702. It was proven January 5, 1702-3, and 
recorded in Will-Book B, at page 251, at Philadelphia. He 
made bequests to his daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas 
Kenderdine, and her children Richard, Thomas, Margaret 
and Mary ; to son John and daughter Elinor Jenkins, living 

* See records of Abington Monthly Meeting. 

256 The Potts Family tn America. 

in Wales ; to friend Joan Potts, widow ; and to friend 
John Kinse}-. It will be remembered that Thomas Potts, 
Junior, (Colebrookdale), sold 235 acres of land to this John 
Roberts, blacksmith, by deed dated March 7, i699-r7oo.* 

The account book of Francis Daniel Pastorius, of Ger- 
mantown, for 1700 to 1719, contains the following charges 
against Jone Potts, in the year 17 12. 

Jan. Jone Potts for 21 yds Worsted at S"^ 

Feby Jone Potts, 10 yds linsey wolsej- and 2 yds Linnen a S'' 6s 

April Jone Potts 12 yds linnen and cotton at S"! - - -5s sd 

Apr. Jone Potts 12 yds ***-..- 6s lod 

On 4 mo. 24, 1 7 14, Jone Potts' name is among the sign- 
ers to a certificate, issued by Abington Monthly Meeting, 
to Henry Cunnard and wife. 

At the marriage of Ellis Lewis, of Upper Dublin, and 
Mary Tyson, daughter of Matthias and Mary (Potts) Ty- 
son, on 10 mo. 18, 1729, Jone Potts signs the marriage cer- 
tificate in the middle column immediately following the sig- 
natures of John Tyson and Henry Tyson. 

There seems to be nothing definite as to the children of Jone 
Potts, except the tradition that one of them was that Mar- 
garet Potts, who married Richard Cox, in 17 12. Joan Potts 
died about 1740. She was an acceptable minister among 
Friends. The Friend, Volume 30, at page 13, contains the 
following brief memorial of her. 

Joan Potts, of Germantown. Philadelphia County, -who deceased 
about 1740, was for many years an acceptable minister of the Gospel. 
Her communications were brief, but they were, her friends say, "well 
received." She was "innocent and exemplary in life and conversa- 

* See page 256, ante. 

Margaret Potts-Cox. 257 


Marg;aret Potts-G)x, 

The minutes of Newark (afterwards changed to Kennet) 
Monthly Meeting, of i mo. i, 17 12, and held at y*' Center, 
contain the following entr^-, 

Richards Cocks Requesting of this meeting a Certificate in Relation 
to marriage w''' a ffriend belonging to y^ Monthly Meeting at Abing- 
ton in y ' County of Philad-^. Thomas Wickersham & Wm. Home 
are appointed to Enquire into his clearness in Relation to marriage 
or otherwise & make report to %•« next m'' meeting. 

At a meeting held 2 mo. 5, 17 12, at the same place, is this, 

Thomas Wickersham & William Home makes return to this meet- 
ing y' they find nothing against Richard Cox to obstruct, but that he 
is Clear in Relation to marriage, therefore this meeting orders y' he 
have a Certificate as he requested. 

On 3 mo. 26, 1 71 2, the minutes of Abington Monthly 
Meeting contain this record, 

Whereas Richard Cox, of Kennet Monthly Meeting in ye County of 
New Castle, and Margaret Potts, having declared their Intentions of 
Marriage with each other; before two Monthly Meetings, Enquir}- be- 
ing made by persons appointed and found clear from all others on }■« 
account of Marriage. Did accomplish their marriage in y^ Unit}' of 
Friends as is signified by their Marriage Certificate. 

The account book of Francis Daniel Pastorius shows a 
charge on May 4, 171 2, against Richard Cox of Kennet in 
Chester County, for a " Marriage Certificate with Margaret 

In Futhey atid Cope's Histo7y of Chester County, it is sta- 
ted that Richard Cox is supposed to have been a son of John 

258 The Potts Family in America. 

Cox, who came from England in 1708, and settled in the 
neighborhood of Kennet. The minutes of Newark Month- 
ly Meeting of 7 mo. 4, 1708, have this entry, 

A Certificate being produced to this meeting by John Cox, a flfriend 
lately Come from Ould England, which said Certificate being Read 
is Excepted of by this Meeting. 

Of Margaret Potts we have no definite account. The 
tradition mentioned in the last Chapter, alleges that she was 
a daughter of Jone Potts, the widow. Richard and Marga- 
ret Cox sign Potts marriage certificates among relatives. 

The minutes of Kennet Monthly Meeting, under date of 
4 mo, 6, 1 71 3, has this entry, 

Whereas Rich'* Cox desireth to remove himself & family into }-« 
Province of West New Jersey & desireth a Certificate of his life & con- 
versation to yo monthly meeting, of Crosswick [now Chesterfield] — 
therefore this meeting appoints Wm. Horn & Isaac Few to make in- 
quiry concerning him & make report to y^ next meeting. 

At the next meeting, held 5 mo. 4, 1713, is this minute, 

W'm. Horn gives this meeting accompt that Isaac Few & he have 
made enquiry concerning Rich'^ Cox & they find nothing against him 
therefore this meeting orders y"^ s^ Friends to Draw a Certificate & 
bring to y^ next meeting. 

There is no further mention of this matter, and the wom- 
en' s minutes do not mention it at all. The Crosswicks 
Monthly Meeting minutes contain no mention of Richard 
Cox, and if he did remove to that section at all, he evident- 
ly soon returned to Kennet. 

In 17 19, Richard and Margaret Cox attended the double 
wedding of the two daughters of Jonas Potts at Perkiomen, 
and were signers to both marriage certificates. That they 
went such a long distance to attend these weddings is sug- 
gested as a strong evidence of near relationship. 

In 1722 and 1723, mention is made in the Kennet Month- 
ly Meeting minutes of Richard and Margaret Cox, from 
which it appears that Margaret had a sister Potts, who was 

Margaret Potts-Cox. 259 

a member of Abington Meeting and at that time unmarried. 

On 4 mo. I, 1728, Richard Cox made a request to Kennet 
Monthly Meeting for a certificate of removal, and the fol- 
lowing minute in reference thereto was made. 

Request being made on behalfe of Richard Cox and liis Wife for a 
Certificate to be Joined to North Wales [now Gwynedd] Monthly 
Meeting therefore we appoints John Heald and Joseph Mendenhali to 
make inquiry into his Conversation and affairs if nothing appears to 
obstru(ft to joine with women ffriends to draw a Certificate for them 
and produce to the next m". meeting. 

Kennet minutes of 6 mo. 3, 1728, contain the following 
entry, showing that the certificate was duly granted. 

The Hr^^ appointed to draw a Certificate for Richard Cox and his 
wife have produced it to this meeting which was here read and ap- 
proved, and those friends have rendered their reasons for not appear- 
ing last meeting which are taken for sattisfaiflion. 

The women Friends appointed Elizabeth Horn and Mar- 
tha Heald to inquire concerning Margaret Cox. 

North Wales, (Gwynedd), Monthly Meeting then includ- 
ed some part of Chester County, lying west of the Schuyl- 
kill River. Whether Richard Cox removed to the bounds 
of this meeting at this time or not, is not clear. The cer- 
tificate does not appear to have been presented to Gw3medd 
Monthly Meeting prior to 4 mo. 24, 1729. After this date 
a sedlion of the minutes is missing. 

Richard Cox married a second wife, Mar5^ but no record 
of the marriage has been found. On i mo. 31, 1733, a 
Richard Cox was complained of at Kennet Monthly Meet- 
ing for marrying out of meeting. It is however not certain 
that this Richard was identical with the subjec5l of this 

* Note. There appears to have been at least three persons bearing the name of 
Richard Cox at the same time. First, Richard Cox who married Margaret Potts 
in 1712 ; second, Richard Cox, son of Richard and Margaret, born in 1718 ; third, 
Richard Cox, of New Garden, who married EH^^abeth .Scarlett in n 1726. In 1739, 
a Richard Cox signed the marriage certificate of James Musgrave and Hannah 
Cox, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Buzbj') Cox. 

26o The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

Richard Cox was a taxable in Pikelaud Township in 1 749 
and 1 750, and in Vincent Township from 1 754 to 1 760, be- 
ing crossed off on the latter date. Perhaps he died in the 
latter year. His will, dated Nov. 15, 1757, and probated 
March 31, 1762, is recorded at Philadelphia in Will-Book 
M, page 263. He is described as of " the Township of Vin- 
cent in the County of Chester & Province of Pennsylvania, 
Husbandman." He devises his "House & Plantation 
scituate lying and being in the Township, county & prov- 
ince aforesaid, containing Twenty-five acres of Land, etc.," 
to Mary Cox, his wdfe, during her life. He names his sons 
Joseph, Benjamin and John Cox, his daughters Sarah wife 
of Qgoige_B ursolic Elizabeth wife of William Page, and Mary 
wife of Jonathan Potts,* and his grand-daughter Hannah 
Burson. Below is given what seems to be a correct state- 
ment of the children. 

Chii,dren of Richard and Margaret (Potts) Cox. 

1 Anna Cox, b. 8 mo. 29, 1713. 

2 Sarah Cox, b. 12 mo. 15, 1715; m. George Burson. • 

3 Richard Cox, b. 2 mo, 17, 1718. w '"^ 

4 Jonathan Cox, b. 6 mo. 11, 1720. ^'C'f' 

5 Joseph Cox, b. 2 mo. 18, 1723; m. Catharine Watson. 

6 Benjamin Cox, b. 2 mo. 18, 1723; m. Elizabeth -'A. ^ 

7 John Cox, b. 8 mo. 9, 1725. 

8 Ehzabeth Cox, m. William Page. 

9 Mary Cox, m. Jonathan Potts. 

* Note. The identity of this Jonathan Potts has not beeu established. 

Eleanor Potts-Roberts, ?6c 


Eleanor Potts-Roberts, of Bristol Township. 

Eleanor Potts is first noticed in connedlion with the rec- 
ord of her marriage with Thomas Roberts, i mo. 26, 1705. 
Tradition says that Thomas Roberts came from Wales in 
December, 1699, in the ship "Canterbury" with William 
Peun, and settled in Bristol Township, Philadelphia Coun- 
ty, about five miles above the City, where he and his family 
continued to live for manj' 5'ears. He was a stone mason, 
and helped to build the Friends meeting house at German- 
town, as the minutes of the meeting state. He appears to 
have been a member of the Friends Meeting. The minutes 
of Abington Monthly ^Meeting of i mo. 26, 1705, contain 
the following entry, which probably refers to their passing 
meeting the second time. 

Whereas Thomas Roberts and Eleanor Potts having declared their 
intention of Marriage with each other before two Monthly Meetings, 
and Enquiry being made by persons appointed & found clear from all 
others on y« account of Marriage, Were permitted to Marry a Mongst 

In 1713, Thomas Roberts purchased two hundred acres of 
land in Bristol Township. Some of his descendants have 
continued to live upon this land, or in the vicinity, down to 
the present time. Thomas Roberts died 8 mo. i, 1756, and 
Eleanor Potts-Roberts 3 mo. 26, 1766. Both are buried at 
Germantown. The children of Thomas and Eleanor Rob- 
erts were frequently witnesses to Potts marriage certificates. 


The Potts Family in America. 

Chit^drrn of Thomas and Eleanor (Potts) Roberts. 

Thomas Roberts, Jr., b. 1709; d. 1756; m. Rachel Ijvezey, 1734. 

Children i Thomas, 2 James, 3 Daniel, 4 John, 5 Jonathan,, 

6 Mar}-, 7 Ann, 8 Elizabeth. 
Mar) Roberts, b. 171 1; m. Peter Tyson, son of Reynier Tyson, 

1727. Children, i Thomas, 2 Peter, 3 Eleanor. 
Sarah Roberts. 
John Roberts. 

Pedigree of the Roberts Family. 

-Thomas= Rachel 


-Thomas=vSusauna Kirk 

James Roberts 
-Daniel Roberts 

John Roberts 

Jonathan=Martha Kirk- 

=Marj' Spencer - 

=Mary Jones- 

-Mary Roberts 
-Ann Roberts 
-Elizabeth Roberts 

-Jonathan Roberts 
-Jesse Roberts 

-Joseph Roberts 
-Dr. Levi Roberts 
-Rachel Roberts 
-George Roberts 
-Joseph Roberts 

-Martha Roberts 
-Enoch Roberts. 

I-Thomas Tyson -^Sarah Kirk 
-Mary =Peter Tyson— -Peter Tyson 

|-Eleanor Tyson 
-Sarah Roberts 

-John Roberts 

Margaret Potts- Morgan. 263 


Margaret Potts-Morgan, 

Margaret Potts married Evan Morgan, December i, 
170^ as shown bj' the records of Christ Protestant Episco- 
pal Church, Philadelphia. Aside from the record of mar- 
riage, verj'' little information of Evan and Margaret Morgan 
has come to notice. From the manner of their marriage, it 
would appear that, Margaret Potts, unlike the other Potts' 
of Pennsylvania, had not been brought up under the teach- 
ing of Friends. 

Evan Morgan owned a tradl of two hundred and fifty-two 
acres of land in Philadelphia County, upon Neshaminy 
Creek, which he and his wife Margaret convej^ed by deed 
to Thomas Potts, butcher, of the City of Philadelphia, on 
March 20, 171 3-1 714. The deed is recorded at Philadel- 
phia in Deed-Book E 6, Volume 9, page 214. 

264 The Potts Family in America. 


Rees Potts, of Germantown. 

Rees, Reese or Riece Potts, a tailor by occupation, is 
found at Germantown shortly after the year 1700. Infor- 
mation concerning him is very meager. There are a few 
quaint references to him, such as ' ' mending Francis Daniel 
Pastorius trowsers, ' ' and a credit for a ' ' finished coat ' ' for 
Samuel Pastorius. He seems to have been three times mar- 
ried, unless there was another person of the same name. 

He owned land in Germantown, but the deed of purchase 
does not seem to be on record. In 17 16, Riece Potts, tailor, 
and his wife Elizabeth, join in a deed for sale of land in 
Germantown to Margaret Tyson ; and in 171 9, for other 
land to John Conards. In 1719, Rees Potts attended the 
marriages of the two daughters of Jonas Potts and signed 
the certificates, indicating ralationship. 

Rees Potts married as his second wife, Lydia King, wid- 
ow of Thomas King, late of Cheltenham, and seems to have 
removed to that township. Bj' a deed dated April 14, 1741 , 
" Rice Poots of Cheltenham, taylor, and Lydia his wife, late 
widow of Thomas King, of Cheltenham," convey to her 
daughters by King, and their hu.sbands, her interest in 85 
acres of her former husband. A recital of this deed calls 
him Reese Potts. 

Perhaps Lydia Potts did not long survive, as the records 
of the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia show the 
marriage of Rees Potts and Christina Rambo, 3 mo. 30, 1743. 
No will or administration has been found. 

Jonathan Potts, op Lower Dublin. 265 


Jonathan Potts, of Lower Dublin. 

There seems to be some confusion as to the identity of 
some of the earlier persons bearing the name of Jonathan 
Potts. The following perhaps includes all the earlier Potts' 
bearing this name. 

Jonathan Potts, son of David and Alice (Croasdale) 
Potts, born, 1701, in Bristol Township, Philadelphia Coun- 
ty, married Sarah Wood in 1729, and settled in Whitemarsh 
Township. Whether there were children or not is uncer- 
tain, at this writing. In the Rent Roll Books at Harrisburg, 
Jonathan Potts, of Whitemarsh Township, is charged with 
the quit-rent on 104;^ acres. The date given is 1702, and 
is doubtless the time from which the quit-rent is computed. 
[See Part III.] 

Jonathan Potts, son of Thomas and Rachel (James) 
Potts, and grandson of David and Alice (Croasdale) Potts, 
of Bristol Township, born, 1723, married Sarah Clifton, in 
1756. [See Part III. 

Jonas Potts seems to have had a son Jonathan, born in 
1 714, who removed, first to Virginia and afterward to Ken- 

In 1740, a Jonathan Potts is mentioned in connedtion 
with Maxatawney Township. 

The Pennsylvania Gazette, of Odlober 17, 1754, publishes 
a list of unclaimed letters remaining in the post-office at 
Trenton, New Jersey, on September 28, 1754, and among 

266 The Potts Family in America. 

them is one addressed to " Jonathan Potts, Kingston." 

Richard Cox, in his will, 1757, mentions "my Daughter 
Mary Potts, wife of Jonathan Potts." [See page 260.] 

The Abington Monthly Meeting records the burial, at 
at Cheltenham, 2 mo. 24, 1763, of Sarah Potts, wife of Jon- 
athan Potts, not a member. 

Dr. Jonathan Potts, son of John and Jluth (Savage) 
Potts, born 1745, has a history so well known, that he can- 
not be confounded with any of the others bearing the same 
name. [See Memorial of Thomas Potts, Junior. ~\ 

1 JONATHAN POTTS. From a Bible record, still in 
possession of the descendants, it appears that there was a 
Jonathan Potts with a wife Rebecca, w^ho had a son, Jona- 
than, Junior, born in 1758. They are said to have resided 
in Philadelphia County, and in 1784 the son is described 
as of Lower Dublin Township. It is thought bj^ descend- 
ants that he was twice married, and that his second wife 
was Rebecca Flinthem. It is said that the wife of Jonathan 
Potts, Junior, frequently talked of "aunt Richards," who is 
thought to have been of her husband' s family. These are 
possible clues to a fuller knowledge. This Jonathan Potts 
may or may not have been identical with one of the above 
named Jonathan Potts' . The following is a copy of the ear- 
liest Bible record, 

Jonatlian Potts, the son of Jonathan and Rebecca Potts, was born 

the 5th day of July, 175S. 

2 Jonathan Potts, Junior, ^ son of Jonathan and Re- 
becca Potts, was born July 5, 1758. He served as a soldier 
in the Revolutionary War. He was a shoemaker by tra(|e, 
but later became a farmer. In 1784, he purchased land in 
Moreland Township, Montgomery County, being then de- 

Jonathan Potts, of Lower Dublin. 267 

scribed as of Lower Dublin Township, Philadelphia Coun- 
ty. He married Sarah Wright, daughter of John and Ra- 
chel Wright, about 17 85. 

Jonathan Potts and family were Baptists. Sarah Potts 
was received into Penypack Church in 1784, and Jonathan 
in 1804. On Odtober 10, 1807, Jonathan Potts with his 
wife and daughter were received into Southampton Baptist 
Church in Bucks County, from Lower Dublin. The South- 
ampton Church was only a few miles from the Potts' place 
of residence. Joi.athan Potts was an acStive church mem- 
ber and long served in the office of a deacon. He died Feb. 
22, 1840, in his eighty second year. An obituary notice is 
entered in the minutes of the Southampton Church. His 
will is recorded at Norristown. 

Sarah Potts, wife of Jonathan, was born June 28, 1764, 
and died Dec. 19, 1847, in the eightj^-fourth year of her age. 
Husband and wife are both buried in the graveA'ard of the 
Southampton Baptist Church. 

Children of Jonathan and Sarah (Wright) Potts. 

3 Rebecca Potts, b. 0(51. 13, 17S6; d. Feb. 5, 1863; m. George 

Murray. Children, i William A.; 2 Joseph H., 3 Christianna, 

4 Sarah C, 5 Gorden G., 6 Peter G. 

4 Rachel Potts, b. July 25, 17S9; d. 0(5l. 25, 1836. m. Murraj-. 

Had two sons. 

5 John Potts, b. Jan. 14, 1792; d. Sep. 14, 1866; unm. 

6 Thomas Potts, b. July 19, 1794. Lived at Kaolin, Penna. ^ 

7 William Potts, b. Feb i, 1797; d. Sep. 17, 1871; m. Sarah Rob- 

bins. Children, i Emeline, 2 John, 3 Mary Ann, 4 Charles. 

8 Mordecai Potts, b. Nov. 13, 1799; d. May 22, 1883; m. Mary Van- 

degrift. Children, i Ellwood, 2 Sarah, 3 Lydia, 4 Ann Eliza, 

5 Mary. 

9 Elizabeth Potts, b. Aug. 3, 1S02; d. April 16, 18S6; m. JohnLee- 

dom. Children, i Lydia Ann, 2 Jonathan, 3 Samuel, 4 Wil- 
liam Potts, 5 Mar}', 6 Alfred, 7 John Howard, 8 George M., 
9 Sarah Potts. The last named married George W. Lefferts in 
1862 and had children, i Howard Leedom, 2 Henry Tom- 
linson, 3 Howard Hogeland, 4 Naomi Jane. 

10 Lydia Potts, b. March 23, 1805; d. March 17, 1877; unm. 


The Potts Family in America. 

Four generations of this family are fairly well shown in 
the diagram printed below. 

Pedigree of Jonathan Potts' Family. 


B. 1758 B. 1764 

D. 1847 D. 1840 

■Rebecca - George Murraj'- 

-WilHani A. Murray 
-Joseph H. Murray 
-Christiana Murray 
-Sarah C. Murray 
-George G. Murray 
|-Peter G. Murray 

Murray — 

-John Potts 
-Thomas— - 

-William^Sarah Robbins- 

-Mordecai=Mary Vandegrift- 

-Elizabeth John I^eeilom- 

-Lydia Potts 

-Emeline Potts 
-John Potts 
-Mary Ann Potts 

-Ellwood Potts 
-Sarah Potts 
-Lydia Potts 
-Ann Eliza Potts 
-Mary Potts 

-Lydia Ann Leedom 
-Jonathan Leedom 
-Samuel Leedom 
-Mary Leedom 
-Alfred Leedom 
-J no. Howard Leedom 
-Goerge M. Leedom 
-Sarah -=George W. 


Resiuknck <)i<^ Thomas ]Ma>:wki.l Potts. 

I'AliK .'••tK. 

Solution of thk Old Potts Puzzle. 269 


"Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle*** 

The earlier historians of the Potts Family found a Thom- 
as Potts, Sr. , who landed at Burlington, New Jersey, in the 
year 1678, who afterwards removed to Philadelphia, and 
died there in 1726. At Burlington, Thomas Potts, Junior, 
was mentioned as his son and heir. At Philadelphia, Thom- 
as Potts, Sr. , in his will, names Thomas Potts, as his son 
and principal heir. He also mentions his grandson Thom- 
as Potts, and the other children of his son Thomas. The 
conditions of the will were exacftly suited to Thomas Potts, 
Junior, (Colebrookbale), for he had a son Thomas and oth- 
er children. A seemingly legitimate conclusion was reached 
that Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), was the only 
son and heir of Thomas Potts (Shield). This statement 
was published time and again, without an}' question as to 
its truth. Other persons bearing the name of Potts were 
noticed living in the same localities. These were all thought 
to be descendants of the original Thomas Potts, of Burling- 
ton ; but when an attempt was made to show the descent, 
difficulties arose and explanations advanced that were wholy 

In 1869, Mrs. Thomas Potts James, of Cambridge, Mas- 
sachussetts, issued a circular announcing that she was about 
to publish a work entitled T/ie Potts Memorial : an Accomit 
of the Desce7idants of Thomas Potts, who was persecuted for his 
faith in Chester, England, 1653, etc. This work was intend- 
ed to be a history of the Potts family through Thomas Potts, 

270 The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

Junior, (Colebrookdale), whom she then believed to be the 
son of Thomas Potts, (Shield), and that the latter was 
identical with Thomas Potts, the Persecuted Quaker of 

About the same time, Mr. William John Potts, of Cam- 
den, New Jersey, having his attention called to the subjedl, 
entered into a thorough investigation of the early history of 
the Potts' of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as a 
spirited correspondence with Mrs. Potts James. He exam- 
ined wills, deeds, church and family records, bearing on this 
particular phase of subjecft, in a manner more thorough and 
systematic than had previously been attempted. He suc- 
ceeded in colledling evidence showing that Thomas Potts, 
(Shield), and his descendants, were entirel}" distinct from 
the Potts' of Pennsylvania, so far as near relationship in 
this countrj^ was concerned. 

Mrs. James and nearly all others, who had given the sub- 
jedl intelligent study, when confronted with the fuller facfts, 
were thoroughly convinced that Thomas Potts, Junior, 
(Colebrookdale), was not the son of Thomas Potts, (Shield), 
and abandoned the claim. The late James Henry Carr, 
of Philadelphia, who also had given years of study to the 
subjedl and colledled much valuable data, refused to admit 
the fadl, and in 1880, published an article in the Montgomery 
Ledger, entitled ' ' Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle, ' ' in 
which he endeavored to prove that Thomas Potts, Junior, 
(Colebrookdale), was the son of Thomas Potts, (Shield). 
This article is made up of a large number of brief abstradls 
of wills, deeds, etc. , so arranged as to seem to prove his al- 
legations. A few of the abstradls contain misstatements 
which may have crept in through oversight or inadvertance. 

It is believed that all who have read the foregoing Chap- 
ter, need no further argument to have a clear and concise 
comprehension of the true state of the case. It is, however. 

* Note. For an account of Thomas Potts, the Persecuted Quaker, see pp. 40-60. 

Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle. 271 

the object of this Chapter to re-priut ^Ir. Can's article, with 
a few foot-notes showing the fallacy of his conclusions. 

That Thomas Potts, tanner, of Burlington, New Jersej^, 
and Thomas Potts, tanner, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 
were one and the same person, all are willing to admit. 
If there were nothing else, his peculiar signature, found both 
at Burlington and Philadelphia, would be most convincing 
that they had been written by the same hand. In addition 
to the tracings already given in this work, on pages 130 and 
and 133, one other is here given, being a fac-simile of his 
signature attached to tlie bond of Mary Ingram, at Burling- 
ton, in 1694. [See page 129, ante.] 

i&rn^ 1^0 'Ik 

In a private letter, written by Mr. Carr to Mr. William 
John Potts, after the publication of the article, he stated 
that the original manuscript sent to the Ledger contained 
an acknowledgment of his having obtained much valuable 
memoranda from Mr. Potts, but the editor or proof-reader 
had elimintead it in order to curtail the length of the arti- 

The following is the article as it appeared in the Mo7it- 
gomery Ledger of November 2, 1880. The foot-notes are 
hy the compiler hereof. 


Who was Thomas Potts 1678 ? — Who are his Descendants ? 


Smith's History- of New Jersey (in notes) informs us that the Ship 
Shield, Captain Daniel Towes, from Hull, England, arrived in the 
Delaware river, in December, 167S, and anchored before Burlington. 
Among its passengers were Thomas Potts -n-ith his wife and children. 

272 The Potts Family in America. 

We have no knowledge of his previous history', or place of birth, but, 
with aid of public records, still preserved in New Jersey, and in the 
county of Philadelphia, we are made familiar with his transadtions up 
to the time of his death in Germantown, in 1726.* 

1680. Thomas Potts, of the town and county of Burlington, in the 
Province of West Jersey, purchased dwelling, bark mill, tanj^ard, &c., 
from John Woolston, by deed dated 30 December, i68o.t — ['SVc Trenton 

1682. Thomas Potts and Ann Potts were subscribing witnesses to 
the marriage of John Antrim, on the 15th day of the 3d month, 1682, 
as appears by the records of Friends' Meeting at Burlington. 

1689. {^Extracts from the original records of the Baptist Church at Pei\- 

1686. Thomas Potts baptised by EHas Keach, at Burlington, West 

1686. Ann Potts, baptised by Elias Keach, at Burlington, West 

1699. Grace Farmer, baptised by John Watts, in Pennsylvania, at 

1705. Alice Pusser, baptised by Thomas Griffith, at Pennepack. 

17 15. Thomas Potts and Grace Farmer were married. 

1 7 16. Thomas Potts and Alice Pusser were married. 

[Extracts from Friends' Records, TJiird and Arch streets Meeting House.'\ 

1 7 14. Ann Potts, wife of Thomas Potts, tanner, died 9th of 7th 

1 7 15. Grace Potts, wife of Thomas Potts, tanner, died 15th of 6th 

1699. Thomas Potts of Burlington and Ann his wife, sold and con- 
veyed dwelling, bark mill, tanyard, &c., to Christopher Wetherill, of 
same place, Taylor, by deed dated 14th March, 1699. 

1699. Thomas Potts, senior, of the town and county of Burlington, 
tanner, and Thomas Potts, Junior, of the township of Springfield, in 
said county, son of ye said Thomas Potts, senior, executed a bond, 
dated 14th of March, in the 12th year of the reign of William the 

* Note. The statements made in this article that Thomas Potts, (Shield), [or 
tanner,] lived at Germantown and died there, are certainly incorredl. No evidence 
has been adduced to show that he ever had even business transaiflions at or about 
Germantown. The records of Pennypack Baptist Church show that he died at 
Philadelphia. See page 131, ante. 

t Note. For a more accurate abstradl of this deed, see page 127, ante. 

Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle. 273 

Third, Anno, 1699, to s;cura quiet possession of the above premises to 
said Cristoplier WetherilL* [Signed.] 


o-nx <£^ i^cm 

1692. l^PIiilndelphia Countij Records.l Thomas Potts, of German- 
town, Philad ilphia county, tanner, purchased land in that township, 
as early as the 5th of loth month, 1692. Subsequently he was a party 
to various transadlions in real estate, in each of which he is designat- 
ed as above, up to 1725. t 

1699. \_Extract from Recordu of Monthly Meeting of Germantoivn, in 
the possession of Friends, 3d and Arch streets.l 

" At a monthly meeting held 8th month 3d, 1699, Thomas Potts and 
Martha Keurling (Courling or Kerlin) having declared their inten- 
tions of marriage with each other before two monthly meetings, en- 
quiry being made by persons appointed and found clear from all oth- 
ers on account of marriage, did accomplish their marriage in the unity 
of Friends, as signified by their marriage certificate." X 

1700. Thomas Potts, Jr., of Germantown, was in his minorit}' in 
the year 1700, when he became a speculator in lands in that vicinity, 
but in 1707 he executed a deed which confirmed his previous convey- 
ances, and recited that he had since that time attained the full age of 
twenty one years. His deeds style him as "vidtualler" or "butcher." 

1714-15. lExtracift from Friend's Records of 3d and Arch Streets 
Meeting. ~\ 

1714. Martha Potts, daughter of Thomas and Martha Potts, died 
1 8th of 6th month. 

1 7 15. Martha Potts, daughter of Thomas and Martha Potts, died 
2d of 5th month. 

1 72 1. Thomas Potts, Jr., and Magdalen [Robeson] his (second) 
wife, sold and conveyed to Robert Thomas a tracl of land containing 
300 acres, which he had bought in 1715. This deed, properly signed 

* Note. For abstracfls of this transadtion and an account of Thomas Potts, Jr., 
(Mansfield), see pages 129 and 134-145, ante. 

t NOTK. Thomas Potts, sold this land in 1695. A copy of the deed of purchase 
is printed on page 202, ante, and immediately following is an abstract of the deed 
of sale. In both of deeds, Thomas Potts, is described as of Philadelphia 
County, and in neither is he described as " tanner." Thoinas Potts, (Shield), the 
tanner, contin\ied to reside at Burlington. N. J., until 1699. It is therefore plainly 
evident that Mr. Carr has made a misstatement, and ha.s here mistaken Thomas 
Potts, the miller, for Thomas Potts, the tanner. 

X Note. For an account of Thomas Potts, Jr., otherwise Thomas Potts, (Cole- 
brookdale), see Chapter X, pages 234 to 242. 


274 The Potts Family in America. 

by Thomas and Magdalen Potts, was not duly acknowledged and 
therefore it b^canii n^cassary to obtain proof of its execution by them, 
and this was had on the " testiraonj' of John Potts, Esq., son of the 
said Thomas Potts," on the 20th of April, 176S, nearly forty seven 
years after its execution. NoTK.^ — This same John Potts was the 
founder of Pottstown. ■ 

1726. The last Will and Testament af Thomas Potts, Sr., of Phila- 
delphia, tanner, dated 25th February, 1725, was duly proved on the 
loth of November, 1726. It names his wife Alice Potts ; son Thomas 
Potts ; his grandson' Thomas Potts, and other grandchildren.* Thos. 
Griffith, a baptist preacher (who baptised his wife in 1705). — ISce Bap- 
tist Pmnepuck Iiecnrd><^. 

This undisputed will of a much disputed head of a famil}', who was 
one of the early settlers of Burlington, in what was then termed the 
West Jersey Colony, scattered along the shores of the Delaware river, 
is still in tolerable good condition, and presents the verj- peculiar sig- 
nature of the old Burlington and Germantown tanner, thus : 

CrS^O ^O/rif 

1728. Thomas Potts, the only son and heir at law of Thomas Potts, 
late of Philadelphia, tanner, deceased, sold and convej'ed to George 
House, by deed dated loth of March, 172S, a lot of ground situate on 
Chestnut street, which recited that his father bought it in the year 

1736. Thomas Potts, in Ma}^, 1736, appears on record as an ironmas- 
ter, residing in Colebrook Dale township, Philadelphia county, and he 
then purchased from Gerhart Henkels, of that place, a messuage and 
plantation of 192 acres, which Thomas Potts and Magdalen, his wife, 
in 1 74 1, sold and conveyed to Thomas Wilson. His first purchase 

* See copy of this Will on pages 131 to 133, ante. 

t Note;. When Mr. Carr was personally appealed to for evidence that Thomas 
Potts, (Colebrookdale), was the son of Thomas Totts, (Shield), he referred to this 
deed as being positive proof. A copy of this deed is reproduced on pages 138 to 140. 
The most rigid examination fails to show any connedlion with Thomas Potts, 
(Colebrookdale). The maker of this deed was Thomas Potts, Junior, (Mansfield). 
Thomas Potts, (Shield), also devised a lot of ground in Gilbert's Alley, to Thomas 
Potts, his grandson, who in 172S sold the lot to Andrew Edge. The' grandson is 
described in the deed as " Thomas Potts, of Mansfield in the County of Burlington 
in the Western Division of the Province of New Jersey, Tanner." [.See copy on 
pages 146 to 14S. ante] Thomas Potts, the grandson and maker of the deed, could 
not have been Thomas, the son of Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), because 
he was then [172S] not above twelve years of age and legally incapable of exe- 
cutingadeed. Thomas Potts, Jr., (Tanner), had then but recently become of age. 

Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle. 275 

there was in 1733 as Thomas Potts, yeoman, and the last in 1742, 
which included a farm and tract of land in Manatawn}-. 

1746. A deed executed by " John Potts, the only son and heir at 
law of Martha Potts, deceased, who was one of the children of Peter 
Keurling, of Germantown, deceased ; Joseph Walker and Elizabeth, 
his wife, one of the daughters of the said Martha Potts, and Derrick 
Cleaver and Mary, his wife, the other daughter of the said Martha 
Potts," dated 5th of September, 1746, conveyed lands situate in Ger- 
mantown to Bernard Reser. This deed was recorded in 1752. 

1734. John Potts, of Colebrookdale, son of Thomas Potts, Jr., and 
his first wife, Martha Keurling, was married on the i ith day of April, 
1734, to Ruth Savage, of Coventry, in Chester County. Their mar- 
riage certificate presents the names of many witnesses, amongst which 
appear those of his father and step-mother ; his brother Thomas ; his 
sisters Elizabeth Walker and Mary Cleaver ; and also of Hannah Ker- 
lin, (possibly his maternal aunt).* 

1752. On the lotli of January, 1752, the last Will and Testament of 
Thomas Potts, of Colebrook Dale, iron master, was proven and regis- 
tered at Philadelphia. It was dated 8th September, 1747, and names 
his wife Magdalen ; sons Thomas, David and John ; daughters Eliza- 
beth Walker and Mary Cleaver ; grand-daughter Sarah, (daughter of 
son Thomas) ; grandsons Stephen Yorke and Edward Yorke. 

1749. Thomas Potts, Junior, of Colebrookdale, son of the above 
named Thomas and Magdalen, was married before 1749, to Rebecca 
Rutter, daughter of Thomas Rutter, of Philadelphia, and Mary Cath- 
arine Gosling, his wife. Thomas Rutter died in 1734. Thomas and 
Rebecca Potts had five children, viz : David, Sarah, Hannah, Marga- 
ret and Mary. Ha\-ing survived his wife Rebecca, he subsequently 
married Deborah Pyewell, daughter of Wm. Pyewell, of Philadelphia, 
merchant, by whom he had two children, viz : William and Rebecca 

Every intelligent reader has here presented to him a full and relia- 
ble family chart of the Potts' of Pottstown, from the original tanner of 
Burlington, their first American ancestor. It is only intended at this 
time to carry it down to the period when all the family genealogists 
failed to know who they were looking for, in consequence of the name 
Thomas Potts belonging to so many different settlers at that early 
date. The following recapitulation will close this sketch : 

* Sec a full list of the witnesses to this marriage certificate on page 243, ante. 

276 The Potts Family in America. 

167S. Thomas Potts and family arrived at Burlington, N. J. 
1680. Thomas Potts, son of Thomas and Ann Potts, born.* 

1 7 14. Ann Potts, wife of Thomas Potts, Sr., died 9th month, 7th. 

1 7 15. Thomas Potts and Grace Farmer married. 

1 7 15. Grace Potts, wife of Thomas Potts, Sr., died 15th of 6th mo. 

17 16. Thomas Potts, Sr., and Alice Pusser, married. 
1726. Thomas Potts, Sr., husband of Alice, died. 
1752. Thomas Potts, son of Thomas and Ann, died.* 

Thomas Potts, of Bristol Township, Philadelphia County. 

From the multitude of Records still existing in Philadelphia, in 
which persons named Potts were parties, I many years since gleaned 
the following, referring unmistakably to members of a family which 
continued to reside in Bristol township, Philadelphia county in and 
after the year 1699. 

1699. Thomas Potts, of Bristol township, miller, was a party to a 
deed for lands in that township, dated 28th of 4th month, 1699. He 
was .styled yeoman in 1698.! 

1702. Thomas Potts, of Bristol township, miller, sold and conveyed 
lands in that township, to George Gray, including a portion of two 
grist mills, known as " Potts' Mills." 

1708. Thomas Potts, of Bristol township, Philadelphia county, mil- 
ler, purchased lands in that township. He is then styled Thomas 
Potts, Sr. 

In the Logan colledlion of manuscript papers now in the possession 
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, there are several autographs 
of this Bri,stol township miller, which are here fairly represented. 


171 1. Deed from Samuel Richardson and others to Thomas Potts, 
Sr., David Potts and others, all of said County of Philadelphia, for 
two pieces of land containing together fifty acres in Germantown, da- 
ted 8th of Odlober, 17 11. These grantees were Trustees of the Month- 
ly Meeting of Friends, and purchased this property for a Meeting 
House lot. 

* Note. Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), born 16S0, and died 1752, wjs 
not the son of Thomas Potts, (Shield), and the statements to that effetft in this ar- 
ticle, are without foundation in fadl. See Chapters III and X. 

t NOTK. For an account of Thomas I'otts, (Miller), see Chapter VII. 

Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle. 277 

17 12. By the Record of marriages within the county of Bucks, in 
the Province of Pennsylvania, it appears that on the 28th of 5th month, 
1712, Thomas Potts was granted a certificate of license to marry Ju- 
dith Sharp,* of Long Island. Copy in the Historical Society of Penn- 

1 7 19. The last Will and Testament of Thos. Potts, of Bristol town- 
ship. County of Philadelphia, miller, was proven and registered on 
the 3d of Odlober, 17 19, having been dated the 6th of the 3d month 
called May (old style) in the same year. It names his wife Judith 
and his son Thomas Potts, Jr., (in his minority,) and no other. 

1744. Deed dated 12 November, 1744, by Thomas Potts, of Bristol 
township. County of Philadelphia, j-eoman, (the only son and heir-at- 
law of Thomas Potts, late of the same place, miller, deceased, ) and 
Susanna his wife ; Judith Sharp, formerly Judith Potts, widow, the 
relidl and executrix of the said Thomas Potts, the father, of the first 
part, and Robert Strettel, of Philadelphia, merchant, of the other part, 
for lands in Bristol township. 

1749. Mortgages by the same parties as above, to Robert Strettel, 
to secure the payment of thirty pounds, Pennsylvania currency, and 
describing forty acres and forty perches of land in that township. 

1 75 1. Letters of administration to the Estate of Thomas Potts, late 
of Bristol township, Philadelphia county, were granted unto his wid- 
ow Susanna Potts, on the 29th of May, 175 1. 

From the foregoing it will be seen that : 

Thomas Potts, Sr., of Bristol township, miller, died there in 17 19. 
Thomas Potts, Sr., of Germantown, tanner, died there in 1726. 
Thomas Potts, Jr., of Bristol township, son of tha miller, died 1751. 
Thomas Potts, Jr., of Germantown, &c., son of the tanner, died 

The old and uniform pradlice of genealogists, charging these good 
and enterprising citizens of our county with the paternity of all the 
stray Potts' in and near Philadelphia, should now be abandoned out of 
consideration for the fair fame of such orphans of unknown Potts'. 

* Note. Thomas Potts married Judith Smith. As the widow of Thomas Potts, 
she subsequently married Thomas Sharp. [See page 206 and 211, ante]. 

278 The Potts Family in Americ,v 

David Potts, of Bristol Township. 
1730. The Will of David Potts, of Bristol township, Philadelphia 
county, dated 13th November, 1730, was proved on the 26th of the 
same month. It names his eldest son Thomas, sons John and Jona- 
than, Elizabeth, Stephen, Mary and R^bscca ; d^ceasad son Daniel's 
children ; sons Nathan and Ezekiel. David Potts survived his wife, 
Alice Croasdale, who was the youngest daughter of Thomas and Agnes 
Croasdale, of Bucks County. They married 5th Mo. 2d, 1694. Their 
children were as follows : 

I — Thomas, born in 1695 ; married Rachel James in 17 15. 
2 — John, born in 1696 ; married Elizabeth McVavigh in 1726. 
3 — Daniel, born in 1698 ; married Sarah Shoemaker in 1721. 
4 — Elizabeth, born in 1699 ; married Peter Cleaver, Jr., in 1722. 
5 — Jonathan, born in 1701 ;■ married Sarah Wood in 1729. 
6 — Mar}', born in 1703-4 ; married Jeremiah McVaugh in 1729. 
7 — Stephen, born in 1704-5. 
S — Rebecca, born in 1705-6. 

9 — Ezekiel, born in 1708 ; married Magdalen 1732 ; second 

wife Barbara 1751. 
10 — Nathan ; died 1754 ; married Hester in 1742. 

Let it be borne in mind that the Germantown tainier outlived the 
Bristol township miller ; and that the only son of the tanner outlived 
the only son of the miller. Besides this, it should be remembered 
that the tanner's son had a large family of children, while the miller's 
son had none. 

The next best chance for the genealogists to work upon would be 
the "tanner No.V* of Burlington, of the same name, who is yet 
largely represented by the family known as "the Trenton Potts'," 
and those above naniid as descendanLs of David Potts, of Bristol 

My work in this line bsgan over twenty years ago, as a labor of love, 
in behalf of a most amiable and noble representative of the oldest line 
of Potts ; but, as my work progressed, my record notes were literally 
copied, and even published in a beautiful "Memorial" without a 
word of credit for so much truth, — while at the same tinje they were 
mixed with balderdash, fiction, coat of arms and "probabilities," 
that I deem it due to the family most interested to furnish these relia- 
ble fadls concerning their American ancestors. 

* Note. "Thomas Potts, Tanner, No. 2, of Burlington," is a mith without the 
slightest evidence of exi.stence, unless the term be applied to Thomas Potts, Jr., 
(Mansfield), or to Thomas Potts, Jr., (Tanner), the son and grandson of Thomas 
Potts, JR-, (Shield), both of whom were tanners. 


The Montgomery Ledger may render important assistance to the 
searchers after ancestors in the Potts line, by publishing the following 
record notes not previously referred to by me. * 

1698. Thomas Potts and Mary Records solemnized their marriage 
at ye house of Tho. Potts, (father of sd. Thos.,) in Burlington, ye 20th 
day of June, 1698, before Tho. Revell, Anthony Elton, Tho. Bibb jus- 
tices and before many witnesses. 

1699. Richard ye sonne of Thomas and Mary Potts, was borne on 
Sunday ye seventeenth day of December, Anno 1699, about the 8th 
hour at night. 

1697. Deed to Thomas Potts, Jr., of ye county of Burlington, from 
George Porter, dated 5th March, 1697, for lands situate in Mansfield 
township. — [See Deed BookB, of Deeds (it Trenton.'] 

1705-6. Thomas Potts, son of Thomas and Mary, his wife, of Mans- 
field, Burlington count}-, grandson of Thomas Potts, late of Philadel- 
phia, tanner, was born the 17th of loth month, old style. Anno Domi- 
ni, 1705-6. — [Records of Trenton Potts.] 

1704-5. Thomas Potts is admitted ffreeman of this city, paying for 
his ffreedome twenty-two shillings and sixpence, which he paid and 
had his ffreedome. — [Minutes Com. Council, PhAla. 2d Feb, 1704-5.] 

1709. Margaret Potts married Evan Morgan, Dec. ye i, 1709. — 
[Christ Church liecords.] 

1722. Thomas Potts' land in Mansfield, comprising 125 acres, was 
surveyed in the year 1722. — [Sunryor General's Office, Burlington, N.J.] 

1724. Thomas Potts of Mansfisld, purchased land in that township 
in June, 1724, and sold the same to Nathaniel Potts, of same place, for 
^200, by deed of i January, 1754 — or thirty years later. 

1730. Thomas Potts and Sarah Beakes were married after the man- 
ner of the people called Quakers, published at Haddonfield Meeting 
House, in Chester township, Burlington count}', on the 29th of Sth 
month, old style, 1730. 

1738. Thomas Potts, son of Thomas and Sarah, was born the 24th 
of 7th month, 1738. — [Stacy Potts' Family Record.] 

1743. Thomas Potts, of Southampton township, in the county of 
Bucks, by deed of February 3d, 1743, granted unto his son, Joshua 
Potts, of the manor of Moreland, county of Philadelphia, yeoman, a 

* Note. All the followinsc memoranda, except three items, refer to the de- 
scendauts of Thomas Potts (Shield). See Chapter III. 

28o The Potts Family in America. 

messuage and lot of land situate in Hatborough, in the manor of 
Moreland, on the York Road. 

1757. Thomas Potts, son of Joshua Potts, of the manor of Moreland, 
county of Philadelphia, was the first named in his father's will, dated 
in 1757, and registered nth of August, 1761. This will also names tes- 
tator's brothers, Nathaniel and William Potts, and his wife Ann Potts. 
Ann Potts, widow and reli<Sl of the Reverend Mr. Joshua Potts, late of 
the manor of Moreland, and Joseph Hart, executors of the said Joshua, 
by deed dated 20th of May, 1762, conveyed 196 acres of land to William 
Folwell. Joshua also left five daughters. 

1753. Thomas Potts, of the manor of INIoreland, on the 22d June, 
1753, purchased from Walter Moore, a corn and grist mill, in More- 
land, and two tradls of land. He is styled in this deed as "millwright" 

1766. Thomas Potts, son of John and Elizabeth, of Upper Dublin 
township, Philadelphia count)', is named in his father's will, dated 
and proved in 1766. 

1742. Rebecca Potts, the wife of Thomas Potts, of Burlington coun- 
ty, was previously the wife of Joshua Wright, by whom she had six 
children, who were living, and named in a deed executed by her on 
March 5th, 1742. She was one of the six children of IVIahlon Stacy, 
Esquire, deceased. — {_Sce St ar.if Potts' Xntcs.l 

1744. Thomas Potts, yeoman, and Rebecca, his wife, and Mahlon 
Kirkbride, each of the county of Bucks, Province of Pennsylvania, 
executed a deed, to Amos Janney, dated 19th September, 1744, for 
lands in Morris county. New Jersey. 

1745. Thomas Potts and Rebecca his wife, of the county of Burling- 
ton, in the Western Division of New Jersey, with Mahlon Kirkbride, 
of Bucks county. Province of Pennsylvania, and Amos Janney, of the 
county of Fairfax, in Virginia, and others, full successors to the estate 
of Mahlon Stacy, late of Burlington deceased — dated in 1745, and ac- 
knowledged by the said Thomas and Rebecca his wife. May i, 1745. 
before John Allen. 

1754. Thomas Potts, (and Rebecca his wife, ) of Mansfield, in Bur- 
lington county, in a deed dated January, 1754, mentions the natural 
love and afife(5lion he bears to his son William Potts, yeoman. 

1 76 1. Mortgage by Nathaniel Potts, of the township of Mansfield, 
yeoman, and Susanna, his wife, to William Humphries, of Philadel- 
phia, to secure the payment of ^400, describing lands in Lower Dub- 
lin township, Philadelphia county. He died in June, 1761. 

Solution of the Old Potts Puzzle. 281 

Below is priuted a list of the several T'nomas Potts in- 
cluded in Mr. Carr's article, nearly all of whom were con- 
temporary'. This list may help to simplify the " Puzzle." 

1 Thomas Potts {Shield), baptized July 12, 1647; mar- 
ried, ist. Joani : 2d, Anne ; 3d, Grace Farmer ; 

4th, Alice Pusser ; died Sep. 4, 1726. Residence, Burling- 
ton, X. J., and Philadelphia. [See pages 124-133]. 

2 Thomas Potts, Junior, {^Mansfield), son of the forego- 
ing, baptized Dec. 30, 1677; married, ist, Mary Records ; 
2d, Man.- Borden ; 3d, Rebecca Wright, lue Stacy ; died 
Feb. 2, 1754. Residence Burlington County, New Jersey. 
[See pages 134-145]. 

3 Thotnas Potts, Jtaiior, (Taww^r), son of the last, born 
Dec. 17, 1706 ; married Sarah Beakes ; died May 31, 1742. 
Residence Burlington County, X. J. [See pages 146-152]. 

4 Thojuus Potts, son of the last, born 1738 ; died 1742. 
[Seepage 155]. 

5 Thomas Potts, {Miller'), in Pennsylvania in 16S6 ; mar- 
ried Judith Smith; died 17 19. Residence Bristol Town- 
ship, Philadelphia County. [See pages 201-213]. 

6 Thomas Potts, Junior, {Bristol), son of the last, born 

about 1 71 3; married Susanna ; died 1 751. Residence 

Bristol Township, Philadelphia County. [See pages 2 1 3-4] . 

7 Thotnas Potts, Junior, {Colebrookdale) , bom 1680; mar- 
ried, ist, Martha Keurlis ; 2d, Magdalen Robeson ; died in 
1752. Residence Germantown, Philadelphia and Colebrook- 
dale. [See pages 234-242] . 

8 Thojnas Potts, son of the last, born about 17 16 to 1720, 
married Rebecca Rutter ; died 1762. [See pages 244-5]. 

9 Thomas Potts, son of David and Alice, bom 3 mo. 27, 
1695 ; married Rachel James. [See Part III]. 

ID Thomas Potts, son of John and Elizabeth (McVaugh) 
Potts, and grandson of David and Alice, born about 172S ; 
married Elizabeth Lukens ; died 1777. [See Part III]. 

282 The Potts Family in America. 


Kinship of the Potts* of Pennsylvania. 

That the early Potts settlers of Pennsylvania were of kin 
and nearly related there can be no doubt. They not only 
resided near together, but are found signing marriage cer- 
tificates together after the manner of near relatives, and 
were more or less associated in business transactions. It 
is, however, quite true that very little has been discovered, 
wherein the exadt relationship is clearly stated. 

The late Mr. William John Potts, who made much origi- 
nal research and gave the subjedt much study, long ago be- 
came convinced that Thomas Potts, (Miller), Jonas Potts 
and David Potts, all of Philadelphia County, were brothers, 
and, if so, then brothers of John Potts, of Wales, whose or- 
phan children were sent to Pennsylvania in 1698. It will 
be the purpose of this Chapter to point out some of the 
evidences of kinship. This data is arranged in chronologi- 
cal order, as nearly as possible. 

In 1686, Thomas Potts and Jonas Potts sign the marriage 
certificate of John Austin and Jane Potts immediately after 
the step-father and mother of the bride, and just before 
Elizabeth Potts, who is supposed to have been a sister of 
the bride. [See page 198]. 

1692. David Potts was bondsman of Elizabeth (Potts) 
Bennett, as the executrix of Edmund Bennett, her late 
husband, [See page 1 96] . 

In 1693-4, Thomas Potts and Jonas Potts were the first 
subscribing witnesses to the marriage certificate of David 

Kinship of the Potts' of Pennsylvania. 2S3 

Potts and Alice Croasdale. This raarrriage was accom- 
plished within the bounds of Middletown Monthly Meeting, 
some twenty miles or more from Bristol Township, Phila- 
delphia County. If Thomas and Jonas were not near kins- 
men, why did they go so far to attend this wedding? 

1695. David Potts was a subscribing witness to a deed 
made b\- Thomas Potts. [See page 203] . 

1698. Several orphan children of John Potts, of Wales, 
were sent over to the care of Friends in Pennsylvania. The 
minutes of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting show that Thom- 
as Potts, (Miller), was their uncle. John and Mary Potts, 
mentioned in Chapter XI, were undoubtedly two of these 

1699. Jacob Shoemaker, in a deed, calls Thomas Potts, 
(Miller), his brother-in-law. As Thomas Potts, seems to 
have then been a single man, Jacob Shoemaker's wife must 
have been Potts' sister. [See foot-note on page 203] . 

1 701-2. The minutes of the Philadelphia Monthly Meet- 
ing of Friends show that one of the orphan children, a daugh- 
ter, of John Potts, of Wales, was in the care of a family, 
who do not seem to have been of Fjiends faith. An effort 
was made to have her placed elsewhere, which was unsuccess- 
ful. In 1709, the records of Christ (P. E.) Church show 
that one Margaret Potts married Evan Morgan. This is 
the only female of the Pennsylvania Potts' , up to this time, 
who was not married according to the custom of Friends. 
In 1 7 14, Evan and Margaret Morgan conveyed 252 acres of 
land, by deed, to Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale). 
May it be that Margaret was one of the orphan children ? 

1707-8. Jonas Potts was one of the bondsmen of Jane 
(Potts) Austin, as administratrix of John Austin, her late 

Some of David Potts' children, as also Thomas Roberts, 
had business transactions with Thomas Potts, (Miller). 
[See pages 2 10-2 11]. 

284 The Potts Family in America. 

1 7 19. Some of the children of David Potts attended the 
marriage of the two daughters of Jonas Potts, at Gilbert's 
Manor, and were subscribing witnesses to the marriages 
certificates. [See pages 227-229]. 

1719. Thomas and Jacob Shoemaker, sons of Jacob 
Shoemaker, Sr. , were subscribing witnesses to the marriage 
certificate of the two daughters of Jonas Potts. [See 
pages 227-229]. 

1719. Samuel and Mary Austin, and John Channel, the 
the son, daughter and son-in-law (?) of John and Jane 
(Potts) Austin, were subscribing witnesses to the marriage 
certificates of the two daughters of Jonas Potts. 

1722. Jonas Potts was a subscribing witness to the mar- 
riage certificate of Peter Cleaver, Jr., and Elizabeth Potts, 
daughter of David Potts, signing next to the bride' s father 
and before her brothers and sisters. Thomas and Mary 
Roberts, Matthias aud Mary (Potts) Tyson, and Judith 
Potts, the widow of Thomas Potts, (Miller), were also 
subscribing witnesses among relatives. 

1729. Thomas Potts, (Colebrookdale), and Magdalen, 
his wife ; Thomas and John Roberts, sons of Thomas and 
Eleanor (Potts) Roberts, were subscribing witnesses to the 
marriage certificate of William Hallowell and Margaret Ty- 
son, daughter of Matthias and Mary (Potts) Tyson. [See 
page 254] . 

1730. John Channel, son-in-law (?)of John and Jane 
(Potts) Austin, was a witness to the will of David Potts. 

1 731. David Potts, son of Jonas, through an advertise- 
ment in the Pennsylvania Gazette^ offers a reward for the 
rec^verv of a stolen horse, and diredls that potice be given 
to Ja^eb Shoemaker, at Philadelphia. This jfee^ Shoema- 
ker is believed to have been a .son of Jacob, Sr. , and proba- 
bly a cousin of he said David Potts. [See Chapter XX] . 

1733. Ezekiel Potts, son of David, was a witness to the 

Kinship of the Potts' of Pennsylvania. 2S5 

will of Jane (Potts) Austin. The testatrix names Jacob 
Shoemaker as one of her executors. [See page 200] . 

1734. Among subscribing witnesses to the marriage cer- 
tificate of John Potts, son of Thomas Potts, Jr., (Cole- 
brookdale), and Ruth Savage, were Thomas and John Rob- 
erts, sons of Thomas and Eleanor (Potts) Roberts ; and 
Reynier and John Tyson, sons of Matthias and Mary (Potts) 
Ty.son. [See page 243] . 

1739. Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), his sons 
John, Thomas and David ; and Thomas Roberts, Jr., son of 
Thomas and Eleanor (Potts) Roberts ; were subscribing 
witnesses to the marriage certificate of Reynier Tyson, Jr. , 
.son of Matthias and Mary (Potts) Tyson. [See page 254]. 

1749, Judith Sharp, formerly widow of Thomas Potts, 
(Miller), in her will, names Thomas Roberts, Jr., and John 
Roberts, sons of Thomas and Eleanor (Potts) Roberts, as 
joint executors, with her son Thomas Potts, Jr. [See page 

1753. Several members of the Tyson family were sub- 
scribing witnesses to the marriage certificate of Thomas 
Potts, (sou of John and grandson of David), and Elizabeth 

1754. Isaac Tyson, son of Matthias and Mary (Potts) 
Tyson, and Esther his wife, were subscribing witnesses to 
the marriage certificate of Isaac Shoemaker and Elizabeth 
Potts, daughter of John and granddaughter of David Potts. 

1755- John Potts, probably son of David and Alice, was 
a subscribing witness to the marriage certificate of Matthew 
Tyson, son of Matthias and Mary (Potts) Tyson, of Upper 

It is especially noteworthy that many of the same family 
names are so frequently repeated, particularly among the de- 
scendants of David Potts, Jonas Potts, and Thomas Potts, 
Junior, (Colebrookdale). 

286 The Potts Family in America. 

A stud}' of the foregoing fac5ls seems to justify the follow- 
ing conclusions : That John Potts, of Wales, Thomas Potts, 
(Miller), Jonas Potts, David Potts, Jane (Potts) Austin, 
Elizabeth Potts, (died 1690), and Margaret (Potts) Shoe- 
maker, were brothers and sisters. If this be altogether cor- 
redl, then they were children of Elizabeth (Potts) Bennett, 
by her former husband. 

The evidence also seems to warrant the conclusion that 
Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), John Potts, (Ship- 
carpenter), Eleanor (Potts) Roberts, Mary (Potts) Tyson, 
and Margaret (Potts) Morgan, were the orphan children 
of John Potts, who were sent over from Wales in 1698. 

At that day, it was a custom almost universal to name 
the first born son for his paternal grandfather. Thomas 
Potts, (Miller), and David Potts, each named his first born 
Thomas. If the above conclusions are correct, then the 
eldest son of John Potts, of Wales, also bore the name 
Thomas. Perhaps Thomas Potts, Junior, (Colebrookdale), 
also followed the same custom in giving to his eldest son, 
the name John. 

The Potts' settlers of Pennsylvania were Friends, and all 
the traditions agree that they came to Penn's colony from 
Wales. John Potts, father of the orphan children, was un- 
doubtedly the John Potts, of Llangirrig, the persecuted 
Friend. Thomas Potts, of Llangirrig, who was also per- 
secuted, is supposed to have been the father of John. 

The Potts', of Wales, were closely associated with the 
Hamers, Jarmans, and other families. In Pennsylvania 
they are found associating with the same families. 

The Chart facing this page exhibits a pedigree of the fam- 
ily, which, while not absolutely proven, is thought to be 
corredl in the main, and is such as accounts for the numer- 
ous associations of the different members of the family. 
Joan Potts, widow, and Rees Potts, were also evidently 
near relatives, but their kinship s not clear. 

A Pedigree of the Potts Family, of Llangirrig 

Thomas Pott= 






Will made, 

Aug. 12, 1654. 

Inventory made, 

May — . i'658. 
Will filed, 
Sep. — , 1661. 

-John Pott=- 

■Annc Pott=John Pott- 
Will, 1672 

-A daughter 

-Margaret Pott 
-A child 

■Eliz'h Pott=Wil!iani Bound- 
Will, 167S 

-Thomas Pott=(?) Elizabeth 
ni. .second, 
Edmund Bi 

-George Pott 
■John Pott, d. before 1672 
Margaret Pott 
Alice Pott 
Elizabeth Pott 
Anne Pott 
Sarah Pott 

-Thomas Bound 
-William Bound 
-Joseph Bound 
-Benjamin Bound 
-Jeremy Bound 
-Anne Bound = David Jones 
-Elizabeth Bound 

NOTK. In the study of this Pedigree, the reader is espe- 
cially referred to " The Potts of Wales," pages 55 to 75, and 
the several Chapters treating of the Potts' of Pennsylvania, 
see pages 192 to 2S6. The dotted lines indicate relationship 
that is not fully proven. 

A P«iifT»e of the Pom. Family, of Ll.nKlrri,. W.le.. .nd of Penn.ylvanu. 

■KvBa roit- 

-Jolia rtnt- 

TaoMAt Mtt- • 



Aar It. i«S4- 
Majr- 1691 


Sept -. Ml 

Aaa* rMt~ loba poll-i 
Will. •«:» 

-A fUHihlrr 

-Marnrrt J\j« 
-A child 



-HHi h rtXI- William Hnand- 

wm !*:« 

-Joha Pmi. d before 1671 

Marsarn rolt 

•K1l««t>rth INAI 
-Aanr l^o^^ 

Aarah Poit 

Thocaaa Bound 

Uilllam Hound 

j.M<(ih Boaud 

Benjamin Boua<l 
-Jcrrtny Bound 
-Aane Boaad -Darld Jonr« 

Kllaalwih Round 

■lohn Po«U 
for hia 

•Tbotiwa Potu - JodUh Smith— 
(Miller) m. terond. 

'' 'T'* Thomaa Sharp 

-Thoma.PotU Martha Ketirlu 

I- John Potu Rebecca - 

■l-Mary PotU-^ Matthias Tyion 
-Marjtaret PotU-Evan Morgan 
-Kleanor Potu^ Thomaa Roberta 

—Thomaa PotU^Suaanna 

l-Thoma« Potu Rachel lame^ 

-!/tin I'nft. KIiF.l^tl, vt-' - -», 

j»«v!.i ro«t* AlKcCroaadale 
d 1 7 JO 

- joaaa PMU- Mary 

■' Anne 

'-I /r...r! [-..tu- Magdalen Miller 
I 1 ' Barbara Vodges 

l-Nathan Potu Esther Rhoads 

l-Darid Pntt«=Klizaheth Lane 

h Burson 
lliam Heald 

>>Mary • 

-^ .' ■.;■; Arav 

l-Joua^ futU-Mary Heckathom 

-Marg't i^atu - Jacob Shoemaker- 

John Bncnwall 

-Jane Polta John Auatin - 
-Kllaabeth Poits, d. 1690 

-Samuel Austi- 

-Ann Austin 
-Klix'h Austu: 
■Mary Austin — 

Pott» -Jone 

Kee< PD(I« Klt»«»<eth 

t l.vilia KiiiK 

i Chruaiua KamlMi 

■l-Marjraret Potts - Richard Cox 
l-A daughter 



Wales, and of Pennsylvania. 

-John Potts =- 
for his 

■Thomas Potts=Judith Smith — 
(Miller) in. second, 

d. 1719 Thomas Sharp 

-David Potts=Alice Croasdale- 
d. 1730 

■Jonas Potts=Mary 


:-Thomas Potts= Martha Keurlis 

l-John Potts= Rebecca 

-|-Mary Potts=Matthias Tyson 
i-Margaret Potts=Evan Morgan 
•-Eleanor Potts=Thomas Roberts 

— Thomas Potts=Susanna 

-Thomas Potts=Rachel James 
-John Potts = F,lizabeth McVaugh 
-Daniel Potts=Sarah Shoemaker 
-Elizabeth Potts=Peter Cleaver 
-Jonathan Potts=Sarah Wood 
-Mary Potts=^Jeremiah McVaugh 

-Stephen Potts=Anne 

-Rebecca Potts 

■Ezekiel Potts= Magdalen Miller 
2=Barbara Vodges 
•Nathan Potts=Esther Rhoads 

-David Potts= Elizabeth Lane 

2=Ann R. 

-Rachel Potts^ Joseph Burson 
-Elizabeth Potts^William Heald 
-Hannah Potts (?) 

-Deborah Potts 

-Jonathan Potts=Amv 

-Jonas Potts=Mary Heckathorn 

l-(ieorge .Shoemaker 
■Marg't Potts^ Jacob Shoemaker- -Thomas Shoemaker 
-Jacob Shoemaker 
I -^John Brienwall 

■Jane Potts=^John Austin 
■Elizabeth Potts, d. 1690 

■.Samuel Austin=Marv Jarman 

2= Sarah Stille 
-Ann Austin=Thomas Robbins 
-Eliz'h Austin=John (?) Channel 
-Mary Austin— Wood 

Potts =Jone 

Rees Potts Elizabeth 

2= Lydia King 
3=Chri.stina Rambo 

-Margaret Potts= 
-A daughter 

= Richard Cox 


David Potts of Loudoun County, Virginia. 287 


David Potts^ Loudoun County, Virginia. 

I DAVID POTTS was born about the year 1700, as 
nearly as can be estimated. He was without doubt the son 
of Jonas and Mary Potts, of Philadelphia County, Pennsyl- 
vania, though no record of birth has been found. See 
Chapter VIII. All the traditions and statements of aged 
members of different lines of the family point to that con- 
clusion. These allegations, summed up, may be included 
in the following. The Potts family came to Penr.sjdvania 
from Wales — some allege, with William Penn. They lived 
at or about Pottsgrove, where their ancestor owned a plan- 
tation to which the Virginia descendants were heirs.* One 
tradition, in a collateral line, alleges that Jonah or Jonas 
Potts came to Pennsjdvania from Wales. Another tradi- 
tion alleges that the Potts' were driven from Wales by rea- 
son of religious oppression. 

The first notice of David Potts is as a subscribing witness 
to the marriage certificates of the two daughters of Jonas 
Potts in i7iq.t Tho. Pt:7msylva?iia Gazette, of Ma}^ 27, 1731, 
contains the following advertisement. 

Run away from David Potts, a^ Socken above the Great Swamp, % 

* Note. Jonas Potts owned and occupied a farm in Gilberts Manor, which ad- 
joined Pottsgrove. It is not certain that he ever secured a full title to this land, 
and no deed of conveyance from him or his legal representatives has been found. 
Such a tradition might easily grow from such a foundation. 

t See pages 227 and 229, ante. 

X Note. The (^reat Swamp was a marshy tracft of land in the upper end of 
Bucks County, including the village of Quakertown. Saucon is the name of a 
creek emptying from the into the Lehigh River, a few miles below 
Bethlehem. Before the year 1730, some Philadelphia speculators bought up large 
tracts of the rich lauds in the Saucon valley and sold it out in smaller parcels. It 
seems quite likely that David Potts was then living in the Saucon valley, within 
limits of either the present Lehigh or Northampton County. 

288 The Potts Family in America. 

a Servant Boy named John Williams, about seventeen Years of Age, of 
swarthy complexion, has black Hair, and two Molds on his Forehead. 
Had on a brown linsey-woolsey Jacket, Leather Breeches, a pair of 
Shoe packs, and Stockings footed White. He is supposed to have 
with him a Big Bay Horse, with a vSwitch Tail, and a Star in his 
Forehead, a half crop and a half penny in the Ear, and branded on the 
near Shoulder I P with a Dagger, over it. Whoever secures him and 
gives notice to George vShoemaker, Innkeeper, in Philadelphia, so 
that his Master may have him again, shall have Forty Shillings Re- 
ward, and Reasonable Charges paid, by David Potts. 

The brand I P may have been the initials of Jona.s Potts, 
who probably contributed to his son's start in life. 

David Potts removed to Virginia, but at what time is not 
clear. One person gav^e the date as 1735. In 1881, Eliza 
(Potts) Neer, then above 80 3'ears of age, said that David 
Potts, her great grandfather, on coming to Virginia, first 
settled in Jefferson County, where Cabletown now stands, 
and that his first wife died there. If this statement be true, 
then it is probable that the date named is substantially cor- 
recl:. It is however quite certain that he was in Fairfax 
County in 1746, when he leased a tra(ft of land from Cates- 
by Cocke, for five shillings in hand paid, with power to 
purchase. The lease was dated, November 16, 1746, and 
covered a tra(5t of 866 acres on Kittockton Run, in Fairfax 
County. The annual rental was one ear of Indian corn. 
Subsequently Catesby Cocke and Mary, his wife, conveyed 
the same by deed to David Potts, who is therein described 
as yeoman.* 

On June 9, 1747, David Potts leased for one year, 333 
acres, part of this same trac5l, to William Williams, at an 
annual rental of one ear of Indian corn. Subsequently Da- 
vid Potts, and Ann R., his wife, sold the same to Williams. 

On the .same date, June 9th, David Potts leased to John 
Osburn, 200 acres of this trsuSi, and later David Potts and 
Ann R., his wife, conveyed it to the said Osburn, by deed. 

* Note. These abstracts have l>eeu taken from the I^aiid Office records of Fair- 
fax County, Virginia. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 2S9 

On July 16, 1753, Peter Lewis, yeoman, of Fairfax Coun- 
ty, conveyed to David Potts, one hundred acres of land on 
Kittockton Run. 

In 1755, Loudoun County was formed from the northern 
part of Fairfax Count5% and David Potts' land was included 
in the new County. The land of David Potts was located 
l^etween the Short Hill and the Blue Ridg-e Mountain, in a 
valley known as Between-the-IIills. 

Loudoun County land records show the following addi- 
tional conveyances of land, in which David Potts was con- 
cerned. Liber A, folio 106. Catesby Cocke, of Fairfax 
County, sold to David Potts, 540 acres of land situated, for- 
merly in Prince William, now Loudoun County. It is de- 
scribed as being north west of Short Hill, and on the south 
run of the north branch of Kittockton. 

Liber A, folio 2 g^. On May 8, 1759, David Potts sold 
and conveyed to "Jonas Potts, Smith, his half-brother," 
270 acres, one half of a tradl of land, formed}' granted by 
Catesby Cocke to the said David Potts. In describing the 
boundar}', mention is made of " the corner of Samuel Potts' 
land," and of " line of another Jonas Potts." 

Liber A, folio ^28. On April 8, 1760, Joshua Gove and 
Elizabeth, his wife, sold and conveyed to David Potts, 310 
acres of land on the head branches of Pinej' Run and on the 
west side of Short Hill, 

David Potts was brought up under the influence of the 
religious teaching of Friends, though it is not certain that 
he was recognized as a member in Pennsylvania. The first 
settlement of Friends in Virginia, dates from about 1731 or 
1732, when Alexander Ross secured a grant of 100,000 acres 
of land in the Shenandoah Valley, with the intention of 
making a Friends' settlement there. Many Friends did re- 
move to that valley, especially from Nottingham Meeting, 
in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This settlement was or- 

290 The Potts Family in America. 

ganized into Hopewell Monthly Meetino^ in 1735. Many 
Friends from Pennsylvania also settled within the limits of 
the present Loudoun County, and Fairfax Monthly Meet- 
ing in Virginia was established 5 mo. 31, 1745, although 
meetings for worship had been held there previous to this 
date, under the care of Concord Monthly Meeting, of Ches- 
ter County, Pennsylvania. David Potts was taken under 
the care of Fairfax Monthly Meeting on 10 mo. 31, 1748, 
as shown by the following minute of that date. 

David Potts having been for a considerable time under the care and 
notice of Friends, now requests to be received as a member in unity, 
and nothing appearing to obstrudl, his request was granted. 

At the same meeting his sons Jonas and Jonathan Potts 
were also received into membership, and his daughter Ann 
Potts appeared in a declaration of intended marriage with 
John Vestal. As David's other children were afterwards 
recognized as members of the meeting, it is probable that 
his own acceptance carried with it that of his minor children. 

On 12 mo. 24, 1749-50, Fairfax Monthly Meeting, issued 
a certificate addressed to the Monthly Meeting of Friends 
held at Chesterfield in West Jersey, commending the ac- 
ceptable service of Joshua Greeve, while sojotiruing with 
them. Among the signers was David Potts, whose signa- 
ture is here fairly represented. 

Meetings were held at the house of David Potts for sever- 
al years, it being commonly known as Potts' Meeting. The 
Fairfax Monthly Meeting of 8 mo. 30, 1755, has this entry. 

The Friends Hving above Short Hill Ridge have a meeting kept at 
David Potts' House, this meeting thinks it reasonable, and allows 
them to hold meeting on every first and third First-Day in every 
month till further orders. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 291 

On 9 mo. 30. 1758, Fairfax Monthly Meeting appointed 
Joseph Burson,* Overseer at Potts' Particular Meeting until 
further orders. He was released as Overseer in 1762. It 
does not appear when this Meeting was discontinued. 

David Potts was twice married. He first married Eliza- 
beth Lane, probablj- in Pennsylvania, She was, evidently, 
a daughter of Edward Lane, of Perkioman.f She is said to 
have been a woman of fair complexion, and was familiarly 
known as " Betty." His second wife was Ann R., whose 
maiden name lias not come to notice. She was a woman of 
dark complexion, and was familiarly known as " Nanc)-." 

David Potts erecfted a grist and saw mill on his land not 
far from his residence, which was largel}' patronized. A 
mill still stands on the same site. These lands have con- 
tinued in the possession of his descendants down to the 
present time. A portion of ground was set apart for a 
gravej'ard in which many of the family lie buried. David 
Potts died about May i, 1768, and was doubtless buried in 
the family graveyard, though no tombstone can now be 
found. His will was made 4 mo. 25, 1768, and proven 
May 9, following. Below is a copy. 

The Will of David PoUs, of Loudoun County, Virginia. 

I, David Potts, of the County of Loudon, in the Colon}' of Virginia, 
Farmer, being weak of Body but of Perfecl mind and Memory, thanks 
be given unto God for the same, and calling to mind the Mortality of 
my Body and that it is appointed unto all men once to die; I there- 
fore recommend my Soul to him who gave it, and do ordai n this my 
last Will and Testament in manner and form as foUoweth. 

* Note. Joseph Bursou married Rachel Potts, a daughter of Jonas Potts, iu 1719. 
See page 227, ante. 

t The Lane Family. Edward Lane, son of William Lane of Bristol, England, 
was a landholder and resident of Perkiomen, [now in Montgomery County-]. He 
married Ann Richardson, and died iu 1710, leaving a widow, and the following 
children, 1 James, 2 William, ,^ Samuel. 4 Elizabeth. 5 Christian, [or Christiana], 
6 EUinor. 7 Ann. Perkiomen was in the neighborhood of Gilberts Manor, and 
the Lanes and Jonas Potts family did not live far apart. There was no other Lane 
family in the neighborhood. Among the descendants of David and Elizabeth 
(Lane) Potts are found such names as Edward, Christian, etc., evidently intro- 
duced from the Lane family, as they are not found in the Potts family prior to 
this marriage. 

292 The Potts Family in America. 

1 Imprimis, I will that all my Just Debts and Funeral Charges be 
paid and discharged by my Executors hereafter named. 

2 Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my two Sons Ezekiel and Na- 
than Potts two hunch-ed and seventy three acres of Land, it bsing the 
plantation where I now Live, to them and their Heirs and Assigns for- 
ever, to be equally divided between them. 

3 Item, I give and Bequeath unto my loving Wife, Ann Potts, my 
half of the Mill as long as she remains my Widow, and after her 
clrnnge, either by Marriage or death, that part of the Mill to become 
the property of the above said Ezekiel and Nathan Potts, and they 
two shall find the Wood for their Mother and Sowe an acre of Flax and 
an Acre of Oats for her each Year during her Widowhood, likewise I 
Bequeath to my Wife a B;d and Furnit ure, also two Cows and my 
young Roan Mare & my Desk and Oval Table, likewise six pewter 
Dishes, six plates, six Basons or Cups, six Knives and Forks, six 
Spoons, likewise my Negro Lad during her Widowhood. 

4 Item, I give and Bequeath to mj' sou Jonas Potts one half of the 
Mill, to him his heirs and assigns forever, likewise one hundred and 
fifty acres of Land whereon he now lives, to him his Heirs and As- 
signs forever ; but when he divides his land w*^ F^zekiel and Nathan 
he shall not debar them from having the fences which I now claim. 

5 Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my son Samuel Potts one hun- 
dred and ninety five acres of Land, it being the Plantation where he 
now lives, to him his H eirs and Assigns forever, likewise my negro 
Lad after my Wife either Marrys or Deceases, and if the Negro shall 
survive her so as to come into the Hands of son Samuel, then he shall 
pay fifteen pounds to my Grand Daughter Christian Pearson and Ten 
Pound to be distributed among all my Daughters. 

6 Item, I give the Plantation which I formerly Gave to my son 
Jonathan Potts, I now do hereby Grant & Convey the same unto my 
Son Jonas Potts, his Heirs & Assigns forever, it being Situate at the 
Gap of the Short Hill, containing one hundred and fift}- five acres 
more or less, it being since purchased of Jonathan by Jonas. 

7 Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my Son David Potts three hun- 
dred and ten acres, it being the plantation where he now lives, be the 
same more or less, to him his Heirs & Assigns forever. 

8 Item, I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Bagus [Back- 
house] the Sorrel Mare, One Cow, a Saddle worth three pounds ten 
shillings, and a Bed and Furniture, to be valued at seven pounds ten 
Shillings, two large pewter Dishes, and one small one, six plates, six 
Cups, and six Spoons, and six Knives & forks. 

9 Item, I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Rachel Potts a 
Horse worth ten pound, a Saddle worth three pound ten Shillings, 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 293 

two Cows, two large pewter Dashes and 03ie small one, six plates, six 
Cups, six Spoons, six Knives and forks, a Bed Furniture to be vahied 
at seven pound ten Shillings. 

10 Iteai, I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Susanh Potts a 
portion in every particular like unto my Daughter Rachel. 

11 Item, I give and Bequeath unto my son Jonathan Potts forty 
four acres of Land in Frederick County near Warm Spring and known 
by the name of Biles Cabbin, and also fifty Acres Joining to, I do 
hereby grant unto him his Heirs & Assigns forever, for which Jona- 
than must pay to Ezekiel and Nathan forty pounds Current Money of 
Virginia, and if the Tenant that now lives on the said, will not go off 
he must not be hurt, provided he pays ten pound Current Money pr, 

12 Also, I nominate. Constitute and Appoint my Loving Sons, 
Samuel and David Potts to be m}' whole and Sole Executors of this my 
last Will and Testament, and I do hereb3' Revoke and Disannull and 
utterly make void all former Wills by me at any time made, Ratify- 
ing and Confirming this and no other to be m^- last Will and Testa- 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand and Seal, this 
25th day of the 4tli Month A. Domini 176S. 


David [Davdd Potts] Potts. (t.S. ) 

Sealed, pronounced and published in the presence of 
Jenkin David. Thomas Llewellin. Williani Dillon. 

This will was proven and recorded May 9, 1768. John 
Osburn and William Dillon were the Executors' bondsmen, 
who were held in the sum of ^1000. Anne Potts, (widow), 
of the Parish of Cameron, County of Loudoun, was still liv- 
ing on Ma}' 13, 1 77 1, when she executed a deed of gift to 
her son Samuel Potts, for "a negro Lad, named Austin." 

Though the family were of the peaceful Society of Friends, 
some of them were given to settling disputes in a worldly, 
and sometimes in a summary manner. Some went so far 
as to join militar)^ companies, and to engage in light amuse- 
ments, contrary to the teaching and pracftice of the Society. 
For these "outgoings" they sometimes made acceptable 
acknowledgments. At present all or nearly all are adhe- 
rents of other religious denominations. The family attained 

■■^^ ^" 

294 The Poinds Family in America. 

to considerable wealth and high social position in northern 
\'irginia. They were, however, greatly impoverished by 
the ravages of the Civil War. 

Childrkn ok David and EuzABiiTH (Lank) Potts. 

2 Jonas Potts, b. 1726; d. 176S; in. Mary Stroud, 1752. 

3 Jonathan Potts, b. ; d. ; m. Elizabeth , 1754. 

4 Ann Potts, b. ; d. ; ni. John Vestal, 1748. 

5 Mary Potts, b. ; d. ; ni. Backhouse. 

6 Christian Potts, b. ; d. ; m. Samuel Pearson, 1757. 

Children of David .\nd .A^nn R. ( ) Potts. 

7 Samuel Potts, d. 1801; m. ist, 2J, Elizabeth Thomas. 

S David Potts, b. 1738; d. 1S09; m. ist, Mar}- Thomas; 2d, Tem- 
perance Heath. 

9 Ezekiel Potts, b. 1743; d. 1809; m. Elizabeth Mead, 1769. 

10 Nathan Potts, b. ; d. 1809; m. ist, Ruth Clews, 2d, Eunice 


11 Jana Potts, b. 1746; d. 17SS; m. Jonathan Conard, * 1764. 

12 Elizabeth Potts, m. John Conai'd.^' Children, i .\nthony, 2 Na- 

than, 3 Samuel, 4 Jonathan, 5 Joseph, 6 John, 7 Eliz^abeth, S 
Sarah, 9 Nannie. 

13 Rachel Potts, m. .-\dani Svvink. Children, i David, 2 John. It 

is probable that she married, second, Osburn, and had 

children, 3 Thomas, 4 Stephen, 5 Nancy, 6 Massa. 

14 Susannah Potts, m. Henry Near, 1774. Children, i John, and 

perhaps others. 

* TfrK CoN'ARn Family. Thones Kuiiders was one of the thirteen heads of 
families from Crefeld, Germany, who founded (ierniantown in 1683. His wife's 
name was KHzabeth. supposed to have been a sister of William Streypers. another 
of the original settlers. Kiniders died in 17^9, leaving .seven children, to wit : 
I Cnnraed Cutiraeds, b. 5 mo. 17, 167S; d. 1747; m. ist. .Ann Klinken. 170a: m. 2d' 
,41111 Iturson. Children, .\nthonv. Henry, James, John, Joseph, Dennis- 
3 MaiTtTs Condcrs, b. 11 mo. 25, 1679; d. 17:6; ni. Harbara Tyson, 1706. Children- 
Anthony, Margaret, Cornelius, Magdalen, William, John, Matthias, 

3 John Cunrads, b. 6 mo, .;, 168!; d. 1765: m. 1st. .\lice I.ukens, i7'j6; m. 2d, Eliz- 

abeth Denis. Cliildren, Henry, Dennis. Mary, Magdalen. Sarah, . 

4 Ann Cunrad. b. 5 mo. 4. 1684: m." Leonard Streypers. 7 mo. 26, 1715. 

5 Agnes Cunrad, b. 9 mo. 28, 16S6; m. Samuel Powell, lo mo. 26, 1709. 

6 Henrv Cunreds, b. 121110. 16. 16SS: d. 1758: m. Katharine Streypers. 6 mo. 1710. 

Children, William, Dennis, John, I'eter, Joseph, Benjamin, Samuel. 

7 lilizabeth Cunrad, b. 2 mo. 2S. 1691; m. Griffith Jones, 11 mo. 30, 1709. 
Anthony Coiiard, son of Cnnrcad Cunreads, married Sarah Hatfield. Their. s<ins 

Jonathanand John settled in Loudoun Cuunty, Virginia, and married daughters 
of David I'otts. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 295 

2 Jonas Potts,^ (David,'), son of David and Elizabeth 
(Lane) Potts, was born about 1726, probably in Pennsylva- 
nia, and removed with his parents to Virginia. To distin- 
guish him from his uncle Jonas Potts, who lived in the 
same neighborhood, he was sometimes called Jonas Potts, 
Junior, and at others, Jonas Potts, Farmer. 

On 10 mo, 31, 174S, he was received into the member- 
ship of Friends, by Fairfax Monthly Meeting. On 2 mo. 29, 
1752, he applied to the Monthly Meeting for a certificate of 
clearness, in order that he might proceed in marriage with 
Mary Stroud, a member of Hopewell Monthly Meeting, 
which was in due time granted and the marriage regulai'ly 

His father seems to have settled him upon a farm of 150 
acres, and given him a one half interest in the grist mill. 
In 1761 he purchased 122 acres on the north fork of Kit- 
tockton from his uncle Jonas Potts, and in 1 763 he sold 50 
acres, part of this tradt, to Thomas Bryant. In 1764, he 
purchased from Thomas Wilson and Margaret, his wife, 260 
acres on the south fork of Kittockton. 

He died August 15, 176^ at the age of forty two years, 
and was buried in the Potts graveyard. His tombstone 
bears the earliest inscription in the 3^ard. The monument 
is a rough Blue Ridge stone, and the lettering is somewhat 
crudely and quaintly cut. A copy of the inscription is giv- 
ed below. The first line is curved upward in the form of 
an arc of a circle. Immediatelj^ below this curved line, are 
cut three inverted hearts, in positions indicated by the three 


Here Lies the Bodv 

OF Jonas Potts WH 



YEAR 1768. 

296 The Potts Family in America. 

His will bears date of July 31, 1768, and was filed and 
proven September 12, following. He mentions "my fath- 
er David Potts, late deceased," and appoints "my two 
brothers-in-law, John Vestal and Samuel Person, [Pearson] , 
both of P'rederick Countj'," as his executors. He mentions 
his wife and each of his children b}' name, and makes pro- 
vision for them in the distribution of his estate. John Ves- 
tal took out letters testamentary, with Israel Thompson and 
Francis Hague as bondsmen in the sum of ^1000. The in- 
ventory of his personality covers four folio pages. 

Children of Jonas and Mary (Stroud) Pom's. 

15 David Potts. In 1776, he joined a niiUtary Company and was 

disowned Vjy Friends. No further account. 

16 Samuel Potts. No further account. 

17 Jonas Potts, b. ; d. Feb. i, 1829; m. Phebe Brown. 

iS Edward Potts, b. ; d. 1S46; m. Mary Backhouse. 

19 Jolm Potts. 

20 Hannah Potts, b. - — ; d. Nov. 15, 1S2S; m. ist, William Ves- 

tal, 2d Hall 

21 Elizabeth Potts, m. Osburn. Children, 1 Jonathan, 2 

Uriah, 3 Margaret, 4 Hannah, 5 . 

3 Jonathan Potts, ^ (David,'), son of David and Eliza- 
bath (Lane) Potts, was probably born in Pennsylvania, and 
removed with his parents to Virginia. He was received in- 
to membership with Fr ends, on 10 mo. 31, 1748, by P'airfax 
Monthly Meeting. In 1754, he was married by a minister 

of some other religious denomination, to Elizabeth . 

For this breach of discipline he made acknowledgment, as 
shown by the following minute by the Monthly Meeting, 
under date of 6 mo, 29, 1754. 

Jonathan Potts having been joined in marriage by a priest contrary 
to the good order observed among Friends, and voluntary offered a 
paper from under his hand, for the Clearing of Truth which was read 
here, and appointed to be read at the Close of some Meeting for 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 297 

At the next Monthly Meeting, held at Monoqiiesey, on 
7 mo. 27, 1754, it was recorded that "Jonathan Potts' pa- 
per of condemnation was read according to the appointment 
of the last Monthly Meeting." This seems to be the last 
mention of him in the Friends minutes. 

It seems that his father gave him a farm of one hundred 
and fifty acres near the Short Hill, which he subsequently 
sold to his brother Jonas Potts, and his father confirmed the 
conveyance by his will. His father, by his will, devised to 
him two tra(5ts of land in Frederick County, — one of forty 
and the other of fifty acres. 

In 1 79 1, Denny Martin Fairfax, of Leeds Castle, England, 
leased to Jonathan Potts, of Frederick County, Virginia, 
100 acres of land, part of the Manor of Leeds, during the 
lives of the said Jonathan Potts, Elizabeth his wife, and 
Joshua his son. Nathan Potts was a witness. Beyond the 
fact that there was a son Joshua, no further information 
has come to notice. 

Two very old rough stones mark two graves, side by side, 
in the Potts graveyard, in Loudoun County, bearing simpl)' 
the initials I. P. and E. P. They are quite near the grave 
of Jotias Potts, (2), and may possibly mark the last resting 
place of Jonathan and Elizabeth. 

Chii^d of Jonathan and Elizabeth ( ) Potts. 

22 Joshua Potts. He is supposed to have left descendants in Fred- 
erick County, Virginia. 

7 Samuel Potts,' (David,*), son of David and Ann R. 

( ) Potts, was probably the eldest by this marriage. 

He was twice married. First, in 1757, when he married out 
of meeting, and because he refused to confess the error of 
outgoing, he w^as disowned by Friends. The name of his 
first wife has not been given. He married, second, Eliza- 
beth Thomas. 

298 The Potts Family in America. 

In 1759. in the description of the boundaries of the land 
sold by David Potts to his half brother, Jonas Potts, men- 
tion is made of "the corner of Samuel Potts' land." It 
would appear that David Potts had given his son Samuel a 
farm and confirmed the gift by his will. In 1771, Ann R. 
Potts, executed a deed of gift, to her son Samuel, for a 
" negro Lad named Austin." Samuel Potts is described as 
a man who did not worry over trifles. His residence was a 
one story log cabin. On one occasion it took fire, and the 
the negro, Austin, carried a churn full of water from the 
spring and mounted with it to the roof. By some mishap 
the negro fell to the ground and was drenched with the wa- 
ter intended for the fire. This misadventure to the negro 
.so amused the master, that he lay down upon the grass and 
laughed long and loud while his house burned to ashes. 

He died in 1801. His will is dated Nov. 20, 1801, and 
w'as proven on September 14, following. He bequeathed 
all his estate, both real and personal to his " Loving wife 
Elizabeth." The witnesses to the will were Nathan Potts, 
William vSmith and Jane Potts. 

Children of SamueTv and ( ) Potts. 

23 Thomas Potts. Said to have gone to Kentucky. 

24 Tamar Potts, in. John Ingram, and had a son John. 

Children of S.a.muei, and Elizabeth (Thom.\s) Potts. 

25 Stephen Potts. Said to have gone to Kentucky. 

26 Margaret Polls, b. 1788; m. Hugh Thompson. Children, i Eliz- 

abeth, 2 vSamuel Potts, 3 Hugh Stephen. 

27 Nathan Potts, b, Jul}- 26, 1794; d. unmarried. 

28 Ruth Potts, b. July 26, 1794; d. August 23, iSSo; unmarried. 

29 Elizabeth Potts, died unmarried. 

8 David Potts,^ (David,'), son of David and Ann R. 

( ) Potts, was born April 11, 173S. He was originally 

a Priend, but his membership seems to have been severed 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia, 299 

in 1764. He was twice married, first to Mar\- Thomas, 
Avho died October iS, 1796. He married, second, Temper- 
ance Heith. His father, b}' his will, left him a plantation 
of 310 acres, and named him as one of his executors. 

He died Odlober 17, 1S09. The inventor}' of his effects 
%vas filed July 9, iSio. In the division of his estate his 
■widow and children John, Joseph Lewis and Mahala, only 
are mentioned. Perhaps the other children died young. 

Children of David axd Marv (Thomas) Potts. 

30 David PotLs. 

31 Jonas Potts. 

32 William Potts. 

33 John Potts, b. March 6, 1769; d. Nov. 16, 182S; m. Mary Vestal. 

Children of D.wid axd Temper.\xce (Heith) Potts. 

34 Joseph Lewis Potts, b. January 31, 1S08. 

35 Mahala I. Potts, b. Jan\^an.- 31, 1S08; d. Apr. 15, 1839; ^- Jacob 

G. Paxson, 1824. Children, i Jane E., 2 David W., 3 Mary 
E., 4 Charles L,. A. 

9 Esekiel Potts, ^ (David,'), son of David and Ann R. 

( ; Potts, was born January- 8, 1743. B\- the will of 

his father, he inherited an undivided half interest in the 
homestead farm and mill. He married Elizabeth Mead, in 
1769. The marriage was accomplished contrar}- to Friends 
discipline, and in consequence they lost membership. Eliz- 
abeth was a daughter of William and Ellen Mead, formerly 
of Wales. She was born October 6, 1745, and died January 
22, 1825, in her Soth 3'ear. Ezekiel Potts died January 
16, 1809, aged 67 years. 

Children of Ezekiel axd Elizabeth ( Potts. 

36 Ellen Potts, b. April 4, 177 1; d. August i^, 1773. 

37 David Potts, b. Dec. 30, 1772; d. April 2, 1S49; unmarried. 

38 Anna Potts, b. Nov. 26, 1774; d. Feb. 16, 1840; m. ist, Thomas 

Backhouse; m. 2d, George Lafterty. 

300 The Potts Family in America. 

39 Jane Potts, b. June 19, 1777; d. April 30, 1S56; unmarried. 

40 Jonas Potts, b. Avig. 22, 1779; d. Sep. 26, 1S28; ni. :Martlia Dow- 


41 William Potts, Sep. 29, 17S1; d. Jan. 19, 1862; m. Isabella Dow- 


42 Jolni Potts, b. Oct. 29, 17S3; d. June 10, 1793. 

10 Nathan Potts,' (David,'), son of David and Ann R. 
( ) Potts, inherited a one half interest in the home- 
stead and grist mill. He married, first, Ruth Clews, [now 
Close], and second, PvUnice Waller. He died, intestate, 
abotit 1S09. His personal estate, amounting to $3071 49, 
was appraised September 15, 1809, and filed July 9, 181 o. 

Children of Nathan and Ruth (Clews) Potts. 

43 Joshua Potts, m. Barbara White. 

44 Enos Potts, m. Lydia Brown. 

45 Isaiah Potts. 

46 Jonas Potts, m. and had a daughter, Susanna. [He was called 

long" Jonas, the plow-maker]. 

47 Susannah Potts, d. about 1S29; unmarried. 

48 Hannah Potts, m. Euos Best. Children, i Elizabeth Ann, 2 

Ruth, 3 Caroline, 4 Jonas, 5 Ephraim. 6 John K. 7 Townsend, 
S James. 

Children of Nathan and Eunice (Waller) Potts. 

49 Tamar Potts. 

50 J arret Potts. 

17 Jonas Potts,' (Jonas, ^ David,'), son of Jonas and 
Mary (Stroud) Potts, married Phebe Brown, daughter of 
David Brown, of Frederick County, Virginia, 4 mo. 7, 1794. 
The marriage was in unity with Friends, and the marriage 
certificate was recorded by Hopewell Monthly Meeting. 

David Brown gave his daughter 200 acres of land, loca- 
ted in Frederick County, which Jonas Potts, and Phebe his 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 301 

wife, sold to William McDowell, in 1799, for $900. Phebe 
Potts died 9 mo. 22,, 1806, aged thirty years. Jonas Potts 
died February i, 1S29, without issue it seems. His family 
Bible is still in possession of collateral relatives in Virginia. 

18 Edward Potts,' (Jonas,* David, ^), son of Jonas and 
Mary (Stroud) Potts, married Mary Backhouse, daughter 
of John and Mary Backhouse, of New Castle County, Dela- 
ware, 12 mo. 12, 1792. The marriage was effe<5led accord- 
ing to the custom of Friends, and the certificate recorded by 
Fairfax Monthly Meeting. About 1840, complaint was 
made to the Monthly Meeting, that Edward Potts had pur- 
chased a slave and held him in bondage. On 6 mo. 10, 1840, 
"a testimony was produced as direcfted, against Edward 
Potts, which was read and signed." This is the last men- 
tion of any person named Potts by the Fairfax Monthly 

He was familliarly known as " Neddy Potts." He died 
in 1846, without issue. By will he bequeathed his estate 
to his wife, his sister Betsey Osburn, and numerous neph- 
ews and nieces. Mary, his widow, died about 1853. She 
left a small bequest to Benjamin Dixon, a colored man, 
whom Edward Potts, had emancipated during his life time. 

19 John Potts,' (Jonas,* David,*), son of Jonas and 
Mary (Stroud) Potts, was still in his minority on 6 mo. 29, 
1776, when he is mentioned in the minutes of Fairfax 
Monthly Meeting, as not placed among Friends. On 9 mo. 
29, 1788, a complaint was made against John Potts, "for 
joining with light company in dancing," and as he failed 
to make satisfaction for his breach of discipline, a testimony 
was produced against him, i mo. 23, 1790. 

It is probable that he married and left descendants, but 
nothing definite has been learned. His brother Edward, in 

302 The Potts Family in America. 

his will, (1845), made a bequest to the children of his neph- 
ew John Potts, deceased. The children of this nephew 
John Potts were, i John, 2 William, 3 Jonas, 4 David. 

33 John Potts,' (David, 2 David, '), son of David and 
Mary (Thomas) Potts, was born March 6, 1769, and died 
November 15, 1828. He married Mar>' Vestal, daughter of 
William and Hannah (Potts) Vestal, February 6, 1794. 
She was born Sep. i, 1774, and died Nov. 13, 1828. John 
Potts was a surve3'or and school teacher. 

Children of John and Mary (Vestal) Potts. 

51 David Potts, b. Juii. ir, 1795; d. Nov. 4, 1873; m. Rebecca Talley. 

52 William Potts, b. July 31, 1796; d. May 17, 1872; unm. 

53 Jonas Potts, b. Jul. 31, 1796; d. Apr. iS, 1877; m. Mary Dowling 

54 lilizabeth Potts, b. July 18, 1798; d. Ocl. 14, 1826. 

55 John Edward Potts, b. Aug. 18, 1806; d. Feb. 2, 1SS5; m. Ruth 


40 Jonas Potts, 3 (Ezekiel,^ David,'), son of Ezekiel 
and Elizabeth (Mead) Potts, was born Aug. 22, 1779, and 
died Sep. 26, 1828, in his fiftieth year. He married Mar- 
tha Dowling, daughter of Daniel and Rachel (Thompson) 
Dowling, Nov. 29, 1798, in Frederick County, Maryland. 
She was born Dec. 28, 1781, and died March 15, 1852. 
Residence, Loudoun County. 

Children of Jonas and Martha (Doavling) Potts. 

56 Kzekiel Potts, b, 061. 24, 1799; '^- Ocl. 12, 18S4; m. Ann Conard. 

57 1'Av/.a Potts, b. Dec. 13, 1801; d. Aug. 26, 1SS4; m. Nathan Neer. 

Children, T Jonas Potts, 2 David Conard, 3 P'dward Henry, 4 
Martha Ann, 5 Nathan Pranklin, 6 Joseph Samuel, 7 Sarah 
p;ii7.a, 8 INIatilda. 

58 Lidward Dowling Potts, b. Oclober 12, 1S04; d. June 11, 1876; 

m. Eliza A Thompson. 

59 Jane Ann Potts, m. Strother Bell. Children, i INIartha, 2 Jame.s, 

3 Jonas, 4 Harriet, 5 Annie, 6 Matilda. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 303 

60 Lydia Heaton Potts, m. John Jones. Children, i Robert W.. 2 

John Edward, 3 Martha, 4 Nancj^, 5 Jane. 

61 Minerva Potts, d. y. 

41 William Potts,' (Ezekiel,^ David,'), son of Ezekiel 
and Elizabeth (Mead) Potts, was born Sept. 29, 17S1, and 
died Jan. 19, 1S62, aged 75 5^ears, 10 months, and 25 days. 
He married Isabella Dowling, daughter of Daniel and Ra- 
chel (Thompson) Dowling, She was born Odt, 24, 17S6, 
and died Novem. 24, 1839, aged 53 j^ears, i month. Res- 
idence, Loudoun County. 


62 Edwin H. Potts, b. May 29, 1S09; d. Decern. 22, 1878; m. Jane 


63 Emma F. Potts, b. July 16, iSii, d. May 10, 1834; m. Eben T. 

Hancock. Son, Charles. 

64 William Henry Potts, b. Ocl. 19, 1813; d. March 3, 1815. 

65 Minerva Isabella Potts, b. Feb. 29, 1816; d. Sep. 20, 181S. 

66 Frederick Mortimer Potts, b. Auo^. 26, 1818; d. Aug. 15, 1S96; 

m. Martha Jane Osburn. 

67 Amanda T. Potts, b. Aug 14, 1S21; d. 1890 (?); m. Albert I. Best, 

1862. Daughter, Ella Mary, b. 1S63; d. 18S5. 

43 Joshua Potts, 3 (Nathan, 2 David, ^), son of Nathan 
and Ruth (Clews) Potts, married Barbara White. 

Chii,dren of Joshua and Barbara (White) Potts. 

68 Thomas Potts, m. ist, Mary Ann Wliite; ni. 2d, Sarah Walraven 

69 Nathan Potts. 

70 Elizabeth Potts, m. Nerval Osburn. Children, i Joshua, 2 Tur- 

ner, 3 Mary, 4 Rosanna. 

71 Ruth Potts, m. Heclor Osburn. Children, i William, 2 Landon, 

3 Craven, 4 Rodney, 5 Barbara. 

44 Enos Potts,' (Nathan,* David,'), son of Nathan and 
Ruth (Clews) Potts, married Lydia Brown. 

304 The Potts Family in America. 

Children of Enos and Lydia (Brown) Potts. 

72 Lydia Ann Potts, m. John W. Best. 

73 Emily Potts. 

74 Jonas Potts. 

51 David Potts/ (Jobn,^ David, ^ David,'), son of John 
and Mary (Vestal) Potts, was born June 11, 1795, and died 
Nov. 4, 1873. He married Rebecca Talley, Feb. 24, 18 18. 
She was born July 25, 179S, and died Sep. 13, 1872. They 
removed to Clinton County, Illinois, about 1833. 

Children of D.wid and Rebf:cca (Tallev) Potts. 

75 P'liza Ann Potts, b. Aug. 2j, 1819; m. Israel Dulaney, 1854. 

76 John Potts, b. March 2, 1821; d. 1S72; m. Martha Short. 

77 Edward Potts, b. Dec. 12, 1822; d. Oct. 27, 1S86; m. L,. Hamlet. 

78 Nathan Potts, b. March 24, 1825; d. 1882; m. A. A. Huckelberry. 

79 William Potts, b. June 2, 1827; m. Jane Kelley. 

80 Jonas Potts, b. April 30, 1829; d. Feb. 5, 1833. 

81 David Franklin Potts, b. July 19, 1831; d. Feb. i, 1S33. 

82 Ebenezer Potts, b. Aug. 16, 1833; m. Abigail Ramsay. 

83 Mary Margaret Potts, b. May 13, 1835; d. Oift. 12, 1864; m. Rob- 

ert Alls. Son, Henry H. 

84 Cyrus Potts, b. June 22, 1837; d. Aug. 16, 1S63. 

85 Henry Harrison Potts, b. June 28, 1840; d. Sep. 7, 1858. 

53 Jonas Potts,* (John,' David,' David,*), son of John 
and Mary (Vestal) Potts, was born July 31, 1796, and died 
April 18, 1877. He married Mary Dowling. Residence, 
Loudoun County, Virginia., 

Children of Jonas and Mary (Dowling) Potts. 

86 Thomas William Potts, b. March 29, 1S39; m. Mary Chamblin. 

87 John Lewis Potts, b. Dec. 15, 1S41; d. 1S63, in Confederate army. 

55 John Edward Potts,* (John,' David,* David,*), son 
of John and Mary (Vestal) Potts, was born Aug. 18, 1806, 
and died Feb. 2, 1885. He married Ruth Talley, Aug. 22, 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 305 
1S33. She died Feb. 12, 1885. Residence, Loudoun Co. 

Chh,d of John Edward and Ruth (Talley) Potts. 

88 Jonathan Potts, b. Sep. ri, 1834; m. Nancy D. Blincoe. 

56 Ezekiel Potts,* (Jonas,' Ezekiel,^ David, i), son of 
Jonas and Martha (Dowling-) Potts, was born Odl. 24, 179Q, 
and died Qdt. 13, 1884. He married Ann Conard, daugh- 
ter of John and Barbara (Smith) Conard, of Loudoun Co., 
April 13, 1820. She was born 06i. 13, 1798, and died Jq.n. 
19, 1883. Residence, Loudoun County. 

Children of Ezekiel .\nd Ann (Conard) Potts. 

89 Jonas John Potts, b. Ma}- 19, 1821; m. Elizabeth Davis. 

90 Barbara Ann Potts b. Nov. 7, 1822; d. Feb. 13, 1870; unm. 

91 Martha Elizabeth Potts, b. Aug. 27, 1824; d. Feb. 8, 1870; unm. 

92 Mary Jane Dowling Potts, b. Sept. 22, 1S26; m. Joseph Conard. 

Children, i Joseph, 2 Rosa, 3 Ella, 4 Charles. 

93 Joseph Ezekiel Potts, b. Feb. 9, 1831; m. Mary Plarrel. 

94 Edward Fletcher Potts, b. Nov. 16, 1S34; m. ist, Virginia Wing- 

ard; 2d, Jennie Daniel. Son, Edward. 

58 Edward Dowling Potts,* (Jonas,' Ezekiel,^ David, ^), 
son of Jonas and Martha (Dowling) Potts, was born Oc5l. 12, 
1804, and died June 11, 1876. He married Eliza A. Thomp- 
son, daughter of James and Ann Thompson. She was born 
Jan. 22, 1 8 10, and died Sep. 12, 1883. Residence, Loudoun 

Children of Edward D. and Eliza A. (Thompson) Potts. 

95 James Thompson Potts, b. March 3, 1830; d. Jan'y 20, 1873; m. 

Bascom. Son, James. 

96 Jonas William Potts, b. Dec. 12, 1831; d. Sep. 18, 1873; unm. 

97 Lydia Jane Potts, b. Jan. 16, 1837; m. Harrison Osburn, 1857. 

98 Martha A. Potts, b. P'eb. 27, 1S39; m. Samuel D. Leslie. Chil- 

dren, I Harrison, 2 Elizabeth, 3 Clara, 4 Annie. 

62 Edwin H. Potts,* (William,* Hzekiel.^David,^), son 
of William and Isabella (Dowling) Potts, was born May 29, 

3o6 The Potts Famit^y in America. 

1809, and died Dec. 22, 187S. He married Jane Clenden- 
ning. She died Dec. 2, 1888. Residence, Loudoun Coun- 
ty, on the original homestead of David Potts. 

Children of Edwin H. and Jane (Clendenning) Potts. 

99 Ruth Ellen Potts, b. 1848; d. Sep. 7, 1853. 

100 William C. Potts, in. Sarah Reed, 

loi Emma I. Potts, m. Matthias P. Zacharias. 

102 Walter B. Potts, m. Anna M. Schriver, who d. 0(51. 1SS4. 

103 Sarah E. Potts, m. David Conard Neer. 

104 Laura A. Potts, m. Samuel O. Clendenning. 

105 Edwin Clinton Potts, m. 

106 Harry Clay Potts, m. Lizzie Beans. 

107 Nathaniel D. Potts, m. Martha Gregory. 

108 Eppa Hunter Potts. 

66 Frederick Mortimer Potts,* (William,* Ezekiel,' 
David, ^), son of William and Isabella (Dowling) Potts, was 
born August 26, 1818, and died August 15, 1896. He mar- 
ried Martha Jane Osburn, daughter of Richard and Patsey 
(Shepherd) Osburn, Nov. 3, 1852. She was born June 28, 
1831, and died Mar. 29, 1892. Residence, Loudoun County. 

Chii^dren of Frederick M. and Martha J. (Osburn) Potts. 

109 Charles Combs Potts, b. Sep. 16, 1853; d. July 3, 1893; unm. 
no Arthur Harrison Potts, b. Sep. 25, 1857; m. Lucy G. Hurst. 

111 Samuel Turner Potts, b. March 28, 1S60; d. April 30, 1862. 

112 Isabella Potts, b. March 10, 1S62; m. Herod Osburn. 

113 Jennie Potts, b. June 6, 1869; m. John William Elder, 1887. 

Children, i Mary, 2 Rhoda. 

68 Thomas Potts,* (Jo.shua,' Nathan, ^ David,'), son of 
Joshua and Barbara (White) Potts, was born about 1806, 
and died 1888. He married, first, Mary Ann White, and 
second, Lydia Walraven, or Walgrave. 

ChiIvDren of Thomas and Mary Ann (White) Potts. 

114 Elizabeth Potts, m. Henry Moore. 

115 Nancy Potts. 

116 Joshua Osburn Potts, m. Ada White. No issue. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 307 

76 John Potts,5 (David,^ John, 3 David,2 David,'), son 
of David and Rebecca (Talley) Potts, was born March 2, 
1 82 1, and died 1872. He married Martha Short, April 20, 

CH11.DRKN OF John and Martha (Short) Potts. 

117 Caroline Amanda Potts, b. July 4, 1S44. 

118 Eliza Virginia Potts, b. Dec. 16, 1845. 

119 John Potts. 
r20 James Potts. 
121 William Potts. 

77 Edward Potts, = (David.* John,^ David, ^ Davd,'), 
son of David and Rebecca (Talley) Potts, Dec. 12, 1822, 
and died 0(51. 27, 1886. He married Lavinia Hamlet, May 
26, 1845. She died April 8, 1853 (?). Residence, Clinton 
County, Illinois. 

ChtIvDren of Edward and Lavinia (Hami^et) Potts. 

122 David Potts, b. Sep. 19, 1S46. 

123 Leslie Potts. 

124 John W. Potts, b. April 19, 1S49. 

125 Isaiah Potts, b. June 15, 1S53. 

126 Sarah Potts. 

127 Thomas Potts. 

128 America Potts. 

78 Nathan Potts, ' (David,* John,^ David, « David, i), 
son of David and Rebecca (Talle}' ) Potts, was born March 
24, 1825, and died 1882. He married America Huckelberry, 
Oct. 27, 1853. In 1 88 1, he removed from Clinton County, 
Illinois, to Texas, and in the next year was thrown from a 
wagon and died two hours later. His widow and two sur- 
viving sons, subsequent!}', removed to Springfield, Illinois. 

Children of Nathan and America (Huckelberry) Potts. 

129 David Henry Potts, b. August 29, 1854. 

130 Edward Harrison Potts, b. Sep. iS, 1856; d. May 6, 1857. 

131 Nathan Lewis Potts. 

;^o8 The Potts Family in America. 

79 William Potts,* (David,'' John,' David,* David,'), 
son of David and Rebecca (Talley) Potts, was born June 2, 
1827, and died April, 1886. He married Jane Kelley, Mar. 
2, 1S54. Seven children. Residence, Fawn, Kansas. 

82 Ebenezer Potts,* (David,* John,' David, = David, »), 
son of David and Rebecca (Talley) Potts, was born August 
16, 1833. He married Abigail Ramsay, March 21, 1861. 
Residence, Keyesport, Clinton County, Illinois. 

Children of Ebenezer and Abigail (Ramsay) Potts. 

132 jeanette Potts, b. Jan 17, 1S62; d. y. 

133 William Potts, b. 1S65. 

134 Wiley Potts, b. 1S65. 

135 Lewis Potts, b. 1S67. 

136 Martha Ann Potts, b. 1S75. 

137 Lela Frances Potts, b. iSSi. 

138 Ruby Potts, b. 1S85. 

84 Cyrus Potts,' (David,* John,' David,' David, '), son 
of David and Rebecca (Talley) Potts, was born June 22, 
1837, and died August 16, 1863. He was married. 

Child of Cyrus and ( ) PoTTS. 

139 Cyrus Potts, b. 1864. Residence, Duncannon, Pa. 

86 Thomas ^A/illiam Potts,* (Jonas,* John,' David,' 
David,'), son of Jonas and Mary (Dowling) Potts, was born 
March 29, 1839. He married Mary A. Chamblin. Resi- 
dence, Neersville, Loudoun County, Virginia. 

Children of Thomas W. and Mary A. (Chamblin) Potts. 

140 James William Everet Potts, b. Aug. 8, 1S60. 

141 Emma Drusilla Potts, b. July 28, 1864. 

142 John Thomas Grant Potts, b.Sep. 4, 1866. 

143 David Henry Potts, b. Aug. 7, 1868. 

144 Samuel Richard Potts, b. Nov. 25, 1870. 

145 Eliza Jane Potts, b. March 25, 1S72. 

David Potts, IvOudoun County, Virginia. 309 

146 Mary Etta Catharine Potts, b. June 5, 1874. 

147 Joseph Edward Centennial Potts, b. Nov. 5, 1876. 

148 Ida Ellen Potts, b. December 15, 1877, 

149 Arthur Eugene Potts, b. January 11, 1881. 

88 Jonathan Potts,' (John Edward,* John,' David,^ 
David, ^), son of John Edward and Ruth (Talley) Potts, vras 
born Sep. 11, 1834. He married Nancy D. Blincoe. She 
was born Oct. 19, 1845. Residence, Mechanicsville, Lou- 
doun County, Virginia. 

Children of Jonathan and Nancy D. (Blincoe) Po'rrs. 

150 Lillian Potts, b. April 25, 1870. 

151 Helen Virgie Potts, b. March 26, 1873. 

152 Joseph Clinton Potts, b. July 6, 1875. 

89 Prof. Jonas John Potts,' (Ezekiel,* Jonas,' Ezeki- 
el,^ David,'), son of Ezekiel and Ann (Conard) Potts, was 
born Ma}- 19, 1821. He married Elizabeth Davis, daugh- 
ter of Rev. John and Jane (Williams) Davis, of Hartford 
County, Maryland, Dec. 25, 1845. He has been a teacher, 
formerly in Virginia. In 1869, he removed to Missouri, 
and established a successful school at St. Charles, Present 
residence, Montgomery City, Missouri. 

Children of Jonas J. and Elizabeth J. (Davis) Potts. 

153 William Henry Potts, b. Sep. 22, 1847; d. Ocl. i, 1847. 

154 Virginia Frances Potts, b. Jan 31, 1850; m. Judge Elliott McKay 
. Hughes, of Montgomery City, Missouri. Children, i Virginia 

"^ Thomas, 2 Guy Potts, 3 William Clarkson, 4 Samuel Wheeler, 
5 Elliott McConnell, 6 Charles Henry, 7 Robert Shelton, 8 
John Davis. 

155 Charles William Potts, b. Feb. 17, 1853; m. Kate Porter. Chil- 

dren, I Harrison, 2 Katie. 

156 Henry Bascom Potts, b. Sep. 7, 1854; m. Stella Ward. Daugh- 

ter, Myrtle. 

93 Rev. Joseph Ezekiel Potts, ,^ (Ezekiel,* Jonas,' 
Ezekiel,* David,'), son of Ezekiel and Ann (Conard) Potts, 

3IO The Potts Family in America. 

was born Feb. g, 1831. He married Mary Harrel, June 14, 
1857. He and his sons are Methodist ministers. 

Children ok Joseph E. and Makv (Harrei,) I'otts. 
157 Reginald Potts. 
15S Edgar Potts. 

159 Thomas Potts. 

160 Eugene Potts. 

iio Arthur Harrison Potts, ^ (Frederick Mortimer,* 
WiUiam,^ P>.ekiel,^ David/), son of Frederick Mortimer and 
Martha Jane COsburn) Potts, was born Sep. 25, 1857. He 
married Lucy G. Hunst, daughter of Edward S. and Ann 
Virginia (Costello) Hurst, Sep. 10, 1890. Post-office, Hills- 
boro, Loudoun County, Virginia. 

Chii^dren of Arthur H. and Lucv G. (Hurst) Potts. 

161 Harrison Plurst Potts, b. June 29, 1S91. 

162 Lucy Virginia Potts, U May 14, 1S94; d. 7. 1895.^- 

163 Mary Virginia Potts, ' 

164 Annabel Lee Potts, b. August 16, 1896. 

165 Frederick Mortimer Potts, b. December i, 1897. 

Memoranda. There are, evidently, many other descendants of Da- 
vid Potts, than are enumerated in the foregoing Chapter, but they 
have not come to the notice of the compiler. 

Stephen Potts, son of a Samuel Potts, was born Aug. 21, 1803, in 
Loudoun County, Virginia. When quite yoimg, he removed with his 
parents to Ohio County, iu the vicinity of Wheeling, and afterwards 
to Woodsfield, Monroe County, Ohio. In 1S37, he married Sophia Mc- 
Kinley, and engaged in merchandizing. He was long a resident of 
Guernsey County, Ohio. He served as County Treasurer and as a 
member of the State Senate. He also held other minor offices of 
trust. He was long a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian and later in 
the L^nited Presbyterian Church. He died August to, 1886. He had 
four children, only one of whom — Mrs. Belle P. McCartney — survived 

* NoTi;. It i*; quite rern.-irkable these twins lived to exactly the same ape. 
Lucy was the eldest by one and a half hours, and in death preeeeded her sister by 
justthe same space of time. 

David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 311 

A Pedigree of the Family of David Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 

-Joiias=Mary Stroud 

-Anii=Johu Vestal 

-Mary= Backhouse 

-Christian-^ Samuel 


-David Potts 

-Samuel Potts 

-Joiias=Phebe Brown 

-Ed\vard- = Mary Backhouse 

-John Potts 

-Hannah T William Vestal 

± Hail 

-Elizabeth= Osburn 

-Jonathan=Elizabeth Joshua Potts 


=Eliz'h Thomas 

-David =Marj- Thomas 



•Ezekiel=Eliz"h Jlead - 

-Jane= Jonathan Conard 
-Elizabeth=John Conard 
-Rachel^ Adam Swink 

in Osburn 

-Susannah=Henry Neer 

■l-Thomas Potts 
|-Tamar— John Ingram 

1-Stephen Potts 

-Mar£{aret=Hugh Thompson 
•i-Nathan Potts 

-Ruth Potts 
i-Elizabeth Potts 

-David Potts 

-Jonas Potts 

-William Potts 

-John— Mary Vestal 

-Joseph l,ewis Potts 
-Mahala I.=Jacob G. Paxson 

-Ellen Potts 
-David Potts 
-Anna + Thomas Backhouse 

± George Laffert3' 
-Jane Potts 
-Jouas=^ Martha Dowling 

-William ^Isabella Dowling — 
-John Potts 

-Nathan=^Ruth Clews- 

|-Joshua=Barbara White • 

Enos=Lydia Brown - 

Isaiah Potts 
-Jonas Potts 
-Susannah Potts 
-Hannah=Enos Best 

-David=Rebecca Talley 
-William Potts 
-Jona$=Mary Dowling 
-Elizabeth Potts 
-John E. = Ruth Talley 

-Ezekiel=Ann Conard 
-Eliza = Xathan Xeer 
-Edward D.=Eliza A. 

-Jane A. = Strother Bell 
-Lydia H.=John Jones 
-Minerva Potts 

-Edwin H. = J.Clendening 
-Emma F. = E.T. Hancock 
-William Henry Potts 
-Minerva Isabella Potts 
-Fred.M.=Martha Osburn 

-Thomas =F Mary A. White 
± Sara Walraven 
-Nathan Potts 
-Elizab"h=Nor%'al Osburn 
-Ruth= Hector Osburn 

-Lj-dia A. = John W. Best 
-Emily Potts 
-Jonas Potts 

=Eunice Waller-'-Taniar Potts 
i-Jarret Pctts 

312 The Potts Family in America. 


Jonas Potts, Loodoon County, Virginia. 

I JONAS POTTS was undoubtedly a son of Jonas 
Potts, of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, by his second 
wife, and was evidently born in Pennsylvania. See Chap- 
ter VIII. The date of his birth has not been learned, but 
he was seemingly one of the younger children, perhaps the 
youngest child of Jonas. Tradition of descendants allege 
that the family came to Pennsylvania from Wales. Jonas 
was a blacksmith by trade. He is said to have been twice 
married, and that his second wife was Mary Heckathorn. 

He removed to Loudoun County, Virginia, where he pur- 
chased 270 acres from David Potts, his half brother, as ap- 
pears bj' deed dated, May 8, 1759.* This was one half of a 
tracft of 540 acres that David Potts had previously bought 
from Catesby Cocke. Jonas Potts is described as ' ' smith ' ' 
in the deed. In 1760, Jonas Potts, blacksmith, and Mary, 
his wife, sold 100 acres, part of the foregoing, to Samuel 
Stroud, Jonas signs as " Jonas Potts, Smith." 

On May 9, 1761, Jonas Potts, blacksmith, and Mary, his 
wife, sold 122 acres, part of the original purchase, to James 
Thomas. He signs, " Jonas Potts, Smith." On August 
20, 1 76 1, Jonas Potts obtained a patent from " the Propri- 
etors olhce of the northern neck of Virginia," for a tract of 
land on or about Round Hill. 

On Odlober 13, 1761, he sold 122 acres on the north fork 

* See page 289, ante. 

JoNUS Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 313 

of Kittockton, to Jonas Potts, farmer.* In the description 
of boundaries, mention is made of " Samuel Potts' corner." 
He signs "Jonas Potts, Blacksmith." On June 11, 1764, 
he sold 371 acres, on or about Round Hill, to Thomas Hum- 
phreys. This was part of the tracl granted by patent to 
Jonas Potts in 1761. He signs, " Jonas Potts, Blacksmith." 
Mary Potts joins her husband in signing each of the fore- 
going deeds of sale. There are probably other deeds on 
record in the name of this Jonas Potts, not examined by the 
compiler. Jonas Potts has been a common name in lyou- 
doun County. Down to 1S33, among the numerous Potts 
deeds recorded in that County, the index shows nearly fifty 
deeds in the name of Jonas Potts. These, of course, in- 
clude several different persons who bore this name. 

How long Jonas Potts continued to live in Loudoun Coun- 
ty is not clear. He and all his children seem to have re- 
moved to western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio before the 
close of the century, or shortly after. His descendants say 
that Jonas Potts settled at Georgetown, Beaver County, 
Pennsylvania, where he died about 18 14, at a great age. 
Mary, his wife, died about 181 2 or 18 13. They were bur- 
ied on Phillips Island, in the Ohio River. This island is 
the second above Georgetown. 

As before stated, Jonas Potts is said to have been twice 
married. It is futher alleged that Thomas and Noah were 
children b}' the second marriage. Information is, however, 
not sufficiently positive, to designate which were the chil- 
dren of each wife. Neither is it certain that they are all 
arranged below in the correcft order of birth. The records 
of descendants which follow, have been mainl}'' coUedted 
from members of the various branches, and while in many 
instances quite incomplete, are believed to be fairly accu- 

* NOTK. Jonas Potts, farmer, was the son of David Potts, and a nephew of Jo- 
nas Potts, smith. See page 295, ante. 


314 The Potts Family in America. 

ChiIvDren of Jonas and Mary ( ) Potts, 

2 David Potts, b. 17I21 ni. Milly Adams, 

3 Jonathan Potts, b. 1744; d. 1831; m. Elizabeth English. 

4 John Potts, b. ; d. 1525; m. Susan \\ \-\ | 1 .-j 

5 Jonas Potts, b, ; d. 1833; m. Hannah 

6 Nathan Potts, b. 1764; d. ; m. Mary Chamblin. 

7 Joshua Potts, b. 1769; d. 1850; m. Milly Suver. 

8 Thomas Potts, b. ; d. ; m. Mary Martin. 

9 Noah Potts, b. 1772; d. 1856; m. Barbara Heckathorn. 
10 A daiighter, m. Richard Hart. 

2 David Potts, ^ (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mary ( — ) 
Potts, was born about the year 175^,* probably in Pennsyl- 
vania, and removed to lyoudoun Comity, Virginia, with his 

0^-i^ <<• Parents. He served in the Revolutionary army, in the Vir- 
-pT&'i^ ginia Continental Line. On June 10, 1819, he was granted 

a soldier's pension. His age was then giv'en as 77 years. 
He removed to Ohio and settled on Paint Creek, about five 
miles below Chilicothe. He subsequently removed to Mar- 
ion County where he died. His wife was Milly Adams. 

Chii^dren of David and Milly (Adams) Potts. 

11 Milly Potts, m. James Mowser. Children, i Jacob, 2 David, 3 

William, 4 Perry. 

12 Fanny Potts, unm. 

13 Abby Potts, m. David Wolverton. No i.ssue. 

14 James Potts, m. and had children. 

15 David Potts, b. 1808; d, 1882; m. Rachel Morris. 

3 Jonathan Potts,* (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mary 

( ) Potts, was born about the 3'ear i744,t probabl}- in 

Pennsylvania, and removed with his parents to Virginia. 
He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and served in 
the Virginia Continental Line. On account of his patriotic 

* Note. The date of birth is found from hi.s age given at the time his soldier's 
pension was granted. 

t Note. The dale of birth was given to the compiler by Jonathan's .son Wil- 
liam, and its correctness is confirmed by his age given at the granting of his pen- 
-sion. Jonathan Potts, (No. 47), mentions the death of his uncle in his diary, and 
incidentally says he was nearly 74 years old. This is clearly an error. 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 315 

services, he was granted a pension on March 17, 18 19. He 
married Elizabeth English about 1788. He was a black- 
smith by trade, but was probabl}^ also engaged in farming. 
He removed from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Washing- 
ton County, Pennsylvania, where he lived for several 3'ears. 
In 1800, his name appears in the assessment list for Han- 
over Township, when he is designated as "blacksmith." 
Shortly after this he removed to Jefiferson County Ohio, 
where he died July 4, 1831. Elizabeth, his wife, died Jan- 
uary 14, 1 8 14, 

Children of Jonathan and Ei^izabeth (English) Potts. 

16 Joshua Potts, b. April 12, 1789; m. Catharine Chayser. 

17 Thomas Potts, b. Feb. 12, 1791; m. ist, Rosana Jackson; m. 2d, 

Elizabeth Wallace. 

18 David Potts, b. Feb. 11, 1793; m. ist, Susannah Jackson, m. 2d, ®*^ 

Margaret Penny. ^ "^ 

19 John Potts, b. March 6, 1795; m. Rebecca Harris. 

20 Nathan Potts, b. August 6, 1797. Burned to death. 

21 Anna Potts, b. June 28, 1799; ni. John Goodwin. 

22 Jonas Potts, b. June 15, 1801; m. Elizabeth Johnson, 1S22. 

23 Samuel L. Potts, b. May 2, 1803; d. Aug. 31, 1867; m. Elizabeth 


24 Mary Potts, b. August i, 1805; m. Osmond Ryan. 

25 Lydia Potts, b. September 28, 1807; m. ist, Thomas Rowland; 

m. 2d, John Cain. 

26 William Potts, b. Feb. 11, 1810; m. ist, Cecelia Hurd; m. 2d, 

Mary H. Morris. 

27 Sarah Potts, April 13, 1813; d. y. 

4 John Potts,' (Jonas, V), son of Jonas and Mary ( ) 

Potts, served as a member of the Ninth Virginia Blues, in 
the Revolutionary War. The Virginia records show that 
John Potts was a Corporal in Captain Charles Porterfield's 
Company, as it stood November 2,0, '^Tl^- He married Su- 
san, . , - { Huj^ib f^v'- John Potts removed from Loudoun County, 
Virginia, to Washington County, Pennsylvania, where he 
lived for several years. About the year iSoo, he removed 

* Note. The maiden name of Susan has not been learned. Different corre- 
spondent-s have given it a.s, HiggeniS, Hibben, Hibet, Wiggens and Grigg. 

3i6 Thk PotTvS Family in America. 

to Jefferson Comity, Ohio, and subsequently to Carroll 
County, where he died about 1825. Susan, his wife, died 
in 1853, aged 93 years. 

Chii^dren of John and vSusan ( ) Pot^s. 

28 Jonathan Potts, b. I7S6(?); d. 1S58; m. m. Elizabeth Triplet. 

29 Jonas Potts. Died in the War of 1S12. Buried near I^ake Erie. 

30 John Potts, m. Margaret Kinder. 

31 Nathan Potts. 

32 James Potts, b. 1796; m. ist, Nancy Parkinson; 2d, Jane Maple, 

33 David Potts, b. 1807; m. Rachel Wiggens. 

34 Thomas Potts, b. 1807; m. Catharine Rondbush. 

35 Sarah Potts. 

36 Deborah Pott. 

37 Margaret Potts. 

5 Jonas Potts,'^ (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mar>' ( — ) 
Potts was probably born in Loudoun County, Virginia, and 
died in Hanover Township, Washington County, Penna., 
about 1833. His wife's name was Hannah. There is a 
tradition that possibly applies to him. As a young man he 
removed to Washington Count}^ and settled in the woods. 
He is reported to have been a very strong and acftive man. 
It is alleged that he was sometimes compelled to take ref- 
uge in the thick branches of a huge grape-vine in the top of 
a tree, for the night, as a protection against wild animals. 
It is also alleged, that after some time he returned to Vir- 
ginia, married a wife, and took her to his new home. 

The records of deeds, in Washington County, show that 
he made several purchases of land, aggregating several hun- 
dred acres, which included the territory just west of the 
of the present village of Florence. Jonas and Hannah, his 
wife, join in deeds for the sale of several parcels of land. 
The will of Jonas Potts is dated June i, 1822, and was pro- 
ven April 18, 1833. In the will he describes himself as 
" being far advanced in age." In 1826, his mind having be- 
come impaired, a special adl of Assembly was passed, mak- 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 317 

ing David Bnice, James Kerr, and Benjamin Bubbitt, trus- 
tees of his estate. In the same year, these trustees sold a 
tract of 36 acres and 75 perches, on petition of John Carroll, 
a grandson of Jonas Potts. 

Children of Jonas and Hannah ( ) Potts. 

38 David Potts, in. Amelia 

39 Jesse Potts. 

40 Jonas Potts, m. Lj'dia Jackson. 

41 Samuel Potts. 

42 Anna Potts, ni. Jonas Sams. 

43 A daughter, m. Carroll. 

6 Nathan Potts, ^ (Jonas, ^), son of Jonas and Marj' 

( ) Potts, was born July 10, 1764, in Loudoun Count}^ 

Virginia. He married Mary Chamblin, daughter of Aaron 
and Monica Chamblin, Jan. 2, 1793. She was born May-, 
1770. In 1799, he remov-ed to Washington County, Penn- 
sylvania, arriving at the home of his brother Jonas Potts, 
on Ocflober 20. He engaged in farming, and continued to 
live in Washington County tmtil about 1825, when he re- 
moved to Fox Township, Carroll County, Ohio. 

Chii:<dren of Nathan and Mary (Chambun) Potts. 

44 Mary Potts, b. Sep. 20, 1793; m. Thomas Spacht. 

45 William Potts, b. Ocl. 30, 1795; m. Sarah Huffman. 

46 Nancy Potts, b. July 28, 179S; m. Thomas Potts, (60). 

47 Jonathan Potts, b. Nov. 20, 1799; d. Sept. 4, 18S0; ni. Rebecca 


48 Sarah Potts, b. July 22, iSoi; d. May 5, 1S2S; m. John Greene. 

49 Amelia Potts, b. April 8, 1803; d. 1831; m. James Potts, (62). 

50 Nathan Potts, b. March 4, 1805; m. Amanda . Residence, 

Perry County, Ohio. 

51 Lorenza Potts, b. May 22, 1S07. 

52 Frederick Potts, b. August 14, 1809. 

53 Elizabeth Potts, b. October 8, 1812. 

7 Joshua Potts, ^ (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mary 
( ) Potts, was born Feb. 4, 1769, in Loudoun County, 

3i8 The Potts Family in America. 

Virginia. He married Milly Silver, August 3, 1797. He 
was Overseer of a plantation for some time, perhaps in Fred- 
erick County, as his son David is said to have been born in 
that County. About 1S14, he removed to Richland [now 
Ashland] County, Ohio, near the town of Hayesville. He 
settled in the woods, five miles from his nearest neighbor, 
and lived in a covered wagon while he built a log cabin. 
About 1837, he removed to Lawrence County, Illinois, and 
died there, perhaps at about 80 years of age. His wife is 
said to died at above 90 years of age. Some of the family 
allege that Nathan Potts died in Ohio and was buried at or 
near Hayesville. 

Chii.dren of Joshua and Miwa' (Suver) Potts. 

54 John Potts, b. April 8, 1802; d. Nov. 14, 1S50; m. Rhoda Black. 

55 Eliza Potts, b. Jan. 12, 1805; d. April 21, 1841; m. Collins Bush- 

nell. Children, i Tully C, 2 Sterling G., 3 Collins W. 

56 David Potts, b. June 22, 181 1; d. Sept. 24, 1866; m. ist, Martha 

Underwood; m. 2d, Hannah Jane Ramsey. 

57 Joshua Potts, b. March 27, 1814; d. March — , 1874; m. ist, Re- 

becca Harvout; ni. 2d, Laura Colloson; m. 3d, Mary. Couch. 

58 Harriet Potts, b. 1815; d. 1875; m. Thomas Stringer. Children, 

2 Minerva, 2 El/.a, 3 Eunice, 4 Millie, 5 Hurlbert, 6 Harriet. 

9 Noah Potts, 2 (Jonas,'), son of Jonas and Mary ( — ) 
Potts, was born in 1772, in Loudoun Coimty, Virginia. He 
removed to Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and settled at or 
near Georgetown on the Ohio River. He was a farmer and 
held some local offices. He married Barbara Heckathorn, 
daughter of George Heckathorn, about 1800, She was born 
1780 and died August, 1855. Jonas died F'eb. 4, 1856. 

Chii.drkn ok Noah and Barbara (Heckathorn) Potts. 

59 Sarah Potts, b. 1799; m. Thompson. Children, i Benja- 

min, 2 Manoah, 3 Rachel, 4 Sarah. 

60 Thomas Potts, b. 1800; m. Nancy Potts, (46). 

61 Polly Potts, b. 1802. 

62 James Potts, b. 1804; m. ist, Amelia Potts, (49); m. 2d, Nancy 

63 Rachel Potts, b. 1807; m. Campbell. Children, i Noah 

Potts, 2 Thomas, 3 David, 4 Samantha, 5 Joseph, 6 Benjamin, 
7 Je.sse, 8 John, 9 Rebecca, 10 Wallace, 11 Wallace. 

Jonas Potts, L,oudoun County, Virginia, 319 

64 David Potts, b. 0&.. 9, 1809; in. Sarah Hart. 

65 Robert Potts, b. 1811. 

66 Rebecca Potts, b. June 16, 1S13. 

15 David Potts,^ (David,^ Jonas,*), son of David and 
Milly (Adams) Potts, was born 1808, and died 1882. He 
married Rachel Morris. She was born 1808, and died Aug, 
I, 1866. Residence, Amanda, Fairfield Count}'', Ohio. 

Children of David and Rachel (Morris) Potts. 

67 Ruth Potts, b. 1833; ni. Daniel L. Reber. 

68 Cynthia Potts, b. 1835; m. Isaac Knouff. Children, i Laura, 2 

John, 3 George, 4 Anna, 5 Eunice. 

69 Jane Potts, b. 1837; m. Lorenza Ashbell. Children, i Lizzie, 2 

Ida, 3 Maggie. 

70 Milton Potts, b, 1839; m. Mary Cowan. 

71 Ellen Potts, b. 1846; m. John Dodd. 

72 Charles Potts, d. 1869; m. Alniira Hemphill. 

23 Samuel L. Potts, ^ (Jonathan,* Jonas,*), son of Jon- 
athan and Elizabeth (English) Potts, was born May 2, 1803, 
and died August 31, 1867. He married Elizabeth Barnes, 
daughter ot Thomas and Nancy Barnes, March 29, 1825. 
Residence, Jefferson and Harrison Counties, Ohio. Occu- 
pation, merchant and innkeeper. 

Children of Samuel L. and Elizabeth (Barnes) Potts. 

73 Nancy Potts, b. Sep. 21, 1826; m. Dr. A. H. Ta34or. Children, 

I Orville, 2 Samuel, 3 Robert, 4 William, 5 Lizzie, 6 Margaret. 

74 Jonathan Smith Potts, b. May i, 1828; m. Nancy Vandegraft. 

75 Elizabeth Potts, b. Feb. 9, 1830; d. Nov. 8, 1877; m. ist. Dr. A. 

W.Guthrie. Children, i James D., 2 Elizabeth, J., 3 William 
Potts, 4 Ettie. Married, 2d, John A. Croskey. 

76 Dilliann Potts, b. OS.. 24, 1831; d. March 15, 1856; m. Ross J. 

Roberts. Children, 2 Elizabeth E., 2 Samuel R., 3 Richard. 

77 William O. Potts, b. Sep. 19, 1836; m. Ella F. Wharton. 

78 Sarah C. Potts, b. May 16, 1839; d. March i, 1840. 

320 Thk Potts Family in America. 

26 William Potts,' (Jonathan, 2 Jonas/), son of Jona- 
than and Pvli/abeth (English) Potts, was born Feb. 11, 18 10. 
He married, first, Cecelia Hurd, in Portage County, Ohio; 
and second, Mary H. Morris. Residence, Aberdeen, Brown 
County, Ohio. 

Children of Wiluam and Chcki.ia (Hurd) Potts. 

79 Hannah Potts, b. 1S37. 

80 James K. Potts, b. 1846; ni. Carrie Carson, 1879. 

81 William Potts,, b. 1849. 

Children of William and Mary H. (^^Iorris) Potts. 

82 Rlias Potts, b. 1856. 

83 Sarah Potts, b. 1S59. 

84 Albert Potts, b. 1S61. 

85 Ann Eliza Potts, b. 1867. 

28 Jonathan Potts,' (John,' Jonas,'), son of John and 

vSusan ( ) Potts, was born 1786, and died Apr. 23, 1858. 

He married Elizabeth Triplet, daughter of Joseph and Sa- 
rah Triplet, in 18 10. She was born December i, 1791, and 
died Dec. 29, 1869. Residence, Virginia, Pennsylvania, 
Waj-ne County, Ohio, and Richland or Lawrence Coiinty, 

Children of Jon.\than and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts. 

86 Sarah Potts, b. 181 1; d. 1845; m. John Treece. Children, i Wil- 

liam, 2 Enos, 3 Nelson, 4 Jonathan, 5 Julia Ann, 6 Laban. 

87 John Potts, b. Feb. 4, 1813; m. Mettall. 

88 Hetty Potts, b. March 23, 1815; d. 1879; m. Nicholas Wierman. 

Children, i Relefia, 2 Jerusha, 3 Erastus, 4 Phebe, 5 Judson. 

89 Abraliam Potts, b. Mar. 23, 1817; d. 1867; m. Mary Jane Price. 

90 Isaac Potts, b. April 13, 1819; m. ist, Cynthia A. Neal; m. 2d, 

Emeline Lewis. 

91 Rebecca Potts, b. July 10, 1821; d. 1S49; m. Washinj:jton Wood. 

92 Jacob Potts, b. Nov. 29, 1823; m. Mary Jane Hart. 

93 Joshua Potts, b. April 10, 1S26; d. 1879; ni. Maria Burns. 

94 Lucinda Potts, b. Jan. 19, 1828; ni. John Price. 

95 Wesley Potts, b. Nov. i, 1829; d. March 23, 184S; unm. 

96 Joseph Potts, b. May 23, 1832; m. Rebecca .A.nn Pitman. 

97 Thomas Potts, b. May 31, 1837; m. Louisa Pitman. 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 321 

30 John Potts,' (John,' Jonas, ^), son of John and Su- 
san ( ) Potts, married Margaret Kinder, in 18 13, in 

Jefferson County, Ohio. 

Chii.drkn of John and Margaret (Kinder) Potts, 

98 Jonathan Potts, m. Theresa Norris. 

99 Wesley Potts, m. Bridget Fagen. 

100 John Potts, b. 1S19; m. Sophia Talbot, 

loi Thomas Potts, m. Mary McCarty. 

£02 Mary Potts. 

103 Margaret Potts, m. Edward Norris, 

ro4 Rosey Potts, m. David Devote, 

105 Jane Potts. 

32 James Potts,' (John,' Jonas,*), son of John and Su' 

san ( ■ — ) Potts, was born about 1796, it said near the 

village of Hickory, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, 
and died, 1S80, in Carroll County, Ohio. He was twice 
married ; first, to Nancy Parkinson ; and second, to Jane 

Chii:,dren of James and Nancy (Parkinson) Potts. 

106 Silas Potts, b. 1820; d. iSSo; m. Miriam Pennock. 

107 James Potts. 

108 Robert G. Potts, b. 1824; m. Margaret Irwin. 

109 David Potts, b. 1826; d. 1875; m. ist, Elizabeth McClain; m. 2d, 

Rebecca McClain, 
no Margaret J. Potts. 

111 Isaiah Potts, b. 1830; m. Margaret J. Schaeffer. 

CHir,DREN of James and Jane (Mapi,e) PoTTS. 

1 1 2 Elizabeth Ellen Potts. 

113 John W. Potts. 

114 Gen. Benjamin F. Potts, b. 1836; d. 1887; m. Angelina Jackson. 

115 Louis M. Pottc, b. 1838; m. Lucinda Cope. 

116 Elvira Potts, b. 1840; m. Samuel Huston. 

117 Mary E. Potts, b. 1S42; m. William Duncan. 

118 Atilda Potts, b. 1844; m. James Miller. 

119 Wilson S. Potts; b. 1846; m. ist, Elizabeth Wisdon; m. 2d, Ma- 

ry Wisdon. 

120 Dr. Albert R. Potts, b. 1S.19; m. Rebecca Ralston. 


322 The Potts Family in America. 

33 David Potts,' (John,^ Jonas/), son of John and 

Susan ( ) Potts, was born in 1807, and was a twin 

brother with Thomas. He settled in Carroll County, Ohio, 
and married Rachel Wiggins. The names of only two of 
his children, a son and a daughter, have been furnished. 

Children ok David and Rachei< (Wiggins) Potts. 

121 I. W. Potts. Residence, Carrollton, Ohio. 

122 Martha Potts, b. 1S43; d. 1SS8; m. James George. Six children. 

38 David Potts,' (Jonas,* Jonas,'), son of Jonas and 

Hannah ( ) Potts, was probably born in Washington 

County, Pennsylvania, where he continued to reside for 
many years. His wife's name was Amelia. In 1829, and 
again in 1855, they join in signing deeds for the sale of 
lands in Hanover township. They are said to have moved 
from the State. No children have been reported. 

40 Jonas Potts,' (Jonas,* Jonas,'), son of Jonas and 
Hannah ( ) Potts, was a resident of Hanover Town- 
ship, Washington County, Pennsylvania. He married 
Lydia Jackson, daughter of William Jackson, formerly of 
Cecil County, Maryland. 

Children of Jonas and Lvdi.\ (Jackson) Potts. 

123 William Jackson Potts, b. ; d. 1S98; m. Margaret Ward. 

47 Jonathan Potts,' (Nathan,* Jonas,'), son of Jonas 
and Mary (Chamblin) Potts, was born Nov. 20, 1799, near 
Florence, Washington County, Penusj-lvania, and died Sep. 
4, 1880, in Carroll County, Ohio. He married Rebecca 

Jonathan Potts left some very interesting memoranda, in 
the form diaries, being in substance an autobiography, cov- 
ering his school days and a further period to about 1835. 
These memoranda are contained in about forty small vol- 

JoNus Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 323 

uraes, and are a mixture of daily doings, comments and rec- 
ord of business transaclions. His account of his school 
days, at Bricelands Cross Roads, [now Florence,] is quite 
interesting-. From 1823 to 1831, he was engaged as a trav- 
eling book-seller, covering western Penns3'lvania and east- 
ern Ohio. He carried his wares in a two-horse wagon. In 
this business he was either a partner or employee of James 
Turnbull, of Steubenville, Ohio. On quitting this business 
he retired to a farm in Carroll County, Ohio. 

Children of Jonathan and Rebecca (McMillan) Porrs. 

124 Thomas Lincoln Potts. He was, for some years, engaged in the 
drug business, at East Liverpool, Ohio, and later has been a 
commercial traveler. 

54 John Potts,' (Joshua,* Jonas,'), son of Joshua and 
Milly (Suver) Potts, Aprils, 1802, and died Nov. 14, 1850, 
in Lawrence County, Illinois. He married Rhoda Black. 
She was born April 26, 1801. 

Children of John and Rhoda ( Black ) Potts. 

125 Martin Potts, b. Feb. 4, 1822; m. Martha Hussey. 

126 Mary Ann Potts, b. Dec. 27, 1S23; m. ist, James Sweeny. Chil- 

dren, I John, 2 Emily, 3 Erastus. Married, 2d, Lemon Pool. 
Children, 4 James, 5 Mary A., 6 Joseph F., 7 Lemon Harvey, 
S Peter A., 9 William Horace, 10 Charles B. 

127 William Potts, b, Nov. 9, 1825; d. Dec. 24, 1825. 

128 Erastus Potts, b. Nov. 7, 1S26; d. 1874; m. . 

129 Sarah Potts, b. March 5, 1829; m. L. W. Gee. Children, i Ma- 

ry, E., 2 Sylvester J., 3 Johu M., 4 Amelia M., 5 Emma F. 

130 Harrison Potts, b. Jan. 17, 1831; m. Mary Ann . 

131 John Potts, b. Sep. 25, 1833; d. 0&.. 15, 1S33. 

132 Harriet Potts, b. Sep. 15, 1836; d. Sep. 15, 1836. 

133 Peter Potts, b. Ocl. 19, 1837; d. Oct. 22, 1837. 

134 Pamelia Potts, b. August 2, 1839; d. August 24, 1839. 

135 Emily C. Potts, b. Sep. iS, 1S40; d. Odl. 30, 1850. 

136 Francis Potts, b. Aug. 12, 1S43; d. Nov, 27, 1S43. 

56 David Potts,' (Joshua,' Jonas,'), son of Joshua and 

Milly (Suver) Potts, was born June 22, 1 811, in Fred- 

324 The Potts Family in America. 

erick County, Virginia, and died Sep. 24, 1866, in Illi- 
nois. He married, first, Mrs. Martha Ciscle, daughter of 
Andrew Underwood, March 18, 1841, in Wabash County, 
Illinois. He married, second, Hannah Jane Ramsay, also 

a widow, January 31, 1858 She married Lutz, as 

her third husband. David Potts was a Justice of the Peace, 
from 1846 to 1862, 

Children of David and Martha (Underwood) Potts. 

137 Andrew Jackson Potts, b. Dec. 14, 1841; d. Jan. 20, 1845. 

138 Benjamin F. Potts, b. Odl, 14, 1843; d. Aug. 22, 1858. 

139 Milla Melissa Potts, b. Dec 7, 1846; m. William McCroskey. 

140 David Potts, b. Sep. 9, 1849; m. Nancy Jane Runyan. 

141 Oliver Potts, b. Ocl. 29, 1855; d. Dec. 7, 1855, 

Chii^drSn of David and Hannah J. (Ramsay) Potts. 

142 John Crittendon Potts, b. Dec. 3, 1858; d. June 28, i860. 

143 Felicita C. Potts, b. Dec. 21, 1S60. 

144 Hannah Laura Potts, b. June 9, 1863. 

145 Joshua Dorsey Potts, b. 0<5t. 13, 1865; d. March 28, 1868. 

57 Joshua Potts,' (Joshua,* Jonas,'), .son of Joshua and 
Milly (Suver) Potts, was born March 27, 1814, and died in 
1874. He married, first, Rebecca Harvout, daughter of 
I.saac Harvout, of Richland County, Ohio. They removed 
to Lawrence County, Illinois. He married, second, Laura 
Colloson ; and third, Maryetta Couch. The two younger 
children, named below, seem to have been by the second or 
third wife. 

Children of Joshua and Rebecca (Harvout) Potts. 

146 Benton Potts, b. June 26, 1842. Residence, Edgerton, Mo. 

147 Rebecca Potts, b. Feb. 13, 1844. 

148 Harriet Potts, b. March 30, 1845; m. Daniel Shroyer. 

149 William H. Potts, b. OA. 10, 1S48. 

150 Mary Jane Potts, b. Feb. 16, 1851; m. Charles Beamus. 

151 John H. Potts, b. Jan. 16, 1853. 

152 Lawrance Potts, b. March 20, 1855. 

153 Thomas Potts, b. 1857; m. Sarah Potts, (250). 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 325 

154 Joshua Clinton Potts. 

155 Amer Potts. 

60 Thomas Potts,' (Noah,' Jona.s,^), son of Noah and 
Barbara (Heckathorn) Potts, was born in 1800, probably 
in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married Nancy Potts, 
(46), daughter of Nathan and Mary (Chamblin) Potts, 
August 20, 181 7. They had sixteen children, but a com- 
plete list has not been furnished. Residence, Beaver Coun- 
ty, Pennsylvania. 

Chii,dre;n of Thom.\s and Nancy (Potts) Potts. 

156 Nathan Potts, b. 1819; d. Feb. 4, 1S81; m. Eliza Pendleton. 

157 Thomas Potts. 
15S John Potts. 

159 Mary Potts. 

160 Lucinda Potts. 

161 Lynda Potts. 

162 Julia Ann Potts, m. Boal. 

62 James Potts, ' (Noah,* Jonas, 0, son of Noah and 
Barbara (Heckathorn) Potts, was born in 1804, Probably in 
Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married, first, Amelia 
Potts, (49), a daughter of Nathan and Mary (Chamblin) 
Potts, about 1 82 1. She was born April 8, 1803 ; and died 
March 10, 1831. James married, second, Nancy . 

On Sep. 12, 1 82 1, James Potts purchased from his father, 
200 acres of land, called Coalbajik, on the Ohio River. In 
1837, James Potts and Nanc}', his wife, signed a deed for 
the sale of 125 acres of land, in Greene Township, Beaver 
County, at the jundtion of Potts Run and the Ohio River. 

Children of James and Amelia (Potts) Potts. 

172 Sarah Elizabeth Potts, b. 1S22. 

173 Polly Potts, b. 1S24. 

174 James Potts, b. 1826. 

175 Noah Potts, b. 1828. 

176 Robert Potts, b. 1831. 

326 The Potts Family in America. 

64 David Potts,' (Noah,* Jonas,'), son of Noah and 
Barbara (Heckathorn) Potts, was born Oct. 9, 1809, proba- 
bly in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He married Sarah 
Hart. Residence, Beaver County, Pennsylvania. 

ChiIvDren of David and Sarah (Hart) Potts. 

177 Grace Potts, b. Nov. 11, 1S24. 

178 Richard Potts, b. Feb. 5, 1827. 

179 Barbara Potts, b. 0<5l. 10, 1830. 

180 Betsey Potts, b. Feb. 14, 1839. 

181 David Potts, b. Feb. 27, 1841. 

182 Joseph Potts, U. Jan. 13, 1S43. 

183 John Potts, 1 

184 James Potts, b. Feb. 10, 1845. 

185 Thomas Potts, b. July 6, 184S. 

70 Milton Potts,* (David,' David,' Jonas,'), son of Da- 
vid and Rachel (Morris) Potts, was born 1839. He mar- 
ried Mary Cowan, in 1859. She died in 1883. Residence, 
Amanda, Fairfield County, Ohio. 

Chii^dren of Milton and Mary (Cowan) Potts. 

186 David Potts, b. i860. 

187 Samuel Potts, b. 1862. 

188 Mary Potts, b. 1864. 
1S9 James Potts, b. 1S66. 

190 Charles Potts, b. 1868. 

191 John Potts, b. 1870. 

192 Ellie Potts, b. 1S73. 

72 Charles Potts,* (David,' David,' Jonas,'), son of 
David and Rachel (Morris) Potts, married Almira Hemp- 
hill about 1868. She died 1871. 

Children of Charles and Almira (Hemphill) Potts. 

193 George Potts, b. 1S69. 

194 Lillian Potts, b. 1871. 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 327 

74 Jonathan Smith Potts,* (Samuel L. ,' Jonathan,* 
Jonas,'), son of Samuel L,. , and Elizabeth (Barnes) Potts, 
was born May i, 1828. He married Nanc}^ Vandegraft, 
daughter of Rezin and Abigail Vandegraft, Aug. 23, 1853. 
Residence, Kansas City, Missouri. Occupation, merchant. 

Children of Jonathan Smith and Nancy (Vandegraft) Potts. 

195 Virginia Potts, b. Dec. 31, 1854; d. Sep. 26, 1856. 

196 Teddy Potts, b. March 9, 1856. 

197 Theodore S. Potts, b. Odlober 21, 1S58. 

198 Robert W. Potts, b. October 22, i860; d. Dec. 24, 1873. 

199 Viola P. Potts, b. Sep. iS, 1862. 

200 Mary J. Potts, b. March 26, 1864. 

201 Minnie C. Potts, b. May t, 1866. 

202 Maggie M. Potts, b. Nov. 19, 1868. 

203 Eugene U. Potts, b. Nov. 20, 1870. 

204 Eva L. Potts, \ y^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ jS^^. ( 

205 Ida Potts, • t d. March 25, 1873. 
106 Ella F. Potts, b. May 24, 1S75. 

207 Lizzie A. Potts, b. Sep. 19, 1877. 

77 William O. Potts,< (Samuel L.,' Jonathan, * Jo- 
nas,'), son of Samuel L. and Elizabeth (Barnes) Potts, was 
born Sep. 19, 1836. He married Ella F. Wharton, daugh- 
ter of George L. and Rebecca Wharton, June 27, 187 1. 
Occupation, merchant. Residence, Cadiz, Ohio. 

When a j^oung man, he clerked in his father's store, and 
taught school. In 1862, he enlisted in the 126th Regiment, 
Ohio Volunteers, and was made Orderly Sergeant in Co. A. 
He served in the compaign of Virginia, and at the Battle 
of Gettysburg. In November, 1863, he was sent to the Col- 
umbian Hospital, Washington City, completely broken 
down, where he remained until April, 1864, when he was 
discharged as unfit for service. After returning home he 
served for sometime, as Clerk in the Office of the Provost 
Marshal of his District. Subsequently, from 1865 to 1S73, 
he served Harrison County, first as Deputy Auditor and 
afterward as Auditor, each, one term of four years. 

328 The Potts Family in America. 

Children of William O. and Ella F. (Wharton) Potts. 

208 William Walter Potts, b. January 25, 1873. 

209 Howard Hathaway Potts, b. January 18, 1875. 

210 Maggie Reed Potts, b. 0(flober 22, 1879. 

87 John Potts/ (Jonathan,' John,' Jonas,') son of Jon- 
athan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born Feb. 4, 1813. 

He married Metcalf , daughter of Josiah and Hannah 

Metcalf, of Wayne County, Ohio. Residence, Corunna, 
DeKalb County ,~ Indiana. 

Children of John and — (Metcalf) Potts. 

211 Almira L. Potts, b. Nov. 24, 1834; d. Jan. 24, 1855. 

212 Hannah E. Potts, b. August 11, 1836; m. Albert Buchanan. 

89 Abraham Potts/ (Jonathan,* John,* Jonas,'), son of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born April 23, 
1817, and died February 13, 1867. He married Mary Jane 
Price, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Price. She was 
born 0(5lober 27, 1821. Abraham Potts was a farmer. He 
served several years as a Justice of the Peace. Residence, 
Wabash County, Illinois. 

Children of Abraham and Mary Jane (Price) Potts. 

213 Caroline Potts, b. Sep. 14, 1841; m. Levi Keen. 

214 Ethan Potts, b. May 9, 1843; ^- J^me Bartholomew. 

215 Emeline Potts, b. August 17, 1845; d. April 20, 1884. 

216 Relefia Potts, b. March 10, 1848. 

217 Mary Jane Potts, b. March 28, 1S54; m. Warren Tedric. 
21S Amanda Potts, b. oaober 28, 1858. 

90 Isaac Potts,* (Jonathan,' John,' Jonas,'), son of Jon- 
athan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born April 13, 
1819. He married, first, Cynthia Ann Neal, Mar. 8, 1846. 
She was born July 11, 1820, and died May 25, 1855. He 
married, second, Emeline Lewis, Sep. 16, 1855. She was 
born May 25, 1823. Residence, Lawrence Comity, Illinois. 
He filled the oflEice of Probate Judge of the County for over 
twenty years. 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 329 

Children of Isaac axd Cvxthia Ax.v (Neal) Potts. 
219 Mary Jane Potts, b. Feb. 2, 1847; m. John R. Wright. 
.220 Adaiine Potts, b. Feb. 6, 1849; d. May 8, 1878; m. George \V. 

221 Wesley Winfield Potts, b. Aug 30, 1851; d. Sep. 5, 1854. 

222 Laura Ann Potts, b. Feb, 17, 1853; m. James A. Price. 

Chtldrex of Isaac axd Emelixe ( Le\\t:s) Potts. 

223 Rosella Potts, b. Sep. 30, 1856; m. Walter Gray. 

224 Martha Ellen Potts, b. Feb. 27, 1858; m. Da\-id R. Fish. 

225 William Curtis Potts, b. Sep. 28, 1859; m. Clara Rawlings. 

226 Sherman Hays Potts, K -^i^ . jS62- i d. Oclober 16, 1862. 

227 Norman Sheridan Potts> > ' ^ ' ' <- d. Ocl. 22, 1862. 
22S Edward Marshall Potts, b. Ocl. 11, 1863. 

229 Hardin Livingston Potts, b. Jul}' 17, i866. 

230 Emma Amelia Potts, b. Sep. 12, 1S68; m. George H. Tewalt. 

231 Jemima Potts, ) ^_ ,^p^l ^6. 1872; { ^- ^"^P"^ ^^' ^^' '• 

232 Eliza Jerusha Potts, ' •- 

92 Jacob Potts,** (Jonathan, ' John,- Jonas,*) son of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born Nov. 29, 
1823, in Wayne County, Ohio. He married Mary Jane 
Hart, daughter of Miles and Elizabeth Hart, June 6, 1847, 
in Spencer County, Indiana. Occupation, farmer. Resi- 
dence, Price, Lawrence County, Illinois. He filled the of- 
fice of County Commissioner for a period of five years. 

Children of Jacob axd Mary J axe (Hart) Potts. 

233 Miles Potts, b. March 10, 1848; m. Cynthia Shroyer. 

234 Harriet Potts, b. June 2, 1849: m. Eleon Waters. 

235 John Potts, b. April -, 1851; d. April 16, 18S2; m. Nancy Jones. 

236 Josephine Potts, b. Dec. 15, 1S53; d. Dec. 23, 1874. 

237 Fremont Potts, b. June 30, 1S56; m. Adaiine Jones. 
23S Jacob Potts, b. May 25, 1858; d. June S, 1S5S. 

239 Emma Jane Potts, b. Sep. 18, 1859; d. April 2, 1S61. 

240 Maria Potts, b. Nov. 15, 1861; d. 1S88. 

241 Olive Potts, b. Nov. 26, 1S66. 

242 Eveline Potts, b. April 23, 1S71. 

* XOTE. The compiler of this work is indebted to Mr. Jacob Potts for much in- 
formation, concerning this branch of the famil}-, kindly furnished by him. 


330 The Potts Family in America. 

93 Joshua Potts/ (Jonathan,' John. ^ Jonas,*), son of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born April lo, 
1826, and died March 18, 1879. He married Maria E. 
Burns, daughter of Oliver and Nancy Burns, of Wabash 
County, Illinois. She was born May 14, 1S32. 

Chii,dren of Joshua and Maria E. (Burns) Potts 

243 Rebecca Jane Potts, b. Oil. 6, 1S50; m. James Buchanan. 

244 Isaac Newton Potts, b. Dec. 28, 1858; m. Mary Price. 

245 Laura Ellen Potts, b. August 27, 1861; m. Samuel French. 

246 Joseph Potts, b. May 28, 1865; d. August 24, 1S65. 

247 Mary Alice Potts, b. March 10, 1868. 

g5 Joseph Potts/ (Jonathan,' John, ^ Jonas,'), son of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born May 23, 
1832. He married Rebecca Ann Pitman, daughter of Wil- 
liam and Sarah Pitman, of Wabash County, Illinois. She 
was born Dec. i, 1833, and died Nov. 11, 1879. Occupa- 
tion, farmer. Residence, St.Francisville, Illinois. 

Children of Joseph and Rebecca A. (Pitman) Potts. 

248 Wesley Potts, b. April 17, 1856; m. Mary Frances Kimble. N.I. 

249 Mary Jane Potts, b. 0(51. 11, 1S58; m. George Johnson. 

250 Sarah Potts, b. Feb. 26, i860; m Thomas Potts, (153). 

251 Elmer Potts, b. June 7, 1862; m. Mary Root. 

252 Joseph Potts, b. Dec. 16, 1864; m. Edna Smith. 

253 William H. Potts, b. Februrry 8, 1S68. 

254 Harriet Josephine Potts, b. August 6, 1875. 

97 Thomas Potts, ^ (Jonathan,' Johu,^ Jonas,'), son of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Triplet) Potts, was born May 31, 
1837. He married Eouisa Pitman, daughter of William 
and Sarah Pitman, of Wabash County, Illinois. 

Children of Thomas and Louisa (Pitman) Potts. 

255 Priscilla Potts. 

256 Harriet p;ilen Potts. 

257 John Stephen Potts. 

258 Anne Potts. 

JoxAs Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 331 

100 John Potts,* (John,' John, 2 Jonas, 0, son of John 
and Margaret (Kinder) Potts, was born in 18 19. He mar- 
ried Sophia Talbot, in Perry County, Ohio. She was of 
the Talbot family of Baltimore, Maryland. The name of 
only one child has been furnished. 

Children of Johx and Sophia (Talbot) Potts. 

259 Jerome Potts. Residence, Sugar Grove, Fairfield County, Ohio. 

108 Robert G. Potts,* (James,' John,^ Jonas,'), son of 
James and Xancy (Parkinson) Potts, was born 1824. He 
married Margaret Irwin. Residence, Salineville, Ohio. 

Childrkn of Robert G. and Margaret (Irwix) Potts. 

260 Anna Potts, b. 1849. 

261 Verlinda Potts, b. 1S50. 

262 James Potts. 

263 Nellie Potts. 

264 Frank L. Potts. 

265 Cora Potts. 

266 William H. Potts. 

114 Gen. Benjamin Franklin Potts,* (James,' John, ^ 
Jonas,*), son of James and Jane (Maple) Potts, was born 
January 29, 1S36, in Carroll County, Ohio, and died June 
17, 1887, at Helena, Montana. He married Angeline Jack- 
son. No children. 

He received his education in the public schools and as a 
student in Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsyl- 
vania. He studied law and was admitted to practice in 
1859, opening an office at Carrollton, in his native County. 
He took an active part in politics, and was a delegate to 
the Democratic convention at Charleston in i860, being a 
staunch supporter of Stephen A. Douglass. On the break- 
ing out of the Civil War, he enlisted as a private and was 
elected and commissioned a Captain in the 32 Regiment, O. 
\'ol. Inf. On Dec. 2, 1862, he vras commissioned a Lieu- 

332 The Potts Family in America. 

tenant Colonel, and on the 25tli of the same month a fnll 
Colonel. Without giving- details of his long service, it may 
be mentioned that he participated in the Vicksburg Campaign 
and in "Sherman's March to the Sea." Early in 1865, he 
was commissioned a Brigadier General. Sub.sequently he 
was made a Brevet Major General, and also recommended 
to a Colonelcy in the Regular Service. He was mustered 
out of service January 15, 1866. 

On his return to civil life, he resumed the pradlice of law. 
Subsequently he filled the office of Mayor of Carrollton, and 
represented his Dis'ridt in the State Senate. He was ap- 
pointed Governor of Montana bj^ President Grant, and en- 
tering upon these duties in 1870, honorably and faithfully 
discharged them for thirteen years. He was a man of 
fine physique and presence, being six feet and one inch in 
height and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds, and 
a person of great muscular strength and energy.* 

119 Wilson S. Potts, ^ (James, 3 John,* Jonas,'), son of 
James and Jane (Maple) Potts, was born 1846. He studied 
law at Ann Arbor, Michigan ; was Superintendent of Pub- 
lic Schools of Salineville, Ohio ; Prosecuting Attorney of 
Columbiana County ; and for many 3^ears has been the edi- 
tor and publisher of 77/*? Ohio Patriot. Residence. Lisbon, 
Ohio, He married, first, Elizabeth Wisdon ; and second, 
Mary Wisdon. Names of children not reported. 

123 William Jackson Potts, ^ (Jonas,* Jonas, ^ Jonas,'), 
son of Jonas and Eydia (Jackson) Potts, was born in 1814, 
in Hanover Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, 
and died March 16, 1898. He married Margaret Ward, 
daughter of James Ward, of Eldersville, in the same Coun- 
ty. He was a farmer and occupied the farm formerly owned 

* Note. For a more complete account of Gen. Totts' war record, see Whitclaw 
Keid's work, "Ohio iu the War," Volume I, page S98, edition of 1S6S. 

Jonas Potts, Loudoun County, Virginia. 333 

bj' his grandfather, William Jackson, one half mile north of 
Florence. When advancing j-ears made it longer impossi- 
ble to continue in active business, he and his wife retired to 
a comfortable home in the village of Florence, where he 
spent the last j'ears of his life. His remains were buried in 
the churchyard of Cross Roads Presbyterian Church of 
which he had long been a consistent member. His wife 
survives him. 

Children of William Jackson and Margaret (Ward) Potts. 
267 Ruemah Potts, m. Dr. W. F. Pollock. Residence, Pittsburg, Pa. 
26S William Jackson Potts, b. 1S47; d. 1895; m. Mary Andrews. 

269 Jerome Potts, m. Lizzie H. Stevenson. Residence, Florence, Pa. 

270 Dr. James Albin Potts, b. 1852; m. Frances Wilson McGahan. 

125 Martin Potts,* (John,* Joshua, ^ Jonas, ^), son of 
John and Rhoda (Black) Potts, was born February 4, 1822. 
He married Martha Hussey. She was born in 1833. Resi- 
dence, St. Francisville, Ivawrence County, Illinois. 

Children of Martin and Martha (Hussey) Potts. 

271 Emily Potts, b. Feb. 15, 1852. 

272 Rhoda Potts, b. 1S54; d. 1863. 

273 Charles Potts, b. 1856. 

274 Martha Potts, b. 1S58. 

275 Ada Potts, b. 1S61. 

276 Harriet Potts, b. 1864. 

277 Ella Potts, b. 186S. 

278 John Potts, b. 1S70. 

125 Erastus Potts, ,< (John,' Joshua, 2 Jonas, 1), sou of 
John and Rhoda (Black) Potts, was born Nov. 7, 1S26, 
and died 1874. He married . 

Children of Erastus and ( ) Potts. 

279 Mary Potts. 

280 John Potts. 

281 Emma Potts. 

282 Hurlbert Potts. 
2S3 Elza Potts. 

334 '^HE Potts Family in America. 

130 Harrison Potts,* (John,' Joshua,* Jonas,'), son of 
John and Rhoda (Plack) Potts, was born January 17, 1831. 

He married Mary Anne . She was born December 

24, 1838. 

Children of Harrison and Mary Anne ( —) Potts. 

284 Francis Marion Potts, b. May i, 1857. 

285 William H. Potts, b. Sep. 29, 1861. 

286 Bessie Potts, b. Dec. 13, 1S63. 

287 Martha J. Potts, b. Sep. 2r, 1865. 

288 Robert Potts, b. 061. 2, 1S66. 

289 Daniel H. Potts, b. Feb. 17, 1870. 

290 Charles C. Potts, b. March 11, 1S72. 

291 Thomas J. Potts, b. Feb. 26, 1874. 

292 Cora Evaline Potts, b. July 21, 1876. 

140 David Potts,* (David,' Joshua,* Jonas,'), son of 
David and Martha (Underwood) Potts, was born Septem- 
ber 9, 1849. He married Mary Jane Runyan Aug. II, 1873. 
Occupation, merchant. Residence, Vincennes, Indiana. 

Children of David and Mary Jane (Runyan) Potts. 

293 Randall Potts, b. Sep. 13, 1875. 

294 A daughter. 

153 Thomas Potts,* (Joshua,' Joshua,* Jonas,'), son of 
Joshua and Rebecca (Harvout) Potts, was born 1857. He 
married Sarah Potts, (250), daughter of Joseph (96) and 
Rebecca A. (Pitman) Potts. She was born Feb. 26, i860. 
Residence, Evansville, Indiana. 

Children of Thomas and Sarah (Potts) Potts. 

295 Lutie Potts. 

296 Barton Potts. 

156 Nathan Potts,* (Thomas,' Noah,* Jonas,'), son of 
Thomas and Nancy (Potts) Potts, was born 18 19, and died 
Feb. 4, 1 88 1. He married Eli/.a Pendleton. Occupation, 
merchant. Residence, Wellsburg, West Virginia. 

Jonas Potts, LtOUdoun County, Virginia. 335 

Children of Nathan and Eliza (Pendleton) Potts. 
297 Jasper Potts, Residence, Wellsburg, W. Va. 

29S Catharine Potts, m. Alney, 

299 Anne Potts, ni. Wright. 

233 Miles Potts, -^ (Jacob, ^ Jonathan,' John, * Jonas, ^), 
son of Jacob and Mary Jane (Hart) Potts, was born March 
10, 1848. He married Cynthia Shroyer. 

Children of Miles and Cynthia (Shroyer) Potts. 

300 Burton Potts. 

301 Jacob Potts. 

302 Huldah Potts. 

303 Claudius Potts. 

235 John Potts, -^ (Jacob,* Jonathan, ^ John,^ Jonas, *), 
son of Jacob and Mary Jane (Hart) Potts, was born June 2, 
1849, and died April 16, 18S2. He married Nancy Jones, 
of Pike County, Ohio. 

Children of John and Nancy (Jones) Potts. 

304 Emma Jane Potts. 

305 Grace Pearl Potts. 

237 Fremont Potts, '^ (Jacob,* Jonathan,' John,' Jo- 
nas,^) .son of Jacob and Mary Jane (Hart) Potts, was born 
January 30, 1856. He married Adaline Jones. 

Children of Fremont and Adaline (Jones) Potts. 

306 Emma Potts. 

307 Lillian Potts. 

251 Elmer Potts, 5 (Joseph,* Jonathan,' John,'' Jonas, ^), 
son of Joseph and Rebecca Ann (Pitman) Potts, was born 
June 7, 1862. He married Mary Root, daughter of Benja- 
min and Mary Ann Root, Oct. 16, 1880, at St. Franci.sville, 

336 The Potts Famii^y in America. 

Children ok Elmer and Mary (Root) Potts. 

308 Benjamin Potts, b. Sep. 10, iSSr. 

309 Wesley Potts, b. Nov. 11, 1884. 

268 William Jackson Potts, Jr,^ (William Jackson, 
Jonas, ^ Jonas, ^ Jonas,'), son of William Jackson and Mar- 
garet (Ward) Potts, was born 1847, and died July 21, 1895. 
He married Mary Andrews, daughter of Col. John Andrews. 
Residence, Florence, Pa. 

Child of W. Jackson and Mary (Andrews) Potts. 

310 Orrin A. Potts. 

269 Jerome Potts, 5 (William Jackson,* Jonas, ^ Jonas, 
Jonas, \), son of William Jackson and Margaret (Ward) 
Potts, married Lizzie H. Stevenson, daughter of Rev. Ross 

and ( ) Stevenson. Residence, Florence, Pa. 

Occupation, farmer, and gardener. No children. 

270 Dr. James Albin Potts, '^ (William Jackson,* Jo- 
nas, Jonas,* Jonas,'), son of William Jackson and Marga- 
ret (Ward) Potts, was born Dec. 10, 1852. He married 
Frances Wilson McGahan, daughter of Thomas Brown and 
Sarah (Craig) McGahan, Ocl. 25, 18S8, at Johnstown, Pa. 
Physician. Residence, Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Child of Dr. James A. and Frances W. (McG.\han) Potts. 

311 Margaret Frances Potts, b. March 10, 1S92. 

Chart. Two generations of descendants of Jonas Potts 
are grouped together in the chart or pedigree printed upon 
the next page. 

Jonas Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia. 337 

A Short Pedigree of Jonas Potts' Family. 

-Jonas Potts 
I ± Mary - 

-David=Miny Adams ■ 

-Jonathan— Eliza'h English — 


-Jonas=Hauu«h • 

Miny=Jacob Mowser 

Fanny Potts 

Abby = David Wolverton 
-James Potts= 
-David=Rachel Morris 

-Joshua=Catharine Chayser 
-Thomas +Rosana Jackson 

2± Elizabeth Wallace 
-David + Susannah Jackson 

2± Margaret Penny 
-John=Rebecca Harris 
-Nathan Potts 
-Anna = John Goodwin 
-Jonas=Elizabeth Johnson 
-Samuel L. = Elizabeth Barnes 
-Mary=Osmond Ryan 
-Lydia + Thomas Rowland 

2 ±John Cain 
-William T Cecelia Hurd 

2 ± Mary H. Morris 
-Sarah Potts 

-Jonathan=Elizabeth Triplet 
-Jonas Potts 

-John=Mars;aret Kinder 
-Nathan Potts 
-James + Nancy Parkinson 

2± Jane Maple 
-David= Rachel Wiggins 
-Thoraas=Catharine Rond- 
-Sarah Potts [bush 

-Deborah Potts 
-Margaret Potts 


-Jesse Potts 
-Jouas=Lydia Jackson 
-Samuel Potts 
-Anna= Jonas Sams 

-Nathan=Mary Chamblin- 

2=Mary Hecka- 


-Joshua=Milly Suver 

-Thomas=Mary Martin 

-Noah=Barbara Heckathorn- 

-= Richard Hart 

-Mary=Thomas Spacht 
-William^vSarah Huffman 
-Nancy = Thomas Potts 
-Jonathan=Rebecca McMil- 
-Sarah=John Greene [Ian 
-Amelia=James Potts 


-Lorenza Potts 
-Frederick Potts 
-Elizabeth Potts 

-John=Rhoda Black 
-Eliza=Collins Bushnell 
-David + Martha Underwood 
2± Hannah J. Ramsay 
-Joshua + Rebecca Harvout 
2= Laura Colloson 
3±Maryetta Couch 
-Harriet=Thomas Stringer 



-Thomas=Nancy Potts 
-Polly Potts 
-James + Amelia Potts 

2± Nancy 

-Rachel= Campbell 

-David=Sarah Hart 
-Robert Potts 
-Rebecca Potts 

338 The Potts Family in America, 


Jonathan Potts, of Pennsylvania and Kentucky. 

1 JONATHAN POTTS,' born 1714, in Pennsylva- 
nia, is believed to have been the son of Jonas Potts, of Phil- 
adelphia County, Pennsylvania, by his second wife. [See 
Chapter VIII, pages 220 to 230, ante]. He removed, first, 
to Virginia, (supposed to Loudoun County), and from 
there to Kentucky, where he spent the remainder of his life. 
The meager account we have of Jonathan Potts is largely 
founded upon tradition, communicated b}^ aged members of 
the family. 

In 1878, Mr. Edwin H. Potts,* then aged sixty nine 
years, gave the writer some interesting and valuable infor- 
mation, concerning the early history of the family. Near- 
ly all his statements have since been verified b}- written 
records. Among other things he stated that two nephews 
[half brothers] of his ancestor, David Potts, — Jonas Potts 
and Jonathan Potts by names, — after living in Eoudoun 
County for some time, removed to the west, Jonas settling 
in western Pennsylvania. Since then Jonas Potts, who set- 
tled in western Pennsylvania, and his descendants, have 
been quite fully traced and the result given in Chapter 

In the year 1887, Mr. Joel Potts, of Sharpsburg, Il- 
linois, then above seventy five years of age, and a grand- 
son of Jonathan Potts, informed the writer that the tradi- 
tions of his family allege, that the Potts family came from 

* Note, For the record of Edwin H. Potts, see pages 303, 305 and 306, ante. 

Jonathan Potts, oe Kentucky. 339 

Wales to Pennsylvania with William Penn ; that the emi- 
grant famil}'- were Quakers, being driven from Wales by 
reason of the religious persecution they had endured, on ac- 
count of their faith. His grandfather removed from Penn- 
sylvania to Virginia, and from thence to Kentucky, where 
the family endured the hardships and privations incident 
to frontier life and the hostility of the Indians. Other 
members of the family have the same tradition of Welsh 

Mr. George W. Potts, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and 
fifth in descent from Jonathan Potts, has in his possession 
an old Bible, which seems to have originally belonged to 
his ancestor, the said Jonathan. This Bible contains nu- 
merous manuscript entries of records and sometimes mean- 
ingless scribbling. The book is in a very dilapidated con- 
dition, and much of the original writing is either partially 
or wholly faded out. It would seem that sometime children 
may have made a plaything of the book, and pradliced in 
a first essay at penmanship across the records. Below is 
given all that can be deciphered of the early records and en- 
tries, which have any bearing on the early history of the 
family. On the first fly-leaf are the following entries, 

John Potts his Book God Giv him Grace to Look there on 1768 

Emey Potts Hur Book 

John Potts his Hand and pen 

Jonathan Potts 

On the next page of the fly-leaf is what seems to have 
been an original record of births. It is, from its appear- 
ance, the earliest writing in the book, but is now only par- 
tially legible on account of the faded ink, and later careless 
scribbling over the records. So far as decipherable, this 
is what remains, 

Nathan Potts 
Amos Potts Born Decmber in one 1743 

340 The Potts Family in America. 

Sarah Potts Born January 19 Day in one 1745 

Potts Born in febuary 28 

Potts Born april 23 Day 1767* 

Potts born July 
Ezekiel Potts Borne September third at ten OClock at night 175S 

In other parts of the book are found these further ran- 
dom entries. 

Jonathan Potts Born Day of the month in the year of our 

Lord 1714 

Omey Potts Wife of John Potts Born June 19 day 1718 

Emey Potts and nathan Hur Son 


Mrs Emey Potts is 72 years old June 1790 

This old Bible was loaned to the writer hereof, for some- 
time, giving him the opportunity for a careful study of the 
now imperfe(5l records. He was led to believe that Jo7ia- 
than and John were used as synonymous names for the 
same person. Whether Emey was intended for Amy or Em- 
ma is uncertain, but possibly for the former, as this name re- 
curs as the name of a granddaughter. The record of births, 
is undoubtedly that of the children of Jonathan and Emej', 
as the latter acknowledges Nathan Potts as her son in one 
of the Bible entries. From other reliable family authority, 
it is learned that Jonathan had a sou David, and another 
daughter beside Sarah, Jonathan and Emey Potts were 
probably married in Penns5dvania. Below is given a list 
of children so far as possible. It is worth while to remark 
that the names Jonathan, Nathan, David, and Ezekiel, are 
duplicates of names common in the families of David Potts, 
of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and of David Potts 
and Jonas Potts, of Loudoun County, Virginia. 

* Note. This date seems to be jilainly written 1767. It is hardlj' the date of 
birth, unless it was intended for 1747. It may be the date of a death. 

Jonathan Potts, of Kextucky. 341 

Children of Jonathan and Emey ( ) Potts.* 

nz Potts. 

3 Nathan Potts. 

4 Amos Potts, b. Dec. — , 17^. 

^ Sarah Potts, b. Jan.—, 1745; m. Robert Rowlatid. 

6 A daugMer, m . •v- Burke, of Burkesville. No issne, 

7 David Potts, b. 1751; dv 1S23; m. ist, Elizabeth Luna; m, 2d, 

Martha Short, nee Tiiies. 

8 Potts. 

9 Ezekiel Potts, b. Sep. 5, r75S. 

7 David Potts, 2 (Jonathati,'), son o! Jouatlian and 

Emey { ) Potts, was born about 1751, probably in 

Philadelphia County, Penns^-lvania ; and died 1823, in 
Mercer County, Kentuckj-. He settled in Mercer Count}', 
and engaged in farming. He suffered much from the in- 
cursions of hostile Indians. In religious persuasion he was 
a Baptist. He learned to read after his marriage, and then 
confined his reading to the Bible. He married, first, Eliza- 
beth IvUna. After her death, and when he was about sixt}' 
years of age, he married, second, Mrs. Martha Short, a 
widow with two children. Her maiden name was Tines. 

Children of David and Eliz^abeth (Luna) Potts. 

10 Jeremiah Potts, m. 

11 Jonathan Potts, b. Jan. 9, 1775; d. 1S68; m. Bathsheba Ballard. 

12 John Potts, b. Nov. 16, 1782; m. Nancy Wilson. No issue. 

13 Isaiah Potts. 16 Mary Potts. iS Amy Potts. 

14 David Potts. 17 Margaret Potts. 19 Rebecca Potts. 

15 Catharine Potts. 

Child of David and Martha (Tines) Potts 

20 Joel Potts, b. OcT:ober 26, iSii ; m. ist, Sarah Ann Blizzard ; m. 
2d, Mar}- Ann Clark; m. 3d, Ruth Myers, nee Clark. 

* Note. Except of David, very little information of the children of Jonathan 
Potts has come lo notice. Two of the sons are said to have been drowned in the 
river by the parting of a raft. Mr. Joel Potts says his aunt Sarah married Robert 
Rowland, had children and removed to Missouri'. He also says that another aunt, 
whose name he had forgotten, married a man named Burke, and that Burkesville. 
Kentucky, took its name from him. She had no ciiildren, and is said to have lived 
to the great age of 115 years. 

342 The Potts Family in America. 

10 Jeremiah Potts,* ( David, ^ Jonathan,'), son of Da- 
vid and Elizabeth (Luna) Potts, settled in Union County, 
Kentucky, near Morganfield. He was a farmer and a great 
hunter. He lived to a great age. He is said to have 
reached lOO 3^ears, He married and raised a family. 

Children of Jeremiah and ( ) Potts. 

21 John Potts. 24 David Potts. 27 Jeremiah Potts. 

22 R. L. Potts. 25 Jonathan Potts. 28 Rebecca Potts. 

23 Amos PottSi 26 Joseph Potts. 29 Lavinia Potts. 

11 Jonathan Potts,' (David,* Jonathan,'), son of Da- 
vid and Elizabeth (Luna) Potts, was born January 9, 1775. 
Another authority gives the date of birth as May 30, 1776. 
He is said to have heen named in honor of his grandfather. 
He married, first, Bathsheba Ballard, daughter of Reuben 
and Mary Ballard, Feb. 7, 1799. He married a second time, 
but the name of the latter wife has not been given. He 
died Odlober 26, 1S68. 

Children of Jonathan and Bathsheba (Ballard) Potts. 

30 John C. Potts, b. April 11, 1800; d. July 19, 1S34. 

31 Elizabeth Potts, b. April 22, 1802. 

32 Reuben Potts, b. April 17, 1803; d. March 7, 1847; ^^- Catharine 


33 Isaiah Potts, b. Jan. 8, iSoS; b. Feb. 16, 18S6; m. Sarah Burns. 

34 Ninian E. Potts, b. August i, 1810; m. ist, Emily Robinsou; m. 

2d, Nancy Stewart. 

35 Alexander Potts, b. August 11, 1812; d. 1817. 

36 Rebecca Potts, b. Jan. 12, 1814, m. Edward Smith. Children, i 

William S., 2 Eliza Jane, 3 Reuben A., 4 Jonathan, 5 Nan- 
nie, 6 Columbus, 7 Calvin C, 8 Richard C, 9 Mary S., 10 
Fannie E. 

37 Thomas J. Potts, b. August 10, 1817. 

20 Joel Potts, 3 (David,' Jonathan,'), son of David and 
Martha (Tines) Potts, was born Odlober 20, 181 1, in Mer- 
cer Cotmty, Kentucky.* In 1850, he settled in Christian 

* Note. Tlie compiler received much valuable information from Joel Potts, he 
being the oldest surviving member of this branch of the family. 

Jonathan Potts, of Kentucky. 343 

County, Illinois, near Sharpsburg, and engaged in farm- 
ing. He married, first, Sarah Ann Blizzard ; second, Mary- 
Ann Clark ; and third, Mrs. Ruth Myers, nee Clark. The 
latter two were sisters. He died July 19, 1898. 

CfiiLDREN 01? JoEi. AND Sarah Ann (Bi^izzard) Potts-. 

38 Louisa Jane Potts, b. Odtober 15, 1835; d. 1847. 

39 Maria Elizabeth Potts, b. Sept. 5, 1837; m. William B. Davis, 

Children, i Flora Evalilie, 2 George Albert, 3 Joel Jerome, 4 
Julian Eugene. 

40 Nathan C. Potts, b. June 10, 1840; d. March 25, 1885; m^ Ele- 

nora Kemmerer, 

41 Gilbert L. Potts, b. August 8, 1841; d. y. 

42 William A. Potts, b. February 26, 1843; d. y. 

43 George D. Potts, b. July 17, 1845; m. ist, Elnora Langley; m, 

2d, Sarah E. Flynn. 

44 Cyrus A. Potts, b. June 22, 1847; m. ist Florence Miller; m. 2d, 

Mary E. Maupin. 

45 Sarah Catharine Potts, b. November 28, 1S48; d. y. 

32 Reuben Potts,* (Jonathan,* David,* Jonathan,'), 
son of Jonathan and Bathsheba (Ballard) Potts, was born 
April 7, 1803, and died March 7, 1837. He married Cath- 
arine Ashbrook, of Bowling Green. He was a cabinetmak- 
er and a successful business man. 

Chii,d of Reuben and Catharine (Ashbrook) Potts. 

46 George W. Potts, b. July, 22, 1845; m. Louisa Keller Minor. 

33 Isaiah Potts,* (Jonathan, ^ David,* Jonathan,*), son 
of Jonathan and Bathsheba (Ballard) Potts, was born Jan- 
uary 8, 1808, and died February 16, 1886. He married 
Sarah B. Burris, daughter of John Burris, of Butler Coun- 
ty. She was born November 9, 1809, and died March 9, 
1859, Isaiah removed, in 1842, from Warren County to 
Union County, Kentucky, where he engaged in farming. 

Chii,dren oe Isaiah and Sarah B. (Burris) Potts. 

47 Stanford Potts, b. July 19, 1834. 

48 Bluford Potts, b. April 15, 1836. 

49 Bedford Potts, b. June 20, 1838. 

344 I^HE Potts Family nsr America. 

50 Columbus Potts. 53 Ann Elizabeth Potts. 

51 John T. Potts. 54 Mary Jane Potts. 

52 William Woodring Pott.s.. 55 Sarah PottSv 

34 Ninian E. Potts,* (Jonathan,^' David, ^ Jonathan/)^ 
son of Jonathan and Bathsheba (Ballard) Potts, was born 
Aug". I, iSio. He married, first, Emily Robinson, daugh- 
ter of John I/. Robinson, of Warren County. He married, 
second, Nancy Stewart. Occupation, carpenter. 

Chii,d of Ninian E. and Emil-y (Robinson) Potts. 

56 A son wlio removed to Indiana. 

Children of Ninian and Na:n-cv (Stewart) Pdtts. 

57 Henry Potts. He entered the Federal army during the Civil 

War and died of measles in 1S63. 
5S James V. Potts. Accidentally killed by the fallin«j of a tree. 

59 Nancy Ann Potts, m. John S. Lamb. 

40 Nathan C, Potts,* (Joel,* Da vid,^ Jonathan,^), son 
of Joel and Sarah Ann (Blizzard) Potts, was born June 10, 
1840, and died March 25, 18-85. He married Elnora Kem- 

Children of Nathan C. and Elnora (Kemmerer) Potts. 

60 Charles E. Potts, b. November 10, 1S66. 

61 Almond A. Potts, b. September 21, 1868. 

62 Myron E. Potts, b, January 7, 1870. 

63 Luella M. Potts, b. July 2, 1871. 

64 Ada Potts, b. September 9, 1872; d. July 28, 1873. 

65 Herbert F. Potts, b. December 13, 1874. 

66 Harvey Joel Potts, b. May 23, 1876. 

67 Joseph C. Potts, b. June 28, 1877. 

68 Archie E. Potts, b. January 8, 1879. 

69 Freeman M. Potts, b. June 9, 1880. 

70 Myrtle E, Potts, January 6, 1882. 

71 Nathan Clyde Potts, b. May 21, 1884. 

43 George D. Potts,* (Joel,' David, ^ Jonathan,^), son 
of Joel and Sarah Ann (Blizzard) Potts, was born July 17, 

Jonathan Potts, of Kentucky. 345 

1845. He married, first, Elnora Ivangley, and second, Sa- 
rah E. Fl3-nn. Residence, Sharpsburg, Christian County, 

Children ov George D. and Elnora (Langley) Potts, 

72 William Albert Potts, b. Nov. 17, 1867. 

73 Joel Preston Potts, b. May 17, 1869; d. y. 

74 Rufus Monroe Potts, b. Sep. 3, 1S70. 

75 Cyrus Alvin Potts, b. Jan. 18, 1873. 

76 Dempster Orvil Potts, b. March 15, 1S75. 

Children of George D. and Sarah E. (Flvnn) Potts. 

77 Tony Roscoe Potts, b. April 17, 1880. 

78 Lineal Otis Potts, b. March 15, 1SS4. 

44 Cyrus A. Potts,* (Joel,' David, ^ Jonathan,') son of 
Joel and Sarah Ann (Blizzard) Potts, was born June 22, 
1847. He married, first, Florence Miller, and second, Mary 
E. Maupin. Residence, Atchison, Kansas. 

Children of Cyrus A. and ( ) Potts. 

79 Elmer Clarence Potts, b. April 11, 1879. 

80 Claude Henry Potts, b. Oiftober 18, 1881. 

46 George W. Potts, ^ (Reuben,* Jonathan,' David, ^ 
Jonathan,'), son of Reuben and Catharine (Ashbrook) 
Potts, was born July 22, 1845. He married L,ouisa Keller 
Minor, a native of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Occupation, 
merchant. Residence, Bowling Green, Kentucky.* 

Children of George W. and Louisa Keller (Minor) Potts. 

81 William Keller Potts, b. 1876. 

82 George Eward Potts, b. 1884. 

83 Earnest Potts, b. 1885. 

* Note. George W. Potts furnished the compiler with much valuable data, in 
the way of copies of Bible records, etc. 



The Potts Family in America. 


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v^ fc s ■ 5 W 

x K K o 2,^ «jj S 

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. . £< 6> . (u &< — ^, — ;'. 

lliain A. F 
1 Preston 
Fns Monro 
rus Alvin 
nipster Or 

o < S ^' •< S E £.<: 'A S 2: 
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r c oj^i! 







Amy 1 

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John Potts, of Path Vallky. 347 


John Potts, of Path Valley^ Pennsylvania. 

I JOHN POTTS, is said to have been born in 1729, 
in Dublin, Ireland, and died in 1785, in Pennsylvania.* 
He was educated in London, and prepared for the ministry 
in the Church of England. He is said to have been a 
schoolmate and fast friend of King George III. Being too 
young to take orders in the Church, he was placed for a 
time in his uncle's store in London. Through some mis- 
hap he lost some books or papers belonging to his uncle. 
He took the matter greatly to heart, renounced his inten- 
tion to take clerical orders, and applied for a Commission in 
the Army. He was appointed a topographic engineer un- 
der General Braddock, in 1750, and came to America. He 
was at the memorable defeat at Duquesne, and escaped the 
general massacre, but his servants were all slain. He re- 
mained in Pennsylvania and settled in Path Valley, Cum- 
berland County, — now included in the western part of 
Franklin County. He was among the earliest settlers of 
that sedtion, and built the first grist-mill in the valley. 

It is alleged that the English Government gave him the 
grant of a large tract of land, but shortly after the opening 
of the Revolutionary War, he became mentally deranged 
and destroyed his patents, deeds, etc. After his death, his 
children deemed it useless to press any claim for remunera- 
tion, the Colonies being then separated from Great Britain. 
The family have a tradition that two brothers of John Potts 

* Note. The account of John Potts is altogether traditional, having been ob- 
tained from John Potts, (ii) his grandson, late of Moultou, Iowa. 

348 The Potts Family in America. 

came to America and that one of them settled at Pottsgrove. 
There seems to be nothing to support this tradition. John 
Potts married Eli/.abeth Stevens about 1757. 

Chii.dren or John and Elizabeth (Stevens) Potts. 

2 Alexander Potts, b. 175S; d. 1S33; m. ist, Martha Barnett; m. 

2d, Susan Parsons. 

3 John Potts, m. . 

4 James Potts. He is said to have removed to Ohio and settled on 

the Muskingum River.* 

5 Robert Potts. He was a millwright and is said to have died at 

sea. He married and left two daughters who married south- 
ern gentlemen, slaveholders. 

6 Charlotte Potts. 7 Hannah Potts. 

2 Alexander Potts, ^ (John,*), sou of John and Eliza- 
beth (Stevens) Potts, was born in 1757, in the Fort at Car- 
lisle, and died in 1833. He was a miller and lived in Path 
Valley, Franklin County. He married, first, Martha Bar- 
nett, daughter of James and Catharine Barnett. She died 
Aug. 22, 1807. He married, .second, Susan Parsons. She 
was btiried at Berlin, Somerset Count}'. 

Children of Alexander and Martha (Barnett) Potts. 

8 Elizabeth Potts, b. July 4, 1797; d. 1874; m. John Stitt, 1840. 

9 Catharine Potts, b. Nov. 14, 1799; d. 1875; m. John Kunesman. 

10 Hannah Potts, b. Aug. 2, 1801; d. 1S60; m. Stephen Wilkinson. 

11 John Potts, b. Dec. 25, 1803; d. Nov. 6, 1886; m. ist, Margaret 

Linn; m. 2d, Sarah C. Stitt. 

12 Martha Potts, b. March 27, i8g6; d. 1S76; m. Samuel Ow. 

Child of Alexander and Sus.a.n (P.\r<5ons) Potts. 

13 Rev. Jephlhah Potts, b. Jan. 8, 1809; d. 1883; m. Marj- Horn. 

3 John Potts, 2 (John,'), .son of John and lilizabeth 
(Stevens) Potts, married and removed to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

* Note. In 1S03, a marriage was granted at Steubenville, Ohio, to one 
Janie.s Potts and Elizabeth Roads. This may or may not have been the above. 

John Potts, of Path Valley. 249 

Chii.dren of John and ( ) PoTTS. 

14 Alexander Potts. Died at Philadelphia. 

15 John Potts. Died at Cincinnati. 

16 Joseph Potts. Is said to have been a Methodist minister. 

17 Mary Potts, m. Martha Slough. 
iS Hannah Potts, m. Lewis. 

II John Potts,* (Alexander,* John,*), son of Alexan- 
der and Martha (Barnett) Potts, was born Dec. 25, 1803, 
and died Nov. 6, 1886. He married, first, Margaret Linn, 
in 1S29. Pie married, second, Sarah C. Stitt. He resided 
in Franklin County until 1852, when he removed to Moul- 
ton, Appanoose Count)', Iowa. He was Count)^ Survej^or 
and a Notary- Public for many years, and was latterly con- 
necfted with the fire insurance business. 

Children of John and Sar.a.h C. (Stitt) Potts, 

19 Nancy Martha Potts, b. April 20, 1848; m. Henry Bond, 1S70. 

20 John Rittenhoiise Sedman Potts, b. Sep. 8, 1851. 

21 Juniata Potts, b. Oct. 25, 1854; m. William F. Bevan. 

22 Margaret Potts, b. 1S57; m. GiflFord M. Neill. 

23 Alexander Potts, b. July 2, 1859. 

24 Frank Udell Potts, b. January i, 1862. 

25 William S. Potts. 

26 Eva Eliza Potts. 

13 Rev. Jephthah Potts, ^ ( Alexander,' John,'), son of 
Alexander and Susan (Parsons) Potts, was born January 8, 
1809, and died 1883. He was a minister in the Lutheran 
Church, and was located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. 
He married Martha Horn, May 8, 1832. She was born 
March 31, 181 2. 

Children of Rf;v. Jephthah and Mary (Horn) Potts. 

27 Charlotte Potts, b. Feb. 17, 1S33; m. David H. Bowser. 

28 William Jephthah Potts, b. Nov. 18, 1833; d. Nov. 19, 1845. 

29 Rev. John Vinton Potts, b. July 22, 1S36; m. Annie B. Colborn. 

30 Ann Potts, b. Sep. 16, 1838; d. Jan. 9, 1839. 

31 Mar}- Elizabeth Potts, b. Nov. 30, 1S39; m. Nathan Rhodes. 

350 The Potts Family in America. 

32 Theodore Benson Potts, b. Feb. 7, 1842; ni. Catharine Beckley. 

33 Evaline Maria Potts, b. Auof. 12, 1844; m. Peter Bender. 

34 James Albert Potts, b. July 26, 1847. 

35 Cyrus Josiah Potts, b. Ocl. 6, 1849; "i- Beaver. 

36 vSylvester Sydney Potts, b, May 20, 1852; m. Susan Real. 

29 Rev. John Vinton Potts,* (Jephthali,' Alexander,' 
John,'), son of Rev. Jephthah and Mary (Horn) Potts, was 
born July 22, 1836, near Schellsburg, Bedford County, Pa. 
He married Annie B. Colborn, March 21, 1861. He is a 
minister of the United Brethern Church, and is the author 
of several religious books. Residence, North Robinson, 
Crawford County, Ohio. 

Children of Rev. John Vinton and Annih B. (Colborn) Potts. 

37 Charles Potts. An adopted son. 

38 Ivan S. Potts. 39 Arlie Potts. 

A Pedigree of John Potts' Family. 

John Potts=Elizabeth Stkvens 
b. 1729 I 

d. 1785 

1 \ m 

Mratha Barnett^ Alexanaer=Susan Parsons John= James 

I I Robert 


MM! I Ml M 

Elizabeth Potts Jephthah Potts-=Mary Horn Alexander Johti 

Catharine Potts 

Hannah Potts 

Martha Potts 

John Potts- Sarah C. Stilt 

Joseph Mary 



Nancy M. Alexander Charlotte Mary E. James Albert 

John R. S. Frank V. William J. Theodore B. Cvnis Josiah 

Juniata William S. Rev. John V. Evaline M. Sylvester S. 

Margaret Eva Eliza Ann 

Robert Potts, of Virginia. 351 


The Potts Family of Northumberland County, Virgfinia.* 

I ROBERT POTTS is found in Northumberland 
Count}-, Virginia, as earh' as 1756. The land records of 
that County show the following purchases of land. 

Sept. 13, 1756, from John Hill, eighteen acres. 

Dec. 26, 1762, from Robert Carter, a lease of land. 

March 8, 1773, from George Edwards, a tracft of land. 

Robert Potts' wife's name was Frances, and as the fam- 
ily is said to have been related to the Hills, her maiden 
name is supposed to have been Hill. 

Robert Potts died about 1 778, probably at quite an old age. 
His will is dated Sept. 15, 1777, and was proven June 8, 
1778. He mentions his wife Frances; his sons Thomas, 
Robert and Enoch ; his daughters Betty Pitman, Martha 
Pitman, Sukey Pitman and Nancy Potts ; his son-in-law 
John Boyd ; and his grand-children Thomas Potts and 
Frances Boyd. 

Children of Robert and Frances ( ) Potts. 

2 Thomas Potts, m. Judith Sutton. 

3 Robert Potts. No account of descendants. 

4 Enoch Potts. No account of descendants. 

5 Betty Potts, m. Pitman. 

6 Martha Potts, m. Pitman. 

7 Sukej- Potts, m. Pitman. 

8 Potts, m. John Boyd. 

9 Nanc}' Potts. 

* Note. This Chapter has been compiled from some brief abstradls from the 
official records of Northumberland County, and from information received from 
Warner K. C. Potts, of Mexico, Missouri. 

352 The Potts Family in America. 

2 Thomas Potts,* (Robert,'), son of Robert and Fran- 
ces Potts, married Judith Sutton, daughter of William Sut- 
ton, deceased, as appears from a bond recorded in North- 
umberland County, dated Feb. 3, 1777. On July 12, 1779, 
Enoch Potts executed a deed to Thomas Potts for land in- 
herited from Robert Potts, his father. Thomas afterwards 
removed to the adjoining County of Lancaster, and on June 
17, 1793, he conveyed land formerly belonging to Robert 
Potts, his father, to Thomas Potts, Jr., his son, who was 
described as of Northumberland County. Enoch Potts and 
Robert Potts are named in the deed as brothers of Thomas, 
Senior. On Sept. 6, 1S05, Thomas Potts and Judith, his 
wife, conveyed to Thomas Webb 142)4 acres of land in 
Northumberland County ; and on October 30, following, 
Thomas Webb and wife conveyed the same amount of land 
to Thomas Potts. From a deed dated Jan. 14, 1811, it ap- 
pears that Thomas Potts was a trustee for Jessie Pitman. 
Whether there were other children than Thomas, Jr., has 
not been learned. 

Children of Thomas and Judith (Sui^on) Potts. 
10 Thomas Potts, ni. Susan Cockerill. 

10 Thomas Potts,' (Thomas,- Robert,'), .son of Thom- 
as and Judith (Sutton) Potts, was a resident of Northum- 
berland County, and owned land conveyed to him by his 
father. He seems to have been the same who, descend- 
ants say, married Susan Cockerill, and had three sons and 
possibly other children. 

Chii.drknof Tho.mas .^.nd (Cockhriij.) Potts. 

I r Thomas Potts. No further account. 

12 John Potts. No further account. 

13 Enoch Hill Potts, b. 1780; d. 1846; m. Mary Garlington. 

Robert Potts, of Virginia. 353 

13 Enoch Hill Potts/ (Thomas, ^ Thomas, ^ Robert, i). 
son of Thomas and Susan (Cockerill) Potts, was born 1780, 
in Northumberland County. He married Mary Garlington, 
daughter of William and L,ucy (Carroll) Garlington. The 
Northumberland County records show a deed made in 1S14 
by Enoch and Polls' Potts, (who was formerly Polly Gar- 
lington), to William Garlington, for his wife's interest in 
dower land held by L,ucy Garlington. 

About this time he removed to Baltimore, and when the 
British army made the sally on that city in August, 1814, 
he lost all his negroes — ten likel}' men beside several women 
and children. After a couple of 3'ears in Baltimore, he re- 
moved to Kentucky and from there to Cooper County, Mis- 
souri, where he died about 1845 or 1846. 

Children of Enoch Hiti, and Mary (Garlington) Potts. 

14 Henry Paggette Potts, m. Lucy Jane Smith. 

15 William Garlington Potts, m. Judith Smith. 

16 Warner Kenner Crawler Potts, b. 1S34; m. Susan A. Daniel. 

17 Olivia Green Potts, m. N. P. Degenette. 
iS Susan Cockerill Potts, m. Joseph Cline. 
19 Kitty Carroll Potts. 

16 Warner Kenner Crawler Potts, ^* (Enoch Hill,* 
Thomas,* Thomas, Robert.'), son of Enoch Hill and Mary 
(Garlington) Potts, was born about 1834. He married Su- 
san A. Daniel. Residence, Mexico, Audrain County, Mo. 

Child of Warnkr K. C. and Susan A. (Daniel) Potts. 
20 Willard Potts, b. 1S59. A merchant at Mexico, Missouri. 

* Note. Mr. W. K. C. Potts says that the tradition of his family alleges that 
the first settlers came from Wales. They claim to be related to the Potts' of 


354 The Potts Family in America. 

Sopplementary Notes.* 

The following were residents of Northumberland County, 
Virginia, but the names of their parents do not seem to be 
known by their descendants. 

Children of and ( ) Potts. 

1 Thomas Potts, m. Jud)' Percival. 

2 John Potts. He was a seaman. 

3 Bartley or Bartlett Potts. 

4 James Potts. He was a merchant a New Orleans. 

I Thomas Potts, when eighteen j^ears of age, enlisted 
in the Revolutionary Army, but no account of his services 
has been furnished. He is said to have married Judy Per- 
cival, or Piercevill. He was a farmer. 

Children of Thomas and Judy (Percival) Potts. 

5 Thomas Potts. He settled and died in Jackson County, Mo. 

6 John Potts, b. ; d. 1865; m. . 

7 Joseph Potts. Settled and died in Johnson County, Missouri. 
S Jesse Potts. Settled and died in Jackson Count}', Missouri. 

9 Catharine Potts. 1 1 Nancy Potts. 

10 Judy Potts. 12 Eliza Potts. 

6 John Potts removed to Missouri. He was married, 
and died July 1865. 

Children of John and ( ) Potts. 

13 Ivevi Potts, b. ; m. . 

14 Martain Potts, b. ; d. Ocl. — , 1S63. 

13 Levi Potts is a farmer and lives near Grain Valley, 
Jackson County, Missouri. He is married. 

Children of Lp:vi and ( ) Potts. 

15 William Potts. 16 Josiah M. Potts. 17 Riley Potts. 

* Note. The data for these Supplementary Notes has been furnished by Mr. 
Josiah M. Potts (16), of Grain V'alley, Missouri. These are probably descendants 
of Robert Potts A more thorough Investigation would doubtless develope a clear- 
er and more complete pedigree of this family. 

The Barbadoes-Maryland Family, 355 


The Potts Family of Barbadoes and Maryland, 

The Barbadoes-Maryland family of Potts take their de- 
scent from William Potts, who seems to have emigrated 
from Kings County, Ireland, to the Island of Barbadoes in 
the West Indes, probably in the early part of the eighteenth 
century. This is corroborated, both by tradition and old 
family letters still preser\^ed. The earliest Bible record be- 
gins with William Potts and wife Rebecca in Barbadoes. 
This family has long been one of high social standing. 

1 WILLIAM POTTS/ (William,"), son of William 
Potts, of Kings County, Ireland, was born, perhaps about 
1690 or a little later.* For an account of the family in Ire- 
land, see pages 97 to 1 11, in this volume. William Potts 
settled at Bridgetown, in the Island of Barbadoes, and was 
probably a planter. His wife's name was Rebecca, but of 
what family she was has not been discovered. William Potts 
died in 1721, leaving a widow Rebecca and a son and daugh- 

Rebecca Potts, the widow, seems to have married, as her 
second husband, John Jones. The Bible which contains 
record of the birth of William Potts, son of William and 
Rebecca, in 1718, has next following the birth of John Jones, 
son of John and Rebecca, in 1723. 

William Potts, by his will, left his estate to his son Wil- 
liam. He named his wife Rebecca as executrix, and she 

Note. This William Potts is identical with William Potts, No. 5, ou page 103. 

356 The Potts Family in America. 

was to have the enjoyment of the estate during WilHam's 
minority. From letters extant Rebecca seems to have been 
still living in 1767. 

Children of William and Rebecca ( ) Potts. 

2 William Potts, b. 1718; d. 1761; m. Sarah Lee. 

3 Jane Potts. The only information of her is the mention in the 

will of her uncle John Potts. See page 102. 

2 William Potts, 2 (William, » William/), son of Wil- 
liam and Rebecca Potts, was born in 17 18, in the Island of 
Barbadoes. He removed to Maryland and took up land on 
the Choptank river. About 1740 or 1741, he married Sa- 
rah Lee, daughter of Philip Lee, of Prince George County.* 
He continued to live in Maryland until about 1753 or 1754, 
when he returned to Barbadoes. In 1756, he took his son 
William to London and placed him in the care of an aunt 
to be educated. He died at Gaudeloupe, West Indes, in 
1761, aged about 43 years. Sarah his widow died in 1790, 
at the home of her son Richard Potts. 

Children of William and Sarah (Lee) Potts. 

4 William Potts, b. June 24, 1742; d. about 1819; m. ist, Elizabeth 

W^illiams; m. 2d. Elizalseth Beckles. 

5 Rebecca Potts, b. Dec. 7, 1744; d. iSoS; m. Col. Benjamin Mar- 

kall, of Benedicts Landing, Calvert County. 

6 Sarah Eleanor Potts, b. Nov. 27, 1746; d. about 1805; m. Thom- 

as Gantt, a planter of Prince George County, Md. Children, i 
Thomas, 2 Sarah, who married Dr. Thomas Beall. 

7 Hon. Richard Potts, b. July 19. 1753; d. 1S09; m. ist, Elizabeth 

Hughes; m. 2d, Eleanor Murdoch. 

8 Philip Potts. 10 Lettice Lee Potts. 

9 Ann Potts, 11 Alice Corbin Potts, f 

* The Lee Family. The following is a brief statement of descent in the Lee 
family. l Sir John Lee, Kt., of Wibunbury, Cheshire, England, ni. Isabella Sut- 
ton. 2 John Lee, son and lieir, ni. Elizabeth Fovvlehurst. 3 Thomas Lee, son 
and heir. m. Alice Aston. 4 John, Baron de la Lee, son and heir, m. Margaret 
Hockvvell. 5 Benedidl Lee, fifth son, (d. 1476), m. Elizabeth Wood. 6 Richard 
Lee, eldest son, (d. 1500), m. Elizabeth Saunders. 7 Benedidl Lee, (d. 1547). m. 
Elizabeth Cheyne. 8 Robert Lee, son and heir, m. Lucy Pigott. 9 Richard Lee, 
.seventh son, m. Elizabeth Langdon. 10 Richard Lee, son of the last, emigrated 
to Virginia and m. Letitia Corbin. 11 Philip Lee, second sou, was the father of 
Sarah Lee, who married William Potts. 

t Note. The last four children were born in Barbadoes, and all died of yellow 
fever in 1759. 

The Barbadoes-Maryland Family. 357 

4 William Potts,^ (William, ^ William, ^ William,"), 
son of William and Sarah (Lee) Potts, was born June 24, 
1742, at Paiituxant, Maryland. He was educated in Eng- 
land. He lived for sometime in Barbadoes, but afterwards 
in Baltimore and Frederick, Maryland. He married, first, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Francis Williams ; and second, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Beckles, King's Attorney Gen- 
eral for Barbadoes. Of his children, only two survived 
their parents, and they left no descendants. 


12 Sarah Lee Potts, b. ; d. 1820, 

13 Mary Potts, b. ; d. i8ia 

14 Benjamin Potts, b. ; d. 1799. 

15 Robert Beckles Potts, b •; d. iSia 

16 Dr. William Potts, b ; d, 1818. 

17 Elizabeth Catharine Potts, b, ; d. 182a 

7 Hon. Richard Potts,^ (Wiliiam,* William,* Wil- 
liam,"), son of William and Sarah (Lee) Potts, was born 
July 19, 1753, at Upper Marlboro, Prince George County, 
Maryland. Soon after his birth his parents removed to 
Barbadoes. Sometime after the death of his father, the 
family returned to Maryland. He was bred to the law and 
settled at Frederick City. He was prominent in the Revo- 
lutionary War. He was a member of the Committee of Saf- 
ty, and was an Aid to Gov. Johnson of the Maryland Line, 
at Valley Forge in 1777. He was seledted by the General 
Assembly as Representative to Congress in 1780. He was 
Governor of Maryland in 1781-1782, and United States Sen- 
ator in 1 792-1 796. He was twice appointed Chief Justice 
of the Distri(5l, and was appointed the first Judge of the 
High Court of Appeals. He died in 1809. 

He married, first, Elizabeth Hughes, daughter of Barna- 
bas Hughes, of Hagerstown. She was born about 1762, 
and died in 1793. He married, second, Eleanor Murdoch, 

^$8 The Potts Family in America. 

daughter of George and Eleanor Murdoch, in 1799. She 
died in 1842. 

Children of Judge Richard and Ewzabeth (Hughes) Potts. 

18 Williain Potts, b. March 26, 1780; d. ; in. ist, Susan Camp- 

bell; m. 2d, Jane Alexander. 

19 Elizabeth Potts, b. Dec. i, 1781. 

20 Rebecca Potts, b. April 6, 1783; d. iinm. 

21 Samuel Potts, b. 0<5l. 24, 1784; d. unm. 

22 Richard Potts, b. March 10, 1786; d. 1865; m. Ann S. Murdoch. 

23 John Lee Potts, b. Sep. 28, 1788. d. unm. 

24 Sarah Ann Potts, b. Sept. 26, 1791; d. unm. 

25 Philip Thomas Potts, b. Sept. 26, 1793; d. unm. 

Children OF Judge Richard and Ele.^lNor (Murdoch) Potts. 

26 Mary Jane Fitzhugh Potts, m. Worthington Johnson. Children, 

I Worthington, m. Annie Graham ; 2 Dr. George, m. Miss 
Crawford ; 3 Richard ; 4 Ross. 

27 Harriet Murdoch Potts, b. — , ; d. 1S67; m. Judge Richard 

Marshall, of Frederick. They had four daughters, three of 
whom died young. The surviving daughter, Ann P. Marshall, 
died in 1890. By her will she distributed an estate, valued at 
over half a million dollars among her relatives. 

28 George Murdoch Potts; b. 1805; d. August 19, 1893; m. Cornelia 


29 Eleanor Murdoch Potts, b. ; d. 18S2, unmarried, beloved 

and respedled by all for her virtues and charity. 

18 William Potts," (Richard,* William.' William,' Wil- 
liam,'), son of Judge Richard and Elizabeth (Hughes )Potts, 
was born in 1780. He was educated at St. Johns College, 
Annapolis. He was first a merchant in Baltimore, but af- 
terwards engaged in agricultural pursuits and became a 
planter. He died shortly before the Civil War. 

He married, first, Miss Susan Campbell, who died early. 
He married, second, Jane Alexander, daughter of Patrick 
and Elizabeth Alexander, of Cumberland. After the death 
of Mr. Potts, the family removed to Richmond, Virginia, 
and subsequently to Louisiana. Here they suffered the 
troubles and losses brought about by the exigencies of the 

The Barbadoes-Maryland Family. 359 

Civil War. They returned to Baltimore about 1878, Mrs, 
Jane Alexander Potts died in 1S83. 

Children of Wilwam and Jane (Alexander) Po'tts. 

30 Richard Potts, b, Sept. 4, 1831; d. July 11. 1891. He was a civ- 

il engineer, and served throughout the Civil War, on the Con- 
federate side. Subsequent to the war he settled in Chicago, 
where he died. He married Josephine Mead. No Children. 

31 Eleanor Anne Potts. 

32 Elizabeth Rosa Potts, b, ; d. June 6, i893'; unm.* 

33 Dr. WilHam Alexander Potts, b. ; d. 1S78, He was a phy- 

sician of ability and eminence. During the Civil War, he 
served as Surgeon and Major in the Confederate Army. After 
the war, he pradiiced his profession in Louisiana. In 1878, 
he obeyed the summons from the yellow fever stricken City of 
Vicksburg. and shared the fate of sixteen volunteer physi- 
cians, who were there, a sacrifice to duty. 

34 Susan Campbell Potts, b, ; d. 1878, a victim of yellow fever 

at Vicksbursf. 

22 Richard Potts,* (Richard,' William,*William,' Wil- 
liam,*), son of Judge Richard and Elizabeth (Hughes) 
Potts, was born March 10, 1786. He received his educa- 
tion at Princeton, New Jersey. He studied law and became 
eminent in his profession. He was a Diredlor of the Balti- 
more and Ohio Railroad, and served many years in the 
Maryland State Senate. He married Ann S. Murdoch, 
daughter of George and Eleanor Murdoch, and died in 1865, 
without issue. 

28 George Murdoch Potts,* (Richard, » William,' Wil- 
liam,* William,"), son of Judge Richard and Eleanor (Mur- 
doch) Potts, was born about 1805. He resided at Freder- 
ick, Maryland. He married Cornelia Ringgold, daughter 
of Gen. Daniel and Maria (Cadwallader) Potts, Nov. 16, 
1826. She was born Sept. 2, 1805, and died 1868. George 
Murdoch Potts died August 19, 1893. 

* Note. The compiler received a large amount of data for this Chapter, from 
the late Miss Elizabeth Rosa Potts, of Baltimore, 

36o Thk Potts FAMiLr in America, 

CHii^rmKN OF George M. and Corneua (Ringgold) Fotts. 

35 Dr. Richard Potts, b. 1827; d. 1S67; m. ist, Rebecca O'B. Mc- 

pherson; m. 2d, Eugenia Dunlap. 

36 George Potts, b, 1S29; d. 1830, 

37 Arthur Potts, b. 1S31; m. Helen Mobberly, 

38 Dt. George Murdoch Potts. 

39 Cornelia Ringgold Potts, m. Charles Worthington Ross. Chil- 

dren, I William Johnson. 2 Coimelra, 3 Charles C, 4 Richard 
P., 5 George M., 6 Caroline. 

40 Eleanor Potts, b. ; d. 1861; m. Aj-thur S. Johns, i860. 

35 Dr. Richard Potts,^ (Georg:e M.,* Richard,' Wil- 
Ham,^ William,* William,"), son o-f George M. and Cornelia 
(Ringgold) Potts, was born 1827. He was a Surgeon in the 
United States Army, and later in the Confederate Army 
during the Civil War. After the War he settled at Mem- 
phis, Tennessee. He married, first, Rebecca O'B. McPher- 
son June 2, 1852, who died without issue. He married, 
second, Eugenia Dunlap, daughter of Hon. George W. Dun- 
lap, of Kentticky, Sept. 9, 1862. 

Children of Dr. Richard and Eugenia (Dunlap) Potts. 

41 Mamie Ch'de Potts. 

42 George Dunlap Potts, b. Nov. 24, 1S64; m. Rose F. Greenan. 

37 Arthur Potts," (George M.,* Richard,' William,* 
William,^ William,"), son of George Murdoch and Cornelia 
(Ringgold) Potts, was born about 1831. He married Hel- 
en Mobberly, daughter of Dr. Mobberly, January 21, i86g. 
Residence, Frederick, Maryland. 

Children of Arthur and Helen (Mobberly) Potts. 

43 Eleanor Potts. 

44 Loui-sa Potts. 

45 Richard Potts. 

46 Cornelia Potts. 

47 Anne Potts. 

The Barbadoes-Maryland Famii^y. 


42 George Dunlap Potts, « (Richard,^ George M.,* 
Richard,^ William,- William/ W^illam,"), son of Dr. Richard 
and Eugenia S. (Dunlap) Potts, was born Nov. 24, 1S64, at 
Montgomer)', Alabama. He was with L,eggett & Brother, 
wholesale druggists of New York, from 1883 to 1888. He 
was, for a considerable time, connedled with the coal busi- 
ness at Cincinnati, Ohio, and since 1895 has been conne(5led 
with the Burnet House, a large hotel, in the latter city, 
being the treasurer and manager. 

He married Rose Frances Greenan, daughter of John 
Francis and Ellen (Lynch) Greenan, December i<) 1893. 
She was born December 20, 1868. 

A Pedigree of the Barbadoes-Maryland Family. 

William Potts= 

Of Cheshire 



Wilham Potts, b. 
Of Barbadoes 

d. i72i=Rebecca 

She m. 2d, John Jones 

William Potts, b. 1718, d. i76i=Sarah Lee 


Jane Potts 

Williani= Elizabeth 
Potts I Campbell 

I I 
Rebecca^Col. Benj. 
Sarah p;.='rhomas 


I I I I I I 
Sarah L. Potts 
Mary Potts 
Robert B. Potts 
Dr. Wm. Potts 
Eliz'hC. Potts 

. .1 1 I I 1 I I i 

William + Susan Elizabeth Potts 

Potts I Campbell Rebecca Potts 
2± Jane Alex- Samuel Potts 
ander Richard Potts= 

John Lee Potts 
Sarah Ann Potts 
Philip T. Potts 

I Mil 

Judge Phihp Potts 
Richard Ann Potts 
Potts Lettice L. Potts 

m. 2d Alice C. Potts 




I I I I 

Marv J. F. = W. Johnson 
Harriet M. = R. Marshall 
Eleanor Murdoch Potts 
George M. = Cornelia 
Potts Ringgold 

I I I I I . I II 111 

Richard Potts=Josephiue Do(ftor George Potts George M. Potts 

[Mead Richard + Rebecca Arthur=Helen Cornelia R. Potts 

Eleanor Anne Potts Potts I McPher- Potts Mob- m. C. W. Ross 

Elizabeth Rosa Potts | son berly Eleanor Potts 

Dr. William A. Potts 2+ Eugenia S. m. A. S. Johns 

Susan Campbell Potts I Dunlap 

Mamie Clyde Potts 

George D. Potts— Rose F. Greenan 

I I 
Eleanor Potts 
Louisa Potts 

Richard Potts 
Cornelia Potts 

Anne Potts 


362 The Potts Family in America. 


The Canadian Branch of the Potts Family. 

I John Trumperant Potts,' (John T./' William," Da- 
vid/' William/), son of John Trumperant and Catharine 
(Griffin) Potts, was born Dec. 28, 1809, at St. Marks, Coun- 
ty West Meath, Ireland.* He was educated at Trinity 
College, Dublin. He married Jane Frances Johnston, daugh- 
ter of Captain William and Bessie (Mitchell) Johnston, of 
Seven Churches, Kings County, January 17, 1837. She was 
born June 25, 1810, and died May 9, 1889. They settled 
in the Dominion of Canada. He died 0(51. 3, 1853. 

Chilbren of John Trumperant and Jane F, (Johnston) Potts. 

2 Bessie Trumperant Potts, b. Nov. 10 1837. 

3 William Trumperant Potts, b. Dec. 25, '39; m. Selena Chambers. 

4 Henry Trumperant Potts, b. Feb. 24, 1841; m. Ellen Burns. 

5 John Trumperant Potts, b. April 3, 1843; ^- Maria Davis. 

6 James Trumperant Potts, b. March 24, 1845; d. Jan. 1, 1884; m. 

Mary Jane Kerr. 

7 Joseph Trumperant Potts, b. Dec. 25, 1846. Res., Manitoba. 

3 William Trumperant Potts,' (John Trumperant,'), 
son of John Trumperant and Jane Frances (Johnston) Potts, 
was born Dec. 25, 1839. He was brought up in Canada 
and learned the carpenter's trade, but subsequently became 
a manufadlurer of artificial limbs. He has long held an ap- 
pointment under the Surgeon General for Government or- 
ders. He has resided in Philadelphia since 1869. As the 

* Note. John Trumperant Potts is identical with John Trvnuperant Potts, No. 
30, mentioned on pages io8 and 109 of this vohime. 

William Xrtjmpekant f otts. 

PAGE 362. No. 3. 

The Irish-Canadian Potts'. 363 

eldest siirviver in the male line, he claimed the entailed es- 
tate in Ireland, bnt was unsuccessful in a legal contest for 
his right to the succession. He married Selena Chambers 
August 26, 1875. 

Children of William T. and Selena (Chambers) Potts. 

8 William Trumperant Potts, b. May 29, 1877. A musician. 

9 Albert H. Potts, b. April 23, 1880; d. Nov. 19, 1881. 

10 John Trumperant Potts, b. Feb. 26, 1883; d. April 23, 1S84. 

11 p-lorinda Potts, b, Avigust 10, 1887; d. August 4, 1890, 

4 Henry Trumperant Potts, 2 (John Trumperant,'), 
son of John Trumperant and Jane Frances (Johnson) Potts, 
was born Feb. 24, 1841. He is a farmer of Aaron Town- 
ship, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. He married Ellen 
Burns, daughter of William and Sarah (Alexander) Burns, 
Feb. 17, 1876. She was born Jan. 26, 1857. 

Children of Henry T. and Ellen (Burns) Potts. 

12 Piva Potts, b. Nov. 26, 1876. 

13 William J. T. Potts, b. Sept. 15, 1878. 

14 Harr}' Johnston Potts, b. Feb. 15, i88r. 

14 Emeline Potts, b. Feb. 12, 1883. 

15 James Deighton Potts, b. April 2, 1887. 
17 Sara Potts, b. June 11, 1891. 

5 John Trumperant Potts,* (John Trumperant,') ,son 
of John Trumperant and Jane Frances (John.ston) Potts, was 
Vjorn April 3, 1843. He married Maria Davis, daughter of 
John and Maria (Bell) Davis. She was born Nov. 22, 1853, 
and died May 22, 1888. Occupation, farmer. Residence, 
Baswood, Manitoba, Canada. 

Children of John T. and Maria (Davis) Potts. 

18 Henrietta Potts, b. May 16, 1870. 

19 Martha Potts, b. April 18, 1872. 

20 Bessie Potts, b. June 3, 1875. 

21 Maria Margaret Potts, b. Nov. 8, 1876. 

364 The Potts Family in America. 

22 John Trumperant Potts, b. June 13, 187S. 

23 Joseph Trumperant Potts, b. Dec. 8, 1880. 

24 James Trumperant Potts, b. Dec. 7, 1881. 

25 William Trumperant Potts, b. May 26, 1SS3. 

26 Arthur Trumperant Potts, b. May 26, 1887. 

6 James Trumperant Potts,* (John Trumperant,') 
son of John Trumperant and Jane Frances (Johnston) Potts, 
was born March 24, 1845. He married Mar}- Jane Kerr, 
daughter of Andrew and Martha (Hyndman) Kerr, Feb. 12, 
1872. She was born March 2, 1852. He taught school for 
man}' years in Ontario, Canada. He died Jan. i, 1884. 

Chii^dren of James T. and Mary Jane (Kerr) Potts. 

27 R. Leighton Potts, b. Feb. 20, 1873. 

28 Martha Potts, b. Sept. 10, 1875. 

29 George A. Potts, b. Sept. 10, 1878. 

30 Frances Jane Potts, b. January i, 1881. 

31 Kate Potts, b. April 27, 1883. 

A Pedigree Embracing the Canadian Branch. 

William Potts, of Cheshire and Irelaud= 

I . I I 1 I I J I 

David=Jane Trumperant John Samuel Wilham Dorothy Jane Elinor Mary 

1 \ i \ \ 1 

William Pott.s=Elinor Young John James Samuel Mary Jane 

1 '. i [ I I I M { I 

John Trumperant Potts=Catharine James D. William Y. 

I Griffin 


Wilham T. John T.=Jane F. Johnston Joseph T. Henry T. Ellen T. 

T\ \ \ n 

Bessie T. Potts | j Joseph T. Potts 

William T.=^ Selena Henry T.i=Ellen JohnT.^Maria James T.^-Jane 

Potts I Chambers Potts I Burns Potts I Davis Potts I Kerr 


William Tr. Potts Eva Potts Henrietta Potts R. Eeigton Potts 

Albert H. Potts William J. T. Potts Martha Potts Martha Potts 

John Tr. Potts HarryJohustonPotts Bessie Potts George A. Potts 

Florinda Potts Emeline Potts Maria Marg't Potts Frances Jane Potts 

James D. Potts John Tr. Potts Kate Potts 

Sara Potts Joseph Tr. Potts 

James Tr. Potts 
William Tr. Potts 
Arthur Tr. Potts 

Some Early Potts' of North Carolina, 365 


Some Early Potts Settlers in North Carolina.* 

About the middle of the eighteenth century, many fami- 
lies removed from Pennsylvania and adjoining states and 
settled in North Carolina. Sometimes considerable num- 
bers from the same community removed in a body. Among 
those from Pennsylvania, many settled in Rowan County, 
which originally included all the w^estern part of the state. 
Many of these early settlers were Scotch-Irish Presbyteri- 
ans. About 1750, Fourth Creek Presbyterian Church was 
organized at the place now occupied by the town of States- 
ville. About 1773, a map of the territory occupied by this 
Congregation was coristru(5led, embracing a sedtion within 
a radius of ten or twelve miles around the Church. The 
names of nwre than one hundred heads of families, includ- 
ing many of the original settlers appear upon this map. 
On Fourth Creek, some four or five miles above the Church, 
was Moses Potts. Henry Potts was a little farther up, 
and a few miles farther was James Potts. James M. Potts, 
a grandson of Moses Potts, informed the writer hereof, that 
Moses Potts had a brother John, who came with him, first 
to Pennsylvania and later to North Carolina. 

Upon the organization of Iredell County, the Potts' were 
included within the new County. Moses and John Potts 
removed to Georgia, Henry Potts died in Rowan County, 
and James Potts seems to have removed to Mecklenburg 

* Note. The compiler of this Chapter is indebted to the late Rev. Elijah F. 
Rockwell, D. D., for much of the information contained herein. Dr. Rockwell, 
wa.'ia Presb5'terian mini.ster, a teacher, and a local historian of repute. He settled 
in Iredell County in 1840 and died in 188S, aged seventy nine years. 

366 The Potts Family in America. 

Count}-, which adjoins Iredell on the south. Tradition al- 
leges that these Potts' were Scotch-Irish. This may have 
grown out of the fadl that they lived among and intermar- 
ried with these people, or they may actually have come 
from the north of Ireland, where a number of Potts' have 
long been settled. These north of Ireland Potts' seem how- 
ever to have gone there from English Counties. 

The early settlers in Rowan County suffered much from 
the attacks of hostile Indians. The follov.'ing sketch was 
written by the late Rev. E. F. Rockwell, D. D., in 1847. 

The most disastrous attack of the Indians, durin.v; the time of Fort 
Dobb,* (1755-1763), of which tradition gives us any account, was when 
a party went out to forage at the old Moses Potts place, a house that 
stood near where the little branch, back of John H. MacLelland's, en- 
ters Fourth Creek, and above the Nesbit place. It is said that in this 
company, there were fifteen or twenty men, some young, some old. 
The Indians attacked them suddenly at the house. One mortally 
wounded and scalped, crept back into an out-building and died. Some 
fled across the Creek and up a steep ravine, pursued by the foe. Of 
these some escaped to the Fort ; but one wounded man ran until with- 
in sight of the Fort and fell dead. He was buried on the spot where 
he fell, by the side of the road, in front of where the Huggins place 
now is.t 

At this time Smith Billy Morrison fell in jumping the Creek, just 
as the Indian in pursuit shot his arrow, which missed him and pass- 
ing over struck on the opposite bank before him. Rising from the 
water he caught it, and raising his gun, not loaded, he pointed it at 
the Indian who fled. Some say that Fergus Sloan was in the compa- 
ny and finding at the house a colt of his that had been turned loose, 
atid converting a rope he had to tie fodder with into a halter, he put 
it on the horse. Not being able to guide the horse when the Indians 
began to yell, he ran down the other side of the Creek through the 
muddy bottom. Morrison ran after him with an Indian in pursuit. 
Mr. Sloan would stop occasionally and point his gun at the Indian 
and wait for Morrison to come up, when he would go on again. At 
length the Indian threw his tomahawk, but Morrison happening to 

* NoTK. Kort Dobb was located about three miles above where Statesville is 
now built. 

t NOTK. Dr. Rockwell says he saw the grave in the forties. The road is now 
changed and all traces of the grave have disappeared. 

Some Early Potts' of North Carolina, 367 

stumble at that moment, the weapon went over his head. Recovering 
his feet he seized the weapon, and now as the Indian was disarmed he 
mounted the horse with Sloan and both escaped. 

Among those killed on this occasion, was one b}' the name of Ray 
and two McKnights. A scouting party went out into what is now 
Catawba County and came upon a party of savages in a deserted house. 
The whites got behind a stack of straw and threw pine torches on the 
roof of the house and set it on fire. The Indians ran from the house 
and some of them were killed. The scouting party recovered the 
clothes and scalps of those killed at the Potts place, which were iden- 
tified by the friends of the slain. 

At an early day a store was kept by John Nesbit about 
three miles north of the present Statesville, in prox- 
imity to the Potts families. This store was continued tmtil 
the founding of Statesville in 1788, when it was removed to 
the new town. Some of the old legers, still preserved, fell 
into the po.sse.ssion of the late Rev. E. F. Rockwell, D. D. 
Numerous accounts with different Potts' are found, .such as 

James Potts, Sr. , and James Potts, Jr., 1792-4. 
William Potts, Sr. , and William Potts, Jr., 1792-4. 
Robert Potts, son of William, saddler, 179 1-4. 
William Potts, saddler, 1794. 
Henry Potts, son of James, 1791. 
William Potts, .son of James, 1793. 
Widow Potts, 1 79 1, and Ann Potts, 1793. 

As some of these names were common to all the familes, 
it is not always possible to identify individuals mentioned 
here and elsewhere from time to time. Among those not 
positively identified, mentioned by Dr. Rockwell, was one 
William Potts, who had children Eli, James, (called lame 
James), Pamelia, Sophia, Emeline and Dora. Sophia died 
from exposure on the cold Saturday in February, 1835, 
while winnowing oats in the barn. Emeline married one 
Summers and died before 1885. Several members of the 
Potts family married Halls. 

These families of Potts all seem to have been of the same 

368 The Potts Family in America. 

connedlion. There were other Potts' in the County who 
seem to have been quite distindt. 

Thomas Potts appears as a Justice of the Peace in Rowan 
County about 1753 or '54. He is thought to have lived in 
the Jersey settlement, where Potts Creek * empties into the 
Yadkin River. This locality is now included in Davidson 
County and is north east of Salisbury. 

Jeremiah Potts, of Rowan County, died about 1822 or '23, 
leaving a will dated May 9, 1822, and proven May 1823, in 
which he mentions his wife Verlider. Among his personal 
effedls are included a lot of cooper and carpenter tools. [See 
Will Book H P, page 280, at Salisbury] . 

George Potts, of the same County, died about 1825 or '26, 
leaving a will dated July 20, 1823, and proved February 
1826, in which he names his children Hamblin, Jeremiah, 
Josiah, Cresce}", Nancy, Rebecca and Sally. [See Will 
Book H P, page 328, at Salisbury] . 

It is probable that Moses, John, Henry and James Potts 
were near of kin, possibly brothers or cousins. They and 
their descendants will be treated of in the next succeeding 

* Note. In Davidson County, which was formed from Rowan County, are two 
small streams still known as First and Second Potts Creeks. 

MosKS Potts, ok North 369 


Moses Potts, of Iredell County, North Carolina. 

1 MOSES POTTS is said to have emigrated from Ire- 
land and first settled in Pennsylvania.* He seems to have 
located in Derrv Township, Lancaster [now Danphin] 
Coiuit}', where he appears as a taxable for tlie year 1751. 
The tax-list for 1755 does not contain his name, but it 
appears in that for 1757. He removed, perha]is along- with 
many others, to Rowan County, North CaroHna. The date 
of his removal was probably shortly after 1751. He settled 
on Fourth Creek, about four miles above the present States- 
ville. His name appears on the map of the Fourth Creek 
Presbyterian Congregation in 1773. Iredell County was 
formed in 1788, and Moses Potts was included within the 
limits of the new County. 

He married, first, Jane McKee, who died in North Caro- 
lina. He married, second, Elizabeth Neeh-. He removed 
to Bowling Green District, Oglethorpe County, Georgia, 
perhaps before the close of the century, and died there. 
Perhaps there were other children beside those named below. 

Children of Moses and Jane (McKee ) Potts. 

2 William Potts, m. ist, McWhorter; m. 2(1, Scott. 

3 James Potts, m. . 

4 Sarah Potts, b. 1755; m. Henry Morrison, 1772. It is related by 

Rev. Dr. Rockwell, that JMorrison took Miss Tolts, ayed 17, on 
horseback behind him, and went off across several streams. 
South Yadkin for one, and were married by Rt\ . John McRay 
of Delaware, who was then visitinc^ his brother in X. Carolina. 
A daughter married Willis Gray and died at nearly 93 years. 

5 Mary Potts. Died in Gwinnett County, Georgia. 

* Note. The record of Moses Potts' family, here given, is very iiieayrer and in- 
complete. His descendants claimed relationship wi'th the oilier I'otts' of Iredell. 


370 The Potts Family in America. 


6 Henry Potts, m. Unity Mcllhannon 

7 Jane Potts. 

8 Elizabeth Potts. 

9 Rebecca Potts. Died in Clarke County, Georgia. 

10 Stephen Potts. Died in DeKalb County, Georgia. 

11 Samuel Potts, b. ; d. 1S49; m. Sarah Brown, 

12 Moses Potts. Died in Heard County, Georgia. 

2 William Potts, ^ (Moses.'), son of Moses and Jane 
(McKee) Potts, was probably born abotit 1750. He mar- 
ried, first, a McWhorter. He married, .second, Scott. 

The names of only two children have been given. He is 
said to have removed to Jackson County, Georgia.* 

Children of Wiij,iam and — (McWhorter) Potts. 

13 There is said to have been but one child by this marriage. 

Children of William and (Sco'rr) Potts. 

14 Thomas Potts. Was living in Coweta County, Ga., in 1884. 

15 Mary Ann Potts, m. Anderson. In Coweta County, 1884. 

3 James Potts, ^ (Moses,'), son of and Jane 
(McKee) Potts, was born perhaps after 1750. The name 
of his wife has not been furnished. He is said to have re- 
mained in Iredell County to the end of his life. There may 
have been other children beside those named below. 

* Note. One (i) William Potts (who Rev. Dr. Rockwell says was a brother of 
Lame James) had a son (2) Willi.\m Potts, born April 6, 1792. The mother is 
said to have been Ann Allison. 

2 William Potts, the son, was known as Major Potts. He married Jane C. 
Knox in 1828. There is still in existence an old letter, written in 1828, by the son to 
his father in Jackson County, Georgia, describing; his marriage to Miss Knox. 
He died Odtober i.^, 1S35. They had children as follows, 

3 Marv Elizabeth Potts, b. Feb. 11, 1S29; d. May 9, iS;,o. 

4 John Knox Potts, b. Aug. 13, 18^,2; d. March 2'o, 18S7; m. Mary Louisa Brown. 

5 Jane Ann Potts, b. Nov.' i9,'iS35: d. Aug. 23, 1867; m. Andrew J. Hrowii. 

4 John Knox Potts was a teacher, farmer and merchant. During the Civil 
War he entered the Confederate Armv as a private and rose to a Captaincy. He 
married Mary Urown, of Salisb'urv, July 27, 1852. He died at Mobile, Ala., 
March 20, 1887. His widow lives at Asheville, N. C. 

Moses Potts, of North Carolina. 371 

Children ok James and ( ) Potts. 

1 6 Milas Potts, m. Stevenson. 

17 James I'otts, Removed to Cherokee County, North Carolina. 

6 Henry Potts, ^ (Moses/ ), son of Moses and Elizabeth 
(Neely) Potts, married Unity McElhannon. Her father is 
said to have come from Ireland and married Elizabeth Coop- 
er in Pennsylvania. She is said to have been of Scottish 
descent. They removed to Jackson County, Georgia. 

Children of Henry and Unity (McElhannon) Potts. 

18 Moses H. Potts. Died in Mississippi. 

19 John McElhannon Potts. Died in Arkansas. 

20 Elizabeth Potts. Died in Jackson County, Georgia. 

21 James M. Potts, b. 1813; living, 18S4, in Jackson County, Ga. * 

22 Hugh Potts. Died at Richmond, Virginia. 

23 Andrew Jackson Potts. Removed to Arkansas. 

24 Cicero C. Potts. Died in Mis.sissippi. 

25 Cjmthia B. Potts, m. Pitman. Living in 18S4. 

II Samuel Potts, ^ (Moses,*), son of Moses and Eliza- 
beth (Neely) Potts, was born about 1769, probably in Row- 
an (now Iredell) County, North Carolina. He removed to 
Bowling Green District, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. He 
married Sarah Brown. He was a farmer, owning a large 
tract of land and many negroes. He died in 1849, aged 
about eighty years. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Brown) Potts. 

26 Elizabeth Neel}- Potts, m. Samuel John Povi'er. Children. 

27 Mary A. Potts, m. Theopholis Simington. 

28 Napoleon Bonaparte Potts, b. ; d. 187 1; m. Susanna Hodges. 

28 Napoleon Bonaparte Potts, ^ (Samuel,^ Moses,'), 
son of Samuel and Sarah (Brown) Potts, was born, probably, 

* Notk. The compiler is indebted to James M. Potts for valuable information 
communicated in 1884. He then resided at Jefferson, Georgia. 


The Potts Family in America. 

in Bowlini;" C'.reen Districl, Oglethorpe Coimt>-, Georgia. 
He inherited a portion of the paternal estate. He married 
Susanna Hodges. During the Civil War, the farm was rent- 
ed out. and many articles were allowed to remain in the 
house and among them Moses Potts' family Bible. Shortly 
afterwards the house was destroyed by fire. The Bible dis- 
appeared, iMit whether destroyed or carried off is unknown. 
Napoleon V>. I'otts, removed to Watkinsville and died in 
1 87 1. TliL- surviving children live at Atlanta. 

Chii,i)ki;n 111- N.A.Poi,EON B. and vSusanna (Hodges) Potts. 

29 Sarah Thunias Potts 32 John Potls. 

30 Josf])hine Potts. 33 Cornelia Susan Potts. 

31 I'lavius Potts, (1. y. 

A Pedigree of Moses Potts' Family. 

-William — McWlioiter- 

-Thomas Potts 

:mosks 1' 




-Mary Ann Polls 

-ISIilas Potts= Stevenson 
-James Potts 

-JillllCS ^ 

-Sarah=IIeiirv Morrison 

-Mary Potts 

-Moses H. Potls 

-John McElhannon Polts 

-Henry Unity McHlhan- 

-Elizabeth Potls 


-Tames M. Potts 

-Jane Potts 

-Hugh Polls 


-Andrew Jackson Potts 

1 N EELY— 

-Elizabeth Pott.s 
-Rebecca Pott.s 
-Stephen Potts 

-Samuel=Sarah Brown — 
-Moses Potts 

-Cicero C. Potts 
-Cynthia B.= Pitujan 

-Elizabeth N. = S. J. Power 
-Mary .\. = The.Simington 
-Napoleon B. ^Susaniia 


Saiab Tlioma.s Josephine Flavins John Cornelia Susan 

John Potts, of North Carolina. . 373 


John Potts, of IrecJell County, North Carolina. 

I JOHN POTTS is said to have been a brother of 
Moses Potts, and to have removed with him from Pennsyl- 
vania to North CaroHna. He later removed to Georgia and 
died in Jasper County. His wife's name has not been fur- 
nished. James M. Potts, a grandson of Moses Potts, says 
he often heard his father speak of his " Aunt Ann Potts," 
but does not know whether she was a sister or sister-in-law 
of Moses Potts. There ma}^ have been other children be- 
side those named below. 

Chii^dre-x of John ani> ( ) Potts. 

2 James Potts, b. 1747; d. .Sep. 17, 1S45; m. 

3 Henry Potts, 

4 Stephen Potts, m. (?) Margaret Potts. 

5 Jane Potts. 

2 James Potts, ^ (John,'), son of John Potts, is said to 
have been born about 1747. He was a soldier in the Revo- 
lutionary War. He married, raised a family and died vSep. 
16, 1845, hi his ninty-eighth year. 

Chii,dren oi'' Jamks .^nd ( ) Potts. 

6 Stephen Potts. 9 James Potts 

7 Aloses Potts, m. 10 Jane Potts. 
S William Potts, d. in ^^lonroe Co., Ga. 

4 Stephen Potts,- (John,'), .son of John Potts, isprob- 

374 The Potts Family in America. 

ably the same who, his descendants say, removed from Penn- 
sylvania to Oglethorpe Connt>-, Georgia. '-■■- When he was 
about forty years old, he is said to have married Margaret 
Potts, a cousin. Perhaps she was the daughter of Henry 
Potts. [vSee No. 5, page 376]. He is described as a man 
of fine physique and great activity. He acquired quite a 
large estate and was fond of gaming and horse-racing. He 
was thrown from his horse and killed about the year 1S18. 
He and his wife were buried side by side in Bowling Green 
Distri(5t, Oglethorpe County. No tombstones now remain. 

Children OF Stephen and Margaret (Potts) Potts. 

1 1 Henry Potts. Removed to Lauderdale County, Mississipi. 

12 Stephen Potts, m. Tillery. 

13 James Potts. Settled in Heard County, Georgia. 

14 Margaret Potts, m. John McWhorter, of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. 

7 Moses Potts,' (James, ^ John, M, son of James Potts, 
married and settled in Troup County, Georgia, where many 
of his descendants still reside. 

Children of Moses and ( ■) Potts. 

15 William Potts. L. C. Potts, a son of William, was living at 

Long Cane, Troup County, Georgia, in 1884. 

16 Frank M. Potts. Living at Atlanta a few years ago. 

12 Stephen Potts, ^ (Stephen,* John,'), son of Stephen 
and Margaret (Potts) Potts, removed from Georgia and set- 
tled at Centerville, Bibb County, Alabama, where he en- 
gaged in farming and merchandising, and accumulated quite 

a fortune. He married Miss Tillery. He died at 

Centerville and .she at lyivingston. 

Child of Stephen and (Tillerv) Potts. 

17 Henry Potts, b. 1800; d. Feb. 22, 1843; ™- Nancy E. Mims. 

* Note. A tiadition in tlie family alleges thai he was born in 1725. 

^Stephen IVI. f otts. 


Note. — The above portraits are enlarged reproductions of miniature Daguerreo- 
types made April, 1850. Mrs. Potts married W. W. Hunt, as her second husband, 
in 1898. 

John Potts, of North Carolina. 375 

17 Henry Potts, ^ (Stephen,' Stephen,^ John,'), son of 

Stephen and (Tiller}') Potts, was born in 1800. He 

married Nancy E. Mims about 1827 or 1828, in Perr)' Coun- 
ty, Ala. He died Feb. 22, 1843. The widow died April, 
1882, at Mobile. 

Child ok Hknry and Nancv E. (Mims) Potts. 

18 Stephen M. Potts, b. Dec, 22, 1S30; d, Aug. 20, 1885; ni. .Susai> 
T. Sturdivant, 

18 Stephen M. Potts, ^ (Henry,* Stephen,' Stephen,^ 
John,'), son of Henry and Nancy E. (Mims) Potts, was 
born Dec, 22. 1830, in Perry County, Ala. He married 
Susan T. Sturdivant, April 24, 1S50. They lived in Ala- 
bama until after the Civil War, when they removed to 
Mansfield, Desota Parish, Louisiana. Mr. Potts was much 
interested in family history, and collected considerable da- 
ta concerning- his ancestors, but ill health prevented him 
from accomplishing- what he desired. He died August 20, 
1885, aged 54 years, 8 mouths. 

Children of Stephen M. .\nd Susan T. (Sturdivant) Potts. 

19 Henry Potts, b, 1851. 22 Paul Potts, b. 1859. 

20 Stephen Potts, b. 1855. 23 Etta E. Potts, b. 1862. 

21 Lillian E. Potts, b. 185S. 

A Pedigree of John Potts' Family. 

John Potts^ 


James Potts=^ Henry Pott.s Stephen Potts=Margaret Potts Jane Potts 

I I 


Stephen William 
Moses= James 


WiUiam Potts= 



rank M. 


I,. C. Potts 


Henry Potts James Potts 

Stephen= TiUery Marj^aret Potts 

Henry Potts- Nancy H. Mnns 

Stephen M. Potts=Susan T. Sturdivant 

Henry Potts Stephen Potts Lillian E. Potts Paul Potts Etta E. Potts 

376 The Potts Family in America. 


Henry Potts, of Rowan County, North Carolina. 

1 HENRY POTTS lived on Fourth Creek in Rowan 
County, North CaroHna, about a mile above Moses Potts, 
and four or five miles from the present town of Statesville. 
This sedlion was afterwards included in Iredell County. 
He was probably a farmer, and was evidently a near rela- 
tive of Moses and John Potts. His wife's name was Mar- 
garet. He died in 1775. His will recorded in Will-Book 
A, pag-e 147, at Salisbury, was made January 18, 1775, and 
proven May, 1775. He names his wife Margaret and chil- 
dren James, William, Henry, Margaret, Mary and Sarah. 
Moses Potts was a subscribing witness. 

Children of Henry and M.^rgaret ( ) Potts. 

2 James Potts. He is said to have removed to Tennessee and raised 

a family. One James Potts, of Williamson Coiintj-, Tennessee, 
probably the same, was pensioned March 14, 1831. His age 
is given as 77 years. It is also stated that he served in the 
North Carolina Line. 

3 William Potts, m. Margaret Purviance. See below. 

4 Henry Potts. He is said to have settled in Ohio and died unm. 

5 ZNIargaret Potts. Perhaps .she married Stephen Potts. See p. 373. 

6 Mary Potts. 

7 Sarah Potts. 

3 William Potts,' (Henry,'), son of Henry and Mar- 
garet Potts, married Margaret Purviance. About the year 
1795, he removed with his family from Iredell County, 
North Carolina, to Nicholas County, Kentucky. Here he 
and each of his sons acquired considerable estates. 

Henry Potts, of North Carolina. 377 


S Priscilla Potts. 

9 Henry T. Potts, b. Sept. 6, 1790; m. ist, Sarah Archer; 2d, Izza 
Plazelrigg; 3d, Liza Harney; 4th Lorana Alexander. 

10 James Potts, m. Jane Ritchie. 12 Sarah Potts 

11 William Potts, m. Elmira Hall. 13 Margaret Potts. 

9 Henry T. Potts,' (William, ^ Henry,'), son of Wil- 
liam and Margaret (Purviaiice) Potts, was born September 
6, 1790, in Iredell Count}-, N. C. He spent most of his life 
near Carlisle, Nicholas County, Kentucky. He married, 
first, Sarah Archer ; second. Izza Hazelrigg ; third, I^iza 
Harney ; and fourth, L,orana Alexander. Some of the chil- 
dren removed to Boone County, Ind., and some to Boone 
Coiuit}-, Mo., others remained in Nicholas County, Ky. 

Chii,d of Henry T. and Sarah (Archer) Potts. 

14 John Archer Potts, b. ; d. about 1S67; Boone County, Ind. 

Children of Henry T. and Izza ( Hazelrigg) Potts. 

15 James H. Potts, b. ; d. OcT;. 1882; Boone County, Indiana. 

16 Joshua G. Potts. 18 Caroline Potts. 

17 William H. Potts. 19 PVancis Potts. 

Children of Henry T. and Liza (Harney) Potts. 
20 Oliver S. Potts. 21 Izza Potts. 

Children of Henry T. and Lorana (Alexander) Potts. 

22 Jesse B. Potts. Married and has children. 

23 Robert H. Potts. Married and has children. 

24 Lee Taylor Potts. Children, i Henry M., 2 Edna S. 

25 Mattie S. Potts, m. Donnell. 

26 Tilford T. Potts. Died at the age of ten years. 

27 Charles B. Potts. 29 Sarah A. Potts. 

28 Garret D. Potts. 30 N. Franklin Potts. 

10 James Potts, ' (William, ' Henry,'), son of William 
and Margaret (Purviance) Potts, lived in Nicholas County, 
Kentucky. He married Jane Ritchie. of his children 
removed from the Count}', 



The Potts Family in America. 

Children of James and Jane (Ritchie) Potts. 

31 William R. Potts. 34 Sallie A. Potts. 37 Henry Potts. 

32 Nancy Potts. 35 Liza Potts. 38 James Potts. 

33 Almarinda Potts. 36 Leah Potts. 39 Margaret Potts. 

13 William Potts, 3 (William, ^ Henry, »), son of Wil- 
liam and Margaret (Purviance) Potts, resided in Nicholas 
County, Kentuck}-. He married Elmira Hall. 

Children of William and Elmira (Hall) Potts. 

40 Robert W. Potts. 

41 Henry T. Potts. 

42 Walter S. Potts. 

43 Sarah Potts. 

Was Sheriff of Nicholas County, Kentucky. 

44 Mary Potts. 47 Cynthia Potts. 

45 Margaret Potts. 

46 Su.san Potts. 

A Pedigree of Henry Potts' Family. 

-Jame.s Potts 

■WiUiain — Margaret 


-Henry Potts 

•Margaret Potts 

-Mary Potts 

-Henry T.=^Sarah Archer — John A. Potts 

Izza Ilazel- 


-James H. Potts 
-Joshua (t. Potts 
-William H. Potts 
-Caroline Potts 
-Francis Potts 

= Liza Harney— [-Oliver S. Potts 
I -Izza Potts 

=Lorana Alex- 

-Priscilla Potts 

-Sarah Potts 

-Janies=Jane Ritchie 

-Margaret Potts 

■Williani -Klniira Hall- 

Charles B. Potts 
Jesse B. Potts 
Garret D. Potts 
Robert H. Potts 

-Sarah A. Potts 
Lee Taylor Potts 
Mattie S. Potts. 
N. Franklin Potts 

-Tilford T. Potts 

-William R. Potts 
-Nancy Potts 
-Almarinda Potts 
-Sallie A. Potts 
-Liza Potts 
-Leah Potts 
-Henry Potts 
-James Potts 
-Margaret Potts 

-Robert W. Potts 
-Henry T. Potts 
-Walter S. Potts 
-Sarah Potts 
-Mary Potts 
-Margaret Potts 
-Snsan Potts 
-Cynthia Potts 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 379 


The Potts' of Mecklenburgf County, North Carolina. 

Tlie history of the Potts' of Mecklenburg County, North 
Carolina, presents an interesting field for the genealogist. 
The compiler hereof has only been able to secure partial and 
very brief abstracts of the public records of that section. 
It is believed that a careful examination of the County rec- 
ords of Rowan, Iredell and Mecklenburg would reveal much 
information, and perhaps show other connecting links and 
develop a clearer showing of the earlier generations than is 
given below. The compiler of this work was ver>' fortu- 
nate in having had, 3-ears ago, correspondence with several 
aged members of the family, who are now deceased, and 
who gave much valuable information. The traditions of 
descendants all agree in alleging that their Potts ances- 
tors went from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. One tra- 
dition alleges that they went south from about Philadelphia, 
and another that they were from Pottsville. There is, how- 
ever, nothing to show any connection with any of the Potts' 
of southeastern Pennsylvania. 

I JAMES POTTS is found on Fourth Creek, Rowan 
[now Iredell] County, North Carolina, sometime after 1750. 
He lived above the Moses and Henry Potts' places, and was 
probabl}^ a near relative of these — at least their descendants 
claimed to be cousins. On April 12, 1763, James Potts, de- 
scribed as of Rowan County, purchased from Edward Fan- 
ning, a tract of 443 acres of land in Mecklenburg County, 
He died about 1781. In his will dated July 16, 1781, he 
mentions his children, John, William, James and Jane. 

jSo The Potts P\\mily in America, 

Chii.dken ok Jamks and ( ) Potts. 

2 John Potts, b. ; d. 1783; ni. twice. 

3 William Potts, b. ; d. Nov. 29, iSoo; m. Lydia McCue. 

4 James Potts. 5 Jane Potts. 

2 John Potts, 2 ( James, ^), son of James Potts, seems to 
be the same v^ho, on Jan. 16, 1770, conveyed 636 acres of 
land in Mecklenburg County, to his .son Robert Potts. Both 
are described as of that County. He was twice married. 
In his will, dated May i, 17S3, he mentions his children, 
James, William, Robert and Margaret. 

Children ov John and ( ) Potts. 

6 James Potts, m. Sarah Tinon. 7 Margaret Potts 

Children of John and ( ) Potts. 

S William Potts, m. Margaret McKeown. 
9 Robert Potts, m. Elizabeth McKeown. 

3 William Potts, == (James,'), son of James Potts, seems 
to be the same who married L3:dia McCue, Nov. 11, 1779. 
On January 13, 1778, James Potts conveyed 550 acres of 
land in Mecklenburg County to William Potts. Perhaps 
this was a conveyance from father to son. He died Nov. 
29, 1800. In his will dated Nov. 21, 1800, he mentions 
his wife L,ydia and his children James, William and Mary. 
Lydia Potts, the widow, married Col. Geo. Graham in 1802. 

Children of W^illian and Lydia (McCue) Potts. 

10 Mar\- Potts, b. November — , 17S0. 

11 James Potts, b. March 23, 1783; d. Nov. 4, 1827; m. JIary A. 

12 William Potts. No further account. 

4 James Potts, ^ (James,') son of James. Of him no 
definite account has been learned. It is probable that he 
left descendants, as there were those not otherwise account- 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, >3. C. 38^ 

••ed for, and who will be mentioned in the latter part of this 

6 James Potts.,'^ Qoh!!,^ James, •^), son of John Potts, 
t)}' his first wife, married Sarah Tinon or Tinnen, In the 
latter part of his life he lived with his son Robert. 

Children of J.\mes and vSarah (Tinon) Potts. 

13 Henry Potts, m. Margaret Henry. 

14 Robert Potts, d, 1793, in Penns3-lvania while taking cattle from 

North Carolina to Philadelphia. Unmarried. 

15 William Potts, b. about 1770; d. 1S39; m. Margaret Anderson. 

16 Ann Potts, m, Ephraim vShurrell. 

17 Sarah Potts, m. Thomas Henry. 

8 William Potts,' (John,* James, ^) son of John Potts, 
by his second wife, was a farmer or planter and slave-halder. 
He married Margaret McKeown. 


x8 Robert Potts, m, Jane Witherspoon. 

19 Benjamin Potts, m. Margaret Witherspoon, 

20 Absalom Potts, d. num. 

21 David Potts, b. 17S0; d. Nov. 17, 1S45; m. Martha Brady. They 

lived near Concord Presbyterian Church. They had three 
daughters and perhaps other children. 

22 Elizabeth Jane Potts, m. Isaac Witherspoon. Children, i Mar- 

garet, 2 William, 3 Elizabeth. 

23 Cynthia Potts, m. William Fortune. 

9 Robert Potts,' (John,- James, ^), sou of John Potts, 
by his second wife, married Elizabeth McKeown. In 1770, 
his father conveyed to him, by deed, 636 acres of land in 
Mecklenburg Cotmty. He was a man of wealth, but re- 
quired each of his sons to learn a trade. 

Children of Robert .\nd Elizabeth (McKeown) Potts. 

24 Robert Potts, b. 17S5; d. 1S59; m. Nancy R. Gillespie. 

25 Jonathan Potts, b. ; d. 1S36; m. Cynthia Bryson. 

382 The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

26 James Potts. 29 Edwin Potts. 

27 John Potts. 30 Arm Potts. 
2.S Epliraim Potts. 31 Eliza Potts. 

II James Potts,' (William,^ James,'), son of William 
and Lydia (McCue) Potts, was born March 23, 1783. He 

married Mary A. . She was born Nov. 9, 1780. He 

died Nov. 4, 1827. 

Children of J.\mes and M.'^ry A. ( ) Potts. 

32 Mary A. Potts, b. Nov. 19, 1804; d. May 9, 1825; ni. John Pat- 

33 L,ydia h. Potts, b. April i, 1S07; d. May 4, j8o8. [terson, 

34 Betsey C. Potts, b. April, 1809; m. William Patterson. Chil- 

dren, I John, 2 Margaret, 3 James, 4. Lenora, 5 Banna. 

35 William G. Potts, b. May 31, 1818; d. Aug. 3. 1S65; m. Rebecca 


13 Henry Potts, ^ (James,' John, ^ James'}, son of James 
and Sarah (Tinon) Potts, married Margaret Henr}-. 

Children of Henry and Margaret (Henry) Potts. 

36 Henderson Potts. 39 John Potts. 42 Emeline Potts. 

37 Wilson Potts. 40 Sarah Potts. 

38 Lawson Potts. 41 Nicely Potts. 

15 William Potts,* (James,' John,^ James,*), son of 
James and Sarah (Tinon) Potts, was born about 1770. He 
was a saddler by trade and was commonly known as ' ' Sad- 
dler Billy." He lived about two miles from Concord Pres- 
byterian Church for many years, but about 1832 or '33 he 
and all his family removed to Sumner County, Tennessee. 
In the Spring of 1835, he and his family, except his sons 
Thomas and Robert, removed to Jersey County, Illinois, 
where he took up land and became a well-to-do farmer. He 
married Margaret Anderson, daughter of James and Eliza- 
beth (Maben) Anderson, Sept. 9, 1799, in Iredell Co., N.C. 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 3S3 

Chii.dren of Wit.liam and Margaret (Anderson) Potts. 

43 Elizabeth M. Potts, b. July 17, iSoo; d. OS:. 25, 1S83; unni. 

44 James Anderson Potts, b. Feb'y 6, 1S02; d. April 18, 1857; m. 

Jane A. Anderson. 

45 Robert Maben Potts, b. June 16, 1S04; d. Ma}- 29, 1S74; m. ist, 

Aseneth Adams', m. 2d, Clarissa Hart. 

46 Franklin Potts, b. 0&.. — 1S06; d. Sept. 10,1835, 

47 Sidney A. Potts, b. Sept. 18, 1808; d. April 27, 1857. 

48 Thomas E. Potts, b. Dec. 10, 1810; m. Sarah F. Dennis. 

49 Sarah T, Potts, b. May 10, 1813; d. Feb. — , 1837. 

50 William C. Potts, b. August 5, 1815; d. Sept. 11, 1835. 

51 George \V. Potts, b. Jan. — , 1818; m. Phebe Anderson. 

18 Robert Potts/ (William, ^ John,^ James,»), son of 
William and Margaret (McKeownj Potts, married Jane 
Wither.spoon, 23, 1791. 

Chii,dren of Robert and Jane (Witherspoon) Potts. 

52 Elizabeth Potts, b. ; d. 1864; m. Maxwell Hall. 

53 Delilah Potts. 

54 Melissa Potts, m. G. B. Tandy. 

55 Jane Potts, b. 1800; m. Thomas Fortune. 

56 Cynthia Potts, b. 1803; m. Nesbit. 

57 McKeown A. Potts, b. 1806; m. Susan Hall. 

58 Caroline Potts, b. 1812; m. 1st, m. 2d Luther Morrison. 

59 John M. Potts, b. 1814; m, Em. Begaly. 

24 Robert Potts,* (Robert' John,^ James, ^), son of 
Robert and Elizabeth (McKeown) Potts, was born May 2, 
1785. He married Nancj- R. Gillespie. She was born Feb. 
II, 1794, and died Feb. 5, 1845. He died Nov. 20, 1859. 

Children of Robert and Nancy R. (Gili^espie) Potts. 

60 James A. G. Potts, b. Jan. 12, 1812; d. Aug. 18S8. Removed to 

Lincoln County and raised a large family. 

61 Ephraim Potts, b. Feb. 25, 1814; d. Feb. 25, 1814. 

62 Zebulon M. Potts, b. Jan. 8, 1815; d. Sept. 5, 1843. 

63 Esther E. Potts, b. Nov. 10, 1817; d. Nov. 17, 1818. 

64 Charles Stanhope Potts, b. Dec. 29, 1818; m. 

65 Nancy Potts, b. Jan. 5, 1822; m. Gillespie. 

66 Julius R. Potts, b. Jan. 2, 1826; d. 1863, in the army. 

67 Thomas Espy Potts, b. Sept. 18, 1829; m. White. 

68 William W. Potts, b. March 22, 1833; ^- Sept. 18, 1835. 

5^4' The Poti's Family in America. 

25 Jonathan Potts, ^ (Robert,' John,=^ Jomes.') son of 
Rolx^rt and Elizabeth (McKeown), Potts, married Cynthia 
Brj'son, daughter of Hugh and Nancy (Davidson) Bryson. 
He learned the trade of a saddler, but engaged in farming 
and was a slave-holder. Pie removed to Bil>b Coirnty, Ala- 
bama, arni settled near Cetitrevnlle. He died in 1H36, near 
Columbus, Mississippi. 

Chimikhn of Jonathan and Cynthia (Brv.son;' T'o'Tts. 

69 Harriet Potts-, m. Asa Blake. 

70 Clementine Potts. 

71 Alfred Potts, m. 

72 Caroline Potts, ni. ist, Trucks-; in. 2rl, Benjamin F". Glass. 

Child, Frank Potts Glass, who married Mattie Byrd PurnelL 
and has children i John Purnell, 2 Christine. PVank P. Gla^. 
was educated at Princeton College, ami i.s oi>e of the publisii- 
ers of the Montgomery Advertiser of Atlanta. 

73 Jean Potts, m. Jackson Trucks. Children, i James, 2 William. 

3 Lou'sa, 4 Frances. 

74 Mary Lucinda Potts, ni. J. Hampton Pratt. Re.s.. Hemphill, Tex. 

75 Henrj^ Potts. 

76 Martha Potts, ra. Benjamin F. Glass. 

77 John Potts, d. y. 

35 William G. Potts, < (James,' William,^ James, i), 
son of James and Mary A. Potts, was born May 31, 181 8. 
He married Rei^ecca Torrence, daughter of Alexander and 
Catharine Torrence, Feb. 14, 1839. He was a farmer, and 
resided about seven miles from David.son College. He died 
August 3, 1865. 


78 James Monroe Potts, b. Dec. 11, 1839; d. Sept. 21, 1S69; m. ist. 

Nannie C. Torrence; m. 2d, Lottie C. Colby. 

79 Law-son A. Potts, b. Aug. 14, 1841; d. May 3, 18S6; m. Emma A. 

So Sidney X. Potts, b. April 24, 1844. 

81 Mary Ann Potts, b. Nov. 11, 1845; ™- Jol^n L- Jetton. 

82 Catharine J. M. Potts, b. Dec. 3, 1847; d. May 27, 1868. 

83 William H. Potts, b. August 10, 1849; m. Anne Caldwell. 
94 John M. Potts, b. Dec. 26, 1S50; d. May 5, 1865. 

85 Elizabeth A. Potts, b. May 23, 1852; m. F. J. Knox. 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 385 

86 Francis W. Potts, b. May 13, 1854; d. Jan. 14, 1884; unm. 

87 Rebecca L. Potts, b. Feb. i, 1856; m. Dr. Samuel Abernathy. 

88 Annie Bona Potts, b. June 20, 1857. 

89 Maggie O. Potts, b. 0<5l. 7, 1858; d. August 5, 1881. 

90 Beuregard N. Potts, b. Sept. 7, 1861; d. June 8, 1862. 

44 James Anderson Potts, -^ (William,* James,' John,* 
James, M, son of William and Margaret (Anderson) Potts, 
was born Feb. 6, 1802, in Iredell County, North Carolina. 
About 1826, he removed to Sumner County, Tennessee, and 
later to Jersey County, Illinois. He was for many years, 
Surveyor for the latter County, and was commonly known 
as ' ' Judge Potts." He and his wife were among the found- 
ers of the Presbyterian Church at Jersej^ville. He was one 
of the Ruling Elders from the organization of the Church 
until his death. He married Jane A. Anderson, (a coiisin), 
Dec. 1832, in Sumner County, Tennessee. He died April 
18, 1S57, of pneumonia. His wife died Sept. — , 1852. 

Children of James A. and Jane A. (Anderson) Potts. 

91 William Alexander Potts, b. 061. 10, 1833; d. Nov. i, 1889; m. 

Sarah Jane Lemmou. 

92 Thomas Franklin Potts, b. Feb. 17, 1836; m. Eliz'h C. Stryker. 

93 Margaret Phebe Potts, b. Nov. — , 1838. m. Newton M. Dennis. 

94 Sarah Elizabeth Potts, b. 1840; d. 1S71; m. David A. Compton, 

i860. Son, Russell. 

95 Mary Jane Potts, b. 1843; d. 1S74; m. Frederick H. Harrison, 

1865. Son, James. 

45 Robert Maben Potts,' (William,* James,' John,* 
James, ^), son of William and Margaret (Anderson) Potts, 
was born June 16, 1804. He removed to Hartsville, Ten- 
nessee, about 1830. On Sept. 26, 1833, he married Aseneth 
Adams, of Iredell County, North Carolina. She died Jan. 
20, 1 84 1. He married, second, Clarissa Elizabeth Hart, 
Nov. 25, 1841. Robert M. Potts carried on the saddlery 
and Harness business for some forty years or longer. He 


386 Tpie PotTvS Family in America. 

was a nieinber of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and 
of the Masonic Fraternity. He died May 31, 1874. 

CHir,D OF Robert M. and Askneth (Ai)am.s) Potts. 

96 Margaret A. Potts, b. Nov. 5, 1S34; d. Jan., 185S. 

Children o-p Robert M. and Clarissa E. (Hart) Potts. 

97 Amanda Potts, b. 1842; m. W. Tandy Hager, 186S. Children, i 

Clara, 2 Hattie, 3 Robert, 4 Oscar, 5 John, 6 Bettie. 
qS Pinckney Potts, b. April 6, 1844; d. June 13, 1844. 
99 Robert Maben Potts, b. Odl. 10, 1847; m. Bettie King. 
100 Clarissa H. Potts, b. Sept. 20, 1849; '^- Nov. 23, 1S93; m. Rer. 

H. A. Jones. Children, i Herbert, 2 Roberta, 3 PHlen. 
xoi Marietta A. Potts, b. July 18, 1S51; m. G. W. Price. Children, 
I Clara, 2 Pearl. 

48 Thomas E. Potts, "^ (William,* James.' John,* 
James,'), son of William and Margaret (Anderson) Potts, 
was born Dec. 10, 18 10. He first removed to Tennessee, 
where he engaged extensiv^ely in tanning. He subsequent- 
ly removed to Brierfield, Bibb County, Alabama, where he 
carried on a large tanning and shoe nianufadltiring btisiuess. 
He married Sarah F. Dennis, daughter of Coleman and So- 
phia (Carlton) Dennis, Jan. 17, 1864. 

CH11.DREN OF Thomas E. and Sarah F. (Dennis) Potts. 

102 William C. Potts, b. Ocft. i, 1S65. 

103 Robert M. Potts, b. July 16, 1867. 

104 Margaret C. Potts, b. October 30, 1869. 

105 Florence E. Potts, b. April 15, 1871. 

106 Clara M. Potts, b. September 12, 1872. 

51 George W. Potts,* (William,* James,' John,' 
James,'), son of William and Margaret (Anderson) Potts, 
was born Jan. — , 18 18. He first removed to Sumner Coun- 
ty, Tennessee, where he married Phebe Anderson in 1856, 
He next removed to Jer.seyville, Illinois, and from there to 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 387 

Children ok Georgu W. and Phebe (Anderson) Potts. 
X07 Frances Polts, b. 1861. 109 George W. Potts, b. 1870. 

108 Sarah Potts, b. 1868. no Ruth Potts, b. 1873. 

59 John M. Potts, M Robert,* William, 3 John, 2 James, >), 
sonof Robert and Jane (Witherspoon) Potts, was born, 1814. 
He married Em. Begaly. Occupation, farmer. 

Children of John M. and Em. (Bkgai,y) Potts. 
Ill Hiram Potts. 112 Charles Potts. 

64 Charles Stanhope Potts, ^ (Robert,* Robert,' John,* 
James,'), son of Robert and Nancy R. (Gillespie) Potts, 
was born Dec. 29, 18 19. He lived not far from Davidson 
College. He married and raised a family. His sons are 
said to have removed to Ringgold, Georgia. 

Children of Charles S. and ( ) Potts. 

113 Eunice Potts. 116 Robert Potts. 

114 Sidney Potts. 117 Houston Potts. 

115 Margaret Potts, m. Osborne. 

67 Thomas Espy Potts, » (Robert,* Robert'' John,* 
James,'), sou of Robert and Nancy R. (Gillespie) Potts, 
was born Sept. 18, 1829. He married White. 

Children of Thomas Espy and (White) Potts. 

118 Pritchard Potts. 120 James Potts. 

119 William Potts. 121 Libbie Potts. 

71 Alfred Potts,' (Jonathan,* Robert,' Johu,^ James,'), 
son of Jonathan and Cynthia (Bryson) Potts married 

Children of Alfred and ( ) Potts. 

122 John Potts, m. Elizabeth Stanley. 

123 Thomas Davidson Potts, m. Abercrombie. 

124 Mary Potts, m. Rev. William Perry. 

125 David Potts, m. 126 William Edward Potts. 

388 The Points Family in America. 

78 James Monroe Potts, = (William O.,* James,' Wil- 
liam,* James,'), son of William G. and Rebecca (Torrence) 
Potts, was born Dec, 11, 1839. He was a farmer and lived 
about four miles above Davidson ColUege, within the limits 
of Iredell County. He was Captain of Co. C, 27th Reg. of 
N. C, in the Confederate Army. He married, first, Nan- 
nie C. Torrence, daughter of A. H. Torrence, Aug. 12, 1862. 
He married, 2d, Lottie h. Colby. He died Sept. 21, 1869. 

Children of James Monroe and Nannie C. (Torrence) PoTrs. 

127 Nannie R. Potts, b. Oct. 24, 1863, d. August 12, 1S95. 
12S William A. Potts, b. Jan. 3, 1866; ni. I/acy S. Thompson. 

Chied of James jNI. and Lottie L,. (Colby) Potts. 

129 James M. Potts, b. OcSlober 18, 1S66, 

79 Lawson A. Potts/ ( William G.,^ James,* William,''' 
James,'), son of William G. and Rebecca C. (Torrence) 
Potts, was born 14, 1841. He married Kmma A. 
Johnston, daughter of Houston and Catharine John.ston, 
Dec. 20, 1865. He was a Captain in the 27th Reg't, N. 
C, in the Civil War. He was a farmer by occupation, and 
lived about fotir miles from Davidson College. In 1S84, he 
was elecled sherilT of Mecklenburg Cotnity, and removed 
to Charlotte, the County Seat. He died May 3, 1886. 

Children of Lawson.A.. .\nd Emma A. (Johnston) Potts. 

130 Ella Potts, b. 061. 9, 1866; d. Nov. 2, 1867. 

131 Kate M. Potts, 1). June 30, iSbS. 

132 Mary Lee Potts, b. Dec. 13, 1869. 

133 Emma J. Potts, b. Nov. 9, 1871. 

134 William G. Potts, b. May 31, 1873. 

135 Julia J. Pptts, b, June 2, 1875. 

136 PvUgenia H. Potts, b. June 5, 1S77. 

137 Rebecca T. Potts, b. July 6, 1879. 

138 Houston J. Potts, b. March 18, 1S81; d. May 15, 1881. 

139 M. Lorena Potts, b, Nov. ir, 18S2. 

140 Lottie A. Potts, b. March 2, 1SS5; d. Nov. 16, 18S6. 

83 William H. Potts,' (William G.,* James,' William,* 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 389 

James,'), son of William G. and Rebecca C. (Torrence) 
Potts, was born August 10, 1839. He married Annie Cald- 
well, daug^hter of Thomas and Sallie Caldwell, of Iredell 
County. Residence, Cowans Ford, Mecklenburg County. 

Chii.dren of \Vir,ijAM H. AND Annie ( Caldwell ) Potts. 

141 Lucy G. Potts. 144 Clarence Potts. 147 Ella Potts. 

142 John Potts. 145 William Potts. 148 vSarah Potts. 

143 Thomas Potts. 146 Van Potts. 

gi William Anderson Potts, ^ (James A.,* William,* 
James, ^ John,^ James,*), son of James A. and Jane (Ander- 
son) Potts, was born 0(ft. 10, 1833, in Tennessee. Remar- 
ried Sarah Jane Ivcmmon, April 2, 1857. He was a farmer, 
and settled near Morrisonville, Christian County, Illinois. 
He died November i, 1889. 

Chii.uren of \Vh,i.iam a. and Sarah J. (Lemmon) Potts, 

149 William A. Potts, b. Dec. i, 1S64; deceased. 

150 Sidney K. Potts, b. January 20, 1S67; deceased. 

151 Henry L. Potts, b. June 14, 1870; deceased. 

152 Charles Voorhees Potts, b. June 15, 1872. 

92 Thomas Franklin Potts," (James A.,* William,* 
James,' John, ^ James,'), son of James A. and Jane A. (An- 
derson) Potts, was born February 17, 1836. He married 
Elizabeth C. Stryker, daughter of William C. and Phebe 
Ann (Voorhees) Stryker, Jan. 18, i860. She w^as born May 
25, 1841. Occupation, farmer. Residence, near Morrison- 
ville, Christian County, Illinois. He has held the offices of 
Township Supervisor, School Director, Jiistice of the Peace, 
and Member of the County Court. He has long been a 
Ruling Elder and a Trustee of the Presbyterian Church. 

Children of Thomas F. and Eltz.\beth C. (Stryker) Potts. 

153 James Anderson Potts, b. Aug. 14, 1S61; m. Josephine M.Kidder. 

154 William Stryker Potts, b. Nov. 30, 1864; i"- Peachie L,. Harrison. 

155 Franklin Voorhees Potts, b. Aug. 13, 1870; Mildred Pickard. 

156 Elizabeth Cornelia Potts, b. February 15, 1874. 

390 The Potts Family in America. 

'57 J^'li" Beekman Potts, b. July 14, 1876. 

158 aiary Bergen Potts, b. 06lober 11, 1885. 

99 Robert Maben Potts,* (Robert Maben,'^ William,* 
James,' John,' James,') son of Robert M. and Clarissa E. 
( Hart) Potts, was born at Hartsville, Tennessee, Oct. 10, 
1847 He married Bettie King, May 26, 1880. In 1872, he 
was appointed Clerk of the Circuit Court of his native Coun- 
ty, and was subsequently re-elected several times. He is 
an officer in the Hartsville Bank. He is a member of the 
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and of the Masonic 
Lodge and also of the Knights of Honor. 

Chii<dren of Robert M. and Bhttie (King) Potts. 

159 Robert M. Potts, b. 18S4. 160 Mary Potts. 

153 James Anderson Potts/ (Thomas F.," James A.,' 
William,* James.' John,^ James,*), son of Thomas F. and 
Elizabeth C. (Stryker) Potts, was born August 14, 1S61. 
He married Josephine M. Kidder, daughter of F. A. and 
Ardelia J. (Potter) Kidder, Sept. 4, 1882. He is a farmer 
by occupation, and resides in Hanover County, Virginia. 

Children ok James A. and Josephine M. (Kidder) Potts. 

161 George Kidder Potts, b. Sept. 4, 1883. 

162 Kate Nevins Potts, b. Jan. 27, 1886. 

163 Helen Ardelia Potts, b. Ocl. 17, 1889. 

164 Virginia Josephine Potts, b. June 3, 1894. 

154 William Stryker Potts, ^ (Thomas F.,^ James A.,* 
William,* James,' John, ^ James,'}, son of Thomas F. and 
F:iizabethC. (Stryker) Potts, was born Nov. 30, 1868. He 
married Peachie Lee Harrison, daughter of S. B. and Ada 
(Foreman) Harri.son, Ocl. 11, 1893. She was born. May 
16, 1870. Residence, Pawnee City, Nebraska. 

Children ok William S. .a-nd Elizabeth C. (Harrison) Potts. 

165 Ada Elizabeth Potts, b. May 8, 1S96. 

166 Edna Margaret Potts, b. Odlober i, 189S. 

The Potts' of Mrcklenburg County, N. C. 391 

The following table gives a fair showing of five genera- 
tions of this family. The figures in the last column are 
the individual numbers used in the text. 

A Pedigree of the Potts' of Mecklenburg County. 

-James - Sarah Tiuon- 

-Marcraret Potts 

-William ^Marfjaret 

-Henry — Margaret 


-Robert Potts 


[Anderson — 

-Ann — Ephraim Shurrell 

-Sarah=Thomas Henry 

-Robert = Jane Wither- 




-Absalom Potts 

-David = Martha Brady 
-Elizabeth Jane -Isaac 

-Cynthia = Wm. Fortune 

-Robert=EHzabeth |-Robert^N. R. Gillespie- 

-Jonathan=Cynthia Bry- 

-James Potts 

-John Potts 

-Ephraim Potts 

-Edwin Potts 

-Ann Potts 

-Eliza Potts 

-Mary Potts 
■James— Mary A. 
-William Potts 

-MarvA. =JohnPatterson 
-Lydia L. Potts 
-Betsey^Wm. Patterson 
-William G. = Rebecca 

[Torrence — 

-Henderson Potts 
-Wilson Potts 
-Lawson Potts 
-John Potts 
-Sarah Potts 
-Nicely Potts 
-Eraeline Potts 

-Elizabeth M. Potts 
-James A. Potts 
-Robert M. Potts 
-Franklin Potts 
-Sidney A. Potts 
-Thomas E. Potts 
-Sarah T. Potts 
-William C. Potts 
-George W. Potts 

-Elizabeth Potts 
-Delilah Potts 
-Melissa Potts 
-Jane Potts 
-Cynthia Potts 
-ilcKeown A. Potts 
-Caroline Potts 
-John M. Potts 

-James A. G. Potts 
-Ephraim Potts 
-Zebulon M. Potts 
-Esther E. Potts 
-Charles S. Potts 
-Nancy Potts 
-Julius R. Potts 
-Thomas E. Potts 
-William W. Potts 

-Harriet Potts 
-Clementine Potts 
-Alfred Potts 
-Caroline Potts 
-Jean Potts 
-Mary L. Potts 
-Henry Potts 
-Martha Potts 
-John Potts 

-James M. Potts 
-Lawson A. Potts 
-Sidney X. Potts 
-Mary Ann Potts 
-Catharine J. Potts 
-William H. Potts 
-John M. Potts 
-Elizabeth A. Potts 
-Francis A. Potts 
-Rebecca L. Potts 
-Annie Bona Potts 
-Maggie G. Potts 
-Beauregard Potts 






392 The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

Supplementary Records. 

Beside the foregoing, there were at least two heads of 
families in Mecklenburg Countj^ — John Potts and James 
Potts — who were undoubtedly descendants of James Potts, 
but the conne(5lion is not clear to the compiler. They may 
have been children of James Potts, Jr., (No. 4). The fol- 
lowing account of John Potts and his descendants is found- 
ed, mainly, upon information furnished by the late John 
Grier Potts, of Pineville, North Carolina. 

1 John Potts, settled on a plantation on Six-Mile Run, 
then in Mecklenburg County, but now included within the 
limits of Union County. This land is still owned and occu- 
pied b}' descendants. He was a soldier in the Revolution- 
ary War and was engaged in the battle of Hanging Rock, 
in South Carolina. He married Nancy Houston, who is 
.said to have been ten years of age when her parents emi- 
grated from Ireland. The will of Agnes Potts, dated 1830, 
is on record in Alecklenburg County. Whether she was 
identical with Nancy Houston, or was a second wife of 
John Potts, is not clear in the light of present information. 
In the will she mentions each of her eight children. 

Children of John and ( ) Pom's. 

2 William Potts, b. Sep. 10, 178S; d. June 22, 1S56; m. ist, Levica 

Crockett; 2d, Mrs. Blender Dunn; 3d, Mrs. PUizabeth Wrenn; 
4th, Rebecca Daniels. 

3 Jane Potts, m. McCullough. 

4 Gracie Potts, m. Crockett. 

5 Margaret Potts, m. James Robinson. Children, William, James. 

6 Susan Potts, m. Stitt. 

7 Elizabeth Potts, m. John Houston. Children, Margaret, Hugh. 

8 Mary Potts, m. Robinson. 

9 Nancy Potts, m. James Gordon. 

PAGE 303. No. 13. 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 393 

2 William Potts,' (john,0 son of John and ( ) 

Potts, was born Sep. 10, 178S. His father's farm descend- 
ed to him, and he spent his life upon it. He acquired con- 
siderable wealth. He married, first, Levica Crockett; sec- 
ond, Mrs. Blender Dunn ; third, Mrs. Elizabeth Wrenn ; 
and fourth, Mrs. Rebecca Daniels, who survived him. He 
died June 22, 1856. His will is said to be on record in Un- 
ion County. 

Children of \Vir,i,rAM and Levica (Crockett) Potts. 

10 John McKnight Potts, b. 1810; d. March — , 1875; m. Martha 

Isabella Grier. 

11 Robert Crockett Potts, m, ist, Ann ; 2d, Louisa . 

12 Nancy Potts, m. Allen Morrow. Son, J. M. 

13 Levica Potts, b. ; d. 1S94; m. ist, Jefferson Miller. No is- 

sue. Md., 2d, Dr. William Mcllwain. Children, i Charles 
Cincinnatus, 2 William Erskine, 3 Jefferson, 4 John Alexan- 
der, 5 Mary Lavinia, 6 Robert James, 7 Margaret Jane. 

14 Isaac Potts. 

15 Jane Potts. 

16 WiUiam Potts. 

Child of William and Elizabeth ( ) Potts. 

17 William Marcellus Potts, b. Nov. 2, 1844; killed June 21, 1863. 

in the Civil War. 

10 John McKnight Potts, ^ (William,* John, ^), son of 
William and Levica (Crockett) Potts, was born, 18 10, in 
Providence Secftion, Mecklenburg County. After attaining 
his majority, he spent some time in the west, but returned 
to Mecklenburg County, and settled on Still Creek, and en- 
gaged in farming. He married Miss Martha Isabella Grier. 
He was a person of fine presence and a man of more than 
ordinary ability. He was successively eledled Captain, Ma- 
jor and Colonel in the State Militia before the Civil War, 
and was commonly known as " Major Potts." He was a 
Justice of the Peace for thirty years, and Associate Judge 
for a considerable time. He was a member of the Legisla- 
ture in i860 and '61, He accumulated a considerable for- 

394 '^HE Potts Family in America. 

tune, and was one of the largest farmers and tax-payers in 
the County. He died March, 1875, 

CHii,ROE>f OF John McK. ant> Martha I. (Grier) Potts. 

18 John Grier Potls, b. 1842; d. ; m. Margaret Rodnda Ardry, 

19 James Walter Potts, man-Jed and raised a family. 

20 William Pinckney Potts-. 

21 Levica Jane Potts. 

22 Dorcas Lucinda Potts. 

II Robert Crockett Potts,' (William,* John, »), son of 
William and Levica (Crockett) Potts, married, first, Ann, 
widow of William Potts, (See page 396). He married, sec- 
ond, Loitisa . She died July, 1S99, 

Chii^dken of Robert C. ano Ann ( ) Potts. 

23 William Thomas Potts-. 

24 Margaret lilizabeth Potts, m. J. M. Morrow. 

18 John Grier Potts,< (John McK.,' William, ^ John, '), 
sou of John McKnight and Martha Isabella (Grier) Potts, 
was born, 1842. He married Margaret Rocinda Ardry, in 
1864. She was the datighter of Dr. William A. and Lydia 
(Potts) Ardr}-. John G. Potts was a farmer and resided at 
Pineville, Mecklenburg County. Ht was a Captain in the 
Confedarate Army during the Civil War. He filled the of- 
fices of Justice of the Peace and Postmaster for many years. 
He was a Ruling Elder and Sabbath School Superintendant 
in the Presbyterian Church, and frequeutl}^ represented his 
Church in the higher courts of that religious Societ3\ He 
died subsequent to 1889. 

CHir,DREN OF John G. and Margaret R. (Ardry) Potts. 

25 Potts. 

26 Ada Bell Potts. 

27 James Walter Potts. 

The Potts' of Mecklenburg County, N. C. 395 

A Pedigree of John Potts' Family. 

Levica Croc"k- 


-John McK.=Martha I. Grier- 

■RobertC.=Aiin ■ 

2=Ele»der Dumi 


■Nancy=^Anen Morrow 

-l,evica=j€fferson Miller 

2= William Mcllwain- 

-Isaac Potts 
-Jane Potts 
-William Potts 

-John Grier Potts 
-James W. Potts 
-William P. Potts 
-Levica Jane Potts 
-Dorcas L. Potts 

-j-William T. Potts 
|-Margaret E. Potts 

— J. M. Morrow 

-Chas.C. Mcllvvain 
-Wm. E. Mcllwain 
-Jefferson Mcllwain 
-John A, Mcllwain 
-MaryL. Mcllwain 
-Robt. J. Mcllwain 
-Margaret Mcllwain 

3=EHE'hWrenu — WUliam Marceilus Potls 

4= Rebecca Daniels 

-Jane= McCullough 

-Gracie= Crockett 

-Margaret=Ja. Robinson-I-William Robinson 

|-James Robinson 
-Susan= Stitt 

-Elizabeth=Jno.Houston-f-Margaret Houston 
l-H - -- 

Mary= Robinson 

-Naucy= James Gordon 

-Hugh Houston 

A Pedigree of James Potts' Family. (See next page) 


James Potts= 
Will, 1821. 

John W. 

VanBuren Potts 
Foster Potts 
Mary Ann Potts 

John t,.- 



Ann Cureton 
Adaline Cureton 

I I M I I I 

Mar\- J. Ardry 
James P. Ardry 
William E. Ardry 
Marga retR. Ardry 
John W. Ardry 
Emma C. Ardry 
Joseph A. Ardry 

;j96 The Potts Famii^y in America. 

1 James Potts, of Mecklenburg County, died leaving 
a will dated July lo, 1821. He mentions his wife Nancy 
F. and children William, John W. and Lydia. This is the 
only information at hand relating to this person. His de- 
scendants claimed the other Potts' as their cousins. 

Children of James and Nancy F. ( ) Potts. 

2 William Potls, m. Ann . Ke died soon after his marriage. 

The widow married Robert Crockett Potts. [.See page 394]. 

3 John W. Potts, m. . 

4 Lydia Potts, m, ist, John L,. Cureton: 2d, Dr. William A. Ardry. 

3 John W. Potts, 2 (James,'), son of James and Nancy 
F. Potts, was a member of the Legislature in 1846. He af- 
terwards removed to Mississippi. His wife's name has not 
been furnished. 

Children of John W. and ( ) Potts. 

5 VanBuren Potts. 

6 Poster Potts. 

7 Mary Ann Potts. 

4 Lydia Potts,* (James,'), daughter of James and Nan- 
cy F. Potts, married, first, John L. Cureton. She married, 
second. Dr. William A. Ardry, 

Children of John L. and Lydia ( Potts) Cureton. 

5 Ann Cureton. 

9 Adaline Cureton. 

Children of Dr. William A. and L,vdia (Potts) Ardry. 

10 ]Mary Jane Ardry. 

1 1 James Potts Ardry. 

12 William Erskine Ardry. 

13 Margaret Rocinda Ardry, m. John Grier Potts. 

14 John White Ardry. 

15 Emma Caroline Ardry. 

16 Joseph Alexander Ardry. 

Jonathan Potts, of South Carouna, 397 


Jonathan Potts, of Sooth Carolina. 

1 JONATHAN POTTS removed from Lincoln Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, to Greenville Distridl, South Carolina, 
and settled on the Saluda River. Of his antecedents, there 
is no certain information. One tradition seems to indicate 
that he came from P^ngland. As some of the descendants 
of James Potts, of Mecklenburg County, settled in Lincoln 
County, he may possibly have been of that family. He 
married Elizabeth Stevenson. He died before 1850. 

Chii,dren of Jonathan and Elizabath (Stevenson) Potts. 

2 James Potts, m. Margaret Hightoiir. 

3 John Potts, m. INfartha Griffin. 

4 Hugh Potts, tn. Mary Griffin. 

5 Levi Potts, b. ; d. Sept. 9, 1S77; m. Permelia Moore. 

6 Felix Potts, b. ; d. Feb. 28, 1883; unm. 

7 Col. Erasmus F. Potts, m. Elizabeth Brown].ee. 

8 Young Potts, m. Nancy Griffin. 

9 Basdel Potts, m. Alice Griffin. 

TO Elizabeth Potts, m. Allen Griffin. 

1 1 Jane Potts, m. Murrell Masser. 

12 Mary Potts, m. Edward Griffin. Children, 1 Below, 2 Andrew. 

13 Cynthia Potts, m. John D. Barker. Children, i Susan, 2 Em- 

ma, 3 Cynthia. 

3 John Potts, ^ (Jonathan,'), sonof Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth (Stevenson) Potts, married Martha Grifhn. 

Children of John and Martha (Griffin) Potts. 

14 Allen Potts. 16 Wilson Potts. 18 Erasmus Potts. 

15 Calvin Potts. 17 Balis Potts. 19 Julia Potts. 

4 Hugh Potts,^ (Jonathan, ') son of Jonathan and EHz- 

398 The Potts Family in America. 

abeth Potts, married Mary Griffin, sister of his brother 
John's wife. 

Chii^drkn of Hugh and Mary (Griffin) Potts. * 

20 John Potts. 24 Franklin Potts. 28 Elizer(?) Potts. 

21 Felix Potts. 25 Nanc\- Potts. 29 Cynthia Potts. 

22 Milton Potts. 26 Anna Potts. 

23 Below Potts. 27 Eli/.abeth Potts. 

5 Levi Potts, (Jonathan,), son of Jonathan and Eliza- 
beth (Stevenson) Potts, married Permelia Moore, it is said 
about 1822. He died September 9, 1877. 

Childrkn of Levi and Permei^ia (Moore) Potts. 
. 30 Henry P. Potts. 

31 Ira D. Potts. Residence, Piedmont, Greenville Distridl, S. C. 

32 Tira R. Potts, b. 1S44; ^n. Rebecca M. Osburn. 

33 Massena Potts. 

7 Col. Erasmus F. Potts, ^ (Jonathan,'), son of Jona- 
than and Elizabeth (Stevenson) Potts, married Elizabeth 
Brownlee. He was a mahinist and ginwrightman, but also 
engaged in merchandising and hotel keeping. He at differ- 
ent times lived at Columbus, Lexington, Pontotoc and Hol- 
ly Springs, Mississippi. He accumulated great wealth and 
was a great landed proprietor. At the breaking out of the 
Civil War, he owned ninty-six sedlions of land, embracing 
Marshall, Benton and Tippah Counties, Mississippi, and his 
atmual taxes then amounted to $19,500. He was a useful 
man in his communit}' and generous to all in need. During 
the Civil War, he was taken prisoner and confined at Alton, 
Illinois, where he died at the age of sixty-two years. His 
widow died February, 1870 Three children died 3'oung. 
A post-office in Marshall County, called Potts Camp, was 
named in his honor. 

Chiu:)ren of Col. Erasmus F. and Eijz'th ( Potts. 

34 Ferdinand Potts, m. 

35 James Potts, m. 

Jonathan Potts, of vSouth Carolina. 399 

36 Mary Potts, m. ist, Charles Fant, and had a daughter, Dora, who 
married C. E. Hughes. She m. 2d, Charles Reid, and had a 
daughter Cornelia. 

8 Young Potts,^ (Jonathan,^) son of Jonathan and Eliz- 
abeth (Stevenson) Potts, married, first, Nancy Griffin. 
The name of his second wife has not been furnished. He 
settled in Cherokee County, Georgia. He had several chil- 
dren, but the name of onl}^ one has been given. 

Child of Young and Nancy (Griffin) Potts. 

37 Pennelia Potts. 

9 Basdel Potts, ^ (Jonathan,^), son of Jonathan and 
Elizabeth (Stevenson) Potts, married Cherry Lynch, and 
had three sons and three daughters. After his death his 
widow and children removed to Kentucky. 

Children of Basdel and Cherry (Lynch) Potts. 

38 Andrew Potts. 40 David Potts. 42 Potts. 

39 Maxwell Potts. 41 Potts. 43 Potts. 

32 Tira R. Pottts,' (Levi,* Jonathan,^), son of Levi 
and Permelia (Moore) Potts, was born about 1844. He is 
a farmer and resides at Riverview, Greenville Districft, S.C. 
He married Rebecca M. Osburn, 1865. He and his broth- 
er Ira D. , and their families, are the only Potts' remaining 
in that Districl. 

Children of Tir.\ R. and Rebecc.\ M. (Osburn) Potts. 
44 Thomas F. Potts. 45 Tirnon B. Potts. 46 David L. Potts. 

34 Ferdinand Potts,' (Erasmus F.,^ Jonathan,^), son 
of Erasmus F. and Elizabeth (Brownlee) Potts, married and 
settled on Potts Creek, about 18 miles southeast from Holly 
Springs, Mississippi. 

Children of Ferdin.\nd and ( — ) Potts. 

47 James Potts. 49 Elizabeth Potts. 51 L,ee Potts. 

48 Ida Potts. 50 Abuer Potts. 


The Potts Family in America. 

35 James Potts,' (Erasmus F.,^ Jonathan,'), son of 
Erasmus F. and Elizabeth (Brownlee) Potts, continued to 
live at the old homestead until his mother's death in 1870, 
when he removed to Holly Springes, where he continued un- 
til his death. His wife's name has not been g-iven. 


Chii^dren of James and — 
lAila Potts. 53 Ella Potts. 

( ) POTTS. 

54 James Benton Potts. 

A Pedigree of Jonathan Potts' Family. 

-James=Margaret Hightour 
-John=Martha Griffin 

•Hugh=Mary Griffin - 

Levi— Pennelia Moore 

■Felix Potts 

-Erasmus F.=Eliz. Browiilee- 

-Allen Potts 
-Calvin Potts 
-Wilson Potts 
-P,ali.s Potts 
-p;rasnius Potts 
-Julia Potts 

-John Potts 
-Felix Potts 
-Milton Potts 
-Below Potts 
-Franklin Potts 
-Nancy Potts 
-Anna Potts 
-Elizabeth Potts 
-Elizer(?) Potts 
-Cynthia Potts 

-Henry P. Potts 

-Ira D. Potts 

-Tira R. =R. M Osburn- 

-Massena Potts 

-Ferdinand Potts = 

-Young=Nancy Griffin- 
-Basdel=Alice Griffin — 

-James Potts= 

-Mary= Charles Fant 
2=Charles Raid 

-.-Permelia Potts 

-Thomas F. Pott.s 
-Tirnon B. Potts 
-David L- Potts 

-James Potts 
-Ida Potts 
-Elizabeth Potts 
-Abuer Potts 
-Lee Potts 

-Lula Potts 
-Ella Potts 
-James Benton Potts 

-Elizabeth=Allen Griffin 
-Jane=Murrell Masser 
-Mary=Edward Griffin 
-Cynthia=John D. Barker 

-Andrew Potts 
-Maxwell Potts 
-David Potts 

Cor^. 13a VI I) (i. I'oTTs. 

1 •*(;!; 4<f2. 

The Potts' of Eastern Virginia. 401 


The Potts Family of Eastern Virginia. 

About the year 1879, the compiler hereof had some cor- 
respondence with the late Col. David G. Potts, then Post- 
master at Petersburg, Virginia. A family afflidtion — the 
tragic death of a son of Col. Potts, in a railroad accident — 
occurring in that year, interrupted the correspondence, and 
it was unfortunately not renewed. 

Col. Potts stated that he had been told by his father that 
his Potts ancestors came from Wales, but whether diredt to 
\'irginia or not, he had no information. He further stated 
that his great grandfather, whose name he thinks w^as John, 
settled on the James River in Surr}' County, Virginia. He 
also stated that his great grandfather had brothers William, 
Joshua, Abner and James. William Potts, who is called 
Lieutenant by Col. Potts' son, is said to have been killed in 
a naval engagement, during the Revolutionary War. One 
of the other brothers is said to have settled in North Caro- 
lina, one in Kentucky, and the other in Tennessee. 

An examination of the Surry County Court records down 
to 1 741 , only revealed one person bearing the name of Potts. 
In 1705, one Thomas Potts was fined for swearing, a com- 
mon offense at that day. An examination of later records 
might reveal more definite information. 

The general Index of Wills in Sussex County shows the 

1814. Will of John Potts. 

1824. Inventory of the Estate of Charles Potts. 

1S46. Will of Thomas Potts. 

1S55. Nathaniel L. Potts, account of sale under a trust deed. 

402 The Potts Famiia- in America. 

Bruuswick County was formed from Surry County in 
1720, and the public records are complete from the begin- 
ning. Judge N. S. Turnbull, of Lawrenceville, that Coun- 
ty, and who is familiar with the records, informs the wri- 
ter tliat the name of Potts occurs very frequently among 
official records, and the family was evidently of prominence 
and high standing. These records are not indtxsd and the 
papers on file and many of the books have to be examined 
one by one and page by page. Here is a promising field for 
the genealogist. Perhaps these Potts' of Eastern Virginia, 
are descended from some of the family who settled about 
Jamestown in the seventeenth century. '■'- 

The information at hand concerning this family is very 
meager. The tabulated pedigree at the end of this Chapter 
gives a fair showing of the family, .so far as the compiler 
has any information. 

8 Thomas Potts, •» (John,* John, 2 ,»), son of John 

Potts, resided in Sussex County. He seems to have died 
about 1846. 

Children ok Thomas and ( ) Potts. 

10 John W. Potts, deceased; ni. Caroline Graves. 

11 13avid Graves Potts, b. Aug. 27, iSio; d. Jan. 31, 1S87; ni. Re- 

becca Parham Schoollield. 
[2 Robert E. Potts, m. .Sarah Looniis. 
13 Susan Potts. 14 Martha Potts. 

10 John W. Potts, ^ (Thomas,^ John,' John.^ ,1 ), 

son of Thomas Potts, married Caroline Graves. 

Children of John W. and C.\rolinh; (Gr.wes) Potts. 

15 Charles L^. Potts, deceased. 17 Ivva Potts. 

16 Nettie Potts. iS Lucy Potts. 

11 Col. David Graves Potts,* (Thomas,^ John,' John,* 

* See pages 116 to 123, ante. 

The Potts' of Eastern Virgixia. 403 

,^), son of Thomas Potts, was born August 27, 1810. 

in Sussex County. He engaged in farming for some years. 
Upon attaining his majority he was elecled to the office of 
Sheriff. He removed to Petersburg, Dinwiddie County, 
where he was long engaged as a merchant. He was Treasur- 
er of the P. & W. R. R. for i g years. In religious persuation 
he was a Baptist, and took a very active part in all Church 
matters. He was a liberal contributor to his Church and to 
all benevolent objects, even to his own detriment. He was 
the embodiment of integrity, and his counsel and advice was 
sought concerning all local matters. He was a Colonel of 
the State Troops before the Civil War. He was a strong 
Union man and took and active part in opposing Secession, 
but when his State seceded he cast his lot with his people. 
He did not enter the Armj', but served as President of the 
Board of Charities of his Cit}-, to look after the needs of 
those whose supporters were doing duty in the Army. The 
whole business of the Board devolved upon him. He 
gave his services without charge. When the Federal Army 
entered Petersburg, the captured supplies were turned over 
to Col. Potts, b}' the Federal authorities, for distribution 
among the destitute of the City. In 187S, he was appoint- 
ed Postmaster of Petersburg by President Hayes, notwith- 
standing the facl that he was a staunch Democrat and was 
careful to apprise the President thereof, before the appoint- 
ment. He filled the position for five years. 

Col. Potts married Rebecca Parham Schoolfield, daughter 
of Dr. Joseph and Mary (Lewis) Schoolfield. Col. Potts 
died January 31, 18S7, in the 77th year of his age. 

Children of David G. axd Rebecca P. (Schooi.eiei.d) Potts. 

1 9 John Howard Potts, served in the Confederate Army, was in the 

Seven Days Fight, contracted swamp fever and died at home. 

20 Lucy A. Potts, deceased. 24 Joseph S. Potts. 

21 Louisa Potts, deceased. 25 David G. Potts, d. 1S79. 

22 Nellie Potts, deceased. 26 Fanny I\I. Potts. 

23 Josephine Potts, deceased. 


Thk Potts Faisiily in America. 

12 Robert E. Potts, ^ (Thomas, '•John,' John,^ — 
soil of Thomas Potts, married Sarah Loomis. 

Children of Robert K. and Sarah (Loomis) Potts. 

27 Charles E. Potts. 29 Robert L. Potts. 

28 John D. Potts. 30 vSally Potts, deceased. 


A Pedigree of the Potts' of Eastern Virginia. 


I ! I I I 

John Potts - William Potts Joshua Potts Abner Potts James I'otts 

John Potts- 

Tlioinas Potts^ 

William Potts 

John W.^=Caroline 
Potts I Graves 

David G. = Rebecca P. 
Potts I Schoolfield 

Robert =Sarah 
E. Potts I 1,00111 is 

Stisan Potts 
Martha Potts 

i I I I 

Charles K. Potts 
Nettie Potts 
Eva Potts 
Eucv Potts 


John H. Potts Josephine Potts 

Lucy A. Potts Joseph S. Potts 

Louisa Potts David G. Potts 

Nellie Potts Faiiiij- M. Potts 

I I I 
Charles E. Potts 
John D. Potts 
Robert L. Potts 
•Sally Potts 

The Potts' of King George Couxty, Va. 405 


The Potts^ of King: Geof g:e County^ Vir§;mia. 

A family of Potts' of good standing is seated in King- 
George County, Virginia. So far as the compiler has any 
information, the record begins with one Richard Potts, but 
no information has come to hand concerning antecedents or 
ancestry. The information which follows was furnished, 
mainly, b}' Dr. Richard Potts, of Edge Plill, King George 

I RICHARD POTTS was born about 1753. He was 
a farmer of King George County, and a man of means, be- 
ing a slaveholder. He married a widow Barrett. He died 
about 1823, leaving a will which was probated August 7th of 
that 3'ear. 

Children of Rich.vrd and ( ) Potts. 

2 Richard Potts, ni. Wilson. 

3 George C. Potts, d. uiim. 

4 Hezekiah Potts, b. 1782; d. 1S47; 111. Ann M. Price. 

5 A daughter, m. Johnson. 

2 Richard Potts,' (Richard,^), son of Richard Potts, 

married Miss Wilson, and had several children, three 

of whom were daughters. The names of two sons, only, 
have been furnished. 

Chii^drhn of Richard and (V»'ii,son) Potts. 

6 Morton W. Potts, ni. Margaret Potts. 

7 Richard Potts. 

4o6 The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

4 Hezekiah Potts,^ (Richard/), son of Richard Potts, 
was born about 17S2, and died in 1847. He taught school 
until the death of his father, when he engaged in fanning, 
and owned a good number of slaves. He w^as a soldier of 
the War of 1812, and was once nominated by his party as a 
candidate for a Member of the House of Delegates, failing 
of elecflion by only a few votes. He married Ann M. Price, 
who died in 1S65. 

Chii.dren of Hezekiah and Ann M. (Price) Potts. 

5 Dr. Richard Potts, b. Sep. 12, i8]S; in., Elizabeth Coakley; 

in. 2d, Mary Manshall. 

9 Hezekiah Potts, m. Ann P. Ball; seven children. 

10 Thornton Potts. 

1 1 Aexander Potts. 

12 EH7.abeth Potts, m. Thomas J. Minor. Three children. 

13 Ann M. Potts, m. Dr. T. K. Price. 

14 PVances Y. Potts, ni. \Vm. T. Bevan. Children, i Thomas H., 

2 Jennie, m. Isadore Raynor. 

15 vSarah B. Potts. 

16 Julia C. Potts, m.'james K. Jones. Five daughters. 

6 Morton W. Potts, ^ (Richard, ^ Richard,'), son of 

Richard and (Wilson) Potts, married Margaret Potts, 

a second cousin. She had a brother William A. J. Potts, 
who was at one time a Member of the Legislature. The 
names of only two children have been furnished. 

Chiedren of Morton W. and Margaret (Potts) Potts. 
17 R B. Potts, m. Nannie Potts, (24). 

iS Burton V. Potts, m. Fannie Potts, (25). 

8 Dr. Richard Potts, 2 (Hezekiah,' Richard,'), .son of 
Hezekiah and Ann M. (Price) Potts, was born September 
12, 1818. He graduated from the University of \'irginia, 
studied medicine, and located at Edge Hill, King George 
County as a practicing physician. He served long as a Jus- 
tice of the Peace, as a School Direcflor, and as Physician of 
the Poor. He married, first, Elizabeth Coakley, in 1847. 

The Potts' of King George County, Va. 407 

Slie (lied in 1873, and he married, second, Mary Marshall, 
in 1S74. 

Chii.dricn of Dr. Richard and Elizabetpi (Coaki,ey) Potts. 

19 Melissa Potts, deceased. 

20 Richard Potts. Married and resides at Gatesville, Texas. 

21 Thornton C. Potts, Married and resides at Gatesville, Texas. 

22 William A. Potts. 

23 Robert O. Potts, b. 1S66. 

24 Nannie Potts, m. R. B, Potts, (17). 

25 Fannie Potts, m. Burton V. Potts, (18). 

26 Florence Potts, m. Thomas A. Quesenbur3^ 

27 Lula Potts, ra. Powell Coakley. 
2S Mabel Potts. 

29 Sallie Potts, m. Chapman Price. 

A Pedigree of the Potts' of King George County, Virginia. 

-Richard - 


-(ieorge C. Potts 

■llezekiah= Ami M. Pricc- 

•A daughter Johnson 

l-Richard Potts [Polls 

-Richard^Elix.. Coaklev— 
2:=Marv Marshall 
-Hezekiah^ Ann P. Kail 
-Thornton Polls 
-Alexander Polls 
-Elizabeth=T. J. Minor 
-.Ann M.=Dr. T. K. Price 
-I'" ranees Y.=W. T. Sevan 
-Sarah B. Polls 
-Julia C.=James E. Jones 

(-William A.J. Potts 
-Margaret^Morton Polls 

l-R. B. Polls 
|-Burton V. Polls 

-Melissa Potts 
-Richard Potts 
-Thornton C. Polls 
-William A. Potts 
-Robert O. Potts 
-Nannie Potts 
-Fannie Potts 
-Florence Potts 
-Lula Potts 
-Mabel Potts 
-Sallie Polls 

4o8 The Potts Family in Amp;rica. 


The Potts^ of Georg;etown District, South Carolina. 

1 THOMAS POTTS,='- tradition alleges, came from 
Northumberland County, England, possibly about 1720 to 
1730, and settled on the Pedee River, in Georgetown Dis- 
trict, South Carolina. Whether he brought a wife with him 
or not is not known. His descendants were clanish, and 
when occasion demanded, removed in a bod}^ to another lo- 
cality. About 1825, they left the rice district, on account of 
its unhealthfulness, and removed to the oak and hickory 
lands of Chester District, and again, in 1836, to Winston 
Count}^ Mississippi. Prior to the Civil War, this family 
were quite wealthy, but lost nearly all their property dur- 
ing that conflict. Since then they have scattered to various 
places, many settling in Texas. 

Children of Thomas and ( ) Potts. 

2 Capt. Thomas Potts, m. ist. Miss Thompson; 2(1, Rebecca Smith. 

3 Marj^'aret Potts, m. Husjh Swinton. Chiklren, ijohn, 2 Alexan- 

der, and others. 

4 Ann I'otts, m. Moses Miller. 

5 Hester Potts, d. nnm. 

2 Capt. Thomas Potts, ' (Thomas,'), son of Thomas 
Potts, lived and died in South Carolina. He served in the 
.Revolutinary War. He entered the Army as a private and 
rose to a Captaincy. He married, first, Miss Thompson, 
and second, Rebecca Smith, daughter of John Smith. She 
was a cousin of Abigail Smith, who married President John 

* NoTK. A tradition in the family alleges that Thomas Potts had a brother John 
Potts, who came to America with hiin, and settling either in Pennsylvania or Vir- 
ginia, was lost sight of. 

The Potts' of Georgetown, S. C. 409 

Adams, and a niece of that William Smith, who on account 
of his large landed possessions was called Landgrave Smith. 

Children of Capt. Thomas and (Thompson) Poxts. 

6 Lieut. Thomas Potts, d. unm. He served under Gen. Marion in 

the Revolutionary War. 

7 William Potts, m. Martha Nelson. 

Children of C.\pt. Thomas and Rebecca (Smith) Potts. 

8 John Potts, m. Mary Smith. She was born 1794, and died 1869, 

buried in the Episcopal Churchyard at Georgetown, S. C. 

9 Hannah Rebecca Potts, m. Stephen Miller, (11). 

10 Thomas Hughes Potts, M. D., b. 1788; d. 1826. 

4 Ann Potts,* (Thomas, '), daughter of Thomas Potts, 
married Moses Miller. He was a French Huguenot. The 
name in French was Molicre [one who keeps a mill,] but in 
America the English synonym was adopted. He was a sol- 
dier in the Revolutionary War. Thej' lived and died in 
South Carolina. 

Children of Moses and Ann (Potts) Miller. 

11 Stephen Miller, b. 1769; m. Hannah Rebecca Potts, (9). 

12 Sarah Miller, m. Daniel Dupree. No issue. 

7 William Potts,* (Thomas,* Thomas, »), son of Thom- 
as and (Thompson) Potts, married Martha Nelson. 

They lived and died in South Carolina. 

Children of William and Martha (Nelson) Potts. 

13 Capt. Samuel Thomas Potts, m. ist, Margaret Swinton; m. 2nd, 

Ann Miller, (20). 

14 William Potts, m. Rebecca Howard. 

15 Mary Potts, m. Dr. James N. Mayrant. Children, i Margaret, 

2 Ann, 3 John W., 4 Robert \V., 5 Matthew, 6 TurnbuU, 7 
Norvill v., 8 Cleland. 

16 John James Potts, m. Mary Polk. Children, i William, m. 

Bloss Hudson, 2 Dr. Edgar, 3 Leonora. 

17 Martha Potts, m. Col. J. J. Howard. Children, i Joseph, 2 El- 

nora, 3 Mary. 

18 Edgar Nelson Potts, m. Leonora Howard. Children, i Theo- 

dore. 2 William. 


4IO The Potts Family in America. 

9 Hannah Potts, » (Thomas,- Thomas,'), daughter of 
Thomas and Rebecca (Smith) Potts, married Stephen Mil- 
ler, (ii). She died in Winston County, Mississippi. 

Chii^dren of Stephen and Hannah (Potts) Mili^er. 

19 Capt. Thomas Potts Miller, b. 1804. In 18S6, he was liv-ing, un- 

married, at Louisville, Miss. 

20 Ann Miller, m. Capt. Samuel Thomas PoUs, (13). 

21 Sarah Miller, m. Dr. Robert D. Brown. Children, i Walter, 2 

John P., 3 Dr. Robert J., 4 Thomas P., 5 Stephen M., 6 Jane 
D., 7 Sarah F., S Elizabeth, 9 Otho, 10 Emily. 

22 Stephen Miller, m. Elizabeth Howard. Children, i Sarah E., 2 

Eugenia R., 3 Anna H.. 4 Margaret, 5 Thomas P., 6 William 
H., 7 Robert, 8 Hannah. 

23 John Smith Miller, m. Amanda Mosley, nee Gregg. Children, i 

Emma, 2 J. Stephen, 3 Mary K., 4 John G., 5 Dr. William B. 

24 Hannah Miller, d. while attending school, aged 16 years. 

10 Thomas Hughes Potts, M. D.,' (Thomas, ^ Thom- 
as,'), son of Thomas and Rebecca (Smith) Potts, was born 
Dec. 16, 1788. He was a physician and settled at States- 
ville, N. C, where he died unmarried in 1S26. He was 
buried in the Presbyterian churchyard at Statesville, where 
a tablet marks his grave and bears this inscription, 

Thomas Hughes Potts, M. D., 

A native of Williamsburg Distriti, S. C. 

Born i6th Dec. 17S8 ; 

Died in this place, 19th Aug. 1S26. 

A tribute of respecfl b}' his bereaved relatives. 

13 Capt. Samuel Thomas Potts, < (William,' Thomas,^ 
Thomas,'), son of William and Martha (Nelson) Potts, 
married, first, Margaret Swinton ; and second, Ann Miller, 
(20). He died in Winston County, Mississippi. 

Children of Capt. Samuel T. and Margaret (Swinton) Potts. 

25 Dr. Hugh Swinton Potts, m. Gray. 

26 Martha Potts, m. Capt. John Kennedy. 

27 William Burton Potts, m. Martha Warren. 

Children of Capt. Samuel T. and Ann (Miller) Potts. 

28 Hannah Rebecca Potts, Rev. William H. Head. 



The Potts' of Georgetown, S. C. 

Moses M. Potts, m. Mrs. Pilkerton. 

Samuel T. Potts, ni. A. A. Prior. Both deaf mutes. 
Plowden Potts. A deaf mute. 


Abasquia Potts, m. ist, Dr. W. B. Ward; 
Isabella N. Potts, a deaf mute; m. 

m. 2d, John Mayrant. 

Robert Playne Potts, m. Mary P. Ervin. 
Lafayette B. Potts, m. Mary Polk. 
Mary M. Potts, m. James Cummiugs. 
Alice Potts, m. Norrill V. Mavraut. 

14 William Potts/ (William, ^ Thomas, Thomas, i), 
son of William and Martha (Nelson) Potts, married Rebec- 
ca Howard. He died in Loitisiana. 




Children of William and Rebecca (Howard) Potts. 
Aberenatha Potts. 

Thomas Hughes Potts, m. Colbert. 

Florence Potts, m. Dr. Frederick C. Gray. 
John Potts, died in the Confederate Army. 
Nora Potts, m. Dr. McCormick. 

A Pedigree of th^ Potts Family Georgetown. S. C. 

Thonias= l-Thoiuas Potts 


Nelson - 

2= Rebecca 
Smith — 


-Ann=Moses Miller 
-Hester Potts 

-Jobn=Mary Smith 


■Thomas H. Potts 


=Marg't |-Hugh S. 
Swintou - -Martha 

l-William B. 



-Willia 111 = Rebecca 

Howard — 


-John J.=Mary Polk— 

-Martha= J. J.Howard 

-Moses M. 
-Samuel T. 
-Robert H. 
-Lafayette B 
-Mary M, 

-Thomas H. 

-Dr. Edgar 

-EdgarN.=Leonora l-Theodore 
Howard — -William 

412 The Potts Family in America. 


Dr. Anthony Potts, and his Family. 

The compiler has some fragmentary account of a family 
who took their origin in County Northumberland, England. 
They are in all probability descended from the same parent 
stock, as those of Chapter XXXV. The information at 
hand is embodied in letters from several members of the 
family, which contain general data, but are very defective 
as to individual names. The following is a summary of 
the information at hand. 

1 ANTHONY POTTS,! whose wife's name was 
Hannah, lived at Herdlaw, Parish of Elsden, in the County 
Northumberland, England. They had a son, 

2 William Potts,* who married and had a son, 

3 William Potts,' who was a surgeon and apothecary, 
at New Castle-on-Tyne, County Northumberland, England. 
He was twice married. Two sons by the first marriage are 
said to have left England, one going to North America and 
the other to South America. [Possibly Carolinas] . He 
married, second, Mary Brown and had a son, 

4 Dr. Anthony Potts,* who was born about 1759, at 
New Castle-on-Tyne. He was a physician. He married 
Ann Brown, daughter of James Brown, Brewer, etc., of 
Wylam, England, about 1790. About 1794, they emigra- 
ted to the United States, and settled, first, either in Virgin- 
ia or New York. After a few years they removed to Fay- 
ette County, Ohio, where they remained until 1820, when 
they removed to Illinois and settled in Green County. He 

Dr. Anthony Potts and Family. 413 

died in 1852, at the great age of 93 years. He raised three 
sons and three daughters. 

Children of Dr, Anthony and Ann (Brown) Potts. 

5 William Potts, b. 1791; d. 1S62; m. 

6 A son. 7 A son. 

8 A daughter, m. Smith, Children, i Henry, 2 Frank, 3 

Samuel, 4 Iowa, 5 Lycurgus, and three daughters. 

9 A daughter. 10 A daughter. 

5 "William Potts,' eldest son of Dr. Anthony and Ann 
(Brown) Potts, was born 1791, in Northumberland County, 
England. He married in Ohio, and settled in Green Coun- 
ty Illinois. He died in 1S62, and his wife in 1872. 

Children of William and ( ) Potts. 

II A daughter, b. 1820 d. 1857. 12 A son, b. 1S23. 

13 J H. Potts, b. 1S25; m. Residence, Jacksonville, Illinois. 

14 A daughter, d. aged 3 years. 16 A son, b. 1832. 

15 A son, b. 1830; d. 1S60. 17 A son, b, 1835. 

Supplcmentafy Notes.. 

There is a family of Potts' in Washington and Beaufort 
Counties, North Carolina, whose history has not been traced. 
Mr. W. A, Potts, Jr., of Washington, N. C, informed the 
compiler that his Potts ancestor came from Northumberland 
County, Eng., and was one of the earliest settlers of Wash- 
ington County, but no further information was furnished. 

Capt. Thomas Potts Miller, (No. 19, p. 410, ante,) who 
was born 1804, said that in his boyhood he heard mention 
of an Anthony Potts, who was spoken of by the family as 
" Cousin Anthony." 

It is possible that all these Northumberland County fam- 
ilies of Potts' were nearly related. 

414 Tk-e Potts Family in America. 


A Potts Family of Charleston, South Cai-olina. 

The data at hand concerning this family is very meager. 
It is designated as of Charleston, because that was the first 
place of settlement on coming to America. The fadts print- 
ed below have been obtained from. Dr. Samuel T. Potts, of 
Augusta, Georgia, whose father died when he was an in- 
fant. The famil}^ records seem to have been lost. 

I ALEXANDER POTTS married Miss Charlotte 
McKentire, in Scotland, and after the birth of their first 
child, emigrated to America and settled at Charleston, South 
Carolina, about the time of Revolutionary War. After liv- 
ing in Charleston for sometime, they removed to the vicin- 
ity of Petersburg, Virginia. He sent his sons William T. 
and Robert to London where they were educated. Alexan- 
der Potts died suddenly while about his stables. 

Children of Alexander and Charlotte (McKentire) Potts. 

2 James Potts, born in Great Britain. 

3 William Thornell Potts, b. ; d. 1840; m. Anna Simmons. 

4 Robert Potts. Educated in London, where he settled and mar- 

ried Miss Hore. 

5 Elvira Potts. 6 Lenora Potts. 

3 "William Thornell Potts, ^ (Alexander/), son of 
Alexander and Charlotte (McKentire) Potts, was born at 
Charleston, South Carolina. He was educated at London, 
England. Upon his return from abroad, he entered into 
business speculations. In his last venture he went to New 

A Potts Family of Charleston, S. C. 415 

Orleans, and there invested his capital in a cargo of cotton, 
intending to sail to England, and after disposing of his ven- 
ture, to settle in lyondon. Just previous to sailing, the ves- 
sel took fire and the entire outfit and cargo were destro3'ed. 
After this misfortune, he returned to Petersburg. In 1834, 
he went to South Carolina, where he met and married Anna 
Simmons, and settled in Horry Districl. He engaged in 
teaching and attained considerable eminence in his profes- 
sion. In 1840, the family removed to Wilmington, North 
Carolina, w^here Mr. Potts and his three eldest children 
died of yellow fever the same year. 

Chii,rden of William T. and Anna (Simmons) Potts. 

7 Amanda Melvina Fitzallen Frances DeLeslie Potts, d. 1S40. 

8 Rachel Ulriclia Florilla Belvidera Desdemona Galloway Potts. 

9 Rosetta Isabella Ivanonah Potts, d. 1840. 

10 Wilomelia Elvira Lenora Potts, in. Thompson. Children, 

I Elizabeth Ann, 2 John, 3 James, 4 William, 5 Lenora, 6 
Mary, 7 Samuel. Residence, Newbern, North Carolina. 

11 Samuel T. Potts, b. about 1839; m. Sarah Elizabeth Carrow. 

II Dr. Samuel T. Potts, ^ (William Thornell,' Alex- 
ander,'), son of William Thornell and Anna (Simmons) 
Potts, was born about 1839. He studied medicine and trav- 
eled much. Owing to a physical affecSlion, he was compelled 
to reliquish the pradlice of medicine, and engaged in mer- 
cantile pursuits at Augusta, Georgia. He married Sarah 
Elizabeth Carrow, of Craven County, North Carolina, 1862. 
The compiler is indebted to Dr. Potts for the information 
contained in this Chapter. 

Children of Dr. Samuel T. and Sarah E. (Carrow) Potts. 

12 Samuel Thomas Potts, b. 1S67; third son. 
Three sons died in infancy. 

4i6 The Potts Family in America. 


The Potts' of Union District, South Carolina. 

1 OSWALD POTTS/ a native of Monmouthshire, 
England, and a Sea Captain, settled in Union District, South 
Carolina, perhaps before the middle of the eighteenth cen- 

Children of Oswald and ( ) Potts. 

2 William Potts, m. Elizabeth Lamb 3 Abner Potts. 

2 William Potts,' (Oswald, '), son of Oswald Potts, 
was a farmer and Methodist minister. He married Eliza- 
beth Eamb, and removed to Tennessee about the year 1800. 

Children of William and Eliz.\beth (Lamb) Potts. 

4 Oswald Potts. A Methodist minister. 8 William Potts. 

5 Thomas Potts. A Methodist minister. 9 Wilber Potts. 

6 Abner Potts. 10 Joseph Potts. 

7 Wesley Potts. 

3 Abner Potts,' (Oswald, •), son of Oswald Potts, set- 
tled in Montgomery County, Tennessee, where he died 
about 1815 to 1820. 

Children of Abner and ( ) Potts. 

1 1 William Potts. Removed to Indiana. 

12 Cartwright Potts. Removed to Bedford County, Tennessee. 

6 Abner Potts,» (William,* Oswald, »), son of William 
and Elizabeth (Eamb) Potts, settled in Rutherford County, 
Tennessee. He was an attorney at law and farmer. He 
represented his County in the Legi.slature of his State, in 
1827. While in Marshall County, Mississippi, in 1840, he 
was thrown from a horse an killed. 

Children of Abner and ( ) Potts. 

13 James H. Potts. Residence, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 

The Potts' of Davies County, Kentucky. 417 


The Potts' of Davies County, Kentucky. 

A family of Potts' was settled in Davies County, Ken- 
tucky, in the early part of the nineteenth century, but the 
time of coming to America or of settlement in Kentucky, 
seems to be unknown. There is a tradition that the family 
is descended from one Solomon Q. Potts, of Northampton, 
England, who is said to have had sons Ezekiel E., Christo- 
pher A., and Washington A. The two latter are said to 
have been Commanders of British war ships, and to have 
been buried at Northampton. Ezekiel is alleged to have 
been the father or ancester of Richard F. Potts. 

1 RICHARD F. POTTS, is said to have been born 
July 4, 1776, and was a resident of Kentucky, near Owens- 
boro, Davies County, it is supposed. His wife was Betsej' 
Cummings. He died at about 70 years of age, and his wife 
at about 96 years. 

Children of Richard F. and Betsey (Cummings) Potts. 

2 Jesse Potts. No further account. 

3 William Baty Potts, b. June 9, 1S14; d, 1SS4-6? m. Rhoda Ann 


4 Millie Potts. No further account. 

5 Joseph Potts. No further account. 

6 Samuel J. Potts. No further account. 

3 William Baty Potts,^ (Richard F.,i), son of Rich- 
ard F. and Betsey (Cummings) Potts, was born June 9th, 
18 14, in Davies County, Kentucky. He removed to Illi- 

41 S The Potts Family in America. 

nois, first to Macoupin County, and in 1856 to Montgomery 
County, where he purchased several thousand acres of land. 
In the latter part of his life, he engaged in mercantile busi- 
ness, at Litchfield, Illinois. He married Rhoda Ann Rich- 
ards in Morgan County, Illinois. She was born in 1821. 
He died about 1885. 

Children of William B. and Rhoda A. (Richards) Potts. 

7 Richard Dajiiel Potts, b. Sept. 28, 1835; m. Maiy D. Leyerley. 

8 Edmond J. Potts, b. May 24, 1S37; m. Agnes Ann Allen. 

9 Sarah Potts, m. Robert Nash. Daughter, Sarah Ann. 

10 Joseph W. Potts, b. Sept. 19, 1841; Mary Miller. 

11 Samuel J. Potts, b. April 8, 1845; m. Mary Hemphill. 

12 P'rancis Marion Potts, b. Dec. 14, 1846; m. Mary McDaniel. 

13 Amanda Potts, b. April 15, 1850; m. William Lee Allen. Chil- 

dren, I William J., 2 Joseph R., 3 Lee, 4 Daniel S. 

14 Mary Potts, b. March 22, 1852; m. Gilbert Lee Allen. Children, 

I Gertrude, 2 Rhoda Amanda, 3 Lew Montgomery, 4 Samuel, 
5 Bertha, 6 Chassie. 

7 Richard Daniel Potts, ^ (William B.,^ Richard F.,^), 
son of William Bat}^ and Rhoda Ann (Richards) Potts, was 
born Sept. 28, 1835, in Macoupin County, Illinois, but re- 
moved to Montgomery County in 1856, where he married 
Mary K. Leyerley, daughter of Aaron Le3'erle5'', and is a 
wealthy farmer. Postoffice, Raymond, Illinois. 

Children oe Richard D. and Mary E. (Leyerly) Potts. 
15 Robert Potts. 16 Pearl Potts. 

8 Edmondjasper Potts, 3 (William B.,* Richard F.,i), 
son of William Baty and Rhoda Ann (Richards) Potts, was 
born May 24, 1837, in Macoupin County. Illinois. Reset- 
tled in Montgomery County. He married Agnes Ann Al- 
len, daughter of Elder Robert and Elizabeth (Rollin) Allen, 
1858, in St. Louis, Mo. He made an overland trip to Cali- 
fornia in 1864. Members of the Christian Church. Resi- 
dence, Litchfield, Montgomery County, Illinois. 

The Potts' of Davies County, Kentucky. 419 

Chii^dren of Edmond J. AND Agnes Ann (Allen) Potts. 

17 William B. Potts, b. Ocl. 24. 1858; m. Olive Rushton. A farmer 
of Montgomery County, Illinois. Children, i Agnes, 2 Hen- 
ry, 3 Albert, 4 May, 5 Alice. 

iS Asbury Albert Potts, b. Ocl. 24, 1867: m. Gertrude Eliza Dewey, 
1894. Child, Allen Dewey. Residence, East St. Louis, 111. 

19 Daniel Walter Potts, b. April 23, 1S70. Teacher at E. St. Louis. 

20 Edmond Joseph Potts, b. Sept. 9, 1873. A musician. 

21 Effie Potts, b. April 12, 1875. 

22 Estella Potts, b. 0<ftober 27, 1887. 

10 Joseph W. Potts, 3 (William B.,^ Richard F.,'), 
son of William Baty and Rhoda Ann (Richards) Potts, was 
born Sept, 19, 1841, in Macoupin County, Illinois. He re- 
moved to Montgomery County, where he engaged in farm- 
ing until 1872, when he engaged in mercantile business at 
Raymond. In 188 1, he established The Raymond Indepen- 
dent, which he still continues to He married Mary 

Children of Joseph W. and Mary (Miller) PotTS. 

23 Lemuel Potts, b. April 12, 1866. 

24 Roy Potts, b. September 3, 1881. 

11 Samueljackson Potts,' (William B., 2 Richard F.'), 
son of William Baty and Rhoda Ann (Richards) Potts, was 
born April 8, 1845, in Macoupin County, Illinois. He mar- 
ried Mar}^ Hemphill. Residence, Raymond, Illinois. 

Children of Samuel J. and Mary (Hemphill) Potts. 

25 Nina Potts. 26 Robert Potts. 

12 Francis Marion Potts,' (William B. ,* Richard F. ' j , 
son of William Baty and Rhoda Ann (Richards) Potts, was 
born Dec. 14, 1846. He married Mary McDaniel. Resi- 
dence, either Washington or Oregon. 

Child of Francis M. and M.\ry (McDaniel) Potts. 
27 Leslie Potts. 

420 The Potts Family in America. 


The Potts^ of Jefferson County, Kentucky. 

I JOHN POTTS, alleged to have come from England 
or to have been of English descent, removed from Virginia 
to Kentucky, in the latter part of the eighteenth century, 
and settled in that part of Jefferson County, Kentucky, af- 
terwards included in Shelby, but now in Oldham County. 
He married Margaret Martin, perhaps in Virginia. 

Chii,dren of John and Margaret (Martin) Potts. 

2 Thomas Potts, m. Mary Roney, 1812. 

3 John Potts. Is said to have settled in Shelby Count)-, Illinois. 

345 Three daughters. One married a Bennett. Her son Wil- 
liam Bennett was living on the old homestead at Todds Point 
in 1 888, at the age of about eighty years. 

2 Thomas Potts, ^ (John,^), son of John and Margaret 
(Martin) Potts, married Mary Roney in 1812, The day 
following his marriage, he entered the army in the War of 
181 2, and served for eighteen months. He spent his life in 
Oldham County, Kentucky, and raised a family of seven 

Chii^dren oe Thomas and Mary (Roney) Potts. 

7 John Potts. Residence, Owensboro, Davies County, Kentucky. 

8 Jesse Potts, unm. Residence, Todds Point, Kentucky. 

9 W H. Potts. Children, i James. 2 Joseph, 3 David, 4 Jesse, 

5 Mary, 6 George. Residence, Worth, Kentucky. 

10 Joseph Potts, b. 1824; m. Joan Crenshaw. She was born 1S28. 

Seven children. Residence, Worth, Oldham County, Ky. 

11 12 13 Three daughters. 

T-AOK lU'J. 

Potts' from County Cavin, Ireland. 421 


A Potts Family from County Cavin, Ireland. 

I GEORGE POTTS, a^native of County Cavin, Ire- 
land, married Miss ^'^^^^ JvLcKeever, perhaps about 1788. 
About 1793, with his wife and three children, he emigrated 
to America. During the voyage, the eldest child was acci- 
dentally drowned. The father took this affliction so much 
to heart, that he died of grief soon after reaching New 
York. The widow subsequently married a Mr. Dickinson, 
but he did not long survive, and she was left a widow a sec- 
ond time. She crossed the mountains and settled at W^st 
Middletown, (formerly called Williamsburg), Washington 
County, Pennsylvania. 

Chii,dren of George and ^pa^ '*^ McKeever ) Porrs. 

2 John Potts, b. 1789; d. 1793; drowned at sea 

3 Thomas Potts, b. 1790; d. July 21, 1872; m. ist, Jane Arnold; m. 

2d, Margaret Lane. 

4 Sarah Potts, b. 1792; m. Hugh Hammond. 

3 Thomas Potts,' (George,^) son of George and ^^^*^tto!^- 
( McKeever) Potts, was born about 1790, in County Cavin, 
Ireland. He was a wagon- maker, and carried on business 
at or about West Middletown until 1837, when he removed 
to Unionport, Jefferson County, Ohio. He married Jane 
Arnold in 1828 or 9, who died shortly after the removal to 
Ohio. The children were taken charge of their aunt Sarah 
Hammond. Thomas married, second, Margaret Lane, of 
Washington County, Pennsylvania, about 1839. She died 
in 1849, Thomas died July 21, 1872. 

422 The Potts Family in America. 

Children of Thomas and Jane (Arnold) Potts. 

5 George Potts, b. April ii, 1830; m, Adaline Holmes, nee Scott. 

6 William Potts, b. vSept. — , 1S31; m. Matilda Starr. 

7 Hugh Potts, b. Dec. 30, 1832; d. Odl. 16, 18S2; m. Caroline Couch. 

5 George Potts,' (Thomas,^ George,'), son of Thomas 
and Jane (Arnold) Potts, was born April 11, 1830, in Wash- 
ington County, Penhsylvania. He married Mrs. Adaline 
Holmes, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Wilson) Scott, 
Odtober 13, 1867. She was born Nov. 3, 1S36, and died 
Feb. 13, 1 89 1. Residence, Unionport, Ohio. 

Children of George and Adaline (Scott) Potts. 

8 Harry Thomas Potts, b. 1S68. 

9 John William Potts, b. 1S71. 

10 Elizabeth Jane Potts, b. 1874. 

6 William Potts,' (Thomas,^ George,'), son of Thom- 
as and Jane (Arnold) Potts, was born Sep., 1831, in Wash- 
ington County, Pennsylvania. He married Matilda Starr, 
in 1857. Residence, Unionport, Ohio. 

Children of William and Matilda (Starr) Potts. 

11 George S. Potts, b. 1859; deceased. 

12 Martha Jeanette Potts, b. i860. 

7 Hugh Potts,' (Thomas, 2 George,'), son of Thomas 
and Jane (Arnold) Potts, was born December 30, 1832, in 
Washington County, Pennsylvania. He married Caroline 
Couch in 1866. Residence, Unionport, Ohio. Hugh died 
Ocftober 16, 1882, of typhoid fever. 

Children of Hugh and Caroline (Couch) Potts. 

13 Margaret Potts, b. 1867. 

14 Caroline Potts, b. 1872. 

PoTTvS' PROM County Monaghan, Ireland. 423 


A Potts Family from County Monaghan, Ireland* 

I GEORGE POTTS, of County Monaghan, Ireland, 
was the ancestor of a family who settled in Pennsylvania in 
1798, some of whose descendants attained to considerable 
prominence. The information furnished concerning this 
family has been very meager and incomplete. Tradition 
alleges that in the time of Cromwell, two gentlemen named 
Potts, Sergeants in the Army, were sent over to Ireland, 
from England, and subsequently settled there and were the 
the ancestors of Potts' of County Monaghan. Three sons 
of George Potts emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1798. 

Children of Ggorge and ( ) Potts. 

2 John Potts, b. 1749; d. Feb. 3, 1834; m. Jane Karns. 

3 Rev. George C. Potts, b. ; d. 1838; m. 

4 James Potts. Settled in Butler Co., Pa. No further account. 

2 John Potts,* (George,^), son of George Potts, was 
born 1749, in County Monaghan, Ireland, came to Pennsyl- 
vania, in 1798, and settled at Butler, where he engaged in 
mercantile pursuits. In 18 14- 15, he represented Butler 
County in the State lyCgislature. He married Jane Karns 
in 1803, and died February 3, 1834. 

Chii^dren of John and Jane (Karns) Potts. 

5 Sarah Potts. 

6 Gen. George Potts, b. 1807; d. 1872. 

7 John Potts. 

8 Judge James Potts, b. Aug. 31, 18 10; m. Margaret Jane Karns. 

9 Wilson K. Potts. 10 Margaret Jane Potts. 

424 The Potts Family in America. 

3 Rev. George C. Potts, ^ (George,'), son of George 
Potts, was born in County Monaghan, Ireland, and came to 
Pennsylvania in 179S. He was pastor of the Fourth Pres- 
byterian Church of Philadelphia. He died in 1838. 
Children of Rev. George C. and ( ) Potts. 

11 Rev. George Potts, D. D.. b. March 15, 1802; d. Sept. 15, 1S64. 

12 Silas Engles Potts, M. D., b. 1S05; d. Dec. 10, 1S39. 

13 Ann Potts, unm. 

8 Judge James Potts,' (John,- George,^), son of John 
and Jane (Karns) Potts, was born Aug. 31, 1810, at Builer, 
Pa. He attended Jefferson College 1829 to 1831, and later 
studied law. He settled at Johnstown,, Pa. in 1839, and was 
President Judge of Cambria County 1871 to 1873, He held 
other official positions. He married Margaret Jane Karns, 
October 2, 1838. They were members of the Presbyterian 
Church and occupied a high social position. They had sev- 
en children — four sons and three daughters. 

11 Rev. George Potts, D. D.,s (George C.,'' George,'), 
son of Rev. George C. Potts,, was born March 15, 1802, in 
Philadelphia. He graduated from the University of Penn- 
sylvania,, in 1819, and from Princeton Theological Seminary, 
in 1823. He was pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Natch- 
ez, Mi.ssiss ppi, for twelve 5- ears. In 1836, he accepted a call 
to New York. He died September 15, 1864. 

12 Dr. Silas Engles Potts,' (George C.,=' George,'), 
son of Rev. George C, Potts, was born in 1805, in Philadel- 
phia, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 
1827, with the degree of M. D. He settled in Mississippi, 
where he died December 10, 1839. 

Memorandum Robert Potts, from County Monagliau, Ireland, a cousin of 
John, Rev. George C and James Potts, came to Pennsylvania and settled at Pitts- 
burgh, about 1S13. He married Mary Harshaw and left descendants. David H. 
Potts, of Lancaster, is a grandson, and Alfred Reed, Manager of the Pittsburgh 
Commercial Gazette, is a great graudson. 


> > 


? 2 

W ^ 

Dutch and German Families. 425 


Dutch and German Families of Pott, Potts, and Putt. 

Beside the Potts families in America of English extac5tion, 
there are also families of German or Dutch origin bearing a 
similar name, viz. Pott, Potts and Putt, but originally Pott. 
The name Pott in German is pronounced as if spelled P-u-i~t, 
and in English speaking communities would be very likely 
to be spelled as pronounced. Where the English pronuncia- 
tion was adopted the s was very likely to be added. It is 
not the purpose of this Chapter to trace these German fam- 
iles, except a family or two of Pennsylvania, and where 
they are liable to be confounded with English branches, and 
in any case very briefly. 

Nicholas Putt, of Philadelphia, and Rachel Williams 
were married Jan. 10, 1714. The record of this marriage, 
as well as of the baptisms and burials given below, is from 
Christ P. E. Church, of Philadelphia. On August 20, 1725, 
John Williams conveyed by deed, certain real estate, to 
Rachel Potts, wife of Nicholas. Nicholas Putt died Nov. 
— , 1732, and w^as buried in Christ Church graveyard. If 
any descendants survived, it is possible that they took the 
name of Potts. 

Children of and Rachel (Williams) Putt. 

1 John Putt, b. Aug. 13, 1720; bap. Aug. 21; buried Sep. 20, 1721. 

2 Elizabeth Putt, baptized, March 24, 1721. 

3 Annie Putt, baptized March 30, 1724. 

* 4 Nicholas Putt, buried September 30, 1730. 
5 George Putt, buried October 10, 1730. 

426 The Potts Family in Amkrica. 

Amon.s: the lists of arrivals and of persons naturalized, 
given in Volumes II and XVII, Pennsylvania Aixhives, sec- 
ond series, are found several persons named Pott or Potts, 
vv^ho seem to have come from Holland or Germany, viz. 

Michel Pott aged 40, Margret Potts aged 22, Hance 
Micall Potes aged 11, and Margerate Pottsen aged 5, came 
in the ship Adventure from Rotterdam. Michel Potts was 
qualified Sept. 25, 1732. 

Degenhart Pott, Wilhelmus Pott, Johnnes Pott, and 
Johann Wilhelm Pott, (the two latter under 16 3'earsof age), 
came in the ship St, Andrew from Rotterdam. Degenhart 
and Wilhelm were qualified Sept. 12, 1734. [See below]. 

John IvUdwig Potts, aged 29, came in the ship Eliza- 
beth, and was qualilied 0(flober 30, 1738. 

Peter Potts, aged 20, came in the ship Charming Nan- 
cy. The emigrants who were of age qualified Nov. 9, 1783. 
He may be the Peter Potts who married Sarah Owen, of 
Leacock Township, Lancaster County. See Aviericaii Gen- 
ealogist, Volume I, page 293. 

William Pott took the oath of allegience, April, 1743. 

Johannes Potz came in the ship Dragon, from Rotter- 
dam, and was qualified, Sept. 26, 1749. 

John Rinehard Potts and George Patts, are named in 
in a passenger list in 1753. 

John Henrich Potts came in the ship Friendship, from 
Hamburg, and was qualified Nov. 19, 1753. 

Georg Pott came in the ship Friendship, and was qual- 
ified Ocftober 21, 1754. 

BerThold Henry Pott came in the ship John and Eliz- 
abeth, from Amsterdam, and was qualified Nov. 7, 1754. 

John Pott, was naturalized September 24, 1759. 

George Potts, of Bethel Township, Lancaster County, 
was naturalized April 5, 1767. 

Dutch and German Families. 427 

Wilhelm and Degenhart Pott. 

WiLHELM and Degennart Pott, brothers, arrived at 
Philadelphia in September, 1734, in the ship St. Andrew, 
John Steadman, master, from Rotterdam. Wilhelm Pott 
will be treated of below. Of Degenhart Pott little seems to 
be known. Tradition alleges that he died a young man and 
unmarried. It is the tradition of this family that their an- 
cestors were among those driven from Holland into Eng- 
land, by reason of the persecution of the Duke of Alva, but 
returned to Holland in the time of Charles I. 

I WILHELM POTT, as before stated, arrived in 
Pennsylvania in 1 734. He brought with him his sons Johan- 
nes and Johann Wilhelm. The ship's passenger list places 
these children among those under 16 years of age. The 
statement of the famih' is, that they were under 10 years, 
and that one of them was an infant. The printed passenger 
list does not include the names of females, but from a pat- 
ent and deeds, Wilhelm' s Vv'ife's name is shown to have 
been Gertrude. It is fair to conclude that she came with 
her husband and children. The}' are said to have first set- 
tled at Germantown, but soon removed to Oley Township, 
Berks County, purchased and settled on a farm. Wilhelm 
Pott died in 1767. Whether there were other children 
than the two already named, does not appear from any in- 
formation in possession of the compiler. 


2 Johannes Pott, b. ; d. 1804; m. Maria Hoch 

3 Joliann Wilhelm Pott. 

2 Johannes or John Pott,' (Wilhelm^), son of Wil- 
helm and Gertrude Pott, was quite j'oung when become to 
Pennsylvania with his parents in 1734. His parents settled 

428 The Potts Family in America. 

him upon a farm. He married Maria Hoch, daughter of 
John and Susanna Hoch, Dec. 23, 1755. He died 1804. 

Children of John and Maria (Hock) Pott. 

4 Esther Pott, b. Nov. 24, 1756; d. July 27, 1757. 

5 Esther Pott, b. Sept. 27, 175S; m. Weiser. 

6 Johannes Pott, b. Dec. 16, 1759; d. Dec. 23, 1827; m. M. Lesher. 

7 Magdalena Pott, b. Sept. i, 1762; m. Michael Bower. 

8 Catharine Pott, b. June 6, 1764; m. Glase. 

9 Benedictus Pott, b. April i, 1766. 

10 Wilhelm Pott, b. Nov. 9, 1769. No issue. Franklin County. 

11 Benjamin Pott, b. March 10, 1773. 

3 Johann Wilhelm Pott,* (Wilhelm,'), son of Wil- 
helm and Gertrude Pott, was quite young when brought by 
his parents to Pennsylvania. The descendants of his broth- 
er John, speak of him by the name of William Pott, but do 
not know what became of him. It seems very probable 
that he is the same who settled in York County, of whom 
some account is given hereafter. 

6 John Pott, 5 (Johannes,* Wilhelm,*), son of John and 
Maria (Hoch) Pott, was born Dec. 16, 1759, and died Dec- 
23, 1827. He married Maria Lesher, daughter of John and 
Mary Lesher, in 1786. He settled up the Schuylkill River, 
within the limits of what is now Schujdkill County, where 
he engaged in the iron and lumber business. He was one 
of the first to utilize anthracite caal as a fuel. In the year 
1809 he laid out and founded the town of Pottsville. Maria 
Pott, his wife, died April 21, 1823, aged 54 y. 9 m. 12 d. 

Children oe John and Maria (Lesher) Pott. 

12 Johannes Pott, b. March 16, 1787. 

13 Magdalena Pott, b. Nov. 30, 1789. 

14 Wilhelm Pott, b. August 20, 1791. 

15 Benjamin Pott, b. July 10, 1793; d. 1868; m. Christina Dreibelbis. 

16 Jakobus Pott, b. March 15, 1795. 

17 Maria Pott, b. June 18, 1797. 

18 Abraham Pott, b. May 20, 1799. 

Dutch and German Families. 429 

19 Catharine Pott, b. August 25, 1801. 

20 Wilhelm Pott, b. January 30, 1805. 

21 Jacob Pott, b. January 10, 1S08. 

9 Benedictus Pott,' (Johannes, ^ Wilhelm, ^), son of 
John and Maria (Hoch) Pott, was born April i, 1766. His 
descendants settled about Muncy, Pa. 

Children of Benedictus and ( ) Porr. 

22 John Pott, b. ; d. ; m. Eliza Taggart. 

23 William Pott, b. ; d. ; m. Martha 

24 Jacob Pott, b. ; d. i860; m. Elizabeth . Children, 

I Robert R., 2 Henry R., 3 Ellen 

25 Mary Pott. 

26 Benjamin Pott, m. Sarah 

15 Benjamin Pott,* (John,' Johannes,' Wilhelm,'), son 
of John and Maria (lycsher) Pott, was born July 10, 1793, 
and died 186S. He married Christina Dreibelbis. 

Children of Benjamin and Christina (Dreibelbis) Pott. 

29 Hannah Pott. 34 Christina Pott. 

30 Sarah Pott. 35 Jane Pott, 

31 John Pott. 36 Benjamin Pott. 

32 Amelia Pott. 37 Emma Pott. 

33 Benjamin Pott. 

22 John Pott,* (Benedictus,' Johannes,'* Wilhelm,'), son 
of Benedictus Pott, married Eliza Taggart, in 18 16. 

Children of John and Eliza (Taggart) Pott. 

38 Mary Ann Pott. 

39 Robert Pott. Residence, Williamsport, Pa. Children, I John 

R., 2 Charles, 3 Annie, and others. 

40 Charles Wesley Pott. 

41 Catharine Pott. 

42 Arthur McGowan Pott. 

43 Theodore Benedidl Pott. 

44 Lorenzo Dow Pott, m. Catharine H. Residence, Williamsport. 

45 Elizabeth Dow Pott. 

46 Harriet Pott. 

43© The Potts Family in America. 

William Pott, who is believed to be identical with 
Johann Willielm Pott, son of Wilhelm Pott, the emigrant, 
was a resident of Huntingdon Township, York (now inclu- 
ded in Adams) County, Pennsylvania. His wife's name 
was Margaret. He died in 1774. His will is recorded at 
York. The wife and children are mentioned by name. 

Children of WiIvLiam and Margaret ( ) Pott. 

2 William Pott. > 4 John Pott. 6 Benjamin Pott. 

3 Jacob Pott. 5 Degenhard Pott. 7 Catharine Pott. 

Benjamin Potts, born about 1775, in York County, may 
have been a grandson of William Pott. His descendants 
claim to be of Dutch descent. When about 18 years of age, 
he entered the army and served three years, under General 
Anthony Wayne, in the Indian wars. He had a brother 
John who was with him in the army, and both were taken 
prisoners by the Indians. A few 5'ears after his discharge 
from the army, he married Abigail Peer, in New Jersey. 
After living in New Jersey a few years, they removed to 
the Dominion of Canada. At the outbreak of the War of 
18 1 2, the}- were compelled to leave, for refusing to take the 
oath of allegience to Great Britain. From Canada they re- 
moved to Bellville, Richland Count}', Ohio, where the}- con- 
tinued until 1836. In that year they removed to Jefferson 
Township, Noble County, Indiana. Benjamin Potts died 
in 1859, aged 85 years, and Abigail Potts, in August, 1851. 

Children of Benjamin and Abigail (Peer) Potts. 

1 Lewis Potts, b. June 30, 1802; d. June 26, 1S50; m. Cath. Lash. 

2 Sarah Potts, died young, in Ohio. 

3 John Potts, died in Nebraska. 

4 Elizabeth Potts, died in Ohio. 

5 Mary Potts, m. Walters? died in Indiana. 

6 Jacob Potts, died in Nebraska. 

7 Abigail Potts, ni. James; died at DesMoines, Iowa. 

8 Phebe Potts, m. Weirick; at Princeton, Iowa. 

9 George Washington Potts, b. 1824. Residence, Marne, Iowa. 

Dutch and German Families. 431 

10 Benjamin M. Potts, b. 1829. Residence, Altamont, Kansas. He 
has an old Bible with records, but has failed to furnish a copy. 

I Lewis Potts,* (Benjamin,'), son of Benjamin and 
Abigail (Peer) Potts, was born June 30, 1802, in New Jer- 
se3\ He lived with his parents in Canada and Ohio. He 
married Catharine Lash, daughter of Philip Lash, April 15, 
1827, at Bellville, Ohio. He was a carpenter and joiner by 
trade. In 1836 he removed to Jefferson, Noble County, In- 
diana, where he died June 26, 1 850. Catharine (Lash) Potts 
died Nov. 3, 1851. 

CH11.DREN OF Lewis and Catharine (L,ash) Potts. 

11 Mary Ann Potts, b. Feb. 25, 1828; d. June 11, 1844. 

12 Elizabeth Potts, b. August 15, 1830; d. August 4, 1S50. 

13 Louisa Potts, b, Aug. 29, 1S33; m. John W. Kline, who died Apr. 

15, 1896. Child, Eugenia E., m. Edwin A. Belt. 

14 Christiana Potts, b. Nov. 23, 1S47, m. David A. Schaff. 

PUTT. There is a large circle of persons named Putt, 
in Bedford Count}', Pennsylvania. They claim to be of 
German descent, and that the name was orginally identical 
with Pott. In 1876, George W. Putt stated that his grand- 
father, Henry Putt, of Berks County, removed to Bedford 
County at an early daj' and made a settlement there. Hen- 
ry is alleged to have had brothers John, William, Jacob, Jo- 
seph and George. 

Levi Potts, of Lexington. Illinois, writes, that his great 
grandparents started from Germany for America about 1775, 
having with them their son Daniel PoTT. The father died 
at sea. The mother and son settled in Berks County, Penn- 
.sylvania. Daniel Pott, who was born about 1767, married 
and left children, i Daniel, 2 John, 3 Elizabeth. Daniel, 
Jr., was the father of the above Levi Potts. 

432 The Potts Family in America. 

The Potts' of Westmoreland County, Penna 

1 JOHN POTTS was an early settler in Westmore- 
and County, Pennsylvania. He is said to have been a sol- 
dier in the Revolutionary war, and to have removed from 
eastern Pennsylvania (a grandson saj'S lyancaster County), 
about 1796. He is said to have been of German extraction, 
though one tradition alleges English origin, but whether 
born in this country or not is uncertain. The date of his 
birth is given as 1753. He died in 1837. His wife's name 
was Christina Potzer. There were 10 sons and 2 daughters. 

Chii^dren of John and Christina (Potzer) Potts. 

2 John Potts, b.. ; d. about 1870, in Jefferson CQunty, Pa. 

3 Samuel Potts. 

4 Michael Potts, b. ; d. about 1845. 

5 Eve Potts, m. George Kepple. 

6 Daniel Potts, b. ; d. June 16, 18S4; m. Rosanna Chil- 

dren, I Rev. A. D., 2 William J. 

7 Jacob Potts. Resided in Indiana County. 

8 Christina Potts. 

9 Gabriel Potts, m. Catharine Rimmell. 

10 George Potts, b. July 16, 1S04; d. Feb. 4, 1844; m. Susanna L,in- 


9 Gabriel Potts,* (John,^), son of John and Christina 
(Potzer) Potts, was born in Penn Township, Westmoreland 
County. He w^as a farmer and stock-raiser. He married 
Catharine Rimmell, and had a family of ten children, but 
the name of only one of them has been furnished. 

Children of Gabriel and Catharine (Rimmell) Potts. 

11 George L. Potts, m. Rebecca Stewart. Children, i Sydney J., 2 

D. Reamer, 3 G. Reuben, 4 William J., 5 James. Sydney J. 
Potts is a prominent lawyer of Greensburg, Pa. 

10 George Potts,' (John,*), son of John and Christina 
(Potzer) Potts, was born July 16, 1804, in Westmoreland 

Dutch and German Families. 433 

County. He married Susanna lyinsinbigler, July 4, 1831. 
She was born March 8, 1809. He settled in Armstrong 
County, where he died Feb. 15, 1844. His widow married 
John Chopin in 1867. The family moved to the west. 

Children oi? George and Susan (IvInsinbigler) Potts. 

12 Henry J. Potts, b. Sept. 15, 1832. 

13 Henrietta M. Potts, b. Feb. 12, 1834; d. March 13, 1835. 

14 John R. Potts, b. Nov. 28, 1835; d. May 26, 1857, 

15 Hezekiah J. Potts, b. May 22, 1837. 

16 Abraham W. Potts, b. Sept. 27, 1841. Residence, Rock, Neb. 

The following memoranda has been compiled from infor- 
mation received from Thomas F. Potts, of Rocheport, Mis- 
souri, and R. E. Saville, of Monmouth, Illinois. 

Frederick Potts, and two brothers, David and Samuel, 
are said to have come from Holland to Pennsylvania, some- 
time between 1750 and 1765. Frederick removed to Lou- 
doun County, Virginia, and in 1800, from there to Clark 
County, Kentucky. He is said to have been named in hon- 
or of Frederick the Great, of Prussia. 

Children of Frederick and ( ) Potts. 

1 Frederick Potts, Jr., b. 17S4. See below. 

2 Thomas Potts. Settled in Clark County, Kentucky. 

3 William Potts. Perhaps he settled in Kentucky. 

4 Maria Susan Potts, m. Warren Madden. 

5 Barbara Potts. 

6 Catharine Potts, m. Fisher. 

Frederick Potts, Jr. ,2 ( Frederick,'), son of Frederick 
Potts, was born 1784, in Loudoun County, Virginia. He 
removed to Clark County, Kentucky, in 1800, and to Mis- 
souri, in 1818. In 1896, his son Thomas F. Potts was liv- 
ing at Rocheport, Boone County, Missouri. 


434 'I^HE Potts Family in America. 


Some Miscellaneous Fragments. 

The writer has a large amount of miscellaneous and frag- 
mentary memoranda of persons named PoTTS, not identified 
as belonging to any of the families herein named. Much of 
this memoranda has not been compiled and is only partially 
indexed. It would require much time and labor to colledl 
and classify this material, and much of it would perhaps be 
of little use. The following, mainly connected with Penn- 
sylvania, may be found to be of value and helpful to the fu- 
ture genealogist who desires to pursue this subjedt further. 

Mr. Stephen W. Potts, of Solebury, Bucks County, has 
given the compiler hereof a brief account of his family con- 
nedlion. He says he does not know the name of his grand- 
father Potts, but thinks that he was a soldier in the Revolu- 
tionary War. His grandmother's name was Mary, but he 
is not certain of her maiden name. Upon hearing the name 
of Dellsil mentioned, he wrote as follows. 

The name Dellsil seems to be familiar, and I think I have heard my 
sister say that Mary Dellsil was grandmother's name ; but I should 
not have thought of it again had not you mentioned her name. I do 
not want to say anything to lead you astray in this matter, but the 
name Dellsil forces itself so strongly on my mind that I cannot give 
up but that she was my grandmother. 

These statements suggest very strongly that the grand- 
father was Jasper Potts, son of Thomas, Jr., and Susanna 
Potts, of Bristol Township, Philadelphia County, who is 
mentioned on pages 214. 215, and 216, ante. 

Some Fragments. 435 

Children of jfr^fi^ AND Mary (^^s^^^Potts. 

1 Thomas Potts. He was a miller and lived in Bucks County. 

2 Darid Potts. No further account. 

3 John Potts, b. April 9, 1785; d. Dec. 25, 1848; m. R, Woodford. 

4 Elizabeth Potts, m. Hugh Lindsey, July 3, 1798. 

5 Susan Potts, m. Lindsey. 

3 John Potts,* son ofJWa-^and Mary (2a^') Potts. 
was born April 9, 1785, in Philadelphia. When nine years 
of age he was placed with a family on a farm in lower Bucks 
County, where he remained until he was twenty one years of 
age. He married Rachel Woodford, daughter of Stephen 
Woodford, of Bucks County. He died Dec. 25, 1848, and 
Rachel his wife, Dec. 24, 1862. 

Children of John and Rachel (Woodford) Potts. 

6 Ann Eliza Potts, b. September, 1815. Deceased. 

7 Samuel Hilborn Potts, b. February 5, 1818. Deceased. 

8 Charles Potts, died young. 

9 Stephen Woodford Potts, b. Dec. 12, 1822; m. 

10 William Taylor Potts, September, 1826. Deceased. 

11 Lambert Hibbs Potts, b. March, 1831; m. Anna M. Longshore. 

9 Stephen Woodford Potts,' (John,*), son of John 
and Rachel (Woodford) Potts, was born Decern. 12, 1822. 
He married Catharine Ann Sanders, Sep. 11, 1845, who died 
Nov. 8, 1898. Residence, Solebury, Bucks County. 

Children of Stephen W. and Catharine A. (Sanders) Potts. 

12 Eliza Carver Potts, b. Jan. 31, 1847; m. George Dudbridge. 

13 Mary Sanders Potts, b. July 20. 1849; d. July 17, 1850. 

14 Anna Kitchen Potts, b. Sept. 10, 1851; d. Sept. 21, 1S51. 

15 Laura Potts, b. June 2, i860; d. July 28, i860. 

II Lambert Hibbs Potts,' (John,'), son of John and 
Rachel (Woodford) Potts, was born March, 1831, in Bucks 
County. He married Dr. Anna M. Longshore. Dr. I^ong- 
shore-Potts, is a female physician of repute, well known as 

436 The Potts Family in America. 

a traveler and lecturer. Lambert H. Potts resides at Man- 
itou Beach, Michigan. 

Child of Lambert H. and Ann.\ M. (IvOngshore) Potts. 
i6 Emerson J. Potts. Residence, San Francisco, Cal. 

There were several persons in Pennsylvania bearing the 
name of Robert Potts, of whom little more than a brief 
mention has been noticed. These items may not always re- 
fer to different persons. 

The records of Christ P. E. Church at Philedelphia, show 
the marriage of Robert Potts and Elizabeth Fressey, on Jan- 
uary 5, 1 71 7. 

Robert Potts, of Paxtang, Lancaster County, whose 
wife is said to have been Sarah Biddle, died October, 1769. 
In his will he mentions his wife Sarah, his sister Jean Potts 
and his four daughters by name. 

Children of Robert and Sarah (Biddle) Potts. 

1 Rachel Potts, m. Michael Troy, of Sunbury. 

2 Peggy Potts, m. Alexander Porter, a farmer. 

3 Jean Potts, m. John Dickey, a blacksmith. 

4 Ann Potts. 

Robert Potts filed a petition in February, 1770, Term of 
the Court of Chester Cotmty, from which it appears that 
he had come into Pennsylvania from Ireland about 1767, 
and had learned the trade of a carpenter. 

The records of St, James P. E. Church, of Lancaster, 
show the marriage of Robert Potts and Catharine McGratty 
on August 2, 1 77 1. 

Robert Potts was a private in Capt. James Cowden's Co., 
Col. Burd's Battalion, of Lancaster County, Mar. 13, 1776. 

Robert Potts was a private in Capt. Gibbs' Company, 8th 
Battalion, of Chester County, 1777-1778. 

James Potts, formerly a bookseller at Belfast, Ireland, 
who seems to have been a man of wealth, sailed September 

Some Fragments. 437 

1748, for Boston, Massachussetts, in the sloop Eagle, Oliver 
Airy, master. He is next found in Pennsylvania, where he 
purchased lands and entered into speculation in Chester and 
Lancaster Counties. He died intestate about 1755, and 
John Singleton took out letters of administration, upon his 
estate, in Lancaster County, filing a bond for ;i^2ooo, July 
18, 1755. The inventory was filed in 1756, and the final 
account in 1757, which showed charges against the estate 
amounting to ^1192 10 s. 2 d. Reference is made to land, 
near Carlisle, held in partnership b}' the decedent and the 
administrator. As many accounts due the decedent were 
worthless, there was no balance for distribution. 

On April 25, 1756, John Potts of Belfast, merchant, and 
and Robert Potts, of County Antrim, gave a letter of attor- 
ney to David Potts, also of County Antrim, all brothere 
of James Potts, formerly of Belfast, Ireland, bookseller, 
but lately of Chester County, Pennsylvania, who died intes- 
tate, possessed of a considerable estate, authorizing the said 
David Potts to proceed to Pennsylvania and colledt the pro- 
ceeds thereof. Recorded at Phila. in Deed-Book H7, p. 526. 

Jacob Potts, born 1749, married Sarah Draper, Sep. 10, 
1762, at Philadelphia. He was buried in the Philadelphia 
Friends graveyard, 10 mo. 8, 1773, aged 33 years. Sarah 
Potts, who was buried in the same graveyard on 8 mo. 22, 
1825, aged 81 years, ma}^ have been the widow of Jacob. 
The Philadelphia Friends records also show the burial of 
James Potts, son of Jacob, 10 mo. 8, 1772, aged 2^ years. 
Other children may have survived. 

The Potts' op Lancaster County. There is a family 
of Potts' in Lancaster Countj^ of which the writer has been 
able to secure onl}^ a ver}^ meager account, as those who are 
alleged to have old family records have failed to respond to 
inquiries, and personal interviews with other members of 
the family have failed to elicit much information. It is how- 

438 The Potts Family in America. 

alleged that one Ephraim Potts was their first American 
ancestor, and that he came from England. His son Joseph 
Potts, whose wife's name was Frances, owned land and 
lived in the vicinity of Strasburg. A deed of partition, exe- 
cuted in 1830, shows that Joseph and Frances had children, 
as given below. 

Children of Joseph and Frances ( ) Potts. 

1 Daniel Potts. 

2 Maria Potts. 

3 Samuel Potts, died 1829. 

4 Frances Potts. 

5 Joseph Potts, died 1856. 

6 Jacob Potts, d. before 1868; m. Catharine M. . He had a 

daughter Catharine, who m. Daniel E. Potts. He d. in 1887. 

7 Benjamin Potts, died before 1830. 

8 David Potts. Had ten children and died in 1866. He was the 

proprietor of the hotel at Potts Landing, one mile east of Lan- 
caster. His son Samuel W. Potts succeeded him at the hotel. 

The records of Belmont County, Ohio, show the marriage 
of John Potts and Mary Taylor, of Richland as taking 
place on Dec, 24, 1818. The ceremony was performed by 
Vachell Hall. They had four children, three sons and one 
daughter. Two sons and the daughter died young. After 
the death of his wife, John Potts left Ohio, and there is no 
further account of him. He is alleged to have had two 
brothers, — one a wealthy bachelor of Baltimore, Maryland. 
Chii^dren of John and Mary (Tayi^or) Potts. 

I Samuel Potts, m. . A son James D. Potts has for sev- 
eral years been connedted with publishing houses at Columbus 
and Cincinnati, Ohio, and latterly at New York. 

John Potts, of the city and county of New Castle, [Del- 
aware,] sawyer, and Sarah, his wife, conveyed to Joseph 
Armitage, on Feb'y 21, 1726, a lot of ground which Joseph 
Hill had previously conveyed to said Potts. [Deed-Book 
H, page 169] . Perhaps he was identical with ' 'John Pitts' ' 
of Maryland, who had a grant of 500 acres of land in New 
Castle County before 1703. 

David Potts and his Descendants. 




David Potts, of Philadelphia County, Penna. 

I DAVID POTTS,! was born about 1670. in Mont- 
gomeryshire, Wales, it is believed. He was a Friend, mar- 
ried Alice Croasdale in 1694, settled in Bristol Township, 
Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and died in 1730. 

David Potts has already been mentioned in this work on 
pages 192, 196, 203, 252, 278, and in Chapter XIX, page 
282, et seq. The time of his coming to Pennsylvania, has 
not been discovered. He may have come with other mem- 
bers of the family when he was but a lad. The first men- 
tion of him that has been noticed is on 7 mo. 24, 1692, when 
he became the bondsman for Elizabeth Bennett,* as execu- 
trix of Edmund Bennett, her late husband. His signature 
attached to the bond, which remains on file in the Regis- 
ter's office at Philadelphia, is here fairly reproduced. 

He was a Friend and first belonged to the Philadelphia 
Monthly Meeting, though no record of his reception there 

* See page 196, ante. 

56 (441) 

442 David Potts. 

seems to remain. The early records of the Meeting- are 
quite imperfect. David Potts and Xgaes Croasdale, young- 
est danghter of Thomas and Agnes (Hathernthwaite) Croas- 
dale,* declared their intentions of marriage with each oth- 
er, before the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, lo mo. 29, 
1693, [December, 1693], passed the Meeting the second 
time on 11 mo. 26, 1693-4, [January, 1694], and were 
granted a certificate to marry under, the care of Middletown 
Monthly Meeting in Bucks Cotratx^ The following is a 
copy of an entry in the minutes of the latter Meeting. 

David Fotts and Alice Croasdale have requested to solemnize their- 
marriage within this meeting, because her relations mostly dwell here, 
and they belouging to Philadelphia have brought a Certificate from 
that Monthly Meeting, that testifies they have proceeded there order- 
ly, and nothing is found against them, and also requested that they 
may accomplish their marriage here, which they have granted them ; 
so this meeting is satisfied and grants their request. 

A subsequent record shows that they were married in an 
orderly manner on i mo. 22, 1693. This date, according to 
the modern system of reckoning, would correspond to 
March 22, 1694. The following is a copy of the marriage 
certificate as it is recorded by the Monthly Meeting. 

Marriage Certificate. 

Whereasj David PoTTS and AivicE Croasdale, both of Philadel- 
phia, in the Province of Pennsylvania, having declared their inten- 
tions of taking each other in marriage, before several public meetings 
of the People of God called Quakers, in Philadelpliia in the Province 
of Pennsylvania aforesaid, in America, according to the good order 

* The Croasdale Family. Thomas Croasdale and Agnes Hathernthwaite were 
married 3 mo i, 1664, according to the records of Lancaster fEngland] Monthly 
Meeting of Friends. The3' resided in Yorkshire for sometime, but in 16S2 came 
to Pennsylvania in the ship Welcome with William Penn. They settled on Ne- 
shaminy "Creek in Bucks County, in the vicinity of the present village of Lang- 
hornc. Thomas Croasdale died 9 mo. 2, 1684, and Agues 8 mo. 2C, 1686. They had 
the following children, all born in England. 

1 William Croasdale, b. 12, 7, 1664; d. 1715; m. ist, Elizabeth Hayhurst, 2d. Sa- 

rah Wilford. 

2 John Croasdale, b. 5, 11, 1666; d. 10, 6, 1706; m. Marah Chapman. 

3 Elizabeth Croasdale, b. 11, 5, 1667; d. 6, 4, 1682. 

4 Marv Croasdale, b. 8, ^^o, 1669; d. 1716; m. William Smith. 

5 Bridget Croasdale, b. 6, 30, 1671; d. 2,26, 1701; ni. John Cowgill. 

6 Alice Croasdale, b. 8, 3, 1673; m. David Potts. 

For a fuller account of the Croasdales, see "Our Family Ancestors," by Thomas 
Maxwell Potts, 1895. 

First Generation. 


ased amongst them, whose proceedings therein, after deliberate con- 
sideration thereof, were approved by the said meetings ; they appear- 
ing clear of all others. 

Now these are to certify to all whom it may concern, that for the 
full accomplishment of their said intentions, this twenty second day 
of the first month called March, in the year one thousand six hundred 
and ninety three, (1693), they the said David Potts and Alice Croas- 
dale appeared in a public meeting of the aforesaid people and others, 
met together at the public Meeting house of friends in Middletown, 
Bucks County, and (according to the "example of the Holy men of 
God recorded in the Scriptures of Truth), in a solemn manner, he the 
said David Potts, taking the said Alice Croasdale by the hand, did 
openly declare as followeth, Friends, in the presence and fear of God, 
and before you his people, I take this my friend Alice Croasdale to be 
my wife, promising to be to her a loving and faithful husband, till it 
please God by death to separate us ; and then and there in the same 
assembly, the said Alice Croasdale did in like manner declare as fol- 
loweth. Friends, in the preseace and fear of God, and before you his 
people, I take this ray friend David Potts to be my husband, promis- 
ing to him to be a lo\ang and faithful wife, till it please God by death 
to separate us. And the said David Potts, and Alice, his now wife, as 
a further confirmation thereof, did then and there to these presents 
set their hands. David Potts. 

Alick Potts, A her mark. 

And we whose names are hereunto subscribed, being present at the 
solemnization of their said marriage and subscription, in manner afore- 
said, as witnesses thereto, have also to these presents subscribed our 
names the day and year above written. Thomas Potts. 

Martin Wildman. Robert Heaton, Jonas Potts. 

John Penquite, Nicholas Wain. William Croasdale. 

Jeremiah L,angliorne. James Dilworth. William Smith. 

Robert Heaton. Stephen Wilson, John Cowgill. 

Mary Smith. Job Bunting. Joshua Owen. 

Alice Heaton. Jane Wain. Rebecca Baker. 

, Ann Dilworth. Rachel Bunting. Agnes Heaton. ^ 

Thomas and Jonas Potts, who are the first signers to this 
certificate, were brothers of David, as it is believed. [See 
Chapters VII, VIII, and XIX, Part II]. William Croas- 
dale was a brother of the bride, and Mary Smith, who was 
the wife of William Smith, was a sister. John Cowgill was 
a brother-in-law. Possibly some of the other witnesses were 
also related. 

444 David Potts. 

In 1695, David Potts purchased 150 acres of land in Bris- 
tol Township, Philadelphia County, in the vicinity of Ger- 
mantown. He subsequently sold 50 acres, leaving him 100 
acres upon which he seems to have settled and spent the re- 
mainder of his life. The following memoranda, relating to 
the purchase of this land, is from the minutes of the Board 
of Property, as printed in Volume XIX, page 278 of the 
Pennsylvania Archives, second series. 

The Commiss'rs, by Patent dated 26th 9 mo., 1685, Granted 500 
acres to Rob't Longshore, Purchaser in Bristol Township, in the 
County of Philad'a, joyning on Gerniantown, Irenia Land, and Wil- 
I'm Wilkins, of which by Deed dated ist 4 mo., 16S6, he sold to Sam- 
uel Bennett 200 acres, who by Deed dated 2, 4, 1695, sold 150 thereof 
to David Potts, who sold to Wm. Harman 50 acres now in the Posses- 
sion of Peter Clever. 

The said David Potts Requests a Warr't of Resurvey on the said 150 
acres according to the True bounds of the Tradl and^o Cutt off 50 a's 
to said Harman or Clever. Ordered that a Warr't be accordingly 
granted for the said 50 acres to be cutt off as by agreement made be- 
tween them and a Patent on the Return if require(J, they paying for 
the Overplus, if any. 

In 1 7 16, he had a grant of 100 acres of land in the Manor 
of Springfield for which he was to pay ^80. 

When a Friends Meeting was established at Germantown, 
David Potts seems to have been transferred to that Meeting. 
On Ocftober 11, 171 1, Samuel Richardson, Richard Town- 
send and Samuel Cart, for the consideration of ^200, con- 
veyed 50 acres of land in German Township, to Thomas 
Potts, Sr., Thomas Canby, John Cadwallader, David Potts, 
Isaac Delaplaine, Morris Morris, Henry Cunnards, and 
William I^ukens, These lattqr were Trustees of German- 
town Meeting, and purchased this land for the use of the 
Meeting. This Meeting was under the care of Abington 
Monthly Meeting, and in 17 12 David Potts was appointed 
one of the two overseers of the Meeting at Germantown, 
From this time forward, David Potts was frequently appoint- 
ed to attend Quarterly Meeting, and entrusted with other 
matters of greater or less importance. 

First Generation. 445 

On June 15, 1728, David Potts petitioned the Orphans* 
Court of Bucks County, representing that William Croas- 
dale, by his will about the year 17 15, devised to his grand- 
son William Hill, a plantation in Bristol Township and a 
lot in Bristol, and appointed his daughter Agnes, wife of 
Richard Hill, executrix. She died soon after her father^ 
and Richard Hill took possession of the property. And al- 
so the said William Hill was left by his mother, the said 
Agnes, to the care of his, the said David's wife, until he 
should arrive or attain to man's estate ; and also that the 
said David Potts has kept and maintained the said William 
Hill about twelve years, etc. 

David Potts was a man of good standing in the communi- 
ty and had the confidence of his neighbors. He represented 
Philadelphia County in the Provincial Assembly for the 
years 1728, 1729 and 1730. He died November 16, 1730. 
The Pennsylvania Gazette of Nov. 19, 1730, contained a no- 
tice of his death in which it is stated that 

Monday last died Mr. David Potts, one of the Members of Assembly 
for this County. 

Alice, wife of David, was born 8 mo. 3, 1673. She has a 
rather interesting history. The Croasdales came passengers 
with William Penn in the ship Welcome, Robert Greenway, 
master, in 1682. During the passage, the small-pox made its 
appearance in great virulence and occasioned much distress. 
Of the one hundred passengers on board, thirty died of this 
disease. It is related that William Penn cheered the dying 
and the survivors with his Godly conversaton during the 
memorable voyage. One of the passengers writing of the 
voyage says, 

The good conversation of William Penn was very advantageous to 
all the company. His singular care was manifested in contributing to 
the necessities of many who were sick of the small-pox then on board, 
of which about thirty died. 

The date of her death has not been discovered, but she 
probably died before her husband, as he does not mention 

44^ Davtd Potts. 

her in his will. David Potts' will made Nov. 13, 1730, and 
proven Nov. 26, 1730, is on file in the Register's Office at 
Philadelphia, and recorded in Will-Book E, at page 142. 
It is as follows. 

Tlie Last Will and Testament of David Potts. 

In the name of God atnen, I David Potts of Bristol Township in the 
County of Philad'' in the province of Pensilvania yeoman, beinjj^ sick 
& weak in bodj' but of a. sound & Disposing mind & memory thanks 
be given \into God, therefore Considering the uncertainty of this Tran- 
sitory life & the Certainty of Death, Do make & Ordain this my last 
■will & Testam' in manner & form following, that is to say 

First of all I recommend m}' soul into the hands of God my merci- 
full Creator & Saviour, and my body I Comit to Earth to be decently 
buried at the Discretion of my Exec hereafter named, whom I also de- 
sire to pay & Satisfy all my Just debts which I owe to any manner of 
p-ersons as also funeral Expenses & Legacies herein mentioned within 
a convenient time after my Decease, and for the Setling of my world- 
ly & temporal Estate whervvith it hath pleased the Lord to biess mine 
Endeavours, I Devise & Dispose of the same as followeth, 

Imprimis I Give & Bequeath to my Eldest son Thomas Potts, the 
Sum of Twenty Shillings Lawfiil money of Pensilvania, he having re- 
ceived his portion in my life time. - 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my son John the sum of Tweny Shil- 
lings money af*^ he having likewise received his portion in my life time 
-^ch g<i money is to be paid to him in two years after my Decease. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my son Jonathan the Sum of twenty 
Shillings money af<* to be paid to him in two years after my Decease, 
he also having reed his portion in my life time. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth the sum of Twen- 
ty Shillings to be paid to her in two years after m}'^ Decease, she hav- 
ing likewise received her portion in my lifetime. 

Item I Give & bequeath to my Son Stephen the sum of Twenty 
Shillings to be paid to him in two years after my Decease, he having 
likewise received his portion in my lifetime. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my Daughter Mary the sum of Twenty 
Shillings money af'^ to be paid to her in two years after my Decease, 
she having also received her portion in my lifetime. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my daughter Rebecka the sum of Twen- 
ty Shillings money af<J to be paid to her in two years after my De- 
cease she having Received her portion in my life time. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to the Children of my Son Daniel the sum 
of Twenty Shillings to be Divided betweeir them in two years after my 

First Generation. 447 

Decease he tlie said Daniel having received his portion in his lifetime. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my son Natljan the sum of Twenty 
pounds to be paid to him within two years after my Decease in Lav,'- 
full money of Pensilvania af"^. 

Item I Give & Bequeath to my son Ez.ekiel Potts all that plantation 
where on I now dwell, Situate in Bristol Township af'i Containing one 
liundred acres of land, together with all & vSingular the buildings Im- 
provements, Hereditaments & appnrtenances thereto beloaiging. To 
Hold to him his heirs & assigns forever, and I also give to him my s^ 
Son Ezekiel all & Singular my Goods, Chatties & Credits whatsoever 
& wheresoever, whom I likewise make & Constitute the only & Sole 
Exec of this my last Will & Testament. 

Lastly I do hereby utterlj' Disallow Revoke & annul all, & other 
former Wills, Testaments Legacies & Exec'"' by me in any ways before 
time made Bequeathed & ordained, Confirming this & only this & no 
•other to be my last Will & Testament. 

In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set iny hand & seal the thir- 
teenth day of November anno Domini one thousand seven hundred & 
thirty. [Signed.] David PoTTS. (Seal.) 

Signed, Sealed published & Delivered by the Testator as his last 
W^ill & Testam*^ in y« presence of us the hereunto Subscribed Wit- 
Jiesses. Christ"" Witt. John Chanel. Henry Pastorius. 

The following is a copy of the inventory of his personal 
effedls as it appears on file, under date of Dec. 4, 1730. 

A trew Inventory of all and Singular the Lands Goods Chattells and 
Credits of David Potts yeoman Deceased praised att bristoll ttownship 
in ye County of Philadelj^hia in ye province of Pensalvania the fourth 
day of December Anno Domine 1730 by Richard Mather and John 
Cleaver as followeth 

/ d s 

to Cash and aparel id o o 

to bond bills and book deptes 40 o o 

to a large bibel with Divers other books 2 lo o 

to a Chest and tolles & a box 2 00 o 

to a bed and bedsted 6 00 o 

to a bed and bed sted 2 10 o 

to do I 10 o 

to D° at D° I 10 o 

to 6 Chairs and two benches o 10 o 

to two looms and tackling ther unto be longing 15 00 o 

toSpingwheel o S o 

to and Jron pot and skellet and bres kettle 2 10 o 

448 David Potts. 

to a frying pan pot rak and tongs o 15 o 

to a dosen of puter with other puter dishes i 05 o 

to a spade and too baskets , o 04 o 

to a gridston 030 

to a grubing howe and to axes o 12 o 

to a sadle and bridle o 18 o 

to Knives and forks 060 

to a box iron and heaters 4 o 

to a maul and two wedges 8 o 

to Carpenters tools 100 

to plow and gears 120 

to twenty barrales of Cider 600 

to a pair of Cart wheels 150 

to three horses 13 o o 

to 1 1 Sheep at 6^ each 360 

66 iS o 

to 6 Cows and a Calf 15 o o 

to 15 akers of Corn in the ground 07 10 o 

to Corn in the Stak 8 00 o 

to flax 2 00 o 

to a dong fork two pitch forks 040 

to a Cutting box and a kidle 040 

to one hundred akers of land & Itnprufments 200 o o 

299 16 00 
Richard Mathkr. 
John CIvEaver. 

The third item in the foregoing Inventory includes "a 
large bibel." This Bible passed to the possession of Da- 
vid's son Ezekiel, and is still preserved by his descendants 
at Norristown, Pennsylvania. The writer hereof made a 
careful examinat'on of this old Bible some years ago. It is 
well preserved, but has been rebound. There is some wri- 
ting on some of the margins, scattered through the book, 
but nothing of historical value. If any family records were 
ever entered, none now remain. The book was printed at 
London in 161 3. It was probably brought over by the 
family at their coming to Pennsylvania. It bears the fol- 
lowing imprint, 

First Generation. 449 

Imprinted At London 

by Robert Barker, 

Printer for the Kings moft 

Excellent Maieftie 



Children of David and Alice (Croasdale) Potts. 

2 Thomas Potts, b. 3 mo. 27, 1695; "i- Rachel James. 

3 John Potts, b. S mo. 8, 1696; d. 1766; m, Elizabeth McVaugh. 

4 Daniel Potts, b. 2 mo. 19, 1698; d. 1728 ; m. Sarah Shoemaker 

5 Elizabeth Potts, b. 10 mo. 30, 1699; m. Peter Cleaver, Jr. 

6 Jonathan Potts, b. 9 mo. 23, 1701; m. Sarah Wood. 

7 Ivlary Potts, b. 2 mo. 3, 1703-4; m. Jeremiah McVaugh, 1728. 

8 Stephen Potts, b. 11 mo. 20, 1704-5; d. 1758; m. Anne . 

9 Rebecca Potts, b. 11 mo. 16, 1705-6. She was living in 1730. 

10 Ezekiel Potts, b. i mo. 30, 1708; d. 1781; m. ist, Magdalen Mil- 

ler; m. 2d, Barbara Vodges, a widow. 

11 Nathan Potts, b. ; d. 1754; m. Esther Rhoads. 


450 David Potts, 


Second Generation, 

2 Thomas Potts,^ (David, ^), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born 3 mo. 27, 1695. He married 
Rachel James about August, 1715, and Abington Monthly 
Meeting minutes contain the following record thereof. 

6 mo 29, 17 15. Whereas Thomas Potts sou of David Potts, and Ra- 
chel James, Having declared Their Intentions of Marriage with each 
other, before two Monthly Meetings, Enquiry being made by persons 
appointed, and found clear from all others on ye account of marriage, 
did accomplish their Marriage in y* Unity of Friends as is signified by 
their marriage Certificate. 

They seem to have lived in Roxborough Township, Phila- 
delphia County, for some years. On March 8, 1726, Isaac 
Norris and Mary, his wife, conveyed to Thomas Potts, Ju- 
nior, a plantation of 140 acres in Roxbury. On November 
lb, 1733, Thomas Potts, and Rachel, his wife, of Roxbury, 
sold this same tradl to Thomas I^ewis, of Goshen, Chester 
County, miller, Jonathan Potts was a witness to this deed. 

On November 22, 1832, Thomas Potts was a witness to 
the will of Ann Townsend, of Roxbury, and the following 
is a reproditdtion of his signature. 

They removed to Cumberland County, New Jersey. Ra- 
chel, wife of Thomas, was born about 1695. She was an 

Second Generation. 451 

excellent woman, and an acceptable minister among Friends. 
The following biographical sketch of her is copied from The 
Friend, Volume XXXII, page 365. 

Rachel Potts, wife of Thomas Potts, was born about 1695. She re- 
sided with her husband for many years within the limits of Gwynedd 
Monthly Meeting; and was a Minister in esteem there. About the 
year 1750, her husband removed his family to West Jersey, and settled 
far from any Meeting of Friends. This was a great grief to her, for 
her weakness of body was such as generally precluded her from the 
exertion necessary to enable her to meet with her Friends in social 
worship. The people in the neighborhood where she resided, were of 
other religious denominations ; among whom her good conversation 
was of much service, removing all prejudices against Friends, and 
awaking in their minds an openness towards Truth. So that after her 
removal from the place, Meetings were held in the neighborhood to 
good satisfaction ; the savor she had left behind her opening the way 
for others. 

She had taken a Certificate to Salem Monthly Meeting, and in a few 
years, her husband removing nearer to the place where the Meeting 
was held, she was enabled, although weakly in body, more frequently 
to attend it. She was, says her memorial, an humble waiter in reli- 
gious meetings, and her labours in the ministry of the Gospel were 
accompanied with a good degree of life and power, to the comfort and 
edification of those who heard her. 

She departed at her own house on the 19th of the Second Month, 
175S, aged 63 years ; and we have reason to believe, is entered into 
rest from the various troubles wherewith she was exercised. 

Gwynedd Monthly Meeting records the birth of three 
children. If there were others, their names are unknown. 

Children of Thomas and Rachei, (James) Potts. 

12 Lydia Potts, b. 8mo. 13, 1716; 'wv ^-njyu^', (hx/yuy-^ eCi 

13 Elizabeth Potts, 9 mo. 27, 1721. 

14 Jonathan Potts, b. 4 mo. 12, 1723; m. Sarah Clifton. 

(3 John Potts, (David), son of David and Alice (Croas- 
dale) Potts, was born 8 mo. 8, 1696. He learned the trade 
of a millwright. He married Elizabeth McVaugh, other- 
wise McVeagh, daughter of Edmond and Alice (Dickinson) 

452 David Potts. 

McVeagh, about 5 mo., (July), 1726. The minutes of Ab- 
ington Monthly Meeting show that they passed meeting the 
second time on 4 mo. 27, 1726, and the minutes of 5 mo. 25, 
1726, state that the marriage was orderly accomplished. 

John Potts was a witness to the will of David Jones, of 
Bristol Township, made in 17 19. David Potts was one of 
the appraisers. Here is reprodu(5lion of John's signature. 


In 1727, John Potts was a witness to the will of Robert 
Kirkwood, of Plymouth Township, and the following is a 
fair copy of his signature. 

John Potts settled in Upper Dublin Township, now in- 
cluded within the limits of Montgomery County, where he 
purchased a tradl of land from Isaac and John iPhipps about 
1748. The deed, which is recorded at Philadelphia, recites 
at length the chain of title from the original grant by Wil 
liam Penn in 1681. This land is still in the possession and 
occupancy of descendants of John Potts. It lies about two 
miles east of the present village of Fort Washington. 

John Potts died September, 1766. His will, recorded at 
Philadelphia, is given below. Elizabeth (McVeagh) Potts 
was born in 1679, and died i mo. 5, 1791, aged 92 years. 

The Will of John Potts. 

Be it remembered that I, John Potts of the Township of Upper Dub- 
lin, in the County of Philad^ and Province of Pensilvania, Mill Wright, 
being now far advanced in Years, but yet of Sound and Disposing 
Mind and Memory, for which mercy and favour May I Ever prais the 
great author of my being, and at times feeling the Simtoms of Mortal- 

Second Generation. 453 

it}^ through the Decay of nature, but relying on the merits of my re- 
deemer, hope for a happ)' Change from this life to that which is to 
Come of Eternal Peace, and rest in Daily Expedtation of such a 
Change. And in as much as God in his mercy has Blessed me with 
some worldly Estate, do think Propper to make this my last will and 
testament in manner following that is to say, first of all I will that all 
my Just Debts and funeral Expencies be well and truly paid & Dis- 

Item I will Devise and Bequeath unto my Dear and Loving wife 
Elizabeth all my Real and Personal Estate whatsoever During her 
natural life, giving her full Priviledg to will or dispose of as much 
household goods as she shall see propper in her life time to Either her 
Children or grand Children and after her Deceas 

I will Devise and Bequeath unto my son John the Plantation & 
Tra<5l of land I now live on Containing one hundred and fifty acres of 
land be it more or less with all the Buildings and appurtenances there- 
on or any wise thereunto belonging unto him his heirs and Assigns 
forever and the remainder of my Personal estate except what is here- 
after Excepted he paying the several legacies hereafter mentioned, 
that is to say 

I will and Bequeath unto mj' Son Thomas my Chamber Clock and 
fifty Pound Lawful money of Pensilvania to be delivered and paid un- 
to him b}' my Executors hereafter named within one year after my 
wife's Deceas. 

I also will and Bequeath unto my two Grand Sons (viz) David and 
Jonathan Shoemaker the Sum of twenty pound Each of like money to 
be paid when they attain the age of twenty one Years, but in Case 
either should die in their minoritj^ my will is that his Legacy shall be 
paid to the Surviver, and in Case both Should die in their minority, I 
will and ordain the Money to be Equally Divided between my to Sons 
Thomas & John^ and I do hereby Constitute Depute and nominate 
my sou John to be whole and sole Executor of this my last Will and 
Testament, and I do hereby Disanul and make voyd all and other Will 
or Wills heretofore made or Declared to be made Ratifying and Con- 
firming this only and no other to be my last, as Witness my hand and 
seal this 28"' day of September 1766. 

[Signed.] John J Potts (Seal). 


Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the Testator to be his last 
Will and Testament and we at his Request have Signed our Names 
hereunto as Witnesses. 

Peter Cleaver. John Cleaver. Nathan Cleaver. 

454 David Potts. 

Children of John and Elizabeth (McVeagh) Potts. 

15 Jolin Potts, b. ; 1808; m. Hannah Davis. 

_i6 Thomas Potts, b. 1729; d. July 26, 1776; m. Elizabeth Lukens. 

17 Elizabeth Potts, b. ; d. 9 mo. 24, 1758; m. Isaac Shoemaker. 

4 Daniel Potts,^ (David,'), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born 2 mo. 19, 1698, in Bristol 
Township, Philadelphia County. He married Sarah Shoe- 
maker, eldest daughter of Peter, Jr., and Margaret (Op den 
Graeff) Shoemaker,* in 172 1. They passed the Abington 
Monthly Meeting the second time on 10 mo. 25, i-^^, and 
were doubtless married very soon after. 

Very little is known of Daniel Potts. On 8 mo. 4, 1722, 
he was a signer to the marriage certificate of Peter Cleaver, 
Jr., and Elizabeth Potts, his sister. His name appears 
among those who contributed to the building of the stone 
wall around Upper Germantown Burying Ground, about 
1725. He died when quite a young man, sometime before 

Sarah (Shoemaker) Potts was born 5 mo. 22, 1698. She 
married, as her second husband, James Dilworth, son of 
Richard Dilworth, 7 mo. 29, 172^, by whom she had chil- 
dren Elizabeth, Margaret, William, Jonathan, Nicholas and 
James. They continued to live in Bristol Township. Sarah 
was living in 1765, being mentioned in the will of her hus- 
band, made in June of that year. 

Children of Daniel and Sarah (Shoemaker) Potts. 

18 Samuel Potts, b. Aug. 12, 1723, d. Odl. 13, 1784; m. ist, Ann 

Ashmead, nee Rush; m. 2d, Sarah Fritz. 

19 Daniel Potts, b. about 1725; d. 1782; m. Rebecca Emley. 

20 Rebecca Potts, b. ; d. ; m. Dr. John Hood. 

5 Elizabeth Potts,^ (David,^), daughter of David and 

* The Shoemaker Family. Peter Shoemaker, Sr., came from Krisheim in 
the Palatinate to Pennsylvania, in 1685, and settled at Ciermantown. He brought 
with him his son Peter and his daughters Mary, Frances and Gertrude. Peter, Jr. 
married Margaret Op den Graeff, and had ten children, Sarah beins; the eldest. 
See Our Family Ancestors, by Thomas Maxwell Potts, 1895, for a fuller account. 

Second Generation, 455 

Alice (Croasdale) Potts, was born 10 mo. 30, 1699. She 
married Peter Cleaver, Jr., son of Peter, Sr. , and Catharine 
(Shoemaker) Cleaver,* at Germantown Friends Meeting 8 
mo. 4, 1722. In the marriage record, Peter Cleaver, Jr., is 
described as " weaver," and Elizabeth Potts as daughter of 
David and Alice Potts, " seamstress." The marriage cer- 
tificate was signed by fifty one witnesses, a majority of 
whom were relatives. They settled in Upper Dublin Town- 
ship, now included in Montgomery County, where he owned 
one hundred acres of land. Peter Cleaver was born 10 mo. 
28, 1697. and died 4 mo. 8, 1772. 

Chii,dren of Peter and Ewzabeth (Potts) Cleaver. 

21 Mary Cleaver, b. 5 mo. 26, 1723; d. 9 mo. 19, 1744. .>^^ 

22 John Cleaver, b. i2mo. 13, 1724-5; d. 1S04; m. ist, Deborah T-ay- ^ 

lor; m. 2d, Hannah Walton. 

23 Isaac Cleaver, b. i, 8, 1726-7; d. Nov. 7, 1797; m. Ann Lukens. 

24 Ezekiel Cleaver, b. 2 mo. 4, 1729; d. 17S5; m. Mary Lewis. 

25 Peter Cleaver, b. 12, 20, 1730-1; d. 8, 12, 1795; m. Mir'm Frazier. 

26 Nathan Cleaver, b. 9 mo. 12, 1734; d. 1809; m. Ruth Roberts. 

27 Elizabeth Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 17, 1739; d. 5 mo. 24, 1S08; m. John 

Roberts. Children, i Peter, 2 Elizabeth. 

6 Jonathan Potts,'^ (David, ^), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born g mo, 23, 1701, in Bristol Tp., 
Philadelphia County. He learned the trade of a weaver, 
and seems to have made two or three trading voyages to 
Barbadoes, as it appears from the following abstracfts taken 
from Abington Monthly Meeting minutes. 

5 mo. 27, 1724. At this Meeting Jonathan Potts Produced a Certifi- 
cate of his Conversation Whilst in Barbadoes w"'' was Accepted. 

2 mo. 24, 1727. A Certificate was Granted to Jonathan Potts in Or- 
der to Trade to Barbadoes. 

* The Cleaver Family. Peter Cleaver, Sr., was a resident of Germantown as 
early as 16S9. He married Catharine Shoemaker, supposed to have been a daugh- 
ter of Peter Shoemaker, Sr., 3 mo. 26, 1695. He died in 1727. Children as follows, 

1 Christina Cleaver, b. i mo. 10, 1695-6; m. Melchoir. 

2 Peter Cleaver, b. 10 mo. 18, 1697; d. 4 mo. 8, 1772; m. Elizabeth Potts. 

3 Isaac Cleaver, m. Rebecca Iredell. 

4 John Cleaver, m. Elizabeth Taylor 

5 Derrick Cleaver, m. Mary Potts. [See page 242, ante.] 

6 Agnes Cleaver, m. Richard Shoemaker. 

7 Eve Cleaver, m. Adams. 


456 David Potts. 

I mo. 30, 1730. Certificate by Jonathan Potts From fr''' of Barba- 
does Signifying his good Conversation Whilst among them. 

He married Sarah Wood in the early part of 1730. They 
passed meeting the second time on 1 1 mo. 26, 1729, and at 
the next meeting, held 12 mo. 23, 1729-30, the marriage 
was reported orderly accomplished. They settled in White- 
marsh Township, now in Montgomery County. In 1734, 
Jonathan Potts was assessed with 60 acres in Whitemarsh. 
In 1745, Edward Farmer conveyed 10 acres in Whitemarsh 
to Jonathan Potts, and on Feb. 3, 1749-50, Jonathan Potts 
and Sarah his wife made a deed for this same tract. The Ab- 
ington Monthly Meeting records the burial of Sarah Potts, 
wife of Jonathan, " not a member," at Cheltenham, on 2 
mo. 24. 1763. It is not known that the}^ had any children. 

8 Stephen Potts,'^ (David, ^), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born 11 mo. 20, 1704-5, in Bristol 
Township, Philadelphia County. He was a printer by trade 
and a fellow apprentice with Benjamin Franklin, who in his 
Autobiography describes him as follows, 

Stephen Potts was a young countryman of full age, bred to the same; 
of uncommon natural parts and great wit and humor, but a little idle. 

Again he says, 

Meredith was to work at press, Potts bookbinding, which he by 
agreement was to teach them, though he knew neither one nor t'other. 

Stephen Potts was a member of the Junto, a literary So- 
ciety instituted by Franklin and others. His name also ap- 
pears among the first on the list of members of the Phila- 
delphia Library. He was Doorkeeper or Messenger of the 
Assembly for the years 1738 to 1741. The following is a 
good reproduction of his signature. 

Second Generation. 457 

His wife's name was Ann, but her maiden name has not 
been noticed. He died in the 6 mo., 1758, and was buried 
at Germantown. His wife survived him, perhaps for many 
years. Christ Protestant Episcopal Church of Philadelphia 
records the baptism of their children. The dates given are 
taken from the records of Christ Church. 

Children of Stephen and Ann ( ) Potts. 

28 Joseph Potts, b. May, 1733; bap. July 19, 1734. See Chap. III. 

29 William Bickins Potts, b. Dec. 1734; bap. Aug. 29, 1736. 

30 Sarah Potts, b. Dec. 1736; bapt. Nov. 14, 1737; d. Sep:- 9, 1 7 4G . 

ir Ezekiel Potts,^ (David, ^), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born i mo. 30, 1708, in Bristol 
Township, Philadelphia County. He was the principal leg- 
atee of his father's will, and succeeded to the homestead, 
embracing one hundred acres of land in Bristol Township, 
and purchased by his father in 1695. He seems to have 
spent nearly his whole life on this land. 

He married, first, Magdalen Miller, daughter of George 
and Sibilla Miller, 10 mo. 31, 1734.* As this marriage was 
accomplished contrary to the usage of Friends, he made an 
acknowledgment to Abington Monthly Meeting, on 2 mo. 
29. 1737- He married, second, Barbara Vodges, widow of 
Reinier Vodges, f late of Germantown. 

He died about 1781. His will, made April 22, 1775, and 
proven April 10, 1781, is recorded at West Chester. At 
the making of the will, his residence was given as German- 
town, but at his death he was a resident of Tredyffrin Town- 
ship, Chester County. It seems probable that when the 
British Army occupied Philadelphia, he went to Tredyffrin 
and lived with or near some of his children who had set- 
tled there. He speaks of himself as ' ' yeoman, being aged 

* See records of the First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. 

t Note. In 1767, Ezekiel and Barbara Potts join with others in a deed, from 
whicli it appears that Reinier Vodges, deceased, late of Germantown, left children 
Jacob, Catharine, Ann, Sophia, Barbara and Mary. 



4-58 David Potts. 

and infirm." He mentions his wife Barbara and children 
William, John, Aquila, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth and Sa- 
rah. The following clause appears, "whereas my son 
John Potts hath been many years missing, nor do I know 
whether he be living or dead." Below is a fair copy of his 

Children of EzekieIv and Magdai^en (Miixer) Potts. 

31 David Potts, b. 4 mo. 15, 1735; d. ; m. Alice Schull. 

32 William Potts, b. 7, 19, 1736; d. Ii, 18, 1802; m. Hannah Eddy. 

33 John Potts, b. II mo. i, 1738. 

34 Aquila Potts, b. 3 mo. 7, 1739; d. ; m. Martha Taylor. 

35 George Potts, b. 8 mo. 13, 1741. Not named in his father's will. 

36 Joseph Potts, b. i mo. 3, 1742-3; d, ; m. Sarah Dilworth. 

37 Rebecca Potts, b. 7 mo. 2, 1744. Not named in his father's will. 

Children of Ezekiei^ and Barbara (Vodges) Potts. 

38 Elizabeth Potts, b. 9 mo. 14. 1753. 

39 Hannah Potts, b. i mo. 13, 1755; d. 1778; m. Richard Currie. 

40 Sarah Potts, b. 10 mo. 14, 1756. 

II Nathan Potts,- ( David, ^), son of David and Alice 
(Croasdale) Potts, was born about 17 10, in Bristol Town- 
ship, Philadelphia County. He was a blacksmith by trade. 
He married Esther Rhoads, daughter of Jacob RhoadSj'J^ 8 

* The Rhoads Famil-y. John and Elizabeth Rhoads, of Derbyshire, England, 
had children as given below. They all seem to have come to Philadelphia. John, 
Sr., died at Darby in 1701. 

1 Adam Rhoads, b. 6 mo. 30, 1660; m. Katharine Blunstou. 

2 Mary Rhoads, b. 11 mo. 30, 1662. 

3 John Rhoads, b. 6 mo. 13, 1664; m. Hannah Wilcox. 

4 Elizabeth Rhoads, b. 11 mo 7, 1667. 

5 Jacob Rhoads, b. 12 mo. 16, 1670; m. and had children, Abraham, Ann, Esther 

and possibly others. 

6 Abraham Rhoads, b. 3 mo. 5, 1675. 

7 Hannah Rhoads, b. 12 mo. 15, 1677. 

S Joseph Rhoads, b. 2 mo. 5, 1680; m. Abigail Bonsai. 

Lonis M. Childs, Esq., of Norristown. shows by deeds and other evidence that 
Esther Rhoads, who married Nathan Potts, was a daughter of Jacob, j 

TmE PLYr'iOuTM KIEETif^lG. »-* O U '.b F 

I'r.YMOUTH Friends jMketino House. 

NOTE. By permission of Ellwood Roberts, auttior of " Plymouth MeetitiK." The first 
is from an old print, and the second from a recent photograph. Nathan Potts (11) and 
manv of his descendants li,-i\e worshipped here. 

Second Generation. 459 

mo. 30, 1736, as shown by the records of the First Presby- 
terian Church of Philadelphia. As this marriage was ac- 
complished contrary to the usage of Friends, he was re- 
quired to make acknowledgment for his " outgoing," which 
he made 11 mo. 31, 1742, to Abington Monthly Meeting. 
Here is a reprodudlion of his signature. 

He settled in Whitemarsh Township, now included in 
Montgomery County, where he died in 1754. His will, 
made May 31, 1754, and proven Odlober i, in tjie same. year, 
is recorded at Philadelphia. He was the Friends 
graveyard at Plymouth, a few miles from Conshohocken. 
A small tombstone, with the initials N. P., still marks his 
resting place. Esther Potts, his widow, was living in 1780, 
when the assessment list for Plymouth Township states that 
Zebulon Potts has an aged mother to support. 

CH11.DREN OF Nathan and Esther (Rhoads) Potts. 

41 Daniel Potts, b. August 14, 1737; d. January 30, 1744-5. 

42 Stephen Potts, b. April 18, 1740; d. Nov. 12, 1801; m. Jane Jones. 

43 Nathan Potts, b. Jan. 8, 1741-2; d. 1819; m. Priscilla Morgan. 

44 Alice Potts, b. Jan. 21, 1743-4; d. ; m. Griffith Thomas. 

45 Zebulon Potts, b. March 21, 1746; d. 3 mo. 17, 1801; m. Martha 


46 Isaiah Potts, b. Nov. 22, 1747; d. before 1767. 

460 David Potts. 


Third Generation, 

14 Jonathan Potts,'' (Thomas,'^ David,^), son of Thom- 
as and Rachel (James) Potts, was born 4 mo. 12, 1723, 
He removed to southern New Jersey, and was a member of 
Salem Monthly Meeting of Friends. He married Sarah 
Clifton in 1756. The the following is a copy of the record 
of their first declaration. 

At our Monthly Meeting held at Salem the 26th of ye 4th m" 1756, 
came Jonathan Pots, son of Thomas Potts, and Sarah Clifton, Daugh- 
ter of Hugh Clifton, and Declared their Intentions of Marriage with 
Each other, the First time, therefore Philip Dennis and Mark Reeve 
are Appointed to make the Necessary Enquiry and Report to Next 

They passed meeting the second time on 6 mo. 28, 1756, 
and were probably married shortly after. The name of on- 
ly one child has been noticed. There were however male 
descendants, who were still represented within the present 

Children of Jonathan and Sarah (Cwfton) Potts. 
47 Elizabeth Potts, b, 4 mo. 4, 1757. 

15 John Potts,'' (John,"^ David, 0, son of John and Eliz- 
abeth (McVeagh) Potts, was born about 1727. By his fath- 
er's will he inherited the homestead farm in Upper Dublin, 
containing 150 acres. He married Hannah Davis, May 6, 
1760. He died about 1808. His will, dated Dec. 14, 1800, 
and proven March 16, 1808, is recorded at Norristown. 

Third Generation. 461 

Children of John and Hannah (Davis) Potts. 

48 Thomas Potts, b. 7 mo. 6, 1761: d. S mo. 2, 1812; m, Elizabeth 


49 Jesse Potts, b, ; d, 1807; m, Mary 

50 Jonah Potts, b. ; d. ; m. Mary McDowell. 

51 Elizabeth Potts, m. Updegrave. Son, Daniel. 

^ 16 Thomas Potts, ^ (John,* David/), son of John and 
Elizabeth (McVeagh) Potts, was born in 1729. He was a 
millwright by trade and lived in Moreland Township for 
some time. On June 22, 1753, Walter Moore and Sarah 
his wife conveyed to Thomas Potts, millwright, of the Man- 
or of Moreland, one half of a certain corn mill, etc., and 
two parcels of land in Moreland. 

He subsequently removed to Sussex County, New Jersey, 
and settled at Chelsea Forge, where he had a landed estate. 
He was High Sheriff of Sussex County in 1772, and a 
Member of the Provincial Assembly in 1775 and 1776. Be- 
low is a copy of his signature. 



He married Elizabeth I,ukens, daughter of William and 
Elizabeth (Tyson) Lukens, Jan. 16, 1753. He died July 
29, 1776. His widow subsequently married Dr. John Rock- 
hill, a widower with children.* There were no children by 
this marriage, but .some of their descendants by their former 
marriages intermarried. Dr. Rockhill was born March 22, 
1726, and died April 7, 1798. Elizabeth survived him. 

Thomas and Elizabeth (I^ukens) Potts had ten children, 
five of whom survived. 

* Note. Dr. John Rockhill, son of Edward and Elizabeth (Taylor) Rockhill, 
married, first, Rachel Robesou. Children, 

1 Achsah Rockhill, m. William Erwin. 3 Ann Rockhill. 

2 John Clayton Rockhill, m. Gainor Potts. 4 Edward Rockhill, 

462 David Potts. 

Children ok Thomas and Elizabeth (Lukens) Potts. 

52 Elizabeth Potts, in. Robert Barnhill, 1778. Children, i Sarah, 

2 Elizabeth, 3 John, 4 Robert, 5 Margaret. 

53 Joseph Potts, died unmarried at about sixty years of age. 

54 Gainor Potts, m. John Clayton Rockhill. Children, i Thomas 

C, 2 Robeson, 3 Lukens, 4 John, 5 Edward Augustus, 6 
William Potts. 
/ 55 William Lukens Potts, b. July 17, 1771; d. January 17, 1854; m. 
,/ Rachel Hughes. 

56 Hugh H«glis9 Potts, b. 1773; d. ; m. Elizabeth Hughes. 

17 Elizabeth Potts, ^ (John, '^ David, ^), daughter of John 
and Elizabeth (McVeagh) Potts, married Isaac Shoemaker, 
daughter of Isaac and Dorothy (Penrose) Shoemaker, 4 mo. 
24, 1754, by Friends ceremony " in a meeting appointed at 
the house of John Potts, parent of said Elizabeth Potts in 
Upper Dublin township." Elizabeth died 9 mo. 24, 1758.* 

Children of Isaac and Elizabeth (Potts) Shoemaker. 

57 David Shoemaker, b. 2 mo. 23, 1755; m. Rachel Baker. 

58 Jonathan Shoemaker, b. 5 mo. 10, 1756; m. Hannah Lukens. 

18 Samuel Potts/^ (Daniel,-^ David, ^) son of Daniel and 
Sarah (Shoemaker) Potts, was born August 12, 1723. He 
w^as a blacksmith by occupation, and seems to have been a 
resident of Germantown until 1755, when he removed to a 
" plantation upon Scholkill on the West Side of the Great 
Road Called Wissahickon road in the Northern Liberties," 
which he leased from Thomas Hood, Jr. , for a term of five 
years. He built a smithshop on the premises and carried on 
smithing in conne(ftion with keeping a public house. He 
was subsequently proprietor of the " Rising Sun," and 
"Wheat SheafF," noted hosgljries above Philadelphia dur- 
ing Colonial Revolutionary times. 

He was a Friend and a member of Germantown Meeting, 
but in 1757 complaint was made against him for being cou- 

* Notk. Isaac Shoemaker married Mary Roberts as his second wife, and had a 
son Thomas Shoemaker. 

Third Generation. 463 

cerned in military vService and negledling attendance at 
Friends meetings. He was eventually disowned. He mar- 
ried, first, Mrs. Ann Ashmead, widow of John Ashmead, 
and daughter of James and Rachel (Peart) Rush,* in 1751. 
She was born October 25, 17 16, and died August 16, 1760. / 
He married, second, Sarah Fritz, Odl. 20, 1772. Samuel 
Potts died Oct. 13, 1784, at the Falls of Schuylkill. Sarah, 
his widow, died 0(ft. 23, 1S08, at Frankford. Here is giv- 
en a copy of Samuel Potts' signature. 

Child of Samuel and Ann ( Rush ) Potts. 

59 James Potts, b. June 17, 1752; July 28, 1822; m. Sarah Wessell. 

Children of Samuel and Sarah (Fritz) Potts. 

60 Jesse Potts, b. 1774; d. Dec. 21. 1811; m. Elizabeth Duns. 

61 Sarah Potts, d. about 1822; ni. Terrill Williams. Children, Ma- 

ry Anne, and probably others. 

62 Charles Potts, b. ; d. Sept. i, 1S12; n. Susan Wood. 

19 Daniel Potts,^ (Daniel,'^ David, ^), son of Daniel and 
Sarah (Shoemaker) Potts, was born about 1725. He was 
a blacksmith by trade and was a residentof Germantown in 
1749, as shown by a deed in which he joined. He removed 
to the vicinity of Pittstown, Hunterdon County, New Jer- 
sey, about 1765. The minutes of Radnor Monthly Meeting 
of Friends have this entry, 

Daniel Potts removed 11"' mo. 8''^ 1765 to Kingwood, New Jersey. 

In settling in New Jersey, Daniel Potts may have been 
influenced by his cousin Thomas Potts, who had previously 
settled in the same neighborhood. He married Rebecca 

* Note. Ann Rush married, first, John Ashmead, and had children, i William. 
2 John, 3 Rachel, 4 Benjamin. See "Our Family Ancestors," by Thomas Max- 
well Potts. 1895, tor an account of the Rush Family. 

464 Da-vid Potts. 

Eraley, daughter of John and Sarah (Lawrence) Emiey, 8 
mo, 6, 1766. She was born March 22, 1738. 

On Jan. 6 1773, an advertisement appeared in the Penn- 
sylvania Gazette, offering for sale an undivided half interest 
in a Forge, dwelling, etc. , situated about half a mile below 
Pittstown. It was stated that the premises were then occu- 
pied by Daniel Potts. He died in 1782. Rebecca died 8 
mo. 25, 1807. Both left wills. Below is a copy of the sig- 
nature of Daniel Potts. 

Children of Daniel and Rebecca (Emley) Potts. 

63 William Emley Potts, b. 1769; d. Feb. 26, 1S36; m, Sue. Dawes. 

64 John Potts, b, ; d. 1814; unmarried. 

65 Daniel Potts, h. ; d. about 1826; unmarried. 

66 Amy Potts, b. 1773; d. 9 mo 7, 1834; unmarried. 

67 Sarah Potts, b. ; d. before 1814; unmarried. 

68 Mary Potts, b. ; d, about 1826; unmarried. 

20 Rebecca Potts,^ (Daniel,^ David, ^), daughter of 
Daniel and Sarah (Shoemaker) Potts, is mentioned in the 
will of Peter Shoemaker, her grandfather, in 1741. She 
married John Hood, Jr., a physician, February 2, 1747-8. 
The marriage is recorded by Trinity Church, Oxford, Phil- 
adelphia County. They seem to have resided in the North- 
ern lyiberties, Philadelphia County, and on June i, 1758, 
"John Hood, of the Northern Liberties, in the County of 
Philadelphia, and Province of Pennsylvania, Pracflitioner of 
Physick, and Rebecca his wife," join in deed for the sale 
of a one third interest in a " Water corn or grist mill or 
mills, commonly called Frankford Mills, ' ' including some 50 
acres of land which Dr. Hood had inherited from his fath- 
er. No record of children has come to hand. 

Third Generation. 465 

22 John Cleaver,-^ (Elizabeth,- David/), daughter of 
Peter and Elizabeth (Potts) Cleaver, was born 12 mo. 13, 
1724-5. He married, first, Deborah Tyson, daughter of 
Derrick and Ann (Hooton) Tyson, 9 mo. 22, 1750, She 
died 10 mo, 25, 1781. He married, second, Hannah Wal- 
ton. Residence, Upper Dublin. He died about 1808. 

Children of John and Deborah (Tyson) Cleaver. 

69 Sarah Cleaver, b. i mo. 23, 1754. 

70 Rebecca Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 5, 1755; m. Joseph Woolen. 

71 Jesse Cleaver, b. 5 mo. 30, 1758. 

72 John Cleaver, b. S mo. 25, 1766, 

23 Isaac Cleaver,'^ (Elizabeth, ^ David, ^), son of Peter 
and Elizabeth (Potts) Cleaver, was born i mo, S, 1726-7. He 
resided in Upper Dublin. He married Ann lyukens, 4 mo. 
18, 1 75 1. He died in 1797, and his widow, April 6, 1S07. 

Children of Isaac and Ann (Lukens) Cleaver. 

73 Mary Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 8, 1752. 

74 Hannah Cleaver, b. 11 mo. 23, 1753. 

75 Peter Cleaver, b. 9 mo. 21, 17S5. 

76 Lydia Cleaver, b. 10 mo. 17, 1757. 

77 Joseph Cleaver, b. ; m, Mary Davis. (?) 

78 Isaac Cleaver, b. 0(5lober 17, 176S; d. March 15, 1S2S; m. Rachel 


24 Ezekiel Cleaver,^ (Elizabeth, ^ David, ^), son of Pe- 
ter and Elizabeth (Potts) Cleaver, was born 2 mo, 4, 1729. 
He married Mary Lewis, daughter of Ellis Lewis, i mo. 10, 
1755. He died April or May 1785. 

Children of Ezekiel and Mary (Lewis) Cle.wer. 

79 Sarah Cleaver, b. 11 mo. 4, 1755; d. 9 mo. 15, I720.(?) 

80 Ezekiel Cleaver, b. 3 mo. 25, 1757. 

81 Ellis Cleaver, b. 10, 17, 1758; d. Odl. 14, 1829; m. Tacy Evans. 

82 Mary Cleaver, b. 4 mo. 10, 1760. 

83 Elizabeth Cleaver, b. 7 mo. i, 1763. 

84 Peter Cleaver, b. 10 mo. 16, 1767. 

85 Martha Cleaver. 

466 David Potts. 

25 Peter Cleaver,^ (Elizabeth,^ David,'), son of Peter 
and Elizabeth (Potts) Cleaver, was born 12 mo. 20, 1 730-1. 
He removed to Warrington Township, York County, and 
transferred his membership from Abington Monthly Meet- 
ing of Friends to Warrington Monthly' Meeting, in 1754. 
He married Miriam Frazer, daughter of Alexander and Sa- 
rah Frazer, late of Kennett, Chester County, 6, 22, 1756. 
Peter Cleaver was an adlive Friend, and was the Clerk of 
Warrington Monthly Meeting. The records were well 
kept, and in a beautiful handwriting. He died 12, 8, 1795. 
Miriam Cleaver died 5 mo. 29, 1798, aged 71 years. 

Children of Peter and Miriam (Frazer) Ci^eaver. 

86 Elizabeth Cleaver, b, 4mo. i, 1757; d. i mo. 11, 1841; tn. Joshua 


87 Peter Cleaver, b. 10 mo. 16, 1758; m. Hanes. 

88 John Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 21, 1760; d. 5 mo. 3, 1823; m. Susanna 


89 Mary Cleaver, b. i mo. 3, 1764; d. 11 mo. 9, 17S2. 

90 Sarah Cleaver, b. 9 mo. 22, 1765; m. William Weirman . 

91 Miriam Cleaver, b. 8, 15, 1767; d. 8, 20, 1847; ni. John Griest. 

26 Nathan Cleaver,^ (Elizabeth,^ Cleaver,^), son of 
Peter and Elizabeth (Potts) Cleaver, was born 9, 14, 1734. 
He seems to have been a resident of Upper Dublin. He 
married Ruth Roberts, 5 mo. 24, 1768, She was born 1743, 
and died 1820. Nathan Cleaver died about 1809. 

CHI1.DREN OF Nathan and Ruth (Roberts) Ci^eaver. 

92 Phebe Cleaver, b. 10, 26, 1769; d. 3, 9, 179S; m. Amos Griffith. 

93 David Cleaver, b. 2 mo. 15, 1771; d. 11 mo. 4, 1801; unmarried. 

94 Jonathan Cleaver, b. 3, 26, 1775; d. 3. i, 1832; m. Ann Jones. 

95 Nathan Cleaver, b. 4 mo. 26, 177S; d. 4 mo. 18, 1867; m. Martha 


96 Salathiel Clearer, b. 8 mo. 10, 1780; d, 9 mo. 22, 1857; m. Mary 


28 Joseph Potts,^ (Stephen,^ David, ^) son of Stephen 

and Ann ( ) Potts, was born May, 1733, and baptized 

July 9, 1734, at Christ Church, Philadelphia. While it is 

Third Generation, 467 

not proven, it is altogether probable that he is the same who 
married Miriam Kelly, July 25, 1765, at St. Pauls [P. E.] 
Church. He was a seaman, and in 1764 was Captain of the 
Slow Johnson, 80 tons ; and of the Sloop King George, in 
1766. He died in 1770, and in his will mentions " my lov- 
ing mother, " " my brother William , ' ' and ' ' my loving wife 

Miriam (Kelly) Potts was born 1740, and died 6 mo. 20, 
1774. By her will, she made bequests to the Pennsylvania 
Hospital, to the Home of Employment, to Ann Potts her 
mother-in-law, to her mother Elizabeth Green, to her half 
brother John Green, and to several others whose kinship is 
not mentioned. Neither husband nor wife mention any 

29 William Bickins Potts,^ (Stephen, ^ David, i), son 

of Stephen and Ann ( ) Potts, was born Dec, 1734, 

and baptized at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Aug. 29, 1736. 
He seems to be the same w^ho is called " mariner " in deeds, 
and who married Esther Moore, April 10, 1764, at Christ 
Church. He was concerned in a number of land transac- 
tions, and in a deed of partition of a tract of land in the 
Northern Liberties, July 3, 1765, his name appears on the 
plat attached as " William Potts for John Moore." Letters 
of administration were granted upon the estate of one Wil- 
liam B. Potts in 1808. 

31 David Potts, ^ (Ezekiel,^ David, ^), son of Ezekiel 
Magdalen (Miller) Potts, was born 4 mo. 15, 1735. He mar- 
ried Alice Schull, April 25, 1759. They removed to York 
County, Pennsylvania, about 1776, as on 12 mo. 7, of that 
year, he with his wife and children Jonathan, Ann, Hannah, 
Rachel, Joseph and Stephen, made a request to be received 
into Friends Meeting. Their request was granted 2 mo. 8, 
1777. They were "members of Menallen Particular Meeting, 
(now included in Adams County,) then under the care of 

468 David Potts. 

Warrington Monthly Meeting. Perhaps they subsequently 
removed to Bedford County, whereon February i8, 1791, 
David Potts purchasad 162)^ acres, called " Greenfield, " 
for ^10. On June 10, 1793, he purchased 100 acres of land 
on Dunnings Creek from Ellis Rogers. On Feb. 18, 1797, 
he purchased 162)^ acres, called " Greenfield," for ;^468. 
L,ater in the latter year, David and Alice Potts conveyed 
the two tracts of 162^ acres each to Jonathan Potts their 
son. Of the six children of David and Alice Potts, no sub- 
sequent mention has been found of any of them except Jon- 
athan, and it is possible that the others died young. 
Children of David and Alice (Schull) Potts. 

97 Jonathan Potts, b. Nov. 4, 1759; d. 1819; m. Deborah Wright. 

98 Ann Potts. 100 Rachel Potts. 102 Stephen Potts. 

99 Hannah Potts. loi Joseph Potts. 

32 "William Potts,^ (Ezekiel,^ David, ^), son of Ezekiel 
and Magdalen (Miller) Potts, was born 7 mo. 19, 1736. 
He owned and resided on a farm in Tredyffrin Township, 
Chester County, on the south side of the north Chester Val- 
ley hills, about a mile and a half from Valley Forge. In a 
deed of conveyance, this land was described as bounded on 
the east by land of John Potts. 

He married Hannah Eddy. She was born in 1736, and 
died May 11, i8i<^. William Potts died 11 18, 1802. In 
his will he names his wife Hannah, and children Ezekiel, 
William, Mary, Elizabeth, Anna, Martha and Hannah. 
His executors were his son-in-law, Thomas Rowland, and 
his kinsman, Nathan Potts, of Montgomery County. 
Children of William and Hannah (Eddy) Potts. 

103 Elizabeth Potts, b. July 29, 1757; d. 1843; m. Enos Jones. 

104 Samuel Potts, b. March 22, 1760. 

105 Ezekiel Potts, b. May 27, 1762; d. 4 mo. 18, 1S42; uum. 

106 Mary Potts, b. May 23, 1764; d. 3, 21, 1S55; m. Thos. Rowland. 

107 Anna Potts, b. Nov. 6, 1766; d. 12 mo. 29, 1842; unm. 

108 Martha Potts, b. 0<5l. 23, 1773; d. 4, 15, 1855; m. Jno. Marshall. 

109 James Potts, b, August 16, 1775. 

Third Generation. 469 

no Hannah Potts, b. Dec. 11, 17S1; d. 4 mo. i, 185S; unm. 
Ill William Potts, b. March 3, 17S4; d. 7 mo. 25, 1S38; m. Susanna 
M. Pratt. 

34 Aquila Potts,'* (Ezekiel,'' David, ^), sou of Ezekiel 
and Magdalen (Miller) Potts, was born 3 nio. 7, 1739. He 
married Martha Taylor, May 24, 1762. No further account. 

36 Joseph Potts,'^ (Ezekiel, =^ David, ^), son of Ezekiel 
and Magdalen (Miller) Potts, was born i mo. 3, 1742-3. 
He married Sarah Dilworth, March 23, 1769, at German- 
town. Dilworth Potts, his grandson, informed the writer 
that Joseph Potts, his grandfather, removed to Kentucky, 
but later returned to Penn.S5-lvania and entered the Revolu- 
tionary Army. The Pennsylvania Archives show that he 
was commissioned on June 6, 1776, as a First Lieutenant in 
the 4th Penns3'lvania Battalion commanded by Gen. Anthony 
Wayne. He was promoted to a Captaincy, 0<fl. 12, 1776, 
He was severely wounded in the Battle of Brandywine and 
taken prisoner by the enemy. He was exchanged in 1778, 
and while in the ranks became deranged. By an acfl of the 
Legislature, passed the 20th day of March, 181 2, five hun- 
dred acres of land were granted to his heirs. The following 
is an abstradl of tlie Act. 

Whereas, it appears that Joseph Potts entered the service of his 
countr}' at the commencement of the Revolutionary War as a L,ieiiten- 
ant in 1776 ; was promoted to the rank of Captain ; at the Battle of 
Brandywine he was wounded by a musket ball which broke the bone, 
and also by the thrust of a bayonet which pierced through his should- 
er, and in the same engagement was taken prisoner. On the first day 
of July 1778 he became deranged. B}- an adl of Congress, &c. * * 
consequentlj- entitled to a donation of land. Therefore, 

Sec. I. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met, and 
it is hereby enadted by authority of the same, that the Land Officers 
be and they are hereby dire<5led to issue a Patent for five hundred 
acres (500) of Donation Land to the heirs of Joseph Potts in the usual 

Child of Joseph and Sarah (Dilworth) Potts. 
,12 George Potts, b. May i, 1771; d. July 26, 1843; ^- Sarah Evans. 

470 David Potts. 

39 Hannah Potts,^ (Ezekiel,^ David, ^), daughter of 
Ezekiel and Barbara {Vodges) Potts, was born i mo. 13, 
1755. She married Richard Currie, son of Rev. William 
and Margaret (Ross) Currie. He was born in 1750. He 
joined the First Militia of Pennsylvania at the beginning of 
the Revolutionary War, and marched with his Company as 
far as Amboy, where he was taken sick and returned heme, 
and died Sept. 16, 1776. Hannah died Feb. 23, 1778. 

CH11.DREN OF Richard and Hannah (Potts) Currie. 

113 Margaret Currie, b, March 13, 1772; d. Mays, 1S5S; m. Thomas 


114 Ann Currie, b. September i, 1773; m. William Broadess. 

115 Richard Currie, b. July 23, 1776. 

42 Stephen Potts,^ (Nathan,- David, ^) son of Nathan 
and Esther (Rhoads) Potts, was born April 18, 1740. He 
married Jane Jones, daughter of Evan and Jane Jones, and 
resided in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County. 
Stephen died Jan. 12, 1801. Jane was born Nov. 25, 1746, 
and died August 25, 1828. 

ChiIvDren of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts. 

^116 Anna Potts, b. August 16, 1769; d. 11 mo. 5, 1841; m. Samuel 

117 Esther Potts, b. Nov. 30, 1770; m. Jonathan Pugh. 

118 Nathan Potts, b. Feb. 16, 1773; d. 12, 21, 1835; m. Ann Rankin. 

119 Alice Potts, b. May 17, 1775; m. Morris Jones. 

120 Jane Potts, b. August 29, 1776; d. unm. 

121 Martha Potts, b. Dec. 13, 1778; m. John Rankin. 

122 Isaiah Potts, b. April 7, 1780; d. 6 mo. 22, 1858; m. Mary Eaton. 

123 A daughter, b. Odl. 12, 1783; d. y. 

124 Stephen Potts, b. March 30, 1785; d. y. 

125 Ezra Potts, b. Jan. 10, 1788; d. y. 

43 Nathan Potts,^ (Nathan,^ David, ^), son of Nathan 
and Esther (Rhoads) Potts, was born Jan. 8, 1 741-2. He 
married Priscilla Morgan, daughter of Jesse and Mary Mor- 
gan, 2U10, 10, 1766. She was born 8 mo. 11, 1749. They 
resided in Montgomery County, and sometime at Norris- 


/. - 


Third Generation. 471 

town. He held the office of Justice of the Peace, and per- 
haps other offices. He died in 1819. 

Children of Nathan and Priscilla (Morgan) Potts. 

126 William Potts, b. 11 mo. 21, 1766; d. 31110. 10, 1787. 

127 Mary Potts, b. 9 mo. 20, 1768; d. 2 mo, 7, 1781. 

128 George Morgan Potts, b. 5 mo. 20, 1771; d. 1S55; m. Eliz. Kane. 

129 Nathan Rhoads Potts, b, 7 mo. 10, 17S3; d. 11 mo. 24, i86r; m. 

Mary Ann Cole. 

130 Stacy Kirkbride Potts, b. 3 mo. 23, 17S6; d. 7 mo. 16, 1816, m. 

Susan Lehman. 

131 Benedidl Dorsey Potts, b. 11 mo. 25, 1790; d. 5 mo. i. 181S. 

44 Alice Potts,^ (Nathan,- David, ^), daughter of Na- 
than and Esther (Rhoads) Potts, was born Jan, 21, 1743-4. 
She married Griffith Thomas.* 

Children of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas. 

132 Esther Thomas, m. Jonathan Colley. 

133 Ann Thomas, m. Alexander Ramsay. No issue. 

134 Mary Thomas, m. Jacob Moore. 

135 Priscilla Thomas, m. Joseph Peterman. 
X36 Margaret Thomas, d. uiim. 

137 Hannah Thomas, b, 7 mo. 7, 1777; m. ist, Job Hallowell; m. 2d, 

William Rogers. 

138 Martha Thomas, m. Henry Smith, 

139 Zebulou Thomas, m. Mercy Baldwin. 

45 Zebulon Potts,^ (Nathan, ^ David, ^) son of Nathan 
and Esther (Rhoads) Potts, was born March 24, 1746. He 
married Martha Trotter, daughter of Joseph and Ann Trot- 
ter, about 177 1. She was born 7 mo 29, 1753, and died in 
1802. They resided in Plymouth Township, not far from 
Conshohocken, and the large stone mansion house remains 
in an excellent state of preservation. 

Zebulon Potts was a very prominent man in his day, and 
a staunch patriot in the time of the Revolution, and was a 

* Note. Tradition alleges that the father of Griffith Thomas married a daugh- 
ter of one Lord Phillips, much to the displeasure of her family. The young cou- 
?le came to Pennsylvania and settled near the present town of Conshohocken. 
hey had four children, Philip, Mary, Anne, and Griffith. Upon the decease of 
Lord Phillips, Philip Thomas became the heir to his grandfather's estate and re- 
turned to Wales to occupy it. 

472 David Potts. 

Captain of Militia in the Army. During the encampment 
of the Patriot Army at Valley P'orge, he was very active in 
procuring food for the army. On more than one occasion he 
succeeded in passing the British lines into the City of Phil- 
adelphia. On account of his activity in the cause of the 
Colonies, a price was put upon his capture. Many attempts 
were made by the British to take him, but he always suc- 
ceeded in evading his pursuers. On one occasion he hid 
in an open ended barrel with the open end at the ground. 
Pie had a secret understanding with his neighbors, that 
when danger threatened at night, pebbles were thrown upon 
the roof of his house to apprise him, and give him time to 
escape. Mrs. Potts was a stately, dignified and brave wo- 
man, and when British officers or soldiers called in search 
of her husband or upon skirmishing expeditions, she won 
their respecft and protection, by her suave and courteous 

After the war Zebulon Potts was appointed High Sheriff 
of Montgomery County, which he held for several years. 
He was also a Member of the Legislature. He died 3 mo. 
17, 1801. 

Chii.dren of ZebuIvOn and Martha (Trotter) Potts. 

140 Ann Potts, b. 7 mo. 30, 1772; d. 6, 21, 1863; m. Joseph Thomas. 

141 Joseph Potts, b. 8 mo. 10, 1774; d. 5, 5, 1851; m. Sarah Hughes. 

142 Esther Potts, b. i mo. 9, 1777; d. y. 

143 Hannah Potts, b. 7 mo. 21, 1778. 

144 Alice Potts, b. 10, 27. 1780; d. i, 28, 1838; m. John Hallowell. 

145 Esther Potts, b. 3 mo. 11, 17S3; d. 1839; n^- Nathan Hallowell. 

146 Martha Potts, b. 10 mo. 4, 1785; d. 1873; ni- John Mather. 

147 William Potts, b. it mo. 13, 1787; d. 1881; m. Anne Wager. 
14S Robert TFetter Potts, b. i mo. 11, 1790; d. 1873; m. Elizabeth 

M. Hitner. 
149 Danial T. Potts, b. 7 mo. 18, 1794. 

PAGK 474:. 

NOTE.— Hannah Holsteiii, daughter of Col. Isaac and Magdalena (Hulings) 
Hughes, was born December 15, 174S. and died January 13, 1832. She married, 
1st. Col. Isaac Hughes, October 5. 1769; and 2d, Rev. Slater Clay. 

Fourth Generation. 473 


Fourth Generation. 

48 Thomas Potts/ (John,^ John,-' David, ^), son of John 
and Hannah (Davis) Potts, Was born 7 mo. 6, 1761, and 
died 8 mo. 2, 18 12. He was a millwright by occupation, 
and resided in Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery Coun- 
ty, Penna. He married Elizabeth Ruch. She was born 
9 mo 6, 1 76 1, and died 9 mo. i, 1840. 

Children OK Thom.\s and Elizabeth (Ruch) Potts. 

150 John Potts, b. 9 mo. 2, 1790; d. S nio. 31, 1791. 

151 John Potts, b. 8 mo. 9, 1792; d. 1S69; m. Elizabeth Cooper. 

152 David Potts, b. 8 mo. 16, 1794; d. 1821; m. Miriam Lloyd. 

153 Thoma.s Potts, b. 2 mo. 23, 1802; d. 1870; m. Caroline Cooper. 

49 Jesse Potts/ (John, -^ John,-' David, ^), son of John 
and Hannah (Davis) Potts, was born , and died 
in 1807. He was married but the name of his wife has not 
been furnished. Residence, Montgomery County, Penna. 

Children of Jesse and ( ) Potts. 

154 Daniel Potts, b. ; d. - — ; m. 

155 Isaac Potts, b. ; d. ; m. twice but no issue. 

156 Joseph Potts. 

157 Hannah Potts. 

50 Jonah Potts,* (John,'^ John,-' David,'), son of John 
and Hannah (Davis) Potts, was born 1779, and died i mo. 
5, 1866. He married Mary McDowell. Residence, Mont- 
gomery County, Penna, 


474 David Potts. 

Children of Jonah and INIary (McDowell) Potts. 

15S Hiram Potts, m. Hannali Houston. 

159 Chalkley Potts, m. Susan Funk. 

160 Elias Hicks Potts, b. 1831; d. Feb. 22, 1889; m. Hannah Robin- 

161 Jesse Potts, b. 1832; d. 1S79. [son. 

162 Margaret Potts, m. William Walton. 

163 Hannah Potts. 

164 Martha Potts. 

165 Ann Potts, m, Charles Neiman. 

52 Elizabeth Potts,^ (Thomas,^ John,-' David,*), dau. 
of Thomas and Elizabeth (Lukens) Potts, married Robert 
Baruhill, September 22, 1778. 

Children of Robert and Elizabeth (Potts) Barnhill. 

166 Sarah Barnhill. 

167 Elizabeth Barnhill. 

168 John Barnhill. 

169 Robert Barnhill. 

170 Margaret Barnhill, m. Cornelius Roosevelt. 

55 William Lukens Potts/ (Thomas,^ John,'^ David,*) 
son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Lukens) Potts, was born 7 
mo. 17, 1 771, in Sussex County, New Jersey-. He married 
Rachel Hughes, daughter of Col. Isaac* ( John, ^ Hugh, -' 
John,*) and Hannah (Holstein) Hughes, March 3^^ 1801. 
She was born April 18, 1774, and died Feb. 24, i866* He 
removed to Philadelphia about the year 1817, and engaged 
in the iron business on Second Street, near Race, where he 
continued until his death, January 17, 1854. He was strong 
mentally and physically, generous, kindly and popular, and 
of fine appearance. He was a member of the Friends Soci- 
ety and refused to accept any public office. 

The following is a good copy of the signature of William 
Lukens Potts. 

7/-- / -^Jir 

Additional Data. 474/'2 

170 Margaret Barnhill,-^ (Elizabeth/ Thomas,' John,'' 
David', Potts,), daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Potts) 
Baruhill, married Cornelius \'an Schaick Roosevelt.* He 
was born January 30, 1794. \_See pui^i^i' ///.] 

i Silas Weir Roosevelt. An eminetit lawyer. 
ii James A. Roosevelt, ,d. 1S98. 
iii Cornelius Van Schaick Roosevelt, '1. 1887. 
iv Robert Barnhill Roosevelt.' 
v William W. Roosevelt, d. y. 
vi Theodore Roosevelt, b. 1831; d. 1878; m. Martha Bulloch. 

VI Theodore Roosevelt,*' Sr., (Margaret,'^ Elizabeth,'' 
Thomas,'^ John,- David,'), son of Cornelius Van Schaick 
and Margaret (Barnhill) Roosevelt, was born September 22, 
1831, and died February 9, 1878. He was a merchant and 
philantliropist. He married Martha Bulloch. 

Childrkn of Theodore and Martha (Bui.i.och) Roosevklt. 

vii Anna Roosevelt, m. Com. W. S. Cowles. 
viii Theodore Roosevelt, ni. ist, Alice L,ee; 2d, Kdith K. Carow. 

ix ?;iliot Roosevelt, deceased. 
X Corinne Roosevelt, m. Douglass Robinson. 

viii Theodore Roosevelt," '^Theodore," Margaret,'^ 
hvlizabeth,^ Thomas,' John,' David.'), son of Theodore, Sr., 
and Martha (Bulloch) Roosevelt, was born October 27, 
1858. He married, first. Miss Alice Lee of Boston, She 
died in 1884. He marri^^d, second, Miss Edith Kermit 
Carow in 1886. By the death of William McKinley, Sep- 
tember 14, 1902, he became the twenty-sixth President of 
the United States. 

Child of Theodore and Aijce (I.ep;) RoosEVEr,T. 
xi Alice Roosevelt. - 

Children of Theodore and Kdith Kermit (Carow) Roosevelt. 
xii Theodore Roosevelt. 
Kermit Roosevelt. 
Ethel Roosevelt. 
Archie Roosevelt. 
Quentin Roosevelt. 

♦ Thi; Roosevelt Family, i Claes Marteiisztn Van Roo.seiiveU, the \- 
mericai) ancestor of the Rocsevelt family, came from Holland to New Amster- 
dam [New York] about the middle of the 17th century. His nfame appears in the 
list of members the Dutch Church in that city in 1650. He married Jannetje 
Thomas. 2 Their son Nicholas Roo.sevelt married Hilletje Jans, in 1682 3 Their 
son Johannes Roosevelt married HyUje Sjoerts. 4 Their son Jacobus I. Roose- 
velt married Annatje Bogaert. 5 Their son Jacobus [James] Roosevelt married 
Mary Van Schaick. 6 Their son Cornelius Van Schaick Roosevelt married Mar 
garet Barnliill as above stated. 


PAQK 474-. 

Fourth Generation. 475 

Children of William Lukkns and Rachel (Hughes) Potts. 

171 Harriet Provost Potts. 

172 Rachel Hughes Potts, m. Francis S. Hubley, 1S29. 

173 Thomas Isaac Potts, b. ; d. March 16, 1885; m. Mary Fran- 

ces Johnson. 

174 Charles Clay Potts, m. Mary Joy JiuAa'C'i-'ay 

175 (Hannah) Elizabeth Potts. 

176 William Francis Potts, b. March 20, 1814; d. March 7, 1891; m. 

Caroline Tryon. 

177 Robert Barnhill Potts, b. 1816; d. 1865; m. Sarah Page Grew. 

56 Hugh Henry Potts/ (^Thomas, =^ John,''* David, 0, 
son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Lukens) Potts, was born in 
1773. He married Elizabeth Hughes about 1800. [She 
was not related to Rachel Hughes, wife of Thomas Potts.] 

Children of Hugh H. and Elizabeth (Hughes) Potts. 

178 Elizabeth Hughes Potts, b. April 15, iSoi; d. ; m. Edward 

Augustus Rockhill. Son, William Potts Rockhill. 

179 Thomas Potts, b. Feb. 5, 1803. 

180 Sarah Ann Potts, b. May 5, 1805. 

iSi John Huglies Potts, b. March 28, 1807,^^ 
1S2 Willian^otts, b. May 2, 1809.^ (tx^/Ce^^ 
183 George Alexander Henry Potts, b. Sept. 22, iSii; d. April 28, 
1888; m. 1st, Cummings; m. 2d Hard. 

57 David Shoemaker,^ (Elizabeth,'^ John,'^ David, ^), 
son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Potts) Shoemaker, was born 2 
mo. 23, 1755. He married Rachel Baker. 

Children of David and Rachel (Baker) Shoemaker. 

184 David Shoemaker, m. Abigail Pierce. 

185 Caroline Shoemaker, m. Richard Plummer. Children, i Mary, 

2 Rachel. 

58 Jonathan Shoemaker,* (Elizabeth,'* John,'' David, ^) 
son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Potts) Shoemaker, was born 5 
mo. 10, 1756. He married Hannah Lukens. 


476 David Potts. 

Children of Jonathan and Hannah (Lukkns) vShoemakkr. 

1 86 Joseph Shoemaker. 

187 David Potts Shoemaker, m. Mary Sumeralt. 

1 88 Elizabeth Shoemaker, m. Arnold Boone. 

189 Charles Shoemaker, m. Rachel Comley. 

190 Isaac Shoemaker, m. Ann Seaver. 

191 George Shoemaker, m. Klizaheth Lnkens. 

59 James Potts, ^ (Samuel,-^ Daniel,"-^ David, ^), son of 
Samuel and Ann (Rush) Potts, was born June 17, 1752, at 
Germantown, Pennsylvania. He was brought up to the 
trade of a blacksmith and carried on the business, for many 
years, in Oxford Township, and at Frankford, Philadelphia 
County, where he owned property. For a year or two he 
lived near Milestown, Montgomery County, but in 1808, 
removed to West Fallowfield (now Highland) Township, 
Chester County, where he engaged in farming and peach 

He was a man of small stature, intelligent, of an active 
nervous temperament, and popular among his neighbors. 
In the War of the Revolution, he was in active service in 
the Pennsylvania Militia. He entered the army as a private, 
but on September 8, 1776, received a Commission as "Sec- 
ond Lieutenant of a Company of Foot in Col. John Moore's 
Battalion in the Flying Camp." He served in the cam- 
paign in New Jersey and around New York. On May 12, 
1777, he received a Commission as " Second Lieutenant of 
a Company of Foot in the Third Battalion of Militia of 
Philadelphia County." He kept up his interest in military 
and public affairs and subsequently received several Com- 
missions as Captain and Major.* 

He married Sarah Wessell, daughter of John'' (John,* Wes- 
sel.'^ Evert, '■^ Wessel,^) and Hannah (Wells) Wessell, f Mar. 
22, 1777. She was born November 26, 1758, and died Aug- 

* For an account of the Wessell and Wells families see "Our Family Ancestors, 
by Thomas Maxwell Potts. 1895." 
t See "A Short Biographical Sketch of Major James Potts, 1S77," 



Fourth Generation. 477 

list, 1S33. Major James Potts died July 28, 1822. The}- 
lie side by side in the graveyard of the Upper Ocflorara Pres- 
])yterian Church, one mile north of the village of Parkes- 
burg, Pa. Tombstones mark their graves. 

The following is a copy of his signature attached to a let- 
ter written from Fort Lee, N. J., Nov. 7, 1776. 

Children of James and Sarah (Wessell) Potts. 
192 Rachel Potts, b. Jan. 24, 1778; d. Jan. 20, 1861; m. Eneas Hu^hs 
•93' '94) 195 Triplet sons. b. Sept. 14, 1779; d. y. 

196 Hannah Potts, b. Nov. 15, 17S0; d. August 24, 1789. 

197 James Wessell Potts, b. Sep. 16, 17S2; d. Dec. 31. 1S59; m. Mar- 

garet Stroud. 

198 Ann Potts, b. Feb. 24, 1786; d. 0<St. 30, 1867; m. The. Mclntire. 

199 Eliza Potts, b. Sept. 30, 1787; b. Dec. 25, 1856; unm. 

2(K) vSamuel Potts, b. June 26, 1790; d. Sept. 15, 1823; m. Margaret 

201 Hannah Potts, 2d, b. Nov. 28, 1792; d. .\ugust 25, 1875; m. Isaac 

D. Tarrance. 

202 Sarah Potts, b. Ocl. 28, 1795; d. Jan. 31, 1846; m. Jos. Tarrance. 

203 Thomas Jefferson Potts, b. December 14, 1798; d. 061. 26, 1877; 

m. Margaret Carter. 

60 Jesse Potts/ (Samuel,'^ Daniel, "-^ David, ^), son of 
Samuel and Sarah (Fritz) Potts, was born, 1774. He was 
a tailor by trade and established himself in Albany, New- 
York. He married Elizabeth Dunns in 1796, a young lady 
of Scotch descent. He died Dec. 21, 181 1. The widow 
was left with several small children and very limited means 
of support, but through thrift and energy she supported 
her family and brought them up in re.spe<5lability. She 
died in 1852. 

478 DA\aD Potts, 

Children of Jesse and Elizabeth (Dunns) Potts. 

204 Sarah Potts^ b. 1799; d. 1S22; m. Vincent Benham. 

205 Nancy Potts^ b. iSoi; d. Dec. 31, 1SS4; m. Robert Hewson. 

206 Jane Potts, b. 1S03; d. Dec. 30, 18S4; m. William Lawrence. 

207 Samuel Potts, b. 1S06; d. 1816. Run over by a sleigh and killed, 
20S John D. Pottsy b. Jan 30, 1809: d. Feb. 12, 1875; m. Reb. Shaw.. 

209 Jesse C. Potts, b. Sept, i, 1811; d. Feb'y 2, 189,1, m. Eunice U. 


61 Sarah Potts,* (Samuel,^ Daniel,* Da vid,^), daughter 
Samuel and Sarah (Fritz) Potts, was born in Philadelphia 
County. She married Terril Williams. They resided in 
Philadelphia County, near Frankford, where Williams car- 
ried on a brewery. Both died before 1822, leaving several 
children who were taken in charge by the lather's people. 
The name of only one child has been given. 

Children of Terril and Sar.a.h (Potts) Williams. 

210 Mary Ann Williams. 

62 Charles Potts/ (Samuel,* Daniel,- David,*), son of 
Samuel and Sarah (Fritz) Potts, was born, perhaps about 
1778, in Philadelphia County. He learned the trade of a 
chairmaker. He married Susan Wood, daughter of John, 
deceased, and Mary (Branson) Wood, 4 mo. 25, 1806, by 
Friends ceremony. The Marriage Certificate and Family 
Bible were in the possession of Mrs. Joseph W. Reeves, of 
Woodbury, N. J., in 1889. Charles Potts lived on what is 
now known as the " Nancy We.scott Farm," about a mile 
and a half from Woodbury, toward Redbank. He died Sep. 
I, 1812. From the Inventory of his personal effedls, on 
file at Trenton, he would appear to have been quite well 
to do. There were no children. Susan Potts, his widow, 
subsequently married John Scott, Jr., Nov. 24, 181 4. She 
was born i mo. 20, 1780, and died Oct. 23, 1846. 

63 William Emley Potts/ (Daniel,'^ Daniel,- David,'), 
son of Daniel and Rebecca (Kniley) Potts, was born, 1769. 

Hannah Etlizabeth 3?otts. 

PAGE 4T5. 

Fourth Generation. 479 

In 1783, his mother sent him to Abington, Pennsylvania, to 
learn the trade of a blacksmith and scythe-maker. He was 
for several 3-ears employed in the shops of John Fitch, in 
Philadelphia, and assisted him in the building of the first 
steam engine construdled in America. He afterward re- 
turned to Hunterdon Countj', New Jersej^ where he mar- 
ried Susanna Dawes, daughter of John and Alice Dawes, 10 
mo. 20, 1803. He died Feb. 26, 1836, and Susanna his 
widow, March i, 1854. Both are buried in the Friends 
^^raveyard at Quakertown, New Jersey, 

Children of William Emley and Susanna (Dawes) Potts, 

211 Charles D, Potts, b. Dec. 22, 1810^ d, Aug. 4, 1872; m, Mary A, 


212 Lucinda Potts, b. 0<5l, 12, iSr2; d, ; unm. 

213 Joseph Potts, b. Mar. 18, 1815; d. ; m. Catharine Manning. 

214 Daniel E. Potts, b. Nov. 11, 1817; d. ; m. ist, Aletta Rock- 

afellow; m. 2d, Elizabeth Wagoner. 

86 Elizabeth Cleaver/ (Peter,=* Elizabeth,'^ David, ^j, 
daughter of Peter and Miriam (Frazer) Cleaver, was born 
4 mo. I, 1757, and died 2 mo. 11, 1841. She married Josh- 
ua Vale, son of Robert and Sarah (Buller) Vale, of War- 
rington Township, York Count}', Pa., 4 mo, 25, 1782. He 
w-as born 2 mo. 18, 1757. They were Friends. 

Children of Joshua and Elizabeth (Cleaver) Vale. 

215 Mary Vale, b. 4 mo. 28, 17S3; d. 5 mo. 21, 1783. 

216 Nathan Vale, b. 7 mo. 22, 17S4; d. 

217 Mary Vale, b. 12 mo. 5, 1787; d. 4 mo. 18, 1827; m. Asahel 

218 Peter Vale, b. 7 mo. 17, 1790; d. [Walker, 

219 A child, b. 12 mo. 11, 1792; died same daj'. 

220 Elizabeth Vale, b. 3, 5, 1794; d. 2, 13, 1862, m. Joel Garretson, 

221 Joshua Vale, b. 12 mo. 27, 1796. 

222 Sarah Vale, b. 9 mo. 25, 1799. 

87 Peter Cleaver/ (Peter," Elizabeth,'* David, i), son 
of Peter and Miriam (Frazer) Cleaver, was born, 10 mo. 16, 
1758, in York County, Pa. He married Hanes, con- 

480 David Potts. 

trary to Friends usage and was disowned by the Meeting- in 

Children of Peter and (Hanks) Clkavkr. 

223 John Cleaver. He married an had children, i John 2 Abscilom, 

3 Peter, 4 Daniel, and others. 

224 Peter Cleaver. 

88 John Cleaver,* (Peter,=^ Elizabeth,"'^ David. M, son of 
Peter and Miriam (Frazer) Cleaver, was born 6 mo. 21, 
1760, in York County, Pennsylvania. He married Susanna 
Everett, daughter of Isaac and Martha (Griest) Everett, 
about II mo., 1784. She was born 3 mo. 10, 1763. Resi- 
dence, Washington Township, York County. John Cleav- 
er died 5 mo. 3, 1823, and Susanna 7 mo. 11, 1823. They 
lie buried in the graveyard of Warrington Meeting Hous^. 

They were Friends and aclive in meeting affairs. John 
Cleaver was long the Recorder of marriages, births and 
deaths for Warrington Monthly Meeting. In 1793 he was 
appointed one of the Trustees for the Meeting land. In 
1798 he was appointed Elder for Warrington Meeting, and 
in 1799 Overseer. Susanna Cleaver brought a Certificate 
from Menallen Meeting in 1784. In 1786 she was appoint- 
ed Clerk of the Women's Meeting, and filled the position 
for many years. In 181 2 she was appointed Overseer. 

Chii.dren of John and Susanna (Everett) Cleaver. 

225 Mary Cleaver, b. 8 mo. 26, 1785; d. 1861; m. Amos Griffith. 

226 Isaac Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 23. 1787; d. 1866; m. ist, Elizabeth Gar- 

retson; 2d, Susanna Shaw. 

227 Martha Cleaver, b. 4, 24, 1789; d. 5, 23, 1865; m. Robert Vaie. 

228 Hannah Cleaver, b. 6 mo. 20, 1791; d. 1874; m. 1st, Isaac Ken- 

worthy; m. 2d, Sheshbazzar Bentley. 

229 John Cleaver, b. 3 mo. 9, 1793; d. June 23, 1864; m. Ann Vale, 

230 Susanna Cleaver, b. 11 mo. 27, 1795; d. ; m. Tho. Garretson. 

231 Peter Cleaver, b. 5 mo. 4, 1798; d. 4, 23, 1885; m. Jane Taylor. 

232 Nathan Cleaver, b. 10 mo. 10, iSoi; d. June 25, 1887; m. ist Sa- 

rah Linton, m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth Leonard, nee Clark. 

Fourth Generation. 481 

94 Jonathan Cleaver/ (Xathan,^ Elizabeth,'' David,' j, 
son of Nathan and Ruth < Roberts; Cleaver, was l>orn 3 mo. 
2^>. i775> 3"d died 3 mo. i, 1832. He married Ann Jones, 
the daughter of Isaac and Gainor (Ambler) Jones, 4 mo. 
10, 1804. Residence, Montgomery Count}', Penna. 

Childrkx of Jon.\th.\x .A.NI) Ann (Jones) Ci.kaver. 

233 Pvlias Cleaver, in. Anne AciifF. 

95 Nathan Cleaver,* (Nathan,'^ Hlizabeth,- David,';, 
son of Nathan and Ruth (Roberts) Cleaver, was born 4 mo. 
26, 1778. and died 4 mo. 18, 1867. He married Martha 
Shoemaker, 2 mo. 12, 1808. Residence, Montgomery 
County, Pennsylvania. 

Children of N.\th.\n .\nd Marth.\ (Shoemaker) Cleaver. 

234 David Cleaver, ni. Hannah Holt. 

235 Jesse Cleaver. 236 Rebecca Cleaver. 

96 Salathiel Cleaver/ (Nathan/' Elizabeth,'^ David,'), 
son of Nathan and Ruth (Roberts) Cleaver, was born S mo. 
10, 1780, and died 9 mo. 22, 1857. He married Mary Shoe- 
maker, II mo. 18, 180S. Residence, Montgomery County. 

Children of Salathiel and Mary (Shoemaker) Cleaver. 
237 Josiah Cleaver, ni. Martha Lukens, 1844. 
23S Lydia Cleavor. 241 Silas Cleaver. 

239 Nathan Cleaver. 242 John Cleaver. 

240 Daniel Cleaver. 

97 Jonathan Potts/ (David, ^ Ezekiel,'-' David,') son of 
David and Alice (Schull) Potts, was born Nov. 4, 1759, and 
died August, 1819. He settled in Bedford County, Pa., and 
married Deborah Wright. The minutes of Menallen 
Monthly Meeting has the following record thereof. 

Jonathan Potts, son of David & Alice, of the town and county of 
Bedford, and Deborah Wright, daughter of John and Elizabeth 
Wright, of Monalen township, York County, were married 5 month 
12. 1790, at Monalen Meeting. 

482 David Potts. 

She was born June 23, 176S, and died February 10, 1851. 
Both are buried in the graveyard of the Dunnings Creek 
Friends Meeting. The old homestead built by Jonathan 
Potts was still standing a few years ago, It is about three 
miles from the town of Bedford. 

Chii:,dren of Jonathan and Deborah (Wright) Potts. 

243 Joseph Potts, b. Feb. 27, 1791; d. April 2S, 1870. 

244 John W. Potts, b. Sep. 21, 1793; d. 1S79; m. Elizabeth Coyle. 

245 Elizabeth Potts, b. Apr. 2, 1796, d. June 5, 1S71; m. Geo. Fore. 

246 Sarah Potts, b. Sep. 23. 1798; d. 18S0; m. Joseph Strain. 

247 Mar}' Potts, b. Nov. 10, 1802; d. Mar. 3, 1S50; m. John Belch. 

248 Alice Potts, b. July 20, 1806; d. June 1S28; m. Jonah Blackburn 

103 Elizabeth Potts,^ (William,'^ Ezekiel."' David,'), 
daughter of William and Hannah (Eddy) Potts, was born 
July 29, 1757, and died March 23, 1843. She married Enos 
Jones, .son of Robert Jones, Sept. 2, 1779. They lived at 
different places, some of their children being born in Mary- 

Children ok Enos .-vnd Elizabeth (Potts) Jones. 

249 Hannah Jones, b. June 28, 17S0. 

250 Rebecca Jones, b. March 28, 1782; d. August 22, 1784. 

251 Thomas Jones, b. August 14, 1784; d. Odlober 29, 1S53. 

252 William Jones, b. September 30, 1786. 

253 Rachel Jones, b. Sept. 5, 1789; d. July 21, 1813. 

254 Mary Jones, b. July 19, 1791; d. Nov. 21, 1877; m. Benjamin 

255 Isaac Jones, b. Januarj' 17, 1794. [Havard. 

256 James Jones, b. 0(5lober 28, 1796. 

257 Joseph Jones, b. September 30, 1797. 

258 Zebulon Jones, b. June 5, i8cx); d. 0(5l. 23, 1S21. 

106 Mary Potts/ (William,'^ Ezekiel,'-^ David,'), daugh- 
ter of William and Hannah (Eddy) Potts, was born May 
23, 1764, and died 3 mo. 7, 1855, aged 91 years. She 

married Thomas Rowland. He was born , and died 

1837. He was a miller b)^ trade and owned and occupied a 
farm near Phoenixville. It does not appear that there were 
any children. 

Fourth G?:xKkATiox. 483 

111 William Potts,* f William,^ H/.ekiel,^ David,'), son 
of William and Hannah CEddy) Potts, was born March 3, 
1784, and died July 25, 1838. He married vSusanna M. 
Pratt, daughter of Thomas* (Joseph,'^ Joseph,^ Abraham,'; 
and Hannah (Massey) Pratt, late of Marple Township, 
Delaware County, Pa. Susanna died 4 mo. 15, 1858. 

Chii.dkhn ok William axi; Susanna ( Pratt j Potts. 

259 Martha M. Potts, b. Ocl. 25, 1S13; in. ist, Owen M. Kvans; m. 

2d, Yeager; m. 3d, Thomas Harvey. 

26fj Thomas Pratt Potts, b. Nov. 25, 1816; d. March 28, 1879; "i- 'st, 
Isabella Reinhardt: m. 2d, Abbie M. Butcher. 

261 Kzekiel Potts, b. P'eb. 18, 1S19; d. April 5, 18S2; m. Joanna Shel- 

262 Hannah Potts, b. Feb. 6, 1823; d. Feb. i, 1845; unm. [drake. 

112 George Potts,* (Joseph,^ P^zekiel,^ David,' j, son of 
Captain Joseph and Sarah (Dil worth) Potts, was born May 
I, 1 77 1, and died July 26, 1843. After the death of his 
father he was placed with a family named Rowland, (prob- 
ably Thomas Rowland, his uncle,) where he remained until 
he was grown up. He learned the trade of a millwright. 
He married Sarah Evans, daughter of Joshua Evans of Wil- 
listown Township, Chester County, Nov. 26, 1798. She 
was born July 4, 1773, and died Dec. 11, 1857. In 1797, 
George Potts and John Simonton purchased a mill in Lower 
Dublin Township, Philadelphia County. George Potts was 
then described as millwright, of Tredyffrin Township, Ches- 
ter County. They sold this property in 1 800. . George is 
then described as millwright, of the Borough of Frankford. 

Chili^rkn ok George and Sarah (Evansj Potts. 

263 Joseph Potts, b. Oct. 14, 1799: d. Ocl. 13, iSoo. 

264 Joel Potts, b. Oct. 24, iSoi; d. August iS, 1877. 

265 William Potts, b. Dec. 16, 1804. 

266 Mary Potts, b. Ocl. 26, 1S07; d. July iS, 1876; George Wells. 

267 Joshua Potts, b. March 27, 1810; d. Nov. 11. 1880. 

268 Hannah Potts, b. July 4, 1812; d. Aug. 4, 1818. 

269 Randal Potts, b. Feb. 23, 1S15. 

270 Dihvorth Potts, b. July 17, 1S17. 

484 David Potts. 

113 Margaret Currie/ (Hannah,^ Ezekiel,'-' David,') 
daughter of Richard and Hannah (Potts) Currie, was born 
Mar. 13, 1772, and died May 5, 1858. She married Thom- 
as Walker, son of Joseph'* (Isaac,''' Lewis,') and Sarah 
(Thomas) Walker, 4 mo. 2, 1789. He was born 12 mo. 19, 
1757, and died 3 mo. 17, 1839. [For a further account of 
her descendants see Z.rtt7.y Walker of Chester Valley and his 
Deseendants, by Priscilla Walker Streets, 18^6. '\ 

ChiIvDrkn of Thomas and Margaret (Currie) Walker. 

271 Joseph Burden Walker, b. Jan. i, 1790; d. May i, 1790. 

272 Sarah Walker, b. March 14, 1791; d. 1875; m. Benjamin Moore. 

273 Richard Currie Walker, b. Jan. 30, 1793; d. 1870; m. ist, Sarali 

Cleaver; m. 2d, R. Ann Jones; m. 3d S. Ann Jones. 

274 William Walker, b. Feb. 8, 1795; d. 1873; m. S. Pennypacker, 

275 Hannah Walker, b. June 15, 1797; d. 1881; m. Stephen Stephens. 

276 Joseph Burden Walker, b. Sept. 11, 1799; d. 1879; m. Hannah 


277 Ann Walker, b. March 25, 1802; d. 1879; m. John Richards. 

278 Isaac Walker, b. Aug. 14, 1804; d. 1887; m. Elizabeth Beidler. 

279 Jane Walker, b. April 28, 1807; d. 187 1; m. Jos. Pennypacker. 

280 Zillah Walker; b. Nov. 12, 1S09; d. 1891; m. Evans Kendall. 

281 Mary Walker, b. May 5, 181 2; d. 1883; m. Benjamin Rowland. 

116 Anna Potts,'* (Stephen,'^ Nathan,- David,'), daugh- 
ter of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts, was born Aug. 16, 
1769, and died 11 mo. 5, 1841. She married Samuel Nor- 
man. He was born 9 mo. 28, 1769, and died 11 mo. 1848. 

Children of S.\muei, and Anna (Potts) Norm.a.n. 

282 David Norman, b. 12 mo. 3, 1797; d. unm. 

283 Ezekiel Norman, b. 7 mo. 28, 1799; m. Hester Kirk. 

284 Jane Norman, b. 11, mo. 26, iSoo; m. Daniel Altemus. 
* 285 Esther Norman, b. 8 mo. 7, 1802; m. Charles O'Neil. 

286 Mary Norman, b. 3 mo. 4, 1805; d. unm. 

287 Alice Norman, b. 2 mo. 14, 1807; d. inim. 

288 Ann Norman, b. 9 mo. 20, 1808; d. unm. 

2S9 Stephen P. Norman, b. 2 mo. 26, 1811; m. Lydia Ottic. 

117 Esther Potts/ (Stephen,'* Nathan,"'' David, i), dau. 
of Stephen and Jane (Tores) Potts, vras born Nov. 30, 1770. 
She married Jonf.l' Pug!, uf ?r .rr;.-i(jv\n. 

Fourth Generation. 485 

Children of Jonathan and Esther (Potts) Pugh. 

290 Eli Pugh, m. 1st, Mary Dickinson; ni. 2(1, Mary Shoemaker. 

291 Jane Pugh, d. unni. 

292 Rachel Pugh, <\. unm. 

293 Abigail Pugh, m. David Eh'. 

294 Alice Pugh, m. James Hendon. 

295 Lydia Pugh, d. unm. 

296 Hannah Pugh, m. Ellis Cleaver. 

297 Job Pugh, d. unm. 
29S Jesse Pugh, d. unm. 

299 Jonathan Pugh, b. Jan. 28, 1S09; m. Alice P. Smith, (2^). 

300 Stephen Pugh, m. Ann Brant^ 

301 Levi Pugh, m. Jane Buchanan. 

302 Louis Pugh. 

118 Nathan Potts/ (Stephen,=^ Nathan,*-* David. i), son 
of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts was born Feb. 16, 1773, 
and died 12 mo, 21, 1835. He married Ann Rankin, daugh- 
ter of William and Jane (Rhoads) Rankin, 0(51. 26, 1799. 
She was born 8 m. 3, 1779, and died 3 mo. 12, 1856, Af- 
ter marriage the}- settled in York County, Pa., and became 
connected with Warrington Friends Meeting. 

Children of Nathan and Ann (Rankin) Potts. 

303 Harriet Potts, b. 7, 4, 1800; d. 9, 30, 1S21; m. John Wambaugh. 

304 John Potts, b. 8 mo. 4, 1801; d. 1801. 

305 .\bigail Potts, b. 9, 16, 1802; d. 7, 8, 1831; m. James Griggs. 

306 Joseph Potts, b. 3, 7, 1804; d. i, 26, 1888; m. Eliza Blymj-er. 

307 Stephen Potts, b. 12, 20, 1805; d. 10, 7, 1821. 

30S William Potts, b. 2, 16, 1807; d. 6, 20, 1870; m, Lanah Kunkle. 

309 George Potts, b. 4, 3, 1S08; d. 8. 7, 1845; m. Mary Watts. 

310 Jane Potts, b. 12, 25, 1809; d. i, 5, 1886; m. Jacob Powell. 

311 Anna Potts, b. 9, 19, 1811; d. 9, 30, 1813. 

312 Rankin Potts, b. 3, 22, 1S13; d. 12, 5, 1819. 

313 Lsaiah Potts, b. i, i, 1S15; d. 4, 25, 1815. 

119 Alice Potts,* (Stephen,^ Nathan,'-' David, ^), daugh- 
ter of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts, was born May 17, 
1775. She married Morris Jones. Residence, Philadelphia. 

486 David Potts. 

Children ok ;Morris and Ai.icic (Potts) Jonks. 

314 William Jones, in. Sarah Ansby. 

315 Georj^e Jones, m. ist, Joan Stager; in. 2d, Anna Gilbert. 

316 Martha Jones. 317 Mary Jones. 31S Jane Jones. 

121 Martha Potts/ (Stephen,'' Nathan,'^ David,') dan, 
of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts, was born Dec. 13, 177S. 
She married John Rankin, son of William and Jane (Rhoads) 
Rankin. He was born 5 mo. 10, 1774. They removed fir.'-t 
to York County and later to Illinois 

Children of John .\nd M.\rth.\ ( Potts) R.\nkin. 

319 James Rankin, m. Abigail Dilworth. 

320 Abigail Rankin, ni. Joseph Beans. 

321 Jane Rankin. 323 William Rankin. 

322 Stephen Rankin. 324 Rose Rankin. 

122 Isaiah Potts/ (Stephen,"^ Nathan,- David, 'j, son 
of Stephen and Jane (Jones) Potts, was born Apr. 7, 1780. 
and died 6 mo. 22, 1858. He married IMary P'aton, about 
1812 and was disciplined for marry in.^ contrary to Friends 
usage. Mary was born Ocft. 15, 17S1, and died 3 mo. 26. 
1856. They are buried in the graveyard of the \'alley 
Friends Meeting iti Chester Cotmty. 

Children of Is.^i.\h and Mary (E.a.ton) Potts. 

325 Ke/.ia Potts, m. Trimble. 

326 Jane Potts, m. Poller. 

327 Martha Potts, b. 8 m. 30, 1S27. 

328 Mary Ann Potts. 329 William Potts. 

128 George Morgan Potts, '(Nathan,^ Nathan, -David') 
son of Nathan and Priscilla (Morgan) Potts, was born 5 mo. 
20, 1771, and died 1855. He married Elizabeth Kane. 
They resided at Norristown. Mr. Potts was a Conveyan- 
cer, and held the offices of Recorder of Deeds, Regi.ster of 
Wills, etc. His children inherited a tendency to pulmonary 
diseases from the maternal side of the house and no descend- 
ants now survive. 



Nathan Khoads 1'otts, T^'-sq, 

Fourth Generation. 4S7 

Children of Gi-orge M. and Elizabeth (Kane) Potts. 

330 Ferdinand Potts, m. Sarah Saj-lor. 333 Clementine Potts. 

331 Henrietta Potts, m. Ransom. 334 Eleanora Potts. 

332 Benedict D. Potts, m. Elizabeth IVI. 335 Mary Ann Potts. 

129 Nathan Rhoads Potts,^ (Nathan,'* Nathan*- Da- 
vid.'), son of Natlian and Priscilla (Morgan) Potts, was 
born Jtily 7, 1783, and died Novem. 24, 1S61. He married 
Marj- Ann Cole, daughter of John and Ann (Shipley) Cole, 
Feb, 28, 1810. vShe was born 11 mo. 8, 1792, and died i 
mo. 8, 1879. Natlian R. Potts, was an attorney at law, 
having been admitted to praclice April 6, 1805. The fol- 
lowing sketch of his life was written for this work by his 
son, Howard N. Potts, Esq., of Philadelphia. 

Nathan Rho.vds Potts -was born near HickorN-town, Montgomery 
County Penns3'lvania. He received such education as the country 
schools of the time afforded, and joining to this an earnest self-educa- 
ting ambition and will, fitted himself for entering the office of Judge 
Chapman as a law student, and was in due course admitted to praclice 
in the counties of Montgomery and Bucks. He filled for a time the 
office of District Attorney, and afterwards removed to Philadelphia, 
where he received the appointment of Clerk of the Orphans' Court, 
and condutfted its imporant business with a method that was much 
commended by bench and bar. After filling this office for several 
years, he resumed the praclice of his profession, which naturall}- fell 
largely into the line of the Orphans' Court business, through the ex- 
perience and facilit\- which his official duties had given him in the set- 
tlement of the estates of decedents and all matters relating thereto. 
Tender Judge Chapman's tuition, and as the result of persistent labor- 
ious study, he acquired a very thorough knowledge of land law, 
which aided by a clear head, a sound judgment, and a certain natural 
aptness in tracing up mooted points to their fundamental principles, 
caused his written and oral opinions on questions of title to be much 
relied on, as were also his opinions relating to the interpretation of 

In his early politics he was a Federalist of the Washington school, 
and through the nominal changes of that grand party down to that of 
Republican of the present day, never faltered from his allegience. 

F'or twenty years or more, he resided on Arch Street, aud during 
that period frequently represented his Ward in Common or Selecl 

488 David Potts. 

Council. He was also at that time a prominent antl active member of 
the IVIasonic fraternity, and filled one or more high offices in the Roy- 
al Arch. Four of his sons in later years became members of the Order. 
When certain of the prominent Mas^jns of Pennsylvania v^-ere sum- 
moned to Ilarrisburg in the year 1S36, he was one of the summoned, 
but taking advantage of a technical defect — the omis.sion of the middle 
letter of his name — disobeyed the summons. The whole procee<ling 
being a fiasco, nothing ever came of it. He was one of the oldest 
members of the Welsh Society, and its solicitor up to the time of his 

If asked to name his most prominent characteristic, it would be that 
of liberality and large-hearted ness, ever ready to give his professional 
services to those whose narrow circumstances forbade the possibility 
of adequate compensation, or indeed any compensation at all. He 
was one of the very few lawyers who lived up to the old fashioned 
ethics of the profession, that a fee was " quidam honorarium," and 
not a price or wage to be demanded of a client for so much service 
rendered. Carrying out with somewhat exagerated loyalty this anti- 
quated rule of professional ethics, he never kept any book accounts 
with his clients, unless possibly of costs that he had paid out of his 
own pocket ; but the costs not seldom followed the fate of his unre- 
munerated services, as might be expected. If he thought a cause un- 
just he would have none of it. And whenever it seemed possible by 
an appeal to the common sence, conscience and spirit of fairness of 
opposing parties to bring them to an amicable settlement of their dis- 
pute, that appeal he was sure to make ; and in the event of its .success 
felt more gratification than if he had been successful in a suit at law. 

In a discourse delivered by Elizabeth Newport, in Green Street 
Friends Meeting after his death, she took occasion to apply to him 
with much feeling the words of Job — 

When the ear heard me, then it blessed me ; and when the eye saw me. it ijave 
witness to me : 

Because I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had 
none to help him. 

The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me : and I caused the 
widow's heart to sing for joy. 

No collection of words could more truly have portrayed the man. 

This sketch will, perhaps, be incomplete without some brief men- 
tion of a few personal peculiarities, which cast a side-light upon his 
charaifter. He was nearly si.x feet tall and of fine presence. In his 
young manhood he had conformed to the custom of the time of wear- 
ing his hair tied in a cue, and, as a sort of mild protest against the 
frivolous and arbitrary changes of fashion, continued so to wear it to 
the day of his death, being the last of our city worthies, I believe, who 

Fourth Generation. 489 

retained that antique appendage. Linen was, in his young days, the 
usual material for underwear, and linen only would he wear as long as 
he lived ; the collar being an integral part of the shirt, (false collars 
were shams, and shams were his abomination), cambric ruffles, white 
neck cloth, and sleeves without buttons, — all cut according to one 
primitive and invariable pattern — that of his early days. 

Born in the country and simple as a child in his tastes, he retained 
a love for it to the last, and was never happier than when Court term 
at Norristown afforded him the opportunity of release from the thral- 
dom of the City. And so as he had lived he passed away, unchanged 
amid the changing fashions of the time, loved, honored and trusted 
for the enduring qualities, of which his quaint steadfastness in minor 
matters was but the type. H. N. P. 

Chii,dren of Nathan Rhoads and Mary Ann (Cole) Potts. 

336 Charles Theodore Potts, b. February 24, 181 1; d. 0(5l. 9, 1839; m. 

Henrietta M. Badger. 

337 Percival Morgan Potts, b. March 4, 1S13; m. ist, Elizabeth G. 

Chapline; m. 2d, Louisa Cauffman. 

338 Cornilia Potts, b. March 30, 1815; d. July 12, 1852. 

339 Elenora Potts, b. vSep. 3, 1817; d. Aug. 18, 1848; m. Augustus B. 


340 Howard Newcomb Potts, b. 0(fl. 4, 18 19; m. Mary A. Sommer. 

341 Alfred Bonsai Potts, b. March 3, 1822; d. April i, 1824. 

342 Caroline Augusta Potts, b. June 6, 1824; d. January 4, 1825. 

343 Caroline Augusta Potts, b. Nov. 2, 1825: m. Charles G. Sower. 

344 Anna Shipley Pott.s, b. Sep. 17, 1827; d. Jan 7, 1831. 

345 Reginald Pleber Potts, b. Aug. 23, 1829; d. July 25, 1879; m. 

346 Anna Keleher Potts, b. 061. 6, 1831; m. William S. Whitney. 

347 Imogene Bonsai Potts, b. May 14, 1834; m. Ambrose E. Witmer. 

348 Francis Cresson Potts, b. May 2, 1836; d. July 24, 1882; m Em- 

ma Bilger. 

130 Stacy Kirkbride Potts,* (Nathan,'* Nathan,'^ Da- 
vid,^), son of Nathan and Priscilla (Morgan) Potts, was 
born 3 mo. 23, 1786, in Montgomery County, Pa., and died 
7 mo. 16, 18 1 6. He married Susan Lehman, daughter of 
William and Eliza Lehman, 7 mo. 16, 181 1. She was born 
3 mo. 6, 1787, and died 5 mo. 29, 1827. He was a dry- 
goods merchant in Philadelphia 

490 David Potts. 

ChiIvDren of Stacv K. and Susan (Lehman) Potts. 

349 Serena M. Potts. 

350 Emily Potts. 

351 Priscilla Potts, in. Charles Sheafer. 

131 Benedi(ft Dorsey Potts,* (Nathan,^ Nathan,'' Da- 
vid,^), son of Nathan and Priscilla (Morgan) Potts, was 
born II mo. 25, 1790, and died 5 mo. i, 181 8. He gradu- 
ated in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 18 13, 
and was a \"Oung man of fine promise, but sapped his con- 
stitution by over application to study. 

132 Esther Thomas,* ( Alice, ^ Nathan, '■' David, ^), 
daughter of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married 
Jonathan Colley, son of Alexander^ (Thomas^) and Abigail 

Child of Jonathan and Esther (Thomas) Collev. 

352 Alice Colley; m. John Keesey. 

134 Mary Thomas,* (Alice, ^ Nathan, ^ David, ^) daugh- 
ter of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married Jacob 

Children of J.\cob and Mary (Thomas) Moore. 

353 Ann Thomas Moore, b. i mo. 23, iSoi; m. Jacob Childs. 

354 Elizabeth T. Moore, m. Abram Kane. 

355 Lewis Potts Moore. 

356 Alexander Moore, m. Harriet Dietz. 

357 Jacob T. Moore, m. Sarah Ramsay. 

135 Priscilla Thomas,* Alice, ^ Nathan, ■' David, ^), 
daughter of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married 
Joseph Peterman. 

Children of Joseph and Priscilla (Thomas) Peterman. 

358 Ann Maria Peterman, d. unm. 

359 Jacob Peterman, m. Mary Engard. 

360 Ann Peterman, m. Alexander Ramsay. 

361 Benjamin F. Peterman, m. Mary Murray. 

362 Esther Peterman, m. Clayton Luktns. 

Fourth Generation. 491 

363 Maria T. Peterman, m. John White. 

364 Alice P. Peterman, m. William H. Everman. 

365 Hannah Peterman, d. unm. 

366 Joseph Peterman, m. Eliza Roberts. 

137 Hannah Thomas,* (Alice, ^ Nathan,'^ David, ^), 
daughter of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married, 
first, Job Hallowell, and second, William Rogers. 

Children of Job and Hannah (Thomas) Hallowell. 

367 Job Hallowell, m. Hannah Robinson. 

368 Mar}- R. Hallowell, b. i mo. 27, 1S03; d. 9 mo. 20, 18S3; m. 

William Tyson. 

Children of William and H.a.nnah (Thomas) Rogers. 

369 Charles Rogers, m. Geiger. 

138 Martha Thomas,* ( Alice, -^ Nathan.-' David, ^), 
daughter of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married 
Henry Smith. 

Children of Henry and Martha (Thomas) Smith. 

370 Zebulon T. Smith, d. y. 

371 Alice P. Smith, m. Jonathan Pugh. (299) 

372 Zebulon T. Smith, m. Hannah Houston. 

373 James Smith, m. Esther Brooks, 

374 William J. Smith, m. Sarah Sheetz. 

375 Jane Roberts Smith, m. Edmund Evans. 

376 George Smith, d. y. 

377 Ann Smith, d. unm. 

378 Christopher H. Smith, m. Mar\' W. Freas. 

379 Job Hallowell Smith, m. ist, Margaret Hinkle, 2d, MaryV. Dark. 

380 Henrj- Smith, m. Margaret Sheetz. 

139 Zebulon Thomas,* (Alice,'' Nathan, ^ David, ^) son 
of Griffith and Alice (Potts) Thomas, married Mercy Bald- 
win, daughter of Samuel* (Joshua,^ John,^ John,^) and Ma- 
ry (Buchanan) Baldwin. 

Children of Zebulon and Mercy ( Baldwin ) Thomas. 

381 Mar\- B. Thomas, d. unm. 

382 Lydia Thomas, m. Isaac W. Vanl^ar. 

492 David Potts. 

383 Phebe W. Thomas, d. unm. 

384 Samuel B. Thomas, m. Hannah G. Flower. 

385 Jane Thomas. 
3S6 Isaac Thomas. 

387 Priscilla Thomas. 

Note. Mary B., Phebe W., Jane and Priscilla Thomas established 
a Boording School for girls at Dovvningtown, Pa., in 1839, which they 
successfully conducfled for a quarter of a century or longer. 

140 Ann Potts/ (Zebulon,'^ Nathan,"^ David, ^), daugh- 
ter of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 7 mo. 
30, 1772, and died 6 mo. 21, 1863. She married Joseph 
Thomas, son of Jonathan and Alice Thomas. Odl. 9, i8<Do. 

Children of Joseph and .\nn (Potts) Thomas. 

388 Jarrett Thomas, b, 9 mo, 4, 1801; m. Catharine Schimmerhorn. 

389 Barclay Thomas, b. 7 mo. 7, 1S03; d. 2 mo. 15, 1832. 

390 Martha Thomas, b. 8 mo. 12, 1805. 

391 William Thomas, b. 7 mo. 22, 1S07; d. 12 mo. 28, 1843; "^- ^"- 

san Farringer. 

392 Jonathan Thomas, b. 10 mo. 4, 1809; m. Hannah Roberts. 

393 Joseph Thomas, b. 12 mo. 3, iSii; d. 11 mo. 16, 1813. 

394 Joseph Thomas, b. 8 mo. 31, 1S14; d. 12 mo. 10, 1846. 

141 Joseph Potts,"* (Zebtilon,'' Nathan,"^ David,'), son 
of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 8 mo. 10, 
1774, and died 5 mo. 5, 1851. He married, first, Sarah 
Hughes, and second, Susan . 

Children of Joseph and Sarah (Hughes) Potts. 

395 Hannah Potts, b. 10 m. 5, 1801; m. William Stroud. 

396 Martha Potts, b. i mo. 15, 1804; m. Thornton. 

397 Samuel Potts, b. 3 mo. 19, 1S07; m. Jane Young. 

144 Alice Potts/ (Zebulon,^ Nathan,'^ David,'), daugh- 
ter of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 10 mo. 
27, 17S0, and died 10 mo. 28, 1838. She married John Hal- 
lowell, eldest son of William and Mary (Roberts) Hallow- 
ell, 10 mo. 8, 1 801. He was I<urn 3 1110. 20, 1778. 


Fourth Generation. 493 

Children of John and Alice (Potts) Halloweix. 

39S Zebulon Hallowell, b. lo mo. S, 1803; d. 10 mo. 17, 1826. 

399 William Hallowtll, b. S mo. 7, 1805; d. 10 mo. 6, 1831; m. Deb- 
orah Worrell. 

4(X) Susanna E. Hallovvell, b. 10 mo. 27, 1806; d. 10 mo. 25, 1884; m. 
Joshua Hallowell. 

401 Martha P. Hallowell, b. 12 mo. 23, 1808; d. 11 mo. i, 1S62; unni. 

402 Mary Hallowell, b. 2 m. 22, 18 10; m. Daniel Scofield. 

403 Daniel Hallowell, b. 3 mo. 4, i8f2; m. ist, Jane lyewis; m. 2nd, 

Rachel Cook. 

404 Nathan P. Hallowell, b. 7 mo. 2, 1814; m. Sarah Jones. 

405 Ann Hallowell, b. 7 mo. 27, 1815; d. 1817. 

406 Sarah Hallowell, b. 10 mo. 23, 1S17. 

407 John Hallowell, b. i mo. 27, 1820; m. Rachel Carver. 

408 Robert Hallowell, b. i mo. 25, 1823; d. 6 mo. 28, 1825. 

409 Job Hallowell, b. 2 mo. 13, 1826; d. 8 mo. 28, 1826. 

145 Esther Potts/ (Zebulon,^ Nathan,'- David/) daugh- 
ter of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 3 mo. 
1 1, 1783, and died 5 mo. 15, 1839. She married Nathan Hal- 
lowell, son of William and Grace Hallowell, in 1804. He 
died in 1856. 

Children of Nathan and Esther (Potts) Hallowell. 

410 Robert Hallowell, b. 8 mo. 16, 1806; d. 1846; m. Sarah Ranisa}'. 

411 Ann Hallowell, b. 8 m. 16, 1806; d. [868; unm. 

412 Martha Hallowell, b. 3 mo. 17, iSiu; m. Marshall Thomas. 

413 Sarah P. Hallowell, b. 5 mo. 15,1811; d. 3 mo. 30, 1839; m. 

Benjamin Ramsay. 

414 Charles Hallowell, b. 9 mo. 15, 1813: m. Mary A Stewart. 

415 William Hallowell, b. 8 mo. 15, 18 — ; m. ist, Harriet W. Thom- 

as; m. 2nd, Matilda A. Preston. 

416 Elizabeth Hallowell, b. 1821. 

417 Nathan Hallowell, b. 1824; m. Mary Anna Norman, ( '^). 

146 Martha Potts,* (Zebulon,^ Nathan,-^ David, M, 
daughter of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 
10 mo. 4, 1785, and died 8 mo. 2, 1839. She married John 
Mather, son of Isaac'^ (Richard. "-^ Joseph,^) and Mary Math- 
er, Nov. 21 , 1805. John Mather was a miller by occupation. 

494 David Potts. 

Chii^dren of John and Martha (Potts) Mather. 

418 Isaac Mather, b. Odl. 27, 1S06; m. Ann L. Hallowell. 

419 Edward Mather, b. July 24, 1808; m. Hannah P. Paul. 

420 John Mather, b. June 27, 1810. 

421 Martha Mather, b. May 9, 181 2. 

422 Daniel Mather, b. Dec. 6, 1S16; d. May 12, 181 7. 

423 Rebeccas. Mather, b.Jan. 18, 1819; m. Charlrs Michener. 

424 Elizabeth H. Mather, b. Nov. 21, 1820; m. Samuel W. Noble. 

425 Charles INIather, b. March 19, 1823; m. Alice O. Warner. 

426 Jane Mather, b. May 13, 1825. 

427 Ann Mather, b. August 31, 1827. 

147 William Potts,^ (Zebulon,^ Nathan,'^ David, ^), son 
of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 11 mo. 
13, 1787, and died i mo. 31, 1881, aged 93 years, 2 months, 
18 days. He married Ann Wager, daughter of Jesse and 
Sarah Wager, 2 mo, i, 1810. She was born 3mo. 16, 1785, 
and died 5 mo. 5, 1869, aged 84 years, i month, 19 days. 
Mr. Potts spent his latter years with his daughter, Mrs. 
Anna T. (Potts) Jones, of Coshohocken, Pa. 

Children of Wii,iyiAM and Ann (Wager) Potts. 

428 Zebulon Potts, b. 11 mo. 20, iSio; 9mo. 17, 1825. 

429 J. Wager Potts, b. 2 m. 3, 1812; d. 9 mo. 18, 1S25. 

430 Sarah Potts, b. 7 mo. 26, 1813; d. 2 mo. 26, 1855; m. Nicholas 


431 Martha Potts, b. 10 mo. 27, 1814; m. Havard Walker. 

432 Tabitha Potts, b. 8 mo. 22, 1820; d. 9 mo. 5, 1826. 

433 Anna T. Potts, b. i mo. 21, 1825; m. Evan D. Jones. 

434 Tabitha F. Potts, b. 12 mo. 8, 1826; d. 6 mo. 4, 1885; m. George 

R. Rittenhouse. 

148 Robert Ti^fef Potts/ (Zebulon, '^ Nathan,''^ Da- 
vid,^), son of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 

I mo. II, 1790, and died 12 mo. 13, 1873, aged 83 years, 

I I months, 2 days. He married Mrs. Elizabeth McCalla 
Weaver, nee Hitner,* daughter of Daniel Wister and Sarah 
(McCalla) Hitner, in 1826. She was born 6 mo. 21, 1797. 

* Note. By a former marriage with Weaver she had two children, Abra- 
ham Weaver and William Weaver. 

Robert Tower Potts, 

PAGE 404, NO. 148. 

Fourth Generation. 495 

and died 12 mo. 9, 1S51. Both are buried in the graveyard 
of the Dunkard Meeting, near Germantown. They resided 
upon a good estate, called vSwedeland, at Potts' Landing 
on the Schuylkill River in Montgomer}- County, Penna. 

Children of Robert T. and Elizabeth McC. (Hitner) Potts. 

435 Henry Clay Potts, b. March i, 1827; d. March 8, 1S51; unm. 

436 Ellen Elizabeth Potts, b. Aug. 28, 1830; m. Robert L,. Rutter. 

437 Elery Channing Potts, b. June 20, 1832; m. Caroline E. Cox. 

438 Martha Trotter Potts, b. May 11, 1835; d. March, 1S77; m. Dr. 

Charles Sheaf er" 

439 William Weaver Potts, b, Dec. i, 183^,; m. Ella Holstein. 

149 Daniel Potts/ (Zebulon."^ Nathan,"^ David, ^), son 
of Zebulon and Martha (Trotter) Potts, was born 7 mo. 18, 
1794. Born and raised on a farm, he was a lad of excellent 
habits and sound principles. When he reached manhood, 
anxious to see life and the country, he went west. In 1822, 
he joined the Henry and Ashley expedition, bound for the 
Rocky Mountains and the Columbia River and served as a 
scout. Gen. Ashley wrote to his brother Robert of his in- 
tegrit\- and courage. His letters written to friends at home 
were graphic and full of Interest. After leaving this service 
he went to Texas, and from there wrote to his friends that 
he was buying and shipping cattle to the New Orleans mar- 
ket. His brother Robert placed several thousand dollars to 
his credit with merchants in New Orleans and wrote to him 
to that effedl. The money was never drawn and he was 
never heard of again. About this time a vessel loaded with 
cattle encountered a storm and went down, and all on borad 
were lost. Daniel Potts is supposed to have perished on this 
vessel. He is not known to have been married. 

496 David Potts. 

chaptp:r V. 

Fifth Generation. 

151 John Potts,-'* (Thomas,'' John,-^ John,- David,*), son 
of Thomas and Elizabeth (Riich) Potts, was born 8 mo. 9, 
1792. and died 12 mo. 3, 1869. He married Ehzabeth Coop- 
er, daughter of WilHam and Mary Cooper. She was born 
1792, and died 9 mo. 14, 1837. 

ChiIvDren of John and Elizabeth (Cooper) Potts. 

440 Mary Ann Potts, m. John Hutchinson. Daughter, Anna. 

441 William C. Potts, m. Amanda Margerum. Three daughters. 

442 John R. Potts, m. Deborah Logan. 

443 David B. Potts, b. ; d. 1863; twice married. 

444 Thomas Potts, m. and left two daughters. Res., Berwick, Pa. 

445 Rachel Potts, m. Stephen Worrell. Children, Ida, Laura, Frank. 

446 Caroline Potts. 

153 Thomas Potts,-^ (Thomas,* John,^ John,' David, \). 
son of Thomas and Ehzabeth (Ruch) Potts, w-as born i mo. 
23, 1802, and died 2 mo. 4, 1870. He married Carohne 
Cooper, daughter of William and Mary Cooper. She was 

born 9 mo. 10, , and died 4 mo. 20, 1851. Residence, 

Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County, Penna. 

Children of Thomas and Caroline (Cooper) Potts. 

447 William Cooper Potts, b. 11 mo. 10, 1827; m. Phebe K. Walton. 

448 Thomas Elwood Potts, b. 11 mo. 24, 1829; m. Rebecca Ruch. 

154 Daniel Potts, '"^ ( Jesse, ^ John,** John,'-^ David,*), son 
of Jesse and ( ) Potts, married Strunk. 

Children of Daniel and (Strunk) Potts. 

449 Azatus Potts. 450 Isaac Potts. 451 Mary Potts. 

Charles Clay It'otts. 

PAGE 4:98. 

Fifth Generation. 497 

158 Hiram Potts/' (Jonah/ John,^ John,^ David/), son 
of Jonah and Mary (McDowell) Potts, married Hannah 
Houston, daughter of Capt. John Houston, of Cheltenham. 
He is a merchant, and resides at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. 
He has several daughters. 

159 Chalkley Potts,-^ ( Jonah, ■* John,^ John.^ David, 0, 
son of Jonah and Mary (McDowell) Potts, married Susan 

Children of Chalkley and Sunan ( Funk) Potts. 

452 George Potts. 456 Lucretia Potts. 

453 Albert Potts. 457 Josephine Potts. 

454 Hiram Potts. 458 Mary Potts. 

455 William Potts. 

160 Elias Hicks Potts/ (jonah,-'John,^John,2 David, ^) 
son of Jonah and Mary (McDowell) Potts, was born, 1831, 
and died Feb. 22, 1889. He married Hannah Robinson, 
daughter of Frederick and Willyann Robinson. 

Children of Eli.^s Hicks and Hannah (Robinson) Potts. 
459 Clara Potts. ^60 Willyann Potts. 

162 Margaret Potts, -^ (Jonah,* John,^ John,'^ David, ^), 
daughter of Jonah and Mary (McDowell) Potts, married 
William Walton. 

Children of William and Margaret (Potts) Walton. 

461 Pierce Walton. 464 William Walton. 

462 Mary Walton. 465 Sarah W^alton. 

463 John Walton. 466 Elizabeth Walton. 

172 Rachel Hughes Potts,-^ (William Lukens,* Thom- 
as,^ John,'- David, ^) daughter of William Lukens and Rachel 
(Hughes) Potts, married Francis S. Hubley, son of Jacob 
and Margaret (Burd) Hubley, Jan. 27, 1829, 

498 David Potts. 

Childrkn ok Francis S. and Rachki, H. (Potts) Hubley. 
467 Julia Harriet Hubley. 
46S William Potts Hubley. 

469 Anna Elizabeth Hubley. 

470 Ktlvvartl Burd Hubley, m. Mary Louisa Pollock. Children, 

Mary Louisa, 2 Frances Curtis, 3 Jennette Schuyler. 

471 Louisa Harriet Hubley, ni. Rdward Burd Peale. Children, 

Francis, 2 Rubens. 

173 Thomas Isaac Potts,-'^ (William Ltikens,* Thomas,^ 
John,'-^ David, ^), son of William L,. and Rachel (Hughes) 
Potts, was born 18 — , and died March 16, 1885. He mar- 
ried Mary Frances Johnson, daughter of William H. and 
Ann (Wilson) Johnson, April 25, 1S37. She was born 18 — 
and died April 8, 1900. 

Children of Thomas L and Mary F. (Johnson) Potts. 

472 Anna Frances Potts. 

473 Harriet Potts, ni. ist, William Potts Rockhill; m. 2nd, Edward 

Yard Taylor. 

474 Horace Turley Potts, m. Annie O'Harra. 

475 Kate B. Potts, m. Capt. Charles Hobbs. 

476 Mary Potts. 

174 Charles Clay Potts,'^ (William Lukens,-* Thomas,'' 
John, 2 David, ^), son of William L. and Rachel (Hughes) 
Potts, married Mary Joy Ridgway, daughter of Thomas 
Shinn and Mary (Joy) Ridgway. 

Child of Charles Clay and Mary Joy (Ridgway) Poti's. 

477 Julia H. Potts, m. Samuel H. Gray. 

176 ^^^illiam Francis Potts,'* (William L.,^ Thomas, =* 
John,'^ David, ^) son of William I^ukens and Rachel (Hughes) 
Potts, was born March 20, 1814, in New Jersey, and died 
March 7, 1891, He was brought to Philadelphia when a 
child, and in 1S32 entered his father's iron store. Later he 
started in the iron business on his own account on Market 
Street, near 12th, where he continued until his death. In 

PAGE 498. 

Fifth Generation. 499 

politics he was originally a Whig and latterly a Republican. 
He was active in public affairs, and served four terms as a 
Guardian of the Poor. He was a member of the Union 
League, and a Director of the Corn Exchange National 
Bank. In 1854, he purchased a country seat at Merion 
Station, and was among the first to import Jersey cattle. 
He was a man of large build, exceptional physical strength, 
fine presence, and genial characfler. He married Caroline 
Tryon, daughter of George W.^ (Jacob Henry, ^ John Ja- 
cob,^) and Maria Christina (Knuckle) Tryon. She was 
born Sept. 8, 1813, died Sept. 7, 1887. 

Children of William Francis and Caroline (Tryon) Potts. 

478 Sarah Potts, b. March 31, 1838; d. February 23, 1S45. 

479 Mary Potts, b. February 6, 1S40 d. March 2, 1847. 

480 Ellen Potts, b. April 6, 1842; d. March 15, 1894; m. Jacob M. 

Ambruster. Child, Carrie T., b. Ocl. 6, 1865. 

481 Charles William Potts, b. July 25, 184S; m. Adelaide Kelley. 

177 Robert Barnhill Potts,^ (William Lukens,* Thom- 
as,^ John,^ David, ^), son of William Lukens and Rachel 
(Hughes) Potts, was born 1816, and died 1865. He mar- 
ried Sarah Page GreM', daughter of John and Margaret Sa- 
rah (Page) Grew, October 26, 1840. She was born in Bos- 
ton, and survived her husband for more than thirty years. 
Robert B. Potts was a manufa(5turing chemist, of the firm 
of Potts & Klett, and for many years, carried on a large 
business in Camden, New Jersey. He resided in Camden, 
and was an active member and vestryman of St. Pauls 
Episcopal Church. During the Civil War he was a staunch 
supporter of the Union. He was a man of substantial char- 
adter, public spirit and benevolence, a useful member of so- 
ciety and of high standing in his community. Here is a 
copy of his signature. 

500 David Potts. 

Children of Robert B. and Sarah P. (Grew) Potts. 

482 William John Potts, b. Odlober 14, 1S42; d. Nov. 18, 1895; unm. 

483 Robert B. Potts. Residence, Camden, New Jersey. 
4S4 Sarah Hughes Potts. Residence, Camden, New Jersej-. 

183 George Alexander Henry Potts,'' (Hugh Henry,* 
Thomas,'^ John, "^ David, M, son of Hugh Henry and Khza- 
beth (Hughes) Potts, was born Sept. 22, 181 1, and died 
April 28, 1888. He wrote his name George H. Potts. He 

married, first, Cummings, and .second, Hard. 

He settled in New York in 1854, and became the head of 
the New York branch of the great Coal firm of Lewis Aud- 
enreid & Co., and so continued itntil 1874, when he retired. 
He was one of the original incorporators of the Park Nation- 
al Bank and one of the Directors from the beginning. He 
was its President for about eight years prior to his death. 

Children of George H. and (Cummings) Potts. 

485 Isabella Potts, m. Dr. Joseph L. Hicks. 

486 Hon. Frederick A. Potts, b. April 4, 1S36; d. Nov. 9, 1S8S; m. 

Alice Brevoort. 

487 George C. Potts, m. ist, Mary Dallas; m, 2d, Eustis. 

488 Rockhill Potts, m. Brevoort. 

489 Emily Potts, ni. Joseph Harris. 

490 A daughter. 

Children of George H. and (Hard) Potts. 

491 Bertlia Potts. 

492 Ellen Potts. 

493 Theodosia Potts. 

184 David Shoemaker,-^ (David,* Elizabeth,^ John,'^ 
David, *^, son of David and Rachel (Baker) Shoemaker, 
married Abigail Pierce. 

Children of David and Abigail (Pierce) Shoemaker. 

494 Pierce Shoemaker, m. Martha Carbury. Children, i Artemesia, 

2 Louis, 3 Frank, 4 Abigail, 5 Caroline. 

495 Abner Shoemaker. 

496 Caroline Shoemaker. 

^>t.'€.«>\-.-^ /U.^^^.-*-*^" fa.^-c^^L^-7- 


of the 




This leaflet is a brief of a book, The Potts Family, 
compiled by Thomas Maxwell Potts in 1916. 

It shows the junction of the Potts - Fegan families, 
with their offspring to date. 

Notification of any errors or additions will be wel- 
comed bj' Major J. C. Fegan, U. S. M. C, Headquarters, 
U. S. Marine Corps, Navy Building, Washington, D. C. 



The origin of the name of Potts, anciently Pott, is somewhat ob- 
e. Lower has, in his Patronymica Britanica, London, 1860, p. 274, 

POTT, POTTS. The reason for the assumption of this name 
is not very obvious; yet similar words have designated 
families of importance in other countries. For instance, 
there were in Flanders in the XV century, a noble family 
of Pott, who bore a pot in their armorial coat. There was 
also an Italian house, called the Little-Pots (Pignatelli), 
while a line of Spanish grandees rejoiced in the thrice- 
illustrious name of Padila, "Frying-pan" — DIXON. In the 
north of England, "Potts" is a topographical term implying 
deep circular hollows in the ground. This surname des- 
ignates a Northumbrian clan. 
Various evidences, apparently not brought to the notice of Lower, 
V clearly that Potts is a place name of one who lived near "deep 
ilar hollows in the ground." The following line from Tennyson's 
ch Arden would seem to give an apt description of such a locality: 
"***** a cup like hollow of the down." 

In Bishop Percy's Romances and Ballads we have a curious ancient 
ad, the story of one Thomas A. Pott, a servant to the Earl of 
iidcl, who falls in love with his master's daughter, and after a 
nament with a certain suitor. Lord Phenix, who does not find favor 
ler eyes, unhorses his adversary, defeats him and marries the Earl's 
Jhter, and according to the ballad, takes the name of Arundel. 
It is not generally known at the present day that four hundred 
•s ago, a large number of substantial English yeomen had no family 
les. Among the Parliamentary writs, A. D. 1278, Robertus atte Potte, 
jounty Surrey, is summoned to do military service. 
The name of Pott is to be found in isolated instances in different 
s of Great Britain at a very early period, but it is not until the reign 
}ueen Elizabeth that we find any family of the name of special im- 
ance settled in one spot, so that one is able to make a connected 


First of all it may be well to explain, that the English idea or usage 
irmorial bearings is, that thej' are granted as property to an indiv- 
il, and from him descend to his children, grandchildren, and so on. 
ice in England there is no such thing as the arms of a family, except 
the sons, grandsons, etc., of the grantee constitute his particular 
lilj'. That is, they do not pass to brothers or collateral lines. The 
;tice however is quite different on the Continent. 

The Arms of Pott or Potts are quite simple, being composed of bars 
a bend over all. In the various descriptions given, there are some 
iations in the tinctures or colors, as borne by different branches of 
familj'. In some cases these changes may have come by reason of 
ig borne by junior members of a family, while in some other cases 
i not at all improbable that the copyists may have been at fault. It 
lOt at all uncommon for the branches of a family to difference their 
ts with an interchange of tinctures. 

Similarity of Arms is generally understood to indicate family re- 
onship, but it is not an ironclad rule, as there are instances of per- 
s bearing the same surname, and having very simlar Arms, yet in 
way related. 

The earliest record in the Herald's College of Arms granted to any 
bearing the name of Pott or Potts, so far as yet discovered, bears 
i of 1583. In that j-ear Arms were granted to John Potts, an eminent 
yer of Lincoln's Inn, London, and are fairly shown and described 
follows : 

ARMS: Azure two bars or, over all a bend of the second. 

This John Potts was a son of Roger Potts of Mannington, County 
•folk. The Potts' of Counties Bedford, Durham and Kent, all bore 

same Arms and seem to have been of the same family. A branch 
the Potts family who settled in Kings County, Ireland, also bear 
se Arms, though they claim descent from the Cheshire Potts. 

Ornicrod's History of Cheshire, edition of 1882, gives a description 
he Arms of Pott, of Pott Hall, Cheshire, which seems to be corrected 
m a former edition of that work. This description is here copied: 
ARMS: Or two bars azure, over all a bend (not) of the 
second (but gules). 

When these Arms were granted, and to whom, does not appear, but 

inference is that they were quite ancient. In the Visitation of 1633, 
nund Pott, of London, bore these Arms. This Edmund Pott was the 
:d son of Francis Pott, who was a son of Roger Pott, of Pott Hall, 
ishire. These Arms bear a mullet on the bend over the dexter chief, 
ich is the distinctive difference indicating a third son, and proves 
t he bore these Arms by inheritance. 

On November 19, 1611, Arms were granted to John Pott, of Stan- 
fe, Derbyshire, by Sir Richard St. George, Norroy, and are described 
follows : 

AUMS: liarry of ten argent and sable, on a bend o\er all 
gnles, three trefoils slipped or. 

John Pott, of StanelilTe, was a son of another John Pott, an 
grandson of Roger Pott, of Uunge, Cheshire. On a burial tablet, > 
pendcd in St. Mary and St. Helen Church, at N'eston, Wirrill ihind 
iu Cheshire, to the nuMuory of Thoniasyn, wife of George Pott, 
StanelilTe, who ided in 1()50, the .\rins for Pott are the same as tl 
granted to John Pott, of StanelilTe, his father, in 1611, except that 
tincture of the bend is changed from gules to sable. 

.Assuming that Roger Pott, of Pott, and Roger Pott, of Du 
Cheshire, were one and the same person, which seems to be altogel 
probable, the following skeleton pedigree exhibits the position in 
family of those of Cheshire and Uorbyshire who are mentioned as bi 
ing .\rms. The names of those who have been noticed as bearing A 
are underscored and a number afiixcil to correspond with the descripi 

of .\rnis: 

Roger Pott - .Vnne Sutton 
of Pott, Cheshire 

Francis Pott - Ann Trafiord 
of Pott, Cheshire 


John Potl - lirigetta Jodi 
of Dunge 

Frances - .\nne 
Pott Jodrell 


Edmund - Dulcibell 
Pott Price 

Roger Edmund - Sarah John Pott - Elizabetl 

Pott Pott of Thompson of StanelilTe Newsan 

London ARMS 4 "| 

ARMS 1 George Pott - Thoma 

ARMS 5 Newcoi 

Edmund Pott, of Pott, aged 23 yrs. in 1663 - Florence Bagshawe in 16 
Bore ARMS 2 

The Pott or Potts family of Counties Selkirk and Roxburgh, S 
laud, l)ore very similar Arms. 

.Mottos attached to Potts .\rms seem to be of recent adoption, 
following have been noticed. That of the Potts', of Bcntham Hill, h 
FouTis ET ASTUTis. ( Brauf and cunning). 
That of the Potts, of Todrig, Scotland. 

Vive ET Viv.\s. (Live and let live). 
Thai of the Potts', of Counties Kings, Westmeath and Roscorar 

In \'iNCL'Lis Eti.\m .AiUAX. (lie courageous cpcn in defeat). 
\'iN<:rrs SEP NON N'icTLS. (Defeated but not ranquished). 


kVID POTTS. Horn iihout 1070 in Montgomeo'shire, Wales, it is 
ievcd and died in 1730. He married Alice Croasdale in 1694. He 
tied in liristol Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, and 
s a Friend. Their children were: Thomas C1695;, John (l^9Q-ll&Q), 
iiiel fl698j, Elizabeth ri699>, Jonathan (1701;, Mary ri703;, Stephen 
04), Rebecca 706), Ezekiel ri708; and .Nathan. 

David Potts came to America with Governor Markham. The time 
his coming to Pennsylvania has not been discovered, but he may 
re come with other members of the family when he was but a lad. 
8 first mention of him that has been noticed is on 7 mo. 24, 1692, 
en he became the bondsman for Elizabeth Bennett, as executrix of 
nund Bennett, her late husband. His signature attached to the bond 
jn file in the Registrar's ofiBce at Philadelphia. He first belonged to 

Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, though no record of his reception 
re seems to remain. The early records of the meeting are quite im- 
fect, David Potts and Alice Croasdale, youngest daughter of Thomas 
1 Agnes (Hathernthwaite) Croasdale, who came to America with 
lliam Penn on the good ship "Welcome", declared their intentions of 
rriage with each other before the Philadelphia Monthly Meeting 
mo. 29, 1093. (December, 1693), passed the Meeting the second time 
11 mo. 26, 1693 (January, 1694,i, and were granted a certificate to 
rry under the care of Middletown Monthly Meeting in Bucks County. 

JOHN POTTS. (David and Alice (Croasdale) Potts). Born 8 mo. 
1696 and died in September 1766. He married Elizabeth McVea 
daughter of Edmond and Alice (Dickinson) McVeagh, about 5 r 
(July), 1726. The minutes of the Abington Monthly Meeting show 11 
they passed meeting the second time on 4 mo. 27, 1726, and the minu 
of 5 mo. 25, 1726 state that the marriage was orderly accomplish 
Elizabeth McVeagh Potts was born in 1679, and died 1 mo. 5, 1791, a\ 
92 years. Their children were: Samuel, Elizabeth (1734-1758), £ 
Thomas (1729-1776). 

John Potts was a witness to the will of David Jones, of Bri? 
Township, made in 1719. David Potts was one of the appraisers. 
1727 he was a witness to the will of Robert Kirkwood of Plymo 
Township. He settled in Upper Dublin Township, now included wit 
the limits of Montgomery County, where he purchased a tract of 1: 
from Isaac and John Phipps about 1748. The deed, which is recon 
at Philadelphia, recites at length the chain of title from the origi 
grant by William Penn in 1681. This land is still in the possess 
and occupation of descendants of John Potts. It lies about two m 
east of the present village of Fort Washington. His will is recorded 

OMAS POTTS. (David, John and Elizabeth (McVeagh) Potts). 
i in 1729 and died on July 29, 1776. He married Elizabeth Lukens, 
ghter of William and Elizabeth (Tyson) Lukens, on January 16, 
i. Ten children were born to them, five of whom survived. Three 
hem were Elizabeth, William Lukens (1771-1854), and Hugh Henry 

Thomas Potts was a millwright by trade and lived in Moreland 
'nship for some time. On June 22, 1753 Walter Moore and Sarah 
wife conveyed to Thomas Potts, millwright, of the Manor of More- 
l, one half of a certain corn mill, etc. and two parcels of land in 
eland. He subsequently removed to Sussex County, New Jersey, 
settled at Chelsea Forge, where he had a landed estate. He was 
li Sheriff of Sussex County in 1772, and a member of the Provincial 
;mbly in 1775 and 1776. His widow subsequently married Dr. John 
khill, a widower with children. There were no children by this 
•riage, but some of their descendants by their former marriages 
rmarried. Dr. Rockhill was born March 22, 1726 and died April 7, 
i. Elizabeth survived him. 

The Lukens family was one of the most notable of the early 
nsylvania families and was of Holland descent. Joseph and John 
ens were brothers-in-law of Thomas Potts. The first mentioned was 
fc-long resident on the Lukens estate at Sandy Run, about ten miles 
n Philadelphia, in the neighborhood of Chestnut Hill. The Potts 
ily had then been nearly sixty years in America, having emigrated 
n England under the auspices of William Penn in 1668. Joseph 
.ens was a life-long resident on the Lukens estate; a man of wealth 

held in high esteem for many good qualities. John Lukens studied 
1 engineering, and later was appointed to the responsible position 
urveyor-general of Pennsylvania, under the King. Upon the agitation 
the momentous question which prepared the way for American 
ependence, he espoused the cause of the patriots, and so closely 
itified was he with the leaders in the revolutionary movement that 
ras in one of the apartments of his residence, in Philadelphia, that 

Declaration of Independence was drawn up by Thomas Jefferson. 

grand-daughter, the celebrated beauty, Sally McKean, became the 
e of the Marquis D'Yrujo, the first minister from Spain to the 
ted States under the constitution. 

By his marriage with Miss Lukens, Thomas Potts received a hand- 
le fortune. He removed to the beautiful Musconetcong Valley, in 
V Jersey, near the mouth of the river, where he purchased a large 

estate, on which he erected a forge and furnace, and conducted u 
his death in 1776, an extensive and successful iron manufacturing en' 
prise. To an almost immeasurable degree he had the confidence of 
who knew him. He was trusted as a man of honor and unyielc 
fidelity; he was admired as a man of unwearying enterprise and brill 
talents. He is distinguished as having been a member of the Confine 
Congress, which convened in Philadelphia in 1775 to petition the Kini 
redress the grievances which had long been suffered by the coloni 
He was in all essential respects a patriot ; he had at heart the caus' 
the early struggling colonies, and deprecated as deeply as any of 
liberty loving contemporaries the severity with which they were 
pressed; but he was a consistent adherent to the religious principle 
the Society of Friends, and finding it impossible to regard the Dec 
ation of Independence as anything short of a practical declaratioi 
war he refused to affix his signature to that historical document, 
wishing to cooperate in an act which would precipitate bloodshed 
rapine upon the colonies. 

A remarkable circumstance in the histories of the Potts and Ri 
hill families is that members of them have intermarried for five i 
erations, during which thej^ have lived on the same estate. 

lUGH HENRY POTTS. (David, John, Thomas and Elizabeth (Luk- 
ns) Potts). Born in 1773 in New Jersey and died in 1842. In 1800 he 
married Elizabeth Hughes at Carlisle, Pa. (Not related to Rachel Hughes, 
fife of William Lukens Potts). She died in Bucks County, Pennsylvania 
a 1813. Their children were: Elizabeth Hughes (1801), Thomas (1803), 
arah Ann (1805), John Hughes (1807), William Lukens (1809-1885) 
nd George Henry (1811-1888). 

Having a natui'al proclivity tor a military career, Hugh H. Potts 
lecame an officer in the first United States army raised under the newly 
rganizcd government and served as such for many years. After he re- 
igned his commission he purchased an estate on the Delaware River, 
jrhere he resided until the death of his wife. Near the close of the war 
if 1812-1814 he was reappointed to a captaincy in the United States 
rmy service, but Just as he was about to join and report for duty 
leacc was declared. 

His father-in-law. Captain John Hughes of Revolutionary memory, 
van a distinguished ofliccr who participated in every engagement from 
hat at Three Rivers, Canada, to the surrender of Cornwallis at York- 
own, during nearly all of which eventful period he was in the compan- 
ouship of General Washington. Captain Hughes recruited a company at 
Carlisle which was attached to the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment, and 
ntered the service as its captain, but was soon promoted to the office 
if paymaster-genei'al, a position which the history- of those times would 
ndicate depended more on the possession of ample means and a patriot- 
c willingness to disburse them as occasion required, for the relief of 
he ill-paid and often suffering soldiers, than the mere desire and ability 
transact its simple routine duties in consideration of the salary. 

WILLIAM L. POTTS. (David, John, Thomas, (Hugh Henry ai 
Klizabeth (Hughes) Potts) was born May 2, 1809 in Bucks Count 
Dehiware River, Pennsylvania, and died in Eureka, California in 18J 
In June 1833 he married Ann Margaret Carpejitcr in Hazel Green, Wi: 
Ami Margaret Carpenter was i)orn in Trenton, New Jersey in Janua 
1817, and was brought at the age of two to Galena, Wisconsin. 

William L. Potts was named after his uncle, William Lukens Pot 
His father had some means; therefore he was well educated, prohab 
in Philadelphia. His mother died in 1813 when he was four years o 
and he was raised in Pittstown, Hunterdon County, N. J. in the fanii 
of his father's sister, Mrs. John C. Rockhill. Little is recorded of ai